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-Q ,A.5N7.j.:5:1-1,117.15-M-1 11.115 wr.:---ffWm-,.5-,5Qf5.g5?,,-iw. .M . . . AJS? N 1 W' PUEELISHED BYTHE SENIOQS OF TME LLNNURSLTY OF DETROIT i-HGH SCHOOL THE OLD SCHOOL Seventy-five years ago, Detroit's third bishop, Bishop Bor- gess, concerned over the lack of education in his diocese, in- vited Iesuits from the Missouri province to Detroit. In April, 1877, he made an agreement with the Iesuits and transferred the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul and the adjoining residence to them. A condition of the agreement was that the Iesuits es- tablish and maintain a college in Detroit. Without endowment, the Jesuits soon managed to raise sufficient funds to purchase a large vacant residence on Iefferson Avenue between St. An- toine and Hastings Streets. They converted this residence into a school building, and, in September, 1877, they opened the Detroit Boys Academy. Two years later the curriculum was divided into two departments, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Academy. . 4 , sf? I 1' ' I I m -34... sw r Q . 1 ' X. , X N" lisa.. -, ' .' NNW, r f A lf' i' ' ,, ff , rw" f 1 l t l fv ff- Zf ff THE FIRST PERMANENT BUILDING Within ten years enrollment had more than doubled, rendering the existing facilities inadequate. Under the capable guidance of Fr. Michael Dowling, a new building, ttoday known as Dowling Halll, amply serving the needs of both the academy and college department, was erected adjacent to the church. This new building of sturdy workmanship and impressive design suf- iiced until 1909, when a commodious gymnasium building on Larned St. was added to the plant. Upon the expiration of the college charter in 1911, the institution was re- organized on a broader basis and the corporate name was changed to that of the "University of Detroit". In 1916 the Departments of Arts, Sciences, and Law, moved to more spacious quarters in the newly erected Engineering Building across the street and the High School ccune into its own. From that date to the present the High School and University have been separate organizations. . 1-4, -. Q 1 - ' .4 6' . , 2' .Ng -4 -A -, ' '.,,-4, r , ,np-, 1, ll ' ' f..'P.3A?, 'I'-tiiggl, v lk' Q ' N ' f - r ,fi :ggi ri, 4 ., 1 , 1. 4 ig. 541 ,. ,Va 5 . f . I '- 'r ' .if 1 ,lg ,L " 4 45 2 'I .ol I ' , X gg!! ir! fi lt :V 5 J, , f K . g 1, . , 4 ' i . x is -s.r,-4:3,e- f'i'5iil. ,v FACULTY HOUSE THE PRESENT HIGH SCHOOL By the close of World War 1, Detroit had become the automotive center of the world. With this growth, the quiet. peaceful days of Jefferson Avenue were at an end, and the need for a new cam- pus became apparent. Under the ad- ministration of Father P. McNichols, the college moved north in 1927 to her pre- sent magnificant campus at Six Mile Know McNicholsl Road at Livemois. Four years later the High 'School matched the pace of her elder. The fall of 1931 saw the High School settled down on her new twelve acre Seven Mile campus, justly proud of her new buildings which combined modern fa- cilities with Renaissance grace. M 9 '.'4Qr Q U. OF D. HIGH SCHOOL U. OF D. HIGH SCHOOL FIELD HOUSE FFF-I 5229 Q THE NEW GYMNASIUM Realizing the need for better athletic facilities, in 1942 the U. of D. High Dad's Club inaugurated the annual Fall Fes- tival as a means of providing the School with cz new and larger gymna- sium. This realization was tuliilled late in 1949 when constmction of the new building was completed. Our new gym- nasium is one of the largest and finest in the Middle West. Its playing floor, coaches' facilities, locker and chalk talk rooms are the envy of rival coaches and players alike. Entirely fireproof, it will seat 2700 for basketball games and many more for such entertainments as plays, speech contests, and Glee Club concerts. iIw0awld1esala9J1ufmdautlwlQaqQaml1tus!Iwlbuuasuq al9.7dwd-lllqhSdwalShmsla9.3wdapm:4lla1ds Students 24Qlama:wl Uhbmdluussusadlsfuatlmnussaauq hdhamtlwudunqmadpallshlnqdwlmhsusllqld sluuvat Aflcunand Qaudqls una! qlanulwmlls spaaulauqeaysuadmhulowhausllaalllaskaaas Us mlm ,iii X :49lavnanJ vkxsllllllqlssanlnuwnwwuscsdls wUvJwm dna llnoulalluadllnq dow! owwllnalwl :4fDlanond Shuuqlhlspwuallallnllwwaddlas allua ulslana oanpauwlllwllloalaaaqluus al 5404014 Asludcnl Smlauycauslus lpmzdau lasik: ladaualhlskachuslahalnlum alanqwdklusdlad lalcamhasllsuwaullnlluqaalalqmduallon .4Sludad Smwwhtqdwudawadmadqddw auf qu-mwtunlqmwunqtalzk l-dalsadwspaduand wlawlllk www 6' www ff 642-Slihfgly 8360916 :4Sludud :4dwlUesauuamlaladsandpusud appaalausdlaslauanlzlwunnwsllsamaasllhuq cdllaualla wlnqlnq palnlhudw s4ShulmI Spadsdaulapllml lmvohmalladqafud slwsq1halJ1a4adawldchlsfua'ledIa4llk duly Battles 7 I s s mas , 1 I I s s a s s , S 1 s . - X , 5: s , " fi Q X WX M A .X 1 xl 1 ,,, . X 'Xf' .K is ' ff 1, X '. X ' ' I . . X f . ,R A X is 'S a an a wamaffs , N' 4 , S 0 . 7 I 3 , na S S u s can s 's ww Spmuwliw Spam X 0 M Qi I 5 . v lllul I Allkhxx Y fu fn N. is R N REV. GILBERT F. STEIN, SJ. The responsibilities the president of a high school must shoulder require a man who is a capable and energetic administrator. In his five-year tenure as president of U. of D. High Father Stein has proved himself to be just this. Under his guidance the Dad's Club has be- come a successful, hard-working organi zation As long as Father Stein con tinues as president the school will al ways be assured of competent leader ship AMONG THE LEADERS IN DETROIT'S EDUCATIONAL SYS- TEM FOR THE PAST SEVENTY-F IVE YEARS HAVE BEEN THE IESUIT FATHERS AND THE LAY TEACHERS ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. IT IS ONLY FITTING THEN THAT WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO THF IESUITS AND LAY TEACHERS, PAST AND PRESENT, WHO HAVE DEVOTED THEIR LIVES TO THE TRAINING OF DETROIT'S YOUNG MEN TO BE CATHOLIC LEADERS. 'sip Principal REV. IOHN F. SULLIVAN, SJ. The burden of running a successful high school rests mainly on the princi- pal. His duties are numerous and diffi- cult, his efforts often slip by unnoticed. Since taking over the position of princi- pal four years ago, Father Sullivan has proved himself more than equal to the tasks of his office. Besides his work as principal he also moderates the Mothers' Club. Asst. Principal REV. PATRICK F. CLEAR. SJ. If any organization is to function smoothly, discipline is essential. The dif- ficult task of enforcing student discipline at U. of D. High has been capably handled for the last three years by Father Clear. Because of the interest and understanding he has toward each boy, his jug has few repeaters. Besides his duties as disciplinarian, Father Clear also teaches second year English. ' , If ff' If-""",,"',..': 1 nv? E,4,,,,1-uv" gL,..-""'-I-'-Tv ',.f-H' ..r"' -ff .,v-f -nv-' yr!!! -f"'N' ,.,..--- -ns- FR. NAS LEFT TO RIGHT: Fr. Decker, S.I. QLctin, Ethicsl, Mr. Schorio, S.I. CEnqlishJ, Fr. Huttinqer, S.I. CChemistry, Latin, Ethicsb, Fr. Henry, S.I. fLcJtin. Ethicsb. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fr. Laughlin, S.I. CEthics, Algebrab, Mr. Hnckmcn fhlgebrc, Historyl. Mr. Carroll H, SUI' qlmin and Ethgcsy KEng1ish7. Fr. Schumacher, S.I. CLcxiin, Ethicsh. N19 X'-X LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Madigan Kliistoryb, Mr. Gorgcn iSociology, Historyl. Fr. Middendori, S.I KGeometry, Ethicsb, Mr. Finkbeiner CHistoryJ, Mr, Gesing, S.I. lEnglish, Algebrol. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Moxin, S.I. CLc1tinD. Fx. Nurnburger, S.I. QGeomgiryJ. Mr. Foote, S.I. lfinqlish, Lctinl. Mr. Clifford. SI. CEnq1ish. Lcxtinl. - - ' ' -5 ,J gi Q ff ,I x' 2 -A.. nl""" ,-11-i ..-11: 1-1-1- 111-I -11 i --I f 4-P" .fuqn-N , f -qu ,""":"" X .--?T'4H 5 -1 X lifggfii, sus rg X I 4 I 1 ' i 55- " '.f A, . xx LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Sanderson fA1gebrcrJ, Mr. Madden. SI. KHistoryJ, Mr. Williams, SJ, Chem. istryl, Mx. Schoonen fFxenchJ. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. MCPGI11iH, S.I. fGreek, Englishl, Fr. Wallenhorst, S.I. QE!hicsJ, Fr. Graf, S.I. KEthicsD. Mr. Hussel. S.I. CGreek, Lutinl. if kwxc, e LEFT TO RIGHT: Fr. Linz, S.I. fEnglishJ, Fr. Condon, S.I. lEthicsJ. Fr. Skiffington. SJ. KEnglishX Fr. Flynn. S.I. CLctin, Ethicsl. 1 - KN N P XXX ,XV .G-,1 xww K 1 ITN' X , x LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Tierncm fCommercic1l Law, Historyl, Mr. MCCurry 15-lgebru. Solid Geometry! Mr. Stepcmick lPhysicsJ, Mr. Sanderson U-Xlqebrul, Fr. Eckmcmn, S.I. fSo1id Geometry, Trigonometryl Our Best For he 0 s STANDING Mr R B H111 Dr E L Stefanx Mr B G Gregory SEATED Mr I F Deane Cpres1dent1 Rev G F Stem Slnce 1ts mceptron 1n 1937 the Dad s Club has always con tnbuted generously to the school In 1943 the Dads Club began 1ts annual F all Festxvals wrth the hope that they mrght one day provrde a new athletrc plant for the school These Pall Festrvals were a h1t from the start and the Dad s Club saw 1ts dream come true rn 1950 when 1ts S350 000 gymnasmrn was completed Th1s magnrhcent structure stands today as a ht tmg monument to a great or ganxzatron Mr V A Shorn Mr H I Moloney Mr P Vxllemonte Dr D H Kaump Mazurek Mr I Trcunor Mr E Shanahan Mr E P Feely Mr W F Mr E I Drllworth Mr F Bastord lvrce presxdentl Mr I M Roche SI Mr A E Bush Ksecretaryl Mr L Bosco Mr V T Mann MR MQCINTOSH LOOKS ON as a young spectator dxps into the wheel of fortune ABSENT: lMr. lVIo.ormanl tlreasurerlf lVlr. C. I. Rogers. 'Mf.'H.. F. Brennah. l l l wxwi ' I. .- Union f School GALA NITE CROWD PAUSES to get lnstructrons before begrnmng the next square dance step nd ome e Mothers Club stnvrng tor a closer relatronshrp be- tween home and school has donated many thrngs whrch have added to the enjoyment and comfort of the students Most recent of these contnbu t1ons was the conversron of the old gym rnto a frne modem 11 brary Funds to purchase these grits are rarsed at Gala Nrght an annual evenmg of socral en terta1nment for students and parents alrke Meetrngs of the Mother s Club are held on the frrst Tuesdays of each month Followmg the busrness meetrngs each mother has an opportunrty to dlscuss her sons progress wrth hrs teachers HJ STANDING Mrs Thomas Hermann ttreasurerj Mrs Arthur Bush lcorrespondmg secretary! Mrs Larry Doyle Csecond vtce presxdentl SEATED Mrs Eugene Scala trecordmg secretary! Mrs Henry Maurer lpresrclentl Mrs Ambrose Crusoe rconsultrng parlxamentar am Mrs Davrd Crrmmms tfrrst vxce presrdentl ,414 Y, 'ti' lf xr. rf' www: ,4 mmmas uaaleness AQ 2 5 ,px X A Ng Q ,Q ,J ui 4 Piruli ilmxh is 'P v N 1 un tl 1 D 'Yrs nf Q. 11 'buy m x x Lxrim th 11 Qllmiun Hi 'puxrrr p l rishrhvrdxy iQ,-shmnu lUXu'r1d n l N X , i I I NXTWHW N1-lj my . t , lbgff., if i1 f3fiii1 fi z : if ,X AQ 1 A . ' ' -gg ' A,.N,.-' 'kg' Q Nw H M Wk 1 5 ' ' " "A Y , , ,. V ,J WI N 1. , V J , , -E Q ,,., Q - . 2198 Qfy . A . f I X1 M L I , V X '-gwzg -, I I X. .' 3 -' W xg I. 1' it, , , .h 111 1 1' 1 x F: l 3' Clfssin V' 'Dj 1 hnuuu-y rum Lrfrh hr U.mGsif.1l lun K: x : '3 nauasvh ilu' rxzunnnduum du-rn' 'r gx ' A 1 x im- mmf' 1 XJ xml mxgmf Him xu' fu ' ' 1 x Q f i V 89 . ,.-V . 'kfwrw w xxx , ' A4 , f . 5.3- I 1 H 1 v 94 Shuimfs ,W 1.-,-52-5,-' :Aff 169' All ' , 0 .-' nu-A Q M X-O-J ,J ,.-4 ,K V i . W uf" , ,,-q"",,..f,.-in. A- . "4-v"'.v"""'I,4J"' 22"--"' 'W T5 .o ,. -ixgix -:LU Y , 1,1-N 'X . wp., 1.1-14 .fjfg-.8 7 11.1, No fftzzw '-f..r.:'.:-. --ZR. NX ,,, Z .qv-,Q .I I 1-, "-:Iv "-"- S, 1' 145,-., 'sl,':'j4"-. "-.jak "N, ,A. Jflfi. ,SPV X ,z.,4.g,1j,,. .gal-8J,lI'-,QQX S ,ez ,F ' ...L l',,'-xx " 0: 0 1 I5 '. ' 55,4 ffrfwakit,-:QQ N:-1'Z1:-4:,f. '4 mb., U a ' 'n ' I wx wx:-v -M. J. '-' 'Q 'U . , -,WQXSN , 5 -. '-, l. Q. 2,s,s,s , M, X5 wa.. N--wm'fH' lm-. QQ. I f 1 -' . - -N. :X ,474 skkgisgsgxl iq , ,, df-ftflf-,' "N -1'-3""'i gs' , ,, Q., - - Q, -f. "',"f s,1,, f 'I ,, v-. I 55:51 'salt MN ft 'wb' 'six'-T .gk 's it-L' S.,-v. Q- ., ' 'firm' sf'm,' .,"u Ns 'N , .M ,J . Q ...Q 5 . ' Q' 'S ' 4 " 4, sv. Y, 'qw "u, . N., 4 'M 5, 'sun' W,-1 .ws 'Q 1, 4 I In j.-:""v:14. 'O' 'W i,' wuvxfnff' sl 6 77 l 0 VS JAMES F ALTER Altxe made his two years at the High U Picnic for every one Dramatic and Glee Clubs will always be remember ed for his brilliant red hair and his clas sical remarks WILLIAM F ANDERSON Andy could always be found on the intramural scene qave his best to the mterclass sports attracted a large group of friends and associates and prov ed himself to be a really tme tellow during his stay here of 1952 ROBERT I BAKER Bob s flying feet earned him a berth on the Varsity track team lor two years active mtramuralist and member of the Camera Club all ll-XMES H BALLANTIN E Iim's keen wit and personality won him many friends here at U. of D .... member of the Art Club in sophomore year . . . boy wizard of Physics and Chemistry Clubs. 18 STANLEY T. BARTNICKI "Bart's" sterling line play eamed him berths on the Reserve and Varsity foot- ball squads . . . one of the three captains on this year's team . . . varsity baseball . . . comgxt lntramuralist. DOMENIC BAUSANO Dorn's singing ability and his excellent attendance record eamed him the position of section leader in the Glee Club . . . his bard work paid oft with many honor ribbons . . . tour year acolyte and Sodality member . . . Business Manager ot Cub Annual. 67 1075 of 1952 ROBERT A BELL Bob was a leading pmcchle shark in the senior lounge a natural xn dramatics elocution finalist in freshman year Physics Club member of the new swimming team ALFRED G BESTE Big Al came to U ot D in h s sopho more year and immediate'y won las ing Iriends gained renown in intramural basketball already a member of the Naval Reserve Al plans to become pharmacist mate DAVID L. BETHEL In his senior year Dave contributed many hours of efficient service to the Camera Debating and Dramatic Clubs was usually seen with a certain Tom PHILIP A. BIRKA "Philosopher Phil" dumbfounded all with his droll observations on politics, girls. and the like . . . often strolled up for honors . . . two year acolyte . . . Classical Club in iunior and senior years . . . tour year sodalist. IOHN D. BIRNEY Every morning Iohn would rattle in from the wilds of Birmingham in his '39 Ford . . . had a quiet. smiling way about him that won him numerous friends . . . tour year acolyte . . . captained two intramural football teams to championships and starred in all intramural sports. .pf RICHARD I. BLACK Dick was popular with everyone and excelled in everything . . . a class and sodality officer . . . Reserve basketball player . . . four year acolyte . . . Cub Newspaper . . . always good for honors. 19 eniors . . . . . . of 1952 RICHARD D. BOGGS Dick was noted for his quiet personal- ity . . . not enough, however, can be said for his spirited playing which brought many a victory for his intramural teams . . . all the freshmen envied his flashy '50 Ford. THOMAS I. BOYD "T.B.'s" versatility in sports earned for him a top four year notch in Intramurals . . . found his forte on the gym floor . . . captained his teams to several champion- ships . . . consistent honors . . . four year sodalist . . . responsible for a great part of this book as Co-editor-in-chief. FRANCIS I. BOYLE "Torch" blazed his way into the hed!! of U. of D. High students during his two years of rest here . . . enlivened many a class and teacher with his pointed re- marks . . . faithful patron of the senior lounge . . . football intramuralist. IOHN F BOYLE Smiling lack was always ready to lend his versatility to any activity Co editor in chief of this publication four year sodalist and acolyte Glee and Classical Clubs in third and fourth years senior member of Dramatic Club yunxor class officer second and class honors EDMUND L. BRASSEUR All of us will always remember Eds fine sense of humor and his willingness to help anybody with anything cass president for four years consistent class honors Von Mark in Student Prince and Pooh Bah in Mikado op humor columnist for Cub Newspaper four year sodahst Dramatic Club IOHN W BRENNAN Iohn had a hand rn everything or four years a sodalist and acolyte member of the Art Club for two years also worked on the publication of the Cub Newspaper zors of 1952 GLENN I BROWN Glenns lively spirit brought forth many a laugh in one class or another elected class president in third year Physics Club member and loyal sodalist frequent honors IOSEPH C BURDA Ioes quiet and reserved manner eamed him the respect ol many of his classmates during his stay at the Hall Sodaliy m his txrst two years RICHARD E BYAM The boy scientist could always be de pended on for his unorthodox questions in physics class supporter of all lntra murals top thmclad tor track and cross country teams debater in ilrst year Cub Newspaper reporter as sophomore and Junior Physics Club IAMES R CARNAGHI Iim. u daily commuter from Grosse Pointe, fought hard tor his classmates on the intramural basketball floor .. . sparked his class to the basketball championship tn third year . . . was elected to the intra- mural all-star team. IOHN F CHIHAN Iohn while playing intramural football always tlubbed the easy ones and then made a star catch to pull the game out ot the tire . . . sodalist .. . acolyte . . . fresh- man class otiicer. THOMAS W CHISHOLM Tom played two seasons oi varsity bas ketball and lor three years was an out standing member of the golf team with his constant par score . . tour year sodalist mrs of 1952 LAWRENCE A CHUSLO Larry was always the sparkpluq and statxstxcxan of hrs class he was gener ally m on every p'ay m every intramural game four year acolyte three year sodahst Physxcs and Chemxstry Club consistent honor rnan ALVIN H CLAIR Handsome Al had a calculatmg bram that always won hrm fu-st honors and an an amrable personalrty that won hxm many frxends he starred on the debate team for four years acolyte and soda THOMAS W CLAUSSEN Tom furthered hxs theatncal abxlrty by loxmng the dramatrc club hxs forte however was mathemaucs showed hm sclentzfic skrll by lus partxcipatxon rn the Chermstry and Physxcs Clubs noted for hrs bxg "l4's" THOMAS I CONNELL Tom came to the High rn hrs 1un1or year and xmmedlately became very popular wxth hxs classmates sparked the SE basketball champs In this thxrd year as a senxor Tom fomed the varsxty basket ball and track teams MICHAEL I CLANCY Between trxps to and from Grosse Pomte Mike earned hrmself a posxtxon on the reserve football squad promment xntra murahst Phyncs Club IOSEPH P COONEY Ioe Everyone s Fnend was a four year sodalxst and acolyte also a mem ber of the Physics Club and a fourth year member of the Glee Club O en O I O O O I . iff I Z .ti 67Zi07"5 o o o 0 0 0 0 WILLIAM I. COSGROVE Bill's inquisitive manner lrept Mr. Step- aniak constantly on his toes . . . member of the Sodality in his freshman year . . . well liked by all the students. THOMAS P. CRANE Tom, the wisecracker from Allen Park. warbled in the Glee Club and was a top punter in the intramurals . . . Physics Club . . . sodalist . . . and an occaslonal honor man. bis, THOMAS CREHAN Tom was a silent, well liked member of the graduating class. ln extra-curriculars he played reserve football and served Mass for two years. i. DAVID H CRIMMINS Daves easy and iovmal manner qunclrly won hmm many fnends here at U of D supported the Vzctory Band wxth his clever clannet playxnq member of many a champxonshlp Intramural team Sodahty for four years Chemxstry Club consistent first honor rnan JOSEPH M DALSASO Ioe was Mr Informatxon as far as all the socxal events went m thxs cxty pres ldent of hxs freshman class played reserve football four year sodahst. DANIEL C DEVINE Dan a fuqxtxve from Grosse Pointe was very popular with hu classmates played two years Varsity baseball and one year Reserve football football manager outstandxnq intramuralxst four year sodalxst prom commit ee class presxdent consistent honor man 6 71 I 0 VS GERALD 1 DeVORE Gerry s New Yorker harr cut and pegged pants made hrm a popular patron of the senror lounge and added to hrs terrrirc game of plnochle rounded off hrs scr entrfrc personalrty by rornrng the Physrcs Club IAMES K DICK Irm was the flrst one rn the senror lounge every day few rn thrs years graduat rng class could match hrs playrng abrlrty rn prnochle FRANCIS P DORCEY Ebs Jovral sprnt received many a scowl from hrs teachers although hrs class mates urged hrm on Glee Clubber rn hrs freshman year could be found at the prng pong tables rn the lounge honors frrst and second year '5 -mann LARRY H DOYLE Larry seemed to have an endless capa crty for work rollmg out posters for the Art Club and working on the Annual He also found trme to take a flrnq at cross country and varsity track darly com lcant of 1952 MICHAEL B DOELLE Mrke kept the class constant y rn str ches wrth hrs rnexhaustrble strarght faced humor He was a very drstrngurshed four year commuter on the Grosse Pornte us outstandrng varsrty swimmer sodallst always a hrqh honor man LARRY F DUMOUCHELLE Lars French orlgin helped hrm greatly rn Mr Schoonens class played intra mural basketball and football in freshman years plans to take law at Notre Dame 0 . 0 I 0 0 O 0 . . . . . . . . . 1 . ., - r , ... . .- . . . I . .. . . B .li . . I.. . ... . fr- , i I , I' Y ' . . , H rn.. .. , , . . . . . 1 I . "' :ul I ' U n ors of 1952 EDMUND G DYLA Ed was famous for hxs shck hot rod kept hxmself qulte busy trying to rnake xt run faster found txme for varsxty debatmg a two year member of the Glee Club Sclence Club vu ERIC F EMMONS 'Emmy one of the Precxous Blood 'hoods would often drive his teachers to the pomt of desperatxon. but Ins class mates loved him for lt the best Intra mural softball pxtcher nn the school led hm teams to vxctory every day GERALD T EADY Iovlal Ierry made every actxvlty he worked on cllck acolyte daxly commumcant Glee Club member worked on the busxness staff of thxs book DAVID A. FEIGI-IAN Bxg Dave one of the spunluest lrxsh men to enter the Hxqh won athletxc lame by playmq varsxty football baseball Intramurals Greek student or four years Dave served on the altar and was a member of the Sodahty o honors consistently WILLIAM G ELLIOT 'Wald Blll as he was called by his fellow classmates was an actxve intra rnuralxst played on two champxonshxp teams tooted a mighty hom ln Father Llnxs Vxctory Band and the Unlversxty Band LARRY D FISHER Larry was the proud owner of the flashy yellow convertxble that was seen parked at the Hxgh worked hard at everythmq he dxd and was very successful In all his studxes I e I o o o o o o r h ltkvt ttee gl 1 r I , if-X? SI i, ' ' 1' , -N ,ffl 'A'ek A . 2 . - l:'f:'I-fi. 1 u I , I I I I ' ' ' - ' . . . 9 t X War 23. eniors BARRY V. FORDE "B.V." blew in daily from one of the neighboring forests known as Dearbom . . . at school handled legal problems as a s?deline. THOMAS R GARRETT Toms pleasing and persuasive voice won for him the sophomore elocution con es won not a few friends with his yoculanty put plenty of pep into cheer leading member of the Sodality for three years 26 'fm THOMAS I. FROST Tom. the problem child, could always think of something funny to say . . . was famous for his wild and woolly Western stories . . . reserve gridder . . . freshman class officer . . . worked in Physics Lab. of 1952 THOMAS R. GAGNIER Tom had oratorical talents which were ever ready for a debate with the teacher . . . set a milestone in oratory with his "Casey at the Bat" . . . won the handball tournament in freshman year. J Q, 5-5 VICTORY C GILLESPIE Casual Vic could always be coun ed on for the latest in clothing styles He was one of the St Mary s wheels entered the school in his sophomore year played reserve football often rated honors IAMES K GRAHAM lim showed his populanty by being elected class president in sopohomore and iumor year played intramural and vanity football , l sw" I 1 , . , l A , - t ,V.y 5,535 "W"f1e' - jj-N 5, N - ' ' 57' Q 533 s . if ,I A e ' l s, 2' " 3 C A A "1 ' rf ft .li eisl R N l A r I if .X , A I A - - Y ' , hr! V A I . . . Q 1 . . ' 1 . 1 I . I ll ll . I. . 1 o . . . n . . n s u . ' ' . O I l ' , I 0 n l ' o u o 'ors of 1952 PAUL R GRETKIEREWICZ Pauls hardest task at U of D was teachrng the faculty how to pronounce hrs name Member of the debatrng team Physrcs Club worked hard on the Cub Newspaper 'dia 4' - FRED I HEYNER Fred the man everyone lrked and ad mrred never farled to get first honors rn hrs senror year was elected class presrdent fn the Sodolrty for four years two as an offrcer RAYMOND E HARRIS Hot Rod Ray spent most of hrs trme tryrnq to beat the stopwatch between here and Dear-bom rn hrs choppd and channeld 36 Ford He found enough trme to play freshman football and to be an actrve member of Mr Stepanraks Physrcs Club IAMES A HILL Als drsarmrnq rnnocence tore at the hearts of his teachers served hrs term whrle partrcrpatrnq ln many actrvrtres expanded hrs lungs as a varsrty truck man four year rntramurallst three year sodallst and acolyte senlor debater cheerleader frequent communlcant THOMAS R HERNACKI Professor H was an authorrty on proc trcally everythrnq Captarn of the cross country team and cheerleaders fn hrs fourth year represented U of D at the IMSS Sportsmanshrp Council served Mass helped ln the Art Club offrcer ln the Sodalrty also found time to else out hlqh honors RAYMOND I HOFFMAN Ray played a sweet sax ln the band Scrence Club enthusrast won many frrends wrth hrs aeplsrnq personalrty and humorous Enqlrsh class speeches e n Z O 0 0 O O O l ' . ' ' ' . . . l I l. . . an l . U -, I . , XE r X r X lf 1 , gl V! 6 lfl l 0 VS ROBERT I HOINACKI Hog: was a rare combmatron ot brams and brawn Whxle gettmq honors every year he played freshman reserve and varsrty football IOHN T HOPKINS Zxggy a lounge addxct was a fre quent volunteer for Father Eckmans Sea bees ln hxs freshman year He raxsed hrs mmd to hxqher thoughts by bexng a mem ber ol the Physxcs Club and a two year member ot the Glee Club IAMES A IRVINE Ixm worked hard to recexve honors fre quently a busy and efhcrent veteran ot the Cub Newspaper and Busmess Edxtor ln hrs senxor year Secretary ot the Literature Committee of the Sodalxty dex .n ' 1wm , nw- IA-fir. 95' WILLIAM C IEUDEVINE B111 was one ot Father Lrnzs loyal Gee Clubbers for tour years a popular lntramuralxst class ofhcer rn hrs sopho- more and senxor year Physxcs Club three year daxly commurucant 0152 PAUL P HUBER Paul could be seen at almost every U ot D sportmq event wxth his camera tak mg pxctures tor the Cub Newspaper or the Cub Annual also a 6 30 acolyte Camera Club member for three years ui? FRANCIS E IOHNSON Frank a buddy of B111 Anderson: is one ot the qureter members of the AE Class He was a Band member for two years and an actxve sodalist 0 U 0 U 0 0 f . 1 , 1, .11 . . 11 . 11 - 1 1 - , . . . 1 . . C ' u ' 1 1 - 1 ' o a . I 1 . . . 2 'Xa -K ,V ll 1 A all ' I K -.fl x. ' rosy' ' 1, 4 -1 4 . v kg 1 - in ,Q-j,.V,7' 1 -A .3 3,2 ,,, 'A-fm" 1 M Q . 'p ' I . ,J '. 4 " f".' r., - ' T'-'F I 'v'v1 -1 ff-1, ,. f 7' ' ' ' "-: 111.-kt Anil! 0. 74, .1 O 1' A' I, ' " va' ,rx , ' '1 4 . o ' '- ' ' ."-Q. Q . . ,1. .1 . , . Q u . . . . 1 1 - 1 - l 1 1 1 . . . . . . Although Larry was a small man he 6721075 IOHNT IONES One of the outstandmg all around xntra murahsts rn the school Iohn captamed many a charnpronshxp team Chemxstry and Physxcs Clubs never rn ssed hon rs MICHAELI KEARNS Kearnsy headed the Socxety tor the Extmctlon of Davxd Fenqhan splashed around ln the Art Club tor tour years and was presxdent ot lt as a tumor and semor three year debater reserve toot four year sodahst three years Cub Annual Cub Newspaper honor man. ROBERT I KAY Another staunch advocate of the intra mural sports Bob could always be found lmectxnq bls spxrxt slull and body blocks lnto the mxd day games Glee Club nn treshman year freshman basketball honors tn first and thxrd years of 1952 RAYMOND S KAZMIEROWSKI Ray was the strong silent type well lxked by hxs classmates An all round ath ete member of the varsxty pxtchmq staff for three years played reserve basketball and football starred in intramurals IAMES W KEATING Demon Ixm could ixll several volumes LAWRENCE G KELLER when rt comes to explamxnq hrs many esca pades was always tryxng to pump 80 mph out of second gear m hrs Baby Blue 41 Ford took hrs table tennxs senously whxch made htm a consxsterxt wxnner took a blq part ln all school actxvxt es varsxty debater xn fourth year went xnto the elocutxon hnals m second year managed the varsxty basketball squad I I 0 l I O I ' ' . . . ' ' ' ' I . ' , l . . . ' ' ' o . ' . . . . . . N tts ' A 1 his 1 X I f , X A I f ball . . . ' . . . ' ' ' ' . 6 71 l 0 75 JEROME L KELLY Ierry was one of the students who came far and wxde to attend our school very actxve member rn mtramural compe txtxons and a member of the Physxcs Club SHERMAN F KELLY Sherman came to U of D Hxgh last September but soon was known to all the semors Spent a busy year on the Cub Newspaper and the busmess staff of thxs book also a sodalxty man 0152 WILLIAM G KENNARY One play Kennary was well lxlred by all here played for four years on the football team and the freshman basketball team two years track acolyte four year sodahst ,lf"i it If 'A ARTHUR E. KENNEDY Art was the dnvmg force behmd the Art Club and the cheerleaders lWlCe Art Club offxcer IMSSC representatxve varsxty baseball honors rn first and second year contnbuted artxstlc talent to thxs bool: PETER F KENNEDY Petes vxewpomts started many argu ments wxth hxs backward teachers tned very hard to convmce them of 1-us modem theones earned has Varsny letter by bemg a star on the tenms courts Sodalxty for three years elected to the Prom Commxttee M PAUL KING Mel popular member of the St Marys syndxcate found plenty of actxvltxes to fill hrs txme Band and Glee Clubs for two years four year dramatlst our year sodahst Cub Newspaper ln sen :or year xumor and senxor classxclst senxor class offxcer frequent hon rl 6711075 IOHND KLEIN Casual Klem a sharp dresser fre quently had the class xn hystencs was a four year qndder on freshman re serve and varsxty teams Physxcs Club varsxty track ROGER A KOERBER A hard worker rn the school PX Roq was well lxlred and known to all Classxcal Club Iumor Achlever consxstent honor man founder ol the Stamp Club of 1952 NORMAN R KOZAKOWSKI Ko: was a true classxcal scholar be sxdes bemq well known as a mathematncal wxzard three year varsnty tennxs player debater Physxcs Club top- tlxght pxnq pong player honor man WILLIAM R KRAMER IOHN L KRISAN IOHN G KUBLIN Bxll wlll always be remembered for hrs Iohn could usually be found makmq lack was tops 1n everythxnq he under extra long han and constant pmochle play tune m has 47 Ford loyal Band mem took tour year sodahst prelect mg intramural 1ootbalL ber for tour years made many fnends xn semor year class and first honor dunnq hu stay at the I-hgh man Co eclxtor of Newspaper for two years Cub Annual Staff class otii cer in lreahman and senior year Prom Commxttee Classxcal Club elocu txonrst acolyte Dance Chairman eniors IAMES E. LACHY Iim was truly sports minded. After three years of varsity basketball, he became the captain of this year's quintet . . . also elected class president in tirst and second years. IOSEPH T LOEFFLER Ioe dropped in at school every once in a while to see what he was to be learn mg Even when he wasnt there because ot illness he reaped high marks on the exams could be found an the Physics lab after schooL 0 0 0 0 0 IOSEPH L. LEMAY Although Ioe came here in his junior year, he amazed everyone with his high averages when honors were awarded . . . worked on the Annual in his third year . . . Chemistry and Physics Clubs . . . spent the rest ot the time with his hot-rod. gf 1952 THOMAS P. LIEVOIS Tom's greatest contribution to the High was his outstanding athletic ability in the great game of football . . . his witty re- marks and "intelligent" answers more than once started Mr. Stepaniak on the road to insanity . . . was famous for his one o'c1ock sermons. if IAMES P LUCIER Ilm was undoubtedly one of the most dependable and conscientious workers in the senior class tops in studles with tour years of class and lxrst honor nbbons tour year acolyte and sodalzst Co Editor in Chxet ot the Newspaper as iun xor and senior contributed many hours to religious section of this book IAMES R MCCORMICK import from Cleveland rn hrs Junior year Itm made the most of his short stay here at the school Sodality debater Cub Newspaper Classical Club first honors ' ,I . K 2 5, L W ' F f., . . . An . . . . . I 1 u n Q n Q A Q c I . ' 1 I Q ' l 1 l - 1 n ' s 8 72 l 0 VS THOMAS I MCDONALD Many an opposing team was dxscour aged by Toms shitty running and long gains hltchhlked in trom no mans land every day to star in intramural bas ketball and pull down honor ribbons Classical Club Sodallty tourtb year class president THOMAS F MCGANN Tom was chiefly known as a basketball star two years on the Varsity squad tour year sodalxst honors every marking class officer for three Years of 1952 RICHARD A MCGARRY Goose twice sparked his team to the intramural basketball championship played freshman reserve and varsity tootball two year track man our year sodallst 4-N RICHARD E MCGONAGLE Dicks golden trumpet could always be heard at the school games . . . elected captain of the Band in his senior year . played in the U. of D. College Band . frequent honor man. EDWARD I MCGOUGH Ed was a never-yielding rock ot the varsity forward wall. He ls one of the few linemen who ever made a touchdown . . class president . . Sodality oflicer . . . trackman . . Sodality Dance Committee . inevitable iirst honor man. DAVID M MCLAUGHLIN Daves ready wit and quick comebacks kept many a teacher guessing as to what would come next . . . Band tooter lor four years . . . Orchestra in second year . . . "on the ball manager of the varsity toot- ball squad in third year . . . varsity cinder- man and swimmer. eniors . . . . . . of 1952 IERROLD L. MCPARTLIN Elected President of 4D. Jerry took on active lnterest ln many school activities . . . four year sodallst . . . Glee Club in his freshman year . . . a real leader and pro- moter of all school affairs. IOSEPH A. MACHIORLATTI Ioe proved his worth on the football field and on the basketball court . . . reserve and varsity football . . . fntramuralist . . . three years class officer. 1' THOMAS S MANN the track and cross country teams frequently pulled down honors mem bers of the Chemistry Club RONALD P MARION ed in the Victory Band and during his fourth year in the University Band sodalist elocutromst in his fr st year consistent ribbon winner in all four years CLYDE I. MANION Chuck's outstanding ability in intramural basketball always kept him up among the high scorers . . . varsity track man in his sophomore year . . . could usually be found in the lounge battling tt out on the ping- pong tables. WILLIAM I MARKLEY M1tchel'Markley Tnumvirate was a dyed rn the wool ping pong enthusiast work ed hard at everything he tned Cub Annual server and sodahst had a perfect attendance record for four years 1 + I ,N Flyin' Tom made his presence felt on Ronald was quiet except when he play- Bill, a member of the famous "Manion- e n i 0 rs RICHARD E. MATYN Despute the fact that he rode the Grosse Pointe Specxal Dxck managed to preserve hrs quxet and pleasant personahty copped many honor nbbons rn hrs thxrd and lourth years 'lt'-K' . 'JD' of 1952 IEROME W MAURER BERNARD B MAZUREK Ierry perfon-ned many tasks for the Sodal Bemxe possessed a good parr of legs member of the Glee Club for two which he used well on the track team years proved hxmself a line mtra was a thorough student and an actxve Scl mural st class oifxcer rn thxrd year and ence Club member basketball man linahst an elocuhon aqer ff! RAYMOND I MEURER Slud was a resldent of Flonda who wxntered rn Detroxt dramatic reader flashy dresser barroom tenor xn Glee Club DANIEL T MITCHELL Dans dynamxc and persuasxve person allty won hum numerous lnends at these Hal owed Halls Hrs unusual French inter pretations recexved many a lrown from Mr Schoonen four year sodalxst acolyte debatxnq Glee Club Daxly Commumcant WILLYS F MUELLER Wrlly a popular member ol the Clas slcal Scholars always had a good word for everyone displayed hls talents in all mtramural sports our year acolyte Classical Club member in thxrd and fourth years four year sodallst lunlor Secretary ol the Sodallty con slstent first honors elziotrs . . . . . . of 1952 RICHARD C. MUHAL Dlck's quiet personality formed many friendships here at the High . . . famous for his early model Chevrolet . . . played a terrific game of intramural basketball for four years . . . ardent member of the Physics Club. LAWRENCE N. NAHRGANG Larry was a sodalist for four years and took an active part in all Sodality activi- ties . . . got up at 6:30 many mornings during his four years to serve Mass . . . word has it that he was also quite a social king. IOHN F NICHOLSON One of Iohns many activities here at U of D was leading the cheers at e school games varsity track in is senior year acolyte Physics Club frequent honors varsity debater in senior year eyes a future ln the Air Force N 'i IOHN F O BRIEN Iohn has spent his four years at U of D winning for himself the respect and friend ship of all his classmates four year sodalxst member of the Glee Club tn his last year LAWRENCE I. NICHOLS Nick's cheerful humor and his willing- ness to work made his membership ln the activities of his choice a pleasure for everyone . . . four year intramuralist . . . co-writer of "Coffin Corner" and "On the Sldelfnes" . . . four year sodallst . . . Sen- lor Treasurer of Sodality . . . Choir and Glee Clubs for four years. 'Y-ish PATRICK E PALMER Pat spent his high school years very profitably fervent sodalist and 630 server for four years sang with the Glee Club I, 4 E LA , -f 7. 14' 6 , 2 If ,,., X V A A y ' - Q' - 1 :QQ ' 1 .V -,aiififh NN ':'. w - Z-,it-., fl -lil 14' -5 . . th - ' ' ' 1 - . . . , eniors . . . . . . of 1952 IAMES P PANARETOS Ixm the fellow wlth the mce car helped hfs class mtramural football team to the top wnth hls amazxng speed Thxs same speed also won him places on the reserve foot ball team and the varsity track team Many RALPH W PARVELSKI Ralph could usually be heard glvxng out wnth pert remarks whtch always merit ed a hearty laugh from hrs classmates faithful 6 30 server a four year acolyte and ardent sodallst. will nun his portable senior lounge I 3. FRANK G PENSAVECCHIA Good thmgs come ln small packages ll well exemphfied by httle Penclls He was one of the most popular boys ln U of D High during hu four years HARVEY R PETERS Harvey was Father Lmxs pet peeve When not ln mxschxef he was an xntra murallst Sodahty member for two years Glee Club member for four years sectxon leader ln Glee Club Scxence Cub VINCENT A. PELLERITO Vince e nerve racking pxng pong playing paxd off with good dlvtdends when he won the toumament ln his senlor year s frlendly manner and fovtal splrit earned hmm the class presxdency of 4E a fre quent cornmunucant at the 8 15 Mass 1' '91 wav 'Z' WILLIAM H. PETERS B111 an East sxde wheel could match anyone at pmg pong xn the lounge won many friends here played xntra mural baseball served Mass . . . . . , , , - - - - . . . hl - : . . . - ' : . "W - . t 1 g . I 7"'5riQ ,, . is 1 FF ,- 1 ' , 1 -1 '1 gif?" ' :ff as A 4 :gl . , f A-,fr ew f 5 .V .ffmrf V A fw'L',s'Tgp'. , . f, . 4 j-f f, N 4 - , , Qin" , I Y , 4 h .. 459' ' r 'E . safe ' , I K it t , ,J 'h Z .. , i , t, . '. Vg - f W 5 - bf v we sn, ,1 ., I , . . . . . . . . ' ' , . I . eniors . . . . . . 0 1952 CHARLES G. PHEIL As one of the "hoods" of 4E Chuck played straight man for Ioe Machiorlatti . . . went West on a summer trip with Mr. Madigan . . . reserve and varsity football. RICHARD I PIOTROWSKI Although quiet Plc had a pleasing personality and easily held his own rn class a sodahst acolyte active xntramurahst. 38 NELSON E. PHILLIPS "Big Nels." a serious hard-working fel- low with a powerful voice lent his talents to many a school activity . . . debater . . . Glee Club . . . Choir . . . elocution winner in third year . . . ton roles in Student Prince. Mikado, and Pirates of Penzance . . . four year sodalist . . . reserve foot- ball . . . consistent honors. RICHARD I. PILARSKI A happy-go-lucky fellow, Dick enliv- ened many a class with his classic remarks . . . freshman, reserve, and varsity foot- ball . . . received All-City mention in sen- ior year . . . four year acolyte . . . class officer . . . honors in first and second years. ' - m..u,f.' .. 1 f- ,E l EUGENE R. PISARKIEINICZ Bob could almost always be found bat ting the ball or passing the pxgskm for his intramural team acolyte for four years sodalrty for two years frequent second honors vb DEL D POIRER Del was at his height in French class splxt the sides of many of his teachers when he forgot his homework car ned around quite a physique A - 5 ' I , , ' 2652 ' , - efziors . . . . . . of 1952 IOSEPH A. POLUBINSKI Ioe was a quiet, friendly fellow who came to this institution in his fourth year . . . one of the scientists of the Physics Club. THOMAS G. POYMA Tom played intramural sports and tool: the handball crown ln his lunior year . . . acolyte . . . member of Glee Club . . . held the post of class treasurer in senior year. RAYMOND A PRINCE Hay was known for his unusual manner in class often gave out statements which provoked peals of laughter from the boys worked hard at his studies especially in the cafeteria during the noon period. be X3 e5'?f J: Yi ..w""" I AMES P PULTE Irma winning smile gained htm many friends here at U of D promoted bowling league acolyte for four years reserve basketball Band elected class officer ln his first three years Physics Club FRANCIS I. PREBENDA Frank had two personalities. crazy in class and serious on the football field . . . played a terrific All-City end spot for two years . . . a star varsity basketball guard for two years . . . varsity baseball . . . vanity track . . . member of the Sodality in senior year. fi' PATRICK C QUINN Connie s knack for making friends won him many admirers in the classroom and ln extra curriculars served two years as class officer outstanding ln lntra murals 55:4- cQl, 1 - :Q any I ,gg ,g,, 1.- .,,,1. ,, if sf Hwy f ,KY ' . ' ,-QQ .F . ' ' Q :gif , :1-7515: t l " f f:FJ:f-t. 5'-' . f f::Q'::- . 5-- it iF:3::':.-,Q-: . ,. :--.'--'!::f::-' . ,i 1 -:::::::::,-,-- --:Sim .552:g':::j-"-' V'-'rflqiff , fre. . 4 ' V R . , A ' lyirfffffh L .w -hge :'f'- -333 c' ' . ,-. 41 W: X. ., V' - - ,. ff: ' I , Q . . . . . , . . . . 1. . 1 H . . , I , ' . . . . . . 0 . - . . . ' . 8 72 l 0 VS IAM!-:s 'r RACINE Izm made many fnends here at the Hugh wxth hrs qulet good nature farthful four year acolyte eloquent four year debater Physxcs Club hxghly regarded member of mtramural football and baseball teams durmg hrs four years DONALD P RAY Don was one of Father Clears patrons rn his frrst two years here but fxnally reformed served Mass for four years backed hls class in many intramural sports four year member of Sodallty MICHAEL I. RIEDY Mlke was at hls best rn physrcs thxs ultxmately led to hrs bemq a member of the Physxcs Club . worked hard and brought home many an honor nbbon . well ltked by hrs fellow classmates IAMES M. ROCHE A guret combrnatxon of brams and brawn, hm was popular rn the classroom as well as on the football fxeld reserve and varsrty football, tncaptam rn senxor year All Crty and All State mentxon . class offxcer . . . sodahet . top honor man of 1952 few M RALPH C RICHTER Ralph our New Orleans sugar dad ums graced the High wxth hrs broad presence dunng hrs senior year qam ed wide repute as one of The Seven Rocks of Grbraltar durmg hrs football sorourn lxvened all classes wrth his Dxxxe am ported yes suh rounded off year wlth the clndermen RICHARD I . RODDY "Rxch" was an xdol to many admmnq freshmen, who knew hxm as the man wxth the cool car He had a ftne sense of humor and was a valuable basketball player m rntramural cxrcuxts . Physxcs Club . four year acolyto e 72 i 0 rs ROBERT I ROSKOPP Bob took part rn practrcally every lrne of sports the school offers varsrty basket ball for three years and varsrty football for two served as class presrdent rn freshman year member of the Prom Commrttoo THOMAS B RYAN Tom was elected pres dent of the Stamp Club rn hrs senror year hrs quest for knowledge pard off wrth honors every quarter durrng hrs 1unror' and senror years CHARLES T BOTH A local card shark he devoted hrmself to hrs art every noon rn the senror lounge played rntramural football and basket ba VINCENT I RYAN Lrttle Vrnce could always be depended on to delrver a powerful punch xnto any activrty he undertook Junror and sen lor debater Vrce presrdent of Dramatrc Club rn fourth year Glee Club rn trrst and second years star wrrter for both publrcatrons four year sodalrst consrstent frrst honors 0152 ROBERT E RYAN Durrnq the basketball season rlob could be seen rackrng up qurte a few pornts for hrs Intramural team four year acolyte lorned the Physrcs Club rn hrs senror year HOWARD I SAMPLE Nrmblefooted HI would run cross country ten rnrles as easrly as two blocks generally beat anyone rn srght between races he spent hrs trme ndrng hrs classmates and pulling down good math marks 0 O O C C 0 . v . . . . ' ' ll. , , , ' ' ' ' ' 1 ki l -E S 4' I A if Q. aus-. O O . Z , , . . ,I . 'H . 'ors of 1952 DON L SAN ZABRIN If not vxsxtmq some frxends over at Immaculata Don was leadmg a rousmq cheer for the football or basketball team He red Olds wxth the Hollywood mufflers was the envy of many freshmen Phy sxcs Club member WH.LIAM P SHANNAHAN 'Wxlly came to thxs lhSlllUl on xn hrs sophomore year and wxll long be remem bered for hrs blustennq remarks xn the classroom became very popular xn hrs own gang played all xntramural sports GERALD R. SCHRIEDEL Ierry entered U of D Hxgh xn hrs Jumor year dunng the semor year took haven m the semor lounge each noon perxod also played Intramurals FRED I SCHROEDER Lxttle Fred always talked and acted ln a cool nonchalant manner that ap pealed to everyone played the clan net m the band worked on the Mrkado acolyte and sodahst for four years first honor man 'YXT ff et RICHARD A SHIRLEY Dxclr a refugee of St Marys m hrs lun xor year lost no tune an channehng hxs many talents and conscxentiousness into numerous fxelds consxstent hrst honors Classical Club Sodalxty op sports wnter on the Cub Newspaper and Annual Sports Edxtor of Newspaper ADAM M SIZEN Adam was one of the more sxlent mem bers of the class At school he was a mem ber of the Sodalrty and an acolyte frequent patron of the senxor lounge ' 0 I a n n , , , I - ' v ' . - . ' ' s 1 c u l cl ' -1' " " , gg,-av"'.1 X f. -' ss gm he 'Qi 1 1 3952? K "iii 5 ,g gig? ' W ,E , '- , . . . . - ' . . 1 u l I . 0 v e I eniors . . . . . . of 1952 IOSEPH D. SMITH Ioe was a loyal sodalist for three years . . . spent many a noon on the intramural field or court . . . class officer in second year. THOMAS G. SOMA Tom was always a bright light ln the classroom . . . his humor kept dull classes lnterestfng . . . Glee Club the fourth year . . . class officer in thlrd year . . . four year acolyte . . . four year sodalist . . . daily communlcant. PAUL F. TERNES A transfer student from St. Mary's, Paul soon made his mark in the racing fiield with his "Caddy Convert" . . . stacked the cards in the east room . . . honors in freshman year. 'K LAWRENCE I TIMLER Teemlar was hardly ever caught with out a nght answer or else a reasonable facsimile H13 keen mind never failed him first honors outstanding handball play or and loyal Chemistry Club member PHIL L TONNE Phll was exther working on his lxmou sine or solving a problem in specific grav 1 put his scientific knowledge to use by roxnmg the Physrcs Club ardent believer in the re manufactunng of the 40 Buick IAMES L. Following his fathers footsteps lim became a first rate iournalist stellar sports wnter for the Newspaper Sports Editor of the Annual Chou' and Glee Club mtramurals varsity baseball four year sodalxst 4 f,Zff"'r lf elzzors 0 1 52 STEVE W TURANQKY Steve a llttle monster when xt comes to playmg a sweet sax made sweet tones for the Orchestra and Band throughout hrs stay here member of the Sodahty for three years recewed hrs share of honors ELBERT C VALENTINE Vals qlfted talent of desxgnmg pald off xn hrs sophomore year when he won a S3 000 College Scholarshrp from the Fxsher Body Craftsman Gutld Phys cs Club took some of the hne prctures rn thxs years Annual GERALD P VILLEMONTE Ierry one of the hard hrttmq lmemen of the football team proved to be a leader ln everythmg he dxd spent four years m the Sodahty three years as an offxcer four year class offzcer reserve and varsrty football acolyte for four years tf 21 IAMES P. WALTON "B1g hm" qamed a host of frxends from the senror class Hrs bxg feet dxdnt stop hun from wallnng up for honors durxnq any of his years here . acolyte Intramuralxst Cub Annual Staff 'I' IOHN P. WALTON Iack's specxalty was farmmg smce he worked hrs way through the French Scx entxfxc Course dnvmg a tractor one year reserve football three year aco lyte thxrd year member of Sodalxty JAMES A. WARD hm Wllll the flammq red harr was co prlot of a certam Cadxllac convertmble that was always seen here at school acolyte for four years e 72 i 0 rs ROBERT F. WHELAN Bob, a formidable intramuralist, was 4B's Otto Graham in football . . . he was the man who always came out with the right crack at the right time in class . . . varsity debater . . . Dramatic Club . . . Physics Club . . . honor man. IOHN D WORLEY DONALD P. WITTSTOCK Ron, "the man with the Montana license plate." never could do without an after- noon Latin nap . . . played varsity football for two years . . . four year acolyte . . . Classical and Physics Clubs. Q -L, FRANCIS A YESBICK Iack was famous for his spur ofthe- A man of few words Ye: spread his moment speeches in English class quiet energy into many fields four year spoke fluent French was always relx sodalxst Classical Club Copy Edl able for having h1s homework in on time tor of the Newspaper Cub Annual Physics Club never missed honors of 1952 WILLIAM I. WOELKERS Bill was quiet and pleasant, but hard- working at everything he did . . . merited a long string of first honor ribbons . . . Classical Club . . . Chemistry and Physics Clubs. PEDRO AVAIUSINI Although Pedro satled up from Brazil only last September he quickly found hun self right at home Pedros first year at the High was also his last but must to make his course of studies complete he also attended second and third year classes L-fwgfgfl. w I - , rj, N . - k , A, f . , , 4 . 4,1 X, .5 " tw. f -.H - Y ' ' ' J. , P , . ' 2 v. ' ' : - - 3 ,f L I , - ' -pr t .-Sv 'V ' . . H U . ' I I 1 . u - . . 1 ' . . . . . . I s c 0 ' s u n o u s ' . . . . . . . XXX f. 2 5 4 , ' 3 A 1 3 213 ' 'www ,,.,,. 5-ff'?z3?? 1 V .gg :rf gig Digg' 52 44 ,View 'N .Mr H5 vfzih f? 733. Q 1, ,,g5. , 'I-ffxfr, Q26 'T x ' - If aff f.,, 'Jf2 iw , x ,:QI:?4p1,.'iQ?g . . 'V fm wr-,fm ., 1:42 'H WJ' '- VIL" YT? 35' Q., uf 5 1 :pf I p r ., , , ,, ,L wp, ,f fi J 231 dy 'fr Wifi? 1 rim- J f Q f. ff-w.,,,j, "E+ 1, av' 4 YV ,A jd . I Wi va A X , fo r ,J xl Q! .Win ,Af L--. W4 s i 4 vc- , ,, hun.. f wfefgap-jyw -x. V W Q "' ' ufww' A l J L yt,-A K .I I' - .wt i 'I - 1 4'-5' , L g? ff I Q I l ' I " ' E s-.X ' A ,I , W! 'j 4 5-TL Q . ' 5 '27 1' 1 : - " ' ' ' , A. - f is fpi ' : fi W f I . 9 If Fff- '-3? A ag!-IQ . N1 44 A -. .. ' . rf' 2 f N: ' f lv , L Q, Wd . , 5- s ,, 5: ig 5. .. J ef? f "-L 1 in 2- r "' 18 ' J - V 'f , ' QI 2, , In t Q 3 .1-Q33 51 iflf ' wi" , s h I gg fi' Qv 1 T ff! - Y S 4' 4 Q C: 0 'E A '-'A ' CLASS PRESIDENTS 17- ok SOPHOMORES IUNIORS FRBSHMEN BACK: Bourqin. Ulbrich. R. BF-CK1 MOIOIIGY- Chmlvili- BACK: Cusick. Hopper. I. Bar- McConnick. Wilson. FRONT1 Roberts. Piesik, Bosco. low. Buckner. FRONT: Neii. Laurencelle, Ulbseni: IUIIUTGID FRONT: Young. P. Kelly. Ma- Kwiecien. Slater. her. T. Ioyce. M. Brennan TOP: Hill, MacMichael, R. DesRosiers, D. Kelly, Decker, Tallant. B. Killop, Conricocle, W. Kurtz, W. Sullivan, Buss. MIDDLE: Iason, Fleicher, Nowicki, Comella, Sawyer. W. O'Brien, Wrona, T. Reardon, Cardinal, I, Killop, Swantek, P. Smith, M. Thompson, Kaniecki, Mr. Carxoll. BOTTOM: M. Sullivan, I. Gagnon, Prush, Porter, Burk, Bosco, Oldani, Kinsella, Zimmie, Dugas. Cattey. 2 . X 4: -, - :F B " ': ff PF I E' ' "Vg 5 I-X-N.-.e L L: 45015 TOP I Cnmmms R Thomas FlYZSlmChS Stuart Obermeyer W Burke Montaqne Sarm I Bush Hem MIDDLE Colcske Wmes Plddle BYIQQS Gaermq Stlmson Fourmer Wagner W Qu1gley Baltz F Dxlworlh Flaherlv Cottrell Mr Hassel Lowe BOTTOM I McDonald Barc I I Fxlzqerald Hardmq Pxeslk Sellers Olszewskx H Brennan Scala TOP R Donakowsla OSull1van I Ahrens Baqmskn L Brown Hemle M Sweeney Chevner W Stueken Freda W Clme MIDDLE Fr L1nz Cunnmgham Bracken Potteray Brandau Cue-ny Karczewskx Mahan Rosser M Crane Bonday Sundell I Burke BOTTOM Scoball Prxebe C Bames Hammell R Keller Cassner Chauvm T Doyle Klesznowskl Hennchs Bovxlz Mohan M Brennan l '-r -n fn. Pa I 4 if , N .D I -2 'E . E- tp I , N fr ,. -5 1 3 5 5, I . 4 X . , . N ' X 1 . 'C I Q I .- L 'Y ls .L L' Ill E f ' I ' I I' f f . , Y 'W- .iy v P, 1 . . TOP Gregory Tomczczk M Hxggms Shmok Dwyer Vulpeth Muldoon Coucke D Lyons Molnar Avouxsmr MIDDLE D Nowxckx Ulrxch Flscher Paulus Zrehnskr Burns Burneit Pohscno Krczyer Moore Hausner Benedict Schur Fr Eckmcmn BOTTOM B Clark Moloney G Mxller Yates Drew Icmoreh Brehxo Rob! Hess Hollercm Gcxuihler Ross Zbnkowskl r CK NY' TOP D Kaump K Kelly Ayotte Balose Salas Hake Stanton M Carney Heckenburq Hogan Gxqante OShea Codde MIDDLE Peacock Sabatos C Sweeney Feelev McElroy Ponczak L Mercxer Dletz D Thomas Boxtos Iohn Smxth Pecherskl Sheber Mr McPartlm BOTTOM D Klem Drllon Dxebel Pxorkowskx Brosey Maloney Ierry Keatmq Hmsberg Guzmskm Forynskl Wamer TOP Conlon I Iohnson Maqon I Muer P Mercxer Brxnza McKer1zxe Pennefather 'I' Mltchell MIDDLE Best Garbarmo G McCarthy Robert McGarry Carson Inclrexea Iames Smith Kuptz Avcrunsmx Strye Rrehl Habarth Mr Foote BOTTOM McMaster Plotrowskx Madey Grech Kwrecxen Kreshock Kruger Volpe Namen W Screxdel Yvvl f AR B' Y I ' '.., -u I Y " 4 ' , " I, Q ,A I' 'H .y K YA 1 rg:-'Q r . ' 1 ' ' 'T ' .. ' Y L ' ' . S 4 g ' Q- , 04 L , -1 6,1 - an 1 ' Q ' .4 - C v Q X tx I V xxx Q , L .. Q s ,L . F: -. x ' -- ao' 'A Y ' ' I I -1 't .t J. , -l' - . . - 1- I ' A ! I 1 1. , 3 A t , f K I K .II 4 9 4-4 fifty ...-. Y Qhvm ea X AWB' TOP Callanan Cooney Wxlhelm R Schom D Keatmg Forberg McDonnell Wllcox Satora MIDDLE Caton Seech Macunovlch P Conway Panasuk Moffett White Greener Lenhard Coftel R Conway Qurgley Navalta Mr Stackable BOTTOM Ware W Iohnson W Dalsaso McNally R McCormxck Wrlle MacDuff Dudz1nsk1 B 0 W . ? ,tu X '.5?.4g, V t"1' M725 'i -D - Y' 'iv ' .. ' -if ,fir .. " 'll' . qv 1 V ' . VA .e, - , , 5, Ls .. . . - .5 i ,,, 1 -' ' V -V ' ' , . C I A 5 . . - . " I . , 5 . V M . ' - - M x ,. . D Q , ' , . - A 2 . , . fa: V I ' . ' - s 43. . A Vs ' 1 . ' ' f Q 'N , ' -.4 . A A K 'X Schom Greely ABSENT R Graham TOP DeC1ercq Dlstel Kubas1ew1cz Iohn Camey A Kmg Stefam Boerszq Szuba Cattera Hoey MIDDLE Sarar I Doyle Archer Francxsco Mozola Prokopowych Neff R Mazurek Rapelje Tracey Saved Sadowsln Mr Madxgan BOTTOM R D1mmer R Boyd H Kurtz Wllczak Teranes Butler Ford Salamone Martmek ABSENT Phnhppeau I w Y 4 ATA TOP Kmack Turner Bogcn K Iohnson R Sleucken Wonsack I Kaump Benoxt Dean DeV1ll1ers Kxrchner MIDDLE Mr Gargcm Comgan Rybmskx Bonk Krajenke Barkume D Domas I Thomas D OMclley Lynn Underkofler P Des Hosners P Gagnon Mondro BOTTOM Madxgan I Walsh Wllhams Quaglme Wxlson Patrus McKeever Schott Smger TOP I Bernard Hzcke Krause Garvy Brady Roosen Smutek Dole Flemmmg Kachnowskr G Clark MIDDLE George Szczesny Burroughs Benson Charbonneau Mxlbaurer Norton Sobleskx Merglewskx Marceau Francxs Huddon Fr M1ddendorf BOTTOM Wlldern Batcheller Kuhck W Smxth Ulbnch Hancont Tumer Kxlduff Permen ABSENT Caldwell P6 'AWA' Nvf l 5 , ' ' . 1:-' .Z pf .' P :E ,In ' 2 3 - f . 1 V x ' L f A 'iQ los 0, AHYP TOP R Walker Tedesco McCarty Carleslmo Reynolds Scullen Humphnss Arbanas Maestrx MIDDLE F Weber Kapcla Eqerer Maskery Westerland Krymckx W Walker Raggxo Leonattl Kokosxnskn ORourke G Dxllworth Mr Gesmq BOTTOM C Walton Goatley T Dalsaso Farquarson Bmgman Slater Hurlbert Pastula G Kelly Horvath Mamere TOP Conkhn Skown Bohtho Kowalczyk Spence Sutter Petxoskl C Smnth Stevens Toenyes MIDDLE Mr Monn Bally Shanahan Schlaman Potter Verhelle T Schrexdel Guest Coumeya Delue Koemg Page C McCarthy BOTTOM Pnmo Kowalskx Wxlkms Laurencelle R1ley Delmskx Gollob Boyce Wyv 1 :tidy X TOP Galvm A Bemard Brazrl M Iohnson Doherty Zmk Stergerwald ORe1lly Hrtchmgham Z V 4 ggfil Kolanowskx MIDDLE Fr Nurnberqer Kurt Canheld Moss Haberek Grace Moreth I Hxggms Herrmann Azzam Walczak Staebler BOTTOM Von Tobel Lee Komxves Kanser Dxckson Bourgom Popeck D Sulhvan Taylor G Bush Duncan ABSENT Swxit C Donakowskx TOP Foster T Martm F Crane Kalhom Boyke B11rlr Kock Bruetsch Ferko Curran MIDDLE Donald Anderson Murphy Scallen Warras Iames R Joyce Lepage Smutek Dufiy Stec Croskey B Brown Udrys Mrachma Fr Wallenhorst BOTTOM W Kelley Kavanaugh Drype Denomme Maher Heenan Iones Reardon Schwartz Crossman ABSENT Tworog A7547 frT'Tr7 I ZF 1 -. 1: U, QI 3" - 4: nl D1- ' '.,4 ' ' .y "1 '."" , 'fy' 1vT:f",' - I '- ' .4 . .. 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Z - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 """' - D 'X T-I'--'75 77171 'limi' TOP D McPartlxn Solodky Barnes Twomey Asam B Crane Costello Longeway Norton MIDDLE Pontek Bonanno Mack Cybulskx Kosteckr Rosenmund C1GnC1OlO Srspera Granzow Fr Huthnger BOTTOM Showrak Cavanaugh Hart Nelhgan Andnes MOIIIS P Kelly Scherock Heymger 4 AY YA' NV Iacobell Hess Healy ABSENT Toifolo TOP McGarry Sanko Kurth Lobodoclcy H McDonald Sl Amour Cxaravmo Sharler Manmng Kearns Meyers Lopez Bombly Shmer Clark BOTTOM Wulcrk Cenzer Holmes Iozehak G Barlow P Dame Karlek Kozlmskx I Greener ABSENT L Dlqgs Iar I ONe1ll Santello DO QQ OO in 'M' V1 '1' LL Lf A 1 W - -' Y , ' , 1 . , ,, 1 ' V O I ', 'L .xi X L X T . ' fs - I A .1 f X , f 1 3 , x ff L MIDDLE: Fr. I-lenry, Roach, C. Muer, Llynn, Pavwrlickli, Shawl, Wortmanl T. Mcbarthy, G: 1 , - - 'QL - - 3 f " ' 1 as 3 5 1 ' A. 'Z ' V ' AW, ' ' ' ' 47' n an .. X I .J I N ' an L 1 , D 1 ""'..v.. X , . x ' 1 S 4 , 4 ANA if, u TOP Wulek Gorman Beyer Szatkowskx Pokrywko Storen Howxe Vesnaugh Dman Dxngerson Pollard MIDDLE D Descomps Fell Kasko Bartush Bowker Hmsch Sexlrus Klrsammer Kapaun Hamann Barrows Wheeler Szymanskx Dxebel Kacvmsky Fr Schumacher BOTTOM Hurkmans Lassalme C Weber Iudson Young Bednarslu Kupnec Lxske Zurawskr Valenn D Brown TOP Arnold D Tramor Scenga Morouse Bonczak Ireland Fxtzgerald Shallack I-Iaapala Soma Hosxers Dorge Guzrk Iodway Regenold BOTTOM Baranowskl Bommanto Way Matusrak Buckner Chmxelewsk1 Raymond Skrzelow sk1 Surowxec ABSENT Beatty Fmnerty Holbrook Hussy Sosnowskx -my-1 if CU O' .., I 1, ' X .y .V , 1 --1 '- K' ' , . N 'ff . X X' ,Z K P+- T, O T f O ! ,. f I f , . ' ul i MIDDLE: -Mr. Madden, Kyle, Noel, Tobin, Rusin, Mejerowicz, Benkert, Grady, Thompson, Des- A J "T fl? w Bc' is ,, . 4 v ' 4 ll -P . W x . I N , 'f . I .A -': I .0 -1 Y L' 1, ' x 4 ee-. r - - - ITITV7 :1'."," V I I LLJWJ' it g.1'T"" qs'n-nnn- 3 f TOP Tutcher Doeren Carohn Langan R Smrth F Alter Mann Yott Langley Meruccx Assessor Makuch MIDDLE Mr Sanderson Rossr R Peters Corbett Slavsky McManus P Eady Detavermer Suth erland D Wxlhelm R Shepanek Norkxewxcz Werner Vxazanko Hanafm BOTTOM Rengert Monaghan Dale Anderson Maczuga M Brennon Korn Cooke Sempowskx Delaney Shaner TOP Cmnamon Puzzuolx Rzeczkowskr M Ioyce Dodt Hearmont Zurak Galamangcx Baysmger Longe MIDDLE McKmnon M Walsh Gnmes Herman Colostmo Wrschman Gozdor Wlse Wolebcm Urban Mrzejewskx Sturza Beattre Polus Cnpkowskx Mr Scharxo BOTTOM B Spxllane Drmmer Lyons Wedal Ienmngs T Cnmmons Cuslck Kroda Carney Stackpoole Connors F Ahrens l 'un- all 5, .. 'U ,ll Y., oo 'r "1"-+ 94 , ' 1, J, , v- X I , 1 l 1 1 - . 1 - 1 1 1 1 .1 1 : . . '. . . , 1 . . 1 ' 1 - , . 3 A 1 41 .1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 T. . I - 1 . 1 I 1 , 1 D 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 I V ' I 1 ' 1 I ' -I 1 - 1 5 - I 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 ' 1 1 1 , , . . ' .. ' " lu gd --1. -, in - n - .1' R intl' F. 1 s ' . .X ' S. Q - n get , 1. 1 We A 1- -p,- , 1.1 ' 1 1 1 .. ff-. ' f9 , sy N i-.. as , .1 - fl ' J G- 1, ' , .1 'P f S VH , I x ' ' ' 0 , A. ' '. Q' ,I N 1 " 1 1 A 1 -' .... IE " 2f',-A s L 5 " X 1' K , x, , 1 ,X 11 , p ? ii 1 Q' ,fc , T V' 1 '31 he"a TOP P Txmler G Sadowskx E Ahrens Kroger Kavanaugh I Maurer Durney Thxbodeau W Klem Black P Graham G Kozlowskl Prewoznxk Ladyka Daar Fr McLaughl1n BOTTOM Schmuck T Ioyce Wend Konopka Holmes Marks Vwrano OI-Iandley Monkew1ch Skover Champney Engerer TOP Medrano Cote Dxcxcco Grmx Sherman Zrola Lrnden I Sweeney Ostrowskx Cazabon uzynskx Beck MIDDLE Dreer Ceglowskl P OMalley D V1l1e Monte Baxter Lrpmskx Bongxovanm Johnston Kuras Drouare Rogowskx Blalek Novack Mr McCurry BOTTOM Kraus Holt Basmgalupo True Schnedel Hopper Seebalt Peoples Boehne Hogg Q4 0, fn.: ' at CO -Q ,afw I i ' 4 LW 5 Y 4 N 4, ov , 1 , ' be . A L- fs ET - ,. E X . - 1 N I at - - t X F 1 K X Q' ' T Of Y L ' ,A . -X .. ' - 1, J fi z, 4 l Y- .I . , 1 X , . N ' X X X f X' 1 ' X I1 -7 1 .- 8 rf' . X x , ' A 5 f , p L t ' .-5 .., .f ' - N , A l K fy- Lg' v 'I - MIDDLE: Q Luber. Murawsky, Cassar, R. McElroy, Buchman. Morrissey, D. McCarthy, Pierce, I. kc! t. , . . . , . A A . . ' . ' - - . . 5 ' 6 Q . - - : . A 5. P!-I 5 - . ta- ' 5 Q' - I I 1 L t .' I 1 I l- n s Q, 1 5 1 , N , 1 , V' ' ' . xy nolurv nw-v ,Lian - ,..- . myp.,-u ,vm xi: -as-I hr li' HAI I 41 Zvi lnpff f up .N- lllhvinhll' .Q p.fn..n-w N ,Mu ..- uw.-.1 , 4 1 .din ,.,..wl,,-ov' nv- P' - um, ws mu. lun' nor amm- K nu ,f 1.4 .11 nn .ux . 1 wvmn mf - nu vw mf .- un M an ummm-an mul rw nur-mu u nwrdsn K -'vx Q geautg ,...,,,,, :- '-I ' 'fx .. I Q I ls A4 n -' I'-'A X 4-,M ., .V ,J ft , .3 iff it K 3, v 's A 7-v lg-Ox- X Av X A... WL, ,iw Xxx A S,M,m,,s Spmhaalily R LADY' SODALITY "To Iesus through Mary" -therein is summed up the purpose of Our Lady's Sodality. Unlike other school activities, the So- dality is a vocation, a vo- cation to a higher life of spirituality. Consequently, it atracts only men of the highest caliber who are fearless and courageous in devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Thus the Sodality has become a vibrant, throbbing, well-spring of spiritual life in our school. For efficient operation in its multitudinous projects, the Sodality is divided ac- cording to classes, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman. For specific ob- jectives in separate apost- lates, another division is made according to com- mitees, Marian, Eucharis- tic, Literature, Apostolic, and Catholic Action. SODALITY OFFICERS: Cleft to rightl Hicke, Leonatti, Walczak, Dole fSophomore Preiectl. Kublin Csenior Prefectl, Piesik, Uunior Prefectl, Oldani, Bosco, F, Dill- worth, R. Donakowski. SODALITY MODERATORS: Frs. Wallenhorst and Condon seated and Frs Mid dendorf and Huttinger standing 1. .1 A, n 1 JM v tt-. X. f. -vu X X , fl Marian Committee X t 2 MARIAN COMMITTEE OFFICERS: V. Ryan, Mr. Hassel mod erator, Fletcher, Kinsella. This year was a big year for the Marian Committee. The committee be- gan the "Weekly Day of Reparationn here at school. This is a day on which all the students in the school are invited to attend the Communion Mass, rosary and to make a visit sometime during the day to the chapel. Another project undertaken by the committee was the writing of letters to WWI expressing approval ot their banning of certain melodies on radio and television. Still another project of the commit- tee saw the promotion of the family and block rosaries, through personal conduct. The entire second semester was devoted to discussing how the sodal- ist can be a leader in the class room, in extra-curricular activities, in the home, and in the parish. '.:iEi-v.-E.- I 3- if Q 999. ,. " Th1s year the Euchar1st1c Com mlttee undertook a vcmety of projects For therr group dxscus s1on dunng the IIYSI semester they covered thoroughly a talk by Fr Lord The Euchanst Chrlst 1951 Throughout the whole of Lent the members sponsored the weekly Lenten V1g1ls a short penod of mental prayer after school The most lmportant achreve ment for the whole commlttee was the pledge taken by all the members to be Kmghts of the Blessed Sacrament Th1s means that each member prom1sed to rece1ve Holy Commumon at least three t1mes a week All 1n all the Commrttee had a very profrtable year Euclmrzstzc ommzttee XJ EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE OFFICERS McGough Cnmmlns Mr Foote moderator Kameckr W Sullrvan The work of the Lrterature Com mrttee can be summed up rn three words d1scuss1on spon sorshrp and cntrcal recommen datron Th1s year the Commrttee d1scussed Cathohc magazrnes dunng the hrst semester Among these were the Cathohc D1gest and Amenca In the followrng semester secular magazrnes such as Co1l1ers and The Satur day Evenlng Post were srfted for the1r secular1st1c thought. At Chnstmas tlme the Commrt tee sponsored 1ts annual short story contest Fmally spmtual books dealmg wrth the lrves of samts were read by all the members and wntten reports made Lztewzture ommzttee LITERATURE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Irvme Mr Gesrng moderator Hennchs Goermg NX I I I f , - u l l f .'f-4' riff vi ',, ' I if . . - , p M, , F ., - 914-I-, , .. W s - 1 I l I - 1 1 1 - ' Y 0 I I ' I 1 - 1 : u u I - I I ' I I - ,.. .- I 1 1 l l , 5 C H 0 000 oo O 0 0000? ooo ...H ,,W. VJL CIW ff' P' I , 66 N Q I oO00 CATHOLIC ACTION COMMITTEE OFFICERS Clair, Birka, Fitzgerald, Harding, Mr. Madden moderator. cztbolic Action ommittee The Catholic Action Committee is one of the main tools of the Sodality's apostlate in sanctifying others. This committee exerts strong influence on those around them to bring about the Christian attitude towards vari- ous subjects. It has become one of the most fiery cores of Catholic spirit in school life. This year, particular emphasis has been placed upon secularism in the world. This has been the topic of sev- eral of the Committee's meeting discussions. The Com- mittee has come to the conclusion that secularism is evil and that something should be done about it. Steps have also been taken to increase interest in the Sacred Heart Radio Program. A t 1 i it O00 M f YJ 4 ' 2, .1 ,"', e or-- oo ..,.., - Hip., - 0 . D ..,.Z:fEZ:QEf N - JL 4 ostolic ommittee The Committee divided its work into two parts: first semester and second semester. During the first semester the topic for discus- sion was: "The apostolate in the school and in the sodalityf' To carry out this program, the Committee en- gaged in various activities. The chief actvity was the Campaign to Put Christ Back into Christmas. Various committees were appointed to write to business firms, civic leaders, sports celebrities and radio people to request their support. Two radio station, WTR and WXYZ, gave the Committee well over a thousand dollars' worth of time for spot announcements. During the second semester the topic for dis- cussion was: "How can we as Sodalists combat communism?" Several groups went out to work for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Each week a group from the Committee at- tended the meetings of the International Club and actively took part in the discussions. The committee has also been responsible for the purchase of a hearing aid which was sent to the Iesuit missionaries in Patna, India. APOSTOLIC COMMITTEE OFFICERS: Phillips, Sarin, Mr. Clifford, moderator, Frost. reslrmvm Sodczlity Qf vid! FR. HU'l'I'INGER, moderator of the Freshman Sodality. FR. STEIN is seen here re- ceiving into the Sodality new member. March 25 was a red let- ter day for the members of the Freshman Sodal- ity: the day of reception. This was the culmina- tion, the apex of months of trial, of learning rules, of putting th e m into practice. Their candi- dacy was over. For months before, Fr. L. M. Huttinger, S.I., Di- rector, had been train- ing them in the ideals and duties of the Sodal- ity. After a long period of probation, they were given a test of their knowledge and fidelity to the rules. After their reception they began cr new way of life, striving for lesus through Mary. M. S06l'dlif fa FR. LORD HAS TUST TOLD FH. CONDON an amusing Da sidelight at Sodality Day. Over sixteen hundred delegates flooded into U. of D. High on February 23, for the fifth annual Sodality Day. the fifth straight year that U. of D. High has played host to the high schools of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Three editors from the staff of the Queen's Work magazine came from St. Louis, Missouri, to direct the sessions of this, the only Sodality convocation in Detroit. These were the well-known Fathers H. Walker, I. Sommer, and D. A. Lord, all of the Society of Iesus. After Mass in the chapel, the day began in the gym. Following preliminary welcomes and announcements. the delegates settled down to find out whether, "we sodalists control the teen-age world." Later came sepa- rate sessions for the faculty and students to discuss dif- ferent phases of this same topic. To make the noon period more enjoyable, an orchestra played and danc- ing was held in the library. The aftemoon opened with separate sessions but still emphasizing different methods of controlling teen-age life. Then came a talk in Fr. Lord's inimitable style, urg- ing that Communion was the only defense against Communism. Finally the crowd hushed, as the Blessed Sacrament was brought in procession for Solemn Bene- diction, an impressive ending to a memorable day. PROCESSION OF THE BLISS SED SACRAMENT through the halls on Sodality Day. FR. VAN HOUT, Archdiocesan Lower right: FR. LORD, S.l GX Director of Sodalities, welcomes plains the purpose of the Knights the delegates. and Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament. 1 k FR. MOONEY, SJ. takes time out from a conference during the Iunior-Senior retreat. NNUAL RETREAT The annual ,student retreat this year followed the same pattern as in other years with but one exception: Seniors had their choice of making their retreat at school, or they could make a closed retreat at Manresa, Iesuit retreat house for laymen. The Manresa retreat house is located just north of Birmingham on 'Woodward Ave. Here in a beautiful building planned especially for making a closed re- treat, many of the seniors made their annual study of St. Ignatius' "Spiritual Exercises." Mass and Com- munion started the day, followed by breakfast and con- ferences in the chapel. In free time, they either had spiritual reading, or made private meditation outside on the rolling, landscaped grounds. Sandwiched in be- tween lunch and supper were rosary, stations of the cross, and more conferences. The day ended with Bene- diction. Fr. Edward L. Weiber, S.I., led the Sophomores and Freshmen through their retreat, made at the school. The day resembled that of the Seniors in the closed re- treat, but the retreatants were at a disadvantage be- cause of distractions after hours. Mr. Raymond L. Mooney, S.I., was retreat master for the Iuniors and Seniors who did not make the closed retreat. FR. WEIBER, S.I. going up to his room after a strenuous day of talks during the Freshman-Sophomore retreat. WITH LOOKS OF DEEP INTEREST on their laces, these Frosh are seen listening to Fr. Weiber, SJ. Iv' 250 7' , 25 'if' iid:- -fdw A. .- -hw. . ,Y ,1 given 7559. ' W ffl. " 155' 9 DFW 'ffm AQ... A 05, . X , 1:5 ' I 54' 'Ni '. ' Agxvpaxx 4 5 - 1 ', -1' Egg ,gr ff-9? Q as-flfg G13 ' xv 4 M Ai EN L , ' ' 5 Eb f, fig X Z .. qi 51,1 if 1 'Q x ,ff 2 23, ,. , "3 -2 Vx 1-.rf in sq ..,.,,L J l . ,...,, ,,f W. 15 ASX X A HH N ,.1 1 Y 1 ' , . . X .,. . v vi 'f' ie? 13 Ki , ,Q Xllil " U mul ' Aummvbq' ' :, '. Mftr. -4 ,,4 ' vp-r lv' I , 1 A 1 X A, H A. L ,J ,f ,. . . N4 4 It 5 we A wwf i ' S . ,Mi t L-, till all FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES iii! T2 1411 .mllli Acolytes Of all the groups in the school, none has been more diligent than the 6:30 Servers. Every morn- ing members of this organization have given up an hour or two of sleep to come to school to serve tht 6:30 Mass. The material benefits of serving were small indeed, but the generous sacrifices of these boys reaped many spiritual benefits. Besides serving the 6:30 Mass, the Servers also assist at later Masses, at Benedic- tion, the Stations of the Cross, and other reli- gious devotions. p 1 JUNIORS SENIORS FR. HENRY WATCHES as he teaches these new acolytes, Mike Keams and Nelson Phillips standing, and Larry Diggs and Conrad Kozlinski kneeling, how to serve Mass. QW' cliff' 51-rf MISSIONS Money sacrificed by students here at school goes to help the Iesuit mission in Patna, India. Here Fr. McLaughlin, SJ., head of the mission collections at U. of D., holds out his palms in 2F. STUDENT COUNSELORS All students have their prob lems. Realizing this, the school has appointed certain faculty members with whom the stu- dents can feel free to confer at any time. Here Fr. Cunningham, S.I., talks things over with Ray- mond Iozefiak. JESUIT SEMINARY ASSOCIATION The Iesuit Seminary Association aims to support and educate Iesuit scholastics during their course of studies for the priesthood. At the left, Fr. Robb, SJ. As- sociation Director at U. of D. High, looks over his notes before his talk to the Mother's Club about the Associations annual Tea. RY lmau Xfb A Q""""1""S eesalcfaig W YA Www, K 'f+':',f1'x:w+:n. kg, M .f-J','g5,5v3gg Wy? af' -6 N1 ,N X 4 bf ,J f' 2'1" 'runw- W ' wh ihw --pf" -wi!"-1-iff 'ww' . is N. 1 Q I LUK- gx - A. 2, , 1 xx , f 3 1 'f X X . Y. X, . x . ,L K , .- 5 xx - , -.' 1 1 '- ,X Q V, Q. . mf 1 L f' -0 ' A gf " ' T 4 lily' kflh C ' .V is v ,, x, I .4 "4 ' - s A ,H ' o ,lx ' , . , , - ,-,'.g4,f.fJ ,L I ' 5 - ' I I X X X - ' " -, ' .?ff""5-f:5'-'-.o..a- ,.,.. wr ' N I - ', '. , 11,-.1-,Q 1 : L.-J I -' - 153 - QJ,,::g4 . M, .Q - 4 , -, , ' ...:,,5- ,, X - -i'9:'."'H qv " '-'iiupl-., 1 " fr'-"-1 "A"-91'5 D J- 51 ff uf' " - -r'?3fg"e:,f vIt:v.'j1:.. 1 Q" f,r "nf 'r :em . . ' Hr -W -' -A "' ' - ' " ' A ' :I N 2-P+ ,'7a'QA?-- -. 1 H- Y, k 'lx " Eg, - D . V W s. . 'Q Q-L N 1' -if. " - X 555 f . .H x J' z' bw 5' I 'Q ljflf 12 :L n ' , , 3 s M g lv .' , gif -f M 3 , V I ff V -21,5 '- A vi ff , ' A , Fifvi. , - - , f , X .: E N K ff., , .A gy f - . , r ,R mm f, ' f 'N :Q - , , , ., VL., .-.-, ' ' .Iizf h V--' f , A-9 ,-: " :Z , T56 ' ' . we , .g . J -,.-,. f 'i 1 , , R , i- 2 , f , , ' X z ' , Y- 'T' ' . . ,gint , ' ,rl ' 4 1 ,, 4,1 1 1,5 N K' , ' I ' .ls P jf 7 ,' V - , ' , V H -Eff T , " V -A, , . ggi' f 'g fx ' ,Q , I f "1 I ,, 4 A 5 'J Q .. ' A . if J m - A K' ' 'Ziff , .' . f 4? L1 ' , A v A. -'A 1:13. .5 .A,.k, , V V, 'w -A ' 'aff' . Ayfi-,fam .gg-,"'1A .gn ff ,gl - , 1 , . ', :lj-fE'1f2."l ...V ' . . ,u.3A,.- -ynjf . -, I .54 4. .1 ,ff N., , A-...LMA ,f,A, -5 - ff , ,q. v, f , , ..,t .v.' V- , 1, , , 1 , '4 .- R , A Suwlwzs .,.. 'f J' l -', , fr 'f 1 f- , - ,ph 1 -Q-lg.-, fwil' Q-- J , M y WNW ,,. NS ,. W-, - 1' ' AN . A ,'1H- x84 1 4 1Qx 'll 2 sis' v. i . it at .sv Thompson, Bruetsch, Curran, Keams. Ken- nedy. BACK: S. Kelly, Phil- lips, Nichols, Bras- seur, Feighan. FRONT: I. Boyle, King, Trainor, Kel- ler. Iack Kublin and Iim Lucier, co - editors. discuss the latest Cub with Mr. W. O. Madden, moderator. l l Wherever there's news, there also is the Cub. Whether it's sports or Sodality. the Cub covers it. The newspaper has always been one of the more active extra curriculars at school. Awards and journalistic honors have covered the path of the Cub for many years and 1952 was no exception. Top notch photo- graphy, outstanding features, complete sports coverage, and a dynamic edi- torial staff have helped to make the 'Sl- 52 editions of the Cub newspaper one of the best in recent years. H ' The editorial staff consisted ot those who managed the lay-out and write-up of the paper. The burden of this work fell to the two co-editors, lack Kublin and lim Lucier, who led the Cub for two consecutive years. They decided the articles, length and lay-out. When the articles were tumed in by aspiring reporters, the work shifted to the rest of the staff. With red pencil in hand they labeled the articles-rewrite and more rewrite. After the revisions the final copies were typed and sent to the proof reader. Then the finished paper evolved. To the typist, to the layout, to the prin- ter, to you . . . that was the story of every Cub newspaper. Besides thorough news coverage of all the school activities, the Cub boasted the Senior feature columns. Here were the many regular features designed to suit the tastes of both students and faculty. For the cream of sophisticated wit and humor, there was the Coffin Corner, written by Ed Brasseur and company. For the students views on the news there was Sound Off written by Frank Yezbick and Vince Ryan. For the latest in Be Bop and Chopin Iukebox Iohnny told all. Spotlight On Mary by Nels Phillips gave the latest doings at the Sodality meetings. A Senior Spot- light and an editorial topped off the senior features. The sports staff was led by lim Trainor and Dick Shirley. The games were de- scribed down to every play and fumble. Every cheer and every score were re- corded in the sports section of the Cub. On the Sidelines gave away the orchids and the criticisms. This year's successful Cub was under the guidance of Mr. W. O. Madden. SJ. When years go by and men grow old, the future members of the Cub newspaper can look back and say H1952 was one of its best years." A '55 L'ar 5 ' 73 Tiitfw v Irvine, Shirley, I. Brennan. Yezbick, V. Ryan. .XX N if .N . M I Bosco, Burton. Gagnon. Cueny get - 1 set for the Cub paste ki G -'xx - -as up. 1 s Q-4. Back: Sarin, Kurtz. ,- Q- Burton. Front: Gagnon, Cu- eny, Bosco. t 1 Mn. GESING WITH co-EDITORS 'roM BOYD AND IACK VINCE RYAN AND IIM LUCIEH Of the religious Staff hard BOYLE search for some ideas for the 1952 Cub. at work. Say there, do you want a recipe for a jubilee yearbook? Well, here it is. The latest thing to hit the cook books-How to make a Iubilee Yearbook. Take two capable editors, Tom Boyd and Iack Boyle. Sprinkle in one moderator, Mr. I. B. Ges- ing, S.I. Add one inspiring religious staff, a well-balanced activity staff, a sports staff, and a hard-working write-up staff. Mix in three go-get- ting business heads, flavor with two snappy photographers. Stir well and pour into a maroon and tan cover. And there it is-an eye-pleasing yearbook. But that's only the outside picture. Let's see what happens inside that mixing bowl. There are the editors and Mr. Gesing planning the lay-out and the pictures. Everything must fit into the theme . . . the Diamond Iubilee of U. of D. High School. The write-up staff is busy with seniors. Write- ups and more write-ups. Accept, reject, expand, reduce . . . the spoon keeps turning faster and faster. The religion staff, lim Lucier and Vince Ryan, get all the news with a spiritual angle. Every committee in the Sodality gets the "works." So- dality Day and retreats must fit into the spiritual section of the Cub. he ab Annual There are the activities staff busy at work. This section covers everything from the Chemistry Club to the Newspaper. Cropping pictures, mak- ing headlines, pasting, and write-up . . . the spoon starts speeding. Sports, a student's favorite pastime, also makes its appearance in the yearbook. Dan Devine and Dick Shirley head the staff. They relive every cheer, every fumble, every victory of all the sports. This also includes intramural and reserve teams. The business staff of Bausano, Eady, and Kelly is one of the most important ingredients. They have to raise the money to pay for the book. This is done by ads, patrons and the final sell- ing of the finished product. And last, but not least, come the unsung heroes . . . the photographers, Paul Huber and Al Val- entine. They received the most comments on their work, from both students and teachers. In every way they served the Cub best. Now the book is finished! Take a good look at it. It's not just an ordinary book but rather a permanent record. It's a record of ten months of your life, your school, your friends .. . not for '52 but for always. GERALD EADY, SHERMAN KELLY, AND DOMENIC BAU- PHOTOGRAPHERS. PAUL HUBER AND EI-BERT VALEN- SANO prepare the lay-out and copy for one of the ad TINE, check one of their cameras before taking some shots. pages, ART KENNEDY. finsetl artist on the Cub. Q. DEVINE AND SHIRLEY decide on some sport shots for the annual. Frank Yezbick cmd Iim Walton work to- gether on copy cmd pictures for the cxcti- vities section. BACK: Nicholson. Kearns. Phillips. Racine. FRONT: Keller, Mr. McPartlin, moderator, Trainor. Speakers This year's Varsity team, debating in both State and Metropolitan League competition went all out in their efforts to make a bigger name for the school. Both the affirmative and the negative teams lost a few close decisions in the Metropolitan League. However, in State competition they did much better, win- ning half of their debates and showing the excellent coaching that they had received from Mr. McPartlin, SJ. Speakers Iames Racine, Edmund Brasseur, Nelson Phillips, and Larry Kel- ler highlighted the year by debating the topic, that American citizens should be conscripted for essential service in time of war, on Dale McIntyre's pro- gram, Iunior Town Meeting of the Air, which was heard by millions over three different radio stations. A new interest in debating seems to have been cultivated here: so, next year the State and Metropolitan Lea- gues can look for much stiffer competi- tion from U. of D. High. RACINE USES A GESTURE to prove his point. Seated watching are Nicholson. Keller, and Trainor. E? 12: E A 2 XL .. . ., i E -gg f- f Z f f 4 ,- ,- ,- ,,-"' .- ,Q .Q- ,- ..- .- 'Z , ,.. mu, ,,,,..w , .-W. .J , .:....-vu f.-,un-A A I . .N..,.w gggwmx. , x 'Qi lg., X X 'Vs A 5' W M' 'a x.. 1 . .441 595' :y- :I-7 ,i-lg..-n 5,512 .15 ,india :,'f -in' ,gvu ll-:ff Q f My 'ff" y ! I Q. She? L? 'Y 45" I. I ff... gb' - E, x, x. .Z xi. 3.11135 ' E V 5 I X Q iffy, s. , -fffffimlel ' TNI 52' 1 4 Y 4 1 3 S . ii I 3 4 NY 1 N Q11 3,14 f x., fu, b as ' ' . rib' - L' ist., . KEQIV - ,, I ,Y I .t N gg, . 1 'vi my 3' . K 'e f 1 qi rf ' W , 14 If yy X As? if if I ,wiv "if my , 1 - 4 A ML Ft - :lf Q , kd ,g in W ' s 4 . ,. , mf P K, 1: if A ' wlizfb-4 ' 1. - : ,QW , r ,. 'L A A ll - ra, 'Z' Tl BACK: Phillips, Hoffman, Gagnier, Montagne, Slimak, Henrichs, Kasper. FRONT: Prebenda, Keller, LeMay, Levois, Kiesznowski, Lyons. Mercier. FRANK PREBENDA, Senior oratorical winner, tells what's wrong with the Unions. WHEN MELINDY SINGS even the audi- ence could hear the melody after Iohn Garvey, Sophomore Winner, got through speaking. Speakers, ight This year the annual Elocution and Oratorical contest was held on two Sun- day evenings, March 16 and 23. Hold- ing the contest on two evenings offered a larger number of students the oppor- tunity of winning one of the highest awards conferred by the University of Detroit High School. The new plan seemed to be a great success with substantial crowds show- ing up in the new library to witness the many sparkling renditions of dramatic and oratorical selections. The variety of topics and selections, ranging from the solemnity of the ora- tion, "What Is Wrong With Unions," to the humor of Sid Caeser in "Ten Cents, One Dime," lent much to the success of the contest. When the decisions were reached by the capable judges, who agreed that the contest was one of the closest they had ever judged, everyone departed filled with the many inspiring thoughts and memories of an entertaining evening. BACK: McNally. Walczak, Donakowski, Ulbrich, Gravey, Brueisch FRONT: W. Smith, Palrus, G. McCarthy, Graham, Rzezyowski, C. Muer, Lyons, , Bongiovanni, GABRIEL ADDRESSES "DE LAWD" in a scene from Green Pastures as deliver- ed by Iunior Winner, Danny Lyons. yt t' V: 'V if 3- ,ly l' ' I it .t j ff jf ' it gt g: " , 5 121,2 7 , if X if I 1 , 1 ,V .. 6, , K K , '- -, f' 1 . 3 Qi, l 11 4 if! , ' x, 3 , . ti t PAUL 'WOLEBAN SADLY LOOKING for a hand out in Ten Cents, One Dime, won his first prize in the Freshman Di- vision. T. Ahrens. Woleban. 46. -,, M...- A- 5 l .. . . MMWWM. - W .. ,N Q., ,W A -.,-8.'4sl5:.- - . F r W . X ' - ' I X ' A J' , 'L - ' 'A' Q ' l I 9, ' Q "' Q 'w ,-1 - , ' -A' A ... ,, . - ny , ag fs I X f " ff ' I X. 3 A -, . ' cv 1' 0 - 2 I Y p an - - '. . . . 1 - ' , 9 1. .?'8 lq4'.sHn '.u sk Aa H 4 1 2 -s Q W ' A. . an . , ' ' , 12 J 32,211 A ' 3 " '?' ' " ?' -0.31.1 . 5 ' '1 X I , , ,F Q 1 ay. - -5 .p ' ' . h - '- W-1 r,-:Y--Q" l-1-f?sg1:..',.: .L-uf-4' Y 11.4 kggm.:...,,.,- x, A ,Af- V .1 - A - ', ,Q W N-'ML A . . ' , M 'fy " 'YMW af- . ,M W, , 17, . W I VVVV Z My M , ,- , , f V-fm Q if .A ', V :ff TENORS 'X Gcfaon' SYQGKSCXX ' ex ' C2 1 gioq 5989 . ggi- X 5, , QXYDQXST' gi- aeqox Yeovglc' I oe' Q1 389 510501 - XAOC1- U it M Xeugea SKQNQQAOSXQ1- wvowskx. 1 nl - we Se xuxxdei Wei, Xixske. Q39 9. W 1-V , l qu xfxe 47- yy VT I A YROYXXHOGEN Ye U nizfersity of Detroit BA C 15. Q11 S1i"'0k p e TENORS HON lf- W ' I c A Iona fone egenijgpcio' 133580: LCordinal K ' Ce 05611, 0"9e, ' iesz 91oWsL-L Sugzenommlgilzertyhlzowslril R Sb eqqnd ' Koko ' ep, . slhski BAC K I e11 ' Wo Q Cunnxzhb eters U1 Oban Q D bflcb one 0 0 6 PSC 'Uwe Eqd mlfb ers ' Housgerohes C enedmi Co er Bolfos weft! plot B 1'0w 'Wow 3 1 Hzgb School lee Club BASSES 809509 xl Y'mXXX?5 Govan 5 x e Yxxgi X CQ! xe'1 s onoxxx E! guffou Le X Xe XN0 o CK Sieve Yfkoxu pinfen 1 BASSES 85 , -fu 'X . , ,t I C . f. ,- f A , , l I , 1 lk., v , 'Y - . , 5 v V. N 4, ' 1 ' f . 'M I 5 P I V 'l V Af, .V Marc I 'kmi 1' ..fS. g - V V 1' kg S' X 'B - . 1 ' 111- . , . ' B. f A , lf: I 1 0 Q. Q .' M, ,A .IXN I C319 ' ' M, lL xo ' 7 3, .Q 1 ',, x- ,, ' BB , sh 1 L ' 2- if . - x '4 xx 35" 1 .. , X L 4: . 1 l" A We ' .E A . 1 t ..-f' Ss "Qs 'nw LEADERS TOM CRANE, BILL IEUDE- VINE. DOM BAUSANO, AND HARVEY PETFERS listen to c recorded preview of the Pir- ates of Penzance. PIANISTS SKI AND DUGAS make with the music for the Pirates oi Penzance. PRESIDENT BILL IEUDEVINE. president ot the Glee Club, smiles for the camera. ACCOMPANIST DONAKOW- The Pirates o Penzance HMAIOH-GENERAL" BRASS- EUR CONFERS KNIGHTHOOD on the cold-blooded "Pirate King" Phillips, while "Sam- uel" Pilarski, "Frederic" Sli- mak. and "Sergeant" Alter watch the ceremony. "POLICE SEIRGEANTU ALTER AND "MAIOR - GENERAL" RASSEUR do some plotting against the Penzance iree- hooters. "PIRATE KING" PHILLIPS, "Frederic" Slimak. and "Sam- uel" Pilarski sing about a most amusing Paradox. "4A.-imc Y us L l '12 King, McKeever. Ware, Fr. Wallenhorst, moderator: W. Smith, Whelan, Bethel, Claussen, Hausner, Brasseur, Keller, Trainor, Boyle, Doherty. D s t' tt i X X QS t will formance. ARTISTS M. KEARNS, A. Kennedy, Hernacki, R. Mazurek, and Gollob examine some of their masterpieces. Dramatic Club Comedy, Drama, Action! Put them all together and they spell the Dramatic Club. At Christmas time this year the amateur actors of U. of D. High brought many a smile to the faces of the Moms, Dads, and students. The reason was the two one-act plays staged by the Club for the parents. The first was a college drama entitled "Guppy's Folks." The other was a comedy called "Refund." In the spring the Dramatists joined with the Glee Club in presenting the operetta "Pirates of Penzance." This successful production was the grand finale to a successful year. So now the curtain has descended on the '52 school year, but the voices of the seniors still linger on . . . the Dramatic Club . . . BRAVO! OLII, ED BRASSEUH reveals his identity in a highlight scene trom GUPPY'S FOLKS, a one act Dramatic Club per- l rt lub The Art Club's work was never limited to a certain season or sport. Throughout the year they used their brushes and paints to boost every sporting event, ac- tivity, and drive in the school. Toward the end ofthe year three members took awards for the best painting of a scene to be used in the Pirates of Penzance. Classical Club ff J fl ll l i if ff 0 W A f' FIRST ROW: Kublin, I. Boyle, V. Ryan SECOND ROW: Shirley, King, Yezbick THIRD ROW: Lucier, Brasseur, Mueller FOURTH ROW: Gagnon, Burton, Sarln CICERO, DICK SHIRLEY, gives Catiline, Frank Yezbiclr a piece ot his mind beiore the "senators" ol the Roman Forum For a whole year the Classical Club has relived the past and brought to life the thundering voices of Rome's great orators. Under the guidance of Mr. D. I. Hassel, the classical scholars discussed Ciceronic Latin style. And through writing and translating, they tried to imi- tate the style of Mr. C. In October the Club put on a one-act play paralleling the Roman Forum and the United States Senate. In December they tackled the Interscholastic Latin Contest, a four-hour trial in Latin tactics. Toward the end of the year the members turned to the poet Horace and his beautiful Odes. This year's Classicists have done such a fine job that even Cicero would say with a smile . . . optime. MR. HASSEL POINTS OUT an important line of one oi Cicero's speeches members of the Classical Club. f -fu. if nf X xgivtkf 5 4, ? .Y-at For years, Father Linz, direc- tor of the band, has been trying to achieve the goal of making U. of D High's band the best marching band in the city. Five years ago he started by organ- izing a dance orchestra which evolved into the Victory Band. Now five years later, the fine progress of Father's work has been manifested in the ever- growing uniformed band which displayed an excellent example of their achievement at the Freshman and Sophomore Elo- cution contest. xo ,001 for 0' Cheerleaders Fielding good athletic teams seems to go hand in hand with having a spirited group of cheer- leaders. lnnumerable times dur- ing this past season it was the cheerleaders who put the spirit back into a disheartened stu- dent body, whose cheers in turn gave that added spark, which inspired a tired but lighting team on to victory. After looking over the past season's records, we find our- selves obliged to congratulate the cheerleaders, who were greatly responsible for the suc- cess of our teams. One night a week after school a group of young "chemists" met in the chemistry lab to delve farther into the world of atoms and formulas. These members of the Chemistry Club, under the direction of Mr. Williams, SJ., spent many enjoyable hours watching demonstrations and performing experiments. Special consideration was given to chemical theory and analysis. Ar if". Tl 3 772 Z S if ll Scar, F b . Z b Paul oumief, C us,Mo1o,,eY. oucke, Beyma, St' unson' Mr . Williams, , I Xones- De' V lentine, Mr. SlePcmck' 1 k o BACK: Woflwiziann, Yezblck' wsu. Racine- Meme V010 Gcqmef' Kelli! Kozoko ' , ut, l- ' ,V. BYGB' FRONT' H KennedY- Bllam lr sics Club The Physics Club made its de- but at U. of D. this year under the direction of lVIr. H. I. Step- aniak. The Club has satisfied the interests of some twenty-five eager Einsteins. In research in electronics the members visited the Cranbrook Institute, Ford Museum, and Rackham Memorial After the lively and interesting start this year, the Physics Club seems here to stay. Claussen' A' "-1 Aug AYLV Aomwas X iswlll 0195 . X "aou.....-,,,,',.-Awahion -Q.. 4 ,tr 0 N f .4 - f 1.4" 54 Shwlmfs Spals . 3'. T-'ag f ,- - . O . 1 YQ ' 1 v B 4 fs f .. -5 'f'Y, - '14 4 : A 'Q V' .. Q - ft, Hrz- A . ' Q I 1 ' v Q D . ' -Q .Q V . ' 1 N 2- -X nal: F is - f' Q. as 5 1 , V . can X , 5 ' l I - -v f - . ' P s sw. iv . N? -- A ' H ' 41035 E E7 "" A. X Q lbw 32 of ' 'Q S' 'FQ-iv"" E 1 + ' x s , I ,' K an -- - ' - " S w q 5 Q -Q 4 , 45 ,L ' ' 9 Q' 70 'Q ' if-"!' . W- qv , j I A 'nur .Y sk f nv-ml "' 'T ' ' sg, . 5, W 1 ' , j ., M. ' ffl' mmm- IV 2" W N. Q wx . ,f X X A. g f 1,A 454' ':., 'V ' 'fS.f'Lp,. '1 t W... ,X f ,xf, ,-, 4, - ' ff- ,f 1 2-M ,+Wf : 'lf E M ,. Q- rag V A, 'ii' . , x 2. K V, w '- 1 M A4-1 ,fig gf-' L g, .HY ,I if' , ,LF , 1 .qt-v. , M x ' I-Mi, .!! l Lf., y, i '-Q54-ni., -gfjv' f , '14, ' I "QQ "R" ir, ' Jia, if V . I. , . M .. - - , I . V A, ,fx .Q-, A Y ., V, ' - S. v . .0 V -Jn, ' . . - .kia .1 ' ' Qs," - '-, Q g .. ,.' -5 1, .-4, ,TJ--1, 1 "nc-,v. .. t ,. Q. 4"'S f ' 1 -wg Ei' ' ' ' ' " ' 'Y , ",,- ' , ,- . - V' ' , 'F' H L Ev-V+ s . !'r,N ' ' 'Q 3 3 is Offs - - - 5 . pts? 'pf' ' ' ' EQSQ Q " U ll 1 V , , . Q,-iii-P ii- A ' ' ,V +4 . ' ' 'X ' 4x 1 W 9 , , ., N , x fy iq' " rs, "F,-. Qfv' .fran Ae-'1" 'J-ff, f fm 1 N., " a W T. V gy..,,,. 'im 6 , Pb-t kg, V V 'x ,' ' .,-Y.'r9- 1 FEIGHAN--End RICHTER Tackle 1 PHEIL Guard E X GRAHAM-Quarterback LIEVOIS-Fullback KLEIN Tackle 'ZW PILARSKI Quarterback ALL CITY MCDONALD Halfback mad i' MCGOUGH Guard ' il , - 'Q :T f , , s N k, I I 1 1 I 1 ' vu 96 as V X ROCHE-Tackle MCGARRY Guard KENNARY Fullback PREBENDA End ALL CITY ALL STATE BARTNICKI Tackle 1 v1LLE1v1oNTE-Guard wi HOINACKI Tackle WITTSTOCK Tackle I X 'V I 1 lv, Q 9 - l - l 1' 4' -. 1 1 , ,I 1 fl i I X gl ,fl X - .. C UBS ELECT TRI-CAPTAINS ' vm x Q K, -J wx, f lk f , , .fl f 'XI fy Y I The Captains attending the victory mass on the day of the game Alter mass the Tri-captains enioy their breakfast while a couple of with the rest of the team. admirers oqle them- For the first time in the history of the school. the football team elected three men to represent them on the tield. The three--End Frank Prebenda and Tackles lim Roche and Stan Bartnicki-vindicated the team's choice by leading the team through a highly successful season losing only to Cooley and Western. Frank climaxed his three years of varsity ball by being chosen on All-City teams and several All-State aggregations. F rank was an inspiring leader on and off the field. Iirn Roche. although he missed a couple of gcanes because of in-N iuries, made second string All-City and Honorable Mention All-State. Stan Bartnicki, Iim's running mate, copped honorable mentions on both the All-City and All-State teams. At one of the pre game skull sessions. the boys go over a play with Cqqch 'hemqn It won't be long now. as the boys finish dressing for the game U. U. U. U. U. U. of D. ofD of D. ofD ofD of D. SCORES Redford 20 Cooley 30 Central 14 Southwestern ll Northwestem 0 Western 13 MR. TEIRNAN. leaving his office with a football under his arm. ready for another day's practice. MR. COBB. assistant coach. pages through one of the many football books in the coach's otiice. DAN DEVINE and Bill Wildem check the medi- cine bag before the game while Tim MacMasters pours water into the cups. U. of 82 1172 700 1872 110 56 3 27 7 400 5.0" SEASON STATISTICS D. Opponents First Downs 44 Yards Rushing 861 Yards Passing 243 Total Yardage 1104 Passes Attempted 75 Passes Completed 21 Passes Intercepted by 9 Punts 41 Fumbles 7 Yards Penalized 400 REDFORD In the opening game of the season. the Cubs avenged their only loss of the previous year, by beating Red- ford. 26-20. Tom Lievois scored first for the Cubs on a seven-yard slant off-tackle. After Devers of Redford had evened the count, Larry Brown. Cub halfback, intercepted a pass and galloped 85 yards for a touchdown. Then Dick Pilarski tinsetl pitched a pass to Frank Prebenda, the play covering thirty-Eve yards. Redford scored again on a three-yard sneak by George Smith. Pilarski put the game on ice when he threw a twenty- nine yard TD pass to End Mike Higgins. CENTRAL U. of D. scored with only two min- utes left to play to beat a stubborn Central team, 18-14. Tom McDonald scored the Cubs winning touchdown on a twenty-five yard run late in the fourth quarter. Tom tinsetl was the Cubs leading ground gainer with 70 yards to his credit. Central scored first, after a Cub fumble on the U. of D. thirty, when quarter- back Ron Kampalo threw three yards into the end zone to end Elliott Rott. The Cubs pulled to within one point when Tom Lievois bulled his way into the end zone from the three. Dan Lyons scored the second Cub touch- down on a fifteen yard sprint down the middle. COOLEY That old black magic that seems to haunt Cub elevens popped up at MacKenzie Field in the form of lowly Cooley. The Cardinals, winner of only one game all year IU-Dl handed the Cubs ct 30-13 lacing. Fullback Dan Brown tore the Cub line to shreds. Brown scored three times on runs of 60, 40, and 45 yards. The only bright spot in the game was the running of Tom Lievois linsetl. Tom scored both Cub touchdovsms on runs of twenty and forty-three yards. The Cubs, heavy favorites going into the game, led at halftime 13-6. But in the second stanza, lightning in the person of Dan Brown hit them. all O 4 NORTHWESTERN The Cubs scored two quick touch- downs and then coasted to a 13-0 victory over the Colts of Northwest- em. U. of D., using only bread cmd butter plays scored late in the first quarter on a pass from Dick Pilarski to Mike Basford tinsetl. Mike caught the ball on the five and scampered into the end zone, the play covering thirty-five yards. Tom Lievois cli- mczxed a ninety-yard drive by racing twelve yards to pay dirt. The Cubs might have been able to run up a bigger score if they had used some tricky plays but, with the Western Football team in the stands, Coach Tieman didn't want to take the chance. tiff' -r SOUTHWESTERN Southwestem fell to the Cubs after putting up a terrific first half battle Southwestern collected four points in the first period on two safeties. But the Cubs rebounded in the second quarter and scored two touchdowns, Frank Prebenda tinsetl grabbed one of Dick Pilarski's passes in the end zone for one score. The second coun- ter carne with 45 seconds remaining in the half when Pilarski threw out in the flat to Tom McDonald who, as he was being tackled after a twenty- yard gain, lateraled the ball to a Guard, Ray Fischer, who carried 'it the remaining 45 yards. U. of D. put the game on ice on a 29-yard pass from Pilarski to Prebenda. WESTERN In a game that decided the winner of the West Side Championship. the Cubs came out on the wrong end of a 13-6 score. The game, hard-fought all the way, looked as though it might end a 6-6 tie. Iim Roche tinsetl played a whale of a game in a con- test that saw two great defensive lines bang away at each other all afternoon. In the fourth quarter, after the Cubs had failed to score from the one-yard line on four successive downs, Westem took over. 'l'hey brought the ball out to the twenty- yard line where Ierry Schurtz, on a wide sweep of end, eluded four Cub tacklers and raced 80 yards to score the winning touchdown. .V MIKE LAURENCELLE sweeps end for a sizable gain against Cooley. Quarter- back Dave Brazil helps Mike by throw- ing a key block on a would-be tackler. RESERVE FOOTBALL TOP ROW: Krause. Brazil. Walczak. D. Keating. McDonnell, Hake. R. Mc- Cormick. B. Hill. I. Bernard. SECOND ROW: Coach Harry Peterson. D. Sundell. manager, Forberg, Brady. LaVigne. Cueny. I. Higgins. Ulbrich, Macunovich. K. Kelly. Garbarino. Coach Ierry Greiner. THIRD ROW: Bracken. Bogan. Wilson. I. Muer. Collins. Steiher. Horvath. I. Shepanek. Francis. Laurencelle. BOTTOM ROW: Hurlbert, Pastula. Muldoon. Guzinski. Herrmann, Moretti. R. T. McGarry, Coucke. RESERVE FOOTBALL The Reserves. like the varsity. lost their only game to Cooley. The Re- serves thus ended the season behind Cooley in second place. The team went through the remainder oi the season undefeated. mowing down everybody that came across its path. The Cubs came up with a terriiic de- fense that allowed very iew touch- downs. The reserves show promise of being able to fill the gaps left by gradu- ation on the varsity. F RESHMAN F OUTBALL TOP HOW: Costello. D. McPartlln. Healy, Szatkowslri, Arnold. Thompson. Ciaravino, Linden, W. Klein. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Marty Scanlon. St. Amour. Cazabon. 'l'. Bames. Hamann. Black. Beck, Wischman. Pollard. M. Brennan. Roach. Mr. Foote. S. I.. Coach Bill Walton. BOTTOM ROW: Liske. manager. Rxeczkowslri, Meierowlcz, Sosnowski. lore- liak, D. Trainor. ccrcaptain, Foster. co-captain. Eady. Ostrowski. I. Barlow. '. ' as , QL: 4 I . , ,ev X V4 ,T ' w l Y .1 FRESHMAN rooTBAL1. 2- '75-'iiilg For the first time in three years, the , -" - '7 Freshman Football team finished the .JM 5 gl ..' season with a winning record. The l Frosh won three and lost two. The Cubs ' - lost their opening game with Servite, -A W , I ml 33-6 but, in the finale of the season, ' i"' V they avenged this defeat by beating ' the some team 6-0. MacKenzie and St. Ioseph's also fell to our freshmen 12-8 and 12-0. The only other loss was a 6-0 decision against Catholic Central. The frosh also came up with several good varsity prospects. x I 1 x X RICH MCCLEAB x f 1 L1 BILL GREGORYQ " A S C O R E S 112 Games! U. of D. Opp. 38 Cctss Tech 66 69 Southeastem 57 44 Central 55 37 Redford 21 56 Cooley 40 46 Western 44 36 Northwestern 31 49 Mackenzie 45 45 Southwestern 42 46 Chccdsey ,44 42 St. Gregory 43 40 Eastern 56 223 FIELD GOALS 210 102 FREE THROWS 124 548 TOTAL POINTS 544 45.66 AV. PTS. PER GAME 45.33 I s DON KAUMP A T 1 LOU BOSCO ...M ik IIM CATTEY I X. r 4 I JJ , Tfg 'XX H MIKE BASFORD SEASON'S STATISTICS 112 Games1 Player F G FT TP Bczsford ..,,...... 64 28 156 Kcxump ........ .......... 4 9 27 125 Prebendcr .....,..,...,..... 22 18 82 McGcrnn .......... 25 6 56 Lcxcey ....... ...,...... 2 5 5 55 Peacock .........,.......... 15 2 32 Chisholm ...... .,.... 9 6 24 Ccmey .....,.. ...... 6 4 16 Connell ...... 6 3 15 Mcdoney ...... 2 0 4 McC1ear ......... 0 1 1 223 102 548 AV. 13 10.4 5.1 4.67 4.58 2.67 2 1.3 1.25 .33 .08 -::-1' A W, N.. K . W.. M fv ,, KS' 'I ? f ' IK 1... Q THE TRADITIONAL TIME OUT for a prayer of help to Mary. Y . THE SEASON As the varsity cagers looked forward to their first game of the season, the outlook did not seem very bright. Only one letterman, Frank Prebenda, came back to play for Mr. Madigan. The rest of the team, used to little action, had to learn to play as a unit-teamwork was the thing that would win. Yet self-made predictors did not give the team much of a chance. But, besides the handicap of foul pictures of the fu' ture, the team was touched in a more material way, a result of which could have been a loss of morale. They had to lead off the season by facing one of the toughest teams on their schedule-Cass Tech which boasted the dead-eye prowess of George Gatewood. This, the first game of the season, the boys dropped hard, 66-38 in a non-league tussle. The pessimistic fore- tellers began to nod their heads in that I-told-you-so way. And, to a disappointed student-body, they seemed to be on the right track. But the team refused to listen! In the following week, they showed everybody that they were still in the fight. That night Southeastern felt that determination and fell 89-57. mfsit "LEGGO MY LEG," shouts Basford as he takes "BUTCH" KAUMP GOES UP for two of his many a typical shot in the Northwestern game. points against Mackenzie. - , 1 f f 4q.' A '.,,, J ' -1 f. ,. , f ,QM Q' t I l . 0 Q21 s:4.t'.a 'ax 1 . M Um N! 'lx' 3 Q is 'Qx fx. 4 Hg 4 1 x - f 1 '-6355 L N g Q -'xwv 1 K 4 . 5 1 X . IH -ey 4: 1... :gf V 'I .f 1 5 48 Q flea'-Q S' Q as-We as 1 ,Lf 2 if sk as E . E Q 'biz e Q 5 ARNOLD GOES UP for a shot as teammate Shailer waits for rebound. Two handicaps kept the Freshman from having a better season than they did have. Because of the crowded conditions in the new gym they were limited in their practices to Saturdays and Sundays. Also one of their best players, Dave Trainor, was moved up to the Reserves early in the season. Despite these difficulties, however, the win-lose record is in their favor: 8 victories against 7 defeats. High scorer for the team was Bruce Maher, their diminutive but dynamic guard. Next was Tom McCarthy who played forward, followed by another forward Phil Shailer. W sf N299 IOE ARNOLD grabs for the rebound as teammates rush in to help. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL If FRESHMAN BASKETBALL. Top Row-Mr. Foote, S.I. tModerator-Coachl, Rzeczkowski. T. McCarthy. W1 l A L, If t f fl", , V., ,. lxpvttk 1, V J! ' i I t X t href" A Bonnano, Beyer, Eady. Amold, Storen, Mr. Kirwan tCoachl. Middle How-Shailer, Prewoznik, Wort- man, Thompson, Morrissey, Costello. Ladyka CManagerl. Bottom Row--Valenti, Pollard. Black, Cooke, Maher, Duffy. Absent-Foster, Dinan, P. Kelly, W. Kelly. Sprzng -ft 3-14 'Y Wai T' pcuias, X ,tCtlf'i BACK: M. Morin, SJ., Wilson, Hoynacki, Brown, Bartnicki, Mr. Goodman tCoachl. FRONT: Higgins, Kazmierowski. Kazier, Devine. BASEBALL The baseball picture is anything but glum, since a good number of last sea- son's lettermen are returning to service this year. The veterans are Larry Brown, Bay Kazmierowski, Stan Bartnicki, and Dan Devine. The 1952 season will also be the first year at U. of D. for Coach Winslow Goodman, and moderator, Mr. B. I. Morin, S.I. Both factors promise a good year for U. of D. SENIORS, Kazmierowski, Devine Bartnicki, and Hoynackr warm up in a pepper game. TENNIS Tennis has, in late years, become an established sport at U. of D. In the last three years, the Cubs have placed two of their men in All-City berths. And, just last summer, Bill Kiesznowski won the Palmer Park Men's Singles Tournament. Pete Kennedy and Nonn Kozakowski, always stalwarts, are also back this year to add their skill. With a combina- tion like that Mr. D. I. Hassel's netters are a hard squad to stop. LEFT TO RIGHT? MY- HGSSSI- S-I-. K020k0WSkif Th0mP50n- POTENTIAL STARS Kennedy and Kozakowski ready for a P. Kennedy CCaptainJ, Fletcher, Gagnon, Taylor, Kiesz- Iegum on the Court nowski. 'S W7 Sports CAPTAIN CHISHOLM lines up the ball for a close putt. TRACK The track record for this season is not altogether impressive. Any bids that the squad made for a championship were quickly doused by the inexperience of the newcomers. Exception was the Lou- isiana import, shotputter Ralph Richter, who has consistently performed well. .1 11. .l, l i l 3 ....,.. 'G' t . N v ., ' 4 . w , ,s. A. ' ' -.. -v.. .-0 '- Y K y -8: .N It y K I ,hz K t , - - , , s X .' : Lf g , st ' 6, sf. , , 4, . u .'. -. ' A BACK: Huber, Black, Grace. Fr. Schu- macher, SJ. FRONT: MacMichael, Basford. Chis- holm. GOLF Although Father Schumacher's, S. I.'s, golf squad has been deprived through graduation of its two All-City stars. Chuck Baer and Gene Novack, its effi- ciency has not been too hampered. Tom Chisholm and Mike Basford are forces in the squad that should make quite a good record for it. BACK: Nichols , LaVigne, Obermeyer, Wamer, M. Doyle BYAM AND HEYNER show onlooking trackmen how to Mann. O'Su11ivan, Danowski. fake hurdles, FRONT: McLauchlin, Dwyer, A. Hill, Byarn, Hemacki. Hein 'E ffmak' H mung eroes of Sports CROSS COUNTRY TRACK This year's cross country track team, under the di- rection of a new coach, Mr. G. F. Williams, S. I., began to climb the ladder of success. The squad did well for a good deal of the s e a s o n. Bulwarks that made this possible were Captain Ho wie Sample who dashed in first regu- larly, Dick Byam, another Mercury, and Tom Her- nacki. CAPTAIN HOWE SAMPLE, winningest thin-clad. 8:5 '1"f"'3u . an-. 'V fb-Si E l BACK: Mr. Williams, S. I. Cinnamon, Duncan. Murphy Kasko, Muzurek, Maskery, Byam, FRONT: G. Brown, A. Hill, Connell, Grech, Hernacki, Sample, Mann. SWIMMING This year swimming finally came into its own at U. of D. High. Bucking up against the difficulty of getting started, the team managed to tum in a very good record for its first season of competition. Then, too, the team was restricted to a few practices a week. However, even out of these unproductive conditions, Father F. Flynn, SJ., developed some champion swimmers. Stal- wart among these was Tom Wines who placed first in the city 100-yard free-style. And, too, the relay medley team of Walker, Taylor, and Wines placed fourth in the city competition. BACK: Doelle, Burton, Krynicki, McLauchlin, Quinn, Kennary, Taylor, Wines, R. Walker, Yates, O'Reilly. FRONT: Kroha, Zimmie, Lee, C. Muer, Shailer, P. Lynch, Sellers, McKeever, I. Muer. 0' 3 '-t!., 'P E . ui.: ,. . Yi. S ft ,. 1 new. l . 7. BACK Crossman, Mrachina, Duffy, Maher. FRONT Twomey, F. Crane, Heenan, Scallen, Another runaway victory was captured by 3F. Time and again their star packed team piled up tremendous scores to finish first during the season and foremost in the playoffs. BACK: Codde, Dietz FRONT: Keating, Kaump. Brosey E 4 l 'iii I F2 tv ntwzmuwzls i , t, A. ..v ff' 'f 5hlf5'n.. 1 'ylv - ' -' f my -5- ,ffgihi ' I f'-B663 FOOTBALL Concluding I-M football for the fourth and final time, an undis- puted senior championship went to the all powerful 4B squad. Their fine spirit and ample tal- ent made them strong enough to eliminate any playoff. BACK: Crane, Kazmierowski FRONT: Devine. Crimmins, Bimey, Chuslo, Black ' x X , T, fi' Wy., i In the lower league, the weak but accurate plays of IA proved sufficiently strong to edge out the 1B challengers. Thus lA took its place among the intra- mural champs. Ferko. .X , With a thrilling race right to the end, the sophomore standings were decided by one point. A conversion play successfully executed by 2D stole the cham- pionship from 2C. BACK: Corrigan, K. lohnson. FRONT: P. DesRosiers, Bonk, Underkofler ABSENT: McKeever. L 1. BASKETBALL I-M NIGHT Again this year an unex- pected romp came into the senior division when 4D kept an ample lead over 4B throughout the entire game. Bob Baker lead the way for 4D, while the 4B shots rolled discouragingly in and out of the "bounc- ing basket." BACK: R. Ryan, I. Dalsaso, Parvelski, Clancy I Boyle FRONT: If Manion. McPartlin, Ieudevine, Pulte, McGarry Baker RODDY PUSHES BALL AWAY as Manton mes for two in ALL THB IUNIOFS EYES Watch the bull after u hook shot the Senior game by Peacock' Excitement and tenseness hovered over the gym during the entire see-saw junior game. The battle be- tween the leading 3F 's and the challenging 3B's fin- ally came to an end when Stimson dumped in the winning basket for 3B with but seconds left to play. BACK: I. Cummins, Thomas, Baltz. FRONT: Miller, Stimson, I. McDonald, Riddle. In the sophomore tilt ZH made a sorry showing against the accurate shoot- ing of 2G. The absence of loe Grace allowed the 2G league winners to have the situation well in hand throughout the game. BACK: Petroski, Sutter, Shanahan, Conklin, Laurencelle C. Smith. FRONT: Delinski, Bailey, McCarthy, Wilkins, Guest Gollob KA1s1-:R TAKES A SHOT Us his sophomore opponents close LITTLE BEATUE LEAPS HIGH to avoid Beck S greedy m for rebound hands in the Freshman tilt. The opening game of I-M night proved to be one oi the thrillers of the even- ing. The mighty "5" of ll had a tug-of-war with 1E to keep their champion- ship. This they did but in the closing seconds Mike Kuras fell and fractured his arm trying to stop a score. BACK: Beck and Ostrowski. FRONT: Novack, VilleMonte, Kraus. ABSENT: Kuras. LOOK OUT FOR THE BROWN EXPRESS Gems 0 the Year BIRD SEYE VIEW OF THE GRIDIRON FANCY WARM UP COME ON GANG LETS CHI-BER' rmsr scons-rmsr GAME. the Year S7 Q., YOU TAKE THIS THICK AND lT'S IUG' THE TIME OF PRAYER 67725 0 the Year REMENEBER THIS' YOUR PICTURE, BIG MEN AROUND THI CAMPUS VARSITY SPIRIT FIGHTING MAD GU-ESS WHAT TIME of DAY 4 M 459226 Gem-S 0 N the Year 'WOW! WHAT A HAND! ALL RIGHT WI'lAT'S YOUR EXCUSE? SI EERE THANKS Mr and Mrs Frank A Alter Mr and Mrs Iohn F Baker Balmas Plorkowskx Funeral Home Mr and Mrs T W Barlow Mr and Mrs Stanleyl Bartmckx Mr and Mrs Frank C Basford Mr and Mrs Domenlc Bausano Ioseph I Bauser Mr and Mrs Iohn T Brrney Mr and Mrs LeoI Black Mr and Mrs Edw Boersxg Mr and Mrs Don F Boggs Mr and Mrs Lou1s C Bosco Mr and Mrs Ioseph E Cosgrove Mr and Mrs Thomasl Boyd Mr and Mrs D I Bracken Mr and Mrs Lloyd Brazll Mr and Mrs Iohn W Brennan Wxlllam M Brown Mr and Mrs Ioseph Burda Mrs Henry Rex Burton Mrs H C Caldwell Mr and Mrs I Douglas Caton Domlmc Cattera Roman V Ceg1owsk1 Mr and Mrs L H Charbonneau Mr and Mrs Iohn F Chrhan Mr and Mrs Charles Chlelewsl-n Mr and Mrs Edward L Clcnr Mr and Mrs Carl T Claussen Dr Iohn V Comella Mr and Mrs Iust1nI Conklm Dr and Mrs IohnI Connors Mr and Mrs Peter Conncode Mr and Mrs Frank A Cooney Mr and Mrs O Thomas Crehan Mr and Mrs George C Denomrne Mr and Mrs A R Devxne Mr and Mrs K C Dick George Dlllworth Family Imnes W Dinan Mr and Mrs FredI Drstel Raymond C Dodt Mr and Mrs Buell Doelle Mr and Mrs Louxs Donakowskr Mr and Mrs Larry A Doyle Harold Austmn Drouare Dr and Mrs E.I Dudzrsln Mr and Mrs Mark B Dugas Mr and Mrs Edmund A Dyla Mr and Mrs LesheI Eady Dr and Mrs W G Elllott Mr and Mrs Mxchael F Ferghan Mr and Mrs Iohn L. Ferko Mr and Mrs Roy Forberg Dr L I Foster T E Ahrens Mr and Mrs P Galamaga Ios N Garbanno Mr and Mrs I Coleman Grllespxe Dr and Mrs Ioseph M Grace Mr and Mrs Frank A Grady Mr and Mrs Roger Grech Mr Iames Gnmes Mr and Mrs A Guest and Famrly Dr and Mrs P I Gullnskl Mr and Mrs Thomasl Hemnan Dr and Mrs S A Heyner Mrs Edwardl Hlggms Mr and Mrs Ias C HIQQIHS Mr and Mrs Frankl H111 Mr and Mrs E. Iames Hxnsch Mr and Mrs Iohn T Hoey Mr and Mrs Iohn P Hopkms Mr and Mrs Walter G Huber Mr and Mrs Iames F Hulbert Peter H Iacobell Mrs Iosephme Ireland Mr and Mrs Donald C Irvme Mr and Mrs Benedxct Kachnowskr Dr and Mrs A. M Kaluzynskx Dr and Mrs Donald H Kaump Mr and Mrs Peter Kay Mr and Mrs F I Keaung Mr and Mrs. Sherman E Kelly Dr and Mrs Iames M Kennary Dr and Mrs. Melboume I Kmg Mr and Mrs Leo Kokosxnskx NI,-5, llggeph P, Cqrnqghi Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Halleran Dr and Mrs Francrs X Kaymckl Mr and Mrs George Kubhn Mr and Mrs Al Kuras Dr W I Lassalme Mr and Mrs Charles Launncelle Mr and Mrs Lawrence H LaV1gne Mrs Iohn Lee Mr and Mrs D Leonath Mr and Mrs Harryl Longeway Mr and Mrs Lawrence Lucrer Mr and Mrs FrankI McCarthy Mr and Mrs. Francrs T McGann Mr and Mrs I Frank McGough Mr and Mrs L I McPartlm Mr and Mrs Anton MQCh1OIlUlll Mr and Mrs Wm H Maloney Mr and Mrs Wrlham C Markley Mr Anthony Meruccx Mrchxgan Steel Processxnq Co Mr and Mrs Thomas Mxtchell Mr and Mrs I Harold Moloney Mr and Mrs M C Morettr Mr and Mrs Wrllys F Mueller Mr and Mrs Ralph S Nahrgang M Nanar Forest and Kathleen Nelhqan Mr and Mrs W Parvelskx Mr and Mrs I Paulus Walter Pele Mr and Mrs Geo P Peters Mr and Mrs G M Pxlarskr Mr and Mrs I Prsarkrewlcz Mr and Mrs Charles F Porter Thomas I Poyma Mr and Mrs FrankI Prewozmk Mr and Mrs Ioseph Pulte Mr and Mrs Iames O Racme Mr and Mrs Edward Raymond Mr and Mrs Lawrence P Rledy Iames M Roche Lours G Rosenxnund and Famxly Mr and Mrs Charles Roth Mr and Mrs. Bemard L. Ryan Mr and Mrs Howardl Sample Dr and Mrs Don A Sanzobrm Mr and Mrs Vrctor P Sann Mr and Mrs Iohnl Schlaman Mr and Mrs Fredenckl Schroeder Mr and Mrs H I Scullen Mr and Mrs Edward A Seebaldt Mr and Mrs Edw M Shanahan Mr and Mrs Alton P Shxrley Mr and Mrs Ioe D Smrth Mr and Mrs Iohn G Soma Mr and Mrs Bemard Stevens Mr and Mrs Davrd L. Sundell Mr and Mrs Lauchlml Sutherland Mrs Mxchael R Sullxvan Dr and Mrs Ernest L Stefam Mr and Mrs A. F Sweush Walterl Szymanskx Dr and Mrs E.I Tallant Mr and Mrs Ralph Thomas Mr and Mrs Iohn Tunler Mr and Mrs Iohn Trmler Mr and Mrs Cynl C Tracey Mr and Mrs Em1lA Ulbnch Mr and Mrs C. E. Valentrne Hon. and Mrs E I VanAntwerp Mr and Mrs Gerald Vesnaugh Mr cmd Mrs Paul Vxlle Monte Mr and Mrs I Les Walton Mr and Mrs I I Whelan Mr and Mrs Warren M Wllson Stanley M Woleben Mr and Mrs Edward A Whlek Mrs Anne Zbxkowskr Mr and Mrs Ervrn Zlmmme Mr and Mrs George A Zmk Mrs Edward Yentsch Ir Mrs Alfred Yezbrck Mr and Mrs Iohn E Young T UH PTHUS C Mr. and Bronislaus Mondro Mr' and Mrs' Stephen R' Teranes . . . - - - ' ,If- all S Q ,, 1 Q QKZX Q K Q OO tl31 C333 ,pm WM Ihere ne mtnx xx IX m xxhlth we Lould destrlhe the Golden 'XIIIIIXCTSTFX L uhlltc We could su for msttnee, thftt mt IS the most lJS'lLIflf-Lll Q tdxllqe ex er lntnlt Or ue toultl U th It If is the most lLlXUI'lOLlS of 111 the Q ull 'tes hlstorx But xt seems tous th tt the best xvu to destmbe thls wonderful Golden Knmxerstrx treltlon 18 to sou smnplx thit lf s 1 LlCl1ll'1C ftmona L 1Ll1ll1CS We know ot course th tt th1s 15 1 tremendous eomphment to pix 1 motor mr But we know, too, th If If ls lLOINpl1I71Cf'lf most rxchlx Cleserx ed Whx not see md tlrnt thls Qreqt new Stmd 1rd of the World rod tx W e know xou ll lgree th If xt IS thttmff ehm IX to hftx X etrs ol ex er lHLI'C1S1I1U qufzhtx md prestlqe UR AD DEAL in 'Qui ' EET , r N 2 A 2 Y 'Z 'S I Y l X ' x 4 .N ' - . U ' fm Y N2 l I . Q fl .', . I .Y I N 4 . . 1. ' il . 5 ' I . , ' o sz Y' 2 ' I' i .' A 3 -z ' iz 'll. Or, again, we could say that it offers the nnest performance in Cadillaos great V r ', 1 X , 2 I' 4 f N ' , 1. 1' c r. . z '-" z.' N ' ' -' ' zf- .' 'z . Y O C I L I. A C E R YOU WILL FIND IT AT B A CHAPLOW LUMBER C0 FROMM S Tools-Sporting Goods Hard H - ware- ousewares 8675 EAST SEVEN MILE ROAD SEVEN NEIGHBORHOOD STORES TW 3-3700 13975 Woodward Ave 7540 W Michvgan HOOVER IOOL AND DIE COMPANY Burlders and Designers of TOOLS DIES .NGS FIXTURES and GAGES Speclal Machinery H d I y rau IC Fixtures Progressive Dues and Machinery 20550 Hoover Zone 5 LAKev new 7 0880 For Belfer Values In Everyfhmg Eledncal for the Home C0"'P""e"'S 0' GENERAL APPLIANCES AND Amsro conrommon mf 5944 EAST DAVISON DETROIT 12 MICHIGAN VISION PHONE UNIVERSITY 43551 18985 LIVERNOIS N cholas Bosco Prop Near W 7 Mule Rd 9 0 C 5 I I I 0 0 o o o 0 Q I - i i 1 - ' . ii: 0146? 'Nc gb My f-'X-fX!.Xf'N Q if X XL f' VX 'i X 'Ui -lg! A X, ti? Offfo a GO0JS1arT 'J Reddx KIIOVK att xour electric serxant eon ratulates sou on attammg your dlploma He looks forvsard to work mg Slde bx sxde vuth you as sou go on to ach1exe xour further ambmons XVhenex er you need hlm remember he s Redds Detrolt Ecllson O SAVAGE SERVICE amen Lusnscmnou AND cuz CASH Loma" 73732 LOWE" M733 oun coco Gulf Pnooucrs co FARTHER-RUN amen EXCAVATING 8. TRUCKING CONTRACTORS Seven Mile at Livemois 3834 Mnrcnsu Avenue oemonr 7, MICH. SHAW 8. SIAVSKY 3821 ElM DETROIT 27 MICHI AN TA 52216 TA 51057 JUNCTION FLOWER SHOP JACK K RONEY Foro! Designs Wedding Bouquets WILLIAM C RONEY 5. COMPANY JOSEPH MICHALAK PROPRIETOR 3301 JUNCTION AVENUE Teleph WOODWARD 3 6700 dg NEAR ST HEDWIGS CHURCH DETROIT 10 MICH I I N C I , G Complimenis of Members New York SI k Exchcng one: - B hl Bl . De? '7 KELLY, I-IALLA, PEACOCK, INC. I Fon THE INDIVIDUAL - Fon THE Home - Fon INDUSTRY 912 BUHL BUILDING WOODWARD 2-6040 DETROIT 26, MICHIGAN Comphmenfs of E J EWIN6 INCORPORATED 424 NEW CENTER BUILDING DETROIT 2 MICHIGAN AUTOMOTIVE TEXTILES UNITED morons SERVICE 2' " ' Dlxon s Friendly Service SCH XEFER Hlf HW A1 CORNER PLYMOI TH WE 808 HO 8252 I I ' I AAA l-:MER LEJNIZY fl-lnvlfil-3 I , I Q " . 5-9 or I . Congratulations! . . . Class al '52 GENERAL MACHINE AND TOOL WORKS INC DEVELOPERS AND MOLDERS OF PLASTIC Walled lake Michigan G J KOVACS P es dent nd Ge e al Manager Secretary a d T eusu er E E ABBOTT V ce Pres dent ' l C . n I' A. F. KovAcs n I' I' 5 E Fred G Nagle Company Complrments of D SULLIVAN COMPANY Sales Management Apprarsals C031 Coke 739 PENOBSCOT BUILDING WOODWARD I I74O 5784 Twelfth St Detrort 8 Mrchrgon Detrort 26 Mrchrgon TR 5 0285 Est over 75 yeors DON BARKUME DICK BENOIT JACK BOHAN FRED BONK WAYNE COFFEL LOU CORRIGAN MIKE DEAN PAUL DES ROSIERS ANDRE DE VILLIERS DAVE J, DOMAS PHIL GAGNON KEN JOHNSON BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 52 from 2D RONNIE KINACK TOM KIRCHNER JERRY LYNN MIKE MADIGAN "BRONl" MONDRO GERALD NAVALTA BOB PATRUS PAUL UNDERKOLFER LARRY SCHOTI' JOHN SHEPANEK JERRY SINGER DICK STEUCKEN PAUL TERANES HARRY TURNER JERRY WALSH RONALD WILLIAMS PAUL WILSON REALTORS - INSURANCE ' . - . I . DEPENDABLE GAS SERVICE You depend on gas service in your home for many necessities and comforts. Bak- eries, laundries, restaurants and many other businesses in the community need gas to operate each day. Factories require gas for many essential purposes. Unin- xl CON.: p o xo e, terrupted gas service contributes to the health, comfort and prosperity of the community. And day in and day out, you accept gas service as a matter of course- proof of dependable service. z 9 . . . u E FIICHIGAN LoNs01,1nATEu GAS QOMPANY 1 7- U coMY" SERVICE SALES Parks MucMlchuel, SERVICE SALES YOU CAN PAY MORE BUT YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER' NORTHWESTERN Complnments CENTRAL SCREW PRODUCTS COMPANY Monufocfurers of Speclal Screw Machine Products 28-4 WALKER STREET c-,S it O Inc. 5 3 1-mo W. 1 Mui ROAD 1 AT mow 7 MICHIGAN UN. 3-4210 DE fl. W" M fgftib- Pleronek IM fb Q TA. 5-5847 PIN KOS 8 SZWAPA FUNERAL HOME DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE-AIR CONDITIONED CHAPEL 331 JUNCTION AVENUE JOHN SZWAPA, P ' DETROIT 10 MICH. Compliments of . . . lASAllE LINEN SERVICE 679 Sfimson TEmple 2-2945 C A R S ON B U I C K NEW USED Sales and Superior Service BEST BUICK YET NEW CARS TO 8 2425 USED CARS TO 8 2427 lfs A Pleasure To Do Business Wlth Ray Whyte Chevrolet Company 15175 EAST JEFFERSON AVENUE Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF STANlEY TUROWSKI 8. SON FUNERAL Home 5158 SCOTTEN DETROIT 10 MICHIGAN TEL TY 60810 PHONES U 1 00 UN 29756 13900 Hqmilfon Dem-,if GROSSE POINTE 30, MICHIGAN A. S. I N. -11 - , - Prophecy of Class BILL ANDERSON B111 w1ll form a comedy wnt mg team wrth Frank and w1ll have th II gems pubhshed m the da1ly papers AL BESTE-lomed the Navy ln 52 and w1ll b retrred by 72 w1th a reputanon as the be t deck swabber rn the Navy s long hxstory DAVE BETHEL-W1ll put the movme lndustry back on 1ts feet wlth hrs ph0lOQ'l'Gph1C ab111ty DICK BOGGS-Wrth such unusual ab1l1ty w1ll undoubtedly replace a certarn math teacher at U of D IIM CARNAGHI Ilm and Ray w1ll become Pmochle champ1ons of U of D s Umon Room TOM CHISHOLM Caesar w1ll do h1s stuff m college basketball wlth one handed hook shots TOM CONNELL-Tom w1ll be a star when the TOM CREHAN Tom w1ll put R1p Van W1nkle to a real test also w1ll manufacture Sleep Easy products llM DICK Irm w1ll undoubtedly do somethmg IERRY EADY I rry w1ll become an executxve 1n a one man Off1C6 LARRY FISHER When Eddle 1S through Larry w1ll take h1s place IIM GRAHAM Berle w1ll qult when he hears some of hm s French class jokes IIM IRVINE W1ll replace Scnps at the NEWS when the old man retrres FRANK IOHNSON The other half of the mse parable two w1ll sell ra1road cars to the New York Central IIM KEATING-The traffrc cop s fnend hm w1ll break the supersonrc speed wall rn h1s 48 Ford LARRY KELLER W1ll most hkely be the Presx dentxal cand1date m 1965 BILL KRAMER Slap Happy B111 as he rs known to h1s fnends w1l fmd hrrnself behmd an executrve desk m a few years IIM LACEY P1vot lun w1ll make some col lege basketball coach rnrghty happy IOE MACHIORLATTI Ioe w1ll fmd hxmself be hmd the wheel of a cut down Ford m a future hard top race IERRY MAUER W1ll cut some college profes sor s math problem short only to f1nd hlmself cut out of class LARRY NAHRGANG Larry w1ll st1ll be look mg for a pencll when 1t comes t1rne to wntmg checks IOHN OBRIEN OB w1ll contrnue to play basketball 1n gym classes wlth the fleet foot edness that makes hun a potent enemy PAT PALMER One of Mr Tleman s best law ers Pat w1ll become a famous attomey VINCE PELLERITO Handsome Vrnce should w1n the Mr Amenca t1tle 1n 1960 CHUCK PHEIL- Moose should hnd hlmself swmgrng an ax m forestry college next fall TOM POYMA Sly Tom w1ll cont1nue to watch the clock when he gets a job PAT QUINN The great Dr Qumn w1ll brsect frogs at Mount Carmel Mercy Hosprtal TOM ROTH Roth of God w1ll start a new Mutt and Ieff funny TOM RYAN Trger Tom w1ll become a great anlmal tra1ner rn the Greatest Show on Earth IERRY SCHRIEDEL- Sleak Ierry wxll shme when Errol Flynn gets too old to play mn the movmes IOE SMITH L1ttle Mutt w1ll fonn the other half of Tom s comrc stnp IIM WARD-Alrnost last 1I1 the alphabet he w1ll most lrkely be the fmrst to nse to success T ' ' - - n . ll . S ... . S . . . ll ll - I ll I ll 1 1 Silent Movies return once more. U , H I . ,, I ll 1- i . ll ll 1 I i 5 ' ' . . . . ll ll I - I I 4 . . ll ll u ll ll . . ' J . n . D I ll ll s U ll ' ll 1 C065 WW PRE! STU DY J 300 m L Q 23 C45 I ...- A Us 38 B555 if if? yr Q W' L j. x ex w 53. ' If: A - - H H m' iii' F ,, 2 -1 ,F ' I7 . l 'V ' Y -rin I -l I W AM. gg Q ,Q 9 ,if Q K' Q 'L 5 V V .1 A ff W 7 i? 4 ll - , l 'J x ' 1' 1,2 'g' N-"A, A E :J is Q, N. 2 f . 52 ' 4 2, 1' af- , f f ,, . - 557 X x f, V 1- Q1-x H. "' .uv . L - 5' : ' 5 47 gf , . uf : aw jf- - --x 4 ' 5' . 'QTH "'A ' - w 'a ' 0 '5 V g xi' A-!Af 5" ' 0 "' 51- CHIHAN PARKING GROUNDS 1041 Cass Ave COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY SOLOMON, Inc CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS 19472 LIVERNOIS HARRY soLoMoN DETROIT 24 MICHIGAN A BLACK HARDWARE Household 8. BuIIders Hardware GLIDDEN PAINTS SPORTING GOODS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RALEIGH a. scHwINN BIKES AUTHORIZED DELTA DEALER CHILDRENS TOYS 19185 L UN 43436 pl BUY DIRECT AND SAVE Industrlul Furnlture Mfg Company BREAKFAST and DINETTE FURNITURE TWINBROOK I 9020 17910 VAN DYKE AVENUE DETROIT 34 MICHIGAN UNIVGFSITY 4 4100 MODERN STUDIO Inierlor Decorahng SIIp Covers Draperles 19346 LIvernoIs Avenue DETROIT 26 MICHIGAN Comphmenfs of FRIEND o C pl L' D' y O Sh o o o ' I o Manufadurers of n . Q n Q 1 g Class 55' C7 ff-agua: Q'x,RiCooff,9V3A 2 ,a ojfilw of as 53 www MX XE giixkojficbwdixgy W6 fffafmi-QM! 56,6 3 eww Navarre Due 8. Tool Dave Coogan Inf Company 'k a QQ a W ff f - I ,o 0 M A ii iii, 'iff A f X A . . :Q Ea ' X2 a a W o ,o a a fqi ip S95 X 4-Qu C0 BMW M pw ii Q Q f - , If 1 0 Q ' MERCURY SALES-SERVICE FORGING DIES TWinbrook 3-23 13864 ELMIRA Phone Wibster 3 4717 H A Y DE N S 10025 Grand River Detroit 4 Mlclngun FARM MAID MILK MAN I RUGS -:- CARPETS UN 4-9266 LIZZE'lTE M 19490 Livernois Ave. Detroit 21, Mich. AMMOTH CO mplimenfs of L. E. Co. KOENIG smce 1 870 C 0 Al F UEl Oll W 1 1584 CONCRETE MELS Fme Foods and Bevera ges CATH EDRAL O 20 31 J MES COUZENS HIGHWAY A COMPLETE FLO M F FLOWERS RAL SERVICE TEL UNIVERSITY 32404 734 IT TEL TO 8604 AL NEWTON 2 WEST SE EN ILE RD AT PRAIRIE -:- , . 4 A s G fld asa mmane Road o '19 '11, V M A . E .1 . - FINE ARTS ANTIQUES PAINTINGS RARE CHINA CRYSTAL FURNITURE AND ORIENTAL RUGS ALL FROM THE FINEST TATIONS SELECT AN UNUSUAL GIFT OF LASTING VALUE' DUMOUCHELLIE GALLERIES 409 East Jefferson Avenue WO 3 6255 PRIVATE COLLECTIONS AND ESTATES . . . EUROPEAN IMPOR- WELIRONIC COMPANY 19500 Wes? E gh? Mule Road Defrot 'I9 Mch gan USA. Engineers and Manufacturers of PRECISION WEIDING CONTROI ENTERPRISE MACHINE PARTS CORPORATION coL g a Oth Ep Podcs I 920 Compl ments of Stanton Sleel Company 24647 Sherwood Rd Center lme Mlclugan i O I , i i , . . Compliments of I Manufacturers of Emp I J ck nd er m I' O P " T IM k 5' ' CLASS OF FRANK ALTER Butch DALE ANDERSON Rocco MARTIN BRENNAN Pres BOB CAROLIN Peg Boy DAVE COLOMBO Jutterbug PETE COOKE The Charmer MIKE CORBETT Space Cadet JOHN DELANEY Sport DAVE DETAVERNIER Pal PAUL DOEREN Cat PAT EADY Irishman STEVE GRANZOW Zoot PAT HANAFIN Flash RALPH KORN Slick Sud TOM LONGAN Sparky JOHN LANGLEY Jack TED MACZUGA Bazooka Boy JERRY MAKUCK Sllppy JERRY MANN Puddle Dodger DON MERUCCI Snlent One PETE MONAGHAN Hook Shot JERRY NORKIEWICZ Tall dark and? BOB PETERS Hot Dog JIM RENGERT Ivan the Great RON ROSSI Sluck Ace MICKEY SEMPOWSKI Snmpleton TOM SHANER Lefty DICK SHEPANEK Just plam Lou CARL SLAVSKY Speed Shuft KEVIN SUTHERLAND Kevm the bod DICK TUTCHER Cat Keed TOM VIAZANKO Hot Rod JOE WEINER Hot Dog DON WILHELM The Wut BILL YO'I'I' Doc Compl I ments of .l0l'lN W COBB C"m""men's 0' YOUR FORD SALESMAN 35407 Muchugan Avenue WAYNE MICHIGAN Logan 2 9500 DeMOTT S DRUGS 9th Floor Guardian Bldg Detrolt 4 E E DeMott Pharmacrst F 13003 W 7MnIe UN 32332 32331 INSURANCE Group Lufe Accudent Auto Bonds Aetna life Insurance Co Hartford Conn BUSINESS GOES WHERE INVITED Manufacturers Casualty Insurance Co Phrla Pa AND STAYS WHERE WELL TREATED I-F ll ll l " H ll ll ll ' II 11 II " ll ll 11 I ll ll , . ,, . ,, Il ll 11 11 H ll ll ll " ' ll ll u ll f II II 11 ll II ll Il " ' ll n - II " ' ll " " RAY SMITH "League's bad boy" II 11 ll ' I 11 ll - - II " ll II ll " H 11 II H U 11 11 ll ' ll n - II " " 0 Ro Co . . I . . U I . . , ' I . . . . . ' " ' " 1 1 I I I -1 1 ' 'I I I CONGRATULATIONS from The CLASS of Kozl mska McDonald Duggs Morcotte Clark Arnold Santello Manning Kearns McCarthy Holmes Sanko Shaw Jozeflak Muer Norton Lopez Shauler Pawlncku Barlow Karleck Cenzer ar Meyer Ctaravmo Dame Flynn O Netll Shtner Wugcnk Roach St Amour Longeway 18989 Lnvernons at 7 Mule Detroit Cut Stone Company NATURAL BUILDING STONE 11731 Cloverdale Ave Webster 3 9551 Defrost 4 Mnchugan ESTABLISHED 1912 I-C ' r J I . Arr Condrhoned Mamcurmg B OS C 0 S SIX BARBERS Here Smce 1938 THE CLASS OF I D Ben Bartush Tom Bednarskl Emanuel Beyer Jack Bowker Dave Brown John Dlebel Norm Dmgerson George Descamps Bull Fell Art Hamann Jlm Hlnsch Jerry Howie Roy Hurkmans Art Judson Dtck Kacvmsky Dave Kapaun Wtlfred Kasko Bob Knrsarnmer Jack Kupuec Larry Lassallne Joe Luske Bob Pokrywka Don Pollard Bob Skrelowsku Bull Storen John Szatkowskl Walter Szymanskt Jam Thompson Dave Traunor Jack Valenti Tom Vesnaugh Chuck Weber George Wheeler Tony Wujek Jack Young Bob Zurawsku COMMERCIAL DIE COMPANY vo-1 WMM glass gf E W W IJ ZW XMIM liitm jjj iifixii W R BMMWJ GW YR fm MIN' W 272355 fwwjigmgbg The Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Company l. LUCIER WE 3-7104 U5 , I A ,--qwv-1 , QQ I Eb i'7 I X 06646 i I U I ri I e I W Wye' I , 4 yd ' 127' I D, Dow F' S 'IVI 5, . 22 ' , I A a S5 M JM 3 315 aff? If mg, . j,f?W"'f Q 40, Ti wf QQJ: . ,Z I X .I IX' 'J iq C I ' I 4 ff? Compliments of 9600-20 EAST FOREST AVENUE WA 'I-7379 - WA 'I-7380 Detroit 13, Michiga SAND Flll DIRT HECK DeTAVERNIER TRUCK AND TRAILER COMBINATION SPEEDS DELIVERY so hi ld 3577 2l262T les Ph D 19M g STONE SAlT Il LET S SEE STANLEY BARTNICKI Father I tell ya the answer book s wrong' ROBERT BELL-Accent ague or grave Father? IOHN BRENNAN I used to be concerted but now Im a swell kld IOHN CHIHAN The Co-eds wxll laugh at you IOE COONEY Its guys hke you' You ve got the wrong attrtude IERRY DeVORE-Where drd you buy those sxdeburns? LARRY DOYI.E What do-you mean? ? ? Gougmg? ? ? ED DYLA I passed a Cady domg runety then I let out the clutch BILL ELIOTT Wrld B111 the Pred Prper FRED HEYNER My Chevy s not so bad push that button and pull that lever and the door mxght open. RAY HOFFMAN What s that Prebenda?? Ya cant read my pony BOB HOINACKI Who says I mxssed hrm? TOM HOPKINS-Inventor of the Purnpermckelsxde PAUL HUBER Hey do you want to buy some second hand flash bulbs duced? IERRY KELLY Dooont h1t me Panaretos' ' ' SHERMAN KELLY MISSIDQ any books today Sherman? ? ? BILL KENNARY Hey Rohm' Opps pardon me get the wrong blrd' TOM LIEVOIS-Confessrons wrll be heard rn hfteen mmutes RONALD MARION Ive got my Tng done What am I offered? ? TOM MCGANN-Oh no Knobby not the knlfe' ' RAY MEURER-Ooooooooohhhhhh ' ' ' DICK MUHAL-I untaued my car last mght HM PANARETOS-But Iudge I was only go1n 50 ' ' ' or was I? ? FRANK PENSAVECCHIA Un deux trols quatre- HARVEY PET ERS-Who s got a cxgarette? ? FRANK PREBENDA When am I gonna get the other arm to that trophy? DON RAY What do ya mean I can t smoke rn your car Panaretos? ? ? BOB RASKOPP I dont exactly agree w1th you Frank ADAM SIZEN Look a Manannr Puff Puff TOM SOMA Did you get your halr cut th1s year ? ? ? IERRY VILLE MONTE-Hey fellows we lack hfteen cents IACK WALTON Who s a fanner ? ? HM WALTON-Shut up' Shut up' What d1d you say? ? IOHN WORLEY Iohn and Nan Scratch Scratch ' ' ' i - I re- IOE LeMAY-Isn't that right. Ice? ? Yes, Father. I - I . . ? Gnosse POINTE VICINITY ALFRED F. STEINER COMPANY Two Blocks of Ford Sales and Service TUxedo 5-4000 16901 Mock at Grcyton Automobile Poinfing ls Our Specialfy Collision Work, Towing, Fender and Body Work CHESTER'S BUMP 8. PAINT SHOP REASONABLE PRICES-FORD BUCKNER 14101 Grand River VErmont 5-8902 Vlnewood 1 1631 Slys AppIIance Shop CJ Y 7601 MIcI'IIgon Avenue DETROIT 10 MICHIGAN coMPuMsNTs or THE STUDENTS of TOWN HOUSE 19700 LIVERNOIS 1 h UNIVERSITY 4 3603 DETROIT 26 MICHIGAN 19700 LIVERNOIS AVENUE 15250 WEST SEVEN MILE ROAD 7136 WEST M NICHOLS ROAD EDW WESTERLUND POURED CONCRETE BASEMENTS 19210 cons Avenue onnon :Is MICHIGAN vs sous ' I . . Sl , LE I A H , 3 T C pI' 1 f M' OH'ce: I p : - o c C ass of 4 IOHN BIRNEY Iust a flash and dash from Bxmungham DICK BLACK Easy Abe IS reported to be qu1te fond of a certa1n sandy beach LARRY CHUSLO Our carrot topped cancatunst and 1ntrep1d mtramuralrst AL CLAIR Veep and who stuffed the ballot box TOM CRANE- The Dearbom Rotunda' DAVE CRIMMINS-Four year VGTSIIY man Iclarmetl who furthered our IM cause DAN DEVINE-Darlxn Dan the ladres man mastered the h1ghways but not good enough MIKE DOELLE Any resemblance IS purely co1nc1dental ERIC EMMONS-But how could I do my homework that passage was m1ss1ng from my pony TOM FROST Usually leaves the Rush by dawn s early hght TOM GAGNIER-Classlcal Donum Dem and Hector of the handball courts TOM VIRGINUS HERNACKI H Cyclops of the cyclotron RAY KAZMEROWSKI Of course thxs 1snt my book but I can explaln ART KENNEDY Nobody knows where he came from but xt must be qmte place IOHN KLINE-Famous for h1s Tales 1n an Abandoned Boathouse TOM MANN Sample s Shadow tpretty funny ID. h1s own nghtl TOM MCDONALD Prexy cha1rman of the board and our nommatlon for All Amencan ED MCGOUGH Ens1gn Elmer 1S all that and a lot more so why bother BILL PETERS-B1ll1ken B111 who also attends nlght school at St Lou1s U DICK PIOTROWSKI Was 11'l'1POSSl.bl8 to hnd P10 1n anythlng but a happy mood IOE POLUBINSKI I cannot tell a l1e ofhcer 1t s hls fault he cut ln front of me' DICK RODDY-Gomg steady Wllh Vxctona CFordJ FRED SCHROEDER Mr Lucky LARRY TIMLER T1mblah BOB WHALEN Fxre bell heck someone just escaped over the wall' RONNY WITTSTOCK Thrs sleepy gen1us kept the Pocket Book Co m busmess BOB WOEKERS-Shd out of Tng on h1s sl1de rule HOWARD SAMPLE Ignatz s only comment Im depr1ved of all companxon sh1p and no wonder - . . Q BERNIE MAZURKEK-Scientifically speaking, sir, why did my car explode? or not PAT lug Kxng CALLANAN Honest Mr Gesmg lwasnt talkm DOUG The Courteous Cat CATON The S-lL E-N T one PHIL Crew Cut CONWAY Mr Foote s best Latxn Translator BOB Cool Dad COONEY 2B s answer to Valentmo BILL Casanova DALSASO 2B s grit to womanhood TED Duz DUDZINSKI Does everythmg but hls homework CHUCK Mr Basketball FORBERG-2B s grft to the Varsrty BOB Bad Dad GRAHAM The Travelxng Salesman for Todd s MIKE Mlghty M1te GREELY The Llttleman wxth the Bxg Bram RON Break the Tape GREENER 2B s answer to Fred Wrlt BILL Cat IOHNSON Always d1sagree1ng wxth Mr Gesmg DON Snlffles KEATING- Wheres my handkerchxefl BOB The Rod LENHARD-2B s answer to the Frogmen WARREN Kllts MACDUFF The Flymg Red Horse of 2B DAN Buy em by the Carton MCDONNELL-The barefoot boy from Ohro PAT Reb MCNALLY The Confederate Yankee BOB Whlzzer MCCORMICK Who s been foolln wxth the choke PHIL Rock MACUNOVICH He finds everythmg hard DENNIS The Menace MOFFETT 2B s answer to the wreckmg crew DICK Sw1sher PANASUK And then I sunk a hook IACK Tmy QUIGLEY 2B s answer to Man Mountaxn Dean DICK Sleepy SATORA Wha'P Whats that Mr Stackable BOB Backboard SCHORN 2B s answer to Goose Tatum BRAD The Moocher SCHORN Hey lend me your homework w1ll y EMERY The Screech SEECH Mr Footes Pal? IOHN C99 WARE-Iohn Beware' IIM Casual WHITE-- That a1n t the way I leamed 1t Mr Foote DICK Kmg Pm WILHELM That seven pm agaxn nuts' DICK The D P KULICK The refugee from 2E IACK Duals QUAGLINE- I was dom 105 and all of a , . 1 11 - I ' " .. I , , . , 1 1 I ' ' I I I ' 1 1 1 - , , . . 1 1 1 - - I , . 1 1 . . 1 - ' ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . . 1 . 1 11 1 . 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 11 1 . 1 . 11 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . 11 T 1 1 - 1 11 11 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 . 1,11 "' 1 , G . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 11 . 1 . 11 , . . 1 - - 1 11 . . 11 'i , . 1 1 1 11 . W, of 1952 ALTER Iames F ANDERSON Wxllxam AVAIUSINI Pedro BAKER Robert I BALLANTINE Iames H BARTNICKI Stanley 'l' BAUSANO Domemc BELL Robert A EESTE Allred G BETHEL Davxd L BIRKA Phxhp A. BIRNEY Iohn D BLACK Rxchard I BOGGS Rnchard D BOYD Thomas I BOYLE Francxs I BOYLE Iohn F BRASSEUR Edmond BRENNAN Iohn W BURDA Joseph C BYAM Rxchard E. CARNAGH1 Iames R CHIHAN Iohn F CHISHOLM Thomas W CHUSLO Lawrence A CLAIR Alvin H. CLANCY Mlchael I CLAUSSEN Thomas W CONNELI. Thomasl COONEY Ioseph P COSGROVE Willxam CRANE Thomas P CREHAN Thomas O CRIMMINS David H. DALSASO Ioseph M. DEVINE Danlel C DeVORE Gerald I DICK Iames DOELLE Michael B DORCEY Francis P 150 3568 Audubon 24 16527 Griggs 21 2051 W Grand Blvd 8 14631 Northend Oak Park 35 17500 Anchester 19 7254 Rosemont. 28 13502 Anglxn 12 5152 Tuxedo 4 14499 Promenade 5 19791 Faust Rd 19 14642 Rutherford 453 Baldwm Bharn 17631 Fleldmg 638 Plngree 2 18941 Puntan 23 12291 Rjad 24 16885 Stansbury 5 4762 Spokanel 4 2017 Lloyd R 0 28370 W Warren Garden Cnty 14192 Stahelln 23 1212 Three M1 Dr Grosse Pte 7229 Bxnqham Dearbom 2530 W Sxx Mile 21 7329 Grandvxlle 28 18900 Steel 35 1128 Lakepolnte Grosse Pte 30 14892 Robson 27 14669 Rutherford 26 16595 Lxnwood Ave 21 4880 W Outer Dr 35 Vets Hosp Dearborn 16824 Pierson 19 16650 Faxrfield 19 16142 Blrwood 348 Lakewbod. 5944 Trenton 10 18191 Coral Gables Bham 838 Whither Grosse Pointe 11774 Chelsea W 6 2 3896 1 6234 6 1800 2 1812 1 3027 2 4206 3 1154 4 3787 1 0293 6683W 5 1473 4 5012 7334 3 7847 5 7075 7 0531 5 8452 4 3736 2 1271 M1 5048 6 0298 2 5728 1 1729 2 6910 2 6356 3 0631 6 1783 5 2896 2 0833 1 6728 1 0556 7318I 3 2674 1 6605 2 6190 2 1262 2685 3 9608 6 5164 DOYLE Lawrence H DUMOUCHELLE Lawrenc DYLA Edmund G EADY Gerald 'I' ELLlO'l' Wxlllam G EMMONS Enc F FEIGHAN David A FISHER Lawrence D FORDE Barry V FROST Thomas I GAGNIER Thomas R GARRETT Thomas E GILLESPIE Victor C GRAHAM Iames K GRETKIEREWICZ Paul R HARRIS Raymond E HERNACKI Thomas R HEYNER Frednck I HILL Iames A HOINACK1 Robertl HOPKINS Iohn T HUBER Paul P IRVINE James A IEUDEVINE William IOHNSON Francis E IONES Iohn 'I' KAY Robert I KAZMIEROWSK1 Raymond S KEARNS Michael I KEATING hm W KELLER Lawrence G KELLY Jerome L KELLY Sherman F KENNARY William KENNEDY Arthur E KENNEDY Peter F KING Paul M KLEIN Iohn D KOERBER Roger A KOZAKOWSK1 Norman R KRAMER William E. 19201 Andover 3 111 Longfellow 2 20408 Warrington 2615 Aberdovey Rd RO 14708 Rutland 27 16871 Sorrento 35 2647 Pembroke Bham 20891 Maplendge 19 23645 Elmwood Dearborn 607 Maxwell RO 19831 Memman Farmxngton 22505 W 6 Mxle 19 14575 Grandmont 27 193 E Aruona 3 6959 Pinehurst Dearbom 23645 Elmwood Dearbom 447 Srlman Ferndale 20 3424 Oalrman 4 14635 Wlsconsln 21 7546 Qumn 12 16855 Parkside 21 19326 Washburn 21 17230 Evanston 24 16134 Fenmore 35 16148 Grlggs 21 5259 Ivanhoe 4 18479 Buffalo 34 18495 Pinehurst. 21 1107 S Wilson RO 15115 Muirland. 21 20237 Rosemont, 19 26620 West 9 Mile 19 1530 Boston Blvd. 6 2250 1l'0qtl0ls 14 1781 Vaughan 14 1038 Audubon Grosse Pte Pk 16021 Warwick. 23 14241 St Marys 27 693 Port Drive 14 7419 Oakman Blvd. Dearborn 14885 Pinehurst. 21 w Un 3 6661 8 0864 2 8877 4 2235 6 1444 2 7905 M1 4 5910 So 9 8 W ll W 5498 2 5960 1 0367 1 5542 5 4008 9 5085 2 6960 51410 3 7831 4 5701 1 1432 4 8681 4 4744 1 1094 7 7896 1 2720 6-0895 1 5409 2 1083 3-0936 4 1706 Ga 4110W 3237 To 8 3624 2 4422 17710 5 7412 2 4141 7 6166 2 6344 8 4471 8 0368 I 0 I e n l e 0 0 ' ' ' . . . 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I Ve - mrs of 1952 KRISAN Iohn KUBLIN Iohn LACEY Iames E. I.eMAY Ioseph I.. LIEVOIS Thomas P LOEFFLER Ioseph T LUCIER Iames P McCORMlCK Iames R McDONALD Thomas I McGANN Thomas F MCGARRY Rxchard A. McGONAGI.E Rnchard E MCGOUGH Edward I MCLAUGI-ILIN Dand M McPAR'1'L1N Ierrold L MACHIORLATTI Ioseph A MANION Clyde I MANN Thomas S MARION Ronald P MARKLEY William E. MATYN Richard E MAURER William I MAZUREK Bernard MEURER Raymond I MITCHELL Daniel T MUELLER Wxllys F MUHAL Rxchard C NAI-IRGANG Lawrence N NICHOLS Lawrence I NICHOLSON Iohn F OBRIEN Iohn F PALMER Patnck E PANARETOS Iames P PARVI-ILSK1 Ralph W PELLERITO Vincent A PENSAVECCHIA Francis G PETERS Harvey R PETERS Wxllxam H PI-IEII., Charles G PHILLIPS Nelson E PILARSKI. 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Thomas G TERNES Paul F TIMLER Lawrence I TONNE Phihp L. TRAINOR Iames L. TURANSKY Stephen W VALENTINE C Elbert VILLEMONTE. Gerald P WALTON Iames P WALTON lohn P WARD Iames A. WHELAN Robert F WITTSTOCK. Ronald P WOELKERS Wllllaml WORLEY 10511 D YEBICK. Francis A. 7346 Grandvxlle 28 17850 Pierson 19 20051 Packard 34 5725 Cooper 31 7626 Bzngham Dearbom 233 Piper 15 7508 Oakman Dearborn 16225 Northlawn 21 16885 Praxne 21 17180 Strathmore 168 W Cambourne Ferndale 15079 Pinehurst 21 17344 Fatrheld 13606 lndaana 4 482 Ashland 15 21495 Karl 19 17403 Santa Rosa 21 3069 Wreford 8 7388 W Outer Dr 35 90 Florence Hxghland Pk 3 17852 Mclntyre 19 745 Chalmers 15 16603 Sorrento 35 845 Canton Plymouth 6029 Argyle Dearborn 18619 Stoepel 21 3671 W Outer Dr 21 2250 McN1chols 19 31211 Brown Rd. Garden Cnty 8735 Marygrove 21 8748 Arcadia 4 13189 Gallagher 16183 Mulrland. 21 12835 Woodmont. 27 15890 lentlield. 23 26011 Berg Rd. 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Suggestions in the University of Detroit Jesuit High School - Cub Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

University of Detroit Jesuit High School - Cub Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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