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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1957 volume:

..-V-.--W --- f Y. r Y -A,-1---f---A- ' ' ' ?'l'nu 1. ,, -1 - .-.,.1........... -.- :- I ! 1 v I at ,ul Mm I Science Building 'H' fiigt pl. . ui, tm' 1 Vx g u ,,.....4!-- I Q ,- gn, . ".. 1-K-.', '.'-','f.'rfif. 'f - W -1. , -rc - . - :V ,:':.: Tw. .- ,.1 ':jix,4v ,Q , 41 V '51 Residence 'Hall i 1 I E s r -., -Y , fig 2455.95 P. NIULRSITY 'Z 17- 'T-'?fs'.':e4f fvgf-Q -g:1'f ff -' . r . T-' L. AN -f, My 0. Ql., ww Aa Hr- u J. ' V. .sf-2 1, 4-".:51,-, v. +p+'5'1"-14 42' 4111 ..-W, ' " viii -twill Q1-f V' 1- UT? . - ,-,,-.1 K. .,5q .n-f 7 -. .-,At 1 '-. -'-'-A-L51 1, N... . .-auu..g.nnnnn0., . , 111, -1 4 -n ,,k, .s . .-3.x- . .-vu-u.xnurn.zvfnus.:rv . .x 3 1 ZEBBI' a.-- . I Dedication We of the first class of the University of Dallas wish to dedicate this, the first of many yearbooks, to His Excellency, Bishop Gorman, without whose efforts our University would never have been realized, w N i r I I 1 W W THE MOST REVEREND THOMAS K, GORMAN, D, D,, D, SC.Hist,, 1 Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas-Fort Worth N Chancellor of the University of Dallas V N 7 Seated, left to right: Rt. Rev. Msgr. William F. O'Brien, E. Constantin, Ir. Dr. F. Kenneth Brasted, Bishop Thomas K. Gorman, Edward R. Maher, James J. Shea, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ernest G. Langenhorst. Standing: Rev. L. M. DeFa1co, Rt, Rev. William I. Smyth, Rev. Edward R. Maher, Very Rev. Msgr. Paul Charcut, Very Rev. Msgr. Vincent J. Wolf, Rev. C. E. McTamney, Rev. Charles L. Mulholland. Not pictured: Very Rev. Msgr. A. E. Daly, B. G. Byars, Joseph B. Fleming Board of Trustees Most Rev. Thomas K. Gorman, D,D., D. Sc. Hist., Chairman Rt. Rev. Msgr, William F. O'Brien, V.G., P.A., Vice Chairman F. Kenneth Brasted, Ph.D., Secretary Rev. Edward R, Maher, M.A., Vice Chairman - Academic Rev. William J. Smyth, B.A., Vice Chairman - Financial Treasurer ii ' JB ' Vik i. I Pu DR, F, KENNETH BRASTED President Congratulations to the Class of 1960! We are proud of our first University Class and we commend the initiative and efforts which have gone into producing this yearbook. The term "'Crusader" is indeed applicable not only to our athletic teams and to the yearbook, but likewise to you who are our first students. This year of working together has shown that the pioneer spirit is far from dead in the hearts oftoday's college youth, It seems to me that it also indicates that one of the sayings of the pioneers of old still has meaning: "The cowards never started and the weak never arrived. " All good wishes for continued happiness and asuccessful completion of your college course. 'jd .gg---Q 4' Ufficers Aclmzmstratzon RT. REV. MSGR, WILLIAM F, O'BRlEN, V. G., P, A., Vice Chancellor REV, EDWARD R, MAHER, M.A. REV, WILLIAM J. SMYTH, B,A. Academic Vice President Financial Vice President Director of Guidance and Placement Treasurer EUGENE C, CURTSINGER, IR. , Ph.D. SISTER MARY MARGARET, S,S,M,, M, A, Academic Dean Registrar Associate Professor of English Associate Professor of History O jicers of Administration SISTER MARY ELLEN, S,S,M,, M.A. REV, DAMIAN SZODENYI, S,O, Cist,, Ph.D. Dean of Women I Dean of Men Associate Professor of Sociology Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychology gs "" 7 w 1 f, , I " '- i I 1 r r W, J N MRS. RITA IACOBSEN MRS, MAY TANKERSLEY PAUL E. GARTNER Secretary to the President Secretary Accountant Aclmmzstratwn MISS MARY HILL MRS, LUCILLE FLEMING, R, N. ALLEN L, PETERSON Secretary-Receptionist University Nurse Maintenance Supervisor X- 46" -""AA U fat 51 X , - Ufficers 0 Instruction P REV, ODO EGRES, S, O, CiSI,, R-EV. ANSELM NAGY' 5.0. Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cm., M-Su S--I-.DU Asso Foreign Languages ciate Professor of Theology Wi J REV. RALPH 5. MARCH. 3.0. REV, THEODOSIUS DEMEN, Cisr.. Ph.D., Associate PIO- s,o, cm., M.s., instructor f6SS0l' of FOIC-ligfl L2il1gU3g6S in Physics and Mathematics and Music T! REV, CHRISTOPHER S, RABAY, REV, BENEDICT MONOSTORI, REV, LOUIS I, LEKAI, S.O. S.O. Cist., S,T,L,, Instructor S,O, Cist,, M.S., Ph.L., In- Cist,, Ph.D., Associate Pro- in Philosophy and Theology structor in Philosophy fessor of History s L REV, JOHN B, HAAS, O,F,M,, REV, GEORGE S, FERENCZY, SISTER MARY EUDES, O,L,C M,A,, Instructor in English S.O.Cist,, B.M., Ph.D., As- M.A., Assistant Professor of sistant Professor of Foreign Education Languages and Music 0 peers 0 Instruction SISTER MARTIN JOSEPH, S, S,M,, MRS, JACK SCOTT, Assistant MRS, BARBARA CAROL, B,S M,S, in L.S,, Librarian Librarian in L.S., Assistant Librarian ,l ,,, ALFRED H. OGLETREE. M.S.. Miss PATRICIA T, O'CONNOR, EDWARD P. FOX. M. S.. AS- Instructor in Physical Education M, A, , Instructor in Physical sistant Professor of Biology and Education Chemistry 1 T u P N O jicers 0 Instructron i SISTER FRANCIS MARIE- PORTER CROW, M,A,, Lec- WARREN M, PULICH, B,s,, 5- S. M-. M-An ASSISWHY turer in Speech - Drama Instructor in Biology Professor of English ix 1- 6 ,Z OPENING DAY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS fQ-Q ,,f 2 :,.i':31 . 1-ff 3 5- A "1??3E?l:i""L2,fi -T1 'L . . f .' " ,fu K ALGE Bnp. X W Q-f JTUDEM1' 3 9 Freshmen NORMAN ABDALLAH Dallas, Texas DIANE ADAMS Dallas, Texas .mix ,,, 'IISIDNEY J. ADAMS Dallas, Texas ,..,.....- JON L. ANDERSON Dallas, Texas JOHN ANNE SLEY Dallas, Texas TERESA AGUILERA Dallas, Texas LOUISE AUSTIN Grapevine, Texas CAROL ANN BEESLEY Fort Worth, Texas Freshmen JAMES BEGG Dallas, Texas WALTER BEREND Windthorst, Texas BARBARA BERRY Dallas, Texas JAMES A, BEYERS ' Dallas, Texas MARY JANE BLOCK Lindsay, Texas RITA BOYD Wichita Falls, Texas BARBARA BOYNE Dallas, Texas MARY ELLEN BOYNE Dallas, Texas Freshmen JOHN RUFE BREWTON Dallas, Texas RUTH ANN BROWN Wichita Falls, Texas WAYNE BUCHNER Gainesville, Texas JOHN K. BYRNE Belding, Michigan CLARENCE C. CARROLL Irving, Texas SANDRA COOK Dallas, Texas RHEA MARIE CRANE Dallas, Texas I, F, DEBUS, JR, Dallas, Texas Freshmen DAVID DOZIER, JR, Dallas, Texas CONNIE DUNCAN Dallas, Texas ELLEN KAYE EMMINGER Fort Worth, Texas CHARLES FELDERHOFF Muenster, Texas DORIS FLUSCHE Electra, Texas HAYDEN B, FREEMAN Dallas, Texas RUDOLPH A, GARZA Fort Worth, Texas MIRIAM C, GATES Dallas, Texas Freshmen CATHERINE ANNE GROLLMAN Dallas, Texas PATRICK W, HALPIN Dallas, Texas DAVID HANSEN Dallas. Texas BRENDA HARRISON Dallas, Texas FRANK L, HEINEN, IR, Dallas, Texas JODIE B, HORAK Ennis, Texas ROBERT C, HOWARD Gainesville, Texas ANTOINETTE INTERRANTE Dallas, Texas Freshmen CAROLINE KIRKPATRICK Dallas, Texas JUDY JANE LAND Brownfield, Texas ELMER LAPIERRE Arlington, Texas JOHN LEE Dallas, Texas JEROME I, LERNER Nocona, Texas CHARLES J, LINDEMAN Windthorst, Texas PATRICIA MacCARTHY Arlington, Texas MICHAEL F, MAGUIRE Chicago, Illinois Freshmen I AMES MORATH Scotland, Texas ,Zyl N...-,Q ,ffnofus MALONE I Dallas, Texas iii-N Y, YVONNE MARCIA Ennis, Texas THEODORE MARTIN Irving, Texas ROBERT MARTINEZ Dallas, Texas JOANNE MARTINI Wichita Falls, Texas TRUMAN MCCULLOUGH Dallas, Texas JOHN F, MUEHLSTEIN Avoca, Texas Freshmen TRINIDAD MUNOZ Dallas, Texas JACK R, NICHOLS Dallas, Texas JOAN PAGE Dallas, Texas CECIL F, PARKERSON Dallas, Texas JAMES L, POAGE Farmington, New Mexico DIANA PATTESON San Antonio, Texas MARTHA QUEVEDO Dallas, Texas BA SIL REITER Muenster, Texas ', -uf' inf -Yi 3 Freshmen FELIX ROTELLO Dallas, Texas EDDIE RUWALDT San Angelo, Texas TOM RUWALDT Dallas, Texas JAMES I. SPEAK Dallas, Texas HOWARD A, STARR Dallas, Texas CURRY M. STEPHENS D81133, Texas ELOISE STROUGHTER Dallas, Texas JOHN E. SYKES Dallas, Texas Freshmen VANOY TIDROW Dallas, Texas ROBERT TURNEY Dallas, Texas DON TUTTON Dallas, Texas REGINO VILLERREAL Dallas, Texas ROBERT DOUGLAS VINSON Dallas, Texas SANDRA VISENTINE Mineral Wells, Texas WILFRED F, WATERS, JR, Dallas, Texas JANE WATSON San Antonio, Texas ' A as-M Freshmen ERIC WILLIAMS Dallas, Texas LAURENS RAY WILLIAMS Dallas, Texas DANCY E, WINCHESTER Franklin, Louisiana DAVID WOLFE Dallas, Texas BETH WREN Los Angeles, California LUCY ZETINA Mexico City, Mexico JEROME C, ZIPPER Dallas, Texas Student Nurses MARTHA ANN ABENDROTH Thompsons, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital HELEN BALDAUF Corsicana, Texas St. Paul's Hospital MARGARET BERWICK Longview, Texas St. Paul's Hospital MARY BETHANCOURT Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital in A .L 1 x MARLENE C, BEZNER Lindsay, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital DORIS BLUNCK Dallas, Texas St, Paul's Hospital CLAUDETTE BURKHOLDER Fort Worth, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital AGNES CHASSANG Irving, Texas St. Paul's Hospital EMILY LOU CLARK Fort Worth, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital JOYCE CLUNE Paragould, Arkansas St. Paul's Hospital 1? ,I CECELIA FUHRMANN Lindsay, Texas St, Ioseph's Hospital GERALDINE GEARY Monahans, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital YVONNE GERAY Gainesville, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BETH GREENWOOD Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital DORIS HAASE Fort Worth, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital DONNA HOFBAUER Muenster, Texas St. Paul's 'Hospital Student Nurses BARBARA CROWSON Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital NANCY DOWLING Dallas, Texas St, Paul's Hospital ALISHA ANNE EARY Fort Wonh, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital ELIZABETH FREEMAN Fort Worth, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital Egg, 1 Student Nurses CHARLOTTE HOFF Windthorst, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital ALBERT P. JOHNSON Commerce, Texas St. Paul's Hospital CARROL MARIE KERLICK Tyler, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BONNIE KERR Gainesville, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital Y E41 -,xr ' ' s, -- xnt AJ LORENE C, KORIOTH Sherman, Texas St. Paul's Hospital CHRISANTA LONGORIA Encino, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital PAT LANGSTON Garland, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BETTY LOBB Plano, Texas St. Paul's Hospital ANITA LOWING Dallas, Texas St, Paul's Hospital NANCY MacKENZIE Dallas, Texas St, Paul's Hospital V VIRGINIA MILTON Ladonia, Texas St, Paul's Hospital CAROLE ANN MOON Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BARBARA ANN NEWTON Marshall, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital VIRGINIA O'BYRNE Tyler, Texas St. Paul's Hospital ROSALIE OSBORN Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital EDNA POIROT Scotland, Texas St. Ioseph's Hospital Student Nurses ROSE MIKULA Ennis, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BETTY LOU MILLER Fort Worth, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital NANCY MILLER Fort Worth, Texas ' St. Joseph's Hospital RUTH MILLER Dallas, Texas St, Paul's Hospital N-:gi -V 3 . 1.4, . .....::4L:.L. we iiii Liia 'L I W ' .Jl , A Student Nurses GUY H. PRATER Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital BENNIE JUNE ROBERTS Fort Worth, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital LARITA ROBERTS Fort Worth, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital PATSY RUTLEDGE Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital l A I K-1 H 7 I r X I ,D 15' CATHERINE E, SCHWIND Breckenridge, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital SANDRA SHAW Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital DELORES ANN SITTON Pyote, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital ELIZABETH SLOAN Karnay, Texas St. Paul's Hospital LINDA SMITH Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital CONNIE L, STAVROPAULOS Cheyenne, Wyoming St. Paul's Hospital YI MARY TRUBENBACH Muenster, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital PHYLLIS VADER Arlington, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital JUDITH WILLIS Longview, Texas St, Paulls Hospital ESTHER L. WILSON Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital VIRGINIA WOLF Muenster, Texas St. Joseph's Hospital PAULINE R, ZALESAK Fort Worth, Texas St, Joseph's Hospital N5 Student Nurses GIGI SULLIVAN Dallas, Texas St. Paul's Hospital RUTH ANN SURRATT Marshall, Texas St. Pau1's Hospital LISA SWEENEY Rockford, Illinois St. Pau1's Hospital IOFERN TAYLOR Post, Texas St, Paul's Hospital SPGB TS ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD ofD .qv -r Kneeling, left to right: Charles Felderhoff, Elmer Lapierre, Walter Berend, Ion Anderson, James Morath, Standing: Vanoy Tidrow, Charles Lindeman, Tony Garza, Rufe Brewton, Tom Ruwaldt, John Muehlstein, Coach Al Ogletree. Basketball SEA SON RECORD 1956 -57 56 General Motors 26 Irving 66 Knights of Columbus 44 General Motors 53 49th Tankers 55 Majors 8: Majors 46 49th Tankers 42 General Motors 62 Majors Sr Majors 49 Sec. Engineers 51 Grand Prairie UofD UofD UofD UofD UofD UofD UofD UofD UofD 34 UofD Won 8 INDIVIDUAL RECORDS Elmer Lapierre John Muehlstein Charles Lindeman Tom Ruwaldt Walter Berend Mike Maguire Vanoy Tidrow Rufe Brewton Jim Morath Charles Felderhoff Jon Anderson Tony Garza Larry Williams FT 52 29 23 9 17 19 9 13 0 5 3 O 0 47 Irving 38 28 General Motors 65 43 Hensley AFB 65 42 Majors8rMajors 58 50 St. Mark's 61 38 Sec, Engineers 43 50 Tyler 41 43 General Motors 48 27 Tyler 52 37 Majors8LMajors 82 Lost 13 PCT. .381 TOTAL FOULS 218 39 163 40 137 32 107 38 99 29 53 3 35 12 34 8 12 1 9 3 5 6 0 5 0 2 LA PIERRE MUEHLSTEIN LINDEMAN This year the University of Dallas basketball team fin- ished its first full season of play. Although the won and lost column does not show an overly successful season, the spirit, hustle, and determination that the boys displayed can never be recorded. Carrying the load for the Crusader team was Elmer Lapierre, who led in total pointsg John Muehlstein, a real hustlerg Charlie Lindeman, whose spirit sparked the teamg Tom Ruwaldt, with his straight, true shotsg and Walter Berend, whose desire and determination can never be denied. Rufe Brewton and Vanoy Tidrow were top-notch replacements, Other members of the team were Mike Maguire, Jim Morath, Charles Felderhoff, Ion Anderson, Tony Garza, and Larry Williams. BEREND BREWTON TIDROW : --r..-lva---- - -.... V.--------.3 - - -- 7--f -..-- Left to right: Felix Rotello, Jim Morath, Tom Ruwaldt, Rufe Brewton, Charles Linde- man, Vanoy Tidrow, Walter Berend, Charles Felderhoff, Jerry Zipper, Jack Nichols, Cecil Parkerson, Elmer LaPierre, Trinidad Munoz, John Muehlstein, Coach Al Ogletree Not pictured: Mike Maguire. B aseball, University of Dallas 7 Sunset 7 University of Dallas 8 SMU CFreshmenJ 19 University of Dallas 23 Greenville 1 University of Dallas 1 Hillcrest 9 University of Dallas Jesuit 10 University of Dallas Sunset University of Dallas SMU QFreshmenJ 10 University of Dallas Greenville University of Dallas Highland Park University of Dallas A Kc M fFreshmenJ 18 University of Dallas Cleburne University of Dallas Cleburne Won 2 Lost 2 Tied 1 Percentage .182 PITCI-HNG RECORDS GS GC SHO. W L PCT. IP H HR R ER BB HB WP Nichols 5 2 0 0 32 213 4 40 15 14 1 2 Munoz 3 2 0 "'1!2 28 2 33 16 18 1 3 Ruwaldt 1 1 0 1 13 2X3 0 19 11 13 0 6 Maguire 2 0 0 1 11 0 11 9 19 1 0 Zipper 1 0 0 0 2f3 0 2 2 4 0 0 " Tie, Game with Sunset us.-...,..., ' JIM MORATH FELIX ROTELLO Shomto C HARLES FELDERHOFF Second Base P Outfield Baseball TOM RUWALDT JACK NICHOLS Pitcher TRINIDAD MUN OZ Pitcher X x Pitcher , If , ,, . 1 . NT V k ff Qfmvs, ,QQ3 ' J - . Y K , ' ' f 'wr-f:. .e:Lfr.:w V ii-f ' A -7 ' A ' w:l1fA255E-E',':3.'S'i-'Y A 'I '1' P , -f,f5' I A 'Tf2"?'f3jl:.l- 5 If , 'f - EQ1-. W, el VV. , 'IL'.--- v m .. qi A .:. , , Lv 2 . '. 'f E i M."- ' 1 .. - Q- V lands' A, ,J : 3 rg,-1 ,L I 11, fri: T49-?f1 2.51 A !.4 v I K A- .li 5 E' Y 4, A . Q :A V, -- ,1, ,....- - -:1 7, :1',Y.k 3. -,y . - ,P S.-1 ' ' if .- ' A 4 . ., I- .., - .N V . , " " ju W n 'ZW E 51 Q1 'J " S gp J r l- I, 1 "f, .-i . .. -- 'Q Ltr? ' Q ' ,ptf'5'g7n 51' gg . . 'gig - " 'V , f ,- 2, 4' y. , ,. A. I 5:6 'K I N ..V 1,14 I - gy. . .4 1, Q-1 . , ' ,-' . .- f , - V K ,- -". -up gi -A" 3 If . if ,, ., A If 3 'hi -6451 A 4' P M W 4, f , . ., - ,151 1 ,. -Ai ' -V 1, . ' . nf Q - ' Pi, . I. :Az nf! f' N, I ' ff , :fp . , -4 ,d , - Q I - ' ' ' xr: A L.. -.V 1. '- 4 4f,.. .ayji H-Z 'Ax , ' - -.- 11" . 'f A , "... -.-.-' Hr- -,,-M. f -' f -,rw f ,Z 5' ,1 1-""f-f' 1" A- 1 '-E---F-'1v:Z ' -in . . .- -5' 1 - . .gffl - ... -n" P, A jf ' Q - f . ,Lf aw- - .. Jaw- A , NNY A N 1 -u-- Q- 1 ,, ...un p- - I -.tfx gd ,.,,wu . .QM 'f,. 1. .. f r., I '1. 12 -Lllfik '.'..,4.:::sN4.- ,,. -' an . - . -.mb A 1 v V nwgfh. 51 ,L . 5 H .-'U 7 . A . -'Uh' Q 35+--Q 52" ., L A -V ' 141--'L 3 Q' 1 . -:in ' ', H .4'. rffgif--, .f , ' ,'.,l 5-f: . A-Q.. - .1-. - -. "' . . ." . . 5. z , 5 A f . ., Q. . . J fi!-Sli! CHARLES LIN DEMAN CECIL PARKERSON Catcher Infield , lvl" "ff RUFE BREWTON, First Base N.. ,: 'Q -5.3 ' v: -QB ELM ER LA PIERRE O utfield WALTER BEREND VANOY TIDROW JOHN MUEHISTEIN Outfield Third Base Outfielcl .5 "F", ui . ff-421 ' . '.-L 'LA '-ol-5 ,.. vi warf- '1 V , , ul, ,,-,yt M ,, M., -Yi V K " ". , 155 'Q' 'J f E Eg- an-gorw-a'4":-mmfng 'ian anlgnaeiviia 5, L-, - ,- ,, ,Y , I I I I I I I I I I Seated, left to right: Ioan Page, Virginia O'Bryne, Rhea Crane, Mike Maguire, Connie Duncan, Mary Frances Baker, Carole Moon, Mimi Gates. I Standing: Larry Williams, Rufe Brewton, Hayden Freeman, Howard Starr. I tu, ent ofuernment ' S d G Q I I President Mike Maguire makes a Vice President Rufe Brewton checks proposal to the Student Government. Secretary Connie Duncan's notes. milf, I I i , I I II I I I 4 Student Government l nl ,fr at It I W K. rm if 13 tru' Q 1 1 n Representatives Larry Williams, Mimi Gates, Joan Page and Howard Starr discuss the Spring formal dance. Parliamentarian Hayden Free- man plans a coming panel discussion with Treasurer Rhea. Crane. i ix? fe, .i"?-- , it - ling ' .51 St. I0seph's and St. Paul's representatives Mary Frances Baker, Carole Moon, and Vir- ginia O'Bryne smile at Hayden Freeman's joke. Not pictured: Delores Sitton. u '1 1555. l,.5'l:'e4 if... - nypfm Workshop Presents One of the brighter highlights of this year was the produc- tion of "Our Town, " presented by the University Theatre Workshop. For the occasion, the lecture hall was transformed into a theatre-in-the-semicircle for the nonscenery play. This was worked out by Mr. Crow, the director, and Mr. Petterson, the maintenance supervisor. "Our Town" was the University's first play and for all concerned, audience, director, and actors alike, are proud of having been part of the significant production. . .April 6, 1957. .V 1, l l Mr. Webb explains married life to Joe Crowell hands Dr George Gibbs. Gibbs his morning paper. Constable Warren talks with Mr. Webb about the day's affairs. George and Emily sip sodas in corner drugstore . . "Our Town," Emily and George exchange vows in marriage. Mr. Crow adds a' beard to Ted Curtain call after the last act of the last Q performance. Behind the scenes! The performers apply make-up. Martin fProf. Willardj. Stage Manager - - Dr. Gibbs - - - - Joe Crowell - - - - - Howie Newsome - - - Mrs. Gibbs - - - Mrs. Webbs - - George - - - - Rebecca - - Wally - - - DAVID DOZIER ' " ' JOHN BYRNE CONNIE DUNCAN - ERIC WILLIAMS - - JOAN PAGE ' " 'JUDY LAND ' ' " ' JOHN LEE ELLEN EMMINGER ROBERT HOWARD CA ST Emily ----- Prof. Willard - - - - MIMI GATES - - TED MARTIN Mr. Webb - - - ---- PAT HALPIN Simon Stimson Mrs. Soames - Artistic Lady - Man at Back - Woman in aisle - -WAYNE BUCKER KATHY GROLLMAN - - JAMES BEYERS JAMES SPEAK Constable - - - - Joe Stoddard - - - - - - -- - CAROL BEESLEY HAYDEN FREEMAN - -LOUISE AUSTIN 9 2. 'OO' Standing, left to right: Father John Haas, Diana Patterson, Sandra Visentine, Jerry Lerner, Robert Howard, Jane Watson, Charlie Lindeman. Seated: Beth Wren, Eddie Ruwaldt, Joan Page, Carol Beesley, Judy Land. The Crusader Right: Co -Editors Jerry Lerner and Jane Watson proofread copy for the CRUSADER. n 51 w 44 F5,e-n- W ,. J, Left: Business managers Charlie Lindeman and Robert Howard make final check on yearbook sales. Artwork for the 1957 CRUSADER by Mr. Geza Knipfer. Standing, left to right: Lucy Zetina, Ted Martin, Carol Beesley, Eddie Ruwaldt, Pat MacCarthy, Jodie Horak, Toni Interrante, John Byrne, Catherine Grollman. Seated: David Dozier and Ellen Kaye Ernminger. "The Slzielda' Above: Editors David Dozier and Ellen Kaye Emminger work out an article for the School paper. Below: Ed Ruwaldt fcenterj discusses a problem with Feature Editor Carol Beesley and News Editor Catherine Grollman. Left to right: Jerry Lerner, Ellen Boyne, Louise Austin, Barbara Berry, President, Barbara Boyne: Father Christopher, Secretary, Pat MacCarthy: Carol Beesley, David Dozier, Jodie Horak. Young Christian Students Young Christian Students QY.C.S.j organized at the University of Dallas, is an organization which seeks to perfect student environment and student life. It makes it more possible for students to live a full Christian life. Y.C.S. is specialized: it is a developing movementg it is composed of laymen and the Y.C.S. operation is dependent upon them. It is apostolicg it believes that the Church has been given an apostolic mis- sion by Christ. The Y.C.S. is composed of small groups who meet weekly with a chaplain. The groups are kept small enough to allow each member to participate in the meetings. The members work together. Unity is the essential element. Father Christopher, Chaplain of the Y. C.S. , explains the aims of the club to President Barbara Boyne Qleftj and Secre- tary Pat MacCarthy Qrighty. Y C. S. .HCTIVITIES The distinguished faculty of the Univer- sity of Dallas march to the Lecture Hall du:- ing the dedication cere- monies. Dedication Day Cardinal McIntyre blesses the cornerstone of the Uni- versity of Dallas. ,ae-, owl sir' 4.05 fm... ..r -5- 5 ' . , , flghg, ' JJ I-'8'f.q's 'KJ' 'L , ' ' " F" E . .aww-'1"1Z:77'W-f'x.'f..s 2',.f ' -" 6 ref' H., -.:.F3.q:'-13' .-'S--.a ,f ' :- .f "l , A-ffkf, f- 3'-JO A . ms- w- -I .. '-.wif l ,fx-if-', f' - H' - 1124-w i7'5l:"s mf , -. -mei--'5'5:ff Ref it 212. Q- - 'N-Q95 - .--3-15 1 -, -Q,-N, ..,.,..,, 3 .- ' '-1, .5 Y, 4 '47, ,.- a. -.u,"',e . ,JL-, 5 r--Q' . gg,-r ff ,K 1- --L, 5 .- , ' ' 'Hifi-'A R ' 4.f,..Mg ,-,-...,.g -rkv' '-.'a"ik.'t.aLL-.3 , :b . ' ' v . ' . - -.2--'-, Cardinal McIntyre addresses the audience attend- ing the dedication ceremonies. 1 Joan, Carol, Dancy and Johnny talk finance with Mrs. Tankersley. Dr. Brasted welcomes the first freshman class to the university. Dr. Curtsinger explains academic standards to the first University class. Dorm, Li e Left: These boys aren't really lazy, they are just "getting acquainted . " 'VM r f ,V 1 , -A--'f' , - ---.-'-v- v-'-" " 1-'T ' if 1 : 11 Right: Walter Berend K and Charlie Lindeman W p 5' survey their new room W, a F- Q at the Men's Resident s wan Hall. , V ' Right: Joan Page frightj watches as Carol Beesley unpacks her belongings. Left: Sister Mary Ellen watches a card game as the quiet hours period rapidly approaches. mg, V' I 1 li J There are two ways to eat at the Univer- sity of Dallas. Either in the cafeteria. . . . H What? It must be Halloween. Look at all the spooks. or in the woods. It looks as if someone is going to get the hot seat. CActua1ly, it's a double exposure -J Everyone enjoys the music of David Wolfe and his Orchestra. Christmas Formal It seems that everyone is enjoying the refresh- ments, especially Mr. Garza. COMPLIMENTS OF Q f W President LONE STAR WHOLESALERS, INC Patrons Mrs. H. R. Austed Mr. F. K. Bell Very Rev. John P. Brady Dr. and Mrs. F. Kenneth Brasted Very Rev. Charles E. Cannon, C.M. Very Rev. Msgr. Paul Charcut Mr. E. Constantin, Jr. Most Rev. Augustine Danglrnayr Rev. L. M. DeFaloo, J.C.L. Mr. Ted Hinton Mr. Arthur C. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maher Rev. Edward R. Maher, M.A. Rev. C. E. McTarnney, B.A. Rev. Charles L. Mulholland, M.S.S.W. Right Rev. Msgr. William F. O'Brien, V.G., Very Rev. Msgr. Vincent I. Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wren P.A. Th B h In A TAHOK NAADK YAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPAN DALLAS IEXA5 -f-I Science Building Residence 'Hall .A-L! ,:' -Q-L., , ,,,,.5,.,,,...,, . ... NIULRSITY , V1V V ' w"":"1, .4. 4 . X A . "'-1' 'A-. Vjf'-ax., 7. ' ' DALLAS . '.lW'.4'?Quq4: nf. vw J'-'51 af' . -' 4' J " 4 FJ . "" -p r Ah- . ., Ln.: lv. y an-I, If 1 - , 9 - f. . , -a ' Ah f ' H "v ff .fl r aw - .,-' V. " lin' 5 - " -2 ' vb V--I .-'I' . Q gy. " 35" ,Jw I . PQ? 'f QT? " :J ,... 1- Q' " ' x""' ' ' ' ' iii". .-M, .V .5 . V, Ng..-'V..fA - 1safa.n5.." " it '17 , ' w. -xxx . c'pr.1- ,. ,cr ,- , Q, ffm". vhx.-ff .,' ,. l '. A ' A"-".,,"1e."7'ffF u Q15-,' ,4Q.'-'vi-.15 ' z- - ' ,-an-n ll S .,--...,........... -.L ...., . --- Lx- - -:L-Y, 1

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