University of Detroit Jesuit High School - Cub Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1944

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BBQ "W x in Q' Lf JN J'Zf3W la-3 1 Rf! g ' if q,,.K T3 W If 3 C ,Of Ekxyl, f X .I 'ff JL, Arwk 1 54252111 ,J Fld .gf Qhik Ifbfff gina 5, ,.,f 55:3-ffSiff,:,-j'Q' CT?-'39-8 xsslimftfq 'gb 37 JW QA ,J '43 msv Af' fum IJDM fvq? fzzasfw .1 fungi' f"'1 ff'-1. JJ ya r'-'-Q' L-lf fgwlx U17 W. ",'1,,.f fkyfxs FF 4 Al.- I ff? X rj 3 'lr 5 Wx ,,,,,,.......1 ,,,....... 'iw P Yi, T' Hi ,af if ll! f",4Li,, W5 ik ff' 71: TPR fi .1 .41 M fm- :Mfg if-.Wigs P . X vQi?f3gJ:5f? J :gg " E-if .f f' 2 I 1 x gsm , f gal f it 5 L' , 5 'I' E H ., S, 52 YS 1 N 53, I. jx QQ-JJ 5' , eg N Y' X - R. A M . 1 ,gr ik. l . ' 5"w:5a?"? -ff . 67 3- 1 fkgf! ff 34 ef ' I f , 5 I .2 . - 1, 1- "ff A 'fafixvggh J. I 'Pk A 5 if lp ,X A39 f , N4 Q it x.,,g ima PT nf- j s.,.,,,R 1, 'J gg..,5 k-A ff' J Ly H. f K K 'Q--X 'Y EX X, ' Q- We " " f,,:1ar,J L55 HW Y X-g..,Q 'lg kxxx ! ' ' X ' 1 'IM 5 gm ll , 'L - 4 ,. fn " L I I t V 'A XX A W ' ,al h"4 I' Epi. wa ek Q ff- f ! ff X x if 1 uL,!,'f,xg Q , sl 1 xg .Q Q 'Lf if 7 -fili- .- V Hx U 1' hi I , X7 V ? ff 3- 1. . 5 A, J --' -1' 47235 XX 'L If! ,, W' 11: . ix L 'B f' S 'C 1 kat : ,gf ,.. 1' ,. . ww l X we? Lf Q,W3X ' yay fi KX wil Jfq I EXRNZ g' Y if iss, 5,-' X33 . thy i fax, :Q 5' 1. 3 lkxvf A 5... KX -.fn X Y It XXQ ff:i x:,f,3g fjxf fill XM ,W 'J 5.,p.m-S---W E v ,W ,Q fi ,KM g , ,M 1 f , M f J ' 2 Q , , M, U C fy m-.-hJf..f-'W Q9 5 D P I1-fig! 13 0 N 1 9 4 4 A Cf Da:-w4zZzwwzzqSa4w awe 77a6nz'e Zacmvzq Zag Sc4aaZ llI..lllL1lll Coach xs he IS fondly talled by all hls icqualntances has probably as many frlends as any llvlng person for to meet hlm 'and to know hlm rs to 11ke hlm In h1m are blended all the attributes of :good man humor to Ch mglng Condltlons 'md above all an ablhtv to enjoy hfe In ded1cat1ng, th1s year book to Fran CIS J McCann for many years our Latln teacher we feel we can pay h1m no greater trlbute than to quote the words of one of h1s students If I could regulate the course of my hfe lf I tould fash1on lt after the llfe of any one man I should want to llve as Coach McCann has l1ved and I know my hfe would be a success 1 'I Y 1 '. 2 . ' 2 , , ' . f C x . 2 ' 2 ' Q 2 t 1 , common sense, Whimsy, adaptability 2 LV. l ' l ', c c , . . Y . - A ' ' C v Mx Ca T, FRANCIS J MCCANN Headmaster DETROIT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL GROSSE POINTE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL LAMBERT F. WHETSTONE I 1 1 1 l The Senlor Classes of 1944 IH our two sthools are the thlrd of the Wxr Cl asses to graduate Perhaps lt 18 th ante perhaps lt IS a gradual setthng down to the Job xn hand Wh xtever the t luse I can honestly s my that 111 both sthools we have enjoyed the most 91:f8CtlV8 Semor le ldershlp smce 1941 As you go out lnto thls wfar torn world I trust th xt your mtelhgence w1ll gulde your Wllllflg hands and strong hearts to perform the work of 3our world To paraphrase the rnottoes of the two schools May truth g1llC1G you through l'1'1pplI1E'SS to ultnnfate vlctory D L I " ' ll' DWI "'l'll" llla I L t s t 111 '11 we 1 lla .fl ' 'iw xx 'Wt .,. ffm I P P IZ ll . tw gf Wifgig G. McDonald Garrett Helen E DAvignon B.A., Western Maryland College B A University of Toronto we ff L 3 1,1 ' rw' .E 9. Earl L. Kimber BS., Wayne University M.A., Hastings College Ass't, to Headmaster English C D S History, D.U.S. Science, D.U.S. J' A' R ik ,3- ef C es if Q ' 4 1. 73 wp , ,X ,, it -A 69 J 535. 1 5 mt, xi 5-,Q :fur g if ' l M. Barbara MacDonald B S Bouve-Boston School Physical Education, C.D.S 1-"' ,EX arf stiff' . X S X . sf . ef ffsa- -'f , 2+ YM 5 . Effiislaf .. - ,..,iX . .,. .,., N , v. . ' ' -VT 1519,-Qqsi . X .:.' gy , -,ff Q M , va at W Sc Cal' S Jeanne Ford Finch Junior College Goodwin Theatre School Dramotics, C.D.S., D.U.S. S 'E ,W , f ff Mary Frances Gould Wellington V. Grimes B S , Bouve-Boston School Physical Education, C.D S, University of Michigan English and History, D.U.S. Doris E. Tebbetts Clara J Granger B.S., Massachusetts School of Art Sewing Costume Designing M.A., University of Minnesota L D S Art, C.D.S. Qi ,.- John G. Conley Margaret Swan B.A., M.A., Harvard University B A Smitli College french, D.U.S. English Soc1alStL.dies C D , 7 CILTY... Neg W - f gs-'A x 'R " 3 r ko 5 of Dorothy Arms BA., Smith College- M.A., University ot Michigan English, C.D.S. 51. Elizabeth H. Ferguson B.A., Wellesley College latin, C.D.S. , , A , ,q We if 'Q if nv' 'hu t f Av wr X' 3. ,ag ,sv Blanche Richardson Edgar A. Burrell B.A., Boston University Ass't. to Headmaster Latin, C.D,S, w Aix Q i I V, Q ' 'ar i 99' i , - S. ' 1, v K .13 " if ,S :I . 'A , ' P' - ' K -1- V mv' l .P f Q... i , -' 4 i Beatrix C. Goubet Brevet Superieur, Sorbonne French, C.D.S. if Flora L DAncono University of Lautcrnder University of Florence Spanish, C.D,S., D,U.S. Martha Rose Price BA., Valparaiso University Science, C.D.S. ., ,X 4 x v . ' R "" " wwf' 'M A Q N wk' lf , 1 fr is if i xx f i i A f is .- .Q l 'tk ' f f M Y , " 1 is i H in i S if . if ,.i-'Emi r ' 'P 'A if Cecil F. Roberts Emile Kauder B.S., Michigan State Teachers College Ph.D., University of Berlin M.A., University of Michigan German Mathematics, D.U.S. B A., Hurvnrtl University M.Ecl,, University ofP1rnnsylvnr1in English, D U.S 1 H. gr-. v r' liz xi PQ' Dorothy P. Pfeifter B.A., Wayne University M.A., University ot Michigan History, C.D.S. Q . 4. M4 . Ns ,,. All he ' qi- Florence M. Brown B.S., University ot New I M.Sc.O., Curry College Mathematics, C.D.S. at 654449-77' '4 The class of 44 at D U S ln the face of the troubled world 1nto whlch we must go has much for whxch to thank our school We feel that the teachers and the pro gram have done a splendld job 1n preparlng us to take our places 1n the armed forces and have helped us to know better how to meet the peace that IS sure to come We hope that we can hve up to the hxgh standards set for us at D U S ROBERT DEN UYL Der r U s h , . . . ., Y 7 F roi niversity c oo! I la To the teachers who have guided us through out tu- multuous youth, we give our humble thanksg to our friends whom we leave behind we say: guard by your faith and cherish by your interest all in Country Day which has thus far claimed a leaf in the chronicles of our livesg and to our school, although we must say goodbye. we are still and ever singing 'We thy children hail thee Mother of our youth LoRoNE RICKFL 9 A Y ' , 'Y K 1 C' sse Pointe Country Day School l xii 2 i. Q:.,.J' , e v .X sf Y ls lv'5l'f,'-1 I .55.4'V'3. Il' I H GL ,. A -.. -rf. g,..+Q.,.,-- 9 ggzrliv-'glii ROBERT WALTER BRANDON 41 44 He who has a thousand frzends Varslty Football 41 44 Varsnty Basketball 41 44 VarsIty Baseball 41 44 U Club Athletlc Councxl Semor Choxr 44 VIRGINIA CARLISLE FROST 31 44 As a WI! If not the first In the very first IIne Varslty Baseball 41 Varslty Hockey 44 Tnstar Photography Edltor 43 PresIdent of the Student Councll Perlcon Photography Edltor 44 VarIetIes 42 44 Class Treasurer 43 WILLIAM LOWE CI-IESBROUGH 43 44 Beware the fury of a patxent man Glee Club 44 Semor Cholr 44 WILLIAM ANDRIES COLE 34 44 Whatever you do do wisely and think ot' the conse quences Class V1ce Presxdent 43 44 Class Treasurer 40 41 Varsxty Basketball 43 44 Athletxc Councxl 38 39 Haberkorn Award 38 39 BARBARA ANN HUGHES 38 44 Dearly must we prize thee we who find m thee a bul wark for the cause ol men Student Councxl 40 Varslty Hockey 40 44 Varsxty Basketball 41 44 Class President 43 Athletic Assoclatlon President 44 Clrculatmg Manager of Pencon 44 Wmner of Blue Athletxc Blazer 43 ROBERT DYKEMA DEN UYL 34 44 Oh rt rs excellent to have a grant s strength Varslty Football 42 44 Athletxc Councll 44 U Club Class Presxdent 44 Semor Choxr Varletles 42 43 W 1 T f 4 L A Blue Team Captain '40-'43 I' 3 Y 0 ll C 'YQ RICHARD CAMPBELL DEVOR ,35-'43 "So shall your wit be fresh" Class Vice-President '40-'41 Senior Choir '44 Feature Editor of Triangle '43-44 D U S Band 43 44 Manager Varsxty Basketball 42 43 Edltor of Perzcon 43 44 LYDIA JANE KERR 37 44 She s all my lancy pamted her she s lovely she s dzvme Co Art Edxtor of Pen Pomte 43 D U S News Edltor of Trzstar 43 Tnstar 44 Manager of Dramatlc Club 44 Class Presldent 42 Art EdltOf of Perrcon 44 May Queen Attendant 43 May Queen 44 Terrlll Newnan Scholar 38 GEORGE WILLIAM DUEEIELD 34 44 I have hardly ever known a mathematzcran who was not capable of reasonmg Trzstar 41 42 Trzangle 43 44 Advertxsxng Manager Perlcon 44 Dramatxc Club 39 40 Terrxll Newnan Scholar 42 ROBERT BRUCE Fox 39 44 Be moderate be moderate Varsity Football 41 44 Varslty Tennxs 42 U Club Class Treasurer 44 Secretary Treasurer Athletic Councxl Semor Cholr Varxetxes 42 44 Glee Club 40 44 Photography Edxtor Pencon 44 She that was ever larr and never proud had tongue at will and yet was never loud Student Councrl 38 Varsity Hockey 44 Varnetles 44 Business Manager of Pencon 44 WILLIAM YOUNG GARD 38 44 Grammar whzch knows how to control even Kmgs Class Treasurer 42 Senxor Choxr 44 Glee Club 43 44 Tnangle 41 44 Ternll Newnan Scholar 43 Highest D U S Scholar 43 Art Editor of Pencon 44 D U S Band 43 44 'I 1 4 Y 0 L A '44 h MARY SUSAN KRENTLER '31-'34,' '37-'40g '44 1 2 A wii' Q .vy-J? 516321 ' f f Q 742. T 1 CHARLES GE! 1-:AAR 42 44 Idleness IS an appendix to nobzlxiy Varsity Football 43 Semor Choxr MINNIE PECK MACMAHON 41 44 Not that I love studzes less but I love lun more Assocxate Edxtor of Pen Pomte 43 Varletxes 41 44 Dramatuc Club 41 44 Glee Club 41 Smgmg Leader 43 44 Graduate Editor of Perzcon 44 TRACY KANE HASTINGS 39 44 Well tzmed sllence hath more eloquence Class Secretary 44 Glee Club 42- 43 D. U. S. Band 43-44 Senior Choir 44 Dramatic Club 43- than speech CHARI ES VINCENT HICKS 38 44 Studres serve for delight for ornament and for ability Class Vlce Presldent 42 43 Suuor Cholr 44 Glee Club 43 44 Graduate Editor of Pencon 44 Edxtor of Tnangle 44 Terrull Nevxnan Award 38 44 Hfaberkorn Award 42 43 Charrman Debatmg Society 44 Wmner D AR Essay Contest Mxteer Scholarshxp 42 44 Cl iss V8l6dlCtOfl8H 44 MARGARET ANNE MCKEAN 38 She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too to thmk on Varslty Hockey 44 Athletxc Assoclatxon urer 44 Secretary Treas Dramatnc Club 42 News Edltor of Trzstar 44 Cla s Treasurer 44 Gold AA Blazer Wnmer 43 Headmaster s Cup Wmner 43 Terrxll Newnan Scholar 41 43 RAYMOND IvEs 39 44 Fortune fax ors the bold Varslty Football 41 44 Varslty Baseball 42 43 U Club Class Secretary 41 42 Class Treasurer 42 43 Semor Choxr Glee Club 40 44 Photography Edltor Perrcon 44 ' 7 Y 0 ll ' L A L ' -'44 DONALD WARREN KUHN 38- 44 Speech is a mirror of the soul' as a man speaks so is he Varsity Football 43- Class Secretary 42 Glee Club 40 44 Semor Cholr Triangle 40 42 Student Council 44 Dramatxc Club 42 44 U Club JANE MCNAUGHTON 40 44 merry heart goes all the day Varsrty Hockey 40 44 Glee Club 40 44 Dramatxc Club 40 44 Presldent 43 Vlce Presldent 44 Manager of Gold Team 42 44 Editor rn Chlef of Pencon Wmner of Betty Ellis Cup JAMES MCHATTON MAY 41 44 Not by years but by disposition IS wisdom acqulred Varslty Football 42 44 Captaln Varsity Basketball 43 44 Varslty Baseball 42 44 Athletlc Council 42 44 U Club Student Council Presldent 44 Semor Choxr Varletles 42 Class Pres1dent 4l Busmess Manager Pencon 44 Wmner of Presxdents Cup 42 1 X 0 ll 1 L A L ! 5 ' '44 HA '7 . , -1 : - ,41 Varieties '40-'44 . -. - . . .44 ' ' '42 . ' . -. V - v -44 S E Y MARTIN SIEGEL MAYER 38-44 There rs no Royal Road to Geometry Varsity Football 43 44 U Llub MARY ELIZABETH PRESCOTT 35 44 Mrschrevousness and jOVl8IIfY make up a personalxty Tnstar 42 44 Library Commxttee 43 44 Hockey 38 44 Basketball 38 44 Class Vice Presndent 44 RICHARD LEO MAIER 43 44 I slept and dreampt that Ilfe was beauty I woke up and found that Irie was duty Semor Choxr Varxetles 44 Glee Club 44 0 ll L -11 ici ' I Y 0 ll t JOHN HARNESS PARK '44 "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you LORONE ST CLAIRE RICKEL 36 44 A loveller flower on the earth was never sown Athletic Assoclatxon 43 Student Councxl Secretary 43 Edltor ln Chxef of Pen Pomte 43 Trrstar 43 44 Class President 44 Dramatic Club 40 44 Varsxty Hockey 44 Frustees Cup Wlnner 43 May Queen Attendant 43 ROBERT MCLEAN REYNOLDS 39 44 Dlscretxon IS the better part of valor Varsity Football 41 44 Varslty Basketball 43 44 Varslty Tenms 42 Athletic Councxl 41 44 U Club President 44 Semor Choir Ternll Newnan Scholar 43 JOHN SCRIPPS SWEENEY 38 44 It' music be the food of love play Student Council 39 41 Semor Cho1r Varretxes 39 44 Dramatic Club 39 Terrxll Newnan Scholar 38 39 MARGARET ELAINE WALLACE 37 44 Worthy of the name of Poet Valsxty Basketball 40 43 Varieties 41 44 Dramatlc Club 41 Tnstar 42 44 Pen Pomte 41 43 Terrlll Newnan Scholar 38 43 GUY GRANT WEDTHOFF 38 44 No sooner said than done so acts a man of worth Glee Club 42 43 Student Council 43 44 Crrculatxon Edltor Trzangle 44 Crrculatxon Editor Pencon 44 L A 7 -I ,, . I on., i ! Varsity Baseball '41-'42 ' ' -'43 J I GERTRUDE ANTOINETTE WHELDEN 37 44 Happy full of song dance and laughter Glee Club 41 42 Dramatxc Club 41 43 Secretary Treasurer 42 Busmess Edltor Pen Pomte 43 Editor ln Chief of Tnstar 44 AdVCl'tlSll'lg Edltor of Perzcon Terrnll Newnan Scholar 40 42 43 Class Salutetorlan 44 ROBERT WARNE WILSON 41 43 He serves me most who serves Ins country best Triangle 41 43 Terrxll Newnan Scholar 43 WINIFRED HELEN WHITE 41 44 Calm radxant lzke the phantom oi the dawn Varletles '43 '44 Blue Team Manager '43 Varsxty Hbckey '43 Varslty Basketball '43 Presxdent of Student Councxl '44 1 1 N 'I L J L I I Varieties '41-'44 . . . . ,44 Y f 7 l E N T CARI BRI! QINION D DIN Uvl RXYMUNI? K Dvxr MA JOHN G MAIHR MD KINNI-Ili L MooR1 VVIIIIAM lx Mull VVENIJI ll C Gu1mARlJ C HPNRY HAMRKURN JR CHARIIS H Hcmcrs JR ARIHUR B MQGRAW MD Pl HI N T S A C1 I VI 1 ANU THURRI R WIIIIAM F TURRPV Ml s B W1 nm R Euvu ARD P WRIC HI G oRcr R Nl Hum MXN PINNH JN I3 1 TTINRV L NIWNXN H LYNN PIIRSHN RS L1 xm I 3 QHIRRA RO O NT COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL TROIT U IVERSI Y SCHOOL Duzllm cm llL'C'lUlh ID l I I D' . +3-:R I-i 1-3 . Fl 4 , . 4: Jul , F mmm. JR. HUGH Mc'MI1.1.AN .. '. Q M fx, ',U"'l'lQ I. . -1 STN 4: . '1' c'KPcm1.1-1 JA . 4: Q . JR. S S E P I E . '77 mjdm' 'FMF Mau- Bannon. Cqnbgl my 3?""'wu,,mn- 'nf'-13 'Wu Qu U ..., 'fum -Q, Magi:-Lt .,".. 6:5- Lklalnm W flmfgfior., ...U .Q mm P-'m1T'T.. . ' mos I ' f qmmf-, . . .., , B und-U'15TClr5dn.rzq- -- - -317. UDV? Yun I . Soi-nd" 3103, ..-. G9 I D rrlomi' .,,, uhm' N: , 0590+ -900105, , ..,, .Qenfmi xonimg - n mos? -Vuuvsono . .... ,no-b'Y . LAD 9 Gaye W v00'5 ' ' ' l I N55 me-sr qggux I, um,.m,1 ,,,, ,L mmm, LL ff-Dax vows 2:01 I 2 mba? ynrf-ummm ,,,, . . A... , Rqxoddf' ' and YYIOSX' jnrbbonm Q1 .M M ww 15 , www Oasvv wlff A ' , .yapbv-1-DVOJ-"" OWWWQX mbsf dn-QL T Gif 00:1 wah WSW" U "gy-wr fy., 1 . m PQ? W may Mm Www , HMB mod POWW .?v5l W J'ua . KM ,M ww' mov -....Iu,,m f Aww huhwkw, dw Ms AQDMHKQM W wow vw . PM l"1w,Q1D 'qw 4 ,HTQX mpg .GMU DMA Unmdm WW ..kDlhlL5,P mcg 'W mmm, ' '3WOfw ,.,.,f gpm-,W"'p' W JDQHQ UIQ mtbrgw mcg CkoJW'o'SOuD .., M nm M W may .'A. .Leg n ,,.,..l- 7041! D. U. S. and C. D. S. The famous class of '44 In body sound, and furthermore Intact of mind, do will, bequeath Hereby fto those Whom We believe Deserve our virtues and our faultsj Our j.D. Club, and chocolate malts, Our "Vic," and our collected "art." These are our gifts we depart: Liz Prescott leaves her course in Art Right where she found it, at the start! Dick Keyes falls heir to Reynold's wit We hope his glamour, too, will fit. Bill Dufheld leaves his English gloom To be McNaughton's senior doom. Here, Gertie Whelden wills to those Who'll pay the most, her worn-out clothes. For Krentler, as jim May explains, Are handsome looks and lots of brains. Bill Mackey gets Bob Wilson's Hair For vocal battles and hot air. Our Winnie wills her letter stack To Peggy Duffy, Cbut not J - - - llj The jams that Grant was forced to know He gladly leaves to G. B. Stroh. Bill Cole, who's finished when we start, Shows Maxie how to be that smart. Wee Lornie leaves her height in fee To one who needs it, Frannie B. From Meier to Bill Manley goes Some sharp and very snazzy clothes. Ralph Burton gets T. Hasting's skill For saying much, while meaning nil. To Pat, who's always on the dot, Goes promptness from our "Marg," who's not. Bill Chesbrough leaves his bassoon-speech To Spalding. Quite a break ll! for each. Sam Kilner, from this will must claim Dick Devor's non-stop talking fame. Because it is so close and dear McMahon won't leave her "T" shirt here. To Drysdale goes the honored part Of taking "F.M." Mayer's art. Bob Fisher gets the "Foxy" way Our Robert F. makes life seem gay. Jane leaves to Martha, for her hair, Some H., O-and a prayer! "Swoon-crooner" Kuhn to Haberkorn Bequeaths his gift for "brown." One horn Complete with honking knowledge, fine Is Gard's bequest to Foster's line. Carlisle leaves for Lizi's fun Her column and a Frosty pun. To Rocho goes Chuck Gelhaar's sly And ghost-like knack for getting by. Persuasive brawn and sultry voice Are left for Dickson, Brandon's choice. "This 4th term, now, I cannot use! F-With love,to Franklin."-Barbie Hughes The "Reverend" Park to Casgrain wills A life quite pure, devoid of thrills. C. Hicks leaves brains Cwith lessons, sixj To help out Donald's mental fix. A gift to make her lovelier- To Shover, cherub knees from Kerr. DenUy1's strength is Downer's fate, It could be handy on a date! Ed Henkel wills his Gable glance To F. Moran falso his pantsj. Because Loel has poise galore Calm Mary K. leaves her some more. To Henkel, THE Ray Ives accords The luck to get Un-won rewards. The Maestro Sweeney leaves Ken Gould His red-hot "ivories" safely cooled. And Migs would will-but changed her mind- H How could she leave her rhymes behind? To next year's Cook-Road-Seniors fall The task of taking study hall, Our hallowed and secluded lair, QDon't let it get too smoky there!j The "R.A.,' and our liquid food, And "G.MQ" in a fou-l mood. Be good to all our treasures dear! It's in your trust we leave them here! The Junior Class of G.P.S. Is left these things, we must confess, Our odiously proper days, Our puritanical, sweet ways, Our horn-rim specs, our reference books Our studious and thoughtful looks! We leave our days bereft of fun To each and all, to every one Of our new Seniors, hoping they Will mix to taste their work and play. And now, affixing sign and seal To make an end of willing, we'1l Extend our blessings, say no more! So long - - - - The Class of '44 1 Ill Q. SL-Q 2: !! as Ka A' Nia rf Well, here we are, thirteen gay lasses, to tell you how swell the Junior Class is. We love to play hockey, defense stamps we sell, and we pester the life out of poor Mam'selle. Now read at the top from left unto right, and the picture will bring all our secrets to light. Our star, Barbara Bayne, is so very athletic, the rest of us look extremely pathetic. And julia's the gal with new hair styles each day, aren't any more. Shakespeare and Shelley are loved by Jerome, whenever she's reading, she's always at home. just a drop in the bucket, Sal's little but wise, her talents have nothing to do with her size. If you see an airplane up in the sky, it's probably Lizi waving goodbye. Now Taylor walks briskly to school every morn, sheis hoping to hear the honk of a horn. And orchids let's send each week to Miss 2 Seated: P. Jerome, S. Whitehead, L. Murphy, C. Taylor, N. Hughes, E. Buell, M. Whitehead Standing: B. Bayne, j. Walton, K. McKinley, j. Hill, M. L. McGrane, P. DuHy but it's more fun with changes than the same old way. Now Kitty likes reading, thinks books are a treat, and in story-writing she's hard to beat. Oh, pity poor Joan who loves to fabricate jokes that Miss Brown just won't 'preciate. She draws and she sings and does algebra too-this isnit hard: it's of course Mary Lou. Peg Duffy's a gal who forgets we're in war, 'cause she hoards all the men till there Hughes for her painful job of collecting our dues. And now we can never forget Ellie Buell, whose hair is the reddest by far in the school. Sal's cute cousin Mary can knit like a whiz, and she thinks that a man is the best thing there is. A handsome thirteen I know you'll agree, and the best Junior Class you ever will see! 1 M-.1 .ff-' this Here come the Tenth Grade Qfuneral march ac- companiment, pleasej, and right away you know which side our bread is buttered on, namely Miss Richardson's side. From now on you know us as Cherubs, for only seldom do we come up the fire escape instead of the stairway, and never do we throw shoes out of the window! To get a clear and colorful picture of us, try our kaleidoscopic QSC pleasej view of bow-tie fads, movie star pictures, peek-a-boo bangs, Johnson's baby oil, fan "male," revolutionary ideas, and "slanguage." Now you know us! Seated: j. Collins, R. Wheldcn, B. Whelden, P. Mason, D. Dwyer, N. Wensinger, S. Sutherland Standing: M. McClintock, S. Thomas, M. Bird, L. Amberg, F. Spalding, P. McKean, j. Mulkey, C. Scott, M. Campbell fibl Seated: C. Preble, P. Book, B. Miller, M. johnson, E. Danilotl, M. Heath, J. McMillan First Row Standing: C. Hill, D. Fruehauf, A. Wedtholf, E. Wright, S. Reekie, S. Frost, j. Mulford Second Row Standing: D. Shover, M. Wilbur, H. Whittaker, L. Fletcher, A. Shelden, P. Candler, A. Hicks Absent: F. Boyer, M. Carter, M. Chapin, C. Nauman, N. Pierson, j. Young, H. Wernke, C. Smith This noisy class, room 25. Is one of great extremes, Some full of life, and always gay, And others full of dreams for screams!j Our class is largest in the school, At that you must not scoff, We have most on the honor roll, And always the most off. The freshman class of '44 Is full of lots of things. Of wits and brains and corny sayings, And specially Freshman Flings! In the eighth grade are twenty examples of per- fect education, although one little "joel Cupper- man" is absent from our surroundings, Helen Hub- bard, who decided to learn something of the outf side world. One section of our brilliant group gave a play called "Ladies in Retirement," and the audience retired during the performance, while both sections have been struggling for three months to make an afghan. Guess the results. Refined and quiet, we are naturally somewhat surprised when we first see our teachers don their ear muffs on our entrance into their classrooms. Truly we are misunderstood! Seated.' j. Ziegler, B. Meader, N. Chapman, L. MacMahon, S. Watters, H. Hubbard, S. Ives Standing: I. Koebel, j. Sattley, M. Muirhead, M. Davis, G. jones, B. Finkenstaedt, G. Ford, P. Hughes, P. Kemp Absent: F. Frost, C. Woodall, P. van Ries 'S -M . f""""5nr V--Q sa Seated: M. Boyer, V. Robb, J. Stever, A. Wheat Standing: H. Parker, M. Stewart, S. Sattley, j. Wright, V. Scripps, j. Kuhlman, S. Wheelock We know where we are going! In the Fourth War Loan Drive, we went over our quota by S8,435. Our class has had a number of interesting parties and hope to have more. Bonnie Whelden left early in November for Florida, and we were all sorry to Absent: G. Smith, A. Hinchman see her go. Anne Hinchman joined us in the new year. Mary Boyer is our representative for the Student Council. In May we gave with the eighth grade, Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pinafore," and we think it was a success. F is for Fageol, Sally faithful and true. G I is for independence, our Bettina all through. F is for Florence, the diligent and sweet. T is for Torry, the Gallant hard to beat. H is for Hahn, Elise the happy. Gracious Mary Kate, Betsy Ann and Sarah Jane so snappy. R means von Reis, the Karen so gracious. A is for Alexia and Alice Jane the vivacious D is dear Dorothy, whose aim is to please. E means sweet Elsa, the busiest of bees. First Row: S. Creamer, j. Bahr. M. Auchterlonie, E. Hefferan, A. Angell, S. Whitehead, B. Fruehoft, E. Barr, A. Kuhn, M. Johnston, S. Fageol Second Row: j. Whittaker, A. Hooker, E. Hahn, M. Carter, j. joy, B. Givens, E. Carter, K. Kanzler, A. Woodhouse, M. VVorcester, P. Sattley Third Row: M. Behr, G. Smith, D. Booth, L. Buhl, D. Wood, P. Sutton, A. Torrey, j. Garrett, M. MacDonald, j. Dickson, L. Wadsworth lv-Q sv MRs. MARIE I. GRANGER Fourth Grade MISS MARTHA GOTTSCHALL Sixth Grade MRS. HELEN BROWN Filth Grade .9 . 9 Supervisor, Grades 1-6 G. P. C. D. S. and D. U. .S. BERTRAM P. Sr-1ovER, Ph.B., M.A. In the third grade we really learn. We know an amphibian when we see it, both animal and me- chanical. We know our continents and our oceans and our countries, and we can point them out on any map you want to give us. Some day if you will have a Quizz Kid Contest on gods and goddesses, we'll enter it! First Row: R. Henry, C. Schotanus, E. Treble, D. jackson, j. Chapman, A. Boyer, N. Hanley, B. Ohmart, C. Clark Second Row: M. O'Brien, I. DuPont, E. Fink, N. Boos, A. Sherer, W. Booth, T. Parker Third Row: S. Macauley, S. Goddard, 1. Vance, P. Whitman Absent.' C. MacMahon, M. Ferry, J. Hudson, E. Phelan, P. Stewart, B. Torrey, E. Vanderbrook Seated: D. Custer, j. Downing, H. Candler, E. Vanderbrook, R. Young, D. Hesse, F. Creamer P. Waterman, j. Butler Seated, Second Row: B. Barrell, j. Bragraw, L. Ecclestone, j. Backus, E. Du Pont, E. Hartwick Absent: j. Evans, A. Phelan, D. Rust, G. Villerot, R. Conflitti Do you write letters to the soldiers and sailors? We do in the second grade, and we sell war savings stamps and lots of bonds when there is a bond drive. There are twenty-five of us in the first grade, a lot more boys than girls so that we have lively nature walks and tell "scary" stories that we love to make up MRS. DOROTHY JENKINS HOLLISTER Supervisor of Lower School in story-telling time. First Row: IV. Edwards, J. Erebecker, D, Prouty, S. Gillis, M. Owen, G. Mercer, F. Ollison, J. De Gro, P. Johnson, P. Henry. B. Keyes Second Row: M. Sartley, J. Winas, C. Sorenson, M. Huck, E. Ledyard, J. Joy, M. Auchterlonie, A. Johnston, B. Tost, L. Johnston Absent: G. Marxer, M. Shallcross, N. Stroh, J. Wallace We of the kindergarten do not always play, though we are good at clay model- ing, painting, and woodworkg sometimes we read our book "Come and See," and we do manuscript writing that you really ought to come and see! ig W 'W ww' WW Seated S Whitehead B Hughes M McClintock Standing J McNaughton M McKean P Duffy The Athletic Association organizes the athletic activities at Country Day plan ning intra mural games and meets Barbara Hughes president Margie McKean treasurer, Sally Whitehead, Gold Team Captain Martha McClintock Blue Team Captaing Jane McNaughton manager of the Gold Team and Peggy Duffy manager of the Blue Team, meet with Miss Gould and Miss MacDonald to plan the schedules for the games and promote suggestions to better the Association. Everyone has always wanted a school blazer and this year our wish came true. We have navy blue blazers piped in white braid with an emblem designed from the school seal. At the end of the athletic season A. A. gives a banquet for the faculty and students of the upper school. A prominent local authority on athletics speaks to us as do Miss Richardson and Mr. Whetstone. Miss Gould awards varsity letters, blazers. and blue and gold chevrons, thus climaxing our year most satisfactorily. aewmgoav Blue Team+First Row: N. Chapman, H, Hubbard, A. lVedthoH, j. Ziegler, S. Wheelock, B. Meader, M. Boyer, F. Spalding, D. Shover, P, Hughes, j, Kuhlman, V. Scripps. M. Stewart, C. Hill, S. Reekie. Second Row: L. Rickel, P. Kemp, j, McMillz1n, P. Book, M. Heath, H. Whit- taker, I. Koebel, S. lves, D. Fruehaul. Third Row: B. Whelden, M. L. McGr:me, M. Davis, M. McClintock, P. Dutly. N. Hughes, K. McKinley, L. Ambc-rg. Fourth Row: W. White, M. Campbell, B. Hughes, C. Scott, G, jones, C. Frost, S. Thomas. Gold Team First Row E Wright S Sattlev E Buell j Multord S Whitehead j IUC Naughton j Sattley S Frost S Witt:-rs L MacMahon j Wright Second Row S Sutherland P McKean A Sfelden C Tay or G Ford j Collins P Mason M Whitehead B Fmkenstuedt Third Row P Candler j Stever C Preble M Muuheid L Fletcher M Wil but V Robb G Whelden Fifth Row j Mulkey P MzclVl1hon L D'milol'l R Whelden L Kerr M johnson B Bayne We have two mtra mural athletic teams the Blue Team and the Gold Team Each member of the Athletic Assoclatlon IS on one or the other of these teams and we compete in a variety of sports throughout the school year At Commencement a cup IS awarded to the team whlcm has won the most points Sally Whltehead captaln and Jane McNaughton manager of the Gold Team were the proud recelvers of the cup last year and naturally are strxvmg to keep the cup thus year, though the Blues are gwmg rcal competltlon with Martha McClmtock tap tam and Peggy Duffy manager, both of whom are constantly cheering the Blue Team on t0 greater triumphs + ' : . ' I , 4 , . , . , . . , . ' , . , . ' .' , . 1 ., . , . . , , V I , . , . I , . V , 4 . ' : . , . , . ' , . '- . , . ' , . ' - , . . Fourth Row: M. Krentler, P. jerome, B. Miller, N. Wensinger, M. McKean, ' .' . , . z ' a , '. . ' , . , . , , , . . - Q l - ' V Q r 1 1 , . - - .K V -. - ' V , . Furs! Row A Wedthol? P McKean S Whxrehead B Hughes S Reekze E Wright C Frost Second Row j McNaught0n M Krentler M McKean R Whelden L Rlckel B Bayne Third Row W. White, S. Thomas, M. McClintock, K. McKinley, j. Mulkey Left Wlng Left Inner M McC1mtock B Bayne Left Half B Hughes Left Fullback S Thomas E Wrlght R Whelden ,I Hxll Center Forward Rxght Inner Rxght Wmg S Reekne M McKean S Whitehead Center Half Right Half J McNaughton M Krentler Goahe A Wedthoff SUbStltUteS P McKean C Frost L Rlckel Rxght Fullback j Mulkey W Whxte K McKinley The Class of '45 doesn't like to be referred to as the Junior Class. That term makes it seem more juvenile than the Seniors, though juvenile, of course, they really are. Led by "Grubby', Dickson, president, we fare forth into the brutal world of society. Although our othcers, Jim Krentler, vice- president: Bob Fisher, secretary, and Bill Maxon, treasurer, I First Row M Henkel D Donald B Fisher D Dickson j Krentler B Maxon K Gould Second Row V Rocho F Casgram B Moran C Manley R Burton H Downer D Foster J McNaughton B Drysdale Third Row: B. Mackey, S. Kilner, G. Haberkorn G Stroh B Keyes E Peck , - have had little to do throughout the year our official party giver Eliot Peck, has found plenty to keep him busy pre paring for class parties and getting rid of the deceased mem bers afterwards Of course you must realize that our true activities do not begin until the week end Come Monday morning we stagger to DUS w1th half shut eyes The Class of '46 was organized in its freshman year with C. Maloney as president, A. Suzcek as vice-president, Bob Smith as treasurer, and Reeves Taylor as secretary. This year the officers have remained the same with the exception of Reeves Taylor who has left us for Culver. He is replaced by Bob Smith who is now acting secretary and treasurer. The Class has taken an active part in the Service Club, the Student Council, and the var- ious sports programs that have occurred through- out the school year. First Row: j. Corfield, W. Knight, B. Smith, C. Maloney, R. Taylor, A. Suczek, P. Detwiler Second Row: K. Haley, B. Gumper, D. Robb, j. Welchli. j. Breckenridge, A. Marschner, D. Christiansen, B. Kennedy, j. Herdegen Third Row: j. Pemberthy, S. Volpe, G. jarre, G. Lafer, T. Joyce, H. Muir, j. Woodhouse First Row: T. Barrell, D. Spencer, 1. Duffy, F. Walker, B. Finnie, C. Edwards, T. Kratzet, j. Purdy, F. Bahr Second Row: D. Chesbrough, L. Middleditch, B. Byington, D. Palmer, B. Wood, j. Touscany, R. lnsley, D. Dekker, A. Davis, S. Miller, D. Lippincott, j. O'Hair Third RoW.' G. Fenley, F. Lepley, j. Gould, H. Fruehauf, j. MclVaughton In the latter part of October, the ninth grade elected its class officers. The results were: Chuck Edwards, president, Bob Finnie, vice-presidentg Ted Kratzet. treasurer: Frank Walker, secretary. In December we gave our first class party with the ninth grade of Country Day School at Marian Wilbur's house. The following month we again decided to have a class party, this time at Joan Mulford's where only six couples showed up, but, nevertheless, we had fun. Our most recent party was combined with the eighth grade at Fred Bahr's and was by far the best. With five rather successful class parties behind us and many more, we hope, to look forward to, our class has had a good year. But it hasn't been all fun with us: we've been busy too. We were re- sponsible for the new bicycle shed which was com- pleted last autumn and which has been a boon to all. Our class is organized, and our officers are: jimmy Campbell, president, George Dowley, vice- president: and Johnny Hooker, secretary and treasurer. First Row: F. Alders, D. Mitchell, j. Campbell, G. Dowley, G. lnsley, j. Standish Second Row: j. Sherer, T. Wadsworth, D. Fruehauf, R. Milner, j. Cosgrove, j. Hodges, j. Foster Third Row: M. Woodhouse, C. Keyes, B. Ford, D. Pierson, B. Fisher 9 W First Row: B. Hamilton, B. Phelps, D. Kuhn, G. Preston, B. Kanzler, B. Cowden, B. Welchli Second Row: G. Whitehead, S. Muir, D. Barrell, W. Babcock, C. Symington, D, Chestnut, F. Johnston, T. Staley Third Row: D. Newlnro, H. Smith, H. Bover, j. Bingham This year five new seventh graders have come to D.U.S., and we organized with the following class officers: Howard Kay, presidentg joe Boyer, vice- presidentg Sandy Muir, secretary, and Barry Phelps, treasurer. Not only do we rank high in scholarship, but we have contributed many mem- bers to the football, baseball, and basketball teams. After our happy QQ experiences this year, we look forward to next year with joy! In grade four we are all members of the junior Red Cross. Miclget Football Team. and three honor students, Henry have sold 57.650 worth of war bonds, and six of our fifteen Caulkins, Henry Shelden, and Cullen Sweeney. members heVe been UH the honor fell- The sixth grade has 14 letter men on the Miclget Football We. the fifth grade. have a 100"Q record for membership in Team. had three winners in the Hobby Show, and six the junior Red Cross. for selling Christmas Seals, and for members on the honor roll. We sold 5112.750 worth of war contributing to the War Chest. We sold S28,575 worth of bonds and have 100 service hours to our Credit. war bonds. We have four gallants. six lettermen on the First Row: S. Phelps, C. Field, B. Polk, R. Muirhead, E. Stroh, B. Chapman, D. Eidt, W. Butler, D. Ohmart, G. Zinn, D. Johnston Second Row: D. joy, H. Crapo, j. Gushee, B. Foster, S. Sherer, B. Terry, B. Clark, H. Shelden, R. MacDonald, G. Howard, D. Moran, N. Osbeck, M. Sales Third Row: j. Wheat, P. Fink. G. Symington, R. Goddard, W. Klenk, B. Fruehauf, H. Ledyard, B. Moore, j. Wood, B. Hudson, G. Insley, S. Muirhead, B. Towar Fourth Row: j. Berke, G. Johnston, D. Gillis, R. Rocho. B. Torrey, W. Osbeck, j. Fitzpatrick, G. Ford, L. Buhl, A. Ledyard, j. Buell, j. Standish, C. Sweeny, D. Phillips, H. Caulkins I ANDRH-:S M COLF MRs MARCUERITE HOLBROOK I BRy0N ARMSTRONC Filth Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade 9. . C. A n f' s ' . x ,y JV, r ZS' A ,I ' 4 .. f' 1 .1 , :jx-. ,wtf Q. A - Y, a f- A, w 1, . 1, - t, V W" 1 S-. ,- uz, w f ' va S - A' 1 . L , J 'att-- A kan ,Vx Z' ' 0 I ,J Zvi V Q, nf :f.P'- ' ,rf ,W ' v, 1 :Q1 . iw ,.,. ' -K ' Quia- ,-V X ' Fr, Q I . '. -nb Q .' if ' if Vi' ,q,,.Q,:. .,, ki - u F U 'fi - 'f-: Y' . f - . . R y T 3 Q- -v ,y , . . . PM 3 lf' qx it A Ai J .,, ' ' ., 5 , m' ,. .. 'lt 5. - tv .14 . .b K . he " ' Mn- 1,' iv- ' xv, ix. ,X ,tux 4 ' ' K . yi X s'-" ' 'K v JQ. .N 1 . . ., 'L Q hx . Q F , -. K . 1 7 1 ' TY" U' 7'- . I ., Q Z .-sf :- if 1: 1 f . X I S . X- f . r 4 . , 'Q Y' in . . 5 x A . . 5' ur I Y' , . A . 5 .Y . x .11 Q . w , .Q .V . s .5 ,f 1 ,L ' 'Q : I - NC .ah ' Y Frrst Row D Kuhn D Keyes j McNaughton B Reynolds D Dxckson J Krentler J Pem berthy M Mayer G Later B Mackey Second Row B Gard B Fisher B Duffield R Ives B Chesbrough B Fox B DenUyl C Maloney j May B Maxon Thxrd Row B Brandon G Wedthof? B Kennedy W Kmght D Foster T Joyce j Park H Downer Fourth Row C Hicks D Donald A Marschner V Rocho j Herdegan M Henkel G Stroh Left End Left Guard Center Rzght Guard Substztutes Douglas Donald Lett Hall Right Halt Full Back Quarterback Jlm May James Krentler Robert Reynolds Rlchard Keyes John McNaughton Mxlton Henkel Harry Downer Art Marschner DUS DUS DUS DUS DUS DUS DUS DUS U45 S Right Tackle Charles Gelhaar Albert Dlckson Ray Ives Robert Fox Charles Maloney Southeastern C Reserves Q South Lake Vaughn Fraser St Paul Lakevlew Cathohc Central CReserves 21 Detromt Country Day I Left Tackle: Robert DenUyl Right End: Robert Brandon . . . 7 0 . . . 26 7 . . . 20 . 7 . . . 39 , 0 . . . 20 . 0 . . . 2 .. ' 0 . . . 28 ' Q 0 . . . .,l,, , ' O Though Coach Kimber is losing eleven varsity football players by graduation this year, he still has good material for next year's games. Last year D.U.S. completed one of the most successful foot- ball seasons on its record. The varsity was unde- feated and untied in eight games, amassing a total First Row: R. Taylor, j. Duffy, j. of 163 points while allowing the opponents only 14. This gives the Varsity a sum of 16 games won against one lost. Excellent varsity material is being prepared in the oncoming classes to carry on the Red and Blue's hrst-rate reputation. Purdy, R. Milner, B. Finnie, j. Cosgrove, P. Spencer T. Barrell, F. Bahr Second Row: C. Edwards, B. Insley, j. Foster, j. Touscany, j. O'Hair, S. Miller, A. Davis Third Row: G. Fenley, J. McNaughton, D. Chesbrough, D. Fruehauf, L. Midclleditch, j. Gould, F. Walker First Row: C. Keyes, D. Newbrough, F. Leply, E. Spaulding, G. Dowley, G. jarre, H. Rile, D. Den Uyl, B. McKee, T. Wadsworth, D. Pierson, Mr. j. C. Conley Second Row: j. Woodhouse, B. Smith, J. Welchli, A. Suczek, D. Meier, E. Peck, G. Haberkorn, B. Mackey, D. Robb Third Row: H. Muir, D. Devor, j. Breckenridge, B. Cole, T. Hastings, C. Gelhaar, j. Sweeney, P. Detwiler Fourth Row: S. Kilner, B. Manley, R. Burton, F. Casgrain, K. Gould, B. Drysdale, EI. Corlield For those who do not want football at D.U.S. there are classes in exercises and track. One of the big events of the year is the June Track Meet which requires hard preparation during the year but provides some fine honors. The U Club is an organization of D.U.S. letter men founded to further the athletic interests of the school. The Club. which sponsors all athletic events and activities during the year. was founded in 1932 when a need was felt for someone to promote athletics. Since then, it has made many very help ful contributions and lived up to its aims. The officers are: President. Bob Reynolds: vice-presi dent, Bob Fox: secretary-treasurer, jim May. Firs! Row: B. DenUyI, R. Ives, B. Reynolds, B. Brandon, H, Fox Second Row: Mr. Garrett, D. Donald, J. McNaughton, Mr. Kimber, D. Dickson, j. May, Mr. McCann 'Y First Row: B. DenUyI, B. Fox, D. Dickson, B. Reynolds, B. Brandon Second Row: B. Hudson, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Kimber, j. May, C. Edwards The Athletic Council, composed of members chosen by the students, cap- tains of varsity teams. and coaches in the various sports, determines the ath- letic policies of the school and approves the awards for letters. Dick Dickson held the office of president, with Bob Fox as secretary. f 1 ...swarm ,-, f..!x qv' .rt 6 I I 44' 5201 -Nu .RA -M. L is , 2 4r- as vga a nv .f ' 1...-.5 ,f,,, 3 2. , . 5 2 119 R tx Q rf 9 Q i , S 11 gjxfm, ' .4 ff' S P' 5 f .l Qs. ,, K1 Q Y r Q 4 ,. gk I . V v'-- H s --- , 4. O rv N, 3 Q' lk . Ai - --5.3, f 4- -.. Sr ala ,..., l- . XIa..L - ? .L -P . I -sv-X- ' qv! X A M X x 5 Y Q 1' yi Q 1 Q X v 8' ' 'x 5 A 5 ' 1, ii tr Q? . .W .i Ajr . WW fb.: Q 1 H x To 111 those llumm UI1Cl9IQ,fldllitLS md ffxculty mem hers who are servmg m thc xrmed forces ind especxally to those five who hdve gwen thelr l1ves that we mi enjoy Freedom s hfxllowed sh ide DFRBY A1 1 INC roN IAM1 s BAYNL Mc INlOwll BRowN EDVVIN DPNBY JOSPPH WhBBFR This hand to Tyrants ever sworn the toe For Freedom only deals the deadly blow Then sheathes m calm repose the vengeful blade For gentle peace zn Freedoms hallowed shade Iohn Qumcy Adams V f 1 O l'l 3 Ll l ' 1 L . ':2:E.., R R 4 W KM -. , I q - f f x- f - c I , L r -,c C f . V. xr A . , . . ,c ,c C A 1 C . ,, . .. 1 N C x C Q 4 44 I if 7 . . ,, ,. , , at '1 5 J l ' 1 L V I J ' K- V , . , .. WJ iq xg fm t Mg? Klbaik Editors IU Chief Gr1du'1te Editors Art Editors Advertising Editors Business Managers Circ ulatlon Man1gers Photographv Editors Faculty Advzser jane McNaughton Rlchard Devor Perkin MiCMahon Chuck Hlcks Lgdma Kerr B111 Gard Gertrude Whelden Bull Duffield Mary Krentler Jlm May Barbara Hughes Grant Wedthoff Cfzrhsle Frost Ray Ives Bob Fox Mass Dorothy Arms 'M 7 es, ! V 'nf fu cf ,, Q V 'js 16? E, I 5 Q ' 3 A X E2 Q ' CJ Q '- " 2 Z I F4 ... ff if " L IANIE MCNAUCHTON September We Meet October Frrst Meeting Next Meetzng Extra Meeting November Some Meetmg Fme Meeting Her Meetmg December Our Meeting Fme Meetmg Whyte Elephant Sale January Forcmg DAWN OSIUS of the Wow We Dwi '75 We argue We adjourn The engravers repres n tattve comes and neatly tosses our pet ndeas about but we persevere Cover destgns all over the board Lydra and B Il agree The other expert hold out for thetr atroct tres We argue We ad Journ Fmally the art edntors wm The cover ordered Now the msxde Fmances Can we come out solvent lf 9 Mary and Jtm figure tAre st ll figurmg'J Four of us get together and plan the msrde Dedt cation declded Pro ceedmgs start Mxss Arms checks up again QNeed we sav moretj Bill reports that his assxs tant IS worktng on draw ings Asked how far he had gotten? Stull wattmg for asststant assxstant s report Duff and Gertre go on a get the ads Klds spree Date IS set for the pncture takmg Possible poses and vlews declded on Ray and Carky start nn Mary s we mean to leave no debts determmatxon makes for gllttermg cash results Bull s HSSISKHDIS to the as slstant finally come through wtth some first rate cartoons Thanks Dawnostus and Tomm3 Staley February March Aprll May UOf8flO!1Iflg Photographmg Covers Writing Searchmg Disaster Vacatron At Last Ads Dummy Fmally Czrculatron St1II Ads DICK DFvoR Pecku. an.l Lhutk madly thumb Barlett to fini what fits whom Nuthm fits anyone but here goes' Carky snapp ng flash bulbs Ray snapp ng everybody m every way Carky comes out wnth most fin shes Ray ge s 6 out of 32 poss bles' Ftnlshed cover arrxves joy spurs us out of leth argy Dragging rn the words Ads for sure Gert: and DutT enjoy the tele phone Ray resigns ln favor of a monled job Bob takes over Stull only 6 u ablt male snaps SOME of us dtdn t know the word vacation W Worked Cutting Propor tlonmg Designing Past mg Busmg to Engravers To the Engravers' Ball suck Gertle Ads' Then Gertxe sxck Bnll A s' At last all ads ' All copy' All plates' All n Settmg up prmters dum my More clipping More chppmg More pastm More trouble Off to the Prtnter' Barb and Grant dash ng around brmgnng rn suL scrnptnons Typing out bulls Cllp pmg tear sheets for adver users Wxll this never end' BEHOLD, THE END OF OUR TOILS' I O O l -cn- OI' . tg - A 1 . ' ' . . ' Q ' ' , ' , , ' X . .. ' ' , ' , - - 0 . . . . . ,., , .'. ' . ' . -1 : '- n - A ' ' -4 1 . " - . ' n vw V . . . : ' , . e ' . ' s 1 on. - M . 0 ' A . . . 4 ' . , H ,,, . . . ,A .. . . ' v ' ' l ' ' ' , . Q - . Q u " U, .H . d . - . - - .. - - 1 , ' x . H ' - - ' ' ' u , . ,.,. - , ' . . I 1 .' l 1 ' an nv, - - 1 - . Y Seated K McKinley E Buell P Jerome B Bayne bmndmg S Whitehead C Taylor Followmg lts new edltorlal pollcy of mcreased emphasrs on matenal of mterest to the student body Trtangle thls year was permanently en larged to sxx pages Wxth the asslstance of Mr Barrell the staff succeeded m pubhshxng a paper of great mterest to both student body and alumnl The edxtorlal board th1s year was Chuck Hxcks edltorm chlef Bill Gard sports edltor R1chard Devor feature edltor Grant Wedthoff clrculatxon manager, John McNaugh ton advertlslng manager and Peter Detwxler, exchange edltor Furst Row L Kerr S Reekze M Stewart M Bahr A Torrey F HeHeran B Givens V Scripps S Wheelock A Wedthotl L Rtckel Second Row l Fletcher L Amberg C Taylor L Murphy P Kemp G Whelden ,I Hill K Mc Kmley j Collms S Sutherland B Whelden 71-nrd Row D Shover N Wensmger j Walton S lhomas E Prescott B Mrller C Frost R Whelden P Mason M McKean en ' In the capable hands of an excellent staff headed by Ellle Buell and with M1ss Arms s enthuslasm as faculty advlser Pen Pomte came off the press thls year w1th 1ts usual excltement due probably to the fact th t we all have .1 weakness for seelng our creatlve efforts ln prmt The annual Pen Po1nte Lltemry Contest had so many excellent entrles that beslde the prxze wxnnmg pleces many other fine entrxes were pubhshed 1n addltlon to other exfeptlonal pieces wrxtten durmg the yefmr Pen Pomte has now we feel galned the momentum of a tI'1llltlOl1 of hlgh standard C Hicks D Dickson C Maloney Second Row P Detwrler R Taylor Mr Barrell H Downer B Gumper Thus years Tn Stars seven Issues full of new xdeas, have been a great success Under the faculty dlrectlon of Mlss DAv1gnon and with Gertle Whelden as edltor IH chlef notable mter est has been aroused 1n all grades As usual the semors put out thexr speclal edltlon of Tn Star and they as well 'as everyone else thought lt very speclal lndeed . . . , . Y . . 7 3 . , t 4 , ' l l , . 1 - ' 1 1 Z .. . I . , ' , . , . , . . : . , . w ' l l Y - l . v ' ' l 7 3 , Z 7 . - . ' 2 First Row: G. Wedthoff, B. Gard, J. McNaughton, ' , ' . , . I , . - - . - , - . - , , . , 4. , . , . , 'l ' I ' 1 ' I . , . , . ' V ' .' 1. , . , . , . 1 - 1 - 1 - 9 - ' , - f - 1 - 1 . V: . , . , - y . '., . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . '26 . , . , . ' V . . . , . . , - . Q . ' 1 7 1 1 H ' iv ' , Under the dnrectxon of Mxss Morxtz the Glee Club has carrned on the tra dxtxons of former years It presented '1 choral accompanlment to the An nual Chrxstmas Pageant at the Coun try Day School, and dxd ltS part 1n the choral smgmg m the Varieties It IS now workmg hard on the selectxons to be sung at the Commencement Program IH une First Row R Ives B Fox B DenUyI B Reynolds B Brandon C Hicks Second Row D Kuhn j May B Gard G Wcdtholf j Sweeney D Devor T Hastings B Chesbrough Fxrst Row C Hill j Muliord J Walion M L McGmne B Whelden M Bird P Mason F Spalding S Reekle A We-dthnll Second Row A Suczek D Meier C Hicks C Malonzy B llslur R Ives D Christiansen Third Row B Fox D Dixon M Henkel B Gard T jnyu IJ Kuhn D Chesborough T Histlngs The Senlor Chonr at DUS wls es tabllshed thls year to strcngthen tht smgmg m the mornmg assembhes Its enthusxasm has xnstxlled a new Splflt mto the smgmg md lts cfforts have popularnzed the school songs Mr Armstrong xs the leader md john Sweeney plays the pl mo xccom pamment 7 ' .'. ,. ,. , .. ,. . r ' I 1 11'-1 . ,. C . ,. . ,.r.' .' . .'. ,. ,. ,. S,. 1 ,' J o ,. ,. ,. ,. 1 ' ...Z..- ' ' 1 -1 x ,Z S' C , 2 - 1 fs 0 I 'W N If 614607 1116 s 1111111 11 COX!!! Dm are IC lmlgcs rue x l1olc11111r11111rr 111 src rn 1rr11x Am 111 1111sclu111,Q llc lu Our 111f111mr wrrnr 111111 1111121711 nts S121 Mfllxf 1111dc rcl zsvnc I1 1111 :lm W9 xc w INCIVUIN mr lu 1111111 our agc W len IIlSfILl IS Il st.1l11 We radllv dont 111 se rx 1 our 11111111 CTl1011gl1 Qtfhrn u 1th prodlgd S And our Mzss Armw uzll mx the 'same' Were rallnd tlw 1140119 old gale 1.1. . 1- iv -' .- V ' ff ' Q Q . ' wr LL : 'im' if 1 'P . 1 'ff9 51 1i 1 ,. , " fjff ' 7 J-"X 1 0 I- r Q. - we , n 1.5 1 Ah ' , Wcr ' , llf " ' 1' X rr-V We ' ffl ' t' lf' by 'xl '11, WP - ' .X - 1 1. n I 1 J ' , .ff A "' 'nl ' . . , ' ' .' ' A ' ' . Qi 'f 1 A, Rx 1 . 1 . . ""-Mhfwev '12 1 I' i"' W , ff '1 ,L .,., A , x . , 1 , L I . 1 lf fl. 9 I-I 1 M1 I , 1 ,..,,A. 7 7 , KK' May 11 1944 LYDIA KERR M ly Queen Attendante Eleventh Grade Nmth Grade Tenth Grade Patrlcm lerome Sally Wlutehead Martha lohnson Sally Potter 7 ' . 1, M fa 'wiv fir ,vm Z Carlisle Frost and Winnie White have headed this year's Student Council. With Eleanor Buell and Peggy Duffy from the junior Class. Pat McKean and Catherine Scott from the Sophomore Class. jan McMillan and Elizabeth Wright from the Freshman Class we have had a most successful term. Mary Boyer and Bette Burr Meader have represented grades seven and eight. We have tried not only to perform our usual disciplinary duties. but also to arouse school-spirit through special assemblies. rallies. student-faculty games and dances. The year. we believe, has been a satisfactory one, for regular study halls have been quiet and orderly. and supervised disciplinary study halls have been gratifyingly small. Sealed: P. Duffy, W. White, C. Frost, E. Buell Slllltllllg P. lVlcKean, j. lVlclVli1lan, IVI. Boyer, Wright, C. Scort, li. Nleader .P 'SN u . sw-Bti ..--nn-at l Q Second Row: D. Kuhn, bl. lVlcNaughton, C. Maloney First Row: D, Donald, tl. Mzzy, B. Reynolds, G, Wedthofl With a shortage of masters and an enlargement in the enrollment. this year the Student Council at D.U.S, has tried to help as much as possible by supervising study halls and by giving a helping hand to students who need advice or direction. The Council is composed of representatives of each grade in the upper school who are elected by the students. The officers are: Jim May. president: Bob Reya nolds, vice-president: Douglas Donald, secretary. Y Hmmm Presented to members TRUSTEES CUP of the Class of 44 at the 4 awarded for excellence m Country Day School durmg the past 1943 award LORONF RICKE1. three years scholarshlp and athletlcs mv 0,1-pus-..., QW 4 'K jx 5 X 'wx arded for the throughout the year THE BETTY X N ELLIS ' "l X CUP 13 I 942 award in A " JANE MCNAUGHTON in 'N ...HJ mmf' THE HEADMASTERS CUP awarded for outstandmg school splrxt and loyalty 1943 award MARGARET MCKEAN . jj- ' Q-?"'X I uf" I Y,.-- ,5 - "1-5 ' 2,72 - , . , ' A ' V lu ' N .T ff". - f ' -,.-I .3--1, .N-Fr' ' if F :R . ' 'WG' 'W r' 4 : ' 'g , .,.g'-' A , HL . ., -E,-1' , , .L ,LM Ag.. , . . ' 55. . n f, . , Q A fx? V P ' "'1','7,1-51:A ' .', ' ' ,v " -v.-.,,.'., ..- -' , E A- ,EQ ' .f, , ' frm..- Ar i A-. it 'A A ' 1 -rf:-1 I 5 R Q. - Zf g aly 1 5 5 A -. is - T I 4 ,gc A f . , ,. I 7 - 'fffii . 1 4 55:--,-1' , . A' ' , A.- wa, . . ff A xJ,.,gx-Q 1 , Y 'Q '.,- cf 1 ' 1. . 1"?'i:f: 'if' , , 5 '- .5 ,- V+ , most consnstent sportsmanshlp fx I ."'14' ' . A i - 'J-X .LUX ' M ? .5 14-lg: u. ,A .N , . 1, . I, 1, ' -Eli .lf fag-. I 2 A -2 if-'wif f. A E ygfinafz' , - A , W .A V -,.. -' AA .3-i 21233. g- 4-. L ,yn ,.rv- J an 1 ' S f. . .V .R . f XA f .?,'T1fff'i -QQ . Q lf '1 . ' 'E 2-.-1 ' . - . w:-Q. - - 32- he - ' l -vnu ff? . Q .fbil -iff ' R 1 , - 7-Lil' f 1 ' '- 'A ia ,QA-.1 13 , - , - 2-V7-'S . . - .. - ,. "-.. .4-.-"' 7' ' , .. A 1 - d ' fff-X,..T..' F . ' ' 2 ' ' 'A . .'f'1',f , .fl -NN- 4, :1:""' V, -.V --1 0. 4. -' 'A +-Pg, . . " s 't : . , V Q ' .Q-i rl I 1.. 'L wh T ' " A . . QL, .. n, 1, , .-A, - ,5 Wig lie If LIYABFTH AP'l HORP MQFADDEN Cist of Characters Holger a peasant boy Jane MCNaughton Steen hrs younger brother Patrlcla Jerome Uncle Bertel thexr uncle Hllary Whlttaker An Old Wom m Peckle MacMahon Priest Marlan Chapm Rich Woman Lydxa Kerr Young Glrl Joan Mulford Page jo Collms Another Olcl Woman Ellen Damloff The Kmg Barbara Mlller T e Dusk mf 1 day of long, a o Scene The mt :lox of 1 w mdrhuppu s lut on the edge of a f0r9Si I by A ' ......--. ' ' A ' C -.----- ' A Courtier ------ - - - Sally Thomas A ' ,-,,,-,, . A . 1 .-.------- ' fn: ,' J ' I 2 K 1 9, ' ' .' 1 ' L-" ' 1 ox ' -"Q 1 3 Seated P Mason S Thomas L Rickel L Kerr j McNaughton P MacMahon B Whelden Standing L Fletcher B Miller E DamloH H Whzttaker j Collins j Mulford S Sutherland P Jerome M L McGrane j Walton Absent L Jones S Potter D Osrus D Candler The Dramatic Club IS composed of glrls from the mnth through the twelfth grades who under Mlss Fords dlrectxon, combme thelr ln terests ln llghtmg stage managmg costummg and actmg to make the varlous plays successful Durmg the year, two mam plays are glven the Chrlstmas play and the Semor play 1n May In the latter the male parts are fllled by boys drafted from DUS Why the Chlmes Rang was chosen for thls years Chrlstmas play the Glee Club smgmg the carols and provldmg the mus1cal background After weeks of practlslng, durmg whlch tlme the entlre cast was drlven crazy by 'Bless thee, chxld the play was very effectxvely produced the day before the Chrlstmas holldays began The Semor play, whlch was ln rehearsal when Perzcon went to press IS Between Trams, and there IS much enthusxasm for an excellent performance .' . , . , . , . , . , . 1 .' . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . , . .' . , . , . . , . U . , . , . . . v - s v 1 , . st . H . , . 1 A ' vw ' V . . . M . ,, u Mk 1 W! fff i 4, f yt Q yfw X nf""4'l,f I ,pf L X Xf -N Letter to a boy of ten Ol youngo frlend are hung today ln a world th If shakes to the thunder of War X et before you are grown newly dcxeloped produetne power wx 1ll ertse the sears rebulld the world and provlde an abundanee of th1ne,s to malee llfe happler Out of the eonfhct vse shall learn to use our resourees better Already vs e are Kl1SCOYCI'1Dg new ways to do thlngs that will mean greater benefits for m 1nk1nd when peaee returns XX e lN.llLXC that 1011 xull see more prog,ress ln the next 1 ly ye Irs th tn the world his seen 1n the past thousand' More ln selenee' More 1D lndustry' More 1n the knowledge of nelgphborly eo opermon' XX e of Ford are worlexntg, to end thls war so that hke you we may look xhetd to pe lee XX e hue futh th If a bflbhttf world awaits you tomorrow xshleh your dreams about the g00ll.1H1ll15CfL1lIl1lI'1g9 of llfe vs :ll eome true. I 0 R 17 M O l O R K O M P A N Y 6 , fi , , ,f f, X? Q V ,,,' , Y--f"'H l ff :iii ff lf X ,f L ,, I. I. 47727 , , y VJ. ,XX vl!i:f2 , , 4' L43 ' V if ' X x H . I ' ,,..f V Ny W x 1 X -- - 'B r If Y' - 1 X .I X - 4 f X , , a X R f X. 0 X 1 X X - w - S 'X , ' A I' ' -J - NX . ' l lg ' 7 X , 1 V 1. 2 1 i , , 7 X 1 V l ' . ' i s 4 , Y' lk- 1 1 v , ' ' I - . Y , . . . K Q . 7 - l Y K ' ' . Y ' . lf 7 xl x 1 l xt -x x . . , ,- , , , 5' , V!! ,Rh 2 x 1 mx l x . ' f' -Q' I . . u X . yi I. 7 W - -1 ' . .. X 4 1 , T . 1 , . , ' 1 'Z xl il. U - 1 '- il 1 ' ' Y - ' ' -in 1 C pI'menfs of DETROIT STAR C-RINDINC WHEEL COMPANY 111-177 NORTH CAVALRY DETROIT HITEHEAD STAMPING COM PANY Tl S? 111311111111 11111111 ,xx ww fm lim WI: L Ix my ,HEI Wife I J, II AINI' or 55 ears easant o ra WASHINGTON BLVD at GRAND RIVER If-I lfi .V . - - , Sp: '. 5 ' , ' -.- '92 I ' 'l '- I 5455 QA fi . 1 - ' I J YR? T13 ' ' ' . . - , - .N Q- , up-bf I W... 'jj' awry ""-' '--- - - .Q ,Q - A .4..,4 I .fl ?:ff'I,I',1LL Z 'I 715' 'I 'i"'.7'l'?'54 T. P' -- . . 3"" - M'-1 QI. .JV N... I ,, ,,y..... . I "N" fm, A I ..f.,1t' - I 4 an - Q- - 5 1 .I V, I -. ,N Mwmmm ,X . , Q3 S I mg ' , ,.,, , S 5 ' ' xx 5 IM I I ' I q I V- N f, ,. I 1, I ,ng Rev .JI NM K, . I - - , A , , ..k, w I X, L -5 2 I li I,- 'Inf I ' I-I' .I Hn' " ' '1-', ' " R: - , - . ' I , N' '.112Z4,'f'f'- I Q3 J:'yM.,., Qg'.Q.3:.l-G. 4,4 " Twwivz, A , I If 5. If If "2 I I. 55 " II '. I 1134 A H- sf "'Qf"' I' 1' RQ ' Mfif if -SI A f "3 g fm,-I , I , I ,t 1 5371-.f ,,..+.,, w A i 1 I ' , ,K -1 X I A I 1,2 , 245.5 s . 4 . i ,WWVwyJI IwIIvwffwf - I,fw. - 16? "' Q IPI I -i A ' I I 'iff ' . ,g ,- 'fi-If X' . I ' 'II ' ' .I 'K' WMU' Tw?" - ' YV' I -wi I .5 .Q I ka a -' QA 2' I ' Q 1 V S fl, .l I 5.4 "Q: im , " Nl' 'V X 'Y -. -I 3 1 ' f ff!! ,x I-I.. Q ,,?,,5".j1 I . 1, , Q ip., . gi 1 '- 3 , Hifi -133, . H 5. ,,V,5g, Pg? ig. ,131 51 jg . K . .- . - J .. -- --A 1. 'Il V, 1 h v .. I 1. I ' f 1 . , '. ,g i f ','y.,- " ,I ' A 9 5 e 6 , 1 " gg, y Qgfgg qw' I 1 'N - I s"""" '--'--4 I7 I. f :YL If 5 T I '- " I ' I ' ,Q 1 5? 1 TEFTIIV , .... L. ,... .mf ,- -RA - iq H, Q ,.ixgfj , ' 7.15. ' I h JK HA I I I I I I If PIIIIIII II IIIICIIAIII IISSEIIIIIIF l YI1m1I III I I ml-1 qlll ll II JI,-1 1n1I lnf'1 llllllli IX Illlli IN 1 mul 1-null, slr ufvht Illli III'0lIllPIl0ll of llhlll 1 fl-I I1 hl1l II1 11111111 1 rm 1 of SINLCI nl t1-1'I1 lllqlll -1 for 1111 1 l'1lllll f1In11 alum of lll'I r :ft 1-11 IIIUIIS ul1I pu ls llllllllllhll 111- 1 urz- lhllly m1I r1-x1mr11 fulm -sw ll qlllrl 1I IIlr11llgIl ZI 31 uw of m uw llliltllll lion 1xp1 rl1 1101 G mt l1r1s-1 -1 m1 HII1 1 11 -1 uf' 1 -.p111 M1 1Imff Ill ll 1m1 -I ll p Ill! 111111 t I-BH1 IIIIDIIQS II1mm1' t 1 IN nk lll0lIlllIl0ll p111 Nl-'Ill lllll 1I ly NY1r01I1II VN0lIxll -.pullllv ll lllllll mul ln1I Nllllllll, III Io hn11l111-1 ur Nlllll ooDALL INDUSTRIES INC i DETROIT MICHIGAN PLANTS DETROIT AND MONROE I I 4- , VA- X , ' I I I ' A Y' 1 '1 .1 . "'1 "U, 1 I ,.' I - fi- -.. 1 ' ' ' '11 "1 '. 1.2 ' '- -' ' . 5 1',, ' ' ' " ' - '- -. i1 1 I I1 of 1lII1w llHS1'lllIlIIl'!-I for llllgv, military Tl'illlSll0I'l planes I 'UI -5 - - I ' -I ' E, 1 'I ' I 'I k ' ' 1 ' ' ' '1 I' 1n1I 1: 'g "S.II1' ' -"Q, Q -'1 - " " ,Hu 1 '1' ' " 1". . it O I l.A'. A '. li . 2 . I a i I . .F 1 1 II 1 ' W ' 5 CHQ L' i l.a ' I: . L 1 1' - ."1 '- '1" 1 -. -v- - 1 ' - 111 .1 ""1' 1' ."'glI1I . O , 1 Fyjp- . . 3 , , ' assess: or rr sous 1 W X X 1 KN x ll my ' N 4 I Z1 S A M - -f 4x f-V41 , . 4 A , 'O .lj 4.,, A 1 -4Ak Q W X M tx Y .A .. ,. ,, ,ffl l' f'fJ?A.15 ,. V MQ! G jf , , I A' , 'ff if WHERE NRFO MANCE REALLY COUNTS...' A 'nf' """"NS'M' QP' fe fi? DNR! 'xg E ABR! x f Pkowo Hffwzfsf fGlV!f!0N Spttd md tht enormous olhnsna. poxxtr of nts torptdots ut what m :lst 1 Motor lorptdo Bott tht drc td stourgt ol ummm shnps Spud also IS tts lllllll dcftttslxt Lqutpnunt Poxstrtul Lngmts rt Lflllllllltl unto nts light thm hut strong hull LIILIIITLS th ll must tlvx ns rtspoud xxnth 1 hurst ol spud rtmmtsttnt of tht famous Mlss AIITLFIL as In tm o thcst llllillllllfl, VSdI'bl'llpS all ol thx. Miss Amt tt 1tmplonSp1rlt Plugs 1rLpl1um,tl1ur ut al rolt hx proudln't1tt ll mltss tgnttton ssluth his hullt lot' thtm tn unulu lllul ILPLII ltloll lor LlLPLllLlll3lllU Chimptons arf. on lung dutx on utrx front on xx tttr on lmd md tn tht ur LETS ALL BACK THE ATTACK BUY WAR BONDS in , TO SAV! GASOLINE KEEP SPARK PLUGS CLEAN Congratulations . . . You Ulf CLASS oi' 944, Of all The lessons of school and life---bear this one well in mind---clothes do not make The man---but clothes, good clolhes reveal The man Jl' ' Sigmnk DOBBS HATS 0 OXFORD CLOTHES 0 FRENCH SCHRINER 8- URNER SHOES 1440 Washington Blvd. Chicago Store 304 South Michigan Ave DETROIT INSURANCE AC-ENCY FISHER BUILDING TRlnl1y 2 3300 Underwnters of all Type of Insurance G W CARTER H L NEWNAN Pesclef VePesdef L J LEPPER OUR LIFE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT IS FULLY EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU , . O r i n ic - r i n Secrelary-Treasurer g -V rw, "If V UH, fwj 1 --1.- -A . ',. ' .A M-3-I ,,.' M1 X eg' ,. ,I-' km ,Ur v A . 1 14 , I,-. an up 1 . ' '12-2 Y. T0 VICTORY Z I ff 1 I f if 14, f MAA fllilfff, ff!! , V3w, I I f MIM ...II I XI? .ff-f ky X IWNHM X tif Ufffff x NX in xx ff! XX? Xx Z 62 DURA COMPANY DETROIT HARVESTER CO DETROIT MICHIGAN PRESTOLE DEVICES TOLEDO OHIO ' :W "' 1 was N c""""'M'w H0 -. I I I J , ,UW X y f , YJ,-ffgi' 2 X Q -A' ' tif", lil' 1' ,- E fx , I 1 'f ' ,CONN ,OOOMOO ,r'g-'WQfffIff4, , -I no ,ILL RQ 'w"'..f A-T 1,2115 - W. wwf f ff ,, , A-Cf, ,.' g V -f I' I, I, If' V f ii- fi 1 ..f",f-If "QI'5I ,I W-'WIN Mffff-,, A jIjgI-'I:-',.'C-"!j7Iff' ' I , I ' 1 ' , ,fa '- ff If'w2VQ?6 I A J, 14' 3 TWV I I' I If ,Cf - -I f I III III I 5,1-'-' ,- ' 'I NX II III III II If Ify If III lf: If . 1 ,, V ax - , if I I f ,,. L u X .: .' nth, ' EEST' ff Q L. . V X - ,' 'ssxsf X x I f I If 'fII XX , If I X X. 1 -I - T ' 'N X - 1 M xi - X' K' Ab, .I A QTEK 1"'N-fC FRESH, Q '-,JL h f . 131,-'-2 . P ' I I TOLEDO OHIO SHNEWS UF VIIGTUIERY w 'WW W S A Zi E0 plate low alloy hugh tenslle steel Imaxixnunn strength min imum wenghtj STRAN STEEL CQuonset huts S barracks headquarters hospitals hangarsl or the United States and Allied governments Great Lakes Steel Conqmovraxtncnnn DIVISIUN OF NATIONAL STEEL CORPORATHON i' i' W "' o 2 'V I , Sf? 1 A f Ixji f I ,l .xkxli 11 17' 5 I, 'gran J. .f Rafi ' S X ' L ' L, hgh i f ,,-, n g Q -Armor fx I i Y . ,lr X . . . , iv, V 2 in I 7 . ' N, 1 3 ' o . Gefflfi- ' L A 1 1 If ff! I X . , o o o o E I III .l x x ' X w . D PUR A SQUARE DEAI IN QUALITY PRICE SERVICE THE GRISWUID SPURTING GUUDS C0 Compllmenfs of B. SI ECEL COMPANY Qzlgfirg. tmmti S PURTINC GOIIDS-lforrzilzirzirzb 420 CONC RATUI ATIUNS il IP PARENTS I DLTROIT UNIVERHTY Sf H001 N1 X1 Y W 1 7 , J . x .fini tl gf' tlw Class of 'fl 44 I a 1 'Y ' Nl N1 V , ,, J , H W Rlplxel dc Q0 IVIAI.-I-S-l-ERS J DETROIT MICHIGAN SPORT COATS SEERSUCKERS SPORT SHIRTS SLACKS SPORT SHOES Compliments of a VO II F"e"d KILGORE and HURD T259 Washnglo Blvd De-roll I 'IRAUB BHUIIII HS 81 IU 1111111 SIIHISIILI lzs Washington Boulevard at Clifford Delroll Michigan Established T857 Telephone RA 5409 I - R mee N I 1 , , o o f , 0 I I I I ff.S'Il'.f'IHllsllllfl lS76 I I ' I I 7 f I I I I f:4'lIfll'llll'll.N f,llIfIIf1'l'N I i n . ,I ' I I 1 " r T ' 41 '1 N . J L A . I I JJ'JJ'S.kI. 'mn' l- , 75 Compliments of THE GROSSE POINTE PRINTING CO. 15121 Kercheval Grosse Pomte, 30 Mlchlgan Compliments of THE STEIN HARDWARE CO. Dealers in Lowe Brothers Palnts and Varnlshes 18626 8 Mack Avenue Grosse Ponnte Farms Mrchugan Phone Tuxedo 2 7740 GRUSSE PUINTE REAL ESTATE 16840 Ke rcheval Ave KENNETH L MOORE CO Nlagara 9200 JUVENILE AND SPORTS FOOTWEAR Kercheval Near Cadreux Grosse Ponnte Offlce Nlagara 0671 Excavatmg Sewers Water Moms Sea aIIs S dewulks ea Sho el Re tals O T acto Renta s Teetaert 8. Wybo Construction Co General Contractors Cyrnel O Teetaert Nlaga a 4299 Offce 470 Manor Ave 920 Neff Road G osse Po nte Farms 30 M ch G osse Po nte 30 M ch Grosse Polntes Favornte Snack spot Featurnng Mrlk Shakes Frosted Root Beer Sweltzers Ice Cream Lunch B G CSODETTE Owned and Operated by Babe and Chas Stackman 369 Flsher Road Opposrte Grosse Pomte Hugh I I . . . I , I I I I I , . . I I . I I I I I I I 1 O 41 . u I 1 Paving 0 w 0 'I I - . St m v n r r I , I I I O I I . ' I I ll ll r I I r i , I . r I , I , ARTHUR 1. PASELK K O P P 16926 KERCHEVAL ' NI 8900 73 Kerchevol Ave Grosse Ponnte Forms 30 Detront Mnchngcm pepper and blockert, unc ffm Lzzzem 17026 KERCHEVAL AVE TUxedo 2 6460 OSS N MPLIMENTSO FRIE 'TX Graduation Gifts EDW J PONGRACZ JR Watchmaker and Jeweler 17008 Kerchevol Ave Grosse Pomte Cnty Near Notre Dome 30 Mnchugon 355 FISHER ROAD ' i- Grosse Pointe s Fmest Food Shop l X PROMPT DELIVFRY SERVICE Phone TU 2 5100 7 . 1.1 Y ' on E Pol TE - CO F A ND fum nlmwnls I Frlenfl QI' ll BRUCE WIGLE CO IIUMHINI Ill' KIINK 15304 KERCHEVAL 9117 HAMILTON at Beaconst1eld at Cla rmou t G osse Pon te 30 Detrot 2 msPArcH PRINTING co EAST SIDE COAL 111814 Jefferson Ave E Murray 9052 Gnd We Prlnt the Trlongle 6445 Marcus STEPHEN M CONNOR Phone PL 9200 SWEENEY AND MQQRE INC Real Estate Consultants 1 1100 Penobscot Bdlg Randolph 4666 ' N 0 l ' ' - If ' ' I Rl'ISllll'IN'l'lAl, 1 1I0l1ll1l1CllCl.U, - lNllllS'l'Rl.U, i n r 'n , i, K , . woonwmzn AT MONTCALM APPAREL QUALITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN D:sfmchve Clothing and Furnlshmgs Young Men I I wml Proper 5 Comphments GROSSE POINTE GARAGE O F A Complinmrzts N For Men and A qf ll K 1 ' V W 9 + N A ' v Cf ffl 1' Jim libs 11 .lvl ll!! 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Seven Mile Road Detroit O f I I I C DETROIT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL AND GROSSE POINTE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL TWO OUTSTANDING PRIVATE SCHOOLS UNDER ONE MANAGEMENT SERVING THE DETROIT AREA Grosse Pomte Country Day School IFOUNDED 19151 GROSSE POINTE MICHIGAN THE NURSERY SCHOOL Boys and gurls accepted from 3 to 5 years of age THE LOWER SCHOOL Boys and gurls from klndergarten through thlrd grade THE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Glrls from fourth grade through slxth grade THE UPPER SCHOOL Glrls from seventh through twelfth grade if Detrolt UHIVGISIIY School CFOUNDED 18995 COOK ROAD GROSSE POINTE WOODS MICHIGAN A Country Day School Preparang Boys for College INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Boys fourth grade through evghth grade HIGH SCHOOL Boys nlnth grade through twelfth grade THE GROSSE POINTE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL and THE DETROIT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL are ranked among the fine prnvate schools of Ameruca The physncal facllutnes avallable the emlnence of the faculty and the careful selectlon of the student body comblne to guve unusual advantages to the boys and gurls accepted N 9 aaoa LAMBERT F WHETSTONE BS NI ga 4 40 Headmaster I I I S 'OSI If XR J I I I I V O , . la ara - r ' - a ra 0 im X he School of Tomorrow Wzll Know the School of Today ca sethroghth pgs fths l lbypc ture and word th e ntf ld y f 1943 1944 y r k play and part Clpat on n World War II PA U N V IO 85W nf OOO Be u u e a e 0 iannua are recordcc i- eve u aso -- ,ouwor. i' ii . RVICE ENGRAVING CUM NY P BLICATIO S DI IS N .Ca ield Avenue-IJetroit1,Michigan 4 IIIUQIYIIIIIS K X NK ll I IKM ,X HHIQRVII !,!'Ux!!lI1L'!' uf ww, yrmw no wa. -gn-'Wm 'ww W , :L 1.5 ., ' A-, f ' , , - . H.. .,, .,. , , f , AX , V 'f ,gfQ,.... .. 1 " S . ,,,,. ...A .. - f 1" .C-WT EJ' .N , , ,.- ,, ff f W, i. . 5' Q 1 lk x il V, f 3 5 M. ,-. '- i .H i I MX 7:1146 V , :QV N V: 4 4- - 1? ,N -. H f -v A , 3 ,-sw -. V .F . H3 fb -M .I E44 , --gr' I J I :fm ' 44.4 L"XJ 65159 C-X457 Qgiiwwi f XX wx lx-H-'Xi l5'nl f 15 ,III Q13 5 2 'Of an u 5 A V 9 I f M fi "' o N ' -94 'Ti xl x 7 H I9 nu I LM v : 4 GNL K7 mfg, i 'fl 333 if ' 'N f c Z 411' ' -TW O If i' D W W J YK F ri Ulf. X Q -- W 'arm' im ufff' 3' x "' . -fl sv 4 '-f R x ',4"""' wwf' Tj In . ZLWX . ,.... U D g

Suggestions in the University of Detroit Jesuit High School - Cub Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

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