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J' , . 4 4.15 -K I.. v5.1.1 .As. A'-.. 1 .V JA , . 1 '4 I V '1.v- -. x 1 A .u.. A., " -.f H" in V' u' ,J 4 'A'V , ugh . wg.-'Q --f, "1 '. .' '33, af 'nv' - . 51,1 .xf - - l 5 '54, , 3. X . 'mf V., 'X df ., 1 .v:,..x. " s, 0 . ,I , Q ' - ' av-:N 5 .1 . V '..,I ,NL . V, .. . vt, w,.,f.. -. ., . .- .T ., -I ,f W.5,', 1'Ai.l3'1'I Ah-My M. ,My -H V' fn wg.-,.'3L ,Q 1' 1 ...A-T!-1, , .. 1.4 -V 3.1: 2 ,,.. . 1 I v 4 ,V - .jx -. ' v . L , . Vx, ln ' - I .qw ... . ., xv. -u " ' 1 m Y ' J' J' , 1, .gal e.,4 I. f 4.- , -.-. V, "'f 4 1 3 -Y pf, 1. 1, ,lfj 'v ' 1 ,' "il" pg, .. . 6, .u. v 'v 1"'.,,' .n V. af.,- 4 "'f X..1.'.f , .wmv ' . . V 1 Z.. 1 J' ff ch' vv' .' ' . r ' . ' , "1 ' v J.- J ' .luv L' fi , .vi .. s Y , VN 'Yagi' ,.r. I. 5, ' .v .ffl , x, 3. .rua .'. :J -'lg' .. ,,'.'? ' I . l V , - i N., . '. .121 "fi '-,mf " I ' f " x T "M, 1 1 , , 1. 419 1 v, ,A., 'V .I H . N. ...,. U., ', - ,Lv-.Q , I - ,lv . W . .46 68.352 ff." 'V ' . f3'f'. 1' 1' , gs. pg., ,-1 ' W ui I, ' 2 ,.... V. 5-1 , 4 A, -. , . .. M M. , ...',g', ,Qi 1'-.N ,. 4 ' wk' H. , V... w - . xv. 'fn fit., ,,. '.1-1 .1 . ' , x . .r' .f - 'M H I 1 '-2 -M. w 'w N H 4 ' ,, ,. , J , .., . Nxt., ..,.:..w Ik... ,LI .A Ll' ,. I fy, ,fx . -If r, 1 A r fe 1- , V , 1 ' w ' 4'-'-'au ' v..,,'.,q6.-,, , 3. Q. :',...' fl H ,,.,.ggV xr . .' - 1 , Mn .,,9. 1 vw Q -v' 1. . " -U. L 'IPB , I. ,,:' . Q, KV I 4 ,A ...HL-I ,., I., W, V ' J.".'-J g,'..:'.f ty-w . ..,L . -lj 5 : '. - ,. ,u ' .xf ,rr JY,--X, . 221 SP'-s W nk" . VZ' R ::H.i'f. . .... , 'L":fJf- .2 u ,. Ly! iff' ' ' . iff.: .I ' ",7,5,:J7,' . , U75- ! ,L Q., ' '-"'?7f.'.tf4 . .., 5 f ' .Ja-. .I iid... 4- . ' Q .9:,Q" H .N 1 f:v'?lv4 Vw 'lif 4.. .f..4 . . .,. . .4 .- ,. , y , K' WAN ' lx',",4..f AA A .f,!3.i.Iv,'1Vi ,,y., aj!! , V, 'lpn ' .v J ,,'3., f Hi'Yf1Y L..::M:.,?1! L. 'X..g-j"f7j9'1":. ' .- ww. se '.'13i.Ji'x-if '- , . .I,f.f"Z"521,' j .'.-w'4,A2A ' -4? N . . N xv .nw-fr , "sl.f3x"? W W ,, 1,34 glilti ' H. .'1"Q5!1 , 5 'E' 'wr Z 1, .155 ,L big., A... ' ll' 57" . 'T 'n M7 . 'xi' H ' n ' 515. . 'L f This ' Q ' A f. .. N 'Nfp ' 'ff Ax. N ,,pg,'-D., V '.., 1 . . fxgkll ' , if f! r ' 'nw J ffyfix , , aw 1 W V ,M . .' .,-ww , -. ' - 1 ' ' ,. 'Lx , ' I 5 .11 ' .. ' 5-v 1 ... .. WY.. .,. J' U11 , x 5 . U' " yr! . 1 A lv ffm . ,"f4n1j -1' N-'Ez ' , 4.2 " 1 1 ffl A, ,I ,M JV' 1,- 1. -Iv.-:wa . ., lf?" . .L , -V.. 2, 4' if: ' .V,, .YW -. g vxv. Y , lux ' - , -...SR ,... , 'wff' . 5, 1 ff- ff' 5 .'4 ' 4 .V .'p4. 7 '. .. V H' . mu... H ., ,Q " . ,' .x.. . ma., .." A . W 1. V' S. vw. J' , . 4 4.15 -K I.. v5.1.1 .As. A'-.. 1 .V JA , . 1 '4 I V '1.v- -. x 1 A .u.. A., " -.f H" in V' u' ,J 4 'A'V , ugh . wg.-'Q --f, "1 '. .' '33, af 'nv' - . 51,1 .xf - - l 5 '54, , 3. X . 'mf V., 'X df ., 1 .v:,..x. " s, 0 . ,I , Q ' - ' av-:N 5 .1 . V '..,I ,NL . V, .. . vt, w,.,f.. -. ., . .- .T ., -I ,f W.5,', 1'Ai.l3'1'I Ah-My M. ,My -H V' fn wg.-,.'3L ,Q 1' 1 ...A-T!-1, , .. 1.4 -V 3.1: 2 ,,.. . 1 I v 4 ,V - .jx -. ' v . L , . Vx, ln ' - I .qw ... . ., xv. -u " ' 1 m Y ' J' J' , 1, .gal e.,4 I. f 4.- , -.-. V, "'f 4 1 3 -Y pf, 1. 1, ,lfj 'v ' 1 ,' "il" pg, .. . 6, .u. v 'v 1"'.,,' .n V. af.,- 4 "'f X..1.'.f , .wmv ' . . V 1 Z.. 1 J' ff ch' vv' .' ' . r ' . ' , "1 ' v J.- J ' .luv L' fi , .vi .. s Y , VN 'Yagi' ,.r. I. 5, ' .v .ffl , x, 3. .rua .'. :J -'lg' .. ,,'.'? ' I . l V , - i N., . '. .121 "fi '-,mf " I ' f " x T "M, 1 1 , , 1. 419 1 v, ,A., 'V .I H . N. ...,. U., ', - ,Lv-.Q , I - ,lv . W . .46 68.352 ff." 'V ' . f3'f'. 1' 1' , gs. pg., ,-1 ' W ui I, ' 2 ,.... V. 5-1 , 4 A, -. , . .. M M. , ...',g', ,Qi 1'-.N ,. 4 ' wk' H. , V... w - . xv. 'fn fit., ,,. '.1-1 .1 . ' , x . .r' .f - 'M H I 1 '-2 -M. w 'w N H 4 ' ,, ,. , J , .., . Nxt., ..,.:..w Ik... ,LI .A Ll' ,. I fy, ,fx . -If r, 1 A r fe 1- , V , 1 ' w ' 4'-'-'au ' v..,,'.,q6.-,, , 3. Q. :',...' fl H ,,.,.ggV xr . .' - 1 , Mn .,,9. 1 vw Q -v' 1. . " -U. L 'IPB , I. ,,:' . 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U' " yr! . 1 A lv ffm . ,"f4n1j -1' N-'Ez ' , 4.2 " 1 1 ffl A, ,I ,M JV' 1,- 1. -Iv.-:wa . ., lf?" . .L , -V.. 2, 4' if: ' .V,, .YW -. g vxv. Y , lux ' - , -...SR ,... , 'wff' . 5, 1 ff- ff' 5 .'4 ' 4 .V .'p4. 7 '. .. V H' . mu... H ., ,Q " . ,' .x.. . ma., .." A . W 1. V' S. vw. MQ Un.- .g .' ., ,M S.. fwwx "'iww,,J ..-,, XQU A 551. axle.-n..:f'tfn 5 .ea -Aww, --"Q ..,k 'ff mfg? . .. N- ,A jg. .., ,..-21? A, V. 7,3 ., ,ff wff- ?,p.w:f' S Y. ,gg 3 ,Sy 2' s 5 We-fr 7.1 if 'gfiaj QU vig, A L. X in ' 'lm i 1tYg:,?fj"-2 ww. . Q xxx: N W , . Rm: ., .:L SWT Q x ,. ,W X x .., fm A 'N ik.-xxwm K ,. Nl ,x.. '54, , x ,X X X ,,.,,,Y, g- ix , ' was as A K f Q ,SZ . ' ww X xv -RL 3x 46. My K, w W", fx, v, Xu-z :WH 2. in-X bp! 1 x -fi S 4+ . . M., dm , . mv 'sz We ' W ,Q 13 Q Q Qwfljlgvv Q ,. N 4 ' gf" ., ,L 1 4- A ,A521 M. ' ,hm z -X 'Q 3 ,,'i,vv .t aff' f Q A? .bf V M9 , JW Wa?" Q ' X1 5 Q M6 ,, Q, J W Q.. f up Q ,hs 4 9 bi? 'av wg. X 5 WW wa M . 5 sf. QV . a L91 " 'WF ' wg- N my fm? E18 . Gi 4533, gg' V H hx A x is ' xy. .:. G f QQ 4 exif ' . gg' Q 1: 4 QM ', . fm ,K " xv 1 ,asa "qu, 9 ,Je me, M gx . . ,W W , , X x 42, I Q seg-I . 3 bg., ww 5 ,AZEA L W, ' fue-J 'R . , f. X- , ,suis , Q,iwgN,. A ' ff .5-93245 , f M L .V,k . .Q wi., fx f im J, sfgzwgfz 2.91 gfjyfgsi k . :Q,Q::,::xfi XM ' szewk 8 1 Q fi . T ' Y 'QS ' MIN av.. . Wx, W, M6 , MXH! 1'-54' 1 '. 12 Q -V - .:, :UQ-jggv .04 t V4 , , Wwe, w- X ,M Q. JI C9 .Y 1,5 X if W as - 'V :: 43 !'3,'w5' 75 9 5,5 f swag 1: 1 wk? ,Q A Ei ez: ,Q al? W, 7: Vs .bb af W 1 5 3 4 Q .,,X , wk gy gi ' x' 54:4 , ,... fvfw, ,-wg N5 , 9 1 ts MQW-,,.,, ' . ,f .5 X, .Ls-gl -Q., ,Z .H S H , 5 ', , , , , x, W, , Q :X ,, 41-1s'4.,t,, .94 4 , Q , 'W mf' , A 1 Q. 5 , , if 4 1 iv Q ,,, is :AQ . ,yt 7- sf, g wf X, 'Wi 352.5 7 Q, f , 1:5 f ff T129 452.4594 wx R Q X -Q' Q 1 f - 1 Q2 , , 9+ 51 -Q 3 -.rv-, R W. ,, X4 A v v uv-3,y,. Q, 4 ., f f A, ,, f, My 1 - Q s- ,X - , .Q .- - X Q1 s QQ ., Q ,X f 1 ,NYM N., ,,g,. A7 1 f 1 1 - iff, - ,W ,J ma ,- Xfifl-ess -:fr , +,.Q:,,f,,,. 1. Q,.ff,,,Wg,,'fw- ve, 5. ,M 5 K., fx .a,.'Vefw'v,,,.y,,1'V ,I ,z a fm 9- . ZW f',,,'f-fix' as ,Q 5 ,, 4o,'K.'5,, wrfff X X a ' 4' D1 4 0 W ' 'xgiaw .. A f , Ay MMT . Q N? 2 1. Q, X ,fy . -Q 'VA ww b Q . 1 -' F6 fb ' ' W . Q 1, 'YW 5' my M. J? x ,A hm K I yyh. 2, N if ,Q X X ag ,rx we Q +2-, w Q Xe' ww W A g'4'Aw A -A Q , M A pf' A "Q KW X K ,. -, -at aw fy' . V N. 'RM' , . , i X X X595 V MW QSQF' W ,...' ,wb 444- 5' 1951 NUTMEG CLASS OF 1952 effie UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Storrs ' ' Connecticut FROM President to student, from Library to Grill, from classroornr to fieldwork, from mn- vhinery to arts, from crisp football days to lll'li'Ul? spring weekends, the N U TMEG prf2.s0nIls the Universityof C'0llll8l7fil'Ilf of 1951. WE PRESENT 77, ffl: EBYWX Mm li. Wuolcrs Eflilfu'-in-Chief Wx XS jifff . WWW THE UNIVERSITY 'THE I ESIDEIICES THE GREEKS . . THE ACTIVVHES Mu . . Page 6 Uconn 0 Schools o Administrat . . Page 52 Dormitories . . Page 66 Fraternit' s o Sororit . . . .... Page 92 Publications o Politics Q Honoraries o Radio sic o Drama o Religion o The Military Clubs o Ph acy Q Sports THE YEARIN REVIEW ..... PageI44 g Queens o Events U C 0 N N . . . wffezle lmufy a Xie ,kmfhm Angers amz' The Universify of ConnecTicuT has one of The finesf herifages any campus communify can claim. We on This campus in l95l can look back proudly To The humble beginnings of Sforrs Agriculfural School in l88l. where from The good earTh sprang The roofs of a universify now known Throughouf The naTion as progressive in agriculfure. broad in The liberal arTs, disTin- guished in graduaTe work, and quesTing in research. When Dr. Alberf N. Jorgensen came To Con- necTicuT in I935 he found a small buT subsTanTial sTaTe college valianTly endeavoring To serve iTs sTaTe wiTh hopelessly inadeguafe faciliTies. l-le early decided ThaT iT was noT so much New England conservafism as iT was lack of informa- Tion ThaT was wiThholding from The college The supporT iT musT have if iT were To serve The sTaTe adequaTely. ln his firsT year Dr. Jorgensen wenT abouT The sTaTe making speeches on higher public educa- Tion To The people of ConnecTicuT. l-le Talked in nearly every Town and aT every crossroad and To almosT any group ThaT would lisTen. During The session of The ConnecTicuT General Assembly which convened in January IQ37. in an afmosphere ThaT sizzled wiTh Talk of economy and balanced budgeTs, plans were presenTed for The expansion of ConnecTicuT STaTe College. OuT of ThaT session came virfual approval of The College's enTire building program. A young buT experienced educaTor, Dr. Jorgensen real- ized ThaT The faciliTies The sTaTe promised would be meaningless To The fuTure of The college wiTh- ouT an adequafe sfaff of Teachers. who, like himself, would become embued wiTh The chal- lenge presenTed by The opporTuniTy To make This insTiTuTion amongsT The besT of The naTion's higher educaTional schools. Dr. Jorgensen began To search for such educafors. 6 Mme gum!! ik ldfkdfddf fy zz Mrznyzhg game W, FI x 'AHNHQUQ iiil WM "b mfs , ri w X HJFQ 'ff' X ,V R 1 W, V aus,-Q Haw 'N ,sv w ? ,z if: xqifx-,sf,i -sg N ,UQ i Y kv Y-R x Miiglgixii ef T? 6 Vw 9 'i7L'X x 1 X um.. 'K .. A 1 .X 'QQ Q 3 X A, ,... gtk ,- 9 k E ,x Qi w -X E xxasfx jx. ws wif. ifkiwfek E ' g wk Q an 4gA iv' 54 XXXNN, Funzilim' 5001108 Along T110 lfmnpus Walks Physical expansion inevirably was Jrhe lirsl slep in The program. Many line new buildings arose in Jrhe nexl years-rhe Wilbur Cross Library, a disrinclive Colonial American building lhar has become a campus landmark: an engineering building: a home economics building: men's and women's dormilories. The Alwalrer Laboralory for Jrrealmenl and research in animal diseases received a needed new wing. Old buildings were remodeled: live miles of resurfaced roads were added: miles of sidewalks and new alhlelic fields became realily. I In i939 anorher achievemenl was reached- lhe slale college became Jrhe Universily of Con- neclricur. ' ' , fslwwwf' rw ,P ,f -.wN,v,f,gfg-fapfi V : s ea-5 rf fm-sr-fm:-:.g,..,,gi. :-haf:-ez.-i:,H,,:7 Zi-:ami?ff.w'6z-,za-::., M , AP, Y f. A' A- I agus -W - 1, g t' M.-fz,'AZ if W ,G f s - ' rf -' -iwsef. gy., f- 1:-, . J " f , " '43 9.1 32-' ,. 'f ', .gggggwmffqw j www - if ', Q . , -cufe fg big jr. 4-5 fwfr' sw " su V 1.5 My -aa. -4. 1 as W ' 1 ' ,wav -.14 gi '19, . of s a Q f r f V J "A' f ' W' ' 2 YM" s M?" c A,f,., ,. .-vs. , as ,4-Q-ea syym. a+ -2, 'V 4: ' 4 Y, gwfff Xwin 1 96543454 1' x y e?'?'fQ0 Q ' rfist. V, pr v w-, f f Q is ' Q X- -. ,eff -V ,uf ,, ' 4 PAGE 8, UPPER PICTURE: Beach Building-housing four floors of scieniific labs and 'rhe business offices. PAGE 8, LOWER PICTURE: Holcomb, Wlwirney, and Spra- gue-women's residence facing spacious lawns and cenfral campus. PAGE 9, UPPER PICTURE: Engineering-forming Ihe nor+l1 side of a green wi+I1 'flue Pharm- acy and Sludenl' Union build- ings. PAGE 9, LOWER PICTURE: Home Economics Building- home of +l1e furure dielicians, dress designers, and ins'ri'ru'rion managers. ,MQEYQ :vi ' ABOVE: Air view of 'rhe impressive Soufh Campus women s living unl'rs BELOW: Cons'rruc'rion of College of Pharmacy Building facing Engineering Building Millions of Dollars of Expansion More sludenls were allracled To lhe Univer- siry oi Conneclicul. A slale law which forbade more Jrhan live hundred sludenls lo reside on campus was repealed, making way for The plan ol sell-supporling, sell-liguidaling dormilories. As a resull, Jrwo new dormilory groups were buill-Jrhe impressively exlensive Norlh Campus dornnilories lor men, opened a year ago for Jrhe lirsl lime: and lhe lwenfy-Jrwo unil wornen's residences, Soulh Campus, which will be lully in operarion nexr fall. This year approxirnalely live Jrhousand srudenls lived on campus. The Universily of Conneclicul has one of largesl srudenl bodies living on campus among universiries in lhe Unired Slales. B The building program on The main campus ai Slorrs is s+ill under way. This year's more lhan iilleen hundred graduales relurning nexl year lor a class reunion will find ,in operalion a new pharmacy building, a sorely needed adminislra- lion building, and a new animal induslries building. They may also see in operalion a new' Siudenl Union Building, now under consiruclion, dedi- caled lo Jrhe slrudenls ol Jrhe Universiiy of Con- necficui who have served in defense of Amer- ica. A large, modern audilorium and a siadium are soon +o rise on The campus. ABOVE: Archi+ec'r's drawing of 'lhe new Adminis+ra+ion Building. BELOW: A nefwork of sfeel, forming 'rhe s+ruc'rure of 'rhe long hoped for S'ruden+ Union Building. Among Jrhe newesl of Jrhe buildings in opera- +ion is Jrhe impressive Physical Educalion build- ing wilh ils lorly-Two by seyemly-five lool swimming pool, and balcony which has a perma- nenl sealing capacily ol six hundred wilh room lor four hundred bleacher seals. A new "campus across The road"-ihe Agricullure Quadrangle -consisls ol Jrhe College ol Agricullure, Jrhe Ralclihfe l-liclcs School ol Agricullure. and Jrwo dormiiories. This new guad allows lor a con- cenlralion of agricullrural pursuils. R if 67492 N' iw gil? E35 vbffs Q 5 kg 6 ig 3 1 VM 5 Af ,g . ' ' fn :ZZ 4,, s SL I, 13.3 , ,A risky.. wa M Q It gm, F H .. Ss Y? 2 YV 1 ip gf, 4 Ss, Y ABOVE: The Slorrs Congregafional Church, 'rypically New England in archi'rec+ure, has long been +he religious cenI'er of I'he communily and sludenl' body. PAGE IZ, LOWER PICTURE: The B'nai B'riIh Hillel House and SI. Thomas Aquinas Chapel have recenfly C, I , ,w been compleI'ed Io adminisler 'rhe Jewish and Calholic Ll' lll'4e'II05 fire Burl! ,UU s'ruden'rs' spirifual needs. I3 S C H O 0 I. S mime Many! Manning we a Xie l-lere aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT The TourTeen schools and colleges oTTer The sTudenTs disTincTive Training which will gualiTy Them To assume responsibiliTy in The proTessions and The business and indusTrial world. During The year l95O-!95l, some nine Thou- sand sTudenTs were enrolled in The various schools which granT degrees ThaT are Tully accrediTed by The naTional accrediTing agencies. Eleven oT The schools are locaTed on The STorrs campus. There are also seven divisions oT The UniversiTy and Two insTiTuTes. Three proTessional schools are locaTed in l-larTTord, and There are undergradu- aTe branches oT The UniversiTy aT boTh WaTer- bury and l'larTTord. Through The World War II decade, The new UniversiTy began iTs maTuriTy-expansion oT sTudy programs and The enlargemenT oT scope and services. WiTh each succeeding legislaTure, more plans Tor The growTh oT democraTic educa- Tion in The sTaTe were submiTTed To commiTTees and leaders Tor Their consideraTion. Many eminenT persons weave Their conTribu- Tions inTo The Teaching oT The sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy. WiTh The guidance oT over Tive hun- dred TaculTy members, young men and women oT ConnecTicuT are preparing Themselves Tor Their many Tields oT endeavor. PlacemenT acTiv- iTies show a deTiniTe increase in employer inTer- esT aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT. I4 mmf fm 27111252521 fy Xie has! 0 mdvw 11146 fufwle mm mmmAfu, Mn., , :, . . , V x f f fy-S -z' wo- ,vm wwf-W. X .Mzrvsmasf-mvsmramf,-w-2, ,N-vw ff wmv' W W --'f , N f -. THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Was your lasT broiled chicken a good meaTy bird? This may be direcTly due To a high energy Tood dieT developed aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT College oT AgriculTure. A parT oT This college is a small buT amazingly producTive research deparT- menT which carries on basic research in animal diseases. geneTics. nuTriTion. and indusTries: agriculTural economics and Tarm man- agemenTg agriculTural engineering: planT science: home eco- nomics: and rural sociology. The College oT AgriculTure may be divided inTo Three secTions: Teaching lTew insTrucTors only Teachl, research, and The Coopera- Tive ExTension Service. By way oT insTrucTion, The College oTTers a Tour year course oT sTudy wiTh The largesT enrollmenT oT any agriculTure college in New England, and a Two year course oT The purely vocaTional Type, besides many special shorT courses such as poulTry selecTion, iudging conTesTs, and conTerences Tor Teedmen, TlorisTs, and TerTi- lizer men. The mosT modern eguipmenT is available and sTudenTs learn Theory coupled wiTh pracTical experience. The CooperaTive ExTension Service exTends scienTiTic inTorma- Tion To The people oT The sTaTe Through publicaTions, 4-l-l super- vision, and demonsTraTion worlc. Upon compleTion oT The new AgriculTural buildings, many believe ThaT UConn will have by Tar The besT AgriculTure College in The New England STaTes. WILFRED D. YOUNG, M.S., D.Agr. Dean oT The College of AgriculTure I6 1" ' f 1. ' , We, Q , Q WJ f?fJ?. , bf, ' ,51.!,.. ,, . " . , wax THE COLLEGE OE ARTS AND SCIENCES ard' , a. Q' wi' :uicfygm-H 5 1 is 41" V , -w gg ff.. K+. ,Q-1.1,-. ' ' ,gf3i4, f-- E? li 1' ' Iwlfrfi 5 T' -'PL J1- . --:IIT ---!wlE -'11""' "7 14":1'fW6:'2"45fi" gag-E 11-E " "S lie. -" 'gf 'J g..,- 31. X f r' I I I I ,I E ..,., , ...-- -- C If 'I YW Y Vx' ' 2 "' . f:'iEE'2 lggifgi 4. ,:. E17 I fair Ili . ' 1 -. -TE: :-::V---1e1--H-'- as -zff '-f-- : 1:11 Il x ff : ,. "Ty- , A -'-25 1g1-2r:fsefif-.- l -" , - 5 ff ..I Q l fl ETTTQ- l Eff ffl f 'I' X rf" l. -1 51.31, gag' in 3 I V II cgi wi. JJ f W M fb f W ll." -N. If 1 ' X 1 I 1 ' I 115. ... 4 ' 1 -1 NA gf3ggj:fFlfQ, II y I I IWW ww , 1 fi - ,N . f u I nl! ami 'iii Mu ni! :CT :IM 1 'ii' ,ff 17171 '- . E1 I 1 L... " f LL. 1 - ,, milfs. i nf: V uiil 'IIN g A ' L45 nut' ' ---' Ig r yy ul. I X I 1 I I 'lf .-Ji, 1 l""'-f' "dig I I I 1 :Fr 'aiu Ilqi s I ilu, U 71 5,111 I 2 , 1,51 my 2 Illii.-gui Mijn I M 1 6 I f, If :r"":gr1 X ssl -I ,Z X ..g .5 .: ,A 5, .K X ,! ,H 'isa y X X I, aisle' .id . .f .-4 'ji , FS -LL lik JG fr! f f 1 1 i""' "mn -H - 5 JN 'u yr' f.-7 FAA 5 . 'il l "L Ti' fi "El .." S, 'L H961 X Iii.. nl 'il A up " ' 1"lif.J- '. "i li 1 f ff ni, 1 ,....4 W- 5 . px' . .-A drug. T l 1 S' I' iii' - fi 9 1 lil Il l - T. my " E -,F 4: I 'js .:m ,5iQ.g !'1 "I ., ..- ..jiff22? "' 5:2-E Qi "E, I ' ' ' "lin wif' I 'I ' f' Lg T' .ii-f5?Si'1:?T TE:-Eiiigllii' - 1 ,IQiQfZ'1fv3..,.'Q,J,'y.: lr:-iii. .1-as f -1. I if 5:55 'Illi:eZ?fn!!e:'1.l!'I - ., -.2 1':-'- ' 1 PJ' I Eiwllll' ,f HQ, ..-5535:-glee! 'rs-3sss?:51ipg"I. 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'im E I 'milf r , "4 ', f gil' ltqlgi ilpl' ri' ::.'gg::gr:l Ja liilll :ln l5"': Q, l II l lfy I' I7 fl' 'WT I' Ji' IQ' I'f5iT:...l"'il Ha52:,1If""T1 1 ::':"IZ l-- . 'jig ' Li f '-' r' 1, .' P 7' Z' 'H'-:IQ-5 .lf .u .an-1 12.51 ...--1,1 ,,. ...,.. , H, '-. ' ... 'GMI iwzilfirl 'Eff I' sfeE'z1iif15,ie5:11 - 'f rf'-2"-, "War if , ' f-- f gf ' l 1 I EJ 4 1 id! 'WEE' i-u.uu---..1.....l.A ..,5m,.1 -:iff A ,L , v ,- 4, I FT--'l ei' I izdiiiiiffiwfisiziisisz'efii-iEffff11s"l1ff' mf? Q1 ffffgi... ' .4 I TIS A - will. is 1 ". 5351 " ' - -- 4 1 , f 1 all il-: '4,EEj! Fgliflliif Eifif531:Eg:g,31f, .1, .53 I' X Xl T7 ,ff 17 I 1'I5i'0Z-:vi-Il -15-,, 1 11H::15:' I Ig! im.i64!l3EEE?iiI.ilif:i?f?! :fi--i 11 , f S!:,l 'Egg Igig 'his iliiiiizg i gggggenlggw 12212214 ... u-- "'5f'-Lak , I 1 , 541'-55951 iii!! I" , I iiifiliiliqif ,- ::::ii -- 1. ., ,- - . 'SEIU' III - -1-lifeilih 5' . 'l:flEEEEiE- ,'-25551 1- i1555ffiA"7 ' 12:2 if 7 I V E Eiiill sgiii l Iigilllzszillgi ll i:i:::1::' I 'llgi 'i f.-'f1zzg.L."'ii:1 34:-' I M14 "I I E- 'iff 'ses-E . I :sa'112:s11fesr ,fissszagf -I In 2-:.1f.-fe .Ae -z I 1 M191 ggili Th.-- " ....... , 1li"' 1' ff! -1 W1 'fgj"j1, W 1 0137 1 I2 , ,': S' 11522451 ' "Till 1' I- .--.JL.:11,l1 T- -1 ', I - 1-1' 11' wi I' ' -In -:I . fg gjiij ' gvlglgg'5zi1::QggQgQgi'j3b?:fl ,. 4151- 1'll"i.,f'"1lll'lHlHfil1gY y . ' N., E - , is , 7 ' dj ij'-' 1 .,f 11:11 ul gjpaaaanll . ujggfijii' 535g yy L'1- , !'!!C:1E .::::- 1 'i'l'Q I illII.ll1'!!l'. 1,- ,Ci 'uf' 133 E 1 if-5"-" Lrg' fi HS fill ll I , -', V : L:, ug A, , .. I.. Li... -,I-,DLI . . ,I '1 H. ,wif-:,'F' -- ,, , 1 1-Sb - 1 T!-1 21iW ?ff:-2 432' ' ' Q --l?l' F 7- r- fl TV, E S - SQ H ,f ' 'Y T 7 -S gi i Wg nf -i': Whereas The laTTer Two years aT The UniversiTy are organized George E. McReynoIds, Ph.D., Dean of The College of ArTs and Sciences. abouT The acquiring oT specialized knowledge and skills, The TirsT Two years are devoTed To The aTTainmenT of ThaT general under- sTanding and appreciaTion necessary Tor The TullesT possible con- TinuaTion oT our American heriTage. One oT The chief TuncTions oT The College oT ArTs and Sciences, The largesT oT The several schools and colleges in The UniversiTy, is To provide mosT oT These culTurally broadening courses Through iTs nineTeen deparTmenTs. These deparTmenTs also aTIord The sTudenT The opporTuniTy To conTinue specialized academic work aTTer he has compleTed his Treshman-sophomore reguiremenTs. Many graduaTes of The Col- lege oT ArTs and Sciences are enrolled in pre-medical, pre-law, pre-denTal and oTher pre-proTessional programs. A limiTed buT increasing number oT sTudenTs, aTTer The compleTion oT Their undergraduaTe work are admiTTed To graduaTe schools in oTher colleges and universiTies ThroughouT The counTry. While iT is The inTenT oT The College oT ArTs and Sciences To provide The soundesT possible undergraduaTe Teaching Tor iTs sTu- denTs, unusual TaciliTies Tor research under naTionally prominenT scholars are available To direcT research programs and graduaTe work in almosT all areas oT insTrucTion in The college. The Fall of I95I will bring To The College oT ArTs and Sciences noT only a course in The Classics buT also a new DeparTmenT oT ArT. I8 was 3 fi i 4+ ii ,ev I-ggi." 1.3 mmm. V, X, , M 11? 'ifviifiv rf' THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SSSS ,m S- f Ni- Sniigxg-S'.."" A -RN I ,,, 42 ,gm v 8 S g - - ,SS Zi' K WX '- " SS S SXT S 'S- S , S S S I -S 'SS 5 S--SWS fqxg S SS SSSS S SS S S S A SSE ,QEEI 46.Ss+hEL111erfIV+ i I X Ru T ' A SSSS - 'S SSS4- fw II. i- ' V'-',f".n:::2"'Ia' If? II ' XX Sw NM S 2 ' -4112: 2 1 ,if . . lnspli., -7: - I NI S T' S- S -SS , IS Sa N, NE ww mga S SS - In SS- : . ' IK' A D M R- TNLQI ---QL r f 5 X ,i I I ,ag fdfmyfpgf-u,. S-SI 'grawifff -fSg-,a::E..isa S- - A 3 . S f ,ff - ,17 Q if '!f2'4',f'ffisf9ff' serif " -Ffh ' QT RA S I 419 ID 'D If I S S A I "' SS Tm N ff I W W 'W fiiiavyizfgiif' if h id f n? -,ser em I um f 'II 1 I "bg :ENVI 3524 u'7s'E'7?1 .-1:1 T I I II .nur T4 pm' f SS S S S I Sf fd QSSISI-wmwfS S S S eff- I 07 I Z q'41"flTl?'9 fi- ,-?!, im L 'ffff - 'ff-I M6 .1f'::--.L - 45 79' ' P4 Z ,P I 'sggizllygfi-Wif ,, ' , I E .g.I!F'fi:Qf E,5i-I f 'NI . X A241 'I ' ' Niggau3'fPWc"TI'5I'Il'AQIIIWII if f- ' aff III' G 'N' - I RM I ff 1 x :iA,w'ilf,'f5if2fZ124E'i !'Q32Z3'figggV5Q5'f2Z3f?Jf'P'7.:3,!?5F'f' 1 ' ' - EG I5 I - ?If':l-:nm Q2 015 A , ,J '1'..'::gf4'. .. " Zyl. i :, ' --1-L, 4' .' . , Q- S -S:. Q ' iII415i'f4'gE '31 ,,Q4.,I'9 I Iiigiffifiyqg Flag- fm, I ' 1 2360? XNI 9? 1' 5' L EI 3 ' 'f s ' lp' 4 SS r If JS fszffzffn-ru H- + -afgffff b A SW Ei iiiiifn 0 7!Wb'5 f hpfsfk lf' - l y wnllfll- -I -i? c.-ily' 7 ef rf -rf y 15 'lnlll -1 ,U r Q -1 R ' - , i a5 ' I1gg' fbZwy,i NI " M1 W U I' -'13-'i. "."' - ijSIf S F1434 -L' iifiji "' - Mk- ff +I' -ffl 3'1f?' SS 3.1 --fi? TT Mm TSS . Af S---S-T f S: SSS SS- S ?iT35 V? f3',,,'K 'Tx T -firflelil TT SSS'-"4 H7 .... -2, - -A-SS. - , - a S i -iw' ,X i.: fn, S- -kg - S, , -4-flu: ,Z Q- S- in, . ,Y X. N - - fl if "-1' KW "' Laurence J. Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Dean of The School of Busi- ness AdminisTraTion. 0uTsTanding in The School oT Business AdminisTraTion is iTs lv1oTion and Time STudy l.aboraTory which is designaTed. Through iTs research, To render a pracTical service To The sTudenTs and To The people oT The sTaTe. FaciliTies are available Tor The analysis oT meThods oT work and oTher sTudies are in The Tields oT iob improvemenT, work simpliTicaTion, TaTigue reducTion, and The eTTecTive applicaTion oT human and relaTed work eTTorTs. The primary TuncTions oT These laboraTory sTudies are aimed To bring The sTudenT inTo closer associaTion wiTh The Theory oT The classroom and The pracTical applicaTion oT every day essenTial Techniques oT Time and moTion sTudy. AnoTher parT oT The School oT Business AdminisTraTion is The accounTing program. OuTsTanding sTudenTs oT accounTing are selecTed To parTicipaTe in Public AccounTing lnTernships. In The second semesTer oT The senior year These sTudenTs are employed and supervised by Tirms oT public accounTanTs and parTicipaTe in audiTing and accounTing Tield work. This experience aids ouTsTand- ing sTudenTs immeasurably Through iTs pracTical beneTiTs. The School also sponsors lecTures by eminenT speakers oT sTaTe and naTional repuTaTion who discuss conTemporary problems con- TronTing business. In This way The sTudenT is broughT closer To The Tield he will enTer. 2I ,, f- -" "' Y' ,.-lf ,,-f- fi' S 1 W 3 .5 ?:5:L -.,, :T - - L, - .? -S C Nm g E D U C, A T I 0 Nl lr In w - 2' - :N ' 1 ' i 214'-Z-'-,-412Sf5f't gf '- ' N ' AE g 422 -'Q 4 1 im Q, WW E E 5 iffy 002543 5 14 Qi Q , 0 " Q ,N X HHQUKQSF-'W' E' ' if -'if X06 ,,v'i!f -- ' 'E 141 e V ' ' - Zf"' ' ? gi E E fa 7E1l Q?31'2iZgya-rIigf Q'Za E L W 11 - 1ff? p:.1. ,-1i Eg-J if -7' T T ,,.L.'111 ,, d,. lf' - jf!-"si uigii ff M5 Q if Q' R--f W, - - f Iii H' W "---Q lm- , ,-,a-1' . 44111-E -lug --k 8 - -- V--- g- -Q---ii THE SCHOOL or Enuclmow P. Roy Brammell, Ph.D., Dean of The Schoolof EducaHon. The School oT EducaTion came inTo iTs own This year when iT was moved inTo iTs own build- ing, where several aTTiliaTed deparTmenTs, such as Speech and Audio-Visual Aids, will also soon be locaTed. The School program is placing ever increasing emphasis upon The imporTance oT acTual experi- ence in The pracTice Teaching siTuaTion. This means ThaT laboraTory TaciliTies are needed Tor The pre-pracTice Teaching level as well. lT is hoped ThaT a UniversiTy high school will soon be available To saTisTy This imporTanT need. The graduaTe school, Through which conTacT is mainTained wiTh IO per cenT oT ConnecTicuT Teachers, has also seen considerable growTh. An educaTional clinic Tor The sTudy oT elemenTary educaTion was recenTly begun. This clinic shows greaT promise in The direly needed invesTigaTion oT reading problems. Possessing a sTaTT reorganized in research and oTher Tields, The school oT educaToin is well equipped To give The closely guided supervision oT iTs TuTure Teachers which iT deems so impor- TanT. Admission To The school oT educaTion is inde- pendenT oT admission To The UniversiTy since iT is based upon separaTe sTandards Tor scholar- ship, personaliTy, speech and general apTiTude. THE SCHOOL Francis L. Casfleman, Jr., D.Sc., Dean of fhe School of Engineering. OE ENGINEERING Since I88I engineering has been a parf of fhe Universify of Connecficuf. If was nof unfil l9I6, however, fhaf a formal course offering a Bachelor of Science degree was esfablished. The School now has separafe deparfmenfs of civil, elecfrical, and mechanical engineering, and offers fhe lv1asfer's degree in each of fhese fields. In fhe lasf fen years fhe engineering sfaff has been fripled, adding many oufsfanding men. This year a member of fhe engi- neering faculfy was awarded fhe Alfred Nobel Prize for his con- fribufion fo fhe field of elecfrical engineering. Two years ago a sfudenf received a nafional prize for his work in mechanical engineering. The Universify of Connecficuf School of Engineering has been inspecfed and approved by fhe Engineer's Council for Professional Developmenf, which is fhe only qualified rafing council for engi- neering schools, and has only mefed approval fo abouf one hun- dred engineering schools in fhe Unifed Sfafes. Af fhe Universify fhere are sfudenf branches of fhe American Sociefy of Civil Engineers, fhe American lnsfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers, and fhe American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers. Also fhere are nafional honorary frafernifies: Chi Epsilon, Efa Kappa Nu, and Pi Tau Sigma in civil, elecfrical, and mechanical engineering, respecfively. Mosf imporfanf is fhe presence of a chapfer of Tau Befa Pi, which is fhe largesf honorary engineering frafernify in fhe world. This frafernify is comparable in engi- neering fo Phi Befa Kappa in Arfs and Sciences. Such honorary frafernifies are found only in accredifed schools. In fhe lasf few years fhe graduafe school has increased in size and scope. There has been more emphasis placed on research. The Universify mainfains an experimenf sfafion which helps solve problems confronfing fhe indusfries of Connecficuf. 1 ,.,,-,,7,, ,..l....... i, ... , -. - +-Y vim xg- sat, 'sk XYQQZF'-tmrvxem f' f '-5f5::.i- ,E-:-' ,fu Q.: ff!! J 5: 'Hap ' ffi ,121 f Q , ? .. 5' i 'if :ijffivf 5Q if ' Lag : A if L IT s..I gi Q TA! if f E g m.' i 5 M: "mi ' ?D -f-' 45 , V - 4 'A ' 'Z' N E- , I '-, , sQ,9 -" l ees: 6:27 52: 44:12 I:- :"" E ..f Al -'Tl in i iw I I In at 'gf' -fu that dt Q 'L 52-I :V 5 .g arzirt F 3- XE ? -qi 152' " -x.' ? 'Q 5-m L H- E -'sa--I 1' V ,zijlikxlb :TLA W A38 ff- C 'aff '-5' QM 'E W E C' 2 4 W Wi 7' fff 'f i WW? Wai ,. -fi' JT if- O fm M WWW WWW? 4 T V1 f Q Qv4Q,Wf , x n fxis gifwigf 5'Q,...-5 g :T . T 1 xix-uf xx :ik xi -, r-" l----"i?ff -" - s -i 'F THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The C5raduaTe School is organized Tor The purpose oT giving properly gualiTied sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To pursue advanced work. lTs adminisTraTive TuncTion is To supervise all graduaTe worlc ThroughouT The UniversiTy, To provide necessary reguiremenTs Tor graduaTe degrees, and To recommend The conTerring oT graduaTe degrees on sTudenTs who have successTully compleTed Their graduaTe programs. GraduaTe sTudy is carried on under an advisory sysTem. The sTudenT chooses a maior advisor Trom The GraduaTe School TaculTy in The Tield in which he wishes To specialize. As soon as The sTudenT's obiecTives are crysTallized, The advisor and sTudenT in consulTaTion selecT Two associaTe advisors, one oT whom should be Trom a relaTed Tield. The major advisor, as chair- man, and The associaTe advisors consTiTuTe The sTudenT's Advisory CommiTTee and To Them he is responsible Tor his enTire graduaTe program. Emphasis is placed ThroughouT on TiTTing The program To The individual needs oT The sTudenT as indicaTed by his obiec- Tives and by his previous Training and experience. NaThan L. WheTTen, Ph.D., Dean of The GraduaTe School. Wav ...- .-Q0 Wfgavgy b x-gg-.-"'---, Ng , - U' F 1 wifi xg W W ilF?fil'ffiT'fA'll1 ,g3fEl-'5-'fig U, LA, fn ' M- l ..."..".I WW Z -2-i H X b 4 5 7 X tif'-L - A W' 254' IAQW EFI? W f PM P , wfW fwfr - 2 T Q ff H pf - 11" WRX Liga if g51fif f'F 111+ E-01!K,jgi3mZ1'?,-gf., -fgl Jul N- - 'S v 5 Q,,,-:A 'ESQ iw EQ Y CX x ' i X llifigi? H ' E' 'ae xx XXI lx N X xxx Q , ,Xa X Xl XY XX-l Q X fx X sf mx 5 " -Xa HXHX NN ig' G S5 i Xi W J f' f Af is X5 f f ' E ijxx XNMWHNAJ g J 1, X' K'X 3 ,f f-1 XII :Haig ' yx l HN, Nl gxigW,Q'Q:q lfqiifg 1 E257 vii IEEE ggi? ! 1 , ff eggigi as Elli e cs " 1 i' I gi ii 'i ' I xi pb Vie, , 'i 'j ig lf" f f , . - fl 5 x - - f z 3 I 7, 'Hum f ff fiff- 1: ,ff f E fs , 'ff 2 .. f' will L O W-1' l. E- ' :lla yi ?s?"fi ?ygii'lfl2 ' Qlliiy if 1 ' 'gf 1 ,. ,f y ,C f all ef E is Q asf .iff 4 l ,h Lys i'f'-wi? 26 E X25 5' 5, 'if li l 1 2 :uf E E li' 'Q . J if iff' i ff f ' 41 y : 55, X ,f, '21 .4-1 Z xxx' by yflfwll -,Zf , LL . 3 Af f flli fffi' ' Wffffiaifwg' MF' 1, 'i 'E' "mf ' " . 'i f -5 E. .J me f -' f i any lg If X I X'2' ,X ,X ll' ' If lo ,I ' . 4 i , Nl L' f f .A W in "' , jp if 'z,,'gL.'f2' 7' in 6141? ' ff Sk wit ' ' z l TC 'W ,i fe ff C ' f Q sw he fa ww" H f C e as 2 g S I wi "AW Wg? ,5 if A Z l H. 1 ,-Q I' Xe. ,gfaifi OP 1' 'ffe:,.s"' -N firm ' f ', ff ,cfs if f' f'f"- ' , 1 ' ef -- i in ll L i O E f fa fi-i g,,,.l E' ,C Q ,,"' Zi , ff 44, ,f 494' . ,, , fflfib fl E 54 asf , lf: ,Q lk9,"z"f6-"'1Ai1u f ,Q i TY 'Y 'i-W: ci li Q' "'K' fEiT j"T?,'1' ,ff-f-of-f' 1-11111. -cal do E-H -Wei THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Offering one of fhe mosf varied and comprehensive programs in fhe New England area, fhe Home Economics curriculum af fhe Universify of Connecficuf is designed nof only fo prepare sfu- denfs for a successful home and family life, buf 'ro frain sfudenfs for professional worlc in Teaching, diefefics, research, social serv- ice, commercial demonsfrafion. designing and decorafing, mer- chandising, and ofher relafed fields. Because of fheir scope and infrinsic inferesf fhe home eco- nomics courses appeal fo many who are nof home economics maiors. These sfudenfs sfudy such pracfical problems as fhe eco- nomic, social, and individual aspecfs of housing, consumer buying. food preparafion, clofhing selecfion and consfrucfion, child developmenf, and family relafions. For fhose who maior in fhis field fhere is an immediafe demand for feacher and dieficians, fhere are opporfunifies for fhose infer- ' esfed in social service and demonsfrafion worlc, 'rhere are unusual , W ug , 7 rf 1' ff 1 ' 'Mg . ' , ,V , X, , " ff ,WZ ' ' ' posifions for falenfed persons in designing and research. These are iusf a few of fhe many professional posifions available fo home ZZ, U, I ,f, ,I I ,I Clara C. Cerveny, M.A., Dean of 'rhe School of Home Economics. eCOl'1OrT1iCS maiors. 28 HOME, Mazwomggf House: 5' f 1 iiw, , fl' 'fww Wh WW if fa yawn... 8 5 I ' Q , ,A ,V 'wi' 2' A 'WSH 'K xf QW ,, 15, wr ,Mi V Z3 D 3 se THE COLLEGE OE INSURANCE The I-IarTTord IocaTed College oT Insurance, Tounded in I939, oTTers an insurance Degree program which covers a period oT Three years. The TirsT year The sTudenT musT Take The required courses in IiTe, casuaITy and Tire insurance. The second year spe- ciaIizaTion commences and elecTives perTinenT To The desired career in insurance are included. Each sTudenT has The opporTuniTy Tor original research in special problems under The supervision oT one oT The TacuITy, which numbers over ThirTy and is composed almosT enTirely oT iunior execuTives oT The I-IarTTord insurance companies. SixTy crediTs minimum are required Tor admission as candi- daTe Tor The degree oT Bachelor oT Science in Insurance Adminis- TraTion. Special sTudenTs wiTh suTTicienT experience, however, are admiTTed To The degree classes. Non-degree special courses are also given, Tor which There are no admission requiremenTs. I.asT year, The ToTaI enroIImenT Tor boTh The degree program and The special course program exceeded Three hundred. THE SCHOOL OF LAW The primary purpose oT The School oT Law is To prepare eligible sTudenTs Tor The pracTice oT law. I-Iowever, Training is also oTTered To selecTed young men and women Tor The various aspecTs oT busi- ness insurance, banking, Tinance and oTher Tields in which legal Training is oT value. Two programs oT sTudy are available: a Day Division curriculum which requires Tull Time aTTendance Tor Three years, and an Eve- ning Division curriculum which is held each evening and may be compleTed in a period oT Tour To six years, depending upon The sTudenT. A sTudenT aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT may secure an academic degree and a Bachelor oT Laws degree in six years IDay Divisionl, or seven years IEvening Divisionl provided he adheres To The regulaTions required Tor such a combinaTion. The School oT Law is a member oT The AssociaTion oT American Law Schools and is approved by The American Bar AssociaTion and The ConnecTicuT Bar Examining CommiTTee. IT has also been given accrediTed raTing by The UniversiTy oT The STaTe oT New York. 30 Laurence J. Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Dean of The College of In- SUI'al1Ce. BerT E. Hopkins, Ph.B., LL.B., LL.M., J.S.D., Dean of The School of Law. 'Y' .Q I ,X xxx ' Zig M F X MX T M ' W,., + W5247 V J O 2' 5 53+-'Q l azy-Z'-Evrffl mm ' ' nf? f www? W Eiias Y sv ff m if new IW' ff E50 L ld J-'52' , 1 'Q W A ' ,ff ft A Il A -M "'17'ff..." 'f' l1-- A ' 4' P Q- WF :ff 5' Q fi? Wm T 'Aw ' " 2 JF! if 3 1 f' 'Q fa -557 1 I A Hifi' f f Q if? ff 515 ' " Sai: ll 'K i f'S-fifff '7f'!5vx fa 2 i ' if 1 9 901, 2, fffpygif :ggi cF5+3r . Lid A -ff Q f K 'XO Z 97 p x ,A saga? '.-'G' Q . f,f'7'7f , li YNKA, iw!! ,f-4ff,Z5 if fffiff X: fa?I?i 1m11 Jfif ' ma- U ml 1:1 Ffa MMM Q A E ,diem f nw Q gig img 1 fl ' X ' ful 1""3+ "f8 1 ,ff , if in my EW ,, A gi, Q ? 1, li 6? 'A li? K 'W AMYNM I I I 'Eg' Q I 5 as-zz: EfzzMff'ff!ffv, 3 , E: I M nf A f W-if , I 1 ""'k"lfjv- ' , sf ' I - ' -31 . "il" IW v W +M- E -'-1 L-.-.I-.5 '-as -- , f si W' ' , , ! ,. ., ' , I' ll lv 1' .1 . n , .1 5 , , 4,,. ,W 4 li f-:rr -' '4M4!fMa U 1 H "- M "-- ff 41 , Q'-T-"T--W -1 1:, 1 W , 4 - am fy.- -,,,, 5 AW 'QW' THE SCHOOL OF NURSING 97 , I, J. Ujtuak My lo V x W xp A - 22695 mWW fM?pff'13W'W'Wf Q W We Ug fw fi X51 . 'fp 2 0,1 1 1 l is ' HL! " 4 ff , + f 1 H 1 ifffl- ,gif X ,, ' 1 my 4 LY: K1 " 'i fii - 31435, HM x X "",- ra E 4 hi' as Z2 . 1 :- li ' E 2 K gf: Mos Y 1 x1i"?5LW Hg! ? 53' 93 ' w W aff .f-aff A 1 f M f vm M 'gif My Avffngvvwgf MPL- ' "" I I f W ,114 fi 'MI g-517275 H55 31 'ill I '3' I iffX+ ' 4 ' Rv ,,?:: Y4 ,M 4 v- ,gg---sg Qf: N 32 1 Z' 4' J , -- XJ - -, 1 ,www A Q R A ' 1i"f2"'-- . 1 ,, . - .J ,, V ,, Y 5 -.WL g ..,. -W A A ww- ,N '- -1 --LK., ' .zu ' 1 " my ,. ' - , , 1. .. '33, , fi I nfl? , ,. ,nh L, Carolyn L. Widmer, R.N., B.A., M.N., Dean of lhe School ol Nurs- ing. ' The School ol Nursing mighl well lake lor ils mollo "Join lhe School ol Nursing and see Connecliculf' Sludenls in lhe basic program divide lheir lime belween lhe campus and lhe Grace- New Haven Communily l-lospilal in New l-laven, wilh allilialions al lhe Conneclicul Slale l-lospilal in Middlelown and lhe l-larl- lord Visiling Nurse Associalion. Recenlly lhe Greenwich l-lospilal School ol Nursing has merged wilh lhe Universily ol Gonneclicul, lhe sludenls in lhis unil receiving lhe major parl ol lheir clinical experience al lhe Greenwich I-lospilal. While one ol lhe maior purposes ol a collegiale school ol nurs- ing is lo prepare lulure leaders, leachers and adminislralors in nursing, lhe school al UConn aims lirsl ol all lo prepare good nurses. The program includes all ol lhe maior clinical services. logelher wilh psychialric nursing and public heallh nursing. In lhe linal semesler on lhe campus sludenls may elecl courses in clinical leaching and adminislralion, in communily nursing, and in guided research. ln addilion lo lhe basic program, lhe School ol Nursing ollers curricula lo regislered nurses in public heallh nursing and psy- chialric nursing. The laller program is subsidized by lhe Federal Governmenl under lhe lerms ol lhe Nalional Menlal l-leallh Acl. 33 THE COLLEGE OE PHARMACY Nw,Mx-Afflfllkksxxy an ,, fbkvx r-N vm' ,f-,vm X 'QQ Pf"L,- W ww wiv .xYh.'N L , v7'v ' L vgullwxx Six-5hNY,,-glygwk ll!! fwsw 2+ ff 3'1" 'XE' SAW. K-:Eli We fmfibfvf p X , ,. W. We-Q.x . N X. V v , ,f V lqgigl, E N-k.vg5f,,QI?,i"My,f 71,2335 AMX ' X xml' up 'EV V' tw JI ks -' - .'Nxnf.' ,1,7?'v' -1. ., mf-,-, ,, , A yflhxowlvgm fx. X i -qt.:-fviwx-Llmyv V' gt h. Eh 1, . ttf,-SANMV. 'WH Yu X A fr .f. ,ix ,.- 1, V 'D SUNQQWNQ N 'wif Vw '1.f:-,'w"x- 1 mfv -, f ' "',1-'0- .. mvfflfce. 1-M, ,fwi ,1,4,'5fll.x., '77 4-r:.f fl -, fn' w 1. A: if A - ' A' E , E , , -3?--: 'N ,,fwfr-1'.f,fE,533yg,Wg,5,fug251,'Hg ,Aim Egg' xf, zigfnxa-5: Harold G HewlH Ph D Dean of Mgr., Ili h . t. 1, ,- wuirr- A li K f ,fgf',,-YQ2114 J ., 'Z5 ,f1,,qq5. E , The College of Pharmacy ' w ,N - .' -, ' , n wwf 1'7" y E , 'X -f 'X ,, -ff ,,, :wffft1,:s25g:ss5?11szaQ , 'f1+iY1P? "w,Qr'11'i 7 M- J 'iff",gY 1'k,W. -f"' " -- 'if E ' f - ' f 3i1,26f11i2'12Q ' q v .: 35+--ig-E.'ZF 1 ixwf, H' 17: Q 5 52, . 11-pnwmgx ff ., 'I -"f- T' 'L Wag: fQafqa.1L:2,,'s?-E3 ,, , 5. r . ., -5.12. 1"'. 'A 1 5:-jj5:XElf.s fm Q :Ef f ".f"'f-.L11zL ?, " , E41 EA E' -"' 751-'f Wsxf' . Q 13 EEE aw k Q E' "Www kE'?y5E EiHh'71l ' ' N- ' iq!-EE " 'q L:45f " ' y ' , ' j i f' ,' Iwi' -1'-If? y -ij :' ,,, . ,,1 H .vigil i f 2. 31 'fp W E.."7'-:J , li l fiff- 5 ' -V1-, -1 E L, -E S"3 , li ' g 151- - f " -u k 'f-, ?i'2?57'::,- f- s' ' 'E E JS? l. ,S'L'ri, , - ' ,if ""g"x4 Ef- '2 ffjvff- :ff 1 ' i '31-"V 1- The School of Pharmacy, when if moves from New l-laven fo fhe Sforrs campus nexf fall, will have fhe disfincfion of being fhe only campus- locafed School of Pharmacy from Maine fo Soufh Carolina. Since if is fhe only pharmacy school in New England offering fraining for fhe BA.. MA.. and Ph.D. degrees, fhe school feels ifs curriculum musf offer fhe sfudenf of pharmacy fhe widesf possible experience in fheory and pracfice. Spe- cial experimenfal courses are planned fo facili- fafe firsf hand pracfice wifh drugs: fheir chem- isfry. use, and manufacfure. A reguired course for seniors is a frip fhrough fhe mid-wesf which exposes fhe sfudenfs fo acfual manufacfuring processes on an indusfrial scale. This insfills in fhe sfudenf a pracfical appreciafion of fhe field. The School nof only cafers fo fhe vocafional needs of fhe sfudenfs, buf if has also expanded ifs facilifies for scienfific research. This research has added incenfive for a maior field of worlcg no longer is fraining earmarked solely for fhe refail iob behind fhe drug sfore prescripfion counfer. Associafions are growing rapidly wifh large in- dusfrial companies fhroughouf fhe nafion who are inferesfed in fhe field of research. ig f f 1 ., ,, J f I inn. fb, r1f',fV!7f, A !n7,' ,I ,,f ,, i , I qi 1 ,, if I I '0 i H I. , ,,fg,,,. '- f I ,. ' 1 0 N " T ,MJ fy! . . 5 ,, - ,I ' T T T 1 fee 1i?::' f-:Ye T T 1 FTE?-5232.-E-Q' ' - L -. '5.T c: 1 ,E ,c gi , c 1 ' s 1 ffffgfgffk F" T i - .TP ' fha -P54114 E125 ' T-Y-71.21 3-1 ' ' ' 11fiil'lf f 1 + gif mifiefa.ii.i:, :r' a a gen. A V . f'f1-sgizfgf-' rrzi fin .-:W - f ma!gS1iEsiiP.:.?,iifEifilfilrhp-.g-f:.'f!. 3 lf'1vTfIm?'n:lT,A i - - ...Wg - 1 x A 44 T ,'v',?q31h'l',- - gifgigusifil, 2: 5 . ve- ig .- " iaizgzih. -,,-51,527.55 , , in 1'-" lip Mfr, .X - - -- - S. 1'5!e T ,: is ' l, fl' ll 553 e ef.L1el,y S fm-HHYHE! 1 elf?-fi""f 'Ti S af- - V - 1 'Ti Y -- fi -Lyzfie, Q Q T S a S T .es .ffc.:,Q e- S c Y A Y - p 5,1 1, V ' A ' ' 'fclg' wtnzvggfw, ell en 7, fvzymif 11. so ing: ,Lfllf1," THE SCH00 E. George Van Bibber, M.P.E., DirecTor oT The School oT Physical EducaTion. L OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION The School oT Physical EducaTion is The youngesT OT The schools and colleges oT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT. The School's acTiviTies are housed in The new lvlen's Gymnasium and in Hawley Armory, and iTs classes are conducTed in These TaciliTies as well as The aThleTic Tields and oTher classrooms adiacenT. ln addiTion To The proTessional course which Trains sTudenTs in careers in healTh, physical educaTion, and recreaTion. The School is responsible To The enTire UniversiTy Tor The required physical educaTion program Tor men and women, and Tor a large inTra- mural program Tor boTh. STudenTs who wish To be cerTiTied To Teach healTh and physical educaTion in The public schools oT The STaTe oT ConnecTicuT and adiacenT sTaTes wiTh similar cerTiTicaTion reguiremenTs, enroll in The School oT EducaTion in The laTTer parT oT Their sophomore year in order To obTain The proTessional educaTion required Tor cerTiTi- caTion. The School oT Physical EducaTion and The School oT Educa- Tion work very closely in developing The Type OT program ThaT These sTudenTs need. 36 A ' im ,. X xii' A l ' I fu- wfzgziz A f.'6?7ff,7ffllQ1 I vi,-,f,.0,o,Q,.g,.4'W 0 VU. 0 b 55' 'A X VM pdl f7x xl 1 4 -ff za Q W l ' i c , 'l ' ff we.-rze-its--MAX 'A Wil hw Ei'-fq7iA0Cl' Sf lf ' Q . 72: 'X J M gill he ,m7i'f" gf gf' qi l Zgz"'f4"' ' lf' - fl yi f- - ,- ,, 5 , 113 - 10,jf ' -5 ' "" ' If 7,3-fgfffwgyji , N AW Q - 5 1- f .- ' Y -f- E giiizi ...J L 415 - ff i l -'IZ' f ---l 4'4" 5532? Jig '55 - i gr 9 A U 1 f Z-if -u . , I4 fl lm g my -,E 5 T 9 f V Ml 4 f W - 1' ff 1- i I ia g,,A i ll gi r in PM .aw A- U A9 f J x . , Il ffl ' ..-4 1- - tni:vEc,n4, X ii -l '31 if-" - fm ,ff fr 5 A ' 'ggij I ' ,mu IW In , l , V ?'. 23.1, if r -in 'I , .' ' , i x"'- -3' , y '03s T .-5: , -'QQ , I L 'ICO 0v 'Il - .I :AY I V X S 4 A 2a,,,.:,4 29. , one s K in ,. Mus! i. Mui, J, y 57, W4 Mg 7 f V r --'c " i -L " ,Z X gga 'em ' ,'1-I-'ff V ' H 7-T'-fl -T so W Hz.-. '1f7fll'c4lWfkf' 'llfu " ffrY"' FW 'hh X - - -1-1 ' ' I ' ' 10 fn, ' f so--R? l an , f - ali- , c o s i-Q, -- - ,-W-- rc as - ' -- l F o - - iT- -, RATCLIFFE HICKS SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Paradoxically lhe lwo-year school ol agricul- lure is lhe youngesl addilion lo our College ol Agricullure, yel lhe oldesl. ln I88l when an agricullural school al Slorrs was lirsl eslablished, lhe program ol sludy was a lwo-year course which resulled in a Bachelor ol Agricullure de- gree. This was as complele a course as was ollered anywhere during lhis period and even enabled a graduale lo leach in a college. Laler, as educalional reguiremenls became more slrin- genl, lhe agricullure course evolved inlo a lour- year course, allhough lhe lwo-year course was slill ollered. Gradually lhe enrollmenl in lhe lwo-year course dwindled unlil by I93l only a single slu- denl was gradualed under lhis plan and il was dropped. Aboul len years ago Ralclille l-licks, realizing lhe need lor an abbrevialed vocalional-agricul- lure course, beguealhed lhe money lo build lhe Ralclille I-liclcs School ol Agricullure, reinslaling lhe lwo-year course.- The courses ol sludy lrain sludenls lor dairy and general livesloclc larming, dairy manulaclur- ing, poullry larming, lloricullure, lruil and vege- lable produclion, and nursery managemenl. This program is lhe mosl comprehensive lwo-year agricullural course in New England. Alberl I. Mann, M.S., Direclor of Q lhe Ralclilfe Hicks School of Agri- cullure. THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK The School of Social Work was organized wifh 'headquarfers in l-larfford in I946, offering sfudies in a fwo-year graduafe program leading fo fhe iv1asfer's Degree. The curriculum covers fhe areas of knowledge basic for professional compefence in fhe field of social work. lf is planned fo provide a sound background for social case work pracfice in social service agencies under public or privafe auspices. ln addifion fo feaching fechnical skills, if has fhe broader purpose of preparing The sfudenf for service and leadership in fhe field of social welfare. The School funcfions on fhe semesfer plan and is nof in session during fhe summer monfhs. ln general, fhe program is planned for full-fime sfudenfs. The program has fhree divisions: The Academic Curriculum, Field Work or Clinical Social Work, and Social Research. The School is a member of fhe American Asso- ciafion of Schools of Social Work. Admission is based upon general reguiremenfs fo fhe Univer- sify Graduafe School as well as personal qualifies and char- acferisfics. 39 i HARTFORD BRANCH The l-larTTord Branch oT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT was organized To enable sTudenTs living in l-larTTord and viciniTy To parTalce oT The educaTional opporTuniTies oT The UniversiTy wiThouT being in residence. lT is a close double Tor The UniversiTy on The Treshman-sophomore level, oTTering The basic courses necessary To compleTe The TirsT Two years' reguiremenTs Tor The schools oT ArTs and Sciences, Business AdminisTraTion, EducaTion, and Engi- neering. The l'larTTord Branch has iTs own library and sTudenTs may parTicipaTe in acTiviTies such as The Branch newspaper lThe "Tower"l, The STudenT Council, and various sporTs and clubs. There is a Tull schedule oT social evenTs each year, among which are Tormals, inTormals, sporTs dances, and picnics. STudenTs may aTTend Tull Time or parT Time and classes are held in boTh dayTime and evening. The UniversiTy aT l-larTTord is cenTrally locaTed and expecTs To move inTo iTs new residence aT l-larTTord l-ligh School This Tall. Wilber R. Griswold, M.A., Super- visor oT The HarTTord Branch and CenTer. WATERBURY BRANCH PaTrick E. FonTane, Jr., M.A., Supervisor of The WaTerbury Branch and CenTer. Where you lcnow each sTudenT by name, where classes are small, where a Teeling oT uniTy exisTs beTween sTudenTs, TaculTy, and adminisTraTion-This is The WaTerbury Branch oT The Univer- siTy oT ConnecTicuT. The WaTerbury Branch was esfablished in iTs presenT locaTion in SepTember I94o. Prior To This Time exTension courses had been oTTered aT The WaTerbury Y.M.C.A. There are now abouT Two hundred TiTTy sTudenTs aT The Branch. WaTerbury oTTers The same Treshman-sophomore program avail- able on The STorrs campus, while enabling sTudenTs residing in This area To secure The TirsT halT oT Their college educaTion and sTill live inexpensively aT home. Since classes are small, They permiT less TormaliTy and a beTTer Teacher-sTudenT relaTionship. A parT oT The Branch's TradiTions are annual evenTs such as The ChrisTmas FesTival, The UniversiTy Player's producTions, The Spring Formal, and The Class Picnic. These, wiT'h oTher acTiviTies and evenTs, combine wiTh an abundanT spiriT oT enThusiasm and Tel- lowship To produce a delighTTully congenial aTmosphere unegualled on any large campus. 4I Rising from a small infimafe college fo a large universify, if is forfunafe fhaf fhe characferisfic of a friendly and helpful faculfy and adminisfra- five body has nof been changed. From fhe Presidenf's mahogany desk fo fhe cluffered fable of a lab assisfanf a faculfy member or admin- isfrafive personnel always has a minufe for a friendly chaf or helpful advice fo sfudenfs. The Universify adminisfrafion officers include fhe Presidenf, fhe Dean of fhe Universify, fhe Uni- versify Compfroller, fhe deans of fhe schools and colleges, and fhe direcfors of fhe divisions. Some fiffy faculfy and adminisfrafive members comprise fhe Universify Senafe. A sysfem of sfudenf governmenf is mainfained fhrough fhe Associafed Sfudenf Governmenf, an elecfive body of approximafely fhirfy members which serves as fhe execufive commiffee for fhe enfire undergraduafe sfudenf body. The Sfu- denf Senafe apporfions fhe sfudenf acfivifies fee among fhe various acfivifies Ihaf serve fhe sfu- denf body generally. ADMINISTRATION . . . Zhang! adam Xie babes! WZZQIIIQVQ WZ!!! Xie wzkksf fmmzg af Xie lable af fig Wfzfifmsffy we fzwfhf -M u.. , .,..,4,-A , A isiffunf. ywvfmgk'-sq.a:1?'.f. 'f . .,....s., ' V ., ATT 'QTY Nw- as-Wi?- ,,isef1s,.,.n'f16-3 'N T-1--1 -A, W f K Aff", 'Q ,JSM 'I , ,.f,fT'5-- Nu. ' X ' AM'- vf m ,sw W Q -- '- PRESIDENT ALBERT N. JORGENSEN Dr. AlberT N. Jorgensen came ouT oT The wesT in l935 wiTh a glinT in his eye and a challenge To make To Those in The easT, educaTional-wise. l-le assiduously pursued a plan oT expansion Tor The STorrs AgriculTural College To a greaT educaTional insTiTuTion, and he has become lcnown loy all ciTizens as TorceTul, TruThTul, and dynamic To a poinT'where"he almosT always carries his purposes To a successTul conclusion. Dr. Jorgensen was a Tour leTTer aThleTe in maior sporTs during his undergraduaTe days aT Coe College, Cedar Rapids, lowa, and his inTeresT in The aThleTics oT The Uni- 1 ' versiTy men is evidenT as he is seen cheering The boys on aT loaslceTloall games or during scrimmage pracTice. AlThough To Travel exTensively remains one oT The Presi- denT's TondesT dreams, he has made The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT, and consequenTly The TuTure oT every one oT iTs sTudenTs, his liTe. Dr. Jorgensen's recognized leadership in educaTion, civic oTTices, and advancemenT of ciTizenship responsi- T:niliTy is aTTesTed by The TacT ThaT in April, This year, he was awarded The ConnecTicuT Council B'nai B'riTh Amer- icanizaTion Award, TourTh Time iT was ever awarded. '85 ALBERT E. WAUGH ASSUMES NEW TITLE ln The cenTer oT UniversiTy liTe is ProvosT AlberT E. Waugh bearing The TiTle oT The new posiTion Tormerly known as Dean oT The UniversiTy. UnTil his appoinTmenT lasT Tall, Mr. Waugh, who has been connecTed wi+h The UniversiTy since I924, had been Dean oT The College oT ArTs and Sciences. ln Thumbing Through pasT yearboolcs, one may Tind porTraiTs wifh The signaTure "AlberT E. Waugh" TesTiTying To The inTeresT Mr. Waugh has in IohoTography. A col- lecTor oT walking canes, Mr. Waugh is a Tamiliar sighr To sTudenTs as he walks briskly abouT The campus wiTh a TavoriTe cane Trom his collecTion. EdiTor, proTessor, and leader in sTaTe aTTairs, ProvosT Waugh is a man oT greaT versaTiliTy and possessor oT much deserved admiraTion and respecT. GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT AT The CapiTol in HarTTord, NuTmeg execuTives have iusT received from The Governor his sTaTemenT as presidenT ex oFFicio of The Board of TrusTees. LeTT To righT:. Dennis JOHN D. LODGE The whole STaTe Takes warm pride in The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT which has come oT age To ranlc among The Top insTiTuTions OT higher learning in our counTry. WiTh iTs poTenTialiTies Tor growTh amid iTs beauTiTul seTTing and wiTh iTs Tlourishing branches in oTher communiTies, The STaTe UniversiTy, already a dominanT TacTor in The liTe oT ConnecTicuT, bids Tair To exTend and ramiTy iTs TruiT- Tul beneTiTs inTo every aspecT oT living wiThin our STaTe. As a resulT OT iTs capable adminisTraTion, iTs skilled and learned TaculTy, and The exTraordinary calibre oT iTs sTudenT body, The UniversiTy has earned The increasing supporT oT our ciTizenry. In a region Tamous Tor iTs schools and colleges, The UniversiTy Takes proud and righTTul eminence. As Governor, l complimenT Those who guide and Teach, and TeliciTaTe Those who have The privilege To'sTudy aT This disTinguished seaT oT learning and wish Tor iT a sound conTinuing progress in The spread and qualiTy OT iTs inTluence. John Lodge Pollack, Managing EdiTorg Ann WooTers, EdiTor-in-Chief: Governor Lodge, and Dale Aborn, Business Manager. INTRODUCING . .. THE BOARD OE TRUSTEES The Board oT TrusTees. in whom is vesTed The corporaTe auThoriTy oT The UniversiTy, direcTly connecTs The TuncTioning oT The UniversiTy wiTh The sTaTe. The Board oT TrusTees is responsible Tor deTermining The gen- eral policy oT The UniversiTy, including esTablishmenT oT new schools and colleges wiThin The UniversiTy, The malcing oT laws Tor iTs governmenT, and direcT expendiTure oT iTs Tunds. FiTTeen voTing members comprise The Board. They include The Gov- ernor oT ConnecTicuT, The Commissioner oT EducaTion, The Commissioner oT Farms and MarlceTs, Ten members appoinTed by The Governor, and Two members elecTed by The Alumni. John D. Lodge .... Governor of The STaTe of ConnecTicuT, l-larTTord PresidenT ex-officio Finis E. Engleman. . . ...... Commissioner of EducaTion, Yalesville Member ex-officio John ChrisTensen ...,. Commissioner oT Farms and MarlceTs, Wilson Member ex-officio AppoinTed by The Governor Merlin D. Bishop .,...,.....,.,.,i...... . . .i,.., Avon C. Raymond Broclc ................,..... . . .NorThTord James W. I-look, vice presidenT and chairman .... .... N ew I-laven Lillian Poses ....................,...... .... W esTporT SisTer M. Rosa. .. ..., WaTerbury LesTer.E. Shippee. . . .... T-larTTord Leon C. STaples .... ........ S TamTord Edward A. Suisman. .. .... WesT l-larTTord George L. Warnclce ..................... .... C annondale ElecTed by The Alumni ' J. Ray Ryan, secreTary ............. ..... . .... S imsbury Elmer S. WaTson ...... ..... W eThersTield 47 THE STUDENT SENATE COORDINATES EXECUTIVE The STudenT SenaTe, The sTudenT governing body aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT, deTer- mines and allocaTes The STudenT AcTiviTies Fee and serves as The oTTicial voice oT The under- graduaTe sTudenTs. During The pasT year The SenaTe concenTraTed mainly on reorganizaTion. ATTer many hecTic meeTings a new consTiTuTion embodying geo- graphic represenTaTion was drawn up, approved, and Torwarded To The AdminisTraTion Tor.iTs opinion. The SenaTe Tinancial policy was Thor- oughly revised To add such imporTanT TeaTures as a meriT sysTem Tor hiring The AssisTanT CenTral Treasurers and The approval oT budgeTs a semesTer in advance. TOP ROW: Deveau, Bishop, Trespacz, Belanger, Rogers, Miller, Hugo and SewarT. SECOND ROW: Wolf, Veil- leHe, McLeod, Brodigan, Tarr, Gannon, STeiner and The ConnecTicuT Campus consTiTuTion was admended, aTTer much conTroversy, in an aT- TempT To eliminaTe "group selT-perpeTuaTion" in The Board oT DirecTors and To give The sTaTT a voice in choosing The ediTors. The Yale Rally, The largesT TooTball rally in The UniversiTy's hisToryg The NCAA BaslceTball Train To Madison Square Garden: and Two highly successTul iazz concerTs were sponsored by The SenaTe To sup- plemenT The TradiTional sTudenT acTiviTies pro- gram. ln addiTion, The NuTmeg, The Campus, WHUS, TouchsTone, and The deparTmenTal and recreaTional clubs were oTTered To The sTudenTs Through ,SenaTe Tinancial supporT. Miller. FRONT ROW Berdon, Molloy, Collins, WhiTe, Bannan, Ward, Aborn, LuTT and Paciecznik. ACTIVITIES AND SERVICE T0 THE STUDENTS Ni.g,.y,!131X 49 l Campus Greek Men Are Coordinated By Mediator. The lVlediaTor is The inTer-TraTerniTy council aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT and The governing body oT all TraTerniTies on campus. Each house is allowed Two voTing members in The organiza- Tion. Aside Trom iTs regular TuncTions, which are The regulaTion oT rushing and pledging, sponsoring The Greek l.eTTer Dance and Greek Sing in coop- eraTion wiTh The Panhellenic Council, and promoT- ing beTTer relaTions among The TraTerniTies, The lvlediaTor has encouraged The esTablishmenT oT Tour new local TraTerniTies on campus This year in order To keep abreasT oT The growing male popu- laTion. TOP ROW: Berry, CanTor, Oppel, Ward and Vinansky. FRONT ROW: LiTin and Korn. PresidenT, Barbara Oppelg Vice PresidenT, Marge Wilowski: Re- cording SecreTary, Carol FrosTg Corresponding SecreTary, Doris Berggren, and Treasurer, Velma Kaufman. TOP ROW: Jezyk, STew- arT, FinnerTy, Cooley, Tooher, ATkinson, and Brown, R. SECOND ROW: Pergoda, Holmes, Barber, Lefsheiz, Cohen, A., Keeler, and Perrine. FRONT ROW: Gillefie, Rashba, Sfearns, Vice Presidenh O'Connell, President D'AddeT+a, SecreTaryg Gregory, and Pace. Panhellenie Represents The Greek Womenis Groups The Panhellenic Council is The governing body oT The women's Greek leTTer groups on campus. lT is composed oT Two represenTaTives, a junior and a senior, Trom each sororiTy. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To TormulaTe and enTorce all policies aTTecTing The mass acTion oT sororiTies, To TosTer TraTerniTy spiriT, and To mainTain on a high plane TraTerniTy liTe and inTerTraTerniTy rela- Tions wiThin The UniversiTy. The Panhellenic Council awards an annual scholarship oT one year's TuiTion To a iunior woman in The College oT ArTs and Sciences who TulTills The UniversiTy reguiremenTs Tor scholarship awards. TOP ROW: Heller, Moran, VanOversTraeTen, and BaxTer. F R O N T ROW: Marcovslxi and Weber. N.C.S.C. Reigns Over The Activies Of North Campus The NorTh Campus STudenT Council, recog- nized as The sTudenT governing body represenT- ing The largesT group oT sTudenTs on campus, has a ThreeTold purpose: To promoTe uniTy among The individual NorTh Campus dormiTory councils: To encourage, sTimulaTe, and inauguraTe social and culTural acTiviTies Tor The sTudenTs residing in The NorTh Campus Quadrangle: and To allevi- aTe sTudenT problems whenever possible. The year T950-I95l was a big one Tor The N.C.S.C. which helped The individual dorms pro- moTe many more social acTiviTies Than ever beiore. W.S.G.C. PPOIIOIIIICCS Coed's Views Of Campus Life The Women's STudenT GovernmenT Council is composed oT represenTaTives Trom each oT The women's living uniTs, women STudenT SenaTe members, and The iunior and senior class social chairmen. All undergraduaTe women oT The Uni- versiTy are members oT The Women's STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion. The Council's TuncTion is To regulaTe ThaT por- Tion oT The women sTudenT's liTe which does noT Tall under The iurisdicTion oT The TaculTy. The Council also direcTs The planning oT The annual Co-Ed Weekend and ParenT's Day. TOP ROW: Neil, Ryan, MarTi- neau, Belgrod and Flacler. FRONT ROW: Moore, Treasurer: Pasiecz- nik, Vice Chairman: Arpaia, Chair- man: Sharp, SecreTary, and Koz- aryn. SKA 'X v -225 4 TW , A ,g.jr,,,:f,fwf ff , , f ff Y ' ?ZfZQ?I9fVf M7727 . "a.Q,f.f.f,.7,'gvff-Wf4Myzf,f,y4,v ,wma ,ff '44mf,4':fu:,f14:.'+fQ lv . ' 4: ,6fWffWffwf,W,6w7w,,fyc,vff,qf'wfe4fffwwfgfgg, Q -' ' ., ' ' f 3923 ','?:fffgWff,f'27fff"7,i",!1!6yQ,zQ'fMyffm?'27ZZ6fi3'f'f'f,4 ., ,Q '11-.-2:55 ' 1 I -H2125 f 5155? 7'SiE55E ..,:z:f , ?j +3 .. A Azz. Dormiliories NORTH CAMPUS Ci+y on fhe hill . . . movies, coffee hours, s+ag ism . . . who's going fo pay for 'I'he door fhis parlies, and dances . . . foolball in 'rhe courl' . . . lime? . . . all nigh'r and day polcer games . . . i+'s The Na+ional Myfhical Ping Pong Tournamenl . . . a long wallc +o Rosfov . . . many men . . . Norfh counl' 'rhe windows . . . le'r's painl' +he roclc . . . Campus. back room polificos . . . cenfral casling of l.S.O.- 54 N VN 'Qi QKEQNV is aww-wvw'5xmv1wz9 a N, wx Q f- Mf.N.,.W., bwmmm ,,,.., , .,,W..M.,W.m.,,. - 1 C "f 4 , fwfr A ,c 2 M, ww r 1' QW 1 .WM ,WN ,wp iw, 4 mega lg.. , WW ww. :f-. -.fp we 1 1 . ,.,,.., ,f QS T.. ' "",.i1 ZIWC4.,-J-iZ"t,.' TW, 'liillr 5 zfjwfgif 5 Wfgs,f',:g ,,zf.Q, f 'ff V ' , , A W. XY A ,4,,'v4.4,,f ' f - ' ,5,g'f.' f f ww.'R.AQ:4-Q ' Law? ,f 4 " ' Z5J.,,,I' ff . f V ,ig 4, f , 41, 4 4521 , , , ' gf, ,rf -' fx 1 if K, Z- ' 2 ., AW, 1 f 'ff 119 , f Tiff? M, , ll QW new HQ 1 , -iii 'J HALL DORM A man's haven . . . shorl walks lo class . . . beauliful lounges . . . Elkin's humorous humor . . . Jrhose Alpine slairs . . . "l-ley John, your wife's on Jrhe phone" . . . many mid-nile chars . . . speedy games of ping pong and selbaczlc . . . over +o Jrhe Beanery in a minule . . . wonderful housemolher . . . parries in honor ol ils being colol oulsiole . . . guess l'll relax Jroday, been worlcing loo hard . . . off lo Jrhe Grill . . . everyone has fun. Hall's Homecoming dis- play welcomes ihe alums and carries +he campaign for The Mayor of S'rorrs. 56 i , 5 ff 2 ,Q i if 1 , ., , ' 'J Z . , , iw, we l M, X 1 ,ig , if - . On a cold winier evening Q!-X 4' afler dinner il' seems +o 'rhese Wl1i+neyi+es like a good +ime 'ro knil' on 'rhose Chrisfmas socks. O+l1ers relax wi1'l1 a good magazine. WHITNEY Edwina Whilney l-lall . . . named aller Librarian Emerilus Wnilney who rerired in I938 . . .ine joining link belween l-lolcomb and Sprague . .. olownslairs a dining hall . . . small bul sociable populalion . . . iavorile spol for evening serenaolers . . . sunballmers' paradise . . . memorable Wlmilney Formal. 57 i 7W'li 'fi' 'N 237 :hr rx 'W V-in ll HM 'N 'Nfl Qin WOOD Back lo lhe men again This year.. .domain for I3O grads . . . belween +he Beanery and Securily . . . benevolenf Miss Gales . . . foreign slrudenls and Jrhose from all over Jfhe Slales build a slrimulaling almosphere . . . ping pong Jrournarnenls . . . sponlaneous singing in The hallways . . . furious clebales among The psychology rnaiors . . . never quile losl in lhe spiril ol Jrheir undergraduale clays. i l lnformally around a blaz- ing fire, +hese graduafe s'ruden'l's 'From foreign counfries, wi+h 'lheir resi- den+ counselor, discuss per+inen'r world affairs. l 5 8 MANCHESTER Some of lhe residenls of Manchesler final a break lale in llie evening in 'l'l1e pine lounge a good 'lime for a cup of coffee and a clwal. Firsl year as graduale women's dormilory . . . inleresling almospliere .. . beaulilul pine lounge . . .many games ol cards and ping pong in llfme recrealion room . . . ol1!ll'1ere's my buzzer. . . Sunday morning brealclasls . . . informal dances . . . large, spacious laundry . . . guiel orderliness . . . beaulilul view ol Mirror Lalce oul llwe back windows . . . sunning in llwe backyard .. .many plwone calls . . . friendly Mrs. Brown . . . enjoyable lile. 59 i SPRAGUE A coming Spring fashion was +he +opic of discus- sion by 'ihese Sprague girls when an unknown male made his commenis. Quiel hours! . . . olorm wilh The honor syslem many school lormals anol The "Snowball", our annual winler formal and open house some Jrhing new-a lun room . . . Aggie friends serenaolmg from down In back . . . nurses galore . . . crowded lounges no mcomnng calls on Jrhe our going phone . . . Ell parries lor pinnlngs engagemenls lonrlhclays and somelimes iusl for lun. 'mmm 60 6 pw W' l+'s .nice. 'io .have lhe House Council meeling in a comforfable living room beside a cheery fire, say +he Council mem- bers. HOLCOMB counselors. . . sporis champions. . . enlhusiasm plus . . . l.S.O. svveelhearl lives here . . . freguenred by lady bugs . . . where's Jrhe mailman? . . . you have a caller . . . house of conirasis-ieans lo iormals . . . QP. Friendly aimosphere . . . I-lome of many queens . . . gracious residenl hounds and social buiierllies . . . mischief makers and brainy zanies . . . Thursday morning cleanups . . . lasr minule goodbyes on Saiurday nighrs .. .our own Billie Dawn . . . long playing records from Brahms lo Bop . . . wafer shorlage in The norih Ell . . . haven lor archers, ping pong enlhu- siasis and geologisis. bl Grange residenls gafher for a sponianeous sing in one of fhe dorm rooms. Ulces and gui+ars have been 'rhe fad fhis year. GRANGE Residence for "genllemen" larmers . . . build- ing willw a delinile leaning 'foward Holcomb l-lall . . . ardenl ping pong and baslcerball fans . . . specialisls in ruining heavy conslruclion eguip- menl. . . lwome ol llme former Ebenezer Plowbol- rom and llfme presenl Nalional Vegelable Judg- ing Clwampion . . . lfmiglw Q.P.'s Jrlfie rule, rallier Jrlwan The exceplion . . . grealesl colleclion ol individuals on campus . . . llwe well prolecled pels of Securily Police . . . week-end l'1ill-billy iamborees . . . pure corn! . . . never a dull mo- menl ar Grange. HICKS Main clormilory for Jrhe Ralcliicle Hicks boys . . . rnoslly hailing from Conneclicur, buf some from New York . . .lping pong Jrhe favorile aclivilry . . . +here's a bond belween Them +ha+'s slrong-whal is I+? They're AGGIES . . .shoulder To shoulder lhey sland Jrogelher . '. . well known To neighbors in Grange Hall for snow lighling abililies. Ping pong is by far +he mos+ popular pasfime a+ Hicks Hall. Here lhe boys are casually ga+hered around +he +able. 'ws qw WOMEN'S INDEPENDENT UNIT I, SECTION C Red paTTerned curTains versus a Tuschia couch . . . DaTes To spare and hundreds oT phone calls . . .bridge classes Tor unlearned TourThs . . . weekend . . . concoc:Tions oT weird Toods . . . "I-ley, lvlonlclu . . . congenial aTmosphere . . . who sTole The mop? . . . radiaTor inTercommunic:aTion sys- Tem . . . conTinual dieTing wiTh no resulTs . . . c:harlesToning in shower clogs . . . dinner by candlelighT . . . "Aba- dabadaba-." UNIT 2, SECTION C I-louse oT Canaries . . . phones always ringing . . . DaTesl DaTesl DaTesl . . . Oh, where are The ping-pong balls? . . . PssTl Room inspecTionl . . . Only II3 going To Willi This aTTernoon? . . . UniT 2 Special-raspberry iello, hoT dogs and beans . . . Who's goT one pearl earring? . . . house oT Tires and Tloods . . . move The Trunlcs . . . no lighTs-cold plaTes . . . high c:asualTy IisT. SPANISI-I-ERENCI-I HOUSE Parley-vous Trancais? . . . a house Tull oT Treshmen . . . l.eT's have a balcel . . . Madame Bernier, our undersTanding residenT counselor . . . exchange dinners . . . speakers on inTernaTionaI aITairs . . . Thursday-guesT nighT . . . The man who came To dinner. . . weelcly soiourn To Engineering To see The Toreign movies . . . Any exTra TiclceTs? . . . small Telephone booTh causing big problems . . . ?l-Iabla Vd. espanol? 64 In The Tall and winTer SouTh Cam- pus was a virTuaI sea of mud, bui- dressed in high booTs and pro- TecTive sliclcers These girls from The inclependeni' uniTs are having a greaT Time Trudging Through a puddle. The colfages are leaming up 'For an early spring ball game. COTTAGES COTTAGE I Wilh "Ma" Tomaselli . . . Hey Thumper, keep Bill guiel . . . l-lugo's Kappa Koka Kola house . . . l.S.O. slronghold . . . shool Jrhe king . . . heavy wilh holplales . . . c:'mon, Cul class and play goll . . . oh noble swamie . . . l-ley l.ou, shul oll lhal molorcycle . . . no more snow allowed in 'rhe showers. COTTAGE Il Dux Indians . . . all nighl card games . . . l-ley Chick, Mouse is on The phone . . . big ball games on lhe lronl lawn . . . Gamma Lambda Tau . . . Collage lll is lhe Big Obieclive . . . proud ol l-lal The Greal . . . so lake lhe handles aff lhe doors . . . lel's go lo bed-il's +ime lor class. sme:mAws mmmmn .... an 1-iw V.. - ""U"'i:'W"'1' W 2 ii"i'r, '-'- 1 zfxfwwyfvm y-'ffffi'-f"' ""' fwfrc-ay ,mm-P1 'f"-az!--ffff -11-.-fm.y-,M ,.,,,, . V, 4 ,Q ,1, 'Q-1, , fffgff .,., 23,,f,.f4,4.3nffy,,f,Q 4. 5 yy ,Wm-,fW,Q ,Way ,:'4f.f.,ygy5-, q5g,,,gf.',f:p. :,.-341---,--ry 7,-M.-,151g,1,:4,g,,. 4 f ., ' F! . Mimi 65'7f7vZ1'4WfZff: M11'L:ffAf-fr? -vifw .2fz wz:fn' f f f ' 46 GREEK .L Of' 00 'f-mmf 1881 LI A . 'ig' 1 A 'S ff Luz? l"l W 12 3 -Q 'S' M, TOP ROW: Gillen, Servadio, Farnsworfh, Coholon, F., Gordon, Chappell, Wolff, Hyman, Lampe, Wolcoff and Sheparlc. FOURTH ROW: Sherman, Harrison, Hoymes, Nelson, Peck, Hogan, Coholon, T., Nichols, Dole, Reilly, Kilbride and Burrell. THIRD ROW: McCar'I'hy, Socha, Sfimson, Hickey, Eifler, Trapp, Berfz, O'Neil, Morris, Gay and Shinn. SECOND ROW: McDonald, Sfrafford, Keifh, Vice Presidenfg Almquisf, Treasurer, Fairweafher, Presidenfg Mrs. Brunelle, Carone, Secrefaryg Lawson, Thomp- son, Edson and O'Brien. FRONT ROW: Jendrucelc, Peferson, Simpson, Darley, Pye, Miller, Forslund, Sullivan and Flanagan. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Presidenf ....... .... D onald Fairweafher afhlefes . . . obviously . . . if had fo figure . . . Vice Presidenf . . . ......... Daniel Keifh greafesf collecfion of new cars and old cars on Secrefary . . . .... Vincenf Carone campus . . . Casey's gof fo go . . . carrofs and Treasurer ................., Warren Almquisf peas . . . John-Marcia . . . Heublein, Windmill, Lighfhouse . . . fhe week-end shoofers . . . goffa see fhe judge . . . a cellar beyond reproach . . . iefs fhrough fhe halls . . . a flooded fronf door . . . indifferenf buf sincere. The nicesf fhree parf rug on campus . . . fhe only frafernify wifh one song . . . "Don'f dare sficlc your head ouf fhe window" . . . wafer fighfs incorporafed . . . official N.I.P.T .... "I'II bef I flunlc ouf before you do." ...The profesfinq -'5i5r.r:Z' fi in 'hzffiiiifw 'f f wi? ii . lik. 1 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Presidenl ..,... ..., R oloerl Burlison Vice Presidenl ...... ...,. J aclc Pelersen Recording Secrelary . . . .... Roberr Wunsch Treasurer ...,..... .... D onald Griswold Al's 84 lrene's and a grand songiesl . . . Sei Baclc lvlaralhons . . . The house ihai ieajrures engineers, second lieulenanls, and normal people ... l-ley l'larv, gel Jrhe ulce . . . Nighily excursions To Jrhe Bidwell 84 lhe Loil . . . Serenader's supreme . . . Valpey I'-lil . . .Whai's your acl? . . . l-lave you seen our Sailiish? . . . Mom l-lansen, +he Alpha Sig's besi friend . . . Blinco, you didn'l pul lhem in Jrhe Jrrunlc l l . . . Recordings on Jrhe big black bear . . . The Rinless Wonders . . . Brolhers Arise, Jrhe Pi Phils have siolen our charler. BROTHERS: Abromafis, Alusilc, Anderson, Afkinson, Banas, Bifel, Blinco, Brehm, Burlison, Bussiere, Car+er, Clark, Conboy, Copp, Coroiola, Creehan, Davenporf, Davies, DeRosa, DooliHle, Ellsworfh, Elofson, Gabrielson, Gardner, Gozzo, Grady, Gregory, Griswold, Gulino, Holbrook, Hull, Jacobs, Johnson, LoSchiavo, Langner, Miller, Ney, Pearson, C., Pearson, W., Peferson, Powers, Raffile, Redman, Richardson, Rizzo, Robinson, Ruseski, Sekira, Snyder, Smayda, Vellfuro, vanRoemer, Vichi, Vifali, Wilson, Wrighi, Wunsch, Veneri. PLEDGES: Bell, Coleman, Flaheriy, Girard, Gonefrida, Gregory, Hogan, Hublard, lnsalaco, Jerzelc, Manna, McNeil, Mooney, Pergola, Rydelelc, SchoH', Sfiles and Wohlman. C355 Ee .A : .- ' 5 . E A it A , I l?. , z.. Q , l N ' ' i -31' xx':. ii In A. sawn Hamm KAPPA SIGMA PresidenT .... .... S herman Morrison Vice PresidenT . . . .... STewarT HampTon SecreTary . . . .... RoberT D. EaTon Treasurer .... . . .RoberT Lockrow FOURTH ROW: Lake, MacDonald, Hamm, Dunning, HackeTT, Davidson, Law, ATkins, Devlin, Jungherr, Fischer, Vancisin, Bockus and Downey. THIRD ROW: NorThrop, Rallis, McKnighT, PaTTison, Wilburn, Gardner, Murdoch, WhiTe, M., DiSiIvesTro, GoTIibokski, SmiTh, C., Takaes, BenedicT and Keelerx. SECOND ROW: McCahiII, SmiTh, OIcIesT TraTerniTy on campus . . . Thank God iT's Wednesday, IeT's sTarT The weekend now . . . Tamous Tor iTs plaid piano, Hell weeks, and pushes To BosTon . . . "I'II go along wiTh ThaT" . . . a won- derTuI housemoTher in Mom Cooper . . . unveilers oT The "THING" . . . always painTing The cellar . . . Iimericks galore . . . A.E.K.D.B. ATTer Each Kiss Drink Beer . . . loyal To The crescenT and The sTar . . . puT Them all TogeTher, whaT you goT- ay yock I I ay yockl R., Lamarche, WhiTe, H., Lockrow, Treasurer: DuFTy, Mor- rison, PresidenTg LaniTa, Cooper, HampTon, Vice Presi- denTg EaTon, SecreTaryg Coyle, Wasniewski, Fragola and Bishop. FIRST ROW: Grosso, Basile, DiPaIma, Herr, Belanardo, Rawden, STearns, Hyland, Moriss and Kanen- berg. I , W H ,V . A , ,, f MQV TAF? Q- .1 , 9 LJQQTQQQ-9 if 6.252 5 ,X gf , M M, , H Www V, ,W , ,, vKy,ma ,gg T ' ,df .--. f ' pig.: . ,, TOP ROW: BarneH, Eckerl, Johns, Barlo, Hines, Hannigan, Belanger, Makauskas, Leugininas, Erikson, Mury, Lawrence, Farmer, Dudley, Ladd. FOURTH ROW: Morrisey, Carey, Almond, Howes, Tooher, Newman, Arwood, Hanrahan, LaBombard, Harringfon, Rosseau, Swarls, Hayden, Winsor, M., Chamberlain, Almond and Dobrich. THIRD ROW: Vlandis, Vogus, Jorgensen, Emmons, BenneH', Knowlson, Osferhoudf, Moody, Engelberger, Wood, C., Knowlson, G., Ausfin, Larsen, Hussey, Sfepchiw and Dillman. SECOND ROW: Sololoski, Jaworski, Winsor, E., Hardiman Kelsey, Flader, Perrine, Gill, Mrs. Wifhee, Lockwood, Hannan, Carafano, Boulas Rollins, Giguere and Elliof. FRONT ROW: Mainiero, Lucas, C., Wood, G., Cookson, Carney, Pracon, Craig, BlancheH'e, AmphleH', Logan, Rivard, Gunfher, Caldeira and Lucas, N. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA High Alpha . .. ......... Ardian Gill . . . Nice play! . . . John! Marcia! . . . Le'r's all l'llQl1 Bela --.-- ...- R Obefi Lockwood say hello +o George . . . Noi foo good . . . Lois High Gamma "'- ---- M GVVYV! Parflna of musicians . . . Everybody's gelling pinned . . . l-llgl' Tau ---" --': A ffhuf Harman Sunday brunch . . . Flashlighl Flossie . . . I+ could High Epsilon .........,...... Roberl Dobrich 991, YOU! . D . Oh' Broifhahi 0 G . Meanwhne' back Going lo Florida 1'his weekend? . . . C.E., Com- ai The ranch - - - COma'0V! 96 - - - The !aOY5 from mufing Engineers , , G Way Ouf back' bm Ouf in J.C .... Men of rhe Cross and Crescenl . . . lronl . . . Big Greek weekends . . . All kinds of cars . . . Losl my head! . . . Exclusive Crash Club "Pledge, Jrhe phone" . . . The purple, green and gold. in yi X s W si PHI EPSILON PI Presidenl' .... .... l-l arvey Mallove Vice Presidenl . . . , . .Kennelh Weinslein Treasurer ........... ...... P aul Laler Recording Secrelary .......,.. Malcolm Rasha Corresponding Secrelary .... l"'lerber+ Leibovilz Purple and gold . . . parlies a+ Jrhe "No-Where Club" . . . ullra-modern "End Room" . . . wonder- ful meals cooked by Phil . . . lreguenl shools lo Boslon, New York, and Florida . . . zippy ball games . . .popular snack bar. . .invasions by lhe second and iourlh floors . . . hilarious skils for l-lillel "Hullabaloo" . . . lhose increasing Q.P.s . .. lun for all, all for lun. 9303010 9.413 .Q 5 E 3 0' . - no 'gQiQi0,- ' ' ACTIVES: Abel, Alperf, Applefon, Becker, Bende'H' Berdon, Blume, Chaneles, Chernin, Cohen, M., Cohen W., Cons+an'rine, Corn, Danzig, Dorfmann, Finman Frands, Freedman, Fried, Galin, Goldberg, Goldfield Green, Greenberg, Greensfein, Hirsch, Isaac, Kamin Karasih, Kleban, Krassner, Lapides, Lapuk, La'l'er, Laurie Leibowifz, Levine, B., Levine, L., Levine, R., Lichier, Lip- siner, Lusfeg, Mallove, Marlin, Medvedou, Michel, Nicko- wifz, Osman, Pearlman, Pierce, Pivnick, Pife, Plass Plepler, Pos+yn, Price, Rashba, Rhulen, Rogers, Rueban Ryack, Sack, Sappern, Sa+in, Schachfer, Shapiro, Shelling Silver, Silverberg, Sisifsky, Sklar, Smifh, Sfolman, S+rickler Sugarman, Swaye, Tendler, Tiven, Torchinsky, Weiller Weinsfein, We+s1'one, Wolf, S., Wolff, M., Yaffe, Ziemke Zeisler. PLEDGES: Beer, Braun, Cohen, W., Cooper Cremer, Cu'I'ler, Evans, Fa'rer, Frankenberger, Jerome Kleinhandler, Kohn, Kukoff, Levin, Levinson, Lurie, Mar- cus, Mafchfon, Mednick, Moorin, Morris, Savol, Shapiro Solo, Sfeinberg, Sfern, TaIcoH, Zacks, Zipken. I 1 'L L' 22 my .f K , ' - s - 3 -Psi: f. 4Q'iQ.C"'S w'll' PHI SIGMA DELTA MasTer FraTer ...... ...... R oberT EpsTein Vice MasTer FraTer . .. .... Herman GoldsTein Wm Treasurer ........... .... V icTor Silberman Recording? SecreTary ..... .... F red Chappelle Corresponding SecreTary . . .... Abbe Cohen "You Think I never knew?" . . . Schwabism . . . The log room . . . Easy when I say easy. . .Where is slippery Sam? . . . MeeT my buddies . . . Try and coIIecT a Tine . . . Hail, Kalidasa . . . Unbreak- able chairs wi+h broken backs . . . Roger Young and Nelson Eddy are gone Torever . . . The Miami Sun is now locaTed on The second Tloor . . . Tops in laughers and in loud voices . . . MeeT all oT The pledgees . . . WhaT do you Think oT The color oT The wall? . . . IT's harmony Time wiTh Eveline . . . LeT's kidnap The pledgemasTer . . . LisTen To ThaT canary sing . . . Phi Sigma DeITa Torever. TOP ROW: Schefkind, Sanders, Baum, Lahn, Baer, NoviTch, Androphy, Horwiirz, Baggish, Sapinsky, Suozzo Go'H'esTeId, Sherwood, Ziskin, Opinsky and PuTTerman FOURTH ROW: GoIdsTein, Singer, Wold, Salvin, M. LeTsheTz, Mannheim, Kunin, Nagel, Dean, Morris, Zax Rowi'l'z, Schlesinger, Hollm, Silverman and BaumsTein THIRD ROW: Padheiser, Pollack, Newman, Waxman SchachT, Rosner, Kaplan, Glofzer, Cohen, A., Vinick Levin, Hoffman, Goldknopf, STeinman, BIumenTaI and Blume. SECOND ROW: Ordansky, MoskowiTz, Gold- I sTein, Glass, Cohen, A., Silberman, Treasurer: EpsTein, Presidenh Mrs. Lubow, GoIdsTein, Chappelle, SecreTaryg Schlein, Beckerman, HerskoviTz, Levine, SaveIewiTz and Rosenberg. FRONT ROW: Bass, STeiger, Zemel, Shook, Bursack, Miller, Hurwiiz, GeIberT, Clorman, Salvin, A., and SusniTzky. E! - .- .' E I A 'F - 1 14,11 3 1 1 - 'LZWFZ - 5E:2:?:sE?3' Z. l I WI I 'Far - . PHI SIGMA KAPPA Presidenl .,... .... J ames I-lale Vice Presidenl .... .... E rnesl Holland Secrelary ..... . . .Roberl Anderson Treasurer ,.......... ....... A rnon Ives "I QO'l'I'1GWS'l:OI' ya." . . . home of Ihe Bosron Express . . . Flip a Car a Monlh Club . . . "Two Monlhsl I l need you" . . . "BriIish?" "No" MEMBERS: Anderson, Apiones, Bailey, Banks, Borowslxi, Brewer, Casfronovo, Cornelio, Cosseboom, Couch, Cymerys, Ebel, Fenfon, Hale, Hawfhorne, Holland, Hopps, Hurlburf, Ives, Janus, Kruzshalr, Lawrence, Lewis, Mah, Masfroianni, Mayer, Meisler, Mieczlcowslci, Moran, O'Brien, O'Connor, Rafford, RiH'er, Russell, A., Russell, "Pi+yl" . . . "Kappa Mu Alpha" we hale gin-spiked punch! . . . "Bob who? . . . Mrs. Keane. Iracer of Iosl Phi Sigs . . . Furnilure Fox I-Iunl . . . I-lappy Rabbil Roberl . . . "Pour ye forlhu . . . Eble's phone pose . . . Thirly days halh Seplem- ber, April, June, and Alpha Sig. All Jrhe res+ have +hirI'y one, excepl Phi Sig Kappa-we golf sixlyl . . . "EnoughI The pubs open in len minu'res." M., Spano, Tedesco, Umberger, Vaczelr, Vouras, Wiede- mann, Wilcox, E., Wilcox, G., and Woodmansee. PLEDGES: Angers, Berndlson, Gillies, Gladslcy, Herd, Merrill, Nielcarz, Palazzola, Saymon, ScI1mid'r, Shelcoslcy, Spaulding, SI'alIx, Tapley and Zega. -Q ag :el eg? was X1 5 552 'S f?'3s'L. TOP ROW: Fi'rzgerald, Hodkowslci, Snow, Herrmann, Olson, S'ravni+zky, Brown, Deane, Jones, Callahan, R., Haas, Richard, Lassen, Sorolca and Colianle. FOURTH ROW: Norlh, Shelion, Callahan, M., Graham, Lassen, C., Tha'rcher, VanRiper, Thorpe, An- derson, Kiernan, Harless, Piaseclci, Murphy and Marlino. THIRD ROW: Sanford, Hively, Liflca, Gannon, Taylor, Brodigan, Gusfafson, Basso, Schuliz, Nelson, Jurale, Krisfoff, Beclcwifh, Barber and Smigiel. SECOND ROW: Carpenfier, Wollenberg, Vining, Nixon, Olah, Toombs, Vice Presidenlg Kamens, Presidenlg Mrs. Morris, O'Con- nell, Halhway, Comsloclr, Hanson, Lyons, Vigra and Hawley. FRONT ROW: Gaudel, Schulz, Lubus, Lefliingwell, Hecklau, Brawn, Harringfon, Sfones, Shanahan, Aborn, Savalxis and Pifney. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILUN Emineni Archon ......,......... Ken Kamens snow comes: Sanfa Claus and Willi lcids . . . Emineni Depuiy Archon . .. .... Bob Toombs where's Red Ryder? . . . Jrhe Thursday nighi Emineni Recorder ....... ....,. D on Thorpe Bible socieiy . . . wiih The "Big Push" To Diana's Eminenl Correspondenl . . .... Pele Brodigan Pool comes Spring . . . Fenion picnics . . . golf Emineni Treasurer .........,.,..., Ed Lasson in ihe March snow . . . Senior Farewell . . . And always: crew cuis and bow Ties . . . snapper vs. The Upiown club . . . Jrhe Downiown club . . non-snapper . . . siop siudyingl siari living . . . Fall brings: Fooiball . . . T-E-A-M, yea ieam . . pinings . . . +he mulii-colored lighls of The "Ouil3F cider and donui . . . hay rides wilh hard cider. . . Room" . . . Wilson-+ha+'s all! . . . polilicians and Raincoal Harry . . . Alumni formal . . . When play boys . . . Phi Alpha! , P: 'A , ' ' , ,S Q. . . -15 ,B Q:- 0f'Q99o :if 1-if .X . ea x I TOP ROW: LaMorey, Sadlowslci, DubinaTe, Zalis, Hylwa, Kane, Archer, Lillce, Waldron, Grubelich, Burgess, Coell, Johnson and Cronan. FOURTH ROW: Morgan, Pallo, Holmes, MiluTis, Tarczali, PiTman, LeiTTon, Ahearn, Lar- son, Lawson, Hansen, Orlawslci, Kane, GeTeline and Wardwell. THIRD ROW: Beardsley, YeaTon, Delmanno, Cheeseman, Habanslcy, Bees, Tonkin, McGuinness SIGMA CHI Consul ...... ........ J aclq Kelly Pro-Consul . . . .... John Richmond OuaesTor . .. ........ Bill Dixon MagisTer ... . .. .. .... Joe McManus "l'd love To have a SweeThearT" . . . dis- pensers oT orchids and parTies . . . iT's never Too early To say hello . . . The sTreeT singers, wiTh serenades aT The drop oT a pin . . . "Snack bar T l 9 Q::3.g,5S I .T - if .9 - .uw , ., Lf' , "X T1 Z , x'3f1i7fr5 T' I E' A jg , L TQEQDQSTQT McVerry, ManTzaris, Walsh, HoyT, AnasTasion, Briscoe and CosenTini. SECOND ROW: Tupka, Manley, Zaleslci, McManus, Ryba, Anderson, Will, Kelly, PresidenTg Diclc- son, Treasurerg DiNuzzo, Bohan, GilleTTe, Barrila, Aiello and Richards. FRONT ROW: MounTain, PaveTTi, War- ner, Meier, Calamaredes, PeTerson, Pace, Beclc, Haban- slcy, Pa+eIIa, Margoles, CosTellon and ConTorinis. TonighT?" . . . squaTTer's righTs aT Diana's Pool . . . an asseT To The house . . . "Hail TiTol" . . . Have you seen The pinlc Room? . . . home oT The ping-pong varsiTy . . . Champagne, anyone? . . . a Top-noTch baslceTball Team . . . our share oT O.P.'s . . . home oT Blue Monday . . . a clicking combo oT Tall and shorT, big and small, suave and silenT, all under The WhiTe Cross, wiTh "Mom" Lamb, The besT housemoTher ever. . QP' g gf sg P-. l SIGMA NU Presdenl ...... . . .Ray Good Vice Presidenl ...... . . .Chuclc Miller Recording Secrelary . , A... Olis Harrison Treasurer ........., . . .Refer Rybeclc Marshall . . . , . .Mario Frallaroli "Have you seen our game room? . . . Trophies piled high . . . anybody on Jrhe Team no+ a Sigma Nu? . . . C.l.T. winners . . . "Famous red walls" . . . George l.aTour lives here . . . Thar door leads 'ro Thela Chi . . our Mom's an orchid . . . renowned for O.P.'s . . . whar are lhey. quainl parries? . . . weekend lormals and Diana's pool . . . Jrhe Bromos . . . Who's golf a car? . . . The old "X" house . . . midnighl card games . . . our hearls uniled as one in The bond of Sigma Nu . . . while srar gleaming, never dimming . . . loyal and lrue. TOP ROW: Plonowslci, Noonan, Eddy, Hahn, Smifh, FraH'aroli, Chembrovich, McGreal, Scully and Comins. THIRD ROW: Kricelc, Salfus, MacKinnel, Cass, Coppola, Jezyk, Fifzgerald, Brown and Boshea. SECOND ROW: Gannon, Nuccio, Dziadol, Wood, Noone, Solcol, Del grego, Hoffman and Collins. FRONT ROW: Sobieski, Rybeclc, Kukulka, Rosa, Mrs. Orcuff, Zaleski, D'Orsi Mango and Kulcullca. ,fi 2 , if ' ' 'M of , .3 ' ,A V, , ,., , hmmm , ff ' V T ' ,, A i if 3 1 5 X , Z 1 5 H ii 9 1 if 2' Z 5 Q f' l . A. GEEILS :JW r TAU EPSILON PHI Ch ance llor .,.. ...A R aphael Hoiclenberg Vice Chancellor . i . , .Arlhur Schacler Bursar ......,. . . .Herman Smolrich Scribe ....... .... M yron Halpin Corresponclenl , s . . .Harold Wolle Hislorian . . , .,.. Chic l-lendel Warden . , . . .Sluarl Levin TOP ROW: Rulchilc, Levine, A., Scholsohn, Eagle, Weber, Susman, Greenleaf, Levoy, Kaplin, Wayman, Goodwin, Franklin, Liebman, Grogins, Gordon and Gold- slein. THIRD ROW: Schalz, Sippin, Garfinlcel, Brown, Pumeranlz, Knopf, Alperl, Zilomer, Breslow, Rosens'I'ein, Maslcavsky, Bermon+, Goldenberg, Gillman, Gold and Cohen, M. SECOND ROW: Rofhslein, Reid, Rosen, life' Happy House . . . "Mom" Long's boys . . . wine, wornen, and old T-V . . . lhe House of lhe Four Presidenls . . . The sharnelul piano . . . V2 ol Greer's bench . . . greal coslume parlies . . . prominenl' O.S.F.B.S .... seconds on plornaine? . . . holheadecl sleward . . . lhe lealcing ceiling . . . lO4lh division . . . smorqasborcl dinners . . . Sunday nile T-V galherings . . . shools lo The l-loolcer House . . . Tau Epsilon Phi . . . -l-au Mu chapler. Moyel, Dunn, Rosen+hal, Rosenbaum, Gavenslcy, Silver- s+ein, Levine, D., Cohen, M., Levine, P., Nelcrilz, Galer, Greenberg, Glasner, Channin and Winler. FRONT ROW: Goldreich, S+one, Hershkowifz, Basch, Levin, Smolrich, Hendel, Hoffenberg, Mrs. Long, Schachler, Halpin, Hurowifz, Wolfe, Shindell, Sobel, Jacobs and Block. .T T- .Q TOP ROW: Kimball, Spellman, Schofield, HunT, McCabe, MacGuire, Collins, Kelly O'Hara, Wilson, Nillar, PeTers and Hamlin. FOURTH ROW: Disiervi, Ehrenfels Brown, Spang, Lucas, STanTord, Buckland, Bowman, WogT, Dikun, Killion, Carroll, J. FosTer and Adomi. THIRD ROW: Kozuch, KapusTa, Brundage, Maynard, Shepard Grendzinski, Kenny, Medbury, MacFarlane, ToTh, SanTy, PeTers, Clark and Daley SECOND ROW: Ward, McPorTland, Gandrup, Docky, Happy, Ruggiero, SecreTary Meng, President Mrs. Judd, Parker, Zemanovich, Treasurer: Schaffrick, D'AddeHa MerriTT and Carroll, R. FRONT ROW: King, Thomas, Reynolds, McKee, BaRoss, I 1- 1-.. . 1 TiiQ..,fif ' Tourison, LindsTrom, Diorio, CroTuTT, Powell and Baldwin. PresidenT .,... ..,, R ichard Meng Vice PresidenT . A . , . , , ,Donald Parker SecreTary ..... . . ,Gennaro Ruggiero Treasurer .....,,.,..... Edward Zemanovich Hiya All . . . Champale aT The Hale and a Bake aT The Bond . . . how To go Eskimo . . . The Cash Box Caper and Old BroTher Hubbard . . . cube iT . . . where's The Tube? . . . l'II clue you Ace . . . crank up The bomb, down To The l3ronTenac, shooT The deuce, grab a gallon oT sneak, smoke ouT some TalenT, and back To The l-louse . . . new windows and a kiTchen screen . . . BuTTalo and his "l-leaviesl' . . . lElioT Lounges 39 cenT cockTails aT The BosTon Tea ParTy . . . Perdido . . . all nighT, all TranTic . . . Bongo . . . l-lere's To Thee, dear old TheTa Chi. :S 223 i W lillllvhuunss-ua m I I R --Ni? ,W 1- - 8,3 xx nh X? S+ 9' alumni ACTIVES: BarreH', Boclnar, Bosco, Brown, D., Brown, M., Calano, Campbell, Carlson, Chrislie, Cianci, Collins, Cooper, Cuffe, Dahl, Dana, Davis, Dixon, Drager, Dufford, Dufcher, Elpi, Franzmann, Freedman, Gai, Gelinas, Gordon, Gospoclinolif, Grover, Hall, Hill, Jack- son, Johnson, Kosilcowslci, Kuras, Leiper, Lulcasiewicz, Marciano, Massey, Ma+his, Mafyslxeila, McQueeny, THETA XI Presidenl ..,............... Charles Paralcilas Vice Presidenl-Secrelary ....... Charles Leiper Treasurer ............., .... J ohn Marhis Corresponding Secrerary ..,.,., Roger Nelson Pledge Marshal ................ William Dahl Alpha Pi . . . le+'s have a symposium . . . dusk 'fill dawn meelings . . . lhal sound-Jrhe claxon . . . wussiiicalion classes . . . where's a iourrh for selback? . . . holresl quinlel on cam- pus . . . all nighl iazz . . . Durly's fiily dollars Mielnilciewicz, Muse, Nelson, Norlh, O'Connell, Oleniclc, Paralcilas, Pepelc, Pelerson, Preli, F., Preli, L., Prusinowslci, Ranlcin, Riclcer, Robinson, Ruxfon, Secundo, Sewarf, Shelden, Shinn, Shul+z, Shulcerow, Smiberf, Sfarref, Slingle, Trespacz, Yalcubic, Young, A., Young, S., Veal, Wagner, F., Wagner, G., and Wall. PLEDGES: Aubbin, Blachley, Bryclen and Wesowicz. worlh of ileas . . . Rolla! Bollal . . . Oh, Jrhe cool- ness oi a seabreeze . . . annual P.J. parry . . . Jrhe Ship-wreck room . . . definilions al dinner. . . Madame Queenie . . . hoslrs lo Reginal Confer- ences . . . don'+ wipe our feel on The Jrhousand dollars! . . . Jrhere goes anolher chair . . . Hail all ye Roundersl . . . chicken every Sunday . . . half a salome . . . Sweelchl . . . New Years ar lhe Bond . . . Jrhe Good Ship Thela Xi-lruly a "Happy Ship." LOCAL FRATERNITIES BETA SIGMA GAMMA TOP ROW: Hague, McNeill, Axelrod, Merchan+, Bazzarian, Magnano, Demlco, Zelechoslcy, Tinsley, Cohen, F., Schwarlz, Jaclc, Collins and Blye. SECOND ROW: Werniclc, Genovesi, Mendels- sohn, Pronglelon, McGuinness, Margolis, Abl, Peferson, Wilson, Garner, Fosler, Mecca, Cic- chelli and Dinapoli Claps. FRONT ROW: Cohen, M., Ryan, Scheuch, Fenyves, Plenefisch, Recording Secrelaryg Sarin, Holmes, Firsl Vice Presidenlg Mrs. Walker, Finnerly, Presidenlg Brodeur, Second Vice Presidenlg Burland, Treas- urer: Tiernan, Long, Zemia and Malhewson. -. Xfiiw' ' : 2 - 'X me il, I , Q F' M fl fm-, rg BETA EPSILON RHO TOP ROW: Granl, Blume, Kohler, Solles, Cooley, Krusz, Lupino, Nully, Zawodnialc, Mclcel- lar, Gibson and Carafano. SECOND ROW: Gayowslci, Deasy, Alexiades, Recor, Alberlson, Lipps, Messenger, Edge, Lamphere, Leone and Coppola. FRONT ROW: Neag, Dugan, Burnell, D'Elia, Neiame, Recording Secrelaryg Czilowsky, Vice Presidenlg Mrs. Collins, Pergoda, Presidenlg Hogan, Treasurer: Howe, Anderson, Asaolca, Corresponding Secrefary, and Proulx PHI TAU ETA TOP ROW: Donner, Teieda, Scoville, Capo- bianco, Rosen, Vi'r'I'ing, Marhefslcy, Brewer, Eclman, Walsh, Wrighl, Kolvelc and Redford. FOURTH ROW: Wydler, Grella, Minlz, Hull, Kelemenclcy, DeGiorgi, Koenig, Benglson, Hou- gas, Brady, Hyde, Howland and Capulo. THIRD ROW: DeLouise, Tuba, Fiocca, Buclc, King, Lysalx, AugusI'in, Carroll, Cobban, Segala, Tol- man, Veronneau and Green. SECOND ROW: DeCarIo, Curran, Lucas, Pelle'H, Vice Presidenlg Louer, Secrelaryg Hermandorfer, Presidenlg Mrs. Saville, Shurberg, Treasurer: Shamiss, Johnson, Gonda, A., Gonda, E., and Apicella. FRONT ROW: Gialrelis, Amafruda, Cornish, Pelerson, Conforfi and Ballog. FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS TOP ROW: Pairicia Van Wormer, Phi Sigma Kappa Beverly Mendleshon, Tau Epsilon Phi Mrs. Bella Lubow, Phi S igma Delia Mrs. Sadie Sharol, Phi Epsilon Pi Phyllis Wallorol, Alpha Gamma Rho Muriel Bone, Sigma Chi FRONT ROW: Vern Sargean+, La mbda cm Alpha Lois Hern, Sigma Al h p a Epsilon Audrey Meisferling, Thela Xi Lois McKnigh+, Kappa Sigma 82 , TOP ROW: Voohees, Hirrle, Beck, Hall, A., Nelson, Blaschik, Duffy, Ea'I'on, Kerrigan, Hi+chcock, Monfgomery, Namian, Websrer and Dunham. FOURTH ROW: Mi+che'll, N., Towers, Towse, Lufl, Lill, Riso, Pizzarello, Rogalsky, A., Johnson, B., Barry, Barker, Planl, Bellows and Yenowich, S. THIRD ROW: Burlanl, Adams, Dresher, Hayes, Shippee, Campbell, Wheeler, Mifchell, ALPHA DELTA PI Presideni ..... . . .Jerre Yenowich Vice Presidenl ...,,.. ,..,., T ony Perez Recording Secreiary ..,,. . . .Dolores Lopinio Corresponding Secreiary ....., Frances Harper Treasurer ........,.......,.., Mariorie Urioi "Tender and loving, Alpha Dell Sweelhearru . . . fabulous Cenlennial Ball . . . who wanrs a L., Murphy, Foucaulf, Wrigh+, Winlerhalder, Hurlbul Keech and Plimplon. SECOND ROW: Sliles, Ford Golden, Lopinlo, Perez, Mrs. Laycock, Yenowich, M. Uriol, Harper, Halpin, Jones, Woofers and Roberls. FRONT ROW: Salifamilla, Hall, N., Weinchenk, Wallace, Ciuci, Veglianfe, Horkoski, Chapin, Siephens and Rogal- sky, M. Tillh Tor bridge? . . . airernoon siesias . . . crack baskelball Team . . . How can l be a liille bad girl wilh a funny lilile mug like This? . . . Any- body gol a nickel? . . . Blue and while violels . . . ladies, gueens, and Blue Monday girls . . . Golden Days and Carnegie Hall . . . lounge wilh a Souihern exposure . . . "We live for each o+her" . . . " . . . for we love you, Alpha Della Pi". l A 'M s S ., ,- . . Q s eil - O PA 3-44- Tfs-5 ef ll -lk li S, is la TOP ROW: Roesberg, Bailey, R., Declcman, Dampslcy, Bailey, S., Grob, DorTz, AvruTin, Oppenheimer, Kronman, Goodman and DruTman. THIRD ROW: Greenwald, GoldsTone, Spear, Sovifslxy, STalberg, Schall, Snow, TandeT, Galinslcy, Cramer, Gold- blaTT and Weininger. SECOND ROW: ObsT, Zager, VaiTslcy, ETkind, ShomsTein, FeisTer, Rosenfeld, PorTner, Silverman, ApTer, Shapiro, L., and Chorches. FRONT ROW: Freeman, Green, Voloshin, Levine, D., LiTin, Davis, CanTor, FabricanT, Levine, B., Shafer, Shrebnilc and Shapiro, M. ALPHA EPSILON PHI Dean . . . Sub-dean T. Scribe . , . . . . RegisTrar .. Treasurer . . . . ... . .RuTh Bursaclc ..,,Pauline LiTin "Memories will bind us" . . . sTars in The eyes oT pinned and engaged A. E. Phis . . . Roger and roasT beeT . . . Mrs. Davis, have you oT a ThermomeTer? . . . in oT earls . . . u aT 'Gladys GOCl'be'9 glue brealc oT noon . . . biidge 'Till Two . . .Fino 1 t U I ,Sue Vologhin joke" . . . clue me.. .who goT pinned This weelc- end? . . . always our Theme song-"A, E. Phi . .l-larrieT ChaTzels Fair and True." LQFKZV' ALPHA Xl DELTA PresidenT ...... ,. ,Carroll NuTile Vice PresidenT . . . ..,.. Gen KenworTh Treasurer ..,.....,.,....... Magdalen Pacelli Corresponding SecreTary ...r,r RuTh Ann SmiTh Recording SecreTary ...,,,. CaTherine l-lolsTen Anyone goT any Tood . . . mosT oT all you need The guill To sign ST. PeTer's boolc . . . do we have any volunTeers? . . . ThaT's George . . . TirsT in scholarship . . . always singing . . . anyone going To The NuTrneg? . . .The Rose BangueT . . . True To The double blue and gold . . . proud oT our well-child clinic in Indiana . . . all nighT bull sessions . . . oT all The Tlowers, we love The rose . . . TirsT prize Tor The T-lornecoming display . . . A TourTh Tor bridge? . . . Schmile Luigi, liTe ain'T so TuTT . . . ThaT's rich . . . l have creaTed a mon- sTer . . . The Golden Quill . . . casTle painTed blue and gold. TOP ROW: Pepe, HermonoT, Croolcer, Hale, Ives, Sudds, Young, Trepal, E., Trepal, D., and Cuddy. SECOND ROW: ArmsTrong, Killian, Phillips, Florio, Gregory, Baldwin, Fellows, Ferris, HolT, WhiTmore, Miller and NeTTleTon. FRONT ROW: Ballelc, Ward, Kuhl, Lund, SmiTh, Corresponding SecreTaryg Mrs. Randall, KenworTh, Vice-President Pacelli, Treasurer: HolsTen, SecreTaryg LaThrop, CasTenl1olz and Dorizzi. ,,,,f we A ,,,f-i .M 12:2 Y sf 5 DELTA ZETA Presidenl . . . . . .Janice O'Brien Vice Presidenl .. ...... Helen Miller Corresponding Secrelary . . .Gladys Morlrimore Recording Secrelary . . T .... Lois DeVries Treasurer .... . . . . . ,Jayne Ryan TOP ROW: Adams, Reid, Gallagher, Becker, Collins, Dowd, Laskey, Hufschmidf, Renfz, Rahikka, McCloskey, HamiH'on and Grecenko. FOURTH ROW: Bernhard'r, Baxfer, Verfefouille, Callahan, Hayes, Zima, Beriarelli, Car+er, Marsh, D'Ambrosie, Moran, Kuechler, Hoag and Krysfof. THIRD ROW: Cobey, Hall, Guay, Smi'I'h, Ruper'ri, Sparks, Dube, Sheldon, Judish, Tedeshi, Sasseen, Dream girls . . . lamps of gold wifh hearls To march . . . unique and uniled . . . paslime is our pleasure . . . roses and candlelighl . . . Jonaihan Jrhe IV slep+ here . . . ihe only pink and green piano . . . slarlighr diamonds . . . pearls of wisdom . . . ukes and bridge and prankslers al midnight . . . Miss Oppel's sororilyl . . . voguish mademoiselles . . . presidenis, queens, aclivilies galore . . . "ln our hearis you are enshrined-l'm a Delia Zeia, l can'+ ask for more!" Ruggie, Raissi and Wilson. SECOND ROW: Murphy, Vinansky, Mor+imer, Ryan, DeVries, O'Brien, Pres., Mrs. Bernsfein, Miller, Vice-Pres., Rungee, Coviello, Spino, Avi'rable and Pully. FRONT ROW: Caregnafo, Aubin, O'Keefe, Vredenburg, Sfefanowski, Smi+h, Hearn, Chris- fopher. ZZz'??QffL.eif11Z2i?' I ' -is . 4 if-e or 5: ., gi 32' 7 I x. ' TQP-I-lpn 0 ,H 1... iw , ,-x ' :.. f ,W gg. 5, -an .Q wk, -1 TOP ROW: Oglee, Walford, Muldoon, Kovel, Wilowslci, Sundvall, Noyes, Van ETTen, Anderson and MernsTein. FOURTH ROW: WaTTs, Haugh, Rowlands, Brabec, Kerr, Meisferling, FlaherTy, TalboT, Wynne, Cameron and Wiberg. THIRD ROW: Perkins, WorThern, Muus, Grenon, Clawson, Ripley, Mann, B., Wagner, Frank, Crowley and Lurix. SECOND ROW: Robinson, Treasurer: Heller, Corresponding SecreTary: Jezlc, Canby, Vice-President McKnighT, Presidenh Mrs. McNeilly, Mann, R., Bradley, Molloy, Charleson and Cox. FRONT ROW: ArmsTead, HaThway, Russell, Hadden, Cousins, Cannon, MarTinez and MeclcensTurm. KAPPA ALPHA THETA T PresidenT ....... . , . .Louise McKnighT Those Tabulous Tormals . . , diamonds aplenTy Vice PresidenT ,....,...., ,.,. N ancy Canby and anoTher box oT candy! . . . charlesTon Corresponding SecreTary . is ..., BeTTy Heller charlesTon, everybody charlesTon . . . our own Recording SecreTary .......,., Barbara Lynch grandmoTher pledges . . . paddles and buclceTs Treasurer .......,,.......... Mary Robinson and caTs and dogs . . . who needs song pracTice7 The Twin sTars oT TheTa shine brigh+er Than . . . Queen-oT many hearTs . . .our singing coolc ever . . . loyalTy and love The lceynoTe . . . new .. . iusT one more meeTing . . . "She's iusT a blaclc house and new spiriT . . . Mrs. Mac, you're our and gold sweeThearT, my Kappa Alpha TheTa girl . . . memories oT wonderTul madness . . . girl!" L 33 ii " ,1, 'Q f Q - 'rs f- ,Q 'Q ' W ' - ,ig ,..,r,? s- Sm Presidenl .,.,AA.,....... Dorolhy Mravunac . . . while bucks and argyles . . . in Jrhe swim . . Vice Presidenl . . , 4,...., Joann Wolfe Tennis, anyone? . . . l have marches-do you have Secrelary ..,. ,.....o l-l elen Riccio cigarelles? . . . pledge nighr serenades . . . loc Treasurer . .. .. .. ..., Mildred Buecher your doors-here comes rhe lourlh lloorl . . - Mary's clam chowder . . . house lull ol barbers 4 A-lVl COHGG Club - - - ll'S NSVGV +00 Gafly and queens! . . . diamonds lor Chrisrmas-"Ch To say "l-lello" . . . symposium anylime . . - WSG i+'s nolhingf' . . . The lounge looks greal, buf hour sludies lo Mario Lanza . . . candlelighl din- Whafll We do WHL, H19 exfra Couch? . . D Qmn USFS - - - 595+ We Q0 back +0 nO'lVUmP - - - Sl19'S lhe Kappa Sweerhearl . . . moonbeams . . . our a whooper . . . somebody wake +he fire warden Cgllege and our gglden key. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ACTIVES: Baldwin, Beechler, Beehler, Boyaiian, Brandes, Buecher, Cofrances, Cosby Cowles, Dunlop, Ek, Feld, Foisy, Fros+, Gilliland, Grimshaw, Hancock, Harris, Kenny Marfinson, Moore, Mravunac, Nelson, Nixon, PoH'er, Rees, Riccio, Sadowski, Schenck Shaughnessy, Sperry, S+orrs, Smilh, S'roucH', Thorpe, Tieman, Timidei, Van Slingerland+ Van Wormer, Walsh, Ward, Walson, Wise, Wolfe, Ya'res. PLEDGES: Andrews, Balen- +ine, Barnes, A.: Barnes, C., Bump, Campbell, Carocari, Crouchley, Ellis, Ellison Erdman, Fi'rzGerald, Forrislall, Freeman, Greenwood, Gosse, Kenney, M.: Leonard Lindholm, Lunden, McNeil, Neill, Nelson, O'Brien, Parker, Parsons, Penning'ron, PlaH, Raffles, Ralph, Reiske, Richardson, B.: Richardson, N.: Robinson, Silsby, Shaw, Smi'rh L.: S+eck, Suarez, Swedburg, Terani, Von Liebermann, Warde, M.: Wenning, Young Zimmerman. A y 1 Y ww-' 'V' 'W Y , ' ' 452 V f, r f ' ij E I L f Y, . ,.,. , .,.. ,Ev i -. , ' , 'ff ,.r- 4' ii iiiii ii f -1 'rr P V f V A im- G v J - ' 4 ' H 5 "FQ-10, T69 . -a .7 " f s ' . ., , . 19' ' ' '-f .Q .9 9.4 Ig I6 ,gisqg 95.925, fs. 5,19 ., I... .,.. ACTIVES: Andrew, Bender, Berry, Boyce, Brys, CrosThwaiT, Danielson, DeAngelis, EasTwood, HellsTrom, Howard, Hughes, Jablonslci, Korn, Kramer, Lindholm, LuTher Lyon, Marcucio, Marvin, McClave, Morgan, Murray, Nagel, O'Bryne, Oliver, Panci- oTTi, PeTerson, Regan, Symmes, Teague, UrbaTi, Zaher, Zaleslci. PLEDGES: Ba:'TneTT Bauerle, Baulieu, Beach, Bedford, ChaTTee, Creed, Del Vecchio, DiNino, Faryniarz Harlow, Krushefslcy, Marshall, Ross, Rollins, ScrippilliTi, Sherman, SmiTh, ShulTz, ST.Germaine, Tallcouch, TuTTle, VasilicosTa, VonAllman. PHI MU PresidenT .,... ,.o.. H elen Korn lasT week! . . . Ten-ish, anyone? . . . WesT PoinT Vice PresidenT . . ..,. Florence Oliver weelcends . . . VVhere's The CouranT? . . . Sopho- SecreTary ,,......, ...,.., A gnes Hughes more sea-breeze barTies . . . TraTerniTy pins and Treasurer .....,...,...,.,..., Nancy Bender Tond recollecTions . . . NuTmeg rendezvous . . . My Phi Mu Lady . . .The house wiTh a "Hus- Two a.m. rneeTings . . . Lady Robin Hoods . . . band" in iTs lciTchen . . . who's goT a nickle? . . . who's goT barrel du+y This weekend? . . . ThaT's die, TraiTorl . . . The rose and whiTe . . . bulb Tor sure: . . . "She wears ever loyal, The hearT snaTchers, par excellence . . . BuT l wenT To class and hand." ' -3 . PHI SIGMA SIGMA Presidenl ...... . , .Belly Ann Gordon Vice Presidenl .,........... Adele l-loberman Corresponding Secreiary .......... Sibyl Slern Corresponding Recorder ...... l-lelene Globus Treasurer .............i....... Marilyn Lane Blue and Gold, we pledge our love, our worlc, and loyally . . . our beauiiiul lounge com- plele wilh green speckled hassoclc ideal for can- asia games . . . and lhen, Jrhe inlelleclual bridge games ailer dinner. . . wonderful meals prepared TOP ROW: Sweig, Huflcin, Cohn, Zimmerman, Diclcsfrun, Simon, Jacobson, Schliff and Salifran. SECOND ROW: Taub, Tucker, Lehrer, Kimmel, Bloomfield, Rischall, Dunn, Brown, Wolff, Silverman and Margolis. FRONT ROW: by a wonderful chef George . . . lalenled pledges . . . Jrhe sophomores vs. Jrhe illuslrious seniors, Jrhe bubbes of lhe lhird floor . . . Tre- mendous sophomore O.P.'s . . . remember The flood . . . a pledge for every s+a+e in Jrhe Union . . . whal we need is more Jrelephones . . . "criching" lhrough mud . . . exchange dinners . . . pinnings, engagemenis, serenadings . . . The greaiesl' of houses . . . "where'er we go we shall always be Jrhinlcing of Jrhee, Phi Sig." Bernbaum, Gruslcay, Gillman, Levy, Naboicheclc, Presi- denh Mrs. Goldman, Gordon, Sfern, Sheifelman, Globus, RosenblaH' and Lerner. ? Aikgbllll ACTIVE: Berggren, Brash, Burke, Cardwell, Caspersen, Chapin, Clark, B.: Clark, M.: Clarke, C.: Dean, Duffy, Edwards, Ford, Fyler, Harris, Hari, Hepburn, Hollenbeck, Hrosenchik, Hylwa, Jurgelis, Kienholz, Lynch, Mariner, Maynard, Miles, Minion, Mohr, Monas+, Munson, Palmer, Peferson, Roberfson, Robinson, Roche, Rowe, ScoH', PI BETA PHI Presidenl ...r.. . . . r....., Jusline Ford Vice Presidenl ............ Madine l-lollenbeck Corresponding Secrelary ..,.,.. Barbara Smilh Recording Secrelary ....., Margarel Cardwell Treasurer .....i..,,4.. .,,.,.,, J udilh l-larl "Ring Ching Ching" . . . sh-hl a cooky shine! . . . originalily plus . . . anolher redhead! . . . angels in disguise . . . proud of Selrlemenl mjsiss I Smifh, Sparks, Terrill, Van Overslraelen, Weber, Whifing, Woodford, Young. PLEDGES: Anderson, Bassef, Bray, Brown, Gaylord, Howgare, Lelifingwell, Liegeol, McDon- ald, Oakley, Pla+'r, Quilifch, Parsons, Ryder, ScoH, Jaffray ScoH, Jane Rae: Swarfz, Ware, Widing, Wilson. School and service proiecls . . . acliviries galore . . . "Mrs, T. is our Mom" . . . "noi srudy? Pi Phi frownsu . . . chel francais par excellence . . . a diamond is a girl's besl friend . . . friendships, deep and abiding . . . my Pi Phi Girl . . . she'll drive an arrow rhrough your hearl . . . lwinkling eyes . . . loving hearrs . . . lilling voices . . . "The blending of souls inro harmony is a Pi Phi Sym- phony." f f', - 4.323-1 'v V9 4 '--V Q 9 M -ww WMM- .,, . W. E4 Ref -aivii-mfg ' "QM f . 4, my 4 . , , '-f' :XM ' ' , fw -' .3 . .i M, I . ' i:9x1.13:frE, - .1' - 4 .W-"':Z5' Z. -' V, -' ,: cg--E, '-Lo' -' , , 1 ,9 , flrfanizations o Honoraries Q V 4 ,,- , X. I, , ,, ,VI f , V . , , X. I, .fp ,V , ll ,, 1. , J.v1,,.h ,JV ,,.l ggi, WW! :,4,-vc .:,., I:J WMM zjzzz ::':5 . V ' ' V V f My M 5? y 2 f ,, 6 f Q 4 ,sw if V 9 QQ Y 5 Y e 5 Q 5 T2 I? z 2 is 0 is -9 -4 S :i Z-X ?ff Z 7 Z: : 4 155 5, fe x fi Q wx E 5. Q E C: X gr m QE THE NUTMEG STAFF REORGANIZES As each incoming yearbook sTaTT has done, so has The ThirTy-TiTTh sTaTT oT The NUTMEG- ponder The purpose and aim oT Their publicaTion. The conclusion has usually been To presenT a record oT ThaT parTicular year in The lives oT UConn sTudenTs, and also oT The UniversiTy in general. And so The aim oT The l95I sTaTT has been noT To build UConn a sTep higher, buT raTher To presenT iT as iT acTually is-a sTep higher Than mosT oT us Thinlc. The sTaTT has endeavored To give a compleTe and realisTic represenTaTion oT your year l95O-l95I, and oT your UniversiTy. The worlc oT The NUTMEG execuTives began in The spring oT I95O when The ediTors, The pub- lisher, and The phoTographer were selecTed. Dur- ing The summer The preliminary ideas were laid ouT, and Thumbnail skeTches oT The boolc came in The Tall. ATTer careTul consideraTion by each ediTor, They were senT baclc To The publisher so The worlcing dummy could be drawn. Dale H. Aborn Business Manager, Spring l95l Ann R. WooTers EcliTor-in-chief RoberT E. Sherwood Business Manager, Fall I950 Meanwhile, individual porTraiTs were being scheduled, and campus acTiviTies were being "shoT". LaTe winTer broughT The beginnings oT copy which had long simmered in The sTaTT's minds, more "special candids", and close work beTween Those who spend The money and Those who hold The purse sTrings. WiTh spring upon us, The publisher's dead- lines quickly approaching, many many picTures To be Taken, idenTiTicaTions To be checked, draw- ings To be inked, and capTions To be wriTTen, The annual and ineviTable chaoTic condiTions en- gulTed us. lT would be diTTiculT Tor Those noT on The sTaTT To realize The sleepless nighTs, The long hours oT work, and The ThoughT ThaT go inTo each seemingly simple page. This year has been progressive Tor The NUT- MEG organizaTion. ATTer monThs oT discussion and planning iT was decided To converT The NUT- MEC-S To a senior publicaTion, Thereby clearing Jim Trail CirculaTion Manager Evelyn Ward Residence EdiTor 2 53 1' , I, Nancy Canby Junior EdiTor Don Ruck SporTs EdiTor up The obvious conTusion as To ediTing class, year oT book, and daTe oT disTribuTion. This necessarily involved dropping The Junior secTion and TeaTuring Those individuals as Seniors in The l952 NUTMEG. The plan meT wiTh The whole- hearTed approval oT The STudenT SenaTe. AnoTher change which will be sTarTed wiTh The l952 NUTMEG concerns The organizaTion iTselT. A Junior Board oT EdiTors shall be Tormed which will provide a Training ground Tor The TuTure Senior Board. Thus experience, inTeresT. and compeTiTion will be esTablished. Business-wise, The NUTMEC5 will sTarT on a selT-supporTing Trend, and iT is planned ThaT The book will no longer be disTribuTed To all sTudenTs, buT will be on a subscripTion basis and will be almosT enTirely sTudenT supporTed. This plan also calls Tor many oT The pages oT The NUTMEG be- ing conTracTed Tor by various organizaTions and acTiviTies. .sf i ,f X ' X 5 PaT Charleson ExecuTive SecreTary Joanne Wolfe AcTiviTies EdiTor Edifor Ann Woolers and Advisor Charles Niles check manuscripi. The News Coordina'ror's office in +he Library basemeni has been +he scene of many a NUTMEG con- ference. Joe Shawinslcy and Dick Robinson have given much of iheir 'rime and valuable pholographic advice. Here ihey discuss a prinl 'for use in 'rhe NUTMEG. 5 4 v Z N rc-Wm-M., im K rf' Mildred Crowley, Nancy Canby, and Beverly Mann col lecfed and filed +he hundreds of Junior wri+eups which will be revised and used in 'lhe l952 NUTMEG wllh 'ihe senior piciures. J 'f ff f,,.4,s,,, fc rx The e'Fficien'r execulive seccre'rary's slaff, Beverly Mann, Pal' Charleson, Mildred Crowley and Mary Robinson, were 'rhe ones who saw +o il' lhal' all juniors and all organ- izafions had an appoinlmenl wifh 'rhe Vanline phofog- raphers. The Residence Secfion was very well handled by +hese girls who are, s'randing: Marcella Rogalslcy, Mary Lou Sperry, and Belly Cox: sealed on furnifurez Evelyn Ward, Darlys Ford and Mary Bellows: seared on floor: Frances Nixon and Frances Harper. il if wArmzM 45? ' The NUTMEG'S dependable ariisrs, Joan Beehler llefll and Dee Crouchley lrighll are given +he O.K. by Edifor Ann Woolers. A long and 'redious iob was involved wi+h +he Acfivilies Seclion. The hard workers Jean Grimshaw, Joanne Wolfe, Sally S+orrs, and Nancy Brandes are glad if is over. CAMPUS STAFF WORKS FEVERISHLY Fall Semesler, l95O .Leon Messier, Jr. Edilor ............,,........ Managing Eclilor .AA.. .... T heodore Colianle Associare Edilor. . . . .Marilyn Beyerle Sporrs Edilor. .. ....,.. Don Ruck News Fdilor.. .... Calvin Cobb Copy Edilor. .. .... Marguerila Ek Fealure Edilor.. ..,.. Ray Salvadori Arr Edilor ,........ ... .... Henry Wakeman Business Manager ..,.............. Jane Weber Assislanl Business Manager .... William O'Connell Adverlising Manager ............... Sleve Lange Circulalion Manager .........., Virginia Whiling Assislanl Circularion Manager ..,.,... Alice Terrill Leon F, Meggierl Jr, Ollhce Manager ........,...... Eleanor Sadowski Edilor-in-chief, Fall i950 Campus Dl5TTll3UTlOn "-'---' George Vvlrifemburg Theodore E. Co'l'ianle Edi'ror-in-chief, Spring l95I Spring Semesler, l95I Ecliror ...,,...............,. Theodore Colianle Managing Edilor . ..... Marilyn Beyerle Associale Ediror . .... Joseph Tooher Sporrs Edilor . .....,...... Don Ruck News Edilor . . ..... Roberl Blancheile Copy Edilor .. ...... Joan Robinson Fealure Ediror .. ..... Norman Jolie Arr Edilor ......,. ...., J oseph Fahey Business Manager ......,. .... J ane Weber Assisranl Business Manager . .... Sieve Lange Aclverlising Manager A... ...... J ack Allman l Circulalion Manager .. .... Virginia Whiling y Office Manager .......... Alice Terrill A TOP ROW: Smi'rh, Faryniarz, Engel, Callahan, Miller, Roche and Marcucio. FRONT ROW: Teague, Whiiing, Haas, Van Oversiraefen, Hufschmidi and Lawlor. SEC- Jolie, Allman, Cofjanle, Tooher, BlancheH'e, Robinson OND ROW: Cowles, Schiller, Einsle, Ruikoski, Van and Cardwell. Wormer, GilleHe, Feld, Shaughnessy, Harris, Yafes, FOR TRI-WEEKLY ISSUES As The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT goes, so goes The ConnecTicuT CAMPUS. This resTaTemenT oT The old poliTical saw abouT naTional elecTions is whaT The CAM- PUS Tries To live up To in iTs policy oT keeping up wiTh The demands made upon iT as a newspaper in a rapidly growing college communiTy. LasT Tall marked The TirsT semesTer ThaT The CAMPUS published on a Tull Three-Times-weekly schedule provid- ing more in The way oT news, service, and adverTising To iTs 6,000 readers. The average reader who sees one more issue each week never sees The increased volume oT work ThaT is necessary To publish Three issues wiTh The laTesT in campus news. As wiTh all newspapers, news is received Trom varoius sources: conTribuTors, Tips, rumors, and mainly Through The leg-work and head-work, oT sTaTT wriTers and reporTers who chase down sTories, cover beaTs and wriTe The copy ThaT appears in The Tinished producT seen in dorms and TraTerniTies each Monday, Wednesday and Friday aTTer- noon. The reporTer's producT Then is scanned, read, cor- recTed, someTimes rewriTTen as laTer inTormaTion is gaThered, and space alloTTed Tor iT on The blank dummy pages. Headline wriTing and ediTorials are wriTTen by sTaTT and ediTors and The CAMPUS is on iTs way To Rockville To be prinTed. Less Than 24 hours laTer The paper is received aT The oTTices where The circulaTion sTaTT Tolds, addresses and mails more Than l000 copies To almosT every sTaTe and U. S. TerriTory. Meanwhile, The Business STaTT is Tar Trom idle. The Business Manager keeps a conTinuous check on The Tinances so ThaT The organizaTion does noT drop inTo The red side oT The ledger. SoliciTors are selling adverTising space which has been hiTTing new highs each semesTer. The incenTive plan, which provides Tor a percenTage oT adverTising income To remain wiTh The newspaper, helps To place The CAMPUS on a more aggressive and busi- ness-like basis. Each semesTer The Business Manager reTurns To The STudenT SenaTe Treasury a sum beTween Three and Tour Thousand dollars Trom adverTising and subscripTion revenues. The compeTiTive program Tor aspiranTs To The CAM- PUS sTaTTg several new ediTorships required by The ex- panding volume oT work: wider, beTTer, laTer, and TasTer news coverage are several sTeps Taken by The CAMPUS in TulTilling iTs TuncTion as a communiTy newspaper Tor iTs 6000 readers. ...mmfg ivff'f1?""'?1 C The Conneclicul Wriier is The lilerary organizalion lor siudenls inleresled in creaiive wriiing. The club ollers opporluniiies for slu- denis lo benelil from round-lable criiicism. Ac- livilies are culminaled by a prose and poelry conlesi and by ihe dislribulion of The "Con- neclricui Wri+er". TOUCHSTONE Touchslone. Shalcespeare's famed iesier, has leni his name lo The Universily ol Con- nec'ricuJr's college humor magazine. Born in I9-49, Touchslone has already made a name for ilself and provided an oullel for The humorous Jralenls of wrilers and carloonisls as well as The more sober persons ol adverlising, business, and cir- Lculaiion inienl. TOP ROW: Elkins, Rossi, Rodgers, Chailclin, President FRONT ROW: Schorr, Hana- fee, Freeman, Gilday and Del Vecchio. CONNECTICUT WRITER CAMPUS POLITICIANS u. s. A. The UniTed STudenTs AssociaTion, a new organizaTion on The campus, was Tounded in SepTember oT I95O Tor The purpose oT Torming a beTTer relaTionship among The sTudenTs boTh socially and poliTcally. USA. sponsored candi- daTes were enTered in boTh class oTTicer and STudenT SenaTe elecTions. The organizaTion loolcs Toward year-round social acTiviTies wiTh special aTTenTion To raising Tunds Tor The Turnishing oT a room in The new STudenT Union Building. TOP ROW: LevensTein, Ward Gambaccina, MarTineau, House Trail, Bailey, Kuczynski, Gannon McLeod, CeTTa, Makar and Bell SECOND ROW: Pasiecznilc, Sharp, VeileTTe, R., STeiner, Bannan Lasewicz, SmiTh, Hook, VeilleTTe P., Hugo, Horochivslxy, Deveau and TomaseTTi. FRONT ROW Sherwood, Madorno, LuTT, lsbisTer, Johnson, Chou, Zeidenberg, Presi denT: Kelly, Vice PresidenT: Favr eTTi, STevens, Sawyer, Carloon GeenTy and Richard. TOP ROW: Pergoda, Kamens, NorTh, HeTherman, Blume and PelleTT. SECOND ROW: Gibson, Burns, Fleischman, STavniTzlzy and Shamiss. FRONT ROW: EaTon, Sparks, Ford, BernhardT, TalboT and Garfinlcel. I. S. 0. Organized as The "IndependenTs League" in I9-45, The lndependenT STudenTs OrganizaTion now claims over 300 members. lTs purposes are To represenT The non-TraTerniTy sTudenT socially and in sTudenT governmenT, To encourage par- TicipaTion in The acTiviTy program, To alleviaTe problems oT sTudenT welTare, and To promoTe undersTanding among all groups. races, and creeds. Besides many small weelcend dances, The ISO sponsors The annual Cinderella Ball, and provides many sTudenT services. V159 Service is the Keynote of Alpha Phi Omega emi fwee"'5 TOP ROW: Baumsiein, Curris, CoHle, Jungherr, Biele- field, Paull, Law, Tomlin, Wesche, Richier and Carman. THIRD ROW: Aborn, Frosf, Hendricks, FalleHi, Roberls, Savina, Van EH'en, Bell, Bielefield, Rollins and Grimm. SECOND ROW: DeSoursey, Andrews, Pohlman, Thoren, WORKING TOGETHER io serve school, communiiy, and fellow APO. men, every man gives all and receives his reward in The salislac- lion oi a iob well done and in Jrhe feeling oi comradeship so evidenl in APO. proiecls. Many will be our memories laier in liie oi our good Jrimes Jrogeiher in The bonds of service and fellowship, oi irips in Ben+ley's car, oi Doli's elliervesceni spiril, ol Reds firm grip on lhe ireasury, and oi Jrhe hours of friendly debale and parlimeniary maneuvers . . . l move Jrhe queslion Hepburn, Mezebish, Hacker, Andresen, Codin, Howell and Delulio. FRONT ROW: Prof. Rollins, Advisor: Dux, Weiner, lngraham, Gersfenberg, Treasurer: Chamberlain, Andersen, Presidenh Reisch, Recording Secrelaryg Trail, Corresponding Secreraryg Brown, Beniley and Kline. . . . poini oi order . . . oi our fine Apoanuc so iaiihiully served by Bob Logan. Only men Jrrained in Jrhe aims and ideals of scouiing can handle so successfully lhe many proiecls of APO. such as ihe sale of Junior Rings, Communily Chesi Carnival, used book exchange, concessions ar all sludeni dances. regislralion, and a muliiiude of oiher Jrasks which Jrhe men of Alpha Phi Omega underiake. These are lruly idealisric young men who have a will lo serve wharever Jrhe call may be. HONORARIES THE DRUIDS Membership in The Druids, a secreT honorary socieTy Tor senior men, consTiTuTes The highesT recogni- Tion Tor service To sTudenTs and The UniversiTy which is awarded aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT. Members are Tapped annually aT The Junior Prom and revealed aT The Tollowing prom during Their senior year. The choice oT members is based upon ouTsTanding leadership, char- acTer, conTribuTion, and parTicipaTion in sTudenT and UniversiTy aTTairs and welTare. The purpose oT The Driuds is service . . . To The sTudenTs and The UniversiTy, direcTed To The eTTorT oT beTTermenT oT The enTire UniversiTy. They coordinaTe and lead campus acTiviTies and coordinaTe sTudenT and adminisTraTive poinTs oT view. Much, iT noT all oT Their worlc is secreT-only when publiciTy is needed To accom- plish Their ends do They use ThaT medium. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Shawinslxy, Bruno Giordano, Bill O'Connell, Presideni' Jorgensen, Bob Berdon, Ted CoTianle and Marfin Brown. Missing is Henry Walreman. MORTAR BOARD EighT iunior women, in recogniTion oT Their leadership, scholarship and service, were oTTicially Tapped, accord- ing To TradiTion, aT The Co-Ed Eormal in l95O. During Their senior year The MorTar Boards helped sponsor The STudenT Counselling Program, publicized elecTions, ushered aT convocaTions, gave added advice To career seelring senior women, sold ChrisTmas cards, and Tormu- laTed a new policy oT recognizing one worThy sophomore woman by awarding a scholarship To her on The basis oT school service and scholasTic achievement SEATED: Joyce Moran, Nancy Baxfer, Presidenh Mary Jesylr. STANDING: Mr. Carl GladTel+er, Advisor: Roberia Mann, Jane Weber, Mariorie PIunlreTT, Riia Gershman, Pa+ricia Nelson, Dr. CarTer, Advisor. CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon is a naTional honorary civil engineering TraTerniTy wiTh chapTers in ThirTy-six oT The naTion's lead- ing schools. Membership is based on The principles oT scholarship, characTer, pracTicaliTy, and sociabiliTy. Chi Epsilon has The broad obiecTive oT increasing The eTTi- ciency oT The civil engineering proTession as an insTru- menT oT social beTTermenT. TOP ROW: Crumb, LenT, Arpaia, Mayerialr, Hannigan, Jurgensen, Giansanfe and Loiselle. SECOND ROW: Kaminslri, DanTe, Ro+her- Torfh, STevens, Willerford, Piclrhardf, BerTin and Morrison. FRONT ROW: Haagensen, MoulTon, SecreTary: Pfrang, Vice Presiclenh Tippy, Advisor: Picker, President Zawodnialr, Treasurer: Lepore and Schulley. , GAMMA CHI EPSILON The requiremenTs Tor membership in Gamma Chi Epsilon, ouTsTanding honorary TraTerniTy aT The Univer- siTy oT ConnecTicuT since I92O, include a minimum Q.P.R. oT ThirTy-Two, high moral characTer, and demon- sTraTed leadership. The obiecT is To recognize and pro- moTe high scholasTic sTanding, sTimulaTe parTicipaTion in campus acTiviTies, and encourage good ciTizenship. TOP ROW: Casey and Sfeiger. FRONT ROW: Muclry, Gelsfon and Russell. NoT picTured: Karlalr, PresidenTg Weber, Vice Presi- denf, and Mudry, SecreTary-Treasurer. I03 fl Cf, PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron is a naTional honorary proTes- sional home economics TraTerniTy. The purpose oT Phi Upsilon Omicron is To esTablish and sTrengThen bonds oT Triendship, To promoTe The moral and inTellecTual develop- menT oT iTs members, and To advance and promoTe home economics. TOP ROW: Berggren, Schlosser, Bradley and Lozyniak. FRONT ROW: Van OversTraeTen, Treasurer, Gallup, Vice Presidenh Oliver, PresidenT: Trepal, EdiTor, and Chapin. PI ALPHA SIGMA Phi Alpha Sigma is a proTessional socieTy devoTed To The promoTion oT agriculTure. EncouragemenT and supporT oT agriculTural acTiviTies are primary obiecTives, and proiecTs underTalcen by The socieTy include Thel annual iniTiaTion oT awards Tor The besT Treshman in agriculTure as well as Tor The besT young Tarmer in The sTaTe. TOP ROW: Mosley, RuxTon, Nelson, ChrisTie and Burr. SECOND ROW: Lockwood, McKenzie, Vansalr, Reisch and Benedict FRONT ROW: Hall, Gifford, Treasurer: ChrisTian, Advisor: Dr. EasTer- broolrs, Advisor: STimson, PresidenT, and Kuras, SecreTary. PI TAU SIGMA Pi Tau Sigma, The naTional honorary mechanical engineering TraTerniTy was insTalled in May I949. Mem- bers are selecTed on The basis oT characTer and scholar- ship. The TraTerniTy sponsors a series oT lecTures given by eminenT local mechanical engineers as well as The presenTaTion oT a seT oT hdwdboolcs To The high ranking junior mechanical engineers. TOP ROW: Scoville, Glueclr, Carboni, AugusTausl:as, Ching and Baxfer. SECOND ROW: PiTI:in, Borsari, Gessner, Wolff, Cornell, Segala and Elpi. FRONT ROW: Rosa, Bourquin, Corresponding SecreTaryg SmiTh, President Fisher, Advisor: Refalliclr, Vice Presi- denT: Presbie, Recording Secrefary, and Soufhall. RHO CHI Rho Chi is The honorary naTional pharmaceuTical socieTy. A general average oT aT leasT "B" is required Tor admission To This socieTy. TOP ROW: Zeldig, Sybul, Honigberg, Defeo and Massaro. FRONT ROW: Kelleher, Gershman and Dr. Johnson. I04 ETA KAPPA NU ETa Kappa Nu is a naTional honorary elecTrical engineering socieTy. ElecTricaI engineering maiors who saTisTy The scholarship requiremenTs oT This organizaTion may be elecTed To membership. THETA ALPHA PHI TheTa Alpha Phi is a naTional honorary dramaTic TraTerniTy. A speciTied amounT of parTicipaTion in dra- maTic acTiviTies is required. LAMBDA GAMMA DELTA Lambda Gamma DelTa, The naTional honorary judg- ing TraTerniTy, has membership open To parTicipanTs in inTercollegiaTe judging conTesTs oT livesToclc or oTher agriculTural producTs. PI KAPPA DELTA A naTional honorary Torensic TraTerniTy, Pi Kappa DeITa, requires Tor membership a speciTied amounT oT parTicipaTion in debaTing acTiviTies. WHO'S WHO OuTsTanding senior sTudenTs Trom 600 colleges and universiTies are selecTed each Tall To represenT Their school as members oT "Who's Who Among STudenTs in American Colleges and UniversiTies." They are nomi- naTed on The basis oT scholarship, leadership, and ciTizen- ship. TOP ROW: Berdon, Aborn, Giordano, Cofianle, Sobieski, Bannan, TomaseTTi and Russell. FRONT ROW: Gershman, Mann, Nelson, O'ConneII, Jezylz, Ballelc and Baxfer. SIGMA PI SIGMA The ConnecTicuT chapTer oT Sigma Pi Sigma, Na- Tional physics honor socieTy, was insTalled on May 25, I95l. The obiecTives oT The socieTy are To recognize achievemenTs in physics, To promoTe inTeresT in The Tield, and To encourage Tellowship among sTudenTs of physics and relaTed sciences. SIGMA XI Sigma Xi is a naTional honorary socieTy To recognize and encourage research in science. Pull members musT have published research, buT Those undergraduaTes oT The UniversiTy may be elecTed To associaTe membership who show high promise oT research abiliTy in one Tield oT pure or applied science. TAU 'PI UPSILON Tau Pi Upsilon is The honorary nursing TraTerniTy Tor Those sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT School oT Nursing who have shown excellence in sTudies, and show high apTiTude in The proTessional nursing Tield. TAU BETA PI Tau BeTa Pi is a naTional honorary engineering Tra- TerniTy Tounded aT Lehigh UniversiTy in I885 To "mark in a TiTTing manner Those who have comferred honor upon Their Alma MaTer by disTinguished scholarship and exem- plary characTer as undergraduaTes in engineering, or by Their aTTainmenTs as alumni in The Tield oT engineering." ConnecTicuT BeTa ChapTer organized aT The UniversiTy on January 8, I949. TOP ROW: Crumb, GaudeT, Pfrang, BaTI1oIomew and MoulTon. SECOND ROW: Russell, Zawodnialr, Presbie, Conboy, STevens and Rosa. FRONT ROW: ReTaIIicI:, Riclrer, SecreTary: Pocewiz, Vice Presidenh Augusfauslras, President Rabinowifz, Treasurer, and Shinn. THIS IS WHUS TOP ROW: STimpson, Plenefisch, Sherman, Trail, Fanslow, LiTTle- field, Buraclr, Overbaugh and Babbiff. SECOND ROW: Schnelle. Pray, Rouse, Solomon, Mason, Lee, Fosier, Mulhauser, Dolsen and The Huslcy NeTworlc is a sTudenT-run and operaTed organizaTion. lTs main purpose is To provide broadcasT- ing service in The Torm oT enTerTainmenT and inTormaTion Tor The sTudenT body, TaculTy and adminisTraTion. Free radio Time is provided Tor UniversiTy and public service acTiviTies in order ThaT They may communicaTe wiTh The sTudenT body. The sTaTion also provides Training Tor sTu- denTs inTeresTed in radio worlc. RecenTly a special Train- ing program has been seT up To prepare announcers Tor proper presenTaTion oT maTerial, and This has improved The program qualiTy greaTly. The many inTeresTs oT The sTaTT members are saTis- Tied Through The several deparTmenTs. Under The Pro- gramming DeparTmenT is The Special EvenTs Division, which handles The broadcasTing oT social, aThleTic, and culTural evenTs boTh on and oTT campus. The News DeparTmenT presenTs a Tull coverage oT world, naTional, sTaTe and campus news Through The use oT a UniTed Press Radio Wire. This deparTmenT oTTers valuable ex- MinTz. FRONT ROW: Hayden, Ryan, Policl, Cummislcey, Keefe, Herslcovifz, Canfield, Colle, Hughes and Tonlcin. perience To TuTure radio news wriTers, and The announcers are chosen by an audiTioning commiTTee. AT presenT The sTaTion has an exTensive library of 3000 sides oT records, and The lvlusic Librarian has charge oT The purchasing and Tiling oT all oT Them. The Engineering DeparTmenT cares Tor The equipmenT which enables WHUS To con- Tinue broadcasTing. The programs are puT ouT Through a Collins Console and RemoTe which are among The besT oT The available consoles and remoTe uniTs. The AdminisTraTive DeparTmenT handles all corre- spondence, Tiling, and purchasing oT non-Technical sup- plies. ln This deparTmenT is The PubliciTy DirecTor whose duTy is To keep WHUS in The daily Tall: oT The residenTs aT UConn. The AdverTising DirecTor has The large Taslc oT obTaining adverTising, The only ouTside source oT in- come Tor The sTaTion, and The Business DeparTmenT sees ThaT The sTaTion is provided wiTh suTTicienT Tunds wiTh which To operaTe. Voice Ot The University Of Connecticut WHUS serves as an educational median as well as social. lviany ex-announcers and ottier personnel ttave gone on atter graduation and secured positions on larger stations in Water- bury, Norwicti, Meriden and New Britain, and also in lviemplwis, Tennessee. As tor a social education, ttie members ot tlne statt are a com- bination ot all races, religions, and nationalities, all worlcing togettier tor one purpose, ttte im- provement 'ot WHUS. Ye 9360? 22? 524, Ru ses? it fe ,QW Zo, 4:37 cf f am QV xiii I07 CONCERT BAND . The membership oT The ConcerT Band is selecTed Trom The memberships oT The l-luslcy, VarsiTy, and R.O.T.C. Bands. Only Those who possess musicianship oT The highesT caliber can gualiTy, and selecTion is made on The basis oT an audiTion. The besT in band liTeraTure is read and programmed. AcTiviTies Tor The year included Two Tormal concerTs and an ouTdoor "pops" concerT on campus as well as a sTaTe-wide Tour playing eleven con- cerTs in Tive days. FROM MOZART'S JUPITER T0 "UCONN HUSKY" HILLEL CHOIR The l-lillel Choir is The musical arm oT The B'nai 'B'riTh l-lillel FoundaTion. lTs purposes are TwoTold: To parTicipaTe in The SabbaTh and FesTival Services and To render iTs services aT special occasions when Their musical TalenTs are needed. lTs speciTic aim is To develop a love and appreciaTion Tor Jewish liTurgical music. TOP ROW: Cohen, ChiniTz, Fain, Swirsky and Silberman. FRONT ROW: Friedman, Sadinslcy, M.: Sadinslry, E.: Hyman, PresiclenT: Shirwindi' and Donner. CAMPUS MUSIC MAKERS We have, on our campus, The Tormer "Trumbull Music Makers," Their main obiecTive being To mainTain a high sTandard oT Tone qualiTy and To achieve The harmony oT The Tamous dance bands oT Today. TOP ROW: AnTes, Bandleaderg Wycller, Andersen, Marafea and Freese. FRONT ROW: Pelclzanen, KapusTa, AssisTanT Bandleader. and Snyder. be TOP ROW: Hale, Berggren, Hayward, Wessels and Mills. FRONT ROW: Palmer, LiegeoT, Beechler, Scribe: Dean and Boyce. CAROLERS The Carollers are a choral group oT Ten selecTed men and women who Travel ThroughouT The sTaTe To per- Torm Tor various organizaTions. WiTh a varied program oT Tollc song arrangemenTs and modern choral liTeraTure, Their annual schedule indicaTes Their populariTy. WE HAVE MUSIC TOP ROW: A. Chappelle, Flynn, Sumoslri, Woroniclx, Keefe and Arace. SECOND ROW: Samsel, Mon'I'eTalco, Webb, Faryniarz, Andreini, Krys+o'f and ChrisTopher. FRONT ROW: Maiorana, GeTlein, Social Chairman: Caravaggio, PresiclenTg Dolan, Advisor: Maher, Direcforg F. Chappelle, Treasurer, and Laime. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS CHORISTERS This is a group oT TorTy sTudenT, TaculTy, and com- muniTy members who are inTeresTed in proper liTurgical music Tor Roman CaTholic services. ThroughouT The year a number oT picnics and socials as well as a concerT are planned. HUSKY BAND The l-luslcy Band membership is drawn Trom The per- sonnel oT all The oTher UniversiTy Bands. lTs purpose is To provide halT-Time enTerTainmenT and music aT TooTball games. lTs gridiron pageanTs wiTh cenTral Themes rang- ing Trom hisTorical panoramas To zesTTul saTires on con- Temporary subiecTs were Tamous ThroughouT The EasT and became The yardsTiclc oT excellence by which oThers were compared. This scene Trom "The Silver Coral" TeaTures, from leTT To righT, Jan RoberTs, Jack Sullivan, Virginia Copes, DoroThy Silver, John EllioTT and FaiTh van SlingerlandT. IT was direcTed by Cecil E. Hinkel. DRAMA AlThough courses in speech and drama had been oTTered by The UniversiTy Tor many years, a separaTe DeparTmenT oT Speech and Drama was creaTed in The Fall oT I949. WiTh The Tine cooperaTion oT The admin- isTraTion, The deparTmenT has grown considerably in The pasT Two years and now oTTers courses in The Tollowing Tields: lnTroducTion To The TheaTre, FundamenTals oT Speech, Advanced Public Spealcing, Oral lnTerpreTaTion, Voice and Speech ProducTion, ArgumenTaTion, Discus- sion, AcTing, FundamenTals oT TheaTre PracTice, Play Pro- ducTion, lnTroducTion To Radio, and Radio WriTing. The drama program oT The deparTmenT Tor The pasT Two seasons has included "Arsenic and Old Lace," by Joseph Kesselring, "John Loves Mary," by Norman Krasnap "The Silver Cord," by Sidney l-lowardg "Born YesTerday," by Garson Kanin: "The Circle," by Somer- seT Maugham, and "The Glass Menagerie," by Tennessee Williams. Several evenings oT one acT plays have been presenTed along wiTh sTudenT originals. Over one hun- dred and TwenTy-Tive sTudenTs have been Taken on sponsored Trips To New York To see several proTessional producTions, and The deparTmenT has sponsored a series oT movies based on Tamous plays. The Torensic acTiviTy oT The deparTmenT has been ex- panded This season To include over one hundred TwenTy- Tive inTercollegiaTe debaTes wiTh TwenTy-Tive sTudenTs Tak- ing parT. TwenTy-Three colleges Trom New York and New England aTTended The DisTricT Vlll division oT The naTional TournamenT held on This campus in early March. An imporTanT addiTion To The deparTmenT This year was The esTablishing oT a speech and hearing clinic To assisT sTudenTs oT The universiTy wirh Their problems oT This naTure. The response has been so greaT ThaT The clinic has been Tilled To overTlowing Trom The beginning. Orrin Silverberg fl1rea+ens Virginia Copes as Duke Orclanslcy loolcs on in a scene .from Somerser Maugl'1am's "The Circle" under +he direcfion of Doro+l1y Silver. Joseph Chailclin and Wilma Ralwilcka play flie fire escape scene from "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. Garson Kannin's "Born Yes+erday" 'fea+ured Bernard Rosen and Reuben Silver in characfer parfs and Fern Arnold and Jack Sullivan as 1'l'ie iuvenile leacls. WORSHIP AND CANTERBURY CLUB The CanTerbury Cuo is an organizaTion Tor all Episcopal sTudenTs on The campus. The aim oT The club is To promoTe undersTanding and Triendship among Episcopal sTudenTs. Each monTh The club publishes a newspaper, "The CanTerbury Tales." TOP ROW: Perkins, CarTer, Crouchley and Ferris. FRONT ROW: Richardson, PisTey, Vice Presidenh Rev. EasTman, Hanlon, Secre- Tary, and Mr. Williams, Advisor. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The ChrisTian Science OrganizaTion holds weekly religious services Tor all Those inTeresTed in ChrisTian Science. The group is sTilI very new, buT in The TuTure iT hopes To be able To parTicipaTe in oTher acTiviTies aside Trom iTs weekly meeTings. TOP ROW: Munson, STarreTT, Parrs and Guioslxy. FRONT ROW: Mrs. LersT, Advisor: Germain, Secrefary-Treasurer: O'Brien, Presi- den'I', and BarTman. HILLEL FOUNDATION The B'nai B'riTh Hillel FoundaTion has as iTs purpose The TosTering of a program oT religious, culTuraI, and social acTiviTies, primarily among Jewish sTudenTs1 inTer- TaiTh work wiTh The oTher sTudenT religious organizaTions: and The uniTying of The Jewish sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy. Rabbi Shalom Eisenbach is The DirecTor. TOP ROW: Einbinder, Roesberg, Sadinsky, M.: Sperling, Sadin- slcy, E.: Cohen, Bass, Cramer and Liebman. FRONT ROW: Kaplin, Snow, Shrebnik, M.: Cohen, M., President Komisar, Shirwindf, Frosh, Corresponding SecreTaryg Donner and Brenner, Recording SecreTary. INTERFAITH COUNCIL The lnTerTaiTh Council was inauguraTed aT The Uni- versiTy To promoTe cooperaTion Through a Tellowship oT TaiThs by undersTanding The TundamenTal, personal, and social implicaTions oT each TaiTh. The council has planned iTs acTiviTies To consisT oT cooperaTive venTures oT value To all sTudenTs. TOP ROW: Burr, Chapel and Sfeiner. FRONT ROW: Cramer, Kimball, Secre'I'ary: Einbinder, President SmiTh, N. and STeiner. II2 FELLOWSHIP LUTHERAN CLUB The Lulheran Club is open lo all sludenls who are inleresled in lhe Lulheran Church. Il has organized lunds lor lhe purpose ol oblaining guesl speakers, sending a delegalion lo conlerences, making gills lo organizalions and charily endeavors ol Nalional Lulhern Sludenl Asso- cialions, and ollering spirilual guidance and lellowship lo ils members. TOP ROW: Lill and Schaal. FRONT ROW: Sherman, Rev. Scar and Franzmann. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club wilh ils membership ol over a lhousand is lhe Iargesl in lhe Nalional Newman Club Federalion. Through ils lhree-lold program ol religious, cullural, and social aclivilies il welds lhe Calholic slu- denls inlo common union and assisls lhe Universily and ils sludenls whenever possible. TOP ROW: Schloon, Callahan, Miller, M.: Miller, T.: Kuczynski, Tooher, Haas, Melollo and Tolh. THIRD ROW: Jerzylr, Casey, Longo, Faryniarz, Holl, Flynn, Lawlor, Sl. Marlin and Tomaselli. SECOND ROW: Gorman, Murphy, Blanchelle, Scripellili, Vollano, Russell, Pizarelo, Slepchiw and Monlefalco. FRONT ROW: Roche, Rullxoski, Vice Presidenl: Zikowilch, Gambaccini, Presiclenlg Rev. Giaquinlo Maiorana, Donahue, Treasurer: Laime and Caldrello. UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Universily Chrislian Associalion is a lellowship ol Chrislian sludenls who, lhrough a program ol work proiecls, sludy groups, discussions, worship and social evenls seek lo increase lheir religious knowledge, dis- cover malure Chrislian philosophy ol lile, deepen lheir spirilual resources, and relale lheir lailh lo social aclion. ZIONISTS I.Z.F.A. is lhe Zionisl group on campus which en- deavors lo losler a closer relalionship belween lhe Slale ol Israel and lhe Uniled Slales. Il is composed ol slu- denls who are inleresled in eilher going lo Israel or in learning aboul Iile lhere. TOP ROW: Shirwindl, Hirschberg, Dielz, Sperling and Joseph. FRONT ROW: Brenner, Hyman, Secrelary-Treasurer: Cohen, Presi- denl: Frosh and Donner. I I3 THE ARMY R.0.T. The Army ROTC aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT was esTablished November I, IQI6 by direcTion oT The 5ecreTary oT War. lT consisTs oT a Two years' compulsory course oT miliTary Training as a minimum Tor all physically TiT male sTudenTs, which course when enTered upon shall be a prereguisiTe Tor graduaTion. The course. during The TirsT Two academic years, required a minimum oT Three hours per weelc per academic year oT miliTary Training and insTrucTion. 5TudenTs Taking The Army ROTC Advance Courses are deTerred Trom o+her miliTary Training, are paid 3535.50 during The Two years while engaged-in Their Advance ROTC sTudies, and Turnished an oTTicer's uniTorm which becomes Their personal properTy aTTer graduaTion. Three academic C crediT hours per semesTer Tor each semesTer oT The Basic Course and Three crediT hours per semesTer oT The Advance Course are required. There are Two Types oT commissions which can be earned by Taking The Basic and Advance Courses oT Army ROTC. They are The reserve commissions Tor all sTudenTs who successTully compleTe The reguiremenTs and The regular army commissions which are granTed To selecTed sTu- denTs Trom The disTinguished miliTary graduaTes. The Army ROTC conducTs boTh lnTanTry and Ordnance Training and The sTudenTs who successTully compleTe one oT These Two courses are commissioned as Second LieuTenanTs in Their respecTive branch oT service. II4 AlThough The presenT Air Force ROTC pro- gram had iTs beginning in The Air Service in July l92O, The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT's program should be Traced baclc only To SepTember oT I946 when Three oTTicers and Three enlisTed men, The Then Army Air Forces, were assigned To sTarT The Air ROTC program under The Army ROTC which had been esTablished here many years ago. ln iTs iniTial sTages The Air ROTC oTTered only one opTion which was AdminisTraTion and Supply and The TirsT graduaTing class in IQ48 numbered seven commissions. ln I949, according To The NaTional DeTense AcT oT I9-47, The! Air ROTC became The Air Force ROTC operaTed as a separaTe deparTmenT under The ProTessor oT Air Science and TacTics. Since ThaT Time The ProTessor oT lv1iliTary Science THE AIR R. 0.T.C. and TacTics lArmyl and The ProTessor oT Air Sci- ence and TacTics lAir Forcel have operaTed wiTh co-equal sTaTus on This campus. Beginning wiTh SepTember l95l, Three op- Tions including AdminisTraTion and l.ogisTics, General Technical, and FlighT OperaTions will be oTTered by The Air Force ROTC. ln June l95I, TiTTy-Three seniors were commissioned as com- pared To The seven in I948. The maioriTy oT These Air Force Second LieuTenanTs will see acTive duTy by mid-July. The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT will Then be represenTed aT many Air Force bases in several sTaTes oT The TorTy-eighT. The AF ROTC has grown along wiTh The UniversiTy and a con- Tinued eTTorT will be expended by The sTaTF To produce highly gualiTied Air Force Reserve OTlicers. T A 'illl '11 . Z '44 fy CLUBS FOR AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The Agricullrural Council is made up of represenfa- Tives from all of The agriculTural groups on campus. This group plans agriculfural programs and assemblies. TOP ROW: Dewey, Rimbach, Schnabel, Masley and Kalandyk. FRONT ROW: Reisch, Vaill, Secre+ary-Treasurer: Mackenzie, Presi- denfg Ferrarelli, Vice PresidenT, and Dikovsky. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Formerly known as The "ElecTrical Club of STorrs," The Amafeur Radio Club was reacTivaTed in I946, and merged wiTh The ForT Trumbull Club in I949. Member- ship is unlimiTed, and iT is The aim of This organizafion To fosTer informaTive acTiviTies in The field of AmaTeur Radio. TOP ROW: BabbiTT, Cavallo, MarTinean, King and Grohe. FRONT ROW: Cole, Leiper, Vice Presiden-Ig Cohen, M., Presidenh Edwards, Treasurer, and Redford. AIR WING SPONSORS The Wing Sponsors, a proud new organizafion here aT ConnecTicuT has already gainedi favorable recogniTion. ITS purpose is To fosTer inTeresT in The AF ROTC wiTh which iT collaboraTes in many acTiviTies. One of The maior accomplishmenfs of The group up To now has been The organizaTion of a womans' drill uniT, and many plans have been made for expanding The Wing Sponsors in The nexT few years. TOP ROW: Marfinez, Frank, KinsHer, FlaherTy, Swanson and Aubin. SECOND ROW: CapTain Black, Riso, Beck, Duffy, Webs'I'er, Rogal- sky and LT. Reid. FRONT ROW: EaTon, Balen'I'ine, Maior Oglee, LieuT. Col. Cousins, Honorary Colonel Pharris, Basse and LieuT. Col. MernsTein. ARCHERY CLUB The Archery Club is open To all inTeresTed persons. lTs aims are To fosTer an inTeresT in archery, develop a professional aTTiTude, and build a group uniTy among archers. This year The club sponsored an archery clinic for all inTeresTed insTrucTors in ConnecTicuT. TOP ROW: Grenon, Gallup and Peierson. FRONT ROW: Schorr, Treasurer: Reardon and Presideni' Young. II6 EVERYONE ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air SocieTy was Tormed on The Con- necTicuT campus in The spring oT l95O. IT is composed oT members oT The advanced Air Force ROTC program. The aim oT The Arnold SocieTy is To help accomplish The mission oT The Air Force, aid The Air ScouT program, and To recruiT Tor The ROTC program. TOP ROW: Jezylc, PeTerson, Sewarf, Plonowslri, Lake, Spencer, Thompson, Ladd, Lindgren, Erilrson, Johl and Chembrovich. THIRD ROW: Kiernan, CroTuTT, WhiTeTord, Horochivslcy, Trapp, Vogus, Jaworslri, Moody, Tuba, Segala, McLeod, Kricelc and Anderson. SECOND ROW: Bailey, Cohen, Collins, Happy, Elpi, Toombs, Grella, Blye, Schlein, Dorsi, Sullivan, MignauT, Vigra, Jolie and Hahn. FRONT ROW: MeriTT, DeCarIo, Wasniewski, SecreTary: D'AddeTTa, President IsT LieuT. Claiborne: CapT. Miller: LieuT. Col. Reid: CapT. Thuma: Cap+. Black: LieuT. Wright O'ConneI, Vice President Carlson, Treasurer: and Soda. A. S. A. E. The Branch promoTes The inTeresTs oT The sTudenT in Agriculrural Engineering by sTudenT discussion, presen- TaTion oT spealcers, educaTional Trips, and social acTiviTies. AgriculTural Engineering maiors may become sTudenT members oT The parenT socieTy and. are eligible To aTTend naTional convenTions. TOP ROW: Bonduranf, Advisor: VaiII, WhiTaIcer, Advisor: RoberT- son and Yale. SECOND ROW: Harasymczulr, Drobney, Morris, Cornish, WaiTes and Gifford. FIRST ROW: Hansen, Treasurer: Cole, C., Vice President Jacquier, President PaTTerson, Secre+ary: Horochivslry and Ebel. A. S. C. E. Open To any iunior or senior civil engineering sTu- denT, The sTudenT chapTer oT A.S.C.E. provides iTs mem- bers wirh an opporTuniTy To become beTTer acguainTed and To TosTer a spiriT oT Tellowship. In addiTion, A.S.C.E. brings To aTTenTion currenT Topics oT inTeresT Through lecTures, movies ,and Tield Trips To nearby civil engineer- ing proiecTs. TOP ROW: LenT, Lupino, HurIbuTT and GiansanTe. SECOND ROW: Lizzi, RoTherTorTh, Courneen, Sullivan, D.: Horochiuslcy and Demio. FRONT ROW: Kaminslci, Paull, Loiselle, President Zawodnialc, Vice President PicIrhardT, SecreTary: and Lepor+. A. I. E. E. The AIEE and InsTiTuTe oT Radio Engineers are pro- Tessional socieTies uniTed aT The sTudenT level Tor The common purposes oT sTimulaTing scholarship, promoTing sTudenT-TaculTy relaTions and creaTing a proTessional aTmosphere among undergraduaTe engineers. The socieTy serves also as a liasion beTween graduaTe engineers and sTudenTs. TOP ROW: BeaTrice, Cohen, M.: Bailey and Sheldon. FRONT ROW: Bolus, OdermaTT, Vice President Bosco, President and Shinn, SecreTary. II7 m0E"'0 A. S. M. E. The A.S.lVl.E. was organized on campus in I94l. lTs calendar consisTs oT Tield Trips, speakers, conTesTs, bangueTs, and The naTional convenTion. The sTudenT branch TuncTions To broaden The sTudenT's acquainTance wiTh mechanical engineering, and To keep him inTormed abouT engineering progress. TOP ROW: Wagman, Duncan, Gonda, PiTkin, Bourquin, Schmidt Presbie, Borsari, McLeod, Higgins, R.: and Nichols. SECOND ROW: Thoren, Dupuis, SouThall, Dembiczak, Augusfauskas, Gessner, Savina, Carboni, Glueck and Tobias. FRONT ROW: Rosa, A.: Fifzgerald, Gonda, Scoville, SecreTary: Cornwell, Chairman: Tobey, Refalliclc, Vice Chairman: Carfona, Treasurer: Smifh, C.: and Porzio. BANKIVA CLUB The purpose oT The Bankiva Club is To promoTe inTeresT among The sTudenTs in poulTry husbandry by sponsoring educaTional and social acTiviTies. OuTsTanding men in The various Tields oT The poulTry indusTry are in- viTed To speak aT many oT The meeTings. TOP ROW: BenedicT, Warnock, Carlson, Brown, R.: Siegal, Burr and EaTon.FRONT ROW: Mr. Talmadge, Wilcox, Dikovsky, Mr. Ryan, Vansak, Kaczynski and Farrar. BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club was reorganized in The Tall oT l947 wiTh The obiecT oT bringing abouT a beTTer social and educaTional program Tor iTs members and The UniversiTy. The club sponsors well known speakers and conducTs meeTings aT which sTudenTs and TaculTy discuss currenT biological problems. TOP ROW: Drager, Talbof, Florio, Szymanski and PeTers. FRONT ROW: Karlsen, McCann, Reuben, Dembiczak, Lucibello ancl TeTreaulT. BLOCK AND BRIDLE The Block and Bridle Club, a chapTer oT The NaTional Block and Bridle Club, is composed oT sTudenTs inTeresTed in animal husbandry. ITS Two maior proiecTs are The LivesTock Show in The Tall and The Horse Show, held in coniuncTion wiTh The Junior Weekend, in The spring. This year marked The l9Th annual Horse Show given aT The UniversiTy. TOP ROW: Grabber, Padula, Warren, Rimbach, FavreTTi, STeiner and DeLuza. FRONT ROW: Hendrickson, O'Hare, Treasurer: Johnson, Presidenf: ChrisTian, Advisor: MacKenzie, Vice Presidenh Dunne, SecreTaryg and Wollenberg. Il8 "C" CLUB The "C" Club is composed of varsily lellrermen whose purpose is +o Turlher Jrhe alhlelic preslige of Jrhe Universily. An annual banquel sponsored by Jrhe club and 'rhe Harllord Alumni is held for prospeclive alhleles from Throughoul The slale. The club also conducls round- Table discussions wilh inviled members of The press To Turlher The public relalions of Jrhe school. TOP ROW: Aborn, Grimm, Thompson, Spencer and Murphy. FRONT ROW: Kukulka, Good, Sobieski, Presidenfg Rosa, Cass and Miller. CHEERLEADERS The purpose of Jrhe organizalion is To promole Universily spiril, lo be represenlalive of Jrhe sludenl body al away-games, Jro conducl organized cheering, and ro organize sfudenl enrhusiasm perlraining To alhlelic evenls. STANDING: Jack, Craig, Young, S+einer, Scoran and Sfepchiw. KNEELING: Grenon, Pully, Bone, Chase, How, and Jonafhan lV, Husky Mascot CHESS CLUB The Chess Club has been organized since I948. Meelings are informal, and consisi mainly of playing chess wilh The emphasis on improving one's game. The club is a member of The Conneclicur Chess League. Slale and worldwide chess evenls are noled. TOP ROW: Suraci, Wagner, MciCarroll and Cass. FRONT ROW: Kaminslri, Dr. Sfahl, Gallagher, Presidenh and Chesson. COMMAND SQUADRON TOP ROW: Garin, Fusaro, BaRoss, Kish, Fafer, S+epchiw and Galin. SECOND ROW: Benson, Hufchinson, Mar+in, Tanner, Dunnebier, Alperi' and Kapusfa. FRONT ROW: Bu++, Reynolds, Confor+i, Hanson, Capf. Black, O'Neill, T.: Nixon, Biagioni and Bunn. II9 W , rg 50 C STUDENT LEGISLATURE The "Mock" LegislaTure members meeT wiTh repre- senTaTives Trom sevenTeen oTher colleges in ConnecTicuT To hold an annual 2-day session aT The STaTe CapiTol. This TuncTions as a pracTical Iaborafory in governmenT. STudenTs are selecTed on The basis oT experience, exTra- curricular acTiviTies, and inTeresT. TOP ROW: STeiner, Burnham, Rogers, Krawiec, Hari' and DeIDeb- bio. FRONT ROW: Cohen, N.: Gordon, IsbisTer, Chapin, Execu- Tive Council: EpsTein, SecreTary: Oxman, ExecuTive Council: and Lucas. DAIRY CLUB The Diary Club is open To anyone inTeresTed in dairying, and meeTings TeaTure prominenT speakers Trom The dairy indusTry. Principal evenTs sponsored by The group are The annual BreakTasT, in honor oT Two ouT- sTanding ConnecTicuT dairymen, and The Dairy Show, a TiTTing and showing conTesT. TOP ROW: Lucas, Larson, Vaill, Schnabel, Fehrenbach, Lesh, Ober, Perham and Cushman. SECOND ROW: Marland, Advisor: Norman, Robbins, Bunnell, Dewey, FrosT, Bemis, Russell, Noonan and Hick- cox. FRONT ROW: Deluza, Mason, Burr, Recording SecreTary: GeIsTon, Corresponding Secrefary: ChrisTie, PresidenT: Hall, Vice PresidenT: KempTon, BenedicT and Hayes. DEBATE SOCIETY The DebaTe SocieTy underTook The heaviesT program iT has ever had wiTh Ten Trips oT weekend TournamenTs and TwenTy single inTercollegiaTe meeTs Tor more Than IOO debaTes againsT easTern schools. NoTable vicTories were over N.Y.U., SmiTh, Brooklyn, C5eorgeTown, Rhode Island, BosTon UniversiTy and IvI.I.T. TOP ROW: Lamb, AssisTanT Coach: Mills, Oxman and Newman, Coach. SECOND ROW: Chambers, Dolsen, Savage, ATIcins and Jones. FRONT ROW: LuT'T, SecreTary: IsbisTer, Chapman, Presi- denT: Osman, Treasurer: Phillips, Vice PresidenT: and O'ConneII. EDUCATION CLUB The EducaTion Cluo is a social-proTessional organiza- Tion serving The inTeresTs oT sTudenTs in educaTion and reIaTed Tields. IT is sTudenT conTrolled and direcTed, and includes in iTs program social acTiviTies, picnics, and speakers. TOP ROW: Duffy and Jensen. FRONT ROW: Parakilas, Fischer and Hollenbeck. I2O FIRE DEPARTMENT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT Fire DeparTmenT con- sisTs oT Ten paid men, an assisTanT chieT, a chief, and ThirTy sTudenT volunTeers. The deparTmenT has head- quarTers locaTed in The SecuriTy Building. IT drills regu- larly wiTh iTs Two engines and is always ready To be oT service when called. Cummings, Chief: Corcoran, Nemec, Kellogg, STeiner, Smifh, Mi'l'chell, STuarT, Hawkins, Snyder and Edman. FORESTRY CLUB The ForesTry Club is open To anyone inTeresTed in ToresTry and wildliTe. GuesT speakers on Topics perTinenT To The special inTeresTs oT The group are presenTed aT meeTings. The club publishes iTs own iournal, "The Con- necTicuT Caliper", TeaTuring acTiviTies oT The organiza- Tion. Each spring and Tall a Trip is Taken To places oT inTeresT. TOP ROW: Wyman, Haalck, Kienholz, Anderson, M.: BampTon and McCamey. FRONT ROW: Jones, Campbell, Klein, President Ferrarelli, Treasurer: Terrill and Goodrich. GEOLOGY CLUB Any sTudenTs or TaculTy inTeresTed in geology and geography or allied subiecTs may belong To The Geology Club. An inTormal group, The club sponsors several lec- Tures and Tield conferences every year such as The New York STaTe Geological AssociaTion Comference in The spring and The New England lnTercollegiaTe Field Con- Terence in The Tall. TOP ROW: Igmanson, Tolozko, Collier and Minarovich. SECOND ROW: Rosenshein, McLaughlin, Lamson, DelMauro and Abelson. FRONT ROW: Plummer, Pazdziora, Underwood, Dolsen, Sanders and Nelson. GERMAN CLUB The German Club was Tounded To give sTudenTs a supplemenTary knowledge oT The language and cusToms oT Germany. Through lecTures, singing, and moTion pic- Tures, iT has endeavored To bring abouT a greaTer under- sTanding oT German liTe and culTure. TOP ROW: Kozaryn, Sparks and Simko. FRONT ROW: HuTschmidT, Nelson, Franklin and GailiuTe. I2I Cs- ,.. I 0 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The I-lome Economics Club aims To develop among iTs members a professional spiriT Towards T-lome Eco- nomics and iTs program of work. Among The acTiviTies sponsored by The club are a recepTion for new sTudenTs and TaculTy, a sale of T.B. seals, and The Ellen I-I. Richards BangueT. TOP ROW: Loomis, Wunsch, Gaylord and Oliver. SECOND ROW: Flodin, Burns, LuTher, Hasko and Vosburgh. FRONT ROW: Van OversTraeTen, Mann, HisTorian: Symmes, PresidenT: Schlosser, YaTes ancl Yenowich. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The lnTernaTional ReIaTions Club, sponsored by The Carnegie EndowmenT for World Peace, affords all sTu- denTs inTeresTed in The world of Today, an opporTuniTy To invesTigaTe Topics of special inTeresT in This field. During I95O-5I I.R.C. sponsored naTionally known speak- ers such as Owen LaTTimore, sTudenT-TaculTy debaTes, panel discussions, and The Fall Conference of InTernaTional Relafions Clubs from all easTern universiTies and colleges. TOP ROW: LevensTein, Burnham, Grogins and Oxman. FRONT ROW: Beck, Advisor, Heller, NekriTz, Treasurer, HarT, President Phillips and Ifediora. MANSFIELD GRANGE NO. 64 The Grange was organized March Il, I887, and is The only agriculTural fraTerniTy in The world. IT is open To all men and women I4 years old and over wifh an inTeresT in agriculTure and The beTTermenT of mankind. STudenTs of The UniversiTy who are members of oTher subordinaTe Oranges are welcomed To Mansfield Grange 364, and are enTiTled Td all membership privileges as are Those who join This group while aTTending college. MARKETING CLUB The UniversiTy of ConnecTicuT MarkeTing Club is a sTudenT chapTer of The American MarkeTing AssociaTion. All sTudenTs of The Universify inTeresTed in markeTing are eligible for membership. The purpose of The American MarkeTing AssociaTion is To TosTer scienTific sTudy and research in This field. I22 MATHEMATICS CLUB The MaThemaTics Club was organized To sTimulaTe inTeresT in maThemaTics on The undergraduaTe level and To inTroduce sTudenTs To special Topics ThaT are noT em- phasized in courses in maThemaTics. ln The pasT, iT has broughT well-known speakers To The campus. TOP ROW: BiTel, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Powers, Vice President Abroma'I'is, Presidenh and Copp, SecreTary. N. A. A. C. P. The NAACP, open To people oT every race, creed, or color, works Tor The aTTainmenT oT civil righTs Tor all. On campus, iTs main purpose is educaTional. This year iT has sponsored lecTures on many aspecTs oT prediudice. TOP ROW: Cohen, F.: Sherman, Long, Fenyves and Ryan. FRONT ROW: SchwarTz, Green, Treasurer, PalmaTier, Vice PresidenT: Wilson and Cohen, M. OFFICERS' CLUB The OTTicer's Club provides a social ouTleT Tor iTs members. IT promoTes good Tellowship, qualiTies oT leadership, and espriT de corps among The cadeT oTTicers. Each year The club sponsors The R.O.T.C. MiliTary Ball. TOP ROW: O'Connell, Franzmann, Schlesinger, FinnerTy, Sadinsky, Duyser, Beach, LiTke, FraT'raroli and MacGuire. FOURTH ROW: TaIbo+, Gillies, Kaczynski, Dudley, Sfevenson, Yovan, Arpaia, Rodgers, Androphy, Hines, NorTon, Mucalby, STavniTzky and Thompson. THIRD ROW: GusTaTson, Lessen, McNeil, Blinco, Risch, Spencer, Brown ,Anderson, Noble, Turner, Cass, Edwards, Nelson and Plonowski. SECOND ROW: Sfingle, Marens, Medbury, Cham- berlain, Yacek, Nelson, Vice PresidenT: Nichols, President Aronson, SecreTary: Almond, Campbell, Wiard, FosTer, Zaleski and Brodigan. FRONT ROW: Burgess, PaTella, AlperT, Dombrowski, Keeler, Was- niewski, Gonda, Garfinkel, M., Smifh, Sheldon, Leone, Asaoka and Garfinkel, L. ' OUTING CLUB The OuTing Club was Tounded Tor The promoTion oi inTormal ouTdoor recreaTion including hiking, riding, camping, canoeing, and skiing, and The encouragemenT oT an appreciaTion oT naTure's beauTy. TOP ROW: ViT'I'ing, Law, Forbes, fPaTTen, BieleTield, Rausseck, Anderson, A.: and Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Cook, PeTrillo, Phillips, Andresen, Wrigh'I', Mooney, MaThisen, GilleTTe and Pick- hardT. FRONT ROW: WhiTe, lfediora, Dux, Fellows, Recording Secrefaryg Gold, Presidenh Crocker, Treasurer: Killian, Correspond- ing Secrefaryg Miller and ScripelliTi. I23 Wit. WI?" PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS' CLUB The P. E. Ivlaior's Club sTrives To develop a proTes- sional aTTiTude, uniTy, and TurTherance oT individual ideals among The sTudenT maiors in physical educaTion. This is accomplished by aTTending proTessional meeTings and clinics, having social and business meeTings, and working on beneTicial proiecTs. TOP ROW: Nuccio, Kaszas and Milardo. FRONT ROW: Giordano, President Shaughnessy, Grimshaw, Vice President and Sokol. PHYSICS CLUB The Physics Club gives The sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To see science aT worlc serving The public. IT has broughT many inTeresTing and imporTanT speakers To The campus where They may be heard by all who are inTeresTed. TOP ROW: HuTchings, Grillo, AugusTin, GeImeTTi, President Whifehouse and Tumicki. FRONT ROW: Boucher, R.: Boucher, Q.: Mason, Secrelraryg Supina, Vice President Graham, Treasurer: Lee and CapuTo. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club is an organizaTion Tor psychol- ogy maiors and all oThers inTeresTed in delving inTo The inTricasies oT man's True naTure. ITs programs have Tea- Tured Timely addresses by local and visiTing speakers, in- sTrucTive movies, and an occasional Tield Trip. TOP ROW: Giordana, LeiTTon and GilleTTe. FRONT ROW: Gordon, BenneH', President and KenworTh. RADCLIFFE HICKS SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION This associaTion is a medium Through which The members oT The RaTcliTTe Hiclcs School may gain a voice in sTudenT aTTairs oT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT and TosTer Tavorably publiciTy boTh on and oTT The campus. TOP ROW: Cushman, Ober, Moore, Fehrenbach, Erikssor, CiTTa, Lesh and KempTon. SECOND ROW: Hiclncox, Russell, Brow, Lowell, Perhain, Wersauclcas and Kalandylc. FRONT ROW: Downs, Ericson, Schnabel, Johnson, President Wal+ers, Miller and Marson. I24 REGISTERED NURSES' CLUB The RegisTered Nurse's Club is an organizaTion for The regisTered nurses on campus, iTs purpose being To provide These nurses wiTh a program of social acTiviTies and educaTional meeTings on professional subiecTs. TOP ROW: Croke, Griffin and Chodacz. FRONT ROW: Nesbif, Keezer, Childs and Tofil. ROUND TABLE The Round Table, a Tormal discussion group Tounded by The Druids in I939, meeTs monThly To discuss Topics dealing wiTh social and inTeIlecTuaI maTTers. The purpose of This group is To sTimulaTe sTudenT inTeresT in world affairs. TOP ROW: Pickhardf. FRONT ROW: Russel, Zimmer, President ancI Demongeof. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The SocieTy for The AdvancemenT of ManagemenT is a recognized naTional proTessionaI socieTy drawing To- geTher people in indusTry, commerce, government and educaTion. The discussions and acTiviTies of The sTudenT chapTers encourage and sTimuIaTe inTeresT and under- sTanding of The social and economic impIicaTions of sci- enTific principles of managemenT. TOP ROW: Peferson, Veal, Cornelio, Hayward, Samuels and Johnson. FRONT ROW: BarreTT, Freeman, Vice Presidenh Davis, Presidenfg Schmaling, Secrefaryg Weifemburg and Zorn. SKI CLUB . The U-Conn Ski Club is organized To band TogeTher all Those inTeresTed in The promoTion of good safe skiing. The club gaThers inTormaTion perTaining To The sporT, shows movies iIlusTraTing The basic Techniques of racing and slolam, and offers insTrucTion To boTh beginners and more advanced skiers. TOP ROW: Badalian, Rufz, Wolff, Berfz and Savva. FRONT ROW: DeVries, Munson, Treasurer: I'IoyT, PresicIenT: Hafhway, Vice Presi- denfg Burr, Secre+aryg and Glass. I25 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, designed To Tamiliarize Spanish sTudenTs wiTh The culTures oT Spanish speaking counTries, presenTs exhibiTions oT naTive cusToms and dances, speak- ers, a monThly publicaTion, "STorrs-I-lispanico", a pro- gram on WI-IUS, movies, and a Pan-American Day cele- braTion. TOP ROW: CapuTo, Wolfe and Ferris. FRONT ROW: Couch, Advisor: Zoccolillo, 'EdiTorg Gershman, PresicIenT, and Marcus, Treasurer. - STUDENT COUNSELORS The STudenT Counselors are a group oT junior women wiTh above average scholarship, leadership, and sTabiliTy who serve as sTudenT advisors To The Treshmen and TransTer women. Their purpose is To aid The new women sTudenTs in Their adiusTmenT To college liTe aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT. TOP ROW: Brabec, Sundvall, Van OversTraeTon, Ford, Wolfe and Robinson. SECOND ROW: Frank, Nixon, Buecher, Oliver, Jones, J., and PoTTer. FRONT ROW: Yenowich, LuTher, Foisy, Nelson, Chairman: Lurix, PeTerson and Grenon. UNIVERSITY 4-H The UniversiTy 4-I-I Club Tries To creaTe good Tellow- ship and a desire Tor leadership among Those sTudenTs inTeresTed in rural youTh. During The year The club spon- sors square dances Tor The campus, and Tor iTs members iT provides educaTional Talks, box socials, hayrides, husk- ing bees, and skaTing parTies. Presideni- ...... ..... G elsTon SecreTary .... ..... S chlosser Vice PresicIenT .... Vaill Treasurer .... Mackensie WHITE CAPS WhiTe Caps, The sTudenT nursing organizaTion oT The UniversiTy, was esTablished To promoTe The growTh oT The School oT Nursing, To promoTe inTeresT in The School oT Nursing, and To increase Triendliness and cooperaTion among iTs members. TOP ROW: SmiTh, B.: Swedburg, Merrill, Cadwell, Haburay, Feld, Gross, Walford. SECOND ROW: Hansen, Rosenzweig, PlaT'I', Bald- win, SmiTh, L.: Hayes, Harris, Clawson. FRONT ROW: MaTheson, Kaufman, Perkins, Lill, Treasurer: Brookes, President Supko, Secre- Taryg Willoughby, Haclden, Van Wormer. I26 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's AThIeTic AssociaTion is The governing body oT all women's aThleTics aT The UniversiTy, and is comprised oT a represenTaTive Trom each women's housing uniT and each sporT club. These members decide inTra- mural policies, awards, and playdays Tor The sporT clubs. TOP ROW: Clark, Oglee, Florio and Berforelli. FRONT ROW: Golden, Mohr, Vice President Miller, Corresponding Secrefary, and Reardon. WOIv1EN'S VARSITY CLUB The Women's VarsiTy Club is composed oT Those women who have won aT IeasT Two maior aThleTic awards. This year The club sponsored a playday Tor nineTy high school sTudenTs, Three co-ed sporTs nighTs Tor all univer- siTy sTudenTs, and assumed hosTess responsibiliTies Tor all visiTing women's sporT Teams. TOP ROW: Golden, Fellows, Wolfe and Mohr. FRONT ROW: BerToreIIi, Clark, Treasurer: Miller, PresidenT, and Grenon. YOUNG DEMOCRATS The purpose oT This organizaTion is To sTimulaTe in The sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT an acTive inTeresT in governmenTal aTTairs, To provide a Training ground Tor maTure poliTical acTiviTies, and To perpeTuaTe The ideals oT The DemocraTic parTy. TOP ROW: LevensTein, Bannan, Hugo, Kuczynsk, Willard and Websfer. SECOND ROW: Flefcher, Tooher, Trail, O'Donohue, Pasiecznike, Ziedenberg and Hook. FRONT ROW: Kelly, CeTTa, Russell, Vice PresidenTg Ward, Presidenh Chou and FavreTTi. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The Young G.O.P. was organized This pasT Tall, and wiTh The emphasis on elecTions, iT sponsored an open meeTing on policy wiTh prominenT sTaTe parTy members as speakers. AT The regular meeTings Talks were given on club acTiviTies and small Town TuncTions by local parTy members. TOP ROW: HoIT, ATkinson, Duyser, Treasurer, and Miner. FRONT ROW: Phillips, SecreTaryg Trail, Jerzyk, Vice PresidenT, and Fors- lund. I27 sis -Ngl ' x i I Q wigs. 3 'firib I -W I - , ,:3s,fe,s. 'QI .2454 1 ' xZ,:3:+"4 rf" , ' ,L 115. ,W , x :za . X r I UCONN YUKON AVIATION CLUB The Yulcon Avialion Club is designed for all sludenls, flyers and non-flyers, inieresled in avialion. ln addiiion Io rouline meeiings, members enjoy informal cross- counlry Iliglils, ground sclmool, and fliglwl inslruclion al moderale cosi. TOP ROW: Richfer, Reeve, Morgan and Veronneau. FRONT ROW: DeCoursey, Laffingwell, Vice Presidenfg McNicl:le, President Kwochlra and Bradyp APHA TOP ROW: Reinch, Zeldis, McGuire, Berman, Cardelle, Kaufman, Lohse, Sullivan, Honinberg, DeFeo and Cuff. THIRD ROW: Can- nafa, Solomini, Cybul, Boocl, Sneidman, Salovifz, Kile, Scolnilr, Kevorlrian, Krawzalc and CaroIenu+o. SECOND ROW: Sla'I'er, Din- ners+ein, Lupariello, Treasurer: Sharelr, Vice President Fineberg, Presidenh Ma'Iyi, Secrefaryg Wunch, Hubbelbanl: and Choque'I"I'e. FRONT ROW: Ellrin, Massaro, Leone, Gershman, Burgess, Rossi and Summers. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Wunsch, Doyle, Trcha and Kervorlrian. FRONT ROW: Bovienzo, Elkin, Vice Presidenh Cardelle, Presidenf, and Sla'I'er. BASKETBALL TEAM TOP ROW: Whiie, Coach Burfon, Gafes, Reufer, Lohse, Berman, Manager: Cosiello, Beardoin and Smifh, R. FRONT ROW: Vigli- anI'e, Marfin, Cardelle, Burgess, Capfain Wyrebeck, Moran and Doyle. I28 PHARMACY BECK PHARMACY CLUB TOP ROW: Zeldis, Giflifz, Klieman, Brooks, Kaofman, Zuboff, Wrobel ancl Ellcincl. SECOND ROW: Gershman, Sacks, Scolniclc, Leflcowifz, Sneidman, Lerner, Feinberg and Roslrer. FRONT ROW: Berman, Reufer, Selfzer, Salovifz, Rosen, Weinberg and Honigberg. CLASS OFFICERS TOP ROW: Caslello, Treasurer, ancl Ruppa, Secrelary. FRONT ROW: Blalcmer, Vice Presidenlg O'Brien, J., President and Dr. Schwaisfing, Advisor. GOLF TEAM TOP ROW: Leone, Blaclcmen, Meerbach, Belinslcy and Cosfello. FRONT ROW: Kevorlcian, CanaHa, Bovienzo, Cardelle, Cap+ain: Rossi, Manager, and Collins. KAPPA PSI TOP ROW: Runsch, Rappa, Coculas, Willer, Flynn, Arzo- li1'is, Moran, Sullivan, Kam and Berganiino. THIRD ROW: Cannafa, D'Ama+o, Reilly, Vegilan+i, Bovienzo, Cosfello, Smi'rl1, R., Collins, D'Alessio, Lancia, Leone. SECOND ROW: Dr. Johnson, O'Brien, Fiocchi, McGuire, Carclelle, Meschke, Mermigos, Massaro ancl Professor Fenney. FRONT ROW: Ferriolo, Rossi, O'Toole, Gresh, Kelleher, Solimmi and Kevorlcian. I29 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA TOP ROW: Clark, Caro+enu+o, Plalzelc, Pully, Hurowifz, Perzanow- slri, Geralz and Volpe. SECOND ROW: Delmonaco, Lupariello, Tes+o, Bood, Moran, Trelra, Saley, Hubelbanlr and Villano. FRONT ROW: Cl1oqueHe, Wunsch, Nemser, Murphy, Cybul, Slafer, Krawczylr, Mafyi and Dinersiein. MORTAR AND PESTLE SOCIETY TOP ROW: Burgess, Gershman, Rappa, Carclelle, Berman, Sullivan and Berganfino. SECOND ROW: While, Clnoquerre, Kevorkian, Massaro, Fineberg, Dinersfein and Maryi. FRONT ROW: Dr. Slcaun, McGuire, Treasurer: Leone, Vice President Cannara, President Lupariello, Secretary: O'Brien and Scl1war+ing, Facul+y Advisor. PHARMA CONN TOP ROW: Meschke, Kleinman, Rappa, Salovirz, Berman ancl Cuff. SECOND ROW: Hubelbanlx, Pulley, Tes+o, Cybul, Geralx and Lupariello. FRONT ROW: Wunsch, Elkin, Ma+yi, Sullivan, Co- ediforg Massaro, Dinerslein and Rappa. PHI DELTA CHI TOP ROW: Doyle, CI1avI-and, Murowslxi, LosI1e, Meerbaclw, Russell and DeFeo. THIRD ROW: PicIxe'H, Too+I1iII, Feu+enauer, Kile, Mes- sina, Mulvey and Burgess. SECOND ROW: Gafes, Foras+ieve, Wyrebelr, Eglin, Blaclcmer, Cuff, Mar+in, Lesnilrowslci and SI'l6V6k. FRONT ROW: O'Connor, Levesque, Palmer, Minopoli and Hein. Rl-no PI PHI TOP ROW: Belinslzy, Reisenberg and Friedman. FRONT ROVV: Mayer and Nachovifz. STUDENT COUNCIL TOP ROW: Roslcer, Wrubel, Sullivan and Leone. FRONT ROW: Lohse, Treasurer: O'Brien, Vice Presidenh McGuire, Presiclenig Clark, Secre+ary, and Kevorkian. PROLOGUE IT may occur To NUTMEC5 readers ThaT The SporTs SecTion is noT as deTailed as iT should be. lvIosT selT-respecTing SecTions on aThleTics con- Tain individual records, baTTing averages and a raTT oT candid shoTs showing Team members in acTion. The TruTh oT The maTTer is ThaT The orig- inal sporTs secTion Tor This year's NUTIVIEG was IosT somewhere beTween TypewriTer and Type- seTTer. A number oT inTeresTed and HeIpTuI Henrys on campus voIunTeered To piece TogeTher a somewhaT abridged buT descripTive secTion. To These lads goes our Thanks and To Them goes The crediT ThaT The I95I NUTME6 Tinally wenT To press. The EdiTors Sparked by The combinaTion oT Poison-Ivy IncorporaTed. and led by a new coach, The I95O UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT TooTbaIl Team Tackled whaT was generally considered The ToughesT schedule in The schooI's hisTory, and ended wiTh Three vicTories in eighT sTarTs. Joey BeTTencourT and Irv Panciera, a couple oT sophomores, were The combinaTion ThaT spear- headed The ConnecTicuT aTTack, while ArThur I.. Valpey, Tormer Harvard coach and UniversiTy oT Michigan IeTTerman, was The man who Took over The coach's iob. For The Third season in a row, The highlighT oT The UConn TooTbaII year popped up in The TirsT game againsT sTaTe rival Yale UniversiTy. Open- ing in The Yale Bowl beTore 30.000 Tans, The Huskies received The opening kickoTT and marched righT down The Tield only To lose The ball wiThin The Ten yard line. IT was The cIosesT The UConns came To scor- ing ThaT sunny, buT yeT bleak aTTernoon as The Elis won 25-O on briIIian+ running by Ed Senay and Bob Spears. ReTurning To Gardner Dow Field in STorrs The nexT SaTurday To meeT American InTerna- Tional College in an expecTed "breaTher", The Huskies had Their spiriTs TurTher severely damp- ened when The small IvlassachuseTTs school won, 25-I4. FOOTBALL While iT was The second loss Tor The UConns, iT was a briIIianT aTTernoon oT TooTbaII. All-New England haITback C5ayTon Salvucci puT on a one- man show ThaT accounTed Tor all Tour Touch- downs, Three oT Them on passes To Ray Lukasie- wicz. Then aT STorrs The Tollowing week, Connec- TicuT surprised a Tough Uhio Wesleyan Univer- siTy, 20-I4, Tor The TirsT win oT The season. IT was probably The besT TooTbalI The Team was To play all year. Irv Panciera whipped Three Touchdown passes, all oT Them To his TavoriTe receiver, Joey BeTTencourT. ConnecTicuT seemed ready To move under iTs new coach, and The Tollowing SaTurday UConn upseT Tough SpringTieId College, I3-I2, in SpringTieId, despiTe a I2-O SpringTieId lead in The TirsT haIT. ConnecTicuT, however, Then slipped below The .SOO mark in The Yankee ConTerence opener when The UniversiTy oT Maine, sparked by The running oT Gordy RendIeTon, came Trom behind To win, I6-7, IaTe in The game. BuT ConnecTicuT upseT NYU The Tollowing week, when in The Tinal Two minuTes oT The game, BeTTencourT snagged a pass and wiggled his way more Than 25 yards Tor a Touchdown ThaT gave The UConns The Triumph, I4-7. Then came unbeaTen New Hampshire, The scourge oT New EngIand's small college TooTbaII. ConnecTicuT scored on The WiIdcaTs in less Than Two minuTes, buT beTore The cheers subsided, Dick Dewing, The bIockbusTing New Hampshire Tullback, ripped oTT 56 yards Tor a Touchdown ThaT Tied The score 7-7. From There To The end iT was a humdinger oT a TooTbaII game wiTh New Hampshire scoring Two more Touchdowns To remain unbeaTen, 2 I-7. New Hampshire, incidenTaIIy, Tinished The season undeTeaTed. ConnecTicuT nexT Travelled To KingsTon, R. I., To Take on TradiTionaI rival Rhode Island STaTe, also under a new coach, Hal Kopp. Rhode Island hadn'T beaTen ConnecTicuT in six years, buT They did ThaT aTTernoon, I4-7. Con- necTicuT was in scoring posiTion Tive Times dur- ing The conTesT, buT scored only once. I+ pui' a sad finishing Jrouch Io Jrhe Con- neclicui Iooiball season, bul in Jrhe final analysis ir was a scrappy, sophomore-sludded squad Thai handled well a iough, eighr-game schedule. Joey Beliencourl was named Io Jrhe All- New England iooiball ieam, while Beilencourl and Co-Caplain Thad Sobieski were named io The All-Siafe small college ieam. Also meniioned on various all-slar Teams were Co-Caplain Char- lie Chrisiensen, who was injured in Jrhe Maine game: Tony Ferrigno, The pulverizing linebacker and Dom Rosa, Jrhe lilile Iullbaclc. Good 'l'ry ai Kings+on: George Hawkes ge'rs under way a'f+er receiving a pass from Irv Panciera in 'i'he l950 game agains+ Rhode Island. The big fellow in 'rhe 'Fore- ground Ioolcs like a Rhody faclcler, bu+ i+'s Ihe 'ref', of course. 4 The I950-5I Baske+baII Team: Yankee Conference Cham- pions f22 wins ouT of 25l and New England represenTaTive aT The NCAA TournamenT in Madison Square Garden. The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT blossomed inTo naTional prominence aThIeTicalIy in I95O-5I, wiTh a baskeTbaIl Team ThaT won 22 oT iTs 25 reg- ular season games, and emerged as New England represenTaTive in The NCAA TournamenT in Madison Square Garden in New York. Under guidance oT Coach I-Iugh Greer and sparked by The sharpshooTing Torward, Vin lYogil Yokabaskas, who creaTed new ConnecTicuT records every Time he scored, The I-Iuskies esTab- lished Themselves as a baskeTbalI power. The ConnecTicuT hoopsTers, compIeTely overlooked in pre-season raTings, bowled over powerhouses like BosTon College, Temple. Rhode Island, and BuTTaIo during The course oT The sea- son. IT didn'T look good aT TirsT, however. BeTore The season opened, J. Q. ChrisTian, direcTor oT a+hIe+ics, announced ThaT Burr Carlson, six-TooT- six TransTer sTudenT, would be ineligible Tor The season. Several opponenTs said They'd guesTion CarIson's eligibiliTy iT he were allowed To play. Carlson was counTed on To give The UConn Team The much-needed heighT in The cenTer sloT. BuT, Two days aTTer This announcemenT, Coach Greens charges wenT inTo acTion againsT A.I.C. A capaciTy crowd saw a knockdown, drag ouT game wiTh 65 Touls called in The poorly played conTesT. UConn Trounced The Aces 68-46. BASKETBALL A week laTer, anoTher capaciTy Throng was on hand aT The Cage when The I-Iuskies upseT highly-raTed SpringTieId College 46-44. Ernie Tvlaclzadgen, lanky ConnecTicuT cenTer, sank Tour Toul shoTs in The Tinal minuTes To provide The margin oT vicTory. Yokabaskas again led UConn scorers wiTh II poinTs. Eddie GaTes Turned in The besT deTensive play. The Huskies, Though Tar Trom polished, nexT downed TuTTs 68-59 and Brown 64-58 in shorT order, and people began To siT up and Take noTice. Bill Ebel, on a scoring spree, neTTed I9 poinTs againsT TuTTs. Ed I.ipTak garnered I5 and Wally Widholm IO. Eddie C5aTes and Vin Yoka- baslcas made The big diTTerence againsT Brown, wiTh I5 and I4 poinTs. The Bruins led nearly all The way and Bruin Tans had already enTered The game in The Ivy League win column. BuT They reckoned wiThouT Yogi. The I-Iuskies were The underdog in The nexT conTesT, againsT Yale, buT The UConn Tive sTaged a greaT demonsTraTion oT Teamwork To humble The Elis 7I-65. Yokabaskas, Ebel, GaTes and company, aware oT The signiTicance oT The game, seT abouT disproving once and Tor all The Theory ThaT The Ivy League dominaTed "l.iTTIe Connec- TicuT." The deadly seT shoTs oT Ed GaTes and Bill Clark helped puT UConn ouT TronT aT The halT Time, 4I-3I. BuT crediT musT be given Dave Sears, Yale Torward, Tor holding The Huskies in a brilIianT shooTing display ThroughouT The game. Yokabaskas was high scorer wiTh I7 poinTs, and Bill Ebel second wiTh I3. The high-Tlying Huskies were iolTed ouT oT The undeTeaTed column shorTly aTTerward, when li++le R.P.l. whipped Them 72-67. BuT ConnecTicuT The Tollowing week began a winning spree ThaT exTended Through seven games. McGill UniversiTy T50-4Il was The TirsT vicTim, Tollowed by Colby, 66-6I, BosTon Col- lege 56-52, BuTTalo 6I-5l, lvlaine 68-52, VermonT 7I-43, and NorTheasTern 75-55. BuT Then came The TradiTional Rival, Rhode Island, wiTh a record oT only Tour wins in eleven games. The Rams humbled The Huskies 77-72. The Huskies, however, recorded Three more vicTories llvluhlenberg, AIC and 5pringTieldl be- Tore anoTheraggregaTion Trom Rhode Island was To hand Them a deTeaT. This Time iT was Brown. The Bruins, chaTing under an earlier deTeaT, goT Tour poinTs in The lsT Tour minuTes oT The game To win 60-58. Spurred on by The realizaTion ThaT a bid To The posT-season TournamenT was wiThin Their grasp, The Husky hoopsTers became invincible, and won The Tinal seven games oT The regular season. FirsT came Wesleyan. Ed GaTes and Clyde Brooker Teamed To Trounce The Cardinals 74-5l. Then Temple UniversiTy's Tive invaded 5Torrs, headed by Bill Mlkvy, naTion's leading scorer aT ThaT Time, wiTh a 28 plus average. All eyes were on "The Voweless Owl," and he didn'T disappoinT The Tans, neTTing 2l poinTs Tor The visiTors. BuT Vin Yokabaskas sTole The show in scoring, garnering 27 poinTs in leading UConn To a 76-6l win. Ed C5aTes and Wally Widholm, as a deTensive Team, helped To hold down Temple's Mlkvy. Yogi's 27 poinTs made him The TirsT player in ConnecTicuT baskeTball hisTory To score I,OOO poinTs during his college career. As The Huskies drove on Toward The Tourna- menT bid, They Toppled New Hampshire, lvlaine and BosTon UniversiTy. AT KingsTon, R. I., The Huskies avenged The season's earlier deTeaT aT The hands oT Rhode Island, clinching vicTory in The Tinal minuTes oT play. UConn Trailed The visiTors Tor The TirsT halT, aT one poinT by as much as I4 poinTs. In The regular season Tinale, Eddie GaTes made his Tinal appearance as a college player, in The game againsT New Hampshire. The Tive- TooT-eighT senior, who had won a place as a deTensive player, scored 26 poinTs wiTh The capaciTy crowd aT The Cage cheering him Till The raTTers shook. The Huskies overwhelmed The WildcaTs, 92- 50, To win The Yankee ConTerence Champion-- ship. The season's 22-game record ouT oT 25 was also a record Tor any ConnecTicuT Team. The l95O-5l season came gloriously To a close, and a greaT ConnecTicuT Team, headed by a greaT coach, received The recogniTion iT de- served. RecogniTion came To The individual players Too. Three seniors, Eddie GaTes, Bill Clark and Howie 5ilversTein, played some oT The besT bas- keTball The sTaTe had ever seen. When selecTions oT ouTsTanding players were made, Vin Yoka- baskas, The lanky BIoomTieId boy, was named To The All-Yankee ConTerence Team as well as To The All-New England Team. lvloreover, The Helm's EoundaTion announced Yogi had been named To iTs second Team oT All-Americans. The l95I Baseball Team: Nine wins, nine losses, one lie game I36 BASEBALL, I95I ConnecTicuT's I95I baseball Team Tied Things up, during The season, you mighT say. UConn closed The record books wiTh nine wins, nine losses and one Tie game. Three games were rained ouT. The UConn Team opened The season down souTh, losing Two games To The Camp Leieune Marines and spliTTing a doubleheader wiTh The Cherry PoinT. Marine Team. Coach J. 0. ChrisTian was impressed wiTh The perTormance oT Two hurlers, Ed PehoTa and I-lank BarTnicki, whose Tine relieT iob gave The UConns Their only vicTory. Leading baTTers Tor The Trip were Joe BeTTencourT wiTh .357 and Charlie Vigra wiTh .333. LaTer in The season, when The Leiuene nine Taced ConnecTicuT aT STorrs, The sTory was diT- TerenT. The marines losT IO-3. l.ou ConTorTi held The Marines superbly, coming in as relieT piTcher wiTh The bases loaded. ConnecTicuT losT The opener in The regular season To Army, I2-I I, in a loose game wiTh six errors and 2l walks. A ninTh inning rally puT UConn ahead, buT only brieTIy. The resT oT The season shaped up This way: Brown: Rus I-lansen held The Bears nicely aTTer They had pounded I-Iank BarTnicki Tor IO runs in The TirsT Three innings. BuT The Bears wenT home wiTh an I I-4 vicTory. MassachuseTTs: ConnecTicuT capiTalized on loose Tielding in The ninTh To win 3- I. NaTe Gold- berg singled and scored on Three sTraighT errors. Ed Clark squeezed Wally Widholm Tor The Tinal run. AIC: All was going well Tor Tive innings when AIC iumped on Rus I-lansen Tor six runs. Final score, AIC 7, UConn 3. Rhode Island: I'-leavy slugging in The second inning gave ConnecTicuT iTs only six runs. BuT They were enough To beaT Rhody 6-4. The sec- ond game wiTh Rhode Island, IaTer in The season, ended in a 7-7 Tie, when The game was rained ouT aTTer seven innings. Wally Widholm's lasT minuTe single wiped ouT Rhody's 6-3 lead. Two Weekenders: ConnecTicuT spliT a pair oT weekend games, losing To Springifield 3-2 and walloping Wesleyan 26-8. UConn almosT had SpringTield in The ninTh, when Mike ConTorTi broughT in Billy Armour wiTh a homer. I-lank BarT- nicki Then singled, buT Wally Widholm Tlied ouT, To end The game. In The Wesleyan game, UConn big baTs wenT inTo acTion Tor 20 hiTs. Leading The barrage were Ed Clark, Tive singles, Bill Clark, Two doubles, and Dick Vining. Three singles. BuT The big baT oT BosTon's Ken Rickson gave The ConnecTicuT Team a 5-3 seTback. Rick- son collecTed a home run, a Triple and a double. A single game wiTh NorTheasTern aT BosTon and a double bill wiTh Maine aT Orono were rained ouT. Yale: Rus I-Iansen piTched ConnecTicuT To a I-O vicTory over Eli on a sun-baked Gardner Dow Field Toward The season's end. The run was Joey BeTTencourT's. New I-Iampshire: ConnecTicuT clinched The Yankee Comference TiTle wiTh Two wins againsT New I-lampshire. 8-I and I-O. Joe Dunn held The WildcaTs To Tour hiTs and clouTed a homer in The TirsT, while Rus Hansen conTinued his shuT- ouT piTching in The second game. Hansen also gave UConn The run, coming in on Ed CIark's double. I The I-Iuskies closed The season by nosing ouT TuTTs 6-5 and losing IO-6 To I-loly Cross in eleven innings. The I950-5I Soccer Team: Two wins, Two Ties and seven losses. S 6 C C E R The Soccer Team oT l95O, ouT oT eleven conTesTs, won only Twice and Tied wiTh Two oTher opponenTs. The record was The worsT in Tive years. AlThough The squad rosTer lisTed Ten leTTer- men, The only regulars reTurning were John lPinkyl Higgins and John Ohmns. Missing were Tormer sTalwarTs like Carlos FeTTerolT, Jim Blozie, Paul Salling and George Cleveland. CapTains oT The Team, which chalked up vic- Tories over only Clark and Williams, were lv1ilT Nichols and Ted Coholan. ConnecTicuT sTarTed The season by a 3-O vicTory over Clark, wiTh goals provided by DwighT Thompson, Jimmy VenTres and John Ohmns. BuT The DarTmouTh Indians, edged ouT UConn I-O Tor Their TirsT win over The SToors men in Tour years. Yale also, which hadn'T bea+en UConn since I946, wenT back To New l-laven wiTh a 3-O win. And shorTly aTTerward, l-larvard downed Con- necTicuT 2-O in a mediocre game. BuT beTween The Yale and l-larvard games, UConn managed a 2-l vicTory over Williams, in a 98-minuTe baTTle. Thompson was The TirsT To score, wiTh VenTres chopping in The winning goal in The TirsT oT Two overTime periods. The Huskies and The lvlassachuseTTs Redmen ToughT To a I-I deadlock during The season, wiTh Ed Jendrucek responsible Tor The only goal in ThaT one. BuT a SpringTield soccer squad soon aTTerward conquered UConn 2-O, Their TenTh win over ConnecTicuT in eleven games. The l948 NaTional Champion squad was The only UConn Team To win over SpringTield College. ConnecTicuT and lvl.l.T. ToughT To a 2-2 deadlock in The wind, rain and mud. IT was I-O unTil Joe Dunn popped in a goal in The Third quarTer. and Ed Jendrecek puT UConn ahead Tor a shorT Time in The Tinal quarTer. DwighT Thomp- son, The husTling iunior, played a Tine deTensive. Traveling To Maryland Tor a TasTe oT inTer- secTional compeTiTion, UConn sTopped The Terps cold Tor almosT all oT The TirsT halT. l-liggins gave UConn an early I-O lead buT CapTain Jim BelT, The All-American, Tied The score and Jim Savage booTed in Two quick ones. Ohmns, in The second halT, narrowed lvlaryland's lead buT Savage again scored, giving The Terps a 4-2 vicTory. In The Brown game, The l-luskies wasTed Ten clear shoTs aT The Brown cage buT Tailed To over- Take The Rhode Islanders' 2-O lead. ln an accounT oT The game, a Campus reporTer dubbed The I95O UConn soccer squad The "Scoreless Won- ders." Coach John Squires' Team scored Ten goals in eleven games. The UConn Golf Team of I95I: Seven Wins in Nine Dual Mafches. I The Connecficuf golf feam paced by Cap- fain Johnny Pracon and Sfeve Schaffhauser, en- ioyed a season of seven wins in nine dual mafches and came wifhin fwo sfrokes of winning fhe Yan- kee Conference feam championship. Wifh Pracon and Schaffhauser carding con- sisfenfly good scores, fhe UConn duffers downed Clark, Wesleyan, Maine, lvlassachuseffs, Spring- field, Tuffs, and Rhode Island while losing only fo Brown and Yale. Connecficuf was fhwarfed in ifs bid for an- SWIMNl The UConn Swimming feam did all righf for ifself, wifh six wins in nine meefs. The l95O-SI nafafors under Coach Jack Squires upsef such highly-foufed feams as Arn- ofher Conference fifle by Maine which capfured fhe crown wifh a fofal of 839 sfrokes fo UConn's 840. ironically, fhe Connecficuf ouffif had previously frounced fhe Bears in a dual rnafch, 8'f2-ws. Pracon regained his individual Conference championship wifh a neaf l57 for 36 holes, seven sfrokes ahead of Bill Regan of New Hampshire and feamrnafe Sfeve Schaffhauser. This marked fhe second fime in fhree years fhaf Johnny had won individual honors in fhe Yankee Conference. NG, l950-l95l hersf and Brown. George Sfefzko, Jim lv1cNamee and Doug Sherwood make consisfenfly good showings. l950-5l Swim Team: Six wins In nine meefs. E mm , .. ' 3' Ass s Nggi ,,A,. 1 1 K ' T' 3 , I, . V lax Q -4 ni' 5 3 G . , Q . The Crack Track Team: Four wins in five dual maTches. RaTed second in Yankee Conference. TRACK The I95I Track Team, paced by Bruce Giordano, recorded Tour wins in Tive dual meeTs, buT wound up in second place in The Yankee ConTerence. Giordano dominaTed The spring sporT and climaxed a Tine season's perTormance when he seT a new mile record in The Yankee Comference MeeT, covering The disTance in 4:28.6. BuT despiTe Giordano and The good per- formances oT Ed Sluzenski, Harold Garner and Charles Carey, The l-luskies wound up behind Rhode lsland in The Comference sTanding. CROSS-COUNT On The I95O-5I Cross-CounTry scene, The ConnecTicuT harriers won Tour ouT oT six dual meeTs, placed second in The ConnecTicuT Valley MeeT and SevenTh in The New England MeeT. The season was highlighTed by The amazing performance of a senior member oT The squad. Bruce Giordano held The spoTlighT as he placed TirsT in all The above-menTioned meeTs, sparked The UConn Team and esTablished himselT as one oT ConnecTicuT's greaTesT runners. OTher con- sisTenT scorers Tor UConn were Adolph Grimm and David Bolvin. The Dual lv1eeT Record, wiTh ConnecTicuT's score shown TirsT, is as Tollows: Wesleyan, 23-323 Brown, 30-73 NorTheasTern, 24-32: BosTon, 27-281 Rhode Island, 26-291 SpringTield, 33-34. Giordano, appearing as The UConn's repre- senTaTive in The NCAA Cross-CounrTy lVleeT, Tinished in sixTh place. A RY AND Raclcel' wielders of 'llwe Tennis Team: Won lwo, los'r six. IENNIS, The Varsiiy Cross-Counlry Squad of 50-Sl: Four wins in six ciual meels. Second in Connecficuf Valley Meet Bruno Giordano, sensalional runner and caplain of squad, is iourfh 'From leff in 'fronf row. we 'T 5 3 -v i J WF . 'U""" ?Efr' Y x xg .,.,., l wg ' x ,Q rv Y' 4 ' , Q-ef 4 1 ' 'S ef 1 ' S 4, s 4 -4 -3 'Q 4 v ,,,.,i-sys A- ': - ,. ',. if Q ff A fzf 0' bfi-. . ,ap . Q V f .m.fmw,wM,Mf-M 4-Mmffffww,-fnzwfffmnw,1. . - .,. .v,xmvm,vAww,vmyw.v,wfffM1 WOMEN'S SPORTS The Fencers of 50-5I evened 'ihe score: Won Three, los? fhree. The Rifle Team: Won six, losf five. Won five, losr 'ihree in League marches. . The I950-5l Archery Team, firsl in fhe counlry again. l-lere's Jrhe way The season wenr lor orher reams: Tennis-Won 2, Losr 6. Fencing-Won 3. l.os+ 3. Rifle ream-Won 6, Losr 5. League rifle marches, Won 5, Losl 3. WOMEN'S SPORTS The UConn Women's Archery Team con- rinued ro dominal-e Jrhe narional archery scene. again ranlcing lirsr in Jrhe counlry. Jane Weber was lhe slandour performer on Coach Roy Guyer's championship squad. An exlensive inlramural program, conducled by rhe Women's Arhlelic Associalion, included a variery ol sporrs, including volleyball, badmin- ron, Jrennis, swimming, baslcerball, sollball, ping pong and archery. Ar Jrhe end ol rhe year, Jrhe W.A.A. awarded a rrophy ro rhe Della Zera leam lor besl all-around perlormance. Runners up in The program were Kappa Kappa Gamma and l-lol- comb l-lall. I43 ww .W " ' :f'z.':-.1u,. ' .yy , ,, M V J" 5- W NM W,-. x .Q Q .. N bgm -1 Q :- . W MN 4 ,lv M1114 mmf wwf, flflflwffffffwfwfa mpmf fwwmwwfn g-r:-:,r:v.4.o:,:.:g 5, 23,,3 ,9:::E:53. 45 ' '.2225225?5zE2E51:::2fEs?5E5251553325522siaisiifiaizi:5:ss:2:52121:5:5'::2:2:f:5:e1as:5:2:s1:s:1:z: N. .,., . .... .. .. , c-2-Z-'-'-:AZ-:4:':4:-:1:-:cw -!-:-I--t-I+'-I-I-I-I-I'1'-I '51!:- 1:1:tl:l: ':l:3:7:i:52:' '51 'Q ' f:- 1, 2t2:E:E: if 2513 f5"5'11Q' 'EL i:EE:E:2:E:Ef:E:f:f:E:52:f:EE:i:7:g:1:E:f1g:E:E:2:E :El E ,.x- , ....., , , , .. , . ,,,,..,.,.,...,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,., , 113251752727t::7'5F:E3'1hf'5:7:Z 5 KE ..,. ,.,. - . ..-. , ,,.,.,.:.: ,.-.-.,.:.:.+ -1-:-:-:-:Q-:-tal:-Sm: ':,:-zu:-1-zo :Ina-:-514'-2:1:z.:qv1:-Q:-:-55:-:v - , . ., . . .c . .... . V . ,Av 4 , , l i , 1, i :2 E,ki s::5:sE:::xi:3ssi-:- :w:rs:24fA:2'r:E' 1:21 Qqvgq.-:-2 ,.-, . -N. .2 THEY? EI .155.'2b. 352 -1:3 .rf :- name- Ne N-vp - 'N " "' NE.-.Q -'-:Rf-:N J , ...... A 5 ,f f Z7 ' 6 52 ' pwiggff f ,: ,. iff-"', 5552? , f ff ff Z! 4 f ij? ,f f ' ff f "M-f' "1 -1. .r:r::r-ea s:1s:1:19'-4 -145.5 :, ff, , Z' W' ' fy!! f iff ,ff ff!! fzyf I 4' I X X N A X X X 3 5 N Q xx S x x 2 Q A 8 .. ' S S 3' " ,f f f fff I X AWZMMV O , X ,nf f X f X f X X 7' ' f i' ' f' ' X ' 4 Q E H H E Y I E WT ' w W me Lorraine Auhin Coed Quarterback Delta Zeta llorothy Blaschik Froshmore Uueen Alpha lleltu I'i Lois Losowioz Coed Colonel Independent Lorraine Auhin Queen of the Wing Cotillion Ilelta Zeta Barbara Richardson Community Chest Carnival Queen Kappa Kappa Camnrl Lois Lnsewicz Iunior Prom Une-en lmlepvmlenl 5 M 1 W 1 , 2 REGISIRAHUN 3 9 1011 20,21 2223 i, . 19 my ,ff S QQ 32,S ,wSN W so o K sro RE LINES AN CLASSES This year will be differeni' . . . B g g , :f- .,-f f ,-,,. ,Mgr L. . , xi' RX . 5 ,K ' g RSP' 4 H ll Everyone has a favorife hangou+-l'1ere's +l1e home of 'Phe Grillers. A Farmall Cub ioins +l1e Yale Rally Parade. l-lip! Hip! Gef in slepl I53 I Read, Hear and Obey, Miserable Freshmen! A Decree . . . Freshmen are commanded lo be presenlr when Jrhe Call comes lo ioin Jrhe PARADE OF TI-IE PIED PIPER. Severe penallies, reprimands and censures are prescribed if any Freshman lails lo observe lhis rule. " . . . The ollicial Uniform in which all Freshmen shall greel The Pied Piper, shall be. lor men: The Freshman Cap, Jrhe Name Tag, paiamas or niqhlrshirl, any lype neclcwear and a Jrowel, lo be carried on lhe lell arm. For women: Slcirls, which shall be a minimum ol sixieen inches from The ground and a maximum ol lwenlryg lhe Fresh- man Cap, large hair ribbons, and a bar ol soap, lo be carried in The righl hand." i The Black Triumvirdfe S M T W T F S I , 15161 I 12,314 22 rw f ills' 9 20 21 "i P 'F 6 27 fear,-f wlgffw-f 1, X y,,,,-. N 2 2 1, www s- manga SLA .N 'BETA R Q 89,3 ff K M f""'T, ,m 4 ff DAD COMES T0 STORRS . . ls Welcomed . . Wa'rches our hard-'fighiing +eam baffle N.Y.U. . . Enjoys +he an'rics of +he Mayor of Sforrs candida'res. . . Hears +he newly elec'red mayor, Raincoaf Harry " . . . and I promise you..." 'N fi E '22 fb , P f 5 vm my , av' V . X 1 xi. ,S 1 1. ,s Q NN 2 mf S ix ffl? if 7 I A215 4 Q 4 I gf ,g 1.w:,L..4 9 1 t I rl f 3, 2 vs 4,1 W gg f 2- -1 11. -mf .,., 1' L.: ,, an .f 2 5 9 f W x 52 , 1 , E A 6 Q 7' if 1 ' qw fc? Q 54 5' 9' Q Q r 'S Avy fha K 2 A V fg, 3 U ., Vx ev X' : Qf ' ,wi '42 'E .Vg f 5 ' W, 4 QVEMBER v rf ' .Z . 4 ,ff QXHQiTW B i il 'fsasx Lis 0 D .'i2:"..L' 'e 1 ff ' ...., I- 2 "'-' 1" ':-'f.1'. . . if . ,.., -,::- ,.-- --:,,.. - -. , -.- ,, - ,. .. :- . A Q X e 'X VI N r 1 .-.,, 3 L . , Wim Q , , ' :g Zh i -'v.-' 1 . In - i f 4: ., Aww ',Qh hmmm,w.wmw1W,6,MW.,, V, -... ..- , ,, E , ,.V: ' I AA ' Z 12 2 ,. gg.. l , Q . 5 wx Ei 5 Xmv ' ' nw-gf . , . Q- ' -+ -. 4. , . . -- , ' -- - - Vx:-via--1: -c-::::1. ? 2' xi f, M .U 3 -. , 14. iivwce 4, FL I A I , A M535 'V ev M3 Q 'Q v t WQYMA .5 x 2 Q X 5 4, Q WW ' 535 - mms M'TV'T THE FOOTBALL HOP S X 5 CAROLS 6 7 8 +?0i'TI52I"IM37" AND THE ,'9Qo XfQylQNfWWgV CHRISTMAS SPIRIT o +e o campus e I60 Adding new spice +o +he UConn social life, +he Foof- ball Hop opened +he Win'rer formal season. Lovely Lor- raine Aubin was chosen "Coed Quar'rerback" ai' +he The S+uden'r Sena+e, represenfing +he enfire UConn slu- C-Club sponsored dance. denl body, bes+ows fhe Chris+mas spirif upon many underprivileged children from 'rhe surrounding communi- +ies. .wn-munmwrM - ,,,.:,zf,.,ff.u- ,NA .MW , - ,ws .q - ..-was , 4 M -me r HEADACHES EXAMS AND WINTER sroins 234 7 3 5 6 741512 10114213 121 i 7979 ,N gf 120 9' In an unbelievably sliorf fime we are back af UConn wifli flwe solemn promise fo gef eiglwf hours of sleep a niglwf, wrife up flwose overdue lab reporfs, and reacl a few fexfbooks before exams. Buf we are feeling more exliausfed flwan before flwe Holidays, anol a negligible amounf of sfudying will probably be flue oufcome unfil flwose few lwours before finals, wlien a new spurf of energy surges info our feeble brains. We keep up on currenf affairs-wifh Andre Shanker af an informal affer-dinner clis- cussion, and in Engineering Building while fhe ofher boys crack fhe books. ,fmmmm-,mm mw- ,P W' Y 1'?i?5 1 Q, " 153' lf e Sax 't John labovel, conlemplaiing 'rhe clay's work be+ween yawns, and one half hour lafer, " . . I may as well skip my 'len o'clock, loo". When sfudying for finals becomes a bif monofonous, UConni+es find +ha'r Hlcks provide varlefy and excliemeni' L. , , gig? Q 'E 'xx if ? "ww-...,, M! A Q hockey on Mirror Lake or a rousing snowball fighl' loelween Grange and Z lux 1,,,Ar I63 AY 1 WT SMT 1 F S . 23 9 X0 4 5 6 7 ?5i6L7a i U i7i3iA. '2f13f"ii'W NX! 8 if i xr-Q, MIDWINTER GAIETY 6, The +i+le, Queen of 'ihe Wing Co+ilIion, was besfowed upon charm ing Lorraine Aubin a+ 'Phe Arnold Air Socie+y's firsf, and very suc cessful Wing Coiillion. I64 The annual Mardi Gras, sponsored by 'lhe Newman Club, has proved +o be more elaborare each year. Hanlc's aurhenlic lndian dress and 'rha'r of his dare, , have won ,them me prize Sponlaneous generoslly loward 'lhe Jaclc Lacour :lere Fund IS proof of UConn s good fellowship. l65 Popular George Shearing Broughi' A Full House and Much Applause Wiih His Drums, Gui+ar, and Vibes Combo. ..-l - .TAPS SMTWIQSO II 35 6, I7 'xfs T fp T17 II IQITIA 2123"R4-pf I8 I9 Qff-QQN.:f?XH! EROSHMORE WEEKEND TOPS WINTER ACTIVITIES . .. Square Dance . .. Swhn Ib7 I 5 Q ff' KW fx iff wiki... ,iegvx :yi 'if' ? 23? 1 in 14, 1 Mwmfwff,m Iii. ,.' ,EP , 1,90 A 10,2 44 me N-nm ya A .4 Kx, T, 2' , ' .3 I 'Q f W Six wr - A, sg 3555 A ,g, Q , 52' Q Q is sf' 35 JZ ,, , rf ' Y 1 me ,,:1 kgg' , - A , V Q ' 1' - :z fi , M. at ,E i x 3-f .. HQ.-M b ,- ' , ' 'f:".. M :QN K1 2 1+ Q ' if 'W X i f X Over Two Thousand UConn Tollowers ardenTly cheered Tor The hard-TighTing ConnecTicuT Team as They baTTled ST. John's aT Madison Square Garden. THE GARDEN DEBUT AT THE GARDEN ConnecTicuT baslceTball inTeresT remained high aTTer The regular season was concluded as rumors oT a UConn bid To The NCAA Tourna- menT ran riTe around The campus. WiTh a 22-3 record, ConnecTicuT had been menTioned oTTen as a possible choice To represenT New England in The posT-season aTTair, buT mighTy l-loly Cross was repuTed To have The inside Track Tor an inviTaTion. The NCAA selecTions commiTTee Tinally an- nounced ThaT The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT had been selecTed To parTicipaTe. The campus ela- Tion was dimmed somewhaT, however, when iT was learned ThaT The l-luslcies would meeT Top- seeded ST. John's oT Brooklyn in The opening round oT play. Three Thousand ConnecTicuT Tans iourneyed To Madison Square Garden To see The l-luslcies play in a maior TournamenT Tor The TirsT Time in The school's hisTory. The more-polished Redmen had liTTle Trouble in downing ConnecTicuT, 63-52, in a game ThaT never was in doubT aTTer The TirsT pe- riod, buT The loss did liTTle To lessen The ardor oT ConnecTicuT well-wishers who TelT ThaT This would noT be ConnecTicuT's lasT appearance in such TournamenTs. Even Though They were on The shorT end oT a 34-I9 halT-Time counT, The l-Tuslcies puT on a lasT-halT show ThaT eliciTed Tavorable commenT Trom many oT The veTeran wriTers and com- menTaTors who saw The game. SM 72 8934567 A KING 15I6l1?I11Q12,3, REIGNS AT MMA? Rug ffl.. um. Mm " ' M ff' fr fa A, ,Wy yn. 8. Q I S 4 A Q! E 'xgiiki A , -A .5 by Q 53 fi Xi 22 5 2 ' I , THE COED FORMAL 81792021 5- 27 3 4 In a defini+ely springish afmosphere, couples danced 'To 'rhe music of Ted Herber+'s Orchesira. A+ 'rhe righf 'Phe newly fapped Mor+ar Boards pose wi+h +hose who have been acfive 'l'his pasi year. 5555916 A F 5 ,r 4 - S Ar - '. L. ,.: ig, 3 xii. ,' . -E- AA' Block a nd Bridle Horse Show. Helen Graff, winner of lhe Solomon Trophy al' 'Elle annual FS TWT 678 SENATE ELECTIONS y11'lr 9 lo aw xswwl l AND SPRING FEVER A 6 21 A lx, LAW? E137 iff, X! V07 a SO gy 150 USF S'ruden+ Sena+e Campaigns And Elecfions Tell A Drama+ic Sfory S A good barlcer helped pu+ lhe Communily Chesl drive over fhe +op. ,4""'T"' A'H'er 'rhe successful produciion of "Music l'la+h Charms", wri'Hen and direcled by S+an Woodmansee, many a UConni+e was heard 'ro hum +he cafchy +unes, especially of "Don'+ Cry April", below. ill 1,4 fffff, 1 nw f W 61' S356 , ' lv COMMUNITY CHEST CARNIVAL ., , P. .-53 . ff, Ag. x ,C ,A ' Q 5 b Jrbf K 1 ' , . ,' ., w ,, 52 X? . 'K if S T A 1 F11 X f F s , wC..1w,,x'f wwe- My C M C. , 4,8 , ,., ' 4 iv-av , Q5 Ahh . . . Tha+ Nu+brown Brew! ANTICS OF JUNIOR WEEKEND mflum...aounnv1nxmfs W F5 x'mm THE JUNIOR PROM THE DRUIDS AND IOLANTHE Tradirionally 'rhose Senior men, known as Druids, who have served +he Universiiy secreily for 'ihe pas? year, are revealed ro +he s+uden+ body a+ +he Junior Prom. ,i' Q, Ls Anoiher queen is chosen - Lois Lasewicz receives a large bouquei' from Presideni' Jorgensen as she is announced Junior Prom Queen. Yau WW The Junior Prom, a yearly Big Weekend dance, requires a maximum ol decor which resulls in a minimum of com- forl. Wir? The beaufifully coslumed and well sung IOLANTHE drew 'rhe Junior Weekend 'ro a close. SMTWTFZX ANDTHE 12N3VU5x6 3 A 5 6 7 L 9 M8 2 212223 CORONATION BALI. 9 A JP 123' fi "9 4 K , , ,f-gi - -V xx KT, ' , f 1, ,ji 55, A " Jizff' ' A ,, qi, fju. . ' V A ' Q 'f 4? , M N, 1 - ' A , ' ir! . T if ' f ' 4191 V. ,, ,, ry, Ai f , . 4 mmmmwmwy MAYOR'S RECEPTION Q 5 Z 9 2 2 K 2 f 2 7 Q E 92 !8I AN END, YET A BEGINNING I+ offen fakes more Ihan Ihe s+ipuIaIed eighi' semesfers, bur even'IuaIIy mosi' UCcnni'res wear Ihe covefed cap and gown. Big Momen'r af Commencement A gradu- aI'ing senior receives I'he coveI'ed sheepskin and a handshake from Presideni' Jorgen- sen. Pa+hs of glorious years Iead buf Io Ihe Cage! The grad- uaI'es ioin Ihe academic procession. 1,5 . 4 4. ff' ,- ' , ' av f -I MTW ?,'ff'i132?f'fef'e' 'I R32 Egg xv g 29, gawk, Wage- -' x 4. ' , "Z e fag.. ., 1 'f , N x -I TIE I: , -x . if . W, .-:q:315:5 L:- 'WW 1 ff! Q-Z v. fa: ,V , ' 1 ,- f-' 4 7 ff Q 1 ' ' , f ' .,., f' ff V ,pw , f i f f , 0' 1 , M11 . 711954: G, 01 n 4 . 441' ,Az , A,,,L,,A , , lg. 19,2 .- 4 ,MQ fav, I f ww' :FQ -5, 7 . V y gi Rgm mfceffwwe. . . fn design cra lismanslzip and quality RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS QX MANUFACTURING JEWE1ERs Boston 0 17 IUHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N.Y. - rnovunsncf I84 PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS and it's all done with LIGHTS! ak There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can he hest used . . . I-low easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vanttine photographer knows hest how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year. . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occa- sions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to hy the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. 'lr WARREN K. VANTINE STUDIO i 132 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS. I85 Compliments of NUTMEG FOUNTAIN E EAILIFEQSIDWPCHES-COFFEE M FOUNTAIN SERVICE Compliments of HARRISON'S CAMPUS SHOP, Inc. Specializing in: Student Supplies Social Stationery Personalized Imprints Leather Goods Gifts Magazines and Featuring "AMERICA'S FINEST CREETINC CARDS" Mastrangelo Building Rt. 195 Tel. 9153 Storrs Store Hours: SNACKS Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 n.m. South Campus Storrs, Conn. Sunday, 9 a.m. - 1 p'm' Congratulations Class of 1952 LOREN MURCHISDN Sz CO. Inc. HThe Class Ring Man" JOHN F. STOKES District Manager Box 38 SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 333 Washington Street BOSTON 8, MASS. THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE R. C. ZIMMER Manager Book Store Student Supplies Opposite South Campus Compliments of WARREN 8: FITTS, Inc. SUNCREST SUPER STORES Located in New Business Block STORRS, CONN. Compliments of UNIVERSITY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS THE RECORD AND RADIO SHOP Opposite Storrs Grammar School Records of All Leading Companies Available Orders Taken for Records Not in Stock RADIOS RADIO REPAIRING Philemon Wa1'zocha, Prop. Phone Storrs 9-2600 Compliments Of A FRIEND .IIN s. i, I A Q . . ' I L 9' l'Lf- ,,., -fu,-we , N s ,.4 1 M r I 1 a.. .L .-fri ag. .Nb :iv-MQ an . 'W Y. x ' 'B , Ax' 33 5248 ,, A wp! ,., ,uw N ff- ,wf U .V ., '11 f xg" M' Q5 . ., n. mu rf ,Y Cn v 1 lt, rt ff 1-.' .-. ..- 1 ,- 1 'I 1 .i n 1 . ! I . A I . : .C vs I .1 ': 'll nil UIQ Il lllllllllll ll UM f ' . 121' im .-1, -g, 1 1' ' ' '+..,1.x ' K X ,1- . 'Q . w A h V ,I , ns E , .A gg? 'wjxl . J. 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