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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1984 volume:

PERSPECTIVE 84 frusadcr "83584 Lhm'csmiu Of 13:11:13., Ewinga Tax; 3 .4 a . ;-; O. W. . .- O O .l .. !. '.. , l t-o' ' a C o O 0 ' o ' .. v " '- n8..-' " '0 . . . o h u. .0 : "L . . " . .'.w L1. -- a W M .0 . "g,?i.'-$ H..- .3 , ...'. '0 u 4 a +h",m!"ip.;f"19,. WWW'." '.. Mo- 0. xv... AW . . ' o" O u 0 . ' . p0 . 3 J .0 g. o ... n. W ', . " o o '$,' , ' g o .. 0.. a --- J .Q. Q - . o .oo-ncn'Wi. o...' 00.0.00... ', oooooth. DALLAS is no ordinary city. And the University of Dallas is no ordinary college. There exists a rare but widespread belief on this campus that we are unique. lts spe- cialness to us is apparent, and goes beyond the fact that this is where we chose to learn or work. We believe UD is set apart a period. Why? Because the University of Dallas gives us more than merely a collection of wisdom or a degree. One would not come here simply to learn a trade, or to add the presti- gious UD name to a resume tthough perhaps later?l. We do come here for something more important. UD teaches us to think. We are pre- pared notjust for a utilitarian job or four more years of school, but for a life time of learning a This is at UD education. Commitment to this ideal sets UD apart: hence the core curricu- lum, the commitment to excellence, the Catholic faith, and the liberal arts. These standards, freed from practical purposes, serve to educate and elevate the mind. Yearbooks tthankfullyi have less lofty purposes than universities. Yet, being a small reflection of the Yearbook Staff 84 . in Q .- whole, they must somehow share the same spirit. So. besides the usual yearbook functions a as a history, reference, and opportunity to laugh and remember a we seek to show new ways of seeing, the way UD does in a larger sense. Just as the view of Dallas from our little hill is different from those of other locations, so do images dif- fer as greatly within our own cam- pus. Perhaps with these pages we can show someone something new a a face, a setting, or unexpected beauty. Then we will have achieved our purpose. s t. - ,s O a ' Contents Administration Staff 16 Departments 27 Students Seniors 48 Underclassmen 72 Campus Life Events 1 12 Clubs 1 38 Sports 146 Ads 8L Index 160 $MW$ngm UD Views from left: The ever-present construction, changing the face of campus; David Robinson prepares for Class; the team Vermin mascot makes a special appearance; Steve DiMarco and Betty-Anne Svendsen pose in Gregory Hall; Greg Wood and Mary McCauley enjoy the Christ- mas snow; Michelle Brigandy at the Cappuccino Bar; and Eileen Martin, Martin Salinas, and Amy Chitwood share a secret at the Chrysanthe- mum Ball. There was a time when meadow, grove and stream, The earth, and every common sight To me did seem I Apparelled in celestial light, The glory and the freshness of a dream . . . What though the radiance was once so bright Be now for ever taken from my sight, Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower: We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind - Wordsworth, Intimations of Immortality clockwise, some of UDYS finer and rarer sights: Texan sunsets, the mall in a blaze of color, a new angle on the Rathkeller, Laura Gricius displays her smile, beautiful downtown Irving, and the Gregory Hall boys tee off at their lst Annual ttRainy Day Golf Open? Clockwise below: The Charity Week Jail full of captured teachers; a lone studier by the Apple Room; Chris Vanderslice and Laura Moore jam during the carnivale barbecue; a snowy landscape; the cafeteria finally gets the food names straight; Rob Reeb and Nadine King. FOCUS On US facts and fantasies Though rising suns their radiance throw On summefs green and wintefs snow In such rare splendor that my heart Would ache from scenes like these to part. Eva Rose York clockwise: John Norris, Elise Mercer, Don Rooney, and Noreen Miggins enjoy the Fall Formal, as do Thom Humphrey and Bridget Grover; Sr. Frances Manning, 21 U.D. Institution; Joy Davis and Anne Zignego; ttRockyh Mitton; Rose Suprenant tries out the new U.D. Club; and Cindy Wurner in the bluebonnets. ; Angles And Images ; Of Our Learning - yum f ; i 1 M3 x2 4 5A V f, ; yzfzf ks CID DD Our learning exper- ience here at UD takes many forms. Pictured here are just a few: clockwise from below, Mary Costello in Chemistry lab; Dr. thh hOlenickh and Brian Lynch at a happy hour; Dr. June Welch, mas- ter storyteller, gives a firCSldC chat; the Col- lege Bowl is where sharp minds meet-here: the winning team The Remnant; Trevor Good- Child and visiting lecturer have a Chat; the UD campus and nearby Los Colinas; and Dr. Shieh teaches an economics class. The Board 8: President The Most Reverend Thomas Tschoepe Bishop, Diocese of Dallas L.O. Brightbill, III President, Texas American Bancshares R.V. Carleton Retired Executive, Braniff Intil. O.D. Cruse Vice President, Spencer Stuart Assoc. Robert J . Finegan Vice President, Underwood, Neuhaus, 8; Co. Walter Fleming, Jr., Investments The Reverend Monsignor John T. Gulczynski Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Church Edmond R. Haggar, Haggar Co. Mrs. Patrick E. Haggerty Board Of Trustees The Reverend Monsignor Milam J . J oseph Pastor, Immaculate Conception Church Lester A. Levy Chairman of the Board, NCH Corporation Paul A. Lockhart, Jr. Secretary, Constantin Foundation Louis J. Maher President, Trans-National Leasing, Inc. The Reverend Brindley J . Mills Assistant Pastor, St. Elizabethis Church Joseph 0. Neuhoff, Jr. President, Industrial Metal Specialties, Inc. The Reverend Monsignor Robert Rehkemper Vicar General, Diocese of Dallas Charles P. Schulze President, Handy House Lumber Bryan F. Smth Genl. Director, Texas Instruments, Inc. Mrs. Jere W. Thompson Thomas C. Unis Partner, Strasburger 8; Price Trustees Emeriti J . Erik Jonsson Honorary Director, Texas Instruments, Inc. Mrs. Eugene McDermott Marvin Springer Retired, Marvin Springer 8:. Associates To the University Community, This Year, 1983-84, marks two major accomplishments in the life of the University, the completion of the University of Dallas Campaign and the comprehensive self-study. The campaign exceeded its goal of $15 million by more than $4 million. Its success enables us to complete construc- tion of our new chapel by the start of the Fall 1984 semester and to complete the Patrick E. Haggerty Science Center in time for the Spring 1985 semester. The campaign also in- creased our endowment by $5 million and means more sup- port for students, faculty, academic programs, library hold- ings, landscaping needs, and capital repairs. As part qfithe compreshensive self-study for continued ac- creditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, committees of faculty, students, and administrators have studied every aspect of the Universityis operation. The Board of Trustees has reorganized its standing committees in recognition of the growing complexity of the University. The University has reaffirmed its fundamental purpose: the renew- al of the Western heritage of liberal education, the recovery of the Christian intellectual tradition, and the formation of stu- dents in the intellectual and moral virtues. The recent Report of the National Commission of Excel- lence in Education concluded that we are 8a nation at riskit because of the'itrising tide of mediocrityii in our schools and colleges. The University of Dallas is in a position to help resolve this crisis. It is dedicated to excellence, and aspires to become one of the leading centers of higher education in the nation. The conscientious work of the faculty in conducting the self-study and the generosity of the community in supporting the Campaign provide continuing assurance that the Universi- ty will realize its dream of excellence and its aspiration for greatness. Sincerely, W Z President Robert Sasseen James Bellinghausen Vice President For Administration Dr. Mark Jordan Associate Provost and Graduate Dean Legare Van Ness Director, Development Dr. John Paynter Provost and Dean of the College Linda Sweetman Dean of Students Administration Sybil Novinski Registrar Dr. Joseph Rice Director, University Relations E. Del Hall, Assistant to the President Kaye Beasley, Assistant to the Vice President Dot Rouget Administrative Assistant to the Chaplain Admissions Staff: Terrence McHale, Assist. Director; Eileen McPherson, Counselor; Linda Tyrer, Admin. Asst.; Chris Kuehler, Student Worker; Margaret Schneider, Office Manager; Not Pictured: Corlin Ambler, Assistant Director; Beth Holland, Counselor; and Barbara Schultz, Counselor; Jean Weide, Clerk Fr. Don Fischer Chaplain Michael Heater Director of Admissions Joyce Dempsey Assistant to Director of University Relations Doug Drake Alumni Director Jolynne Jensen Assistant to Director of Development Bill Sharp Director of Security Lyn Hardy Administrative Assistant of Security Pictured: David LeMire and Cris Ashenhart- Security Officers; Not pictured: Kenneth Collins, Mark Bounds, Daniel Watkins, Buddy , L Wells, Roy Dunlap. 19 Registrafs Office: Barbara Lunce- Assistant Registrar Jean Krause- Administrative Assistant Claire Manning School Nurse Financial Aid: Betty McDonnell- Director of Financial Aid Susan Frear- Assistant to Director Dona Sloan- Coordinator, State Programs B. J. Triebel Director of Communications Phyllis Wolper, Photographer, Artist Dawn Casebeer, Writer, Photographer C. Shep Miers Assistant Dean of Students pm A$ Katie Carroll, Ted Karakes Administrative Assistant to Dean Director of Housing, Bus Service of Students gash Business Office: left to right: Jean Hampton, Acct. Clerk Gerry Henry, Payroll Debbie Ragsdill, Acct. Payable Sheila Chapman, Data Entry Denise Schuler Robert LaChance, Acct. Manager Director, Rome Program Tracey Humphreys, Controller not pictured: Elizabeth Otteman, Acct. Receivable 21 Bookstore Manager Jacqueline Bozeman Library Staff Below: Carol Small, Yolanda Garcia, Zary Shafa, Larry Jo Worley, Lely White, Sherry Williamson next page center: Ruth Cunningham, Greg Beben, Diane Wickham below: Allen Bond, Carolyn Fellman Head Librarian Nettie Baker Alice Puro Community Education: Director Sandra Assist. Director Assist. Director Connell Marge Cruse Pam Clift Post Office: left, Clerk Ganesh Mishra, below, Supervisor Kit Pfaffcnberger Dr. John Goodman, Director, Center on Health Policy Tom D Eredita, ARA Director Ann Wasco, Switchboard Pat Bauman, Assistant Director of Purchas- ing Marcia Morris, Haggar Director 1" Glen Bunch, Print Shop 24 Yvonne Woottcn, Sports and Recreation Di- rector w i Barbara Perez, Personnel Director Hardy Hall, Cross Country Coach Frank Fcirbach, Tennis Coach Lisa McKenna, Linda Bellinghausen, Per- sonnelAssistants Lucy Emery, Secretary, Contemplative Studies 25 Maintenance r WWg :3 , i 2 g Administrative Assistant Janet Wall Technical Supervisor Darwin Hampton 105 A021de 4' .1'I.J AN AN ; Heri Bartscht Mark Lavatelli Mary Simqu Lyle Novinski Chairman Dan Hammett arilyn Walker Music Director Sharon Hartman Administrative Assistant dith Kelly and Patrick Kelly Chairman Frank Doe Dr. David Pope Warren Sue Smith Administrative Assistan n O S k Hendri Dr. Clifton Young Dr. William ?:???:3763279 ,ii g?n??a Dr. Jack Towne Chairman Dr. Alfred Schram r; 9911 3 4,51 ask Goldberg class with Dr. Bostaph leaves Professor Emeritus Hutt Kate Hohlt Administrative Assistant Dr. Cherie Clodfeltcr Chairman Dr. David Owen Suzanne Arnold Administrative Assistant Dr. James Teller Dr. John Alvis Dr. M.E. Bradford Dr. Eugene Curtsinger WW Dr. Robert Dupree Dr. Kent Emery, Jr. Dr. Eileen Gregory Sr. Frances Marie Manning Dr. Michael Platt Dr. Katherine Sorensen Rev. Robert Maguire N0 PICTURE AVAILABLE Dr. Joanne Stroud Bette Manzke Administrative Missin : Janice Ross Assistant g Hazel Cazorla . Placid Csizmazia Dr. Nicolas Toscano Dr. Grace West Heidrun Coleman Sr. Maria Hernandez Lucille Herrera Rev. Moses Nagy . Alexandra Wilhelmsen Rev. Rudolph Zimany' . Lydia Welches Student Worker Manna Sim OHS ML ing: Zandra Gonzales A mmistrative Assistant Dr. Francis Swietek Vickie Jordan Administrative Assistant $$ Dr. Welch at a history department party. Dr. Ben Thomas Dr. Hal Willis Adalia Trevino Administratl e Assistant 39 Rev. Gilbert Hardy Chairman Rev. Thomas Cain Dr. John Crosby Pat Koe tant Fr. James Lehrberger Fr. Hardy presents Fr. Cain a retirement plaque. Mark Jordan Kmm Dr. Dennis Sepper Dr, Frederick Wilhelmsen Dr. Robert Wood 41 Fr. Benedict Monostori Chairman Laszlo Baksay . . Nancy Renwick Administrative Dr. Rlchard Olenlck Assistant w-.. . u.m Dr. John Marini Madeleine Myers Administ Assistant rative Constitution day guest speaker Scott Churchill Dr. Robert Kugelmann Dr. Neil Young izrsligameyers Administrative L Msgr. Charles Elmer Rev. Enrique Nardoni Rev; Christopher Rabay Chairman Rev. Michael Hartwig Rev. Robert Keane Dr. Patricia Vinje Jeri Guadagnoli Administrative Assistant Seminarians playing pool Studen ts Seniors J uniors Saphombres F reshm en a I June -A-.L7A;versqan A ' J Education , , , L- A x W Irving, TX . , A I Aubgrn, ME Donald Duane Bellah Politics , Dallas, TX Daniel Joseph Berry L A ' I , Mary Blackwood L g V A 5 A Ellen M Bonne 5 'Mathematics A A A - ' ,yArt History - 5 A - , L Education - y Irving,TXh , , - ' AnroryaJL V 3 WA A" , , J Banksfleld WIJ Kimberly Boyle Jacqueline R. Bozeman Nancy E. Breitsprecher Drama L - Philosophy Mathematics Arlington, TX: L L - Irving, TX Fort Atkinson, WI- Robert John Brodish Chemistry Centralia, IL Stewart A. Brown English Vienna, VA Christopher J. Chaltain Theresa A. Channel! Amy Lenora Chitwood Mathematics Psychology Psychology Newark, NY- Brooklyn, NY Lufkin, TX Andrew J. Cloutier , Deana A. Cooper , L Eileen Marie Cote History 5 j: , Education , U Q Politics Duncanvilie; TX Amariilo, TX L Quebec, Quebeic Christine Curtsinger Theology Irving, TX Christi A. Curnyn History Arlington Heights, IL Laura L. Daly Thomas Anthony UAmore David Robert Danly Education , History , , , ' Biology L Dallas, TX - LanCaSter, NY 7 " ' Spokane, WA Alexis C. deAlvarez Mark P. Devlin : Politics j L L lilistory Irving, 2 ' Wantagh, NY David J. Donaldson Engiish Bedford, TX Janis A. Dfexelius Biochemistry Laguna Beach, CA Jeffery PaulDrummond Thomas Michael Dugan Harriet L. Ellison L Politics f , , History L History ' Deer Park ; X i 7 ' ' Dallas, TX f Dallas, TX John D. Endres Allen M. Ernster H Edward P. Espinosa History Biology ; , L PhiI osophy Irving, TX ' x L ' Milwaukee, WI : , Bowder, CO Michael Alan Farrell History Indianapolis, IN Patrick W. Faherty History Dallas, TX Mark C Faulkner Thomas A. Federer Martin J . Fee Physics , History , Biochemistry St. Paul, MN St. Louis, MO ?'L Simix City, IA Mary A. Flaherty Danette A. Forbes Jean Marie Fortier Education Psychology Education Kansas City,LMO L L ' L L L Southport, CT L Roselle, IL Pauline A. Fuenzalida Psychology Euiess, TX , a . v V . .m-rn Barbara J. Gazm Psychology; Garland, TX Lenore Goldstein Thomas Atiwood Goodman : Robert T. LGorman Education Biology L Mathematlcs ' Parlin, NJ; 4 A ,L I , Irving, TX , - , L , L , Rye, NY Kevin D. Gray Glenn E. Green Sheryl Ann Greene History Art History Denison, TX , Morristown, NJ Richardson, TX Susan Elizabeth Griffith; Psychology Lufkin, TX Alicia Marie Gress Economics Locust Valley, NY Susan E Harnden Lizze A. Hinojosa Susan T. Howard English Biology Biochemistry Port Hueneme, CA Alice, TX , Hastings, NE , L Maurita Mary Howarth U y: f 43 jg Iris M1chele Hudson Chemlstry L . ' ' j j A 5 C j " Biology ' P B L N I - Massapequa, NY Biology Bayshore, NY 1 Elizabeth Ann Jahnson Psychology Lawton OK 'Michele Kay Juraly : R - C, S' L . ', y ' S AhngVMark K6113; 7 ' , . , P ' ,j Economics Schertz,,TXg ' V f 4 , ' JacksongMS Spanish , Palcstine TXP H A Mscnraamem: , Chemistry Roslyn, N Steplfen W. Kotara Julie Anna Maria Kuefler Jeanne Maria Landry : Politics - Education Engtish Pampa, TX L , , Racine,,w1 Beaumont, TX Donna LaPlaca English Mitchellville, MD Enrico A. Lodrigueza Chemistry Middletown, NY Michael R. Luft Brian T. Lynch Eileen Clare Martin History English L History Waiden, NY, , , f , , Minneapolis, MN , Garrett Park, MD W Marwywwwm, Lynn Ann Mason Greg K. Mathews History English Copperas Cove, TX Joseph Paul Mazzanti III History Beaumont, TX Lake Village, AR Daniel P. McLoughlin History Cougars, NY Edward T. McGinley IV Chemistry Hamilton Township, NJ Elizabeth A. McPherson Mathematics Irving, TX Kyle Messerschmitt Darren Meyer Mathematics Biology Dallas, TX Denton, TX Christine Mullan Education Irving, TX , William J. Nordling Psychology Midland, TX Anne Marie Opiela English Austin, TX , Brian D. Murphy Royse H. Nex Politics Psychology Quincy, MA - Hurst, TX John M. Norris Theology ,i Albuquerque, NM Steven Matthew OReilly Laurent G. OShea Economics - History Atlanta, GA Madisom CT K; A A Heung Cheon Paik Madeleine Pardo Robin Polito PhySics Biology Education and French V ,, Seoul Seabryook, TX - , j .Chatsworth, CA Joanie Redmond History Kansas City, MO Amy Kate Poster: Drama Harlingen, TX Bernard Ricca Mary Beth Ritoch Eiizabeth R. Robertson L , Physics and Mathematics Psychology Education , Arlington, TX L Phoenix, AZ . Beaumont, TX Rosina Marie Rodriguez Biology 1 ' San Antonio, TX Clark Saunders Chemistry Kingston, Jamaica Carla Selig Education North Little Rock, AR Gregory Lee Roper English Assisi, Italia William M. Schmitt History Lancaster, MA Scott B. Shappell Physics San Antonio, TX wmwmy Martin R. Salinas History Laredo, TX Barry D. Sheldon History Greenville, TX Thomas A. Sica History Chester, NY Stephanie A. Sudwischcr Economics Crowley, LA Naresh Richie Thakur Chemistry Irving, TX Michele T. Smith Elizabeth J. Sommerfeldt History ; - Biology Eureka, M0 . irving, TX Ruth Eilcne Sullivan Drama - San Anwnio, TX Patrick A. Thoresen Anne Marie Tobin Histery L Economics Elm Grove, WI Houston, Tx Donnaiee Tomaka Philosophy ; Orchard Park, NY John C. Wade Psychology Commerce, TX Steven Gregory Wanda Psychology Brookfieid', IL David D. Toombs Theresa Vollmer-Konig History History Beaverton, OR Dallas, TX Marian T. Walinski Psychology Conoga Park, CA Bruns A. Watts III Deborah J . Weaver Mathematics Drama Arlington, TX Brentwood, TN Daniel J. Willems Richard E. Winemilier ykKeith Frederic Woeltje Philosophy Philosophy V j - L 'ochemistry ; , ,; Irving, TX L Scottsdale, AZ - i North Little Rock, AR Mary Therese Wood Education Rensselaar, IN Katherine B. Wood Education Export, PA Kazufumi Yoshida Miguel Zapata Dorothy N. Ngamelue Psychokogy Biology V Biology ; Osaka, Japan Medellin, CO Cameroon, West Africa Seniors Not Pictured Barbara N. Babcock Tonianne Baca Elizabeth Biddick Mark R. Bielefeld Mary K. Binder Kevin J. Bradley Anne M. Brown Edwin T. Callahan Jose L. Carrejo Bruce G. Chabot Daniel F. Clark Jeffrey C. Claytor Christine DeVincentis Leslie J. Egan Mary M. Ellis Seniof Perspectives Tom DtAmore: Dego in the dark hYeah, she wants me!" Jeffrey D. Gagne Nikolaus C. George Randy W. Griffin Richard E. Haley Jr. Donna G. Harrison William Hoelscher Patrick Hubbard Vonda L. Kelly Karen L. Kronwall Mary C. Lococo Christopher Maczka Teri A. Manning Andrew J. Marshall Benjamin Martinez Jeannine Matuszewski Christopher Merkl Donna L. Mikle Joseph A. Murphy Stephen L. Nelsen Howard R. Rabin Laura M. Rauch Mary J. Richmond Michael J. Russo Felicia M. Sanov Jacqueline C. Solis Steven J. Sorensen Timothy J. Stickle Kyle R. Wendeborn Patrick A. Wilson Michael R. Wright Monica 1. Zamora John, Joe, and Mike ward off mysterious intruders with the power of Strohhs Light. ttWant a beer, little girliw Dr. JekleMr. Klein Hey Bruns, Watts up? my I Brod, W611 get the beer later. Should I take the stairs or the elevator? I got you, Babe. So, Father, do they have a place for me at the convent? 67 Vatican Secret Service Agents Laura Daly: Wow, that Jazzercise really paid offV Mike Luft, president of Phi Alpha Theta, shows that history is no mere ivory tower. A You mean I dian get the ax murder award? Even Psychology Professor Scott Churchill canE talk artificial flowers into growing. A UD function is incomplete without Sybil Novinski. Susan Griffith chats with Dr. Steve Maddux. So, whaVs wrong with you, Anne Marie? R; Seductive pose No. 271 Hey, baby, how about a complete physical? 71 Senior Superlatives Best Brown Noser .................................. Martin Fee, Janis Drexeliu Most Likely to Succeed ........ V ................... Keith Woeltje, Janis Drexeliu Best Legs ............................................ Mike Farrell, Anne Kell Best Dancers ....................................... Bob Brodish, Saundra Davi Supreme Court Justice ......................................... Jeff Drummon PDQ Manager ................................................. Barry Sheldo Diamond H Owner .......................... I ...................... F red Mille Fantasy Girl ................................................... Deana Coop Fantasy Guy ..................................................... Ed Espinos Baby Boom ....................... Mary Binder, Mary Beth Ritoch, Mary Lococ Mary Anne Murphy On absenti. Most Embarrassed .............................................. Bill Hoelsch Best Looking ................................ Ed Espinosa, Stephanie Sudwisch Most Likely to G0 Bald ........................................... Greg Rop Best Dressed ..................................... Pat Hubbard, Eilene Sulliva Friendliest ....................................... Mark Faulkner, Ellen Bonne Most Likely to Be Movie Stars ....................... Donna Harrison, Paul Joh Space Cadet ......................................... Mary Wood, Liz Johnso Biggest Flirts .................................... Ritchie Thakur, Katie Kemp Most Unique Laugh ............................. George Francis, Maura Hugh Most Likely to Remain Unmarried ...................... Tom Sica, Eileen,Marti Loudest Apt ................................... 2941B- Anne Kelly, Alicia Gre Katie Kemper, Anne Marie Tobi Funniest ......................................... Mike Klein, Rosina Rodrigue Late to Their Own Wedding ...................... Mark Devlin, Joanie Redmon Best Politician ................................................... Steve Nelse Best Drinkers ........................................ Dan Berry, Mary Flahert Most Accident Prone ....................................... Indoor: Fred Mille Outdoor: Steve Lowke, Susan Griffit U.D. Lifters .......................... Doug Seifert, Mike O Nei1, Harriet Elliso Funniest Walk ...................................... Mike Klein, Theresa Gahan Best Athlete ................................... Martin Salinas, Joanie Redmond Gift of Gab .................................... Dave Donaldson, Maura Hughes Best Couple ..................................... Martin Salinas Amy Chitwood Runners Up: Bob Gorman Dr. Willis; Mark Faulkner Babe Best Kissers ......................................... Joe Kelly, Donna La Placa Dated Most .................................... Dan McLoughlin, Eileen Martin Most Likely to Be a Nun ............................. John Norris, Julie Kuefier Most Likely to Commit an Ax Murder .................. Dave Danly, Julie Kuefier Scooby-Doo Award ........................................... Dave Donaldson Best Imagination ................................................ Tom Federer Worst Table Manners ............................................ Larry OiShea Fastest Talkers .................................. Scott Shappell, Saundra Davis Most Likely to Enter a Beauty Pageant .................. Mark Devlin, Mike Luft Greg Roper, John Norris Best Liar ..................................................... Howard Rabin Best Conversationalist ........................................ Anne Marie Tobin Special Categories Biggest Head ...................................................... Dan Jette Most Likely to Invade a Foreign Country ....................... Alexis de Alvarez Rubber Legs ................................................... Tom Goodman Leprechaun .................................................... Pat Thorcson The Definitive Texan ............................................. Steve Kotara London Traveller ................................................... Joe Kelly Biggest Ego .................................................. The Senior Guys Most Disappointed by the Guy with the Biggest Ego .................. Senior Girls Good Guy Awards tby S.GJ ................................ Faculty: Dr. Olenick Dr. Jodziewicz Staff: Hardy Endsley Senior: Dan Berry. Eileen Martin Valedictorian ..................................................... John Norris As a class, the Juniors can boast of having some of the most witty, intelligent, and unusual students at U.D. Fun Fun for Juniors, like Chuck Darr, is making yourself available as a pie target during Char- ity Week, or maybe for Juniors like Greg Er- kin, taking time to play a game of chess at the Cappuccino Bar. Cheryl Bryant takes time out to smell the flowers, while Juniors, Bob Amor- ello and Pat Danaher take time between classes to read mail from home, with friend Kathy Murray. Auri likes to sit back with a beer from the iiRatfi and John iiChappeW Hettich just likes to sit back. 79 Smile Jim does, but only when forced! Kathy, Libby, Jenny, Mary, Sue, Karla and Bridget do, but only in groups. And Tony . . . Only in public! Rob and Dan do, but only in anticipation of doing something rotten. Mandy smiles for the camera, but Bridget true to form, holds out for a group. Nadine and Caryn do . . . Why not? 80 Juniors know when to study, whether itis between halves of the Cowboy-Redskin game, with a pizza from Alis, or at 2 am. when the party at the Rat dies down. After all, Juniors are serious about their majors, if they have chosen them. At right, John Sanvilleis lookalike is really a junior. Below, Mary tries to convince Laura and John that studying really pays off. Caryn wants some advice e should she be a theology major? At left, Randy shows his Junior spirit by study- ing while everyone else is at the toga party. Be- low, left, Mike canht decide whether to study or not, because he isnht sure if hehs a Junior yet. John, however, has no such uncertainties. Juniors Are Classy This year, not unlike those in the past, has held many occasions for which the gown and the coat and tie were required. One of the major events this year was the Junior classi Charity Week dance which ranked along with our traditional formals in the area of attracting the use of our more ttelegantii attire. 85 After a grueling day of classes and a long night of keeping up the im- age? Juniors take time out to unwind . . . In various ways. The Fall Romers When we have once known Rome, and left her where she lies, like a long decaying corpse, retaining a trace of the noble shape it was, but with accumulated dust and a fungous growth overspreading all its more admirable features;-left her in utter weariness, no doubt, of her narrow, crooked, intricate streets, so uncomfortably paved with little squares of lava that to tread over them is a penitential pilgrimage, so indescribably ugly, moreover, so cold, so alley-like, into which the sun never falls, and where a chill wind forces its deadly breath into our lungs;- left her, tired of the sight of those immense, seven-storied, yellow-washed hovels, or call them palaces, where all that is dreary in domestic life seems magni- fied and multiplied, and weary of climbing those staircases, which ascend from a ground-floor of cook-shops, cobblersa stalls, stables, and regi- ments of cavalry, to a middle region of princes, cardinals, and ambassa- dours, and an upper tier of artists, just beneath the unattainable sky;- left her, sick at stomach of sour bread, sour wine, rancid butter, and bad cookery, needlessly bestowed on evil meats;- . . . when we have left Rome in such mood as this we are astonished by the discovery by-and-by, that our heart-strings have mysteriously attached themselves to the Eternal City, and are drawing us titherward again, as if it were more familiar, more intimately our home, than even the spot where we were born! ' ,4 So this is Assisi? Wheres the snow?? -Nathanial Hawthorne It all boils down to the mystery in history . . . Maria tries to prove the domino effect. 85 Hey, I wonder who dressed Danny! Fr. Hardy- BEING IS! In search of Superman IVs a bird- its a plunc- n0. ifs :1 bird. Where's the bus? Below: Yes, Jeanne and Mary ifs 7:30 ,. . Skiing in the Matterhorn j m unrawm Above: Our final lecture in Greece Right: Raise your hand if you re sure! Below: I wanna hold your hand . . . ii 7, 155' Here, Eric F11 show i Halloween In Rome BALLAD OF A GREECE TRIP- FALL 83 Just sit right back and youill hear a tale- A tale of a fateful trip-that started At Brindisi port aboard the Eolus ship. Our prof is a mighty sailing man, his staff 15 brave and sure, one hundred fifteen Sailed that day for a ten day tour. CRASH! THUNDER! BOOM! The weather started getting rough As the Aegean Sea we crossed. If not for the dramamine from our crew, Our cookies weid have tossed. The ship struck ground on the shore of this Touristic Grecian isle with: Fougerousse, The Harkins too, Antonio and his bus, The Pattersons, Wellman and Novinski too, All on Francois bus. Well this is the tale of our sophomores Theyire here for a long, long time. Thele have to make the best of things- !th an uphill climb. Our dear prof and his staffers, too Will do their very best to make the others Comfortable in their freezing Roman nest. NO LIGHTS! NO HEAT! NO DECENT FOOD! Not a single luxury- like they were back In Irving, as primitive as can be. So join us here each year my friends- Youire sure to get a smile From one hundred fifteen lunatics Here on Stoppiniis Hill! Liese and CiCi- Their home away from Harry Hines Our registrar and art professor? So Shaki is Danis wardrobe consultant? 92 John: R0se and Jeanne are cracking up-I want a picture." a u Take a walk on the wild side ... 1 was just trying to teach him how to shave . . . 93 The Spring Romers The Greece Trip Cindy Wurner, just waiting on a friend hThese stones which reminds me, Ed . h 7 monks again. Paul visits Australia on his 10-day break xx Rome couple 4H The lads were surprised to receive their hDear Johnh letters on the same day WWW M hwy ewe u But Liz, who would want a Greek fishermanos cap? Can you spot the American tourist? 96 Safe from Greek men? thrck Julie, our cruise director? Fat Joe L? g g f' In Munchen steht ein Hoffbrau Haus . . . Therese Kotula F reshmen Oh, The Horrors Of Being A Freshman . . . l The Dorm Life . . . The Corruptive Influence Of Upperclassmen . . . i I will clean up my room, I will clean up my room, I will . . . ills this one okay for tonight, boysiw All That Studying . . . llLarry, Howie, and Y0u??il Weird People All Around . . . Cafeteria Food . . . Gregory has a unique biosphere Shot :1 112 and a case today. A UD girFs temptation 101 A TX o The Firestarter Carrie Totta thcy say beer puts hair on your chest." How do you say oYouore cuteo in Spanish? Julie Groshen Mary Costello Rosalia Boullon kes you i Tito, I think she I What Freshmen girls wonR do for attention! The President meets Boy Jimmy Monika Uygantas Michelle Burke WWWWMMWWW W Foreign meets the President and Mrs. Sasseen Language Christmas Party. :WMMWW mm . . . but even Freshman Year draws to a close too soon. Hews to three more good years! ampus Life m , w? W m: a , x. m 4 v a 1 $$m$$ Mayww? a WW3, w , awawygg , N awn $132? Rank WM w ,2; ms aw m waiW: ya h m WW v 31$ xv? 5 2X? v n. ma g V wiigx mg L : , g 5 wzz , m gwxi . ; $$ W53: , gay , Z .2: 75mm: 3... to talk Students eatih find te t their own retreats on campus and their own ways of iva d b 16!; f 0 d d O X Ye mm a k r 0 w r u 0 n I . just 21 fr t always helps books and schedules we need pr i with God or maybe relaxing. The UD spiritual community supports our faith and helps give us strength. Retreats, prayer groups, weekday and Sunday liturgies are all part of our relationships with God and ties which bind our community together. St. Thcmas Aquinas chapel is a favorite spot for students to go at all hours for quiet reflection and prayer. Special 8mm add a further dimension to our learning. Community Education, McDermott, and other lecturers bring new faces and ideas to our campus. This year UD was host to many gifted Visitors: 4. 10 w MW wk? 4" xh w w W Elmer Kelton, Texas Writers Lecturer Seymour Slive hRighQ, McDermott lecturer on hRembrandths Self Portraits? pictured here with Harry Parker, director of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, and Mrs. Eugene McDermott. Richard Seller, Health Professionk Lecturer The Surgeon as Poe? Education Lecturer . UNIVERSITY OFVDALLAS IRVING. TEXAS Laurence Kelly, Author of the Assault on Assimila- tiona, McDermott Lecturer, Harvey Mansfield, author of books on Machia- velli and Liberalism, lecture topic: C0nstitutionalism pictured clockwise from above: Thu Han Dao of the Womenk Club Soccer Team, Bob Mitton of Team Vermin makes a shot while Scott Huddleston looks on, Kevin Rogers of UD s Inter-collegiate Tennis Team, and a gra- duate student, Cathy Traecy, and Yas Sadri participate in aero- bics classes. 611mm $0056 Thank God for Friday! The weekend arrives, and its time for a party. There are SG parties, dances, dorm bashes, apartment parties, or maybe a private one of your own. Whether on campus or off, students find something to do, be it as small as an impromptu get-together, or as big as Ground Hog or Charity Week. clockwise from left: The Bud Olympics provide an afternoon of fun for these Juniors and Seniors; Tom DiA nore, Lydia Welch, Robin Perry John Richards and Tom Federer open the year with the Presidentis Reception; Juniors get together to share Rome. pictures and watch movies; Paul John and Jessica Browning en'oy Groundhog; Tim Kuehas continues on S.G. tradition; J.D. Kinney leads John Wright and Paul Mattox in a Saturday night Air Guitar Contest; Fred Miller boogies with his wine bottle and Heln LaGue; and Dan McLoughlin tries his pick-up technique on Dawn Morris at a dance. Pam Cefaratti and Danette Daltoso- a booming busi- ness? Charity Week 83 Charity Week 1983 got off to a smashing start, the banner parade between forces of North and South displaying the theme of the Civil War. Rivalry contin- ued all week as students and faculty had each other placed in jail or liquidated by the hard-to-avoid water squad at Haggarls front door. The kissing booth and wake-up booth also created quite a sensation. The Casino provided bountiful entertainment at the tables as well as a massage parlor to relax frustrated minds and bodies. And of course, no one could have a Civil War without showing llGone with the Wind? Scarlet and Rhett also reappeared at the Civil War Costume Ball for the look-alike contest. Once again, this years Charity Week served as a campus spirit booster as well as raising money for Jonathan Lehmanis liver transplant. It was a week full of enjoyment for everyone present. MAeMMW mama: llYeah, but where could we find some guys to go with usiw Jim Kensingeris college career ended up much like his car. Charity Week Activities Family Day Chairmen TrVezyishrkeyr HBilly Cernosek and Chairman Joy Davis and Tony France Opening Ceremony 106 V r C S n .4 k C u T ight N 1110 Cas gm. . r ,, v2.5, 4' ,, w , ,, M H, .1 LL v: " " ' '1 $57 mfg; Miscellaneous Budweiser Spring Olympics Coffeehouse with Larry Benzmiller Carnivale 84, though a relatively new UD tradition, was a great success. This Second Annual celebration was an original mixture of an Italian-style Carnivale and New Orleans Mardi Gras. The four days, March 3-6, were sponsored by Student Foundation and raised $1000 toward Rat renovations. Events included a Rome photo Contest, Barbeque 8L Chili Cookoff, Talent Show and Drag Beauty Contest, Casino Night, and Fat Tuesday Costume Ball complete with Hurricanes and a Dixie Jazz Band. Reeb? Roper? A Italians try to copy UDis Carnivale, Photo by Cheryl Bryant, Rome Photo Contest. Mark Devlin and his Chinese Chili and the winner 0 is Casino Night before arrival of Irving police Groupie Margie O Shea whim 4 7 4 : 5 s 7 NW, 4 7 h M4976, ,5 44441777 7, 77 : Wag, 7, 7m 77 7 7 7774mm; 'wamm, 7 7 7,, WM . :44 . V4, 7,4 444,, 774' 1944 4,744 I ' y . 474 , , 7777474 2771777 7 , v : WW 7 7 7x7? . : 7 72 X 94,77 ,7, y : J 129 a , 4mm 'th?" y MW , m u m t m mixm Wwwm fly, Vgly M WW JWVi, 7X '7 .xh WWW y MWMVV mmm w WM WMWM W t me x w m m 1 1 4w a h t ? W 5th , t mxw t e MW wx W W wa WMMV w ewwmm W, M y t my, mwwxx z W W 9 V w W7 . L L7 4x9 14 1w mx WM Z 8 9 1 18 S mg the , I h a-johns. We finished over We went to Denny at 3 am. then went on a hayr- ide out to Groundhog Park. ou- lcan fa, .,:.2.z51:,s:sxyztziz$2$ir; They 5575?: d 1n tlme hohday k 18 ttGroundhog Day5, here in ic ttAmer lC . L . 5 5.5555555 5 5555555 5555 5 5 L 555555 L5 555555 5 5. 55555555555555 L 5 55555555 ,5 5 55 55 555555 55555 55555555555 5 Suz 55 5 L 5 . 5 5L 55 555 55 55555 55555555 5 55 555555 5555555555 5, 55 55 X555 55555 5 555555 5 5 5 555555555555 . 555555555555 55 555 5 55 .5555555L.55555L55.55 5555555 5555555555555 5 5 5 55555555555555 555w 5 L 5 5 55,55 5 55 5555 556M555 5555 5 555m55vv55555 . 5555555555555 5555555 If I hear Piet, played one more celebrate th m gonna be s 55 5x55 5 5555 5555 555555LM555 5 55 5555555555 5555 555.55 555555 555555 5 55 5 5 5 A5. 555555555 5 . Some guy named F gerousse thought we should 55 5 5555555 . L 55 555555 5555555555 5, 55555 55555 55555 55555555555 5555555555 55 55555555 55555 L 55555 5555 5555 5555555555555 55 . 5 L555 555 5 5555 55 555555vwmA55 5 D Love 55 . 5 5 55 55 55.555 555555555 .5 . . L5 5 t L..5L555L . 5. I5 5t 555555 L5555555 555 5 5 L 5555 555. 555,555. .55, 5 555 5555 55 5 5555.555 555555555 5 555.5 55555 55 555 5555 555 .555 555555 555 5555 55555555555555 5 555 555 555555555555w55m555555 5 55555 55555555555555; 5555555555555 55 They called 5 5 . 555. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 555 .5 5555555 5555 55555 55555 555555555555 5,5 55 55555555555555 5 5 5 55 555555555555555555555555555555 5555555555555555555555555555555555A55555555$55x5555555555 L 5 555555555555 5.555555 55555555555555.55555555 5 55 55.555555555555555 5555555555 L 5 5.5 5555555555555555L55555 5 55555 55555555 555555555555555555 5555 for the Goundhog, too. ran out of toilet paper port- 45 kegs The Bud Man was out look think I help the Groundhog f Dear Mom, shadow. at U. UD was host to many great art exhibitions this year, such as an African art exhibit, Rembrandt Print show, and The Golden Age of Painting, which included the painting at right, The Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine. Eat The UD community enjoyed many dramatic productions, the fare ranging from the classic productions to German and French plays to the Drama Departmenth Senior Seminars. n vim Students had the opportunity to participate in as well as enjoy music groups such as the Dallas Catholic Choir and Campus Church Choir; the Lyric Theater, under the teaching of Marylin Walker, provided entertainment such as Monday Means Music productions and hLuigitsh nights. UDhs home-grown art objects included various exhibits in the Haggerty gallery as well as a strangely mobile hSharkh and large pencil. perplexmg ables never This productio ' v cristic cc! set design Was : ,, ., i ad .a. striking backd- at; 6 3.11318 V riking , , . Directed by Patrick Kagy V i LI . -. starrcd Karen, KronWanas Shea Te :andjns . ,cluded Lee Honeycut as pilot Yang Sun and w t, Eric Szulczewski, and Mark- The Comedy Of Errors by William Shakespeare February 22-25 and Feb. 28-March The scene: Ephesus 1984, where the confusion of The Comedy of Errors is compounded by the terrors of technology. Generally thought to be Shakespeareis first play. The Comedy of Errors is a short tale of long- lost fathers and sons, long-parted twin brothers, long-winded wives, long-suffering servants, and long-standing feuds. When this long-lived story is combined with todayis short-term society, the result is a few short-circuits and a lot of fun. This confusing and successful production hosted Guest Director Ellen Schlaefer and Guest Costume Designer Diane Simons iwho developed the iitechno-farce" atmosphere. The excellent'tcast highlighted Dan Jette and Lee Honeycutt as the twin Antipholi and Brian Lynch and Jeff Claytor as the twin Dromios. Also involved in the merry mess were Lisa Meyer as the wife, Tana Hall as her sister, and Matt Rodriguez as the Duke of Ephesus. 3 133 f f 0 e k a t r m y d a e r .m C n Y. L n m r B By the skin of their teeth . . . Dr. Bennett: T to like life . . ." The Commodore Combs famlly Jacquie Bozeman, At last!" Commencement Ceremonies May 13, 1984 Commencement Speaker Dr. William J. Bennett Doctor of Humane Letters Dr. William H. Hutt Cardinal Spellman Award Christopher Chaltain John Norris Faculty Medal for Honors Darren Meyer Keith Woeltje Ann Heller Mayberry Award Ellen Bonness Janis Drexelius Convocation. Speaker Dr. John Sommerfeldt Organizations Student Foundation A student service organization with elected membership. President ......... Mike Farrell Advisor ........... Shep Miers UD Chapel Choir A group open to all students willing to train and sing at University func- tions. Advisor and Coach, Marylin Walk- er Members pictured: 00m Mary LeMire, Michelle Burke, Tom Kieklak, Tim Bush, Tom Humphreys, Judy Pehl, Ralph Ostermann, Jim O Hare, Jon Shelburne, Susan Phillips, Mark Hannafee, B0tt0m Ronetta Gaydos, Maryanne Budden- burg, Rob Reeb, Janis Drexelius, Mike Farrell, John Norris, Joe Kelly, Laurie Fagan. Back row: Joe Kelly, Don Rooney, Julie Groschen, John Norris, Jean Johnson, Dick Johnson, Tony Farrer, Stewart Ashton, Darryl Gurecky. Middle row: Bar- bara Gayson, Marilyn Walker, Angela Brodrick, Nalin Ranasinghe. Front row: Sandy Garman, Cheryl Stapley, Ann Zigneigo, Patricia Kaphengst, Chris Curt- singer, Elizabeth Borobia, Laurie Fagan, Allison Hawran, Michele Bregande, Anne Marie Opiela. The German Club An organization open to all German students interested in learning German through meetings and cultural events. Advisers ................................. Waltraud Bartscht Heidrun Coleman Officials ........................................ Eric Gray Scott Rubin Terri Deltz UD Tenant Association Organized this year to improve conditions in the on-campus apart- ments. Members include all apartment residents. Advisor ....................................... Dr. Olenick Co-chairmen ................................ Eileen Martin Joe Kelly Chairmen ................................... Saundra Davis Keith Woeltje The Knights Of Saint Patrick A small group fond of Irish songs, culture, and drink. Led by pseudo-lrishmen Mark Devlin, Drew Cloutier, Joe Kelly, Greg Roper, and John Norris lmissingl. z 5 i , s l The Touchstone Staff The staff publishes a literary magazine each year with contribu- tions by students. Advisor ................................ Norma Robinson Editors ................................. Greg Matthews Jeanne Landry Asst. Editor ............................... Monica Flynn Pre-Health Professions Society From left to right: Ralph Fitzgerald, Vice President; Janis Drexelius, President; and Kirk Dobbins, Secretary-Treasurer. Membership of all students planning on entering a health related field. American Chemical Society mot pictureQ Keith Woeltje, President Jennifer Muzyka, Vice President Maurita Howarth, Secretary Clockwise: Rob Reeb; Mary Hansen, Reporter; Mark Grayson, Reporter; 1 . . . . . Rob Reeb, Editor-in-chief and Mike Probus, Managing Editor E31333? $331535:ngbrmflitizgogghmz Manzano, Phomgraphy Below: Mike Probus, 1984-85 editor is initiated into the cold world by fellow staffers. John Posey and Scott Barker, Reporters; Norma Robinson, Technical Advisor, with daughter, Dillon; James TenBroeck Reporter; and Buck Downs, News Editor niversity News Staff celebrates publication of the ast issue. Above; Chris Swan, photographer. Missing Paper Staff: Dan Jettc, Entertain- ment Editor; Dave Donaldson, Sports Editor; and Susan Phillips, Production and Design. Editor, jams Drexelius Luz, Janis, Jeahne, and Drew. Below, Nadine. Yearbook Staff Editor ............................................ Janis Drexelius Advisor ......................................... Norma Robinson Photography Editor ................................. Luz Manzano Photographers ................................... Jeanne McQuade Drew Spencer Mary Costello Trachelle Thomas Ed McGinley Chris Swan John Evans Kathy Howard Sports Editor ..................................... Angela Brodrick Senior Editor ....................................... Keith Woeltje Junior Editor ........................................ Nadine King Sophomore Editor ............................... Jeanne McQuade Index and All-around Helper ......................... Saundra Davis Picture Printer ..................................... Rick Drexelius Advertising ........................................... John Stine Renee Walend Assorted Captions . . . . . .- ................................ Paul John Mark Faulkner Student Government The most visible and active student orga- nization on campus, this yearis SG once again kept us entertained and enlightened. The years activities got off to a slow start with a crack-down on liquor policy and BYOB parties. The situation was better sec- ond semester with the arrival of the liquor license, although a permanent break with past procedures seemed to have been reached with the Haggar zoning. SG goals this year were to improve Stu- denteadministration relations and work for causes such as a student union, Rat renova- tion, and cohesive sports policy. Greater success was met in SGis other roles, those of providing the student body with a little fun and excitement. This yearis events included Fall and Spring Formals, Ground Hog Day, New Years Dance, Sadie Hawkin,s Dance, Col- lege Bowl Tournaments, Coffeehouses, and many other assorted events, parties, dances, lectures, and such. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday night movies actually included good movies such as TiChariots of Fire? tTDas Boot? and TTSophieis Choice? The Sping- time was given a little intrigue with a TtGolden Egg Quest? which used funds from a defunct Metro Committee while promoting SG meeting attendance. Committee Chairmen Social On Bill Hoelscher Alcohol Dan McLoughlin Formal Ellen Bonness and Chris Swan Landscape John Morris Coffeehouse Jim Martin Metro tsici Lecture 8: Fine Art Andrew Cloutier Laura Guzdiol Bruns Watts Film George Francis Paul Parks Publicity Tim Bush Athletics Pauline Bellesky Mike Novinski Tom Goodman Dan Berry Liz Sommerfeldt Music Academic Affairs Spiritual Life The Executive Council, clockwise from bottom: Barry Sheldon- Treasurer, Joe Kelly- Secretary, Mark Faulkner- Parlimentarian Jon Shelburne- Vice President, and, center, Greg Roper- President Dan, the Golden Eggman, and Novo swim lfqvar hchQ f5 cominggcovk Joe KenJJSa Womenas Tennis Joanna tries her hand at break dancing. Shelly and Lucy team up for doubles. The University of Dallas 1984 Woments Tennis Team included the women pictured here: Carrie Totta, Lucy Thomas, Erin OTBrien, Shelly Hein- becker, Jo Garcia, Al- ice Pincus, with Coach Frank Fehribach. Members not pictured are: Eileen Sullivan and Marcella Nach- man. The Woments MVP for the season was A1- ice Pincus, who ended with a 7-12 record. Al- ice was runner-up at the UD Open Tourna- ment, beating team- mate Erin OtBrien in the semifinal round of the Championship Sin- gles. The UD Ments Ten- nis Team was as fol- lows: Matt Chellis, Tim Kelly, Steve Puc- cio, Mike Cox, Evan Farrington, Kevin Rogers, Greg Borse, and Scott Huddleston. Not pictured here is Crosby Ger- non. The menis team finished the season with a 6-13 re- cord. The team was led by Scott Huddleston, who boasted a 6570 winning per- centage to claim the number one position. The menis squad was runner-up at the Incarnate World Invita- tional Team Tournament in San Antonio, and had a shot at the title before the games were stopped by rain. Both squads were very young and inexperienced. The menis team consisted of two juniors, three sopho- mores, and four freshmen. The womenis team lost one senior this spring, and had three juniors, one sopho- more, and three freshmen. Injuries kept both squads from accomplishing more. The No. Two menas player, Kevin Rogers, suffered torn ligaments in his knee, and Erin OiBrien, the women,s MVP last year, fractured her collarbone. Menas Tennis Scott shows off his winning style. Soccer The UD soccer team, despite a lot of heart, finished a disappointing season with a record of 3-7-3, defeating only Dallas Christian. In the East Texas Shootout, the team tied St. Marys then lost to Letourneau. The soccer coach was Frank Hason and trainer was Ed McGinley. The captains were seniors Barney Ricca and Greg Roper. Other team members were: John Sanville, John Jakuback, James Rutan, Mike Makal, Tom Goodman, Tony Jimenez, Greg MacDonald, Clark Saunders, Matt Rayburn, Miguel Zapata, Mike Gleason, Jose Molina, Bob Gleason, Don Bellah, Mike Luft, Pat Thorensen, and Joe Morris. J 3!; $349 1,, gg V x James Rutan handles the ball against the oppo- Greg Roper John Sanville sition. Matt Rayburn Greg MacDonald Tom Goodman 150 lub Basketball This year, the UD Basketball Club was formed as part of a series of clubs designed by the Department of Sports and Recreation to allow non- intercollegiate level athletes to compete with other schools and teams in the area. Coached by J ohn Shelburne and assisted by Chuck Darr, the Club concluded quite a successful first season with wins over Dallas Baptist College t84-82L Las Colinas Sports Club 91-729, and the KAFM ttCheap Shotsit t34-32L the latter being a fund raiser which provided the crowds with plenty of entertainment though very little true basketball. Team members include Brad Bright, GSM; Doug Seifert, Senior; Bill Butterfield, Bob Mitton, Billy Cernosek, Mike Riordan, Vince Pawlowski, Andy Markelonis and Ralph Fitzgerald, J uniors; Vaughn Griesbauer, Sopho- more; Audell Shelburne and Silfredo Jiminez, Freshmen. 151 Cross Country The Cross Country Team e a young team e hopes to advance with school support, both from the administration and from students. The MenTs Team is made up of Sopho- more Ray Heipp TMost Valuable Memben, Freshmen Jeff Ansell, Mike Gleason, Ray Breton and Sophomore Jeff Rossborough. The WomenTs Team members are: Sopho- more Tresa Robinson, Juniors Frances Botello and Louisa Mox hwho went to the Nationalsx and Senior Susan How- ard. Coach Harry Hall and Frances Botello Ray Heipp and Peter Breton 152 Jeff Rossborough, Ray Heipp, Mike Reilly, Mike Gleason, Mike Luft, Pat Thorenson Intramurals Womenk Basketball D 13? 043 V kc? Robin Perry and Donna Schneider wbovd Lucy Thomas and Donna Schneider melom WNMLN W - MMANMM Silfredo Jimenez, Carolyn McGinnis, Mary Lovera, Judianna Murray, Donna Schneider 1S3 h Men5s Intramural Basketball This year proved to be very exciting for intramural basketball. The championship playoffs provided games whose average point differential was 3.5 points. 55Where3s the BeeP scored the largest margin of victory with a v - - - . 48-36 win over the ttSaints? The freshman team, TtDas Hoopf, held up to a 1152:; 31:31:?bhrtieclfggiggm Ed Esplnosa, Ralph Fltzgerald, battering from the sophomore team, TGHACF coming back to defeat them by a score of 46-45. The most exciting game was between ttWhereTS the BeeF and senior ttHigh Men IntrudersT who were tied with two seconds on the clock when the TlntrudersT scored two points placing them in the championship. Their championship opponents were the junior team, TTAp- peal Deniedf who narrowly beat the freshman s5Das HoopT by a score of 55-53. The championship game took place in front of capacity crowds of 75 people. Andy Markelonis and Ralph Fitzgerald helped lead 55Appeal De- niedT to a 57-55 victory over the TtIntrudersT ending the year as the best team in intramural basketball. Bill Cernozek and John Altomare Menhs Intramural Volleyball Final Positions The Graduates hGSMh 6 Spud and the Spiking Speds hSrJ 5- What Radio Urj 4 2 Rocky and the Losers hDormh 3 3 Volley This! hDormh 2-4 White Punks 03m 1 5 The Apatharchists hDormh 0 6 SQWPPPf Mark Faulkner, Mike Farrell, And Tom DhAmore Mark Faulkner and Tom DhAmore Mike Farrell, Bill Hoelscher, Ed Espinosa Bill Hoelscher and Mike Farrell 155 Intramural Volleyball-Womenk And Coed Final Positions . Spike and the Lame Ducks 18m ....................... 2-3 . The Team 1Fac- SO .................................. 1-1 1. The Spikers 1PM ..................................... 6-0 2. C. Average 18m ..................................... 4-1 3. Bull Big All 1Soph1 ................................... 4-2 4. Out of Bounds 1Dorm1 ................................ 3-3 5 6 Jon Shelburne, Mike Wehrle, Scott Barker, Judianna Murray, Donna Scott Barker and Judianna Murray Schneider Back: Marcella Nochmann, Jackie Eng, Mary Costello, Joanna Garcia, Sherry Tra- han Front: Rochelle Rosche, Judianna Murray, Sally Krmpotich, Carolyn McGinnis Softball i ,, xv Aw iwwiw e Womerfs Softbhll- Gru First Plac Maria Faulkner, George Moninger woacm, Peggy Ahne, Ceci Hernandez, Darbie Dallman Back: Jack Donohue moaChL Sue Spanola, Lisa Pompeo, Toictta Booth, Louisa Mox Maria Gruntmeier, Mary Ostermann, Joanie Christopher Joanie Christopher Second Place Men s SoftbalPSon of Beach" Front: Mike Maddock, Bill Cerno- sek, Ralph Fitzgerald, Chuck Darr Front: Mike Maddock, Bill Cernosek, Ralph N k 3x m"; w wk Ans N First Place Men,s Softball- Spectre Front: Sam Cohen, Jim Martin, Joe Quinn, Chris Swann, Cliff Tanner Back: Mike Wehrle, Jon Shelburne, John Morris. Scott Barker, Dave Missimo Scott Safford Fitzgerald, Chuck Darr Back: John Hettich, Bob Nitton, Dewey Hebert, John Altomare, Andy Markelonis 157 M Ellen Bonness, her mother, Mother-Daughter tea. Rehearsal for Young Frankenstein Reconstruction crew in Gregory" Mickey McMorri Mike Novinski and Jim Martin. Melani, Pm your biggest fan. w ; W; Index Adams, Julie 102, 103 Ahnc, Peggy 88, 89 A1bertson, Mary 141 Alexander. Alec 86, I21, 128 Allen, Karla 116 Allen, Liz 98 Ahomarc, John 154 Alvarez. Kathy 80, 147 Alvarez, Mary 125 Alvcrson, Julie 48, 71 Alvis, Dr. John 34 Ambler, Dr. Wayne 43 Amorello, Bob 74. 78 Andersen, Laura 105 Anton, John 93 Arnold, Suzanne 33 Ashenharl, Cris 19 Asner, Dr. Bernard 39 Babe 67 Baca, Toni-anne 29 Baker, Nettie 22 Baker, Scott 67 Baksay, Laszlo 42 Barker, Scott 140 Barllcy, Parker 48, 109 Bartschl, Heri 28 Bartscht, Waltraud 37, 139 Basicwicz, Lucia 121 Batto, Dr. Bernard 45 Bauman, Pat 24 Baumann, Carrie Leigh 48, 112, 118 Baxter, Shiu-Yueh 107 Beasley, Kaye 46 Bcben, Greg 22 Begley, Clare 88, 91, 105 Behan, Joe 31 Behringer, George 77 Bellah, Don 48 Bel1esky, Pauline 48, 66,71, 73,145 Bellinghausen, James 17 Bellinghausen, Linda 25 Benzmiller, Larry 124 Berner, Dr. Andrew 27 Berry, Dan 48, 142, 159 Bieler, Randy 83 Bimler, Monique 88 Blackwood, Mary 48, 70, 128 Bonanno, Gina 154 Bond, Alan 22 Bonness, Ellen 48, 67, I24, 158, 171 Bonno, Denise 88, 90 Borobia, Elizabeth 138 Borse, Greg 148 Bostaph, Dr. Sam 32, 124 Bolello, Frances 152 Boubelik, Vickie 40 Boullon, Rosalia 88, 91, 93, 103 Boyle, Kim 29, 49 Bozeman, Erin 153 Bozeman, Jackie 22, 49 Braden, Pau1 98, 99, 121 Bradford, Dr. Mel 34 Brady, Karen Braith, Joanne 99 Breitsprecher, Nan 49 Breton, Peter 152 Bregande, Michelle 7, 112, 138 Brodrick, Angela 102, 131, 138 Brodish, Bob 49, 66, 72, 116 Brodish, Carolyn 75, 83 Brown, Stewart 49 Brown, Tonya 86 Browning, Jessica 117 Broyles, Doug 35 Brumbagh, Shawn 88 Bryant, Cheryl 78, 109, 140, 141 Buckley, Catherine 109 Buddenberg, Mary Ann 74,112.120,138 Bunch, Glenn 24 Burke, Michelle 104, 124, 127, 138 Burnibaer, Brian 128 Bush, Kimberly 18 Bush, Tim 76, 138, 143 Butterfield, Bill 147, 151 Cain, Fr. Thomas 60, 167 Calaluca, Eric Calderoni, Nancy 106 Caldwell, Joanie 44 Cantrell, Dr. Pat 32 Carroll, Katie 21 Carroll, Fr. Thomas 60, 167 Calaluca, Eric Calderoni, Nancy 106 Ca1dwe11, Joanie 44 Cantrell, Dr. Pat 32 Carrol1, Katie 21 Carrol1, Fr, Thomas 88 Casebeer, Dawn 20 Cazorla, Hazel 36 Cazorla, Veronica 103, 105 Cefaratti, Pam 118 Cernosek, Bill 76, 120, 151, 154 Chaltain, Chris 47, 49 Channell. Theresa 49, 70 Chellis, Matt 103, 148, 158 Chitwood, Amy 7, 49, 73, 154 Christopher, Joanie 88, 89 Churchill, Scott 44 Clark, Sharon 143 C1aytor, Jeff 29, 133 Clift, Pam 23 Clodfelter, Dr. Cherie 33 Cloutier, Drew 14, 50, 68, 139, 154 Coakley, Jim 88 Cohen, Sam 77 Coleman, Heidi 36, 139 Connell, Sandra 23 Cooper, Deana 50, 68, Joe, With all our love we congratulate you. You have made us very proud of you. Good luck as you go on to bigger and better things. Love, Mom and Dad, Tom, Terry, Andrea, Kathleen From pineywoods Our Susan came To get all edjicated. She dun good, 1A5 we knew she would3 Fm so glad were related! Love and prayers, Mom 8: Jack Jeannine, We had our doubts about you completing your U of D education but because of your hard work, perseverance, dedication and , many prayers you have succeeded and made us very proud. With love we congratulate ' you. Love, Mom and Dad once and Tom MatuszewskD THE COMPUTER TUTOR At Las Colinas 4 .3, r W'xrv-evwv'rww 'a 'Iw'- x3 TYPING :k MATH 8 VOCABULARY :k READING PROGRAMMING 3': WORD PROCESSING USING THE POWERFUL IBM PC ADULTS STUDENTS, OR CHILDREN 809 W. Northgate Irving, Texas 75062 KAY MILLER am 252-5220 1 CONGRATULATIONS 1 JEANNE We know you will never lose sight of goals you4ve dream- ing of. May God guide you, inspire you and protect you. We love you and we are proud of you. Dad, Mother, and Mom Nancy Dear David, Congratulations and our hope for a wonderful future! Love, Mom, Dad, Tick, Steve, Sue, Bob, and Pat 71 Coppin, Dr. Charles 39 Corey, Mike 101, 154 Costello, Mary 15, 102 Cote, Eileen 50 Cox, Michael 148 Coyle, Cici 99, 106 Crosby, Dr. John 27, 40 Cruse, Marge 23 Cruse, Tito 103 Csizmazia, Rev. Placid 36 Cunningham, Ruth 22 Curnyn, Christi 50, 71, 108, 124 Curtsinger, Chris 50, 138 Curtsinger, Dr. Eugene 34 Cvitanovitch, Janet 89, 93 Cyr, Janet 93 Dallman, Darbie 88, 91 Daltoso, Danette 118 Daly, Laura 50, 69 Daly, Pat 24 DAmore, Tom 50, 65, 68, 116, 100, 154, 155 Danaher, P31 74, 78 Danly, David 46, 50 Dao, Thu Han 115 Darcy, Theresa 101 Darden, L.J. 26 Darr, Chuck 76, 78, 116, 121 Daudelin, Jean 88, 99, 145 Davis, Joy 12, 84, 120 Davis, Saundra 46, 51, 67, 72, 123, 139 Dawson, Dennis 74 DeAlvarez, Alexis 51, 69, 124, 131 DeAlvarez, Dr. Leo Paul 43 Deltz, Terri 117, 139, 140, 141 Dempsey, Joyce 19 Derdeyn, Linda Derdeyn, Linda 75 Davin, Mary 94 Devia, Fernando 87, 93, 127 DeVincentis, Chris 107 Devlin, Mark 14, 51, 126, 139 Dias, Bert 75 DiLorenzo, Dr. Raymond 34 Dilucci, Ray 152 DiMarco, Steve 6 Dobbins, Kirk 140 Doc, Dr. Frank 30 Donaghy, Paul 160 Donahue, Jack 91, 154 Donaldson, Dave 51, 73, 119, 154 Downs, Buck 91, 140 Doyle, Ed 94, 120 Drake, Doug 19, 118 Draper, Tim 121, 146 Drexelius, Janis 46, 51, 73, 138, 140, 141 Drexelius, Rick 95, 99 Drummond, Jeff 51 Dugan, Tom 51 DuPree, Dr. Robert 34 Ellison, Harriet 51 Elmer, Msgr. Charles 44 Emery, Dr. Kent 34 Emery, Lucy 25 Endres, Karla 80 Endres, John 52 English, Todd 89 D4Eredita, Tom 24 Erkin, Greg 78 Ernster, A1 52, 71 Espinosa, Ed 52, 66, 116,147,154,155 Espinosa, Gennie 80, 116, 128 Esteva, Carolina 93 Evert, Maureen 125 Fagan, Lori 104, 138 Faherty, Pal 29, 52, 130 Farrell, Mike 52, 65, 70, 127, 138, 155 Farrington, Evan 146, 148 Faulkner, Maria 88, 91 Faulkner, Mark 52, 67, 121,127,142,155 Faust, Donna 159 Federer, Tom 52, 66, 68,116,124,128 Fee, Martin 46, 52, 68, 73 Fehribach, Frank 25, 124, 148, 149 Fellman, Carolyn 22 Finnegan, Scan 90 Fischer, Fr. Don 18, 106 Fitzgerald, Ralph 77, 123,140,151,154 Flaherty, Mary 53, 71, 73, 122, 124, 145 Flanagan, Kris 91, 93 Flynn, Monica 139 F0112, Bruce 41 Forbes, Danette 53, 71 Fortier, Jeanne Marie 53 France, Tony 81, 120, 121 Franzen, Julie 88, 92 Frear, Susan 20 Fuenzalida, Pauline 53 Fuller, Meredith 118 Gahan, Theresa 129 Garcia, J0 149, 153 Garcia, Yolanda 22 Gatti, Paul 9 Gaydos, Ronetta 90, 93, 128, 139 Gazin, Barbara 53, 138 Geiger, Kathy 89, 93 George, Nick 46 Germany, Karen 123 Gernon, Crosby 77, 154 Gig1,Gina 121 Gigl, Karla 77, 129 Gleason, Bob 146 Gleason, Mike 152, 158 Goldbert, Dr. Ira 32 Goldstein, Londra 53 Gonzales, Zandra 37 Goodchild, Trevor 14, 75, 125 Goodman, Dr. John 24 Goodman, Tom 53, 128, 150 Gorman, Bob 53 Gorton, Terri 89 Gray, Eric 139, 142 Gray, Kevin 54 Grayson, Mark 132, 140, 141 Green, Glenn 54 Greene, Sheryl 54 Gregory, Dr. Eileen 34 Gress, Alicia 54, 71 Gricius, Laura 8, 82, 85 Griesbauer, Vaughn 120 Griffith, Susan 34, 54, 70, 118 Groschen, Julie 102, 138 Grover, Bridget 13, 80 Gruntmeir, Marie 91, 143 Guadagnoli, Jeri 45 Guay, Don 91,151 Guia, Auri 79, 86 Gumnick, Ed 85 Gurecky, Darryl 131, 138 Guzdziol, Laura 95, 98 Hall, Del 18 Hall, Hardy 25 Hall, Joe 101 Hall, Tana 133 Hallack, Nicole 109 Hammett, Dan 28 Hampton, Darwin 26 Hanafee, Mark 90, 138 Hansen, Mary 140, 141 Hardy, Fr. Gilbert 40, 88, 91 Hardy, Lyn 19 Harkin, Kathy 99, 122 Harnden, Susan 54, 128 Harrison, Donna 122, 130 Hartjes, Patricia 22 Hartman, Sharon 29 Hartwig, Rev, Michael 45 Heater, Michael 18 Hebert, Chatty 85 Hef'lin, Ed 83 Hein, Trina 89, 90, 93 Heinbecker, Shelly 116, 149, 154 Hendrikson, Dr. Bill 31 Hernandez, CiCi 92, 128 Hernandez, Sr. Maria 36 Herrera, Lucille 36 Hettich, John 75, 79, 154 Hinojosa, Lizze 54 Hoelscher, Andy 88, 154 Hoelscher, Bill 155 Hohlt, Kate 32 Honeycutt, Lee 132, 133 Howard, Susan 54 Howarth, Maurita 55, 112, 127 Huddleston, Scott 102, 114, 148 Hudson, Iris 55 Huff, Beth 124 Huffhines, Hailey 98, 99 Hughes, Maura 55, 71, 128 Humphrey, Thom 13, 116, 138 Hunter, Liese 92 Hutt, W,H. 32 Hwang, Fred 98, 99 Inman, Marcie 88 lrlbeck, Randy 88, 91 Jacover, Joel 105, 154 Jakubak, John 123 Jelly, Fr. Frederick 45 Jensen, Jolynne 19 Jesneck, Richard 46, 55 Jette, Dan 55, 73, 133 Jiminez, Silfredo 151, 153 Jodziewicz, Dr. Thomas 38 Joe, Pat 90, 93, 127 John, Paul 55, 73, 117 Johnson, Dick 138 Johnson, Elizabeth 55 Johnson, Eric 55, 65 Johnson, Jean 138 Johnson, Kathy 120 Jonan, Margaret 76, 83 Jones, Genie 89, 91 Jordan, Dr. Mark 17, 41 Jordan, Sonya 110 Jordan, Vickie 38 Jura, Michelle 56 Kampmann, Eileen 101 Kane, John 100, 105 Karakes, Ted 21 Keane, Rev. Robert 45 Kelley, Tim 84, 129, 8 Kelly, Ann 56, 71, 158 Kaiser, Mary 80 Kelly, Liz 76 Kelly, Joe 56, 65, 72, 138, 139, 142 Kelly, Judith 29 Kelly, Pat 120, 145 Kelly, Patrick 29 Kemper, Katie 56, 68, 71 Kendrick, Linnie 56, 70 Kieklak, Tom 124, 125, 138 Killius, Bob 56 King, Nadine 10, 76, 81, 141 King, Raymond 88, 90 Kinney, John 9, 117 Kitten, Todd 88, 90, 91, 109 Klein, Mike 31, 56, 66, 73 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Dan J . Sullivan IV Dear Ike, Congratulations on your graduation! You have made us very proud parents and you have set a good example for Gail and RJ. Keep up the good work. We pray for your continual success and happiness. God bless you. Love, Mom and Dad 1Tita and Ralph Lodtiguezeo AMY, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. LOVE, MOMMA AND DAD- DY 1Louise and Joe Chitwood1 CONGRATULATIONS GREG ROPER ROB SUSAN 8L JIM T. MARK 8L CAROLE MOM DAVID 8L JIM 8L LESLIE DAD JEFFREY 8L CLAUDIA This picture is of your first day of school There is none for your last For each day there is something new to be learned 1 . . . . For all you have been For all you are now For all you are yet to be God bless you Dan 4 We are so very proud- of you Love Mom 8L Dad Tim Deborah Susan Nan 8L Gramps Knopf, Greg 9, 101 Koby, Betty 22 Koeppen, Pat 40 Kostur, Tracy 56 Kotara, Steve 57, 66, 72, 73, 77, 116, 129, 159 Kotula, Therese 99 Krause, Jean 20 Krmpotich, Sally 153 Kronenburg, Stephanie 89, 93, 154 Kronwall, Karen 132 Kubala, Dan 81 KueHer, Julie 57, 66 Kuehas, Tim 105 Kuehler, Eric 90 Kuge1mann, Dr. Roert 44 LaCorle, Dan 88, 90, 92, 107 LaGue, Helen 117 LaMure, Beth 100 Landry, Jeanne 57, 139 LaPlaca, Donna 29, 57, 72 LaTour, Jonathan 91 Lavatelli, Mark 28 Lehrberger, Fr. James 40 LeMire, David 19 LeMire, Mary 121, 138 Linic, Gerda 88 Lob, Michael 26 Lockett, Sr. C10 30 Lococo, Mary 158 Lodrigueza, Enrico 57, 65 Loscerbo, Dr. John 40 Lowke, Steve 94, 95 Luckenbaugh, Amy 98, 121 Luft, Mike 57, 68, 69, 127, 152 Lunce, Barbara 20 Lynch, Brian 15, 57, 128, 133 MacDonald, Greg 47, 76, 150 Maddock, Mike 30 Maddux, Libby 80, 87, 116 Maddux, Dr. Stephen 36, 70 Maggard, Michelle 109, 118 Maguire, Rev. Robert 35 Manning, Claire 20 Manning, Sr. Frances Marie 12, 134 Manzano, Luz 87, 140, 141 Manzke, Bette 35 Marini, Dr. John 43 Markelonis, Andy 151 Marshall, Drew 108 Martin, Eileen 7, 57, 72, 122, 139 Martin, Jim 74, 80, 116, 124, 145, 158 Martin, Dr. Kathleen 33 Martino, Jeannie 99 Mason, Lynn 58 Mathews, Greg 58, 139 Mattox, PauI 117 Matuszewski, Jeannine 70 Matzkanin, Karen 125 Mays, Steve 104, 154 Mazzanti, Joe 58 Mercer, Elise 13 Messerschmitt, Kyle 58 Metzger, Sue 80 Meyer, Darren 58, 65, 129 Meyer, Karin Meyer, Lisa 133 Meyers, Sonya 44 Miers, Shep 21 Miggins, Noreen 13 Miller, Denise 88, 91 Miller, Fred 67, 71, 1 17 Mishra, Clark Ganesh 23 Mitton, Bob 12, 86, 87, 114, 151 Moninger, George 89, 90, 91, 93, 109 Monostori, Fr. Ben 42 Moore, Laura 11 Morris, Dawn 117, 153 Morris, Joe 99 Morris, John 82, 119, 122, 154 Morris, Marcia 24 Mox, Louisa 103, 124, 145 Mullen, Christine 59, 129 Murphy, Brian 59, 116 Murphy, Mary Ann 76, 116, 119 Murphy, Trish 90 Murray, Judy 103, 153 Murray, Kathy 78 Myers, Madeleine 43 McAndrew, Greg 9 McCauley, Mary 7 McDermott, Dr. Hazel 33 McDonnell, Betty 20 McDonough, Joe 116, 120, 127 McGehee, Chris 129 McGinley, Ed 58 McGinness, Carolyn 128 McHenry, Kim 90, 91 McKenna, Lisa 25 McKinnon, Lisa 103 McLouglin, Dan 58, 69,72, 117, 147, 154 McMorris, Mickey 74, 158 McPherson, Eileen 18 McPherson, Elizabeth 58 McQuade, Jeanne 89, 90, 93, 141 Nachman, Marcella 103 Nagy, Rev. Moses 37 Nardoni, Rev. Enrique 44 Nelsen, Steve 72 Nex, Royce 59 Nakagawa, Taito 89, 90, 91 Ngamelue, Dorothy 65 Nipper, Cynthia 88, 89 Nordling, Bill 59, 121, 151 Norred, Warren 121 Norris, John 13, 59, 65,68, 72, 127, 138 Noschese, Jim 151 Novinski, Lyle 28, 88, 90, 94 Novinski, Mike 142, 145, 158 Novinski, Sybil 17, 70 O3Brien, Erin 89, 145, 149 O3Choa, Jennifer 105 O1Hare, Jim 84, 129, 138 Olenick, Dr. Rich 15, 42 Oliver, Dianne 98 Oliver, Tim 105 Opiela, Anne Marie 59, 138 OaReilly, Steve 59, 69, 77 Ortiz, Luis 88 O3Shca, Larry 59, 68, 73, 106, 128, 154- O,Shea, Margie 91, 124, 127 Ostermann, Judith 108 Ostermann, Mary 89, 154 Ostcrmann, Ralph 75, 106, 138 Owen, Dr. David 33 Paik, Hueng Cheon 60 Palmer, Vivian 94 Pardo, Madeleine 60 Pawlowski, Vince 108, 151, 154 Paynter, Dr. John 17 Pehl, Judy 77, 84, 124, 127, 138, 153 Pelon, Meg 76, 116, 119 Pentz, Andrea 99, 120, 121, 125 Perez, Barbara 25 Perry, Robin 100, 116, 127 Pettigrew, Jamie 82, 108 Pfaffenberger, Kit 23 Phan, Fr. Peter 45 Phillips, Susan 138 Pincus, Alice 147, 149 Plan, Dr. Michael 27, 35 Polito, Robin 14, 60, 67 Pomales, Irma 118 Pompeo, Lisa 89 Pope, Dr. David 30 Ezzfggdmylig Iris, . . . EfitgiiPEKZEignP$E4383 . The pursult and 7 6r attalnment of a worthy goal 1S of 13131213, Mike 87, 140, 1tself hlghly rewardlng. Nonetheless, we all extend cpn- Puccio, Steve 14:; gratulatlons upon your graduatlon from the Unlver31ty. $313,911??? 30 Love, $4,325,145? Hudson, Ragikfr' Chris 44, Dolly and Alint Grace Ralbzig, Howard 66, 68, Ransinghe, Nalin 138 Rayburn, Matt 95, 150 Redmond, Joanie 60, 69, 154 Reeb, Rob 10, 80, 85, 120, 126, 138, 140, 141 Renwick, Nancy 42 Ricca, Barney 60, 154 Rice, Dr. Joseph 17 Richards, John 74, 77, 1 16 Richmond, Mary 158 Riley, Mike 152 Riordan, Mike 74, 154 Riordan, Patty 123 Rittoch, Mary Beth 60 Robertson, Liz 60 Robinson, David 6 Robinson, Norma 140 Rodriguez, Matt 29, 133 Rodriguez, Zina 61, 68, 71, 112 Rogers, Kevin 89, 93, 115 Roman, Linda 22 Romanyshyn, Dr. Robert 44 Rooney, Don 13, 138 Rooney, Sandy 88 Roper, Greg 61, 68, 126, 129, 139, 142, 150 Rose, Donna 94, 95 Ross, Janice 35 Rossborough, Jeff 98, 123, 152 Rouget, D01 18 Rubin, Scott 139 Rueswald, Ed 84 Rutan, Jim 150 Sadri, Yas 115, 147 ' Safford, Scott 88, 93 Salinas, Martin 7, 61, 69, 73, 116 Sanov, Felicia 70 Sanville, John 150 Sasseen, Dr. Robert 16, 104 Susan Elizabeth With pride, we watched you accept and meet the chal- lenges of a liberal education. We declare our love, our continuing support, and our best wishes for a happy, fruitful future. 4 Mom 8L Dad 1Cdr. and Mrs. R.L. Harnden, JrJ Howard As you continue your quest for suc- cess, remember, we always have been and always will be proud of you! Mom, Dad, Jeffrey, Glenn Douglas, 85 Gregory Dear Patrick Congratulations! We know that your diligence and perse- verance have achieved this milestone. Our love and pride knows no bounds! Love Mother and Dad tLane and Helene Hubbard3 Saunders, Clark 61 Schemel, Larry 9, 99 Schmitt, Bill 61 Schneider, Donna 108, 124, 128, 147, 153 Schneider, Margaret 18 Schram, Dr. A1 31 Schuler, Denise 21 Sczyniak, Julie 85 Seifert, Doug 147, 151 Selig, Carla 61 Sendelbach, Joanie 85 Sepper, Dr, Dennis 41 Sexton, Scott 76, 129 Shafa, Zary 22 Shapell, Scott 61, 118 Sharp, Bill 19 Shelburne, Audell 101 Shelburne, Jon 77, 116, 121,127,138,142, 143, 151, 154 Sheldon, Barry 61, 70, 142, 159 Sherif, Marcus 108 Sherman, Tim 120 Shieh, Dr. Yeung-nan 15, 32 Shipps, Julie 106, 128 Sica, Tom 62 Simmons, Marina 37 Simqu, Mary 28 Sinclair, Bill 132 Sloan, Donna 20 Small, Carol 22 Smith, Darryl 88 Smith, Michele 62 Smith, Sue 30 Sommerfeldt, Elizabeth Sommerfeldt, Dr. John 27, 38 Sorensen, Dr. Katherine 35 Spanola, Sue 88, 124 Sparks, Melani 159 Spencer, Drew 141 Standefer, Karen 99 Stanton, Trish 76, 119 Stapley, Cheryl 138 Stepnowski, Mary 89, 93 Stine, John 102 Stockmal, Lanie 91, 93 Stroud, Dr. Joanne 35 Strunck, Juergen 28 Sudwischer, Steph 62, 72 Sullivan, Eilene 62 Suprenant, Rosemary 13 Svenson, Betty-Ann 6, 86 Swan, Chris 121, 122, 130, 141, 143 Sweet, Dr. David 36 Sweetman, Linda 17 Swietek, Dr. Francis 38 Szulczewski, Eric 29, 124, 132, 159 Tamura, Shaki 92 Teller, Dr. James 33 Tenbroek, Jim 102, 110, 140 Terranova, Mike 83 Thakur, Richie 62 Thomas, Dr. Ben 39 Thomas, Lucy 85, 124, 149, 153 Thomas, Trachelle 118 Thorensen, Pat 62, 152 Thurow, Dr. Glen 43 Tobin, Anne Marie 62, 69, 71, 159 Tomaka, Donnalee 63 ombs, David 63 Toscano, Dr. Nicolas 36 Totta, Cathy 115 Trahan, Sherri 104, 153 Triebel, BJ. 20 Turk, Mary 82, 85 Vanderslice, Chris 11, 89, 91 VanNess, Legare 17 Verona, Jeff Vinje, Dr. Patricia 45 Vizzantes, Monika 104 Vogler, Jim 94 Vollmer-Konig, Teresa 63, 129 Vosquil, Caryn 81, 82 Voss, Kevin 91, 92 Vossburgh, Maggie 89 Wade, John 63 Walker, Marilyn 29, 138 Wa11, Janet 26 Wall, Jennifer 119 Wallinski, Marian 63, 66 Walrath, Jim 88, 90, 93, 127 Wanda, Steve 63, 119 Wasco, Ann 24 Watts, Bruns 63, 66 Weaver, Debbie 63 Weber, Carol 118 Wehrle, Mike 83 Welch, Dr. June 38 Welch, Lydia 116 West, Dr. Grace 36 West, Dr. Thomas 43 White, Le1y 22 When Tong, Tina 86, 90 Wickham, Diane 22 Wieoner, Michelle 88 Wiley, Lori 116 Wilhelmsen, Dr. Alexandra 37 Wilhelmsen, Fritz 27, 41 Williams, Dan 64 Williams, Fran 90, 91 Williams, Renee 100 Williamson, Sherry 22 Willis, Dr. Hal 39 Winemiller, Rich 64 Woeltje, Keith 14, 64, 165 Dear Deanie, Congratulations! Youlve com- pleted a very importarant goal in your life. We are so proud of your accomplishments and so happy for the children who will be lucky enough to have you as their teacher! Continue to a 1tReach high, for stars lie hid- den in your soul Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal? Our love and pride goes with you in all your endeavors! Your Whole Cooper Family Mom, Dad, Cathy, Townley, Pepper, Sissy, and Mavis 139 Yoshida, Kaz 64 Wolper, Phyllis 20 Young, Dr. Clifton 31 Wood, Katie Baehr 64 Young, Dr. Neil 44 Wood, Greg 7 Zapata, Miguel 64 Wood, Mary 64, 68, Zignego, Ann 12 122 Zimanyi, Fr. Rudolph Wood, Dr. Robert 41 37 Wooten, Yvonne 25 Zimmer, Paul 101 Worley, Larry Jo 22 Zingleman, Ernie 90 Wright, John 117, 160 Zipper, Tom 107 Wuller, Bob 120 Hi, Ralph ILY Wurner, Cynthia 13, 94 Steven G. Wanda Congratulations to the Greatest Love Mom, Dad, Spook, Wolfman and Sylvester Erie, Graduation Day is another chapter that we all have to reckon with as we go through the cycle of acquiring a good education. We are all proud to share this day with you. Through the years you have shown us your untiring determina- tion to perform the best in whatever you have set your heart to do. Congratulations and love! Morn 8L Dad, Edwin, David, 8; Emy Lee lDr. and Mrs. E.Y. Coligado 8L familyl II edieation The Yearbook Staff of 1984 wishes to dedicate this issue of the Crusader to Fr. Thomas Cain, in recognition of 25 years of faithful service to the UD Community. When we think of Fr. Cain, a kalei- doscope of memories flash in our minds: a chat on the mall with Mr. Frog; four successive years Of hWaltzing Matildah at the Charity Week auction; 21 black fedora on a sunny day; a walk over to the Priory for an apple and cookies; a smile and a piece of candy on a gloomy day. For all the love and kindness, Fr. Cain, we wish to say thank you. YZU tzu y I I --u 1D 1D "1D x t ...u Waltz-ing Ma-til - da, Waltz- ing Ma-lil - dat .4 "'f .6: e L k L p? t x 1 3h 1- u 5 T Yoducome apwaltz-ing Ma - in - dawith mew : n .. 167 Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you. It was but yesterday we met in a dream. You have sung to me in my aloneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky. But now our sleep has fled and our dream is over, and it is no longer dawn. The noontide is upon us and our halfwaking has turned to fuller day, and we must part. If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song. And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky. a Kahlil Gibran k V: H.

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