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coloradan 1965 published by the associated students of the university of Colorado — boulder, Colorado volume 67 editor-in-chief joan crosbie managing editor .... carolyn alien copy editor rob nnaddock layout consultant . . george veronda chief photographer .... dave hoch business manager chris barr table of contents k. ' i ' ' i CMfJi Ji ■ , «i ' llill University Life 29 Administration 129 Greeks 165 Athletics 251 Residences 305 Organizations 369 Senior Class 461 Index 576 ' ' m M . mmm M. W- -■JEl, UH - «. There is this man. He is born looking to the sky, high upon summer ' s tree, amidst rocky dwellings and ocean orchards. Hewed by the constant night wind and scraped by the sight of other men his fashioned flesh strains to find its proper place. One man, perhaps someday to be left alone by his fellows so that the falling water and wind swept meadow will be full with his laughter and more clearly seen through his tears. Where he hears better with his eyes closed, the laughter to fill the emptiness of the earth r Where he hopes, a planning for tomorrow, a smile upon the lips, but where the present remains within the bons of the heart, slowly burning. But too soon he discovers that the myth of youth is rebellion; the rebellion of something to prove, something to smooth over, something to forget. It is sackcloth stance of marching, of gaudy protest, of those on stage with their causes for man rather than men. 10 ■ (I . - ' »n ■T l . ,: mA. It is an almost frantic footrace for tomorrow. 12 m -■ 13 And he wonders just how many shadows of once whole men will be left littered along the roadside. 14 15 16 This rebellion is not of the mind, or of the spirit, where there is a constant sweeping of yesterday ' s dust-covered corridors. 17 For knowledge is the step-child of time and the patient turning over of stones. 18 19 And thus he discovers the great we, always running for the ■ . ■ .-V . israi ■ ' M : i-- • ' :i v ' r ir -v ( m EXIT. 21 And he begins to understand that long ago the spray stopped on its journey to the sand and he forgot the gift of tears, the gift of laughter. It is time again that he remember. 22 23 Life ends, much as it had begun. As an individual, as a wanderer upor the earth, as a solitary man before the onrushing tidesof one sown soul, before the wonderment of the earth passing swiftly through his fingers. For he is, and will be, forever . . . ' 1 rf . ;-■ . ' l. V ' f»; i? " ' i: - ; ' V- r am- mmmm t V- : .-•, alone ; A tm L . Life . . 1 University 32 P JPI 1 i E. V ZT jH 1 i M H r J mm 3kiiK ifr " . J d Royalty ... 86 Publications ... 1)4 unive 29 A continuous growth, a stretching out. a reochinq for both the idea and the reality it measures " What ' s the answer, he wondered, walking through the library, putting out the lights, putting out the lights, putting out the lights, is it all in the whorls on our thumbs and fingers? Why are some people all grasshopper fiddlings, scrapings, all antennae shivering, one big ganglion eternally knotting, slip-knotting, square-knotting themselves? They stoke a furnace all their lives, sweat their lips, shine their eyes and start itall inthecrib. Caesar ' s lean and hungry friends. They eat the dark, who only stand and breathe. " X moving among the shadows of the sun, within the silent winds of winter 32 truly, and it will be said again, that this was the season of ice, of frozen sunshine, of still-born seedlings, of warm fires and the late-times when a kiss was hung, as an ice crystal, upon the night air 34 35 1 d m mm 36 37 38 39 7» ?mA viy -» i y; ri vitti: rr .-iE .-« ; 40 J J at last . . . after what seemed an age of white, the becoming of spring, the lazy lawns, the cleaning off of winter lead and the putting on of tennis shoes . . . the sun focused through the leaves of gold 42 . 43 a walking, walking, walking; god, we are eternally on the move, forever on the make m ' -. •i«i- 44 45 46 47 ! i " -.: t.tfV ■ ■ • ' «« ' V 48 IHilH mMy nl listening to another ' s voice, reading another ' s ambiguous prose, recopying from another who has copied — perhaps a time for your own voice, an end to making over again the nonsense words of eternity 49 50 1 x: i; •lii 51 -tt 52 an often-rain upon cu teams, a year of defeat, but of promising individuals ET ' J jj k ' kl l JP l i nH H H Hj " ' uLjtlt m ■ P l 1 53 .;«si ' ' ' j ' rS J % s , 54 55 i I 1! 56 commitment, the brutal reality that rebuilding from shattered remains means losing, means giving it all you have, means a belief and understanding of you OR 57 58 .T ■ 59 jt i ' . ' ' , ;■■,■■.■ ' ' ■ ■■ 60 process of new forms, of trial and error, of sometime or constant failure; learning the lesson of rack -stretching creation 62 63 64 thetorment of words, drawings, sculpture; turning them over in the distant galaxies of mind, the soul crying softly to itself ' v - 1 i 65 ' ' Good, my lord, will you see the players well bestowed? Do you hear, let them be well used; for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time: after your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live. " — Shakespeare ==Tul jL-i — ii i .-■s - L- i5; iiw»ii laughter, a smile; they need no explanation, no excuse, no diagnosis, for the world is young again, the breeze is fresh and from the northern sky, a fresh dawn floods the world with its song Kvtr y:r;:..ih i-.f-i,} ' - ■•,.■:•■ j- ' ivi-TJ- •—, ;;•,» 69 A 70 . 7] I 72 the conning of an idea, the controversy which seems to be lodged in never-ending complacent darkness, the tug- of-war betvy een what is past and what is to come 73 -J.. . IV iil .. 74 an incessant noise, a loud clamoring to get over the fence, to make the pack, the devil ' s playground of stomp and shout, sink-rats upon a sea of foam; you play hard to forget class-weeks of oft dull professors fF f A 76 78 r 1- 80 L ■Tfffrnaffirmitfiti ' fa ' rffffif two together is but a season of time 82 83 ; ' %mfi! ' fm s- ' r-. ■ im m coloradan queen j rm ' man Newtown, Connecticut sends beautiful Ann Coleman to CD, and the students have been grateful. She has been a member of Pi Beta Phi, Castle Belles, and Spur. She has also w-orked for Sabres and the Interfraternity Council. A French major, Ann spent her junior year studying in Grenoble. Travel must have impressed her in a big way, for after graduation and marriage, she will live in My- konos, Greece. Ann confesses a partiality for warm weather, but quickly grins and explains that Colorado ' s friendliness more than makes up for its low temperatures. - = " •1 1; 86 ' B P rm The Delta Gamma ' s claim Ann Miller as one of their most psychologi- cally interesting members. A junior from Denver, Ann is a cheerleader and a member of Angels ' Flight. Her many hobbies include skiing, swimming, dancing, tennis and guitar-playing. Through her work in motivational research she ' s discovered that green is her favorite color for the " look-alive " feeling it carries. The brown-eyed beauty would like to work in an advertising agency after graduation. 88 jx Hmm- - ' ' rm coloradan queen attendants am Marilyn Algyer, a travel-loving sen- ior from Decorah, Iowa, intends to dedicate her life to the service of others. She is a sociology major working in ihe Morrison girl ' s school in her spare time. Marilyn is also an Assistant Probation Officer for the Boulder County Juvenile Court. Her relaxation comes from writing, watching sports, riding, and collect- ing quotes. She is a soft-spoken transfer student from Iowa Univer- sity, and she is active in the YWCA, and Alpha Kappa Delta. Marilyn ' s 3.4 grade average should persuade any graduate school to accept her for advanced study in sociology after graduation in June. Anne Sloggett comes to CU from Hawaii. Perhaps this explains her active life which includes swim- ming, surfing, skiing and, alas, studying. A speech therapy major, Anne has found time to be in the AWS Revue and Songfest, Silver and Gold, Kappa Alpha Theta, and as- sistant copy editor of the Coloradan. When she is not studying or work- ing she likes to read novels, write " occasional " poems, and engage in conversation covering any topic im- aginable. Barbara Hudson is a history-major- ing cheerleader from Dallas, Texas. Her job of leading yells, she con- tends, is " an outlet for bottled-up emotions. " Maybe so, but students just naturally feel like cheering when they see her. For the past sev- eral summers Barbara has worked as a " substitute anything " in the Department of the Interior in Wash- ington, D.C. She ' s a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma with hopes of teaching in high school or junior college. But until she graduates two years from now, Barbara ' s smile will continue to brighten the history classes of Colorado. 91 homecoming queen and attendants 92 ««. ' The sunshine of Texas hit CUs au- tumn in a big way when Miriam Grace McEvoy, 20-year-old senior from Dallas, was crowned 1964 Homecoming Queen. " Dusty, ' as she is known to her sisters in Delta Gamma, is a marketing major whose chief aim right now is " to graduate. " Plans after that include a five-month trip to Europe and law school in her home state. She has worked as a research assistant and swimming instructor, but riding and playing the guitar are the activities she indulges when her time is her own. A pompon girl in her sopho- more year. Dusty and her southern smile made Homecoming 1964 a warm and sunny weekend for the students at Colorado. Hlg ' .., f, V «c - ' ■ Lovely Elizabeth Crowder, better known on campus as " Buff, " was crowned 1964 Freshman Queen with- in o month after her arrival at CU. This was no fluke.- she had already been a cheerleader, homecoming queen, and valedictorian back home in Claremont, California. Now the Publications Editor for the Coloradan, Buff is majoring in history with hopes of becoming a museum curator. More immediately, however. Delta Gam- ma ' s most enthusiastic member plans a return trip to Europe. Buff ' s regal ambition is to do something worth- while for other people, and no one who knows her doubts that she is achieving that ambition. queen and attendants ' JOr - yVp jm UMju mHtm yim uiama ' ia fvna (D mi 95 (oiemk (mm y-fua military ball queen and attendants 96 Q N ( cfcnm?! Ann Coleman was chosen 1965 Military Ball Queen over the objections of no one. Ann ' s attrac- tive qualities v ere also responsible for her selec- tion as the 1965 Coloradon Queen, and its a safe bet that there are more crowns to come. Janey Criswell, Queen of the 1964 Engineer Ball is a member of almost every honorary for which she ' s eligible. An •outdoor " girl from Denver v.ho camps, climbs, fishes, ancJ goes boating, Janey raises pheasant v hen not attending classes at CU. She is a licensed pilot and plans to use this ability to call on clients in her interior decorating work A member of Nails, Lacrosse Club, Little Sisters of Minerva, and Kappa Kappa Gamma, Janey isn t a bad interior decoration herself. W}Li 98 I 7 3n f f ( ynn engineer ball queen and attendants 99 Karen Widdifield, a twenty year old free-lance model and dress designer, was hailed Winter Carni- val Queen for 1965. The pretty junior from Walsen- burg is a math major and she hopes to teach at the college level. Karen ' s sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and a part-time job in a jewelry store claim most of her spare moments, but she enjoys dinner-and-dancing dates on weekends. winter carnival king and queen au€ JzaJui ' M Dave Zaharias, Delta Tau Delta sophomore from Golden, is the lacrosse-playing King of Winter Carni- val. Known as the " Deacon " by his fraternity broth- ers, Dave spent three years in the army as a para- trooper before coming to CU. 100 mv dorm king and queen ((J f nJ Rich Hedlund, 1965 Dorm King, is majoring in pre- medicine. He ' s planning on a career as an orthopedic surgeon in Denver. A member of Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Rich serves his dormitory as Athletic chairman. W ' ■ ; 7r, Kris Roth, from Portola Valley in California, was named Dorm Queen for this year. A nineteen year- old Farrand freshman, she is a Fine Arts major with the unusual hobbies of collecting old bottles, old books, and scrap iron. Kris is a member of Orchesis and prefers carefree parties of dancing; still, she admits, she ' s at CU for education and that is the most important part of her daily life. 101 i-rrr ' - ]i ' m-rMJ .r- - A ■ - " K 7 - V J -i BP 1. ' ; " iT 35 Left to Right: Pauline Parrish, Frank Tucker, Ellen Fairweother, Justine Zulu, Carol Jo Winchester, James Quigley. rs — those A ith nerve enough to reach up A ard The pacesetter award has been given to those who have reached upward, and measured their dreams from the standpoint of a thorough education both in and be- yond the classroom. Within a grow- ing framework of administrators, and committee or group decisions, these few have left, each alone, an individual footpath. Pacesetters are selected for their contributions to campus leadership, their academic abilities, and their character. With their selection as Pacesetter also goes the added dis- tinction of membership in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " 102 sue lingenfelter Sue Lingenfelter, junior pacesetter, has earned this distinction through her excellent academic record, a grade point of 3.8, and her work in the 3-Year Master ' s Degree pro- gram. Sue is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and holds a Regent Scholarship as well as a research grant from the National Science Foundation. She has been a member of SPUR, Alpha Lambda Delta, the yearbook staff, and was tapped for Mortar Board. rob maddock Rob Maddock, senior from Green- ville, Delaware, has received the pacesetter award in recognition of his contributions to the campus com- munity as a director of Freshman Camp. He is also noted for his at- tempts to establish a libertarian dialogue on campus, which he be- gan OS o colmunist for the New Conservative. Rob is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, national history honorary, and is copy editor for the Coloradan. He has an over-all grade point of 3.5 and plans a major in American Civilization for graduate school. 103 rich tisdel susanne alexander Rich Tisdel, senior pacesetter, has served as the president of his fraternity, Chi Psi, and has received such honors as the Colorado Interstate Oratory Championship. His other campus activ- ities have included the Interfraternity Council, ASUC Senator, and Associate Editor of the New Conservative, Rich has compiled a 2.9 grade point, is a member of Delta Sigma Pi, the na- tional speech honorary, and has acted as mod- erator for the College Bowl. He has also played Santa Clous and has a devastating ping pong serve. Susanne Alexander has participated in a wide variety of campus activities. She was Public Re- lations Commissioner, Vice-President of the As- sociated Women ' s Students, Chairman of AWS Hearing Board, Student Co-ordinator of the High School Relations Program, Chairman of the ASUC Lobby Committee, and a Depart- mental Assistant for the Political Science Depart- ment. Sue has compiled an over-all grade point of 3.6 and is a senior. 104 pam michaels Pam Michaels, senior pacesetter from Dallas, Texas, has made lasting contributions to the University Theatre and to the campus com- munity in general. She has directed the Uni- versity Theatre Children ' s Theatre during 1964 and 1965, and is a member of the Player ' s Club, the theatre honorary. Pam has a 3.6 over-all, was tapped for Mortar Board, received the President ' s Award for 1964, and is a partic ipant in the 3-Year Master ' s Degree program. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority as well. John seeley John Seeley, as president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and president of the Interfrater- nity Council, has had ample opportunity to exhibit his leadership capabilities and to make a lasting mark upon the Greek system in general and the fraternity system in par- ticular. John has also served as Alumni Secretary, and has been a member of Sabres, Phi Epsilon Phi, and People-to-People. 105 9 106 patty creighton Patty Creighton, a junior member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, has lent her talents to student gov- ernment and to various honoraries. While compiling a 3.6 over-all grade point she has found time to be the secretary for her class, and secretary for the President ' s Roundtable. Patty has been a member of Silver and Gold, SPUR, and Hesperia. She has also been active as a dorm wing president and secretary. Steve moise Steve Moise, junior pacesetter, has participated vy idely in campus life. He was President of both his fresh- man and sophomore classes and a member of Silver and Gold, and Phi Epsilon Phi. Steve was Chairman of the Board for the Student Develop- ment Foundation, Commissioner for Alumni Affairs for the ASUC, and a two-year participant on the Dean ' s Academic Advisory Council. He is presently Rush Chairman for Phi Sigma Delta, and plans to eventu- ally study for the law following graduation. ginger larson Ginger Larson has compiled an im- pressive record in both official stu- dent activities and in the spreading of ideas to incoming freshman as a two year counselor at Freshman Camp. She has served as AWS Sen- ator for two years, as AWS Treasur- er, and as Vice-President in charge of the House Program Commission. Ginger has also been a Panhellenic representative, and was tapped for Mortar Board, the Senior Women ' s Honorary. mike enwall Mike Enwall, senior pacesetter, was this year ' s president of the student body. Throughout his stay at the University Mike has been very ac- tive in the machinations of student politics. He has been an IFC Senator, a delegate to USNSA, a member of the Student Body President ' s Con- ference Advisory Board, and was the President Pro-Temp, of the ASUC Senate, for 1964-65. 107 •W ' t i . •■•» iPH- ' » lynn kuykendall nancy deal Lynn Kuykendall is a senior and Chief Justice of the Judiciary Council of the interfraternity Council. He has an over-all grade point of 3.2, is a member of Sigma Nu social fraternity, and has been tapped by Sabres and Sumalia. Lynn has participated in the summer orientation pro- gram for new students, and has been active in both the junior and senior class councils. Nancy Deal, junior pacesetter, is the Resident Advisor to Libby Hall ' s Honor Wing, and is a participant in the 3-Year Master ' s Degree Pro- gram. Nancy has earned a 3.46 over-all and was a junior advisor to SPUR and President of Hesperia. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and holds a Joint Honors Scholarship. 108 Marshall Silver, a senior in the College of En- gineering, has compiled a grade point of 3.4 over-all. He is President of the Associated En- gineering Students, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, and Sigma Tau, all engineering honoraries. Marshall has been awarded an American Society for Testing and Materials Scholarship, and was the Assistant Editor of the Colorado Engineer. Merrilee Marsaglia, senior pacesetter and Pres- ident of the Honors Union Council, has a grade point of 3.75 over-oil. She was the Honors Union Senator for ASUC, Academic Affairs Commissioner, and Chairman of the Dean ' s Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Committee. Mer- rilee received the Presidents Award, was tap- ped for both Hesperia and Mortar Board, and is a participant in the 3-Year Master ' s Degree Program. marshall silver merrilee marsaglia 109 sue lauer Jeanne cowles Sue Lauer, senior pacesetter, has been instru- mental to the success of Freshman Camp, serving as both a counselor and director. She has also been a Resident Advisor in the dorm system, a New Student Orientation group leader, and an initiate of SPUR and Mortar Board. Sue was the Chairman of the AWS Hearing Committee, an AWS Representative, and a member of Psi Chi. Jeanne Cowles, has lent both her beauty and inquiring mind to the CU scene for her four years at the University. She was the Homecom- ing Queen for 1 963, and has been both a Fresh- man Camp counselor and director. Jeanne has been a resident advisor, the commander of Angel ' s Flight, an AWS Senior Senator, Aca- demic Affairs co-commissioner, and Chairman of the High School Relations sub-commission. She is also a member of Hesperia, and was tapped for Mortar Board roberta rubenstein Roberta Rubenstein has a grade point of 3.72 over-all and is a mem- ber of the 3-Year Master ' s Degree program. She has been an AWS Senator, a member of the Student Disciplinary Committee of CU, fresh- man dorm wing president, a Fresh- man Camp counselor, head of the People-to-People Orientation Com- mittee, a member of the honors program, and a participant in the Honors Union Council. Roberta has also received a scholarship from General Mills in the Betty Crocker Search, and is a member of Made- moiselle magazine ' s College Board. richard cys Richard Cys, junior pacesetter, was voted the Outstanding Freshman Engineer Award, and has earned an over-all grade point of 3.69. His achievements in the field of En- gineering are mirrored in his mem- bership in Phi Kappa Tau, and he was an honor junior of Tau Beta Pi. Rick is also the current Vice-Presi- sent of the ASUC, a member of Hammers, and a writer for the Colorado Engineer. ..;-{ ' i ' i Wi vy ' ' ' ' ' ' - ;-) ' -: ' . ..,. h ' -i-n f • ■■■v ipl barbara ward julie sullivan Barbara Ward, senior pacesetter, is one of Delta Gamma ' s primary assets, as well as having contributed a great deal to CU campus life through her participation in a many activities. Barbara has been a member of SPUR and Hes- peria, was tapped for Mortar Board, and served as secretary to that honorary. She has also been secretary for the UMC Board, and treasurer for the senior class. Barbara has earned an over-all grade point of 3.0 during her four years and will be married before graduation. Julie Sullivan, while compiling a grade point of 3.5 over-all, has been active in both the Greek sphere, as President of Alpha Omicron Pi; and the campus sphere, as UMC Board Chairman. Julie has been a member of SPUR, Hesperia and Mortar Board. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Personnel Chairman of the YWCA In- ternational Fair, and was a part of the CU Radio-TV Department ' s technical crew. 12 Mathew Zachariah has been chosen as this year ' s foreign student pacesetter. This pre- cecJent, that of selecting an outstanciing for- eign student as a Pacesetter, was begun three years ago. Mathew is a graduate student and has an over-all grade point of 3.96. He has been a University Fellow for three years, was the President of the India Association, First Vice-President of Phi Delta Kappa, and he has had numerous articles published in both the United States and India. Jean Biesemeier is a senior and has been selected as a pacesetter because of her thorough preparation and activities before receiving her degree from CU ' s School of Nursing. Jean is a member of the Colorado Student Nurse ' s Association, Chairman of Re- cruitment for that group, and she was active in the choir and the student council. She is also an active participant in the National Student Nurse ' s Association, and was a mem- ber of their Recruitment Committee. mathew zachariah jean biesemeier L 113 publications 114 Bill Long, Gennie Ray, James Weeks. Curt Eoton. Chris Burns, James Quigley, Judson Pearson. publications board acts as controller of journalistic responsibility Freedom of speech necessarily stip- ulates responsibility in journalistic expression. And with this in mind the Board of Publications has been serving the University as a policy- determining board for all campus publications. Exactly who should determine the area and scope of journalistic responsibility, however, has been a much debated topic. Comprised of three faculty mem- bers who sit on the Senate Commit- tee on Student Publications, three students appoin ted by ASUC, and three faculty members appointed by President Smiley, the board selects key staff personnel and keeps a watchful eye on staff bud- gets and appointments. 115 Managing Editor Carolyn Allen Putting together a chronolgy of the year ' s events isn ' t easy. It is a rush of dark-light days where one must hear with his eyes and see with the palms of his hands. It is a world of unrelated subjects brought together to form a complete essay. The coffee pot bubbling at two in the morning, the racket of typewriters failing to muffle the cries of an enraged managing editor, the late show at the drive-in being viewed through binoculars. And finally the lights are turned off. A door slams to awake the shadows of the fourth floor. It was said of last years staff that they laughed. This year it may be said that we have laughed, and perhaps, each in his own way, cried a bit too. But words and pictures are only a part of bringing a year ' s events to focus on a few hundred pages. The meaning of these pages will forever remain in the eyes and heart of the beholder . . . and he alone. 16 v - [ " X Chief Photographer Dove Hoch Copy Editor Robert Maddock Layout Consultant George Verondo coloradan: pulling together a year ' s shadows Fron» Row: Lou Clymer, Linda Honien, Robin Rand, Morla Mortin, Vickie Harris, Anne Ahlvers, Georgann Goither, Margie Blanc, Jim Wilmore. S«cond Row: John Evans, Mary Dell Imig, Bill Ragland. Louello Hein, Kristen Vonderhoof, Nancy Nicola, Nancy Smith, Borbara Reiland, Kirsten Ranheim. Third Row: Noncy Jcnl ns,, Rooul Yr.bcrn, Mory Clark, Regina Leory, Honk Turner, Georgio Nelson. Beisy Roberts Fourth Row: Cothy Smnard, Judi Asbury, Dave Fowlkes, Kay Co hran, Steve Permut, Sheiry Myers Senior Editor Sue Lingenfelter Index Editor Susan Price Pacesetters Editor Tim Binkley Assistant Copy Editor Penny Coleman a strong start and fast finish by a hard A orking staff Royalty Editor Ben Franklin and his court Pacesetter Co-Editor Carol Jo Winchester EBWIM ' W I ' lARf.H 1 •r| Publications Editor Buff Crowder Organizations Co-edifors Joan Tjornhoni and Heather MacGregor Residence Editor Susan Nilson Greek Editor Korol Welch Administration Co-editors Marjory McMohon and Shoron Stanger Athletics Editor George Williams 119 " Photo Co-ordinator Petti Works. Secretary Neide Cater. ■ ■ 2» Jr f- ' - ■ h l H. -A Photo Co-ordinators Karen Stafford, Patti Pol- metier, Vol Barrows, Chorton Larnord, Sandy Adamson, and Krissey Stephens. Secretary Kay Cochran. Staff A orks behind the scenes Business Manager Chris Bart 120 Summer Daily Managing Editor Jim Gates. Sunshine and blue sky characterize a summer spent at CU, but to keep the vital link of campus communication strong, the Summer Daily forged through long summer nights. Under the editorship of Tim Binkley, this three-times-per-week tabloid furnished students with an active account of campus activities. Catering to over 7600 summer students, the Summer Daily provoked considerable interest with a debate between Profes- sor of Chemistry Harold F. Walton and Professor of Philosophy John Nelson. The subject was Senator Barry Goldwater, and it generated a spectacle needed more often on the CU campus. summer daily fills news gap 121 daily seeks brobdingnagian status Day News Editor Sherry Keene and Day Copy Editor Faith Rogers. Editor John Dorschner Managing Editor Tom Schantz T1L " r Gadfly Editor Tim Binkley and Executive Editor Eloise Logsdon. 122 The Colorado Daily, subsidized student newspaper, strives to report the daily warp and woof on and around the CU campus. While the staff is directly under the thumb of the Board of Publications, which controls its monies, the Daily ' s editor, John Dorschner, still managed to campaign against the AWS, supported the Democrats and Lyn- don Johnson during the election campaign, crusaded against the " capitalistic and alumni " influences sur- rounding Homecoming, and generally assumed the attitude of campus gadfly. The sports department was also very informative end the news staff kept the students abreast of final exam dates and the all important fee paying schedule. Night Copy Editor Henry Colt and Night News Editor Jim Gates. Co-Sports Editors Frank Howard and Dick Torpe. Night News Editor Bob Ewegen and Niqhf Copy Editor Susan Clyde. daily busin Business staff members Gary Emblem, Ed Baughman, Scott Heightower, Phil Pietrowski, Craig Farnsworth, Karen Farns- worth, Bill Dowens, and Ron Beightol. Receptionist Virginia Ostrander and Business Manager Larry Vifquain. The main problem of the Doily business staff is keeping the ads from overrunning the letters to the editor. In addition to soliciting advertisements from the local merchants, Business Manager Larry Vifquain ' s staff must lay out the ads, send out financial statements, post the books, and see to it that the office operates efficiently. The staff even has a special credit manager who is in charge of chasing down Daily creditors. Bulletin fditor Linda Moulton, Photographers John Evans and Rob Plummer. iil!iA iM;5 future barristers produce review The guiding light for the University of Colorado Law Review is its dedi- cation as on outlet for potential Clarence Darrows. This superb pub- lication ' s staff is made up exclu- sively of junior and senior law students chosen on the basis of high academic performance. The Review is composed of approxi- mately two-thirds student contribu- tions and the rest is contributed by practicing attorneys, judges, and the low school faculty. The Review also gives the staff a real oppor- tunity to express their own views and to develop an eloquence and mastery in the field of law. Colorado ngineer rated tops Law Review editor jofin jaeger. Since 1904, the Colorado Engineer has been a tradition at CD. This professionally printed and illustrated magazine runs the gamut of en- gineering, but also contains articles by the faculty and staff. Guided by editor Fred Love, the Colorado Engineer serves members of the As- sociation of Engineering Students plus those in the field of engineering. Published four times a year, with a circulation of 2,100, it strives to be the leading organ of discussion concerning the engineering curriculum and related topics. Sponsored by Associate Professor Siegfried and Burton G. Dwyre, its importance as a student publication has been greatly enhanced. Staff members Ron Kamm, Kris Vaughn, Bob Schwab, Fred Love, Mark Sheridan, and Marshal Silver. 125 penny poetry: creativity matched A ith a balanced style Since its beginning six years ago, Penny Poetry has been the literary " proving ground " for aspiring poets. With a growing circulation of over 500, this single-page weekly presents to the student body all forms of poetic expression coupled with artistic illustration. Guided by its editor of two years, Jeff Davis, Penny Poetry provides the oppor- tunity so necessary for those eager to express themselves in the poetic mode. Although the cost of two cents per issue is small, the content is com- mendable for many articles reap- pear in the Colorado Portfolio. Editor Jeff Davis 126 Left lo Right: Gerald Hurst, Dole Chisman, Cloire Risley, Ar Evans, Richord Kallweii, Mary Maraldo, Pom Kleps. portfolio talks with pen and camera Editor Risiey This year ' s Colorado Portfolio was devoted to fostering perceptive end in-depth crea- tivity in all forms of humanistic expression. Under the guidance of the Board of Publi- cations and Editor Claire Risley, the Port- folio seeks to give creative students a chance to have their works, be it poetry, prose or photography, professionally print- ed and presented to the college community. For three years the publication has at- tracted a growing audience. As a special feature this year, the Portfolio initiated a fine arts program which presented some of the best student-faculty art obtainable at the university. 127 ' ' .U: ifion Student Administration ... 158 administration 129 The multiversity? Growing toward the professocrat instead of the teacher? Reaching toward a " class, " or " group behavior, " rather than the individual ' s creativity and mind? Does the University need more managers, more administrators, or better teachers? Boulder, and the University is indeed growing, but has anyone bothered to wonder where it is going and how it should get there? The University of Colorado has, for more than a century, played an important role in the social, economic, and political life of our state. Among the alumni of this great institution are graduates who have distinguished themselves in every phase of American endeavor. Increased numbers continue to seek the opportunities offered by the University. The maintenance of quality with the demands of quantity shall remain an obligation not only of the administration and faculty, but also of the graduates. Their accomplishments shall add luster to an already bright reputation, and make it possible to carry on in the University ' s great tradition. John A. Love governor love lauds university the board of regents has ultimate administrative responsibility Albert Smith, Charles Bromley, Daniel Lynch, Joseph Smiley, Richard Bernick, Dale AtHns, Philip Danielson. The new Regents Hall. This year the Board of Regents gained two new members in the November elections. Democrats Fred M. Betz of Lamar and Daniel Lynch of Boulder assumed their new positions in January. This six-member board, presided over by President Joseph Smiley, spends numerous hours, without pay, keeping the University in running order. The regents are responsible for every aspect of the Boulder campus plus Colorado General Hospital, Colorado Psychopathic Hospital and the CU Medical and Nursing Schools. 133 administration — the nerve center of the university The University of Colorado began as a one-building school back in 1876; since then it has grown into one of the West ' s most respected centers of academic activity. Much of the credit for this development is due to the excellence of CD ' s administration over the past years. President Joseph Smiley has carried this tradition of excellence to a new peak of accomplishment. In his second year with the University he has expanded the school ' s facilities in Denver, attracted additional grant and scholarship monies, and has added a number of extremely well qualified faculty members. Glenn E. Barnett, vice-president of student affairs, works closely with students to coordinate all non-academic services at CU. Vice-president Eugene Wilson is in charge of the university ' s business affairs, has juris- diction over the Admissions Office, libraries, museum, and administra- tive departments. Thurston Manning is the new vice-president and dean of faculties. 135 Existing motion must be restrained, but not so strongly that it becomes uniform. As the newly appointed dean of men, James Quigley is the mediator between the forces which create action and the motion which results. He must balance control with encouragement to allow creativity to develop freely and natur- ally. The dean and his staff regulate fraterni- ties, student housing, loans and disci- plinary problems. His contact with the students is an important link between the administration and the students. James D. Paisley, last year ' s acting Dean of Men, will be assisting Dean Quigley this year. The dean hopes to work closely with the students to create an atmos- phere in which both good fun and aca- demic excellence can exist side by side. jim quigley takes over ne A post OS dean of men Dean James Quigley Dean Paisley, Dean Rhodes, Dean Quigley 1.. 1 Dean Parrish, Dean Collins, Dean Sander, Deon Cox Dean Pauline Parrish Directing the multitude of activities of the women students at CD; counseling them with their academics, spurring them to greater effort in their studies, counseling them in times of defeat or despair, or just being a good friend when the heart is up- wind to a fresh breeze, is the task of Pauline Parrish, Dean of Women, and her capable staff. Dean Parrish works closely with the Greeks and with the on and off campus housing units, as well as many other student groups. Speaking engagements also make up a major part of her activities. dean guides cu women toward nnaturity 137 I b. I administrative services Supervising the housing of CU students is the task of the Director of housing, Clifford Yoder. Dormitories, board- ing houses, and off-campus housing units are all under his jurisdiction. Maintaining and improving the living conditions and facilities is another major area of his responsibility. Sniffles during exam time are to be avoided by those of the no-doze set, and Dr. L. W. Holden, head of the Stu- dent Health Service, plays an important part in making sure the student gets as few incompletes on his schedule as possible. When going to see Dr. Holden, be sure to follow the brown line. Whether you ' re getting coffee and discussion in the grill, politics in the lounge, German sings in the tower, or friendship and dancing in the ballroom, the UAAC is home to many CU stalwarts. The director of these activities and the memorial center is Jim Quigley. Encouraging gifts of money and property to further the development of the university is the job of Dwight Rob- erts, new this year, and his staff. The task is a demanding one which covers a wide area of travel and contacts. Processing several thousand applications a year, mailing innumerable CD bulletins, and writing letters to students all over the world is a continuous job for the Office of Admissions and Records directed by David Muirhead. This is the office for melodrama as incoming students await the judgment of the admissions committee. ' J Three major jobs face George Lesser, Director of Special Services. He oversees Selective Service, Veterans ' affairs, and the foreign students attending the university. Anyone who has attended CU is eligible to be an active member of Colorado ' s Alumni according to Dean Graves, director of the Alumni office. Although over forty thous- and members already exist, there is always room for more in an extensive program of gatherings such as ath- letic events, reunions, and other university functions. 139 n • Serving eight thousand meals a week is a full-time job for David Moore, Director of Food Services, who is assisted by one hundred and ninety full time employees, and three hundred students who work part time. Food for the entire Uni- versity is provided by this office. The " package deal " is a new pro- gram initiated this year in the Fin- ancial Aid Department under the influence of Dwight Farrows. The department will coordinate scholar- ships and campus employment to arrange a sensible study program for students receiving financial aid. Helen Carpenter, in charge of the University Placement Bureau, assists hundreds of students each year in finding the jobs for which they are best suited. The bureau works con- stantly throughout the year to fill an expanding market place with well qualified CU graduates. The News, Photographic and Pub- lications Services are regulated through the Office of Public Infor- mation headed by Scott Tyler. Cat- alogues about individual college activities and general information about student life on campus are produced by this office to foster the image of " Harvard of the West. " Raymond Johnson directs the Pur- chasing Department of the Univer- sity of Colorado. The department " buys everything you can move or anything you can see in a build- ing. " In so doing his office meets the material and service needs of each department; a feat vy hich re- quires much juggling of supplies. The Counseling and Testing Depart- ment, under the supervision of Theodore Volsky, provides troined counseling to assist students with educational, vocational and per- sonal problems. Tests are adminis- tered to help the student find a direction for his present and future endeavors. To pluck sugar plums is oft the task of giants, dreamers one. The plum of truth, standing alone, yet together. The plum of liquid substance from whence we came. The plum of value, personal, stored in October ' s attic. Giants to remake themselves and then the world, Whose eyes abide among the golden clouds of the sun. college of arts and sciences 143 a s reaching outward , an intense pulling, tugging from A ithin Associate Dean John Carnes Dean William Biiggs The college of Arts and Sciences comprises the largest single academic division in the university. Its scope covers the his- torian busily extracting detail from the deepest environs of Norlin Library, the artist acting or writing a short essay to the dignity of man, the psychologist probing the inner depths of the human character, the professor of English forming whole thoughts from incomplete sentences, the po- litical scientist directing and studying the coercive structure of governments throughout the world, the physicist looking toward the atom and beyond to the future of space travel and more advanced communication, the chemist pouring over his test tubes, and the geologist digging where igneous rock is discovered anew. Of these is Arts and Sciences made. 144 Steady hands design the future. education toward ne A vistas in architecture Dean Devon M. Carlson The architect is the one major professional element in the vast building industry of to- day. The five year curriculum in the school of Architecture is relatively new, but the school is presently undergoing a rapid rate of expansion. Part of this growth is due to the excellent professional rating achieved by its graduates. The school was fortunate enough to re- ceive, as a gift, several volumes for its growing library, which will aid each stu- dent in his study of architectural funda- mentals. Also of help to the students is a " visiting " architect and planner from Swit- zerland. 145 business seeks the solutions to a rapidly expanding nnarket place Dean William H. Boughn The scholarly touch. Fundamental re-think about busi- ness problems by both faculty and students is the major task of the Business School. The school ' s ex- panded graduate programs and the creation of a Faculty Research Cen- ter provide a stimulating new en- vironment for creative research on problems of major importance to Colorado ' s business community. An early spokesman for high pro- fessional standards in business edu- cation, the school is a member of the American Association of Col- legiate Schools of Business. Organ- ized in 1 906 as the College of Com- merce, the school is now a vigorous professional institution. 146 Dean Stephen Romine A growing system of primary and secondary education provides the School of Education with the monu- mental task of training the neces- sary teachers to fill the available positions. The curriculum for the school has been broadened to provide a more inviting program to those students seeking an education for teaching. Although the school is new it offers a diversified program for the upper division and graduate student. Both a liberal education and scholarship of a high caliber are basic parts of the entire educational program. education looks to A ard the emergence of the human nnind A helping hand. 147 better tools through engineering From its inception 72 yeors ago, the Col- lege of Engineering has continued to keep pace with the challenge of discovery. Un- der the direction of Dean Max Peters, prospective engineers receive intensive technical training in any one of the seven fields offered: Aeronautical, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,- Ap- lied Mathematics and Engineering Physics. And to meet future demands as v ell, the nev ten million dollar Engineering Center, to be completed in September 1965, will afford teaching and research facilities un- excelled in this region. Exercising manual plus mental dexterity. 148 Progress has become the watchword for the School of Journalism. A graduate program leading toward a master s de- gree was instituted this year and the school is continually reaching into newer areas such as broadcast journalism. The creation of staff positions and adjust- ment of the present curriculum should help the school to grow in the future. A good liberal arts education is a neces- sity for students interested in the field of journalism according to Charles T. Dun- can, dean of the school. Dean Duncan, who guided the school through its early years of development, plans to move on next year. Dean Duncan has also sought to acquaint potential journalists with the large num- ber of job openings in the field. journalism: informing a nation Dean Charles Duncan The morgue. The gavel of justice at rest. Dean John W. Reed excellent library is pride of law school v 150 Fleming Law Building is the isolated site of the Law School. The central feature of the building is the law library, containing one of the best legal reference collections in the western United States. Besides the recently acquired facilities, the school has a new dean, John W. Reed, who has watched the number of students rise from one hundred and seventy-five to three hundred during the past three years. Dean Reed believes this growth is due to the school ' s past rec- ord, which he hopes to strengthen, and the pre-eminence of the School in the West. college of music offers concerts and recitals The College of Music provided a total of one hundred and twenty-five concerts this year by outstanding art- ists and groups. These programs ranged from ensem- ble organizations such as the university bands, orches- tras and choirs to operas and musical comedies. In addition, CU had the Hungarian String Quartet in resi- dence during the spring semester. Under the direction of Dean Warner Imig, the College of Music offers majors in music education, composition, history, literature and performance. The specialized musical training helps the student prepare for profes- sional work or advanced study. Dean Warner Imig : « i •1 " 1 1 b 151 Completion of the expansion of the Denver Medi- cal Center provided a new eight story, four hun- dred and thirty-seven bed university hospital and out-patient clinic for the CD School of Medicine. A five story clinical research wing bridges East Ninth Avenue. The two basement floors serve as the out-patient clinics, with space for expansion to two hundred thousand clinic visits annually. Upper floors are utilized for in-patient care. Reconstruction of Colorado General Hospital will more than double scientific space in the schools of Medicine and Nursing. The students are care- fully selected and expected to develop a scientific, scholarly attitude and dedication to human life. medical center expands into ne A facilities Dean John Conger Dedication through experience. 152 Hands to help. nursing students move to denver after one year Personal satisfaction and professional success are the two basic aims in the School of Nursing. The school, headed by Dean Henrietta Lough- ran, is divided into the Boulder campus and the Denver campus. Current enrollment totals five hundred and seventy, fourteen of which are graduate nursing students working toward masters and doctorate degrees. All nursing students spend their freshman year on the Boulder campus in a program designed as a background for the next three years on the Denver campus. The exce llent reputation of nursing combined with the extensive study nec- essary make the final capping ceremony a thrill- ing climax to a job well done. Nursing has become a demanding profession as the doctoral specialization creates a demand for better and well-trained help in the clinics and ward rooms. Nursing has become both a rewarding and exciting career. % 0k iS X Dean Henrietta Loughran ML % Instant thought and hot water. Dean Jeremiah Allen Advanced think is the basic commodity offered by the CU graduate school. Basic facts and ideas are translated into meaningful concepts and method training. Those in search of higher degrees find themselves among theorists and pragmatists alike. Coffee hours, seminars and in- formal discussions are all a part of the student ' s further look into his own mind. One never seems to know fully what wonders are hidden there. It is the task of the graduate school to bring , I what knowledge there is to the attention of the L l Cn student and perhaps spur another human being to a further discovery, new theory, or logical ex- tension of a theory already extant. Learning is indeed the touchstone of human progress, and it is the graduate who helps its reflection to , . remain within the grasp of those who seek within the caves of wisdom. Q © ri w I Q LI n S The graduate ' s task is demanding, but carrying light is never easy. graduates carry the for future 154 Dean Harold Heim The School of Pharmacy, headed by Dean Har- old Heim, deals with more than just classroom work; the mysteries of pharmacy become visible realities. Sleep-Eze, No-Doz and cold pills are only a few of the items distributed in Warden- burg by the Pharmacy School under the super- vision of instructors. This apprenticeship gives the student a practical knowledge of his sub- ject. A five year program is only the beginning for the pharmacy student. He must also serve as an intern and pass the state board examina- tions before going into practice. Enrollment for 1 965 is up four per cent over the previous year, and the in-state enrollment for the school has increased sharply. The stuff of new life, n. pharmacy stresses research From hands like these come healthy human beings. . 155 Dean John Uttle summer school language houses offer opportunity to improve foreign tongues 156 Days grow longer, not shorter. The weather gets hotter, not colder. Summer is normally a time of sailing and carefree kite flying. But for those who attend summer school at the University of Colo- rado, a certain amount of study is involved. There is also time to take part in the rich calendar of cultural events such as the Shakespeare festival and the annual opera. A student may also live in a language house if he wishes to improve his speech in French, Ger- man, Italian, Russian or Spanish. The extensive programs in the summer session are managed by Dean John R. Little. Under his direc- tion summer school offers a year-round path to in- tellectual enlightenment. November ' s reason be- comes July ' s thought. Contemplation among yesterday ' s shadows. ■ i Light at the top of the stairs. Controversy and impending change marked the university ' s centers and extension throughout the academic year. The Denver Center was threatened by a proposal for a four year state supported college in Denver and by the proposed establishment of junior colleges in the surrounding area. But the presence of the Colorado Springs Center seemed assured when it acquired the Cragmor Nursing Home for next years physical center. Associate Dean of Faculties Roland Rautenstraus is directly responsible for the Denver and Colorado Springs Centers, but it is Dean Mack Easton who runs the Extension Division in Boulder. The division includes bureaus in audio-visual aids, continuation education, correspondence, non-credit adult programs, and some college credit courses at isolated sites around the state. 1 ' fy ri Dean Mack Easton centers and extension division reorganize Dean Roland Rautenstraus 157 student government asuc, moving forward, or just going nowhere ASUC comprises the student government at the university. Its activities cover oil areas of student life and its commissions attempt to establish a closer working relationship be- tween the students and the university admin- istration. The function of ASUC is to represent students ' interests to the administration and to give as wide a group of students as possi- ble a better idea as to the workings of de- mocracy and democratic institutions. Moving forward in any social context is al- ways a difficult and demanding job and the ASUC supports many programs of value: the presentation of speakers who deal with is- sues of local, national, and international in- terest and a complaint commission to help the students. ASUC President, Mike Enwal Reaching out for a new dialogue, a new perspective. 159 Peter Lindquist, ASUC Vice President commissions, supreme court, and senate: a vital nucleus shaping student life The Senate in session. 160 We should have taken an overnight. a A s provides rules for cu coeds Frosh get fashion lesson at AWS style show. Coeds rejoiced when a new AWS ruling was put into effect this year allowing women over 21 to live in apartments. Phyllis Klein served as president of AWS and presided over meetings of the Senate, a body elected by the entire feminine pop- ulation of CU. Ginger Larson was vice- president in charge of the House, which is composed of representatives from each dormitory and sorority house. Suzanne Al- exander was vice-president of the Central Hearing Committee and the lower AWS courts. Phyllis Klein, AWS president. class officers, in their ne A surroundings, enter the land of much discussion and wasted coffee FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary Sara Gentry, President John Kinkade, Treasurer Gloria Schweninger, Vice-President Chip Buffington. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary Linda Kraybill, Vice-President Woody Hoover, Treosurer Martha Ward, President Rob Graham. 162 SENIOR CLASS OFFICl- : Word, Prei Winchester, Vice-Presiden: Andy Barbee. ASUCs inner sanctum. Secretary Carol Jo A.S.U.C. INTERNATIONAL LOUNGE ■: •: ' ,. vv-v- ' jT7fViV- ' -;.?2. ' v .?C: V ' ' r -. v ; ' ' i. ' . ' - ' ? f ' fc;: ' :- ? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Ireosurer Susie Barr, President Dan Kiely, Secretory Potty Creighton, Vice-President Rick Cys. 163 jur ui I I I c: Fraternities . . . 2 06 165 ' The momentum of crisis. To oilow university control or to seek an independent status? To delay rush? To improve upon inter-house communica- tion? To seek a better relation- ship with non-greeks? These are no longer the future ' s problems. Seated: Jon BocHey, Dee Miss Alice Cox, Sherry Ginn, President; Andy ■ pey, President-elect. Standing: i.arol Smith, Sandy Young, Diana Lease, Molina Loornis, Terry Tabor, Ginny Corn. 168 the panhellenic association Rush week began a very success- ful year as five hundred and five young women were pledged by the fifteen sororities on campus. More than a hundred pledges were added later during open rush. " What is the role of Women in Modern Society? " was the topic of a fall Panhellenic retreat. Also in recognition of the ever increasing problems facing the Greek system on this campus, Panhellenic held a retreat with IFC at Estes Park in or- der to discuss some of the current difficulties. The major discussions lay in the realm of determining the role of sororities and fraternities in university life. Front Row: Gaii Wahrilch, Libby Valentine, Mocky Bennett Second Row: Kothy Lammers, Lorie Roshek, Shirley Nuss Third Row: Linda Works, Nancy Kind- ormann. Fourth Row: Jinny Ferris, Lilly Reser. Fifth Row: Ann Greenlee, Chris Wiley, Chris Moe Sixth Row: Dini Tripp, Georgio Goither. Icfr lo Wells, Righl: Gaylo McRoe, Carol Newcomber, Molina Loomis, DeDe Wolf, Shorlene Dee Pockord, Julie Sullivan, Marion Jackson, Linda Joyner, Gail Wahrlich. Kneeling: Bonnie Dubinski, Bersy Sley, Ginny Burke, Barb Coble, Koren Trowbridge, Nancy Harvey. Seafed: Ann Rutium, Gail Fleck, Missy Smith, Toby Chizick, Ginny Harris, Ann Wooley. Missy Fassett. 169 Front Row: Tom Barton, Co-editor of Rushbook; Richard Sherman, Public Relations; Richard Tisdel, ASUC Representive; Don Fitzpatrick, Executive Secretary; Kondy Anderson, Recording Secretary; Richard Fiedelman, Treasurer; John Seeley, President; Pat Kinsella, Vice President; George Sape, Rush Chairman; Lynn Kuykendall, Chief Justice of Judiciary Council; Frank Howard, Editor of the Oracle; Don Snow, Co-editor of Rushbook. Front Row: Le Roy Rock, James Rodgers, Gene Licko, Harris Hindtn, Aion Birkby, Thomas Jones. Second Row: Will Betchart, Mike Frederick, Byron Barlow, Ward Huffman, Tom Barton, Larry Grace, Bob Leatherman. Third Row: Pete Kettler, Dick Toylor, Dennis Smith, Mike O ' Hanlon, Robert Keitel, Warren Houghton. the interfraternity council o k ' -i . m mhk :M 170 The Interfraternity Council ' s various responsibilities can be grouped into representation, unification and leadership. The council ' s ambition is to represent the fraternity system to the faculty and administration. Many of the council ' s programs are also aimed at representing the system to the general public and incoming students. Unification is accomplished by regular meenngs of all fraternity presidents and delegates to the council, by the President ' s Council, and by committee work. The spirit of interdependence, an exchange of new ideas and information, and the opportunity to de- velop new associations are also the target of Greek Week, the Greek newspaper, the Oracle, and peri- odic exchange dinners. 171 it: ; .■ : . . v te sororities 173 alpha chi omega beams A ith pride C. Roderick T. Tabor Pledse Trainer Panhel. Rep. V. Allen B. Adair HousemoiheT C. Andefson Y. Azar M. Bagan M. Banwell I V. Bcchik S. Bn P. Carlton B. Catlctt J. Cochran B. Coon A. Cordones C. Curiy M. Danuscr W. Delano J. Deutsch 1101 University Avenue. Whatever became of the younger generotion? 33 A. Oiccnlc lijil ' -[ J. Hinvrn M. Haiivn P. Hsmlcv A.Harmon I. Hb -«s L. Hein S.Hoffman B.Holmes A. Johnnon J. Kalin S. KclUnd K. Kiu-u L. Holt R. Hunter D. Hu h B. Jarrttt M. Jctmh . Ki.-lr S. Ktaynik K. Kruct L. Kuttz R. Lrary R. Uclet B. Littleficki S. Loomi5 J. Lut: L. Uncn S- Maiit: V. Mcintosh S. Meike M. Mieike S. Milnar A. Monnrtte t mWi L. Nc J. N Mroin T.Olson C. PIok M. Qumlon L. Ravin D. Rccd C RiesinK C. Robinson P. Robbins J. Ryan D. Sadok J. Seymour L. Shields D. Shwaydet C. Steburg S. San Cisc M. Turner S. Vciring P. Vincent H. oltj S. Wescetbtke S. Whiiescarver B. Wilcox G. Willi ams S. Williams M. Wilson P. Zack S. Zclenkoft M. Zinn Still beaming with pride over their first place Homecoming house decorations trophy, the Alpha Chi ' s ushered their Dad ' s in for a rollicking Tahi- tion weekend. Dad ' s were wined and dined on steak teriyaki and beer, and most had mastered the twist before the festivities ended. The tradi- tional Octoberfest included costumes ranging from Mother Goose to a Spanish flamenco dancer. The Geisha party at Gold Hill was very successful, where everyone had a " velly hirorious " time. Scholastically, Alpha Chi rose to third on campus. Christmas time found the pledges giving a party for the children from Mesa Vista. The actives, forgiving the pledges for salted beds and missing clothes, gave the pledges a party. Dates were entertained at late dinners, and ideas were shared with professors at open houses. As the seniors were bid farewell at the spring Senior breakfast, the upperclassmen looked forward to another year, renewed academic achievement, another homecoming, and more good times. 175 P5P A. Ructum }. Mitcany President Vice-Pra. C. Burgin Cones. Sec E. Bowersox Recording Sec L. Doian Treasurer K. Young P. Lmcjoy T. Hansel! K. King J. Kulp Pledge Tratner Ruik Chrmn. Socia Chrmn. Ais ' t. Soc. Chrmn. Schol. CHrmn. M. BuiLctt K. Adams B. Arfoid House Mfir. E. Badoian L. Ballantyne K. Bard S. Batklcy B. Bast S. Biamonte S. Bledsoe M. Bray L. Bridmg C. Bnggs L. Cobin C. Clapham K.Clancy K.Clark D.Clement P. Qine L.Clinton B. Cronlund S- Dawson P. Dcnohue C. EatI D. Eatonn C. Estes B. Firth P. ForpN L. Forrest L. Cant M. Garciand M. Gatney J. Greene J. Greenwood M. Hatch K. Hecker N. Hibert M. Hoffman D. IngalU C. Johnson Scholarship dinner. alpha delta pi helps little sisters " Christmas was an eventful and spirited holiday for the girls from the Morrison Home. For their annual service project the Alpha Delta Pi ' s gave | a Christmas party for these girls and their " big sisters " on campus. Their " big sisters " v orked with them throughout the year. Homecoming found the ADPi ' s joining with the Chi Psi ' s to construct a giant " Gordo " which won third place in the house decorations. Their annual Parents Weekend was a hectic but excit- ing two days which featured a buffer, entertain- ment, a football game and the annual trip to Tulagi ' s. The girls and their dates enjoyed din- ner and dancing at the Harvest House for their annual Pledge Formal. | 176 I, m LJ L.Kay V ' , 1. 1 ;:. Loclling K. Kusy S. Lohsc K. Ludeman J. Maxwell M. NkConnick J. McCurdy . Risncr P. RobinMO R. Robinwn J. Rue C. Seibel C. Schlechien C. Schncidei M. Schoficld S. Shorn: P. Slcmon J. WTietlct L. While , White K. Widdifield S. Wille P. Wilson A. Woolcy S. Woodward L. Wycrawski Clancy 177 § mm . ■■ ' J. Lesser B. Dubinsky A. Weiss President Vice-Pres. Treasurer C. Bergcr House Mgr. S. Wenhan L. Steinhaus Rush Chrmn. Standards Chrmn. N. StcinbeiE V, Kahn N. Frick Pledge Trainer Social Chrmn. Recording Sec. D. Rest B. Slcy G. Wcingart Correj. Sec. Panhel. Rep. Historian C. Lcisei K. Goldstein Mrs. Lund Ritualist A ' S Rep. Housemother alpha epsilon phi goes s A imming Festive spirits. Composites, furniture, and trophies from various fraternity houses dec- orated the modern A E Phi at 91 1 1 7th Street this fall. But not for long, as the Sigma Chi ' s soon retaliated. Because of their strategic position, the Sigma Chi ' s decided to take the girls swimming. Wet clothes, wet hair and wet rollers seemed to be the fad in wearing apparel, but it proved to be much fun for all con- cerned. In addition to studying and other responsibilities, activities made the school year memorable and exciting for oil Phi ' s and their new house- mother, Mrs. Florence Lund. Func- tions and the retreat in Estes Park were all very successful. 911 17th Street. .J 178 w t " S. Aaronson L. Ban H. BljuBrund S. Diouit G. Buius L Clnyman N- Cohen S. Fcr»tcn li(; J- Gdrdon B. Gocdsccin S. Horn A. Kahii C. Klein A. Kuhn i. Kapplcm«n r. Lavitt L. Marks K. Mctulman R. Hand is. KoNrnthal J. SchoenMd E. Shampamer Z. Sidon C SiKetbcrR L. Silverman L. Sehx N. Singer J. Skeer L. Sloven G. Sicin J. Sulrbeigcr J. Wcinbeig J. Weinstcin L. Veis«nan A. Zoller r- 179 A. Munson L. Kcithlcy S. Kiayshaar Mem. Chrmn. Standards Social Chrmn. P. Potter AIVS Rep B. Cable R. Spelts L. Rcpsis J. Jewell Panhel, Rep. Pledge Trainer Rush Chrmn Schoi. Chrmn. 113 M. Aims S. Stone C. Crabb K. Irwin D. Williamson Mrs. Nuss Chaplain Activities Editor Scnbe House Mgr. Housemother m 1 K V ■i 1 ■ i ■ i ■k H 1 1 V ■ 1 i 1 W « V j s l T ll B - ' l 3 1 1 :! ■ m H f m..Mt-m ;:-; _I£v ji H HI ».»J|| Is this how the step goes? 855 Broadway. alpha gamma delta enthusiastic over leadership, service, holarship, and fun Raft-racing and turtle racing were among the years most memorable activities at the Alpha Gamma Delta house. They won a trophy for third place in the Lambda Chi raft race and honorable mention for their turtle ' s float in the Phi Delt turtle race. The turtle, unfortu- nately, ran in the wrong direction. Annual social events sponsored by Alpha Gam included Dads Weekend, the Fall For- mal, the Christmas Open House, and the Spring Party. This year Alpha Gams and their dates came to the Spring Party dressed in costumes ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Fidel Castro, but this didn ' t seem to bother any of the fun loving chaperones. J. Dcnfoid L. LWi; M. Uuihnun J. iifa cl D. Biennci S. Chudwick P. Chrisiionscn C. Clnik C. Coirell M. Dcnni K. HJiiJut M.Evu taO G. Glidden 7 . GeoiKf S. Hanncman S. Hjwkinson M. Htiman K. Herrmann L. Schmidt R. Schomctus C S«otd L. Shiilcy J. Smiih J. Spcrrv 181 denver panhellenic awards scholarship tray to alpha omicron pi S. Sullivan President C. Meier Mrs. Vandcnbcig M. Valecenti P. Rutnbaugh Vice-Pres. Housemother Pledge Trainer Recordirxg Sec. B. Byington S. Read J. Evenden S. Seaman j. Draund CoTT. Sec. Treasurer Rush Chrmn. Social Chrmn. Schol. Chrmn. ). Di-marcst D. Diss L. Eds n M. Fictes I . FnntanH S. CiUs M. Giirfith K. Guddtr B. Guycr J. Haccn M. Handy J. Hemphill M. Horner M. Idcll M. Jackson 182 1015 15th Street. Guitar lullaby. The AOPi ' s undisputed excellence in scholarship was rewarded by the Denver Panhellenic scholarship tray. The AOPi ' s hold the highest grade-point average at CD based on last year ' s grades. When an AOPi is tired of studying, she may go to the usual house sneak and functions, but in addition to these, there are the annual Rose Ball, the Fall Party, and the Hawaiian Formal with its fragrant orchid leis. Alpha Omicron Pi was host to a foreign exchange stu- dent, Marlene Ljungstrom from Sweden, and also helped a Japanese boy finish his high school edu- cation. The Christmas Party found sorority members exchanging gifts among themselves and sending toys to children in Kentucky. S. Jones J. Keating E. Keller K. Kno« K. Kramet K. Kundahl M. LcKcron M. LjunBwiom C. Malmsifoni M. McMillan M. Meneel S. Millet C. .Moisan P. OK effe B. O. ' bomc G. Patrick C. Pedroni K Pcnlcv C. Quinlan M. Re E. Rol ett K. Scotr K. Sertle S. Stancyk C.S:-rr.h ' :ii F. Sticncckrt D.Tripp M. VCiendl C. Williams 183 M. Fasicti N. Thomas G- Tripplc president PledgeTramer Schol. Chrmn B. Smith J. Goitlieb P. Pasthall CoTT. Sfc. Recording Sec TTcasurer J. VJ inBtncT J. Blair G. Warner M. N nchcll Standards Chrmn. Rush Chrmn. Social Chrmn. House Mngi. Housetnother C. Amessc S. Archibald P A. BatiU-tt Joann Bennett S. Bouman N. Boycr S. Biown M. Colm A. Cookman P. Crown S. Doll G. French P. Fr ' mire M. Flcckton M. Hickty N. Gardner J. Gilbert M. Gilmofc- M. Miirrinciun M. Hay L.Hayes D. Hadbcrw L. Hilton S. juhnv C John ton J. Johnson A. Justice D. KalmacolT D. KmR E. Knudf-on L. Lambert S- Landers alpha phi ' s try breezy living A not quite finished house greeted the Phi ' s upon their return to campus this fall. Ex- periments in open-air living, with courtyard parties, did not seem to dampen any spirits during Rush as the Alpha Phi ' s took in fifty- two pledges. The year ' s success continued when the Phi ' s and the Sigma Chi ' s com- bined their efforts and enthusiasm to take second place in the Homecoming decora- tions. Highlight of the winter season was the annual Phi Ski. An early breakfast at the house prepared the Phi ' s and their dates for a day on the slopes at Winter Park. Din- ner was followed by an informal dance held in front of a cozy fireplace at the Hochlandhoff. A new active. 184 777 Broadway. 1 " ,i J 4. - p. Lind S. Mjrkin (. ' . Ma » M. t,i M. McCticrv M, Mili.i M. MilliKiin N. M, ..rc R. Mullins S. Noiwalk P. Paii P. I l ., c D. Pcrnll.1 C. Pilcf n S. Porter S. PuJcn: P. Richards S ' llt ' f - :S i! ' --S S. Svhmidt N. 5, hn I i.ul- 185 sororities — both a larger responsibility Rush Week. Sigma Chi Derby. 186 and a wider view R : . V . . ' • ...—vJa The sorority as a contrary element to the purposes of the university com- munity? Hardly. Once again the greek gals compiled a very respectable over- all grade point, helped throughout the Boulder Valley in Orphans homes, hospitals, and homes for the aged. The girls also participated in washing cars, selling fudgy goodies, and trip- ped the light fantastic at various formal dances and impromptu parties. .Function with SAE s. ■m ■ f- ' f N. Vandapool C. Paul Mis. Connor J. AlUn B. Bakci P. Barron E. Bellinger H. Bishop P. Bo«hm« Rush ChrT7 n Carres. Sec. Housemother K. Boone N. Brown B. Byrne L. Carpenter L. Canille J. Camp M. Christenscn N. Church J. Clausen C Cement P.Coleman C. Condrt P. Deane S. Deam S. Diehl N. Doolittle S. Doolittle P. Eickert B. Elliott G. Evans N. Rctchcr C. Folsom S. Ford S. Funston J. Cain L. Gallagher S. Gebauer 101 1 16th Street. Fifty-three new pledges were intro- duced to a zany Chi Omega house this fall under a revised pledge pro- gram, complete with new pledge manual. After the retreat at Estes Park, the new pledges stepped into a crazy world which they never quite knew how to interpret. Their pledge mothers could be seen running frantically to the phone to answer their long dis- tance phone calls, or waiting for the hashers to call lunch or dinner in the " blue room. " The annual Orphans ' Party highlighted the Christmas season, but the Pirate Party, sponsored by the pledges, was the most popular Chi O social event. In between studying and socializing, the Chi O ' s practiced their AWS Revue skit in an effort to win the Revue for the third year in a row. Serenade by the Kappa Sigs. A. GuIJcn J. Gicfo i ' . k. [iHtn . H---vkjth " ; " M;imnwnJ . Hjmrion H. Hapcmcn T. Ilcmh i . Hcyl K. lnKull J. Kirkion S. Kmtt K. J lin- on K. Junes i ' . Katbci S. Keller A .•. S. Kelly L. Lake L. Lauccnhciscr R. Lindcmcicr J. Lyng O.M.. S. N(oxwcll M. Miller N. Mueh!cis«n J. Nelson M. Nelson M. Nctherv C. Newell J. Nnwonser J. Obrisht M. Potter L. Price C. RanJall S, RKhmonJ J. Rittcr D. Rodgeis K. Roth J. Sackw S. SarRcnr J. Sayell S. Schlueter K. Shiblev M. Smith M. StanCitlJ M. Stewart J. Taylor . Taylor S. 1 haycr K. I rcmnnn C Vucich G- Wahiliclc A. Vt atnock P. Watson S. h,ich,.u e R A B. Winsalc L. V, meyci L. Wolf N. Wright C. Youne chi omega revises its pledge program 189 K. Trowbridge N. Ackcrman S- James J. West M. Vance K. Gauncc J. A. Rossiter C. Rirtcr A. Thomas S. Reed President Rush Chrmn. TreasuTeT Recording Sec . Vice-Pres. Schol. Chrmn. Historian Carres. Sec. House higr. Pledge Trainer T. R. Hollenbrck S. Alexander T. Anderson A. Atkinson B. Bair Housemother GBarr H. Bauman P. Ben well M. Blane L. Bolt P. Botdon J. Borsa B. Boweis L. Bruce S. Buckley J. Cheney D. Clark J. Cornwall J. Cottrell C. Craigle V. DcPoIi C. Eidingcr M. I. Ettelbrick M. Fishbum P. Floyd S. Follmer G. Galvani J. Qilmore S. Giv ns C. Gross G. Hacker S. Harris K. Haidy N. Har ey E. Hendricks A.Hint-s C.Hoffman L. Holby K. Hushes M. Hulse N. Jewell A. Johnson S. Johnson V. Johnson M. Jones C. Kates S. Kearney J. Kemper R. Ke icher M. Kerns V. Klinke A. Klvmchuk C. Klimist H. Kocsis G. Lannom delta delta delta The activities sponsored by the Tri-Delt house are aimed at ex- tending the experience and participation of its girls in a variety of interests. Each spring the annual Pansy Breakfast is held in honor of all engaged senior Greek Wonnen on campus. Dad ' s Day is a rip- roaring occasion during the fall. To express the academic in- terests of the house, faculty dinners and desserts are held. A suc- cessful scholarship program has also been established. extends participation and experience •A 1 190 K. Lcudci K. Lcimbdch C- Lindland N. Little I . L..( P. Maijhall G. Maitin J. McCii fm M. NkLtjn P. McMillan C. McMoiti!. S. Mcllans J. Mcyci C. Miller N. Milostvich N. Morrison K. Nclsen N. Ncwhousc A. Olv n L.Owen M. Rimel J. Ruhl K. Samuclson S. Schcnk B. Schmidt S. Shadcl J. Shafcr K. Shambaugh L. Suv n ' iii P. Stone K. Wiley S. Willcenvjn A. Wilson N. Wilson S. Worth 191 D. Wolfe President M. Cundif C. Winchester D. dc la Osw B. Buses J. Prior F. Field C Abbotr VicePres. Standards Pledge Trainer Rush Chrmn. Schol. Chrmn. Recordms Sec. Corres Sec L. DeBroeck Treasurer S. Hamilion C Arbuchnot Mis. Glynn House Mgr. Social Chrmn. Housemother J. Ambrose K. Anderson L. Atkinson J. Asbury N. Baum P. Bear J. Brett E. Blown N. BrowTi N. Brumstlow M. Butler J. Chandler K- CLirk on L. Clymcr P. Cooper B. Crane B. Crowder C. Curry j. Dahl C. David C- Deere J. DcXiUiers B. Dickinson C. Dickinson P. Gcrcty C. Gilmoie N. G!a:c M.Graham K. Cntfiihs E. Gudmund ' -cn D.Guy L. Hasin J. Hamil lit J.Hammond L. Hansen C. Han:iik R. Hayc? S- Higby K. Hinn H. Hitch P. Holland E. Holman J. Hunhes J. Humphrey A. Johnston K. Kcllcy N. Kinderman L. Kliny K. Laruin B. Lcmmon B. Linn M. Lnomi5 P. Lukavitch K. Lutes N. MatFarland P. MncGuirc M. Maict S. Matrs M. Marshal 192 Booze and Briggs at 1128 Pennsylvania. Ghosts, goblins and other Hallow- een spirits welcomed the Delta Gamma Dads as they arrived Octo- ber 31st for Dad ' s Day. The main activities were an early morning party at the Timber Tavern, the football game, and a banquet at the house. December found the fraternity pledge classes of Phi Delta Theta and Phi Kappa Tau joined with the DG pledges in a retreat. The pur- poses were both academic and social. Dr. Clifton Grubbs and Miss Wanda Collins were the speakers and honored guests. Later in the first semester, the Delta Gammas and their neighbors, the Kappa Sigs, sponsored a Christmas party. - ' 1 delta gamma goes " ghosting S. Milcnsli A. K. Mills M. Mitchell G. MoiKcntoth ij- . toiri ' cn S. Nonce J. Na Nmhcnc B. Naylor P. Oviatt C. Parfct . . Pork L. Pli.llips N. P,„ti S. Price M. Puicell S. Ouadc I ' - " iix! ■ S. Riticnhousc P. Row R. Ryan J. babin K. Sandi B. Scnr.c: A. Shirpcv K. Slovci S. Smith j. Spcat D. Stephens F. Stcwcrt P. Stubbs J. TTictrell B. Ungar C. ' an Uiutf L. Waoman S. Walter B. Ward .M. Ward M. Wcimer G Williams M. Williams J. Young 193 gamma phi beta proud of pledges The Gamma Phis fifty-one outstanding pledges were honored by the active chapter at the annual pledge formal, the Red Slipper Ball. The girls in flapper dresses and the boys in double-breasted suits brought back the " Roaring Twenties " for one of the best parties of the year. The pledge class was indeed exceptional and right- fully earned their place of honor at the formal, and they displayed their athletic ability when they took second place at the Sigma Chi Derby. Later, they dem- onstrated their dramatic talents by giving a surprise skit mimicking their favorite actives at the overnight fall retreat. At Christmas time, they went caroling at the Boulder Hospital and several rest homes. C. Bodlcy K. Brodt A. Bioivn J. Cady G. Campen S. Callisccr D. Champion S. Cimino M. DcGraw S. Dodington C. Donham K. Erickson C. Estey C. Felton R. Fcnncll N ' . Fittpatrlck R. Hatch V. Hciscr D. Hopple P. Hocland S. Huisi K. Isfman N. Jenkins P. Jenkins 194 Flappers. 935 16th Street. N. Rider R. Opwhl Correi Sec. Rriordinc Stt " Tieaiuret PleJue Tiaint L. Kasper M. Dunlap Mr . Thotpr B. Keck Rnjh Chrmn. Home M . Houiemothtr E.Klnn P. Kelp. K. KoKcInick S. Kiausc L. Kraybill j. Lallcy K. Lammcrs D. Lci« C. McAUisici M. McGuirc M. McMahlon I. .Mulln K. Ncl«n N. Nethaway P. Newkiik J. Owen J. Palm K. Pcrnn J. Pine C. Schmidr L. Schrocder M. Shcrm.Tii 5. Smith K. Stead B. Sferren Tj y " f N. Switalfl I. Sutch R. L. Towslcy E. Ullriclc C.Wiggins N. W.lkerson Nf. Wilson J. Wisbum D. Wriftht 195 G. Corn President B. Kdlcran S. LingenfcUer L. Hafmon Mrs. Fults S- Lewis S. Bcnning S. Stephens 2nd Vtce-Prei. Corr. Sec. Treasurer Houserrxother Schol. Chrmn. Social Chrmn Rush C irmn. N. Caui Frat. Trends L. deVcuvc N. Dimit V. Dovey V. Elkin K. Emrick G- Gaithti J. Gamier J. Goodfellow A. Grantham A. Hale P. Hamilton C.Hart K. H.ut J. Hassrich S. Holt B. Hoover Nt. Imig L.Johnson S. Kelle S. Keppler K. Kitchin M. Kleirsoa W. Kneedlcr kappa alpha theta stresses scholarship Efficiency, organization and scholarship were the key words when Beta Iota was awarded the Kappa Alpha Theta national award for the most progressive chapter. The new scholarship program helped the pledge class obtain the highest grade point among all CD sororities. The program involved pledge supervised study tables in each dorm, study hours in the house, and study tables for those actives who were under the all-women ' s aver- age. Another first for the Thetas was their new of- ficer orientation program which involved meet- ings with the Deans of Men and Women. On the athletic scene, the Thetas were not to be surpassed as they took first place in the all- school women ' s swimming and diving cham- pionships and first in badminton. Homecoming decorations with the Pi Kaps, the Christmas Pledge Formal, the annual Mardi Gras, the Spring formal at Estes Park and Dad ' s Day dominated the social activities. 196 i . K. Miiltcuk: A. MMIcMi S. MoCaJinc S. McCnJinc S. McMmiow C. Meckel J. Ncl»on S. Nocol« J. ( H.inuMi A. 0 bo I . I ' dlmcticf A. r.irk A. l «i(on C. rctr K.PfciUt K. Pichl K.I ' nic L. Rado K. Richty L. Robeitvin J. Rihik: H. Ruck K. Runyon M.Rowland M. Sheldon C. Sinnuid A. SIokScc S. Smiih N. Smith 1333 University Avenue. Spartacus ' legions ' t K Slartoid K.Smins B. Swrnr I. Sioicv N. TcMior K. Vondcrhoof V. Van Dyke J Wallace R. W.hlem M. Wald K. Welch . . Wcndl D. W.l.- n J. Winsfield I ' . WilK n t. Wood C. McRac President P.Mason S. Takcwell D. MacComack Mrs. McBride G. .Anderson C. Zarini S. Lovin VicePrei. ' ice-Prej Rush Chrmn. Housemother Treasurer Pledge Trainer Schol. Chrmn. B. McGrew Corres. Sec. J. Gaidnci S. Gram J. Hail C. Hc.tman S. HLmmcti:i M. Hickcy P. Hickey P. Hire M. Hogan C. Jiimiw. M. Kelley M. Kivcti C Kocnn J. La Chapcllc S. Lamb N. Lawicncc B. MacComack S. MacRac fi B. Maish T. Masson P. Maxson J. McCoiict B. McCullough K. McDonald B. Mcllioy C. Moc V. Moselle 198 134 University Avenue. J. Muii ' hcy C. Nclton C. Newvomci . Newman S. Ni- luil I ' . Ni«:obu% K. Niucn I . Nuiion S. O ' Mcuu M. Outt R. Porker P. Pcokc S. Pcclt F. Pctf t«)n D. Pickctini N. Pirr S. Prvoi B. Rciland S. RtvnoIJi C. Rhode R. Rilcy J. Robincir S. R ■ci:cl N. Roljndcr S. Scarty J. Shotmokc P. Smith M.Sptnccr E. Stracy V.Taylor C. Thurmon C. Vail C. VanArk K. Vanswoll C. Vcrdufr C. Vickcis kappa kappa gamma has exchange student The year began with great elation in the Kappa house when they were declared first in scholarship among the Greek houses. The excitement continued as a pledge class was formed with high standards of spirit and honor to follow. Outstanding pledges became dorm and Junior Panhellenic officers, members of Orchesis and Porpoise. With actives and pledges working together, Homecoming decorations were constructed and Karen Dawalt was chosen Homecoming Queen attendant. The social whirl was highlighted by a weekend with the Dads, a Christmas party for faculty members, and the annual Pledge Formal. The Kappas added a touch of international flavor to their lives by hosting Marita Cremers from the Netherlands. 199 S. Wells President B. Pownc Vice-Pres. S. Curtis Corr. Sec. B. Ncff Recording Sec. N. Bywatcr Treantrer B. Pone E. HodRson J. Hansen A. RiAcr PUdgeTrainer Schol. Chrmn. Social Chrmn. Home Manaaer T. Adams 200 J. Backman B. Bate M. Ann Bcian S. Biincy S. Blown S. Bryant M. Butle S. Doiward S. Bryant H. Doutiick N. Ehtcnbcrg S. Fit T. Fit J. Frasicr R. Freeman B. Garncit D. Guy pi beta phi: broads witin brains Chnstmastide found the Pi Phi ' s gathered with some of their favorite professors, once again, for their annual Faculty Sing, during which Christmas carols were sung before a roaring fire. Again, faculty members were honored by the Pi Phi ' s with the practice of adopting " faculty parents. " Under this program, certain faculty members are invited to the house to join the Pi Phi ' s in various activities or simply to visit informally with the girls. This year Pi Phi was pleased to have Mr. and Mrs. Doty and Dr. and Mrs. Rainey as their adopted " parents. " Having faculty parents was not the only thing new at the Pi Phi house this year. A program of seminars, lead by John Purvis, the Associate Co-ordinator of Student Activities, was carried out during the year. Such interesting and controversial topics as integration and dope addic- tion were discussed during the seminar program. These discussion groups and the Pi Phi practice of adopting " faculty parents " are but a part of Pi Phi ' s efforts to take full advantage of the educational oppor- tunities offered by the University. 890 1 1th Street. W. Hammtr J. H»iv«v D. Hartmnn S. Hcaly B. Hclftrich B. Heller J. Hclmick C. Hcwiii M. Hi B lloniin B. Hunho F. Jensen M. John ' ii S. J " nn D. Ji]iT :in K. Juiilcns J. Kjiiukci K. KniirLuich B. Knowhon V. Kobul C. Kotwica L. Kramer S. Kunlmev B. Lane G. Larson B. Lewll B. LoM Fufure Olympic ski team ' ' H.ONeill D. Packard? B. Ptrr.r J. Porrcr S. Prarher NL Prirchard S. Pullem L. Riesen D. Spciinle M. SpicKcl D. Tare P. Terr. II S. Tienwold S. TomMrom T. L ' Krin M. Vobejda n .•k(» ■ -Tv U. Wjngelin M . Vt ' hirchoiise D. Wickersham B. William. b. Wilson N. Wolr: G. Woodhall L, Workj I 201 Sigma delta tau builds a buffwinkle to shuck corn A spirited pledge class and an enthusiastic active chapter were all it took to make this a fulfilling year for Sigma Delta Tau. A lively pledge formal, a sisterly v eekend retreat in the Rocky Mountains, and suc- cessful charity projects aided to brighten the glowof theTorch. During Homecoming, the SDT ' s worked with the DU ' s to build Homecoming decorations entitled " Buff- winkle cans the Cornhuskers, " which con- tributed considerably to the excitement of this special fall weekend. The Italian charm radiated by the sorority ' s foreign exchange student Graziella Janna found her a place in the hearts of all the girls and also helped to make 888 13th Street a home of friendship and fun. 888 1 3th Street. QQS J. Klein F. Bcnnowiiz H. Newfeldt J. Boxer President Vice-Pres. Vtcc-Pres. Treasurer E. Bloom L. Falstein A. Morris Secretary Rush Chrmn. Housemother S. AKUon M, Bennett F. Chirnck D. Cohen t " . Coppefimith R. Dmmond M. Dochman S. Dorp P. Einslos. M. FrUs M. Fried J. Fruehling S. Gecilcman t ¥l?5 C. Gladsionc B. Click M. Gl«s«i L. Goldh,imm S. Coldmun K. Giuncvvold I. lU-ffman C. Hiish G. Janna D. Klein 1 . 202 I L. Stcin C. ' M. Sicm D. Tuikcn S. ' aion ' . Wcinicich R. W ' idom Now we con go to class. Homecoming decorations. D. Johnson pTcudent C. Wcsi Vice President J. Johnson Treasurer P. Lilly Ritual Chrmn. u VHr. : r TW -Lfj-- ■ . ' " ' • ' - ii ' Av ;...;? P ' ' W g 204 zeta tau alpha The Zeta ' s began the fall semester with the completion of what was only yesterday ' s dream — a new addition to their chapter house. One of the features of the new addition is the foyer with the Zeta Tau Alpha coat-of-arms inlaid on the floor. The official dedication ceremony took place during Homecoming weekend with ZTA actives, national officers, and university and greek officials attending. Fall activities continued with the annual pledge-active re- treat at Aspen Lodge in Estes Park, and Dads weekend. At Christmas the Zetas were honored to be chosen as one of the houses for Pan- hellenic house tours. B. Murry R Owens K Paulson ' ■ rm - J Bi H 2 L. Rcser V. St( T. Thuringer 205 ■ ' ' f- wmMm sr i fraternities 207 ■mmm MA M% JM. jf.%, Mi D. Smith D. Titus L. King D. Smith J. Lund Pjestdtnt V ' lce-Prej. Housemother Corr. Sec. Treasurer ▲fllk P. Olorka D. Stutz M. Sullivan D. Kitly )- Townsend fi.uihChTmn. Athletic Chrmn. Secretary Social Chrmn. Houstf Miigr. M. Adorns B. AuU P. Balcomb D. Bender B. Betchart B. Blackburn R. Bowie J. Bryan G. Burick D. Carw n a 3 L. FtTKii on P. H.-irr C. Htintmeycr W. Hogg P. Hunter T. Jflckson K. Kancmoio M. KcUcr B. King B. Kress I Texas stomp. 955 Broadway. 208 j i£SSS8| ;: Excellence in athletics was the outstanding achievement in activities for Acacia fra- ternity this year. As proof of their prowess, the brothers took first place honors in the Silver League and second in all school com- petition in both intramural track and foot- ball. Covering the rest of the major sports, they placed second in wrestling and fielded a promising basketball team. As always, primary emphasis in the Acacia pledge program was on scholastics, and all brothers strove to retain their excellent academic reputation. Socially, favorite events included the Sew- ers of Paris Party, the Christmas Party, and the Pachuco Hop. Looking into the future, plans for a new house have been acceler- ated, and the Acacias are looking forward to a new building. A. Sciiiilon I). Seclcy C. Senn F. Scvdrl CT ' IU ' ffi H ¥ " " 5 - ' -A ' M -i - " A " iF W ' - M O. Sharrotj D. Smith R. Smith D. Soreide B. Stewart G. Thomon L. Thompson T. Vail J. 3Ce« L. Yarbroudh acacia excels in athletics, academics, and functions 209 kool-aid function innovated by friendly alpha tau omegas The Taus returned to CU this year deter- mined to maintain their image as the " friendliest house on the hill. " With a much needed new addition to their house and a superior pledge class to augment the active chapter, they found the stimulus they needed to set the pace in campus activities. The Gold Hill Party at the Trojan Ranch, the Return to the V omb Homecoming party starring singer Walt Conally, and other such social events put Alpha Tau Omega on the lips of most Greek s. Though FAC functions are usually not memorable oc- casions, the Kappas will long remember theirs with the ATO ' s where Kool-Aid was served as the only refreshment. Socially the Taus finished the year in typical fashion highlighted by the Spring Informal Formal and the legendary Hawaiian Luau. J. Millay B. Kdton R. Holmes President Vice-Pres Secretary D. Fit:patrick Mrs. Petty A. Olson L. Irwin K. Greene G. Larrimer Treasurer HouiCTTrolher Pledge Trainer Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Social Chairman C Armsiiona P. Van Bcnnekom i . Bredescn K. Flettmeycr B, Ry);are B.Br, B. Buell C. Bufdntiton P. Carlson F. Clement J. Cleveland D. Ga« S. GladdinR M. Grass C. Gttmm D. Hale C. H.ill 210 I lost my sliirt. 909 1 4th Street. B. Mrhok R. MilU R. Nelson 13. Soivicki J. Phiiet A. Poitci R. Repp F. Robbln R. Elbon R. Roii X ' Rule J. Schroder B. Shcrma l inmscn C Wai.v .M J. Wcckbaugh R. Willckc P. Wne M. Yaic 21] 212 D. Butram D. Cameron R. Carson J. Chapman M. Chapman D. Cocklcy P. Ciandall K. Deshaics S- Ehrhorn M. Ehtlick M. Hediick J. Hilton J. Hilton J. Keams F. Kingman P. Lafferty L. Lamphere Betas in intramural action. C. VkOclUn W. MJniyit I. MidJIcion D. MiUci K. NiU R.Oit D. Pciley P. I ' crri D. Quinn R. Rclncn C. Rogcti 1 . Rool S. Sotcnson T. T»vloi 1 . Rooi S. Soren,%on J. VC alvh H. Willis J. Witier D. Woollcy beta theta pi seeks a ne A home This year marked the end of an era for the Betas at their historic land- mark just southwest of campus at 1111 Broadway. The Sons of the Dragon are on the move; their new location is now on Twentieth Street and will be centrally situated due to the eastward expansion of the cam- pus. With the move, the Betas aban- don the site of their annual Honey- moon Hotel Parties made famous by " Esquire Magazine, " and their oasis which was the scene of their Ara- bian Nights. However, they are sure to carry on these traditions and many others at their new location. Scholarship was greatly stressed this year and the Betas are reaping the fruits of their labors. 00 1441 Broadway. 213 TE R.T.sdcl President S. Caldcr Vtce Prei- J. Mai c Secretary L. fcyers TTeastirer S. Merman D. Scobie Pledge Trainer Rush Ciiairman I J F. Langbcrg P. Lindner G. Lindnet J. Balout: ! C. Buser Schol. Chrmn Howjemorher Housefather ! ill T. Corzine J. Culp US T. Gibbons R. Hammcl J. Hillyard B. Huxcl T. Jones B. Kinney R. Kocpnick S. MiGcc M. Moichcad J. Mocyku R. Meyets P. Pauls D. Philips R. Price J. Silei R.Smith R.Siun " fk. . . tt f Good friends . . . . . . most of the time. J. Thompson R. Vackel J. WaRRaner J. Wogsoner J. White B. Kiicg 214 chi psi emphasizes academics and good fun Chi Psi pledges were introduced to various CU deans and pro- fessors through their " Man and His College " program. Every two weeks their faculty advisor, Dr. Joseph Frascona, brought speak- ers to the Chi Psi lodge to discuss a mans position in the Univer- sity. Dr. Rozek and Dean Paisley were only two of the guests at the lodge. Academics are emphasized in the Chi Psi lodge and scholastically the brothers have ranked fourth on campus for the past two years, but the Bar Room Brawl also ranked high. 3th Street. 215 J. Mellon R. Mcrnam M. Miden: W. Miller S. Nellis C. Newcomer K. Osbom K! 1 L y - ' v,; T. Palmatory- E. Palmer C. Pcniold S. Pinkcn R. Ricf V. Rudolf L. Seymour D. Shubin J. Stimmons O. Tait P. Ticincy D. Tompson B- Traudt F. Weber R. Wotihington D. Zaharias 216 With the advent of the fall semester, the men of Delta Tau Delta found themselves faced with the problem of living up to the reputation that comes with being the oldest and largest fraternity on campus. Taking advantage of leisure time, Delts spent several evenings in informal colloquiums with leading administrative and faculty members. Several professors and deans visited the Delts to have dinner and discuss topics ranging from the fraternity image to the book. The Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding. Professors Rozek, Grubbs, Frascona, and Higman were a few of the guests. The brothers also helped to establish a new chapter at Colorado State University. For the first time in a number of years, the Delts decided to try their hand at singing. They entered the Greek Songfest with the Thetas and surprised themselves by capturing second place. 1505 University Avenue. S. Crocker S ' . Bfown tcin S. FsThcr I. M-ut n PUJtt Tfiiiner Pledt Trainri Rush Chnnn. Sv ' ial C hi mn L- r h r S.!-! rh(.-r Mj . SvO|:gins R. Alexander C. AnJrcMrn Alumni Chrmn Sung LraJrr HouJcmotKcr L-Andcison Mike Baii-uJ J. Bcerer D. Behlcr G.Brenner T. Oxmbcu D. Ciamoy J. Dt»hl P. Conmock C. Dow j. DunklcT M- Ellictt B. Ford }. Francis P. Giangei P. Haines S. Hancy J. Harmon T. Hill 3S R. H.IUay M. Holland B. Howt R. J.-yc X ' . Jump delta tau delta spends leisure in colloquiunns Me stick my neck out? B. LcBus M. Leonard B. Marshall L Maniiow L. McAtee 217 D. Diummond S. Fiickcv D. FulUrion M. Fchtenbachcr D. Gtnham R. Giiffith C. Hntnmill H. Hampion 218 delta upsilon academic efforts net dean ' s trophy T " R.IIammcir J. Ha R. Hawkin. D. HllLry J. Joyce R. Kaish J. Kinkade R. Kin N. Land D. Lami k. Lilly R. Loir«:hrt n-.,K R. Purinton D. Richmoad B. Rom R. Ruppc L. Sabaiino S. Schwait;man D. Smith G. Smith L. Stabler J. Swcit R. Swanson R. Taylor R. Van Veen B. Vaughn L. Wallace A. Weiss J. X ' olcorr M. Wood H. Zcller Scholastics received a new and stronger emphasis this year at the Delta Upsilon house. The brothers received the Dean ' s Trophy for the most improved grades. During the summer, four of the brothers worked at CU under National Science Foundation Research grants researching biology and relativity physics. Homecoming weekend was highlighted by a combined Parent-Alum Dinner and an open house. Homecoming decorations, " Buff Winkle Crushes Nebraska Cornhuskers, " captured an honorable-mention rating fortheDU ' sandtheSDTs. At Christmas, the pledges gave an Orphans Party where they passed out presents to the boys and girls and then served refreshments. Socially, the year was started with the Tahitian Terror Party, followed by several other gatherings including the Fall Formal and the Greek God Party. 219 D. Childress P. Kinwlla Pledge Trainer Ff B. Bullock S. Smith Song Chrmn. W. Abbott S. Able C. Aiifon D. Aspcr A. Baiion ]. Black P. Carletoti R. Cailstrand J. Chapin W. Chiaiamcnte D. Qiffoid P. Crawford W. Ciowl T. Davis D. Kieffer J. Doherty H. Dyer C. Eilcis H. Ethtrldgc T. Fiocca D. Fowler J. Francis H. Fiv O. HcKion J. Hcthctington W. Hill R. Honey C. Hewlett 220 1 100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Well -chaperoned party. casa de lopez party memorable occasion for kappa sigma The music of Spain as well as Mexican hombres and dark-eyed senoritas issuing forth from the Kappa Sig house in the fall were all a part of the Casa de Lopez, a Spanish party held only once every four years. Plans for the party began in September and the transformation of the house into a Spanish hacienda took about a month. The Kappa Sigs had a full year with the Casa de Lopez, the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Roman Orgy, and many other parties. Scholarship was not overlooked by the actives or pledges. Pledge son and pledge father study groups proved quite successful in improving grades in the house. M. Maish -r , -rn G. McUuRhl.n R. McMilU D. Millti C. Notrit J. Oglc J. Painsh R. PoMoie R. Pcrichbachct W. Pinncy T. Price B. Rowland W. Rut( J. Schili D. Smith G. Sicclc G. Stiinget L iiiLi O.Ttbiock R.Custtr J. Wallcy R. Wtlls C. Wimei L. Zapp I 221 F. Cluck D. Goss J. Giiffiih J. Hidahl W. Bobbins Lambda Chi Alpha started a successful year with the distinction of having been first in scholarship among fraternities from the previous year and first in intramural athletics, in the Silver Divi- sion, the previous spring. Lambda Chi took a big step by initiat- ing a new pledge training program to replace many outmoded traditions. This program has received praise from university of- ficials for its new approach to pledgeship. The social calendar overflowed with functions, formals, costume parties, woodsies, and serenades. Among the outstanding parties were the Homecoming party, the Fall Formal, the Wine and Roses Party, the Cowboy Stomp, and the Pirate Party. Ann Johnson, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, was crowned Lambda Chi ' s Crescent Queen at the Spring Formal. The annual Lambda Chi Raft Race, in which every sorority participated, rounded out a wet year for the brothers. 222 E. An chtcki W. Doin n L. Gi!crc« U. HoKmann I )K.U. r RHihChrmn. SocwIChrmn. Ritua iii P.Roy K. Rudd E. SaMgnac J. Schafcr R. Schwankr 4y E. Steward P. Webb K. Webster R. Yiiberti J. Zollet lambda chi alpha initiates ne A pledge program 223 D. Johnson C. Gardner Pledse Trainer Rush Chrmn. R. Preston J. Barlow J. Rutledge Historian Schol. Chrmn. Hoxise Mgr E. Alvord " MA-f W. Ashman L. Baker T. Batchellei L. Bauers J. Bro ' n J. Browne T. Carson D. Clanahan K. Crawford M. Crouse D. Curtis R. Davis W. Davis G. Dye F. Fisch C. Fisher M. Frink T. Gassaway J. Gibson B. Graves H. Greenwood R. Griffith J. Hagood T. Hand J. Hiinsun R. Hauptman J. Hill j. Hunt T. Hurtburt J. Hutchens c atmos and phi delta theta a balanced phere for study social functions 224 With summer over and school underway, the men of Phi Delta Theta moved forward. The Phi Delts aimed to attain a more pro- ficient scholarship system, a balanced so- cial atmosphere and broad participation in campus government and athletics. A fine pledge class worked hard to supply the house with plenty of beer, and socially, the Woodchopper ' s Ball and the Pajama Party made for a healthy house environment. On and off campus the Phis were active with John Seeley working industriously OS IFC president and the brothers studying diligently to maintain their scholastic stand- ing of fifth on campus. The Phi ' s also jumped off to an excellent start in intra- murals, winning all school tennis and water polo. In addition, basketball season was made interesting for the Phi ' s as five of the brothers were on the CU varsity team. 1111 College Avenue. Safari on a sur ' ly jjy P. Kcttlcr D. King C. Koutsoubos J. Kuncy J. Lackey T. Lane C. Ley R. Lcurwilcr R. Mullin C. Orr rnian D. Pcitikrcw H. Rudke M. Rcbick L il J. Ripmostei V . Robbcrts S. Sabtck j. Scotr J. Scelry D. Sessions G. Shelley T- Sma-I :4 t IJ Uf " G. Smith J. Snydtr R. Srcim T. Spiinnei R. Siark M. S(a u-a C. Thomjls T. Toomev R- Vandapool R. VanDyke D. Vcion E. Whcarv G. Whinnei H. Wilkins G. Woodj M. Wucrglcr P. Yalklich R. York J. Young i: 225 phi gamma delta has football champs Socially, the Gams had an unprecedented year, beginning with the always popular Barn Dance. Next, a toga clad Homecoming group held o Roman orgy that would have astounded any emperor, and the P.J. party provided enough time for the introduction of new styles. A new addition was made to the infamous Fiji parties with the self-explana- tory " Tom Jones Party. " A popular music serenade using guitars was initiated this year and enjoyed great success. The Black Diamond Spring Formal found the Gams surprisingly quiet. However, just prior to finals, the natives got restless and the " Fiji Islander " remained the unchallenged party of the spring semester. D. Dolph K. Dubravac J- Gcttelman D. Grie scr J. Hanley T. Hunter S. Irvine 1 % W k H. 1p R. Joy B. Kiacmer J. Linu W. Locke N. M.iinc R. Monske Undefeated team in Gold League. 226 1029 Broadway. R. McQimock J. Nance T. Ollnc N. Orri S. Paul A. Pelt: G. Rice J. Roger E. Rowff J. Schiefer K. Schiffe B. Shioadj C. Smoor J. Svendson D. Wat«n J. Wellt J. Wheeler J. Whijiler J. Wolliab D. Zinn 227 A changing role within the university community has marked the fraternity system throughout the year. In short, they are growing-up. Hell week has given way to improved pledge programs and a greater acceptance of the academic facts of life is slowly replacing the repairing of cars and the cocky jaunt. And the irresponsible attitude displayed toward the property of others has given way to working on service projects within the Boulder com- munity: especially the large amounts of blood donated this year to the Interfraternity-Panhellenic Blood Program. Giving blood. fraternities — a slow, but sure adjustment, a painful growing-up phi kappa psi expands house and study program R. Posncr V. Pro t J. Ritterson S. Sailsbery K. Shaleen C. Smith D. Smith D. Smith W. Starkweather .ieison N. Wilmote J. Zuczek 230 Phi Kappa Psi started the year off with a new housemother, Mrs. Lee Stallins, whose progressive attitude made her an indispensable part of the house in no time. Plans for future expansion of the house itself were initiated this year as the brothers witnessed the creation of a new house library and study room. These changes together with the barroom have added to the momentum of the new pledge study program. Highlighting the sports picture, energetic Phi Psi ' s dominated league decathlon competition and a winning softball team was a giant killer in the all school play-offs. Other Phi Psi firsts included grand prize honors in the CU Days Songfest and sponsorship of an all-Greek function featuring the Astronauts. Keeping the brothers in good spirits were this year ' s Toga Party, Gala Gutter Gathering, and Mountain Dew Party complete with queen, hay-filled recreation room and live chickens. Heavy was the mountain dew. L «««sss ♦»:♦;♦. ►!♦:♦» : tXT r- _i— ir- 1131 University Avenue. R. Sunbladc Prciident M. Koi cr Vict-Prcs. M. Libbc ' Mrs, Scallins Rush ChuirTTuin Houitmother R. Ptnv Secretary B. Kcnnard G. Glcoson TrMsuffr Pledge Traintfr C Ashley M. Becker A. Bitkby C. Boise D. Bfcnkfft H. Brown J. Carrnll J M J!k j jA ' L t C. D«vi» J. Dilley D. Doyle B. Eilctnlxfv C. Fciguson M. Fiiieeuld R. Rynn J. Gee K. Cimbcl K.Gnffin J. Hisl-v A. Hobbt R.Hudson H. Imad« J. Kidd A. Kteiienbeck D. Kullaj J. UVick R. Luckty J. Milmot M.Mitchell 231 R. Cys L. O ' Han ' .on T. Armour M, ' .. Ish D. Forester S. Clark President Vice-Pres. Secretary Housemother Treasurer Rush Chrmn. P. Delo G. Miller IPC HoMse Manager S. Beers R. Belleau M- Bo« R.Butler P. Callaghan B. Campbell T. Cltmtnis W.Cochrane B. Kiely R. Ktebs J. Kurtzman P i academic interests vie A ith fun-filled parties at phi kappa tau y ' -? iil_ 5T 232 Who ' s stepping on my hair? 1 150 College Avenue. W. OConnoi B. Peici M. Pcicisoii J. Pulver J. Saliba !• . ' .h. ' flPP ' " N. Simon R. Smith R. Si roup C. Thorr ik iL. J. TtcMiak P. Turner P. Ulriclt L. Voipe R. Wascm J. Wingquiu 1 Phi Kappa Tau attempted to maintain its first place scholastic standing among the large campus fraternities, attained at the spring semester of 1964. This distinction was particularly sur- prising, since the house has consistent, fun-filled, well decorated parties. Phi Tau, once again, held the biggest party of the year — the annual fall semester Viking Party — complete with moat, draw- bridge, and dates on horseback. The traditional High School Party, Christmas Party, Polynesian Party, woodsies and functions helped fill the social calendar. Sorority serenades and two ex- change dinner functions were added to the spring semester. 233 Cookie of the Beetle Bailey comic strip brought Phi Sigma Delta fame this fall. The Phi Sigs and the Alpha Chi Omegas combined their talents to win first place with their homecoming decorations, " You ' re in the Chowder Now, " depicted by a CD buffalo who threw corn into a pot of soup which Cookie stirred. After the hard work and excitement of homecoming, the Phi Sigs had to settle down to studying. This was not a hard task, however, since last spring the frater- nity captured the IFC Scholarship Trophy. The Night Club Frolic, the Champagne Party, and the Roman Brawl were only a few of the Phi Sig ' s many parties and functions. 1305 University Avenue. S. BerlcowiK A. Gellman D. Bieit Prtsident Vice-Pres. Secretary N. Brooks Treasurer S. Moise H. Cohen Rush Chrmn. Social Chrmn. P . Albert L. Ambrose B. Baer J. Bassman S. Bell J. Betenstein B. Berman C. Blauerund M. Blauprund v ' iA 1 B. Farbcr y 234 ' h Corn Chowder " was first. The woman ' s place. phi Sigma delta depicts cookie W. Gaidcnswoil: R. Gcllcr D. Ghciinci B. Gilm»n D. GoldenbciK D. Coi(tcd S. Cr. P.CTtenbUii A. Handler A. Hcllci L. Hcllct R. Helln H. Hindcn R. Ktohn J. Levin M. Lu,nc S. Markowm D. Mcyei J. Meyer G. Morico I. Noim»n J. PrioMck J. Roxnbloom D. Roihbaid rwKn! AIW A. Sachrer R. Scheucr M. Smirh M. Snyder T.Snyder S. Srrobourficr M. Sicinbrrg A. Tencnbaum R. Tonopolsky L. Wandel D. WaUco G. Wcijbly B. Winognd S. Zdlcr H. Zeppelin R. Zuckerwir 235 21 kA S- Alexander J. Anderson P. Arnold P. Ainold K. Baiardi 91 4 Broadway. Roman " nights. D. Hicks I.HicH F. Hcxlt don J.Holt R. Horen C. Johnson B. Johnson J. Johnston S. Joseph 236 1 . pi kappa alpha has fuzzy " barn dance « This year was a hairy one at 914 Broadway. The Pi Kop pledge class, and actives alike, cultivated various types of side burns, goatees, mustaches and peach fuzz in preparation for the thir- tieth annual Barn Dance. Christmas was responsible for the appearance of another bearded face, Santa Clous, who stood beneath the Pi Kap ' s thirty-foot Christmas tree and distributed presents, some of a questionable nature, to the wary brothers. The house mascot, a beagle not to be outdone, added eleven furry presents of her own to the Christmas gifts. Jjk J ' k J G Layman V. Gcislct W. Cameron Prendenr Vice-Pr«. Stfcreiorj T. Manidcis TreoiurCT Mrs. Dixon N. Johnson W. Priry B. Tirvoi Houumolhcr PIfdtc Trainrr A»l Pledl Tr. Rush Chrmn. J. Dovcy W. Lewis C. Bauec S. Henderson P. Davis R. Kc.tcl J. Kobely M. Kiamci Social Chrmn. Ath Chrmn. Historuin Houje Mgr. Ajjt. Homi€ Mgr D. P.i nc i. i ' tarion G. Ponce D. Rcmci G. RichaiJsjn D. Robinson W. SchlcniiB S. Smith i lis : .1 M. Turfk W. Waldren R. Willem. M iV M ytiifL4Y A. Wil!,on K. Wilson .M. Wilion K. Wim S. Wire )■ Zav.kos i Sigma alpha epsilon sponsors " battle of C. Barnum N. Basselt S. Bong G. Burke T. Burrows T. Bybee M. Chase J. Coke R. Cornell E. Canaster L. Crowley F. Dilts, 111 238 " Sing along, swing along with SAE " was the invitation given to thirty freshman coeds when they were tapped for Little Sisters of Minerva. Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledged over fifty men, making it the largest fraternity on campus. The SAE ' s participated in all as- pects of campus life and were well repre- sented in the honoraries Silver and Gold, Phi Ep Phi, Hammers, and Sabres. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were not only active on campus, but also con- tributed to the welfare of the community. One of the most successful events of the year was The Battle of the Bands in which six bands participated. The dance was held at the UMC and was sponsored by the pledge class for the benefit of the Mile High United Fund. H. Ducll p. Dve T. Elder G. Fahrtnkiog J. Falkoner J. Faulslick 891 1 2th Street. } I! J. Krucger J. Lamson C. Larson }. Loar C. VlcAtihut. Ill S. McCaffrey the bands Intra-service rivalry? p. VoM J. W«idcll J. Willnm« J. WilU J. Wilmorc J. WinMrad Nt Wiscnhaltci S. Wiwnbakci M. Woodward R, Zimmciman 239 Sigma chi hosts derby, has winning combination for homecoming and pool parties With fish, mud, eggs, and paint, the Sigma Chi Derby initiated sorority pledges into Greek life. The traditional Sigma Chi Derby proved to be one of the best in many years. After an honorable struggle, the Delta Gamma pledge class gained the highly prized first place trophy. In a joint effort with the Alpha Phi ' s, the Sigma Chi ' s captured second place in the Silver Division Homecoming decorations. Their float showed Little Abner making popcorn out of the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Folsom Valley. To highlight an active year in sports for the Sigs, Barry Johnson and Fred Fellows took second place in the Silver Division of the all-school tennis championships and were later elected to the all- star team. A wide variety of parties including two formals, the Miner ' s Party and the South Sea Islander, filled the Sig ' s social calendar. Pool parties, functions, and exchange dinners rounded out the year ' s activities. W. Enpstiom T. Combs president Vice-Prei. B. John-ion R. Jones Treasurer Secretary Mrs. Gray M. Niel.son D. Dahlin J. Biultnvtina i. Uiutcnburccr 1 . Murphv Housemother P edj e Trainer Rush Chrmn. Rush Chrmn SrKooi Chrmn. Howsf M :r A. Coldiion h. (. ' roniciin j. Ciiitis M. Dot;us L). Etion F. Fcllo M. Ki.[ T, J. Fo«um A. .Frank M. Gary j. Gflbct C. Hiillcnhcck P. Hammond M. Israel R. Jonc5 B. Kobev M. Kcndrick 240 1715 Aurora Avenue Sigma Chi Derby Queen M. Kifchoff R. Kcyworth R. Kurlh R.Lavman E. LinRwood R. Mo W. Moitn C. Mucllct S. Mutphy R. Murray WMHsam W. Ncwcll F. Piior A :xi..ih H. b iiua U. Shrpv M! A. SIccum G. Sranarclla M Temple A. Timothy I. Wise 241 Sigma nu " gingerbread house focuses on civic responsibilities J. Wright President J. Woffoid " Mom " Hartwell B. Staub L. Kuykvndall R. Blackburn Vice-President Housemother Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer B- EUton C. Fo«ei S. Fundingsland M. Harrington D. Hoch 1043 Pleasant Street. Participation and leadership were the watchwords of the Sigma Nu " gingerbread house " this year. Sigma Nu began the year with a pledge-class of forty-eight, the next largest on campus. Off to this good start, Sigma Nu continued to demonstrate its abilities and leadership by winning the grand prize for Homecoming decorations with Delta Delta Delta, and by taking first place in intramural track and eventually finishing second place in Gold League. Con- tinuing the policy of civic responsibility begun last year, the pledge-class collected money to donate to charity, and the broth- ers serenaded the patients at Mesa Vista Sanitarium with Christmas carols. Nor was the social life neglected. A generous sprink- ling of tension breakers were highlighted by the Ski Party, Pajama Party, Homecom- ing Party, Christmas Party, High-School U.S.A. Party, Greenwich Village Ball, and the Spring Formal. A more infamous achievement was the record number of jeans (1,051) stolen from the Sigma Chi Derby. But in spite of it all, Sigma Nu was able to maintain its academic standing of ninth on campus. B. Jiimcti W. KaMT:n J. Kelkv J- Kii.«dom L. Kingdom D. Knor 242 What long fingers you have grandpa " i ' , s p ' ' n |. ' cl K. kiiiiKiiiill It. Kuk: J. Lidiini B Litffll J. Livran L ' Kan B Lc 1 ' . l.irs..i. M. LoVrllc T. Mc.. r R. Miller I. I S. Nfljon N. Nicholson K. Pciracck J. Phillips K. Phillips ■ IH nrai MIE3i ■BH IHBH mrm K. Rucckcrt F. Scclcy D. Sheiman J. Smiih P L ' ' M »» B. Socrcn ' - m M. Welch C. Wilkin. F. Window B. Wolf J. Wright 243 rr ilk dfk D. Snow T. McMillan President Vice-Pres. R. Barton D. Larson Mr . Huist J. Cope B- Campbell Corres- See. Recording Sec. Houiemother Rush, Chrmn. ' Pledge Trainer A. Ager C. Anderson S. Anderson R. Baker F. Buncgar M. Caldwell B. Carncs F. Carvajal J. Ceazon C. Christopher R. Cool J. Cuilee R.Dublin D. Dugan G. Duniphan D.Edwards S. Ehrlich K. Erdman B. Fleming B. Ftanklm M. Gendreau C- Golson J. Hamm F. Hardin G. Heller J. Kr c J. Lawrence G. Letv n R. McGuckin D. Mcyet K. Michael P. Myers N. Niciphot B. Ogdcn J. Osher R. Poagc C. Porter F. Pulvtr R Randall 244 Sigma phi epsilon behind the red door Life behind the red door of the Sigma Phi Epsilon house was varied and exciting. Scholastically, the house was second on campus for the entire year. Athletically, it was represented in varsity basketball, baseball and swimming, as well as in intramural sports. Early in the year a retreat was held in Estes Park to acquaint the new pledges with the fraternity and its various ac- tivities. Social life at the house centered around the infamous Sig Ep bar which was a focal point for numer- ous sneaks, functions and parties. M V • i n M IS r—n 245 V. Aeschleman W. Arries R. Baker T. Bcckn D. Bands J. Brooks D. Buck C. Bucchman B. Buir 1 134 Pleasant Street. 246 tau kappa epsilon stresses men on the move The Tekes ' progress on campus this year followed the theme of " Men on the Move. " With an ever increas- ing pledge class and unlimited en- thusiasm, TKE introduced a new self-improvement program with the stress on increased participation in all phases of campus life. The pledge scholarship program re- mained unchanged, and enabled the pledges to study on their own under an honor system, away from the bonds of study tables. The spring semester was highlighted by an unusual naval battle at the reservoir between the pledges and actives. Shotgun formotion. Tn O Gr«nSri« 1 H. Kord ) MLimr » " -«• Iki-uih JMcOi R. Mm.-K II ) M.iril! L Manxho WJ l. D Chprr I F-vH ! B 5f Mr,. I ' ! ' ■ E. T m " " iJ ' n oA- : MM D. Vi«l 247 A. Klug G. Willisma T.Christian R.Hodge R.Jay R. Wcbwer President Vice-Prei. Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Historian T. Rugen R. Mclnnre Mrs. Davis Sgt. at Arms Ch prer Advisor Housemother 1 134 Pleasant Street. 246 t Ca. t ' tau kappa epsilon stresses en on the move The Tekes ' progress on campus this year followed the theme of " Men on the Move. " With an ever increas- ing pledge class and unlimited en- thusiasm, TKE introduced a new self-improvement program with the stress on increased participation in all phases of campus life. The pledge scholarship program re- mained unchanged, and enabled the pledges to study on their own under an honor system, away from the bonds of study tables. The spring semester was highlighted by an unusual naval battle at the reservoir between the pledges and actives. E. Tawyama D. Thodc D. Vigil 247 C. Fttcnstcin L. Goldbcig Mis. Tennyson President PUJicmaita Housemother B. Pringle FC M. Potash Treasurer R. Aschc B. B«.l; t J. Bener J. Bionsline B. Chtslin L. Cohen W. Dcggengcr S. Friedman J. Grazi M. Hei:os R. Hyams T. Jacob.- f. Jacoh.son S. Kci-ttin S. Klu. J. Posrci J. Rothsicin S. Rutlenhoum D. Savage J. Schachet A.S.hci- K.Sh.iii N) Shon I. Sricci ]. Tunic fk S. Wallace R. Wcrthcimer E. Wolf P. ZtUon Saki Clean out everything, boys. 248 zeta beta tau develops new idea of " fraternalism With emphasis on scholastics and campus participation, Zeta Beta Tau moved closer to a new concept of fraternity life as expounded in the fraternity ' s National Credo. Last summer, CD ' s chapter sent a delegation to the National Credo Conven- tion that was held to develop a new idea of " fraternalism. " Several basic points were discussed and the ZBT s worked to- ward these goals during the year. Socially, the Zebes had a diversified season which was high- lighted by the annual Homecoming Dance held in Denver, and the ZBT Tahiti Party held at a mountain resort outside Neder- land. The Zebes demonstrated their athletic ability by finishing second in all school bowling, and placing high in all school handball and volley ball. 1019 MthStreer. 249 ■X-,.- .V Minor Sports ... 290 P athletics 251 ■1T ■ ' ■-.:ia«wi » ,t.%, ts%a Athletic programs find their basic growth and continued development in the rookies and sophomores. And it has clearly been a year for the young, leaving the over-all picture to the years yet to come. 253 Assistant Athletic Director Dallas Ward Assistant Athletic Director Fred Casotti Assistant Athletic Director Dick Christopher eddie cro A der becomes ne A athletic director Assistant Athletic Director Kayo Lam Assistant Athletic Director Frank Potts The Board of Regents appointed Eddie Crowder as athletic director to succeed retiring Harry Carlson on November 20, 1964. Crowder already holds the position of head football coach. Serving with him as assistant ath- letic directors will be Frank Potts, track coach, and Dallas Ward, an assistant football coach. Kayo Lam, a former CU football great, is the athletic business manager, backed up by Dick Christopher. Fred Casotti keeps the sports world informed of the CU athletic program. 254 Retiring Athletic Director Harry Carlson the years of harry carlson: 1926-1965 " It has been priceless to work and live in this wonder- ful society which we call the University of Colorado. " Dedication to his school, a friendly hand for all, a wisdom to handle any kind of situation, and an ever alert, ever young feeling characterize the man who bows out this year as Athletic Director for the University of Colorado. As Dean Carlson stands and gazes upon the fields of ath- letic endeavor, he must remember such football greats as Joe Romig and Whizzer White, basketball stars like Ken Charlton, baseball ' s Carroll Hardy and many others. And he must recall with a sense of pride the fact that his efforts have resulted in greatly improved facilities for the athletic department. Dean Carlson can leave the uni- versity with a feeling of great and profound satisfaction for a job well done. Incoming Athletic Director Eddie Crowder 255 pompons and cheerleaders lift cus i «f Left to Right: Teri Hansen, Francie Field, Linda Etter, Martlia Ward, Susie Walter, Heather Boughton, Joanne Graham, Ann Park. Win, lose, or draw — the game ' s final outcome cast only a slight shadow on the vigorous and spirited performance by Colorado ' s talented pompon girls. Their enthusiasm and winning smiles provided the neces- sary ingredients for many a lively afternoon and evening. Sharing the spotlight were CD ' s energetic cheerleaders. This lively group seldom failed to rally support for the CU athletic teams, and throughout the season they pro- vided a rallying point for CU spirit and morale. Left to Right: 3arbara Hudson, Linda DeBrock, Ann Miller, Gtrrie Evans, Clair Abbott, Andy Shippey. 256 sport spirits The twist at center court. Stomp em buf . a ' ' ; 2 " " ifi y ffr % " • » i ,»..»»♦ Jpsy ... I think. 4- " . a ,t . football 258 %:i. .: ,l»«a6irf It can be said that a young team matured into a vastly im- proved football team. It will be said that they lost more than one game because of mistakes, but those who criticize will also forget that a young hawk falls from the nest. It will be said that the opposition was too strong, too deep, too talented, but such excuses are for those who watch and not for those who play. It will also be said, and truly, that this years football team was immensely interesting, and exciting amidst an ocean of frustration as the Buffs strained to reach a height yet two years away. For the first time in a long while a CU football team passed on first down, gambled for yardage near mid-field, played a game of field position, and generally outplayed their opponents in all departments except on the scoreboard. Throughout the season it was evident that the game plans of Coach Crowder were masterful; lacking only the needed manpower to bring them to fruition. It may be said that this year ' s CU team could be measured by lost yardage on key plays and fumbles in the end zone. But it will be more truly said that in their play week after week one sawthe beginnings of a very bright future indeed. the beginning of a long season ' Busting up " the middle. 259 :Ba ' a first taste of combat and bad luck Yaraaq-j Roll out right. 260 The bitter taste of defeat. Southern California CU ' s football forces opened the 1964 season by dropping a hard- fought contest to the University of Southern Cali- fornia Trojans 21-0, and therein set a pattern of hard luck that was to plague them for the remain- der of the season. Trailing by three touchdowns at half-time, the Buffs held Southern California to a 0-0 score for the second half of the game, and moved the ball deep into Trojan territory several times only to lose the ball on fumbles. Leading ground gainers were Robert E. Lee and Estes Banks, with Bill Symons the leading pass receiver. Oregon State The following Saturday, be- fore a home game crowd of over 20,000, the CU gridders lost a close mud-filled game 14-7. Again their difficulty in sustaining early drives and halt- ing the Beavers led to defeat. Robert E. Lee scored the Buffs only touchdown late in the third quarter. Kansas State A slow start ruined the Buffs ' chances in their opening conference game against Kansas State, as CU threatened only once in the first three quarters, while K. State built up a 16-0 lead. Then late in the third quarter, Estes Banks scored from 36 yards out to cap a 78 yard drive, and Frank Rogers kicked the extra point to make the score 16-7. Later in the fourth period, the Herd drove 87 yards for another touchdown, with Ben Howe crashing over from the one yard line on the third try. In their first loss to KSU in 1 1 years, the Buffs piled up more first downs, more yards passing, and more yards rushing than did the Wildcats. Un- fortunately, the Buffs lost out by a score of 16-14 in the one area that counts. 261 Oklahoma State Once more the Buffs held the upper hand in all statistical departments but one, as they lost a 14-10 cliff-hanger to the Aggies from Stillwater. The CU team outrushed the Aggies by 162 yards to 126 yards, outpassed them by 125 yards to 43 yards, and piled up 12 more first downs. A fumbled OSU punt gave the Cowpokes a touchdown early in the game, as an alert player fell on the ball in the CU end zone. The Buffs roared back in the second period to climax a 53 yard drive to the Aggie 13 yard line, where Frank Rogers kicked a field goal. In the third period, the Buffs went ahead as Hale Irwin sneaked into the end zone from the one yard line and Frank Rogers added the extra point to make the score 1 0-7. In their only sustained drive of the afternoon, however, the Cowboys traveled 65 yards for the game-winning touchdown, leaving CU on the short end of a 14-10 score. ,_.::ic jam in the middle. Iowa State A rugged defense and an intercepted pass gave the Buffs their first win of the season against the Cyclones, 14-7. The Buffs scored the first time they got the ball, as Robert E. lee led the attack on the Cowpoke goal-line. Late in the first period, Iowa State tied the game 7 to 7, and shortly thereafter recovered a Buff fumble deep in CU territory. But the Buff defense stiffened, setting up an interception by Ted Sommerville, who ran from the CU three to the Cyclone four yard line before being caught from behind. The Buffs went on to score, and thereafter relied on a tenacious defense to insure victory. W - S% » jHB|| iaP 262 ' Vf»° riA ww j|( An act not often repeated. Fourth down and inches. Short gain for all conference back, Bill Symons. t A o more Saturdays and finally victory 263 Nebraska ... A Colorado homecoming crowd of 42,000 sow the Ne- braska Cornhuskers, ranked fourth in the nation, beat the Buffs at their own game, setting up a leak-proof defense, to hand CU a 21-3 lo ss. The Buffs put the first tally on the boards with a 21 -yard field goal by Frank Rogers, but Nebraska proved stronger in the long run to rack up their sixth straight win of the 1 964 season. Oklahoma University . . . The hard-luck Buffs led the Sooners in total yards gained from rushing and passing by 276 to 220 yards, but lost another squeaker, 14-11. Banks led the Buffs on the ground, gaining 41 yards, while Bernie McCall completed 9 of 1 3 passes to lead Buff passers with 1 03 yards in the air. The Sooners scored first, late in the 1st quarter, after an 85-yard drive. Midway in the third period, Rogers kicked a field goal, to make the score 7-3. Then in the fourth period. Lance Rentzel deflated CU chances with a 57-yard touchdown punt return. The stubborn Buffs drove back 76 yards to paydirt, climaxing the drive with a two-point conversion to make the score 14-11 with two minutes remaining. But CU never touched the ball again, as the Sooners ran out the clock. Missouri . . . What appeared to be a sure touchdown early in the game backfired when Bill Fairband dropped a McCall pass on the MU 1 5-yard line, and this proved to be the downfall of the Golden Buffs who had led briefly 7-0 after a recovered Tiger fumble. Soon after, Missouri drove the length of the field to tie the score, 7-7, in the second period, and again from their 1 8, to lead at half-time by a 1 3-7 score. The only score of the second half was a Tiger field goal coming with two minutes left in the game. Bernie McCall ran for 51 yards and passed for 75 more, completing 9 out of 1 6 pass attempts, and Estes Banks con- tributed an additional 66 yards on the ground. a young team begins to sho A promise and Fierce blocking opens a gapping hole. , M m 1 A young quarterback tested by the best. thoughts turn to A ard a bright future Kansas University ... In a familiar role, the Buffs beat the Jayhawkers in first downs, in the air, and on the ground, but bowed 1 to 7. CD scored first, driving 72 yards to get on the scoreboard with AAcCall passing to Sam Harris from 9 yards out for the touchdown, in the second period, however, KU drove 90 yards to tie the score at 7-7, and later in the fourth quarter Gary Duff stepped back to the CD 23 and drilled the boll into the uprights to give KU a 1 0-7 victory. Air Force Academy ... In the final game of the season, CU squeezed by the Air Force in a tension-pocked battle, 28-23. Often on the long end of the statistics, but on the short end of the score throughout the season, the Buffs reversed that order to end the season with victory, an elusive item for them all season long. 265 cu varsity in a moment of inactivity ? £f » N : 5t. S " - ' »•»- ' ? " K ) I ol 52 , . 6 fs i Pi t i,J7 . 50;i ' f - 57 ,% II Front Row: Teddy Washingfon, Skip LaGuardia, Stan Irvine, Bill Symons, Jerry McClurg, Larry Ferraro, Tom Kresnak, Jack Parmeter, Ben Howe, Kirk Osborne, Ted Sommerville, Tim Monczka, Bob Cortese. Second Row; Roger Morris, Jock Price, Dave Peercy, Frank Rogers, Tad Polumbus, Don Huebsch, Skip Hall, Estes Bonks, George Reese, Tripp Owen, Dick Monkowski, Robert E. Lee. Third Row: Ron Scott, Terry McCarthy, Dove Zaharias, Mike Martin, Don Kelly, George Lework, Dennis Harder, Hale Irwin, Lorry Fischer, Hal Arnon, Tom Lund, Steve Front Row: Chuck Bernard, Don AAcSwain, Tom Kmetovic, Rich O ' Dell, John For- ler, William Harris, Charlie Greer, Augie Eckhardt, Larry Plonta, Dal King. Sec- ond Row: Matt Horbey, Dick Andrews, Steve Miles, Bruce Heath, Frank Bosch, Vic Hokonson, Jerry Montiel, Tom Corson, Bill Csikos. Third Row: Tim Cole, Don Taylor, Jim Schuler, Henry Harvey, John Gehman, Bart Bottles, Tom Gassa- way, Mike Veeder, Roger Hunt. Fourth Row: Steve Fenlon, Jim Chaney, Irv Schiller, Kerry MottI, Tony Stringer, Steve Elliott, Kirk Tracy, Joel Ripmaster, Tom Ostermon, Fifth Row: Robert Clark, Kile Morgan, Dove Sidwell, Dave Bobbs, Wilmer Cooks, Dick Anderson, Jack Whitmer. Sixth Row: John Eggert, Roger Wissmiller, Don Stovely, Ken Blair, Wayne Currell. Sidwell. Fourth Row: Lorry Donley, John Morchiol, Ray LeMosters, Tim Whalen, Bernie McColl, Gory Platcher, Al Gloxin, Dennis Drummond, Steve Frickey, Ement Littleton, Charles Larson, Dick Taylor, Frank Van Volkenburg. Fifth Row: Dr. Howard Crawford, Greg Hansen, Bill Fairband, Som Harris, Steve Groves, Bill Sobatino, Lee Hammett, Dick Borlett, Bob Conodeo, Mike Loukko, Rich Redd. Sixth Row: Roger Wissmiller, Ken Bloir, Joe Jorper, Rudy Feldman, Eddie Crowder, Don Stolwich, Chet Franklin, Bill Mondf, Dan Stoveley, Dol Word, Duke Binns, Lloyd Wilhoms. baby buffs show evidence of future glory Following a victory over the Wyoming freshman, one of the best freshman foot- ball teams in the history of CU football finished its brief season with a 27-14 vic- tory over the Air Force Academy Falcons. Led by the hard running of Wilmer Cooks, who gained 180 yards, the Buffs com- pletely dominated the game, piling up 339 yards net from rushing while holding Air Force to a meagre 82 yards. Others outstanding were halfback Larry Plantz, who gained 44 yards in seven tries, and tackles Bill Ciskos and Frank Bosch. " Looking at our won and lost record, the season has been quite a trial. How- ever, the team has put forth a tremen- dous effort all season. They have shown extremely commendable character in playing their very best each game. As a coach, I have the greatest respect for them as a team because of their fire and determination in the face of great odds. If such is possible with a losing record, I believe that they have established a real winning spirit. " On November 21, 1964, Eddie Crowder closed out his second year at CD. It had been a year of tremendous disappoint- ment for the young, personable coach, but it had also been one of tremendous pride in a team that always put forth maximum effort to win. Eddie Crowder came to CU from his olma mater, Oklahoma University, where he practiced his football skills as a quarterback under Bud Wilkinson and then as an assistant coach at Army and at CU. With the material at hand, forti- fied by fresh strength from the freshmen Buffs, CU can look forward to a football future full of nothing but success. Head football coach Eddie Crowder. Big Eight Standings Scoras Nebraska 61-0 CU Oklahoma . 5-1-1 Southern Colifornio .21 Kansas 5-2-0 7 Oregon State 14 Missouri 4-2-1 14 Konsas Slate 16 Kansas State 3-4-0 10 Oklahoma State 14 Oklahoma State 3-40 14 Iowa State .. 7 Colorado 1-6-0 3 Nebrasko . 21 Iowa Stole 0-7-0 11 Oklahoma 14 7 Missouri 16 7 Konsas 10 28 Air Force 23 coaching staff looks toward a better season next yea 1 i ?4LL t 1964 COACHING STAFF: Front Row: Joe Morper, Chet Franklin, Rudy Feldman, Eddie Crowder, Bill Mondt. Second Row: Do! Ward. Roger WIssmiller, Don Stolwick, Ken Blair, Don Stavely, Duke Benz. 267 basketball Highlighted by the selection of Chuck Gardner to the all Big Eight Conference Team, the Buffs closed a hard fought season just over the five hundred mark with thirteen wins and twelve losses, but good enough for fourth place in the Big Eight. Picked by the experts to finish last, the Buffs en- tered the Big Eight tournament at Kansas City with a record of three and five. However, CU defeated Nebraska and Missouri, and lost a cliff hanger for the championship to Kansas, 53-51. Pat Frink earned individual honors with his selection as the co-winner of the tournaments " most outstanding player award, " Ball control. buffs begin campaign toward fourth place Pounding the boards. V. filf " The Big Eight season that followed proved to be an exciting one, and yet it also held its measure of frustration for the Buff cagers. Throughout the season the herd challenged the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Kansas Jayhawks for the top conference position. In fact, with only four re- maining games, the Buffs had tied Kansas for second place. And then the roof fell in as CU lost three straight games to eliminate them from an y possible contention for the Big Eight Conference title. Fast break loyup. 270 Following an opening loss to Missouri, the Buffs upset both Kansas State and Kansas in Boulder by margins of 80-77, and 61-59. The hero of the Kansas State game was Pat Frink, who led the team with twenty-five points, hitting fifteen of seventeen free throw attempts. Center Chuck Gardner was a pleasant surprise as he scored more than twenty points for the third game in a row. Next, the Buffs traveled to Stillwater to face the undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys. In a pres- sure filled game, the Buffs fell 59-55, but only after three overtimes. Then, in another thriller, CU edged the Oklahoma Sooners 71 -70. a late blooming center and sophomore guard led the buffs to a surprise finish Scoring in a clutch game. All Big Eight, Chuck Gardn er. 271 Hitting the road once nnore, the Buffs were out rebounded by a surpris- ing Nebraska team, and lost 66-59. At Ames, CU regained its poise and scoring ability to defeat Iowa State 79-7 1 . At home once more, the Buffs fought off front running Oklahoma State 57-54. Colorado now appeared to have an excellent chance to upset ail pre-season forecasts and win the conference title. But, in an abrupt about face, the Buffs dropped three in a row: the first at home to Mis- souri, 80-75, and the second and third to Kansas State, 65-50, and Kansas, 68-62, both on the road. A final victory over Iowa State, 90-65, finished a season just over the five hundred mark. Sparkplugs of a CU team very short on experience were center Chuck Gardner, and sophomore guard Pat Frink, who also received recogni- tion as the best sophomore in the Big Eight. Coming off the glass. Double teamed. Easy does it. Left fo Right: Ralph Fuller, Jack Linfz, Chuck Gardner, Milf Branch, Steve Rowe, Mike Fr- k, Kj 1 Joe Wheeler, Norm Saunders, Ed Weathers, Gordy Price, Bob Bauers, Bob West, Frcnk, Phil Hart. e . ' Thcmpson, Bob Joyce, Lynn Baker, Pot Coach Sox Wolseth. another A inning season, but just barely " Over-all, I think our kids did a great job oil season long, coming out with a very high finish in the Big Eight. I think they showed a lot of progress as the year ad- vanced, and I really can ' t think of a game that we weren ' t in contention until the last two or three minutes. I ' m happy with the season and especially proud of the team effort that our boys showed in every game that we played. " i Big Eight Standings 1 Oklahomo State 5 Nebraska 2 Kansas 6 Iowa State 3 Missouri 7 Kansas State 4 Colorado 8 Oklahoma 274 Coach Dick Nicholson. baby buffs ShONA promise, but drought of big men continues unabated Fronf Row: Mike Rebich, Ted Erfert. Pool Souer, Horv Glatz. Second Row: Dave Remer, Everett tontine, Chuck Willioms, Bryan Huck- aby, Bill Budge, Kent Crowford, Fred Seoly, Pot Vance, Paul Turner. Coach Don Nicholson, former CU cage star, led his freshmen to a five and three record, with the Boby Buffs winning five out of six on the home court. The first game saw the freshmen on the long end of a 95-75 score over the Denver frosh. Ted Erfert and Chuck Williams led the Buffs with seventeen and eighteen points each. The yearlings then returned home to beat Mesa Junior College 79-68. A close loss to Northeastern, 66-64, followed, but the fresh- man rebounded to score three straight wins over Trinidad, Colorado State, and the Air Force Frosh. In the final game the Buffs lost a return match to Denver, 78-70. 275 •l ,1 skiing Mike Gallagher. Jim Huega competes at Winter Park. ski team has ups and mostly downs Although the Buff skiers found themselves on the short end more times than not in their personal duel with the strong squad from Denver Univer- sity, this v as a highly successful season in terms of promising individual performances. The Buffs lost three meets to Denver by extremely narrow mar- gins and piled up a large winning margin in the Winter Carnival meet at Lake Eldora. The squad was bolstered by Olympians Jim Huega, Bill Marolt, and Mike Gallagher, while Billy Kidd, a Freshman, will be eligible for competition next year. Next year, Kidd, Huega, and Marolt promise to give CU what will be perhaps the finest Alpine team ever assembled in the U.S. The team was coached by Bob Beattie, who is also the Olympic Alpine coach. 277 beattie bellows, a team strains to become the best — but the ncaa is a disaster Tom Upham. Bill Marolt. % 278 ■1 Steamboat Springs Invilotionot . Denver 2. Colorado 3. Wetiern Stote College 5. Wyoming .. - Western State Invitational ;). Denver 2. Colorodo 13. Western State College 4. Wyoming ' 5. Air Force Academy JI.M.I.S.A. Championships 1. Denvei 2. Colorodc 3 Utah . 4. Western State College 5. Wyoming 6. Air Force Academy .. . 7. Colorado Mines . Utah Invitational 1 . Denver 2. Colorado 3. Utah Colorado Invitational 1. Colorado 2. Denver 3. Western State College 4. Wyomin g 5. Air Force Acodemy .... 6. Nevada 7. Utah Stote Front Row: Bill Morolt, Mike Gollagher, Jim Borrows, Rex Corson, Second Row: Tom Upham, Jim Hoeschler, Vlodimir Sabich, Bill Perry. Third Row: Coach Bob Beattie. Assf. Coach, M.J. Elisho; Ni Orsi, Jim Huego, Mike Conotsey, Lloyd Lo- Cosse, Jim Morning, Asst. Coach, Earle Chandler. 279 track ft a season of all-out effort and frustration What initially looked like one of their finest seasons, turned into a season of frustration, but all-out effort, for the CU harriers. Open- ing the season with an easy win over Wyoming, the CU track team set out in quest of a winning season. Jim Miller tied a varsity record set last year of 6.7 for sixty yards in the high hurdles. Next, the Buffs lost to Nebraska. At Fort Collins, the CU team defeated a strong CSU squad, with weight man Barry King taking first place in the shot-put with a winning toss of 56 feet, 3V4 inches. Miller again won the high and low hurdles, while Dave Wighton won the mile run. Disaster struck the Buffs at the Big Eight Meet when Jim Miller pulled a leg muscle, forcing him out of competition. Warren Hough- ton was a surprise third in the high hurdles and Dave Wighton captured first in the two mile run, covering the distance in the third fastest time ever posted in a Big Eight Meet. The Buffs closed their indoor season by scoring individual wins in two invitational meets. Kick high. Scores CU 72 Wyoming 32 48 Nibtosl . 74 58 CSU 46 Big Eight Meet 1 . MiSiOuri . 52 2. Kansas 47 3. Nebfoslrj ?6 4. Oklohoma S»o ' - r 5. Konsas S ' ale ■ i. 6. Ol tolioma I 3 7. lowo Siote 8 1 281 a spring of frustration and individual promise - " " Although crippled with injuries throughout the season, Coach Frank Potts ' harriers moved on in a determined fashion throughout the 1964 season. Their journey southward in the spring brought three successive defeats at the hands of such track powers as Arizona State, Arizona, and New Mexico. Returning home, the Buffs rebounded in the Colorado Relays, the Denver University Invitational Meet, and in o dual meet with Ne- braska. In the Big Eight Meet, however, the Buffs placed sixth. The only bright spot in the annual conference meet was furnished by Jim Miller, who provided CU with most of its points in the meet. Miller tied the conference record in the 120 yard high hurdles with a 14.0. He anchored the 440 relay team to a record 40.5, and also set a record of 36.4 seconds in the 330 intermediate hurdles. His three firsts earned him the Schulte award, which is given to the outstanding athlete of the con- ference meet each year. Up and over. 282 Colorado Relays Colorado 25 Wyoming 10 Air Force 8 Ft. Hoys State 7 University of Utah 5 Nebraska 4 Kansas State 3 Colorado Stole 3 Southern Colorado State I Big Eight Mwt Kansas 126 Nebrasko 105 • Missouri 86 Oklahonja 63 Oklohomo State 58 Colorado 57 Kansas State 58 Colorado 57 Kansas State : 17 Iowa State 1.2 DU Invitational Colorado 98 ' , Colorado Stale 57 ' , Denver 36 ' : Over the top. Running all the way home. Out of the blocks. 283 Coach speaks: " The 1964 track season was a great disappoint- ment to nne. Before the season began it appeared that we had assembled one of the finest teams ever to represent the University of Colorado. How- ever, eligibility problems hurt us badly, and crip- pling injuries finished whatever chance remained. Therefore, over the winter, we slipped from a major contender for Big Eight honors into a fight- ing, but second division finisher. A few bright moments were fashioned by our strong relay team, which notched several good wins over fierce opponents. Jim Miller was again our top competitor in the hurdles, and filled the position of anchor man for the mile relay team. All in all, the season was a respectable one, but not nearly as successful as I had counted on. " Coach Frank Potts. Front Row: Gerald Bryan, Warren Hou . :_: , - : ' . . _ .-. i;,rns, Chuck Morton, Matt Cheskin, Tom Starr, Dick Nossoman. Second Row: Fred Sorenson, Fred Sayre, Rod Miller, Doug Marshall, Dave Riethman, Bruce Degon, Bill Grimes, Dave Peercy. John Hammerick. Third Row: Coach Fronk Potts, Mike McCoy, Phil Roarck, Dick Martin, Bill Sproot, John DeMersseman, Dave Jones, Dove Wighton. indoor season is disappointment 284 1 m Dave Wighton, All American. Fronf Row: Lloyd Godwin, Dave Wighlon, Mike Gallagher, Arnold Hamoll. Con McClore. Second Row: Coach Frank Potts, Jim Garcia, Dave Reagon, Merl Pinney, Bob Webster. ' SEC QTR. COLORADO YARDS TO GO cross country Led by Junior Dave Wighton, Colorado ' s strong cross country team garnered four firsts in four meets and wound up the season with a third place finish in the Big Eight Meet at Manhattan The CU harriers opened their season at Laramie where they took the first place trophy away from a strong Wyoming team. Colorado fol- lowed this victory with a win over DU, with Wighton again taking individual honors. In their own invitational, the Buffs again led all other challengers to give them a perfect season going into the conference meet at Manhattan. Here, Dave Wighton led the field, pulling away from his competition with half a mile left in the race to run the best race that any Buff has ever run over a three mile course. His time was 14 min- utes and 1 2 seconds. M« r Records Invitotionol Denver Invitational CU Inv.tolionol . 71 Nebrosko Big Eight Meet First 1 . Konsos . FirM 2. Oklahoma Stole First 3 Colorado 34 4. Kansas State 5. Ntbroska 6 Iowa Stale 7. Missouri .. 8 Ol.ohomo 285 baseball Fronf Row: Ron Brown, Dennis Murono, Clart .- j- - -. George Cattermole, Bob Bennett, Allie Plamonn, Don Price, Don Sessions, Jinn LoFoe, Steve Best, Pete Alvarez. Second Row: Tom Uphom, Bob Williams, Roger Griffin, Adrian Mohr, Tom Dutcher, Jim Orr, Phil Myers, Bill Williams, Kent Johnson, Leon Mavity, cooch Frank Prentup. buff ' s finish fifth in big eight Despite a slow start in the early part of the season, Colorado ' s 1964 baseball buffs rallied to a fifth place finish in the Big Eight Conference. The pre-season roadtrip into Texas was a near disaster as the Buffs managed t o sal- vage only one game against such Texas powers as Texas Western and Sul Ross. Back on their home diamond the Buffs lost three straight to defending champions Mis- souri. A winning note was sounded how- ever when CU defeated Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. In mid-season, history was made by Adrian Mohr, one of the Buffs ' outstanding pitch- ers. Backed up by a strong team defensive effort, Mohr pitched a no hitter against powerful Nebraska. The season ended with a five game winning streak against Kansas and Kansas State. Ole firearm. 287 The old smoke ball. - If " " ■ ' ' IV,. »»3Uf M Reaching for a hot one. A little luck and a cloud of dust. v- .J ' " ,iii»M ii » ' •■ ' 3- 288 In the Big Eight statistical department, Colorado University placed with three out of the top fif- teen league hitters. Shortstop Tom Dutcher placed fourth with a .365 batting average. Hard-hitting leftfielder Leon Mavity placed eleventh, and catcher Rob Bennett hit a solid .310 for fourteenth spot. To add to their laurels, CU baseballers placed first in four important statistical departments. A trio of Buffs tied for fourth place in overall hitting, with Rob Bennett, Ron Brown and Tom Dutcher each collecting 27 hits at the plate. All- Conference leftfielder Leon Mavity added to his honors by placing first in the doubles depart- ment, while team-mate Don Sessions took the home run and runs batted in crowns. Leading pitchers were Adrian Mohr of no-hit fame, George Cattermole and Kent Johnson. Coach Prentup with iron mike. 1964 Scores CU 5 Texas Western 8 5 Texas Western 8 7 Texas Western 1 Sul Ross Stole 2 Sul Ross Stole 6 2 Missouri 7 4 Missouri 6 4 Missouri 6 6 Oklahoma State 4 1 1 Oklahoma Stote 2 3 Oklahoma State 4 Big Eight Final Standings 1 Nebraska 3 2 Nebraska 3 4 Nebraska Iowa State 6 6 Iowa State 7 3 Iowa Slate 8 Kansas 8 6 Kansas 5 1 1 Konsos 6 9 Kansas State 3 14 Konsos Stole 7 24 Kansas Slate 6 W L Pel. Missouri 19 1.000 Oklahoma _ „ 13 8 .619 Iowa State 10 7 .588 Konsos n 10 .524 Colorado 10 11 .476 Nebrosko 7 14 .333 Oklahoma Stole 4 12 .250 Kansas State 3 15 .167 the coach speaks " The 1964 season was filled with moments of pride, and with moments of utter frustration. The season began with high hopes for a good Big Eight title fight. But a series of injuries to the pitching staff caused us to fall behind in the early part of the season, and we just never managed to make up the difference. We al- ways seemed to be up for the big teams and down for the weaker ones. " 289 ,i - . w minor sports The bufterfly. swimmers have brighter future ahead Front Row: Bob Elliot, Rich Alexander, Don Kopp, Russ Corrigon, Tom Jones. Second Row: John Deahl, Terry Donko, Taylor Robinson, Qhuck Riddell, Craig Dillion. Third Row: Jim Waggoner, Doug Poyne, Keith Shaw. Bill Hunsberger, Coach Fred Murphy. Heading into the NCAA Meet at Ames, Iowa, the buff swimmers had compiled a season record of two wins and thirteen loses, and a sixth place finish in the Big Eight meet at Norman. During the season they broke six team records. Once again, Jim Wagnner was the lead- ing scorer for the CU squad, setting new records in the 200 yard individ- ual medley and 200 yard butterfly events. Sophomores Craig Dillion and Bob Elliot, specialists in the 100 and 200 yard back-stroke events, showed a great deal of potential for the future success of the CU swimmers. S or s CU 73 Air Force Acodemy 66 31 lowo S ' oie 6? r5 New Mex-co 69 4 1 Konsas S ' ate 54 29 Kanjos 66 ? OUahon-o 66 27 Nsbiosko 67 79 Colorodo S ' O e 66 41 Wyomng 57 50 Colorado S ' o ' e College 45 19 A.r Force Acndernv 7c 3 1 Nebros n 64 13 Uirih .. 8: 50 Te«os Tech 45 291 m ' T4fc_ r ' lT ' Ul ' yr A reverse giant circle. Fronr Row: Tom Jenkins, Bill Padia, Lonnie Arfston, Lloyd Jackson, Warren Boat- right, Derek Shubin. Second Row: Jerry Franklin, Jim Pvan, Terry Murphy, Dean Juhan, Bob Poston, Bob Setchell, Rich McCobe, Asst. Coach, Bud Shroads; Coach, Glenn Wilson. 292 i gymnastic team posts a good record t Free exercise hand still. Free exercise split. Going into the final weeks of the season the CD gymnasts had compiled a 5-7-1 record. Several of its losses, especially to the strong teams from Southern and Western Illinois, were by very nar- row margins. And with the Big Eight meet close at hand, Coach Glenn Wilson was predicting a second or third place finish for his team. Three graduating seniors led the squad with individual victories in their events. Tom Jenkins, Big Eight Ring Champion in 1964, was again strong in the team meets, as were Bob Poston, and Jim Ryan. Others who lent depth to the squad were Rich McCabe, Bob Setchell, Lonnie Arfston, and Warren Boatright. An inverted iron cross 293 Almost a cradle. Polling out. buff grapplers finish second consecutive strong season Continuing to improve throughout the season, the CU wrestling team, coached by Linn Long, compiled a regular season record of fifteen and five, as they headed into the NCAA meet at Laramie, Wyoming, in late March. Outstanding v restlers v ere Jim Hanson, named to the NCAA All-America team at 130 pounds, during mid-season, Terry MacArthy at 177 pounds and Rich Ritthaler at 137 pounds who contributed heavily to the best season record for the Buff grapplers in recent years. Take-down. Front Row: Bute! ' Dougnefy. Moivn Ht- r. Vc i sone. Doug MocAtrhu ' , J-in Hanson. Biuco McDowell. Joe Arroyo. Second Row: Jim Onega. Del Phod ' .-s. Pete Nord. Terry MocArfliur, Ron Plonkeit Third Row: Gil Podilln, Bob Good. Bob Jones. M.cVey De Pod. Ed Howell, Joel. Wrighi, Dove Zeigler. Mark SuM. von. Coach Unn long. 14 Wyoming 22 New Mejrico 1 6 Adams S:a ' e " .1 Colorodo Mine. .6 Nor? ' ieaS ern ?0 Wyoming 7 Oll-jtioma S ' o ' f 70 Sout iern Colore :; 17 Mcinio o S ' o ' e 8 Iowa S ' o ' f ?5 Gro elor 13 OUciHomn rr Kansas S ' o ' e 7S Colorodo M;ne« 1 8 Colorado Slate,-i.ty 17 Colorodo S-a e College . ?3 Colorodo S-oie r- . - •■ 14 Br-at iam Young 18 N brtisio 295 hockey club has hopes for a home rink Slap shot. JC With no home rink on which to play, the struggling CD Hockey Club played a meager but somewhat successful season of ice hockey. The players won four, lost five, and cap- tured the Aspen Invitational Tour- ney. Artificial ice facilities are con- templated and may be available for the 1965-66 season, which should bring about an expanded game schedule and possible varsity recognition. 1964-65 scores cu 3 Air Force Academy 2 Air Force AcoderDy Aspen Flyers 3 Air Force Acodemy 2 St. Cloud Stote College . ... 3 Colorado College All S:or5 5 Colorado College All Siars 9 Monaco Marauders 5 Monaco Marauders Front Row: George Hansen, Ron Youngclous, Vis- valdis Jouunara. Lt. Comn onder Gilkinson. Second Row: Murray Ruffell, Oon Obttndorf, Glenn A beau, John Wolfe Third Row: Tim Lane, Steve Johnson, Frank Johnson. Newton Fowcett. 296 Front Row: Irving Johnson. Rich Von Veen. Lyie Scott. Ken Shewii2. John Coir, Pete BroistecJ, MiVe Plox. Jinn Forniworth. Jim Hunsoker. Second Row: Steve Anderson. OofOon Herrold. Jeff Reynolds, Berme West, Bob Derkosh. Rick Heller. Lee Levy. Ed- win Roberts Third Row: Bill Weider, Dennis Hoyz lett, Joe Armstrong. M.le Rouse. Don Perin, Lorry Lacerte, Paul Golden Fourth Row:Dave Zahoris, Carl Pomronko, Jim Whistler, Jim Bntton, Ron Dublin. Don Cockley. Dove Voung, John Fronko, Norman Land, ployer-coach. The University of Colorado Lacrosse team is now entering its sixth year of intercollegiate competition. Be- ginning in 1964 the team became a member of the newly formed Western College Lacrosse Associa- tion. This year the team sponsored its own invitational, and which was the first lacrosse tournament ever held in the state of Colorado. It was a four team tourney, featuring Ari- zona, the Air Force Academy, and Utah. Also, in recognition of their leadership, the NCAA featured CU in its 1964 lacrosse guide. lacrosse team to host own invitational In the cradle 1964 or«5 CU 13 Colorado Stote University 3 8 Notre Dome ; 8 Sronfotd I? 2 Claremont 4 8 Ar.zono 16 4 Phoenix lovertime! 6 3 Cloremont .. t 17 Colorado Stote Uni ersify 9 3 Air Force Academy 1 : 5 Denver Lacrosse Cluo ... y 7 Colorado State Universitv 11 Utah 7 297 Larry McAtee, State Medalist Champion. Fronf Row; John Homer, Lane Bickle, Ray Pierson. Second Row: Bob Bohan, Jock Manning, Norm Saunders, Coach Les Fowler. cu linksmen T " " 12 New Mexico 6 9yi Arizona State 8 ' A drive through ;j :::7s,.ri:z.ll 12 Utah State 6 successful season 1 ' a A ZeZziz U, 24 ' , Regis 2 ' , 8 ' , Colorado College .... ' , 12 Colorado State 6 14 Wyoming 4 Ti ,_, ,, , .r ' 2 ' 2 Denver 6 ' , I he 1964 season added up to sixteen wins and tour 27 Regis losses for a very talented CU golf team, coached by ' y, North Dakota state .. sy, 1. 1 III r I Pikes Peak Meet Third Place likeable Les Fowler. Big Eight Standings Outstanding players were such as Larry McAtee, who Oklahoma stote 84s not only played well for the Buffs, but also won the ookiohomo 869 , Colorado 890 1963 Colorado state match play championship. Lane Kansas 06 Bickell, Ray Pierson, and John Homer were other CU Missouri 917 ir II ■ n- r- I i I II ' I I Kansas State 938 golfers scoring well in Big Eight play as well as in local , g, , ,4 and regional meets. Nebraska 947 tennis team volleys A elL but falls short Although the Buff netters could not match their strong finish of the year before, they did come through with good, solid tennis to finish fifth in the Big Eight Confer- ence meet at Stillwater. Outstanding Buff players were Rich Hillway, number one netter for Colorado University, and Dave Reed, another strong competitor. Both ranked high in regional tennis as well as in the conference. Included in a lack-luster but interesting season were two wins over Colorado State University and Air Force Acad- emy. 1964 Scores cu 7 Parsons Wichifo 7 Oklohoma 7 1 North Texas Stale 6 2 Texas Christian 4 6 Southern Methodist I 8 Regis 4 Colorado College 5 3 Wyoming 6 1 Wyoming 8 6 Colorado State 7 North Dakota State 4 Air Force 3 4 Colorado State 3 Wichita 7 Big Eight Meet Kansas 19 Oklahomo 13 Oklahoma State 7 Iowa State 3 Colorado 2 Nebraska 2 Missouri 2 Kansas State _ Jim Hilton, Fred Mogee, Rich Hillway Absent from picture: Dcve Joherst, Walt Brown, Dave Reed. Captai Intramural action L grows apace Intramurals for 1964-65 were characterized by increased participation, closer competition, and the growing lack of available facilities. The year saw the Phi Gams take the intramural all-school football trophy for the third year in a row. In other repeat performances Eric Lee of SAE and Norm Rustad of GDI finished one and two in the track decathlon competition. The Phi Delts were victori- ous in the water polo competition and Willard Hall defeated a strong table tennis field. Reaching for a long one. Split, strike, or spare? Only one more. 300 % M 4 » Driving for two. The cruncher. n ii j 301 Heading for the pit. Returning a punt. 302 Hitting to the corner. a program growing with every year, but getting little or no help concerning its finances or facilities Water polo. 4 ' tt» m IP i 4 v m 303 A university campus which is rapidly spreading itself into oblivion; longer distances between living units. The long walk becomes a daily routine, a furious peddling to be together, a catching up to the mottos written upon sun dials, a making of the pack. r 1 r 1 : 1 1 ■ ' ' ■• ' ' ' •■:- ' " ■■■■ • farrand hall Front Row: Kay Slover, Carole Crow, Meredith Hickey, Goyle Ciancio, Sharon Whitecomb, Laurie Sorenson, Kath- leen Adcock, Ann Rhodes Second Row: Barbara lerner, Annette Melmed, Patricia Jenkins, Patricio E. Clme. Kolh- leen McCormick, Julie Golding, Carolyn Seibel. Julie Luck- ing, Linda A. Lawrence. Cathy Newell. Third Row: Ronolee Bray, Louronn Briding, Cindy Tomhave, Susan Pronge, Linda A. Wagner, Cheryl Von Hoose, Lois Ann Saltmorsh, Laila Beltina Boker, Condoce Young, Margaret Fete, Bobbie Fro- leigh, Susan Schafroth. Fourtfi Row: Roberta Wicklund, Lil- lian Grantham, Miriam Low, Joanne Zusk, Beverly Zohn, Cheryl Childers, Beverly Wike, Terry Williams, Diane Don- lop, Jeanne Holben. Front Row: Donna Wagner, Janet McFonn, Patricia Von- Gorden, Tommy Miller, Danny Johns, Diana Copps, Kathy Herrmann, Twyla George, Susan Liechty, Sandra Temple. Second Row: Penelope Anderson, Christine Folsom, Cheryl Irick, Jeanetfe Papedo, Barbara Short, Sandra Downey, Loxie Richardson, Kathy Litten, Susan Walker, Pot Schultz. Third Row: Leslie Shenefelf, Jan Merrifield, Judy Gordon, Jill Panero, Julo Storey, Elizabeth Hock, Kathy Richey, Pat Callahan, Nancy Nethowoy, Katherine Donahue, Linda Hartford, Cynthia Crout, Sherrie Engstrom, Susie Noifeh. Fourth Row: Linda Yeater, Di ane West, Diane Krous, Geroldine Blonchord, Morcio Benbrook, Lynne Steur, Mary Mizke, Carol Caffrey, Lola Beotty, Sondro Bledsoe, Dorothy MocLourin, Doris-Marie Covin. %r V .1 ' .. " I, f til • « baur battles craven for furniture The missing Baur wing lounge furniture finally turned up in the laundry room, and the Craven wing culprits took the blame. Baur girls are combining collegiate responsibility- with athletic prowess. Their energetic team tied for first in volleyball- They are also attempting to become the best freshman honor wing at CU, a plan endorsed by Resi- dent Advisors Doris Covin and Leslie Shenefelt. Happiness is a wall To frolic on. I t i f f Aiit 1 Li i ia sK f 5l k -f ■ ' " " r f I- ■ ,!,f .. ' .» Front Row: Linda Nelson, Suson M. Bright, Barbara Ann Kirk, Suson K. Mellang, Barbara Wingote, Jacqueline Ann Hunter, Jon Eva Farwell. Second Row: Carole Stetzel, Jennifer Ferris, Debbie Atchison, Betsy Hoover, Suzanne Horn, Pat Peterson, Terre Loomis, Linda Cottle, Goyle Yamauchi. Third Row: Diane Denyes, Leigh Ponder Joan Foss, Caryjo McMorris, Jeanne Sockse, Mary Evans, Cynthia Rotay, Korla Jorgensen, Jean Johnson, Jocquelyn Pate, Judy Faudel. Fourth Row: Suson Sargent, Judith G. Purdy, Nevo Skokich, Leslie Cohen, Patricio Lemke, Nancy Moresh, Marcello Lee Hudson, Susan Goldman, Doris Hurka, Faye Robinson, Joan Davis, Valerie Close, Judith Fisher. Front Row: Diane Kathleen Shultz, Nancy Jean Loursen, Karen Lee Dutcher, Morjorie Elaine Butz, Kothi McDonald, Ka y Thompson, Kris Roth, Karenlee Jennings, Gayle Camp- en, Kris Stephens. Second Row: Mario Martin Kendra, Cindy Husteod, Martha McClellon, Joyne Branting, Judy Bouma, Dee Ann Frause, Shoron McCobe, Sharon Smith, Lecky Brubker, Dede Quinn. Third Row: Jacqueline Prince, Cheryl Wright, Kathy Olbright, Helen Weeks, Donna DuPre, Sue Norton, Jane Carpenter, Kathy Gribben, Elaine Takahoshr, Joyce Mosunago, Morjorie Faulk, Linda K. Gibbons, Cynthia Stefanic. Fourth Row: Frances Lennartz, Goil Swenson, Elizabeth Ann Wentworth, Jane Seymour, Karen Kruer, Louella Jean Hein, Koran Koe Yynn, Karen Wagner, Suzanne Pavlico, Linda Kimsey, Jccolyn Berndt, Constance Schleicher. " Here we stand like birds in the wilderness waiting for our food, " was a familiar cry in Craven Wing ' s food line. Being a Craven resident advisor was a hazardous job for Margie Butz and Kay Thompson as they were the primary targets for cold midnight showers. Craven participated in all Farand functions and worked h ard in intra- murals, hoping to win the intramural trophy for the second year in a row. craven A ing keeps food line lively ■ , ••• ' A hard day ' s night. reynolds wing A ins homecoming pri The girls in Reynolds wing are a fine example of what more than one year at CD can do. Resident Advisors Karo- line Eickle and Donna Robinson man- age to keep disorderly conduct to a roaring minimum, riots peaceful, and the lounges dork. The girls participate in the daily mail race, the daily meal race and the daily rat race. They are also devoted to hashers, frisbies, skate boards, snow fights and love. Along more conventional lines, they made a prizewinning Homecoming decoration and went caroling at Christmas. front Row: Lynda Quan, Joan Brosius, Nancy Ambrose, Lou Anne Trainor, Jane Horry, Bronwynn Jones. Jean Epstein, Pamela Long, Judy Elwell. Second Row: Suzonne Spitz, Kathleen L. Shambaugh, Merlyn Enarson, Bonnie Boden. Susan Carlisle, Susan Poe, Morilyn Watts, Tana Gammons, Beth Cowgill, Donna Robinson, Vera Moy Trowbridge. Third Row: Carolyn Hamilton, Susie Schenk, Pom Curnes, Barbaro Lukaszewicz, Jane Widdows, Linda Sitas, Katherine Wood, Deanna Weigand, Karen John- son, Judi Tribel, Mory Ann Koplou This is logic? 1 311 Don ' t read over my shoulder. The girls of McCauley wing were above everyone. That is, above the members of the varsity football team. Their wing is conveniently perched above CUs version of the monsters of the midway and also above the beloved snack machines. When the girls weren ' t busy with things below them they sold free ice cream bars for five cents and sang and danced with the boys from Nichols. Resident Advisors Suzie Kubia and Anne Moses helped the girls decorate with the Willard boys for the Homecoming football game and also helped them to improve their studies. n f i ft r I i S t ft ' mc cauley above the monsters Front Row: Christine Rhodes, Phyllis Parker, Leslie Martin, Jon Garten, Patricia Tegtman, Carol A. Peterson, Anne- Marie Pickens, Pam Stone. Second Row: Nancy Dotienheim, Julie Farley, Sue Watson, Jennifer Fox, Noncy Little Elizo Wilder, Virginia Easley, Cynthia Adams, Sharon Kearney, Mary Lou Jones, Susie Shenic, Martha Nethery. Third Row: Donna L. Herrmann, Linda G. Azzi, Kate Leary, Judy H. Meyer, Linda Stein, Leia Milzer, Robin Oberlonder, Lindo Luhman, Janet Sulzberger, Barbara Kull. Fourth Row: Ellen W. Barbour, Mary Z. Eogan, Korin Smith, Peggy Mac Donald, Judy Hudson, Florence Cook, Sharon Eighmy, Kay Eidridge,, Catherine Peters, Marlys Wolf, Kay Lind. L , k » ■- " ■% •«►• ' • ' J V » V • " .- • 7 . r Front Row; Cheryl L. Greene, Sharon J. Hoffmann, Kathy L. Younger, Jennie Roberts, Madeline Durkin, Joan Barr, Barbora Fogel, Toni Stagakes, Anne Moses. Second Row: Joyce Lindelens, Sue Ziereis, Claudia Kates, Sally Spence, Nancy Fitzpatrick, Mary S. Kleitsch, Karia Lindecrantz, Vicki Flom, Susie Kubie. Third Row: Leslie Kurtz, Arlene Hosen- balg, Karen L. Baker, Cindy Schneider, Ellie Weller, Janet M. Whitaker, Sandra Kayne, Barbara Makin, Barbara Schwake. Fourth Row: Sue Perry, Kathy Cullum, Sue Ellen Crass, Jane McLaughlin, Sarah HuiatT, Sheila Gray, Sally J. Pope, Nancy Gerou. 312 hallett hall 313 Alamosa wing was in and out like a lion this year. It was gay and noisy, but also studious and quiet, except when the Resident Advisors Moya Baker and Leslie Klien decided the freshmen should be initiated and woke them up at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to sing the CU Fight song. In addition to functions, the girls par- ticipated in several service projects. As a wing, they distributed pumpkins and candy to the Boulder hospitals and en- tertained orphans at a football game on Orphans Day. alamosa learned fight song early Front Row: Marilyn Maisel, Penny Phillips, JoAnn McFar- lond, Starr Elaine McLeron, Nanyc Jo Cooper, Alice Louise Paris. Second Row: Caren Atterbury, Gerri Giffis, Linda C. Robison, Mary Margaret Reike, Katherine Ann Carey, Teresa Ann Monarchi, Leslie Ann Smiley, Carole Ann Morris, Susan Virginia Loomis. Third Row: Helen Tremaine, Joanno Swartz, Janet Foote, Leigh Mull ins, Elizabeth Copp, Jami Strauss, Kathleen Woods, Laura Roten, Eileen Evry, Cathy Sleeth. Fourth Row: Jacqueline Leighton, Glenda Hamamoto, Caroline Hechenbleikner, Mary Jane Murphy, Elizabeth M. Brown, Kristy Larson, Kathy Nelson, Nancy Bentson, Cnery Schmelrng, Joon Smith. Getting ready for a Martian party. Front Row: Margie Vobejada, Nancy Carrol, Sandra Yama kishi, Peggy O ' Keeffe, Terre Trelowney, Louonne Atkinson, Barbara Holmes, Gail Cruier, Jane Louden. Second Row: Pom Everett, Nancy Pierpoint, Kathy Reichert, Leslie Marion, Karen Fethe, Isis Arnao, Juliette Bettencourt, Sheila Robson, Ellen Hesselboch. Third Row: Shirley Garcia, Wendy Joel Hill, Leslie Ann Klein, Susan D. Kelling, Betty Jean Hylond, Serenella Kukia, Mary Kay Zuidema, Evelyn Zinn, Kathlyn Sullivan, Marie Masciotra, Sandra Lee Rigg, Fennoyee Ann Thomos. Fourth Row: Gloria Delaina Howard, Connie Nor ton, Lorraine Louise Boos, Sharon Roe Bowman, Cynthia Leigh Widdifietd, Margaret Marshall, Elizabeth Figge, Kay Ruth Zimmerman, Roberta King Rupp, Linda Kay Bryan, Robin Hagehau. mMi 314 mm ft i ff Front Row: Sandra R. Worth, Mary Louise Fink, Kathryn A. i oger5, Cheryl Clement. Mory Ellen Lawrence, Margoret Molchow, A. Elain Shackelford, Randy Burns. Second Row: Lynne Baer, Jacqueline Vercslli, Carolynn Fromm, Teri Kripke, Phyllis Johnsen, Lori Riesen, Suson Schweiko, Margaret Willing, Linda Litlrell, Susan Seibert. Third Row: Mary Jamison, Lorel Branigan, Elerida Cecilia Siu, Chrisli Johnson, Kristine Wiley, Solly Anne Woechter, Mary Baker Eddy, Laura Holcomb, Pamela Stephenson, Carole Ligroni, Pom McMillan, Barbara Kraus. Fourth Row: Ka ' henne McGilvroy, Marilyn McCormick, Mory Shockman, Sandra Nelson, Mary Jane Hay, Kay Nissen, Morron Spencer, Suson Tousiey, Lesa Phillips, Cookie Werking, Donna Kelly. t I 1 f Front Row: Jill Doddow, Skee Vogt, Saro Creed, Beverly Page. Ctmo Licicietf, Phyllis Cavnar, Susan Burgus. Second Row: Jonef Heppes, Shirley Eto, Judi Posternock, Linda Coyle. Becky Green, Cathy Lewis, Lynda Hicks, Cathy Curry. Third Row: Jean Specketer, Vicki Davis, Susan Wil- son, Cathy Brady, Connie Clair, Judy Mee, Sharon Sumner, Meridi Boyle, Cheri Paxson, Coil Sanden. Fourth Row: Ann Greenlee, Kathie Powell, Patricia Kingan, Judith Ann John- son, Ruth Worden, Beatrice Thompson, Cherbene Williams, Noreen Nelson, Janet Dubravac, Lynne Boer, Barbara Joan Hoopes, Diana Mary Shrake. The best woodsie ever. eagle girls swoon with the beetles Studies and quiet hours are forgotten in- stantly when Eagle girls hear the Beatles play. However, Resident Advisors Barbara Kraus and Sue Sibert soon have quiet hours back in effect. The Eagles also enjoy playing volleyball, football and jacks. As a consequence. Eagle did very well in intramurals. But many girls suffered hand injuries while playin g jacks: they were caught sitting in the middle of the hall oblivious to the rush at closing. 315 summit Front Row: Chris Plog, Noncy Kellond, Patty Wilson, Joanne Krys, Judy Qualter, Marguerite Johnson, Eilen Pfeifer, Second Row: Patricia A. McCosh, Margaret A. Stiles, Sharon Guensche, Carol Boone Jackie Nystrom, Carole L. Field, Judi Asbury, Mary Rechlite. Third Row: Joyce Kempner, Barbara Wilcox, Jane Chalmers, Patricio Borden, Nancy Worchester, Cindy Rork, Linda Page, Marilyn J. Twiss, Sara J. Chase, Carol Huie, Susan Broun. Fourth Row: Ginette Teter, Cindy VanDruff, Susan Coggin, Pinky Cowles, Pottle Baker, Stephanie Schofer, Pom Flansburg, Katie Kenney, Sue McCobe, Lillian Rosenbaum, Nancy Chase, Georgeanne Doody. Front Row: Barbara Dallemand, Sondra Sanchez, Mary E. Douglas, Edwina L. Lowe, Shan Richmond, Jackie Brown, Leslie Segal, Linda L. Moruyoma, Suzanne Gardner, Joan D. Koufmonn. Second Row: Lola Pfonenstiel, Mary-Ellen Morbeck, Heather Bowdey, Karen Deaton, Helen Powhido, Mary D. Imig, Morgy Wolker, Linda Kopp, Barbara Grieve, Buff Crowder. Third Row; Marianne Lester, Karen A. Erick- son, Lindo Hargerts, Linda Conant, Anita Garrett, Claire Dorrier, Barb Ulrich, Louise Corville, Sandra Heusehkel, Grace Schworz, Janis Therrell, Mono Singleton, Carlo Fisch, Margaret Pacer, Virginia D ' Orozio. Fourth Row: Reggie Hayes, Kori Prey, Jean DuBach, Juday Rock, Marjorie Schmitz, Patricia Ruby, Katharine S. Winston, Lynn Sutch, Karen Johnson, Holly Hopemon, Susanne Chadwick, Tomaro Mansfield, Sheryl Wilson. m u 4 i - t vJv fi« bucks quiet hours Despite multitudes of little signs re- questing observance of quiet hours and big posters proclaiming the ex- istence of such, Summit gals still partied in the halls. " Sophisticated " and " apathetic " do not apply to this wing of upperclass women which includes seventy-two trans- fer students. Besides frequent cook- outs and functions, Summit ladies go on hayrides and jaunts to Neder- land for ice-skating. Resident Advisors Marty Idell and Roberta Knopp kept the wing lively with Halloween processions of candy-distributing ghosts. Sleepy hollow. 316 Front Row: Amy Davis, Susan Thompson, Sally Roetzel, Jenni- fer Moore, Marion Pedrick, Karen Ketner. Second Row: Jean Sorrells, Sondro Demis, Donno Dorre, Dianne Waller, Jonet Keeney, Gayle Steinfield Bronwen Lemmon. Third Row: Candice Morgan, Marilyn C. Layer, Anne Folkenberg, Julie Frozier, Peggy Sconce, Patricia Knudson, Bobbie Knopp, Renee Peter- son, Carolyne Paul, Ginny Wilkins. Fourth Row: Karen Wilson, Corol Doehling, Nell Vole, Sherry Gillespie, Sue Midkiff, Col- leen Conklin, Shirley Hayes, Susan Milnor, Kathy Samuelson, Sylvia Fersztendig. everyone loves the girls in mesa Mesa girls boast they are intelligent, beau- tiful, funny and noisy. In fact, Willard boys climbed the walls to the second floor just for o glimpse of a Mesa girl. Even under the watchful eyes of Resident Advisors Linda Friedman and Sheri Rich- mond, the talented girls of Mesa managed to start fires in the dryers with their rubber girdles and pull Halloween pranks on the Willard boys. Everybody Smile! 317 •jiniiw libby hall 318 baca girls promote midnight jump-roping From Row: lynn Walker. Wanda Palermo, Jo ' -v ■■■ rj, Corol Holste, Connie Molina, Beverly Barrett, Marsha Greensfein, Jilt Sterling, Linda Wyczowski, Sharon Konoi. Second Row: Linnell Hayes, Margie Lesnik, Brenda Wright, Marion Warren, Lois Weisgerber, Beth Gordenswartz, Potricia Storkeboum, Carolyn Vail. Third Row: Solly Williams, Judi White, Susan Aldridge, Peggy Krome, Sue Ellen York, Connie Eidmger. Sue Quode, Donna Kent, Mary Adams, Nadine Lindquist, Nancy Ellen Gordon, Carol Lipton, Mary Fritz, Pom MocGuire, Chorlene Misare. Fourth Row: Linda Gant, Dianne Lapin, Macky Bennett, Susan Cramer, Bebe Feffer, Lynn Greenberg, Gerne Windgrod, Etauro Jaquette, Karen Root, Patricia Pullen, Linda Cloymon, I just can ' t studv without Pooh Bear. The girls of Baca Wing bubbled with enthusiasm this year as they planned Homecoming decorations with Baker, and held athletic tour- naments with Baker. After closing, the girls took advan- tage of quiet hours by rearranging furniture, jumping rope, and singing in the shower. These girls also en- joyed surprise birthday parties, songfests, and gab sessions with their Resident Advisors, Ann Petty and Pat Starkebaum. . fTi- -IVo • - Front Row: Linda Strauss, Mary Bechtel, Lyndall Lehan, Linda White, Suzj Norwalis, Margo Poss. Second Row: Carole Koenig, Charlene Shaiman, Valerie A. Hays, Carol Bloom, Carole Lonstein, Nancy atz, Bonnie Davis, Merrily Reimer. Third Row: Patricia d ' Avila, Nancy Rogers, Pom Kelps, Sheryl Mbinat, Sandy Law- hon, Mary Peckham, Susan Autrey, Linda Rogoff, Doreen Cafarelli, Carol Bartscherer, Shirley Rhudy. Fourth Row: Jami Sue OBnaion, Sally Holt, Ronni McAllister, Mary Kay McCobe, Elizabeth Van Cise, Marianne Reed, Cerie Schwartz, Lynne Rainen. What wili your parenTs say! JL S. li il.a W. » ' rm9, , Front Row: Mary Jane Fry, Suzanne Dreith, Pamela Allgire, Gwen Lapp, Potricia Robbins, Suzi Zelinkoff, Linda Kay, Marie Evoncich, Karen Heckel. Second Row: Lindo Pizzichino, Susan Givens, Sharon Eldred, Virginia Halladay, Carolyn Gemmecke, Virginia Olsen, Kay Bard, Sharon Talley. Third Row: Mary Jersin, Pat Wil- son, Margaret Fried, Nancy Jo Cohen, Sandra Schodde, Penny Kenyon, Sue Livingston, Nancy Lawrence, Sandra Aaronson, Andrea Kohn, Sandy Marrs, Donna Mclntyre, Carolyn Briggs. Fourth Row: Patricio Pigford, Heidi August, Lucy Powell, Carol Beol, Sharon iocovetlo, Mary Colm, Myrna Pate, Jodie Rouse, Vicki Meakins, Bella Kowalski, Nancy Brumbelow, Lisa Hagin, Nechie Tesifor, Randi Ayres, Janis Benson, Cindy Roberts. i a m rS A ,1 :n ?-« ftV« ti:,-« Vt ' ,| gilpin gang exercises nightly Much to the delight of Aden men on the Gilpin side of Libby, these girls can be seen each night trying to work off the dessert eaten at dinner. The girls also competed with Baca Wing for the distinction of having the noisiest quiet hours. Resident Advisors Mrs. Anita Pesceptte and Nechie Tesitor emphasized scholarship, but with all the other activities such as room raids, birthday parties, and Secret Santas, Gilpin girls sometimes failed to do much studying. 320 Front Row: Carol Tiidole, Barbora SterreH, Noncy Wolri. Pofty Smith, Linda Slosky, Marty Grotiam. Jo Morrison, Lmnie Blegsbron. Valerie Mcintosh, Noto Jean Strauss Socond Row: Susan Weiss. Borboro Livinson, Pom Mondell. Lee Gardensworti, Corol Schlechlen, Dona Moggi, Borboro Joyce Bradley Third Row: Kothleen Cloncy, Jeon Schoendoller. Sondie Price. Ruth Hoglin. Sandy Bruce. Rodeone Widom, Georgia French. Diono Hopkins. Patricia Grilley, Ruthie Sweetlond. Nancy Froiee, Susan Price Fourth Row: Foy Orewry, Robin Riley. Undo Hansen, Elaine Stermlon. Beverly Crone, Helene Nelson. Judy Friedlond, Candy Coin. Denise Pickering, Anne Mundy, Mary Jocobsmeyer, Diana Warren, Betsy Roberts. liLOM iiP rt nooS ■ff 1 1 i « « t «♦« « 1 HDD HHiBKn B Hi montrose wing rarely sleeps Puttin ' on the sty le. m Front Row: Janet Hoglund, Jeonie Pollock. Jo Lynn Spoefh, Borboro Goldstein, Noncy Schneider, Koy Lee Hughes, Sheila Buckley, Borboro Rei- land, Vicki De Ando. Second Row: Noncy Michoel, Corliss Bodley, Corol Estey, Helen Schutiberger, Kothy Thompson, Poulo Rosen, Donno Mondel, B. J. Ryan. Third Row: Noncy Joffee, Kathleen Flynn, Helen Lewis, Judy Bonke, Fronkie Jean Light, Thresso Ithomitis, Pomelo Schuldt, Jennifer Friend, Lillian Reser. Lindo Harvey. Fourth Row: Judith Costlow, Ann Brown, Cathie Gurtler, Alison Justice, Carol Graham, Barb Fisher, Ruby Cordroy, Denise Ingalsbe, Janice Paul, Shoryn Conogo. Montrose girls keep the strangest hours. They were awakened in the middle of the night to hear a lecture by the campus police which turned out to be an announcement of new officers. Their next rude awakening came when failure to wear fresh- man beanies resulted in a 4 a.m. Moot Court appearance on Varsity Bridge. Under the leadership of Resident Advisors Lee Gardenschwartz and Nancy Joffee, Montrose established a tutoring service and set up a library. The girls enjoyed their share of songfest at lunch, fireside chats with professors and fraternity ser- enades. 321 ft -. " ■ ' » ' • « » » a f, if Front Row: Mary Ann Monson, Joan Doris LoBounTy, Georgio Hodgson, Judy Wilson, Nan Deal, Consfance Simmons, Virginia Messer, Corol Ann Wilson. Second Row; Joon Elizabeth Foley, Judi Ann Mead, Demetro Maria Douvos, Sandra E. Prewift, Saroh A. Griffin, Katherine Ann Sheppard, Elizabeth E. Simermeyer, Jonef H. Ida, Susan A. Peters. Third Row: Barbara Yomrick, Jennifer Fyke, Sherry Bell, Pris Hammill, Becky Thimmig, Judy Silverman. Front Row: Teresa Pressman, Colestina L. Brown, Judith J. Emeson, Brenda Sekiya, Sharon Clark, Carolyn Shearer, Ann E. Thurman, June E. Kubick. Second Row: Suzy Chesnick, Jean Rucker, Joan Groteluschen, Joyce Kay Hatton, Joyce Fovoag, Brenda Kottmonn, Linda Love, Quito Perelli-Minetti, Dace Iverts, Kothy Apastolos, Linda Sponiel, Karen Lauridson. Third Row: Jonis V. Hyne, Koy D. Bearly, Vicki G. Marigold, Morie Helen Hayes, Mary Dodd, Carol Ann Greenwald, Priscilla Dratter, Jane Alison Tevinem, Joie Dominus, Julie Postma, Karen llene Atkinson. Knitting a curler cover for a cooler clime. 322 yuma A ing continues honor system Yuma wing is privileged to house upperclass women who live under an honor system. This system, based on honesty and respect, is so effec- tive that no specific regulations are needed concerning dress and hours. Resident Advisor Nan Deal has found this system to work so well that she spends most of her time promoting the system in other liv- ing quarters. The girls also participate in the very honorable activities of coming to dinner dressed as their room- mates, going trick-or-treating and sitting on Santa ' s knee at Christmas. f J ii%- k.-rjt A ■a F A - ' se A all hall 323 Front Row: Healhet A. Thibodeau, Lily Appelmon, Francea L. Flanders, Sheryl Hanson, Kathleen Mc- Nulty, Gretchen Reser, Janet K. Widstrand. Second Row: Mary Lauridson, Ina Thorson, Carol May, Edie Crone, Vonnie Patterson, Phyllis S. Goren, Claire R. Cohn, Diana H. Horii. Third Row: Sally Jo Silk, Betty J. McCullough, Linda L. Owens, Solly S. Odell, Sondee L. Lichte, Barbara S. Sugiharo, Sandra L. Michel, Kathleen L. Arthur. £i Rf ' ■I 1,4 ' f «f 1 ff • t _ 1 ■ i ► 1 • ' » IS r L — ir- if % Front Row: Sara Downs, Stevie Cook, Connie Theos, Catherine Taylor, Kathleen Carter, Beau Sweney, Jean De Villiers. Second Row: Mary A. Clark, Edie Brown, Katy Kelley, Joan Goeddel, Karin Lidstrom, Christine Phippen, Caroline Connolly Becky Gould. Third Row: Marsha D. Smith, Donna M. Lofft, Georgia M. Lynch, Carol J. Warrington, Judith A. Dishmon, Jane Endler, Judi Hamil. bigeloNA girls master the vocal arts Beethoven might debate it, but Se- wall ' s Bigelow girls insist that their frequent hooteaannies make them masters of the vocal arts. Bigelovv boasts the best quiet hours as they strive to win the dorm scholarship trophy. But they often interrupted their studies with func- tions, a Christmas party and a few perfume fights. A sweet atmosphere prevailed throughout the year. f , % ■ Listening to elephant jokes. 324 ' I ' . • Just sign on the dotted line. hording takes to sidewolk surfing i i f t ' •♦ t. From Row: Penny L. Allen. Margaret B. Crabb. Trudy A. Allen. Catherine A. Sinnard, Soloise Motkin, Nancy M. Boyer, Polly A. Frymire. Second Row: Judith Kott, Terry Boiley, Donna Soffier, Marcio Peirson, Vickie Horns, Ann Enterline, Patricio De Vote, Potsy Nordine, Abbie Owrey, Margie Farkosh, Borboro Weber. Third Row: Cheryl Williams, Joan Schneider, Mary A. Koos, Sherriel Shepord, Mimi Budd, Kothy Mumma, Mary Carbonell, Viro Jo Murray, Pom Bradley. Harding girls suffered innumerable aches and pains thanks to skate- boarding and midnight exercise ses- sions. But they recovered enough to enjoy functions at Flagstaff, ping pong tournaments, Homecoming decorations, intramurols and study- ing all night before exams. The wing, ably led by Resident Advisors Mimi Budd and Judy Kawamoto, was proud of Diane Kifer, freshman queen runner-up. Studying was an activity indulged in only on occasion, but many of the girls finished with high grade- points. 325 . Vrf -w Front Row: Donna M. Osfeen, Jonet MacDonald, Kris Reily, Cindy Anderson, Patti Johnson, Susan Bryont, Jon Patron. Second Row: Marsha Kincheloe, Jacqueline Ham- melmann, Janet Carol Young, Terry Cook, Dianne Smith, Shorin Dianne Ludlam, Tolly Reggis Van Tollefson, Susan Amsden Flint, Patricia Daniell Knight. Third Row: Moffie Breqer, Georgiann Berger, Marni Stonfield, Susan Coley, Deanne Ade, Vivian Von Dyke, Susan Houston, Ricki Buckly, Cherie Rants. r NA ing in its second childhood Pat Hall and Ave Schmidt, Lester ' s resi- dent advisors, often wonder if they ' re working in a college dorm or a summer camp. Residents are seen skate-boarding down the halls to the background of guitars playing Beatle tunes. Then there was the good old fashioned Halloween party with costumes and apple bobbing. But when they ' re not busy with these activities or newspaper- ing each others rooms, Lester girls join the rest of Sewall in functions and oc- casional studying. Barefoot in the park. " f f f I Front Row: Bobbi Nudson, Connie Bickford, Suzie Razatos, Allisen Afton, Suson Wendy Palmer, Kathi Grunewold, Ava Lynn Schmidt, Second Row: Patsy Roe Bryan, Diana Katherine Binder, Karen Suzanne Key, Beverly Jean Kramer, JoAnn Masunaga, Kathleen Ann Skillen, Linda Cellini, Judy Horvat, Lynn Engquist. Third Row: Marcio Hass, Paulette Suzanne Aartag, Suzan Kay Harris, Nancy EMzobeth Slater, Kay Arndf, Joyce Painter, Patti Ann Hall, Barbara Mueller. I 326 Fronr Row: Claudine Ellis. Virginio Webb, Gyonne Shipman, Joan Voute, Morion Silliman, Judy Baker, Roxanna Fiore, JoAnn Cram Second Row: Lindo Gay Boley, Sharon Potricia Golewood, Catharine Eliza- beth Cross, Gail Schuman, Korlo Settle, Ann Reneou Suhre, Lorene Boumaartner, Susan Loroine Kowo- kami, Sandy Shaw. Third Row: Ruth Corolme Noylor, Susan Mount English, Janet Gail Norman, Donna Louise Arndt, Sharon Marie Sabec. Lynne Marie Fontanier. Bonnie Jeon Thompson. Carolyn Julia Brown, Jonefta Alexander. McKeehan, Sewalt ' s upper-class wing, was the scene of political agi- tation last November with campaign posters plastered on every door. Hostessing was a primary activity with a Homecoming tea and Open House, a Christmas party and functions. Gail Schuman and Karia Settle, the resident advisors, insisted that the wing study too, but McKeehan still found time for the AWS Songfest and participation in Orphan ' s Day. Knit one, purl two, slip one. . . . i t rtTfTt Front Row: Gretchen Koenig, Gloria Chang, Sharon Ann Macki. Marsha Foy, Janet Cathcart. Gail M Schumon. Korlo Q. Settle. Second Row: Christine R. Schmidt. Koren L. McCarthy. Mory Louise Mc- Reynolds. Linda Emerson Young. Noncy Ellicott Bourne, Louise I. Slocum. Volerie Potricio Hein, Judy Anrt DeMaro Third Row: Carol Conklin, Carole Stephens, Susan Robinson, Susan M. Organ, Miranda Jones, Ellen M. Knudsen, Nancy Becker, Jon Boolhroyd. mc keehan turns into campaign headquarters 327 il ® D Front Row: Ann E. Thurman, Jeanne Hail, Suzanne M. Spitz, J. Beau Sweney. Second Row: Sharron Dor- ward, JoAnn Cram, Kathenne Willis, Valerie Mohr, Janet Gross, Kathi McDonald. Third Row: Skee Vogt, Betty Cox, Ronolee Bray, Nechie Tesitor, Susan Schenk, Marni Stonfield, Joyce Kempner. Fourth Row: Ann E. Falkenburg, Mary M. Reinke, Carol A. Good- man, Denise M. Pickering, Mimi Budd, Cynthia A. Petty. A rha puts new emphasis on the presidents ' roundtable The Women ' s Residence Halls Asso- ciation, made up of a Central Board and Presidents ' Roundtable, re- organized this year to de-empha- size the Central Board. In past years the Central Board has set policies concerning the dress for the dorms, housing information, representa- tion in the ASUC, and discussion of general administrative problems. While the Central Board retains these functions, it now plays a subordinate role to the Presidents ' Roundtable. Changes now allow the roundtable to work more closely with the Central Board on questions of policy and student relations with the administration. Front Row: Lee Gardeniwai ' z, Kitty Willis, Mini! Budd, Second Row: President Patty Clark, Treosurer Martha Ideil, Nancy Reordon, ASUC Senator Ann Petty, Sponsor Jo Ellen Wilson. Not Shown: Secretary Leslie Shenefelt. 328 kittredge komplex 329 With the going down of the sun. Boy meets girl, as Kittredge grows into a large co-ed Komplex, the newest dorm area to be erected at the university. The addition of Buck- ingham for women and Arnett for men to yearling dormitories Smith and Andrews has enlarged the Komplex this year to one thousand students. Some think of the Komplex as the campus country club. Other resi- dents are inclined to regard the Komplex as a campus in itself. Joint activities are planned by the Kit- tredge Komplex Kouncil, known as the KKK. Besides movie functions and woodsies, members attend two formals, one at Christmas and one in the spring. Each of the units also takes an active interest in the full range of intramural sports offered by the university. BUCKINGHAM — Front Row: Barbara Senner, Judy Cornwall, Sue Hockathorn, Kothy Linder, Alice Renouf, Gail Patterson, Ruth Patterson, Linda Tiz, Second Row: Donna Moore, Kaye Keith, Carol Kaji- kawa, Joan Higgins, Janie Freemon, Karen Riley, Cathy Taylor, Ann Benningtftn Third Row: Jo Sheda. Francine Staniewski, Carole Babon, Danna Eaton, Bobbie Leader, Rhonda Kercher, Lynette Sigurdson. f nfiCr ni 3r o n n BUCKINGHAM — Front Row: Susan Hurlbut, Borbaro Krebs, Louise Kitrs, Anne Golden, Jean Benford, Linda Von Wieringen, Coutrney Hart, Lyn Zarchin, Jeanne Hail, Pattie Hearn, Condi Stevens, Lou Clymer. Second Row: Joan M. Otoupolik, Carolyn Robinson, Diane Warner, Mary L. Beck, Barbara Sears, Andrea Geyer, Denny Ginn, Diana Klein, Tom- mie L. Fitz, Carol Osborn, Marilyn McCully, Sue Schwartz. Third Row: Linda Gitlitz, Rosonne Norton, Susan Bonsoll, Penelope Vickrey, Nancy Dunkin, Loura Rowe, Margie Kivett, Susan Banner, Cynthia Kotwica, Mardee Stern, Kathy Olson, Jeannie Kelly, Connie Aikens, Cindy Tein. 330 kittredge komplex is bigger and bolder ARNETT — Front Row: Jomes Cavendor. Calvin Robinson, S ' epHen P Duroni. Mike Mitchell, Boris J. " aboy, Cyrus D McLaughlin, Stephen Alwort, Jomes Brition. Second Row: Eddie C. Templer, Ronald L jblin, Joseph J Oobkowski, Robert Brewster, John Thomas. Dick Froncisco, John Schachel, Willie jrney. Bob Ruybal, Demetrio Tagaropulos. Third Row; Russell Young, Stephen George, Potrick T. ■ -mske, Michoel J. Brizie, Jomes R Pole. Horold W chner. Jomes R. Harris. Robert K. Scott. Dennis G ■ use. Richord W. Curtis. William J. Kapla. ANDREW — Front Row: Kenneth D. Aylsworth, onold L Schwonke, Jeffrey A. Moynihon, John R. ' Aeese. Scoftch P Riewer, James E. Ferrell, Bruce " ownsley. Second Row: Jomes O. McKenno, Allen -- " einrich, Roger Koplo, Mike Welch. Douglas Ford, - jrry Holcomb. Del Kyhn, Bill Glihkman Third Row: • obert B. Stechert, John T. Cervois, Lorry J. Motusow. ■Wan E. Jones-Burdick. Robert M. Suyama, Corl L. Ferguson, Steve Zeiler. Dovid R. Fischer. Edgar Frye. Fourth Row: Byron Nicholson, Jr . Robert Middleion. Innny Thaut. Robert J. Breese, Michoel K. Standley, lul R. Hunter. Kim K. McWilliams. Robert W. fcklond. Edward G. Hoyhurst. Waldean Schulz. , f ? , I ft ? f f M , f " " ■■•• " ■•i. ' nKnci, Daily warp and woof. 331 Qti MH l f ,» til i % i I It f » t « t BUCKINGHAM — Front Row: Bonnie Bootes, Lucy Watson. Bonnie Bast, Pat Donohue, Sandie South, Cyndi Martin, Enid H. Unotin, Judy Stwalley, Olivia K. ODonnell, Patricia Owens. Second Row: Linda Moeller, Patricia Curry, Enilda Robles, Doris Socha, Linda Slyer, Joann Shook, Shelley Stein, Carol Ward, Marcio Petersen, Carol Casstnis, Rose Shalom Ser- oussi, Barbara Meyer. Third Row: Sara Gentry, Joyce Wudfke, Karen Dick, Beverly Rasberry, Phyllis Hunt, Dee Anderson, Kathy Von Cleave, Dena Helfenbein, Linda Holm, Judy Moore, Janet Prehn, Sue Smith, Sue Bailey. Fourth Row: Linda Conzett, Stella Dun- ham, Nancy Solma, Janet Palm, Jan Gross, Pomelo Hamilton, Joyce Chovin, Lourie Koosed, Nancy Gillis, Kothie Lamb, Jeanne Cowles, Cindy Howkes. BUCKINGHAM — Front Row: Janice Swim, Lu Rossie, Nancy Savorese, Carol Edwards, Judy Sherman, Sandy Sobel, Modolynn Coe, Kay Annis, DeAnn McMahan, Carrinne Pellillo. Second Row: Carol Ortmayer, Jamie Prentice, Linda Trip, Hillori Koppel- man, Trudy Follert, E. Sue Hollis, Mary Czarkowski, Shielo Fisher. Third Row: Carol Iford, Sandra Dor- row, Carol Robinson, Leah Triebswetter, Rebecca Robinson, Elizabeth Chartrand, Diane Sutton, Linda Stewart, Katherine Willis, Patricia Lieblein. I ' l ' L ' finals to go. 332 ANDREWS — Front Row: Jon Trout, Bill LeFeure, Jim Robin, Richard Velliqueiie, Robert Groy, Robert Mayer, Dennis Comstock, Wilmer Wuest. Second Row: Sterert D. James, Roy Bangert, Chuck Becker, Chorles F. Revier, Segismundo Brett, Richord W. Wahl, Richord L. Brundige, Ken Chollocombe. Third Row: William S. Spees, Winston L. Stebbins, Steve Ehrlich, Doug Henry, Rod Polmieri, Irwin Silvermon, Bruce M. Fleming, Dennis W. Thode. Isn ' t he just cute? ANDREWS — Front Row: James R. Kelson, Alvin D. Nelson, Rudolph R. Rozman, William J. Maddock, Ston Kerns, John W. Bordenf, Jim Gardner, David Spaghf, Lloyd Walters, Kent Brown. Second Row: Leslie M. Davidson, Richord L. Slreeter, Thomos G. Kolasinski, Richard Rouse, Alan Aho, Jim Lowe, Harold Myers. Rich Caddell, Gory Tufly, Jim Linfz. n A n n a rs D V .1 .0 1 ( 1 i r ' 333 kittredge and the long NA alk The Komplex offers numerous activities which might be found on any full fledged campus. There is always a hootenanny going on and the Smith girls have composed their own songs to serenade the men on the other side of the lake. Many of the living units organized activities dur- ing a year packed with many events and sur- prises. The witty and seemingly wise upperclass- men of Smith and Buckingham performed skits for the freshman wings, but the underclassmen sur- prised their peers by organizing language tables in the cafeteria. In spite of these doings however, it is still a long, long walk to the main campus for classes. t 4 « , » • I t » ♦ SMITH — Front Row: Potty Clark, Janet AAusser, Susan Orr, Jacqueline Widmar, Mary McCrory, Jean Barton, Carol Kindell, Judy Johnson. Second Row: Anita Brenner, Kothryn Oko, Shorie Cohen, Jamie Leong, Merrily Bennett, Morlene Koplon, Vol Mohr, Lindo Lazzerino, Koy Sullivan, Barbara Bate, Anne Carman. Third Row: Ann Marlow, Lee Ann Smith, Marguerite Shea, Ann Barrett, Diana Foote, Peggy Redpath, Linda Smith, Pamela Cummins, -Kathy Paulson, Sorah McGrath, Rowena Donelson, Janis Wheeler. pit.jiciaaiiilikiCir SMITH — Front Row: Adelino Kearny, Sarah F. Sworthout, Koren Lomox, Betsey Wirth, Kristino K. ' Gillespie, Diane Duffield, Kathleen Koht, Sam Fronklin, Nancy Jewell. Second Row: Karen L. Knost, Carol A. Goodman, Patricia Jaeger, Eriin Anderson, Janice Goodfellow, Sherrie Helm, Jane Lifton, Dona Penn, Lynn Parana. Third Row: Linda Voldez, Robin Reider, Elaine Liberman, Robin Diamond, Diann Juvrud, Corolyn Olsen, Morgoret A. Wore, Mary S. Drumright, Alice V. Del Junco, Patricia K. Speyer, Susan Barto, Michael Varley, Betty Wickwire. Fourth Row: Karen A. Brobst, Noncy Doolittle, Marilyn Moyo, Jane D. Metzger, Mary Baggaley, Lynette E. Olsen, Barbara Ulmer, Virginia Obiolero, Ann Rank, Carrie Cox, Karen Wilson, Joyce Antes, Jorane Watson. ARNETT — Front Row: Ston Krosky, Ron McMahan, Michael Lenzmi, Ben Pieser, Karl Cisis. Second Row: George Foster. Charles Gale, Jerry Justice, Lynn Heinze, Ralph Loymo, Ken Pfenning. ANDREWS — Front Row: Clinton Inouye, Fred Mar- shall Dovid Zeller. Ronald Asche, Richard Erickson, Auion Hodgess, John T. Burns, Alex Craig, John A Vagnind, John F. Rowe, William R. Suhre. Second Row: James T. Hooker, James A. Scoff. Richard J Brockway, Frank B. Wichern. Bruce Distler, Paul Bugg, Rick Heller. Wayne Vonderpool. Don Lageson. Nick Hazen. ThircJ Row: Norbert Koebel. Bob Soder- borg. John Colquitt. Abdo Sohbi Hassan, Joe I. Collis. Milo H. Robinson. Kelley Skeff. Richord E. Orsborn, James Maurer, Jeff Anderson. Curt Eoton 19 i BiJIi HnlHi n i fftf. Af 335 f f f t f I ft t I f I I t t t % l iC i}, SMITH — Front Row: Erma M. Stephens, Lynne Anne Russell, Kathy Crawford, Potricion A. Crown, Anne Conway, Kathleen McNeil. Second Row: Patricia Owens, Mary Leosure, Sherrie Rubmson, Carol Can- non, Robin Wilson, Gene Lannom, Cheryl Wright, Claire Dawson. Third Row: Sue Ann Robbins, Arlene Thompson, Judy Bowman, Cathy Barby, Debroh Bornstein, Helen Pospisil, Linda Horn, Jouce Purmort, Lori Larkin, Paula Coursen, Carol Jamison. Fourth Row: Morcio McLean, Leslie Mogilner, Connie Ur- bach, Janet Sperry, Cathie Donhom, Adele Eigeman, Judy DeJong, Carol Sue Johnson, Barbara Godley, Penny Turley. SMITH — Front Row: Anne Ayles, Christa Snyder, Joan White, Eva Worek, Jan Breenwood, Linda Car- penter, Diane Cowing. Second Row: Dorothy Knud- son, Sharron Maxwell, Karen Resler, Jean Lothrop, Kate Kendrick, Jo Brown, Anne Ellington, Jo Nelson. Third Row: Sherry Ferbrache, Madalyne Gunn, Cherie Riesing, Lois Berkey, Carol Hamilton, Laura Pinkow- ski, Sharron Woodhouse, Elizabeth McCoII. Swinging free. HHBHMK T SSffc • « . 9 i£;k .J- - ' i baker hall 337 delta creates cosmopolitan atmosphere Upperclassmen, graduates and for- eign students gave a cosmopolitan atmosphere to Delta wing of Baker. Resident advisors Larry Beaber and Chuck Pearson sav the men create a quiet residence conducive to study. Upperclass wisdom was also har- nessed for a sharp College Bowl team. Departures from study are inevit- able, and the men held exchange dinners with the girls of Sewall and functioned with some of the off- campus boarding houses. Instant student. Front Row: Lee Koleski, Dick Coburn, Gary Tsutsui. Nivot Cholitkul, L. R. Beaber, Russell Hohmon, Terry Goddess, Juan Azcui, Saburo Matsuoko, Ronald Inouye. Second Row: Robert Motley, James Mc- Connell, Richord Beoird, Rodney Winborn, Robert Williams, Horold Davis, Scott Schroedel, Douglas Bryan, Dave Curb. Third Row: Ellison Oniruko, Tom Haines, Roger Loper, Robert Goulf, Richard Read, Lee Livingston, Robert Taylor, Tom McFarland, Manuel Siguenza. Front Row: Borodo C. Sarma, Subrata Chojrabarti, N. G. Edmund, Richard S. Ligon, Stephen R. Cline, Charles P, Beck, Leightcn R. Spadone, Carlos H. Calle, Bruce R. MeldrufT , Tom F. Anselmo, Donold Hooper, Jim Volent, Ronald Shigeto, George B. Hollis, Christopher A. Foster, Charles H. Hall, Richard Gensley, Ronald Ueoko, Ronald T. Jones, Thomas J. Egan, Clarence D. Bertino, Bob Pedigo. Third Row: Harry T. Jong, Steve Claycomb, Lister Chang, Fedka Toomey, D. Fen Hiestond, Charles L, Frush, Forlunato Martinez, Donald E. Mullins, Steve Zinner, Tracy Roberts, I. P. Freely. 338 Front Row: Hamilton C. Russ, Ronald C. Cowen, Taylor J Toomey. Robert A Lee. Russell Chrislionsen. Williom G. Aiar, Ric T. Jackson, Jomes N. Watson, Jomes Knopp, Dirk M. Smith, Dorrell E. Gorman, Second Row: Clay Wade, William J. Motheson. Ph.i.p J Trotter, Alan Saiki, John C. Toylor Jr., Jomes Kunzmon. Eiko Shimabukuro. Timothy Hiro- bavoshi, Larry E. Bosch. Mark J. Okey, Carter M. Koles. Third Row: Rick Reeves, Allen Tucker, John Brooks, Lowell T Schoefer, Bradley A. Pelsue, Henry C. Paulsen, Vic B. Roberts, Dick Hein, Robert Jones, Jesse H. Green, Stanley V. Solbeck, Kenneth A. Gonzales. Any musclemen seen coming out of Baker Hall are sure to live in Gunni- son v ing. Gunnison ' s athletically minded men initiated a weight room for the whole dorm this year. The Tuesday evening series " is an- other of Gunnison ' s new ideas. This program consists of a series of speakers and movies every Tues- day. Resident Advisor Rick Reeves can boast that he hos seen more Front Row: •_;, ; - ler. Nelson Fishman, Robert Mellbye, Denton R. Broun, Gilbert Cerise, Williom mOvieS thon Ony Other odviSOr In J. Murray, Carl T. DePrimo, Dovid Steere. Bruce D. Cowgill. Second Row: fedko Flarch, Wilbur L. Borskey, P,n (e r Thomas L. Buckey. Robert A. Franks, Donald Y. Shonfelf, Roy J. Knight, Jim R. Lovridson, Thomas A. DOKer. Huffoker. Robert Chavez, John J. Burton III, Bill Gahr. Third Row: Gary Bloom, Don Alsup, Bruce Powers, Larry Lof. Adrian VonBorcke, Thomas E. Healy, Bill Bruce, Victor R. Gorcia, Ken Tagawa, Mortin J. English, Steve Gentle. gunnison initiates " tuesday evening series Thoughts on a wisp of smoke. •f 339 girls flee ou ray ' s sno A ball onslaught Girls had to keep a sharp lookout for snowballs this winter whenever they passed Ouray wing of Baker Hall. Although the Ouray men chal- lenged the girls ' dorms to try to take away their snowball fighting trophy, they weren ' t about to let them get within throwing distance. When snowballs went out of sea- son, Ouray turned to the more con- structive activities of visiting the Coors plant and boning up on dates and figures for the College Bowl. Let s play pinochle instead. Front Row: Willard Queen, William Googh, William Long, Harry Kilmon, Charle Green, Gerald Wolker, John Hartmonn, Taylor Toomey, Mark Seares Sulli- va n. Second Row: Raymond E. Ashby, Thomas Apoloo, Korim Jamal, William Emery, Rod Lee, Dave Chapmon, Mark Davis, Vic Roberts, Larry Chartrand, Anthony Colza. Third Row: Bill Haywood, Tim Sny- der, David Anderson, Bill Arries, Najdat Asker Moh- mood, Kenneth Jacobs, Marty Frye, David Moreland, Gale Zeiler, Mike Janover. Front Row: Franklin Takacs, Ted C. Burhenn, Richard Fuld, Kram Navillus, Edward Post, Brian D. Snow, John J. Scordo, Borry B. Hufchings, Thomas E. Flanagan. Second Row: James KrumhansI, Louis Lipp, J. Steve Schroeder, Chris Cummings, Edward Howorth, William O. Strong, Richard L. Bartlett, Steven L. Schaimon, Norman Sato, Theodore J. Roper. Third Row: Alan S. Nitta, Jay D. Modsen, Donn S. Tschuimoto, Richard K. Price, Bruce A. Kinney, James K. Muntzert, Harry E. Freeh, John R. Sohiman, George A. Rogers, Sydney P. Harrison. 340 kiowa men cavort in " playboy club " w ?. n i !MMt 1 rfont Row •■ - ird Mills, John Walton, Gory ChrisTel, Dave Ewing, Jim Scott, Maik. McCoy, Dovid Helmer, Peter A. Greenlaw. S cond Row: Bob Good, Allen K. Shriver, Ron Kennedy, Dick Noll, Steve Stoncy, John Myers, Bob Berkey, Dovid Swonson, Damon Pierce, Doug Kelley. Third Row: Roy Ashby, Jom Hagood, James T. Toomey, Vic Roberts, Emery Tripp, Peter Williams, Tom Leach, Ngamo Sonii, Jim Weiss. Decorations straight from the Play- boy Club and " bunnies " direct from the CU campus adorned the Har- vest House when the Kiowa men had their Playboy Party. This was just the beginning for Resident Ad- visors Joe Oliver and Dan Nichol- son. The spirited wing later held an all-day party at a ski lodge and a roof-top dance at the UMC. Kiowa kept to studies as well, and some of the wing members finished on the Dean ' s list — proving studies and parties can go together. Front Row: Glen McCoy, Bill Clark, Mork Wafenpaugh, Phil Granger, Chad Creamer, Tom Rockford, Richard S. McGuckin. Second Row: George Steele, Sfonley E. Murphy, Lynn R. Overdeer, James L. Wright, Robert A. Gowans, Neil E. Wilmore, John B. Gibson, Charles S. Stuort, Stanley P. McGee, Don Toon. Third Row: Taylor J. Toomey, Paul Moore, Barry Cline, Jim Bell, George Kramer, Dick Aldrich, Judi Aldrich, Robert Wheorry, Paul Eakins, Douglas Meyer, Fred D. Corvajal, David E. Eitemiller. Fourth Row: Tom Hobbins, Larry Deffke, Jim Bench, Eric Zeller, Craig Barnes, Tom Anderson, Roymond F. Tennent, Larry Volberping, William Scott, Peter J. Fox, William R. James, G. Michael Serpan. How many chords did you say I had to learn tonight? 341 r- -i nichols hall 342 r1 tj B J V |b ■ ' v. , - H Ai B r P I B t ' from Row: Bill Morshall, Craig Kinnie, Steve Carlson, Jim Forbes, Bobby E ge, William McVey, Alan Timothy, Jack jlotleider Second Row: Jerry M. Rivera, Warren Watts, Roderick K. Beidler, Dottie Truog, Dean Troog, Terry Brohm- steadt, Larry Monion, Williom Pomeroy. Third Rowr: Bruce Oilman, Mike Vogler, Ken Stevens, Dennis Marshall, Bob Duea, Tom Howres, Dale Pruell. Ronald Rathburn, Jeffrey Grozi, Richord Rossmossler, Gordon A. Herrald, Paul Schmidt, Jim .Vinstead Fourth Row: Mike Toughill, Paul Efken, Maurice DicksTem. James Ossolo, James Oaks, Roger Swonson, Stephen Johnson, Jim leVick, Pete Larson, Thomas Robben, Ed Wun- sch Lonce DeLong. arapahoe rates feminine passersby Eight, six, seven, four, nine, one, ten — wow! No, it isn ' t a football game, although Arapahoe residents often play this sport on the field in front of Nichols Hall. Instead, the Arapahoe men are relaxing on the front steps and rating the girls from one to ten as they pass by, much to the girls ' con- sternation. Tom Ossolan and Dean Truog, resident advisors, however, claim that the dominant activity of the wing is studying, but Arapa- hoe ' s academic aims are often interrupted by shaving cream fights and functions with Farrand, Libby, and Hallett. I ' d say she nts, wouldn ' t you? 343 sleep at my desk and study on my bed; so who needs sheets? Front Row: John S. Olson, Joe P. Drotor, Alan A. Steiner, Gorrett Jensen, Perry Chang, Vernon Ching, Roger Gnagy, James E. Prideaux. Second Row: Richard Blewett, Gordon Meurer, Robert M. Bicksler. Jr., Randall A. Rose, David L. Goldenberg, Steve Miller, Alvin R. Lundgren. Third Row: Glen Harper, Kent Rueckert, David Claypool, Dove Kolquist, Gre- gory R. Ford, Charles Cox, Thomas Sokai, Scott Conner. Fourth Row: Steve Pearson, Ed Lewis, Ross Lyons, Roger Bohart, James Snyder, Richard Ship- man, Darrol Draper, Holger Christiansen, Scott Mesch. lincoln nnen chase snakes And they ' re off! It ' s the Lincoln men chasing snakes out of their beds and rolling bowling balls down the halls. But they found time for studies, too, except that Sunday night they rent- ed the Tule for a Function. Resident Advisors Brian Knight and Tom Moor led the group in its Home- coming decoration of Snuffy Smith and in its participation in Orphan ' s Day when dorm residents took or- phans to a CU football game. The election also caused a major stir as supporters of both sides took issue with those whom they op- posed. 344 Men of Montezuma wing are often seen crawling out on a ledge to pursue the women who have decor- ated their windows with lipstick. The wing also functioned with Buck- ingham and Libby on a formal basis. Resident Advisors John Goodman and Dick Doucetts report that quiet hours are enforced with an excep- tion around midnight. Then it ' s Montezuma bowling hour. Square ash trays are rolled down the halls knocking over the water buckets in the process. Studying also became a regular part of the routine after the reddened windows had been cleaned. lipstick decorates montezuma windows Front Row: Don Stroud, Gary Shook, William Peilett, Richard Myers, Ulie VonWilpert Bielicki, Donald D. Miller, Donald T. Woolley, Barrie Riddoch, Thomas Gittings, Socond Row: Andrew Barton, Jim Laurie, Mike Ryan, Larry Honsen, Carl Smith, John P. Good- man, Tom Ponder, Robert Turner. Third Row: Van Brown, Corranza Mothershed, Noel Coll, Poul Hen- ningsen, Roger Cox, Galen Sanchez, Donald M. Oberndorf, Robert Derkash, John Froncis, Tom Angle, Michael Spallone. Fourth Row: William O ' Connor, Lawrence Yasunaga, Horvey Henteleff, Don Van- Buhler. Doyle Yeater, Ston Meresman, John Kezer, Stan Cozier, Keith Kinsey. Dovid Funk, Cliff Mueller, Joe Dauenhauer. If I tuck in my shirt tail I won ' t have to iron it. 345 Studying at center court. saguache men are true gentlemen Front Row: torn Burnetr, Jim Remedi, terry Larson, Alan Sachfer, Robert Keyworth, Bill Crow), Art Taylor, Raoul Yriberri. Second Row: Richard O. Michael, Richard H. But- ler, Dovid D. Kelton, Nancy Moor, Tom Moor, Scott Robert- son, William Harmon, Brian Knight. Third Row: Seymour Butts, John Gehman, Dan Kullas, Alan McGibbon, Ken Gross, James Cassidy, Lawrence Weber, John Sayone, Fred Stacey, Jim Domkar, Jim Brown. Fourlh Row; Bill Kummert, John A. Neely, Gary R. Bebee, Stephen Constans, Bruce Sexton, Bill Wordwell, Douglas Schmidt, Dan Britt, Ken Lesser, Robert Mapelli, Kenny Ortega. The men of Saguache not only open doors for lovely women, they are even polite to each other: they claim that they don ' t play pranks. Resident Advisors Fred Smoot and Tom Sukeforth say the fellows want to have the best wing on the CU campus, be well-rounded and participate in as many activities as they can. So far they have achieved a prize-winning float and two swinging functions with Farrand. Studying may not be very popular but the lights usually burn late. 346 1f»»- .r ' A illard hall 347 Woody Woodpecker, the Homecom- ing creation of Willard men and Farrand, started the year for Fre- mont with action and a first place trophy. In a quick reversal of activ- ity, the Fremont wing became a den of hobos for a night of partying with two wings of Kittredge. Contrary to popular opinion and Resident Advisors Russ Korth and Robert Haagenson, Fremont men are worldly, too. They have heard speakers from the Democratic and Republican parties and have seen films of the Olympics and the World Series. fremont men are NA orldly It ' s kind of breezy in here. Front Row: Philip Gerald Valdez, Marc H. Kelly, Paul S. Johnston, Bill Bower. Second Row: James W. Hill, Jeffrey G.. Kohr, Brian T. Hudson, Neil E. Snyder, Gary Komanski. 348 Otero wing men almost didn ' t have their pictures taken as they were off to Chemis- try for an exam on shooting night. But Willard never misses anything, even exams. Resident Advisors Tom Charbonnel and Dick Ludwig hada terrible time maintaining quiet hours and persuading Otero residents to stop bean-shooting out of their windows. But everyone enjoyed the Sewall woodsie which included cokes, dancing and police- men. Willard men have also played ping pong matches and spent late nights over the study table. Front Row: Robert D. Hosken, Arthur Owen. Poul Turner, Solo Klinger, Bill Washington. John Blinn. Second Row; George H. Albright, Robert F. Nelson, Alfred E. Hollond, Jack A. Calnon, Chris Scena, Gregory G. Kelley, William L. McLaughlin, Joel F. Pitchford, Wladimir R. Senutovich. Otero almost didn ' t moke it That ' s abnormal! PLAYBOY W xY 349 The year that was. teller men NA ere never sure Teller wing residents were never quite sure exactly which room they lived in. Everything in one room hod a habit of ending up in a room down the hall or even in a room upstairs. Resident Advisors Bud Pyeatt, Robin Reid and Joe Riddle tried all year long to become accustomed to the loud speaker which Teller men used to converse with the Hallett girls, but instead they just had to hope that the conversation wouldn ' t last too long. Front Row: James R. Plattner, J. Hull McLean, Charles E. Rose, George Rabatin, Norman C. Lutt- wig, Richard L. Seymour, Michael L. Phillips. Second Row: Dan Cress, Marvin F. Cage, Norm Hetland, Doug Kimmel, Paul Ulrich, James Preston, Bill Bruner. Third Row: Dovid Herndon, Alon Hazlett,. Bruce Houpt, James Margerum, David Carlson, R. C. Scott, Gary Smith, Kenneth Shewitz, Wayne Hillock, Joel Snider, Ralph Wallace, Budy Pyeatt. Fourth Row: Robert Stewart, Jerry Backus, Rick Kunz, Bruce McCreo, Mike Dixon, Pege Mendez, Robert Egour, Larry Wright, Carl Melir. 350 -n-iV ' -r9 -. - ' ' • ■• . • ' . I the quadrangle 351 Front Row; Neil McGuire, Richard R. Luckey, Lolly Vandenberg, Louis J. Morcheou, Jerry E. Minrich, Robert H. Myers. Second Row: Edword J. Mortin, Joseph R. Coyte, Michael Byrne, Douglas N. Ghert- ner, Michael D. Adams, Reuel S. San Pedro, Moteo Buan, Wayne E. Asam. Third Row: John Beezley, Michael Harf, Dodd Harvey, John F. Naylor, Gary McDermott, Terry A. Miller, Ken Jones, Will Carlton. Fourth Row; Richard A. Wildau, Arthur Gershmon, John D. Olson, Gregg M. White, George T. VonBuren, Craig E. Smith, Victor L. Willson, George L. Hogen, Robert W. Clegern. Front Row; Steve Ximenes, Bruce Ely, Bob Monaco, Richard Schnell, Larry Smith, George Sheram, Terry Misener. Second Row; Cliff Alexander, Don Wilkin, Duane Thoxton, Ken Middleton, Stan Soutj, Clyde Peddycord, Hank Cope, Dan Musso, Herbert E. Hyde. Third Row; Ross R. McClove, Drew Naber, Joe McKee, David R. LeSieur, Steve Loos, Bill Hines, Bill Durham, Richord Berry, Jay Folk. You will find your stay at CU filled with meaningful experiences. " 352 quad takes intramural championshii; So what if we lost don ' t let it bug you. LIKE V 3lr ' •V ' ' ;o- ' " Aden and Brackett Halls, a duo called the Quad, captured the dorm all-around intramural trophy for the fifth straight year. They played every kind of sport; wrestling, skiing and swimming their way to the championship. When not participat- ing in intramurals, these athletic fel- lows practiced golf or played foot- ball on the grass quadrangle to keep in shape. Although their scholarship was above the mens average, they found time for an all-school dance, a Christmas donee, o spring grass- hop, and many functions. Quad res- idents, as well as Head Resident Jay Folk, attribute the high level of en- thusiasm to the closeness achieved within the smaller dorms. The signs are to keep me awake. Front Row: Darryl Pearson. Gary Dorchinez, Steve Bell, D T McCafferfy, S eve Gufsche, Bill Hurt. Second Row; Jim Davis, Ron Hudson, Bob Zollors, Thomas Prouter, Jomes Witte, Gerhard Monczur. Third Row: Arve Lorsen, Mike Masters. Jeff Benger, Doug Nimon, Keith Anglen, Bill Blackburn, Brian Potarich, Alon B Porter. Fourth Row: Jon Kolomitz, Mike Lounge, Mike Stiverson, Reeve Von Nostrand, Phillip Calkins, James Watson, Worth R. Woodrum, Jeffrey Dale, Lex Pinson. Front Row: Patrick E. Campbell, Don Mullins, Lynn Overdeer, Lex Pinson, Rick Bibbero, Steve Geutte. Second Row: Fred Marshall, Ron McMahan, Bruce E. Hyde, R. D. Braun, Gregg A. Miller, Barry Cheslin. Third Row: Donald Schollock, Steve K. Loos, Jamss J. Cossidy, Donald Y. Shanfelf, Frank Penn, John White, Scott J. Robertson. nnen ' s residence halls association plans annual orphan ' s day Men ' s Residence Hall Association (AARHA) includes all men living in a dormitory and is governed by a student body composed of the wing presidents. AARHA considers its sponsorship of Orphans Day its most w orthwhile activity. Orphan ' s Day is held in the fall v hen dorm residents sponsor orphans and treat them to lunch and a CU football gome. AARHA excludes resident advisors from its membership. It elects a council of officers to discuss dorm policies, plan the residence hall formal, and organize other activities vi th the v omen ' s counterpart, WRHA. 354 1 1 i i i i 1 n s III It II II } I ' lHwpl,,,, g if III Jf» iL gga boarding houses 355 Front Row: Carol Neilly, Gay Wangelin, Janet Lefkow, Aha LePine, Carolyn Stosica, Carolyn Smith, Peg Parsons, Betty Helferich. Second Row: Jeonnie Dome, Marsha Moharom, Kathie Emrich, Mrs. Gammel, Carol A. Peterson, Sharon Guthrie, Susan Senn. Third Row: Pamela L. Ray, Pamela K. Boyd, Carole H. Anderson, Ann Ditzler, Judy Mussehl, Judie Purcell, Wendy Whitehouse. Fourth Row: Terri Munro, Barbara Mojonnier, Mary Layde, Talie Tschannen, Anne Mullen, Anne Williamson, Sally Stahlhuth, Kathleen Sheflin, Joan Bullington, Cay Clark. colonial has the comforts of home A red brick house with white columns means " all the comforts of home " to the girls who live in the Colonial. Fraternities and hashers help to complete the " home " setting, along with good cook- ing and a relaxed atmosphere. Fraternity men are always available for functioning, and the athletic victories of the hashers provided something to cheer about. Colonial girls never hesitated to take an evening off now and then for a picnic, but they usually stayed at home and enjoyed the harmonious atmosphere that contrib- utes to the happiness which is character- istically the Colonials. ' Tis the iolly time of year. 356 picnics, queens, good cooking and smiles Ik ■) " • ' •-? .tan Time flows more slowly now. Front Row: Ann McTigue, Mory McNeol, Marilyn Algyer, Sharon Varion, Jenny Prestwood, Wendy Hammer, Bobby Jones, Julie Howell, Louise Pierrepont. Second Row: Linda Lee, Use Meixner, Mary Schwoger, Mrs. Gammel, Pom Peterson, Colleen Sullivan, Paula Griffith, Nicki Bjornson, Third Row: Marcio Williams. Roberta Kauzlarich, Barbara Boir, Andrea Novik, Kothe Woferman, Cofhi Close, Elaine Stanton, Jackie Sheefe, Jane Brackenridge. Fourth Row: Diane Dunkin, Mary Allen, Marilyn Matasovik, Anne McKeever, Ashley Perdue, Chns Nelson, Kothy Horrigon, Carol Nowels, Bonnie Lambert. 357 Evening always finds Dreher ' s six- teen female residents and twenty- five male boarders at the card table playing Nerts, a Dreher in- vention, while a few observers sit strumming music in the background. A hilarious Halloween party, a rugged snowball fight, and fre- quent woodsies and functions made it a busy year for the house with a coed environment. Front Row: Dale Beofty, Charles Gray, Ron Sugden, Pete Blitf, Richard Franklin. Second Row: Kathy Moss, Cindy Dreher, Reven Wihiein, Judy Mandel, Gigi Sherrill, Ginnie Smith, Joanne Dreher. Third Row: Karen Kettinger, Lois A. Kellenbenz, Annie Juchat, Kothy Jett, Karen Stetzel, Joyce Lawler, Anne Norquist, Edward Pierce. Fourth Row: Paul Golden, Chris Whitney, Tim Englert, Dave S. Juricic, M. J. Henry, Don Schurman, Donald L, EIrick, Fifth Row: Glen Bough, Michael R. Lingle, Stephen C. Tosi, Larry Lacerte, Alfred Achnegclberger, Ray Trusiilo, Ron Jenkins, Steve Cuthbertson. dreher residents specialize in nerts Cuttin ' a rug. 358 iiiaHiiiiieiiii . Art appreciation while relaxing. Ehrenkrook ' s Orange Door vibrates with harmony thanks to the con- stant discords of the piano, the rev- ing of motorcycles, the odor of drying canvasses, and the simul- taneous rhythm of African drums and Bach organ music. The thirty women and ten men living in Ehrenkrook ' s come from such diverse places as Alamosa, Colorado and Hong Kong, China. Even the most cosmopolitan mem- bers enjoyed the picnics, volleyball games, and skating parties. what ' s behind ehrenkrook ' s orange door? i » K| Front Row: Hollie Koros, Borb Schienng, Kathie Boca, Karherine Schoeninger, Sonja Evro, Charlotte Biglone. Second Row: Corl H. Aronson, Joyce M. Klauber, Carole A. Lee. Jean S. Elliott, Bonnie Diel. Potty Pippen, Hildy Hughes, Nancy Cohen, Candy Emeson. Third Row: Dave Porsei, Claude Tihon, Charles Trujillo, Frank Simons, Richard Nicholas, Alan Golden, Bhupendrokumor Hajratwolo. Front Row: Gay Sills, Pauley Mork, Judi Forges, Work Ehrenkrook, Carole Kofchen. Lilo Nixon, Mrs. Ehrenkrook Second Row: Joyce Asmus, Shoron Longendoerfer, Mory Mocey, Suzonne Beauchamp, Marty Reid, Judy Learning. Third Row: Toni S. Owen, Yousef Bugaighis, Don Ehrenkrook, Albert Yang, Linda Wygont. 359 dunnelTs expands to include three i SMftMiAA r ' ilfLii,t Iff Front Row; Sharon Ann Hanley, Sandra Jocobson, Judy Clark, Margie Blanc, Sally Eichacku, Par Lind, Cheryl Smith, Georgia Grabow, Karen Fisher. Second Row: Bev Slusser, Debi Berggren, Pom Jones, Jorja Winn, Katharine Westerberg, Jackie Wheeler, Claudia Sale, Corole Bryant, Morst Bolles. Third Row: Claudia Cornett, Cappie Fine, Poulo Popick, Connie Wolff, Sue Stricklond, Diane Fisher, Janet Nelson, Wanda Wilk, Connie Kay, Karen Stotelmyer, Carole Beckwith, Elma Grabow. Fourth Row: Jonna Lou Blair, Joan Zietz, Sandra Quick, Dietra Brown, Laura Hackman, Karen L. Johnson, Emily Fovour, Wallis Fraley. t ' f f ,t i t f Top to Bottom — Front Row: Sharron Jackson, Lynne Wood. Second Row: Gary Emblem, Sherye Bacon, Sharon Yoelin, Pom Morgan, Pam Thompson. Third Row: Mr. Irwin Dunnell, Mrs. Dunnell, Barbara Stahly, Cindy Miller, Nancy Ferguson, Barry Sherman. 360 A block from the Sink Two minutes from campus, Thirty steps from Owen ' s There lives sixty. Amid temptation, vice, and sin, Last year a 2.8 come rolling in. Not just grades but diversity Is what we add to our university. Diversity is correct as Dunnell ' s girls vary their interests from ASUC to Alpha Lambda Chi, and boast members of the Daily, Campus Friends, Dean ' s list, YWCA, and the Coloradan. The girls of the Colorado House hod the unique problem of adapting themselves to the peculiarities of a former fraternity house. The Dun- nells opened the old Delta Sigma Phi house as a boarding house. It became famous among its female residents for the telephone that was never answered, the ironing board that was nowhere to be found, and the living room furni- ture that constantly disappeared. Nevertheless, the girls weren ' t com- pletely unorganized in their new home. The nineteen girls of Dunnell ' s Vic- torian House kept themselves so busy that not all of them had time to stop and get their pictures taken. Nevertheless, the smallness of the house created a closeness between the girls and generated a respect for each other ' s individual rights. But this did not detract from any good old-fashioned fun which often took the form of " tepeeing " the hall or rolling down the stairs from the third floor or even " ordering out " and playing bridge all night. boarding houses: dunnelTs I064, Colorado house, and Victorian house Parting is such sweet sorrow ■ c |0y of Christmas. 361 deeters has bird named george Characterized by two foursomes of table-talking bridge players and constant quotes from Goren, Deeter ' s specialized in bridge and zoo-keeping. But there was more to life at Deeter ' s than animals and bridge. Between the search for a Christmas tree, the jeep rides, water fights and the careful watching of waist- lines after sampling Deeter meals, the girls managed to study the week before final exams. Fronf Row; Borbaro Benioff, Virginia Gerty, Randy Deeter, Anne Chonnbers, Judy Anderl. Second Row: Donna Page, Marilyn Mountel, Korla Baldridge, Mrs. Deeter, From Montgomery, Barbara Shere, Third Row: Mr. Deeter, Bruce Curley, Richard Volent, William Anson, Nancy Wilson, Richard Leiser, Tony Savogeau, San Kunz. hunters heeds call of the seaso n Front Row: Donold 8 Cofmon, Stephen A. Corlena, Norman Kolbfleisch, Williom E. Flock, Brian K. Bogert, Howard Edson. Socond Row: Kathleen Leonard, Jacquie Endcrson, Billie Blood, Mrs. Hunter, Shannon Potterson, Diodro Hoke. Sharon White. Third Row: Dove Korts, Jack Miller, John Dodd, Carl Poyne, Gtnny Wo»ion The ten female residents, twenty- one male boarders, and Tuffy, the dependable watch dog of Hunter ' s Lodge, were a seasonal group. They started the year with the annual fall woodsie and the surprise Hallo- ween party. Close behind these activities came the semester break pilgrimage to Aspen and Colo- rado ' s other ski resorts. With the advent of spring, the bridge games moved to the front porch and bathing suits took the place of stretchpants. Water fights were tempting, but most irresistible was Hunter ' s close proximity to the sink. 362 The thirteen women living at Jones Boarding House consider this to be the proper number. They have two to one odds on the twenty-three male boarders. The residents and boarders love Grandma s (Mrs. Jones) home cooking, and after din- ner its hootenanny time, often inter- rupted by card games and occa- sionally by studies. The year began with a party at Evergreen and outdoor activities were resumed in the spring with picnics and parties. Front Row; Jill Tolcotf, Mary Kay Soger, Candy Kelly. Second Row; Roberr Heafon, Hobe Hammond, Penelope Maye Peck, Cheryl Mclntyre, Maxy Ellen Hoffman, Maxine Wilson, Mark Heffron. Third Row; Thomas Mourey, Tony Brown, Bob Evans, Don Aufen, Dan Mancini, Barry Sinkey, Larry Moncini, Richard Noff. thirteen is jones ' lucky number The Mens Co-op thought it only fitting to introduce a spark of intel- lectual attainment to their Hallo- ween decorations and most of the campus bards were well pleased with the result. The likeness of Charlie Brown was especially well composed, surprising even the artist responsible for the caricature. The Co-op is somewhat of an ex- periment in cooperative living. The members take turns at cooking the meals, washing the dishes, and generally seeing to it that the house is in good repair. Front Row: Charlie Skiwax, Donold Bruce, George Buckmghan, Elmer Dudden, Keith S ■■. • Skagerberg. Second Row; Richard Erisor, David Lorusso, Henry Turner, Frank Vevcosovic, Len Schreiksiem, Don Lepic, Richard Tibbitts, Eric Vorney. Third Row: Mmoru Tokeda, Thomas Reitman, Melvin Benhom, Niles Flanders, Al Newman, J. Johnston, R. Motsuda, Robert Richmond. men s co-op culture, art and Charlie bro A n 363 election warp and A oof at vesey ' s from Row: Diona Lyn Richards, Deor.;. ,v ., - „. , Ann Britt, Virginia Hampron, Richard Vesey. Second Row: Tan zin Kretz. Mrs. James Linthicum, Carolyn Cool, Nora Boird, Mrs. Richard Ves«y. Anne Ekirtlett. Sandra Jewett. Third Row: Jane Goold, Peggy Godley, Imda Hosleiler, Kothe Coleman. Mary Gay Thulemeyer, Joy Probst. Front Row; Oovid Wighfon, John Marcus, Tom Vesey, John Wicte. Roy T. Carpenter Jr., Jim Koleski. Second Row: Jim Cook, Clark Kiser, Michoel Watermon, Mark Lombard, Robert Johnion. The eighteen women in Vesey ' s Lodge cooperate with the seventeen male residents of the men ' s lodge in all aspects except one, food. The women eat what is prepared and served to them, while the men are their own cooks. The groups also party and play bridge together, enjoy a constant and spirited battle between Democrats and Republicans, and election night was an all-night affair for everyone. 364 apartment living 365 Always the constant noise! Halls crowded with too busy people, crying aloud, never turning over the thoughts of their own minds. Houses of Greek or independent turntables, buzzers, those with the convertible, or simple escape within the painted walls of the Sink. But the private dream is there, ever- present, waiting to be let go. Apartment living helps to release this wandering spirit as the mind and body are allowed a temporary stopping place. Indeed, the forms are many. Cook- ing, cleaning, or sitting still in the restless quiet of the neon night. A time-moment all too precious to be soon forgotten! apartment living and a temporary relaxing 366 1 a M i. P? » H 1 H| LmMvIP -J -- B into ones self ' ■ ' ■Mi Religion ill 7 A Special Interest , . . 393 Departmental and Services . . . 427 Military . . . 449 organizations 369 W 4 ' " " " Z ' ' ' - . K. ' s m An always coming and going, to classes and then to activities beyond the bustle of Old Main, Hellems, and Ketchum. A seeking to improve, to supple- ment, or to escape from the responsibilities of the heart and mind. All a part of an ever widening educational experience. .371 honorarles _ Valkyrie provides A orth A hile rvi front Row: Molly Moellenberg, Jennifer Fyke, Sharon Longendoerfer, Jacqjeline Good- win, Jeon Franson, Aallie Karos, Judy Emeson. Second Row; Berlo Hechenbleikner, Judy Skinner, Carol Ortmayer, Bonnie Boden, Martha Connell, Kothy Hubbs Third Row: Jimmie Queen, Karen Johnson, Judy Silverman, Sherye Bacon, Helen Hildebrondl, Marjory McCrory. Besides such traditional services as ushering for the Theatre productions, Valkyrie also did several new projects. One activity included caroling at Mesa Vista Sanatorium during the Thanksgiving period. The bi-monthly meetings were often marked by interesting speeches or work projects such as making stuffed toys for childen and making tray favors for hospitalized patients. T. ' S. I sumalia — thou shalt not Sumalia, a junior men ' s honorary, was chartered by the University in 1932 to recognize men outstanding in personality, service activity, schol- arship and athletic ability. Pledges, tapped late in the first semester of their junior year, are branded by a silver nitrate " S " on their foreheads. Previous Sumalian activities includ- ed serenading sororities, kidnap- ping queens and performing other traditional or non-traditional public- ity stunts. But for the past seven years this organization has become dormant, holding true to its motto, " Thou shalt not do anything con- structive! " Front Row: Gory Brenner, Steve Farber, Kristine Stephens, James Bartlett, Richard Hillway. 373 ■-,1 . rr n I r ■ in 374 silver and gold Silver and Gold, the Freshman Class honorary, serves as the nucleus for the freshman, and is a contact with the rest of the university. Members are chosen on the basis of high school record, a personal inter- view, leadership, and a willingness to work. The members provide spirit at football and basket- ball games through card sections and cheering. One of the major projects of the year was Homecoming weekend; lots of time and planning went into the bonfire and street dance. Secre-arv Garv Smith, Treasurer Steve Miller, Vice President Gory McDonald, ■sen. If r I " T | " ' »rlM -T 9l i f .4 1 » V During the year, Spur, the national sophomore wom- en ' s honorary, strived to combine the traditional with the unique in carrying out their activities. Dressed in their white uniforms, they could be seen helping at the polls, participating in football pre-game ceremonies, selling beanies to unwary and unwarned freshmen, passing judgment at moot court, assisting during fresh- men orientation, ushering at any and all events, lead- ing Christmas carols, and spreading joy via their Valen- tine ' s Day Spur-0-Grams. These functions are a reflec- tion of their goal to serve both school and community. spurs sell beanies and lead cheers for football Front Row: Carol Riley, Patty Palmetier, Diane Deere, Ann E. Holodoy, Mofiannv Lester, Anne Ahlvers, Koren Farnsworth, Julie Postma, Sara D. Morriwn, Willy Loman, Linda Etter. Second Row; Corrinne Pellillo. Linda Sitas, Jacqueline Widmar, Dianne Sabom, Froncy Stewart, Diane Hopple, Linda Kraybil, Karen Hamil, Diane Harmon, Karen Elkenberry, Marcio Tempel. Third Row: Karen Harrison, Sandra Johnson, Nan Deal, Sue Midkiff, Kay Pfashne, Beverly Schmidt, Manha W ard, Barbara Osborne, Julie Bubul, Janie Rommel. 4 ll MfJ A. 1 376 hammers and nails pronnote festive spirit Front Row: Diane Hartman. Carolyn Stosica, Ann Olson, JoAnn Conrad, Christy Petersen, Jeanne Marshall. Hilary Hitch, Linda Gallagher, Jan Camp. Second Row; Barbara Pettit, Jeannette Garnier, Lynn Marrow, Sue Keppler, Nancy Colander, Diane Deere, Nancy MacFarland, Lou A. Ciymer, Lisa Lossiia. Third Row: Carol Collup, Chartan Larned, Vol Barrows, Judy Hilmick, Dona Speziole, Janie Bomberger, Janey Gardner, Patti Hirt, Kandy Anderson, Beth Maxwell. Front Row: John Wardwell, Victor Tisone, Ken Smith, John Parrish, Dan Kiely, Rob Deupree, Paul Berzins, Bil McKown, Vic Geisler, Rick Cys, John Brooks. Second Row: Stephen B. Crocker, John Martin, Rick Merrian, Lawrence Heller, Don Palnner, Ben Bullock, Tnpp Owen, John Hill, Bill Ferris, Craig Thomas, Third Row: Dove Rondal, Greg Lotrimer, Marv Blougrund. Jim Wofford, Tom Murphy, George Sape, John Turk, Fred Hudson, Richard Titus, C ' lD Dorman. Upholding the traditions of past years in grand style, Hammers this year continued to provide social outlets for its members. Starting the year, the now traditional group of young sophomore debutantes were chosen as members of Nails. These fifty maidens contribute a great deal of intellectual spirit as well as added incentive for the members of the group to attain even greater heights of glory. The first event of the year was a combined Hammers-Nails function for the sole purpose of introducing the constituents to one another. Follow- ing this successful endeavor, everyone adjourned to a secret moun- tain hideout two weeks later for a combined business-social conference. Unfortunately, however, no woodsie with pink elephants is in the of- fering for spring. parties, football gannes, yet, alas, no pink elephants 377 Front Row: Barbara Adair, Penny Coleman, Francie Feild, Roberta Rubenstein. Second Row: Sue Lewis, Malino Loomis, Paulo Honsley, Kathleen Cochran. Third Row: Nan Deal, Judy Jewell, Merry Fishburn. Fourth Row: Eloise Logsdon, Andrea Shippey. Patty Creighton. hesperia .... hysteria 373 Twenty Hesperians led to hysteria every other Wednesday night when the group met. These women belong to a unique honorary. Meetings ore spent absorbing calories and comparing the number of meetings attended during the past week. When not drawing wormy apples on the sidewalk and on the library steps, or carrying balloons to the foot- ball games, they are busy conducting people through ' silver and crystal displays in order to earn money for the Bigelow Scholarship. Apples, order of chessmen The Order of Chessmen selects its members for their outstanding service and scholastic achieve- ments. This year, according to CD tradition, the honorary sold freshman beanies and at five o ' clock one morning held moot court for the luck- less few who neglected to buy one. With a biased judge presiding and a defense attorney of ques- tionable loyalty, the drowsy freshmen were handed sentences which ranged from scrubbing the Sewall Hall lions to publicly recanting their sins in the UMC. Front Row: Kent C. Brown, Thomas C. Moor, Horry A Clausen, Ron Shafer, Brian D. Snow, Bil J. Kapla, Ronald K. Lomox. Second Row: Richard Ligon, Brian T. Knighf, Warren G. Wilson, Akien A. Lindeman, Poul Eakins, Robert Bashor, Grant B. Jocobson. Cavity control. Early morning moot court. U f ? I , Honorary brew sabres ... .inhabits lamp post The senior men ' s honorary, Sabres, con- sists of men with a 2.75, or above, grade point. Meeting periodically at the Terrace or Lamp Post, they plot their next activity ' he annual Hammers-Sabres football game heid in the fall; escorting Homecom- --n candidates; an annual cocktail . . .. .rh the. administration; or one of a number of potties, parties, and parties. Front Row S Timoi Gnr ' H Mouth, ' lond Row. -. Hillwoy, ■ .- ' ■ inird Row; Dove Oc ' ' ..«3n Smiih. Croig 1 Mortar Board President, Ellen Fairweather Front Row: Christine Toylor, JoAnn Cram, Pomela Michoels, Diane Moc Cornack. Donna Chazen. S«cond Row: Julie Sullivan. Carol Jo Winchester, Gayla McRoe, Gail Anderson, S oron Gatewood, Merrilee Morsoglia, mortar board is senior women ' s honorary Does your mum lose its petals on the bedpost overnight? Is your blazer black as coal, does your sweater look a fright? When people meet you on the street, do they pass you on the right? Do you hold a clothespin on your nose each and every night? If you ' ve v ondered ' bout your mum, You ' ve got reason to be glum — We ' ve got 5,000 mums left to sell. At Homecoming 1965 the tv enty-five women of Mortar Board sacrificed fashion to determination, wore their " unies " every day for two weeks, and sold enough mums (receipts in triplicate) to bring a woman from CU ' s sister college in Greece to the Boulder Campus next year. Ginger larson. Third Row; Carol L. Robinson. Jeanne Cowles, Linda Fankboner, Barbara Herzberger, Barbara Word, Virginia Woodhall, Sue Lauer, Shari Richmond. 381 from Row; Jon Camp, Barbara Schor, Nancy Ambrose, Diono Deere, Jacqui Widmar, Diane Harmon, Keren Fornsworth, Linda Styer, Karen Johnson. Second Row: Dorothy R. Martin, Anne McKeever, Anno Lou Owen, Kay Ptoshne, Doris Socha, Kothy Saunders, Karen Hamil, Pom Brodly, Linda Conzett. Borboro Lukoszewicz, Pom Thompson. Third Row: Barbara Elliott, Donna L. Kelly, Donna M. Lee, Olwen Willioms, Beverly Schmidt, Susan Geer, Linda Morbry, Judi Karroker, Goye Boros, Sue Strickland, Cheryl McClune, Diane Fisher. " ... I pledge myself to accept membership in National Alpha Lambda Delta with the understanding that in so doing I accept the responsibility of maintaining its standards of service, of in- dustry, and of integrity. " Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta honorary for sophomore women is based on having earned a 3.5 grade point at least one semester of the woman ' s freshman year. 382 alpha lambda delta honors freshman A omen Left fo Right: Alfred Sanders, Richard Hillwoy, Curt Eaton, Ron Barnett, Tim Binkley. Heart and Dagger is an egotistical means to an undefined end with no intermediate values — the sole ac- tivity being the veneration of its members on this page. All of them have at least a 3.8 overall. heart and dagger egotists do nothing Phi Ep Phi punishes insubordinate freshman. By functioning primarily as a service organization, Phi Epsilon Phi, sophomore men ' s honorary, has been more active than in recent years. Phi Ep Phi started the year by offering its services to the N.S.O. committee. Other service activities undertaken have been a project for the city of Boulder in which the members devoted a day ' s v ork to the maintenance of the Columbia Cemetery, and the in- troduction of the homecoming queen candidates to the dorms and houses. Left lo Right: Bill Rom, Ben Franklin, Bruce Campbell, Ron L. SmiTh, Al Glockzin. phi epsilon phi devotes time to service Front Row: John Oliver, Cliff Blaugrund, Marly Smith, Bill Rom, Al Otsuko. Second Row: Kenneth Weaver, Kent Michael, Art Honegger, Ron Domont, Andy Horburg Dick Honey. Third Row: Ivan Noimon, John Bilorvsky, Ed Burns, Taylor Robinson, Bruce Campbell. T B ligion ! i 1 J. 1 « ! | ' 1 =11 1 - fe 1 .1 ■ 1 1 ! ■ 1 ■ - P L 1 ■ 1 i 1 1 — 11 384 baptist student union To attain a universal education at CU one may study nnany different subjects. He may acquire social poise and learn how to get along with a roommate. He may engage in sports to keep physically fit. However, not all of one ' s problems are mental, social or physical. The Baptist Student Union exists to meet students ' spiritual needs. The ob- ject of the activities is to help students to have a personal and meaningful relation- ship with God, and to provide Christian fun and fellowship. Practice in making a point clear. Front Row: J. W. Pennell, Tommy Groves, Eugene Hollond, Jim Krouf, Rudy Antle. Second Row: Beverly Short, Diana Hosh, Gloria Hemphill, Pat Peter- son, Fronkie Jeon Light, Ethel Pills, Lindsey Price. Third Row: Dennis Walson, John Williams, Karen Ferguson, Wendy Sfickel, Diane Soto, Korol Morrel, Joe Pinson, Truett Rogers. 385 The new Center building. A lesson from the pastor. the united protestant center Ecumenicity, action, and involvement are integrated at the United Protestant Center. After years of planning, six denominations are ministering to the University in one new building at 1 520 Euclid. The ideas and pro- grams of the Center are designed to be as dynamic -and creative as Christ Chapel. The Christians gathering at the Center are endeavoring to meet their v orld head-on. They gather weekly for Communion, yet they also have separate activities on wor- ship and study. Some of the problems con- sidered are politics, civil rights, and the- ology. 386 Front Row: Bill Potterson, Pom Brodley, Richard Wildan. Fr. A.B. Potterson, Fr. Francis Wolle, Louise Patterson, Ralph Patterson. Second Row: Robert Putnam. Barbora Johnson, Judy Frossord, Mary Beatty, Mrs. Patterson, Carol Iford, Mory Peckham, Valerie Hayes, Bill Boardman, Steve Schroeder. Third Row: Alan Hazleft, Jim Hill- house, Debbie Neavor, Bruce Tolhurst, Margret Casey, Carolyn Sillars, Susan Miinor, Fred Fenger, Diane Murry, Beth Teal, Carol Ortmoyer, Koye Gilmore, R.S. Millar, Gwyn McKenzie, Rodney Vaughn. Fourth Row: Lex Pinson, Greg Wayt, Will Collier, Hull McLean, Don Crow, Jim Britton, Tim Foote, Ernie Volentine, Tom Teol, Don Put- nam, Bruce McCreo, Bob Crone. The Canterbury Club of the University of Colorado exists to add the dimension of worship to the college campus. College students partici- pate with older members of the congregation in choir, alter guild, and discussions held after the Sunday night dinners. Activities of the organ- ization include learning sign language from the deaf in Denver, and the annual retreat held at the YMCA camp grounds in Estes Park. canterbury club guides episcopal religious activity 1 ' The Canterbury bealles. K ' o dinner, just a picture. 387 Wesley foundation prepares members for NA orldly dialogue Called to be relevant in a world of revolution, the Wesley Foundation, as an arm of the Methodist Church, attempts to prepare its members for participation in a dialogue v ith the world. Sunday morning and Wednesday evening programs of study and discussion, weekend work projects in the inner-city of Denver, Friday evening social events, special regional and national conferences and local re- treats, and participation in summer service projects com- bine to provide a variety of opportunities for the con- cerned student to find meaning and direction in his life both on, and beyond the campus. Front Row: Keith E. Wolson, Lod Sessions, Walloce Hamilton, Nell Vole, J m Sullivan, Joel Brodstiow. Second Row: Karen Wilson, Linda Sitas, Judy A. Klater, Anita Homilion, Frances Pirnar, Kothy Klater, Susan Crane. Third Row: Kathryn Finley, Jean Fields, Linda Bryan, Suzanne Moore, JoAnn Winn, Doris Marie Covin, Ruth Worden, Inez Schmidt, Dione Kraus. Fourth Row: Wallace D. Finley, Ray Slwalley, Neil Williams. Victi Thompson, Pat Watts, Sherwood Anderson, Matt Capell, Gordon W. King Private devotions in the Wesley chapel. 388 Something interesting and worthwhile is always hap- pening at the Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion. The Deseret Club met every Sunday night for supper, fellowship, and a short program. Special events in- cluded the show " Molly Brown at Estes Park in the fall and the Gold ' n ' Green Ball in the spring. Also parties, dances, barbeques, skating, tobogganing, and other social activities provided the clean, wholesome fun that Mormons enjoy. From Row: Leslie Hammond, Melonie Hammond Sacond Row: Brenda Jacob, Lowenda Benson, Jane Walker, Pam Ma ' chell, Joan Spolding, Stephen Eyre, David Eyre. Laori Sorenson, Bonnie Hammond, Bev Mason. Third Row: Art Jacob, Alan Benson. Frances Worfield, Lorroine Indermill, Dorothy deseret club provides Sunday school and other services Knudson, Diane Foote, Mac Blancr, Vicki Bal ' er, Marcio Halladoy, Linda Hunzinger, Al Londgren, Ed Nichols Fourth Row: Jim Scorup, Derek Shubin, Rick Garland, Mike Woergler, Royce Hatch, Chuck Petersen, Dove Criddle, Doug Parker, Mel Hommond. John Eyre. 389 The Lutheran Liiupci lutheran students seek service to man and god Suian Senn, Steve Johnson, Susan Geer, Herman Goellnltz, Mary Douglas, Carol Mueller, Jim Swaeby, Gloria Krocger, Dole Roberts, Richard Rumpf, Skip Kamp, John AAoier, lloyd Roedel. Rod Morrill, Mory JacobsMeyer, Donna Rhode, Joyce Keitleson, Ken Challocomb, Linda Bauer, Dean Schuiz, Terri lihomilis, Ron Schbpe, Jay Bouer. Pom Schuldt, John Mundinqer. At the Piano. Pastor Gerhard Mundinger. The Xi chapter of Gamma Delta is the cam- pus organization of Lutheran students, Missouri Synod. Several hundred students who are members of the University Lu- theran Assembly, the student congrega- tion, form thenucleusof thisgroup. Weekly educational and social activities are held at the new student center and chapel at 24th and Pennsylvania. In addition, a full- time campus minister, the Reverend Dr. G. H. Mundinger, works constantly at coun- seling Christian students. 390 ne A man club studies their faith The Newman Association is an organ- ization to foster the spiritual, intellect- ual and social interests of the Catholic student. To do this, there are seven classes taught by priests, sisters, and Catholic members of the faculty. The topics range from problems in Church history to the new liturgy, inquiry classes for Catholics and non-Catho- lics, and a continuing lecture series on " Christianity in Transition. " r ■ • ' ' Irs : rs ' . ,v _ ' :5t %: Front Bow: (iichord Hoage, Jim BucKSiein, James Koto, Dan Kiely, Ric Jackson Second Row: Ron Meek, Don House, John Bilorusky, Rick Mills. Paul Kopecky, sponsor. Though not a religious organization, DeMolay was founded for the protection of Christianity. The CD Court of Chevalier is composed of men who have been recognized by their local chapters for work done there and who have received the Degree of Chevalier in the DeMolay. Services of the court were available during the year to help strengthen DeMolay chapters in the Boulder area and throughout the state. The members sponsored a day in the spring giving DeMolay boys a chance to visit CU. the court of chevalier The Christian Science Organization affords the opportunity to the col- lege community to learn the truth about Christian Science. Tuesday eve- ning testimonial meetings, sponsoring Christian Science lectures, and the planning of Alumni Day were only a fewof the club ' s many activities. This year the organization sponsored a state-wide spring picnic in addi- tion to the annual fall fest. Front How: J; nt Rumbaogh, Cloribel Kendall. Evelyn Mitchell, Marilyn Caldwell, Lionno ' . ' ' •■ ' - -• " — ui. Second Row nr,,yiH M ' -AHoo, Tod Fo » ' B ' l Andrews, Vern Matzen, Bud ■. John Wilt christian science seeks truth 392 LA I IN VMIKKAN HIP PK(K.R, M .n HI SlXkSS jikI iiLK. AKFAIK . Wfl..« l ri • Oa-. ' ] C 1 -ll llilltll ttltltill l III III) II - ' " ' ■ l1 0 (Jllllt wtaa own tuna m LATIN AM:i?I AN fwL NLV LATIN » U5 DKl " SOP»«P NcUJlKflL fttt -OlTUBt " IIKIC OI. ' UKX.t) ' Boffon L ' nivcrsirv J cl«»)l i f Public Communicjiion iai 393 • .■■ ' .■■ . ' 1 Warren, John parrrngion, Ken Ross, Word ireat Svcond Row: Dave Hiestand, George Kramer, Ken Dunlop, Glenn Harper. buff flying club conducts ground school Take off. 394 for pilots Organized to bring relatively in- expensive flying to the campus, the Buff Flying Club has proved to be popular among students and fac- ulty alike. Through the club mem- bers can learn to fly and attend ground school which teaches navi- gation, weather, and radio proced- ures. Activities this year included a trip to Stapleton airfield and other aero- nautical centers. The club also sent a team of pilots to represent CU at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Convention in the spring. t Club Cessna 150 skims the Flatirons. Learning the controls. 395 Only two dribbles. sporty coeds comprise A omen ' s recreation association Front Row: Jan Cody, Nccha Connolley, Kay Kotzel- nick, Julie Dubbs. S cond Row, Janna B. Vaughn, Donna Johnson, Jon Musser, Miss Elyse Deffke. A sport for every coed — that ' s what the Women ' s Recreation As- sociation offers. WRA extends mem- bership to all athletically active fe- male students and enables them to participate in intramural sports. Basketball, volleyball, archery, bad- minton, tennis, and softball are in- cluded in the season ' s schedule. Competitive coed spirit emerges in tournaments among sorority, dormi- tory, and independent teams. In addition, WRA sponsors competitive swimming and gymnastic meets. Sports Days held at various cam- puses in the Rocky Mountain region are also attended by members of the WRA. 396 women invade judo club University of Colorado coeds are well pre- pared to meet any male after a year ' s par- ticipation in the a ctivities of the Judo Club. This organization, originally composed only of fellows, teaches members how to fall, to throw an opponent, and to control an opponent on the ground. As they progress through the various stages of proficiency symbolized by the different colored belts, the men emphasize the development of contest techniques for competition with members from other judo clubs. Front Row: John Lawrence. Gary Komanskig. HIroko Tsubokawa, Luis Chen g, Ray Avedon, Michael Holey, Patrick Holey, Gary Colemon, Dion Shea. Second Row: Lucionne Conkley, Frances Hole, Sally Holden, Adele Huey, Kathleen Clements, Mario Tuck, Cindy Closen, Poul Porter, Richard Bortsch. Third Row: Grace Schworz, John Scordo II, Loird Stanten, Fronk Alford, Wayne Piersel, David Storm, Chuck Peorson Execution ot a shoulder throw. V C 1 M V ' ' ' ! -i ' M T ' ' - 397 bar u riders The active C Bar U Riders added zest to the year ' s activities with a Thanksgiving vacation pack trip. The club ' s members were kept busy socially with weekend steak fries and breakfast rides. Climaxing the year ' s activities NA as the Rocky Mountain Horse Show. The contest offered such events as English and Western riding, jump- ing, and pole bending and was open to state-wide participation. Ready for the ride. Constant grooming. Standing: Norm Smith, C. C. Hayes, John Miles, Merle Larson, Diane Teal, John Longwedel, Lorry Cloud. Mounted: Sue Allen, Gail Barton, Jan McCurd, Cindy Palmer, Emily Favour, Josie Flint, Ruth Mills, Pat Lieblein. 398 Seaweed posing as girls. Kip, ballet leg, and clam are three words quite common to the vocabulary of a Porpoise member. Porpoise Club, which celebrated its fortieth an- niversary this year, is the University ' s synchronized swimming honorary. These girls were busy from September to May, holding tryouts, tapping new members, and then practicing their intricate rou- tines under the direction of a new sponsor, Miss Nancy Oyster. All the hard work in the water and the resultant hours under the hair dryer culmi- nated in " Travel the Tides. " mermaids or porpoises Front Row: Aileen Crowford, Mary Corbly, Pomelo A. Everitt, Elizobeth Wenlworth, Michelle Wilson, Cheryl Smith, Pot Lind, Noncy Motes Second Row: Suson Burns, Karen Fornsworth, Cothorine Cross, Corol Anne Croigle, Volerie Mohr, Mortho Sfeth, Margaret Vobejdo Third Row: Jeon Benford, Morillyn Huise, Borboro Hoopes. Cheri Poxson, Becky Huntoon. Mory Colm, Lindo Cloymon, Leigh Ann Woiles. Fourth Row: Dione Hopple, Sharon McCobe, Nancy Reordan, Judith Jewell, Noncy Jewell, Dione Boker, Jessico Allen, Jean DeMorinis. Diving Board: Judith Effinger, Elizobeth Deone, Marty Reid, Elizobeth Keller, Mory Jone Wiendl, Ann Morlow, Lindo Boley. 399 Snow bunnies as well as elite racers found a place in University of Colorado Skiing, the incorporation of Buff Skiing and Racing Clubs. The new complex of offices in the UMC was besieged by skiers in search of the latest information about skiing con- ditions, transportation, and instruction. Activities this year included functions on the cam- pus and at the Georgetown cabin, a fashion show, and the yearly trips to Aspen and Vail. In addition, a series of training sessions were given by cele- brated members of the club, illustrating techniques and patterns of American racing. Front Row: John McCandless, Marty Burketi, Sally Wassdorp, Pafrrcro Vincent, Borbara Adair, Paula Hansley. Second Row: Roy Craig, Dick Boundy, Dave McAdoo, Les Seely, Ken Hawkins, Ned Bowler. university of Colorado skiing caters to sno A bunnies and racers Last Turn. - 400 J Getting over the rougn spj ' s hikers scale peaks A year of rebuilding was carried out by the Hiking Club as demonstrated by their activities and their new members, including many upper- classmen. Trips included scaling Bear and South Boulder peaks, Mount Alice, Sawtooth Mountain, Fault Caves, and an overnight trip to Maroon Bells. This was also a year of development in scheduling. The addition of instruction in techni- cal rock climbing was well received. Hiking Club Executive Council: Jon Swonson, Carol Gibbs, Pete Williamson, Debbie Swodesh, Roger Rauboch. Airborne. 401 Sighting in. The target ' s view. Safety in handling guns and the enjoy- ments of shooting are stressed by the members of the Rifle and Pistol Club. To go along with this, the club held a free instructional program conducted by a Na- tional Rifle Association instructor in basic rifle marksmanship. Two matches were held for large and small bore pistols and rifles during the year among the club members. The pistol team also exchanged matches with the Air Force Academy and fired in pistol competitions against several other schools in the area. The club also maintained reloading equipment for the use of those members interested in larger caliber ammunition. rifle and pistol club stresses safety and enjoyment associated nor A egian students abroad hockey team expands schedule This year the CU Hockey Team was busy establishing a name for itself. With the help of the Air Force Aca- demy coach, the boys began prac- tice at the Arvada rink in Novem- ber, before opening the season at Aspen over Thanksgiving vacation. The year ' s schedule of thirteen games was highlighted by a tour over semester break including games with Northwestern, Notre Dame, and the University of Illinois. Under the direction of coaches Glen Arbeau, Pete Bredeson, and Tim Lane, the players became a truly organized competitive team. Front Row: Estrid Backer, Jorunn Wenneslond, Tullen Linderoth, Vunni Lillian Bjrkheim, Astrid Bokstad, Ragnhild Solvang, Rognhild Bakke. Sacond Row: Svein Tore Buli, Oyvind Bjorkheim, Knut Linderoth, Jan Wenneslond. Waiter Olsen, Donald Solvang, Svein Haug, Inge Fjortoff, Oyvind Iversen. Third Row: Torleiv Enger, Amund Ringnes. Arne Lorsen, Hons Loberg, Tor Backer, Carl-Erik Berentsen, Eriing Vogslond, Even Bakke. Norwegian students at the University of Colorado are not out of touch with their native country thanks to the Boulder chapter of Associated Norwegian Students Abroad. The club aids the students in keeping in contact with other Nor- wegian students in America, Norway, and throughout the world. The CU Norwegians became acquainted with American customs at the many picnics and parties held during the year. All of the Norwegians in the area were invited to the functions. Keeping in contact with other chapters in the nation activity is another major activity for the group. Front Row: Murray Ruffell, Ron Youngclaus Second Row: Don Oberndorf, George Hansen. Third Row: Visualdis Janunarojs, Lt. Commander Gilkenson. Fourth Row: Glen Arbeau, John Wolfe. Fifth Row: Frank Johnson, Newton Fowcett. Sixth Row: Steve Johnson, Tim Lane. 403 Front Row: Merilynn Gillis, secretary; Zakhem Samir, vice-president; Robin Ober- lander, publicity choirmon; Gerard Reynard, president, Sondra Field, social choir- man; Gay Brock, program chairman. Second Row: Siroj Qureshi, Kenneth J. Yearns, R. El Mollokh, George Lesser. Learning to put on a sari. " Culture, and International Dimen- sion, " was the theme that this year ' s Cosmopolitan Club used in planning its diverse activities. The year began with a variety show for new CU students featuring international dances, songs, sketches, and dis- plays. A hayride at Green Meadows Stables, a Halloween party featur- ing an African band and a costume contest, and the dance " Night in the Orient " were some of the social events of the club. At each Wednesday afternoon cof- fee hour, a program of a more serious nature was presented by one or more national groups, showing some aspect of that country ' s culture and traditions. 404 Front Row: Adnon Von oorcke, Russell McCiam, Kenneth Sinnon, David Fogel, Roger Williams, Patricia Knudson, Oavid Kurtzmon, Carolyn Burgin, Hosson Noor. Stcond Row: Nancy Gay, Martin Richstone. Brooke Babcock, Nancy Smoyer, MicHael Lenzini, Jr., S. K. Chafterjee, Alexel Konegin, Nino Popovich, Marita Cremers. Bonnie Davis. Saleh Oklo. Third Row: Omar S. Hommuda, Enildo M. Robles. Jonis Ingles, Corl E. Berentsen, Cherif Nahos, Martha Morton, Abdullah Dobbagh, Suresh Bhot, Abdulla El-Sebaiye, Al-Cholobi Morouf, Selahattin Asloner. Fourth Row; Arne Larsen, Graziella Janna, Sve-n Tore Buli, Richard Harshman, Neil Williams, Dennis Ton, Morywyn Reynolds, Peter W. Aitchison, Lola Pfan;nstiel, Aernout J, Emeis. Kamron Shah, Abdullah Al-leso. Fifth Row: Dean Smith, Thomos Dunham, Helen Hildebrandt, Reemberto Pontes, Gonzolo Ponce, Pomelo Fowcett, Juan Azcui, Carlos Calle, Amondo Cordones, Luis Villanueva. Front Row: Fe ' dinond Velez, Boris Pinhosof, Dovid Lewin, Antonio Kunder, Jock Coinan, Marlene Ljungstrom, Torleiv Enger, Cyril Nelson, Wolter KroM, Mathew Zocharioh. S«cond Row: Loa Love, Jeon Koh, Lito Lee, Philippe Boulonger, Jerrol Ann Voss, Penny Brown, Justm Zulu, Gerard Reynord, Merilynn Gillis, Costa Hossapoglou, Robin Oberlonder. Al f Roy Kudiwo, Edward Eichenberger. Third Row: Jean Frcnson, Kirsten Ranheim. Sondro Field, Suson Brown. Goy Brock, Siroj Qureshi, Syed Ahomed, Lorroine Sono, HorsHod Voro, Somir Zakhem, A. Qoyyum Mirza, Fortunoto Martinez. Fourth Row: Veronika Senn, Ashok Bakshi, Marguerite Johnson. Gustav Moelond, Laro G. Oddsdottir, Harry Wong, Mar- garet Martell, Sabry Hamoyel, Kothy Mummo, Frank Lee, Nazir Joonejo, E. N. Ghiosi, Abdul Z. Bosti Fifth Row: Alvin Blench, Datio, Stephen Johnson, Swein Haug, Mory Beilefeld. Ingf Fjortoft. Darrol Draper, M I Whi ' son Monuel Fernandez, Nojdat Mahmood, Alon Smith, Richard Shipman cosmo club promotes international culture 405 university choir always singing The voices of the University Choir under the direction of Deral J. John- son rang out loud and clear when presenting one of their many con- certs for the University or special or- ganizations during the year. Their performance for the Denver area high schools v as one of the major activities before officially v elcom- ing Christmas to the campus when the choir sang ai the annual tree lighting ceremony and Christmas concert in Macky. festival chorus is largest choral group Festival Chorus, the largest choral organization on the CU campus, is composed of students, faculty, and residents of the Boulder area. Un- der the direction of Professor Berton Coffin, this group presented many of the great choral masterpieces during the season. In December the chorus collabor- ated with the University Symphony Orchestra to present " The Seasons ' ' by Joseph Haydn. For the spring performance, these two groups again combined to present Benja min Britten ' s " War Requiem " with Andor Toth as guest conductor. 406 Front Row. ' ji.eo l N.A.oy, Nj;-Metrii " Unj K, Poll Works, Mory Ann Arms, Milion Knutson. Barbara M, Jensen, John P. Goodnnan, Ruby Cordray, Donna L. Kelly, Keith E. Watson, Borbora Cornelisen. David Geneva, Beverly Boyd, Connie Simmons, Judy Elwell, Gayle Mast. Second Row: Laurie J. Ticehurst, Gory Hardesty, Don Oster, Sue Lewis, Susan Wille, Harold Smith, Kay Charles, Leslie Shenefeit. Judith Johnson, Jim Anderson, Julie Postma, Patricia Jenkins, Ralph Wolioce, Douglas Toshiro, Morgo Dunlop, Terry Cook. Third Row: Cathy Lewis, Cynthia Gross, Carol Lutes, Sandy Lawhon, John Kezer, Kathleen Shefhn, Donold Nutting, Claude Tihon, Carl W. Smith, James Woodman, Betty Berke, Orley Mitchell, Cindy VanDruff, Carolyn Robbins, Shirley A. Higbee, Betty J. Hylond, Judy Cornwall Fourth Row: Judith Costlow, James Sallee, Joan Groteluschen, George Kiteley, David Galloger, Deborah Clork, Jeff Grenowall, Craig Dixon, Wallace Hamilton, Tom Woodrum, Lynne Fontanier, M. Earl Waibel, David C. Wolf, Dorothy M. Froser, Dennis Evans, Elaura Jaquette, Scott Conner. At piano: Rebecca L. Robinson. Conductor: Derol J ohnson. men ' s glee club has active year Front Row: John B. Ponis, Horold E. Smith, John Meredith, Walt Lockwood, Carolyn Robbins, George Kiteley, Demetrio Tagaropulos, Bill Babcock, Doug Palmer. Second Row: Walter R. McKee, Dovid Spaght, Larry G. Cogswell, Dovid M. Gallagher, Richard E. Orsborn, Donold G. Sims, Steven T. Hombiin, Thomas G. Dunham, Richard L. Reisenweber, Douglas K. Toshiro. Under the direction of Mr. Deral Johnson, the twenty-six melodious males of the well known Mens Glee Club, successfully presented Christmas and Spring concerts. Many times throughout the year, they could be heard serenading the various sorority houses and girls ' dorms. Their caroling at Christmas definitely added to the yuletide spirit on campus. 407 From «ow !r Holmes, Jcon Sct oendaller. Colleen Modi, Cindy Wong, Rosemory Taylor, t.u . n- mj ' iiu -i ik,i. in..,. i-lt Sacend Ro w: Bobbie Rupp, D«ni e Dawton. Sh«rria Engilrom, Dione Kraus. Kothryn Long. Cothryn Rowoon, Kuien Keimer. Judy Laniz. Third Row; fiarboio Kennedy, Carol Ortmoyer, Claudefte Earl. Diane Baker, Betty VanCise, Marilyn Matasovic, JoAnn Winn, Demetra Oouvas. Margie Blackford, Bette Chartrand, Accom- ponist, Fennoyee Thomas. 408 womens gl ushers in Christmas The forty high-spirited voices heard chiming through the music building this year were those of the Women ' s Glee Club. With their bell-toned voices, they continued the fifty-year tradition of caroling and presenting Christmas and spring concerts. Rhythm and pizza were also combined at the Timber Tavern in a function with the Mens Glee Club who also accompanied them on their spring tour to Wyoming. Mr. Deral Johnson conducted the girls in their songfests with the aid of Den- ise Dawson, president, and Rosemary Taylor, treasurer-social chairman. buffoons hove full year of songs and festive spirits The CU Buffons were formed in 1962 by a group of musical males in- spired by Dr. Oarley Thorne. The group is replenished by auditions in the spring. This year ' s Buffoons strived to set a tradition which will be remembered at CU for many years. They performed at formals, con- ventions, Homecoming, and even gave informal serenades for the vari- ous sororities and women ' s dorms. Dave MacDonald, pitchpipe; Ray McColl, Orley Milchell, Doug Hurst, Chuck Frush, Earl Warbel, Bruce Carries. Bill Bobcock, Sandy Swinehort, Tom Moor, J. C. Marean, business manager. Loudly singing. J ,. n iti r 409 : i.e Little Concert Bond. The Symphonic Band. Deft fingers, what! cu bands provide much to satisfy the attuned The four bands which compose the Univer- sity Band Program provide music to satisfy the ear of any CU student or Boulder resi- dent. While the Marching Band performed at half-time during the fooball season, and traveled to Kansas University for migration, the Pep Band took over to liven up the basketball games. A series of concerts was given by the Symphonic Band, which also played for the coffee concerts in the UMC. The Little Concert Band, a select group from the Symphonic Band, toured Colorado high schools during the spring and also helped play for the coffee concerts. 411 from Row: Bonnie Boden, Judy Foudel, Barbara Powe. Gyonne Shipmon, Patty Hoglund, Jean Sorrells, Judy Kloier. Pat d Avillo, Ginger Webb, Susan Read, Jean Johnson, Peggi MacDonold, Rick Nakosteen. Second Bow; George Dobbins, Sandra Bledsoe, Jane Twiss, Sheri Wilson, Kenneth Kernen, Sharon Stephens, Gerhard Monczur, Neil Williams, Keith Anglen, Chip Stewart, Dave Husbands, Paul Eakins. Third Row: Jomes P. George, Tom Motes, Linda Elliott, James R. Barnett, Beverley Wellborn, Carol Puxty, Gregg Anderson, Rinoel Reagan, Neil Snyder, Richard Smart, Don Leonard, W. Harry Probert. Cinderella ' s slipper. calico and boots sponsors hoedowns and parties It ' s a " square, square world " to members of Calico and Boots who chose this theme for their eighteenth annual hoedown in November. Along with this annual event, the club sponsored classes, and the popular practice of " stealing ban- ners. " Again this year Calico and Boots sponsored an exhibition team which performed for local functions throughout the state. All members were eligible for the team after having reached a certain standard of excellence. The group dances once a week at meetings which occasionally feature guest callers. Dancing projection. Members of Orchesis, the modern dance club, were on their toes all year long. They began by presenting a program for cultural night during New Student Orientation Week. The next big proj- ect for the girls was their participation in CU ' s homecoming musical, " Damn Yankees, " where they displayed versatile tal- ents by dancing, singing, and acting. After presenting Minotti ' s " The Unicorn, " the members began to practice for the annual spring concert. Other spring activities included touring the West- ern Slope, and presenting the senior concert. Front Row: Carol Klein, Barbara Stalzle, Marilyn Mayo, Natalie Plotkin, Kris Roth, Carol Kindell Second Row: Judy Gorbarino, Mary Kay Hyerstay, Cloire Cohn, Cheryl Steburg, Donna Chozen. Third Row: Corole Helena Anderson, Janet Wilder, Marcia Donuser, Cindy Shepord, Jeanne Robmett, Mary Wilcox. Fourth Row: Paula Peake, Richard Johnson, Lou Anne Troinor, John Perpener, Carol Anne Peterson, Gerald Otte. orchesis presents a variety of material o V 413 First Row: ■ " ! t Lovp, Jooy JtDSS, Kotny O Donagnue, Mofiiyn Algyer, Bofbofo Gneve, JoAnn Cram, Sondy Pyle. Svcond Row: Ron Kamm, Mork Shondon, Gory H. Mouth, Sol J. Gro2i, Robert Schwab, Paul Bugg. Rich- ord F. Lubiniki, MorthoM L. Silver. The Colorado Engineer is a quarterly magazine published by the students and faculty of the Col- lege of Engineering. The first copy appeared in the foil of 1904 beginning sixty years of continu- ous confusion and panic for members of the staff. The Engineer is primarily a technical magazine designed to appeal both to the students and fac- ulty of the college. However, many non-technical items have appeared on its pages, including edi- torials, essays, fiction, pin-ups and jokes. Colorado engineer is both technical and A orldly The sixty-five members of the Junior Class Council set unificotion of the class as one of the goals for this year. With this in mind, these enthusiastic juniors planned various social functions and car- ried on class business during the year. Functions were held at TuJagis and around the Boulder area for juniors throughout the year. Christmas on the campus was highlighted by the " Carol of the Bells, " a program held in Folsom Stadium during the holiday season for the townspeople and stu- dents. Leading class activities were Dan Keily, president; Rick Sys, vice president; Patty Creighton, secretary; and Susie Barr, treasurer. Front Row: Phil Comstock, Mary Ward, Peier Meer, Kay Kauzlarich, S. Glaus, Suzie Barr, Dan Kiely, Patty Creighton, Gene Lika, Kothy Dempsey, Jim Irwin, Alison Chittock, Tom Putnam. Second Row: David Hoc, Doreen Brenner, Judith Bround, Nan Deal, Kathy Bonham, Louis Greenberg, Noncy Rader, Winnie Delano, Sandi Rustemeyer, Monty Mothios, Carol Young, Betty Helferich, Bonnie Fine, Dianne Dicks, Andrea Cookson, Jonie Warner. Third Row: Pam Lovejoy, Nancy Harvey, Ann Johnson, Sue Stancyk, Judy Cochran, Katharine Westerberg, Ann Falkenberg, Fronces Peterson, Suzanne Spitz, Sarah McGroth, Borb Littlefield, Anne William- son, Ron Archibald, Sandy King, Tedd Beegle, Ann Cookman, Norm Olson, Mike Kiteley, John Nogel, Paige Arnold. Fourth Row: Corl Cranor. Fud Mattson, Anita Ferris, Jim Wofford, Nancy Baum, Nancy Glaze, George Koutsoubos, Craig Luttig, Georger Sape, Lloyd Rex, Bill Murroy, Don Palmer, Fred Hudson, Dennis Stobie, Jerry Pifer, Steve Moise. junior class rings bells 414 Our government in action. Well, hello handsome! Seniors endured that long, hard year under the capable direc- tion of the Senior Class Council. Very popular with the upper- classmen were functions held at the Lamp Post, senior cocktail parties, and Senior Retreat provided by the council. In addi- tion, committees within the council worked actively to provide special speakers and to relay vitally important information from the Placement Bureau. Officers for this Senior Class Council were Chris Barr, presi- dent; Andy Barbee, vice-president; Carol Jo Winchester, sec- retary; and Barbara Ward, treasurer. Front Row: Stephanie Klimoski, Susie Hamilton, Ellen fair- weather, Carol Jo Winchester, Pam Eddy, Jon Wingerter, Barbara Word, Kay McDonold, Lois K. Moll, Deborah Edwards, Terri Anderson, Carol Berger, Second Row: Mor- sholl L. Silver, Lynn Kuykendall, Brian Knight, Donna Swan, Marylyn Kipphut, Carol Robinson, Elizabeth Wolfe, Lindo Steinhaus, Mark Leonard, Jack Doherty, Som Ruben, Chris Barr Third Row: Fred Jeynes, Tim Lone, Jim Linam, Les Jacobsen, Poul Urone, Jim Stresen-Reuter, David A. Fogel, David A. French, Ted Hepp, Robert Krebs, John Lovett, Mike O Honlon, Anoy Barbee. senior class functions and . . .functions 415 .f ?-- to Right: Bill Wiw. Sonjo Warberg, Rick Phillips The Student Bar Association is an organization composed of oil students in CD ' s School of Law. Its main purpose is to orient law students to the operations of bar associations similar to those formed by lawyers on a local, state and national level. During the year, this bar association provided a sounding board for law student opinion, and in addition offered special services such as a speakers ' program to help prepare the student for the respon- sibitiesof the legal profession. Student bar association 416 The American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides for faculty and student interchange of ideas concerning the latest thought in the field. It presents a series of speakers during the year who discuss topics of technical and managerial concern, and introduce the human psychology connected with the chemical industry. An annual picnic highlights the year with fun, frolic and fare- wells as many members prepare to enter their professions. american institute of chemical engineers Front Row: Bruce Degen, Jackson Boys, Sharon Varlan. Mork Sheridan, Ron Kamm. Second Row: Delmar Robinson, Ciy : i rn SuesenReoter, Fred Love Left to Rigtii. Varsnan L- Silver, • oDef J vVMiiams, JoAnn Cram, Robert W. Joselyn, Dean R. Peed. The Associated Engineering Students of CU augments the gov- ernment and coordination of the Engineering School and also actively participates in campus social life. When the AES is not influencing policy or voicing its ideas in the Colorado Engineer, it is planning a " Buffalo Blast. " Among its diversified activities are Engineers Day, the spring " E Ski, " publication of The Vector, and operation of the Dean ' s Council. associated engineering students 417 Lt t lo Right; Afiene Armour, ierr.n irucjgin, Larry ueppxu, Edwin Borella, Nancy Hall, Jane! Morgan, Sue Ann Barn. Karen Smith, Frances Sperl, Nancy Gross, Caroline Pesce, Lorarne Foruiye, Gornetfe Walker. Joonne Gonongi, Chorlotfe Foehner, Eizabeih Ward, (hidden) Kathleen Healy, Donna Reuterman, Emilia Guodognoli, Molly Waddill. Potricia Voorhees. Patricio Fullerton, Billye Howard, Janet Hoakinson, Edna Jones. Robert Mock. Diane Oevereoux. The University ' s medical technology class focuses on the goal of assist- ing and aiding doctors. The primary responsibility of these medical technologists is to make accurate laboratory analyses of the patients for the doctor, enabling him to correctly diagnose each patient ' s illness. The class participated in a varied program of social events as well. medical technicians assist doctors upon completion of their last year of study at the University of Colorado Medical Center the physical therapy students were the first class to graduate from the new hospital. They received a B. S. degree and a Certificate in Physical Therapy following the study of subjects specifi- cally related to rehabilitation and treatment and the completion of summer affiliations. Along with the academic studies, the students also enjoyed a variety of non-academic activities. Front Row: Robert Bunten, Lovell Yeoger, Susan Kriz. Carolyn Kishiomo, Mary Ellen Walters, Joseph Cullen Socond Row: Terry Fellers, Mary Louise Fullop, Catherine Reed, Rebecca Clawson. Karen Steward. Third Row: Ann Guthne, Moxine Hall, Sue Shaefer, Linda Jordan, Pauline Heckel. Fourth Row: Jo High, Mary Jo Moys. Susan Thoman, Potricia Bradley, Susan Rhea, Miss Hoag, Mr. Clinkingbeord physical therapists study rehabilitation 418 The purpose of the Institute of Elec- tronics Engineers is to provide a liai- son between the Electricol Engineer- ing students and professional en- gineers. As a branch of the national Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the organization spon- sors talks by professional engineers, and panel discussions. IEEE participated in activities such as Engineers Days and the Slide Rule Follies. I broadens activities Front Row: Harold Eason, Jim RemedJ, Jack Krutsmger, Richard Lubinski. Second Row: J. Patrick Martin, James Laundson, Robert Augenstein, Dole Harel, Charles Reddien. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers attempts to provide students in this field with a better understanding of their prospective profession. To accomplish this, it acts as a sounding board where students can discuss their common problems and listen to outstanding speakers cover the various aspects of mechanical engineering. This adds valuable practical information to the educational background of the student members. Front Row: Bruce Dunn, Jerry Honsen. Herbert Johnson, Dan Olson, Michael Leeds, F. Beebe, Craig fjir.ii-,oi-h. Second Row: Ronald Compbell. John Faulkner, Gerald Jones, John Esponder, Alfred Sanders, Thomas Payne, Robert Rello Third Row: Ralph Hamilton, John Stahl, Charles Wogner, John Holvoet, Roger Repp, Robert Krebs. american society of mechanical engineers 419 Left to Right: j :. ::- ' :■• t:t_n r c . ' J Jock Stopkone, Mr. Lymberopoulos. borensen, Paul Eaktns, Ann Eubrow, Dan CompTon. business school board links students, faculty The Business School Student Board acts as a liason between the student body and faculty of the business school. Its mem- bers are representatives of each of the organizations within the school. The board performs such services as assisting the faculty at registration and initiating the use of student evaluation forms for graduating seniors. The Arnold Air Society, a profes- sional honorary service organization advocating the support of air power, is associated with the Uni- versity AFROTC. Among its more noteworthy activities were the Christmas party for needy children, a blood drive, and the sponsorship of Angels Flight. air society advocates air power Fiont low: Timothy Hiroboyoihi, Charles Cobrah, Ihomoi Keefc. Jomei Hctchcox. Howard Smith, J. DavitJ Murley, John T. Corr, Wesley Tonoko. Second «ov»: Robert WcCofferly, Ronald lomox, Robert Hein. Jomot Lawrence, William Moithewj. Stephen Tool, Guy I Scarborough, Jay D. Hutienhow, Richard A. Wise. John J. Stuart, Jomes P. Curtin, Poul G. Nidey, ' " ' arles E. Hansen J 420 Front Row: Suzanne A _:n, Suzie Barr, Linda Schmidt, John Weed, . " ■-,.., H Bggadlke, Co ' Ol Ho " ' erson. Kent Smith, Ronald Inouye, Bob Dendinger. Second Row: Sue Shirreff, Bill Wells, Charlie Webb, Bill Babcock. Todd Petersen, Bill Harmon, Jerry Dilsaver, Sharon MacRae, Ellen Pfeifer, Scott Fronson Third Row: Roger Williams, David Orr, John Halfen, James Knapp, John Faulkner, Stanley Cozier, Burneli West, Mike South, Robei West, Dave Curb. AuH.O Buttons pinned to coat lapels, Conscience of a Conserva- tive stuffed into a convenient pocket for quick reference, and an exuberant enthusiasm for political argument was the image presented by CD Young Republications before the 1964 Presi- dential election. After the election, this image was less conspicuous, but the club was still determined to achieve its goal of a more politically minded student body. With this aim in mind, the YR Executive Board made plans to expand the bulletin. Elephant Tracks, to present lectures and movies, and to continue debates with op- position parties. Finally, a convention of collegiate YR ' s was held in the spring. YRs watch election returns on " Black Tuesday. " yrs aim to make campus politically aware 421 A time of thinking. Voices for the young. 422 u Freshman Camp, International Fair, and the Southern Study Tour were only three of the many projects of the YWCA during the year. Only the girls of this organization could have completed such a variety of projects. While some of the girls were at Mesa Vista Nursing Home conversing and playing games with the patients, others were busy caring for the small children at Boulder Day Nursery, or sponsoring student leaders for various Girl Scout and Camp- fire groups throughout the Boulder area. The " Y " also sponsored a Southern Study Tour, involving a coed group of twelve students. The trip included lectures on the topic of i ntegration from various civic lead- ers as well as visits to various Negro col- leges and communities. International Fair was a great success and the only money making project of the year. Activity and inspiration for the elderly. y A ca works to give help and encouragement 423 Two years ago, Winter Carnival was just an idea in the minds of a few determined students in Alpha Phi Omega. True, there had been Winter Carnivals in the nineteen-forties, but some fourteen years had elapsed since the last one, and only a few of the oldtimers could remember that far back. So, except for a few pictures in old yearbooks and the faded memories of yesteryear. Winter Carnival was built from scratch. Last year saw the truly phenomenal growth of Winter Carnival into a campus- wide event rivaling Homecom- ing and CU days. Skiing events and a hockey game were added to the Carnival dance, a semiformal af- fair which featured the Billy May Band. Winter Carnival 1965 represented a third great leap forward. Held from February 19th to 27th, Carnival week opened with CU hosting its first Winter Carni- val Invitational, in which teams from various colleges in the Rocky Mountain area competed in ski jumping at Winter Park, and in slalom, giant slalom, and cross country races at Lake Eldora. The CU Hockey Team played the Colorado College All-Star Team, and " Frosted Fantasia, ' the Winter Carnival dance, featured the John Roberts Orchestra. Winter Carr ival General Committee. Left to Right; Sam Ruben, public rela- tions; Ken Hawkins, skiing events; Fred Lamuft, advisor; Ron Blev itt, gen- eral chairman; Bob Barry, compus events; Harold Easton, treosurer; Tim Lane, hockey gome; Ed Hirst, dance chairman. il ice clock race. winter carnival represents great leap forward The Steering CommirTee Left to Right: Sherry Gmn, Pete Lrnd- quisf, Phyllis Klein. Steve Moise, Jo Ann Cram, John Seeley. Now let s see, you 425 ir experimental cinema The experimental cinema, formed six years ago, tries to present the newest in movie technique and cre- ativity, as well as offering a chance to make movies for those in the club. At present, the major aim is to establish a department of cinema photography within the University. The club boasts several graduates who have gained reputations as leaders in this field of photography. Among them are Steve Lovi, Toni Siani, Abbott Meader, and Stan Brakhage. Such techniques as Siani ' s painting on film are explored and evaluated. It is a genre of how you feel, an exploration into the subject and objects of art. Chin up, a little left . . . Left to Right: Tom Kyle, KnsTine Cox, Darius Dorwm, QuenTin Marsh, Jeanne Favour. Dark work. The Darwinian species. departmental and service 427 .0. 8 n - -e i . Induction ceremonies Fronf Row: Morshall L. Silver, Richard L. Steiger, Robert W. Jo:elyn, Jo Ann Cram, Sharon Varion, Ellen Carr Hairis, Jerald L. Rounds, Sidney A. Koch, Jomes A. Hamillon, Wayne P. Engstrom. Second Row: Jim Strcsen Reuter, Harry Tong Jong, Jerry Marshall, R. C. Keiter, K. John Stahl, Thomas Roy Poyne, Richard Cys, Gary Mouth, Alfred Sanders, Joseph O. Spano. Third Row: Donald Eugene Hub- bell, Dovid Eugene Peercy, Chas. A. Wagner, Fred Everett Love, Les Besser, L. Warner Weiss, Charles Napier Johnson, Vincent Sadao Goshi, John Charles Wise Front Row: Lloyd L. Richard K. Soto, Bruce James A- Volent, Ben kinson. Second Row: Bergemon, Dennis A. R. Lauridson, Gary A singer, Terry G. Gadde Lyie W. Horn, Carl G, ren G. Wilson, John Robert F. Wilshusen. Roedel, James J. Gallowoy, C. Dunn, Kenneth K. Teroda, Harlan Boyd, Eldon J. Hoo- Hans O. Loberg, Gerold M. Moss, Vern Matzen, James Kochenberger, Jack K. Krut- ss. Third Row: David Peterson, Boily, Robert J. Thoren, Wor- L. Faulkner, Larry E. Green, Ifl Sigma tau honors outstanding scholarship in engineering Sigma Tau is a National Engineer- ing Honor Fraternity whose purpose is to recognize students who have shown themselves outstanding in the areas of practicality, sociability and scholarship and to encourage all students to actively strive for these qualities. CU ' s Iota chapter sponsors a ban- quet each semester to allow new actives to become acquainted so- cially with each other and with older members. Since its foundation in 1905, the CU chap- ter of Tau Beta Pi has honored outstanding engineering students. Qualifications in- clude a high scholastic standing and the projection of professional character. The new initiates are welcomed at a formal banquet each spring and fall. Also, an award is given to an outstanding fresh- man engineering student. tau beta pi engineering honorary Front Row: Jerald L. Rounds, Robert W. Joselyn, Morsholl L. Silver, John F. Donahue, Woyne P. Engstrom, Richord K, Soto, Richord I. Cys, Erich H. Ashburn, Sidney A. Koch, Terry G. Goddess, Robert E Jeremiosen, Jomes Volent, Gordon L. Wood, Jr. Second Row: Corl G. Boly, Tor Olov Backer, Jan M. Wenneslond, Warren Grant Wilson, Gerald M. Bergemon, Joseph O. Spono, Fred E. Love, James R. Lauridson, Fronk A. Bronot, Oyvind H. Iversen, Merl AA. Pinney, Micheol Fischer, Third Row: Jerry Marshall, Steve Foncher, John Binder, David L. Peterson, Alfred Sanders. Gary Mouth, Gory Kochenberger, Eldon John Hookinson, Jock K. Krutsinger, Robert J. Thoren, Vern Matzen, Ronald A. Hellbosch, Douglas A. Anderson. The Eia Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma was founded at the University in 1908. Mem- bership in this fraternity is confined to those who are interested in chemistry or some field of chemistry as a profession. The fraternity plans a varied program of activities for the social and professional benefit of its members. These activities in- clude speakers, service projects, the Fall Hayrack Ride, and an ice skating party. Front Row: Wallace W. McClure, Irwin Lee Levey, John S. Meek, Douglas Schmidt, James George, E. Calvin Scheider, John L. Randall, William J. Roberts. Second Row: Donald Shanfelt, Richord Gertsch, George Stanko, Fred Love, Mark Sheridan, Samuel Carlsson, David Peck, Ronald Aley. Third Row: Rich Lowrance. Dole Johnson, Mel Yorlott, Lorry Smith, Bob Franks, Greg Sosha, Kenneth Heck, Steve Johnson. alpha chi signna has varied program to fit the needs of its entire mennbership 429 Sigma pi Sigma supports physics honor students Front Row: Ben H. Boyd, Timothy E. Keliher, Ronald L. Blewitt, Roy F. Dent, Sidney A. Koch, Dovid L. Pelefion, Fred W. Epps. Second Row: James J. Galloway, Irving D. Overman, John C. Botke, Merl Pinney, Worren G. Wilson, Pete Urone, Don R, B«lther. Chi Epsilon, a national honorary fraternity for civil and architectural engineering students, selects its members on the basis of scholar- ship, character, practicality, and sociability: characteristics funda- mental to success in the engineer- ing profession. The organization offers its members an atmosphere designed to nurture creative devel- opment in their field of specialized work. chi epsilon lauds engineers Front Row: Peter Allen, Marshall Silver, Harry Jong, Ronold Shigefa, Bob Joselyn, Qureshi Siraj, Vern Motzen. Second Row: Steve Fancher, Tony Slocum, Tor Backer, Norm Pedersen, Barry Kellogg, Samuel J. Truox, Jon M. Wennesland, John Binder, Jerry Marshall. +Q kd DDC nil ° Kappa Nu, the national electri- ■ ' " col engineering scholastic honorary, recognizes and promotes scholar- ship and professionalism among students who have demonstrated marked ability in the science of electrical engineering. Members are chosen on the basis of academic standing, character and engineer- ing promise. Ffoni Row: James Volont, Ronald HeillouscH, Doug ' las Anderson. Russell Hayes. Eugene Turk. Jock Kfuisinger, Jomse lauridson, Oyxind Bjorkheim, .!oyd Roedel. Second Row: Woyne Engstrom. Richard ' filter, Gary Mouth. Oyvind Iversen, Ench Ashburn, jrry Green, Patirc Bonds, James Hamilton, Terry ■oddess, Gordon Wood, Neil Bonkert, Kenneth lerodo Third Row: Thomos Reilmon, Micheol Fischer. Gory Kochtfnbergerx. Gary Pace. Hans Loberg, Gory Eiber, Robert Wilshusen, Peter Massaro, Frank Brunot, D. Patrick Kerr. Eldon Haakinson, John Townsond. Sigma Pi Sigma is a physics honor- ary recognizing those who maintain high scholarship and promise in physics. The club ' s purpose is to sustain interest in future research and the study of advanced physics. Meetings of the club featured noted speakers and discussions which helped to broaden its members ' knowledge. Every spring the selection of the out- standing senior student is made and his name is engraved on the physics building honor plaque. Front Row: Prof. Herbert Johnson, Alfred Sanders, Louis Greenberg, Ellen Harris, Dan Olsen, Timothy Hirobayosh, Gerald Jones, Prof. Charles A. Wagner. Second Row; Prof. James Boyne, Arlon Simmons. John Faulkner, Richord Knutson. Robert Krebs. Thomas Payne, John Stohl, Roger Repp, Prof. Rolph Koeller. pi tau Sigma As a national mechanical engineer- ing honorary. Pi Tau Sigma ' s mem- bers are juniors or seniors. Promo- tion of engineering as a profession and the attainment of high scholar- ship are the purposes of the organ- ization. This year, the major project was the planning of a mechanical engineering lounge in the new En- gineering Sciences Center. 431 merchant relations commission Fronf Row: William Crampon, Peter Vellenga, Paula Jamison, Bob Taylor, Babs Lmn, Jeanne Bell, Leslie Kurtz. Second Row: James M. DeRose. Ronald G. Domont, Robert E. Clinard, Marty Grishom, Cheryl Von Hooso, Gail Glidden, Jan Wheeler, Dennis Evans, Thomas Pattison, Jack Beal, Pete Biogiotti, Sharon Sumner. Promoting a harmonious relationship between the merchants of Boulder and the students of the University of Colorado is the purpose of the Merchant Relations Commission. One of the most important activities of the commission this year was the presentation of the Merchant Relations Program to the merchants in a store-to-store campaign. 432 Since its founding in 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi, a profes- sional business fraternity, has served to organize those men with similar interests in the business field. These interests include research done in the areas of commerce, finance, and accounting. The highlights of the year included a tour to the Bureau of Standards and meetings with top business executives in the Boulder-Denver area. alpha kappa psi is business fraternity From Row: Roberf Butler, Connie Mejer, Sam L. Ruben, Dusty McEvoy, Jack Towne, Connie Crobb. Lois Edson. Sacond Row: John Lovett, Jr. Neil J. Scarlett, Orville W. Sherrod, Judy Brett, Bill Clark, Rodney L. Corlson, Philip R. Cateora. Third Row: Vomes Frokes, Thomas lockwood, Dan Compton, William Dotsot , John Gilcrest, Dodds Buchanan Front Row: Pete Ferry, Dale ShoHer, Peter Coram, Harold Eyer, Mel Sorensen, Byron Groves, Cloy Timon, Dodds Buchanan, Dick Hetn. Second Row: Honk Fry, Dan Comp- ton, Allie Plomonn, Scott Hroza, Eduard R. Koehler, Duone W. Isakson, Barry Kellogg, Tom Woodrum. Third Row: Richard Breit, Steve Von Dyke, Craig Thomas, Randy Davis, Gilbert Whitmer, Chorles Misura, William Dotson, Hugh Rodke. CUAMA is the Colorado University chapter of the Ameri- can Marketing Association. The group consists of market- ing oriented men and women who meet bi-monthly to effect an awareness of what business and industry will expect from the college graduate. To learn more of what marketing entails, CUAMA spon- sors speakers from various business and industrial con- cerns and various marketing research projects. cuama prom marketing association 433 front Row: Alan Smith, H. Richard Fiedelman, William C. Scott, John Wolley, Michael Wiiburn, Paul R. Eakins, Joseph W. Bachman, Robert S. Wesley, Howard G. Jensen. Second Row: Michael Barrett, Peter Gorom, Douglos Weaver, Edward Mines, Dovid Tiffany, William Dickerson, James E. Brown. Third Row: Rudolph Schaftke, Chouncey Beagle, Ronald Patten, Harlan Schwake, James Barneft, David Fried- man. beta alpha psi alpha delta sigma gamma alpha chi From Row: Gory Rape ' , Karen Kroner, Moyo Borker, Connie Crabb, Koryn Poulson, Betsy Holadoy, Ron Elbon, Second Row: Cherie Tippett, ' -re Williamson. Ron " Osborn, John Friedlund, Patricio Mosson, Bob ' czyco, lindo Joyner, Chris J. Burns, sponsor. Members belonging to the Nu Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, a pro- fessional accounting fraternity, must have a 3.0 average in ac- counting. The CU chapter competes with other chapters for cash awards based on a point system. The points are earned by at- tending meetings with speakers, field trips to various firms, and social activities with the faculty. An outstanding event was a sponsored panel with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Three from AICPA discussed various phases of careers in accounting. Since 1949, the Lowell Thomas Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, an honorary advertising fraternity, has existed to familiarize its members with the professional world of advertising. Throughout the year they participated in marketing research as- sistance for major advertizing firms. Phi Chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi is the only national profes- sional advertising fraternity for women. The year ' s activities included participation in the national convention at Madison, Wisconsin, and cosmetic sampling research. Delta Brett, Sharen Wares. Left lo Right: Suzie Borr, Deanno King, Judy " rose of delta sig " boll highlights year Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity organized to promofe the study of business in universities. The alumni clubs of Delta Sig include such notables as Milton S. Eisenhower, president of Johns Hopkins University; Christer I. Barnard, president of the Rockefeller Foundation; and Sen- ator Gordon Allot of Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi sponsors speakers from different business fields and is responsible for several social functions during the year. The annual " Rose of Delta Sig " ball highlights the social program. Front Row: Dovid W Mclaughlin, Charles Frederick, Glen A. Kendrick, James R. Lowson, Gary L. Jockson, Gary John Emblem, Iroj Iranpour, John D Towne, Marvin R. Becker. Marty Stites. Socond Row: Ronald Patten, Jr., John E. Siinton, Poirick J. Dougherty. Les Besser, Douglas Allan Weover. Donald R. Forester, Roger Repp, Jock L. Stopkotte, Ben H. Boyd, Willicm W. Brodish. Members of Kappa Delta Pi represent a modern trend in the educational field of today rather than modeling themselves after the old style. Selected especially for their interest in education and schol- astic abilities, members met frequently throughout the year to hear guest speakers. Two initiation banquets and the awarding of the Harry Barrett me- morial scholarship brightened the years activities. Tau Beta Sigma, honorary fraternity of band women, serves the band and helps to strengthen respect for its achieve- ments by promoting musicianship and band spirit. The organization ' s largest annual project is the co-sponsoring of Band Day, at which over one hundred high school bands perform. Members help finance equipment for the band and award scholarships to two upper- class women and one incoming fresh- man each year. Other activities include a " get -acquainted " party for band members, an annual band formal in ad- dition to decorating for the band ban- quet, and packing lunches for band trips. Front Row: Virginia Ellis, Sondra M, Keller, Sonia Ervo, Carol J. Randall, Lucianne Holt. Second Row: Chelle Brunk, Carol Crowford, Nancy Goff, Donna Arndf, Sharon Gate- wood. tau beta Sigma honors band women Front Row: Thomas Storr, Sam Abernothy, Gene Spring- steel. Dennis Burger, Paul A. Alfonso, Cor! H. Aronson, Kent Schafer, Lorry Woll. Second Row: Boris Tobokoff, Pot Enright, Ronald E. Ransdell. Neal. E Hribor, Donald P. Alix, Budd Pippin, Dick Wilson. Third Row: William Thomas Lictenwalter, Williom Horvey Pipkin. Ted D. Vermillion. Dennis E Novak. John A. Ponepmto, Gerald Berlage, Mel- vin Kellogg, Fred Drommond- phi delta chi promotes pharmacy Phi Delta Chi is the national profes- sional pharmacy fraternity. Activi- ties furthering this year ' s goals in- cluded sponsoring a breakfast at the Colorado Pharmaceutical As- sociation Convention, hosting dif- ferent pharmacy meetings in the area, building displays to promote National Pharmacy Week and Na- tional Poison Prevention Week, and sponsoring an annual mixer dance for the School of Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi also awards two scholar- ships to outstanding pharmaceuti- cal students. Front Row: Robert W. Clegern, Ann Kochenberger, Janet Fuxo, Meta Goodin. Virginia Westerberg, Noncy N. Bourn, JoAnn Mozzen, lono Taylor, Diedra Hake, Warren A. Wolfe. Socond Row: Harold S. Madsen, Sponsor William A. Seose, Barbara Lee Adair, Connie Meier, Gail Thurman, Sponsor Ken- neth L. Husbonds, Victor Mayer, Tom Knauer. kappa delta pi investigates education Front Row: Thomas W. Keefe. Carol Anne Leiser. Sponsor L- ' ;jtd Weatherley. Sharon Tokewell, Shoron Gatewood. Diane Tokewell, Noncy Salomon, Teresa Pressman, Diedra Hake. Second Row: Robert J. McCafferty, Joy Beo Keefe, Jon Cody. Robert Rondolph, Deonno K. Weigand, Gre ' chen Williams, Anne Monnette, Carolyn Allen. Third Row: Yvonne Green. Robert W. Finney, Jane C. McCotter, Hugh Mowery, Joan Buchanan, Arnold Klossen, Lenore E. Arkln. Terry A. Miller, Beverly J. Smith. psi chi fosters research Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, is affiliated with the American Psychological Association. Its contribution to the field of psy- chology was recognized this year when Psi Chi received the Rocky Mountain Region Chapter Award. This year Psi Chi completed a group sponsored research project. 437 L mm? I SBB wmiM t. v i Ai ' I -i!«y ' :r: S::=-, • standing: Susan M Carlson, Corel L. Robinson, Susan Ann Clyde, Kathleen Tiemann. Sitting: Susan Nilson, Jonet Nelson. Missing: Annene Vorra, Julie Sullivon. The Alpha Lambda chapter of Theta Sigma Phi is CU ' s branch of a woman ' s professional organization in journalism and communication. The froternity claims many distinguished members, past and present, including the wives of two presidents: CUs Mrs. Joseph Smiley and America ' s Mrs. Lyndon Johnson. As their main project, CU Theta Sigs, in conjunction with the Denver chapter, sponsored a panel on opportunities for women in journalism. J 5 U mO I ISm theta Sigma phi promotes better kappa phi women learn to be of service to others Front Row: Marie T. Albrecht, Virginia I. Allison, Betty I. Hazard, Shoron Vorian, Judy Stwalley, Joan Smith, Barbara Stolzle. Second Row: Mrs. Walloce Finley, Vicki Thompson, Roberta Calfee, Carolyn Shearer, Inez Schmidt, Judith Emerson. Mary Ann Monson, Donna Kralz, Mory Lou Bonwell. Third Row: Kathleen Goil Weidum, Barbara Sue Bailey, Cothy Brady, Mary Dodd, Pom Thompson, Linda Graves, Judy OeMara, Louise Ann Treff. With the aim, " Every Methodist woman in the university world today is a leader in the Church of tomorrow, " Kappcf Phi women learn to be of service to their own organization, their church, other organizations, and the community. Dur- ing the year. Kappa Phis made and re- paired toys for Christmas, aided the Wesley Foundation and the Boulder Methodist Churches with their various projects, and aided the Boulder com- munity organizations. Plans were made to attend the national Kappa Phi con- vention at Lawrence, Kansas, in June. 438 , o r f» r If «i», A time when books supplement pills. JUNIOR CLASS — Fronr Row: Pomelo Oviolt, Nancy Catiion. Ellen Neill, Wilmo Ancell, Noncie Wom- baugh. S cond Row; Lucille Damme, Anne Karr, Barbara Wakefield, Potricio Jordan, Lindo Harris, Maureen McNeil. Third Row: Mary McAninch, Mere- dith Perry, Carol McGlofhIen, Shoron Brosius, Patricio Wilcox, Sondro Quine, Mary Peacock. Fourth Row: Carolyn Demon, Mary Zimbeck, Jenipher Blee, Mary Teel, Morilyn VonderWol, Miro Van Camp. Fron Row: Elizabeth Weaver, Hornet Snook, Avenl Morns, Jean Swonson, Jill Butlin, Bonnie Bloom, Leioy Ashenfelter, Geraldine Orange, Blanche Guen- ther, Jean Lipscomb, Cheryl Novak, Carol Weil. Second Row: Judy Florquist, Madelyn Wagner, Anita Wolff, Marto Jorgensen, Marilyn Shaklee, Linda Killgore, Carolyn Lefkowitz, Morcio Stjernholm, Leslyn Petersen. Jane Elmblade, Mary Gorver, Louro Douglas. Third Row: Suzanne Rechnilz, Kotherine Temple. Barbara Annella Downey, Shirley Lonkion. Doris Koontz, Annette Durkin, Jeonine Foster, Barbara Haor, Susan Shire, Carol Willis, Betty Clif- ford. Fourth Row: Linda Nelson, Morion Peterson, Connie Ferguson, Marionn Nigro, Betty Edium, Marilyn Bobb, Morilyn Koeppen, Judith Wolker, Gwendolen Anderson, Ann Sears, Judith Wood, Judith Livingston. Fifth Row: Kathleen Sindt, Carol Arnot, Carlo Nelson, Potricio Hood, Marilyn Wilette, Dorothy dork, Mary Davis, Linda Killoch, Lynn Stephens, Corinne Archer, Johnene Donforth, Bonnie Bean, Nancy Donsdill. Sixth Row: Linda Gray, Morye Bryant, Carol Paris, Marilyn Monsell, Julionne Sobeski, Dorothy Simson, Billie Bleitz, Janet Sol- lenberger, Bonnie Hagon, Constance Anderson, Dian- ne Swonson, Myrno Ogden, Marilyn Miller, Noncy DeBclla. Seventh Row: Sondro Korlen, Lydia Lodbell, Wendy Newbold, Carol Maxwell, Linda Altmon, Sheryl Clark, Sandra Bigelow, Joyce Potter, Sondro Broyles. Fall semester started out with the Annual Chat and Chew conference and outing at Estes Park, YMCA Camp, for all nursing students on the Boulder and Denver Campuses. Other fall events included pol itical debates, Big-Little Sister Breakfast, functions with the Air Force Acad- emy, ski fashion show, talent show at Asbury Senior Citizens Home, the student-faculty Thanksgiving tea, and the student caroling and Christ- mas party. During the spring semester several interesting nights were planned: Swing Show at Mt. View School for Girls, bridge classes, and the C.U. Winter Carnival at Boulder. nurses sponsor variety of events 439 Seared: Diana Deere, Jerri Voss, Ginger Larson, Phyllis Klein, Susonne Alexander, Sally Reed, Shot Richmond. Standing: Judy Schmidt, Roberta Rubenstein, Karen Hamil, Nila Grosvenor, Nancy Wilson, Jeonne Cowles. Froni Row. : .r. Miles Horner, Linda Bolt. Carol llford. Ginger Lar- son. Second Row; Mcrie McCreery, Becky Thimmig, Susie Pardee, Kay Sullivan, Oione Richards, Joyce Lowler, Susie Schenk, Sharon Yoelin, Diane Fisher, Dianna Morrison, Loxie Ann Richardson Third Rev bell, Franci Lennartz, Janet Norman, Terr son, Theodora Hart, Penny Buiionek. :utch, Kay Price, Suzie Camp- Patricia Thornburg, Paula Nel- The year 1964-65 involved the Associated Women Students in both heated contro- versy and change. An attempt was made in both the AWS Senate and House of Representatives to meet recent campus de- mands for a full re-evaluation of its gov- erning philosophy. The total body of re- gulations were measured against the yard- stick of this philosophy — that every pro- cedure must contribute constructively to the individual growth of each woman attend- ing the University. Changes were made toward the liberalization of rules in order that a woman might more effectively as- sume her own responsibility. Concomitant with this process was the attempt to re- structure the whole organization of AWS. The disciplinary procedure was scrutinized, as was the character of both legislative bodies. 440 The AWS Senate. Master of Ceremonies. AWS Revue. a A s underg change and controversy 441 Carlos Montoya. The Serendipity Singers. The purpose of the Program Commission is to provide entertain- ment, education and escape. Forum movies, College Bowl, read- ing programs and art displays were part of the regular activities of the group. Throughout the year, special programs were ar- ranged, including the Fine Arts Week and Jazz Concert and Competition. Among the artists presented in concert were Marian Anderson, Harry Belafonte, and the Serendipity Singers; and speakers brought to the campus were Sir Bernard Lovell and Stephen Spender. the asuc program commission Left to Right: Ben ' ' n-iin, Sally Searcy, Larry Ambrose, Dona Bennett, Susan Lewis, Marty Grishom, Anne Ahlvers, George Sape. Oscar Peterson, Harry Belafonte. 443 Front Row: Don Alvorodo. Bob Amick, Sam Ruben, Jjm Simpson, Robert Mellbye. Ron Rose, John Bauer. Cecil Fasick, Sieve McDonal. Second Row: John Wagner, Ronald Blewitt, Harold Eoson, John R. Oliver, Douglas M. Hojhii, James T. Coile, Hank Turner, Russell E. Hohman, Michael R. Lingle. Third Row: Robert Borry, Ron Meek, Duane Nelson, Tunney Price, Roy Knight, Robert Burr, Lorry L. Petersen, Jack B. Waddick, Ronald K. Hess, Edward Burns, Edwin B. Hirst. Front Row: Ron Lamutt, Alan Brautigom, John Bar- ber, Don Alvarado, Tressler Forsmon, Dennis Hayz- lett, Don Stroud. Second Row: Alan McGibbon, Bob Shideler, Barry Halcomb, Jim W. Hill, Phillip G. Voldz, Robert DeAndrea, Keith Show. alpha phi omega passes responsibility Passing the fruit. 444 1 Alpha Phi Omega is the national service fraternity for the University. Dedicated to leadership, friendship, and service, the membership pro- vided several thousand hours of service on campus and in the com- munity. This year the chapter co-sponsored Club First Nighter, donated $360 to the Wallace Village for Children, hosted the 1964 National Conven- tion of Alpha Phi Omega, promoted the Peace Corps, gave a Christmas Party for children at the state men- tal hospital, led countless tours of the campus for visitors, co-main- tained the campus lost-and-found service, decorated the goal posts for football games, and sponsored Winter Carnival 1965. To implement the correct procedure. through elections Wielding the big stick. Checking the candidates Front Row: Poul Horron, Julie Sullivan, Merry Fishburn, Linda Friedman. Second Row: Howard Jensen, Sue Lewis, Judy Bround, Rich Dudley. New dining room. umc board directs expansion and 446 The UMC Board is a joint student- faculty body, which is responsible for the services, functions and fa- cilities of the University Memorial Center. The main activity this year was helping to plan the 1 V2 million dol- lar UMC expansion program. Con- struction began in March, and the Board hopes to have the project completed by 1965. In the basement of the new addition will be an en- larged University Bookstore. Plans include the expansion of the Indian Grill and conversion of the present bookstore into several meeting rooms. UMC Board hopes to convert the area between the UMC and the Chemistry Building into a veritable garden of Eden, complete with trees, plants and a fountain. Entrance to newly constructed east wing Future courtyard and fountain. improvement of memorial center 447 Front Ro : Carolyn Sampson, joner rorsberg, Penny Pilliard, Kathy 0 " Donoghue, Pot Thronburg, Linda Kimsey, Emily Hee, Kathy Cur- ran, Linda Friedman, Jon Cummings, Suzanne Shontz. Second Row: Jean Specketer, Kay Sullivan, Noncy Corroll, Sandy Dorrow, Trudy Best, Lynda Quan, Mary Zinn, Gail Holliday, Margy Walker, Lorroine Sando, Barbara Grieve, Jacqueline Hansen. Third Row: Ann Barrett, Betty Keller, Carolee Field, Margaret Pocer, Ginette Teter, Linda Page, Carol Burdick, Karen Kruer, Sheryl Wilson, Judy Deutsch, Joan Darby, Kathlyn Hall. Seated: Carolyn Sampson, Suzonne Shontz, Linda Friedman, Jan Cummings. Standing: Lynda Quon, Kathy Curron, Jacqueline Hansen, Mary Zinn. Sigma lambda phi is ne A est organization Sigma Lambda Phi, women ' s service soror- ity, is one of CU ' s newest organizations. Begun the fall semester of 1963, Sigma Lambda Phi has already given over four thousand hours of service to the university, community, and nation. Activities have included selling tickets for university activities, hostessing at various events, timing for speech meets, conducting tours, co-sponsoring Club First Nighter with Alpha Phi Omega, working on Winter Car- nival, and working with crippled children and blind students. Mf! . j»gl military 449 FIRST CLASS — Fronf Row: Anthony Webb, Pete Lafferty, Peter Von Loben Sels, John Kresse, Robert Clifford, Mike Fehtenbacher, Jerry MocLeor, Kenneth Miller. Second Row: Michoel Hertel, Steve Smith, Von Aeschlemon, W. D. Leoward, Dick York, Bill Turner, Art McAllister, D. R. Herman. Third Row: David Sheats, Richard Sossi, Scott Milner, James Bruckner, Kirk Sparks. SECOND CLASS — Front Row; David Nekomoto, Tom Clotheir, John Townsend, Darold Johnson, James Puffer, Stanley Anderson, K. Shedd Webster, Jim Gardner, David Cummings. Second Row: Craig Weber, E. J. Gibson, K. E. Klostermann, J. Kramer, G. Ogden, Jim Hendrix, J. Hoberzette, D. Hayzlett, K. Aone- rud, C. Clabough. Third Row: Peter Puff, Cameron, Peorce, D. Thompson, E Wheory, Bernard, Gory, Currentt, Everitt. ■ t t : T-t ? ¥ f ft rf J f f ? f f ' f ;?;,1 . • ■ • . • • . . • • • . . • ' MARINE OPTIONS — Front Row: James Stoy, William Bradish, Donald Forester, Peter Haines, James Wright, Allen Lindermon, David Knop, Richard Horshman. Second Row: Roger Bernard, Roymond Fernan- des, Christopher Finnoff, Carl Kepford, Bradford Meyers, Roger Berger, R. A. Creedon ' ' im - . f ! fm- f . T : ■ f w f f 450 ! _ ' • • .S " 4 41, ' %• 1 1 iL» 1 9 f B5k -i - -ar 49 1© » w » t I.. : • %r ; . THIRD CLASS — Front Row: Allan Lhout, Reginald Rogers, Karl Kail, Oren Taft, Roderick Beidler, John Parlo, A. Inghs, J. Leal. Socond Row: Thomas Christian, William Kiddoo, Corranzo Mothershed, David Cunningham. Daniel Graham, Norman Price, James German, Roland McLeor, Richard Gerfsch, Thomas Holford. Third Row: G Kortkamp, A Bliss, F. Walker, T. Rutledge, N. Hermsmeyer, L. Schaefer, R. Baker, L. Sfanron, Rick Corfer Fourth Row: M. Bacco, W. Broome, S. Sowin, R. Kurfh, D Harder, R. Stephan, ) Forbes, F. Gluck. FOURTH CLASS — FronI Row: C Johnson, E. Worley, R. Myers, D. Floyd, R. Note, D. Conrad, D Barney. S cond Row: Steve Kobely, William Long, Donald Weir, Mark Lombard, Dirk Smith, Jerry Kelley, Borton Lewis, Gary Klaff, Dove Fischer. Third Row: David Spoghf, Gregory Smith, Bill Roberts, Rich Coddell, Bill Kummert, Scott Riewer, Michael Vondomm, Lawrence Wilcox, Dennis Crowe, Douglas Cockrum. Fourth Row: William O Connor. James Koleski. Donald Schollock, William Bremer, John Pool, Bill Wordwell, Ned Simon, Richard Romer The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, in accomplishing its mission of producing well trained and edu- cated junior officers for careers in the Naval service, offers a blend of naval training and university aca- demic life. The Midshipmen are taught the rigors of self-discipline demanded by the university and the Navy, so that by the time of gradua- tion, the newly commissioned of- ficer can look with pride at his academic achievement. As a result of his training, the Midshipman can view the future with the assurance that he will be able to take his place in the fleet as an efficient addition to the long established traditions and demands of the Navy. The NROTC Unit is commanded by Captain Frank M. Hertel, U.S. Navy, who is assisted by six other officers. FOURTH CLASS — Front Row: Herbert Hyde, Robert McCoy, Ernest Henninger, Calvin Oram, Michael Ek- man, Barry Hudson, Richard Townsend, Chadwich Creamer, Bob Stevens. Second Row: Joseph Kennedy, Robert Bicksler, Thomos Leocher, David Zeller, Louis Marucheau, John Kroobel, Chorles Homm, Kenneth Middleton, Eric Hodson. Third Row: Bill Purcell, Howord Herbst, Edgar Frye, Bob Poage, Mark Damsgaard, Marc Anderson, Dave Hughes, John McGlinn. naval reserve f f f t t t K ▼ f • ' • ?•■•»- ; . IK K -rff 1riMLil " i offi training corps 451 Front Row: E. Sulborski, G. Wolverton, L. Custer, P. Wil- liams, A. Howard, D. Cowon, M. Walsh. Second Row: Virgil Siler, R. Morey, C. Van Vlack, B. Eckhardt, A. Monreville. R. Isaacs, P. Godwin. Third Row: Cam Garrett, Kenneth Butcher, Herbert Frederick, Edword Owens, Donald Porter, Alan Armstrong, David Siahl. Front Row: McCann, Martin, Mobare, N. Kick, Krouse. Second Row: Llewellyn Drake, Mox Lambert, Donold Olins, Stonley Howord, Durward Clingenpeel. Edward Ramsey. Third Row: Douglas Larson, Vernon Johns, Lorry Jordon, Lloyd Phelps, Jomes Craig, Robert Fnglhiem. naval n. e. s. e. p. The Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program student, an Electrical Engineer- ing nnajor, is truly a full time student. Attending school for twelve months each year for four years, the participant comes closer to his goal: the achieve- ment of a solid foundation in engineer- ing principles and a commission in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps. Front Row: J. Kincoid, R. Aldrich, David Ferreira, D. Hag- gerty, R. Gonding, D. Schultz. Second Row: N. Meek. Alan Fisk, George Ankrum, Mark Zrodicka, R. Hellbusch, C. Tweddell, W. Morsh. Front Row: Robert Cherry, William Mitchell, Gary Pace, Dennis Oldson, Donovon Current, Randall Offutt. Second Row: Harold Schleicher. Patrick Bonds, Randoll Moore, Spencer Bihler, Erich Ashburn, Dorrell Hodley. Front Row: Phyllis Elsass, Nancy Jacques. Kotherine Wilson, Charlotte Clark, Mary Gampper. Second Row: Donold Sheoffer, Bennie Williams, Janice Emol, Naucy Potmore, Phyllis Butler, Lc Von Lockwood, Emily Calloway, Henry Rinnnert, officer students study nursing 452 angels flight helps to boost morale of the air force rote spirit and enthusiasm soared this year among the twenty-three junior and senior women in Angels Flight. They are selected by the Air Force ROTC on the basis of scholarship, personality, and appearance. The year began with the applica- tion procedure necessary for Na- tional Angel Flight affiliation, host- essing for the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, and sponsoring many money raising projects to enable the Angels to attend a future drill meet in Tucson. From Row: Claire Abbott, Elizobeth Pone, Tommy Nof ' on, Shari Richmond, Jeonne Cowles, Heather MacGregor, Ann Thurman, Dionne A. MocCormack, Goil Golvani. Second Row: Judy Kulp, Froncie Field, Terri Tobor, Sharon Takewell, Ann Miller, Koy Al- lera, Cheryl Sleburg, Barb Herzberger, Deonna Jo King. Normo R. Actermar, " Shirley Jones. Saturday s formation. jif ( - I 453 The Air Force ROTC program is de- signed to prepare men as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force. Academic and extracurricu- lar activities are stressed so that cadets may achieve the blended background desired in future Air Force officers. To fulfill its academic objectives, the ROTC program is broken down into two major areas. Each year thirty, two-hour drill lab periods are held, which are designed to teach mili- tary drill and give experience in command positions. In the class- room, freshman and sophomore cadets learn aerospace power con- cepts and the role of the Air Force in defense. Junior and senior cadets are taught the techniques of leader- ship and management which they will need to fulfill their future posi- tions OS officers in the Air Force. L«fl »o Right: Captain Richard Bofenramp, Major Curiis Moore, Major Kevin Mulloney, Major Williom lewis 454 ' m Cadet headquarters. Group staff. Squadron Thirteen, f Drill team and Drum and Bugle Corps. air force rote trains future officers 455 army rote prepares for leadership and military maneuvers Front Row: James Frakes, Mitchel Gold- berg, Wilfred Williams, Barry Baer, Peter Varney, Frederick Lamutf. Second Row: Woyne Asam, Sam McAfee, David Sara- geuu, Gary Edmonds, Michael Henderson, Jeff Maxwell, David Carlson, Phillip Craig, Raool Yriberri, John Dobel. Third Row: John Wolfe, Ronald Simcoe, James Anderson, Scott Diez, Bruce McCrea, Chester Eschen, Richard Myers, Thomas Triplett, Richard Hughes, William Mandry. Fourth Row: Matt Buan, Richard Reaci, Richard Seymour, Alon Fleishman, Keith Nichols. James Bench, Arnold Proctor. Fifth Row: Richard Failing, Randall Jack- son. Todd Petersen, Jon Barlow, Joseph Gregg, Ralph Holmes, Gene Fahrenkrog, George Hommond, Horlan Dovis, Mike Ryan. Sixth Row: Robert Wolz, Tom Har- ris, Tom McFariond, Rolsert Shearer, Edward Hysyk, Edwin Conotser, Richard Francisco, John Bradford, Gregory Woj- tanowicz Seventh Row: Hepburn Wilkins, John Holveet, Dean Reynolds, Frank Wilds, James Peterson, Roger Kapla, Alan Weber. The army ROTC detachment under the leadership of Col. Milberg, Pro- fessor of Military Science, has the task of preparing its Cadets to become future officers in the Army, and leaders in the community. This year ' s cadet Battalion consisted of a battalion staff, two companies, and an advanced training platoon, for a total strength of 1 50 students. These cadets are put through training programs stressing development of leadership potential, and instruction in all phases of Army life and responsibility. On the drill field, the cadets learn precision movements, military dis- cipline, and common techniques. Front Row: Tim McNomara, Willis Wright, Douglas Hashii. Robert Rowland, Raymond Taibbi, Thomas Safford. Second Row; Layne LaBaume, E. M. Alexander, R. S. Sonford, Arthur Borr, R. F. Atler, J. R. Byfield, D E. Nixon, Nelson Fishmon, R. M Suyama. Third Row: Hay Lester, Wohl Michael, Stephen Stork, Michael Hogg, Douglos Doren, Richard Long, Gerald Granberg, Alfred Maynord, Paul Anderson, Fourth Row: John Lawrence, Howard Akers, Donald Sleppy, Thomas Proctor, Gerhord, Nelson Parrish, Chuck Crist. Phillip Cose. Fifth Row: Allen Mc- Donald, F. E. Smiley. Victor Willson, Charles McClellon. Paul Henningsen, Ro- bert Zadro. Joel Best. David Hickcox, Mike Romme Sixth Row: Bob Tratz, Dove Fowlkes, John Foulkner. Gerald Case, Roger Forbis, Willard Carlton, Robert Mur- ray. Robert E. Tornstrom, James Johnson. Seventh Row: Donald Stepanovich, Lorry Voir, T Murphy, Lloyd Rox, Marc Hasfjord, Edward J Novak, Stephen Bell, Lewis Kingdom. Roy Dent 456 Front Row; Richard Milbert, James Potter, Richard Howe, Lee Livingston, Wayne Engstrom. Second Row: Donald Seeley, Jeff Kingdon, Robert Rello, Kent Brown Third Row: James Higby, Raymond Orr, Foster Sullovan. a stiff set of requirements and well deserved recognition Front Row: James Frakes, Thomas Soffoid, Roberr Zadra, Tom C. Harris, Douglas Hashii, Arthur Borr. Second Row: S. I. Diez, Jorl Best, Sam McAfee, Kent Brown, David Hickcox, Tom McForland. Third Row: Larry Voir, James Anderson, Jim Johnson, Frank Wilde, Robert Torn- s rom Richard Read 457 The Army ROTC Rifle Team is com- posed of only those persons regu- larly enrolled in the Army ROTC program. In addition to many smaller postal matches the team participates in the XVI Corps Match, the Fifth Army Match, and the Southwest Invitational in El Paso. Being on the team not only teaches a person to handle a rifle with the skill of a master, but also to develop the patience and determination which are necessary to hit a target the size of a pin head, nine times out of ten. Front Row; Arthur Barr, Douglas Hashii, Robert Suyama. Second Row: Chorles Tucker, Sam McAfee, R. Lee Livingston, Tom McForlond. army rifle team Front Row: Carol Ritter, Stephanie Klimoski, Jon Blair. Second Row: Nancy Fletcher, Nancy Sniith, Chdrtan Lorned, Votery Barrows, Judy Damir. Third Row: Suzie Barr, Kibi Piel, Lynn Morrow, Hilary Hitch, Margie Butler, JoAnn Grohom, Judy Nassimbene. Fourth Row: Donna Lee, Ann Coleman, Molina Loomis, Barbara Pettif, Lindo Etter castle bell support army rote Castle Belles is the women ' s hon- orary corps of the University of Colorado Army ROTC. Their primary purpose is to represent and support the Army ROTC at the university through service to the corps, the uni- versity and the community, and to act as the official hostesses of the cadet corps. This year ' s spirited group of cadets sponsored high school drill meets, candy sales, and participated in other drill meets. 458 pershing rifles Pershing Rifles offers a professional fraternalism for all members of the officer candidate programs, Army, Navy, Air Force, or the Marines. The men of Pershing Rifles receive mili- tary training in the classroom and on field maneuvers conducted in the rugged Colorado mountains. The so- cial aspect of Pershing Rifles in- volves dances, dinners, conventions, and an annual high school drill meet held in Boulder. Fronf Row: John Dobel, S. . . Nelson Fishnnan Second Row Barney, Chad Creamery, Frank Wilde, Sam McAffee, Dove Battini. , ;tor. Dean scabbard and blade Scabbard and Blade is a tri-service, advanced corps, cadet honorary composed of junior and senior cadets only. Members are tapped twice a year by the active members on the basis of both academic and mili- tary performance. From Row: ■ --• E;wn, Wayne Engsirom, R. Lee Livingston. Richord Milbert, William Turner, Douglas Hashr. Second Row: Dan Kiely, Jim Higby, Ken Kresse, Som McAfee, Jim Anderson, Jim Frokes, W. Williams, B Boer. 459 seniors 461 I t A class upon the threshold of a new adventure, where the rushing of time seems too slow, to find a temporary resting place. And then to seek new faces, new surroundings, and perhaps, new ideas. ROW ONE — Aakkula, Kirslin: Frankfurt, Germany; Educa- tton; Chj Omega, secy, personnel chrmn; Cosmo Club; Campus Friends; UN Week. Aasness, Maxine Marie: Boulder, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Jr Am Society of Medical Technologists; Cosmo Club, see; Spanish Club. Abernolhy, Samuel Crittenden, Jr: Polo Pinto, Tex; Phormocy. Acheson, Barbara J.: Reading, Po; Arts ond Sciences. Acuff, Mary Alice: Wheatndge, Colo; Music; SAI; AGO: inter-varsity; Festival Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club; Campus Crusade; student council. Adams, Sally Barnes: Wood- bridge, Conn; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, vice-pres; Buff Ski Club: WRA ski team; YWCA; NSO leader; intromurols; Adorns, Shoron Kae: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Ad- honom, Algonesh; Asmara, Ethiopia; Nursing. ROW TWO — Agy, David L: Boulder, Colo; Engineering. Al- bright, John loren: LaVeto, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Alexander, Susonne: Wmfield, Ala; Arts and Sciences; AWS vice-pres; ASUC Pub Relotions comm; Delta Delta Delta. Alexander, Woody Clinton: Leowood, Konsos; Business; Sigma Chi; CUAMA Alfonso, Paul Anthony: Pueblo, Colo; Pharmacy; APhA; Phi Delto Chi; Ph Student Council Algyer, Marilyn Mc- Kay: Decorah, lowo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beio Phi; YWCA, Y council; Int. Fair; Alpho Kappa Delta, sec-tres; Colo. Engineer, Aisi bus mgr; Student Friends Service comm; ossf probation officer. Alix, Donald Paul: Denver, Colo; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Intra-mural bosketball; Am Pharmaceutical assn; sr class officer. Pharmacy. Allen, Carolyn: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Alpha Thelo; Conservative Club, vice-pres, ttes; New Conservative, mng ed; Coloradan, mng ed; Psi Chi; College Bowl; Summer Doily, copy ed. ROW THREE — Al Qotami, Mohammed Bader: Kuwait, Arabia, Engineering, Alvarei, Pete: Boulder. Colo; Arts and Sciences; var-..iv baseboll Andrews, John Joseph: Castle Rock, Colo; - ' ■■ ind Sciences; Chevaliers, Judo Club, Canterbury Club; : ■.■ probation officer; YD ' s Angerhofer, Gary Emesf: Aber- d-jcrT. S Dok; Engineering. Antilla, Rodney Thomas: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; frosh bosletball Armour, Arlene Di- ani : Chicago, 111: dorm v ing pres; Gamma Phi Beta, see; Spur; V A rommon. ' v services chrmn; Int. Fair, booth chrmn. A,-„i l Jnm s DanUI: Broomfield, Colo; Arts and Sciences; 15. exec council; ASUC, publicity comm; NSO group •1 j ' ls. FAC Arnold, Sherwood Peterson: Glen leering and Business; Pi Kappa Alpho, Delta arm pros; CUAMA, Rocing Club, Canterbury remember it well. bitter-sweet, the trumpet sitting on your shoulder, laughter ROW ONE — Arriza, John Gerald: Grond Junction, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; varsity football; Phi Sigma Alpha Ashbum, Erith Harry: North Platte, Nebr; Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi Aumiller, Robert Sponcer: Denver, Colo; Engineering. ROW TWO — Backer, Tor Olov: Oslo, Norway; Engineering; Tou Beta Pi; Chi Ep- siloo; ASCE; AES; Cosmo; ANSA Bockes, John Bricn: Sterling, Colo; Business Boer, Barry Steven: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Business; Phi Sigma Delto; Army ROTC drill team, Hammers; Scabbard and Blade; Homecoming 1963, bus. mgr. ROW THREE — Bointon, Marjory Elizabeth: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Val- kyrie; Speakers Congress Baird, William Douglas: St. Petersburg, Flo; Arts and Sciences; Phi Ep Phi; Sumolio; Sobres, tres; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; NSO comm; IPC rep; Freshman Camp counselor. Baker, Jack Dean: LaJunta, Calif; Arts and Sciences. ROW FOUR — Boker, Judith Lee: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Fresh Club. Baldridge, Korla Sue: Denver, CoIO; Arts and Sciences; dorm council, publicity comm; Club First Nighter; WRA Racing team; Buff Ski Club; Student CEA. Bellas, Karen Eliiabeth: Lakewood, Colo; Education; NSO; Buff Ski Club; Wesley Foundation; captain. Women ' s Rifle Team; CU Varsity Rifle Team; Cosmo; Speaker ' s Congress; Reader ' s Theatre. ROW FIVE — Barbee, Andrew R., Jr: Salt Lake City, Utah; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; CU Days comm; Phi Ep Phi; UN Week comm; Sumalio; Men ' s Hearing Board; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sabres-Blue Key, pres; senior class vice-pres Barker, Moya M.; Denver, Colo; Journalism; Resident Advisor. Bamett, Catharine Louise: Denver, Colo; Roger Williams Fellowship. ROW SIX — Barnett, Gary Lee: Sterling, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Anthropology Club. Bornett, Jomes Roger: Brighton, Colo; Business; Calico and Boots, exhibition team; Be:u Alpha Psi. Barnett, Ronald Edward: Pueblo, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Alpho Chi Sigmo; Heart and Dagger; Honors Union Council; Rogers Williams Fellowship 465 ROW ONE — Barr, Christopher P.: Sherman Oaks, Calif; Arts and Sciences; sr class pres; Coloradan, bus mgr; Delta Tau Delta, vice-pres; University Student Discipline Comm, chrmn; ASUC Senator; Coloradan, sales mgr, ass ' t business mgr; Commencement Committee; Wiio ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Barr, Giendo Mai: Manchester, lov O; Arts and Sciences; Colorado Portfolio, staff; French Club; Mademoiselle College Board; dorm wing officer; C olorado Re-Buff, staff. Barton, Richard Bruce; Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Phi Epsilon Phi; Hammers; Sumalia, pres; Sigma Phi Epsilon, rush chrmn, sec, scholarship chrmn; CU Days comm; NSO; Pi Sigma Alpha. ROW TWO — Baumgartner, Lorene L.; Littleton, Colo; Education; U Choir; dorm council; floor rep; Women ' s Glee Club; church group; church choir. Bays, Jackson Darrell: Grand Junction, ColO; Engineering; AES; AICHE. Becker, Carmen Hansen: Denver, CoIo; Arts and Sciences. ROW THREE — Becker, Joyce Kay: Morton, III; Education; Buff Ski Club. Becker, Ralph Pool: Denver, Colo; Engineering and Business; AlChE; varsity basketball; intramurols, Beightol, Ron- ald Lee; Westminster. Colo; Arts and Sciences; od sales for Colorado Doily. ROW FOUR — Belleau, Roger Phillip; Colorado Springs, Colo; Business; Phi Koppa Tau, corres see; Conservative Club. Bennett, Dana Louise: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Program Comm, live Music chrmn; YWCA international Fair co-chrmn; YWCA cobinet; Sr Classical League, hist; NSO; Colorado Portfolio, asst ed; Three yr masters program; Phi Mu. Bennett, Robert M.: Bow- man, ND; Engineering; AIAA; AES. ROW FIVE — Bennis, Charles Michael: Lincoln, III; Arts and Sciences; varsity football. Orange Bowl team mem; freshman football; Hammers; Sigma Chi, pres. Berger, Carol Lou: Denver, Colo; Education; Soph Advisor; Alpha Epsilon Phi, corr secy, secy, house mgr; Sr. Class Council. Berger, David Jeffery: Levittown, NY; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club. ROW SIX — Berkowitz, Allan Stuart: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Delta; CU Days; Homecoming. Berkowitz, Ruth Kerman: Denver, Colo; Education; Sigma Delta Too, Pan- hel del, rush chrmn; AWS House Berkowitz, Stephen Norman: Denver, Colo; Business; Phi Sig- ma Delto, pres, rush chrmn, IFC rep; Silver and Gold; Hammers; Sabres. ROW SEVEN — Berlage, Gerald Henry: Sterling, Colo; Pharmacy; YRs; Cosmo; Student A Ph A; Phi Delta Chi, secy; Rho Chi. Best, Trudy Marie: Ouray, Colo; Education; Sigma Lambda Ph i, rec secy; Soph Council; dorm wing officer. Biedenman, Helen Elaine: Windsor, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Symphonic Band. senior class president: chris barr OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Bien, William John: Boulder, Colo; Business; Acacia; Morine Corps Platoon Leaders Class Program. Binord, Joey Dee: Burlington, Colo; Education. Binder, John Robert: Pueblo, Colo; Engineering. ROW TWO — Birdsill, Howard Earl: Longmonf, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Stu. Teaching Prog. Bjorkheim, Orvind: Nore, Numedal, Norway; Engineering; ANSA; Cosmo Club, AES; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Blair, Janet Mae; Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW THREE — Blake, Herbert: Fort Morgan, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon, sec chrmn; People to People, vice-pres; International Relations Club; NSO; Frosh Camp, counselor; dorm soc chrmn. Bland, Lee A., Jr: Holly, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma. Blatt, Meredith Jay: New York, NY; Arts and Sciences; Spurs; Hesperio; Conference on World Affairs; Htllel, sec; Cosmo Club; U of Bordeaux Study program; Campus Friends; Faculty Fire- sides. ROW FOUR — Blue, Nancy Ann: Denver, Colo; Education; Kappa Kappa Gommo, pledge class pres; AWS Revue; Jr Panhel; Kappa Kappa Gamma, asst rush chrmn; Buff Ski Club; In- ternational Fair; Homecoming Comm; Kappa Kappa Gamma, soc chrmn. Bocim, Warren Thomas: Walsenburg, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Bondine, Bonnie Lee: Indianapolis, Ind; Arts and Sciences; Soph Ad; Off-Campus Discussion; Newman, soc dir. ROW FIVE — Bolton, Virginia Caroline: LaJolla, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Lambda Chi Alpha, Crescent Queen finalist; People to People; Fraternity Skit; Cosmo Club; Program Comm; Rally Comm, Bononcini, Dolores Ann: Florence, Colo; Pharmacy; Kappa Epsilon; APhA; Newman Club. Bonlrager, Kenneth L.: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW SIX — Borsky, Wilbur Lawrence: Corlsbod, NM; Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles; AROTC; Drill Team Bond. Bottone, Paul William: Denver, Colo; Engineering; IEEE; AES. Boutch- •r, Ronda Lynn: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; International Fair; UN Week, publicity and. coffee hours; CU Days; AWS Revue; Hearing Board, rec see; Fine Arts Comm; Buff Ski Club; Cosmo Club. ROW SEVEN — Bowersox, Elizabeth: Golden, Colo; Arts and Sciences; ADPi, corres-sec, rec-sec; Westminister Foundation; Inter-Faith Council, sec-tres; International Fair; Festival Chorus. Boyd, Ben Harlan: Clovis, NM; Engineering and Business; Bus Sch Student Board, pres; Delto Sigma Pi, preS; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; AlP, SIAM. Boydstun, Dennis James: Lyons, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Folk-Song Club; Spanish Club; Spanish Festival. 466 467 the entrance to a ne A beginning and a 468 OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Bradford, jQmat N.: Littleton, Colo,- Engineering. AIAA. AES Bradlsh, Wllllani Walter, Jr: Pueblo, Colo; Business; NROTC; Delta Sigma Pi Bradley, Rebecca Anne: Minneapolis, Mmn; Education; Kappo Alpha Thefo, AWS rep: People to People, Kappa Delta Pi. Bradley, Susan Elliabeth: Auroro, Colo; Education, Kappa Alpha Theto; SCEA Bragg, Cynlhia Ann: Limon, Colo; Music, Sigmo Alpha Iota, sec. pres. University Singers, University Choir; Festival Chorus Braun, Robert Oenlon: Westminister, Colo; Arts and Sciences; MRHA pres; ASUC Senator; Roger Williams Fellowship, preS; Order of Chessmon. Brover- mon, Michael Alan: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences: Phi Sigma Delta, exec council; Assoc Justice of Judiciary Council; Winter Carnival, Prince Winter; Men ' s Glee Club; Homecoming and CU Days, gen comm; Frosh Camp, counselor. Breit, Richard James: Denver, Colo; Business; Phi Sigma Delta; CU Days donee comm; Jr Class Council; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Sigma Delta, see; Campus Chesr. ROW TWO — Brett, Judy Anne: Kansas City, Mo; Business; Delta Gommo; Silver and Gold; AWS House; CUAMA, see; Beto Sigma, pres; Business School Student Board, sec. Brickley, lyndell Troy: Dove Creek, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Briggs, Barbara: Encino, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, rush chrmn; Silver and Gold; AWS rep; Student Foundation Fund. Britton, Gene Leonard; Dickinson, N Dak; Business; CUAMA. Bronnimann, Alain Eric: Port-ou-Prince, Haiti, W I; Arts and Sciences; intervarsiiy Christian Fel- lowship Brown, Judy Ruth: Waterloo. Iowa; Arts and Sciences; Colorado Daily, reporter; Colorodon, res ed. section co-ordmofor; AWS House; Jr Class Council; Hunter ' s Lodge, pres. Brown, Susan Theresa: Den- ver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Phi Bronstein, Norman; Denver, Colo; Education; Silver and Gold; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sabres; Homecoming, gen comm; NSO, grp Idr; Club First Nighter comm. ROW THREE — BrunkhordI, Eugene Albert: Arvodo, Colo; Business; varsity baseball; Phi Gamma Delta; YR s. intramurals. Bryce, William Arthur; Albuquerque. N Mex; Business, CUAMA; Sigma Chi, vice-pres, rush chrmn; ASCE. Buchonan, Joan Ariene; Boulder. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi; Iota Sigma Pi. Buck. James R.: Peono Heights, 111; Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi, tres, house manager, pres; IFC. Buckingham, George Edward Jr: Berthoud, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Marching Band; Symphonic Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, tres. Budd, Amelia Irene: Salida, Colo; Arts and Sciences; dorm pres; pledge class pres; Resident Advisor; Central Board. Buechman, Charles Emil: Boulder, Colo; Music; Tou Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoma; Alpha Phi Omega; Men ' s Marching Band; Symphonic Band; Little Concert Bond; Concert Band; U Choir; Modern Choir; Orchestra; Homecoming musical Bunce, John W.: Dolores, Colo; Arts and Sciences. leaving of something old ROW ONE — Burger, Dennis George: Denver, Colo Pharmacy Burgin, Moloi Carolyn: Denver, Colo, Arts ond Sciences; Pt Sigma Alpha; Campus Friends, Cosmo Club; Alpha Dello Pi, secy; Classical Study Tour. Burke, Virginia Irene: Homewood, III; Arts ond Sciences; Silver ond Gold, tres; Campus Chesi; Kappa Alpha Theta, Ponhellenic rep, Burkholder, Anne Norris: Lakewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Por- poise routine dir, pub chrmn; AWS Revue; Alpha Phi. Bussey, Alan Eaton: Fruito, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Soccer; IFC; CU Days; Campus Chest; Silver and Gold: Pi Kappa Alpha, sociol chrmn; South Africa Argus, founder. ROW TWO — Butler, Robert L.: Agate, Colo; Bus- iness Silver ond Gold; CUAMA; YD ' s. Butterworth, Janice Kay: North Plane, Nsb; Journalism. Butj, Marjorie Elaine: Brighton, Colo; Education; NSO; Compus Friends; RA; dorm co-ordinotor, Byington, Barbara Jane: Golden, Colo; Education; AWS rep; YWCA; International Fair. Byrne, Beverly Ann: Bloomfield Hills, Mich; Arts and Sciences; Chi Ome- ga; UN Week ROW THREE — Bywoter, Nancy Ann: Iowa City, Iowa; Business; Pi Beta Phi, pledge class tres; Buff Ski Club; AWS Revue; Homecoming; Greek Week. Cable, Barbara Jean: Chamberlain, So Dak; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club: UN Week publicity comm; Ponhellenic rep. publicity chrmn; Alpha Gamma Delta. Caldwell, Maurice Reed Jr: Engle- wood. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Club First Nighter, royalty comm; NSO; Sigma Phi Epsilon, rush chrmn, vice-president. Callaghan, Paul: Livermore, Calif; Arts and Sciences; CU Days comm; Silver and Gold; Buff Ski Club; CU Racing Days; Phi Kappa Tou; COGS Election comm. Callahan, Mary Florence: Albuquerque, N. Mex; Nursing; Grad- uate Nurses Club; Newcon Club. jf : 469 ROW ONE — Comigliono, Albert James: Worren, Po; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega NSO. Contrell, Saro Virginio: Elgin, 111; Education; dorm wing pres; President ' s Roundtable Spur; Ponhellenic, vice-pres; Program Commission; AWS Revue, producer; AChiON rush chrmn Mortar Board mum chrmn; Koppo Delta Pi. Carbonell, Arthur Joseph: Colo Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Neyman Club; intramurols. ROW TWO — Carlson, Rodney LaVem: Boulder, Colo; Business, CUAMA; Delta Sigma Pi Carl- son. Susan Marie: Pueblo, Colo; Journalism; Theto Sigma Phi; Kappa Alpha Theto. Carney, Irvin James: Rockford, III; Engineering ond Business; Kappa Kappa Psi; American Socie ' y of Civil Englners; Mens Marching Band; Concert Band; AES; intramurols. ROW THREE — Casey, Margret lee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Festival Chorus; Women s Glee Club; Buff Ski Club; Canterbury Club. Cave, Mary Kristin: Crook, Colo; Music; Silver and Gold; Ponhellenic Songfest, songleader; Farrond Hall Advisor; Spur; Folstoff Opero; University Singers; AWS Revue; Sigma Alpha Iota, secy. Cozier, Barry James: Denver, ColO; Engineering; IEEE; Feedback, co-ed; Young Republicans; Slide-Rule Follies. ROW FOUR — Chonce, Paula Ruth: Denver. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Modern Choir; Spur; dorm song leader; Koppo Kappa Gamma; AWS Revue; Homecoming attendont, 1963; best-dressed finolist. Chapman, Donald Guy: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Charbonnel, Thomas Shum- pei: Colo Springs. Colo; Arts and Sciences; NSO Commissioner; Campus Chest; MRHA; Alpha Epsilon Delta, pres; Student discipline comm; Court of Chevalier. ROW FIVE — Chozen, Donna Lea: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Orchesis; Sigma Delto Tou; Mortar Board. Cheney, John lee: Sonta Ana, Calif; Business; Beta Theto Pi; Hammers. Chilling- worth, William Seymour: Hdo, Hawaii; Arts and Sciences; intramurols. ROW SIX — Clark, Carol Ann: Sidney, Nebr; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gammo Delta, social chrmn; Orchestra. Clark, Dorothy Allison: Dallas. Texas; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; YWCA International Fair; Libby dorm rep, officer ' s council; Delta Delta Delta, service projects chrmn, choploin; Dean ' s List. Clork, Jonef louise: Huntingdon, Pa; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. ROW SEVEN Clark, Patricia Ann: Rochester, NY; Education; Freshman Camp, counselor; NSO, group leader; resident advisor; Expanded Horizons Central Boord chrmn. Clark, William Charles: Boulder, Colo; Business; CUMA. Clegern, Robert Wayne: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Koppa Delta Pi; AFROTC, a hope, as yet still- ■born. of sp ring fc- ■•,■ ' ■ " ■ ' ■ :- v :: ' ;vHf i ' --?! !™ i i A r 470 ROW ONE — Cleveland, James lee: Des Moinej, lowo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omego, vice pres. IFC, secy; NSO, group leader; Honnecoming decorations comnn: CU Days; Programm comm; COGS; Jr IfC; Buff Ski Club; CU Pistol and R.fle Club Cllne, Pamela: Colo Springs, Colo; Education; Porpoise; Dello Gamma, dinger, Sutanne: Denver. Colo; Education; AWS Songfest; pledge doss songfest; NSO; President s Roundtoble; hearing committee, chrmn; boarding house pres. ROW TWO — Coffmon, James Everelf: Denver. Colo; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; IEEE; C- Book SraH, Freshman Week dance comm. Cogswell, Lorry Grant: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; AES; ASCE; intramurals; Men s Glee Club. Cohen, Allan Richard: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Homecoming, gen chrmn; Homecoming dance chrmn; Phi Sigma Delta, social chrmn; " ' J Da s publicity comm; Greek Week comm; Silver and Gold; APO program. ROW THREE — Connolly, Caroline Fay: Indian Hills. Colo; Arts and Sciences; soph advisor; resident advisor; Silver and Gold. Connor, Michael Alan: Aurora, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Cook, Albert Moore: Denver, Colo; Enginermg; Chi Psi, pledge trainer; rush chrmn, secy, pres; ed of Feedback; Colorado Engineer; Marching Band; Symphonic Bond; Orchestra; Student Travel; IEEE. ROW FOUR — Coppersmith, Corol Dee: St Louis, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Panhellenic, tres; Sigma Delta iau; UN Week, secy; Alpha Lambda Delta Com, Regina Marie: Phoenix, Ariz; Arts and Sciences; dorm vice-pres; Spur; Panhellenic; Kappa Alpho Thefa, pres, tres Cotter, Jean Lambert: Wyncofe, Pa; Arts and Sciences; Anthropology Club. ROW FIVE — Cottrell, Joanne Marie: Lakewood, Colo; Educolion; Delta Delta Delta, marshall; AWS. hearing comm; Young Republicans, secy; Canterbury Club. Cowles, Jeanne Elizabeth: Golden, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; resident advisor; Hesperio; Mortar Board, historion; Angels Flight, commander; AWS House; AWS Senior Senator; Freshman Camp; Coun- selor, director; Academic Affairs co-commissioner; Homecoming Queen, 1963; chrmn, high school relations sub-commission; Student Development Foundation; Summer NSO. Cox, Eliza- b»th v.: Littleton, Colo; Education. ROW SIX — Cox, Michael Terry: Denver, Colo; Engineering; ASME. Crabb, Connie Anne: Spring- field, III; Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, ed; Gommo Alpha Chi; Colorado Daily, feature reporter; CUAMA; CU Days Songfest; AWS Songfest. Cram, Jo Ann: Lakewood, Colo; Engineer- ing; AES, officer; Sigma Tau; Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Society of Women Engineers; SIAM; Steering comm, AeroSpace Week; Winter Carnical; Colorado Engineer, book review ed; Buff Ski Club. ROW SEVEN — Crone, Susan: Cincinnati, Ohio; Arts and Sciences: Women ' s Glee Club; Wes- ley Foundation; Kappa Phi; French Club; Buff Ski Club. Cridlebaugh, Darol Lane: Minneapolis, Minn; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club; Rally Commission; off-compus speaking. Crosbie, Joon Blandford: Dearborn, Mich; Education; Coloradan, editor-in-chief; layout ed; resident advisor; soph advisor; AWS Court; Silver ond Gold. 471 V I «r is said Uiat good frte««l% er sFjore the some thoughts R 472 ROW ONE — Dayton, Nancy lucll : Ann Arbor, Michigan: Arts ond Sciences New Conservative ad sraff; Canrerbury Club; jr yr abroad, FrarKe: Alltanct- Francoise; Young Republicani, French Club; Student Member. CEA, NEA; AWS rep. Degen, Bruce Daniel: Piedmont, Colif; Engineering and Business; CU Racing Club Varsity Track; AlChE; CUAMA; Alpha Chi Sigmo; NROTC. D«lcour, David William: Wheot Ridge, ColO: Arts and Sciences; Conservative Club pres; pres dorm wing; twice delegate to Notionol Residence Halls Convention; Luzo Bra- zilian Associotion; YR s; Daily columnist; ASUC comm on Athletics; Spanish Club DePrimo, Carl Thomos Jr: Oradell NJ: Arts ond Sciences; Newman Club. ROW TWO — Devilling, Brinlon Nelson: Boulder, Colo; Business; Phi Kappa Tou. pres. sociol chrm. pledge pres; ASUC Athletic Commissioner. Homecoming CU Doys comm; IFC rep, chrmn of Constitution comm; COGS; Ugly Man; C Days King; Coloradan. Sales BuH Council, Mascot DeVriet, John Wayne. Boulder. Colo; Arts ond Sciences Dickerson, Benjamin Frederick; Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Dickinson, Carol Ann; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gommo; Pon- hellenic rush comm; Engineer ' s Day Queen Nominee; Health and Welfare Com- mission; CU Days Publicity ROW THREE — Dimit, Nancy Sue: Boulder, Colo; Education; Ponhellenic Rush comm Diss, Diana Margaret: Plainfield, NJ; Arts and Scence? YWCA, medical technology club; Ski Club; Young Republicons Dobson, Thomos Dale: Pueblo Colo; Phormocy; APhA; chrmn Phormocy Week, Dodd, John Roger: Longmonr Colo; Arts ond Sciences. ROW FOUR — Dodington, Susan Marriott: Mountain Lakes, NJ; Arts and Sciences: Gamma Phi Beta; CU study abrood program at Bordeaux; CU Racing Club; Cosmo Club. Doherty, John Albert: Naperville, III; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma, scribe, social chrmn. rush chrmn, Senior Class Council. Dolcourt, Victor E.: Lokewood. Colo; Engineering; Arnold Air Society; Freshmon Comp, counselor; IEEE; Colorado Engineer, staff. Donaldson, Jerold Wayne; Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW FIVE — Doran, Lynne Marie: Boone, Iowa: Business; Alpha Delta Pi Young RepuDhcons; AWS rep; ADPi, rres: Club First Nighter, decorations comm, Homecoming, ticket soles comm. donee. Douglas, Kaaren Christine: Denver, Colo Arts and Sciences; Sigma Lambda Phi, Douvos, Maria Savas: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Women s Glee Club. Downs, William Frederick: Santa Ynez, Calif; Arts and Sciences: Coloradon Daily, proof reader; publications ed, Coloradan. ROW SIX — Duffy. Geraldine DAnn: Springfield, Colo; Arts and Sciences; AWS House rep; Reader s Theatre productions; boarding house officer; Alpha Chi Omega pledge class secy, tres; Campus Chest. Dugan, Donald Martin: Denver. Colo; Business; vorsity baseball; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge trainer, scholarship chrmn: Silver and Gold. Dunkin, Diane Irene: Denver, Colo; Educotion. Dunlap, Margo Alison: Ames, Iowa; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, corres-sec, house mgr; Spur; Women ' s Glee Club; University Choir; Iota Sigma Pi, secy. ROW SEVEN — Dunn, Bruce Cleveland: Lokewood, Colo; Engineering; Delta Sigmo Phi; Phi Tau Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sigma ToU; Morching Band; Colorado Engineer; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers. Eakins, Paul Rich- ord: Oroville, Calif; Business; Beta Alpha Psi, secy; Calico and Boots; cross- country track; Student Board; Blotter, osst ed; Delta Sigma Pi; Buff Flying Club. Eck, James Alois: Pueblo, ColO; Arts and Sciences Eddy, Pamela Rose: Lake- wood, ColO; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, scholarship chrmn, recording secy; dorm pres; Presidents Roundtoble; UN Week; RILW; CU Days Songfest; Coloradan, sales staff; soph advisor; Freshman Camp, counselor; Senior Class Council. OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Crosby, Helen Mao: Akron, Colorado; Arts ond Sciences; Buff Flying Club; CU Rifle and Pistol Club. Cross, Catharine Elizabeth: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; off-campus housing Presidents Roundtoble; Porpoise; Anthropology Club. Grouse, Michael John: Centennial. Wyo; Arts and Sciences; Tou Delta pres; Delta Phi Delta program chrmn; Porpoise Show; Phi Delta ThetO; Buff Ski Club. Cundiff, Morsha Jane: Denver. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, vice-pres. osst rush chrmn; songleoder; 1963-64 Colorodon Queen Final- ist; Junior Class Council; dorm vice-preS: AWS Revue; CU Days Songfest; Kappa Delta Pi. CuHee, James Alexis: Sterling, Colo; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Koppo Kappa Psi; Wesley Foundation; CUAMA: Men ' s March- ing Band; Homecoming royalty committee. Custer, Robert Everett: Denver, Colo; Business; Koppo Sigmo; Racing Club. Dabney, Elizabeth Soule: Wesrwood. Moss; Education; Resident Advisor; CU Racing Club tres: intramural mgr. Forrond; Women s Ski Team; Dahike, Lutz W.: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Scierxes; intromurols; Judo Club ROW TWO — Darby, Beverly Joan: Montpelier, OhiO; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Lambda Phi: PEMM Club publicity, secy. Davis, Dennis T.: Long- mont, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver ond Gold. Davis, Harold leRoy: Greeley, Colo; Business: CUAMA; Latin Americon Donee Club; Hui O Hawaii, tres. Davis, Linda Eileen: Denver, Colo: Arts ond Sciences; Spur; Jr Ponhellenic; Alpha Epsilon P " . Davis, Sandra Gail: Westminister, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. Dawalt, Karen King: Washington, DC: Arts ond Sciences; French Club; |r yr abrood. University of Bourdeoux; Silver and Gold; Homecoming Queen Attendont. Dawson, Susan Kay: Alomoso, Colo; Arts and Sciences: Alpha Delta Pi; Roily Commission; International Fair. Day, Susan Van Buren: San Morino, Colif; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Spur; Pi Beta Phi. 473 senior class vice-president: andy barbee 474 OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Eden», Valeria Chritlin : Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences Ir, C Edson, Lois Arlene: Thousand Oaks, Calif; Busi- ness; Alpha Omicron Pi, Ponhellenic Advisor; Coloradan Sales Staff; International Fair Edwards, Deborah: St. Charles. Ill; Arts ond Sciences; Soph Advisor; dorm pres; Presidents ' Round- toble; Big and Little Sister Program, chrmn; Junior and Senior Class Councils; ASUC Public Relotions, subcommissioner; YWCA, exec council; International Fair; Interfaith Council; Colo-Corps, co-chrmn ROW TWO — Ehn, 0«on Stewart: Denver, Colo; Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpho Chi Sigmo: AICHE; Silver and Gold Rally Commission. Ehrenberg, Nancy Ann; Granite Falls, Minn Education, YWCA; Buff Ski Club; Pi Beta Phi; Ponhellenic Ad- visor Ehrllch, Michael lee: Peoria, III; Arts ond Sciences; Beta Theto Pi rush chrmn, schol chrmn; Hammers. ROW THREE — Eikele, Karollne F.: Novoto. Calif; Arts and Sciences, RA; Student Better Business Bureau; French Club; YWCA Council, secy; Transfer. Ellen, Charles Henry: long Beach, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma, vice-pres, IFC rep. Elslnger, Richard Alan: New York, NY; Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Nu Honors Program ROW FOUR — Ekiss, Charles Michael: Pueblo, ColO; Arts and Sciences. Elbon, Ronald lee: Grand Junction, Colo; Journalism; Alpho Tou Omego: ADS, pres; Sabres-Blue Key. Elder, Mabel Irene: Glenville, W Vo; Nursing; Graduate Nurse Club; Wesley Foundation. ROW FIVE — ElKing, Sven Thomas: San Mateo, Calif; Bus- iness and Engineering; Buff Ski Club: ASUC Special Events; Club First Nighter; Phi Delta Theta. Elliott, Jean S.: Wilmetfe. Ill: Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Advisor Ellis, Elizabeth: Pueblo, Colo; Arts and Sciences; International Foir, College Bowl; Kappa Kappo Gommo; Rotary Exchange Student to Norway ROW SIX — Ellis, Virginia Ellen: Steamboat Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Four C ' s; Cosmo Club; Band; Tau Beto Sigmo; French Club; Psychology Honors Progrom. EIrick, Donald lee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappo Alpha. Engslrom, Wayne Paul: Centerville, SD; Engineering; Sigma Chi, pres. rush chrmn, corres-secy; AROTC; Distinguished Military Stu- dent; Phi Ep Phi; Sumolio; Sabres-Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigmo Tau; Tau Beta Pi, vice-pres; AES; Freshman Engineer Award. ROW ONE — Epps, Frederick William: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Sigma PI Sigma; Sigmo Tou; Society for Industnol ond Applied Mathematics. Ervo, Senia Etielle: Arlington Heights, III; Arts and Sciences; Symphonic Bond; Tau Beta Sigma; YR s; Conservative Club; Buff Ski Club; School Musical; Campus Friends. Esles, Cynthia Ann: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Kappo Delto; Alpha Delta Pi, asst treas sr member; Ponhellenic Rush Comm; Buff Ski Club; YD s; CU Days Songfest. Evans, Richard lee: Englewood, Colo; Engineering; IEEE. Folr- weather, Ellen Vail: Borrington, Illinois; Arts and Sciences; dorm pres; Presidents Roundtoble, secy; AWS Revue; Soph Ad; Spurs, hist, jr ad, chrmn regional convention; Colorodon, osst sec ed; NSO; Alpha Lambda Delta; C-Book Academic Section Ed; Hesperio; Deans Advisory Comm; Pacesetter; Mortor Board, pres; Phi Beto Kappo Scholarship Award; Pi Sigmo Alpha; Sr Closs Council; President s Comm for Pierce College. Fakehany, Thomas Ellis: Hollywood, Colif; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Frosh Class Council; Roily Commission, pres; Kappo Kappo Psi; CU Marching Band; Symphonic Bond; Buff Ski Club; AWS Revue, crew monoger Fallert, Trudy Elizablth: New York, NY; Arts and Sciences. Fancher, G. Steven: Lovelond, Colo; Engineering; ASCE. preS; AES; Tou Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon, secy-tres ROW TWO — Fankboner, Linda Louise: Boulder, Colo; Mortor Board; Castle Belles, secy; Campus Crusade for Christ; Club First Nighter, dec chrmn; Sigmo Lambdo Phi, Joint Honors Scholarship. Farber, Steven Wayne: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; Hommers; Sumolio; Sabres-Blue Key; NSO, group leader; Junior Class Council; Delta Tau Delta. Fami- worth, Craig Ross: Longmont, ColO: Engineering; Pi Tou Sigmo; Delta Sigmo Pi, Ires; Freshmon Camp, counselor, director; Dean of Mens Hearing Comm; Colorado Doily, odvertising mgr. Fossett, Diane: Minneapolis, Minn; Education; Alpha Phi, pres Fattor, Yvonne Judy: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Players ' Club; Newman Club; Speaker s Congress; Parachute Club; Ski Club. Faulkner, John Leonard: Frani :lin. Mich; Engineering. Fauske, James H.; Forest City, lo; Arts and Sciences Fenger, Frederic Michael: Redondo Beach, Colif; Arts and Sciences; Can- terbury Club, tres; Corrservative Club. ROW THREE — Fennell, Randy Jean: Eugene, Oregon; Arts and Sciences; Spur; WRA Sport- heod; Gamma Phi Beta, pledge trainer, province conference chrmn; Roily Commission; Home- coming Royalty Comm. Ferguson, Nancy Virginia: Chicago, III; Arts and Sciences: Tronsfer. Finney, Robert William: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Psi Chi; Honors Program Fisk, Neol Paul: Anchoroge, Alaska; Arts and Sciences; Rifle ond Pistol Club, pres. Fitch, Kalhryn Frances: Bokersfield, Calif; Arts and Sciences. Flaherty, Kathleen Mary: Aurbro, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; dorm exec council; 1961 Homacommg Play; Campus Chest; Alpha Chi Omega, song Idr; osst soc chrmn; Miss CU finalist; Folksong Club; Anthropology Club. Flanders, Nilef Delton: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Marching Bond Symphonic Bond; Little Concert Band; Kappo Kappo Psi; Psi Chi. Fleck, Gail Christine: LeoWood, Kon; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, soc chrmn, pres; Castle Belles, tres 475 @g 22 a last look ROW ONE — Flccktan, Michel Vieki Mowat: Drayton, NO; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Phi, YR s; Students for Goldwoier; Ski Club,- Campus Chest. Fleming, William S. Ill: Arvada, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Silver and Gold. Fogel, David Alon: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Election comm; Sr Class Council, Alpha Phi Omego; Spirit and Morale Comm; Kenyu Club; Int Relations Club; YD s; Cosmo Club; SCEA. Ford, Douglas Owen: Denver, ColO; Education; Highland Fellowship; SCEA; SNEA. Ford, Judith Gail: Lokewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Soph Advisor; Homecoming decorations; Int Fair; Colorodan, soles staff Ford, Robert W.: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Arnold Air Society. Forester, Donald Robert: Golden, Colo- Business; Phi Kappa Tou, tres; Delta Sigmo Pi; NROTC. Fox, Thomas Duke: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Anthropology Club. ROW TWO — Flick, Patricia: Cleveland, Ohio; Business; CUAMA; dorm pres; Home coming comm royalty comm Franklin, Sandra Kaye: Monroe, Wise; Journalism frosh wing pres; Silver and Gold; Spurs; ADPi, pledge trainer, vice-pres; Soph, Ad. foculty firesides chrmn; YWCA; Res Advisor Franson, Gordon ScoM: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; YRs; Cosmo Club. Franson, Jeon Winslow: Rowayton, Conn Arts and Sciences; Oclto Phi Delto, Ires; Volkyne; Tou Delto; Cosmo Club. Freemen, Charies J.; Council Bluffs, lowo; Arts and Sciences. French, David A.: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; People to People; pub chrmn; NSO, asst; intramurals; Sr Class Council; ASUC, pub relations comm. Friedman, David H.: Cleveland, Ohio; Business; Beto Alpho Psi Fruhling, Judy Ann: Brownsville, Texas; Arts and Sciences. ROW THREE — Fuery, Patrick Ronald: Boulder, Colo; Business; Sigma Iota Epsilon Fuller. Terrence Alan: Wheotndge, Colo; Music; Koppo Kappo Psi Phi Mu Alpha- MENL; Music Senoie; student body pres. Furuiye, Loraine K.: Denver, Colo- Arts and Sciences; Kenkyu. Fuxa, Janet Elaine: Arvodo, Colo; Arts ond Sciences- Sigma Ep- silon Sigmo; Koppo Deho Pi, sec; Urn Lutheron Assn. Gabarde, Charleen E • Leod- ville, Colo; Nursing; Grod Nurses, pres; Cosmo Club Gallagher, Anthony Martin: Syrocuse, NY; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi. Galvani, Gail Moe: Dallas Tex- Educo- v?.?;. c ? ! ' ° ' " °- ' ° ' ' ' f - Council; Sr Council; Frosh, sectres; Sciph, sec YWCA; Frosh Comp; Silver and Gold; Choir; Modern Choir; Damn Yonkees " - AWS Ponhel songfest; Student NEA, soc chrmn, Meso; Angels Flight Garam, Peter Paul- Denver, Colo; Business; Alpha Koppo Psi; Beto Alpha Psi, vice-pres; Beta Gammo digmo; intramurals. of irresponsibility, much too soon another loss of innocence beyond the protective professor OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Gardenswartz, Lee Ellen: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Res Advisor; Centroi Board; Soph Council; Sigma Delta Tau; Homecoming; UN Comm. Garnelt, Barbara Lynn: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Jr Class Council; Dean s List; Military Ball Queen; Homecoming Att. Gale- wood, Sharon Patricia; Lokewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Mortar Board; three year Masters ' Prog; Psi Chi, hist; Symphonic Bond; Little Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigmo; Soph Ad; Inf. Fair; Spur; Westminister Fellowship, see; Arts and Sciences Student Adv Group; Buff Ski Club; YR ' s; advisory asst; Frosh Camp, counselor; Honors Prog. Gaunce, Karen Irene: El Cerrito, Calif; Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; Colorodan, staff: AWS Revue, litical Science Honorary; Tri Delta, chap, schol. Geneva, David Joseph: Pueblo, Colo; Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonio frat, pres Gerdes, Dorothea W.: Dal ' os, Tex; Arts and Sciences; AWS songfest; Aden Homecoming; Conf on World Affairs; UN Week; AWS rep; International Fair; Bordeaux, Study-Abroad Program; Vesey Student Lodge. Gibson, Carole Ann: Yarmouth, Mass; Arts and Sciences; Al- pha Gamma Delta, corres seC; People to People; Ski Club; dorm, soc chrmn, house monager. Gilbert, John Ashley, III: Lombard, III; Business; CUAMA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Radio Club; Buff Ski Club; Silver and Gold; intromurals, Frosh Camp. 476 iJl i 478 derby day and good fun, for seals any A ay ROW ONE — Gilcrest, Leo Hohn, Jr.: Estes Pork, Colo; Business; Lombda Chi Alpha, correspondent, rirualisf; CUAMA; Homecoming Comm. Ginn, Sherril Louise: Houston, Tex; Education; Silver and Gold; Pi Beta Phi; Spur; Soph Llass Secy; Panhellenic, pres; COGS; Winter Carnivol Stering Comm. Gilata, Helekiah: Nairobi, Kenya; Arts and Sciences; African Students Assoc, pres; Phi Theta Koppo Award; Executive of RMASA; Cosmo Club; International Relations Club, Gittelman, Sandra Elaine: Clayton, Mo; Arts and Sciences; NSO; Sigma Delta Tau, house manager, vice-pres, pledge trainer. Gobbo, Alan Paul: Fruita, Colo; Engineering; AES; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau Gold- berg, Mitchel Roy: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles; Vikings; Club First Nighter. Goold, Jane Evelyn: Lokewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Gordon, Maurice Ivan: Pueblo, Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW TWO — Gornnert, Gene Thomas: Pleasontville, NY- Business; CUAMA Alpha Kappa Psi; Hammers; Phi Comma Delta, hist. Gottlieb, Janet Pauline Bellevue, Wosh; Education; Alpha Phi, secy; Buff Ski Club; Homecoming Songfest; AWS Revue; Campus Chest Gould, Rebecca Anne: Dollas, Tex; Arts and Sciences; AWS; RA. Grabow, Alma Diana: Conon City, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Three Year Mosters Degree Program; RA; Campus Friend, exec comm; Festival Chorus; Honors Program. Graf, ' Carole Lynn: Indianapolis, Ind; Arts and Sciences; Soph Ad; Rally Commission; dorm hearing comm, chrmn, ad; AWS Songfest; Sigmo Epsilon Sigma. Grant, Carol Jean: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Graves, Byron James: Newport Beach, Calif; Bus- iness; varsity track; Cheerleader; Alpha Kappa Psi. Graves, Linda Kay: Brush, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Koppo Phi, vice-pres, pledge train- er, preS; Rally Commission; Wesley Foundation. ROW ONE — Gr»»n, Jesse Howord: fort Morgon, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. Greene, Kenneth lee: Denver, ColOj Arts and Sciences,- dorm pres; MRHA; Sliver and Gold; vice-pres soph class: Pres Soph Class Council; Jr. Closs Council; Alpha Tau Omega, social chrmn, rush chrmn. Greve, Georgia Jean; Denver, ColO: Arts and Sciences. Griffin, Holly M.: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences Criffitfi, Gene M : Taylor, Tex; Arts and Sciences; Hommers; Kappa rush chrrrr Griffith, Paula Janice: Colorado Springs, Colo; Education; Buff Ski Club Griffittit, Kotftieen: El Cerrifo, Calif; Arrs ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; dorm publicity chrmn; Buff Ski Club, co-activifies chrmn, treas; Delio Gamma, treos. Grimes, Daniel R.: Colorodo Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega; asst probation officer program. ROW TWO — Grimes, William J.: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; vorsity track team Ph, Delta The ' a Grisham, Jennie Lou: Boulder, Colo; Education; SCEA Groginsky, Charles Michael: Denver, Colo: Arts and Sciences; Phi Lambda Upsilon, secy: Chem Club; Chem Honors Program; College Bowl, question comm: Silver and Gold: Intromurols; Off Campus Student Assoc. Gross, Nancy Jean: Jacksonville, III; Med Tech. Guadagnoli, Emilia E.: Fred- erick, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Roily Commission; American Society of Med- ical Technologists, treas. Gustafson, Sigrid: Las Cruces, NM; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; People lo People, secy Guyer, Betty Lois: Boulder, Colo; Education; Alpho Omicron Pi, public relations, frat educ, doorkeeper; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Delta Pi; International Fair. Hake, Diedra Louise: Longmont, ColO; Education; AWS Rep; Women ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; Koppo Delta Pi, pres; Psi Chi; Foculty Firesides; CSEA; Campus Corps of Coos and Capes. ROW THREE — Hakel, Dole Lehman: Grand Junction, Colo; Enginering; AlP; AIAA; IEEE. Haley, Michael Thomas: Englewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Judo Club, pres, instructor Homer, John P.; Lakewood, ColO; Business; var- sity golf. Hamilton, Susan Loretta: Evansron, III; Education; Delta Gamma, pledge songleader, house monoger; Spirit and Morale, subcommissioner; Homecoming, royalty chrmn. Hammerick, John Martin: El Paso, Tex; Arts and Sciences; Track; Silver and Gold; Freshman Camp, counselor. Hanan, Laura Gamsey: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Festival Chorus; ISA; RLC. Han- sen, Thomas Richard: Colorado Springs, Colo; Business: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, secy Honzlik, Anne Carole: Santa Rosa, Calif; Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gam- ma, alternate Panhel rep; AWS Songfest; CU Doys. 479 senior class treasurer: barbara A ard ROW ONE — Haregol, Alganesh: Asmoro Eritrea, Ethiopio; Nursing. Horn ' s, Brenda Joyce: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Horns, Carolyn June: Evansion, III; Arts ond Sciences; house pres; Press Council; ASUC, secy; Homecoming; Young Republicans; Festival Choir. Horris, Virginio Grace: Minneapolis, Minn; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta; Pan- hellenic, del, freas, preS; Women ' s Rec. Assoc, pres; Silver and Gold; dorm officer. ROW TWO — Horrison, Dale Allon: Rochester, NY; Engineering; Alpha Phi Omego; ASCE; AES. Harrison, Romo Lee: Kremmling, Colo; Inter-Faith Council, secy; Campus Crusode for Christ; Silver and Gold. Horrold, Lu- cindo Jeon: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta. Horshman, Richard Lee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Cosmo Club; Intramurals; Hiking Club. ROW THREE — Hart, Senia Katherine: Billmgs, Mont; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto. Harvey, Nancy B.: Bethesdo, Md; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, recording secy; Ponhellenic, pub rel chrm; AWS Court; Rally Comm; AWS Revue; ASUC Senate; Campus Chest; Pub Relations Comm. Hoshii, Douglas Mifsuru: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; varsity rifle team, caps; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omego; Society of Amer Military Enginers, vice-pres, pres. Hostings, Koryl Louise: Aledo, III; Music; Glee Club; Festival Chorus; Silver and Gold; Rally Commis- sion; Westminster Fellowship; Zeto Tau Alpha, AWS, rep, standards chrmn, ritual chrmn, pres. ROW FOUR — Hatcher, Zachory E.: Clinton, La; Arts and Sciences. Howk- ins, Kendall; Polo Alto, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Soccer Club; Buff Ski Club; CU Racing Club, exec council; Winter Cormvol; CU Skiing Rep. Hayes, Elizabeth Ann Cordinole: Pueblo, Colo; Pharmacy; Kappa Epsilon. Hayes, Fred LeRoy: Denver, Colo; Business; Intramural, football. ROW FIVE — Heoly, Kothleen A.: Arcadia, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Med Tech; Delto Delia Delta. Hee, Emily Mew Kit: Kaneohe, Oohu, Hawaii; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Lambda Phi; pres, service vice-pres of pledge class; Hawaiian Club, Hegel, Fred Williams: Denver, Colo; Architecture; Student AIA. Heimonn, Mary Elizabeth: Sioux City, lo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta; French Club. ROW SIX — Heller, Betty Jo: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, sciiol chrmn, hist; Colonial hearing board; Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Henderson, Robert Thornton: Albuquerque, NM; Engineering; AES; AIAA. Henneke, Robin Lee: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Hepp, Ted Ernest: Santiago, Chile; Engineering; Men ' s Hearing Board; Freshman Comp, counselor; Senior Class Council. ROW SEVEN — Herrmann, Claudia Grace: Chicago, III; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, librarian, recording secy. Herjberger, Adele Barbara: Col- orado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Spur; Hesperio; Mortar Board; SOSL, chrmn; NSO; Angels ' Flight; New Conservative, reporter; People to People; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Dean ' s Advisory Comm; Young Life Leodership. Hess, Jock D.; Boulder, Colo; Business. Hession, Dennis Charles: Woodside, Calif; Business; COGS, rep; Koppo Sigmo; Buff Fly- ing Club. OPPOSITE PAGE ROW ONE — Hetheringlon, Mary Corolyn: Son Antonio, Tex; Business; Alpha Gamma Delta; CUAMA; Beta Sigma, secy, Hickey, Potricia: Denver, Colo; Education; Kappa Kappa Gommo, homecoming decorations chrmn; personnel board. Kappa first, CLI Days songfest. Higbee, Shirley Anne: Boulder, Colo; Music; Festival Chorus; University Choir; Pi Kappa Lombda. Higby, Sproh Ann: Monument, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Education; Delta Gamma; Festival Chorus; AWS Review. Hill, Marilyn Louise: Pittsburgh, Pa; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, schol comm, Hilton, Jo Ann: Boulder, Coio; Pharmacy; APh9. Hines, Edwin Cecil: Littleton, Colo; Business. Hodskins, John E.: Orchard Pork, NY; Engineering; Buff Ski Club; AIAA; AES; IFC; Delta Sigma Phi, vice-pres; CU Racing Club; Judo Club; intro- murols. 480 481 BOW ONE — Hoge, Richord A.: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; asst probation officer; Folk Song Ciub Hohmon, Russell Edward: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; A Phi O, corres secy, tres Holdcn, Solly: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Tennis Club; Judo Club; YR s Holitza Frank James: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; Newman Ciub, Mens Glee Club; SIAM. Holti, David D.: Wheat Ridge, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha, sgt-ot-arms. ROW TWO — Holvoel, John Edward: Hotchkiss, Colo; Engineering; Sigmo Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; AES, con- trol boofd, ASME, pres; Codet Club; Young Dems; SAME. Hopkins, C!aude Richord: Indian Hills, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Christian Science Org; Young Citizens for Johnson. Horen, Robert Philip: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Silver and Gold; ASUC Election Commissioner; intromurals; Forum of Young Americons, pres. Hosick, Howard Lawrence: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Society. Howard, Billy« Marie: Hershey, Penn; Arts and Sciences. ROW THREE — Howlett, Claude Anderson: Pueblo, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. Hubbs, Korti- ryn Fay; L ' ffte ' on, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Valkyrie, Dean ' s Academic Advisory Comm; Sigma Epsilon Sigmo. Huber, Joan Marie: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold, Horrecommg Royalty Comm; Roily Commission; International Relations Club; Young Citizens for Johnson. Hudson, George E.: Boulder, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Russian Club. Hudsn, Judith Patten: Boulder, Colo; Education. ROW FOUR — Huey, Adele Sutan: Overbrook, Mich; Educoiion; Buff Ski Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma YR S; Judo Club; Key; Dementore Personalis. Huggins, Robert Wesley, Jr.: Aurora, Colo; Engineering; AES Radio Club. Hughes, David Victor: Woodlond Pork, Colo; Engineering; American Society Civil Enginers; Buff Ski Club. Humes, Jacey Clark: La Mesa, Calif; Arts and Sciences. Humlicek, Connie Sue: Dunlap, lowo; Educotion; dorm council; YWCA; Women ' s Band. OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Humphrey, Helen Gail: Englewood, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; dorm honor system, sub-chrmn; Cosmo Club; sorority songfest; Fine Arts Week, co-chrmn; Buff Ski Club; Biology, undergraduate in winter research; Kappa Kappa Gamma; dorm, scholarship chrmn, standards chrmn; RA; Anthropology Club, Judo Club. Humphrey, Jean Ives: Alton, III; Education; Delto Gammo; Silver and Gold; French Club. Hurth, Karen Nikki: San Salvador, El Salvador; Arts and Sciences; Sabres, secy; Homecoming Queen Attendant, Pi Sigma Alpha; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List. Hyde, Bruce Ellyson: Virginia, Minn; Arts and Sciences; Festival Chorus; Campus Chest; MRHA, member-at-lorge; NSO Commissioner, lacino, James Michael: Englewood, Colo; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. Idell, Martha K.: Wellesley Hills, Mass; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; AWS, rep; RA; Theatre, tech crew. Ingram, John Robert: Fowler, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chevalier; AFROTC. Iranpour, Iraj: Tehran, Iran; Business; Delta Sigma Pi. ROW TWO — Irvine, Richard Lee: Denver, Colo; Engineering. Isakson, Duone Wilford; Orion, III; Busi- ness; Lambda Chi Alpha; American Marketing Assoc, reporter; Alpha Kappa Psi, efficiency chrmn; Men ' s Glee Club, pres, tres. Iversen, Oyvind Helge: Boerum, Norway: Engineering; AES; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Tou Beta Phi. Jack, James, Jr.: Monroe, Go; Arts and Sciences; Racing Club; Buff Ski Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Hiking Club. Jackson, Marian Alice: Burlington, ' Wis; Arts and Sciences; AWS, rep; Alpha Omicron Pi, house mgr; Concert Bond; Tou Beta Sigma, Rally Com- mission. Jacobson, Leslie B.: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; YR ' s varsity boseboll. Senior Class Council, Homecoming Pub Comm, member. Janich, David Zary: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Sigma Tou. Jeremiasen, Robert Edward: Brighton, Colo; Engineering; IEEE; Tou Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. 482 .1 _ -Jte ;.... seeking a patient company A ith both subject nnatter and a blade of grass 483 t ' -a ■mi ROW ONE — Jeynes, G. Fred: Bloomfield Hills, Mich; Business; Phi Delta Thefa, Alpha Kappa Psi; Senior Qass Council, social chrmn; Greek Week Chairman; People to People. Joffee, Nancy Kay: Kansas City, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Theatre Ex; Hillel; Interfaith Council, secy-tres; UN Week. John Peter Paul: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Johnson, Deanna Lenore: Colorado Springs, Colo; Educotron; Silver and Gold, Zeto Tau Alpha, pres, historian, social chrmn; Junior Class Council; NFA; CEA; Homecoming Comm, mem- ber; Buff Ski Club. Johnson, Joyce Marie: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Zeto Tau Alpha, tres; Tau Delta; AJD; Rose of Delta Sigma Pi; Junior Class Council; Conservative Club; Junior Panhellenic; AWS Hearing Comm; YRS. ROW TWO — Johnson, Karen Lorraine: Denver, Colo; Education; Lutheran Student Assn, worship chrmn, service chrmn; Christus Rex Council, secy; Valkyrie, pres, service chrmn; Sophomore Advisor; CSEA. John- son, Margaret Sue: Longmont, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Jones, Carolyn Terry: Granville, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Rally Commission; NSO; Silver and Gold; Homecoming Publicity Comm; College Bowl; Zeto Tau Alpha, rush chrmn. Jones, David George: Pueblo, CoIo; Business; varsity track, Jones, John Edward; Boulder, Colo; Engineering; IEEE; AES. ROW THREE — Jones, Lauralee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Jones, Nancy Elizabeth: Glen Ellyn, III; Arts and Sciences. Jones, Susanna Louisa: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhel rep, hist-reporter; Sponjsh Club; Luzo-Brazilion Assoc; Newman Club; CU Study Abroad Program. Jones, Terrence Eugene; Alamosa, Colo; Arts and Sciences; People to People, vice-pres; Freshman Camp, coun- selor; YD ' s. Jorrie, Marilyn Jean: San Antonio, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Theotre, stage crew; Sophomore Advisor; CU Days ' Musical; Homecoming musicals. ROW FOUR — Joselyn, Robert William: Huntington, NY; Engineering; AES, officer; Chi Epsilon, pres; Sigma Tau; ASCE. Joseph, Stonley Stern: Schenectady, NY; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; CUAMA; Buff Ski Club; Racing Club; Homecoming; intramurols. Joyner, Linda Kathleen: Greley, Colo; Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, pres, rush chrmn; Gamma Alpha Chi, pledge trainer; Kappa Tau Alpho, secy; Rally Com- mission; Spurs; CU Symphony; Campus Chest; dorm, floor rep; Panhellenic, pledge trainer; NSO group leader; Portfolio staff; Daily, reporter; UN Week. Jump, William Sims: Denver, Colo; Business; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; CUAMA. Kaneyama, Wayne Charles: Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii; Engineering; Ha- waiian Club; AIAA. 484 senior class secretary: carol jo Winchester ROW ONE — Kamm, Rona!d Francis: Denver, Colo; Engineer- ing; Tou Kappa Epsilon; vorsiry football, mgr; C Club; AICE, tres; Colorado Engineer, circulation mgr; IFC. rush book editor, exec council; AES, advisory board. Koplo, William James: Denver, Colo: Arts and Sciences; AEF; Chessmen; RA. Kasper, Undo Roy: Rockford, III; Arts and Sciences; Gammo Phi Beta, rituals chrmn, standards chrmn, rush chrmn; Spur; dorm wing, social chrmn. Kotchen, Carole Lee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Three Year Master s Program; Colorado Portfolio: Penny Poetry. ROW TWO — Koto, Kozuo, James: Fort Morgan, Colo; Bus- iness; Court of Chevolier; Kenkyu Club, Kawamoto, Judy Y.: Denver, Colo: Arts and Sciences; RA; Program Commission, Lecture Series chrmn; AWS, senior senator; Rally Commission. Kay, Constance Louita: Greeley, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Kealiher, Joan Kay: Denver, Colo; Education; SCEA; Dames Club; Council of Married Students. ROW THREE — Keefe, Thomas William III: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi; Arnold Air Society. Kehe, Colin Reynolds: Akron, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; People to People; NSO. Keithley, Lois Ann: Burlingame, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Alpha Gamma Delta, vice-pres, standards chrmn; dorm wing, social chrmn. Keller, David Leon: Virginia, Minn; Business; Delta Sigma Pi; CUAMA; Buff Ski Club; Judo Club. ROW FOUR — Kelleran, Barbara Jo: Birmingham, Mich; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Alpha Thefo, vice-pres; corres secy, song- fest; AWS Review; Buff Ski Club; Silver and Gold; intramurals. Kellog, Barry Edward: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Chi Epsilon, tres; ASCE: AES; Alpha Kappa Psi. Kemp, John B., Ill: Ridge- wood, NJ; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Delta Theto, pres, tres, house mgr; Scabbard and Blode; SAME; President ' s Council; Castle Belles and Miss CU Selection Comm Kendrick, Glen Angus: Andalusia, Alo; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, tres. ROW FIVE — Kidder, Susan Lorraine: Fort Smith Ark; Arts and Sciences; Spur; Sigma Alpha Iota. Kiertijaiphonij, Ekojai: Bangkok, Thailand; Engineering; IEEE; AES. Kimmel, Douglas C: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Westminister Fellowship, pres; Forum on Government Issues, pres. Kinet, Harriet: Den- ver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; NSO, group leader. ROW SIX — King, Deanna Jo: Englewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; AWS Songfest; Junior COGS; CU Days Comm; Women ' s Glee; Alpha Phi, stondards, osst rush chrmn; AWS, rep; Campus Chest; Angels Flight; CU Days Songfest; Dorm Queen, candidofe; Winter Carnival Queen, candidofe; Cosmo Club. Kingdom, Jeffrey Henderson: Boulder, ColO; Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Program Commission; AROTC. Kinsella, Patrick Lee: Albuquerque, NM; Business; Kappa Sigma, officer; IFC, rush chrmn, vice-pres; Hammers, pres; Junior Closs, ires; Delta Sigmo Pi; Cheer- leader; CUAMA Kipphut, Marilyn Ann: Buffalo, NY; Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, pub comm; Junior Class Council; Senior Closs Council; AWS Review. ROW SEVEN — Klauber, Joyce Marie: Denver, ColO; Arts ond Sciences, Cosmo Club; French Club; Mesa Verde Sani- torium, volunteer work; Hiking Club. Klein, Phyllis Marie: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; dorm pres; President s Round- table, chrmn; Spur; Hesperia, pres; AWS soph senator, pres; Student Disciplinary Comm; ASUC Senator; Student Advisory Board, chrmn; ASUC Finance Comm; Chi Omega; Ponhellenic, school chrmn; AWS Revue, ticket soles chrmn; UN Week, sem- itKirs. Klimoski, Stephanie Joan: Littleton, Colo; Education; Sil- ver and Gold; Pom Pon Girl; Cosile Belles; Senior Class Coun- cil. Klinke, Virginio Cousins: Downers Grove, III; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, intramurals chrmn; Transfer. M " l 485 ROW ONE — Knadle, David George: Roswell, NM; En- gineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE; AES. Knight, Brian Thompson: Security, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chessman, press; RA; NSO Leader; Senior Closs Council; Willard Social Chrmn; Orientotion Ponel Discussions; Cosmo Club. Knight, Roy Joe: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; A Phi O; AXE. Knop, Oavid Eugene: Black Forest, Colo; Arts and Sciences; NROTC; Sigma Nu, s oc chrmn; Greek Week, entertainment comm. Knopp, Roberta Jane: Colorado Springs, Colo; Edu- cation; RA; Soph Advisor; Senior Council; NSO Com- missioner. ROW TWO — Knous, Kathleen: Denver, Colo; Education; Alumni Chrmn, Homecoming; Soph Advisor; Coloradan; ASUC Coffee Hrs; Alpha Chi Omega; AWS Hearing Bd. Knutson, Jeanne Ann: Arvado, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Speech Club (SAH). Koch, Sidney Allen: Denver, Colo; En- gineering; Sigma Pi Sigma, vice-pres; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tou; Buff Flying Club. Kochenberger, Gary Austin: Pueblo, Colo; Engineering; IEEE; Slide Rule Folltes; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tou; AES. Kochenberger, Virginid Ann: Pueblo, Colo; Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. ROW THREE — Koehler, Eduard Rainer: Denver, Colo; Busi- ness; Alpha Kappo Psi; CUAMA; CU Soccer Team. Koelling, Sue Ann: Newton, la; Music; Orchestra; Alpha Delta Pi. Koenig, Gretchen Ann; W. Lafayette, Ind; Arts and Sciences; Valkyrie; French Club; Junior Year at Bordeaux. Kopp, Donald Paul; Greeley, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Speaker ' s Congress, exec council; Debate Team; Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kapa Alpha; Speech Honorary, pres; A Phi O; Varsity Swimming; Newman Club. Korts, David C: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chess Club and Team; Debate Team; Debate Team; University Choir; Honors Program. ROW FOUR — Koue, Ernesto Kovi: Lome, Togo; Engineer- ing Kraby, Charles E.: Hillsboro, N Dak; Business; Lutheran Student Associotion, Christus Rex Lutheran, University Choir. Kramer, Martin Donold: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Gamma Delta; IEEE. Kratier, Karen Louise: St Louis, AAo; Journalism; Kappa Tou Alpha, pres; Gamma Alpha Chi, -pres; Buff Ski Club. Krause, Leslie Irene: Waukegan, III; Arts ond Sciences; Young Democrats, Pi Sigma Alpha. a time of joviality and a time of going 486 ROW ONE — Kr » , John Ktndrick: Polo Alto, Colif; Arts and Sciences; Signna Alpha Epsilon, Sriver and Gold; Buff Ski Club; Scobbord and Blade Kroegar, GlMJa: Boulder, ColO; Arts and Sciences; People to People. Kruliinger, Jack Kenneth: Boulder, Colo; Engineering: Phi Gamma Oelto recording secy; IEEE, vice-pres; Sigmo Tou; Eto Kappa Nu, corressecy. ROW TWO — Kuykendall, Lynn Gilbert: Boulder, Colo; Junior Class Council; Alpha Epsilon Oelto, SumjIiQ; NSO; Senior Council; Men s Heoring Comm. cHrmn; IFC Judiciary Council, chief justice; Sigma Nu, social chrmn, rush chrmn, trcs; Sabres lamorecux, Charles Walson: Sterling, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Wesley Foundation Lane Timothy Matthew: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Hammers, Senior Class Council; Phi Delta Theta, sociol chrmn; Ice Hockey Team; Intromurols: Winter Cornival Comm. ROW THREE — Lapp, Diono Jean: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Alpha Theta, s ' andords chrmn, osst rush chrmn; Castle Belles: Miss CU Contest, first runner up; Homecoming Court; Junior Class Secy; Coloradon Queen. Larsen, lindo Irene: Centerville, lowo; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Buff Ski Club; Porpoise. Larson, Charles William: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres, vice-pres. pledge trainer, intramural chrmn; Silver and Gold. ROW FOUR — Larson, Ginger Lovrien: Rotingen, W. Germony; Arts and Sciences; ASUC Program Commission; AWS Senate, tres, vice-pres; Freshman Camp, counselor; Panhellenic; Silver and Gold: Troffic Appeals Board: Mortar Board; University Choir; Pi Beto Phi. Lasky, Patricia Ann: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, Buff Ski Club; Young Citizens for Johnson; Asst Probation officer. Laurer, Susan Stewart: Geneva, III; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Camp; director, counselor; RA; Mortar Board; Spur; Junior Class Council; YWCA Council; Hearing Comm, chrmn; AWS, rep; Psi Chi NSO. group leader; Health ond Welfare Commission; Traffic Commission. ROW FIVE — Louridson, James Raymond: Brighton, Colo; Engineering; Heart and Dogger; Sumalio; E ' a Kappa Nu: Tou Beta Pi: Sigma Tau; Radio Club; Flying Club; AES; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. LaVelle, Michael Joseph: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu, vice-pres, pledge trainer; Rifle Teom, pres, tres; Sophomore Class Council. Lawson, James Richard: Denver, Colo; Business; Sigmo Tau, Delta Sigma Pi; SIAM. ROW SIX — layde, Mary Ann: Madison, NJ; Arts and Sciences; Dorm Wing Council; Buff Ski Club; ASUC Election Commission; Newmon Club; ASUC Publicity Commission. Layman, Lawrence Garry: D;nver, Colo; Business; Hammers, Intromurols, Varsity Gymnastics; C Club; Campus Chest; Pentogon Club; CUAMA; IFC; Pi Kappa Alpha, pres; Broken Drum Club. Lease, Diana J.: Clemson, SC; Arts and Sciences; Gammo Phi Beta: Panhellenic, secy; Presidents ' Roundtoble. ROW SEVEN — lee, Linda Louise: Pago Pago, American Samoa; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club: Dorm Council; Dorm, scholarship chrm. Leffler, Donald Wayne: Pueblo, Colo; Engineering. Legeron, Maryse Jeanne: Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, social chrmn; Internationo Fair; Junior Year Abroad Program; French Club, secy. away — perhaps to think 487 closed eyes, soft music — ROW ONE Uimboch, Katharine Susanmorie: Alton, III; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Assoc of Inietior Designers, student offiliote; Too Delta. Uiser, Carol Anne: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epjilon Phi. Ponhellenic Del, ritualist. Parents Wekend chrmn; Psi Chi, vice-pres; Campus Chest, chrmn. Hillel; Cosmopolitan Club; Buff Ski Club; YD S; Colonial Hearing Board. Leonard, Mark F.: Denver, Colo Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; IFC; Dean ' s Advisory Comm; Delta Tou Delta; Senior Class Council Junior Class Council; intromurals. Lepic, Donald Edward: Denver, Colo; Engineering and Business; ASCE University Bible Fellowship, exec comm; Compus Crusade for Christ; Intervorsity Christian Fellowship, Mens Co-op. bus mgr. leutwiler, Robert Lester: St. Louis, Mo; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; locrosse; vorjily gymnostics; CU Soiling Club; ASME. ROW TWO Lewis, Duane Burton: Burlington, Colo; Arts and Sciences; varsity basketball Lewis, Jean H.: Westminster, ColO; Arts and Sciences; SCEA; SNEA. Lieberman, Leslie Sue: West Hartford, Conn; Arts and Sciences; Anthropology Club, pres; Cosmo Club; Campus Friends; Hillel, cultural chrmn; UN Week, pub chrmn Ligon, Richard S.: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chessmen; A Phi O; MRHA; Ski Club. Linom, James Vaughn: Hobbs. NM; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu, chaploin; Senior Class Council, social comm. People :o People. ROW THREE — Ling, Bonnie Pauahi: Honolulu, Hawoii; Educotion; NSO; Homecoming and CU Days, publications; Zeto Tou Alpha, Ponhellenic del. song leader, asst pledge trainer. Lindeman, Allen Arthur: Olothe, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chessmen; Star and Sextant. LIndquisI, John Peter: Englewood, Colo Business; ASUC, vicepres; Alumni Affairs Commissioner; Silver ond Gold, pres; Phi Ep Phi; Hammers; Sobres; Alpha Kappa Upsilon; CUAMA; NSO Commissioner; Delta Tou Delta; Student Development Found- otion. chrmn. Lingle, Michael Roy: Lokewood, Colo, Enginering; A Phi O; pledge class pres, gifts and " ophies chrmn; Winter Carnival; AIA, Liss, Barbara Leona: Denver, Colo; Education; SNEA; Cea. ROW FOUR — Llltmon. Ronald: Clayton, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Portugese Club: Buff Flying Club; AROTC- Livingston, Cynthia Woggener: Auroro. Colo; Education; SNEA. Loberg, Hans Otto: Oslo. Norway; Engineering; Cosmo Club. ANSA. IEEE; AES; Sigma Tou; Eta Kappa Nu. Loeb, Michael Edwin; Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Lohmann, Linda Louise: Indianapolis, Ind; Arts and Sciences; sophomore advisor; dorm wing, schol chrmn; Buff Ski Club. 488 lV a growing absurdity ROW ONE — Lohse, Shoron Ann: Alamo, ND; Music; Modern Choir; Alpha Delta Pi. Lortscher, Randall Horold: Englewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; SOSL; Delta Upsilon; Alpho Epsilon Delta; Sumalia; Honors Program; Festivol Chorus. lov«tt, John Albert, Jr.: Arvoda, Colo; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; CUAMA; Senior Class Council. ROW TWO — Lovin, Sandra Kay: Ft. Worth, Tex; Education; Kappa Kappo Gommo, registrar, schol; Phi Sigma Alpha; Spur, tres: Silver and Gold; NSO, group leader. Lobinski, Richard Frank: Denver, Colo; Engineering; IEEE, pres; Colorodo Engineer, writer, feotore editor; E-Doys Comm; Feedbock, editor; Deans Comm; AES Control Board. Lotes, Katherine Teller: Merino, ColO; Education; Delta Gamma; Silver ond Gold. ROW THREE — lynch, Jean Ann: Colorado Springs, Colo; Educotion; ASUC Supreme Court, secy: Mac Alllster, Carol Louise: Syrocuse, NY; Arts and Sciences; WRA, secy; Sopho- more Advisor; intromurols, chrmn; Sigmo Epsilon Sigmo. Moc Gregor, Heather Jill: Glen Ridge, NJ; Arts and Sciences Angels Flight; Colorodan, staff; Freshman Camp, bus mgr CU Doys Show; Womjns Glee Club; dorm songfest, chrmn NSO, group leader; Sophomore Advisor. ROW FOUR MacLear, Jerry Alan: Golden, Colo; Business; NROTC Maddock, Robert A.: Greenville, Del; Arts and Sciences; Conservotive Club, pres; New Conservative, columnist; Colore- don, copy editor; Silver and Gold; Phi Ep Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Pocesetter. Madson, Nancy Katherine: Denver, Colo; Education. 489 ROW ONE — Malkvwlcz, Carolyn Kay: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; dorm wing vicep ' es, scholarship and siandords chrmn; Silver and Gold; AWS Hearing Board, lecy; Koppo Alpha Thefa, standards board, osst pledge trainer; Soph Class Council. Mondtvill , Janic Fa«: Grand Junction, Colo; Arts and Sciences; SIAM. Mangon, Maryann: Grand Junction, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Cosmo Club; Senior Classical leogue. Marcantonio, Gionfronco Uo: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; vice-pres Circolo Itoliano; French Club; Spanish Club; Cosmo Club; lettered in Soccer; jr. yr abroad; U of Grenoble, Fronce Marolt, Peggy Louise: Aspen, Colo; Education; Ski Club; Newman Club. Manoglio, G. Merrilee: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Honors Union Council, pres; ASUC senator; Academic Affairs Commissioner; Presi- dent ' s Award; Hesperio; Mortar Board; Religious Programming Board, student chrmn; Artist Series Committee; Phi Beta appa. Marshall, Mory Esther. Mainstee, Mich; Arts ond Sciences; CU Racing Club, secy; AWS House Martin, James Patrick; Palisade, Colo; Engineering; AES; IEEE ROW TWO — Martin, John Michael: Grand Junction, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Mortin, Robert Edward: Kettering, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Broken Drum Club. ACfL Club, chrmn. Martin, Sylvia Nan: Aurora, Colo; Education. Malthowi, William Kerr: Akron, ColO; Business; AFROTC, Cadet Commander, drill leom; Militory Boll Committee, chrmn; Distinguished AFROTC Cadet; Arnold Air So- ciBfy; Joint Honor Scholarship. Matzon, Vernon Charles: Napa, Calif; Engineering Christian Science Organization; AES; ASCE; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tou; Tou Beta Pi; Student Development Foundation. Maul, R. Edwin: Denver, Coio; Arts and Sciences; SabreS; IFC Judiciary; Heolth and Welfare Comm; Phi Koppa Tou pledge trainer. Mouth, Gary Harvey: Idaho Falls, Idoho; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, pres; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigmo Tau; Sabres; IEEE, tres; Colorado Engineer Staff; AES Control Board. May, Julia IouIm: Lee s Summit, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Camp; AWS Songfest; People to People, secy; International Fair; Cosmo Club; Buff Ski Club. ROW THREE — Maiieri, JoAnn Eleanor: Colorado Springs, Colo; Education; Kappa Delto Pi. viccprcs. osst resident advisor; Activities Night Booth. McAdoo, David Evan: Barringion, III; Business; Acacia; Christian Science Organization; CU Skiing. McAlliiler, Arthur William: Wilton, Conn; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, vico-pres. house mgr, NROTC Scholorship; Chinese Club publicity chrmn; Young Republicans: MG Enterprises, pres. McAllister, Richard Lee: Sterling, Colo; Arts and Sciences. McClure, Wallace W.: OIney Springs, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigmo, reporter; MRHA; dorm wing pres McConnell, William Allen: Leodville, Colo; Arts and Sciences McCoy, Michael Andrew: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; track; Phi Sigma McOonold, John Fielding: Arvodo, Colo; Engineering; AES; IEEE. ff 490 TFS % night life of a juke box, reflection from Durnished skin, and a great deal of ROW ONE — McDonald, Kay Sharon: Denver, Colo.- Arfj ond Sciences; Silver and Gold: ir class noise ROW ONE — McDonald, Kay Sharon: Denver, Colo.- Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; jr class social chrmn; Rally Commission, vice-pres; Ponhel Advisor; Sr Class Council, coordinator; Kappa Kop- po Comma. McEntire, Suson Shelton: Nashville. Tennessee; Nursing; Graduate Nurses Club. McEvoy, Miriam Croc : Dallas, Texos; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Pom Pom girl; Angel ' s Flight; Home- coming Queen; CUAMA, public relations chrmn; secy Alamosa Wing. HOW TWO — McOill, Barbara Adams: Evansron, III; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club; French Club; Young Conservatives, Young Republicans. McGimsey, Dennis Ray: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Amer- ican Institute of Physics; AIAA; Intramurals McGrew, Bonnie Gall: Colorado Springs, Colo; Education; dorm social chrmn, tres; Polly Comm,- NSO; Engr Doys Queen finalist; Kappo Kappa Gommo, corres secy: CU Doys Songfest ROW THREE — McGuckin, Richord Scott: Ridgewood, NJ; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. osst social chrmn; Homecoming; Resident Advisor. McGuffin, Margaret Jane: Perrysburg, Ohio; Music; Delta Delta Delta, activities chrmn, intramurals chrmn; Modern Choir; Svmahonic Band; Resident Advisor; International Fair; Campus Chest; Ponhellenic Advisor Stowell, Blair McKoln II: Pittsburgh, Pa; Arts and Sciences; Deon ' s List; Gymnastics; intramurals. ROW FOUR — McKeniie, Prentiss Ann: Lake Bluff, III; Education; Buff Ski Club; Homecoming Com- iniiee; Student NEA McLaughlin, David Wayne: Strasburg, Colo; Business; Acacia; Delto Sigma Pi. McMillan, Thomas Leonard: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Phi £p Phi, vice-pres; Hammers; Su- malio; Sabres; Sigma Phi Epsilon, vice-pres, activities chrmn; NSO Group Leader; Intramurals; Dean s Committee on Student Advising. ROW FIVE — McNeal, Mary Ellen: Cleveland, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Buff Sk! Club; Young Re- publicans McRoe, Goyla Jean: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma, pres; AWS senator; Morfor Soaro; Cneerleader; Spirit Morale commissioner; Spur; Spectrum Lecture Series, chrmn; Progrom Commission. McTemcn, Dennis George: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; APhA ROW SIX — Mead, Mithoel Oeon: Colipatria, Calif; Arts ond Sciences Mead, Susan Jane: Hender- son, ColO; Education; Libby. social chrmn; intramurals chrmn; Club First Nighter, ticket comm; SCEA. Meeker, Gail Patricio: Glenndge, NJ; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto, historian; Buff Ski Club; aWS Revue; dorm wing publicity chrmn; Theto Homecoming chrmn. 491 ROW ONE M«l«r, Conni Su«: Oshkosh, Nebr; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi, vice-pres; Beta Sigma tres; Kappo Delta Pi, International Forr; CUAMA. Mendel, Maurice I.: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences Michoels, Pamero Diane: Dallas, Tex; Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; Pocesetler; Plowers Club; Rally Commission, chrmn cord section; 3-yr. Masters Program; Delto Gommo; Mortar Board; Presidents Award. Michel, Dennis Emil: Colorado Springs, Colo; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, tres; Advising Assistont. Mieleni, Michael K.i Denver, Colo; Bus- iness and Engineering; Delto Tou Delta, sociol chrmn; varsity golf; ASUC, programming com- mission; AES; Gommo Iota Pi; Intromurols; C Club. Miller, Margaret Eliiabeth: Millville, NJ; Arts ond Sciences. Miller, Jomes Ernest: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; varsity track; CORE Miller, Larry Roy: Boulder, Colorodo; Engineering; AFROTC; Coloradon, photographer. ROW TWO Miller, Randall Lance: Leawood, Kon; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. Miller, Ronold Ray: Meeker, Colo; Business; YRs; Buff Ski Club; Intromurols; Campus Chest. Miller, William Henry: Akron, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Tou Delta, preS; AID, student offiliote. Milose- vlch, Nondli Leon: Glenwood Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Soph. Advisor; WRA ski team; Delto Delto Delta, AWS rep, assistant pledge troiner; Soph Class Council. Milrany, Judith Jo: Twin Foils. Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, vice-pres, hist; Panhellenic, hearing com- mittee; French Club, pres; international Fair, publicity chairman; Kappo Delta Pi. Minkoff, Richard Michael: Clayton, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Frosh Baseball; Phi Epsilon Phi, tres; Phi Sigma Delta; NROTC; Colorodo Doily, sports staff; New Student Orientation. Mitchell, Mary lynn: Western Springs, III; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, Ponhellenic delegate, housemonager, intromurols chrmn; Panhellenic, social chrmn; WRA, publicity chrmn; Doily columnist. Mitchell, Robert Garrett: Soronoc Lake, NY; Arts and Sciences; History Club; Winter Carnival King can- didate; Homecoming Committee ROW THREE — Mitchell, Suxanne Bond: Stamford, Conn; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gommo; Secy for Hommers; Reloy Queen finalist; Women ' s Racing Asso; Winter Carnival Queen final- ist; AWS Review; AWS Songfest; Slide Rule Follies. Mitchell, William Ray: Bloomington, III; Engineering. Mojonnier, Barbara Anne: Lancaster, Penn; Education; pres Colonial; AWS, hear- ing board; Presidents Round Table; Dorm Wing Council; CEA-NEA; Buff Ski Club. Moll, Lois Kathryn: Chicogo, III; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, preS; Senior Class Council; Ass ' t Chrmn Homecoming; Panhellenic; Greek Week, chrmn; Hesperio; AWS, senate publicity chrmn; Rally Commission, tres; AWS Revue, publicity chr mn; UN Week, flag comm; Campus Chest; COED ' S Guide, coed; NSO Week leader. Advising Ass ' t. Montakheb, Majid Monty: Denver, Colo; Business. Montgomery, Frances Ann: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; International Relations Club; YD ' S; Young Citizens for Johnson; Russian Club Moore, Barbara Sue: Denver, ColO; Educotion; Buff Ski Club; Hawaiian Club; CORE. Moore, Robert Earl: Craig, Colo; Educa- tion. some work best among 492 the lighted shadows of evening-dork ROW ONE — Moren, William A.: Freeport, III; Arts and Sciences; Hammers; Jr Class Council; Honors Program; YRs: Freshman Camp; ASA; Sigma Chi, fres, pledge trainer; College Bowl. Morgan, Janet Alma; Las Animos, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Valkyrie; Med Tech. Morris, Judith Louise: Shrewsbury, NJ; Arts and Sciences. ROW TWO — Morris, William George: Fruita, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Daily, columnist. Morrow, Richard Lynn: Arvada, Colo; Arts and Sciences; ASUC, Senat or-at-Large; SPEAK, pres; Exec Comm SAGE, Freshman Camp; Public Relations Commission Lobbying Committee; Exec Comm YCJ. Moses, Anne EarU: Willow Grove, Pa; Educotion; Alpha Gammo Delta; RA; NSO; AWS Rep; Jr Panhell; AWS Hearing Comm. ROW THREE — Mosser, Carol McAfee: Lewis, Colo; Arts and Sciences; RA; Alpha Gamma Delta, activities chrmn; Freshman Camp, secy; Spurs; AWS office clerk. Mosser, Russell W.: Phoenix, Ariz; Engineering, Business; Sigma Chi, housemanager, tres, pres; IFC, Judiciary Council Justice; Hammers; SSP Engr Moulton, Linda Ann: Boise, Idaho; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Camp; Election Commission, secy; AWS Elections Director; NSO; Daily, Bulletin Ed, Advertising; Hesperio; UN Week Comm; Castle Belles Princess; University Choir; YRs. ROW FOUR — Mountel, Marilyn Eloise: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alumni Homecoming Comm; Newman Club Mowczko, Wllllom Earl: Aurora, Colo; Arts and Sciences; VikingS; Newman Club. Mueller, Charles R.: Villo Park, III; Business; Sigma Chi; CUAMA; Silver and Gold; Homecoming Gen- eral Comm, ROW FIVE — Mulder, Mory Jo: Saddle River, NJ; Education; Kappa Alpha Thetc, Mullen, Anne Marie: Chicogo, III; Education; Dorm Council; AWS Hearing Board; NEA-CEA; Newman Club; Buff Ski Club; ASUC Election Commission, Munroe, Nancy Ann: Woodcliff Loke, NJ; Arts and Sciences; Alpho Gamma Delta, guard, pledge secy; Internofional Fair; SIAM. ROW SIX — Murphy, Patrick Harold: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; AIAA; Young Citizens for Johnson; AES Murray, Bonnie Diane: Butte, Mont; Arts and Sciences; CEA; Zeta Tou Alpha, hearing board, standards, magazine chrmn, rec secy; Canterbury Club. Nahas, Cherif: Cairo, United Arab Republic; Engineering. ROW SEVEN — Nauhous, Lester G.: Pittsburgh, Po: Arts and Sciences; Players Club; Homecoming Publicity Comm; Registration Comm; NSO, Nelson, Charles Arnold: Boulder, ColO; Engineering; SSP Engr; Undergraduate Research; Summer Institute in Space Physics; United Christian Fellowship, pres; Freshman Camp, Nelson, Jeanne Kay: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; LSA; International Fair, Publicity Comm. 493 ROW ONE — Ntlion, Mox Alon: Lubbock, Tex; Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Pi Sigmo N«w«ll, G arg« f.: LiiHeton, Colo.; Arts and Sciences; NSO; Hammers; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ntwman Palricio Mary; Wilmette, III. Arts and Sciences; Koppo Kappa Gommo; AWS, Review, Songfest; Ski Club. Newport, Dlono Elaine: Yuma, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Young Citizens for Johnson; Cosmo Club; Buff Ski Club. Nicholat, B » Maria: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Home Economics. NIchollt, Donald Gordon: Piedmont, Calif; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; herald, pledge trainer; Campus Chest; NSO Nicholls, Thomas Freeman: Piedmont, Calif; Business; varsity swimming. Nichols, Koy: Prairie Village. Kansas; Arts ond Sciences. HOW TWO — Normon, Janet Goll: Pueblo, ColO; Education; SNEA; dorm wing council; AWS Novak, Dennit Edmond: Arvada, Colo; Pharmacy; Apho; Phi OrlTo Chi; Newmon Club; intramurols; School of Pharmacy Student Council. Nureddin, Nimotl Shawor: Amman, Jordan; Nursing. Offutt, Randall Eugene: Lacrosse, Kan; Engineering. CHonion, Lewis Michael: White Horse, Yukon Terr, Canada; Arts and Sciences; MRHA; Election Comm; Jr Class Council; Sr Class Council; Hammers; Phi KappoTou, vicepres; People to People. O ' Keefe, Gar- rett Jamei; Lakewood, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Colorado Engineer; YR s; New- mon Club. Olson, Don Emit: Tucson, Ariz; Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Associated Society of Mechanical Engineers; AES; Honors Program; Honors Council. Orange, Jocqutline G.: Littleton, Colo; Education. ROW THREE — Off. lynne Hansen: Phoenix, Ariz; Delta Gamma; Dorm wing ptes; Silver and Gold; Spur; Castle Belles, treas; Homecoming Queen attendant. Organ, Susan Mary: Racine, Wise; Education; Sigma Lambda Phi; Newman Club; Daily reporter; Artist Series usher; Shakespeare Festival Publicity. Osborn, Alice Annette; Midland, Tex; Education; Jr Class Council; Soph Class Council; Kappa Alpha Theta, fraternity trends chrmn, standards chrmn. Osbom, John Kirk; Golden, Cojo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; varsity lettermon foot- ball, 3 years. Owen, Robert Harlan: Boulder, Colo; Business; Basketball, varsity, tennis; 1959-62 Varsity Poce, Gary Lee: El Dorado Springs, Mo; Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. Palm, Ross Corter: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; WORM. Palmer, Dovid Ray: Pueblo, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Pi Sigma. Palmer, Roth Mary: Carefree, Ariz; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club; International Fair; Coloradan, Assistant Photo Coordi- nator, sales staff; Libby Honor Wing; Homecoming Committee. ROW FOUR — Ponepinto, John Anthony: Pueblo, Colo; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi; APhA. Porfet, Constance Jean: Golden, Colo; Education; Delta Gammo; Dorm Social Chrmn; Silver end Gold; Buff Ski Club; AWS Revue, Song- fest; Intromurals; Freshman Camp. Parker, Joe Roy: Golden, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Three Year Masters Program; French Club; residence hall disciplinary boord, Nichols-1962-53. Parker, Roseanne: Denver, Colo; Education; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma; dean ' s list. Parkhurst, David F: Webster City, lowo; Engineering; Hiking Club, tres; Billy Budd; Alpha Phi Omega; Colorado Engineer staff; Engi- neering SSP; Rocky Mountain Rescue Grp see; Sigma Tau; Tau Befo Pi; Festival Chorus. Parsons, George Wm: London, Kty; Pharmacy; Sobres-Blue Key; Varsity Basketball; APhA, Alumni C Club. Poscholl, Patricia Ann: Falls Church, Vo; Journalism; Silver and Gold; Colorado Daily; Dorm Officer; NSO; Alpha Phi, hist, tres; Homecoming Publicity Committee. a putting do A n of one ' s thoughts, perhaps dreams, upon unlined paper 494 i IfcTit ROW ONE — Patterson, Ruth Anne: Englewood, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Resident Advisor,- WRA intromorals chrmn; Plan- ning Board, vicepres. President ' s Roundtable. PoMerson, Shan- non Rose: Salida, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Women s Glee Club Paulson, Nancy Jo: Alexandria, Vo; Education. ROW TWO Pederson, Norman R.: Rockford, III; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; marshall; ASCE; AES. Peery, Deonno Lynne: Lake- wood, ColO; Arts ond Sciences. Penfod, Craig A.: Boulder. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Honors Program; Silver and Gold; jr class pres; ASUC Senate; Coloradan, sports ed, mng ed; Sobres-Blue Key: ASUC Senator ot Large. ROW THREE — Pennak, Richard Dean: Boulder, Colo; Business; CUAMA; Buff Ski Club. Perimotter, Beth: Denver, Colo; Educo- fion; Hearing Board, chrmn; AWS rep Perrella, Donna Jean: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Little Sisters of Minerva; Alpha Phi, scholarship and standards board. Petersen, Susan Christy: Glendora, Calif; Arts Alpha Phi; Noils Peterson, Allen Kenneth: Denver, Colo- Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Freshmon Camp, counsellor. Peterson, Dale Alan: Boulder, Colo; Educo- tion; Gamma Delto; Lutheran Association. ROW FOUR - ana Sciences 495 496 ROW ONE — Peterson, David James: Boulder. Colo, Arts and Sciences; Roger Williams Fellowship; Alpha Chi Sigma. Peterson, David lyle: Wheof Ridge, Colo; Engineering; American Institute of Physics, pres; Sigma Pi Sigma, vice-pres; Tou Beta Comma; Sigma Tou; AES; Festival Choir; Rus- sian Choir; Alpha Phi Omsga. Petrofeso, Paul Ronald: Arvada, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Baseball Petty, Cynthia Ann: Brush, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Tri-C; Central Board; President ' s Rountoble; CU Days ' 64; SCEA, treos; WRHA Senator; President Pro Tempore of ASUC Senate; Resident Advisor, ROW TWO — Philipp, Mary Uell: Boulder, Colo; Music; dorm songleader; Silver and Gold; University Choir; Modern Choir. Pierrepont, Louise Ruther- ford: New York, New York; Arts and Sciences. Pine, Judith Kay: Boulder, Colo; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, pledge class pres; Internat ' l Fair; SCEA; Society Editor, dorm paper; KU Reloys. Pinney, Merl Melvin: Arvada, Colo; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigmo; AES. ROW THREE — Pipkin, William Harvey: Lancaster, Colo; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, treas; APhA, treos; Pharmacy School Student Council; sr class pres. School of Pharmacy. Pippin, Budd Clarence; Boulder, Colo; Phormocy; Phi Delta Chi, vice-pres. correspondent; Rho Chi, pres; APhA; Baptist Student Union, treas; Campus Crusade for Christ; Inler-varsity Christian Fellowship. Pittman, Geri Arlene: Son Francisco, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Fine Arts Week, chrmn; Gamma Phi Beta; Tau Delta. Plummer, Robert Wendell: Golden, Colo; Colorado Daily, photographer. ROW FOUR — Pook, Losilo Attila: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; IEEE; ski in- structor. Popovich, Michael Edward: Denver, Colo; Music; University Choir; Men ' s Glee Club Porte, Elizabeth Motile: Colo Springs, Colo; Education; Pi Beta Phi, treos of pledge doss, soc chrmn, pledge trainer; Angels Flight; dorm homecoming chrmn; Little Sisters of Minerva; Silver and Gold; 3.2 Dorm Club; Buff Ski Club; SCEA; Internat ' l Fair; AWS Songfest; CU Days Songfest. Poston, Robert Burright: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Gym- nastics Team; capt; Pentagon Club, vice-pres; Cheerleader. ROW FIVE — Powrie, Barbara Jean: Torzono, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, pledge trainer, vice-pres, outstanding senior. Pratt, Timothy James: Auroro, Colo; Music; Marching, Symphonic, and Little Concert Bands; Symphony Orchestra; Baroque String Ensemble; YWCA Southern Study Tour; Wesley Foundation; Friends of SNCC. Priest, Georgia Black- more: Steubenville, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club. Prost, Vol Patrick: Denver, Colo; Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Men ' s Glee Club. ROW SIX — Puso, Joan Toni: Palisade, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences. Putnam, Marilyn A: Robinson, III; Arts ond Sciences; Ski Club, Russian Club; YR ' s. Pyle, Sandra Doris: Lakewood, Colo; Engineering; Society of Women Engineers, pres; AES, office mgr; AIAA, freos; YR ' s. Quick Sandra Dee: Pueblo, Colo; Education; dorm council; dorm floor rep; dorm pres; Resident Advisor. ROW SEVEN — Quicker, John C: Mineolo, New York; Arts and Sciences; Buff Sl i Club; Gsst. probation officer. Quinlan, Marilyn: Denver, Colo; Edu- cation; Alpha Chi Omega Radetsky, Linda Joyce: Denver, Colo; Education; AWS Songfest; SNEA; YD ' s Radke, Hugh Kelley, Jr.: Santo Mono, Colo; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Theta serv. f ilvor rinr) r.n rl OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Randoll, John Thomson: Boulder, CoiO; Business; Jr Chamber of Commerce. Randolph, Robert R.: Torrington, Wyoming; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi. Ransdell, Ronald Eugene: Monte Vista, Colo; Pharmacy. ROW TWO — Rapp, Margoret Jane: Chicago, III; Arts and Sciences; Cos- mo Club; YD ' s, membership chrmn; World Affoirs Conference, comm; dorm wing officer; Honors Program. Ravin, Lenore Rose: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; AED, vice-pres; Freshman Camp, counselor; Sigma Lambda Phi. Read, John: Denver, Colo; Engineering; ASCE; En- gineering Doys; AES; Ketchum Aword Dinner; CU Days; intromurols. ROW THREE — Reaves, Marian Frances: Dollos, Tex; Education; Inter- national Fair; Jr Ponhellenic, secy; Ponhellenic; Alpha Omicron Pi, osst rush chrmn, rush chrmn, songleader; AWS Revue. Reimer, Merrily Jane: Westminster, Colo; Arts and Sciences; RA; dorm social coordinator. Reinke, Christina Gay: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigmo Lambda Phi; University Orchestra; Buff Ski Club. ROW FOUR — Reisenweber, Richard Lewis: Aberdeen, SD; Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Glee Club; Buff Ski Club; Gamma Delta; Northern Strings. Renfrow, Jay Royce: Canon City, Colo; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, secy; ASUC Supreme Court Justice; Delta Sigma Pi; American Morketing Assoc. Renfrow, Lee Kropp: Holyoke, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Koppo Phi; Cosmo Club; Bond; Tou Beta Sigmo; Kappa Delta Pi. ROW FIVE — Repp, Roger L.: Greeley, Colo; Engineering; ASME, vice- pres; Pi Tau Sigma, pres; Alpha Tou Omega, exec council; AES, control board; Delta Sigma Pi; Silver and Gold. Repsis, Lynn C: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta, membership chrmn; rush chrmn; Mortar Board; Iota Sigma Pi, pres; Phi Sigma; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Ekeley Chemistry Award; Freshman Camp, coordinating director; College Bowl, questions chrmn; NSO; Women ' s Glee Club; Junior Closs Council; NSF Research Grant; Advising Asst; Special Events Comm; Who ' s Who in American Colleges ond Universities; Phi Beto Koppo. Richmond, Robert Rand: Andover, Mass; Arts and Sciences. ROW SIX — Richmond, Sharon Lynn: Blue Island, III; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omego; Spur; Hesperio; Mortar Board; AWS Senior Senator; Angels Flight, exec office; Alpha Lambda Delta; RA. Rigos, Platon N.: Logos, Nigeria; Arts and Sciences; Cosmo Club; Pi Sigma Alpha. Ritchie, Sondra Sue: Claremonf, Colif; Pharmacy; APhA, scy; Koppo Epsilon, tres, secy, vice-preS; Festival Chorus; Libby 3,2 Club President. ROW SEVEN — Ritler, Carol Louise: Bangkok, Thailand; Education; Delta Delta Delta; corres secy; Soph Advisor; Spur; College Bowl; Castle Belles. Roberts, Lloyd Eugene: Delta, Colo; Arts and Sciences; dorm hearing boord; ocademic advising asst; Project Expanded Horizons. Robertson, V. Gale: Lake Forest, III; Arts and Sciences; Gommo Phi Beta, social chrmn; Porpoise, pub chrmn, vice-pres, preS; Buff Ski Club. steady hands and perhaps just as steady a future y 1 1 498 P OPPOSITE PAGE ROW ONE — Robinion, Carol I.: Denver, Colo; Journalism; Freshman Camp, counselor; NSO; dorm council. Thera Sigma Phi, tres, pres; Kappa Tau Alpha Mortar BoarcJ Robinson, Donna Pol: lakewood, Colo; Arls and Sciences Resident Advisor, hearing comission; dorm council; Young Republicans; CSEA National Council of Teochers of English Robinson, Waller Glllerte, Jr.: New Orleans, Lo; Arts and Sciences; Silver ond Gold; Phi Ep Phi; Hammers; Sabres; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, corres, rush chrmn; Freshman Boseball. Roby, James Corl: Estes Park, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Marching Band; Con- cert Bond; Kappa Koppa Psi; IFC Rep; Hammers; Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer Rodcay, Thomas Earl: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; ASUC Program Commission; Phi Sigma Society; YD S; Silver and Gold; Kappa Sigma Roderick, Carolyn Anne: Denver. Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, pledge tramer; Conference on World Affoirs; AWS Revue, publicity; YRs. Roedel. lloyd lesler: Denver, Colo: Engineering; IEEE; AES; Sigma Tau; Gamma Delta; Eta Kappa Nu Rogers, Borboro Ann: Boise, Idaho; Educotion. a snuffy winner and an undeniable spirit ROW ONE — Rogers, Kathleen Marie: Golden, Colo; Education. Rooney, Sheila Marie: Nanuet, NY; Arls ond Sciences. Ross, Robert Dean: Pawling, NY: Engineer- ing; Rifle and Pistol Club; Racing Club; Buff Sk, Club; Pershing Rifles; AES; AIAA. Rossiler, Jo Ann: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Delta Delta Delto; Homecoming Committee. Rothschild, Nanette Joan: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; World Affairs Week; Sigma Delta Tau. Rounds, Jerald loule: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tou; Tau Beta Pi; Festival Chorus. Rowe, John F.: Lakewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; University Choir; YRs Deserei Club; Men s Glee Club. Rowland, Robert Monroe: Auroro, Coio; Business; Kappo Sigma ROW TWO — Ruben, Samuel L: Mission, Kan; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, alumni secy; Public Relations Commissioner; Winter Carnival, pub relations chrmn; CUAMA, vice-pres; " Blotter " ; Not Affairs Commission; Sr Class Council. Ruh, Judith: Midlond, Mich; Arts and Sciences; YWCA; Ski Club; Roily Commission; YR ' s; Alpha Delta Pi, Standards. Ruble, Jill Ann: Tenafly, NJ; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, lib officer; Spur; YWCA; Freshman Camp, counselor; University Choir. Rumbaugh, Patricia Ann: Denver, Colo; Educotion; Alpha Omicron Pi, osst joc chrmn, rec secy, Colo rec chrmn; Christian Science Org, secy and reader; Campus Chest; Inlernotionol Fair; NSO Week. Ruttum, Ann Doris: Solido, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, preS; Freshman Comp, counselor; Silver and Gold; PonhelleniC; Greek Week Committee. Ryon, E. Rebecca: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma Ryan. James Lawrence: Aurora, Colo; Business; gymnastics team; Pentagon Club. Sachs, Margot Jane: Yorktown Heights, NY; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Tau: Campus Friends; French Club; Cosmo Club; Academic Affairs Commission; Program Commission; World Affoirs Conference; Junior Year Abroad Program; Honors Program. ROW THREE — Salerno, Carol Ann: Brooklyn, NY; Nursing Newmon Club, Cosmo Club Sanchez, Joseph Luis: Scorsdole NY- Engineering and Business; ASCE; AES; gymnastics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sanden, Edwin H., Jr.: Morrison, ColO; Arts ond Sciences; Buff Ski Club. Sanders, Alfred Marsh, Jr.: Rocky Mount, NC; Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tou, pres; Heart and Dogger; ASME Sandoe, Julia Ellen: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Porpoise. Sandras, William Anthony, Jr.: Rangely, Colo; Business; MRHA, pres. social chrmn; NACURH; ASUC, senator; Coloradan, photographer; Orphan ' s Doy Chairman; Newman Club. Sasser, Marilyn: Albuquerque, MM; Arts and Sciences. Savage, Dennis Jeffrey: Elyria, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tou. 499 .A- - .. V ■ 500 OPPOSITE PAGE ROW ONE — Sayre, Charlii lean: Boulder. Colo Arts and Sciences: Newman ScarUlt, N ll Jerom : Littleton, Colo. Bus.nejJ: Buff Ski Club: CUAM Schafer, Kent Ue: Idolia, Colo: Phormacy: Phi Delta Chi: APA. Schori, Cheryl Diane: Boulder, ColO; Arts and Sciences: Compus Friends Scheps, Alon Toby: Port Chester, NY; intramurals: A Phi O. Schiering, Barbara Anne: Grafton. OhtO; Educai.on Schmidt, Sondro Jane: Littleton, ColO: Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Buff Ski Club Schneider, Ernest Calvin, Jr.; Baltimore, Md: Engineering and Business; Delta Sigma Phi, tres; AICHE, program chrmn. R.fles ROW TWO — Schuerhoff, Koren: Weston, Mass: Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club Schulti, Marlene Marie: Lincolnwood, III; Arts and Sciences: Delta Phi Delta; Honors Program Schuman. Gait Marcia: Ar- lington, Vo; Education; Sophomore Advisor; Resident Advisor: W T Council Scott, William Clyde: Brush, Colo; Business: Beta Alpho Psi: Delto Sigma Pi; Boker Hall hearing board; Business School Blotter, re porter. Scrofford, Joel Bruce: Boulder, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Buff Ski Club; Rifle Club. Secrborough, Guy lynn, Jr.: Colorado Springs, Colo; Business; Senior Class Council; Arnold Air Society, commander; Army-Air Force Boll 1964 queen committee chairman. Seeley, John Arthur: Birmingham, Mich; Arts ond Sciences; Phi Ep Phi; People to People; dorrr discipline council; Phi Delta Theio. IFC rep. ptes, alumni secy; IFC. pres. Sabers, vice-pres. Seitz, Neal BrodUy: Lakewood, Colo; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon: Phi Epsilon Phi: Sigma Tou: HKN: Sabres, ROW THREE — Sessions, William lad: Redfield. SD, Arts and Sciences; Freshman Camp, counselor and director; Wesley Foundoiion Selhness, Susan Cochran: Son Antonio, Tex; Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold: Spur; NSO, committee member, group leader: Aden Hall, vice-pres, social chrmn; Kappa Koppo Comma S ' udent Advisor; Panhellenic Advisor Sellle, Charles D.: Grond Junction, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chevalier Shafer, Joan Laura: Denver, Colo: Arts ond Sciences: People to People; Alpha Lambda Delta. Shafer, Judith Helen: Huntington, NY; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, schol chrmn, party chrmn; Women $ Glee Club; Buff Ski Club; Festivol Chorus; Panhellenic, rush odvisor Shafer, Kenneth Ronald: Hong Kong, BCC; Arts and Sciences; Chessmen, secy; Judo Club. Shaffer, David Dale: Pueblo. Colo; Bus- iness; Alpha Koppo Psi; intramurals. football. Shompanier, Rhoda Jean: Hastings, Neb; Arts and Sciences; Cosmo Club; Hillel Foundation; Campus Fnends; Alpho Epsilon Phi; YWCA Internotional Fair. a brief day of NA inter sun, a shared smile, then the sno A again ROW ONE — Shonfelt, Donald Yarnall: Morrison, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Mens Glee Club; Alpha Chi Sigma, social chrmn; MRH Council Sharp, Faith J.: Lokewood, ColO; Education Shaw, Keith Darrell: Greeley, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Mens Coop, pres; freshmon ond asst varsity swimming coach; swim- ming team, co-coptoin; Alpho Phi Omega; intra- murals; SCEA; CAHPER; Canterbury Club. Sheldon, Mary Hawthorne: Milton, Mass; Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Alpho Theto Shelton, Anne Marie: Roggen, Coto; Music; Orchestra; Music Student Council Rep; Chamber Music; Homecoming Show Orchestra. Shep- herd, Lucinda M.; Denver, Colo; Education; Frosh and Sooh Class Committees; Ponhellenic; Jr Panhel- lenic; Gomma Phi Befo, chrmn AWS heoring boards; Orchesis. Sheridan, Mark M.: Denver, ColO: En- gineering ond Business; Colorodo Engineer; Ameri- can Institute of Chemical Engineers, pres; Alpha Chi Sigma. Sherman, Benjamin Karl: Deming, NM; Arts ond Sciences; Silver and Gold; dorm intramurals chrmn; Buff Ski Club; Alpho Tou Omega, treas, help week chrmn; NSO; CU Days trike race chrmn. ROW TWO — Sherrod, Orville Wayne: Colorado Springs, Colo; Business; Buff Ski Club; CUAMA; Silver and Gold: Acocio, social offiliote; Homecom- ing Committee. Shewmaker, Kathleen Ann: Richland, Mo; Arts and Sciences; Program Commission, live music comm; Buff Ski Club; YWCA; Faculty Firesides; Wesley Foundation. Shigeta, Ronald M.: Pueblo, Colo; Engineering; ASCE; AES; Chi Epsilon. Shipman, Dennis Roberl: Detroit, Mich; Arts and Sciences; Men s Marching Band; Concert Bond; Theto Xi. Siegel, Sheldon Lee: Denver. Colo; dorm scholostic chrmn; Vikings, sociol chrmn, pres: Chrmn Club First Nighter; Advising Asst; NSO. Silver, Marshall Law- rence: Sherman Oaks, California; Engineernig; AES, pres; Colorodo Engineer, asst ed; Senior Class Coun- cil; Deon ' s Council, chrmn; ASCE, secy; American Society of Testing Moteriols Scholorship Award; Beta Theto Pi, secy; Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Tou; Chi Epsilon. Silverman, Linda Beth: Chicogo, III; Arts and Sci- ences; Alpha Epsilon Phi, ed, treoS; Program Com- mission; Campus Chest; AWS Revue. Simmons, Andrea Lee: Springfield, III; Arts and Sciences; Club First Nighter Committee; Compus Chest Committee; ost AWS court clerk; Chi Omega, olum chrmn, house manager. 501 ROW ONE — Simmons, Arlan Lee: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, secy; AES; Society of Automotive Engineers; COMS. Sjoberg, Judith Lee: Dighfon, Konsos; Education; Student N.E.A. Sl inner, Diane Louise: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Koppa Phi, tres ond vicepres; Zeta Tau Alpha, rituol and scholar- ship chrmn. ROW TWO — Skinner, Judith Eleanor: Marbleheod, Mass; Arts and Sciences; ASUC, Senator-ot-Large; YWCA pres, tres, district rep; SPUR; Valkyrie; CORE; Friends of SNCC. Skutf, Dona!d Lee: Denver, Colo; Engineering; ASCE. Smith, Beverly J.: Golden, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi; Alpha Phi; Panhellenic Advisor; Club First Nighter, ROW THREE — Smith, Jeanie: Denver, Colo; Music; Dorm Song Leoder; Forrand Asst. Night Director; University Singers; Festival Chorus. Smith, Karen Kathleen: Son Luis, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Smith , Mary Carstens: Englewood, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Resident Advisor; Honors; OffCompus Student Assn; Buff Ski Club; History Club. ROW FOUR — Smith, Susan Elizabeth: Albuquerque, NM; Education; Delta Gam- ma; Ponhellenic Advisor; CU Days Songfest; Compus Chest. Smoyer, Nancy Read: Princeton, NJ; Arts and Sciences; SPUR; AWS Revue; CU Bordeaux Study; University Theotre; Cosmo Club. Shortland, Neil Edward: Westminster, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. ROW FIVE — Snow, Brian Douglos: Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Colorodon; Chessmen; 3yr, Masters Program. Snow, Donald: Ft. Wayne, Ind; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pres, rush chrmn; IFC, rushbook ed; Silver and Gold; Phi Ep Phi; Sumalio; Sabres. Snow, James Lawrence: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW SIX — Snyder, Sarah Kylin: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Transfer from Ohio Wesleyon. Spano, Joseph Orlan: Arvada, Colo; Engineering; Tau Beto Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Sigma Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE. Sparks, Barry Lee: Aurora, Colo; Business; CUAMA. ROW SEVEN — Spelts, Rosalie Carol: Sterling, Colo; Business; Alpha Gamma Delta, vicepres and pledge trainer; Silver and Gold; Young Republicans; UN Week; ASUC Public Relations Comm; ASUC Merchant Relations Comm Spicer, Jeffrey Freeman: South Bend, Ind; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. Spinden, Corl Edward: Golden, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. a much better season than anyone had hoped OPPOSITE PAGE ROW ONE — Sproat, William Alan: Medford, Oregon; Pharmacy; Cross-country; Track; A Ph A. Stanley, Darrell Dee: Englewood, Colo; Education; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; A Phi 6, Stanton, Mory Lichtsinn: Wauwatosa, Wis; Arts and Sciences. ROW TWO — Starr, Thea Lynn: Platteville, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Young Repub- licans; ASUC Rally Commission; CU Relays Queen Finalist. Starr, Thomas Glenn: Platteville, Colo; Phormocy; Track; Phi Delta Chi; A Ph A. Stearns, Mary Campbell: Springfield, Vt; Arts and Sciences; WRA Ski Team; CU Racing Club, tres; CU Skiing; house recorder. ROW THREE — Steen, Diane Dolores: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Junior Yeor Abroad; Cosmo Club; People-to-People; AWS; Slide-Rule Follies. Stein, Pot: Aspen, Colo; Education. Steinhaus, Linda Carol: Prairie Village, Kans; Education; SPUR; Hesperia; Senior Class Council; National Affairs Comm; Alpha Epsilon Phi; AWS House Program Chrmn; AWS Revue. ROW FOUR — Sterling, Karen Lynne: Louisville, Colo; Music. Steuarf, Hannah Rysam: Mornstown, NJ; Arts and Sciences; AWS. Stewart, James H.: Grand Junc- tion, Ccio; Arts and Sciences. ROW FIVE — Stiebler, Douglos James: Northbrook, III; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club; Conservative Club; Young Republicans. Stoen, Vicky Linn: Colorodo Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Silver ond Gold; Panhellenic; Zeta Tau Alpha, pres, rush chrmn, social chrmn. Stotelmyer, Karen K.: Winchester, Ind; Education. ROW SIX — Stresen-Reuter, James: Barrington, III; Engineering; Tou Beto Pi; Sigma Tqu: AlChE; Sabres; Hammers; Senior Class Council; Delta Upsilon. Strickland, William L.: Englewood, ColO; Engineering; AES; AIAA, publicity chrmn Stroh, David Michael: Lovelond, Colo; Business; Wrestling; Silver and Gold. ROW SEVEN — Stuart, John Edgar: Valencia, Venezuela; Arts and Sciences; Soccer; AFROTC; Arnold Air. Society. Stuermer, Susan Kay: Evonston, III; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, asst. tres. Dads Day chrmn; AWS Review; CU Days Songfest. Sullivan, Colleen Mary: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Ski Club; Newman Club. 502 .v«M»«»iwatiBB,)iawi; S5 2 ' 2 ! 4 i i »E?.I • 1 " OPPOSITE PAGE ROW ONE — Sullivon, Julie A.: Toledo, Ohio,- Arts and Sciences.- Alpha Omicron Pi, pres, pledge rraner, UMC Board chrmn, Morlar Board; Theta Sigma Phi, see; Hesperio; Spurs; Int. Fair, personnel chrmn Ponhel. heor ng Board Sullivan, Robert Wayne: Rangely, Colo; Arrs and Sciences Summers, Kenneth Norman; Scorsdale. NY; Arts and Sciences; Buff Sl(i Club; Silver ond Cold Swan, Donna Morie; Colorado Springs, Colo; Education; Ski Club; Sr. Class Council: GOOSE Club Swayxe, lynn Chappell: GlenRidge, NJ; Arts and Sciences: Ski Club Sweanor, Barbara Mary: Colorado Springs, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Bowling Sweney, Sandra Sloen: Colorado Springs, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Zero Tau Alpha, liousemonoger; Women ' s Glee Club; Bosketball Club, see; Intramural chrmn Tagawa, Kenneth M.: Denver. Colo; Arts and Sciences: KENKYU Club, tres; dorm pres: Daily; MRHA. ROW TWO — Taibbi, Raymond Vincent; Honolulu, Hawaii; Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; Hammers; Scobbard and Blade Homecoming Comm; CU Doys Comm; ROTC; Greenhouse; Pi Kappa Alpha Takewell, Diane Marie: Borger, Te ; Arts and Sciences; Int. Fair; Koppa Kappa Gamma pledge queen; Silver and Gold; NSO; osst tres, tec-sec of KKG; Psi Chi. Takewell, Sharon Ann: Borger. Tex; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Spurs, Scholarship chrmn of Kappo Kappa Gamma; NSO: Conference on World Affairs; Psi Chi, preS; Angels Flight; Kappa Kappa Gamma, sec, vicepres. Talley, Stephen E.: Arvoda, Colo; Business; CUAMA Tateyama, Eugene Yoshio: Ault. Colo: Ans and Sciences; Colorodan, osst sports editor; Tau Kappa Ep- silon, vice-pres. Taylor, Barbara Lynn: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; lAAR Taylor, Chrls- llne Penelope: Dallas, Tex; Arts and Sciences; Spurs; HesperiO; Morlar Board; Castle Belles; Alpha phi, song Idr: Women s Glee Club; Univ. Choir. Taylor, Karen Eve: Toms River, NJ; Arts and Sciences; CU arsity Rifle Team; Buff Flying Club; CU Rifle-Pistol Club. here indeed it A as easy for many to hang themselves on the line to dry ROW ONE — Teal, Elizabeth Daniel: Boulder, Colo; Business; Canterbury Club. Temple, Martyn Col- lins: Mercer Islond, Wash; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, rush chrmn; CU Racing Club: Iniramurols Thiringer, Dennis Lee: Wray, ColO; Music; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Kappa Epsilon. pres - vice-pres; Univ. Jazz Ensemble; Hammers. ROW TWO — Thomas, Frances Ann: longview, Tex; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. Thomas, Janice Clara: Fort Morgon, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Delio, pres; YR ' s; Cosmo Club; Tou DeliO; AID, student off; dorm officer Thomas, Kalherine Knighl: Highland Pork, III; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, vice-pres; Spurs; AWS senator; Mortar Board. ROW THREE — Thomas, Nancy Ann: Bryan, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, vice-pres; pledge- •romer; Frosh Camp counselor: Soph Class Council; AWS, publicity. Thompson, James Edward: Onida, S Dak; Arts and Sciences; Honors Dept; Infromurals Thompson, Slephenie Emelia; Beverly Hills, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club; YRs; exchonge student to Austno ROW FOUR — Thompson, Vicki Darlene: Cheyenne, WyO: Arts and Sciences; Kappa Phi, preS; Wesley Found: Silver and G ' ld: Jr PA; Festival Chorus. Thoren, Robert John: Encino, Calif; Engineering; AES; AIAA; Sigma Tou; Upsilsn Beta Pi. Thurman, Ann Elitabelh: Seoul, Korea; Arts and Sciences; Col- orodan sr section ed; Honor Wing, pres; Angels Flight, sec: Pres ' Roundtable. pres: dorm wing, vice- pres. IHC; dorm hearing board; Roily Comm ROW FIVE — Ticehurst, Laurie-Jean Chichester: Lawghome, Po; Music. Tiemann, Kathleen Ellen: Greeley, Colo; Journalism; Silver ond Gold; Rally Comm, corres-sec; Theta Sigma Phi, keeper of archives; Chi Omega; Ponhel, dorm advisor. Tihon, Claude: Saigon, Viet-Nom; Arts and Sciences; Judo Club: Chinese Association; Cosmo Club; choir ROW SIX — Tiller, Ronald Frank: Arvado, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Pi Kappo Alpha. Timon, Clay Scott: Borrington, III; Business; Phi Delto Theta, sch chrmn. rush chrmn, vice-pres; Alpha Kappo Psi. secsec; Silver and Gold; Phi Ep Phi; Hammers; Sumalia. Sabres-Blue Key; cheerleoder; business hon ors; IFC; CUAMA. Tisdale, Stephen A.: Golden. Colo; Arts and Sciences. ROW SEVEN — Tisdel, Richard Phillip: Greeley, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Debate; Chi Psi, pres, vice- ores IFC senator: Del ' o S ' gmo Rho: New Conservative, osst ed Tjornhom, Joan LoRae: Los Alamos, N Mex; Arts ond Sciences: Women s Glee Club; Festivol Chorus; AWS House; Colorodan, organize- tions ed. Tool, Stephen Charles: Englewood, ColO; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappo Alpho, see; Soph Class Council Arnnlrj A r ,r .lv«r and Gold 505 in march boulder finally saw the sno A s of winter, and less of the skiers ROW ONE Torbel, John Randolpht Boston, Moss, Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles; Jr Class Council; IfC Tornslrom, Susan: New York, NY; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. Torpy, Richard 0.: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; YR ' s Colorado Daily, news ed, copy ed, sports ed College Bowl; Forum of Gov ' t Issues. Towne, John Davison: Colorado Springs, Colo; Business Delta Sigma Pi; CUAAAA. Tratensek, lourie Goodridge: Arlington, Vo; Arts and Sciences; CCCC Forrand, decorations; Circolo Itoliono Treverlon, Wil liam Ward: Denver, Colo; Arts end Sciences; Conservative Club; Buff Ski Club; YRs, state off; Sgma Chi; Spanish Club; New Conservative Trowbridge, Karen Jeanne: Denver, Colo; Business; Delta Delto Delta, rush chrmn, pres; Panhel, hearing board; Beta Sigma. Trippic, Georgia Kay: Scotfsbluff, Neb; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, vice-pres, AWS rep; dorm council. Silver and Gold; AWS Songfest, secy. ROW TWO — Truax, Samual Jesse: Omaha, Neb; Engineering; Chi Fpsilon; vice-pres; Slide Rule Follies, chrmn; Delto Sigma Pi; ASCE; AES; Judo Club: Intrcmurals, Softball, basketball, football; Engineers Days Ball, chrmn. Tschannen, Natalie Margit: Wheat Ridge, Colo; Educa- tion; Silver ond Gold; NEA-CEA; UMC, fine arts plonning comm Turner, Marsha Lee: Gaithers- borg, Md: Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omego; French Club; Jr class council; People to People Utoka, Tonald: Polo, Maui, Howaii; Arts and Sciences; Hawaiian Club. Urone, Paul Peter: Boulder, ColO; Arts and Sciences, Physics; Sigmci Nu, exec council; Sigma Pi Sigma, tres; Sr, Jr council; NSO; Silver and Gold; IR; AlP. Valent, James Alfred: Conon City, Colo; Engi- neering; Sigmo Tou; Vau Beta Pi; ETTA; Kappa Nu; AES, Vance, Margaret Lyn: Highlond Park, III; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; vice-pres, pledge trainer; Spurs; vice-pres; AWS Sen- ate; AWS Court. Vandapool, David Raymond; Denver, Colo; Business; Buff Ski Club; CUAMA. ROW THREE — Van Liere, David Eugene: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi, treS; Frosh comp counselor; Inter Debate; NSO Adv. Varra, Annette Yvonne: Broomfield, Clo; Arts and Sciences: Theto Sigma Phi; Valkyrie; CU Doily, rep, morgue ed; APO. Vellenga, Peter Jarretf: Bloomington, III; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; COGS, rep; Silver and Gold, rally comm; Sob Comm SBBB; Merchant Relations Comm; Student Rep to CC. VerDuft, Carolyn Kay: Denver, Colo; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jr Yr in France; Ski Club; jntramurals. Vergauwen, Richard Louis: Superior Wise; Business; Sigma Iota Epsilon. Veronda, George Anthony: Santa Barbara, Calif; Architecture; AIA, Men ' s Glee Club; Festival Chorus; Coiorodon, layout-con- sultant; NROTC Vest, Stephen R.: Woodland Park, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Rifle ond Pistol Club. Vifquain, Lawrence Blake: Denver, ColO; Engineering; IEEE; AES; Colorodo Daily, bus-mgr, asst bus-mgr, credit mgr, asst advertising mgr. OPPOSITE PAGE: ROW ONE — Voss, Jerrol Ann: Evanston, III; Arts and Sciences; AWS senator; AWS Revue; Fr Camp, co-ord; Spurs; fHesperlo; Delta Delta Delta; Campus Chest; student body v p cand. Vranesic, Linda Irene: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sciences; French Club; Italian Club; Newman Club; YR ' s. Waddick, Jack Ber- nard: Limon, Colo; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, tres, preS; Beta Alpha Psi. ROW TWO — Waddill, Molly Irene: Amarillo, Tex; Arts and Sciences; Spurs; Delta Delta Delta; Silver and Gold. Wagner, Lawrence Albert: Chicago, III; Engineering and Business; Sigma Chi, vice-pres, pledge troiner; Silver and Gold; IFC; IEEE; AES; intramurals Wagner, Margaret Firth; Wheeling, W Vo; Arts end Sciences; French Club. ROW THREE — Wagner, Molly Ann: Alamosa, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Silver and Gold, Women ' s Glee Club; Colo Daily, staff; jr yr abroad; Military Ball queen cand. Wagoner, James Edmond: Shepherdsville, Kty; Engineering; IEEE, AES Walker, Arthur James, Jr: Littleton, ColO; Business; Silver and Gold. ROW FOUR — Walker, Garnette: Wheat Ridge, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Campus Crusade for Christ; Univ. Bible Fellowship; ASMT. Wallace, Joanne Slanwood: Springfield, Mass; Arts and Sciences; Rally Comm, see; Women ' s Glee Club; Campus Chest; Jr Class Council; CU Relays Queen att; Kappa Alpha Theto; Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart; dorm council pledge Idr. Walley, John Joseph: Denver, Colo; Business; Kappa Sigma, pres, tres; IFC; IFC judiciary council; NSO; Beta Alpha Psi. ROW FiVE — Walters, Joanne Ruth: Grafton, N Dak; Pharmacy; Silver and Gold; Wesley Foundation; Zeta Tau Alpha, standards chrmn, sec; Iota Sigma Pi, vice-pres; Kappa Epsilon, sec, pres; APhA, student branch. Walters, Mary Ellen: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences, Med Tech, Phys Therapy; Alpha Gamma Delta; Future Physical Therapists; YR ' s, vice-preS; Choir; Soph Coun- cil; Homecoming dec; Int. Fair comm; Migration Comm; Cam- pus Chest Comm. Warberg, Carta Marie: Lovelond, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Libby 3.2 Club; Speaker ' s Congress, exec council, tres; Delta Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha, pres; Debate, Phi Beta Kappa Student Adv; Young Citizens for Johnson, YD ' s. ROW SIX — Ward, Barbara Ann: Boulder, Colo; Education; UMC board secy; Spurs; AWS Revue; Detlo Gamma; Hesperio; Homecoming; Mortar Board, secy; sr class tres; Coloradan. Ward, Louise Cowgill: Haverford, Penn; Arts and Sciences; Hiking Club; YWCA; AWS rep. Wares, Sharen Lee: Tucson, Ariz; Business; Ski Club; dorm council; hearing board. ROW SEVEN — Worn, James Thomos: Westminster, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Warner, Gwen Sutherland: Glen Falls, NY; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, pledge class pres, social chrmn; Cosmo Club; Tau Delta. Warren, Vicki Jo: Monitou Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences. lik ' njlll 506 507 ROW ONE — Watts, Potricio Susan: Valentine, Nebr; Education; Wesley Foundation; Buff Ski Club, pres; Young Republicans. Weaver, Doug Allan: Utica, New York; Business; junior class vice-pres; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi. Weover, Jack: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Rocky Mountain Region, chrmn; NSA; As- sociote Justice, ASUC Supreme Court; Court of Cheva- liers; Freshmon Camp, counselor. Webb, Anthony Allan: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Flnonce Board, chrmn; Senate comm on athletics; comm on Joint Boards; Cosmo Club. Weckbaugh, John Kernan: Englewood, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Homecoming; CU Doys; Alpha Tou Omego; UN Week; Buff Ski Club; Judo Club. ROW TWO — Weiss, Lowell Warner: Boulder, Colo; Engineering; AtAA, pres; Sigma Tau; AES Control Board. Weith, James Douglas: Denver, Colo; Engineering; Buff Ski Club; Racing Club; AlChE, varsity track, NROTC. Wells, George Ray HI: Arcadia, Calif; Journalism; Silver and Gold; intramural football, tennis; Men ' s Glee Club; Baker social chrmn. Wendel, Edward David: Bculder, Colo; Arts and Sciences. Wenneslond, Jon Martin; Kristionsond, Norway; Engineering; pres, Association of Norwegian StuderWs Abroad; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. ROW THREE — Werner, Marjorie Lee: Boulder, Colo; Education; Gamma Delta; University Lutheran Chapel; " Colorado Daily, " exchanged; NEA. West, JudI Ann: Galveston, Texas; Education; dorm council; Newman Club Choir; Delta Delta Delta, corres and recording secy; AWS Revue; Medical TechniciansClub, secy. Wheeler, Mary Ann: Denver, Colo; Education; Intervorsity Christian Fellowship. White, Bob: Meeker, Colo; Arts and Sciences. White, Nancy Jean: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma, pledge class tres; AWS rep, dorm; Ski Club; Conference on World Affairs; AWS Revue. a new addition to on older foundation 508 R IWnil ' 4 ar-. it. » and betwixt books and tables — ne A discoveries ROW ONE — White, Roger Henry: Denver, Colo; Educa- iion. Widom. Ivan Lee: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. Wilcox, Rebecca Barkley: Denver, ColO; Arts and Sci- ences. Wilder, Ward Russell; Colorado Springs, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Arnold Air Society. Wiley, Karen Lee: Littleton, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, social chrmn; French Ckjb. ROW TWO — Wilhelm, Marilyn Pauline: Wilmette, III; Education; Kappa Kappa Gommo; Buff Ski Club; CU Days Songfest; dorm songfesf; AWS Revue; Homecoming Publicity comm; Spirit and Morale Commission; Kappa, marshal. Williams, Robert Glynn: Colorado Springs, ColO; Business: varsity baseball. Williams, Robert I., Jr: Sterling, Colo; Business; CUAMA; Newman Club Willis, Katherine Allen: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Wom- en s Glee Club, secy; Homecoming, 1963, 1964; dorm officer; President ' s Roundtable; Centre! Board WRHA; Kittredge Complex Council pres; rep to NACURH. Willis, William Wherry: Greet Foils, Montana; Arts and Sci- ences ROW THREE — Willislon, Donold Grant: Inverness, Calif; Engineering: SIAM Willislon, Virginia Borefool: Lompoc, Calif; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, pledge vice- pres. Wilshusen, Robert Floyd: Boulder, Colo; Engineer- ing; IEEE; Eto Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Wilson, Dick: TrinidacJ, Colo; Phormacy; APhA pres; Phi Delta Chi, master-at-arms, corres; class preS; School of Pharmacy, Student Council. Wilson, Warren Grant: Boulder; En- gineering; Chessmen, tres; Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma. 509 now ONE Winch«5ler, Corol Jo: Honolulu, Hawoii; Education; Delta Gammo, vice-pres, secy; Pace- setter ,1964, Mor ' ar Boord. vice pres: dorm pres; CU Disciplinary Committee: Who ' s Who in American Universities. Wingtrler, Janice Ruth: Bloomfield Hills, Mich; Education; Alpha Phi, Standards Chrmn; Senior Closs Council; Young Republicans; Student NEA. ROW TWO — Winter, Charles Arthur: River Forrest, III; Business; Koppa Sigma; Spads. Wissmoth, Nancy Arena: Antonito, ColO; Pharmacy; APhA. ROW THREE — Wilhington, Ellen: Plymouth, Mass; Arts and Sciences; intramural sports; tennis. Wolf, lynn Krijiine: Fort Collins. Colo; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omego outstonding junior; Freshman Queen Finolisi; Pom Pon Girl; Military Boll Finalist; AWS rep. ROW FOUR — Wolf, William Wodsworlh: Boulder, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu, scholarship chrmn; ASUC Supreme Court; Honors Progrom; Junior Class Council; Prelaw Club. Wolfe, Elizabeth Dee: Denver. ColO; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, rush chrmn, pres; Silver and Gold; Senior Closs Council. ROW FIVE — Wolfle, lee M.: Washington, DC; Arts and Sciences; intromurols; osst probation officer progrom. Wollum, Marcia Jeanne: Sioux Falls. SD; Arts and Sciences; YWCA Council; Anthropology Club. ROW SIX Wood, Dorothy: Albuquerque, N Mex; Business; Rocky Mountain Rescue group; Horseman- ship Club; bus mgr. student rodio station. New? Mexico. Woodhall, Virginia Alma: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Mortor Board; Delta Sigma Rho; Speokers ' Congress; Pi Beta Phi. ROW SEVEN — Woodrum, Worth Thomas: Berthoud. Colo, Arts and Sciences; Alpha Kappa Psi; Univer- sity Choir Works, Leslie: Denver, Colo; Education; Pi Beta Phi; AWS rep; Sabres secy. 510 a class intent upon finding answers to the stannp on their hands ROW ONE — Worth, Jon Philip: Denver, Colo; Arli and Sci- ences; CU Hiking Club mgr. Wrighl, Dion N.: Polos Verdes Estotes. Calif; Education; Silver ond Gold; Buff Ski Club; Gotn- mo Phi Beta; YWCA Council, tres. Wright, Willis J., Jr.: Ren- sselaer, Ind; Business; Sigma Nu, secy, trei, prcs; Silver and Gold; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Colotadon. 1963; C- Book; Troffic Court Hearing Board. Wrighl, Rosamond Poge: Chestnut Hill, Mass; Education. York, Richard John: Delmar, NY; Business; Phi Delta Theto. vice-pres; Alpha Kappa Psi; NSO, group leader; Silver and Gold; Buff Ski Club; NROTC; Calico ond Boots; Cosmo Club Young, John RusmII: Arlington, Va; Arts and Sciences; Pershing Rifles; TriC Club. Young. William Edwin: Lokewood, Colo; Business YusI, Jamot Edward: Kremmling, Colo; Arts ond Sciences; Buff Ski Club. ROW TWO Zolinger, Eileen Pearl: Denver, Colo; Education; AWS rep; Hillel rep; Colorodan stoff. Zorini, ColotI Marie: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; dorm hearing board; AWS House; Buff Ski Club; Roily Commission; Kappa Koppo Gamma, asst. pledge trainer, pledge trainer. Zeniuk, Nikola: Denver, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpho Ziemann, Judifh Jon: Golden, Colo; Education; Religious Programming Board; Festival Chorus; AWS Hearing Board; Canterbury Club; Fresh- man Camp secy Zieli, Joan Marie: Denver, Colo; Arts ond Sciences. Zikmund, William George: Evergreen Park. Ill; Busi- ness; Sigma Alpha cpsilon; American Marketing Association. Zimmerman, Dorothy Jean: Burlington, Colo; Arts and Sciences; Spur; Symphonic Band; Tau Beta Sigmo; Honors; Freshman Camp Counselor; Pi Sigma Alpha, Homjcoming publicity comm; UN Week General Committee; AWS Revue Generol comm; Academic Affairs comm; AWS Court. Zuckerman, Norman Jay: Boise, Idaho; Arts and Sciences 511 nurses — walking toward a healthier :) I 2 ROW ONE — Agoltuma, Parrlcia Kaiuko: Denver. Colo; Nursing; IVCF. NCF; nurici cho.f, Board; CSNA; publiciry comm: Homecoming; University Bible Fellowship. Anderson, Norma Louise: Elizabeth, Colo; Nursing; CSNA; Nurses ' Christian Fellowship; choir Aubuchon, Borboro Bindier: Sterling, Coio; Nursing; CSNA; choit; AWS hearing board; School of Nursing social comm. Bietemeier. Jean Anne: Denver. ColO; Nursing; CSNA, chrmn, recruitment; NSNA, member, recruitment comm; choir; stu- dent council. Blank, EHzabeHi Frances: Markham, III; Nutsing; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; choir; CSNA; social comm Breckway, Barbara Diane: Boulder, Colo; Nursing; CSNA; public relations comm; newsletter ed; NSNA, corres; residence heoring boord; cochrmn, jrsr banquet enter- tainment; choir Brodd, Susan Potricia: Littleton, Colo; Nursng; CSNA; Band; Westmimsiei fellowship. Four C s Brown, Meredith Lillian: Denver, Colo; Nursing: Four C ' s; CSNA. ROW TWO — Burnett, Morilyn Koye: Colo Sprgs, Colo; Nursing; CSNA; NSNA, ZetG Tau Alpha Caldwell, Suzanne J.: Aurora, Colo; Nursing; YD $; Four C S; choir; swimming team; Canterbury Club. Cobb, Nonno Jeanne: Denver. Colo; Nursing; CSNA; Wesley Foundotion; Alpha Chi Omego; Sigma Chi Derby; Four C S; Voice of Youth; Young Democrats; chrmn, |r sr banquet Davis, Rosalie Lyons: Honolulu, Hawaii; Nursing. Diehl, Ann Marie: Grand Junction, ColO; Nursing; CSNA; Four C S; social comm; choir. Dillon, Alice Elaine: Eclterr, Colo; Nursing; Roger Williams fellowship: CSNA, secy, vicepres; choir; CCCC; Honor Code System, secy; NCF; NSNA, convention rep. Dyer, Marsha Deanne: Denver, Colo; Nurs- ing; CU, University Theatre productions; AWS Hearing Board; pledge class vicepres. Alpha Delta Pi; Four C s; Silver and Gold. Eatley, Adrienne Leanna: Denver, ColO; Nursing; Four C S; CSNA; jrsr banquet; Nurses CHrisfion Fellowship, ROW THREE — Ferguson, Judy: Denver, Colo; Nursing. FIgge, Dorothea Louise: Brighton, Colo; Nursing; social comm, publicity comm, vice-pres, secy of student body; Four C ' s; Gamma Delta; choir; CSNA; Mortar Board; University Lutheran Assembly, secy; Honor System comm. Fister, Connie Grace: Wallingford, Po; Nursing; CSNA, tres district twO; choir Gall, Shirley: Denver, Colo; Nursing; Four Cs; CSNA. Grosvenor, Nila Pauline: Golden, Colo; Nursing; Four C S; Hilting Club; residence hearing Board; nurses choir; jr-sr banquet; Great Books; Student Council; AWS Senator. Hale, Jean Trankle: Reno, Nev; Nursing; Four Cs; |r-sr banquet; chile supper Halker, Sandra A.: Denver, Colo; Nursing; Gamma Phi Beta; Four Cs; Sigma Theta Tau, planning comm Harper, Katharine Cornell: Palisades, Calif; Nursing; School of N ursing, student body pres; tres. Nurses ' Christian Fellowship; choir; Kappo Alpha Theta; class rep; stu- dent body tres; CSNA; member, constitution and by-laws comm. understanding of men ROW ONE — Henkle, Martha Ann: Westminster, Colo; Nursing; choir, |f sr banquet comm, chtmn; CSNA, publicity comm. Nice, Carolyn Louise: Austin, Colo; Nursing; CSNA, stole vice-pres; Night, ngole Choir accomponist; Heormg Board; AWS rep; stu- dent council delegate, N3A convention; Delto Comma. Hippt, Deo Ann: Englewood, Colo; Nursing; Buff Ski Club; Young Republicans; UN Week comm; ASA; Four C S; CSNA; big-little sisters; Nursing School paper. Hull, MIna Kelley: Denver, Colo; Nursing; CSNA KU Nurses Club secy; Frosh-hawks; KU Band. Hurst, Victoria Ellen; Denver, Colo; Nursing; Residence Hearing Board. Jordan, Ronalee Rae: Denver. Colo; Nursing; social comm, chrmn; CSNA, Johnson, Judy Carole: Denver, ColO; Nursing CSNA. Jarvis, Lee: Scotisdole, Anz; Nursing; fluff Ski Club; Boulder Civic Opera; Young Republicans. ROW TWO — KishI, Donna Yuklko: Kailuo, Hawaii; Nursing; Hawaiian Club; CSNA; choir; constitution; jr-sr banquet ro " " i landers, Jacqueline Lee: longmont, Colo; Nursing. Phom Thi, My-Anh: Soigon, South VietNom; Nursing. Orr, Alfredo Msndenhall: Denver. ColO; Nursing; Kappo Kappo Gamma. Nguyen, Ngon Thi: Saigon, South Viet-Nom; Nursing; big ond little sisters Mummery, Mary Anna: Colo Springs, Colo; Nursing; Chi Omego, CSNA; ludicial comm; Young Republicons; Buff Ski Club. McElhinney, Patricio Bryan: Denver, ColO; Nurs- ing; Delta Gommo; Spur; capping choir; Silver and Gold. McCoy, Tonis: Denver, Colo; Nursing. ROW THREE — McConnell, Annette Cynthia: Denver, Colo; Nursing. Maxwell, Judith A.: Auroro, Colo; Nursing; choir; Four C ' s; social comm; constitution; by-laws comm; Lutheran Student Association, chrmn Mathews, Barbara Jean: Pueblo, Colo; Nursing; CSNA Mannweiler, Jane Anderson: Bellevue, Wash; Nursing; Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge of the yr; CSNA; choir. MaKeo, Edith Jane: Kingmon, Anz; Nursing; CSNA; stu- dent council, class rep; choir loreni, Betty Oster: LoSolle, ColO; Nursing. Lee, Sandro Dreith Lee: Denver, ColO; Nursing; Four C S; CSNA; Roger Wilhoms Fellowship, sec-tres; Women s Glee Club. Larson, Janet McAfee: Denver, Colo; Nursing; Festival Choir; nurses choir. ' 513 Il ROW ONE — Powers, Lynn Dorien: Saddle River, NJ, Nursing, Rainbow, Carolyn Ann: Conway, 5C; Nurs- ing; CSNA; Four C ' s; choir, Ronson, Helen F.: Denver, Colo; Nurstng. Rice, Mary Kafhleen: Indianapolis, Ind; Nursing. Root, Marian Joyce: Boulder, Colo; Nursing; CSNA; Newman Club; Four C S; choir; pub- licity chrmn. ROW TWO — Sather, Barbara Joy: Arvado, Colo; Nursing; Women ' s Glee Club; choir; Four C ' s. Schiff, Carol Genevieve: Trinidad, Colo; Nursing; Four Cs; CSNA; Newman Club; RILW; student af- fairs comm, class rep. Schmidt, Judy V.: Englewood, Colo; Nursing; AWS Senate, GSNA; NSNA, public relations comm; student council. Nursing School; cHoir; jr-sr banquet steering comm. Scott, Frazter Marie: Houston, Texas; Nursing; choir; CSNA. Shiner, Carolyn Ann: Littleton, Colo; Nursing; social comm; Sigma Theto Tau organization comm; chrmn; CSNA, ROW THREE — Son, Tron Thi: DuHue, South Viet Nam; Nursing. Svendsen, Susan Ray: Minneapolis, Minn; Nursing; Alpha Delro Pi; CSNA; nursing choir. Tomasovic, Nina Ann: St. Louise, Mo; Nursing; Alpha Gammo Delta; Four C S; Colorodan, soles staff; nurs- ing choir. Trenary, Joan Ellen: Ft. Collins, Colo; Nurs- ing; Farrand Hail, floor rep; judicial comm; choir for capping. Van Den Heuvel, Carol Lynn: Long Valley, NJ; Nursing; Campus Crusade for Christ; CSNA; Highlond Fellowship; residence hearing comm, re- corder; choir; Honor Code System; Nurses ' Christian Fellowship. ROW FOUR — Weyl, Doris Nancy: Aurora, Colo; Nursing; CSNA; student council. Whistler, Judy Key Denver, Colo; Nursing. Widener, Frances Doris Pueblo, Nursing; CSNA; nursing choir; publicity comm Wilke, Joanne Marie: Cinebar, Wash; Nurs- ing; CU Bond; CSNA; Nurses " Christian Fellowship. Youngclous, Paula Jean: Denver, Colo; Nursing. the treasure of making a once misshapen man whole again 5M the law degree — a sense of equity? ROW ONE Boer, Marsha Yvonne: Reno, Nev; Low,- Low Review, chief case-note ed: Phi Alpha Delio; APED; OWE; Rothgerber competition. Furgason, David: Denver, Colo; Law; teaching, research asst; Law Review; Rothgerber Appellate Argument Competition; Phi Delta Phi; inlramurals; APED, GHG ROW TWO Hacking, Donald G.: Boulder, Colo; Law; Phi Delta Phi; Quare; Rothgerber competi tcon. Winning team; director, legal aid clinic Student Bar Assoc; APED; AVE Hopkins, Richard E,: Grand Junction, Colo; Legal Aid; sr counsel; APED, GLG. ROW THREE LcRus, William: Denver, Colo; Law Lindner, George P.: Sandwich, III; Low; vice-pres, closs; Phi Alpha. Delta, vice-pres; Legal Aid; Quare, sports ed. ROW FOUR — McLaughlin, Douglas Stephen: Colo Sprgs, Colo; Low; Phi Delto Theto; Phi Delta Phi; Han-mers Miller, John Gory; Longmont, Colo; Law. ROW FIVE Miller, Phillip C: Denver, Colo; Law. Morrato, Jomes Joseph: Boulder, Colo; Low; Legal Aid; Law Review, bus mgr; Phi Delta Phi; intramurals; APED; SWE. ROW SIX Phillipt, Richard W.: Colby. Kons; Low; Phi Alpha Phi; Rothergerber competition, final- ist; Notional Moot Court team; intramurols; Student Bar Assoc, vice-pres; Legol Aid; APED; GMG. Sonnetyn, David N.: LeSuer, Minnesota; Law; Phi Alpha Delta; Rothgerber Appellate Brief Competi- tion; Student Bar Assoc: Storke scholor. Spence, Ronald G.: Boulder, Colo; low; Honor Code comm; Legal Aid. Thulemeyer, Ann: LoJunto, ColO; legal Aid, director Wise, Richard James: Denver, ColO; Law; class pres; Law Review; Rothgerber Appellate Argument; Americon low Student Assoc; circuit delegate; Quare; athletic director; Student Bar Assoc; Phi Delta Phi, social chrmn; Phi Koppo Tou, mgr; Boettcher scholar; Federal Court Legol Aid; chrmn, law students for Johnson-Humphrey; Honor Code comm; alumni scholarship; Phi Delta Ph.; APED; CFG. Wise, William Curtis: Boulder, ColO; Law; Student Bar Assoc, pres; low newspaper ed; member, winning team, CU appellate argument competition; Notionol Moot Court teom; Phi Delta Phi, Legal Aid, WiMemyer, John: Boulder, Colo; Law; Rothgerber competition, finalist; Phi Delto Phi; APED; BV; IFC tres; Boettcher scholor; Freshman Camp, counselor; Delta Tou Delta, vice-pres; Chi Epsilon. 515 Index Aakkulo. Kirili M 464 Aon«rud, Kenneth Dean 453 Aaronion, Sand ' O Dion ..179, 320 Aaine s, Maxino Mafi 464 Abbott, E 192.257,455 Abbott. Williom Henry 220 Ablewn. Suton Elaine ...202.319 Abernathy. Sanr uel C 437.464 Able, Stephen Oowden 230 Acheson. Batbota Jane 464 Ackermonn. Norma Roe ..190.455 Acutf. Mory Alice 464 Adair. Barbara Lee 174, 378. 400. 437 Adami, Beth Mane 198 Adomi, Cynthia Mory 312 AdatT i. Kathleen. Cotnille 176 Adomi. Mary Christine 319 Adomj. Michoel Dovid . .208, 352 Adami, fiosemory 360 Adomi. Solly Bornej 174.464 Adomi, Sharon Koe 464 Adomi, Tereio Adele 200 Adomson, Sondell 196 Adcock, Kathleen Ann 307, 40607 Adhonom, Algonesh 464 AeKhlemon. Vonce E 346, 453 Afton, Alliien 326 Afton, Alliien 336 Agotsumo, Patricio K 513 Ager, Charlei Andrew 344 Aggeler, Sheilo Jane 198,360 Agron. Gory Alon 234 Agy. Oovid Lynn 464 Ahem, George Irving. Jr 317 Ahlveri, Anr e Elizabeth 117. 366. 443 Aho. Woyne Alon 333 Aikens, Constance Lord 330 Aikin, Jocqueline 194 Ainiworth. Richard King 213 Aitchiion. Peter W 405 Akers, Howard Joseph 456 Alcholobi. Morouf M 405 Al low, Abdullah S 405 Albert, Richord Keith 334 Albrecht, Marie Theresa 438 Albright. George H 349 Albright. John Loren .464 Aldrich, Judith Koy F 341 Aldrich, Richard E 341.454 Aldridge. Suion Lynn 319 Alexonder, Clifford S 353 Alexander. Eorle M 218,456 Alexander, Elwood C 240.464 Alexander. Jonette 327 Alexander. Richord J 217.291 Alexander. Scott Roy 236 Alexonder. Suionne 104. 190. 440. 464 Aley. Ronold Eorl 439 Alfonso. Poul Anthony 437 Alford. frank Arthur 397. 464 Algyer. Marilyn McKoy 89. 357,414.464 Alix. Donold Poul 437.464 Allen. Carolyn 116,196.437. 464. 532 Allen. Jessica Ann 399 Allen. June Lee 188 Allen. Mory Morgaret 357 Allen. Penny Lynn 325 Allen, Peter Marcus 431 Allen. Suzanne Lee 194.398. 431 Allen. Trudy Ann 300. 325 Allero. Koy Lynn 184,455 Allgire, Pomelo Rose 330 Allison, Virgmio Lee -...438 Alsup, Donald Roy 339 Aliup, Judith Hollond 300 Altons. Andre 3)8 Airman, Lindo Morgorot 439 Alvorodo. Donold Morcus 444 Alvorez, Pete 264. 289 Alvord. Ellsworth C 224 Alwort, Stephen John ...331,453 Ambrose. Jane Frances 192 Ambrose. Laurence David 334. 443 Ambrose, Nancy Jeon ...311,383 Amesie, Corol Eloiie 184 Amick. Robert Dean v414 Ancell, Wilmo Jo 439 Anderl. Judith Mary 363 Anderson, Constance M 377 Andersen, Larry Jon 317 Anderson, Borboro Goil 198. 381 Anderson, Carole Helena 356 Anderson, Cynthia P 174,336 Anderion, Dovid L 340 Anderson, Diane Marie 332 Anderson. Douglos A 429,431 Anderson. Eriin Joy 181.334 Anderson. Gordon Wylie 344 ArHjerion. Gregg Rotsert 413 Anderion. Cweruiolen Joe - 439 Artderson. Jocquie Koy 363 ArHJerson, James Michael 406 Anderson, James R 456.457. 459 Anderson, Jeffrey Crolg 335 ArHJerson. John Ramsey 236 Anderson. Karen Sue 194 Anderson, Koren V 170. 192. 377 Anderion, Noncy Adele 333 Anderson. Norma Louise 513 Anderson. Paul Clark 456 Anderson, Penelope Sue 309 Anderson, Richard Paul 269 Anderson, Sherwood H. .222. 388 Anderson, Stonley Ivor .244. 452 Anderson, Steven Eorl 297 Anderson, Terri Neil 190,415 Anderson, Thomas Brian 218, 341 Andresen, Chorles F 217,374 Andrews, John Joseph 464 Andrews, Richard K 269 Andrews, William Wilson 392 Angerhofer. Gory Ernest 464 Angle. Thomas Lander 344 Anglen. Russell Keith ....353.412 Ankrum. George Theodore ....454 Annis, Koy 332 Anschicks, Eorl Nelson 223 Anselmo, Tom Fronk 338 Anson, Clifton, Peter 220 Anson, Williom Gordon 362 Antes, Joyce Ellen 334 Antillo. Rodney Thomos 464 Antle. Rudy Joe 385 Apoloo, Thomos Love 340 Apostolos, Kotherine D 322 Appelmon. Lily Dvoro 324 Apple, Constance A 360 Applegote, Soroh L 198 Arbeou. Glendon Mercer 296, 403 Arbuthnot, Goy 192 Archer, Corinne Aedle 439 Archibold, Ronald Lee 414 Archibald, Sondro Lee 184 Arford, Bonnie Lou 176 Arfiten, Lonme 292 Arkin, Lenore Eltelle 437 Armour. Arlene Diane ....418.464 Armour, Tom Wilton 232 Arms. Mory Ann 180,406 Armstrong, Alon H 454 Armstrong, Charles W 242 Armstrong, Dovid Joseph 297 Armstrong, Jomes Curtis 210 Armstrong, John W 222 Arnoo, Isis Carmen 314 Arndt, Donno Lousie 327. 436 Arndt. Kothryn Joonne 326 Arneson. Potricio Kothy 184 Arnold, James Daniel 464 Arnold. Richord Daniel 400 Arnold. Sherwood C 236.464 Arnold. Victor Poige 236.414 Arnon. Harold Dovid 266 Arnot. Corol Christine 439 Aronson, Corl Henry 359. 437 Arries. Williom Gerald ..246. 340 Arrizo. John Gerald 465 Arroyo. Joseph Vincent 295 Arthur, Kothleen L 324 Asom, Wayne Emmsley 352, 456 Asbury, Judith 117,192,316 Asche, Ronald Iro 348, 335 Ashburn, Erich Horry .429,431, 454,465 Ashby, Roymond Eorl ...340,341 Ashenfelter, Leioy Koy 439 Ashmon. Word 224 Asmus, Joyce Corol 359 Asper, Dovid Webster 220 Atchison. Debro Lou 200.310 Atkinson. Karen llene 322 Atkinson. Kothryn Anne 190 Atkinson, Louonne 314 Atkison, Lynn Ann 193 Aller, Ronald Fili 456 Atterbury, Coren E 314 Aubuchon. Borboro B 513 Augenstein. Robert J 419 August. Heidi 330 Auli, Williom John 298 Aumiller. Robert S 465 Auten. Donald Eorl 363 Autrey. Suion Koy 320 Ayles. Anne Lorroine ...196,336 Aylsworth. Kenneth D. -.242. 331 Ayres, Rondi Moy 320 Azor, Williom George 339 Azor. Yvonrw Yvette 174 Azcui. Sandoval Juan ...338. 405 Azji, Linda Gail 313 Bobb. Marilyn Louise 439 Bobbt, Dovid lee 369 Bobcock, Brooke S 405 Bobcock. Colion William 407, 409,431 Babow, Corole Ann 330 Boca. Kathleen GoyI 359 Bocoo. A Michael 453 Bochmon, William B 336.434 Becker. Tor Olov 405. 439, 431,465 Bockei, John Brien 465 Bockmon, Jocqueline Ann 200 Bacon, Sherye Lee 323, 360 Boddion, Eloine Anne 176 Boer, Borry Steven 234,456. 459,465 Boer. Lynne 179,315 Boer. Marsha Yvonne 515 Bogon, Moidi Ann 174 Boggoley, Mory Alice 334 Boiordi, Kenneth Bruce 236 Boiley. Barbara Sue 332. 438 Boiley. Jeon Elizabeth 198 Bailey, John Martin 313 Boiley. Terry Lyn 181.325 Boily, Corl GriHilh 428. 429 Bainbridge, Alexander G 226 Sainton. Mor|Ory E 323.465 Boir. Borboro Goil 190.357 Boird. Noro Elizobeth 364 Boird, William Douglos ..238.465 Baker, Borboro Lou 188 Baker, Diane Jon ..194,399.408 Boker. Jock Deon 465 Boker, Judith Lee 327,465 Boker. Karen Louise 312 Boker, Loilo Bettino 198,309 Boker, Lynn Paul 234, 374 Baker, Patricio Ann 316 Boker, Richard Andrew 344 Boker, Richard Burl 346, 453 Boker, Romoyne S 338 Boker, Victorio E 389 Bokke, Even 403 Bokshi, Ashok Kumor 405 Bokstod, Ailrid Helene 403 Bolcomb. Phrlip Ray 208 Boldridge. Korlo Sue 363. 465 Boll. Richord Williom 238 Bollontyne. Elizobeth C 176 Bollord. Michael Roy 217 Bollos. Koren Price 465 Bologh, Joseph 214 Bongert. Roymond Eugene ....333 Bonkert. Neil Richord 431 Bonks, Eites McLedd 266 Banner. Suson Alice 330 Bonsboch, Lynda Lee 198 Banwell, Mory Lou 174,438 Borbee. Andrew R 415,465 Borber. John Wilford 444 Barbour, Ellen Wilson 313 Borby. Cathy Jane 336 Bord, Kay Elizabeth 176, 320 Bore. Ben Thompson 336 Borelo. Edwin Horold 418 Borker, Moyo Moy 434, 465 Borkley. Sherrilyn Sue 176 Borlett, Richard Lee 366, 340 Barlow, Jon Byron 170,324, 456 Bomocle, Mory Ruffner 198 Bornes, Ralph Craig 341 Bornett, Catharine P 465 Bornett, Gory Lee .465 Bornett, James Roger ...412.434. 465 Bornett. Ronald Edword 382. 465 Borney. Dean Morsholl ..453. 459 Bomum, Charles S 238 Borr, Arthur William ....456,457, 458 8orr. Christopher Peter .217,415. 466 Bor, Glendo Moi 190.466 Borr, Joon Yvonne 312 Borr, Suzonne Walton ..414,421, 435,458 Borrett, Anito Mae 316 Borrett. Beverly Jeon 319 Borrett, Margaret Ann 334 Borron, Potricio Jonis 188 Barrows. Michael F 244 Barrows. Volery E 196,377. 458 Borry, Robert Lcwil 434, 444 Borto. Suion 334 Barteli. Donold Robert 246 Barteli, Phillip Terry 242 Bonlett. Anne Loke 184.364 Bartletf, James Wesley 171. 217,323 Borton. Andrew Word ....330, 344 Borton, Goil Roy 398 Bonon, Jean loulw 334 Borton, Richard Bruce ...245. 466 Borton, Thomoi Jeffrey ..170,212 Bonram, Mononne 320 Boshor, Robert Joseph 379 Boshore. Lee Ann 198 Boiiert. Nicholoi P 238 Boswnon, Joseph Iro . . .234 Bast. Bonnie Sue 176, 332 Boifi. Abdul Zoher .405 Botcheller, Thomos J 224 Bote, Borboro Jeon 200, 334 Batterion, Jonolhon E 218 Bauer, Colvin Lyie 237 Bouer, John Albert 444 Boueri, Louis Robert 224. 274 Bough, Glen Lee 358 Bougher, Joy Irwin 390 Boughmon, Edward LeRoy . ..124 Boum, Noncy Jone 192,414 Boum. NorKy Novock 437 Boumo, Judy Ann 310 Boumon. Helen Len 190 Boumonn, Kenr elh Jomes . ..212 Boumgortner, Lorene L .327. 466 Boyl, Jockson Dorrell .417.466 Beober, Lorry Ross 338 Beochy, Robert Milton 240 Beoird, Richord Charles 338 Beol, Corol Frances 320 Beol, Jock Horry 242,422 Beon, Bonnie Kotherine 439 Bear, Phyllis lurney 192 Beordsworth, Shorilyn 319 Beorly, Koy Dorlene 323 Beotty, Dole Preston . 358 Beotty. Lolo Jean 309 Beotty. Mory Ellen .387 Beouchomp. Suzonne 359 Bebee. Gory Richard 346 Bechik. Vicki Roe 174 Bechtel. Mory Louise 330 Beck, Charles Abney 338 Beck, Mory Louise 330 Becker. Carmen Honsen 466 Becker. Charles Herbert 333 Becker. Joyce Koy 466 Becker, Morvin Roy 435 Becker. Michoel Richord 331 Becker. Noncy Elaine 337 Becker. Ralph Paul 417.466 Becker. Robert Alan 248 Becker. Thomas Allen 246 Beckler, Morlene M 360 Beckwith, Corole Leigh 360 Beebe, Ftonklyn C 419 Beebe. Mory Evelyn 194 Beegle, Tedd Norman 414 Beerer, James Honiell 317 Beers, Mory Elizobeth 194 Beers, Stephen Peter 333 Beerley, John Alvin 353 Begley. Thomos Francis 233 Behler. Dovid Edword 317 Beidler. Roderick Keith 453 Beightol. Ronald Lee 134.466 BeUnop. Louro Spencer 198 Bell. Jomes Wolker 341 Bell. Jeanne Morgorer ..194.433 Bel. Normon Eugene 234 Bell, Sherrilyn 322 Bell. Stephen Phillip 353. 456 Belleou. Roger Phillip ....232. 466 Bellinger, Eloise Jeon 188 Belsher. Donold R 430 Belt. Robert Julian 226 Benbrook. Morcio Koy 309 Bench, Jomes Terry 341.456 Bender, Deon Robert 208 Benford. Jeon Morgoret 181. 330. 399 Benger, Jeffrey Stewort 353 Benhom, Melvin Dexter 363 Benioff. Borboro Louise 362 Bennett, Dono Louise ....443, 466 Bennert. Dovid Rider 218 Bennett, Joonn Eloirw 184 Bennett. Moiine Shirley 168. 202,319 Bennett, Morrily Lynn 334 Bennett, Robert Morris ..289, 466 Benning, Solly Jeon 196 Bennir gton, Ann Carol 330 Bennis, Chorles Michoel 240, 466 Benowitz, Foye Idelle 202 Benson, Alon Edward 389 Benson. Jonis Jeon 320 Benson. Lenore 1 389 Bention, Noncy Moy 314 Benwell, Pomelo S. 190 Beron, Mory Ann 300 Berenstein. Gerold M 234 Berentsen. CorlErik R. ..403.405 Berg. Howord Ronold 222 Bergemon. Gerold M 428, 429 Berger, Carol Lou ..178.415.466 Berger, Dovid Jeffrey 466 517 B«rger, G«orgionn 326 Berger, Roger John 453 Berggren, Debofoh Ann 360 BerVe, El.zobefh J 406, 407 Berkey, Doni«l Compron 218 Berkey, Lois Jean 181,336 Berkey. Robert Sionley 341 Berkley. Martin Joseph 240 Berkowitz, Allan S 466 Berkowirz. Ruth Kerman 466 BerkowtK. Stephen N. ..171,235, 380, 466 Berloge. Ceroid Henry ..437, 466 Berman, Robert Michael 234 Bernard. Charles David 269 Bernard, Gilbert Cress 452 Berndt, Jocolyn Marie 310 Berney. Susan Louise 200 Berry. Richard Ralph 352 Bertino, Garence D » 338 Berlins, Pouls 212.377 Besser, Leslie 428,435 Best, Joel Eugene 456, 457 Best, Steven Riley 226, 289 Best. Trudy Marie 448. 466 Belchart. Will Bernhard ..170.208 Bettencourt, Juliette H 314 Bettor, Jorge Jose 248 Bhat, Suresh Noroyon 405 Biogioni. George Peter ..242, 432 Bibbero, Richard V 236, 338 Bickel. Lane Clayton 222, 298 Bickford, Connie Roe 196,326 Bicksler, Robert M 344, 453 Biedermon, Helen Elaine 466 Bielefeld, Mary E 405 Bien, Williom John 466 Biesemeier, Jean Anne 513 Bigelow, Sondra Sue 439 Biggodike, Robert H 421 Biglone, Chorlotte Ann 359 Bihter, SperKer Gordon 454 Bilorusky, John Alan ...383, 392 Binord, Joey Dee 466 Bincier. Diona Kotherine 326 Binder, John Robert 429.431, 466 Binkiey, Timothy Glenn 118. 122.382 Birdsill. Howard Earl 466 Birkby. Alan Farris 170,231 Bishop, Joyce Lynn 188 Bjorkheim, Oyvind 403,431, 466 Bjornson, Nicki Dean 357 Block. John Roy 220 Biockburn. Ronold Lee 242 Blockbum. William Lee .208, 353 Blackford. Morguerite A 408 Bloir, Janet Mae ....184.458,466 Blair, Jonna Lou 360 Blair. Kenneth Wayne ....266. 269 Bloke. Herbert 218.466 Blonc, Margery Lorraine 117. 120. 190.360 Blonchord. Geraldine Y 309 Blond, Lee Ander 466 Blank, El.iobeth F 513 Bloll, Meredith Joy 466 Blougrvnd, Clifford E. ..234, 377, 383 Blougrvnd, Elaine Carol 179 Bledsoe, Sandra Ann ....176, 309, 412 Blee, Jenipher Jean 439 Blegebron, Linnie Opal 321 Blench, Alvin Thompson 405 Bleweit. Richard Castle .344. 430 Blewin. Ronald Lee 424,444 Blietz. Blllie Lea 439 Blinn. John Ferguson 349 Bliss. Allen Kenneth 453 Bliss, Suson Elear or 196 Blilt, Peter 358 Block. Leslie Lynne 194 Blomgren. Dovid Allen 242 Blood. Bylle Jean 362 Bloom. Bonnie Mae 439 Blom. Carol Foe 320 Bloom. Dorothy Jone „ 360 Bloom. Ellen Koy 202 Bloom, Gory Louis ..... " . 339 Blouch. Stephen Corey 236 Blue, Noncy Ann 198,466 Blumer, Donald James 244 Boordmon, William J 387 Bootr.ght. Warren E 292 Bocim, Woren Thomas 466 Boden, Bonito Belle 311,373, 412 BodenKholi, Lynn 196 Bodily. Judy Anne 198 Bodme. Bonnie Lee 466 Bodley. Corliss Jeone ...194,321 Boe. Deonno Jeon 326 BoehrT er, Pamela Jone 168 Boesel, Robert Williom 244 Bogert. Bnon Keith ._ 362 Bohort. Roger Horry 344 Boice. Ceroid Greig 231 Boley. Lindo Coy 327. 399 Bolies. Marsha Jerene 360 Boll. Linda Diane 190.440 Bolton. Virginia C 466 Bomberger, Jane Griffin 360, 377 Bonavida, Lorroine V 319 Bonds, Polric Ellis 431,454 Bong, Steven Howard 238 Bonhom, Kothy P 182.414 Bonke, Judy Roe 321 Bononcini. Dolores Ann 466 Bonsoll. Susan 330 Bonlroger, Kenneth Lee 466 Book, Susan 188 Boone, Carol Ann 188,316 Boos, Lorraine Louise 314 Bootes, Bonnie Kay 332 Boothroyd, Jan 327 Boroer, John 333 Borden, Potrtcia Nan 190, 316 Borgo, Judy Annette 190 Bornstetn. Debroh Beth 336 Borskey, Wilbur L 339, 466 Bortles, Barton Eugene 269 Bortz, Sue Ann 418 Bosch, Frank William 269 Boston, Evelyn Mary 182 Boslwick, Nathaniel V 212 Bolhmon, Shirley May 181 Botke, John Cornells 430 Bonone, Paul William 466 Boughton, Heather 198,256 Boulonger, Philippe 405 Boundy, Richard Roy 400 Bourne, Nancy Elliscott 327 Boutcher, Rondo Lynn 466 Bowdey, Heather Ann 316 Bower, William Alvin 348 Bowers, Barbara Jean 190 Bowersox, Elizabeth Ann 176, 466 Bowie, Russell Croig 208 Bowman, Judith L 336 Bowman, Michael James 232 Bowman, Sharon Roe ....184,314 Boxer, Judith Eve 202 Boyd, Bennie Horlan . ...420, 428. 430.435, 466 Boyd, Beverly Lynn 406, 407 Boyd, David Garrison 222 Boyd, Pamela Koy 356 Boydstun, Dennis James 466 Boyer, Nancy May 184.325 Boyle, Meredith E 315 Bradford. James Newell 469 Bradford, John Dudley 456 Brodish, William Walter 435. 453,469 Bradley, Barbara Joyce 321 Bradley, Dole Edward 218 Bradley, Pomelo Betty ..325, 382 Bradley, Patricio May 418 Bradley. Rebecca Anne 469 Bradley. Susan E 196,469 Brodshow, Joel C 388 Brody, Catherine Jane ..315,438 Bragg, Cynthia Ann 469 Brolsted, Peter H 297 Branch, Milton Clark 274 Brandt, Michael Charles 236 Branigan, Lorel K 315 Branting, Joyne Smith 310 Brosel, Jerrie Rich 181 Broukmon. Mark H 222 Broun, Robert Denton ...339, 469 Braun, Susan Miriam ....179,316 Bround, Mory Judith ....182.414, 446 Broutigom, Alan Ray 444 Brovermon, Michael Alan 234, 469 Broy, Morideonne Agnes 176 Bray, Ronolee Ann 196,309, 328 Breckenridge, Jane S 357 Btedesen, William P 210 Breese. Robert Joe 210,331 Breit, Richard James ....235,433, 469 Bremer, Williom Dean 453 Brenkert, Dennis R. 231 Brenner, Anita Pauline 334 Brenner, Doreen Kay 181,414 Brenner, Gory Charles ....217,323 Brett. Judy Anne ....192,420,433 435 Brett, Segismundo 333 Bretz, Carol Jane 198 Brewer, Barbara Kinney 326 BrewersTer, Herbert R 331 Bieyley, Diono Scott 182 Brickey, James Merrill 236 Btickley, Lyndell Troy 469 Bridenstine, James B 248 Briding, Mauronn 176,309 Briggs, Borboro 192,469 Briggs, Mary Corolyn ....176,320 Bright, Suson Marie 310 Brink, Glen Arthur 218 Britt, Ann 364 Brirt. Edward Daniel 346 Britton. Donald Roy 387 Britton, Gene Leonard 469 Britton, James Ashley ....297,331 Brizie, MIchoel Joy 331 Brobst, Karen Ann 204, 334 Brock, Goynelle Frances ..404, 405 Brockwoy, Barboro Diane 513 Brockwoy, Richard J 335 Brodd, Suson Patricio 513 Brodt, KoThryn Jane 194 Bronnlmonn, Alain Eric 469 Bronstlne, James N 248 Brooks, David Carl 236 Brooks, John Aolford ....339, 377 Broks, John Riley 243 Brooks, Norman Asher 235 Broks, Richord Howard 8 Brooks, Sidney Buko 236 Broome, William Harold 218 Brosius, Joan Renee 31 1 Bfoslus, Sharon Lenore 439 Brown, Ann Elizabeth ...194,321 Brown, Barbara Ann 321,408 Brown, Carolyn Julia 327 Brown, Connie Jo 336 Brown, Dietro 360 Brown, Edwina Alice 324 Brown, Elizabeth M 192,314 Brown, Hollls Woodrow 231 Brown, Jacqueline C 316 Brown, James Robert 346 Brown, Jomes Victor 236 Brown, John Duff 224 Brown, Judith Ruth 362, 469 Brown, Kent Charles ....333, 379. 457.459 Brown, Lillie Celestlne 322 Brown, Marion Fullerton 196 Brown. Meredith Lillian 513 Brown, Nancy Alice 192 Brown, Nancy Lee 188 Brown, Fenelope C 405 Brown, Preston Simon 363 Brown, Ronald lee 289 Brown, Sally Kendrick 200 Brown, Susan Theresa ..184,405, 469 Brown, Susan Derilda 174 Brown, Von 344 Browne, Jocob Leslie 224 Brownstein, Norman 217,469 Broyies, Sandra Gail 439 Bruboker, Electa Jone 310 Bruce, Donald Tyler 240, 363 Bruce, Lois Doehnhardt 190 Bruce, Sandra Elizabeth 321 Bruce, Williom W 339 Bruckner, James Winsron 452 Brumbelow, Noncy E 192,320 Brummette, Wtlliom 236 Brundige, Richard Lewis 333 Brunk, Michelle Ann 436 Brunkhordt, Donold D 226 Brunkhardt, Eugene A. ..226, 469 Brunot, Frank Albert 429,431 Bry, Vernon Arthyr 236 Bryan, Linda Koy 314,388 Bryon, Patsy Roe 326 Bryan, Roy Douglas 338 Bryant, Carole Ann 360 Bryant. Morye Grace 439 Bryce, William Arthur ....240, 469 Buon, Mateo Bonoobro ..352, 456 Bubul, Julie Ann 366 Buchon. James Croig 222 Buchanan. Burl 433 Buchanan. Joan Arlene ..437, 469 Buck, Donald Stephen 246 Buck, James Roy ...171,212,469 Buckingham, George E. ..363, 469 Buckingham, Richard J 363 Buckley, Jonice 168,204 Buckley, Sheila Roe 190.321 Buckley, Thomas Leonard 339 Buckly, Fredericko L 326 Bucknum, Borrie 198 Buckstein, Jon Barry 392 Budd, Amelia Irene 325, 328, 469 Budge, William Arthur 275 Buechmon, Charles Emil 246, 469 Buell, Dean O Brien 210 Buffington, Collier H 210 Bugoighis, Yousef M 359 Bugg, Paul 335,414 Bull, Svein Tore 403,405 Bullington, Joan 356 Bullock, Benton Royntond 220, 377 Bunce, John Winston 469 Bunch, Robert John 212 Bunegor, Frederick J 244 Bunten, Robert Cok 418 Burdick, Carol Janet 448 Burger, Dennis George ..437, 469 Burgin, Molie Carolyn ..176,405, 469 Burgus, Susan Jeon 315 Burhenn, Ted Clinton „ 348 Burionek. Penny May 440 Burke, Gordon Francis 238 Burke, Virginia Irene ....169, 196, 469 Burkett, Martha Lynne ....176,400 Burkholder, Anne Church 469 Burnett, Morllyn Koye 513 Burnett, Thomos Lee 346 Burns, James Richard 284 Burns, John Thomas 335 Bums, Rondy Lyn 315 Burns, Susan Elaine 319.399 Burds, Gay Joanne 179,382 Burr, Robert Elliott 246,444 Burrows, Thomas Emery 238 Burtis, Kathie 198 Burton, John Jored 339 Busch, Lorry Edward 339 Buser, Charles NIcholos 214 Bussey, Alan Eaton 236,469 Butcher, Kenneth W 454 Butler, Jomes Paul 220 Butler, Morgie Mae 192,458 Butler, Marilyn 200 Butler, Phyllis Ann 454 Butler, Richard Hess 232, 346 Butler, Robert Leo 433. 469 Butlin, Jill Amoret 439 Butterworth, Janice Koy 469 Buttrom, Dorsey R 212 Butz, Moriorie Elaine 309, 469 Buzick, George H 208 Bybee, Thurston Lee 238 Byfield, Joy Russell 456 Byington, Barbara Jone ..182,469 Byrne, Beverly Ann 188,469 Byrne, Michael Joseph 352 Bywoter, Nancy Ann 200, 469 Coble, Barbara Jeon ....169, 180, 469 Cobrol, Charles Alfred 420 Coddell, Richard Alfred ..333, 453 Cody, Janet Marion 194,396, 437 Cafarelli, Doreen C 320 Coffiey, Carol Koy 309 Coin, Condoce Patricio ....198,321 Cain, John Brice 218 Cairns, Margaret Anne 200 Colder, Alexander 214 Caldwell, Chon Yvonne 196 Caldwell, Marilyn E 198.392 Caldwell. Maurice R 244. 469 Caldwell, Ronald John 226 Caldwell, Suzanne J 513 Caldwell, Thomas Wesley 226 Colfee, Roberto Marie 438 Calkins, Phillip W 353 Call, Noel Stuart 344 Collaghon, Poul 232, 469 Collohon, Mary Florence 469 Collohon, Patricio L 309 Calle, Corlos Hernando ..338, 405 Calllsler, Susan P 194 Calloway, Emily Fronces 454 Colnon, Jock Augustine ..349, 405 Colza, Anthony John 340 Cameron, Wallace Lynn 237 Comigliano, Albert J 470 Camp, Ann Jonette..1 88, 37 7, 382 Campbell, Alexonder B. ..244, 383 Compbell, Brion 232 Campbell, Patrick E 338 Compbell, Ronald Ralph 419 Campbell, Suzanne 440 Campen, Goyle Susan ....194.309 Conodeo. Robert A 266 Canoga. Sharon Louise 321 Conole. Kothleen Joan 200 Cannon, Carol Linette 336 Contrell, Sara Virginia ....174,470 Copoul, Barry Douglas 226 Copoul, Roymond W 226 Capell, Matthew Howard 388 Copps, Diana Jeon 352 Corbonell, Arthur J 470 Corbonell, Mary Gloria 325 Corey, Kotherine Ann 314 Corleno, Stephen Albert 362 Corleton, Peter Herrick 220 Carlisle, Susan M 311 Carlson, David Desmond 456 Carlson, Lloyd Orrin 240 Carlson, Noncy Jeon 439 Corlson, Poul Robert 210 Carlson, Rodney La Vem..433, 470 Carlson, Stephen George 343 518 Corlion, Suton Mori« 438. 470 Carluon, Samu«l A. E 429 Coilmond, Bobert G 220 Carlion, Po ' ncia Su« 174 Carlton, Wrilard G .240. 352, 456 Carman. Annt Eluaberh 334 Carmkho«l. Lindo Kayo 319 Carn« . Bruc Gloydon ..244. 409 Carney, trvin Jamet 470 Carpenter. Jane Ann 310 Corpenter, Linda Kay ....188,336 Carpenter. Roy Ted 364 Carpenter. Stephen J 236 Carr. Charles Maditon 218 Carr, John Thomas 297. 420 Corrick. Carolyn Anne 182 Carroll. Fronk Jerome 231 Carroll, Nancy lee 314,448 Carson, Kermit Oovid 208 Carter, Kathleen P 324. 408 Carter, R hard Bruce 453 Corvaiol. Fernando D 244,314 Carville, Louise Farber ...,188.316 Cory. James Whelan 240 Cose. Gerald Wotklni 456 Case. Ph.lhp Corlton 456 Casey. Margret Lee 387, 470 Cass. Oovid Cluett 236 Cossidy. Jomes John 338, 346 Cossinis. Carol 8 332 Coier. Neide Louise 196 Cathcort. Janet Lee _ 327 Cotlert. Borbora Ann 174 Cottermole. George Reid 289 Cove. Mary Kristin 470 Covender. James Arthur 331 Covin. Dons Morie 309, 388 Covnor. Phyllis G 315 Cozier. Borry Jan es 470 Cozier. Stanley Wayne ....344.421 Ceozon. Jon Dovid 244 Cellini. Lindo Carolyn 326 Cerise. Gilbert Ivor 339 Chodwick, Susonne White ....181, 316 Chokroborti. Subroto K 338 Challacombe, Kenneth I... 333. 390 Cholmer. Jane Allison ...198.316 Chambers. Anne Brewster 362 Chamber. Thomas Martin 217 Champion. Edna Oorlene 194 Chance. Poulo Ruth 198,470 Chondler. Frederick „ 222 Chandler. Judie Ann »192 Choney. James Joy 269 Chang. Gloria 327 Chang. Perry Tsouming 344 Chang. Tsou Sun Lister 338 Choprn. Jored 341 Chopm. Johnny Keith 220 Chopmon. David Donaghy ....340 Chopmon. Donold Guy 470 Chapman. Michael McKay 212 Chorbonnel. Thomas S 470 Chortrand. Elizabeth 332, 408 Chortrond. Lourence P 340 Chase, Michael Robert 238 Chose, Nancy Elizobeth 316 Chose. Sara Jor e 316 Chotterjee, Suniti K 405 Chovez. Robert Lee 339 Chovin. Joyce Ellen 332 Chozen. Oonno Stork ...381,413. 470 Cherwy. Jonette Belle 190 Cheney. John Lee 212,470 Cheng. LuiS Yu 397 Cherry. Robert Williom 454 Cheslin. Barry AAortin ....248, 338 Chesnick. Susan Janet 322 Chioromonie. William V 220 Childers. Cheryl Sue 309 Childress. Douglas Paul 220 Oiilds. William H _ 226 Chillingworth, William ...„ 470 Ching. Vernon W C 344 Chismon. Chorles Dole 127 Chittock. Alison M 414 Chiziick. Toby Linda 169,202 Cholitkul. Nivot _...338 Christel. Gory Robert 240, 341 Christensen. Mortho L 188 Christion. Thomas W 246. 453 Christiansen. Holger C ..344 Christionsen. Paulo Ann 181 Christmon. Jomes RondoJ 236 Christopher. Chorles H 244 Christopher. Stephen C 217 Church. NorKy Ann 188 Churchill, Judith Anne 319 Ciancio. Goyie Jo 309 Cimino. Shoron Ann 194 Clobough. Cecil Allen 452 Cloir, Connie Roye 315 Clonohon. Denis Barkley 224 Clancy. Kathleen Marie ..176,321 Clophom. Cheryl Ann 176 Clark. Borboro Jane 204 Clark. Carol Ann 181.470 Clark. Calhoenne 176.356 Clark. Chorlone Esther 454 Clork. Deborah Hunter 406. 407 Clork. Dorothy Allison 190,470 Clark. Dorothy May 439 Clark, Jonet Louise 200, 470 Clork. Jeanne 196 Clark. Margaret JudHh 360 Clork. Mork Williom 246 Clark. Mory Ann 117.324 Clark. Patricio Ann ..328, 334. 470 Cork. Roben William 269 Clark. Sharon _ 322,437 Clork. Sheryl Marie 439 Clork. Stephen Carter 232 Clork. William Charles .433. 470 Clork. Williom Richord 341 Clorkson. Keren M 192 Clasen, Doniel Joseph 397 Clausen, Harry Andrew 379 Clousen. Julie Ann 188 Clowson. Rebecca Ann 418 Cloycomb. Steven Lee 338 Ctoyman, Lir do Marilyn 179, 319. 399 Cloypool. David Viggo 344 Clayton, Suzanne 196 Clegern, Robert Woyne ..352. 390. 437.470 Clement. Cheryl Arlinee .188.315 Clement. Diane Jeon 176 Clements, F. Broden 210 Clements. Kothleen L 397 Clements. Thomas Harvey 232 Cleveland. James Lee .210,471 CliHord. Betry Jean 439 Clifford, Dovid M 220 Clifford. Poul F 218 Clifford. Robert Lee 452 Clinord. Robert Edwin ...242, 433 Cline. Borry Duff 341 Cline. Pomelo 471 Cline. Potncio E 176,309 Cline. Stephen Roben 338 Clingenpeel, Durword 454 Clinger, Suzanne 471 Clinton, Judith Lynn 176 Close, Catherine E 357 Close, Valerie Suzanne 310 Clothier, Thomas John 452 Clyde, Susan Ann 123,438 Clymer, Lou Ann 117, 192, 330, 377 Cobb, Carolyn Ann 195 Cobb, Normo Jeanne 513 Cobin, Lyn Morie 176 Coburn, Dick Edward 338 Cochran. Judith Ann 174.414 Cochran. Kothleen ..117, 196,378 Cochrone, William H 232 Cockley, Donold W 212,297 Cockrum, Douglas M 453 Coe, Modalynn Suzanne 332 Coe. Twilo Smith 120, 198 Coffman, James Everett 471 Cofmon, Donold Bruce 362 Coggin. Susan Eloine 316 Coggins. Karen Sue 319 Cogswell, Lorry Grant .407.471 Cohen. Allon Richord .234,471 Cohen. Ann Sharon 334 Cohen, Oebra Leo 120 Cohen, Howard Michael 235 Cohen, Lorry Richard 248 Cohen, Leslie Anne 310 Cohen, Nancy Iris 359 Cohen, Noncy Jo 179,320 Cohen. Steven Joe 212 Cohenour, Pamela Marie 198 Cohn, Claire Risa 324,413 Coie, Michoel Jomes 226 Coile, Jomes Thomot 444 Coke. John AAorgan.. 1 20, 238, 341 Coldiron, Adron 1 240 Cole, Timothy Allen 269 Coleman. Ann Belti 86, 97, 200, 458 Colemon, Gory Richord 397 Coleman, Kothe James 364 Colemon. Penny Dee ...118,188, 378 Coley, Suson Jane 326 Collier, Wilfred 387 Collup, Corol Ann JOO, 377 Colm. Mary Melindo ....184,320. 399 Colquitt. John 335 Colt, Henry _ 123 Colton, Robert Croig 234 Combs, Thomos Lee 240 Compton, Don Weaver .420, 433 Comstock, Bruce Phillip 414 Comstock, Dennis Lynn 333 Comstock. Williom P 217 Conont. Linda 316 Conotser. Edwin Warren ..238. 456 Concotelli, Mory Jone 198 Condli, Carol Lee 188 Conklin, Corol Jean 327 Conklin, Colleen Kay 317 Connolly. Caroline Fay ...324.471 Connell. Martha E 323 Conner. Ross Frank 344, 406 Connolly. Necho Eno 396 Connor. Michael Alon 471 Conrod, Daniel Joseph ..242, 453 Conrod. Jo Ann Marie 377 Consolino. Robert Louis 218 Conslons, Stephen Scott 346 Conwoy. Patricia Anne 336 Conzett, Linda Gene 332, 382 Cook, Albeit Moore 214,471 Cook, Florence Weicker 312 Cook, Jomes Lawson 364 Cook, Joon 198 Cook. John Michoel 222 Cook. Stephanie Zell 324 Cook, Tim Allen -...234 Cooke. Chorles Warren 362 Cookmon. Ann 184,414 Cooks, Wilmer „ 269 Cookson, Andrea Nell 414 Cool, Corolyn Virginia 364 Cool, Robert Thompson 244 Cooley, James Ronald 246 Coone, Borboro Jean 174 Cooper, Noncy Jo 314 Cooper. Porolee 192 Cooper, Ronald Duone 218 Cope, Horry James 352 Cope. Joseph Adoms 171, 244 Copp, Elizobeth Allyn ...198,314 Coppersmith, Corol Dee 168, 202,471 Corbly. Mory 399 Corder. Thomas Edward 339 Cordones. Amanda M. ..174,405 Cordroy. Ruby Ellen..321 , 406, 407 Corn. Regino Morie. 168, 196,471 Comelisen, Borboro J. ..406, 407 Cornett. Cloudio M 360 Cornwall, Judity lone 190, 330, 406, 407 Correll, Carolyn E 181 Corrigan. Russell 291 Corson, Thomas Earl 269 Cortese. Robert Michael 266 Corzine, Terry Lee 214 Costlow, Judity Anne 321, 406, 407 Cotter, Jean Lambert 471 Cottle. Linda Foye 310 Cottrell, Joonne Morie .190,471 Cottrell, Richard Day 238 Coulson. Koren Koy 360 Coursen. Poulo Anne 336 Courtice, R. Jomes 236 Cowon, Doniel Giger 454 Cowan, Phyllis Jonet 319 Cowen, Ronold Charles 339 Cowgill, Dovid Bruce 339 Cowgill, Moe Elizabeth 311 Cowing, Diane Elaine ....198,336 Cowles, Cynthia Ann 316 Cowles, Jeanne E 110.332. 381. 440. 455, 471 Cox, Betty Gertrude 319,328 Cox. Corol Jeon 334 Cox, Elizabeth Vemorte 471 Cox, Morgoret Kristine ...200, 426 Cox, Michoel Terry 471 Cox, Roger William 344 Coyle, Lindo Lou 315 Coyte, Joseph Ralph 240, 352 Crobb, Constance Anne 180, 433, 434, 471 Croft. Charles Robert 236 Craig. Jomes Robert 454 Croig, Phillip Dotin 456 Croig. Williom A 335 Croigle. Corol Anne 190.399 Crom, Jo Ann 99.171,327, 328. 381, 414,417, 425,428 Cramer. Albert Louis 234 Cromer, Susan Marsho 319 Cromoy. Dovid Sidney 217 Crampon, William J 432 Crondoll. Peter Mork 212 Crandell. Dorothy Morie 190 Crone. Beverly Anne 192,321 Crone, Bobby Hoyi 387 Crane. Edith Borboro 324 Crone. Susan 388.471 Cronor, Carl Forrest 208,414 Cross, Sue Ellen 312 Crow. Carole Christine 309 Crawford, Aileen E 190,399 Crowford, Allius M 226 Crowford. Carol Anne ...174,436 Crowford. Kathleen «nne 336 Crawford, Kent Gngsby ..224, 275 Crowford. Muriel Dee 190 Crowford, Peter Hewitt 220 Crowford, Williom S 208 Creamer, Chodwick G 341, 453,459 Creed, Sora Lynn 315 Oeighion. Potncio J 106, 198, 378,414 Cremers, Morie-Therese 405 Criddle, Errwsl Dovid 389 Cridlebough. Dorol L 471 Cnst, Charles Edson 210,456 Criswell, Joney Lou 98 Crocker, Stephen Bloke 118, 217,377 Croke, Michael Vincent .226 Cronicon, Frank A 240 Cronlund, Mory E 176 Crosbie, Joon Blorujford 116, 471,532 Crosby, Helen Moe 473 Cross. Cothorine E. .327, 399. 473 Oouse, Michoel Jon 224.473 Crout, Cynthia Lee 309 Crowder, Elizobeth Bell 94. 1 19, 192.316 Crowe, Dennis Benton 453 Crowl. William James 220. 346 Crowley. Lawrence Robb 238 Crown. Patricio Ann 184,336 Cruter, Goil Annette 314 Csikos. William John 269 Cullen, Joesph Elden 418 Cullum, Kathleen _ 312 Culp. John Clifford 214 Cummings, Christopher F 340 Cummings, Dovid Lee 452 Cummings, Jon J 448 Cummins, Pomelo Louise 334 Cundiff, Morsho Jone .,..192.473 Cunninghom. Dovid Lynn 453 Curb. Jess Dovid 338.421 Curlee. Jomes Alexis 244,473 Curley. Bruce Michoel 362 Curnes. Pon elo Jane 311 Curron. Kathleen Mory 448 Current, Donovon Clork 454 Currey, Coren Suson 192 Curry, Dovid Jerome 226 Curry Mary Catherine ,...174,315 Curry. Potricio 332 Curtin. James Patrick 420 Curtis, John Joseph 240 Curtis, Lois Suzonrw 200 Curtis. Richodr Wayne .224.331 Custer, Laurer ce D 454 Custer, Robert Everett 221,473 Cuthbertson, Steven J 358 Cys. Richard Lee ...111.171.232, 377,428,429 Czorkowski, Mory G 332 D Dobney, Elizabeth Soule 473 Dochmon, Morno Lee 202 Doddow, Jill Ellen -...315 Oahl, Jean Anne 192 D Avilo, Patricia Jone ...320.412 D Orozio, Virginio 1 316 Dabbogh, Abdullah Toher 405 Dobney. Elizabeth Soule 473 Dochmon. Momo Lee 202 Doddow. Jill Ellen _315 Dohl, Jeon Anne 192 Dohlin. Doniel Fredrick 240 Dahlke. Lutz Werner 473 Dole. Jeffrey James 353 Doltemond. Borboro Lynn 316 Daly. Chorles Terrance 246 Damir, Judith Lee 198,458 Damkor. James Chorlet 346 Damme, Lucille Emma 439 Donforth. Johnene P 439 Danko. Terry Kim 236,291 Donsdill. Noncy Ellen 439 Donuser. MorciO S 174.413 Darby. Beverly Joon 448. 473 Dorrow. Alexondro Anr e..332, 448 Doter. Thomos Galey 226 Douenhouser, Joseph P 344 Dovid, Carolyn Morie 192 Davidson, June Ann 198 Dovidson, Leslie Marc 333 Davis. Amy Jeremy 317 Dovis. Bonnie Jeon 320, 405 Dovis, Charles Joseph 231 Davis, Dennis T 473 Dovis. Derrick Hastings 224 Dovis, Horlon Conrad ....236, 456 Dovis. Horold Leroy 338. 473 Dovis. Jomes Brodley 353 Dovis. Joon Carole 310 Dovis. John Joseph 222 Davis, Linda Eileen 473 Dovis. Mork Warren ..._ 340 Dovis, Mory Morgoret 439 Dovis, Peter Everett 236 Dovis, Philip L 237 Dovis. Rosalie Lyons 513 Dovis, Sortdre Gail 473 519 Dovis, Thomas Whirfield 220 Dovii, Vicki De Lone 315 Dovii. Weiley Rondolph ..224, 433 Davison, Mary Croig 319 Dowoll. Koren King 198,473 Dawson, Claire Comeron 336 Dowion, Denlie Morie 408 Dawson, Suson Kay 176, 473 Day. Jeffrey Empson 236 Do , Stephen Colhoun 236 Day. Susan Von Buren ....200. 473 Doyton, Nancy Luclle 473 DeAndo, Vicki Ayn _ 321 DeAndreo, Robert J 444 De Bella, Noncy L 439 De Broeck, Undo Ann ....192,257 De Buse. Richard Louil 222 De Graff. Stephonie J 190 De Grow. Marni K 194 De Jong, Judith Ann 336 De Kreffer. Donald E 220 De Lo Osso, Donno A 192 De Land, Ceroid Vi ' illiom 232 De land, Thocnos Dovid 232 De Loach, Judith Lenore 360 Oe Long, Lonce Eric 232 Oe Long, Poul Bruce 210 De Mara. Judy Ann 327,438 De Merssemon, John A 284 Oe Prima, Carl T 473 De Rock, Loo Michoel 295 De Veuve, Borbaro Linn 196 De Villiers, Jeon Kay ...192,324 De Villing, Brinton N 473 De Vries, John Woyne 473 Deohl, John Godfrey 217,291 Deal, Nancy Nell 108,322, 366,378,414 Dean, Soroh Jo E 188 Deone, Elizabeth Pomelo. .188, 399 Deoton, Karen lee 316 Deere, Cormen Diana ....192,366, 377,382,440 Deffke, James Lawrence ..242, 341 Deffner, Corol Lynn 200 Degen, Bruce Daniel. .284, 417, 473 Degginger, Walter, Jr 248 Oeitemeyer, Cheryl AtHi 200 Deitemeyer, Koye 200 Del Junco, Alice V 334 Delano, Winifred Morgan ....174, 414 Delcour. Dovid William 473 Dolo, Peter Muir 232 Demorest, Alison Jeon 162 Demarest, Ellen Marie ....182,440 Oemis, Alexondro P 317 Dempsey, Kathleen Enid 414 Dendinger, Robert John 421 Dennison, Marlys M 120, 181 Denson, Corotyn E 439 Dent, Roy F 430,456 Denyes, Dione 190 Depoli, Veslo 190 Derkosh, Robert Stephen ..297, 344 Deshoies, Kenneth J 212 Deu Pteo, Robert Eorl ...242, 377 Deulsch, Judith Sharon ..174,448 Devereoux, Diane Louise 418 Diamond, Robin Sue 202. 334 Dick, Karen Lynn 332 Dfckens, Jock William 210 Dickerson, Benjamin F 473 Dickey, William Clayton 434 Dickinson, Carol Ann 192,473 Dickinson, Elizobeth W 192 Diehl, Ann Morie 513 Diehl, Suson Lois _ 186 Diel, Bonnie lee 359 Diet, Scott ntn ....456. 457. 459 Diggs, John Walter 208 Dike, Edword Conrad 214 Dill, Harold Alon 217 Dilley, John Philip 231 Dillon, Alice Eoline 513 Dillon. Croig Bowert 291 Oilsover, Jerry Wayne .421 Dilts, Fred Williom 238 Oimll, Noncy Sue 196,473 Dirks, Dionne Louise 414 Dishmon. Judith Ann 324 Diss, Diono Morgorer .T. 182, 473 Distler, Bruce Randolph 335 Diiiler, Poulo Ann 120,356 Dixon, Croig Lowrence ....406, 407 Oobel. John Jerome 456,459 Oobkowskl, Joseph John 331 Dobson, Thomos Dole 473 Dodd, John Roger 362, 473 Dodd, Mary Lucille 322,438 Dodington, Susan 194,473 Doehling, Carol Arlene 317 Doherty, John Albert ....220,415, 473 Dolcourt, Victor E 473 Doll, Susan Mo ' iorle 184 Dome, Jtonne Annette 356 Oominus, Jo Lynn 322 Domont, Ronald G 383, 433 Donahue, John Francis 429 Donohue, Veto Katherine 309 Donoldson, Jerold Wayne 473 Donelson, Roweno Marie 334 Oonham, Coihe Belle 194, 336 Donley, Lorry Dean 218,266 Donahue, Potricio Anne 176 Doody, Georgeonne 316 Doolittle, Noncy Correr .188,334 Doolirtle, Susan Yvonne 188 Doron, Lynr e Marie 176,473 Dorchinez, Gory George 353 Doren, Douglas Paul 456 Dorius, Michael Emmeft 240 Dormon, Charles William 377 Dorn, Cloyton Forster 198,319 Dorph, Sherri Lynne 202 Dorre, Donno lee 317,408 Dorrier, Claire Pitts 200,316 Oorschner, John Horris 122 Dorward, Shorron Dionne 200, 328 Dotson, William Joseph .223, 433 DotTenheim, Nancy 312 Dougon, David Carroll 210 Dougherty, Lemuel A 295 Dougherty, Patrick J 435 Douglas, Kooren C 473 Douglas, Lauro Joyce 439 Douglas, Mory Ann 390 Douglas, Mary Ellen 316 Doulnck, Helene Wendey 200 Douvos, Demetra Mario ..322, 408 Douvos, Marie S 473 Dovey, John Cresswell 237 Dovey, Virginio C 196 Dow, Charles Ray 217 Downey, Annelio Frances 439 Downey, Sandra Leo 309 Downs, Soro Marie 324 Downs, William Fredrick 124,473 Doyle, Dennis Michael 231 Doyle, Robert Croig 210 Drake, Llewellyn R 454 Draper, Dorrol Fenton .,..344,405 Drafter, Priscillo Lynn 322 Dreith, Suzanne Jane 320 Drewry, Marian Foy 198,321 Drotor, Joseph Paul 344 Drummond, Dennis M 218, 266 Drumright, Mary Susan 334 Duboch, Jean Marie 316 Dubbs, Julie 396 Dubinsky, Bonnie Sue 169, 178 Dublin, Ronold Lee 244,297,331 Dubravoc, Jonet Ann 315 Dubravoc, Kimberly E 226 Ducker, Richard Dennis 218 Dudden, Elmer William 363 Duell, Hollond Bosson 238 Duff, G ary Gene 208 Duffield, Diane Ruth 334 Duffy, Geraldine D Ann 473 Dugon, Donald Martin ....244,473 Dunham, Stello Blanche 332 Dunham, Thomas Gory ....405, 407 Duniphan, Gary Wayne 244 Dunkin, Diane Irene 357, 473 Ounkin, Noncy Patricio 330 Dunkley, Jeffrey S 217 Dunlap, Dione Morie 309 Dunlop, Margo Alison ...195, 406, 407, 473 Dunlop, Kenneth Bryant ..394, 459 Dunn, Bruce Clevelond 419, 428.473 Dunn, Chorles Bullen 210 Oupre, Donno Beth 310 Durant, Stephen Potrick 331 Durham, Williom Keith 352 Dufkin, Annette Rose 439 Durkin, Modeline Louise 312 Dutcher Karen Lee 309 Dutcher, Thomas Lee 289 Dye, Gerald Michael 224 Dye, James Patrick 238 Dye, Terence William 222 Dyer, Gwendolyn 198 Dyer, Morsho Deonne 513 E Eogen, Mary Anne 312 Eokins, Poul Richard 341,420, 394, 379, 434, 412,473 Eorl, Cloudetre Afton ....-176,408 Eosley, Adrienne Leonno 513 Easley, John Wesley 210 Eosley, Virgimo Lou 312 Eoson, Horold Verne ...419,444, 424 Eoton, Buford Curtis 115, 335, 382 Eaton, Donno Sue 176, 330 EbeHein, Michael Barry 222 Eck, James Alois 473 EckhordI, Bruce K. ..: 454 Eckhordt, Margaret A 184 Eckhotdt, Williom A 269 Ecklond, Robert Warren 331 Eddy, Pomelo Rose 414,473 Edens, Volerio C 474 Ediun, Betty Roe 439 Edmonds, Gory Kelly 456 Edson, Lois Arlene ..182,433,474 Edwords, Carol Ann 332 Edwards, Dovid Corey 244 Edwards, Deborah 415,474 Effinger, Judith Ann 399 Egan, Thomos Joseph 338 Eggart, John Scott 269 Ehn, Dean Stewort 474 Ehrenberg, Nancy Ann ...200, 474 Ehrlich, Michael Lee 212,474 Ehrlich, Stephen Kent 244, 333 Eiber, Gory Furmon 431 Eickele, Korolme F 474 Eickert, Potricio Kay 188 Eidinger, Constonce L 190,319 Eige, Robert Joy 343 Eigemo n, Adele Virginia 336, 181 Eighmy, Sharon Lee 312 Eikenbory, Brett Ross 231 Eikenberry, Karen M 192,366 Filers, Chories Henry 220, 474 Einstoss, Patricio Lee 202 Eisenberg, Richard Dean 234 Eisinger, Richard Alan ....242,474 Eitemiller, David James 341 Ekiss, Charles Michael 474 Ekmon, Michael Paul 453 El Sebaiye, Abdullo A 405 Elbon, Ronald Lee 380, 2 3 Elbon, Ronald Lee 211,380, 434, 474 Elder, Frederick T 238 Elder, Mabel Irene 474 Eldred, Sharon Sue 192,320 Eldndge Kay 181, 312 Eldridge, Richard A 242 Elfving, Sven Thomas 474 Elkin, Virginia Louise 196 Ellington, Anne Lake 336 Elliott, Barvoro Elaine ....188,382 Elliott, Jean Shumwoy ....359,474 Elliott, Linda Jean 412 Elliott, Mic ' ioel R 217 Elliott, Robert M 291 Elliott, Stephen D 269 Ellis, Cloudine Lucille 327 Ellis, Elizabeth 198,474 Ellis, Virginia Ellen 436, 474 Elmblade, Jane Carol 439 Elrick, Donald Lee 358, 474 Elsass, Phyllis Jeon 454 Elston, Robert Lee 242 Elwell, Judy Lee ....311.406.407 Ely, Bruce 352 Emol, Jonice Ann 454 Emblem, Gory John 124,360,435 Emeis, Aerout Jon 405 Emsry, William Jackson 340 Emeson, Judith Joy 322, 373, 438 Emeson, Verenne Muriel 359 Emmetl, Richard Longpre 210 Emrich, Katherine Ann ....196,356 Enorson, Merlun Pitt 311 Endler, Jane 324 Enger, Torleiv 403,405 Englert, Timothy R 358 English. Martin John 339 English, Susan MoOnt 327 Engquist, Katherine 1 326 Engstrom, Sheryl Ann ...309, 408 Engstrom. Wayne Paul ..171,240, 380, 428, 429, 431 , 457, 459, 474 Enright, Patrick Joseph 437 Ensor, Richard Donton 363 Enterline, Ann Kathleen 325 Enwoll, Michael Richard 107, 236, 380 Epps, Frederick William ..430, 474 Epstein, Jean Estes 311 Erdmon, Keith Wilson 244 Erfert, Ivan William 275 Enckson, Karen Anne ....194,316 Erickson, Richard H 335 Erion, Douglas John 240 Ervo, Soma Estelle ..359, 436, 475 Eschen. Chester Carl 456 Esponder, John Chorles 419 Estes, Cynthia Ann 176,475 Estey, Carol Ann 194.321 Etheridge, Herbert 220 Eto, Shirley Shigeko 315 Eftelbrick, Mary J 190 Etter, Bruce Deryl 232 Etter, Linda Modelle 192,256, 366, 458 Evancich, Morie Lee 320 Evons, Dennis Woyne ....406, 407, 432 Evans, Geroldine Ann ....188,257 Evans, John Miles 117, 124 Evans, Mory Emily 181,310 Evans, Richard Lee 474 Evons, Robert Lenoir 363 Eveden, Jone Carol 182 Everitt, Pomelo Ann 314, 399 Evry, Eileen Jeanette 314 Ewegen, Robert Deon 123 Ewert, Keith Arthur 246 Ewing, David Neol 341 Eyer, Harold 433 Fohrenkrog, Eugene H. ..238, 456 Failing, Richord Allen 456 Fairbond, William R 266 Foirweother, Ellen Voil ..102, 381, 415,475 Fakehony, Thomos Ellis 475 Folconer, John Douglas 238 Folkenberg, Ann E. 317,328,414 Follert, Trudy E 332,475 Folstein, Lindo Louise ...381,475 Forber, Steven Wayne ....217, 323, 380, 475 Forber, Williom Lewis 234 Foris, Alice Louise 314 Forkosh, Morgoret Rose 325 Forler, Robert Arnold 269 Forley, Julionne 312 Fornsworth, Croig Ross ..124,419, 475 Fornsworth, Jomes R 297 Fornsworth, Karen Mono 124, 366, 382, 399 Forrington, John Arthur 394 Forsje, Mary Susan 184 Forwell, Jon 310 Fosick, Howard Cecil 444 Fossett, Diane Harriet ....169, 184, 475 Fottor, Yvonne Judy 475 Foudel, Judith Laroine ....310,412 Faulk, Morjorie E 310 Faulkner, John Leonord 208, 419, 421, 431, 428, 456, 475 Foulstich, John Alan 238 Fauske, Jomes Hermon 475 Favour, Emily Howe 360. 398 Fowcett, Newton Creig ..296, 403 Fowcett, Pomelo Sue 405 Feffer, Beatrice 319 Fahrenbocher, Michael R. 218, 452 Feild, Froncie Jone 192,256, 378,455 Feinberg, Albert M 234 Felber, Jonet Ann 196 Feldman, Borbora Marie 192,319 Felix, Richard David 210 Felker, Mory Margaret 175 Fellers, Terry Lynn 418 Fellows, Frederick M 240 Felton, Cynthia Ann 194 Fenger, Frederic M 387,475 Fennell, Noncy Lou 181,319 Fenneli, Randy Jean 194,475 Fennessy, Mark Joseph 210 Fenton, Steven Croig 269 Ferbrache. Sherry Jeon 336 Ferenstein, Gerald Soul 248 Ferguson, Carl Lincoln 331 Ferguson, Charles S 231 Ferguson, Connie Sue 439 Ferguson, Judy Aumiller 513 Ferguson, Karen Ann 385 Ferguson, Lorry Ray 208 Ferguson, Nancy Joan P 360 Ferguson, Nancy V 475 Fernondes, Raymond C 453 Fernandez, Monuet t 405 Ferraro, Lorry Ross 266 Ferreiro, David Melvin 454 Ferrell, James Edward ..-- 331 Ferris, Jennifer Joy 168, 184,310 Ferris, William Deword ..224, 377 Fersztendig, Sylvia R 179,317 Fete, Margaret Rachel 309 Fethe, Karen Dorothy 314 Fevaog, Joyce M 322 Fickes, Mortha Bennett 182 Fiebelkorn, Marcus Guy 240 Fiedelmon H. Richard ...170,234, 380, 434 Field, Carole Lee 316,448 Field, Sondro Lee . ...192, 404, 405 Fields, Dorothy Jeon 388 Fields, Morgo Judith 202 Figge, Dorothea, Louise 513 Figge, Elizobeth Ruth 314 Figi, Sara Quinnell 200 Fine, Bornie Jeon 414 Fine. Coppie lono 360 Finney, Robert William ..437, 475 Finnoff, Christopher T 453 Fiocco, Thomas Robert 220 Fiore, Roxonno Nodine 337 Firth, Betty Lee 176 Fisch, Carlo Jeon 196, 316 Fisch, Rorest N 224 Fischei, David Robert 331,453 Fischer, Lorry Charles ....217, 266 Fischer, Michael 429,431 520 Flihburn. Merry E. ..190,378,446 Filher, Barbora Lynn 321 Fisher, Craig Evans ..._ 224 Filher, Judith Carol - 310 Filher, Karen Diane 360, 382 Fisher, Lezah Adam 196 Fisher, Shoron Diane 440 Fisher. Shielo Ann 332 Fishman. Nelson N. 339, 4S6. 4S9 Fisk. Alan Elbert 4S4 Fisk, Nral Paul 475 Fister, Connie Croce SI 3 Fitch, Kothryn Fronces . , ...475 Fitz, Tommie Lou 200. 330 Fitzgerald. Michael J 231 Fitzpatnck. Donald 1 170, 210 Firzpotrick, Helen Ann 192 Fitzpatnck, Nancy Kay ...194,312 Fjorfoft, Inge 403.405 Flock, William Endors 362 Flaherty, James Michoel 220 Floherty, Kathleen Mary 175. 47S Flanagan, Thortios Earl 340 Flanders, Franceo Leo .-196,324 Flanders, Niles Oelton .363,475 Flansburg. Pamello Sue 316 Florer. Ann Charlotte 184 Fla«, Michael Greg 297 Fleck. Gail Christine 169. 188, 475 Fleckten, Michele Mowot 184,476 Fleishman, Alan Craig 456 Fleming, Bruce Michael 333 Fleming. William Somuel 244, 476 Fletcher, Nancy Jane ...188,456 Fletemeyer, James K 210 Flick, Patricia 176, 184 Flinn, Joon Marie 392 Flint, Jo Ruthvon 398 Flint. Suson Amsden 326 Flom. Vicki Jane 194.312 Ftorquist, Josephine A 439 Floyd, David Michael 453 Floyd, Patricia Ann 190 Flygore. Robert Hans 210 Flynn. Kathleen Grace 321 Flynn, Rayrrwnd J 231 Foehner. Charlotte Rose 418 Fogel. Borbaro Joyce 312 Fogel, David Alan .405,415,476 Foley, Joon Elizabeth 322 Folk, Joy Buell 352 Follmer, Sharon Anne 190 Folsom. Christine 188,309 Folz, William J 232 Fonlonier, Lynne Marie ..406, 407, 182.327 Fontes, Reemberfo P 405 Foote, Oiona Chrislir e 194, 334. 389 Foote, Janet Clemens 314 Foote, Timothy Alan 387 Forbes. Jimmy M 343. 453 Forbis, Roger Peery 456 Ford, Douglas Owen 331,476 Ford, Judith Stiteler 476 Ford, Richard Gregory 344 Ford, Robert Tyler 217 Ford, Robert Warren 476 Ford, Shirley Jean 188 Forester, Donald Robert 232. 435,453,476 Forgy, Pomelo Lynne 176 Forrest, Leslie Carol 176 Forristoll, Linda Ann 194 Forsberg, Janet Eileen 448 Forsman, Tressler „ 444 Fois, Jeon Wolf ...- 414 Foss, Joan Elizabeth 310 Fossum, Jeffrey Evan 240 Foster, Cristopher A 338 Foster. Croig Alvin 242 Foster, George Wodc 335 Foster, Jeonine E 439 Foster, Rose Dye 184 Foster, Sullovan S 238,457 Foster, Tod Stevenson .214,392 Fowler, David Woyne 220 Fowlkes. David Robert ..117,456 Fox, Jennifer Lynne 198,312 Fo«, Peter Joseph 341 Fox. Thomas Duke 476 Foy, Morsho Nodine 327 Frokes, James William ..433. 456, 457,459 Froleigh, Bobbie Ann 309 Fraley, Wollis Marie 360 Frame, Susan Elizabeth 175 Frar ciS, John Anderson 220 Francis, John David 217,344 Francisco, Richard Paul ...331.456 Frank, Arthur Jesse 240 Franklin, Benjamin B 118.244, 383, 443 Franklin, Gerald R 292 Franklin, Richard C 358 Franklin, Sandra Kaye ....334, 476 Franks, Robert Arthur ...339, 429 Fronson. Gordon Scott ....421.476 Fronson, Jean Winslow 373, 405,476 Froser, Dorothy Mockie .406. 407 Frouse, Dee Ann 310 Froyle, Ellen Ann 181 Frazee, NorKy Louise 192,321 Frozier. Julio Qumlord 200,317 Freeh, Horry Edward 340 Frederick, Chorlet H 435 Frederick, Herbert E 454 Frederick, Michael John .170.222 FreerrKin, Charles J 476 Freeman, Jane Elizabeth 330 Freeman, John Davis 222 Freeman, Roxonne . .200 French, Dovid Alan . 415,476 French, Georgia Kristin ..184,321 French, Richard Thutio 238 Frey, Karen Lynn 316 Fried, Margaret Gene . .202, 320 Fnckey, Steven Todd 218, 266 Fried. Noncy Cory! 178 Friedland, Judith 321 Friedlund, John Burr 214,434 Friedman, David Harris ..434, 476 Friedman, Lindo Ellen ....446, 448 Friedmon, Stephen M 248 Frie l, Borbaro June 195 Friend, Jennifer Jane 321 Friis, Robert Harold 214 Frink, Michael Dexter 224, 274 Frink, Patrick Edward .. .272, 274 Fritz, Frederick C 232 Fritz, Mary Stevens 196,319 Fromm, Corolynn Anne 315 Frossord, Judith Jean 387 Fruhling, Judy Ann 202, 476 Frush, Charles L 338. 409 Fry, Henry Wellington ...220, 433 Fry, Mary Jane 181,320 Frye, Edgar Nopoleon 331 Frye, Morlin Clifford 340 Frymire, Polly Ann 184, 325 Fuehrer, Michael Horvey 246 Fuery, Patrick Ronald 476 Fuld, Richard S 340 Fulghum, Robert Dole 454 Fuller, Ralph Both 236, 274 Fuller, Terrence Alan 476 Fullerton, Dennis R 218 Fullerton, Potricio A 418 Fullop. Mary Louise 418 Fundingslond, Stephen R 242 Funk, Dovid Arthur 344 Funston, Suzanne True 188 Furgason, Dovid Wallace 515 Furuiye. Loroine Kinuko ..418.476 Fuxo, Janet Elaine 437, 476 Fyke, Jennifer 322, 373 G Goborde, Chorleen E 476 Goboy. Jose Boris 331 Goddess, Terry Gene ...338, 428, 429.431 Gognon. Sondro Ann 192 Gohr, William Edmond 339 Gain, Judith Kothryn 188 Goither. Georgio Ann ...117, 168, 196,360 Gole. Charles W 335 Goll. Shirley Ann 513 Gallagher, Anthony M 69, 476 Gollagher, David M 406,407 Gallagher, Linda Donlon .188, 377 Gallagher, Michael D 277. 285 Galloway, James Jordan. .428, 430 Galvoni, Gail Mae .190, 455, 476 Gammons, Tono Jone 31 1 Gompper, Mary Elizabeth 454 Gonong, Joonno Lee 418 Gont, Linda Koy 176,319 Gorom, Peter Paul. .433, 434, 476 Gorbarino, Judy Roe 175, 413 Garcia, Jomss Richard 285 Garcia, Shirley Esther 314 Gordensworlz, Beth Z 319 Gordenswarlz. H. Wayne 235 Gardenswortz, Leah E 321, 328, 477 Gardner, Bette Jane 198, 377 Gordn-r, Chorles R 224, 274, 271, 272 Gardner, James lee 333. 452 Gardner. Nancy Lee 184 Gardner. Suzanne Webb 316 Gorland. Richard Dwayne 389 Gornett, Barbara Lynn .200, 477 Gamier, Jeonnette V 196,377 Garrett, Coin 454 Garten, Janet Faye 312 Gartlond. Maureen 176 Gorver, Mary Cotherine 439 Gary, Michael Anthony .240, 452 Gossowoy, Tom Elkins ... 224, 269 Gates, James Preston 123 Gotes, Martha Lynn 201 Gotewood, Sharon P 329,381, 436. 437. 477 Gouli, Robert 338 GourKe. Karen Irene 190.477 Gow, David Burchord 210 Gay, Oeonno Elizabeth 200 Gay, Nancy Ann 405 Gayer, Paul Ihilo 222 Goylord, Jeonerte 201 Gebauer, Susan Marie 188 Gee, John Arthur 231 Geer, Susan Carolyn 382, 390 Gehmon, John B 269, 346 Goiger, John Poul 232 Geisler, Victor Marvin .. .237, 377 Gelber, John Lewis 240 Geller, Richard Alan 235 Gellmon, Arthur Mayer 235 Gemmecke. Carolyn Jean 320 Gendreou, Etphege A 244 Geneva. Dovid Joseph 406, 407, 477 Gensley, James Richard 338 Gentle, John Stephen 338, 339, 444 Gentry. Soro Christine ...192.332 George. James Pierce .412,429 George, Stephen Louis 331 George, Susan Linda 201 George, Twyla Beth 181 Gerdos, Dorothea W 364. 477 Gorety, Poulelte 192 German, James Joy 453 Gerou. Nancy E 312 Gershmon, Arthur C 352 Gerlsch, Richard Edward..429, 453 Gervais, John Terrance 331 Getty, Virginia Lee 362 Getzelnton, John Chopell 226 Geyer, Andrea Morion 330 Ghertner, Douglas Nsil ...235, 352 Ghiosi, Emomudin 405 Gibbens. Thomas Myron 214 Gibbons, Linda Kathleen 310 Gibbs, Carol Lynn 401 Gibson, Carole Ann 180,477 Gibson, Ethon John 452 Gibson, Jomes Sherwood 224 Gibson, John Boker 341 Giffis, Geroldine Beth 314 Gilbert, Jane Elizabeth 184 Gilbert, John A 477 Gilcrest, Leo John ..223, 433, 478 Giles, Sharon Lynn 182 Gillespie, Krishna K 334 Gillespie, Mary Sheronn 317 Gillis, Merilynn Rosino .404, 405 Gillis, Nancy Lee 332 Gilmon, Bruce Alan 235 Gilmore, Cloudia 192 Gilmore, Judy Kathleen .190,387 Gilmore, Mary Loverne 184 Gimbel, Kenneth Joseph 231 Ginn, Denise Roe 201,330 Ginn, Sherril Louise 168,201, 425.478 Gitoto. Hezekioh M 478 Gitlitz, Lindo Colet 330 Gittelmon, Sondro E 202. 478 Gittings, Thomas A 344 Givens, Suson Marie 190,320 Gladding, Stephen Crone 210 Gladstone. Carol Joy 202 Glotleidcr, Jock Ben 343 Glaze, Noncy McCloine ..192,414 Gleoson, George Stephen 231 Glick, Barbara Jane 202 Glidden, Gail Ann 181,432 Glinkmon, William Louis 331 Glockzin, Albert 217, 266, 383 Gluck, Frederick George .222, 453 Gnogy, Roger Allen 344 Gobbo, Alan Paul 478 Godley, Barbara Koye 336 Godley, Morgorelto M 364 Godwin, Floyd Marcus 285 Godwin, Peter Hoyle 454 Goeddel, Joan Kay 324 Goellnitz, Hermon 390 Golf, Kenneth Porter 236 Goff, Nancy Hunyadi 436 Goldberg. Larry Zelig 248 Goldberg, Mitchel Roy .456,478 Golden, Alan J 359 Golden, Anne Elaine 188, 330 Golden, Paul John 297, 358 Goldenberg, David Lee . .235, 344 Goldhommer, Sore Lynn 202 Golding, Julie 309 Goldmon, Suson Ann 202,310 Goldstein, Borbaro Roye .179, 321 Goldstein, Karen Jeon 178 Golson, Charles Bernord 244 Gonding, Robert Lee 454 Gonzales, Abel Kenneth 339 Good, Robert John 295,341 Goodfellow, Janice E 196,334 Goodin, Meto Gene 437 Goodman, Carol Ann 328, 334 Goodman, John Paul 344, 406. 407 Goodwin. Jacqueline J 373 Goold. Jone Evelyn 364. 478 Gorczyco, Robert John 434 Gordon, Judith Eileen ...179, 309 Gordon, Maurice Ivan 476 Gordon, Nancy Ellen 319 Gorcn, Phyllis Suzanne 324 Gormon, Doirell Eugene 339 Gornnert, Gene Thomas 478 Goshi, Vincent Sodoo 428 Go«, Dovid Eorl 222 Goilred, David Aooron 235 Gottlieb, Jonet Pauline ..184,478 Gough. William Graham 340 Gould, Rebecca Anne 324,478 Gowons, Robert Angus 232,341 Grobow, Almo Diana 360, 478 Grobow, Georgia Koy 360 Gioce, Lorry Rolland 170,217 Graf, Coiole Lynn 478 Grohom, Carol Anne 321 Gioham, Daniel Eorl 218,453 Graham, Jo Ann ...201,256,458 Gioham, Martha Louise .192, 321 Graham, Richard Joseph 238 Gronberg, Gerald Lowson 246, 456 Granger, Philip Clark .217,341 Grant, Corol Jeon 478 Grant, Susan Mary 198 Grantham, Lillian Anne ..196.309 Gross, Michael William 210 Graves, Byron James 224. 433.478 Graves. Lindo Koy 438. 478 Graves, Steven Scott 266 Graves, Thomas Joseph 385 Gray, Charles 358 Groy, Linda Joyce 439 Gray, Robert Edwin ..333 Groy, Sheilo Ann 312 Grozi, Sol Jeffrey 248.414 Green, Becky Ann 31 S Green, Chorle Morlel 340 Green, Jonie 188 Green, Jesse Howard ....339, 479 Green, Lorry Ervin 428,431 Green, Somuel Wosser 235 Green, Yvonne A 437 Greenomyer, Jill 201 Greenborg, Louis Eugene 232, 269,414.431 Greenberg, Lynn Bori 319 Greenblott, Phill David 235 Greene, Cheryl Leo 194.312 Greene, Edword Albert 238 Greene, Jonny Joyce 176 Greene, Kenneth Lee 210.479 Greenlaw, Peter Anthony 341 Greenlee, Ann Sinton 168. 175,315 Greensiein, Marsha Wynn 319 Greenwold, Carol Ann 322 Greenwood, Donicl Barry 236 Greenwood, Horry Edward ....224 Greenwood, Janet Ruth ,,176, 336 Greer, Chorles A 269 Gregg, Joseph Pickering 456 Grenowolt, Jeffrey Lee ....406, 407 Greve, Geoigio Jeon 479 Gribben, Kathleen 310 Griesser, David Espy 226 Grieve, Barbora Bee 316. 414. 448 Griffin. Holly Marriott 479 Griffin, Kenneth Dean 231 Griffin, Patricio Ann 188 Griffin, Roger Sullivan ..236, 289 Griffin, Soroh Ann 194, 322 Griffith, Gene Morrill ...321,479 Griffith. Joseph Blaine 222 Griffith, Mary Morgorel 182 Griffith, Poulo Jonice ...357,479 GriHith, Robert C 224 Griffith, Robert Wayne 218 Griffiths, Kathleen 192.479 Grilley. Patricio Ruth 321 Grimes, Daniel Richord 479 Grimes, William Joseph ..284. 479 Grimm, Clyde Lee 210 Grishom, Jennie Lou 479 Grisham, Marty Joe 432, 443 Groginsky, Charles M 479 Gross, Cynthia 190.406.407 Gross, Janet 328, 332 Gross, Kenneth H 232. 346 Gross, Noncy Joon 418,479 Grossman, Toby Ann 201 Grosvenor, Nilo Pauline ..440. 513 Groteluschen. Joon M 322. 406. 407 Grunewold, Kothryn Ann 202, 326 Guodagnoli, Emilia E 418,479 Gudder, Kothryn Soro 182 Gudmundsen, Elsie Lee 192 Guensche, Sharon Kay 316 Guenther, Blanche Ruth 439 Gullette, William R 232 Gunn, Modalyne Jeon 336 Gurtler, Catherine Dana 321 521 Guttafson Sjgrid 479 Gvthrie, Ann G«rfrud« 418 Guthie, Shoron lee 356 Gutsche, Sreven Lyle 353 Guy, Dionne Gordon 192 Guyer. Berfy lois 182,479 H Hookinion. Eldon John 428, 429,431 Hooktnion, Jonel Arlene 418 Hoof, Borboro Lynne 439 Hoberzetle, James Duone 452 Hockothom. Cofol Sue ..IBS, 330 Hocter. Greichen 190 Hocking, Donald Gunnor 515 Hockmon, Laura Jone 360 Hodley. Dorrel Koy 454 Hogon, Bonnie Barbara 439 Hoge, Williom Alon 232 Hogeboeck, Anne „.201 Hogen, George Leon 352 Hogen, Joon Ruth 182 Hagenou, Robin Lee 314 Hoggerry, Daniel B 454 Hagin, Liw Ann 192,320 Hoglund, Janet Marie 321 Hogood, James Mitchell 224, 340, 341 Hail. Jeon Sharon ..198,328,330 Haines. Peter De Camp ..217,453 Hoines, Thomas Justi 338 Hairolwalo, B 359 Hake. Diedro Louise 362,437.479 Hokel, D lie Lehman 419, 479 Holcomb. Corllon Barry ..331,444 Hale, Ann 196 Hale. Doniel Cudmore 210 Hole. Frances Helene 397 Hale, Jean B Tronkle 513 Haley, Michael Thomas .397, 479 Holey, Potrick Douglas 397 Halfen. John David 421 Holker, Sandra Alexino 513 Holl. Chorles Hoys 210,338 Holl, Kolhlyn Ann 448 Hall, Moxine Irene 418 Holl, Nancy Jane 418 Hall. Patricio Ann 326 Hollodoy, Marcia 389 Holladoy. Virginia G 320 Hollenbeck. George A 240 Holler. Susan Fessler 175 Homolo, Arnold Frederick 285 Hamomoto. Glendo Miyoko ....314 Honblin, Steven Thomas 407 Homer. John Peace 298.479 Homil. Judi Frieda 192,324 Homil, Karen Ruth 192,366, 382, 440 Hamilton, Carol Jane 336 Hamilton, Carolyn Morie 311 Hamilton. James Arnold ..426, 431 Homilton. Pomelo 196, 332 Hamilton. Ralph Eugene 419 Hamilton, Susan Loretta 192, 415.479 HomllKin, Walloce F 388, 406, 407 Homm, Charles Robert ...218, 453 Homm. John Henry 244 Hammor. Norman Lind 232 Hommel, Richard Worren 214 Hommelmann, Jacqueline 326, 408 Hommerick John M 284, 479 Hommett. Raymond Lee ..219. 266 Hammill. Priscilla E 322 Hammond Douglas Roy 236 Hammond. Floyd Melvin 389 Hammond, George M 456 Hammond, Hope Lewis 363 Hommond. Joon Marylyn 192 Hammond. Suson Jeon 189 Hommudo, Omar Suleiman ....405 Homner. Wendy Sue 201,357 Hampton. Howard H 218 Hompton. Virginio Jo ....189,364 Honon, Laura Gornsey 479 Hand, Thomos Lee 224 Hondler. Alon Joy 235 Hondy. Morsho Lou 182 Honey, Richord Lee 220,383 Honey. Stephen Joseph 217 Honley. John Charles 226 Honley, Shoron Ann 360 Honnemon. Stephonie 181 Hansen. Teresa Kate 176.256 Hansen. Charles Edword 420 Hansen. George Albert ,296. 403 Honsen, Jacqueline Roe ..175.448 Hansen, Jeonie Marie 201 Hansen, Jerry Lee 419 Hansen, Jon Edward 224 Honsen, Lorry Clifford 344 Hansen, Linda Ann 117,321 Hansen, Lynne Louise ..192.494 Hansen. Mory Esther 175 Hansen, Thomas Richard ..236, 478 Honsley, Poulo Lynn 175, 378. 400 Honson, James Paul 295 Hanson, Janice Louise 175 Hanson, Sheryl Ann 192,479 Hopemon, Holly Groce ...189, 316 Horberts, Linda Jorw 316 Horbey. Motthew John 269 Harder. Dennis Mox 266. 453 Hardesty. Gory Woyne ..406, 407 Hardin, Frank Aurelius 244 Hordy, Kolherinc 190 Haregot, Alganesh 480 Harmon. Williom Hayes ..346,421 Harmon, Alice Diane 175, 366, 382 Harmon, James Edward 219 Hormon, Lindo Beverly 196 Hormon, Margaret Jeon 194 Harper, Glen Nesbit 344, 394 Harper, Katharine C 513 Horr. Peter Edward 208 Harrington, Nioh Lee 184 Harrington. Michael D 242 Harrington, Nancy S 319 Horris, Brendo Joyce 480 Harris, Carolyn June 480 Horns. Ellen Corr 428,431 Harris, Jomes Robert 331 Harris, Kathleen 194 Horris, Lawrence F 341 Horris. Linda Louise 439 Harris, Samuel Noble 266 Horris. Sondro Kay 190 Horris, Susan Kay 326 Horris, Thomas Dovid 456,457 Harris, Victorio 117,325 Harris, Virginia Grace 169, 195.480 Horris, William A 269 Horrison, Dole Allan 480 Harrison, Karen 366 Horrison, Romo Wheotley 480 Harrison, Sydney P 340 Harrold, Lucindo Jean ....194,460 Horry, Jone Ann 311 Horshman, Richard lee 405, 453,480 Hart, Courtney Ann 196,330 Hart, Michael John 352 Hart, Philip Show 274 Hart, Senio Kotherine ...196,480 Hon, Theodora Ann 360,440 Hortford, Linda Lynn 309 Hortmon. Diane Lee 201,377 Horlman, Gory Joseph 224 Hortmann, John Michael 340 Horvey, Henry Porter 269 Harvey, Joon Glass 201 Harvey, Jon Dodd 352 Harvey, Linda Marie 321 Harvey, Nancy Bell 169,190, 414,480 Hosenbolg, Arlene Foye 312 Hasfjord, Marc C 456 Hash, John Armstrong 219 Hoshii, Douglas Mitsuru 444, 456, 457. 458,459,480 Hoss, Marcia Jewelle 326 Hossan, Mohomed Soleh ..335, 405 Hossopoglou, C 405 Hossrick, Judith 196 Hastings, Karyl Louise ....204, 280 Hatch, Catherine J 194 Hatch, Marilyn Anne 176 HolchI Roycc Alton 389 Hatcher, Zach Embry 480 Hatton, Joyce Koy 322 Houg, Svein Mortin 403, 405 Houptmon, Paul Ronold 224 House, Albert Daniel 392 Hawkes, Cynthia Ann 322 Hawkins, Kendall ...400. 424, 480 Hawkins, Robert Lewis 219 Howkinson, Susan Linda ..181, 319 Haworth, Edward G 340 Hay, Lester Leonard 210,456 Hoy, Mory Jane 184,315 Hoyes, Elizabeth C 480 Hayes, Fred LeRoy 460 Hayes, Karen Rcjeonne ..192,316 Hoyes, Linnell Diane 184.319 Hayes, Mario Helen 322 Hayes, Pomelo Ann 168 Hoyes, Patricio H 175 Haye», Shirley Anno 317 Hoyhurst. Edward G 331 Hoys, Volene Ann 320, 367 Hoyzlett. Dennis Clork ...414,452 Hozen, Wayne Wernecke 335 Hojiett. Alon Word 387 Hoziord, Lloyd Cecil 394 Heoly, Kathleen Alido ...418,460 Heoly, Susan 201 Healy, Thomas Ernest 339 Hearn. Patricio Alwood 330 Heath. Bruce Edgar 269 Heorh. Tereso Elaine 189 H?aion. Robert Main 363 Hcbert, Nanette Keener 176 Hechenbleikner, Berta 373 Hechenbleikner, C. L 314 Heck. Cloude Kenneth 429 Heckel, Karen Elizobeth ..176,320 Heckel, Pauline G 418 Hedberg, Danio Louise 184 Hedlund, Richard Martin..1 01 , 238 Hee, Emily Mew Kit 448, 480 Hegel, Fred William 480 Hehn, Nancy Scott 360 Heimann, Mary Elizabeth 181,480 Hein, Louello Jeon ..1 17, 175, 310 Hein, Mon in Carl 242, 295 Hein, Richord Eldor 420 Hein, Volerie Patricia 327 Heinemeyer, Meryl E 208 Heinrich, Allen Edword 331 Heiser. Virginia 194 Heitmon, Cheryl Loraine 196 Heitman. Christopher 1 236 Helfenbein, Georgsne F 332 Helferich, Betty I. .201,356,414 Hellbusch, Ronold Allen 429, 431, 454 Heller, Arlen Keith 235 Heller, Betty Jo 201,480 Heller, Frederick C 335 Heller, Gordon B 244 Heller, Joy Ronald 235 Heller, Lawrence Howard 235. 377 Helm. Shoron Lee 334 Helmer, David Alan 341 Helmick, Judith Ann 201,377 Hemmeter, Sally Newton 198 Hemphill, Gloria Rvonne 385 Hemphill, Joy Clair 182 Henderson, Richard M 456 Henderson, Robert S 237 Henderson, Robert T 480 Hendricks, Elizabeth H. ..190,319 Hendrix, Joseph Morton 452 Henkle, Martha Ann 513 Henneke, Robin Lee 480 Henninger, Ernest Henry 453 Henningsen, Paul Alan ..344. 456 Henry, Douglas Robert 333 Henry, Michael John ....358 Henleleff, Harvey B 344 Hepp, Theodore Ernest ....415.480 Heppes, Janet Dorothy 315 Herbst, Howard Paul 222 Hermsmeyer, Norris W 453 Herrold. Gordon A 238 Herrmann, Claudia Grace 180,480 Herrmann, Donna Louise 312 Herrmann, Kotherine 181,309 Hertel, Michael Monroe 452 Herzberger, Adele B 381, 455, 480 Herzog, Mortin Howard 248 Hess, Jack Duone 480 Hess, Ronald Kenneth 444 Hesselboch, Ellen Paige 314 Hession, Dannis Charles 220, 480 Hetherington, Jerry F 220 Hethetington, Mary C 181,481 Heuga, James Frederic 277 Heuschkel, Sandra Jean 316 Hewitt. Catherine Ann 201 Heyl, Patricia Kay 189 Hice, Carolyn Louise 513 Hickcox, Dovid Hunter .. .456, 457 Hicks, Donol Thockery 236 Hicks, Edward ' John 236 Hicks, Lyndo June 315 Hidahl. Jack Warren L 222 Hiesland. Dovid F 338, 394 Higbee, Shirley Crouch ..406.481 Higby. James Eugene ....231.457. 459 Higby. Sarah Ann 192,481 Htggins, Joan Elaine 330 High, Wylie Jolane 418 Hightower. Scott Edwin 124 Hildebrondl, Helen L 323,405 Hildreth, Judith Jeon 181 Hildey, Daniel Martin 219 Hill, James Walton 348,444 Hill, John Roder 224,377 Hill, Marilyn Louise 201,481 Hill, Terry Rex 217 Hill, Wendy Joel 314 Hill, Williom B 220 Hillhouse, Jomes Stuort 387 Hillway, Richord A. 217.323,382 Hillyard, Gerald R 214 Hilton. James Michael 212 Hilton, Jo Ann 481 Hilton, Jon Roy 212 Hilton. Laurel Burton 184 Hindin, Harris 170,235 Hindin, Russell 236 Hines, Anne linden 190 Hines. Edwin Cecil 434,461 Hines, William Lee 352 Hinn. Koren Elizabeth 192 Hipps. Dee Ann 513 Hirabayashi, Timothy ....339, 420, 431 Hirsch. Corol Dona 202 Hirst, Edwin Rolph 424, 444 Hirt, Patricia Lynn 198,377 Hitch, Hilary M. K. 192,377,458 Hitchcox, James Alfred 420 Hobbins, Williom Thomos ....222, 341 Hobbs. Alon Lawrence 231 Hoch, David Stuart 117,242,380 Hochsfodt, Lia 408 Hock, Elizobeth Roders 309 Hodgdon. Carol Lynn 184 Hodgdon. Frederick M 236 Hodge, Richard Everett ..246, 392 Hodgers. Antone Lee 335 Hodgson. Ellen Louise 200 Hodgson, Georgia Louise 322 Hodskins, John Eugene 481 Hodson. Eric Stof 453 Hoffer, Betsy Harper 181 Hoffman. Carol Anne ....190.360 Hoffman, James D 238 Hoffman, Linda Iris 202 Hoffmon, Mory Ellen 363 Hoffmann, David Roy 223 Hoffmann, Marcia Ruth 176 Hoffmann, Shoron Jeon 175,312 Hogon, Giselo Borrie 201 Hogon, Mory Potricta 198 Hoge, Richord Allison 462 Hogg, Michael David 206, 456 Hoglin, Ruth Ann 321 Hoglund, Patricia Ann ...194,412 Hohmon, Russell Edward 336, 414, 482 Hoiby, Linda Marie 190 Hokanson, John Victor 269 Holaday, Ann Elizabeth 198, 366,434 Holben, Jeanne Marie ...184, 309 Holcomb, Laura Lee 315 Holden, Solly 397,482 Holford, Thomos William 246, 453 Holiizo, Frank James 462 Holland. Alfred Eorl 349 Holland. Eugene Mario 385 Holland. Mory Priscillo 192 Holland. Michael Gene 217 Hollidoy, Goil Patricia 446 Hollis. Emily Sue 332 Hilm, Linda Elaine 332 Hoimon, Eloise Linden 192 Holmer, Richard Newton 210 Holmes, Borboro Moe ....175,314, 408 Holmes, Caroline Yvonne 392 Holmes. Ralph Herbert 456 Hoines. Roger Franklin 210 Holste. Corol Lynn 164,319 Holt, John Joseph 236 Holt, Lucionne 175,436 Holt, Soro Sabin 196,320 Holtz, David Drake 462 Holvoet, John Edward ....419, 456, 482 Honegger, Arthur H 244. 383 Hood, Patricio Curron 439 Hooker, James Todd 335 Hoopes, Barbara Jean ....198, 315, 399 Hoover, Elizabeth Young 196,310 Hoover, Horwoon 219 Hopkins, Claude Richard 482 Hopkins. Diana Wood 321 Hopkins. Dudley B 392 Hopkins, Richard Eldon 515 Hopper. Donald Hilton 338 Hopple, Diane Lorraine 194. 366, 399 Horberg, Arnders Lee 244, 383 Horen, Robert Philip 236, 482 Horii. Diana Horuye 324 Horn, Linda Koy 336 Horn. Lyle Williom 428 Horn. Susan 178 Horn. Suzanne Marie 310 Horner. Leslie Miles 182,440 Horrigon. Kathleen M 357 Horlon. Susan Koy 310 Horvat. Judith Marie 326 Hosick. Howard Lawrence 482 Hoskin. Robert Duwoyne 349 Hostetler, linda Foe 364 Houghton, Warren Thomas ....170, 242, 284 Houston, Suzanne G 326 Howord, Allen Ross 454 Howord. Billye Marie ....418,462 Howord, Edson Robert 362 Howord, Frank Phelps ..123, 170, 242 Howard, Gloria De Liana 314 Howard, Stanley Eugene 454 Howe, Benjamin Ramsey 217,266 Howe, Richard Church . .457, 459 Howell, Edword Burton ..219,295 Howell, Julio Godbury 357 Howlett, Claude A 220, 482 Hribor, Neol Edward 437 522 Hrozo. Scort W 433 Hubbcll, Oonotd Eugen 428 Hubbi. Kalhryn Foy 373.482 Hubby. Chofle» Ookley 221 Hober. Joan Mafie 482 Hubka. Doru Kolhryn 310 Huckaby. Bfyon Le« 275 Hud»n. Borbaco McColl ..91. 198, 257 Hudion, Bairy Ajhiey 453 Hudson, Bf ' On Temple 218, 348 Hudwn, Fiedetick W 377.414 Hudson, George E 482 Hudson, Jud Th Palmer . ..312 Hudson. Judith Ponen 482 Hudson, Morceita lee 310 Hudson, Robert Weir .231 Huebsth, Donald Willram .266 Huey. Adele Susan 198,397.482 Huffman, Word Stephens 170, 244 Huggins, Robert W 482 Hughes. Borboro 201 Hughes. David Victor 482 Hughes. Hildrelh Evelyn 359 Hughes. Jeanne Ellen 192 Hugh«s, Koy Lee 190.321 Hughes. Nancy Jeon 198 Hughes. Richard Haylen 456 Hughes. Susan Paquita 188 HuiQtt. Mtchoel Anthony 242 Hoioti. Soroh 312 Huie. Carol 316 Hull. Mino Mae Kelley 513 Hulse. Marillyn Louise ...190,399 Hultin. Barbora Ann 198 Hume. Richard Paul 221 Humes. Jocey Clark 482 Humlicek. Connie So 482 Humphrey. Helen Gail .198,483 Humphrey. Jean Ives ....192.483 Humphreys. John T 246 Hunsberger. Williom H 291 Hunt. John Coales 224 Hunt. Phyllis Jeon 332 Hunt. Stephen Garc»rt .. .242, 269 Hunter, Jackie Ann 310 Hunter. Poul Richard 208.331 Hunter. Thomos Kone 226 Huntoon. Rebecca Susan 175.399 Huntzinger. Linda Gail 389 Hurlburt. Thomos Hugh 224 Hurlbui. Suson K 330 Hurst. Douglas lone 409 Hurst. Gerold Allen 127 Hurst. Suson 194 Hurst. Victoria Ellen 513 Hurl. William Noble 353 Hurth, Koren Nestor 483 Husbands. David L 412 Hush, Diana Kay 175.385 Husteod. Cindy Crowe 310 Hurchens. John Woyne 224 Hutchings. Borry Brent 340 Hutchinson. Croig R 221 Hutfenhow. Jay Donold 420 Hu«el. Robert Charles 214 Hyoms. Ronald 248 Hyde. Bruce Ellyson 338. 483 Hyde. Herbert Ellon 352. 453 Hyerstoy. Mary K Wyott 413 Hylond, Betty Jean 314.406.407 Hyne, Jonis Volene 322 Hysyk, Edward William 456 I lacir o. James Michael 483 locovetto, Sharon 1 320 Icke. Virginio Kothryn 198 Ida. Janet Hideko 322 Idell. Martha Ketchom ..182.328. 483 Iford, Corel Morgorel ...332, 387, 440 Imodo. Henry Susumu 231 Imig. Mary Dell 117, 196.316 Ingolls. Kolhleen Ann 189 Ingolsbe. T Deniie 176.321 Ingles. Jonis Lynn 405 Inglis. Alan Lee 453 Ingram. John Robert 483 Ingrom. Thomos Young 244 Inouye. Clinton Wayne 335 lnouy«. Ronold Koichi ....338.421 Ironpour. Iroj 435.483 Irick. Cheryl Lynn 309 Inrine. Richord Le 483 Irvine. Stanley Raymond 226. 266 Irwin. Hole Spencer 226. 266 Irwin. James Ross 210.414 Irwin. Kathleen Sue .180 Isoocs. Ronald Leslie 454 Isokson. Duone Wilford 223. 233.483 Isemon. Karen Burgess 194 Isroel. Michoel Robert 240 Ithomilis. Thressa Ann .321.390 Iversen. Oyvind Helge ..403. 429. 431.483 Iverts. Doce - 322 J Jock. Jomes 483 Jackson. Gory lawrn 435 Jockson. Horace Rondoll 456 Jackson. Lloyd C 292 Jackson. Morion Alice ..169, 182. 483 Jackson. Ric Thomas 339, 392 Jackson, Shorron lee S 360 Jackson. Thomas Charles 208 Jocob. Arthur frank 389 Jocobs. Kenneth Le Roy 340 Jocobs. Thomas Woyr»e 248 Jocobsmeyer, Mory V 321.390 Jocobson. Grant Berrsord 379 Jocobson. Leslie Boyord 415, 225.483 Jocobson. Michael J 248 Jocobson. Sondro C 360 Jocques. Nancy Jo Ann 454 Joeger. Polncio Lee 334 Jolfo. Russell 214 Johns. Sandra S eridon 184 Jomol. Abdulkarim Y 340 James. Bruce Allen 242 James. Carolyn Sue 190 James. Williom Burl 242 James. Williom Robyn ...242.341 Jamison. Corol 336 Jamison. Mary Dionne 315 Jamison. Paulo Ann 432 Jonno. Groiiella 202.405 Jonover, Michael Dennis 340 Joquette. Elouro Jeanne 319. 406. 407 Jorrett. Borboro Ann 175 Jorvis. Lee 513 Jaunaro|S. Visvoldis 296 Joy. Robert Eugene 246 Jeffers. Chris Carter 244 Jend. Kothryn llene 204 Jenlkins, Noncy Jone 117. 194 Jenkins. Potricia L 194. 309. 406. 407 Jenkins, Robert Steven 238 Jenkins. Rodney Jack 358 Jenkins. Thomas Wayne 292 Jennings. Karen Lee 309 Jensen. Borboro Marie — 406 Jensen. Frances Marie 201 Jensen. Garrett Lynn 344 Jensen. Koren Anne 319 Jeremiosen, Robert E 429, 483 Jersm. Mary Ann 175. 320 Jetr, Kotherine Roberta 358 Jewell. Judith Ann 180.334, 378. 399 Jewell. Nancy Lynn 190.399 Jewetf. Sondro Lee 364 Jeynes. Gordon f 221.225, 415.484 Joffee. Noncy Koy 321,484 John, Peter Paul 484 Johns, Vernon Michael 454 Johnsen, Phyllis Anne 315 Johnson, Ann Lord 190,414 Johnson, Arlene Morie 175 Johnson, Borboro Louise 387 Johnson. Borry Meredith 240 Johnson. Carol Sue 176,336 Johnson, Charles L 453 Johnson, Charles Napier 428 Johnson, Christine Ruth 315 Johnson, Dole Sherwood 224, 429 Johnson, Dorold Leroy ....406.452 Johnson Deonno Lenore 168.204. 484 Johnson. Donno Roe 396 Johnson, Gory Morvin 236 Johnson, Irving Gregg 297 Johnson, Jomes Phillip ..456, 457 Johnson. Jeon Elizabeth 310 Johnson. Jeon Mocdonald 412 Johnson. Joyce Morie ...204,484 Johnson, Judith Ann 315 Johnson. Judith Kinsey 513 Johnson, Judith Louise ....184, 334 Johnson, Koren Lorraine 323, 360. 484 Johnson, Koren Lynn 311 Johnson, Karen Ruth .189.316 Johnson. Kenneth Woyne 289 Johnson. Linda Suson 196 Johnson. Margaret Sue 484 Johnson. Morguetife P. ..316,405 Johnson. Mark M 238 Johnson. Mory Charlotte 201 Johnson. Ned Borton 236 Johnson. Potricto Jo 326 Johnson. Richord Alon 223 Johnson, Richord Edword . ......413 Johnson. Robert James 364 Johnson. Sortdro Morie ..190.366 Johnson. Stephen Ross .296. 390. 405 Johnson. Victorio Leigh 190 Johnston. Abigoil 192 Johnston, Cynthio 184,319 Johnston, James Sluort ..236, 363 Johnston, Paul Stephen ..210.348 Jorses. Bronwynn 311,357 Jorses. Corolyn Terry 484 Jones. Dovid George 284.484 Jones. Edna Moe 418 Jones. Gerold Williom ...419.431 Jones. Jomes Richord 219 Jorses. John Edward ..,.484 Jones. Koren Genevieve .189 Jones. Kenneth AHcn 352 Jorses. Louralee 484 Jones. Mory lo 312 Jones. Miroruio buipirr 327 Jones. Noncy Elizabeth 484 Jorses. Pomelo Sue 360 Jones. Ralph, Oellmon 240 Jones, Richard Arthur 26. 27, 532 Jon es, Robert Frost 240 Jones. Robert Thurston ...295 Jones, Ronald Thomas . 338 Jones. Shirley Ann 201.455 Jones. Susonno Louisa 182.484 Jonas, Terrence Eugene 484 Jones, Thomas Clofk ...170,214, 291 Jong, Horry Tong .338.428.431 JoonejO. Nozir Ahmad 405 Jordon, lorry Jim 454 Jordon, Lirsdo Jeon 418 Jordon, Patricio Ruth 439 Jordan, Ronolee Roe 513 Jorgensen, Korlo Jean 181,310 Jorgensen. Marto Koy 439 Jorrie. Marilyn Jean 484 Joselyn, Robert Williom 417, 428,429,431, 484 Joseph, Stonley Stern 236, 484 Joy, Richord Dudley 226 Joyce, James Borrett 219 Joyce, Robert Arthur . 217.274 Joyner. Lindo Kothlcen .169. 180. 434.484 Juchot. Annie C 358 Juergens. Dorothy Goode 201 Juhan. Deone Francis 292 Jump. William Sims 217.484 Jurgens. Kerry Foye 201 Juricic. David Steven 358 Jurney. William Howard 331 Justice, Alison „ 1B4«321 Justice, Jerry Lee 335 Juvrud. Dionn Roe 334 K Kohn, Andrea Sue 179,320 Kohn, Annette Rolando 179 Kohn, Vicki Ellen 179 Kail, Karl Aurel 453 Kaiser, Molcolm Dean 231 Koiser, Pamela Ann 189 Kojikowo, Carol Sue 330 Kolbfleisch, Normon R 362 Kolino, Joy Ann 175 Kollweit, Richard Gene 127 Kolmocoff, Dionne E 184 Komm, Ronald Francis .125.414. 417,485 Konoi, Sharon Hisoye 319 Konemoto, Kenneth 208 Koneyomo. Woyne Charles .484 Kopla. Roger Frank 331. 456 Koplo. William James .331,379. 485 Kcplon, Morlene Roi 334 Kopp. Linda Rai 316 Koros. Suson Hollie 359.373 Korlen. Sondro Kay 439 Korr. Anne Lucille 439 Korr. Thomos Tynan 240 Korroker, Judith Anne . .201,382 Kosper. Lindo Roy 195,485 Kostor. James Alfred 244 Kostnn. Williom Fred 242 Kotchen. Carole lee 359,485 Kates. Cloudio Frances 190. 312 Koto. Kozuo Jomes 392.485 Kotz. Noncy lee 320 Koufmonn. Joon Doris 316 Kauzlorich, Roberto Koy 201,357. 414 Kowokomi. Suson Loraine 327 Kawamoto. Judy Yukiye 485 Koy. Constance Louise ....360. 485 Koy. Linda Suzanne 177. 320 Koyne. Sondro Lee 312 Keoliher. Joon .Koy S 485 Keorney, Sharon £ 190.312 Kearny. Adelio Willocy 334 Keoting. Jill Andreo — 182 Keck. Bonnilyn Brown ...195 Keefe. Joy Beo Moody 437 Keefe. Thomas W .420. 437, 485 Keene. Shoron Koye 122 Keeney. Jonet Lee 317 Kehe. Colin Reynolds 485 Kehl. Dole William 238 Keitel. Robert Simms 170, 237 Keiler, Richard C 428,431 Keith, Kotherine M 330 Keithley. Lois Ann 180.485 Koliher. Timothy Edword 430 Kellenbenz. lOiS Ann 358 Keller. Betty Joon 448 Keller. David Leon 485 Keller. Elizabeth Uplon ..182.399 Keller Mark Douglol 208 . J Sue 177 1 M 436 . Monteiih 189 lUllcioit. tkiiboro Jo 196,485 Kelley. Colharino C 192.324 Kelley. Gregory George 349 Kelley. Jomes A 242 Kelley. Jerry Elden 223.453 Kelley. John Oouglos 341 Kelley. Martho Lou 198 Kelley, Sharon Mae 196 Kelling. Suson D 314 Kellogg. Borry Edword ..431,433, 485 Kellogg. Molvin Oennli 437 Kellond. Noncy Allen ...175,316 Kelly, Carol Ann 363 Kelly, Cloroy Patricio 189 Kelly, Danny Allen 266 Kelly, Oonno Lou 315,382, 406, 407 Kelly, Jeanne Elizaberti 330 Kelly, lourence H 238 Kelly. More Howonh 348 Kelson. Jomes Reynold 333 Kelton. Beniomin M 210 Kellon. Oovid Downes 221.346 Kemp. John Borllett 171.224,485 Kempnet. Joyce Com 190.316. 328 Kendrick, Glen Angus ...435.485 Kendiick. Kothryn Joon .177,335 Kendrick. Michoel M 240 Kennard. Bruce Pres ' on 231 Kennedy. Borboro ' OB Kennedy. Joseph Kennedy. Richard I. ' . - ' 38 Kennedy, Ronald LewU 341 Kenney. Koihleen B 316 Kent, Donno Claire 319 Kenyon. Penelope Jeon 320 Keough. Jomes Gordon 246 Kepford. Corl Borge 453 Keppler. Suson Koy 196,377 Kercher. Rhonda 190,330 Kemen. Kenneth Lloyd „..412 Kerns, Mor Alice 190 Kerns. Stanley LeRoy 333 Kerr. Doryl Patrick 431 Kerstein. Stonley J 248 Ketner. Karen Ann 317,408 Kettelson. Joyce Roe ..._ 390 Ketller. Peter Stanton 170,225 Key, Dennis Spencer 244 Key, Koren Suzanne ...326 Keyworth. Robert Thomas 241. 346 Kezer, John 344.406.407 Kick. Nelson Joseph 454 Kidd. John Burns 231 Kidder, Susan Lorraine 485 Kiddoo William Malcolm .218, 485 Kiely, Bruce Froier 232 Kiely Don Roy ...208.377.392. 414,459 Kiertijoiphonii, Ekojoi 485 Kifer. Diono Jorse 95 Killgore. lindo Gail 439 Killoch. lindo llene 439 Kilmon. Horry Froncis 340 Kimmel. Douglos Chorles 485 Kimsey. Keith Woodrow 344 Kimsey. Linda Louise 310.448 Kincoid. Jomes Edword 454 Kincheloe. Morsho Ruth 326 Kindell. Corol Ann 334,413 Kindermon. Noncy Jeon 168. 192 Kinel. Hornet 485 King. Borry John 208 King. Oollos Reeves . . 225. 269 King. Deonno Jo 184.435. 455.485 King, Elaine lee 117. 195 King. Gordon Wesley 388 King, Kothryn Brooks 1 King. Sondro Louise 189,414 Kingon. Patricio 315 Kingdom. Jeffrey H 242. 457. Kingdom. Lewis Waters 242,456 Kinkode, John Woldo 219 Kinney, Bruce Allen 214,340 Kinnie, Dennis Croig 348 Kinsello. Potrick Leo 170. 220.485 Kipphut Marylyn Ann .415,485 Kirk. Borboro Ann 310 Kirkpotrick. Thomos G 2 ' 0 Kirkton. Jennifer Ellen 189 Kiser. Lloyd Clark 364 Kishi. Donno Yukiko 513 ICishiyoma. Carol 1 418 Kitchin. Koren Ann 196,360 523 Kiteley, George leon 406,407 Kireley, Richard James 210 Kireley, Wilham Michel ..210,414 Kin. Alvo Ross 210 Kittmger. Karen 358 Kins, Louiie Eileen 330 ICiveTT, Margaret Jeon ...198,330 ICIassen, Arnold Worden 437 Kloier. Ji drth Ann 388,412 Klaier, Kathleen L 388 Kloit, Gory Eugene 453 Klouber, Joyce AAone 359, 485 Ktein, Corol Jo 179,413 Klein, Diono Sue ...120.202,330 Klein, Judith Marilyn 202 Klein, Leslie Ann 314 Klein. Phyllis Marie 440, 485 Kleinwachter, John F 238 Kleiisch. Mary Susan 196,3)2 Klemchuk, Karen Lee 190 Kleps, Pomelo Wodsworth ....127, 195, 320 Kllmisf, Carol 190 Ktimoski, David Bruce 238 Klimoski. Stephanie J. ..415,458. 485 Kling, Louise Ann 192 Klinke, Virginia C 190.485 Klipp, Ramond Dale 219 Klooz, Lucille Ann 195 Ktostermonn, Kenneth E. 223,452 Klug, Alan Avery 246 Kluger, Solo 248,349 Kmetovic, Thomos Corl 269 Knadle, David George 486 Knopp. James Ian Keiih 339,421 Knouer, Thomos Edward 437 Knechi, Robert E 338 Krwedler, Wendy Jane 196 Knight, Brtan Thompson 346, 379,415. 486 Knight. Potricio D 326 Knight, Roy Joe 339,444.486 Knop, David Eugene 242, 453. 486 Knopp. Roberta Jane 317,486 Knosi, Karen Louise 182,334 Knous, Koihleen 175,486 Knowlron. Barbara J 201 Knudscn, Dorothy Ada ...336. 389 Knudsen, Ellen Mane 184, 327 Knudson, Patricio Lynn ..317,405 Knudtzon, Carl Ebbe J 223 Knution, Jeonne Ann 486 Knutson. Milton Bush ....406. 407 Knutson. Richord Keith 431 Kobal. Volerie Sue 201 Koboly. John Steven 237.453 Kobey, Bruce Edward 240 Kocan, Cheryl Young 198 Koch. Sidney Allen 428. 429, 430 Kochenberger. Gary A. ..428, 429, 431, 486 Kochenberger, Virginia ..437.486 Kocsis, Helen Rebecco ....120. 190 Koebel, Norbert M 335 Koehler, Edword R 433, 486 Koelling, Sue Ann 177,486 Koenig. Carole Ann 320 Koenig, Gretchen Ann ....327,486 Koepnick, Richard B 214 Koeppen, Helen Marilyn 439 Koh, Jean Elong 405 Kohr, Jeffrey George 348 Koht. Kathleen Ann 334 Kolatinski, Thomos G 333 Koles, Corter Morshall 339 Koleski, James Edword ..364, 453 Koleski. Lee Arthur ,.,.338 Kolomitr, Michael Jon 353 Kolquisi, Dovid Richord 344 Komonski, Waller Gory „348, 397 Koonti, Dons Gale 439 Koos, Mory Annetto 325 Koosen. Louroyne Iris ....202. 332 Kopecky. Poul John 392 Koptau. Mary Ann 311 Kopp, Donald Paul 291.486 Koppolman. Hillori Lynn 332 Kons, Dovid Cornelius ..362. 486 Kotl. Judtth Goil 175.325 Kottmon, Brendo M 322 Koiwico, Cynthio J 201,330 Kay Irene. ...195. 396 Koue, Ernesto Kovi 486 Kouisoubos. George A. ..255,414 Kroabel. John Stanford ..243.453 Kraby, Chorles E. .406,407.486 Kroeger, Gloria 390 Kracmer. Leslie Ann 201,360 Kraemer, Robert WiMiom 226 Kromer. Beverly Jean 326 Kramer. George ft 341,394 Kromer. John Lee 452 Kramer. Kothy Lynn H 182 Kromer. Mark Stefan 248 Kromer, Marim Donald 486 Kramer, Michael Earl 237 Kramer, Susan F 202 Krotz. Donno Marjorie 438 Kratz, Tamzin 364 Krarzer, Keren Louise ....434,486 Kraus, Borbara Jane 182,315 Kraus, Diane Christine 309, 388. 408 Krouse, Lorry Lee 454 Krouse, Leslie Irene 486 Krause, Signe Ann 195 Krausgnll. Kevin Neil 243 Kraushoor, Sandra Gai) 180 Kroybill. Lmda Jeanne ....194,366 Kroynik, Saundro Goy 175 Krebs, Borboro Ruth 330 Krebs. Robert Edward D 232, 415,419.431 Kreizenbeck, Alan D 231 Kresnak, Thomos Anthony 266 Kress. William E 208 Kresse, John K?ndrick ...238,452, 459,487 Kripke, Teri Jo 315 Kriz, Susan Hinde 418 Kroeger, Gisela 487 Krohn, Richord Irving 235 Krome. Margaret Frances 202,319 Krosky, Sianby Arthur 335 Krout. Jim Warren 385 Krueger, John Williom 238 Kruer, Karen 175.310,448 KrumhansI, James Lee 340 Kruse, Dennis Gene 331 Krutsinger, Jack K 226,419, 428,429, 431. 487 Kryc. Joseph Hohn 244 Krys. Joanne Zannie 316 Kubick, June Eva 322 Kubie, Susan Patricio 3 1 2 Kudiwa, Alfeus Roy 405 Kuhlmey, Susan 201 Kukia, Serenclla 314 Kull, Barbara Ann 312 Kullas, Doniel Albert 231,346 Kulp, Judy Dion 96. 176, 455 Kummert, William Carl ,.346,453 Kundohl, Kaye 182 Kuney, John Richardson 225 Kuntz, Samuel Osborn Jr 362 Kunzman, James Ross 339 Kurrh, Richard Chorles -.241,453 Kurtz, Helmut W. Jr 243 Kurtz. Leslie Helen 175,312,432 Kurtzman, David Samuel 405 Kurtzmon, James Edward 232 Kusy, Carolyn Lee 177 Kuykendall, Lynn G 108, 170, 242, 380, 415, 487 Kvam, John Thomas 248 Kyhn, Delbert James 331 L La 8aume, Layne 456 La Bounty, Joan Doris 322 La Chapelle, Jeonne M 198 Lo Foe, Jomes Claude 289 La Guordia, John Ronkin 266 La Rue, Billy De Von 515 La Velle, Michael J 243,487 Locerte, Lawrence James 358 Lackey, John Tidd 225 Lodmer, Teri Sue 202 Lafferty, Peter S 212,452 Lageson, Edward Donald 335 Lake, Lynne Dee 189 Lolley, Judith Anne 195 Lamb, Kothryn Ann 332 Lamb, Susan Jo 198 Lambda, Surendar Singh 404 Lambert, Bonnie Merriom 357 Lombert, Letty Jo 184 Lombert, Max Richord 454 Lommers, Kothy 168. 195 Lamoreoux, Charles W 487 Lamson, James Boyd 238 Lamutt, Frederick R 424, 456 Lamutt, Ronald Howard 444 Land, Norman Richard 219 Landers, Jacqueline Lee 513 Landers, Sheryl Lee 184 Lane, Barbara Ann 201 Lone, Timothy Motthew 225, 296, 403,415,487 Lang, Donald Roymond 219 Langberg, Frederick A 214 Longendoeifer, Shoron I. 359, 373 Longlas, William J 233 Lanier, Keith Singleton 237 Lonkton, Shirley Ann 439 Lannom, Gene Ellen 190,336 Lontz, Judith Carol 408 Lopin, Dianne Eileen 319 Lapin, James Barry 233 Lapp, Drono Jeon 197,487 Lapp, Diana Kay 458 Lapp, Gwendolyn Ann 320 Lorkin, Lon Ann 181,336 Lorned, Charlotte Ann ..197,377, 458 Lorsen, Arne 353,403,405 Larsen, Lindo Irene 487 Larson, Charles William 171,238, 266, 487 Larson, Douglas Arthur ..244. 454 Lorson. Ernest Merle 398 Larson. Ginger Lovrien .,107,201, 381,440.487 Larson, Janet Mc Afee 513 Larson, Kristy Ann 192,314 Larson, Peter M 243 Larson, Terry Wode 346 Losky, Patricio Ann 487 Lassila, Lisa Anneli 189,377 Lottimer, Gregory M 210.377 Lauer, Susan Stewart ....110,381, 487 Laufenburger, Michoel W 240 Laughlin, Patrick A 210 Loukka, Michael John 266 Laurence, Lynne Ingrid 319 Lourtdson, James R 339,419, 428, 429,431,487 Louri dson, Koren Jean 322 Louridson, Mary Jean 324 Laurie, James Andrew ...212,344 Laursen, Nancy Jean 309 Lautzenheiser, Linda M 1 89 Lavift, Terry Gay 179,319 Lowhon, Sandra Carrol 320 Lawler, Joyce Laverne ....358, 440 Lawler, Sharon Ann 319 Lawrence, Richard J 429 Lawrence, James Howard 420 Lawrence, John David ..244, 397, 456 Lawrence, Linda Anne ..- 309 Lawrence, Mary Ellen 315 Lawrence, Nancy S 198,320 Lawson, James Richard ..435, 487 Layde, Mary Ann 356, 487 Loyer, Marilyn Carol 317 Layman, Lawrence Gorry 171, 237,487 Layman, Ralph Engle 241,335 Lazzerino, Linda Martin 334 Le Bus, William Ross 217 Le Fevre, Herbert W 333 Le Masters, Raymond E 266 Le Pine, Alta May 356 Le Vick, James Earl 231 Leach, Thomas Innes 341,453 Leader, Roberta Borrett ..191,330 Leal, James Allen 453 Learning, Judith Ann 359 Leary, Kathleen 312 Leory, Regina Diane 117, 175 Lease, Diona Jean ..168, 195,487 Leasure, Mary Morgaret 336 Leotherman, Robert D 170 Lee, Carole Antoinette 359 Lee, Donna Margaret 382,458 Lee, Fronk L 405 Lee, Linda Louise 357,487 Lee, Lita Jane 405 Lee, Robert Edward 266, 339 Lee, Rodney Orville 223, 340 Lee, Sandra L. Dreith 513 Leeds, Michael Webster 419 Leffler, Donald Wayne 487 Leflok, Janet Ann 356 Leflokitz, Carolyn 439 Legeron, Maryse Jeanne 182,487 Lehan, Lyndall Elaine 320 Leighlon, Jacqueline S 314 Leimboch, Karhonne S. ..191,488 Leiser, Corol Anne ..178,437,488 Leiser, Richard Wayne 362 Lemke, Patricia Jean 310 Lemmon, Bronwen Kothryn ....192, 317 Lennartz, Fronces E 310,440 Lenzini, Michael, Jr 335, 405 Leonard, Kathleen Adele 362 Leonard, Mark Frederick 217, 415.488 Leonard, William D 412,452 Leong, Jamie Mei Chun 334 Lepic, Donald Edward ....363,488 Leppke, Larry Andrew 418 Lerner, Barbara Roe 202, 309 Lesnik, Marjorie Ann 319 Lesser, Judith Ann 178 Lesser, Kenneth Alan 346 Lester, Marionne T 316,366 Letson, Gary Wayne 244 Leutwiler, Robert L 225, 488 Lev, Louise Ann „ 197 Levey, lr vin Lee 429 Levin, James Leslie 235 Levinson, Barbaro Inez ..202,321 Levitt, Brenda llene 202 Levy, Mark Roy 248 Lework, George F. 266 Lewin, David Ion 405 Lewis, Borboro Ellen 197 Lewis, Barbora Jean 201 Lewis, Barton Gates 453 Lewis. Cotherine Joan ..315,406. 407 Lewis, Duone Burton 488 Lewis, Edward Lowel! 344 Lewis, Helen Doris 321 Lewis, Jeon Hazel 488 Lewis, Susan Catherine ..196,378, 406, 407, 443, 446 Lewis, William Edward 237 Ley, Carl Eugene 225 Libbey, Michael Alvah 231 Liberman, Elaine S 202, 334 Lichte, Sandra Lynn 324 Lichtenwolter, William 437 Licis, Korlis 335 Licka, Charles Eugene ....170,414 Lidstrom, Korin Louise 324 Lieberman, Leslie Sue 488 Lieblein, Patricio S 332. 398 Liechty, Susan Holly 309 Liggett, Virginia Marie 315 Light, Frankie Jean 321,385 Ligon, Richard Sidney ,...338, 379, 488 Ltgroni, Carole Anne 315 Lilly, Kenneth Gary 219 Lilly, Paula Diane 204 Lmam, James Vaughn 243. 415,488 Lind. Bonnie Pouohi 488 Lind, Patricio Ann ..185,360,399 Lind, Sharon Kay 312 Lindecrontz, Karia D 312 Lindekens, Joyce Jeonne 312 Lindemon, Allen Arthur 379, 453,488 Lindenmeier, Rox Anne C 189 Linder, Kathleen G 330 Lmderoth, Knut 403 Lindland, Christine 191 Lindner, George Phillip 515 Lindquist, John Peter 380, 425,488 Lindquist, Margaret N 319 Lindsay, Florence E 195 Lindsey, Stephen Andrew 225 Lingenfelter, Sue Ann 103, 118, 196 Lingle, Michael Roy 358,444,488 Lingwood, Phil Leroy 241 Linn, Barbara Neumann ..192,432 Lmtz, Jack 226,274 Lintz, Jomes Larry 333 Lipp, Louis Evan 340 Lippett, Moxine Robin 202 Lippmon, Charles Stuart ..248, 341 Lipscomb, Jeon Westley 439 Lipton, Carol Jean 317 Lipton, Jane Elizobeth 334 Lischer, Janet Birkbeck 197 Liss, Barbara Leono 488 Littell, Robert Spohr 243 Liften, Kathleen Joan 184, 309 Little, Nancy Lee 191, 312 Littlefield, Barbara J 175,414 Littleton. Emmet 266 Littman, Ronald 488 Littrell, Linda Judith 315 Livingston, Cynthio W 488 Livingston, Judith Koy 439 Livingston, Patricio P 197 Livingston, H. Lee 338,457, 458,459 Livingston, Susan Kay 320 Livron, James Severs 243 Ljungstrom, Marlene E. ..182,405 Loor, James Edward 238 Lobdell, Lydia Anne 439 Loberg, Hans Otto 403,428, 431,488 Locke, William Jomes 226 Lockhart, Ronald Alon 248 Lockwood. La Von Ruth 454 Lockwood, Thomas E 433 Lockwood, Walter E 407 Loeb, Michael Edwin 488 Lof, Laura Miriom 191 Lofft, Donna May 324 Logon. Susan Russell 204 Logon, Zock Hume 243 Logsdon, Eloise Faye 122,378 Lohmonn, Lindo Louise .- 488 Lohse, Sharon Ann 177,489 Lomax, Karen Koy 334 Lomax, Ronald Kent 379, 420 Lombard. Mark Anthony 364, 453 Long, Bruce Alan 219 Long, Kothryn Jane 408 Long, Pomelo Jennette 311 Long, Richard Allen 456 Long, William James 340,453 Long, William Randolph 115 Lonstein, Carole Jane 320 Lonttne, Everett Thomas 275 Loomis, Molina Jean 96,168, 169, 192, 378, 458 Loomis, Susan Virginia ..175,314 Loomis, Terre Diane 181,310 Loos, Steve Kent 338,352 Loper, Roger Kent _ 338 Loreo, William Philip 243 Lorenz, Betty K. Oster 513 524 LortKher. Randoll H 219,489 Lorusso, Oovid Jamej 363 Lo », Bonnie Jo 201 Lofhfop. Jeon 336 Louden, Jane EMen -314 Lounge, John Michoel 353 Love. F(od Everett ..125.414,417, 428.429 Love, Lindo Jeon 322 Love. Loo 0S Loveioy, Pomelo Jo 176,414 Lovett, John Albert 415,433,489 lovin. Sondro Koy 198,489 Lowe, Edwiio lee 316 Lowe. Gregory Mile« 225 Lowe. Jomei Allen 333 low, Mifion Jeon 309 Lowrey, Polricio Goil 204 lubiniki, Richord Ffonk 414. 419, 489 Luckey, Richord Roy 231.352 lucking. Julie Lynne 309 ludos, Morgo Kathleen 181 Ludeman, Karen Sue 177 Ludlam, Shoron Dionne 326 luhmon. Lindo Lee 312 Lukaueqicz. Borboro M- 311.382 lukovilch. Polrioo 95. 192 Lund. Jan Peter 208 lur d, Jon Thomas 266 Lundberg, Kothtyn L 95 Lundgren, Alvin Royrtiond ....344, 389 Lusson. Joy Owight 255 Lustig, Michael Edword 235 Lutel, Corol Ann 406,407 lutet, Kathenne Teller ...192,489 Luftig, Normon Croig ...414 lurr. Joan Kelley 75 lutz. Per elop« Susan 360 Lynch. Georgia Mitchell 197.324 Lynch. James Dean 233 Lynch. James Stewart 237 lynch, Jeon Ann FeiS 489 lyng. Jeonnette Ann 189 Lynn, Karen Koe 310 Lyons, Roderick John 344 M MacAllister. Coroll 489 MocArthur, John D 295 MocArThur, Lorry Gene 295 MocCornock. Barbara L 198 MocCornock. Dianne A. 198,381, 455 MocDonald. Dovid W 409 MocOonold, Janet E 326 MocDonold, Morgoret I. 312.412 MocFodden, Frank P 209 MocFotlond. Nancy lee ..192.377 MocGreoor. Heother J 119. 455.489 MocGuire, Pomelo Ann ..192.319 Maclounn, Dorothy J 309 MocMillon. Maroo 1B2 MocRae. Sharon Sands ....198,421 MacToviSb, John Kevin 237 Mocey Mory Page 339 Mock. Robert Frederick 418 Mockey, Donold Jock 225 Mock., Sharon Ann 327 Maclear, Jerry Alon 452,489 Maddock, Robert Alfred 103, 117.489 Maddock. William Joseph 333 Modson. Horold Stanley 437 Madsen, Joy Dennis 340 Modson, Noncy Kathenne 489 Moelond, Guslav Helmik 405 Moffeo, Edith Jane 513 Mogoro. Anthony 211 Maggi, Dono Lynn 321 Magill, William F 209 Maglodrv. Robert S 225 Mahorom, Marsha Elotne 356 Maher. Robert Michael 243 Maher. Timothy Froncis 222 Mohmood. Noidol Asker 340. 405 Moier. Moren Koy 192 Moms, Mortho Jeon 197.319 Moms. Normon E 226 Moisel, Marilyn 314 Moiie, James Wells 2 Makin, Barbara Ani 312 Malchow, Morgoret E 315 Molkewici, Carolyn 197,490 Molmstrom, Cynthio Ann 182 Malotr, Andrea Marie 197 Mancini, Daniel John 363 Mancini, Lowrence J 363 Monciur, Gerhard .353,412.456 Mondel. Donna Esther 321 Mandel. Judith Ann 358 Mondoll. Paulo Anne ...,202,321 Mandeville, Jonice Foe 490 Mandry, William Jomes 456 Mongon, Moryonn 490 Moniotis, Thomas Peter 237 Monigold, Vicki Gibson 322 Monion, Lorry Douglos 343 Monkowski,Ri chord John 266 Monning, Jack Ellison 298 Mannweiler, Jane A 513 Monsell. Morilyn I. ..,„ 439 Monsheld. Tomaro .,-.316 Monike. Roger Willlom 226 Ma. elli, Robert M. Jr 346 Moroldo, Mory Anne 127 Morbry, linda Ann 382 Morconronio, Gionfronco 490 Morchiol, John F 266 Marcus, John Brower 364 Moreon, Robert Paul 409 Moresh, Noncy Moe 310 Morguiis, Andreo Morsho --202 Morion, Leslie Virginia --175,314 Mark. Eliiabeth Ann 189 Morkowitt, Steven E 235 Marks, Lynda Goyle 168. 179 Morlow. Ann Louise 334. 399 Morolt. Peggy Louise 490 Morolt, William Charles 278 Marrow, Lynn 377,458 Morrs, Sandra 192,320 Marsoglio, G- Mernlee 109, 381.490 Marsh, Elizabeth 198 Marsh, Michael Alan 221 Marsh. Richord Allen 218 Morsholl, Anne Prentiss 191 Morsholl, Dennis Hardie 343 Morsholl, Douglas H 243,284 Morsholl, Freddie E 335, 338 Morsholl. Jeonne E 210. 377 Morsholl. Luther Gerald 428, 429 Marshall, Margaret Roe 120, 193, 314 Morshall. Mory Esther 490 Morsholl. Robert R 217 Marshall. William E 348 Marstoll. Jerry Lee 431 Morlell. Morgoret Helen 405 Mortin. Cynthia Moe 332 Morlin, Edword John 352 Mortin. Genevieve Sue 191 Mortin, Jomes Patrick ...419,490 Martin, Jone Leslie 312 Martin. John Michoel 210. 377. 490 Martin. Kendro Mario 310 Mortin, Morlo Koye 117. 201 Martin. Michael Roy 266 Mortin. Robert Edward 490 Martin, Sylvio Nan 490 Mortinez, Fortunate F 338, 405 Marucheou, Louis Joseph 246, 352.453 Mosciotro. Mane Louise 314 Mason, Paincio Odell 198 Mossoro, Peter Anthony 431 Mosson, Patricio Lynn ...198,434 Most, Maurene Goyle 189. 406. 407 Mostolir, Milton Joel 225 Masters, Michael Jomes 353 Mosunogo, Jo Ann 326 Mosunago, Joyce C 310 Motosovic, Marilyn E 357. 408 Mates, Noncy Jean 201,399 Mathews, Borboro Jeon 513 Mothios, Monty Ross 414 Motkm. Soloise 185.325 Matlock, Morion Ann 120 Motsudo. Ronald T 363 Motsuoko, Soburo 338 Motthews. William K 420.490 Matison. Jomes Richord 217 Motusow. Laurence Joy ..217. 331 Molzen, Vernon Chorles 392, 428, 429, 431, 490 Moul, Robert Edwin 380,490 Maurer, James William 335 Mouth, Gory Harvey 380.414. 428.429.431,490 Movity. Leon Lowrence 289 Moxson. Potricio Jeon ...198.319 Maxwell. Carol Jeon 439 Moiwell, Cecelia M 185 Ma«well, Jone 177 Maxwell, Jeffrey Neil 456 Maxwell, Judith Ann 513 Maxwell, Marilyn Beth 120, 193.377 Moxwell. Shoron lynn ...189,336 Moy, Corol 324 Moy, Hillary Jeonne 185 Moy, Julio louiie 490 Moyer, Robert Mox 333 Moyer, Victor James 437 Moynord, Alfred William 456 Moyo, Marilyn Frances 201. 334.413 Mays. Mory Jo 418 Mozzeri. JoAnn Eleonor .437. 490 McAdoo. Oovid Evan -209. 392, 400. 490 McAfee. Sam Sumner 457. 458,459 McAllister. Arthur ..223, 452. 490 McAM-ster Comeron 195 330 McArinur. Cioir 1 23 McAteo. lowretKO Dean 217, 298.456, Richard Croig 211 McCobo. Mory Kolherine 320 McCobe. Richard Lee 219,292 McCobe, Sharon Cecilio .310.399 McCobe. Susan lee 316 McCofferty, Dallas T 353 McCofferly, Robert Joy ..420, 437 McCoffroe, Morion 1 319 McCoffrey, Stephen C 238 McCoin, Carol Ann 201 McColl. Bernard Keith 266 McColl, Elizabeth Ann 336 McColl, Raymond K 409 McColmon. Robert T 239 McCondless. John H 400 McConn. Thomos Owen 216 McCorthy. John T 266 McCorthy. Koren Louise 327 McCorty. Mory Moureenn .. 319 McCosline. Shoron 197 McCosline. Suson 197 McCoy. Jomes Bonner 246 McCloin. Russell Byron 405 McClove. Ross Rodes 352 McClellan. Charles W 213,456 McClellon. Mortho 1 310 McClintock. Richard G 227 McClune. Cheryl Moe 382 McClure. Don Even 285 McClure. Wollace W 429. 490 McClurg, Gerald Lee 266 McConnell, Annette C 513 McConnell, Jomes R 338 McConnell, William A 490 McCormick, Kothleen A 309 McCormick. Marilyn G 177. 315 McCosh, Patricio Anne 316 McColter. Jone Clayton .198.437 McCoy, Glen Raymond 341 McCoy, Mark Elton 341 McCoy, Michoel Andrew 284, 490 McCoy, Robert Lee 453 McCoy, Tonio Sherwin 513 McCreo, Bruce Benton ....387, 456 McCreery. Morie T 185.440 McCrory. Mory Jeon 323. 334 McCullough, Betty Jone ..198.324 McCully. Marilyn E 330 McCurdy. Mortho Jon ....177. 398 McDermott, Gerald W 352 McDonald. Allen K 456 McDonald. Gory Eugene 239, 374 McDonold. John F 490 McDonold. Koihi 309, 328 McDonald. Koy Sharon 198, 415.491 McDowell, Bruce Basil 295 McElhinney, Patricia B 513 McEnlire, Susan S 491 McEvoy, Miriam Grace 193. 433,491 McFonn, Janet Lynne 309 McForlond, Jo Ann 314 McFarlond, Tommy Dyche 338, 456,457,458 McGee, Stanley P 214,341 McGibbon. Alon Lee 346, 444 McGill, Barbara Nell 491 McGilvroy. Kaiherine 177,315 McGimsey, Dennis Ray 491 McGivern. Williom H 221 McGlothlen. Carol lynn 439 McGroth, Soroh Jone 334,414 McGrew, Bonnie Goil 99, 198. 491 McGuckin, Richard S 244. 391,491 McGuffin, Morgoret J. ...191,491 McGuire. Morgoret E 195 McGuire, Neil Howard ..352 Mcllroy, Borboro J 198 Mcintosh, Gilbert 237 Mcintosh, Volerie Hope .,175, 321 Mclntyre, Cheryl Ann 363 McKom, Stowell Bloir 491 McKee, Walter Russell 407 McKee, Williom J 352 McKeever, Anne M 357,382 McKenno, Jomes Ornn 331 McKenzie. Lionno Marie 392 McKenzie. Prentiss Ann ..387. 491 McKmghl, John Eoston 237 McKown, Williom Bruce ..212, 377 McLoughlin, Cyrus 331 Mcloughlin. Dovid W 435, 491 McLaughlin, Douglos S 515 McLoughl.n, George R. 221 Mcloughlin, Jone Anne 312 Mcloughlin, William L 349 McLeon, John Hull 387 McLean, Morcio Ellen ...191,336 McLean, Roland Mockewn 453 Mderon, Starr Elaine 314 McMohon. De Ann 332 McV e Koye 119. 195 M ' . ' Loren 335, 338 McV n R 211 MiV 1 Anne 191. 315 MiV 1 L 244.491 MiV. . - - -•- R 221 McMorns. Caiyi|0 Ann .191, 310 McM5 " ?w 5 -o ' Oo S .197 Mtt. 220 M-. •«56 Met, -491 McNeil, Kothleen Oee 336 McNeil, Maureen lee 439 McNulty, Kathleen Anne 324 McRoe, Goylo Jeon 169,198. 381,491 McReynolds. Mory L 327 McSwoin, Donold C -269 McTigue, Ann Lowell 357 McTigue, Michoel Paul ..239 McVey, Williom Ouone 343 McWilliomi. K.m Keith 331 Mead. Judi Ann 322 Mood. Michael Deon 491 Meod. Susan le Veou 491 Meokins. Vickilou 177.320 Meek. Normon Clore 454 Mee, Judy Marie 315 Meek. Jomes Scott 429 Meek, Ronold Doyle 392.444 Meeker, Goil Potricio 197.491 Meer. Peter Chorles 248,414 Meese. John Robert 331 Meeting. Jenifer Anne 360 Meier. Connie Sue 132.433 437. 492 Meiselmon. Koy Ann 179 Meixner. Use Mono 357 Meldrum. Bruce Robert 338 Mellong. Susan Koy 191.310 Mellbye. Robert Williom 339. 444 Mellon. John Ounlop 216 Melmed, Annette Rhodo 202. 309 Mendel, Maurice Irwin 492 Mengel, Mory Claire 182 Meredith. John Dee 407 Meresmon. Stonley J 344 Merkle. Jomes Alvin 239 Merman. Stephen Kent 214 Merriom. Richord Arthur 216,377 Mernfield. Jon 309 Mesch. Winston Scoll 344 Messer, Teoll Reynolds 243 Messer, Virgimo Anne 322 Metcolf, Kathleen 193 Metke, Susonno 175 Metzger, Jone Dee 334 Meurer, Gordon Charles 344 Meyer, Borboro Louise 332 Meyer, Byron Eugene 362 Meyer, Doniel Steven 235 Meyer. Douglos Horlon .244.341 Meyer, Jerome Merle 235 Meyer, Judith Helen 191,312 Meyers, Bradford Bowie 453 Meyers, Lorry William 214 Michoel. I. Kent 244, 383 Michoel. Nancy Ruth 321 Michael. Richord Orson 346 Michaels. Pomelo Diane 193. 105 381.492 Michel. Dennis Emil ..._ 492 Michel. Sondro lee 324 Middleton. Jomes Milton 213 Middleton. Kenneth Roy 352 Middleton, Robert Avery ..331,453 M.dkiff, Nomo Sue 317.366 Mielenz, Michoel Kerley 216.492 Mielke. Morcio lee 175 Mihok. Bruce Robert 21 I M.lbert, Richord 387,459 Milcnski, Suzanne Ruth 193 Miles, Stephen Hobert 269 Millar, Morgoret E 492 Millar, Robert S 387 Milloy. John Russell 171. 210 398 Miller. Ann Cecele 88. 193 257.455 Miller. Clorence P 515 Miller. Cynthia Sue 191,360 Miller. Don Harrison 221 Miller. Donold Oeon 344 Miller. Gory Edward 232 Miller, Gregory Alon 338 Miller. Jomes Coirns 362 Miller. Jomes Ernest 284,492 Miller. John Gory 515 Miller. John Melvin 237 Miller. Kenneth Mork 452 Miller, lorry Roy 92 Miller. Marilyn Ann 189,439 Miller. Rondoll lonce 243.492 Miller. Rodney Victor ...„ 284 Miller. Ronald Roy ..— ■ 92 Miller. Solly Anne ' 82 Miller, Stephen H 237,374 525 Miller. Stephen Martin 344 Miller. Sluort Mile 248 Miller, Terry Allen 352. 437 Miller. Willlom Henry 492 Millet. Mory Frick 185 Milligon. Martho Louise IBS Milll. Corolyn 193 Milli. Rrthord Croifl 341.392 Milll. Rom Neol 21 1 Milll, Ruth A. Donnelly 398 Millword. Jomei Trevor 243 Milner, Scott fullerton 452 Milrwr, George Johnson 231 Milnor, Suson Mory 175, 317, 387 Milotevlch, Nondis Leon 191.492 Miltony. Judith Jo 176,492 Mllier. tela Borboro .312 Mincer, Lowrence Motk 209 Mincer, Steven W 209 Mmerich, Jerry Eugene 352 Minkoft, Richard M 492 Minor, John Shelock 239 Mirzo, Abdul Quoyyum 405 Miiore, Chorlene Ann 319 Mitener, Terry Richard 352 Mituro, Charles Francis ..222, 433 Mitchell, Morionne 193 Mitchell. Mory Lynn 184.492 Mitchell. Michoel M 231.331 Mitchell, Orley Thomas 406, 407, 409 Mitchell. Richard 1 246 Mitchell, Robert G 492 Mitchell, Suionne Bond 492 Mitchell, William Roy ....454. 492 Miike, Mory Jo 309 Moe, Christine Ann 168, Moeller, lindo Lee 332 198, 319 Mogilner, Leslie Koren 336 Mohr, Horry Adrion 289 Mohr, Valerie Joon 328, 334, 399 Moinot, Sheryl Mane 320 Moison. Kathleen Mary 177 Molse, Steven Kahn 106. 235.414.425 Mojonnier. Borboro Anne 356, 492 Molina, Conslonce C 319 Moll, Lois Kothryn 174, 415, 492 Monaco, Robert Raymond 352 Monarchi, Tereso Ann 314 Monczka, Timothy Irving 266 Monje. Steven Peter 223 Monnette, Anne 175,437 AAonson, Mory Ann 322, 438 Montokheb, Mojid 492 Monteville. Arthur R 454 Montgomery, Frances Ann 322. 492 Moniiel. Gerald Wesley 269 Moor. Thomos Grain 346, 379, 409 Moore, Borbora Sue 492 Moore, Donna Jeon 181, 330 Moore, Judy Lynn 332 Moore, Kotherine Mory 181 Moore, Nancy Allen 185, 319 Moore. Paul Doniel 223,341 Moore, Rondoll Jack 454 Moore. Richard Douglas 222 Moore, Richard Howard 241 Moore, Robert E 492 Moore, Suion Meredith 317 Moore. Suzonne Mane ..161,366 Morbeck, Mory Ellen 316 Morehead. Richord M 214 Morelond. Dovid Jewell 340 Moren, William Arthur ..241.493 Morey, Robert Le Roy 454 Morgan, Condice 317 Morgon, Constance Moy 182 Morgan. Janet Alma 418,493 Morgan, Kile 269 Morgon, Pomelo Anne 360 Morgenroth. Virginio L 193 Moeilz, Suson Jane 175 Morroto, Jomes Joseph 515 Morrill, Rodney L 390 Morns, Averil Ann 439 Morris. Corole Ann 314 Morris. Judith Hudson 493 Morris, Rogert King 266 Morris, Williom George 493 Morrison. Dianna Loyne 204, 440 Morrison. Jo Ellen 321 Morrison, Nano Beth 191 Morrison, Sora Douglas .193,366 Morrow, Richord Lynn 493 Morton, George Thomas 225 Morton. Mortho Lee 405 Moselle, Vicki Gole 198 Moses, Anne Eorle 181. 312,493 Mosiek. Glorio Jeon 319 Mosko. Gory Allen 235 Moss. Dennis Adolr 219.426 Moss, Kothleen Ann 358 Mossor. Corol McAfee 493 Mosser, Russell Winston 493 Mothershed, Corronzo V 344, 453 Motley, Robert Joseph 338 MottI, Kerry Edword 269 Motyko, James Alexander 214 Moulton, Linda Ann 124,493 Mounlel, Marilyn Eloise ..362. 493 Mourey. Thomas Lee 363 Mowczko, William Earl 493 Mowery. Hubert Thomos 431 Moynihon. Jeffrey A 331 Mozer. John David 390 Muehleisen, Nancy Jean 189 Mueller, Barboro Sue 204, 326 Mueller, Carol Jeon 161, 390 Mueller, Charles R 241,493 Mulder, Mary Jo 493 Mullen, Anne Marie 356, 493 Muller. Clifford H 219.344 Mullin. Robert Woggener 225 Multins. Donold Eugene 336 Mullins, Leigh C 314 Mullins. Mory Rosella 185 Mullis. Ina VanSlyke 195 Mumma, Kathleen S 325. 405 Mummery, Mory Anno 513 Mundinger, John G 390 Mundy, Ann Elizabeth ....201,321 Mungle, James Alexonder 246 Munro, Tereso Goil 356,440 Munroe. Nancy Ann 161. 493 Munson. Anita Kay 180 Muntzert, James Kay 340 Murano, Dennis Bradley 269 Murley. J. David 420 Murphy, Mory Jone 199, 314 Murphy, Patrick Horold 493 Murphy, Somuel B 240 Murphy, Stonley E 341 Murphy, Terronce Joseph 292 Murphy, Thomos James 241, 377,456 Murray, Bonnie Diane 204. 367.493 Murroy. Joseph W 339.414 Murroy, Robert Bruce ....241.456 Murray. Viro Jo Ruth 325 Mussehl, Judith Ann 356 Mosser. Janet Lynn 334, 396 Musso, Daniel Leo 352 Myers, Harold David 209, 333 Myers, John Wesley 341 Myers, Phillip Eorl 244, 289 Myers, Richard Francis ..344, 456 Myers, Robert Howord 214, 352, 453 Myers, Sherry Anne 117,321 N Nober, Drew Spellmon 352 Naff, Richard Louis 363 Nogel. John Koub 209,414 Nahos, Cherif EmMe 405,493 Noifeh, Susan Kaye 309 Noimon, Ivan Sidney ....235, 383 Nokoto, Jane Nobuko 319 Nokosteen, Alan Richard 412 Nance, James Weldon 227 Nance, Soro Lynne 193 Nardine, Patricio Jo 325 Nassimbene, Judy Jo ....193.458 Nouhous, Lester George 493 Noylor. Barabor Koy 193 Noylor. John Franklin 352 Naylor, Ruth Caroline 327 Neeley, John Allen 346 Nees. Judy Lynn 175.360 Neff. Borboro Elizabeth 200 Neill, Ellen Louise 439 Neilly, Carol Roe 356 Nekomoto, David Seiji 452 Nellis, Scott Henry 216 Nelsen, Koren Jeanne 191 Nelson. Alvin Drake 333 Nelson. Carlo Alice 439 Nelson. Charles Arnold 493 Nelson, Christine Anne 357 Nelson, Constonce Ruth 199 Nelson, Georgia Kay 117 Nelson, Janet Foy 360,438 Nelson, Jeanne Koy 493 Nelson, Jerrie Sue 197 Nelson, Jo Ann 336 Nelson, Judith Ann 189 Nelson, Kothleen Marie ..195,314 Nelson, Linda Diane ..310 Nelson, Lindo Lee 439 Nelson, Mary Noreen ...189,315 Nelson, Mox Alon ...494 Nelson, Orville Duane 444 Nelson, Poulo Jane 440 Nelson, Richard Ager 212 Nelson, Richard Martin 21 1 Nelson, Richard Melvin 239 Nelson, Robert Francis 349 Nilvon, Sandra Lorraine 315 Nelson, Steven Roger 243 Nelson, Sutherland C H 405 Nemirow, Anne Elaine 319 Nethowoy, Nancy Ann ..195,309 Nelhery, Martha Roe 189,312 Neufeld, Holly Ann 202 Newbold, Wendy M. Lou 439 Newcomer, I Carole 169, 199 Newcomer, Frank 216 Newell, Catherine E 189,309 Newell, George Fredrick 494 Newell, William Thurlo 241 Newhouse, Nancy Ellen 191 Newkirk, Patricio Ann 195 Newmon, Patricia Mory ..199,494 Newport, Dione Elaine 494 Nguyen, Ly Thi 513 Nicholas, Bess Marie 494 Nicholos. Richard Alden 359 Nicholls, Donald Gordon ..239,494 Nicholls, Thomas F 494 Nichols, Edgar W 389 Nichols, Koy 494 Nichols, Keith Allen 456 Nichols, Sondro Anne 199 Nicholson, Byron 331 Nicholson, Ronald Allan 243 Niciphor, Garrett N 244 Nickle, William Lee 246 Nicola, Noncy Soyre 117, 197 Nicolous, Polly M. J 19 9 Nidey, Paul Grodon 420 Neilsen, Michoel Alan 240 Nigro, Mariann 439 Nilson, Susan Anne 1 19. 174,438 Nimon, Douglas Williom 353 Nissen, Kay Elaine 199,315 Niswonger, Jane E 169 Nitto, Alan Shizuo 340 Nixon, David Eager 456 Nixon, Lila Ruth 359 Noll, Richard Francis 341,453 Nord, Peter Allen 295 Nordby, Lorry Vance 325 Norman, Janet Gail 329, 440, 494 Norman, Woyne Albert 233 Norquist, Helena Anne 358 Narris. Charles Edward 221 Norton, Constonce Ann 314 Norton, Rosonne Sue 330 Norton, Tomoro 199,455 Norwalk, Suzanne Jeon ..185,320 Nossaman, Nicholas Judd 284 Novak, Cheryl Ann 439 Novak, Dennis Edmund .437,494 Novak, Edward John 223, 456 Novak, Julio Ann 201 Novik, Andrea Foe 357 Nowell, George Chapman 246 Nowels, Carol Emilie 357 Nowicki, William Peter 211 Nudson, Barbara Ann 326 Nureddin. Nimati Shower 494 Nutting, Donald Williom 406, 407 Nystrom, Jacqueline M. 175,316 O O Bonron, Jomi Sue 197, 320 O Brien, John F. Ill 297 O Bright, Juliono R 189 O Connor. Williom E 233, 344,453 O Dell, Richard Dole 269 O Donnell, Olivia Koy 332 O Donoghue, Kathleen A. 414 ,448 O Hanlon, Lewis Michoel 170, 232,415,494 O Keefe Garrett J 494 O Keefe, Margaret Ann .182, 314 O Meoro, Sharon Anne ..120, 199 O N ill, Helen Mane 201 Ooks, James Polmer 343 Oberlonder, Robin Dale 312, 404, 405 Oberndorf, Donold M 233, 296, 344. 403 Obiolero, Virginia L 334 Oddsdottir, Loro G 177,405 Odell, Sally Shond 324 Offutt, Rondoll Eugene ..454, 494 Ogden, Myrno Ann 439 Ogle, James Holmes 221 Ogren, David John 246 Oko, Kothryn Yoko 334 Okey, Mork Joseph 339 Okia, Soleh Mohomed 405 Olbrighl, Kathleen Jo 310 Oldham, Goyl Heother 197 Oldson, Dennis Randolph 454 Oline, Terry Duane 227 Oliver, John Robert 383,444 Olotka. Peter Graham 208 Olsen, Carolyn Ann 334 Olsen, Lynetie E 334 Olsen, Virginia C 320 Olsen, Wolier Cato 403 Olson, Allon Roy 210 Olson, Ann Louise 191.377 Olson. Don Emil ...419.431.494 Olson. John Dovid 352 Olson. John Seibert 344 Olson. Kothryn Adele ...197.330 Olson, Norman Arnold 414 Olson, Tone Elizabeth 175 Onizuko, Ellison Shoji 338 Oppermonn, C, F 225 Opsohl. Rondi 195 Orom, Colvin Kepler 453 Orange, Geroldine Lee 439 Orange, Jocqueline Gail 494 Orf, Robert Cletus 213 Organ, Suson Mory 327, 494 Orr. Alfredo Mendenholl 513 Orr. David Clyde 421 Orr. James Corwin 289. 454 Orr. Raymond James 457 Orr, Suson Ellen 334 Orsborn, Richard Eorl . ...335. 407 Orsi. Annibole John 227 Ortega, Jomes Joseph 295 Ortego, Joseph K 346 Ortmoyer, Carol Koy 332, 373. 387. 408 Osborn. Alice Annette ....197.494 Osborn, Dorothy Carol .197, 330 Osborn, Jomes Ronald 434 Osborn, John Kirk .216,266,494 Osborne, Barboro Jeonne 182, 366 Osher, John Chorles 244 Ossolo, Thomas William 343 Osteen, Donno Morjene 326 Osier, Donald Roy 406. 407 Ostermann, Thomos W 269 Otoupalik, Joan M 330 Otsuka, Alvin Lon 383 Otte, Gerald Wolter 413 Ouer, Monaroe 199 Overdeer, Lynn Randall ..338. 341 Overman, Irving Deon 430 Oviott, Pomelo Joy 193,439 Owen, Albert Henry 239 Owen, Arthur Kirk 349 Owen, Jenno Louise 195 Owen, Robert Harlan 494 Owen, Toni Sue 185,359 Owens, Edward John 454 Owens, Linda Lorraine ....191,324 Owens, Potricio Ann 204. 336 Owens. Patricio Jeon 332 Owrey. Abigail Ann 325 Poce, Gary Lee 431,454,494 Pocer, Margaret E 316,448 Packard, Lmda Dee 169,201 Podia, William Lloyd 292 Podillo, Gilbert David 295 Page, Beverly 315 Poge, Donna Jean 362 Page, Linda Shelton 316,448 Pohls, John Bernard 407 Pointer, Lillian Joyce 326 Palermo, Wondo Jean 319 Palm, Janet Le Gore 195,332 Palm, Ross Carter 494 Polmotory. Terry Kent 216 Polmer. Cynthio Johnson 177,398 Polmer, Dovid Roy 494 Polmer, Donald Arthur 209, 377,414 Palmer. Douglos Arthur 407 Palmer, Edword Emery II 216 Palmer, Ruth Mory 494 Palmer. Suson Wendy 326 Polmetier, Patricio A 197.366 Polmierei, Rodney A. 333 Panepinto, John Anthony 437. 494 Ponero. Jill 309 Ponionpoul, John 346 Popedo, Jeonetre Chris 309 Parono, Lynn Kerre 334 Porcell, Otey W 209 Pordee, Susonne Kay 440 Porfet, Constonce 193,494 Poris, Corol June 439 Park, Agnes Anne 193 Pork, Ann Caroline 197,256 Porker, Joe Ray 494 Parker. Phyllis Jean 312 Parker. Roseonne 199,494 Porkhurst. Dovid Frank 494 Parmeter, John Thomas 266 Porrish, John M 221,377 Parrish, Oliver Nelson 456 Parry, Potricio Willson 185 Porsons, George William 494 Parsons, Morgoret Ann 326 Parsons, Potricio L 185 Poscholl, Patricio Ann ....184.494 Posternack, Judith Lynn 315 Postore, Robert L 221 Potarich, Brion Fronk 353 Pate, Jocquelyn Sue 310 Pole, James Rolph 331 Pate, Myrna 185,320 Pallo, John Michoel 453 526 Palmoi . Nancy Moy ..._..„—- 454 ParncW, Go ' l Ann 182 Patron, Jontf Alen« 336 Pa ' er on, Carol M 421 Portefson. Gail Ann 330 Pot ' efwn, Paul Louit 387 Pal ' «r on. Ruth Ann 330. 495 Pa " er»on, Shonnon RoM 362. 495 Pa ' terion. Vonnte lou 324 Pariiion, Thomol Roy 432 Potion, Ann Osborn 197 Poul, Carolyn 188.317 Pool. Jonic Mory - 321 Poul. Sr«ph«n Edward 227 Poulsy, Jome« Donald 359 Paolj, Ptrer Dovid 214 PoulJin, Cloui H«nry 339 Poulion, Koryn Mu l ....204. 434 Poulton. Noncy Jo 495 Poulion. Prenfino K — 334 Povlico, Suionn 310 Po»Mn, Cheryl Le 315,399 Pos ' on, Poiricto Ann 177 Payne. Carl Leili 362 Payne, Douglai Cecil ...237.291 Poyn . Thomoi Roy 419. 428.431 Peocock, Mory Louise 439 Peoke, Paulo Anlomelle 199.413 Peorce, Edword M 452 Peotion. Chorles lo«i« 397 Peorton. Oorryl Le« 353 Pearson. Steven 237, 344 Pooie, Linda Edith _ 185 Peck, David Mitchell 429 Peck. Nancy Jon 199 Peck. Penelope Mayo 363 Pockhom. AAoty Elixo 177. 320. 387 Peddycord. Clyde Allen ..209. 352 Pederjon. Noftnon Roy .431.495 Pedigo. Robert Neil 338 Pedrick. Morion Modolin 317 Peed, Dean Roland 417 Peercy, David Eugene 266. 284. 428 Peets. Robert Jomes 211 Peery. Deonny Lynne .. .364, 495 Peirson. Morcio 325 Pellett, Williom Robert 344 Pell. Mo. Cornnne Joy ...332. 366 PeUue, Bradley Allen ...209, 339 Pelii. Alvm Eugege 227 Penfold. Croig A 216. 380, 495 Penley, Karen Lucille 182 Penn. Dono Moe 334 Penn. Ffoncil Chorlel 338 Pennok. Richard Deon 495 Peny. Richard Gene 231 Perdue. Ashley Bortlett 357 Perelli, Minetii Quito 322 Perm. Edward Bridge D 171. 238. 297 Perk.n. Michael Grohom 239 Perler, Helene Rosalind 320 Perlmutter, Beth 495 Perrtiut. Ely Steven 117 Perpener. John Oliver 413 Perello. Oonno Jeon 185,495 Pernn. Kathleen Gnce 195 Perry, Corol Ann 197 Perry. Meredith Ann 439 Perry. Peter Glosgow 433 Perry, Sue Lynn 323 Perry. Williom Robert 237 Perschbocher, Robert R 221 Persichitte, John A 209 Peschel. Constance C 418 Peters, Brian Henry 233 Peters, Cothenn E 312 Peters, Suson Adoir 322 Petersen. Charles Roe 389 Petersen. Christy Susan 185. 377.495 Petersen, leslyn Koy 439 Petersen, Morcio Ann 332 Petersen, Moron Lee 439 Petersen, Renee Pauline 317 Petersen, Todd Michael ,421,456 Petersen, Alien Kenneth 495 Petersen. Corol Ann 312 Peterson, Corol Ann 356.413 Peterson. Dole Alan 495 Peterson. Dovid James 496 Peterson, Dovid Lyie 428. 429.430, 496 Peterson, Frances A 199,414 Peterson, Gory Glen .„ 239 Peterson. Jomes Conrod 211 Peterson. Jomes Douglas 456 Peterson, Mark Allen 233 Peterson, Porwelo Koy 357 Peterson, Patricio E 310,385 Petrocek, Kenneth M 243 Peiroleso, Poul Ronald 496 Pettigrew, Dennis R 225 Pettit, Borboro Noncy 201. 377, 458 Petty, Cynthio Ann 319. 328,496 Pfeneniliel, Lolo Ann ...316, 405 Pfeifer. Ellen Cloire 197. 316. 421 Pfenning. Kenneth Lee 335 Pdum, Eugege Wolier 219 Phelps, Lloyd Owen 454 Phifer, Jomes Roy 21 1 Phihpp, Mory Uell ...496 Philips. Oovid P 214 Phillips. Jomes Wotts 243 Phillips. Kenneth C 243 Phillips. Leso Ann 193. 315 Phillips, Penny Mane 314 Phillips. Randall Buren 243 Phillips. Richard W 416. 515 Phippen, Christine Ann 324 Pickens, Anne Morie 312 Picketing. Deniie Mori 199, 321. 328 Piehl. Kolhy Lm 197, 202 Piel, Morgoret Christie 458 Pierce, Domon Horry 341 Pierce, Edward Alon 358 Pietpoint, Nancy Lee 314 Pierrepont. Louise R 357. 496 Piersel, Woyne Charles .246, 397 Pierson, Roy Edward 298 Pteser, Bentomin A 248, 335 Pielrowski. Phillip W 124 Pifer, Ceroid Robert 414 Pigford, Polricio 320 Pilliard. Penelope Koy 448 Pine. Judith Koy 195.496 Pmkerton, Robert S 216 Pinkowski. Louro Ellen 336 Pinney. Merl Melvm 285, 429,430. 496 Pinney. Williom Thomos 221 Pinson Ernest A 338. 353. 367 Pinson, Joseph N 385 Pipkin. Williom Horvey .437. 496 Pippen. Potricio Lee 359 Pippin. Bud Clarence 437, 496 Pirnot. Fronces Elotne 388 Pitchford. Joel Francis 349 Pittmon. Arlene June ...195.496 Pitts. Ethel Louise 385 Pitts. Nancy I " Piziichino. Lindo L 320 Plogo. Polricio Ann 177 Plomonn, Alfred Allan ....298, 433 Plontz, Lowrence Allan 296 Pleicher, John W III 266 Plog. Christine Mory 175.316 Plotkin. Notlie 202.413 Plolkin. Ronald Alon 248 Plotsky, Kenneth Gory 248 Plummer. Robert Wendell 124,496 Plunkett, Ronald D 295 Pooge, Robert 8 244 Poe. Suson Mono 191.311 Pollack. Jeon Honnoh ,202.321 Polumbiui. Richard T 266 Pomeroy, William A. C 343 Pomronko. Carl F 297 Ponce. Goniolo R 237.405 Ponder. Morjorie Leigh 310 Ponder, Thomas Anderson 243. 344 Pook, Loszio Anilo 496 Pool. John Eiro 453 Pope. Solly Jone 181.312 Popick. Poulo Helen 360 Popovich. Vichoel E 405,496 Porges. Judith Helene 359 Porte. Elijobeth Motile 200. 455,496 Porter. Allen Boiley 211,353 Porter, Clyde W.lliom 244 Porter. Donold lee 454 Porter. Judith Koihlaen 201 Porter. Paul John 397 Posner. Jon Edward 248 Posner, Robert Lone 230 Posorke. Connie Jeonrte 191 Pospisil. Helen Rose 336 Poss, Morgo Jeon 320 Post, Edword Lory 340 Posimo, Julie Ann 322. 366. 406. 407 Poston, Robert 8 292,496 Potash, Murray Alon 248 Potter, Donno Suzanne — 185 Potter. Jomes Virgil 457 Potter, Joyce Dion ......_. .,..,439 Potter, Mory Kotheritu — 189 Potter, Pamela Jo - _189 Powe, Borboro Ann 412 Powell, lucy Jon 320 Powell. Mory Kothl 0 „...31S Powars. Bruce S 339 Powers. Donen Lynne 514 Powhido, Helen AAone 316 Powrie, Borboro Jeon ...200,496 Prar ge. Suson Koy 309 Profher. Suzonne D a ....201.360 Pron. Noncy Elizobeth 193 Prott. Timothy Jomes 496 Ptehn. Jonet Helena 332 Prentice. Jomie Irene 332 Prentiss, Andrew Arthur . 243 Pressman, Tereso Goil . . 322, 437 Preston, Richard Eorl 225 Prestwood. Jennifer L 357 PretKh, Jo Ann 202 Prewltt, Sondro Elom 322 Price, Borboro Koy 197.440 Pric . Donald Edwin 289 Price. Gordon Morcum 274 Pric . Jock Rob rt 266 Price. Louro Elizobeth 189 Price, Lindsey Sue 385 Price. Norman Woyne ..,- 453 Price. Richard Kim 214,340 Price, Sondro Lynn 321 Pric . Suson Sharwood 118, 193,321 Price. ThoiTvos Allen 221 Price. Tunney Lee 444 PrideouK. Jomes Eorl 344 Priest, Gory Lee 243 Priest, Georgia B 496 Prtmock, Jordon Stonley 235 Prince, Jocqueline Koy ..310 Pringle, Bruce Dovid 248 Prior, Froncis Joseph 241 Pritchord, Morilynne A 201 Probst, Joy Nolo 364 Proctor. Arnold Gioy 456,459 Proctor, Thomas H., Ill ..353. 456 Prost. Vol Potiick 230, 496 Prull. Dole Eugene 343 Pryor. Jone Williom 192 Pryor. Suson 1 " Pioshne. Koy Alice ..202, 366, 382 Pudenz. Mory Sondro 185 Puffer. James Whitney 452 Pullen, Polricio Ann 319 Pullen, Shoron Lee 201 Pulver. Frank Jomes, III 244 Pulver, Jomes Allen 233 Purcell. Judie Colleen .120.356 Purcell. Morgoret Ethel _ .193 Purdy. Judith Goil 310 Purinlon. Roymond F., Ill 219 Purmon, Joyce Ellen 181,336 Purse, Susan Jone 181 Pursel. Dovid Bruce 359 Puso. Joon Toni 496 Puinom. John Donald 387 Putnam. Morilyn Alice 496 Putnam. Robert Henry 387 Putnam. Thomas M. Ill ..209.414 Pyle. Sondro Dons 414.496 Q Quode, Susan Elizobeth ..193, 319 Quolteri. Judeen Lee 316 Ouon, Lyndo Mory ........311.448 Queen. Jimmie Helen 323 Queen, Judith Lee 319 Queen. Williom M . Ill 340 Quick, Sondro Dee 360.496 Quicker. John Charles 496 Quine. Sondra Karen C 439 Quinlon. Clarissa Morie 182 Quinlon. Marilyn Ann 175.496 Quinn, Deirdre Mory 310 Quinn. Donold Michoel 213 Qureshi, Siroiul Hoq 404.405, 431 Rochford. Thomos G«ne 341 Roder. Noncy Jo 195,414 Rodetsky. Lindo Joyce 496 Rodke, Hugh Kelley 225. 433, 496 Rodo, Leslie Anne ' 97 Raglond, William H 1 17 Rainbow, Carolyn Ann 514 Roinen. Lynne Carol 202.320 Ramsey. Edward Allen 454 Rond, Robin 117, 179 Rondol, Robert Oovid ...171.377 Rondoll. Corol Jeon 189.436 Rondoll. Charles 8 244 Rondoll. John Lotus 429 Rortdoll. John Thomson 497 Rondolph, Robert Roe 218, 437.497 Ronheim, Klrslen louil 1 17. 193.405 Ronk. Elizobolh Ann 334 Ronsdill Ronold Eugene..437, 497 Ronson e, Robert Loslie 244 Ronson, Helen F 514 Ronts. Chene Sue 191.326 Roper, Gory Woyne 434 Ropp, Morgoret Jorte . 499 Roipberry, Beverly S .332 Rotov. Cynihio Lee 310 Rothbun, Ronald Horlon 343 Rotliff. Dovid Mike 243 Rouboch. Ro ig r Allon 401 Roul«t. Pe ' r Ate» 239 Rovin, .- 175.497 Roy. Cr »k lis Roy. Pc 356 Roiotos. ituDye Suzanis 326 Reod, John Herbert 497 Reod. Richard Duone .338. 456. 457 Keod. Soroh Ann 182 Reod, Suson 412 Reogon, Rinoel William 412 Pr- • - ' • Bernord 285 Fronos 182.497 5 225,275 316 i. 439 tt .266 ReOOien, Cnorl ! ienry .....419 Redding, Timothy John 244 Redpoih, Morgoret L 177.334 Reed. £ 418 Reed. Donno Roe 175 Reed. Marianne Lee 19S. 320 Reed, Sotoh Koy 190.440 (,,--.- i.„„.,i ; ' 66 i9 ' 4 Re. J. .V-j- " J HoUu ' 1 ' Reider. Robin -4 ReilorwJ. fiorboro Oc; i . 199,321 R,,ly p.,irill i Sul 326 r 120,497 331 . . 77,497 Reinka. Moiy Woivurel 314, 328 Reisenweber. Richord L 407.497 Rello, Robert Michoel 419,457 RerT di, Jomes John .346.419 Remer, David Monuel .237. 275 Renfrow. Evelyn Kropp 497 Renfrow. Joy Royc - 497 Renouf. Alice Moggie 330 Reordon. Noncy Louiie ..328. 399 Repp, Roger Leon ,211.419.431, 435.497 Repsis, Lynn Ceclle 1 80. 497 Reser. Greichen 324 Reset. Lillian Koy 168, 204. 321 Resler. Koren Sue 336 Rest. Donno Jeon ' 78 Reuterttvon. Donno ' 8 Revier. Charles F J 33 Rex. Uoyd Ferrell 414,456 Reynard, Kimbol Gerord 209. 404. 405 Reynolds. Edgor Deon 456 Reynolds. James Richord 244 Reynolds, Morywyn C 405 Reynolds, Suzanne S 1 ' Rheo, Suson Ehzobelh 418 Rhode, Cynthia Jeon 199.312 Rhodes, Ann 309 Rhodes. Jon Lee " 3 Rhodes. Robert Dei J95 Rhudy, Shirley Ann 320 R»ce. George 8. ?7 R«e, Mory Kothlf ' ' ' 4 Rice. Sondro ' 1 Richards. Diono Lyn ...185.364. 448 Richardson, George Lusk 237 Richardson, Ann ,,..309. 440 Richey. Kolhryn Ann 197.309 Richmond, Robert Rond 363, 497 Richmond. Sharon Lynn .189. 316, 381, 440. 455. 497 Richstone. Ellis Mortin 405 Riddell. Chorles Edwm 291 Riddoch, Borne le» 344 Ridgwoy, Don Fronr 244 Rief, Robert Michoel 216 Riesen, Judy Lorelei 201,315 Riesing, Chene Corinn 175 Ri lhmann. Dovid Roy 284 Riatmon. Thomas Richord. 363. 431 Riawar. Scott Poddock 331.453 Rigg, Sondro I . ... 314 R.gos, Ploton Nicolas 497 Riley. Corol Ann 191.366,376 Riley. Koren Jone 330 Riley. Robin 199.321 Rimel. Mortho Jof ' 91 Rmgrws. Amund 403 Rmrnrt. Henry Josepn 454 Ripmoiler. Joel Dovid .225,269 Riser. All. Elizobeth 200 Ridley. Claire Potncio 127 Risncr. Vicky Jo ' 77 Ritchie. Sondro Grill 497 Rittenhouse, Suson Jon 193 Ritter. Corol Louis 96, 190, 458. 497 Ritter, Joyce Ann _ 189 Ritterson. Joy Croft 230 Rivero, Jerry Monolisoy ..209, 343 Robbe. Janet Louis 360 Robb«n. Thomos George 343 527 Robbini. Corolyn 406,407 Rabbins. Frederick A 211 Robbmi, Pairioo H 175.320 Robbini. Sue Ann 336 Robenj. Cynihio D 320 Robem. Dole Joieph 390 Robem. Edwin Co«e 213,297 Roberu, Elizobeih 117, 182, 321 Roberts, Jennifer 312 Roberts, Lloyd Eugene 497 Roberts, Trocy Williom 338 Roberts. Vicky Benon 225, 338,339 Roberts, Williom J 429 Roberts, Williom Monroe 453 Roberts. Williom S 244 Robertson, Leslie Lois 197 Robertson, Scott J 338, 346 Robertson, Vonito Gole 497 Robin, Jomes Eugene 333 Robinett, Jeon Louise ....199,413 Robinson, Colvin R 331 Robinson, Corol Lee 332,381, 415,438,498 Robinson, Carolyn Ann ....175, 330 Robinson, Delmor Wylie 417 Robinson, Dennis Edward 237 Robinson, Donno Pol 31 I, 498 Robinson, Gory Carl 239 Robinson, Laura Foye 310 Robinson, Milo Howard 335 Robinson, Pomelo Ann 117 Robinson, Rebecco Lee 177, 332.406 Robinson, Suson C 327 Robinson, Taylor 291.383 Robinson, Walter G 239, 380, 498 Robison, Lindo Carol 314 Robison, Pomelo Ann 181 Robles, Enildo Mario 332, 405 Robson, Sheila Lou 314 Roby, Jomes Carl 246, 498 Rock, Judy Adele 316 Rock. Leroy Clifford 170, 210 Rodcay. Thomas Earl 498 Roderick, Coiolyn Anne ..174.498 Rogers, Dinah Lu 189 Roe, Clyde Burns 417 Roedel, Lloyd Lester 390, 428, 431,498 Roemer. Oliver P 239 Roeuel. Sally Ann 199,317 Rogers. Borbaro Ann 498 Rogers. Foith Elaine 122 Rogers. Franklin Earl 266 Rogers. George Allen 340 Rogers. James Britton ....170, 227 Rogers. Kolhleen Marie 499 Rogers. tColhryn Ann 315 Rogers, Nancy Koren ...320,412 Rogers, Reginald Joseph 453 Rogoff. Lindo Sue 320 Rohon. Koihleen Marie 322 Rolonder. Nancy Moy ...199.377 Rom, Williom N 239, 383 Romer, Richord P 209,453 Romine, Michael William 456 Rommel, Jane Ross 193,366 Rooney, Sheilo Marie 499 Root, Karen Koye 319 Root, Marion Joyce 514 Roper, Theodore Jorgen 340 Rork. Lucindo Janet 193,316 Rose. Rondall Alan 344 Rose. Ronald Lee 444 Rotebrough. Linda Lou 195 Rosen. Joyce Ruth 195.319 Rosen. Paulo Sue 321 Rosen. Sandra May 202 Rosenboum. Lillion 316 Rosenbloom. Jomes P 235 Rosenthol. Roberta C 179 Roshek. Lorroine 168,201 Rosoff. Eric 227 Ross. Bevyn Charles 219 Ross. Oovid Rondoll 211 Ross. Kenneth Molcolm 394 Ross, Pamela 193 Ross, Robert Deon 499 Rost.o, Mary Lucille 195,332 Rossiter. Jo Ann : 499 Rossmossler. Richard L 343 Roten. Louro Ann 314 Roth, Anne Kathleen 189 Rolh, Krisline Louise 101, 309,413 Rothbord, David Michael 235 RothKhild, Nanette J 202, 499 Rothstein, Geoffrey E 248 Rounds, Jerold Louie 428, 429. 499 Rouse. Michael Jenkins 297 Rouse. Richard Stephen 333 Rouse. Virgimo Romaine ..197. 320 Rowdon. Colhryn Ann 408 Rowe, John Fronds 335, 499 Rowe, Louro Jean 330 Rowe, Steven Frank 274 Rowland, Mary Allen 197 Rowland. Robert Monroe 221. 456.499 Rowley. Morjorie Ann 319 Roy. Philip Clork 223 Rozmon, Rudolph Robert 333 Ruben. Samuel Leslie ...415.424, 433. 444. 499 Rubenstein, Roberta 111,201, 378, 440 Rubinson, Sherrie Lynn 336 Ruby, Patricio Ann 316 Ruck, Helen Louise 197 Rucker. Kathleen Beth 319 Rucker. Norma Jeon 322 Rudd, Kenneth Allen 223 Rudolph, William Riggs 216 Rueckert, Frederick K 243, 344 Ruffell, William Murroy ..296. 403 Rugen, Thomas Williom 246 Ruh. Judith Anne 177, 499 Rule, Williom Charles 211 Rumbough, Patricio Ann 182, 392,499 Rumpf, Richord Lee 390 Runyon, Kyle 120, 197 Rupp, Roberto King 314,408 Ruppe, Roger Deon 219 Russ, Homillon C 339 Russell, Lynne Ann 336 Rustemeyer. Sondro M 414 Rutledgs, Jerry Gordon 225 Rutledge. Terry George 453 Run, Wade Thomas 221 Rultenboum. Steven R 248 Rullom, Ann Doris ..169, 176,499 Ruybol, Robert Edword 331 Ryan, Betty Jane 185,321 Ryan, Rebecca E 193,499 Ryan, James Lawrence ..292. 499 Ryon. Jane Louise 175 Ryon. Michael Frederick 344. 456 S Sobotino, Louis William -219, 266 Sobec, Shoron Marie 327 Sabich, Stefon R 225 Sabin, Jerry Ann 193 Sabom, Dionne Louise ....184,366 Sochs, Morgot Jane 499 Sochter, Alan Zee 235, 346 Sockse, Jeanne Lovera M 120. 189, 310 Sodok, Dianne Sonde 175 Soffier, Donna Kay 325 Safford, Thomas Howord..456, 457 Soger, Mory Kotherine 363 Sahlman, John Robert 340 Soiki. Alon 339 Soilsbery, Stonley L 230 Sokoi, Stonley L 230 Sokai, Thomos Kozuo 344 Sale, Claudia B 360 Salerno, Carol Ann 499 Solibo. Earnest John 233 Solimon. Diane Beth 202 Sollee, Jomes Edward ....406, 407 Solomon, Noncy Ruth 437 Solstone, Suson Jill 202 Soltmarsh. Lois An 201. 309 Sompson. Carolyn Anne 448 Somuelson. Kathy Ann ..191,317 Sanchez. Galen Robert ..233, 344 Sanchez. Joseph Luis 499 Sanchez. Sondro Lucy 316 Sonden. Edwin Homer 499 Sanden. Gail Alice 315 Sanders, Alfred M 382,419, 428,429,431, 499 Sondoe, Julio Ellen 499 Sondros, William A 499 Sondrin, Christine A 195 Sondt, Kotherine Ann 193 Sono, Lorraine Michiko ....405, 448 Sonpedro. Reuel Sonchez ..352, 456 Sope. George Peter 170, 244. 377,414, 443 Sargent, Suson Lee 189, 310 Sormo, Borado Charon 338 Sasser, Marilyn 499 Sother, Barbara Joy 514 Soto. Kathleen Ann 385 Soto, Norman Todoo 340 Soto, Richard Kyoji 328,429 Souer. Paul Daniel 275 Sounders. Kothleen Ann ....382 Saunders, Normon Horold 244, 274, 298 Sovoge, Dennis Jeffrey ....248. 499 Sovogeau. Anthony 362 Sovogeau. David Lc Pere ..219, 456 Sovorese, Nancy Ruth 332 Sovignoc, Eugene Morfin 223 Sowicki, Woller J 219 Sowin, Jomes Leslie 453 Soyell, Jone Ann 189 Soyone, John Henry 346 Soyre, Chorlsie Jeon 500 Soyre, Robert McDonald 284 Sconlon, Robert A 209 Scarborough, Guy L 420 Scarlett, Neil Jerome 433, 500 Scorth. Alfred Momoty 241 Sceno, Christopher M 349 Schochet, John Larry 248.331 Schaefer, Lowell Thomas ..339. 453 Schofer. Jomes Edword 223 Schofer. Kent Lee 437, 500 Schofer, Stephanie Lynn 316 Schoffner, Borbaro Dee 202 Schofroth, Eve Suzanne 309 Schoimon, Steven Lyie 340 Schollock, Donold Alon ..338. 453 Schontz, Thomos Richord 122 Schorf, Cheryl Chapman 500 Schenk, Suson Koy ..311,328,440 Schenk, Suzanne 191 Scheps, Alon Toby 248, 500 Scheuer, Rolph H 235 Schiering, Borbaro A 359, 500 Schiff, Carol G 514 Schiff, James Herbert 221 Schiffer, Kenneth M 227 Schiller, Irwin Ojr 269 Schlechten, Carol Tracy ..177, 321 Schleicher, Constance J 310 Schleicher, Harold C 454 Schlenzig. William E 237 Schlueler. Sandra Rae 189 Schmeling, Cheryl Roe 314 Schmidt, Avo Lynn 326 Schmidt, Beverly Anne 191, 366, 382 Schmidt, Cheryl Bodel 195 Schmidt, Christine R 327 Schmidt, Douglas Robert ..346. 429 Schmidt, Inez Elaine 388,438 Schmidt, Judy Viola 440,514 Schmidt, Linda Sue 42,181 Schmidt, Poul Clarence ...239, 343 Schmidt. Robert Worren 233 Schmidt. Sondro Jane ....185,500 Schmittgen, Nancy 185 Schmitz. Morjorie Ann 316 Schnegelberger, Alfred 358 Schneider, Cynthia M 177,312 Schneider, Ernest C 429, 500 Schneider, Joan Ann 325 Schneider. Nancy Ann ....202.321 Schnell, Richard Allen 352 Schodde, Sondro Jeon ....201.320 Schoendoller, Jeon Ann ..321,408 Schoenfeld. Jill Morcia 179 Scoheninger. Kotherine 359 Schofield. Margaret J 177 Schosmerup, Rosemary 181 Schope, Ronald Williom 390 Schopf, Clifford W 239 Schor, Barbara Helen 382 Schreibstein, Leonard 363 Schreiner, John Chamber 245 Schroedel, Scott Andrew 338 Schroeder, John Dee 21 1 Schoeder, John Stephen ..340, 387 Schroder, Lexi Ann 195 Schuerhoff, Karen 500 Schuhmacher, Robert E 245 Schultz, Pomelo Linn 321, 390 Schuler, Jomes Edgor 269 Schultz, Dale Edward 454 Schultz, Marlene ' Marie 500 Schultz, Patricio Ann 309 Schuiz, Woldeon Allen ...331, 390 Schumon, Gail Macia ...327, 500 Schurman, Donald Paul 358 Schutzberger. Helen Ann 321 Schwab, Robert Lee 125 Schwager, Mory Louise 357 Schwoke, Barbara Lynn 312 Schwoke, Harlan Erwin 434 Schweninger, Glorio J 185 Schwonke, Ronald Leigh ..223, 331 Schwartz, Cerie Lee 202, 320 Schwartz, Chester P 235 Schwartz, Susan Goil 330 Schwartzmon, Stephen D 219 Schwarz, Groce Gladys ...316, 397 Schwelko, Susan Barbara 315 Scoles, Clessen K 437 Sconce, Peggy Lu 317 Scordo, John Joseph ...340, 397 Scorup, James Albert 389 Sscott, Frozier M. Scurry 514 Scott. James Allan 332 Scott, Jane Ellen 201 Scott, John Clifford 225,341 Scott, Karen Joan 182 Scott, LyIe Ivan 297 Scott, Robert K 331 Scott, Ronald Robert 239, 266 Scott, Thomas William 171, 226 Scott, William Bert 341 Scott, Williom Clyde 434, 500 Scrafford, Joel Bruce 500 Seaman, Shirley Mortin 182 Seorcy, Soroh Frances ....199,443 Seors, Borbaro Ann 330 Seors, Carolyn Ann 439 Sechler, Joyce Alden 188 Secord, Corol Lynn 181 Seeliey, Donald Lewis 209,457 Seeley, John Arthur 105, 170, 225, 380,425, 500 Seely, Fred Throp 243 Seely, Leslie B 400 Segal, Leslie Jeon 316 Seibel, Carolyn Jone ...177,309 Seibert. Suson Jae 315 Seitz. Neol Bradley 239, 500 Sekiyo. Brendo Yukiye 322 Selix, Lynn 179 Senn, Corroll Stanley 209 Senn. Suson Louise 356, 390 Senner, Borbaro Ann 193,330 Senutovich. VIodimir R 349 Sepp, Ruth Morion 360 Seroussi, Rosie Shalom 332 Serpon, George Michoel 341 Sessions, Donald L. ..225, 289, 388 Sessions, William Lod 500 Setchell. Robert Eorle 292 Sethness. Suson Cochran ..198, 500 Settle. Charles Deon 500 Settle, Korlo Benoy 182,327 Seufer, Tommy Deon 233 Sexton, Kenneth Bruce 346 Seydel, Frederick Kurtz 209 Seymour, Jane Louise ....175,310 Seymour, Lon Alon 216 Seymour. Richard Lee 456 Shockelford, Alice E 315 Shodel, Suson Koy 191 Shofer, Joan Louro 500 Shafer, Judith Helen 191,500 Shofer, Kenneth Ronald ..379. 500 Shaffer. David Dole 433, 500 Shah, Komron 405 Shoimon, Charlene F 320 Shaklee. Marilyn Ann 439 Shaleen, Kenneth Horry 230 Shombaugh. Kathleen L. ..191, 31 I Shompanier, Ellen Koy 179 Shomponier, Rhodo Jean 500 Shonfelt, Donold Y 338. 339, 429, 501 Shorp, Foilh Joy 501 Show, Keith Dorrell 291,363, 444,501 Show, Sondro Koy 327 Shaw, Susan Curtis 185 Shea, Dion Warren J 397 Shea, Morguerite 334 Sheoffer, Donald Rolph 454 Shearer, Carolyn J 322,438 Shearer, Robert Dole 456 Sheats, David C 452 Sheda, Josephine Roe 330 Sheetz, Jocquelyn Koy 357 Sheflin, Kothleen Mary 356, 406, 407 Sheldon, Mory Hawthorne ....197. 501 Shelley, George Steven 225 Shelton, Anne Morie 501 Shenefelt, Leslie L 309. 328, 406, 407 Shepord, Sherriel L 325 Shepherd, Lucindo Mory ..413, 501 Sheppord, Kotherine Ann 322 Sherom, George Milton 352 Shere, Borbaro Wendy 362 Sheridan, John Stephen 239 Sheridon, Mark M 125,414, 417,429,501 Sherman, Barry Lee 360 Sherman. Benjomin Karl ..21 1, 501 Sherman, Judith Anne 332 Sherman. Melinda Anne 195 Sherman, Richard Clork ..170.243 Sherr, Robert David 239 Sherrill, Georgionno G 358 Sherrod, Orville Wayne 209, 433, 501 Sherwood, David William 246 Sherwood, Foster H 245 Shewitz, Kenneth Mark ..248, 297 Shewmoker, Kothleen Ann ....501 Shibley. Kolhryn Ann 189 Shideler. Robert Clarke 444 Shields, Lillian M 175 Shigeto, Ronald Minora 338, 431,501 Shimobukuro, Eiko 331 Shiner, Corolyn Ann 514 Shipmon, Dennis Robert 501 Shipman. Gyonne Ruth ....327. 412 Shipmon, Richard Anton ..344, 405 Shippey, Andreo Mary ....168, 193, 257,378 Shire, Suson 439 Shirley, Lindo Jo 161 Shirreff, Susan Porterr ....185,421 Shockmon, Mory Renee 315 Shoemoke, Jill 199 Shontz, Suzanne 177,448 Shook, Gory Richord 344 528 Shook. Joonn Mane 332 Sho e, Moflin Short. BorbotO LoO ' Kl .309 Short. Beverly Ann 385 Shrake. Orono Mary 3 ' 5 Shreve. Sara Ann -0 ' Shriver. Allen Ke.lh i ' " Shroodi, Chotle A 227 Shubm. Derek Allan 216. 292.389 Sholtz, Diane Kathleen 309 Shwayder, Diane B " 5 Shwayder. Robert Croig 239 S.don, Zeldo Jo ' 9 Sidwell. Dove Scott 2 ' S.dwoll. Steven Dunn _ 266 Siegel, Sheldon lee SOI Siguenxo, Monuel 338 SigurdMn. lynetie }»an 330 Slier. John Robert 2U Slier. Virgil Robert - 54, Solly Jo - 324 Sillorl. Carolyn Morle 38 ' Stilimon. Morion M 327 Silli Goy Hortwell 359 Silver. Morihoil 1 109. 125. 212.414.415.417,428.429. 431.501 Silverberg. Caihey B 179 Silverman. Irwin Sluort 333 Silverman. Judith Roe ....322. 323 Silvermon, lindo Beth ....179. 501 Simcoe. Ronold Leo 456 Simermeyer, Elizabeth E 322 Simmonj, Andrea Lee ...188,501 Simmoni. Arlon Lee 431.502 Simttioni. CooMonce lee 322. 406, 407 Simon. Kenneth Alfred 405 Simon Ned Alon 233, 453 Simons, Fronk Stonton 359 Simpton. Jomei Alfred 444 Simi, Cheryl lahn 202 Simi, Donald George 407 Sim», Vivion Marleno IBS Simion. Dorothy M 439 Sindt. Kathleen Ann _ -439 Singer. Noioiie — ' " Singleton, AAono Koy 316 Sinkey, Borry Imn 363 Sinnord, Catherine Ann 117, 197,325 Sitoi, Undo Gail ...311.366.388 Siu. Elfrido Ce«ilio 315 Sioberg, Judith Hinemon 502 Skogerberg, Morvm Corl 363 Skokich, Neva 314 Skeer, Berkley Jane 179,319 Skeff, Kelley Michael 335 Skillen, Kathleen Ann 326 Skinner, Dione louije 502 Skinner, Judith Eleonor ..373, 502 Skutt, Donald Lee 502 Slater, Nancy Eliiobelh 326 Skatkin, Walter 235 Slee. Andrew Jomei 392 Sleeth, Coiherine 314 Slemon, Pamela E 177 Sleppy. Donold Eugene .241,456 Sley, Betsy Ann 169, 178 Sloan. John Michael 249 Slocum, Anthony Hersey 241,431 Stocum. louise Innii 327 Sloggett, Anne Hoyden ..-90, 197 Slojky, Lindo Roe 321 Sloven, Lindo Roe 179 Slover, Koy Mary 193,309 Slusxr. Beverley lee 360 Smoil. Terrence Eugene 225 Smart. George Richard 412 Smiley, Froncit E 456 Smiley, Leslie Ann 120,314 Smith, Alan Frederick .405,434 Smith, Borboro Jo 201 Smith, Beverly Jo ...184,437,502 Smith, Carl Woyne 344, 406, 407 Smith, Carole Anne 360 Smith, Carolyn Colwell 356 Smith, Charles Lorry 230 Smith, Cheryl Jean 360, 399 Smith, Claud Durond 233 Smith, Croig Evans 352 Smith, Deniion Everett 171, 208, 380 Smith, Dennis Oeon 170,221,405 Vnith, Dionne Marie 326 Smith, Dirk Merritt 339, 453 Smith, Donno Jean 502 Smith, Douglas Corlton 209 Smith, Douglos luther 230 Smith, Gory Lee 374 Smith, Geoffrey B 225 Smith, George E 219 Smith, Gordon Dollos 230 Smith. Gregory Bryan 463 Smith. Horold Eugene ...406. 407 Smith. Howord H 420 Smith. Homes Keelty 239 Smith. Jane Frances 181 Smith. Joon Lucreiia 314.438 Smith, John Atork 243 Smith, Judith ftnman ... 169. 189 Smith, Koren Chorlolte 360 Smith, Koren Kathleen 418, 502 Smith, Karin lee 312 Smith, Kenneth 217 Smith, Kenneth Robert 377 Smiih, Kent Reed 421 Smith, lorry Oeon 352, 429 Smith, lee Ann 334 Smith, lindo Jo Ann 334 Smith, Uoyd Arthur W 239 Smith, Morsho Diane 324 Smith, Morlin Glenn 235, 383 Smith, Noncy Hortwell 117. 197.453 Smilh, Norton Oeon 398 Smilh, Pomelo Jean 199 Smith, Polricio Ann 321 Smilh, Ralph Eorl 214 Smilh, Richord Walter 209 Smith, Robert land 245 Smilh, Ronold Jock 209 Smith, Shoron Editn 310 Smilh, Slefoni Goge 197 Smilh. Stephen Charles ..237. 452 Smith. Stephen Phillip 220 Smith. Sue Morgueriie 332 Smith, Suson Elitobeth ...193,502 Smith, Susan Jane I ' S Smith, Susan lois 185 Smith, Virginia Anne 358 Smith. Wesley Charles 502 Smoot. Fred Leonard 227 Smoyer, Nancy Read 360. 405. 502 Smulny. Jo Anne 201 Snook, Harriet Mae 439 Snortlond. Neil Edward 502 Snow. Brian Douglas 340. 379. 502 Snow. Donald Merrilt ...170, 171, 244, 380, 502 Snow, Jomes lowrence 502 Snyder, Christo Jeon 336 Snyder, Jomes Clark 344 Snydsr, Jim Clements 225 Snyder, Michael Nathan 235 Snyder, Neil Edwin 348,412 Snyder, Saroh Kylin 502 Snyder, Sue Anne 177 Snyder, Timothy Fred 235, 340 Sobeski, Julionne 439 Sobol, Sandra Reno 202, 332 Socha, Doris Jeanne 332, 382 Socha. Gregory Ernest 429 Soderborg, Robert 8 335 Soerens, Robert Waller 243 Sokobin, Jane Soro 202 Solbeck, Stanley V 339 Sollenberger, Janet 1 439 Solmo, Nancy Miller 332 Solvong, Kjell Donald 403 Somerville, Theodore C 266 Sonii, Alphonio Momolu 341 Sonnesyn, David Nilter 515 Sontog. Poulette S. 326 Soreide. Dovid C 209 Sorensen, Frederick J 284 Sorensen. Melvin John ....420, 433 Sorensen. Steven M 213 Sorenson. Laurie 309. 389 Sorrells. Donno Jeon 317,412 Sossi, Richard Armond 452 South. Michael Eloyd 421 South. Sondra Sue 332 South. Stanley Paul 352 Spodone. leighton R 338 Spaeth, Jo lynn Eloine 321 Spoght, Dovid Lewis 333, 407, 453 Spollone, Michael louis 344 Spaniel, lindo Gail 322 Spono, Joseph Orion 428, 429, 502 Sparks. Anne lono C 185 Sparks, Borry tee 502 Sparks. Kirk Lourence 452 Sparks, Sheryl Susan 185 Speor, Jonet lee 193 Speckeler, Jeon Ann 315.448 Speed, Righord Scott 245 Spees, Williom Stonton 333 Speim, Russell Robb 225 Spelts, Rosalie Carol 180,502 SperKe, Ronold George 515 Spence, Solly Jeon 312 Spencer, Morron Mifflin .199, 315 Spencer, Thomas Robert 245 Sperl, Frances 418 Spetry. Brian lee 218 Sperry, Janet 181.336 Speyer, Patricio K 334 Speziole, Oono 201,377 Spicer, Jeffrey Freeman .248, 502 Spiegel. Margaret Hall 201 Spilmon. Alden Jordon 245 Spinden. Carl Edword 502 Spiti Suionne Michelle 311. 328.414 Springer. Ted Clark _...225 Spiingsieel, leroy E 437 Sproot, Williom Alon 284. 503 Spute, Mo ' g ' 389 Stobler, lo -19 Stocey, Fre.i. 46 Slofford. Koi.n t 197 Siogokes, Anioirtette K 312 Stahl, Oovid Morfield 454 StakI, Karl John 419,428,431 Slohlhuth, Solly Jean 356 Stohly, Borboro Leo 360 Stolile, Borboro J 413,438 Sioncyk, Stephen Edward 341 Stoncyk, Suson Eileen .182,414 Slondley, Michoel Kent 331 Stondley, Stacy 243 Stondfield, Marilyn Ann 189, 326, 328 Stonger, Sharon Linda 119 Sloniewski, Ftoncme A 330 Slonko, George Ihor 429 Sionley, Dorrell Dee 503 Stonton, Eloine Corol 357 Stonion, laird Wilvin 397,453 Stonton, Mory lichtilnn 503 Stark. Rolph Kelley 225 Slorkeboum. Paincio R 319 Starkweather. Williom H 230 Slorr. Theo lynn Bruce 503 Siorr. Thomas Glenn 284, 437, 503 Stosico, Corolyn Jane .356,377 Siosico, Michoel John 225 Sioub, Henry Wallace 248 Stead, Kimberly Ann 195 Sleorns, Mary Campbell 503 Stebbins, Winston lee 333 Siebura, Cheryl Oianne .. .96, 175, 413,455 Stechert, Robert Bruce 331 Steele, George A 341 Steele, John Frank 219 Steele, John Gory 221 Sieen, Diane Dolores 503 Sieere, Dovid 1 339 Stefonic, Cynlhio Ann 310 Steiert, James Thomas 333 Steiger, Richard 1 428 Steigerwolt, James G 243 Stein, Gale Virglnio 179 Stein, lynn Phyllis 202 Stein, Patricia 503 Stem, Shelly Suson 322 Steinberg, Carole Ann 202 Steinberg, Mortin Noel 235 Steinberg, Nancy Mae 178 Sleiner, Alon Alfred 344 Steinfield, Goyle S 317 Steinforth, Robert E 243 Steinhous, Lindo Carol 178, 415,503 Slemmons, John M 216 Steponovich, Donald 456 Siephan. Robert Edward 453 Stephens, Carole Ann 327 Stephens, Cheryl Lynn 439 Stepherns, Deborah Jon 193 Stephens, Diane A 357 Stephens, Ermo Moxine 336 Stephens, Kristine M 196, 309, 323 Stephens, Patricio 1 177 Stephens, Stephonio 196 Stephenson, Pomelo Roye 315 Sterling, Jo Dion 319 Sterling, Koren lynne 503 Stermlon, Elaine Louise 321 Stern, Mortho Kote 202,330,399 Sternberg. Corol Ann 182 Slerrelt. Borboro Ruth ...195.321 Sleiiel, Carole Jeon 310 Steizel, Karen Ann 358 Steuort, Honnoh Rysom 503 Steur, Lynne 309 Stevens, Condoce lee 330 Stevens, Kenneth Eugene 343 Stevens, Robert James 453 Stevenson, Louro Jean 191 Steward, Edword Ronold 223 Steward, Karen louise 418 Stewart, Charles Kent 412 Stewart, Frances Louise ..193.366 Stewart. Jomes H _...503 Stewort. lindo lou 332 Stewart. Molly 189 Stewort, Thomas Michoel 245 Stickel, Wendy Ann 385 Stiebler, Douglos James 503 Stiefvoter. Wayne E 209 Stienecker, fn ' n 182 Stiles, Morgarel Ann 316 Stites, Martin Woyne 435 Stivetson, Michoel W 353 Stjernholm, Morcio E 439 Stobie. Dennis George ...214,414 Slocking, Richord Ralph 239 Sioen, Vicky linn 204,503 Stone, Pomelo 191,312 Stone. Suson Gail 180 Stopkptte. Jockie Lee 420. 435 Storey, Julia Corolyn 197, 309 Slork, Stephen Edword 456 Storm. Dovid lynn 397 Siotelmyer, Koren Koy .360,503 S»ov Jorrws AAelvin 453 S. ' ' V 177 . .199 V , ...245 SllOhbOul l, ; " . ' -■ 235 Strouss. Jam. C •■ ' ■r ...314 Strauss, lindo R m. 320 Sirouss. Nolo Jeon 321 Stieeier. Richord Lloyd 333 Sltessen Reuler. jomes .218. 380. 415.417.428, 503 Stiicklond. Suson lee . 360. 382 Siricklond. William L 503 Slnngori. Anthony N 269 Stringer. Geo ' ,- " .321 Slioh. Oovid •■■ 503 Strong. Willi.- 340 Siroud. Donold u.lo, 344.444 S ' toup, Roger. Kent 233 Stuart. John Edgor 420, 503 Stubbs, Patricio 1 1 ' 3 Sluermer, Susan Koy 191. 503 Stuidevont. Williorr ' . 46 Sturgis, Roynor F ■ ' 4 Siuii, Paul Dovid • 08 Stwolley, Judy Choilene 332, 438 Slyer, Imdo Carol 382 Sugihoro, Borboro S 324 Suhre, Ann Reneou 327 Suhre, Williom Randall 335 Sulboriki, Edword 454 Sullivan, Colleen Mory .357, 503 Sullivan. Jomes Croig 388 Sullivon, Julie Agness ...112, 169, 182,381,438,446,504 Sullivon, Kolhlyn L 314 Sullivan. Koy Ann ..334.440,448 Sullivon, Mork Edwin 208 Sullivon, Mork Seores ...295, 340 Sullivon, Robert Woyne 504 Sulzberger, Jonel R 179,312 Summers, Kenneth Normon .504 Sumner, Shoron Michele .315,432 Sunblode, Richard Niel ..171.230 Sulch, Morjorie lynn 195, 316, 440 Sutton, Dione Eloine 332 Suyomo, Robert Motoru 331, 456,458 Svendsen, Jeffrey Peter 227 Svendsen, Suson Roy 514 Swodesh, Deborah 401 Swoeby, Jomes Wilbur 390 Swoin, Susan 177 Swoin, Thomas Berglund 239 Swon, Donno Morie 415,504 Swonson, Dovid lee 341 Swonson, Oionne Louise 439 Swonson, Jeon Elizobelh 439 Swonson, Jon Bruce 401 Swonson, Roger Clorence 343 Swonson, Roy A. 1 219 Swarthoul, Soroh F 334 Swortz, Joonno Grigsby 314 Swoyze. Lynn Choppell 504 Sweanor, Borboro Mory 504 Sweeney, Sondro Stoen 504 Sweetlond, Rulh 193,321 Sweney, Jocqueline Beau 197, 324, 328 Swenson, Goil Kalheryn 310 Swim, Jonice Koy 332 Swinehort, Robert logon 409 Switolo, Nona Joyce 195 Symons, William 1 266 T TobokoH, Boris 437 Tobor, Teresa Ann ..168, 174,455 Tofi, Oren Corgill 216,453 Togoropulos. Demetrio ...331,407 Togowo, Kenneth M 339, 504 Toibbi, Raymond V 237. 456, 504 Toit, Korlheinz Herbert 274 Tokocs, Fronklin Jules 340 Tokohoshi, Yoshiko E 310,408 Tokedo, Minon 363 Tokewell, Dione Marie ...437. 504 Tokewell. Sharon Ann 198. 437. 504 Tolco " , Jill Eloyne 363 Tolley, Shoron lo Ree ...181,320 Tolley, Stephen Early 504 Ton, Villoreal Dennis S 405 Tonoko, Wesley liomu 420 Tonberg, Stephen Gayler 239 Tofller Edword Anthony 243 Toshiro, Douglos K 406,407 Tote, Dorothy Sargent 201 Tote, Frederic Homer S 239 Toteyomo, Eugene Yoshio 246, 504 Toylor, Arthur Floyd 346 Taylor, Borboro lynn 504 Toylor, Colhorine Wayne 324, 399 Taylor, Coiherine 1 330 Taylor, Christine P. 185,381,504 5 29 Toylor, Oonold Glenn 249 Taylor, lono E 437 Toylor, Jone ICoren 189 Toylor, John Conn 339 Taylor, Karon Eve 504 Toylor. Richard Clorit 170. 219.266 Taylor, Soberl Burr 338 Toylor, Roberi Reed 224.432 Toylor, Robert Sydney 243 Taylor, Rosemary Gibson 195,408 Toylor, Terrance E 213 Taylor, Toni Jean 189 Taylor. Viclorlo Ann 199 Teal. Connie Diane 398 Teal. Elizabeth Daniel ...387. 504 Teal, Tom Htlton 387 Tebroct. Otto Charles 221 Teel. Mary Fay 439 Tein, Cindy Delta 330 Telleen, Jon Borry 237 Tempel, Morcio Jone 366 Temple, Catherine Ellen 439 Temple, Martyn Colline ..241,504 Temple, Sondro Sue 309 Templer, Eddie Colvin 331 Templeton, Pomelo P 195 Teneboum, Allon Howord 235 Tennont, Roymond Fronk 341 Terodo, Kenneth Kenji ....428,431 Terrill, Pomelo 201 Tesitor, Nechie Corlo 197, 320, 328 Teter. Ginette Alyce 316,448 Thout, Allon George 331.453 Tho«ton, Horold D 352 Thayer, Annette Susan 189 Theos, Connie Morie 324 Therrell, Jonis 193.316 Thibodeau, Heather Ann 324 Thimmig, Rebecca Jo 322. 440 Thiringer, Dennis Lee 504 Thiringer, Tracy Morie 204 Thode. Dennis Wayne ...246, 333 Thomon, Susan Lovonne 418 Thomas, Charles Fred 245 Thomos, Croig Irvin 225. 377, 433 Thomos. Fennoyee Ann ..314,408 Thomas, Fronces Ann 190, 504 Thomas, Gregory August 209 Thomos, Jonice Cloro 504 Thomos, John Terrance ..243, 331 Thomas. Kolhorine K 188,504 Thomas, Noncy Ann 184,504 Thompson, Arlene Esther 336 Thompson, Beotrice Ann 315 Thompson, Bonnie Jeon 327 Thompson, Chorles W 233 Thompson, Donald Wayne 221 Thompson, Dwight W 216,452 Thompson, Gory Lo Vern 237 Thompson, James Edward 237, 504 Thompson, Jeffrey James 214 Thompson, Jennifer Ann 317 Thompson, Kathleen Ann 321 Thompson, Kothryn Stone 309 Thompson, Lewis Ronold 274 Thompson, Pomelo Ann ..195, 360, 382.438 Thompson, Robert N 237 Thompson. Stephenie E 504 Thompson. Vicki Darlene 388. 438, 504 Thomsen, Alex Robert 211 Thomson, Lorry Dennis 209 Thoren, Robert John 428, 429, 504 Thornburg, Patricio E 440, 448 Thorson, Ino Pouline 324 Thulemeyer, Mary Gay 364 Thulemeyer, Shoron Ann 515 Thurmon, Ann Elizabeth 328, 455, 504 Thurmon. Goil Ann 199.322.390 Tibbitts, Richord T 363 Ticehurst. Lourie Jeon 406. 407. 504 Tiemonn, Kathleen E 189, 438, 504 Tiensvold. Sheryl Ann 201 Tierney. Potrick 216 Tiffany, Dovid Herbert 434 Tihon. Cloude 359. 406. 407. 504 Tiller. Ronold Fronk .. - 504 Timon, Cloy Scott J24, 380, 433. 504 Timothy. Alon Robert 241. 343 Tinkhom, Thomas Nelson 240 Tippetl. Cherie Dillon 434 Tisdole. Carol Edilh 321 Tisdel. Richord Phillip ... 104, 170. 171. 214.504 Tisdel, Slephon A 504 Tisone. Victor Paul .,243. 295. 377 Titus. Richord Gael 208. 377 Tiz. Linda Jo 330 Tjornhom. Joan Lo Roe .119.504 Toon, Donold Jomes 341 Tolhurst, Bruce Clinton 387 Tomosovic, Nino Ann 514 Tomhove, Cindy Kay 309 Tonopolsky. Roger Scott 235 Tool, Stephen Charles 237, 420, 504 Toomey. Toylor James 225, 340, 341 Torbet, John Rondolph . .245, 506 Tornstrom, Robert E 456, 457 Tornstrom, Susan 201.506 Torpy. Richord Donald ....123.506 Tosi. Stephen Croig 358 Toughill. Michael E 343 Tousley, Susan Locke 315 Towne, John Davison 433. 435, 506 Townsend. John Walloce 208,431 Townsend. Richard C 453 Townsley. Bruce Molcom 331 Towsley. Groce Lynn 195 Tracy, Donold Kirk 269 Troinor. Lou Anne 311.413 Trotensek, Laurie M. G 506 Trorz. Robert F 456 Troudt, Robert Philip 216 Treat. Word Jodwin 394 Treff. Louise Ann 438 Trelowney. Terre Ann 314 Tremaine, Helen Maude 314 Trenory, Joan Ellen 514 Tresnok, Joseph Michoel 233 Treverton, Williom Ward 506 Trevor, Benjamin David 237 Triebel, Judith Ann 311 Triebswettet, Leoh K 332 Trip, Linda Lucille 332 Triplett, Thomos A 245, 456 Tripp. Dion Willis 168, 182 Tripp. Emery Morton 341 Tripple, Georgio Kay 184 Trotter, Philip James 339 Trout. Jonathan W 333 Trowbridge. Karen J 169. 190.506 Trowbridge, Vera May 311 Truox, Samuel Jesse 431, 506 Trudgion, Terrill L 418 Tru|illo, Chorles A 359 Truiillo, Joseph R 358 Truag, Deon Wesley 343 Truog, Dorothy Anne 343 Tschonnen, Natalie M. ..356. 506 Tsubokowa, Hiroko Hiro 397 Tsuchimoto, Donn Shizuo 430 Tsutsui, Gory Isao 338 Tucker, Allen Brown 339 Tucker, Frank George E 102 Tufly. Gary Alan 333 Turek, Mork Alan 237 Turk, Eugene Richard 431 Turk, John Waller 245, 377 Turken, Dion Roe 202 Turley, Penelope 336 Turner. Henry Grey ..117, 363, 444 Turner, Jomes Barrett 245 Turner, Marsha Lee 175. 506 Turner. Paul 233. 275. 349 Turner. Robert Benton 344 Turner. William Andrea 218. 452, 459 Turney, Tom William 243 Turtle, Joel Stuart 248 ■ Tweddell. Colin Brooks 454 Twinem, Jone Alison 322 Twiss. Marilyn Jone 316.412 U Ueoka. Ronald 338. 506 Ugrin, Tonya Mory 201 Uihlein. Reven Archer ...197.358 Ullrick. Elizabeth W 195 Ulmer, Borboro Joan 334 Ulrich. Borboro Lynn 177,316 Ulrich, Paul Donold 233 Unotin, Enid Hermoine 332 Ungor, Borboro Lee 193 Uphom, Thomas Ferguson 278. 289 Urboch, Constance E 336 Urone. Poul Peter ...415. 430. 506 Vognino. John A. II 335 Vogue, Steve Winslow 246 Vail, Carolyn Rendle 199,319 Voil, Thomos Edward 209 Voir. Larry Leroy 456. 457 Voldez. Linda Ann 334 Voldez, Phillip Gerard ...348. 444 Volent, Jomes Alfred ...428. 429. 431,506 Volent, Richord Allen ...338. 362 Valentine. Ernest E 387 Volicenti, Michele R 182 Van Ark, Carol 199 Von Bennekom, Pieter W 210 Van Buhler. Donold J 344 Von Buren. George T 352 Von Comp. Miro Poce 439 Von Cise. Elizobeth W 175. 320. 408 Von Cleave, Katherine 332 Von Den Heuvel, Carol L 514 Von Druff, Cynthia 193,316. 406, 407 Von Dyke, Richard Hoven 225 Von Dyke, Steven John 433 Von Dyke. Vivian Grace 197.326 Von Gorden. Patricio L 309 Von Hoose, Cheryl Lynne 309. 432 Von Liere. David Eugene 506 Von Loben, Sels Peter D 452 Von Nostrond, Reeve 353 Von Peenan, Judith 185 Von Tries, Lynne Ruth 360 Von Volkenburg, Frank 266 Van Veen, Richord C 219, 297 Von VIock, Charles H 454 Van Wierlngen. Linda K 330 Vance. Margaret Lyn 190,506 Vonce, Patrick Gregory 275 Vondomm, Michael John 453 Vondopool, David R 506 Vondopool, Richard Knox 225 Vondopool, Virginia N 188 Vondenbetg, Richard L 352 Vonder Wal, Marilyn J 439 Vonderhoof. Kristen C. ..177.197 Vonderpool. Woyne Otis 335 Vonzwoll, Kothryn Grace 199 Vorion. Shoron Rose 357,417. 428.438 Vorley. Michol Lynn 334 Vorney, Eric Albert 363 Vorney, Peter 456 Voron, Sheila Horri 202 Vorro. Annette Yvonne ..438. 506 Voughon. Bruce Wroy 219 Voughon, Christopher K. 125.213 Vaughn. Jonno Beth 396 Vaughn, Rodney Lee 387 Veeder. Michael Dale 269 Velez, Ferdinand 405 Vellenga, Peter Jarrett ....432. 506 Velliquette, Richord T 333 Ver Dufi, Carolyn Kay ...199. 506 Vercelli, Jacqueline L 315 Vergouwen, Richard L 506 Vermillion, Dole T 437 Veron, Dennis Bert 225 Veronda, George Anthony 1 17, 506, 532 Vesey, Thomas Williom 364 Vest, Stephen Robert 506 Vetting, Sandra Arlene 175 Veu Cosovic, Charles F 363 Vickers, Carol E 199 Vickrey. Penelope 330 Vieths, Goyle Carolyn 185 Vifquain. Lawrence B 124.506 Vigil, David Charles 246 Villonuevo, Luis A 405 Villeprgue, Anne Morie 199 Vincent. Jomes Homilton 230 Vincent. Potricio D 175.400 Vobejdo. Morgoret Lynne 201. 314, 399 Vockel, Richord Landis 214 Vogel, Nancy 360 Vogler, George Michael 343 Vogslond, Eriing 403 Vogt, Shirley Noneen ....315,328 Volberding, Lorry 341 Vole, Nell Eleanor 330. 388 Volk, Phillip Edwofd 243 Volpe, Edward Leslie 233 Volts. Hollie Deering 175 Von Borcke, Adrian K 339.405 Von Wilpert, Bielicki U 344 Voorhees, Patricia Ann 418 Voro, Harshod Chhololol 405 Voss, Henry Logon 239 Voss, Jerrol Ann 191,405, 440, 506 Voute. Joan Cecile 327 Vronnesic. Linda Irene 506 Vucich. Carol Sue 189 W Woosdorp. Solly Louise ..188.400 Woddick. Jack Bernard ..444. 506 Waddill, Molly Irene 418,506 Wade, Luther Cloy 339 Wodsworth. Leslie E 177 Woechter. Sally Anne ...199.315 Wogoman, Linda Irene ..193.319 Woggener. Conrad Daniel 211 Waggoner. Jomes Currie 214, 291 Waggoner, John Robert 214 Wagner. Charles Edward 419.428 Wogner. Donna Lou 309 Wogner, Karen Joyce 310 Wogner, Lawrence Albert 506 Wagner. Linda Annette 309 Wogner. Modelyn lllene 439 Wogner, Margaret Firth 506 Wagner, Molly Ann 191.506 Wagoner, James Edmond 506 Wahl. Michoel Dan 456 Wahl. Richord Wilbur 333 Wohrlich. Gail Barbara 168. 169, 189 Wohrlich. Tracy William 225 Woibel, Maurice Eorl 406. 407. 409 Waites. Leigh Ann 399 Wokefield, Borboro Sue 439 Wolcher, Kern Ray 230 Woldren. Williom Frank 237 Walker. Arthur Jomes 506 Walker, Fronklin M 453 Walker, Gornefte F 418.506 Wolker, Gerold William 340 Wolker, Jone Byerly 389 Wolker, Judith Lee 439 Walker, Lynn Violo 185,319 Wolker, Margaret Ann ....316,448 Walker. Susan Koy 309 Walkling, Carlolto F 181 Woll. Lorry Howard 437 Wolloce, Elizabeth Ann 177 Wallace, Joanne S 197.506 Wolloce. Lorry Lind 219 Walloce, Myles Stuart 248 Wallace. Ralph Joy 406.407 Waller. Dionne Louise 317 Walley. John Joseph 171, 221, 434.506 Wollizer, Borboro Lee 185 Wolsh, John Michael 213 Walsh. Michael J 454 Walter. Susan Cheryl 193.256 Walters, Joanne Ruth 506 Walters, Lloyd Arthur 333 Walters, Mary Ellen 418,506 Walton, John Goodrich 341 Wombaugh, Noncie Jean 439 Wondel, Leslie Stephen 235 Wong, Harry Shu Chong 405 Wangelin, Gainor E 201,356 Wanger, Susan 319 Warberg, Carlo Morie 506 Warberg.l Sonja Eloine 416 Ward, Borboro Ann 112, 193, 381.415,506 Ward. Carol Louise 332 Word, Louise Cowgill 506 Word. Martha Louise 193. 256. 366 Word, Mory Jone 197.414 Wordwjll. John Gillette 239, 377 Wordwell, William F 346,453 Wore, Margaret Ann 334 Wares, Sharen Lee .--. 435. 506 Worn. James Thomas 506 Warner. Diane Constonce 185, 330 Warner. Gwen Sutherlond .-..184. 506 Warner, Jonie Shirley ...177.414 Wornock. Margaret Ann 189 Warren, Diana Jo .- 321 Warren. Judith Ann 180 Warren, Marilyn Carole 394 Worren, Morion Evans ....185, 319 Warren, Robert Stephen 245 Warren, Vicki Jo 506 Warrington, Carol J 324 Wasem. Robert W 233 Woshington, Clementine 266 Washington. Williom Lee 349 Wosko, Donald 235 Wotenpaugh, Mork W 341 Waterman. Kothleen M 357 Wotermon, Michael Poul 364 Watson. Dennis Ronold 385 Watson, James Forrest 353 Watson, James Ney 339 Watson, Jorone 181,334 Watson. Keith Elwood 388, 406, 407 Wolson, Lucy Carroll 332 Wotson, Mary Beth 189 Wolson, Susan Koy 199,312 Wotson, Virginia Lee 362 Wotts, Morilyn Ruth 311 Walls. Patricio Susan 388. 508 Wotts. Worren Gordon ...211. 243 Woyt, Gregory Colin 387 Weotherly. Thomas Lee 437 Weathers, Edward Eugene 274 Weaver, Douglas Allan 434. 435. 508 Weover, Elizabeth Ann 439 Weaver, John Wolter 508 Weaver, Kenneth Linn 383 Webb, Anthony Allan . .452, 508 Webb. Charles Robert 421 Webb, Peter Stearns 223 Webb, Virginia Jean 327,412 Weber. Borboro Jeon 325 Weber, Croig Slonley 452 Weber, Fred Joe 216 Weber, Lawrence Jomes 346 Weber, Millon Alan 456 Webster, Kirwin Shedd . .223, 452 Webster, Robert Edword .246, 285 Weckbough, John Kernon 211, 508 Weed, John Gregory 421 Weeks. Helen Foss 310 530 Wegner, Lairy Roy 243 Woidum. Kolhleen God 439 Weigond, Deonno Koy 311. 437 Weil, Coiol»on 439 Weinwr, Morgorer Anne 193 Weinberg. Jone Ann 179 Weinbort. Goil Claire 178 WeinreiCh. Sreven Brenr 235 Weinreich. Vicki Jeon 202 Weinitein. Jonice lee ' 79 Weir, Oonold Jonnei 453 Weubly. Gory 235 Weugerber. Lou Maee 319 Wei«». Amy Ellen .178 Wei»l, Arthur Thomot 219 Wei». Jomei Edword 341 Weijj. Lowell Wotner .. .428, 508 Wei» . Su«on Romo 321 Weiumon. Lynn Ellen 179 Weith. Jomot Oougloi 508 Welch. George Michoel 243,331 Welch, Korol Lynne 119. 197 Wellborn. Beverley Key . 412 Wellein, Winifred Alice 191 Weller. Eleanor Anne 177, 312 Weill, George Ray 508 Wellj, Jerry Darwin 227 WelU, Letlie Anne 188 Weill. Richord Frank 221 Well», Sharleen Avon 169,200 Wells, Williom Albert . 421 Wendel, Edward David 508 Wendt, Nancy RuJiell .197 Wennellond, Jon Martin 403, 429.431.508 Wentworth. El.zabe ' h A 310.399 Werking. Bertha Kay 315 Werner, Va ' iorie Lee 508 Werth, Sondra Ruth 315 Werth, Soroh Louue 191 Werthan, Susan Diane 178 Werlheimer, Robert Iro 248 West, Diane Marie 309 West. Jerre Lynn 209 West, Judi Ann 190, 508 West ' Robert Leo 274,421 Westerbeke, Susan 175 Wesierberg. Kaihonne J 360. 414,437 Westergard, Sulon S 177 Weyl, Dons Wehrdi 514 Wholen, John Francis 266 Wheary, Eugene Patrick ..225, 452 Wheeler. Jocqueline ' 77, 360 Wheeler. Jonis lee 334.433 Wheeler. Jerry French 227 Wheeler. Joe Bmgamon 274 Wheeler. Mary Ann 508 Wheeler. Rosemary 175 Wherry. Robert Allen 341 Whistler. James 1 227, 297 Whistler, Judy ICoy 514 Whitaker, Jonet Morie 312 Whilcomb, Sharon Judith 309 While, Gregg Martin 352 White, Joon Lynn 336 While, John Douglas 214,338 White. Judith Jane 319 While. Linda Louise 177.320 While. Mary Mimi 199 While, Nancy Jean 199,508 While, Robe " Bobcock 508 White, Roger Henry 509 While, Sandra Kaye ' 77 White, Sharon Regino 362 Whilehouse, Shelby Ann 189 Whitehouie, Wendy Anne 201, 356 Whirescorver. Susan D 175 Whitman. Judith Roe 199 Whilmei. Gilbert Norman 225, 433 Whiimer. Jock Leon 269 Whitney. Christopher D 358 Whitson. Mercer 1 405 Wichern, Fronk Benson 335 Wickershom. Dione 201 Wicklund. Roberta C 309 Wickwire. Betty Diane 334 Widdif.eld. Cynthio 1 314 Widdifield. Karen Koy ...100, 177 Widdowi. Eleanor Jane 311 Widener. Ftonces Doris 514 Widmor. Jocqueline 334. 382 Widow, Rodeone lee ...202. 321 Widsirond. Janet Kay 324 Wieder. William Otij 297 WXndl. Mary Jone 182.399 Wieso. John Patrick 364 Wiggins. Helen Carol 195 Wighton. Dovid Jomei .285. 364 Wigoiow. Joseph Myer J 245 Wike. Beverly Ann 309 Wilborn. Michael Dennil 434 Wilco . Barboro Anise ....175,316 Wilcos. lowronce E 53 Wilco». Mary Kay ' 3 Wilcoi. Patricia Vivion 439 Wilco». Rebecca Berkley 509 Wildou. Richard Alyn 352 Wilde. Frank Delwin 456, 4S7. 459 Wilder. Eliio Anne 312 Wilder. Jonel Ewon 413 Wilder. Word Russell 509 Wilderson Paul Wendell 230 Wiley. Karen lee 191.509 Wiley. Krisline Sue 168. 191.315 Wilhelm. Marilyn P 199.509 Wilk. Wando Antoneite 360 Wilke. Joonne Morie 514 Wilketion. Noncy lee " 5 Wilkin. Donald Karl 352 Wilkins. Gilbert M. Jr 243 Wilkins. Hepburn Baker ..225. 456 Wilkins. Virginia 1 317 Wilkinson. Shoron Ann 191 Wille. Susan Mary ..177.406,407 Willeke. Roger Lee 211 Willems. Richard Graham 237 Willelte, Marilyn Jein 439 Williams. Bonnie Mae 454 Williams. Bene V 201 Williams, Cheibeno lou .275,315 Williams, Cheryl C 182,325 Williams, Colleen Mae 408 Williams. Goil Kathleen 193 Williams. George Davis .219.246 Williams. Gerald Lloyd 239 Williams. Grelchen Ann ..175.437 Williams. John Allen II 385 Williams. Morcio lee 193.357 Willioms. Peter Stephen 341 Williams. Pharis Edward 454 Williams. Robert Glynn 509 Williams. Robert 1 338,509 Williams, Roger Neville 388, 405,421 Williams. Sally lu ' " 21! Williams. Terry Lee 309 Williams, Wilfred J 456.459 Williams. William Lynn 289 Williamson. Anne Boird .356. 434 Williamson. Brian R 411 Williamson. Diono Jean 180 Williamson. Jo Ann 414 Willing. Margaret Clare 315 Willis. Carol Lee 3 ' Willis, Harold R -Z ' S Willis. Kaiherine Allen 328, 332, 509 Willis. William Wherry 509 Willision. Donold Grant 509 Williston. Virginia B 509 Willoughby. Robin P ' 89 Wills. John Bennett 239 Willson. Victor lloyd 352. 456 Wilmore. James Alfred .117.239 Wilmore. Neil Edward ...231.341 Wilshusen. Robert Floyd 328, 431. 509 Wilson, Alun Homer 237 Wilson. Anne Louise ' " Wilson. Carol Ann 322 Wilson. Dionne Elaine ' 97 Wilson. Elizabeth Anne 360 MIson. Judith Anne 322 Wilson. Karen lee 334 Wilson. Karen Regino .317.388 Wilson. Katherinc 54 Wilson. Kirk lonning 237 Wilson. Mariin Scon 237 Wilson. Mary Stewart 195 Wilson. Monine Patricia 363 Wilson. Michelle A 175.399 Wilson. Noncy Ann 191.440 Wilson. Nancy Carolyn 362 Wilson. Patricia Ann 320 Wilson. Polricia Ann 316 Wilson. Penelope lou ' 97 Wilson. Robin lynne 336 Wilson. Sheryl Eulene ...316.412 Wilson. Suson Jean 201.315.42) Wilson W. ..orren Groni 379. 428. 429. 509 Willtool. Jeon Ann 360 Winbom, Rodney James 338 Winchester, Corol Jo ...102. 192. 381.415.510 Wingate. Borbora E 189, 310 Wingerter, Janice Ruth ' 84. 415,510 Wingqulsi. John Crhnirt .233 Winn. Jo Ann H3. 408 Winn, Joria Lcc 360 Windgrod, Bony Myles .,.235 Windgrod, Geroldme 319 Winsteod, James Thomoi 239, 343 Winston. Kalharine S 185.316 Winter. Charles Arthur .. .221. 510 Winh. Belsy Ann 334 Willi, Kenneth Earl 237 Wiibrun, Jon ' 95 Wise, John Chorles 241,428 Wise, lindo Jean 189 Wise. Peiet Leo 211 Wise. Richord Allon 420 Wise. Richord James 515 Wise. Williom Curtis 416,515 Wisenboket. Michoel B 239 Wisenboker. Steven W 239 Wissmoih. Nancy Arene 510 Wissmiller. Roger W 266. 269 Wither, John Robert 392 Wiihinglon. Ellen 510 Wilte. James Leslie 353 Witlemyer. John 515 Witter, Jock Proctor 213 Woitsiemeyer. Virginio I ' 89 Woflord, Jomes C. 242.377.4 ' 4 Wojlanowicz. Gregory P 245 Wolcolt. John Fredric 219.456 Wolf, David Conrad 406,407 Wolf. Elliott Stanley 248 Wolf. Lynn Krisline 189,510 Wolf. Morlys Elaine 312 Wolf Williom Wodsworth ...243. 510 Wolfe, Eliiobeih Dee ...169.192. 415. 510 Wolfe, John Clement 196. 403,456 Wolff, Anito Marie 439 Wolff. Constance 360 Wolff. Warren Williom 437 WoUle. lee Morrill 510 Wollrab. James C 227 Wollum. Morcio Jeonne 510 Wolii. Nancy Jeon 201,321 Wolverlon. Gory S 454 Wolz. Robert Arthur 456 Wong, Cynihia Ann 408 Wood. Dorothy Elisee 510 Wood. Elizabeth Jonel " 7 Wood. Gordon Leo 429, -431 Wood, Judith Elaine 439 Wood, Kaiherine Allen 311 Wood, lynne Christine 360 Wood, Michael Joy 219 Woodholl, Virginia Alma 201, 381,510 Woodlief, Pomelo Jeon 181 Woodman, Jomes William . .406, 407 Woodrum, Worth Thomas 353. 406, 407, 433, 510 Woods, Gory Allen 225 Woods. Kothleen Bennen 314 Woodword, Mark F 239 Woodward, Suzanne 177 Wooley, Donold Taylor ..213,344 Worcester, Nancy 199, 316 Worden, Ruth Marie 315,388 Worek, Eva Morie 336 Works, Leslie 207,510 Works, Patricio Ann 196,406,407 Worley, Eugene Edward 453 Worth, Jon Philip 511 Worlhinglon, Roy H 216 Wright, Brendo Sue 319 Wright, Cheryl C. ..._ 310 Wright. Cheryl Jean 336 Wright. Dione N 195,5 " Wright. Jomes Leslie 243. 341 . 453 Wright. Noncy Kalhryn 189 Wright. Rosomond Page 511 Wright. Willis J 242.456. 511 Wudtke. Joyce Anne 332 Wuergter. Michoel lewis 225 Wuesi, Wilmei leo 333 Wunsch, Edward Seward 343 Wyczowsk.. lindo Ruth .177.319 W qani LindD Kav 359 , " . Ximenes, Stephen C 352 Y YoklKh. Philip Word 225 Yomokishi. Sandra 314 Yomouchi. Goyle Kimiko 310 Yomiick, Barbara Joonne 322 Yang, Albeit IHung 359 Yolbrough. lorry Nothon 209 Yorloll, AAelvin A 274,429 Yosunoga, Lowrenc 1 344 Yotei, Morgan 2 ' 1 Yolei, Ann lowrey 418 Yeoger, Mary Lynn 360 Yeoter, Doyle Edword 344 Yeoier, lindo lou 309 Yoelin, Sharon Jo y 360.440 York, Richord John 225,453,511 York, Sue Ellen 319 Young, Condace B 199.309 Young. Corol Anne 189.414 Young. Jomes Dovid 225. 297 Young. Jane Ann ' 93 Young. Jonel Corol 326 Young. John Russell 511 Young. Koren Ann 176 Young. Kothleen Ann 181 Young, Lindo Emerson 327 Young, Morion Jeonne ■ ..319 Young, Normon Russell ...331 Young, Sondro Eve 168, 185 Young, Williom Edwin 511 Youngclous, Poulo Jeon 514 Youngclous, Ronald 0. .296, 403 Younger, Kathleen 1 312 Yriberri, Rooul Anthony 117, 223,346,456 Yusi, Jomes Edword 511 Z Zochorioh, Moihew 113,405 Zock, Peggy Anne ' 75 Zodra, Robert lee 456,457 Zohonos, David loyne .. ' 00, 2 ' 6, 266, 297 Zohoulanii, Jomet D 245 Zokhem. Somir Honno . .404, 405 Zolinger, Eileen Perol 511 Zopp, lorry Allen 221 Zorchin. lindo Jone 330 Zorini, Celeste Mane 198,511 Zovokos, Jomes Louis 237 Zeigler, Dovid lee 295 Zeiler, Gole Douglas 340 Zeiler. Stephen Ion 235.331 Zelinkoff. Suson Roe 175.320 Zeiler. Dovid Eorl 335.453 Zeiler. Eric Ingolls 219.341 Zelson. Philip Richord 248 Zeniuk. Nikola 511 Zeppelin. Howard Myron 235 Ziemonn. Judith Jon 511 Ziereis. Cheryl Sue 312 Zietz. Joan Marie B 360.511 Zikmund. William George 511 Zimbeck. Mory Beth 439 Zimmermon. Dorothy Jeon 511 Zimmermon. Frederick C 239 Zimmermon. Koy Rulh 314 Zmn. Donald Blevins 227 Zinn. Evelyn Koy 314 Zinn, Mory Elizobeih 175,448 Zinner, Stephen Carl 338 Zitz, Corol Ann 181 Zohn, Beverly Jonel 309 Zollors, Robert Lee 353 Zoller, Anne Esther 179 Zoller, John Emmet 223 Zrodicko, Mark Charles 454 Zuckermon, Norman Joy 511 Zuckerwor, Richard Joy 235 Zuczek, John Sionley Jr 231 Zuidemo, Mory Koy 314 Zulu, Justine Bevin 102,405 Zysk, Joonne Marie 309 531 the rest of us • • • the year of the " fedka 532 " A long, a very long year, hopefully rendered with tender loving core and bombast. There have been many long nights, a few quiet threats of suicide, and many, many orders to the photographers for pic- tures of " fedka " — which actually means nothing at all, at least not in particular. Many special thanks must go for the extra hours of work, especially over spring vacation, logged by Carolyn Allen, George Veronda, and Rob Maddock. Truly, without their patient guidance this book simply would not have been possible. " Copy Assistants: Penny Coleman, asst. ed.; Stev? Permut. Secretary: Neidi Cater, Koy Cochran. Business Staff: Ed Palmer, osst. bus. mgr.; Pott Works, photo coord. Royalty: Ben Franklin, ed; Kristen Vanderhoof. Pacesetters: Tim Binkley, Carol Jo Winchester Publications: Buff Crowder. AcJministration: AAoriorie McMohon, Sharon Stan- ger. Greeks: Karol Welch, ed.; Judi Asbury, Suzi Clay- ton, Georgia Ann Gaither, Susan Mellang, Nancy Nicola. Athletics: George Williams, ed.; Jim Wilmore, Raoul Yriberri. Residences: Susan Nilson, ed.; Margie Blanc, Fran Jensen, Laura Roten. Organizations: Heather MacGregor, ed.; Joan Tjornhom, ed.; Ann Ahlvers, Lou Ann Clymerj Vicki Harris, Kirsten Ranheim. Seniors: Sue Lingenfelter. IncJex: Susan Price, ed.; Sherry Meyers, Robir Rand, Betsy Roberts, Elaine Steimlin. Typists: Georgia Thompson, Bob Calkins, Mary Ann Clark, Nancy Jenkins, Elaine King, Marion Matlock, Judi Purcell, Minjo Soong, Carol Vu- cich, Colleen Williams. Photographers: John Evans, David Fowlkes, Peter Hartley, Frank Johnson, Richard Jones, Robert Koropp, Kent McCaulley, Bill Ragland, Mike Ryan, Hank Turner, Skip Wolrob, Susan Cod- ington, M. J. Elisha, Nancy KuncI, D. W. Darwin, SPECIAL CREDITS: p. 31., Ray Bradbury, Some- thing Wicked This Way Comes, " published by Simon and Shuster. Wheelwright Lithograph- ing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah, Publisher. TYPOGRAPHY: Heads, 36 and 24 pt. Fashion; Body type, 12 pt. Futura on 14 pt. slug; Senior, 8 pt. Futura; Picture captions, 10 pt. Future: Division pages, 48 pt. Fashion. COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Richard Jones - 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 129, 130, 252, 253, 462, 463. Peter Hartley 15. Frank John- son 14, 17. Mike Ryan 3, 7, 10, 11. Robert Koropp cover, 17, 22, 24, 30, 31, 165, 166, 306, 370, 371 . Dave Hoch 23. Additional Photo Credits: Floyd Walters 34, 35, 43, 129, 461, football, and all of the group pics in the organization section. Jerry Stowoll 72, 73. Boulder Camera 147, 291, University Publications Department. Aspen Times 296, University Athletic Publications Department for track and baseball. " 1 f ■?A:

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