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Text from Pages 1 - 243 of the 1953 volume:

GY OF 06 5' 144, S 52 GRAMM M AP PH1L0c'Locsc , fr-' 5- 7 nh If ,jf I A 1 RHETOR MATHEM LEETHICA PHYSCM as 55 jke 676144 of 7953 Meaenfa . V -va .W 'QR J , mwggf. 47 W ggi Q LN!" V R' y. 3 gs-Ni :wwf--f - ' QF -1 .J - Q- fwg. 9,43 Y- '- fzvi . mi' P? 4 K.:hf35Nlf!5X?' 2 f 2 . H FQ.,-1 ,Q.Aif.'k i 1 ' J ' ' Q , '- rr X ' " J' - 2 M 'AQ-:ff V -- f .. S N In "Q U Ay I 4v.f'x :W JM .f - .wr ff . 1- f 'ff -f -. . r 1 'v :W ' M .V-2.5 ' , 4 f an - 4 r -' . ,.v.- '- fx .5 14. . . -fp .-ml, 1 .M . xg. , .,,s,,. :ff if 175,73 +A 5 ,, .x .14 rnaf- vw f 4 .V uw v NL. . . A 454 ' F -fn mx wg! n- . Vx- ' ,V - , .M we, . ,JV . ,gf yfyifv.: ' ., ' ' .Aw- fiffwf-31w .. HE- My., - -Wim. if A - . .Eg ips' jg 7 ' ,'.1-bfggggxyj ' - .. V l " Q .. .1'- 554, gif il, ' ., K .1 vp 3 .. ,- ,rf-:'1?:12b. K 1 5 . A, -I. .Q ...MV I-H, ' ,. .ff"' ff. . 7 , ,Vat ,N v .St 4 X .,. pm. wgiyfv, , 1 like-' " Sv, mf , . - A 8 ' vs .Q f f Q- gf ,fl ' "'- ' ,X if A Af if hw 44 , J., .W .-.W . VH ,- f fir. L , 3v!afi s'EfFrZ5S 7 ' x 4 , -nr. . 1 .V -. 4 ' +, " 'fam Q1 ?'g,.':2'f - A Q44- ,fm . , , ' L 3? 41 , KI' 1 ,X Vg 4: X699 4 .zvqh . ..V 1 ww, sf , HIE 'A 2 6 I gig f 2 Y S gf "ff N... f, . M .,.,. ,...,.... , -. . W fx Q.,N.. .5,,, ,. . W f : .. J fx 'M QTQNY ?Agf!,R wg Y My A f W1 X vfxf? J .1 ' x fflfciw .. Wifi. , .' my .1 .k ,M-+ , Q ' . -if .w 1 , V! ,, if , Zz '.,.- fu v" W . f H 2' f Q , X5 N1 W , Wei. fini? -4:1-'-Q:www-v:..e: - , .. . X UNIVERSITY OE DELAWARE NEWAEE Q UEEAWAAE DAVID SHEEHAN Editor-in-Chief JAN ET SHAW Literary Editor NANCY GOYNE DORRANCE BARRELL Sports Editors ORION SCHUPP, III Photography Editor JOANN ROTH I Art Editor DORIS SIMON Senior Editor HENRI BERTUCH Business Manager QW? OLISZAM! 9 iDEDlC TIG ln keeping vvith a lite-long interest in the advancement ot agriculture, Dean Schuster has encouraged young men and vvomen to make their careers in this tieldi This is the cornerstone tor tuture agricultural progress. Largely through Dean Schuster's untiring ettorts the School ot Agriculture has been built up, its program extended, and its enrollment increased As a result, the school has out-grovvn its old auarters and the spacious Agricultural l-lall has been constructed to provide tor the needs ot an expanding tield. fThrough his vitalityand interest the School ot Agriculture has come to rank high among other institutions ot its kind. Your years ot earnest ettort have not been in vain, and the Agricultural building vvill be a tunctional tribute to your guidance and interest, ln recognition ot all you have done, vve dedicate this V953 issue ot the Blue Hen to you, Dean George L. Schuster. FOREWQRD A sradium . . . a modern Agriculiural Hall . . .. a new Home Ec- Educarion building . . . addirional dorms . . . Expansion! Wi+h 'rhis cons+ruc'rion, 'rhe U. of D. campus is being buili up ro mee+ 'ihe needs of a rapidly growing srudenf body, fhe demands of a developing s+a+e, and 'rhe requiremenis of a complex socie'ry.. This is a +ransi+ional period in Universiry life. Realizing rhis, your "Blue Hen" has rried 'ro capfure changing campus scenes. Therefore, in ihe fuiure, when glancing 'rhrough 'rhe following pages, if is hoped rhai' 'rhey will help 'io recall +he ac+ivi+ies of 52-53. Anorher link in 'l'he chain of expansion ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES ........ ATHLETICS .......... CLUBS .............. DORMITORIES ,....... FRATERNITIES ........ HONORARIES ...... SENIORS ...... ADVERTISEMENTS CO TENTS II I7 93 68 I3I I53 I73 I83 227 Seven BUILDINGS IN WHICH OLD COLLEGE RECITATION HALL - W' f ' Q f ,f .- f. Mmywngl, ..,.,.:: ,,wf,.:s-,fy 777, WOLF HALL VVE HAVE LEARNED EVANS HALL MEMORIAL LIBRARY BROWN LABORATORY OUR PRQFESSIQNS T ADIVIINISTRATIQIXI V!! ,ii-1 Z f etfrfllge rom our rediclenf PRESIDENT JOHN A PERKINS A graduaTing senior appreciaTes The ineviTabiliTy oT Tennyson's sug- gesTion ThaT we "l.eT The world spin Torever down The ringing grooves oT change." When change is menlrioned, Too oTTen we Think only oT physical and maTerial maniTesTaTions oT iT like new buildings on The campus. The greaTesT alTeraTion ThaT has Taken place on our campus in The lasT Tour years is in each oT you. When you appeared in Newark in The Tall oT I949, whaT a big consTrucTion proiecT you presenTed To The TaculTy. All concerned have worked diligenTlyg a greaT change has been wroughT. You are presenTed To The world This spring, The Class oT I953, our qualiTy producT aTTer Tour years oT cusTom building. The very TacT oT your educaTion will mean ThaT sTill more changes will be made-This Time by you. You will discover new producTs and improve exisTing ones. You will suggesT new and beTTer ways oT doing Things. All This implies, as change ever does, a greaT peril and a greaT opporTuniTy. The TirsT will be avoided and The second realized iT The changes you sTrive Tor and accomplish are noT only maTerial ones buT are also improvemenTs in The social, The spiriTual and The culTural liTe ThaT lies beTore your collegiaTe generaTion. BQARD GF TRUSTEES 3 Officers of fhe Board HUGH M. MORRIS .,,....,.... ,,.,,.....A,..,,.... ..,.. P r esideni J WARREN C. NEWTON... ,............. Vice-Presideni N JOHN P. CANN ,......,,...., A.,,.,.. S ecrelary-Treasurer Execu+ive HUGH M. MORRIS, Chairman Harland A. Carpenlrer Mrs. Alberl W. James R. R. M. Carpenier, Jr. John G. Leach Henry B. DuPon+ Warren C, Newlon H. E. DuPon+ Richard S. Rodney Hyland P. George C. M. A, Siine J. P. Cann, Secrelary IEX o1Cliciol JUDGE HUGH M. MORRIS Presidem' of +he Board AGRICULTURE HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS Warren C. Newion, Chairman R. R. M. Carpenler, Jr., Chairman Elberf N. Carvel Harry C. Johnson J. P. Cann Mrs. Alberi' W. James J. Allen Frear, Jr. Preslon C. Townsend John G. Leach Arihur E. Walker INSTRUCTION ARTS AND SCIENCE, EDUCATION, AND HOME ECONOMICS Harland A. Carpenler, Chairman . W. W. Harringfon Richard S. Rodney MVS- AIbef+ W- James- Cllalfman G. Burien Pearson N. Maxson Terry Harland A. Carpenler Mrs. Charles P. Townsend G. Franklin Waples John G. Leach EDUCATION OF WOMEN ENGINEERING M CI IF' rs. arence Fraim, C airman Henry B' Dupont Clqalrman Bessie B. Collins, Dean ol Women, Secrelary C' Douglass Buck C M A-lygafld P' George Mrs. Eranlc R. Grier Mrs. George Rigby ' ' ' Jrme Mrs. T. Muncy Keiih Mrs. Peler Whaley FINANCE HONORARY DEGREES Hyland P. George, Chairman , , Waller J. Beadle Joseph L. Marshall , W' Harrlngwn' Clmlrman George M. Fisher G. Burron Pearson Quhaema Oklnra e Rmllard S' Rodney Harold W. Horsey J. P. Cann, Secrelary JO n A' Pe' 'ns C' M' A' Shne GROUNDS AND BUILDINGS PRIZES AND SCHOLARSHIPS H, F, DuPOn-lr, Chairman Harold W. Horsey, Chairman C. Douglass Buck Warren C. Newlon Harland A. Carpenler Edna Fredrick Franlc M. Jones H. Rodney Sharp Mrs. Alberi W. James E. Wakefield Smilh Thirfeen ADMINISTRATDRS i DR. ALLAN P. COLBURN DR. FRANCIS H. SQLHRE ProvosT Dean oT UniversiTy ln I938 Dr. Colburn became chairman oT The UniversiTy's Chemical Engineering DeparTmenTg Through his eTTorTs we are building up our research and exTension Teaching programs. l-le was made assisTanT To The presidenT in l947, and in 1950 became acTing presidenT Tor several monThs. l-le is now provosT oT The UniversiTy. Originally Trom Madison, Wisconsin, Dr. Colburn was graduaTed and also received his docToraTe Trom The UniversiTy oT Wisconsin. For nine years he was employed as a research chemical engineer by The du PonT ExperimenTal STaTion. One OT Dr. Colburn's many posiTions is chairman OT The l-leaT TransTer Division OT The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers. Civic organizaTions also engage his Time: he is direcTor oT The Delaware ChapTer oT The American Red Cross, and a member OT The WilmingTon RoundTable oT The NaTional ConTerence oT Chris- Tians and Jews. IncidenTally, ice slcaTing and slceTch- ing are Two oT Dr. Colburn's hobbies. FourTeen Francis l-l. Squire began his career aT The Univer- siTy of Delaware as an insTrucTor in The l-lisTory DeparTmenT and sTayed To become our respecTed and admired Dean oT ArTs and Science. Coming here when he did. soon aTTer his gradua- Tion Trom Yale UniversiTy, Dean Squire has wiT- nessed many OT The changes ThaT have Talcen place on campus. ln parTicular,i he has seen The School oT ArTs and Science grow Trom a small beginning To iTs presenT proporTions. Besides his duTies as head oT The largesT school oT The UniversiTy, Dean Squire is a Training oTTicer oT The Delaware BaTTalion oT The Naval Reserve, and is a member oT The American l'lisTorical Asso- ciaTion, l-lisTorical SocieTy oT Delaware, Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Kappa Tau, Lincoln Club oT Delaware, and Torch Club. l-Iis hobbies include reading, music. hisTory, and Tennis. ADMINISTRATORS MISS BESSIE B. COLLINS MR. JOHN E. HOCUTT Dean oT Women Dean oT Men Our Dean oT Women. Miss Bessie Collins. was a newcomer To The UniversiTy's TaculTy in SepTember, buT she has already Tormed Triendly Ties wiTh The women sTudenTs. Miss Collins is a naTive oT Norwood, Pennsylvania. She Took undergraduaTe work aT Ursinus and The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania Trom which she received The degree MasTer oT Science. While in college, she was elecTed To MorTar- board, Phi Lambda TheTa, and DelTa Kappa Gamma. The diversiTy oT her career has seen her as a board member oT The Philadelphia branch oT The A.A.W.W., a member oT The personnel com- miTTee oT The STudenT ChrisTian MovemenT oT The Middle ATlanTic Region, and secreTary oT The Penn- sylvania AssociaTion oT Deans. She TaughT aT The lllman School Tor Children which is sponsored by The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania's School oT Educa- Tion. BeTore coming To The UniversiTy oT Delaware, Miss Collins was AssisTanT Dean oT Women aT The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania. Dean Collins is also inTeresTed in music, sporTs, and gardening. We exTend our hands in warmesT welcome and draw you inTo our UniversiTy liTe. FiTTeen A new personaliTy appeared on The UniversiTy oT Delaware campus when John E. l-locuTT assumed his duTies as Dean OT STudenTs in SepTember 1952. Formerly Dean oT Men and AssociaTe ProTessor oT ChemisTry aT William and Mary College in Virginia, Dean l-locuTT has TiT righT inTo The scheme oT Things here and Tills his posiTion well. Besides coordinaTing The sTudenT acTiviTies oT The men and women, Dean l-locuTT has worked hard over plans Tor The dining hall and Tor The proposed STudenT Union Building, in line wiTh his endeavors To help solve The problems oT The UniversiTy and To raise iTs sTandards. ln addiTion To his adminisTraTive duTies, Dean l-locuTT Tinds Time To be The TaculTy advisor oT The S.G.A., and a Training oTFicer oT The Naval Reserve. l'le is a member oT Phi BeTa Kappa, Omicron Delfa Kappa, Sigma Nu, and The American Chemical SocieTy. In his spare Time, Dean l-locuTT enioys reading, and specTaTor sporTs. MR. MILTON ROBERTS Coordinalror oT STudenT ATTairs Mr. RoberTs, beTTer known as MilT, is Trom Annapolis, Maryland. l-le received a Bachelor oT Science degree aT Johns Hopkins UniversiTy. Mill did graduaTe work in Spanish aT Middlebury College and The UniversiTy oT Delaware where he also Taughl Spanish. During World War ll, he served wiTh The inTanTryg received Three baTTle sTars and The Purple l-learT. MilT leads an acTive liTe, Tor being Trosh TooTball coach and varsiTy lacrosse coach is no sedanTary job. l-le has a library OT TooTball and lacrosse books which he has been collecTing since l932. Time ouT Tor relaxaTion means wriTing songs or conversing in Spanish. AT Delaware Mill became inTeresTed in personnel work. This inTeresT maTureol inTo his presenT posiTion as AssisTanT To The Dean oT STudenTs. l-lis aim is To see ThaT every U. oT D. sTudenT has an oppor- TuniTy To enioy college liTe. The name "MilT RoberTs" has come To be associaTeol wiTh a warm Triendliness and a readiness To help wilh any problem. MRS. GERALDINE M. WYATT PlacemenT Bureau DirecTor Mrs. WyaTT was born in ST. Louis, Missouri, and aTTended WashingTon UniversiTy. Drama has always held her inTeresT. While in college she parTicipaTed in musicals and drama producTions, and was also a member oT ST. Louis' LiTTle Thealer Group. AT presenT she is acTive in The UniversiTy Drama Group. Mrs. WyaTT is a member oT The Pi BeTa Pi sororiTy and The honorary socieTy. BeTore coming To The UniversiTy she held a posiTion wiTh an adver- Tising agency in New York. She is now head oT The PlacemenT Bureau. ADMINISTRATORS CTI ITIES Q , I - ! S 3 Q +e1'ff2M 6 W' If Y " 'fx' ff . S W Q J 74 af Q u T Qt reg 9 Qi S X xx "1-1-iff-s-+ 5'---xTl mgififrafion . Are you eaJring in Ken Commons? ll 1.-f Regis+ran+s en1'er lasf mile Eigh+een CL ldfefblble fo OUJ' . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LeTT To RighT: PresidenT, STanley Lowiclcig Vice-PresiclenT, Jacqueline l-laclceTT. Missing: SecreTary, Paul Braungarh Treasurer, William Hamalcer. jI'26Al'l'lCLl'L Jaze al ATTer a Tine and exciTing summer, we Treshmen Turned To a new milesTone in our lives. We were really going To college .... We were Tilled wiTh much oT The uncerTainTy, oi The gruelling days ahead .... WhaT do we geT? Lines, lines, and more lines .... Dinlcs, signs, and handTulls oT ominous looking papers and pamphleTs .... And money . . . Why, iT wenT TasTer Than waTer Through a seive. . ElecTion oT class co-chairmen, Allan lMilcel Ferver, and Jacqueline lJaclciel l-lackeTT .... FirsT hour exams .... Whew, iusT made iT .... Frosh-Soph Field Day, and did we ever clobber Them. No more 'v:,.s.aa.s..w.... Freshman Class Officers dinks. "RaT, sir!" . . . R.O.T.C .... BuT even ThaT was loeTTer Than Korea .... The Freshman-Sopho- more Dance was a loig success, plenTy oT people, oodles oT Tun .... Boy! Was ChrisTmas vacaTion a pleasanT relieT Trom The boolcs .... Finals, There's noThing else in The world like Them. Bless Them! . . . Freshmen class elecTion's resulTsq STanley lgowiclci, presidenTg Jacqueline l-laclceTT, vice-presidenTp Paul BraungarT, secreTary1 William l-lamalcer, Treasurer. . . . Rushing, house parTies, and pledging To com- pleTe The TraTerniTy Tun .... We Freshmen aren'T a load loT, we hope we have proven ourselves. NineTeen Heidmfwl FIELD D Y! I. Lookir us Ma! 4. Sophs go down affer a rough pull 2. Nose ro 'Hwe ground, girls! 5. Sophs hang for rheir crimes 3. Scrambled eggspl 6.. How do 'Huey fir? 7. Oh, oh a casualfyl Tweniy Farmers and Farmereffes A friendly shovel Chug-a-lug champ! Wha'l' harmony! inkrmaf afmodla ere af Cizbancegi Cliff! 60! ege ourri Thursday a'r II:O0, 'rhey locked The scrounge! Lefsl4a e Yea Teanm CLOCKWISE, From Top: K Knigh+en, S. Conner, M. Reinke, G. Cloward, L. Wesi, M. Baldwin, R. Horne, J. Leary. fLey worL Lara! fo A2810 Alairif AigA Twenfy-iwo FIRST ROW: R. Horne, J. Leary, P. Golfer, E. Bosse'Hi. SECOND ROW: K. Knighfon, G. Cloward, M. Reinke, M. J. Guenveur, B. Marfin, L. Wesi. AN ALL FOR THE FIGHTI G BLUE HENS! 1 CSNWQ K 060,770 . ex f I ye XC vox l lvl ff,4Q3jX YC6 - WKV",'?QJ KN ,. W fa U' X KOKQO I 3 .W ,"L 5 Mighty Blue Hen. fAe wow a uifiigk :Sign . THE MOVING IGLOO THE LEASH BROKE U. of D.'s DOG CATCHER Y T 'ly'F 0 greaf aloof Jlflifif THE WINDSOR HENS DELAWARE M '53 U. OF D. AVENGER Friday night is PEPFEST TIME When dorm spirit heightens torches ere d-blaze trdternity banners ere unturled end 0 Cdrnpus is dll decked out A3 'NXRSSQ E ANNE Our First . .. .MEMORIES FOR MARIANNE Homecoming Queen Marianne Heinke 5.59 2 ,152 . A. wi wifi? 55. f W S gssfvlof 5662 5 '1955 5 - Sophomore Class Officers PresidenT Dave Menser, SecreTary MarTha Thomas, Vice-Presldenl' Micky Blaine, Treasurer Frank GyeTvan ad .g0PAOn'l0l'e1f ule gain? V COHFJQHCQ Q l REMEMBER By A. Soph'O'more l remember, l remember l remember, l remember The days OT Sophomore CourT, A chilly auTumn eve The Freshmen quaklng ln Their shoes, BeTore The Uconn TooTball game, Rules oT every sorT Our car parade did weave To make Them Teel The "RaTs" They were. A paTTerned sTream oT colors brlghT Then came The TaTal Tleld day All up and clown each sTreeT. We bowed: The Tug oT war was losT, We showed The UDels we've goT pep The Frosh were here To sTay. And really can'T be beaT. l remember, l remember The leaders oT our class: Dave and Mickey and MarTy and Frank Joined Frosh and Soph "En Masse" To work TogeTher on The ChrlsTmas dance. Under The shining sTar, We danced To Ray Mc'kinley's band. Tl-lAT'S Al.l. WE'VE DONE SO FAR! TwenTy-nine THE B PL ringing wi e acc aim YERS START THE IVIALE ANIMAL Cleola ..... Ellen Turner Tommy Turner ....,. Palricia Slanley ,4.,.... Wally Myers ............,....,,. Dean Frederick Damon ,,... Michael Barnes .......,..,. Joe Ferguson ..,....,....... Mrs. Blanche Damonm. Ed Keller .,,...,........... Myrfle Keller ,... "Nulsy" Miller ........,., .. Newspaper Reporier .,..., CAST O ..........RuTh l-lahne ........4.,.....Judi'rh Kase .....,....l-lowarcl Seebach ........Marilyn Baclaora ...........James Sabo .,..,...William Harlqins ........James Lewis ..,......Eclwin Phillips ,..,.,...Pxnn Armsrrong .,4,...l-larvey Porler ...,....Mary Ellen Bull ....4....,6eorge Cavey ..,......,John Ryan cfoier 30, 31, Wouemief 1 Thirly They all sa'I' lisiening THEIR TVVENTY-EIRST SEASON rom camlaufi crifico Cur+ain call TVVELFTH IGHT Member 11, 12, I3 The 'rwins discoverecl l Thiriy-one Musician Orsino Curio ..... Valenfineu. Isl' Sailor ..... 2nd Sailor ..,. Caplaln .....,,..... Viola ..... ..,....,....,..... Sir Toby Belclw .,..., .,...,.,,. Maria .............,...,..,,.,...,.., Sir Anclre Fesie ........ w Agueclieek ,4.,,..... Olivia .....,.. Malvolio .,,.,.. Isl Lacly. 2nd Lady .......,. Seioasfian Anfonio. Officer ...,... Priesl .... . .........Dick Lolirnann .,.Georqe Miichell ................Dave Allen ,,....,.Jol'in Granl .,...,.........James Sabo ,......,Roloer+ Wilcox Richard Greenslein .........,..Jucli+l'i Kase ..H...,.Ricl1ard Evans ......Ann Arms+rong ........George Cavey ,..Ricl'iard Whealey ....,.,Julia Jefferson .....,..Josepli Camp ......,..Virginia Wells , .4...... Frances Geasey , ......,. William Andrews ..,.4.....Rober+ Wilcox ..,..,.....James Sabo .........Daye Allen INTERFRATERNITY 1 E VVEEKE D ' November 21, 22,2 s l i 3 . 3 ' r 7- A re9ular QeT'TogC"w' - - - fhe ivy fwines The finishing 'Pouches The beginning of a wonderful weekend ,.., f' ' ' .574 XL ff zz" ,x I , . ,1- X .f :KN 2 5 - i 5 1iiii,. ,A ' ii ' WINTER FANTASY Q may W CHRISTMAS STORY asa cfk I TTT l S Xi X 5611 w 54? f E6 X X Q Joy To The World ChrisTmas spiriT on The Delaware campus came inTo The Scrounge via The iuke-loox's "l Saw lvlommie Kissing SanTa Claus," and sTayed To make This The besT "ChrisT- mas on Campus." There was Teverish acTiviTy . . . planning parTies, decoraTing dorms and TraT houses, pracTicing Tor ChrisT- mas carols and programs, shopping and giTT-wrapping, and deluging The campus posT oTTice wiTh cards . . . plus cramming Tor hour TesTs, and wriTing lasT minuTe papers . . . The ChrisTmas Formal Te-aTured Ray lVlcKinley's orchesTra . . . Sunday The UniversiTy Choir presenTed The Messiah To a Tull house. ATTer digesTing The special ChrisTmas dinner served in The bedeclced dining halls, everyone swarmed To MiTc:hell Hall Tor The A Cappella's TerriTic perTormance oT Amahl and The NighT VisiTors. Then, up campus Tor The TirsT carol sing around The TirsT UniversiTy ChrisTmas Tree, beTween Brown and l-larTer Halls. AT The end everyone rushed back To pack. There were pleasanT memories oT "ChrisTmas on Campus" and an eager anTicipaTion oT "ChrIsTmas aT Home." ThirTy-'five Chdidfnzafi :Seddon on camlaud 1. "Joy to the worId" 2. Brass choir plays carois 3. Hi, Santa! 4. Christmas Serenade? 5. Well, what did you get? MM 1 10 6. Starry-eyed and agape at Christmas time! 7. Snow time f ffun ana! flfzingd fo remem er EVENIIXI ITH THE C DETS BOB FISHER, DOUG HALLER BO GUEQUIERRE Cofhairmen Tickef Chairman DON VANE Publicify I. A bouque+ for Hue Queen 3. Clofhes defail , 2.. Scabbarcl and Blade inclucfees 4. And H' was free! Thiriy-eighi' file ineuifagi . . . FINAL EXAIVIS Finals! The schedules loomed large. So did Jrlwe +erm's unopened books! Besides Jrbere was Thai Franlric scramble For noles From classes missed during 'rl'1e Spring Fever Epidemic. No-Doz . . . black coFFee . . . one hundred-wall bulbs . . . alarm clock . . . ready To knuckle down and absorb lwo monl'l'1s work in one niglil! . . . Tlwese were by Far llwe worsl finals yel! . . . As a marler of Facl, 2.0 is a Terrific average! l A If fi-f ,,f xi, , I lxliiil .. RKKRIN-F + X A y i ff ll Q Y E I A sfudy in concen+ra1'ion Smile while you can! Familiar? 0 P 4'-me ? , g f A2122 The caT's meow T My lady loves To dance Smolce . . . smiles . . . handshalies . . . hopes . . . lasT-minuTe daTes. 'l'haT's how iT sTarTed. For Two weeks The "hopeTuls" eagerly waTched Their mailboxes, buzzed Trom house To house Tor parTies and smolcers, and chewed Their nails To The quicks. The rushees were all keyed-up. ATTer all, choosing a TraTerniTy is no small iolo. lT's a liTe-Time conTracT! And seaTed in The rnidsT OT scaTTered cigareTTe buTTs, The haggard TraTerniTy men hurried To decide on Their pledges. More Talks . . . losT sleep . . . and rushing. Finally The big day came: The lisTs oT pledges were posTed. Rushing was over. CongraTulaTions, men! S O N - February 11 to February 14 For+y-one I. The "Baker" Drill Team mail 3. We had some Tun Tool' line . . . Fire! A MANS LIFE FORT BLISS No senior cadeT will TorgeT The hoT summer aT l:orT Bliss or The equally "hoT" weekends aT Juarez. l-low abouT iT? Don'T you remember . . . "iT's roTTen" . . . H48-49-50" . . . "all TenT Tlaps up" . . . "puT iT in your TooT locker" .V . . "BaTTery B- seaTs" . . . "l-ley Garbage" . . . "alrighT you girls wipe ThaT silly liTTle smile oTT yo' Tace" . . . Then There was "Mickey Mouse" and his "When The SainTs Come Marching Horne," CaTain Morey's morale building programs, and CapTain Cockrill's number Taking. H l.eT's hope ThaT aTTer The nexT Two years we'll be able To Think oT l:orT Bliss as a "wonderTul experience." FORT MCCLELLAN "BeauTiTul ForT McClellan"3 so read The pre- camp inTormaTion disTribuTed To The naive Delaware Chemical CadeTs. BuT The CadeT's disillusionmenT vanished aTTer a Tew days aT camp. They were inTro- duced To The crawling. biTing insecTs oT Alabama. The TerriTic souThern heaT and humidiTy, and The ways oT Army liTe. ATTer spending six weeks in Dixie, especially in The land oT opporTuniTy, The Yankee CadeTs had only one quesTion, "Why in The world did The NorTh ever TighT The Civil War?" 2. "Mickey Mouse" gives ouT The 4. Ready on The leTT . . . Ready on The righT . . . Ready on The Tirlng The comical boys LeTT This is a gun crew? Righi' BuH' down! This year The Reserve OTTicers' Training Corps aT The UniversiTy oT Delaware enrolled 700 cadeTS in The Basic and Advanced R.O.T.C. courses. The TirsT year Basic course sTresses miliTary Training common To all branches oT The Army. AT The conclusion oT The TirsT year, R.C.T.C. sTudenTs may selecT Training in eiTher The Chemical Corps or ArTillery. Basic R.O.T.C. sTudenTs who apply and are selecTed Tor The Two year Advanced R.O.T.C. course are awarded lVliliTary Scholarships, which provide pay and allowances in excess oT 5300. per I i . IT THE R.0.T.C. school year. The summer camp aTTended loeTween The junior and senior year is The mosT inTeresTing oT The enTire Advanced course. While aT camp. The R.O.T.C. sTudenT receives S75 per monTh, board, uniTorms, medical aTTenTion, and is provided TransporTaTion To and Trom The camp. All graduaTes Tor The R.O.T.C. program, aTTer successTully compleTing Tour years oT academic work aT college level, are Tendered commissions as Second LieuTenanT. UniTed STaTes Army Re- serve. Fori-y-Three Student Government Association . . . l l lf. I.. WILLIAM NICOLL BARBARA MARTIN President Vice-President Ot course, you could probably tell us more about your S.G.A. than we can can possibly put down here, but iust to retresh our memories let's review the many things we've done together. This year has been a transition period. We now have a ditterent taculty-student relationship under the guidance ot a Dean ot Students, John E. I-locutt, who has also been our advisor. As usual we have operated through a network ot committees whose reports help us to move with greater etliiciency. These committees investigate problems and present recommendations and solu- tions to the S.G.A. tor action. The Standing Com- mittees ot the group are the Student Union Com- mittee, the Elections Committee, and the Finance Committee. Some ot the committees are composed ot taculty and students, while others are students alone. MARIANNE REINKE RICHARD OKONOW Recording Secretary Treasurer September's biggest problem is the allocation ot tunds to the clubs and student organizations which request support. I guess you know that this year we allotted a total ot 520,520.00 Our Social Committee successtully slashed the budget, yet still produced tine dances. Women's Attairs Committee worked zealously, not only to obtain an extension ot week-end lates, but also to improve Women's Playbill rules. The birth ot women's suttrage at the U. ot D. came in the torm ot a ticket nominated and backed by South Campus. The Campus Radio Station Committee worked hard to "put Delaware on the air." The Student Government, in cooperation with the taculty, worked out a temporary student cheering section which will be improved upon next tall. In closing, let's not torget our hard-working Student Union Committee and their S.U.B. lStudent Union Building-get on the ballll Spring Carnival . . . and then let's send a vote ot thanks to our Student Government Association ot '52-'53. JOAN GREENFIELD ..,............... Chairman of Women's Affairs PETER RUNKLE. ,..... ..,............... , .Corresponding Secretary and Chmn. ot Student Union Committee RICHARD CHAPPELL .........,..........,,...........,.... Social Chairman SIDNEY BALICK .....,..........,...,...,.., Chairman ot Men's Atfairs Iabsent from picturel in order to promote student activity" SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Harold Prettyman, Senior Representative: Mary Jane Guenveur, Vice-President, Senior Ciass: Richard LoI1mann, President, Senior Class. JUNIOR CLASS S.G.A. MEMBERS SOPHOMORE CLASS J. Leary, Vice-President: T. Fannon, S'G'A' MEMBERS P"95ICIen+? I'I0eY- Junior Class C. Fiery, Class Representative: M. R9P"95e""I'aI'Ve- Biaine, Vice-President: D. Menser, SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES C. Cook, Home Economics: A. ArneII, Agricuiture: P. MueIIer, Education: L. LiIIeIeI1t, Engineering: C. Rodriguez, A. Ferguson, Co-Arts and Science. President. Forty-ti ve FIRST: As 'lime goes by The climax of 'lhree weeks work! Walch lhose flappersl Women's lnterdorm Playbill . Whal's lickin'? I know l'm nol aboul lo blow up, buf The pasl week's aclivily has made me nervous . . . singin' inlo lhe wee hours of lhe morning . . . lick locks al all speecls . . . cardboard and painl' messing up my floors. Where's everybody . . . ll:OO o'clock anol slill my halls are emply. My oloor flips open. A mob ol giggling girls lakes over my Commons. Lighls flash, anol a shining cup graces my piano. My walls bulging wilh pride, l hear lhem shoul, "New Caslle's won The Playbill!" SECOND: School days freshman slylel Cheri February 23 and 24 l lolirily survey my neighbors. lh Jrhinlc oi il' all? They send congrerula- eY lions, seemingly conienl Jrhalr rheir girls did ' h' er, a good iolo, loo. Bur I hear a fainr w usp "Jus'r wair iill nexlr year! Lirrle Earon shakes wilh Jrhe Jrhrill of S ex coming in second. Warner and uss face each orher, bolh holding a claim for rhird place. cooly THIRD Hiel: Sussex's four seasons. esfonl Wha+'s in 'Phe baslce'r Music of 'rhe gods The dance was greail VVUMENS VVEEKE D COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Dance Chairman, Joan Greenfield Decoraiions Jacqueline l-laclserr Programs - Chaperones J oanna Conaway Elsa Milby Nancy Browning Rae Priesily Publiciiy Carolyn Weimer Mary Kaleel Ticlce+s Joan Parierson Mary Larkin lnvi+a+ions Pai Collins Jane Brennan Special Arrangemenis Mildred Blaine Ma ry Ann Lindale Forviy-eighi' March 20,2122 I. All +oge+her . . . hop, hop, hop! 2. l'lI 'rake some more-'I'ea, 'Thai' is 3. Friday a'r 2:00 p..m. 4. Waich my finger wi'rh 'I'ha+ hammer! 5. Music by +he Delmelodians 6.. Chowline . . . Warner s'ryle! MESH? E 52 HQ 5 P A R KL A 0 VK mrcaw.. am. Unimsm' GF namwma Mani-r 10, 11,1215 A144344 -1953 Daisy, The Maid hf 0 ,RI GS US A G MUSIC "Pre'Hy As a Pic1'ure" "We GoHa 'Be Free, The Eagle and Me Applega+e Family Gafhering Backstage E GI EER'S VVEEKE . . gee, buT you're a swell dancer D The "Slide Rule Gang" had a busy 52-53 season, and succeeded in displaying iTs engineer- ing TalenTs To a good advanTage. Some sTudy- ing was done on The side, buT The snap engi- neering courses leave plenTy oT Time Tor exTra world All The "Gang"-chemical, civil, elecTrical, and mechanical-combined Torces Tor The annual Engineer's Weekend - anoTher engineering TeaT," The Weekend was Topped OTT by a Ball Tor which The engineers Turned inTerior decora- Tors. NOT bad eiTherl Then, There was The regional chem. engineer's conTerence wiTh The U. oT D.'s engineers as hosTs. Tau BeTa Pi iniTiaTion was held in April aT The Hob Tea Room. ATTer a huge dinner and Tine Tellowship, seven up-and-coming rnen were broughT inTo The honored socieTy. 0 Q Fiffy-Two iusT a sample of whaT we can creaTe RGUIXID CAMPUS Guardians of fhe Scrounge! The adminis'l'ra+ion said ii' would make changes on campus Having a Coke a+ Rhodes Spike Jones, no doub'l'! Cenier A familiar figure Fifiy-'I'hr E6 C H E R R Y MAHJUBIE BRENNZ-KN R PRINCESS 0161953 Slips? 5 l J E Junior Class Glfioers Presidenf: Thomas Fannon, Vice-Presidenf: Janef Leary, Secrefary: Nancy lvlurphey, Treasurer: Theodore Zufz. . . And one more year fo go . . The Juniors we-fhe 54's All hail fo us, you Sophomores. Thaf means you Erosh and Seniors foo, For here's our record iusf for you! We have a sfore-if had ifs rufs, Buf guess who filled 'em-TEDDY ZUTZ! We Juniors had a Musical-'fwas larighf and new and fresh To whom do we owe ifs success?-why, GlNNY, GLENN, and PRES!-l! And when if came fo Eoofball Queen-fhis Junior sure has fans. Of whom may l be speaking sir? Who else buf MARIANNE! Carrie Prom fime and of course we knew for success we had fo pick. As Chairmen for' fhis greaf affair, ANN-MARIE and a HUGHES named DICK. All fhrough fhe year we've had a pair 'rhaf really can'f be beaf. Our hearffelf Thanks goes oul' fo fhem-S.G.A. men Jllvl and PETE., Fiffv-five E52 producfions have been far from a disgrace. Who made is so-of course you know-BOB WAPLES- JUDY KASE! ln rain or shine or dark of nighf, fhere are fwo gals whose voices brighf l-lave led long cheers of loud l-lurrays. The fans all know you JAN and GAY! ln baskefball, we'll have you know who kepf our scores so faf. They've won accalim, fhese four greaf names of FRANK, SKIP, JACK and MAT! ln foofball foo, have we fhe boys who really made fhe game. A few like ROCKY, SERP, and FANNON for fhe school have made a name. And so good Seniors, Sophs and Frosh, fo us we've raised a foasf. We honesfly did nof mean harm, and if fhis shameful boasf l-las mef wlfh scorn or frown or shun, Remember now, 'fwas all in fun! .i, 54th MUSICAL Along The River Remember . . . The Tremendous success oT Tom's "Up The Lazy River" . . . ancl how al3ouT Those be- ruTFlecl can-cans-Take iT easy boys! . . . The end- men's iolces and "sweeT" harmony l:epT The spiriT oT The show . . . The counTry lovers . . . Then, There was Margie's "You Tool: Aolvanhage oT Me" . . . Swell job, lciolsl fm -1 S lifirsxa-ffm A. ..,.,, Leg ArT All TogeTher now - Sing! FlTTy-sfx -1 JUN lOR PROM February 13th Mardi Gras provided a gay background for The annual Junior Prom, and The smoorh bear of Buddy Williams' orcheslra senl' lhe dancing couples swirling across The floor. The finishing Jrouch To a wonderful evening was added by aller-The-dance gel-iogelhers al' The iavorile sporls. TOM FANNON Dance Chairman DICK HUGHES, ANNE-MARIE DUMAS Decoralions Chairmen HENRI BERTUCH, FRANK SERPICO Ticker Chairmen Takes lo+s 'l'o live il' up! Takes +wo +o Tango Takes Four +o Foxfrof . . . Fifiy-seven 1953 May Queen Bobbie Martin and.. The Juniofs The Sophs ...he . . . and +he Frosh rcourt... R E I The Under NEAL ROBBINS Editor BETTY MENGES Associate Editor SALLY SCHWARTZ Associate Editor GLENN DILL r Managing Editor Sixty graduate Weekly ofthe University of Delaware One hundred and TwenTy-Tive sTudenTs serve on "The Review," malcing iT one oT The largesT sTuclenT groups on campus. "The Review" ran many special TeaTures To serve The viTal inTeresTs oT The sTuclenTs . . . l3ooTloall Queen elec- Tions . . . dining hall and adminisTraTion problems . . . Cherry Blossom Princess . . . SGA elecTions . . . April l:ool's issue . . . ln adoliTion To These, "The Review" man- ages To geT inTo everyThing on campus. lT is an imporTanT parT oT publiciTy Tor The dances, drives, and meeTings. lTs ecliTorial page is The acTive voice OT sTudenT opinion. The lerfers To The EcliTor, The EdiTorials, and The TeaTure columns provide a healrhy ouTleT Tor consTrucTive criTicism, quesTions and praise. "The Reviews' pages give The sTuclenTs a chance To creaTe someThing worThwhile. AT The same Time They presenT a lively picTure oT liTe on The U. oT D. campus. QCXN VY! D65 I" ' wi lla lp. M n' .fy , if f X Q 1 vi f BOTTOM ROW: P. Slclul, H. Lewis, J. Shaw, B. Sloman, B. lTzlcowiTz, C. Weimer, A. Harlcins, J. PorTer, P. Pepper. SECOND ROW: D. Barrell, M. E. Bull, T. GilgenasT, M. ShiIli+o, K. Valen- Tine, C. Kolb, P. Mulh, V. Carmer, J. Case, D. Allen. TOP ROW: J. Harper, B. DuBell, C. Willis, J. Camp, D. HasTings, G. Griggs, J. Gliclc, M. Baliclr, J. McCann. FIRST ROW: D. Tweliridge, B. Menges, A. Ferguson, N. Brown- ing, R. Kaplan. SECOND ROW: L. Cooperman, T. ZuTz, A. Isaacs. HENRI BERTUCH Business Mgr. DAVID SHEEHAN I EdI+or-In-Chief W NANCY GOYNE Women's SporIs EcIiIor Staff of the 1953 BLUE HE ORION SCHUPP. III DORRANCE BARRELL JANET SHAW JOANNE ROTH DORIS SIMON PI1oIograpIwy Edilror Men's SporIs Edifor I.i+erary Edi+or Aff EcIiIor Senior Edifor SixIy4rwo BLUE HEN STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY C. Morgan R. Nichols A. Spang A. Holmes R. Spencer F. McCain ART J. LieberT B. Wealcley WOMEN'S SPORTS B. Wynn C. Curfman LITERARY D. Kaeks M. Parker R. PriesTly N. Kroger B. J. Comegys BUSINESS R. Schwaub L. MalmuT C. Golclenberg A. McWrighT TYPING M. Colwell S. SchwarTz M. L. Bice R. Sloman B. MarTin K. ValenTine C. Welshons B. Sloman M. Reinke GENERAL B. Hock. J. Sherman, J. Erdman. N. STerling, M. Locker man, P. Adkins, C. Kessler, C. Williams, C. Cook, T GilgenasT, S. TruiT, M. L. Conover, C. HuTson, J. WinTer, A. Ferguson, D. Lease, K. Adams. E. Milby, M. J re ouenvier, W. Nealon. M. Reinlce, B. Baker, M. L. MaTThes. Work on The 52-53 Blue Hen acTually began lasT June when The ediTor seleclred his assisTing ediTors, and preliminary plans were Tormecl Tor This year's work. AT The beginning OT The Tall semesTer, prinT- ing and phOTOgraphy companies were inTervieweol, a Tull scale work program was iniTiaTecl, and The sleepless nighTs began. BuT, Thanks To The coopera- Tion OT willing sTuolenTs, The Tasks were accom- plished. This year's sTaTT has laicl a TounolaTiOn upon which new sTaTTs may conTinue To build a book ThaT will achieve The high sTanclards OT a well planned collegiaTe annual. fAe Crowe! cAeeI':5, fke wAidf Mr, lXU":9 G G 'bo Delaware for ever Lfowa ana! fke IU' 6l,gf5 on., Whaf was fhaf no+e again "D" for Delaware Like fhose sl1or'rs! Looks good -'rhe Coke! rr,-,L is ' X- The upper campus re'rrea1' ,rpm -- ' 2 3 D 7 u u ,r f V , ! I, Z f 1 1 f 1? .s Y ,. p a 1 fff ,,,, y - "The Li'H'le Heh" These places vve'II never forget End of a senior's day Coffee 'n gab Sixfy-six L Sixfy-seven CUIVIIVIUTERS Thank goodness H isn'+ raining! This is 'rhe ChauFFer's day off! Whai' would we do wi'H1ou+ 'rhai' cup of coffee? - DIRECTORY ' Page A CAPPELLA CHOIR .....,..,....,,..,.,, ....... 6 9 ACCOUNTING ....,.................,.........,..... ....... 8 O ACTIVE YOUNG REPUBLICANS ........ .....,. 7 4 AGRICULTURAL .....,........,..,......,..,,.,. .,..... 7 I ALISON ASSOCIATES ..,..,..............,. .,..,.. 7 8 ALPHA CHI ...........................,...........,,... ....... 9 0 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY .....,.. ....... 6 9 AiI.Ch.E. ,.....,..........A........,..,w.....w...,,.... ....,.. 8 9 A.I.E.E. ..... ....... 7 9 A.S.C.E. .....,., ....... 9 O A.S.M.E. ...,......,,.,.....,. .,..... 8 0 BIOLOGY .,....,............... ....,.. 8 3 BLACKSTONE LAW ........ ....... 8 6 CANTERBURY ........,..... ,...... 7 8 CAULDRON ..................., ....... 7 4 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE '..... ..... . . 77 DELMELODIANS ......,....,.. ....... 8 6 DELAWARE RIFLES ...,..., ....... 9 I D.S.T.A. ..................... ....... 8 8 E52 ........,........,......,.,..,.....,..., ....... 8 4 EL PATIO ...............................,, ...,... 8 2 ENGINEERING COUNCIL ....... ....... 8 9 4-H ..,.,.,.,...............,.,,.....,......,.. ........, 7 0 GOLD KEY .....,.,,.,............... ....... 7 I HILLEL ......,A................,................ ....... 7 7 HOME ECONOMICS ................... .,..... 7 O INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS .........,....., ....... 8 7 I.V.C.E.. ...........,........,.................,..,.....,....,,...,.,... ....... 7 5 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ....,.. ....... 7 6 MATH .....,.4,44...,,,...,...,....,,....,.................,,...... .,...., 8 3 MEDICAL TECHNICIANS ,,...,. ....,.. 7 2 MEN'S CHORUS .,................... ....... 8 I MUSIC .,......................,.........,., ....... 8 4 NEEDLE AND HAYSTACK ....,,.., .,..... 7 3 NEWMAN CLUB ..............,...I ....... 7 6 PHILOSOPHY ...................... ....... 8 5 PHOTOGRAPHY .,... ....... 7 2 PSYCHOLOGY ...,..,.....,4...........,, ....... 7 3 SLIPSTICK ......,.....,..........,...,.................. ..,.... 8 2 STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE .,....,..,.,..... ....... 7 9 UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS COUNCIL ....... ....... 8 8 VARSITY ..........,.......................................,... ....... 8 5 WESLEY FOUNDATION ...,... ....... 7 5 WOMEN'S CHORUS .......... ....... 8 I YOUNG DEMOCRATS Sixfy-eIgI'1I A CAPPELLA CHOIR SOCIETY Schupp. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A CappeIIa Choir rehearses Three Times a week. During I952-53 They perTormed "The Messiah" and The MozarT "Reguiem." They sang Tor The ConTemporary Music ConTerence and ap- peared on WDEL-TV. In cooperaTion wiTh The DeparTmenT oT DramaTic ArTs They presenTed The ChrisTmas opera, "AmahI and The NighT VisiTors." They sang programs oT choral music Tor many schooI, church, ancI communiTy organizaTions. W1 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The A.C.S. provides Those'anTicipaTing a career in chemisTry wiTh opporTuniTies To become Tamiliar wiTh The chemical TieIcI. By having leading chemisTs as guesT speakers, by making TieId Trips, ancI Ioy aTTending local secTion nneeTings OT The SocieTy, sTucIenTs are abIe To Iearn more aIoouT The chemi- caI worIcI and The opporTuniTies iT oTTers. SixTy-nine AMERICAN CHEMICAL FIRST ROW: M. King, S. Rubin: J. Morra, Pres.: R. Nic oIs Vice-Pres.: D. DeIIcar. SECOND ROW: J. Sanderson, J. Baker J Seres, L. Wood, O. STewarcI O HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Munson, J. Scul- Iion, L. Kish, J. Clay, A. Barrow- clough, N. Peck, C. Goodley, E. M. Bunfing, B. Wynn, S. Thomas, P. Collins, C. Seidel. SECOND ROW: D. Pierson, N. Procious, M. Fox, J. Sfeinmefz, P. Ingram, V. Larson, B. Jones, J. Lord, E. Evans, N. Tobey, J. TrouT, A. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club promoTes a feeling of fellowship and uniTy among I-Iome Economics sTudenTs. IT furnishes an opporTuniTy for social life, and keeps sTudenTs in Touch wifh movemenfs in The field as well as To render service To chariTable and Universify organizafions. In addifion To The cIub's regular meefings, Three annual affairs are held: The Freshman GeT-Togefher, The Open-house program for Delaware high school sTudenTs inTeresTed in I-Iome Ec, and a March banguef To ceIebraTe The birThday of Ellen I-I. Richards, founder of I-Iome Economics. SI1orT, A. PIaH', D. Carr. THIRD ROW: B. Lyon, M. Ca'I'Ts, J. Homiller, J. Sherman, Miss Reiff, IfacuITy advisorl, M. Forsyfh, J. Archer, M. Shank, C. Cook, J. Russell. FOURTH ROW: N. Herndon, P. Taylor, J. Warner, F. Oliphanf, M. J. Guenveur, E. Sands, D. STrobeI, J. BarTeIs, A. Robb. 4-H CLUB FIRST ROW: H. Samenclinger, C. Cook, Pres.: M. Fox, A. Robb, E. Klair, A. Shad. SECOND ROW: H. Cook, R. King, D. Dukes, B. PaTTerson, D. Pierson, Trees.: G. Simpson, Vice-Pres.: R. Krewafch, Sec.: G. Dill, S. Givinn, Advisor. Sevenfy 4-H CLUB The 4-I-I Club aT The UniversiTy of Delaware is primarily -a service club To sTrengThen The bonds of The 4-I-I Clubs in The sTaTe. The club promofes leadership and fellowship, sfrengfhens The common inTeresT of college sTudenTs inTeresTed in 4-I-I Club work, and helps 4-H Club members adiusT To col- lege life. The club planned a display for Farm and I-lome Week and a sTaTe-wide paper for iTs members. THE GOLD KEY SOCIETY The Gold Key SocieTy is an organizafion of varsiTy sporTs managers. The main TuncTion of The Gold Key is To meeT all incoming Teams from oTher universiTies, and see ThaT They are generally provided Tor. Also, The organizaTion is responsible Tor providing all Dela- ware Teams wiTh suTTicienT and eTTicienT managers. In addifion To These TuncTions, The Sociefy spon- sored a number of informal dances in cooperaTion wiTh The S.G.A. THE AGRICULTURAL CLUB The AgricuITural CIub's main obiecTive is To creaTe enThusiasm, and To promoTe a greaTer inTeresT in agricuITure, and To provide some knowl- edge oT The TieId's Techniques. The "Aggies" social evenTs Tor The year included The annual Ag-Home Ec. square dance, a TaTher 34 son banquef, an F.F.A. Day aT The UniversiTy's Tarm, and a ioinT picnic wifh The Home Ec. gals. This sounds like enough To keep any group busy, buT These men also found Time Tor inTramuraI sporTs and judging Teams. Seve nfy-one GOLD KEY FIRST ROW: F. Werner, Treas., D. Hess, Vice-Pres.: D. ChappeII, Pres.: O. E. Schupp. Sec. SEC- OND ROW: B. Seamen, A. Van- depoele, A. MacWrighT, J. Smifh, J. Koffenberger. AGRICULTURAL CLUB FIRST ROW: H. Cook, D. BIesT, W. Webb, W. Cannon, Professor R. Smifh, R. Zuzek, R. Ferguson. SECOND ROW: B. Broach, F. Springer, J. Cann, Treas.: G. Simpson, Pres.: J. Bradford, Vice- Pres.: D. Amos, Sec.: H. Evans, A. ArneII. THIRD ROW: R. Mc- Fadden, D. MacFadden, G. PaImer, S. Ronis, Professor L. R. Defien, Professor H. E. Tomhave. Professor P. M. Hodgson, H. Marfin. FOURTH ROW: E. Kedda, P. HunTer, F. Smifh, B. King, A. ScI1midT, C. Almond. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB SEATED ON FLOOR: P. Co+iIIo. J. MiIIiron, M. FuIIerI'on, R. Brof- sky, N. Lenhar'I, C. Weimer, A. Holliday. SECOND ROW: D. Phifer, A. Nealon, R. Fisk, D. Sund, A. Warring+on, Dr. J. C. Kakavas, FacuIIy Adviser. THIRD ROW: L. Davis, E. Pavoni, B. Menges, O. Smirh, L. Bowers, M. King, M. Muih, B. Nevins, J. Hayes, A. EIIis, R. Milewski, L. Bigron. Has'I'ings, D. Fehsenfeld Lowicici. THE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB The Medical Technology Club was organized in 'Ihe Spring of I95I Io deveiop a spirii of coopera- Iion and unify among Ihe siudenis working Iowaroi This profession, and Io acquaini Ihem wiih Iheir Iuiure work. The program consisis of movies, Ieciures, TieIcI Irips Io hospirais in Wiimingion, and sociaI func- Jrions. A banquer is held each spring for club mem- bers and aiumnae. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB For The nominal Tee of Iifiy-cenis a semesier, anyone inreresred in phorography may beiong To The CIub. Paper and chemicais are provided Tor members, and The Physics dark room in Reciraiion Hall is used for developing purposes. This year The cIub presenied a Ieciure on Ihe IuncIamenI'aIs oi pholrography by Teirsworih, a model nighi direcred by Lubiish, and a Ieciure on coIor phoiography. Seveniy-'Iwo PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB FIRST ROW: C. Morgan, Sec Treas.: S. Czerwinski, Pres P Sweigarf. SECOND ROW B Eisenberg, Vice-Pres.: D. Rau D PSYCHOLOGY CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Buclcson, M Haley, D. Lerner, J. Davis, P Phillips, J. Sweeney, E. Lowiclci SECOND ROW: N. Kleiner, K Oliver, D. Dukes, M. Siausbach P. Sweigar, P. SkIuI', A. Pyle, J Cashel. NEEDLE AND HAYSTACK FIRST ROW: J. Bradford adver 'lisingg D. BIes'I', circulaliong A. Arnell, co-edirlor. SECOND ROW: N. Tobey, circulaiionp J. Archer, managing edi'I'or: Miss F. Reilif, facully adviser: J. Sherman, co- ediforg E. Sands, Iyping. THIRD ROW: S. Munson, proofreading: J. Homiller, fea'I'ure edilorg G. Dill, fealure edilorg -G. Simpson, managing edilorg Mr. Kish, 'facully adviser: A. McCormicIr, cover: B. Taylor, adverfising. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club is open Io all siuclenls inier- eslecl in psychology. Ivleelings, which are held once a rnonlh, usually iealure guesl spealcers who iallc on various subiecis of inieresi. The CIub's aim is To provide an opporluniiy io secure iniormalion noi orlered in class. THE NEEDLE AND HAYSTACK The Needle and I-Iayslaclc is lhe annual magazine published ioinlly by The Home Ec Club and 'rhe Ag Club as a service Io lhe undergraduaies of The Two schools which Ihey represent The magazine fur- nishes news oi changes in Ihe curriculums or improvemenls in 'rhe iaciliiies of bolh schools, news ol lacully and alumni-ae, The aciivilies ol bolh clubs, daia aboui discoveries and advances in each field, and iob opporlunilies a'FI'er gradualion. II' also conlains slories aboul siuden'I's and lheir indi- vidual accomplishmenls and honors. Sevenfy-'Ihree THE CAULDRON ACTIVE YOUNG REPUBLICANS CAULDRON BOTTOM ROW: J. BouTin, AssT. Ed.: A. MarTin, P. EmrnorIT, N. Leipold, M. Brown. SECOND ROW: B. Baker, R. Aralc, B. Rogaslcy, M. Feinglass, EdiTor: E. Zucker, S. Goldman, M. Brennan. TOP ROW: G. Dill. R. Schwab, Bus. Ed.: B. Diehl, G. Griggs, B. McCorlrle. ACTIVE YOUNG REPUBLICANS LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Phillips, J. Buclc, J. GriTfiThs, Pres.: L. Har- ringfon. MISSING: W. RiTchie. Vice-Pres.: J. Kowalewslci, Sec.: W. Beh, Treas. The purpose oT The Cauldron is To provide an ouTleT Tor The creaTive expression oT sTudenTs in all Tields oT liTeraTure and arT. l-ligh sTandards oT qualiTy and represenTaTion are mainTained, so ThaT The magazine noT only is good reading, buT also reTlecTs The ideas oT Those in all branches oT The UniversiTy. Membership on The Cauldron sTaTT is open To all sTudenTs inTeresTed in wriTing, criTicizing, or The Technical aspecTs involved in laying ouT a magazine. The AcTive Young Republicans is an organizaTion oT sTudenTs designed To sTimulaTe inTeresT in gov- ernmenTal aTTairs and To inTerpreT and promoTe The principles oT The Republican ParTy. The group is a member OT The STaTe EederaTion oT Young Repub- licans and mainTains close conTacT wirh The 'Federa- Tion Through iTs six elecTed delegaTes To The sTaTe Board oT Governors. NOT only does The AcTive Young Republicans sTimulaTe inTeresT in govern- menTal Tields, buT iT TosTers conTacTs wiTh ouTsTand- ing polifical leaders and gives an opporTuniTy To develop leadership. SevenTy-Tour WESLEY FOUNDATION FIRST ROW: P. M. Hodgson FacuITy Adviser, Miss L. HunTer, Dr. J. J. BunTing, Jr., PasTorg R PriesTIy, Vice-Pres., G. Simpson Pres.: D. Ferguson, Sec.: J Harris, Treas.: Dr. S. W. Bell. SECOND ROW: R. A. Williams R. Timmons, D. Warren, S. Cun- ningham, B. WhyTe, B. Linclell, C. Kolb, B. Timmons, J. Morris, E. M. BunTing. THIRD ROW: R. Singley, W. McLain, P. McFarlane, J. HoTsTeTTer, G. STrobeI, N. War- field, M. E. Miller, M. Boone, G. Bossard, K. Kreemer, E. WeI:sTer. INTER-VARSITY CHRSTIAN FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW: E. Millay, G. RuT- gers, D. Crouch, C. Agnew, D. Ferguson, J. Hardy. SECOND ROW: A. Simon, O. STewarT, R. Gifford, E. Bossard, B. HaTch, B. Oehlers. THIRD ROW: R. Ba'I'Tis, B. FosTer, D. BIes'I', J. Harris, K. Mclellan, S. Kambouris. THE WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley I:oundaTion seelcs To provide a pro- gram designed To increase The sTudenT's under- sTanding oT his ChrisTian TaiTh, To Turnish service proiecTs, To oTTer creaTive recreaTion, and To lead sTucIenTs To commiTmenT oT IiTe To a ChrisT-like way. This year's acTiviTies included: a recepTion Tor TaculTy and TransTer sTudenTs: square dances: a supper Tor Toreign sTudenTs and Treshmenq a Thanks- giving parTy Tor The children aT The Governor Bacon I-IeaITh CenTerg a Spring Banquet and a ReTreaT aT RehoboTh. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP InTer-VarsiTy ChrisTian Fellowship is inTer-denomi- naTional and evangelical. The group holds weelcly meeTings which include singing and gospel messages broughT by visiTing minisTers, ChrisTian businessmen, or The sTudenTs Themselves. Dorm Bible sTudies, spring and Tall conTerences, conducTing oT church services, socials, and a summer camp aT Campus In The Wood malce up The group's main acTiviTies. SevenTy-five NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Haley, G. Tier- ney, Vice-Pres., M. GranT, Rec. Sec. SECOND ROW: E. STouT, Pres.: A. Dumas, Cor. Sec.: J. Flynn, Treas. L. S. A. Olsen, T. Gilgenasi-, Sec Vice-Pres.: J. Nichols, Treas. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a branch OT The NaTional OrganizaTion which Cardinal Newman Tounded in order To serve The spiriTual, The in+eIIec+ual, and The social needs oT men. Each weelc regular meeT- ings are held which included religious discussions, business meeTings, and social gaTherings. AcTiviTies Tor This year include a special ChrisTmas ParTy Tor reTugee orphans. Two communion breal4TasTs, and Two picincs. The laTTer Two are annual aTTairs. A choral group under The direcTion oT The chaplain has recenTly been organized. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The LSA is designed To TurTher The knowledge oT ChrisTian Teachings among iTs members, and To serve The UniversiTy oT Delaware. During The pasT year, The meeTings have included devoTional ser- vices, discussions, Talks by guesT spealcers and social aTTairs. The year was highlighTed by The Annual Spring Weekend ReTreaT and The Annual Regional LuTheran STudenT ConTerence held aT Buck l-lill Falls, Penna. SevenTy-six LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. W. Jahns J. Andres, J. Olsen, Mrs WiTTchen, H. Nickel, D. Kaelxs f FIRST ROW: M. Burford, M. ScoTT, D. Locke. SECOND ROW: I K. Bell, Mrs. D. Soulides, W. I Osler. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION THE HILLEL COUNCILLORSHIP The Hillel Councillorship is an organizaTion oT Jewish sTudenTs which seeks To deepen Their love Tor Judaism Through boTh spiriTual and social means. The group rneeTs every week. These meeT- ings usually cenTer around discussions which perTain To Jewish living, and hisTory. Several seasonal parTies and dances as well as box suppers and breaI4TasTs are also given by The members. HILLEL COUNCILSHIP FIRST ROW: Rabbi H. Drooz, M. L. Brandschain, J. Rappaponi-, WeinroTh, F. SkIuT, M. Gansberg, B. Simmons, R. Kaplan. SECOND ROW: T. KaTman, J. Seres, Pres.: M. Cooper, C. Golclenberg. THIRD ROW: H. Porfer, A. Jacobs. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The purpose oT The ChrisTian Science Organiza- Tion is To increase The undersTanding oT ChrisTian Science principles among inTeresTed sTuclenTs and TaculTy members aT The UniversiTy. SelecTions are read, aT weekly meeTings, Trom The Bible, and The ChrisTian Science TexTboolc, Science and HeaITh. This reading concerns TesTimonies oT ChrisTian Science healing, and expressions oT graTiTude Tor ChrisTian Science. Seven-Ty-seven ALISON ASSOCIATES ALISON ASSOCIATES The Alison AssociaTes is primarily organized To provide PresbyTerian sTudenTs wiTh an opporTuniTy To learn more abouT Their churc:h's TundamenTaI belieTs, The hisTory of Their church, and diverse aspecTs oT pracTical ChrisTianiTy. OTher religious organizaTions are oTTen inviTed To meeTings which discuss special Topics oT general inTeresT. Social acTiviTies include square dances, game nighTs, and roller slcaTing parTies. TH E CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION The CanTerbury AssociaTion aT The UniversiTy is a parT oT a naTionaI campus organizaTion, designed Tor The promoTion oT The spiriTuaI and social weITare oT Episcopal sTudenTs while They are aT college. The meeTings TeaTureol "smoke Talks" and discussions led by The church's ouTsTancIing clergymen and laymen. A number oT supper meeTings and Cor- poraTe Communion BreaI4TasTs were held ThroughouT The year. A Spring BanqueT was one oT The Asso- ciaTion's maior evenTs. BOTTOM ROW: V. Picker, Sec.: B. Hoch, Pres.: D. Crouch, U. R. C. RepresenTaTive. SECOND ROW: D. Greene, Social Chmn.q J. Sweezyg J. Clay. TOP ROW: Dr. Darsie, Adviser, W. Dickey, R. Diehl. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: M. O'Brien, F. Ward, J. Cella, C. Weimer, J. Sherman, M. ForsyTh, J. Wood, J. Schaller, M. STicIcIey, M. WaITers, R. Hahne. SECOND ROW: Rev. T. L. Ludlow, Chap.: P. Ellis, M. Robinson, A. Holland, E. Parkhill, "'U.K., C. Burnhauer, N. Herndon, U.K., U.K., F. Mc- Donald. THIRD ROW: D. God- frey, A. Schmalfuhs, Dr. Daugher- T Adviser' J. I'Ied er J. Kinch Yi I Q I i D. Saunders, T. Briggs, D. Rau, J. Williams. 'I'U.K. Unlcnown SevenTy-eigh+ ' THE A.l.E.E. Technical and general developmenfs in elecTricaI engineering Tields are discussed and iIlusTraTed aT The branch meeTings OT The A.I.E.E. DevelopmenT OT leadership is The principal purpose oT The sTudenT branch OT The A.I.E.E. AcTiviTies Through The school year consisT oT The sTudenT branch meeTings, The Engineers Ball, field Trips, and a picnic held near The end oT The second Term. Bo+h sTudenTs and TacuITy engage in several baseball games and con- suming large volumes oT reTreshmenTsg To say The IeasT, anyThing goes. STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE Are YCU Tor IT? STudenTs have been worlcing Tor years To geT adeguaTe TaciliTies Tor our growing sTucIenT body. The presenT STudenT Union CornmiTTee, besides conTroIling The Union's prices and wages, is inquir- ing inTo The possibiliTy oT obTaining a STudenT Union Building. Our bulging Scrounge is obviously in need oT replacement LeT's make This "a building come True!" A.I.E.E. Trump, R. Borelli, J. Russo, neTTe, Sec.-Trees. A.I.E.E.g Robinson, M. ' AposToIico, Bauer, H. Renshaw. viserg M. Blaine, B. MarTin, Menser, B. Shaw, D. Chappell SevenTy-nine FRONT ROW: J. Durso, R Dickinson, Vice-Chm.g V. Casfl'raTl W. Dickey. BACK ROW: Prof. H Bueche, Prof. M. G. Young, J. P Massari, H. Kirk, G. LaTham, B Wilson, Chm.: A.I.E.E., W. Bar STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE STANDING: B. CIemenTs, Ad Conway, M. Reinlce, D. Lohmann KNEELING: P. Runlile, Chm.: D A.S.M.E. FRONT ROW: A. Ruby, C. Pres nell, C. Hyde, S. Jones, R. Clen daniel, Chm.q R. Challenger, Vice Chm.g J. Gibbs, J. Todd. SEC OND ROW: S. Ackerman, H Mayhew, E. BoseTTi, R. Fisher, B. Seidel, J. Todd, J. SchwarTz, W. Peoples. THIRD ROW: C. Hufnal R. Walsh, D. Haller, J. Grundy, W. Levis, W. Gurney, R, Gedling ACCOUNTING CLUB SEATED: R. Gorman, D. Okonow Valler, J. Koffenberger, T. Zufz R. BaT+is. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The sTudenT branch oT The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers is an organizaTion made up oT undergraduaTes enrolled in The deparTmenT OT Mechanical Engineering. The purposes OT This organizaTion are To promoTe The arT and science oT mechanical engineering, encourage original research, TosTer engineering educaTion, advance The sTandards oT engineering, share experience among engineers, and broaden The useTulness oT The engi- neering proTession. The sTuclenT branch Takes a Tield Trip To some nearby indusTrial planT every semesTer and during The year hears several speakers Tell oT cerTain aspecTs oT presenT day engineering. EighTy THE ACCOUNTING CLUB The AccounTing Club acquainTs sTudenTs oT accounTing and business adminisTraTion wiTh job opporTuniTies. Speakers are obTained Trom various Tields oT business To inTroduce sTudenTs To iobs. Alumni help members deTermine The jobs Tor which They are besT suiTecl. I:uTure plans include a hoped-Tor connecTion wiTh The Delaware AccounTing AssociaTion which would mean Their speakers and conTacTs wiTh local groups. T. Marin., Pres. STANDING: wi MEN'S CHORUS WOMEN'S CHORUS The Women's Chorus is made up oT persons inTeresTed in singing, so membership is noT decided on The basis oT Try-ouTs. This year's chrous was The largesT yeT, and Their Tine work more Than TulTilleol The greaT expecTaTions oT The group. The chorus made an excellenT iob oT Their parT in The ChrisTmas program Tor which They sang carols. They also did "La Demoiselle Elue" by Debussy. Mr. Marvin Fennema is direcTor oT The Womenls Chorus. WOMEN'S CHORUS UNIVERSITY MEN'S CHORUS The Men's Chorus rehearses one evening a week. They appeared on WDEL-TV in November and in May and were heard in coniunc:Tion wiTh The Wilm- ingTon Orpheus lvlale Glee Club in lvlarch. On several occasions The men sang Tor assembly pro- grams aT high schools ThroughouT The sTaTe. T EighTy-one EL PATIO SLIPSTICK THE SLIPSTICK The SlipTiclc, sponsored by The Engineering Coun- cil, is The Engineering School's oTFicial pulolicaTion, and proves ThaT engineer's can wriTe-iT They puT Their minds To iT! This annual newspaper presenTs acTiviTies oT sTudenT engineering socieTies, along wiTh sTudenT and TaculTy essays. The newly acquired engineering eguipmenT received parTicular aTTenTion in The paper's wriTe-ups. Malin. EL PATIO The Spanish clulo, called "El PaTio," is an organ- izaTion composed oT sTudenTs who are sTudying or are inTeresTed in Spanish. IT meeTs Twice a monTh. and is planning To edi+ a newspaper wriTTen enTirely in Spanish which is To be circulaTed ThroughouT The sTudenTi body. Plans Tor The year included guesT dancers and speakers, and parTies. Eig hTy-Two J. STein, V. Carmer, S. Goldman FIRST ROW: M. STrom. R. Paul B. Seidel, Eclifor. SECOND ROW J. Schwariz, D. Robinson, M BIOLOGY CLUB STANDING: M. RappaporT, E. Lowicki, B. Janicki, R. O'Connor, R. STroThman, S. Kambouris. SEATED: E. Guequierre, J. Taylor, H. Hall. MATHEMATICS CLUB FIRST ROW: B. WhyTe, D. Delkar, M. A. Lindale, P. Lecrone. SECOND ROW: J. SmiTh, L. Roemer, A. Maior, M. King, Dr. BarreTT, Adviser: C. STraughn. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club was Tormed in I95I and is open To anyone inTeresTed in biology. By having speakers Trom our own school, and by bringing in speakers Trom The ouTside, The club provides iTs members wiTh a broader insighT inTo The many Tields oT biology. THE MATH CLUB The MaTh Club's purpose is To bring TogeTher Those people who are inTeresTed primarily in maThe- maTics. IT arranges Tor The discussion oT Topics in pure and applied maThemaTicsg iT gives The under- graduaTe an opporTuniTy To look aT The subiecT Trom diTFerenT poinTs oT view Trom Those presenTed in class. The club meeTs once a monTh, oTTen aT The home OT The TaculTy member who is The speaker Tor The evening. Topics concerning all phases oT maThe- maTics are discussed. EighTy-Three MUSIC CLUB E52 PLAYERS FIRST ROW' A Cris in R Slo . . p , . man, E. Ungerleider, V. WeIIs, J Wifman. SECOND ROW: M Conover, W. Harkins, Treas.: S. SchwarTz, Sec.: R. WapIes, Vice Pres.: B. Baker, Pres.: F. STricIc- berger. THIRD ROW: H. PorrIer, E. PhiIIips, G. MiTcheII, Dr. C. R. Kase, J. Kase, H. SeebacI1,'R Leshem, W. ScoTI'. TH E E52 PLAYERS The E52 PIayers is boTh an honorary and working dramaTic organizaTion composed of sTudenTs Trom all schooIs of The UniversiTy. Some have earned Their membership by appearing beTore The TooT- IighTs, many oThers by heIping wiTh make-up, cos- Tumes, pubIiciTy, IiqhTing, scene painTing, or oTher backsTage worI4. During The I952-53 season, The PIayers produced a Freshman show, a Three acT pIay, The Male Animal, a Shakespearian comedy, TweITTh NighT, Three LaboraTory TheaTer programs, a Broadway IVIusicaI, Bloomer GirI, and Their sixTh annual chiI- dren's TheaTre producTion, Cinderella. FIRST ROW: Mr. King, D. Lewis P. Phillips, G. Bossard, Miss Gad- dis, Mr. Lee. SECOND ROW: M Woodward, M. Miller, N. Ross A. HerbsT, R. Amos. THE MUSIC CLUB The Music Club has The Two Told purpose oT enabIing sTudenTs inTeresTed in music To meeT TogeTher, and oT promoTinq more musical acTiviTies on The campus. Eig h'I'y-To dr VARSITY CLUB FRONT KNEELING: C. Rodriguez, L. Krusberg, P. Morris, B. Colling- wood. SEATED: J. Flynn, J. Angulo, J. Miller, J. Kinier, Pres.: D. Rumer, J. Allen, J. McDaniel. BACK ROW: N. Williams, R. PHILOSOPHY CLUB FIRST ROW: Dr. B. Phillips, J Schuermann, P. Thaddeus, J GriIifi'I'h. SECOND ROW: C. Mas sofh, P. Gersfenberg, W. Eisen berg, R. Diehl, N. Schnabel, Dr. Parker. VARSITY CLUB Every man who has earned a varsiI'y IeI'rer, and whom Ihe club considers deserving of membership, is Ialien inlo The group during one of The Iwo in- ilrialion ceremonies held during The year. The Varsiiy CIub's varielry show is one of The anlicipaled campus enieriainmenis and gives us a preview of all The poieniial Ihespians. A banguelr and picnic are The culminaiion of The year's aciiviiies. Schaubel, R. Goodley, pell, R. Jameson. THE PHILOSOPHY CLUB The Philosophy Club is concerned wilh all branches ol philosophy, and Iheir inlerrelalionships wiih Ii+era+ure, science, religion, and polilics. Each meeling is eilher a Iallc or group discussion re- volving around a general Iopic. The cIub's purpose is Io enlighlen 'rhrough discussion. Meelings 'rake place once a monlh, and are aiiended Ioy many oulside The slrudenl body, as well as Ihose wiihin il. Eighfy-five Fouracre, A. Mayer, B. Seidel, J. Schmidt L. Cooperman, R. Chap DELMELODIANS THE DELMELODIANS Be-Bop, blues, or ballroom! The Delmelodians can play iT cool or hoT! The birTh oT The band was back in '49, and ever since iT's been rockin' The campus wiTh dance music, and jazz concerTs. The 52-53 season saw The band under The leader- ship oT Ed Fielding, and wiTh Fall pep-dances, he swung The Delmelodians inTo a Tull schedule oT play- ing Tor ouTside, as well as campus socials. The Engineers Ball Tollowed. Then The Women's Week- end dance climaxed The band's playing season. BLACKSTONE PRE-LAW CLUB The BlacksTone Pre-Law Club was organized in SepTember, I952, in order To Till The gap beTween The sTudenTs and The commiTTee on Pre-Legal STudies. The club was designed wiTh The express idea oT aiding prospecTive law sTudenTs by having promi- nenT members oT The bar and TaculTy give inTorma- Tion concerning selecTion oT subiecTs, exTra- curricular acTiviTies, law schools, and oTher perTinenT Topics. FRONT ROW: G. Skinner, J. Durgin, G. Grande, T. Taylor, J. Baker. BACK ROW: F. James, N. Thomas. LAW CLUB FIRST ROW: A. Jacobs, F. Swain, H. PorTer, S. Robinson, A. Isaacs, P. Ellis. SECOND ROW: T. SandsTrom, C. Goldenberg, S. Lowicki, D. EnTerline, J. Messick, E. Knowles, Dr. FleTcher, Adviser: J. Sabo, L. HarringTon, D. Shul- man. Eighfy-six INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB To TosTer The spiriT oT inTernaTional Triendship, and To sTimuIaTe inTeresT in currenT ideas and prob- lems, The InTernaTional RelaTions Club presenTs iTs program. The club sTrives To give a broad view oT The inTernaTionaI scene Through a series oT lecTures and panels on currenT Topics, Tollowed by con- sTrucTive discussions. The club hopes To serve The inTeresTs OT The sTudenT and bring him The oppor- TuniTy oT broadening his underslranding and sharing his own views. D.S.T.A. The D.S.T.A. is The proTessionaI organizaTion Tor educaTion rnaiors. IT is direcTly aTTiliaTed wiTh The Delaware EducaTion AssociaTion and The NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion. D.S.T.A. enables TuTure Teachers To sTudy The various phases oT Their pro- posed proTession. IT worked wiTh I:.T.A. Clubs in high schools and wiTh children aT Governor Bacon I-IealTh CenTer, cooperaTed wiTh Kappa DeITa Pi in ioinT acTiviTies, and sponsored a Tashion show. The year was concluded wiTh a banqueT Tor prospecTive Teachers Trom The whole sTaTe OT Delaware. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB FacuITy Adviser, M. Balick, Sec. Trey, P. Ellis. D.S.T.A. B. Simon, HisToriang Mrs. Hanson Adviser: D. Brodsky, Pres.: P Schulmann, Sec. EighTy-seven FIRST ROW: Dr. F. oppenheim, J. Schuermann, Vice-Pres. SEC- OND ROW: M. STrom, D. God- UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FIRST ROW: M. Haley, Mr Hodgson, G. Simpson, D. Kaelrs Dr. Russell. SECOND ROW: Mr Rawsfrom, Dr. Daugherly, Dr Sommers, Dr. Clark, B. Mason. YOUNG DEM OCRATS Treas.: Paul Ellis, Pres. U.R.C. The Universily Religious Council, composed of represenlalives from each religious group, is de- signed Io coordinale Ihe aclivilies of all sludenl' religious organizalions. The main aclivilies for I'he year I952-53 included: The developmenl and dislribulion of a boolclel giving inlormalion on Ihe diwcierenl' religious groups represenled on campus llheir purposes, ollicers, lime and place of meelingsl, a regular column in The Review, a display ol religious periodicals and books in Ihe Library, and +he Sunday evening vesper programs. ACTIVE YOU NG DEMOCRATS The Aclive Young Democrals is an organizalion devoled lo sludying Ihe principles of Ihe Demo- cralic Parly and lo lorming democralic ideals in Ihe young cilizens oi Ioday, Numerous club com- millees perform I'he Iaslcs involved in rendering services Io Ihe slale and nalional parI'y organiza- Jrions. Meelings are held once a monlh during The school year, wilh addilional meelings called during The monlhs preceding a nalional eleclion. The organizalion is open +o all college sludenlsg Ihe presenl membership includes over Jrhirly-live sludenls. Eighly-eigI'1'I' LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenn Dill Vice-Pres., Ann Ferguson, Sec A.I.Ch.E. FIRST ROW: D. Hornberg, R. Paul, G. HoughTon, R. Wynn, R. Harper, A. Davis, J. Nichols. SECOND ROW: Dr. GersfI'er, Adviser: J. MarTin, G. Gronde, J. Balmer, W. Nicoll, I.. I.iIIelehT, W. Nealon, D. Feeney, D. Graham, D. Rau. THIRD ROW: S. Rubini, W. Jebens, A. Perkins, D. Paul, D. ENGINEERING COUNCIL J. Glick, D. Robinson, R. Wilson, C. Hyde, Pres., C. Presnell, J Knapp, C. Hammond. A.I.Ch.E. The American InsTiTuTe oT Chemical Engineers sponsors sTudenT chapTers in engineering schools, To acquainT The undergraclualre sTudenT wiTh The pro- Tessional as disTincT Trom The academic, side oT chemical engineering. PlanT and Tield Trips, speak- ers, and social evenTs are among The acTiviTies scheduled, To encourage scholarship, iT awards To The member who has The highesT scholasTic raTing during his Treshman and sophomore year a pin, cerTiTicaTe and a Tree subscripTion To "Chemical Engineering Progress" Tor Two years and sTudenT membership Tor one year. Hoyer, J. Glick, J. Siczlca, Horne. ENGINEERING COUNCIL One mighT be led To believe ThaT an engineer would be Too busy during his Tour years in college To Tind Time Tor anyThing besides sTudying. The siTuaTion is noT ThaT bad. Engineers sTill Tind Time To parTicipaTe in campus, as well as SouTh campus, exTra-curricular acTiviTies. An Engineer is more Than a slide-rule! The Engineering Council coordinaTes The acTivi- Ties oT The diTTerenT engineering socieTies on campus. The Council, in cooperaTion wiTh The Pro- Tessional Engineers OT Delaware, sponsored The February Engineers' Week. The TesTiviTies were launched wiTh a ioinT dinner. The climax was high- lighTed by The Engineers' Ball. EighTy-nine A.S.C.E. P. Curry, Prof. Buer, T. Scheaffer, Pres., G. Schulze, Sec.: T. D. Smifh, R. Collingwood, D. Cole- man, W. McMas'I'er, Vice-Pres., B. HaI'ch, Temple. ALPHA CHI CHEMISTRY CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Perrogreno, T. Sanerson, L. Wood, J. Marra, S. ubini R Nachos R nn R ' ', . ' I, . Wy . SECOND ROW: o. schupp. A. Man'I'z, L. Henderson, R. Hall, K. Bell, G. Groncle, Pres.: D. Feeney, Sec.: S. Nichols, J. Glick, J. Baker, O. S'IewarI'. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ALPHA CHI CHEMISTRY CLUB CIVIL ENGINEERS The A.S.C.E. is a group of civil engineering slu- denis who are inleresied in exiencling Iheir knowl- edge of engineering by keeping abreasr of The IieId's new developmenls. The group visiied Ihe American Meials Associ- aIion's Exhibi+ in Philadelphia, aliended a confer- ence al Villanova College, and Iook several field Irips. A banguei, wi+h Ihe Wilmingion A.S.C.E., marked Ihe presenialion ol a paper on The Incodel plan. Movies, a picnic, and Ihe Engineer's Ball were Ihis year's social highlighis. Nine'Iy To become a member ol Alpha Chi, one musl be a Chemisiry or Chemical Engineering maior, male, and an upperclassman. The obieclives are: 'ro unile ils members in a Irue and Iasling friendship, 'Io sirive lor Ihe ad- vancemeni ol chemislry boih as a science and as a profession, and Io aid Hs members in Ihe aiiain- meni oi 'Iheir ambilions as chemisis. Service Io Ihe Chemislry Deparimeni as well as social aciivilries reilecl Ihese ideals. DELAWARE RIFLES R . fig? 212 UW' . X ..,,, . awe., ,. - . . V, DELAWARE RIFLES FIRST ROW: E. Trivifs, J. Sabo, L. Williams, G. Mifchell, C. PeFFer, R. Taylor, D. Hill, D. Tail, D Wood, N. Williams. SECOND ROW: R. Fisher, Commander, J. Harper, H. McCurcly, B. Farrow, T Redfield, J. Eagle, R. Wilson, D. Romano, R. Dickerson, A. Vandepoele. Delaware Rifles is an organizaiion oi R.O.'l'.C. cadeis wl'1o are iniereslecl in precision drill. A+ weekly meeiings iniricaie drill rouiines are praciiced. The Rifles presenied demonsiraiions during regular regimenral iormaiions, liall Time ai iooiball games, 'flue lvliliiary Ball, and for visiiing miliiary digniiaries. Tlwey marched in Newarlis Memorial Day parade. A blue and gold lanyard ideniiiies a Rifles man. Ninefy-one SNAPS I. Mr. BoI1ning's LiH'Ie Helpers 2. Mail in Ye'I' Mr. Springer 3. Cinderman Readies 4. Cider for Everyone! 5. Pin Ihe Tail . . . 6. Blood Donor 7 .... . Ba'H'ery "B" is Passing By . 8. DePrisco-The Ivlacl Chemisl' 9. I-Iow Many Wings Has I+? IO. End of I5 Mile Walk Tl-ILETICS 'X , xiX ,J-""' f xx xzii. Zygai D R OWN STADIUM: Christened The new sTadium . . . a dream come True! ATTer many years oT parading To WilmingTon Tor TooTloall games, Delaware sTudenTs cheered The Team To Two vicTories This Tall Trom The grandsTand ofa new sTadium. In spiTe oT The greaT seas oT mud and The driving rain, many loyal Delaware Tans aTTended These TirsT Two games aT The new Tield and saw The TighTing Blue Hens deTeaT TirsT a sTrong LaTayeTTe Team. and The Tollowing week, The mighTy Bucknell Bisons. The weaTherman may have NineTy-Tour By typical ewark weather handed us disappoinlmenl, loul lhe leam wenl on fighling and came oul on lop. Circumslances cancelled all The gay opening ceremonies lhal had been planned for Jrhe greal day .... We had lo wave good-bye lo' The elaborale announcemenl of lhe Homecoming Queen, lhe lloal parade, 'rhe speeches, and band enlerlalnmenl: Bul, even all huddled under umbrellas, we were glad lhal finally we had a sladium . . . we could call our ownl Ninely-five Failhful 'l'o 'rhe biller, wel, end! Queen reigns desplle +he rain Bul' il- clicln'l' dampen 'lheir spiri+! Crisp Autumn days brought out the FGGT Ca'l'ch Me If You Can! Delaware "Smears 'Em!" l FIRST ROW: Trainer Ed Bernauer, Head Coach Dave Nelson, Jim Flynn, Marly Aposlolico, Gordon Murray, Sieve Bu+cher, Howie Graham, Frank Heilig, John Allen, Capfain Paul Mueller, Ken Riefh, Jim Carboneiii, John Meccariello, Don Rumer, Frank Gyeivan, John Williams. SECOND ROW: Coach lrv Wisniewslci, Trainer Whiiey Burnham, Dan Ford, Tom Oves, Don Miller, Tom Redfield, Jim Johnson, Charley Frangos, Bob Bieringer, Sal Gambone, Bill Smi+h, Bob Trivi'H's, Don Monfgomery, LL inthe Blue Hens! Allrhough The UniversiTy oT Delaware's grid year Tor '52 won'T go down in The record books as The mosT successTul season in The hisTory OT The school, iT's doubTTul if There will be a more hecTic or exciTing campaign Than lasT Tall's which began wiTh Tour ouT OT The TirsT Tive games ending in deTeaT Tor Delaware, and concluded in a glorious Three- game winning sTreak ThaT enabled Dave Nelson's TooTball squad To Tinish aT a respec'Table .500 mark. The plucky Blue l-lens, composed largely oT soph- omores, pulled Themselves TogeTher aTTer losing To GeTTysburg, WesT ChesTer, ConnecTicuT and Muhlenberg lwiTh a win over Lehigh sandwiched in among These lossesl, and Then reeled oTT Three sTraighT Triumphs aT The expense oT PMC, LaTayeTTe and Bucknell. ' Some 6,500 WilmingTon Park specTaTors saw The season's opener on SepTember 27 go To The BulleTs oT GeTTysburg, Thanks To a Two-Touchdown splurge in The Tinal, and Tor The l-lens TaTal, guarTer oT The game. UnTil ThaT lasT drive, Delaware appeared The winner, enjoying a l3-0 lead going inTo The lasT period. BuT a 74 yard scamper by Earl YosT which was enough Tor a score was Tollowed up by anoTher quick BulleT TD, wiTh boTh exTra poinT kicks good. Scarcia converTed aTTer Paul Mueller's TirsT Touchdown, buT aTTer The l-len capTain had grabbed a Serpico Iaferal Tor anoTher six poinTs, Delaware missedon The exTra poinT and ThaT was The ball game, I4-I3. The nexT SaTurday up aT BeThlehem, Pa., The l-lens bounced back wiTh a TighT 7-6 decision over The Lehigh Engineers. A pass Trom Don Miller To Mueller in The TirsT Trame hiT pay dirT. Tom Fannon Then Taked a kick Tor The exTra poinT and hurled whaT Turned ouT To be The game-winning pass To Mueller in The end zone. There was some greaT line play Tor boTh squads in This close one. Delaware was To walk OTT The gridiron as loser in The nexT Three games. On a cold OcTober ll in WilmingTon, a hepped-up WesT ChesTer ouTTiT nosed ouT Nelson's boys, 24-20, wiTh Earl l-lersh, The Teachers' greaT back, leading The way wiTh Three Touchdowns. This was The TirsT Time WesT ChesTer had been able To chalk up a Triumph over The l-lens in TooTball, and iT was quiTe a game. Carzo scored Twice Tor Delaware, Bob l-lagerTy once. Ralph Snowberger, Tony Cancleloro, Coach Gene STauber, Coach Mike Lucle. THIRD ROW:. Coach Jim Sullivan, Gary Buclcwalfer, Tom Hocker, Charley Searfoss, Bob Cornwell, Joe Scarcia, Ben Mounfain, Frank Serpico, Charley Sullivan, Tom Fannon, Roco Carzo, John Borresen, Bill DoppsTadT, Joe Cregg, Jim Cooper, Vince Palomba, AssisTanT Trainer Ron Thompson, Manager Frank McMullen. OcTober 25 Tound The ConnecTicuT Huskies able and "husky" enough To Take The Hens in an acTion- packed 25-I3 conTesT. Mike l.ude's linemen sTopped The enemy's ground aTTack cold, buT when lrv Panciera Took To The air. There was no sTopping The NorTherners. The UConns wenT on To pile up 232 yards via The air lanes, wiTh Panciera compleTing I7 ouT oT 27 aTTempTs, Three being good Tor TD's. Delaware's Tumbles proved cosTly. Tony Candeloro's 57 yard scoring dash in The Third quarTer was one brighT iTem Tor The home crowd. Underdog Muhlenberg Took The measure oT The Hens nexT wiTh The Tinal score on ThaT game aT AllenTown reading, 2I-I2, despiTe a superlaTive running display by veTeran back, Ken RieTh, who scored boTh oT Delaware's Tallies. The FighTin' Blue Hens' Touchdown Tamine ended on November 8 againsT Pennsylvania MiliTary College in The lasT U oT D TooTball game To be held in WilmingTon Park. PMOS "Flying Saucer" Torma- Tion couldn'T halT Delaware oTTense Trom spliTTing The game wide open. Tom Hocker goT Two TD's, wiTh Miller, Mueller, Carzo and Fannon all scoring one apiece. Fannon's beauTiTul 8I yard run Turned The Tide. HoT PoTaTo? . . . NOT To CapTain Mueller High STeppin' Hero . . . Rock Carzo The Tinal Two SaTurdays in The schedule saw Delaware play in iTs new STadium. An inspired squad Turned in vicTories over TirsT l.aTayeTTe and Then Bucknell, in The Two hardesT-ToughT and besT games OT The year. DespiTe The TacT ThaT There was a driving rain To mar The playing condiTions Tor boTh oT These conTesTs, The Hen's spiriTs weren'T dampened any as They polished oTT LaTayeTTe, I3- l2, on November 15. The nexT SaTurday saw Thrilling '13-O upseT over Bucknell, which was looking Tor iTs sevenTh win. Paul Mueller's successTul exTra poinT conversion aTTer a second Ken RieTh Touchdown was The margin oT vicTory againsT The game Leopards in a Tracas marked by The presence oT a Thick Tog which seTTled over The Tield in The second halT. Delaware achieved The impossible by rouTing The heavy Bucknell eleven, I3-O, by means oT Two unTorgeT- Table solo sprinTs oT 26 and 52 yards pasT The goal- line by TleeT Jimmy Flynn. Thus noT only an uphill season ended buT also The brighT collegiaTe TooT- ball careers oT Paul Mueller, Ken RieTh, Frank Heilig, Johnny Meccarielio and Jim CarboneTTi. HEIXIS N . r 49, ACTIO lg e H ' r M' I. "Break righl lhrough +ha+ line!" 3.. Rie+h has him worried 4.. Wes+ Che-s+er's clynamire-Hersh! 2. The men behind lhe feam 5. Capfain Mueller collars a caclel' CROSS COU TRY- runners ran well, while The Traclcmen who made up Delaware's crack cross counTry Team compiled The besT record, percenTage-wise. oT all Blue Hen AThleTic squads in The I952 Fall season. Under The guidance oT Coach Ken STeers, The Hen Harriers covered a loT oT mileage over hill and dale in running up an impressive cross counTry record OT Tour vicTories, againsT only one deTeaT. This 4-I mark Turned ouT To be The idenTical season counT rung up by The disrance men Tor The Blue and Gold Tor The previous year. CapTain Bill Reybold and Rog Fouracre were The real bellweaThers OT The Thinclads, Tinishing number one and Two, respecTively, in individual poinTs wiTh Fouracre's 65 being a shade less Than Reybold's ToTal oT 69 poinTs. The Team iTselT capTured Three sTraighT wins beTore dropping one To HaverTord. ATTer Tinishing TourTh in The Middle ATlanTic cham- pionships laT which Delaware was hosT sguadl, The Hens polished OTT AlbrighT in The culminaTing vic- Tory oT a highly successTul cross counTry year. NexT season's Team should be as sTrong as ever. since only one runner, Jim Holcomb, will be losT Through graduaTion. Delaware SEASON'S RECORD OpponenTs 33 r........ ,...... S warThmore ,,...................... .,.,.....,....., 2 4 29 ..,....,, ,.,.... J ohns Hopkins ., .,.,.,., 26 37 .,....... ....... E gc M .,............,...,.........,.....,..,.. ..,..... l 8 25 ...,..... .....,. H averford ......,........r...........,..,......, ........ 3 3 4 4.....,.. ....,.. M ACTFA Championships ST. Joes .....,.. I 38 .................... Albrighi' ...,...,................................ .....,.. 2 O Middle ATlanTic ResulTs lField oT 79 runnersl Fouracre-Tinished 7Th l2I:39l Reybold-Tinished llTh l2I:49l CarTy-Tinishecl 3OTh Holcomb-Tinished .36Th .,,q. . 82. Q I952 DELAWARE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ?'ff'f-f2Coach STeers, Jim Holcomb, Tom ClayTon, CapTain Bill Reybold, Rog Fouracre, Jim Glick, Harry Kline, Manager Marlt Rappaporlz One Hundred the HE BDDTIERS Tacedtough Toes. DELAWARE SOCCER SQUAD I952 SEASON FIRST ROW: Bill RegesTer, Dick Dare, KieTh Lord, Co-CapTains Andy SchmidT and Jack KinTer, Warren Van Arsdalen, Lee Kalinowslri, John McLaughlin. SECOND ROW: Coach Burnham, Dan WalTon, Harold Henderson, Jim Williams, Joe Miller, Marshall Thompson, Bob Jamison, Biddle FosTer, Jack Knapp, Manager Dick Fisher. THIRD ROW: Bill Colona, STan Czerwinslci, Tom Hadfield, Ted Taylor, Tom Brown, Dick Singly, Wendell Whea-Tley, Manager Dick O'ConnelI. WiTh a young, inexperienced lineup, WhiTey Burnham's soccer Team Tared poorly ThroughouT mosT oT IasT season, ending up aT The 2-8 marlc Tor a rigorous campaign. The Delaware booTers were an eager buT green IOT: Tew had had The beneTiT oT much acTual playing experience prior To The pasT season. The bullc oT The Hen sTrengTh was cenTered around Co-capTain Jaclc Ilvlule I:ooTl KinTer aT Tullbaclc, who was named To The All-Middle ATlanTic Team Tor Three sTraighT years, Co-capTain Andy SchmidT aT inside righT, John McLaughlin aT ouT- side IeTT and roolcie Bill RegesTer aT ouTside righT. All oT These men played brillianTly along wiTh oThers aT various poinTs during The Tall againsT The opposiTion. However, The Blue Hens were no maTch Tor such soccer powerhouses as Temple and WesT ChesTer. The pair OT Delaware Triumphs were piclced up aT The expense oT WesTern Maryland and Bucknell. The laTTer vicTory was a hardToughT 2-I game which Burnham's booTers won in The Tinal seconds by Bill CoIona's Timely goal. The ouTIoolc Tor nexT year is considerably beTTer, Tor The Team won'T be hiT Too hard by deparTing seniors, and wiTh The experience gained Ias+ Tall, The I953 version oT The Delaware soccer squad should prove much Tougher. Delaware SEASON'S RECORD OpponenTs I .,.,.,.,. .....,.. L ehigh ..,...,........,....., ....,............. 2 O ......... .,..... T emple ..,...,.,...,.......,..... ,......... 6 I ,,....... ....... 6 eTTysburg ....,.....,....,...,.. ,...,..,.. 2 I ,...,.... ....,.. W ashingTon College ,. ,.,. ..,....,.. 4 I, ..... ..,..... WesT ChesTer ............ ,...... . ..5 4 .......,. .,...... W esTern Md. ..,....... ....,.,... I O ......... ...,.... D rexel ............... .......... 5 I ........, ..,.... F 81 M .............., ,,........ 3 5 ..,.... , ,..,.... Johns Hopkins . ......... .6 2 ...,,..,. ....... B ucknell .......,. ....,..... I One Hundred One INTR VIUR L F LL SPORTS-came GRID CHAMPS OVER IT GOES TOUCH FOOTBALL Kappa Alpha .... Training House .. Won Losl 8 I 7 2 Sigma Nu .............. ..4,... 7 2 Sigma Phi Epsilon ,... .,..,.. 7 3 Thela Chi .,............ ..,.... 5 4 Della Tau Della ...... ....,., 4 5 Phi Kappa Tau ........,... ....... 3 5 Alpha Epsilon Pi ....... ....... I 9 Mosher l'lall ..,...,.. , ..,.,.. O IO VOLLEYBALL Tie Won Los'I' 1 Sigma Phi Epsilon .... ........ I O I I Alpha Tau Omega .,..,,. ..,. 9 l Sigma Nu .....,.......,.... .... 9 I I Thela cha ......,., i.,. .,.. 5 4 0 l l 2 0 0 One Hundred Two in for its share of glory and honors! DON LEWIS-WINNER LYLE CARNEY-WINNER TABLE TENNIS HANDBALL Winner .,... ,................,...,.,.,..,.... D on Lewis iS.N.j Finaiisf ....,.....,..,,.................. Lyle Carney iK.A.j Runner-up ...... , .....,.. .......,..... J ack Loose iS.N.i Semifinalisrs ......,...............,. Slwerron Pepper iDTD Semifinalisrs ..,......... ..4.......,.. C Pluck Dierrick iK.A.i Al Speng iA.T.O.J Jim Hoey iK.A.i One Hundred Three BASKETBALL - pro ided the BACK ROW: D. Hess Mgr.: B. Morrow, P. Kelleher, T. ChilTon, J. STowers, F. Emmerson, Coach. FRONT ROW: D. Miller, R. Crawford, F. WhiTe, D. Evans, CapT.: M. Lamkin, J. Loomis, J. Ryan. The baskeTball TorTunes oT Delaware's courT sguad remained in high gear during The 1952-53 campaign as Fred Emmerson's hard-driving ouTTiT once again capTured The Middle ATlanTic Crown To make This The second sTraighT year .Tor The Blue Hens in winning The SouThern Division Championship. ln running up a Tinal counT OT I8 wins againsT only six losses, The Newark Tive seT a new record Tor The mosT vicTories won by a Delaware baskeTball squad in a single season. The eighTeen Triumphs posTed in The pasT season exceeded The previous mark esTablished by The Hens Two years ago by one game. The Team was capTained by Dick Evans aT Torward unTil The end oT The TirsT semesTer. Delaware copped The consolaTion TiTle in The HoTsTra TournamenT dur- ing The ChrisTmas holidays. ln This Tourney, which promises To be an annual aTTair, The Emmersonmen dropped a game To The evenTual winner, CorTland, buT wenT on To deTeaT Wagner and Ahcred colleges. One Hundred Towering MaTT Lamkin Forward Frank WhiTe - --"-sv",--"'w':Mi:"F' WM "WV Vx 5373" fh'f?"'5C.1 i'2sX"32.'A'i1'fTT?TT?fi7??i'YTEYTN 1: X Y T 2 X' 11 ,x '- lffe -'iff if W2 f , .. . we --x f ., Xf. X wiv sr, as Ns W5 has, af..xs-f.,s:.-wX,,w-'sw X - 'A 2 we .si ., . sf-an Q. . wah wc ,as..,.,.,,M s- 2 , T,.fss.:.f X -me M A -2 .X ...Maf,s..,,,g,wW W, , XX .. ,w..g,ss.sw ,4,-sswqsyss .s,.., .Myss,f.mQXy , , T 'xv i If-ff, is--Q Q X. sf gas, 5 .V s N,1sq,,4? 2404? wiszmo.. ' J if z i -. ,X , , ' T ' 215 '- X '- , - -- H .2- ,.ims,.,,s.,M.N iexxffs-'sire 4. as . Xww-. KT TJ ,- vwo ' -T Xifv XNQCXM 4 X' T' was 115185 . 1' fx 3 f'ff'f sf Z'-'NGDM sis?" ' M i as XX swf as M -a T - . Q QNNX., ss.-s A S . -,g f - - . , X Y XX . , X , W X ,M W X Q A 'a'w5f,:,ws, ,s ...,X3v.+,-I 1-as M, .- we -. .esfAxXsaQ5rsX. fm, ' we T Y ' X ' L s i 'mas s X VM X Xa :mm - Xvx s poke? xx V f A X XVXKWX QTWWJ-+fSNS 1+ 'QQ' 'X - vi: A Q pf Cx W BSE Xfflfi fa? A.. N ,yer ,M.e,.s5.. ..Ws,xi,Ss. bwjfyg -whois -I f-. -M-M 9,ffLQ,,v'-Qu X., ,Wg as ? X 'T ., ,, fwrwft X sx V QT TFJQYWX-ffsRX Ks gwgswgg SSX Xxx 52 X . wgwsggxx Q, x , X' -T :ff'e'9Y2i V?-,YS 5455055 '5""T- M5 X .gwXXw2XXXeffises . X EGQYXQXX-sf Sff .f MLA . ' ,QFQQB , Xf M 'QWXNMNXT JM? .,.,,..,5..fw., gs . U3,,3bg,7 W-,, sp .,,,.. , .M , ...X . v'..4.,f'j'ww.- TS T K3 E X .T Q59 fgv X A Tibs .X Ax xY4XXXXmxgx'X Q X A xx ,geek xxx X N yy QA as X 5 Xi 4 X x KN X X s s S X I WX X XXX T XS we 5 X X X YNMX XKTXS X X N X s QM NK f fi 'Q 5 M NX Qglif SX T X gin X rsQiswXsX sw . X XQXX Q f f Q X X wasw X as nf so fq A ww 1 ,XY . V sXXXwg,xXM ,N f sk fa X' Q MXEX X Wm .RZ 5. his TK .X ss " 4 X X 1 X' W? 2 1 ya 2, 1 Xxx YN ligase BN f fa 7 N x 5-X X S QxX,5 .:,,x. , v s - - 54 fi . , - -w sifla 5 f sk X Z . Q, Jffzi fif? 'HXUJ' X 'TXXQX T' " g si? XQX., - 3 'T S :X X 's ss, .36 QM refsvms q.sX'w,s, sqm , wg -, ix f X X Q ,qw X1 f 3 A ,T .. , .sw ZS ':e3"Aa,m' X is ' - s v . 2-:fs 'M MXEf.fCK'? 5' T M -.hy s X .... 1 fs W gs, an X- v 'Q ss Ss 5 X X Q Qfgwsggiggwf fef,.,,s1l.'q,,4g w , as li , 5X-:saw-L' .X ge-. sa ' , XRS X. 'X fX' vs fggwssi A . has , s 4 X X Qs PYSN Q X' Vw-Q ,X XX S - X so THQWXTT c FX, sf . 2 X. W ,asf-fs - awe, a ., X sv J., AWN X i. meuiziszme,we2ss...v1M,ss.f.wi,.M:,.:.s,aX. Four W ,x :MQ x 'X Ssfss Qs Y X X I ' M X .X QT- " Xs .jNQXx ,?s X . s w il X mf -X 'Kb X M. : Xi W5 Mg W . QV TT? tens with plenty ot exciting moments . . . The ambitious ade closer into big l952-53 schedule to und Delaware time basketball venturing a sh ' ' owertul threats circles, with the Hens meeting p ' 'la- such as Bradley, Ernie Beclc-led Pennsylvania, Val d Bain- St J se hs Temple Muhlenberg, an nova, . o p , , bridge. The Bradley game, played in Peoria lllinois, ushered in the start ot the regular season - b lc at the and Delaware sutte hands ot the rangy winner in the lv y League race, Eva red an 85 69 set ac lvlid Westerners. Against Penn, ns and his team- l tive oints in mates tared better, bowing by lust p l' stra The Carpen er a 74-69 ball game at the Pale . . . . I ith the Bainbridge Naya Field l-louse engagement w ' ' t t ' tet turned out to be another thrilling con es , gum ' ' ll'n away trom the Sailors h the l-lens lust pu I g wit as the clock ran out. Perhaps two even closer and l battles t mes were the eague more importan ga ' Ci near the close PMC on Delaware's court. Going winning strea Guard Ray Cr 55 ,,., , g, ,.,,, J J-, s.., ,,f,,,,, , ,. V-'wzvi1lf.,f2-ss-,.xJ fl,-fe We S ot the season agains t l-lavertord an into the l-laver- undeteated in tord clash, the l-lens were both league play and had an impressive seventeen game . . . A l4 running in awford the Field l-louse. Forward and Cap Slripper Cr tain Diclc Evans ,Li -,f' 1, nfs, ' g awford About to Bucket One Against Ursinus Guard Johnny Loomis 1-'f'z-igrl 4, ' X X ,,, I ,, ,gsm 21:-ggew ,,4,5,,,,.Yw,w K , 5' , ez , , gf ',,i,,1.-35 V , , , ,, Wt 5 if sg: 15: Q, ,n i fl: 5, , sy gf ,z , .,: ,, , 25,551 an-f,,,,s0,,ys1z,,A-Q s, A 1 in ,W Q, ,,,,ps,rv,s ,, , , A-,X , ,X - ,f , ,. ,, , , on ,M ,,,,,5H , ,, , 3 H rg , Q, -f-, We Q ,,-, , X sfo: ,V Q,sgs4m,,,,W,s,,,Q,, ss ywzv ,tu , ,, .N fy s, ,, ,5.,,,w ,W X ,, ,, ,K D J UL, My ,L , X , .,,,,,4 4fQZgfey0meg:J'yspewsQis Q ,y, sf:,fiw',,,,.2Lgf My , a at ,jf f fofsz.: , , , X ,- Q 3 --r,fx,,g g?::, f-s ,- xg 7, 5 ' . z --" , 3 M , ,' ' s, " - , 1 ' " view V fz,.s,N we if K 'R , 7 EAW? - .-,,z'vXf':vi X ' :W-,iw ., s1"y4,,,,f,'g,gs ,rpg ,a,q4,:,zgn,s fr-5,5 rg-,X i - fa -,fsuixzis r ,mffj ,-I f, 1-. -, ' 'fi V ' ,,3g,:4VsgWs'sZ7w zz 'frm03,5--:i',5,-zsze A ,vfysz-,fs 'fe -51121, X fp sfSAfw,'fi,,,ff,,y 8423,--.-Say gsff Kr' Q- yx-' f"f?,fe Deva ,ws-if,-r'4t " Q ,LH f- Q mmf-'zw,s,gf,-fi !m,zS5wF,f-, ini'-ii",,: 1-,f .ef ffv:s'ms,s rm-:who wmsfv, V 5. 1'fN,::-who ,r 2.1 4,s,f'1 N fs r, 1 ' - sae,.-as mfg, Mssfw, A -Wy .-xt -, ,xi Us f ,,s,,,,,,,, , , Ma4,f,,.4, ,, Q, ,ff v ,I WM ,V-, ,- s ,V My Mow, , ,W y.,A'4,,,1m4M. y,,,4vr,f-W, -, eff . 0 ,-:,,r, ., ,fsf,f,,s,ws,-:Q ,N . ,eff -- ww,,s,s'.,,s4 J,-f MM. so ,,,4,. , W. at Zg,f,g,,,,gyy3,,y,,g,1,gay- ,aw , gs., s,x73,,fzs.,,sKwY, X' 'ml' 'gps z,,,,,,s Q if ws," - - -A -ff , ',, .4321-,,w,s, f mf, "ffm, by , ,fi 441, Q., - f,f4,,,f4 , - ,Vs,5,A,,Mqs.rv,V,?,fos wwf, MW Aw, sf ,s.4,,,,fs1 , ,i ,h,,,,f,s ,, 7, f-s,,. , X un, , ,,, ,,,,,,sgf,Ws,f,,s ,,wyWf,,,o,, ys,,,,,., A,-1 ,,ws,W!,, AW as ,,4,,,,, , 1 move, -ef:,fs,f,q,,w2.-as 2 r Q,-s:g'fi,?-iff sy,vy-,f,vg,,- ff f,,- f-411445 sg,-,gs f : ,,f-,Q , 4 ,ss f,,s:q1,m-f'f-, Svg H sm mfs' , if .4 f - 2 Q ,4 ev-Q -ff, f' any ,f J."zZfi?w!QfK7fs?f5,ius:5,e5if4N ' Nd , . ':,":?wf' ev: f 'f,fx -WY? Q Hs V1 , 1 'ff . 9-149, 6-fff'f,i-U" ,Wifi "1?1,,fLM? ,,f15,tfQQw f lf " VN ,I H 'ff ,f s 'is f, ' Qpqfwvfsfst,-ga,5 ,:' sys, ss' 1n.:fg,..p,s1u,-1 aw ss, ' ' -, at wg, .- f,svg,f,yf,wj4gw,savi,-xiyxfzf J, ' Mr '- w me ww ,fn we eww. Q, - 'ff-48 ,,,,y X-,fs,,,s QA. fr MMV we Q, ,s f rw ,, f,- mr ,, -sf,ffsf,sf -Q f sw, W-,W , , we - Q f X: .N -, A ,Q 4, ,V -s ww we Qewa7f?fe,f-vfmfssfaw Wife? 'W' mfszz Mv"1ms.,4t.7mswx:r,Pfsfaffy vs -z ,- fp -,,'r,Mff':'f1fsiz,ff-'J 1ms2:',v4r'f1: -z., -V1 ,sq-, hx .1-1 f , mm, v4ewgm2,wwwsezafqms - ' Sv '.1e smfs is f I ,S a ww'wx'--43a,4um,f,4 wr www,-5 s2f1Nff,24MQ-'VVS'f,y,SG,,W,-f,'-- J , s eiif.,-ff: , 3 ,Q -fu 1: A Uff , , - ':w,iWf,1:'1'QW? f3f"v"f'f,3i7?-0 Q'f'2'f1Wf -f"L: wi6f:'7"'l ' Y i if-ff'5WtVJ4'l li QWIV'-'v"Q??": -m?,bSfi.Vti"':V5T,?i717?rf?4i7f17f'W':"."'tfZA:7W GV' . v1 , 'ti' " i " swffy ,sw -evsyefffwg g. 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Af -, 5 wi, s se ,imsfny v swwf we fajfw Mwfglwkxzfwix Qwsk !S.:.jfn--n,w4Sf,:1s, sqm: SWS 41 X y,,45-,-v gs , ,, gfaftfyok nw?f,gx,gwQ9,M'.,,-,Qf,.W'gW Qfypmffy ,,4,,,x,f,Z,-,gm X,-4-., 9, ,,,f, ,V-5 XF? ,,,,,.,,, , J. ,sg k,5,, ww , 4, Mg A Seiya WMMWQQSZ,awww-.,Qsf,e,,sfw,+ ,m,s4fr,,sW-s,s,4,,,,sm,s,g4zs,,,aV, , ,s,4Ws,,f, ,,,,sfs s:fp.,M,, s,f5,,sssA ,Ms,,4s47f,.,yA4,,A,,, .Ms 1 fs, f, W, , M M., 41, . S 2 gif. Mafia.iS'?sffiLewfW6wf'-'+a5w3yvQu4h f ',Vws14zMQfef'- xfwfe,i:Qw:.iSfiWeQ,4-ysdmw2,w '- 422' we - ,,,y -N vfyswz f ,M we Kwwywet smwyew,-72, ,Q ,weffessix rw. s ,f 2' M ,, fs 5- XM . M 4 A ,M ,s1,3,,aZmv,,,Q?M,KMX, N29 2. ,M . X I S,xovxs .L 45364, .fm..Qh,wl.2m,.,,.,wm A fi. M 1 One Hundred Five desperaTe shoT by a l-laverTord player gave The lowly Philadelphians a lasT minuTe 58-56 upseT over The heavily Tavored Blue l-lens, Thus ending The Fred Emmerson-coached squad's unblernished league record: and rang The curTain down on The CarpenTer Field l-louse vicTory scene. The very nexT home game againsT PMC proved To be almosT a repeTiTion OT The Tension-packed l'laverTord TilT excepT ThaT iT was a Delaware player, Skip CrawTord, and noT one oT The opposiTion who buckeTed a lump shoT in The Tinal seconds oT play. ThaT narrow 62-60 win CrawTord pulled ouT oT The Tire also clinched The Middle ATlanTic honors Tor The second season in a row. The Tinale oT The long courT campaign was againsT Muhlenberg and was an anTi-climax aTTer winning The all-imporfanf league honors. The slick AllenTown crew was undaunTed away Trom Their home courT and were never seriously ThreaTened as They racked up an 83-72 reading over Delaware. Ray lSkipl Crawford had anoTher TerriTic year on The hardwoods, and was a big TacTor behind Delaware's repeaT as The Middle ATlanTic courT king. The sTocky guard Trom Woodbury, New Jersey broke Billy UTT's old record by going over The halT-cenTury Tigure in scoring, dumping a ToTal oT 5l5 poinTs Through The hoop. SmooTh playing Frank WhiTe and Thin, husTling MaTT Lamkin also counTed heavily in Fred Emmerson's oTTensive seTup. Jumping Jack Loomis boosTed The Team's sTock during The TirsT halT oT The season by his greaT playmaking abiliTy, buT scholasTic diTTiculTies Torced his wiThdrawal Trom The squad aT The end oT The TirsT Term. Don Miller, PeTe Kelleher, Jack Ryan, Big Bob Morrow, Tim ChilTon and Tommy Oves also proved To loe a greaT help in bringing Delaware home anoTher baskeTball championship. . . Carpenter Field House was l l. , Hens sprouT wings Tor Trip To Peoria l One Hundred Six Le+ me a+ 'eml scene of a number of close contests Delaware BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 59 .......,. ....... B radley ...... 69 ..,...... ....... L elwigh .... 68 ..,..,.., ....... R ufgers ..... 69 ......... ...,.., P ennsylvania .... 80 ...,..... ....... J ohms Hopkins .... 79 ....,........... ...4... ....... .,,..., V I 1 lanova ....,................ Tournarnenf . 'K Consolaion Ti+le Winners 63 .....,........,..........,..........,........,., Lafayeffe 66 ,......,...,..,. ,...... ....... ..,..., S T . Josepns SI ,.,.,..,, ..,..., D rexel ...,.............. 93 ..,.,..,. ...,... S warlrhmore ,...,........ 9I ......... ....,.. B ainbridge Navy ..,.,.. 89 .4.,,.,,. ..,.. . . Wes'r Che-sfer ......,. . 45 ......,., ..,..... T emple ......... 96 ,........ ..,.,.. H averford ...,. 88 .,....... ,..,... P .Iv1.C. 83 .....,,.. ....... U rsinus .... 60 ,..,...., ....... S warflwmore 63 ......... ....... D rexel ......... 56 ......... ....... H averford ..... 62 ......... .,,.... P .M.C. ...... . 90 .....,... ,.,,... U rsinus .........., 72 .,.,..,.. ......,. M uhlenberg ..,. One Hundred Seven Opponenfs .,......85 ......,.52 .....,..64 .....,..74 ........76 IOO ........55 ,...,...63 ......,.64 .......,67 ........87 ,...,...85 ,.......82 ,.......65 .......,82 .....,..52 .,...,,.56 ........6I ........58 ........6O ........63 ........83 The SW IVIIVIING TEAM proved VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM FRONT ROW: J. McDaniel, T. DiMaio, A. Mayer and C. Presnell, Co-Captains, B. McKinley, T. Zu'Iz. BACK ROW: A. Vanclepoele, L. Krusberg, B. Reybold, D. Goodley, G. Es'I'er, B, Wagner, J. Harper, Mgr.: H. RawsTrom, Coach. ArT Mayer pushes off for The bacl:sTrolre The l952-53 ediTion OT Delaware's swimming Team Turned in anoTher ouTsTanding record Tor a nine-meeT campaign winning a ToTal oT eighT encounTers, and losing only one meeT. Under The TuTelage oT Harry RawsTrom, The Blue Hens splashed Their way To consecuTive wins over La Salle and Franlclin and Marshall in convincing Tashion To open The season. Then, Lehigh, deTending Middle ATlanTic Champs, and Delaware's biggesT nemesis Tor The pasT Tew years, invaded Taylor Pool. The BeThlehem, Penna., swimmers proceeded To admin- isTer whaT was To sTand as The only deTeaT Tor The Hen mermen by a score OT 48 To 36. Following This seTIoacl4, The Delaware squad copped all six remaining meeTs on The schedule. Over The enTire season, RawsTrom's proTeges ran up an average oT slighTly loeTTer Than 50 poinTs per meeT as compared To The mean oT 28 poinTs compiled by The opposiTion. One Hundred Eigl-IT themselves worthy competitors! l-len diver, Charlie Presnell, wenT undeTeaTed ThroughouT The regular season and emerged Trom Middle ATlanTic TournamenT compeTiTion as holder oT TirsT place in The diving deparTmenT Tor a second sTraighT campaign. Sophomore sTar, Lorin Krusberg, won looTh The 440 and 220 TreesTyle evenTs in The Middle ATlanTics, wiTh ArT Mayer Taking second place in The baclcsTrol4e. Bob Wagner, copped a second spoT in The breasT-sTrolQe evenT. Delaware, which Tinished as runnerup To Lehigh in The Middle ATlanTics, also had a winner in The 300 yard Medley Relay, when ArT Mayer, Bob Wagner ancl George EsTer pulled away To seT a new Middle ATlanTic record Tor ThaT evenT. Five Delaware varsiTy mermen combined To Tinish TourTh louT oT I5 schoolsl in The EasTern Col- legiaTe Swimming AssociaTion Tinals. Presnell ranked TirsT in The one meTer dive, and runnerup in The Three meTer. Bob Wagner Tool4 TourTh and sixTh in The breasT sTroke, 'led ZuTz Two TourThs in The 200 and l00 yard baclcsTrol4e evenTs, wiTh Lorin Krusberg grabbing a TourTh in The 440 yard TreesTyle. l-len Coach RawsTrom will serve as PresiclenT oT The EasTern Collegiafe Swimming AssociaTion. Delaware SCHEDULE Opponenl-5 47 ......... ....., L aSaIIe ...,...,............,,..,. ...,......... 3 7 6l ......... ..,... F ranlclin 81 Marshall ........ ....,.... 2 3 36 .,....... ...... L ehigh ..,...,......,..,..... ......... 4 8 45 ......,.. ,...,. P ennsylvania ........ .,.....,. 3 9 66 ,......., ...... P enna Mil. Col. ...,.. ...,..,.. I 8 66 ......... ...... S warThrnore .......... ...,...., I 8 55 ......... ,..... W esT ChesTer ..,,.. ....,.... 2 9 65 .....,... .... ...... T e rnple ..,......,.... ,.,,,,,,, I 9 55 ..................,......:...... LaTayeTTe ...,.. ,.,,,,,., 2 9 MACSA Championships One Hundred Nine TOP: AcTion in Taylor Pool BOTTOM: Diving Ace Charlie Presnell The VVRES-l-l.l G TEAM showed VARSITY WRESTLING FRONT ROW: A. Burnham, Coach: T. Runlc, D. Fisher, Mgr.: B. Connell. BACK ROW: T. Schuldz, CapT.g V. STallone, G. Holland, C. Rodriguez, J. Angulo, B. Collingwood, D. Rumer, N. Thomas. Led by Two-Time Middle ATlanTic heavyweighT champion, Tom SchulTz, The Blue Hen grappling squad compiled an ouTsTanding record over The i952-i953 maT campaign, conquering six opponenTs while dropping only a pair oT maTches. DeTermined ThaT a loss To Their iniTial Toe, l.aTayeTTe, was deTi- niTely noT a sign oT Things To come Tor The resT oT The season, WhiTey Burnham's charges Then wenT on To win Tive sTraighT maTches. This sTring was Tinally ended wiTh a close I8-I6 deTeaT adminisTered by Muhlenberg up aT AllenTown. Delaware closed ouT The wresTling year by nosing ouT a sTrong Bucknell crew. According To Coach Burnham, The Blue Hen's grunT and groan arTisTs made iusT abouT The besT showing ever in The Middle ATlanTic Tourney aT LaTayeTTe which Tollowed The regular campaign. Six ouT oT eighT Delaware maTmen placed in The MACWA Tinals, wiTh The Newark wresTlers ending up in Third place in The eighT- college aTTair. SchulTz repeaTed as lcing oT The heavies, ending his collegiaTe career wiTh ThirTy- Three wins, only Two losses and one Tie. Don Rumer Tinished second in The l3O classy Gene Holland placed Third in The I47 division. Charlie Rodriguez, I57, wresTled his way To a TourTh place as did also boTh Jerry Angulo, 147, and Vince STallone in The I77 ranks. The laTTer Delaware wresTler achieved The TasTesT pin in The Middle ATlanTics when he deTeaTed Capozzi oT Mhulenberg in 28 seconds. GeTTysburg repeaTed as champion, LaTayeTTe runner-up, and Burnham's Hens came ouT Third. One Hundred Ten the knew how to throw their weight! The referee scenls a pin coming on Your ankle bone connecla' 'ro y' fool bone Delaware WRESTLING SCHEDULE 8 ......,... ....,...... I. afayelle ..,..........,, 21 .......... ....... I-I averlord ........ I6 .....,.... ....... J ohns Hopkins 2I .......... ...,... S warlhmore .. 23 Drexel ...... 24 ......,... ....... U rslnus .......... I6 .....,.... .,..... lvl uhlenberg .... 20 ..,....... ,...... B ucknell ........ One Hundred Eleven Opponenls ,,......I2 ..,.....I5 I ...,....I8 ........I9 I TRAIVIURAL WINTER SPORTS THE RECORD BREAKERS II., Annonio IRI BaIicIc GOOD FOR TWO FOUL SHOOTING CROSS COUNTRY P . . Individual Le-aaefs in 35-+hfOw Foul OIQIIT I.,,.. .,.I..,....,...I...,,I......... w . coma IKM SI10'I"I'n9 C0nI'e5I 2nd ......,. ,. ..,... F. Brown IS.N.I M. Barack .,I.. ,I.I,I,,,.......,.....I...I........ 3 o IA.E.P.I'k if 4"-4' '4'-----"- 5-JHOIJIIQSL KIQQI W- Afmonio ..-.- 30 I5-P-E-I' 5+hffffI IQIQIQIIIA. Tanser ID.TID.I W. Shaw ....... ..... 2 9 IP.K.T.I bfh ......... ..,.,,.. f R. Jamison IA.T.O.I L, McManus 4 4.-,. 28 IKJAMI .....,... ...... , ..J, gracgorzi ' ..,....., ........... . OO . . . 'I' F' S'mpSOn "'- "'- 2 8 IK-A-I 9+h ....,.... ..........,.. T . Bayns Is.E.y 'New Record IOII1 ......, ........, R , I-Ioopes IS.E.I One Hundred Twelve kept our winter schedule busy! 50 yd loo yd loo yd SWIMMING free sfyle... backsfroke ....,.................., R. Thomas IS.N.I Ipreasfsfroke .....,.............. J. Prevos+ IA.T.O.j Hopson IT.C.I loo yd free sfyle .... ..,...,..... J . Kinfer IS.N.I zoo yd free sfyle ......... ....,.,.,. J . Kinrer ls.N,l Diving .......,.........,...,.,.. .................... J . Miller IT.C.lI zoo yd relay ......... ..,...,...... lyl mln, Hdpson, Oyes, Allen lr.c.l Sea Horses from Sigma Nu BOXING CHAMPS ' WRESTLING CHAMPS Class Class I28 pound ........ ..,...... D . Boyd IS.N.1I I23 pound ...,....,, ........ G . Skinner IS.P.E.Il I36 pound ,....... ...,..................... J . Farone IT.C.Il I3O pound ........,. ..,.,..,.. W . WhiIe liS.N.:l I45 pound ..,,............ J. Dougnerlry Ilndependenlrzl I37 pound ......... ..,....... J . Kennedy l1S.N.:l I55 pound ......,. ............,.......... J . Miller IT.C.:I I47 pound ......... ....,.... P . Morris l1S.N.Il I65 pound ......,. ......,. C . Rodriquez IP.K.T.:l I57 pound ......... .......... T . Hughes IK.A.Il I75 pound ........ ........,... D . Rau IP.K.T.Il I67 pound ....J.,,. .....,. R . Hooper IlT.C.:l I9I pound ........ ......., G . Murray IT.C.:l I77 pound .,....... ....,.... B . Cook IP.K.T.:l Heavyweighf .,...... .......... S . Bufclwer IP.K.A.Il I9I pound ........, ,..,....,.... T . Oves llT.C.I Heavyweigln' ......... ....,...., W . Craver II-PC.: One Hundred Thirfeen the Blue Hen BASEBALL TEAM SElMAN'S BOYS -gill Caplain Abrams On Bob Seimen's Universily ol Delaware baseball nine laced a rough 24 game schedule 'rhis spring, slarling oil wilh Maryland on March 30. Sevenleen away conlesls were lisled. There were only four relurning lellermen from lasl year's squad which won I3 and losl 6. Coach Seimen had a rebuilding iob on his hands in his lirsl campaign as varsily baseball menlor. Caplain Chuck Abrams al shorlslop, "Duke" Evans, Lou Wrighl and Dave Woodward al pilcher, second sacker Jim Moneymaker and oullielder Frank Serpico made up a nucleus around which The l953 Blue l-len diamond squad was formed. Bob Trivills and Johnny Slevens splil 'rhe calching chores, wilh Paul Mueller, Jack Wiberg and Charlie Rodriguez all lighling lor lhe slarling liirsl base job. Bill Annonio appeared sei lo nail down The "hoJf corner" early in l'he season, backed up by ulilily men Jack Messick and Ray l-loopes. The oullield paslures were palrolled by Serpico in righl, Johnny Allen in cenler field, and Gordie Murray and Gary Buckwaller filling in lhe lell field spol. Tom Red- field, Bill Lloyd, and "Bulch" Thompson served as replacemenls on lhe picked line. Bill "Buck" Jones and Ed "Moose" Morrow also helped ease Seimen's pilching problems. e Hundred Fourleen romped around Frazer Field base paths . . . Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May May May May May May l953 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Universily of Maryland .......,...,...,.........,,,..,.. Llniversily ol: Michigan ..,..... ,.,...,.. Forl Meade ..,.....,....,.....,..... ,..... Bolling Air Force Base.. Forl Belvoir ...,...... , .............. ,... . . Washingion and Lee.. ,.... .. .,.. .. Quanlico Marine Base ,.,.. ...... Georgelown Universily .,..r.... ,.,... Wesl Chesler ................,.... .,.,., Ursinus College ....,...... Haverford College ...,....., Washinglon College, ....., Lehigh Llniversily .........,,. Franklin and Marshall ..,., Johns l-loplcins Universlly ......... ......... Swarlhmore College .............. .,.,. . .. Lafayelle College.. ........... ..,,.. Muhlenberg College .,...,... ,.4.,. Villanova College .......,.... U. S. Naval Academy ..... Bucknell Universily .,.... Rulgers Universily ........., Drexel lnsl'i'l'ule ,..,........ Temple Universily .,.,... .Away Home .Away .Away .Away .Away .Away .Away .Away ,Away .Away l-lome l-lorne .Away Home l-lome .Away .Away .Away .Away l-lorne .Away .Away Home W Woodward winds up Bench ioclceys One Hundred Fifleen L CRGSSIE ' LACROSSE souAD FRONT ROW: D. Thomos, B. Gueney, J. Schaubel, B. Cook, W. Kirklin, CapT. J. KinTer, J. Angulo, F. Goeclcler, F. Brown, Coach Milf RoberTs. BACK ROW: Ass'T. Coach Morris, H. Kline, K. Banks, V. Lemex, J. Fernandez, J. Pedersen, R. Knoll, P. Morris, L. OTTman, B. Horn. DeTaware's T953 lacrosse Team, weaker in reserve sTrengTh This year Than in The pasT, had a challeng- ing ThirTeen games on iTs schedule This spring, in- cluding Three engagemenTs during The Spring Va- caTion againsT M.T.T., T-Tarvard and T-ToTsTra. Under Coach TVTiTT RoberTs, Tormer All-American Trom Johns T-Toplcins, The men wiTh The webbed sTicTcs opened anoTher wild and wooly campangn on Tvlarch 26, when They ToaTTTed Ohio STaTe on Frazer Field. The Hens shuT ouT The Buckeyes in convincing T2-O Tashion in a game played in close To Treezing TemperaTures. CapTain Jaclc KinTer, who is able To play deTense and aTTacT4, as well as mid Tield posiTion was The Tone senior on This spring's lacrosse aggregaTion. One Hundred SixTeen Well .. . . you can'T win 'em all T T T T T T T T TT T T T T T 'T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T TENNIS Under The direcTion oT Coach Roy Rylander, .Delaware's Tennis squad began iTs season oT eleven maTches on April I8 in a home engagemenT againsT Johns Hopkins. Rylander succeeded Bob Siemen as coach when he reTurned This year Trom The armed services. , Frank WhiTe and Larry Cooperman were co- capTains oT The Hen NeTmen. CurrenTly ranked number one in The sTaTe, WhiTe holds boTh The Wilmingfon and Delaware Public Parks +i+les. He is also The Delaware STaTe Tennis champion. Top-seeded members oT The Team as The cam- paign began were WhiTe, Jim Hoey and Larry Cooperman. OTher squad members were: PeTe Runkle, Carl Schupp, John Schuermann, Glen McKibbon, George Reed, Bob Dryden, and Harold Ladd. GOLF During The l953 season, The UniversiTy oT Dela- ware golT squad meT a challenging schedule, con- sisTing oT Ten colleges. Five oT The maTches were played on The home links, The Newark CounTry Club. Coach Fred Emmerson had a good sTarT wiTh Tive oT lasT season's veTerans reTurning. ConsisTenT par shooTer, Ron WaTson, who cap- Tained The Team, was runnerup in The Delaware STaTe AmaTeur GOIT TournamenT in l952. OTher posiTions on The Team were held by: Bill Valler, Charlie Hann, Bob Waples, and Carl WolT. The l952 season was highlighTed by a loss To Maryland Through a single poinT margin on an exTra hole. I aa T I952 TENNIS TEAM KNEELING: Tom Daly. Larry Cooperman, John Whann. CapT.: Pe'I'e Runkle. STANDING: Coach Bob Siemen, Dick Mulrooney, Jim Hoey, Frank WhiTe, Hossein Dowlaishahi, l952 GOLF TEAM KNEELING: C. Wolf, C. Hann, D. Harris. STANDING: H. HirsT, CapT.: B. Vallar, R. WaTson, J. Cuddebaclr, Coach. PeTe Hill. VARSITY TENNIS Apr. I8 Johns Hopkins UniversiTy ...... ........ H ome Apr. 24 GeorgeTown UniversiTy ...... ....... H ome Apr. 25 SwarThmore College ..,.... ......, H ome Apr. 29 WesT ChesTer . .....,....,,..,.... ......... A way May 2 ST. Joseph's College ...,...... ....,.,. H ome May 5 WesTern Maryland College .... ,.... . .Home May 7 Franklin and Marshall ......... .,...... A way May 9 Drexel InsTiTuTe ..,.............. ....... H ome May I2 Ursinus College ..,.,. .....,... A way May I5 LaSalle College ...,...... ......... A way May 23 Temple UniversiTy ...... ,.... . ...Away Apr. Apr. VARSITY GOLF WesT ChesTer ...............,...,. ...... Temple UniversiTy ..,,.. .Home Home Apr. Lehigh UniversiTy ....... ,Away Apr. Bucknell UniversiTy .,..... Home May Johns Hopkins ..,...,..... .Away May SwarThmore College ..... Home May LaTayeTTe College .,...... .Away May Pennsylvania ........... .Away May Drexel lnsTiTuTe ..., Home May ST. Joseph's ..... .Away One Hundred SevenTeen l DOGR TRACK - they run, jump, throw The universiTy cindermen, under The direcTion oT Coaches Ken STeers and Eddie Bernauer. meT Tive Teams and were enTered in Three relay meeTs This season. In The TirsT Two indoor pracTice meeTs The Hens deTeaTed boTh WesT ChesTer and Temple. Don Vane, capTain, headed The lisT oT reTurning leTTerrnen, who included Tom SchulTZ, Vince Palomba, Bill Reyloold, Roger Eouracre, Jim Flynn, Dick Saunders, Joe Miller and Jim Holcomb. Held in reserve were: Tom Baylis, STeve BuTcher, Lyle Carney, Bill Colona, Ray CrawTord, Ed Cun- ningham, Dick Dare, Bill Dick, Bill Evans, Jim Glick, Dick Harper, John lvlclaughlin, Tom Oves, Erecl SmiTh, Ralph Snowberger, Ed Taylor, Ron WaTson. No sTrain?? TRACK SQUAD FRONT ROW: Coach Ken STeers, J. Holcomb, R. Harper, J. Miller, T. Baylis, W. Dick, W Evans Ass'T. Coach Ecl Bernauer. BACK ROW: D. Walion, J. Palumbo, T. Taylor, S. BuTcher, R. Saunders W. Reybold, R. Fouracre, J. Flynn. One Hundred Eighieen eap, toss, and vault, and win meets! This is how l clicl il' in The Olympics Take your mark I Apr. I5 Apr. I8 Apr. 25 Apr. 29 May 2 May I2 May I6 May I6 May 23 HH' 'I'he l'rail One Hundred Nineleen VARSITY TRACK SCH EDULE Lehigh Universily .....,.,.,. Johns Hopkins Universily Penn Relays .....,.,... .,,... . Swarlhmore College Franklin ancl Marshall Muhlenberg College MASTFA .,.,.....,........., lvlaslfa .,.............,.,.,......... Delaware lnler-Scholaslic lnvilalional lvleel ......,..... Track and Field .Away Home .Away .Away ,Away l-lome .Away .Away Home VVomen's Athletic Association STANDING: M. L. MaHhes, Secreiaryg G. Harrison, Treasurer: A. Simon, Freshman Represenraiiveq SEATED: D. Simon, Vice-President M. Brown, President WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's Arhleiic Associaiion was founded 'For The benelii of The many women siudenis in'rer- esied in aihleric aciiviiies. Through ir is sponsored a recreaiion program which will promore healih, good sporismanship, physical eiciiciency and aihlelic accomplishment All women siudenrs of Jrhe universiiy are auro- maiically members oi 'rhe W.A.A. Aciive members are Jrhose who pariicipaie in a+ Ieasr one aciiviry a year. - I lviany diizlereni' Iypes of Iournamenrs are con- ducied beiween classes, individuals, and dormi- Tories. The acliviiies included on The W.A.A. calen- dar are selecied on 'rhe basis of iniereslr and are managed by Jrhe siudenrs Ihemselves. These evenis emphasize The Iun ol: playing and presenl an ideal lime for siudenis To gel acquainied wiih Their classmares. While playing is iis own reward, aciive W.A.A. parricipafion and service are recognized by honor- ary pins awarded ihrough a poini sysiem. IWIW .g :EJ One Hundred Tweniy WOMEN'S HOCKEY FIRST ROW: A. Colona, V. Wells. SECOND ROW: J. S+ewar'r, M. Brown, l.. Balrora, F. Green, T. Gilgenasl. J. McDonel, J. Greenfield, N. Burri, N. Goyne. when it comes to playing , , , Mary makes a drive Annie l'0llS in One Hundred Twenrly-one ULLEY LL HH' if again! h TOURNAMENT WINNERS- LeH +o Rigi'11': A. Rifchie, J Groiif, M. Grant N. Goyne, J Greenfield, T. Gilgenasf, D Kaeks, N. Burri, R. Priesfly. Thai' a girl, Jane. Lookin' good! TENN S Man, wha'l' form! K One Hundred Twen'l'y-'l'wo - . BADIVIIIXITO Wl1a'I' a 'l'eam! Greai' going, kid! The winner! PI GPU Nice game, girls! You've gol' i'l' all sewed up! Come on, pui' il over! One Hundred Tweniy-'Hwree A ' sy, isa' 1, .x 7,. x, f . , 'W MY.. 4 ,fsf Q ,I 5 .:.-,,,z::f- 'S ' ' 3 f' X Z ' ff 'i A ' Q-1 - 'Q f , ,ww Q Q . 1 , , X f 1 P ,, sw me V Qxs ggm , Q Q 3 , L 3 ' Q 5 a L. ,-,Wm Q , - .. 3 5 iuiffif , 4 N KA . . ,I , - x ii-N H V 1 4 5 ASKETBALL .AH W 'X n I. Nice sho'H 2. Shoo+! 3. Old faifhfuls ' One Hundred Twenfy-Eve 0 0 7 I Ole Svvnmmln Hole MAR THO Freshmz D NA-A-f Jxefxo QA., Q51 ' .XXXL MAA, XAA. Tumors .AA,gNQfE,,,A,, KJLXLA., NAA., Szm'oPS y,Lf.., vw x.,..!XJ k"g"'A"' Le1"s go gang! Don'1' le'r +l1a1' candle go ou+! Almosi' Jrherel You're nosing +hem out One Hundred Tweniy-six RCHERY This is a +ougl1 one! BUVVLI G Bullseye! Se+ 'em up! One Hundred Twenfy-seven Sfrikel WK GEJQJML X59 f-N a ,M KN .NK rg , f , Sur ,N ' f,.:iQ'iiK - V, , fl ,ch R X . J ,. if ,L. J K X J, 49- V jf., First Row L Albed B Nast B Holmes Second Row D Chandler C 0 Bnen M Alegla J Swezey Thnrd S Fleld J Barrels Fourth Row J Stemmetz J Burch L Ferdon G Harruson K Nopper ' ' : . , . , . . : . , , . . . . ,h . , . . Row: J. Stemmetz, D. Carr, P. Ingram, . l , . ' . : . 1 , . , . , . , . . -XXX X . a.,.A..J C Backstroke twins-Bouk and Pre Autumn Leaves The Seaweed Gang M Pmdr J Warner E Hanlon P Thompson A Simon D Lamb N Goyne B Wynn A. Buckley, F. Stafford, P. Dobb, M. Waltz, Advisor. ' EE CI G CL B A v mv , If 097 ' I fiizfif T 'Il O FIRST ROW: G. S1-rebel J. Greenfield, P. Macfarlane, Frederick. SECOND -ROW: Williams, c. Phillips, N. Warfield, F. Ward, M. Ma'HI1es R. Ward THIRD ROW: D. iaipper, Af Colona, G. Harrison, J. Sloman F. Green, L. Seemef. J. J 'I'I1ruS'f and Parry FIRST ROW: J. Hkdmiller Pres.: I. Klahr, M. Smiih A. Miller, Sec.: D. Green. SECOND ROW: A Kirgo, M. Miller, H. Eichler, J. Andres. DEL PEM CLLB One Hundred Thiriy DQR ITORIES 1572-D ...S-. .,- 1-- 51 3 Q-.-...., 3 I ' WOMEN'S AFFAIRS STANDING J. PaTTerson, E. Melby, M. Kaleeb, M. Lindale, M. Blaine, J. Brennan P Collins SITTING J HacIreTT, C. Weimer, J. Conaway, Treas.g J. Greenfield, Chm.: N. Browning Sec R PriesTIy Dean CoIIins, FacuITy Adviser. Y WOMEN S AFFAIRS WOMEN'S AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The Women's ATTair's CommiTTee, which has iurisdicTion over all social and dormiTory acTiviTies aTTec:Ting women STU- denTs, is composed oT a chairman, who is eIecTed by The women sTudenTs as Their oTTic:iaI represenTaTives on The S.G.A., The eIecTecI head OT each dormiTory, represenTaTives Trom The com- muTers and TasseI, and The Dean oT Women, who is a member ex-oTTicio. The InTer-Dorm PIaybiII and Women's Weekend are major parTs oT The ComrniTTee's acTiviTies. The annual May Day ceremonies are sponsored by Women's Affairs, and IT is They who eIecT The sTudenT chairman oT The whole evenT. One Hundred TI1irTy-Two ETC H LL FIRST ROW: M. Snair, M. Alagia, V. S+einme+z, J. Evans, S. Bea'H'y, J. Baird, C. Davis. SECOND ROW: A. Armsfrong, M. Sficlcley, M. Kaleel, J. Oliver, E. Parkhill, C. Holbrook, J. Ryker. THIRD ROW: J. Durgin, J. Swezey, P. McKay, K. Cornely, S. Robinson, G. Melvin, J. Lenlini, A. DiSabi+ino, L. Lang, J. Evensen, K. Baur, N. Shirey, M. Wal+er. FOURTH i i Covey of quail ROW: A. Barrowclough, E. Conroy, J. Underwood, J. John- son, J. Bockius, M. Wolf, B. Taylor, L. Malamuf, B. Wald- man, M. Kesler, A. Borneman, J. Corbin, K. Kreemer. FIFTH ROW: N. Lange, C. L'Anglois, J. Hasiings, E. Wise, N. Allen, M, J. Horly, l. Smifh, L. Cassedy, R. Cusa+o. ABSENT: E. Timmons, M. Slrecker. MARY KALEEL .,,........... ,...,.,. H ead of House ANN ARMSTRONG ......... ....,,...., S ocial Chairman BETTY TIMMONS, .,.,..... .......... N ealness Chairman We've had a wonderful year Jroqelher. Whai wilh our open houses, our dorm parries, and our Jreas we've managed io keep our social calendar lull ol lun lor alll Remember Those niqhls before exams when we all piled inlo one room lo do our Jrerm's s'rudyinq7 Vile never Jrhoughl' we'd live Through linals, bul' we didl Or will you ever lorgel Jrhose midnighl parries and galo lesls? And how alooul Women's Weekend? You know, when we gel righi down lo il, our lreshman year wasn"r so bad aller alll One Hundred Thirfy-Three ANDVER H LL FIRST ROW: D. Koldifz, C. Walsh, C. Isenberg, D. HeFFner, A. PIa++, P. SmiTh. SECOND ROW: J. Russell, E. Ryan, J HacIceTT, E. DaITon, S. Tibbe'H, L. Tupp. THIRD ROW: P. Micldlefon, N. Herndon, M. Gruwell, A. Robb, R. Kullman R. Weisman, B. Roberfson, J. Oechsler, A. Edwards, N WenTz, T. CiconTe, P. DeLang. FOURTH ROW: N. Shug JACKIE HACKETT ,,........ ......, H ead oT House SHIRLEY TIBBITT ........ ............ S ecreTary ESTELLE RYON ...,.,.. ......... T reasurer We, The Hanover girls OT '56 enTered The UniversiTy OT Delaware wiTh super-cluper ideas OT seTTing The campus on Tire! Our TirsT acTiviTy was a Tea Tor The oTher Frosh Dorms . . . I. F. Weekend, we held an open house Tor Treshmen boys. Some TerriTic Trienclships were made . . . Our ChrisTrnas parTy caughT all OT us in iTs gaieTy. PresenTs were exchanged, and Tamiliar carols were sung . . . KaThy DeLillis was Hanover's big aTTracTion Tor Women's Playbill . . . A spring Tea Tor parenTs, and Junior Advisors gave us a chance To "show OTP" our campus. S. Redfield, M. L. Miles, J. Blair, K. Nopper, P. Monks, C ForsTer, L. Ferdon, J. Brown, J. Scullion, P. Ware, S. Town- send, F. Jorgenson. FIFTH ROW: J. Lang, J. Ross, J. Barfels D. Wood, M. STamIer, D. Sfrobel, S. Maisel, S. Wren, B Wrigh'T, C. DeLeIIis, D. Brugge, E. M. Hubbard, N. Mc- Clellen, L. Puder. . . . School days are happy days One Hundred ThirTy-four VVINDSUR HALL FIRST ROW: J. Berry. B. A. Carey, J. Davis, A. Simon, G. Sfrobel, Sec. SECOND ROW: D. Phifer, P. Dinsmore, D. Dukes, J. Cla P Collins P. Ernes+ N Warfield L. Brunl: Y- - . . - - ' horsT. THIRD ROW: P. Billings, E. Collyer, J. Turner, P. Fauerbach, L. Brandschain, P. MacFarland, M. Gansberg, R. Kaplan, L. Waller, M. Minner, M. Smifh, M. D. Twel+ridge, . . . Loolc whaT SanTa leTT! M. ScoT+, M. Bieri. FOURTH ROW: J. GalgreaTh, M. Chap- pell, J. A. Reeger, S. Hanby, C. Harvey, J. Birch, P. Adams, C. Bernhard, L. Seemei, A. Cunningham, J. Bowman, L. Ludvigson, P. Rainey. FIFTH ROW: B. HeaTh, J. HoTs'l'eTTer, J. Andres, J. Milano, J. Frederick, M. F. Omwake, M. Mayo, J. Parlter, N. Procious, M. LoclteT, H. Grif'fiTh. ABSENT: L. ClemenTs. PAT COLLINS ....... ,.,...,. Head of House DIMITY PHIFER .......... ....... S ocial Chairman PENNY ERNEST., ....... ..........,.. T reasurer l-louse DirecTor, Mrs. Bullock . . . l-leacl oT l-louse, PaT Collins . . . l-louse Council, DimiTy PhiTer, Gladys STrobel, JeneT Clay, Penny ErnesT, Doris Dukes . . . Lee SeemeT our choice Tor TooTloall queen . . . Mary-Jo Davis and Doris Dukes worlcing so harcl on The TloeT . . . Then The rain . . . Very enioyalole open house Tor The Treshmen boys . . . aTTer beeing Bucknell . . . wonder where our leTTover poTaTo chips wenT??? . . . More exciTemenT . . . KA's serenefled PaT Billings and Margie ScoTT . . . an unexpecjred visiT Trorn The Trosh boys . . . has everyThing been reTurnecl yeT? . . . Our ChrisT- mas Tree . . . really clid a swell iolo, PaT . . . Our wonclerTul ChrisTmas parTy . . . in our TerriTic Torm . . . Windsor. One Hundred ThirTy-five WAR ER H LL FRST ROW: J. Sherman, J. RoTh, P. Acllcins, R. Prie-sTley, G. Schulze, B. Hoch, N. Goyne, S. Munson, F. HaTner SECOND ROW: J. STraughn, R. Sloman, N. Bradford, N. Perper, N. Browning, Mrs. Derrow, House DiercTor: M. GranT B. L. Baker, L. Alava, M. Parker, J. Buck. THIRD ROW: Bl Dear ol' Warner l MarTin, C. Williams, K. Adams, S. Ferver, M. J. Guenveur, J. Greenfield, T. GilgenasT, N. Burri, R. Pierson, L. Baugher, J. Gibison, D. Simon, A. Colona, B. SmiTh. FOURTH ROW: M. A. CaTTs, P. Geller, H. Adams, J. Thompson, V. Mc- Quaid, D. Geyer, M. ForsyTh. "Oh, we're The girls oT Warner Hall" and in some corner oT each mind lurk The lasTing impressions oT liTe in The senior dorm . . . Rooms and beds leTT vacanT by sTudenT Teachers . . . pep TesT parapher- nalia in The second Tloor quad . . . decoraTing and TloaT making . . . The Cheerleaders' Trophy gracing The TronT hall... "Red Riding Hood" aT The Halloween parTy . . . Gracie Fuller Brushing . . . and "Broolcsie" shushing . . . sleigh bells and candles and Maggie direcTing ChrisTmas carols . . . RuTh "SanTa" Purdy disTribuTing giTTs aT The parTy . . . Greenie's Gremlins - Top volleyball Team . . . people moving in and ouT, up and down, and even crosswise aT The sTarT oT The new Term . . . Lois and Bobbie Lou puTTing us all To work on The Playbill . . . Tallc abouT a Tormal dorm dance . . . planning The l:aculTy Open l-louse . . . The Women's Week- end parTy . . . parenTs visiTing Tor Their Annual Tea . . . Fun, wasn'T iT? lT's noT ended: see you aT The weddings all summer long! One Hundred Thirvly-six Hash house HenrieHa Cram session Bridge session FIRST ROW: A. Neilen, M. Dougl1er+y, M. Mumma, M. Bice, I. Roman, M. Taylor, E. Pavoni, J. Erdman, E. Hurley, Siausebaclc, J. Homiller, R. Slark, R. Taylor. SECOND ROW: N. Hamsfead, H. Macklin, D. Maloney, M. Berg. FOURTH E. West J. Kowalewslci, N. Young, K. Oliver, M. Baclcora, P. ROW: J. Davis, D. Kaelcs, H. Purdy, C. DeVoe, J. McDonel, Green, C. Kessler. THIRD ROW: J. Lord, C. Cook, M. L. M. Brown. One Hundred Tlwirfy-seven EVV CASTLE H LL FIRST ROW: E. Sands, J. Archer, P. Lecrone, J. Shaw, D Sund, L. Wellikson, M. Haley. SECOND ROW: D. Crouch M. A. undale, D. warren, M. shank, J. Trouf, N. Tobey, Ri Young, G. Dye. THIRD ROW: M. Woodward, J. SmiTh, C New CasTle CliTT, E. Klair, D. Coffin, J. PorTer, D. Delker, A. Puhl, P. Pepper, J. STein, S. CarpenTer, J. Glover, M. King, R. Fisk, J. Yerkes. Our House lighTs have dimmed, buT as The curTain rises everyThing grows brighT again and we see iT all .... Will you ever TorgeT our aTTer-dinner coTFee hour in honor oT Dean Collins? OuiTe a juggling acT wiTh Those cups! - The Halloween parTy was more Tun, never knew we had such TalenT. Where in The world did all Mrs. Forewood's cookies go anyway? - Then came The series oT SaTurday aTTernoon card parTies wiTh The males included. A ChrisTmas Tree, carols, and a SanTa, Too, made our holiday gay. Sleepless nighTs and ragged nerves. buT sTill our musical Tor lnTer-Dorm Playbill was a rhyThmic success. Our biggesT social evenT was The wonderTul parTy during Wornen's Week End. Oh, we can'T skip over ThaT spring Tea Tor parenTs, eiTher! The scene grows hazy. We suddenly remern- ber The happiness we were able To bring To The English TosTer child we adopTecl, and we sorT OT sTand a liTTle Taller and Teel a liTTle sheepish abouT The diTFiculTy JaneT had in collecTing our pennies. - We really did cram Tor ThaT lasT seT OT Tinalsl The curTain descends and anoTher acT Trom New CasTle Dorm comes To an end, buT our memories linger on. One Hundred ThirTy-eighT Ken'r's Finesf No+I1ing else +o do Our en+ry for car parade FIRST ROW: L. McKay, J. DeVries, J. Leap, M. Bayruns, C. Boyer, L. Bigfon, C. Rehfuss, M. Mariin, S. Parro'H', E. D. Greene, P. Sanner, A. Moore. SECOND ROW: E. S+raw- Ungerleider, C. Curfman, G. Harrison, B. Raughley, B. bridge, C. Goodley, B. Miruk, A. Herbsf, M. S'fraugI'1n, M. Ireland, M. A. Simpson, R. Conner, V. Bena+or. E. Miller, L. Albed, M. Burford. THIRD ROW: N. Kroger, One Hundred Thiriy-nine ANN N H LL FIRST ROW: P. SkluT, H. Lewis, J, Leary, P. Reed, M. Reinke, S. Thomas, P. Phillips. SECOND ROW: B. Menges, J. Lindell P. MuTh, J. Liebert L. Lashar, J. Brennan, J. Banks, J MarTin, M. MaTThes, J. STewarT, F. Ward. THIRD ROW Cannon Hall B. Reed, L. Pellegrine, O. SmiTh, B. Nevins, A. Maccormack, B. WhyTe, J. Damico, J. Merrick, D. Lamb, F. Phillips, J. Wood, C. Seidel, A. MassoTh, D. Locke, A. Miller, B. Wynn, J. Milliron, M. Mundy, N. Murphey, H. Orloff, M. MeTzger. June... I952 . . .we drew Tor our rooms, chose "The new dorm," and Took our chances ThaT Cannon Hall would meeT our expecTaTions . . . SepTember . . . l952 . . . IT Did! Because Cannon Hall was newer, gayer, and more modern Than we dared hope iTs 93 very pleased occupanTs, wiTh The unTailing help oT Mrs. ETheleen SmiTh, our House DirecTor, and MarTha Lou Sandy, AssisTanT House DirecTor, sTarTed righT ouT To live up To our new home. AcTiviTy sTarTed immediaTely wiTh a punch parTy beTore The HarvesT Ball. OT course, we've had Teas, open houses and Sunday ATTernoon socials, buT The highlighT oT The year was winning second place in The Cheerleaders CompeTiTion. June Q .. 1953 . . . Cannon Hall is a seTTing we'll recommend Tor a wonderTul year. One Hundred ForTy Open House Don'+forge+1'o sign our! Dumb Waiier? FIRST ROW: A. Holliday, D. Ferguson, A. Harkins, D. Fry, Carmichael, C. Kolb, H. Draper, P. EmmoH', S. Clouser, G. B. Hzkowifz, R. Brofsky, C. Alava. SECOND ROW: L. Keene, Bossard, D. Devine, S. Cunningham, M. Gaffra, A. Holland, J. Cella, B. J. Comegys, D. DiSaba+ino, B. Cramer, B. B. Copps, J. Ford, J. Currier, A. M. Dumas, M. Brown, V. Jennings, J. Kase, B. Brown, E. Evans. THIRD ROW: D. Carmer, J. Gibison, A. Johnsron. One H undred Forfy-one SUSSEX HALL FIRST ROW: C. Hufson, A. Barruelo, M. Loclxerman, J. Conover. THIRD ROW: K. Valenline, N. Sferling, E. Ough, Hollingsworfh, S. Pra'H, M. Clark, N. Jones. SECOND ROW: M. Colwell, N. G-as+, J. Smirh, P. Phillips, D. Lease, M. A. Crispin, A. Ferguson, C. Chaiken, M. E. Bull, S. King, J. LiHle, D. Meliclr, A. Buclrley, J. Kennedy, S. Anderson, J. Conaway, B. Nespor, Mrs. PaHerson, House Direc+or: M. L. Schaller, S. Schwarfz. "f re, 9 f 1 W-7 ff. .2 .1 4. - Jgff V y , ,,,. . rf -.M we ,.,,.. '-M 6 , . . H.. f . , ,C , .W Gr .A g g if I '--r uf ' f - 5,23 ,ZW X4 VM, Us We X,g..g.y.Yz ,.. , qs .J .3 A 1. .-f 1 1 ' it, Q, -ai: 'rf X 3' ' ' - -' -' eww". n fs. f, .,.,, . 452 H' Qzyvzfu Ksrifs-" ,iff 'i,, ' Ns-' ' " X r ff , ' .4 il ..,.. , 3 E 5 N ' - - "" f - ., ' ff ' -f '-" 1 Sussex Hall Sussex Hall has been very aclive Jrhis year in Sourh Campus acfiviries. In November we made plans for our floar 'ro be used a+ Jrhe Lalayelre game. Did we ever labor over Thal "ihingl" As our floar malerialized, so did Jrhe clouds, and lhe rain spoiled our hard worlc. Bul our spiril was slill There. Mary Ellen Bull was our candidale for Foo+ball Queen. We sure were pleased when she was chosen as a member of Jrhe queen's cour+. The Sunday before Chrislmas vacalion, Sussex's doors were open ro all Jrhe fralrernilies and men's dorms. Whal a gay lime Jrhar was! Our own Chrislmas par'ry was held The nexi weelc, and we lcepl The Jrrue spiril' of Jrhe holiday by Colle-cling 'Toys and food for needy families. During lhe volleyball season Sussex erfrered The Tournamenl. Then came exams and somehow we managed lo come our wilh Jrhal' 2.0. The work and excilemenl of Women's Playbill added To lhose "sleepless nighJrs," bul' i'r was fun. And so ends anolher busy, bu+ enjoyable year. One Hundred Foriy-'lwo You name i+! Going home. "WI1a'I' do you I'I1ink ofI'I1e world siI'uaI'ion?" FIRST ROW: P. Ingram, G. Larson, A. WenIce, B. Jones, Direcfor. THIRD ROW: S. Lewis, J. Brown. FOURTH ROW J. S+einme+z, A. Frazier, A. Lloyd, J. Roman. SECOND K. MoH, E. Downing, M. Greeley, F. Brenner, L. Humme, J ROW: N. Peck, N. Curry, B. HaI1ne, L. WesI', J. Sieinmeiz, AucI'1+er, B. Day, B. Andrews, S. Ogden, M. Smi'II1, R. A R. Timmons, G. Picker, M. Thomas, Mrs. Paiferson, House Williams, P. Baxier, C. Nabb, B. Landy. One Hundred Forfy-+I1ree TOPSEY H LL FIRST ROW: E. PorTer, B. Brown, C. Javlilc, M. Larlcin, A. Mooney, J. Warner, P. Taylor. THIRD ROW: P. Dobb, S. KirIcpaTricIr. SECOND ROW: M. McCIeIIan, J. PaTTerson, P. Saver, Miss ConsTance MiTcheII, D. Golomb, M. Bridegium, MARY LARKIN ,...,..... . ......... Head oT House GRETA RUTGERS .......,...,.,.... , ............. Treasurer RUTH ANN JOHNSON .....,.......,...............,...,,,,.., Fire CapTain AT The beginning oT The year Topsy was iusT a bewildered bunch oT TransTers and Treshmen, buT iT wasn'T long beTore we goT in The campus spiriT and sTopped Tollowing The crowd. In OcTober we Threw a Halloween parTy . . . compleTe wiTh cider, ginger snaps, and The boys Trom HarTerI Remember The scavenger hunT and The dreamy dancing? ChrisTmas Time, Iopsy sparlcled wiTh all The Trim- imingsg anoTher parTy . . . laughing and exchanging giTTs. A January wedding, and The dorm rang wiTh congraTulaTions Tor Bobbie Brown, now Mrs. Don ReaTh. Then came Women's Playbill wiTh iTs mid- 'nighT rehearsals, and Women's Week-End Tollowed by oodles oT Tun Tor everybody. A greaT year, wasn'T IT? All This, and Topsy also claims The only pogo sTiclc and residenT F. B. I. agency on campusl R. A. Johnson. WaTch The birdie One Hundred ForTy-Tour TU RVEY HALL FIRST ROW: M. Tigue, C. Holmes. SECOND ROW: J. Jeliferson G. Conwa J. Smi+h J. Kreer Miss Luars IHouse 1 Yi 1 I ' mofherl, G. Baird. THIRD ROW: V. Andrews, M. Manchee, Sexy! Huh? B. Nasr, E. Lipman, M. O'Brien, E. Milby, P. Rarchford, F Poole, G. Longeneclcer. ABSENT: L. Furnish, R. Wealcley D. Davis, E. Paul. ELSA MILBY ...,..,.,.......... .......... H ead of House VIRGINIA ANDREWS ...,..... ...,................ T reasurer LOIS FURNISH ......,...... .......... S ocial Chairman Turvey may be one ol lhe smallesl' dorms on The campus, bul' il cerlainly is nor The leasr aclrive. Headed by Mary Jo Lucus as housemorher and Elsa lvlilby as siudenl head ol Ihe house, il held a number ol: social aciiviiies including a lea for Dean Collins, birlhday parries, and various holiday pariies. Thanksgiving dinner was provided lor a needy family, and ii adopled a Iosler family io help rhroughour The year. Turvey was well repre- senled ar all campus acliviries, drives, and goals. For big evenls, such as Women's Playbill, Turvey ioined wilh Topsy and Bolelus and worked Jrogelher lo prove Thai big 'Ihings can come from lilrle droms. One Hundred For'ry-Five BOLETUS H LL FIRST ROW: C. Morgan, P. Schulman, E. STa'Fforcl, M. ROW: P. Thompson, P. YounT, J. Tull, E. Hanlon Miss Gear Murphy, M. Faulkner. SECOND ROW: N. Parkes, L. Darby, harT, J. Williams, M. FullerTon, R. Ward, C Phillips E. BunTing, M. Blaine, B. Simon, J. Morris, A. Shori. THIRD MICKEY BLAINE ..............,....... ,........ H ead OT House MARGARET FULLERTON ,........ ...,.... S ecreTary-Treasurer PHYLLIS SCHULMAN ........ ........ S ocial Chairman The BoleTus girls have really been acTive in campus acTiviTies This yearl The highlighT oT The Tall season was placing second in The compeTiTion loeTween The women's dormiTories Tor house decora- Tions and spiriT. An inTormal Tea was given by The dorm To welcome Dean Bessie Collins. Gay occa- sional parTies were held aT Halloween and ChrisT- mas. PracTically The whole dorm Turned ouT Tor The W.A.A. sporTs. One Hundred ForTy-six Moma's liTTle angels FIRST ROW G Hudson, Pres. of Mosher Hall: S. Baliclr, PreTTyman, Pres. of Pi Kappa Alpha: T Sheaffer Pres T Pres of Brown Hall and Chairman of Men's Affairs Comm.: Sigma Nu: R. Horne, Pres. of HarTer Hall R Wrighi' Pres J CarboneH'l Pres of Training House: R. Hughes, Pres. of of Kappa Alpha: D. McCar'Thy, Pres. of Thefa Chi C Carey Sigma Phi Epsilon W. Phillips, Pres. of Alpha Tau Omega. Pres. of Phi Kappa Tau. ABSENTEES: H Holmes Pres T SECOND ROW R Olconow, Pres. of Alpha Epsilon Pi: H. Knoll: A. Egli'ngTon, Pres. of DelTa Tau De-lTa IVIEIXVS AFFAIRS lVlen's ATTairs CommiTTee consisTs oT The presidenTs oT The nine social TraTerniTies and The presidenTs oT The Tive men's dormiTories. The commiTTee is The link beTween The men's organizaTions and The S.G.A., and iT deals wiTh problems direcTly concerning The Uni- versiTy's male sTudenTs. This year The commiTTee discussed The ques- Tion oT allowing women in The TraTerniTy houses on weekends. AnoTher quesTion Taken up concerned drinking in The houses. ConcreTe recom- mendaTions Tor These and oTher problems were made by The com- miTTee To The adminisTraTion via The S.G.A. The chairman oT lVlen's ATTairs is a voTing member oT S.G.A. One Hundred ForTy-seven BRGVVN H LL FIRST ROW: H. Krelw, J. Taylor, G. Pizer, L. Lore, R. Sfimble, W. Eisenberg, K. Knight SECOND ROW: A. Arnell, W. Dickey, J. McDaniel, S. Baliclc, Pres., V. Lamkin, S. Kambouris, H. Hall. THIRD ROW: A. Schmalfuhs, R. Taylor, W. Adkinson, G. Enlerline, R. Singer, D. Gooclridge, J. Peffyiohn, B. S+ewarl', H. Truax, J. Allen, G. Griggs, W. Chambers, J. Kennedy, E. Fogel. Men of disrinciion in a discussion Budding geniuses! One Hundred Forly-eiglii' H RTER H LL FIRST ROW: E. Bossarci, W. Jebens, D. Woocl, A. Silveslri, B. Sl1or'l'. SECOND ROW: J. Baclgely, C. Nise, J. Gri'Flifhs. B. Horne, J. Miles, O. Hous+on, D. Blesi, B. Fosier. THIRD ROW: J. Farley, J. Ray, K. Richfer, C. Dean, D. Sieele, J. Swyler, B. Wilson, J. Trowill, F. Susi, B. Evans. FOURTH ROW: B. S+ou+, B. Karau, J. Richrer, J. Waddinglon, B. Farrow, R. Barber, B. Greely, J. Hopkins, E. Gearlmarh B. Burion, D. Williamson, H. Simplrins, G. MacTurlr, R. Hearn, D. Ba'His. So's l folcl +l1e Dean . . . Enee, Menee, and Minee-There ain'+ no moe! One Hundred Forfy-nine IVIGSHER HALL SEATED: D. Miicell, W. Ulin, I. Cariy, Pres.: W. Garber, Sec.: R. Dryden, W. Wood. STANDNG: E. Isaacs, B. Tilgnman, G. Hudson, F. Carl, W. Nolde, R. Harmon, M. Sirom. Z ? Z 2 1 3 E 5 ? E ss 5 5 S S Q i S S S 3 H Q 3 R 1 . N 2 S Wham' kind of poker? Some of de boys One Hundred Fifiy TRAINING HOUSE FIRST ROW: F. Barile, B. Cornwall, T. Redfield, J. Rizzi, F. Heilig, A. Wagner, P. Braungard SECOND ROW: C. Crisconi, D. Forcl, J. Carbonefii, J. Borreson, E. Bernauer, J. Allen, K. Reifh C. Searfoss, J. LauIeHa. THIRD ROW: J. Meyers, J. Palumba, A. Magislrelli, B. Barnes, J. Loomis B. Hooepr, J. Flynn, J. Schonberger, A. Pecora, A. Czarneclci, A. Pannarelo, B. Smilh, B. Dopps'I'ad+ FOURTH ROW: S. Gambone, B. Annonio, D. Green, J. Zaiser, B. Jones, C. Franios, R. Brown, R Dickerson, P. Carlson, J. Mulcahy, A. Parker, P. Mueller. FIFTH ROW: G. Buclcwalfer, D. Jarvis J. Cooper, T. Marsall, B. Hagerfy, M. Aposrolico, B. McCIaughlin, T. Oues, B. Graham, J. Gugliamo An every mghl' occurrence al I'he "Palace" A momenI's relaxarion afrer a hard I nighl' of sludying One Hundred Fi'h'y-one THE K ULL TOP ROW: H. McCurdy, A. Tally, G. Cvraham, L. Miller, A. Elsner, T. Kaiman, D. Racine, T. Duff SECOND ROW: F. Freiboh, C. Ingram, A. Holmes, K. Whiffingfon, J. Cashel. BOTTOM ROW: R. Perry, D. Sapp, B. Lo1'+er, A. Bacon, J. Myers. How aboui' going 'To +l1e Prom? Crifics of fine ar+ One Hundred Fiffy-+wo FRATER ITIES V 5 yf H- x., xx yr W X-' V N.: - Y - Q -A13 1 'Inf . -. --so .Q A , ' 'r f If fb fi LPH EPSILO PI 1 X9 f : -f ,f 4 f. . -:L ,jf-gf... W. CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS i954 M. Baliclc, H. Berluch, C. Goldenberg, H. Moslcowilz, L. Rosenbaum, J. Franlcfurl, D. Schulman, R. Schwab, J. Seres, , .FF. f sr SQ-' 4 T. M. . :E ...' '.' - ff fS.,' 'f ' 21,7 Q L. 51 ,',A ff '955 Q L'VF R. Goodman, G. Holland, H. Porler, A. Jacobs. SSVS A Sl.Sl4 PLEDGES ,"f! G. Berkowilz, T. Kalman, A. Paul, D. Paul, R. Paul, 6. Pizor A 'F'S Q ."V Tj ff J. Sclwonberger, R. Seres, J. Slrassburger, M. S+rom, A. W ' ' Wolson. Masler ............... ,........ R ICHARD OKONOW '- Ll. Masler, .... ....,. SANFORD ACKERMAN Scribe ............. ................. J QSEPH GLICK Exchequer ..,,.. .............. H ENRI BERTUCH l953 S. Ackerman, L. Cooperman, J. Glick, A. Isaacs, R. Olconow, M. Rappaporl, B. Seidel, D. Goodman. One Hundred Fiffy-four M... 7 1 Sepfernber was a monfh of firsfs. and we were on hand fo gef firsf look af fhe new freshmen girls on fheir way fo fhe Presidenfs Tea! I-low abouf glanc- ing back? The Poverfy Parfy hif fhe APES' house and every- body had a "squalorly" fime . . . fhe l.F. Weekend loanciuef was a candlelighf success . . . fhe "Reign of Terror" began as campus prohiloifion refurned . . . fhe Sahara Parfy-very dry . . . fhe wild milk parfy celebrafed l.arry's and Joe's accepfance info Jefferson Med. School . . . Finals! Rushing produced nine pledges-Sandy did a fine iob . . . Mark handed in chaperone forms a Rho Deuteron Chapter day lafe and was almosf made fo "walk fhe plank" when fhe Buccaneer's Brawl was posfponed . . . Women's Weekend saved us from bankrupfcy . . . Lenny clonafed fo fhe Newark Traffic Circle Fund- STOP! Joe Glick's original creafion for lnfer-Frafernify Playbill was our besf scripf yef . . . l-larvey Porfer led a confingenf fo Miami Beach on fhe 4fh of April . . . frafernify weekend and fhe lasf franfic fling for seniors . . . Then came fhe deadly lull before finals . . .finally fhe ferm was over and fhe seniors said good-bye. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One Hundred Fiffy-five LPH TAU 0 EG CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS . .... I954 H K -V J. T. Bauer, W. A. Harlcins. J. R. Jamison, J. E. Knapp, A ' ' K, K I B " "' W. MacWrigh'r, C. W. Phillips, V. D. POIIIII, J. D. Pugh, I. R - 'r+ - 3- V . Srnilh, J. H. Sfeinouer, F. W. Werner, A. F. Johnson, A. J 5 A - Holveck, O. A. Boyer, S. C. Crew. V . , J . 1955 T. E. Hopkins, J. G. Lowe, R. D. POIIHI, C. F. Schupp. PLEDGES V- ' ' f R. M. Hoicfheinz, A. Holmes, E. D. Huggarcl, J. Myers, G. .. .'-r . S ' . . I .-.fs Graham, A. Sleele, K. Heimbach, A. Bacon, D. Sapp, K. Whillinglon, J. Camp, R. Ferry. Worlhy Masfer ........,,......,.., JAMES F. CRANSTON Worlhy Chaplain ................... LURUSSELL B. MYERS Worlhy Keeper ol: The Exchequer CHAPPELL Worlhy Keeper of Annals ............ CLYDE PHILLIPS Worrhy Scribe ..............,........... WILLIAM HARKINS Worlhy Usher ........,................. DONALD RENSHAW Worlhy Sen'Iinel ...............,................ JAMES BAKER Palm Repor'Ier .,........................ VAN DYKE POLLITT Graduale SIucIen'I': T. R. Meeker. I953 C. M. Allmond, J. D. Baker, R. W. Chappell, J. F. Cranslon, D. O. GriFIin,R. G. Hanby, 6. D. Hess, S. L. Jones, R. B. Myers. J. R. Nichols, D. S. Renshaw, O. E. Schupp, A. W. Spang. One H unclred FifI'y-six Delaware Epsilon Rho Chapter Alpha Tau Omega launched iTselT on The Tall Term wiTh an open-house Tor The Treshmen girls. ATTer ThaT acTiviTies iusT came nafurally. The chapTer's aThleTics have greaTly improved This year. Thanks To The greaT supervision oT our managers! All oT us will Tondly recall The annual ChrisTmas ParTy given Tor The local orphanage. AlThough com- pleTely exhausTed, The broThers achieved a warm Teeling oT saTisTacTion Trom helping These kids have a "Merry ChrisTmas." As a parT oT our Founders Day celebraTion we journeyed To Muhlenberg and enjoyed rollicking sTag parTies and Tull-course dinners. l.aTer, TogeTher wiTh The Alumni, we held our own house parTy, gala banqueT. and aTTended church services. Since all parenTs are inTeresTed in Their son's Triends, our chapTer inviTed iTs parenTs To a ParenT's Day Tea which was held in The spring. This year's acTiviTies were Topped oTT by our annual Alpha Tau Omega Weekend wiTh a big Tormal aT The NorTheasT YachT Club. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One Hundred FifTy-seven DELT TAU DELTA CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS 5 A 1954 1 T' P. Day, W. G. Dill, A. L. Hodges, W. E. Mciviasier. J. D. """ .. f lf Schuermann, D. F. Showell, J. G. Siowers, R. C. Siroinman. VW A 1955 W. Ben, E. J. Fogei, D. G. Menser, J. H. Phillips. . 5 N 15- ... ' 2.15255 T - ' X -fb .- 5 V, ' . k v ,,.. 5575-jf f-fJ4f'.f5g' In x I n A v ' PLEDGES: I H. R. Gedling, J. H. Gooding, R. A. Hasiings, J. S. Hedger, V ' 1 5 ' - R. R. King, R. J. Maifson, J. J. O'Niell, J. A. Pollock, A. S. Tanyer, R. C. Wagner, W. D. Wlweailey. Presidenr .............,.. ..,...... T HOMAS MULROONEY Vice-Presideni ...............,.. ARTHUR EGGLINGTON Corresponding Secreiary ,........,....,... DAVID ALLEN Recording Secreiary .,..,.,........, DONALD GODFREY ' Treasurer .........,.......,.... .............., R QBERT STARKS I952 S. M. Pepper T953 P. D. Allen, D. Barreil, A. R. Egglingion, D. B. Godfrey, G. H. Gronde, C. B. Hann, W. M. Howleif, D, B. Junglwans. J. W. Kinnikin, L. V. Lilielehlr, W. H. McCeuiey, T. W. Mulroooney. 6. B. Nagy, T. F. Sandsirom, R. C. Sharks. One Hundred Fifiy-eighi' Della Tau Della was lounded ninely-lour years ago al Belhany College, Virginia, loy men who lell a need lo enrich lheir college lile lhrough lhe com- panionship ol congenial lriends. The lirsl aclivilies which broughl lorlh Della Upsilon Chapler al Dela- ware were begun by a group ol ex-G.l's. By l948 lhe Dells were ollicially inslalled on campus, and soon moved inlo lheir own "Sheller" al 230 Easl lvlain Slreel. A coal ol while painl, well-applied. recenlly lranslormed lhe old house inlo a slalely place ol which lhe brolhers may well be proud. Delaware Upsilon Chapter An array ol social evenls sel lhe house jumping wilh lively lun. Social aclivilies loolc lhe lorm ol lhe Dell Formal, lhe Senior Sendoll, an Apache Parly, a Chrislmas Parly, and many inlormal house parlies and inlermission parlies. As evidence ol lheir collegiale spiril, lhe Dells were awarded lhe coveled Cheerleaders' Perpelual Decoralion Tro- phy. Though nol always winners, lhe lralernily par- licipaled in all inlramural sporls, and increased lhe chapler's spiril and pride. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One H undred Filly-nine KAPPA ALPHA CLASS OF l953 AND OFFICERS si A W x 1: 1,- 1::,L . . ' K Y L ys lyx, 1 . , -- - F SFI ' f ' fl: y y 'SLA X 1, ft '- T Tis iff N ........ROBERT WRIGHT ...WDONALD REATH ...MRGBERT BAYNARD Number One ...... Number Two ....... Number Three ....... I953 R. Baynard, G. Buclcson, D. Burch, R. George, J. Gordon, R. Gordon, D. Haller, T. Kramedas, T. Marlin, W. Poslles, D. Reafh, C. Robbins, R. Wilson, R. Wright P One Hundred Sixfy i954 L. Carney, R. Crawford, L. Harringron, P. Hodgson, E. Hoffman, J. Hoey, J. Hulcill, M. Knapp, P. McWhori'er, J. Roberrs, P. Runlcle, J. Ryan, K. Smirh, J. Williams, J. Worlz. 1955 J. Bueche, J. Connard, R. Dare, C. Dielrich, G. Farrow, T. Hughes, W. Keene, J. Lawrence, D. Lecrone, J. Papaiann, E. Ralph, R. Saunders, R. Swain, N. Thomas, R. Thompson. PLEDGES W. Depuly, F. Hayes, B. Hill, R. Oggenfuss, H. Ray, T. Robinson, C. Willis, S. Melson, B. C. Andrews, E. E. Berl, R. S. Bingham, E. L. Branieclci, G. R. Cavey, W. V. Collings, W. H. Correll, R. E. DeVries, J. E. Farley, O. W. Farrow, F. W. Freibolr, D. A. Goodridge, D. E. Graham, W. R. Hamalcer, G. S. Hudson, P. H. Hyland, J. D. Knox, S. C. Lowiclci, W. H. Mackay, J. T. MoCool, L. B. McManus, T. H. Merz, C. E. Morlloclc, W. H. J. Nolde, D. S. Penrod, R. C. Shorr, J. F. Simpson, J. L. Sipple, H. J. Tellow, B. M. Tilghman, J. T. Waddinglon, W. T. Willin, W. D. Wood, R. W. Wynn. C5reaT happenings occurred in The KAsTle aT l9 AmsTel Ave. The Rebel TooTball Team goT The ball rolling by winning The lnTramural l:ooTball Cup, ending up The season wiTh a IO-l record. BroThers Conrad and Carney added Two more cups To The manTle by winning The cross-counTry and handball TournamenT, respecTively. Our social liTe sparkled wiTh acTiviTy. EnTerTain- menT specialisTs "Corney," "Goof" and "Bleach" augmenTed The gaieTy oT house parTiesg Their sTellar work has assured Them oT a Two weeks run aT The Palace This June. l.l:.C. Weekend was The highlighf oT The TirsT Term's social season wiTh all The broThers Beta Epsilon Chapter really "living iT up." For This year's Old SouTh Ball, everyone abandoned The books To sporT genTle- men's ouTTiTs, grizzly beards lKen SmiTh's was The envy oT alll, and sipped minT-iuleps Tor Three won- derTul days. l.eT's remember . . . The deck war and casualTy Robinson . . , The PrinceTon ExpediTion . . . "l-loTler" l-loTTman's "Used Car Agency" . . . The 'losing' oT several pins . . . plus The TormaTion OT The E.C.B.P.S. lEliTe Corps oT Boy Plane SpoTTersl! WiTh a TraTernal pride, we pledged ThirTy-Tive men who, as TuTure members, we hope will con- Tinue To experience greaT years like This pasT one. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One Hundred SixTy-one PHI K PPA TAU CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS Q, R J, 12 ' 1 KC 4 -f J' 5ef. I P' 42 I P X sf' 'gf V PresIoIenI ..,....,,.,. .,.... R OBERT L. CAREY Vice-Presiolenr ....A. ...,... W AYINIE KIRKLAND SecreIary ,.,. ...,, . . .,..... DONALD FEENEY Treasurer ...A.. . ..,.......,. RICHARD HARPER I952 G. Crofhers I953 J. Cann. R. Carey, E. Chamorro, R. CIencIanieI, D. Feeney, D. I-Ioyer, C. Rodriguez, R. Wafson, W. West R. Rudrow. I954 J. Beaffy. J. Bradford, B. Cook, D. Hornberg, R. Harper W. KirIcIand, F. PuIIinger, R. Spencer, D. Sfrecker, R. Thomas W. B. Wivel, W. F. Shaw. I955 M. Olson, J. Mc:LaughIin, R. Winselar. PLEDGES J. Siczka, F. J. Gibbs, R. BorreIIi. M. Burns, P. Carey, J Fernandez, W. Hughes, E. Thorpe, H. Anderson, H. W Cook, D. Ewing, R. Ferguson, D. Hashngs, J. Kosowsky, J IvIar+In, G. Pfeiffer, D. Rau, M. RusseII, A. Schmalfuhs, P SI'ewarI'. One Hundred Six'I'y-Iwo AmbiTious acTiviTy in The Torm oT house renovaT- ing announced The early SepTember arrival oT The broThers. Under Corky's waTchTul painTbrush. The house was resTored To a gleaming whiTe . . . Tloors were reTinished . . . sTairs were builT . . . a Tile basemenT was laid. We also Took Time-ouT Tor some social sprees. because all work and no play makes Tor boredom . . . SanTa Claus Carey wiTh his bulging bag oT personalized Tavors Tor The daTes was The sTar oT Alpha Gamma Chapter our ChrisTmas ParTy . . . rushing parTies were The besT ever . . . There was a sTarTling abundance oT 3.005 . . . The Phi Tau Weekend compleTed anoTher successTul chapTer in our social album. BroTher l-loyer's guiding inTluence kepT The pledges on "The sTraighT and narrow paTh' '... did They ever Toe The mark! lnTermurals showed The broThers Tine Torms, and even Though we didn'T win The cup we had some Tun. Welcome pledges . . . So-long seniors! CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDG-ES One Hundred SixTy-Three PHI K PPA LPH CLASS OF l953 AND OFFICERS gl X ii! si Presideni .,............... ....... H AROLD PRETTYMAN Vice-Presideni' ......,.. ......,..... G EORGE PALMER Secreiary ........., ....,............ R OBERI FISHER Treasurer ........ ......,.... H ARVEY PETRUCCI I953 J. Cowan, D. MacFadcIen, H. Preffyman. I954 R. Fisher, H. Heyle, W. Keyser, B. Mouniain, G. Palmer, P. Peffer, H. Pefrucci, R. PiIIow, M. Sacco, F. Serpico. One H I955 R. Alexander, W. duBeII, H. Henderson, J. Neel, W. Thompson. PLEDGES D. Bunnell, S. Bu+cI'1er, I-I. Hackman, R. Iviazzeiii, F. McCann, T. Redfield, W. Timm, R. Cornwell, H. Graham, W. P. Bailey, D. A. Learn, R. I.. Singley, R. C. Slraib, R. I. Savage. und red Sixiy-four IT's been a greaT year Tor The Pikes! The men who liked To sleep aT night will never TorgeT The wild charge oT PeTe's number Twelves or l-lerb's chaTTing aTTer lights-ouT. Untorgetable incidents . . . Jim backing PeTe's car up The driveway bank . . . losT golT balls . . . The piano's Trip To The cellar aTTer being leTT on The sTairs one nighT-l-lerb removed The obsTrucTion, plus wall and sTeps . . . and The girls' losT weekend in March. Pikes Peak was The scene oT some lovely parTies. WhaT would you expecT wiTh guys like Windy Graham, who has yeT To Tell a ioke sTraighT . . . Delta Eta Chapter "Pin The Tail on The Jar oT Cold Cream" sure wenT over with a big scream . . . then There was ThaT SouTh campus serenade-The aTTermaTh oT a smoker. Pike's Personalities we call This! WalT coulcln'T stand ThaT beat up Chevy, but walking was worse . . . how did you manage To hiT ThaT school bus wiThouT killin' The kicls, Bob? . . . poor Mike losT a Tortune in glasses This Tootball season . . . l-leny kept The house wrecked . . . The Dream Girl Dance and weekend highlighTed by a dance, picnic, and house party brought This year's acTiviTies To a gay conclusion. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One Hundred Sixty-Tive SIGMA N CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS Xi? POZOW 4 23 g,'U3-.DQ-FI? DEKUC-s o.w2"r cog-2 Eeefvf 1 9557523 .O O UP'-vgnlf-5 CK: 53302 Dmwfm 975' 215709 SVTSIB --0.540 KT Q2 Qizfbw X4-P-. - -HSL U F'9T 2? as VV1 5Lfz?UE"i fuzzy!-E gee ' 00:9 25'-Z EQ U- rw? 0' QT '-S9012 52.1701 ii - O-. Ffgirn ' , F MT F if THA A 3 A L' . A L' A F4 ,,., Commander .,,.,....... .,....,. T HQMAS SHEAFFER L+. Commander ........ ..,,.,....,,..... F RED BROWN Treasurer .............. ,......,..,,......., C ARL WOLF Recorder ...... ..,..... D ANIEL ENTERLINE i953 i954 A. Angulo, F. Baylis, G. Bramlmall, K. Edwards, B. Field, H. Filzsimmons, R. Goodley, R. Green, J. Griffilhs, J. Harper, C. Koenig, J. KoFFenberger, W. Lemex, D. Lewis, H. Marlin, P. Morris, C. Sclwaubel, R. Waples, N. Williams, 1955 ' B. Barnes, R, Clirisllfield, R. Collingwood, D. Dalwlen, J, Flynn, J. Johnson, J. McDaniel, E. Parvis, C. Paslci, A. Temple. PLEDGES W. Reed, J. Badgely, T. Baker, R. Barber, D. Boyd, G. Brosius, C. Carbauglw, A. Daugherly. T. Duff, A. Ferver, R. Haines, R. Hines, J. Hopkins, J. Kennedy, W. Kimmel, W. Lo++er, G. Manolalcis, G. McBride, J. Miller, F. PeHyiol1n, D. Sharp, R. Slrouss, J. Swyler, D. Tail, R. Taylor, W. Villwire, A. Wliilney, D. Wood. One H und red Sixiy-six As champions OT inTramural baslceTball and swim- ming, The Sigma Nu's were able To accumulaTe a sTarTling share oT The Trophies ThaT were awarded This year. BUT acTive Ties were noT limiTed To The sporTs realm. Clyole Bessiclcs combo livened up The house parTy Tor l.l:. Weekend . . . The TesTimonial bangueT, in honor oT Sigma Nu's naTional head, RegenT J. Edward Murphy, marked one oT The largesT social TurnouTs . . . ChrisTmas Tound The house Tull oT The TradiTional holiday gaieTies . . . l'wenTy-eighT promis- ing Treshmen were pledged To The TraTerniTy . . . Dark Rider was presenTed in The Playbill . . . April l8 was The Tormal pledge iniTiaTion, and awards were made To The ouTsTanding Treshmen . . . a l:aTher and Son BangueT in lvlay broughT The broTh- Delta Kappa Chapter ers, along wiTh Their lalhers and inTimaTe Triends, TogeTher Tor an evening oT Tun and Tellowship . . . The social season was broughT To a close wiTh The Sigma Nu Weelcend Tormal aT l.A.C. accompanied by The usual parTies. The broThers also Tound Time Tor a consTrucTive service proiecT. This year The TirsT Sigma Nu Service ProiecT was held by The U. oT D. chapTer. An annual aTTair, This weelc is conducTed on a naTional scale, and is designed To conTribuTe To communiTy im- provemenT. DelTa Kappa spenT Tour SaTurdays reno- vaTing and helping wiTh Tarm chores aT Our Lady OT Grace l-lome. "WhiTe STar oT Sigma Nu, brighT sTar OT Sigma Nu" CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDC-EES One Hundred Sixly-seven SIGMA PHI EPSILD CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS ,. L,Lk Q Presidenl ........... ..,,... J Ol-IN ROSEBERRY Vice-Presidenl' ...... ......... F RANCIS ALBERA ,...,..,WILI.IAIv1 VALLAR ...........WII.LIAIvI RITCI-IIE Secrelary .,......... Comprroller ...,.. I952 F. Albera I953 T. Baylis, R. Belly, R. Boyce, A. Buller, T. Daley, I.. Drazel, W. Evans, W. Fisher, T. Fouracre, S. Joy, W. Levis, 6. McKibbin, K. Rielh, J. Roseberry, W. Vallar, W. Van Arsdalen, J. Byrne. One Hu I954 W. Dick, W. Doppslaclf, D. Emory, R. Fouracre, R. I-Ioopes R. l-Iuqhes, J. McCar+hy, E. Phillips, J. Reylsold, W. Reybolcl W. Rilchie, S. Russo, J. Todd, 6. Tunis, F. While. I955 D. Boyce. D. Grier, G. Herman, W. Knoll, I. Rinard, J Smilh, J. Tuley, B. While, C. Wilson, J. Daniella. I956 P. Cromplon PLEDGES N. Balaglia, E. Craumer, T. I-locker, P. Kelleher, J. Miller D. Woodward, W. Annonio, W. Smilh, J. W. Carson, I-I. C Dean, J. B. Foullc, 6. E. Gearharf, E. M. I-Ioblos, W. A Karau, J, E. Kinch, I-I. E. Riggin, R. P. Ross, I-I. C. Simplcins 6. S. Skinner, T. G. Van l'lar+, D. I'l. Williamson. ndred Sixfy-eighi' 1 Alpha Chapter Will you ever TorgeT The baskeTloall games played by "Schnoz" Albera . . . "Old Baldy" cuTs aT evening chow . . . "Same Snead's golTing epi- sodes . . . "Bones" Baylis' Track spurTs and house parTy enTerTainmenTs . . . Bill Evans keeping The besT seaT in TronT oT The TV warm . . . and Bill Dick's quainl' remarks on The TirsT deck? The Sig Eps were acTive parTicipanTs in all The inTramural and varsiTy sporTs wiTh such ouTsTanding players as Annonio, DoppsTadT, Whire, Rey- bold, and Fouracre. Sigma Phi Epsilon was noT leT ouT in The mad social whirl eiTherl We enjoyed a year oT Tremendous house parTies, and l.F. Weekend, The ChrisT- mas Formal, and our own spring weekend were The season's dazzling evenTs ThaT The broThers will always remember. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES One H undrecl SixTy-nine THET CHI z. ,.,, ' , -. ...... , ,..- f jg . fa Q 3 s , .+ K I J, ig ' 5.4 X ANZ Presiclenl ...,...,....... .,.,.. Vice-President. Secrela ry ......... Treasurer ...... CLASS OF I953 AND OFFICERS W a QQ, fw , 't x fs I I Y HDEVEREAUX IVIQCARTI-IY ...............,FRANClS I-IEILI6 .,....,,.......,JAIvIES TAYLOR EDWARD CUNNINGI-IAM 1953 J. Allen, J. Carbonelli, A. Czarneclai, K. Drobeclc, T. Halc- Tielcl, B. Janiclci, J. lvlessiclc, J. Miller, A. Sclmrnidl, J. Sherwood, I. Zeise. I954 R. Barrow, J. Borrenson, R. Carzo, W. Colona, T. Fannon, C. Gurney, I-I. Hall, W. Marlin, V. Slallone, E. Sloul, J. S+ou+, C. Sullivan, C. Talpey. I955 D. Aaneslecl, I-I. Brake, G. Buclcwaller, F. Gyelvan, R Jackson, D. Forcl, G. Lyons, D. Monlgomery, J. Williams V. Yolcais, R. Zuzelc. PLED-C-ES R. I-Iagerfy, D. Miller, G. Murray, T. Oves, S. Woiczelcowslci C. Criscone, J. Eagle, W. Elsner, E. Efzweiler, J. Evan, R I-Iooper, W. I-Iopson, D. I-loy, P. I-Iunler, L. Kalinowski, W Lawless, W. lvIcAIlisIer, I-I. lvIcCurdy, N. Ivlergo, D. Monaco J. Mulcahy, R. Nagle, S. Newell, G. Panarello, A. Pecora J. Rizzi, J. Samlulc, F. Susi, A. Wagner, J. Wallace. One Hundred Seveniy Alpha Xi ln The sporTs world The TheTa Chis showed Their muscles and copped The baslceTloall Trophy Tor The second consecuTiye year. They puT up a real TighT Tor ThaT inTramural Trophy, Too. Big newsl NexT year The lheTa Chis will Take over The Red lVlen's housel Summer will be a remodeling vacaTion, Their dream OT a new house has Tinally maTerialized aTTer 4l yearsl The Bowery Ball was a howling sensaTion as usual . . . weren'T Those cosTumes Tricky, and whaT an array OT beards lThey made The SmiTh BroThers loolc scanTyll Then There was The big weelcend in April ThaT broughT The social schedule To a close. CLASSES OF '54, '55 AND PLEDGES Chapter One Hundred SevenTy-one I TER-FR TER ITY COU CIL FIRST ROW: Dr. J. FenTon DaugherTy, Adviser: J. Cowan, PiKa: A. Isaacs, AEPi: D. Renshaw, ATO: T. SanclsTrom, DTD. SECOND ROW: A. SchmidT, OX: J. BeaTTy, PKT: D. Rea+h, KA: H. MarTin, SN: J. Roselaerry, SPE. PresiolenT ............. ......... A LFRED lvl. ISSACS Vice-PresidenT ..,..... ............,....... J AMES COWAN SecreTary ..,...,.. ........ T HEODORE SANDSTROM Treasureru. .,.,...., DONALD RENSHAW This year's FraTerniTy Council was Taced wiTh several new problems broughT abouT by an acl- minisTraTion change which necessiTaTecl a new deTi- niTion oT The UniversiTy's social policy. Once The Council and The adminisTraTion were in agreemenT, social evenTs and service proiecTs moved wiTh ease. Two Campus Blood Drives were sponsored, publi- cized, and organized by l.l:.C .... DeTerred rushing was reinsTiTuTed and The Council had The headache oT supervising smolcers and parTies . . . l.l:.C. de- cided To eliminaTe The singing compeTiTion Trom This year's lnTer-FraTerniTy Playbill, which proved To be a lively success . . . Spring presenTed The Council wiTh The iob OT scheduling The individual TraTerniTy weekends-The climax oT a busy buT Tremendous year . . . l.l:.C. did an excellenT iob in promoTing beTTer TraTerniTy relaTions, and in coordinaTing TraTerniTy aTTairs. Thanlcs Tor a iob well clone! One H und red SevenTy-Two HOIXIORARIES ALPHA ZET Chancellor ......... Censor ...... Scribe ........., FIRST ROW: W. Webb, W. Cannon, D. BlesT, R. Davis, H. Evans. SECOND ROW: Prof. A. Tomhave, C. Allmond, J. Cann, Prof. L. DeTiin. THIRD ROW: R. MacFadden, E. Kedcla, A. SchmidT, H. MarTin, A. Arnell, W. Dill, G. Simpson, R. SpoTTs, R. Broach. ....,..,.......JOSEPl-T CANN ,, , ....... CHARLES ALLMOND .,..,.....I-TENSON EVANS Treasurer ..,..,.. ' ......... Emmonu srour Chronicler .,,......DEAN MacFADDEN H 1 1' . 7 , 4 4 L 1 T, ,T '11 JUL Alpha ZeTa exisTs Tor The purpose oT rendering service To agriculTure, however, iTs duTies oT service exTend over The enTire campus. Alpha ZeTa mem- bers are chosen Trom men who are noT only poTen- Tial leaders, l3uT who also maniTesT high sTandards oT scholarship and characTer. Delaware's chapTer oT Alpha ZeTa had an energeTic acTiviTies program which included a Tall square dance, providing' lunches Tor Those who aTTended Farn'1er's Week early' in The spring, and providing ushers Tor The Honorls Day Ceremony in MiTchell Hall. MainTaining' exhibiTs in The show cases aT The new AgriculTural building and signs aT The enTrances To This and The- ExperimenTal Farm are oTher services which The- TraTerniTy perTorms. ln addiTion, an award is made each year To The ouTsTanding scholasTic Treshmani in AgriculTure. One Hundred Seve-nTy-Tour K PP DELT PI KNEELING: H. Orloff, J. Smiih, J. Leary, J. Shaw, N. Jones, V. Wells, B. J. Coulfer. SEATED: D. Brodsky, L. Kinsella, A. Ri+chie, D. Simon, D. Kaelrs, J. Bouriin, V. McOuaid. THIRD ROW: D. Maior, C. Howard, L. Kish, J. Roih, J. Banks, C. Williams, K. Adams, N. Perper, E. Carrow, L. Frederick, D. Maloney, J. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: G. Bossard, M. Granl, R. Eclceri, M. Lindale, T. Gilgenasl, N. Sferling, J. Conaway, D. Carmichael, C. Cliff. Presideni ..,......, Vice-Presideni ,....... Secreia ry .....,.,. Kappa Delia Pi is 'lhe honorary iraierniiy in Treasurer I educaiion. Hs purpose is io encourage high pro- Hismrian 4--'--, iessional, inielleciual, and personal siandards and io recognize ouisianding coniribuiions io educa- iion. The socieiy meeis lwice in every monih of The school year. The meeiings include guesi speakers, discussions led loy members, and some social meei- ings. Several very successful Bake Sales were held during ihe year. One Hundred Sevenfy-Five F ...WDORIS SIMON ...WDOROTHY KAEKS- ........AIl.EEN RITCHIE LORRAINE KINSELLA .,,..,....JANET BOUTIN 'S 9 ' J 1 .:. 5 a I t 5- 'D C A V. OIVIICRO DELT KAPPA BACK ROW: A. Isaacs, D. Okonow, J. Glick, P. RunIcIe, L. LiIIeIeh'I', T. Sandsirom, S. Ackerman, T. Zu+z, 6. Dill, J. Carbone'H'i, F. Heilig. FRONT ROW: Mr. T. Smifh, Dr. Dougherry, W. NicoII, C. Robbins, Dean Squire, Dean I'IocuH'. Presideni .,.......,.... ....,,... N EAL ROBBINS Vice-Presideni .....,,......,..,...........,. WILLIAM NICOLL Secreiary-Treasurer.,DR. J. FENTON DAUGI-IERTY I:acuIIy AcIviser.. .....,.....,......... MILTON ROBERTS Arm I x li , Omicron Deira Kappa is Ihe honorary Ieadership socieiy ar The Universiiy. II was organized Io recog- nize men who are ouisianciing in Ieaciership, scholar- ship, characrer, democraric ideals, and service in campus Iife. Membership is IimiIecI 'ro men who meer ceriain requiremenis in scholarship, social and religious aciiviiies, aIhIeIics, speech, music, drama and pulolicaiion. The Bera Sigma Circle of Omicron Deira Kappa was founded in I949. One Hundred Sevenfy-six PSI CHI I SEATED: Dr. F. Parker, Dr. G. Lane, D. Lerner, A. Duncan, J. Davis. STANDING: Dr. L. Smi+h, J. Cashel, Dr. E. Barra'H, D. Behringer, Dr. H. MacPhee. Psi Chi is a naI'ionaI honorary socie+y in psy- choIogy, organized for I'he purpose of advancing Ihe science of psychoIogy and Io encourage, siimu- Ialre, and mainrain scholarship of Jrhe indivioIuaI members in all fields, buf parricuiarly in psychoIogy. Psi Chi endeavors Io encourage research and Io srirnulaie and mainiain an aciive inreresr in psy- choIogy. To 'rhis end, Psi Chi has sponsored Iwo proiecrsz The Psychology Club, and 'rhe Psychoiogy Open House. Presideni ............... Vice-Presidenlr ...,.,.... Secreiary ...,.,..... I:acuIIy Adviser One Hundred Seveniy-seven ............DORIS LERNER ........ARTI-IUR DUNCAN .........JOYCE DAVIS ..,,...DR. G. 6. LANE C5 , O4 I PI MU EPSILU FRONT ROW: R. Remage, J. Lyon, M. Parker, E. McDougle, J. Yienger. BACK ROW: G. C. Webber, J. Howell, R. F. Jackson, E. V. Lewis, G. Pelers. Presidenr .......... Secreiary ......... Treasurer ............. ...MIVIARILYN PARKER .......EI.AIv1 I-IERTZLER CARI. REES Social Chairman ..,.,.. .......... P ATRICK TI-IADDEUS Program Chairman ....... JOI-IN BARRATT Eaculry Adviser ....,. ..,.... D R. RUSSELL REMAGE 7. fi fl g I y I Pi Mu Epsilon is a nalional honorary maihemaiics iraferniiy whose purpose is Io promole inieresl in marhemalics and scholarship. The Delaware Alpha Chapier oi Pi Mu Epsilon was organized on campus in I94I. Among The aciiviiies of The iraierniiy are Ieciures by guesi speakers or members of Ihe organizaiion, discussions of malhemaiical ideas. and social meeiings. One Hundred Sevenly-eighf SCABB RD and BL DE FIRST ROW: E. C. Guequierre, H. Mayhew, D. Haller, D. Rumer, C. Hycle. SECOND ROW: D. Sheehan, J. WorTz, J. Whann, A. Vandepoele. THIRD ROW: D. Meaney, J. Lewis, E. STouT, N. Williams, G. Glacken. FOURTH ROW: R. Nye, J. STouT, J. Schaubel, H. BerTuch. TOP ROW: R. B. Myers, J. Harper. Scabbard and Blade, a naTional miliTary honor- ary socieTy, is designed To raise miliTary eclucaTion sTandards in R.O.T.C. uniTs. This year has seen "I" Company oT The SevenTh RegirnenT grow Trom a weak, nine-cadeT uniT To a uniT oT TwenTy-Tive acTive and inTeresTed men. The cusTom oT Turning The pages oT The Memorial Boolc in The library was revived. This year a reTreaT ceremony, beTween Brown and I-larTer Halls, Tol- lowed The page Turning. The uniT's social calendar included a Trip To The OTlicer's Club aT The New CasTle Air Base, a Tour oT Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and The annual sTag picnic. WiTh iTs growTh in membership, and iTs greaTer scope oT acTiviTies, iT is hoped ThaT Scab- bard and Blade will conTinue To evolve inTo a sTrong campus organizaTion. PresidenT. ,....... .,.. .....,. D O UGLAS I-IALLER Vice-PresidenT ........ ........, H ARRY MAYHEW Treasurer ........,. ........ D ONALD RUMER iririrakx llll Ca I f One Hundred SevenTy-nine SIGM PI SIGMA SEATED: B. Lufz, W. Smifh, H. Laclrner, P. Moser, M. Parker, H. Feeny, J. F. Daugherfly, M. Hirshfeld. STANDING: H. Galbraifh, P. Pondy, F. Woofen, M. Puchir, A. Devlin, G. Levy, J. McLaughlin, P. Thaddeus, G. Bryan, R. Julfsch, J. Chrislian. Presidenf ............ ............. P AUI. MOSER Vice-Presidenl' ....... .....,... H ENRY LACKNER Secrefary ........ .,..... H AROLD FEENY ........,......MARII.YN PARKER FENTON DAUGHERTY Treasurer ......... Faculfy Adviser. 2 Sigma Pi Sigma is fhe only nafional physics honor sociefy. Physics sfudenfs and a few ofhers in closely relafed fields are received info membership on fhe basis of high sfandards of scholarship, professional merif, and academic disfincfion. The Delaware Chapfer of Sigma Pi Sigma was founded in I948. This year's acfivifies have included co-sponsoring, wifh Pi Mu Epsilon, fhe visif of Dr. Bernard Cohen of Harvard fo fhe campus and a sfudenf dinner for mafhemafics and physics majors. One Hundred Eighffy TASSEL SEATED: Dean Ayers, FacuITy Adviser: J. Sherman, Pres. STANDING: V. Wells, N. Burri, M. GranT, D. Simon, Trees.: M. J. Guenveur, R. PriesTIy, I-IisT. Tassel, The senior women's honorary socieTy, was organizeol cluring The spring oT I95O. The obiecT oT The socieTy is To promoTe scholarship, Ieaclership, ancl service To The UniversiTy. ATTer being a local honorary organizaTion Tor Tive years, Tassel will be eligible To peTiTion Tor membership in IvIorTar Boarcl, a naTionaI Senior women's socieTy. Among The proiecTs unoIerTaI4en This year were The promoTion oT regisTraTion and voTing in The naTionaI eIecTion, improving oT meal service in The clining hall: sending Reviews To UniversiTy oT Dela- ware alumni ancl alumnae overseas: sponsorship oT a beneTiT briclge parTyp anol acquiring academic caps and gowns Tor The socieTy. PresidenT ,....... SecreTary .,...... Treasurer ......,,..... ChapTer EdiTor ..,...., .,.,,....,....,JANE SHERMAN ..,......IvIAR6UERlTE GRANT .,....,.....,.,....DORIS SIMON ........RAE PRIESTLY I I I ru, '71 ily if -mf' I Ii 'Fil' r-14: 1 My One Hundred EighTy-one 5 4' 4' T TAU BET Pl FIRST ROW: D. Renshaw, D. Robinson, B. Seidel, S. Rubini, L. l.illelehT. SECOND ROW: R. Cien- daniel, S. Ackerman, R. Wilson, K. Ruby, J. Nichols, B. Nicole, J. SchwarTz, G. LaTham, PresidenT ....... ,. , ..,,. HSALVATORE RUBINI Vice-PresidenT .,.....,...... ............ B ARRY SEIDEL Recording SecreTary ....,........,.... LEMBIT LILLELEHT Corresponding SecreTary .,........ DAVID ROBINSON CaTaloger ..............,...,............. DONALD RENSHAW fr a X. A Tau BeTa Pi is The engineering honor socieTy aT The UniversiTy oT Delaware. lT was esjrablished To marlc Those who have conTerred honor upon Their Alma MaTer by disTinguished scholarship and exemplary characTer as undergraduaTes in engineer- ing, and To TosTer a spiriT oT liberal culTure in The engineering colleges oT America. The socieTy has conducTed a TaculTy raTing poll, and has given in- Tormal Talks To local high school groups inTeresTed in engineering. Members are elecTed Trom The Top eighTh of The iunior engineering sTudenTs and The Top TiTTh oT The senior engineering sTudenTs. Al- Though women may noT be elecTed members oT Tau BeTa Pi, Those meeTing The reguiremenTs seT TorTh Tor regular membership are awarded a woman's badge in recogniTion oT Their achievemenTs, This year, Grace Schulze, a member oT The senior engineering class, was awarded The womans badge. One H unclred EighTy-Two I SEIXIIORS GFFICERS Presiderfr Vice-Presiderfr RICHARD LOHMANN MARY JANE GUENVEUR Secrerary Treasurer TRUDY GILGANEST BILL LEVIS One Hundred EigI'1+y-four f 1 N .Ns Ubin... gg is CLASS I-I ISTD RY f Dur Four Years at Delaware SepTember I7, IQ49--ThaT was The memorable day The Class oT '53 arrived aT Delaware, sparkling brighT and eager, 550 sTrong. Remember lcould you'TorgeT?l The dinks and handbooks . . . moving in . . . The program Tor Freshmen Week-all Those TesTs . . . The coupon books . . . "Keep OTT The Grass" . . . The lengrh OT Time iT Took To regisTer . . . The STudenT Union as iT was Then . . . The Treshmen line aT TooTball games . . . pep TesTs and The 6:30 A.M. send-OTP . . . condiTions, and how They worried us . . . Sophs VicTorious in BaTTle oT The Dinks, 5l-49 . . . class oTTicers- BuTch WrighT, MarTy l:orsyTh, Bobbie MarTin, Dick Harper . . . FINALS? . . . "ParTy Line"--whaT a show! . . . The TirsT lnTer-Dorm Playbill and l'-lanover's musical "Way Back When" . . . rush week and pledging . . . The blind daTes . . . May Day . . . room drawing . . . The lasT pull, and Then The long-awaiTed summer vacaTion . . .? SepTember, I95O-The 449 oT us who reTurned TelT diTTerenT-we were sophomores! IT was The yeariwe ruled The Treshrnen lTor a while anywayl and beaT Them on Field Day . . . class oTTicers were Dev McCarThy, Bobbie MarTin, Mary Jane Guen- veur, Dick Okonow . . . The Sophomore STore opened iTs doors To display and sell beer mugs. crew haTs, T-shirTs, eTc .... we gave a MinsTrel Show--Remember our direcTor. Mr. Leo WaTers. The Tun oT rehearsals, boosTers, The bloomer dance when The lighTs were ouT, The Tidy proTiT we made. how our class spiriT grew? . . . The seals on The blazers were changed Tor ,The TirsT Time . . , Womens Weekend was a big success . . . Tire- crackers exploded nighTly . . . our class had The idea oT class-sponsored pep TesTs. and a TradiTion was born . . . The Rally CommiTTee worked so hard , . . The Class oi T53 had iTs besT TooT Torward. SepTember, I95l--our number had dwindled again. Only 372 oT us came back To school as iuniors, buT we carried on, led by Dick Lohmann. Joan Greenheld. NancygBrooks. Dick Okonow . . . Tea wiTh The Perkins' . . . ' i S - TraTerniTy parhe and l. F Weekend . . . Delaware sTudenTs painTed LaTayeTTe . . . our Blue Hen FloaT aTTracTed much aTTenTion and admiraTion . . . Polly Geller was crowned l:ooT- ball Queen . . . Newark became a ciTy . . . The '53 STore opened Tor iTs second year . . . "l.iTe WiTh FaTher" was an E-52 hir . . . Ralph Flanagan land many oThersl didn'T make The ChrisTmas Formal because oT The snow . . . a new idea-Co-Rec nighT . . . EllioT Lawrence provided sweeT music Tor The "Candy Dance" . . . Lois Alava ruled as Cherry Blossom Princess . . . skaTing parTies . . . l. F. Plays bill and SongTesT . . . May Alo 84 T7-The Junior Musical, wiTh iTs ouTdaTed cosTumes, ThaT Charlesilon number, and whaT a parTy aTTerwardsl . . . panTy raid exciTemenT . . . seven oT our class were Tapped Tor Tassel . . . ouTsTanding leaders oT The senior class were elecred To ODK . . . and anoTher year oT Tun and accomplishmenT ended. SepTember, i952-Tilled wiTh ThaT good "l'm a senior now" Teeling, we sTarTed on The lasT lap To graduaTion. Class oTTicers were Dick Lohmann, Mary Jane Guenveur, Trudy Gilgenash and Bill Levis. IT was THE 'year Tor all oT us . . . new deans To meeT . . . braving The cold and rain To see Delaware win iTs TirsT game in The new sTadium, or lisTening To iT on The radio, anyway . . . The posT- poned TloaT parade . . . Warner Hall and The DelTs winning The cheerleaders' Trophies . . . keeping up wiTh The Times Through The Review . . . having our senior picTures Taken . . . ChrisTmas'programs aT MiTchell Hall, The large ChrisTmas Tree and The caroling . . . inTerview aT The PlacemenT Bureau . . . working on The Blue Hen and Cauldron , . . Tinal decisions Tor aTTer graduaTion . . . our beauTi- Tul May CourT and Queen . . . The lasT exams . . . moving ouT Tor good . . . wonderTul Senior Weekend . . .'geTTing our caps and gowns . . . Bac'calaureaTe . . . ConvocaTion--our reward Tor Tour, years oT Tun -sprinkled labor.. . . and Then The break-up wiTh school and Triends, alrhough we'll sTill be held To- geTher by The Ties oT The Alumni' AssociaTion and memories oT Delaware. , ,g T V, M' .s ,,-, X RT FRANCIS H. SQUIRE Dean of The SchooI of AVIS and Science PROFESSOR HARRIET T. BAILY Aff PROFESSOR WILLIAM G. FLETCHER Ancierif Languages and Li'reraIure PROFESSOR JAMES C. KAKAVAS Biological Sciences PROFESSOR QUAESITA C. DRAKE Acfing Head of Chemishy PROFESSOR CHARLES R. KASE Drama+ic Ads and Speech S and SCIE CE DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN One Hundred Eigh+y-six PROFESSOR CHARLES N. LANIER Economics and Business Adminislralion PROFESSOR NED B. ALLEN English PROFESSOR EARL P. HANSON Geography PROFESSOR JOHN A. MONROE Hislory PROFESSOR G. CUTHBERT WEBBER Malhemalics PROFESSOR EDWIN C. BYAM Modern Languages and Liferafure PROFESSOR ANTHONY J. LOUDIS Music PROFESSOR WILLIAM V. SMITH Physics PROFESSOR BERNARD PHILLIPS Philosophy PRoFEssoR PAUL DOLAN Polilical Science PROFESSOR HALSEY M. MacPHEE Psychology PROFESSOR FREDERICK B. PARKER Sociology One Hundred Eighly-seven ELAINE N. ABRAMS Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory Hillel I, 2, 3, 4. A. KATHLEEN ADAMS Delmar, Delaware Arls 8: Science French Women's Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Musical 2: Dorm Council 3: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 4: Blue Hen 4. LOIS ANN ALAVA Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Music Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Dorm Playbill Chairman 2, 4: Music Club 2, 3, 4: Cherry Blossom Princess 3: Decor. Comm. Jr. Prom 3: Accompanisl Women's Chorus 3, 4. P. DAVID ALLEN Ocean View, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory ATAI, 2, Social Chair. 3, Recording Sec. 4: A Cappella Choir I, 4: Re- view l, 4: Aclive Young Democrals 3, 4: '53 Musical 2, 3. RUTH ARAK Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 3: Science English Hillel I, 2, 3 El Palio I, 2, 3: Cauldron 2, Prose Edilor 3. PAUL JOHN BAILOR, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Arls X1 Science Bus. Ad. Accounring Club 2, 3. .Half fo fkee, Iorouo! mefaware, One Hundred Eighly-eighl BARBARA L. BAKER Avondale, Pennsylvania Arls 8: Science Dram. Arls Canlerbury Club I, 2. 3, 4: Friends Soc. 2, 3: Blue Hen 2, 3, 4: Cauldron 3, 4: Cull. Aol. Comm. 4: Arlisl Ser. Comm. 4: Lilerary Club 3, 4: Soc. Club I, Sec'y. 2, Pres. 3: E-52 Player 2, Sec'y. 3, Pres. 4: House Council 2, 4: Playbill I, Direclor 2, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse Mgr. 3: May Day 2, 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Rally Club Sec'y. 2, 3. SIDNEY BALICK Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Pol. Science Frosh Baslcelball I: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: lnlernll. Rel. Club: Black- slone Club: '53 Musical 2, 3: Jr. Prom Bancl Comm. Chrmn. 3: Brown Hall Pres. 4. I DORRANCE BARRELL Dover, Delaware Arls 81 Science Pol. Science Canlerbury Club I, 2, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Varsilry Lacrosse I, 2: Review 2, 3, 4: ATA 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen 3, 4: Men's Chorus 3: Jr. Musical Publ. Comm. 3. RICHARD E. BERL Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Frosh Foolball, Baslcelball I: Frosh Baseball I: Varsily Baseball 2, 3: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club: Delaware Rifles 2, 3: EN I, 2, Reporler 3, Rushing Chrmn. 4. THOMAS ROGER BETTY Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Bus. Ad. EQE I, 2, 3, 4: lnrramural Sporls 2, 3: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: College Hour Comm. 3, 4. SARAH R. BLUESTONE Wilminglon, Delaware Arls gl Science Sociology Hillel I, Sec'y. 2, Represenlalive lo U.R.C. 2, 3 Sec'y. Univ. Rel. Council I: E-52 Technical Crew 3: Soc. Club 3: Playbill 3. MARCIA BOONE Newark, Delaware Arls 8: Science I-lisrory Univ. Chorus I: Wesley Foundalion I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Chairman: Jr. Floal Comm. 3: Acfive Young Republicans 4. JANET C. BOUTIN Newarlc, Delaware Arls 3: Science English Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.l'.A. 2, 3: Review 3: Cauldron 3, 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, l'lisl'orian 4. RAYMOND WARREN BOYER Silview, Delaware Arls 84 Science Chemislry Inlramural Sporls I, 3: A.C.S. 3, 4: Frosh Baslcelball I. SAMUEL H. BRONFIN Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls Si Science I-lisfory lnlernalional Relalions Club 3, 4. DONALD W. BROWN Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Psychology Psychology Club. MADOLYN LORENA BROWN Kennell' Square, Pennsylvania Arls 84 Science l-lislory Allison Assoc. I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Produclion I, 3: I-louse Council 3: Review 2, 4. One Hundred Eighly-nine .gn Kayak? we Jfancg JANE LOUISE BUCK Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Pol. Science Band I, 2, 3: Aclive Young Republi- cans I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. I, 2, Board of Governors 3, 4. GERALD BUCKSON Dover, Delaware Arls X1 Science Psychology KA I, 2, 3, 4: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Review l, 2, Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3: Men's Chorus 3: A Cappella Choir 4: Psychology Club, Vice-Pres. 4. MARY ELLEN BULL Rulherforcl, New Jersey Review I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Procluclion 4: W.A.A. 2: Sussex House Council 2, 3, 4. DANA D. BURCH, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Arls X1 Science Economics KA, LESTER BU RG-E Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Chemislry JOHN MATHEW BYRNE, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Arls X1 Science Pre-Med, Biology ECIHE I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4. RICHARD W. CHAPPELL Wilmingfion, Delaware ' Ar'Is 84 Science Hislory lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball Manager I, 2, 3: ATU I, 2, 3, 47 Gold Key Socieiy 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 3, 4: S.6.A. Social Chairman 4: Erosli Tennis I. LAWRENCE R. COOPERMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Arls X1 Science Pre-Ivlecl, Biology Hillel l, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: AEH I, 4, Social Chair- man 2, 3: lvIen's Chorus 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4: Varsiiy Club 3, 4: Review Na+. Adv. Mgr. 3, Assil. Bus. Mgr. 4: Frosln Tennis I: Varsify Tennis 2, 3, 4. FRANKLIN B. CRAMER Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Economic Geog. AEH I, 2: lnlramural Sporis I, 2. ALICE V. CRISPIN Louisville, Kenluclcy Arrs 81 Science Hislory House Council 2: Playbill 2, 3: Review 3: E-52 Member 3, 4: Young Democrals 4. HARRY PIERCE CRONEY, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Aris 8: Science Bus. Acl. EDWARD EDWIN CUNNINGHAM Wesl' Hempsfead, New Yorlc Arls Z4 Science Bus. Ad. GX I, 2, 3. Treas. 4: Frosli Foolball I: Rifle I, 2, 4, Capl. 2: Track 2, 3, 4. JOYCE DAVIS Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 8: Science Psychology House Council 3: Psychology Club Sec'y. 3, Pres. 4: Psy Clii Sec'y. 4. LOUIS R. DePRlSCO Newporl' Heiglrrls, Delaware Ar+s 81 Science Cliemislry Band I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT B. DIEHL Elsmere, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory l.V.C.F. 3: Allison Club 4. MARGARET ANN DOUGHERTY Wilminglon, Delaware Ar'Is 8: Science Sociology Inlernafional Relalions Club 3, Sec'y. 4: Newman Club 3, 4: Playbill 3, 47 Sociology Club 4. LEONARD J. DRAZEK Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Biology Newman Club I, 2, 3: Biology Club 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 3, 4: EQE I, 2, 3, 4. RUTH GWYNN E ECKERT Newarlc, Delaware College Woosler I, 2: D.S.T.A. 3, 41 Kappa Della Pi 4. e give fhee fAanL:i for gzwiouri agp One Hundred Ninely HELEN EICHLER Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Fine Arls Arl Club: Fencing Club: Cauldron Arr Ed. 4. JOHN E. EIPPER Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Biology Rille Team I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL E. ELLIS Seaford, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory Young Democrals I. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3. 4: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3, 4: Cross Counlry I: Delaware Rifles 2, 3: I-larler House Council 2, 3: Talenl Scouls Program Chrmn. 3: Prom Decor. Commillee 3: Blaclc- slone Sociely 4. WILLIAM C. EVANS Wilminglon, Delaware Arl 81 Science Biology Frosh Baslcelball, Track I: Varsily Track 2: 24313 I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. MARLENE FEINGLASS Wilming'I'on, Delaware Arls 84 Science English D.S.'l.A. 2, 4, Jr. Rep. 3: Lilerary Club 2, 3, 4, Vice'Pres 2: May Day 2: Modern Dance Club 3: Cauldron Associale Ed. 3: Edilor-in-chief 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. ANN WALKER FERGUSON Bridgeville, Delaware Arls 81 Science English Playbill I, 2, 3: Review Rewrile Ed. 2. 3, 4: Young Democrals Vice-Pres. 2. 3. Sec'y.-Treas. 4: House Council 2. 4: '53 Minslrel 2: Canlerbury Club 2. 3, 4: S.G.A. A 8: S Rep 4: Blue Hen Jr. Ed. 3, Slall 4. Eneafk fAy guicling Lane! One H und red Ninely-one EDWARD H. FIELDING Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Economics Delmeladians I, 2, 3, Leader 4: Brown Hall House Council 3: Canferbury Club 3, 4: S.G.A. Social Comm. 4. THOMAS FOURACRE Newarlc, Delaware Arfs X1 Science Psychology Cross Counlry and Track I, 2: Psy- chology Club Treas. 4: EGIPE I, 2, 3, 4, Bus. Mgr.: Delaphan 2. NANCY B. GAST WiIming'I'on, Delaware Arls 8: Science English Topsey Dorm Council I: Modern Dance Club 3: Lulheran Assoc. 3, 4: News in a Nulshell 4. FRANCES L. GEASEY Jenlcinlown, Pennsylvania Arls 31 Science Bus. Ad. Knoll House Council 2: Soph. Courl' 2: Review 3, Head lypisl 4: Playbill 3: '53 Slore Comm. 3: A.Y.R. 4: Canlerbury Club 4. ROBERT H. GEORGE Dover, Delaware Arls X: Science Pal. Science Acrive Young Republicans Pres. 2: KA, JOSEPH A. GLICK Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 8: Science Pre-Med., Chemislry Hillel I, 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4: AEH 2, 3, 4, I-lislorian 2, Corr. Scribe 3: E-52 Musical 3: Review 3, 4: Cauldron 4. DONALD B. GODFREY Millsboro, Delaware Arls 81 Science Hislory Univ. Choir I: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4. lnlramural Council 4: Junior Musical 3: ATA 2, 3, Record. Sec'y. 4. SALLY GOLDMAN Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Lalin, Spanish Three Year Siudenl: Hillel I, 2, 3: EI Palio I, 2, 3: Cauldron 3: D.S.T.A. 3 Review 3: Blue Hen 2. PAULINE E. GOLLER Aldan, Pennsylvania Arls 8: Science Bus. Ad. Cheerleader I, 2, 3, Co-capl, 4: E-52 Plays 2, 3, 4: Playbill 2, 3, 4: Dorm Chrmn. 3: Wesley Musicals 2, 3: Modern Dance Club 2, 3 Women's Chorus 3, 4: Jr. Prom Band Comm. Chrmn. 3: Blue Hen 4: Foolball Queen 3. JAMES M. GORDON, JR. Dover, Delaware Arls 81 Science Bus. Ad. Frosh Wreslling I: Blue Hen 2: KA I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD H. GORMAN Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Accounling KA I, 2, 3, Treas. 4: Accounling Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treas.: Lacrosse I, 2: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. MRS. LUCILE R. GRANSKY Elldon, Maryland Arls 84 Science Biology PENNVIA GREEN Wilmingron, Delaware Arls 8: Science Philosophy Sullins College I, 2: Lab Play 3: Philosophy Club: A Cappella Choir 4: Chrislrnas Play 4. JEAN R. GROFF Loclcporl, New York Arls 81 Science English W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 E-52 Produclions I, 2: Cauldron 3, 4: May Day: Lulheran Assoc. 3, 4. EVANS C. GUEQUIERRE Wayne, Pennsylvania Arls 8: Science Biology EN 2, 3, 4: Gymnaslics I: Varsily Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals 2, 3, 4: E-52 Publ. Comm. I: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3. Treas. 4: Psychology Club 4: Scabbard and Blade 4. THOMAS P. HADFIELD Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 8: Science Psychology 9X 2, 3, 4, Publ. Chrmn. 3, 41 A.P.O. 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Cull. ACI. Comm. 2, 3: Playbill 2, 3, 4: lnlramurals: Varsily Soccer 4: Review I, 2, 3, 4, Copy Ed., News Ed., Sporls Ed., Assoc. Ed. HARRY C. HALL, JR. Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Biology GX 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4: Biology Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4. G. DONALD H ESS Newark, Delaware Arls 8: Science Accounfing Soccer I, 2: Baslcelball Mgr. I. 2. Head Mgr. 3, 4: ATU I, 2. 3. 'li Accounfing Club 2, 3, 4: Gold Key Sociely 2, Sec'y. 3, Vice-Pres. 4. ju!! ohen wi we prairie fLg name, One Hundred Ninely-'rwo CLAIRE HOFFMAN Wilminglon, Delaware Aris 84 Sciences French Review 3: I.V.C.F. 4: Bridge Club 41 I.R.C. 4. JAMES R. HOLCOMB , Newarlr, Delaware Arls 81 Science Economics Three Year Sludenl: Frosh Cross Counlry and Track I: Cross Counlry and Traclc lVarsiI'vl 2, 3. RALPH E. HUGHES Claymonf, Delaware Arls 81 Science Economics ANITA E. IRION Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science German D.S.T.A. I, 25 May Courl' I1 W.A.A. I, 2: Lulheran Sludenr Assoc. 3, 4: KAH 3, 4. ALFRED M. ISSACS Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory AEH I, 2, 3, 41 Hillel I, 2, 3, 41 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4i Varsily Golf 2, 37 Review Local Ad Mgr. 3, Bus. Mgr. 4: Pre-Law Club Vice- Pres. 43 I.F.C. Sec'y. 3, Pres. 4: Cheerleader Ig O.D.K. 3, 4. BERNARD W. JANICKI WiIming'I'on, Delaware Arls 81 Science Biology Swimming Team I, 2: Baseball Ig GX I, 2, 3, 45 lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 47 Biology I, 2, 3, 4. C0 015 l9l'0uJfg Leaf? One Hundred NineI'y-'Ihree ALICE JEFFERSON Bridgeville, Delaware Arls gf Science Bus. Ad. W.A.A. Sporls I, 21 Dorm Council I, 3, 4. JAQUELINE DAVIS JOHNSON Newarlc, Delaware Arls 81 Science I-lislory ROBERT L. JOHNSON Havre De Grace, Maryland Arls 81 Science Accouniing Economics Club I, Accounling Club 4. SHERWOOD H. JOY Collingswood, New Jersey Arls E: Science Chemislry Frosh Baseball Ig Inrrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, ECIDE I. 2. 3, 4. DOROTHY A. KAEKS Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Biology Inlerdorm Playbill 3: Review 3, 4: Lurheran Sluclenr Assoc. 3, Vice-Pres. 4g W.A.A. 3, 4: '53 Musical 3: Biology Club 41 Univ. Relig. Council 41 Blue Hen 4: KAH 3, Vice-Pres. 4. MARION L. KASOWSKI Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Med. Tech. Head of House lg W.A.A Sporls I, 2, 3, Playbill I, 2, 3, Glee Club IZ Sec'y. Med. Tech. Club 2, Pres. 3: House Council 2, 3. JOHN ANDREW KELLEHER Wilmingion, Delaware Aris 81 Science IAIISIOFY SHIRLEY KING Rockville Cenier. New York Aris 81 Science l"lI5I0VY Modern Dance Club I. 21 VV-A-A Sporis I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Playbill I. 2. 3: Review 2: Dorm Council 2. 3. 4? Co-chairman Boosler Comm. 3. LORRAINE KINSELLA New Caslle, Delaware Arls 84 Science His+orY Newman Club I. 2. 3. 41 D-S-I-All Soph. Slore Comm. 27 IVIGY DaY.27 Junior Musical Comm. 31 JUPIOV Floai Comm. 37 Kappa Delia Pl 3. Treas. 4. EVELYN H. KLAHR Newark, Delaware Aris 81 Science SocioloQY Sociology Club 2, 4: E-52 Produciion 2, 3: Women's Affairs 3: Aquaiic Club 2, 3, 4. NANCY LAWSON LEIPOLD Wilminglon, Delaware Aris 8: Science EYIQIISIW NORMA LEVINE Wilmingion, Delaware Aris 84 Science Dram. Aris E-52 Players: Playbill Direcior 3: Universily Drama Group Award 3. e f our uoicea now fo ding, One Hundred Nineiy-four RICHARD B. LOHMANN Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 81 Science Bus. Ad. Frosh Fooiball I: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3: Harier Hall Pres. 2, Vice- Pres. 3: '53 Musical 2, 3: Class, Pres- idenl' 3, 4: Blue Hen 4: Review 3, 4: Del. Talenl Scouls Pres. 3, 4: Canler- bury Club 2, 3, 4: Chrmn. S.G.A. Eleciion Comm. 3: Member S.Gv,A, Comms. 3, 4. EDWARD M. LOWICKI Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 84 Science Biology Rifle Team I: Delaware Rifles: Pho- Iography Club: Psychology Club: Newman Club: Biology Club: Pho- 'Iography Sialif Blue Hen. JANET K. MacFARLANE Wilmingion, Delaware Aris 8: Science English RUTH E. MacINTOSH Newark, New Jersey Aris 81 Science English Wesley Club I: A.Y.R. I: Cauldron 2, 4: Psychology Club 4. HENRY MAIER Greenville, Delaware Arls Xc Science Bus. Ad. Accouniing Club I, 2: Economics Club I: Review I, 2: El Paiio 2, 3, 4: Young Republicans 3: InI'. Relaiions Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA MAKAREWICZ Pifman, New Jersey Aris 8: Science Mecl. Tech. ALICE K. MARTIN Newark, Delaware Arls 8: Science English Fealure Wriler Review 37 Cauldron 3. BARBARA M. MARTIN Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Arls 8: Science BIOIOQY Class Officer Sec'y. I, Vice-Pres. 2: May Courl I, 37 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 47 A Cappella Choir Ii Frosh-Soph Decor. Comm. Chrm. I, 27 Dorm Soc. Chrmn. I7 Blazer Chrmn. 27 '53 Siore Comm. 27 '53 Musical 2, 37 '53 Floal Comm Chrmn. 37 Playbill I, 2, 3. 4. Chrmn. I7 S.G.A. I, 2, Record. Sec'y. 3, Vice-Pres. 47 Siu. Union Comm. 2, 3, 4. ROBERT S. MARTIN New Caslle, Delaware Arls gc Science Hislory TOM B. MARTIN Newarlc, Delaware Arls 8: Science Accounling KA I, 2, 3, 47 Accounring Club 3, 47 Men's Chorus 3, 4. BENJAMIN E. MASON Oxford, Pennsylvania Arls 84 Science Chemislry Freinds Fellowship 2, 3, 4. DEVEREAUX J. McCARTHY Baldwin, New York Arls 8: Science P Bus. Ad. Freshman Foolball I7 Class Officer 27 S.6.A. 27 lnrer-Fral' CounciI7 GX I, 2, 3, Pres. 4. '22-w Ar-an Aaif fo l-Ebefawarefv One Hundred Ninefy-five GLENN B. McKIBBIN, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Hisrory ECIPE l, 2, 3, 4. Playbill l, 2, 3, Allison Club I7 Univ. Chorus I7 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 47 Men's Chorus 2, 37 House Council 27 lnlra. Sporls 2, 3, 47 Varsily Tennis 3, 47 A.Y.R. Club 47 Chrislmas Opera 4. JOHN E. MESSICK Milford, Delaware Arls 8: Science Pol. Science Frosh Foolball I7 Frosh Baseball I7 Allison Assoc. I, 27 Alpha Chi Omega I, 27 GX I, 2, 3, 47 Iniramurals I, 2, 3, 47 Inlernall, Relalions 37 Pre-Law Club 4. HENRY F. MORRIS Seaford, Delaware Arls 8: Science Bus. Ad. Varsily LBCFOSSGI Varsily Clubg Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. MARCIA A. MUMMA Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Arls 8: Science Music A Cappella Choir 3, 47 Men's Chorus Accomp. 3, 47 Playbill 3, 47 Music Club 4. RUSSELL B. MYERS, JR. Newarlr, Delaware Arls 81 Science Hislory Frosh Tennis I7 Frosh Foolball I7 Varsily Soccer 27 ATS? 2, Hislorian 3, Vice-Pres. 4. ANN A. NACOVSKY Garden Cily, New Yorlc Arrs 81 Science Med. Tech. Med. Tech. Club 2, 3, 47 l.V.C.F. 37 Junior Musical 2, 37 Playbill 3. RANDALL J. NICHOLS Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Chemislry ATSZ 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: A.C.C. 3, 4: A.C.S. Afliliales 3, 4: Lulheran Assoc. 4. BARBARA L. OEHLERS Collingswood, New Jersey Arrs 84 Science Med, Tech. Glee Club I: I.V.C.F. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. I, 2: Medical Tech. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Playbill 2, 3: W.A.A, 2, 3. RICHARD L. OKONOW Wilmingfon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Accounling AEIT I, Parliamenlarian 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: S.G.A. 2, 3, Treas. 4: Campus Chesl' Drive 4: Buclgel Comm. Chrmn. 4: lnlra. Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Review 2: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: Accounr- ing Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Class Treas. 2, 3: I.F,C. Vice-Pres. 2: O.D.K. 3, 4: '53 Slore Comm. Chrmn. 2: '53 Musical 2, 3. SHULAMITH OPPENHEIM Newarlc, Delaware Arls gf Science Sociology Soc. Club. MARGARET PAFF JarreH'own, Pennsylvania Arls 81 Science Music Music Club I, 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4. MARILYN I. PARKER Whilehill, New York Arfs 8: Science Physics W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Council I, 4: Playbill 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen 4: Pi Mu Epsilon Pres. 4: Allison Assoc. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Malh Club 2, 3, 4: Psych. Club 4: '53 Musical 2, 3. .Haig fo fAee, larouv! ibefaware, One Hundred Ninely-six DONALD K. PHILLIPS Newarlr, Delaware Arrs Sc Science Chemislry Review I, 2, 3, Assoc. Ed. 3, Mng. Ed. 3i EN 2, 3, 4: A.A.C. Club 2, 3, 4: A.C.S. 3, 4. PATRICIA ANNE PHILLIPS MarshaIII'on, Delaware Arls 81 Science Psychology Psychology Club Sec'y. 4: Spanish Club I, 2. KIRK L. PRESSING Ar'Is 8g Science I-Iislory Member of AREA STUDIES in Puerlo Rico 3. HAROLD PRETTYMAN, JR. Morris Plains, New Jersey Men's Chorus I: A Cappella YI, 2: Varsily Fencing 2: I.F.C. Treas. 2: HKA I, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Inrramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: '53 Minslrel 2: Sen. Rep. S.G.A. 4. MARK D. RAPPAPORT Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 84 Science Biology, Pre-Med Hillel 2, 3, 4: Varsify Track Mgr. 2, 3, 4: AEH 2, 3. Corres. Scribe 4, Soc. Chrmn. 4: Inlramural Sporrs 2, 3, 4: '53 Musical Comm. 2: Review 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4: Prom Decor. 3: Gold Key Soc. 3, 4. DAVID A. RIBLETT Marshalllon, Delaware Arls 34 Science Bus. Ad. A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4. CORNELIUS V. ROBBINS Wilminglon, Delaware Arrs 8: Science Pol. Science Frosh Soccer I: Review I, Sporl' Ed. 2, News Ecl. 3, Edilor 4: Blue Hen I, Sporf Ed. 2, 3: KA I, 2, 3, 4: Inler- Fral. Council 2, 3: S.G.A. Class Rep. 3: Varsiiy Soccer 3: O.D.K. 3, Pres. 4. JAY LORRAINE ROBINSON Newarlr, Delaware Arls 81 Science Fine Arls Univ. Chorus I: ArI's Club I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.R. I, 2, 3, 4: Allison Assoc. I: May Day I: Erosh-Soph Dance Comm. I, 2: Frosh Week Comm. 3. MARGARET K. ROBINSON Georgeiown, Delaware Arls 8: Science English Canlerbury Club 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 3, 4. PAUL M. ROCHE Wilminglon, Delaware Arls Sc Science Ari Ari' Club I, 2, Sec'y. 3, Treas. 4. ROGER A. RODNEY WiIming'I'on, Delaware Arls 8: Science Biology Inlramural Boxing I: Biology Club 4. CHARLES C. RODRIGUEZ Magnolia, Delaware Arls 84 Science U English Frosh Baseball I: Varsily Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Univ. Band I, 2, 3, 4: S.G.A. Ass Rep. 3, 4, QKT 2, 3, 4. n Ayaky we ofanac One Hundred Nine+y-seven JOHN S. ROSEBERRY Pleasanlville, New Jersey Arls 81 Science Pol. Science VarsiI'y Track 2: Class Minslrel 2: Inframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: ETE 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Inler-Eral. Council 4: Chrmn. I.F.C. Ball 4: Infer. Relafions Club 3. NORMAN E. ROSS Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Music Music Club 2, 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4. P. JOANN ROTH Ballimore, Maryland Arls Xe Science Ari Playbill 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen 3, Arl Ed. 4: Soph. Minslrel 2: W.A.A. ROBERT G RUDROW, JR. Kynlyn, Delaware Arls 81 Science Chemislry Cheerleaders I, 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 2, Co- caplain 4: Delaware Rifles 2, 3: Inrramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Ass'I. Heaclwailer Commons 4: QKT 4, Soc. Chrmn. 4: Amer. Chem. Soc. 4. DONALD S. RUMER Newark, Delaware Aris 84 Science Bus. Ad. EN I, 2, Marshall 3, Chaplain 4: Erosh Foolball I: Frosh Wresrling I: Varsily Wreslling 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls, Champ Boxing I36Tb: Varsily Club Vice-Pres. 4: Accounling Club 2, 3, Sec'y. 4: Delaware Rifles 2, 3, Treas. 4: Scabbarcl and Blade 3, Treas. 4. RICHARD E. SAMWORTH Wilmingion, Delaware Arls 81 Science Sociology Sociology Club. THEODORE F. SANDSTROM, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Arls gl Science Pal. Science Frosh Lacrosse I, Varsily Lacrosse 2, Inframural Sporls 3, 4, Review, News Ed. 2, 3, 4, Band I. 2, 3, 4, Men's Chrous 3, 4, Brown Hall Pres. 3, Sen. Pep Fesl Comm. 4, Rally Club 2, ATA 3, 4, Scholarship Chairman 4. HARRY J. SCHOY Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Bus. Ad. THOMAS sci-iuLTz Newark, Delaware Arls 81 Science Bus. Ad. EN I, 2, 3, 4, Varsily Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4, Varsily Track I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. ORION EDWIN SCHUPP, III Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Chemislry Fresh Swimming I, Baslcelball Mgr. I, 2, 3, Canlerbury Club I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, ATU I, 2, 3, 4, Varsily Swimming 2, Gold Key Sociely 2, 3, 4, A.C.S. 3, 4, Alpha Chi Chem. Club 3, 4, Blue Hen 4. SOLOMON SCHWARTZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Arls 3: Science Chemislry HOWARD 6. SEEBACH Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8s Science Bus. Ad. Norwich Universir I 2- AXA I 2, Y 1 I I lnlramurals 3, 4, E-52 Players Mem- ber 3, 4, Pres. Del. Talenl Scouls 3' Aclive in Varsily Sporls al Norwichl JOSEPH C. SHERWOOD, JR. Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Arls 81 Science Bus. Ad. GX 2, 3, 4, J.V. Wreslling I, lnlra- mural Sporls 2, 3, 4, Varsily Club Show 2, Junior Musical Comm. 3, Harler Hall Council 2. SUZANNE PRATT SIMPSON Claylon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Hislory Playbill I, 2, 3, Wesley Club I, 2, Music Club I, 2, W.A.A. 2, 3. ROBERTA O. SLOMAN Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science English E-52 Players I, 2, 3, 4, '53 Musical 2, 3, '53 Slore Comm. 2, Playbill Technical Direclcr 3, 4, Review 4, Blue Hen 4, Warner House Council 4. JOHN SMITH WiIming'I'on, Delaware Arls 81 Science English Soccer I. ALAN W. SPANG Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Bus. ACI- Inlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4-Z Camera Club 3, 4, Review 3, 45 Blue Hen 4, Lulheran Sociely 4, ATQ 2. 3. 4- ROBERT C. STARKS Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Accounling ATA I, 2, 3, 4, lnlramurals I, 2. 3. 4, I.E.C. 2, E-52 Bus. Mgr. 31 Accounling Club 4. e give fAee fAanL5 for g orioua aga One Hundred Ninefy-eighl S. J. STARNES Newarlc, Delaware Arls X1 Science Gen. Business MIRIAM STAUSEBACH Wilminglon, Delaware Arls Sc Science Psychology Mounl Holyoke College I, 2: Psy- chology Club 4: Canlerbury Club 42 lnlernalional Relalions Club 4: Play- bill 4. NANCY R. STERLING Dover, Delaware Arls 84 Science Hislory A Cappella ,Choir I: Music Club I: Playbill 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 3: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Blue Hen 4. OMAR W. STEWARD Woodbury, New Jersey Arls gl Science Chemislry Alpha Chi Chem. Club 3, 4: A.C.S. 3, 4: l.V.C.F. 3, 4: Slamp Club I: Varsily Swimming 2, 3. JANE C. STRAUGHN Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science Chemislry, Pre-Med W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Mgr. 4: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, Corres. Sec'y. 4: A.C.S. 3, Sec'y. 4: A.Y.R. I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2: Bridge Club 3, 4: Psychology Club 4: Dorm Council 3, 4: Playbill 3, 4: '53 Musical 3: Blue Hen 4. FRANCES EVANS STRICKBERGER Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 81 Science ' Dram. Arls Review I: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Produclions I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Player 3, 4, Board Member 3, 4. eneafi fhy guiohng Lani One Hundred Ninely-nine JEAN M. SUDERLEY Por'I' Jervis, New York Arls 81 Science Hislory Univ, Chorus I: Music Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4. JOSEPHINE S. SWEENEY Marshalllon, Delaware Arls Bc Science Psychology, Sociology Psychology Club 4: Sociology Club 4. JAMES H. TAYLOR Wilminglon, Delaware Arls 84 Science Biology, Pre-Med Rensselaer Polylechnic lnslilule I: GX 2, 3, Sec'y, 4: Pholo. Club 2, 3, Pres. 4: Inframural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3. OSCAR E. TRIVITS Newark, Delaware Arls 8: Science Bus. Acl., Accounling EN I, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Foolball I: Eoolball Mgr. 2, 3: Baseball Mgr. I, 2, 3: Accounling Club 3, 4: Delaware Rifles 3, 4. WILLIAM H. VALLAR, JR. Newlown Square, Pennsylvania Ar'ls 81 Science Accounling Frosh Baskelball l: Varsily Baslcelball 2: Varsily Golf 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Accounling Club 3, 4: ETE. ROBERT L. WILCOX, JR. Richardson Park, Delaware Ar'I's 8: Science Accounling ZN I, 2, 3, 4: Rally Club 2, 3: Soph. Courl 2: '53 Minslrel 2: Accounling Club 2, 3, 4: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN M. WILLIAMS Frankford, Delaware Arls 84 Science English W.A.A. Baslcelball I, 33 May Day 22 A.Y.R. 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. LOUIS L. WOOD Washing-Ion, D. C. Arls 84 Science Chemislry Frosh Baseball I: A.C.S. 2, 3, 41 Varsily Lacrosse 3. FLORA R. ZUCKERI Wilminglon, Delaware Arfs X1 Science English Lilerary Club 2: Modern Dance Club 3, Cauldron 4. ROBERT I. WRIGHT Marshallfon, Delaware Arls 8: Science Psychology Class Presidenf Ig Frosh Wreslling lg Playbill I, 23 Soph Courl 2: Infra- mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: KA I, Soc. Chrrnn. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. Ali Ivlen's Affairs 4. INGO ZEISE Arden, Delaware Arls 84 Science Bus. ACI. Varsily Soccer I, 25 Inlramural Fool- ball 45 GX I, 2, 3, 4, N. sf" J ui i I - X I f wif . .. I 1 f JQIIII ' 'raem-.u X ' f N-Ee I ,, U, ,, N .. P-. I - X I ' S A , X3 f-ff' PH Q04 I-nm . N I- ,, lLo36i,Qk .Ex Two Hundred GEORGE L. SCHUSTER Dean of The School of Agricullrure School of AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN 'PROFESSOR PAUL M. HODGSON Agriculfure EoIucaIIon PROFESSOR CLAUDE E. PHILLIPS Agronomy PROFESSOR ROBERT O. BAUSMAN AgricuII'uraI Economics PROFESSOR LOUIS A. STEARNS En+omoIogy PROFESSOR EUGENE P. BRASHER Hor+icuI'rure PROFESSOR JOHN W. HEUBERGER PIanI' Pa+I1oIogy Two Hundred One CHARLES M. ALLMOND, III Wilmingion, Delaware Agricullure Agronomy Ag. Club I, 2, 3,411-XTQ I, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Zela, 2, 3, 4, Censor 4, Needle and Haysraclc 4. ALFRED A. ALLS Newarlr, Delaware Agriculrure Animal Husbandry ARTHUR F. ARNELL Beacon, New Yorlc Ag ricullure Planl Palhology, Enlomology Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Canlerbury Club 2, 37 S.G.A. Rep. School 0 Agri- culrure 4: Co-Edilor. Needle and I-Iayslack 4. ROBERT BAYNARD, JR. Harringlon, Delaware Agricullure Educalion Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 43 Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4: In'I'ramuraI Sporls 2, 3, 41 KA 2, 3, Sec'y. 4. ARTHUR M. BUTLER, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Agriculfure Planl' Palhology, Enromology DIPE I, 2, 3, 41 E-52 Players I, 2. JOSEPH P. CANN Wilminglon, Delaware Agricullure Horliculrure Ag. Club I, 2, Sec'y. 3, Treas. 4: Alpha Zela 2, 3, Chancellor 4: Rifle Team 2, Inlramurals 2, 3, 4: 'IJKT 2, Sec'y. 3, Chaplain 4, Delaware Rifles 33 Judging Team 3, 47 Needle and I-Iaysrack 3, 4. e f our voiced now fo ding, Two Hundred Two WILLIAM N. CANNON, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Agricullu re Enlomology, Pla nl' Palhology Ag. Club I, 3, 41 Alpha Zela 3, 4. ROBERT L. CAREY Bridgeville, Delaware Agricullure Educalion Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 47 A Cappella Choir I, 27 Playbill I, 23 Inlramural SPOFIS I. 2. 3: TKT I, 2, 3, Pres. 4. ERN ESTO CHAMARRO Granada, Nicaragua Agricullure Agronomy Varsily Soccer Ig Iniernarional Rela- lions Club I: Ag. Club 27 'QIPKT 3, 4. JESSE J. COYLE, JR. Newporf, Delaware Agriculrure Enlomology, Planl Palhology GX I, 2, 33 Ag. Club 2, 3. I JAMES F. CRANSTON PiI"I'sburgh, Pennsylvania Agricullure Poulfry Induslry ATS? I, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Inlra- rnural Foorball Ig Playbill I, 2, 3, 41 IPC Council 3. W. GIFFORD CROTHERS, JR. Media, Pennsylvania Agricullure Animal Incluslry Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 41 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, IIPKT I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Review 41 Infra- mural Council 4. GEORGE E. ESTER Rochesler, New Yorlc Agricullure Enlomology EN I, 2, 3, 43 Varsily Swimming l, 2, 3, 4, Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 41 Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4, lnlramural Swimming 2. HENSON M. EVANS, JR. Newark, Delaware Agricullure Animal Induslry Frosh Foolball, Baseball lg Varsily Baseball 2, 3, 41 Alpha Zelag EN: Inlramural Sporls. PAUL L. H U NTER Marshalllon, Delaware Agriculrure Poullry Induslry Agricullure Club, Poullry Jdg. Team 3. DONALD LEE MacFADDEN Por'I' Deposif, Maryland Agricullure Animal lncluslry Ag. Club, IIKA, ARTHUR P. MAYER, JR. Newarlc, Delaware Agricullure Animal lnduslry Frosh Swimming I7 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 47 Varsily Swimming 2, 3, Co- CGPIGIH 41 EN: Ag. Club 2, 31 Alpha Zela 3, 41 Needle and Hayslaclc 3, 4. RAYMOND D. McFADDEN Perryville, Maryland Agricullure 'Animal Indusrry Alpha Zela 2, Chronicler 3, 4, Needle and I-layslaclc SI'al3F 3i Ag. Club 4. I6 77 Lai! fo mefaware Two Hundred Three il Sl DN EY L. RONIS Bridgelon, New Jersey Agricullure Poullry Ag. Club I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3: lnframural Eoolball I, 27 Frosh Soccer, Wreslling Ig Judging Team 37 Dorm Council 4. HELEN SAMENDINGER Newark, Delaware Agricullure Animal Induslry Ag. Club I, 2: lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship Ig Lulheran Sludenls Asso, 43 Universily 4-H Club 4. ANDREW W. SCHMIDT Ballimore, Maryland Agricullure Animal lnduslry GX 2, 3, 4: Playbill 2, 3: Ag. Club 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 41 Varsily Soccer 3. 47 Varsily Club 3, 4: Alpha Zela 41 IFC 4. DAVID SHEEHAN Wilmingion, Delaware Agriculrure Agronomy Canlerbury Club l, 2, 3, 4, Delaware Rifles 2, 3, '53 Musical 2, 32 Jr. Pep Fesl' 3: Jr. Prom Decor. Comm. 3: Gym Team 37 Scabbard and Blade 3, 43 Blue Hen Edilor 4. ANILKUMAR A. SHETH Bombay, India Agricullure AQVOVIOIWY Frosh Soccer I, Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 41 Alpha Phi Omega l, 2, 3, 41 Infer- nalional Relalions Club I, 2, 3, 'li Phorography Club 2. JAMES G. TOUHEY - Yorlclyn, Delaware Agricullure Enlomology, Planl Palhology Newman Club I, 2, 3, 47 Ag. Club l, 2. DONALD W. VANE Harringion, Delaware Agriculrure Pouifry lndusfry EN: Scabbard and Blade: Ag. Club: Varsify Clubg Inrramural Sporrsi Cross Courfrry Capt I, 21 Track I, 2, 3, Capt 4. r ll oc . A C GI'- ! f - U ' ' . 5' Q -2. I . 1- 'ef .j "' file' .-s .iff-V- 0 Q' iw gl' ffl . Q f-:ai fa fww - 5 Q X N " 5 X I xxx :U , J 'N ' . - 97 0. I ' D x N- N ,q.:,,,, h V Bl-'Ha - ,, "' -?C'f- ' IIE? I I Y 4215 1, 2,5 i n .2 Two Hundred Four WILLIAM O. PENROSE Schoolof EDUC TIG Dean of Ilwe School of Educafion DR. ARDWIN J. DOLIO MRS. CHARLOTTE HANSON MR. GEORGE H. HENRY MR. DANIEL W. WOOD DR. GEORGE W. WRIGHT SENIOR INSTRUCTORS Two H undred Five CHARLES H. ABRAMS Sianlon, Delaware Educalion PINS- Ed- Varsiry Baseball I, 2, 3, Capl. 42 Varsiry Gymnaslics 23 lnlramural Wreslling 2: D.S.T.A. I-IILDA McCABE ADAMS Bridgeville, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 37 Woman's Chorus 37 House Council 2: '53 Minslrel 2: Playbill 2, 31 May Day I: Junior Counselor 3. PATRICIA ANN ADKINS Selbyville, Delaware Educalion Elemenrary May Day li Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: Co- Sec'y. Playbill 3: Volleyball 3: Wesley Club 33 D.S.T.A. 4, Blue Hen Slaicl 4i Wesley Club Welfare Chairman 4, Volleyball Mgr. 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. JOHN ALLEN Ml. Holly, New Jersey Eclucalion Phys. Ed. Poorball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3: Inlran-aural Council 3, 4. FRANCES LYNN BAUGHER Canlonsville, Maryland Educalion Elemenlary Universily ol Richmond I, 27 Class Proiecls 3, 43 D.S.T.A. 3, 4. ANNE BEYERLEIN Newarlc, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Music Club I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 2, 3, 4i Wesley Club I, 2, 3, 4. .jwlaif fo fhee, Iorouc! ibefaware, Two Hundred Six BARBARA BOYCE Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion .Elemenlary Wesley Club I: W.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance Club 3. DIANE BRODSKY Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary May Day Ig Hillel I, 2, 3, 43 Playbill 2: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Comm. Chrmn., Jr. Musical 3: D.S.T.A. I. 2, 3, Pres. 4. NANCY BROOKS BROWNING Vineland, New Jersey Eclucaiion Elemenlary lnlerclorm Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: May Day I, 2: Drum Maiorelle I, 23 '53 Slore 2: '53 Minsirel 2: E-52 Produc- lion 27 Pep Fesl Comm. 2, 33 Rally Club Sec'y. 2: Review News Slall 2, 3: Class Sec'y. 3: '53 Musical 3: College Hour Comm. 3, 4: Co- Chrmn. Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Review Malce-up Eclilor 4, Women's Affairs Sec'y. 4: Head of House 43 Blue Hen Sralzl 4. MARY L. BROWN Townsend, Delaware Educalion Phys. Ed. Wesley Club Ig Modern Dance Club lg D.S.T.A. I: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Minslrel 2: Dormilory Council 2, 3, 4: '53 Musi- cal 3: Co-Recrealional Comm. 3: Dining Hall Comm. 3. NANCY N. BU RRI Claymonl, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Head of House Ig Band I, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir I, 2: Music Club I, Sec'y. 2, 37 W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 47 '53 Minslrel 2: D.S.T.A. 3, 4, Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Co-Chrmn., Women's Playbill 31 Wesley Club 3: Comm. Chrmn. 4: Tassel 4. JAMES A. CARBONETTI Rurherliord, New Jersey Educallon Elemenlary Foorball I, 2, 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 25 GX I, 2, 3, 4: Training House Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4. PETER E. CARLSON Old Greenwich, Conneclicul Educalion Phys. Ed. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Inrramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE CHAIKEN New York Ci'I'y, New York Educafion Elemenlari' Review 2, 3: Cauldron 2, 3, 4: BIUS Hen 2, 3: Psychology Club 2, 3, 42 Sociology Club 2: D.S.T.A. 2. 3. 4- MA RY E. CLARK Havre de Grace, Maryland Educalion Elemenlary Immaculala College I, 2: W.A.A. 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4: News In A Nulshell 4. ANN V. COLONA Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Phys. Ed- W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Mgr. 2: May Day I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Chrmn 33 Junior Musical 3: Playbill 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 4: Phys. Ed. Club Pres. 4. JOANNA N. CONAWAY Briclgeville, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. Archery Mgr. 2: Head of House 3, 4: Women's Allairs 3, Treas. 4: Junior Counsellor 3: Kappa ,Dena Pi 4: D.S.T.A. 4. MARY LOU CONOVER Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance 2: E-52 Produclions I,'2, 3, Player 4: Spanish Club 2: D.S.T.A. 3, 4: Lulheran Sludenls Assoc. 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Slore Comm 2: Soc. Club 4: Blue Hen 4. I1 we fffdfli Two Hundred Seven ADAM CZARNECKI Lyndhursl, New Jersey EdUC6'l'lOf1 Varsily Foolball I, 2, 3: Varsily Traclc I: Inlrarnural Foolball I, 2: Inlramural Track I: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: GX, JEAN RIGGIN DIEFENDERFER Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary D.S.T.A. 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. JACQUELINE ANN ERDMAN Laurel, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Wesley Club I: D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen 4: '53 Slore Comm. 2: Play- bill 3, 4. RICHARD C. EVANS Sharplown, Maryland Educalion Phys, Ed, Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Varsily Basker- ball 2, 3, Capl. 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Foolball I, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA FANNING Marshalllon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary D.S.T.A.: Ari' Club. SUSAN S. FERVER Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Playbill I: May Day I, 2: Acqualic Club I, 2: E-52 Musical 2, 3: '53 Musical 2, Comm. Chrmn. 3: Dance Decor. Comm. 3. RUTH KELLER GALPERIN Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Modern Dance Club I: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 3, 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. DORIS M. GEYER Winlerlhur, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3: House Council I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Playbill 2, 3: Sociology Club 2: '53 Minslrel 2: Junior Counselor 3: D,S.T.A. 2, 3, 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. JEAN A. GIBISON Salem, New Jersey Educalion Elemenlary D.S.T.A.: Playbill 2. 3, 4: Class Proiecls. TRU DY GILGENAST Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion German S.G.A. I: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Playbill 3, 4: Review 3, 4: Co-Chrmn. Class I: Class Sec'y. 4: '53 Musical 3: 'Lulheran Sociely Sec'y. 3, 4: Blue Hen 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. NANCY A. GOYNE Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Phys. Ed. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Baslcelball Mgr. 3: Playbill I, 3, 4: May Day I, 3: Allison Assoc. I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Musical 2, 3: Rally Club 2: D.S.T.A. 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen Woman's Sporl Ed. 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Aqualic Club 4. MARGUERITE R. GRANT Edgewood, Rhode Island Educalion Elernenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3. 4: House Council I, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, Sec'y. 4: E-52 Usher I, 2, Head Usher 3: D.S.T.A. I, 3, 4: '53 Slore Comm. 2: '53 Musical 2, 3: Playbill 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Dance Comm. 3: E-52 Musical 3: Tassel Sec'y. 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. JOAN GREENFIELD Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Phys. Ed. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 3: May Day: Head ol House 2, Assisl. 3: Chrmn. Woman's Affairs 4: D.S.T.A. I. 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-Pres. 3: Playbill 3, 4: Canlerbury Club 3, 4: S.G.A. 3, 4. FLORENCE P. HAFNER Lansdowne, Pennsylvania Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. l, 3, 4: Playbill l, 2, 4: D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Assisi. Head of House I: Woman's Chorus 3: Jr. Prom Decor. Comm. 3: '53 Musical 2, 3: Junior Counselor 3. NORMA R. HAMSTEAD Greenwood, Delaware Educalion Music Music Club I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Band 3: House Council I: D.S.T.A, 3, 4. M. JOANNE H EATH Wilmingfon, Delaware Educalion Malhemalics Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. FRANK T. HEILIG Scranlon, Pennsylvania Educalion Phys. Ed. Frosh Eoolball I: Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls I: Newman Club I: D.S.T.A. 2: Dorm Vice-Pres. 2: Varsiiy Club Sec'y.-Treas. 3: Review 3: O.D.K. 3, 4: 9X I, 2, 3. Vice-Pres. 4. BARBARA E. HOCH Lynbroolt, New York Educalion Elemenlary Whilworlh College Transler:Wonnen's Chorus 3, 4: Allison Assoc. 3, Pres. 4: Jr. Pep Fesl Co-Chrmn. 3: '53 Floal Comm. 3: Blue Hen 4: Floal Parade Chrmn. 4. - e give fkee fLanLfi for 9 orioua agd Two Hundred Eighl' CONSTANCE L. HOWARD Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion EIGIHQUIGVY D.S.T.A. 3. 4: Kappa Della Pi 4- WILLIAM M. HOWLETT Greenwood, Delaware Educalion AQVICUIIUW Men's Chorus I: ATA: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. 4. MARJORIE TILSON JONES Durham, Nor'I'l1 Carolina Educalion Elemenlarl' Transler Sludenl. NANCY C. JONES Wilmingfon, Delaware Educalion Elemenfary Hood College I. 22 W-A-A- Spoffs 3, 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. CHARLOTTE C. KESSLER WiIming'I'on, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Music Club 2, 3: Hillel I, 2, 31 E-52 Publicily Comm. I, 2, 3: Review I: D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Musical 3. JOHN F. KINTER Chesapeake Cily, Maryland Educalion Phys. Ed. EN I, House Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Frosh Foo+baII I: Varsily Soccer 2, 3, Co- Capl. 4: Varsily Lacrosse 2, 3, Capl. 4: Varsily Club Pres. 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Council 4: Sluclenl Union Comm. 2, 3: Col- lege Hour Comm. 3. 'EBF' eneafk fLy gui ing Lan Two Hundred Nine JOANNE S. KOWALEWSKI Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3: A,Y.R. Vice-Pres. I, 2, 3, Sec'y. 4: '53 Minslrel 2, Direc'I'or 3: Playbill Wriler and Direclor I: I.V.C.F. 3, 4. R. CLAIRE LACHMAR Newark, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Lulheran Sludenl Assoc. 3, 4: D. S. T.A. MARY M. LITTLE Wellesley Hills, Massachuse'I"I's Educalion Phys. Ed. W.A.A. I, Treas. 2, 3, 4: Woman's Chorus I: Allison Associales I, 2, Treas. 3: Modern Dance Club I, 3, Pres. 4: Sporls Mgr. Dorm 3, 4: E-52 Produclions I, 3, 4: Playbill 3. MARGARET ANN LOCKERMAN Millon, Delaware Ed ucalion Elemenlary Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. 3, 4: Blue Hen 4: Woman's Chorus I. HELEN LOUISE MACKLIN Georgelown, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Music Club I, 2: W.A.A. I: A Cappella Choir I, 2, 4: House Council 2: Playbill I: D.S.T.A. 4. DOLORES M. MALONEY Blades, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Playbill I: D.S.T.A. 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. JOAN J. MASORS Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Elemenlary Philosophy Club I, 2, 3: D.S.T.A. I, 2: Hillel I, 2: E-52 Musical 3: Modern Dance Club l, 2, Publ. Chrmn. 3. JUNE I. MCDONEL Briganline, New Jersey Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3. 4: Dorm Sporl Mgr. 2: D.S.T.A. 4: Dining Hall Comm. 4. M. VIRGINIA MCQUAID Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Review I, 2, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Playbill 2: Woman's Chorus 3: May Courl 3: D.S.'l'.A. 4: Blue Hen 4: genior Floal Comm. 4: Kappa Della i 4. JOHN J. MECCARIELLO Newark, Delaware Eclucalion Elemenlary Frosh Foolball I: Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH B. R. MILLER, JR. Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Phys, Ed, GX I, 2, 3, 4: Varsi'l'y Soccer l, 3, 4: Varsily Gymnaslics 2, 3: Vargiily I-raclc I, 2, 3, 4: Canlerbury Club 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 4: Review 4: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Wresrling 4. PAU L W. M U ELLEIR Egg Harbor, New Jersey Eclucafion Phys, Ed, Frosh Foolball I: Varsily Foolball 2, 3' CGPI- 41 GX 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: S.G.A. Eclucalion Rep. 47 O.D.K. 3, 4. ju! 'ohen wi we prairie fAg na Two Hundred Ten NANCY JANE PERPER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eclucalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Wornen's Chorus 3: Junior Counselor 3: D.S.'l'.A. 2, 3, Treas. 4: House Council 4: Playbill 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. RUTH I.. PIERSON Hoclcessin, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Review 2, 3, 4: '53 Slore Comm. 2: '53 Musical 3: House Council '31 D.S.T,A. 4: Blue Hen 4: Rally Club 2: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU PINDER Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion PINS- ECI- W.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Aqualic Club 3, 4, Recording Sec'y. 4: Assisi. Baslcelball Mgr. 3: '53 Musical 3. RAE I.. PRIESTLEY Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Elemenlary Wesley Club I, Sec'y. 2, Publ. Chrmn. 3: Vice-Pres. 4: W.A.A. I. 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Mgr. 31 D.S.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4: House Council 2: Rally Club 2: May Day I, 2: Playbill I, 2- 3: Junior Counselor 3: Blue Hen 4: Woman's Allairs 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Tassel 4, Hislorian. ANN LEE PRIOR WiIming'l'on, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary D.S.T.A. 3, 4: Arl Club 3, 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. H ELEN I.. PU RDY Wilmingfon, Delaware Eclucalion Elernenlary Playbill 3, 4: Allison Assoc. 4. me, DONALD R. REATH Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Phys. Ed. KA 2, Soc. Chrmn. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Playbill 2, 3: Rally Club Pres. 2: Dance Comm. 2, 3, 4: S.G.A. 4: l.F.C. 4: Frosh Week Comm. 4. KENNETH L. RIETH Newarlr, New Jersey Educalion Elemenlary Frosh Foofball I: Varsily Foolball 2. 3, 4: Baseball I: lnlramural Sporls: EQE: Delaware Rifles 3, 4. M. AILEEN RITCHIE Newark, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, Z, 3, 4: Wesley Club I: Aquaric Club 3: D.S.T.A. 3, 4: Woman's Chorus 3, 4: Review 2, 3.4: A.Y.R. 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, Sec'y. 4. IRENE ROMAN Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Malhemalics Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Malh Club 3, 4: Playbill 3, 4. SALLY L. SCHWARTZ Woodlynne, New Jersey Eclucalion Spanish Review I, 2, Heacl Typisl 3, Assoc. Ed. 4: May Day I: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Chrmn. 2: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 3: House Council 2: E-52 Players 2, 3, Sec'y. 4: Junior Counselor 3: '53 Musical 3: El Palio 4: Blue Hen 4. KATH RYN M U RPHY SELLERS Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary wel -I. if Q11 C0 0l'5 l9I'0lfl,6!!y Zeal? Two Hundred Eleven ROSALI N E A. SELTZER Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Spanish Transfer Sluclenl in Senior Year: Hillel 4: El Palio 4. DORIS E. SIMON Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, Tennis Mgr. 3, Vice- Pres. 4: Wesley Club 2, 3: Blue Hen Soph Ed. 2, Slalf 3. Sen. Ed. 4: '53 Slore Comm. 2: '53 Musical Comm. 2, 3: Jr. Prom Decor. Comm. 3: '53 Floal Comm. 3: House Council 3: Kappa Della Pi 3, Pres. 4: Tassel 4, Treas. BARBARA A. SMITH Cenlerville, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Playbill 2, 3, 4: '53 Musical 2, 3: Woman's Chorus 3. J EAN Y. SMITH New Caslle, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Univ. Chorus I, 3: Playbill I, 2: Wesley Club I. S. RAE STARK Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Modern Dance Club 3, 4: Bridge Club 3, 4i W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Slore Comm. 3. JANICE H. THOMPSON Laurel, Delaware Eclucalion Elernenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 4: Moclern Dance Club 2, 3: Playbill 2, 3, 4: Review I: Junior Counselor 3: '53 Minslrel 2: May Day I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Musicals 3: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. SHIRLEY L. TRUITT Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary W.A.A. I, 2, 3, Sporl Ivlgr. 4: '53 Slore Comm. 2, 3: Review 2, 3. FLORENCE TWIFORD Wilminglon, Delaware Eclucalion Elernenlary A Cappella Choir I, 2: Playbill I, 2 co-chairman 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Wesley Club I, 2, 3, 4: Ivlalh Club I, 2, 4, Social Chairman 3: E 52 Tlvlusicals I, 3, 4: Ivlay Courl' 2: Class Ilvlusical 2, 3: Jr. Prom Commillee 3: Foolball Sweelhearl Conlesl 3. WARREN VAN ARSDALEN, JR. WiIming'I'on, Delaware Eclucalion PINS- Ed- EKPE 2, Publ. Circ. Ivlgr. 3, 4: Infra- mural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Varsily Soccer 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Council 3: Playbill 2, 3. HILDA L. WALLER Newark, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Ivlars Hill Jr, College I, 2: Ivlereclilh College 3. JUDITH I'I. WEISS Wilminglon, Delaware Educalion Elemenlary Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: D.S.T.A. I, 2, Exec- ulive Board 3, Vice-Pres. 4. VIRGINIA A. WELLS Newarlc, Delaware Educalion Phys. Ed. E-52 Players 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3. 4: Aqualic Club I, 2, 3, 4: Review 4: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Tassel 4. CAROLE R. WELSHONS Newark, New Jersey Educalion Elemenlary Slippery Rock College I, 2: Review 3: Playbill 3, 4: E-52 Musical 3: Singer for Delmelodians 3, 4: Canler- bury Club 4: Psychology Club 4: Blue Hen 4. LEWIS W. WRIGHT Micldlelown, Delaware Eclucalion Phys. Eol. Fresh Baslcelball I: Frosh Baseball I: Varsily Baseball 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls 3. llllllfg-I I . 1 I ESE ...I f , ' H95 A I -' Iii IIN! It T-:I MII' gl I 'lllll Il ' - il, ,L I :III II-I as. regex I 1: I - 'x- gg X -Q- ,IIl.-:l.- I 'i,-'il.I4 I - . -I --H-S-SEN-. 'gil " In - -'-p.1i:':421-::r:raRf X I- '- fr-1351-F' .'5:'f 'S-'.ff'?? -az-::4?:rr":-1'21?:l' , xii - ... , lg- If --.:.A , If ffl ' f J I , bi-Q .----1-l-- ' A ,-fff"EEEiIf55?S:s-. A . ,' ll-q -F ,H fr .--, pggi-lies!-rr:-az!!---:E 3' I - I ' Two Hundred Twelve DAVID L. ARM Dean ol The School Engineering PROFESSOR MILTON G. YOUNG Eleclrical Engineering ROBERT L. PIGFORD Chemical Engineering THOMAS D. SMITH Civil Engineering JAMES I. CLOWER Mechanical Engineering School of E GI EE DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Two Hundred Thirieen RIG SANFORD S. ACKERMAN Swanwyclc, Delaware Engineering Mechanical lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3: A.S.M.E. 3, 4: AEI-I 2, 3, 4: Tau Bela Pi 4: Hillel 4. JAMES D. BAKER Wilminglon. Delaware Engineering Chemical ATQ I, 2, 3, 4: E'52 Musical I, 2: Alpha Chi Chem Club 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Delmelodians I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.S.S.A. 4: A.I.Ch.E. 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM E. BARNETTE Wilmingfon, Delaware ENQIHGGFIHQ Eleclrical A.I.E.E. Sec'y. 4. RAYMOND BO RRELLI S+aI'en Island, New Yorlc Enqlneeflnq Eleclrical A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, QKT 1, 2, 3, 4, ERNEST R. BOSETTI Wilmingion, Delaware Englneeflng Mechanical Cheerleaders I, 2, 3, 4, EVAN V. BRIGGS Middlefown, New York EHQIUSSVIHQ Chemical A.I.Ch.E. 2, 3, 4: Pholography Club 2. 3. 4: Inlramural Sporrs 2, 3, 4. ,Naif fo fAee, lorouc! ibefaware, Two Hundred Fourfeen VICTOR L. CASTRATI, JR. Penns Grove, New Jersey Engineering Eleclrical A.I.E.E. 3. 4. WILLIAM RICHARD CLENDANIEL Milford Delaware Engineering Mechanical Frosh Foolloall Mgr. I: QKT 2, 3, 4: A.S.M.E. 3, 4. WILLIAM E. DICKEY Ballimore, Maryland Engineering Elecfrical Gymnaslics 2, 3, 4: Allison Associales I, 2, 3, 4: Engineering Council 3: I.V.C.F. 3, 4: Men's Chorus 4. CHARLES H. DICKINSON Claymonl, Delaware Engineering Eleclrical A.I.E.E. Assisi. Chairman 4. ARTHUR R. EGLINGTON Yonlcers, New Yorlc Engineering Chemical Men's Chorus 2, 4: A.I.Ch.E. 3, 4. Vice-Pres. 3: ATA Vice-Pres. 4. H. DONALD FEENEY WiIming'I'on, Delaware Engineering Chemical TKT Edilor 3, Sec'y. 4: A.I.Ch.E. 21 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Alpha Chi Chem- islry Club 2, 3, 4, Recording Sec'y. 4. RICHARD EVERETTE FISHER Kennell' Square, Pennsylvania Engineering Mechanical Manager Varsily Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Manager Varsily Wreslling 3, 4: A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4: Gold Key Sociely 2, 3, 4. ' GEORGE H. GRONDE Bradley Beach, New Jersey Engineering Chemical ATA I, 2, 3, 4: lnrramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Brass Sexlerle: Delmelodians: Engineering Council 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: A.l.Ch.E. 2, 3, Senior Rep. 4: Alpha Chi Chemislry Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. DOUGLAS L. HALLER Claymoni, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Band I, 2, 3: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3, 4: KA I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Lacrosse 2, 3: Delaware Rifles 2, 3: Omicron Della Kappa 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4, Pres. 4. ROBERT EDGAR HAMMETT Auburn, Alabama Engineering Chemical Gym Team I, 2: Fencing Team 2, 3: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: Lambda Chi 3, 4. ROBERT G. HANBY Wilmingion, Delaware Engineering Mechanical ATU I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Wreslling 2, 3: Band I, 2: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: Cauldron 4. CHARLES B. HANN, JR. WiIming'I'on, Delaware Engineering Mechanical lnlramural Sporls I, '2, 3, 4: ln'Ira- mural Council 2: ATA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 2: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Publ. Chairman 3, 4. is X l l 5 ,qi I l 452 1 :T M V, nm: , i 'vs' ' ' -" I ' I3 Yi 'X 1 'V - I- . -. 1 I I if Q ,gk ,: J A, , R ' f I I I fl 6 3 . . I n Aga fy we afanag Two Hundred Fifleen RICHARD HARPER Wilmingron, Delaware Engineering Chemical Varsily Gymnasfics I, 2: Frosh Class Treasurer: Varsily Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: KIIKT 2, 3, 4: A.l.Ch.E. I, 2, 3, 4. BENJAMIN HATCH Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Engineering Civil lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship I, 2. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2: Delaware Rifles 2: Men's Chorus 3: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Treas. Harler Hall 4: A.S.C.E. 4. DAVID R. HOYER Aldan, Pennsylvania Engineering Chemical fI2IiTg Delmelodians: '53 Slore Comm. 3: Jr. Prom Decor. Comm. 3. CHARLES B. HUFNAL, JR. Wilmingfon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4. CHARLES L. HYDE Wilminglon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 2: Engineering Council 3, 4, Pres. 4: Scabbard and Blade 4: EN 2, 3, 4. SEWARD L. JONES Wilmingfon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical ATS? I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2: A.S.M.E. 3, 4, Sec'y. 3. DONALD BUCK JUNGHANS Allanlic Highlands, New Jersey Engineering Chemical Varsiiy Fencing I, 21 A.I.Ch.E. 2, 3, 41 ATA I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE R. LATHAN. IV Millville, New Jersey Engineering Eleclrical Band I, 2, 31 Brass Sexrelle I1 Inlra- mural Soflball 2, 3, Baslcelball 31 A.I.E.E. 31 I.R.E. 41 Tau Bela Pi 3, 4. WILSON C. LEVIS Newark, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Cross Counlry I1 Wreslling I1 DIPE I, 2, 3, 41 Rally Club 2, 3, Pres. 31 S.G.A. 31 Class Treas. 4. L. U. LILLELEHT Seabrook, New Jersey Engineering Chemical Foreign Srudenls Club 21 A.I.Ch.E. 2, 3, 41 ATA 3, 41 Tau Bela Pi 3, 41 Omicron Della Kappa 3, 41 Lurheran Sluclenls Assoc. 3, 4, Pres, 41 S.G.A. 4: A,C.S. 4. MORRIS SAMUEL MALIN Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Engineering Mechanical JOSEPH P. MASSARI Pennsgrove, New Jersey Engineering Elecrrical A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4. w HARRY ENNIS MAYHEW, JR. Mil-Ford, Delaware n Engineering Mechanical EN I, 2, 3, 41 Foolball I, 21 Soph. Musical 21 lnlramurals I. 2, 31 Play- bill I, 2, 31 Engineering Paper "The Slips+ick" 31 Delaware Rifles 2, 31 Scabbard and Blade 2, 31 A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4. JAMES D. MONEYMAKER Seaford, Delaware Engineering Chemical EN 2, 3, 41 Baseball I, 3, 41 lnlra- mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 41 A.I.Ch.E. 2, I 3, 4. THOMAS W. MULROONEY, JR. Newark, Delaware Engineering Civil Frosh Tennis I, Varsily Tennis 2, 3, 4, Capl. 41 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 41 Inlramural Council, Sec'y. 2, 31 A.S.C.E. 3, 41 ATA I, 2, 3, Pres. 4. GEORGE B. NAGY Wilmingfon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Universily Thealre I, 21 ATA I, 2, 3, 41 Band I, 2, 3, 41 Men's Chorus I. 2, 3, 41 Choir 2, 3, 41 Delaware Rifles 2, 31 A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 41 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 41 Scabbard ancl Blade 3. 41 '53 Musical 2, 3. WILLIAM J. NEALON Newcaslle, Delaware Engineering Chemical Newman Club I, 2, 3, 41 A.I.Ch.E. 3, 41 Blue Hen Slalzl 4. JAMES RICHARD NICHOLS Elsmere, Delaware Engineering Chemical lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: A.I. Ch.E. 2, 3, 41 Alpha Chi Chem Club 2, 3, 41 Lulheran Sludenl Assoc. 3, 42 Tau Bela Pi 3, 4. give fkee fAanLa for 9 orioud aya Two Hundred Sixleen WILLIAM A. NICOLL Wilming-Ion, Delaware Engineering Chemical EN I, 2, 3, 47 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 47 A.I.Ch.E. 2, 3, 47 Alpha Chi Chem. Club 2, 3, 47 O.D.K. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 47 Tau Bela Pi 47 I.F.C. 37 S.6.A. 2, 3, 4 Soph. Rep. 2, Corres. Sec'y. 3, Pres. 4. ROBERT JOSEPH REDDEN Lincoln, Delaware Engineering Mechanical TKT I, 2, 37 Allison Associalres I7 Inlramural Sporrs I, 2, 37 Lacrosse I, 27 Scalobard ancl Blade 3, 4: A,S.M.E. Sec'y.-Treas. 4. DONALD RENSHAW Newarlc, Delaware Engineering Chemical Inlramural Sporrs I, 2, 3, 47 Gym- naslics I, 27 A.I.Ch.E. 3, 47 Varsily Club 3, 47 l.E.C. 3, 47 Tau Bela Pi 47 ATO. HARVEY RENSHAW Newarlr, Delaware Engineering Eleclrical ATU I, 2, 3, 47 Inlramural Foolball 3. ANDREW K. RUBY. JR. Newporr, Delaware Engineering Mechanical A.S.M.E. 3, 47 Pholography Club 47 Tau Bela Pi 4. GRACE W. SCHULZE Haverfown, Pennsylvania Engineering Civil May Day I, 27 Srudenl' Union Comm. I7 Playbill I, 3, 4, Coslume Chrmn. I7 Class Musical 27 Dorm Council 27 A.SC.E. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Sec'y. 47 Lincoln Arc Welding Scholarship 47 Tau Bela Pi7 Women's Badge. eneafA fhg guinbng Aetna! Two Hundred Seven'I'een JULES J. SCHWARTZ WiImingIon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Bancl I, 2, 3, 47 A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3, 47 Tau Bela Pi 4. BARRY S. SEIDEL Wilmingfon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Frosh Tennis Ii Band I, 2, 37 Varsiry Tennis 27 Tau Bela Pi 3, 47 AEH 2. 3, 47 Malh Club I, 2, 3, 47 Hillel I, 2, 3, 47 A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3, 47 Engi- neering News 47 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS E. SHAEFFER Newarlc, Delaware Engineering Civil Cross Counlry I7 Lacrosse I, 27 lnlra- murals 2, 3, 47 Engineering Council 37 A.S.C.E. 2, 3, Pres. 47 EN 2, 3, Pres. 4. RUSSELL F. TRUMP WiIming+on, Delaware Engineering Eleclrical A.I.E.E. 4. RICHARD M. WALSH Wilmingfon, Delaware Engineering Mechanical Newman Club I, 2, 37 Malh Club 27 Fencing Team 2, 37 A.S.lvI.E. 2, 3, 4. RONALD J. WATSON Wilminglon, Delaware Engineering Chemical lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 47 CPKT I, 2, 3, 47 A.I.Ch.E. I, 2, 3, 47 Fresh Baslcelball I, Varsily Baslcelball 2, 37 Varsiiy Golf 2, 3, 47 Varsily Traclc 3, 4. . ROBERT L. WILSON Delmar, Delaware Engineering Eleclrical KA 2, 3, 4, lnlramural Sporis 3, 4, Tau Bela Pig Scabbard and Blade: A.I.E.E., Cl1rmn.g Engineering Council Vice-Pres. ,, rw, ,XxR,fi,,X3XX3ZqXXS-,QNXVS ,, 338 3 if .ab J N'-',,raf ' ' 5i3i'fP5IWlI3YfXi X N Y f- WX -X12 we wxas :wB,x4X f --,fx Q ,-. Q sv. Q T' . fXX f' NW ze' ,:.-: 'iffy -,ex3f2m5-swf? X. ,- ,V A .g. . f me A '4 ,N XJ' -1 X f, X M wa X XJAMXM., in 'Q ,. X 1 X PSM' M i i ' Q wtf 5 N X 1 9X X X is 1 : XX X x Qx x LX!-9' . x x ,, .. , , ., ,, 4.,.,,, , .. X QM, Q, Rn. - , 1. . . , V 5 X .9 f if if gba X X f x X gpg A i X Q5 pm 1 N S Q, X X YEL X xg, X QQK 5 'SR X XX QQ Q 4 fx X SQ? fwvgi QQ, fe X fe ' X z. Q, 5 , if Q , , A me ,K X, E X9 Q X me , X X xx MX! x X355 X I X SN 5 f 3, X X rs , X L x 'NX X '? af :MIM Q X X X . .. X E be X X V , 2 1 X W X X af X X2 E , X2 X 3 Z XX X 'S ,X Q2 4 Q W X7 fq..f,Xw f f x X gag 5 'XX Two Hundred Eighfeen CARL H. WOLF Newark, Delaware Engineering Chemical EN I, 2, 3, 4: Social Chairman 3, Trees. 4: Frosli Swimming I: Varsily Golf 3, 41 Slu. Union Comm. 3: Varsily Swimming Manager 2: AJ, Cl'i.E. 2, 3, 47 lnlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. IRMA AYERS Dean of Ilwe ScI1ooI of I-Iome Economics MISS DORIS HASLER MISS JUNE PATTERSON MISS FLORENCE REIFF MRS. HAZEL B. SUDER MISS MARY WINES School of HOME ECONOMICS SENIOR INSTRUCTORIS Two Hundred Nine'I-een SUE ANDERSON Beaver, Pennsylvania Home Economics Educalion W.A.A. I, 3, 4: Playbill I, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Soph. Minsfrel 2: Junior Musical 3. NONA BRADFORD Carrcrofl, Delaware Home Economics Foods, Nulrilion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Bridge Club 3, 4: L.S.A. 4. ALISON S. BUCKLEY Perlcasie, Pennsylvania Home Economics Child Developmenl Home Ec Club I, 2, 3, 4: Aqualic Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Corres. Sec'y. 3: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: '53 Minslrel 2: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET SEAVY CATTS Cranford, New Jersey Home Economics Foods, Nulrilion W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, Chrmn. 4: Playbill I, 3, 4, Co- Chrmn. 3: Alison Assoc. I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Hen 4. CAROLINE WALLACE COOK Elldon, Maryland Home Ec. Child Developmenl' Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Banquel 2, Comm. 2: Home Ec. Proiecl' Coordinalor 3: Home Ec. Open House 3: Home Ec. S.G.A. Rep. 4: Wesley Club I, 2: Playbill I: Rally Club 2: Blue Hen 4: Needle and Hayslack 4: 4-H Club Pres. 4: S.G.A. Commillees 4. MARTHA GRACE FORSYTH Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Home Economics Foods, Nulrilion Head of House I: Review I: Canler- bury Club I, 2, 3, 4, Corres. Sec'y. 3: Class Vice-Pres. I: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Play- bill I, 2, 3, 4: Class Proiecl' Comm. I, 3: Assl. Head of House 2: S.G.A. 2: Soph. Minslrel 2: Dorm Council 3. ,UM f our voiced now fo Jing, Two Hundred Twenly MARY JANE GUENVEUR MarshaII'I'on, Delaware Home Ec. Texliles, Clolhing Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 3: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leaders I, 2, 3, 4, Corres. Sec'y. 3, Publicilry Mgr. 4: W.A.A. I, 2: Play- bill 2: May Day Comm. 2, 3: Class Show 2, 3: Soph-Frosh Field Day and Dance 2: E-52 Musical 3: S.G.A. 4: Pan Hellenic Council Prize 3: Del. Slale Home Ec. Assoc. Prize 3: Danforlh Summer Fellowship I, 3: Class Officer 2, 4: Tassel 4. JANE MARIE HOLLINGSWORTH Wilmingfon, Delaware Home Economics Educalion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4. JOAN HOMILLER Wilminglon, Delaware Home Economics Food, Nufrilion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Reporler Io Journal of Home Ec. 4: Fealure Edilor ol Needle and Hayslaclc 4: Women's Fencing Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 4: U.S.O. Campus Group Leader 4. CHARLOTTE EDNA HUTSON Claymonl, Delaware Home Economics Food, NuI'ri'Iion Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: May Day Rep. I: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: House Council 2: Blue Hen 4: Review 4. ALICE CAROLYN JOHNSTON Wilmingfon, Delaware Home Economics Foods, Nurrilion W.A.A. 2, 3. 4: L.S.A. 3, 4: May Courl 2: Home Ec. Club. ELEANOR LOUISE KEENE Jenlcinfown, Pennsylvania Home Economics Foods. Nulriliori Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Wesley Club I: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Phorog- raphy Club 3. LAURA J. KISH Harringlon, Delaware Home Economics Educalion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 3: Home Ec. Open House Co-Chrmn. 3: Jr. Counselor 3. DIANE LEASE Ridley Park, Pennsylvania Home Ec. Clolhing, Texliles Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2: Canlerbury Club I, 2: Playbill I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Chorus I: '53 Minslrel 2, Musical 3: Co-Chrmn. Coslumes May Day 3: Blue Hen 4. DOROTHY L. MELICK Collingswood, New Jersey Home Economics General Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Usher 2, 3, Playbill l, 2, 4. BARBARA T. NESPOR Melrose, Massachusells Home Economics Foods, Nulririon Sullins College I, 2: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Assi. Head of House 4: May Day Class Chrmn. 3. FRANCES l. OLIPHANT Wilminglon, Delaware Home Economics Educaiion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Playbill I, 2, 3: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I: Home Ec. Banquel 2: Home Ec. Club Comm. 3: Jr. Counselor 3. J. ELAINE OUGH Lansdowne, Pennsylvania Home Economics Educalion W.A.A. I, 2: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Head of House 2: Woman's A'Fiairs 2: Frosh-Soph Dance Decor. I: Soda Founlain Comm.: Co-Chrmn. Home Ec. Molhers Tea 2: Co-Chrmn. Fashion Show 3: May Day Tea 2, Co-Chrmn. 3. f I fgzsalgz ' , ,.,, 2 1 M- , . , ' r My , 2 1 -.--- M " JANE M' POGUE H Wllmlngion, Delaware 5 , '- , 5' fi ome Economics Educaiion J 4 1. ,Leaf ,-'jf gl, 575, ,, ' f Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Kappa 'l-, V ' "'I' ,. 'f.-212. V ' 'I f , I .. il' " l ' 'i X ' . ,,,, , .,,,,, . -L L Hail .?. 1- 3 M,- l ' V , .I', 'f . ""' - -FV " ,. , -as I - - ,- as .I - '- I if l,.,:iV . - ' , 'w Q., 3 - L if 'E l , 3 'l 55. l M , l - I i f ' , We .,..::.f , W , l l ......,.l ,z',gp.1wf'--'-'-r-,, , ...Q .f'45f-ff-5.f----1-M , NH A M 4 I ,, ,... I . V' 5' 5- f. --r -. I -W. ugfeiiii gy. X ,I N V R S . YA- I 4. . X . P , j, Jr Qqi W KW 66 77 Lai! fo fmefawaref Two Hundred Twen'I'y-one . ....- V. ww..- ..,-,-avr,-.m.,,,...,,T. DORIS E. SADOWSKI Greenwood, Delaware Home Economics Eclucalion W.A.A. I. 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2: Home Ec. Club I, 2. 3. 4: Jr. Counsellor 3: D.S.T.A. 3, 4. JANE L. SHERMAN Chesapeake Ci'I'y, Maryland Home Economics Foods, Nuiriiion Canrerbury Club I, 2, 3, Record. Sec'y. 4: Modern Dance Club I, 2, Sec'y. 3: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Chrmn. Home Ec. Banquel 3: Needle and Hayslaclc Mng. Ed. 3, Co-Ed. 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Rally Club 2: Dorm Decor. Co-Chrmn. 4: Tassel Pres. 4. MILDRED HEITE SNOWBERGER Milford, Delaware Home Economics Educalion ROBERTA S. TAYLOR Perryville, Maryland Home Economics General Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Fashion Show Program Chrmn. 3: Needle and Hayslacla, Adver. Mgr. 4. JOYCE K. WINTER Wilmingion, Delaware Home Economics Texliles Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. I, 2, 3: Alison Assoc. I, 2, 3, 4: E-52 Usher 2: House Council 3: Blue Hen 4: Review 4. HELEN L. ZEBLEY Wilmlngfon, Delaware Home Economics Eclucafion Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARIA .THERESE ZOZZORA Newark, Delaware Home EC. Clorlwing, Texrlles Modern Dance Club 2: Home EC, Club l, 2, 3. I I. X 1 N Jw ' Q! P35 X f 11' '4' E JO a ,Q f X l lm fm, N , ax Two Hundred Twenfy-'Iwo Acknowledgment A year book is noi a one-man iob. I+ requires lhe cooperalion, eilher direclly or indireclly, of many people. Therefore, l should like lo express my gra'lil'ude 'lo The following who helped +o make possible 'lhe publica+ion of lhe 52-53 "Blue Hen." S.G.A. Dr. E. V.. Lewis, Facully Advisor Sluclenl' Publicallons C0rnmi'l"l'ee Mr. James A. Clark, Clark Prinling l-louse, Inc. Chidnolif Sludios, Senior Por+rai+s Mr. and Mrs. Poffenloerger Mr. Lloyd Tei+swor'rh The Sunday Slar The S+aFF DAVlD SHEEHAN Eolilor-in-Chiel Two Hundred Twenly-rlhree Abrams, Charles H. ....,. . Abrams, Elaine N. .....,,.... . Ackerman, Sanford S. ..... . Adams, Kaihleen .............. Adams, Hilda McCabe Adkins, Pafricia A. ...... . Alava, Lols A. ......... . Allen, John B. .....,....... . Allen, P. David ,..... ......... Allmond, Charles M. Alls, Alfred A. ........... . Anderson, Susan D. ....,. . Arak, Rufh .,....,........,.. Arnell, Arihur F. ..... . Bailor, Paul J. ....., . Baker, Barbara L. Baker, James D. ..... . Balick, Sidney .,,.....,.,....., Barnetie, William E. ..,... . Barrell, Dorrance ...,,.... Baugher, F. Lynn ...... Baynard, Roberf E. ,.... . Berl, Richard E. ....,,, . Be'H'y, T. Roger .,.,.....,,. Beyerlein, Anne M. ....... ---4A- - Bluesfone, Sarah R. ...... . Boone, Marcia J. ..... ,. Borrelli, Raymond ....,... Bose'H'i, Ernesi R. Boufin, Janel C. ..... . Bo ce Barbara J y , . ......, . Boyer, Raymond W. ,...... -.--., - Bradford, Nona .,.,......,..... .-..... Briggs, Evan Vinceni ...,.... .---.-- Brodski, Diane .,.,......,...,.. ...---- Bronfin, Samuel H. .,... . Brown, Donald W. ..... . Brown, Madolyn Brown, Mary L. .... . Buck, Jane L. ....,.... ,. Buckley, Alisan S. Buckson, Gerald ...... Bull, Mary Ellen ...., Burch, Dana D. ....... . Burge, Lesier K. ......,.. . Burri, Nancy Newion ,, Builer, Arihur M. Byrne, John M. ....,.......,.. .,..., . Cann, Joseph P. ........,,.... ...,,. . Canon, William N. Jr. .. ..., Carboneiii, James A. ...... ,.,... . Carey, Roberl L. ........,..,. ...... , Carlson, Peier E. .........,, .. .... Casiraii, Viclor L. ....,,........,. ....,. . CaHs, Margarei' Seavy Chaiken, Florence ,,.......,.. ..,.... Chamorro, Ernesio ...... Chappell, Richard ,,... Clark, Mary , .....,,....,.,..,.... .. Clendaniel, William R. Colona, Ann V. ..,..,...,. . Conaway, Joanna Newion .. ..... .. Conover, Mary Lou ,.... Cook, Caroline W. ,.... . Cooperman, Lawrence Coyle, Jesse .,.,,.......,.,.. Cramer, Franklin B. ,... . Cranslon, James F. .... . Crispin, Alice V. ........,. . Croney, Harry P. ...,.... , Cro+hers, W. Gifford Cunningham, Edward E Czarnecki, Adam D. ..,. . Davis, Joyce ......,....,,... DePrisco, Louis R. . .,.. .. Dickey, William E. ...... . Dickinson, Charles H. . Diefenderfer, Jean ..... Diehl, Roberl' B. ......,.,. . Dougheriy, Margarei A. ....,. Drazek, Leonard ...,....,.. Eckerf, Ruih G. ,..,....,... . Eglingion, Arihur R. .... . -- ...... ZI4 Eichler, Helen ....,. DIRECTORY Eipper, John E. ............ . Ellis, Paul E. ,,... ......... , ,. Erdman, Jacqueline A. Esier, George E. .......... . Evans, Henson M., Jr. . Evans, Richard C. .,...... . Evans, William C. ..... , Fanning, Mariha .....,... Feeney, H. Donald ......, Feinglass, Marlene .,..... Ferguson, Ann Walker . Ferver, Susan S. ,......... . Fielding, Edward H. ,... . Fisher, Richard E. ...... . Forsyih, Marfha G. ...... , Fouracre, Thomas E. .... . 'Galperin, Rulh ......... Gasi, Nancy B. .........,.. . Geasey, Frances L. ..,... . George, Roberf H. ,... . Geyer, Doris M. ...... . Gibison, Jean A. .,.... . Gilgenasi, Trudy ..... Glick, Joseph A. ........ . Godfrey, Donald B. .,.. . Goldman, Sally ........... Goller, Pauline E. ....,. . Gordon, James M., Jr. Gorman, Richard H. . Goyne, Nancy A. ........ . Gransky, Lucile R. ...... . 'Grant Marguerife R. . Green, Pennvia, ...,,.. Greenfield, Joan ......... Groff, Jean .......,........... Gronde, George H. Guenveur, Mary Jane . Guequierre, Evans C. Hadfield, Thomas .,,,, Hafner, Florence P. Hall, Harry ............... U Haller, Douglas L. ,.., . Hamme'H', Roberi E. . Hamsiead, Norma R. . Hanby, Roberi G. .,.... . Hann, Charles B. ..., . Harper, C. Richard Haich, Beniamin M. Heaih, M. Joanne ..... Heilig, Francis T. .... . Hess, G. Donald ......., Hoch, Barbara E. ...... . Hoffman, Claire S. ..,... . Holcomb, James R., Jr Hollingsworih, Jane M, Homiller, Joan E. ...... . Howard, Consiance L. , HowleH, William M. Hoyer, David R. ........ . Hufnal, Charles B., Jr. Hughes, Ralph E. . Hunfer, Paul L., Jr. Huison, Charloiie Hyde, Charles L. . Irion, Anila E. ...... . lssacs, Alfred M. . Janicki, Bernard W. .... . Jefferson, Alice M. .... . Johnson, Jacqueline D. Johnson, Roberi' L. .... . Johnsion, Alice C. .... , Jones, Mariorie .......,., Jones, Nancy C. , Jones, Seward L. ....... . Joy, Sherwood H. ...... . E. Junghans, Donald B. Kaeks, Doroihy A. ...... . Kasowski, Marion L. ..., . Keene, E. Louise , .......... . Kelleher, John A. ......... , Kessler, Charloife C. Two Hundred Twen'l'y-four King, Shirley ..,,............ Kinsella, Lorraine K. ..... Kinler, John F. ....,,..... . Kish, Laura J. Nagy, George ..,,.,....., Nealon, William J. .,.,.. . Nespor, Barbara T. ...,.. . Nichols, J. Randall ...,... Nichols, J. Richard ,..., .. Nicoll, William A. ..,.,. . Oehlers, Barbara L. ....... --44 V Okonow, Richard L. ...... . Oliphanl, Frances I. Oppenheim, Shularniih ..,.. --'-- Ough, Elaine J. .....,,......, . Paff, Mragarel ..,..... Parker, Marilyn I. ......, . Perper, Nancy Jane . Phillips, Donald K. .... ,... . Phillips, Pafricia A. ..,.... --.4 - Pierson, Rulh L. ..,...... , Pinder. Mary Lou .,...., Pogue, Jane M. ...,,....... . Pressing, Kirk L. ....,.,........,. ..-- V PreHyman, Harold M. ,.... .--- - Prieslley, Rae L. ............ . Prior, Ann Lee ,...........,. Purdy, Helen L. ......... . Rappaporl, Mark D. Realh, Donald R. ..,.... . Redden, Roberrl J. .,.,..,. . Renshaw, Donald S. ..,... . Renshaw, Harvey E. ..,..., ...- - Ribleil, David A. ..,.... , Rielh, Kennelh L. .,....,... . Rilchie, M. Aileen ...,.....,... .-... Robbins, Cornelius, V. ...., Robinson, Jay Lorraine Robinson, Margaref K. ..,,. .... . Roche, Paul M. .......,.... . Rodney, Roger A. ..........,.. .... . Rodriguez, Charles C. .,... .... . Roman, Irene ..........,.,...... ...,. Ronis, Sidney L. .,....... . Rosebery, John S. ....,.. . Ross, Norman E. Rolh, P. Joann .........,...,. Ruby, Andrew K.. Jr. Rudrow, Roberl G. Rumer, Donald S. ..... . Klahr, Evelyn H. .,,....... . Kowalewski, Joanne S. ...,.., .... . Lachmar, R. Claire ,.... . .,,..,.... ..., . Lalham, George R., IV .,...... .,.. . Lease, Diane ,..,.,....,........, ..... Leipold, Nancy Lawson . Levine, Norma ............ Levis, Wilson C. .,.....,.. .. LilIeIeh'I', Lembil ..,.......,..,,.. ..... Lillie, Mary M. .......,..........., .... . Lockerman, Margarei A. ..,. .... . Lohmann, Richard B. ...,.,,,. .... . Lowicki, Edward M. ..,... . MacFadden, Donald L. ..,. .... , MacFarlane, Janef K. . .,.... Maclnlosh, Rulh E. .... Macklin, Helen L. ........, .... . Maier, Henry W., Jr. ..... Makarewicz, Virginia Malin, Morris S. ..,..... . Maloney, Dolores M. .... . Marlin, Alice K. ....,....,.. . Mar+in, Barbara M. ..... .... . Marlin, Roberl S. ...., . Marlin, Mason, Beniamin E. ...,,. . Tom B. .......... . Masors, Joan ......,.,.... Massari, Joseph P. ..,.,.., . Mayer, Arlhur P., Jr. ......,.. .... . Mayhew, Harry E., Jr. ...,...... .... . McCar+hy, Devereaux, J. .... ,... . McDoneI, June I. .....,......... .,.. . DIRECTGRY McKibbin, Glenn B. ,....... . McQuaid, M. Virginia Meccariello, John J. Melick, Dorolhy L. ......,. . Messick, John E. ,.....,.,.......,.. ...... . Miller, Joseph B. R., Jr. Moneymaker, James D. .,..... ,,... . . Morris, Henry F. ..,.......,... . Mueller, Paul W. . ..,...,..... Mulrooney, Thomas W. .,.., . Mumma, Marcia A. ,. ,,,.,, . Myers, Russell B., Jr. Nacovsky, Ann A. ..... . Sadowski, Doris E. .... Samendinger, Helen ...,.,. Samworlh, Richard E. .,...., . Sandslrom, Theodore F. Schmidt Andrew W. Schoy, Harry J. .,........, . Schullz, Thomas ......., Schulze, Grace .............,.., Schupp, Orion E., 3rd. Schwarlz, Jules J. ....... . Schwarlz, Sally L. ..,.. . Schwarlz, Solomon ...,. Seebach, Howard G. .. Seidel, Barry S. ............,.,.. . Sellers, Kalhryn Murphy .. Sellzer, Rosaline A. .........., . Shaeffer, Thomas E. , .. , Sheehan, David ..,....... Sherman, Jane L. Sherwood, Joseph C. ..,... . Shelh, Anilkumar ,..,..... Simon, Doris E. .,,................ . Simpson, Suzanne Prall' ..,... Sloman, Roberla O. .,.,.... . Smilh, Barbara A. ...,..., . Smiflh, Jean Y. .....,.....,.... . Smilh, John .....,................,.., Snowberger, Mildred H. Spang, Alan W. .............. . Slark, Roe .........,...,....... Sfarks, Roberl ........ Sfarnes, S. J. ,............,.. . Slausebach, Miriam ..... Slerling, Nancy R. ....., . Sleward, Omar W. .... . Slrauqhn, Jane C. .,..,.,.,. . Slrickberger, Frances Evans Suderley, Jean M. ...,..,... . Sweeney, Josephine S. .,.. . Taylor, James H. .....,.. . Taylor, Roberla S. ,. ..,.,. Thompson, Janice H. .,.... . Toughey, James G. ...... , Trivils, Oscar E. TruiH', Shirley L. .,,..., . Trump, Russell F. ......., . Twiford, Florence .,.....,..,.. Vallar, William H., Jr. ,... . VanArsdaIen, Warren Vane, Donald W. Waller, Hilda L. Walsh, Richard M. ...... . Walson, Ronald J. ..,... . Weiss, Judilh H. .,... . Wells, Virginia A. ...... . Welshons, Carole R. ...... . Wilcox, Roberl' L. ,... ..... , Williams, Carolyn M. ....... Wilson, Roberl L. .,.... . Winler, Joyce K. ...,. . Wolf, Carl H. ......... . Wood, Louis L., Jr. Wrighl, Lewis W. ..... . Wrighl, Roberl' .......... Zebley, Helen L. ..,.... . Zeise, Ingo .,......,... Zozzora, Marie Zucker, Flora 203 l95 2I0 2I0 22l I95 2I0 2I6 I95 2I0 2I6 I95 I95 I95 221 203 I97 I98 203 I98 I98 2I7 I98 2I7 ZII l98 I98 2I7 2Il 2Il 2I7 203 22I I98 203 2II I98 I9B 2lI 2lI I98 22I I98 2lI I9S I99 I99 I99 I99 I99 I99 I99 I99 I99 22I 2II 203 I99 2I2 2I7 2l2 I9? 2I2 204 2I2 2I7 ZI7 2l2 2I2 2l2 I99 200 2I8 221 2I8 200 2I2 200 222 200 222 200 ADVERTISERS UW IAS, 'Il MIJISISIN Sz, SONS INCORPORATED 61th and Market WILMINGTON MI GI'-'eat Store 79 in a Great City Continuing to Build More Power for Delaware DELAWARE POWER Sz LIGHT COMPANY EREENWUIIIJ BIIUK SHOP "An me New socks and me Best of me ond" Uvmpgmenfd O! - - - BOOKS PRINTS GIFTS LENDING LIBRARY 1 DELAWARE TRUST BUILDING Gnd NEWARK, DELAWARE FAIRFAX SHOPPING CENTER d d h Ze .Nome of jinedf Quazfy Wafiona .fgvfuerfiaecl jul-n ifure M ii ll ll e r BROTHERS NINTH AND KING STREETS BU1lER'S INC. STATIONERS and BOOKSELLERS 415 Market Street Concord Avenue and Washington St. O GE METAI. FURNITURE DEPARTMENT 301 Delaware Avenue PHONE 7545 Comphmems Ol P1131-HUUSE RESTAURANTS 105 N. Union Street 43rd and Market Street HUSIERY MA1::lI:Al.TTURlNG CU. WILMINGTON, DELAWARE 200 SOUTH CHAPEL STREET NEWARK, DELAWARE Featuring Ham'n Eggs, Wattles Tenderloin Steak Platters, and The Largest Hamburger in the World For 255 FEED' FARM MACHINERY Greeting Cards Gift Wrapping AND HARDWARE Candb' 61115 NEWARK FARM AND F A IJ ERS 55 East Main Street Newark, Delaware NEWARK' DELAWARE Phone 4231 Dial 2-7151 Two Hundred Twenty- i CAMPUS SCFNF IIHIUNUEE STUUIU ESU Fifth I-Lveoue -:- New York ISI, N. 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SMART SHUP SPUIITSWEIIII LINGERIE -:- HOSIERY Phone 2363 63 Main Street Newark 2249 M 8: M CLEANERS We Coll for and Deliver 4-HOUR SERVICE Il N. Chapel Street 23 W. Main Street NEWARK, DELAWARE NEWARK Cleaners Sz Dyers, Inc. "Same Day Cleaning" 76 E. Main Street Phone 2-I5lI NEWARK'S QUALITY CLEANER Men's Clothing - Shoes - Haberdashery "Exclusive Styles" MURRAYS T OCCERY I48 E. Main Street NEWARK, DELAWARE Formal wear to hire for all occasions C0l'i'Ll9EI'l'leI'L iii 0 Me HUDSUN SUPPLY BUMPANY iunusmml suvvurs III Market Street WILMINGTON, DEL. Two Hundred Forty-'I

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