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LU 5' .lv rsh V064-A ' K 1 X 5 ii S i fa -,Hank fig' 1, A 3 ' af Ns Em , fs-Y f " M : ye -mx' mf fwfeaf. 11 .n 1-with' ' iwgfr' , 4 Q , .iw ' Q ,uf A A fv- ,W f"' J, is , f"2kA,eyh J-c',,lr "",, f V My K in A M33 Www Mgbgf 9 Qi u7 , in .Q 'Q' Y I M Bids' W ' ,ie 4 Q in ff, k uma, lv gr W Q5 ,vu ,,,,, , , , , ii, Vg kky, kv 1? Qi . ag-I Q A Lil W V , , A ,X JU 1 ...,. . ,,,rj M It f i iv A -3 1 K 40. ft 5 I , . W 5 In A' 1" Q a , , fEE?ynAV, I 4, 'F l ' .K gk, . , ,V ?, ,K ' f k koafw ' V ' V " 1. M 'ZZKA , it 4, .W We , MWWWLMWMK7 A-,Ri V K mWMmM wQwQw lk if, j fxm fgj M 4 3 4 af -gp g . x EY 'Q ,. . l x QQ,wQyf wMQ A wifi 5 - " if if? Q I.. ,, Mr 'f f-gs 1: . --1' f.,, Q. vw V div' gww if MSU? fQf: VM? -4 L A Q ,. ,M . ,QQ 21.3 F 7' wa' .. W, - ' 'fyf w ml aWM ' vw .ll ' Q V W " inf' ww 2 g 11, A MQRSZM BUSINESS MANAGER io 'Qc' M1 f 'f Q ' ' 75-13?f33'335:Tf? E?flll.-fiiiliiiiiiif ' '-if 'hjj i' T7' 'H' f " ' ', I 7 nf'-i"':5,5955Si E ' , w 4 , K , ,X , Es X! STORRS . . . CONNECTICU l C C Wwdhiafdk UNIVEBSPTY OF CONNECTICUT org 6 0 1881 'T' 7,117 IN HONOR OF Sumner Alvord Dole we dedicate this volume. Since nineteen hundred and twenty-three when he came to Storrs Agriculture College as head coach of foot- ball, basketball and baseball until nineteen hundred and forty-eight when he retired from his position as Assistant Director of Student Personnel Dean Dole presented an outstanding example of manhood and good citizenship to all of us. Because of his sincere interest in students as people we have always considered him a true friend. There was never a problem too insignificant to receive his helpful attention and untiring efforts in our behalf. His contributions to the University were many and varied, but in achievement of better Student-Admim istration cooperation by securing everyone's point of view and understanding he won our deepest admiration and respect. With high esteem and warmest affec- tion we shall always remember him. Photo by Waugh Football Coach 1929 Smfmm Nlacmf Bale E ry fe-V 1-,mf J I, H ,frfpp?fv.n,,p. IUNIORS Page 16 4 FRATERNITIES and SORORITIES Page 170 COLLEGE OF ACTIVITIES PHARMACY Page 138 ...QQM-4' - .,..Y,,. ,. Q. .wf..t,, ..1.-wLf5.a-,.,,.1.1.:a.E..,.,,4....1.s.Q,4i.Q .,, V. -. , -Y -.W-P,-V-A-Y.-,-v. -.- - ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Page 253 SPORTS Page 194 QUEENS Page 220 ADVERTISING ' 'Page 24 3 171 X J . If, In ' .N X.,l1..,.qX S N l X Xa N 9 I Y' -"J "fiuinluuii ' ' I uns-ann'--" ' I 9 Bewh Jia!! . M -gm M.-...,,... .. .m,,..--A-1,,..,.,. ...Wm .1 .,.. ff4x.Q..,4.:..Lg...1f,.f ., 4....f..M. .......G..,,....M Lgimu-,.gm-mn1M2vmw1f--wwml-M..,. ,.W-wXv.,.Q. QM..-mm,--2QNmmmml,k.5,-4W.L4A -.- ' -, M .. 1, ,gg ,LA-,A :..41,.mL Jude fda 31 Qifi-fat: - A 4' bv, awww - if ' -C' in gs , 1 T' ,q.w7.,-47N- vuv,-J F , - 1 1 V -.' -Tw .H vw . 4--- -r f f-fmy 1. -f -w-w-,v..-IWW 'W -lvwgywyw-AH V M W-W.-'-F 1. , E . ,.,,,,: , ,. Tiff, 2 5 Eff Q f X rf 'Q Q1 iJ 'ef f 1 Q A A 5 Y va . X .K ig 1 it V A. X , ff'--4 gl X , M, ' XM AVZ' 4 . f X A ' gg 0 itll!! fill!! was .1 if .xxx Mm Emu .fibuzfuf m,m,mmwff'u-1,.w-- ,Q ,W fr mmW.,1ff5K-n-nm-wmv!-vgvu--ffffmfQ.-,Vf-Afp- f-www 1-W :M-f-ff 1+ fx' wk ,A ssl-A sw ' xy! Sa , 44 'mf X, c P 5 KSQQNQX 1 wr mul : if-fig 2 f W wiffligx Qs! wh figs' Beach Ja!! Sancfical 14 0 4 CLASS OFFICERS President ..A.AA..,...........,.,...,......,.,..,. John Brown Vice President ,.,.....,. ...,... A ndy Allis Secretary ....,.,...,...... ........... I ris Adams Treasurer .....,... .......,. J ohn Nachyly Historian ...4...4,.,,.,,.,....,. ,....,...., V irginia Rittman Executive Committee Iamer Blawie, Jeanne Hocbberg, Edward Harrigan, Harry Muftakof, Lando Wu Faculty Adviser Senor Rutti s A ,MS XT 'Wir ...HD , ., l CARMINE J. ABATE "Cower" New Britain Government SIGMA NU Let's face it gang . . . it's real . . . Iim hedging . . . you know it . . . Orchid Room shuffler . . . can't get me in shape. "C", International Relationf, New- man, ROTC Ojicerr, French, Foot- hall, Bafehall. IRIS H. ABRAMS HI!! Bridgeport Zoology Madame President . . . wheely roll- ing . . . gotta meeting . . . bring me a goodie . . . whimsical smile . . . scintillating smile . . . twin at Trum- bull. Hillel, ISO, Interfaith, jan. Secy., Playerr, Senate, WSGA, Zionirtr, Barhethall, Softhall, Swimming. LEE ABRAMS Bridgeport Chemistry Can't do it without a slide rule . . . how goes it, kid? . . . gotta push up those QP's. Amer. Chem., Hillel, Zionirtr. AARON B. ABRAMSON ffArt,'f Bridgeport Marketing JOSEPH T. ABUGEL ffjoell jewett City English Hopeless look . . . hels hungry and I'm joe . . . no time . . . alarm clocks and books . . . whols cramming? "CampnJ", "Title", UWF. LOUIS A. ACETO "Lottie" New Haven Math NORA D. ADAMS Alberta, Va. Insurance Rebel in Yankee territory . . . AVC, Inrnrance. ROBERT T. ADAMS "Bah" Bristol Government KAPPA SIGMA Hi, Gunner! . . . Butch and Rickey . . . R. T., that's me . . . it has to be perfect . . . a born lawyer. Newman, Foothall. VIRGINIA A. ADAMS frGinnyU Waterbury Marketing Pint-sized blonde . . . I don't get it, kids . . . WBRY miss . . . oh. those Frenchmen. Glee Clnh, Newman, WHUS. LOUIS ADDAZIO rfDdZlt Waterbury History Matrimony, uteels . . . trailer camp, marginal . . . Roman History equals Latin? . . . English, Thoreau! . . . Economics ? ? ? . . . still smiling and campaigning. Wh-Conncil, lWh-Dramatics, Educa- tion, International Relations, Socio- Economist. MERWIN A. ADELBERG ffMerkyJJ Hartford Bacteriology What ya' say, character . . . let's eat . . . always ranked, broad grin, head hung low . . . gotta call Barbara. Glee Clnh, Hillel, ISO, Rifle. LEO ADELMAN "Back" Bridgeport Accounting Shoot the half, I have slam in my hand . . . the grey streak . . .turn on the radio. Young Democratr. CHARLES S. AICHLER Meriden Chemistry Likeable, reserved, studious . . . gee only 25? unknown, something's wrong . . . ten thousand starting stop waiting acceptance stop-Du- pont. Amer. Chem., Tr-French, Tr-Phil- omphy. ELMO O. AIROLA HAZ!! Danielson Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineerf. ANGELO A. ALFIER "Angie" Willimantic Insurance lnxurance, ROTC Ojicerf. JOSEPH ALIBRIO Ffjoell Hartford Industrial Management Newman, SAM. ROBERT H. ALLEN ffB0bJ! Hartford Chemistry A calculating catalyst . . . that lean and hungry look . . . curve raising capers . . . tetramethylthionine chloride . . . where are my glasses? Amer. Chem. CHARLES T. ALLING New Haven Arts and Sciences EDWIN S. ALLING West Haven Engineering ANDREW E. ALLIS T rrlqndyn A Meriden Marketing Campus politics are appalling . . . we'll hawk them in the halls . . your turn to buy the donuts. ISO, jun. V. Pres. BERTHA E. ALLIS Q p "Bertie" Meriden Sociology DELTA ZETA Faraway places . . . loves a good argument . . . party thrower . . . crazy about new cars . . . warm heart . . . model's figure. MARIE C. ALMADA MAF, Rockville Government ALPHA Xl DELTA When you'se goin? . . . morning paper . . . a warming smile for everyone . . . long, black hair . . . dark eyes . . . I'll help you! 4-H, Newman, Spanifb. SAUL W. ALPERT "Coach" New Haven Accounting Where we gonna eat? . . . no cigars for the help . . . my father's store. Hillel. SAMUEL ALTSCHULER, JR. ffSamJI Norwich Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineerf, Crofs Country. PETER ANASTASION "Pete" New Haven Accounting Better days are coming . . . the sack and I . . . let's go listen to a few records. Economicr, Forum, International Relationx, UWF. AUDREY M. ANDERSON "And" Meriden Zoology ALPHA DELTA P1 Fiend about Khachaturian . . . ADPi's kitten . . . you know who I'm mad about? . . . smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette . . . sophisti- cation. Archery, "CampuJ". BURTON IH. ANDERSON PfBudJ! Hartford Mechanical Engineering THETA CHI Anything for a friend . . . motors and airplanes . . . poor old Nash . . . there's a gal in his future. ASME, Rifle, Newman. HAROLD R. ANDERSON IIHdl!l Hartford Marketing Good music . . . soft lights . . . charming people . . . Smokey Joes . . . dreams do come true . . . Where or When. Glee Club, Playerx, Radio Group, UCA. PAUL N. ANDERSON Hartford English RICHARD F. ANDERSON South Killingly Industrial Management Fife and Drum. JOHN ANDRZEJCZYK HAndyU Canterbury Bacteriology DANIEL G. APOSTALON "Danny Applereedu New Britain Marketing In the sack . . . odd pipes and kicknacks . . . madman at the wheel . . . the fiery Greek . . . fourth for bridge. ISO, Newman, SAM. JOSEPHINE M. A. ARESCO ffjoeylf Middletown English ALPHA DELTA PI Tiny and talkative . . . sleeping beauty . . . a Pirate . . . in royal court of Sigma Chi . . . sure . . . men-y happy evenings. "Campu5", Italian, Newman, Arch- ery. HAROLD J. ARKAVA ffHdrTy!J New London Marketing PHI SIGMA DELTA Times, Tribune, News, Mirror, Star . . . whata ya mean you can't pay me? . . . s'he1p me, I can't afford it. Hillel. HERBERT T. ARMITAGE "Herb" Bristol Accounting Fife and Drum, Bowling, LLUB- MURT TROF. GEORGE B. ARMSTEAD, JR. Wethersneld Mechanical Engineering ASME, Engineeiar. GEORGE H. ARNOLD "Pndge" Groton Industrial Management Gotta get a new car . . . save your change . . . studies are incidental . . . keep away from Saturday classes. Inrzirance, SAM, ROTC Ojzlcerf, Rifle. NICHOLAS E. ARPAIA, JR. wick!! Northford Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Let's have a party on our terrace . . . Brooks Brothers dresser . . . sincerity personihed . . . God's gift to the Thetas. MARINE G. ATSALES Danielson GEORGE S. AXELBY Thomaston Electrical Engineering ASME, ASEE. GILBERT O. BACKMAN Darien Business Administration RAYMOND F. BAHR, jR. HRKWH Hamden Mechanical Engineering ALPHA GAMMA RHO You don't know, do you . . . right out of Esquire . . . scotch and water, please! . . . where'd the money go. VIRGINIA G. BAILEY "Gindy" Stratford Accounting DELTA ZETA Acorns at the window . . . dancing feet . . . who me? . . . early morn- ing blues . . . Cheshire cat grin. "Campur", Newman, Ski Club, SAM, WHUS, Softball, Swimming. MERRITT N. BALDWIN ffmuef Wethersfield Insurance SLGMA NU Hi, Rube . . . but the Ford's too small . . . getting suspenders next week . . . Merritt gives it a good one. "C", Soccer, Bareball. EDMUND J. BALINT rrEd,',' Wfest Haven Industrial Administration Newman, SAM. JOHN BALINT, JR. rrjobnnyu West Haven Marketing That ten minute rush! . . . home- work and activities . . . home sweet home! Ec on 0 mlci Forum, Tr- Newman, Tr-Pbiloropby, Spanitb. GEORGE A. BANKER Riverside BARBARA L. BANNER "Bobbie" New Britain Zoology P1 BETA PHI Pert and poised . . . Little Miss Positive . . . Bushnell safaries . . . sardines-ummm! . . . Pi Phi Mor- genthau . . . fashion femme . . . zippy zoologist. Arcbery, Canterbury, junior Coun- Jelor, UCA. ESTHER M. BARBATI Bristol Sociology A cheerful smile . . . always willing to do a favor . . .industrious and capable. Badminton, Education, Home Eco- nomicr, Italian, Sociology, Speed- ball. GEORGE W. BARDAGLIO Torrington Business Administration GLORIA A. BARONE "Glor" New Haven Spanish Luscious linguist . . . who's going for cokes? . . . little girl, big heart . . . I don't want to rush you, but. Italian, Newman, WHUS, Spanlrb. CARLOS BARRY IfBrud7l Portland Finance SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hey Oz, get the dishes . . . what, morning already. PATRICK J. BARRY Hpatv Norwich Engineering ELIZABETH A. BASEL ffBetty,U New Haven Mathematics KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Queenie . . . did you set the alarm for seven? . . . 7 no-trump . . . sweetie-pie . . . slow boat to China . . . what is it? "Nutmeg", Arcbery. NATHAN J. BASSOK "jake" Hartford Marketing TAU EPSILON P1-xl What a doll! . . . girl's best friend . . . wonderful dancer, dresser . . . woman is only a -woman . . . that reminds me. Hillel. RUTH E. BATCHELDER "Batch" Waterville Psychology That raised eyebrow . . . jalopy named jenny . . . a smile and a song . . . born lazy . . . just up from Extension. EARL G. BATERSON Wfethersfxeld Engineering EDMOND R. BATURA "Ozzie" Danbury Insurance What! . . . no beer. Insurance. RICHARD A. BAUERFELD "Dick" Stamford Forestry PHI SIGMA KAPPA Be practical . . . guitar and moon- light . . . pick a card . . . that baby- blue car . . . what ties! . . .I'm up . . . term papers. "Tide", N ewman, Foreftry. EDITH R. BAZLER "Rutke" West Hartford Psychology That smile . . . let's go to New York . . . spirit, charm, and intelli- gence . . . teeming with plans . . . an excellent cook. Pfyclaology, Radio Group, Ski Club, Studentr for Wallace, H f-Drama ticr, Hf-Tower. NATHAN L. BEARDSLEY reNdte11 Groton, Mass. Physical Education Love that Franco-American . . . the heck I'm get'n chubby . . . doggon out-of-state fee . . . what ah queen! P. E. Majorf, Ski Club, Spanixk, J. V. Bareball, I. V. Football. WILLIAM P. BECHLE "Big Bill" North Granby Pomology THETA XI Howdy, boy . . . who wants to go to Willi? . . . are there any farm- ers in the crowd? Agriculture, Block and Bridle, Dairy, Crorf Country. ANNE L. BEECHLER "Beeckie" Manchester English KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Sincere . . . sweet . . . when I lived in Florida . . . oh! really! . . . passed my swimming test! . . . how can I breathe? Archery, 'C", Education, UCA. HARRY S. BELENARDO "Bella" New Haven Zoology Can you top this! . . . I mean to say . . . pinochle partner's headache . . . mattress-back . . . thumbs down . . . let's go! Newman, Spanirk Club, Economics Forum, Sailing, LLUBMURT TR OF. GORDON F. BELL "Goalie" Manchester Music SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON HARRY W. BELL "Enrique" East Haven Bacteriology ALPHA PHI OMEGA Let's swim . . . what's the box for? . . . yea!! parasite . . . how about some quiet around here? . . . Espanol and Guatemala Spanifk, UCA, Swimming. MICHAEL BENEDETTO "Tip-Top" Bridgeport History ALPHA SIGMA PHI Hi . . . I'm going to get a tune-up . . . where's my Chevie . . . an academic life is a hard one. Tr-German, Tr-Newman, Tr-PlJil- otpoky, Tr-Sociology. JOHN J. BENSON ffjacjolf' New Haven Marketing SEYMOUR BENSON "Bull" Hartford Accounting PHI EPSILON PI Where's my rate book! . . . Gabriel, himself . . . does Milty carry a gun? . . . cute, pudgy, and lovable . . . the baby shooter. Band, Hillel, Inrurance, Orchestra, Zioniftr. WALTER R. BERGAMINI "Bergy" Hamden Marketing ALPHA SIGMA PHI The Chief . . . ole level head . . . I'm serious! . . . gotta study! . . . moods, music, and gestures . . . de- ceptive satire . . . philosophical thinker. DONALD P. BERGER "Don" Rockville Marketing SIGMA NU What do you think? when are you leaving for campus? . . . don't worry, I'll be up in time . . . when's "Tschummi's Taxi' 'leaving? Newman, Soccer. EDWARD H. BERGERON HBig Ed!! Hamden Chemistry Shower-room Caruso . . . who's got the can-opener? . . . Ernie you!! . . . the whispering Frenchman . . . the old songs. Archery, Fife and Dram, Newman. ROBERT G. BERGERON HBibN Bristol Insurance KAPPA SIGMA A Kappa Sig social chairman . . . cellar decorator par excellence! Inrarance, Intramural, Newman, Football. FREDERICK W. BERGGREN uFredJ,' Ansonia Dairy Production Serious and conscientious . . . until you know him . . . women hater . . . rides the curves . . . always stubbing his toe. Block and Bridle, Dairy, UCA, Barehall. CARL F. BERGSTROM lfjoelf Hartford Accounting SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON joe Beaver . . . Drifters A. C. . . . Rocky Hill bound . . . what did you do in class today? Grange. GEORGE BERMAN Hartford Electrical Engineering Using page two and my imagina- tion as a guide. Engineers, Hillel. SEYMOUR M. BERNSTEIN lfsyll New London Zoology PHI SIGMA DELTA What else is new? . . . you'll get over that! . . . stay loose . . . sing to me, Sy . . . in love with q.p.'s Hillel, Zoology. WILLIAM T. BERRY "Bill" Hartford Insurance LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Newman, Rifle. HENRY BERSING, JR. "Hank" Kensington Electrical Engineering The problem is difficult, not im- possible . . . let's analyze it. AIEE, Cherr, Math. THOMAS BETT "The C. O." Newington Mechanical Engineering Ah! have another one . . . candid camera shots a specialty . . . have faith and pursue the unknown end. ASME. W. WALTER BETZ H Wal!!! Wethersfield Zoology Turn on that Beethoven, I gotta study . . . boy, you oughta taste my mother's sauerkraut . . . where're my glasses? Biology, UCA, Zoology. PHYLLIS A. BICKNELL Hphylll Meriden Chemistry Enthusiasm plus . . . mixes a chem- istry major with good marks and countless UCA projects . . . never a dull moment. Amer. Chem., UCA, Barhetball. PHILIP J. BLACK "Phil" Kensington Civil Engineering ASCE, Engineerr, Newman. JOHN J. BLAKE "jack" West Haven Marketing SIGMA NU "C", Newman, Football. LESTER E. BLANK "Mr, Sbmoo" Bridgeport English TAU EPSILON PHI Finger in every pie . . . elfervescent . . . noted wit . . . founded The Haunt Club . . . Bull Sch-wartz . . . The Shmoo . . . so I'm walking. Hillel, Playerf, U WF. JAMES L. BLAWIE Bridgeport Government Trenchant pen . . . strong ideas . . . loves Byron, Keats . . . back to the Classics! . . . B8cB . . . Mozart and Dixieland. Band, "Campnr", ISO, jan. Ex. Comm., Newman. GEORGE K. BLEUHER, JR. "Bull" Winsted Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Many muscles . . . Heart of gold . . . Kappa Sigma's Ding Dong Daddy . . . never too old. "C", Newman, Football. JAMES E. BLOZIE "Jima Rockville Arts and Sciences SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Barbelball, Soccer. JOHN E. BOBBIN rflebv Waterbury Electrical Engineer THETA CI-II Lover . . . blood money . . . strong like bull . . . thermodynamics? . . . heck no, I got a date. AIEE, "Begnaligbt'l, Wb-Council, Wb-Dramalics, Engineerr, Glee Clnb, Newman. PAUL A. BOBBIN ffpaazff Waterbury Engineering T HETA CHI That inteligent look . . . gotta do my report . . . wake me at three o'clock . . . catch wise . . . take off. Wb-Convzcil, Glee Clnb, Newman. JOSEPH V. BOCCAMAIELLO New Haven Arts and Science ELIZABETH A. BOCK "Elr!bezb" Southington Home Economics KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Oh Els'beth! . . . sweet and lovel 1 Y . . . Doctor Joe . . . such a good one . . . letters from Philli . . . who could tell . . . violets. UCA, Education. WALLACE L. BOLCZAK "RiJkey" New London Accounting Bob Mitchum haircut . . . the Green Blur . . . take two ,cause they're small . . . see you at the Inn. DONALD D. BORDEN Westport Business Administration PHILOMINE T. BORDONARO ffpbillf' New Britain Spanish ALPHA DELTA PI Passion for music and dancing . . . expressive eyes . . . mucho red . . . stupendous adjectives . . . cutie! . . . anyone going to the Grille? Education, Newman, Spanirb, Inn- ior Connrelor. EDWARD F. BORKOWSKI HEdU Terryville Bacteriology Newman. LOUIS J. BOSCO "Sonny" Hamden . Psychology SIGMA NU Trumbull was his meat . . . Wisconsin a rare treat . . . at UConn he can't be beat . . . graduation . . . some feat! . . . Italian, Prycbology, Newman. BARBARA J. BOSSI "Bobbie" Bristol Arts and Textiles KAPPA ALPHA THETA How swell . . . evenin' . . . howdy, gal . . . boozer . . . bangs, brains, and Theta Chi!! Education, Newman, Spanirb, WHUS. ARMAND E. BOUCHER "Frenchie" Seymour Civil Engineering Play some Ravel . . . lipstick traces . . . frenchy . . . I don't snore . . . my sagging sacro . . . campus women, so reserved? . . . ugh. ASCE, Engineerr, UCA. DONALD W. BOULTER Hamden Engineering ALBERT C. BOURGET ffRedU East Haven Insurance THETA CHI Have you heard the one about? . . . what happened . . . the whistler . . . Hora-staccato . . . can't wait until Wed.! Inmrance, N ewman, SAM, "Laarel". ERNESTINE M. BOURQUE "Ernie" Thompsonville Music ALPHA DELTA PI Kardinal Kappa . . . ADPi's Jea- nette MacDonald . . . music build- ing . . . he's cuticle . . . staunch Kappa Sig girl . . . hey, Aud, c'mon home! Arehery, Carollery, Glee Cliib. JAMES D. BOWEN "limbo" Newtown Electrical Engineering KAPPA SIGMA Keeper blue beetle . . . slip stick jockey . . . Fisher's problem child . . . member of Weird, Inc. . . . no longer naive. "C", IRE, Croix Country, Track. WILLIAM D. BOWER "Spider" Hamden Industrial Management ALPHA GAMMA RHo Only sissies go out with girls . . . beware of the spider . . . manana. Mediator, Sopla. Treat. OSCAR BOYAJIAN Hartford HOMER A. BOYNTON, JR. West Hartford Economics SIGMA CHI Weekends on Wednesdays . . . club 121 . . . boy-type economist . . . dapper dan . . . hope the car starts. ROBERT T. BRADLEY HPOPU Derby Floriculture It's time to eat . . . let's go home now. DOROTHY E. BRADSHAW rfD0tU New London Secretarial Studies Transfer from New London Jun- ior College , . . live day a week student . . . sleeps 'til crack of noon. Newman. LAWRENCE W. BRAY fflddrryf! New Haven Accounting When do we eat? . . . New Haven express . . . coffee time . . . wiggles . . . wherels your paper, Fred? RUTLAGE J. BRAZEE Madison Arts and Sciences JOHN P. BREEN NIP!! Waterbury History Always an angle . . . John Dewey says . . . with wit, smile, wife, and car . . . thus equipped, should go far. Begnaligbt, Newman, Socio-Eco- nomicr, Wk-WriterJ'. JOSEPH M. BREEN ffloell Waterbury History Grey at temple . . . music on mind . . . book under arm . . . but Jojo's no grind. Wo-Glee Club, N ewman, S ocio- Economicr, Wo- Writers, Young Demo crats. V - .gif ISABEL BRENNAN NIJ!! Burlington History-Education DELTA ZETA Pocket-sized . . . spunk and spice . . . overdose of vitamins . . . my hair is not red! . . . quick on the comeback. Education, French, Glee Clah, UCA, WHUS, WSGA, Ianror Connrelor. JULES W. BRESLOW New Canaan Accounting PHI EPSILON PI Never let studying interfere with your education! . . . let's go play ball! . . . cherchez la fernrne . . . chow call. Band, Hillel, UWF. MARY M. BRESNOCK rrMdy1f Wallingford Nursing DELTA ZETA Where Mar is, there are laughs . . . I want to go to Heaven . . . live years! French, Newrnan, While Capr, WHUS. MICHAEL J. BRICK Waterbury Arts and Science CHARLES L. BRISSON "Chuck" Hartford Economics French, lnternalional Relationr, Newman. THEODORE L. BRISTOL, III PfT0ny1! North Haven Government LAMBDA CHI ALPHA What's wrong? . . . we're off . . . height of epitome . . . errare ham- anarn er! . . . what's she like? . . . sense of humor. Tr-French, LLUBMURT TROF, Playerr, "Tide", U WF. WALTER J. BROCK Guilford Business Administration ROBERT H. BROOK HB0b,'l Montville Electrical Engineering Now as I was saying . . . I'll see you around . . . gotta go to class. AIEE, Engrneerf, ISO. VICTOR W. BRONKE "Vic" Manchester Mechanical Engineering SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Smiling boy . . . blue convertible . . . more friends than money . . . war stories . . . girls-just Barbara. ASME. RONALD T. BRONSON "Ronnie" Winchester Center Dairy Production LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Come on, john, let's play cards. Shi Clah, UCA. Q DONALD G. BROWN HDOWIJ Thompsonville Bacteriology KAPPA SIGMA Let's Kappa Sigit! . . . "Bones Brown", the tenor of Koons . . . the bar Waitress' dream? . organic Chem whiz. FREDERICK A. BROWN, JR. "Fred" Waterbury Forestry SIGMA CHI Not me . . . let's go to Willi . . . the Woodchuck . . . what a dog! F orertry. JOHN J. BROWN "Brownie" Kent Psychology If anyone knows, Brown knows! . . . shoe repairing, men? . . . well, I started for home, and I met a gal. Econornicr Forarn, Ian. Pres., New- man ,Tr-Newman, Senate. JOHN A. BROWNELL, JR. New London Education LOUISE BRUNBERG HLOZLYJ Westport Child Development PI BETA PHI Square dance major . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . cook par excellenoe . . . transfer from Danbury State Teacher's College. Blue anal White, Home Economics, UCA. RAYMOND W. BRUNELL, JR. ARMA New Haven Bacteriology SIGMA CHI Virtue is a world of vice . . . but look . . . Viva la Frenchman! . . . tried and true. Biology, Debating, Newman, Out- ing, Players. WALTER J. BRUNNER " Walt" Darien Marketing What are you booboo? . . . pinochle . . . packards . . . procrastination . . . let's mange . . . slow it down, every- thing is moving too fast! ISO, Newman. JOHN V. BUCKI Bridgeport Business HARRY M. BUCOVETSKY NHL' Norwich Government City manager government will work . . . big business isn't always bad . . . can't go, gotta study! Hillel. DOROTHY I. BURKE "Dottie" Wethersfield Arts and Textiles DELTA ZETA Those terrific clothes . . . d'ya like it, I made it . . . long lashes and beautiful eyes . . . honestly, kids! Aviation, "Campus", Home Eco- nomics, Newman. JOSEPH F. BURKE Milford Business DWIGHT A. BURNHAM HD. A." Bloomfield Industrial Administration SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bloomfield went Republican . . . let's take my car . . . shirt and tie are a must . . . high standard of living. SAM, Spanish, UCA. CHARLES P. BURNS "ClJarlie'f New Haven Accounting KAPPA SIGMA Friendly person . . . cosmopolitan . . . what say, New York, Boston, Albany for a party? . . . Sara Vaughan knocks me out. Bowling, Glee Club, Newman. JESSE B. BURTON Waterbury Accounting LOUIS BURZYCKI ffL0u!! Norwich Electrical Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Never happen . . . thank God it's Friday . . . what's the pitch? . . . early to bed . . . but not always. ANNETTE M. BUSH Derby Business Education Weird vocabulary . . . loves French laeaucoup . . . I'm gay! . . . tooting about . . . just for chuckles . . . inquiring mind . . . enthusiastic . . . energetic . . . individual. "Campus", Education, Newman, Outing, Players, SAM, U WF, Women's Varsity, Speedball, Swim- ming. LOUIS BUTCHER Wallingford Business LAUREL E. BUTLER ffllollylf Stratford Textiles KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Pep, personality, and poetry . . . last minute notable notebooks . . . deviltry at dawn . . . let's celebrate, I'm repinned! Badminton, "Campus", Home Eco- nomics, junior Counsellor, "Nut- meg", UCA. JOHN P. BUTLER "Milt" Hartford English WARREN A. BUTT Hartford Engineering EDWARD F. BUTTON Thompsonville Agriculture ROBERT E. BEYER IfRebU Boston, Mass. Zoology Hy, champ . . . gonna go to Chem? . . . anyone want a ride to Boston tonight? Glee Club. ELISABETH A. BYLES "Bettie" Central Village English Blue-eyed, blond, and beautiful . . . legs! . . . definitely an arts girl . . . the man I love . . . everything's tremendous! . . . where's DeFreitas? JOSEPH A. BYSTROWSKI ffjoell Hartford Insurance lnyurance, Newman, Young Demo- cratf. THOMAS W. CADDER "RuJty" Broad Brook Accounting UCA, J. V., Football. ROBERT G. CALEY rIB0bU New Haven Physical Education Say prof., would you mind repeat- ing that . . . we gotta play rough but clean. Canterbury, Education, ISO, Out- ing Club, P. E. Majorf, Baseball. GEORGE L. CALKINS Mystic Business ROBERT W. CALKINS "Bob" Manchester Marketing Hello, Mort! . . . wine, women, and -there's more? . . . oh, I don't know, just lucky I guess. THOMAS C. CALKINS ffTom!! Niantic History Education. S. FRANK CAMARADA West Haven English Let's go to New York . . . loose finger . . . TILT . . . oy, hast du a pupick! . . . one bridge player needed. AVC, ISO, "Pencraft", Senate, Sym- potium, Track. PHYLLIS J. CAMINEAR "Pbyl" New Haven Spanish PHI SIGMA SIGMA Dark hair, Hashing eyes . . . he's a doll . . . constant commuter to New York . . . shoe crazy . . . mad for Murray. Archery, "Campus", Education, Hil- lel, Spanifb, junior Coumelor. JOHN H. CANFIELD HBudU Newington Civil Engineering Manchester, Wood Hall, Sprague, Holcomb . . . not for me . . . going to stay in and do some work? . . . idle dreams! ASCE, Engineerx, Newman. 'LORAINE CANFIELD "Rainey" New London Home Economics ALPHA DELTA P1 Easy-going . . . reserved Cfor Bobl . . . fascinating eyebrows . . . I'm going to quit smoking . . . Pink Ravine . . . New London accent. Home Economicr, UCA. NORMAN R. CANFIELD "Norm" Waterbury Industrial Administration Love that blonde . . . let's go . . . what're we waitin' fer . . . Dixie- land jazz . . . finif . . . in my soli- rude. Band. STANLEY M. CANN Milford Arts and Science GLORIA M. CANTOR Ellington Psychology PHI SIGMA SIGMA I'll be ready in a minute, kids . . . what! . . . is it my turn to go to class again? Hillel. MELVIN CANTOR Rockville Arts 8: Science ROBERT H. CAPELLE ffcdpll West Hartford Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Is she 21 . . . Norce te ipsum . . . pickled eggs and beer . . . I'm not going to town for dinner. Blue anal White, "Laurel", LLUB- MURT TROF, Newman, Tr-Span- iflo, "Tide", U WF. A. MARTIN CAPOZZA "Marty" New London Education Music's the thing! Tr-Coancil, Tr-French, Italian, S enate. JEAN T. CARBONNEAU ffjqztbbyh' Woodbridge Poultry Stop it, you're breaking my heart . . . turkey farmer extraordinary . . . name your poison . . . hillbilly music and laughs. A griciiltiire. EARL P. CARIRI Unionville School of Agricultdre JOSEPH J. CARINO ffjoefi New Britain Electrical Engineering Starts with great capacity . . . has a great potential drop after exams . . . offers high resistance to finals! AIEE, Aviation, Engineem, IRE, Newman. PHILIP A. CARLETON Stamford Arts and Science ROBERT A. CARLO Hartford Business Administration ELEANOR CARLSON "Ellie" Andover Sociology KAPPA ALPHA THETA Miss Andover . . . true to Sigma Nu . . . snoozer . . . paintbrush in one hand, beer mug in the other . . . slightly unpredictable. RAYMOND F. CARLSON HRdyU West Hartford Electrical Engineering "Square" roots and short circuits . . . how to make an easy mil- lion . . . four years in Heaven. AIEE. 1 29 l ROY O. CARLSON "Swede" West Haven Accounting SIGMA NU Loves a girl back home . . . debit and credit . . . when does golf sea- son start? Bowling, Chen, Economic Fornm, SAM, UCA, Tr-Football. ROLAND CARMEL Thompsonville Business NOEMI R. CAROCARI "Nemi" North Stonington Sociology KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Where's my billfold? . . . the poli- cian . . . desk duty again . . . charming scatterbrain . . . partial to new cars. "Campar", Italian, Sociology, WHUS, Yoiing Democratr. EDWARD Ti CARR rfEd!J New Haven Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Let's go to the Hayloft . . . no free- loaders . . . and what brand of lip- stick do you use? Newman, SAM. FRANK J. CARR ffRed7! Essex Insurance Gerry, where will we be ten years from now? . . . who smoked all my cigarettes? DAVID W. CARROLL "Whitey" North Haven Mechanical Engineering Fencing, UCA. JOHN F. CARROLL Waterbury Business Adminstration MILFORD L. CARSON "Barney" Enfield Marketing THETA XI The problems of economics are childishly simple . . . did you say thirteen cheeseburgers to go? Bareball, Intramnral, SAM, U WF, UCA. ANNE CARTER Glastonbury Nursing Transfer from Webster College, Ohio. Ski Club, UCA, While Capt, Swim- ming. MARIO A. CARUSO HMLZC1! New London Accounting Conscientious and capable . . . gotta go home . . . keep it quiet . . . hope I hit it . . . 1et's sign up! lnrarance, Italian, Newman. HAROLD T. CASTONGUAY Hartford Arts and Sciences DAVID E. CATANIA HDOCH Hamden Mechanical Engineer Gee! . . . have to study . . . no roommate for days . . . know I flunked it . . . married but doesn't go home. Tr-Economics, Tr-Newman. RICHARD CAVANAUGH Farmington Engineerining JOSEPH CELLELLO Southington Business Administration HARRIS CHAIKLIN Marina Village Arts and Sciences JANICE CHAPIN Hlanll Waterbury Nursing Blond hair, blue eyes, well put to- gether . . . sparkle in her eyes for a Theta Chi . . . oh nurse! UCA, White Caps. CLARK B. CHAPMAN "ClJappie" West Cheshire Government Pre-cynical Chappie . . . a pleas- ant addition to the Uconn campus . . . those sorrowful eyes--known so well by the ADPi's. KENNETH I. CHAPMAN "Cl1appie" Manchester Physical Education SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The coach is saving me . . . but, honey, I'm engaged! . . . who said P. E. is a snap? P. E. Majorf, Spanirla, Tr-Bareball, Barketball, Tr-Basketball. THOMAS C. CHARLESWORTH "C olin" Hamden History You twisted my arm . . . no thanks, uh uh . . . where's shmoe? . . . knock it off! EDWARD P. CHARTIER "Eddie" Norwich Electrical Engineering Nice smile . . . sure, I've got muscles . . . hmmm? . . . I don't know . . . it's a Cord! . . . N ewman. HAROLD A. CHASEN ffHd!U Norwich Law TAU EPsILoN PHI I'm always right . . . women, all alike . . . chief cook and bottle washer . . . the Masses, phooey . . . make mine doubles. Hillel, Spanish, Debating. JOHN E. CHATFIELD "Chat" West Haven Engineering KAPPA SIGMA When in doubt . . . "Oh, I'm aw- fully sorry" . . . enough of this lovemaking. ASME, Aviation, Ski Club. ALEXANDER N. CHERNAK Milken Bridgeport Insurance ALPHA GAMMA RHO Give me the ball . . . I got it. . . studying is my hobby. "C", Inrurance, Basketball, Football. DANIEL A. CHIMES "Danny" New Haven Accounting PHI EPSILON P1 If I was an English major . . . bop fan . . . women's critic . . . could you see going to Willi? Band, Hillel, Orcbeftra, Radio Group, Young Democratr. ANTHONY J. CHIOCCHIO ffT0nyJ7 New Haven Accounting Never had it so good . . . wipe the grin off . . . did you say something. N ewman. JOSEPH CHOUINARD Middletown Arts and Sciences NORMAN J. CHRISTOFF "Norm" Waterbury Sociology EVERETT N. CICCONE "Chick" Hartford Marketing THETA CHI You really never know, do you? . . . the athlete with a philosophy . . . plus a personality. International Relationy. ROBERT L. CIERI "Bob" Norwalk Marketing TI-IETA CHI Yellow flash, Storrs to Norwalk one hour 40 minutes . . . chief chef . . . whatis her name? Newman. PAUL CIPRIANI Hcipll Norwich Marketing Letis play football . . . what, an- other Nash, jack? . . . guess I'll study for change. Newman. PHILIP CLANG ffpbillf Yantic Civil Engineering THETA XI Who dropped the ball? . . . would I? ASCE, Engineerr. ANNE F. CLARK HNdn6yU Woodbury Secrretarial Studies Vivacious . . . sparkling eyes . . . oh, come on . . . vaudeville returns . . . transfer from Danbury State Teachers College. U CA. VIRGINIA J. CLARK flGinnyI! West Haven Secretarial Studies PI BETA PHI Yale mail . . . sparkle plenty . . . the dictator . . . what's your com- plaint? . . . copper curls, green eyes . . . ace swimming flunker. "Campus", Education, junior Coun- relor, Newman, "Nutmeg", SAM, WAA, WSGA. CARTER N. CLEMENTS "Cart" West Hartford Journalism SIGMA CHI How's it going? . . . this is the Voice of Storrs . . . cup 0' coffee? . . . date every nite . . . keyhole eyes. Aviation, "Campus", International Relationr, "Nutmeg", Radio Group, "Tide", WH US. GEORGE B. CLEVELAND Bridgeport Business Administration LOIS G. CLOUGH HREJU Windsor Locks Secretarial Studies KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Pretty red-haired cheerleader . . . coed quarterback . . . smiles easily . . . quiet, warming personality. Newman, junior Counselor, Claeer Leatierr. EDWARD CLYMER ffEdU Hartford Marketing What's cooking? . . . I've started on my second million . . . going south pal? . . . the deal is off. RICHARD A. CLYMER "Dick" Naugatuck Geology The old model A . . . there's a front moving in . . . look at these rocks . . . international Romeo . . . hi, Rex. Tr-Philosophy, WRUM. JOSEPH R. COATES H10 ei, Bridgeport Accounting LAMBDA CI-II ALPHA joey baby! . . . hey, want a date? . . . operator-automobile, that is. Newman. RUSSELL T. COBB "Run" Lakeville Civil Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Hm! Didn't come out right . . . some day I'm going to get a new car . . . 1et's go eat. DORIS V. COBLEIGH "Doris" Cornwall Physical Education DELTA ZETA That's terrific . . . square dancing and Burl Ives . . . Cornwall wit . . . college weekends, where next? . . . letters galore. Outing Club, P. E. Majorf, UCA, WAA. ALAN H. COHEN "Little Goan" New Haven Pre-Dentistry PHI EPSILON PI Doctor drummer . . . I'm sorry, but . . . direct line with Holcomb . . . once I smoked! . . . where's my chapstick? . . . Wittstein's boy. Bantl, Hillel, Spanirb, WH US. MAXWELL N. COHEN "Max" South Norwalk Chemistry Amer. Chem., Hillel. SAMUEL S. COHEN ffsdmll Hartford Bacteriology PI-II EPSILON PI Do you know whatcha' doin' . . . I know I'm handsome . . . even talks like Larry . . . want the car, Ez? Hillel, Z ioniftlf. SANDRA F. COHEN ffsdndyll Hartford Psychology It's freezing in here . . . should I set my hair tonight? Glee Clnh, Playerr. ANTHONY P. COLANDREA frT0nyl1 New Haven Marketing Take it easy pal, it won't be long now . . . here goes one for the road. Inrarance, N ewman, SAM. LE ROY E. COLE Glastonbury Business Administration MATTHEW B. COLE ffMa,tlI Hartford English What's the score? . . . production of the year . . . that voice . . . wake me early. Band, WHUS, Playerr. GUY A. COLELLA NEWTON C. COLEMAN Fairfield Business Administration JANET M. COLLINS ff-Ian!! Columbia Nursing PHI MU Sweet and lovable . . . just a little girl with a big appetite . . . sleepy- time gal . . . golly. Blne and White, Spanirh, White Capr. WILLIAM B. COLLINS "Bill" New Haven Marketing SIGMA CHI What did you say her name was? . . . Saturday night and I'm working again . . . so this is farm country. Band, Newman, Players, SAM, U WF, Young Democratr. JAMES L. COLOPY frDukev Manchester Insurance KAPPA SIGMA What ties--"Me and the monkey" . . . "Insurance is the only sound investment" . . . just practicing to be a typhoon". Inrnrance. MARGARET L. COLTON "Mimi" Granby Art and Textiles KAPPA ALPHA THETA Dreamy little Mimi . . . devilish gleam behind those dark glasses . . . absent minded yet lovable. Art Worhxhop, Home Economics, International Relationr, UCA. ROBERT E. CONATY Southington Business Administration RAYMOND CONGDON Waterbury Industrial Management Bridgeport His wife, his car, his food . . . dogs and babies like me . . . comedian . . . tales of the South Pacific. Business Administration WILLIAM C. CONLEY Thompsonville Animal Husbandry JOHN J. coNLoN Willimantic .Education JOSEPH T. CONNOLLY ffjoell Naugatuck French ALPHA SIGMA PHI Letis go . . .idealist . . . what a life! . . . royal character . . . Father Joe's chapel choir . . . some day I'll parlez francais. Mediator, Band, Frencb, Glee Club, Newman, Playerr. CLAYTON COOKE West Hartford Business Administration SAMUEL J. COOMBS, JR. ffsdmff Pawcatuck Industrial Management Tall, dark, and lean . . . got to study . . . she and I . . . oh! those weekends . . . let's go, Bud. Newman, Outing Club. FRANCIS COOPE Hartford Arts and Sciences LEONARD COOPER Hllennylf Bridgeport Accounting PHI SIGMA DELTA Open the window . . . when do we eat? . . . wake me up for my next class. "Tule". FREDERICK H. COPEMAN, JR. "Fred" New Britain English KAPPA SIGMA Stalwart fraternity man . . . 1et's play ping-pong . . . it's tremendous! . . . golf wag . . . newspaperman . . . wife and hatrack in Willi. "CampuJ", Glee Club, UCA. JAMES F. CORCORAN Wetherslield Business Administration ANTHONY J. COSTANZO ffT0nylI Bridgeport Spanish Scronge . . . I'm in love . . . she's beautiful . . . cigarettes, coffee . . . what do ya say, hon? Newman. WILLIAM F. COSTIGAN HBH!!! Shelton Government Tall, light, OJ . . . gray Hannels, s ort 'acket bottonclown knit tie P l , i , white bucksins . . .idealist . . . is that good. Tr-Pbiloropby, Newman, Senate. PATRICIA M. COUGHLIN "Paz" Bridgeport Spanish KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Slug-a-bed . . . la-de-da-dy . . . an- other canary . . . waltz clog artiste . . . Patty-co-brach . . . finesse. Arcbery, Education, N ewman, "Nut- meg", Spanisb. PAUL T. COULOPOULOS "Paulo" Norwich Accounting THETA CHI Metaxas bandy,i roast rabbit and cost accounting . . . after my third million? . . . boy! . . . did I get a charge! Fencing. EDWARD G. COURCIER ffBud,U Westport Industrial Management Ski Club, SAM, Newman. .1 W 'lt ill it R if 5.12: was E .. Q 5 :f. :wail ie L U iii-ii' I I M ISI 3 al-fl Af 51.53. Y ii? i-iwgwa Q ff 9 1 HUGH L. COX "Boxy" East Haven Mechanical Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Just a routine problem . . . my guessin' pole's got the answer . . . ah, Thermo . . . gotta hit the sack! ASME, Engineerf. JOSEPH H. CREEGAN rr-I0-Sean Hamden Industrial Administration Where's the bridge game? . . . what, no magazines? . . . oh for some snow . . . finger paint artist . . . how'do go. Newman. JEAN K. CRITCHERSON "Critcb" Stonington Home Economics ALPHA X1 DELTA Whaa happened! . . . where's Lani? . . . Westerly drawl . . . passion for potato chips . . . you coulda fool- ed me . . . Dewey or Scotland. "Campus", 4-H, Home Economicr, junior Counsellor. WILLIAM H. CROCHIERE, JR. "Crock" Hamden Marketing You ought to see my new car . . . just like new . . . want to buy it? "Laurel", Bowling. ALFRED H. CROFTS HA!!! North Stonington Poultry THETA XI New Britain to Storrs after midnite . . . so I told Peg . . . square dance enthusiast . . . this typewriter can't spell. Bankiua, 4-H. KATHRYN M. CRONIN PfKdyfl Naugatuck Public Health Nursing I'm going to bed early . . . but I'd rather go dancing . . . I've got to study government! Education, Glee Club, Newman, R. N. CORNELIUS J. CROWLEY UNM!!! New Haven Psychology GERALD M. CRUTHERS UGe7,7,:yL' Norwich Business Education Hey, Red . . . letls hit the books ...wake me up at 9:00 p.m. . .. 10:00 p.m. time for bed. EDWIN B. CURRAN "Doc" Naugatuck Zoology Zoology. MARSHALL B. CUTLER "Cut" New Haven Marketing PHI EPSILON P1 Vivacious personality . . . Elliot's brother . . . Kampus Kid . . . habi- tual toper . . . Snack Bar room 41 . . . hi, kid . . . d'ya shave yet. FRANK A. DAGOSTINO UDagU Stamford Government and International Relations Boy Federalist . . . marryin' Sam . . . Walter Benton forever . . . come and see my etchings. International Relationy, U WF, Sym- porium. SALVATORE R. D'AGOSTINO Usd!!! Bridgeport English Meek as a lion . . . what's the use of worryin' son . . . play the sym- phony, Sid . . . you're mad! Newman, Spanirb, U WF. ROBERT E. DAHN !fB0b7l Meriden Industrial Management South campus entrepreneur . . . let's fly to New Hampshire . . . pint-sized romeo . . . happy go lucky . . . short but sharp. Aviation, Canterbury, Outing Club, Ski Club, SAM, UCA, UWF. ALLYN B. DAMBECK HA ll! West Hartford Zoology P1-11 SIGMA DELTA Captain of Hartford's tennis team . . . study and education conflict . . . keep the girls happy . . . I'll be all right! H f-Dramaticr, H f-Frencb, "'I'ower". GEORGE G. DANA Hamden Engineering DONALD A. DAREN UDOMIJ New London Marketing PHI SIGMA DELTA The Baron . . . the Mask . . . prexy of Club Indiscretion . . . pulls fan- tastic boners . . . shooter. Hillel, I nlramnralr. ROBERT DARGAN, JR. HB0bU West Haven Government ALPHA GAMMA RHO Telephone . . . when in doubt, fake kick . . . debit Frank Lane . . . amy- gdaloidal . . . married vet. FRANCES DAVIS "Frannie" West Hartford Sociology Hey Frannie, do the monkey . . . got an apple . . . let's go to the Ship's Cabin . . . Frannie's radio whiz. "Campus", Hillel, Sociology. ROBERT D. DAVIS Stamford Business Administration ROGER M. DAVIS HR Ogn Stratford Mechanical Engineering SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Roger the Lodger . . . Mid-night oil burner . . . Gotta see the world, first! . . . Sliderule errors . . . Phoneis busy again. Frerh. Prer., ASME, UCA. JOHN A. DAVISON ffDd,velI Naugatuck Civil Engineering There must be an easier way . . . I fouled another one up . . . snap fellas, snap . . . swish . . . do or die, I'll stick! ASCE, Engineers, Wh-Bareball, Wo-Barketball. JALAL DAVOODZADEH Storrs E Engineering JOHN M. DAZIENS, JR. rr-Iagku Hartford Zoology PHI SIGMA KAPPA Microscope, test tube, blood . . . slow down, Jack . . . holy crumb! . . . say, who's she? VALENTINE DEDUK "Val" Seymour Pre-Medical Lou'ard bound . . . let's go. Boating, Z oology. LAURA A. DeFREITAS "Laurie" West Hartford English Dynamic, dark, and dramatic . . . Rock Garden Special . . . red glasses, books, dungarees . . . mind and mat- ter . . . wherels my R. M.? "CarnpnJ", Spanirla, Stailentr for Wallace, WSGA. JOSEPH A. DeGIOIA West Haven Arts and Sciences OTTO DELFAVERO ffDelU Meriden Mechanical Engineering ASME, Newman. ROGER W. DeMAY "Roger-Doger" Marlborough Marketing SIGMA CHI Midnight snacks . . . gotta cigar- ette . . . forget it . . . gotto clean the room today, Bill . . . I met a girl. A Fencing, SAM, UCA, UWF. PHILIP F. DeMAYO "Flip" New Haven Insurance SIGMA NU Playboy turned Father . . . son's name Hipper too . . . got a baby you want insured? . . . redheads beware. Insurance, Newman, Soccer, Swim- ming. RICHARD A. DePIETRO rrpeleu East Hartford Electrical Engineering PHI SIGMA KAPPA Wine, women, song . . . hey, George! . . . slide rule and sleep CPD . . . you want anudder one? WALTER E. DEPTULA ffDepU New London Industrial Management KAPPA SIGMA Apollo from Esquire . . . sharp dresser . . . burns midnight oil . . . stop worrying, will ya, you've got me doing it! Tr-Council, Tr-Football, Insurance, Newman, SAM. RUSSELL C. DERICK "Rus" Hartford Marketing PATRICK A. DeVIVO "Pai" Willimantic Zoology "Off Beat, '.., somebody went mad at the wheel! . . . Whistlin'. Band, "Campus", Newman, ROTC Ojicersf FRANK P. DeZENZO , T NDizU Bridgeport Insurance SIGMA NU So what, they only have eleven men! . . . let's eat! "C", Insurance, Newman, Football. MICHELE A. DEZENZO "Mike" Bridgeport Industrial Management SIGMA NU Who's going to Lou's? . . . have to go home this weekend . . . got to study. JEROME H. DIAMOND rrjerryn Hartford Sociology That pleasant smile . . . how's it goin', boy? . . . liver and onions . . . sorry girls, I'm married! . . . smashed organic! MARTHA W. DICKS ffMdrtyIf Cheshire Bacteriology Where's my In Fact? . . . that 60 MPH gait . . . searching in Ham's nut. lab . . . UWF or bust! Glee Club, UWF. OWEN J. DICKSON "Dick" ' New London Physics Newman. M. DAVID DIETZ "Dave" Norwalk Poultry Husbandry Animated neckties and beanie . . . sleep all day, study all night . . . do a shooters' cheer . . . what-a voice? Cbeef Leaders, Glee Club, Hillel, Zionists. SALVATORE A. DI GIORGIO FISH!!! Waterbury History Gotta hit the books . . . let's face facts . . . what's the point . . . what are you gonna do? Wb-Dramatics, Socio-Economics. JOSEPH C. DILLON Hjoeli Hartford Chemistry Make up your mind, joe . . . when are we gonna buy that yacht? . . . Caribbean anytime . . . Burgundy . . . skis . . . horses. Fencing. S. ROBERT DILWORTH HB0bH Willimantic Accounting JOHN B. DiPERSIO ff-lack!! Meriden Finance You're deal, Rick . . . no, it's Bar- ney's turn . . . I'll deal . . . shoot, Jake, shoot! . . . wake me up early. Bowling, LLUBMURT TROF Sail- ing. CURTIS L. DISBROW "Curt" Meriden Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineerr. DIANA M. DIXON "Dixie" Norwich Sociology DELTA ZELTA B. U. transfer . . . ex-commuter . . . I'm Diana, not Doris . . . deceptive- ly quiet . . . not another John! . . . puns, morning, noon, and night! junior Counrelor, Sociology, UCA, WH US. EDWIN P. DOBROWOLSKI Norwich Engineering FRANK DOLYAK "Cork-the-Dole" Bridgeport Pre-Medical PHI SIGMA KAPPA Way in the hills, but we love it. Tr-German, Fife and Drum, New- man. FRANK DOMATO WALTER DOMOROD "Walt" Shelton Electrical Engineering I've got a new one this week . . . wear it, no baggage space with ten passengers . . . two more. Engineerr. ROBERT DONAHUE "Nick" Jewett City Bacteriology Trying to keep everybody happy. Bowling, French, Newman. JEFFREY W. DONOHUE ff-leg!! Danbury Insurance THETA CHI The Mad 'Hatter . . . afternoon nap . . . 204 hermit. Tr-Glee Club, Newman. THOMAS J. DONOVAN ffT0m!l Norwich Insurance Inrurance, Newman. MERTON E. DOOLITTLE, JR. "Meri" Torrington Electrical Engineering AIEE, UCA. VIRGINIA S. DOUGLASS ffD0ug!l Wethersfield Public Health Nursing DELTA ZETA Shmooier than Al Capp! . . . oh! those lines in the beanery . . . I need another haircut . . . I'm going home this weekend. Canterbury, R. N., junior Coun- Jelor. SUSAN T. DOWALIBY flsuelf Hartford Spanish I almost dropped the teeth . . . Holy Talulla . . . weren't you just leaving? Fife and Drum, ISO, Newman, Spanifb. WILLIAM L. DOWNEY "Red" Thompsonville Bacteriology THETA XI The Genii . . . I haven'r got time to eat. A griculture, Newman, Dairy, Grange. WILLIAM E. DOWNS HBH!!! South Norwalk Bacteriology Studies and soap operas . . . ain't she nice? . . . who's going to the game? . . . smashed that organic! Tracie. SOLOMON S. DUBROW Hartford Arts and Sciences ROBERT W. DUELL Rockville Arts and Sciences RICHARD J. DUFFY HDHHJI Manchester Marketing Early riser, 4:30 p.m .... keep the money in the room, Beano . . . sharp dresser . . . jazz hound. "Nutmeg", Newman, "Tide,', WR UM. RUSSELL V. DUKE "Run" Manchester Accounting Ski Club. ROBERT C. DULS HB0b!f' Bridgeport Accounting Canterbury, SAM. WILLIAM V. DWORSKI "Bill" New Britain Insurance PHI SIGMA DELTA Smiley . . . get up and turn on the heat! . . . cracked that Insurance exam . . . wanna buy a policy? Cbess, Debating, Hillel, lnturance. EDWARD DWYER "Teil" Waterbury History LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Don't worry about it . . . better days are coming. Playerr, Prytcbology, U WF, UCA. JOHN B. DZIADUL "Diz" Lebanon Dairy Manufacturing SIGMA NU I'm going home . . .always hungry . . . hey, what time is it? . . . regu- larly in Willi on extra-curricular activities. "C", Dairy, Newman, Bafeball. STANLEY G. EAZARSKY "Stan" Waterbury Zoology Get down to that lab. Biology, Newman. SEYMOUR M. EBNER "Mill" New Haven Zoology TAU EPSILON PHI Long, lean, and lanky . . . anyone got anything to eat? . . . how much do I owe you now, Teddy? Hillel. JOSEPH H. EDELSON ffjoell Meriden Accounting PHI SIGMA DELTA Gunner . . . frequent cavorter . . . easy going, able, always smiling, and sharp . . . friend first class . . . let's go. AVC, Hillel, ISO. GERALD A. EDGARIAN ffGef1,yH New Britain Pre-Dental Quiet, reserved, serious and intent, but susceptible to good times. Canterbury, Tr-German, UCA. WILLIAM EDMONDSON "Bill" Coventry Dairy Manufacturing Dairy. I 39 ALLYN F. EHLER Wallinfgord Engineering ROBERT E. EHRHARDT, JR. IfB0b!l Southbury Electrical Engineering Petunia, my first love . . . history was made in Cleveland . . . brother, can you spare a bib? y Engineerr, Glee Club, Crorr Coun- try, Track. EDWARD C. ELLIS h "Mickey" New Haven Bacteriology just auditing the course . . . Edie and Ed . . . gotta go see my bugs . . . can you see it? "CampuJ", Prycbology, Biology. PHILIP B. ELTON Norwichtown Arts and Sciences JOAN H. ENSOR Waterbury Landscape Gardening ALPHA X1 DELTA Oh fuddy duddy! . . . I don't get the joke . . . Kingo . . . my word . . . horses and hiking . . . what's your hurry? Agriculture, Arcbery, Fencing, 4-H, Horticulture, Outing Club, UCA. MARTIN E. ERSHOWSKY fFMm,!yH New York City, N. Y. Government PH1 SIGMA DELTA Poker face and sudden laughter . . . 1et's talk this over . . . argues with girls . . . fisher . . . clearthinking . . . cynical . . . cheerful. Hillel, International Relations. BENJAMIN ERTMAN Hartford Business Administration MAX ERTMAN "Max" Hartford Accounting Oh, those curves! Tr-Hillel. EDWIN L. EVANS "Slip" Meriden Mechanical Engineering Got it cold . . . see what I mean? . . . minor details . . . let's buzz the town . . . steady as you go. JOHN L. EVANS New Britain Finance SIGMA NU Stay loose . . . worry shortens the life . . . too many bosses . . . your way is your own. Newman. SAMUEL N. EVANS "Sam" West Hartford Economics PHI EPSILON PI Lightning . . . where's the fire? . . . wake me in an hour . . . I'll get the milk . . . is college a neces- s1ty?...S.S.S. Hillel. WARREN E. EVERETT, JR. ffGrubyU Arlington Mechanical Engineering Mmmm . . . yes, boss . . . this will be a quickie . . . sorry, Ibm pressed for time. PAULINE M. FAHEY "Paul" Norwalk Nursing A true eager beaver . . . refresh- ment committee . . . Bobbie and Pauline-the gold-dust twins . . . '51-will it ever come! Arcbery, "Campus", Glee Club, ln- terfaitb, Newman, Wbite Capr, Swimming. PASQUALE P. FAMIGLIETTI ffpdtfl Waterbury Electrical Engineering Carefree and happy . . . always good for a song or a yarn . . . who's buy- ing the cokes? AIEE, Engineerr. i WILLIAM P. FAPPIANO HBH!!! New Haven Accounting T HETA CHI FREDERICK W. FARNSWORTH "Fonzie" Harnden Industrial Management ALPHA GAMMA RHo "C", Intramural, SAM, Spanirh, UCA, Swimming. JAMES F. FARR Numa Manchester Industrial Management Determination is the mainstay of success. Newman. GEORGE E. FARREN Gef. North Haven Insurance Hello, schmoo . . . how about a plate of spaghetti? . . . smiling sax player . . . anyone can build his own home! lnrurance, U CA. ANITA R. FAY frDede:J West Hartford English ALPHA DELTA P1 Sparkling diamond . . . dreamer . . . I'm confused . . . nightly tele- phone calls . . . Norwich accent . . . fantastic imagination . . . I want to get married. "Campur", Newman, "Nutmeg". FRANK J. FAZZINA ffFazU New Britain Mechanical Engineering Did I ever tell you about last year? . . . make it two . . . I could see it . . . Manchester . . . tonight. JosEPH V. PEDOR ffjoeil Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering Don't let your school work inter- fere with your education . . . famous last words! ASME, Tr-Math, Tr-Chen, Sailing. FRED L. FEIDEN "Dr. Kinrey, jr." Middletown Economics TAU EPSILON PHI Kinsey expert . . . give me a woman . . . alias Dr. Harrison of quiz pro- gram fame . . . ringaling-ling-ding- ding. Hillel. EDWARD C. FEIGENBAUM IfEdU Wethersfield Industrial Management I think I will take a nap . . . that's IILIC. CHARLES S. FEIN "Cholly" Hartford Zoology PHI SIGMA DELTA Career peddler . . . hit the rockpile, pledgees! . . . I'm never dogmatic . . . feeling despondent? . . . feel Fein! . . . have a Regent. Biol0g9'f Hillel, Interfaith, Media- tor, Symporum. ROBERT G. FELLER fIB0bIf' Warren Electrical Engineer I'm snowed! . . . everythings so nice! . . . that hurried, worried look on his way to and from every class. GORDON W. FELLOWS "Stretch" Stonington Bacteriology SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Happy-go-lucky in a down to earth way . . . none but good words for everyone . . . Shangrila's envoy to Delta Zeta. Spanirb, UCA, WHUS, Football. CARYL E. FENN Waterbury Secretarial Studies Gonna take a nap . . . long week- ends in Waterbury . . . the card shark . . . the alcoholic giggle. Canterbury, "Nutmeg", Spanirh, WHUS. ANDREW J. FERNANDES NA ndyff Wallingford Industrial Administration Popular organizer, president of bowling Club . . . favorite pastimes, baseball expert, swimming . . . fav- orite places, Hartford, Trumbull. SAM, UWF, Young Democrats. FRANCES G. FERRI ffFrdnH . New London Secretarial Studies DELTA ZETA Crazy over green . . . gotta' type . . . social lab at the grille . . . sailboat phobia . . . Terry and I. "Campus", Auiation, Education, Spanish, French, junior Counselor. EDWARD N. FERRIGNO Hartford Education NICHOLAS A. FESS "Nick" Stratford Chemistry ALPHA SIGMA PHI You're tired? I'm Fess . . . origi- nated Fessonian wit . . . what's your trouble? . . . you float . . . drinks and polkas Russian style. Amer. Chem., Glee Club, WHUS. LOUIS A. FESTA HLOHU New Haven Marketing The motor is running, we're taking off . . . how's everything old boy? . . . there's always room for one more. Insurance, Newman, SAM. RALPH F. FESTA ffFeJ!I New Haven Accounting The wheezer . . . gin champ . . . my aching back! Newman, LLU BMU RT TR OF, SAM. CARLOS M. FETTEROLF, JR. IfFetJ2 West Hartford Wildlife Management SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON What is it? . . . jet propulsion . . . what's her name? . . . no thanks, I'm in training . . . let's go fishing. "C", Forestry, Soccer, Swimming, Track. GEORGE W. FICKEN, JR. "George" West Hartford Chemistry Library's best customer . . . Rubin's shadow . . . heck, we change our major rather than have Saturday classes . . . wer geharget! Tennis, Track, Soccer, German, "C". JEANNE C. FIELD "Jeannie" Deep River Art and Textiles KAPPA ALPHA THETA Manhattan miss . . . aspires to be a designing woman, clothes that is . . . Theta's monotone . . . has her sophisticated moments. Art Workshop, Home Economics, International Relations, UCA, WHUS. JOSLYN P. FIELD Brooklyn Arts and Science MARJORIE F. FIELDS IfMdrgeU Unionville Public Health Nursing PI BETA PHI Bouncing curls . . . efficiency plus . . . staccato gait . . . prom trot- ter . . . Captain Fields of Army Nurse Corps . . . oh, beat me! R. N., ste Club. SAMUEL M. FINKLE "Fink" Hartford Bacteriology PHI SIGMA DELTA Lethargic Lothario . . . whispers in Bloober's ears . . . CATABOLIC KID . . . synthesises hot love with cold bunsen burners. Biology, Hillel, Symposium. PHYLLIS B. FIRATO Manchester Marketing DELTA ZETA I'm hungry! . . . sophisticate . . . brains too . . . date bait . . . loves to collect things . . . sings when happy . . . sharp dresser. Aviation, "Campus", Interfaith, junior Counselor, Newman, "Nut- meg", Spanish, Symposium, Bas- kethall. BETTY L. FISCHER ffFiJhU Stamford Foods and Nutrition PI BETA PHI Those fish tales . . . slim and slinky . . . beau and arrow . . . midnite java . . . I feel so smoochy . . . rug shaker. Archery, Education, Glee Club, Newman. GERARD FISHER "jerry" Bridgeport Industry PHI EPs1LoN PI Wears gone striped ties . . . com- muter between Shangrila and Sprague . . . favorite expression: real wild. Hillel, WHUS, EDWARD L. FITZGERALD ffFitZfl Hartford Engineering That sad look . . . quiet, grind . . . gray hair from worry! ASME, Newman. BERNARD J. FLANAGAN "Barney" Bridgeport Finance T I-IBTA CHI RICHARD J. FLANIGAN "Dick" Hartford Mechanical Engineering Rips and roars from Hartford to Storrs . . . the happy commuter . . . has nodding acquaintance with wife. JAMES D. FLOOK ffD0ggyIJ Bridgeport Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Must fix the car . . . he wouldn't light a Hrecracker . . . outa that sac, roomie. Aviation, Rifle. EDWIN H. FLYNN HEdJl New London Economics Futile util . . . stein song and blue tail fly . . . Hash CPD photos . . . where's the complaint department? . . . 7 p.m. Monday. Camera, Education, Newman. M. MARY FLYNN Willimantic Secretarial Studies KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Irish eyes are smiling . . . Sigma Nu girl . . . commutes from Willi, but gets around campus . . . that casual look. Newman, Tennis. ROBERT A. FLYNN "Errol" Hamden Marketing PHI SIGMA KAPPA Hey Flynn, the phone . . . no classes before ten . . . it's for the birds . . . can't, I'm going steady. Newman, Psychology, Economic: Forum. ROBERT J. FLYNN "Bob" Southington Engineering KAPPA SIGMA Pre-Med to Psych . . . don't know what I like . . . when I get my degree? . . . what will it be? Newman, LLUBMURT TROF, Tr-Council. WILLIAM R. FLYNN "Bill" Willimantic Pre-Medical SIGMA NU Call for Dr. Killmore . . . guess I'1l hafta hitchhike . . . tall, dark, and tweedy . . . king-sized romeo . . . oh, c'mon now! Biology, International Relationt, Italian, Math, Ski Club, Track. KENNETH W. FOGG ffKen!2 Meriden Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineers. JOHN w. FOLEY Waterbury Business Administration JEAN T. FORBES "Terry" Wethersfield Nursing Jeanie with the light brown hair . . . blushes easily . . . stars in her eyes . . . oh, no! . . . sweater girl. Newman, White Capt, Archery. LOUIS A. FORMICA Hartford Education FREDERICK H. FORSLUND Hljredll New Haven Industrial Management LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause . . . too much is no good. ZACHARY FORTUNATO H ffzdckfl Torrington Marketing A. A. F. 42-46 . . . jazzbows and classical music . . . no! strictly a platonic friendship . . . Mr. Esquire. Newman, "Nutmeg", SAM, "Touch- rtone", WH US. FLORENCE R. FOUNTAIN HFZOU East Haven Sociology That bored look . . . wrong man on the phone again . . . slow sarcasm . . . wait for me! "Nutmeg", Sociology, WHUS. RENO FRANCONI "Lightning" Torrington Industrial Administration ALPHA GAMMA RHo I'll bet that call's for me . . . letls have a flower dance. ROTC Ojjzlcerr, Newman. EDWARD L. FRANKLIN, JR. ffcuflyll Cromwell Accounting LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Slow but not sure . . . "mad', about be-bop . . . easy to get along with . . . handy with hllies and lilies. EDWIN E. FREEMAN ffEd,'! New Haven Electrical Engineering The mud-hole behind South Cam- pus! . . . New Haven every Friday . . . a grand husband! AIEE, Engineerf, WRUM. PHILIP J. FRESENIUS "Phil" New Haven Industrial Management ALPHA GAMMA RHo Going to Florida . . . let's play cards . . . we need a fifth . . . four chapters to read . . . hot operator Cplatej. Newman, "Nutmeg". ANNA MAE FRIEDRICHS Rocky Hill Physical Education What time are you getting up kids? . . . hey Anner! . . . to the Armory, where else? Education, P. E. Major.t', WAA, Barkethall, Field H ockey, SpeedhalL Tennir. THOMAS M. FRISCOE, JR. "Tommy" East Haven Electrical Engineering SIGMA NU In love with a girl back home . . . slip stick artist . . . it's a great world to live in. AIEE, Tr-Bowling, Newman, Tr- Foothall, Softball, Swimming. HOWARD W. FRITZ PFBEZIJ Litchfield Physical Education Thoughtful look, sincere smile . . . nice shoulder to cry on . . . you're so right! . . . I'm serious . . . favor- ite animal . . . rabbit! Bowling, Intramural, Newman, P. E. Majorr, Tr-Barehall. WESLEY I. FRITZ "Wes" West Haven Bacteriology TAU EPSILON PHI Why are rabbits happier? . . . ya' gotta live . . . can't fight city hall . . . that exam fatigue! Hillel, Zionirtr, U WF. BENJAMIN FURMAN Manchester Arts and Sciences JUDITH L. FURMAN frjudyv Norwich Sociology ALPHA EPSILON PHI Don't I look emaciated? . . . better not wait kids . . . female Vladimer Horowitz . . . New Year's at the Waldorf . . . taka. Hillel, Sociology, Spanirh. EDWIN J. FURSHPAN rr Jin Hartford Zoology PHI SIGMA DELTA Yon Fursh hath that lean and hun- gry look . . . have a Golgi body . . . that flaming red triangle. Biology, Hillel, Interfaith, Math. WALTER A. GAGNE, JR. HAI!!! New London Marketing The big wind . . . duty happy . . . gets acquainted quickly . . . al- ways hollering . . . hot after Leandri . . . let's use the vehicle. NICHOLAS GALGANO Torrington Arts and Sciences EDWARD H. GALINSKY "Galink" Hartford Chemistry TAU EPSILON PHI Sweet Violets . . . you said it, don't you? . . . Beer??? . . . beancoup Q. P.'s . . . Jake, get up! . . . one of the original hawkers. Hillel. RAYMOND A. GALLAGHER URaylI Bridgeport Government I'm going to the library . . . nice legs, eh? . . . We'1l settle for Tru- man . . . o poy, Chonnie! Grape- fruit Chuce! . . . oh. JAMES P. GALLIGAN Storrs Agriculture JEROME J. GAMBINO rfjerryv Mansfield Center Pre-Medical ROBERT J. GAMBINO West Haven Engineering ANTHONY E. GANAROS Middletown Arts and Sciences GEORGE W. GARMAN Hamden Arts and Sciences ROBERT W. GARVEY HB0blI Hamden History ALPHA GAMMA RHo The Senator . . . Gamma Rho's poli- tician . . . everybody is too critical around this place. Education, Newman, Senate. RAYMOND F. GATES, JR. IfRayU Rocky Hill Insurance SIGMA NU Friday to Monday vacations . . . let's go to Masty's . . . I don't wanta work in an oflice . . . skunked again! Inrnrance, Football, Tennir. BETTY M. GAUVIN Bristol Dietetics ALPHA DELTA P1 Is Judy's Randolph . . . sure . . . telephone calls to Trumbull . . . never . . . belongs to the Pirates . . . bright and cheerful. Glee Clnb, Home Economicr, jun- ior Connrelor, Newman, "Nut- meg", WAA. CLARENCE W. GAY Essex Arts and Science JOHN P. GAY Hideki! Bristol, R. I. Civil Engineering Well-I mean . . . Pop Sellers used to . . . Rhode Island special. GEORGE C. GEANURACOS "Two G's" Bridgeport Marketing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Basically speaking. TrLConncil, Fencing, Ski Club, Golf. SAMUEL J. GEIGER ffsdmfl Westbrook Finance Glad to see ya . . . listen to that motor . . . what a girl! . . . what an organization. Hillel. WALTER B. GEIGER ff Walt!! Chaplin Forestry Well ,for cryin' out loud! . . . say Joe, is that spruce or fir? . . . don't work too hard. F orertry. GEORGE E. GENLOT Simsbury Mechanical Engineer ASME. RAYMOND A. GENT Wethersfreld Engineering FRANK W. GERARDI "Frank" Waterbury Industrial Management THETA CHI Just for laughs . . . let's go . . . educated feet . . . reminds me of the one . . . gotta lay down and study. Wh-Coancil, Glee Club, Newman. JEROME L. GERL rrjeepz: Hartford Accounting TAU EPSILON PHI Not the Waldorf, but it's home . . . Shangri-la . . . has he a driver's license? Hillel. JACK GERMAIN Ifyonkil Stamford Electrical Engineering Determined singing engineer . . . should I call her up or do my Thermo? . . . what don't light? . . . hey, Smith! Bowling, Hillel, IRE, Tr-Mails. GLORIA GERMAINE New Haven Psychology ALPHA EPSILON PHI AEPhi,s financial wizard . . . lost 351,000 . . . changing my major for a lieutenant . . . strawberry blonde . . . cheerful . . . friendly . . . infectious giggle. Hillel, Prychology, Spanirb. DOMINIK W. GIALLOMBARDO ffGuyJJ New Haven Marketing A live wire seeking knowledge . . . better grounded from attending col- lege . . . can handle QP,s or cuties. Frenclo, S panirh. MERWIN T. GIANNOTTA fri ggin Kensington Mathematics About yea long . . . lob . . . I've got an orchestra rehearsal tonight. Bancl, Ski Clab, UCA. JEAN F. GIGUERE "Batch" Bristol Sociology ALPHA DELTA PI Albertus Magnus transfer . . . my boy Bob . . . Stardust . . . where's my cigarette holder? . . . Kappa Sig parties. Newman, Sociology. LAURENCE D. GILLANE fflldrryff Hartford History SIGMA NU You know . . . my girl's not mad . . . where's Skinhead . . . break- fast with Link . . . when I was in Iceland. Newman, Sociology, Soccer, Tr- Barketball. JOHN R. GILLER fljdckll Hartford Industrial Management KAPPA SIGMA Got a fin? Bessie's broke down again . . . where's Lois? . . . This Is What . . . I was an Engineer once! Glee Clab, Newman, "Nutmeg", Players, SAM, WHUS. GEORGINE GILLETTE "George" Darien Arts and Textiles PHI MU Big bouquet of roses . . . I'll be ready in a minute . . . personality plus . . . off campus weekends . . . pretty sharp. Archery, Badminton, Home Eco- nomicr, UCA, Tennis. RUSSELL I. GILMAN "Ruff" Detroit, Mich. Marketing Sauve . . . please, let's have it quiet . . . a mind ever at work. AVC, Hillel, Prycbology. PETER R. GIMIGNANI ffpeteh' Wfethersfield Electrical Engineering Cheap mark-only a ninety! . . . pinball machine addict . . . bid three-up three! . . . darn, got stood up again! Football. ELIZABETH L. GIMM "Gimmie" Newington Business Administration The Little Wave with the big Brown Eyes . . . follows all the sports . . . loves to play cards. Newman, Softball. FRANCIS P. GINTY "Frank" Danbury Insurance Little brown jug . . . aesthetic en- deavor . . . don't moan, transfer! . . . voluble . . . did you say Dan- bury? . . . I'm smarter than Carter! Tr-Council, Economic: Forum, "Laurel", Tr-Spanirb, U WF. HOWARD GITLEN "Howie" Hartford Marketing J. V. Football. GERALD A. GLADSTEIN "Gerry" PHI SIGMA DELTA Hartford History J. O .... so thin he doesn't cast a shadow . . . and these are for colds . . . helpful, cheerful, friend- ly, business-like. Education, Hillel, Interfaitb, Inter- nationial Relationr. GEORGE A. GLAHN Bristol Finance LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Beaming countenance . . . always ready to listen to your Woes . . . natural affinity for political science . . . interested in sports. Tr-Bareball, Tr-Barketball, Tr-Foot- ball. CAROLYN M. GLASS "Callie" Hartford Nursing P1 BETA PHI Smooth and sophisticated . . . oh those Yale boys . . . you can all live at my house . . . it was hys- terical! UCA, White Capr. DOROTHY H. GLASS "Dot" Bristol Bacteriology All's I can say . . . guter Mailcben . . . but I'm so tired . . . it's noth- Ing. Biology, Newman, Outing Club, Ski Club. HERMAN H. GLASSMAN "H erm" Hartford Chemistry PHI EPSILON PI Always smiling . . . what hap- pened? . . . got a test in three weeks. Amer. Cbem., Hillel. BARBARA L. GLAZER "Bab:" Stamford English PHI SIGMA SIGMA Eye-brow length hair . . . wonder- ful warbler . . . those big brown eyes . . . monstrous appetite . . . up at break of noon. Glee Club, Hillel. BERNARD E. GODFREY ffBunny!I New Haven Forestry PHI EPSILON PI Boy boll weevil . . . satchel-eyed . . . U'Conn's Bogart . . . "They can't draft me, I'm a Forestry major!" . . . all-night, all-frantic. Forertry, Hillel. PAUL W. GOETTLICH ffG0at!! Willimantic Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Hi sweetpea! . . . forty miles per! . . . scotch, water and song . . . hammer and saw . . . ball and chain . . . bye now! Newman, Blue and Wbite. ELIO A. GOFFI HAI!! West Haven Poultry Husbandry ALPHA SIGMA PHI Agriculture, Bankiua, Newman. ,isa ia- 4. if - -, 5 w 7 D 5fif5:2???352,Eg iQ ie? N I I Lf:f-eia-saai-- Q ,. - H ,- Z., . . ff . , V , 3 , b3 sc . -- .ra El NORMAN GOLDBLOOM "Put.rey" New Haven 'Accounting TAU EPs1LoN PHI I raise . . . throw the hock . . . quiet diet . . . Ity's boy. Hillel, We-Basketball. MARK GOLDIE Rockville Zoology Biology. BENJAMIN GOLDSTEIN ffBenny7! Hartford Accounting Go home, Andy . . . what's wrong with my car? . . . where's my room- mate? . . . just one, fellas. ARNOLD GOODMAN New Haven Chemistry Amer. Chem., Hillel. JAMES GORMAN fljimlf New Haven Marketing THETA XI "C", Ski Club, Spanirlo, Swimming. ROBERT J. GORMAN HB0bU New London Accounting Another Irishman . . . Notre Dame, Red Sox, and Braves . . . coffee and jokes . . . sack time . . . Ryan and arguments. Newman. CORINNE D. GOURD "Corky" Hamden Bacteriology KAPPA ALPHA THETA That demure look . . . Corky . . . got to go to Animal Diseases . . . where does all that energy come from? Biology, Newman, Young Demo- crats. DORAN E. GRANT ffspudll Willimantic Dairy Long, lean, and lonesome . . . born in Maine . . . Green Mountains stamped on underwear . . . square dance fiend. Dairy, Croix Country. RICHARD A. GRASSO ffDiCkU West Haven Marketing THETA CHI Tr-Bareball, Tr-Bowling, Tr-Del7at- ing, "Tide", ALBERT B. GRAY ' HAZ!! Plainfield Poultry Husbandry THETA XI Drop into the room later for a cup of Joe . . . square dance expert . . . always a helping hand. Agriculture, Bankiva, Block and Bridle, 4-H, UGA. BURRILL M. GRAY New Haven Arts and Sciences RICHARD A. GREENBERG HDickU Hartford Industrial Psychology Quiet and reserved . . . ardent Yankee fan . . . friendly . . . musi- cally minded . . . got to get home Friday . . . yahoo, a vacation. Band. JANE M. GREENE Bridgeport English Perennial procrastinator . . . don't fight it . . . humorous . . . tennis enthusiast . . . it's cold in here. Education, Newman, Outing Club, "Pencraft", Ski Club, WSGA, Ten- nu. RAYMOND F. GREENE ff-Ray!! Bridgeport History Gotta' admit it . . . not cram for exam? . . . time waits for Thurs- day . . . Park City protege . . . will go quietly. Education, "Free Lance", 'I'r-New- man, Tr-Writerri GEORGE GREENSTEIN "Milla Georgev New Haven Marketing PHI EPSILON PI Short pugilistic career . . . she's not bad-she's miserable . . . Haber- dashery hound . . . suave and soph- isticated . . . ear to ear grin. GEORGE W. GREER South Coventry Industrial Administration Any side in an argument . . . how's it goin', doc? . . . pipe connoisseur . . . met my wife and daughter yet? SAM. JOHN S. GREGOROPOULOS "Greg" Norwich Foreign Language THETA CI-I1 True Athenian . . . je-m'en-fou- tirme, ascots, good wine, and music . . . and anything beautiful. F encing. FRED F. GRESCZYK New Britain Accounting Quiet and unperturbed manner . . . mature judgments and opinions . . . willingly gives assistance to suffering accountants . . . collects analytical ties. CHARLES E. GREYSTONE "Chazz" Seymour English Destiny rides again! . . . powder our face with sunshine slan e' y . . . g . . . . nectar in a sieve . . . gone for long walk. Playefr. EDWARD R. GRICH lfEdH Devon Chemistry Hi, chief . . . how do you like that? . . . ya' know? Amef. Chem. ALGERT G. GRIMAILA HAZ!! New Britain Electrical Engineering What, another exam? . . . my buddy, the slide rule . . . Monday, only live more days till the week- end. AIEE, Engineers, WHUS, IRE. JANET C. GRIME Njanli Cheshire Sociology South ell pow-wow . . . have to write to George . . . who said that about Yale? . . . Norine, get up! . . . phoaa! DORIS E. GROSS Greenwich Government PHI SIGMA SIGMA Angle for everything . . . All Amer- ican Girl . . . high stepping Drum Majorette . . . Associate Editor, Hillel Key. Aviation, Band, Hillel, Interna- tional Relationr, Ski Club, Spanirb, junior C ounrelor, Intramural. SIDNEY GROSSMAN "Luckman" Meriden Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI How to go . . . trun me the ball . . . Friday night social club . . . I'll open . . . even Kentucky got beat. H illel, Tr-Barketball, H f-Barketball. NICHOLAS A. GROSSO HNickH Stamford Industrial Administration Fore! . . . I'll concede that putt . . . out of bounds! DALLAS GROVER, JR. Saybrook Arts and Sciences DANIEL J. GUGLIOTTI Naugatuck Mechanical Engineering ASME. JOHN J. GWIAZDOWSKI, JR. ffGwiz!I Norwich Accounting Esquire's man of distinction . . . Where are we going? . . . duck- pin expert . . . iron-man . . . well, I don't know!! Forum, Sailing. EDWARD G. GWOZDZ fEdJJ Willimantic Government Barber's meal ticket. WILLIAM GYBA Waterbury Mechanical Engineering ASME, Engineering. WALLACE J. HAAS If Middle Haddam Mechanical Engineering sit Club, ASME. WILLIAM L. HADDEN, JR. "Bill" West Haven Government ALPHA GAMMA RHO Wake me for supper . . . G. O. P. . . . Spanish forever . . . when in doubt set up a T account. Spanish, International Relutionr, Newman. THOMAS G. HADDOCK IfT0m!I Kensington Forestry Forertry. JOHN H. HADEN Sterling Civil Engineering KAPPA SIGMA ASCE, Ski Club, UCA. FRED J. HAESCHE "Freddie" New Haven Mechanical Engineering THBTA CHI Mad engineer . . . get me up at six . . . love to go but I have a report to do. DAVID HALBERSTAM Danbury Mechanical Engineering Wake me up in the morning. ASME, Engineerr, Senate. JAMES C. HALE HB jimi: East Hartford Civil Engineering Time galore . . . let's sight on Wood Hall, men . . . my friends . . . slide rule and songs . . . how many pounds? ASCE, Curollerf, Engineerr, Hf- Basketball. HELEN N. HALE ffM0miJ Greenwich Art Art for art's sake . . . woolyhead . . . it's perfectly ridiculous! . . . love that roommate . . . it's only ninety dollars. Art Workshop. EARL E. HALL Danbury Marketing SIGMA CHI What's new? . . . welll make a deal . . . I'll tell you what we'll do . . . how are ya doin'? Glee Club. JOHN P. HALL HI. PIU Stamford Government T HETA CHI Ajoke...asmile...anAir Force story . . . a jaunt to Willi . . . that's good for Q. P.'s. Tr-German, N ewrnun. FREDERICK C. HALLBERG "Fred" Middle Haddam Engineering Ski Club, Glee Club. GEORGE G. HALLETT, JR. HEggieJ! Stonington Industrial Administration A mind that revolves around a question mark . . . a sailboat, and a spanking breeze. JOSEPH J. HALLIGAN Greenwich Business Administration BARBARA E. HALLIHAN "Bobby" Ansonia History KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Those engaging dimples . . . green eyes . . . Kappa's mailman . . . sure, I'll get you up . . . summer treks to New Hampshire. Sopb. V. Prer., Newman, Junior Counrelor, "Nutmeg", NOAH HALPER "Arky" New Haven English TAU EPSILON PHI Wake me at four . . . Chugalug . . . who's this Hemingway? . . . so I redoubled . . .Southworth over Aristotle. Bowling. WILLIAM O. HAMLIN Stratford Business Administration RICHARD J. HAMMERL "Dick" New Britain Civil Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Works enough, plays enough . . . let's go . . . dancing plus port and ginger . . . I'm just a quiet kid! ASCE, Tr-Debating, Engineerr, Tr- Glee Club, Newman, Sailing. HENRY F. HANMER "Pinky" Wetherslield Marketing THETA CHI Give my love to Nellie, jack . . . Freddie, where's your keys? . . . gimme a smoke . . . where's the albino? Canterbury, UCA, Tr-Soccer, Agri- culture. BARBARA W. HANNA "Bobbie" Bethel Sociology PHI MU Wee little mite . . . sweet smile . . . personality twice her size . . . advocates less homework for engi- neers . . . Q. P. kid. International Relations, Sociology, UCA. RICHARD W. HANNA fFDickH Bethel Government and International Relations Subtle . . . as Schenker says . . . set the alarm for 7:59 . . . pinball king . . . 800 pages to go . . . where's the car? "Campus", International Relationf, U WF, UCA. LEONARD W. HANSELL ffLenH East Hartford Horticulture ALPHA SIGMA PHI Horticulture. LUCY C. HANSEN IfLuIJ Storrs Home Economics KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Sincere in all she does . . . dancing brown eyes . . . cutest white rat in nutrition . . . 'neath a Kappa Sig moon. Home Economicr, "Nutmeg", UCA. LEE G. HANSON Bristol Engineering JACOB A. HAROIAN fr-lake!! Hartford History That studious look . . . history and bobby soxers, what a problem! . . . music is soothing . . . radio tubes and Hashbulbs. Education, International Relationr, WRUM. IRVING HARRIS "Irv" Bridgeport Insurance TAU EPSILON PHI I'm really livin' . . . what a doll . . . missed that class again . . . anyone going north. Hillel, lnrurance, Bowling. PAUL HARRIS "Poocb" Norwalk Marketing Fair to middlin' . . . that's a gut . . . how about another desert? . . . I'm tired, I've been sleeping too much! Crorr Country, Golf. JAMES M. HART uhm., Naugatuck Industrial Management ALPHA S1GMA PHI Bessie has troubles . . . we have a balance on hand . . . pucker up, Butch . . . I only play chords. Canterbury, SAM, UCA. JEAN F. HART, JR. rrRedU New Britain Psychology What d'you say? . . . got to mean- der . . . goin' north? Newman. HAROLD W. HASKO "Hank" Terryville Mechanical Engineering ASME. JOHN J. HARTIGAN, JR. ffHarpII North Branford Mathematics Got to get home to Marie . . . Gene Krupa on the drums . . . handy with figures . . . mathematics that is. Newman, Fife and Drum. WILLIAM R. HAYDEN "BillJ' Waterbury Mechanical Engineering KAPPA SIGMA Easy going . . . shy grin . . . hit the books . . . engineer emerges . . . gentle with the women, but watch out. ASME, Engineerr, Newman, Track. ROSE MARIE S. HAYES Danbury Zoology Table tennis enthusiast . . . keep calm! . . . my Drosophila . . . loves to sleep . . . coke for a clear complexion. Biology, Newman, Outing Club, Ski Club. JACK F. HEALY NR ed!! Willimantic Sociology Easy going . . . crime's nemesis . . . . ice, axe, piton, and rope. MARCELLA A. HEIGELMANN "Marcia" New Haven Physical Education KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kardinal Kappa . . . who'll get me up? . . . got along without you . . . tall, tan, terrihc . . . can't fight City Hall! Glee Club, P. E. Majorf, WAA, Women'J Varfily, Arcbery, Speed- ball, Swimming. JOHN D. HEINZMANN "jack" Berlin Electrical Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Where's my guessing pole? . . . happy . . . let's have a party . . . works C?J weekends . . . any- body going to the Hay Loft? SONIA M. HEIT "Sonny" Bridgeport English Sing to me . , . effervescent charm ...witty...theMikeandI... imaginative . . . intelligent . . . stop trying to influence me! "CampuJ", Education, Hillel, ISO, junior Counrelor, Radio Group, WHUS. MURRAY H. HENDEL ffM0,tU New London Accounting T AU EPSILON PHI Wanta hear a couple of pips? . . . laughing boy . . . more tea . . . you gotta have merit . . . I need water. German, Hillel. THEODORE S. HENDEL New London Business Administration ARTHUR L. HERRMANN Hartford Business Administration HERBERT B. HERSKOWITZ ffuefe Bridgeport History Hillel. as 155' isa .tw i J tl nails? I EW WILLIAM P. HIGGINS "Bill" Broad Brook Psychology SIGMA CHI Bow ties and argyles . . . A D Pi legacy . . . I've got nothing better to do . . . the select few. DOROLFHY HILL fflieelf Stratford Arts and Textiles Early morning riser . . . ardent archer . . . I'm off to the library . . . artistic touch . . . gee kids, I feel tremendous. Archery, UCA, Swimming. EARL P. HILL "Pancho" Middleton Insurance Here I am Baby . . . get the ping pong paddles. Aviation, Insurance, Outing Club, SAM, UCA, Tennis, Track. PAUL S. HIRSCHBERG "Hirsch" New Haven Economics Flunked another exam . . . missed an "A" by two points. CALVIN A. HOADLEY Ncalll Naugatuck Agricultural Engineering SIGMA CHI Yes, I'm an Aggie . . . hey, she's all riht . . . got a joke for you . . . you've got to realize! Agriculture, "Campus", Canterbury, "Nutmeg", UCA, Cross Country. FRANCIS H. HOAGLAND, JR. "Hoag" New London English ALPHA SIGMA PHI Beautiful wife, cute son . . . trumpet player . . . own dance band . . . artist of repute. ROTC Ojicersi JEANNE E. HOCHBERG "Hocb" Willimantic Physical Education DELTA ZETA Mrs. Murgatroid . . . live wire . . . perpetual smile . . . activities galore . . . woo-hoo . . . heis pretty . . . I got a letter! Aviation, Jun. Ex. Comm., Outing Club, P. E. Major.r', Players, WAA, Speedball, junior Counselor. EDWARD L. HOCHMAN HEdU New London Zoology Hillel, Zoology. E. HELEN HODGSON FFHEZJI Stratford Education ALPHA XI DELTA We're late . . . blondie . . . let's have a party . . . best we do . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . I'm lovin' this. Education, 4-H, Home Economics, Interfaitb, junior Counselor, Out- ing Club, UCA, Softball, Swimming. ROGER A. HOFFMAN - ffH0-gl! Woodstock Valley Wildlife Management JOHN A. HOLBROOK ffL0nU Westbrook History Waiting for a call . . . just a short nap . . . money? Itis just paper. CLIFFORD H. HOLDEN, JR. Groton Engineering RICHARD I. HOLDREDGE HR ed!! Groton Marketing Proof that married men can smile . . . Mr. Fuller's future brush and bristle personality boy . . . a clean sweep. SAM. ORA BELLE HOLDRIDGE . URidgyIl . Madison History P1 BETA PHI Outshines the stars . . . transcon- tinentalist . . . Charlie says . . . fighting Antiope . . . I'll study- sometime! Debating, junior Counselor, Pan- bellenic, Players, Radio Group, UCA, Speeclball. JOHN F. HOLLFELDER Hideki! SIGMA Nu New Britain Marketing What's the percentage . . . what's breakfast . . . finally heard about the library . . . back in I46 . . . gal at home . . . salubrious. "C", International Relationr, New- man, ROTC Ojficerf, Football. PRISCILLA L. HOLLISTER HHUZZJIJJ East Hartford Physics Scratch my back . . . race, religion, politics, and sex . . . birds, bugs, and bulls . . . reminds me of a joke. Stuclentf for Wallace, UCA. HARRY A. HOMICKI Hartford Arts and Sciences DONALD A. HOPKINS NHOPPQIU Wethersfield Physics A Can of brew . . . a physics prob- lem . . . an easy chair . . . better yet, sailing on the Sound. Pbyricr, Ski Club. NICHOLAS HOROCHIVSKY PfNicklJ Norwich Mechanical Engineering My Kingdom for a mechanical slide rule . . . what, no fenagle Cfemalel factor? . . . it works! . . . give me more time! UCA, ASME. EDWARD A. HORRIGAN, JR. HEdH East Haven Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Oooh, that haircut . . . a big heart . . . spreads it around . . . slays the ladies . . . lemme fix ya' up. "C", Newman, Ojficerr' Club, Jun. Ex. Comm., Football. MURIEL HORWITZ "Mickey" Hartford Government PI-II SIGMA SIGMA Phi Sig's orator . . . subtle humor . . . don't major in Government kids . . . sparkling eyes . . . respect- fully submitted. Archery, Hillel, "Nutmeg". VALERIE M. HOTCHKISS "Hitch" Nichols Dairy Production ALPHA XI DELTA Let's have a note . . . by Jove . . . not pinochle again! . . . hotcha-a. 4-H, Outing Club, Ski Club, UCA, WAA, Softball, Swimming. JOHN A. HOWELL rrfdcklu Bridgeport Electrical Engineering Too late now . . . next week we'll hit the books. AIEE, UCA. LEONARD J. HOWELL ffllenfl West Hartford Marketing KAPPA SIGMA I just gotta study . . . Hartford bound . . . beer and songs . . . the girlfriend is going to hate me . . . cripes! Glee Club, Tr-Glee Club, Tr-Lnter- national Relations, Tr-UWF. ALAN A. HOWLAND IFAYII! Warren Agricultural Economics JUSTINE A. HOXIE rrjinxv Hazardville Textiles and Arts PI BETA PI-II Speed Thee soloist . . . house bar- ber . . . characteristically clever . . . WadhamsLHoxie Inc .... loads of sparkle . . . just Jinx. Carollerr, Home Economicr, Junior Counrelor, "Campur", Univ. Cboir, Home Ec. Club. RUSSELL W. HOYT FIRHJJII North Haven Electrical Engineering Outing Club, Ski Club, UCA. PATRICIA A. HUBBELL rrpdtv Easton English PHI MU Tall -ho! . . . countr club cock Y Y ' tails . . . symphonic symposium . . . tailored in tweeds . . . Block and Bridle, "Nutmeg", Rid- ing, UCA, WAA, Women'J Var- Jity. HARRIS J. HULBURT, JR. "I-Iarryw Stafford Springs Dairy THETA X1 What I need is a good woman . . . how about a game of bridge? . . . whopee! . . . got some food? Banfl, Dairy, Engirieerr, Ski Club, UCA, WHUS, Track. DANIEL E. HULL "Homer" Stratford Wildlife Management LAMBA CHI ALPHA Oh Homer! . . . wine, women, and song. ROBERT A. HULL frB0bu Groton Marketing Baby face . . . sports enthusiast . . . I was only fooling . . . hot plate chef . . . jive hound. ROGER W. HUNT HR Og!! Forestville Dairy Production Roger the lodger . . . Forestville commuter . . . yeah, but listen . . . part-time politician . . . supper at Al's . . . hurry back. A griculture, AVC, Cbeer Leaderr. ROBERT H. HUNTER HBO!! Wethersfield Industrial Management Wha' hoppen? . . . who, who? you're no owl . . . what's new? . . . where is my A A book? Hf-Council, "Tower", SAM, H Barketball. ROBERT J. HURLEY "Bob" Southington Government KAPPA SIGMA Quien mucbo duerme . . . poco ap- prende . . . or, what's the use! LLUBMURT TROF, Newman, Football. ROBERT L. HURNEY ffB0bU West Hartford Accounting Wha hoppened? . . . oh, how I hate to get up for the three o'clock class! Newman, SAM. FREDERICK W. HURD "Freil" Torrington History Hey, Mope! . . . where's my slide rule? . . . time to knock off this studying . . . trun me da ball! SOREN C. IBSEN Hlbli Deep River Electrical Engineering Study . . . QPR . . . sleep . . . take off . . . home town girl . . . USNA ...shad...sober...snorer... squared away. GEORGE S. IDE New Haven Government There must be an easier way to make a living. DONALD L. INDORF ffD0nU Meriden Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHILIP M. ISAACS fIFlip!I New Haven Philosophy Boy genius . . . going to Willy? . . . that's my bet . . . sea breezes . . . perennial bachelor . . . red jacket, beret, and cane. Blue and White, "Campur", 'Free- lance", Symporium, "Tide", U WF, Tr- WriterJ'. FRANK J. ITALIANO Nprofll Pawcatuck Government Jimmy Fidler . . . the Yankees got it cinched . . . shorty . . . hi-ho silver. Tr-Frencb. ELAINE D. IVES "Lani" Mystic Sociology ALPHA XI DELTA I'n't that nice . . . modulate your voices . . . let's go . . . tommycoat gal . . . Madame President . . . hey, Lani, phone call. Canterbury, Glee Club, Interfaith, junior Counrelor, Outing Club, Playerr, Sociology, UCA. A HAROLD J. IVEY frHdZJ! New Haven Pre-Law An engaged man . . . Lois in Texas . . . ah! a letter . . . no moustache now . . . wish ir were September 1950. UCA. JOHN L. IZZO "johnny" Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering 'SIGMA CHI Never spent a week-end on campus . . . that well groomed look . . . got today's Thermo? . . . Engineering -bah! ASME, Engineerr, Newman.- LUCIAN J. JACHIMOWICZ HLOZ4!! New Britain Pre-Law Canit see it . . . shadru . . . Chat- tanooga choo choo . . . big Bertha Cool . . . blondes and polkas . . . fighter squadron. DAVID JACOBS Hartford Accounting NICHOLAS JACOBS "Nick" Danielson Electrical Engineering Canterbury, Outing Club, Ski Club, UCA, WRUM. ELLIS A. JACOBSON "Ellie" Elmwood Marketing P1-11 EPSILON P1 What a wild time . . . this is the end . . . more or less . . . the exten- sion was never like this. Hillel, WH US, H f-Dramatic. SHELDON E. JACOBSON fISbedJ! Norwich Zoology Hillel. EDWARD J. JANUSZEWSKI Ed!! New Britain Pre-Law Love to one, friendship to many, good will to all . . . why hurry . . . let's start an argument. International Relationr, Newman, Spanirb. CHARLES A. JAWORSKI "Cbarlie" Hazardville Civil Engineering Forgot my sliderule . . . didn't go to Trumbull . . . hey, Bohanan! . . . fair Q. P. R .... Masti's for coffee. ASCE, Engineerr, Matb, Newman. PAUL W. JENKINS, JR. nfenku Wilton Marketing What a deal! . . . it's getting rough- er all the time . . . I hear that sack calling me. Newman. HENRY JEPEAL "Hank" Hartford Government LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Sorry men, Hartford this weekend . . . our boy Hendry . . . I can get it cheaper. Newman, International Relations, Spanirb. SEYMORE L. JERUSS ffsyll New Haven Accounting PHI EPSILON P1 Usually seen with Rhyllis G .... conscientious . . . my kid brother Ed . . . serious joker . . . always studying figures . . . accountant. Band, Hillel, SAM. ALLEN C. JEWETT "Butch" Essex Bacteriology What are ya' doin', kid? . . . that's true . . . microscope and sym- phoies . . . how's it goin'? ALFRED A. JOHNSON HA!!! New London Civil Engineering Time to burn . . . camera fiend . . . pinball artist . . . coefficients . . . roots . . . decimal points . . . ex- ponents . . . fudge factors . . . slide rule slide! ASCE, Engineers, UCA. ALICE B. JOHNSON HAZ!! Wethersfield Foods and Nutrition KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Nordic charm . . . goodnight sere- nades . . . intercollegiate relations . . . don't fence me in . . . ten pointed diplomacy . . . chevie chase. Home Economics. ARTHUR R. JOHNSON HAI!!! Meriden Mechanical Engineering That three minute to eight take- off . . . zoom, zoom, bounce da' baby . . . just one! ASME, Engineery. CHARLES H. JOHNSON "I0bnnie" Waterford Spanish Quiet but nice . . . smooth dresser . . . dependable, reserved . . . Dolly! . . . travel and books. Newman, Spanitb. CHARLES R. JOHNSON ffB0bU Cromwell Mechanical Engineering Willington's snow drifts . . . one Sweed not soluble in Chemistry . . . farm isn't a bad spot . . . pen- nies for Peter. ASME. DAVID s. JOHNSON ffDa1!eH New Haven English See you Friday . . . magnificent but superfluous . . . I'll look it up . . . Beethoven and Jane Austen. Hillel, Playerr. EDWIN J. JOHNSON If I'Bigl Ed!! East Hartford Mechanical Engineering That's O. k. men . . . save 6 for me . . . and, say 8 o'clock . . . next time that is. ASME, Engineering Club, Ski Club, Outing Club. KENNETH W. JOHNSON ffBudH Woodbridge Psychology Woe, love . . . always be in there pitching, kid! . . . there's a limit . . . what's new? . . . secretary of Moaners Incorporated. ROBERT E. JOHNSON ffB0bU North Haven Dairy Production Jinity Crickets . . . I just missed a final . . . kinda' made ya' think a little bit, didn't I? Dairy. EDWARD T. JONES "Stud" Hamden Psychology SIGMA NU Let's go egg-up at Masti's . . . going South? . . . let's face it . . . real gone cannibal. Aviation, Prycbolo gy, Swimming, Tennis. NATALIE A. JONES "Nat" West Suffield Secretarial Studies ALPHA DELTA PI B. U. transfer . . . dreamy eyed girl . . . remember me to Harvard Square . . . the well laundered sorority pin. UCA. THOMAS A. JONES Hartford Business Administration WILLIAM J. JONES ffBudH Bridgeport Marketing Always take a second look . . . wine, women, song and books CPD . . . something strange there . . . don't be a schmoo. Newman, Sailing. JAMES J. JORDAN ffjimff Hartford Insurance Mad-man Muntz . . . keeps them buzzin' at the Motor Vehicles De- partment . . . foreman of North Campus construction. I nxurance, Newman. NOAH JOSEPH ffjoell New Britain Clinical Psychology Pxycbology. RAYMOND C. JOSEPHSON NRM., Farmington Wildlife Management THETA CHI Fort Trumbull-Lobster House with Joe, Alex, George . . . main camp and mothball coolers with George and Bob! Forerliy, Sailing, Shi Cluh. ROBERT J. JOY Waterbury Business Administration JAMES JULIAN Bristol Arts and Sciences JOEL A. KALAFA 'FWeegl7 Hartford Zoology PHI EPSILON PI B. cereus, Bull . . . boogie Woogie Condon boy . . . ambitious advo- vate of arduous study . . . has New Haven nemesis with "contacts". "Campus", Hillel, Mediator, "Nut- megv, WHUS. RICHARD A. KALLGREN ffDickH Berlin Dairy Production Transferred from Maine . . . dry humor . . . harmonica pete . . . give me those good old days. Alpha Phi Omega, Bloch and Briille, Dairy, Pi Alpha Sigma, UCA, Foolhall Mgr. KENNETH G. KAMENS ffKenU Meriden Marketing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Another "nadI' lad . . . did the alarm go off? . . . how great can the Network get . . . Isabel . . . intuitively obvious. ASCE, Engineerr, UCA, WHUS. FAY R. KARP West Hartford Arts and Sciences JOHN KASHANSKI, JR. "Rurrian" New London Sociology The beard . . . turtleneck sweater and cigarette holder . . . what's your hurry? . . . don't worry about it . . . listen, son. Sociology. ANN KASPER Bridgeport Sociology ALPHA DELTA PI Pebbles at the window . . . thatls my honey . . . small, sweet and sincere . . . a sweetheart of an SAE. Newman, Sociology, junior Coun- Jeloi. CHARLES J. KATAN "Charlie, Waterford Horticulture Hall II . . . studies when necessary, that's never . . . aw shucks! . . . you didn't ask me . . . let's go for a walk. Agiictulture, 4-H, Outing Cluh. HILDA D. KATZ "Kitten" Meriden French ALPHA EPSILON PHI Weekly haircut . . . endless sock knitter . . . only one pack a day now . . . perpetual eight o'clocks . . . AEPhi mermaid. Hillel, Spanirh, Education, "Nut- meg". IRWIN KATZ "IW" East Haddam Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI Where's Evelyn's letter? . . . whois going into N. Y, with me? Hillel, WHUS. ROBERT P. KATZ fIB0bI! Hartford Electrical Engineering Radio bug . . . what's this gizzie? . . . only sundial slide rule . . . con- cerned about his buddies . . . he shaves? . . . she'll do! IRE, Hillel, ISO. BENNETT P. KATZEN IfBuddy!J Hartford Economics PHI EPSILON P1 Scintillating siestas 'til 4 . . . Blue Hills Ave's likeable liberal . . . Bridgeport excursions with stops at Norwich . . . interesting instigator. Hillel. ALLEN Y. KAUFMAN HAZ!! Norwich Accounting Hillel. THOMAS M. KEANE "Tommy" Hartford Zoology THETA CHI Collie fancier . . . what is her name? . . . excellent bathroom bari- tone . . . Mayo, that's in the west part of Ireland. Biology, International Relationr, Newman, U WF, Young Democratr. WILLIAM L. KEATING HBH!!! New Haven Geology Newman. ROBERT M. KEAY "Munch" East Haven Electrical Engineering ALPHA SIGMA PHI Got an hour to kill . . . Gillespie and Kenton . . . have to get the car fixed. Band. LARRY E. KEARNEY New Britain Electrical Engineering SIGMA NU Kilowatt hours are a'wastin' . . . beat the rap . . . up at dawn, to sleep at midnight . . . perpetual motion. AIEE, IRE. DAVID KEELER "Dave" East Norwalk Accounting TAU EPSILON PHI Quit giving me a hard time . . . I think it's the generator . . . Ekonk and Voluntown . . . the Dodgers in '49 Aviation, Camera, Hillel, Mediator, WHUS. SYLVIA J. KEELER "Scotty" Ridgefield English ALPHA DELTA P1 Chicken . . . be right down . . . faithful reader of the Society Column . . . I always study best after one CA.M.J. "Camping, Bareball. GEORGE N. KEENEY "Gige" Waterford History THETA XI Only 378 pages to read for Andre tonight . . . ole Dan and I . . . have I misplaced your order yet? Newman, Education, P. E. Majorf. ROGER T. KELLEHER "PooclJ" Hamden Psychology ALPHA GAMMA RHO Gotta get in shape . . . don't be one way . . . I'm suffering from sheer fatigue . . . stay loose! Pryclaology, Swimming. MARJORIE J. KELLER ffMd!rgeU Bridgeport Nursing Lost in a good book . . . oh, my aching back! . . . let's play pinochle! . . . always fatigued and esurient. "Campar", UCA, White Caps. ROBERT KELLEY HB0bll Naugatuck Accounting ALPHA GAMMA RHO Who said set-back . . . smudge? . . . Coventry commuter. PETER J .KELLEY "Kell" Derby Marketing Let's spring this trap . . . let's go home and bounce . . . wherels the party? . . . what, no fire? International Relationr, Newman, SAM. THOMAS J. KELLY Willimantic Engineering HARRIET M. KEMMERER Berlin Chemistry The Dutchess . . . that tweedy look . . . I like collies myself. Amer. Chem., Swimming, Riding. ROBERT E. KENNEDY Storrs Agriculture SHIRLEY F. KENNEDY Chestnut Hill Arts and Sciences THOMAS J. KENNEDY !fT0m!! Bristol Engineering AIEE, Newman. JOHN S. KENNEY New Haven Electrical Engineering AIEE, Newman. SALLY S. KENNEY ffsdllyfl Waterbury Pre-Medicine ALPHA DELTA PI Dahling! . . . PenthouSAE parties . . . what Ivy League!? . . . blue Jonnywogs . . . Spoddeee . . . you know what?! . . . I love everybody . . . summer! school?? Biology, Debating, Frerb. Hitt., Glee Club, junior Counselor, New- man, Senate, WSGA, Young Re- publicanr. STANLEY H. KERESTES lfstanll Philadelphia, Pa. English Trailer Folks . . . high pressure salesman . . . shrnoo . . . hole in one . . . let's have a snort! . . . poppa puddles. GEORGE W. KIEHNLE "Ken" West Hartford Accounting TI-IETA CHI When I was in Hawaii . . . when does the golf season start around here? . . . debit and credit. Rifle, ROTC, SAM, UGA. ROWLAND R. KILLINGBECK ffledndylf Ansonia Civil Engineering How far to Salt Lake City? . . . get a load of that! . . . slide rule, bow-tie, and all. ASCE, Canterbury, Engineerr, Glee Club. BERNARD L. KILLION !fBerny!l West Hartford Electrical Engineering Chinese philosophy and Western friendliness . . . always on the go . . . feet seldom touch the ground . . . have any aspirin? AIEE, ARCS, Band, sat czat, UGA. ROBERT M. KIMBERLEY HKimh' Stamford Forestry THETA CHI Go West . . . we three . . . bugs-n- trees. Forertry, Football, Softball. IRIS N. KIMBLE "Inkie" Springdale Arts and Textiles PI BETA PHI Mad artist . . . dreamer . . . sh! . . . the man I love . . . personal history major . . . queen of the pool . . . yang-yin. Art Workshop, "Campu,f", Swim- ming. MARVIN B. KIRSCHMAN HMu7,pbf1' Meriden Accounting SIGMA NU Bigger and better booters . . . c'mon, we'll ride . . . Storrs smoothie . . . like a light, beaming all over . . . wanta coke? "C", Canterbury, Mediator, Outing Club, UCA, Ski Club, Soccer. WALTER C. KIRSCHMAN, JR. "Walt" Meriden Forestry SIGMA NU Woodman, spare that tree . . . don't fence me in . . . get on the ball . . . conscientious but easy-going. Canterbury, Forestry, UCA, Soccer. ROBERT G. KIRSHENBAUM ffKdyeU New London Marketing PI-I1 SIGMA DELTA Now, coach? . . . fair weather driver . . . Cadillac with a K . . . skiing and songs. Hillel. DOROTHY C. KISCO "Dot" Stratford Arts and Textiles ALPHA DELTA P1 The way you'd like to look . . . week-end jaunts . . . night owl . . . creative talents . . . gorgeous big blue eyes. Ar! Workrbop, Home Economicf. DONALD D. KISSELL ffl-Iobv Branford Civil Engineering ASCE, Engineerr, Newman. RUTH KLAUSNER "Rumi" Waterbury Marketing Small, dark, vivacious . . . keen sense of humor . . . gimmea hair- cut! . . . guess what happened to me on the phone! "Begnalight", Wh-Dramatics, Socio- Economicr, Wb-Glee Club, Hillel. ALBERT E. KLETZ HA!!! Greenwich Chemistry PH1 SIGMA DELTA Labs and lines, work and winesg week-ends of cheer, Mondays of fear. ALAN KLIGERMAN HAI!! New Haven Accounting TAU EPSILON PHI Let's face it . . . it's up to you as an individual . . . c'mon, smile, will ya. Frerb. Treat., Hillel, Intramural, Spanirh, Football. ROY F. KNOFLA "Beano" Manchester Industrial Management Shuffle the cards, gas money . . . Duffy, going to class?-me neither . . . we need a fourth . . . jazz man. "Nutmeg", Playerr, SAM, "Tide", WRUM. ROBERT H. KN OWLES "Bob" Bethel Marketing Want a coffee? . . . got room for me to move in? . . . what a snap. Newman. ALEX P. KOGER HAZ!! Hartford Industrial Administration SIGMA CHI Let's face it . . . just a lobster on a bun . . . what happened? Newman, SAM. EDWARD G. KOGUT "Eddie" Union City Electrical Engineering l'll say! . . . there must be an easier way . . . she's different . . . tell me all you know. Wb-Barketball, Wh-Bareball. SAMUEL M. KOLAGO ffsdml! New Haven Chemistry l'm hungry . . . that cute smile . . . I just gotta have another cigar- ette . . . rhumba, samba, tango, whoopee . . . Malaguena. Amer. Cloem. CARL A. KOLB "Beaker Breaker" Waterford Chemistry Newman. JOHN J. KOLEGA H10 bnnyv West Haven Agricultural Engineering Hot Shots . . . south campus oper- ator to North campus hibernator . . . instigator with a halo . . . bulb snatcher. Dairy, Math, Newman. ALEXANDER J. KORPALSKI "Ishii" Ansonia History Newman, U WF. LOUIS KONOFF "Lou" New Haven Civil Engineering What does it all mean? Tr-Plailorophy. MICHAEL KOPEK ffmaef Stamford Finance Tr-Pbilofoplay, Tr-Sociology. MELVIN KOSOWSKY ffMel!l New Haven Marketing Motto: Better than DUZ. JOSEPH F. KOTKOWSKI ffjoeff Derby Electrical Engineering Hiya! . . . never put off anything to be done tomorrow that can be done today, unless your an engineer . . . keep at it. AIEE, IRE, Newman. ROBERT F. KOWALCZYK "BoatJ" Wallingford Business Administration ALPHA GAMMA RHO Football. PHILLIP KOZDK Hartford Arts and Sciences LEE E. KRAMARCZYK "Babe" New Haven Accounting A plague on the Irish . . . 1et's give Reilly the business . . . gotta go home this weekend. Newman. LEONARD A. KRAUSE "Lenny" East Hartford Zoology PHI SIGMA KAPPA That "SO happy" look . . . Calverts and ginger . . . I da'know . . . it's not right . . . he's mad! Senate. THEODORE KRAVITZ ffTeddyl! New Haven Zoology T AU EPSILON PHI Whois got a nickle . . . gotta call Syl . . . the trouble with education . . . connoisseur of pipes and tobacco. Banal, Biology, Hillel, Hillel Play- em, Playen, Sociology, Ti'-French, LLUBMURT TROF. JULIA L. KREIS "julie" Essex English KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Frank-Friendly . . . with a song in her heart . . . prexy with per- sonality . . . all you want her to be. Carolleis, WSGA. ESMOND M. KRONICK p "Ezzie" Hartford Bacteriology Aw, stick around fellas . . . mad mechanic . . . lives for weekends . . . smiles like Danny Kaye . . . want the car, Sam? Hillel. SEYMOUR KROOPNICK HK,r00p!l Hartford Government PHI EPSILON P1 Irrepressible irrationality . . . popu- lar guy . . . "When I was in high schooll' . . . sentimental Senator Sam. Band, Hillel, International Rela- tiony, Senate. CHESTER S. KRYSPIN "Chet" Stamford Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Five thousand isn't enough . . . how's the corporation? . . . wake me up early . . . let's go to Louie's. THADDEUS G. KUCHINSKI Thompsonville Business Administration EDWARD J. KULICK ffEdI! Hartford Finance Newman, Tr-Plailoroplay ANTHONY J. KURYLO HRdtIJ Wallingford Wildlife Management Don't rush me man, I'm under pres- sure here . . . I'm neglecting my rest! . . . learnt two things that UIUC. Forertry. ALEXANDER KUZMUK "Kaz" Waterbury Industrial Management Great life . . . Bach to Bop . . . that's it, brother . . . everythings opinion. Socio-Economict. ANTHONY E. LA BELLA ffNinU Middletown Zoology SIGMA NU At home with both Tagliavini or Gillespie . . . Shangri-la's "bull- plungerl' on the gridiron . . . cut it out, will ya. "C", Bareball, Football. JEROME LABINGER "jerry" Bridgeport Accountiing TAU EPSILON PHI Ekonk and Voluntown . . . holy mackerel! . . . wine, women, and Billy Eckstein . . . no more blind dates! Hillel. WILLIAM J. LACY "Bill" Wallingford Chemistry How are you, my boy? . . . Pat and I . . . Chem lab, here I come . . . hello, Tracy, Macy, Casey. Amer. Cbem., ISO, International Relationr, N ewman, Spanirb, "Tow- er". VINCENT L. LAMBERTI "Vinny" New Haven Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Give somebody else a break . . . go to work . . . clear the desk. N ewman. GRACE J. LA MONICA "Grace" Torrington Nursing I thought I'd die! . . . I laughed! ...see ya... thay now! Glee Club, R. N., ISO. ALBERT A. LANDINO "Slim" New Haven Civil Engineering Let's shoot for coffee . . . thank you, Mr. Bones! . . . we support Marklin's . . . transferring to Busi- ness . . .-love my roommate. ASCE, Engineerr. ERNEST J. LANE Noroton Business Administration ANDREW LANGFORD rrAndyJ! Hartford Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Read me the Suflleld section . . . never again . . . hey Benny, is this iron? . . . South Campus Country Club pro. Ski Club. KERWIN D. LANZ ffKer!l Hamden Electrical Engineering Girl trouble . . . who's got a ride? . . . slide rule on his mind . . . clean kid . . . shave someday . . . maybe marry. UCA, AIEE. WILLIAM F. LANZONI HBH!!! Hamden Industry Coffee and . . . what do you say? . . . wife, golf, and travel. Golf, SAM. SAUL LAPPEN New Haven Accounting Grin a whole face wide. . . Dora on his mind . . . gotta do my cost . . . c'mon, Katz, roll out! Band, Hillel, ISO. JOHN LAPUT ' !fPutU Stratford Industrial Administration At Trumbull he did shine, Wisconsin-women and wine, UConn, a sheepskin he did find. SAM, Prycbologyl UWF,. Glee Club. HENRY E. LARSON "Hank" Glenbrook Accounting DUDLEY N. LATHROP HDZMJH Norwich Industry One of those commuters! . . . too busy at home with wife and kid . . . dislikes off-schedule exams. JASON LATHROP Plainfield Horticulture WALTER D. LAUTTENBACH Hwdltll New Haven Accounting Silver Streak . . . no U turns . . . asbestos bathrobe . . . looks like rain . . . dirty teacups? . . . Say- brook via Model "B" . . . gabby. Bowling, Newman. ADOREE M. LAVIGNE Waterbury Nursing ALPHA DELTA P1 Loyal to Sigma Nu . . . sparkling brown eyes and curly hair . . . you know what I mean! . . . archery fiend. Archery, Newman, White Caps. PETER LAZAR "Lefty" Bridgeport Marketing ALPHA SIGMA PHI Let's take a break . . . give me a "U" . . . Dizzy, Stan, and Be-Bob . . . c'mon, this is rne. Tr-Philoyoplry, Tr-Sociology, Tr- Spanirb, Tr-Barketball. MORTON S. LAZARUS ffM0,rl.yU Stamford Electrical Engineering You'd look funny without a head . . . don't wake me! . . . "But- ton" . . . four letters a day . . . stoop and shove. AIEE, Engineerx, International Re- lationr, Managers, WHUS, Bare- ball. JULIO H. LEANDRI rrjulell Groton Industrial Management KAPPA SIGMA Sport coats and ties . . . what's your girl doing tonight? . . . how about a date? . . . always flunking with A's. Inrnrance, Newman, ROTC Ojjzi- cerf, SAM. FRANK A. LECHMAN, SR. Stafford Springs Insurance Don't hide your light under a bushel basket . . . look prosperous and you'll feel prosperous. Inrnrance, N ewman, ROTC Ojficerr' STANLEY LECHOWICZ "Mark" Hartford Industrial Management Smoke! . . . what smoke? . . . I quit smoking . . . that's a low fog. CARLETON B. LEES "Carl" Hartford Plant Science Horticulture, "Pencraft". ERNEST A. LEFEBVRE, JR. "Ernie" Bristol Accounting KAPPA SIGMA The greatest . . . let's go to Hart- ford . . . Bobbie . . . must see the bright lights . . . take it slow. "C", Mediator, Newman, Football. ALFRED J. LEGAULT ffjoell Manchester Insurance jeet? . . . Monday morning quar- terback . . . Red Sox the best. I nxarance, Newman. WILLIAM F. LEGAULT "Bill" Manchester Insurance Hey cook! . . . pathway to 420 . . . good listener. Inrnrance, Newman. RAYMOND A. LEGENZA HRWH Thompsonville Mathematics SIGMA NU Two o'clock hitter . . . game starts at three o'clock. "C", Math, Mediator, Newman, P. E. Majorf, Baseball, Football. LAMBERT LENHARDT "Lenny" Waterbury Electrical Engineering Benny's Maxwell has nothing on my Nellie . . . twist my arm first! . . . won't Saturday ever come? Engineers, IRE. RUSSELL D. LESIW "Rim" Ansonia Chemistry There must be an easier way to get educated . . . majoring in confusion . . . I'm off to lab. Amer. Cbem. UCA. BERNARD F. LEVINE "Bernie New Haven Pre-Dental PHI EPSILON P1 Wildroot . . . 10:30 special, on time . . . the shuffler . . . here's my twenty . . . sincere, witty . . . al- ways eating out. JACOB LEVY Hartford Engineering WALTER LEVY Abington History Debating, Fencing, German, Soc- cer. CARL B. LEWIS, JR. Willimantic Business Aministration NAN E. LEWIS HNMZU West Hartford English ALPHA EPs1LoN PHI Second lovely . . . alarm clocks don't scare me . . . girl woman . . . life of the party . . . gay wit. Hillel, International Relationx, Pan- bellenic. PAUL E. LEWIS ffpefrryll Hartford Accounting T AU EPSILON PHI Sayings baby, doll . . . youlre fined 551 . . . double duty . . . likeable fellow . . . indirectly R., directly M. Hillel. SYDNEY M. LIBBY ffsydll Rockville Marketing TAU EPs1LoN PHI Quiet Wit . . . always a grin . . . the Rockville shooter . . . so her brother said to me . . . you old reprobate. Hillel, Students for Wallace, Zion- irtr. HENRIETTA I. LICHT "Henni" New Britain Mathematics Whose buzzer? . . . well integer- grated math major . . . ambitious . . . gopher summer school . . . souvenir collector . . . sound sleep- er . . . practices curvilinear ambu- lation. "CampiiJ", Education, Hillel, Inter- faitb, Matb, Arcbery. WILLIAM M. LIEBLER "Bill" Glastonbury Agriculture Economics THETA XI Bull . . . Club 36 . . . hatcher- man . . . we're losing the atmosphere . . . you want him?, he isn't around . . . that's nuttin! . . . painter. ' Blocle and Bridle, Grange, Newman. OSCAR P. LIEBREICH, JR. Waterbury Marketing SAM. WILLIAM P. LIN D ffpetefl Greenport, N. Y. Business Administration Barketball. EMILIE M. LINDERME "Babe" Portland Home Economics Education PHI MU Football scrimmages . . . Pontiac in her life . . . drinks coffee black . . . my 5558.00 chair! . . . one of the 10,000-Sigma Nu. Art Worbrbop, Canterbury, Educa- tion, Home Econornicf, UCA. JOHN A. LINKLETTER Hldinkll New London Mathematics KAPPA SIGMA The sack rat of Kappa Sig . . . greatest laugh . . . Casanova kid . . . "I'm handsome" . . . "goin' to minor Government." Football, Matb Club. TOBIA L. LIPSHER IPT0b-fy!! New Haven Psychology New Haven has everything . . . laconic, to put it mildly . . . the eyes have it . . . 1et's study, tomor- row! Hillel, Playerf, Pfycbology, WH US. JOHN H. LITTER, JR. Windsor Business Administration ROBERT G. LITZ East Hartford Arts and Sciences RICHARD W. LODGE "Dick" Riverton Industrial Management THETA CI-II The Yankees can't lose . . . pinochle expert . . . educated wave . . . sports enthusiast . . . watch that stuff boy! Bareball, Senate, Mediator. ROBERT J. LODGE ffB0bU Farmington Government Do I have troubles! . . . mind if I eat in here? . . . hey fellas, time to get up. HERBERT H. LOEWITH ffBudJ! Fairfield Accounting T AU EPSILON PHI Fort Trumbull was never like this! . . . anyone going North? . . . come on, Uconn! Hillel Players, Prycbology, Ski Club, SAM, Sociology. MARILYN J. LONDON Hartford English . . . who loves better than the earth, wild plum at night. Fencing. JAMES E. LONGO ffjimfl Waterbury History That sly unfathomable smile . . . you know what I mean . . . what's new, Slugger . . . phones in his Courant deadlines, nightly. S ocio-Econornicr, "Begnaligbt", Edu- cation, International Relationr, Wb- Drarnaticr. GEORGE P. LOOBY "Loob" Middletown Dairy Production THETA XI How stupid can you get? . . . Nut- meg Fountain nemesis. Banil, Dairy, Agriculture, UCA. VAL A, LOPER Fairfield Arts and Sciences ROBERT F. LORCH ffB0bJJ New Britain Psychology KAPPA SIGMA QP's, a Delta Zeta, and a Piano . . . quiet, friendly . . . off campus week- ends. Band, N ewrnan. BARBRARA A. LOWELL "Tweetie" Waterbury Arts and Textiles KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Just a few minutes more sleep, kids . . . I'm off to New Haven this weekend . . . Sigma Chi sweet- heart. Playerx, U CA. FLORENCE R. LUBOYESKI rrFl0Jl Thomaston Business Education KAPPA ALPHA THETA A dynamic dream . . . bewitching charm . . . vivacious, good-natured with a trace of stubborness . . . a veritable siren. Arcb ery, Edu cation, Newman, "Nutmeg" S bi Club, Basketball, junior Counselor. CALVIN R. LUCAS Hcdlll Seymour Civil Engineering Lukewarmly yours . . . White Plains . . . short and dynamic . . . peach pomade . . . poor man's Frankie Lane . . . must be dynamic tension. ASCE, Engnieers, Glee Club, UCA. JOHN LUCHS, JR. Jamestown, N. Y. Civil Engineering JANICE O. LUDKO New Britain Bacteriology Joan's joy . . . it was all right . . . let's live dangerously . . . potty . . . nutty as a fruit cake . . . mind- well hidden! Biology, Playerr, Canterbury, R. N. PAUL W. LUDWIG "Ludie" West Hartford Insurance SIGMA NU Gotta get a C! . . . Hooker House express . . . no kidding? . . . no more skipping classes . . . let's get some beer! "Campus", Insurance, Cross Coun- try. ROBERT S. LUDWIN Windsor Locks Arts and Sciences EDWARD G. LUNDBERG "Swede" West Hartford ' Business Administration THETA CH1 ALFRED D. LUPINACCI "Fred" Stamford Insurance Get me up at seven . . . ha! ha! . . . Q. P.'s--what are they? . . . give me a break, will ya? lnfurance, SAM. PETER J. LUPOLI ffllupefl New Haven Electrical Engineering How about thermodynamics? . . . want some help with the problem? . . . you Arts and Sciences people with your easy life . . .that test was tough. AIEE, Engineers, IRE. MARJORIE A. LYNCH HMidgeN West Hartford English P1 BETA PH1 St. Patrick herself . . . scintillating wit . . . midnight debates . . . ob- stinate? Archery, Badminton, Debating, Education, Newman, "Nutmeg", Panbellenic, Spanirb, Speedball. T. CRAWFORD MQICALLISTER fr M d cv Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering OH like a herd of turtles . . . this slide rule's off . . . huh! . . . what happened? Engineers. ARNOLD M. MacKINNON "Scotty" Danbury Electrical Engineering Baldish but not barren . . . aren't you from - . . . a one gal man. PHILLIP MACKLER New Haven Arts and Sciences WILLIAM J. MACKO "Bill" Bridgeport Civil Engineering A friend to the end. ASCE. 67 GEORGE M. MacWILLIAM NMJZCU Hartford Marketing Say a few words . . . that's enough . . . who's your friend? . . . I'd love to, but my wife won't let me. "Tide", WRUM. P. TIMOTHY MADISON ffTim2! Hartford Insurance Very modest . . . quiet . . . future success in business because of his personality . . . ability and oh that smile!! I nfiirance, U C A. ETHEL MADWED "Ethel" Bridgeport Sociology Tall, dark, and deceptively dignified . . . subtle humor . . . serenity per- sonified . . . an asset to any group. Hillel, Sociology. MAX MAEROWITZ South Norwalk Chemistry TAU EPs1LoN PHI Amer. Chem., Hillel. WILLIAM M. MAGEE HBH!!! Waterbury Chemistry Bill was always ready to do a friend a favor . . . his unselfish manner won him many friends. Amer. Chem. SIMON MAGID ffsilf' New Haven Accounting TAU EPs1LoN PHI Keep it down to a roar . . . have a heart . . . take a slow boat to China . . . you'll live! Hillel. GEORGE E. MAHER Ansonia Industrial Administration Don't lose you . . . fa-get about it . . . what a doll . . . what a night for love . . . don't push. RAYMOND J. MAHONEY HRWU New Haven History LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Whos got a belt? . . . get out! . . . this is just a picayune point, but! . . . yak it up. Newman. FRANK MALINCONICO HMKZZU West Haven Marketing SIGMA CHI What, walk to South Campus? . . . ya gotta have it . . . but I did shave! Newman, Basketball, Soccer. LOIS MALKIN New Haven Nursing WARD R. MALKIN "Bah" East Norwalk Economics KAPPA SIGMA Great scott! . . . turn on the radio, I want to study . . . when he be happy, so be you. Spaniyh, UCA, WHUS. JOHN W. MALONE "Bill" Georgetown Mechanical Engineering Horizontal fortitude . . . 60,000 women can't be wrong . . . speak little . . . what's love? . . . greatest guy in the world, ask me. l LEONARD J. MANCHUCK "Lennie" Rockville Accounting Newman. LEONARD J. MANCIN I HLenH Waterbury Looka there, ain't she pretty? . . . it's muscle . . . go 'way, I've got work to do. AIEE, Engineers. DIANE L. MANDELL "Donni" Hartford Psychology ALPHA EPSILON PHI Bridge fiend extraordinaire . . . subtle humor . . . loves to laugh . . . I'll never tell! . . . loyal to the green and white! Hillel, Pryclaology, Sociology. FRANCIS J. MANFREDI "Frank" Bridgeport Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineen, Newman. JOSEPH E. MANTIGLIA "Manny the Mii.rcle" North Haven Electrical Engineering Oh, for the life of a civilian! AIEE, Newman, UWF. DORIS R. MARCUS "DoriJ" Norwich Public Health Nursing Let's break for coffee . . . what're you going to the library for? . . . who's got problems? . . . in my experience. Hillel, R. N. SHERMAN A. MARCUS "Sl9erm" West Hartford Zoology PI-II SIGMA DELTA Give ya a clue . . . five o'clock shadow at three . . . let's face it . . . able wit and a dynamic per- sonality. Hillel, Biology, Mediator, Intra- murals. KENNETH C. MARD Bridgeport Engineering ELDEN E. MARKS "Harpo" Manchester Business SIGMA CHI RICHARD L. MARINELLI "Dickf' Southington Poultry THETA XI Newman, Bankioa. DONALD G. MARSH ffDOnU New Milford Mechanical Engineering Slipstick + Handbook : Engineer. UCA. BERNARD J. MARSHALKA "Bernie" Waterbury Marketing Going home? . . . any room? . . . swell! . . . turning those pages makes too much noise! Newman. ELEAN OR M. MARSHALL ffE!lyU Shelton Home Economics Education Whitney's confidante . . . those ex- pressive eyes . . . five miles for a meal . . . c'mon in . . . gee, What'll I do next? Education, Home Economist, New- man. E. WELLS MARTIN, JR. ffMdrZyJI . Orange Pomology SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON What is it with ou? . . s ider Y - P . . . who will I rush now? . . . wish we had a hockey team. 4-H, Frerlo. V. Pier., Mediator, Foot- ball. FLOYD E. MARTIN, JR. ffslimll Waterbury Psychology Scholarly until 10:00 a.m., after that preoccupied . . . psych. course victim. Prychology, Sociology, Golf. WILLIAM R. MARTINELLI Waterbury Business Administration D 69 RAYMOND L. MARTINO "Batch" Waterbury Mathematics Italian, S o ftball. FRANCIS G. MASON "Frank" Darien Electrical Engineering My old pal E. E. Isruif . . . let's go eat . . . what gets me is . . .week- end, what's that? CLIFFORD MASOVSKY ffclijll Torrington Accounting TAU EPSILON PHI Luigi's, Charlie's?, no Julius' . . . foggy glasses, excuse me . . . eco- nomics is basic? . . . Torrington floods. Tr-Hillel. JAMES P. MASTERSON, JR. White Plains, N. Y. Electrical Engineering SIGMA CHI JOSEPH MASTRONI Ujoell Bridgeport Accounting While we're waiting . . . that's life . . . true! Newman. CLAYTON MATI-IER ALBERT P. MAURO "Little Pete" New Haven Electrical Engineering SIGMA NU Hey, ya know wat? . . . whosa yo name? . . . nobody see, ma I see . . . gee! whew! . . . that's stupid. Engineerr, AIEE, "Nntmeg". SAMUEL B. MAY HBill,'l Granby Sociology THETA CHI SAM. HENRY T. MAZON HHdnkU Greenwich Insurance First time today . . . what's the limit in this game? . . . that long frosted one. Inrnrance, Tr-Newman, Tr-Pl9il- ofopby. JOHN J. MCCLOSKEY ffMacI! Windsor Locks Government Keep a cool head . . . don't worry about it . . . is this the head? . . . pish-posh. International Relationf, Newman, German. ROBERT MCCLURE RICHARD MCCORMACK ARTHUR J. McDONALD UMM!! Stamford Industrial Management A bull caught in a bear market . . . came to college to find out "what's the scoop?" Economicr, Chen, Newman, SAM. EDWARD D. McDONALD ffMdcU Stamford Mechanical Engineering Analytical . . . logical . . . dynamic . . . intellectual . . . slightly modest. ASME, Debating, Engineerr, New- man, SAM, Economic! Forum, Tr- Pbiloroplay. JOHN MCDONALD JOHN R. MCPARLAND rrMaCH Hamden Education ALPHA SIGMA PHI Mom, put on the coffee . . . it's going to be a long night . . . hearts? . . . got no meld. Band, Bowling, Tr-Glee Club, Tr- Spanifb. WILLIAM MCGARR "Bill" Hartford Marketing ALPHA PHI OMEGA All instructors are guilty until proven innocent . . . sorry, girls, I'm married . . . I earned an 'A". "Campus," Newman, SAM. NORMAN S. MCGEE, JR. "Norm" Westport Marketing THETA CHI The Old Songs . . . eight more, Ben . . . for God, country, and the "Yellow Dogs". Blue and Wbite, Canterbury. ISOBEL MCGUFFIE ffBel,'l Waterbury Art and Textiles ALPHA DELTA PI Kappa Sig Girl . . . vivid starry beauty . . . the Owl Club . . . line of chatter . . . shall I go to class? Home Economics, UCA. JOSEPH A. MCGUINESS New Britain Arts and Sciences GEORGE R. MCKENNA Central Village Arts and Sciences WILLIAM C. MCKERNAN rrMdcxx West Haven Sales and Marketing Newman JOHN L. MCLAUGHLIN HMM!! Meriden Mechanical Engineering Gotta stud . . get out' . . pow y . . . , pow . . . can't see lf . . . thas all, brother. Newman. WILLIAM C. MCLAUGHLIN HRedll Meriden Electrical Engineering SIGMA CHI AIEE, Fife and Drum, Newman. EDWARD L. MCSALLY, JR. rrMdcJl Norwalk Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Laughs, gripes, always moving . . . I'll just have to straighten these profs out . . . ever hear the one about. Newman. JAMES F. MEENAN ffjimll Bridgeport Physical Education SIGMA NU Long distance romance . . .make mine a tall coke . . . what'll Adoree say . . . gotta get a job . . . Lucky Jim. "C", Newman, P. E. Majorf, Foot- ball. EDWARD S. MELLEY ffEdU Hartford Government Just good friends . . . it's getting thinner, isn't it? . . . I'll get a hat . . . related to King Henry O'Neill. International Relations, Newman, U WF, Young Democratt. EBBA J. MELROSE ffEbN West Hartford History Soft brown eyes . . . charming and elfin-like . . . the play's the thing . . . loves to go to the Dentist. Hillel, Players, H f-Frencb, Political Science. DONALD P. MEMALE "Mem" Stamford Zoology THETA XI Still waiting? .... get off my back . . . can't judge a man by his failure . . . he might'a been honest! Newman, Zoology, Football. GEORGE A. MENEGUS "Georgie" Guilford Accounting T HETA CHI Special interest in Conn. College . . . worries over exam marks . . . always on the run. Newman. HOWARD L. METCALF "Howie" Tolland Civil Engineering Them's good odds . . . my slide rule says its right . . . a quiet girl and soft music . . . howdy bub. ASCE, Engineerr, Rifle. JOSEPH J. M1cEL1 V Hloeu New London Industrial Management Sea stories . . . where ya' been, Joe, ROTC? . . . platonic friendship? . . . what ya' got to eat? Intramaral, Newman, ROTC Oji- ceri. ROBERT H. MICHAUD .'fB0b,',' West Hartford Civil Engineering What a life . . . never had it so good . . . perfect mail service . . . gotta write my honey! ASCE, Swimming. JOHN G. MICHIEWICZ Ansonia Arts and Sciences JOHN G. MIKE "Johnnie" Bridgeport Electrical Engineering AIEE, Engineerr, IRE, Tr-Pbil0.r- opby, Sailing. EMIL M. MIKOLAJCIK UMM!! Colchester Dairy Manufacturing In the world, a man must be a hammer or nail . . . un hum! . . . I'm telling you! A gricaltare, Dairy, Newman. GEORGE A. MIKULKA Bridgeport Electrical Engineering Smart dress . . . keen wit . . . a cheery smile that's winning . . . slide rule takes a holiday . . . since when is kissing sinning. Boating, Newman. ELSIE E. MILARDO Old Saybrook English DELTA ZETA It's freezing . . . come to class, Evie . . . seriously thinking of transfer- ring to Holy Cross . . . better days are coming. Frencb, Interfaitb, Italian, New- man, Basketball, Field Hockey. ARTHUR R. MILLER rrArtlJ Ansonia Accounting C anterbary, Oating Clab. FRANCIS B. MILLER "Frank" Bridgeport Accounting Hard work-hard play . . . life in a trailer! . . . lots to do in life . . . world, here we come! SAM, Newman. SALLY J. MILLER ffsdlll Prospect Physical Education PHI MU I wish Ray would call . . . I have to go to a meeting . . . that bub- bling laugh . . . come on kids. Newman, Panbellenic, P. E. Majorf, Riding, Swimming. PASQUALE M. MINERVINI Hamden Engineering STANLEY J. MITZ, II "Sian" Hartford Government LAMBDA CHI ALPHA RICHARD D. MOCHRIE ffM0cll Chelmsford, Mass. Dairy Production SIGMA CHI Bridge-any place, any time . . . a good deal depends on a good deal . . . ten acres and Helene . . . see ya'. Block and Briclle, "C", Dairy, Foot- ball. DONALD N. MOLCHAN "Moe" New Britain Business Management SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Get it up old man! . . . he hit you where? . . . guitar virtuoso . . . cigar and scotch diet. JOSEPH MOLNAR ffM0eH Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering Sum of the currents equal zero . . . slide rule burnt up . . . F:ma . . . water runs down hill . . . slow death. ASME, Newman. RICHARD R. MoLT ffnae' West Hartford Zoology Party is his middle name . . . 1et's have a song for old Eli . . . oh those bagpipes! HILDA MONAGHAN "Hilda" Waterbury Home Economics ALPHA XI DELTA Irish? . . . artistic talent . . . where's my curler? . . . sarcasm will get you nowhere! . . . UCW forever . . , "Begnaligbt", "Campar", Wb-Dra- malicr, Wb-Glee Club, Home Eco- nomicr, Ianior Coanrellor, Wb- Newman, Newman, Players. ELIZABETH A. MONAHAN ffLizU Thomaston Government KAPPA ALPHA THETA Had I the wings of an angel . . . what would I do with them? . . . next semester? , Archery, Newman, Ski Club, WAA, Barketball. ANTHONY N. MON TANO f'T0nylI Hartford Accounting Now what's wrong? . . . ever smil- ing . . . but Paris . . . was a rough exam . . . on the road to Hartford. Newman. ARNOLD N. MOORE PfArn!l Clinton Psychology How're ya doini? . . . movies in Willi . . . Beethoven and Barbara Stanwyck . . . let's eat. THOMAS S. MOORE HT. 5.7! Tolland Accounting Is it green or blue? . . . have you seen the accounting problems! WILLIAM J. MOORE "Bill" Bristol Industrial Management KAPPA SIGMA Go man go . . . handsome brawny football hero . . . I'll never lose my fraternity pin . . . Bop fan. "C", Newman, Bareball, Football. ARLENE C. MOOREHOUSE Waterbury Marketing That girl with the braids . . . charming and sweet she is. Newman, Psychology. JOHN T. MORAN fflackfl Waterbury Civil Engineering ALPHA GAMMA RHO Head S. A. P. S .... Jack Sprat . . . sunbeam . . . that's not fat, it's muscle, ASCE, Newman. LOUIS J. MORENO HDOCU New Canaan Zoology KAPPA SIGMA I wish you hadn't said that . . . do I ever don't feel like doin' nothin' . . . I got a letter! HENRY R. MORGAN "Hank" Stamford English KAPPA SIGMA T'was a dark and stormy night . . . ah, those seabreezes . . . Lover Boy. Blue and White. GEORGE R. MORRIS Hamden Industrial Management SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Cleaning! . . . pressing! . . . gotta hurry . . . big doings . . . howfs your car? . . . well study tomorrow. Rifle, Rounal Table, Senate. JORDAN J. MOSSEY "Hey, You!" Westport Forestry SIGMA ALPHA EPs1LoN "Smoke on the horizon!" . . . bow ties and levis . . . WSAE station manager . . . travels to tall timber, Theta, too! Aviation, Forertry, International Relationr, Newman, Sailing, "Tide", UCA, WHUS. LOUIS A. MOUCHA HL0uIl Stafford Electrical Engineering What-only a B? . . . it was a snap . . . New York bound. Tr-Chen, Newman, IRE, AIEE. DONALD W. MOXLEY NDOWU Greenwich Industrial Management ALPHA SIGMA PHI Gripes, what a girl . . . soup's on . . . this is the life-ha! ha! . . . when are we going out? Aviation. RAYMOND J. MUCCI ffRay!J Waterbury Chemistry Ouch! that Chem. 240! . . . what a marathon . . . what beautiful scenery! Amer. Chem. FRANCIS P. MULDOON Manchester Mechanical Engineering ASME, Engineers, Newman. FRANCIS V. MURASKA "Doc" Waterbury Marketing Let's go! . . . what time are we leaving? . . . I'll see you. JOSEPH M. MURATORE H10 ea Meriden Civil Engineering "Sempre anante" . . . or, your back wheel is going forward! ASCE, Tr-Glee Club, Newman. WILLIAM J. MURPHY Ifiwurpbll Stamford Zoology SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Plenty of time . . . alarm clock blues . . . well lubricated education . . . who's got the notes. Biology, "Campus", Newman, Zoo- logy. WILLIAM P. MURPHY "Bill" Norwich Accounting SIGMA CHI The Moaner . . . I got a great play . . . what a terrific team . . . let's go to Boston. Newman, Barketball, Crort Coun- try. ALEX W. MURRAY HAZ!! Stratford Industrial Administration Hi, chief . . . cooperation by all means . . . a loyal soccer fan. Tr-Bowling, SAM. GEORGE F. MURRAY "George" West Hartford English ALPHA SIGMA PHI Wake me at noon . . . give me a cigarette . . . blind date Romeo. Playerr. MARGARET A. MURRAY ffPegJJ Forestville Foods and Nutrition PI BETA PHI Oh suds! . . . Irish blue-blood . . . inspiration itself . . . contagious laugh . . . that inner glow . . . "Campu:", 4-H, Home Economist, Newman, junior Counselor, Arclo- ery. HENRY J. MUSTAKOS West Haven Insurance SIGMA ALPHA EPs1LoN Good morning . . . I'rn hungry . . . which way'd she go? Tr-Council, Glee Club, jun. Ex. Comm., "Title", Tr-Writers'. CHARLES J. MUZIKEVIK "Cbarlie" South Windsor Marketing SIGMA NU "C", I. V. Baseball, Basketball. JOHN D. MUZYKA "Big lol9n" New Haven Mechanical Engineering Eight o'clock class . . . sleeping beauty . . . slide-ruler with fluor- ishes . . . know 'emalll JOHN J. NACHYLY, JR. "Natcb!" Goodyear Government Politician? No, just exponent of good government . . . let us have democracy where it is preached- on campus. ISO, jan. Treas., Newman, Senate, SAM, U WF, Young Democrats, Tr- Council, Tr-International Rela- tions, LLUBMURT TROF, Tr- Spanisb, Tr-Central Treasurer. ROBERT S. NAGY Bridgeport Business Administration MONROE NAIR "Monie" New Britain Zoology Ready for the ten percent cut . . . hang the formaldehyde . . . you're turn to grab the 8 o'clock class. Hillel, ISO, International Rela- tions. ANTHONY L. NASSETTA New London Business Administration Ls WILLIAM H. NAYLOR "Willie" West Hartford Marketing PETER NAZARKO Niantic Engineering GIF FORD W. NEILL ffcigh' Rockville Electrical Engineering What's the good word? . . . I'll be doggoned! . . . rough! . . . son of a gun! . . . nuttin' to it. AIEE, IRE, Engineers. CHARLES G. NELSON "Cbarlie" Waterbury German Guten Tag . . . comment ca 'va . . . a party to parties . . .absent- minded professor . . . I'm late al- ready . . . Leben Sie Wobl. "Begnaligbt", Wb-German, Wb- Glee Club, Newman. DOROTHY NELSON HDMI! Yalesville Art and Textiles Very quiet . . . a good listener . . . horse enthusiast . . . he's so nice! Art Workshop, Blue and White, Freedom League, Home Economics, ISO, Outing Club, Players, Riding, UCA, WHUS, WSGA. LEONARD I. NEMETH ffLenH Norwalk Pre-Dental Generosity and friendship surpass- ed by few . . . three meetings in one evening . . . do I have work to do! AVC, Biology, "Campus", Hillel. JOHN NESHKO Winsted Arts and Sciences JOHN E. NEUMANN ffjaxonu New Haven Floriculture Comes fishin' jaxon's missin' . . . comes fall, hunting call . . . comes cold, jaxon's old. Horticulture, Rifle. LAWRENCE L. NICKERSON, JR. IfLdrryIJ West Hartford Accounting SIGMU NU Never spilled a drop . . . I'll be home tomorrow, dear. Glee Club. DOMENICK A. NIGRO HDOWZJJ Waterbury Civil Engineering ASCE, Wb-Bafeball, Softball. PAUL NISHBALL UNL'-bl! Bridgeport Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI To the tables . . . auspice . . . Florida . . . where's my tonette? . . . let's do this logically . . . how about a round of golf? WHUS, Intramural, Radio Group, Hillel. C. DOROTHY NISHIMOTO "Dot" Stamford Secretarial Studies Skip to my lou . . . a ball of yarn and some bent needles . . . now, currently . . . 100 strokes . . . Vogue. C anterbury, junior C ounrelor, U C A. EDWARD H. NITSCH HEKZH East Haven Marketing Hi ya goin' . . . you can say that again . . . these five o'clock classes -these classes! Intramural, SAM, UCA, German, Bowling, LLUBMURT TROF. . JEAN M. NODER New Haven Public Health Nursing Aren't people interesting! . . . Dave will take us . . . where does the time go? Newman, R. N. MICHAEL J. NOHEIMER ffMike!I Willimantic Accounting SAM. JAMES S. NORBACK ffjimll West Haven Industrial Administration KAPPA SIGMA King of the Trailer Camp! . . . composer as well as pianist . . . little tapa keg is a future Kappa Sig. WILLIAM F. NOREN 'Bill" Manchester Civil Engineering SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Who went to "Stat"? . . . I got a card from Mickey too . . . rack 'em up . . . what a test! ASCE, Engineerr. EDWARD O. NORRIS .'fEdH Westport Marketing THETA CHI I nrurance, C anterbury. RONALD G. NORTH 1rR0nny:J Hartford Veterinary Medicine Matt Saxon . . . Zelma Pearl . . . drooling . . . hippy . . . North Jr. . . . make it a double . . . cow lab. . . . got a deal. A griculture, Hillel. DANIEL F. NOSAL ffDdnnyll Stamford Insurance Thursday nite chowder and march- ing club . . . what's for tonite? . . . can I sell you an accident policy? Fife and Drum, ISO, Inrurance, Newman, SAM. JOSEPH J. NOWAK H-1061! Wethersfield Accounting Remember cottage 5! . . . that snap course? . . . it follows, does it not? 1- EJ PHILIP K. NUSSBAUM ffFi-fi! Hartford Accounting PHI EPSILON PI Duke's twin . . . crooning Romeo . . . "'Remind me to tell you some- thing laterf, . . . something senti- mental . . .advice at midnight. Hillel. ALBERT NYSTROM HAZ!! Willimantic Mechanical Engineering ASME, Golf. DORIS OBERSTEIN Meriden Philosophy PHI SIGMA SIGMA Phi Sig's vogue gal . . . winning smile . . . that Maisie joke . . . love letters to a lawyer . . . cute wittle lisp. Archery, Hillel, Sympofium. SHIRLIE M. OBRIEN Newington Foods and Nutrition KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Home Eckie hustler . . . an infec- tious giggle . . . never mind! . . . sparkling eyes and a personality twice her size. Home Economicr, UCA. JAN S. OHMS "Windmill" Stamford Agricultural Economics SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hoeper-de-Poep . . . Musical Prod- igy . . . "Big Foot" . . . give 'em a push . . . terrific! . . . continental humor . . . future millions in tulips. S occer, Tennir. EDWARD G. OHR fIEdU Wallingford Entomology 20-20 Ohr . . . he no look so good . . . with his eyes you no look so good either. HOWARD J. OKOOMIAN West Haven Arts and Sciences WILLIAM G. OLAYOS "Bill" Wallingford Civil Engineerin, JOHN J. OLHA, JR. Holell Bridgeport Business Education Evidently! . . . a new leaf? . . . infectious laughter . . . don't act . . . social lion II . . . erprit cl'e1:ole . . . prexy, economics forum. Cheer Leaders, Economics Forum, Education, LLUBMURT TROF, Newman, Sailing, Senate, Tr-Plnil- orophy. VICTOR B. OLIVA UVic!! Danbury Insurance What's the scoop Jocko? . . . eight o'clock class, oh no . . . gotta' take those weekends. I murance. HERBERT L. OLIVER "Herb" East Hampton Agricultural Economics Facts, figures and good sense . . . did someone say hay-ride? . . . let's play tennis . . . coffee and dough- nuts. A griculture, Biology. D. ELAINE OLSEN fILdni.U Stratford Foods and Nutrition KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Tall, sweet, and blonde . . . to Willi with Willie . . . gotta do something constructive . . . but fellas! . . . pass . . . room inspec- tion! Art Workxbop, Badminton, Home Economics, Speedball, UCA. JOHN OLSEN Mansfield Center School of Agriculture LEONARD H. OLSON Hole!! Hartford Marketing 1 ROBERT K. OLSON Holele' Manchester Mechanical Engineering Slip-stick slave . . . gotta hit those books . . . that's art, palg have you no soul? . . . silent Sam. An Workrbop, ASME, Engineers, Ti'-Glee Club. FLORENCE ONDOSIK Ansonia History Let's go any place . . . Chuck's here! . . . dark smoothness . . . potential piano virtuoso . . . un- ruflled . . . undaunted knitter . . . whats your trouble? JERRY J. OSOCHOWSKY East Haven Mechanical Engineering ASME, WRUM. JAMES ORSI, JR. If-lint!! West Haven Mathematics Muscle man . . . laughing boy . . . drifters' A. C. focal point . . . per- sonality plus . . . let's go to Boston . . . what's your agony? Italian, Newman. JOHN L. OSOSKI H10 bnnyv Plymouth Bacteriology Newman. HOWARD W. OSTERGREN HOZU Portland Insurance Canlt see it . . . saaay . . . how are things? . . . smashed it . . . when do we eat? JOHN B. OSTERHOUDT Bridgeport School of Agriculture PAUL A. OUELETTE Waterbury Industrial Management Present challenge . . . graduate be- fore son . . . present hope . . . that son help daddy thru school . . . itlll take that long. SA M. RAYMOND P. OXMAN "Colonel" Torrington Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI The Chess King . . . rests in Phila., thinks he's an electrician . . . a regular good fellow . . . you old pirate. Chefs, Hillel. JACQUELINE H. PACAPELLI "jackie" Paris, France French A wonderful wife. RAYMOND A. PACAPELLI .fRay,, Hamden Marketing A wonderful husband. WALTER A. PACHUK Meriden Business Administration EDWARD L. PAGANO "Eddie" Waterbury Electrical Engineering Come on, come on, 1et's go! . . . you talked me into it . . . I beg to differ with you. Engineers, IRE. JOSEPH J. PALKER, JR. Torrington Arts and Sciences ff WALLACE L. PALMER " Wally" Middletown Geology Geology. JOHN M. PALMERICK HHan-FU Lebanon French Outside U. S. A .... it makes me so mad! . . . I've changed my major! . . . ah, Paris. . . you peasant! Fencing. DONALD E. PALZERE HDonU Waterbury Mathematics There are greater things . . . exams, question? . . . enough of this math . . . the arts reign supreme . . . ah life! . . . Beethoven! Education, Italian, Math. FRANK PAPANDREA HPWIYPJV' Cheshire Marketing ALPHA SIGMA PHI Economics III, ha! ha! . . . who's got a cigarette? . . . can't study, going to band practice . . . did I get a letter? Band, Newman. JOSEPH F. PARDUS Torrington Arts and Sciences JOHN I. PARKER H-lack!! Clinton History Hi . . . politician . . . well . . . one half of Ritchie-Parker cribbage tournament . . . eager. AVC, ISO, Round Table, Senate, UCA. ERWIN W. PARLOW HDOGIJ New Britain History THBTA CHI Debonair Doc . . . never too busy to say hello . . . I'll go along with that . . . just you and I. ALEXANDER A. PASTICK HAZ!! Seymour Industrial Management Who are we to judge? . . . you're only as old as you feel. Tr-Chen, Tr-Glee Club, Tr-Math, Newman. ROBERT M. PATTISON HBOLU Hartford Sociology Fred Astaire of South Campus . . . boy sociologist . . . never had it so good . . . au recoir mon ami. H f-French, H f-Political S cience, Prychology . . . Sociology Club. DANIEL I. PAUL re D d nu , New Haven Marketing PHI EPSILON P1 Save your nickle, I'm hot . . . hello, Duffy? . . . good evening Nellie . . . that I, one Snout present a wall. Hillel, F ootligbterr. MARY B. PAVELCAK Unionville Psychology Tell me more. Newman, R. N. STEPHEN J. PAVLO "Steve" Bridgeport Electrical Engineering Engineers. EVELYN K. PAVLOSKY ffpdvll Bridgeport Sociology ALPHA DELTA P1 Jinx! . . . another meeting . . . ADPi's pixie . . . bangs, brown eyes, and beaucoup talent . . . Q. P.'s to lend . . . seen the Pup? Newman, "Nutmeg", Panhellenic, WS GA. RICHARD W. PAYNE HR it!! Hamden Agronomy PHI SIGMA KAPPA Cast iron balloon . . . longboat . . . how can you tell . . . big! man in the house . . . she's a peach! Band, Chen, Mediator, Sailing. 7 79 f ROBERT S. PAYNE "Bob" Hamden Agronomy PHI SIGMA KAPPA Dogs again? . . . hey Rit! . . . well on the eighteenth green I was put- ting for . . . come on, get up! Band. RICHARD W. PEARSON Deep River Business Administration PAUL A. PEHA HPLZUZOU Wethersfield Accounting ALPHA SIGMA PHI Wherels the fog? . . . be wid ya' in a minute . . . slow boat to Rostov. KATHERINE PELLEGRINO "Pel1y" Stratford International Relations KAPPA ALPHA THETA Generally speaking she is generally speaking . . . multi-colored hair . . . I wouldn't say, but . . . the sun is singing, come to Willi. International Relationr, Newman. GEORGE A. PELLES Wallingford Engineering ROBERT E. PEMBERTON f!B0bH East Haven Mechanical Engineering Blue eyes, blonde hair . . . life, love, and laughter . . . that's tough! . . . never hurries, never worries. THERESA A. PEPE "Terry" Ansonia Business Education ALPHA XI DELTA Always a laugh for a good joke . . . been grinding like a fiend . . smile and a song. Education, Newman, SAM. CHARLES H. PERRET "Chuck" Torrington Mathematics LAMBDA CHI ALPHA VITO S. PESTONE HBHZN Waterbury Industrial Administration Air Force veteran and family man . . . conservative in dress and in manner . . . Truman will win! SAM. CHARLES PETRIDES Bridgeport Engineering ARTHUR PETRILLO FIAT!!! Shelton Electrical Engineering AIEE, IRE. FRANCES PETRIZZO ffFranJ! Hartford English Itls all in your mind . . . the week- end is almost here' ersonnel . . . . p work . . . walking, swimming, bowling, favorite pastimes. H f-C oancil, H f-Dramaticr, S enate, "Tower", WSGA. VINCENT j. PETROCCIA ff-lim!! Oakville Civil Engineering My fellow woikers . . . I don't like it. ASCE, Engineerr, Newman. JOSEPH L. PETROSKI H-,Dell Manchester Civil Engineering Don't rush me . . . if I only had a million . . . stress and strain cause plenty pain . . . married. ASCE. pf' 'iff' T i n t V i " ,,.. , , 4 A-E1 t I' " It wi - ,,r'l?'.Hllw.. ft. 3. 'ff-"-"2' hi s 2 'mL1s'f?.f'-E 6:7 'f'-.22 52517 5 i s Y ,,, WALTER A. PFEIFFER "Walt" Groton Civil Engineering ASCE, Engineerr, Swimming. ROBERT H. PHELPS ffB0bU Plainville Forest Entomology What it's due alread ? . . . never 5 Y underestimate the little woman . . . Henry, yolre pig ain't doin' so well. Forestry. HENRY A. PHILLIPS "Hank" Ansonia Industrial Management Always smiling . . . happy . . . everywhere but in his room . . . sociable . . . fleaweight champ of Rhode Island State . . . Trumbull. ISO, Newman, Senate, SAM. THOMAS J. PHILLIPS ffT0mf7 West Hartford Marketing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON You'll do. Tr- Writerf. MICHAEL A. PIA "Mickey" Stamford Accounting LAMBDA CHI ALPA Slow but sure . . . don't worry, I'll get there . . . where's my worksheet paper? . . . well, did I make it? Tr-Bowling, Newman. FRANCIS E. PIAZZA New Haven Marketing What! . . . ya never heard of Rus- sell Sage? ROBERT W. PIERCE HB0bU Wethersfield Mechanical Engineering Still waters run . . . she's okay, I guess . . . thermo-drop dead! . . . she hasn't asked me . . . where's my lighter? A MARGERY PINKES "Margie" Hartford Nursing ALPHA EPSILON PHI Anyone know of a ride to Hart- ford? . . . oh crum! . . . those bundles of food from home. Hillel, Prycloology, Spanirb, White Capt. WILLIAM PINKNEY, Ill rrBiUU Norwalk Industrial Management P. W. C. F .... three new courses, cribbage, setback and poker . . . the cramming system works best! Barketlrall. LEO PINSKY "Pinbo" Hartford Physical Education PHI EPSILON P1 One of Gold Dust Twins . . . pig- eontoed slugger . . . torrid toe . . . Nu? . . . are you cognizant? . . . wizard coach to be. "C", P. E. Majorr' Clnb, Football, Bareball. ROBERT P. PIROZOK Willimantic Agriculture GEORGE PISARKO "George" Norwich Chemistry I'm hungry! When do we eat? Amer. Chem., Crorr C onntry, Track. CHESTER A. PLATT 'fcbeff South Britain Mechanical Engineering .23 hamburgs per thermo problem hour . . . maximum speed from Rostov to engineering building 500 seconds. RICHARD PLATCOW ffDickH New Haven Electrical Engineering PHI SIGMA DELTA Blame the steward . . . engineering via A E Phi . . . think it's easy . . . hard-working . . . talented . . . knows score . . . scholar of the night. AIEE, Engineerr, Hillel. B1 HENRY E. PLOCHARCZYK "Hank" New Britain Clinical Psychology Logic is logic . . . I've got to grind . . . early to bed . . . let's get going. Prycbology, Spanifb. FELIX P. POCIUS ffFilll Simsbury Zoology DAVID J. PODOLOFF HDWeU Bethany Sociology Pipe expert . . . good musician . . . most likeable guy in the dorm . . . need any reading material? . . . drop dead yet! AVC, ISO, Sociology. SILLIK POLAYES New Haven Business Administration WILLIAM PoLoNsKY 'fain' Norwalk Bacteriology Let's chug-a-lug! RAYMOND B. PORISS ffRayI! Hartford Zoology PHI EPSILON PI Terror on the road . . . in the air?? . . . was it scratched, today? . . . any plate blocks? . . . where's the bread? Hillel, Aviation, Hf-Frencb, Politi- cal Science. MARILYN J. PORTELANCE "Party" New London Home Economics Education Friendly, ready smile . . . brown eyes . . . oh, Edie, know what? . . . argyle socks . . . I'll have to tell Walt! Education, Home Economicr, New- man, WSGA. MILTON R. PORTER HMM!!! Hebron Electrical Engineering Likes . . . likes to dress . . . likes to dance . . . dislikes . . . dislikes the subject. AIEE, Baseball. RUTH c. PORTER Norwich Arts and Science JOHN D. PORTERFIELD reportyu Manchester Civil Engineering Silent eyes miss nothing . . . easy going . . . hello, joe? . . . shall we dance? . . . therefore it is intuitively obvious. ASCE. ROBERT R. POTTER "Zeke" Willimantic Marketing SIGMA NU The merry mortician . . . have a Corona . . . sports? not only plays them, but is one . . . me and Joan. I. V. Bareball, Bareball, Football. THEODORE POTTER ffTedU Willimantic Pre-Dental SIGMA NU Say ah . . . Mumbles . . . listen bones . . . I'll run the rack . . . slow boat to Andover . . . tnasher ex- traordinaire, ask Ellie. ALAN S. POTTS "Sa1n1nie" Chester Marketing Women! . . . where? . . . that grin . . . the stock market is looking up. ROBERT H. POULTON "Bob" Short Beach Mechanical Engineering He's a Churchill man, hates to throw away tin cans, studies 'til two, and is late for exams. THERESA L. POVILON ffTerrylI Hartford Bacteriology PHI MU Hey kids, wait for me . . . it's a wormy world . . . love that man . . . where's my shoe? . . . wha' hop- pened? Archery, Art Workfhop, Newman, Swimming. DONALD W. PRATT "Don" New Haven Sociology Manic minus depresive! . . . barn dance and relax . . . flied crams for exams . . . a note? . . . skater's waltz . . . yea team! Outing Club, UCA. BURTON H. PRESS New Haven Pre-Dental Band, "Campu.r", Hillel FRANK P. PULASKI Norwich Accounting CHARLES H. PULVER . "Chuck" Milford Electrical Engineering Why worry? . . . it's a snap . . . what stupid mistakes! . . . not enough time . . . more work than Carter has liver pills! AIEE, Bowling, Engineerf, IRE. ROBERT F. PURCELL ffpefrcylf Chester Marketing The long fellow with the pipe . . . it's down to 32, my car won't start. "Laurel". WILLIAM L. PURSELL " Willie" Bridgeport Chemistry Personality plus . . . she looks like a girl from Bridgeport . . . how about a little game? . . . nobby . . . nonchalant . . . neckties. Newman, IS 0. CONRAD L. QUIMBY "Connie" New London Government Let's vote on it . . . educate them, that's the answer . . . married? yep. Kids? Please. International Relationr, Senate, UWP, UCA. JOSEPH P. QUINN Hartford Arts and Sciences BERTRAND QUINTO ffBurt!J Hartford Marketing PHI SIGMA DELTA Firdawsi . . . vicious forehand . . . 65 per . . . straight, of course . . . slim, friendly, helpful, capable, al- ways active . . . first class athlete. "C", Hillel, Tennis. EDWIN RABINOWITZ "Eddie" New Haven Accounting When shall I go home this week- end . . . brrr, close the window, it's freezing . . . let's systematize the system. Hillel, WH US, Football. ROMOLO H. RACCA FIROCJI Branford Mechanical Engineering ASME, Fencing. JOSEPH J. RACKIS H-Ioell Somersville Chemistry Hello there . . . is the ice froze? . . . I love 'em . . . hearts. Newman. .JOSEPH T. RAFAMIELLO Bristol Business Administration JOHN A. RAGAN, JR. "jack" West Haven Zoology Early riser overslept . . . palpitating gastric pumps . . . forgot her name . . . silent alarm clocks . . . exam today? . . . missed another lab! Footligbters, Tr-Spanish, WRUM, Bowling, Tr-Swimming. WALTER J. RAJEWSKI f-Raja Meriden Zoology SIGMA CHI Yak tam tonight? . . . human noise box . . . let's . . . where's my glasses? . . . going to the grille? Biology, Fife and Drum, Newman. MANUEL R. RAMOS Hartford Engineering MARVIN B. RAUCH "Marv" Hartford Zoology Silence is golden . . . Mr. Smiles and Corny Jokes . . . has rendez- vous with stethscope and pills . . . friendship is byword. Hillel. THOMAS J. REARDON Hartford Business Administration GUNNAR S. REDIN HR ed!! Stamford Bacteriology Tr-German, Tr-Zoology. JOSEPH F. REGAN when Portland Industrial Management SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Tr-Swimming. JOHN T. REID, JR. "johnny" West Haven Zoology T HETA CHI Up at the crack of noon . . . Ford owner deluxe . . . anatomy student . . . wine, woman and song. "Tidel', "Nutmeg", Riding, Rifle, Mediator. THOMAS P. REILLY ffT0mJ! Union City French Erin go bragh! . . . something to put in Mulconry's bed . . . mid- night bull-sessions . . . green beer for everyone! Education, Newman, Outing Club, Russian, Spanish. EDWARD 1. RENTEL "Eddie" Hamden Animal Husbandry I smoke too much . . . just call me butcher . . . you know what you want, baby . . . I'm a shy guy. DAVID M. RESNIK HDd!Ve1! New London Chemistry Favorite candy . . . duck the clean- ers . . . one game only . . . where's the paper? . . . give Lassman the queen . . . frustrated engineer. Amer. Chem., Hillel Players, Math, "Nutmeg", Players, Radio Group, WH US. ESTHER RESSLER ffEjlI Hartford English Shhh, Frankie Laine! . . . person- ality plus vocal talent . . . hi, there! . . . but ya can't make such general- izations! . . . smooth dresser. Hillel, ISO, Zionists, Hf-French, Political Science, "Tower", Hf-Dra- matics. CHARLES L. REYNOLDS "Chick" Thompsonville Finance Hamburger steak, double order french fries . . . take a walk . . . the Bostonian . . . luck of the Irish . . .well, lush! Economics Forum, LLUBMURT TROF, Newman, Sailing. WILLIAM A. RICE rcjudgen Manchester Advertising He who never looks back . . . looks best. WILLIAM S. RICE "Bill" Meriden Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Friday night social club . . . I'm forced to hit the sack . . . I'll have to bet two . . . whattaya got to read. JAYNE R. RICKETTS Griswold Animal Husbandry Have you seen Kelly? . . . Chicago here I come! . . . oh those beautiful Berkshires! . . . those Jersey cows . . . horse lover. Agriculture, Block and Bridle, Dairy, UCA, Barbetball. ROBERT S. RIDDLE Canton Business Administration BRYCE F. RIDLEY ffRipU Thompsonville Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Love those weekends . . . Ginny . . . who wants eight o'clock classes? UCA, SAM. ANN RIKER Fairfield Arts and Textiles ALPHA DELTA PI White Star of Sigma Nu . . . week- ends at Penn 1 . . subtle wit . . . big smile . . . confuses doormen and lieutenant-colonels! Arcbery, Art Workrbop, Home Eco- nomicr, UCA. GILBERT RIMER HGH!! Waterbury Industrial Management PHI EPSILON P1 The Blind Man . . . fun loving . . . first class ambition with last minute rush . . . it could have been worse. Hillel, SAM. WILLIAM E. RIORDAN Westport Agriculture KENNETH T. RISBERG ffKenU Stratford Civil Engineering SIGMA CHI 7 foot 2, eyes of blue . . . elongated personality . . . specially built shoes and woman . . . known and liked by everyone. ASCE, Engineerr, UCA, Bafbetball, Rifle. CHARLES W. RITCHIE, JR. Meriden Floriculture Scrutinizer . . . fish and flowers . . . square dances . . . other half of Parker-Ritchie cribbage tourney. Horticulture, ISO, Soccer. VIRGINIA L. RITTMAN ffGiniU East Hampton Nursing Got a cigarette? . . . always in- volved in something . . . you fool! . . . joe says . . . fiendish driver . . . poetry mad . . . always laugh. Blue and White, ISO, jun. I-Iirt., Newman, Outing Club, R. N., WSGA. PATRICIA A. ROBERTS Hpatlf Meriden Government KAPPA ALPHA THETA Puritanical outside . . . devil-may- care inside . . . 38 q. p. prexie . . . UConn expendable . . . Badminton, Fencing, International Relationr, Junior Counrelor, junior Social Cbmn., Newman, "Nutmeg", WH US, WS GA. NAN E. ROBERTSON Nan!! East Hampton Secretarial Studies KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Infectious gaiety . . . curly top . . . summer modeling . . . pert, peppy, poised . . . Kappa Trio . . . cart- wheels done in the Wright way! junior Counrelor, "Nutmeg", Pan- bellenic, UCA. DONALD W. ROBINSON ffD0nH Columbia Dairy THETA XI Make mine country style . . . a woman's man . . . a demon driver . . . drives looking backwards . . . a country gentleman. Dairy, Bareball. ' LAVIUS A. ROBINSON, JR. "Robbie" Putnam Chemistry Sweetheart of Phi Mu . . . it's a sin to tell a lie . . . Margie . . . always dreaming of you Margie. Amer. Cbem., Debating, Tr-Ger- man. I i STANLEY E. ROBINSON "Robbie" Hartford Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Boy with a line . . . new leaf tomor- row . . . fine girl . . . well, it is this way . . . furor loquendi. VICTOR J. ROBITAILLE NWC!! Taftville Accounting Can't go tonight . . . got to write a letter . . . you know who! Newman. SUSAN A. ROCKEL ffsuelf Mansfield Center Sociology ALPHA DELTA PI ADPi's Sarah Bernhardt . . . gold- en hair . . . Q. P. collector . . . l'll die . . . what to do with trolley transfers? . . . the joker. Senate, Spanirb, UCA, WSGA. MACDONALD RODGERS New London Business Administration HENRY RODIS "Hank" Hartford Industrial Management TAU EPSILON PHI NORMA J. ROEHM fIN07m!I Hartford Psychology ALPHA DELTA PI Transfer from Colby . . . coffee line in the Beanery . . . that cer- tain party . . . M. A. T .... haalo? RUTH J. ROGERS ffDinkU Southington Home Economics KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Have another apple . . . captivating charm, sparkling eyes . . . wish I were a Soc. major . . . Christmas cards from Florida. Badminton, Home Economics, "Nutmeg", UCA. HOWARD A. ROLLINS, JR. "jack" Storrs Horticulture LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Al, this one is different . . . you should see this place during vaca- tion . . . it only takes three. Horticulture, Skt Club, UCA, J. V. Football. FELIX ROMAN "Phil" New Britain Insurance T HETA CHI Newman. ALVIN J. ROMANOFF HAZ!! New Haven Marketing PHI EPSILON PI Panda face boy . . . holds his liquor . . . for a while . . . connoisseur of wine . . . everybody's boy . . . "Who me!" Hillel, Huxky Network. PETER L. ROMANOW "Pete" New Haven English ALPHA SIGMA PHI Kid impulse . . . extremist . . . let's go to Flaherty's! . . . close that -door! . . . you swine . . . what a dull tool. Football. VINCENT ROMEO ALBERT A. ROOK HAZ!! Cromwell Civil Engineering Trailer woes . . . midnight oil . . . Kathy . . . two Wheeler . . . eight o'clock blues, no horizontal . . . transit and rod. ASCE, Newman. ROBERT A. ROOSA HB 0 bl! Meriden Bacteriology MARY E. ROPER "Rope" Moosup History PHI MU Moosup not Moodus . . . have you ever heard of Danielson? . . . c'e5t la nie . . . it's been real. International Relationr, Spanirh, U CA . CHARLES C. ROSELLE Hartford Business Administration JACK L. ROSENBLIT "T-Bone" Hartford Accounting That lover boy . . . no time to study . . . no time for clubs . . .demon- strates spoonin' at Sprague nightly 8-10:30 P.M. Hillel. CECIL ROSENBLUM "R wie" Stamford Marketing Time trials today . . . I'm frus- trated . . . where's Doolie? . . . Alaska bound . . . should make Marketing tomorrow . . . it should be legalized! Hillel, Swimming. MINA L. ROSENFELD New Haven Sociology ALPHA EPSILON PHI Never mind . . . doubles that fine . . . makes that long story longer . . . life with Hillel . . . perpetual sleep talker. Hillel, Interfaith, Sociology, Stad- entr for Wallace, Zionirtr. DAVID E. ROSENTHAL "Dane" New Haven Marketing So I hit him with a seldgehammer . . . darn curve . . . not the beanery! . . . smorgee tonight . . . providing sugar again. Hillel, WRUM. ETHEI. ROSENSTEIN Bridgeport Marketing PHI SIGMA SIGMA Adores riding her bicycle . . . walk- ing in the rain . . . a combo' of brown eyes, bangs, and beautiful smile. Hillel. EUGENE ROSH "Gene" New Haven Philosophy Hello . . . it's all in the mind! . . . milkshake and nabs . . . checkmate . . . accent the positive! Art Worhrhop, Hillel, Philosophy, UCA. SAUL R. ROSOFF "Charlie" New Haven Government Could be, but . . . politics . . . shh! the news is on . . . nothing serious . . . any new funny books? Debating, Hillel, Yoang Democratr, Z ionirtr. DAVID C. ROSS ffSam!J Waterbury Insurance PHI EPSILON PI Doc, let's eat . . . your deal . . . she's a doll . . . wake me at noon . . . open the window. I nrnrance, Hillel. DONALD R. ROSS ffD0nU New Britain Accounting KAPPA SIGMA How about a coffee, a quickie . . . who's Mel Pattan? . . . red wheels . . . I didn't fumble it . . . how tall is she? AVC, "C", Newman, Football, Track. MARTIN R. ROSS FPRHJJJI New Britain Bacteriology Yesterday a dentist, today a bac- teriologist, tomoi-row??? . . . that Pepsodent smile . . . nobody both- ering you but yourself. STANLEY ROSS "Stan" West Haven Chemistry PHI EPSILON PI Dungarees in the morning . . . jacket in the afternoon . . . she's a nice girl . . . she loves her beer! Amer. Chem., Biology, "Camping, ROTC Officers' Young Democratr. ALFRED 'H. ROSWIG HAZ!! New Haven English Never seen studying . . . think I'll relax awhile . . . this grind is get- ting me down . . . Trumbull "Tide" humorist. Hillel, ISO, U WF, "Tiafe". SEYMOUR A. ROTHENBERG IFS-9111 Norwich Zoology Should I clobber him? . . . jovial generosity and good naturedness . . . Shangri-La's intelligence depart- ment . . . never seen sleeping. Bantl, Hillel. DOMINICK F. ROTO HD On!! Manchester Entomology Fresh air Hend . . . where we going? . . . good music and sleep. Biology, Playerr. WALTER A. ROWLEY ffwdltll Riverton Mathematics Glee Club. NORMON W. ROY "Norm" Cromwell Mechanical Engineering just call me pop . . . engineers have to have the patience of saints and the constitution of horses. Grange. SHIRLEY ROZINSKY "Shirl" Hartford Marketing Happiness is a thing called Shirl . . . water wings before a diploma . . . can't study without acigarette! Hillel Players, Hillel. HOWARD S. RUBIN "Howie" Norwich Accounting PHI SIGMA DELTA Notorious slow starter . . . The Hawk . . . sandwiches! . . . guard- ian of the peace . . . seven up . . . sack artist . . . what to eat? Hillel, "C", Track, Crou Country. ROBERT E. RUCCIO "Bob" Naugatuck History SIGMA CHI What's the latest . . . how are they going . . . see you soon. Education, Newman, Basketball, S o ftball. ROBERT A. RUDIN "Big Bob" West Hartford Chemistry PHI SIGMA DELTA Four years of wine, women, and beakers. Hf-Council, Hf-Frencb, "Tower", CHARLES J. RUDAK "Charley" Norwich Business Quiet, reserved . . . first things first . . . you can't beat the curve . . . goals are always in the future. WILLIAM E. RUHLMANN HBillU Norwalk Mechanical Engineering KAPPA SIGMA That sleepy look . . .slide rule kid . . . quiet personality, it seems . . . I have so much work to do. ASME, Engineers, Matb, WHUS. EDGAR L. RUSSELL "Ruff" Hamden Mechanical Engineering Engineerf, ASME, UCA. KENNETH S. RYAN HDOCU Winsted Civil Engineering Where's my slide rule . . . what a queen . . . let's hit the sack . . . who, me? . . . lend me a fin. ASCE, Engineerr. MARION A. RYAN Putnam Chemistry Oh! that calculus! . . . a friend in need is a friend indeed . . . yea gods, can she talk!! . . . connoisseur . . . independent. Amer. Cbem., Archery, Newman, Outing Club, Playeri. THOMAS F. RYAN fIT0mlJ Shelton Insurance SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The Modern Business . . . me and Lavelli . . . need some money? . . . sorry . . . genial gent . . . master of the quick retort. Insurance, Intramural, I. V. Bafket- ball, I. V. Football, Newman, Tr- Barketball. THOMAS P. RYAN New London Psychology Irsih all the way . . . doesn't miss a trick . . . war story fan . . . outdoor fiend. Newman. EDWARD G. RYBA fIEdH Stamford Marketing Sea stories . . . don't touch the candy . . . Gilbane's sidewalk super- visor . . . lounge with flies . . . two s'cups coffee . . . my bomb . . . mayor of Storrs, 1948. WILLIAM J. RYDER rrBi!lU Waterbury Arts and Science ALPHA GAMMA RHo IRVEN J. SAALMAN fflrvil New Haven Civil Engineering Some have goals, Irv has Bob . . . chews paper after thermo . . . six minutes t'shave, shower, make Pink Ravine! ASCE, Engineers, International Re- lationr, Newman. VINCENT SABECKI Southington Business Administration CARL SACKS New Milford History TAU EPSILON PH1 New Milford History What's going on at the House this week-end? . . . gotta cigarette? . . . who swiped my Times? . . . south campus express. Education, Fife and Drum, Hillel, Spanirb, WHUS, WRUM. ALAN R. SACRISON "Sac" Stamford Bacteriology I doubt that . . . gotta study . . . baritone . . . ah, food! . . . h'mm, let's see . . . sports enthusiast . . . fresh air fiend. Biology, Canterbury, Tr-German, Glee Club, Tr-Frencb, Sailing. GERALD J. SAFTON rrjerryv New Haven Zoology P1-11 EPs1LoN P1 Seven day bicycle rider . . . the gadget king . . . come up and see my art gallery . . . she's lovely, but! Biology, "Carnpur", Hillel, WHUS, Zoology. PETER J. LAGO ffpelell Waterbury Marketing Congenial . . . one pinochle player . . . going to town. SAM, Pbiloropby. PAUL O. SALLING ffHeadH Wethersfield Physical Education I get weary. "C", P. E. Majorr, Soccer. MURIEL SAMBORSKI ffsamlf East Haddam Marketing He used to take Government with me . . . Beanery's used food depart- ment . . . bright eyes. Freedom League, ISO, Players. STEPHEN F. SAMOJEDEN "Steve" New Britain Physics Instigating . . . what! more prob- lems, I'm still doing last month's . . . accomplishment for tonight- zero percent. Pbyricr, Newman. HENRY H. SAMUELSON "Hank" Torrington Mechanical Engineering Room for one more . . . where's the oil? . . . quiet, daddy's studying. ASME, "Begnaligbt", Engineerr, Wb-Glee Club. ALTON V. SANFORD ffsandyll Bridgeport Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Says who? . . . pride of the books and the bums! . . . come, come, let's keep cool . . . Al, pal. SAM, U CA, Tennis. --'W - it . 89 l F 90 FRANCIS S. SANSONE "Fran" Hartford Civil Engineering Sure is a long week! ASCE, Engineery. ANTHONY J. SANTOSTEFANO ffT0nyII Middletown Government and International Relations How deep is the ocean? . . . Mach- iavelli and music . . . what's the story? . . . the Yankee clipper! "Freelance", ISO, International Re- lationr, Newman, Rifle. MERLIN W. SARGENT ffsdrgelf Hartford Dairy Manufacturing Because he's clever, wise, smart . . . tho' not brilliant . . .talented cogi- tator . . . everybody's friend . . . fortunes' tides should favor him. Dairy, U CA. EDWIN A. LASSMAN HEdJ! Hartford Chemistry PHI EPSILON P1 Dear Edwin letters . . . greatest . . . buy at Harry's . . . got to! . . . give Resnik the queen . . . he who plays golf. Amer. Chem., Bancl, Hillel, Math, Zionirtr, Zoology. GERARD B. SAULNIER "jerry" Waterbury Sociology Hi ya, kid . . . what's up? . . . have you read the latest? Newman, Socio-Economicr, Sociol- ogy, Young Democratr. EMMONS S. SAULT, JR. ffEmJl Meriden Psychology WHUS-the best radio there oos! . . . and now, Bing Crosby . . . thank you, Fred Cook . . . wel- ocme back. Radio Group, Sigma Pri Iota, WHUS. FREDERICK W. SAUNDERS fflpfedll New Haven Industrial Management's drink up and go home. Newman, SAM, International Re- lationr. GEORGE B. ,SAXTON rrG"B.U Worcester, Mass. Sociology PHI SIGMA DELTA All smiles . . . versatile . . . spark- ling wit . . . genuine . . . generous . . . genial . . . sometimes a genius . . . good things come in small packages. "BegnaliglJt", "Freelance", Hillel, Sociology, Tr-WriterJ'. FRANK W. SCANNAPIECO, JR. ffS6an!I Waterbury Mechanical Engineering Looking forward to a sunny day . . . got a date with a vibration . . . here today and gone tomorrow. ASME, Newman. SALVADOR J. SCAPELLATI ffscdpll New Britain Government Sack time boy . . . one girl man . . . former navy, no complaints . . . the guy with the hydramatic drive. Camera, Italian, Rifle. WILLIAM V. SCHAFFHAUSER HBilZU Norwich Accounting That long trip in the morning . . . free time, what is it? . . . what, an- other exam at five? ROTC Ojicerf. ROY H. SCHARF URW, Greenwich English TAU EPSILON PHI Quiet . . . serious bull sessions . . . boy, is she an esthetic experience! "Campus", Debating, "Pencraft". IRWIN A. SCHIFF "Irky" New Haven Accounting PHI EPs1LoN P1 Today-g tomorrow the world . . . there are two sides to every story-mine and mine! Band, Hillel Playerr, Hillel, Zion- iytr. JOHN F. SCHILLER erjobnv Bridgeport Plant Industry ALPHA SIGMA Pm Morgan's Millions . . . luger . . . what's my major? . . . teach me how to dance! . . . bug sanctuary . . . gotta get a date. Agriculture, Crorr Country, Track Mgr. EARL F. SCHINDLER Rockville Industrial Management Have fun . . . absent-rnindedness his mark of distinction . . . don't go away, l'll be right back. CLARENCE B. SCHMIDT, II "Bart" Greenwich Agriculture ALPHA GAMMA RHo My knee's getting better . . . the joy boy . . . early to bed. "C", Canterbury, Glee Club, UCA, Football, Swimming, Track. FREDERICK A. SCHMIDT South Meriden Finance Economies Forum, Ski Club, U WF, UCA. CLINTON B. SCHOCH Norwalk Engineering LYNN M. SCHUMACHER Ansonia Art and Textiles KAPPA ALPHA THETA Golden voice, heart to match . . . classic beauty . . . man for every month . . . he's just my buddy . . . sun goddess. Glee Club, Home Economics, New- man, "Nutmeg", Panbellenic, WSGA. ELI SCHWARTZ New Haven Chemistry Amer. Cbem., Hillel, Zionists. JOHN E. SCHWEIZER Waterbury Engineering BARBARA M. SCIARINI "Bobbie" Branford Nursing P1 BETA PHI Guess what, kids . . . sweet and innocent . . . the view from the Yale bowl . . . turn the radio on! Newman, Wbite Caps, "Campus". MELVIN SCOTT ffMelU Colchester Government Stay loose . . . up front . . . the kid's nowhere . . . no strain. International Relations, Sociology, Basketball. CHARLES S. SEGLESKI New London Engineering JOHN I. SENDLEIN H10 bnnyn Falls Village Electrical Engineering THETA XI Chem department . . . God bless General Electric . . . hi Ray, seen these pictures? . . . train happy . . . where's my C. E.? AIEE, Engineers. BARBARA J. SENGMAN "Bobbie" Hartford Nursing ALPHA DELTA P1 Hair of gold, eyes of blue . . . mine shmoo . . . the cap needs more starch . . . that little pink cloud! White Caps. JOHN F. SERAFIN "Stinker" Simsbury Electrical Engineering Early to bed, early to rise, makes Johnny healthy? . . . Wealthy? . . . and a phenomenon? Engineers. ALBERT P. SERRUTO ND 0611 Norwich Accounting N ewman, SAM. JOAN SERVICE South Willington Marketing KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA I'm going home tonight . . . long black rresses . . . White Star of Sigma Nu . . . l'm meeting Bob . . . see ya'. Arcbery, SAM, UCA. ROBERT S. SESERMAN f4'B0bU Colchester Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI Rapid Robert . . . who wants to bowl stickers? . . . always looking for a fifth for cards. Band, Ski Club, "Campur", Hillel, "Nutmeg", Intramural, "Tower", j. V. Bareball, Hf-Barketball. ALFRED SFREDDO, JR. "Spindle" Stafford Springs Electrical Engineering Slaughter-house maniac . . . girls all over the state . . . '47 Plymouth . . . stag parties galore . . . creases his mattress constantly! JOYCE I. SHAKER If-Ioyll Ansonia English PHI SIGMA SIGMA Shaker, the rogue, the picaresque character . . . walking alarm clock . . . conscientious student . . . any- one going to class today? "Campus", Hillel, "Nutmeg", JOHN F. SHANLEY "Shan-Lee" Hamden Accounting One-no? Hmmmm . . . six-no . . . subtle? Oh, so very! . . . saber or foil and mask in hand. Fencing, Newman. JEAN ANN SHAPIRO Ula!!! Middletown Spanish ALPHA EPSILON PHI Number two of the Beautifuls . . . shooter . . . "Quiet Hours" dolls . . . kootchie coos . . . ecstasy in Eckstine . . . dynamite, pint size . . . sleep major, eat minor. Hillel, Spanirb, Zionirtr. KATHERINE M. SHARPE YfKdye!J Willimantic English Horses, horses, horses . . . don't rush me. Glee Club, Riding. THOMAS L. SHARPE "Tom" Willimantic Industrial Management Ties and socks, wow! . . . dodge dependability . . . come now, it can't be that bad. SAM. ROBERT E. SHAW THOMAS A. SHEA "Tom" Willimantic Management KAPPA SIGMA Ski Club, SAM. NATHAN SHEAR !fN'ateJ! Hartford Accounting Hillel. PHILLIP SHEAR "Phil" Hartford Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI Wanna buy a pipe? . . . signed, modest Al . . . mooo . . . eight times, Bill. Hillel. ROBERT A. SHELDON HB0bH West Suffield Dairy Production T HETA XI Star . . . Club 36 . . . drives a bundle of rattles . . . road to DZ ...scotch . . . Peg of My Heart . .. painter. Agriculture, Banil, Dairy, 4-H, Grange, Intramural, UCA, WHUS. HOWARD T. SHELLARD - "Whitey" Wallingford Agricultural Economics THETA XI Club 36 . . . cold air Bend . . . president at 34 . . . great memory . . . when I make my million. Rifle. BRUCE C. SHEPARD trsbepu Wethersfield Government Never do today what you can put off till just before finals. Hf-French, J. V. Soccer. JUNE R. SHER frlunieu New Britain Psychology PHI SIGMA SIGMA I'm so upset . . . clever and subtle wit . . . ambition personified . . . shower soprano . . . I could just die . . . Q. P. doll. Hillel, "Nutmeg", Panbellenic, Sen- ate, WSGA, junior Counrelor. EDWARD J. SHERWOOD HEdH Bridgeport Accounting LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Fourteen hours of sleep a day . . . can't go, I've got to study . . . your best buy is Nash. Newman, Ski Club. RICHARD w. SHIELDS Haig Dick" Thompsonville Insurance That jovial fellow . . . buddy, how's it goin' . . . are you hitten 'em these days, kid? . . . how's Sonny Boy? WINTHROP C. SHOOK "Win" Waterbury Electrical Engineering THETA CHI Can't study, gotta go to New Haven . . . anyone want a ride? . . . sounds good downhill. AIEE, "Nutmeg", UCA. FRED A. SIINO Meriden Bacteriology Stop kicking the table . . . bacteria did it . . . they're everywhere . . . can't study all the time . . . 1et's play pinochle. Bowling, Tr-French, Newman, Tr- Pbilorophy. ROMAN E. SIKORA "Sheik" Meriden Electrical Engineering Gotta' get home . . . slipstick Bend . . . yeah! . . . electrons on the brain . . . 1et's eat. ARCS, AIEE, Engineerr, Newman. EDWARD W. SIKORSKI ffBig Ed!! Bridgeport Industrial Management jedzie boat . . . kitten . . . turn the heat on . . . time for coffee . . . have to hit the books. Newman. JOHN D. SILLIMAN ffsdfrgell West Hartford Mechanical Engineering jet engines and paint brushes, you all . . . is'at right? . . . fixit john. LOUIS J. SIMONI East Haven Business Administration PASQUALE L. SINATRO MPH!!! West Hartford Insurance SIGMA CHI Newman, Soccer, Tennir. LENORE S. SINGER "Lahti" Stamford English PHI SIGMA SIGMA Raven hair, ravin' voice . . . mas- ter mathematician . . . true per- sonality kid . . . telephone's ring- ing . . . chug-a-lug queen . . . life, love, and Lenore. Hillel. LEONARD H. SISITZKY NZB!! Windsor Marketing TAU EPSILON PHI's put the top down and make a big shoot. . . eggs in 13 . . .dolls all of them. Tr-Council, Tr-Hillel, Hillel, LLUB- MURT TROF, Tr-Zionirtr. JOHN SISKO, JR. Circo Bridgeport Physics Work your points . . . it's logical . . . Clem! . . . gotta shave again . . . rest my eyes. Pbyricr, Camera, Newman. ALLAN M. SISSON HAZ!! Long Hill Marketing Wasting time . . . have to make out a schedule! . . . basketball fan. International Relationf, Outing Club, Sociology. MARSHALL J. SKLAREW "Mann" Mystic Marketing PHI SIGMA DELTA Shut the window! . . . consider the source . . . oh, come now . . . atmosphere. Hillel. SIDNEY SKOLNICK "Sid" Hamden Psychology PHI EPSILON PI Everything that is, is. Band, Fife and Drum, Hillel, Zion- irtr, Tr-French. BERNARD M. SLATER "Bernie', West Hartford Government PHI SIGMA DELTA Brown buck . . . brace yourself . . . the big stick . . . curly . . . waiter . . . wake me up . . . telephone commando. Hillel, International Relationr, Meal- iator, Zionittr. JOHN J. SLATTERY Hartford Business Administration MIRIAM L. SLOBIN Hartford Business Administration Hartford Secretarial Studies ALPHA EPSILON PHI Week-end commuter . . . red hair, red sweater . . . speed with model figure . . . clothes to prove it. Hillel, Psychology, Spanirb. DAVID B. SMITH ffDdUeU Bridgeport English One of those Dodger fanatics . . . homeward bound every Friday . . . just one fast game! . . . ardent record collector. "Campur", ISO, UCA, WHUS, Tr- Council, Tr-French, "Title". EDWARD H. SMITH, JR. Stamford Engineering FRANK T. SMITH "Smitty" New London Geology Sportsman par excellence . . . where do we go for scallops? . . . two kids and a fish . . . I'm a pirate. N ewman, R OTC O jficerrf GEORGE B. SMITH "Smitty" Hartford Physical Education Sports enthusiast . . . careful of that vacuum cleaner, bud . . . he's got an Austin . . . neat, gallant, good fun. Glee Club, P. E. Majorf. JACOB SMITH "Smitty" New Britain Pre-Professional The scholar . . . master joke teller . . . life can be beautiful . . . can genetics prove it??? Biology, German, Hillel. JOHN C. SMITH rr I 4 C ku Stamford Accounting Is there a fourth in the house? . . . drop debit . . . wait till next sem- ester. LEONARD W. SMITH "Smitty" New Haven Civil Engineering LOUIS J. SMITH, JR. HLGHU Deep River Marketing WARREN J. SMITH "Smitty" Dedham, Mass. Business Administration WILLIAM J. SMITH HBH!!! Talcotville Arts and Sciences JOSEPH R. SMOLEN ffjoell Unionville Physics Do something-even if it's wrong. Pbyricr, Newman. LOUIS C. SMYACK East Hartford Engineering CHARLES E. SNYDER, JR. Glenbrook Agriculture SEYMOUR H. SODAFSKY ffsyfl Hartford Marketing PHI EPSILON P1 Part-time student at Mass. State? . . . never seen walking . . . see ya later . . . always wearing those liquid ties. MAISIE C. SOKOL "Clarence" New Haven Horticulture Aren't Jimmy and Corky c-u-t-e? . . . holy crow! . . . come on, shoot that ball! Agriculture, Badminton, Canter- bury, Dairy, Horticulture, Intra- mural, Playerr, Spanirb, UCA, WAA, W0men'J Varrity, Basket- ball, Field Hockey, Softball, Tennir. HERBERT E. SONSTROEM "BeakJ" Bristol Government JOHN L. SOROTA Wilimantic Engineering RUTH SOSNOWY "Snow" Bridgeport Sociology Music lover . . . energy plus . . . I mean . . . scratch my back . . . flirt . . . next to me you're the nicest. Home Economicr, Newman, Out- ing Club, Ski Club, Sociology. JACK M. sos1N rrjdckrf Hartford History When are we going? . . . at a go, kid . . . what's the score? . . . that a way! Hillel. SALLY E. SPECTOR lfsallf Willimantic English DELTA ZETA I say there, old girl! . . . Willi- commuter . . . beautiful brown eyes . . . let's eat something . . . spark- ling smile . . . tres gay. Badminton, Playerr, Spanirb. CHARLES C. SPENCER rrD0w!! New Haven Accounting Bells man, where ya' been! . . . Sid's on . . . he fractures me . . . 1et's go to Willi. LORA G. SPERRY "Lora Gunn" Orange Home Economics ALPHA XI DELTA La-de-da . . . general handyman . . . when I have my farm . . . baby- doll . . . Archery, "CampuJ", Education, 4-H, Home Economics, junior Coun- relor, Outing Club, UCA, Bafket- ball. MARY ANN SPODNIK "Spoclcly"l Bridgeport Government KAPPA ALPHA THETA Girl diplomat and senator . . . fun- lovin' but pensive . . . why sleep? . . . summer school UD Archery, "Campus", International Relationr, Newman, "Nutmegf', Senate, Spanirh, UWF, WSGA, junior Counrelor. JOSEPH W. SPOSTA "I-Ioyey' Greenwich Forestry THETA XI Now this is a balsam fir . . . rich dry humor . . . hot-plate specialist . . . darndest smelling concoctions of pipe tobacco. Forertry, "Nutmeg"', Players, Rifle. PETER C. SPROTINO New Haven Arts and Sciences DOROTHY M. SQUIER "Brick" Columbia Spanish PHI MU Red, phone, a man again . . . night- hawk . . . flaming glow of Phi Mu . . . kids, I flunked it . . . oh dear. Spanirh, UCA, Swimming. DAVID D. SQUIRES South Norwalk HDiZU Industrial Management T HETA XI Down at the pool . . . 1et's clean the room . . . backstroke . . . works for NYNH8cH vacations . . . time- tables . . . wow-w-w! . . . lifeguard. SAM, UCA, Swimming. NORMAN S. STACHELEK "Norm" New Britain English ALPHA SIGMA PHI We're on our way . . . sweet Lor- raine . . . sonnet form . . . there we were surrounded by Eskimos . . . nyaah! Newman, Political Science, "Pen- craft", Spanish, "Tower", WHUS. HENRY S. STAMATEL Hffdflkn Stamford Civil Engineer LAMBDA CHI ALPHA They never taste who always drink, They always talk who never think. ASCE, Engineers, Newman. O JOCELYN STANG "jocie" East Hartford Mathematics Let's play pinochle . . . gee, I'm hungry! . . . late again . . . inter- ested in statistical work . . . Hart- ford extension, I miss you! Hillel, Math. CASEY STASIUNAS "Care" Ansonia Bacteriology Prodigy of hard work . . . I'm OH it for life . . . got anything to eat? . . . beauideal of retention. Newman. LILA R. STEINBERG "Lee" Greenwich Music PHI SIGMA SIGMA Warm and vibrant personality . . . talented pianist . . . kids, he's so cute . . . movieland encyclopedia . . . contagious laugh . . . sultry green eyes. Hillel. ROSE j. STEPHENSON UROZU West Hartford Textiles and Art Arkansas traveler . . . Buttons and Beaux . . . now the bureau can go here . . . Rise Stephens . . . taffy tassel . . . salt, please. Archery, C anterhury. CLAYTON B. STETSON "Clayt" Brooklyn Dairy Manufacturing Commuter between North Campus and Phi Mu . . . when I get my new car . . . milkshakes for breakfast. Dairy, Agriculture. KENNETH M. STETSON NKenIJ Brooklyn Zoology LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lots of sincerity . . . plenty of humor . . . let's clean up the room . . . fifteen-two, fifteen-four, and a pair. Education, Managerf, Playerr, Zoology. MALCOLM G. STILLMAN Orange Business Administration JOHN L. STODDARD ffjacklf Newington Marketing The "naddy" dresser . . . shoe shin- ing is a science . . . the heck you say . . . Peggy Lee and radio, first. WRUM, WI-IUS. DONALD D. STOHL "Don" Newington Wildlife Management KAPPA SIGMA "Someone dented my fender" . . . no bumpers . . . living room snooz- er . . . Don Juan . . . Swan Lake fisherman. Forertry, Ski. ROBERT T. STOKES Hartford Education JOSEPH M. STOLMAN Baltic Arts and Sciences IRENE E. STONE "Pebbler" Hartford English Sense of humor . . . loquacious librarian . . . vivacious smile . . . Bop, Bach, and cheeseburgers . . . sweet sophistication . . . that tickled me! UCA. JOHN P. STRANGE Hjackll West Hartford Marketing THETA CHI Isn't she cute? . . . Irish temper . . . opposition in any argument . . . Ford fiend . . . broke but not bit- ter . . . where's Patty? SAM, "Tide", Tr-Council, Tr-Ploil- orophy. ROBERT W. STRICKLAND "Strick" Hartford Mechanical Engineering SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Citation's shadow . . . SAE night watchman . . . littered desk . . . Sports encyclopedia . . . slip-stick vs. slick chick. ASME, "C", Engineers, Intramural, "Nutmeg", UCA, Bareball, Football. ELEANOR F. STROM 'Korlfil' New Britain Sociology PHI MU Bidump, bidump . . . how's gnome? . . . this reminds me of . . . let's go to New York! . . . bon 'Zf'0J'dg9,l . . . wheres Peg? Archery, Sociology, Students for Wallace, UCA, White Capt, Speed- ball. STANLEY J. STRONIEWSKI "Butch" New London Accounting ROBERT B. STRYKER HB0bU Hartford Electrical Engineering WRUM, AIEE, Engineerr. ELIZABETH C. STUART HLiz77 New Haven English Oh! those black cotton stockings and that long, long gold cigarette holder! . . . she's intelligent, witty, charming, healthy. Playerr, Radio Group, WHUS. EDWIN F. STULA NEW Colchester Dairy Production ALPHA SIGMA PHI Agriculture, Dairy, Newman, Foot- ball. MICHAEL STUPAKEVICH Hstulf Wallingford Industrial Management The look . . . rah rah! . . . always a gentleman's mark . . . coffee time! . . . social lion . . . another lost week-end! Cheer Leaalerr, Economics Forum, Glee Club, Tr-Philoroplay. WILLIAM A. STUMPF HAI!! Simsbury Marketing ALPHA GAMMA RHO Let's knock it off . . . dry cleaners' representatives extraordinary . . . changes answers-Wrong! . . . I woulda smnashed it, but . . . shafted! SAM, UCA. RICHARD G. STRYING "String" Southington Industrial Management PHI SIGMA KAPPA Ma, can I take the car? . . . shall we dance? . . . that ready smile . . . double breasted suits . . . toni wave. PETER SUDARSKY "Pete" West Hartford Pre-Medical PHI EPSILON PI joel, where's my socks? . . . apples and pears . . . small fry . . . friends, to be happy, don't think. Biology, "Campnr", Chen, Hillel, "Nutmeg", Ski Club, Soccer, Sigma Pri Iota. JOHN D. SULLIVAN Norwich Arts and Science WILLIAM L. SULLIVAN "Bill" Hartford Marketing THETA CHI SAM. ARTHUR A. SULLO ffArtJl Norwalk Physics Well now, let's see . . . let's look at this thing logically . . . what do you know, just made it. Pbyricr, WH US. DORIS D. SULLO Middletown Public Health Nursing That's a good idea . . . let's put on a pot of coffee . . . I'll have to sew that on some time. R. N. RICHARD J. SULVESTER ffsullyil New Britain Marketing just like New York . . . nawaaaa . . . the lobber from way back . . . let's go and erren . . . the big blonde! N ewman, SAM. JOSEPH SUPP "Dugan" Ansonia Accounting I'll study tomorrow . . . stay loose . . . hi Dug. SHIRLEY SUSSMAN Manchester Psychology PHI SIGMA SIGMA Sleepy time gal . . . one rye and milk . . . coming up! . . . but I just went to class last week! Hillel, Barkelball. VERA SUTCOVOY Waterbury English Shower soprano . . . brown eyes . . . room with a view . . . culture-vul- ture . . . it's bigger than the both of us! Playerr, R nrrian. TED R. SUTTON Hartford Marketing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sing a song of Sixpence, mouthful . . . that Harris Tweed! . . . soda and ice, please . . . too many cooks. Tr-Council, WHUS, WR UM, Play- err. DONALD A. SWANSON "Swanny" Naugatuck Marketing The last shall be first . . . stalwart Swede . . . what? . . . Donald Duck . . . I don't care! . . . methodical . . . friend of Morpheus. PATRICIA A. SWEENEY rrpdtjyu Rockville Arts and Textiles KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Beechie! . . . off to Willi . . . library cigarette addict . . . Sigma Chi brother . . . a long drink of water . . . everybody's buddy. Badminton, Newman. SAMUEL J. SWIRSKY "Swirl9er" West Haven Accounting Sorry, my bet . . . aces full . . . sun- rise at Sam's . . . Pink Ravine romeo . . . loquacious lover . . . I'll bet she does! Claerr, Hillel, SAM, WHUS, Swim- ming, Band. WINIFRED SYE "llVinnie" Danielson Business Administration P1 BETA PHI Sparkling humor . . . beware of traps! . . . remember big Frost's daughter? . . . QP crazy . . . wild about Harold . . . Midge, let's quit! Education, International Relationr, UCA. SALVATORE J. SYLVESTER ffsdlfl New London Insurance When nature has a job to be done she creates a genius to do it, ME! Inrurance, Newman, SAM. ARTHUR V. SYMONDS rrArtJJ Stony Creek Dairy Production Club 56 . . . I forgot my car keys . . . five gaited walk . . . never worries . . . how so? . . . doc. Block and Bridle, Dairy, Grange. ELLSWORTH A. SYPHER FPEZZQIJJ Chester Dairy Production Man, ain't no use hanging around here, see ya . . . it's time to go home . . . ya, get meh? Dairy. THOMAS S. SZTABA lIT0m7l New Britain Insurance Transfer from T.C.C., New Britain . . . drums with small combo week- ends . . . dancing enthusiast . . . always a ready smile. I nfurance, Newman. SYLVESTER C. TABISZ ffcyll Stamford Electrical Engineering Skeezix, Junior . . . droopydrawers . . . slide rule, speak for papa . . . do not disturb, grinding . . . burn- ing 168 hours weekly! AIEE, Engineerr, IRE, Newman. SHIRLEY A. TASKER Hartford Nursing Comatose . . . that first sea-breeze! . . . I'm gonn'a reform the hos- pital . . . patients love that accor- dion . . . rosy cheeks . . . cheer up. Sociology, UCA, Wbite Caps. ALAN B. TAYLOR "Beaumont" Rockville Insurance SIGMA NU Rockville senator . . . 3 to 5 club . . . magic water . . . see you at Lou's . . . when I was in Korea. Inrurance, International Relationr, Outing Club, Ski Club, UCA. JOHN R. TEDFORD "Puncbyl' Manchester Dairy Manufacturing KAPPA SIGMA "You know it" . . . booter superb . . . Kappa Sig's milkman . . . guess I'll hit the rack. "Cf", Dairy Club, Soccer. JEAN L. TERANI "Jeanie" Groton Music Slim and trim . . . natural dramatic inclination . . . versatile versifier . . . sensational soloist . . . varsity shopper . . . the blithe spirit . . . y'ole bat! Carollerf, Glee Club, Education CMu5icJ, UCA. EDMUND H. TERRACCIANO "Terry" Hamden Marketing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA What have I got to lose . . . songs and suds . . . heading south . . . no mail? Newman. MARILYN L. TERRY ffTerrylI East Hartford Physical Education Sorry I'm late . . . can't see a thing without my glasses . . . oh, those muscles! Arcbery, Canterbury, Freedom League, ISO, P. E. Majorf, UCA, WHUS, Women'5 Varrity, Barket- ball, Field Hockey, Softball, Speed- ball. ARCHIE L. TERZIAN Darien Business Administration JAMES R. TESTA Hymn Wilson Marketing SIGMA CHI I'll be seeing you . . . see you later . . . it's immaterial to me. Tr- Glee Club, Tr-Newman. ROBERT F. TETTELBACH ffTut!l New Haven Marketing Gee, it's only Thursday . . . let's go home tonight . . . go away and let me sleep . . . pinochle, sure l'll play! FLORENCE THANASSI HFZOJI Bridgeport Chemistry Knit-wit from Bridgeport U . . . personality in that grin . . . musical interest . . . on that note I leave! Glee Club, Amer. Cbem. GERALD F. THOMPSON fr ryv East Hartford Civil Engineering LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Where's my skid stick? . . . long, lean and lanky . . . who ever heard of electrical engineers? . . . cement mixer extraordinary. ASCE, Engineerr. ROBERT W. THORNTON Trumbull Civil Engineering JOHN H. TIERNEY rrjdckv Fairfield Marketing HAROLD H. TINGLEY, JR. IfBudJ! Ansonia Agriculture TI-IETA CHI Winnie and weekends . . . Who has my butcher knives? . . . have you tasted my gravy? . . . sleep it's wonderful. Agriculture Club, Dairy Club. CURTIS F. TINKER, JR. "Tink" West Haven Industrial Management Things could be worse. Canterbury, Tr-Council, Tr-Glee Club. GEORGE A. TIRPAK "George" Torrington Electrical Engineering Morning sleeper . . . love that median . . . me, cram? . . . they took my hotplate from me . . . double-feature fiend . . . wolf! WILLIAM T. TOBIN HBE!!! Hartford Marketing I've never called one wrong yet . . . got to go to Willi for a curtain rod. JOHN B. TOKARCZYK Bristol ' lndustry Fife and Drum, LLUBMURT TROF, Senate. RANDALL J. TOOP Manchester Mechanical Engineering ASME, Engineers. FERNAND TOUSSAINT "Ferilie" Danbury Insurance Fust ting ya know I quit . . . I'ma no gonna say . . . las go . . . not this kid. ROBERT P. TOWNE ffB0bU Meriden Physical Education T HETA XI Stay loose . . . that red hat . . . never in a hurry . . . the lights don't work . . . let's go swimming. Newman, P. E. Majorf, Spanirb, "C", Swimming. EDWARD J. TRACEWSKI "Tracy" Eynon, Pa. Insurance SIGMA NU "C", Football, Bareball. 'v-r FRANK L. TRAGER "Uncle Slim" New Haven Accounting TAU EPSILON PHI Have some beer . . . how about a date? . . . have some beer! . . . what clean textbooks! . . . have some beer!! Economics Forum, Hillel, Tr-Hillel, SAM, Tr-Sociology. DUKAS TRAMONTANIS rfDuke2: New Haven Mechanical Engineering ASME, UCA. ROBERT L. TRAVER ffB0bU Waterbury Geology Sure I'rn going home . . . I'm hun- gry . . . got to write a letter . . . sea stories. Rifle. MARILYN E. TRAYNOR South Coventry Arts and Sciences HELEN G. TREPAL IfTrep!I Phoenixville Arts and Textiles ALPHA XI DELTA Mos' probly . . . goin' to home eccy? . . . where's Phoenixville . . . al- ways being quizzed . . . expressive eyes . . . sincere . . . are you twins? 4-H, Home Economics, Panlaellenic, UCA. ANTHONY P. TROCCHI ffT0nyJJ Wilson Mechanical Engineering JOHN J. TRZCINSKI "Traz" New Britain Electrical Engineering Math, music, and mellow moods. Newman. HERBERT R. TSCHUMMI "Scham', Warehouse Point Marketing SIGMA NU Let's go to Willi, Herb . . . ate? aw, gotta wife and kids . . . tudying? hat's that . . . et me a beer. Soccer, Spanirh. ALBERT L. TUFANO HAZ!! Bridgeport Chemistry ALPHA SIGMA PHI Good man . . . squeeze-box polka king . . . who's been eating on my desk? . . . Kline's boy! . . . tailor- made, gentleman. Amer. Chem., Newman. IRVING E. TULIN "Palmer" Hartford Accounting PHI EPSILON PI ACS, WHUS, Young Democratr, ROTC Ojjficerri LEROY W. TULP HR oy!! , New Haven Sociology SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON l'm through with women . . . we can study later . . . smooth dancer . . . words but no tune . . . pinocle, le's go. "C", P. E. Majorr', Football. NICHOLAS V. TUMMILLO ffS0nny!I Hartford Mechanical Engineering Heads true, tails . . . who reads the book? . . . claire de lnne . . . who's wrong? . . . engineering accuracy! . . . sleep!-what's that? Boating, Newman. NANCY M. TURNER Plainville Zoology Wellllllll . . . that's all. RICHARD S. TURSHEN "Dick" Amston Accounting PHI EPSILON PI One of the gold dust twins . . . I'll have to ask my wife! . . . touch- down by a nose. "C", Hillel, Bareball, Football. ROBERT L. TWISS HBOEI Hartford English Interested in education as career . . . can be serious or light . . . Betty and Bob . . . trailer park residents. ISO, UCA. LAWRENCE J. TYTLA HLdrryL' New London Insurance N ewman. JOSEPHINE I. URICCHIO ff-,OU Hartford Marketing Is there anyone she doesn't know . . . here, there, everywhere . . . I'm going bats . . . personality plus. "Campu.r", Newman. WALTER J. VAKOVSKY Seymour Arts and Sciences FRANCES J. VALENTE "Fran" Torrington English PHI MU Ho! Ho! . . . eclectic . . . slippery sneaks and hat box blues . . . Kard- inal Kappa . . . question? . . . you don't know Josephine! . . . toucbe. "Nutmeg", Ruxfian, UCA. RICHARD F. VALENTINE "Tic-toe" Bridgeport Physics No! no! no! . . . now we gotta look at this scientifically . . . oh-yeah? . . . the chicken hop. Tr-Pbiloropby, Pbyrics, Tr-Raelio Group. . ROBERT A. VALLEY "Val" New Haven Electrical Engineering THETA XI Mad genius . . . electrons and women . . . bathroom tenor. ARCS, Glee Club, Engineerf, IRE, Sailing, WHUS, WRUM. JOHN J. VALIGORSKY rrjohnnyu Torrington Bacteriology A reserved lad . . . always ready to give a helping hand. WILLIAM T. VANCISIN "Willie Van" Bridgeport Government KAPPA SIGMA I like it here? . . . who's the volun- teer? . . . life is only a game . . . come play it with me. Tr-Basketball. BETTY A. VANDER MEER HVandyU Milford Government KAPPA ALPHA THETA The Flying Dutchman . . . dimpled, cherubic heart capturer . . . twink- ling blue eyes . . . ambitious at heart . . . skier supreme. "Campus", Glee Club, International Relationf, WH US, Intramural, Baal- minton, Speealball, Tennir, junior Counrelor. ROLAND D. VAN KAVELAAR ffVdnlJ Cranston, R. I. Industrial Management Ex '46 . . . California Chamber of Commerce . . . now where I come from. Glee Club, Inrurance, SAM, Track. MARIE VAN OVERSTRAETEN HMeeCyf'7 Milford Marketing PI BETA PHI Always hungry . . . hm-m . . . fif- teen-letter burden . . . Q. P. collec- tor . . . yes, Ginny . . . information bureau . . . never sleeps a wink. Junior Counrelor, "Nutmeg", SAM, UCA. PAUL A. VARGA Bridgeport Chemistry Amer. C bem., N ewman. VERNA V. VARLEY Washington History Tiny Tim's little sister . . . dreamy forgetfulness . . . Bach to Gershwin . . . fresh! . . . altruistic ideals . . . transfer from Mary Washington College. Cboir, "Nutmeg", UCA. FRANK D. VASINGTON rfVaJ1! Norwich Pre-Medical SIGMA NU Wot happened . . . pahk the cah . . . that's wierd . . . did I dirty your shoes with my pants? Senate, Newman. RUDOLPH J. VECOLI HR udyll Wallingford History ALPHA SIGMA PHI HARRIETT VELMS "Harry" Ansonia Art and Textiles KAPPA ALPHA THETA My Bill's wonderful! . . . Sigma Nu Girl . . . golden haired beauty . . . Art Workrbop, "Camput", Home Economicx, Newman, "Nutmeg", Riding, Tennir. MATTHEW VERDERAME NMHUU New Haven Chemistry THE poet. Charter member of. Alpha Poetus Insightus . . . letls have a lab . . . the textbooks are wrong. C bemirtry Club. GEORGE VERENES "George" New London Accounting ALPHA SIGMA PHI Ol' money-bags . . . tall, dark, silent, and bashful . . . honest-well? . . . look fellas, uh, full house! . . ladies' man! Intramural, Bareball. EDGAR B. VINAL, JR. ffTedIl Hamden Civil Engineering Let's eat . . . how about a short hand of pinochle . . . let's go see Appy . . . what a snow job! RICHARD C. VIRGIE "Dick" West Hartford Insurance ALPHA GAMMA RHO Salute the Lieutenant! . . . what an exam . . . didja go to class today? . . . sack time . . . snappy dresser . . . smooth operator! Inrurance, Newman, ROTC Ogi- cers'. GEORGE T. VITELLI "Big George" New Haven Zoology SIGMA CHI Take a walk? . . . M of the Gold Dust twins . . . whose turn this semester? . . . what we need is-. Biology, Fife and Drum, Intra- mural, Newman. GEORGE W. VLANDIS "Greek" Bridgeport Industrial Administration Pinochle? . . . no time . . . got to study . . . spades trump? . . . I've got six meld. Chen, Tr-Chen, LLUBMURT TROF, Tr-Zoology. PAUL H. VOISIN HViZU East Hampton Government Say something funny. Ski Club. STANLEY V. VOLPE New Haven Arts and Sciences ADELLE WADHAMS HDellJ Bloomfield History-Education PI BETA PHI House politician . . . All-American gal . . . Hoxie-Wadhams Inc. . . . remarkable potentialities . . .extra- ordinary energy . . . true to the blue . . . till then. Fresh. Secy., junior C ounrelor, Sen- ate, WSGA. HAROLD WAGNER Storrs Business Administration ROBERT C. WAGNER Devon Engineering Time will tell! ASCE, Engineerr, Newman. HAROLD 1. WALDRON "Mike" Norwich Accounting KAPPA SIGMA Coffee and donut? . . . no, I'm mar- ried . . . who's got their accounting done? Newman. BARBARA J. WALKER "Bobbie" Hamden Nursing A sure fun maker . . . that Irish humor . . . the movie was rotten . . . third floor Sprague . . . do you mind? Glee Clab, UCA, Wbite Caps. DONALD L. WALKER ffD0nU Ivydale, W. Va. Civil Engineering Legs . . . bow tie . . . have any of you seen my sliderule? ASCE, Cberf, Engineerf. RAYMOND A. WALL Hartford Education RICHARD T. WALLACE ffwdllyll Thomaston Insurance LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Quiet as a thunder storm . . . peace- ful as a cyclone . . .life is one per- petual grin! Inyarance, Newman, WR UM. MARCIA J. WALSH Bridgeport Spanish Transfer from Albertus Magnus . . . grill fiend . . . born with a gift of laughter . . . I'll study eventually. Newman, Spanifb, Swimming. NATALIE L. WALSH "Nicki" Lebanon Mathematics Education ALPHA XI DELTA Little girl . . . hone-ey . . . un- predictable . . . farmer's daughter . . . math mad . . . midnight study- ing, afternoon naps . . . coffee fiend . . . Peg O' My Heart. Eilacation, Mazfb, U CA. WILLIAM J. WALSH "Sparkle" Fairfield Physical Education ALPHA SIGMA PHI Atta go, babe! . . . flashy guard . . . why aren't you studying? . . . terrific sack . . . where's Lou? . . . when do we eat? Tr-Spanirb, Tr-Matb, Newman, Barbezball, Tr-Bafeball, Tr-Football. ELINOR M. WARGO New London Arts and Textiles Carefree . . . quiet . . . fun-loving . . . itls too early to get up yet . . . the gal with the gold tennis cup. WAA, Glee Clab, Newman, Ten- nit. EDWARD D. WARREK, JR. "Stiwl:,' Bridgeport Insurance Art his pastime, Beer he drinks, Usually in the sack, Catching forty winks. "Tide", Football, Bareball. GEORGE E. WARREN ffGary!! New Haven History RICHARD A. WASHBURN "Ricardo" Cheshire Dairy Production Qae para? . . . as his Spanish gets better his English gets worse . . . dad gum! Dairy, Spanifb. JOHN WATRAS Hjdckll Hartford Insurance Aviation, Newman. EDWARD F. WEHNER Bristol Business Administration MAX WEINER "Maxie" Hartford Zoology TAU EPSILON PHI Ace housekeeper . . . O'Hara, F. B. I .... I made my mistake this semester . . . going home to see Morty. Band. EDWARD J. WEINEMAN Hartford Engineering LEONARD C. WELLS fflllennyfl Cos Cob Accounting It happened in Paris . . . Mercury convertible . . . but I was only clo- ing 65 . . . Drifters A. C .... the idea is. Ski Club, UCA. MARIE L. WELLS New Milford Home Economics Let's . . . rating to go . . . cheer rah! cheer rah! . . . Sweet Marie . . . grapefruit sections . . . let's climb the water towers. Aviation, Home Economics, Outing Club, Ski Club, UCA, WSGA, Bas- ketball, Field Hockey, Softball. J. GEORGE WENGER 'frat Pipe" Fairfield Forestry THETA C1-11 Always that ever present pipe . . . wish it would snow! . . . airmail letters and weekends in New York. Footligbters, Forestry, Players, Ski Club. EVELYN K. WEPSALA HKdyU Danielson Secretarial Studies Finns schottisches and sauna . . . gotta go to a meeting! . . . try any- thing once . . . didn't go to class . . . resolutions. Art Workshop, 4-H, Outing Club, Ski Club, Spanisb, UCA, Basket- ball. THEUNIS WERKHOVEN "Terry" Rockville Agricultural Engineering LAMBDA C1-11 ALPHA Blushes are becoming but how I wish I were not the victim. GEORGE A. WESSON, JR. Stamford Arts and Sciences JOHN L. WEST Stamford Marketing Had we but world enough and time, This coyness, lady, were no crime. U WF, DAVID M. WETSTONE "Dave" Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry The extra-curricular kid . . . saooir- faire . . . Joe, you got the wrong slant on women . . . now if you. Band, Hillel, ISO, Interfaitb, "Nut- meg", Players, Radio Group, WHUS, Tennis. FRED U. WETZLER "F. U ." New Haven Industry PHI SIGMA DELTA How to go . . . flatted fifth, Man . . . 1000 aces . . . sack-hound. WR UM, WHUS. JENNIFER A. WHITE fflegh' Canterbury Bacteriology KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Majors in meetings, Culbertson, and coffee-time . . . gotta pull a shrewdy . . . personality, versatility, and informality . . . hail to Phi Alpha. Arcbery, International Relations, "Nutmeg", UCA, WSGA, Women? Varsity, Basketball, Softball. LOIS E. WHITE ULU!! Rockville English Dinner at the Husky . . . oh! John . . . hey kids, I changed my major . . . Glamazon stature . . . interesting legs. Education, WHUS. WILLIAM G. WHITE "lust Plain Bill" Groton Insurance Anybody seen Frank, it's time to eat . . . hotplates and hamburg . .. this is living. Newman, Insurance. 4 I i 1 i I 105 FRED M. WHITEHOUSE Assonet, Mass. History Toynbee says . . . two front teeth ...I'm opposed . . . ISO. . .got a meeting . . . deuces never loses . . .welll1l? ISO, Ratlio Group, Senate. CHARLES R. WHITEMAN "Chuck" Unionville Government MARILYN R. WIEGERT 'Rae" Plainville Home Economics Quiet . . . fifth roommate at Sprague . . . commuter . . . transfer student . . . good cook. LLOYD B. WILHELM "Charlie" Granby Vocational Agriculture Most fatiguing . . . die-d-die . . . it is better to wear out, than to rust out. Agriculture, Dairy, Education, Forertry, 4-H, Grange, UCA. ROBERT H. WILHELM "Stretch" Bridgeport Marketing ALPHA GAMMA RHo Now I'm taller than she is . . . hey, I'm getting dishpan hands . . . Thursday already? . . . see ya' Monday!! Tr-Baxhethall. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS "Chrir" Hartford Arts and Sciences EMMA H. WILLIAMS FfEmmylJ New Haven Secretarial Studies DELTA ZETA Partial to Fords and Hupmobiles head.. . oh gee! .. . she's lovely, shels engaged . . . gowns galore. Glee Club, Archery. ROBERT A. WILSON, JR. frB0b1! Norwalk Electrical Engineering Slipstick Wilson . . . crack engi- neer . . . arises at the crack of dawn . . . cracks exams and books . . . wisecracks. Grange, UCA, DAVID M. WISE "Dave" Stamford Government PHI EPSILON PI Boy politician . . . future D. A. . . . the all-night, all-frantic one . . . armchair athlete . . . Be-Bop addict. I. V. Bafehall, Hillel. MARGARET M. WITHEY ffpegv Oakville Zoology PHI MU I've got a premonition . . . hey Pige' sto flittin ' five . . . . p g. . . . down, two to go . . . where's Kork? Glee Cluh, Newman. MAURICE P. WITHEY Oakville Engineering GERALD H. WOLCOTT ffGe,,ryJ! Sharon Industrial Management ALPHA SIGMA PHI Mr. Snide . . . iron major . . . what happened in class? . . . camels, cuties, calverts, and coffee . . . the piccadilly . . . esquire attire. ROTC Ojicerri CHARLES J. WOLFE, JR. "Choo-choo" Middletown Insurance SIGMA NU Black Bart rides again . . . giggler . . . Mister Elbows . . . Christy's Crusher . . . next year I'll score . . . Bonehead, Moll, and me. "C", Canterbury, Inrurance, Inter- national Relationr, Ski Cluh, UCA, Football. JAMES P. WOOD "Woody" Somersville Industrial Management Sink or swim with smiling Jim . . . didja see in this week's sporting news? . . . we're gonna study to- NORMAN R. WOOD Milford Business Administration BENJAMIN R. WOODLEY "'Wooaie" Warren Marketing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON What's wrong with suntans? . . . these All University functions take so much time . . . your turn to clean today . . . Nancy's up and at class, wow!!! Bafeball, UCA. DONALD P. WRIGHT HD0nU Greenwich Entomology Cross country in the rain . . . bugs, bugs, bugs . . . good marks . . . always eating or sleeping. Chen, Cror: Country, Track. LUNDO WU New Haven Foods and Nutrition One of the friendliest and most cooperative girls at U-Conn . . . everyone who knows her likes her. Arcbery, Art Workrbop, Blue and Wbite, "CampuJ", Education, Home Economics, ISO, lun. Ex. Comm., Outing Club, UCA, WH US, Women'J Varsity. EUGENE V. WYSOCKI Torrington Engineering JOSEPH F. YACAVONE ffloelf Wilson Pre-Medical What's the scoop, Doc? . . . fui on that noise! . . . see you later. Zoology, Biology, Prycbology. JOHN W. YINGLING ffyingil Storrs Marketing KAPPA SIGMA The Army needs me . . . still have my fraternity pin! . . . women say he's cute. Cboir, Glee Club, Carollerr, ROTC Ojicerrf CARL E. YOHANS, JR. "H0tJbot" New Haven Civil Engineering The instigator . . . I'll study to- morrow . . . skis and transits . . . I'l1 fix it, what is it? . . . Lieder- kranz and beer. ASCE, Engineer'I, Ski Club, UCA. CORNELIUS J. YORK ffcorkyfl Suffield Industrial Administration DAVID L. YOUNG ffDa11eJ! Norwich Pre-Dental Racks up Q. P.'s . . . prankster de- luxe . . . the mad organist . . . prefers nurses . . . informal tea parties . . . save the cavities. JOSEPH A. ZADRUZNY Stamford Business Administration JACOB ZALUDA rrjacku Bridgeport Accounting PHI SIGMA DELTA Logical reasoning should show you that . . . bookworm . . . but I have to study . . . oh well, deal 'em. Footligbterr. LEONARD ZEIDENBERG "Zeial" New Haven International Relations PHI EPSILON PI I cut her loose . . . profound poli- tician . . . good will ambassador . . . the compleat cosmopolite . . . still looking for that perfect woman. International Relationr, "Nutmeg", J. V. Football, Track. EDITH M. ZIEGLER "Edie" Shelton Psychology ALPHA DELTA PI ADPi's alarm clock . . . gotta go meet Ed . . . aw, gee . . . I always type on the floor . . . I'm sorry. Pfycbology, "Campur". 107 RAYMOND A. ZUCCO Hzookylf Torrington Marketing SIGMA NU You gotta have it . . . aching eye- balls . . . let's mash . . . attic rat . . . Torrington politician . . . shoe- maker par excellence . . . International Relations, Newman, Outing Club, Ski Club, Basketball. PASQUALE V. ZULLO rrpatv New Haven Civil Engineering Too bad I wasnlt there . . . I'll bid thirty-five . . . so what . . . if it is there, get it. Newman. CHARLES ZWICK "Parity" Southington Agricultural Economics ALPHA GAMMA RHO Letls not jump into this thing . . . let's face it. A griculture, 4-H, Newman. KLAUDIA ZYLAWSKA Hartford Zoology JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES BARBARA F. ALTMAN "Bobbi" E Hartford Psychology Casual, cool, clever . . . smooth sophistication, husky voice . . . clothes make the man . . . wine, men, and song . . . red knickers. FREDERICK J. BALLEK 1 "Freddie" East Haddam Economics Semper ji . . . open them windows, Gus . . . wedding bells for Christ- mas. Spanish. GEORGE A. BANCROFT "George" East Windsor Hill Engineering DELTA TAU DELTA MARVIN S. BARGAR "Bart" New Haven Marketing How about a brew? . . . when's the next vacation? .,.. is it Monday morning already? Bowling, ISO, Infurance, SAM, U WF. ROBERT G. BARON ffB0bU South Coventry Engineering EDMOND A, BARRIEAU NEA!!! Newington Government Que ua, Docteur? . . . Ctranslatedb what's up, Doc? . . . Paulette, baby! ' Hf-Dramatic, Newman, "Tower", WHUS. WILLIAM H. BAULIEU HBH!!! Stratford Chemistry LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Amer. Cbem., UCA. 108 JOHN BECCIA efjobnnyu Waterbury Accounting Honest john! . . . Beccia! . . . you and that doggon radio! . . . donlt you ever get sick of listening to it? RICHARD A. BYER New Haven Business GLORIA P. BIDWELL East Hartford Psychology LUCY E. BIRDSALL fILulJ Hazardville Geology By the way . . . I've been thinking . . . that's not a stone!! . . . how about a cup of cawfee?? Geology, Spanirb, Riding. HOWARD G. BLUEGE "Bluegie" Branford Forestry Housing project . . . wife and son . . . how would you like to live in the woods? . . . I resemble that remark. Forertry Club. RAYMOND C. BOLY HRayl! Groton Finance Dr. jekyl and Mr. Hyde . . . com- mutes to New York . . . curly . . . 1et's get on the ball . perfumed letters. SHERMAN C. BORDEN "Sl9erm" Mechanical Engineering What can I invent now? . . . sports and songs . . . handy fellow, friend in need . . . let's figure this out. VERNON H. BRADLEY ffBudH Middlebury Marketing Nature boy . . . just one more hand . . . study? what's that . . . coffee, Sam? . . . why hurry . . . jack of all trades. WILLIAM C. BRADSHAW "Brad" Winsted Insurance SIGMA NU Guess I'll go home . . . make mine a beer . . . got to study . . . I got a lot of hair. Newman, I nrurance. A. LOUIS CARRAFIELLO HLOZLU Bridgeport Bacteriology ALPHA SIGMA PHI Gotta shut my radio off . . . what am I doing in college? . . . pins and needles . . . I'll call tonight. Agriculture, Newman, Track, Ten- nis Mgr. JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES JULIUS CASOLINO frlulieu New Haven Mechanical Engineering SIGMA CHI ASME. OSCAR H. CHAPIN HHy!5 Ithaca, N. Y. Physical Education "C", P. E. Majorf, Baxeball, Foot- ball. ALBERT J. CHARBONNEAU HAZ!! Putnam Mechanical Engineering Daddy! . . . hate fuzzy thinking? . . . no bad habits that show . . . liberal arts engineer . . . married life? It's fine! ASME, Engineerf, ISO, Newman. DAVID L. CHISNALL "Dave" Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering THETA CHI DAVID E. COLLINS "Dave" Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering TAU EPsILoN PHI Fellers, switch to business. Hillel, Hillel Players, WHUS, Zion- iffy. CHARLES T. CONKLING South Coventry Electrical Engineering AIEE, Newman. FREDERICK P. COOK "Fred" Waterbury Industry Class time is sack time . . . love that radio station . . . thank you, joe Shmoo . . . the "naddy" daddy. WI-IUS, Radio Group. ALFRED J. coUTU IrRedIJ Taftville Physics Engineerr, Playfier. 109 LOUIS J. DI FRANCESCO PCLOHJI Waterbury Mechanical Engineering WALTER F. DOOHAN New Haven Mechanical Engineering ALPHA SIGMA PHI Yeh, you can use the pencil shar- pener. JOSEPH G. DYDO Hjoelf Lisbon Finance Newman. CHARLES L. EMERICK Hllindyil West Hartland Mechanical Engineering GEORGE W. ERICKSON "Eric" Norwalk Mechanical Engineering Corres ondence course! . . . how P oes the battle? . . . ou ot Mr. X? 8 ,Y ...T.S .... cantgetaway... engineer, you know! ASME, Newman. RUDOLPH A. ESPOSITO rfRudy!1 New London Industrial Management Let's dance . . . BE BOP . . . gotta see my baby . . . no sense in shav- ing. SAM, Ski Club, Fencing, Track. FRANK R. EYES HRM!! Georgetown English The apartment . . . my wife Anne . . . think of the little one . . . oughta be, its a new motor . . . pro- crastinator. "Tide", Tr-Pbilofoploy, Tr-French. ALBERT FAGAN HAZ!! New Haven Insurance Aw, let me sleep some more, it's only noon! . . . where's the cross- word puzzle? Bowling, ISO, Inrafanre, Interna- tional Relalionr, SAM, VICTOR I. FELTCORN "Vic" New London Accounting Let's go to chow . . . eating in your room tonight? . . . is Durante on tonight? WILLIAM E. FITZGERALD "Fizz" Danbury Government Tr-Council, Tr-French, LLUB- MURT TROF, Sailing. JOHN M. GANNON "jack" Springdale Mechanical Engineering SIGMA CHI Arrioetlerci . . . I'll be seeing you ...the kid with the car.. .I think I'll go home this weekend. Engineers, ASME. DAVID T. GILL "Leech" Jewett City Bacteriology LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Hey, you slick operator . . . got a minute? . . . seconds. UCA. GORDON F. HALE Darien Business Administration JOHN F. HARRIS "jack" Bristol English KAPPA SIGMA Let's face it . . . oh, for the irst of the month . . . I got the shaft . . . stop groaning . . . couldn't care less. JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES CARLETON C. HARRISON "Stinky" East Haven Chemistry SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Mustard or mayonnaise? . . . by George. 1. V. Football. EDWIN J. HARRISON Hltchll New Haven Marketing Tr-Council, Tr-Dramatic. GEORGE M. HAYN ES Springdale Marketing I don't unnerstan' all I know about this! U WF. CHARLES E. HILL Manchester Bacteriology RICHARD R. HULL IfDickU New Britain Sociology Aw, play that slow movement again . . . what's on the menu? . . . that forward protruberance . . . I'll diet tomorrow. Italian, Pryclaology, S ociology, UCA. HAROLD W. HURLBUTT . "Hal" Gales Ferry Electrical Engineering Just a sad sack engineer . . . maybe! Engineerr, Croft Country. WERNER A. JANSSEN ffwernfl Danbury Bacteriology Trailerite . , . love my wife . . . germs sure is funny animules! . . . winter sports . . . neighbors and beer . . . hey, Boopsy! Tr-Glee Club, Biology. 110 MILTON Q. JOHNSON "Milt" Thompson Civil Engineering Where's my letter? . . . E-Z . . . what a glom that guy is . . . let's play pinochle! HELEN A. KARDYS Hartford Zoology Biology, Spanirlz. JAMES L. KILDAY, JR. ffjimll New Haven Government You know what I mean . . , what does he want, the whole road? Yonng Deinocratr. SELMA LARSON Roxbury Horticulture RICHARD H. LAWTON ffDi6kf'l Waterbury Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM M. LOOS "Lamp-Lamp" New Haven Physical Education SIGMA CHI What time did Peg call? . . . drop dead! . . . fourth for bridge . . . pride of the Phillies . . . what a fiasco. "C", P. E. Majorf, Bateball, Bar- ketball. RICHARD D. LOVE "Dick" Ansonia Insurance Where's the sport page! . . . any game scores? . . . a Red Sox die hard. "C", Bareball. EDWARD S. MATIN Waterbury Civil Engineering ASCE, Wb-Bareball, Softball. FRANCIS E. MCGOWAN HMKICU Waterbury Marketing Don't fight it, it's bigger than you are! . . . you tell 'em, you've been on the road. Newman, Bareball. JOSEPH R. MERCIER ff-Ioelf Baltic English Kilday, we came close to that one! . . . she's too young for me. ROBERT MISCHLER HMiJ.bH Branford History Yeah, I know it . . . three no, eh podnah . . . FDR and Bowles, are you kidding? JOSEPH P. MODENESE "The Moaner" Waterbury Chemistry This is terrific! . . . where are those easy courses? . . . how about a coffee! JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES GAN K. MOY "Hom Bow" New York City, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Let's go to Willy . . . extended vacations . . . exponent of pinball machines . . . night owl . . . high man on the curve. Alpba Tau Pbi, Taa Beta Pi. GERALD J. MUNSON ffslimlf New Haven Bacteriology I never get a chance to say a word . . . I'm snowed as usual . . . when do we eat? Tr-Biology, Tr-German, Sailing, WRUM. ARTHUR R. NELSON Willimantic Accounting EDWARD R. NEWCOMB ffE,r0J!I New Haven German Don't just tell me to get up, pull me out of the sack! GEORGE T. NUTTER "NatJie" Stepney Sociology ALPHA PHI OMEGA Wha hoppened? . . . good God, Gettie! . . . hmm, and I do mean hmm . . . whistled S's . . . beer hall harmonizer. German, Senate, Sociology. ARTHUR G. OLSON ffArtJJ Elmwood Industrial Management You can start now, sir . . . smashed it! . . . let's not be one way . . . is it Friday yet? SAM, Ski Clab, Tr-Debating, ffTide!I. ELEANOR G. PORTER "Ellie" Lancaster, N. H. Nursing Red setters . . . winter sports. R. N. 111 JOHN J. RAFFILE Ujdkell New Haven History It's all up to the individual . . . what was I going to say? . . . who cares! . . . what a factory! Tr-German, Sailing, N ewrnan. ROBERT E. RANKIN "Bob" Portland Marketing Four wheels and a song . . . she's cute . . . forgotten outpost . . . w'ad da ya say? . . . ya understand? Tr-Debating, Tr-Glee I C lab, Sailing, UCA, UWF, WHUS, WRUM. WYDELL F. ROOD ffRudyH Waterbury . Insurance SIGMA NU What a boring class! . . . oh yeah! Inrarance, Croft Coantry, Track. DAVID ROSENBERG HDOCU Bridgeport Marketing I hope to graduate before my son! Camera, Debating, Softball, Track. GEORGE U. SAKELLARIDES ffsdkkyfi Norwich Accounting Get out of my life . . . bull artist galore . . . always talking about sports . . . chew it. VIRGINIA SAGE Vinny" Meriden Nursing Red-headed veteran of the ANC . . .that aura of quietness is deceiv- ing . . . fun lurks in those blue eyes. R. N. LOUIS D. SCHNIER PILOHII Torrington Insurance TAU EPSILON PHI Motto: Sleep generates the forces of knowledge . . . I get my 24 hours. Inrnrance. RICHARD L. SCIARINI "Dick" Branford Bacteriology Huh? . . . goin' to town . . . I'll try three. Newman, ROTC 0j'icer.r'. GERALD N. SCIARRA trjerryu Hartford Zoology Everything's bananas. H f-Dramaticr. JOHN E. sETzKo HR ed!! Hartford Physics Pbyricr. SAVERIO L. SFORZA ffsdlll Waterbury Accounting Zip! . . . we'll do this now, that then . . . zip zip . . . and it's done . . . what a silly mistake! STANLEY A. SHIPMAN "Stork" New Haven Industrial Management Tall, dark, and striking . . . sin- cere . . . serious . . . sterling . . . intriguing eyes . . . first impressions of people. "Campur", SAM. ALEXANDER SHUSKUS fu-Izexff West Hartford Physics SIGMA CHI Now let me tell you something . . . Oppenheimefs protege . . . 440 in 50 or bust . . . my leg went bad! Track. WALTER xv. SIMPSON ffwazf' Bridgeport Industrial Management JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ' JOHN SMIGRODZKI "Smig'r New Britain Marketing ISABELLE B. SOKOLSKI HBaeU New Britain Zoology Oh! those labs! . . . bunnies . . . petite and pretty . . . ah me . . . Bill . . . bound and deter- mined . . . dependable, trustworthy, friendly. Archery, Newman, Hf-Council, "T0wer'l. NICHOLAS J. SPELLMAN, JR. "Senator" Norwich Economics THETA CHI Newman, Spanirlo, U WF. AUGUST C. STAMM ffcaflfl Hartford Forestry ALPHA PHI OMEGA The rugged outdoor type . . . speaks several languages fluently . . . ax, boots, levis . . . when I vas in old country. A griculture, F orertry, Newman, Croft Country. DANIEL D. SYMMES, JR. ffDdnnyl! West Haven Psychology THETA CHI "Title", Band, Newman, Track, Prycloology. ALAN L. TALCOTT "Buzz" New Haven Marketing Hi Sam . . . oh! my Little Soldier . . . anything to eat? . . . stuck again . . . tired . . . work too hard . . . any Scotch? IRVING E. TAYLOR, JR. fflryli Warehouse Point Marketing KAPPA SIGMA Air ROTC. ROBERT H. TAYLOR ffB0bU Wallingford Zoology THETA XI Honestly . . . this is a crying shame . . . I'm in love again . . . always hungry . . . yachtsman . . . those Leetes Island week-ends. Biology, Canterbury, UCA, Sailing. 112 JOHN A. TERMEULEN rf-Iobnnyn Danbury Electrical Engineering ERWIN VON ALLMEN ffV0nU New Haven Chemistry Musial and the Cardinals . . . cue- stick and test tubes . . . varsity hearts, pinochle and indigestion . . . deluxe CPD harmonica solos. FRANCIS X. WERZINGER "Fran" Naugatuck Marketing Personal friend of Caesar and 'the boys . . . the M C of Bull Sessions, Inc .... midnight oil burner. Newman, International, SAM. FREDERICK S. WHITE South Coventry Mechanical Engineering EUGENE S. WILLIAMS "Gene" Bristol Electrical Engineering Entropy, Enthalpy . . . throw it in an equation . . . kick it around the cycle . . . turn the crank . . . grind it out . . . what? AIEE, Engineerr. RICHARD A. ZIELLO Hone' Waterbury Mechanical Engineering ASME, Gazf. CLASS OF 1949 President ....,.,...... ....,. .,.., D aniel Wadsworth Vice President .,..... ...,....... 1 ohn Kennedy Secretary ..,.,...,. . .,... Mildred Krivonis Treasurer .......r. . . ..,.. William jackson Class Agent ..,.l...A....,...,...........,..A..,.....,...,..,,..,.,...,........... William Seigel Executive Committee .,,n jofeplo Braun, Barham Clapp, Harry Gaucber, joan Jenkim and I-Iafriette Smith Factulty Adviier ..,,., . .,.,... A David Iwy 113 President .. ...... Secretary ......... Treasurer ....,,.,. Historian .,,..,.,,.. CLASS OF 1951 .,,.,..Caro1 Frost ...,,.i..Barbara Oppel ......,..Robert Nelson ..... , .Barbara Beckwith Faculty Aafvirer ..,..,.. Stanley E. Wedberg President ,............. ....... M ariiyn Fabricant Vice President ......... ....,...,.... J oan Molloy CL Secretary .......,. ,. .,.....i,.4 Nancy Canby Treasurer ........... .4,.....r...,...,. F rances Geenty Historian ..,.,...,..... ,.......,.,.......,...,. S idna Cramer Faculty Adairer ,...,,. .....,... G aillermo Cotta-Thorner the Ge at aaazagt .tau saw ay .4 ' MALCOLM W. BALDWIN HMM!! Woodbridge Dairy Production Vell, vell, vell, sam . . . I got a bus run . . . I'll be dipped . . . married life . . . aah. Dairy, Agriculture, Football. DONALD E. BEACH FPDOMU Milford Horticulture Let's eat . . . Wood Hall . . . potatoes, cards, and women . . . fix me up. Agriculture, Horticulture. GILBERT L. BENHAM UGil!! Hamden Horticulture What makes it tick? . . . hitch it to a post . . . easy does it . . .check that! Agriculture, H orticulture, UCA. MILNER L. BENHAM ffBen!l Hamden Horticulture Treat 'ern rough . . . study? . . . better late than never . . . bottle? . . . who said bottle. Agriculture, Horticulture, Band, U C A. RUSSELL BLAKESLEE "Ruff" Lebanon Dairy Commute. Agriculture. VICTOR S. BOMBACI MV C!! X Essex Horticulture Why eat . . . you heard me . . . give me a piece of cake. A griculture, Horticulture. c. EDWARD BOTTOMLEY Ted" Crystal Lake . Poultry Chinchillas is the business . . . the heck with four years, two is enough for me. Agriculture. ROBERT J. BURNS ffB0bU Wallingford Dairy Industry THETA CHI Beans! . . . anybody want to go to John's? . . . swell! . . . don't eat the cottage cheese! . . . sweet mother! . . . Q. P.'s galore. Agriculture, Baud, Dairy, Newman. MORRIS L. BURR, JR. HMO!! Westport Poultry Give me chicks: feather'd and otherwise . . . ag is the life . . . oh Olly. Agriculture, Bankiva, UCA, Rifle. WILLIAM C. CARRIG "Bill" New Haven E Horticulture Week-ends in Danielson, week- days in Narragansett . . . early to bed and early to rise!! Cross Country, Agriculture, Horti- culture. lite 4' al Qatar, atusaaaaya - WILLIAM H. DORNFRIED "Bill" Kensington Dairy Manufacturing It all depends on the freight depot . . . where's Norman? . . . whatta ya studyin' for? . . . Henry's agro- nomy brain boy. Agriculture, Dairy, N ewman. JULIAN G. ELY, JR. HDOCH Lyme Dairy Production Square dance fiddler . . . fast as a deer . . . who wants to play foot- ball? Agriculture, 1. V. Bareball. ROBERT W. GOOD ffB0b!I Torrington Dairy Manufacturing Manchester Hall preferred to card games . . . oops, late for my eight! . . . Wotta week-end! Dairy, Agriculture. PHILIP M. GRANT ffpbillf Melrose Dairy Production More darn fun . . . Wood Hall . . . woman trouble . . . let's keep it clean. Dairy, Agriculture. WILLIAM S. HARRIS ffBucky!! Bristol Dairy Production By Gabs . . . let's take off . . . twist my arm . . . not bad . . . appreciates good cattle and women. A riculture Block and Bridle 8 : : Crou Country, Dairy, Ski Club, UCA. EDMUND C. HOLCOMBE, JR. HEd!f Simsbury Floriculture Agriculture, Barul, Horticulture, UCA. RICHARD H. LUNDIN Merrow Agriculture LOUIS P. MELILLO "Lou" Hamden Nursery Snow snakes . . . let's study? . . . going over to Gulley? . . . chow. Agriculture, Horticulture, New- man. GEORGE R. NORMAN ffB0bJ! New Canaan Dairy Manufacturing I dream of Jeanie . . . where's Dornfried? . . . it all depends on the freight depot . . . sing it pretty, LeRoy! Agriculture, Dairy. CHARLES F. NOYES "Chuck" Norwich Floriculture Want to go to Willi . . . what good are you . . . study, never. Agriculture, Horticulture. the 6' al aacyfi ausuwuun ' HENRY E. BARZETTI "Hank" West Redding Horticulture H orticulture. CHARLES KANTER RockvilLe Dairy FREDRICK j. POGMORE Ifsludfl Wallingford Animal Husbandry Let's play cards . . . can't always lose . . . gin. Agriculture, Dairy, 4-H. GEORGE P. RANDALL Lebanon Dairy Production Agriculture. ROBERT J. STEINER "Bob" Southport Dairy Production Where's the Husky? . . . pen-stab- ling, grass silage, Ayrshire cattle . . . let's go to the cabin in the chevie. Agriculture, Block and Bridle, Dairy, 4-H, UCA. CHESTER A. CHARPENTER rrTed1J Derby, Vermont Farm Management Dairy, Pi Alpha Sigma. JOHN B. OSTERHOUDT ffjohnil Bridgeport Pomology LAMBDA CHI ALPHA How about a game of cards? . . . does she drink or smoke? . . . always ready to give you odds. Mariagers', UCA, WHUS, Bare- ball, Barketball, Soccer Mgr. FREDERICK B. TAYLOR Norwalk Floriculture ROBERT R. THOMPSON IfTurkU West Hartford Floriculture Get out of here . . . Boston again? A griculture, H orticulture. WILLIAM J. WHITCOMB HBH!!! Lebanon Dairy A griculture. BERNARD DZI ELINSKI I1Lef,-yi! Terryville Agriculture ALPHA GAMMA RHO Son of Rest, Confidence Inc .... Terryville terror . . . Stosh says . . . we'll sell eggs by the pound. 4-H, Newman. HERMAN W. SCHNABEL West Simsbury Dairy DOUGLAS M. SWETT West Hartford Floriculture J. HAROLD WAGNER IfHall! Norwalk Dairy Industry Katherine Gibbs, here I come . . . where's my new car, Dad? Agriculture, Dairy. 117 X ,- Q V, Q M.. ' H1 ,, , ,-E X- ' ' H ' 'gy 4, ,if Q .A Y 4 ' 'f if V , ' 'ff' ' K , A ,, - .- f " HP x 1 j, 4 V1 in W igntk ff if, 1, M X' ,N . t .Q-if-,g if-il ff' W, 'Q , Q-' 1 E 1 1 , - f 15- ,M 24? W. 1 Q.: , Q pf- ai :Q Z ,, " - 1 q , - --., .M ,mb'A,,-L nl, W Y fs ing-'J'L,l1N"' l' 2 ' , 1'-ff ' ' y J ww' usu- ww , if S I E 1 gigs--r . ,444 ,yr in , s , , a 5 0- Q . . r F i xx " N , .nv af' , .4 A ' ., 'W' M.: W ml an 1 kj. wif' f'Q'iIpqsiw3"f5M I yr, 'A 'ii' izx, , "D . fv 1 -MQW er. .ar Zh. ,. V' . K F W7-Trfiff. we wr, mmf ,zmy.y,e45 5 9 so gi, " Q 2 f ' an LUCWB -,K Ms A M' i M I 1 fu' f Q:2,. ' ' yy, , .. P Q? TTQ- wwfmfwk , , F kwin vu M A J, S ' ff ,,., KE f, ,N ,. i f -fa ff N .l Q , . 1 + 3, W 4 K 2 2 f , "" - , - I ,ibmj-3-3 6 ., it 7 ,W 5552257 X VV,f iw-f'g,:: Q. ,.,, K . A 1 3931 , . W L.., V ,I A ii., , Q I. -i"'?5?5v ,'1L J ' 11? 'H-'A A E , 75 I I Vk,,- ' ' f , 7 . N, i Q' . -f f ' 0 ,fi 'V J -i My 7 241- f I Q- I 5 5 Q , .Q X , P, R vt: :::. I K 'Qs I Q ' 'i In ,,, - . .JA I 1 X t l A K .UI s 1 rat A f V vp L 1 ' B ,M 1 ' A 9 ff?-" X , QC ii? ..,z ,ff -4'7R:Q,4J QQLJ mg W.. 1 as-RICH? dry. R 1 'in M X ,. --bag a S12 t ,K gm mp K , A V x A , H I , W ALWV 7 lzv I ' -ar N. NN xv K 3 E U ' i v ,N ,LL, ' , ' - t L- ,4-,wh :V W Q4 V, M,7,,fX . , .af ar F 9' .gr w'w'Q ar.- AI ' X J' f 3' f H M in 1 I ' .1Q,k ,A L A H MM .w,..,m.w..m.,..,X,N. 'fly N W' K,,' "i4'1' "iw V I A I. WA 'B Q - my I V V A . I :I V -1- Fr V xx by , wr m V!-V gi' ffnf' 1" - Q, ' -,gk K- ,m,, ' x ' ' L, , I ff-f+: . ,!i aw. , Q- 4- X , A f . ' 'f ' - - D , -- Q., W,-,,Y, v ., V.. , , I , K 'li a Q K + ,pq ' 1 F' . " Q 1 -I , 1 mn 1 I J. 1 4 -1+ ff 1 g .xpvfxr Q ,Q-,Es 1- as dak: 3 X: 5"fk,-3 Saul It ' "3 'E ' '. " A wr A '-ref V : 9x.'1 i., 'ft4, 4' 5, I , ' ' ww- if ' ,. 18' , Y",,f: U a - -- N 0 - x X 'F , -, 4 K A x fx 1 M v ss gl. fi. - 12 - it 4 X Hx ,I N ,- , X v 5 6 Q 9 X 4 'A ..- 1- 'ej y w.,,. ! V - . w Y f ,, .4 .. . uv, 4 ,,,.,, J, I K -' " .ilk-, nz.. g," K ,. awe af www LESTER ABLEMAN Hllejil New London "Les', as you can see, is an "able man" . . . for confirmation check past honor rolls and dean's lists. Pharma-Conn, Bowling, A Ph A, Alpha Zeta Omega, Rho Chi. SAM W. ABRAHAMSON rfACeJ1 New Britain Hard to imagine "Ace" failing to succeed . . . he can talk his way into, or out of, any situation. Alpha Zeta Omega, Bowling, Baf- hefhall, Stnalenl Council. RAILI ALANEN HRWL' Hamden Top honor student . . . "Rye" is also an accomplished musician . . . draws a "mean" Varga girl . . . suc- cess in any field. A Ph A, Tan Phi Sigma, jan. Ring Comm., Rho Chi. ARTHUR AROIAN IFANIJ Hartford Adept in all undertakings-athletics, studies, bridge . . . small in stature only . . . we want "Art" on our side. A Ph A, Kappa Pri, Bowling. GEORGE J. BESEK HPOPH Meriden Fugitive from Yale, "Pop" hnally saw the light . . . with the moral support of Mrs. B. and George jr., "Pop" is a sure fire success. HARRY BODOZIAN "Buda" Hartford "Budo" is the other half of the in- separable Aroian-Bodozian team . . . his quiet nature and timely humor makes him many friends. A Ph A, S oph. Treat., Kappa Pri. FRANK J. BONELLI "Frank" Hartford Immaculately dressed at all times . . . our idea of what the future Well-dressed pharmacist will wear. A Ph A, Basketball, Bowling, Kappa Pri. MILTON BRAUNER "Milt" Bridgeport Appearance of a philosopher, but the constant twinkle in his eye makes us realize he's not that serious. A Ph A, Alpha Zeta Omega. ALBERT BUSLOVITZ "Bazz" New Haven Heard long before he's seen . . . his humorous chatter has brought some life to our dreary halls. Alpha Zeta Omega, Bowling, A Ph A. STANLEY BUTLER "Stan" Living proof that the gaining of knowledge never ceases . . . "Stan" already a B.A. is now striving for his B.S. Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi. CARL N. CARLSON "Carl" Bridgeport Sticks as persistently to his studies as to his ping-pong . . . success in later life practically a certainty. EDWARD CLEARY UEdU Bridgeport Head and shoulders above all others when dances and ptoms come around . . . also in the eyes of a certain blonde. Phi Delta Chi. NORMA CROOG "Norm" New Haven Who speaks her mind, giving orchids where due or tossing a brick-bat when needed. Pharma-Conn., Bowling, Ian. Prom. Comm. VINCENT CUTICELLO "Vin" Don't let "Vin's" quiet, reserved na- ture fool you . . . "Actions speak louder than words". Phi Delta Chi. FRANK X. DEMARTINO ffsta-gl! New Haven It's not what he does, but it's just the way "Staff" does it . . . gives us all a laugh. Ring Comm. EVANGELINE DEMAS "Vangie" Bridgeport Something new has been added . . . that is to the class of ,50 and we all welcome her with open arms. Bowling, Glee Cluh, Pharma-Conn, Tau Phi Sigma. JOSEPH W. DEUTSCH ffjoell Bridgeport Wealth of knowledge is the re- sult of constant use of his pet saying-"Why". Student Council, Soph. Prer., Ring Comm., Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi, Mortar anfl Pertle. MEYER DWORKIN ffMikeH New Haven When the professors run short of questions, the "quizmaster" throws in a few--and they're stickers too! A Ph A, Alpha Zeta Omega, Chem- irtry Cluh, Vice Prer., C ormetic Cluh, Glee Cluh. ROBERT EISENBERG HB0bU New Haven Bob is just a local boy who is mak- ing good . . . making good in friend- liness, good fellowship and schol- astics. EDWARD FELDMAN fFEdH Washington, D. C. Quiet and unassuming . . . con- scientious and scholarly . . . many friends although he is a long way from home. A Ph A, Chemirtry Cluh. ALFRED D. FORD HAI!! Hartford Philosopher, economist, preacher . . . always found in the middle of a debate or studying in the library. WILLIAM F. FORD ffBi!lU N au gatuck Humor, wit, mirth and uyou talked me into it" have made many a dull hour a pleasant college memory. Kappa Pri, Duncanjiferr. ANTHONY GAMBINO ffR0ckyU Meriden Although the subjects be many and varied, "Rocky" still has a few wise and ponderous words to add. A Ph A, Kappa Pri. MICHAEL GIULIANO :fM ke11 Waterbury Small in size . . . "Mike's" hearty laughter makes us aware of the fact that he's near. A Ph A, Bowling, Phi Delta Chi. EDMUND GRANATEK "Granny" Hartford Already famous for his "Gum-thus" cartoon . . . now seeking greater fame as manager of the UCCP "All-stars". A Ph A, Barhethall Manager, Kappa Pri, Rho Chi. JUNE GRILLO "june" West Haven "Miss Pill Excipientu or "Pet" . U. . "better days are coming". A Ph A, Cormetic Cluh. ERICK K. HEIN "Erick" Terryville Terryville terror takes all in his stride . . . remarking after a rugged quiz . . . it was a snap! A Ph A, Bowling, Phi Delta Chi. SHIRLEY HERTZ "Hertzie" Bridgeport An all round great girl . . . the class giggler . . . always smiling and cheerful. A Ph A, Clarr Book Comm., Cor- metic Cluh, Pharma. Conn., Tau Phi Sigma, Exchequer, Mortar and Pertle. SIDNEY K. HIGHKIN "Sid" New Haven Quiet and reserved . . . until he enters the lab . . . and then "Sid's'l melodious UD voice can be heard far and wide! BARBARA Z. ISRAEL "Bahru New Haven "Babs'l takes her studying so ser- iously and burns so much 'midnight oil" that she finds it hard getting to class. A Ph A, Cormetic Cluh, Tau Phi Sigma, Jun. Prom. Comm. PETER M. JENNINGS rrpetett Torrington Tall red-headed, good looking, quiet . . . but silence is golden . . . that's "Pete" the ardent pinochle and poker enthusiast. A Ph A. CHARLES G. KAFFEIAN Uchllbbn Hartford "Chuck's" cartoons are something to see . . . especially the ones in his little black note book . . . ask to see them sometime. A Ph A, Bowling, Phi Delta Chi. HAROLD KATZ "Kitty" Bridgeport Witty . . . Student Council "bigwig" . . . "Kitty" will succeed in any venture. A Ph A, Glee Club, Pharma. Conn., Student Council, Vice Prer., Rho Chi, Mortar and Peftle. BURTON M. KAUFMAN "Burt" New Haven Ex N. Y. U. student . . . "Burt" with his dry subtle sense of humor is a welcome addition to the class of '50. Alpha Zeta Omega, Rho Chi. SAUNDER J. KAUFMAN "Connie" Hartford An active participant in ping pong and bridge . . . the "sweater boy" of C. C. P .... faculty for making friends quickly. A Ph A. EDWARD KAWCZAK NEI!!! Hartford 'lEdls" willingness, and his scholar- ship made him an outstanding member of our class. A Ph A, Pharma. Conn., Arrociate Editor, Student Council, Financial Sec., Bowling, Clary Book, Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi, Mortar and Pertle. VICTOR LAUTIER "Vic" Torrington The "father" of the class sets a shining example for his many ad- miring "children". A Ph A, Vice Prer., Bowling, jun. Clair Prer,, Prom. Comm., jun. Ring Comm., Phi Delta Chi, Mortar and Pertle, Rho Chi. LEONA LAVIGNE "Lee" Putnam Pert, blonde . . . proof that pretty girls can make the grade in schol- astics as well as in social activities. A Ph A, Bowling, Tau Phi Sigma, Pharma. Conn., Editor in Chief, Affociate Editor, Mortar and Pertle. THEODORE LEACH "DemetrioJ" Bridgeport Wonder why "Ted" wears that worried expression before exams? . . . everyone knows he can pass them blindfolded. A Ph A, Bowling, Rho Chi. GEORGE P. LEHRMAN Hphilll Bridgeport "Phil" fdon't call me Georgej is our baseball expert . . . a good scholar and popular fellow . . . a credit to pharmacy. Kappa Pri, A Ph A, A. A., Rho chi. HERBERT LIGHT "Herb" The light that never fails . . . always there to greet you with a cheerful smile and a friendly "hi"! Phi Delta Chi. WALTER F. LINDBORG, JR. Hllindyll Darien Whether it be an honor list, social activity or general bull session, it wouldn't be complete without "Lindyl'. A Ph A, Kappa Pri, Pharma. Conn., Arrociate Editor, Rho Chi. GEORGE LOALBO "George" Hartford Ardent tennis fiend . . . inquisitive scholar . . . a firm believer in ideals . . . a tough foe to overcome in an argument . . . that's George. A Ph A, Chemirtry Club, Pharma- Conn., Kappa Pri, Rho Chi. ISADORE MANEVITZ fflzzylf Middletown Concentrated energy for studies, sincerity and bubbling good humor . . . add them up and you have "Izzy". COSMO MELILLO HC oz!! East Haven Thanks to East Haven for this jovial bit of masculinity . . . man- ages to get to class on time in spite of his "new', car. Veteran, A. A., Kappa Pri, A Ph A. JACOB MILLER fflackil Hartford Don Juan . . . hobbies are women and dancing . . .interested in hair restorers . . . good sense of humor . . . active in school affairs. Cormetit Club, Preritient, A Ph A, AZ O, Pharma-Conn. JOSEPH MOODY Njoelf Hartford Famous for week-end stories . . . former radio man in the Merchant Marine . . . expert at sleeping in class . . . "Moody runs faster than Eisenberg". A Ph A, Secretary, Photography Club. LAWRENCE MUCCINO "Mooch" Waterbury Personality plus . . . ex-marine . . . boisterous and popular . . . happily married . . . twice as much energy as the atom bomb. Student Council, Yearbook, Ring Comm., A Ph A, Phi Delta Chi, Prerident. VINCENT ONORATO "Seo otch" New London Sharp dresser and good athlete . . . keeps one eye on the books and the other on his girl . . . "come on-n-n". Barketball, Bowling. JOSEPH PACEONI ff-10911 Allingtown A dynamo from Allingtown . . . lots of personality in a little bundle . . . forever smiling, laughing and eating . . . favorite hobby, "food". jun. Prom Comm., A Ph A, Kappa Pri. MARTIN PLUKAS ffMdrtylJ Bridgeport Manages to end up the year with honors and a full locker . . . really a credit to the profession . . . I know what I got this time. Kappa Pri, A Ph A, Veteran, Rho Chi. JOSEPH RHEINER HRM!! Hartford Known as the "question man" . . . patent on brown pills . . . hobbies are the "wife" and "little Rheinern . . . ambition is to learn to drive. Veteran. ALPHONSE SARACCO ' rtG'uJU New Haven Quiet and conscientious . . . effi- cient in everything, especially cramming . . .our biology wizard . . . assured success. A Ph A, Rho Chi. SAMUEL SCHARR rrSd7nJJ Hartford Good student . . . intelligent and energetic . . . active in school affairs . . . owns "handsomest" car in school. A Ph A, Prer., Pharma-Conn., Veteran, Yearbook, Rho Pi Phi. RONALD SCHLANK "Ronnie" West Haven Former navy ensign . . . excellent in the class room . . . serious mind- ed and personable . . . a credit to the profession. Pharma-Conn Editor, Ro Pi Phi, Prer., Chemirtry Club, Trear., Veteran, A Ph A, Barketball. FRANK SCINTO "Frank" Bridgeport UCCP's five by live . . . jovial and well-liked . . . plays a mean game of pinochle . . . how's the diet com- ing, Frank? Kappa Pri, A Ph A. REUBEN SEIDMAN frRubeJl New Britain Excells in hitch-hiking . . . proud daddy . . . hobby is making money . . . when I own my own store. Veteran, AZ 0. SHELDON STEINHAUS "Shell" Hartford Record fiend . . . active in AZO . . . we knocked 'em dead at the Fresh- man Reception . . . well-liked and easy to know . . . wedding bells and Fran. Veteran, AZO, Prey., A Ph A, Bowling, Bafhethall. GERTRUDE STEPHENSON ffjqradyll New Britain Our quiet little blonde . . . always neat and trim . . . conscientious and a good student . . . I'm not blush- ing . . . Ed's Girl. Tait Phi Sigma, A Ph A, Bowling, Cormetic Clah, Vice-Pres. CATHERINE SULLIVAN ffKdy!! Guilford A smiling Irish lass whom we all love . . . quiet till you get to know her, then look out . . . Tan Phi Sigma, Bowling, jan. Prom Comm., Sttitlent Council, Pharma- Conn., Clary Sec., Yearbook, Cor- metic Clah, A. A., Sec., Mortar and Pertle. WALTER SZCZESIUL ffscooplf Beacon Falls Football, his first love, perennial jokester . . . surplus of kinetic energy . . . "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men". Kappa Pri, Bowling, Pharma-Conn. ABEL TANGARONE ffAbef! Hartford Silent type . . . above par student . . . avid be-bopper . . . conscien- tiousness topped off with a dash of wit . . . owner of the famous hat. Clan Trear., A Ph A, Kappa Pri, Rho Chi. ALVIN WEINBERG HAZ!! Hartford "The Brain" . . . enjoys matrimonial bliss . . . poikilothermalic but very likable . . . 40 Q. P.'s or bust . . . ambition is to own an electric blanket. Veteran, A Ph A, AZO, Rho Chi. GERALD WELLINS rrjeryyf: Hartford Always a smile . . . sincere and in- telligent . . . active in school affairs and well liked by everyone . . . Clary Vice Prey., Veteran, Chairman jan. Prom, AZO, Sec., Ring Comm., Yearhooh, A Ph A, Mortar antl Pertle, Barhethall, Bowling. JOHN WYNNE Hjobnll Bridgeport Our silent class mate . . . shy but independent . . . the thinker . . . my heart is whole, my fancy free, go away little girls, don't bother me. Pharma-Conn, Kappa Pri, Bowling. SHERMAN ZIMMERMAN Hzimlf Hamden ' Loves an' argument . . . never afraid to stand by what he believes in . . . cross-word puzzle fiend . . . when I was in the army . . . future B. T. O. Veteran, Bowling, AZO, Matter at Army, Ring Comm. II JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Preriilent ..,........... ....... V ictor Lautier Vice-Preritlent ......... ...,.,... G erald Wellins Secretary ......,.,., ....... Catherine Sullivan Treafarer ...,..........,................... Abel Tangarone The Class Ofiicers are elected each year by a majority vote of their respective classes. It is an honorary position which includes such duties as directing class social affairs, settling many of the grievances that arise among the students and probably most important of all, the re- sponsibility of looking after the general wel- fare of their class. PHARMA-CON N The Pharma-Conn, journal of the Univer- sity of Connecticut College of Pharmacy, has been published by the student body since l925. In 1948, the magazine was completely revised in form, content, and reader distribution. The step from a mimeographed sheet was made under the editorship of Harry Swatsburg. Aims of the revised Pharma-Conn are to strengthen the relationships between pharmacists, doctors, and all persons interested in pharmaceutical education. EDITORIAL STAFF Ronald Schlank .....,..., ,,.,.....,....,....,...., E ditor-In-Chief Sam Scharr ,....,.....,.., ,...........,...,, ,......, A J rittant Editor Leona Lavigne, Walter Lindborg, Lester Abelman Afrociate Ealitorr Norma Croog, Harold Katz, Abe Rosen, jacob Miller Feature Editorr Marion Raymond ...,.........,, ,.,.,. ,...,...., A I umni Editor Saunder Kaufman, Walter Sczesiul .... Sportr Co-Editorf Carl Massaro ...........,..,..,.,.,... .....,..,..,..... S ocial Editor Edward Granatek ...............,.....,............ Cartoon Editor Raymond Charland ..........,.,.... ..., S cience Newt Editor Lydia Cybul, Kay Sullivan, Zigmund Grsyboski Staff Reporters Joel Lefkowitz ..,............,,,....,,..,............,, Photographer john Wynne ,..,....,..,,,,,,,.,..... . ......,. Businetx Manager John Sullivan, Richard Rappa Circulation Co-Managerr I STUDENT COUNCIL Prerident. ...,. . . I... ..... H arold Katz Secretary... . . ,Eleanor Choquette Trearnrer ....i......,..... ..,.,,.,,..,., , Edward Kawczak The student council is composed of repre- sentatives elected from the student body yearly on a per capita basis. Duties of this governing body include: the instigation and fostering of any program which may cultivate or improve school morale, to support and encourage any act which may increase the prestige of the University of Connecticut College of Phar- macy among other institutions of learning, to apportion and disburse funds for student ac- tivity, and to act as a clearing unit for sug- gestions and constructive criticism between faculty and students. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pretitient ..,... ,.... R udy Burgess Treafnrer. .... ...... D avid Silverman Secretary ....,.......... ...,,. ........ C a therine Sullivan A recently formed group with the purpose of organizing and financing all the athletic activities at the college. During the year this association is responsible for the formation of basketball and baseball teams, bowling, ping pong tournament and golf. - ... -.- 4. .I 4 . , COSMETIC CLUB Prerident .,A,. . .. . ....,., ..,.,,., ...,,.,. J a ck Miller Vice-Preridenr . ,.,A .. .Gertrude Stephenson Secretary . ,...,.,..... Mildred Slater Trearurer... ..,., ..,...,........,. Hipolit Winalski The Cosmetic Club was organized at the College of Pharmacy in 1947 for the purpose of acquainting students with the manufacture, sale and use of cosmetics. Activities of the club include manufacturing of cosmetics in the laboratory, having guest speakers at club meetings and listening to reports by mem- bers of the club on their own special interests. CHEMISTRY CLUB Prerident .,.....i.,.,.,..,..,.,.,.,.,...,.... . ...Fred Siegel Vice-Pfefidenz .,.....,. ..i. . Meyer Dworkin Secretary ...... ..... . . ..,.,. George Levy Tfearufer .,,..,......,....,......,.,.,.,.,.,. Ronald Schlank The chemistry club was organized as an attempt to group those students that were particularly enthusiastic about the general field of chemical experimentation. Many interesting experiments were conducted by the studentsg some of the mincluded: Synthesis of plastics, study of enzyme action, perfume and rubber synthesis, and a study of the alkaloids. MORTAR AND PESTLE The Mortar and Pestle Society was organ ized in the spring of 1948 to honor thosf students who are outstanding in extracur- ricular activities and in bettering the College of Pharmacy. The first students honored were from the classesaof '48 and '49. They were announcer by Dean Hewitt at the junior Prom. The Mortar and Pestle is primarily a junior honor but anyone in the college who has contribute: something outstanding may be admitted. KAPPA PSI PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY Regerzz A AA A A Walter Lindborg Vice-Regent A A AA AAMartin Plukas Secretary Walter Szczesiul Trefuurer . Frank Scinto Hirzorian A A A A George Loalbo Activities: Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fra- ternity was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1894. Nu Chapter of Kappa Psi at the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy was organized in l928 in which year it received its charter. Kappa Psi aims to incul- cate nobility and courage of mind and heart, and to further in every way possible the ad- vantage of its members, socially, morally and intellectuallyg also to foster pharmaceutical re Search and high scholarship. A PH A Faculty Advirer AAAA A A. ,AAAA A Dr. Paul Jannke Preridenzn. A AASamuel Scharr V ice-Preridenz .A A AA A Victor Lautier Secretary. AA A A AA A Ajoseph Moody Tremurer A A AA AA AA A AA AAMargret Adams The U. C. C. P. Apha branch is one of the school's oldest organizations as well as one of the oldest APhA student branches. It has for its purpose the promotion of pharmacy and it attempts to aid in this by offering programs of speakers, movies, etc., and the monthly APhA journal. With no membership restric- tions save that of an interest in pharmacy, it is able to boast of a membership of over 125, the largest of any UCCP group. ALPHA ZETA OMEGA PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY Directorum AAAA AAA.AAAAAAAA.AA.AAAAA S heldon Steinhaus Sub Direclorzrm A A .A ...William Zeldis Sigmzre AAAAA A A AAAA. A AAA.A. Harold Katz Excheque. ....... Sherman Gershman Belarum A A AA A A A A Sherman Zimmerman Alpha Zeta Omega national pharmaceutical fraternity is represented at the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy by Nu Chapter. This organization was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 1921. It has for its aims the advancement of the profession of phar- macy, the building of strong individual char- acter, creating a spirit of friendship, and co- operation, and the fostering of the virtues of mutual trust, sympathy, faithfulness, and un- selfishness. RHO CHI Prerident .,.. , ,.,. .,.,.. . ., . . . J. March Vice Preridenz. . , . . Fred Seigel Secretary. . . ,.Prof. Barrett T'fea.rm'e1'.,. ,. ..., . .. .,.. ,. Prof. Fenney The society is our honor society at the school. Membership is based on scholastic standing only. Each member is required to have achieved honors for live semesters. The society has na- tional affiliations. PHI DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Preridenr .......,.,..,. . ........,..,... Lawrence Muccino Vice-Preridenz ..,..,. .. ...., Joseph Deutsch Secretary .,..,.,.,. . ,. ..,.,. Erich Hein Trearmfer ...,. . .. .......,.. John DeFeo Mayter at Armf .......,,. ..,.,. Michael Giuliano The Alpha Lambda Chapter of the Inter- national Phi Delta Chi Fraternity is the new- est fraternal organization at the College of Pharmacy. It was through the untiring efforts of Dean Hewitt, Professor Barrett, and Dr. Skauen that our organization was brought about at an installation ceremony held here on Feb. 10th, l949. The new members added a great deal of color to the campus during their pledge period and received numerous com- mendations on their outstanding behavior. RHO PI PHI Rho Pi Phi Fraternity International was founded at the Massachusetts College of Phar- macy on january 3, l9l9. Mu Chapter at the University of Connecticut College of Phar- macy was established February 6, l926, and reorganized in May 1948 after a period of inactivity by a group of students who felt the necessity for strengthening fraternalism at our school. The aims of Rho Pi Phi are to bring to- gether in fraternal fellowship students in Phar- macy based upon the principles and precepts of ethical practice, to maintain the ethical standards and dignity of, and pride in this most ancient and honorable profession. ag . 1 I BASEBALL TEAM Playing organized varsity baseball for the first time, the U. C. C. P. baseball team of 1949 started off on a small scale. The schedule consisted entirely of games played with teams in the New Haven area. With some fine pitch- ing and timely hitting, the boys proved that they could hold their own with any team of their own class. TAU PHI SIGMA SORORITY Gmmi Dignimry.. ,,............ ....... . .Shirley Hertz Dignitary ,,.., ..,., . . . .Gladys Wunsch Scribe ...,.... ..... ,....... G e rttude Stephenson Exchequer.. ....... ............ . .Marion Raymond The Tau Phi Sigma Sorority was organized in 1942 under the name of Upsilon Phi Sigma, as a non-sectarian organization. In 1946, the name was changed to Tau Phi Sigma. The aims and purposes of the sorority are to foster a continued interest in current phar- maceutical advancements, to establish a closer bond among our colleagues, and to abide by the standards set up by the Code of Ethier of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Annually the sorority sponsors a Freshman Tea, an informal dance, and other social func- tions. The present group has a growing mem- bership of twenty-five girls. BASKETBALL TEAM Basketball is the major organized sport at U. C. C. P. The '48-'49 basketball season was unsuccessful as far as a won and lost record goes, but the team, under the tutelage of Coach joe Melillo, never lacked for spirit and fight. Playing in the fast New Haven "YU league, as well as games with the extensions of the university, the boys were often outplayed, but were never outfought. E. Meerbach and J. Pagano were the high scorers. Co-captains F. Wnek and S. Prigodich played fine ball, and were capably aided by Onorato, Burgess, Lojeski, Abrahamson, and Bonelli, Wnek, Prigodich, and Pagano will be lost by graduation. - -X 1051. 4,31 e 1 --gl f gg, psf 1 f U 4. 1 .Q H 'L "7'fAg'w.f A- 2 . K F fx, , S N ,Q ,4 gf 'WM - ,, 3- N f ,i zg, fa Y 9 2. if 1' Q42 'V 2 if 'Arnie ui , H Q . Q 4--M, 4:0116 ff , 1 :QM . M Q 2' 'T nt. .t.I 5- S' JUNE SHER ANITA FAY Editor-in-Chief Basinen Manager JENNIFER WHITE HARRIET VELMS WINTHROP SHOCK Ajmciate Elmo, Co-Ed Editor Photography Editor Gerald Luddy-CIRCULATION MANAGER Burton Anderson Barbara Banner Elizabeth Basel Richard Bauerfield Sylvia Bogan Laurel Butler joseph Connolly Fred Cook David Corn Fred Farnsworth Carol Fenn Mary Flynn Zachary Fortunado Florence Fountain Thomas Gaucher Sylvia Gernert john Giller Phyllis Haddock Patricia Hammell Calvin Hoadly Adele Hoberman Werner Janssen Mary jezyk Alice johnson Dorothy Kanak Charles Katan Carol Kenney Betty jane Kimball Phyllis Kronick Robert Litz Paul Lopatin Lawrence Maerkle Al Mauro Rita McKenney Dorothy Mravanak Evelyn Pavlosky Leo Pinsky Walter Rajewski David Resnick joan Rhinehart john Richmond john Reid Ruth Rogers Patricia Rollins Seymour Rothenberg Eleanor Sadowski joseph Sposta Mary Ann St. Hilaire Marjorie Stoudt Janice Timedei Marjorie Uriot Henry Wakeman David Whetstone Philip Youngman Leonard Zeidenberg 141 MURIEL HORWITZ Publicity Manager PATRICIA ROBERTS Executive Secretary JOEL KALAFA Sportr Editor ARTHUR FRECHETTE NORMAN PRATT VIC MATRKI ROBERT WILOWSKI Editor-m.Clgief Barinerr Manager Editor 1rz Cine Banner: Manager FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER The size of the CAMPUS staff varies between Z0-100 students who cut classes, watch their QPS drop, never go home, lose sleep . . . and love every minute of it. They may move the CAMPUS ofhce, but those tiny cubicles in the basement of Koons Hall will always be hallowed territory to the small but valiant band of CAMPUS members who put out the paper twice a week. It all starts about noon of the day before publication date, when the Editor unlocks the door and sits down to write his editorial to get it done before the 4 p.m. deadline. At 4:15 he is still sitting before the Infernal typewriter as the emissary from Sweeney, the printer, leers over his shoulder. ln between those times are four-odd hours of hectic madness and unforgettable memories for the struggling staff. The Sports Department has their own troubles, and invariably bring up the rear. The Circulation Staff takes over the next day, and this little band makes sure that everyone gets the news that was gathered at such a threat to life, limb, tempers and academic grades. Batches of ads are made possible through the Coercion of the Advertising Stall' and their year-long perseverance. The Business Manager? He just sits back and counts the money . . . in between game of golf, while the Editor-in-Chief loses hair and friends. EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAF FS FOR BOTH SEMESTERS Editor-in-Chief i ...Art Frechette and Vic Maerki Managing Editor Jules Newman and William Murphy Associate Editor New William Murphy, Pete Sudarsky and Phil Isaacs s Editor ,.,..,.....i. .Eli Solcoff and Jan Cochrane Sports Editor.. . . ., ...,.,.,. Vic Maerki and Ed Martin Feature Editor ,. . .. .Pete Sudarsky and john Sullivan Copy Editor ,,.. , ,Carl Moeller and jim Blawie Make-up Editor. ........i.,... Sat Oishi CFirst Semesterl Business Manager Norman Pratt and Robert Wilowski Assistant Business Manager Robert Wilowski, Audrey Anderson and Mary Ann Spodnik Office Manager. '... ., , i Jan Daly and Pat Cantwell Advertising Manager Tom Reardon and Jerry Safton Circulation Manager Ruth Chamberlain and jean Goodwin Voting Board First Semester Frechette, Rottman, Oishi, Maerki, Sullivan, Newman, Moeller, Solcolf, and Murphy Voting Board Second Semester Maerki, Murphy, Sullivan, Martin, Cochrane, Sudarsky, Isaacs, Blawie, Nemuth, Abagul, Wilowski, Spodnik, Anderson, and Messier I- ,sii A I y lt, 3531 N4! x' t il 5 ' f lf . i""'Sw.,,,,,, I J o NM. A- M 1 ,t ,p g x fy I Q' WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Prerident Preston King S ecretafry Julia Storrs Of the students, by the students, and for the students- the Student Senate consists 'of twenty-seven elected mem- bers who legislate in behalf of their constituents' interests, seek to protect their rights, budget and distribute their activity fees, and act as a liaison between them and the University administration. Meeting weekly, the Senators use parliamentary pro- cedure to facilitate business, of which the most important President joan K. Luddy Vice Pferident julia Storrs S ecrefary Adelle Wadhams Treamfrer Jane Greene is amending the now obsolete constitution. Since this docu- ment does not permit the Senate to meet the increasing demands placed upon it by an enlarged student enrollment, the Senate Constitutional Committee has proposed amend- ments that will distribute more evenly the work of the Senators, diminish the executive function of the Senate, which is not its primary concern, and enable the Senate to be in more direct contact with the students. Every woman snident at the University of Connecticut is a member of the Woman Student Government Associa- tion. This group is governed by the Womens Student Government Council which is made up of representatives from each of the women's dormitories, women student senate members, Junior and Senior Class and Social Chair- man, and the Head House Chairman. The function of this body is to make and enforce the rules governing women students on campus. All of the individual dorm councils are coordinated under the Head House Chairman, who represents them on the Women Student Government Association. At present the council is concentrating on the freshman closing hours and other pertinent rules which relate to their marks. STUDENT SENATE MEDIATOR The Panhellenic Council, which is composed of two members from each sorority on campus, is primarily the governing body of the womens Greek letter groups. Its purpose is to formulate and enforce all policies affecting the mass action of the individual groups, to foster the fraternity spirit, and act as a sounding board for general problems confronting sororities. The Panhellenic movement was started back in the last century after several women's fraternities had been formed. It was felt that some form of governing body PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Prefident Jeanne Yanello Vice Prerident Carol Wooding Recording Secretary Barbara Oppel C orrefponding S ecremry Virginia Hargreaves Treasurer Harriette Smith should be established which had the power to initiate policies leading to uniform action in functions involving all sororities. While the National Panhellenic Congress has legis- lative powers only over its own organization, it can make recommendations which, if accepted by proper vote of member fraternities, become binding. Outstanding among such legislation is the National Panhellenic Compact and the Standards of Ethical Conduct which must be followed by every women's fraternity. Prefident Robert J. Sandall, jr. Secretary-Treurnrer William Bower l The Mediator is the central governing body of all fra- ternities at the University. It is composed of two regular representatives and an alternate from each fraternity. This organization is charged with the responsibility of pro- moting harmony among the fraternities and fraternity men. To accomplish this aim, it has been delegated legislative and judicial powers by the member fraternities. The Council has legislative power in the sense that rules concerning all male "Greek" houses, are formulated by this group. Its judicial powers allot it to enforce penalties on the fraternity that does not live up to the high ideals of the fraternity system. The Mediator is responsible for the establishment of rushing rules and determining the eligibility of prospective pledges. Each year this organization, in conjunction with the Pan-hellenic Council, sponsors the Greek Letter Dance, one of the highlights of the University social season. GAMMA CHI EPSILON Prerident .,..,,.............,.,..A..... Roy M. Hubel Vice-Prerident ..,...,.,.... ..,.... . .Isabel Alho Secretary-Trearurer ...........,.,,. Robert Lorch Adnirer ...........,A,.......,.,..,....,..., Dr. Waring This honorary scholastic fraternity was founded by President Beach in 1919. Its major purpose is to promote scholarship and partici- pation in campus activities. New members are chosen by the approval of the present members on the basis of quality point ratio and extra- curricular activity. At present an attempt is being made to begin a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, a national organization, on this campus. Should this be successful, the members of the new organiza- tion shall be composed of both students and faculty. THE HUSKY NETXWORK Smfjon Manager .. Fred Cook Program Coordinator. . ,... Emmons Sault Chief Announcer. ...... john Stoddard Chief Engineer ..,...,, ........,...... A l Grimaila Advertiring Manager. ........ jordan Mossey The Husky Network is a cooperative enter- prise in which all activities, such as produc- tion, engineering, announcing, and administra- tion, are carried out by the undergraduates of the university. WHUS is on the air five days a week, in the morning from 7-9 A.M., at noon from ll-1 P.M., and in the afternoon and evening from 4 to I2 P.M. The general theme of the programs is musi- cal entertainment. However, much time is also devoted to special events, broadcasts of foot- ball, basketball and baseball games, the produc- tion of plays and quiz programs, and news broadcasts to keep the student body posted on latest campus happenings. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Students are nominated to WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES annually by approximately 600 colleges and universities. In making their selections, college nominating committees are instructed to consider their students scholarship, his cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular ac- tivities, his general citizenship, and his promise of future usefulness. The organization awards certificates to all of its members, and, as an adjunct to the honor program, it conducts a placement service through which members may be recommended, to employers and others. On this campus stud- ents are so honored during the fall semester of their senior year. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Preridenr ............., .,.,..,...,., E rnest Schwam Vice-Pferizienz ..... ...... J ack Rollins Secretary .. ..,. .,.. . George Nutter Treafurer ..,. . ,.,. .,.,. A...,... T h omas johnson Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fra- ternity, the aims of which are to be of service to the community, campus, and self. The fra- ternity was founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1925 by students interested in the development of friendship and the promotion of service to humanity. Delta Sigma chapter had its origin at the University of Connecticut on january 12, 1947. Since it is a service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega crosses all lines of honorary, social, and professional fraternities. Thus members of other campus organizations may be active in this fraternity. At present, there are one hun- dred and seventy-one chapters throughout the United States making this one of the largest national fraternities in the country. LAURELS Prerident ......,.......,,..... ........... J ulia Storrs Secretary-Trearurer .......... Ellen-Marie Herr Hirtorian .......,.................. Jeanne Yannello In 1940, the Laurels were formed for the purpose of bringing into an active body those women students who were outstanding in scholastic achievements, leadership qualities, and extra-curricular activity participation. Each year at the Coed Formal, junior women are tapped to become Laurels. It is the purpose of the group to work for the interest of the students. In the past this organization has undertaken such projects as a steering com- mittee for Student Counselors, the sponsorship of informal get-togethers for commuting stud- ents and the obtaining of student rates and transportation for the Bushnell concert series. At present, the Laurels are preparing for affiliation with the National Mortar Board. DRUIDS The Druids, a men's secret honorary society, are tapped at the time of the junior Prom of their junior year and revealed at the prom of their senior year. Membership in the Druids constitutes the highest recognition for service awarded at University of Connecticut. The choice is based on campus activities, interest in the University, and personal contribution. The purpose of the Druids is twofold . . . to give recognition for outstanding service, and to work through the members toward a better school. They coordinate and lead campus ac- tivities and consolidate the student and admin- istrative points of view. SIGMA UPSILGN IOTA Chairman . .. ...., . . john Czar Faculty Sponmr. ,.,... ,..,.,. F rank Atwood Sigma Upsilon Iota is an honorary society whose sole qualification for membership is that of outstanding performance in any of the several kinds of extra-curricular journalism car- ried on at the University. Besides serving to grant official recognition for such achievement, the group is pledged to act as an unofficial guide and promoter of this type of activity. Future plans are to press for a more com- plete journalistic curriculum. Professionals in this field will be invited as speakers to acquaint students with vocational opportunities. The society had its inception in 1942 under Campar Editor joseph Neiman and staff. PHI UPSILON OMICRON Prefiafenz . . ,. . ....., , .. Marion Scofield Vice-Preriafenz .,.. .,,.,....... , Harriette Smith Recording Secretary ,.,... Katharine Gregory Treararer .,... ..,. ,,.,.,....... L u cille Wakeheld Phi Upsilon Omicron, national Home Economics fraternity, was founded at the Uni- versity of Minnesota in 1909. On this campus the organization began as a local honorary, Eta Epsilon Eta. In the Spring of 1948 it be- came Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron. The purpose of this fraternity is to estab- lish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to pro- mote the moral and intellectual development of the members, and to advance and promote interest in Home Economics. TAU BETA PHI President. ,.,....,.,.... ,.., . .George D. Lewis Vice-Prericienz ..,. , Roy Hubel Treasurer.. .. .. ..... . ,. .john H. Birdseye Recording Secretary .... ...Francis R. Preli Correrponrling Secretary,.Charles jaworski In january of 1949 Alpha Tau Phi achieved its major goal by becoming Connecticut Beta chapter of Tau Beta Phi, foremost national engineering honor fraternity. Alpha Tau Phi was founded in 1922 as a means of honoring men who attained high social and scholastic standing in the undergraduate school of engineering. The activities of the society are directed toward advancing engineering interests. The Connecticut Engineer, a technical engineering magazine is published monthly, and an annual technical engineering paper contest among undergraduate students. RHO LAMBDA CHI President . . . . Walter Gajewski Vice-Preiident .. .. William E. Smith Treasurer ..,. .. ,... . .Matthew Cannizzaro Recording Secretary .. Charles Willard Cofefponding Secretary . . . David Wise The function of Rho Lambda Chi as an honorary fraternity is to promote a higher scholastic standing and stimulate a desire for greater knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. Its activities have been limited to cooperation with the AIEE-IRE student organ- ization, and to preparation of a petition for afhliation with the national electrical engineer- ing honor society, Eta Kappa Nui Upon ap- proval as a local chapter of the national associa- tion, the fraternity will endeavor to follow the activities of its graduate and undergrad- uate members. lt will also provide facilities for aiding its graduate members in job placement. Other functions will be patterned after those prescribed in the national constitution, espe- cially in the line of promotion of scholastic achievement. PI ALPHA SIGMA Prerident. ,....,.....,...... Thomas Mahoney Vice-Preridem ......... ........., A ustin jackson Secretary . . .. .... Clarence Schmidt Treaiurer . .. . .Warren Reynolds Hiitorian . . ...... .Howard Rollins, Jr. In the first full year of activity, Pi Alpha Sigma, the honorary society for students en- gaged in agricultural fields, has undertaken some ambitious projects designed to promote interest in and appreciation of the profession of agriculture. These projects include the initia- tion of awards for the best freshman in agri- culture as well as the best young farmer in the stateg a father-son banquet for membersg stud- ent support to the Agriculture Assembly rendering working assistance to Dean Young and his faculty committeeg initiation of a pros- pectus on the pros and cons of conducting an Agrictultural Field Day in which students of the non-agricultural fields would be entertained by the College of Agriculture. Meetings are held bi-monthly with one busi- ness and one social evening the intention. THE ROUND TABLE Preiidenz . . .. Robert Franklin Secretary .. jonathan Czar Faculty Spomom Phillip E. Taylor, Economicsg George E. McReynolds, Government The Round Table was founded in 1959 by a group of men students "wishing to alleviate the depressing lack of interest on campus in events and facts of cultural, world-wide, or sociological importance." Being a masculine society, it was forced to suspend activities dur- ing the war. Following the return of men to the campus, the group was revived as a formal discussion group treating with topics within a wide range of social and intellectual matters. HENRY K. DINLINGER DEBATE SOCIETY Prericient ..........,...A,.,.,,.,.A....... Bert Bowder Secretary .,..... ,........ J oyce Moran Treararer ........,....,.,..,......,.. William Carter Faculty Adviser ...... Mrs. Gertrude Hauser After a long period of inactivity the Henry K. Dinlinger Debate Society, a member of the National Forensic Society, Pi Kappa Delta, was reorganized. The question debated was the National Debate Topic of the Year: Resolved, that the Federal Government should equalize Educa- tional Opportunity in the Tax Supported Schools by means of annual grants. The De- baters were particularly proud of winning two decisions with Syracuse University, New York. The Debating Club after a successful year is looking forward to more ambitious pro- grams in the years to follow. 150 UNITED WORLD FEDERALISTS Chairman ..,... . .... . .... Frank A. Dagostino Secretary .... ..,.,.,. ...,.,.... M a ryan St. Hilaire Project Director ..,......... Andrew Fernandez The Student Division of UWF is the only American student organization working for world government. By january 1949 there were 254 student chapters with members in every state in the union. College chapters in- clude Yale, Princeton, Brown, Smith, Wellesley, Mount Holyoke and many others. Recent student activities include: nation- wide speaking tours, big city rallies, seeing congressman, helping to get world government resolution passed by State Legislatures, pro- moting world government referendums, ar- ranging, writing and acting in radio shows, correspondence with European students, and participation in summer institutes designed to train leaders. SYMPOSIUM Preridertt ........,.......,....,...... Philip M. Isaacs Vzce-Prerzdent .,....... ...... R ose Ann Abbott Secretary-Treasurer ............ Doris Oberstein Faculty Advirerr. . ........ Robert C. Baldwin Newton L .Carroll It is the purpose of Symposium, the Univer- sity's Philosophy Club, to encourage and stim- ulate interest in philosophic thought among the student body. At its meetings, held twice each month, informal discussions follow read- ings of original papers by members. Two eve- nings every semester the club joins groups from Connecticut College for Women, Wes- leyan, and Fort Trumbull in an inter-collegiate meeting. In its efforts to urge more and more students to take an interest in philosophy, Symposium has recently embarked on a cam- paign to bring well known men in the field to the campus for lectures open to the entire university. CONN. IN TERCOLLEGIATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Executive Council .,..,.,.....,A. .,Carl Nielsen, jennifer White Faculty Adviser .,.......... Bernard Linnevold The Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature holds an annual two-day session at the State Capitol in Hartford. It functions as a practical laboratory in government providing valuable and interesting experience in our legislative process. Delegates are chosen by a reviewing board composed of faculty and students. They are selected on the basis of scholarship, extra curricular activities, and general interest. Eighteen Connecticut Colleges and Univer- sities attended the Second Annual Session. Arrangements for the state organization were directed by jennifer White. Carl Nielsen ran for President of the Senate at the annual ses- sion, Joseph Braun served as majority leader in the upper houseg and John Nachyly was House Chairman of the Committee on Finance. R. O. T. C. OFFICERS' CLUB President. , , . . . , .Gerald Wolcott Vice-Preriderit. . . . . .john Yingling Secretary ...,.,,., ,. .... Arnold White Trearurer ...,.,.... . .,.. .....,...,.. L ucius Cantin Executive Board. ,..,.,.,.,. Alfred LaChance, Peter Romanow, Edward Horrigan, Frank T. Miller The R. O. T. C. Oflicers Club is comprised of 137 members. All air and infantry Ad- vanced R. O. T. C. students are eligible for membership. The organization meets once a month with programs of speakers, movies, and demonstrations in some way related to the military. The Annual Military Ball is sponsored and arranged by the club. Skitch Henderson played for the dance this year which approximately 500 couples attended. Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Coed Colonel and Captains. These coed ofiicers review the first annual spring parade given in their honor. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ' ORGANIZATION t President .,.,., ,.,.. ....... . .. David Smith Vice-Prerideut .,...,,.,....,. .. .Betty Kimball Treasurer ....,.,.., .........,..,., D avid Wetstone Secretary ...,,. ....,. ....,..,.. L 0 rna MacDonald Recording Secretary .,.. ....... F rancis Geenty The Independent Student Organization was formed to meet the needs of the independent students on campus and to foster a strong school spirit. The organization is primarily interested in providing social, recreational, and athletic op- portunities for the independent student, but it also serves a useful service along political lines. The latter is accomplished by the organiza- tion's support of worthy candidates during campus-wide elections. The ISO's social calendar consists of sport dances held in Hawley Armory at certain in- tervals, and special dances for important occasions. A complete intra-mural sports program fea- turing basketball and softball caters to the athletic interests of the independent students. STUDENT COMMUNITY CHEST Chairman ..,.. . .... ....,.. Leonard Sisitsky Faculty Member ...,.. Dean L. J. Ackerman Student Senate Member .,,. Murray J. Levine Student Memberr ,...... Barbara L. Banner, Herbert J. Brown Authorized by the Student Senate in the spring of 1948, the Student Community Chest was new to the campus this year. With the intention of eliminating charitable drives con- ducted on campus, the Executive Committee of the Chest planned one well organized, one month campaign, thereby reducing the expen- dimres made by many students for worthy causes. By this action the committee hoped to collect from more students and thus be able to donate more money to more charities. To insure the success of the drive, the com- mittee arranged for a gala, climactic carnival, for which all houses and dorms were asked to create and operate individual booths. If the 310,000 goal is attained, the Student Chest in all probability will be perpetuated. If it is not, the chest will probably try again anyway hav- ing profited from this year's mistakes. IN TERFAITH GROUP Preruient ..... . ,.,.. ,, ,.,. Charles S. Fein Vice-Prefuient . , , , . ,.,.., Elaine D. Ives Secretary, , , . , ,.,, .Anita Stiles Trearurer. . ., .. Thomas R. Mulconry Inaugurated at the University to promote cooperation through a fellowship of faiths by understanding the fundamental, personal, and social implications of each theology, the coun- cil has planned its activities to consist of co- operative ventures of value to all students. The council originated the Career Confer- ence last year in an attempt to provide voca- tional information to all students. Aware of its general importance, the student senate has re- cently incorporated the Career Conference into the annual student activity plans. Other activities include interfaith suppers usually followed by open forums on topics of particular interest, and as of recently a work- week-end at Camp Rabbit Hollow in New Hampshire, a summer camp for under- privileged children. UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION C0-Chairmen ..,.,.,. ...jean-Marie Bartoes, Randall Collins Secretary ..... ., . ...,.,. ........ N ancy Grupe Trearuren. .,.....,....,....,...,..., David Squires The University Christian Association is a fellowship of Christian students who, through a program of work projects, study groups, discussions, worship and social events seek to increase their religious knowledge, discover a mature Christian philosophy of life, deepen their spiritual resources, and relate their faith to social action. The University Christian Association provides a religious, intellectual, and social fellowship for Protestant students on the campus. NEWMAN CLUB Presiafent ....,. , .. ...... Harry S. Gaucher Vice-Presidents .Thomas R. Mulconry and Virginia Bailey Secretary . . . . .Jacqueline Dudack Treasurer .,., ,.,.. . . .. ,... Charles McShefIery The Newman Club is a Catholic club organ- ized on the Campus in order to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of the group through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities, to weld the Catholic students, into a common union, and to assist the college and its students whenever possible. The Club's activities ranged from Communion Breakfasts, lectures and forums to parties, dances and picnics. The goal of the Newman Club program is the formation and development of a capable student leadership that will make its Chris- tian influence felt beyond the limited Catholic group to the whole campus community. Further, it is their aim that in post-college years, this leadership will be at the service of the church and society. THE CANTERBURY CLUB President ,.,. ,... .. ...Clarence B. Schmidt ViceLPresident. .,,.,..,., Ruth E. Chamberlin Secretary.. ,. ..., . .. ..,... . . .Elaine D. Ives Treasurer., . ...Walter C. Kirschman The Canterbury Club is a club for all Episcopal students, and is found in many col- leges and universities throughout the U. S. It was recently organized here at the U. of C. under the guidance of the Reverend Harry W. Heermans. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month, and after a supper and business meeting prominent speakdrs are usually heard. In the past we have enjoyed such speakers as the Right Reverend Walter H. Gray, Bishop Coadjutor of Conn., The Very Reverend Louis Hirschon, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, The Reverend Douglas W. Kennedy, former Chaplin of the Canadian Army, and Chief A. Luthuli, Zulu Chief from Natal, South Africa. ' ii""2Qa, TW mmflrf-,',. 1 , i HILLEL FOUNDATION President ..,........ ... .,........ Iris H. Abrams Social V. P. .... .. ..... Betts Wainsten Cultural V. P. . .. Henrietta Licht Religious V. P.. .... .. . ..Mina Rosenfeld The Hillel Foundation is an organization whose main purpose is to provide a religious and cultural program for the jewish students on campus, and to promote fellowship and understanding among all faiths. Religious services are held every Friday night and other holiday services are held dur- ing the year. Classes in Hebrew, Yiddish, jew- ish literature, customs and current events are given by Rabbi Feinsilver. Some of the groups included in part of the program are the news- paper, dramatics, choir, radio, and Zionist groups. Brunches, dances and open meetings are held regularly. U. CONN. ,49ERS FIFE AND DRUM CORPS President .....,..,..,..., .,,,.,..,,. J ohn Tokarczyk Treasurer .,....,. .......,.,.,.,,,.,..... E dward Gill Secretary. .... ...A.,...,.. . .Richard Anderson Acting Fife Sergeant ..,,..,. William Geenty Acting Dram Sergeant ...,..,. John Hartigan Acting Qiiartermarter ..,,.,. Susan Dowaliby Twirling Major.. .....,,,..,.,.. William Smith The deep throated rudimentary drumming and shrill filing of traditional Connecticut Ancient Fife and Drum Corps is being re- vived on campus by the U. CONN ,49ers. A manifestation of renewed school spirit the Corps is composed of fun loving students who share an enthusiasm for the music of the ancients. The U.CONN '-49ers Fife and Drum Corps will aid the band in providing a more thor- ough musical coverage of ahtletic events, stud- ent rallys and victory celebrations. THE AMERICAN VETERANS COMMITTEE INC. AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT fAVC7 Chairman.. ,. .... joseph Braun Vice Chairman.. .. ,, Norton Ross Treariirer ...... .... . . Sidney Goldberg Execiili-ve Secretary.. . ., .. Alice Braun Recording Secretary .. . Ethel Schlein The American Veterans Committee is an organization of the veterans of the World War II who have included in their membership all veterans regardless of race, creed, or color. They have united under a banner which states "Citizens First, Veterans Second". The AVC Chapter on Campus has dedicated itself primarily to the community problems existing at the University. Our chapter and the 1700 other chapters work with the state and national organizations for constructive, human- itarian, and progressive legislation. Lastly, we are striving to create a world government to prevent a World War III. YOUNG DEMOCRATIC CLUB Preticienz ...,.,...... .. .... John Nachyly Vice-Preriafent. ..... , ., Basel Tsakonas Secretary ..,.. .... . Noemi Carocari Treararer ...................... .. ......, Mary Bixby The Young Democrats are sponsoring a yearly program of speakers in order to pro- mote campus wide interest in national politics, and to create a more comprehensive under- standing of contemporary civic problems. UNIVERSITY DNCERT BAND Prerident ..,,.....,... .....,........,..... G eorge E. Robinson Vice-Preridenz ,..........,..............,.,.,.......,... Robert Lorch The 44 members of the University Concert Band are selected from the total membership of all University Bands. It is now in its second season, featuring the works of well known contemporary American composers written for band presentation. Two concerts in January and April were highlighted by performance of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with Dorothy Polis as piano soloist. The band was host to S ecretary-Trearurer .,...... .,...,...i..,............... J ane Weber Director ,.....................,...,..... Andrew J. McMullan, Jr. the All State Band and Orchestra Audition Festival and gave a special concert as a feature on the program. Using a two band system, Mr. McMullan has added the Husky Band as a training group for future concert band members. This group played at all basketball games and has given an outdoor "pops" concert this spring. The Husky Band has 32 members. UNIVERSITY CHOIR Prerident ...,.....,........,,.,..,..... john Yingling Secretary .,...,.....................,.. Justine Hoxie Bar. Mgr ...........,.......,.,,..,... Robert Sandall Librarian: ...,.. julie Kreis and Lois Palmer Robe Attendant: .,..,..... Nancy Grupe and Phyllis Bicknell The University Choir, under the able direc- tion of Dr. Robert Yingling has been an inspiring choral organization of young men and women of all Protestant faiths for ten years on Storrs campus. Included on its calendar of activities are weekly services at the Storrs Congregational Church - special Christmas Candlelight Vesper services-a program of Easter music-numerous choral presentations throughout the year in Connecticut commun- ities--plus some wonderful times at rehearsal parties in the Church Cabin. Ar present the Choir membership includes 95 voices. . field. bers of the R. O. T. C. THE FOOTBALL BAND Preridenz ...,..........,......,.,.. George Robinson Vice-Prefidenr ...,,..,.....,.......... Robert Lorch Secretary-Trearurer .....,...,....,.,. jane Weber Director ...,. ,....... A ndrew J. McMullan jr The football band with 65 members played at home and away games setting a new standard for New England. In marching exhibitions it used floating formations that included letters and school symbols, complicated maneuvers and complicated steps. Typical of these foot ball halftime shows was that given at the Brown game. The band formed a bow and arrow and a The "bow" shot the arrow at the "B" and then reformed into a "C which followed the arrow as it chased the "B off the The organization of University bands is completed with the R. O. T. C. Military Band which includes those bandsmen who are mem 93a UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB Preridenr ..,.. . .,.,. Lawrence Robertson Vice-Preridenl .,...,.... Elizabeth Hutchinson Tfeariner-Secretary ,........... Eleanor Wallin Libmrimir.. .,., . 4,,,4,,,.r..... Marge Plunkett V joseph Chouinard The University Glee Club this year is one of the largest and most active organizations on the campus. Under the direction of Professor Herbert A. France, the Club developed rapidly during the fall, and in December gave two extremely successful concerts. In addition to the Annual May concert, the events of the spring semester were highlighted by a pair of exchange concerts with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, one at Storrs and the other at Worcester. The Club's programs feautred considerable modern music. The University Carollers and the Nutmeggers Barbershop Quartet travelled with the Club on its trips, thus making it pos- sible for the University to be represented by a variety of musical organizations at each appearance. CAROLLERS Adrzfirer... . .. .. .Professor R. W. Yingling Scribe ......,.. ........,...................,. J ean Terani The Carollers under the direction of Profes- sor R. W. Yingling, is an honorary, a-cappella music society. Its voices are carefully selected in regard to the balance and quality necessary for the singing of madrigals and carol type music in which the ensemble specializes. This unique musical organization makes a practice of singing seated around a semi-cir- cular table and depends upon association, rather than direction, for the feeling of change in rhythm and expression. During the year the group presents campus concerts and sings throughout the state for various organizations. It also makes three holi- day appearances on a Hartford radio station and contributes greatly to campus Christmas spirit by carolling between classes and at the various dining halls. Members: Ernestine Bourque, jean Terani, Lynn Schumacher, Rose Ann Abbott, Helen Hinman, Julie Kreis, Justine Hoxie, Shirley Wells, Elward Hollman, james Hale, Howard McGee, john Yingling, Constant Blum. EDUCATION CLUB Pferidenzf .......... ......,..... .... G e orge C. Suffa Vice-Prerident ,.............. Norman Cantino Secretary-Trearurer ........ Theresa Boschetti Refrerbmentr and Memberrlvip Clmirimm. .. . .. ..,..... .Ruth Chamberlin Publicity Chairman ,.... Donald E. Palzere The Education Club draws its membership from students in the School of Education. Meetings are usually held on the first Monday night of each month, at which time there is a speaker who is interested in education. This year, in particular, the club has featured speak- ers who have had educational experiences in foreign countries, thus affording a view of com- parative education. The first and last meetings of the year are devoted to picnics at the church cabin. At a special meeting in January the officers for the following year are elected. Miss Catherine Campbell is the club's adviser. .i H - a-f- -' f ---- Mi '--be W- s M ifef -if-nz--f-J'-'r EN GIN EERS' CLUB Preridem... . ...,.,. ...,., ,.., P a ul Conrad Vice-Pffeyidentf. . . . . Paul Ryder Gerald Silman Michael Prisloe Treasurer ..,...,....,,., ,,...,... K enneth Risberg Secretary. , .........,. .William Huntington The Engineer's Club was organized to give the students in the School of Engineering an opportunity to become better acquainted, to foster a spirit of fellowship, to bring to their attention current topics of interest, and to pro- imote interest in the field of engineering. This is accomplished by sponsoring a series of lec- 'tures, showing motion pictures, organizing field trips to neighboring projects, and publishing a monthly bulletin. Membership is, however, open to all interested students on campus. .Students enrolled in the Engineering School are automatically made members. The present faculty advisers of the organization are Pro- fessors Edward V .Gant, La Vergne Williams, and Howard Butler. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Preficiem , . .. . Michael P, Prisloe Vice-Preriaienz .. .. , . Edward J. Slanetz Secretary . ..,.,. .. .. Paul Conrad Trearmfer ..,. ..., . .Clarence Welt Faculty Adviier .. . . .Edward V. Gant The object of the student chapter at the University of Connecticut is to promote interest in the profession of Civil Engineering among the students. It brings to their attention per- tinent current topics of professional importance through lectures, movies, and field trips to nearby engineering projects. A. S. C. E. also enables them to meet prom- inent engineers and members of the parent chapter of A. S. C. E. Membership is open to all Junior and Senior Civil Engineers. :Elini L' ax. ' f V 'lf 'A 'wt f iff , 7 V .Cask ?a1YW' 1'Nvl'tff,afy,d " :pm"'1fM-Wt '- AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Chairman . . , , . .. Paul F. Ryder Vice Chairman Roland Anderson Treururer. .... . . . ,........ Orestes Davy Secretary .. . .,., George Erickson The membership of the University of Con- necticutls branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for this year was ll0 members, the largest in the organizations ten year existence on this campus. In December some sixty-five members attended the American Society of Mechanical Engineers annual meet- ing in New York at which they met and heard papers by some of the leading men in engi- neering circles. Another first for this year's group will be their acting as host for the New England American Society of Mechanical Engineers Regional Student Papers Contest. Some three hundred or more students and instructors from Engineering schools all over New England will be in attendance at the two day session. t BIOLOGY CLUB U Prerident .....,... ..,....,. ........A... M a rk Goldie Vice-Preridenr.. . ..................... Carl Brandt Secretary .,A,. ..,. , , ,, ,... Betty J. Corcoran Treafnrer ..,.., .. .. . ,,.,, Stanley Eazarsky Faculty Adciierr .,.... Dr. john Rankin Dr. Stanley Wedberg The Biology Club was reorganized in the fall of 1947 after a temporary cessation of activ- ities. Quoting the new constitution, "the object of this club shall be to bring about a better social and educational program for its members and for the University as a whole by: a-hav- ing speakers who are well known in their fields, b-bringing the students and faculty closer togetherg c-having meetings at which the students and faculty shall discuss current bio- logical problems." Membership in the club is open to all stud- ents showing interest in the club and its activ- ities. The club is, more or less, affiliated with the UCONN Committee of the Connecticut Valley Student Science Conference. The club is meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of each month this year. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS Chairman ............,............... Gerard Sillman Vice Chairman .,.,.............. Charles Willard Correiponiiing Secretary .... Francis R. Preli Recording Secretary ,...,.......,. ...Roy Hubel Faculty Aiivirer .,.,,..... La Vergne Williams Members of the local Institute of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers recently combined in this single organization. Student membership offers to electrical engineering majors the opportunity to begin what will for many of them be a lifetime connection with the leading organiza- tion in the field. The campus branch presents speakers on electrical engineering, conducts inspection trips to local manufacturing concerns, spon- sors debates and contests for the best branch electrical engineering paper, and is also spon- soring an amateur radio organization. In an effort to provide members with as complete a picture of opportunities in elec- trical engineering as possible, special effort has been made and will continue to be made to present speakers from all phases of elec- trical and radio fields. STUDENT AFFILIATE OE THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Chairman .,... .,.,.,.,...,..,....,.,.. H arold Shain Vice Chairman .....,....., Lavius A. Robinson Secretary .......,................. .Phyllis Bicknell Trearnrer ...............,.........,...... Eli Schwartz Reorganized in November, 1947, after a period of wartime inactivity, the Student Affiliate of The American Chemical Society now has forty members. The purpose of the organization is to broaden the knowledge of the chemistry stud- ent by providing programs in which industrial chemists speak at the regular meetings. The organization also provides an opportunity for the general development of a professional spirit and pride in chemistry. By affiliation with the American Chemical Society, the student receives many of the bene- fits which that organization offers to its regular members. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Pferarlelzt , , .,., . Jeanne Lawson Serffcttwy-Vice-Proficient Barbara Risley T7'6LZ.fZH'61'. . . , ,.,....,. Barbara Wirths Program Chairman . . , Sue Quenk Fllfllffy Acizfiter Mr. Otto Dahlke The Sociology Club is a special interest group comprised of Sociology majors and stud- ents in any other field who are interested in social problems and the principles of Sociology. Meetings are held twice a month and include informal discussions, movies, and visiting speakers. The aim of the club is to acquaint the mem- bers with, and stimulate interest in, the field of Sociology through discussions of contem- porary social problems, talks and movies on the various aspects of the field, and information on sociological history, theory and principles. Through these programs a better knowledge of Sociology as a science is attained. THE INSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Preridenr ,, Robert W. Preble Vice-Preridem. . , . .Thomas Reardon Secretary-Tfearurer .... .. john Ryan Advirer Dean Laurence V. Ackerman The society was formed in October, 1948, for the purpose of increasing the knowledge and experience of its members in the field in insurance. Features of the diversified program include lectures by professional insurance people, films on different phases of insurance, and field trips to insurance companies and other places where the business of insurance is conducted. The society is a valuable organ- ization for those intending to pursue careers in insurance. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OE MANAGEMENT President .,..,,.,. ., . ,.,.,....,. . Russ Hanley Vice-Preridevzl ,. ,..,.,,... William Siegel Secretary ,.,..,. , Robert J. Sandall, jr. Trearuref. ., .. . . , .john johnson Famlty Afivirer Professor Lawrence J. Parrish The Society for the Advancement of Man- agement is the recognized national professional society of management people in industry, commerce, government, and education. Its prin- cipal aim is to spread the benefits of scientific management wherever management is re- quired. The Society is a result of the merger of the Taylor Society and the Society of Indus- trial Engineers which took place in 1956. In 1946, the Industrial Methods Society joined with the other groups under the name of the Society for the Advancement of Management. The discussions and activities of the student chapters encourage and stimulate interest and understanding of the social and economic impli- cations of scientific principles of management. '-fmwealeem-Q.:--.mYemen fait' - " 'ewaam at TAU PI UPSILON Preridenz .. ...A . A... Dorothy Gladwin Vice-Pferident . ..A.. .Teresa Proto Secretary ..,.,. . ...,. ..,.,,. ..,, .,., J a n et Matz Trefzrzfrer. ...Dorothy Doolittle Bordonaro Faculty Advirer . Josephine A. Dolan Membership of Tau Pi Upsilon is based upon high standards of scholarship, character, and professional ability plus active interest and participation in all school of nursing func- tions. Recommendation by the faculy members and the Dean of the School of Nursing is required. The organization is active in collegiate lead- ership and professional research. The purposes are to foster professional spirit, to secure and maintain an abiding interest in professional nursing affairs and through them in social progress, to encourage graduate work and to stimulate research in the fields of nursing edu- cation, and to promote a spirit of fellowship among women in the nursing profession. R. N. CLUB Prerident... . ....... Susan R. Aiello Vice-Prerident .... .....,.. Marjorie Fields Secretary-Treasurer. ........ Grace I.eMonica Faculty Advifer .... ........ M iss Ethel Elliott The R. N. Club was organized in May, 1948, to further social activity, recreation and group enterprise among the graduate nurses on campus. Its activities have included dinners and other social gatherings, as well as lectures and discussions on scientific and nursing subjects, . . .... .. . . , .. ........... . . , .. I I . V, ........ . . WWWWF ..., ........ . .fi f i Qilgfj my 'Q'f9e?'5-. "Q I .tis 5-'12-rjs -. are 1-1 'lf . A' WHITE CAPS President .......,. ..... R ita McKenney Vice-Prefidenz ....,. . .. .Jerry Runge Secretary .......... .. .. .Betty Post Treamrer ....,. ...... .......... . . .. .Rita Doyle This group, composed of students in the School of Nursing, enjoys activities which are partly social and partly professional, includ- ing picnics, teas, and other social gatherings as well as lectures and films on scientific or nurs- ing subjects. The program is annually high- lighted by a banquet for the graduating class of Nurses, and the Capping Exercises for the Sophomores. These future nurses also put our a newspaper, "The Yukon Cap". HOME ECONOMIC CLUB Prefirient . . .. ,. .. . .. . . Phyllis Bohlin Vice-Prefidem. ..,.,.,. ...Ruth Chamberlin Vice-Prefidenz ....,.,..,...,...... Shirley O'Brien Secretary-Treasurer .,..,... . ..i.. Helen Trepal Program Chairman . .. . Marion Williams Publicity .,.. ,. ,.,,.. .. . .. Elsie Blumenthal Refreflament Chairmen .,i.i Helen Hodgson I jean Critcherson The Home Economics Club is open to all majors in Home Economics. The Club belongs to the college club-department of a national professional organization, the American Home Economics Association. It aims to create an interest in home economics and to develop a professional pride and attitude. A panel dis- cussion on careers given by recent graduates acquaints the students with the opportunities in the various fields. The Club sends a delegate :to the national convention of AHEA each year land it also sends delegates to the annual col- llege club sectional meeting. Annual highlights are the Ellen H. Richards Supper and the World Christmas Festival Drive. AGRICULTURE CLUB Preritienz. .. . ,.,.... . . ...Ted Bottomley Vice-Preiiflerzz . .. .,,..,.. Charles Noyes Secretary .. ., . .,., Selma Larson 1 Treafarer. ..,, . ..,.,....... ..,., D ouglas Swett The purpose of the Agriculture Club is to promote the united interest in agriculture of the students and staff of the University of 'Connecticut It is composed of agriculture students both from the college and the school, and is active in sponsoring lectures, movies, and forums on all phases of agriculture. Each fall the club sponsors the first big all- university dance of the school yearg the annual Harvest Ball. In the spring its main social event is the picnic and get-together at the 'church cabin. The Agriculture Club is a medium through lwhich students of the University may meet 'and become familiar with the people thus engaged in the occupation, or in affiliated occupations. RATCLIFF HICKS SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION Preiiflerzr ......,..... ...... ..,... M o rris L. Burr Vice-President. .. .,... ...Daniel T. Driscoll Secretary... . .. . ..Edmund C. Holcombe Treafarer ......... ............. R oger W. Benton A medium primarily through which the members of the Ratcliffe Hicks School may gain a voice in student affairs of the Univer- sity not governed by the Administrative Office of the RatcliHe Hicks School, and to foster favorable publicity both on and off campus. All persons enrolled in the Ratcliffe Hicks School, and other students interested in the affairs of the Ratcliffe Hicks School are eligible for membership. UNIVERSITY OF CONN. FORESTRY CLUB Preridefzt James Hurd Vice-Premievzt George Cloutier Secremry George Wenger T1'efz.rm'er Walter Geiger Although the Forestry Club is composed mostly of forestry and wildlife majors, mem- bership is open to all students who wish to take an active part, The activities of the club are varied. Speakers and movies are obtained for meetings. This year the Forestry Club took part in the horticulture show, which promises to become an annual event. A week-end trip to New Hampshire was taken to visit logging and sawmill operations. In former years an annual publication was put out and it is hoped that this will be revived in the near future. The club is planning to sponsor a dance in the spring, which will be a strictly informal affair. UNIVERSITY OF CONN. DAIRY CLUB Pl'6,l'fCZQ7Zl Clayton B. Stetson V766-P1'c?J'fIft?7ZZ., . .. Willis E. Parkin liecorcimg S6C'VEld7'jf . .,.,. .Selma Larson Cr11'e,rp01z:zli1zg Serreffwy Richard Kallgren Tf'ec1ml'e1' . Bill Bechle The Dairy Club was organized in 1930 for the purpose of bringing faculty and students together and to bring to the campus speakers prominent in the fields of dairy manufacturing and production. To partly achieve their goal, last year the club inaugurated the Annual Dairy Club Break- fast. At this breakfast, which was attended by about l5O students and men in the fields of dairy production and manufacturing, two per- sons were honored for their noteworthy con- tributions to the dairy industry and to the advancement of collegiate training in dairying. BAN KIVA CLUB Prerizlem' .. ...., ..... W arren Reynolds Vice-Pferidenl. . ...Ted Bottomley Secretary .,.,, . . .,.,. George Larson Tffearmfer. . .... .. ..... Thomas Mahoney In keeping with activities of past years, the Bankiva Club seeks to present to the student members a first hand picture of the occupa- tional opportunities in the Poultry field. In ful- fillment of this intention, various speakers from the field are presented at meetings to allow students the opportunity to question concern- ing out-of-school opportunities. The Bankiva Club also publishes the annual news letter covering activities in the Univer- sity Poultry Department as well as the club's doings. The annual chicken barbecue generally held in May or june is, of course, the highlight of the year's presentations. :V 1,..V1rtmgifsfffrseaz.tseeafgfarffsweawif MW.-....:,.,":ff -f-- f ff ....rwsmwvva2sQ-.aff.:favQIffestfQuv,J'afvzfefffiiiffewqawasass,fffzfmwaiawwar:sw-iaifmfzmfirzfissga-,area fifnw-'mf NVOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I1re.ijtfe11t Doris Cobleigh Vice-P1't'.i'i1fw1l -Ieanne Hochberg Cffm'e.i'fm11tfi11g .S'eci'e!t1ry Marcia Heigelman Ncfr'oi'rfr7Ig 5er'i't'ft1i'j' Anna Mae Freiderichs All women students enrolled in the univer- sity are members of the NXfomen's Athletic Associationg however, a governing council functions to carry out the purposes of the association. This council consists of the repre- sentatives from the varsity club, a president who is elected by all women students. repre- sentatives from womens residence and sport club presidents. The residence representatives serve as sports chairman of their houses, organa izing their teams for inter-mural competitions and serving as contact between the houses and the council. The council cooperates with the sport club presidents in planning sport and play days. and in solving problems arising within the clubs. The association is a member of the State lnter-Collegiate XY!omen's Athletic Council and the American Federation of Col- lege Wfomen. UNIVERSITY OF CONN. 4-H CLUB Pveriaferzz Hugh M. MacKenzie Vice-Praridevlz Albert Gray Secrc'2m'y . , . Helen Trepal Trfemwer . ,.Herman Schnabel The purpose of the 4-H Club is to create good fellowship and a desire for leadership among the 4-H members on campus. Among the projects that have been under- taken have been 4-H sponsored square dances in the Hawley Armory, a seed campaign ably headed this year by Charles Karan, a shoe sole campaign for European children with Al Crofts at the helm and a 4-H Week-end when 4-H Club members throughout the state are invited to spend a week-end at UConn as guests of the 4-H Club, HORTICULTURE CLUB P1'e.rr.rfe12t Willitim A. Maine ViceAPre.rirZe1zl. . . Carlton B. Lees Secrrenzry ., Maisie G. Sokol TI'Uzl.li1H'U1' Edmund Holcombe Club Acfrirer Dr, C. G. Keyes The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to promote interest in horticulture among students by sponsoring social and educational activities. A spring picnic and a winter party are among the social activities, Educational activity is provided by interesting speakers who often accompany their talks with slides or movies. The activity of greatest importance and per- haps the main objective of the club is the spon- soring of a Horticulture Show. Members of the club in cooperation with the Plant Science Department organize and present this show, which is proving to be one of the outstanding yearly fall events on campus. CHEER LEADERS Head Cheer Leader. ..,. Robert Neumann Alternate ,.,. . ...,.. . ..,.. .. Carol Renshaw Faculty Advirer. .,... . . Mr. Carl Fischer Each fall try-outs for interested students are held. Final selection of cheer leaders is made by a committee composed of the faculty adviser, the president of the Student Senate, and the Sports Editor of the Campus. The new trial system is designed to organize a group of several freshmen members of the squad, two assistant cheer leaders from the sopohomore class, and a junior head cheer leader. The group is now 50-50, girls and men. Awards this year included: Robert Neu- mann, letter sweater, Carol Renshaw, letter jersey, Aileen Gentile, 1949 gold key. David Deitz and janet Grenon received their num- erals. john Olha, 1950, Michael Stepakevich, 1950, Calvin Hoadley, 1950, joseph Volpe, 1951, janet Koop, 1952, Dorothy Spaulding, 1952, and Elaine Tomasino, 1952, also re- ceived awards of numerals. THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS' CLUB President .... ................,. D aniel Heffernan Vice-Prerident ....... ...... . . .james Blozie Secretary-Treararer ..... .... . .Marilyn Terry Program Chairman. ........... Agnes Kusiak The Physical Education Majors' Club was first organized in the fall of 1945 for the pur- pose of developing a feeling of unity among the Physical Education Majors within the Uni- versity and to develop a professional attitude as well as to further the development of ideals within the individual members. It is the policy of the organization that every member be either a major or a potential major in Physical Education, that every mem- ber be a member of the National Organiza- tion, and that every junior and senior member be a member of the state organization. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB Pretident ..,..,................,......,.... Albert Gray Vice-Preridevzt. ........,..... Hugh MacKenzie Secretary ............. ........... J ayne Ricketts Treararer. . ............,......... Arthur Symonds Marrball.. ..... .... ..,........... W i lliam Leiber The Block and Bridle Club, a chapter of the National Block and Bridle Club, has as its main objective the promotion of interest in Animal Husbandry and greater interest in students of livestock. The Club sponsors the annual Horse Show which is held in conjunc- tion with junior Weekend, the publication of the annual "Block and Bridle Reviewn, an annual banquet and an annual picnic. Meetings are held twice a month at which time an out- side speaker is secured. Next fall the Club is to resume the Livestock Show which it has sponsored in the past. Prof. john A. Christian is- adviser. "C" CLUB Preridenz ..... ..,...., .,.,,. . ,.....,., W i lliam Moll Vice-President .,.. . . ...., Frank Dezenzo Secretary-Trearzrrer. . ,. . . .. .Leo Pinsky The "C" Club gives the athletes at the Uni- versity of Connecticut an opportunity to meet one another socially and discuss their problems. It also helps them plan and suggest ideas which have as their goal the fostering of more amiable relations and better understanding with the Athletic Department as well as with the coaches. Hopes are high that in the near fumre an Athletic Fund will be set up to aid needy high school athletes anxious to come to the University for an education. The Football Hop, social event of the year for the Club, was once again a huge suc- cess. The capable and witty John Holfelder in cohorts with rolly polly Carmen Abate were chairmen and gave us an evening long to be remembered on the UConn campus. WOMEN 'S VARSITY CLUB Preriderrt... ..... ,..,... J ean-Marie Bartoes Secretary .,...,., .. ,Agnes Kusiak Trearurer ..............,....,...,..,. Jeanne Lawson Program Chairman. ...,... .Patricia Hubbel Publicity . .. , .. . .,.,.. Jacqueline Dudack Activities: The Women's Varsity Club is open to all women students who have received two major awards in athletics. The members have sponsored two Sports Play Days for girls in high schools throughout the state, one in the spring and one in the fall semester, and the Club also presents awards to those girls who have earned them in the various college sports. OUTIN G CLUB President. ....... ... ,....,.... .Charles Karan Vice-President. .....,.. Joan Ensor C orrerpomiing Secretary Valerie Hotchkiss Recording Secretary .,...., Mary Jane Olson Treararer . ..... . .... ....,. , .Chester Cole Adviferr . .... Messrs. Edgar Wfyman and George Rumney The University of Connecticut Outing Club consists of those students and faculty members who share a liking for the out-of-doors. The c1ub's local activtiies include hiking, square dancing, skiing, skating, and canoeing. On week-ends and during vacations, trips are taken to reach steeper slopes, faster water, and grand- er views, and to participate in joint outings with other members of the Intercollegiate Out- ing Club Association. The club aims to pro- mote interest and participation in informal outdoor activities and to develop local facilities for hiking, skiing, and skating. ll SWIMMING CLUB Pteridenl ,. ,. ,. . ..,. ..,. , . Sally Miller Secremry . .,., .. . Valorie Hotchkiss Ffzmlry Acivifer. , . , . . , Miss Bogert All girls interested in swimming attend "open swims" at the pool early in the year. At the end of a few weeks all who are interested in joining the club register. Awards are given annually at an awards party held at the church cabin. Upperclassmen receive their letters, freshmen their numerals, and small letters are given as participation awards. The program this year included: the Na- tional lntercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet, a meet at Pembroke College in Provi- dence, R. l., and an informal swimming meet with Rhode Island State College at Storrs. ARCHERY CLUB Prefidenz , . , Dorothy Hill Vice-Prrerirlem' jennifer Wliite Sewelfzry, .. ., . . . . Marilyn Terry T1'eam1'er . , . , . . .Lundo Wu The archers at the University are well known for their outstanding record of wins in the competition with other colleges and clubs. This year the club is composed of both girls and fellows who have an active interest in archery. ln the winter they practice on the indoor range in Holcomb attic, in the summer they arch out of doors and practice for the many tournaments that take place in the spring and summer. Witli the able teaching of Mr. Roy Guyer, this yearls members shall continue to uphold the grand record that former members have made. BADMIN TON CLUB Preririemf . . , ,. . Mary Anderson Secretary . .. .,.,..,. ,, ,. .Mary Douglass The members of the Badminton Club meet on Monday afternoons for two consecutive hours to try to perfect their skill in badminton. The members compete within the group by means of two ladder tournaments, the top ones of the two ladders playing off at the end of the season, Members also represent their respective dormitories and houses in intra- mural contests, the winner receiving the bad- minton plaque to display in their house for the forthcoming year. UNIVERSITY OE CONN. CHESS CLUB Preriderzt , Raymond Paul Oxman Correrponiflirzg Secretary and Tournament Director . . . Otto Palm Recording Secretary and Treasurer . , Anita L. Stiles The Chess Club was reorganized this semester and a ladder tournament was started amongst the members, to determine the first five play- ers who would represent the club in future tournaments with other schools. lt is hoped that the coming spring will see the club play- ing many schools throughout the state. There are several strong members who in their play- ing will bring credit to the club and school. UCONN SKI CLUB Preririent . . . John C. W0odruH Vice-Preriderzt Andrew Monahan Sefretary . ,MCKeen Kessel Correrpomling Secretary .. Anne Murray Treamrer Herbert Painter Famlty Aclzfifer . . ,Paul N. Taylor The purpose of the UConn Ski Club is to band together all those interested in the pro- motion of good safe skiing. The club gathers information pertaining to skiing for the mem- bers in addition to offering instruction to be- ginners and more advanced skiers alike. The club also takes several trips into ski areas to test the abilities of the members on more ad- vanced slopes and trails. The club this year will provide the ski patrol and supervise the ski safety program at the new ski tow located on the backside of Horse Barn Hill. THE F EN CIN G CLUB Chairman .... . .... Dallas Grover, jr. The Fencing Club of the University of Conn. is the group of sword enthusiasts pav- ing the way for intercollegiate fencing at Storrs. Under the guidance of their faculty adviser, Dr. G. S. Timoshenko, a skilled saber- man, the activities of the club are indoctrina- tion of beginners in the fundamentals and dis- cipline of fencing in foil for women, foil, sabre epee for meng and advanced exercising for the advanced fencers, the nucleus for formal and informal meets with the extensions of UConn and the fencing teams of other Uni- versities. MAN AGER'S CLUB Preridenl. ,. ..,. ,. . .... Edward Turn Secfemry. . . ,. ,. . ,. ..Morton Lazarus The Managers Club is an organization com- posed of varsity managers in each sport. Each manager takes a turn at meeting visiting teams, remaining with the team throughout its stay on the UConn campus. Recently the club set up a system of awards for managers. This system provides numerals, varsity sweaters, and a special key award for all men who have managed a varsity sport for three years and are qualified in all other respects. The Managers Club is dedicated to the ele- vation and perpetuation of the managerial position and organization as well as to full cooperation with the University. BLUE AND WHITE CLUB Preiicienz, ,. .. . Rose Anne Abbott Working on campus to build school spirit, the Blue and Wfhite Club is one of the most recently added organizations. At football and basketball games the club forms a cheering section. Helping with rallies and the Mayor of Storrs campaign are projects. In November Blue and White rounds out the football season with a Dogpatch-style Sadie Hawkins week climaxed by a dance and other similar projects, and is always eager to help in a campus program. A for-fun club, Blue and Whites only re- quirement of membership is enrollment in the University of Connecticut. . TY' 5-as 1 X 8ma 0 ' fini-Pawni sg ' K 5 , r X r . N1 I , 2 ,Wk P, X V ALPHA DELTA PI Premient ..,...,. Sylvia Keeler Recording Secretary ,...,...,. Natalie jones 45? 'lk Vlce Prefzdent . ...l... Anita Fay Treamrer. ,,.., ......., jean Horan HIKQHII The charm that gets them all . . . Oh, so versatile . . . Picnics, parties, snowball fights 'A' f and formals Study is a swear word . . . Diamonds galore . . . Gaudy Tie Party Have you seen their cigarette girls? . . . My date for the junior prom . . . mid- night telephone calls . . . The Fatal Quest or everybody drops dead . . . after-hour birthday parties . . Slightly unpredictable . . . Love that Mrs. Nevins . . . Fourth for Bridge? Grille girls par excellence . . . Seniors taking P. E .... Show me the Scotch man . True and everlasting friendships . . . that's A. D. Pi. MEMBERS: Audrey Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Josephine Aresco, Philomine Bordonaro, Ernestine Bourque, Loraine Canfield, Patricia Cantwell, Carmela Castellon, Dolores Castellon, Priscilla Colton, Elizabeth Degnan, Anita Fay, Betty Gauvin, Marie Hannigan, Jean Horan, Barbara Jacobson, Natalie jones, Judith Kane, Ann Kasper, Sylvia Keeler, Sally Kenney, Dorothy Kisco, Isobel McGuHie, Evelyn Pavlosky, M. Carolyn Renshaw, Ann Riker, Susan Rockel, Norma Roehm, Ruth Ryan, Florence Shippee, Leota Sperry, Anita Stiles, Marjorie Uriot, Dolores Vegliante, Carol Wooding, Christine Zeoli, Edith Ziegler. PLEDGES z Eileen Gentile, jean Giguere, Nancy Karrigan, Noreen Myers, jean Pontorx, Violet Salmi, Virginia Wakeman. 172 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Dean ..A....... ....... M ildred Krivonos Regirtmr ..,. H ,...... Miriam Slobin Sub-Dean ..4.A,.,. .,..... C laire Kabot Scribe ,... . A,,... . , Eleanor Cherniak r.1,,Q,,,.,r!,,,,,,1g Treururer ,....... .,.. , .Pauline Litin fx i . "Drink a toast to AEPhi and one for green and white" . . . and for the things we'll ' 'Q never forget . . . Brahms, Bartok and baseball . . . the house of Sarah Vaughn and Billy Ekstine . . . the tea parties . . . five hours sleep on the cold porch . . . the things we could teach Culbertson and Madame Defarge . . . Trumbull has our sign . . . 40 Q.P.'s in popularity . . . what a doll . . . the gold columns and the pearly pin that mean AEPhi. MEMBERS: Eleanor Cherniak, Frances Dunn, Sondra Deckman, Sybil Elion, Judith Furman, Gloria Germaine, Regina Giller, Eunice Goodman, Gladys Gochberg, Pearl Greenberg, Claire Kabot, Hilda Katz, Mildred Kavonis, Debbie KlaH, Nan Lewis, Pauline Litin, Diane Mandell, Margery Pinkes, Dorothy Polis, Joan Rapoport, Mina Rosenfeld, Jean Ann Shapiro, Miriam Slobin, Frances Tarna- pol, Rosalyn Zamcow. PLEDGES : joan Beloff, Barbara Brettschneider, Marcia Brettschneider, Geraldine Cantor, Eleanor Charlop, Harriett Chatzek, Shirley Cooper, Sidna Cramer, Naomi Dorsky, Muriel Drabkin, Hinde Einbinder, Marilyn Fabricant, Floy Fine, Barbara Framson, Leah Freeman, Miriam Gelfand, Rhoda Gofberg, Joan Goldberg, Marilyn Goldstein, Phyllis Goodman, Louise Hertz, Sally Jainchill, Phyllis johnson, Sondra Kornman, Dorothy Levine, Roberta Lurie, Barbara Mayerson, Phyllis Medalie, Felice Molover, Gladys Pinsker, Edith Rosenstein, Adele Steinberg, Gloria Taylor, Suzanne Voloshin, Rhoda Weininger. 173 ii ' tick 1 T api "': f--l 1 ,.,. 1353315 f., r. 4 ALPHA XI DELTA Preridema .,.,.... ..,..,..,. ,... E l aine Ives Recording Secretary. ,. . ...Janet Hodgson Vice-Prefirienz., , ., Doris Sengstacken Correrpofzribzg Secretary .,.. Norma Buttery Trearzner , ...,.. Helen Hodgson True to a double blue and gold . . . Natural and nice . . . Baby of campus Pan Hel . . . Adept advisers . . . Never too busy to smile . . . Miss Patty's pests . . . Guests galore on week-ends . . . Hall's new residents . . . Frolicking first floor friends . . . Rattling radiators . . . Disabled Alpha Xils , . . infirmaryls dilemma . . . "Anybody got a match?' '... Fun, their best subject . . , "lsn't that nice?' '... A manner that is friendship...Spirited spectators of sports ...' 'Ping goes the egg money" . ..CofTee makers reville-5:50 A.M .... There goes the furniture...Connoisseurs of the cuisine .. .That Golden Quill. MEMBERS: Marie Almada, Sylvia Anderson, Norma Buttery, janet Cochrane, Sara Condon, jean Critcherson, Alice Dorizzi, Joan Ensor, Joyce Fellows, Anita Gelsron, Marilyn Hjortland, Helen Hodgson, Janet Hodgson, Valerie Hotchkiss, Elaine Ives, Agnes Kusiak, Margaret Lewis, Hilda Monaghan, Ann Reinhold, Althea Robish, Doris Sengstaken, Lora Sperry, Barbara Stierle, Helen Trepal, Lucille Wakeneld, Natalie Walsh. PLEDGES: Mary Castenholz, Beatrice DuPont, Patricia Lapan, Mary Ellen Monroe, Dorothy Prentice, Patricia Queern, Dorothy Trepal, Marna Young. 174 DELTA ZETA P7'6Iffi67Zf ..,., . .,....,.,. Isabelle Alho Cowerpomiing Secretfrfy Vice-President .,.., Lila Mae Moore Corinne Scherman Q Q . Recording Secretary ,...... Frances Ferri Hirlorian.. ,...,... ..... . Mary F. Andersen i Treasurer. . .. .. .Jeanne Hochberg R . We wear the diamond and four pearls..,installed October 25, 1945 ...have come a -'B long way since...won National achievement award at 1948 convention...Killarney roses and candle light. . . Q.P.'s. . .I wonder how? . . . Intramural basketball champs . . . D I A ' Friendly.. .Every lamp has a Hame ., . Wedding bells in june. ..From diamonds in the pin to diamonds in a ring...Fun loving...known for its chorus 1ine...Always true to the rose and green. MEMBERS: V f!!"f-fx Barbara Aker, Isabelle Alho, Bertha Allis, Mary F. Andersen, Virginia Bailey, Nancy Baxter, Theresa Baschetti, Mary Frances Brazil, Isabelle Brennan, Jeanne Cobey, Doris Cobleigh, Ruth Diani, Diana Dixon, Virginia Douglas, Frances Ferri, Phyllis Firato, Margaret Griswold, Frances Hamilton, Emily Hayden, Jeanne Hochberg, Lila Mae Moore, Joyce Moran, Sally Moulton, Barbara Oppel, Barbara Oppelt, Mary Ann Plavnicky, Betty Post, Shirley Raissi, Wilma Raiiikka, Verna Sargent, Corine Scherman, julia Storrs, Ann West, Ioan Whittle, Emma Williams. PLEDGES: Dorothy Burke, Vivian Burr, Ann Collins, Dorothy Gates, Nina Grecenlto, Beverly Grimes, Patricia Hudson, Joan Kelley, Helen Kennis, Natalie Mahon, Gwyneth McClelland, Helen Miller, Mary U'Keefe. . 175 'uf .M ,--W, an I A -f 1 i AACDA KAPPA ALPHA THETA Prerident... ...,.. .,...... S uzanne Prevot Recording Secretary, . Patricia Roberts Vice-Prerident ,...... ....., L aura Collins Treamrer ..... . .,,. ,Florence Luboyeski A sophisticated and gold 1oveliness...the grace and beauty of a queen with the loyalty and faith of a subject .... heart of gold and smile of friendship .... interests many...failure few. ..her circle is wide and linked with a chain of friends ...satin and lace lined with bobby socks and jeans. . .sneaks and pumps, upsweeps and all-round sweetheart.. .Proud I am to be a Theta, a Theta through and through. MEMBERS: Sylvia Bogan, Barbara Bossi, Jean Boysen, Joan Bradley, Laura Collins, Mar- garet Colton, Nancy Edwards, Jeanne Field, Patricia Hammel, Virginia Har- greaves, Nancy Hoadley, Louise Keefe, Virginia Larson, Florence Luboyeski, Joan Luddy, Roberta Mann, Elizabeth Monahan, Ruth Nevins, Shirlee Peck, Suzanne Prevot, Patricia Roberts, Lynn Schumacher, Mary Ann Spodnik, Betty Ann Vandermeer, Harriett Velms, Barbara Ward, Marjorie Wilowski. PLEDGES 1 Shirley Anderson, Joan Basney, Barbara Bishop, Ann Bogardus, Shirley Brabec, Joan Cameron, Nancy Canby, Ruth Carletti, Patricia Charlesson, Judith Clark, Patricia Clawson, Ellen Cox, Joann Craig, Mary Ann Dimond, Corrine Gourd, Janet Grenon, Mary Ann Hadden, Nancy Heflin, Constance Herbik, Edna Mae Hurley, Mary Jezyk, Margaret Kerr, Barbara Lynch, Louise McKnight, Helen Mars, Joan Molloy, Jessie Miller, Dorothy Mravunac, Nancy Perkins, Jean Roberts, Joan Rhinehart, Marguerite Short, Mary Ann St. Hilaire, Lois Sund- vall, Mari-Anne Talbot, Carolyn Thomas, Betty VanEtten, Patricia White, Emma Jean Worthen. 176 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA President ..,. ,.,. , .Dorothy Topolski Treamrer ...,. Christine Poulsen Vice-Pferdient.. .. .,.Harriette Smith Recording Secretary . , Julia Kries A house that says hello...Keynote to friendship...How 'bout a few hands around? ...Penthouse parties. .Serenade in blue and blue...From diamonds to courts, a score in all sports...Let's christen our mugs...Confusin' fuses...The porch with a per- sonality. ..Pi Phi's spring housecleaners... Pledge party pranks and candlelighted cof- fees...For study or for dreaming...T.R.'s Irish eyes...Quiet charm to vivacious per- sonality, and every one a Kappa...A song at dusk or dawn . ..There'll be nothing but sweet dreams for Kappa mine. MEMBERS: Helene Buchanan, Jean Campbell, Joan Campbell, Ann Crosby, Jane Hummel, Helen Hinman, Barbara Johnson, Christine Poulsen, Harriette Smith, Marcia Strickland, Dorothy Topolski, Jean Watkins, Barbara Wirths, Elizabeth Basel, Ann Beechler, Elizabeth Bock, Laurel Butler, Noemi Carocari, Lois Clough, Patricia Coughlin, Barbara Hallihan, Lucy Hansen, Marcella Heiglemann, Julia Kreis, Barbara Lowell, Mary Flynn, Shirlie O'Brien, Elaine Olsen, Ruth Janet Rogers, Joan Service, Patricia Sweeney, Jean Terani, Jennifer White, Carol Frost, Sylvia Gernert, Phyliss Haddock, Dorothy Kanak, Carol Kenney, Rita McKenney, Jean Moore, Patricia Rollins, Marjorie Stoudt, Janice Timidie, Barbara Walsh, Catherine Warner, Joan Yingling. PLEDGES: Alice Johnson, Audrey Strickland, Betty Jane Kimball, Marie Cofrances, Eleanor Satlowski, Avis Beechler, Mildred Buecher, Vilma Carocari, Jane Chapin, Sally Clark, Beverly Conrad, Ellen Day, Marion Ek, Evelyn Fiege, Claire Foisy, Jean Grimshaw, Claire Knowlton, Janet Koop, Lois Lasewicz, Patricia Lydon, Frances Nixon, Sally Parker, Helen Riccio, Joan Riccio, Sally Schenck, Dorothy Spald- ing, Sally Storrs, Ruth Waldhaus, Evelyn Ward, Nancy Watson, Joann Wolfe. 177 gs, GS-'Q P JY , Aw SZ i n t 11'-Erw i n PHI MU Prerident ...., .....,. E lizabeth Hughes Secvemry.. . . , ,joan Apurton Vice-President .... .,.,.. G eorgine Gillette Trearzwet . ,. Patricia Kehoe Attic tradition . . . wedding bells.. .Hayrides and South Campus parties. . .Wear every- thing they own to bed. . .Private lagoon. ..It's a long way but its worth it. . . Disppear- ing signs ...Pins and rings galore...South Campus champions...Support the Nutmeg Fountain...Knitted socks at a premium... Home Economists ap1enty...The florist always ,rings twice...Mushroom doors-six inches apart...Two o'clock serenades... Sexy prexies...Honeymoon bridge...Those attic parties...Take advantage of all late perrnissions...Each one unique...Phi Mus and proud of it, MEMBERS: p V, joan Apurton, Beth Barrett, Ruth Berry, Irene Bryson, Phyllis Bohlin, Nancy f J' - if t, Jaw H Crosthwait, Lila Cutting, Barbara Daly, Mary DeStefano, Mary Douglas, Lois Feibel, Marilyn Friel, Georgine Gillette, Ruth Haines, Barbara Hanna, Ruth Hermann, Elizabeth Hughes, Kathleen Keefer, Patricia Kihoe, Shirley Kennedy, Emilie Linderme, Sally Miller, Anne Murray, Margaret Nyce, Theresa Povilon, Elizabeth Putnam, Amey Rhodes, Nina Ring, Julia Rokita, Betty Roper, Marian Scofield, Dorothy Squier, Frances Valente, Margaret Withey, Jeanne Yannello, Sabina Zaleski. PLEDGES: Tirzah Atwood, Charlene Bronson, Barbara DeAngelis, Nancy Eastwood, Audrey Fagan, Marilyn Ferguson, Dorothy Hein, Dorothy Hellsttom, Lois Hermanat, Agnes Hughes, Helen Korn, Florence Oliver, Eleanor Strom, Mary Ann Zaher. 178 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Prerizienz . ., ,. .... , Lois Levy 'lWeamre'r , ., Phyllis Caminear Vice-Pfreridenl . .Doris Blume Recorciivzg Secretary Muriel Horwitz Cowerponafing Secrezafy , Joyce Shaker Who stole the sign again . . , wear mittens kids, the sleeping porch is freezing . . . 4th for bridge.. .flashy argyles. . .t.the plasters falling again...dubs on the shower . . .who cleaned the living room today . . . what cha, eating . .. . the telephones ring- ing . . . let's shoot to Willi . . , there goes another fuse . . . ask mom, she'll know. . , . want anything at the course meals in the cellar...let's toast marsh- mallows . . . quiet hours? what's that... Babs, sing for us. . . Lilals composing again. . . it's 10:30 girls...where's the new Life magazine...any empty beds this weekend? MEMBERS: Helen Berkman, Rose Brazel, Doris Blume, Phyllis Caminear, Gloria Cantor, Alice Estren, Florence DranofT, Phyllis Goldman, Bernice Gordon, Bette Ann Gordon, Doris Gross, Adele Hoberman, Etta Holm, Muriel Horwitz, Fay Karp, Rita Kayser, Lois Levy, Doris Oberstein, Pearl Pollack, Eleanor Radack, Ethel Rosenstein, Munsey Scharmitt, Barbara Schaefer, Joyce Shaker, Eleanor Sherman, june Sher, Susan Spitz, Joan Stein, Lila Steinberg, Carol Sussman, Shirley Sussman. PLEDGES: Barbara Aronson, Barbara Bordon, Selma Cohen, Dorothy Beck, Phyllis Fein- berg, Barbara Eleishner, Selma Goldberg, Barbara Glazer, Helene Globus, Elaine Goldstein, Zelda Goldstein, Rosalyn Greenberg, Barbara Gross, Marcia Hammer, Marilyn Kaplan, Phyllis Kayser, Phyllis Kronick, Marilyn Lane, Cynthia Lazaroff, Norma Leibman, Suzanne Meltzer, Lannette Michael, Marilyn Miller, Sandra Neusner, Annette Rosen, Shirley Roscnblatt, Gerry Rutman, Dorothy Salowitz, Harriet Schwartz, Myrna Schwarz, Harriet Seledensky, Eileen Sheitleman, Anne Sidney, Phyllis Shoag, Rita Silverman, Lenote Singer, Marilyn Soloman, Sibyl Stern, Lois XVinnick, Nettie Weissman. lllKiEUllk - - 4 V, I me 1--5 , E. E, ? 4i I 1,41 EN.. e 'Ya AZ -.. lb T515 I W lo 1 ,, K. 0. var . f I 3 Qu' Llvly , N r + f ,:, ,HQ-All ..," , N Y 2 ' 'S 5 i Q ,I x 1 ,NO E ,M x ,llj 4 I r N fg , 'fi 1. J I 'Qf"'!e W 5' yn, ':p+1Q-3 -' fa? 5- FN , . rw PI BETA PHI President .,.,.,.,. ....... E llen-Marie Herr Recording Secretary .... Jacqueline Dudack Vice-President ,..... ...... P atricia Lewis Corerponding Secretary .... Jeanne Lawson Treasurer .,,A... . ., ,,... Jane Spencer Loyal to the wine and silver blue . . . Speed thee my arrow . . . Inter-fraternity spirit . . . Kappa-Pi Phi spring fever furniture 'liftin '... United strong and true...those high- pointing arrows...Altruistic pride in their Settlement School...Group spirit balanced with individuality...Ring Ching...Christmas snowballs...Soft spot for Mrs. 'T'.. . Carnation dance . ..Wide participation in campus activities and leaders in lots. . .Nine- teen-cut parties . . . Understanding of arrows in archery too. ..Those Saturday-long clean- ing parties... Spontaneous srniles and sincerity that satisfies. MEMBERS : Barbara Banner, Barbara Beckwith, Doris Berggren, Jean Boone, Louise Brun- berg, Virginia Clark, Jacqueline Dudack, Mary Duffy, Marjorie Fields, Betty :V A I H Fischer, Grace Fyler, Gene Goodwin, Eleanor Hepburn, Ellen-Marie Herr, Ora i I Belle Holdridge, Justine Hoxie, Iris Kimble, Jeanne Lawson, Patricia Lewis, .S Marjorie Lynch, Joann Miles, Margaret Murray, Edith Pall, Lois Palmer, June is Vypg Peterson, Jane Spencer, Winifred Sye, Adelle Wadhams, Jane Weber. f ' ""-. ' I,:,t j , ,,, , A ,, ,, . ,, .k,, ,,,,,.h y u ... PLEDGES: t'rr rir' Marie Clark, Judith Hart, Farrie Mariner, Jean Monast, Esther Owens, Marie Van Overstraeten. 180 l ALPHA GAMMA RHO Noble Ruler .,.,. . ,.,.. Harry Megson Secretary.. . ...William Bower Vice Noble Ruler. .. . . Richard Sharon Uiloer . . Henry Klipp Treaiurer ....., ..,... C arl Jackson Chaplain. . . . .. Richard A. Hansen A more closely knit group would be hard to find...mourning the graduation of the last of the old men...was anybody looking for me? ...Erin Go Braugh with skis... true, false, all of above, none of above, don't know...O fellows if your not going to study why don't you go to bed.. . just one more game of set back . .. pool champs 1948 ...which is the party room? Let's pass that old brown jug around. . .we've got a name for them all. MEAIBERS: Rodney Anderson, Theodore Anderson, Theodore Bennett, Donald Boardman, p 3 William Bower, Alexander Chernak, Dayton Cornish, Robert Dargan, Bernard K Dzielinski, Walter Fannon, Reno Franconi, Robert French, Fred Farnsworth, Robert Garvey, John Gay, Robert Gustavson, William Hadden, Richard A. Hansen, Richard B. Hansen, Carl jackson, Henry Klipp, Robert Kowalczyk, Charles Larsen, Edward Law, Victor Maerki, Donald McCarthy, Harry Megson, John McDonald, John Moran, John Muldoon, William Ohr, Edward Pelecki, Bart Schmidt, Richard Sharon, Charles Zwick. PLEDGES: Raymond Bahr, Gordon Cooper, Philip Fresenius, Roger Kelleher, Robert Kelley, Lennie Manchuck, George McKenna, Richard Pye, William Ryder, 4. ,- Albert Strelecky, John Stevenson, Richard Virgie, Robert Wilhelm. 181 Q! 'II id-L L.. "". UJ JP HBE! hgauv f . rg ir SA - L47-6 Tyne ,'gUY365x 'VlS1L-f ALPHA SIGMA PHI Honored Senior Parer.,Walter Bergamini Honored Exnctor ..., .,,. J ames Hart Honored junior Prater ..., George Verenes Honored Scribe, .,o,. ,. . .Joseph Connolly Honored Correfponding Secretary , . . I George Murray Up in Quad I . . . on the road ot Mastey's...polka heaven...we happen to like our monestary ...awfully handy for the engineers. . . "whose Alpha Sig Girl are youl' . . .date bureau par excellence...shower room harmoneers...we sing the songs of Beta XI... QP's with effort...who's going to Flaherty's for a quick beerf. . how about six volun- teers for the Sunday morning clean up roster.. .what are 'quiet hours '... more running wrecks than Henry Ford ever saw . . .what hotplates. . .he floats. MEMBERS : Walter Bergamini, Hurley Boazrnan, Anthony Buemi, Louis Caraliello, Joseph Connolly, William DePatie, Walter Doohan, Jack Farina, Nicholas Fess, Elio Gofh, Ernst Hansel, Leonard Hansel, Morten Hansen, James Hart, Everett Harvey, Newell Johnson, Charles Kevit, jack Kmecak, Raymond Lee, Arthur Moxley, Donald Moxley, Frank Papandrea, Paul Peha, Peter Romanow, john Schiller, Edwin Stula, Albert Tufano, Joseph Valluzzi, Donald Vensel, George Verenes, Gerald Wolcott. PLEDGES : Michael Beneditto, Robert Gregory, Robert Keay, Peter Lazar, Rudolph Vecoli, William Walsh. 182 KAPPA SIGMA Grand Marter ,..,. .. F Michael Molochko Grand Mayter of Ceremonier Victor Giangrave Grand Procarazor ...,, .William Stephens Grand Scribe .,.i , ,james Colopy Grand Trearnrer .... , .Bryce Ridley Formerly the oldest "local" . . . Live at the "quiet" end of W'hitney Row... House mother who is really a mother, ..Our house, it may be a castle but we call it home...Live for the week-ends...Meet you in the cellar 'neath the crescent and the star...the plaid piano...the elite of the gridiron live here...Who's got our sign now? ...If it's new we've done it. MEMBERS : Robert Bergeron, George Bleuher, Roger Bradley, Charles Burns, james Camp- bell, john Chatetield, Radley Clemens, james Colopy, Frederick Copmen, Leonard Couchon, James Delarippa, james Dew, Kenneth Dolge, James Flook, Ernest Gadue, George Garman, Victor Giangrave, Paul Goetlich, David Had- den, Gorden Hatch, William Hayden, Howard Hevern, Edward Horrigan, Roy Hubel, John Kosturak, Albert LaChance, Ernest LeFebvre, John Linkletrer, Robert Lorch, Archibald MacDonald, Consolato Malavenda, Robert Malkin, Paul Martha, Michael Molochko, john Moreno, William Moore, Albert Miner, Carl Nielsen, james Norback, Alfred Pedersen, Robert Plimpton, Daniel Rear- don, Bryce Ridley, Frank Rohloff, Paul Rosa, Donald Ross, William Ruhlman, Robert Sandall, Thomas Shea, Warren Smith, William Stephens, Donald Stohl, Irving Taylor, Norman Vanasse, Harold Waldron, Michael White, Wallace Young. PLEDGES: Robert Adams, Nichalos Arpaia, George Banker, james Bowen, Donald Brown, Walter Deptula, Edward Dulago, Louis Fabiani, William Flynn, John Giller, john Hayden, John Harris, Leonard Howell, Robert Hurley, julio Leandri, Maurice Lanigan, William McKeon, Henry Morgan, Vincent Sabecki, Alton Sanford, William Vancisin. GHG? Uilqg-cabs awgwwylwfy- 5 FX I Q S S 1 5 N'f ,I 1 fn- AFS R il? i t 'QUISQU6 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA President ,.....,,,...,. Howard E. Rollins, jr. Secretary ,,,..... .,....,. R obert D. Durand Vice-Prerident ....... ...... J ames A. Knight Treasurer ....... ........ E dward Franklin Zeta Lambda on the hill near Engineering...Purple, Green and Gold...Young but progressive. ..Slide-rule haven...You're out of order! Let's go have a few.,.Con- servatism...Beanery annex 119th of 129.. .The Christman Party...Rhody comes and goes...the pins are here to meeting time 20 minutes...Clambakes, our specialty. . .the sacred seal of dear old Lambda Chi. MEMBERS 1 William Beaulieu, William Berry, Theodore Bristol III, Ronald Bronson, John Bruno, Nathan Capen, Robert Capelle, Edward Carr, George Cleveland, joseph Coates, Hugh Cox, Edmund Dabrowski, Stewart Dodge, Robert Durand, Edward Dwyer, Edward Franklin, Frederick Forslund, David Gill, Burrill Gray, Richard Hammerl, john Higgins, Edward Hotchkiss, Daniel Hull, Donald lndorf, Frank Indorf, Henry jepeal, David johnson, Keith Kimball, james Knight, Chester Kryspin, Vincent Lamberti, Robert Litz, Raymond Mahoney, William Magnet, Robert Marotto, Edward Mazurkiewicz, Richard Mazurkiewicz, Charles McSheffery, Stanley Mitz II, John Osterhoudt, Charles Perret, Alexander Rob- bie, Jr., Stanley Robinson, Howard Rollins, Jr., Ernest Schwam, jr., Edward Sherwood, Kenneth Simpson, Henry Starnatel, Kenneth Stetson, Edmund Ter- racciano, Gerald Thompson, David Tilley, Edward Turn, Richard Wallace, Theunis Werkhoven, Gerad Winter, John Woodruff, Edward Zurawski, john Zweygartt. 184 PHI EPSILON PI President .,.,.,.A,,A ...,.., H oward P. Raphael Recording Secretary Robert E. Zimmerman Vice-Prericient .,.,. , ,.,. Donald I. Levine I C orrerpondzng Secrelary Trearurer .,.,. . ,.,.... Marvin H. Schaefer Seymour Benson First National on the Hill. ..Dancing nightly in the Blue Room. .,Wake me for din- ner, but don't be persistent ...Mom Soltz, our gracious First Lady...invisible individ- ualists...unbroken rushing traditions ...white bucks and button downs . . .prolific raconteurs . . . the Scholarship Cup, and great-parties. . . Is there any doubt in your mind that theyire the greatest? ...Uconn's equivalent to the Skull and Bones. MEMBERS: Richard Antupit, Herbert G. Appleton, Seymour Benson, Robert Berdon, Harvey Bletchmen, Richard Byer, David Caplowitz, Maxwell Chernoff, Daniel A. Chimes, Alan H. Cohen, Morton Cohen, Robert Cohen, Sam Cohen, Sam Dubrow, Alvin Evans, Richard Feldman, Donald Finkelstein, Harvey Fried, Ben Furman, Herman Glassman, Bernard Godfrey, Sherwood Greenberg, George Greenstein, Paul Groobert, Lester Hankin, Ellis Jacobson, Edward Jeruss, Seymour Jeruss, Joel A. Kalafa, Bennet Katzen, Seymour Kroopnick, Edwin Lassman, Bernard F. Levine, Bernard B. Levine, Donald I. Levine, Harold Levine, Marvin D. Levine, Paul Levine, Edward Litwalc, Larry Mitnick, Jules Neuman, Philip Nussbaum, Gilbert Perlroth, Leo Pinsky, Howard P. Raphael, Norman Rashba, Gilbert Rimer, Alvin Romanofl, David Ross, Stanley Ross, Allan Rubin, Gerald Safton, Marvin Schaefer, Martin K. Silver, Herman Sochin, Seymour Sodafsky, Eli S. Solcoff, Raymond Sorokin, joseph M. Stolman, Peter Sudarsky, Irving Tulin, Richard Turshen, Bernard Virship, Robert Vogel, Sidney Weinberg, Leonard Wendrow, David Wise, Leonard Zeidenberg, Robert Zim- merman, Philip Alderman, PLEDGES: Marvin Bennett ules Breslau David Corn Marshall Cutler Harold Davidson , J , , , , Stephen Diamond, Sam Evans, Jerry Fisher, Arthur Grodd, Daniel Paul, Ray Poriss, Sidney Skolnick, Irwin Schiff. 185 aim -L ,4-AL, ,. ' . ,V ' .-. .- . , - , - .0122-3 fo Q ef , ., 1 2, , 1, X: . f P' .I J Y- 6 .: ' ?.' +- .2 M ' 'Q 't'3TfQgt52 .,,, ,,:, ga 3 F f. .:- 1' 1-2'-1 ,-1 1 .il - la, X -ff-, '7 -. ,.,,,H ' - 9. . , ' 1- -, i 2,1 QD 06 PHI SIGMA DELTA Matter Frazer ..,. . .,... .. .Sidney Goldstein Secretary . .Bernard M. Slater Vice Matter Frazer... .,...... Charles S. Fein Trearwer ....... ........ W iliam M. Ellis Home of Ambitious Accountants, Struggling Sociologists, Madcap Medics, Pseudo Psy- chologists and Embryonic Engineers. . .To the men up on the hilltop . . . The house with the view ...The E.A.'s men. .. Think I'll pull an all night job...Not mediocre, but on the ball . . . Independent Greeks ...Phi Siggamaa .. ,Mmm, what's for supper. .. She's a sweet girl . ..Can she build a med school. ..Originators of the Fols Filthique , . . GFB ...It's your turn to watch the door...Men of distinction have switched to Eckstine. .. 1, 2, 5, 4. MEMBERS: Harold Arkava, Sidney Askinas, Seymour Bernstein, Arnold Block, Jack Borden, Sherwood Cohen, Leonard Cooper, Donald Daren, Allyn Dambeck, William Dworski, Joseph Edelson, Samuel Edelson, William Ellis, Martin Ershowsky, Charles Fein, Edward Fishman, Samuel Finkle, Edward Furshpan, Edward Gip- stein, Gerald Gladstein, Marvin Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, Robert Hammer, Theodore Hendle, Merton Honeyman, Robert Kirshenbaum, Allen Kletz, Ber- nard Krutt, Murry Levine, Sherman Marcus, Stanley Mattes, Richard Platcow, Hubert Polinsky, Bertrand Quinto, Bruce Rosow, Howard Rubin, Robert Rudin, Allan Savitz, George Saxton, Ephraim Schwartz, Marshall Skarlew, Earl Sharaf, Bernard Slater, Albert Spaien, Allan Weiner, Fred Wetzler, Jack Zaluda. 186 M. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Prerident, ., .. ..... Charles Evans Trearzwer. ., Charles Wiegert Vice-Prerident . , ,Richard Payne Semimzl., Richard Bauerfeld Secretary ,. . . ,. .. Richard Kenyon Induczor. , ., Robert Payne That house on the hill . . . in the middle of nowhere . . . campus lookout . . . oh! a driveway? . . . what a place for a party . . . one more for hearts . . . temparature zero, Q.P.'s. not much more . . . when do we eat? . . . who has a cigarette? . . . toreador's haven . . . a small package, like dynamite . . . house full of Dicks . . . broken glasses . . . 160 gallons of midnight oil . . . floating sleeping bags . . . Term Paper Publications Inc .... songs? . . . let's clean the place . . . "Kickapoo Joy Juice" . . a woman? . . . hold the phone . . . Silver and Magenta, a good combination. MEMBERS1 Edwin S. Alling, Richard A. Bauerfeld, Irving P. Cook, John M. Daziens, Richard A. DePietro, james F. English, Charles H. Evans, Robert A. Flynn, John J. Holda, Richard A. Kenyon, Leonard A. Drause, Lawrence W. Miller y p ,1,f,,g??M 4 Q. 'A- Walter J. Neverovich, Richard W. Payne, Robert S. Payne, Erwin W. Potter, Robert D. Spellmen, Richard G. Styring, Charles R. Wiegert. 'ai . S2 187 l SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Emment Archon ,........,.. ..Norman Pratt Recorder... . , jordan Mossey 59 L Emment Deputy Archonwallace Hackett I .1 C orrefpondzng Secretary 'X ww Q 4 Trearurer ..... .Carl Bergstrom William Murphy Sig Alpha Brothers . . . How cosmopolitan can you be? . . . Cider and doughnuts for the frosh but Apaches at heart . . . Ring Cesspool 9565! . . . Ted Roberg's axe men Lets go to East Hartford . . . Morpheus replacing Minerva . . . The Co-op kids . . . Eq"E'7: You Were Only Pooling' '... Booters and rooters . . . Boosters and bow ties . . . The shortest distance between two points is an angle . . . Rainbow rooms . . . Vaca- tion dances Hell week rerniniscence-"Squeeze!' '... Phi Alpha! ZVIEMBERS: Thomas Albright, Charles Alling, Roland Andersen, Carlos Barry, Peter Barry, john Beardsworth, Gordon Bell, Carl Bergstrom, Armand Berthiaume, James Blozie, Peter Bourbeau, Glenn Braun, Victor Bronke, George Cartwright, Kenneth Chapman, Joseph Conti, Roger Davis, George Delage, Louis Dixon, Lawrence Dubuc, Gordon Fellows, CarlosAFetterolf, james Fletcher, Donald Flynn, Harry Gaucher, Lester Gauvain, George Geanuracos, Wallace Hackett, Thomas Irvine, Stuart johnson, Kenneth Kamens, John Kennedy, Preston King, Charles Kroger, Peter Lind, Edward Lobdell, Wells Martin, Joseph Maloney, Lawrence Mish, Carl Moeller, Jack Moffat, Donald Molchan, George Morris, jordan Mossey, William Murphy, Harry Mustakos, Robert Nelson, William Noren, William O'Connell, jan Ohms, Robert Penn, Thomas Phillips, Kenneth Pitney, Arthur Custer, Ray Pramuka, Norman Pratt, Harry Pryplesh, Joseph Regan, Robert Rippe, Theodore Roberg, William Rosenau, Thomas Ryan, Theodore Sorensen, Robert Strickland, Theodore Sutton, Leroy Tulp, Basil Tsakonis, Richard Vining, Henry Wakeman, James Waters, Robert Wells, Robert Wilowski, Robert Woodley. 188 SIGMA CHI Comul ..,A,.... ,,.,,... C harles jenkins Annozazorw. . . ,Gerald Luddy Pro-Conrul. .. . . Foster Snyder Hirzorian. Carter Clements Quaerlor .... .. . ,. ,William Walsh Magirler. Al Beaudoin Mom Lamb's sons . . . Everything from "The Big Frost" to "The Little Inch" . . , Campus Kings to Hoboes . . . Their "Scoff" a pride and joy . . . Lots of "Elbow Room" and all-night Pasteboard Parties . . . A parking lot which is a mechanics heaven . . . "House Spirit Plus' '... justly proud of their athletic prowess . . . A house full of ofr'icers...Music, sweet or mad, at all hours.,.Will tackle anything, even women . . . Are usually Willi-bound . . . Have a campus-full of Sweethearts . . . A great bunch of characters...The Men of The White Cross. MEMBERS: Harold Adams, Richard Arnold, Allen Beaudoin, John Beck, Victor Bengston, John Bradoychak, Ray Brunnell, Arthur Boyko, Fred Brown, Michael Cappetta, Umberto Carlone, Carter Clements, William Collins, Paul Conrad, Ed Gates, William Geenty, George Georgis, jack Grimshaw, David Hahn, Earl Hall, Herbert Hills, Calvin Hoadley, Edward Hummel, John Izzo, Charles Jenkins, George Kenehl, Jack Kesses, Leslie Krech, Alex Kroger, Martin Leeper, Al Leliebvre, Jack Linsley, William Loos, Gerald Luddy, Frank Malinconico, Alwin T Manke, William McLaughlin, Richard Mochrie, John Mokrychi, William 3 Murphy, James Masterson, Leonard Pace, Walter Pachuk, Richard Pindevich, ,-4Q-,, is James Quinn, Walter Rajewski, john Richmond, Kenneth Risberg, William I Riiska, John Sherman, Alexander Shuskus, Norman Sills, Al Smith, Paul Smith, Foster Snyder, Pasquale Sinatro, Richard Turkington, Frank Urvinitka, George Vitelli, Joseph Volpe, Richard Walker, William Walsh, Frank Gruhlich. PLEDGES ' Homer Boynton, Joseph Carlson, Wesley Cronk, Frank DiAmato, Bill Higgins, Richard Mascoli, Henry Larson, Robert Ruccio, George Slater, James Testa. 189 ,Q qs Jskwglw N ff w 5 I E I 1339 a 1 sf X 4 ,' cf" Z 1 f f , 1 SIGMA NU if-ll: fp M .l,. E3 .f , Commander. . ,...., ..Otto Hain Trearwer.. ...,. .john MacCormack lgl fgigx Vice-Commander ..,. ...., F rank Dezenzo Secretary ...... . . Michael Dezenzo The White Star shines ever brighter . . . Platter parades till four . . . king-sized ii ? ' i trophy collection . . . athletes, rest thy aching backs . . . politicians plenitful . . . il' ' dates? . . . when the spirit moves them . . . full quota of curve raisers . . . ency- lq iq clopedias of sports news . . . all hail to '... a trophy room that collects no dust X . . . more captains than a fighter squadron . . . dynaflows and model "A's" . . . A33 2 pinochle and schnapps . . . always a new trend . . . watch the furniture, fellas . . . Mecca for week-end tourists . , . incomparable house mom . . . "X" marks the spot . . Sigma Nu because. MEMBERS: Joseph Bransfield, john Blake, Fred Brink, Roy Carlson, Michael Dezenzo, Thomas Friscoe, Walter Kirschman, Anthony LaBella, Sigmund Lagenza, Albert Mauro, Rudolph Pierro, Samuel Robb, Edward Tracewski, Herbert Tschummi, Armand Turcott, james Wetmore, Carmine Abate, Michael Bald- win, Donald Berger, Arthur Blum, William Bradshaw, Raoul Bonvouloir, '- X Lawrence Carboni, Paul Chembrovich, Stephen Comkowycz, Francis Condren, - Q ,-,,, ' N , , A Philip DeMayo, Frank Dezenzo, john Dziadel, Fred Feibel, Edward Ferrigno, Q e iii r V William Flynn, Arthur Fisher, Raymond Gates, Richard Gaudino, Lawrence ff ., , ' "" in f l Gillane, Donald Grant, Harry Hagel, Otto Hain, William I-lalwick, John ff U ' ' Hansen, john Hollfelder, Leonard jaskiewicz, Edward jones, Marvin Kirsch- .V V f "'i ,,,. , man, Walter Kilday, Matthew Kurzawa, Alexander Kournaris, Raymond 1,t'f ' '-.. Legg-nza, William Lattargi, Plagul wdwig, 1021211 M3ClSfmaclEh jaimeilIMe1Ena-n, fe .. h VVAA' - I --AA- 1 A .h V, , f Fre Mohr, William Mo , Ro ert orrissey, war ott, ar es uzi evic, ,.,, :tam '.'f.,, , kwa s Af' f Lee Perandes, Robert Preble, Robert Potter, Theodore Potter, Albert Sardilli, q i gg, , William Seltenrich, Walter Scranton, Daniel Spallone, Alan Taylor, Frank "" ' " 5' ' 4 i. E"f 1-W - Vasington, Paul Vasington, Daniel Wadsworth, john Waller, Charles Wolfe, , 1 ,4 Alfred Yukna. I -1'-. PLEDGES: Ji , 'A john Evans, Larry Kearney, Michael Lombardo, Paul Sallings, Thaddeus I .... .X '.,, Sobieski, Stanley Sorota, Henry Zaleski, Charles Grant, Jr., james Woods, . I tirre ,,,, Frank Plonosky, Edward Mettorian, Robert Dahn, Anthony Ferrigno, -Conrad 'i'i"i'Z .'t,- ,,., A' A ,fi Quinlan, William Brannick, Stephen Chuckta, Raymond Good, Mario Frat- J A i ii i"iil "'t '7"Y5f' ' arelli, Channing Eddy, joseph Passerini, Gille Sauve, Paul Scoville, Richard Sutkowski, Ted Kakulka. 190 TAU EPSILON PHI Chancellor. ....... ,. ,.,, Herbert Smithline Scribe. . .Paul Nishball Vice Chancellor, . .... Herbert Margolis Bzlrmr.. i Leonard Bloom - I raise . . . have you seen our glass, brick, ahem, serving unit? . . . co-Sweethearts for 1948 ...' 'cozy" parties . . . throw another log on the tire . . . honest, Mrs. Howell, thereis no one upstairs . . . centrally located . , . will have auction on binoculars when new fraternity houses built . . . anyone going South? . . . Volleyball champs tigi: . . . basketball a specialty . . . the house with a 40 Q.P.R. engineer . . . the Shmoo . . . SIGLQD just got back from Maine . . . so I'm walkin '... auspice . . . it's all foam . . nickel for the whoosee. MEAIBERS: Jake Bassok, Hal Berger, Seymore Black, Lester Blank, Leonard Bloom, Harold Chasen, David Collins, Ralph Croog, Milton Ebner, Frederick Feiden, Elihu Fishman, Gilbert Galer, Edward Galinsky, Jerome Gerl, Joseph Glass, Al Glickman, Norman Goldbloom, Sidney Greenleaf, Irwin Hausman, William Israel, Louis Jaivin, Gilbert Katten, Irv Katz, Robert Katz, David Katzin, David Keeler, Al Kligerman, Theodore Kravitz, Melvin Kronengold, Jerome Labinger, Robert Lapuk, Isidote Leginsky, Paul Levine, Phil Levine, Perry Lewis, Sidney Libby, Richard Lovins, Phillip Mackler, Max Maerowitz, Simon Magid, Herbert Margolis, Paul Mayer, Paul Nishball, Theodore Noliboff, Raymond Oxman, Stanley Rosoff, Carl Sacks, Roy Scharf, Phil Shear, Herbert Schechtman, Robert Seserman, Herbert Smithline, Marvin Zimmerman. 191 PM ,. , I IRQ, ' av' 2'f eff,- , if 4, 3' Q, 2155. 'ig "l 1: C, 'Q 0 g :hs as ' - 4' ' 'i' T fifibfii. VV A ,xt E'-TAA-' K 1 L, . if THETA CHI President ,........, ....,..Mark Hart Secretmfy..,,.,.. ...Edward Crowe Vice-Pferident ....... ..,.., A rthur Galin Treasurer ....,.. .,.. . ,John Fiore Footballs, foulballs, and highballs . . . B and B Club . . . Day of Woden Guild . . . On with the dance, let joy be unconfined . . . We're all going to Boston . . . Some- one's friend-everyone's friend , . . Red room rendezvous . . . Gold nail heads on Brown leather . . . Six day week-ends . . . Old soldiers never die . . . The Irish can do no wrong . . . Bang! Bang! You're dead! . . . Is there a fourth in the house? . . Connecticut Flying Tigers. K BROTHERS Q . '+ yi , tr 'ts ,., X x ff- X 'x .I V-X ,I f I , is pt 4 Bruce Addison, Kirk Albright, Burt Anderson, John Berry, Robert Birge, John Bobbin, Paul Bobbin, joseph Boccamaiello, Edward Borkowski, Robert Burns, Edward Buiner, Stanley Cann, David Chisnall, Everett Ciccone, Robert Cieri, Raymond Congdon, Paul Coulopoulos, Howard Crane, jason Curtis, Jeffery Donahue, William Donahue, William Fappiano, Orrin Fritz, Robert Fuller, Earl Geer, Frank Gerardi, James Gilbert, Schyler Gilbert, Richard Grasso, Robert Grady, john Gregoropoulos, Fred Haesche, john Hall, William Ham- lin, Russell Hanley, Henry Hanmer, Randel Hathaway, Stanley Hawrylick, Walter jabs, Robert Joerres, john Johnson, Donald Jones, Raymond Joseph- son, Watson Kiehnle, Robert Kimberly, Francis Kosewski, Raymond Lanza, Henry Liewicki, Richard Lodge, Edward Lundberg, Marshall MacMaster, Manuel Machado, John Maher, Samuel May, Edward McCulloch, Fred Mc- Manus, George Menegus, Woodford Moores, joseph Myers, Richard O'Conner, Clayton Parker, Edwin Parlow, Albert Reale, john Ried, Felix Roman, Win- throp Shook, John Spiers, john Strange, Daniel Symmes, William Sullivan, Harold Tingley, Lane Tryon, Elmer Ward, George Wenger, Norman Wood, Robert Young. PLEDGES : David Castinetti, Bernard Flanagan, Thomas Keane, Norman McGee, Edgar Wells. 192 THETA XI Pfeficienl . . Benjamin L. Matthesen Treawref' . .. . .. . Roger N. Peterson Secretary . . David N. Collins C04'6fPO7ZfZ1i7Zg Secretary Joseph W. Sposta Alumni Secretary .William C. Squires The house of engineers?? . . . half interest in the Nutmeg Fountain . . , coffee at nine . . . mail call every five minutes . . . "No, this is not Theta Chi, wrong number!" . . . not a quiet spot . . . big winds . . . "Chow rimel' '... seminar in the pool . . . week-end rooming house . . . "May I speak to the handsomest man in the house?" . . . keep in condition by jumping fences . . . coke flows like water . . . Sears-Roebuck subsidiary . . . the piano takes a bearing . . . spring dinner-dance . . . the big event of the year . . . engamements galore! MEMBERS: R. A .Adams, E. S. Adamy, W. D. Barclay, Jr., W. P. Bechle, D. Beckwith, H. T. Biechele, J. H. Birtlseye, M. L. Carson, P. J. Clang, D. N. Collins, R. S. Collins, W. J. Conlon, F. R. Courtsal, R. I. Cowles, A. H. Crofts, Jr., W. L. Downey, N. G. Fellows, L. Forlini, P. A. Geidel, J. G. Gorman, R. B. Grant, A, B. Gray, J. A. Hansen, E, Hollman, H. H. Holmes, F, B. Howes, Jr., H. J. Hulbert, Jr., G. N. Keeney, R. E. Kennedy, C. J. Kosikowsky, C. A. Kuras, W. M. Liebler, G. P. Looby, R. L. Marinelli, B. L. Matrhesen, L. Mearkle, D. P. Memale, E. McConnell, H. S. Olejarczyk, E. M. Oscarson, J. Peck, R. N. Peterson, D. W. Robinson, R. J. Schlegel, H, F. Schultz, J. I. Sentllein, J. F. Sheffs, R. A. Sheldon, H. T. Shellard, R. L. Sherman, E. J. Slanetz, Jr., C. F. Snyder, G. W. Sousa, D. D. Squires, W. C. Squires, R. P. Sprague, J. W. Sposta, R. H. Taylor, R. P. Towne, A. A. Twiehell, R, A. Valley. PLEDGES: R. H. Dixon 193 ffm . ern -. .. Maya X of ffl o 5 S, gf ss 'X' T TRS Q ,.,. 1. V2 'W V ef? .X eff :ESQ ,-ww W '..f ..- L V4 . ..,.M5.., . ' ,.. Elf W up-. .p . 4, ve-gta S vs ,Hy ' I 4- .ff s ,,, ll spfw i I- E Fifi! row, left to right-Larry Dubuc, jan Ohms, Carlos Fetterolf, Stu Johnson, Norman Pratt, Merritt Baldwin, Paul Sailing. Second row-Frank Malinconico, Donald Berger, Marv Kirschman, C. Ritchie, Thomas Never- dauski, Frank Rohloff, Herbert Tschummi. Third row-john Osterhoudt, Mgr., john Tedford, Nichols, Donald Grant, James Blozie, George Cleveland, Coach john Y. Squires. S O C C E R 1948 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS The 1948 season saw a battling, powerful UConn soccer team reach and surpass the high expectations of the most rabid Connecticut fans. The UConn's played all their games with a terrific combination of speed, dex- terity, and spirited fight. They played each game as if it were their last, putting all their tremendous heart and courage in it. The first game of the season took place on Yale's sundrenched soccer field. The scoring of Carlos Fetterolf, George Cleveland and Stuart johnson, and the general way the entire team outplayed the Yalees gave an indication that Springfield, then National Champions, would have to work hard to keep the coveted title. After running thru a surprisingly inept Dartmouth team to the tune of 6 to 0, the power-laden UConn soccer team blanked Tufts by a 5 to 0 score to remain unscored upon. It took a fighting Williams squad to score the first points of the season against the UConn booters. It turned out to be a lack of foresight on the part of Williams, however, as the vengeance-minded Huskies proceeded to whip them by a score of 4 to 1. A few days later, when the dust had cleared from the field at Worcester, Mass., after a particularly rough and tumultous game, the Clark booters picked up their weary bodies to read the score-Conn. 5, Clark 0. Mike Baldwin, "Porty" Pratt, and Marv Kirschman combined their talents to do the scoring. Though these men did all the scoring, the assists of Fetterolf, the spirit of Don Grant and the all-around brilliant playing of Paul Salling, Stu johnson, john Higgins, Blozie, Nevers, and Dubuc were paramount in this victory. In the next game the UConn booters almost had their swelled heads knocked off. A spirited, upsetminded Mass. eleven fought hard and played a good game but even- tually ended up on the wrong end of a 3 to 1 score. The UConns romped to their eighth straight win of the season when they blanked a rugged Brown eleven by a 5 to 0 count on lower Gardiner Dow field. This shutout marked the fifth blanking of the year by the Huskies who had outscored their opponent, at this time, by 29 goals to 2. The Brown team was rugged and aggressive and the visitors battled the home squad for the entire contest. The final score was more of a tribute to the determined defen- sive play of the Brown squad than to any lack of scoring punch on the part of the Huskies. This game was unique in that goalie Don Grant was under constant seige for' prac- tically an entire period. Big Don, however, came thru with flying colors and kept Brown scoreless. The S ringfield Gyrnnasts came to Storrs on a cloudy P Saturday morning boasting a 32 consecutive victory record running since 1940, and the title of National Champs. When they left they had to speak of their consecutive vic- streak in the past tense with an ex before their tory , title of National Champs. An inspired, superbly working ' h UConn team matched their power and speed against t e finesse and pattern work of the Gymnasts and came out on of a 3 to 2 score The biggest crowd to watch a soccer top . game here on campus shouted and screamed itself hoarse e over the close, hard-fought game. Byrd and Hogan wer outstanding for the visitors, but they just couldn't match the s eed of Fetterolf, the booming boots of johnson and P the work of Don Grant. The UConn team, driven on by the ld d new outbursts of spontaneous cheers from the o an Connecticut soccer fans, played with all their heart and skill to overcome the excellent Springfield team. This com- bination of heart and skill just proved too much for the Gymnasts. Even tho the Springfield game was behind them, the A h ell sea Squire men couldn't afford to slack off. toug , w - soned M. 1. T. squad offered a tricky, aggressive brand of ball that kept the Huskies on their toes. The final score of 3 to O does not give an accurate picture. This game was hard fought for the UConns faced one of the best teams in New England. In the next game speedy Carlos Fetterolf led the Nut- me ers to their first Connecticut win over a Wesleyan gg Soccer team since 1956. Before this contest, the records ' ' eries showed Wesleyan winning 14 out of the 15 game s played between the two schools. The UConns kept this in mind and put the pressure on the visitors right from the h' tle The final gun saw the scoreboard read opening w is . Conn. 3, Wesleyan 0. This game clinched the New England championship for the Huskies. There was slaughter on a soccer field when a Fort l showed oor judgment by showing up for Devens e even p a game against the Squire men. In this, the last game of the season, the Huskies went wild. They scored three times in the first quarter, twice in the first two minutes of play. F t Devens pulled some new, if not illegal, plays in a or vain effort to keep the score down but they couldnt stop . 6 . the -offense minded UConns. The 5-0 score was a tting end to the greatest soccer season in the history of the school. The conception of a national champion athletic team at the University of Connecticut is unique in itself. It is ' ' ' d f h all fitting therefore that six UConns were picke or t e New England soccer team. The six men were: Salling at f llback, johnson at halfback, Fetterolf at outside right, u Cleveland at outer forward, Pratt at inside left, and Bald- . . . , 1 win at outside left. This doesnt tell the comp ete story, however. The team was not made up of a few individual stars. The UConns were a team in the full sense of the word. Each man striving for but one thing-to win the ' ' ' U ' it 'of Con- game. It was this spirit that made the nivers y necticut soccer team National champions. 197 Ti 51 I g px C :W --3 'fmt j ' f 181 ..L,. -.-gc :sq f 5 . P- , '- , .. Q 1 ,sim 3 5 eau -Weir M5 I .I is N' 'Q K 52 - at A I 'Q it t , 2' B1 t . . ,Vm.L iz. 1 K . l .,.. at . F ' irsrt Q it . ..., aa at 3 f , t 1 . i H -X T --ari F. ,Q 1 1 s ifff T """ 'W' a l 'W 6 Y f -nl I - 7 ,. w V ' Q - A fi f l 'Z , ,, . . ' X " X by Y h' 1 ,,.1 . W Q6 "M ' iiffai ? ea 1 ,Q -L.. 1 ' la "' 1 if as lb W ,, Z . ,W "" .35 ? - airr it - Y p - , J t , ..., .. A , 3 Q . , h , - Q 1 1 3 R Fint row Cleft to rightjz I.aBella, DeZenzo, Abate, Hollfelder, Sardilli, Moll, Forlini, Hagel, Wadsworth, Rosa, Comkowycz. Seconfi row-Blake, Croog, Linkletter, Lefebvre, Chapin, Bonvouloir, Moore, Wolfe, Horrign Schmidt. x Third row-Pinsky, Gaudino, Tracewski, Turshen, E. Ferrigno, Bleuher, Veal, Legenza, Stula Meenan. y Fourth row-Wargo, trainer, Barry, Chernak, Kowalczyk, Adams, Stasiunas, Rubin, Mochrie. Fifth row-Tulp, Fitzpatrick, Carlson, Johnson, DePersio, Sobieski, Porter, Zaleski, Ross, Martha Sixth row-Dornfeld, backfield coach, Kallgren, managerg Van Bibber, director of athleticsg Head Coach J. O. Christian, Fritz Grewing, line coach. FOOTBALL Once again plagued with injuries, the Connecticut football team hacked through an eight game schedule rough enough to hold the Uconns to a 3 and 5 record. Yale, Springfield, Brown, New Hampshire, and Kent State of Ohio proved too tough for the Huskies, while the games with Maine, Champlaine, and Rhode Island occa- sioned the ringing of the victory bell. Yale Connecticut opened against Yale on October 2, in the Blues' historic bowl. The game which marked the first of a two year series was one that Husky partisans had long been looking forward to with mingled emotions. There was indeed more than a touch of glamour in the idea of playing the Eli in the famous West Haven field, but the fear of what the mighty Bulldog would do to his little I upstate cousins was a bit chilling. Also the decisive thump- ing administered Brown by Yale the Saturday preceding the Connecticut tilt served to underline the doubts of the Huskie adherents. But the team that Captain Bill Moll lead on to the Bowl turf was a determined band, arid they balked Yale with a grim tenacity although bending before the Blue onslaught. The Husky refused to break until late in the third quarter when Furese pitched a strike to jackson on the Connecticut six and the local speedster galloped over. Dependable Billy Booe made it 7-0, but from there on, Connecticut dug in and refused to yield another point. The Uconns played a brilliant defensive game, time and again forcing Yale to give up the ball after the Eli had gotten a potential scoring drive under way. It was then that the superb punting of Leo Pinsky gave his team- mates a breather, and the Yalies a lot of trouble by forcing them to break away at the tough Husky forwards again from deep in their own territory. Offensively, Connecticut failed to go. Early in the game a chance for a score was presented when George Bleuher recovered a fumble deep in Yale territory. But hopes for a tally went glimmering when a savage tackle caused Bill Moll to fumble on the next play. Nevertheless, the finest run of the day was turned in by Husky speedster Don Ross who intercepted a pass intended for Jackson thirteen yards from the goal, and brought it back 41 yards just before the half ended. Throughout the game the Huskies showed that they were way up for the contest, and it was the consensus of opinion that their remarkable performance effected somewhat of an upset. Springfield The following week Connecticut returned to the' more familiar surroundings of Gardner Dow Field, facing a more familiar foe in Springfield College, and on the basis of the great showing against Yale was expected to come up with its initial victory. But it didn't work out that way. The team suffered a let down and the boys from Massa- chusetts came out on the long end of a 10-7 score. The one bright spot in an otherwise drab attack was the passing of Ed Ferrigno which accounted for 150 yards gained and the Huskies lone tally. The score came with four minutes to go in the first half on a pass to Blake that covered 29 yards. Pete Barry converted and Connec- ticut led 7-O. But Springfield came roaring back after the kickoff to knot the count before the half ended. In the second half neither team could put together a scoring drive until, with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Springfield in possession of the ball eight yards from a tally, called on its expert booter, Keith Kurg, to deliver three points. This he did and the game was put on ice. Maine Paced by the sharp shooting and hard running of Eddie Ferrigno, Connecticut pounded out a decisive 34-6 win over the University of Maine, before a Homecoming Day crowd of 6,200. Ferrigno, connecting on all seven of his pitches, set up both of his own touchdown bucks with passes to Potter and Blake. The Huskies had it pretty much their own way all afternoon, moving completely at will, although halting the Maine attack. Leroy Tulp and Bill Moll bulled over for touchdowns 5 and 4, while Paul Martha and Dick Turshen sparked the final scoring drive in the last quarter. These two alternately carried the ball down to the Maine twelve, where Martha tossed to Tur- shen on the two, who crashed into the end zone. Brown For the second time in four weeks Connecticut took on lvy League competition. The game with Brown, how- ever, didn't turn out as well as the previous lvy encounter with Yale. This time Connecticut was mangled mercilessly, the final score reading Brown 49, Connecticut 6. The visitors from the rolling hills were badly outclassed , 1 V J ,list-lfizt it 303563 V " wif-V 5 if t Q, . A, r , --.. .1 ' . 1. . v . ,, sag -' -. "af -- 'Y' :isles 3 5 -- S? :g?',5 Yiakgw ,w,"1,,- :fr ..--U S 'V k . ..,,,w vi. -1 7 as 2 Q . W' A 1: , .. T . , B i- . A . 5 is ftff:':,"1 et , - ' we ff ' , . . ,Q H T t ' -'W' ,,.,,,, . . ,ww , ,..W, 7 " 'tl '4'k is 1' tl K 1: "f 4 .r ww ',,, 7 , k i . ,,,, ,-,?.,,,,gi?1 K, ,Q 9? J, -f il. 1 ,5 I K If K . .y........ , 1. 1 - an fx , , - W f- W ,K , xx A :+- V ,a 2. -,,- ,E I . V N ,Q V113 Eff f"""?ft"s' f -' fe' 'a ' A 4? . . T1 f 'fi ' j Xara .,.,.-. .. , ., f- W., p .,,. . - ' I ' 2- . V9 , 4 . ., ,-,, . - A . if , "'- 'Y' fs. ' ' . ,,A. . jjj +1-. ." -W jv , ' ' ' .' -lt -- - w' , it 7 'atm' . k"h , It ---'h N--f- f ,W K ,, , . , ,,-' r ,...' . '-'f' 1?1'ifli'iff'!lZ?f "', -,,. 141' i?2:T3L, ' n f' -,,..- . V -. f f , 7 A Q 4 - . I ",. if 2 EiSE'sf?g5Qt.:stf,,e: 55.tef.,,,w W K 4L,., ..awigiP,i'ae.f.f?5 :Ei 1l,,A,wm . 1 , 'R 1 iff.: . fear! L L, t af' 200 a contest, especially since the first stringers didn't see too much action. Peewee Steve Comkowycz had his day, doing more running than he did all season, plus several others who only had bit parts in the previous games. The half- time score was just doubled by the Uconns, adding up to perfect day for the Husky hoards. - Rhode Island Against Rhode Island at Kingston the Huskies evened up their seasons record at 3 and 5 by trouncing their tradi- tional rivals 28-6, and in the process threw a damper on the Rams Alumni Day proceedings. As a result of the conquest, the fourth straight in a series that dates back to 1897 fthe Ram-Napping trophy remained at Connecticutb. Connecticut combined a hard-charging line with a smooth functioning backfreld to engineer an attack that blasted the Rams for three touchdowns in the first period and another in the fourth, with Pete Barry converting on all four. Bill Moll plunged over for two of the first period scores, while a neat pass play from jack Hollfelder to Dick Turshen, completed for thirty yards, produced the third. Dick Gaudino delivered the fourth quarter T. D. on an and even more seriously out powered. It just wasn't their day and they couldn't do a thing. Their lone tally came with twenty seconds remaining in the ball game on a pass from Nin Labella to Harry Hagel in a play that covered fifty yards. For Nin, that was the second time in as many years he participated in a Connecticut touchdown against Brown, having done the same thing in the 1947 season under somewhat similar circumstances. Despite the severity of the punishment by Brown, Connecticut was deservedly proud of the fine jobs turned in by Lou Forlini, who played with a bad ankle, Charlie Wolfe at tackle and guard, Bart Schmidt at end, Bill Moll at the backer up spot, Paul Martha and Dick Gaudino at half, and Leo Pinsky who did the punting. Champlaine The University of Connecticut football team trampled, slaughtered, massacred, a very weak two-year school visitor from New York, by a score of 64 to 7. It was Dad's Day at Gardner Dow Field and the parents really had some- thing to talk about after the battle that Saturday after- noon. No individual performance could stand out in such end sweep from one yard out after the Rams had refused Moll his third score of the day on three cracks at the line. The Huskies played well on defense also, smothering runners and batting down or intercepting Rhody passes with equal efficiency. The entire Uconn line was great, with Sardilli, Wolfe, Moore, and DeZenzo especially effective. New Hampshire With the new "Bean Pot", symbolic of the Yankee Conference championship hanging on the outcome, the Uconns travelled to Durham to battle the Wildcats of New Hampshire, and after a bitterly fought game played on a wet, soggy field with an intermittent rain chilling the layers, the Huskies found themselves on the short end of a 20-7 count. The Nutmeggers played doggedly, but the New Hamp- shire attack finally broke through for the winning touch- downs in the final period. Connecticut opened the scoring in the first period when Bill Moll bucked over and Pete Barry converted for what later looked like an all important seventh point. During the remainder of the first period and the better part of the second, Connecticut was busy thwart- ing fierce Wildcat thrusts, until shortly before the end of the half, when New Hampshire scored. However, the extra point was missed and Uconn partisans thought that the slender one point margin might decide the game. But the L! pair of touchdowns in the last quarter put the game beyond the reach of the Huskies. While Gaudino and Turshen were running well in spots, and Ed Ferirgno did some noteworthy passing with Hagel, DeZenzo, and Blake providing him with glue- fingered receivers, Connecticut just didn't seem able to string together a score after the first period. Leroy Tulp and Tony Ferrigno performed well on the defense, while Bleuher, Sardilli, and Wolfe were the Husky stalwarts up front. Kent State In the final game of the seas-on, Kent State of Ohio visited Gardner Dow Field and swept through a 42-26 victory. Speed, represented in the form of Wilbur Little, Lou Bragg and Fred Russel, was the way it was done. It was Connecticut's first encounter with State, and the Huskies saw some tricky formations and fine running pulled on them. The Gold and Black not only looked like Army but acted like them, using two complete teams for offense and defense. The visitors halved their total score in the first two periods and led at the mid-mark by 21-7. Uconnls poor kicking left them deep in their own terri- tory throughout the contest, and although they did a better job in the second half, the speed and dazzle of Kent State could not be matched. Finft row-left to right: Coach Hugh S. Greer, Stanley Sorota, James Blozie, Thomas Neverdauski, Art Galaise, Peter Bourbeau, Mgr. Second row-left to right: Henry Bartnicki, Ed Freedman, Daniel Heffernan, Peter Lind, john Beardsworth, Charles Muzekevik, Kenneth Chapman. BASKETB LL This year the U Conn Hoopsters faced the largest and toughest schedule in their history and although the final record was quite im- pressive, many fans were slightly disappointed in the teamis failure to score victories over some of the bigger name schools in the sport. Coach Greer had what seemed to be an unbeatable combination with co-captains Stan Sorota and Charlie Muzekevik starting at the guard positions, Hank Bartniki at one forward, while joe Maloney and Art Fisher alternated on the other side of the fioor and big 6 ft. 6 in. Pete Lind, New York import at center. Combined with a reserve list made up of last year's jayvee, freshman and extension stars, the Huskies played in the new cage for the entire season for the first time. Aside from Pete Lind, once again Connecticut lacked height. Against teams who had more than one giant, the going was rough, and in only brief spells of certain games did the Huskies show the class and fiery brand of ball that they are noted for. At times the U Conns appeared flawless in their play as they racked for big point leads, but in the long run there was just too little of this type of ball. This was evident in the opening game and probably one of the big- gest single factors in overcoming this obstacle, in part, was the tre- mendous improvement of Lind at center, who not only did a wonder- ful rebound job but also helped lead the scoring department. Conn 47 American U 50 Grinding out a fast early game lead, the Eagles just couldnt be matched in the cage opener. Stan Sorota was the "big" little man for the U Conn by not only playing a brilliant Hoot game but also throw- ing in eighteen points for a losing cause. Conn 55 Springfield College 45 Fast breaking the gymnast goal defense to pieces, the campus got its first win of the season on hne defense work and good shooting. Muzzy, Bartnicki and Lind all got into the double figures to set the pace for the Huskies. X: if Conn 75 Tufts College 63 ln the first road game of the year, Connecticut notched its second win at the expense of its Bay State neighbor who trailed throughout the ball game except for a brief early three point lead. It was joe Maloney's first really good showing as he swished l8 points to lead the individual scoring for the evening. Conn 58 Brown 41 It took the Huskies a full five minutes to score a basket in what started out to be one of the dullest games ever played in the cage. However, a flourish of quick hoops put the Greermen in the lead which never changed hands during the rest of the contest. Conn 44 Yale 61 After playing a fine hrst half, Connecticut just couldn't keep up with the smart stepping New Haven five. Poor foul shooting by the Huskies as contrasted to the excellent 19 for Zl record of the Bulldogs might have been the deciding factor of the game. jumpin' Joe Maloney and Hank Bartnicki took scoring honors for the locals. Conn 42 Wesleyan 38 A weak Cardinal team gave the U Conn's quite a scare as they held the men from Storrs down to a four point victory. Not one Con- necticut player hit for double figures down at Middletown, but all of the starters managed to scrape up at least Hve points apiece. Conn 72 Vermont 48 Trailing by seven points at half time a truly inspired Connecticut team poured on the steam to swamp the surprised boys from the Green Mountain State. A forty-six point second half drive completely rocked Vermont as Bartnicki, Lind, and Sorota led the attack. Conn 44 Wayne 59 On the first leg of their eastern trip the U Conns whipped their Detroit hosts in a rough and tumble low fouling game. A total of seven fouls was called during the entire first half. This time Maloney, Bartnicki, and Muzikevik took scoring honors for the visitors. Conn 52 Buffalo 39 Coming back East, the team picked up another win by beating a usually good Buffalo club. The contest was again hard fought but hook-hoopster Hank Bartnicki led the boys with 16 points followed by Lind and Maloney each with ll. Conn 51 N. Y. U. 70 The last stop of the holiday tour, at the Garden, turned out to be a loser for the Connecticut combine. It might have been the Garden jumps, but it was probably just a superior Violet club that kept the Huskies out of the ball game. jack Beardsworth did a fine relief job when it counted, and also netted himself six points. Conn 58 Colby 45 Back home again the Huskies hung up their eighth win in eleven starts by beating Colby in a ragged, sloppy game. With three minutes left to play Co-captain Stan Sorota fouled out for the first time in three years of college competition. Conn 63 Maine 43 The Black Bears from Maine, probably the weakest team ever to appear at the cage, were easy meat for the locals as they got off to a 27-6 early lead. At this point the starting five was benched and the reserves, spearheaded by Eddie Gates with ten points, carried away the victory. Conn 58 Rhode Island 48 Peter Lind sparked the Huskies to a romp over their traditional rivals and tossed 19 points through the cords to aid the cause. U Conn grabbed the lead early in the match and kept it steady throughout the remainder of the game. Rhody couldn't move at all, especially with ball hawks Stan Sorota and Ed Gates on the Hoot, who netted 14 and 12 points respectively. Conn 80 Massachusetts 48 Playing before the smallest crowd of the campaign, Coach Hugh Greer's charges devastated a hapless visiting squad, scoring an even 40 points in each half. A good deal of the playing was left up to the reserves who had no difficulty in overcoming the Massachusetts quintet. Conn 66 New Hampshire 37 Artie Fisher scored 15 points to lead the Huskies to this easy victory. Connecticut was 14 points in front before the first Wildcat hoop was registered. The visitors just lacked the height, speed, and shooting ability of the U Conns. Steady Stan Sorota followed Fisher in scoring with 13 rallies. Conn 58 Maine 29 Coach Greerls charges had to go all the way to Orono to pull in their 13th win of the season. Leading all the way, the U Conn right man to man defense held Maine's scoring to a minimum, while they themselves threw in fingers for a neat .364 percentage. Muzi's 15 points was high for the evening. Conn 60 Coast Guard 47 The U Conns had to overcome a last minute desperation rally to win this one and also had to break up a tight 2-3 zone defense put up by the Coast Guard. Pete Lind and Charlie Muzikewik were the top scorers with 14 points apiece. Conn 44 Boston U. 43 Hank Bartnicki became a hero by sinking a last second foul shot in the Boston Garden to give Connecticut its fifteenth win of the sea- son. Zipping to an early lead the Huskies kept things jumping to hold a six point edge at half time, but lost it in the closing minutes of the game to provide a thrilling finish. Ed Gates, starting at right forward, swished five hoops for a ten point evening. 204 The steadily improving Cardinals offered stubborn opposition during their visit to the cage and started by grabbing the better part of an 11 to 3 score However the resurgent U Conns made it 30 22 their favor at the half and never let the lead go after that jumpin joe Maloney and Stan Sorora took hoop honors that night with 15 and 10 points respectively Conn 52 New Hampshire 43 The Connecticut Huskies wrapped up their second consecutive Yankee Conference basketball crown by downing the scrappy men from New Hampshire in a tough fought battle. Although the Wild- cats took the lead early in the contest, Sorota and Lind, grabbing 11-10 points respectively, brought the locals back into the win column. at an 'H-M' . Conn 45 Brown 57 just about all hope for a tourney bid was lost when the U Conns bowed to the sensational ball playing of the Bruins. Moe Mahoney, Brown ace, literally clinched the victory by gathering 21 points for himself, while playing a stellar game all the way through. Connecti- cut's Sorota and Gates took top scoring honor in their losing efforts. Conn 64 Brooklyn College 39 Finally cracking a tight goal defense the Huskies poured through goal after goal to overcome their Metropolitan rival. It was Brooklyn's first appearance for them at Storrs and they probably won't forget it. The Maroon and Gold were never ahead, as the combination of Lind, Fisher, Bartnicki, Sorota, and Muzikevik kept the home club way out in front all the time. Conn 64 Rhode Island 86 The U Conn Huskies were run ragged in Rodway Hall as the Rhody Rams avenged their earlier defeat by giving Connecticut a sound thrashing. What had been thought to be dog meat turned into sheep delight, aided by Ken Goodwin's and Bruce Blount's brilliant floor playing. Even though Hank Bartnicki hooped 19 points, it was just impossible to halt the fiery march of Rhode Island that night. Conn 55 Yale 71 Totalin' Tony Lavelli scored thirty-two points to tie the all time college scoring record, and help give Yale its second victory of the season over Connecticut. The Cage was packed to the rafters with many notables present all expecting to see a fine showing, and they did. The Huskies held the lead up to the fourteen minute mark, but the Bulldogs, led by Lavelli, took over and were never disturbed the rest of the evening. Big Pete Lind had a tough job and did it well, gathering eleven points to boot for the U Conns while Joe Maloney scored the same. The game was hard fought all the way. Conn 91 M. I. T. 52 Finishing the season with a whirlwind ending, the U Conn Huskies racked up their highest score for an away game, and also set a new seasons record for most wins by coming out on top in nine- teen games. Individual Connecticut scoring hit a peak too, with Lind getting 20. Fisher and Muzikevik each with 18, and Sorota gathering 16 points. This was the last game for Art Fisher, joe Maloney, and Dan Heffernan who are all graduating in june. f" l"N Fin! row-left to right: Daniel Heffernan, Paul Groobert, Oscar Chapin, Leo Pinsky, Ed Nogas. Second row--Richard Love, Paul Salling, Ray Legenza, Richard Lodge, Stanley Sorota, Ed Tracewski. Third row-Robert Potter, joseph McGuiness, William Clark, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Ernest Bottomley, Merrit Baldwin, Richard Vining. Fourth row-Trainer Richard Wargo, Coach J. O. Christian, Coach Hugh S. Greer, Mgr. Morton Lazarus. BASEBALL With an abundance of experienced baseball talent re- turning, Coach Christian looked forward to the most suc- cessful baseball season in the history of the University. Veterans Mike Baldwin, Ray Lagenza, Gene Caulkins, and john Dzaidul were eager and ready to patrol the outer gardens. All are very capable fielders and much better hit- ters than are usually seen in college circles. The infield started off as it finished up last year with Ed Tracewski at hrst, Leo Pinsky on second, Stan Sorota at short and reliable Bob "Zeke" Potter at third. Pinsky was replaced after the first game by sophomore Dick Vining. Hustling Billy Clark replaced Zeke Potter at third after six ball games. "Zeke" excels at the bat and Billy in the field. Both are fine ball players and very valuable to the club. Clark will really develop with time, and "Zeke" keeps on getting better from game to game. Christy's pitching staff is something to brag about. Fast baller Hy Chapin and clever left hander Dick Love have been carrying the load and doing a marvelous job. Hy has pitched two no hitters, a one hitter against Mass. 6 U., and a four hitter against Northeastern. Dick Love has twirled a two hitter and a four hitter. His two hitter was against Springfield. He completely handcuffed them for eight innings, their first hit coming in the eighth as Dick tired. U Conn-Lehigh 13-6 The Huskies opened the season by clouting a hard hitting Lehigh nine 13-6. Big Hy Chapin opened the season for the Huskies and though hit hard had enough to garner his first victory. Reliable Dick Lodge relieved in the seventh. The game was called at the end of the seventh because of darkness. Potter and Baldwin were the big men at the plate, getting three hits each. Ed Tracewski homered. U Conn-American U Rained out. U Conn-Delaware 9-2 Dick Lodge continued in his winning Ways of last season, neatly handcufiing a well balanced Delaware Uni- versity club. Ed Tracewski hit his second homer of the season and collected two other hits. U Conn-Rutgers 2-5 The Huskies had a lot of tough breaks and lost a "tuffy" to a classy Rutgers nine, 5-2. "Duke" Groobert started for the Huskies and pitched real line ball. It was a very dark and rainy day and four high Hies dropped in for hits. This, as well as some loose playing all around, proved to be the Huskies downfall. Paul Salling followed Duke to the mound for the last three innings and pitched fine ball. The Huskies couldn't get going at the plate and to make matters worse, catcher Hap Veal was injured during the game and was out for the -rest of the season. U Conn-Mass. U 4-2 Returning home, the Huskies defeated Mass. U. 4-2. Hy Chapin won his second straight and allowed only four hits. The Huskies were not as potent as expected at the plate, but won a nice ball game from a hustling Mass. outfit. U Conn-Ithaca 5-4 Paul Salling making his first start for U Conn. pitched nice ball, but poor support and a moment of wildness brought Ed Nagas into the game. Ed pitched a good game as the Huskies tied it up four all in the fourth after trailing 4-1. A walk by Vining, a single by Elwik, a bad throw, a double by Joe Fitzpatrick, a single by Calkins and it was four all. In the first half of the ninth inning Ithaca had the bases loaded and two out. Fireman "Duke" Groobert came in for Nagas and in true Frank Merriwell style retired the side. Duke threw three straight balls as Christy tore his hair. Then, feeling loosened up, he fired three straight strikes over to retire the side. With the bases loaded, reliable steady-hitting Ray Legenza smashed a long clout over the left fielders head to send in the winning tally. Ray continued to be one of the best clutch hitters all year. U Conn-Rhody 4-3 Dick Love beat our traditional rivals 4-3 in a thrilling ten inning game at Kingston. Though outhitting the Rams 14-4, the Huskies left many men on base as big Jack Smith of Rhody was superb with men on. Ray Legenza, Mike Baldwin, Gene Calkins and Ed Tracewski hit very well for the Huskies. Ray Legenza knocked in the winning run ,a long fly ball to left field. U Conn-Mass. U 5-3 Big Hy Chapin again beat Mass., this time allowing only one hit. Hy was very fast and it was a dark day so the Mass. batters didn't even see the ball. They scored on a walk, two errors and their one and only hit. Leo Pinsky and Bob Potter tripled. Ray Legenza bunted home the first run. Leo Pinsky caught his first college game and the 6 . . . rst game of his life. He did a commendable job. U Conn-Rhody 0-9 just one week later the Ram from Kingston got ram- bun ' ' ctious and clouted Dick Love for his first college def eat. Poor fielding by the Huskies and the effectiveness of Bi 8 Jack Smith told the story. Rhody's senior pitcher has beaten the Huskies at least once a season for the past four years. U Conn-Wesleyan 5-2 Chapin gave up but two hits as the Huskies easily beat Wesleyan by a score of 5-2. Mike Baldwin tore the cover off th b ll l ' e a but couldn t get a hit. Stan Sorota doubled with the bases loaded in the second to send three rallies home, which proved to be the winning runs. U Conn-Springfield 5-1 In the best played game of the year, the Huskies de- feated a classy Springfield Coll 1 ege cub 5-1. Dick Love twirled a no hitter for seven innings and as he tired in the eighth, Sprin field ' ' g got their only two hits and one run. Mike Baldwin's brilliant base running and the timely hit- ting of Ray Legenza featured the Huskies' attack Bald ' . win got two hits and Legenza had 13 put-outs in center field. U Conn-Northeastern 9-7 In a loosely played ball game, the Huskies outlasted Northeastern 9-7. Chapin twirled and aided his own game b h' ' y itting a tremendous home-run over the left-field fence. This was the first b ll ' ' a ever hit over the fence in a varsity game. It put U Conn. out in fro 3 nt -1 and they struggled through to a 9-7 win. Chapin was followed on the mound b Salli d y ng an Lodge. Northeastern had bases loaded as the game ended. Cha in h p was t e winning pitcher. U Conn-Yale Rained out. U Conn-New Hampshire 14-1 Due to many Wildcat errors and the heavy hitting of the U Conn. Huskies, another easy victory was achieved. Stan Sorota and Gene Calkins hit heavily for U Conn. Hy Chapin won another. Bill Clark fielded well at third for the Huskies. U Conn-Maine 5-1 U Conn-Maine 2-3 Behind the effective four hit pitching of Dick Love, the Huskies won the opener 5-1. Mike Baldwin and Gene Calkins again did the stick work for the Huskies. In the night cap the Huskies were handcuffed by the slow ball of Maine's Parrott. The slow lefty threw the Huskies' timing off. Duke Groobert, chucking for the Huskies, hit a triple and failed to touch second. This may have cost "Duke" his own ball game. U Conn-New Hampshire 14-2 The Wildcats were again slaughtered by U Conn. 14-2 in a dull, uninteresting game. Chapin twirled a two hitter. Dan Heffernan tripled and reliable Billy Clark homered for the Huskies. Sorota clouted three hits and Legenza two. Mike Baldwin made a beautiful play, throwing the runner out at first after he slashed a liner to right field. U Conn-Vermont 7-2 U Conn-Vermont 0-2 Hy Chapin won his eighth game against no losses, beating a good Vermont club 7-2. Ray Legenza singled Sorota home for the first run. Bob Potter hit a double and 20 9 sent two more runs scampering across the plate. Billy Clark looked like a big leaguer making fine stop after fine stop at third. He scraped 'em up all over the left side of the diamond. In the night cap, effective Dick Love lost his second game in college baseball. He gave up only four hits in the five innings he worked, but the U Conns. couldn't get any runs across to help him out. Salling relieved effectively. U Conn-Brown 10-4 Dick Love chalked up win No. 5 as the Huskies clouted Brown's McLain for ten runs. Legenza banged out three hits, Fitzpatrick and Vining added two each. Ray has been the most effective hitter all year, failing to hit but in one game all season. He has proven himself to be U Conns most valuable player. U Conn-Yale 4-9 In the final game of the year, Hy Chapin proved to be a big disappointment as he was bounced out of the box by a hard hitting Yale aggregate. Salling relieved in the sixth and kept Yale from scoring again. Ray Legenza got the first hit off John Little of Yale who was very much "on the ball" against the Huskies. In the eighth, Mike Bald- win and Ray Legenza walked. Tracewski's ball to third and a wild throw sent "Baldy" scattering home. Then Billy Clark doubled in two more runs. Bob Potter scored the fourth run on Vining's fiy to right. Yale now holds the edge 5-0 in the series. Wait till next year. If we don't win next year, this writer will eat his shirt. First row-left to right: Donald Wright, Carlos Fetterolf, Robert Kennedy, Dudley Warren, John Sherman. Second row-John Ragan, James Bowen. Third row-Sidney Greenleaf, Richard Hansen, Bart Schmidt, Arthur Schacter, Robert Ehrhardt, Francis Flynn. Fourth row-Howard Rubin, Mario Fazio, Archie Macdonald, Jack Kelly, Alex Shuskus, John Schiller, Mgr. Fifth row-Trainer George McKinnon, Bruno Giordano, Richard Schwartzchild, Thomas Lazor, C. Euston, Coach Carl F. Fischer. TRACK Having completed an indoor season that had its victories with record breaking performances, as well as its heartbreaking defeats, Coach Carl Fisher attempted to get his athletes organized for the diflicult outdoor season that lay ahead. In the early spring, both run- ners and weight men were out practicing in all kinds of weather for the approaching meets. It was not glamor that brought the boys out, but a competitive spirit and the will to win. Traveling to Amherst for the inaugural meet of the 1949 season, Connecticut easily defeated the University of Massachusetts, 98-37. Taking all first places with the exception of the shot put, the Huskies looked impressive in their initial start. Kennedy with hrsts in the 120 and 220 hurdles, and Fetterolf who emerged victorious in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, each picked up 10 points for the squad. Also coming through with victories and 5 points in their events, were Giordano in the two mile, Flynn in the 440, Hansen in the hammer and Kelley in the javelin, to give Connecticut a pleasant day. At home for the second meet of the season, the men from UConn overpowered the cadets from the Coast Guard Academy 79M-56Mq. Although the meet was not close, it was filled with thrills. The high- light of the contest was the record breaking time of 9.7 seconds turned in by Carlos Fetterolf in the 100 yard dash. This marked the peak of Fetterolf's track career as he had been steadily lowering his time both in the indoor and early outdoor runs. However, another performance not to be overlooked, is Fran Flynn's record tying time of 51 seconds for the quarter mile. A real team man, Flynn came in second in the 210 100, won his quarter and again came in second to Fetterolf in the 220, bringing his total to eleven points. As was expected Kennedy easily won his two hurdle events and Giordano and Hansen took the two mile and hammer events respectively. Another pleasant surprise was the performance of Jack Ragen in the javelin. Although he had never competed in the javelin before, Ragen, went out and took first place. With two straight victories behind them, the U Conn squad was turned back by Wesleyan 705- 64M in a meet that was not decided until the last two events. The entire meet was filled with thrills and will go down in the records as one of the most exciting exhibitions to take place in several years. In the mile run, Howie Rubin came from behind to catch and pass Yordan of Wesleyan at the tape, This marks the first time this year that Rubin has shown his old time form. In the two mile, Giodano had a tough time matching strides with Wesleyan's john- son, but the U Conn. runner put on a finishing kick to win at the wire. Kennedy, the squads most re- liable member, again took first in the hurdles as did Ficken in the half and Hansen in the hammer. The performance of Brooks of Wesleyan, one of the best dash men in collegiate circles, in winning over Fetterolf in the 100 and 200 was the turning point of the meet. Together with joffray's three firsts in the field events, and Firslenbey's victories in the high and broad jumps, Wesleyan had a combination which could not be beaten. Going up to Orono, Maine to compete for the Yankee Conference crown, Connecticut took third behind a heavily favored championship Rhode Island 2 z 33. , an an.. . . V , in 'rf A y 1 ' -fty V N.. 5 p p K Captain Kennedy p My p jg and mn! W3 s fiisif 4 J X ' - ix State squad, and New Hampshire. john Kelley came through with an unexpected win in the javelin to give Connecticut one of its three first places. Carlos Fet- terolf took the 100 yard dash in the record breaking time of 9.9 seconds for the Conference run, but it was not allowed because of a favorable tail wind. Old reliable Bob Kennedy took the third and last first in the 120 high hurdles, but for the first time this season failed in his attempts for a double in the 220 hurdles playing second to Barndollar of New Hamp- shire. Other point winners were McDonald, who gave his best toss of the year in taking a second in the shot put, Rubin, Ficken and Giordano in the dis- tance events, and Flynn in the sprints. Other men came through with feats which might have won other meets, but here they were not good enough to place. In a meet featured by Fran Flynn's record break- ing time of 50,3 seconds for the quarter mile, the Huskies traveled up to Worcester to easily defeat W. P. I., 83-40. Kennedy and Fetterolf came through with their expected double victories, as did Giordano who ran in the mile as well as the two mile. Rubin leaving the mile for the half, won in a close finish over teammate George Ficken. Although they were not forced to their utmost, the weight men showed much better that practice is giving results. At the Eastern Collegiate Track and Field Cham- pionships at Springfield, Mass., Connecticut put on its best showing of the year in taking third behind Tufts and Springfield in a fifteen team field. Taking only two firsts, Fetterolf in the 100 yard dash and Kennedy in the 120 hurdles, Connecticut showed a better balanced squad in picking up points in five other events. The absence of Fran Flynn because of injuries and the inability of the weight men to show greater improvement, were the main factors which kept the Huskies from gaining the crown as there were only eight points separating them from the championship Tufts aggregation. A powerful track team from Williams invaded the Connecticut campus and emerged with a 85-50 decision. Once again Connecticut's two mainstays, Kennedy and Fetterolf captured double victories, but the Williams squad had too much power and depth. Giordano once again took the two mile and while Rubin, Fazio and Schwarzchild gave their best per- formances, they had to be content with third place rankings. The absence of Flynn, Shuskus, Ficken and Nevers proved to be a severe blow to Connecticut's chances in this meet. Capturing three third place ribbons, the best the Connecticut team could do was to gain a tie for ninth place in the New England Track and Field Cham- pionships held at Boston, Mass. Kennedy in the 120 hurdles, Fetterolf in the 100 yard dash, and Giordano in the two mile run accounted for all of the Con- necticut points. Although they put up a good fight, it was just a matter of being outclassed by the best in New England as Brown captured the crown over Rhode Island State. In the final meet of the season, a powerful and well balanced Springfield squad came down from Massachusetts and when the final event was over, went home with a 94-41 victory. Once again, Ken- nedy and Fetterolf took their customary double vic- tories to give the Huskies almost half their total points. Giordano, who has proven to be one of the best two milers in the East, came through with five points as he won his race. Arch McDonald's victory in the shot put was the only bright spot in the field events as once again there was marked weakness in the weights which had cost Connecticut victories in several other meets. This meet marked the finish to the college career of Bob Kennedy, one of the greatest track men that Connecticut has ever had. Starting olif as a freshmn in the quarter mile, he changed to the hurdles because of the fact that there was no one else. His almost invariable double victories will be sorely missed next season, however the nucleus of the squad will be back striving to add still further glory to the school team in 150. Firrt row--left to right: Albert Bray, Don Wright, Howard Rubin, Mario Fazio, Bruno Giordano, Dan Roman. Second row-S. Altschuler, Robert Ehrhardt, H. Painter, F. McClaHerty, P. Volmes. Third row-Adolph Grimm, W. Bechle, G. Pisarko, Larry Mearkle, Robert Bray. Fourth row-Coach Carl F. Fischer, John Schiller, Mgr. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Carl Fischer looked forward to the Cross Coun- try season of 1948 expecting to have, and he would have had, one of the finest teams that ever wore the Blue and White. From last year's varsity, rated third in New Eng- land, six veterans were expected to return, as well as several brilliant runners from the freshman squad. Then fate stepped in! The first and greatest loss to the team and the entire university was the sudden death of ex-captain Mike Morris during the winter. "Mike" was known by hundreds of students and will always be remembered as one of the greatest distance runners the school has ever had. Then in succession Fred Warren dropped out of school, John Alling transferred to Iowa and Dev Sullivan suffered an injury during the summer. This left only Captain Howie Rubin, and Danny Roman. A few surprises and improvements were effected by Bob Kennedy, track standout, who ran well for a beginner, Larry Maerkle, completing his third and last season for a steady improvement, Don Beckwith running in only two meets because of a bad hip, and Sam Altshuler, returning to competition from the 1945 team. Coming up to the varsity from this year's Frosh squad will be Adolf Grimm, who ran sterling series of races, including several firsts, Bobby Bray ,a natural runner who vied with Grimm for the No. 1 position and Peter Volmes who made the trek from Fort Trumbull for the meets. In the New Englands, which were won by Rhode Island State, led by Bob Black, the U-Conn Harriers were shunted to 13th place out of fifteen teams and the first Blue and White finisher, Al Bray came in deep in the pack for a 35th spot. Rubin finished 47th in a time not much less than last year's. As if these losses werenlt bad enough, last year's fresh- man squad which tied Boston U. for the New England title, suffered setbacks which paradoxically followed the same pattern as the Varsity. Only Bruno Giordano, Al Bray, and Mario Fazio remained to fill the thinning ranks. To add more coal to the fire they were already in, the Huskies faced a slate of ll meets. Although still groggy from an initial whipping by Yale, the Huskies suddenly sprang back to life and beat Wesleyan by one point. Then came the deluge which saw the U-Conns lose six dual meets in a row, including North- eastern, Brown, Rhode Island, Boston University, Coast Guard and Springfield. Sophomore Bruno Giordano, next year's captain-elect, proved to be the top legger on the team, as he came through with three tirsts against Wesleyan, Boston Univer- sity and Springfield, a worthy feat for any cross country runner. Captain Rubin, the strong No. 2 man, unfortunately never reached the peak of his previous season. The lay off from last spring because of an injured foot, seemed to cause a loss of drive which dulled his efforts all season. Despite this handicap Howie finished top U-Conn man in three meets. Sophomore Al Bray was the pleasant surprise for Coach Fischer when he turned in consistent and improved races over the longer routes. Danny Roman ended a three year varsity stint with his best over all efforts. Don Wright started very slowly, ran himself into a Varsity berth and at the close of the season had a slight edge over Roman for the No. 5 spot. Mario Fazio got a 77th in the star studded field. Other Conn. finishers were Don Wright with a 95th and Danny Roman a 97th spot. Three of the Huskies journeyed to New York for the I. C. 4A run featuring the top cross country talent in the country. The U-Conns again found themselves outclassed with Giordano, Rubin and Bray coming in 64th, 89th, and 129th respectively. Looking at the record books, it was a dismal season indeed for the harriers. But rather than brood about the past, Coach Fischer and the rest of the team are looking forward to next season, when the top four hill and dalers return and three promising freshmen will be on hand for the Varsity's reduced schedule. They should have a much improved array, that is, if Fate doesn't intervene again. SWIMMING During the 1948-'49 pool season, Husky JV and varsi nat t ty a ors netted a 0.533 winning average. Only lack of suitable practice facilities explains these low percentages, for the boys had the stuff. Comedian Ed jones, back-stroke artist, kept morale high all season. At great cost to his engineering studies, Charlie jenkins, freestyle ace, practiced and swam in every meet to get points for us Except where men- tioned these men took top honors in all the swim- ming meets. The Huskies dropped their opening meet to Amherst 28 4 , - 7. Anderson, Rosenbloom, Bell and jones won the 400 yard freestyle relay in a creditable 4:o5.6. Diver George Cleveland and swimmers R , HY Nixon, Fred Farnsworth, and Dave Squires also made points. Worcester Polytech saw the other side of the c ' h - ' om, t e U Conns beating them 48-27. Hard-work- ing Cleveland and Squires won their events. Schmidt, Kelleher, Anderson, Rosenbloom, Dixon, Brown and Frazee added enough points to make our first vic- tory of the season. Traveling by train to Montreal and McGill Uni- versity, the varsity mermen were the first team from Storrs to leave the country. Frazee and Farnsworth won their events. In the freestyle relay Schmidt 7 Anderson, jones and jenkins tied their rivals in l:41.6, a new Canadian Intercollegiate record. Cleve- I . and, Schmidt, Jones and Kelleher also got points. At the meets end, McGill lead the Huskies 59M to HM, practically a tie. In the next meet the U-Conns edged Mass State 59-36. Jones, Brown and jenkins won the 300 ard Y medley relay in 3:ll.4, a new college record. Later on in the meet, Ed jones set a record of 1:45.9 for the 150 yard backstroke. Bart "McGill swooned too" Schmidt and Long Fred Farnsworth won their events. German, Brown, Squires, and Kelleher filled in to help the Huskies to their second victory. The Springfield College gymnasts handed the Storrsmen a 49-26 reversal. Le against overwhelming odds, Schmidt, Anderson Rosenbloom, and Jenkins won the freestyle relay. ading the U-Conns PFW' 214 , wA ,-fifffif . art-. -it -f-- ,, .'l-.z-- 1,.. Fin! row-left to right: Dave Squires, Cecil Rosenblum, George Cleveland, C. Bart Schmidt. w Second row-William Bro n, William Anderson, Captain Fred Farnsworth, Roger Kelleher, Robert Towne. Tbird row-Coach John Y. Squires, J. Witherby, John Chaiklin, Douglas Sherwood, Robert Sher- wood, Daniel Keith, James McNamee, Rodney Anderson, Mgr. Farnsworth, Frazee, Kelleher and Squires followed through with several points for the Huskies. Diffi- culty with his studies had forced Ed jones to give up swimming after the Mass. State meet. His rapidly improving protege, Dave Squires, pushed the Brown Bruins' Patrell to a new Brown University and U-Conn pool record of 1140.1 for the 150 yard backstroke. Schmidt, Anderson, Rosen- bloom and jenkins won a 400 yard relay where the Huskies and Bruins swapped the lead several times. "Pooch', Kelleher won the 400 yard waterthon. Cleve- land, Frazee, Farnsworth and Schmidt bagged points to hold Brown to a slight 7 point lead. Then the U-Conn swimmers clipped the N. Y. U. Violets 42-33. Husky relay teams copped both the 300 and the 400 yard events. Dave Squires and Fred Farnsworth carried off top honors. Anderson, Schmidt, Frazee, Cleveland, and Kelleher helped the Storrs tankmen to win this one. Varsity swimmers, slightly hampered by illness, journeyed overnight to Boston to compete against M. I. T. and Tufts. The Huskies suffered setbacks from both teams. In the meet with the engineers, Dave Squires came through with another first in the 150 yard backstroke for the best performance of the year. Beating our Charlie jenkins in both 50 and 100 yard freestyle events, Singer of Tufts racked two of four new Tufts College pool records. Toll the bell softly for Charlie jenkins who leaves us this june. Until the Tufts meet of this season, he was undefeated for a long time. He lost his 1948 50 and 100 yard freestyle New England Intercollegiate champs crown to Hill of Bowdoin this season. His name is the first on a plaque com- memorating those who have advanced swimming the most here at Storrs. Coach Squires found plenty of good material from this year's crop of ducklings. Swimmers Dan Keith, jack Wetherby, Doug Sherwood and jim McNainee, who holds the college record for the 220 yard freestyle, and diver Charlie Zannoli are some of several flashes to watch during next year's campaign. Firrt row-left to right: Mgr. Louis Carafiello, Robert Morrisey, Robert Saltman, Paul Lopatin, Donald Strong, Gerald Coholan, Harold Anderson, Geo. Axelby, Larry Dubuc, Coach John Squires. TENNIS Aided by the availability of two courts in the new hangar, the '49 Husky netsters were able to practice for three weeks prior to the start of the season. After a series of playoffs between aspirants competing for places, Coach Jack Squires lined up the fol- lowing men according to rank: Johnny Shells, Don Strong, George Apelly, Larry Dubuc, Paul Lopatip, and Bill Anderson. Reserves selected were Bob Saltman, Ted Coholan and Bob Morrissey. Practice paid its dividends as the racket wielders got away to a line beginning by upsetting a strong Wesleyan six 5-4. A match with Maine was rained out. Springfield beat the U. Conns decisively 7-2 the following week. The only points salvaged were the number three singles and the number three doubles. The Huskies bounced back into the win column by defeating Mass. 5-4, playing without versatile Don Strong. Axelby replaced Strong as Larry Dubuc's partner and this win in the doubles match was the decisive point for U. Conn. Due to the loss of Strong and the improvement of several players, the ranking was shuflled and the team entered the Amherst contest with Ander- son on the top slot. The Lord jeffs completely overwhelmed the courtsters 8-1. However, the score is not indicative of the close play since several events were extended to three sets. Clark, Rhode Island, Tufts and Brown will offer further opposition to the Huskies who are certain they will conclude the season with a better than .500 average. 216 he ei I ldv-f' f 'S -5 i ff 1- if Left to right-Andrew Lesniak, Paul Harris, john Pracon, Coach Fritz Grewing, john Delmonte Wm. Lanzoni, James Connors. GOLF With golf being more popular than ever this year, it was little wonder that Coach Grewing, U Conn's new golf mentor, was swamped with close to fifty eager aspirants. Abit the only players that were sure of key positions this season were john Pracon, john Del Monte, Andy Tesniak, and Paul Harris. However, as the matches progressed, Connors, Lanzoni, and Lanza filled in the vacant spots and took over some of the leading positions. The season opened April 20th against Wesleyan and Coach Grewing had finally cut his squad down to twenty men. The Cardinals cou1dn't be beat that afternoon at the Edgewood Country Club, but the Huskies fought all the way only to come out on the short end of a 6-3 score. johnny Pracon was just edged out on the eighteenth hole, the other matches also being fairly close. At the Penobscot Valley Country Club in Maine the boys from Connecticut copped their second straight Yankee Conference Crown. U Conn's number one golfer, john Pracon led the field with a low total of 151, which was seven over par. The winning of the championship was quite a surprise since Maine, who finished third in the field had beaten the Huskies previously 8-1. Another interesting meet was the match with Rhode Island State. The clubbers chalked up their second dual victory of the season by taking the measure of their traditional rivals 5-4. The big feature of this event was the surprise upset of Pracon by .Rhody's George Conrad. However, Conner tied his match, and Lesniak, Lanzoni, and Del Monte won their's to eke out the victory. 217 Fmt row-left to right: john Reid, Stanley Mattes, Howard Shellard, Joseph Sposta, Leon Messier. Second row-Captain Daniel Hughes, Sgt. Gregory Pitoniak. Third row-Edgar Gardner, Kenneth Stetson, Ellicott McConnell, Sidney Greenleaf, john Birdseye. Fin! row-left to right: Donald Ruck, Raymond Good, Nathan Goldberg, Alan Scott, NVilliam Cass. Second row-Larry Miller, Dwight Thompson, John Dudley, joseph Magyar, Joseph Zanetti, Vincent Yokobaskas. Third row-Coach Charles Horvath, Gille Sauve, joseph Eiduks, Murphy, George Sot- tile, Mgr. john Osterhoudt. RIFLE TEAM FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM W F 'ffl' Q 1, I , L ,,1,, L , w X V-.ixfi 3 ,gig 4, I i , ,jlgijigd gg ,xx , -, ff, qi. ,. K A f Viil ,,k. 3, PT ' s . 44' , 4' ff, T. f 'Y' ' . xi - , f ' J f M " ' - H W Q-M K ff- 1 Lf , f L4 4 , V KE 3. Lizi jf . KCI gag! fggvgz I ,ix Q ij: 5 -' ' 'llif My fy' ,-isa' As aj Q iff- -- VV yygvigzgn ,L 341.3 fl f. ' M-nf miami Sq, sf '-rv ,E P, L m 35 I! - .n -, L 1,jQ V, FQ ., , 1 A in 5 V if 7 3? K di - 2 L, i. ' Z , K K JA g , 5 vb l' - A i .W ut. ,Wx A E. . T W, ., , uh, , w r V K K 2,11-N: - 1 Q- 4 2 1 f 1 . lg X ' ' ff: L 1 . A, ff ,. M - x 1 ' xl .-:QAM K f . , A LK kb V E , K .132 b N ga f 'fix' A ' My ' -fq4 w,,j K, 1 ,- .1 .. Ear ' ,,,'L"F , N --fl-V, 'L x A f 3, Nw-H 'yy x VY A V I , W.-. f-ETX. .3 fb! ' ' , . , . Q . V, , K wr ff ..f4,.,...3L, x , .Q f'mff5.W . 72' paw. Y- ff, ,-.ww if - , , Y M . - 14. A fwfr X J K H 7 ' ' y A Wi Q-. .., wi - , 3' Q . '- PSF' ' - f My -3- ' - ' .' 'W 1 ,ii ,gym kg, 4' ff wp, vi Q , W . Ma. ,K W . W ' .' -I r- .31 ' : , .. A -"' ' - ' Q V- ! A - .... fwfzif ' f--.ff Q.. .. .,-A '34 x ' if ,Q 2, 5. f t V , M PQ: 341. . ,Z , , ,O , , -v N - . Y, J ,' ' , ,- V ' , ' Q -M if lg 33',:q.Tv:'fJ -LVQFLLQE " "':"' : 1 -5-- if F gf "K" ,W 271 a n ...,, 3. 1 W . S ' ms. --wwf' J ' -V-f M N., 4--MQ . 4-'dl f, . .. - Rant? F sf 551 , , k A 'H , , M may z,A M W -39 Q ' , + f, , I ,W f',,,...,, ,L j av 3,,.s:..,lA-mjfi-.: -Q3,!.Lk -F Nw' E ,.,2,,3 :- ' S - f ? E f Q 3? - usa 1 ' 1 In A r 4 " f 1 .. ' 111 ' gf? . X I . -. 41 ,, . .1 - 53 , . I L V , , 3 A 1 H ,5 LL.,, - VA'bW, Vk,.' Q , ,I ,. - - f. W. .,,,.g-332 L, I N 9 - W J W ,.,, ,VJ ' " A " "H ? Q ' ' V Q - 1' M f , . h.. -Q' Q 1 ,, 5, w X Mr , 2 lwfa-fm. - -M, L . .Mx-f,-, ,f . . . A Y V , 0 M up . ix ' dr x it W MA 14-.,.. . M ,Y , fp., . ,, Q.,--V -1' :WW N- 'W 'z Y- ,, , W. , , , Kappa Kappa Gamma Campus Queen U-Conn Candidate in All-New England Moon Maid Contest " ,, Egg. ,sf p :ggi -FW mu, L L , ' 1 ,. ' LVVV, wi - , , ' 'Y 'Q"1: gl A., A .f'i1m1:A lf . 5-5. ,IQ , ,. ,dy .A ' -Vw fzif ' fm. .s.i'ef.ev- 1, 1. -Q? fig' ,avi Ai 'E 5, R. L H -1 f H3 ff L, xv G ia n? YP as gjfyfz, I F SQ 4 5. 5 5 1,1 w --ww ,'.-,.g..-....,.. 1 ,h u ,. M! , KW, AY I ,,i,:f - We w L.,,L, g X W K , 4 wp.. ,V ,bdmf f xg' lf -W 1f . si A. ...W Jai , , , . wi' . .-, , ,..,,,. V. .,,..,,,c ,- W.. "1 1 I f 1.1, X A. A ,.,, ,qiii B' 3. h is ,V 2235 . ...N 'Eff I. W, ,,.,. x g, , Q Q ' ' I K , ' 4' 5571, Q fx ,X fam fmeawq Kappa Kappa Gamma C 0-Ed Quarterback Q 'K fx . if Q. , W, , f 1 9, 5 xv - , J 'NM Y Fwfg if at 2 Q Y ,,.. M . ,hg ,, ,:,1 VSA K VA mL S 1 -, Q ,IJ X ,Q A S3 Q ' if .J 4 V xf, 1 3 yt 2 Q Phi Sigma Sigma Hillel Queen 226 .few Kappa Alpha Theta ,f ff! pf ff X Lambda C bi C rescent Girl 1 l 1 1 1 5 1 4 Q i 4 N Y u F Q 1 w Y N Y w 2 r 1 ! T .A W a Sigma Nu Girl JWM 0911444 Kappa Alpha Theta ,1 ""'ns.i -rv-f -lf X., 'ag af- .Y .Jil f z-fr .vu ' Kappa Kappa Gamma it wr I af 'l A., 2 A p ,ppip p p p M4 -I ,p,.V if Dream Girl 0 f Si gina Alpha Epsilon K , f ,wQmwZf.f, H1--Qffwifz "" M, 'f ' 'x :gg -A ,,.:fs,ff ' 'K" mf lscszzwfafem '11 jjj ' f ' g : 'i"-ELI? 1-. 5, - A mf -1.1 J ..., ,,,,,u,,,i,k ,,,m,,k ,5 X Q. 'iv A 4 , , ag , ,M . , ,ff ,X 9. Q' ,f M 3-if Jr qi 4 f SQ! NW Q H' 5 'S w Q Y V y, 6 'F Simi! it HW is 1 . o 9 P 5 li .4 rs' . QV. 54: ,-en, gif, M ,ff ,, J, ., :gi f w . N ., L wr? , ' '-2 if ' ' . Es K 1 5 L ALBERT N ELS JORGEN SEN Ph.D., LL.D. President CHARLES BURT GENTRY M.S. in Agr. Dean of the Univerfity I EDWARD GEORGE VAN BIBBER, M.P.E., Director of Division of THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The end of each memher's term is indicated hy the date which follous his name. His Excellency, CHESTER BOWLES, GOVERNOR of the State of Connecticut, president ex officio . . . Hartford FINIS E, ENGLEMAN, Commissioner of Education, memher ex obicio ...... . .... Yalesville JOHN CHRISTENSEN, Commissioner of Farms and ' Markets, memher ex obzicio ........ Wilson APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNOR CREIGHTON BARKER, M.D., 1949 ...... New Haven C. RAYMOND BROCK, 1955 . Northford JAMES W. HOOK, 1951 . . . . New Haven FRANCIS S. MURPHY, 1949 . . . Hartford SISTER M. ROSA, 1952 . . . West Hartford LESTER E. SHIPPEE, 1951 ........ Hartford SAMUEL R. SPENCER, 1949, vice president and chairman Sufield LEON C, STAPLES, 1953 ......... Stamford EDWARD A. SUISMAN, 1949 . . . West Hartford GEORGE L. WARNECKE, 1952 ..... . Cannondale ELECTED BY THE ALUMNI WILLARD EDDY, 1949 ......... New Canaan J. RAY RYAN, 1951, secretary . Simtbufy THE UNIVERSITY ALBERT NELS JORGENSEN, Ph.D., LL. D., President CHARLES BURT GENTRY, M. S. in Agr., Dean of the University LEONARD C. RICCIO, University Comptroller RAYMOND IRVING LONGLEY, University Comptroller Emeritus THE SCHOOLS WILFRED B. YOUNG, M. S., D. Agr. CHon. C.J, Dean and Direc- tor of the College of Agriculture GEORGE CLEVELAND WHITE, M. A., Dean Emeritus RAYMOND KINGSLEY CLAPP, B.S., Associate Director of Agriculture Extension ROBERT GREGG HEPBURN, B.S., Associate Director of Agri- cultural Extension - I l .1-i-, Associate Director of Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station WILLIAM L. SLATE, B.S., Associate Director Emeritus ALBERT IRVING MANN, M.S., Director of the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture and Assistant to the Dean ALBERT EDMUND WAUGH, M.S., Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences HOWARD DOUGLAS NEWTON, Ph.D., Dean Emeritus LAURENCE JUSTIN ACKERMAN, A.M., LL.B., Dean of the School of Business Administration P. ROY BRAMMELL, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education FRANCIS LEE CASTLEMAN, JR., D.Sc., Dean of the School of Engineering NATHAN LASELLE WHETFEN, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School EVALYN BERGSTRAND OWENS, M.S., Dean of the School of Home Economics. LAURENCE JUSTIN ACKERMAN, A.M., LL.B., Dean of the College of Insurance BERT EARL HOPKINS, Ph.B., LL.B., LL.M., J. Sc. D., Dean of the School of Law CAROLYN LADD WIDMER, R. N., B.A., B.N., Dean of the School of Nursing HAROLD G. HEWITT, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Pharmacy JOHN J. CRONIN, M.A., Dean of the School of Social Work 234 THE DIVISIONS RALPH LAWRENCE GILMAN, M.D., F.A.C.P., Director of Division of Health Service and University Physician. PAUL ALCORN, B.A., Director of Division of Lihrary and Univer- sity Lihrarian ROBERT I. STACK, Colonel, Infantry, U.S.A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics HENRY P. HALLOWELL, Colonel, Infantry, U.S.A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics Physical Education and Athletics WALTER STEMMONS, B.S., Director of Division of Puhlications and University Editor ARWOOD STANLEY NORTHBY, Ph.D., Director of Division of Student Personnel SUMNER ALVORD DOLE, M.A., Assistant Director in Charge of Men, In charge of Veterans' Counseling Service REUBEISI BOTSFORD JOHNSON, Sc.M., Acting Assistant Direc- tor in charge of Men, In charge of Veterans' Counseling Service MILDRED PEARL FRENCH, A.M., Assistant Director in Charge of Women JOSEPH RAYMOND GERBERICH, Ph.D., Coordinator of Test- ing SUMNER M. COHEN, M,S., M.A., In charge of Men's Hous- ing JOHN EDWARD POWERS, M.Ed., Placement Officer and in charge of Vocational Counseling THOMAS EDWARD ROBERTS, M.A., Registrar MAR JORIE SMITH JONES, A.B., Recorder ARTHUR LEWIS KNOBLAUCH, Ed.D., Director of Division of University Extension, Summer Session and Education hy Radio CLARENCE A. WEBER, Ph.D., Director, Fort Trumhull Branch, New London THE UNIVERSITY SENATE Ex ojcio memhers: ' Messrs. Jorgensen, Gentry, Ackerman, Brammell, Castleman, Knoblauch, Northby, Waugh, Weber, Whetten, Young, 'Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Widmer. Elective members Qzrgthe period ending june 30, 1952: R. C. Baldwin, W. H. Carter, Jr., J. O. Christain, Dorothy Culp, W. L. Kulp, G. E. McReynolds, E. A. Moore, E. A. Per- regaux, E. P. Singsen, P. E. Taylor, W. Tilley, G. S. Torrey. Elective memhers for the period ending Iune 30, 1951: L. H. Amundsen, E. O. Anderson, H. Arjona, W. F. Cheney, Olga E. deCillis, M. Kessel, W. H. Kinsey, C. G. A. Nordling, Martha Potgeiter, P. L. Putnam, A. Schenker, C. H. W. Sedgwick. Elective memhers for the period ending June 30, 1950: J. H. Barnett, W. A. Bousfield, R. A. Dowart, E. V. Gant, W. Landauer, J. B. Lucke, A. I. Mann, S. C. McMillan, J. C. Montgomery, H. A. Rollins, S. E. Wedberg, M. R. White. WILFRED B. YOUNG M.S., D. Agr. Chon. c.J Dean and Director THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of tbe University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of tbe University Wilfred B. Young, M.S., D.Agr. Chon.c.D, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Director of Agricultural Experiment Station, Director of Arigricultural Extension Albert l. Mann, M.S., Assistant to the Dean of tbe Col. of Agr. Raymond Kingsley Clapp, B.S., Associate Dir. of Agr. Ext. Robert G. Hepburn, B.S., Associate Dir. of Agr. Ext. -------,Associate Dir. of Agr. Exper. Sta. Elmer Olin Anderson, M.S., Professor of Dairy Manufacturing Harold Westcott Baldwin, B.S., Assistant Editor Arthur Crawford Bobb, M.S., Assistant Professor of Pomology Kenneth Arthur Bradley, B.S., Instructor in Horticulture George Kenneth Brinegar, B.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Agri. Economics Benjamin Arthur Brown, M.S., Professor of Agronomy Barbara Matthias Bruening, B.S., Asst. Instr. in Animal Diseases Walter Edward Burr, B.S., Instructor in Animal Diseases Frederick A. Buschner, B.S., Research Tech. in Animal Industries Floyd Mayo Callward, B.S., Associate Professor of Forestry James Rolland Carson, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Poultry Husbandry Tso-Kan Chang, M.S., Assistant Instructor in Genetics John A. Christian, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Animal Husbandry Minna Jones Clark, M.A., Asst. Instructor in Rural Sociology Ruth Russell Clark, B.S., Prof. of Home Economics, State Home Demonstration Leader Walter Marshall Collins, B.S., Instructor in Poultry Husbandry George Wesley Crowther, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agri. Engineering Janina M. Czaikowski, M.S., Assistant Professof Nutrition Jean Thornton DeBell, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Genetics Arthur Wilmon Dewey, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agri. Economics Henry Dorsey, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy Leonard Reynolds Dowd, M.S.A., Associate Prof. of Dairy Mfg. H. Lincoln Easterbrooks, D.V.M., Asst. Prof. of Animal Diseases Hamilton Dean Eaton, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Animal Nutrition Irving F. Fellows, M.S., Associate Prof. of Agriculture Economics Donald Clifton Gaylord, B.S., Asst. Prof. of Animal Husbandry Lois Clarke Griswold, B.A., Asst. Instructor in Poultry Husbandry Vincent Groupe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Animal Diseases Harold Homer Hale, B.S., Instructor in Animal Diseases Henry Martin Hansen, B.S., Instr. in Dairy Husb., County Agt. Ldr. Robert Bruce Hallmark, M.S. in Agr., Asst. Prof. of Animal Husb. Arthur Hawkins, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy Charles Fred Helmboldt, D.V.M., Grad. Asst. in Animal Diseases William Frederick Henry, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Farm Management Robert Gregg Hepburn, B.S., Associate Prof. of Agri. Extension Opie Curtis Hester, B.S., Grad. Asst. in Agricultural Economics James Lowell Hypes, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Frank Devin Johanson, B.S., Assistant Professor of Pomology Robert Ebenezer Johnson, M.S., Associate Prof. of Dairy Husb. Stewart McNeil Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Agri. Economics Roy Edwin Jones, Professor of Poultry Husbandry. Erwin Leopold Jungherr, D.M.V., Professor of Animal Diseases Curtis Gilbert Keyes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Floriculture Aaron Raymond Kienholz, Ph.D., Professor of Forestry Allan Victor King, M.S., Instructor in Agronomy Richard Allan King, M.P.A., Asst. Prof. of Aricultural Economics Merle Sharon Klinck, B.S.A., B.S.M.E., Asso. Prof. of Agri. Econ. Sidney Korando, M.A., Assistant Professor of Home Management Anna Kozeff, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Poultry Husbandry Joan Harrison Kramer, B.S., Asst. Instr. in Animal Nutrition Walter Landauer, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics Joseph M. Lent, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Horticulture Melvin Lieberman, B.S., Instructor in Animal Diseases Harriet Elizabeth Longley, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Agronomy Roy Emil Luginbuhl, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Animal Diseases Donald J. Lusk, B.S., Grad. Asst. in Agricultural Economics Helen Patricia MacLeod, M.S., Instructor in Dairy Manufacturing Catherine Kerr Manchester, M.A., Assistant Editor Richard Emerson Marland, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Dairy Mfg. W. Howard Martin, M.S., Associate Prof. of Agricultural Education Lloyd Daniel Matterson, Ph.D., Asso. Prof. of Poultry Husbandry Benjamin Franklin McCamey, Jr., M.F., Asst. Prof. of Wildlife Management Walter C. McKain, Jr., Ph.D., Asso. Prof. of Rural Sociology Josephine McKenrick, B.S., Assistant Editor Donald N. Mercer, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry Edward Charles Minnum, M.S., Asso. Prof. of Vegetable Gardening Fay Moeller, M.A., Assistant Professor of Family Life Max Eugene Morgan, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Dairy Mfg. David Thomas Mount, B.A., Asst, Instr. in Animal Diseases Rufus lsham Munsell, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agronomy Louis Nezvesky, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Animal Industries Margaret Constance Ohlander, B.S., Asst. Instructor in Floriculture James Stanley Owens, M.S., Professor of Agronomy Edward Llewellyn Palmer, B.S., Instr. in Agricultural Engineering Stanley Papanos, B.S., Instructor in Agronomy Harold Oliver Perkins, M.L.A., Asst. Prof. of Landscape Gardening Edmond Adrian Perregaux, Ph.D., Prof. of Agricultural Economics Wayne Norman Plastridge, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Diseases Russell C. Potter, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Manufacturing Robert William Purvis, Jr., B.S., Grad. Asst. in Animal Industries Paul Lee Putnam, M.S., Professor of Farm Management Marion Brown Rhodes, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Genetics Howard Arthur Rollins, M.S., Prof. of Horticulture and Head of Plant Science Department Jeanne Barker Roman, A.B., Asst. Instr. in Animal Diseases K Vernon Eugene Ross, B.S., Grad. Asst. in Agrictultural Economics Edward J. Rubins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Agronomy Francis A. Ryan, M.S.A., Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry John Scarchuk, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Vegetable Gardening Warren E. Schmidt, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Extension and Assistant State 4-H Club Leader THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE August Frederick Schulze, M.S., Instructor in Animal Diseases Stanley Kilbourne Seaver, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Econ. Edwin Pierce Singsen, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Poultry Husbandry Mildred Buller Smith, A.B., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Economics Marilyn Felske Sousa, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Animal Diseases Arless A. Spielman, Ph.D., Prof. of Dairy Husbandry and Head of Animal Industries Department Richard Floyd Stinson, M.S., Assistant Professor of Floriculture Walter Stemmons, B.S., Editor Katherine Amanda Tingley, M.A., Associate Professor of Clothing Owen Smith Trask, B.S., Asst. Prof. of Poultry Husbandry and Horticulture 4-H Clubs Regina D. Vance, Assistant Instructor, Division of Publications UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Arthur Willis Van Dyke, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Econ. William Russell Walker, M.S., Associate Prof. of Dairy Husbandry Abraham Milton Weidman, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Genetics Randolph Wilber Whaples, B.S., Associate Prof. of Agricultural Extension and State 4-H Club Leader Nathan Laselle Vfhetten, Ph.D., Professor of Rural Sociology James Harlow Whitaker, M,S.A., Instr. in Agricultural Engineering Leander Farnham Williams, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Animal Diseases Irma Mae Winkleback, B.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Extension and State 4tH Club Leader, Emeritus John Douglas Winn, V.S., Associate Professor of Animal Diseases Edgar P. Wyman, M.F., Assistant Professor of Forestry Edgar Zwilling, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Genetics Consultants and Collaborators fWithout votej Chester I. Bliss, Ph.D., Biometrician, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and Yale University William Bredo, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and Assistant State 4-H Club Leader Leslie Clarence Dunn, Sc.D., Genetics Research, Professor of Zoology, Columbia University William A. Junnila, M.S., Cooperative Research Agricultural E,-eg. Norman Paul Tedrow, B.S., Extension Soil Conservationist Silas Burling Weeks, B.S., Agricultural Economist tBureau of Agricultural Economics, U.S.D.A.D Emeritus Professors Augustus Jackson Brundage, Professor of Agricultural Extension Linton Brown Crandall, B.S., Professor of Apiculture, Emeritus Marion Evans Dakin, B.S., Associate Prof. of Nutrition, Emeritus Harry Lucian Garrigus, B.Agr., Prof. of Animal Hus., Emeritus Sherman Preston Hollister, B.S.A., Prof. of Horticulture, Emeritus William Franklin Kirkpatrick, M.S., Prof. of Poultry Hus., Emer. Lisbeth Macdonald, R.N., Asst. Prof. of Rural Health, Emeritus Edith Lillian Mason, B.S., Prof: of Home Economics, State Home Demonstration Leader, Emeritus Arthur Ronello Merrill, B.S., Prof. of Dairy Industry, Emeritus Albert Ernest Moss, M.F., Professor of Forestry, Emeritus Roland Harrison Patch, M.S., Asso. Prof. of Floriculture, Emeritus William L. Slate, B.Sc., Associate Director of Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, Emeritus Gladys Elizabeth Stratton, M.A., Associate Professor of Home Management, Emeritus Elsie Trabue, B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Home Economics, Emeritus David Edmond Warner, B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Poultry Hush., Emer. George Cleveland White, M.A., Prof. of Dairy Industry, Emeritus ALBERT E. WAUGH M.S. Dean THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S., in Agr., Dean of the University Albert Edmund Waugh, M.S., Dean of the Col. of Arts and Sciences Janet Mora Aitken, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geology Lawrence Hardin Amundsen, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Amalia Angeloni, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Sociology Homero Ariona, Ph.D., Professor of Foreign Languages Robert Chester Baldwin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy Earl E. Balthazar, A.B., Graduate Assistant in Psychology Clement Barlow, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Chemistry James Harwood Barnett, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology M. Ethel Batschelet, A.M., Instructor in Sociology Harry L. Belgrade, M.A., Instructor in English Libby Blek, M.A., Graduate Assistant in Psychology David James Blick, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Edward G. Boettiger, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology Elizabeth A. Bogert, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education Karl A. Bosworth, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Government and Inter- national Relations Vleston Ashmore Bousfield, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Adrian L. Bregnard, Master Sergeant, Infantry, Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics William F. Brill, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Joseph Brown, Jr., A.M., Assoc. Prof. in Foreign Languages Robert C. Bullock, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Zoology Edwin Grant Burrows, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology Ben Bursten, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Psychology Martin Cary Burton, Jr., M.M., Assistant Professor of Music Ralph Judson Bushnell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Genetics Robert E. Butler, M.A., Instructor in English Eric Walter Carlson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Eugene F. Carraher, A.B., Grad. Asst. in Government and Inter- national Relations Newton L. Carroll, M.A., B.D., Instructor in Philosophy William Harrison Carter, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Economics Fred A. Cazel, Jr., M.A., Assistant Professor of History Timothy Cheney, M.F.A., Instructor in Music William Fitch Cheney, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Joseph Orlean Christian, B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education Hugh Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology William Ross Clark, A.M., Assistant Professor of English Jayne R. Cohen, M.B.A., Assistant Instructor in Economics Erben Cook, Jr., M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Kenneth S. Cook, M.S., Instructor in Physics Wendell Burnham Cook, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry Guillermo Cotto-Thorner, B.A., B.D., Instr. in Foreign Languages Milton Cotzin, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Psychology Con staff of Southbury Training Schoolj Arsene Croteau, M.A., Professor of Foreign Languages Dorothy Culp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History Robert Custer, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry H. Otto Dahlke, M.A., Assistant Professor of Sociology Leonard F. Dean, Ph.D., Professor of English Olga Elena deCillis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Russell Myles DeCoursey, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology Irving Diamond, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Zoology Walter Ditmars, B.S., Research Technician in Chemistry Roxie Belle Diver, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education joan M. Dodge. A.B., Graduate Assistant in Psychology Benjamin H. Domian, Technical Sergeant, U.S.A.F., Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics Frank J. Dornfelcl, B.S.S., Instructor in Physical Education Reinhold August Dorwart, Ph.D., Professor of History Rosalind J, DuBow, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Zoology Robert R. Eaton, Major, U.S.A.F., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics for Air George John Engelhardt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Russell A. Eversole, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Bacteriology Paul F. Fagan, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Economics Maurice L. Farber, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Frank Alexander Ferguson, M.A., Professor of Physics joseph P. Ferri, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Carl Frederick Fischer, M.A., Associate Professor of Physical Edu. Coleen Louisa Fowler, Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology Herbert Arthur France, M.M., Associate Professor of Music Anita D. Fritz, A.M., Instructor in Philosophy Charles A. Fritz, Jr., A.M., Instructor in Philosophy George Fukui, M.S., Instructor in Bacteriology Sol L. Garfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology Christine Germain, B.S., Graduate Assistant in ,Chemistry Sophie L. Gianninoto, M.A., Asst. Instructor in Foreign Languages Robert E. Glanz, Master Sergeant, Signal Corps, Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics Nicholas Golub, Instructor in Foreign Languages Isadore M. Graff, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Hugh .S. Greer, M.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Physical Education Fritz L. Grewing, M.Ed., Instructor in Physical Education Beatrice E. Gushee, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Roy Jones Guyer, A.B., M.P.E., Professor of Physical Education Leroy D. Haberman, M.A., Instructor in Speech and Dramatic: Henry P. Hallowell, Colonel Inf., Prof. of Mil. Science and Tactics Judith Holman, M.S., Instructor in Zoology Jules D. Holzberg, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Psychology ton staff of Connecticut State Hospitaly William S. Horton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Charles Horvath, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education Gertrude M. Houser, A.B., Inst. in Gov. and Inter. Relations James W.4Howald, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Bacteriology Mary MacN. Hubbard, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Botany Daniel F. Hughes, Captain, Infantry, Assistant Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics James Lowell Hypes, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Lois G. johnson, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Economics Paul H. Kaplitz, Staff Sergeant, U.S.A.F., Assistant to the Profes- sor of Military Science and Tactics Marcel Kessel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Ronald Harry Kettle, M.D., Clinical Associate in Psychology Qon staff of Norwich State Hospitalj Fred J. Khouri, M.A., Instructor in Gov. and Inter. Relations Royal O. Kimbell, Staff Sergeant, U.S.A.F., Assistant to the Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics Charles Albert Kind, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Wendell Horner Kinsey, A.M., Associate Professor of Physics 7 Ernest Ray Kline, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry Harold P. Kauss, Ph.D.,' Professor of Physics Walter Leroy Kulp, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteriology Harriet Jane Kupferer, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education Robert Seeley LaRue, B.A., Instructor in Physics Stuart M. Lee, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Bernhard Olaf Johan Linnevold, M.A., Assistant Professor of Gou- ernment and International Relations Ellis R. Lippincott, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry Charles Bartholomew Lombardo, Litt.D., Asst. Prof. of For. Lan. Joseph M. Loughlin, M.S., Associate Professor of Government john Becker Lucke,'Ph.D., Professor of Geology Barbara Lurie Feigan, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Economics Wardell R. MacKay, B.A., Instructor in English Hans Albert Maier, Ph.D., Instructor in Foreign Languages Edward Wilbur Manchester, M.A., Instructor in English Jerauld Armington Manter, B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Entomology Robert K. McCandliss, B.S., Instructor in Physics Walter C. McKain, jr., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Rural Sociology Andrew J. McMullan, jr., M.M., Instructor in Music James Andrew Scarborough McPeek, Ph.D., Professor of English George Edgar McReynolds, Ph.D., Professor of Government and International Relations Felice H. Melker, M.A., Graduate Assistant in Psychology John Cochran Montgomery, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics Edmund Arthur Moore, Ph.D., Professor of History Robert H. Moss, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Earl H. Newcomer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Botany Carl Gustaf Allen Nordling, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Mathematics William Dillard Orbison, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Psychology Edward J. O'Reilly, jr., B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Robert F. Osborne, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Foreign Languages Charles E. Osgood, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology. Charles A. Owen, Jr., B.Litt., Instructor in English Frederick L. Page, III, A.B., Graduate Assistant in History Remo A. Pellin, B.A., Cvaduate Assistant in Chemistry Lawrence Raymond Penner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology Barbara H. Perkins, B.S., Graduate Assistant Sociology Gregory M. Pitoniak, Master Sergeant Coast Artillery Corps, Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics Leonard S. Pitts, B.S., Assistant Instructor in Chemistry john E. Pixton, jr., B.S., Graduate Assistant in History Harry Posman, B.S.S., Iinstructor in Sociology Conrad Ranger, M.D., Clinical Associate in Psychology Con staff of Norwich State Hospitalb John Stewart Rankin, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Zoology Richard Ayer Rhodes, II, M.S., Instructor in Physics Henry N. Ricciuti, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Dana Harold Ridgley, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Helen Murray Roberts, A.M., Asst. Prof. of Mathematics Henry James Rockel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Janet F. Rogan, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Zoology Josephine Ala Rogers, M.A., Asso. Prof. of Physical Education Robert F. Rolsten, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Ronald N. Rood, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Zoology David H. Rosenblatt, A.B., Research Fellow in Chemistry George J. Rosenblit, B.S., Research Technician in Chemistry Irwin Rosenman, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Mary L. Rothschild, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry George R. Rumney, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography Michael J. Rutti, M.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages James J. St. Germain, Ph.B., Graduate Assistant in Government and International Relations George Brandon Saul, Ph.D., Professor of English Gordon F. Schaefer, Technical Sergeant, U.S.A.F., Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics Andre Schenker, M.A., Associate Professor of History Herman O. Schmidt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology Con staff of Norwich State Hospitalb Violet T. Schroeder, M.A., Instructor in English Harold Spencer Schwenk, M.S., Associate Professor of Chemistry Charles Hill Wallace Sedgewick, Ph.D., Prof. of Mathematics Rubin Segal, Instructor in Music Con staff of Julius Hartt School of Musicj W. John Sieg, B.A., Instructor in Speech and Drarnatics Fritz Semmler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Julius I.. Silver, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Daniel Skandera, Jr., Captain, U.S.A.F., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics for Air William P. Snavely, M.A., Instructor in Economics Earl C. Spaeth, Ph.D,, Instructor in Chemistry Kenneth A. Spaulding, M.A., Assistant Professor of English Marshall L. Spector, B.S.. Graduate Assistant in Chemistry Adam H. Spees, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics John Young Squires, M.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Physical Education Robert I. Stack, Colonel, Infantry, Prof. of Mil. Science and Tactics Samuel Steingiser, M.S., Research Assistant in Chemistry Doris S. Stockton, M.S., Instructor in Mathematics Paul Nason Taylor, A.M., Assistant Professor of Economics Philip E. Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics Albert A. Thibault, M.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages Charles R. Thomas, Jr., M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Millard Thompson, Major, Cavalry, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Evelyn M. Thomson, B.A., Graduate Assistant in History Winthrop Tilley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English L. Grant Tolles, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Botany George Safford Torrey, A.M., Professor of Botany Philip N. Treggor, B.M., Instructor in Music Edward George VanBibber, M.P.E., Asso. Prof. of Phy. Educa. Raymond Harold Walace, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Botany Richard Andrew Wargo, B.P.E., Instructor in Physical Education Charles E. Waring, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Robert Warnock, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of English Albert Edmund Waugh, M.S., Professor of Economics James L. Weber, M.A., Instructor in History Stanley Edward Wedberg, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Bacteriology Nathan Laselle Whetten, Ph.D., Professor of Rural Sociology Max Richard White, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Government ' and International Relations Vinton Esten White, A.B., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology Robert A. Wichert, Ph.D., Instructor in English Leo C. Wilderman, B.S., Instructor in Physical Education Charles Wisdom, M.A., Assistant Professor of Anthropology Monroe D. Wright, First Lieutenant, U.S.A.F.R., Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics for Air James William Yates, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Robert Wright Yingling, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Music Emeritus Professors Richard Elwood Dodge, A.M., Professor of Geography, Emeritus Christie Jennie Mason, B.Agr., Instructor in Bacteriology, Emeritus Howard Douglas Newton, Ph.D., Prof. of Chemistry, Emeritus Howard Arnold Seckerson, M.A., Prof. of English, Emeritus LAUREN CE J. ACKERMAN A.M., L.L.B. Dean THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agt., Dean of the University Laurence Justin Ackerman, A.M,, LL.B., Dean of Bus. Admin. Samuel Charles McMMillan, M.B.A., Asst, Dean of Bus. Admin. Laurence Justin Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Professor of Insurance Elmer Olin Anderson, M.S,, Professor of Dairy Manufacturing Frank Howard Ash, M.A., Asso. Prof. of Bus. Edu. and Sec. Studies Robert Chester Baldwin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy Ruth Bosworth, M.A., Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies George K. Brinegar, B.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Agricultural Economics William Harrison Carter, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Economics Albert H. Cohen, M.B.A., Instructor in Accounting John George Confrey, LL.B., Assistant Professor of Industry Dorothy Culp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Hsitory Joseph P. F. Dannehy, LL.B., Instructor in Business Law Olga Elena deCillis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Frederick Alfred Ekeblad, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Business Statistics Arsen Dann Emerzian, lNI.B.A., Instructor in Management Carl J. Gladfelter, M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Marketing Albert Otto Greef, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance Clayton R. Grimstad, M.B.A., Instructor in Accounting Kenneth W. Herrick, M.B.A., Instructor in Marketing Lester W. Ingalls, Jr., M.B.A., Instr. in Business Administration David Ivry, M.B.A., Iinstructor in Insurance Alice B. Kane, B.S., Instructor in Business Administration Harry Dagdigian Kerrigan, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Accounting Laurence King, B,S., Instructor in Accounting Tamlin K. Lindsay, M.S., Assistant Professor of Marketing Alva Parent Loiselle, LL.B., Instructor in Business Law Zenon S. Malinowski, M.B.A., Instructor in Business Statistics Samuel Charles McMillan, M.B.A., Professor of Marketing Laurence Lippincott Parrish, B.A., Associate Professor of Industry Carol A. Pinckney, Instructor in Secretarial Studies Raymond Alexander Ross, M.A., C.P.A., Assoc. Prof. of Accounting William L. St. Onge, LL.B., Instructor in Business Law Nelson C. Shafer, Jr., M.C.S., Assistant Professor of Marketing Roland B. Smith, M.A., Assistant Professor of Advertising Richard M. Story, Jr., B.S., Assistant Professor of Management John B. Sullivan, LL.B., Instructor in Business Law Theodore A. Toedt, M.B.A., Instructor in Management Stanley C. Vance, M.A., Assistant Professor of Industry Lawrence P. Webster, M.S., Instructor in Accounting THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University P. Roy Brammell, Ph.D., Dean of Education William Theodore Gruhn, Ph.D., Acting Dean of Education Vernon E. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Eleanor Murray Antan, B.Ed., Graduate Assistant in Education Frank Howard Ash, M.A., Associate Professor of Business Educaf tion and Secretarial Studies Harold Herbert Benjamin, B.A., Graduate Assistant in Education David James Blick, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ruth Bosworth, M.A., Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies Weston Ashmore Bousfield, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology P. Roy Brammell, Ph.D., Professor of Education James M. Burke, B.S. in Ed., Graduate Assistant io Education Catherine May Campbell, M.A., Asst. rof. of Home Econ. Edu. William Fitch Cheney, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Joseph Orlean Christian, B.S., Associate Prof. of Phy. Education DWane Rolland Collins, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education James Louis Cooper, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Education B. Alice Crossley, Ed.D., Assistant,Professor of Education Arsene Croteau, M.A., Professor of Foreign Languages Adele Davine, M.A., Assistant Professor of Child Dereloprnent Leonard F. Dean, Ph.D., Professor of English Russell Myles De-Coursey, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology Raymond A. Ebner, M.Ed., Instructor in Education Carlton XV, H. Erickson, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Education Carl Frederick Fischer, M.A., Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Professor of Education Joseph Raymond Gerberich, Ph.D-., Professor of Education William Theodore Gruhn, Ph.D., Professor of Education Wilma Belknap Keyes, M.A., Assistant Professor of Art Wendell Homer Kinsey, A.M., Associate Professor of Physics Arthur Lewis Knoblauch, Ed.D., Professor of Education Mar yElizabeth Lombard, M.A., Assistant Professor of Education W. Howard Martin, M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Arigcultural Education Edmund Arthur Moore, Ph.D., Professor of History Arwood Stanley Northby, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Philo Theophilis Pritzkau, M.A., Assistant Professor of Education Josephine Ala Rogers, M.A., Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education Allan Bunker Smith, B.S., Instructor in Education John Young Squires, M.Ed., Asst. Prof. of Physical Education Isaac Newton Thur, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Clarence A. Weber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Robert Wright Yingling, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Music THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University Francis Lee Castleman, Jr., D.Sc., Dean of Engineering Laurence Justin Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Professor of Insurance Arthur Ernest Anderson, B.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Bernard Applebaum, M.E., Instructor in Civil Engineering Allen Brown Barton, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering Robert King Benson, B.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Vitti Julian Biretta, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Ronald Scott Brand, B.S., Asst. Prof. of Mechincal Engineering Howard Wallace Butler, B.S., Asst. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering Francis Lee Castleman, Jr., D.Sc., Professor of Civil Engineering 9 William Fitch Cheney, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Mathernatics Manfred D. Clayton, Jr., M.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Charles Henry Coogan, Jr., M.S., M.E., Prof. of Mech. Engin. Wendell Davis, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Douglas Patten Fay, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering Frederick Philip Fischer, M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Electrical Enginering David Alexander Fisher, M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Mech. Engineering Edward Victor Gant, M.S., Associate Prof. of Civil Engineering John Henry Helve, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Howard Leavenworth Heydt, S.M., Instr. in Electrical Engineering Winthrop Edward Hilding, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Mech. Engineering Allan Juster, B.M.E., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Wendel Homer Kinsey, A.M., Associate Professor of Physics Thomas Patrick Landers, M.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Richard Loose Laudenslager, E.E., Asst. Prof. of Elec. Engineering Reginald Venn Milbank, B.S., Asst. Prof. of Civil Engineering Aron Leon Mirsky, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Civil Engineering Earl Russell Moore, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering John Parker, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Charles James Pelletier, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering William Littell Raymond, Jr., M.E., AssL Prof. of Civil Engin. Edward Joseph Robb, M.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Henry James Rockel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Peter Walter Rogan, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Clarence Walter Schultz, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Elec. Engineering Harold Spencer Schwenk, M.S., Associate Professor of Chemistry Victor Everett Scottron, M.S., Associate Professor of Civil Engin. Richard Hugh Spencer, B.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering Erich Richard Stephan, M.S., Associate Prof. of Mech. Engineering Gregory Stephen Timoshenko, Dipl.Ir1g., Ph.D., Prof. of Elec. Eng. Kenneth Clem Tippy, M.S., Professor of Civil Engineering Aubrey Charles Tobey, B.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Wilbur James Widmer, S.M., Instructor in Civil Engineering Lavergne Edward VC'illiams, M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Elec. Engineering NATHAN L. WHETTEN Ph.D Dean THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Bur Gntetry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University Nathan Laselle Whetten, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School Laurence Justin Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Professor of Insurance Lawrence Hardin Amundsen, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Elmer Olin Anderson, M.S., Professor of Dairy Manufacturing Vernon E. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Homero Arjona, Ph.D., Professor of Foreign Languages Frank Howard Ash, M.A., Associate Professor of Business Educa- tion and Secretarial Studies james Harwood Barnett, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Edward G. Boettiger, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology Weston Ashmore Bousheld, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology P. Roy Brammell, Ph.D., Professor of Education Benjamin Arthur Brown, M.S., Professor of Agronomy joseph Brown, jr., A.M., Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Edwin Grant Burrows, Pr.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology Ralph Judson Bushnell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Genetics William Harrison Carter, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Economics Marjorie Case, M.A., Assistant Professor of Social Work Francis Lee Castleman, Jr., D.Sc., Professor of Civil Engineering William Fitch Cheney, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Hugh Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology DWane R. Collins, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education Charles Henry Coogan, lr., M.S., M.E., Prof. of Mech. Engineering Wendell Burnham Cook, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry J. Louis Cooper, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Education john J. Cronin, Jr., M.A., Professor of Social Work Leonard F. Dean, Ph.D., Professor of English Russell Myles DeCoursey, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology Henry Dorsey, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy Reinhold August Dorwart, Ph.D., Professor of History Hamilton Dean Eaton, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Animal Nutrition Roger Boynton Friend, Ph.D., Entomologist Sol L. Garfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Professor of Education joseph Raymond Gerberich, Ph.D., Professor of Education Albert Otto Greef, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance Mary Louise Greenwood, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Foods and Nutri. William Theodore Gruhn, Ph.D., Professor of Education William S. Horton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry james Lowlel-Hypes, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Robert Ebenezer Johnson, M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Dairy Hushandry Donald Forsha jones, Sc.D., Geneticist Erwin Leopold Jungherr, D.M.V., Professor of Animal Diseases Curtis G. Keyes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Floriculture Charles Albert Kind, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry Harold P. Knauss, Ph.D., Professor of Physics Arthur Lewis Knoblauch, Ed.D., Professor of Education Walter Leroy Kulp, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteriology Walter Landauer, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics Marian Lowe, M.A., Associate Professor of Social Work Lloyd Daniel Matterson, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Poultry Hushandry Walter Cecil McKain, Jr., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Rural Sociology james Andrew Scarborough McPeek, Ph.D., Professor of English George Edgar McReynolds, Ph.D., Professor of Government and International Relations Edmund Arthur Moore, Ph.D., Professor of History Earl H. Newcomer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Botany William Dillard Orbison, Ph.D., Asstistant Professor of Psychology Charles E. Osgood, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Evalyn Bergstrand Owens, M.S., Professor of Home Economics Lawrence Raymond Penner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology Edmond Adrian Perregaux, Ph.D., Prof. of Agricultural Economics Martha Potgieter, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Foods and Nutrition Paul Lee Putnam, M.S., rofessor of Farm Management john Stewart Rankin, jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor. of Zoology Henry N. Ricciuti, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology George Brandon Saul, Ph.D., Professor of English Herman O. Schmidt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, .. Charles Hill Walace Sedgewick, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Fritz Semmler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Edwin Pierce Singsen, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Poultry I-Iushandry Earl C. Spaeth, Ph.D., 'Instructor in Chemistry Arless A. Spielman, Ph.D., Professor of Dairy Hushandry Philip E. Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics lsaac Newton Thut, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Gregory Stephen Timoshenko, Dipl,lng., Ph.D., Prof. of Elec. Eng. Kenneth Clem Tippy, M.S., Professor of Civil Engineering George Safford Torrey, A.M., Professor of Botany Raymond Harold Wallace, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Botany Charles E. Waring, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Robert Wranock, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of English Albert Edmund Waugh, M.S., Professor of Economics Nathan Laselle Whetten, Ph.D., Professor of Rural Sociology Max Richard White, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Government and In- ternational Relations james William Yates, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University Evalyn Bergstrand Owens, M.S., Dean of Home Economics Catherine May Campbell, M.A., Acting Dean of Home Economics Laurence Justin Ackerman, A.M., LL.B., Professor of Insurance Vernon E. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education Catherine May Campbell, M.A., Asst. Prof. of Home Econ. Edu. Marjorie Beebe Carter, Assistant Instructor in Home Economics Mary Frances Parmelee Carter, M.A., Instr. in Child Development William Harrison Carter, jr., Ph.D., Professor of Economics Ruth uRssell Clark, B.S., Professor of Home Economics, State Home Demonstration Leader Janina Mary Czaikowski, M.S., Assistant Professor of Nutrition Adele Davine, M.A., Assistant Professor of Child Development Olga Elena deCi1lis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Grace Ann Eikel, M.A., Assistant Professor of Clothing and Art Carol Lucille Engebretson, M.S., Instructor in Home Management Vera Black Forsyth, B.A., Instructor in Home Economics Mildred Pearl French, M.A., Professor of Home Economics Margaret Root Gaylor, B.S., Asst. Instructor in Home Economics Pearl Adell Gilmore, M.S., Assistant Professor of Textiles and Art Mary Louise Greenwood, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Foods and Nutri. Barbara Jane Hammill, M.S., Instructor in Clothing and Art Laura Grace Hampton, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Horne Manage- rnent and Chzlrl Dezfeloprnent Margaret Hoitt Harvey, M.A., Research Asst. in Foods and Nutri- James Lowell Hypes, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Wilma Belknap Keyes, M.A., Assistant Professor of Art Marjorie Ceil Kircher, M.S., Instructor in Art Merle Sharon Klinck, B.S.A., B.S.M.E., Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering Sidney Korando, M.A., Asst. Prof. of Horne Management Robert Seeley LaRue, B.A., Instructor in Physics Helene Pease Matterson, B.S., Instructor in Clothing and Art Edith Cavell McComb, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Foods and Nutrition Samuel Charles McMillan, M.B.A., Professor of Marketing James Andrew Carborough McPeek, Ph.D., Professor of English Fay Marie Moeller, M.A., Assistant Professor of Farnily Life Evalyn Bergstrand Owens, M.S., Professor of Home Economics Martha Potgieter, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Foods and Nutrition Mary Ellen Roach, M.S., Instructor in Textiles and Clothing Isola Denman Robinson, B.S., Instr. in Institu. Mngt. and Foods Elizabeth Rogge, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Foods and Nutrition Janice W. Smith, M.A., Instructor in Child Development Cynthia Reeves Snow, M.A., Assistant Professor of Art Katherine Amanda Tingley, M.A., Associate Professor of Clothing Carolyn Ladd Widmer, R.N., B.A., B.N., Professor of Nursing Irma M. Winkleblack, R.Ed., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension, Assistant State 4-H Cluh Leader CAROLYN L. WIDMER R.N., B.A., B.N. Dean THE SCHOOL OF NURSING Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University Carolyn Ladd Widmer, R.N., B.A., B.N., Dean of the School of Nursing Robert Chester Baldwin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy 241 James Harwood Barnett, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Dorothy Culp, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History Russell Myles DeCoursey, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology Joseph A. Dolan, R.N., B.S., Assistant Professor of Nursing Ethel Mary Elliot, R.N., M.A., Asst. Prof. of Puhlic Health Nursing Virginia Marilyn Farrell, R,N., B.S., Asst. Instructor in Nursing Ralph Lawrence Gilman, M,D., F.A.C.P., University Physician Charles Albert Kind, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chernistry Walter Leroy Kulp, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteriology James Andrew Scarborough McPeel-c, Ph.D., Professor of English William Dillard Orbison, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology Lawrence Raymond Penner, h.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology Elaine Church Raymond, R.N., B.S., Asst. Instr. in Nursing Josephine Ala Rogers, M.A., Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education Elizabeth Rogge, M.S., Assistant Professor of Foods and Nutrition Harold Spencer Schwenk, M.S., Associate Professor of Chemistry Carolyn Ladd Widmer, R.N., B.A., B.N., Professor of Nursing Elizabeth U. Wright, R.N., M.A., Asst. Prof. of Psychiatric Nurs. Associate Members Elizabeth S. Bixler, R.N., M.A., Dean, Yale Univ, Sch. of Nurs. Marion H. Douglas, R.N., M.P.H., Director, Visiting Nurse Asso- ciation of Hartford Janet R. Nusinoff, R.N., B.S., Dir. of Nurs., Conn. State Hosp. Martha P. Jayne, R.N., M.A., Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, Yale University School of Nursing Marion MacKenzie, R.N., B.S., Dir. of Nurs., Norwich State Hosp. Consultants Wilmar M. Allen, M.D., Director, Hartford Hospital Elizabeth S. Bixler, Dean, Yale University School of Nursing Marion H. Douglas, Director, Visiting Nurse Association, Hartford Ralph Lawrence Gilman, M.D., University Physician Annie W. Goodrich, Dean and Professor of Nursing, Emeritus, Yale University School of Nursing Herbert Thomas, M.D., Professor of Ohstetrics and Gynecology, Yale University School of Medicine Hedwig Toelle, Assistant Professor of Puhlic Health Nursing Yale University School of Nursing 5!,,c.m- ., ,V .I ll . ' , . HAROLD G. HEWITT Pho t.. . I Dm I W THE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agr., Dean of the University Harold G, Hewitt, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Pharmacy Robert Hugh Alcorn, B.A., LL.M., Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Law Leslie Burns Barrett, Ph.C., Prof. of Biology and Pharntacognosy Naomi Bernard, B.S. CPhar.J, Asst, Instr. in Pharm. and Chem. A. Paul Coladarci, MS., Instructor in Psychology Nicholas William Fenney, B.S. QPhar.D, M,P.H., Associate Pro- fessor of Pharmacy Horace James Fuller, Phm.B., B.A., Asst. Prof. of Economics Philip Grifhn, A.B., Assistant Instructor in Bacteriology Thomas Hannigan, Instructor in First Aid Harold George Hewitt, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Josephine Izzo, Ph.G., B.S., Asst. Instr. in Biology and Chemistry Paul J. Jannke, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Henry Stoddard Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Edgar L. LaBrum, B.A., Assistant Instructor in Bacteriology Joshua M. Leise, Ph.D., Lecturer in Bacteriology Augustus Andrew Maier, Ph.C., B.S,, Professor of Pharmacy Doris M. McTigue, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics Theodore J. Shannon, M.A., Instructor in Social Sciences Donald M. Skauen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Astrid Totten, M.A., Instructor in English Albert M. White, B.S. 1'Phar.J, Assistant Instructor in Chemistry Wallace Fletcher White, M.S., Associate Professor of Physiology and Parmaracology Walter Royalstone Wililams, B.S. CPhar.J, Asst. Prof. of Chem. Earle Zeigler, M.A., Instructor in German 242 ALBERT I. MANN Director RATCLIFFE HICKS SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Albert Nels Jorgensen, Ph.D., LL.D., Presiden tof the University Charles Burt Gentry, M.S. in Agn, Dean of the Uniuersity Wilfred B. Young, M.S., D.Agr. Chon.c.J, Dean and Director of the College of Agriculture Albert I. Mann, M.S., Dir. of the Ratcliffe Hichs Sch. of Agri. Elmer Olin Anderson, M.S,, Professor of Dairy Manufacturing Kenneth A. Bradley, B.S., Instructor in Horticulture John A. Christian, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Animal Husbandry Walter Marshall Collins, B.S., Instructor of Poultry Husbandry George Wesley Crowther, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Agricul. Engineer. Henry Dorsey, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy Leonard Reynolds Dowd, M.S.A., Assoc. Prof. of Dairy Manufac. Robert Bruce Hallmark, M.S. in Agr., Asst. Prof. of Animal Hush. Curtis G. Keyes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Floriculture Merle Sharon Klinck, B.S.A., B.S.M.E., Assoc. Prof. of Agri. Eng. Joseph Lent, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Horticulture Bernhard Olaf Johan Linnevold, M.A., Asst. Prof. of Government and International Relations Edward Wilbur Manchester, M.A., Instructor in English Richard Emerson Marland, M.S., Asst. Prof. of Dairy Manufac. W. Howard Martin, M. S., Assoc. Prof. of Agriculture Education Donald N. Mercer, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry Max Eugene Morgan, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Dairy Manufacturing Rufus Isham Munsell, M.S., Assistantn Professor of Agronomy Margaret Constance Ohlander, B.S., Asst. Instr. in Floriculture Edward Llewellyn Palmer, B.S., Instr. in Agricultural Engineering Edmond Adrian Perregeaux, Ph.D., Prof. of Agricultural Econ. Paul Lee Putnam, M.S., Professor of Farm Management Howard Arthur Rollins, M.S., Professor of Horticulture Francis A. Ryan, M.S.A,, Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry Edwin Pierce Singsen, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Poultry Husbandry Arless A. Spielman, Ph.D., Professor of Dairy Husbandry James Harlow Whitaker, M.S.A., Instr. in Agricultural Engineering John Douglas Winn, V.S., Assoc. Prof. of Animal Diseases Edgar P. Wyman, M.F., Assistant Professor of Forestry 1' I I X IN EASTERN CONNECTICUT IT S THE j COMFORT Horel. COURTESY AHEAD IN HOSPITALITY CUISINE ,mfg zngwdwm ofefmmmdemqod- WILLIMANTICS Home or REAL HOSPITALITY THE NATHAN HALE HOTEL WILLIMAN TIC CONNECTICUT ,zlizffalfkuvi I Q NX Qmovl' ' ME WARREN sf FITTS X ZZ ROYAL SCARLET STORES Self Servlce conom W ne Ome Urns n S smce 1874 Phone 9543 STORRS, CONN N S of Wfancfxaifw - . I .I . ' 9 o f o Comp imentx of 7 f A X W 08 . 'is f 5 4 gx X X Serving Connecticut , - Y ithfi h f ihig We call to your attention the Installation of a complete GENERAL ELECTRIC kitchen nn the HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE - - - - and Complete G E kitchens In the new - - APARTMENT DORMITORIES TEACHERS For full particulars on the GE Educational plan ORKIL INC BOX 208 HARTFORD 1 CONN C omplzments F R I E N D Complzments of the ROCK GARDEN H BRETTSCHNEIDER CAPITOL RESTAURANT Across from South Campus DINNERS LUNCHES SANDWICHES A rzemily place wztb quzck rerwce Phone No 9381 STORRS CONNECTICUT MASTRANGELO S Next to the New North Campus DINN ERS LUNCHES Tasty Sandwnches Fountaxn Servlce uzck Serwce Low Prlcer Phone 9156 STORRS CONNECTICUT 6134 ' of a O write Miss Margaret McCarthy f. . . . Q t I - ' 245 7134 in 0 QUJECTIC GFOX CO ear to the hearts of Connecticut fam111es IS G Fox 8: C , the store that has served Connectlcut fam111es for one hun dred and two years, the store that has become a fam1ly favor1te by bemg able to meet your every need, through out the years, for quallty at the pr1ce you Want to pay' Come 1n and shop, order your needs by mall or phone at G Fox 8: Co after the manner of a long standmg Connectrcut Tradition! ' I I I Ur Co ' ,gy -be 'I' 'bo L: .J 221' fox 0, 5 ?f':':, '2 "' :fl 'inigl' -' ' 9 y t I 1,5 "J l . . . . l 0. N 246 THE JORDAN HARDWARE 670 MAIN STREET WILLIMANTIC CONN Hardware 6 Gzftr Smce 1889 PHONE TOOLS HARDWARE DEVOE 8: CARMOTE PAINT SPORTING GOODS HOUSEWARES WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES DELIVER ROAD BRIDGE INDUSTRIAL SEWER CONSTRUCTION SAND GRAVEL TRAP ROCK TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE CRANE SERVICE THE ALEXANDER JARVIS CO 654 CENTER STREET MANCHESTER CONN Maln Ofhce Manchester 41 12 Htfd Exchange Enterprlse 9500 STORRS CONCRETE and GRAVEL PLANT Storrs 9339 L G BALFOUR COMPANY O cm! jeweler OI' UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT RINGS Orders may be placed on Campus w1th Student Agents or Central Treasurer GRON P LLOYD Reprexenlame L G BALFOUR COMPANY Box 144 Canaan, Connectxcut Co. - M GIFTS Residence Manchester 727 5 700 - WE F 247 14115441 D. e . p OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE I949 NUTMEG 6 THE ARTHUR STUDIO One Eleven csrend Sfreef Waterbury Connecticut e I I T CTQO E 8 SGNS INCQRPQRATED LITHOCRAPHY 06120 PRINTING 3I JEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD CQNEECTICUT TELEPHONE 11 9226 MASTERS OF THE GRAPHIC ARTS ' LJ , , DIRECT NEW YORK WIRE-MELROSE 5-11ll2 249 xv ,M W '...- ., ul-a'i1?Wy3'Wf" " ,W . Q45- Jff- wi MQ in 1 LH- f . ,M 'N 'QQ ,X fi' , A f i2 '55iid-mfN 'f" ' , 3 e M, ,ew ., ,W '- ff'f- 4 -W., - H - "HMM, ,r if x 5 B A ' 'iffy , ,, -vii w Nt, , Zffgix :nw 4 iiiggykgiwyx, 'M -f , ,fu f W-A 'PQ J , , 'w Q 1 .W , . ul 1, "T .- M " ,., - .'ff 1 , ,..,,:,f gg wwf 1 L ., ,Q 1 . 2 -:hi-W gag 1 fj,m,f2S'x -A-gg W .QI-Q - X,, wfwfgf1 . 5 , , ,Ayn-139' Ml Q-QR-.1 QVQ, i 'PIL """' ' x' 'PZ' if ' 'w'Ki,, 1 Lfniyfmt JR: ,K , if X, ,YM iv" '1 . x i- rq, , KN! 2,-r ' lf ' f -A ,- ms L K' fffff 214, frl3 5 4, ,,, , .1f- ,.,W,1, '---' my , . ASR Xl 'grw,,?,L4,, ,,,. C6

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