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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1976 volume:

UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS CRUSADER 1975-1976 7mm Blakley iihrary ?aniuzrzity of 3991195 w . 9,. :eqari-iw 1. 1;.Mm:a.:r .. $1 w mQ . 2 , ., .. $.?ng , . xxxxkxxx 33352.3 , . xQxx xxxxxx$QQ3: . .. v . .. ...gmrgwmu. r... dggs. . . . . $ Nxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx? . . . s $$ $ 0xa Rx x x xxxxxxxx xxS Qxxx m. aw b . ., xix .. ... $$$$st ... .. .:. $$T V ..i x .....u. "Pucm. $mkxxxx '5: 5; x.x TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ........... 14 ' EVENTS ..................... 18 + SPORTS ................ t ..... 36 FRESHMEN .................. 42 SOPHOMORES .............. 56 3 DEPARTMENTS .............. 70 DORM LIFE ............. ....140 ORGANIZATIONS ...... . . . .148 l 1 1 N- T - : In its twentieth year the University of Dallas continues to grow. This growth is evidenced by new physical facilities, such as the Haggar University Center and the tennis courts, as well as by attitudes which seek to establish a community of students, faculty and administration. Ia... xl? .5 :I : .. . v ..!x ,3. 13 n gt 41.1. x a .1. .. A ' .! A: 13. 11...! A la? .32.; x931; c .rb. .SkII .3 : cl! gbxi . .xuav .q! E x v I.?A ,: alff..5l. ?..311 c z... :31... i , 12 frrx:r.:rx.;1r x; t; s; l .. . .:Vl41112ilt.t .71 . LL 1 E. 3.: 5; tr .7 iv x; .7 . K5iffFErFVbUr Enfkn I i r x: I :7 IllrllleFrr Ix.xir.7$2,3777r..r$ .1 lxlxl..ltlf V.sgss,-lial.lian1 34 II .11, .J ; 7.....D...I$3.9.94t29.a52 9.. 3.! x; Cowan. Dr. Donald Cowan. 186 u m L D w TO Hm LB ,x: , 9 VV wwmuw: .: VM.. v .1, . LR: stumf: : KG: .3 b. k :AWVJKX x V 13 RIGHT: Sue Rose, News and Information. BELOW LEFT: John Watson, Security. BELOW RIGHT: Fr. Donald Fischer, Chaplain. LEFT: Dr. James Fougerousse, Dean of Students. BELOW: Randy Eubanks, Director of the Computer Cen- ter. 18 At the beginning of each year freshman girls are appropriately welcomed by a cavalcade of famous UDers. Upperclass girls plan and act in this yearly event. In hopes of bettering student- faculty relations, Student Gov- ernment sponsored a seminar with that aim in mind. A vari- ety of activities from baseball to chess included many UDeIs. OPPOSITE PAGE: ABOVE: Ralph Bergeron, Teresa Wisian, Walter Manning, Margaret Gallia, Lon Jaffe. LEFT Mr. Hasler. RIGHT. Dr. Fedoryka. ABOVE LEFT: Steve Malouf, Maureen Bozell, Kevin Kelly. ABOVE RIGH Dr. DiLorenzo, MI. Hasler, Dr. Romanyshyn. LEFT: Karl Gallant, Pat Donoghue. OCTOBERFEST ABOVE LEFT: Kevin Kelly and Brent Bozell empty the kegs. ABOVE RIGHT: Juana Estrade cheerfully serves beer. RIGHT: The Peppermint Orches- tra plays for Octoberfest. CHARITY WEEK The Wild West theme of Charity Week transformed UD into a frontier town. This annual fund-Iaising event sponsored by the Junior class included the customary jailing of teachers, slave auction, dunking booth and, of course, much drinking in the saloon. Many also partici- pated in the weekend games and e movies, a new event that was open 3W " e v - to the public. TOP: Students enjoying a concert. LEFT: Ralph Bergeron and Teresa Wisian. ABOVE RIGH Randy Eubanks. ABOVE LEFT. Dr. DiLorenzo. RIGHT: Dr. Schram and DI. Welch. . nylon... 154' 17,; Cowan holds class in jail. Gregory: winner of the BELOW LEFT: Dr . BELOW RIGHT: Dennis Collins, Jay Gude- n. LEFT: DI shoI-drinking contest . ma -m....mLaghiumhi. TOP: Skip Garcia gets spoon-fed in jail. ABOVE LEFT: Stella Rodrigez. Kati Lewis. RIGHT: Finally, an appropriate place for Lon Jaffe. LEFT: Julie Healy, Luanne McKinnon, Linda Boosahda, Roger Mendez, Nancy Rehme, Terry Winz, Ginger Roe, Bonnie Vela. BELOW RIGHT: Dan Nelson and friend. BELOW LEFT: The cafeteria staff gets what's coming to them . ABOVE RIGHT: Lorraine Adrian in jail. ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Jane Brown emcees the slave auction. RIGHT: Roger Mendez. PEAKERS ABOVE LEFT: Prof. Warren Nut- ter. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Jack Carroll. LEFT: Dr. Eric Voegelin. 29 The Lecture and Fine Arts Committee, as well as various departments, brought many fine speakers to UD. Topics varied from "The Illness and Death of Vladimir Lennin" by Dr. John Moossy to "Joy and Anxiety" by Eric Voege- lin. TOP: Dr. Walton. ABOVE LEFT: William Manchester. RIGHT: DI. Moossy. 30 x xxx: x HEDDA GABLER CAST: Hedda: Mary Tinning George Tesman: Joe Parker Eilert Loevborg: Jerry Marshall PLOT: Hedda, recently married to the scholar George Tasman, cannot escape a strong identification with her late father and the heritage of his military caste, nor can she adjust to the routine of middle-class life: she has dreams of shaping a human destiny. Her energies are turned to her former suitor, the brilliant but unstable Eilert Loevborg. UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS LIBRARY T B M EL H C L A E H T LEAST: Subtle, a rogue posing as an alchemist: Scott Halket Face, Butler to Lovewit: Jerry Marshall Dol Common, their accomplice, Mary Tinning CROUNDHOC DAY Despite injuries ranging from a broken ankle to a black and blue eye, and despite all the colds and sore throats suf- fered due to changes in weather, every- one enjoyed drinking their way through Groundhog Day. This year's Groundhog was the most profitable as well as the most highly attended in UD history . TOP: Sophomores enjoying themselves at Groundhog park. ABOVE LEFT: David Wright, Dan Gallagher, Marty Sheridan, Pat Almonrode, Richard Moss. RIGHT: Eileen Sweeney. ABOVE LEFT: Terry Rogers, Melanie Wells. ABOVE RIGHT: Too much beer and too little sleep. LEFT: Drinking around the campfire. .st . .. . . s . '6 N A . jspoms p '. 4 mC-iwww ' v LEFT: Coach Bowles. BELOW LEFT: Steve Eberhardt. RIGHT: Mike Tabolka and James Talafuse learn all about baseball . . . BELOW: Randy Markel. BELOW RIGHT: Coach Gaffney. V 7 , ; V '" " '$' "M . muttei 82'? 'W r9: , 4.. ABOVE LEFT: UD baseball in action. Internlurals can be fun??? gigs??? f3, EL M A G A T S U J ITS LEFT: Stan Pinkham. BELOW RIGHT: Lee Velasquez. BELOW LEFT: Chris Grof, Gerard Gabel. RIGHT: Teresa Arata, Mary Louise Lynch. BELOW: Mark Rusch, Pat Horne, W. Tad John- ston, Peter Knapp. . W ABOVE LEFT: Betsy Pusateri . ABOVE RIGHT: Yolande Sheri- dan. LEFT: Tom Gylys, Dennis Albright, Jim Flaherty, Mike Nieswiadomy, Mike Schaeffer, Chris Bradley, Jeff Myers. 45 TOP: Jack Evens, Greg Ahern. ABOVE: Monika Paulo, Erika Williams, Mary Ward. RIGHT: Elizabeth Laky. ABOVE LEFT: Betsy Pusateri. ABOVE RIGHT: Debbie Prachyl, Paul Koenig. LEFT: Mary Louise Lynch, Terry Quinn, Betsy Pusateri, Anne MacDonald, Yolande Sheridan, Cheryl O'Con- l'lOI . Roman Plugge . J . h S e I f Y h a a r e m a c f o e 1 P u o c A T F E L W O L E B e y M an. C J n H G m .w an mB RIGHT: Brian Spillane ABOVE LEFT: Denise Grassmuck. ABOVE RIGHT: Diane Wallace, Elaine McArdle. LEFT: Molly Campbell, Dolora Wojciehow- ski. ABOVE RIGHT: Bruce Wright. RIGHT: Teresa Zitaglio. Melissa Bartholo- mew . I WWW" WV "It; LEFT: Will Erken, K. C. Hansen, Pat Wilson, Roman Plugge. BELOW: W. Tad Johnston, Melissa Citovic, Chris Grof, Mark Rusch, Kim Johnstone. RIGHT: Freshman eating on the patio. BELOW LEFT: Vicki Abel, Barb Adelmann. BELOW RIGHT: Trusty John Czaplewski. 1?:wa 36 leen Sweeney. dan. Ei leen Sweeney. 1 TOP: Yolande Sher i E LEFT : Terry Loesch ABOVE RIGHT: ABOVE LEFT: William Armstrong, Mike Danehy. ABOVE RIGHT: Bill Lundberg. RIGHT: Ellen Senderling, Mary Conner, Ann Ostermann, Mary Ehart, Anne Mary O'Reilly. ABOVE LEFT: Paulina Van der Gracht, Julie Cannon, Jamie McDermott, Jeff Myers. ABOVE RIGHT: Crystal Curry, Laurie Dekat. LEFT: Barb Adelmann. MORES w; ' - ft , TOP: Evelyn Richard. LEFT: Mary Jo Lemming, Janet Hill, Debbie Larson, Virginia Guillory , Miriland Cash . ABOVE: Fr. Hardy, Chris Manion, Mike Treadway, Mr. Steppini, Mrs. Steppini, Dr. Dupree, Mrs. Dupree. ABOVE RIGHT: Ron Biela. ABOVE LEFT: Ric Derdeyn, Dan Ewald. Evelyn Richard. RIGHT: Dave Richards, Mark Cooper, Mike Russo. and Nancy Luster picnicking at Had- rian's Villa. LEFT: Sophomores in Greece. BELOW: Paul Senter, Janet Ross, Duke Flood, DI. Dupree, Bearcat Cantu. TOP: Steve Villanueva, Bruce Zimmerman. ABOVE LEFT: Shelley Bartholomew, Ron Biela, Mike Russo, Dave Richards. RIGHT: Chris Manion, Mary Helen Bush, Mary Jo Lemming, Paul Senter, Manny Valenza. 60 TOP: Ellen Gahl, Tracy Seeley, Mary Helen Bush, Steve Slavik, Heather Horn. LEFT: Bruce Zimmerman, Dave Lyke, Geno Wolande. ABOVE RIGHT: Nancy Luster, Andrea Brown. RIGHT: Stephanie Gerard. BELOW LEFT: Janet Ross, Duke Flood. BELOW RIGHT: Phil Sontag, Janet Hill, Evelyn Richard, Mary Helen Bush. Kathy Tidwell, Debbie Andelman, Dave Lyke, Ellen Gahl, Duke Flood , Mary Jo Lemming, Steve Slavik, Stephanie Gerard. TOP: Roger McCaffrey, Beth McNally. ABOVE RIGHT: Bob Silva, Bruce Zimmerman, Mary Jo Lemming, Phil Sontag. LEFT: Paula Fisette. RIGHT: Maria Reyna . BELOW LEFT: Dave Richards, Mike Russo, Ron Biela. BELOW RIGHT: Bearcat Cantu, Giovanni, Mark ABOVE LEFT: Vinnie UmphIess. ABOVE RIGHT: Karen Friedrichs, Mary Biedeger, Mike Marrs, Yvonne Leake. LEFT: Debbie Nelson, Lori Heffernan. u...- -..... .....-... M ...-.. TOP: Cheryl Martin, Betsy Lang. ABOVE LEFT: Shelley Wright, Lisa Federer, Mary RIGHT: Laura Hutchins, Nancy Collins, Meg Dillinger. ABOVE LEFT: Ann Brumleve. ABOVE RIGHT: John Bellamy. LEFT: Sue Ferris. RIGHT: Michael Schroer, Pat Tracy, Robin Anderson. ABOVE RIGHT: Debbie Mad- sen, Kris Kolesnik. ABOVE LEFT: Karen Friede- richs. RIGHT Michelle Gersich, Mary Bledeger. LEFT: Yvonne Leake, Elena Reyna. Terry Kniep . BOTTOM LEFT: Dorothea Brandt, Mike Malloy, BOTTOM RIGHT: Claire Utz. ABOVE: Bonnie Vela, Virginia Esteve. LEFT: Lyle Novinski. 71 RIGHT: Printmakers David Wright, Pat Almonrode . BELOW: David Fiegenschue. ABOVE LEFT: Lyle Novinski. ABOVE RIGHT: Peggy Bossman. LEFT: Dan Hammet. ROW 1: Barrie Allen, Virginia Esteve, Dave Fiegenschue , Cindy Harris. ROW 2: Chris Hutchins, Debbie Landregan, Suzanne Marts, John Mensik. ROW 8: Marilyn Serfin. LEFT: Boo Cotter. LOWER LEFT: Juergen Strunck. LOWER RIGHT: Robert Cardwell. BIOLOGY RIGHT: Sr. Clodovia Lockett. BELOW: Warren Pulich. BELOW RIGHT: Peggy Frank. Jeff Ross . Andy Dodge T F E L P O T 11 Morgan . i B BOTTOM DI . Frank Doe 78 ROW 1: Kathy Frisby, Mayo Galindo, Skip Garcia, Martha Guerra. ROW 2: Jerrie Gutierrez, Bob Israel, Greg KhouIy, Tim Kreth. RIGHT : B111 Morgan . TOP LEFT: Roger Hasselbrock. RIGHT: Sr. Clodovia Lockett. BOTTOM LEFT: Wayne Kipe. ROW 1: Fred Matzner, Ralph Nix. ROW 2: Sandy Vaculik, Carl Watt. CLASSICS The degree program leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Classics builds upon the broad liberal arts foundation supplied by the core curriculum and the Rome semes- ter. The program advisor, Associate Professor Placid Csizmazia, works with the student and the professor of the related field course to ensure that as much of the course material is done in the original language as is possible. Professor Csizmazia holds the Ph.D. in Clas- sical Languages, the M.A. in Latin, and also speaks German, Russian, Italian and several other languages. This major provides excellent background for gradu- ate study and internship in classics, ancient history, law, archeology, and anthropology. TOP: Clarice Pool. ABOVE LEFT: Fr. Placid. ABOVE RIGHT: Joe Duggan. CHEMISTRY . II: zllrilxciz! III ABOVE: DI. Towne. LEFT Dr Schram. iegenschue . : Kathy F RIGHT 8i Carol Cochran Kathy Fiegenschue ABOVE: Dr. Schram in the chem lab. RIGHT: Fr. Lambert. .ff TOP: Judy Kelly directing. ABOVE: Mr. Kelly giving notes after a 10 p.m. run-through. 83 TOP RIGHT: Mr. Patrick Kelly. TOP LEFT: Karen Sue Wood. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jerry Marshall. MIDDLE RIGHT: Gaye Bergschneider. ECONOMICS Many of the great problems of our time, poverty, infla- tion, pollution, unemployment, taxes, consumer welfare, are the special concerns of Economics. The analysis of these problems is economic theory, while the determina- tion of the remedies is economic policy. The Economics Department at the University of Dallas is committed to a balanced approach to these two aspects of the science of Economics. The theory is not studied for its own sake; theory must be applied to be valuable. Likewise, the superficial discussion of policy questions is avoided because a mastery of pertinent theory is a requisite to intel- ligent policy evaluation. TOP: Walter Manning, Mary Rudolph, Bill Davis, Cindy Keaton. ABOVE: Mike Tabolka, Mike Marrs, Greg Hoelsher. RIGHT: Mr. Fr d Hasler. ROW 1: Emanuel Alca- zar, Wayne Arceneaux. ROW 2: Dave Holland, Mary Horne. ROW 3: Dennis Kelly, Bob Weglarz. ROW 4: Steve Young. wtfmw.-- i An important innovation designed for students whose ambi- tions are directed to the business profession is the "through- plan" which allows the student to complete the normal six year sequence leading to the Master's of Business Administra- tion in only five years. The Graduate School of Management has a fine reputation and is the largest such school in the Southwest. TOP LEFT: Dr. John Alvis. BOTTOM LEFT: DI. Jane Brown. RIGHT: Kati Lewis, Lisa Foxe, Susan Lytinen. TOP RIGHT: Terri Wirtz. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Thomas Landess. LEFT: Deane Wallace. BOTTOM LEFT: Jan Jenks, Jan Jacobs. RIGHT Kasey Cole. 4""... X I . n' i . . .' 'nao-u-v V53... t, Vu' Wyn . .. xu 35w'W wmsxl' TOP LEFT: Dr. Eileen Gregory. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Caroline Gordon. BOTTOM MIDDLE LEFT: James Mahan. BOTTOM RIGHT Sean Charles Martin. ROW 1: Don Althoff, Joni Cardwell, Casey Cole, Delores Cullivan. ROW 2: Sharon Funcheon, Tony Howard, Jan Jacobs, Antoni Jasnowski . LEFT: Dr. Melvin Bradford. 103 RIGHT: Sr. Frances Marie Manning. w nu w. .n ' : M ROW 1: John Libone. ROW 2: Lori Mitchell, Jim Morrison, Mitzi Pacino, Karen Raskopf . ROW 3: Gabby Rogers, Miriam Salten, Mary Ward, Shelley Wood. EDUCATION TOP LEFT: DI. Merle Grady. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Cheri Clodfelter, Dr. Merle Grady, Mrs. Hazel McDermott, Dr. James Teller, Fr. Thomas Cumiskey. MIDDLE RIGHT: Eileen Koenig, Julie Healy. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. James Teller. "A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops." Hippocrates The Education Department of the Uni- versity of Dallas is one of the most active departments in Texas. Each year the department comes home from the state- wide convention of the Texas Student Education Association with many of the Association's highest honors. This year, the University was elected to preside over the convention. Throughout the year the campus TSEA is occupied with bringing speakers to its meetings, and working on a number of education-Ielated projects. Students whose committment to teach- ing is genuine are encouraged to acknowledge it. Consequently, the pro- gram is more intense and more effective. How one teaches matters as much as what one teaches. Hippocrates observa- tion, quoted above, certainly honors the teacher, but it also suggests the magni- tude of the teacher's responsibility. TOP LEFT: Rev. Thomas Cumiskey. BOTTOM LEFT: Lee Boarman, Bob Carney. RIGHT: Mrs. Hazel McDermott. 92 ROW 1: Pat Baumann, Lee Boarman, Bob Carney, Paula Clark. ROW 2: Heather Fisk, Bob Franklin, Bob Kirksey, Eileen Koenig. ROW 3: Connie Kordsmeier, Lei Lani Mahan, Linda McAfee, Bob Perkins. ROW 4: Melanie Wells, Ann Woeber. TOP LEFT: Jim Cullen. BOTTOM LEFT: Heather Fisk, Patricia Bauman. RIGHT: Steve Carney, Julie Healy. TOP RIGHT: John Kordsmeier, Constance Kordsmeier. BOTTOM LEFT: Anne Woeber, Leilana Mahan, Robert Franklin. BOTTOM RIGHT: Adele Zigman, Helen Bradley. ENGLISH The proper and ultimate concern of the literary critic is living tradition. History, of course, is a tool of the critic in his role as scholar. The University of Dallas English major concentrates upon the classicals and medieval roots of west- ern tradition . TOP LEFT: Dolores Cullivan, Tony Howard. BOTTOM LEFT: Karen Raskopf . RIGHT: Joni Caldwell, Mary Ward, Miriam Saltem. TOP RIGHT: Donald Althoff, Bob Loftus, Jim Morrison. TOP LEFT: Shelly Wood . BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Eugene Cunsinger. TOP LEFT: Joe Mahan, Mario Gomez. BOTTOM LEFT: Sharon Funcheon, Gabrielle Rog- ers. RIGHT: Theresa Wisian, Steve Benz, John Hen- derson . TOP RIGHT: DI. Louise Cowan. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mary Beth Lindley, Lorraine Adrian, Lin Ciem- bronowicz. LEFT: Dana Wilder, Somer Hodges. TOP LEFT: Dr. Joanne Stroud. BOTTOM LEFT: Brent Bozell, Karl Gallant. RIGHT: Gayle McGarvey, Maureen Bozell, Dennis Collins. WAIT A MI NUTE! What about some recognition for the people who are responsible for guiding these students to their proper depart- ments? And recognition also for the peo- ple who make our life here at U D a little more pleasant and trouble free? These people belong to the offices of Admis- sions, Student Life, Registrar and many others. TOP RIGHT: Betty McDonnell. ABOVE: Mary Hug. RIGHT: Gail Thomas. TOP LEFT: Rev. Damian Fandal. BOTTOM LEFT: Virginia Lombardo. TOP RIGHT: Louise Austin. 107 LEFT TOP: Mrs. Sybil Novinski. RIGHT TOP: Msgr. Maher. RIGHT BOTTOM: Rita Lisk. 108 Dan Russ. BOTTOM LEFT: Sr. Joseph Marie. TOP LEFT FOREIGN LANGUAGE rw va "WVmeg-qh LEFT: Hazel Cazorla. TOP RIGHT: Father Moses. BOTTOM RIGHT: Robert Cox. ilhelmsen . Alexandra W L h C S I r a B d u a I .L l a w T F E L P O T BOTTOM LEFT Pat Daly RIGHT ROW 1: Maren Torheim, Pat Daly , Robert Cox. SIDE: Rev. Odo. BELOW: Mrs. Nancy Taylor Murchison. BELOW RIGHT: Rev. Rudolph Zimanyi. HISTORY TOP LEFT: Father Louis Lekai. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Kaitzer. RIGHT. Dr. June R. Welch. TOP RIGHT: Eric Wedig. BOTTOM LEFT: Robert "Sparky" Phillips. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ralph Bourgeron. HA ABOVE: History majors in class. ROW 1: Helen Bradley, Jim Downey, Juana Estrade. ROW 2: Michael Farrington, Paula Hoie. ROW 3: Jeff Kaitcer, John Kordsmeier. ROW 4: Lynne Lutenbacher, Lou Ott. RIGHT: Msgr . Maher . ROW 1: Patty Perkins, Jan Plugge, Sparky Phil- lips, Marcie Renaud. ROW 2: Karl Schilken, Teresa Stiegelmar. Eric Wedig. Jamie Woods. TOP LEFT: deft t0 righU John Clark, Martha Guerra , Teresa Stiegelmar. BOTTOM LEFT: Benny Saucedo. MATHEMATICS TOP RIGHT: Dr. Coppin. TOP LEFT: Dr. Coppin. AND RIGHT: Norma Fries. ROW 1: Valerie Emmet, Norma Fries. ROW 2: Chris Gieseke, D. Brent Wells, Adele Zigman. BOTTOM LEFT: Jay Gudeman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Charles Coppin. PHILOSOPHY The Philosophy Department at the University of Dallas is one of the most cosmopolitan in the country. Among the faculty are doctorates from Rome , Paris, Budapest, Salzburg, Madrid, not to mention some of the finest uni- versities in the United States. This European background indicates not only a traditional concern for the real issues of philosophy, but also a first-hand acquaintance with many of the most significant trends in twentieth-century philosophic thought. The authority of the professors ranges from ancient philosophy to Thomistic metaphysics to Hegelian epistem- ology. The solid philosophy program fits beautifully into the general curriculum of the University of Dallas. Philosophy is vital at UD; it is not just in the air, it is in the blood. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR LEFT: Fr. Cain. RIGHT: Ken Wisnoski. LOWER RIGHT: Richard Llewllyn. BELOW LEFT: Mark Seitz. BELOW: Bill Richard. The variety of viewpoints represented by the faculty is a justification by an analogy for the lively arguments which are a daily affair in and out of class. The pro- gram emphasizes the issues rather than the semantic pseudo-issues of philosophy, so the student approaches philosophy as not merely an interesting subject, but a crucial one. The true philosopher, the genuine lover of wisdom must search far and wide today for a congenial atmosphere. The University of Dallas is not easily found, but it takes the philosopher in with open arms. RIGHT: Steve Wright. BELOW: Dr. Wilhelmsen. BELOW RIGHT: Robert Baumann, Dan Utrecht. ROW 1: Bob Coervet, Ted Meredith. ROW 2: Terry Rogers, Mark Seitz. ROW 3: Dan Utrecht, Ken Wisnoski. BELOW LEFT: Jackie Davis. BELOW: Dr. Fedoryka. Dr . John Crosby . Doug Drake. ABOVE LEFT: Terry Rodgers. TOP. RIGHT Pat Donoghue ABOVE LEFT: Fr. Benedict. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. DaMommio. LEFT: Greg Oliver assumes a pose well known to physics majors. ABOVE RIGHT: Pat Donoghue. ABOVE LEFT: Study hard, boys! RIGHT: Marcos Montez. OPPOSITE PAGE. ABOVE: Sparky Phillips, Editor. LEFT: Sherryl Shipes. RIGHT: Sherryl Shipes, Sparky Phillips, Cheryl Anne Martin. LEFT: Jerry Marshall. BELOW: Kris Kolesnik, Sparky Phillips. CRUSADER Editor-in-Chief: Linda K. Baker. Staff: Julie Healy, Luanne McKinnon, Roger Mendez. Photographerm Andrea Brown, Paul Koenig, Debbie hdadsen, Richard hdoss, Paul Richard, Dan Utrecht, DeaneVVaUace,PatLaHy. Business Manager: Pete Standish. Darkroom: Cheryl Anne Martin, Deane T . Wallace. Publisherz'Taylor Publishing Corn- pany. V A g. OPPOSITE PAGE: ABOVE: Roger Men- dez. Luanne McKinnon. BELOW: Paul Richard. LEFT: Cheryl Anne Martin, Andrea Brown. BELOW LEFT: Pete Standish. BELOW RIGHT: Linda Baker. . . $4 . ., .. Irma... a.wj..w...1 "a, ...d....m....u... .3......! In M. "b.3581... 3.33.... 5...... ....... .. . 3.3. 3...... .........$.........2E 13......3 35.311 .Nc' . . z . . .2 .. . .. , n 1 . . . p . p .. .. .I I . I I o... . 4. . . . . . .. .. x. u .If3 lag .l '1 ? 3 . .. . -1 6. - .. . Xv. . . . . . . . 1A., . . . . . . N . . 3. . .W1C ...:. x .xxxx . . . .ri ;. 1 .u. . . b . .. .. . . . I .. l l . . . . .. . . .,. . . .. . ;. . x . l w 1,-2.1: Mm x... L , .. . g... .. . 2:15.? .- :41. 5:- 44.h 44! .?-.J 1Q-u1- vikk qkiii't' -r g :3", .- 1.. POLITICS Kelley . lIl Steve Malouf and Kev' TOP LEFT Dr. 'DeAlvarez and son. Dr . deAlvaIez . BOTTOM RIGHT BOTTOM LEFT LEFT: Kevin Kelley. i TOP RIGHT: Dr. Thomas West. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Glen Thurow. TOP LEFT Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen. BOTTOM LEFT: Gaye Bergschneider. RIGHT Joe Cascarelli. PSYCHOLOGY ABOVE RIGHT: Psychologists Stella Rodriguez, Carole Lobello. Joe Cipolla and Sam Quattrochi practice. ABOVE LEFT: Secretary Dell Hall. RIGHT: DI. Sardello receives therapy. TOP LEFT: Joe Cipolla. RIGHT: Joe Cipolla, Margaret Gallia. The University of Dallas is engaged in a rather unique and somewhat controversial enterprise , in seeking to reestablish the original subject matter of psychology, man as man, and to define its study in terms of the most meaningful currents of modern psychological and philosophic thought. The approach is called a "human science" in order to contrast it with the natural science approach in psychology which attempts to base psychology on the same principles which chemistry, biology, and physics are based upon. The subject matter of psychology, man in his uniqueness, is not quite as cooperative as the natural scientist would wish it to be. It is challenging, rigorous, and frequently perplexing. ROW 1: Joe Cipolla, Lourdes Dalmau. ROW 2: Dolores Holt, Car- ole Lobello. TOP RIGHT: Paul Richard. TOP LEFT: Lourdes Dalmau. ABOVE: Carole Lobello. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: DI. Romanyshyn. FAR RIGHT: Dr. Lang. The commitment to psychology as a human science is reflected in the three main aspects of the psychology program. The primary concern is with foundational issues. Secondly, with historical questions. Thirdly, with concrete description and understanding of human experience and behavior, rather than abstract theoreti- cal explanation. The students engage in original research in areas such as human imagination, the experience of loneliness, the development of friend- ship, the meaning of trust and doubt, to name just a few topics. THEOLOGY TOP RIGHT: Dr. James Patrick. BOTTOM LEFT: Camille LeFave. BOTTOM RIGHT: Father Migiuns. LEFT: Rev. Chris Rabay. BELOW: Gregg Wolfe. Rev. Damian C. Fandal, Academic Dean 139 ,V Y? nk4',gvx"r$fy g. . TOP: Madonna supervisor Dan Sharp. LEFT: Steve Carney and Fr. Fandal enjoy a beer. RIGHT: R. A. Carol Lobello. ABOVE RIGHT: Students making decorations in lounge. ABOVE LEFT: O'Connell dorm students painting the lounge they built. RIGHT: Karl Gallant studying in the library. Mm mu TOP: Norma Peu'uccione and Kathy Soch. LEFT: John Lancaster participates in weekly sports. ABOVE RIGHT: Dennis Collins, Lon Jaffe and Jay Gudeman enjoy the yet unfinished ten- nis courts. ABOVE RIGHT: Marty Sheridan and Debbie Bundow in lab. ABOVE LEFT: Catherine supervisor Kay Haaser and little Bobby. RIGHT: R. A. David Wright. LEFT: Dan Davis studying in the H . U . C . ABOVE LEFT: Boo Cotter. ABOVE RIGHT: Lori Heffernan relaxing in H.U.C. LEFT: R.A. Lee Boarman. RIGHT: Suzi and Ed. BELOW: Luanne attempts the UD idea? 146 LEFT: Genny Landregan. BELOW LEFT: Mary Beth Lindley attempting to cook. BELOW RIGHT: Bob Silva. ' 'W'tlliiiaW SAILING BELOW LEFT: Keith Comfort, Bob Weglarz. BELOW RIGHT: Dr. Jack Towne, Bill Young, Keith Comfort. The TSEA District 11 convention was held at UD this year. About 200 repre- sentatives from 35 colleges and universi- ties attended workshops and lectures throughout the weekend. SMU Dean Baird, Elizabeth Moore, Dr. Harold Has- well, Dr. Charles Greer and Larry Yawn were featured speakers. 152 STUDENT GOVERNMENT President: Steve Malouf Vice President: Deane Wallace Secretary: Helen Bradley Treasurer: Delores Cullivan Parliamentarian: Jeff Kaitcer. Lecture and Fine Arts: Dan Davis, Karen Raskopf . Social: Jim Morrison, Mary Horne, Roger Mendez. Film: Fred Matzner, Jim Cullen. Formal: Mary Beth Lindley, Julie Healy, Jay Gudeman, Boo Cotter. Academic Affairs: Dennis Collins. ABOVE LEFT: Dan Davis. ABOVE RIGHT: Scott Hajost. LEFT: Don Althoff. Student Government Representa- tives. Freshmen: Maria Vedral, Mary Ehart, Gaye Vineyard. Sophomores: John Lancaster, Tony McFarland, Dan Dono- ghue, Mark Cooper, Dave Rich- ards, Emmet Flood. Juniors: Lin Ciembronowicz, Scott Hajost, Maureen Bozell. Seniors: Pat Donoghue, Don Althoff, Karen Raskopf. 153 RIGHT: Roger Mendez. BELOW LEFT: President Steve Malouf . BELOW RIGHT: Jay Gudeman. ABOVE LEFT: Jeff Kaitcer, Delores Cullivan, Helen Bradley. ABOVE RIGHT: Boo Cotter. LEFT: Jim Cullen. WWWWWWW ,, WV L W UAXIIVERSITY OF DALLAS mumWW1an 3 300 156

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University of Dallas - Crusader Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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University of Dallas - Crusader Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


University of Dallas - Crusader Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


University of Dallas - Crusader Yearbook (Irving, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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