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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1981 volume:

1981 CRUSADER PUBLISHED BY THE CRUSADER STAFF OF UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS IRVING, TEXAS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR VICTORIA FARRINGTON KENDALL KELLEY ADVISER M. PATRICK DALY pleasantly pillaste: Edhy Saint Peter s. t int here of course e form must be broken, though with purpose for it Cannot contain that joyful time when heart was awoken; aWoke11 again, it must be giv 11 reign. mGrego an chants of the stuff of dre$ins forbid a ruins t0 eclipse that day, . xcept now with the sun set it truly seerhs hard to keep these memories from decay. But relentless change cannot take this prize: 1 a the knowledge that Rome 13 where the heart lies. a new season, ; r and brother r , both rhyme and. ea nib . sit ordan seemsto d9 '1 ernd, I E , 7'7 PEGGYJANP DAN " , BIOLOGY Department Chairman Sr. Clodovia Lockett Associate Professor Warren Pulich Assistant Professor David Pope Visiting Professor Carolyn Wills MATHEMATICS Department Chairman Roy Jacob Assistant Professor 20 Andrew Berner Secretary Ulrike Gasparian Assocmte Professor Bernard Asner A L Associate Professor Charles Coppin Visiting Professor Hal Willis CHEMISTRY Assistant Professor William Hendrickson Department Chairman ack Town Assistant Professor L Bialogy and Chemlsti'y m 21 Charles Eaker Secretary Beth Ann Wylie PHYSICS Department Chairman Fr. Benedict Monostori Instructor Sr. Marianne Beard Assistant Professor , ,L a, ; .r Richard Olenick Secretary Carol Mulry ECONOMICS Instructor Gerald McMillan Department Chairman Craig Bolton 22 Assistant Professor John Goodman Secretary Kate Holt PSYCHOLOGY Assistant Professor Angelyn Spignesi Professor Iames Hillman Associate Professor 23 Robert Romanyshyn PHILOSOPHY Department Chairman Fr. Gilbert Hardy Associate Professor Robert Wood Assistant Professor Mark Iordan Assistant Professor John Crosby Professor Frederick Wilhelmsen Associate Professor Emeritus Fr. Thomas Cain DRAMA :,$ Director of the University Theater and Associate Professor Department Chairman Iudith French Kelly Patrick Kelly Secretary Katie Carroll Secretary Sharon Hartman 25 THEOLOGY Department Chairman Fr. Peter Phan Associate Professor Bernard Batto Secretary Ieri Guadagnoli Assistant Professor Fr. William Finan Lecturer Daniel Luby Associate Professor Fr. Christopher Rabay Associate Professor Thomas Carroll Associate Professor James Patrick EDUCATION Secretary Suzie Arnold Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ' Hazel McDermott 27 Kathleen Martin FOREIGN LANGUAGES mam Secretary Zandra Gonzales Department Chairman Iames Fougerousse Assistant Professor of Spanish and History Alexandra Wilhelmsen Associate Professor of German Waltraud Bartscht Assistant Professor of Spanish Nicolas Toscano 5a Lecturer in German Heidrun Coleman 28 Lecturerkln Spanish Luellle Hefrera Assistant Professor of Classics David Sweet Associate Professor of Classics Fr. Placid Csizmazia Instructor in Italian Marina Simmons Professor of F rench Fr. Moses Nagy Lecturer in French Sr. Maria Hernandez Associate Professor of French Fr. Rudolph Zimanyi Assistant Professor of French I. Stephen Maddux 29 ENGLISH Department Chairman Raymond DiLorenzo Assistant Professor Eileen Gregory Assistant Professor Carl Berkhout Associate Professor Sr. Frances Marie Mannin a kg Professor Melvin Bradford 30 Secretary Connie Smith Professor Thomas Landess 33$ Associate Professor John Alvis Assistant Professor and Director of Contemplative Studies Kent Emery HISTORY w, Secretary Kay Pokladnik Department Chairman Iune Welch Professor Fr. Louis Lekai Assistant Professor F rancis Swietek 31 POLITICS Instructor Wayne Ambler Department Chairman Glen Thurow Associate Professor Jeffrey Wallin 3 , Associate Professor , yers Leo Paul deAlvarez Secretary Madeline M Assistant Professor Mark Lavatelli Assistant Professor Dan Hammett Professor Heri Bartscht Associate Professor Iuergen Strunck Financial Aid Office, Gerry Henry, Betty McDonnell, Switchboard Operators Director, and Mary Scherbarth F aye Lane and Sheila Chapman School Nurse Claire Manning Glynn Bunch 1 gggaetgrgb Graduate Office, Coordinator Helen Barbara deAlvarez, Alexis deAlvarez, and Corlin Coles Ambler ck Shelley, Ian 34 Reetkeiving Office, 1a 3 Davidson; and Sandra Hendrix L 2 i K1 1 k L x Athletic Director Rich Gaffney x m Business Office, Pat Barger and Kathy Howar Athletic Office Secretary Mary Anne Gaffney Director of Purchasing Wayne Bounds Purchasing Secretary Georgette Radford Controllers Office, Tracey Humphreys, Controller Mary Hug, and Joyce Dempsey 35 Director of Admissions Dan Davis Secretary Marge Cruse Kim Bush Jackie Davies 36 Dean of Students and Instructor of Philosophy Ron Muller Assistant Dean of Students M. Pat Daly i Doug Drake Bus Service Director Ted Karakekes Housing Maintenance Mike Malloy and Mike Harris 37 Facilities Director Jack Iohnson Horticulture Director Gayle Phillips Maintenance Crew: Shawn Brown, Ed Walls, Youkhanna - , - Ymikhanna, Iulio Garza, Steve Yatsko, L. I. Darden, Wesley Maintenance Secretary Linda Roman Wa ters and Bill Walker and Tony Hardy Post Office, Kit Pfaffenberger, Mumtaz Omer, and Sr. Patricia Wamser. N? p Fr.D0na1dFischer, Chaplain f u L i "V , wk, ChaplainB Secretary Dot Rouget Assistant Chaplain Marshall Voris Associate Director of Planning and Developing DIV 10591311 Rice Planning and Developing Secretary ; L ; Linda Sweetman Director of Planning and Development 39 Legare VanNess Betty Cole Acting President Svetozar Pejovich Vice-President and Director of Administration James Bellinghausen Secretary to the President Mari Hobdy Secretary to the Vice- President Del Hall Secretary to the Vice-President Renee Jarrett mt Academic Dean Thomas Iodziewicz Secretary to the Academic Dean Dottie Gricius 40 g..""W-.z u... 'Uk Graduate Dean Fr.David Balas Associate Academic Dean and Registrar Sybil Novinski Secretary to the Graduate Dean Trudy Smith Assistant to the Registrar Barbara Lunce Rome Coordinator Denise Schuler Secretary to the Registrar Diana Regan 41 The Bookstore, Iackie Bozeman, Manager, back row, Pat Bau- man, 13011118311333, andBetty Koby Director of Monastic Studies Sr. An- toinette Traeger Director of News and Information Dave Wright Secretary of Community Education Pam Clift Director of Community Educa- tion Sandra Connell a:- mu: Library Staff Rome Parents Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Curtsinger 42 Security, Director Bill Davis, Ioshua Ashenhart, and John Percell More Security, P. L. Iones, Gerald Wells, and Lyn Hardy Computer Center, Sandra Gibbs, Barbara Witte, Director Brenda Buchanan, Debbie Ragsdill, and Jana Saunders Fr. Chris is finally subdued! Dr. Olenick resists arrest during Charity Week. 43 MXQES Q5? ?33, ' 5::gi m wx 73 www$ , w mm d as V g mizm wsv $5; $2 , L - , 12:6 H ' .. ' L mx mg, L mg, mm PIE Vonda Kelly actually smiles on the way to Class. Fresh from Uncle June's class. CLASS OF 1984 Scott Shappell. Isn't this what lab is all about?" v V133; . , Ellen Bonness and Paul Iohn, uI thought he'd at least carry Katie Reilly, HTake me!" my bOOkS! x M; WW: $ 1 Jeff Gagne and Jim Kensinger, "I prefer the un-cola.' Stephen Kotara: a perfect balance. Theresa Channell and Carolyn Dlugos Donna LaPlaca and Tom Federer, "I'll protect you. Gary Sherwin looks after another innocent Freshman. Cheers! Keith McPherson and Elizabeth Clough Two Kathys on the mall. Christi Curnyn and Sheryl Greene HMaybe class was cancelled." Katie Kemper 3?! 1 dare you!" 48 Keith Woeltje HI hate unhappy endings." Harriet Ellinson uWhat did you say I'm eating?" Lynn Mason 49 Pam Martin, Amy Postert, and Steve Newton Softball Made Easy Darren Meyer and Luis Ardilla: Superjocks George Francis Ianis Drexelius and Maura Hughes 50 Mark Faulkner David Danley Yippe! I got a letter from my mommie!" Bottoms up! Jeannine Matuszewski 51 amuw Deana Cooper and Susan Griffith Dare me to climb through this window?" ; ;.. Kathy Pastor: Outstanding in her field. Kevin Gray: Outstanding in his field. 52 Janet Dobson HI hate roaches in my salad." z Bill Hoelscher "Glad they cut the grass for the game." Marty Salinas "Yea, I'm a stud." Chris DeVincentis HHonestly, I'll put it back." Vonda Kelly "1 don't come her very often. Honest." 53 Ioanie Redmond and Scott Baker Saundra Davis: Surprise! Z: Mary Beth Ritoch "Hee! Hee!" Mary Flaherty and Tim Couture Eileen Martin and Rich Weinmuller "I think Floundefs up to something." When Ed Renauer speaks, people listen. Dave Becherer and George Girardi "We are wild and crazy guys." Eric Johnson "Is she real?" 55 Lori Townsend "I don't believe you." Iulie Loupe in action CLASS OF 1983 u Cyndy Laino Ieff Baeuerle and his crutches 56 Melissa Simmons and Dan McCarthy HYep, Melissa." Christina Plugge ' Forget the form. I want some gelati." Why is Mike O Neil alwaysr'in a fog? Turned on and tuned out Momma Mia! That's Italian! Mary Lynass uIs this legal in Greece?" We're on the 14-meal plan. m , L a ikm 4 Lisa Stahler HAre th Laura Cervenka "I wonder what Romans I'll meet today." Iohnnie Ahne and Mark Smith HMark, have you ever heard me talking in my sleep?" 59 Q Chris Kacoroski and Michael Butler We thought this was UTD. Danny Theisen What are they doing?" Maureen Donohue and lim Frederick: don't make fun of invalids. We thought this was SMU. Typical UD male J11 Sue Anderson The Spring Romers W Cheryl Bowers, Molly Frisbee, and Sally Stubbs Mmm, mmm, fattening!" - D a m. Mkat"W b '?" ar 0 ers anna oogle Beth Dunn and Club Schmitzcome to UD. .1 7W3: I'm satisfied with my deodorant. Dr. Curtsinger "Look, it's my job." Betty Crocker, eat your heart out! Ring around the rosie . . . Don Rooney"1hear UD's thinking of buying this place." Glad we're not in Irving! Pam Benes: a case of lockj aw Robert Porter Mike Morris, Charity Week Poster Child Mr. Stoppini See? Pastry really does weigh more than air. 67 m ; Meg Bennett and Iohn Eastman Ian Olney "Who are you calling a bunny?" CLASS OF 1982 Karen Hamm Dear Mom,1g0tajob at the school library . . Tony Popek Susan Desmarais ActuaIly, I prefer Dannon." Kevm Wylie HBartenders have more fun." Mark Vakos: Pool Shark Cindy Bourbon a n d Charles Kasbarian Cindy, you can look at me." Karen Anderson When do we take off our clothes?" Bluto Steve Snodell "This is a great party." Laura, where did you rent the dress? 70 Chris Gerstung and Bob Zimmer Bruce Manilla "Do I really look like Marlon Brando?" Anne Seaver Yea, I'm happy!" w Steve Allen: IHomd Economics Major X Tony Monachello Where's the keg? What's my name? Who's my mother?" 71 Dara Varga: the Cover-Girl Look $23 Steve Nicksic: lost in thought Ignacio Salinas and Pam Cummins Pete Blute: you can turn off the hearing aids. 72 Tom Tucker and Terry Klaum: Undereaters Anonymous Drinkers one and all! Kevin Haumann Td rather be playing soccer." Deb Luther and John Combs I.C. You devillV' Margaret Lang HI think I'll have a thought today." Peggy Herboldt Fr. Placid and Jeff Patterson Looks like an alpha to me." 1 Deb Luther HPhew! Did somebody open the doors in Gregory again?" Loretta Martin Is that what I did?" 74 x J Mary O'Brien and Danielle Washington Ed Reusch Honey, when I'm President . . ." Ierry Brodish HBoy, it's hot up here!"-- Bryan McCrory 75 Donna Hanisch Steve Shappell a n z e r B A e C a f V. b a B n uDear Paula . .. ity Week Casino Ierry Haberkorn The Char Steve Newton "Step into my office." A Lee Ann Davis and Steve Pierret: isn't she engaged? Iim Stascavage HWhere's the rest of the team?" Is Sean Abell? a Mike Morris and Tracy Cloutier Hf you had a date like this, you'd have had a few drinks too." .. Vicki Farrington "Gee, my hair smells terrific!" Tom Whelan "I love yapping dogs." Ioey Peabody HDo you think I'm sexyT' lane Maher 79 Anne Morris: 3 Virginia Slim Drew Greenspan Adrianne Rogers and David Hebert Betsy Maguire and Laura Noonan Kevin O'Shea Theresa Tallas Hi there, fella." Stephanie Rogers and David Hebert HYou can't go out till you finish the dishes." Thelma Watts Yea, it's all me. 81 WWW r 1 ,1 i n Vuwwvmrfwr E, W, W. W1 WWW WWWWWWWmWWW 7. WWW; W m mmmwrmawwwww w W a m 3w. Vw WWW? WWWMVINQMWWMMW 81. WWWWM f 144 MKS, kn WWMWWWMMWWAX MWWM W L? 7, HM nMWNWl a5 22w W w? z WWW WWWWWW. 775.! Wk W H, W1 f r"! ,, MW V, V, 14 '1 WW, nautww a d, 1 WWW a, WWW m h WWW W E :3 W EWWWMN. Wu? WWME EWWVWW W raw WWW, 3 LV RAM W; W 172me W 4W WWW nMWmmWNWW WW 1V mew. J J, V W7 EvaWMW w FVMWWWVWWWM WWWWWWM w, fwawl; :me WWW , :4 WV A Jr WWAWW 2W .WWWMWWMMW a V WWW Wu AM a M a H, W ,MWWWWW H AWMWMI WWW M r m f WWWMWWWWIW WWW f WWWWWH WWWWWWW VF EzmmeWuTZ w WWWWWWWWW WWW , p14 WW Wart? ma WW?! WW, FMHWLVWWWLA ,MWVWWr: ,7 $wa mwwwi Wm. 7 34,10 WWW , zydyumumnyWWH W W WVA,WMWWWVWWW , w 4 h $4 WWW WWW WJWFV +3; V VLmJWM a, 7n WWW w 1 V ,MWMMWWMVW 3,4 , Nu WWEMWWMWW WWW? E IWMrr Maw 2 WWW kWWIMW WWW MVJJMVMMWQW WWW Wwwwwp ermw, J W WWWWWWWWWW WW 7 WWW MW W am. WWW WWW WWW? WW a; raw 5 WWanW, A MMWWW WWWWW? rat: k Mum WMI 1W3: W W 3 WM! ,w W4 ; MC W VI, Wm WW. w W 7 Wu 337,: IV WWWWVW 6 fr , I MWNWW W r meW E WW 5mm. Theresa Ann Ackels Psychology Dallas, Tex. Richard Bernard Adderley Psychology Nassau, Bahamas Elizabeth Ann Ahne Psychology Elm Grove, Wisc. Colleen Marie Albright Psychology Dallas, Tex. Theresa Marie Arciniega Literature Dallas, Tex. Cynthia Raquel Armstrong Biology Irving, Tex. Harold Paul Armstrong Econdmics Dallas, Tex. Ricardo Guadalupe Arredondo Secondary Education Robstown, Tex. Danielle Annette Arrieh Economics Elm Grove, Wisc. Ali Bagheri Biology Tehran, Iran Elizabeth Ann Baker History Scottsdale, Ariz. Samuel Long Baldwin Philosophy Dallas, Tex. Ann Madeline Bausch Literature Oxon Hill, Md. Stephanie Rose Begnel Elementary Education Tulsa, Okla. David Andre Benavides Economics Dallas, Tex. Alice Patricia Bennett Elementary Education Fairfax, Va. Alan Michael Berecka Literature Stittville, N.Y. Mark Hadley Bernhard Biology Austin, Tex. Paul Anthony Boer Chemistry Duncanville, Tex. Mary Edith Bonness Elementary Education Brookfield, Wisc. Cynthia Borbon Chemistry Dallas, Tex. Taylor Richard Bowlden Politics Cascade, Id. Rebecca Ann Braniff Psychology Oklahoma City, Okla. Carolyn Lee Bryant Biology Lone Oak, Tex. Carol Lynn Buchel Psychology Dallas, Tex. Kathy Lynn Burpo History Texas City, Tex. Jeff Cass Literature Valley Center, Calif. Michael Chester Castello Mathematics Laredo, Tex. William Virgil Cervera Drama Bronxville, N .Y. Arthur Calvin Chase, Ir. Politics Atlanta, Ga. Anne Frances Childs Drama Houston, Tex. Joseph Patrick Clary Philosophy Pittsfield, Mass. Maria Theresa Clausell Spanish Dallas, Tex. Laurel Anne Clowe Literature Dallas, Tex. Iohn Whittelsey Craig, III Psychology Dallas, Tex. Miriam Anne Cunniff Drama Lexington, Mass. Fred Milton Curtis Mathematics Las Vegas, Nev. Susan Elizabeth Cvitanovich Economics Greenville, Tex. Iohn Francis Donnelly Biology Marlboro, Mass. Joanne Patricia Duffy Drama Dallas, Tex. Iulia Dian Duggan F rench Richardson, Tex. Frances Cipolla Efaw Elementary Education Houston, Tex. Iulie Margaret Erken French Wichita, Kan. Jennifer Gerarde Fackler Elementary Education Louisville, Ky. Jennifer Mary F isk Elementary Education Dallas, Tex. Timothy Paul F lannery Politics San Antonio, Tex. Maureen Patricia F Ieming Economics. Dallas, Tex. Samuel Howard Fountain, Ir. Economics Troy, NY. Susan Winifred Frear History Fargo, N. D. Cheryl Lynn Frost Psychology Chauncey, Ohio William Homan Fulkerson, 111 Economics Dallas, Tex. Bridgett Teresa Gaines Economics Richardson, Tex. Melinda Ann Giovengo Psychology New Orleans, La. Michael Joseph Gontarz Psycholo Berwyn I . Claire Elizabeth Gonzales Literature Houston, Tex. Robert Luis Guerra Politics Dallas, Tex. Ioseph William Hanafee Economics and Philosophy Detroit, Mich. Patricia Rhodes Hardy Economics San Antonio, Tex. lack Daniel Harkins Politics Iackson, Miss. Margaret Fagan Harkins Mathematics San Antonio, Tex. James Edward Harris Literature Kingsville, Tex. Daniel Frederick Haynes Biology Carlsbad, N. Mex. Mary Ellen Hermann Philosophy St. Louis, Mo. Thomas Hesselbrock Economics Milwaukee, Wisc. Iudith Hession Politics Braintree, Mass. Claire Veronica Holland Psychology Doncan, Okla. Astrid Homan German St. Louis, Mo. Priscilla lane Hukki Theology East Machias, Maine Yoichiro Imai Economics Osaka, Iapan Antony Hisashi Ishihara Economics Kyoto, Japan Edwin Laurence Jacobs Biochemistry Newport Beach, Calif. Michael Kelvin Jason Psychology Edwardsville, Ill. Anita lean Iedlicka Mathematics Dallas, Tex. Robert McGregor Ienkins Economics Richardson, Tex. Thomas Anthony lobes Theology F ort Worth, Tex. Carolyn Faye Iohnson Literature Houston, Tex. Lonnie Douglas Jones History Ramseur, N .C. Michael Iohn Kalish Biology Carrollton, Tex. Kendall Martin Kelley Politics Winnetka, Ill. Theresa Diane Kelly Mathematics Mesquite, Tex. Charles Thomas Kern Economics Nazareth, Tex. Mary Diann Kleyweg Psychology Waukesha, Wisc. David Michael Koppa Economics Dallas, Tex. Thomas Ierome Kubala Mathematics Beaumont, Tex. Carl Francis Kuss Literature San Diego, Calif. Robert Lachance Psychology Oklahoma City, Okla. Iames Ronnie Lake Biology Dallas, Tex. Kathleen Mary Lawler Psychology Wauwatosa, Wisc. Marlon Frantz Levy Biology Taos, N. Mex. Ann Madonia Psychology Helena, Ark. Ann Patricia Malain Psychology Beaumont, Tex. Albert Augustine Malloy Economics Irving, Tex. Marsha Ann Martinez Biolo Terre , Tex. David Arthur McCullough Biology Garland, Tex. Elizabeth Mary McGinnis Biology Fort Worth, Tex. Robert James McGuire History Dallas, Tex. Mikail Marie McIntosh Literature Kansas City, Mo. Yun-Yong Kim McLain Politics Dallas, Tex. Peter Gerard Merkl Politics Missouri City, Tex. Susan Irene Moore Elementary Education Euless, Tex. Peter James Murphy, III Biology Dallas, Tex. Nguyen Van Nguyen Economics Dallas, Tex. Elizabeth Nipper Elementary Education Largo, Fla. Mary Josephine Njoku Chemistry Holly Springs, Miss. Maureen O Hare History Houston, Tex. Elizabeth Ann Otteman Economics Harlingen, Tex. Stephen Eugene Otto Politics Coon Rapids, Minn. Andrew Vincent Pederson History Palatine, Ill. Lyord D. Peters History Teague, Tex. Frances Pevehouse Psychology Belton, Mo. Edward John Phillips Elementary Education Wichita, Kan. Boris Ioseph Porto Biochemistry Arlington, Tex. Angela E. Redmond Psychology Jacksonville, Ark. Nancy Anne Reed Literature Yardley, Penn. Sara lane Riehart Literature Pampa, Tex. Melanie Anne Rockenhaus Literature Irving, Tex. Adrianne M. Rogers Economics Coral Gables, Fla. Bryan Iohn Rojek Philosophy Bellwood, Ill. Claire Lynn Ryan Psychology Colleyville, Tex. Ignacio Salinas, Ir. Psychology San Diego, Tex. Mary Elizabeth Santowski Biology Verona, Wisc. Robert Martin Schaefer Politics Penfield, NY. David Kimball Schlafly Psychology St. Louis, Mo. Catherine Mary Seifert Biology Beckley, W.Va. Gary Lee Sherwin Economics Wauwatosa, Wisc. Dona Clay Sloan Art Hot Springs, Ark. Thomas M. Snodell Biology Leawood, Kan. Ianet Denise Sobey Mathematics Richardson, Tex. 100 Francis Edward Stepnowski Economics Elmwood Park, Ill. Lyndel Annette Syuart Psychology Dallas, Tex. Roberto Cavazos Trevino Spanish Mathis, Tex. Lon Hong V0 Economics Dallas, Tex. Roy Brian Wadsworth Psychology Irving, Tex. Beverly Ann Wangler Elementary Education F ort Worth, Tex. Anne M. Ward Biology Glen Ellyn, Ill. Georgiann Ward Elementary Education Greenacres, Wash. Yolanda Lynn Ward Mathematics Greenville, Tex. Iill Weidenburner German Linden, NJ. Kathy Marie Wenzl Economics Oklahoma City, Okla. Beth Ellen Wiedemeier Secondary Education Sioux City, Iowa Pattie Ann Wiederkehr Theology Fort Smith, Ark. Danny Wong Biology Dallas, Tex. Debra Diane Wright Elementary Education Dallas, Tex. Linda Marie Wuller Economics Dallas, Tex. 101 Literature Bellevue, Wash. Spanish Dallas, Tx. Nancy Karin Wynn Monica Isabel Zamora Graduating Seniors Not Pictured Robin Dale Anderson Mathematics Lawrence Steven Andros Economics Sharon Gertrude Bailey Literature William Joseph Barker George B. Barksdale Psychology Bill Dennis Battles Economics Theodore W. Bedard Biology Eric Iay Beeby - Economics Anne Theresa Begonia - Psychology Harleigh Paul Clukey, Ir. Psychology Deborah Karen Colvin PsychologWPhilosophy Kenneth Odeal Craig, Ir. - Politics Dean Crabe - Economics Kevin Patrick Creley - Psychology Robert D. Dunn, Ir. Theology Daniel P. Ewald Theology John Russell Feist History Christopher Maurice Gangel - Art Robert Kevin Glasgow - Literature Mark David Goad - Art Iudy Carol Guerrero Psychology Nathaniel Joseph Guillory Psychology Robert Thomas Hansell Physicy Philosophy David Deleon Henderson Economics Deborah E. Houcin Psychology Douglas Allen Ieffrey - Politics Eugene Francis Johnson - Mathematics 102 Thomas Gerard LaCour - Literature Michael Anthony LaMendola Economics Sharian Dian MacDonald - Psychology Thaddeus Frank Mielcarz, Ir. - French Reza Moradi Economics Ioseph R. Mussell, Ir. - Economics Yuji Nishiyama Economics Ioseph Thomas Orchard Literature Maleli Emma Oropesa Art Miguel Basilio Paredes Philosophy Debra D. Ricks Literature Scott William Ritterling Psychology Kelly Fain Robbins Economics Ionathan Francis Rudolph History Debra A. Scott Psychology Curt A. Simmons Economics Iames Gudmond Stembler '- History lane Elizabeth Strickland Psychology Joseph Edward Strickland Philosophy Robert B. Storey - Philosophy Daniel Steven Sulpice Economics Suzanne Ilene Valenzuela Theology Matilda Elizabeth Walker Literature Mary Elizabeth Ward Literature Mark Edward Willett Psychology Iames Christal Woolley, Ir. - Art Martha Nabry Zeiler - Secondary Education REMEMBER WHEN . . . m 4a a w in These two were an item? Tim Flannery posed for Playgirl? Tom Hesselbrock felt good all under? Melinda Giovengo opened her mouth this wide? 103 AND WHEN . . . the Standa Men invaded the Rome campus? Andy Pedersen was saved by this note? the Seniors voted this g u y a s t h e i r Valedictorian? 104 AND FINALLY WHEN 3 Miss Ahne and Miss Pastor graced Augustine Hall with their beauty? Stephan Klimek realized his calling? the Senior class elected these Superlatives? Most Likely to Succeed . . Most Likely to Become President Most Likely Not to Graduate . Most Likely to Be a Professional Student. Most Likely to Receive the Dan Derdyne- Mark zeske Award Most Likely Never to Marry Best Dressed: Gu Best Dressed: Gir Best DrinkeHSenior Knight of Oblibion Best DrinkeMSenior Lady. of Oblivion Friendliest , V Wittiest . . Best Athlete: Gu Best Athlete: Gir . The Dr. Fedoryka Award: Most ILikeiy- to Have 8 Kids 1n 5 Years . Best Looking: Gu . , Best Looking: Gir BestCouple. . . . V .in Most Studiousv Most Likely to Become a Saint Big Mouth The Get- Around Award: The Person Who Has Dated the Most People. Brown- Noser Most Likely to be a Blue CrosstBlue Shield Poster Child tThe Most Accident Pronei Gregory 106 Occupants: Best Ch u . Mast Lingyer to Get Caught 1n an FBI Sting Most Likely to Commit an Ax Murder Honorary Milwaukeen . Most Likely to Become Owner of Diamond H Lounge Biggest Redneck Most Likely to Manage PDQ For the Girls: The guy You re Most Likely to Have a Fantasy About For the Guys: The girl You re Most Likely to Have a Fantasy About .Tom Kubala Hal Armstrong Bobby Jenkins Jeff Cass Terry Fulkerson Jim Harris . , Boris Porto Bridgett Gaines . Ioe Hanafee Cathy Seifert . Robert Lachance Hal Armstron Tom Hanse , , Beth Ahne .Dan and Peggy Harkins . . . Tom Hansell , Beth Wiedemeiser Marlon and Jud Levy . .Chery Frost Ann Ward Melinda Giovengo Bill Cervera Ieff Cass Iohn Donneily and Sam Fountain Ioe Hanafee Frank Stepnowski Frank Stepnowski Tom Hesselbrook Kathy Wenzl Tom Kern . Kendall Kelley , tHAll Senior GuysMi V Donna Beard 105 Student Government Officers: Tom Hansell, Parliamentarian; Ioe Clary, President; Claire Gonzales, Secretary; Frank Stepnowski, Vice- President; and Susan Cvitanovich, Treasurer. Sam Fountain "Who took my camera?" Melinda Giovengo and Robert Lachance: Dig those glasses! Angela Redmond at the Bookstore Couple Number Four: Tom Hansell and Mary Bonness Couple Number One: Kendall Kelly and Kathy Lawler Couple Number Two: Jody Duffy's legs Couple Number Five: Ioe Clary and Michel Lob 107 Deb Colvin, grader for Hieroglyphics 1301 Liz Nipper A1 Malloy 108 Stephanie Begnel and John Eastmen: Too bad neither one of Mike Lamendola them remembers it. Alan Berecka HWhat's an occupant?" Senior Good Guy Awards Good Guy Faculty Fr. Cain Good Guy Staff .. Mrs. Novinski Good Guy Guy - Robert Lachance Good Guy Girl ; Susan Cvitanovich Gretchen Berg, Mac Owens, and Steve Wolf 109 Melanie Rockenhaus Dan Harkins and Reverend Joe Clary "But Peggy, I promise the wedding was legitimate!" Iill Weidenburner Tom Kubala Taylor Bowlden and Cheryl Frost Taylor, quit tickling me!" 110 S t e v e Otto's day as presi- d e n t . HPat, I just can't see you working h e r e anymore." M g Mikki McIntosh Bill Cervera, Mim Cunniff, and John Forsythe: The Shakespearean Players 111 Pattie W'ederkehr "So, you wanna know why I Iudy Hessian, Frank Stepnowski, and Cathy Seifert uFrank. let me show you 3 came to UD?" real bicep." 3w. Iody Duffy and Iohn Forsythe: Urban Cowboy and City Girl Ali Bagheri uWhat passport?" Kathy Lawler HGee Kendall, thanks for the candid." Cathy Seifert "Cheese!" Iames Lake HI'm pre-med, leave me alone!" Tom Sourpuss' Snodell 4? "1p; 2 5 g $55, an 47 W i 54 m 711 MAM; WW I ,,, 5W W ,, ,', ,!,' 31, 67; WM 116 Susan Cvitanovich is the Great Pumpkin. Hugh O'Hara and Sa LoCoco on guard duty CHARITY WEEK The Class of '82 put on an extremely successful Charity Week this year. The theme was the Roar- ing Twenties. There was a Speakeasy, a casino, and a multitude of rough gangsters, along with the usual liquidation team, Talent Show, and the Alcatraz prison. The chairmen were Carl Lumley and Bill Moser, and the treasurer was Karen Dillabough. We always knew Dr. Bolton was all wet! Charles Ostermann and LeeLanham 117 The Sophomores entertain at the Faculty dinner Karen Hamm and Deb Luther at work on the posters A leisurely day at Alcatraz 118 Susan Sachel at the Speakeasy. 119 The Village Nuns Dr. Thurow gets taken off to jail. Chris McGehee, ladies man. Dr. Goodman gets liquidated. The cappuccino bar. John Combs at the Casino. Tom Tucker "These cards are marked." Sarah Merdian gets into the mood of Charity Week. Family Day 123 KING LEAR The UD Theatres Fall production was highlighted by the participation of Royal Shakespearean actor Paul Shelley. Mr. Shelley not only provided entertainment by portraying a most convincing Lear, but also coached the stu- dent cast. Such a production proved beneficial for both the students and Mr. Shelley. CHRYSANTHEMUM BALL The formal dance of the Fall, the Chrysanthemum Ball, was held in Texas Stadium for the first time. Numerous couples danced to a stage band which entertained many musical tastes. A spacious view of the interior of Texas Stadium complemented the environment of the ballroom. The stylish couples and satiating music made the evening one never to be forgotten. Amy Postert and Drew Greenspan are all smiles. Annette and Jeff Patterson, Adrianne Rogers, and Chris Butler ttLet us married folks show you how to really drink." Susan Cvitanovich HHe's stepping on my toes!" Robert Lachance and Hugh O'Hara "Robert. I said I'd lead!" Mary Bonness and Tom Hansell 126 Cathy Seifert and Lee Lanham HWanna slip away early?" Professor and Mrs. Hutt Maureen Fleming and A.I. Jackson tr i p t h e 1 i g h t fantastic. Stephanie Hightower and Tony Monacello Oh Tony, you're so romantic!" 127 Angela Redmond leads the way. And we thought disco was fun! Theresa Ackels searching for German beer. 128 OKTOBERFEST Mid-October came and so did the annual Oktoberfest celebration. A large group of students, faculty, and staff members joined for a fun night of polka-dancing, beer- drinking, and German folk songs. Because of the interest in the Bavarian lifestyle, this event has fast become a popular tradition at UD. Jackie Bozeman and Michael Butler: Bookstore Boogie. Bryan Rojek: Captain Kangaroo Reject. 129 CONSTITUTION PARTY Every year the Politics Department spon- sors a party honoring the signing of the Con- stitution. This year's celebration featured a delicious beef dinner, patriotic songs, and an inspiring speech by the Junior member of the department, Dr. Wayne Ambler. Dr. Ambler 130 RHETORIC CONFERENCE In October, a conference was held at U.D. 0n Rhetoric and American Statesmanship. The keynote address was given by Eva Braun, and other speakers included Walter Berns, Forrest MacDonald and a few of the professors from U.D.'s Politics Department. Eva Braun Harvey Mansfield Dr. Tom West Dr leffWal1in Peter Schram 131 Political fever hit the UD campus this elec- tion year as groups such as Pro-Life and the College Republicans worked on local and na- tional campaigns. George Bush and Ronald Reagan both visited Dallas in late October. The latter Visit was marked by a huge rally at SMU's Moody Coliseum, which many UD students attended, and saw the future President. Ronald Reagan George Bush "Can I hitch a ride to UD?" Governor Reagan at SMU Roy Rogers. who campaigned for the Reagan-Bush ticket. NEW YEARS PARTY Midnight Madness Iim Kensinger uI think he wants my champagne." Sam F ountain David Hebert and one of his many girls, Patty Murphy Hugh O'Hara I've fallen for you. Betsy." John Donnelly was the first person down to Groundhog Park that early February morning. But he was soon joined by scores of students, faculty, and staff who drank beer and ate the food supplied by Terry Fulkerson and the Student Government. Among them was Dr. F ougerousse, also known as the Old Groundhog himself. Alexis deAlvarez discusses politics with the Groundhog. ; K J L Mr. Farkle caters to everyone. SPRING We must look really stupid! OLYMPICS Kill that roach! Dr. lodziewicz: way out in left field. Tom Hansell and Mary Bonness "Are you French?" Buck Buck Bill Davis - U.D. Security carries a big stick. Robert Lachance HThis runs better than my T-bird." MCDERMOTT LECTURE This yeafs McDermott lecturer was Pro- fessor Paul Ricoeur from the University of Chicago Philosophy Department. Professor Ricoeur presented two public lectures, one at U.D. entitled Whilosophy in Language" and then at Temple Emanuel Auditorium in Dallas on The Symbolic Structure of Action." 139 Graduation week was a busy one for seniors, filled with final exams and various social activities. The an- nual Cistercian party was a great success, as Senior Superlatives were announced and the graduates-to- be were pampered with lots of homecooked Hungarian food. There was also the Mother-Daughter Tea, the Father-Son outing to Club Schmitz, the Presi- dent's Reception, Convocation, and Graduation itself. The next eight pages are a collection of some of the moments of Senior Week, a tribute to all the graduates of the class of 1981. We'll certainly miss you. w Beth Wiedmeier and Bob McGuire, t'Pinch me like that Carl Kuss and Donna Beard "You should see me in 3 again and I'll slap you." bathing suit." Becky Braniff and Mike Russo "Becky, these Cistercian 140 parties are great. Maybe I should consider the priesthood." Ann Madonia and Tom Kubala: like being at the right hand of God. lill Weidenburner: She still has her tonsils. :- ,i Nancy Wynn uIt's graduate school or bust for me!" ,4 , Yolanda Ward "Are you sure this tea isn't spiked?" Alice at the tea party. 141 Tom Hesselbrock Theresa Ackels "Mom, there goes that boy I met in Rome, Gilbert." Andy Pedersen HHey, I didn't know that you went to school here." Mike Kalish and folks "Four and zero years ago . . SENIOR AWARDS Cardinal Spellman Award winner Tom Hansell Excellence Award Winner Ed Jacobs Valedictorian Iohn Donnelly Facul Award and Helen Mayberry Awar WinnerMary Bonness Excellence Award Winner Kathy Lawler 143 Dr. Olenick Gee, I wish they'd give me a degree too." Matilda Walker: The smile of success Sean Martin "No, I'm not a bishop yet." Gary Sherwin "I did it, Morn!" Beth Wiedemeier 7 You missed, Beth. Manuwwmw, I Bishop Tschoepe and Anne Ward: two saints 146 Ed Jacobs Would you read this to me? I'm secretly illiterate." Sara Riehart Maureen Fleming Tom Hesselbrock requires a stepladder. Steve Slavic "Glad I'm wearing my Foster Grants." BASEBALL On the Mound ,2, Ag Scott Shappell Mike Lee backs up a play CRUSADER SOCCER Manuel Fernandez The Team: front row, Dave Mullins, Greg Roper, Barney Ricca, Coach Hank Meinster, Iohn Donnelly. Chris Tracy, Glenn Romualdo, and Robert Foran. Back row, Tom Hansell, Andy Palafox, Bill Moser, Alberto Rocha, Bob Jenkins, Manuel Fernandez, Gregg Cook, loe Hanafee, Ken Kesner, and Ed Reusch. 151 CROSS COUNTRY The team Torn Snodell Debbie Wilbanks David McCullough E L JL I R Male Athlete of the Year Tom Hansell Female Athlete of the Year Beth Ahne T O P TEAM 8 Football Senior Guys, Bohica Senior Girls, Pasta Power I Basketball Iunior Guys, NOMES Sophomore Girls, Lone Stars Softball Senior Guys, Small Stars Iunior Girls, Kansas City Playbabies Volleyball Senior Guys, Domes Senior Girls Soccer Senior Guys, Maribouchi Senior Girls, HelTs Belles 153 INTRAMURAL Mark Faulkner 154 Men's Football SPORTS Lonnie Iones n ,Misg George Francis "Strike!" Women's Football Melissa Richter, Terry Klaum, and Laura Noonan in the huddle. . 155 WINNERS K . Golf equals: lack Nicklaus and A1 Brezna Our new President 1 j . The Supreme Senior Team: front row, Iohn Donnelly. loe Hanafee, and Jeff Cass. Back row, Tim Flannery, Tom Han- sell. Bobby Jenkins, Mike Kalish, Gary Sherwin, and Hal Armstrong. LOSERS Carl Taylor. Who else? Theresa Tallas and her mummy. Would you believe this is their front line? Sorry Gubby! 157 i s ., Saundra Davis '1 think I have frostbite." Dannie Arrieh and Pat Gilmore Dr. Welch UOK, friends . w m Dr. Fougerousse. Dr. Wilhelmsen, and UL Maddux: The Language Dept. is a laugh a minute. Janis Drexeliusand Lynn Mason Cathy Seifert and Mike Gmaven Mike: Did I tell you I was neuter?" Cathy: Why do you think I'm here with you?" Charles Osterman n Nathan Wallin and Daisy Mae W h a t a h u n c h 0f curds! Lyle Novinski and one of his works of art The Science Crowd 51!, ,Isiuxiu Q L fa A , a t x .. u: f?ftit C x u a 3 ilaix a w T Dr. Batto and Mae West Fr. Cain HWill you come a-waltzing Matilda with me?" Marilyn Walker Happy Birthday Betsy Marshall! 5110 i1 Kevin Creley e amico 163 CRUSADER hm Editor - Vicki Farrington Advisor - M. Pat Daly Betsy Maguire - Photography is g , Iim Stascavage Photography and Iohn Eastman Photography and Captions 64 Developing 1 ' STAFF Ian Olney - Developing, Typing, and General Services Wright hand Sarah and Christina :- Photography Ioe Herde - Photography and Developing Pat Driscoll - Photography and Senior Nostalgia Idea Also Thanks To: Dr. Olenick Sam Fountain Bill Cavanaugh Iudy Hessian Tony Farrer Iohn Donnelly Ellen Runda Mike Russo Tony Ishihara Carl Taylor Chris Kacoroski Don Griffin and Especially Iohn Rooney! Ioe Clary h Developing, the Book's Kendall Kelley Photography Poem, and Creative Advice 165 166 INDEX Faculty and Staff Alvis. Dr, Inhn 31 Anderson, Sr. Joseph Marie 162 Ambler, Carlin 34 Ambler, Dr. Wayne 32.130 Arnold. Suzy 27 AshenhurL 1215011 43 Asner, Dr. Bernard 21 Balns, Fr. David 41 Burger. P211 35 Bnrlscht, Dr. Heri 33 Barlschl. Dr. Wullmud 28 Balm, Dr. Bernit: 26, 163 Buumun. Fat 42 Board. Sr. Marianne 22 Bellinghuusen, lames 40 Barkhuut, Dr. Carl 30 Berner, Dr. Andrew 20 Bollun, Dr. Craig 22,198,117 Bounds. Wayne 35 Bozemnn, Iackic 18,42,129 Bradford, Dr. Melvin 30 Brown Shawn 38 Buchanan. Brenda 43 Bunch, Glynn 34 Bush, Kim 36 Cain. Fr. Thomas 25.163 Culdwcll. Ioni 23 Carroll. Kenie 25 Carroll, Fr. Thomas 27 Cuvnnaugh, Bill 36 Chapman, Sheila 34 Clift. Pam 42 Clmlfuher, Dr. Cherie 27 Cole. Betty 39 Cnluman. Heidrun 28 Cnles. Barbara 34 Cunnell. Sandra 42 Cnppin, Dr. Charles 21 Crosby, Dr, John 24 Cruse, Marge 36 C zmuxia. Fr. Placid 29, 74 Curtsingur. Bnrhnru 42 Curlsingur, Dr. Eugene, 42, 64 Curlsingnr. Shelly 58 Duly. M. Pm 37, 111,164 Dm'tlen, L. l. 38 Davidson, lunn 34 Davies. Iackie 36 Davis, Bill 43.138 Davis, Dun 36, 136 deAlvnruz, Helen 34 tluAlvumz. Dr. Len Paul 32,130 Dempsey, Iuym: 35 DiLnrunzo. Dr. Raymond 30 Drake, Doug 37, 158 Euknr, Dr. Charles 21 Emery. Dr, Kent 31 Fudurykn, Dr. Damian 24.147 Finun, Fr. William 26 Fishcher. Fr. Dan 39 Fungarousw. Dr. Iim 28,134,135,161 Gufl'ncy, Rich 35 Gummy, Mary Annu 35 Garza. 111116 38 Guspdrinn, Ulrike 21 Gihlrs. Sandra 43 Guntlmum Dr. john 23,121 Cumulus. Zumlru 28 Gregory, Dr. Eileen 30 Cricius, Doltie 40 Guadngnoli. Ieri 26 Hull, Del 40 Halsteml, Dr. Robert 27 Hammett, Dr. Dan 33 Hardy, Fr. Gilbert 24 Hardy, Lyn 43 Hardy, Tony 38 Harris, Mike 37 Harlman, Sharon 25 Hendrickson, Dr. William 21 Hendrix, Sandra 34 Henry, Gerry 34 Hernandez, Sr. Maria 29 Herrera, Lucille 28 Hillmnn,Dr.lames 23 Hobdy, Mari 40 Hull, Kane 23 Howard, Kathy 35 Hug, Mary 35 Humphreys, Tracey 35 Hull, Dr. William 127 lrani. Yasmin 24 lacoh. Dr. Roy 20 Iarretl, Renee 40 ludzicwicz, Dr. Tom 40,137 Johnson, luck 38 lanes, P. L. 43 lordan, Dr. Mark 24 Kamkekes, Ted 37 Kelly. Iudilh French 25 Kelly, Dr. Pat 25 Koby, Betty 42 Landess, Dr. Tom 31 Lavalelli, Dr. Mark 33 Lehrberger. Fr. Jim 63 Lekai, Fr. Louis 31 Locketl, Sr. Clodovin 20 Luby, Dan 26 Lunce, Barbara 41 MacMillan, Dr. Gerald 22 Maddux, Dr. Steve 29,161 Mallny, Mike 37 Manning, Sr. Frances Marie 30 Martin, Dr. Kathleen 27 Matlison, Lysa 36 McDermmI, Dr. Hazel 27 McDonnell, Bcny 34 Munustnri, Fr. Ben 22 anl, David 37 Muller. Run 37 Mulry, Caml 22 Mundell, Sue 33 Myers. Madeline 32 Nagy, Fr. Moses 29 Nardnni, Fr. Enrique 26 Nnvinski, Lyle 33,167 Nuvinski, Sybil 41,48,160 Olenick, Dr, Richard 22. 43, 60, 144 Omar, Mummz 38 Owens, Dr. Mac 23,109 Pmrick. Dr. Iames 27 Pejuvich, Dr. Sveluzur 18, 40 Percel, Iohn 43 Pfaffenbergcr, Kit 38 Phnn, Fr. Peter 26 Phillips. Gayle 38 Plan. Dr. Michael 30 Pukladnik, Kay 31 Pope, Dr. David 20 Pulich, Dr. Warren 20 Rubny, Fr. Chris 26, 43, 113 Rudfnrd, Georgultu 35 Ragsdill, Debbie 43 Regan, Diana 41 Rice, Ice 39 Roman, Linda 38 Romanyshyn, Dr. Robert 23 Rougel, D01 39 Russo, Mike 36,140 Saunders, Ianzl 43 Scherbarlh, Mary 34 Schuler, Denise 41 Shaffer, Donna 42 Shelley, Iackie 34 Simmons, Marina 29,162 Smith, Connie 30 Smilh, Trudy 41 Spignesi, Dr. Angelyn 23 Stoppini, Francesco 67 Slrunck, Dr. Iuergen 33 Sweet, Dr. David 18, 29 Sweetman, Linda 39 Swietek, Dr. Francis 31 Thuruw, Dr. Glen 32,120,130 Toscano, Dr. Nicolas 28 Towne, Dr. lack 21 Traeger, Sr, Antoinette 42 Van Ness, Legare 39 Voris, Marshal 39 Walker. Bill 38 Walker, Marilyn 163 Wallin, Dr. Jeff 1932.131 Walls, Ed 38 Walters, Wesley 38 Wamser,Sr.Pa1 38 Welch, Dr, lune 31,160 Wells, Gerald 43 West, Dr, Tom 32,131 Wilhelmsen, Dr. Alex 28,161 Wilhelmsen, Dr. Fritz 25 Willis,Dr1Hal 21 Wills, Dr. Carolyn 20 Wine, Barbara 43 Wood, Dr. Bob 24 Wright, Dave 42, 165 Wylie, Beth Ann 21 Yalsko, Steve 36 Youkhanna, Youkhanna 38 Zimanyi, Fr. Rudolph 29 Students Ahell. Sean 73,78,135 Abraham, Deb 155 Ackels, Theresa 84,128,142 Adderley, Richard 84 Ahne. Beth 84,105,153 Ahne, Johnnie 59 Albert, Mike 70 Albright, Colleen 84,113 Albright,Ka1hy 48 Allen,Stevc 71 Anderson, Karen 70 Anderson, Sue 62 Arciniega, Theresa 84 Ardilla, Louis 50 Armstrong, Cyndy 84 Armstrong, Hal 84,156,157 Arredondo, Ricardo 84 Arrieh, Danielle 85,112,160 Bears, Ellie 70 Baeuerle. Ieff 56 Bagheri, Ali 85,112 Baker, Liz 85 Baker, Scott 54 Baldwin, Sam 85 Bausch, Ann 85 Beard, Donna 140 Becherer, Dave Begnel, Stephanie Benavides, David Benes, Pam Bennett, Alice Bennett, Meg Berecka, Alan Berg. Gretchen Bernhard. Mark Blute, Pete Boer. Paul Bonness. Ellen Bnnness. Mary Borbon. Cyndy Bowers, Cheryl Bowlden, Taylor Braniff, Becky Breznu, Al Brndish, Jerry Brodish, Robert Bryant, Carolyn Buchel, Cnml Burpo, Kalhy Butler, Michael Cass. luff Cnstello, Mike Cerven kzl, Laura Cervera, Bill Channel, Theresa Chase, Arl Childs. Anne Clary, Joe Clausell, Maria Clough, Elizabeth Cluulier, Tracy Clowe, Laurel Colvin, Deb Combs, John Cook, Greg Cooper, Deana Couture, Tim Craig, Iuhn Creley, Kevin Cummins. Pam Cunniff. Mim Curnyn, Christi Curtis, Fred Curlsinger, Mary Cvilanovich, Susan D'Amore, Tom Davis, Lee Ann Davis, Saundra deAlvarez, Alexis Desmarais, Susan DeVincentis, Chris Dlugos, Carolyn Dohsnn, Janet Donnelly, John Donahue, Maureen Drexelius, Innis Driscoll, Pal Duffy, Jody Duggzm lulia Duncan, Debbie Dunn. Beth Eastman. Iohn Efuw, Frances Ellinson, Harriet Emerson, Mark Erken, Iulie Fackler, Jennifer Farrer, Tony Farrington, Vicki Faulkner, Mark 55 85, 109 85 66 85, 141 68 86, 109 109 86 72 86 46, 140 86,103,107,126,138,140,143 69, 86 63 86, 110 86, 140 76, 156 75 51 86 87 87 60, 129 87, 111, 156 87 59 87, 111, 140 47 87 87 87,106,107.110,144,165 88 48 78 88 108 73, 122 151 49, 52 54 88 163 72 88, 111 48 88 162 68,106,108,116,126 137 77 54, 160 34,134 69 53 47 53 88,104.143,151.156 61 50, 161 165 89, 107, 112 89 49 63 69, 109, 164 89 49 79 89 89 77 79, 164 51, 151 Federer, Tom 47 Fernandez, Manuel 151 Fisk, Jennifer 89 Flaherly, Mary 54,154 Flannery, Tim 89,103,156 Fleming, Maureen 89,127,147 Furan, Robert 151 Forsythe, John 111,112 Fortier, Jeanne Marie 65 Fountain, Sam 89,106,133 Francis, George 50. 155 Frear, Susan 90 Frederick, Jim 61 Frisbee. Molly 63 Frost. Cheryl 90, 110 Fulkerson, Terry 90, 134, 135 Gagne. Jeff 47 Gaines, Bridgett 90,145 Gerstung, Chris 71 Gibbons, Lisa 162 Gilmore, Fat 160 Giovengo. Melinda 90,103,106 Girardi, George 55 Gnntarz, Mike 90 Gonzales, Claire 90,106 Gowski, Diane 152 Gray, Kevin 52 Greaven, Mike 161 Green, Sheryl 4B Greenspan, Drew 80,126 Griffith, Susan 52 Guerra, Robert 90 Haherkorn, Jerry 7B Hamm, Karen 68,74,118 Hanafee, Ice 91, 145, 151. 156 Hanisch, Donna 76 Hansen, Tom 106,107,126,138,140,143,151,153,156 Hardy, Patricia 91,107 Harkins, Dan 91,103,110 Harkins, Peggy 91 Harnden, Susan 162 Harris, Iames 91 Haumann, Kevin 73 Haynes, Dan 91 Hebert, David 80,81,133 Herbuldt, Peggy 74 Herde, Ioe 165 Hermann, Mary 91 Hesselbrock, Tom 91,103,142,147 Hessian, Iudy 92,112,130 Hightower, Stephanie 127, 149 Hoelscher, Bill 53 Holland, Claire 92 Homan, Astrid 92 Hughes. Maura 50 Hukki, Priscilla 92 Imai, Yoichim 92 Ishihara, Tony 92 Jackson. A. J. 127 Iacobs, Ed 92,143,146 Jason, Mike 92 Iedlicka, lean 93 Ienkins, Bobby 93,148,151,156 lobes. Tom 93 Johnson, Carolyn 93 lohnson, Doug 81 Johnson, Eric 55 lanes, Lonnie 93,155 Kacnroski, Chris 60 Kalish, Mike 93,142,156 Kasbarian, Charles 69 Kelley, Kendall 93,107,144,165 Kelly, Theresa 93 Kelly, Vonda 46, 53 Kemper, Kalie Kensinger. Iim Kern, Charles Kesner, Ken Klaum, Terry Kleyweg, Mary Klimek, Stephan Koehler, Nancy Koppa, Davis Kmara, Steve. Kubala, Tom Kuda. Mike Kuefler,Ju1ie Kuehhas, Steve Kuss, Carl Lachance, Roberl Laino, Cyndy Lake, James Lamendola, Mike Lang, Margaret Lanham, Lee LaPlaca, Donna LawIer, Kathy Lee, Michael Levy, Marlon LoCoco, Sal Luupe, Julie Lumley, Carl Luther, Deb Lynass, Mary Madonia, Ann Maguire. Betsy Maher, lane Malain, Ann Malloy, Al Manilla, Bruce Marshall, Betsy Marlin, Eileen Martin, Loretta Martin, Pam Marlin, Sean Martinez, Marsha Mason, Lynn Mattox. Sue Matuszewski, Jeannine McAndrew, Anne Marie McCarthy, Dan McCrary, Bryan McCullough, David McGehee, Chris McGinnis, Liz McGuire, Bob McIntosh, Mikki McLain, Yun-Yong McMullen, Anna McPherson, Keith Merdian, Sarah Merkl, Pe1e Meyer, Darren Monachello, Tony Moore, Susan Morris, Anne Morris, Mike Morrison, Doug Moser, Bill Mullins, Dave Murphy, Jim Murphy, Patty Newton, Steve Nguyen, Nguyen Nicksic, Steve Nipper, Liz Njoku, Dodo Njoku, Mary 48 47,133 94 151 72, 155 94 105 77 94 47 94. 110,140 62 55 51 94, 140 94, 106, 126, 138 56 94, 113 109 73 117, 127 47 94,107, 113,143 45, 130. 150 95 116 56 69 73, 74, 118 58 95, 140 80, 164 73, 79 95 95, 108 71 163 55 74 44, 50 145 95, 111 49,161 73 51 49 57 75 95, 152 120 95 95, 140 96, 111 96 77 48 78, 123 96 50 71, 127 96 80 67, 78 79 78,80, 151 151 96 133 50, 177 96 72 96, 108 69 96 167 168 Nmmzm. Laura O'Bl'ivn. Mary 01H.1m.llugh O'Hara. Muurm-n Olney. 12m 01Neil. Mike U'Shml. Kathy U'Shml. Kavin Oslm'munn. Charles Ollemun,L12 0110,Sleve Pulu 111x. Andy Pastor, Kathy Pullersnn, Annette Patterson. Ieff Peabody, Int: Pedersen, Andy Palm's. Lyon! Puvuhouse. Fran Phillips. Ed Pierrel. Stew: Plugge. Chrislinu Pupsk. Tony Pnrler, Ruherl Porto. Boris Pnsterl. Amy Redmond. Angeli! Redmond. qunie Reed. Nancy Reilly. Katie Renauer. Ed Reusch. Ed Riccn, Barney Richter, Melissa Ritahurt, Sara Rilnch. Mary Beth Roberts. Mark 70, 80, 110. 125, 08, 97. 74. 15 m 91 m 13 97 165 61 48 80 L: ".161 97 111 151 52 120 120 44. 79 97. 104. 50, 98, 106, 75. 98. 142 97 97 97 77 57 68 97 126 128 54 98 4G 55 151 151 155 146 54 63 Rocha, Al erkunhuus. Melanie Rogers.A1lrinnne Rogers, Slephnniu Rojek. Brynn anuuldn, Glenn Rooney. Don Roper, Greg Ryan. Claire Sachel, Susan Salinas. Ignacio Salinas, Marty Sanmwski. Mary Beth Schaefur. David Schlufly, David Seavur. Anne Scifert.Ca1hy Shappell, Scan Shappell, Steve Sherwin, Gary Simmons, Melissa Slavic, Steve Sloan, Donna Smith. Mark Snndell, Steve Snndell, Tom Sobey, Janet Slahler, Lisa Stascavage. lim Stepnowski. Frank Stuart, Lyndel Stubbs, Sally Tallas. Theresa Taylor, Carl Taylor, Claudia Theisen. Danny Townsend, Lori 151 98 80, 98, 120 81 98, 129. 135 151 99 99, 107 71 99,112.113,127.161 46, 150 76, 135 47, 99, 145, 156 57 147 99 59 70 99, 113. 152 99 59 77, 164 100,100,112 100 68 81, 157 157 77 60 56 Tracy. Chris Trevinu,Rubcr1 Tucker. Tum Vnkos. Mark Varga. Dara V0, Lon Wadsworth, Roy Wangler. Bev Ward. Anne Ward. Georgiann Ward. Yolanda Washington. Danielle Watts, Thelma Weidenbumer. Iill Wenzl, Kathy Whelnn, Tom Wiedemeier. Beth Wiederkehr, Pattie Wilbanks, Debbie Winchell. Iohn Woeher. Lynn Woeltje, Keith W011.Sleve Wong, Danny Wright. Debra Wuller, Linda Wylie, Kevin Wynn, Nancy Zamora. Monica Zimmer, Bob Friends Bush. George Reagan, Ronald Rogers, Roy Wallin, Nathan 151 100 72,122,148 69, 74 72 100 100 100 100.140 100 101. 141 75 81 ,110.141 101.141 79 ,140.140 101,112 152 49 75 49 109 101 101 101 89 102,141 102 71 10 A 10 ..- 132, 156 132 161 . .2. r ' :1 n

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