University of Connecticut - Nutmeg Yearbook (Storrs, CT)

 - Class of 1950

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University of Connecticut - Nutmeg Yearbook (Storrs, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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if 31.4. .ny ' 3 'U ,4- ..: L. I as -. 5 1 T. if 4 4 "if S. 5 'fl' .U : li 'Q few 4 14.1 W ' - - ." I- .-f. ,1 -7- - x 1r""4,' ' 4 f 4-A A . K . -' 'E .f.. I7 fx , -,.. ui," 'yi 1 44.1, 7? .V . . A xi, : - I fu" A, 1 , ,Es uf 1 x-4 L' Q, .-1 1 . n" .L .n L . Q1 -22 14 ,D L: sz, , , UJJ ,, QA . 1.- :Jr 'f Ls, . 5 Y . A, .V-5, HQ ' .V -. A... 1,1 . xr, ' L , y, . AWA. iw Q - 3 ,. 5221, .. - ,ir wld, -' V, '3,-: ':A-M121 N , ' 1 fl , . , . -, sqggrx , .i ' ' " A , v1-1 w'.,yA .. .f,, '- lg an .QQ '.'.w"w , f 4.4. .H-'.-. . 4 -gs c' ' ' U. nil' H 'a-M54 . , . N X I . ff. fa . G . I 1 J x. , .- . 'c 412. 4 ',v ,. , k .. ,, 1 ..-' -4 V' Y, ,L f w , 1 f" bw. .4 -e ,1'.j- f . V f,-1 X,-, lf'-rf 5 , X , . .'. wwf. 4, .x, L- ,r4', -wa Q., , .,r, . I , -Y., , . 1 , F u , V , f 1 ,. . 1, ',J:.T"y- . -fs Y.,, , 4, 1. 1-' x-:Fm m in 4 1 1,519 r' ' f .,1 x ff. cn g J.. a,. . - X,--1 ,, . ,P-k. .41 L.. Q, - A V 1- .1,L' .',.g., -4 . 1 ,531 X . ,1 Q.. " 'f.,..' '-1' -'- F0 .g, , . . , 14 ' - -a . ,:2 ., , 'ln , - U Y ,I , . ' 2 4- 5 X' ' I 'V 4 ' Q j "Y 1' ' f ' I I 7 'lv '- . ' . 1,-4 " " Qfzxy. ' W 14 1, -1 Uv., .lg Y-,tg s -.fiff ' a 'fy ' 1 rf., I . . A 4 .. .Q-flu 5- - - b 9515 - ' V' , a' +I. . . ,:P"f',2 44' . 'iii 7 r ' 4 .- a 1, ' ,xe,""!-4. 4, f ' ..1,'3i-'H4-'wa 41.. . gf 4 . ,111 --',,f's'1' ' "FIT " Et. L gl . ,. :I 3 J' L ' ,gn , I J .. .VJ A, , ,. , xr.: Vt. . V les' 'lx ,- -. . . w 1 Jil- 5 '- ', . 11 5 , I' 'TZ'."ig .1 . . ' .. A 1: -Y: it rl' A , -,, ,V-, 1:4 1. '4' V!Af,f2.vv . '35, 4' A .V 4.1, AJ. Vvi',".:,g.l ,gf Q' 31" " "rf Q fl f-fa-I 3' rfbflb 1. x. 4'1t,1F'f?' , ' 2- z' fi . ff, wg . ,, 1 muy.: -r. F, MC, , 1.1.x- ' . ,vu 1. .-,. iw. :.x..A.' , 1 .,, .f4:?5 . ..,1,u,,J Y 4 J 5' H . A-S., FW'-5 , 'g- r I , mx 3, "' M1 J :4f5. 1533"-' -f-H. ., S., -,- La UV' - 1 r ff. D if 31.4. .ny ' 3 'U ,4- ..: L. I as -. 5 1 T. if 4 4 "if S. 5 'fl' .U : li 'Q few 4 14.1 W ' - - ." I- .-f. ,1 -7- - x 1r""4,' ' 4 f 4-A A . K . -' 'E .f.. I7 fx , -,.. ui," 'yi 1 44.1, 7? .V . . A xi, : - I fu" A, 1 , ,Es uf 1 x-4 L' Q, .-1 1 . n" .L .n L . Q1 -22 14 ,D L: sz, , , UJJ ,, QA . 1.- :Jr 'f Ls, . 5 Y . A, .V-5, HQ ' .V -. A... 1,1 . xr, ' L , y, . AWA. iw Q - 3 ,. 5221, .. - ,ir wld, -' V, '3,-: ':A-M121 N , ' 1 fl , . , . -, sqggrx , .i ' ' " A , v1-1 w'.,yA .. .f,, '- lg an .QQ '.'.w"w , f 4.4. .H-'.-. . 4 -gs c' ' ' U. nil' H 'a-M54 . , . N X I . ff. fa . G . I 1 J x. , .- . 'c 412. 4 ',v ,. , k .. ,, 1 ..-' -4 V' Y, ,L f w , 1 f" bw. .4 -e ,1'.j- f . V f,-1 X,-, lf'-rf 5 , X , . .'. wwf. 4, .x, L- ,r4', -wa Q., , .,r, . I , -Y., , . 1 , F u , V , f 1 ,. . 1, ',J:.T"y- . -fs Y.,, , 4, 1. 1-' x-:Fm m in 4 1 1,519 r' ' f .,1 x ff. cn g J.. a,. . - X,--1 ,, . ,P-k. .41 L.. Q, - A V 1- .1,L' .',.g., -4 . 1 ,531 X . ,1 Q.. " 'f.,..' '-1' -'- F0 .g, , . . , 14 ' - -a . ,:2 ., , 'ln , - U Y ,I , . ' 2 4- 5 X' ' I 'V 4 ' Q j "Y 1' ' f ' I I 7 'lv '- . ' . 1,-4 " " Qfzxy. 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M e 49, -- fm.: s U 14 ' ' V Q5 . -gf? -7NwQ,:-ff, 1: ml- Aq,,.7" In -41' .- wjg'f'f's'f"! .gf Ja -9147, A div -Aww X1 1- v,j?, 54 . 4, ,:,Q.11 A ' , vlpl. A-3,9 'K f , 1 M,-gwym 2: .1 'v,: ,.: .f 5 ,fini . . ,gfff 'LV :MV ' Q .. .1 ,A -J ,ZA :.,,.', .,,. V , .-mfg ' . ,S 4 Ez. :iff ' A ,,,. 1 4 .. "HL: . , .,, .,,,,.. .sf Sfbbwq 2 ww. W P, Q, ' -s ttQW5'X. ' ' w2 F1s3?,355.sf'? N if: i. wyg 53 'fp ftigiiggi 5 S 5 6 gg swag 'X 'Q R fx ' 'iw Vwg d V- ' 'Q Sf?" 4533465 is k -1 fimgr x . fe 5 xii iii aff K ' ., . Qagf Y W Lx ,-m.L sf hx if agp V ti .,.,, F? N V Q? Q 2 2 it 5 Q' 40 , V gg? 3??i?f'r N5 .lm m .gfsfs if V QW sm F 55 X,.x K N, Q W: , '7 The Governor 'ralking +o a group of Universify srudenls. Governor Bowles has proved to be a good friend of the University of Connecticut. He has always supported the idea of expanding the University. lfVith this support, and that of the legislature. the building program has become a reality. The class ol? l95l extend their thanks to the Governor for his support of the University. I2 Pre ident Albert ,Iv Jurgen e Dr. Jorgensen took the challenge of Connecticut State College and inade the college a University . . . high scholastically. outstanding in building expansion. and excellent in student relations with faculty and achninistration. NVQ? pay tribute to Albert Nels Jorgensen, President of the University of Connecticut, and express our thanks. I3 UNNEC where we have endeavored through experiment and researeh te better our world I4 'PICUT f", rv 'Sli W ff!! s 1 X 4 w 7 X 3 1 H Y X , wx 1 1 x 5 m H ww, Ha KE 'i is EE mtg 5- 12 1-. 31 X. HE fi ' f f, ,W-ww ' v 5.'egwj,-f ' ' ,YW ...,, , . P 5 F f I X ! I I ! i a 'M Xe X . X xx 'X XX X, N X ' . 'x XX 40 1 .JM v- 'fi -Q 53, . Z .A 'X Q '4 ,, ff' pl 5 5 .fair .1 Q- 2:7 4 'xi ' AS? 'V UNNEUTICUT where through practical training we plan the construction of the future 4. . s Q Q A 'RQ 'K Q s . K , M... 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'w 'v 'S in V 4 si, S A xl ,V X av ' f - Q N AQ fs 1 w . . 4 T' 'nk , I I 8 'Z ' 1 5 , . x ' ' if ' 1 an ' W My A H fm K S 1 , M X 'Y' ik f - I , V fi' ww' in w Ari CUNNECTICUT where the faenlty offer te ns their knowledge and inspiration I9 , ,- CUNNECTICIVI' where we eentrihute to the development ef mans eldest selenee UNNECTIC where the woman students develop the practical arts oi living 22 X 5 X s Si' 15 'gf ' Emi Q if ' 51 w F S 3 S + XS MY, ,,, N v a 'K Q 'QW " . ,. rf ""',W'W'Sf'U'f', N-xigfffkv' . " 4,5333 was 3, xy Q x 5 ' fi luwwy X V ,,. K, h ,..,. , , ' mv,-:Wa A-K, ,. - . - 1 -v f W 4 lr , Sf J if? " wf... Q vsn.vDwi N""551GKF ' ' QZSWYN x X X , Q X' "' 'V xx. 7 ' H .. 4 S i I Sw, . f 4 -X Q lfi QQ fqkk 'X 'fs ' X . 4 S X ff S f fr AN V' ff? x f, X Y b f my W , ' 5 f-, -' - , L X 0 , x ,,,,f ,q xx , ,gwg NSW f fa.. X U , 1 t fC Q32 rw' M 'gk , ,Q 51 gf A X X Qu f Zfwfxi fw- g' ,, ",w,:xwm2 .1 .S 3' .1 16' xy. X ,D 2 Z 2 Q C 1l'I'l0 A wise man said that friendship is eternal. a constant flame in the lamp of time. The l950 lYUTMEG is dedicated to Miss Dorothy Culp . . the students' friend. Miss Culp taught at the University of Connecticut eight years. and during this time she revealed her sincere interest in the students and their problems. Wforking with them in the classroom. as advisor to the Student Senate and the Laurels. and as a member of the Faculty Senate. she was well aware of the students' needs. Her work in these organizations bears witness to the fact that she believed in the stu- dents as individuals . . . not mere entities . . . and for this the students are grateful. Her life on this campus was one of complete selflessness. She pre- ferred to remain in the background and not seek praise. Her infectious smile and ready wit coupled with complete understanding and keen insight gained her a place high in the hearts of all who knew her. YVith fondest memories and warmest affection the Junior Class dedicates this volume to Miss Dorothy Culp . . . whose friendship will be eternal . 24 'G b !' lf, sa- ff? QW ' Xx XXX xxx xx ,Q Edward G. Ilyha George Freihatt August Tumasetti NIargal'et Plunkett Pre Y fc'-P1111 'lwnffz 'US' I .SI Smuefrnx-Hfkfm l V ABBOTT, SAMUEL, JR.: ACCOUNTING: Bridgeport. ABELSON, DIANA: ARTS AND SCIENCES: New Haven. ABELSON, MYRON: PHARMACY. ABORN, DALE H.: CHEMISTRY: Ellington: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon: Phone calls . . . king of decorations . . . awe come on: Alpha Phi Omega, C Club, Nutmeg, Senate, Varsity Soccer. ABROMATIS, JOHN PETER: MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING: Bronxville, N. Y.: Alpha Sigma Phi: Straight- arrow: Fourth for pinochle, anybody? . . . Yes, but as Einstein pointed out: Math, Newman, ASME. ACUNZO, JOSEPH J.: PSYCHOLOGY: New Haven: Sigma Chi: Joe: Trumbull's Harbor Lookout . . . ships and the sea for me: Newman. ADOMI, ROBERT: PSYCHOLOGY: lVest Haven. ADUSKEVICZ, WILLIAM: GEOI,OGH', Southington. AHEARN, EDWARD JOSEPH: MARKETING: Waterbury: Sigma Chi: Ned: Newman, A.M.A., YVater- bury Baseball, Intramurals. AKER, BARBARA J.: FOODS AND NUTRITION: Fairfield: Delta Zeta: "Bobbin: Respectively submitted . . . Digger O'Dell . . . the skip . . . straight faced story teller . . . : Players. ALDERMAN, PHILIP WOLFE: ENGLISH: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Phil: Bach, Baudelaire, and Bourbon . . . Quazimoto . . . The mark of the man is nil . . . a genial dilettante: Hillel, Hillel Husky, Campus, Husky, UCB, Band Touchstone. ALDRICH, THEODORE BROWN: SOCIOLOGY: Norwich: Ted: No good will come of this scheme: Trumbull Band: Intramural football, basketball, Sociology. ALMOND, ROBERT JORDAN: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERING: Stamford: Lamda Chi Alpha: Bob: How about that! . . . "Bubbles", beer and Delta Zeta . . . TR-Chess, Math. Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Radio. . ALTSCHULER, EDITH LIBBY: NURSING: Winsted: "Edie": "Still waters run deep" . . . Miss Library . . . fresh air fiend: Hillel, Hillel Choir, I.S.O., I.Z.F.A., White Caps. AMATRUDA, FRANCIS ANTHONY: ACCOUNT- ING: lVaterbury. AMBULOS, GEORGE P.: MARKETING: Manchester. AMPHLETT, JAMES: BACTERIOLOGY: Canaan. ANASTASION, LAZARUS: MARKETING: Branford. 28 ANDERSON, ADOLF, JR., ECONOMICS, Wallingford. ANDERSON, HAROLD WILBER, PSYCHOLOGY, Hartford, Accurate Andy, Perfectionist personihedg Varsity Tennis. ANDERSEN, MARY FRANCES: HOMIE ECONOMICS EDUCATION, Brooklyn, Delta Zeta, "Dink", Letter from New York . . . Hoch, Dixie, Dink, and Gwyn, Bad- minton, Basketball, Campus, Education, Home Eco- nomics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Players, U.C.A., Var- sity, W.A.A. ANDERSON, ROBERT K., INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT, East Hartford: Phi Sigma Kappa, Bob, Let's have spaghetti . . . You get the pot . . . I'm sIIowed. ANDERSON, RODNEY E., INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT1 Hamden, Alpha Gammo Rho, Gaylord, Balding but happy . . . member of the white shoe Set, SAM, Swim- ming manager, Intramurals. ANDERSON, ROGER E., MECHANICAL ENGINEER- ING: Hartford. ANDERSON, SHIRLEY MAE, SOCIOLOGY, Bolton, Kappa Alpha Theta: "Andie", Can't think of a thing to say . . . Twinkling eyes and a smile to match . . . XVitty, versatile, talkative, junior Counselor, Nutmeg, Sociology. ANDERSON, WILLIAM CLARENCE, P.E., Bolton: Alpha Gamma Rho, Boy athlete . . . I'd go out with her, but she's just a kid . . . , Swimming, Varsity Club, R.O.T.C. ANDREINI, JOSEPH EDWARD, BIECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Ansonia, Si, Newman, ASME. ANDREWS, RUSSELL EVERETT: INDUSTRY, Rock- ville, Russ, "Basis of his character is good, sound, common sense." ANTONIK, ROSE, SOCIOLOGY, Bridgeport, conscien- tious, nonconventional, Beethoven, German, junior Counselor, Newman, Sociology. APPELLOF, ERNEST CARL: INDUSTRIAL MAN- AGEMENT, Middletown, "Ernie", Campus personality plus . . . Likeable, accommodating, full of ah, fun: Basketball, TR-Softball, Newman, SAM. ARMOUR, WVILLIAM MCLEAN, BUSINESS ADMINI- STRATION, Waterbury. ARONSON, ARNOLD XVILLIAM, GOVERNMENT, Hartford, Spud, Ofhcer's Club, Glee Club. AUGUSTAUSKAS, EDWARD LOUIS, MECHAN- ICAL ENGINEERING, Waterbury, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma. AUGUSTYN, ARTHUR R., ACCOUNTING, Stamford. BACHOFEN, ALBERT HERMAN, ARTS AND SCIENCE, Rockville. BAILEY, IVALLACE EDWARD: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERING, New Haven, Wally, The Engineer is funda- mentally a lazy man, AIEE, Math, Newman, Arnold Society, TR. basketball. .29 in --arp. Mm ...,.d-aa.. BALDWIN, ROBERT C.: ENGLISH: Milford. BALDWIN, SHERLON THEODORE: BUSINESS: Mil- ford. BALOGH. ROBERT LOUIS: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERINC: New Haven: Newman. BANAS, PAUL ANTHONY: PRE-MED: Norwich: "P.B.": Yarsity Basketball, Sports XVriter, WRUM, AMA. BANKS, RAYMOND: FORESTRY: Simsbury: Phi Sigma Kappa. BANNAN, JOHN H.: BIARKETINGQ New Britain: Jack: lVilly Stark . . . politically active . . . plans for sales promotion: Trumbull Llubmurt Trof, Bowling, Husky Harmoneers, Newman, I.S.O. Senate, Pres. BANOVETZ, MATTHEIV ROBERT: PSYCHOLOGY: Ely, Minnesota: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Matt: Heck of a sportie .... A nybody see Zeleznikar?: Varsity Football, Intramural Basketball. BARALL. STANLEY MARTIN: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Hartford. BARNETTE. BOBBY LEE: CHEAIISTRY: Norwich: "Bob": Now, Study hard! . . . Come on, Mowtz . . . I just ain't in the mood . . . Virginia. BARONE, JAMES ANGELO: NIARKETINGQ Niantic: Jim: Pinochle in Club 210 . . . wants success in the business world: Newman, Intramural Softball. BARRILA, FRANCIS LAWRENCE: ELECTRICAL ENCINTI-QRINC: Thompsonville: Sigma Chi: "Sonny": Conscientious. but easy going . . . short pugilistic career . . . instigator with a halo ..., Newman. BARTHOLOMEYV, RICHARD R.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Meriden. BASCH, HAROLD IRWIN: BACTERIOLOCY: Hartford. BASILL, JOHN NICHOLAS: INDUSTRIAL MANAIJE- MENT: Bridgeport: "Bob": Is she fer-real . . . there must be an easier way: S.A.M., Tr. Glee Club, Math- ematics. BASSO, .ANTHONY JAMES: ENGINEERING: Tor- rington. BATELL. BARBARA: HISTORY: Durham: Mrs. Peter Funt. I BAXTER. NANCY ANN: FOODS AND NUTRITION: Newtown: Delta Zeta: "Chic': politician, frank but feminine . . . spirit plus: Canterbury, Community Chest, Home Economics, Senate, Mock Legislature, UCA, WSGC. BAYLISS, LEONARD JOHN: AGRICULTURE: Hart- ford: Len. 30 BEARDSWORTH, JOHN JENNINGS, ACCOUNTING, Bridgeport, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jack, Keeper of the Books . . . Weekly trips to Bridgeport, C Club, Varsity Basketball, JV Football, Intramural Volleyball, Swim- ming, Softball. BEATTY, IVILLIAM CARL, CIVIL ENGINEERING, East Haven, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bill, ASCE, Engi- neers, Ski. BEAUREGARD, NORMAND JOHN, INSURANCE: Manchester, Lambda Chi Alpha, Norm, Insurance, Newman, Vr. Baseball, Carollers. BECHARD, WILLIAM IRVING, MARKETING, Bristol, Sigma Chi, Bill, More friends than money . . . quick to see humor: AMA, Glee Club, Hartford Basketball, SDA. BECK, JOHN GEORGE II, ENGLISI-I, New Haven, Sigma Chi, "Boom-Boom", Hello, Beckie boy! . . . Society, Spanish, French, Swimming, Track. BECKWITH, BARBARA: ARTS AND TEXTILES, Yantic, Pi Beta Phi, "Bobbie", Yviggily giggily . . . mad seamstress . . . Norwich twang. Maine mail, Choir, 4-H, Home Economics, Junior Counselor. Nut- meg, Sophomore Class Historian, U.C.A., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Gamma Chi Epsilon. BECKYVITH, MILTON F., FORESTRY, Franklin, Milt, Aviation, Forestry, Grange: 4-H. BECKWITH, WILBUR, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Niantic. BEIT, HARVEY, MARKETING, Norwich, Phi Sigma Delta, "Harv": Me, throw the bull? . . . It'S my con- tention that . . . Penetrating eyes, Hillel, TR Eco- nomic, TR Psychology, IRC, Intramural Baseball, Volleyball, Football. BELKIN, WILLIAM J., NIARKETINGQ Newington: Hon- est Bill. BENDETT, ROMAN J., CHEMISTRY, Mystic. BENNETT, JOHN LEIGHTON, CIVIL ENGINEER- ING: Hartford. BENTLEY, JOHN, ECONOMICS, New London. BENTON, ROGER WILLIAM: FLORICULTUREQ Guil- ford, Theta Xi, Rog, Good natured 19 . . . that laugh will live forever, Horticulture, Choir, UGA. BERDON, ROBERT IRWIN: ACCOUNTING, New Haven, Phi Epsilon Pi, Bob, Cigar and a smile . . . No job is too big . . . "My friends" . . . Cuff-links and Roberts rules, Conn. Intercollegiate Mock Legislature, HTFD-Dramatic, Student Senate, Husky, Hillel. BERGANTINO, MICHAEL F., PHARMACY, Hamden, Kappa Psi, Mike: witty, neat dresser, friendly personal- ity, concsientious, A.PH.A., Student Council, Vice- President, Glee Club, Bowling. BERGEN, WILLIAM BERNARD, INDUSTRIAL lNlAN- AGEMENTQ New Haven, Signia Chi, Bill, Accident prone . . . Famous First Division, AMA, Newman, SAM. BERGER, GRANT LEWIS, JR., INDUSTRIAL AD- MINISTRATIONQ Stony Creek, S.A.M., A.M.A., XVaterbury Basketball, Intramural Softball. 3I .sins -ci V.. 'Q' 'QV 'QT'-Y' -onyx- mx' 0--W" anim WW -QQ --A-'ww it BERCGREN. DORIS AMELIA: CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Collinsville: Pi Beta Phi: "Bergie": Svenske Flicka . . . Miss Positive . . . just jesting: Archery, Basketball, Choir, junior Counselor, Ntttmeg, Panhellenic, Speed- ball, IV.A.A. BERGIN, EDWARD K.: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: XVaterbury. BERKMAN, HELEN: ENGLISH: Bridgeport: Phi Sigma Sigma: Sparkling diamond, Sparkling charm . . . Sophistication Supreme . . . june Bride: Campus, Dra- matics, Hillel, Student Senate, WHUS. BERMAN, LAWRENCE M.: PHARMACY: Stamford: Alpha Zeta Omega: Larry: "Got a Match" . . . Hates to waste time: A.PH.A.: Pharma-Conn: Yearbook: Cos- metic: Chemistry, Vice-President. BERRY, RUTH LOIS: HOME ECONOMICS: Meriden: Phi Mu: Pixie prankster . . . Manhattans and memo- ries . . . the phone booth's greatest wit . . . Home Economics, Pan Hellenic, U.C.A. BIAGIOTTI, ALDO PETER: ENGLISH-ECONOMICS: Ridgefield: Al: Campus, Trumbull Tide. BIDWELL, CALVIN O.: INSURANCE: Ifvindsor Locks: Cal. BIELECKI, HENRY JOHN: INSURANCE: New Lon- don: "Hank": Frustrated architect . . . likes arty women . . . seeks inspiration: Insurance, Art 'Workshop BIONDO, MAURO A.: CQOVERNMENTQ New Haven. BIRD. ROBERT S.: HORTICLlLTUREQ Bristol. BITEL, JOHN P.: MATHEMATICS: IVallingford. BIZIEWSKI, EDWARD: BUSINESS: Norwich. BLAIR, GEORGE A.: MARKETING: Hartford: Fill the Steins for dear old Maine: Newman. BLOCK, ALBION L.: MARKETING: Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: "Al": "IVake me up at eight, but gently. please" . . . There must be something else to do": Hillel, TR Band. BODNAR, NICHOLAS KOZACK: INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT: Hamden: Theta Xi: Nick: Clothes, Clair and Correctness . . . Virtuoso of the harmonica . . .: Alpha Phi Omega, Glee Club, WRUM, ISO. BOETTGER, ROBERT WV.: WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: Bloomfield. BOGAN, SYLVIA DIANE: ENGLISH: Hamden: Kappa Alpha Theta: "Syl": Tim-ocracy . . . enthusiast extra- ordinaire: "Begnalight" associate editor, WTBY Senate, Cheerleaders, WSSF, Senate, "Campus" society editor, 1950 "Nutmeg" editor-in-chief, Panhellenic vice-presi- dent, junior Prom Committee, Swimming, Junior jacket Committee. BOGLIO, JOSETTE MARIE: FRENCH: Middle- bury: "jon: La petite Francaise . . . original artistic . . . sparkling soprano . . . talented seamstress . . .: Choir, French, Glee Club, UCA. BOJANOWSKI, CHESll'l-lk: Ct-Lorom: Hartlortl. BOLUS. JOSEPH JAMES: 1fll.l'.CIiRlC.Xl. lixtpixi-Lriuxn: Winsted: Joe: Anybody want to go sailing . . . Going home this week-end . . . not mel: AIEE, lfootball Band. Newman. Sailing, WRUM. BOOD, BRITTA: l'll.xkxt,txc:Y,' Bridgeport: l.ambda Kappa Sigma: Brit: "The quiet Swede" . . . Shy sophis- llfllllOll'gl1llll2llOlI . . .: A.PH.A. BOONE. JEAN: Nukslma: East Hartford: Pi Beta Phi: Danny: XVhere's your coon skin cap. Danny? . . . Oh, those big blue eyes: XVhiteCaps. UCA, Outing. Basketball. i BORDEN, BARBARA L.: Socioromf: Hartford: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Bobby": 5"2', eyes of blue . . . Devilish, Daring and Darling: French, HTFD-Dramatic, Hillel. Junior Counselor, Sociology. BOREIKO, JOHN U.: Cumiisiki: Milford. BORSARI, ALLEN STANLEY: Mlaeli.xNle.xl. Exczixisicic- ING: Hamden: Pi Tau Sigma. BOSCO, COSIMO JOHN: lQl.lf.C'liRIC.kl. Exaixri-,iuxraz Thonipsonyille: Theta Xi: Cos: Private library . . . Slip-stick sleuth: Tr. Senate, Tr. Bowling. Newman, Eta Kappa Nu: AIEE. BOTTOMLEY, ERNEST, JR.: l'm'sie.u. Entiot- rloxl Willimantie: "Botts": Basketball . . . Baseball . . . l'.E. Majors. BOULAS, FRIXON GEORGE: Akrs .xxn SCILNCIQ Hamden. BOURQUIN, ROGER: hIl:ICl1ANIC.'XI,. ENc:iN1g11iuNr:: Washington Depot. BOYAJIAN, ARMENA ELIZABETH: Eworisng Stratford: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Subtle sarcasm . . . QP's galore . . . Good lookinglz Junior Counselor: Psychology. Tennis. BOYAJIAN, OSCAR: MA'1:Hm1,x1'lc:s: Hartford. BOYSEN, JEAN M.: Akrs AND TL.X'l'lLl:S1 Bloomheld: Kappa Alpha Theta. Casual, cool, clever . . . Popular- ity is the keynote to success . . . Archery, Home Eco- nomics, Newman, Nutmeg. BRADLAU, GEORGE F.: Bloi.ocr: New Britain: Delightfully domesticated . . . Pleasantly piscatorial . . . chromosomes and chlorophyll. BRADLEY, JOAN: Airrs AND Tiixriuis: Wilson: Kappa Alpha Theta: Brad: Vivacity, versatility . . . Ifll never tell . . . happiness personihed: Newman, Archery, Art Workshop, President, Phi Upsilon Omieron, Secretary, Junior Counselor, Community Chest. BRADY, EDWARD P.: I'm'sie,tt, Eimex l'ION1 Water- bury. BRANSEIELD, JOSEPH PATRICK: Zoorom' QPRIQ-Miinjg Portland: Sigma Nu: Lil Brains: Fighting Irish . . . Maternity ward . . . first operation: JV Bas- ketball, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Swimming. Newman. 33 al", aw' ,AI . ...I-.4 EP ,.. afwi 615, Qihkfi ,. 'QF' BRAY, ALBERT: DAIRY M.-xNMzI-:MEN1: SoutlI Coven- try. BRAY, SIDNEY LEONARD, JR.: I'IIS'I'ORY1 Bridge- port: Alpha Sigma Phi: Sid: Let's go to sleep . . . shall we . . . whether you know it or IIot . . .: Tr. Philosophy, U IVF. BREAKELL, ELLEN: NURSING: GoslIeII: Ellie: Parties III 413 . . . fun to be with . . . What did yoII bring back this weekend?: UCA, IVhite Caps. BRENDEL. WILLIAM CHARLES: Psx'cI-IoI.oCr: Hollis. BRENN. BAILEY: BUSINESS: North FraIIklin. BRENNAN, JOSEPH NVILLIAM PAUL: BIARKET- INC: Westport: Theta Chi: Joe: J.W.P.B .... Birth of :I salesman . . . Cosmopolitez Intramurals, TR. Senate, A.NI.A., Tr. Psych. BRERETON, DONALD JOSEPH: INSUR.-INCE: New Haven: Alpha SigIna Phi: Don: Newman, Insurance Society. BREYVER, CHARLES F.: INDUSTRY: Willimantic. BRIGHAM, RODNEY L.: PSYCHOLOGY: Rockville: "Rod": Help me with my Spanish? . . . C'meI'e I'll measure your LQ.: Psychology, SAM. BRISCOE, H. SHERMAN: ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: Red- ding: Sigma Chi: Sherm: sack rat . . . Kelly's worst half: Arnold Society, Intramurals, Officers Club, Pi Alpha Sigma. BROCHU, ADRIEN THOMAS: GOVERNMENT: Waterford: Ade: Ahl, Just made it . . . Gotta nother corny joke . . . Red Sox fan: Intramural Softball, ISO, 4H, Newman. BROWVN, JANE S.: HONIE ECONOMICS: East Haven: Pi Beta Phi: Janie: Purple, green and gold . . . walls papered with bids: Choir, UCA, WHUS. BROWN, WILLIAM GEORGE: MATHEMATICS: Chap- lin: "Brownie": Not bad for an old man . . . one spade, maybe?: Varsity Swimming, Math. BRUCE, ARTHUR HOWARD: INSURANCE: Ham- den: Art: Don't call me Junior . . . amiable cuss . . . who side-tracked me: Insurance. BRUNNER, DONALD ALBERT: BUSINESS ADMIN- IsTR,xTIoN: Darien: "Don": Home cooking . . . You like my hat? . . . Anachronous remarks: Intramural Football, Baseball, Basketball. BRYSON, FLORENCE IRENE: ARTS AND TEXTILES: Hartford: Phi MII: "I, Bry": Alarm clock nightmare . . . Another call . . . Phi NIIIYS politician . . . Archery, HOIIIC Economics. Senate, lVomen's Rifle, IV.S.G.C., U.C.A. BULBACH, STANIS M.: CHEMISTRY: New Britain: Coffee Fiend . . . elfish grin . . . Beethoven enthusiast: ACA, Bridge, Campus, Newman. BURACK, BORIS: ENGLISH: New Haven: Phi Sigma Delta: Sasch: one of the YVRUMies . . . Embassy row-the russian ambassador: TR-WRUM, Boating, Hillel, Shaft, Band, Intramural Baseball, XVHUS. Touchstone. BURDETTE, ROBERT ZOOLOGYQ East Haven, Bob, New Haven Teachers College Transfer . . . There ya go, goofin' off again, Education, ISO, New- Inan, Ornithology. BURGESS, RUTHERFORD C.: l'II,xRrxmcY, Hart- ford, Rudy, A friend when you need a friend . . . dependable as they come . . . energetic . . ., Basketball Captain, Glee Club, A.PH.A., A.A. President, Sopho- more President, Mortar and Pestle President, Class Ring. BURKE, MARCELLA MARY, ENGLISH, Hartford: Pi Beta Phi, "Marcy" cheeseburg-milkshake Suppers . . . smile for everyone . . . teach, what else?, Campus, Newman. Ski, HTFD-Tower, FreIIclI. BURKHARDT, RICHARD FREDERICK: INIECHANA ICAI. ENGINEERING, New Britain. BURR, BARBARA, NURSING: Manchester. BURSACK, RUTH, SOCIOLOGY, Manchester, Alpha Epsilon Phi, "Ruthie", Laughing lassie . . . scatterbrain . . . My Al . . . Mother of eleven-pledges, Hartford French President, Hartford Tower, Hillel, I.Z.F.A., Sociology. BUSHNELL, KENT ORPHA, GIfOLoGr, Tolland, "Bush", Game of chess, checkers, cards? . . . let's eat, Geology, JV Soccer. BUSSIERE, NORMAN LORENZO, ENGLISH, Hart- ford, Alpha Sigma Phi, Norm: Oh, those English Majors . . . Care to fiy around the room: OfIicer's Club, Arnold Society, Education, Newman. BZULLAK, KATHERINE EMILIE, ENGLISH, Tor- rington, Kay, Child of Spring . . . never a day without a letter . . . gentle grace, quiet charm: Education. Lutheran, Nutmeg, U.C.A. CADIEUX, HAROLD F., JR., GOVERNMENT, Milford, Champ: Not Sleeping, just resting my eyes . . . what'S wrong with Denny Dennis?, Newman, I.R.C. CADOW, HARRY, CHEMISTRY: Chestnut Hill. CADWELL, ERNEST EDWIN. JR., BUSINESS: West Haven. CAFFREY, CARROLL ANDREW, ECONOMICS, Meri- den: Sigma Chi, Calif, IVillie Stark . . . I dream of Jeanie, President, Trumbull Student Council, Student Senate Moderator, Intercollegiate Legislature, Intra- murals, Newman, IVhO's IVho. CALAMAREDES, EMANUEL: MARKETING, Bristol, Mike: Let's take a breaklg TR-Economics, IVRUM. CALANO, GORDON THOMAS, GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, East Hartford, Flash, Trin- ity College Transfer. CALLAHAN, FRANCIS, INIJusI'RI.xL AoIxIINIs'I'R.-x'I'IoN, New Haven. CAMERON, JOAN WALLACE, ENGLISH, Water- bury, Kappa Alpha Theta, Clothes make the woman, Still waters run deep . . . green polka dot ties, Nutmeg, Newman. CAMPBELL, ANN, SECRETARIAL STUDIESQ Man- chester. 35 'Fm CANFIELD. ROBERT li: FINANCI-1: Newington: "Mickey"1 Qui e radical in political views . . . easy going: Chess, A.NI.A., lntranIural Football, Softball, Newman, Outing. CANGIANO, VINCENT M.: CIvII. ENGINIiIiIuNGg New Haven: Vinnie: Married . . . Veteran . . . Navy Air Corps: A.S.C.E., TR Student Council. CANN, CERARD THOMAS: Ac:r:oIIN'IING: Hanl- tlen: Rod: Trailer camp tlweller . . . bring your row- boat when coming to visit: Newman. CANNAVO. ANTHONY: NURSERY M.fxNAGIaMILNT: Win- sled. CANNISTRARO, SALVATORE K.: BIIsINI-iss: Hart- ford. CANNON, BARBARA ANNE: SPANISH: New Ilaven: Kappa Alpha Theta: "Boom": Transfer from lr. College of Commerce . . . smiling freckled face, personality, Irish eyes: Newman. CANTWELL, PATRICIA LUCILLE: ENGI.IsII: East I-Iaddam: Alpha Delta Pi' "Patty": Darn near Strange . . . Theta Chi parties . . . cocker spaniel eyes: Campus, Education. Newman. CANTY, GIRARD: Akrs AND SGIENCIL: Watertown. CAPASSO, GEORGE: ENGINEERING: Hartford. CAPSHAW. .TERRY S.: ENGLISH: Torrington. CAPUTO, EDWARD JOSEPH: ENGLISH: East Haven: Lambda Chi Alpha: "Edu: Fellas, we have to think this thing over . . . Live a little, it's fun: YVRUM. XVHUS, TR-Connecticut Collegians. CARAFANO. FRANK MICHAEL: BAGTERIOLOGY: New Haven: Cary: Not tonight girls. got to study- now I'll tell one: WTBY-Basketball, Baseball, New- man. Dramatics, Intramurals. CARAVAGGIO, LEO F.: ZOOLOGYQ Torrington. CARBERRY, RAYMOND M.: INSURANCE: Norwich. CARBONI, DANIEL S.: AGRICUIQIURE: North Haven. CARLSON, DAVID XVILLIAM: BIARKETINCZ XViIli- Inantic: Dave: Criticism is something you can avoid by saving nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing . . . Success is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. CARNEY, VIRGINIA ANN: Akrs AND T1ixrILIas: Fairfield: Kappa Alpha Theta: "Ginny": Sunset hair . . . flip and friendly . . . veiled humor. "Let's Shoot": .junior Variety Show, Newman, Ski, Tennis. CARON, WILLIAM JEROME: CiOVI',RNMliN'l'Q Taftville: Bill: Laughing boy . . . Red Sox rooter . . . "'I'ecldv's my boy": TR Football, Intramural Softball. CARRUBBA, MARIE E.: PIIrsICAI. EDUCATION: An- sonia: Ree: Kardinal Kappa . . . "Haven't missed a game this season": Glee Club, Intramurals, Junior Counselor fSocial Chairmany, Physical Education, Womens Varsity. CARTER, WILLIAM STONE: lVIECI'l.-XNICAI. ENGI- NEERING: North Woodstock: Alpha Sigma: Billy-goat: I Zllll a reenigne and ann devoted to my seiduts . . . be carel'ul, we're on wire: Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Medi- ator, Debating, lntratnllral Baseball. CARUCCI, LEONARD R.: IIUSINI-ss: Hartford. CASS, JOSEPH WILLIAM: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Sey- mour: Joe: Fort Trumbull transfer: ASCE, Arnold Society, Newman, OfHcer's Club. CASTELLON, DOLORES ROSE: ARTS AND SCIENCE: East Haven: Alpha Delta Pi. CASTENHOLZ, MARY DOROTHY: PSYCHOLOGY: Norwich: Alpha Xi Delta: "Cass" Red hair, even tempered? . . . tea and cigarettes . . . 4 A.M. philoso- pher . . . Panhellenic, Psychology. W.S.G.C. CASTRONOVO, MICHAEL DONALD: CHEMISTRY: Greenwich: Phi Sigma Kappa: Mike: Wine, women, and song . . . That's fur sure: Intramural Softball, Volleyball, Newman, TR-NVrestling, A.C.S. CAYYVOOD, JOHN H.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: East Hartford: Johnny: "Hands off, Merle's man!" . . . A good sport among his friends: JV Basketball, Hartford Basketball Captain. CHALKER. DONALD B: INSURANCE: Saybrook. CHANNIN, ELIHU: PsrCHoLoGr: Hartford. CHAPMAN, PHILLIP WVILLIAM: ELECTRICAL EN- gineering: Groton: Phil: Debate. CHEESEMAN, JOHN R.: NIECHANICAI., ENGINEER- ING: East Haven: Jack: ASME, Pi Tau Sigma. CHILD, EDIVIN G: POULTRY: Madison. CHING, ALBERT C.: NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Merrow: Al: ASME, Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. CHOQUETTE, ELEANOR M: PHARMACY: Bridgeport: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Elly: Irrespressible laughter . . . Great big smile to set off a smooth gal . . . A. PH. A.: Class Secretary: Student Council. CI-IOIV, FREDERICK WEI-HSIN: CHEMISTRY: Stam- ford: Chow: Tr. Glee club: Tr. Student Council, Tr. Math, A.C.S. CHRISTENSEN, CHARLES: PHYSICAL EDUCATION: New London: Sigma Nu: Chris: "C" Club, Physical Education, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track. CHRISTIAN, RICHARD L.: NIARKETINCQ Nor- wichtown. 37 ,alla ,qu em 115 4-anfi ,,,, QW Kaya SQA A "E I, 'n'f'C5"' 11' I 15.523, CHRISTIE, ROBERT j.: DAIRY PRODUCTION: Groton: Theta Xi: Christie: Bach, Beethoven and Spike jones . . . Ayrshire mon . . . 3 Intramural Football, Volley- ball, Dairy, Block and Bridle, 4-H. CHRISTISON, JAMES A., QIR.: ACCOUNTING: Hart- ford: jim: Education. CHURCH, DONALD N.: HISTORY: Hartford. CHURLAND, RAYMOND j.: PIIARMACYI Vermont: Ray: Quiet, conscientious, good worker . . . Depend- able . . . Everybody's friend. CIANCI, SALVATORE NUNZIO: PSYCHOLOGY: PRE- MEDIGAI.: New Britain: Theta Xi: Sal: Newman, Intra- mural football, softball. CIMMINO, MARY CARMEN: ENGLISH: West Haven: Dark dynamic . . . have a real gone frantic time!: Chess, Secretary, Glee Club. CIUCI, GLORIA A.: SECRETARIAL STUDIES: Fairfield: Alpha Delta Pi: "Glo": Out for laughs . . . faux pas kid . . . sincere eyes . . . Basketball, Newman, Softball. CLINTON, WILLIAM WOOSTER, JR.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Groton: Bill. COBEY, JEANNE FRANCES: SOCIOLOGY: New Haven: Delta Zeta: "jeannie": Coblinski . . . Hair of gold and heart to match: Newman, Players, Sociology. COFRANCES, MARIE SALETTE: SOCIOLOGY: West Haven: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Oh, that tan! . . . Cutest nose on campus: Italian, Newman, Sociology. COHEN, ALVIN HOWARD: GOVERNMENT: West Hartford: Phi Sigma Delta: Oh, gee: The pessimist . . . wild about short, cute girls . . . stickler for rules: TR-Economics President, TR-Yearbook, Mediator. COHEN, LAWRENCE: PHARMACY: Hartford: Phi Epsilon Pi: Larr: End-product in band leaders . . . Natural talent for laughs . . .: junior Prom Committee. COHEN, MANFRED LESSING: PRE-MED: Torring- ton: Tau Epsilon Phi: Manny: Gives the impression of studying . . . A real friend: Hillel, IZFA, Arnold Society, Ofiicer's Club. I COHEN, MARVIN LEON: MARKETING: New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: Marv: "The only thing I could do" . . . Hillel's Best: Hillel, AMA, Inter-Faith Council, Intramural Swimming, Softball. COHEN, MORTON HAROLD: MARKETING: New Haven: Tau Epsilon Thi: "Morty" Doule X . . . "Not bad . . . rotten!" . . . Good company, adds life to a crowd: TR-Boating, IVRUM, Hillel, Mediator. COHEN, MORTON HAROLD: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Mort: Amateur Radio, AIEE, IRE, WRUM, Engineers. COHEN, WILLIAM BURTON: PSYCHOLOGY: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Bill: Night owl . Late walks . . . Gotta start a diet: TR Spanish, TR Psychol- ogy, Hillel, Intramural Basketball, Softball. COHEN, IVILLIAM MORRIS: MARKETING: New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: Bill: Oi a nidogadochn . . . "That's great" . . . "I'll shoot": Hillel, AMA. TR Basketball, Baseball, Intramurals. ' CoHoLAN, GERALD: FoREs'I'RY, New Britain. COLE, EDWARD FRANCIS, MECHANICAL F.NCINI'il R- ING: Bridgeport, Ed: ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Tan Beta Pi., CARI, NI.: HIs'IoRv, Meriden. COLLINS, ANN A.: HORTICULTIIRE, Ridgefield, Delta Zeta' D Z's chauffeur , . . Dodger Ian . . . Vim, Vigor, and Vigoro, ,Basketball, Horticulture, Intramurals, Tennis, U.C.A. COLLINS, EDWIN FRANCIS, ARTS AND SCIFNCI-N1 West Haven: Sigma Nu. COLLINS, GEORGE LLOYD, BIISINIQSSQ Man- chester: Kappa Sigma. COLLINS, RANDALL SAYLES: FINANCE: Hamdenl Theta Xi, Randy, One track mind, Torrington . . . dependable, Canterbury, Interfaith Council, Band, Community Chest, Insurance, Senate. COMOLIO, NORMAN CARL, MARKETING, Man- chester, Norm, Get the Marines out of Nicaragua: A.M.A., SDA, Rifle. CONBOY, JOHN ROBERT, IVIECHANICAL ENGI- NEERINGQ Cranston. R. I.: Alpha Sigma Phi: jack, Who's under the covers? . . , the Narragansett kid . . . Post mortem? . . .: ASME. Tau Beta Pi, Newman. CONDON, JOHN F., CIVIL ENGINEERING, Hartford: jack, A.S.C.E., Engineering. CONDON, SARA ELLEN, ENGLISH1 Bridgeport, Alpha Xi Delta: "Peg", Cokes at nine . . . what did NVilliams do today? . . . Junior Counselor, Newman, Players. CONNOR, DONALD S., MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Hamden: Alpha Gamma Rho: Windy: Airplane driver . . . weekends in Waterbury, Pi Tau Sigma, Flying, Intramurals. COOPER, SHIRLEY, NURSING, Hartford, Alpha Ep- silon Phig Shirl, After dinner foursome . . . loves Tschaikovsky, Chopin, and Claude Thornhill . . . those weekends home, White Caps, Hillel, Hillel Key, Yukon Cap. COPP, XVEBSTER TIRRELL, IVIATHEMATICSQ Nor- wich, Xveb, Ambition to be high school mathematics teacher, Education, Intramural Basketball, Softball. COPPA, RICHARD B.: ZooLoGY: Hartford. CORBO, ROBERT ANTHONY, EDUCA'rIoN, Norwalk, Bob, My life is guided by one light, the lamp of ex- perience, Newman, Education, Intramurals. CORN, DAVID, ZOOLOGY1 Ivest Hartford, Phi Ep- silon Pi, Dave, Band, Concert Band, Upsilon Chi Beta, Nutmeg. Hillel. CORNELL, RICHARD H.: MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING1 New Milford, Dick, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.ME. 39 wi -13 lifts 39 K3- 79" 41 .91 -usp. W. COTE. LUCILLE I.: Hom: ECONOMICS: Willimantic: l,uIu: SI. joseph College Transfer . . . Life. love, and I,ulu . . . Friendly smile: Newman. Home Economics. COTJANLE, THEODORE ERNEST: HISTORY: New Haven: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon: Ted: Party Schmarty!! . . . Memoirs in bed: Tide Editor, Shaft Editor, Campus .Xssociate Editor. Touchstone Managing Editor. COTNIOR. GERARD ll.: PSYCIIOIOCY: Putnam. COVIELLO, ANNA MARILYN: PHILOSOIIHY: Milford: Delta Zeta: "Ann": Your library card, please . . . Have to be cagey about thislg Bridge, Philosophy. CREEHAN, RAYMOND ROGER. -IR.: ACCOIINTINC: New Haven: Alpha Sigma Phi: Ray: Let's go to Fred's for a game ol cards: Newman. CRETELLA, ANTHONY R.: ACCOUNTING: Hart- ford. GROWE. ,IOHN R.: ENCLISH: West Haven: Alpha Phi Omega. CROWLEY. JAMES B.: HISTORY: Hartford. CRUMB, LEONARD NORMAN: CIVIL ENCINEIQR- INC: Norwich: Lenny: It don't seem right to me . . . All right, pick me up in a few minutes: ASCE, Hillel, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon. CUCCO. .IOSEPH LOUIS: ACCOIINTINC: Darien. CUFFE. WILLIAM EUGENE: PSYCHOLOGY! Milford: Theta Xi: "RHllSOlll"1 Lover of Beautiful Girls, Bow- ties, White bucks, Barber-shop singing: Trumbull Tide, Fencing. Tennis. CUMMISKEY. DAWN MARIE: ENCLISH: New Britain "Dawn": Redheaded Irishman . . . "SinCerity is what counts": Glee Club. Newman, WHUS, Hart- ford Glee Club. Spanish, Tower. CUTLER, JACK H.: ARTS AND SCIFNCI-1: Hartford. CUTHRELL, STEPHEN: PHILOSOPHY: New Canaan: Cool, calm, and collected-UConn's gift to play writ- ing: Alpha Phi Omega. Philosophy, "Celestial jour- ney", "Frankie K johnny", WRUM, TR-Tennis, Fenc- ing, "Tide", ISO, UCA. CYBUL, LYDIA PHARMACY: Bridgeport! Lambda Kappa Sigma: Lyd: Tall blonde, full of vim, vigor, and vitality . . . Success is hers: A.PH.A.: Pharma-Conn. CZARNECKI, SIGMUND ANTHONY: INDUSTRIAI. NIANAGEIKIENTC Glastonbury: Sig: Easy going and like- able .... A faux pas a day keeps life gayl: Engineers, Newman, S.A.M. DADDARIO, ALBERT S.: ELECTRICAL ENCINIQIIRINC: Hartford: Al: AIEE, Mathematics, Trumbull Amateur Radio, President. D'ADDETA, ANTHONY M.: ECONOMICS: West Haven: Theta Chi: Newt: Arnold Society. 40 DAGLIO, FRANCIS CHARLES: CIVIL liNr:lNr1l4luNf:: Tarilfville. DACOSTINA, EDWARD A.: INsuluNr:r: Stamford: Sigma Chi: Dag: "I should have heen a ragged claw scuttling across the lloors ol' silent seas.": Arnold So- ciety. Footlighters, Players, TR Foothall. IJAHI., 'l'HURli WILLIAM, AIR.: NI:-xzlmwlrrxl, l'INt:lNr.lfRlNr:: Theta Xi: "Bill": Howdy . . . have you seen Uncle NValt . . . got studying to do: Intramural Softball, A.S.M.E, ITAMBROSI. TERESA ANN: Baerrpiuotnrzrg Water- bury: Delta Zeta: Terry: Flashing dark eyes . . . Rollieking laughter . . . Brains. hangs and haeteriol- ogy: Newman. - DAMERY, 'IAMES HENRY, IR.: INoUsrluAL IYIAN- xrzl-is1ifN'l': Watertown: "hlim": Champlain College Transfer . . . continual arguments with 'Kaz' . . . Don't lose your headlz SAM, Ski. DANIELS, PASCAL BARTHOLOMEW: Zoorocvg Psvcznoroorz West Haven. D'ANSONA, PETER: Cm'liRNMlaNl': Hartford. DARLEY, LINUS VINCENT: lNnus'rru,xl, ADMINIS- 'rRA'r1oN: Mount Carmel: Alpha Gamma Rho: Linne: Is Frank Quinn still with the Yankees?-Vacations in Pittsburgh-oh, my aching ulcer: S.A.M. DAVIDSON, ROBERT C.: ACCOUNTING: Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Bob: Every weekend Stamford bound . . . "my ear may not he new, hut it sure has guts!": Hillel. Clee Cluh. DAVIES, RICHARD I.: Clvu. ENGINI-zmuwcal Meriden: Alpha Sigma Phi: Dick: ASCE, Yukon Aviation. DAVIS, ROBERT ELLIS: INnUs'rru,u, M,xN.xcE1xmN'l': Norwich: Theta Xi: Bob: That's terrihc . . . Smiling lace . . . winters in Florida: SAM, UCA. DIQANGELIS, BARBARA: FRENCH: Middletown: Phi Mu: "BohlJy": ready for anything . . . sunbaths . . . yen for red carnations: Canterbury. Choir, French. junior Counselor, Spanish. IICA. DEANCELIS, ROBERT -I.: CIVIL ENILINFIQRING: An- sonia' Bob: ASCE: Vr. Fencing. DLQCAPUA, JERRY ANTHONY: 1iNc:lN1a1aiuNf:g New Haven. DIQFEO, -IOHN AI.: Pr-mluxmcr: Southington: Phi Delta Chi: Sincerity personified . . . high Q.P's . . . serious and friendly . . .3 A.PH.A.: Rho Chi. DIQFRANCESCO, SALVATORE LAWRENCE: Akrs ,txn SCIENCE: New Haven. DIQGENARO, ALFRED: Busmrss ArmiN1s'1'R.vrroN: Hamden: Freddie: A.I.E.E.. I.R.E., Math. DELANEY, THOMAS N., IR.: Psvcnorocrg XVaterbury. 4I -QA ab? 31 was .Mun .wx ff'5?"i lifes 3, -.g,Q6,,J W . ,ws-Q, Waxing arm?-A 'iw :- 4-an, ik -'- 645 at if "a"? , 'js' DELCREGO, DONALD JOSEPH: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERING: Branford: Sigma Nu: Doom: Had me fooled . . . sarcastic humor . . . Ive got taken . . .: A.I.E.E.,. Intramurals. DEI. CUIDICE, DOMINIC G.: GOVERNMFNT: Hart- l'0I'll. DELl.ARIPA, JAMES M.: CIVIL l'lNtQlNl1YI"RlNIlC East Hart ford. DE MARCO, RUSSELL ROSARIO: ACCOUNTING: New I.ondon: Phi Sigma Kappa. DEMBICZAK, WALTER J.: JR.: lVIECl-IANICAI. EN- GINIQLRINC: New Haven: ASME, SAM, Newman. DIQMUSIS, ANTHONY M.: ACCOUNTING: East Haven: Lambda Chi Alpha: Tony: Let's get those clues paid up . . . wh0's going to the Polish Home?: Newman, TR Bowling, Intramurals, Marketing. DERAGO, ANGELA JANE: ENGLISH: IVindsor: "An- gela": Dark eyes, petite, sweet, sincere . . . Artistically sensitive: Education, Hartford Spanish, Newman. Players, WHUS. DESHEFY. EUGENE ERNEST: INDUSTRIAL lNIANACl?- NIIALNT: Norwich: Theta Chi: Gene: Heads I go, tails I don't . . . Siesta time: Arnold Society, Officers ClI1b. Insurance, Newman. DESJARDINS, LEO FRANCIS: INIECHANICAL ENGI- NEIARING: Moosup: IVhere's my slide rule? . . . I'm speechless . . . I now pronounce you Spaghetti and Meat Balls: ASME, Newman, Engineers. DEVINEY, JAMES R.: MARKETING: Devon: "Dev": A.M.A. DE IVITT, JAMES J.: ENGLISH: South Coventry. DIANI, RUTH: SPANISH: Bristol: Delta Zeta: Blue Beetle . . . Joe is early: Education, Junior Counselor, Spanish. DICKON, ADAM J.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Hart- ford. DICKSON, WILLIAM FREDERICK: INDUSTRIAL lNIANAG1iMl-lNTQ Manchester: Sigma Chi: Dix: Mr. Money Bags . . . the Gunner: Arnold Society, Intra- murals. OfHcer's Club, SAM, Varsity Track. DICKSTEIN, GEORGE L.: MARKETING: IVater- bury: Phi Epsilon Pi: Likes good music, tennis. golf. bowling: AMA, Hillel, Hillel Choir, "Touchstone", WTBY Dramatic, Socio-Economic. DIKOVSKY, BASIL EUGENE: POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Shelton: Ski: Quiet, outdoor type . . . Hsh, chickens, :I Model "A": Bankiva, Fish ik Game, Russian. DIMUCNO, JOHN J.: ACCOUNTING: Kensington: "Damug": A wife, good clothes, and a brand new car, Newman. DINERSTEIN, SHIRLEY GRACE: PHARMACY: New Haven: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Torchy: Speaks with her eyes . . . Slightly unpredictable . . . Early 05 riser . . .: A.PH.H.: Pharma-Conn.: Yearbook: Mortar and Pestle, Secretary. 42 DINUZZO, DONALD M., MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: New Haven, Sigma Chi, Bull, a big body to house a big heart . . . exceptional engineer, ASME, Intra- Inurals, TR-Math, Club, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. DION, JOHN WILLFRED, MARKETING, Wauregan: Newman. DIPOLLINA, DOMINIC A.: lVIARKli'I'lNfLQ New l,ondon. DIXON, RICHARD H., NIARKETINCQ Waterbury, Theta Xi, Dick, "Let's have a ball!" . . . "Time the house had another party.", Varsity swimming, A.M.A. DOBRICH, 'ROBERT PAUL, ZOOLOGYAJ Nichols, Lambda Chi Alpha, "Dobie", Wine, women, and song . . . I'm on cloud number nine again, TR Spanish, WRUM, Glee Club, Outing, Newman, Student Musi- cal, Biology. DOLE, RODERICK A., ACRICULTURAI. ENGINFFR- ING, Willimantic. DOLSEN, CHARLES PHILIP, ENGINEERING, Milford. DONAHUE, JEFFREY M., ECONOMICS, New Britain, Theta Chi, Dinty, subtle, suave, sardonic. D'ONOFRIE, ANTHONY, ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING, Bloomfield, AIEE, Engineering. DOOLITTLE, FREDERICK LINCOLN, ENGt,IsI-I, Cheshire. . DORIZZI, ALICE HELEN, HOINIE ECONOMICS Enu- CATIONQ Norfolk, Alpha Xi Delta, "Dil", Reno and me . . . always smiling . . . chef par excellence . . . Education, Home Economics, junior Counselor, New- man, Phi Upsilon. DOROSHUK, ANDREXV A., CHEMISTRY, Ansonia, Andy, ACS, Russian. DORSKY, NAOMI, ARTS AND SCIENCE, New London. DOUGLASS, MARY, NURSING, Wetherfield, Phi Mu, Mary, Oh, those walks with jim . . . isn't it cute, White Caps, UCA, Canterbury, Badminton, Basketball, Varsity, IVAA. DOWNEY, RAYMOND E., PHARMACY, Nvest Haven, Ray, Quiet but conscientious . . . serious but friendly . . ., Glee Club. DOYLE, MARY RITA, NURSING, Wetherslield, Ritzie, Sparkling blue eyes . . . smile for all . . . Kappa Sig weekends, Newman, WVhite Caps, Treasurer, Husky. DRAKELEY, GEORGE MORRIS, PRE-NIEDICALQ Woodbury, Newman. DRAUDIN, RUDOLPH RAYMOND, MARKETING, Scotland, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Smiley, Muhlenberg College transfer . . . "Smile and the world will smile with you", Cheerleader, Marketing, WHUS. 43 -44:54 abit ,wx DRISCOLI.. JERRY A.: M.t'I'HI1M.tTIGs: New Canaan, DUIIII-Il., 'THEODORE' ARTS ANII St:IIcNt:I-i: Hartford. DUPERNELI., ROBERTA: CHMIISTRY: Water- towII: Robbie: "Where's my slide rule?" . . . hazard in lab: ACA, Blue and White. Canterbury, Husky. Intercollegiaie Legislature. junior Counselor, IICA. DUPERNELL ROSEMARY: ENGLISH: WVateI'town: Rosie: Etheral . . . fIIll of bounce . . . interests a cer- tain electrical engineer: Canterbury, Glee Club, junior Counselor, UCA-Council, Writers fSecretaryj. DUFFY, MARY E.: Music EIIUCATION: Broad Brook: Pi Beta Phi: Piffle . . . Miss Mimic . . . It's music: Community Chest Secretary, Education. Clee Club. Newman, Softball. DUNHAM, WILLIAM RACKLIFFE: AR'rs .IND SCIIYNCP: New Britain. DUNIGAN, AIOHN JOSEPH: CIvII. ENGINEIPRING: Bridgeport: -l.D.: A.S.C.E., Newman. DURRSCHMIDT, MAX A.: CIVIL ENGINIIFRING: Shelton. DUTCHER, RUSSELL R.: GEOLOGY: Shefheld: Theta Xi, "Dutch": Swede: get up! . . . Cod's country . . . lI'llC love Canterbury. Geology. Intramurals. DUTRIEUILLE, WILLIAM P., II: SocIoI,oGY: Clin- ton: Bill: Hampton Institute Transfer . . . A fellow who is maturing, which is a process similar to growing pains: WRUM, WHUS. Sociology. DUX. HENRY ALEXANDER: PsvcIIoLoGx': Nor- wich: Hank: Oh, Szhmatz . . . let's go camping . . . smoke a pipe: Alpha Phi Omega. Newman, Outing. EDGARIAN ARTHUR ALEX: HISTORY: New Britain: Theta Xi: Ed: His happy wit ever present: Education, Canterbury, IRC. Hartford Baseball, Bas- ketball, Student Council. EDMONDSON, RONALD ECONOMICS: North Cov- entry: Ronny: Commuter . . . the Yankees can't lose . . . sports enthusiast: JV Football, OfIicer's Club. EICHELMAN, WALTER -IOSEPH: MIXRKETINCQ Hartford: The DeacoII: Sharp clothes and the latest styles. . . I read that in the "Billboard" . . .: Hillel. EIFLER, RICHARD: INDUSTRIAL BKIANACEMENTZ Hamden: Alpha Gamma Rho: Sammy: Owner of a red motorcycle . . . quiet blll dependable: Husky Harmoneers. ELKINS. ROBERT M.: ENGLISH: New London: Bob: Started a clIIb for people who got eight hOlIl"S sleep last night-couldn't join himself . . . "Colyum": Campus, "Campus Contacts", TR "Freelance", Hillel. ISO, "Tide", "Touchstone", TR Writers, "Shaft". ELKO. 'IOHN FRANCIS: INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENTI Ansonia: jack: What ho, It's . . .l Got a date at Willi State . . . Dorm jazz sessions via phono.: Newman, Intramural Basketball, Softball. ELLEFSEN, MARVIN KENDALL: ELECTRICAI. ENGINEERING: Hamden: Marv: Amateur Radio. ELLIOTT, JAMES E., JR.: IQNGLISHQ Manchester: Jim: Forever Elliott . . . Blondes, ballet, Broadway and Bruce: Glee Club, Llubmurt Trof, WRUM, TR Writer's, Frelance, Choir. Student Musicals, Carollers. ISO, UCA. ELLIOTT. JOHN HOWARD: ENr:l.lsrt: Hartford: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: "lt's great to be pinned" . . . New York, every weekend: Husky. Tide, XVRUM, Dramatics, Young Republicans, Intramural Baseball. ELLMAN, CARL W.: Cl-IIQMISTRYQ New Milford. EMERSON: RALPH L., JR.: ANTHRol'ol.ot:f: South Glastonbury. EMMONS, HAROLD ERWIN: El.t5c:'l'Rlc.u, Exm- Numumz: Milford: Lambda Chi Alpha: Bud: There should be eight days in a week-four for work and lour lor a week-end: AIEE. EPSTEIN, ROBERT A.: Accouxrlxoz Hartford: Phi Sigma Delta: Bob: Rabbit raiser . . . hated treas- urer . . . rooms with monster: Hillel, Intramural Bas- ketball, Volleyball. EVARTS, CARTH B.: B'IARKli'l'lNCj Mer'iclen: Lambda Chi Alpha: "Moen: Pass the can opener, please . . . AMOBAT! . . . Ya' got me, Chickie .... A MA, Avia- tion, Intramurals. EXPOSITO, BEATRICE ESTEVEZ: Hlsrouvg Windsor: Bea: Lively, congenial, everybody's friend: Education, Glee Club, Hartford Engineering I.S.O.. Newman, Social Science, Foreign Language, Dramatics. FABIANO, DOLORES ANN: Zooroor: YVater- bury: Alpha Delta Pi: "Deen: Flashing mischievous eyes . . . always a smile . . . dreamer: Italian. Newman. IVAHEY, JOSEPH H.: Mleicu,-tmcfti. ENGINEERING: Springdale: "Buzz": Air Force Captain: Campus, Avia- tion News, Manager Campus Contacts. FAHEY, ROBERT CYRIL: BUSINESS: Rockville. IFALANGA, RALPH A.: NIECHANICAI. ENo1NuteRlNo: New Haven: Flamingo: A.S.M.A.. Newman. FARACLAS, WILLIAM N.: PHARM.-tcv: East Haven: Kappa Psi: Bill: Conscientious student . . . unpre- dictable at times . . . friendly and easy going . . . : Glee Club: A.PH.A. FARRAR, ARTHUR L.: POULTRY: Forestville. FELLOWS, JOYCE ELIZABETH: PHYSICAL Enu- CATION: Stonington: Alpha Xi Delta: "Jeff": white water canoeing . . . "Mood Indigo" sigh . . . "Lexie" . . . high scorer: Archery, Basketball, Hockey, Outing, P. E. Majors, Riding, Softball, U.C.A., Varsity, XV.A.A. FENTON, ROBERT CllliMlS'l'RYQ Stratlord: Phi Sigma Kappa: Bob: American Chemistry, French, Cer- man. FENYVES, JACK D.: BI.-XRKETINGQ Brooklyn, N. Y. FERGUSON, MERTON XVARNER: ELECIRICAI. ENGINEERING: Niantic: Mert: A.F.R.O.T.C., Arnold Society. 45 5' " N- CN .. 'Q -49' -GUAM V .W IVERNANDEZ, SANTIAGOQ MARKETING, New York City. FERRIGNO, ANTHONY R.: HOR'l'ICUL1'UREQ Bridge- port. FILOMENO, JOSEPH DOMINICK: ACCOUNTING, Hartford: Joe: Newman. FINEBERG, ROBERT PHILIP, PHARMACY, Hartford, Alpha Zeta Omega, Bob, Likes dancing, athletics, beer parties and bull sessions . . . connoisseur of aesthetic lemmes . .. , A.PH.A., Glee Club, Librarian, Year Book: Chemistry. FINK, EDWARD ROBERT, ECONOMICS! New Haven. FINTON, JOSEPH BEATRICE, ELECTRICAL ENGI- NI-LIQRINGQ Shelton: Philosophy, Newman, Math, ISO, AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu. FISCHER, ROBERT A., JR., PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Stamford. FISHMAN, ARTHUR L., FINANCE, XVest Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi, Art, "Forgot to sleep last night" . . . "Just ask for 'the fish' ", I.Z.F.A., Hillel, Insurance. FITZGERALD, JOHN JAMES, MECHANICAL ENGI- NI-QIQRING, Naugatuck: "Fitz", "Scourge" of Windham Hall. has Connecticut State Certificate for Toolmaking, ASME. Education, Physics, Math, Newman. FITZGERALD, THOMAS HENRY, INSURANCE, Yvater- bury: Fitz: Transfer from Ivaterbury Branch, Insur- ance, I.S.O., Newman. FLAKS, BETTY FLORENCE, BUSINESS EDUCATION, Meriden, Phi Sigma Sigma, Betts, Education, Hillel, Husky, Key. FLAKS, MARVIN, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, New Haven, Tau Epsilon Phi, Marv, "Photo by Marvin" . . . Hfonderful husband . . . "But it wasn't my fault, judge", Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Arnold Society, Hillel, Muskey. Key. Photography, TR-Tide. FLANAGAN, EDWARD K., ARTS AND SCIENCE, New Haven. FLYNN, ROBERT EDWARD, ENGLISH, North Gul- ford, "Bob", TR-Young Democrats, treasurer, TR- Student Council, Chairman Finance, Varsity Cross Country. FOLEY, MICHAEL PATRICK, INDUSTRIAL MAN- .xGr.xIIf.N,r, Clintonville, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mike, Interested and interesting . . . Pleasant and powerful, S.A.M. Newman, Husky, TR Bowling, Softball, A.M.A. FOOTE. HOWLAND S., CIVIL ENGINIEIQRING, Bristol. FORCHT, ARTHUR LEE, PSYCHOLOGY, Stamford. FORNIAN, EARL JULIAN: ARTS AND SCIENCE, Hartford. 46 FORSLUND, CHARLES FREDERICK, PsvcIIoI,om', West Haven, Alpha Gamma Rho, Chick, Forslund's Follies . . . dented fenders and busted ukeleles . . . an real worker, Football, Glee Club, XVRUM, IlIll'2lllIlll'ZlI Swimming, Variety Show. FOSTER, EBENEZER A. J.: Zoototzvg Cheshire. FRACCHE, LOUIS. FRANK, EDWARD HOWARD, lNI.-x'I'IIIgsI.x'I'Ics, Water- ville, Ed., Alpha Phi Omega. FRANKLIN, MOLLY, NURSINIIQ Hartford, Oh those sad brown eyes . . . the "Profile" . . . persistent letter writer, IVhite Caps, Yukon Cap, Hillel, Hillel Choir. FRAVEL, JOHN ARTHUR, INDUSTRIAL INIANAGIC- xIIcN'I', XVaterbury, Sigma Chi, Jack, That's for sure . . . Horizontal .... A h knows it, SAM. FREEDMAN, EDWARD, INI.-IIAKIJIIING, New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: Rims: Saddle up . . . Banjo eyes . . . Monday night shoots, TR Basketball, Varsity Basket- ball, Intramural Football, Softball, Volleyball, Hillel, Husky, C Club, Junior Class Executive Comm. FREEDMAN, FREDERICK ARTHUR, Psx'cHoI.ocI': Stepney, Phi Epsilon Pi, Fred, But it parks well . . . XVho is calling Sprague?, Hillel, Psychology, Dramatics, YVRUM. FREEMAN, LEAH FRANCES, ENGLISH, New London: Alpha Epsilon Phi, "Lee", Sparkling eyes . . . personality in that smile . . . conscientious student . . . Hillel, XV.A.A. FRENCH, DORIS MAY, SIcc:Iu1'I'ARIAL S'I'UuIIQs, NVethers- field, "Dottie", Curls. men, and infectious laughter . . . smiles at the world: Intramurals, Orchestra, Softball, Speedball, XVhitecaps. FRESENIUS, PHILIP, ACCOUNTING, New Haven. FRIED, HARVEY JOSEF, IVIARIQEIING, Bridgeport, Phi Epsilon Pi, "Hoff", Borrow your car for ten minutes? . . . Bop crooner . . . you take Main Street and I'll take Broad Street, Hillel, S.A.M., Band, Chorus, Intramurals. FRIEDMAN, ALVIN I., PSYCHOLOGY, Hartford, Phi Sigma Delta, Al, Big Al . . . shy at first, but when you get him alone, Hartford Basketball, Tennis, Intra- mural Baseball, Hillel. FROST, CAROL: Amis AND TEXTILES: Old Green- wich, Kappa Kappa Gamma, "Frosty", House Barber . . . Affinity for red-heads . . . Tweedy, tanned and terrific, Basketball, Hockey, Junior Counselor, Senate, Sophomore president, Swimming Panhellenic, YVAA. FYLER, GRACE E., Hosni ECONOMICS, West Sims- bury, Pi Beta Phi, "Gracie", Easy to talk to . . . swimming meets . . . "Sleepy" ..., A rchery, Junior Counselor, U.C.A. GAGNE, JOSEPH IV., MIgcII.xNIc.xL ENGINIQERING, West Hartford, Theta Chi, Joe. GALLUCCI, BRUNO JOSEPH, Govi-iRNMLN'1', Hart- ford, "True gems", lasting impressions of college life . . . the Gonionemus affair and Mrs. Grass dinners: HTFD YVSSF chairman, HTFD Student Council. French, Glee Club, Education, Senate. GANNON, DONALD R., MARkI1'I'INc, Stamford, Don, Swell guy . . . Always a gentleman . . . finished musician . . . scholarly philosopher . . . full of fun: AMA, Newman, ISO. fl N557 145'- GAUDET, JAMES A.: l'Il.tlC'l'RlCAl. Emcatwugiumz: New London Jim: Quiet, serious, hard worker . . . depend- able in a pinch: AIEE. Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Engineers. Newman. GAVENSKY, SEYMOUR: Ac:c:oUNTtNc: Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Sy: "Where's the money' coming from?" . . . "Of course I got an ": Hillel Treasurer. GI-QI.MIiT'l'I. RICCO JOHN: Pitvsles: East Hart- ford: Rick: Today I got the shaft . . . Moan, Moanlg Neuman, Physics. GEl.S'l'ON. ANITA MARIE: Dxntv Puonuerlos: East Haddam: Alpha XI Delta: Cider parties . . . home every weekend . . . 4H. Choir, Dairy. Bankiva, Junior Counselor, U.C.A. GENTILE, AILEEN. GEORGE, THOMAS S.: B.-xC'': Hlest Hart- ford. GERNERT. SYLVIA LAWSON: Stfckiituxut.-xt. Srunn-is: Stratford: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sue: "It isn't lady- like" . . . Arthur . . . a loyal friend: Choir, Nutmeg. Swimming. GERSHAM. RITA LORRAINE: Smwlst-1: Hartford: SenoRita: Vivacious personality. dark sparkling eyes. and a warm smile: Campus, Hillel, Huskey, ISO, "Raisin' Cane". Spanish .Student Government. Hart- ford, Mortar Board. GERSHAM, SHERMAN R.: l'H.uzM.-xcv: Hartford: Alpha Zeta Omega: Spike: IVeekends in Hartford for sentimental reasons . . . Considerate and sincere friend . . . :: A.PH.A.: Rho Chi: Cosmetics: Chemistry. GERSTENBERG, FREDERICK JOHN, JR.: ENcLtsH: New London: Jack: German, Touchstone. Alpha Phi Omega. GESSNER, EUGENE: Mt-ieusxtc.-'IL ENGINIQLRING: Stamford: Gene: ambitious. self-made man . . . never a harsh word: ASME, Engineers. Pi Tau Sigma. GINAFORTE, EDIVARD M.: BAcTr1RtoLocY: New Haven: Ed: Love those bugs . . . O.K. Doc . . . Every- body's wonderful . . . Bow tie kid: TR-German. GIANGARRA. BENEDICT JAMES: Eciacrktcae Emai- Namtmo: New Haven: Ben: can fix anything . . . Likes good literature, classical music and the 'elogies': AIEE. Newman. GIFFORD, W'RIGHT D., JR.: Af.RteUt.TURAL ENGI- NEERING: Storrs: Gilf, WVell, I'll tell you . . . My car's older than I am: ASAE, Officers Club. Phi Alpha Sigma. GILL, ARDIAN C.: MA'l'i-tml.-x'l'Ics: Jewett City: Lambda Chi Alpha: Horse. GILLEN, RICHARD FENTON: I'iNt.I.lSl'l1 New Haven: Alpha Gamma Rho: Dick: Sad Sam . . . at tiger at night and a pussycat in the morning: Newman, TR Student Council, TR Basketball, Intra-mural Football Basket- Iiall, Baseball. GILLIGAN, JAMES JOSEPH. JR.: Matzkt-:'rtNc: East Norwalk: That Irish gleam . . . what a clown . . . Oh, a commuter's life! . . . Basketball Intramurals, Newman. GIMPLE, SIDNEY: M.-uuui'l'1Nc: East Haven. GIONFRIDDO, JOSEPH PAUL, Ac:couNT1NGg Hart- ford: Little Joeg Did you do the Cost or Intermediate . . . Yankee fan: Newman, TR-Spanish. GIORDANO, BRUNO EGILIOg I'Hx'slCM. Enuczfx- 'l'l0N1 Stamford: Sigma Chi, The Brung What! No spaghetti? . . . with a song in my heart: Club. Cross-Country, Education, Glee Club, Newman, P.Ii. Majors, Varsity Track. GIVEN, GEORGE F., JR.: ECONOMICSQ Hamden. GLASNER, MURRAY D.g ZOOLOGYQ New Milford. GLASS, HERMAN H.: 1'ltE-Vmelcklmakrg Thomaston. GLASSER, FREDERICK, CHEMts'rRYg New Haven. GLEDHILL, .ARTHUR PHYSICSQ IVest Hartford. GLENICK, HENRY. GOCHBERG, GLADYSQ EDUCATION: Stamford: Alpha Epsilon Phi, "Geaji"g That winsome look . . . wake me . . . love than many Debating, Education, Hillel, Players. GODIN, RAYMOND NORMANDQ EN1'oMoLom': Stamford: Ray: First dirt, then bugs, now nutslg TR Chess, TR Biology, Newman, Alpha Phi Omega, Officers Club, Track and Cross-country manager. GOETZ, HENRY F.g CIVIL ENGINLLIUNCQ New Haven. GOLD, CHARLES G.g FINANCEQ West Haven. GOLD. JAMES DOUGLAS, JR., INDUSTRIAL lNfI.xNAc1z- MENTQ Bridgeport. GOLD, THOMASTON M.g INSURANCE: New Haven. GOLDBERG, ABRAHAM JOSEPH: ACCOUNTING: Norwichg Just don't hurt my feelings: "Tide", "Campus", Hillel. GOLDBERG, DAVIDQ Ecowotxucsg Hartford: Phi Ep- silon Phig "Red"3 Dresses like a gentleman . . . eats more than his whole fraternity, "Red" prefers blondesg Hillel. GOLDBERG, SELMAQ ENGLISHQ Norwichg Phi Sigma Sigmag "Shilley"g The Gay Parisienne . . . charm and poise personified . . . rippling giggle . . . Hillel, Husky. GOLDEN, FRANK A., JR.g MARKHING3 Hartfordg Chee-Cheeg Oh them golden slippers . . . never a dull momentg Newman, A.M.A., S.A.M. 49 'QL HW ,Jaan 55' GOLDREICH, DONALD: IXIARILETING: Higganum: Tau Epsilon Phi: Goldy. GOODNO, WILLIAM C.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Hartford: Bill: Newman. GOODRICH, STANLEY L.: Foiu-:sTRY: East Haven: Goodie: Forestry. GORDON, BETTE ANN: PSYCHOLOGY: Bridgeport, Phi Sigma Sigma: "Bett": Yvesleyan Mfeekends . . . en- Ihusiastic . . . energetic . . . stars in her eyes . . . ef- licrvescent charm . . . Respectively Submitted . . . Hillel, junior Counselor. GORENBERG, BERNARD ELLIOT: GOVERNMENT: New Haven: Phi Sigma Delta: Bernie: How about those Dodgers? Ah kum fum Korea . . . lotsa Q.P.s. . . Tr. Bowling, Intramural baseball, I.R,C. GORMAN, MARY ELIZABETH: ENGLISH: Thompsonville: "Betty": I know I Hunked! . . . Mis- chievous eyes . . . Ambition English teacher . . . Loves bull sessions: I.S.O., Newman. GOSPODINAFF, ALEXANDER MICHAEL: Land- scape Gardening: Greenwich: Theta Xi: Alex: "Don't worry, I'll be there." Never forget Mr. Perkins' labs. GOTTLIEB, EDNA ROSE: SOCIOLOGY: Colchester: "Ros": Good things come in small packages . . . that Friday ride to Colchester . . . Education Hillel, ISO, Sociology. GOZZO. P. FRANK, -IR.: ARTS AND SCIENCES: New Britain: Alpha Sigma Phi: Goosey: Dapper Midget . . . Little toy . . . Always the best . . . laughing boy: New- man, Sociology, Italian. GRABOYVY, FRANK ALOYSIUS, JR.: CIVIL ENGI- neering: Norwich: A.S.C.E. GRADY, ANTHONY GEORGE, JR.: PSYCHOLOGY: Calumet City, Ilinois: Alpha Sigma Phi: Tony: Ty- phoid . . . Mary starts another day . . . File on, Thelma jordan . . . 2 Tr. Psychology. GRADY, HAROLD FRANCIS: MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING: Ansonia: "Hal": "XVhere's that arrogant Nord?": ASME, Intramural basketball, softball, TR- Math Sec.-Treas., Newman. GRECENKO, NINA TAMARA: ZOOLOGY: Southbury: Delta Zeta: "Ninotchka": Vivacious red-head . . . humor at any time . . . "He's only a buddy": Players, Russian, Ski. GREEN, ALLEN EVERETT: PSYCHOLOGY: Hart- ford: Omega Psi Phi: Al: Dirty Dishes Over the Counter . . . rather waltz than eat-sometimes: N.A.A.C.P., Pres., Bridge, Fencing, Campus, Psychology, Htfd Glee Club. GREENBERG, ARLYNE EVELYN: SOCIOLOGY: IVest Hartford: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Arl": Dreamy eyes. charming smile . . . off to Europe . . . Q.P. doll: French, HTFD-Dramatics, Hillel, Junior Counselor, Sociology. GREENBERG, LAIVRENCE: PRE-BIEDZ New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: Larry: You don't say . . . Are you living dangerously? . . . Serious thinker: Italian, Players, Hillel. GREENBERG, ROSALYN: SOCIOLOGY: New Haven: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Roz": It's terrific . . . talking eyes . . . music building . . .Hillel, Sociology. GREENBERG, THEODORE ALFRED: ACCOUNT- ING: Waterbury: Phi Epsilon PI: "Ted": New Haven every weekend . . . I'll only play for an hour: WTBY Student Senate, Socio-Economic, Dramatic, Begnalight. GREGORY, ROBERT, ECONOMICS, Colchester, Alpha Sigma Phi, WA-WA, The pinless wonder . . . So Tired . . . let's go to Boston, Newman, Political Science, French. GRESH, EUGENE W., PHARMACY, Unionville, Kappa Psi, Gene, Everybody's friend . . . conscientious . . . subtle as a Sledge hammer . . . , A.PH.A., Junior Prom Committee. GREZEL, RICHARD JOSEPH, SPANISH, Man- chester, Dick, Newman, Spanish, Italian. GRIFFIN, JANE. GRISWOLD, ANNE LOUISE, ZOOLOGYQ Rocky Hill, "Annie", Men in every port . . . Oh, Ernie! . . . Quiet hoursl, Basketball, I.S.O. GRISWOLD, MARGARET A., HOINIE ECONOMICS, Rocky Hill, Delta Zeta, "Peggy", "Quiet hours" . . . Soft spoken . . . diamond on her finger, Junior Coun- selor, UCA. GRISWOLD, RUSSELL B., PHARMACY, North Branford, Tall, nice dresser and congenial . . . an all round good guy . . . married . . . GROSSMAN, DAVID KENNETH, MARKETING, Meri- den: "Dave", A little Pinochle? . . . Let's get up early tomorrowl, Hillel, A.M.A., TR Boating. GROSTHIVAITE, NANCY. GROSZEK, HENRY FRANCIS, CIVIL ENG., Seymour, Theta Chi, Hank, A.S.C.E., TR-Math. GROVER, DALLAS, JH., Old Saybrook, Theta Xi. GRUBELICH, FRANCIS T., MECHANICAL ENGI- NEER, Vfethersfield, Sigma Chi, Frank, casually quiet . . . observes all . . . always grinning, ASME. GUAITIERI, VINCENT ANTHONY, ARTS AND SCI- ENCEQ Ivaterbury. GUASCO, DANTE V., MARKETING, Stamford, A.M.A., Footlighters QTRJ. GUIOSKY, ANDREW, JR., BUSINESS EDUCATION, Norwich, "Hooker", Whoopsl No good will come of that . .. You ain't overly perspicacious, is you? . . . Education, Intramural basketball. GUPTILL, WINTHROP H., JR., BUSINESS, Newing- IOII. GUSTAVSON, ROBERT SHELDON, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT, Hamden, Alpha Gamma Rho, Gus, How's the ice? .. . Who Stole my hockey puck?, Swim- ming, manager. GIVUDZ, MARY. 5l aww? HACKETT, AIOSEPH: GovI1ItNMI,N'I': Waterbury. HADDOCK. PHYLLIS -IANE: NIJRSINIBQ Wethers- Iield: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phyl: Sophisticate . . . style . . . quick witted . . . good natured: lVhite Caps. I-IADLEY, AUSTIN. HAGLUND, BROR R.: ELILCTRIGAI, ENGINEIQRINC.: Groton. HAHN, IVILLIAM M.: IYIARKETINGZ New Britain: Sigma NII: Wild Bill: "Gotta Ineet my girl" . . . ex- tremely likeable, dry sense of humor: Arnold Society. Newman, Hartford Basketball, Baseball Intramurals. HALL, CHARLES ELLIOTT: MAIuug'I'INc.: Meri- CICIII Lambda Chi Alpha: Chick: "Flaherty's Moe- IVhere's Murph?" . . . lenient with the men: AMA. Intramurals. HALL, GRAHAM E.: DAIRY MANUFAc'I'UIzING: Ken- sington: Gra: Assistant Football Manager and Man- ager: Dairy. HALL, KENNETH SAFFORD: MILCI-IANICAL ENGI- NIQIQRING: West Haven: "Ken": I'In hungry, when do we eat . . . aIIy letters today . . . P TR-Math., ASME. HALPIN, MYRON RAHM: PSYCHOLOGY: New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: "Tony" . . . "IVon't some- body PLEASE let me get dressed" . . . the Silver King . . . never misses a tick . . . TR-Psychology, Hilliel, Hillel Choir. HAMILTON, FRANCES EDITH: EDUCATION-ZooI.oGx': Wleymouth, Mass.: Delta Zeta: "Fran": Don't let me play cards . . . Bostonian charm: Basketball, Education. junior Counselor, Outing, Softball, Spanish, U.C.A. HAMPTON, STEWART: MARKETING: New Haven. HANF, LISELOTTE CAROLINE: ZooLoGY: New- town: "Kerry": Dreamer . . . I'm giving up smoking. Let me have a cigarette: Intramurals, Rifle, UCA, WSGA. HANSEN, FRED P., AGRICULTURE, Windsor. HANSON, DONALD MICHAEL: PHYSICAL EDUCA- 'I'IoN: Arlington, Virginia: Theta Chi: "Don": "I'd rather drill": Arnold Society, OHicer's Club, Newman, P.E. Majors. A.A.H.P.E.R. HAPPY, ROBERT C.: HIsI'oRI': Seymour, Theta: Chi: Hap: Arnold Society, Newman. HARASYMCZUK, JOHN R.: NIECHANICAL ENGINEER- ING: Newton. HARKNESS, LACHLAN MACPHAIL: ACCOUNTINGQ Thomaston: Mac: Insurance, Intramural Basketball. Softball. HARRIS, GORDON 52 HARRIS, MURIEI.: Music: Bristol: Pi Beta Phi: "Moonie": Very well! .. . Kappa Sig Flapper Girl . . . Lake Erie College Transfer: U.C.A. HART, HARRY W.: fi0VERNMEN'l'j Old Lyme. HARTMAYER. EDNVARD G.: Ac:c:oIvNIINc:: West- port: "Dag": TR-Baseball . . . Newman. HATHWAY, ARTHUR ALAN: MfxRkIi'rINo: Thomas- ton: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pete: "Cott'a fall in love by the Hrst ol April: TR Student Council, Ski. HATHAIVAY, CHARLES C.: FoRr.s'I'Rr: Manchester: Chuck: Married vet . . . avid hunter and Bshermant Forestry. HAYES, ARTHUR JAMES, Ctvu. ENGINI-iIaIuNr:: Tarilfville: A. J.: Hopes to be town engineer or town manager: A.S.C.E., Hartford Engineers. HAYMES, JESSE G., JR.: AoRlcuI.TnR.'xI. ENGINI-FRIYKL' Norwalk: Alpha Gamma Rho: Flamingo: Oh shucks. a B . . . the romantic redhead: ASAE, Spanish. HAYWARD, DOUGLAS RUDLOPH: BUsINIiss An- sIINIs1'Im'rIoN: Queens, Long Island, New York: Samp- son College transfer . . . Married, Veteran: SAM. HAYIVARD, ROBERT I..: ZooI.oGY: Vlest Hart- ford. HEALY, MARY. HEILBRONN, ALFRED HENRY: Hlsrokr: Nichols: Freddie: Ever patient and enduring-smiling eyes plus optimism: I.R.C., IVRUM. TR-Student Musical. U.C.A. HEIMAN, PAUL WILLIAM: MARKILTINC: New York: Tau Epsilon Phi: Buster: "Is she tall and thin?" . . . Monday night shoots: WVHUS, IVRUM, Aviation, Varsity Swimming, Intramural Volleyball, Football. HEIN, HUBERT J.: PHARNIACY: Terryville: Phi Delta Chi: Hubie: Cooperative . . . sincere and dependable friend . . . quiet . . . : Bowling: Ping Pong: A.PH.A. ,HENDEI.. BURTON S.: MARKETING: New London: Tau Epsiilon Phi: Chic: "Barker at Ocean Beach . . . four-wheel personality . . . joker: Hillel. HEPBURN, ELEANOR MAE: ENGLISH: Storrs: Phi Beta Phi: "Elly": Quiet sparkle . . . dimples . . . passion for poetry . . . Home Economics, Junior Coun- selor . . . University Choir. HERMONAT, ANNE MARIE: lNI,x'rHIgMATIcs: Tor- rington: Alpha XI Delta: Scrapes a mean fiddle . . . canasta enthusiast . . . Junior Counselor, Lutheran Club Secretary 3, U.C.A. HERSHKOWITZ, JACOB: FINANCE: Norwich: Tau Epsilon Phi: Duke: "C'mon, will ya" . . . Hot-Rod Hersh: Hillel, TR-Spanish, WRUM, Intramural Bas- ketball, Baseball. HICKEY, WILLIAM R.: GOVERNNIENTQ East Hart- ford. 53 I flu- ,ICI 14" 'V' pvnaabo-q, 'T V .vi .ai at s '-v':T'LS7 ,mv 'N-...rand , s 7521 4"-4293? ,7 If HIGGINS, JOHN P.: SOCIOLOGY: Wethersfield: Lambda Chi Alpha: Pinky: Going to Delta Zeta to study . . . You may call me John: "C" ClIIb, XVRUM. HILL, JOHN GLENWOOD: GOVERNMENT: Hart- ford: Theta Xi: Jack: Party this week? . . . Assess those conservatives: Newman, IRC, French, Mediator, Intramural Basketball, Softball. HINE, WILLIAM F.: AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING: Newington. HIRSCH, DONALD ROBERT: ENGLISH: New Lon- don: Phi Epsilon Pi: Donzo. HITCHCOCK, JOHN E.: INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT: Wolcott: S.A.M. HOBERMAN, ADELE: SOCIOLOGY: Middletown: Phi Sigma Sigma: "A-Del": Adorable cherub . . . I'm a big girl . . . Nothing but the best: Hillel, Junior Counselor, Nutmeg, Sociology. HODGE, RICHARD W.: PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Man- chester. HODKOWSKI, CHESTER FRANCIS: BACTERI- oLoGY: Bristol: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Chet: Intramural Softball, Track. HOFFENBERG, RAPHAEL: ACCOUNTING: Hart- ford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Ray: Expert on sports, cool sounds, epicurean living and the TEP cellar: Mediator, Hillel, Intra-mural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. HOLLAND, ERNEST S.: MARKETING: West Haven. HOLMES, JOHN F.: MARKETING: Waterbury: Sigma Chi: Johnny: What's going on, a convention? . . . I'll prove it: AMA, swimming. HOLT, WYLLISANN: SECRETARIAL STUDIES: Gran- by: Alpha Xi Delta: "Billie": I should study, but- . . . Square dancing, Sammy Kaye and bridge: Badminton, Grange, Junior Counselor, U.C.A. HONIGBERG, IRWIN L.: PHARMACY: Hartford: Alpha Zeta Omega: Absent minded philosopher . . . A wheel QPJ with many cogs, but a good guy . . Cosmetic: Chemistry. HOPPS, THOMAS D.: ENGLISH: Rowayton: Phi Sigma Kappa: Tom: With a song . . . it was a good experience: TR Glee Club, WRUM, TR Writer's Chairman, TR "Freelance" Editor, Choir, UCA, "In- digos", Debating. HOROWITZ, EDWARD ALBERT: HIsToRY: New Haven: Ed: Wvhat this country needs is more Scotch bagpipe music: TR-Spanish, TR-Psychology, TR-Stu- dent Council, I.R.C., I.S.O. HORTON, ROBERT HENRY, AGRICULTURE, Hebron. HOTKOSKI, DOREEN G.: SOCIOLOGY: Bristol: Dubs: Twinkle toes and dancing eyes . . . saucy bangs . . . smart clothes: Cheerleaders, Newman, Sociology, Softball. HOVLAND, KENNETH A.: SOCIOLOGY: Rockville. 54 HOWARD, THOMAS JOHN, JR.: INnt1s'rRI,xI. MAN- AGEMENT: Montville: Sigma Chi: Tom: Ah. those ,Bos- ton Braves . . . Wake up Uconn: AMA, Husky, New- man, SAM. HOWE, ERNEST C.: l'iNGLlSl'lI Wallingford: Ernie: WVillie? Sure!!! . . . But it's ellectivell: lfootligliters, WRUM, Llublnurt Trof,. ll.C.A. Players, Junior Show Director, May Frolic. HULBURT, LOUIS .'Xl,BER'l'1 fiOVliRNNll-'NTI Stafford Springs: Phi Sigma Kappa' Lou: "What time is il?" . . . "You can't win.": Ollicer's Club, Italian. Arnold Society, ll.C.A., Concert Band, Fife and Drum. HURNEY, THOMAS. HUROXVITZ, ROBERT BOYD: Zooroor: New Haven: Tau Epsilon: UBob": "B.K." Doctor . . . the crew-cut kid . . . memory for jokes and always a laugh. TR-Boating, TR-Biology, Mediator, Hillel. HUTCHINSON, ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE: ENGI,IsII-PIIILosoI'ur: Litchfield: Hutch: Lotta Laughs . . . Raz-ma-tal . . . raised eyebrow' Basketball, Glee Club, Huskey, Junior Counselor, Senior Show, XVAA. HYMAN, DAVID BRUCE: PRE-BIEDI Hartford: Dave: Aspiration to be a doctor . . . fondness for music . . . truly one of the boys . . . still: Orchestra, Hillel. IWAMOTO, TAKASHI: ARTS .IND SCIENCE: Hartford. JACKSON, NANCY: SECRETARIAI. STUDIES: Bridge- port: Alpha Delta Pi: "Nance": Newman. Junior Counselor. JACKSON, ROBERT LEWIS: B.xc:'rERIoLoGI': I'Vest Hartford: Theta Xi: "Red": Just for lalls . . . true or false? . . . flip the coin . . . : Footlighters, "The Shaft", Photo-Pool, German, Tide, Fencing, U.C.A., Campus, Outing. JACOBS, DONALD ALAN: PsI'CHoI.oGI'g West Haven: Don: Good ole St. Pat . . . I pass . . . Here comes my wife: Chess, Psychology: Ski, TR French, TR Psych, TR Sociology, TR Bowling. JACOBS, ROBERT MATTHEW: SOCIOLOGYQ Hamden: Tau Epsilon Phi: Red You old dog-here comes the Gimick: Hillel. JAMES, EDXVARD M.: PHARMACY: New London: Ned: A down-to-earth fellow . . . Connoissieur for good taste . . . Interested and interesting . . . 5 A.PH.A. JANKOVISH, DANIEL F.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Old Greenwich. JANETTY, JOSEPH A.: ACCOUNTING: IVaterlJury: Admires beauty . . . a jazz fan, a fencer, and a weight- lifter: Varsity' Fencing. JANOWIEC, THOMAS MICHAEL: BACTERIOLOGY: Hartford: Newman. JANUS, EDWARD T.: BUSINESS: Hlallingford. JAQUA, JESSE C.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: New Haven. 55 ...nv .53 f""'s. QR J-R? E' l H2573 T" ' ,fgfx , , , ,,,,..i-,za 1 if 1 flafgtge , 1 W is TAf5'Z'Lf L . V, . XZ MVR' .W 1 . NRM , . , i w, 2 ,,',. , JENSEN, RICHARD NILS: ENGLISII: Norwich: The old master's got a scheme . . . Guess I'll whip up :I quick cartoon: Intramural baskebtall, football. JEZYK, MARY Ii.: HoMIa ECONOMICS EDUcATIoN: Wilson: Kappa Alpha Theta: Blue-eyed sunbeam with a compound-complex lovelife . . . Q.P.'s for sale . . . Theta chauffeur . . . love that haircut: Newman, Nut- meg, Co-Ed Editor, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec'y, Edu- cation. tIlllli0l' Counsel or, Community Chest, Home liconomics, Intramurals, Mortar Board, Vice-Pres. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN: ZooLoGY: Kensing' ton: Bobbie: "Sorry, I forgot!" . . . Perpetual day dreamer . . . "I'm hungry!": Basketball, Campus, Choir, Glee Club. JOHNSON, CARL ODEN: BACTERIOLOGY: Woodstock: C.I.O: likes hunting skiing. woordworking. and a cer- tain person iII Georgia. JOHNSON, KARL HAROLD: BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TIoN: Wallingford: Kappa Sigma: Swede: Junior Col- lege of Commerce transfer-The Greatest-deep devo- tion to Kappa Sigma: Education, Insurance, Lutheran. JOHNSON, MARION C.: ARTS AND TEXTILES: lvaterbury: "Let's go to Willi . . . That's for sure guys" . . . Inimitable laughter: Education, Home Eco- nomics, Newman. JOHNSON. MATTHEYV H., JR.: PHYSICAL EDUCA- TIoN: Pomfret: Sigma Nu: "Matt": Big Matt . . . lVho's going to town? . . . : Varsity Football, C-Club, IRE. Majors, J.V. Baseball. JOHNSON, MURWIN AXEL: ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: Ivoryton: Theta XI: Swede: Tops in quality and quan- tity: Block and Bridle, UCA, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball. JOLIE, NORMAN A.: GovERNMENT: lvillimanticg Sigma Nu: Norm: Willi commuter . . . Imported boxer from Germany: Arnold Society, Campus. JURGEN, WILLIAM L., JR.: NIECHANICAI. ENGINEER- ING: New Britain: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Bill: ASME, Amateur Radio: Engineers, Yukon Aviation. JURGENSEN, XVALTER H.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Shelton. KACZYNSKI, JANE L.: PUBLIC HEAI,TH NURSING: Bristol. KAGAN, KAYLEEN PEARL: SocIoLoGr: Hartford: Alpha Epsilon Phi: "Kay": '50 Hillel queen . . . true friend . . . attractive modesty: HTFD-Glee Club, Hillel, Sociology, Spanish. KAHAN, ARTHUR CHARLES: MARKPITINGQ Hart- ford: Phi Epsilon Pi: Art: Candy, Cigarettes, Red Ryder . . . good busboy: Hartford Dramatics, A.M.A. Hillel. KAHL, DONALD L.: AcGoUNTING: Wallingford, Alpha Gamma Rho. KAMINSKY, XVILLIAM J.: FORESTRY: Manchester. KANDROW, CHARLES SOCRATES: ENGLISH: Nor- wich: Soc: Huskey Theatre. KANTACK, EDWARD R.: CHEMISTRY: Meriden: Dutch: The future chemist-I've got it made: WTBY- Basketball, Intramural: Baseball, I.S.O. 56 KAPINOS, CHARLES: lNIAllKli'lilNIL1 I-I:n'II'oI'tl. KAPLAN, MARILYN R.: l'1Ntll..lSll2 Bridgeport: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Mar": Smart, subtle humor coniplcf ments a keen Inind . . . Phi Sig's Politician: Hillel. Hillel Husky, VVHUS. KAPLAN, NAOMI S.: Soc:IoI.oGs': New Haven: "Red": Red-head and rosy cheeks . . . music lover . . . the countryside . . . Campus, Hillel, Hillel Clioir. Sociology President, Zionists. KARLAK, MICHAEL: FINANCIQ: Seymour: Theta Chi: Senator: One olf the King's Men. KASPER, GEORGE WILLIAM: MIcGIIANIc.AxI, ENGIV NI,I1IuNG: Manslield: George: Who's for pinochle? . . . Back to the drawing board: Engineers. KASZAS, ELMER PETER: PHYsIG,xI. Enuc.x'I:IoN: Oakville: "Kaz": Here I aml: XVTBY basketball, base- ball, Ski, PE Majors, Intramurals. KAUFMAN, JORDAN XV.: 1'IAI.xIzM,xer: New Haven: Alpha Zeta Omega: Sharp sense of humor . . . Good natured and easy to get along with . . . : Basketball. KAUFMAN, VELMA: SocIot,oGv: Hartford: Phi Sig- ma Sigma: "Vicky": Love letters to Z1 lawyer . . . silky raven hair and infectious laughter . . . Hillel, Sociology. KEANE, JAMES AUBREY: lhI.'XRKIi'l'INGZ Bridge- port: Lambda Chi Alpha: Jim: "I'm just wild about Margie" . . . "Tiecoon" olf campus: Marketing, New- man, Intramurals. KEEFE, CHARLES E.: ENGLISH: Farmington: "Char- lie": Busy, quiet-a friend to all,-a quick and gently sarcastic humor. "Tower" Editor, Spanish, Edtlcation. Husky. KEIPER, FRANCES JEAN: CHI2MIs'I'ItY: Danbury: Phi Mu: Jean: Canterbury, UCA. KELLEHER, YVILLIAM PHARMACY: Hartford: Kappa Psi: Bill: Good grades without elfort . . . subtle sarcastic wit . . . Cahn, cool and capable . . .: Rho Chi. KELLER, ALEXANDER: CIIMIISTRY: Bridgeport. KELLEY, JAMES HISTORY: Thompsonville. KELLY, JOAN: Bo'11-INY: Bristol: Delta Zeta: "Kelly": Little one . . . dogs and green . . . quiet?: Junior Counselor, Newman, Outing. Intramural basketball, Newman, Officers Club. Varsity Track. KELLY, YVILLIAM J.: SocIoLoGY: New Haven: Army Veteran . . . Trumbull Transfer: Chess, Bridge. KENNEDY, EVERETT ROBERT: Civu. ENGI- NEERING: Manchester: Stretch: ASCE, Engineers, Intra- mural Basketball. 57 KELLY, JOHN W., JR.: INSURANCE: Middletown: Sig- ma Chi: Kelly: Big John, "You Hot Rock!": "C" Club, 1"'ZT5' 0 - wi'-2 sv'-4"Ilv'li -nw gr v KENNEY, EDWARD MERRITT: INDUSTRIAL MAN- .'XfiElXIliN'l'2 West Haven: Theta Chi: Ed: Another test . . . Gotta Call the Ar . . . Certainly: AMA, S.A.M. TR-Economics, TR-Tide. KENNIS, HELEN THERESA: NURSING: Beacon Falls: Delta Zeta: Ken: Blushing blonde . . . big hearted . . . enthusastic . . . enthusiastic: WTBY-Dra- matic, Socio- Ec, Glee Club, Begnalihtz Newman, Vice-pres., IVhite Caps. KENNY, CAROL: PSYCHOLOGY: IVaterbury: Kappa Kappa GaIIIma: "Carol": Early to hed-never to rise . . . Flirtations Feminity: junior Counselor, Newman, Spanish. KERR, MARGARET DOWNS: ENGLISH: Hamden: Kappa Alpha Theta: Meg: Sleep time Gal . . . Sweet and lovely . . . Girl Robin Hood: UCA, Archery, Nut- meg. Choir. KEVORKIAN, ARCHIBALD J.: PHARMACY: Hart- ford: Kappa Psi: Corky: Outstanding leader . . . de- lightfully extroverted . . . congenial, cooperative, cheerful . . . 3 Student Council, Pres.: Glee Club: A.PH.A.: junior Vice-President: A.A.: Baseball. KILBRIDE, RICHARD VINCENT: INDUSTRIAL ADMINISTRATION: Norwalk: Alpha Gamma Rho: Dick: jack Armstrong, the All-American boy . . . dorm devil- try . . . 3 Newman: Swimming, Intramural, Football, Senate. KILLIAN, WILLIAM J.: INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT: West Haven. KIMBALL, BETTY-jANE: CHILD DEVELOPINIENTQ Stratford: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Bee-jay: Ballet Shoes and "Slaughter" . . . Robert Allan . . . infectious laughter: Choir, junior Variety Show. KINDL, GEORGE FRANK: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING: Hartford: Newman. KLAPPRODT, LORELIE j.: PSYCHOLOGY: Middle- town: Alpha Delta Pi: Lorrie: not too nice, not too! . . . ardent Yankee fan: Canterbury, Glee Club, Husky. junior Counselor, Psychology, Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Swimming. KLATZKIE, ELAINE: SECRETARIAL STUDIES: New Haven: Tall and tantilizing . . . wit supreme . . . sincerity personified . . . did you? . . . Archery, Hillel. KLEIN, DAVID R.: WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT: Man- chester: Forestry, Ornithology. KLEIN, WILLIAM FREDERICK: MARKETING: Wind- sor: Lambda Chi Alpha: Baron: See you . . . Eeezee Deezee . . . Blessed are the peacemakers: Arnold So- ciety, Husky, Officers Club, TR-WVRUM. KLOCZKO, STANLEY EDWARD: BACTERIOLOGY: New Britain. KOPCHIK, MICHAEL: FINANCE: Stratford: Mike: Life without Sports isn't life: Intramural Baseball, Bas- ketball, Tennis, Bowling. KOPPELMAN, ARTHUR: ZooLoGY: New Haven. KOSIKOWSKY, CLIFFORD J.: DAIRY MANAGEMENT: Torrington. KOZLOSKI, FELICIA A.: GOVERNNIENTQ Seymour: Phil: "Where's Websters . . . violin fanatic . . . "hut Dr. Marks says": Bridge, Basketball, Newman. 58 KRAL, FRED, JR., AGRICULTURAL ENGINEER, Manslield Center, Kappa Sigma, Married veteran, one daughter . . . likes painting and designing, Varsity Crosscountry, Track, Campus, ASAE. KRAMER, BURTON FRANK, ARTS AND SCIENCE, Hartford. KRAWCZYK, HENRY F., PHYSICS, Xvest Hartforcl. KRICEK, JOSEPH V., ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, West Haven. KRIZAN, MARTIN, ACCOUNTING, Danbury, "Marty", World IVar II Veteran, Intramural basketball, softball. KRUTT, BERNARD, MARKETING, Hartford: Phi Sigma Delta, Bernie, I may be an old softie, but . . . You laugh, boy: just listen to this, TR Bowling. KRUZSHAK, ALBERT LOUIS, INDUSTRIAL MANAGE- MENTQ Trumbull, Phi Sigma Kappa, Al, YVilli-Let's go . . . nope, Gotta study, Newman, SAM. KRYSPIN, WALTER EDWARD, PRE-DENTISTRY, Stamford, "Walt", The ten o'cl0ck sleeper . . . Come on Cardinals . . . , Russian, Newman. KRYZAK, WALTER J., INSURANCE, East Hartford. KUCZYNSKI, RAYMOND JOHN, ACCOUNTING, Nauga- tauk, "Kuch", Let no man say that school is work, until he has tried work on the outside, Newman, Var- sity Track, WTBY-Glee Club, WTBY-Dramatics. KUNIN, LEONARD, BUSINESS, Bridgeport. KURAS, CHESTER ANTHONY, AGRONOMYQ Suf- field, Theta Xi, Chet, IVhy smoothie . . . flying low: Intramural Foobtall, Basketball, Softball, Newman, Pi Alpha Sigma. LaBOMBARD, GORDON N., LANGUAGES, Bristol. LaCAVA, JAMES J., Pre-Dental, Danbury. LADAS, EDWARD V., PRE-DENTAL, Hartford. LAING, MARY, NURSING, Waterbury. LANCIA, TULLIO G., PHARMACY, Bridgeport, Kappa Psi, Lance, RX-ability f45J -l- duty to girls f40j JV personality Q30J : Tullio Lancia. LANE, DAVID M., PHARMACY, Danbury, Dave, Quiet but watch that dry sense of humor! . . . Base- ball and "chickens" . . . , A.PH.A. 59 -'FQ ...asap-. '4""!'b R5 9 -Y-Q.. ' R 6- 5 1 YA, if 'W V ,V,, I I + exif .4 4 ing , xg, Y 1,6 A, Eff an-any V 4 was , 1 'Nl - . 25' . 'A-may ...J "" ws R. I A 6 IWK 5? 4 V xv iq:-Qiapnafz, .. , AR A H255 ' ffl? Y dh lr? 3 V I ,. Aj . Y ITN A LANE, ERNEST J.: INDIISTRIAL AnMINts'l'RA'l'IoN: Willi- niantic. LANG, RALPH FRANK: MATHEMATICS: New Britain. LANG, RAYMOND K.: l':NGlNl'1liRING1 XVindsor. LANPHER, SHARON MARIE: ZooLoGY: New Britain: Pi Beta Phi: "Sherrie": Transfer from St. Josephs . . . loves to dance enjoys all manner of parties: Campus, Newman. LAPPEN, LESTER WARREN: MARRETING: Hart- ford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Les: Figaro, the poor man's Enzio Pinza . . . Dr. Georg N. Sunn, the humble mayor of Storrs: Hillel, Raisin Cane, Hartford Vice Pres. Tower. LAPUK. ROBERT AARON: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Bob: Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Engineers. A.S.C.E., Mediator. LARSEN, KENNETH ROYCE: GGVERNMENT: Meriden: Lambda Chi Alpha: Ken: It doesn't work . . . A lVRUMie . . . The static isn't my fault: WRUM. XVHUS, Senior Dance. LARSON, ROBERT E.: PoUL'rRY: Portland: Alpha Gamma Rho. LARSON, SELMA: AGRICULTURE: Roxbury. LARSON, VIRGINIA: CQOVERNMENTC Gildersleeve: Kappa Alpha Theta: Gini: Ol' Kappa Sig days . . . witty and lovable . . . red PJ's: U.C.A., YV.S.G.C., Jr. Counselor, I.R.C., Treasurer, Choir. LASCHEVER, RICHARD: PHARMACY: Hartford: Phi Epsilon Pi: Laschz Known for wild antics in class . . . Adept at getting acquainted with strange women . . . Coiner of cliches . . . : Junior Prom: Golf. LASSEN, EDWARD JOHN: INSURANCE: New Haven: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Eddie: I wish I could sing like the 'Loh': Intramural Basketball, Insurance. LATER. ELAINE C.: SOCIOLOGY: Hartford: Sociology, French. LAWLOR, HARRY FLOYD: ENGINEERING, East Haven. LEAHY, DENIS JOHN: ACCOUNTING: New Lon- don: Denny: Delta Phi: a Happy Irishman . . . loves his wife: Insurance Society, Newman, S.A.M. LEIBOVITZ, HERBERT ALLEN: MARKETING: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Leib: You were better as a pledge . . . Herbie's next . . . Irv's buddy: A.M.A., Hillel. Intramural softball. LEIPER, CHARLES HENRY: MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING: Hartford: Theta Xi: Charlie: A.S.M .... Have you seen Valley . . . Genevieve: Amateur Radio. LENT, WESLEY E., JR.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Stan- ford: Wes: Let's go out for coffee . . . Who won the hall game: ASCE, Intramural Softball. 60 LEPORE, ANTHONY HENRY: INDUSTRIAL ADMIN- IsrRA'rIoN: Plainville: Tony: Newman, S.A.M. LESSLER, ALAN: SoGIoI.oGr-Psrci-IoI.oGr: Bridge- port: Phi Sigma Delta: Mmm .... A hhllg Footlighters, Inter-faith Council, Intramural Softball, Bowling, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Psychology, NVriter's. LEUGMINAS, JOHN J.: M.-tkkl-1'I'ING: XVaterbury: Lambda Chi Alpha: Newman, AMA. LEVIN, RICHARD S.: AGGQUNIING: Hartford. LEVINE, DAVID AARON: MIQGI-IANICAL ENGINI-:I-:Iv ING: New Haven: Tau Epsilon Phi: Dave: "Got to study!" . . . "where's Iny toothpasteP": A.S.M.E., Hillel, Boating, Intramurals. LEVINE, DOROTHY JOAN: PsrcIIoI.oGr: Nor- wich: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Dossy: Girl statistician . . . Inost rambunctious girl in XVood . . . Pecorchick: Hillel, Psychology. LEVINE, PHII.IP: BTI-ICI'l.-XNICAI. ENGINEIQILING: Hart- ford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Phil: Work enough, play enough . . . An introvert: Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Arnold Society, Officers Club, ASME, Hillel, Engineers. LEVINE, ROBERT G.: ZooLoGI': New Haven. LEVINE, SAMUEL: BTARKETINCQ Hartford: "Samui His Bible: The Hartford Times .... i oke and smile for everyone: Yukon Aviation, A.M.A., Hillel. LEWIS, MARGARET ELLEN: PHrsIcAI. EDUC.-t'rIoN: Mystic: Alpha Xi Delta: 'APeggy": Lassie . . . Gotta clean the room . . . Stuffed Menagerie: Education, Field Hockey, junior Counselor, P.E. Mayors, Tennis, YV.A.A. LEWIS, WARREN GAVIN: PSYCHOLOGY: Niantic: Phi Sigma Kappa: "Stretch": Frustrated Psychologist . . . IVIII lovely, I'm engaged, I use Brillol: Varsity Cross Country, Intramural Football, Aviation, U.C.A., Psy- chology, Nutmeg, Tolland Hall House Council. LINDGREN, TRAERS ANDREW: CIVIL ENGI- NIQERING: Ansonia: Swede: Whose going down to C.C. . . . Watch those Dodgers: ASCE, Intramural Basket- ball, Football, Softball, UCA. LIPSINER, IRVING: MARKI-g'1'ING: Bridgeport: Phi Ep- silon Pi: "Dad": Set alarm for eight . . . if you had any guts . . . horsekiller: XVRUM, TIDE, Intramural basketball, NVHUS. LIPSKI, FRANK JOHN: M.-xIu4E'rING: Farmington: Frank john: TV or no TV that is the question: New- man Vice-Pres., Huskey, Mkt., Radio Amateur, Inter- faith Council. LIPTAK, EDWARD: ELECTRIC.-xl. ENGINEERING: Bridgeport: Sigma Chi: Lip: "You're over the hump . . . Plenty good: Intramural volleyball, softball, track. Varsity Basketball. LITIN, PAULINE ANNE: PsrGHoI.oGr: New Hart- ford: Alpha Epsilon Phi: "Paul": Personality twice her size . . . Madam Dean . . . "All right" . . . Hillel, I. junior Counselor, junior Show. LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM R., JR.: ACCOUNTING: XVillimantic. LOBDELL, EDWARD C.: INIARKI-31:INc:: Fairheld: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Raisin' Cane. 6I 14-J: """?!7' 1 5 5, al" ,gov we-lp A , -Q -4-3' W LOHSE, DONALD R., PHARMACY, Bridgeport: Phi Delta Chi, Don: Tall, tantalizing, neat dresser . . . Sharp sense of humor . . . Red Sox enthusiast . . ' Bowling: A.PH.A. LOISELLE, WILLIAM D., CIVIL ENGINEERING, West Hartford: Billy Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., Engineering. LOMBARDO, MICHAEL JOHN: ACCOUNTING: Williamanticg Sigma Nug Mike, Instigator extraor- dinary . . . a hustler with Q.P.'s to burn, Mediator, Arnold Society: Officers Club, Newman. LONGO, SAMUEL L.: CHEMISTRY, lVaterburyg Sam: Husky . . . Newman, Sociology. LOOBY, JOHN T., CHEMISTRY, Meriden. LOOS, ELSIE LOUISAg EDUCATION: Rockvilleg Alpha Xi Delta: Eltzie: "Just call me Mr. Anthony . . . Did I tell you about my man?"g Education, Glee Club, Junior Counselor. LOSCHIARO. ARTHUR, BUSINESS, New Haven. LOUGHREY, HAROLD ARTHURQ ZOOLOGY1 Columbia, Art: He plays the trumpet, too. LOZYNIAK, LILLIANg HOME ECONOMICS EDUCA- TIONQ Westport, Lil, Outdoor girl . . . prankster . . . sincere, Basketball, Home Economics, Junior Coun- selor, Outing, Phi Upsilon Omicron, WAA. LUNDEBJERG, JAMES T.g ACCOUNTING, Cornwall Bridge. LUNDGUIST, GEORGE W., ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING: Amston. LYNCH, DONALD G.: HISTORY, East Hartford, Dogg What's for chow at Whitney? . . . really now, birds can't build nests, I.R.C. LYNCH, THOMAS FRANCIS, INDUSTRIAL ADMINISTRA- TION: Stratfordg Tom, S.A.M.g A.M.A., Newman, WRUM. MACDONALD, LORNA S., ARTs AND SCIENCE, Glen- brook. MACIONE, JOSEPH ROBERT, MARKETING, Ivil- limanticg Sigma Nug Joeg Yanks and the Cardinals! . . . Conscientious, but easy going: AMA, Officers Club, Newman, Intramural Basketball, Track. MACKAS, GEORGE A.g ENGINEERING, Colchester. MACKENZIE, EVELYN ALICE, CI-IEMISTRYQ Water- fordg "Mac", Always smiling . . . puns galore . . . can't eat todayg Junior Counselor, Rifle, UCA. MACKENZIE, HUGH MAXWELL: DAIRY PRODUC- TIONQ Hughieg Early to bed and early to rise . . . cra7y 'bout Maisieg 4-H, Block and Bridle, Dairy. 62 MACKINNEL, JAMES N., JR., MARRETINC, East Haven: Sigma Nu, Mack, I don't want to be tied down . . . red face! Basketball, TR-Softball. MAILLOUX, THOMAS F., ARTS AND SCIIQNCI-3: Thompsonville. MAKAUSKAS, JOHN A., MAllKE'l'lNCQ WVaterbury, Lambda Chi Alpha, Big John, A.M.A., Newman. MALASPINA, ANTHONY J., ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Waterbury, Mal, Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success, Newman. MALINOWSKI, GEORGE F., lNIARKl'1'l'lNC, East Haven, Sigma' Chi, Mal, Ran out of gas again . . . AMA, Insurance, Intramurals, Newman. MALLOVE, HARVEY NEWTON, MARKETING: New London, Phi Ep, "Mal", Frustrated athlete . . . Room No. 401-Brawls nightly. TR-Basketball, TR- Baseball, TR-Student Council, Senate, Political Speak- ers Committee, Intramurals. MANCINI, JOSEPH H., SPANISH, East Haven, Sigma Chi: Joe, The Blue Beetle rolls . . . nine o'clock ex- press, Education, Intramurals, Newman, Spanish. MANGION, CHARLES, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Willimantic, Chuck, ASME, Amateur Radio, Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma. MANKE, HERBERT ROBERT, ELECTRICAL ENGI- NICERINCQ Bristol, Herb, If I don't get started, I'11 never hnish . . . let's dehne our terms, AIEE, Engineers, Math., UCA. MANLEY, WILLIAM THOMAS, PsrCHoLooY, An- sonia, Bill, Extremely talkative . . . Always joking . . . Loves baseball, German, Newman, Psychology, Varsity Baseball. MANN, ROBERTA JEAN, Fooos AND NUTRITION, Storrs, Kappa Alpha Theta, Bimbi, Sparkling eyes, in- fectious giggle, plus efficiency, Senate, Home Eco- nomics, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Archery, Canterbury, Student Facility Advisory Committee, Mortar Board. MANTIGLIA, JOSEPH E., MARKETING: North Haven, Joe, Oh! for the life of a civilianlg AMA, Newman, SAM, UYVF. MARCHESE, MARIO L., ARTS AND SCIENCE, Essex. MARCUS, SAUL JACOB, SPANISH, Hartford, Busi- ness-minded: Spanish, German. MARRA, FREDERICK JOSEPH, NIARKETINCQ YVest Haven, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball. MARTENS, ROMEO JOSEPH, HISTORY, New Bed- ford, "Romey", French. MARTIN, JACK, ZOOLOGYQ New Haven, Phi Ep- silon Pi, Josh, Bon voyage . . . Had another dream . . . "slow ball" Martin, Hillel, Bridge, TR-Sailing. MARTIN, NORMAN L., ZOOLOGYQ West Hart- ford, Norm, Newman. 63 A A AAG so-:mg 25 69 A .fa ' 'tr 3 MARTINSON, GENEVIEVE PAULINE: PHILOSOPHY ANII ENGLISH: East Norwalk: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sandy: Golden tresses . . . Nutmeg philosopher . . . I. Q. girl: Campus, I.R.C., Junior Variety Show, Philos- ophy, Players, Ski, YV.S.S.F. MARUZO, FRANK G.: ACCOUNTING: Norwich. MASLEY, PHILIP THOMAS: VOCATIONAI. TRAIN- ING AGRIc:UL'I'URI-2: Wilsonville: Phil: Every Friday it's home and Allllil for Phil . . . loves his "sack", too: Glee Club, Newman. Education. MASON, RICHARD A.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Hamden: Sigma Chi: Dick: Ya can't beat Tamany Hall-ya never had it so good-seen my latest actP: '49ers ASCE, TR- French, Minstrel. MASSARO, CARL A.: PHARMACY: Hartford: Kappa Psi: C.M.: Epitome of friendliness and knowledge . . . Everybody's boy . . .: Pharma-Conn, Co-Editor: A.A., President: A.PH.A., Vice Pres.: Pho Chi: Yearbook: Bowling. MATHIS, JOHN PHILLIP: BUSINESS: Hamden: Theta Xi: Little John: Loves to philsophize over cups of coffee: Senior dance committee. MATOSIAN, EDWARD G.: ECONOMICS: Bridegport: Sigma Nu: Bib Ed: Sigma Nu Athlete . . . Be good to me. I got a new car: Varsity Tennis, Mediator, Tide, Cir. Manager Intramural Football. Basketball. MATYI, EMILY LOUISE: PHARMACY: Bridegport: Kappa Alpha Theta: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Emmie: Queen. hazeled eyed beauty . . . Scintilating personal- ity . . . reserved but not hard to know . . .: A.PH.A., Treas.: Sophomore Dance: Pharma-Conn: Chairman Yearbook. MAXIMOWICZ, HENRY: CHmIIs'I'Ri': Norwich. MAYERSON, BERTRAM L.: MUSIC: Yvillimantic. MAZUREK, MARY CECILE: ENGLISH: Hartford: Hartford transfer. Plans to teach: Education, Huskey, Publicity Chairman. MCADAMS, JOHN HENRY: SI-ANISH: New Haven: Jack: Education, Newman, Spanish. MCBRIDE. PAULINE JANET: BUSINESS: Clinton: Phi Mu. MCCARTHY, FRANCIS BURKE: BIARKETINGQ Rock- ville: Alpha Gamma Rho: Mac: Reverend . . . son of Erin . . . quiet but dependable . . .: A.M.A., Newman. MCCLELLAND, GVVYNETH JEAN: ARTS AND r1qlCX'l'ILl'-'SQ Hamden: Delta Zeta: "Gwynn: Cute and spunky . . . Bob and I: Block and Bridle, Home Eco- nomics, UCA. MCDONALD, WILLIAM WESLEY, JR.: MARKE'l'lNG2 Hamden: Alpha Gamma Rho: Flicker: I'll sing at the drop of a note-deer slayer-Gamma Rho prexy: Husky Harmoneers. MCDONOUGH, XVILLIAM F.: CHEMISTRY: Bridge- 13011. NICGANN, THOMAS J.: MA'I'III-:AI.-x'I'ICs: Storrs. 64 MGGILL, JOHN P.: EcoNoMIcs: Fairfield. MGGLOON, DONALD L.: l'ImRIxIAc:r: Fairfield: Kappa Psi: Mac: Quiet, industrious, intelligent . . . prepped at Notre Dame . . . Well liked. MGGOWAN, FRANCIS EDWARD: BIARKETINCQ Watertown: Ironman: WTBY Baseball, Intramural Football, Softball, Varsity Baseball, Newman. BICGOXVAN, WALTER ENGLISH: Watertown: "Mac": "Sorry! I lost IIIy head." . . . hopes for radio. television, or stage work: Newman, XVriter, Husky, WTBY Baseball, Basketball, Players. MGGUINNESS, JOSEPH PATRICK: HISTORY: New Haven: SigIIIa Chi: Curly: Smiling Irishman . . . the Governor: Education, Husky, Intramurals, Newman, Varsity Baseball, Players, IRC. IYICKENNEY, RITA ANN: NURSING: Canbury: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Rcet: A born leader . . . big tease . . . Q.P. gatherer . . . Mike and Kappa Sig: XVhite Caps, Pres., Swimming: Newman, Sophomore Minstrel, Nutmeg. MGKITIS, GEORGE JAMES, JR.: HlS'l'ORX'-EDUCATION, Torrington: "Mac": Education, Intramural Softball, Newman. MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT H.: EI.rG'rRIG.xL ENGI- NEERING: Meriden. BICLENNAN, THOMAS VICTOR: MARKETING: IVaterbury: Mac: I like lollypops: Intramural Softball, Newman, A.M.A., Insurance. MGMANUS, JOSEPH F.: GOVIQRNMLNT: East Haven: Sigma Chi: Joe: Why should I tell you . . . the eyes: Arnold Society, IRC, NewInan, OfIicer's Club, TR- German. MGNAMARA, FRANCIS TIMOTHY: GovLRNMENT: Hlestbrook: Alpha Gamma Rho: Tim: Perpetual mo- tion . . . a helping hand, a ready smile and . . . just Sylvia: TR-Senate, TR-Central Treasurer, IRC, Husky. Campus, Senate, Extra-curricular activities committee, SDA Pres., Young Democrats, Junior Jackets, Nutmeg. MGQUEENEY, WILLIAM ARTHUR: EGONOMIGS: New Britain: Theta Xi: Mac: Fond of sports, wine, women, and song: Aviation, Hartford Student Council, Hartford Treasurer, Spanish, Officers Club, Arnold Society, Intramural Football, Softball. MEADE, JAY ARTHUR: INDUSTRIAL IXIANAGEMENT: Tau Epsilon Phi: "Is she a QueenPl' . . . Monday nite club, Hillel TR-Football, Intramural Baseball, Basket- ball. MEDVEDOW, LEON A.: MARKETING: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Phil: Ujie-Bujie . . . King Philip . . . coach: Hillel, AMA, WRUM, Intramural Volleyball, Basketball. MEIGS, ROBERT ARNOLD: CHEMISTRY, Berlin. MENEGAY, LESTER ARMAND, JR.: EGoNoMIGs: Bethel: "Moose": Restrained, conscientious . . . "Now hear this!" . . . "Just sniff this letter!": U.C.A., Touch- stone. MENG, RICHARD BRUCE: ENGLISH: IVest Haven: Theta Chi: Dick: TR-Band, TR-Orchestra, Husky Band, Education. MENTUCCI, MATTHEW: CHEMISTRY: XVater- bury: Matt: Newman, German. 65 'Nur hw- Fifi 'QW n,4n-f' if -ei' N ,,s X. X. as 50' 1121.7 Wagga-Q Vp.-sq .AJ-,X pf ,J 7195 :grim A41-V QMWW I f 4'-'Wwe Div ,A si MESKILL, WILLIAM M.: HISTORY: New Britain. MESSIER, LEON FRANCIS, JR.: PLANT SCIIQNCE: Columbia: "I.enny": Grille alumnus . . . weakness for short, cute gals: Campus editor, Varsity Rifle, Chess, Horticulture, Agriculture Council. MILLAR, ROBERT NELSON: NIARKETINGQ Mil- lord: Theta Chi: Bing. MILLER, DONALD J.: AGRICULTURE: Rockville. MILLER, ISABEL BECK: PSYCHOLOGY: East Haven: Alpha Xi Delta: "Iz": Anybody seen my roommate? I'm IIOt a bird-brained idiotlg Badminton, Basketball. Fencing, Glee Club, Junior Counselor, Junior Play, IRC, Outing, Psychology, Softball, UCA, Varsity. MILLER, LILA P,: HISTORY: North Coventry: Hard to know, but well worth the effort . . . future teacher: Education. MINSON, GRACE ELIZABETH: HOMI3 ECONOMICS EDUCATION: Uncasville: "Gracie": Chet and his Model A . . . hikes . . . NVhitney Cafe . . . laughter: Home Economics, Intramurals, Outing, Phi Upsilon Omicron. U.C.A., White Caps. MISIEK. JOSEPH JOHN: INDUSTRIAL BIANACEMENTZ Hartford. MODRY, JOAN LEE: ENGLISH: Stamford: Muttle: Day sleeper-night owl . . . kickeroon: Hillel, Huskey, Players. MOFFAT, JOHN R.: AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING: Cobalt: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MOLSKI, IRENE HEDIVIGA: ENGLISH EDUCATION: Southingtong Our gift from St. Joseph College . . . stately grace and smile . . . Mademoiselle: Education, ISO, Newman, IVSGA. MONGILLO, CARMEN JULIUS: GOVERNMENT: Derby: "Red": Philosophy . . .: the eternal quest for the elusive dollar: Newman, MONROE, MARY ELLEN: FOODS AND NUTRITION: New Fairfield: Alpha Xi Delta: "M.E.": Bob . . . llunking chemistry . . . collecting good junk . . . 4-H, Home Economics, U.C.A. MONTGOMERY, ALFRED T.: INDUSTRIAL ADBIINIS- TRATION: New Haven. MOORE, JEAN MARIE: PSYCHOLOGY: Stratford: Kappa Kappa Gama: Jeannie: "It's odd . . . what's wrong with the Ag's!" . . . QP girl: Junior Counselor, Psychology, Tennis. MORAN, A. JOYCE: HISTORY-EDUC.'KTIONQ Stamford: Delta Zeta: amoeba . . . administrator . . . atomic energy: Debating, I.R.C., Junior Counselor, Junior Social Chairman, Newman, W.S.G.C., W.S.S.F. MORAN, ELEANOR M.: PHARMACY: Waterbury: Lambda Kappa Sigma: "E1": Always a smile, never a complaint . . . She charmed us all . . .: Pharma-Conn: Class Ring: Cosmetic. MORGAN, JOHN S.: ARTS AND SCIENCE: West Haven. 66 MORIARTY, ORIL ESTELLE: ENGLISH: Willimantic: Reading, writing, Richard . . . Libestrauin-Lobster . . . "I fled him down the labyrinthe ways": Newman, Outing. MOROSKO, JOSEPH A.: PIIARMACY: Ansonia: Guns: Mischief dwells within . . . Generally speaking, he's generally speaking . . .: Baseball, Ping Pong, Bowl- ing. MORRIS, EARLE J.: HISTORY: Milford. MORRIS, WALTER XV., JR.: CHEMISTRY: Hazardville: Theta Xi: Uncle Walt: Let's shoot into Willi . . . Let's have one for behind my ear . . . Trichlorophenyl- drazine, tastes goodl: Players, MahtenIatics, ACS. MORRISON, SHERMAN P.: CIVIL ENGINEERING! Sherman. MORYTKO, JOHN ANDREW: SOCIOLOGY: Willi- IIIZIIIIICQ Johnny: Engineers, Intramural Softball, Mathe- matics, Newman, Physics, Sociology. MOSKOWITZ, RICHARD H.: BUSINESS: Jewett City. MOULTON, LYLE KIMBALL: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Norwich: "Sam": I don't know about that, boy . . . noted for grinding: Intramural Basketball, ASCE, Chi Epsilon. MOULTON, SALLY I.: ENGLISH EDUCATION: South Windsor: Delta Zeta: Next weekend . . . farms and flowers . . . natural beauty . . . Aviation, Education, Outing, U.C.A. MOYEL, ROBERT A.: ZooLoGY AND CHEMISTRY: Nor- wich: Tau Epsilon Phi: Bobby: Campus Exchange Edi- tor, Intramural Basketball. MOYLE, PATRICIA J.: SOCIOLOGY: Storrs. MUDRY, MICHAEL: MATHEMATICS: Danbury: Mike: "Going to the grille?" . . . Q.P. mad . . . Red Sox and Sinatra: Course Critique, German, Glee Club, Newman, Tutoring Pool. MULCAHY, JOSEPH FRANCIS: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Norwich: Red: Old married man with family . . . Gets a kick out of life: ASCE. MULVEY, JOHN J.: PHARMACY: Bridgeport: Phi Delta Chi: Jack: A cheerful word, a friendly smile . . . individualistic but approachable: Baseball: Ping Pong: A.PH.A.: Bowling. MUNSON, GEORGE ELLSWORTH, JR.: ELEC- TRICAL ENGINEERING: East Haven: Lambda Chi Alpha: Muns: AIEE. MURASKI, EDWARD. MURAIVSKI, JOSEPH E.: PHARMACY: Terryville: Phi Delta Chi: Joe: Weekends in Terryville for senti- mental reasons . . . definite ideas on life . . .: Basket- ball, A.PH.A., Bowling, Ping Pong. MURPHY, DEBORAH: SoCIoLoGY: Mfaterburyz Delta Zeta: "Debby": Petite miss . . . Irish eyes . . . classics enthusiast . . . I forgot . . . Newman, Sociology. 67 If Z ,f my MURPHY, EDWIN SERRE, JR.: MARKETING: West- port: Lambda Chi Alpha: "Ned": "Who's buying?" . . . Petey, 7:29 . . . "Best back seat in the countryl": Shaft. Touchstone, TR-Footlighters, AMA. MURPHY, HELEN C.: FRENCH: New Britain. MURPHY, MARION SHEILA: PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION: Waterbury: "Murph": Love the Brooklyn Dodgers . . . mad about Brahms and Dixie: Badminton, Basketball, Dramatics, Field Hockey, Glee Club, Intra- murals, ISO, Newman, Softball, Swimming, Tennis. MURRAY, ANNE MARIE: PSYCHOLOGY: West Hart- ford: Phi Mu: "Anne": Sexy prexy . . . Charlie, my boy . . . watch that backstroke . . . Glee Club, New- man, Ski, Swimming, Tennis, Varsity, W.A.A. MYERS, MILTON LINWOOD: GOVERNMENT: Dan- ielson: Theta Chi: Mity: TR-Laurel, TR-Radio, TR- Bowling, TR-Sailing. MYERS, NORINE C.: SOCIOLOGY: Bridgeport: Alpha Delta Pi: "Reen": Newman, WSGC. NALVEN, DANIEL J.: MARKETING: Newton. NATALIE: JAMES A.: PHARMACY: Portland: "Jim": Spends leisure with son, Jim Jr. and daughter, Ginna . . . Coladarchi's pet. NEAG, SEVIER, JR.: MARKETING: Torrington. NEGRI, JOSEPH JAMES: ZooLoGY: New Britain: Joe: Friendly disposition and a good general knowledge . . . many friends . . . major interest in medicine: Intra- mural Baseball, Basketball. NEKRITZ, JEROME: POLITICAL SCIENCE: Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Jerry: Think I'll play Puccini for the Opera Room: Education, Hillel, Husky, IRC. NELSON, CAROL HOPE: GEOLOGY: Willimantic: Alpha Delta Pi: Got to catch the bus . . . those won- derful engineersl . . . Archery, Geology, UCA. NELSON, ROBERT W.: HISTORY: Fairfield: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Nels: The Willowbrook Road Wan- derer . . . A laugh for every occasion: Husky, Soph. Class Treasurer, Director Soph. Minstrel, Jr. Jacket and Ring Committee, U.C.A., OHicer's Club, Frosh Basketball, Tennis, NEMSER, ELINOR A.: PHARMACY: Hartford: Lambda Kappa Sigma: El: Faithful friend . . . Hard worker with a blithe sense of humor . . . Happy-go- lucky . . .: Pharma-Conn, A.PH.A., Cosmetic, Bowling. NEUSHER, SANDRA DOROTHY: BUSINESS An- MINIsTRATIoN: West Hartford: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Sandy": Extra-curricular kid . . . Library loafer . . , Intellectual curiosity, sweet, sincere: Campus, Hillel, Hillel Huskey, Hillel Key Assoc. Editor, IZFA, Junior Show. NEZAMES, HERCULES THEODOS: ENGINEERING: Hartford: Jim: Rules and regulations were made to be broken . . . Never admits defeat . . . Friendly, easy mixer. NICHOLS, FRANKLIN WARNER: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Waterbury: Nick: A.S.M.E. NICHOLS, MILTON E.: INSURANCE: East Hamp- ton: Alpha Gamma Rho: "Nick": Want to go to New York? . . . Hey, idiot . . . loose muscle: Insurance, Newman, ROTC OfIicer's Club, "C" Club, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Baseball. NOONAN, JOHN L., MARKETING, Jack, A clean cut kid,! I.S.O., A.M.A., Newman. NORMAN, JOHN RICHARD, ACCOUNTING, West Haven, Junior College of Commerce Transfer . . . married, has one child, Concert Band, UCA. NUTILE, CARROLL L., IDRE-MED, North Haven, Alpha Xi Delta, "Salome", Doo de do . . . table dancer . . . For gootness zake-schmilelg Blue and White, Glee Club, Junior Counselor, Panhellenic Council, Huskey, NV.S.G.C. O'BRIEN, DONALD JOSEPH, ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- INCL Danbury, "Osie", Chess, A.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu. O'BRIEN, HENRY W., INSURANCE, New Haven, "Hank", "Buckets O'Brien" . . . Alias Dane Clark, Newman, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Basketball and Softball, Insurance. O'CONNELL, EDYVARD Y., GOVERNNIENTQ Staf- ford Springs, Theta Xi, Ed, Talk a lot and let 'em know you're there, Arnold Society, Aviation, OfHcer's Club. O'CONNELL, WILLIAM C., GOVERNMENT, East Hart- ford, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lefty, "The name is 'Lefty', not 'Hank' " . . . "Only studied for an hour", Newman, Campus, Mediator, Junior Class Executive Committee, OIhcer's Club, Freshman Basketball, Intra- mural Basketball, Track. O'DONOHUE, NANCY J., ENGLISH, Hartford, Ycnan Euhonodo . . . dry wit . . . St. Joe Transfer . . . independent, Debating, Glee Club, ISO, Newman, IVomen's Varsity. OLDS, CLAIRE M., PSYCHOLOGY, Manchester, Former B.U. Girl . . . Busy weekends . . . Potential world traveller. OLSEN, JOHN, FORESTRY: Mansfield Center. OLSON, WALLACE I., MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Stamford, Wally, No more tea bags, Rod-Jeepers- where'd that enthropy go to?, ASME, I.V.C.F., Intra- mural Basketball, Baseball, TR-Math, I.S.O. O'NEIL, ROBERT JAMES, INSURANCE, Winsted, Alpha Gamma Rho, Bob, Pride of the marines . . . let's wrestle . . . P0oche's roommate, Newman, JV Football, Intramurals. OPINSKY, JACK S., ZOOLOCYQ Hartford, Phi Sigma Delta, "Jacko", His line of Gab . . . Caused a lot of laughs, Tower, Huskey, Hillel, Officer's Club, Arnold Club. OPPEL, BARBARA CELIA, HISTORY AND EDUCA- TIONQ Branford, Delta Zeta, "Bobbi", I'm HUNGRY!!! . . . always rushing . . . never dateless, Canterbury, Education, Junior Counselor, Panhellenic, Sophomore Secretary. ORABONA, JOHN JOSEPH, IVIARKETINGQ New Haven, John, Anyone want to go to QuebecP, Touch- stone, Fencing. ORANTAS, EDWARD ANTHONY, INDUSTRIAL An- MINISTRATION, Waterbury. ORLAWSKI, FRANCIS JOHN, GEOLOGY, Nauga- tuck, Cy, IVake me up at noon, Mike . . . Meriden Express . . . Double the guards, Newman. ORNSTEIN, GEORGE N., MATHEMATICS, Nor- wich. A 69 ,SAG :TN -an- 4019 -...avi ldv we 'Q in-ef 'ad' 'Q' .Hb -Q-s 'MD O'SHEA, DANIEL W., GENERAL FARMINGQ Deep River. O'TOOLE GEORGE E., PHARMACY, Naugatuck, Kappa Psi, O'Toole, Charter Member of "Duncan Fife1s", Terrific snapshot collection . . ., Bowling, A.PH.A., IntI'a-Fraternity Committee. PAGE, RENE JOSEPH, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT, Danielson, "joe", A girl at W.S.T.C .... me, joe Page, and the Yankees, Intramural Basketball, Foot- ball, Softball, Newman, S.A.M. PALMER, LOIS C., ENGLISH EDUCATION, Ellington, Pi Beta Phi, Auntie Lois . . . procrastinator . . . ginger snap eyes . . . Choir, Education, junior Counselor: UCA. PANTELIS, PETER G., INDUSTRIAL BIANAGEMENTQ Waterford, "Pete", Insurance, S.A.M. PAPA, JOSEPH. PAPPALARDO, ANGELO JOHN, ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERINGQ Hartford, Newman, Tau Beta Pi. PARENTE, JOLINE, PUBLIC HEALTII NURSING, Hamden. PARKER, DONALD RICHARD, INDUSTRY, West Haven, Theta Chi, Don, Not a Sinner, Not a Saint . . . Newman, TR-Tide, Intramural: Basketball, Softball. PARKER, ROBERT GLENTWORTH, PSYCHOLOGY, Passaic, New jersey, Ace, Inveterate connoisseur of beverages and lovely ladies. PARKIN, WILLIS EDMUND, DAIRY MANUFACTURING, Meriden, Nvill, Married veteran . . . conscientious in striving for his goal, Dairy, Vice-Pres., Pi Alpha Sigma. PASCULANO, JOSEPH WILLIAM, HISTORY, Middletown, Joe, There is no greater inspiration than that generated by supplying to the hungry human spirit the vitamins of a genuine, sincere appreciation, Newman. PATCHETT, ISABEL S., INDUSTRY, East Hartford, jean, Commuter . . . likes bowling and Hartford Chiefs, Canterbury. PATERSON, MARY A., HOINIE ECONOMICS, Middle- town, Pi Beta Phi, "Pat", Partial to tall blonds . . . 1950 Coved Colonel . . . helpful . . . quiet hours . . . what a day . . . night owl . . . good enough! . . . 4H Club, Home Economics, UCA. PATTERSON, RICHARD GEORGE, PRE-LAW, Hartford, Dick, HTFD-Current Affairs, Newman, PAULL, RICHARD L., CIVIL ENGINEERING, Hartford, Dick, Is it practical? . . . You think sol, I.Z.F.A., Hillel, A.S.C.E., TR-Glee Club, Alpha Phi Omega. PAZDZIORA, STANLEY MICHAEL, GEOLOGY, Hartford, Stas, IRC, Geology, Newman. PEARLMAN, MARVIN, MARKETING, Hartford, Phi Epsilon Pi, Marv, They never called Bolger the "Mouse" . . . Some dresser, lady killer, Hillel, Tr. De- bating, Marketing. 70 PECK, HENRY A.: B.-xG'rERloI.oGv: New Britain: Hank: UCA. PELTZER, NORMAN ARTHUR: MARKIf,'I'lNG1 Plainville: Sigma Chi: Norm Oriental philosophy and lVestern friendliness . . . Interesting instigator: AMA, Glee Club, SDA. PERFETTE, ANDREW RAYMOND: ZooLoGx': New Haven: Andy: Think I'll hit the sack . . . Who stole Iny zoo notes? ..., Always smiling' Fencing, TR- Bank, Italian, Biology. Newman. PETERSEN, VERNON O.: HlS'l'ORX" Manchester. PETERSON, EDWARD JOHN: EI.I'1C1'RIC.-xL ENGI- NEERING: Meriden: Alpha Sigma Phi Jack: Intramural football, basketball. PETERSON, JUNE AUDREY: ENGLIsH: New Britain: Pi Beta Phi: "Pete": Sweet, neat, and petite . . . Hill-Ka-Boo . . . "Look what Gus gave me!" . . . Junior Counselor, Lutheran, Tennis, UCA. PETERSON, KURT E.: ENGINEERING: Newington: Theta Xi. PETERSON, ROBERT. PETROFSKY, GLORIA: PsrCHoLoGY: Lebanon: Glo: Peaches and cream complexion, and a heart of gold . . . "Hey kids! Ed's coming up!": Aviation, New- man, Psychology. PETRUS, THERESA M.: ENGLISH! Middletown: Tree: A swell pal, lot's of fun, and she doesn't miss a trick: Debating, Education, Newman. PFRANG. EDWARD O.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Ed: TR-Economics Forum, TR-Math, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. PHILIPP, RICHARD FRANK: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERING: Norwich: "Flip": "Well, I'11 be-" . . . al- ways hungry, always studying: AIEE, Intramural Volley Ball. PICKETT, EDXVARD F.: PHARMACY: Bridgeport: Greg: Ping Pong enthusiast . . . a ready smile . . . absolute abhorance for Yankees . . . : Baseball, Bowl- ing: Pinochle Derby: Ping Pong . . . PIERCE, ROBERT GODFREY: ZooLoGY: New Haven, Phi Epsilon Pi: "Stick" Dreams of pots and Karen . . . Pipe it off once . . . Biology, N.S.A., Sailing. PILLION, LOUIS B.: INSURANCE. PINOLA, AUGUST JOHN: INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY: Stepney: Gus. PINTOFF, PHILIP LEON: PsYCHoI.oGY: Water- town: Alpha Epsilon Pi. . PISKOR, JOHN: MARKETING: Hartford: "Jona- than": Working tonight, boys! . . . Sound sleeper . . . Foreign movie fan . . . Early bird . . . Newman, I.S.O., Insurance, SAM. 7l :QW -all ii. , iw' N--Og 'JY' M4 PITMAN, LESLIE NORMAN: Z0oLoGY: Norwalk: Sigma Nu. PLAVNICKY, MARY ANN: ENGLISH: Bridgeport: Delta Zeta: "Nikki": Spectator sports . . . tickets and programs . . . Drifter and dreamer: Archery, Newman, Players. Spanish. PLEPIICR, SANFORD J.: M.iXRKl?'l'INfLj Bridgeport. PLESA, MICHAEL LEROY: INSURANCE: Rockville: Mike: XVhat the devil!!: TR-Soccer, Track. PLONOWSKI, FRANCIS S.: CHEMISTRY: Columbia: Sigma Nu: Frank: Commuter who gets around . . . going to the PNH Thursday Nite? . . . Photography enthusiast: Arnold Society. Ofhcers Club, PLUNKETT, MARGARET ELIZABETH: ENG- I.IsH: New Haven: Alpha Xi Delta: "Marge": I gotta meeting . . . "The Persian Kitten" . . . I resign: "Campus", Glee Club. Finance Chairman, I.S.O., Junior Secretary, Student Counselors Chairman, Stu- dent Senate, Softball, Varsity, WHUS, W.S.G.C. PODHEISER, A.: HlS'FORY'j XVest Haven. POLLETA, GREGORY T.: ENGLISH: lVaterbury: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Dr. Jazz . . . The Wandered . . . YVTBY4French, YfVriters, XVTBY-Begnalight. Student Council, XVHUS. POLVANI, DORIN J.: INSURANCE: Meriden. POPYLISEN, DANIEL: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: New Haven: Pop: AIEE. PORTER. WILLIAM M.: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Middle- town. PORZIO, ANTHONY J.: MECHANICAL ENGINEER! ING: Ivaterbury: ASME, Engineers, Newman. POST, BETTY LOUISE: NURSING: East Haven: Delta Zeta: Postie: Five feet two, eyes of blue . . . partial to doctors . . . infectious laugh: Ivhite Caps, Sec'y, Choir, UCA. POWERS, JAMES JOSEPH, JR.: MATH.: Meriden: Alpha Sigma Phi: Jim: Newman. PRATT, ROBERT ARTHUR: PSYCHOLOGY: New Haven: Theta Xi: Bob: YVhat a fox-pass . . . Intra- mural Bowling, Softball, Psych. PRESUTTI, VICTOR A.: CIvII. ENGINEERING: Hart- ford: Vic: Newman. PREVIS, WILLIAM A.: INDUSTRIAL ADMINISTRATION: Lambda Chi Alpha: Bill: Newman, Fort Trumbull Transfer, Senate. PRITCHARD, MILTON J.: MARKETING: Hartford: Mitch. 72 PROCTOR, DAVID GILII: GovLRNMIiN'r, Waterford, Prock, Lawyer or writer . . . the Providence Kid . . . eagle-eye . . . Nicely intellectual, Campus, Canterbury, ISO, Varsity Rifle. PRSYBYLOSKI, EDWARD Z., MIf,Cll.ItNlCAL IQNCI- NIQIQRING: Waterbury. PUMERANTZ, ROBERT GEORGE, BIARKli'I'lNGj New London, Tau Epsilon Phi, Punch, What's the good word? . . . Ya gotta make a living . . . Pet peeve, Q.P.'s., AMA, Hillel, Intramural football, TR-French. PURSELL, JOHN W., CvOVERNMl7Nl'Q Milford, Bud, "On the contrary, women should never have been given the y0te.", Newman, Mock Legislature, I.R.C. PURVIS, GERALD WILBUR, ACCOUNIING: Lisbon. PYE, RICHARD THOMAS, CHI2IxIIs'I'RY, Old Greenwich, Alpha Gamma Rho: Dick, Five foot two and eyes of blue-I'd go out with you again but I don't want to get involved, NVHUS, University Choir. QUENK, ALEXANDER T., PHILosoI'HY, Bridgeport, AI, Pardon Ine-Stan Kenton?-tremendously-take good notes, Philosophy, I.S.O. QUINLAN, CONRAD S.: Zo0LoGY, Hartford. QUIRICI, ANTHONY, INSURANCE: Waterbury, Tony: Insurance, Newman. RABINOWITZ, CHARLES MYRON, ELECTRICAL EN- GINEICRINGQ Stamford, Charlie, I think, therefore I am. But what am I? I do not yet know, Tau Beta Pi, Etta Kappa Nu. RACHETER, CHERIE JANICE, HISTORY, Torring- ton, Red hair and curly lashes . . . IVood Hall's Clifton Fadiman, Campus, Canterbury, Education, Junior Counselor, Players, Spanish, UCA. RAHIKKA, XVILMA A., PSYCHOLOGY, Newtown: Delta Zeta, "Willi", Tall, Terrific . . . dramatic al- ways . . . witty . . . "St, Joan", Players. RAISSI, SHIRLEY, GOYERNMENT: Thompsonville, Delta Zeta, "Racey", Sincerity personified . . . Music enthusiast . . . efficient, Choir, Interfaith Council, Junior Counselor, U.C.A. RAPPA, RICHARD F., PHARMACYQ New Haven, Dick, Terrific smile . . . Big brother complex . . . pleasant personality . . . , Pharma-Conn, Circulation Manager. RAPPOPORT, JOAN ANNE: ENGLISH, Bridge- port, Alpha Epsilon Phi, "Joanie", Rabid Tiger fan . . . "Heart and Soul" . . . small and sweet . . . Hillel, Junior Show, Panhellenic Council. RASCATI, SALVATORE A.: ENGINEERING, New Haven. RAUSSECK, HERBERT PAUL, BUSINESS ADMIN- ISTRATIONQ New Haven, Herb, "Anyone seen my Post?" . . . "1 A.M.-Time to study", Economics, IVRUM, SAM, Outing, TR-Baseball Manager. REALE, JOHN PHILIP, PSYCHOLOGY, New Brit- ain, "Johnny", Exuberant, impulsive . . . "Want a coke?" . . . 'Tm repressing", Newman, Italian, Psy- chology. 73 'Y of' x -1' 41 WZ? ,...-dim XJ N., nn. '65 :wg 4159? ,z4Qy,,?,? Aw vw ' s A A 1. ff , M A xy X S A I I - V xi in i '-W6 an 55' REARDON, CHARLOTTE FRANCES: ENGLISH: Nor- walk! Sah: "Lets listen to funny programs" . . . "Hello little chicken" . . . "Come inl": Archery, Swimming. RECAN, JAMES JOSEPH: INbUs'IRI.xI. PsYCHoLoGY: Rockville: Jinnny: NVell, YVhat aIII I supposed to do? Jump through a hoop? REGAN, MADALINE ROSE: ZooI.oGY: Tolland: Phi Mu: Artistic . . . wardrobe deluxe . . . that cos- mopolitan look . . . a winsome lass . . . divinely tall: Archery, Education, Junior Counselor, Newman, Tennis. REGAN, THOMAS ECCLES: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Rockville. REILLY, JOHN J.: PHARMACY: Bridgeport: Kappa Psi: Jack: Charter Member of "Duncan Fofers" . . . The Jester . . . 3 Bowling. REISENBERG, MORTON: PHARMACY: New Haven: Rho Pi Phi: Mort: Outside activities seemed to be the topic for endless discussion and ribbing . . .: Chemistry: A.PH.A. REMBISZ, THEODORE STANLEY: HlSTORX'1 New Britain. RENNER, FREDERICK GEORGE: HISTORX'Q Bethel: "Fred": Can't wait until Friday . . . nIy "Curly": Alpha Phi Omega, TR-GERMAN, Intramural basket- ball and softball. REPKO, JAMES J.: ITISIORYQ Danbury. RESNIK. HOWARD JACOB: BUSINESS: New Haven. RETALLICK, CARROLL E.: ACCOUNTING: Bantam: Red: Canterbury, Insurance Society. RETALLICK. FRANCIS D.: MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING: Washington. RETTENMEYER, PAUL F.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Meriden. REUTENAUER, WILLIAM EUGENE: PHARMACY: Hamden: Phi Delta Chi: Bill: Cheerful, friendly, sense ol humor . . . industrious individual . . . Glee Club: Bowling: Ping Pong. REYNOLDS, THOMAS F.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING: Hartford. RHINEHART, ARTHUR P.: ARTS AND SCIENCE: NVaterbury. RHEINHART, JOAN FRANCES: CHEMISTRY: Stam- ford: Kappa Alpha Theta: Philosopher and scientist, beautiful, and loyal . . . to Theta and Doc: Badminton, Baseball, Campus, Cheerleaders, Glee Club, Nutmeg, Swimming, XVAA. RICE, JOHN A.: AGRICULTURE: Meriden. 74 RICHARD, DAVID ALLEN: ACCOUNTING: Westport: "Dave": Are you pulling my leg . . . Don't insult my fill' . . . RICHARDS, ROBERT WILLIAM: HIs'I'oRx': Ham- den: Sigma Chi: Bob: everyone have a date? . . . no IHOFC fooling, let's study: Education, IRC, Newman. RICHARDSON, CHARLES VICTOR, JR.: Hus- TORY: Byram: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Chase: Speak to me in accents sweet . . . SAE choir: lfederalist, IRC, Intramural Basketball. Newman. RICHARDSON, GEORGE IVILLIAM: ENGINEERING: Hartford. RICHARDSON, ROBERT H.: FINANCE: Naugatuck: Alpha Sigma Phi: Rip. RICHMOND, JOHN P.: BUSINESS: Darien: Sigma Chi: Liked and admired by all who know him . . . Nutmeg Business Manager. RICKER, DAVID THACHER: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Norwich Town: Theta Xi: Dave: Hi! what say? . . . got to get on the ball: Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASCE, Engineers, TR-IVriter's, TR-Math, Intramural soft- ball. RIEDEL, JOSEPH M.: PHYSICS: Newington: Tell them I'm froIn Texas. RIGGS, WILLIAM D.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Newington. RINDGE, JANICE M.: FRENCH: Clinton: Chi Delta Delta: "Jann: Transfer from Roanoke College, Salem, Va. RING, NINA VIRGINIA: SoCIoI,oGY: Ivatertown: Social Chairman, Sociology, WSGC. RINTOUL, WILLIAM M.: PSYCHOLOGY: West- brook. RIOTTE, ROBERT J.: INSURANCE: VVallingford: Alpha Sigma Phi: Bob: Insurance, Newman, WRUM, WHUS. RIOUX, WILLIAM DONALD: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Plainfield: Bill: TR-Student Council, Intramural bas- ketball, ASCE. RITTER, ERNEST RICHARD: MECHANICAL EN- GINEERING: Bristol: Phi Sigma Kappa: Ernie: A.S.M.E., Newman. ROBINSON, JOHN J.: CHEMISTRY: X'Vallingford: Alpha Sigma Phi: Robby: Johnny Cokim . . . Mfie geht's . . . Blueberry Hill . . . : Newman. ROLLINS, PATRICIA: SECRETARIAI. STUDIES: Storrs: Kappa Kappa Gamma: "Patsy": A queen . . . loyal to the purple and gold . . . talent and beauty: Archery, Junior Class-Executive Committee, Junior Counselor, Nutmeg-Associate Editor, University Choir: Mortar Board. RONALTER, RALPH J.: MARKETING: Stafford Springs. 75 "ill" id T2 'KL E 1 -aug, 0-if V95 M4218 3: ws. 'lk fb' -If "'I1".1'ZW -'dl' '? arf-32" -as-,p "QU-new-sf "YQi,, ROSA, ANTHONY V.: MEGHANIGAI. ENGINEERING: IVaterbury. ROSANIA, EDWARD P.: INSURANCE: Wethersfield: Theta Chi: "Edu: TR-Sailing, WRUM, Husky, Insur- ance. ROSENBAUM, GILBERT I,.: Zo0l.oGY. ROSENTHAL, MARK A.: PRE-MED: West Hartford. ROSCOIV, BRUCE RAY: MARKETING: Hartford: Phi Sigma Delta: Bru: Phi Sig's one-man basketball team . . . shy til he met "the one": Hartford Basketball, Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track: Hillel. ROSCOW, MARCIA BRETTSCHNEIDER: PSY- GHoLoGY: Willimanitc: Alpha Epsilon Phi: "Put the Blame on Manic" . . . Marriage is bliss . . .Brucie 'mmm!: junior Show, Hillel. ROSS, FRANCIS V. ROSSETTI, MICHAEL A.: BAGTERIOLOGY: Hartford. ROTHERFORTH, WILLIAM R.: ENGINEERING: New Britain. ROTHSTEIN, DAVID M.: MARKETING: NVest Hart- ford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Dove: Lover . . . Monday night shoots: Hillel, Intramural Softball, Volleyball. RUBBO, ROCCO MICHAEL: ENGLISH: Waterbury: Phi Sigma Kappa: Rocci: Relax now . . . The Opera Room: Begnalight, Yearbook-Associate Editor, Glee Club, Student Council, IVaterbury Players, Education. Husky, Newman, Sociology. RUBENSTEIN, SYBIL R.: SoGIoLoGY: New Britain: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Syb": Friendly smile . . . mad about show business: Glee, Hillel, Sociology. RUGGIE, DOROTHY FRANCES: ART AND TEXTII,ESC Thomaston: Delta Zeta: "Dottie": Wooden matches . . . the eyes have it . . . Mademoiselle . . . A.M.A., Yukon Aviation. RUGGIERO, GENNARO: EGoNoMIcs: West Haven: "Gene": "Best proctor on Comet 3" . . . "Let's assume" . . . "Crusader": Newman, Economic Forum, Psychol- ogy, IRC, Inter-Faith Council. RUGGIERO, JOSEPH E.: Music EnUGArIoN: Waterbury. RUNDBAKEN. BERYL MIRIAM: SocIoLoGY: Hart- ford: "Berylie": Red-head minus temper . . . subtle humor . . . conservative radical: Hillel, IZFA-presi- dent, NAACP, Sociology. RUSESKI, PETER P.: BAGTERIOLOGY: Bridgeport. RUSSELL, ALVAH A.: ENGINEERING: Glastonbury. 76 RUSSELL, GEORGE S., GOVERNMENT, Waterbury, Rusty: WTBY-Glee Club, Dramatic, Socio-EC, French, I.R.C., Junior Executive Committee, Senate, I.S.O. RYACK, BERNARD L., BUSINESS, Ivatcrbury. RYAN, ALICE D., I'IISTORYj Stamford. RYAN, RUTH MARY, SOCIOLOGY, Manchester, Ruthie, Gay .. . friendly . . . a word and a sIIIile for everyone: Huskey, NewInan. RYBECK, JAMES P., FINANCE, Meriden, Sigma Nu, Pete, Grille job tonite, Mac . . . Tall and Bashful, JV Basketball, TR-Basketball, U.C.A. SABIN, HELEN JEAN, PHILOSOPHY, New Haven, Pi Beta Phi, Larson transfer . . . Oh! Those Yalies . . . . . . Mad philosopher and artist . . . Intramurals, Philosophy. SABOTKA, EDWARD, MARKETING, INindSor Locks. SADOWSKI, ELEANOR M., SPANISHQ Fairfield, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ellie, Tomato Juice 'n tooth- brushes . . . good listener . . . unusual giggle, Bridge. Campus, Education, Junior Counselor. SALVIN, ARTHUR HARRIS, MARKETING, East Norwalk, Phi Sigma Delta, "Art", Buddies . . . SlIe'S just a date . . . Great party, Hillel, Spanish, TR-Vol- leyball. SAMUELS, STANLEY L., INDUSTRIAL MANAGI2IxILNT, New Haven, Pete, S.A.M., I.S.O. SANDOR, PAUL F., INSURANCE, Portland. SANFORD, KENNETH JOHN, VOCATIONAL AGRI- CULTURE, Lakeside, "Ken". Save your money . . . I'll bet a nickel . . . A farmer at heart. SAPPERN, DONALD, BUSINESS, Stamford, Phi Epsilon Pi, Donzo, Bob, grab your horn, Al get your drums, and let'S go off our "cugle", Intramural baseball, bas- ketball and football, Hillel, Marketing. SARGEANT, VERNE IRENE, HISTORY EDUCATION, Stratford, Delta Zeta, "Sarge", Bubbles, Beer, and Bob . . . chatterbox . . . sarcastic wit, Education, Junior Counselor, Newman, Players. SARIN, LEON, EDUCATION, New Britain. SARKES, THOMAS J., INDUSTRIAL B'IANAGEMEN'l'j Sey- mour, TR-Football, Varsity Track, Newman. SAVAGE, DONALD EDWARD, IYIECHANICAL ENGI- NEERING1 Oakville, Doc, ASME, Newman. SAVVA, GEORGE, ENGINEERING, Hartford. 77 fa-GP -1 ,V L SCANLAIN, SIDNEY. SCARPELLINO, JOSEPH: CIIEMISTRY: New Haven. SCHACHTER, SYLVAN ARTHUR: ARTS AD SCI- 1.NCI-I Soulh Norwalk. SCHAFFHAUSER, MARTIN J.: ACCOUNTING: Nor- wich: Marty: Wine, Women, Song, and QPR's.: Officers' Club. SCHAFFRICK, WILLIAM CARL: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Plainville. SCHAPEROW, ELAINE RITA: MATHEMATICS: Hartford: Redhead with brains . . . 'We'll be late . . . Frank, sincere: Education. Glee Club, HTFD-Engineer- ing, Hillel, Players, Spanish. SCHARMETT, MUNSEY: ENGLISH: New Haven: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Munse": Luscious blonde, Lovely to look at . . . B. Cereus, Joanieg Hillel, Hillel Husky, Nutmeg, YVHUS. SCHLEGEL, JAMES: MARKE'IlNG, New Haven: Kappa Sigma. SCHLOSSER, DYLLIS JANE: HOAIE ECONOMICS EIIUCATION: New Hartford: Dyl: Oh, for a square dance . . . Termite trouble . . . A farm for me: Edu- cation, Glee Club, Home Economics, 4-H, fSecretaryj, Junior Counselor, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Rifle. SCHORR, GIVEN CAROL: ENGLISH: Hamden: Gweni- vere: Ah, Tschaikowsky . . . Mad about dogs: Archery, Blue and White, Education, Hillel, Junior Counselor, Outing. SCHRIEFER, JANET M.: MATHEMATICS: Windsor: Kappa Alpha Theta: Jan: Mixture of madness and mentality . . . faun eyes . . . University of Michigan transfer: Campus, Intramurals, "Raisin Cane". SCHULMAN, RALPH JOSEPH: HISTORY: Hart- ford: Phi Epsilon Pi: Why didn't you call me? . . . Likes to swim . . . strictly the camp type: TR-Sailing, TR-Psychology, Hillel, Debating, Bridge. SCHULTZ, HAROLD F.: POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Croton Falls, N. Y.: Theta Xi: "Harold": Ferdinand . . . hey, Lani . . . the '37 Nash: Choir, Freshman Basketball. SCHULZ, ROBERT CHARLES: BIARKETINGQ Fair- field: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Bob: Let's go to YVOOd . . . NO kiddin .. . Can't see it: Economics, Psychology, Sailing, Philosophy, Intramural Basketball. SCHUPACK, MARJORIE ANN: Economics: New Britain: Phi Sigma Sigma: "Marge": Sweet, sincere, and conscientious . . . Racing with the clock: HTFD- French-Glee Club: Hillel: I.Z.F.A. SCHNVARTZ, MICHAEL H.: SOCIOLOGY: Hartford. SCHWARZ, JOHN T.: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Rockville. SCHWEITZER, ESTELLE: HISTORY: Hartford: Hartford Jr. Transfer . . . believer in extra-curricular activities: CISL, Education, Hillel, IZFA. 78 SCOLNIK, EDWARD, PHARMACY, Lewiston, Maine, Alpha Zeta Omega, Ed, Quiet, but always called on for an "after exam" discussion . . . , A.PH.A. SCOTT, BLANCHE BETTY, ZOOLOCYQ Colchester, Betty, Going to New York this weekend . . . Anything but study . . . big brown eyes and no waist, Huskey, Hillel, Players. SCRICCA, MICHAEL ANTHONY, lX'I.fxRRIc'IING, New Britain, Mike, Conscientious and easy-going . . . broad scholastic interests and a love of all sports. In- tramural basketball, softball. SEELY, MARILYN ELIZABETH: CIeIIcIxIIs'IRx', East Hartford, "I dropped Iny sample . . . Oh honestly! . . . This room is' such a mess". SEKIRA, DONALD H., ENGINEERING, Cheshire. SELLECK, NATHANIEL P., ZOOLOCY, South Coventry. SELLECK, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Pre-Med, Dan- bury, Bob, Always on the books . . . Sleep? Nope, just resting Iny eyes. SELLECK, RUTH. SERVADIO, OLIVER ALEXANDER, MECH.fxNICAI. ENGINEERING: Greenwich, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ollie, I left my union card upstairs . . . Kikla, Fran, and Ollie . . . lunchroom proprietor. SHAHAN, THOMAS JOSEPH, JR.: INDUSTRIAL EIAN- AGEIIIENT, Norwich, Tom: The first year I almost had it, Newman, SAM. SHAPIRO, ARNOLD, INSURANCE, New Haven, "Arnie", Alias Phillip yVylie . . . incurable insomniac . . . accident prone, Insurance, Intra-mural basketball, solfeball, TR-Radio Players, Arnold Society. SHASKUS, JOSEPH S., CHEMISTRY, Hartford. SHAXV, ERNEST G., INDUSTRI.-xr. AlJDIINIS'l'RATIONQ Sims- bury. SHAWINSKY, JOSEPH NICHOLAS, SOCIAL STUDIES, Stamford, Joe, active interest in Audio-Visual Aids and UConn Public Relations, TR-Tide, -l9er, Photopool, IRC. Spanish, Senate, Finance Committee, Education, Newman, Community Chest, Campus, Photo Editor, Nutmeg. SHAY, FRANCIS J., ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Hamden. SHEEHAN, JOHN JOSEPH, MUSIC EDUCATION, New London, Jack, Married and Commutes, Trombone player, Band President, Glee Club. SHEITELMAN, EILEEN, PSYCHOLOGY, New Haven, Phi Sigma Sigma, "Sheity": He's My Herbie! . . . Bub- bling personality, zest for living . . . gift of laughter, Hillel. SHELDON, RICHARD YVALTER, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, XVest Granby, Theta Xi, Dick, The lines are always busy . . . Quiet, studies and smart, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE, Amateur Radio. .79 SHELLING, RICHARD LAWRENCE: ZooLoGY: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Dyke: Fix me up! . . . Look- ing for a fourth for bridge . . . Yankees are still the greatest team . . . Hotel Bond: WRUM, Biology, Boating, Hillel, Intramurals. SHERMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM: FLORICULTURE: Waterbury: Chuck: Florist extrodinary . . . Auto blues . . . faithful: Fish and Game, Flower Judging, Horti- culture, Intramural Baseball, L.S.A., U.C.A. SHINN, JEFFREY N.: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Bolton: Alpha Gamma Rho: Jeff: Q.P.'s he hasn't yet . . . member of the Pi Phi set: Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Choir. SI-IIPPEE, FLORENCE ELLEN: Home ECoNoMICs: Sterling: Alpha Delta Pi. SHIPPEE, ROBERT F.: HISTORY: Storrs. SHOPIS, XV. THOMAS: ACCOUNTING: YVaterbury: Shope: Nice try . . . medication: Newman, Insurance, Intramural Softball. SHULKIN, HYLA FAY: ZooLoGY: Bridgeport: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Only 28 hours of classes today aIId 7 meetings at 6 o'clock: Hillel, Junior Counselor, NVSGA. SHULTZ, ROBERT H.: AGRICULTURE: East Hart- ford. SIGAL. ABRAHAM: ACCOUNTING: Hartford: t'Abe": "Hey, get me one" . . . "Saturday, I'm going out with SzIrry" . . . Boy Commuter. SILVER, MARTIN KENNETH: MARKETING: Bridge- port: Phi Epsilon Pi: "Martyn: All impressions . . . taught well by the masters . . . The Katz meow . . TR-Radio, Hillel, Intramural, S.A.M. SILVERBERG, ORRIN FRANCIS: MARKETING: Nor- wich: Phi Epsilon Pi: "Orrie": Witty comments . . . likes sincerity: TR-Glee Club, French, Footlighters, WHUS, Players, Hillel. SILVERMAN, AARON H.: ENGLISH: New London. SILVERMAN, ARYH Z.: MARKETING: Norwalk. SILVERSTEIN, HOWARD: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Brooklyn, N. Y. SIMPSON, GEORGE WILBUR, JR.: DAIRY PRO- IIUC'rIoN: W'allingfoI'd: Alpha Gamma Rho: Square Shoulders: Just turn up your collar and it won't hit your neck . . . a real kicker. SINCLAIR, NEIL ANTHONY: MECHANICAL ENGINEER- ING: Bristol: I'm in love . . . New Philosophy . . . Forgotten coats, books, etc.: TR-Fencing, Glee Club, JV Swimming, UCA. SKINNER, NORMA S.: BACTERIOLOGY: Meriden: Norm: Frank-ly speaking . . . QP's without effort: Archery, Badminton, Glee Club, Huskey, Junior Coun- selor, Players, Women's Varsity, UCA. SKORUPSKI, EDWARD: INSURANCE: New Haven: Newman, Insurance Society, Intramural Softball, Base- ball. 80 SKOWRON, WALTER J.: CIII3MIs'rRY: Willimantic. SKUBEL, EDWARD S., JR.: MARKPl'l'lNCj Mitltllg. town: Sigma Chi: "Big Ed"g Weekends in Greenwich . . . I got a buddy . . . XVho burned up Typhoon . . . P AMA, Newman, .IV Track, TR-Psychology, Intramural Basketball. SLATER, MILDRED JULIA: l'IIARsI.Ixc:v: Berlin: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Millie: Whimsical gal . . . Slow intriguing smile . . . Combination of sweetness and sophistication . . .3 A.A., Pharma-Conn, Cosmetic, A.PH.A., Bowling SLUSKY, ELINOR FAY: ZooI.ocx': Hartford: "L": "All the things I like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening": Hillel, I.Z.F.A., Tower. SMIGIEL, STANLEY JOHN: Zooroor: New Britain: Stash: 10 o'clock express . . . That Esquire look: Biology, Newman. SMITH. ALLYN G.: EI.Izc'I'RIcAI, ENIIINIQIQRING: Franklin: Smitty: Roommates . . . Cimpy . . . needs a ring job . . . Ticket? SMITH, CHARLES FRANK: NIIZCIIANICAL ENGINIQIQR- ING: Hartford: SnIitty: Ambition alone, is not enough: the will to persevere must be strong: A.S.M.E. SMITH, HENRY PEARSON, jR.: MIQCH.-xNIe,xI. ENGINIQIQRING: Windsor Locks: Kappa Sigma: Hank: A.S.M.E., Engineers, Intramural Volleyball, Softball. SMITH, HERBERT ROBERT: INDUSTRIAL MAN- ,xcI5MIiN'r: Fairfield: Herb: Newman, S.A.M. SMITH, THOMAS FRANCIS: ENGLISH: Naugatuck: Tom: joe, Fred and me . . . everythings Uwhatdoya- callit": Senate, ISO Secretary, Education, Newman, Begnalight Editor. WTBY-Student Council. SMOTRICH, HERMAN XV.: NIARKETINGZ Norwich. SNEIDERMAN, RICHARD A.: PI-IARIxI.-xcY: New Britain: Alpha Zeta Omega: Dick: Chinese dinners with the fellows . . . Genial . . . Nice guy. SNOXV, WORTHING P.: INsURANcI2: Bristol: "Worth", Anyone can tell I'm a gentleman by my "C" average. SOBIESKI, THADDEUS RAYMOND: HISTORX'Q Meriden, Sigma Nu: "Sobie": Aspirations for law school or teaching . . . enjoys conversational tussels: C-Club Pres., Football Co-Captain, Intramurals. SOLARZ, PETER, JR.: ELIQCTRICAI. ENGINEERING: Glastonbury: Tush: Geesum-Crow-Zeke, I love you!: TR-Radio, TR-Math, Intramural Basketball, Football, Volleyball. SOKOL, MICHAEL XVILLIAM: PHYSICAL EIJUcA'rIoN: Thonipsonvillez Sigma Nu: Mike: If I could only hit: Intramural Basketball, Newman. P.E. Majors, TR- Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Football. SOLON, DOROTHY. SOMERS, DAVID E.: PIIARMACY: Danbury: Dare: Operates taxi service . . . Never known to be late . . . A heartwarming smile . . .3 A.PH.A., Class Ring Com- mittee. 81 SOYBI-LI., ERWIN S.: PII.fxRIxmGv: Hamden: Ernie: Sports enthusiast . . . Last minute cram sessions . . .: Bowling. junior Prom Committee. SPANO, VITO THOMAS: NIECHANICAL ENGINEER' ING: Hartford: Phi Sigma Kappa: Tom: House father ol' Holcomb . . . flashbulbs and cheese cake: YVRUM, Photopool, Sailing, ASME, Newman, "Tide". SPATUZZI, MARCO A.: PIIARxIfxcI': Hartlord: Kappa Psi: Mark: Quiet, but likeable fellow . . . Mark's eyes drifted East-East Haven . . .: Cosmetic, A.PH.A., Bowling, Ring Committee. SPENCER, GEORGE HERBERT, AIR.: FINANCE: Litchfield: Sigma Phi Epsilon: "Bud": Stevens Tech. Transfer . . . XVell, let's see what this is . . . Dewey for '52: Bridge, Canterbury, Chess, Ski. SAM. Nutmeg. SPENCER, RICHARD IVILLIAM: M,xRRIc'I'ING: XVoodstock: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Spence: "Deathly" . . . joy Boy of the "peut house": "C" Club, AMA, Husky, OIIicer's Club, Arnold Society, Frosh Basketball, Varsity Soccer. SPENCER, WILLIAM H.: NIATHEMATICS1 East Haven: Sigma Nu: Spence: Saves coupons . . . Loyal to the end . . . Not going to get married for two years: ASCE. TR-Basketball. SPERANDEO, RICHARD PAUL: GovERNRII'iN'I': New Haven. SPOONER, ESTHER MARY: PSYCHOLOGY: West- port: Lil' varmint . . . likes those new Plymouths . . . little but Illlgllly . . . Archery, Junior Counselor, Psy- chology, Sociology. U.C.A. STANLEY. PAUL FRANCIS: EI.Iic'rRIe,xL ENGI- NEERING: Bridgeport: AIEE, Amateur Radio, IRE, Newman. STARRETT, ANDREW: DAIRY PRODUCTION: Green- wich: Theta Xi: "Andy": "Diddle!" . . . Sunday driver . . . Hard working Sack-hound . . . Band, C.S.O., Base- ball QAsst. Mgrj, Dairy, Ornithology. STAUFFER, GEORGE MAURICE, JR.: MARKETING: Northford: "Cigareets, Yvhiskey, and Wild YVomen!" . . . M.I.T. Transfer: Student Union Committee, Can- terbury, Community Chest. STAVNITSKY, PAUL MICHAEL: MARKETING: Winsted: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Stav: "Where are the Memoirs . . . NVe're oft to Frazees: Chairman NSA, XVorld Federalist, IRC, TR-Senate Council Vice- president, Ofhcer's Club, Young Republicans. STEIN, KIOAN: GOVERNMENT: New Haven: Phi Sigma Sigma: "joanie": Up at break of Noon! . . . pert, peppy, poised, prexy too . . .: Hillel, junior Cotm- selor, Pan HelleIIic, junior Show. STEINBERG, ADELE ROSLYN: Fooos AND NUTRI- TIoN: Hartford: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Delly: AEPhi Mermaid . . . mad chemist . . . "let's shoot to Boston": Hillel, Home Economics. STEINLE, GERTRUDE MARY: SocIoLoGY: Bea- con Falls: "Trudy": Let's live . . . is it for reallll: Archery, Begnalight, Dramatics, Newman, Hfaterbury Glee Club. STEINLE, WILLETTA M.: CHEMISTRY: Beacon Falls: "Willie": the Grille, German . . . turn on some music: Glee Club, XVTBY-Begnalight, Chemistry, Newman, Tennis. STEVENS, STILES F.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: North Haven: Newman, ASCE Secretary, Chi Epsilon. STEVENSON, HERBERT JOSEPH: GOVERNINIENTI Manchester: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 82 STIGBERG, LUCILLE MARGARET: ENol.lsu: Water- bury: "l.uce": If it's different, it's terrihc . . . extremist . . . passion for fashion . . . honestly! STILES, ANITA LOUISE:': Stratlorcl: Alpha Xi Delta: Prexy, ball ol' energy . . . Phi Sigma Kappa girl . . . Hey Anita-Rit's here: Archery, Bad- minton, Chess, Huskey, Interfaith, junior Counselor, Softball. SlII,lzS, Hlzl.l:N. STIMSON. IVILLIANI XVALLACE: l'kl-'-Vlfll-Rlx.xRx': Halartlville: Alpha Gamma Rho: Bill: Blonde. quiet, and serious . . . pipe smoker: Block and Bridle, Pi .Xlpha Sigma. STOLMAN, QIOSEPH NI.: lool.ot.Y: Baltic. STONE. ROBERT DAVIS: INst1R.xNr:r: North Haven: Lambda Chi Alpha: Bob: Insurance. STONE, SHELDON MARTIN: NI tklttvrlxraz Hartford: Tau Epsilon Phi: Shell in-let-propelled" waiter ol' Tau Ep . . . "Is she anyone I know?" . . . Trumbull Forever: Hillel. STONE, SHIRLEY ANNE: Akr ,xxn 'I1lfXlll,l'S1 Dan- bury: "Sas"2 Early sun baths in the spring . . . "olly and Sas" . . . John? . . .: Badminton, Home Economies, University Choir, UCA. STORM. FRANCIS: Ixnusriuxl. AI.-XN.XCl'1Nll'fN'I'Q Greenwich. STOUDT, MARQIORIE CLAIRE: ARI' ,-wb rTxl'.Xlll.liS2 Norwich: Kappa Kappa Gamma: "NIargie": Coltlie Locks, Gamma Rho's Rah Ray Girl . . . Mademoiselle Personilied: Newman. STRATTON, ARTHUR GEORGE: M.xRKii'llxr:: Old Greenwich: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Art: "The Colonel" . . . Classes? IVhy, it's golf season: Intra- mural Baseball. Football. STRICKLER, GILBERT KENNETH: ACCOUNT- ING: New Haven: Phi Epsilon Pi: Gil: TR'Hillel, TR- Fencing. SULLIVAN, DONALD J.: ENGINEERING: East Haven. SULLIVAN, GERALD F.: INDUSIRIAL Am1lNts'm.x- 1:loN: New Haven: Alpha Gamma Rho: Sully: Member of the bee-bop quartet . . . Irish around the face: Newman, Arnold Society. SULLIVAN, JOHN R.: PH.-xnmixcrg Stafford Springs: Kappa Psi: Sully: Blushes easily . . . Person- ality plus . . . Eflieieney personified . . .: Soph. Treas- urer, Junior Pres., Student Council, Pharma-Conn, Co-Editor, A.PH.A., Chemistry, Pres., Bowling. SWANSON, AUDREY MAE: ENGLISH: Naugatuck: Swannie: Long. lean and brains, too . . . clothes and culture: Spanish, UCA. SWARTS, CHARLES QUENTIN: Gor15RNA1Lx'r: West Haven: Shwem: "Thats neat!" . . . Sack-rat: Glee Club, Italian. SWETT, DOUGLAS: AGRICULTURIQ: XVest Hart- ford. 83 SYMMES, I-'RANCES HOPE: Home ECONOMICS EDUCA- 'IIONQ VVest Haven: Phi Mu: Franny: Personality kid . . . always a smile . . . loved wherever she goes: Head House Chairman, Home Economics, Junior Counselor, Newman, Nutmeg, NVSGA. TAGLIARINI, VIOLET ROSE: ART AND TIcx'rILI1s: Waterford: "Vi": Petite brunette . . . imaginative . . . Is it that late? . . .: Home Economics, Italian, Newman. TALBOT, MARI-AN NE: PSYCHOLOGY: West Hart- ford: Kappa Alpha Theta: "TOrchy": Mary Washing- ton transfer . . . Jim and S.A.E. weekends . . .: Glee Club, Psychology, Riding, Sociology, UCA. TAMBORRA, SABIND PATRICK: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Norwich. TARBELI., LUTHER LAWRENCE, JR.: MA1'lIE- M.-XTICSQ West Hartford: Lou: Ask my idiot roommate . . . Dixieland Jazz and "Satchmo" . . . "Fore!": Math, Husky, Intramural Basketball. TARPINIAN, CHARLES S.: GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Manchester: "Tiny": An- other letter from Marcelle . . . Parlez-vous francais . . . Card, chess, television fiend: Newman, ISO, Education, Chess, HTFD-French, HTFD-Tennis. TAUSENDFREUNDT, JAY G.: ENGINEERING: Seymour: Sigma Nu: Hero: Never do today what you can put OKI until tomorrow . . . Golf Bend: Lutheran, A.S.M.E., Intramural Basketball, TR-Golf Club. TAYLOR, JOYCE DAWSON: HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION: XVest Hartford: Alpha Xi Delta: "JOyce": Emigrant from Bates . . . domestic . . .: 4H, Choir, Education, Grange, Home Economics, Junior Coun- selor, UCA, IVHUS. TEDESCO, ROBERT LINCOLN: MATHEMATICS! Hartford: Phi Sigma Kappa: Bob: Let me dance and I'll be happy . . . Murphy . . . Where's my boy Lou? . . . Phi Sig's Torpedo. TENDLER. JOSEPH R.: ENGLISH: New Haven. TESTO, JEAN A.: PHARMACY: Bridgeport: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Jeanie: Quiet charm and dignity all her own . . . Capable, headed for real success . . .: Pharma-Conn, Student Council. THOMAS, CAROLYN: NURSING: West Hartford: Kappa Alpha Theta: Lyn. , THOREN, DONALD E.: ENGINEERING: New Britain. TIERNAN, ROBERT DEFOREST: MARKETING: New Haven: "Bob": AMA, Spanish, Newman, TR-Sailing, WRUM, Varsity Fencing. TIMIDEI, JANICE HOLMES: PSYCHOLOGY: Riv- ertown: Kappa Kappa Gamma: "Timmie": Innocent . . . dancing eyes . . . Kappa's pixie . . . completely lovable: Campus, Archery, Nutmeg, Psychology, UCA. TINGLE, H. RICHARD: MARKETING: Thomaston: Dick: A.M.A., Intramural Softball, Basketball. TISDALE, DONALD BRONSE: FLORICULTURE: Bridgeport: A friend in need is a friend indeed: Luth- eran, Horticulture, UCA. TOMAIUOLO, FRANK P.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER- ING: Hartford. 84 TOMASETTI, AUGUST: AccoUNTINt:: Bridgeport: "Gus": Debits equal credits . . . fresh air fiend: ISO, Junior Treas., Newman. TOMASZEWSKI, HENRY J.: l'll.KRlXl.KtIY2 Middle- town: Phi Delta Chi: Hank: Transfer from New Britain Teachers College . . . Well satisfied with life . . .: A.PH.A. TOMLIN, DONALD GEAR: Zoorotsrz Hampton: Don: Boy man . . . Grille Busboy . . . Summer School and Student Nurses: Alpha Phi Omega, Clee Club. TORCELLINI, JOSEPH: I'llS'l'ORYj Hamden: Italian, Newman. TERCHINSKY, HARVEY DAVID: INSURANCE: Hart- ford: Phi Epsilon Pi: "Torchy": Either Boston or New York . . . who's driving? . . . All women are greall: TR-Sailing. Insurance, Intramurals, Band. TOTH, WILLIAM ERNEST: ACCOUNTING: Nor- walk: Theta Chi: Bill: See me during ofhce hours.: Ofhcers Club, Arnold Society, Insurance, U.C.A., TR- Golf, Intramural Basketball. TRACY, JANET M.: BACTI-1RIoI,oov: XVillimantic: Baseball, Basketball, and Blarney . . . arguer extra- ordinary . . . those Irish eyes. TSAKONAS, GEORGE: BUSINESS: Danielson. TUMICKI, JOHN B.: BUSINESS: Yantic. TUPKA, WILLIAM PETER: ARTS AND SCIENCE: Ham- den. UNDERWOOD, RICHARD WEEDEN: GEOLOGY: East Haven: Dick: Thats life . . . headed for the rock lab . . . off to Newport: Newman, Geology, Student Musical. URCINOLI, ARTHUR R.: Acc:oIINTINo: Hart- ford: Skid. URIOT, MARJORIE LOUISE: IXIATHEMATICSQ Gilder- sleeve: Alpha Delta Pi: "Margie": Yvhere there's a Will there's a way . . . flapper . . . sexy eyes: Basket- ball, Nutmeg, Pencraft. URKEVIC, JOSEPH XV.: ZooI,ooY: NVaterbury. URSIN, RAYMOND A.: NIARKETINGQ Rockville. VALUSKAS, EDWARD CHARLES: ECONOMICS: Waterbury: Ed: Hobby-listening to Kenton:'Newman, IRC, Intramurals. VAN ETTEN, BETTY: EcoNosI1cs: Fairfield: Kappa Alpha Theta: Quiet, but wait till you get to know her . . . mischievous, sincere, friendly: Blue and White, Canterbury. VARTELAS, JEREMIAH: BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TION: Ansonia: Sigma Chi: Zeus: Plenty good . . . the greatest: Intramural volleyball, Track, Softball, Varsity Basketball. 85 VEAL, HAROLD DIQWITT: GOVERNMENT: New Lon- don: Theta Xi: Hap: "It's out of this world" . . . "Back in the saddle": U.C.A., IRC, Education, IKE. Majors, Football, Intramural Basketball. VEGLIANTE, DOLORES EMILIA: Music: XVest Haven: Alpha Delta Pi: "Deen: Personality kid . . . "'l'orchy" . . . man for every month: Italian, Music Iiducation, Newman. VERCELLI, LOUIS D.: CIVIL ENCINICI-RING: Elm- wood. VIMER, IRENE ETHEL: NuRsINo: Oxford: Vim: l'1verybody's pal, men and my big mouth: Outing, IVhite Caps, Basketball, Lutheran. YINING, RICHARD M.: I'HvsIc.xI. Eoric.-vI'IoN: En- field. vox SCHMID, MARIE ELIZABETH: HOME Eco- Nomlcs: Terryville: Alpha Xi Delta: "Baroness" That Signet Ring . . . 30l's bartender . . . star gazer: Home Economics, junior Counselor, Lutheran, U.C.A., W.H.U.S. VOSS, ROBERT H.: MI1cIfI.-xNIe.xI. ENGINIQERING: East Haven. IVADE, IVILBUR, -IR.: DAIRY HUSBANDRYQ NVest Granby: "IVi1l": See you later, fellows . . . Sports lover, animal lover, lover: Dairy, Agriculture, Newman, RHSAA, Secretary. WADSXVORTH, AIEREMIAH: DIKIRY PRODUCTION: Farmington: Theta Xi: jerry: a family man: Agricul- ture, Dairy, President, Pi Alpha Sigma. WACNER, GRAYDON C., JR.: ELIQc:rRIe,xI, ENGINEER- Ixr.: Norwich: Theta Xi: Ivag: That was rough . . . It will be different next semester: AIEE. IVAGNER, ROBERT C.: CIVIL ENIIINEERING: Devon. WAINSTEN, BETTY RUTH: ENGLISH: Stamford: Betts: Cot the Buick again . . . Collects stull and junk: Education, Hillel, IZFA, junior Counselor, NAACP. WAKEMAN, HENRY K.: INuus'I'RY: Fairheldg Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Hank: Campus Business Manager, Nut- meg Advertising Manager, Student-Faculty Committee. WALKER, CLIFFORD CLARKE: PHARMACY: New- ton: Kappa Psi: Cliff: Shoulders . . . known as the Lil' Abner of Newton . . . A.PH.A.: A.S.H.P. IVALSH, BARBARA: EDUCATION-ENoI.IsII: Fair- lield: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Bobbie: Life begins Ifriday night . . . Well, honestly: Education, junior Counselor, Newman, Nutmeg. WALTER. FRANCIS J.: HIs'I'oRv: Meriden. IVARD, HOWARD IVESLEY: BUSINESS Enuc.-xTIoN: Devon: Howie: I can't study now, I have to go to band rehearsal: TR-Band. Concert Band. WARNER, CATHERINE: ARTS AND Tnx'rII.Ias: Darien: Kappa Kappa Gamma: "Kitty": Sigma Nu Girl . . . found a "Ray" of sunshine . . . Senate, Ski- ing, IVSCC. 86 WARREN, DUDLEY RAYMOND: CIVIL ENOINIf.hkINt:: Storrs: Dud: Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Society, A.S.C.E., Engineers, Oflicer's Club, Varsity Track. WATROUS, CHARLES E.:': Deep River. NVATTS, ROBERT M.: HlS'I'ORX' Enuc:.x'iloN. WEBER, JANE ELLEN: HISTORY: Storrs: Pi Beta Phi Janie: Personality personitied . . . versatility supreme . . . Nations top gal archer: Archery, Band, Basket- ball, Campus, Choir, Field Hockey, Freshman Hleek Chairman, junior Counselor, Orchestra, Senate, WSGX. Mortar Board. WEBER, LEWIS T.: Folu-'s'rIu': Lime Rock. XVEBER, MICHAEL JOSEPH: Hlsrolzrz New Haven: Mike: Marriage my dream . . . The Cardinals by 30 games: Biology. Chemistry. Newman, I.S.O., lied- eralists, Marketing, I.R.C. IVEBSTER, GEORGE HERBERT: SOCIOLOCYQ XVater- bury: Veteran: Sociology: Begnalight. WEDEKIND, CARL ERNEST:': West Hartford: Phi Sigma Kappa: "Weekend": A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it sure gets a h - - - ol' a polish. WEDGE, RAYMOND J.: GovrltNN1FNT: YVater- bury: Ivaterbury Stundent Council President, Water! bury Dramatics, Socio-Economics. XVEI NGART, FRED NV. TVEINTRAUB, EDVVARD: GOVILRNMIZNT: Hartford: "Ed": Entering law school in the fall: NAACP, Fed- eralists. WEISS, GUNTHER H.: Ackrczumunr: Madison. WEST, ANN ELIZABETH: EcoNoxIIcs: Huntington: Delta Zeta: "Annie": Lovely one . . . I think so . . Love my majori: Canterbury. NVETSTONE, NORDON: IXCRICULTUREI NVest Hart- ford. YVHARTON, ELIZABETH: CIIIQMISTRY: Cole- brook: Betty: Transferee . . . sparkling personality . . . winning smile . . . Mardi Gras Queen: Outing: Ski. XVHEELAN, RUTH: GOVERNMENT: Litchfield: Sooooo attractive . . . pre-Raphaelite hands . . . warm brown eyes: Glee Club. XVHINNEM, DONALD Y.: BUSINESS: Harftord. WHITE, DEAN MICHAEL: ELIic'rRIcAL ENCINIQIQR- ING: Terryville: Hartford Engineers, I.R.E., Engineers. 87 all f"5'-WE -..avi l' 'H-14' .f-anQ' -rl" 1419:-v.... slit Q55 WHl'I'li, H- LURINCS: ENGI.IsIt: Newington: Kappa Sigma: Doc: Players. WHITE, MICHAEL A., JR,: lNntIs'I'RI.-xl. M,ftN,xGI-i- RIIQNT: Danbury: Kappa Sigma: Mike: Senate. XVHITIKER. SANFORD XV.: BIIsINl1ss: Abington: Sandy. WICK, GERTRUDE ANDERSON: NURSING: Wood- side: Long Island: Trudy: lovable . . . musically in- clined . . . holy cow: White Caps, Glee Club, Luth- eran, 'WAA. WIEZALIS, JOSEPH JACK: B,-xC:rrRIoI,oGY: Joe: Newman. Hosts,-INIIRY: Pachaug: Frank: Member ol the Poultry Judging Team . . . further graduate work: Bankiva. Treasurer. Phi Sigma Kappa: Cord: "Hallalujuah Im ah Bum . . . Debator at Fort Trumbull. WILCOX, HOVVARD ROY: INIIUs'rRI,-IL MANIIGIE- RIIfN'I: Wetherstield: Roy: WHUS, SAM, TR-Soccer Sailing. Intramurals. WILKS, JOHN BENJAMIN: ENGLISH: New Brit- ain: Johnny: It's not the energy put into the work, but the benehts derived from it that count: Newman, Clee Club. WILL, ERIC, JR.: lfoRI-,sI'Rr: Seymour: Sigma Chi: Pinchot: Harrrrmony . . . Bringin' home the Ram: Forestry, Intramural Swimming. WILLIAMS, HADLEY C.: Busmrsss ADMINISTRA- 'IIoN: Willimantic: Had: Yukon Aviation. IVILLIAMS, ROBERT M.: ENGI,IstI: XVetherslIeltl. WILLIAMSON, JOHN S.: EI.rC'rRIC,-xt. ENGINEERING: Johnny: Married Navy vet, Hop Scotch Polka, Com- muter. NVILLING, HARRY ALFRED: ELECTRICAL ENGI- NIQILRING: New London: "Harry": I'd much rather iish a trout stream than plant my nose in a book: TR- Math. WILOWSKI, MARJORIE A.: B.-'tCTERIoI.oCx': Bridgeport: Kappa Alpha Theta: Marge: Laboratory bound . . . Sophisticated on occasion . . . Theta alarm clock: Campus, Newman, Nutmeg, Junior Counselor, Tennis. WINALSKI, HIPOLIT P.: PI-IARMACY: Hartford: Kappa Psi: Hip: enthusiastic . . . everyones conlidante . . . witty, friendly . . .: A.PH.A.: Cosmetic, Treasurer, Junior Treasurer, Bowling. XVINICK, FRED: ACCOUNTING: Hartford: Did you ever see jet propulsion? . . . Gotta call Annette . . . That's George! XVINTER, RICHARD LEWIS: GOVIZRNIIIENT: QPRE-LAWJ: Bridgeport: Tau Epsilon Phi: Dick: The kid with the fire engine . . . 2nd floor A.C.: Spanish, Hillel, TR-Players, WRUM, IRC, Tide, TR-Writers, TR-Psychology, Llubmurt Trot. IVILCOX, FRANK HERBERT, JR.: POULTRY WILCOX, C-ORODN EDWARD: Bt1sINIzss: Hamden: I- v WIRTEMBURG, GEORGE A.: INDUSTRIAI. Amtmts- TRATION: Meriden: "Snorkel": Joking, energetic . . a business IIIZIIPS business-man . . . tales, a specialty' Alpha Phi Omega. "Campus", "Shalt", "'I'ouchstone" "One for the Books", "Celestial Journey". SAM, Com- munity Chest, ISO, IICA. YVOLCOT, RAY PHELPS: IXI.-xttkt-1't'tNtp: M'estIieId: Mass: Alpha Gatuma Rho: Bruiser: Chuck me da ball . . . member olf the varsity room . . .: Varsity Football, AMA, C Club. XVOLFE, GEORGE: Govt-Rxxtl-'N't: Bridgeport: Phi Sigma Delta: "XVolI": A ham from way back . . . loves monogramed shirts and ties: WRUM. WHUS. IRC, TR-Basketball. Intramural Basketball, Softball, ISO, Hillel, Hillel Husky. IVOLFERT, ROBERT IVESLEY: HIs'roRx': Greenwich: Lambda Chi Alpha: "Lush": I think we ought to spend more of that contingency fund . . . Curtain!: Footlighters, TR-Student Council, UWF. XVOLFSON, HERB B.: IHIARMACY: New Haven: Alpha Zeta Omega: Herbie: Noted for his classic re- marks . . . Terrihc lab technique . . .3 A.PH.A.: Pharma-Conn: Year Book. WOOD. CHARLES J.. JR.: Ecoxoxucs: Walling- Iord: Lambda Chi Alpha: JV Football, Newman. WOODMANSEE, STANLEY DENNISON, JR.: Music: Milford: "Woodie": All bark and some bite . . . theme song: Hearts and Flowers: TR-Glee Club, TR-Sailing, TR-French, University Choir, UCA, co-author ol' "One for the Books" and "CelesitaI Journey". WORTHEN, EMMA JEANNE: SOCIOLOGY: Bridge- port: Kappa Alpha Theta: Emo: It's Willi night to- night . . . infectious laugh . . . the cosmopolite: Nut- meg, Sociology, U.C.A. IVRIGHT, THELMA J.: ENcr.tsu: North Cov- entry: Mischievous blue eyes . . . sense and nonsense . . . a friend indeed: Education. WUNSCH, GLADYS R.: I't-t.xRM.xcr: New Britain: Lambda Kappa Sigma: Happy: Great tennis and Iish- ing enthusiast . . . our papers ofhcial questioner . . .: Pharma-Conn, A.PH.A., Cosmetic, Bowling. WUNSCH, ROBERT KARL: I'IORlICUL'IiURl'I Bridge- port: Bob: Band. UCA, Horticulture, TR-Glee Club, Alpha Sigma Phi. YAKAITIS, BARBARA JANE: MA'1:lllfAI.-tiles: NVindsor: Phi Mu: "Bobbie": Smiling idealist. Always in a hurry. Naive, friendly: Education, French, Glee. HTFD-Engineering, Math. Newman, Players. YAKUBIK, MICHAEL GEORGE: Cumusrkvz Bridge- port: Theta Xi: Mikey Boy: Let's go to Willi . . . Nature Boy: ACS, TR-Radio Station, Intramural Bas- ketball, Swimming, Softball, Football. YALE. JULIUS R.: ActucUr.'rUR.xI. ENGINFFRINGI Storrs. YANNELLO, NUNZIO JAMES: INDUSTRI.-xl, MAN- .-xc.15xt1f1N't': New Britain, Newman. YAVENER, SYMOND: FoR1c1eN LANGUAGES: 'Windsor: Smylie: Ah! Hlie gehts? Comment ca va?: TR-Glee Club, French, German, Fencing, Senior Play, Llubmurt Trof, ISO. YOUNGMAN, PHILLIP: AGRICULTURE: Sea fever: Nutmeg Photography Editor. YULO, FRANK RALPH: ZooLocv: New Haven: Alpha Sigma Phi: Bull: O' alright, I'lI tell her off to- morrow . . . Senator Davis: Biology, Psychology, Ger- man, Newman, Intramural Football, Basketball, Bowl- ing, Swimming. 89 ,A .. ' A fkat .A me t N' 'Berg -il: ,aw 'QQ .-an l.Xl.liSKl, HENRY lf.: l1lSlURYI Meriden: Sigma Nu: fllllll Zara. the jester . . . This is Sam Spade: AIX' Base- ball. Track, Varsity lfootball, Varsity Club. Z.Xl,liSKI. SABINA: l"iufNc:u-Eottoxnom: Naugatuck: Phi Mu: "Sib": French. Education. Ifreshman Class l'rc-sident, Cheerleader. Spanish. ZAMECNIK. LILLIAN H.: NI.-KRKI f'i' rmo: Shelton: Coldilocks: . . . style deluxe . . . dancing and music-music-music: Blue and lVhite. Glee Club. Mar' keting. Newman. Nutmeg. ZARONAS, GEORGE, ll.: l'': Naugatuck: larry: Always ready to talk . . . smiling countenance . . . lull ol' energy: Bridge. German, Psychology. ZELDIS. XVILLIAM: l'rt.uuI.xcx': Hartford: Alpha feta Omega: Bill: Q.l'. Collector . . . True to his work, his word. his lriencls . . .: Student Council. ,'X.PH.A.. Rho Chi. ZALECHOSKY, DONALD NICHOLAS: PRIC- Nlrmctu.: New Haven: Zilch: Daytime sack-hound. midnight curve-raiser . . .: Biology. President, Fencing. liieasurer, TR-Epee Championshop. Intramural Yol- leyball. Varsity Fencing. Nutmeg. ZIBLUK, JOHN: Cletmtlsfrkr: Seymour: "-l.Z.": Let's not be peclantic . . . put it in vernacular . . . No cle- corum . . . 1 Intramural Basketball. TR4French. Varsity Track. Outing. ZIESELMAN. HERBERT S.: Aec:ouN'r1No: Stamford. Zllflf, BARBARA P.: Sociocourz Hartford: "Babs": Quiet air about her-but it's deceptive . . . good sense of humor . . . Should I go home this week- end?: French. Sociology. Spanish. ZIKOXVITCH. PETER JOSEPH: lNIA'l'lIl-1lNI,-XIICSQ XVare- house Point: Pete: 'l'iR'Winter Ball, Intramural Bas- ketball. Softball, Newman. Varsity Basketball Manager. Education. ZIMMER. DANIEL M.: CHIZMISTRYI Bridgeport: "Dee Zee": XVRUM. Hillel. Community Chest, Tennis. Roundtable ZOCCOLILLO. TERESA P.: Foiufiou IUXNCUACITSQ XVest Haven: Terry: New York sojourns . . . Canada bound . . . bathroom baritone . . . sophisticated miss with dancing eyes: Archery. Bridge, Campus. I.R.C.. Spanish. U.C.A. ZORN. HENRY ROBERT: INDUS'I'Rl.Xl. M.-xN.xc:14,xiFxt': New Britain: "Hank": "Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.": S.A.INI. Sv 'S In Melnorianl JIENIQ CRISXVOLD was horn on Julie 20, 1929, in Hartford, Connecticut. She was graduated from John lfitth High School in M'indsot in l9I7 and tznne to the University in the fall. where she was enrolled in the School of Nursing. On July fill, I9-19, June was traveling to North Caro! lina, when a plane collided with the airliner on which she was a passenger. There were no survivors. "Junie's" tragic and untimely death shocked everv one who knew her. Her lovahle and affahle nature. her kindness and sincerity, her willingness to help any one she could, were some of the tnany qualities that endeared Junie in the hearts of all who knew her. Although she is "gone", she left such a deep impres- sion on her litany friends and acquaintances that they will always treasure their retneinlmrances of het. She is Survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stehnat. "Born of the sun they lravelerl a slmrl zttlzile lozvrzrrls Ilze sun, flnrl left the vivid air signed zvitlz their honor." J ' t P. t d ALBANO, GEORGE: Mlletuxltzu. Extzixieicklxcz New Haven. CHERNIN. ERNEST L.: Acc:otfN1iNc: New Haven. ALCORN, PAUL, JR.: Gov1QkNMriN'r: Storrs. ANTON, RICHARD: El.t1iCiiuc:AI. Exratxriklxc: South Coventry ARMENTANO, JOHN VINCENT: 1fCONOMICs: Hartford. ASPRELLI, ROBERT M.: Aczfzotfsiixts: New Haven. AUSTIN, HADLEY XV.: GovrRNAirN1': Meriden. BACON, YVENDELL AL: M.xRkr.l'Ixts: Naugaturk. BADALIAN, ROBERT: Bo'r.tNr: Hartford. BAILEY, GORDON CARLOS: Govrltxxnlxr: New Haven. BAKER, ALLEN: Y1.1r.R1N.uu' 'I'iA.c:HNoI.oev. BARRY, THOMAS: Aczeouwrixc: XVethersfield. BARTNICKI, HENRY F.: Pnvsie.-xL Eiittczxilox: Westheld, Mass. BAYER, ARTHUR O.: ENCLISIIZ New Britain. BEATRICE, FINTON J.: ENciNu1iuNr:: Shelton. BENZ, GEORGE W.: Extpixri-tiuxcig XVest Haven. BERNASKI. STANLEY C.: CIIPMISTRY1 Stratford. BERTIN, DINO D.: CtvIL Exeiwiceklxtzg Lake Mahopac, N. Y BILIDES, PHILLIP: Iwnesrkvg New Haven. BISHOP, EDWARD W.: Psvenorocr: Bridgeport. BOBROWSKY. MARTIN: Soczlorocr: Norwalk. BOOTY, OLIN REED: Psvenorocr: Natchitoches, Louisiana. BOROWSKI, STANLEY J.: Zoorocrz New Britain. BOVE, PETER V.:'1icR1oi.ocv: Bristol. BOWIQUIN, MAURICE H.: Smwlsn: Torrington. BOWSZA, JOHANNA MARY: Hisrokv Entevtiox: Hartford BRADLEY, YVILLIAM L.: Pnlrosornv: Mystic. BRANDES, NANCY: Psrenoroov: Roslyn Heights, N. Y. BROWN, GLEN E.: Zootocv: Hartford. BUDZIK, EDWARD: Htsrokr: Shelton. BURLISON, ROBERT CARLIN: Soclorotarg Shelton. BURNHAM, DWIGHT Dukv HUsti,xNmu': Bloomfield. CHANELES, IRVING: ACeoUN'riNc: New Haven. CHAPIN, CAROLYN B.: Foons .uso Neriunoxg West Haven. CHAPPONI, ROBERT IV.: Munir-.'riNf:: New Britain. CIANCIOLO, ANTHONY JOSEPH: CIIEMISTRY, East Haven CLARK, WILLIAM J.: Pilvsieu. Enuoniox: Bloomfield. COBB, ERNEST C.: AGRICULTURAL Ecoxoancs: Merrow. COHEN, BURTON HERBERT: Psvcznorocv: Hartford. COLBERG. WALTER T.: INst'R.xNcr: New Haven. COLLINS. JOHN A.: Mifc:n.xN1c:.iI. ENt.lxrr.iuNca: Danbury. CORDY, HORACE V.: Ctvn. lixcixrriuxcg Manchester. COULOMBE, RAYMOND F.: Gr:oLoor: Milford. CROSTHWAIT, NANCE: Hosni Efzoxoxucs: Meriden. CUMMINGS. THEODORE R.: Efzoxoxilcs: Manchester. CUTLER, JACK H.: fiOYIfRNMI"N'II Hartford. D'ALESANDRlS, LORETO B.: Ixstumxczlfig IVest Hartford. DAMICIS, DANIEL: Gov12RNAil1.N r: XVest Haven. DELEHANTY, XVILLIAM ENGINIQLRINLL: Hadlyin. DONNELLY, ROBERT L.: Ecoxomnes: Hartford. DORIS, SIDNEY BENSON: I'Rlc-IJl4N11s'l'Rr: Bridgeport. DORIFMANN, RICHARD ALLEN: Hisrokv: Bridgeport. DROBNEY. MARTIN: .'ACRlCl.lI.'l'L'RAI. ENCINI-.IERINCI West Will ington. DUGAN, JOHN J.: PsveuoLor:v: New Haven. DUKE. HERBERT J.: CHTRMAN1 Broad Brook. DE MIO, DANTE CHESTER: CIVIL ENCINIil'.RINfiI West Haven DENNISON, THOMAS XV.: Psvcnoroor: Meriden. DEYER. WILLIAM E.: Mmuuvllxta: Bridgeport. DICKINSON, JOYCE-ANN: Soc:toLot:v: New Milford. DI PERSIO, EDXVARD R.: I'ilvsIc:.tI. EDUCATION: Meriden. DI PILLO, EDXVARD FRANCIS: ENCLISII1 M'est Hartford. DIXON, XVESLEY C.: M.u:in1x1.xi'if:s: South Coventry. DONAHUE, RAYMOND C.: Et.u:'rRie.xt. Excixiarkixrzg Will imantic. ECKERT, CHARLES If.: Psvcnorocv: Bridgeport. EDWARDS, CHARLES H., JR.: M,tkKt:riNc: New Haven. EDWARDS, JAMES R.: NIARKICIINCQ New Haven. EI.'lON, l'Illl.II' ll.: SoI:IoIot.v: Norwiclitovtti. ELWOOD, JAMES D.: Civn. ENGINII-IIING: Bridgeport. EPSTEIN, SAMl'IiI. M.: .'ACCOl'NIING1 Hartford. IVANNING, DOROTHY l..: SI-c:kI4,I.xIu.xI. Sll'DII'SQ Baltic. I-AY. JAMES J.t Ext.I.IsII: Hartford. IAIIO, MARIO l'Al'l.: Acgc:oltNIINI.: Norwich. IIGNON, JOHN J.: IQUXIRNMINIQ Hanrden. FIOCCIII, LOIFIS C.: I'II.tIuI,xc:v: East Hartford. I-II'lGERALD, JOHN ROHDE: L.xw: Manchester. FLYNN, GEORGE P.: Hlslokv: xv1IICl'l7lII'J'. FORD, JOSEPH EDWARD. JR.: CIYIL ENGINIQILRING: New Lon- don. FRACASSO, JOHN M.: I'Iu-:-DIiNI1xI.: Kensington. FREIBATT, GEORGE A., JR.: GOYI:RNMIaNI'Q Bridgeport. IVREIMAN, JACOB H.: CIvII. 1-INGINIQEIQING: Hartford. Ifl'N F, PETER: Hlsloitv: Springheld. GALER, GILBERT M.: ENGI.IsII: New Haven. GALI.AGHER. WII.l.lAM MCKINLEY: PRE-IJFNIISIRYQ New Haven. GAMBINO. JACQLELYN: Artis ANII SCIENCI1: Mansheld Center. GARLENSRI, STANLEY C.: MARIQIIEING: Terryville. GATES, I-IARNESII E.: CHI: Mlsrkv: Norwich. GAl'DINO, RICHARD P.: PIIvsICAI. EnuC.1.IIoN: Manchester GILLILAND, ANNE MORRIS: Hom-3 ECoNoxIICs: Moodns. GLEDHILI.. EARL W.: .'AllCOllN'I'INC: Rockville. GLENDINNING, RONAl.D: South Coventry. GLINN, JACOB: Darin PRODUCTION. GODFREY, BERNARD E.: FORESIRYQ New Haven. GOITESDIENER, EMANUEL: lNIAIutE'I'ING: New London. GOIYIN, SIMON J.: ZooI.oGv: Taftville. GRACE. RICHARD S.: ZooLoGv: Andover. GREEN, JOSEPH S.: M,xIIItIfL'rING: New Haven. GRIMALDI, MARINO: B.xCrEItIoLoGv: Bristol. GROCHMAL, STANLEY J.: ACCotIN'rING: IVIIIIIIIIIIIIIC GROSS, LAl'RENCE L.: HoItIICtJI.IUI4I': Hartford. GLTOWSRI, EDML'ND J.: MIcCII.xNIc:.tL ENGINEERING: New Britain. Gl'STAI"SON, RITSSELI. E., JR.: M.xItItE'IING: Manchester. HAAGENSEN, HANS Y.: Crvn. ENGINEERING: Glastonbury. f HADDON, PAUL: EI,Ic:'I:IuC.xI. ENGINIQEIIING: Thomaston. HAINES, RICHARD V.: CIOYERNMENII Mystic. HALL, JEAN P.: PsvCIIoI.oGv: Simsbnry. HARRINGTON, RAY HODGMAN: EI.I-1cIRIC.tI. ENGINEIQIUNG: Old Greenwich. HARRINGTON, WAYNE RICHARD: ANIMAL HL'SBANIrkY: Cold Spring. N. Y. HATCH, JOHN B.: CIYIL ENGINIaIcIuNG: Willimantic. HAYNES, GEORGE MARTIN: INIARKEIINCQ Springdale. HEIMANN, CARI. J.: IAIECHANICAL ENGINEERING: West Haven HENDEL. THEODORE S.: INSURANCE: New London. HERBERT, HLTGH E.: ECoNoIvIICs: West Mystic. HESLOP, THEODORE R.: PotvI.I'Rv HUsB.xNIrItv: Riverdale, Md HODGSON, CHARLES N.: FoREs'rItv: New London. HOFFMAN, MARILYN M.: PIIvsIt:.xI, EnUCA:IloN: Bridgeport HORWITZ, MARVIN M.: ECoNoxIICs: New Haven. ' IIOWIARD, LEWIS Hlsrokv: XVZIICYIJIITY. HOLDEN, FRANCES E.: ZooI.oGv: Hartford. HUMMEL, EDWARD LOUIS: Dfuitv ISIANUFACIIFRINGJ Water- bury. HYMAN. RICHARD J.: ECoNorvIICs: New Haven. IACINO. Rl.'DOl.PH A.: PIQI.-DIfNI.II.: M'insled. JAMES, AR'iIiHl'R P.: Ixncsritv: Pawcatuk. JANNITTO, JOHN M.: INnIvs'rIuAL AmIINIsIIt.xrIoN: Waterbury. JOHNSON, CHARLES R.: M.fxkItIfrING: Stratford. RANARE, SIANLEY MARSHALL: SoCIoI.oGv: West Hartfortl. KENNEDY. THOMAS J.: MIf.c:II,xNIC.fxr. ENGINIQIIUNG: Willi- Illllllllf. RICGINS, EDWARD M.: Zoorocav: Starnford. KISSANE, JAMES lf., JR.: CIYII. ENGINI'IRlNI.2 Narrgatuck. KNOWLSON, GEORGE H.: lNsUIt.xNc:I-.: Norfolk. ROI-ll.I.l'1, PAUL WH' lforufsiitv: Glastonbury. ROGUT. EDWARD G.: SoCIoI.of.v: Naugatuck. KROIS, GEORGE R.: EI.I-.CrItIC.II. I'iNGINEIaRINGQ Bvrarn. RUNIN, LEONARD: NIARKPIING1 Bridgeport. RYDD, ERNEST F., JR., ZooI.oGv: New London. . LAMPE, WII.LlAM HENRY: INst'rt.xNCI-i Hamden. LAPUTZ, STEPHEN: EI.I1CrIuc:.u, I'1NClNI'.ERlNGQ Waterford. LARSON. AIVDREY STRICRLAND: Artis ANI: 'I'IxrII.I's: Rock- fall. LAZOR. THOMAS E.: ENGI.IsII: Southhury. LEACOCR, JOHN DEAN: CovIiRNAII-'N'I': Little Neck. N. Y. LEARY, GEORGE W.: Hrsiokv: East Haven. LEIPZIGER, FRED: CHI-1xIIsIItv: Middletown. LEONARD, FREDERICK J.: ENGINEERING: Middle Hadclani. LEVENTHAL, IRWIN J.: GOVERNMENT: New Haven. LEWCZYK, EDWARD A.: EI.rCTIxIC.xI. ENGINEERING: New Britain. LEWIS, EVGENE ROBERT: INDUSTRIAI. AmIINIs'rRATIoN: Pros- pect. LIND, WILLIAM E.: FoItI'sI'Itv: xvlllllllllllllf. LIPOVSRY, VINCENT ADAM: INnUs'rRIAI. M,tN.xGIiNIIgN'I' and MECH.xNIC.xL I'INGINF.I'.RING2 Bridgeport. LOCKHART, C.: FORESTRYQ West Hyannis, Mass. LOGAN, ROBERT J.: IJAIRY I'RODUC'I'IONZ Newington. LONG, CEPHAS A.: ACCoIINIING: New Haven. LOVERIDGE, WILLIAM B.. JR.: PoUt.'IItv: Prospect. LONCOBARDI, JOHN ANDREW: Crvn. ENGINEI-.RINGQ New Haven. M.xc:ALLISl'ER, T. CRAWFORD: INnIts'IkIxI. M.xNu:IfxII1NI: Bridgeport. MAIN, ROBERT ENGI.IsII: Hartford. MALKIN, WARD R.: ECoNoxIICs: East Norwalk. MANION. ROBERT C.: PSYCIIOLOGYQ Wlaterbury. MANIZZA, GASPER: lNsttR.xNcE: New London. MANKUS. RICHARD BENJAMIN: Hrsrokv: Thompsonville. MARCISIN, JOHN W.: AIECHANICAL ENGINEIQIQING: Stafford Springs. MARCUS, NATHAN H.: Zoor.oGv: Rockville. MARTHA, PAIVI. M.: INDl'S'IRlAl. AmIINIs'I:R.ArIoN: Wallingford. MASSAD, MICHAEL W.: Crvn. ENGINEEIIING: New London. MATTHEWS. ROBERT L.: MAIutEI'ING: Milford. MATTHEWSON, RONALD A.: .AGIuCuI.'I'UR.xI. EXIENSION SI-Itv- ICE: Manchester. MCCABE, JAMES D.: GovEItNxII1Nr: West Hartford. MCCLELLAND, RUTH J.: ENGI.IsII: Orange. MCDEVITT, ROBERT F.: I'IlSI'ORYQ Danbury. MCGAHEY, ROBERT W.: lNIAIuiE'I'ING: Hamden. MCKEON, JAMES R.: Crvn. ENGINIIQRING: New Haven. MCNAMARA, JAMES T., JR.: INSURANCE: South Coventry. MCVEIGH, JAMES F.: ZooI.oGv: Manchester. MERCIER, PHILIP LAURENT: CHI-gsrrsrkv: Baltic. MICHALOWSKI, JOSEPH S.: CIvII. ENGINEERING: New Britain. MILLER, ARTHUR WILLIAM: IAIARKI-.IIINGQ Greenwich. MILLER, ERIC H.: ACCoUNrING: Norwalk. MILLER, WALTER R.: WII.nI.IEE: Rockville. MITRLYLEVICH, WILLIAM J.: Govt-'IzNMENr: Waterbury. MORGAN, RONALD A.: PsvCIIoI.oGv: Niantic. MORRIS, RICHARD: AGRICUI.'I'uIuL ENGINEILIIING: Rockfall. NESKY, STEPHEN RAYMOND: INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMEN'r: Simshury. NELSON, WALTER E.: MIfCII.xNICfxI. ENcINI:IfItING: Westbrook. NEWBURGER, JAMES M.: Psvc:IIoI.oI.v: Westport. NORCROSS. ROY ERICSON: PRE-BII"IJ.2 Cheshire. OBRIEN, EDWARD H.: Mxrltt-'MArIGs: Wallingford. O'GONNEI.L, JEREMIAH J.: EI.Ifit:'IRIt:AI. ENGINI-ZIRING: Hart- ford. O'GONNOR, JOHN V.. JR.: At:f:oUNI'ING: Bridgeport. OLENICK, HENRY JOHN: Clvll. ENGINIQI-,RING: Fairfield. OI.IVIERI, THERESE NANCY: ENGI.lsII: YVest Haven. OSMAN, EDWARD N.: MARKIAIING: Stamford. PACKER, ARNOLD C.: BIARKIIING1 West Mystic. PADULA, LEO M.: VIZII-.RINARIAN 'l'Ift:IINIt:IAN: I.unenburg, Mass. . PARKE, YVESLEY YV.: ZooI.oGY: Meriden. PASCATI, SALVATORE A.: EI,IiC'rRICxI. ENt.INI1LRINt.: Merrow. PEARSON, ARTHUR G.: EI,EG'rRICAI. ENGINIQIQRING: Fairfield. PEDERSEN. ROBERT NORMAN: CIVIL ENGINIIQRING: East Hartland. PERFETTO, ROBERT P.: CHmIIsI'RY: New Haven. PERILLIE, PAT EMIL: PRED-MIin.: Bridgeport. PETERSON, WILLIAM F.: FINANCE: West Hartford. PERLINIAN, ALVIN: INSURANCE: Bridgeport. PHOENIX, RITA J.: NURsING: Danielson. PHELAN, ROBERT F.: PSYCHOLOGY: YVatertown. PIANKA, HENRY S.: ACCOUNTING: New London. PICCINETTI, ROBERT: FoREsrRY: New London. PLANK, GEORGE W.: BIARKIYTINGI Glastonbury. POCEYVIZ. JOHN: ELIfGTRICAI. ENGINEERING: Oxnard. California. PRACON, JOHN J.: FORESTRY: Hartford. PRENTIS, EUGENE: ENGLISH. RAKICH. ANTONE T.: ZooLoGY: Waterbury. RATHBUN, WARREN F.: ELECTRICAL ENGINIcIiRINt.. RATNER, CHARLES A.: INnUsTRIAI. M.-YNAGEAIIINT: New Haven. REDMAN. JOHN THEODORE: INSURANCE: East Haven. REID. FRED: Bro-CHIf1MIsTRY: Aniston. RENTZ. EDWARD A.: BIARKETING2 Naugatuck. RENZULLI, MICHAEL A.: ZooI.oGY: Bridgeport. RICHARDSON, PETER B.: ENGLIsII: Woodstock. RIPLEY, WILLIAM C.: FORESTRY. RITCHIE, FRANCIS J.: SOCIOLOGY: Hartford. ROBB, SAMUEL J.: MARKETING: Manchester. ROBERTS. GEORGE D.: GOVERNMENT: Litchheld. ROBERTS, JANET M.: ENGLISH: Worcester. Mass. ROSA. DOM F.: MATHEMATICS: Waterbury. ROSENBLATT, SIDNEY: HIs'roRY: Hartford. ROSSI, FRANCIS VINCENT: CIYII. ENGINEERING: Hartford. RUSSELL, ARTHUR J.: ZooI.oGY: New Haven. RUXTON, STANLEY L.: DAIRY MANAGIQAII-Nr: Dutnbartonf shire, Scotland. RYBA, EDWARD G.: BIARKETING2 Stamford. SAMUELSON. ROBERT O.: ENGLIsII: New Haven. SANFORD, JAY PLEPLER: BIARKETINGC Bridgeport. SANSONE. FRANCIS S.: CIVIL ENGINEERING: Hartford. SAPKOYVITZ, MARVIN HOYVARD: PsYCHoI.oGY: Stamford. SATULA, ALBERT V.: GF.RAI.-NNI YVatertown. SCHATZ, PAUL F.: MATIHIENIATICS: West Hartford. SCHLAIN, SIDNEY: CvOVI'.RNMENT, INrERNA'rIoNAL RLI.AIIoNs: Hartford. SCHOENHAUS, ALAN E.: PsYCHoLoGY: South Norwalk. SCHUBERT, ARTHUR C.: GOYERNMENT: Clinton. SCIRE, RICHARD L.: HISTORY: East Norwalk. SECONDO, THOMAS OGLETHORPE: SPANISH: Thompson- ville. SEMEL, DAVID: EIECIRICAI. ENGINIPERING: Willimantic. SHANLEY, JAMES F.: ACCOUNTING! Glastonbury. SHAWAH. GEORGE M.: HISTORY: Danbury. SHEEHY. JOHN W.: BIARKEFINGQ Shelton. SIIEl"I", PE'Iil'1R JOHN: IIIIYSIIJSQ Hartford. SIIERWOOD, EDWARD J.: INIufsIRY: Bridgeport. SHUL'I'IS, HENRY R.: l'nvsICAI. I'1nt't1AIIoN: Ifarinington. SKARUPA, JACOB A.: GovIRNrvIINI: Torrington. SMITH, DEAN R.: lYI.A'I'III1AIAIICs: Storrs. SMITH. FRANK T.: IYIARKl"IINI.1 New London. SMITH, GEORGE E.: ICNGLISIIZ New Haven. SMITH, GEORGE H.: DAIRY FARNIING: Ridgefield. SMITH, HAROLD IV.: MARKI-1IlNG: lA'est Haven. JAMES CIII1NIIsIRY: Darien. SMITH. SMITH: LAWTON H.: ZooI.ot.Y: West Hartford. SMITH. RODNEY ARTHUR: BIECIIANICAI. ENt.INrIaRING: Stani- ford. SOCQUET, GEORGE J.: I'il.I"GIiRICKI, I'lNl.INI"I'RlNI.I Danielson SOKOLSKI, ISABELLE B.: SoCIoI.oGY: New Britain. SPALLONE, YVILLIAM D.: Clvll. ENI.INI.I'RINr.: YVaterburv. SPERDUTI, ALEXANDER F.: IVII-CIIANIt:AI. I'lNGINlIfRINf-I Bris. tol. SPOSTA, JOSEPH: ISORIAISIRYZ Greenwith. STANTON. ROBERT F.: EI,IcC'rRICAI. ENt.INIaI-'RINt.,- Southington SULLIVAN, DANIEL J.: INsURANCIf: Jewett Citv. SUPINA, LEO E.: PIIYsICs: Stafford Springs. SUPP, JOAN W.: PsYCHoI.oGY: South Coventry. SYMMES, DANIEL DEAN, JR.: PsYCIIoI.oGY: West Haven. TABOL, STANLEY S.: CI-ImIIs'rRY: Hartford. TAYLOR, FREDERICK B.: HoRI'It:IrI.'IIiRE: Storrs. TERINO, RICHARD J.: INnIvsrRIAI. NIARKETINGQ Southington THOMPSON, MIRIAM E.: ENIQLISII: Storrs. THOMPSON, YVILLIAM DAVIS: BIARKETINGQ New Haven. TIERNEY, ROBERT F.: SoCIoLoGY: Wallingford. TIMCHAK, ANDREW R.: MARKETING: Willimantic. TIMLIN, BERNARD J.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: New Haven TOLOZKO, LEONARD: GEOLOGY: Middletown. TORBICK: EDWARD P.: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Wethers field. TRANCHINA, PAUL: IYIECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Storrs. VICHI, FRANK JOSEPH: NIECIIANICAL ENGINEERING: Man chester. VILLANI, C. PAUL: PSYCIIOLOGYI New London. VOLPE, JOSEPH F.: ZooI.oGY: New Haven. VOULGARIS. ELIAS C.: FINANCE: YVaterbury. WAGENBRENNER, ANTON G.: AGRICUI.II'RAI. ENGINrERINf. Southington. WALSH, HELEN B.: ISNGLISHI Bridgeport. WATRAS, HENRY: ECoNoNIICs: Hartford. WEBB, JAMES L.: EI.ECrRICAL ENGINEERING: Old Greenwich. WETHERELL, DONALD F.: BOTANY: Manchester. WHINNEM, DONALD Y.: BIARKETINGI Hartford. WHIPPLE, BURTON P.: MATHErsIATICs: Gales Ferry. WIDHOLM, WALLACE: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIGN: Astoria. N. Y. XVILKES, RICHARD CHARLES: ELECIRICAI. ENGINEERING: Eas Hampton. WILLEY. RICHARD N.: GovERN1vIrNT: Norwich. WILLIAMS, JUDSON. JR.: PouI.TRY: East Hartford. WILLIAMS, ROBERT C.: NI-KRKETING2 Rockville. WILSON, DAVID NIECIIANICAI. ENGINIfrRING: Willitnantic. WINSLOW, RICHARD A.: NIARKFIINGZ Glenbrook. YVOODING, ROBERT L.: ENGI.IsH: YVaterburv. WRIGHT. DAVIA F.: ENGINILIQRINI.: Ansonia. YONCLAS, GEORGE: ENGI.IsII: West Hartford. ZACK. DAVID F.: BTI-'CIIANICAL ENGINII-ARING: Deep River. ZALASKI, JOSEPH A.: CQOVI-.RNMINF2 Terrvville. ZEMINA. FRANK RICHARD: MARKI-IING: Branford. l TR MB LL N ,pl 'A If anything personilies the spirit of Fort Trumbull. it is the May Frolic. On this weekend the exuberance of the Trumbull men reaches its peak. The May Frolic idea was originated and put into effect the first year of the fort. Each successive class since has tried not only to match but to better the previous year's success . . . the name bands such as Elliot Lawrence and the Blue Baron, the choosing of a queen who arrives by airplane. the tea dances. the picnics. the swimming. the sailing. and the big formal . . . all these. integrated. and mixed well with gaiety, are the May Frolic. This year's theme was "Shipwreck" pertaining to the sinking of the Trumbull ship . . . with the closing of the Fort Trumbull Branch this 1950 dance is the last of the famed Frolics. Lois Pawlak arrived by sea. rather than air. to be crowned queen of the May Frolic XVeekend. She reigned over an informal dance abound- ing with the shipwreck atmosphere. a picnic on the shore. and the formal at which she was presented with her crown. The 1950 May Frolic Hleekend was an appropriate climax to the other Frolics and to all the other social affairs held by the branch. 94 E fm, Y rn. A 1 Kg! -W 95 WQWE. ' '45 Q W11'l'Fl1l111I1Y 111111 CII 111 15112 t111- Xv2llC1'1Jll1'y 1ixt1'11si1111 was cst111J1is111'11 111 t11c YNILLX, 111111 111 151141 111111111 to l11L' 111'g11111 S11111111. N111 1'11t1'i1'14 li. 191111111111-. st1p1'1'x'is111 11t 1111- 1'VlllC1'1JLl1'y 111'll11tA1l. is s111m'11 lll11i1I1Q' with t111' 1'1'csi111'11t 111 t111' SlllC1Cl1l S1-1111t1' 111111 1111111111-1' stu111'11t. '1111L' 1511111111 1111s llllllly Cxt1'11-11u1'1'111111111' 111'ti1'it1cs 111111 sports ll1'L' c111p1111s1f1'11. C1111111 Ki11i1111 is p11Tt111'c11 with t11c 1J11scb1111 tc11111. 1111- 15cg11111 111u11gc is t11c s1'C111' 111' 111'cy C1llCCy 111111 lJ1l1g-POIIQ' 11111l1'11cs w11i111 lllJSl2l11'S c111sscs go 1111 111111 Slllt1C1llS study 111 t311C 1ib1'111'y. lIAllTFllllll BM CH The Hartford Branch, which is located in the Henry Barnard School, is under the direction of Mr. Wilbur R. Griswold. He was photographed in consultation with the president and the secretary of the Hartford Senate. The Branch is well-equipped for study, as exemplified by the library, the mechanical drawing room for the engineers. and the chemistry lab. However, they have not overlooked relaxation. There is a comfortable lounge where they may drink cokes, play cards, or read the latest club notices. 2 it R51 E S S a Z 5 wi is If Xi if S S 98 11"2T"BXX'TVJl'. L'YQ'1' .. K 'NHWVI ' Wwwty, . . k . av., .-,..Q A i W, A , 3' " HQ .. ff f.wLm.g W'f'?'Wf X 5 f ,MX ,A ,Q 'sf W- mn VNV by, W gguglwifmm y JJ- !f .A A nv' ,Af is z -r www 1 QQMN A 9 " ' va . .MM ,.,.,Q , vw, 6, f -4 g as N xy gf N5,,,fd., , .V X , Q . -AW vm., i X , N X, I M QQM' Q Am-ANN -fn-if as 4 mir .,,,,. fi was ,, Q 'wxgivvxv 'I'-wa-'IF naw mr v 5' -Q 3WrM if1,f,,xMl,.. - ' "' ,..-Q"-Q A .fw- ,, :wx A . 1 f A 0 Goo onneotiout THis IS THE s'roRv of one of the greatest sport years in the history of the University of Connecticut: Head Coach Hugh Greer and his basketball team were playing big- time colleges on their home court during the Christmas vacation . . . Manhattan, Pittsburgh. Muhlenberg . . . They had already met Yale and Brown: and Buffalo. Rhode Island. Wayne and Dartmouth remained to be played . . . Shortly after the first contest of the Yule vacation. University President Albert N. Jorgensen announced that O. Christian. head coach of football for the past fifteen years, had been made Director of Intercollegiate Athletics: George Van Bibber. whose position Christian had filled. was made Director of the new School of Physical Education . . . Times change. and with it. conceptions . . . Only a short time before those big-time basketball attractions on the serene Storrs campus. the entire state and the greater P2111 of New England had been rocked by the gigantic upheaval in the athletic department at Connecticut. Connecticut. the college long on tradition but short on athletic prowess. had removed its Mother Hubbard wraps of poverty on the gridiron . . . Her children were living, now, in the newest of dormi- tories, studying in beautifully remodeled classrooms. Arthur Valpey. Head Coach at ivy-shrouded Harvard for two years, was lured to the up-and-coming University of Connecticut . . . And the Husky basket- ball team whipped Dartmouth. Rhode lsland, Wayne and Brown . . . The track team. for the first time in the history of the school, won two indoor track meets. And while they were winning, President 'lorgensen was announcing that in the near future the team would have a new. ultra-modern field house to practice in . . . Hawley Armory would pass into oblivion. Fencing was added to our rapidly expanding sports program . . . In soccer we placed a man on the All-American squad for the second year in a row . . . Our golf team copped the Yankee Conference title for the second straight time . . . Plans for a new football stadium, seat- ing 20.000, were disclosed . . . The cross country team, turned in one of its greatest records. and won the Connecticut Valley Championships. A jumping-jack sophomore from Bloomfield. Connecticut, by the name of Vincent Yokabaskas, broke immortal Walt Dropo's all-time scoring record in basketball . . . Roy Guyer's fabulous archery team easily won the Intercollegiate Outdoor Championship for the twelfth year in succession . . . Some call it the first earmarks of so-called "big-time" athletics on the rolling campus of Storrs. Others prefer to say it was just the natural growth following a great war. UConn grew academically while it grew athletically. One of the most beautiful Physical Education buildings in the country was thrown open to the bulging student body. Housed within the magnificent structure is a Hollywood-like swimming pool that seats 1000 people . . . three huge basketball courts which handle one of the best intramural programs a college can provide its students . . . new offices, more help. Truly. times have changed at Connecticut. It's a big school now. loo .wi-S Jaw' Y 5ffif2:ze+2,,,4f1 A J .v 5' frm ',,v,Q A 51: Q Z 5 1 fwipfff , . "x ' sf is X ft S 2 t ff'1fs"'f ll! "-lsc!.r yah NNN wc, W,- lv,,-n...,, ..,v-'23 Football Yale 26 Connecticut ll Connecticuts feyered hopes of a quick crash into the "big-time" fell dismally on the 25th of September when Yale University whipped the Huskies, 26-0, before 35,000 fans in the Yale Bowl. After holding the vaunted Elis to a skimpy 7-0 victory the previous season, hopes were sky-high for a UConn triumph this Fall, but once again the Bull- dogs proved they were still out of the reach of the growing state university. Bobbie Zeleznikar and Leroy Tulp had the Con- necticut fans buzzing in the early stages of the con- test when they alternated in carrying the ball right to the Yale doorstep, only to lose possession by fum- bling on the three-yarcl line. Then Yale went to work. Bob Spears, Yale fullback. scored the first touchdown, and the Bulldogs added another in nothing flat when they recovered another costly U.C. fumble on the l7-yard line. Yale added a pair of scores in the second half to turn the game into a one-sided affair. liven more disastrous than the defeat for the Hus- kies was the loss of three regulars-one for the re- mainder of the season. Charley YVolfe, a three-letter- man and captain of the Yale game, suffered a broken left wrist on the first play following the kickoff, and the Middletown athlete never returned to uniform. Charley played a guard position. Quarterback Jackie Hollfelder received a bad cut over his right eye in the second quarter and was sent I02 qw k to the New Haven Hospital. It was his last game. Zelelnikar was the third ol' the Nutmeggers to leave the game with an injury. Bob sustained a bad bruise on his thigh and failed to participate in the next game. As a matter ol' lact, that injurv kept Duluth. Minnesota on the bench lor three lull games during the course of the season. A sophomore quarterback, Rav Good, an ex-Marine, displayed a line defensive brand ol' ball to tome out as one ol' the stars ol' the season's opener. Ccnnccticnt I4 American lntcrnaticnaltl An expected breather lor the squad lollowing the big Yale game proved to be just the opposite as a stubborn American International College team held the Huskies to a slim. 1-1-0 triumph. There was noth- ing spectacular about the Connecticut win. Except for the line running of Paul Martha and some good defensive work by Thad Sobieski, Frank Defenzo and John Blake of the Huskies, the game was dull and listless for the 4.500 lans who witnessed the home opener. Martha, a shiftv lelt hallfback from XVallingl'ord scored one UConn touchdown, scampering ll vards. The other touchdown came when Hank Zaleski Hipped a 53-yard scoring pass to Delenzo. pringficld 26 Ucnnccticnt The lead taken from the story which appeared in the CONNECTICUT CAMPUS newspaper perhaps best describes the third game of the season: "Spring- held. Mass.-A lightning-fast, crisp-blocking Spring- 138-'I H1042 ' . x ,Z APA!" .xi .al 'If Ed l5A"fl.i'Yl .fa 2527 KE H. ' lield College football team out-ran, and generally out- played, a poorly functioning Connecticut eleven 26-7." Connecticut held the Redmen to a mere 54 yards net rushing the first half and trailed, 7-0, at the half. But the last two quarters produced 214 yards and three more touchdowns for Springfield as the Con- necticut defense fell apart. Paced by tiny Bobby Dagostino, who gained 167 yards and scored two of the touchdowns, the Bay State team had little trouble beating the Connecticut squad. Hank Zaleski and Frank DeZenzo, for the second week in a row, furnished the only noticeable football that the home fans could cheer about. Zaleski chucked a 15-yard pass to DeZenzo, and the Bridge- port end ran the remaining 50 yards for the only Connecticut marker of the afternoon. During the rout, the Huskies fumbled the ball seven times. Clearly, they missed Charley Wolfe and Jack Hollfelder. Connecticut 12 Maine I2 YValt Trojanowski, the rambling Connecticut full- back who had set the nation's individual scoring pace in 1945, was rambling again. Although the UConns were picked over Maine by most of the prognosti- cators, the Bears, under their new coach Davey Nelson, had the Huskies rocking in the last period with a 12-6 lead. The Trojanowski, who had returned to school fol- lowing a long absence, went to work. He bulldozed his way up and down the gridiron and finally with two minutes remaining in the game, The Trojan plowed ten yards through the middle of the Maine line to give Connecticut a tie. With this tie went a share of Connecticut's first Yankee Conference foot- ball title. Connecticut and Maine finished the season with identical "2 and 1" records to share the crown. Connecticut 125 Newport Naval T.S.0 The twice defeated Connecticut juggernaut scut- tled Newport Naval Training Station, 125-0 fthat's right, 125-Op before 3,500 rain-soaked fans at Gardner Dow Field. The unbelieving UConn boosters watched as thc- heavier and much faster YfVhite Knights battered the outclassed sailors from stem to stern. The score broke every existing record in the Connect- icut books. and perhaps a few national marks as well, Tackle Matt Johnson scored 14 points, all on extra points. Carmen Abate kicked off 17 times for the Blue and XVhite. In all, Connecticut gained 469 yards on the ground and 100 through the air. A total of 18 touchdowns and one safety were scored. Frankie Alu was the outstanding back of the afternoon as he score three touchdowns. one on a 51-yard dash and another good lor 42. Thirteen players took part in the scoring. 104 nu s. H ' on 3 ' g ' iw' as .,-Q' -1 Z1 """"'- if-f fl:-"V E "fxQ iam ' N - 1 in , IQ, I f -il ltgfiif-Xi vt! j "" ' - -H l 2 x-" 5 -X!x. Q'-. , ill' -Q q V a-'Sa ,l-ol 1, , 33 fa, ' I Q Xxx, . -.iff .F , A Q - ,--gif L I x ii 11 gl.-QAQLQZ u .- ,sa - 5 iam Q A V 14 Ill! ' f f llll I - - - . 1 ff 7 - .55 vnu ll n if A 1- . q . . 'li' 1:22 un 5 A -v A . - .. Q . " ' an me 11 1 KII' n 1 - f as AA 2 -X t M AA.' A I A- N A W of A 11 " -view Al D g P . Ella .Q A 0 ,V Q l -A A I , .A Af 5 QQ A 3 c - - r + ' A , "'..'E""...:."E:'. A, . 'L - ,-':- J-gg! Lu i ' V .- ' lingual- R f 7 l I f fi G ' "" AA:" ' e A AA, ftmliiii 111 - X AAAu , AAA- A-1, gy b""'-lllul: -u C Q 70- -A i " A 'Z 1'-- A in A A A fl I. Q -H :'.:':." 7 - .2 - A -'J ":.'.."':'.: Q' wx Mix Q .a TSI. nz. A . 0, ,-l. f , A 3, H n -4 - 'gf A ' 'A A t QA, 4 a n 1 'Q-f 2- 2 , l-L,Q' ga 'C 2 -sf M l , AAE A AIAA5 A e A , A AA, W L My ihuini A I V ta . x A -A' is' 1, ,,:.-,:,-', : '2"' - -- I -"' P t ' it 1 S : f l ' . ' 6 0 ' I : ig. ., Q l' 2 L at - s l fu 'f 4 I """""i ""' if """' is -ay """"" up "ll"- if .. K g ' M ir I l ii fi!!! If Kent State 2 Connecticut C The I949 football squad became the hrst team in the history of the school to travel by air. but their opposition. Kent State of Kent. Ohio. were not impressed as they tagged a 27-0 licking on the in- vaders from the East. This was the second meeting between the two inter- sectional rivals. and the Huskies were out to avenge at stinging 42-26 setback by the same eleven a year ago. But avenge they did not. Hlilbur Little. sensational Negro tailback who plagued the Huskies in 1948. again was the main attraction as he scored two touch- downs and set up a third. Paul Martha and IValt Trojanowski paced the Huskie attack with IGS yards between them. Connecticut 23 Rhode Island C A hard-charging Connecticut line set up two Con- necticut touchdowns within the enemy eight-yard line as the University of Connecticut hung a 23-U shutout on arch-rival Rhode Island State College. It gave the UConns six straight victories over Rhode Island. George Blueher, Connecticut's stellar guard, pounced on a Ram fumble on the four-yard line early in the first period, and two plays later his team was leading, 6-0. Again in the final quarter, Dom Rosa Y P recovered a fumble on the Rhode Island eight, and in four plays UConn scored. Bob Zeleznikar, playing his first game in three weeks scored the first UConn touchdown. Connecti- cut advanced within the 35-yard line on three occa- sions. but each time the tough Rhode Island line held. Charley Christensen scored the second Connecticut tally on a I6-yard pass from Leo Pinsky. Before Zelez- nikar was able to score his last touchdown from the one yard line, the Huskie line scored its second safety of the year when they trapped a Rhode Island half- back in his own end zone. This totaled the 23 points as Matt Johnson had a perfect day with "3 for 3" conversions. Connecticut 2 ew Hampshire A Connecticut football team that could do nothing wrong this frosty November afternoon hammered out a lop-sided 27-7 decision over New Hampshire Uni- versity to gain a share of the Yankee Conference crown before 7,500 roaring fans on Gardner Dow Field. Playing before the largest crowd of the season that had come to witness the annual Dad's Day and its collegiate shenanigans, the Mfhite Knights exploded for three touchdowns in the second half after coming from behind to tie the score at 7-7 before the half. Sparked by the brilliant running of XValt 'l'rojan- owski, Bob Zeleznikar and Matt Banovetf, and the equally outstanding defensive work ol' Thad Sobieski, George Blueher, Frank Delenxo, -Iohnny Blake and Ray XVolcott, the Huskies took the measure of the Durham team for the first time in 22 years. Not since 1927 -ten games-had the Huskies beaten New Hampshire. Charley Christensen, Connecticut end, scored the UConn's first marker when he took a pass from Dick Gaudino and wiggled 45 yards. In the hectic second half, Gaudino put Connecticut ahead to stay by scootng lfor a touchdown. Trojan- owski crashed over for the third Connecticut touch- down, and Zeleznikar finished the scoring with a 54- yard romp after taking a punt. Matt Johnson booted for -1" during the contest. tlhio Wesle an 43 Connecticut I2 Connecticut's football team ran into a red-hot Ohio ififesleyan team in Delaware, Ohio. and came out on the short end of a 43-I2 score to close the 1949 grid season. Making their second trip of the year to Ohio, the Nutmeggers were treated even more rudely than they had been by Kent State. The Battling Bishops had little difficulty penetrat- ing the UConn forward wall, piling up 265 yards rushing. Little Bobbie MacFarland, a 135-lb. pack- age of dynamite, was just too much for Connecticut to handle. In the air the winners were just as effective, gaining 176 yards. Bob iifesowicz, sophomore guard, scored one UConn touchdown when he gathered in a pop-fumble at mid- Held and rumbled all the way. Bob Zeleznikar com- pleted seven passes for a total of 92 yards. ,z-A 1 V' A . . .L ,M This marked the end ol' the campaign for the squad and it gave them a "Li-4-1" record. After the last football had been tucked away. vet- erans George Blueher and Charley Yifolfe were named honorary co-captains for the season. Both of the boys played guard positions and both had completed four years of football for the University. Further honors came to the squad when the first annual Hartford Courant All-State Small College All- Star team was selected. Voted berths on the mythical team were Frank DeZenzo fendj, George Blueher and Thad Sobieski Qtacklej. Delenzo and Sobieski were given honorable mentions on several of the All-New England teams. -vmswwm sos- sv XWWKSX? Gm- WSW "PP-'1' AIUNI-1 C.R,umuAT1oN raised havoc with the 1948 National Championship soccer team. Lost to the squad were All-Americans Porty Pratt and Stewart Johnson. Also missing from the greatest soccer team the University has ever had were Don Grant an All-New England goalie and Larry Dubuc. The team and coach Jack Squires had four gaping holes to Fill. But lest you get the idea the sport was to be abandoned, the Hus- kies were rated one of the top teams in the United States even before the season had started. You see, they had two All-Aniericans returning and two others who were selected on the All-New England team. They also had a I2-game winning streak going that every college on their schedule wanted to snap. Although the team did not repeat as National Champions. they were nonetheless champions. They won seven games, lost three and tied one. They played the best that New England, and the Ivy League, had to offer. IO8 -av Connecticut 5 Dartmouth 0 A good Dartmouth eleven was rated "even" to end the UConn streak right of the reel, but paced by All- American Merrit "Mike" Baldwin, Connecticut set down Dartmouth easily. This ran their streak to I3 straight games and from all appearances. the booters had another great team. Connecticut 2 Yale I The Huskies made lun olf Ivy League soccer lor the second game in a row as they humbled arch-rival Yale before 3,000 Storrs fans. .Ion Ohms gave the Connecticut rooters a once-in- a-lifetime thrill when he booted a goal from 35 yards out. George Cleveland, one of the outstanding soccer players of the year, booted in a score lor the second straight game. Connecticut. 5 Williams 0 Playing before 800 fans on Gardner Dow Field the Huskies romped to a 5-0 win over previously unbeaten Mfilliams College. The win extended Connecticut's streak to 15 straight. All-American Carlos Fetterolf booted in two goals to bring his season's total to four and George Cleve- land added another to push his consecutive scoring streak to three games. Connecticut l llarvaru 0 George Cleveland, center forward, calmly booted in a penalty kick with 58 seconds remaining in the first half to give Connecticut its 16th straight soccer tri- umph. a 1-0 squeeker over Harvard. Harvard was the third Ivy League team to lall before the Huskies this season. The game was an exciting contest that provided fine defensive work by both teams. High winds on the Huskies' home field made it difficult for either team to launch a steady attack. Connecticut 4 Massachusetts l Against UMass, the Huskies ran their streak to 17 straight games. Three of the Connecticut goals came as the result of spectacular "throw-ins" by Carlos Fetterolf and Mike Baldwin. George Cleveland scored another goal to extend his personal streak to five con- secutive games. Brown 3 Connecticut 2 One of the greatest strings of athletic victories by a Connecticut team was ended in Providence on the 26th IO? of October when a mediocre Brown University soccer team upset Connecticut, 3-2 in the last 16 seconds of the game. NVith the score tied 2-2, the Bruins made a quick thrust into UConn territory. and in an ensuing scuffle in front of the cage. the ball bounced off a Connecti- cut defender and into the nets. This was the first defeat inflicted upon a Connecticut soccer team since 1947. A wet, soggy field hampered Connecticut's speedy attack. But there were no excuses offered by the play- ers themselves. Brown, winner of only one game, played an aggressive brand of ball and took advantage of every Connecticut misplay. Springfield 4 Connecticut l Springheld College tacked a 4-l defeat on the Hus- kies in Springfield, Mass. It was a big win for the Maroons, who had lost their national crown to Con- necticut the previous year. The defensive work of jim Blozie was easily the outstanding performance of the day. Connecticut 7 Clark ll The Huskies came back strong the following week to dump Clark University, 7-0. It was the highest score of the year for Connecticut. Connecticut 3 M. l. T. 3 Dale Aborn scored his hrst two goals of the season for the Nutmeggers, and big ones they were. With only seconds remaining in the game, and his team trailing by a 3-2 score. Aborn kicked in his second goal of the afternoon to give the Huskies a 3-3 tie and save them from an upset. Connecticut l Wesleyan C The Huskies gained their seventh win of the year by edging a good Xtlesleyan soccer team in Middle- town. The contest was one of the best of the season as both squads turned in spectacular defensive plays. Tommy Nevers and .lim Blozie. along with Paul Sall- ing and goalie Herb Tschununi, stavecl off repeated vvesieyan rallies after Mike Baldwin booted in the only goal. Little Marv Kirshman played one of the best games of his career, setting-up and kicking-out brilliantly. Havana I Connecticut 0 A touring University of Havana team put on a daz- zling display of footwork and passing before 2,000 Con- necticut rooters, but only managed a 1-0 victory for their efforts. if i Although you don't read it in the box scores and summaries, the UConns played spectacular soccer. Paul Salling, Carlos Fetterolf, Jim Blozie and Mike Baldwin played the greater part of the season with crippling injuries. Jon Ohms was hurt during the later stages of the year and Jack Squires, soccer coach, was forced to use several untested sophomores. Then, too, the Huskies lost a regular halfback just before the Brown game when John Tedford left for California to enter a National Dairy Contest. New England coaches and writers expressed their true feeling towards this fine, Connecticut team when they voted four UConns to the All-New England team. Carlos Fetterolf, Mike Baldwin and Jim Blozie made the team for the second year in a row, and George Cleveland was the fourth player to make the squad. Jon Ohms was named to the second team. Blozie, a highly competitive athlete from South Windsor and one of the greatest players in the school's history, also landed a position on the All-American. wimming PERHAPs 'rms Bicsoissis thing during the 1949-50 swim- ming season was the christening of the new pool in the million-dollar physical education building. And then perhaps next in line for mention was the unheard of action of calling a swimming meet off because of the lack of water. New York University, with the metropolitan area in the middle of a serious water shortage due to the lack of rain, was forced to cancel its match with the Huskies. But elsewhere along the line, Connecticut won four meets and lost five. Wliat started out as an excellent squad quickly dwindled to a mediocre team when five lettermen for various reasons failed to compete. Witli the christening of the new pool came new rec- ords in all events. Jimmy MacNamee, a sophomore. was the outstanding swimmer on the team. Among the top point getters were Bart Schmidt Qfreestylej, Bill Anderson ffreestylej and Dave Squires Qbackstrokej. Bart Schmidt, a senior, was awarded the plaque which is annually presented by the University to the swimmer who has made the greatest contribution during the year to the sport of swimming. CON NIQCTIC U T CON N IQCTIC UT CON NECTIC UT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CON NECTICUT CONNECTICUT CON NECTICUT CONNECTICUT 19 60 45 35 I7 28 l9 28 46 A NI H li RST XVORCIESTIQR IIQCII INIASSACHUSITITS NIC GILL NI.I.'l'. SPRINGI4 IFLD BRONVN R.P.I. 'I' L7 I-'TS 56 15 28 31 58 45 56 -17 faq -c 232 Q9 5: E. g. wsou...-mann! .-N... 1-.-....... 0 , . mf' Qi. fa 4 ..x.., R, , X xg, s i Km, , N ex. "' , ,mu new .4 xi sy 3' 1 X: 10 ,Q 2 1 S 1 ,f . V! Q 4 6 2 5 A fi V SM' -M - Q 515' fe yy' X M Yww R , ,, ,, , ,-, , Q,+A3 mggai ,. ,.. f 'QW A7 ' im - . - . , ., JUQ W X ' ff- " C 'J 'ff-I Q. HMM. - fv w' ': Vs, ,Q x" 1 :rE :f x" '7J Q ,, .... Q-4. TQ: " C' 1 '1iiz , .., , 4lQ, 'US ' , W J , ., ws ., 9 X , " . m e 21 . Nh ' 5 I A lffflsvseqyaweism-1 sum- 4 "f "" ff . f ,. . 1 "" ff , J ' U ,. , lm: qi, S : , if ,, f :Q-1.2, -1, .- .. 15" ' Q is i, V gg. A , , , N,,, ., . bv 74. 'A Q Q Q S gf f 5 . m- S, w : - ' :gl ,. .::,-, A ,Q Y, 1 4' ' f , .. 13-Iwgff, ., X Q: A , Q . A. , - VL V' f f f: 5 ' .- f - Q A .,, ' V Q Q , V "' 5 g fQv.o-- v i ' ' -F f so wa., V: ' - 1 'M . MQ, x 4? f " " f, , ,Q P 2 , ' , 291 V 1 -f g T A 4 3 V4 . P QQ MV, . f. H 1 .-V,., , WX' 1 ' " , 'A" 2. Q , -. ' .,., I , 09, ,. 3 5 ' 1 , , 93552 Q V ' ,. ,.,. 2 ' px ' mf ' " ' ' 4, f LV . " f yi f ' ' ' A f X 4 X -3: 'Q .1 1 .ff '21, X 3 2, - ff 'V . 4 3, 4 g , 1.3 Z 5 E A . 3 -5 X x : 44 . Track CONNliC'l'ICll'l', confined to training in the smallish and antiquated Hawley .-Xrrnory, had never before in the history of the school won more than one indoor track meet in a season. The l950 squad won two, sweeping YVesleyan and lyfassachusetts. Moving outdoors, Connecticut continued to win as it never had before. The expansion of all athletics at Connecticut was typified by this track team that had improved with the growth of the school in spite of poor facilities. Once on the Gardner Dow Track, the UConns romped to four straight dual victories over Massa- chusetts tfllw,--l2Wj, Coast Guard Q81-5-lj. NVesleyan t76M2-5855, and XVorcester Tech QSSM-37Wj. The Huskies closed the season with two losses. but they lost to squads with a fine reputation in track, Wlilliains and Springfield. Bruno Giordano, who had paced the UConns to a good cross country season, also guided the track squad. The Stamford youth broke the two-mile rec- ord. Carlos Fetterolf, holder of the school dash rec- ord of :09.7, won the two biggest races ol the track year, the Yankee Conference and the New Englands. Fetterolf, although beaten by his teammate, Franny Flynn, three times during the season, came through in the big races and won the 100-yard dash. Cross Country iuxcli-Ln isv smooth-striding Bruno Giordano, and with plenty ol' help from Howie Rubin and .Xdolph Grimm, the Connecticut cross country squad enjoyed one ol' its most successful seasons in the past ten years. Giordano, a 21-year-old junior from Stamford, was an individual first place winner in six ol' Connetti- cut's eight matches, and did not finish lower than second in dual competition. He placed lourth in the New Iinglands. Rubin, a senior, and Grimm, a soph- omore, were consistently in the top five. The team opened the season unauspiciously, losing to YVesleyan and Brown. Only three points repre- sented the difference between UConn and XVesleyan. The Huskies then proceeded to whip Northeastern and Coast Guard. They dropped their third meet of the year when Rhode Island State College beat them by a single point. Connecticut then led six other colleges to the wire in the Connecticut Valley Championships. Boston University brought an undefeated cross country squad to Storrs and went away beaten 26-29 tlow score winsj. As a team, the Huskies placed third in the New ling- lands. The following Saturday they finished second in the six-team Yankee Conference showdown, and then wound up the campaign with a 26-29 victory over Springfield College. FS -A wanna! .4, K li H533 Eg. xk gdb P'--. lla eball CONNPQC CONN EC CONNICC' CONNPZC' CONNEII' CONNICC' CON NBC' CON N lifl' CONNFC' CONNIQC' CONNI-ffl' CONNIQC' CIONNICC' KIONNIQC KIONNFC lilCIlI'l llillll llfllll l'lClf'l l'lCll'l llfflll l'lCll'l liICll'l l'IClVl l'ICl7'l IICLVI HCUI llflllfl IICUI IICIUI Xl ASSAlIHllSli'l"l S NIAINIC AIAINIQ A.l.C. Isos'I'oN IINIvERsI'rv RHoIII1 IsI.AND l wI:sI.I-:YAN YALE BROWN NoR'I'HEAs'I'ERN sI-RINGI-'II:I.Im NI-iw HAxIPsHIRIc l NIRXV HAMPsHIRI3 Iuiomi ISLAND 'l'UIf'l'S 7 5 2 6 7 4 2 4 5 7 4 3 0 2 5 X . W4 9 coxIINc: BACK with ten lettermen from 1949's team that won I3 games. the University of Connecticut baseball team was decidedly a disappointment. It would have been a complete Hop had not the Huskies stamped themselves with with a dash of immortality by becom- ing the first team in Connecticut history to beat Yale University in baseball. Trailing 3-l in the last inning ol the New Haven games. the Huskies, sparked by Stan Sorota, came up with a big 4-run inning to nip the Bulldogs 5-4. Other than their fine performance over Yale, the UConns, pitifully weak in pitching, lost eight of their 15 games. Dick Love, a three-year man, was the only experienced pitcher coach O. Christian could go with. Despite the record. the UConns. with a better than lair offensive, were always a threat. Not only did they win the big one against Yale, but they copped two games from arch-rival Rhode Island State. lla lcelliall ri-ii-1 l950 University ol' Connecticut basketball tc-am proved to be one ol the winningest. most colorlul squads this serene campus has ever had. Hugh Creer, the UConn's popular coach who was starting his third lull season. was blessed with a wealth ol' material, but was also laced with the toughest schedule the Huskies had ever tmdertaken. The coach, who two years in a row had set a new record for the most games won in a single seascm, had six lettermen around which to mold another club. but then there were such basketball powerhouses as Yale. Brown, Dartmouth. Manhattan, Muhlenberg, Pitts- burgh, XVayne, and Rhode Island State to contend with. It wasn't all roses lor the Ccmnecticut squad. As a matter ol' fact, even the most loyal ol' the team boost- ers wouldn't wager a hill ol' beans the Huskies would have a winning year alter a disastrous early season start which saw Connecticut losing live straight con- ICSIS. As predicted, the squad rang in the new season with resounding success, easily whipping American Inter- national College, Springfield and Tufts. Then came the drought. The Houndering Huskies lost to Brown, Yale. Manhattan, Pittsburgh and Muh- lenberg. A master strategist, Greer took his Huskies by the leash and engineered as fine a rebuilding job as any coach has ever done. llunking his set patterns and orthodox delense. Greer employed a full-court press which saw the Hus- kies hounding their opponent all over the hardwoods. Considerable juggling was done with the various line-ups. and when the job was completed. Connecti- cut proceeded to raise havoc between two baskets. Scoring high and guarding closely, the Huskies were molded into a whippet-lean, basket-lmngry crew. Playing the game with the throttle wide open. Greer was forced to use his entire bench olf Iilteen players in almost every game, and as the record shows, he handled his substitutions llawlessly. Following those five straight deleats. Connecticut roared back to win l-I ol their last I7 games and gain lor themselves a rating as the number two basket- ball team oli New England behind Holy Cross. The season produced several new records. A dead- eyecl sophomore, Vinny Yokabaskas. scorecl -117 points Eddie Gates shows how he lines 'em up. to shatter XValt Dropo's mark lor points scored in a single season. Then too, the Huskies ripped Boston University IU7-67 to establish a record lor the most points scored in one game. Connecticut 66 - AIC 51 Vinny Yokabaskas wasted no time in starting his all- time scoring record as he swishecl I5 points through the hoops to pace the Huskies to an easy win over AIC. Stan Sorota, starting his lourth varsity year, scored ll points, while Wzillyf' VVidholm added IO. Connecticut 56 - Springfield 36 Pete Lind led the Connecticut squad this time. scoring I-1 tallies. In all, I3 players took part in the scoring, but Yokabaskas was held to a paltry three, the cmly time of the season he would go below double figures. Connecticut 56 - Tufts 39 Tulfts College of Medford, Mass.. brought a team that averaged 6'3" into the huge Storrs Cage lor the third game old the season and the Blue and XVhite responded with a sound, 56-39 triumph. Eddie Lip- tak a sharp-eyed transfer from Fort Trumbull, pulled the game out in the second half by netting ll points. XfVally Mlidholm tied for scoring honors with ll. Brown 69 - Connecticut 59 A recl-hot Brown team pinned the Iirst loss ol' the year on the UConns in Marvel Gymnasium in Provi- dence. Led by the matchless Francis "Moe" Mahoney. the Bruins poured it on in the early stages ol' the game and led 37-2l at the hall. Ccmnecticut made a torrid drive in the second hall, but Brown was not to be denied. Mahoney canned 2l points in the victory. while Eddie Cates paced Connecticut with IS. Yale 62 - Connecticut 44 Connecticut never did get into the ball game. and arch-rival Yale lashicmecl an easy victory over the weak-shooting Huskies. who could only manage to hit I6 per cent ol' their shots lrom the floor. Cates and Yokabaskas caged ten points apiece. while Teddy Anderson was getting lti lor Eli. Manhattan 71 - Connecticut 56 Meeting the Iirst ol' three intersectional opponents over the Christmas Holidays. Connecticut turned in a good. sound game ol' basketball, but couldn't match the Iaspers in the late stages ol the contest. UConn trailed by a 55-:'ml score with live minutes to play, but "Ducks" does it again against New Hampshire. deadly shooting lrom the outside and control off the backboards enabled the visitors to pull away. Yoka- baskas again led his team with I9 points. Pittsburgh 52 - Connecticut 35 Although Connecticut was playing its seventh game of the season, Pittsburgh, a team that was opening their own season, gave the Huskies a lesson in set- patterns, playmaking and deft passing. Like clockwork, the Pitt crew worked off their pivot man to count on easy "duck" shots under the basket. Pitt led at the half, 33-I3 and then coastecl to the win. Muhlenberg 73 - Connecticut 61 A veteran Muhlenberg College team provided the opposition, and the l,600 fans who saw the contest were completely satisfied with night of basketball to which they had been treated. The Huskies played their finest game of the season against the Mules from Allentown, Penn. Yokabaskas fby this time dubbed "Yogi-Basketsnj put on an exhibition of shooting that netted 26 points. George Mackin, a red-hot substi- tute who came off the bench in the second quarter, scored I9 points. Connecticut 65 - Maine 56 .X vastly improved University of Maine team fell before a Connecticut squad that were attempting desperately to shake oil their five game losing streak. Connecticut won, but they did it the hard way, by rumiing' the Black Bears into the floor. Under a new coach, the Bears had a brand-spanking new offense and came into the Connecticut game undeleatecl. They had won lour straight. Rhode Island 83 -Connecticut 65 Fiank lieaney, the immortal race horse coach ol the Rhody Rams was no longer on the basketball scene. but traces ol his style were very evident this night in Rodman Hall. Rhode Island set a scorching pace in the second hall to turn the game into a rout alter the hall-time score of 37-34. Yokabaskas, and Rhode IsIand's Don Shannon dazzled the packed house with spectacular shooting. liach boy scored 27 points loi his team. The UConn record was now "I and li." Connecticut 65 - Wayne 47 Connecticut copped its filth victory off the season before a home crowd by whipping IVayne University ol Detroit. Michigan. Yokabaskas was high man lor II6 Charlie Muzikevik, Coach Hugh Greer and Jim Connors. the UConns, but the outstanding player on the court was Dick Hall, ItVayne's 6'3f' center, who scored I9 points. Larry "Chuck" Miller, a sophomore, scored nine points lor the Huskies. Massachusetts 6l - Connecticut 57 Comiecticut was ready to bring its record back to a .500 basis at .-Xmlierst, but the Redmen, who hadn't won a game lrom Connecticut in ten years, had dil- lerent ideas. And they had their way. Hustling all the way, and shooting better than 40 per cent lrom the floor, the Yankee Conference opponent all but knocked UConn out ol the picture for a repeat on the title. In defeat, Yokabaskas was at his best, scor- ing 27 points. Connecticut 77 - Northeastern 40 This was the start ol a five-gaine winning streak for the UConns. Pacecl by Hank Bartnicki, who dipped I5 points, the Huskies won easily. Connecticut 73 -New Hampshire 35 Continuing their hot scoring tempo, the Huskies maintained their mastery over the WVilclcats. The New Hampshire team has not beaten Connecticut in 17 years. Connecticut 56 - Buffalo 40 The Huskies hit the road for the second time dur- ing the season and won a harcl-earnecl victory over Buffalo. In comparatively "big-time" company, the Huskies showed the Buffalo fans what colorful basket- ball was. The full court press stymied the New York- ers. Bartnicki was high scorer with I3 points. The Huskies were now ahead of themselves in games won and lost. Connecticut 78 - Dartmouth 71 Hanover, New Hampshire, hoop enthusiasts saw the racy Storrs club at its best. In the opinion of this writer, who saw every game of the season, the Dart- mouth yictory was the greatest basketball game Con- necticut played during the season. It had to be great. They were playing Ivy League basketball . . . and at one stage ol the first period Connecticut was trail- ing, l9-3. Surely it appeared as though a I6-point lead was good enough even against a high-scoring team. But once Stan Sorota had stolen three passes in succession to score six points, the Big Green couldn't stop Hugh Greer's team. Yokabaskas scored I0 points, Sorota ll. and Pete Lind Il. R Connecticut 61 - Vermont 44 Playing' away from home didn't seem to bother Connecticut, and the next night in Burlington, Ver- mont, they coasted to their lifth straight win. Yoka- baskas added 23 points to his rapidly growing total. Springfield 59 - Connecticut 58 Riding on the crest of a live-game winning streak, the University of Connecticut hoop scjuad ran into a vengeful Springfield College live. The Maroons were a vastly improved club and with a home-court advan- tage, they managed to nip the Huskies in the linal seconds of the contest. Yokabaskas, who scored I8 points, and Gates. who had six, fouled out early in the second half. To be sure, it was one of the IHOSI exciting' games of the season. This loss prevented the UConns from finishing the year with I3 straight wins. After the one-point defeat. they won the next seven games in a row. , tw Connecticut 74 - Brown 60 This time it was Connecticut's turn for revenge, as the saying goes, and they did it with the precision of a machine, walloping Brown, 74-60. Yokabaskas was fast approaching a new record as he swished another 21 points through the nets. Pete Lind scored 15. Despite the win, the Huskies could not stop Francis Mahoney, who chucked in 20 points. Connecticut 82 - Wesleyan 58 Connecticut's scoring was in high gear now, and the Huskies all but demolished an outclassed YVes- leyan University team. Playing only a little more than half of the game. "Yogi" dumped in I8 points. while Pete Lind carrie up with I2 and his sub, jim Murphy, added ll. Connecticut 77 - Bates 70 Bates scared the sweat suits right off the Huskies this night in Lewiston, Maine. Not highly regarded in New England college circles, Bates extended Con- necticut to its utmost. IfVith only two minutes left to play, the score was tied at 67-all. It was tied again at 69, and once more at 70 before Stan Sorota, who is always there in the clutch, stole the ball twice for two quick baskets to clinch the game. Yokabaskas scored 23 more, while Sorota hooped 14. Connecticut 67 - Maine 58 Howie Silverstein, a little 5'8" transfer from two- year Samson College, came into his own at Orono this cold February night. Howie, a sub at the beginning of the season, was now playing regular. The little whiz amazed the fans with his unorthodox style of shooting and his clever passing. He had the Maine field house in an uproar as Con- necticut jumped off to a 23-5 lead in the first ten minutes. He scored four times on long shots. Connecticut 107 -Boston University 67 How do you go about describing a team that scores 107 points in a single game? Five players scored in double figures: Stan Sorota leading the way with 17. He was followed by "Yogi" flfij, Clark 035, Gates Ql2j, and Lind Qllj. The Huskies threw everything but the opposing coach through the rims. Eddie Cates swished Hve straight set shots from outside. Clark Pete Lind goes up to score two against Springfield. couldn't miss. and every player who came oll the bench was sizzling. It broke the old record of ffl points in a single game fNew Hampshirej. Connecticut 74-Rhode Island 71 NVhen you're old and gray and you begin swapping stories of the spine tingling rivalry between Connecti- cut and Rhode Island, sure to head the list as one ol the most fanatic and fantastic struggles on the court is the game of February 25, ISI50, in the huge Storrs Cage. Beautiful lloor work, nifty passing, break-neck speed, dead-eye shooting, color-all this was part of the game in the Cage that night. Connecticut was really pouring it on. .Xt one stage of the game the Huskies led by I7 points. But you never walk out on a UConn-Ram game. Then it was Rhody's turn to get hot. The score melted in the heat, and it came right down to the wire. The score was tied at 7l-7l with I6 seconds left to play. Howie Silverstein had committed a per- sonal foul against Bill Shannon. Shannon was in the act of shooting. and when Howie protested to the referee, he was charged with a technical. This gave Rhode Island three free throws with the clock stopped, and of course possession of the ball due to the highly disputed two-minute rule which had been adopted by the NCAA at the season's start. YVhat would you wager on the chances of Rhode Island missing all three free tosses . . . especially with their great captain Bruce Blount getting one of them? But that's just what they did. The 4,000 fans who bulged the sides of the lield house went berserk. XVith less than ten seconds left to play, Hank Bartnicki was fouled. He dropped the ball through the hoop to give Connecticut a 72-7l lead with six seconds left. In those six seconds Sorota was fouled twice and scored each time to clinch what many will call the greatest Connecticut-Rhode Island game. Yokabaskas, playing his best when the chips were down, scored 27 points. This gave the "Yog" a total of 54 points in two games against the Rams this season. Connecticut 82 - MIT 44 Yokabaskas, who had already broken Dropo's record. fattened the gap between the new and old by getting 22 points. Pete Lind, who finished with over 200 points, and Stan Sorota, who had just played his ninetieth varsity game for the University of Connecti- cut, turned in their uniforms for the last time. ni , f -M 9 1 oof if' , - faawfl, Fencing l"0I.LOXVING rwo vi1ARs of planning and organziation in the form of a club, fencing was placed on an inter- collegiate basis for the first time in the history of the University. The entry of fencing into the rank of a letter sport was itself a story of achievement. It was, mainly., the work of Paul Anderson and John Gregoropoulos. who were later named co-captains of the squad. George Van Bibber, then director of athletics. drew up a seven-match schedule for the team, and on the l7tli of january, 1950, Connecticut met Hlesleyan Uni- versity. The Huskies were defeated by a score of I7-l0. In their next match Connecticut faced Yale Univer- sity, a school that had an established reputation in the sport and lost after a commendable showing. 17y,-row. As the season progressed, the squad improved under the supervision of Gregory Timoshenko and Benja- min Collins. members of the faculty. The third set-to 1 A , ,,... 7 1, i 9 fig? I ni 4. ,4 K 5 AM . ,ii Af? ,Qi 5 is 'dv L f . if hfvffifii it , y , 5, wg VV if . ga . ., , i -- c ' X s W - of the campaign provided a real thriller as M.I.T. nipped the Nutmeggers 14-13. Then came the first victory. Handling themselves in nimble fashion, the team whipped Bowdoin Col- lege, ISM,-llw. To prove this was no fluke. the fencers made it two straight by drubbing Boston Uni- versity, l7-l0, and before the lifted eyebrows had been lowered, the Huskies did it again by making Ford- ham University their third straight triumph, 155-HM, Xvilliams College kept the season from being an overwhelming success by winning, 16-l l. But in their First year of competition, Paul Anderson, John Greg- oropoulos, Joe Jannetty, George Ornstein, Bill Cuffe. Bob DeAngeles. Paul Rabenold, Bob Tiernan and Don Zelechowsky had started the University of Con- necticut off on what should be a fine future in the art of fencing. . Rifle 'loam II8 Wi 'W it f ff Sl J L, 'v .fig Ag, f Hilti? " i51 4f'llgf'.5fs If , . W 1 M, NX ii' f 'f"?f.s rw.- i 1 jf s fi ' ' if Fw ' 13' ' f . SV' ' ,sf T " :Wi If ft ii, 5 V. - 1, ,xx -:, fi, " 1 l ," xx . . 1 , A ,, ' CoNNeC'r1CU'r's GOLF TEAM, for the second year in a row, walked off with the Yankee Conference chain- pionship. It was the climax ol' one of the sports great- est years in the history of the school. Paced by the four-ply efforts of Johnny Pracon. Paul Harris. Dick Ziello and Ed Zaklukiewicz, the Huskies rolled over the greens for seven dual match victories as against only two setbacks. The only golf squads to beat Connecticut were Yale and Amherst. Johnny Pracon, defending individual champ in the Yankee Conference. lost his crown by a single stroke. CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CON NECTICUT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT r- M 6 2 9 6 fiw 5K2 9 We XVESLEYAN NIAI NE YALE CLARK BI ASSACH USICTIAS BOSTON TUIVTS RHODE ISLAND ANI H ERST M 4 6 1 3 2M 1 ey, II9 The UConn golf squad that won the Yankee Conference championship for the second straight year. 3 I I M yy lea 'MGE ..-qv' . ia -f-N -"Q,-Q7 il . , N , 3- .f M-ag.. - , . 3 , ,Nurs x'.w c X Q""""'i' M" MT X ' i 'a r . Mft, I 5 N X y Q,-emma 73 .sc Q,-.1 f c Q-3---r "M-iv' "' fl or ' as ,f ,aicrgrffk Q K J b x Q 5 ., K my , if cc - 't it 2 if is A+ 8 ' li y U""'d's 1.115 aw, W Barbara Hrosenchik, Phyllis Goodman, and Marjorie Mar quardt. Women port xisxrioxixi. czirxxrifs in 1949, the Unyersity of Connecti- cut .Xrchery Club lost its title to Clleyelancl. Ohio, this year. Unlortunately lor our club, .lane YVeber was just recovering lrom a broken leg at the time ol' competition ancl was limitecl in her performance. However, the remaincler ol' the team, coachecl by Roy Cuyer came through aclnrirably. o .X lielcl hockey clinic at the University was spon- sorecl by Miss Josephine Rogers, heacl olf the XcVomen's Physical liclucation Department. 'lhirteen high schools wc-re inyilecl to Ullonn to play one another ancl to be coachecl in correct lielcl hockey lCCllIllllllCS. o Intramural sports have been ciarriecl on enthusias- tically this year, with thc' sororities ancl women's resi- clence halls participating. particularly in baseball ancl basketball. l2O 3, 7 ,' W. 4 . ,f Vx., , 2 -iff Www " X X yw, Q . I22 .16 , , ff " 999 Y P 1 Ea? s-3 , X my -, 1 ff ff' S 3 .SA X' ' ,wmv .5 . U 2 N! v-me 2 2 , A ,Z w.,,.mm,..-.... 2 Q Y? ,,.,.n,.....w.,..,,.x-- ,Q 1. 0 W X . . ,. .... X ' Q '- V . .MT-WN-,'g,,,. - -, H af: if f ' .:..,.,:::1.::,w:sZ" 'clay c x MMW V '12 . on--A X si f V r ',,,,' ,,,,c,Mv ' , ,Mwlf-fe' f Q wwwf-:im.+m,.fsf-v-W ,..,,.,..W,.-, ,G Vgfl,2.,.g,M,,,. . . Q:fw.:f:Q , , - . W M- ' Q " ' 4 KXNW' "5 " ,S-494 , N f .ms,:::,,.,,X ,W g4,:w'fv-W Qacvgw, . .sffhi Qs'- ww, ..,. 'A A ,-'4sf?'Qww"f' ' ' il . - .V A ,. s:.,,, .M, ,, fn-.X-'M5ji:'+. I , fx M Jeb Nvlwsx , mf, X X, Q X -Q Ev , A ay, 5 D 1 2 ? "May 1' fag, .Mo Q gf , Q M Nb x ' 3 v N J ,a Q W ix Q 5' Q S' X . V M SHS 4 Q v-ew, '11 fx Sf My x 1 . .. , . ,Aaswsx Ya 1 .f,l...:.A. elf, : -L W 5 Q Q ALPHA DELTA PI Row I. Collay, Myers, Uriot, Jackson, Stiles, Mrs. Nevins, Cantwell, Vegliante, Cuicim, Rochm, Roberts Row 2. Kasper. Keech. Rogal- sky, Gila, Hayes, Halpin, XfVin- terholder, Klapprodt, Harper, Yenowich, Plimpton, Cigrurin Row Fay, Jones. Rochel. Lo- pinto, Anderson, Hall. Ford, Kerrigan, Canfield, Lult, Jones Row 4. Risco, XVakeman, Perec. Dalsocky, Fabiano. Ziegler, Kee- ler, Giguere, Bellows, Geary President .... ..... . Xnita Stiles Vice-President ...... . . .Patricia Cantwell Recording Secretary . . . . .Nancy Jackson Treasurer ......... . . .Betty Gauvin Show me the spot where the Frat pin goes . . . Ladies it's Grille time . . . Incomparable summer formals . . . "YVe sing tonight of the blue and white" . . . House of many queens . . . The bases were loaded . . . Can't tell the players without a program . . . Girls of the black diamond and glasped hands . . . YVe live for each other-A D Pi. 'W' Row l. Shapiro, Cochberg Voloshin, Chatzek. Bursack Litin, Miss Lee, Lewis, Ger- maine, Goodman, Drutmzrn Einbinder, Gelland Row 2. Pinaker. Rapaport Steinberg, Barley, Dressler, Free- man, Goldberg, Zoger, Kagan Rosenber, Silverman, Shapiro Row 3. Rosenfeld. Furman Tandet, Mzrndell, Harrison, Shulkin, Katz, Schall. Molaver, Seohin, Barbare Row 4. Narilyn, Fabricant. Shelnitz, Cramer, Rothenberg, Brown, Cohen, Goldberg, Good- man, Haymes. Rayfna, Galinskyf President . .. Nan Lewis Vice-President ......... Gloria Germaine Corresponding Secretary' . . Gloria Taylor Recording Secretary' . . . Eunice Goodman Treasurer ........ Pauline Lrtrn "Memories will bind us' '... N49 tall moxrng year for -X11 Phr Sigma Chi for awhile . . . Cottage II extension next Sigma Nu . . . pool with broom sticks . . . socially aesthetically atlrletrcally minded . . . Miss Lee with bows and arrorxs stars in the eyes ol the pinned and engaged A.E. Phis . . .gigantic plans lor the new house anybody know how to read a blueprint? color schemes rnd dishes always looking for a new place to eat always our theme song A F Phi Fair and True". 7 1 ALPH I DELTA President ..... . . .Mary Castenholl Vice President ...... ...Carroll Nutile Recording Secretary ..... . . .Helen Trepal Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Anita Gelston Treasurer ...,.,........ . . . . . . .... Isabel Miller Here liyeth the monotone quartet . . . The house with the coffee urn . . . XVhen's Bantam XVeekend? . . . Hey' the laundry's in the kitchen again . . . XVhere's Poor Lil? . . . I'm trying to collect some money . . . Q.l'. 'l'wins . . . 'l'he study suite . . . X'Vho plays canasta? . . . XVe have hall interest in Lipton's . . .Let's have a party . . . Dinty Moore's original piano . . . Did anyone see George's goggles . . . Suite 28 and those Coke bottles . . . Box seats for the R.O.T.C. parades . . . The Grill Girls . . . Answer that phone . . . Got anything to eat . . . Flapjack flippers . The kids who smile . . . My girl's an Alpha Xi. Row l. l.oos. Pacelli, 'l'repal Hermont, Castenholx, Young Miller, Doriui, Trepal Row 2. Condon, Crooker, Pron ovost, lVells. Hodgson. Monroe Holt, D'Apice. Hotchkiss Row 3. Fellows, Taylor, Lath rop, Iyes, Plunkett, Gregory Lewis, Oueern Nr Row Al. Von Schmid, Kenworlh Baldwin. Smith, Holsten DELTA ZETA Row I. Brennan. Hochberg Barone, Zima, Kelley. Oppel Mrs. Lewis, Baxter, Sargeant Cobey, Avitable. Townsend McChelland Row 2. Christopher, Sasseen Ingalls, Cuzner, Sabecki O'Brien, Judischm, Ferri, Allis Ruggie, Thilardo, Aker, Guay Murphy Row Meda, Hamilton Plavnieky, DeVries, McClaskey Cobleigh, Anderson, Collins YfVest, Vinansky, Miller, Jerry Range Row 4. Lowmiller, Coviello D'Ambrosi, Bertorelli, Callahan Bailey, Dixon, Marsh, Morris, Moulton, Stefanowski, Gris- wold, Oliver, Raissi President ...,. . . .Barbara Oppel Vice-President . . . . ,Nancy Baxter Historian .......... . . .Verne Sargeant Recording Secretary ..... ...... h Ioan Kelly Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Jeanne Cobey Treasurer ............. .... H elen Zima Dream Girls . . . YVe wear the Diamond and the sparkle that goes with it . . . Versatile Co-eds-House of Presidents-dancing every night- Canasta Craze . . . Have you seen our back room? . . . Opps-there goes another fuse! . . . XVhistles neath the windows . . . "Loving one only- his little D.Z."-"Sweet personalities, full of rascalityu . . . OH' to Hoch's Cabin . . . Q.P's too . . . Mom's the best! . . . I'm a Delta Zeta-I can't ask for more! ....A..,.., ip'- -:sq KAPPA ALPHA 'PHETA President .... . . .Roberta Mann Vice-l'resident . . . . .Joan Bradley Secretary .... .,..... N ancy Canby Treasurer . . . . .Patricia Charleson 'llheta lips are smiling . . . XVith friendliness . . . Early a.1n. serenades . . . Fun loving, and fancy free, on occa- sion . . . XVell on the way to a trophy rooni . . . Flower laden house every Monday . . . House ol' individuals, all true to the same black and gold kite . . . First floor club . . . XVill always stand together, not apart . . . Two radios, if only one ol' them worked! . . . Surprise birthday parties for everyone . . . "Roof sun tans" every spring . . . Theta mugs Row 1. Perkins, XVagner, Canby, Mann, Bradley, Roberts. Mrs. lValker, Velins, Boysen, Charlson, Gourd, Ripley, Muus. Row 2. Vander Meer, Crowley, Lurix, Mollay, Claw- son, Crenon, YVorthen. Mann. XVynne. Heflin, Mc:- Knight, Rowlands, Colton, Frank, qlezyk. Row 3. Spodnik. Hlalford, Zinnnernian, Rhinehart, Carlson, Bossi, Sundvall, Cox, Hlilowski, Anderson, Carney. Bone. Collins, Van Etten. Row 4. Hliberg, Haughni. Larson, Calchera. Brabec. Gronberg, Kerr, Craig, Conway. Cameron, Meisterling, O'Connor. Schuinacher. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA "Moonbeams shining soft above", upon the wee hour fraternity serenades . . . secretive, but sensational senior meetings . . . "Put a nickle in the fund!" . . . lvlidnight "Tings" with an Irish jig by Tessie . . . Diamond rings 'n' wedding bells . . . Blue Monday gals . . . "fourth lor Bridge" . . . "Next for the shower" . . . "Let's go Grilling" . . . Study in their spare time . . . YVhere, oh where are the grand old Seniors? . . . Smiling girls with lots of charm . . . Laughing girls full of fun . . . XVe love the dark and the light blue, the golden key. the Fleur de Leis. Row l. Grimshaw, Moore, Sadowski, Cofrances, Timidei, Rollins, Miss Ryan, Farnham, Mfalsh, Frost. YVolfe, Boyajian, Gernert. Row 2. Basil, Potter, Liebermann, Beehler, Foisy. Hancock, Thorpe, Riccio, Kreis, YVhite, Spaulding, Collins, Mravunac, Copeman, Cowles, Storrs, Hyde. Row 3. Ek, Forristal, Heiglemann, Feld, WVard, Dun- lop, Vibert, Tiemann, Brandes, Crouchley, Flynn, Smith, Gilliland, Zimmerman, Shaughnessy. Row 4. Watson, Rees, Sperry, Stoudt, Yates, Van YVormer, Meiners, Coughlin, Terani, Baldwin, Halli- han, Van Slingerlandt, 'Wise, Dingley, Kenney. U? rw 0 5 xxwxkmmstt . Row l. Jablonski. Hellstrom, Hughes, Zaleski, Mur- ray, Mrs. YVilliams, Karn, Regan, Symmes, Nagel. Brys. Row 2. Boyce, Keiper, Berry, Atwood, Marcucio, Bronson, Marvin, Panciotte, Lyon, Kramer, Albro. Row 3. Morgan, Hansen, Roper, Oliver, Squir, Tor- gan, Gillette, Paivlon, Bryson, Zaher, Yakaitis. Row 4. DeAngelis, Burder, Urbati, Hermonat, Miller, Gezelman, Leger, Bulress, McClaire, Teague. President ...., . . .Anne Murray Vice-President . . .... Helen Korn Secretary .... .... S abina Zaleski Treasurer . . . . .Madeline Regan Sleeping porch nightmares . . . we "can-can" kick high . . . Gypsies on the move . . . "On the Steps of Phi Mu" . . . those midnight snacks . . . own jitney to 'Willi . . . squirrel train . . . Night and Day . . . Soup's on . . . lost week-ends . . . tennis, anyone? . . . Disaster at Canasta . . . Telephone jitters . . . beerless bar . . . l A.M. chit- chats . . . coke and copper mug addicts . . . white caps galore . . . mid-morning sleeping beauties . . . barrel duty . . . lootprints on the ceiling . . . collection of waxed bottles . . . cough medicine in the closet . . . off campus dream boys . . . calesthenics specialists . . . Red Sox- Yankee leuds . . . splash! . . . Hurrah for Phi Mu. Row l. Gordon, Gross. Karp, Glaler, Oberstein, Stein. Miss Goldman, Sussman, Steinberg. Shaker. Hoberman, Borden, Globus. Row 2. Lane, Bromberg, Horwitz, Shoag, Muskin, Ruberrstein, Neusner, Hutkin, Sweig, Schupack, Naboi- check, Beck, Golesyein, Greenberg, Sheketoff. Row 3. Schpero, Bernbaum, Friedman, Freedman, Sowatsky, Lury, Goldberg, Gillman, Stern. Dunn, Brown, Scharmett, Sockol. Row 4. Koitz, Levitt, Cohn, Silverman, Katz, Kautl- man, Rosenblat, Leher, Tucker, Kaplan, Goldberg, Kronick, Greenberg. Gerard. Plll lllllll IGMA President ..... . . .Shirley Sussman Vice-President .... ........ A Ioan Stein Recording Secretary .... . .Bette Ann Gordon Corresponding Secretary . . . .Adele I-loberman Treasurer ............ . . .Barbara Bordon Drink to blue and gold . . . the house of odd colored bedrooms . . . S.,-X.E.'s replacement . . . sleeping porch sessions . . . quiet hours? XVhat's that . . . argyle artists . . . new regime ol' canasta queens . . . solt spot for mom . . . pinnings-serenades at midnight . . . traditional sweet- heart clance . . . irresistible individuals . . . let's shoot to YVilli . . . mad dash for the mail . . . from tomboy tweeds to sultry satins . . . what's this jazz? . . . sophisticated and sweet but friendly and lun . . . food fiends . . . pledge parties, dances. and senior picnic . . . Phi Sigma Sigma, deep in our hearts you'll stay. Pl BETA PIII President ...... . .Joanne Scott Vice-President .......... . . .June Peterson Corresponding Secretary . . . .Mary Dully Recording Secretary .... ...... G race Fyler iI'reasurer ......... . . .Barbara Banner House-moving in November . . . 23 cut party . . . spring house-cleaning . . . angels in disguise . . . lVho's your peanut? ..., LX hye pound box of chocolates always on the way . . . straight shooters with golden arrows . . . gracious hospitality with house mother to match . . . proud ol their national settlement school . . . abundance ol red-heads . . . contagious songs . . . they click but are not a clique . . . last house on the road . . . cake sales lor building lund . . . lanatic attic . . . cooky-shines and grinder parties . . . Speed Thee . . . true to each other and the wine and blue . . . tall, short. blond. brunette, redhead . . . each one different, each one a Pi Phi through and through. Row l. Wheeler, Edwards, Hine, Fyler, Peterson, Scott, Mrs. Taylor, Duffy, Banner, Hart, Young. Dean. Ford. Row 2. Clarke, Maynard, Whiting, Beckwith, DeVita. Tompkins, Lynch, Monast, Brash, Hoxie, Elvington. Card- well, Smith, Ferrill, Clarke. Row 3. Berggren, WVoodford. Miles, Mariner, Brunberg, Van Overstraten, Novak, Chapin, Jurgelas, Venberg, Casperson, Mohr, Robinson, Burke, Lei- geot. Row 4. Palmatier, Palmer. Hollenbeck, Harris, Moyle, Hep- burn, Dickson, Owens, Hylwa, Minton, Munson, Paterson, Street, Lynch, Brown. President ....... .... X Villiam XV. McDonald Vice-President . . . ............. john P. Gay Secretary .... ....... D aniel Keith Treasurer . . . ......,. . ..... Richard Kilbride Setback? .Beer?. .Bidwells? . . . Numerous cars, and convertibles they ' haven't used yet . . . Friday?. too early to get a date for Saturday . . . Row 1. Moran, Winslow Peterson, Varga, Keith, McDon ald, Mrs. Norton, Gay, Kilbride, McCarthy, Rackis, Gustavson, Roto. Row 2. Mikulka, Pierce, Fors- lund, Jordan, Miller, West Fairwether, Connor, Sullivan O'Neil, Bahr, Anderson, Simp son. Row 3. Haynes. Kahl, Zwick Sherwood, Wolcott, Larson Bower, Ryan, Thompson, Fran coni, Gill, Lampe, Gillen. Row 4. Stimson, Schmidt Law, Hadden, Stevenson Haymes, Anderson, Vowalczyk Dziclinski, Virgie, Coholar, Nel son, Servadio, Harrington. volley ball chumps . . . may not have the nicest lounge but give the best parties . . . their girl's a hillkaboo . . . Pledge him: he's an Ag . . . have their share of campus celeb's . . . let's have a party . . . the trophyless athletes . . . forget it: I'll tell you later . . . everyone has a nickname . . . "Nothing left for me?" . . . let's dye the rug: no throw it away . . . ridicu- lous . . . are you kidding Lester . . . broadminded scholars . . .pay their cook with Irish whiskey. 4HW77,WMWa:.ff911Lz!WM' !ZZ4 1WMWAA4mz ALPHA IGMA PHI President .. .... Fred Schmidt Prude ntial .... Norman Stachelek Frank Yulo Vice-President ...... Rudy Vecoli Secretary .......... Bob Burlison Treasurer .......... B ob Gregory Sweet and low . . . Mama's Boys VVith Papa's Girls ...r A re you Fredding it . . . R.O.T.C. Colonels . . . A little majong . . . Alpha Sig hits the Stork Club . . Vecoli, have you seen my cat . . . Boy Keay jam sessions . . . Rolling wrecks and convertibles . . . Oola Von . . . Little Orphan Annie . . . New Haven Russian Club reunions . . . Alkie Swigs . . . English Majors and those who are normal . . . I believe you have me there . . . Souped up serenaders . . . Straight Arrow and Xi . . . Two key men . . . Gnipgnop champs . . . Soup Fred . . . Smooth and not too sensible. I have your . . . Let's go to Boston. Q?ZFWM?4294tf'MYJA,:s:',':rm-b.LLL,y.Q:7SfCQ'T:Z4:d7?4.e' 'ff 2 A , "f'3fw!X4.g0L,,,'fI iw fi 3Av!vXKiAa2M2 Row 1. Gozzo, Ponnolly, Vell turo, Richardson, Bray, Burli son, Schmidt, Middleton, Vecoli Gregory, Apostalon, McLackin Carrafiello, Vichi, Alusik. Row 2. Casey, Gabrielson Schiller, Riotte, Grady, Veneri Creehan, Hansell, Roemer Miller, Yulo, Rentel, Carter Powers, Romanow. Row 3. Stylan, Fess, Redman Brehm, YValsh, YVunsch, Robin son, Peterson, Griswold, YVright Keay, Parke, XVheeler, Bitel Davies. Donahue. Row 4. Stachelek, Peha Blinco, Bussiere, Davenport, Abromatis, Siind, Stasrunos, Canvay, Ripley, Cox, Cionciblo, McLeod, Brereton, Tufano. 9 9 KAPPA IGMA Row 1. Chapman, Heer, Cobb, Bockus, Hamm, Hackett, Johnson, Eaton. Row 2. Bowen, Farrar, San- ford, Burns, Keeler, Dew, La- Freniere, Mrs. Lantis, Harris Martha, Chatfield, Smith, Patti- sen, Morrision, Davey. Row 3. Horrigan, Stearns Ragan, Hampton, Bergron Hayden, DeLaney, Malkin YVhite, Garman, Benedict, Gal lagher, Bleuler. Row 4. Fischer, Skarupa Ruhlmann, Thompson, Brown Foote, Brockett, Smith, Davis Peters, Ludwin, Linkletter, Van cisin, Kaczynski. Row 5. Lane, Lefebvre, Hur- ley, Chernovetz, Lockrow, Della- Ripa, MacDonald, Arpaia, Di Sivestro, McCloskey, Leandri Capshaw, Tedford, Moreno. 7 President . . .Lawrence LaFreniere Secretary . . . . .james Dew Vice-President ....... Jack Harris Treasurer .. ...Paul Martha Oldest Fraternity on Campus . . . Convertibles galore . . . First to open their new House . . . Let's have a party . . . Come on, let's paint the cellar again . . . Who got pinned this weekend? . . . Famous for their Hell Mleeks and nightly work-outs of their plaid piano . . . Class officers, student senators, and varsity football men . . . Shoots to Boston and all points East and West . . . Q.P.'s?-We give them away! . . . Golfers, swimmers and picnics like crazy . . . The cats in the penthouse are jumping tonight . . . One of the greatest in cooks accounts for the Brothers' bay windows, Harold O'Donnell . . . Loyal to the Crescent and Star and to a swell house mother, Mom Lantis . . . This college is a frantic episode! LAMBDA CHI ALPHA -'.-: b President .... Andrew C. Langford Secretary .. ........ Hugh Cox Vice-President. .Richard Hammerl Treasurer ...... Anthony Demusis XfVay out back, but out in front . . . Mfater bombs . . . we love our neigh- bors . . . You'll love it . . . Veterans of Flaherty's, the Hayloft, and XfVarrenville . . . I move the question . . . Chryslers to stutz bearcats . . . XfVho's making a run . . . Unsurpassed hospitality . . . All kinds of musi- cians, with emphasis on guitar . . . Key parties, buffet suppers, and fun a specialty. The very exclusive crash club . . . Roll'em girls roll'em . . . Pinnings galore . . . We feed the carnival . . . Proud yet modest . . . Activities and Athletes . . . The Crescent Girl our Queen, The Cross and Crescent our Sign. Row 1. Amphlett, Craig Moody, Emmons, Pracon, Soko coski. Flovian, Elliott. Row 2. Previs, Sola, Berry Terracciano, Perrine, Cox Langford. Mrs. Withee, Ham merl, De Musis, Coates, Hig gens, Carr, Zullo, Gray. Row 3. Logan McSally, Mitz Kryspin, Wallace, Lamberti Vogel, Larsen, Vlandis, Wood Keaue, Stone, Munson, Beatty Row 4. Almond, Herwood Gill, Bristol, Bishop, Ladd, Mil- ler, Makauskas, Belanger, Leug- minas, Nitsch, LaBombard, Ja- worski, Rollins. Row 5. Stetson, Klein, Win- sor, Vlandis, Berurelar, Caputo Legault, Wolfort, Almond, Carey, Engelberger, Glahn. J President ....... Irving Chaneles Vice-President ....... David Corn Recording Secretary . . . Phrlrp Alderman Treasurer .............. Theodore Greenberg Corresponding Secretary .. Hom ard Reuben Buckskin and Blazer '... Drop up this morning anytime after two Exam? Oh, Oh, another all nrvht shoot Nothing but the end rn gone chicks . . . Only three classes today who s shooting to Boston? All night jam sessions, real wild' Ii he won t Stlr walk hrm around YVhere's the ball game, 402? If you have a spare buck dont clean YOUI' IOOIH . . . CHEPPA NlT'l'l Row l. Safton, Cohen, Roth enberg, Corn, Mrs. Sharas Adelrnan, Reuben, Glassman Wetstone, Rimer. Row 2. Medvedow, Silver man, Kahan, Dworken, Lapuk Cohen, Shelling, Swaye, Blume Kurland, Pearlman, Dorfmann Row 3. Pierce, Martin Cohen, Poriss, Evans, Rodess Sappern, Sudarsky, Dickstein Perchinsky, Price. Row 4. Stolrnan, Sugarrnann Fried, Goldberg, Bieslow, Kroo preich, Budett, Silver, Michel Ryack, Later. Row l. Slater. Goldstein Cohen, Edelson, Epstein, Er- showskv, Mrs. Lubow, Luefman Y 1 Levin. Kirshenbauin. Salvin XVolli, Kurin. Row 2. Gelbert, Steiger Glass, Dambeck, Prdheiser Bleinenthal. Hfeissinan, Chap- pelle, Goldstein, Bass, Gold- stein. Hurwitz. Row 3. Dworski, Burack Friedman. Ziskin, Cooper, Beck erinan, Herskovitz, Lessler, Beit Opinsky. Hendel, Rosenblum Greenberg. Row 4. Hletzler, Levine Cohen. Larew, Finkle, Gold- larb, Krutt. Platcow, Daren Pollack. Kietl. o v v PIII IGMA DELTA Master Frater ...... . . .Martin Ershowsky Vice-Master Frater .. .... Aryh Silverman Treasurer .......... . . .Bob Epstein Recording Secretary .. . ..... Dick Levin Corresponding Secretary ...... . . . . .Boris Burack "VVhere seldom is heard a discouraging word" . . . "nutz!" . . . Love those 2:00 a.m. meetings . . . strict adherence to mediator rulings . . . YVe never had it so good, Dash, Dash, Dashi. . . You're on the right track . . . Play it cool . . . Lemme tell you, back at the fort, etc. etc. . . . Go head, Schmelick . . . Mom Lubow, greatest lil' mother in the world . . . scholars supreme Qperfect 365 . . . when better mugs are made, we'll drink from 'em!!! . . . Love thy neighbor, between S.A.E. and Sigma Chi on fraternity row . . . We love it here, home was never like this . . . XfVhooz making snacks tonight???? . . . Eatoin shhrddlu . . . Are these my brother's keepers???? . . . Watcli it, here's Nate. PHI IGMA KAPPA President ......... Robert Payne Treasurer . . . Vice-President . . .Robert Spellman Sentinal . . . . . . . .john Holda .Alvah Russell Secretary ............ james Hale Inductor ......... Carl Wedekind "Get me up at 7" . . . His Father is a cop! . . . Home of "Mimi, The College VVidow" . . . Still at that house on the hill . . . Is it in the by- laws? . . . Bob who? . . . "lf a dollar and a quarter is the price of sin" . . . Russian's homemade wine . . . Cross her off the list . . .Continually playing ping-pong Qgnip-gnopj . . . Let's go to Flaherty's . . . Indoor picnics a specialty . . . Put the furniture outside on the porch . . . If we knew you were coming we'd a locked the door . . . The best house mother on campus . . . VVhose books are these? . . .Who is supposed to clean the house after the party? . . . Silver and Magenta. the Best. Row l. Rafford, Hawthorne, DeMarco, Gordon, Holda Spellman. Payne, Hale, Russell Mfedekind, WVelk, Mah, Sinko Row 2. Ivey, Scolletti, Ka- shanski, Banks, Fenton, Mastro ianni, VVilcox, Dolyak, Rubba Brewer, Holland, VVatts, Bett. Row 3. Tedesco, Spand Lewis. Mesiter, Ebel, Payne Newton. Jones, Hulburt, Ritter Hoppe. Row 4. Moran, Hlagner, Mat son, Castronovo, Kruzshak Couch. I I 3 9 Row l. Aborn, YVollenberg, Molchan, Stoddard, Mof- fat, lfVakeman, Mrs. West, O'Connell. Beardsworth, Carpentier. Harrington, Vining, Brawn. Row 2. Pitney. Schulz, Holden, Foley, Richardson, Barber, Hiyely, Strickland, Lyons, Bellm Polletta, Mur- phy, Hancon. Comstock, Stratton, Nixon. Row 3. Lobdell, Lassen, Richard. Chapman, Olson, Staynitlky, Ryan, Lind, Martin, Ohms, Soroka, Van Riper. Jennings, Gustafson. Row -1. Kamens, Valine, Davis. Mossey, Kruse, Spen- cer, Toombs, Borden. Blozie. Cotjanle, Noren, Hod- kowski, Anderson, Martin. tllllllz-l ALPHA Ill' lL0 Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Archon ........ ..,. H ank Wlakeman Deputy Archon . ..XfVilliam O'Connell Recorder ..,................... Jack Moffat Corresponding Secretary. . .Chuck Richardson Treasurer . . . ........ . . .Jack Beardsworth Alakafee . . . jam sessions . . . Wllhank God Its Friday Club" Hey. get your slop . . . Sing, Brothers, Sing . . . Squeeze. Dixieland and David Rose . . . The Sweet- heart ol them all, Mom XfVest . . . Alakafam . . . New Riu bound . . . Uh, that Fenton River . . . Turtle soup . . . Let's go down to the Black and Blue . . . Football under the lights . . . The "Blueroom" downstairs . . . lvllillll Bam . . . Phi Alpha! Acunzo, Joseph: Beardsley. Nate L.: Beehard, XYilliam l.: Beck. john George: Bergen, William B.: Boynton, Homer A.: Braithwaite. blames: Brick. Michael Briscoe, Sherman H.: Brown, Frederick A.: Caffrey, Carroll A.: Cappette, Michael AI.: Carlson. joseph, jr.: Collins, XVilliam B.: Cronk, lVesley M.: DelMauro, Gene I..: De- May, Roger XV.: Dickson, XVilliam F.: DiNuzzo. Donald Nl.: DiPillo. Edward F.: Fodaski, R. B.: Frayel, john A.: Gates, lirnest lf.: Giordano, Bruno: Grimshaw. John Jr.: Grubelich. F. Thomas: Higgins. YVilliam P.: Hoadley. Calyin: Holmes, john F.: Hoyrard. Thomas QI.: Hoyt, Russell XV.: Hummel. lidyrard L.: Izzo, john L.: Kelly. john XV.: Roger, Alex: Leeper. Martin P.: Liptak, lidward: Litke. Bruce: lllalinowsky, George: Mancini. Joseph F.: Marino. Anthony S.: Maseoli, Richard MCDowall, john H.: McGuinness, joseph P.: McLaughlin, XVilliam C.: McManus, joseph lf.: Merry, Donald E.: Moehrie, Richard: Pace. Andrew: Paehuk, Halter A.: Peltzer, Norman A.: Rajewski, XValter: Richards, Robert XY.: Ris- berg, Kenneth T.: Rueeio, Robert E.: Sliuslyus. Alexander QI.: Sinatro, Pasquale L.: Slater, George Testa. james Robert: Urban, Theodore C.: aVrtelas, Jerimiah: Yitelli. George T.: Volpe, joseph F.: Walker, Gilbert: Hlill. Erie: Zaleski, Leonard. IGMA lllll Consul .... . . .Homer Boynton Pro-Consul . . . . .Calyin Hoadley Annotator . . . .Gene DelMauro Quaestor .. .... YValter Paehuk Tribune . .... Carroll Caflrey Magister . . . . .John Holmes Custos ............. .............. N ate Beardsley Campus cross-section . . . Monday is no longer blue . . "XVould you care to see our downstairs lounge????" . . . UXfVl1O'S got the ukulele?" . . . Same old Seofl in a brand- new suit . . . Leather chairs and sexy drapes . . . Ping- pong and bridge till the wee hours . . . Greatest chef on campus . . . Trying to hold the All-Campus Trophy . . . Mayors of Storrs and behind-the-scenes politicians . . . Campus serenaders and bane of Security . . . Stock- holders of the Hooker House . . . "YOUR Lani!" . . . Champion waterbag bombardiers . . . From white bucks and Hannels to dungarees, tl1ey've got them all . . . They'll all hang together . . . The Men of the lVhite Cross. llllzl NU President ..... . . .YVilliam Flynn Vice-President ....,, . . .Raymond Zucco Recording Secretary .... . . .Thad Sobieski Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Donald Berger Treasurer ............ . . .Roy Carlson Raley's Renegades . . . five arms that bend our hearts together . . . a great bunch ol' "mules" . . . let's have a ball . . . headquarters for Sam Spade, private eye . . . unexcelled athletic prowess . . . home of the Bromos . . . all hail to '... Bet I can lift five men . . . we want milk. Hoover .... always adding a trophy ...r A lrican dominoes . . . take it out ol the sotial fund . . . a house ol' expert tappers . . . what 'do you mean you ain't got a shirt for dinner? . . . he's an asset to the house . . . another assessment? . . . believe in the life of love, walk in the way ol' honor, serve in the light ol truth: this is the Life, the VVay and the Light ol Sigma Nu . . . XVhite Star gleam, lfVhite Star beam, for Sigma Nu. Row l. Gannon, Macione Friscoe. Finnell, Mauro, Flynn Mrs. Raley, Carlson, Sobieski Collins, Maronian, Delgrego Kukulka. Row 2. Daly, Ryan, Jolie Chuckta, Blake, Kricek, Jeyzk Evans. Kurzowa, Spencer, Prior Kirschman, Hoffman. Row 3. Macliinnel. Plonow lreundt, Eddy, Guilloile, Cass Tracewski, Muzkevik, Quinian Ferrigno. Row 4. Olson, Johnson, Pi anka, Frattaroli, Dziadul, VVid holm, Rybeek, Hahn, Smith Burke, Chembrovich, Christian sen, Eddy. ski, Hubbard. Colbert, Tausend- 'FAU EP lL0 PIII Row l. Jacobson, Shindell Blumenthal, Zucker, Eagle Chaitin, Coldblum, Brilliant Goldberg, Seserman. Row 2. Galinsky, Labinger, Blank, Magid, Smotrich, Mas- kousky, Baker, Howell, Gold- bloom, Hoffenberg, Loewith XVeiner, Cohen, Stone, Feiden Row 3. Oxman, XfVeiner. Phillips, Basch, Harris, Schnier, Sobel, X'Vinter, Block, Cohen, Libby, Rothstein, Rodis, Gav- ensky, Sisitzky. Row 4. Schatz, Chasen, Le- vine, Meade, Bermont, Lapuk Pumerantz, Rosen, Rosenbaum Davidson, Reid, Galer, Glasner, Flaks, Huromitz, Nishball. Row 5. Cohen, Halper, Ne kritz, Trager, Levine, Moyel Ebner, Heischman, Bloom Schachter, Freedman, Hendel Hershkowitz, Cohen, Moyel Rosenthal. 7 Chancellor ...... .......... . -Allen Baker Vice-Chancellor .... .... N orman Goldbloom Scribe ......... .....,.... B lax YVeiner Bursar .... ,... R aphacl I-loiclenberg A yellow wall and the red fire engine . . . Q'.P.'s. who needs them? . . . T.A.B.O.M.A .... House of Storrs' mayor and Violet . . . Chess and beer . . . Monday nite club . . . French Party . . . From Lincoln Downs to the New Ritz ..., A nnual T.E.P. Relays . . . Cool refreshments served with warm passion . . . Obviously . . . It figures . . . South Sea's Party . . . The gimmick . . . Cobwebs on the poker chips . . . Ringo . . . Saddle up, men . . . Don't confuse me with facts. , 1 Q 'I'H 'Ill Clll President .,... , . .Bruce Addison Vice-President .. .... Henry Hamner Secretary .... . . .Robert Chapponi Treasurer . . . . .George Menegus Gamma Iota . . . From ,Xrgo to candlelight cale parties . . . Chung! . . . Picnic at .-Xlkies' . . . XVho's going to Pete's? . . . Gel me a jug! . . . Gotta a tie lor the Com- munity Chest . . . Tell the Senorita to bring her "Casti- nets' '... XVeekend at "YE CASTLE INN" . . . All right let's clean up the cellar . . . The very demon and dreaded ral . . . Spin it in Earl . . . The King ol Raunch . . . Bailey to the XfVellfare Committee . . . Early morning serenades . . . The swinging lunch . . . Five dollar' glasses of milk . . . You'll be alright . . . Hey Mead! Bells man bells . . .Pinky call Emo . . . MVA LA THETA CHI. Addison, Bruce: Anderson, Burton Henry: Bailey, Gordon C.: Batner, Edward: Bobbin, John: Bobbin, Paul: Buck, Adrian: Burns, William james: Chapman, Robert: Chapponi. Robert: Ciccone, Everett N.: Cieri, Robert louis: Coulopoulos, Paul T.: D'Addetta. Anthony M.: Deshely, Eugene Ernest: Donahue. xlellrey M.: Dona- hue, lellrev XV.: Fappiano, XX'illiam P.: Feenev, Mark Leonard: Geer, Earl B.: Gelardi. Frank XV.: Grasso, Richard A.: Gregaropou- los, john: Groszek, Henry lf.: Grzeszyk, Fred F.: Haesche, Fred Hamlin. Henry Allen: Hammer, Henry lf.: Happy, Robert C.: hlosephson, Raymond C.: Karlak, Michael: Keane, Thomas M.: Kil- lion, XX'illiam Kimberley, Robert M.: Lodge, Richard XV.: Lucas, Robert O.: Lundberg, Edward G.: Maher, john C.: May, Samuel B.: McGahey, Robert: MclXIanus, Frederick: Menegus. George A.: Meng, Richard B.: Miller, Francis: Myers, Milton L.: Norris, Ed- ward: Parker, Clayton C.: Parker, Donald R.: Parlow, Erwin: Raebenold, Paul L.: Reid, john T.: Roman, Felix: Rosania, Edward P.: Rush, Thomas XV.: Scoheld, Herbert: Smith, Harold W.: Strange, john P.: Symmes, Daniel D., jr.: Toth, William E.: Tryon, Arthur C.: Trzcinski. john XVard, Elmer: XVood, Norman: Zemanovich, Edward. THETA Xl President . . . .Robert Taylor Treasurer . . . . .James Gorman Secretary .............. . . .Roger Benton Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Andrew Starrett Lengtliy meetings aided by filibusters . . . "Hide Duffy. quick!" . . . The piano needs tuning . . . Trophy collec- tors . . . "We'll get the other one next y'CEll'H . . . Alpha Pi notes . . .Gnip-Gnop tournament . . . "I'll give you a clue!" . . . Loveliest Mom on Campus . . . "Inspection at 2 p.1n." . . . Cider parties in 308 . . . Spring dinner dance. the big event of the year . . . Farm Bloc vs. City Bloc . . . "VVhere's the mailman?" . . . S. S. Theta Xi . . . Pinnings galore! Row l. Jackson, Pratt, Drager, Edgarian, Cianci, Cannon, Freedman, O'Connell, Mielnikiewiez, Dahl. Row 2. Matis, Ranken, Seeondo, Cuffe, Johnson, Star- rett, Taylor, Brainard, Benton, Sposta, Veal, Liebler, Shinn, Stenberg, Marinelli. Row 3. Squires, Bosco, Valley, Masi, Kuras. Olenick, Stingle, Yakubik, Pratt, Leiper, MeQueeney, Brown, Dixon, Sendlein, Sheldon. Row 4. Gospodinoff, Dutelier, Hulburt, Pepek, Sprague, Hill, Monis, Manion, Salins, Matzskiela, WVag- ner, Shuekerow, Bosnar, Davis. Row 5. Sheldon, Ruxton, Clang, Christie, Robinson, Vinal, Franzmann, Galgano, Dufford, Nelson, Hansen, Kosikowsky, Trespaez, Parakilas. .J gf v 'z Aff' 2 fy A f ' I 4 fff X Q imqm. RT Q. 5-Luigi' cab Y ,fu- Mn ffeQ NX Qi aww f .....- ,.....,...,..,..,, , , mv-dw---W, yf'hfff af f f ,ff M f My 5 'J ,ff wa 4,,,,.,,. ,,,....-aww-H' ,ff V3 ff 1 v 1 ,I . 1 2 if WJ? fi ' ,,.. 1 1 1 elf- K ffl -W-M: .crass f-' XVALTER C. woou HALL . . . previously a men's dorm . . . but the girls hate to relinquish it . . . friendly atmosphere . . well separated from other girls' dorms . . . pretty girls . . line mixture of sorority and independent women . . . won- derful resident counselor, Mrs. Gates . . . pine paneled lounges . . . gab fests . . . scene of Nutmleg junior sittings . . . North Campus within sight . . . the Beanery across the way . . . and grilling nightly a l 'Q Elaine Tomasino's room shows a typical group of lovely Wood Hall girls . . . and in the lounge rummy, studying, romancing Some Manchesterites pause in the lounge to ose fo th N p r e utmcg photographer h o i Q h , p h Q.n--g- HARRY G. BIANCHESTER HALL . . . next to Mirror Lake . . . :ind looking toward Home Economics. Sprague. XVhitney. and Holcomb . . . Mrs. Brown is resident counselor . . . sophis- ticated and cool atmosphere . . . singles for the studious . triples for the social . . . plentiful phone Calls and letters . . . individualistic . . . future graduate dorm . . . birthdays cele- brated . . . bridge and knitting . . . pins and rings proudly worn I49 Muriel Harris plays the piano while other Holcomb girls sing HOLCOBIB H,x1,1 ,... one of the oldest buildings at UConn . . . founding spot for tlie earliest H'O111Cll'S secret societies on canipus. the Groundltogs and later the Glowwornis . . . tradition of warmth. spirit. and conipanionsliip . . . attic devoted to Mr. Guyer's clianipion archers . . . the inusic box . . . well loved and respected resident counselors, Miss Fosette and Miss Randall EDXVIN.-X wHi'1'xiei' iiAi.1. . . . nanied alter Librarian Emeritus Wlliitney who retired in N38 . . . tlie joining link between Holcomb and Sprague . . . downstairs a dining hall . . . sniall but sociable population . . . favorite spot for evening serenaders . . . poll during senate election . . . resident counselor Mrs. lVasliburne on duty . . . Co-ed Colonel Pater- son a XVliitneyite . . . sunbatliers' paradise . . . an occasional lJl'UlYlL'l' ISO Lipstick, powder, combing hair, and conferences on the way one looks are part of the getting-ready-for-m formal preparations at Sprague . . . this time in Chris Funk's room Mwowfwmezew- M. ESTELLA SPRAGUE HALL . . . school fornrals and Sprague's Snow Ball . . . ping pong. cokes, and argylls . . . fun-loving girls and always dated . . . dormitory of the queens and the leaders . . . 3 a.1n. philosophic discussions . . . chic resident counselor Mrs. Wilkirrs . . . weekends always bring guests or alumni . . . no political lines drawn on friend ship here . . . spirit from within 'U--an--........,,,, .,rt.,. 5 l W 4-. Q Mrs. Washburne works at her desk with student assistants while in the lounge the girls sit and talk s'rRoNGno1An or lsolsxl . . . 1200 nien . . . Home of the weekenders . . . Hlhere are the ping pong tables? . . . Dancing in the lounges . . . The 49ers march from here . . . YVe have a penthouse . . . Someday the grass will grow . . . Football between the Dorms . Engineers by the dozens K' ,wtf ,CXZJ f , ' Q flkvyf ELK f Vw, gzp' VZ41' fit, ffwffer fffewifflf ,Mew W W ' ",, H ,g,f21gf'.ff,i,fffgjgj2f fifgzf, i ,.,' f f ,N ,f f ,,Wv'g,,,g444,' faq-' N ten xl f I , X J H, ' fi i fw, .,: vwflvw 1- ',-99 fin aiwfwffyfwwip ai.: Www? QQ ' w'ffZf,':e4,ff 9, 14f?fA?,ff94f:+ f if -MV av ,, , 54 A AM, qty ,111 Q 91114420 , f, , ufwfwwwgyf f. i .M f '4 ' 4164417 M ' I ,',Q2,i:.Q,,q" uf,-nj if 1 -' 17 A f W Q wo , wgi, , , -.- J 10.3 , ,.,,W, MW ww , - ,gf-4,,w,,'1ff ts' W .'fLQZ52Wii??iS! ',1:f", This photograph shows North Campus in its symmetrical beauty I53 21123, "' fi 2 3 J l You GO YOUR WAY, we'll go ours . . . Down with inspections . . . Down with everything . . . Deal me in . . . Disappearing lounge furniture . . . Who needs bowling alleys with these long halls . . . Siberia . . . No girls allowed . . . just women . . . Let's go to Canada . . . Home of the rugged individualists I54 1? Q l RMK University of Connecticut temporary housing for men QS Q25 xg sm . ., A f f ww ff off!! if fwf flgfgz ffff 0 W WL ,f , W f ,gpwmf fd fi , wiv W fQ4fW!ZW 4, , ,, fo! fflyf fb ff fwfff ffW!4fyf6ff" ff!! ffl fV fAWf7ff4W f !fZ??C!?!ffW y , f f I 41 7 1 f X f 5WJjf lj4f7C7 fm 'A 7 f ff 4616! W M11 f ffcfy 7' ' X 4 XZOf 1 f M " ' f f f fimfwaf ff 54 ff ff, ,yf ,,, , fax , 4 f ff'7f5f!7'ffW19i2'ff , f X I! I f IV if lf 552 Z A f WZ 'WMV , X ff? fn 90,11 f I if M iff Wg f f ffl' W f ff ff X V A 'K f J MZ? A X ff f f "W ff! ff! XXYJS6 1 1 1' 25 WW fl? ff My f f 1 y, 1 1 X 1 I' If f gf Jfggaf Y A?" i 2 ff Q 9 . f .ff f ROW 1. Mann, Weber, Natcherly, Whitehouse, Molchan, Plunkett, Spodnick. ROW 2. Berdon, Chow, Shawinsky, Mustakos, Kamens, Murphy, Steiner. The i tudent enate THE STUDENT SENATE is the policy-making arm of the Associated Student Government and is specifically responsible for the expenditure of the l0.00 yearly student activities fee. It also is charged with the task of ascertaining student opinion on important issues and of com- municating that opinion to the faculty and ad- ministration if they are involved. This last year the Student Senate has been constantly active in initiating new services and improving the old. Among other things the whole financial policy was written down and numerous additions made to bring it into line with current needs. A new accounting system was instituted under the capable direction of Don Molchan, the Central Treasurer. An at- tempt was made to revive the moribund Con- necticlub, and elsewhere in the social field, the Senate helped various organizations to better plan their dances so that no really unsuccessful social events were held during the year. Under the aegis of the Senate a new subordinate gov- erning body was organized in North Campus which helped to coordinate and prepare athletic and social programs for the local dorms. These social events were combined with student activ- ities offered under the Senate direction such as the CAMPUS. WH US. Touchstone. and a large variety of recreational and semi-educational organizations ranging from a Chess Club to foreign language groups. to provide a program which would appeal to almost all students. Also during the year the Senate made con- siderable progress in its efforts to effect a better understanding between students and adminis- tration on some of the all-University problems such as the Dining Halls, the proposed new Student Union Building. Athletics and Public Relations. Other related functions included a highly successful Course Critique. Freshman Orientation. Dad's Day. and the Community Chest and Carnival. As President Fred Mfhitehouse said when leaving. "It's been a good year and one in which the entire Senate has actively attempted to meet its responsibility to the student body." :dsx-1 mmm? X , , if 1, W X 'NN ,,,. . ,M ,h M V' 5 xv 1 t , Q f' ,129 f 2g"5'S7x , 1gjwfQf, gf ' wM.MWN.,.,-.,,.,,,,,X,, xg """"f'f4'wB'lfZ'5z"gY9P'N Gi ' ' Jr'M"""Aff',,q 511 MW ' 4 :A lf ,Q 4 : ' ,Af f M A ' 'MN ik 7 x. .":2:, 5 4.2 'MM 9 E T 5 3 A' Q i? g ' ' 4 Q .W g 3 V 9 'film ' f 3 A ' 5 N ..,. N l V' 1' jk A , Q Q t K! :l i . 5 gf 1. . 4 A '-- ' -iw J Equa- -V-MJ The Conne tiout Campu "Is this where l'm supposed to hand in mv junior write-up?" Hordes ol' people jabbering in the ollice- where's our partition-somebody want to do a head- line?-let's go to ten pages-what we need is an icebox in the lile cabinet and plentv ol' cold beer whe11 we turn out the paper-but Mr. Sweenev. but Mr. Sween . .. but . . . how do you spell . . . E Lile on the Connecticut CAMPUS was never dull. There were alwavs plentv ol people hanging around- sometimes they were stafl members, sometimes the paper got out on time too. Bill Dowding. the ever- smiling. be-hatted emissarv lrom the printers be- came a permanent ieature. sitting at the editor's elbow or leaning over somebodv's shoulder giving lorth with wrv commentary. 1950 was a red letter vear, too, because the paper went to three issues a week-and besides being exciting. look at all the extra work that meant. There were press conferences with Prexv-trying to get a word in edge-wise. There was the perennial battle to prevent being scooped by such un-important papers as the Hartford Courant. And to think it was all done on the oldest living specimens of ancient typewriters. The paper printed more pictures, pubicized more queens. complained about more things. carried more sports coverage, and left out more stories than ever before. YVe even managed to get a couple of scoops- the new provost and the final word on the "Veep" speaking' at graduation. And ever though the Editor scratched his head bald, and the Sports Editor got ulcers, and the Business Manager made money-for the paper-it was still a great vear for the leading student newspaper at the University of Connecticut. Cobb. Cotjanle, Messier, and other Campus members engrossed Blawie and Bloom type, Isaacs looks pleased, and McNamara in their work. The circulation staff gives us a smile. grins over the Campus. Beyerle and Ruck concentrate. was l tx Wi .2 5 x yr W,- M r ? .,'z,'s:1. , 49, '-- ROW 1. McNamara, Fischer, Kimble, Isaacs, Murphy, Weber, Cobb. ROW 2. Handler, Robinson, Stiener, Joliem, Ek, Elkins, Burke. .wi ww, X. . gitfr- e if 1 . S 'fs ' i ' 1 ,am 5 ,i 56 W 3 f. .1 R2 43 SWQMEQ 5 121, ' 5 Q? Stiff.. , w 3:1 :iw S t a f I Editor-in-Chief . Managing Editor .... News Editor .... Sports Editor. . . Associate Editor. Feature Editor .... FALL William Murphy . . . . .Phil Isaacs . . .Leon Messier . . . .Don Ruck . . .Pete Sudarsky . . . .james Blawie Copy Editor .... ....... J oy Man Business Manager .......... Mary Ann Spodnik SPRING Editor-in-Chief ............. ...... P hil Isaacs Managing Editor .... ..... L eon Messier News Editor ..... .... M arilyn Beyerle Sports Editor .... ...... D on Ruck Associate Editor. . . . . .Ted Cotjanle Feature Editor .... ........ J oy Man Copy Editor ....... .......... C al Cobb Business Manager. . . . . .Henry Wakeman The "be-hatted emissary from the printers" and the spring 1950 editor. Phil Isaacs. and fall 1950 editor, Leon Messier 1 Q x-dw , , x 51:12 f The Hu ky etwork 'l'he Husky Network, whose call letters are VVHUS, provides its personnel with valuable experience in all phases of radio in addition to ollering a wide program schedule to the campus listening audience. The Network broadcasts nearly one hundred hours a week, including the regular schedule and special events such as dances, lectures, interviews. and ath- letic events. WHUS is a charter member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, and as such is affiliated directly with more than one hundred similiar stations throughout the country. The station is also a mem- ber of the United Press which provides lull news coverage on the network teletype machine twenty- lour hours a day. Many NVHUS graduates have gone on to good posi- tions in connnercial radio, and the station is fast being recognized in New England as a good training ground lor radio talent. Station master Ken Kamens announces a record which Mfalt McGowan is about to play . . . Danny Reale and Bill Klein discuss a script . . . Dawn Cum- misky answers the network phone . . . Back in con- sultation . . . McGowan and Dick Jodry read the news off the United Press teletype machine. ROW 1. Handler. Larsen. Cumxnisky. Cole, Jacobson, Stuart. Klein. Shelley. McGowan. ROW 2. Foster. Ryan, Wilk.f Flynn, Geemy. Colle. Dubpernell, Abel, Del.uca. ROYV 3. Rubbel 5 Necknitz, Moyal, Hershlccwitz, Savin. Plenefislr. Rajewski. Keefe, Cornish. ROW' 4. Lingo Foley, Sheldon. Caputo, Lipski, Brady, Mason. Kanare. r The 1950 UTIIIEG 1.114143 '1'IIli UN1v1QRs1'1'v o1f c:oNN11c1'1'1CUT,, the 1950 .Nutmeg stall has stressed growth . . . as evidence of this the book has many new features: a different cover with Johnathan IV symbolizing school spirit rather than the so often used school seal: two color plates. representing the Iirst lull color we've ever had in the Nzllmegq a magnified introductory section illustrating the various schools and colleges of the University: a section for the dorms which have been neglected too long: and a Year In Review section to help you remember the outstanding social events of the year. There are many I. as editor. would like to thank . . lor. if the book is a success. it is due to the editors and their staffs. the people who wrote write-ups and posed for pictures. the senators. faculty. etc. Ubviously too many people for me to thank individually here . . . however, it would be unfair not to single out for special commenda- tion David Jordan and Douglas Dunn. Dave, of the Campus Publishing Company. has been inspiring to work with. a fine person and from a Hne firm. Doug and the Wa1'1'e11 Kay Vantine Studio have done an outstanding job of photography coverage . . . To both men. my sincere thanks. SvLv1,x Bocsixx. Editor, 1950 Nutmeg 1 wa SYLVIA BOGAN Editor-in-Chief ' MARGE URIOT PHILLIP YOUNGMAN HENRY WAKEMAN Executive Secretary Photography Editor Advertising Manager W V fi" , , ' If Mig f , JOHN RICHMOND PATRICIA ROLLINS Business Manager Associate Editor MARY JEZYK ADELE HOBERMAN DAVID CORN Co-ed Editor Publicity Editor Sports Editor AGRICULTURE COUNCIL 'lhe Ag. Council is made up of representatives from all of the agricultural groups on campus. This group plans agricultural programs and assemblies. ROW 1. Dikovsky, Martin, Kuras, Ritchie, Keller. Sherwood. Mochrie. ROW' 2. Schnabel, Ferrarelli, Larson, Parkin, Bird, Sherman. ALPHA PHI OMEGA The members of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, have dedicated themselves, through the principles of the Scout Oath and Law, to leadership and fellowship in rendering service to humanity. ROW 1. Warren, Bently, Aborn, Nemeth, Passmore, Chappel. Wirtenburg. ROW 2. Wright, Kashansky, Simergalis, Ingra- ham, Tomlin, Shroiki, Godin. ROW 3. Anderson, Crowe. Weiner, Siegal. Reisch, Brown. A. S. C. E The object of the student chapter at the University of Connecticut is to promote interest in the profession of Civil Engineering among the students. It brings to their attention pertinent current topics of pro- fessional importance through lectures, movies. and held trips to nearby engineering projects. ROW 1. Morrison. Lucas, Cass, Thompson. Stevens, Warren, Cangiano. ROW 2. DeMio, Ricker, Grabowy, Mason, Rother- ford, Konoff, Killingbeck. ROW 3. Moulton, DellaRipa. Foote. Pfrang, Paull, jankovich, Crumb. S. A. A. C. S. The chapter provides: an opportunity for chemistry students to become better acquainted, a chance to hear experts in related Fields, and develops a profes- sional spirit and pride in chemistry. ROW 1. Fenton, Dubpernell, Brewer, Robinson. Lacy, Mos- troianni, Doroshuk. ROW 2. Meigs, Looby, Kolago, Pisarko, Banas. I66 ARCHERY CLUB The Archery Club is open to all interested persons whether they are in the Physical Education classes or not. This club aims to foster interest in archery, de- velop a professional attitude and to build a group unity among the Archers. ROW 1. Young, Scala, Fischer, Burt, Weber. Schorr. Steinle. ROW 2. Rand, Zaher, Swain, Meister-ling, Grenon. ARNOLD SOCIETY The Arnold Society was formally initiated on campus March 17, 1950 when Thomas Phillips, acting Squad- ron Commander initiated the charter members. The society is national made up of chapters of Air ROTC units located in almost every state. The members are advanced AROTC students and pledges are basic AROTC students. OFFICERS: Squadron Commander, Michael Lombardo, Execu- tive Officer, Larry Kearney, Operations Ofiicer, Burton Ander- song Adjutant Recorder, Anthony D'Addettag Secretary-Treas- urer, Robert McCleodg Faculty Advisor, Lt. Col. I-I. F. Van Leuvang Chaplain, Father O'Brien. ART WORKSHOP The art workshop encourages participation in various kinds of Zlft work and shares in the social and cul- tural life on the campus. This year the members ol the club made jewelry from sterling silver, worked with clay, and did paintings, among other interesting projects. ROW 1. Velms, Miss Hoffman, Colton. ROW 2. Carlson, Schorr, Bradley. BANKIVA CLUB The purpose of the Bankiva Club is to promote inter- est in poultry husbandry among the students by spon- soring educational and social activities. Outstanding men in the various fields of the poultry industry are invited to speak at many of the meetings. OFFICERS: President, Robert E. Larson, Vice-President, Elio Goffi, Secretary, Vlad Vansakg Treasurer, Frank Wilcox. ROW 1. Paine, O'Shea, Vansak. GoHi, Wilcox, Burr, Eaton. ROW 2. Ryan, Child, Dikousky, Kaczynski, Brown, Carlson. Hatch, Talmadge. I67 BLOCK AND BRHHJECLUB The Block and Bridle Club is composed ol students interested in Animal Husbandry. Its two big projects are the Livestock Show in the fall and the Horse Show in the spring. ROW 1. Adams, Rentel, Hubbell, Brockett, Brockett. Stimson, Martin. ROW 2. Hallmark, Bechle, johnson, Christian, Don- nelly, Christie, Carboni. CANTERBURY'CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization lor all Epis- copal students on campus. The aim of the club is to foster student participation in religious and cul- tural activites, and to promote understanding and friendship among Episcopal students at the Univer- sity of Connecticut. OFFICERS: President, Kurt Tinkerg Vice-President, Roberta Manng Secretary, Elaine Schultz, Treasurer, Robert Taylor, Faculty Advisor, Reverend Frederick Eastman. ROW 1. Racheter, Rev. Eastman, Tinker. ROW 2. Mann, Baldwin, Mann. CAROLLERS The Carollers, under the direction of Professor R. IV. Yingling, is an honorary, 11-cappella music society. Its voices are carefully selected in regard to the bal- ance ancl quality necessary lor the singing ol madri- gals and carol type music in which the ensemble specializes. ROW 1. Dean. Tex-ani, Boyse, Kreis, Beechler, Hoxie, Durrell. ROW 2. Owens, Liegeot, Elliot, Yingling, Blum, Hale. Wessels, Palmer. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders squad is made up of six fellows and six girls. They are rated and chosen at try-Outs by four unbiased judges for their enthusiasm, cheer- ing form, and general appearance. ROW 1. Koop, Bone, Spaulding. ROW 2. Festa, Volpe, Grenon, Marker, Tomasinni. I68 CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon, national honcnary Civil Engineering lfraternily founded in 192-I. rests upon the four sound principles of practicality, character, scholarship, and sociability. Its role at Connecticut is to recognize outstanding work and achievements of Civil Engi- neering students, and to further enhance the prestige of the department in the eyes of the profession. MOCK LEGISLATURE 'lihe "iN-flotk" Legislaturc- holds an annual 2-clay session at the State Capitol. and lunctions as a pratti cal laboratory in government. Student delegates att selected on the basis of scholarship, extra-curricular activities. and interest. ROW 1. Daworski, Rickert, Boucher, Barry, Mr. Tippy, Stamatel. Lapuk, Alling, I-Iammerl. ROW 2. Morrison, Haagenson, Pederson, Macki. Stephens, Holden, Linton, Moran, Anderson. ROW 3. Murray, Noren, Clang, Landino. Kessel, Pfrang, Cox, Thompson. DEBATING SOCIETY The Henry K. Denlinger Debating Society completed another successful year participating in tournaments and individual debates throughout New England. The National Debate topic: Resolved, that the Fed- eral Gov't nationalile the basic non-agricultural industries. OFFICERS: President, Harold Chaseng Vice-President, William Dworskig Secretary, Audrey Phillips, Corresponding Secretary. Bert Bowden, Treasurer, Phillip Chapman: Faculty Advisors. Miss I-Iawer, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Iezzi. DRUIDS The purpose of this secret men's honorary society is twofold . . . to give recognition for outstanding serv- ice, and to work through the members to maintain and improve the standards of the school. They coor- dinate and lead campus activities and attempt to consolidate the student, faculty, and administration points of view. ROW 1. Fred Whitehouse, Robert Garvey. Bart Schmidt. ROW 2. John Nachyly, Phil Isaacs, Don Molchan. EDUCATION CLUB 'l'he Education Club is a social-proliessional Olgilllilil- tion serving the interests ol' students in liducation and related lields. It is student controlled and directed. .Xctivities include social, picnics, and speakers. ROW 1. DeRago, Walsh. Edgarian, Meng, Jezykm, Schaperow. ROW 2. Jensen, Racheter, Copp, Richards, Guidsky, Gochberg. ROW 3. Maximowicz, Nekritz. Shawinslcy, Rubbo. A. I. E. E. 'I'he campus branch presents speakers on electrical engineering. conducts inspection trips to local manu- facturing concerns, sponsors debates and contests for the best branch electrical engineering paper, and is also sponsoring an amateur radio organization. FORESTRY '1'he activities of the Forestry Club include the very popular meetings, participation in the Horticulture Show, and held trips to points ol interest. The club publication is the "Connecticut Caliper". ROW 1. Brown, Moreland, Klein, Sherwood, Wenger, Carini, Hodgson. ROW 2. Goodrich, Ferrarelli, Wyman, Kienholz, Camey, Griswold, Kaminslcy. ROW 3. Dodd, Carlson, Gill, Beckwith, Bampton. GAMMA CHI EPSILON 'l'his honorary scholastic fraternity was lounded by President Beach in 1919. Its major purpose is to promote scholarship and participation in campus activities. New members are chosen on the basis ol quality point ratio and extra curricular activity. ROW 1. Firato, Sokol, Nachyly, Wolfe, White. ROW 2. Wright, Cox, I-Iammeral. I70 HORTICULTURE CLUB The Horticulture Club is open to all students inter- ested in any phase of horticulture. Activities include the annual Horticultural Show, and educational or social programs during monthly meetings. ROW 1. Collins, Benton, Ritchie. Rollins. Miller. ROW 2. Tisdale, Reisch, Martin, Sherman. HUSKY THEATRE This fledgling organization, under its new director. crammed radio acting-interpretation and technique- and sound effects, live and recorded, into its half-hour dramatic slot on "mike-night," Thursday. over WHUS. ROW 1. Stewart, Silver. Grimm, Christopher. ROW' 2. Lipski, Cole, Jacobsen, Drutraville, Abel. I. S. O. The Independent Students Organization was formed to meet the needs of the independent students on campus and to foster a strong school spirit. The organization is primarily interested in providing social, recreational, and athletic opportunities for the independent student, but it also serves a useful serv- ice along political lines. The latter is accomplished by the organization's support of worthy candidates during campus-wide elections. I7I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Activities are bountilul in the "Home EC' Club- business meetings - socials - movies - speakers - rec- ipe booklets - conventions - and much more. XVorld projects are a major part ol the club's yearly work. ROW 1. Negal, Trepple, Murray, Mann, Monroe. ROW 2. Mann, Bradley, Taylor, Oliver. 1 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The is made up ol all Lutheran students on campus. Being primarily for spiritual guidance and fellowship through the monthly supper meetings, social events in conjunction with V U.C.A. are sponsored. OFFICERS: President, Charles VV. Shermang Secretary, Anne Hermanatg Treasurer, Donald Tisdale. ADVISORS: Rev. Wm. Searg Rev. C. E. Olson. I72 INDICOS 'I'he Indigos originated at Fort 'Irumbull by eight students who "just wanted to sing"'. They organized on campus in the lall ol 1949 and sang numerous engagements. 'I'he theme song is "Mood Indigo". ROW 1. MacDonald, Gold, Pittman, Russell. ROW 2. Fink. Lindgren. Hall, I-Iopps. INTERFAITH COUNCIL lhe Interlfaith Council strives to promote interlaith cooperation by finding a common basis lor under- standing the fundamental, personal, and social impli- cations of each faith. Representatives from the three campus religious organizations comprise the member- ship. ROW 1. Smith, Father Giaquinto, Olhn, Raissi. ROW 2. Riordan, Lipski, Costigan, Steiner. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club has as its aims to foster international relations on the Connecticut campus. MATH CLUB The Mathematics Club meets twice with the purpose of enriching the mathematics curriculum. The activi- ties of the club include research topics prepared and presented by students, speakers and socials. ROW 1. Beatrice. Licht. ROW 2. Asito. Isman, Chou, Mcliany. MEDIATOR 'l'he Mediator is the inter-fraternity governing coun- cil at the University. It is composed ol two regular representatives and an alternate from each fraternity. 'l'his organization is charged with the responsibility olf promoting harmony among fraternities and frater- nity men. ROW 1. Shinn, Matosian. O'Connell, Bower. Danbrek, D'Ad- detts, Adeshe. ROW 2. Fadasky, Pace, Cohen, Stearns. ROW 3. Ruhlmann, Hill, McMannis, Schlegal. MORTAR BOARD l"or1nerly known as the Laurels, the group ol eight this 10th anniversary year culminated several years of effort by former Laurels to bring the national organization to Connecticut by being installed and initiated as Mortar Boards on October 30, 19-19. The new chapter has assisted in the Junior Counciling program and in publicizing elections, ushered at convocations and the band concert, given helpful hints to career-seeking senior women, sold Christmas cards and worked with the University Senate and other honorary organizations on campus in establish- ing an All Honors Day tradition on campus. ROW 1. Murray, Vandermeer, Dr. Carter, Wfadhams, Hold- ridge. ROW 2. White, Terry, Roberts. NEWMAN CLUB .X club ol Catholic culture and fellowship, the New- man Club here is the largest in the New England province ol' the Newman Club lfederation and one ol the largest in the whole country. Its purpose is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives ol its members through a balanced program ol reli- gious. intellectual and social activities, to weld the Catholic students into a common union, and to assist the University and all its students whenever possible. OFFICERS CLUB The R.O.T.C. Officers Club is comprised of all mem- bers of the air and infantry Advanced R.O.T.C. The organization meets once a month with programs of speakers, movies, and demonstrations in some way related to the military. ROW 1. Romanoff, Horrigan, Major D'Enbeau, McGuire, Cohen, Naylor. ROW 2. Arrohson, Saunders, Macione, Chal- kin, Nichols, Trzcinski, Goudin, Gifford. ROW 3. Quinlan. Lavine, Hackett, Magin, Levy, Edmundson, Plank. PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honorary and pro- fessional Home Economics organization whose aim is to promote leadership, ability, character, service. and an interest in Home Economics throughout life. ROW 1. Murray, Dorizzi, Bradley. ROW 2. Mann, Hodgson, Jeyzk. OUTING CLUB The Outing Club was founded for the promotion of informal outdoor recreation including hiking, riding, camping, canoeing, and skiing, and the encourage- ment of an appreciation of nature and the country's beauty. ROW 1. Luchs, Crooker, Fellows, Jacobs, Pratt, Miller, Hotch- kiss. ROW 2. Cole Hodgson, Miller Plunkett, Dux, Wello. ROW 3. Weigold, Whitman. Rausseck, Fink, Katan, Gold. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB This Club, open to Physical Education Majors and Minors, attempts to develop unity within the group and promote a professional attitude through its social activities and connections with National and State organizations. ROW 1. Morgan, Miller, Blozie, Miss Rogers, Terry, Giordano, I-Iochberg. ROW 2. Murphy. Vining, Vancisin, Fischer, Lewis, Bertorelli. ' X, faA .i - . ,4.. "KY PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club was organized to acquaint undergraduates with the aims, purposes, and practical applications of psychology, and for informal discus- sions of contemporary research in the Held. RATCLIFFE HICKS A. A. A medium through which the members of the Rat- cliffe Hicks School may gain a voice in student affairs of the University of Connecticut and to foster favor- able publicity both on and off campus. PI ALPHA SIGMA Pi Alpha Sigma is the honorary agricultural fraternity on the campus. Its function is to promote the pro- fession by bringing together the outstanding students and interested faculty of the College of Agriculture. ROW 1: Fetteroff, Rollins, Rosenau, Hallmark, Ritchie, Gifs ford, Mochrie. ROW 2. Patrick, Chatquras, Sheldon, Bronson, Goffe, Wadsworth. ROW 3. Kimberly, Iosephson, Ohms, Simons, Syphon, Larson, Parkin. REGISTERED NURSES CLUB The R. N. Club was organized in May, 1948, to fur- ther social activity, recreation and group enterprise among the graduate nurses on campus. ROW 1. Chodaz, Dunn, Barry, Kazunski, Croske. ROW 2. Fitzgerald, LeMonica, Phoenix, Horansky, Parente. JSM, -. D.. S. A. M. The Society lor the .Xdyancc-ment ol Manageinc-nt is the recognized national prolessional society ol man' agement people in industry, commerce, govermnent, and education. Its principal aim is to spread the benelits ol scientilic management wherever manage- ment is required. The discussions and activities ol thc student chapters encourage and stimulate interest and iiiicleistaiitliiig ol' the social and economic impli- L. tations ol' scientilic principles ol management. ROW 1. Courcier. Olson. Franconi. ROW 2. Pursell, Lipski. Homicki. SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Sociology Club is an organization comprised ol Sociology majors and students in any other lield who are interested in social problems and the principles of Sociology. The aim ol the club is, by yisiting speakers, held trips, movies and informal discussions. to acquaint the members with the Held ol Sociology and to gain a better knowledge of Sociology as a science. OFFICERS: President, Naomi Kaplang Secretary-Vice-President. Ted Aldrichg Treasurer. Arlene Greenbergg Program Chair- man, Edna Gottliebg Faculty Advisor, Mr. Arthur Wood. ROW 1. Gottlieb, Aldrich, Kaplan, Antonik, Robbins. ROW' 2. Greenberg. Marcovski. Kashanski, Molski, Kanare. SPANISH CLUB Activities ol the Spanish Club include learning songs and acquiring a general knowledge of the culture of Spain and South America through the presentation ot plays, movies, and speakers. ROW 1. Washburn. Reilly. Johnson. ROW 2. Barone, Robins. SWIMMING CLUB The Swimming Club this year learned rhythmic swim- ming. XVith the aid ol a victrola and the "Skaters XValtL" the girls practiced various routines and per- lormed lor the opening ol the new swinnning pool. ROW 1. Miller. Parker. Fischer. ROW 2. Bronson, Murray, Gernert. Nlarvin. I76 U. C. A. The University Christian Association is a fellowship of Christian Students who, through a program of work projects, study groups, discussions, worship and social events seek to increase their religious knowl- edge, discover mature Christian philosophy of life, deepen their spiritual resources, and relate their faith to social action. ROW 1. Stone, Risberg, Larson, Hoyt, Raissi, Burr, Young. ROW 2. Smith, Bedford, Swain, Baldwin, Beck, Bone, Sutton. ROW 3. Burr, Tisdale, Hopps, Wilson, Sinclair, Steiner. DAIRY CLUB The Dairy Club is an organization ol' Dairy Produc- tion and Dairy Manulacturing students. Annual events are a Dairy Club breaklast with men from the Dairy Industry and a Judging Contest planned lor next year. ROW 1. Sonski, Sokol, Washburn, Parkin, Wadsworth, Mo- chrie, Berggren, Hall. ROW 2. Wade, Leonard, Miller, Kosi- kowski, Wood, Niedermeir, Hummel, johnson. ROW 3. Chris- tie, Sargent, Johnson, Kelly, Snyder, McKenzie, Weiss, Dziadul. 49ERS A manifestation ol renewed school spirit the U. Conn. 49ers is composed of fun loving students who share an enthusiasm for the music ot the ancients. THEATER ASSOCIATION The University Theater Association is the main medium for all dramatic activities on campus. Its purpose is to produce plays worthy of presentation by the university with the highest possible artistic standards. ROW 1. Christopher, Plavnicky, Silver, Silver, Cobey. ROW' 2. Drutraville, Christie, Lipski, Morris, Grimm. I77 W. A. A. The YVomen's Athletic Association is composed of Sports Chairmen lrom women's houses and repre- sentatives from Sports Clubs. It seeks to encourage sports for women through those Clubs, Intramural competition, and meetings with other schools. ROW 1. Fitzgerald, Sharpe, Hochberg, Miss Rogers, Terry, Murray, Scala. ROW 2. Bertorelli, Mohr, Fischer, Anderson, Lewis, Berggren, Parker. W. S. G. C. Made up of dormitory, Senate and Social Committee representatives, the XV.S.G.C. is the legislative body in allairs of student government for women. A stu- dent-operatecl Book Exchange and the annual Co-Ed XVeek-end are outstanding activities of the Council. ROW 1. Symmes, Spodnik, Mohr, White. ROW 2. I-Ianf, Plunkett, Shulkin. W. V. C. This lfeminine edition ol' the Club is an honor- ary athletic organization open to all women students who have earned two major awards in sports. These "letter lassies" usually play hostess lor the various play days which the sports clubs hold. ROW 1. Fischer, Terry, Miss Rogers, Miller, Murray. ROW 2. Miller, Anderson, Plunkett, O'Donohue. I78 YUKON AVIATION CLUB The Yukon Aviation Club is an organization of stu- dents and faculty members interested in promoting college flying. Its activities include inter-collegiate air meets, flight instruction, and breakfast Hights. ROW 1. O'Connell, Moulton, Dahn, Ruggie, Pisarko. ROW 2. Schaer, Repko, Levine. ALPHA ZETA OMEGA AZO National Pharmaceutical Fraternity is repre- sented at U.C.C.P. by Nu chapter. It has for its aims the advancement of the profession of pharmacy, the building of strong individual character, creating a spirit ol' friendship, and cooperation, and the foster- ing of the virtues of mutual trust, sympathy, faith- fulness. and unselfishness. OFFICERS: Directorum, William Zeldisg Sub Directorum, Robert Elking Signare, Robert Finebergg Excheque, Sherman Gershmang Belarum, Herbert W'olfson. ROW 1. Elkin, Wrubel, Gershman, Zeldis, Steinhaus, Katz, Zimmerman, Fineberg, Rosker. ROW 2. Sack, Weinberg, Bus- lovitz, Eisenberg, Berman, Ableman, Miller, Wolfson, Honig- berg, Brauner, Scolnik. ROW 3. Merkin, Reuter, Kaufman, Salovitz, Seltzer, Dworkin, Weinberg, Kleinman, Sneideman, Rosen, Seidman. A. PH. A The U.C.C.P. Alpha branch of the Association is one of the schools OLDEST organizations as well as one of the oldest APhA student branches. It has for its purpose the promotion of pharmacy and it attempts to aid in this by offering programs of speakers, movies. etc., and the monthly APII.-1 joturiml. OFFICERS: President, Victor Lautierg Vice-President, Michael Guilanog Secretary, Philip Lehrmang Treasurer, Emily Matyig Faculty Advsior, Dr. P. Jannke. ROW 1. Wrubel, DeMartino, Massaro, Zeldis, Burleson, Ber- gantino, Winalski, Somers, Fineberg. ROW 2. Faraclas, Slater, Choquette, Kevorkian, Dinerstein, Matyi, Lautier, Guilano, Israel, Hubelbank, Lupariello, Krawczyk. ROW 3. Deutsch, Gershman, Carotenuto, Pulley, Wunsch, Gerak, Tomazewski, Cuff, Walker, Lane, Sullivan, Lohse, Berman, Cybul, Schlank. ROW 4. Wolfson, Burgess, Moody, Plukas, Kaminski, Erzolitis, Rickman, Kile, Sharek, Hartman, Eglin, Salovitz, Hertz, Bood, Rinsch. I79 WHO'S WHO Outstanding senior students from 4300 colleges and universities are selected each fall to represent their school as members ol' "IVho's XVho in American Col- leges and Universities." They are nominated on basis of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. ROW 1. Nachyly, Mustakos, Spodnik, Kamens. ROW 2. White. Murphy, Molchan, Murray. - -LSI -5 PH. A. A. The purpose ol' the AA. is to organize and hnance all athletic' activities at the tollege. During the year this assotiation is responsible lor the lormation ol' basketball and baseball teams, bowling, ping pong tournaments and goll. The past year tourneys in bridge. pinothle, Canasta and thess were its major tasks. OFFICERS: President. Carl Massarog Vice-President. Donald Cardelle: Secretary. Genevieve Perzanowskig Treasurer, Eugene Lescoe. ROW 1. Slater, Cardelle. Massaro. Perzanowski. Lescoe. ROW 2. Kevorkian. Bonelli. I-Iartman, Ableman, Granatelc, Fiocchi. PH. GLEE CLUB Reorganifed alter a year's absence in an attempt to develop a good male thoral group. ROW 1. Kevorkian. Bergantino, Cocolas, Fineberg, Burgess. ROW 2. Faraclas. Charland. Crook. Burleson. Downey. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA The aims and purposes ol the sorority are to loster a continued interest in current pliarmaeeutieal ad- vantement, to establish a tploser bond among our tolleagues, and to abide by the high standards set up by our prolession. OFFICERS: President, Shirley I-Iertzg Vice-President, Gladys Wunschg Recording Secretary, Elinor Nemser: Corresponding Secretary, Gertrude Stephensong Treasurer. Lydia Cybul. ROW 1. Choquette, Cybul. Wunsch, Hertz. Nemser, Stephen- son, Matyi. ROW 2. Grillo, Israel. Demas, Bood. Moran, Farber, Geralc, Krawczyk, Mtirphy. ROW 3. Dinerstein. Perzanowski. Testo, Stivers, Alanan, Carotenuto. Slater. Villano. MORTAR AND PESTLE SOCIETY The Mortar and Pestle Society is a comparatively new organization at the college being treated in the spring olf 1948. It is restricted to those students who are outstanding in extracurricular activities and in bettering the College ol Pliarniaty. OFFICERS: President, Rutherford Burgessg Vice-Presidenb Treasurer, Edward Kawcyzkg Secretary, Shirley Dinersteing Faculty Advisor, Dr. Arthur Schwarting. ROW 1. Deutsch, Burgess, Dinerstein. ROW 2. Hertz, Lautier. I8O KAPPA PSI kappa Psi aims to inculcate nobility and courage ol mind and heart, and to lurtlter in every way possible the aclvantage ol' its members socially, morally and intellectuallyg also to loster pharmaceutical researcll and high scholarship. ROW 1. Scinto, Kevorkian, Melillo, Faraclas, Wynne, Leone, O'Brien, Lucchini, Feriolo, Paceoni. ROW 2. Professor Maier, Plukas, Gresh, Spatuzzi, Massaro, Fiocchi, Sullivan, Kelleher, Linclborg. Professor Penney. ROW 3. O'To0le, Mermigos, Winalski, Collins, Bergantino, Bodozian, Onorato, Smith, Reilly, Keane, Walker, Lancia, Cachillo, D'Amato, Tangerone. ROW 4. Granatek, McGloon, Schofield, Rappa. McQuire, Wieler, Arzolitis, Lescoe, Meschke, Cocolas, Kaminski, Cardelle, Hart- man, Szczesiul. PHARMA-CONN The Pharma-Conn, Journal ol' the University ol Connecticut College ol' Pharmacy, has been published by the student body since l92:3. In l9rl8, the maga- zine was completely revised in lorm, content. and reader distribution. Aims of the revised publication are to strengthen the relationships between pharma- cists, doctors, and all persons interested in pharma- ceutical education. ROW 1. Rappa, Cybul, Massaro, Schlank, Sullivan, Wynne, Rosen. ROW 2. Krawczyk, Slater, Wunsch, Berman, Testo, Pulley, Dinerstein. ROW 3. Sharek, Friedman, Kleinman, Rappa, McQuire, Rickman, Lescoe. PHI DELTA CHI The Alpha Lambda Chapter ol the International Phi Delta Chi Fraternity is the newest lraternal or- ganization at the College of Pharmacy. The Alpha Lambda chapter ol the International Phi Delta Fra- ternity has now been in operation lor over one year -this chapter being installed in February 1949. ROW 1. Giuliano, Kaffeian, Palmer, DeMartino. Cuticello. ROW 2. Dr. Skauen, Cuff, Sharek, Lohse, Hein, DeFeo, Fora- stiere, Gates, Professor Barrett. ROW 3. Deutsch, Martin, Mulvey, Messina, Hein, Burleson, Wyrebek. Tomazewski. Reu- tenauer, Light. ROW 4. Lautier, Muccino, Kile. Cleary, Murawski, Eglin, Doyle. RHO CHI HONOR SUCIETY Membership in this society is based on scholastic standing only. Alpha Gamma Chapter, at the Uni- versity ol' Connecticut. received its Chapter in lil-12. Since that time, approximately seventy students who fulfilled the scholastic and other requirements, have been elected to menibership. ROW 1. Dr. Schwarting, Professor Fenney, Dr. Johnson, Wein- berg. Professor Barrett, Alanan, Mr. Tyler, Dr. Skauen. ROW 2. Deutsch, Massaro, Zeldis, Saracco, Brauner, DeFeo. Loalbo, Kelleher. ROW 3. Honigberg, Gershman. Plukas, Lautier, Dworkin, Katz, Ableman, Granatek. I8l Reisenberg, Friedman. Mayer. Schlank. RHO PI PHI PHARMACY The aims ol Rho Pi Phi are to bring together in fraternal lellowship students in Pharmacy based upon the principles and precepts of ethical practice, to STUDENT COUNCIL PHARMACY The Student Council is composed of representatives elected from the student body yearly on a per capita basis. Duties of this governing body include: the in- stigation and fostering of any program which may cultivate or improve school morale. to support and encourage any act which may increase the prestige ol' maintain the ethical standards and dignity of, and pride in this most ancient and honorable profession. the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy among other institutions of learning, to apportion and disburse funds for student activity, and to act as a clearing unit for suggestions and constructive criti- cism between faculty and students. OFFICERS: President, A. john Kevorkiang Vice-President, Michael Bergantinog Secretary, Catherine Sullivang Treasurer, Gordon lVlcGuireg Faculty Adviser. Dr. Donald Skauen. ROW 1. Sullivan, Kevorkian, Dr. Shauen, Bergantino, McQuire. ROW 2. I-Iublebank, Deutsch, Wrubel. Hartman, Sullivan, O'Brien. Carotenuto. flther ll-Conn flrrtarri ation AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Broadcasting from the Engineering Building, they nray be heard nightly on the higher frecluencies . . . filling the ether with the Huskies bark . . . carrying the voices- of U-Conn nrerr around the world. A. S. M. E. By sponsoring field trips, speakers, movies. parties, a papers contest. and attendance at national and re- gional conventions, this club helps satisfy the social. cultural, and educational needs of its members. A. S. A. E. The American Society of Agricultural Engineers Stu- dent Branch was organized in April 1949 to further student interests in Agricultural Engineering by sponsoring programs dealing with various phases of Agricultural Engineering. A. I. E. E.-I. R. E. The joint student branches of the American Insti- tute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers are affiliated with the national organiza- tions and have as a purpose the furtherance of pro- fessional development of the student. BADMINTON The thirty members of the Badminton Club meet on Monday' afternoons from four to six o'clock to try to perfect their playing technique. The members compete within the group by means of a ladder tour- nament ancl a double elimination tournament. BLUE AND WHITE The Blue and XVhite Club "sounds off" at its reserved cheering section at games and sponsors buses to the away games. This peppy group also organizes the Sadie Hawkins' week and dance on campus. MC" CLUB The Club, open to all varsity athletes. aims to bring about a closer relationship among the athletes of the University of Connecticut socially. in the class- room, arrcl on the field. These men have spent rrruclr time and effort in bringing recognition to the Uni- versity' for their part in athletics. ETA KAPPA NU The Bela Omega chapter of the Eta Kappa Nu Asso- ciation, a national honorary electrical engineering society. was chartered in May, 19119. Membership re- quirements are scholastic aclrieverrrent. extracurric- ular activities, personality and character. FOOTBALL BAND The Football Band, as its name implies, was active only during the football season. A full-scale pageant was prepared each week and presented during the half-time period. The band made trips to Yale Uni- versity and Springfield College. 4-H CLUB The University 4-H Club is primarily for former 4-H members and their friends. Its purpose is to main- tain active interest irr 4-H work and provide interest- ing social and educational programs. OFFICERS: President. IVilliam Braitlrwaite: Vice- President, Alfred Vaill: Secretary Dyllis Schlosser: Treasurer, Julius Yale: Prograrrr Chairman. Anita Celston: Membership Chairman, Hugh Macliensie. GLEE CLUB The Clee Club. directed by Mr. Herbert A. France. had a very active year. They gave concerts at Clinton. Columbia. and the annual concert at XVorc'ester Poly- technic, also a radio concert over the New Englancl College Glee Club Hour. HILLEL CHOIR The Hillel Choir is a nrusical organization sponsored by Hillel. and directed by Mrs. Celia Bellman. It sings the beautiful Sabboth nrusic at the weekly lfri- day night services. Highlighting' the choir activities are trips to various Jewish congregations throughout the state during the year. INSURANCE SOCIETY The Insurance Society is composed of students who are either majoring in Insurance or have an interest in the subject. The society seeks to supplement the academic study of insurance by inviting guest speak- ers whose personal experience and work have been outstanding in the field. I. Z. F. A. IZFA, through its three-lold program off activities, education. Israel projects. and Jewish culture, hopes to produce an alert and inlormecl leadership for the American ylewish Connnunity and ainrs to enlist stu- dents in the Zionist movement. ITALIAN CLUB The ,Italian Club has been organized to help students in the advancement of the Italian language, both written and oral. Movies and other activities of the club acquaint the members of the club with customs and traditions of Italy. MANSFIELD GRANGE NO. 64 Mansfield Grange 37564 is air Agricultural Fraternity which extends its privileges to all student members of the order. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic' Council, composed of representatives from each sorority on campus, is primarily the govern- ing body of women's Greek letter groups. It purpose is to formulate and enforce all policies affecting the mass action of sororities and to foster fraternity spirit. This year a Panhellenic Scholarship for a year's tuition was instituted which is available yearly to a Alunior woman who fulfills the University require- ments for scholarship awards. President, Evelyn Pavlosky: Recording Secretary, Lynn Schumacher: Corresponding Secretary, Iennifer XVhite: Treasurer, Marjorie Lynch. PHILOSOPHY CLUB The Philosophy Club is composed of those students who are interested in discussing philosophical sub- jects. hearing student papers and listening to guest speakers. PHYSICS CLUB The Physics Club has as its purpose the correlation of the students' scientific and social perspectives. In this endeavor the club has sponsored a program of movies. lectures and field trips. PI TAU SIGMA The Connecticut Pi Psi chapter of Pi Tau Sigma selects its members in recognition of their high aca- demic achievement in mechanical engineering. The chapter exerts a strong influence in stimulating in- terest in departmental and extracurricular activities. R. O. T. C. BAND The R.O.T.C. Band is composed of freshmen and sophomore students from the R.O.T.C. who are mem- bers of the Football, Varsity or Concert Bands. This group is active only during the regular R.O.T.C. drill hour, playing for all reviews and parades. ROUND TABLE The Round Table is a formal discussion group treat- ing with topics within a wide range of social and in- tellectual matters. It was formed to alleviate a lack of interest on campus of important events. RUSSIAN CLUB A medium through which Russian language students may acquaint themselves with the various phases of Russian culture. Music, literature, movies and "Sam- ovar Teas" are part of its attraction to popularity. The meetings are enriched wth interesting tales by the faculty advisor, Mr. Golub. SOCIOLOGY CLUB The members of the Sociology Club meet regularly to discuss various sociological problems in everyday life. Lecturers are brought to the meetings from time to time to assist the students in keeping up with cur- rent problems. Among other events, the club took field trips to supplement their club activities. STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE The Student-Faculty Advisory Committee, composed of appointed members, serves as an advisory commit- tee to the President. Problems brought to committee are discussed and recommenclations sent to the Presi- dent. Chairman ol' the connnittee is Professor C. S. Torrey and Roberta Mann is Secretary. TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, the largest national honorary Engineer- ing Society, was founded to mark students of distin- guished scholarship and exemplary character, and to loster a spirit of liberal culture in the Engineering Colleges. ol' America. TOUCHSTONE TotiCHs'roNE, oihceless but tireless, has been trying to bring a lnmior magazine to the campus for two years. More and more people have been agreeing that it has succeeded. UNITED WORLD FEDERALISTS This is the only American student organization work- ing lor world government. Recent activities include: corresponding with European students, seeing con- gressmen, promoting world government referendums, and participating in surmner institutes designed to train leaders. UNIVERSITY CHOIR Approximately seventy Protestant students comprise this choral organization which functions under the inspiring guidance of Dr. Robert YV. Yingling. The group's activities include singing for Sunday services. vespers, concerts at churches throughout the state, and special Christmas Candlelight and Easter services. U. OF C. CONCERT BAND The Universit' Concert Band has had a ver' active 5 year-two campus concerts and a tour of Connecticut. The tour included assembly programs lor high schools and evening programs open to everyone. U. OF C. CHESS CLUB The U-Conn Chess Club is a permanent member ol the Connecticut Chess League and plays in tourna- ments with XVesleyan. Yale and many other Connecti- cut teams. The club's over-all purpose is to give U-Conn students the greatest enioyment possible lrom the royal game. f,l"l1lClCRSZ President, Bill Dworski: Secretary, Betty Schatz, Treasurer, Ray Oxman: Tournament Direc- tor, Don XVright. U. OF C. FIRE DEPARTMENT The University Fire Department consists ol ten reg- ular paid men, fifteen student volunteers and a paid chief. The department makes its headquarters in the Security building, drills regularly with its two engines, and is always ready to roll when called. FISH AND GAME CLUB A recent addition to campus activities, this club pre- sents informal programs of movies, lectures, and dis- cussions on hunting, fishing. and conservation. OP'FICERSI President, Basil Dikovsky: Vice-Presi- dent. Richard Hale: Secretary, Franklin Bradley: Treasurer, Lawrence Gross. VARSITY BAND The Varsity Band served many purposes during the year. It played for many student activities as well as many of the home basketball games. Its membership is composed of all banclsmen except those in the Concert Band. N--X. iE l0R Typical ol the leadership that the Senior Class ollerecl to the University was the pres- entation. by this class. of' a series ol speakers. One ol' the Illllst outstanding speakers was Governor Chester Bowles. who is shown here with President John Nachyly. Vice-Presitlent John Tokarzcyk, Treasurer Iitlwartl A. Horrigan. Secretary-Historian Jennifer Wfhite and members of the Execu- tive Connnittee. JUNIUR The Junior Class at the University has acltlecl much to the social life on campus. The Junior Wfeekentl is justly famous. This year saw an exceptionally line and interesting Junior Prom, play and picnic. The people most responsible for the suc- cess ol the Class of l95l in this Held were the class officers. who are: President Ecl- wartl G. Ryba, Vice-President George Frei- batt. Treasurer August Tomasetti and Secretary-Historian lXlargaret Plunkett. 0PHO UHE Probably the outstanding work by the Sophoinore Class was the presentation ol its annual Minstral Show. This show is the Climax of the Connnunity Chest Carnival. This year's class ollicers have shown Il1Cl11S6lYCS to be- worthy of the trust placed in them. They are President Charles A. Parakilas. Vice-President James Barry. Treasurer Marffaret Cardwell. Secretary- D Historian Frances Ceenty. FRE HMEW The Class of l953 was off to a vigorous start with the elections of class oflicers. In the largest vote ever recorded for ollices in this class, Al Rogers was elected President, Don Blume Vice-President, Don Chapman Treasurer, and Margaret Wat- son Secretary-Historian. It is from the Class of 1953 that the future leaders of UConn will Come. 4 l88 5 2 2 5 E E f 2 2 3 5 3 2 a E 2 E 2 a 3 A B v E 9 i F! 3 5 5 2 E E E E 2 5 3 E E i S :Mx X IE' of' x J! ik W Za r X S X Jw f W Z I Wgyxff K X- Q li5QW54 9 v . ff wg 4 Q f ,-XX, W NZM 2xXQW 1 f 1:26 mf, X xy, X I ,. J ,W Wvwwl X ,WMPQ g. C0 FD UUIUWEL ....... y awww PIHETAIWH Qawfiy 5020 FUUTBALL U0-EIA UUAHTIIIIBAUK . . ALPHA DELTA PI I9l MISS FASHIIAN PLATE . . KAPPA ALPHA 'l'llE'l'A ffm A ffffzkzeffzm' 3' 3' Sk , ' , 4 Wunsey 4.g6'Adl77lZff .IUIIIIIIII PIIIIM IIUIIIIIII . . PHI SIGMA SIGMA AA? E , yzzfzfze 395251452191 EEEMIANITY EHES'I' EAEEIVAL QUEEN . . EELTA ZE'l'A wr We 5 IHLLEL UUEE . . . RQWZW aww . . ALPHA EP.HJl M-my fpr- ., NQW .Aw ff 1 ff. A KF ' 3 W, "CLE: Q Y 3 wig " ,a H V ,V , Q ., ww . - " 5 Ti 5 Mx x M Q . wr' x i hpna Sigma vm .. M- N9 ai, i it 'eg . TK ' S-XX t 353 t . E? 3 ffm ,DMM S Sigma Alpha Epsilon Miha Mme ms! Lambda Chi Creseent Girl fum 6101071 fa Www Sweetheart el Sigma tlhi . Alpha Delta Phi Sigma Kappa . Alpha llelta Pi Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Lgykfzkz REM Qiym . 1,-4541.-, nf Q , . - em: 7 fl ' 5 CSM? 50162771 Qzwefzce' 04212224 Sigma lllu Girl . Kappa lllpha Theta Theta Xi . Phi llu .sq Y 5. "vm , z. ,N z. wrt, . N. ff., 3' The year in review X94 fe ef' We vg ex X N ff C T Wk Y , . G 4 ' -J! : Af- ,fix Q I W f at Connecticut U PI ll PIPER IN 1f.,xR1,Y Ufloxx imys the lrosh hazing consisted of rope pulls. push hall contests, ancl an annual pig roast wilh the sophs. 'Ilhe Pied Piper was originated in the early '40s ancl since then we-'ve hacl pipers ,-Xncly Love in lflllli. Nathan 'White ISHP7. Burl King lflllks. anrl Lhis past fall Frecl XVl1llCl'l0llSC. Tradition has it that the presiclenl ol' the Sluclenl Senate is always the Pied Piper. The paracle slarlecl al Koons. anal while wailing for it to assenihle lreslnnan Lee Bone shows her short skirt underneath her cheer leading outlil. The fresh- man girls must wear skirts above the knees and many carry stuffed animals or dolls and play chil- dren's games such as ring-around-Ihe-rosey in from of Sprague. The freshmen boys wear pajamas and bath robes. Pied Piper Fred Hfhilehouse. Bob Sliener with Johnznhan IV. the cheerleaders. and the -19ers lead the procession around campus gathering the fresh- men from each dorm. 'fx QM 12 R 5 ,ef .Q-2 .W E , i wg. , . L, .xgi LQ" I W 1 . wo- J ff ,. F ,. . gf , it ,. af? gf A f z .. ,. 'J al W' Q . 4' f 9 if lg y X V4 , ' . qs 1 ll ' diff 3 1 'M -'-:gf '24 QSM' " ' ' ' ,.,,f 152-K .f ' x. ' 1 'ffzfgfm r . ' if 1, n . 'j f-sv , if M 3 4- .4 A 95, if 'ff Sfdlg " - 5 ' I 1 ,, Q? ,nv ,'l ji K V, ,,,,,fsp:6 ' A. "C: , , H.. VN., , ' ' :gfJ,1,5f"f" lfzzfgffgg, , W N Kat Si? Zig mg' 1 A .gm I dk' I V. X. e Q' 4-A-41 Ji' Ae aff? 1 I s- 4' bei 9 Q. X Q HUMECUM WEEK-E The prize house decoration was Alpha Xi Delta's football player kicking the Rhocly player Hoxiucomixcs XVEERIEND this year was combined with our famous Rhody football clash, plus the beginning of Sadie Hawkins week and the end of the Mayor of Storrs campaign which was led by such contenders as Dr. George N. Sunn and Marsha-Mello. The mischief started several days before the game with the stealing of the Rhody Ram which was "hid- den" at Lambda Chi while Johnathan was at Theta Chi. protected from the raiding Rhode Islanders who came to recapture the ram and take the husky in return. Connecticut successfully held both mas- cots until the game and then had a diflicult time persuading the Rhode Island men to claim the ram. Alter the judges looked over a variety of house decorations and saw Rliody "kicked", "wrecked", "washed4out". "cut up" and cooked a la "pan Rhody Ram". they decided they'd rather see the Rhody player light up as he got kicked. and awarded the prize to Alpha Xi Delta. 204 I Q QT? Q t 3. W? The Homecoming Queen contestants posed for a picture Cars symbolize the Wreck of Rhody Dottie Spalding holds back the shaved and painted Rhody Ram while Johnathan appears indifferent ,Wg 'SIU if , M. . , W , W. , ,z , an ... V In 1 .1 Y? if? x .Maud , ' ' 5 lc Q ifxt-,srgjiz .Qfiif U -naw NVQ ,' ,,. f ' Qljzf' - 3 Mayor of Storrs compaigners eye a Pi Phi during the half The Theta Chi display welcomes the alums and shows the Greeks "now, then, and always" 205 Pllll IDE T' RECEPTIO 'ring 1'Rli5lDliN'1"S RliClil"l'l0X is the first chance for new students l0liO1'lll1llly lllecl Dr. 11nd Mrs. Albert Nels Jorgensen. It is Il Stlllll-liOl'lI1l1l dance usually held the first nionth olf school and is echoed by Hzlrtford and lVlllCl'lJllTy Bruiiclies which also hold l'resident's Receptions early in the year. 'lihe guests are also welcomed by the President of the Student Senate and the President of the lVOIHCll'S Student Governinent Council. 206 Couples leave Sprague Hall bound for the Hawley Armory and the Presidenfs Reception President and Mrs. Jorgensen. Dean and Mrs. Charles Gentry, Adele Wadhams. and Fredrick Whitehouse re- ceive guests L 207 U1 W' -firffi Q . A1169 NJ if Q W X X Vi s...p' if Q-f MILITARY BALL MAR1' 1'A'l'1CRSON was elected Co-ecl Colonel at the 21111111111 Military Ball 511111 is showii witl1 her escort. Robert Larson. The Co-ed Captains were Lois Lasewicz, Marjorie Stouclt. 111111 Shirley XVatts. The Co-ecl Colonel 111111 the Co-ecl Cap- 1211115 iuarchecl beneath crossed sabers to tl1e stage witl1 their escorts. l'ractically every branch oi' the service was representetl i11 tl1e watching' crowcl. The theme of tl1e ball was the Army 211111 Air R.O.'ll.C. 111111 school colors were tlrapecl 110111 the walls 111111 ceiling of tl1e Hawley :Xl'll1Ol'y. 'llhe Nlilitary 131111 was plamiecl 111111 cli- rectetl lllN1Cl' the leatlership of NVillia111 Naylor. i'1'lll1l'Il1Z1ll. Five 1ll1llC1l'Cf1 couples Lll1l1CCC1 to the 11111- sic ol 'llo111111y 'llllCliCl"S Orchestra. It was tl1e first ti111e Tucker hacl played at IJCOIIII 211111 he sairl that he was surprisecl at the sife 111111 beauty of the 1llllVCl'Sl1y. 208 f!"l ,N vf .x :X hi 'm f yyfi' V k .' 1' is 5 gvtngyw .,,,. X ig ' ., 555: ,Q H ,,qnvl'l' 1 . iff? if iff? ' 4,1 , ' W 2 Q iw N 5- N 5 -Qw- N A - X F N? WF gl' I i ,y X "V,-' 13. fm-if 'S Q D l I ,gf W - gi I -: Y.:z.: , E I' li t. Q Vg ,, V Qi .. ,Vi .-Q ,, Y wa' ,, p S? A M, , . Q Q x MV Q? 3 , wx S.. ,ggi E0-EE WEEKEND lmfa F r . . ff' , ,, fs U A s, -E K .L 'z " . . ? 3... , THE HIGH LIGHT of the Co-ed NVeekend was Betty X7Zll1ClC1'1l1CCl'iS an- nouncement of the new Mortar Boards. Miss Vandernieer. president of the Laurel Branch of Motar Board announced the new members who had been tapped during the evening as: Nancy Baxter. Rita Gersh- man, Mary Jezyk. Roberta Mann, Joyce Moran. Marge Plunkett. Patricia Rollins. and Jane Webe1'. Patricia Roberts announced the new campus king as Jack Rollins. who was presented with a gold crown: the smoothie, Don Thompson. received a bow tieg Tony Costanzo, the gigolo. was given a mustache: and the jester, Jesse Sklar, landecla kiss and a blue and white dunce cap. The Co-ed Weekend also featured a Jazz concert and play. The concert held in the Beanery with Danny Conn's band playing Dixieland and Bop. "John Loves Mary" was one of the outstanding dramatic productions of the year. It starred Carol Salzberg and john Elliot, and was directed by Cecil E. Hinkel. 2lI C0. . UNITY CHE 'll UAH ITAL THE czcmxriixlrv c:H13s'r CARNIVAL is beginning to beconie a tradition at UConn. The clubs. fraternities and dornis on Canipus open booths in the hope of raising nioney. A regular niid- way is built and the athletic field takes on a carnival atmosphere. The Carnival is begun by a parade around cainpus which feature various types of floats. the best float is given a prize. This year found Theta Xi winning with a float which looked like a ship. A visit along the inid-way at the Carnival would find money wheels. a tent of freaks. a pie throwing booth and inany other attractions. Toward the end off the evening a fire engine was auctioned to Tau Epsilon Phi. Then. just before the Sophomore Minstral Show. it was announced that Jeanne Hochberg had been elected Carnival Queen. The Outing Club won the award for the best IIICIIYS booth. XVhile Kappa Alpha Theta won the award for the best XX'0ll1Cll'S booth. Tillllljtlil Chi Alpha won an award for earn- ing the niost money. The Carnival realized fi13l.555.00. Chairnian Hank Phillips was responsible for its success. 2l2 ' it t..,,, x f HURSE SHIIW 5 ,fl .3 Nw-.N N ,w-Qi st -Ya Q ,. A, ta-. if ' A, X V, .231 ' N .. jtixic 1aRoCl4E'1'T won the Soloman Trophy in the 18th Annual Horse Show of the University Block and Bridle Club this spring. Mrs. Mildred Soloinan Goodman of the MRS stables awarded the trophy. Une off Mrs. Broeketfs closest rivals was Pat Hubbell who had won the trophy twice and would have retained permanent possession of the trophy if she had won it again this year. 2l4 x . sta 5' lt lf , ' ' ai X" 73 -if 'l0l1t"lll'1 - - ' f ' f 1r"'g, '4 w..., M ., us., 2 fx--A ,fa ,ggi ga: nys, :""sf?1" - t . L, f. .t . r-.1.,:, . -R. , ,R E1 V ,f -,N,wV.m . QL, . 54 V- K 1 ix p .. sf, ,. it .. L4 g.j5f"'wtE .-,Jw , . :Nw-. , , ,Q - , 1- ,, sw' V .25 Wt: -,W Q ,tw n w Y. .1 bm .ul o we 'K Aix . +-mg, Wag W t . 2-.2 .-W ...... :Lg ., - .4 -X-.rf W ,., - . , V- f W- . , --. 5 Q 1 . -A ' , vQ."A , 'V-..... i 4 .. 1 - ,- wt J' X, xr ,i ix, . 5 if , X, K -' f -' ,. Q' -3 N. j y, V ff' gy, fm' y- ilffv 3 fkwfwi 1 V+ f 1 f f 'xiitxx-fha W 'YW x These pictures show Addie who teaches UConn riding clnssesg the contestants for the Soloman trophy lined up for inspec- tion by the judgesg jumpingg and some of the exhibition Western riding. N. , , Y. 43,1 -- 1 fr ii mf ' we Y 3 e f v K, W, Q-LX . li A K TQ.. ,M gt f EM I n,,QQi,gg,yzA , , t ifzwfz, 1: . f , n ,r 5 1 jj N t' T ' , 8-15,1 fri :, - fikgzgl V inh x ggbiw-2,21 , X 3 Z ' ' -V " ts 5' 'ff' tw . V7 , f '2f.',.-:fm . i"'23i':i 5TfW'f , , . Ag? .w "is as .. im. 4,1 Q. J. ws .- ,V .,,5,,, My ,W , ' is.. A- -, , , , ,193f :" it ez, 3. ia? A Wifi. gg ' , t --A- x ,U .fax f ,, N -. Q , hw .l sl .4 , ix ,s Q21 in-,AE :nl-Aw .igfeql .g,, , ' I avg- 4 f ., A Y- Q: ,K-.1,. ' f, K . A ,v , . E H 3 '1 V' F, xj . I ' - , 'QM - U15 '-1.. ', .-5.r.Qgs'wf Q-gf,,,fjy?p,s-.5:f'Q. . 1, m,,,, at 7 , H 'F ' it iv 1 , fn ' "is ff-1 1 " X " y i .x :E t . ,,-L, 'ad' ' 'as' .,, Q 9: 1. 1 'vl' ,L P h: ,C L-, 1.0 ,Q L 54 . ly... K 5.450113 .f 'A ' . -, -'. .f if , I.: - - V 55 fl ' ' P f f , ri' 1 ' ' 1-. -5.1 A , X ,ff , ' - , ,, v. . , """""' -- t .y ' ' 'I -- 1 A ru" 1 . ' J 4 - 'X "Ai WD... 0, '- gm-.7 , -S 1 f ' 'h ""'-'- ,,. "'-'-- t 'M' ff 571' 1 . A Q igy., h .I , , fl A I uqgg, U 'gf pq it 4, Im V. Iv,-V N J, Mn A ,X ff . y gf k 5,3 ww -Munn . Q4 sf stay- , trol. ,.r':':n., 'M' .S-. V , M56 ,Aix V, d.z:I,9,, na I , , gg.. KW5.. I mn-fanny V ., , , 1 ,, , V0 Mira gift -jx EAL nmxu AN WEN ' t - 1. 3 Q 1, xt, by ' A, , 1 fir S , , ,W I -V 9",irl X ' VNUQSQ, 1: Ev 11:5 fu 2 ig-LW , , -- ff V ff? ' w 'M' "" "' ' 1- v w s 3 ' i Q v 4, ' ' ' -A ,s M., J 55495, Qskidsf if ri,-Q,-E A- .Lf ff t f h"""M"'--V-M-X -Q ,U ",,5,j K .i, ' f -wi, V ,Sf -Q, ,W , ,N . D . , - si' V H Vit' f" I ,misfxff X., f ' ""' ' 1'-'KW 932 'Mus 0.65, f f-.5 - I 44 Q: I , we ll, i ' ' f uv t- ,' " f,. WA .W-QQ ,fy In ' ' "NWT .e if K' cf . I R ' gsm-,v...,, 5 f if. V v 4' -UZ ' 'i " .,, f: it A X , . as Rx '1 5 'Q vm i-. 4w.',,fw......,.,., 2I5 JUNIUR Wllllllll ll THE IXIAIN r12A'rUR1H3 of the Junior Weekeiicl is the Junior Prom. It easily classifies as one of the big dances of the year. This year the Boyd Raeburns Orchestra played lor the Junior Prom in the gaily dec- orated Hawley Armory. The A.P.O. deserve a great deal of credit for the Armory decorations. There are several high points in the Junior Prom. the first is being introduced to the receiv- ing line. This year's line included Ed Ryba. President of the junior class: Miss Phyllis Townsendg Miss Mildred French. Dean of TVomen: Miss Joyce Moran. President of the .luninr Prom G' 3 xv M1 .W 45 Wc.i111e1i's Student Government: Mr. Arwood Northby. Director ol Student Personnelg and Mrs. Northby. Shown here. with Ed Ryba. are the Queen Candidates, who are: Ellie Sadowsiki, Jan Schrie- fer. Patsy Rollins. Mary Mazurek and Queen, Munsey Schramett. Another highlight of the evening was the announcement of the names of the Druids. Shown here are the Druids and Dr. Northby. The Druids are: Bart Schmidt. Dan Molchan, Bob Garvey. Phil Isaacs, John Nachyly and Fred Whitehouse. 2111 1'41ffff14mwMmQ wg! 2 n u l Q ff Junior Picnic THE JUNIOR XVEEKEND also includes the class picnic and play. This year the picnic was held at Sweetheart Lake. The picnic was dominated by cold swims and cold drinks. The combination spelt relaxa- tion and fun. The photographer has caught the spirit of the group in these informal "shots.,' 'V g ' .f?dN6Vi'i -, Junior Pla, THE JUNIOR CLASS 1'REs1gN'1'1cu the play "Frankie and Johnnie" to end this wonderful weekend. The play was a take-off ou the famous poem, "Frankie and Johnnie". It was a 1nelodra1ua which took place in an old Western Bar. These photographs show the play in its vari- ous forms. N ft . '-39 x 2 wks I , an Www-. I K .W.,s-,-- , , . W 1, 1 is X ..,.W.,... Y l e 4 I 3 E Hill WEEKE D Wezrtbw-1- - is--' 5 X - X . . .i .xv A G Ig, .Q ' , ,ag " ' ' 0... , o My , T1 I 6 1 i Picnic ' ess 1 I V W tiff Z f wt Q' Q we We THESE P1c:'1'UR1is show the senior class picnic moving along to its Climax. At the first the crowd was interested in sun and water. But as the day wore on they beezune more interested in getting to the bottom of things. It is good to the last drop. 220 2 A' , - Uoronation Ball THE FIRST ANNUAL CoRoNA'1'ioN BALL was held Friday, June 9, at the Williiliaiitie Armory and featured Ray MeKinley's Orchestra and the Johnny Guarnieri Quintet for continuous danc- ing from 9 pan. to 2 a.1n. Over 700 couples attended what was termed X iz x x ii ' 0 O me i 53 the inost successful dance ever to be held at the University. The theme ol' the danee was "livery Girl a Queen." During the evening every girl was crowned "Queen ol? Her liseorts Heart." in a briel' eereniony held on a raised dias with a crown Suspended over it. The danee was sponsored by the Senior Class of l950. Nathan Zeidenberg. senior soeial ehairnian, originated the Coronation Ball. 'A sy, HF BVYH' i A Jag S 1 ' . 321 .Wi-1, ,,,,i , ff- f. f, f I im, Ai ,,. .f,, ? yy, A fm 'njfiy 1 ,gfmfm 1? ,, A in f 1? , ' yn pq , AL M IIIAY QE? W w f jfQ2i?,i?::a,f, '- ALUIXINI nm' was celebrated by the old and new alumns. dressed in various costumes varying from barrels L0 orange and while shirts. One class even had a mascot. a goat. They enjoyed a prograin which included: a baseball game: a dinner in North Campus din- ing hall, and an Alumni Dance in the Hawley Armory. QM ' -1 'WY f. ' M . , ,W ,... ,Wi ,,.,,,, -Q L, C MNIE CEMELT The Great Day has finally arrived for the Seniors . . . Gradu- ation Day. The day starts with Connnencenient Exercises-the faculty marches into the Cage, followed by the Seniors, their families and friends. Finally everyone is seated. President Jorgensen introduces Alben Barkley. Vice-President of the United States, who is the main speaker. Needless to say we all lis- tened With great interest. Q X' 3 iff V17 55' M Q., I If V 4 lf f,,, 1,f ' ' ' :Wai nf at gy, ff ' 1:94 I 1 'Aft Q Z Qs jf ,W f 455' V .i 4 f: wp, ,fgf-, fab? fy ' ' Q21 1 , i 'ff' 1. GRAIIUATIU A pause for lunch. Then the show goes on- through the afternoon. into the evening. Wle Jun- iors look on. a catch in our throats. It will be our turn next. YVe think ol ourselves in their places, some of us walking up proudly to receive special honors-the Test of us listening as our names are read and we are given that small white sheet of paper that says we have somehow managed to finish the third big step in our education. Finally it's all over. YVe take one last look around at campus, dorms and study halls. frantically say goodbye to old friends. find our parents and with some relief and many misgivings take our leave of dear old CONNECTICUT. 224 ,:.,,,f. ,... A J Q Q G, ,G .. "'u. t l Q V92 W., 1. swam .WM mwwh-'W' " ' . , .,,,, ,N ....f-V.-W. , x 'gf sf .1 HN w 'WJ--'Q L W5 .....,--X . J? 4 , , 1 I 1 . - 4 , , 4 . . ,, 1 ,guw , ,.,,,,,,,,n,v I v ,. r ivwwrww' ,W 4 f f 1 , my 5 .i ,. 4, 1 ga y , My f :ww ewmf' V ff' f " fl ' ,za 'gif 1 H A 52 ' ' ' , LTWN XN '-:f--'fan 'V 1' 'Q 755.1 n-, an " '1.,,,' 'f M f N3 -. , 1 i -N . X A sb , , N!-W V 2' 3 if if re , I 5. N. Ns 8,554+ we My - -Q4 Q is-A ,Q Vrfxw X Y SQ t J A it-1 , K M , I :IMMUV i Y X, 1. . iw'fp,f-Q 'ra-M ',w1'ff.f V Q5 .,,, .. .. ,A.,A ,1, 2 ' Q . J'11i'Q w W AJ ,wzv""LsBA 'di 2,1 ggi? QQ? wgwiyflgg' 1 we M if aww!! Vxll 1? A , . ' :', I V .. A 1 , -fx g 3 X Q , . - ' . V 1 ' 1 . 1'44,. 4 I- f 5 'rx ' -'Ai- f ' "-'f- M I p .. if 2' , . A wi W' Signs: wx 'N mg ' -fi 5 ,K 5 'PW :"' - 1 E353 'f Q i ff - 122: . 'vo , ffm ?,4,x ff"' f-mf ,,,, ..., . ,-,1 af Q ,,., W5 t QQ .N f, . , , -. 1 J: ,, I ,z s , , Q I A LM wwf ,Qi , , .E A if ,V E, ' I V .Fx ' kg if , " . ' ' E! ' 1" . , ,fi 2 ff" if, . ., 15 ,. ' ' , . X,,,,. C . , , 1 pf W mf ff.. if fav 4 Z 'ffl' I VVVV ' 'Q X ff-" lf Q , Q , .Q ,. , gyfgs- ,. , '- 'sz fi - f ,, i , . 1, hw -,., ' f , wi ' 2 ,:,,,,f 1-gf W NE ., Wx W 43 , H, Q' 1, Ks 2? Q: f ", ',. 'iwlapzivfxw 35 rpg' if Q45 A if 'QT 91255 '-sf '5f"9 'S V11 gQS5fs3?,2,u, as ,gg fa ,fi 225325. 9Q 'ii-me f 'T iiiff F54 SN, gg iw 'K ffl , ,S . Fafggq Y. 2 Eg? PM: 9 , "fag WS gg jx WMQW ,xx yifififf ggi! Q33 is it A sr , , Y 'Sz Q if 3,3 is Mg it V 52,5 Y 4 if 4, Q s X, ,Q xg, M. X4 'bfi .gi MN? ,W Compliments of NUTMEG FOUNTAIN ,--- - fe 19 N V E ligiwllsagowllcess A cones E EW Ill. MII l Ill f -----.. FOUNTAIN SERVICE SNACKS HARTLEY FITTS, Prop. Phone Storrs, Conn. Compliments of WARREN 81 FITTS, Inc. ROYAL SCARLET STORES Mirror Lake Four Corners SANDWICH BAR Four Corners QUALITY . . . ECONOMY SELF-SERVICE Phone 9343 Storrs, Conn. Compliments of HARRISON'S CAMPUS SHOP, Inc. Specializing in: Student Supplies Social Stationery Personalized Imprints Leather Goods Gifts Magazines and Featuring "AMERICA'S FINEST GREETING CARDS" Mastrangelo Building Rt. 195 Tel. 9153 Storrs Stores also at: Manchester W. Hartford Bristol Compliments of FRED'S RESTAURANT PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS and it's all done with LIGHT S! 'lr There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appearance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting effects can he best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows hest how to secure the sharply etched photograph your engraver desires of the important senior year. . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occa- sions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The dehates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to hy the fact that over 300 schools and colleges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vautine. ir WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIQ 132 Boylston Street BUSTON., MASS. 227 Compliments of Warrell Elges' BLUE Sz WHITE W'hen You Eat, Eat Here THE UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE R. C. Zimmer, Manager BOOK STORE - SNACK BAR STUDENT SUPPLIES - SODA BAR Opposite South Campus i 'lf' iq .f., uf: N. 11 1-,f 1 A 5 . 1 ' ,xx wi 4 ' .,,.' wir M 'X-f 3, f .R , C 1 .1 ,A jg-,' -. x T,-4. f u, " 1 - i 5131- I ' "lf, " ,-,: -. ,N 'Vs nu' -Q ' 'w' I - Q', x ' ,F n uj'::'...', f' .L ' ' - ..-1 3-" 1' .. .- ifz- 5,3 , "V 4' ' V 'fl' , i iw .- ' .zginlg , - . ff' ' ' 1 ., ' A A . P? ' - .- if V. L91 ., -11 1. ' . n gg . ' ,fvffg ' 135 :f' ' . ' 9' LTV"-' iv .- ,f,',1. X . , HE.- 1'-:. X51 , . Q" cfl .. ,. , I- ,iz 9. .. L :arf FL' I 301.2 Y . .2 ,5 'Q , ,, . ,ig . V , hula 1 1. 3' 0 F"l, . ,. S2 ulvgi . 4 .W ., . .N fs."-' 1 a' ...- df -.' ,. . . ' I 1 7 ., V. , ' , . . V tw. 'vL- ' . Y V 'z , . . "sf 1 ' KY V my-,V .,'-"'.'. 3, . . ,V x Q, . YZ, Q gg: ..1 Y VK 4 '12, ,' '.,: - 1 . 1 ,, 3 H'- ' r Q." x ' ' ' ' jfs- . . , J .X f .- - .. K, A ,Wu . v-pane. . ,Q X f .U , ' "1'.fj,f':,1f?", . , , , .. H V , ug f A 'f' f, .1 ...Q . . 1' .A , 'xx ,. H' 4 . ' V V- fi . f.'f"1.- 'H U, 1 -gl' ' fide N- 1 I ' km. --L14 j-' Y . j' 52. . fa-' ' '1 --1. . ., 171. L 5. ' "'Vw"W fr' - V ...L . ,X ' ., 'A f. ' 4 1. . 2, .,,,, I U . - 5, nl. ,Hn J. ' - 0 L- .. ' ..., . , N J , f., Lab! sl --"ffm I-.' Jr I dbg? 2 y ry: ':.,g,1' .- Htl iii' . .- - -' -- ,.g'5yl.'.:5,. 3,4 ' ' ' -.wx ,. ,,Vx. 0 7 4-AU, 'YW' .4 x w .1-:gt W. .-,.?' .-11 H , , : L 1 .V .' P Q '21, - X- . J- - 1 4 .gl .1- 4 rf.. ., A ,. . .l-:I ff: li, V :X ,Q " ' 'ji' ', N A. X . x E7 f sf - , pr , , l f, 'a' 3 '.: -. A -3 ,Q '11 4-.fy :-, -,, ., M... , K ., 5 N .L , , f ' if ,v . - 1 A ',' .,-Y - ' A ' 14' ' 'X v: 1 H A ' A' j, ,,:'.- , Y. -, C. . . VY, 15' 3 L, . -,s 511 ,S . , . -i , , ,X-l.. , J f ., . . f -' ' ' " .JA , Vw' : rn . X .W 4. ,, gg' it . ,Q ,I .lt A ., t J - , 1 -V 1' 1 x . 4 . wg, -,315 , . .- ' . .,'. .J :K V - V 1 .,, vm ,... ' f,. .. u., , 1 , . . -. f. ,. , -,v ,, .. A 1 , , my 4. .-. - 1' f.. r , .,.-M," v , "H ..,: 1 aj . '. . 'W ,H " '-" E . 31 fy ' ' . ' ""f.':.i 1 1,-I ,. Sy-Q . .1 'f V '5' . 2' .. Q- 'ze .V 'Ti 1. 5.12.3 f-, 'L Cf .- .6215 1 .l'.'.' .QQ E-4.-,-1 , ' Tim A.: I 92, ' 'ff "lf ' . "fi jguy ix f ' 1 ' F 41 " 11-dm '-'ff . W! 1 fl-A 'J x... , I-. . 5395. 'F .. ...- H 1 . .U J.. . ., X..:'. ,Ng . x 3.L,. 'gg .' mfs: - Q"'.:A' I -33 A x v-: -' V4 'V .cl .D EA ' .-.56 5 "1 Q ' .uvk 1. "fd , 4 '. A " -,i .awe 'A I ..w. I. ,. 5.9 . ,A- x , .1 ff 4. ' P" Lam '11 1- .kk fx' if I Q., . -11 Vit .gqvfv

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