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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1982 volume:

! :L 1!, 4111.1 . 11111-13111 .H .hv...:r.u.u.H xwfouvxbt ix. 5.9- u 1;. 1.. , . . l 1,; . I! I I ll . P x .rwa IrrtIIl-E-ddd :V.IIu1xIIJI-Jll1i4 -EI.I1I1IJJIIS41 . L: 1 WM," ,W$ r, 4 AM? , . ll Ll , t r . ?.lxrril' I'I II. A. ., -yq... xAvaA ll m aria mli' ! 'v-"w-m- . I A L ' I m- ., ' ' '""""'M ? ' I'mY?" "1" ' 1'31" MW?" , ":3" ' 7'I'WC?T'L",V'"ZV:WW .421 W"; - 4' I am t" This year marks the 25th anniversary of our school. In keeping with this spirit of celebration, the Crusader staff would like to dedicate its 1982 issue to the original faculty members of the academic year 1956-1957. These people were the beginning of our University, and established a standard of excellence which remains to this day. We also pay special tribute to the six members still with the University. FACULTY OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 1956-1957 Mariejosephine Corder, S.S.M. Porter Crow Eugene C. Curtsinger,jr. Theodosius L. Demen Odo Egres, O.Cist. George S. Fetenczy, O.Cist. Edward P. Fox john Haas, O.F.M. Louisj. Lekai, O.Cist. Edward R. Maher Frances Marie Manning, S.S.M. Ralph 8. Match, O.Cist. Benedict Monostori, O.Cist. Mary Margaret O'Connell, S.S.M. Anselm A. Nagy, O.Cist, Patricia T. O'Connor Alfred H. Ogletree Warren M. Pulich Christopher S. Rabay, O.Cist. Ruby Nell Ruth Betwin Sikora Damian Szodenyi, O.Cist. Mary Eudes Tims, O.L.C. Mary Ellen Williams, S.S.M. , I ' - K i . Warren M. Pulich is a noted omithologist and ecology expert; He is an Associate Pro- Frances Marie Manning, S.S.M. is from the order of nuns which was instrumental in fessor of Biology. founding the University. She runs the Archives, and is an Associate Professor of English. - t Benedict Monostori, O.Cist. has been the chairman and moving force in the Physics Christopher S. Rabay was one of the original monks who fled Hungary in 1947. He Department for many years. is an Associate Professor of Theology and everyone's friend. Eugene C. CunsingerJt. served as the school's first Academic Dean, was Director of Louisj. Lekai, O,Cist. is a Professor of History known for his expertise in the history the Rome Program for two years, and is an Associate Professor of English. of Europe. He is considered the leading historian of the Cistercian Order. ...,....-x....x. ' M A KKK' n thH-i m:- - - -,-,mrv.Lm , W ,,, ' M - "' ...WWM, ..... e- -h- . ... .W-....... r..:..,. .,., :1," ., M - ..- 4- 43. -M ... - .. .,.....- eww-W-i-vew .-. arr. ewrw-Hrum....wwa..ff ........r.... V ,T Lu"... , "...V a '.. . K" . - v :--- L;"----Vi:1.; f . .V-..I...W J: '. - . ., , ,2' .e...: ,. 7 v m d,.-r . , The pest 25 years have seen the birth and steady grthh of the University '7 h of Dallas. From that September day in 1956 when the school first opened its doors to students, UD has continued tovenlarge itself in many waYs. There have been building additions, new academic departments, and. increases in enrollment without fail, all of which make the University what it is today. '7 The following pages present a photographic, history of ,the University of Dallas -- 25 years of piCtures and memories. MA. mm w: v Dedication ,. . . . ., . .l'. .1 ; . . 2 FoteWOrd. .V. . . ; '. '. . . 4- : v 13 ' 4 V 25 Years Of Excellence. . . 6 f 7- . H- AM The. 25th Year; a Review Faculty and Adminiswtri'gltion 16 g ,. . Underclassmen . . . . . . 40 The Class of'1982. . . . .78: i eActi-vities. . .f. . . . . . . . .. 112. Sports....,........h...144 1 ; Ih ,. ' etc. 158 1'4 e. a Wm tvam W A. A. The original Board of Trustees ' Wmmw The University's fifth President, Robert F. Sassccn, makes introductory remarks at 1982's Fall Convocation. Bishop Thomas Tschoepe consecrates the bells of the tower. Dr. Eugene Curtsinger gave the main address at 1982's Fall Convocation. Fr. Louis Lekai receives his medal for 25 years service to the University. The very Fust Rome Campus - at the Convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame - 1970. The Holy T nity Semimry mm. , Eb: ; , , I. f Haggar University Center St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel 13 5 4w x. V. Snow at UD , i w-rmwue The construction of Madonna Hall The University as it looked in 1964. 1Cm lStrat. an 1n' Adm . .... L, i . .il.!il wgzkmf v H v ll 1 .. "HEKLF . Chairman Raymond DiLorenzo m Sr. Frances Marie Manning 00 Dr. Melvin Bradford m Dr. Eileen Gregory m Dr. Michael Platt Dr. Kent Emery 18 Literature Dr. Scott Dupree m Dnjohn Alvis m Dr. Katherine Sorensen m Dr. Eugene Curtsinger m Dr. Thomas Landess Secretary Connie Smith Fr. Enrique Nardoni m Fr. Thomas Carroll w Secretaryjeri Guadagnoli m Dr. Bernard Batto m Fr. Chris Rabay Dr. james Patrick 20 Chairman Fr. Peter Phan m Fr. William Finan m Mrs. Marilyn Walker Mrsjudith French Kelly Chairman Patrick Kelly F oreign DLJ. Stephen Maddux, French m Fr. Rudolph Zimanyi, French 00 Sr. Maria Hernandez, French m Fr. Moses Nagy, French m Mrs. Marina Simmons, Italian Chairman Waltraud Bartscht, German 22 Languages Dr. Grace West, Classics m Dr. David Sweet, Classics m Dr. Hazel Cazorla, Spanish m Fr. Placid Csizmazia, Classics Secretary Zandra Gonzales Dr. Nicolas Toscano 23 Mathematics Chairman Charles Coppin m Dr. Ben Thomas m Dr. Andrew Berner m Dr. Hal Willis w Dr. Bernard Asner 24 Education Chairman Cherie Clodfelter m Dr Hazel McDermott m Dr. Kathleen Martin m Secretary Suzy Arnold 00 Dr. Robert Halstead Politics Dr. Thomas West m Dr. Sarah Thurow 09 Dr. Leo Paul deAlvarez m Secretary Madeline Myers 00 Dr. Wayne Ambler 26 Chairman Glen Thurow DrJeffrey Wallin Psychology Dr. Douglas Gerwin m Dr. Scott Churchill m Secretaryjoni Caldwell Chairman Robert Romanyshyn 27 History Fr. Louis Lekai m Secretary Kay Pokladnik m Dr. Francis Swietek m Drljohn Sommerfeldt m Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen Chairmanjune Welch 28 Economics :: nmm 3 SW 3111 Chairman Craig Bolton W Dr. Samuel Bostaph . z m 2 mm Immu mi xk Secretary Kate Hohlt m Dr. Yeung-Nan Shieh m Dr. Gerald McMillan 29 Dr. Rich Olenick m Chairman Fr. Benedict Monostori m Philosophy Secretary Yasmin Irani Dr. Markjordan Chairman Fr. Gilbert Hardy DrJohn Crosby m Dr. Damian Fedoryka Mr. Ron Muller m Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen w Fr. Thomas Cain Dr. Robert Wood Dr. Mark Lavatelli m Dr. Dan Hammett m Secretary Sue Mundell W Dr. Heri Bartscht m Chairman Lyle Novinski m Dr.juergen Strunck m 32 Mr. Warren Pulich Biology Chairman Sr. Clodovia Lockett Secretary Barb Flood Cabovd Dr. David Pope W Dr. W lliarn Hendrickson Dr. Charles Eaker m Chemistry Chairmanjack T wne 0O .x President of the University Dr, Robert Sasseen Secretary to the President Del Hall Graduate Dean Fr. , ,- Secretary to the Graduate David Balas ' . V - Dean Trudy Smith Assistant Registrar Registrar 34 Barbara Lunce ' Fay Durham Sybil Novinski Secretary to the Vice-President Barbara Perez Vice-President and Director of Administration james Bellinghausen k L WW , , Academic Dean Thomasjodziewicz Secretary to the Academic Dean Dottie Gricius i Rome Program Coordinator Denise Schuler 35 $ The Computer Center: Director Brenda Buchanan, Gibbs,jana Saunders, and Barbara Witte Dawn Seim, Sandra Athletic Director Rich Gaffney wmhwwummwm Purchasing Director Assistant Purchasing Wayne BOundS Director Georgette Radford Graduate Office Coordinator Corlin Ambler Financial Aid: Henry Susan Frear, Director Betty McDonnell, and Gerry m nzwno ea . Excahm mmom ,,.5?iLE5 RECEWT I gag! L Mm: The Bookstore: Pat Bauman, Betty Koby, Managerjackie Bozeman, and Vickyjordan. Hardie Endsley Community Education: Pam Clift and Sandra Connell News and Information Director Dave Wright 37 Secretary Dot Rouget Chaplain Assistant Chaplain Fr. Don Fischer Marshall Voris g t ; Doug Drake Director of Planning and DeveloPment Associate Director of Planning and Legare Van Ness Development Drjoseph Rice Dean of Students Linda Sweetman Housing Director Assistant Dean of Students Ted Karakakes M. Pat Daly Admissions Office Manager Marge Cruse Admissions Counselor Lysa Mattison Admissions Director Dan Davis Admissions Counselorjacquie Davies Kim Bush 39 We've got the beat. julie Hosinski "I've eaten three of these chocolate-flavored telephones this week. Mike Farrell and Minnie Batta- O'Connell still hasn't changed its image. john Richards "My name isrft Fuzzy!" F reshmen Mary Beth Huff and Shawn Dougherty "Shawn just told a joke. How Funny!" Monica Flynn "Have some of our wed- ding Cake, Randy." joy Davis "How do you spell Odie?" Alice Pincus "God, I love applause!" Two's company, three's a crowd, but It was my brother who was expelled, not me. Spencer Scarborough: Freshman Guru. i Karla Gigl: Cut-up Presenting . . . the Beach Boys ' lfiifu'iini" Lu lQ i Lucy Thomas, Gretchen Gold, and Kevin Haumann "Kevin, she,s finished typing your paper, so you Can leave. " Patty Hansen and Ann O'Hara "Did you see what that girl was wearing?" Carol Calvo "I'd stand up, but I dislocated my hips." Terry Deltz Dr. Sasseen explains to Freshmen wh white socks are not allowed at UD. Maggie Algermissen, Anne Marie Oswald, and Billy Cernozek "This is the way we do it in Texas." dark: Rosemary Trybus james O'Hare . . . even studs need maids. Laura Gricius "You told my mother?" 49 Maw..anWW ,mm .1.m...y..,x.w,- ,un W ,W Kelly Hyden "I bet you can't tell Ym not wearing pants." Tim Bush Linda Derdeyn and the Rodriguezes "Have you heard the great news? We're adopting Linda!" 50 a George Rader and Keith Woeltje "It's only a whisper of vermouth." Micheline McCullough and Kim McDonald 'Are you as drunk as I am?" 51 Rich Weinmuller: Rub Flounder, maybe he'll go away. i This booze is mine! Katie Reilly: Camera shy? Thanks for the credit card number, Butt! Ellen Bonness "The demil of these old statues is incredible." Sophomores janis Drexelius Mark Eden promised him three inches in eight days. Will the realjohn Ilnitzki please stand up? Le WA - ,- Chris Curtsinger . . . Nature girl. Moonrocks! Grecian Ruins 54 Cathy Roman, Amy Postert and Anne Marie Tobin. "Hey, I went out With Drew too!" jack Zanini "If God wanted man to drink Peroni, He wouldn't have invented tastebuds." Ray Bongiovanni and Pauljohn "That was one spicy meatball!" 55 If only Diogenes had looked here. Brendan Fahey and Eileen Martin . . this mustache." Laura Daly . . . jazzercise never looked so inviting. I go for girls with tattoos. The three Greeters. Provincialism at its worst. The day George Girardi alienated an entire busloacl of UD students. Dan and Peggy Harkins: Peg offmore than she Can Chew The boat people We're the Pepsi Generation comin' at ya . . , OK, everybody sing?Y , . 59 Macho men in their off-hours. julie Kuefler Jeff Claytor - if the box fits, wear it. Sorry, Frankie and Annette couldn't make the picture! Mary Beth Ritoch "This is the last time I dare someone in the Tower Alliance." Andrew Cloutier Say Formaggio! Christine Mullan and Sean Abell: a couple of Baggers. View of Rome spoiled by tourists. Donna Harrison and jerry Cantu - Love those cheekbones! 62 Dr. Fougerousse and Dr. Wilhelmsen "We'd rather be sailing." Deana Cooper and Val Shane "I mre enough to smoke the very best." Kathy O'Shea 63 Racquel Cisneros Philip Smith and Patsy Gregg Beth Holland and Tom Mosimann "Yd be asleep now if not for Fem Iron." john Pavlov can study any bere. Visit your local optical department at Sears. juniors Carolyn Talkington Chris Kacoroski and Tim Keegan: Fidel and Che. juniorjam Robert LeMire Oops! I could have had a V-8!" Sue Hauck a d Anne Marie Marlin 7 There goes the plane to Cluesville. Eileen McPherson ' Medieval Philosophy is 5000 interesting." Bobby jenkins and Mollie B. Frisby But where's Bear? Chris Puccio "Did someone sav Vodka?" Anne Marie McAndrew and Matt Con- nelly "Do that with your fingers again!" Frank LoCoco: Rebel without a clue. Violet Cipolla Mike Morris . . . You can dress him up but you can't take him anywhere. Mark Ahlert - some people need more than coffee to get going in the morning. Joe Herde "Baby, it's better in Trinidad" Maura Sykes Val Price and Ellie Cortese 7O Keith McPherson and Elizabeth Clough Kelli Duggan Sharon Scott- and Randy Stufflebeme A Calm down Randy, it's only a photographer. 71 Vicki Farrington and Ken Hannahs: a couple of Mn hamburger eaters. Otis elevator repairmen? Frank LoCoco "I don'; know what Aquinas said, but Dnjordan thinks . . Nancy Anglin and Sephia Silva: for all you do, this Buds for you. L x O... .QQ:;. 9 ummiirri Ken Covington: he's got Bette Davis eyes. Mary Peters Karolee Jansztn Deb Abraham 24w. Val coming over h ref" jun Frsderick Personal Best Don Rooney joannejaramillo and Rob LeMire m , a $43,: w , Maureen Maguire: "I'm a Pepper." Maureen Donoghue AJ. lusts after the Supremes. Patsy Gregg: "Philip, how many times do I have to say no?" Mark Sydenham "Economics is just a pile of craps." The cast of West Side Story: I like to be in America. Seniors F. ; wwwawa'd' mam? .. L. J Kerry Sean Abell Politics Leonardtown, MD Maria Afendoglou Economics Athens, Greece Michael Albert Biology Buffalo, NY Steven M. Allen Economics Marshfield, MA Karen Lynn Anderson History Dallas, TX Linda Kay Aubuchon Literature Houston, TX Eleanor C. Baars Literature San Antonio, TX jon Robert Barcellona Economics Dallas, TX Donna Beard Biology Dallas, TX Helen Teresa Behan Theology Grand Prairie, TX Margaret Mary Bennett Literature Fairfax, VA Rebecca Elaine Bishop Elementary Education Dallas, TX Michael Blakley Politics St. Paul, MN Christian Blessing Economics Cherry Hill, NJ Peter Michael Blute History Dallas, TX Albin John Brezna, 11 Economics Dallas, TX jerome Henry Brodish,Jr. Art Centralia, IL Gerrie Noble Christian Art Dallas, TX Paula Marie Ciprich Mathematics Depew, NY Michael Edwin Click Drama Eustis, FL joanne Phyllis Cloud Economics Rule, TX Tracy Anne Cloutier Secondary Education Marianna, AR Debra Luther Combs Politics 1 Bristol, RI john Combs Psychology Kansas City, MO Timothy Paul Couture Economics Barre, VT Pamela A. Cummins German Arlington, TX Anne Seaver Daly Elementary Education Ft. Meyers, FL Lee Ann Davis Medieval Studies Hooks, TX Dominick Denaro Literature Franklin Square, NY Susan D. Desmarais Politics Wimberley, TX joseph Gregory DeVincentis,jr. Mathematics Newport News, VA Patrick Dougherty Biology Prairie Village, KS Shawn Dougherty Drama Oklahoma City, OK Teresa Lynne Dozer Art Phoenix, AZ Patrickjames Driscoll Biology Portsmouth, NH john C. Eastman Economics and Politics Lewisville, TX Mark Emerson Physics Grafton, VA Victoria Edna Farrington Classics and Politics Spofford, NH Frank Fehribach Economics ' Louisville, KY Daniel G. Flaherty Economics Kansas City, MO johnj. Flatley Economics Belford, NJ Robert Wilson Freeman,jr. Politics Arlington, TX Ernest Edward Fulton Drama Middlesex, NJ Luanne Marie Gahl Economics Milwaukee, WI Timothy Edward Gehan Economics Irving, TX Christina Gerstung Politics Baltimore, MD Patricia Gilmore Literature Arlington, TX Diane Therese Gowski Biology Clearwater, FL Michaelj. Al Greaven History Monsey, NY Lindaj. Green Mathematics Irving, TX Andrew Brian Greenspan Drama and Politics Randallstown, MD Rachel Griener Literature New Orleans, LA jacqueline Olivia Guillory Economics Lake Charles, LA Matthew David Guthier History Glen Ellyn, IL jerome Ronald Haberkorn,Jr. History Peoria, IL Pamela Marie Hall Literature Nashville, TN Karen Margaret Hamm Art and Education Fishkill, NY Donna Kathleen Hanisch Elementary Education Tulsa, OK Deirdre Elizabeth Happe Spanish Houston, TX Kevin David Haumann Economics johnston, RI Marguerite C. Heinen Drama Dallas, TX Rose Helin Literature and Elementary Education Houston, TX Peggyjeanine Herbold Psychology Allen, TX Thomas S. Hibbs Literature and PhilosoPhy College Park, MD y, a! fl 11:11! ..J. ., lg g 4 EC yunulhnlnl a . i . x ms. t .ytmymw 3mm M w x;

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