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v . ..;■ ■• ' .Ti ' ■ ; rr m ' ' - ' " - r.-l ? " -- " ' },»»»»«•. ••••» .• ' ■■. 1 _ rm0 »u ' - «,t .J««w. .4 4 ? " " 2: .M " " - I M.MMtlS ' ■ " " " W ' - ' ...■■■ " ' .- - ' -« «..,_. :. " " ..I ' » " ' • ■ . ' ;?! 4»- _ • . ' ■ ' • ' .! «•■ i ' " " ' " " T . ■ ...y. [ % " i J?: ,.fj! ' . - • - ««j)HffH;»« ' [ f «»«»»•■ MJ - r j r ' i -l jSiV ' i ' v.. ' »■ ' ■ •f ua ' ■.r«»l,t».-o , ' . Y . . in ' , ,|„ v-JK I " ' ' " ' ' ' ' JtAj w ' ' r " " ' ' ' ' " ' j . v r- ' : If ' ' •— w-. " LVv ,.•«.-. v. l.« i A V s; t , pf r»iHVl.f; ..(.! ' ■ ' ' • ' a lU - «ll r ' ._i»„ .-H ' - " - ..».,. " -rfi .-vM Ji». - 1 ' ■ ' •1.0 ' ' ' . t ' " « 1 ,1 ■ -, i: ■ if. ,.; t»-l;v. ..-?W ' » Hf ' .:!;C - • ' .!■,. ' |li!-ft i«)P«iiiiM . . 1. .. .t wtflw mUi , ' :I ' W ' iA ' m» « " r.« ' • ' ; ? r ' .» ii «. ! . . . r ' if ' fersi« ' ' S. ,,. «rt " coloradsn 1952 r r tlietfcolS ' « J 6 a. i ll nineteen hundred and f i 1 sue ishermg-|p mam jyi ' |J " 1 • ' ► ♦ -lb . ♦ Of («TED STUDENTS OF 9 NivERsrTY OF momw 4 4 1 - 1 1 ♦ " ♦„♦ . , r ' Ji fe H W 7 a| -« vf : H ' «;■ V K This volume is a leather-bound tribute to the thousands of men and women who make up the University of Colorado student body. Their accom- plishments during and foliow- mg school life are a testimony to the value of collegiate education. coiitenls ■.a ' fy-X i ' M oces administration 18 deck class 42 Jocks athletics 142 shuffle activities . . . 194 kings and queens royalty 212 iokers life at cu 222 H clubs organizations 244 % -rifc«i. lull house dorms . . 306 diamonds sorority-fraternity . . . 336 . " V k 4 ' . i feiiiS ' S.t ; i- i mim 1 I 1 1 I BBS Kb »JL Hn ' ' ' ■ » . " ShUk II »S., . H Hk (y ' B 1 IHMMHKfliiP Bl ___- " H KtAfs V:.-::.:. HH I - P qj IP Bi — -. ,_ . _„,.. ,,..„,,. 1 ■|b| ■B ■■ 1 § ■ .:i " ■ ' -■ ..4 ' iSkJKAllH BHI ' f .L«r ; nm:t %i r Pti 10 . ' :j .« ' . rV fZ - .: . ' ' - ' .r ' . " r -.rt:. :«- ' y M ' nupii»! s««K)l iKai ■ - W I sm ■ - ' • M- - ' W ' . " 51«W ' i . ' -■ - " - - te .. ' " TN M ' J x -c?.- - dees administ ' i ' al ' ioii The faculty of the university is sym- bolized in the Coloradan card theme as the highest card in the deck — the Ace. The professors, instructors and administrators collaborate to provide the prime ingredi- ent for collegiate success — education. The ranks of the administration kept pace with the expansion of the university in 1952. Over 1200 staff members were listed on the university payrolls. Education in the classroom is only one part of the vital work performed by the administra- tion. Staff members provide leadership in activities and organization, supervise living conditions and discipline, and friendship to the college students. The " Aces " work under the direc- tion of the taxpayers of the state and determine the poli- cies for the school. Because of space limitations, the yearbook is unable to pay pictorial tribute to all of the staff members, but recognizes the value of this group. (jo{yuU JOAN JEFFERSOK 19 president sfearns ♦ Nationally known as a college president and educa- tor, President Stearns has also received wide recogni- tion as an advisor to the air force. As head of G.U. he is com- pleting an expansion pro- gram and is working on a social security plan for state university employees. Al- though he shows a deep con- cern toward his duties as a college president, he is never too busy to take a personal interest in his students. Ck lo- rado university is proud and fortunate to have this ambi- tious and capable president. 20 Erskine Mver Robert L. Stearns Alberta Pike Bovd H. Vance Austin Kenneth A. Bundy Charles D. Bromley 21 4 The general governing body of the University of Colorado is placed in the competent power of the Board of Regents. This Board is composed of seven members, six of whom are elected by popular vote to serve for six years. The seventh member is automatically the President of the University. This group is made up of outstanding graduates of G.U or C.U. Law School. They include Mrs. Alberta Pike Boyd, H. Vance Austin, Robert D. Charle- ton, Kenneth A. Bundy, Erskine R. Myer, Charles D. Bromley, and Robert L. Stearns. After graduation from C.U., Mrs. Boyd was associated with the office of war information. Always, she has taken an active interest in civic affairs. Mr. Bundy graduated from the School of Journalism and became editor of The Courier in Gunnison, Colorado. Three lawyers practicing in Denver are Mr. Bromley, Mr. Myer, and Mr. Charleton. Mr. Charleton received his law degree from Westminster Law School. Mr. Austin, also a graduate of C.U. Law School, is practicing in Sterling, Colorado. President Stearns has been a member of the Board since his appointment as President of Colorado University in 1939. Mr. Charleton is not pictured. board of regents executive council 4 As is true in the case of any governing body, the Executive Council has important functions to perform. In the beginning, the purpose of such a Council was to create a group which would work with the President of the University in case of emergencies. Serving as an integral part of the main Senate, the Council may propose rules to the Senate which have been suggested at meetings called by the Presi- dent. The rules then may be passed by the Faculty Senate to later become permanent laws of the University. It is the duty of the Execu- tive Council to interpret and to determine the method of enforcement of these laws that are instituted through the Senate. The Council is also in charge of administrative affairs of the colleges and departments throughout the University. The Committee is composed of the President of the University, the Deans of the colleges, and four faculty members, two of whom are elected each year to serve for a term of two years. 22 Foreground: Pre§i lent Robert L. Stearns. Sealed left to ritht around the table: Dean W. F. Dvde, Dr. R. C. Lewis, Dean Charles F. Poe, Dean W. G. Wor- cester, Dean Clifford G. Houston, Dean Edward C. King, Capt. Donald S. Evans, Prof. W. C. DeVall, Mrs. H. A. Loughran, J. R. Little, Earl C. Crockett, Morris E. Garnscy, W. Otto Birk, Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Clifford Yoder, Dean Clarence L. Eckel, Eugene H. Wilson, Bud Davis, Dr. L. W. Holden, Dean Elmore Petersen. ■:«|l!? W. F. Dyde Vice-President of the University and Dean of Faculties Ward Darley Vice-President of the University and Dean of the Department of Medicine Dilla rd W. Bray Comptroller 4 Clifford G. Houston Dean of Students Harry G. Carlson Dean of Men Mary Ethel Ball Dean of Women J. R. Little Director of Admissions and Records 23 deans and di %. ' ■ v; deans and directors I ♦1 Edward C. King Dean of Law School Warner Imig Clarence L. Eckle Dean of the School of Music Dean of the CoUefSe of Engineerinii Jacob Van Ek Dean of Arts and Sciences 24 Robert C. Lewis Dean of the School of Medicine Elmore Petersen Dean of the School of Business Mrs. Henrietta Adams Loughran Dean of the School of Nursing Charles F. Poe Dean of the College of Pharmacy p. G. Worcester Dean of tlie Graduate School W. M. Campbell Director of the Extension Division A. Gayle Waldrop Director of the College of Journalism Harl R. Douglass Director of the Collej e of Education K. D. Wood Head of Aeronautical Engineering 25 Charles A. Hutchinson Head of Applied Math Colonel Cornman L. Hahn The Arm ' Rreserve Officers Training Corps Gordon Alexander Head of Biology 4 deans and dired-ors deans and directors 4 B. E. Lauer Chemical EnjiineerinfJ Paul M. Dean Chemistry Warren Raeder Civil Lngineerin Karl K. HuUey Classics 26 W. C. Du Vail Electrical Engineering Otto Birk Engineering English Frank Bauer Engineering Drawing and Mechanics J. D. A. Ogilvy Kn lish and Speech Alden Megrew Fine Arts Warren O. Thompson Geology Colin B. Goodykoontz History Ruth Blair Home Economics Burton W. Jones Mathematics 27 Wayne S. Beattie Mechanical Engineering Stuart Cuthbertson Modern Language and Literature Donald S. Evans Naval R.O.T.C. i 4 deans and directors deans and directors ♦ Edward J. Machle Phtlosophy Clare Small Physical Education William B. Pietenpol Physics Karl F. Muenzinger Psychology 28 Eugene Wilson Director of Libraries Earl C. Crockett Social Science John W. Egan Air Force K.O.T.C. James G. Brady U.S. Marine Corp. Lisle Ware Student Activity Center J. B. Schooland Counseling Mrs. Virginia Kinlock Director Women ' s Residence Halls Willard B. Cook Bookstore Manager Mrs. BIy Curtis Manager and Dietician of Residence Halls Waldo E. Brockway Business Manager Business Allen McMillen Director Bands and Music Elmer Grosshauser Director Men ' s Residence Halls Fred Chambers Director Placement Bureau 29 administrators publicity department 4 Organized in 1949 by Jack Bartram, Direc- tor of Public Information, The Department of Public Information of the University of Colo- rado united various divisions of public informa- tion under one head. The Department of Pho- tography under Floyd Walters provides photo- graphs for many departments of the University including the Silver and Gold, and Coloradan and it also microfilms University records. The News Bureau headed by Walter B. Lovelace is the campus representative and brings to the people of the state through newspapers and radio stations, news of the University. Under Ellsworth Stepp, Radio Bureau Director, in- formation concerning University services is brought to Colorado citizens through various programs produced and engineered by students interested in radio techniques. Publishing cata- logues listing courses for the different colleges, bulletins for prospective students, and pamph- lets and magazines for distribution to alumni, parents, and high schools is the responsibility of the Department of Publications, headed by Phil Danielson. Acting as host for visiting sports- writers and scouts at home football games, send- ing stories about football players to their home- town papers, and releasing stories before the games to Colorado newspapers and radio sta- tions, to the wire services, and to the schools in the Big Seven Conference is the job of the Sports Publicity Department under the direction of Wayne Duke. Jack Bartrom Director of Public Information Walter B. Lovelace Director of the News Bureau 30 Floyd Walters Director of the Department of Photography Ellsworth Stepp Radio Bureau Director Phil Danielson Director of the Department of Publications Wayne Duke Sports Publicity Director Seated left to right. Mr. Ware, Jack Anderson, Joe Lacy, Chuck Dever, Mr. Waldrop, Mr. Hawk. OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS I A. Gayle Waldrop Chairman Joe Lacy AS.U.C. Commissioner Harold Hawk Faculty member John M. Griest Faculty member Eric Rackham Faculty member Jack Anderson Student m ember Charles Dever Student member i The Board of Publications is a representative group of stu- dents and faculty which composes the coordinating and guiding organization behind all University publications. As it has been the policy of the University to permit a maximum of student freedom in editing the various campus publications, the Board does not attempt to impose and form of censorship. Instead the Board acts as a policy-former and advisory group. Each member of the Board, the group being composed of faculty directors and a like number of students, carries an equal vote in all matters. The members guide changes in campus litera- ture and pass approval upon the general material contained within each publication. The greatest responsibility of each successive council is the selection of the editor and business manager for the major university publications. These publications include the SILVER AND GOLD, the student daily newspaper; the COLO- RADAN, the yearbook; the FLATIRON, the humor magazine; the COLORADO ENGINEER, the Engineering School maga- zine; and the ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAW REVIEW, the Law School publication. A. Gayle Waldrop, Chairman 31 4 board of publicaf ions asuc commission ♦ Lael DeMuth, president The Associated Students of the University of Colorado is the governing group of the student body. The officers of the association, who include the twelve commissioners and the president, are elected each spring for a one-year term. In addition to the elected members, the A.S.U.G. includes a secretary, a Student Union Commissioner, and many ex-officio members who represent various campus activities. The 1951-1952 activities of the commission were many. One bene- fit was the establishment of a free all-student check-cashing plan lo- cated in the University Book Store. The Dad ' s Day celebration was hel d again this year when the fathers of the students w ere guests of the University for the day of November tenth. The dads enjoyed the Utah vs. CU game from the fifty yard line after which they were honored guests at various recep- tions. During the football season movies of all the games were shown to students to provide money for the annual football players ' banquet. The BufT Council successfully promoted High School Welcoming Day at which time Colorado high school students were guests of the University. The Council was established to promote better public relations with the high schools in the nation so that CU will be able to contact more students. This year the Big Seven schools sent representatives from their student governments to Boulder. This successful meeting was presided over by Joe Lacy. The Commission also formulated plans for the A.S.U.C. Repre- sentative Night. Through this plan each campus organization sent a representative to the Commission meetings in order to have a better understanding of the Commission ' s work. All in all, this year ' s A.S.U.G. Commission has done a beneficial and responsible job. 32 Seated left to right: Martin Ericson. Joe Lacy. Yvonne Burkett, George Kersey, Lael DeMuth, Gwen VanDerbur, Bob Eberhart, Dick Axell, Gappy Black, and Sue Guild. xd s Hniiiial Imb sm im. OFFICERS Lael DeMuth President John Warren Vice President Mary Ncvens Secretary COMMISSIONERS Yvonne Burkett Academic Affairs Foster Garn Athletics Gwen Van Derbur Dance Joe Brady Entertainment and Culture Cappie Black Finance George Kersey Men ' s Welfare Joe Lacy Publications Bob Eberhardt Public Relations Dick Axell Spirit and Moral Beverly Batschelet Student Organization and Social Life Martin Erickson Student Memorial Sue Guild Women ' s Welfare John Warren Vice President Mary Nevins Secretary Seated leU lo " gkt: Martin Ericson, Joe Brady, Dick Axell, Bob Eberhart. Pos Gam, and Joe Lacy. 33 4 Anne Morrison OFFICERS Anne Morrison President Wilma Sweat Vice-President Jo Mulligan u Secretary Billie Bernham Treasurer CHAIRMEN Shirley Paider Activities Sue Guild Vocations Jenny Starks Social Babe Packard Revue Debby Green Orientations Gloria Edwards Publicity Nan Anderson Independent Representative Babe Packard Panhellenic Jo Easley W. A. A. Anita Henrie Women ' s Club Barbara Steere Y.W.C.A. Ann Markham Spur Norma Benedick Freshman Woman ' s Residence FACULTY Miss Mary Ethel Ball, Janet Douglass, Lorraine Miller The Associated Women Students of the University of Colorado are represented by the Senate, which is their executive body. Membership consists of elected of- ficers and committee chairmen, and the presidents of the major women ' s organiza- tions on campus. Various committees, whose members are approved by the Senate are responsible for much of the work. Freshmen and new students were acquainted with the many campus activities early in the fall during New Student ' s Week, when the AWS sponsored the annual " activity night. " Other important activities during the fall were the awarding of scholarships at the Christmas party and giving a tea for the housemothers. Through- out the year the orientations committee was responsible for sponsoring parties for new women students, the big and little sisters program, and the choosing of dorm counselors. During the winter there was the AWS Revue, an all woman ' s show con- sisting of dances and skits. The vocations conference in connection with the ASUC, is also held during winter. With the presentation of " Miss CU " and her court at the installation of the newly elected officers, the year was brought to a close. Great credit should be given to the Senate in successfully helping the women students. 34 LeU to right: Gloria Edwards. Billie Bernham. Nan Anderson. Barbara Steere, Norma Benedick, Ann Markham, Babe Packard, Jo Mulligan, Anne Morri- son, Sue Guild, Anita Henrie, Wilma Sweat, Debby Green, Jenny Starks. Not in Picture: Shirley Paider and Jo Easley. m- Third row standing, left to rifkt: Sue Schwab, Helene Zak. Jean Wexler, Thel Hou , Nan Anderson. Second row: Yvonne Johnson, Jean Acker, Roberta Orchard, Joan Alterr, Miss Judy Couch. Pat Murphy, W ' ilma Sweat, Sue Pigitt. Ann Lock, Marf{ie Lockard, Sherry Cox, Phil Albrecht, Sue Denslow, Pat Wilson. HUie Hahn. Front row: Ginny Lightburn. Kathy Chambers, Jerr Booker, Margaret Brady, Paula Lindell. Not in picture: Ronda Gillespie and Lynn Petty. 35 OFFICERS Wilma Sweat Speaker Yvonne Johnson Housing Chairman Gloria Edwards Publicity Chairman Mrs. Grace Able, Miss Judy Couch Sponsors District Representatives Sue PifSott District one Helene Zak District two Rhonda Gillespie District three Thel Hou District jour Jean Wexler District five Charlotte Webber District six Ann Lock University Women ' s Club Representative Sue Denslow Kappa Kappa Gamma Roberta Orchard Alpha Delta Pi Margaret Brady Alpha Chi Omega Kathy Chambers Alpha Phi Sue Schwab Pi Beta Phi Sherry Cox Delta Delta Delta Joan Alterr Alpha Omicron Pi Jean Acker, Nan Anderson. ..t p er Class Women ' s Residence Halls Freshman Women ' s Residence Hall Student Directors: Jerry Booker, Ellie Hahn, Pat Murphy, Ginny Lightburn, Phil Al- brecht, Margie Lockard, Paula Lundell, Pat Wilson, Lynn Petty Wilma Sweat 4 I aws house of representatives associated alumni Kenneth Penfold Director of Alumni Relations Walter Lovelace Editor of Colorado Alumnus OFFICERS Mrs. Virginia Blue, ' 31 President Larry Flanders, ' 38, ' 40 Vice-President .Mrs. Ethna Burgess. ' 28 Secretary Office Staff Kenneth Penfold, ' 37 Director of Alumni Relations Walter B. Lovelace, ' 40 Editor of the Colorado Alumnus Mrs. Jeanne Sible Administrative Secretary I The alumni are an important part of every university. A university becomes truly strong when its alumni take an active part in its progress and, through a feeling of pride and devotion, come forward with their assistance. The purpose of the Associated Alumni of the University of Colorado is to furnish services, aid, and assistance to alumni, students, faculty, and regents. Other purposes of the organization are to create and maintain a spirit of fellowship and t o promote the welfare and interest of all those associated with the Uni- versity of Colorado. The duties of Mr. Kenneth Penfold, Director of the Alumni Association, include the supervision and effectuation of these purposes, the promotion and organ- ization of alumni clubs, and keeping alive all mterest in the Alumni Association. This year the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association, which meets twice a year, was increased to forty members. First among the functions of the Alumni Office is that of record maintenance. Records of the University alumni necessitate three basic files ; the master file, the geographical file, and the membership file. Included in the master file are individual cards for very person who has received a degree from the University. In addition to these cards, which num- ber more than 25,000, records are kept for approximately 5000 persons who did not graduate but who did attend and have shown an interest in the school. Secondly, the geographical file lists the city, county, and state of each alumnus whose address is known. Finally, the membership file contains a record of the present members, who pay Association dues, of which there are 5400. 36 Left to right: Erica Szobota, Ruth Sims. Barbara Brown, Walter Lovelace, Ken Pcniold, and Jo Model. Back row, left to right: Velma Gleue, Mr, Wm. Cool. Mr. Lisle Ware. Bruce McLagan, Doris Bankson. Mrs. Everett Long. Front row: Dean Clifford Hous- ton, Martin Ericson, Nancy Jammer, James Blake. Carla Wiebenson, Dean Edward Kin£. 37 The Board for the University Memorial Center is composed of both facuhy and students. The composition of this board is unusual because the fac- ulty members have no more authority than the stu- dents. The faculty alone cannot veto a bill. The term of service for the student members is one year. The faculty membership is permanent. The board ' s most important duty is to plan a weekly program for the center. This year the board sponsored bridge tournaments and art exhibits. The Candlelight Cabaret held every Wednesday night proved to be very successful. This year the board also sponsored a classical music program. The big- gest project of the year was to completely redecorate the lounge on the first floor of the Memorial Build- ing. Martin Ericson, chairman university memorial center board combined engineers 4 Kohert Wagner President of the Combined Engineers All students in the College of Engineering automatically be- ' come members of the Combined Engineers. Each spring four outstanding junior engineers are chosen in a general election by students enrolled in the engineering school to serve as the student government of the whole engineering college for the following year. Before the election takes place eight juniors are nominated to be on the ballot by a student and faculty nominating committee consisting of one representative from each engineering school organization and a faculty representative from each department. Robert E. Wagner, president, and Roscoe L. Champion, A. S. Clark, and K. E. Stiefel are members of the 1951-52 executive council. Professor Lloyd A. Bingham of the electrical department is the faculty advisor. The principal duties of the council are to plan the activities and policies .of the engineering student body. Through this or- ganization the lower classmen especially are acquainted with their school and its various departments. The Apple Fest, which was held this year October 26, was the principal activity of the fall. Another outstanding event in the way of social life was the Engineer ' s Ball held February 16. Highlights of the ball were the crowning of the Queen and the presentation of the " Chief Oiler. " In the spring on Engineers ' Day, the College of Engineering holds its annual open house for the general public, high school seniors, and alumni. Tours, demonstrations, and a convocation acquaint the visitors with the opportunities and contributions of the college. Special honors are awarded at the convocation. 38 Lejt to right: Albert Clark. Roscoe Ctiampion, Robert Wagner, Kenneth Stiefel. Back row left to right; Dean Elmore Peterson, Don Huising, James Holden, Stanley Spiegel. Front row; Buck, Richard Willis, Marcia Mast. Gloria Edwards, Patricia The Business School Board determines student poHcies con- cerning those of the business school. The elected council is com- posed of Gloria Edwards, James Holden, and Stanley Spiegel, junior representatives; Richard Willis, president; Don Huising, vice-president; Patricia Buck, secretary; and Marcia Mast, treas- urer. This Council works closely with the business faculty and the schools of Law and Pharmacy to pn-omote better interrela- tions and more common interests among their students. The board meets regularly to discuss matters of current importance. Many ideas of interest to business students have been presented on the advice of this board. The organization also sponsors activities and dances each semester. At the annual spring banquet awards are presented to deserving persons in the business field. These much desired awards include an outstanding alumnus, an outstanding Boulder business man, and the outstanding boy and girl in the business school. The Business School Board, under the sponsorship of Dean Elmore Peterson, has done fine things in the past and plans to continue its good work. Dick Willis President of the Business School Board 39 I V business school board I3€ CK K .i:,-- ' •r P classes The student body of 1952 is repre- sented by the complete deck of fifty-two cards. Most of the cards are freshmen. Due to relaxed selective-service requirements and con- tinued prosperity on a national scale, the freshman en- rollment exceeded even the most optimistic estimations. The class of ' 55 established itself in its first college year as an outstanding group, but tradition forces upperclass- men to tab its members " dummys. " The theme for the sophomore class might be " Second hand low, " for as these students begin to grow in perspective they realize that the success-road is long and rough. Call the third-year students the " finessers. " The juniors have learned the ropes of collegi- ate life and attempt to apply their believed wealth of finess to propel themselves forward. Lower classmen refer to the gradu- ating seniors as " poker faces. " Seniors sight the com- mencement day with varied feelings. The cap and gown may symbolize the " trump suit " and realization of fond- est dreams, but it is also the end of a great era of their lives. PATI BLACKWELL 41 pacesetters 42 Seated, left to right: George Lesser, Shirley Paidar, Lothar Vasholz, Yvonne Burkett, Miss Janet Douglas, Jo Fasley. Not pictured: Clifford Houston. Each year the Goloradan honors the select group of students chosen as Pacesetters. The Pacesetter award is given to juniors and seniors considered outstanding for campus activities and service to the University. Pacesetters are chosen by a committee made up of the junior Pacesetters of the previous year, with the Dean of Students, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women or their representatives acting as advisers. JOE LACY A constant spark plug to CU activities, energetic Joe Lacy has served on the ASUC com- mission two years as commis- sioner of publications and com- missioner of spirit and morale. He has also been chairman of the Big Seven Student Govern- ment Association, scrcctary- treasurer of Heart and Dagger, president of Sumalia, SAE president and a student-faculty advisor. ANNE MORRISON President of AWS and mem- bership in Phi Beta Kappa indicate Anne ' s quality of par- ticipation in campus activities. She is a member of Spur, Hesperia, and Mortar Board. As a sophomore she served as treasurer of AWS and president of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and last year she was chairman of the AWS Social Committee. Anne has also worked as a student director in the freshmen dorms for the past two years. jim JIM MODRALL Outstanding in athletics and grades as well ss activities. Jim is an all-around leader. Besides having been chairman of various Homecoming and CU Days committees in the past and general chairman of Homecoming this year. Jim has served as president of Council of Greek Students, chairman of the ASUC Election committee, and is a member of the Board of Athletics. Tau Beta Pi, tennis and ski squads, and Heart and Dagger. r utk RUTH MORRIS A senior with four active years behind her, Ruth has been Silver and Gold news editor and society editor, a Panhellenic Workshop moderator, " C " Book section editor, chairman of the Y " Recreation Group, and assistant ch irman of the Homecoming Alumni Wel- coming committee. She has also worked on the Porpoise publicity committee, the Colo- radan, and Campus Chest. Z oi FOSTER GAKN ' Fos " , the guy with the big smile, has been well known to CU students as ASUC athletic commissioner and president of Heart and Dagger. He has also been a member of Sumalia. corresponding secretary of Phi Ep- silon Phi, co-chairman of Campus Chest special events committee, secretary of Delta Tau Delta, and worked on the ASUC Election Commission. BRADFORD PRETTI Brad has been an outstanding asset on the campus as general chairman of Campus Chest, chairman of the Stu- dent-Alumni division of the Buff Council, editor of the Colorado Re- porter, and two-years ' chairman of the Homecoming Alumni Welcoming com- mittee. He has been a member of Pla er$ Club, Phi Epsilon Phi, and Sumalia, and was president of the Student- Alumni Association, ,5 SUSAN GUILD Sue is more than busy on campus with her activities and positions of leadership which include student di- rector of McKeehan, Mortar Board, and A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Wo- men ' s Welfare. She is also on the A.W.S. Senate and House of Repre- sentatives, A.W.S. Vocations chair- man, and she headed the Career ' s Conference this year. Sue has been a member of Hesperia, Spur and the Pep Club and has served on various school committees and projects during her four active college years at Boulder. 43 JOE ARDOUREL Joe, a junior, has worked on many activities. He has served on the Coloradan for three years and is art editor this year. Joe has been on many Homecoming committees and was chairman for the Campus Comedian this year. As a member of Phi Epsilon Phi, assistant editor of the C-Book, editor of the University directory, and Pep Club card section chairman he has been kept very busy. He was also corresponding secretary for his fraternity and a Greek Com- bine representative. YVONNE JOHNSON This outstanding junior has many campus activities. She belongs to the Buff Pep Club, Spur, Player ' s Club, Honors Union, WAA. and Hiking Club. Yvonne has worked on Home- coming, Religion-in-life Week and YWCA activities. She has always been very active in Intramurals and Basketball Club and is Intramural chairman for her sorority. Yvonne is also AWS Housing Chairman and a member of AWS House of Repre- sentatives. ROBERT EBERHART Bob is active this year on the A.S.U.C. as publicity commissioner. He was president of Phi Epsilon Phi, and a member of Si ma Delta Chi honorary fraternity. Bob s energy and enthusiasm have carried him far, and he is well-known on campus for his work on the Silver and Gold, Homecoming, Buff show, and C.U. Days committees. In addition he was secretary of the Pre-Iaw club and or- ganizer of the A.S.U.C. representative night. PATTY MURPHY This junior has proven her worth in many activities on campus. Last year ' s Spur presi- dent, she is a member of Hesperia and AWS House of Representatives. Secretary of the " Big Seven " student government, secretary- treasurer of Pep Club, assistant director in the freshmen dorms and Campus Chest ac- tivities have kept her busy this year. Patty has also served on numerous Homecoming committees. Silver and Gold business staff, ASUC Spirit and Morale commission, YWCA, and the Flatirons. LAEL DiMUTH Lael, besides being a capable student body president and an active member of Heart and Dagger, Pi Gamma Mu honorary fra- ternity, Sumalia and Phi Epsilon Phi, has maintained almost a straight " A " average. He was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and belongs to the Honors Union. Lael has kept himself busy working on the Silver and Gold and the Coloradan plus C.U. Days and Home- coming committees, and playing basketball; and he was the Greek Combine president last year. BUD OLDE Although Bud is a transfer from the University of Wisconsin, he has earned the position of Pacesetter through his very fine work as Buff Council General Chairman and C. U. Days Assistant General Chairman. Added to his list of activities are his positions on Homecoming General committee, C. U. Summer Review Chairman, and the University Me- morial Center Board. NIKKI NEVINS Although Nikki transferred to CU only two years ago, she has amassed a wealth of activities of which anyone would be proud. After serving as pro- ' gram chairman for the High School Welcoming committee last year, she became general chairman of it this year. She has been secretary to ASUC, secre ' ary to the editor of the Silver Gold, and a member of Kappa Delta ' Pi, education honorary. { 44 NAN ANDERSON Nan, in her four years at college, has earned recognition and honor for her various activities and qualities of leadership. She is the Independent Women ' s Representative to A.W.S. House of Representatives and Senate, U.N. Week chairman, Coloradan Ac- tivities Editor, and a member of Mortar Board, Hesperia, and Spur. Nan is also very active in theater work and the W.A.A., and devotes a great deal of time to her position as a dorm students ' director. RALPH BLACK Cappy has a wide range of activities to his credit and is a familiar figure in campus affairs. He is the A.S.U.C. Finance Commissioner and a hard working member of the Central Plan- ning Committee for the New Uni- versity Memorial Student Center, Sumalia and Phi Epsilon Phi. Cappy worked on the Campus Chest board, was assistant chairman of C.U. Days in 1951, and has played on the Greek All-Star football team for four years, coaching them this year. BEVERLY BATSCHELET A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Social Life and (irjianization, Ex-Officio member of A.W.S. Senate, and Orchesis are only a few of the ' ■ activities which vivacious Bev has acquired 1 durinji her collejje career. She has devoted : much of her time to committees and campus I entertainment, and has been active in Spur. iHesperia. W.A.A. and intramurals. Bev has also maintained a hiifh scholastic averajje and is a member of the Honors Union and Kappa i Delta Pi educational honorary. AL ZACK Al, a senior, has kept busy in manv activi- ties. This year he i s editor of The Flatxron, assistant ski instructor for the Buff Ski Club, and was assistant general chairman for Home- cominfj. He was co-chairman of publicity for C.U. Days last year and manafiinji editor for The Ftatiron. AI has also served on the Silver and Gold staff. ANITA HENRIE As president of the University Women ' s Club this year, Anita proved her able leader- ship, and lived up to her past record of out- standing activities. She has been publicity chairman of the Austrian Student ' s Good-Will Tour, YWCA hospital group chairman, Womens ' Club treasurer and purchasing agent. Spur secretary. Hesperia, Beta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, and Mortar Board. RICHARD AXELL Dick has been in the spotlight time and again for his leadership and de- termination. As A.S.U.C. Commis- ; sioner of Spirit and Morale and presi- t dent of the Buff Pep Qub. Dick has had a lot of influence in student : affairs. He is also a member of Heart I and Daf ger, Sumalia. Tau Beta Pi, ■ Sigma Tau. and was president of . Sigma Chi and Chi Epsilon last year. , Dick is also A.S.C.E. vice president J and has worked on the I.F.C. Pan- ( hellenic Actions Board. BARBARA STEERE Barbara Steere, the President of YWCA. has been active in varied campus activities. She is a member of Spur, Hesperia. AWS Senate, and Player ' s Club. Work on various U.N. Week, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Campus Chest committees and on th , Coloradan and Window has helped to keep her busy. She is also cor- responding secretary of her sorority and vice-president of Gamma Alpha Chi. 4S iJde EVELYN PACKARD Although still a junior. Babe Packard has earned recognition in many cam- pus activities. A member of Spur and Hesperia, she has participated in YWCA activities, in various C.U Days and Homecoming committes and in the Campus Chest — as secretary last year and as assistant chairman this year. She has been secretary of AWS, assistant business manager for the Silver and Gold, Treasurer of WAA, and is now AWS Review chairman and president of Panhellenic. HILARY JOHNSON Hilary, an outstanding student in the Architectural Engineering School, was recently elected president of the Sen- ior class. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Heart and Dagger, Sumalia. and Sigma Tau. Hilary has been one of the leading members of the foot- ball team during his four college years, and has adequately and skill- fully undertaken each activity with ambition and enthusiasm. U llam liioifBr board Left to right: Wilma Sweat, Sue Oertli, Jane Valeiuiiic, and Nona Uhrich. OFFICERS Jane Valentine President Wilma Sweat Vice-President Nona Uhrich Secretary Sue Oertli Treasurer Mrs. Bly Curtis Sponsor Mortar Board, the national senior women ' s honorary society, has been on the University of Colorado campus since 1924. This year, as al- ways, the members have carried on its program with the high ideals of service, scholarship, and leadership in mind. Each member will continue to serve these ideals after her graduation from college. Each fall at Homecoming, the Mortar Board Mum Sale contributes color to all the festivities. Some 300 mums were sold for the 1951 Homecoming. With the money raised, it was possible to give many scholarships to worthy women students. Jj In addition, by planning the popular Sun- rise Dance during GU Days, by distributing Christmas food baskets, by participating in United Nations Week, and by contributing to the purchase of special library books in mem- ory of Miss Irene McKeehan, Mortar Board serves their college community. 46 Back row, left to right: Donna Scott, Nan Anderson, Miss Janet Douglas. Mary Brown, Ann Morrison, and Mrs. Bly Curtis. Front row: Yvonne Burkett, Nona Uhrich, Jane Valentine, Wilma Sweat, Sue OertU, Anita Henry, and Sue Guild. Back row. left to right: Foss Garn. Lael DeMuth. Front row: Mr. Walter Frinklin, advisor, Jim Modrell, Joe Lacy. Dick Axell. Hilary Johnson. Not Pictured: John Gorman. Heart and Dagger was organized on this ampus in 1900. Since that time it has become I highly coveted honor to be tapped by this or- ;anization. High standards and ideals have nade it a respected campus group. Last spring, during the GU Days Song ' " est. Heart and Dagger tapped ten senior mem- ers. The number of men tapped has ranged rom as few as three to as many as ten men. Senior men are chosen on their achievements n the fields of scholarship and leadership. This year, along with Mortar Board, Heart ind Dagger started a ceremony with the Sen- or Men ' s and Women ' s Honoraries of Nebras- :a University. A buffalo head is presented to he Honoraries of the winning school at half time if the Colorado-Nebraska football game. Left to right: John Gorman, Fos Garn, and Joe Lacy. OFFICERS Foss Gam President John Gorman Vice-President Joe Lacy Secretary-Treasurer 47 (- " t: heart and dagger -Ml seniors 48 Top Row ABELT, Ralph W. Denver, Colorado Business; Campus Chest Business Manager, Coloradan Business Staff, Delta Sigma Pi president, Speaker ' s Congress, Phi Delta Theta. ABBOT, Harper L. Quincy, Illinois Law; Legal Aid Clinic, Orientation Chairman, Phi Delta Phi, Rothgerber Appellate Brief Competition — Finalist. ADAMS, Barbara Jane Evanston, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Coloradan Section Editor, Delta Gamma. ACHTENHAGEN, S. H. San Marino, Calif. Engineering and Business; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A. S. U. C. Com- mission, Campus Chest Business Committee, Men ' s Residence Halls Council, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Student Activi- ties Council, Ski Club, Society of Automotive Engineers, Acacia. ACKER, Jean Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; House of Representatives, Pep Club, Student Director of Regent Hall. ALBERT, Richard Croton-on-Hudson, New York Business; Alpha Kappa Phi. ALBERT, Harriet Stone Croton-on-Hudson, New York Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold, Theta Sigma Phi. Boiiom Row ALBRECHT, Paul Frank Floral Park, New York Engineering and Business; A. 1. E. E., Delta Sigma Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. Newman Club, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. ALEXANDER, Gloria Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Calico and Boots, Me- morial Student Union Board, Pep Club, Spur, Student Performance Board, Chi Omega. ALLEN, Roger Arts and Sciences. Denver, Colorado ALLNUTT, William F. Greeley, Colorado Business; Delta Tau Delta. ANDERSON, Jack K. Lakewood, Colorado Law; Board of Publications, C. U. Days King, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Sumalia, Coloradan Sports Editor, varsity baseball, varsity basketball. Delta Tau Delta. ANDERSON, Marilyn Jean Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club, Newman Club, Zeta Tau Alpha. ANDERSON, Nan S. Akron, Ohio Arts and Sciences; Coloradan Dormitory and Activities Editor, Dormitory Student Director, Homecoming and C. U. Days Committees, Independent Women ' s Representative to A. W. S., Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Player ' s Club, W. A. A., N. S. A., I. S. A. Top Row ANDERSON, Royce E. Arts and Sciences. Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, Marilyn Marie Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Colo- i radan, C. U. Days Committee, Dodo, Song i Fest, Chi Omega. I ANNIS, Roy R. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- j gineers. Architectural Forum. I ARNOLD, Harry H. Clarion, Pennsylvania ! Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. I ARNOLD, Baxter W., Jr. Eddystone, Pennsylvania Law; Law Day Committee, Legal Aid Clinic, Phi Alpha Delta, Rocky Mountain Law Re- view Board of Editors, Student Bar Associa- tion ARONSON, Haskell H. El Paso, Texas Engineering and Business; A.S.C.E., Chi Ep- silon, Sigma Tau, Zeta Beta Tau. Cenfer Row AXELL, Richard A. Denver, Colorado Engineering and Business; A.S.U.C. Commis- sioner of Spirit Morale, A.S.C.E., Chi Ep- silon, Heart and Dagger, Men ' s Glee Club, Pep Club, Sigma Tau, Sumalia, Tau Beta Pi, Homecoming and C. U. Days Committees, Sigma Chi. BACH, Barbara Louise Rochester, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Pep Club, Ski Club Pub- licity Chairman, Zeta Tau Alpha. BACKLUND, James C. Burlington, Colorado Engineering; Architectural Forum, A.S.C.E. BACON, Laura May Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest. Home- coming Committees, Pep Club treasurer. Spur, Delta Gamma. BAEL, Martin Byron Mount Vernon, New York Engineering; Campus Chest Business Man- ager and Solicitations Chairman, Engine Ball Coordinator, Pep Club, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Ski Club, Zeta Beta Tau. BAKER, Melvin L. Laird. Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. Boffom Row BALLIN, Bobra Boulder Colorado Music; C. U. Orchestra. BANDER, Don Burlington, Colorado Engineering; Pep Club, Acacia. BARRY, Sam Long Beach, California Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BARKER, William Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Pep Club, Acacia. BAUER, Richard Highland Park, Illinois Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Star and Sextant, Delta Tau Delta. BEAUVAIS, Anne Look Grand Junction, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. House of Repre- sentatives, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, University Women ' s Club. 49 50 Top Row BECKER, John Richard Wheaton, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Homecoming Committees, Player ' s Club, Kappa Sigma. BELL, Raymond C. Howard, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. BELL, Willson W. Limon, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Co-op president. BENEDECK, Norma Glenwood Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Senate, Cheer- leader, C. U. Days Committee, Delta Phi Al- pha, Dodo, Hesperia, Homecoming Commit- tee, Porpoise, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Spur, Dormitory Student Director, W.A.A., Winter Carnival Committee Delta Delta Delta. BENZEL, Herbert Business, Kappa Sigma. BERG, Charles W. Business. Berwyn Illinois Orange, New Jersey BERG, Charlotte Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Wes- ley Foundation, Wheaton, Illinois Equestrian Club, Hiking Bofiom Row BERGER, Elsie Arts and Sciences; Club, Ski Club. BERGHEIM. Joe H. Boulder, Colorado Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. BERRY, Robert E. Artesia, California Engineering and Business; Free Lance, A.S. M.E., Secretary of M.E.S. BETASSO, Donna Hope Boulder, Colorado Journalism ; A.S.U.C., Public Relations Com- mission secretary. Pep Club, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A., Chi Omega. BETHALINE, Routh Grand Junction, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club, Homecoming Committee, Westminster Fel- lowship, Zeta Tau Alpha. BICKLEY, Ann New York, New York Arts and Sciences; Ski Club Program Com- mittee, Alpha Delta Pi. BIERBAUM, William S. Golf, Illinois Engineering; Colorado Engineer, Phi Lamb- da Upsilon, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Chi. Bottom Row BOWMAN, Robert Walter San Diego, California Engineering; A.S.C.E., Pep Club, Sigma Chi, Tucson, Arizona Top Row BILLINGS, G. Martin Business; Kappa Sigma. BIRD, Jacqueline Ruth Rosewell, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Show, Buff Show, Gamma Alpha Chi, Homecoming Committee, Delta Gamma. BLACK, Ralph Sterling, Illinois Business; A.S.U.C. Finance Commissioner, Assistant General Chairman CU Days ' 50, Campus Chest Board, Central Planning Board New Student Memorial Bid.. Parade Chairman CU Days ' 50, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia, Beta Theta Pi. BLACKBURN, Toni Glendale, California Arls and Sciences; Coloradan, Campus Chest, Dodo, Homecoming Tickets, Little Theater, Panhellenic Treasurer, Red Cross Chairman Faculty Donations, Y.W.C..4., Alpha Chi Omega. BLAHA, James A. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. BLOOD, Marilyn Oak Park, Illinois Arls and Sciences; CU Days Committees, Homecoming Committees, Pep Club, Theater Crews, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Kappa Delta. Center Row BOEHM, Evalyn .Ann Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club; Coloradan, CU Days Committee, Dodo, Homecoming Committee, Silver and Gold, W.A.A.. Winter Carnival, Y.W.C.A., Alpha Omicron Pi. BOGARD, Charles F. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CU Days Committees, Greek Combine, Homecoming Committees, Newman Club, Pi Tau Sigma, Religion in Life Week, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Xi. BOOTH, Shirley Cody, Nebraska Business; Big Seven Conference Committee, Buff Ski Club, Campus Chest Chairman, Homecoming Committees, Y.W.C.A., Alpha Chi Omega. BORDERS, Jalene Hutchinson, Kansas Business; Campus Chest Committee, Home- coming Committee, Pep Club, Religion in Life Week Committee, Ski Club, Chi Omega. BOUIK, Joyce Chicago, Illinois Arls and Sciences. BOURG, Marie Gene Odessa, Texas Business; Administrative Secretary of the National N.S.A., Newman Club, social chair- man. Ski Club, Secretarial Committee of the Big Seven. BRANSKY, Paul H. Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Illinois Club, I.S.A., Inter- national Relations Club, Kappa Mu Alpha, Ski Club. BREWBAKER, Ann Longmont, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vocations Com- mittee, Festival Choir, Alpha Chi Omega president, secretary of Panhellenic, Secretary of the Student Actions Board, Alpha Chi Omega. BROBERG, Carl M. Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau. BROOKS, Beverly Denver, Colorado Arls and Sciences; Club First Nighter. CU Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, I.S.A., Orchesis, Porpoise, University Wom- an ' s Club — House president, W.A.A., Y.W. C.A. BRONSON, William R. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. 51 seniors seniors Top Row BROWN, Clayton F. Chadron, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; International Relations Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BROWN, James S. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN, Margaret Ann A rts and Sciences. Hayden, Colorado BROWN, Mary Ellen Columbus, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Concert Band, Marching Band, Secretary-Treasurer University Bands, Tau Beta Sigma president and vice-president Pi Lambda Theta vics-president, Westminster Fellowship, secretary and Outreach Chair- man, Coloradan Dorm Sections Editor, Club First Nighter Queens Chairman, Phi Chi Delta, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Honors Union, University Women ' s Club. BROWN, Milton C. Brilliant, Ohio A rts and Sciences. BROWN, Robert S. Longmont, Colorado Business; Beta Alpha Psi. BRUIN, James L. Roswell, New Mexico Law; Coloradan, Class Editor 1949, Dodo Ad- vertising Manager, Phi Delta Phi president, Sigma Chi president, vice-president Law School, Sigma Chi. BUCHANAN, Robert H. Omaha, Nebraska Law; Law School Honor Code Council Vice- Justice Chairman, Phi Alpha Delta, Senior Class of Law School president. Botfom Row BUMGARNER, Frank Edwin, Jr. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Haxtun, Colorado BUCK, Pat Business. BUNDY, Alan S. Portland, Oregon Business; Campus Chest, Festival Chorus, Ski Club, Alpha Tau Omega. BURGESS, H. Joann O ' Neill, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; BURKETT, Yvonne Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; ASUC Commissioner, Ac- ademic Affairs, Baur Hall Student Director, Hesperia president. Mortar Board, Spur, WAA Board, Alpha Omicron Pi. BURNS, Paul J. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Intramurals, Newman Club, Sigma Tau. 52 ? , C ' " k i Top Row BURROWS, Bertha Jean Pabst Brush, Colorado Business; A.W.S. Orientations, Festival of Nations Business Manager, Congo Club, Delta Phi Alpha, Editorial Staff — Window, Gamma Alpha Chi, General Assistant Secretary Senior Week, Mather Daughter Program Chairman, Pep Club, High School Welcoming Commit- tee Days secretary, Silver and Gold Business Staff, Stardusters, University Women ' s Club secretary. Upper Class Advisor Freshman Dorm. BURT, Morton W. La Grange, Illinois Engineering and Business; Alpha Phi Omega, American Institute of Physics, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Hypnosis Club, Illini- Buff Club, Interfraternity Council, Kappa Kappa Psi, Physics Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sig- ma Pi Sigma, Sigma Tau, Student Research Council, Tau Beta Pi, University Band, Lamb- da Chi Alpha. BUSSIAN, Robert A. Chicago, Illinois Law; Phi Delta Phi, Chi Psi. BUTALA, E. F. Salida, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Colorado Engineer. BUTCHER, Charles Edward Freeport, Illinois Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. BUTLER, Helen E. Aurora, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Club, Home Eco- nomics Club. Religion in Life Week, Roger Williams Fellowship. Center Row BUTZ, Richard L. Brighton, Colorado Business; Campus Chest, Delta Sigma Phi, Homecoming Committee. CADWELL, Nan La Grange, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, C. U. Days, Coloradan, Dodo, Homecoming, Pep Club, Silver and Gold. Varsity Night, Y.W.C.A., Pi Beta Phi. CAFFREY, Lee Boone, Iowa Business; C. U. Days Ticket Sales, Homecom- ing Parade Committee, Phi Gamma Delta. CAMPBELL, Carol Graham Colorado Springs, Colorado Journalism; Newman Club. CAMPBELL, Robert B. Englewood, Colorado Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Varsity Swimming Team, Viking Club. CANFIELD, Janet Red Lodge, Montana Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Spur, Alpha Omicron Pi. Bottom Row CANFIELD, Roy C. Fort Morgan, Colorado Engineerin g; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Pi Kappa Alpha. CARL, Wilminor Houston, Texas Business; Delta Delta Delta. CARLSON, Lennart H. Russell, Minnesota Arts and Sciences. CARMICHAEL, Margaret Ann Montrose, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Gamma Alpha Chi, Silver and Gold, University Women ' s Club, Wesley Foundation. CARNEY, Eleanor, Salem, Massachusetts Nursing; U. S. Army Reserves, Complement Training. CARROLL, Polly Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, A.S. U.C. Talent File Committee, Buff Ski Club, Campus Chest, Colorado U. Days General Commitee, parade, song fest. Homecoming General Committee, parade, king and queen, Pep Club, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Alpha Theta. 53 54 Pueblo, Colorado Top Row CARROLL, Thomas Business; Newman Club. CARSWELL, Frances, Kansas City, Missouri Business; Kappa Alpha Theta. CARTER, Elsie Rupert, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Physical Education Majors Club, W.A.A., Ski Club. CAVENDER, Alice Batavia, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi vice president, A.W.S. Housing Committee; C.U. Days Buff Show, Player ' s Club, Y.W.C.A., Y-Teen Advisor, Alpha Omicron Pi. CAVICCHI, Earle Kingston, Massachusetts Engineering; Architectural Forum, A.S.E.E. CHAFFEE, Mary Lou El Paso, Texas Arts and Sciences; Asst. Chairman Homecom- ing 1951, Asst. Chairman Geographical Sur- vey, Buff Council, C.U. Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Alpha Theta. CHAICJALO, Peter Brooklyn, New York Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma, Club First Nighter, C.U. Days Committee, High School Welcoming Committee, Homecoming Com- mittee, Newman Club, Beta Sigma Tau. Bottom Row CHAMBERLIN, Dick Berrien Springs, Michigan Pharmacy; C.U. Days Float Committee, Freshman Football and Track, Jr. A. Ph. A., Ski Club, Delta Tau Delta. CHAMPION, Roscoe Lyle La Junta, Colorado Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, varsity swimming team, phi Kappa Tau. CHILDRESS, Jim Arts and Sciences; Durango, Colorado Phi Gamma Delta. CHILTON, Carroll Denver, Colorado Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Presser Foundation Scholarship Holder for 1951-52. CHUN-HOON, William Honolulu, T. H. Arts and Sciences; Hawaii Club, International Relations Club, Men ' s Residence Halls As- sociation secretary-treasurer. Upper Class Ad- visor. CLARK, Albert F. Los Angeles, California Business Engineering; Chairman of 1952 En- gine Ball, Chairman of Engine Ball Decoration for 1950, Festival Chorus, Hiking Club presi- dent 1949-50 manager 1948-49, Lambda Chi Alpha vice-president. Pi Mu Epsilon vice- president. Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. CLASS, Charles R. Los Angeles, California Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Track, Alpha Sigma Phi. Top Row CLASSEN, M. Ann Palo Alto, California Arts and Sciences; Pep Club, Y.W.C.A., Pi Beta Phi. CLAVE, Rosalie Webster City, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. CLOONAN, Margaret Walden, Colorado Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Sigma. Dorm. Representative, Ferrand Halls vice-president, Kappa Delta. COFFEY. Gerald E. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Institute Aeronautical Science, Pep Club, Winter Carnival Committee, Acacia. Julesburg, Colorado COFFMAN, Robert Y. Engineering. COHEN, Mendel F. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Flatiron Magazine associ- ate editor. Buffalo, New York Cenfer Row COLEMAN, Sanford D. Law; Zeta Beta Tau. COLLYER, Robert L. Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; American Society for Pub- lic Administration, American Political Science Ass ' n. COMEY, Carol Arts and Sciences. CONGER, Jean Nursing; Buff Ski Club. CONKLIN, Janis Arts and Sciences. Cleveland, Ohio Pontiac, Michigan Rockford, Illinois COOK, William F. Manzanola, Colorado Engineering; Hiking Club, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Roger Williams Fellowship, Vik- ing Club. Bofiem Row COOKE, Jean Charlotte Los Angeles, Cailfomia Arts and Sciences; Buff Show 1950. COON, Marvin L. Boulder, Colorado Business; Phi Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. Gustine, California COPPI, Milton W. Pharmacy ; Theta Xi. CORFIELD, Pamela K. Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Christian Science Organ- ization, Pi Gamma Mu secretary. Pi Lambda Theta, Players Club, Zeta Tau Alpha his- torian and secretary, Zeta Tau Alpha. CORKEN, Jack Burlington Junction, Missouri Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. CORNELIUS, Gary W. Pharmacy. Henderson, Nevada 55 seniors seniors Durango, Colorado Top Row CREPPS, Carl Pharmacy. CRISTOFANO, Sammy M., Jr. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineering, Newman Club, Alpha Sigma Phi. CROSS, Mosley Mercer Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Coloradan, C.U. Days Committees, Homecoming Com- mittees, Kappa Tau Alpha president, Sigma Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CROSS, Walter R. Chicago, Illinois Engineering; A.S.M.E., Newman Club trea- surer, Engineer Ball Committee. CROWDER, Ray Business. Boulder, Colorado CUELLAR, Mario V. La Paz, Bolivia Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha. CULLEN, Richard P. Ralston, Nebraska Law; Rocky Mountain Law Review, Beta Theta Pi. Boifom Row CURREN, Joan Mary Springfield, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. CURTIS, Joan Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C. U. Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, society editor of Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A., Pi Beta Phi. DABBS, Charles L. Roswell, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. DAFNI, Avinoam Tel Aviv, Israel Arts and Sciences; Pharmacy, Hillel, Jr. American Pharmacy Association. DAHNKE, George H. Stratton, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Pep Club, Ski Club, Lamb- da Chi Alpha. DALGLEISH, George H. Sterling, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi, Pep Club, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Epsilon Phi, University Choir. DANIEL, Orrel A. Perryton, Texas Law; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Rocky Mountain Law Review, Roger Williams Fellowship, Student Bar Association Honor Code Council. 56 Top Row DARDEN, Lloyd N. Sacramento, California I Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club, Campus ' Chest, Coloradan, CU Days Publicity, Home- coming Publicity, Sigma Delta Chi, Silver and Gold city and sports editors. Sophomore Representative Journalism Board, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Grant, Nebraska Football, Alpha Tau Wood-Ridge, New Jersey DAVIDSON, Hugh C. Arts and Sciences ; I Omega. i DAVIS, Arthur Pharmacy. DAVIS. Betty Hinsdale, Illinois , Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi presi- dent, Home Economics Club president, Pan- hellenic. Ski Club. DAVIS, Donald Edwin, Minneapolis, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi. DAVIS, Donna Wooldridge Kansas City, Missouri i Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Phi. Center Row DAVIS, Joan G. Denver, Colorado Business; Beta Sigma, Intramurals, Panhel- lenic Council. Pep Club, Spur, Alpha Delta Pi. DAVIS, Joseph G. Boise, Idaho Engineering; I.S.A. DAVIS, Nancy Washington, D. C. Arts and Sciences; Student Leadership Work- shop Committee, YWCA, Pi Beta Phi. DAWLEY, Mary Rapid City, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Val- kyrie. DeBELLO, Franklin J. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, American So- ciety of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Alpha Sigma Phi. De COSTER, Victor Littleton, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Botiom Row DEFFKE, Elyse Greeley, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Tewauh, WAA Head of Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals, Delta Delta Delta. De MUTH, Lael Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; ASUC Men ' s Welfare Commissioner, ASUC president. Board of Publications, Faculty-Senate Committee, Colo- radan, CU Days Assistant Chairman High School Welcoming Committee, Freshman Bas- ketball Team, Greek Combine persident, Homecoming Assistant General Chairman, Homecoming Publicity, Silver and Gold Re- porter, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DIESSNER, Clement Cheyenne Wells, Colorado Engineering; Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau. DINKEL, Thomas A. Denver, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, CU Days Pub- licity Committee, Pi Kappa Alpha. DODSON, Charles Henry, Jr. Willmette, Illinois Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu, Star and Sextant, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Chi. DOMENICO, Joan Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; ASUC Commission Com- mittee, Calico and Boots CU Days and Home- coming Committees, F.T.A., Pi Lambda Theta, Players ' Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Spur, University Women ' s Club, Valkyrie. 57 A •Kfi ' .J ' J—, V: ». : . ' ,::v y y ' • 58 Top Row DONDANVILLE, Catherine Moline, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Review, Campus Chest, Delta Gamma president, Newman Club, C.U. Days Songfest, Y.W.C.A. DOOLEN, Deane Richard Memphis Tennessee Arts and Sciences; Silver Gold, Tau Kappa Epsilon. DOWLER, Warren L. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma, American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers, Pershing Rifles. DOWNING, Robert Alamosa, Colorado Music; Band. Kappa Kappa Psi, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha, Wesley Foundation. DRABING, Caroline Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, C.U. Days, Homecoming Queen Committee, Pep Club, Y.W.C.A. DRONBERGER, Hal H. Toledo, Ohio Engineering-Business ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Dorm president, I.R.E., T.S.I.F.C. DRYDEN, Richard Engineering. Los Angeles, California Boffom Row DREW, Russell Cooper Diablo Heights, Canal Zone Engineering; C.U. Days, Homecoming, Gam- ma Delta, Physics Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Star Sextant. DUNCAN, Carl M. Avondale, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Acacia, Delta Phi Alpha, Delta Sigma Rho, Honors Union, Kappa Kap- pa Psi secretary. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota president, Spanish Club vice-president and treasurer. Speaker ' s Congress, Student Advisor of Orientations Week, C.U. Marching and Concert Bands, Symphony. DUNLAP, Anne V. Albany, Oregon Nursing. DUNSTAN, Kenneth Eldon, Missouri Pharmacy; C Club, Gymnastics Squad, Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Penta- gon Club vice-president. Phi Delta Theta, Track Squad. DWIRE, Mary Jo Colorado Springs, Colorado Journalism; A.W.S. Vocations, Delta Gamma, Homecoming, Kappa Tau Alpha, Pep Club, Player ' s Club, Newman Club, Silver and Gold, Theta Sigma Phi, U.N. Week, Varsity Nights. EASLEY, Joanne Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.S.U.C. Student Repre- sentative to Faculty Senate, A.W.S. Review, Director of Continuity, A.W.S. Senate, Hes- peria, Panhellenic, Coloradan, Dodo, Pi Beta Phi president, Spur, W.A.A. president, Y.W. C.A, Cabinet, Pacesetter. EAST, John H. Denver, Colorado Journalism; Beta Sigma Tau president. Club First Nighter, Career ' s Conference, Alpha Delta Sigma, Homecoming, Silver and Gold, United Nation ' s Week assistant general chair- man. Wrestling. Top Row ECKERT, Pat Council Bluffs, Iowa Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Chore- ographer of Buff Show, Physical Education Club, President of Orchesis, W.A.A. Board, Alpha Phi. EDINGER, Donald M. Great Falls, Montana Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. EDDY, Howard L., Jr. Brighton, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma, Fresh- man Council, Silver and Gold, Sigma Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi. ELY, Jeanne Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Dodo Publicity, Homecoming and Winter Carnival Committee, Panhellenic, Newman Club, Win- ter Carnival Committee, Womens Club. ENDRES, JoAnn Kathryn, Whiting Indiana Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Dorm Schol- arship Chairman, Homecoming Committee, Panhellenic, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A., Chi Omega. EPPINGER, Charles E. Rocky Ford, Colorado Engineering; American Guild of Organists, Eta Kappa Nu, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers, Roger Williams Fellowship, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. Cenf«r Row ESHER, John Thomas Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. ESTES, John C. Longmont, Colorado Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Architectural Forum, Chi Epsilon, Sig- ma Tau secretary, Tau Beta Pi. EICHER, Esther Brewster, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Womens Club. EVANS, Ellen Louise Arts and Sciences. FAHEY, Mary Adelaide Leadville, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, New- man Club, Ski Club secretary, Pi Beta Phi. FATTON, George A New York City Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Pep Club, Sigma Tau, Lambda Chi Alpha. Pueblo, Colorado Twin Falls, Idaho Chicago, Illinois Inter-fraternity Council, Bofiom Row FAUSETT, Erma Lou Business. FEENEY, Donald Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta. FEHRMAN, Gerald Lloyd Jefferson, Wisconsin Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Co-op House, Star and Sextant. FELT, Janet Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FINNEGAN, Mary Kathryn Placerville, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi president, A.W.S. Vaudeville, Buff Pep Club, Coloradan, Colorado U. Days assistant general secre- tary, C-Book, F.T.A., Homecoming, Newman Club, Panhellenic, Silver and Gold, Spur, Student-Alumni, Association Ex. Secretary, Winter Carnival, Y.W.C.A. FISHER, Dave Bartlesville, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Viking Club. 59 seniors seniors 60 Top Row FISHERING, Suzanne Fort Wayne, Indiana Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, C.U. Days and Homecoming Committees, Editor-in-Chief of Coloradan, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A. W.A.A., Pi Beta Phi. FITHIAN, James Boyd Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. FLAGLER, Phyllis L. Summit, New Jersey Arts and Sciences; C.U. Days Committee, Dodo Circulation Staff, Homecoming Commit- tee, Silver and Gold Typing Staff, Ski Club, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Chi Omega. FLOYD, Woodrow Aurora, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Dormitory Student Council, Engi- neer Apple Fest, Engineer Day Committee, Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Gamma Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Buff Council. FLATT, James Boulder, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, Chi Epsilon. FOX, Patricia A. Iron Mountain, Michigan Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOREMAN, Jeanne W. Palo Alto, California Arts and Sciences; Gamma Alpha Chi Secre- tary. Botfom Row FORTUNADO, Emil E. Newark, New Jersey Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Equestrian Club, Independent Stu- dents ' Association. FOX, Charles Edward Center, Colorado Arts and Sciences; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Band, Future Teachers ' Association, Free Lance Club, High School Welcoming Committee. FREILICH, Stanley Los Angeles, California Pharmacy; Choral Group, Executive Council, Hillel, I.S.A., Junior American Pharmaceu- tical Association Treasurer of Jr. A. P. A. FRENCH, Anne Elizabeth Weston, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences; Dormitories Mixed Choir, Dormitory Council, Festival Chorus, Eques- trian Club, University Symphony Orchestra, W.A.A., Women ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. FRENCH, William C. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; " C " Club president, Suma- lia. Wrestling, Phi Gamma Delta. FRIEDOW, Ardith Kanawha, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Wes- ley Foundation. FROHBERG, Anne Ft. Collins, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Top Row FROST. May J. Goffstown, New Hampshire Arts and Sciences; Equestrian Club, Ski Club. FRYE, Dorothy M. Windsor, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi. FUGATE, Thomas Wayne, Walnut, Kansas Engineering ; Acacia. FUHRMAN, Thomas A. Dubuque, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Epsilon. GABIOLA, Albert M. Boise, Idaho Engineering. G. RCIA, Howard A. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Chi Epsilon. Center Row GARN, Foster N. Evanston, Illinois Business; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Ath- letics, A.S.U.C. Election Commission, Buff Pep Club, CU Days Committees, Delta Sigma Pi, Freshman Basketball, Heart and Dagger president, Phi Epsilon Phi corresponding sec- retary, Sumalia, Delta Tau Delta. GARRETT, Ray Fort Collins, Colorado Engineering; Acacia. GARRISON, Clifton F. Kirbyville, Texas Engineering; Assistant Counselor of Mens Resident Halls, Buff Ski Club president. Dorm Council. GARVIN, John Arthur La Jolla, California Engineering and Business; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Assistant to American Institute of Electrical Engineers Workshop, Delta Sigma Pi, Float Chairman CU Days ' 51, Viking Club social chairman. GELMAN, Esther Paper Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Club First Nighter, Future Teachers Association, Hillel corresponding secretary. Homecoming Com- mittee, Honors Union, I.S.A. Council, Joint- Honor Scholarship, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. GEORGE, Earl T. New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineering, Campus Chest, Delta Sigma Phi. Bottom Row GERSHENOW, Robert N. Chicago, Illinois Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, CU Day Com- mittee, Dorm Advisor, Foreign Relief Ac- tivity, Phi Epsilon Phi, Viking Club. GILBERT. Frederick Arts and Sciences. Boulder, Colorado GILBERT, Joanne St. Charles, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Physical Education Club. GIBSON, William K. Pojoaque, New Mexico Business; Arnold Society president, Sigma Nu. GILL, Duane T. Mitchell, Nebraska Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmacy Associa- tion. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GILL, Jerald L. Montrose, Colorado Business; Calico and Boots, Varsity Nights ' 51. 61 Top Row GLASER, David Lawrence Wray, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Viking Club. GLASSER, Charlotte Oak Park, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Dormitory Dance Chairman, I.S.A., Languarge Depart- ment Theater, Little Theatre, University Women ' s Club. GLEUE, Felma Irene Bremen, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Calico and Boots, C.U. Days Welcoming Committee, French Club, Future Teacher ' s Association, Homecoming Committee, German Club, Greek Combine Representative, Women ' s Club, Theta Up- silon. GLEUE, Velma Iliene Bremen, Kansas Arts and Sciences; C.U. Days Publicity and Welcoming Committee, Future Teacher ' s As- sociation, German Club, Homecoming Com- mittee, University Memorial Board secre- tary, Theta Upsilon. GLOEGE, Donna Louise Billings, Montana Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, Beta Sigma, Congo Club, University Women ' s Club, Valkyrie. GOLDSTEIN, Lloyd Eastport, New York Arts and Sciences; International Relations Club, Pep Club, Rifle Club, Zeta Beta Tau. GOMEZ, Joseph R., Puerto Rico Pharmacy; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. Bottom Row GOROM, Joan Loveland, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Little Theatre, Pep Club, Vaudeville, Y.W.C.A., Alpha Phi. GOTTSCHALK, Ruth Arlene Watertown, South Dakota Business, Dormitory Officer, Festival Chorus, Luther Club, University Women ' s Club. GOOCH, Charmayne Arts and Sciences. Loveland, Colorado GRAVES, Nancy Duluth, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Little Theatre Crew, Pep Club, A.W.S. Vaudeville, Vaudeville Publicity Committee, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Alpha Phi. OLANDER, Robert Gray Wheat Ridge, Colorado Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. GREMMELS, Chuck Engineering. GRENDA, Robert L. Engineering. Waterloo, Iowa Pueblo, Colorado 62 «p Rew IREEN, Juan E. Colorado Springs, Colorado Engineering; Delta Tau Delta, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. iREEN, Kenneth Englewood, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, Buff Ski Club. JRIESER, John Robert Western Springs, Illinois Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Buff Show technical director. University Theater. iRUB, Kenneth L. Arts and Sciences; tUILD, Sue Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Women ' s Welfare, A.W.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Chi Omega, A.W.S. Ca- reers Conference Chairman, Hesperia, Mor- tar Board, Spur, Student Director McKeehan Hall. lULLETT, Don Scottsbluff, Nebraska Pharmacy; Acacia, Jr. American Pharmaceu- tical .Association. Buff Pep Club, Phi Epsilon Phi, Rho Chi, Student Advisor. La Junta, Colorado Center Row DE LA GUARDIA, Jose R. Panama City, Panama Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, Buff Pep Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Dorm Council, Greek Combine, High School Welcoming, Newman Club, Soccer Clab, Theta Xi, Spanish Club. GUST, Lysle A. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Acacia, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Buff Pep Club, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Tau, Ski Club. Stu- dent Counselor. GYGER, Mary Alice Denver, Colorado Music; Buff Ski Club, Lab Theater, Player ' s Club, University Women ' s Club. HAAKE, Harriet Arts and Sciences; A. San Marino, California Kappa Alpha Theta, W.A. HACHTMANN, Carol Libertyville, Illinois Pharmacy; Canterbury Club, Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Porpoise, Ski Club, Young Republicans. HAGAN, Nancy La Grange, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega house manager, A.W.S. Vaudeville, Band Majorette, Coloradan Sales, Dodo Circulation, Dorm Treasurer, Festival Choir, Kappa Delta Pi, Winter Carnival Decorations, Y.W.C.A., C.U. Davs. Bottom Row HAIGH, Ruth Elizabeth Homewood, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A.W.S., C.U. Days, Delta Gamma house manager, Homecoming, Pep Club. HAMMER, Joan Arts and Sciences; Clinton. Iowa Counselor McKenna Hall. HARBAUGH, Charles A. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C Club executive council, Swimming Team. HARBAUGH, John Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ski Club. HARMON, Melvin L. Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Rho, Inter- Dorm Student Council, International Relations Club, Speaker ' s Congress, University Plavers Club. HALE, Harold J. Grace, Idaho Engineering; American Society of Chemical Engineers, Chi Epsilon. 63 seniors seniors 64 Top Row HAMILTON, Nancy Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A.W.S., Silver and Gold, Spanish Club, Y.W.C.A., Chi Omega. HARLAND, William B. Clarinda, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Ethnic Minorities, Psi Chi, Ski Club, United World Federalists. HARMS, Dick Hibbing, Minnesota Pharmacy ; Free Lance Club, Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. HARPER, Robin Louise Schenectady, New York Arts and Sciences; Buff Show Cast, Campus Chest, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Festival Chorus, Filler Editor Silver and Gold, Gam- ma Alpha Chi, Radio Department Engineer, Ski Club, Song Fest, A.W.S. Vaudeville, Alpha Delta Pi. HARTLEY, Rebecca S. Muncie, Indiana Arts and Sciences; Coloradan Business Staff, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Kappa Alpha Theta. HARTMAN, Pierre M. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Pre-law Club. HARTSHORN, Barbara G. Arts and Sciences. La Verne, California Boiiom Row HATAKEYAMA, James Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, Rho Chi Society. HATCH, Lota Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta, Des- eret Club, Iota Sigma Pi, Honors Union, Phi Sigma, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Beta Kappa. HAWKINS, Albert E. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers. HAWORTH, Robert Dale Loveland, Colorado Law; Phi Kappa Psi. HAYES, Marita Salida, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Lambda Theta. HAYES, Ken J. Rochelle, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. HEBAL, Lenore M. Oak Park, Illinois Club. Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, Spanish Top Row HECTOR, Joan Rowena Pasadena, California Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha. HEFFELMAN, Malcolm Clay, Jr. Albuquerque, New Mexico Engineering and Business; A.S.C.E, " C " Club, Swimming Team. HEFFERNEN. Robert F. Peosta, Iowa Business; Coloradan ' 52, Flatiron, Silver and Gold, Phi Kappa Tau, HEFTI, Vince Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Buff Ski Club, Hiking Club, Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Jr. Players Club. HELDER, George K. Grand Rapids, Michigan Business; Head Cheerleader, Men ' s Glee Club, Star and Sextant, Sigma Ch i. HELM, Sharon Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Band, Homecoming, Hon- ors Union, Kappa Delta Pi, Pep Club, Spur, Tau Beta Sigma, Winter Carnival, Alpha Phi. Center Row HEIM, Robert S. Redlands, California Arts and Sciences; " C " Club, Silver and Gold, Swimming Team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HENDRIX, Doris Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Dodo, Pan- hellenic Executive Council, Silver aad Gold, Window, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Delta. HENNINGS, Helen Taos, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Homecom- ing Committee, Newman Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma. HENRICH, Harry S. Ridgewood, New Jersey Arts and Sciences; BufI Pep Club, Canterbury Club, Homecoming Committee, International Relations Club, Men ' s Glee Club, Speaker ' s Congress, Chi Psi. HENRIE, Anita J. Center, Colorado Business; A.W.S. Senate, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Sigma, Mortar Board, University Wom- en ' s Club president. HENRY, Mary Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; AWS Vaudeville, Calico and Boots, CU Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, Chi Omega. Boffom Row HICKS, Lois Yvonne Great Neck, New York Business; Delta Delta Delta. HIDAKA, Mits Pueblo, Colorado Pharmacy; Kenkyu Club, Jr. American Phar- maceutical Association. HIGGINS, William F. Waterbury, Connecticut Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Rho Chi. HILL, .4rthur E. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society Mechanical Engineers, I.A.S., Pi Tau Sigma, Society American Engineers. HILL, Cecelia Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Panhellenic, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A., Alpha Chi Omega. HILLMAR, Ellis D. Music; Acacia. McKeesport, Pennsylvania 65 66 Top Row HILLOCK, Donald Aurora, Illinois Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Band, Homecom- ing business staff, Illinois club, Pi Kappa Alpha. HIXON, Sumner Manzanola, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega, Naval ROTC, Wesley Foundation. HORNER, Dawna Cassville, Missouri Business; Coloradan business staff, Flatiron, Homecoming business committee. Pep Club, YWCA, Kappa Delta. HOUCK, Barbara Gettysburg, South Dakota Nursing. HOUGH, Flora Ethel Rifle, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Club, Hiking Club, Die Alpinisten. HOUSTON, Merton B., Jr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. HOYT, Donald K. Rochester, New York Arts and Sciences; ASUC Freshman Student Advisor, Buff Ski Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. Bottom Row HUDSON, Barbara J. Charles City, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma. HUGHES, Frank Brooklyn, New York Engineering; Sigma Tau. HUGHES, Lloyd G. Colorado Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Cosomopolitan Club, Colo- rado Archeological Society, Contemporarv Club, I.S.A. HUISING, Don Leonard Lockport, Illinois Business; Buff Ski Club, School of Business Board of Directors, CU Days chairman. Delta Sigma Pi, Homecoming Athletic Committee, Naval ROTC, Star and Sextant, United Na- tions Week sub-chairman. School of Business vice-president. Window Circulation Staff, Phi Kappa Tau. HUNT, Robert J. Las Animas, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, I.S.A., Ski Club, Westminster Fel- lowship. HUNTER, Glenn Gillette, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Coloradan fraternity- sorority editor. Homecoming committees, In- terfraternity Council, Sigma Chi president. HUNTLEY, Thelma Jane Glenwood Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences. Top Row ! HURLBURT, Darth Akron, Colorado Business; Buff Council representative, C.U. Days assistant gen. chairman and expense manager, Flatiron Sales and Distribution man- ager. Homecoming business manager, assistant expense and assistant income manager, Intra- murals, softball and basketball, 4-H Club Collegiate. INGWERSEN, Alice Wheaton, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Delta, Gamma committee, co-chairman of decorations, Home- Alpha Chi, Campus Chest, C.U. Days dance coming dance committee. Fencers Club secre- tary and treasurer, Winter Carnival publicity committee. Women ' s Club, Alpha Delta Pi. INGWERSON, Nancy Morton Jackson, Michigan Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Review, Fresh- man Orientation Week, Dorm Officer, Kappa Alpha Theta. ITO, Kiyoshi Waialua, Oahu, T. H. , Pharmacy. IVES, Donna Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; YWCA Cabinet member. Campus Chest captain, Coloradan copy staff. Dorm officer, Regent council member, R.W.A. representative, Chi Omega. JACKSON, Norma Jeanne Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Gamma Alpha Chi, Homecoming float committee, W. A.A., Theta Upsilon. Center Row JACOBSON, Janise Clair Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta JAMISON, Richard Stewart Colorado Springs, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. JARDINE, M. Douglas Colorado Springs, Colorado Engineering; American Society Mechanical Engineers. JEFFERSON, Joan San Diego, California Arts and Sciences; ASUC Actions Board, ASUC Leadership Workshop secretary, Colo- radan Administration Editor, CU Days, Home- coming Committees, Hesperia, Greek Com- bine secretary, Home Economics Club sec- retary, Intramurals, Panhellenic, Pep Club, Purpoise, Pi Beta Phi president. Spur, YWCA vice-president. JEFFRES, Edgar D. Council Bluffs, Iowa Engineering. , JENNINGS, Richard Pueblo, Colorado Business; Bridge Club, I.S.A. Bottom Row JERMAN, Ronald Francis Las Animas, Colorado Business; Intramurals, I.S.A. social chairman, Religion in Life Week, Ski Club. JOHNS, Robert F. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Amer- ican Society Civil Engineers, Freshman Bas- ketball, Homecoming Committee, Phi Epsilon Phi, Beta Theta Pi. JOHNSON, Hilary Phoenix, Arizona Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Architectural Forum, C Club, Football, Chi Epsilon, Heart and Dagger, Pacesetter, Phi Epsilon Phi, Senior Class president, Sig- ma Tau, Sumalia, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Nu. JONES, Anna mae Grand Junction, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Council, Pep Club representative, Ski Club, Alpha Chi Omega. JONES, Jacquelyn H. Havana, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi. JONES, Robert Earrol, Jr. Medford, Oregon Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers Society, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Society Automotive Engineers. 67 seniors seniors 68 Top Row JUDGE, D. Jane Denver, Colorado Engineering; Alpha Chi Omega warden, Fes- tival Chorus, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma secretary-treasurer. Society of Women Engineers secretary. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Pep Club, Panhellenic executive committee. KAKO, Junko Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Coloradan, Dorm Scrap- book chairman. Future Teachers association. Pep Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, University Women ' s Club, Valkyries. KALDAHL, Jeanne Arts and Sciences. Glenwood, Minnesota KAMPRATH, Luann Omaha, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega Social Chairman, Buff Ski Club. KARBATSEL, James E. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. KASAK, William Eugene Orland, California Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. KASPAR, George Oak Creek, Colorado Pharmacy; Band, C.U. Days publicity, Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon, Varsity Nights stage crew. Boffom Row KEABLES, Jack M. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. KELLAR, Robert H. Boulder, Colorado Engineering; Hiking Club, Institute of Aero- nautical Science, Rocky Mountain Rescue, Society of American Military Engineers, Ski Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon. KELLAR, William James. Boulder, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Physics, A.S.U.C. Academic Affairs Committee, Buff Ski Club, Colorado Engineer alumni News and Oil Can, Council of Greek Students, Engineers Day, Homecoming, Physics Club, Pi Mu Ep- silon, Sigma Pi Sigma secretary, Sigma Tau corresponding secretary. Student Research Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon. KELLOGG, Gary B. Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan club. KEMPER, Donald Edgar Denver, Colorado Business; Concert Bands, Upper-Class Ad- visor, University Marching Bands, Varsity Nights Show. KENT, Constance Bloomington, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Coloradan, C.U. Days Float chairman. Kappa Alpha Theta vice-presi- dent. Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A. KEPNER, Hal. Denver, Colorado Engineering; C Club, Chi Psi president and secretary, Coloradan, Equestrian Club. Buff Ski Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Varsity Ski Team. Top Aow KENNEDY, Mary K. Rochester, New York Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. KERSEY, George E. Pueblo, Colorado Engineering; A.I.E.E., A.I.P., A.S.U.C. Com- missioner of Men ' s Welfare, Collegiate De- bate. Delta Sigma Rho, Eta Kappa Nu, Hallett Hall president. Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sig- ma, Sigma Tau, Speakers Congress vice-presi- dent, Tau Beta Pi. KESTER, Mary Ann Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Ski Club, Y.W.C.A., Pi Beta Phi. KHOURSHEED, Fereed Beirut, Lebanon Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, Architectural Forum, Cosmopolitan Club. KILDOW, Betty Thermopolis, Wyoming Business; Gamma Alpha Chi, Stardusters, University Women ' s Club undertriad, Songfest. KILLEFER, Robert Los Angeles, California Business; Pep Club, card and publicity chair- man. Buff Show, Campus Chest special events, Coloradan Sports Staff, Freshman Football and Track, Silver and Gold Staff, Delta Tau Delta. Cenfer Row KING, Lura Georgiann Dallas, Texas Business; A.W.S. activities committee. Calico and Boots, Gamma Alpha Chi, Pep Club, Texas Club secretary. Silver and Gold Busi- ness Staff, Alpha Chi Omega. KING, William H., Jr. Poughkeepsie, New York Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega presi- dent, Alpha Delta Sigma, CU Days alumni welcoming committee. Campus Chest publicity committee. Homecoming alumni welcoming committee, Inter-Fraternity Council, Ski Club, publicity committee, Student Alumni Associa- tion. KNOTZ, Jane L. Hastings, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. orientations com- mittee. Pep Club, Dorm Counselor, FTA secretary, Newman Club, Phi Alpha Theta secretary-treasurer. KNUTHS, Ruth Arts and Sciences; Dorm Officer. Ames, Iowa KOLKEY, Faith Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; CU Days publicity com- mittee, Panhellenic, Pi Gamma Mu, Ski Club, Epsilon Phi. KOMERSKA, Robert J. Arts and Sciences. Chicago, Illinois BoHom Row KORN, Ita Arts and Sciences. Denver, Colorado KORONAKOS, Chris Newark, New Jersey Arts and Sciences; Channing Club president, Psi Chi president, Y.M.C.A. president. KOSUGE, Tsune Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Honors, Phi Sigma. KRAMER, James L. Engineering. Denver, Colorado KRANZ, Jay M. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, CU. Days safety committee. Fencing Club, Ski Club, Alpha Tau Omega. KRENZEL, Neil R. Arts and Sciences. Idaho Springs, Colorado 69 70 Top Row KRYSTYNIAK, Lisa Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club; Delta Phi Delta vice-president, International Rela- tions Club. KUSAO, Ronald Waialua, Oahu, T.H. Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Hawaiian Club. LACY, Joe M. Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.S.U.C. Committees, Al- pha Delta Sigma, Big Seven Student Govern- ment Association chairman. Buff Show, Heart and Dagger, sec-treasurer, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon president, Sumalia president. LAMB, John G. Dacono, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Society of American Mili- tary Engineers, Beta Sigma Tau, LAMB, William Edward Denver, Colorado Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Buff Council. Can- terbury Club, Campus Chest, High School Welcoming business manager. Hiking Club, Phi Kappa Tau, University Men ' s Glee Club. LAMBERT, Dorothy Houston, Texas Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. LARSEN, Gerald Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Sigma Chi. Boffom Row La SHELL, L. Virginia Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. activities commit- tee. Buff Show, Homecoming queen commit- tee, Panhellenic Council, Pep Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice-President, W.A.A. LAUCOMER, Joanne Katherine Birmingham, Michigan Arts and Sciences; CU Days homecoming committees, Newman Club, Alpha Phi. LAWRENCE, John E. Denver, Colorado Business; Coloradan, CU Days, Dodo public- ity staff. Pep Club, Winter Carnival. LAWRENCE, Margaret A. Denver, Colorado Business; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Buff Show, Cam- pus Chest business committee. Pep Club, Alpha Phi. LEIERER, Charles Boulder, Colorado Law; Men ' s Dorm Counselor, Hiking Club, Legal Aid Clinic director, Phi Alpha Delta. LEON TE, Rojas C. Garzon, Colombia, S.A. Engineering; American Institute Civil Engi- neers, Architectural Forum, Cosmopolitan Club. LESTOQUE, Walter Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society Mechanical Engineers, Apple Feast, Engineer Days, Men ' s Resident Hall upperclass advisor, Society American Engineers. Top Row LEVINE, Phil Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado Phi Sigma Delta. LEWIS, Rhonda Belie Pueblo. Colorado Arts and Sciences; Canterbury Club, Pep Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma. LEWIS. Donald A. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers. Chi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Glee Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, Star and Sextant, Phi Delta Theta. i; LEWIS, Mary Katherine Higgins, Texas ' Arts and Sciences; University Women ' s Club. , LEWIS, Thomas Denver, Colorado Music; Concert Band, C.U. Buff Show, Mod- ern Choir. Phi Mu Alpha, U.M.C. Dance Board. University Symphony Orchestra, Var- sity Night Show. LIPOFF, Bernard Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences; Cosmo Club, Contempor- ary Club, I.S.A., Table Tennis Club president. Men ' s Dorm president. Center Row LOCKETT, William David Montrose, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. LONG, Clifford C. Grand Junction. Colorado Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Kappa Tau. LORD, Grace L. Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Y.W.C.A., Stage Crew of the Little Theater. LORENS, Charles Stanton Grand Lake, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, A.I.E.E. paper Competition, Colo- rado Mountain Club, Combined Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Hiking Club, Men ' s Residence Hall Scholarship Award, Outstanding Engi- neering Freshman Award, Pi Mu Epsilon, Presbyterian Choir, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha. LOWE, Anna Virginia Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta, Alpha Epsilon, Roger Williams Fellowship, Univer- sity Women ' s Club. LOWE, Kenneth R. . Denver, Colorado Music; Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Coloradan assistant business man- ager. Boffom Row LOWDEN, James Forest Park, Illinois Arts and Sciences; CU Days Committee, Freshman Football, Homecoming Parade Committee, Silver and Gold distribution, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. LUBY, William J. Arts and Sciences. Eagle, Colorado LUNDEEN, Lee Annandale, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Benton ' s house president, Pep Club, Ski Club, Westminster Fellowship, Women ' s Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon. LUDEMAN, Barton Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma, Cam- pus Chest Publicity Manager, Coloradan ad- ministration editor. Dodo Publicity Manager, Flatirons advertising manager. Homecoming publicity chairman. Pep Club, Winter Carni- cal assistant chairman. Phi Delta Theta. LUNDELL, Paula Durango, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Denison assistant student director, A.W.S. House of Representatives, Valkyrie secr etary. LUNTZ, Constance Field Canton, Ohio Arts and Sciences; CU Days, Dodo, Hypnosis Club, Homecoming Committee, Jazz Club, Lab Theater, Pep Club, Players ' Club, Silver and Gold, Ski Club, Student Research Coun- cil, University Party, Window. 71 seniors II seniors 72 Top Row LUSK, Barbara Jean Lakewood, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Dormitory Council, Eques- trian Club, Student Director McCauUey Hal!, Tewauha, Pi Beta Phi. LUTTRELL, Emilyn, Craig, Colorado Arts and Sciences; French Club, Panhellenic University Women ' s Club, Theta Upsilon. Mac FADDEN, Mary Minneapolis, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Phi. Mac KLEY, Dale Grand Junction, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Players ' Club. Mac SPADDEN, Beverly A. Ignacio, Colorado Business; Pep Club, Players ' Club, Univer- sity Women ' s Club. McCASLIN, Patricia Arts and Sciences; Alpha Theta. McCLEARN, Jean Arts an d Sciences. Longmont, Colorado Pep Club, N.S.A., Kappa Duluth, Minnesota Boffom Row McCLURE, Mike Phoenix. Arizona Engineering; Mechanical Engineers ' Club, Ski Club. McCULLOUGH, Eleanor Ovid, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Delta, Univer- sity Women ' s Club. McGregor, Caroi Arts and Sciences. Soda Springs, Idaho Northfield, Illinois McKEARNAN, Neil, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. Mclaughlin, Ron Grand Junction, Colorado Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Delta Theta. MACY, Jeanne Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences. MADISON, Stuart G. Chicago, Illinois Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Tau Beta Pi. Bottom Row MASTERSON, John J. Arts and Sciences. Grand Lake, Colorado Top Row MAIER, Clara Jane Longmont, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi house manager. A.W.S. Review skit director, Song Fest, Pep Club, International Relations Club, Homecoming, High School Welcoming, C Book organizations editor. Lab Theater, C.U. Days, University Women ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. MAJESKY, Jack Webster Groves, Missouri Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. La Junta, Colorado Pharmaceutical As- : MALOUFF, Lawrence N. Pharmacy; Jr. American i sociation. i MANVILLE, Sylvia, Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest captain, Congo Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Ski Club, j Spanish Club, W.S.S.F., Independent Student j Association. f MARKHAM, Annette Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Cam- pus Chest, Chi Omega, C.U. Days, Spanish Club secretary. Homecoming, Y.W.C.A. MARTIN, Joy Oleta Lamar, Colorado Business; Beta Sigma, Gamma Alpha Chi, In- ternational Relations Club, Dorm OflBcer, Pep Club, University Women ' s Club, Valkyrie. Center Row MARTIN, Kenneth Bly W. Henrietta, New Yo.-k Engineering; Congo Club president. Festival Chorus, Mechanical Engineering Society. MARTINSON, R. G. Fargo, North Dakota Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MASK, Marcy V. Evergreen, Colorado Arts and Sciences. MASON, Thomas R. Boulder, Colorado Journalism; Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Al- pha, News Bureau Intern, Sigma Delta Chi president. Silver and Gold news editor. MAST, Marcia Fort Wayne, Indiana Business; Beta Sigma, Business School secre- tary, Chi Omega secretary, vice-president, pres- ident, McKeehan Hall vice-president. Religi- ous Workers Association, Y.W.C.A. vespers chairman. MASTERS, Beverly D. North Platte, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Dodo, Kappa Delta, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A. MAYER, Helene B. Glencoe, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan publicity chairman, Epsilon Phi, Hillel membership co- chairman. BARTLING, Mebus Kansas City, Kansas Business; Buff Ski Club, Campus Chest, Club First Nighter committee chairman, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Phi Delta Theta. MECHERLE, Georgia Bloomington, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pan- hellenic Council, United Nations Week, Y.W. C.A. MELLE, Charles Park Ridge, Illinois Business; Phi Kappa Tau. MELVILLE, Patricia Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Pep Club, Delta Gamma, Festival Chorus, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Newman Club, Songfest, Y.W.C.A. 73 Top Row MERLINO, George Canon City, Colorado Journalism ; Alpha Delta Sigma, Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Chi. MEYER, Herbert W. Escondido, California Arts and Sciences; California Club, Contem- porary Club. MIKESELL, Ritchie Topeka, Kansas Engineering; Free Lance, Sigma Pi Sigma. MIKUNI, Willie T. Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation. MILES, Ruth Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Kappa Delta, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. MITCHELL, Jim Sterling, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Buff Council, C Club, Kappa Sigma, Sumalia. MOONEY, Patricia Kenilworth, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A.W.S., Pi Beta Phi cor- responding secretary, Silver and Gold, Por- poise, Y.W.C.A., WA.A. fioffom Row MOORE, Lynn W. Business. Anchorage, Alaska MORITZ, Elizabeth Arvada, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Band, Campus Chest, C.U. Days. Varsity Night, Home Economics Club, Panhellenic, Pi Beta Phi treasurer and histo- rian. Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A. MORRIS, Ruth L. Topeka, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Homecoming Alumni Wel- coming assistant chairman. Pi Beta Phi, Silver and Gold news editor, W.A.A. MORRISON, Alice Marie Milvvaukee, Wisconsin Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. MOSHER, Charles Edward Hinsdale, Illinois Business; Freshman Football, Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Football. MOSS, Bill Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. MOULIN, Nevin Brown Gilman City, Missouri Business; Alpha Sigma Phi, American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers. .vTlki Top Row MOW, Warren Honolulu, Oahu, T.H. Arts and Sciences; Hui O ' Hawaii. MULLINS, James A., Jr. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute Chemical En- gineers, Alpha Chi Sigma, AROTC, Pep Club, Sigma Tau, Student Advisor. MURRAY. James F. Boulder, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, C Book, Pep Club, Ski Club. NANCE, Harn- J. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Die Alpinisten, Hypnosis I Club, Rockv Mountain Rescue, Varsity Wrest- ' ling. NASH, Franklin M. Denver, Colorado Business; Buff Show, CU Days General chair- man, CU Days Assistant Chairman, Home- coming publicity chairman. Pep Club Senate, Phi Epsilon Phi, Secretary, Big Seven Student Government Association, Winter Carnival Committee. NELSON, Billie Maywood, Illinois Business; AWS House of Representatives sec- retary. Beta Sigma secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta president, Panhellenic treasurer, Silver and Gold promotions manager, Spur, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Confer Row NELSON, Glenn B. Longmont, Colorado Engineering; American Institute Electrical Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Men ' s Glee Club. NELSON, Joan Helen DeKalb, Illinois Business; ASUC Committee, Chi Omega president. Homecoming Programs, Panhellenic, Buff Council, Silver and Gold Business Staff, University Women ' s Club Council, Winter Carnival Business Committee, Y.W.C.A. NELSON, Iris Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta, Buff Ski Club, Iota Sigma Pi. NETZ, Howard E. Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, Rho Chi. NEVINS, Mary Elizabeth Clare, Michigan Arts and Sciences; ASUC secretary, AWS Orientations Committee, Buff Council, Buff Ski Club, Future Teachers ' Association, Flat- irons Exchange Editor, Greek Combine, Homecoming Welcoming Committee, Chair- man High School Welcoming Committee, In- ternational Relations Club, WAA Intramurals, Kappa Delta Pi, Pacesetter, Silver and Gold Promotions, University Women ' s Club. NICHOLS, Kenneth E. Louviers, Colorado Engineering; American Society Mechanical Engineers, M.E.S. Bottom Row NITTLER, Marilyn Greeley, Colorado Arts and Sciences, Campus Chest, Homecom- ing, CU Days Committee, Gamma Delta, Pi Lambda Theta president. Silver and Gold, Spur, Student Advisor. NORRIS, G. William, Jr. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Acacia president, American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers, Concert Band, Marching Bands, Disciple Student Fellowship vice-president, Engineers ' Day Committee, In- terfraternity Council. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma president, Sigma Tau, Varsity Nights. O ' BRIEN, Francis T. Wilmington, Delaware Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma, Intra- murals. OBERGFELL, Martha Anne Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta, A.W.S. O ' DONNELL, Canton, Jr. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Coloradan Business Man- ager; Inter-Fraternity Council, President Beta Theta Pi, Student Finance Committee of ASUC. OERTLI, Charles W. St. Louis County, Missouri Engineering; American Institute Electrical Engineers, Buff Pep Club, Homecoming, Win- ter Carnival, CU Days Committees, Inter- Fraternity Council, Theta Xi president. 75 seniors seniors Top Row OETTING, Franklin Arts and Sciences. Pueblo, Colorado OKADA, Tsuyoshi Keenesburg, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Cos- mopolitan Club, Honors Union, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship president, Kenkyu Club, Phi Beta Kappa. O ' KELLY, Suzanne Marie, Lewiston, New York Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, C.U. Days, Delta Phi Delta treasurer, Homecom- ing, Little Theater Publicity committee. Spur vice-president, W.A.A., Winter Carnival, Tau Delta treasurer. OLDE, Burton Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Council general chair- man, C.U. Days assistant general chairman, Homecoming, C.U. summer revue chairman, New Student Orientation, U.M.C. Dance Com- mittee, Psi Chi. OLSEN, Derrick F. Glendale, California Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Men ' s Co-op. OLSEN, Royal Warner, Jr. Glenwood Springs, Colorado Music; Band, Buff Show, Jazz Club, Upper Class Advisor. O ' NEAL, Betty Graduate. White Deer, Texas Boiiom Row ONORATI, Lucille Las Animas, Colorado Business; Band, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club, University Women ' s Club, W.A.A. OTSUKI, Harry T. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil En- gineers, Chi Epsilon. OUREN, Gail F. Harlan, Iowa Law; Legal Aid Clinic director. Phi Alpha Delta president. Student Bar Association treasurer, Rothgerber Appellate Brief Com- petition, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OVE, Richard V. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Delta Theta, S.A.M.E. OVER, Gene L. Rittman, Ohio Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega secre- tary vice-president, president. Band marching and concert, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Varsity Nights Show Band, Wesley Foundation. OWENS, Wyeth E. Arts and Sciences. Lincoln, Nebraska PADDOCK, Mark W. Clinton, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. 76 i ' op Row ' ANKOFF, Mary Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, A.W.S. House Representative, Buff Pep Club, Stu- dent Director. •AIDAR, Shirley Winnetka, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. House of Repre- sentatives Publicity Chairman, A.W.S. Senate and activity chairman, C.U. Days, Hesperia treasurer. Kappa Alpha Theta, Pacesetter, Pep Club. Porpoise, Spur treasurer. Home- coming. W.A.A. ' AINE, George William Evanston, Illinois Business; Campus Chest, Artist Series check- ing chairman. C.U. Days, Delta Tau Delta, Flatirons .Magazine finance manager. Buff , Show, Ski Club. •ALMER, Ann Nell Boulder. Colorado Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Modem Choir. ANKONIN, Phyllis Grant, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta, Y.W.C.A. AOELLA, Joseph, Jr. Lincolnwood, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Buff Show. Freshman Football, Die .Alpinistin, Newman Club, Pre- Law Club, Greek All-Star Football, Sigma Chi, United Nations Week. Center Row PATTON, Edythe Yvonne Hotchkiss, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Club First Nighter, High School Welcoming, Homecoming Alumni Re- ception, Kappa Delta, Ski Club, Y.W.C.A. PEASLY, John A. Loveland, Colorado Engineering; Acacia, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PELLS, Joe Denver, Colorado Business; Campus Pep Rallies chairman. Council of Greek Students, C.U. Days busi- ness manager, Inter-Fraternity Council, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Sigma Delta, Sumalia. PETERSON, Norman Glen Claremont, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Dorm Student Council, Star and Sextant, Upperclass Advisor. PETERSON, Norma Lee Nursing. PETTY, Chester G. Engineering. Minden, Nebraska Durango, Colorado BoMom Row PETTY, Lynn Springfield, Ohio Arts and Sciences; Dormitory social chair- man. Student Director of Aden Hall. SHENEKJI, Anthony G. Clifton. New Jersey Engineering; American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers, Intramurals, Independent Stu- dents Association, Newman Club. PINKHAM, Samuel Hales Santa Barbara, California Engineering and Business; Architectural Forum vice-president, Chi Psi, Delta Sigma Pi. PIRK, Kenneth E. Boulder, Colorado Business; Gamma Delta president. Men ' s Glee Club publicity chairman and vice-presi- dent. Winter Carnival, First Nighter, Religion in Life Week, Religious Workers Association. PITTENGER, Mary Jane Aberdeen, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Beta Gamma. POOLE, Joanne Sterling, Colorado Business; Beta Sigma. C.U, Days, Kappa Phi, Religion in Life Week general secretary, University Women ' s Club, Wesley Founda- tion. 77 Top Row 78 POWELL, George W. Las Animas, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. PRESLER, Jo Ann Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club, Calico and Boots, Future Teachers Association, Players Club, Student Union Commisison, University Women ' s Club, W.A.A. PRESTON, RoAnne Arts and Sciences. Swink, Colorado PRETTI, Bradford J. Glenwood Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Council, Colorado Re- porter Staff, C.U. Days, Freshman Football Manager, Campus Chest general chairman, Honors Union, Pacesetter, Pep Club, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Kappa Tau, Players Club, Homecoming, Alumni Welcoming Chairman, Campus Chest assistant publicity chairman and rally chairman. Student Alumni Associa- tion president, C Book section editor, Silver and Gold sportswriter. Student Union Me- morial Board, Sumalia. PYLE, Richard Lee Boulder, Colorado Pharmacy; Beta Sigma Tau, C.U. Days, Club First Nighter, Junior American Pharmaceu- tical Association, Luther Club, Rho Chi. RAMAGE, Janet A. Prescott, Arizona Arts and Sciences; Gamma Alpha Chi, Can- terbury Club. RAMSAY, William Forest Hills, Neve York Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Tau historian. Club First Nighter, Cosmopolitan Club, Festi- val Chorus, International Relations Club, United Nations Week. Bottom Row RANDOLPH, Robert Harrison Las Animas. Colorado Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. RANSOM, Richard N., Jr. Phoenix, Arizona Engineering and Business; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Canterbury Club vice- president, A.S.U.C. athletic committee. Senior Class vice-president, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia, Sigma Nu president. Winter Carnival assist- ant general chairman. RAVICZ, Arthur E. Houston, Texas Engineering; Acacia. Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sigma Tau secretary, Tau Beta Pi. REDDISH, James H. Business. Jerseyville, Illinois REIMER, Jean Golden, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.S.U.C. Public Relations Board, A.W.S. Activity Committee, Future Teachers Association, High School Welcom- ing, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi, Sigma Epsi- lon Sigma, University Women ' s Club treas- urer, Y.W.C.A. RODRIGUEZ, Reinaldo Bucaramanga, Colombia (S. A.) Engineering; American Society of Civil Engi- neers, Architectural Forum. RICHMAN. Russell Wellington, Colorado Engineering; All Men ' s Show, Alpha Chi Sigma president, American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers, Campus Chest, Colorado Engi- neer, Combined Engineers Council, Engineers Ball, High School Welcoming, Engineers Days chairman. Phi Lambda Upsilon vice-president. Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Tau. i " ii ' op Row UCHTER, Dwaine R. Arts and Sciences. Hammond, Indiana tlERSON, Robert D. Monte Vista, Colorado Business; Alpha Delta Sigma, Arnold Society, Beta Theta Pi. (INKER, Joan Shirley Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C.U. Days, Colorado Engi- neer, Dodo office manager, Greek Combine, Homecoming, Honors Union, Kappa Delta president, Panhellenic. UZER, E. Lloyd Pueblo, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi secretary, Flat- ' irons. vOBBINS, Martin Lewis Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma, A.S. U.C. Academic Affairs men ' s welfare com- mittee. Buff Show, Campus Chest assistant publicity chairman. Careers Conference pub- licity chairman, Hillel president. Honors ; Union. Kappa Tau Alpha, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Sigma Delta. Religion in Life Week vice- ' chairman, Sigma Delta Chi, Silver and Gold. jtOBERTSON, George Gordon Raton, New Mexico Arts and Scienies; Band, Phi Alpha Theta, Players Club, Speakers Congress. Cenfer Row ROBINSON, Shirley Jo Greeley, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Publicity Com- mittee, Congo Club, Silver and Gold, Uni- versity Women ' s Club. ROBLES, Robert Pueblo, Colorado Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Independents Students Associa- tion, Newman Club. ROGERS, Elva Carol Cleveland, Ohio Journalism; A.W.S. Publicity, Buff Pep Club, Flatiron, Homecoming, Silver and Gold, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROMINGER, Jack R. Del Norte, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Civil Engi- neers, Architectural Forum, Buff Pep Club, High School Welcoming. RONCKA, Jeanne Omaha, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Buff Ski Club, Newman Club. Porpoise. ROSS, Robert L. Murrysville, Pennsylvania Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineers Applefest, Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers. Boffom Row RUBENS, Merle Baltimore, Maryland Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Delta. RUDOLPH, Gerald E. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Beta Sigma Tau, RUDY, E. Carl, Jr. Denver, Colorado Business; Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Football. RUSK, Donald C. Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi. RUSSELL, John Randolph, Berkeley, California Business; Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Epsilon Phi president. RUSSELL, Rosemary San Marino, California Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, Coloradan oacesetter editor. Pep Club, Pi Beta Phi, WAA., Y.W.C.A. 79 seniors seniors Top Row RYDER, Richard Sacramento, California Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SALVARDS, Donald G. Eaton, Colorado Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Society of Automotive Engineers, Theta Xi. SALZMAN, Betty R. Pikeview, Colorado Journalism; Gamma Alpha Chi, Newman Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Theta Lpsilon. SANTERRE, Gus L. Colorado Springs, Colorado Business; Alpha Tau Omega, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Pep Club, Ski Club, University Men ' s Glee Club, Winter Carnival. SCHAAF, Duane R. Burlington, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Future Teachers Associa- tion. SCHAAR, Jean Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Eth- nic Minorities Commission, Illinois Club, International Relations Club, World Federal- ists. SCHAFER, Marianne Arts and Sciences. Walsenburg, Colorado Sofiom Row SCHEELE, Paul F. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. SCHIEMAN, Herman L. Denver, Colorado Engineering; Architectural Forum, American Society of Civil Engineers, Architectural Ex- hibit, Beta Theta Pi. SCHLOSS, Charles Murdock, Jr. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Physics president, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Pershing Rifles commander, Colorado Engi- neer assistant editor, Sigma Pi Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau. SCHNEEBERG, William A. Alton, Illinois Law; Phi Alpha Delta president, Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter advisor. SCHNOOR, Ronald Lancaster, New York Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Epsilon Phi vice-president, Pi Tau Sigma, Newman Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, Sigma Tau, Uni- versity Men ' s Glee Club president. SCHOLZ, Howard T. Harrisburg, Oregon Pharmacy. SCHREIFELS, George Richmond, Minnesota Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation president, Free Lance, Newman Club. 80 iBI • " ' i § Bottom Row Top Row SCHUETTE, Kim Reid Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Physics, Bridge Club, " Colorado Engineer, " society editor. Engineers ' Apple Pest, Engineers ' Day, Freshman Baseball, Gamma Delta Intramurals, Little Theater, New Student [ Advisor, Pi Mu Epsilon vice-president. Radio ■ Club, Sigma Pi Sigma president. SCHWARTZ, Herbert F. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Sigma Tau, Delta Phi Alpha, Hillel, Pep Club, Phi Epsilon Phi, Phi Sigma. SCHWARTZ, Reita Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Inter-American Club, ' Newman Club, Pep Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Spanish Club, University Women ' s Club, Kappa Delta Phi. SCHWARZ, Don W. Chadron, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SEARS. Harold Thompson, Jr. Bartlesville. Oklahoma Engineering; Honors Union, Mechanical Engi- neering Society, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon. Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma. Beta Theta Pi. SEDLON, Louise Lansing, Michigan Arts and Sciences; Y.W.C.A. Cenfer Row SEID, Barre Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau. SEPT, Donald H. Santa Cruz, California Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Apple Fest, Colorado Engineer, Sigma Tau. SHADE, Robert A. Denver, Colorado Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHELL, Edward Dearborn, Michigan Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers. SHERBA, Betty May Colorado Springs, Colorado Arts and Scieaces. SHERDAHL, Susan Fargo, North Dakota Arts and Sciences; Panhellenic, Alpha Phi. SHIFFMAN, William Jersey City, New Jersey Pharmacy; A.S.U.C. Athletic Commission, Buff Show, Hillel, Homecoming Athletic Chairman, Jr. A. Ph. A., Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia. Varsity Tennis, Winter Carnival Business Committee, Phi Sigma Delta. SIBLE, James A. Arts and Sciences. Colby, Kansas SICKELS, Barbara Jane Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club, Y.W.C.A., Pi Beta Phi. SIEGEL, Alice L. Lowell, Indiana Arts and Sciences; University Women ' s Club. SILVERBERG, Stuart O. Denver, Colorado Pre-Med; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Coloradan, Hiking Club, Homecoming Committees, Phi Epsilon Phi, Ski Club, Phi Sigma Delta. SIMMS, Rex B. Graham, Texas Engineering. 81 82 Top Row SIMONDS, Richard Denver, Colorado Engineering; Calico and Boots, Chi Epsilon, Orchestra and Band, Pershing Rifles, Sigma Tau. SINCERBEAUX, Robert New Rochelle, New York Journalism; Delta Tau Delta. SINGER, M. Keith Colorado Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C.U. Days Committees, Intramurals, Pep Club, University Men ' s Glee Club, Sigma Chi. SHARP, Richard L. Saratoga, Wyoming Engineering; American Society Civil Engi- neers, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. SXIFFINGTON, George Manitou Springs, Colorado Pharmacy; Alpha Sigma. SKINNER, Kenneth L. Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Boulder Ski Patrol, Buff Ski Club, Intramurals, Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Acacia. SKINNER, Maynard C. Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. Boffom Row SKUFCA, Gloria Maria Sopris, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, University Women ' s Club. SMITH, M. Hawley St. Louis, Missouri Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Coloradan, Delta Sigma Phi jr. warden. Homecoming, C.U. Days, and Winter Carnival Committees, Hik- ing Club, Pershing Rifles president. Ski Club, ROTC commanding officer. University Men ' s Glee Club president, Sigma Chi. SPIKER, James L. Monmouth, Illinois Journalism; Alpha Phi Omega, Men ' s March- ing Band, Silver and Gold City Editor, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Kappa Psi. SPRAGUE, Hall T. Long Beach, Indiana Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. SPRINKLE, R. Leo Rocky Ford, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Intramurals, Festival Chorus. Long Beach, California University Women ' s Club, STACY, Gloria Arts and Sciences. Chi Omega. STAPP, Lafay Boulder, Colorado Engineering; Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi. Botfom Row Top Row STARKS, Jeannette Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. social chairman, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Pep Club vice-presi- dent. Porpoise president, W.A.A. vice-presi- dent. Cumberland, Maryland STARK, William E. Engineering. STEIN, Mary Jane Jackson, Tennessee Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Theta, Band, C.U. Days, First Nighter decorations chair- man. Gamma Delta, Homecoming, Silver and Gold. STEERE, Barbara Whittier, California Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Senate, A.W.S. Orientations Committee, Coloradan Staffs, C.U. Days, Gamma Alpha Chi vice-president, Hesperia, Homecoming, U.N. Week, Players Club, Spur, Winter Carnival, Y.W.C.A. presi- dent, executive council, cabinet. STEIG, Michael M. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma, Silver and Gold business staff editorial staff, R.O. T.C. Newspaper editorial staff. Homecoming. STEIN, Alida Anisman Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa. Cenfer Row STEIN, Geraldine Arts and Sciences. Mason City, Iowa STEINBERG, Mark Elliot University City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; A.S.U.C. Public Relations Committee, Homecoming, Silver and Gold, Ski Club. STEPHENS, George W. Business. Austin, Texas STERLING, William J. Chicago, Illinois Business; Club First Nighter publicity chair- man. Pep Club, Speakers Congress, U.N. Week publicity chairman. STEVENS, C. Marilyn Olathe, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Senior Student Director, Denison Hall, Valkyrie. STEWART, Dair Rockford, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Buff Show, Society of American Military Engineers, Varsity Nights assistant technical director. STIEFEL, Kenneth E. Denver, Colorado Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Engineers Apple Fest, Engineers Days general chairman. Engineers Ball, Eta Kappa Nu, International Radio Engineers sec- retary, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Varsity Tennis. STINTON, Dale R. Brush, Colorado Business; C.U. Days, Men ' s Residence Halls Council vice-president social chairman. Pep Club, Student Hearing Committee presiding officer. STITH, Jackson L. San Antonio, Texas Arts and Sciences; Honors Union, Pi Gamma Mu, Texas Club. STREICKER, Mitchell Barry Arts and Sciences. Chicago, Illinois STOEHR, Raymond E. Dubois, Idaho Business; Inter-fraternity Council treasurer, Pep Club, Student Memorial Commission. STROUD, Nancy Jane Kansas City, Missouri Business; Gamma Alpha Chi. social chair- man U.W.C., Homecoming Business Com- mittee. 83 BX seniors seniors Top Row SWEAT, Wilma E. Denver, Colorado Busiaess; A.W.S., House of Representatives, Senate, Vice President, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Sigma, Christian Science Organization, M.S. U.B. Board, Mortar Board. Student Dorm Director. TAGG, A. Richard Sioux City, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Hiking Club manager president, Rocky Mtn. Rescue Group, Plavers Club. TANIGAWA, Thomas K. Denver, Colorado Engineering; A.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu record- ing secretary, Sigma Tau, Kenkyu Club. TANNER, Wallace Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Track. TAPP, Nancy Edsell Arts and Sciences. Kansas City, Missouri TeSELLE, Eugene Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Band, Cosmopolitan Club, Festival Chorus, Hiking Club, Honors, Or- chestra, Westminster Fellowship, WSSC. TINNARD, Hector A. New York City, New York Engineering; Architectural Forum, A.S.C.E. Boifom Row THODE, Harry F. Arvada, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon secretary, housemanager comptroller. THOMAS, Estella Joyce, Canon City, Colorado Music; Modern Choir, University Choir, Valkyrie, Social Coordinator for dorm. THOMPSON, Ann Elizabeth, Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi treasurer. Calico and Boots, Coloradan, C.U. Days pub- licity. Delta Phi Delta, Homecoming pub- licity. Little Theater, Silver and Gold, Spur, Window, Winter Carnival, Y.W.C.A. THORNE, Frederick D. Tucson, Arizona Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Epsilon presi- dent and vice-president. THURSTON, John Seward, Alaska Engineering; A.S.C.E., Delta Sigma Phi, Ski Club. TODOROKI, John Pharmacy; A. Ph. A., Denver, Colorado Kenkvu. TOOLEY, Jack Denver, Colorado Engineering; ASCE, Buff Pep Club, Colo- radan, Colorado Engineer, Campus Chest, C.U. Days, Homecoming, Interfraternity Council, MSUB Commission, Phi Epsilon Phi. 84 Top Row TRACY, Donald Chicago, Illinois A rts and Sciences. TRAVERS, H. Richard Ravenna, Ohio Pharmacy. TRONTELL, Joan Pueblo, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Independent Student Asso- ciation, Newman Club. TRUMBOWER, Royce J. Vermillion, South Dakota Engineering; Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Wesley Foundation. TUTfLE, Richard C. Chicago, Illinois Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Ski Club, Bridge Club. UHRICH, Nona V ' onne Loveland, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Coloradan Staff, Colorado U. Days general committee. Dodo, Gamma Alpha Chi, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Silver and Gold. Second Row ULIBARRl, David Oakland, California Pharmacy; Viking Club. UNFUG, Laura Lee Walsenburg, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta presi- dent, Panhellenic, F.T.A. publicity chairman. University Choir, Y.W.C.A. Social Commit- tee, High School Welcoming Committee. UROUHART, Raymond M. Quincy, Vlassachusetts Arts and Sciences; American Society for Pub- lic .4dminl$tration, Coloradan administrative staff. International City Managers Association, Northeastern News sports editor. UYENISHI, Dorothy Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Intramurals, F.T.A. , Ken- kyu Club, Pi Lambda Theta. VALE, H. Jack Denver, Colorado Engineering; Colorado Engineer, Men ' s Glee Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. VALENTINE, James W. Cold Spring Harbor, New York Engineering; AIEE vice-president. Amateur Radio Club, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. Third Row VALENTINE, Jane Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Senate, Coloradan Subscription Staff, C.U. Days Committees, Dunklee Award Committee chairman. Home- coming Committees, Judiciary Court, Junior Panhellenic, Mortar Board president. Pep Club, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Spur, Y.W.C.A. VAN LAW, Richard Durbin Denver, Colorado Engineering and Business. VAN NOSTRAND, Andy Monte Vista, Colorado Business; Buff Pep Club, Campus Chest. Housemanagers Organization, Student Alum- ni Assn., Student Councilor. VARGA, Henry J. Cleveland, Ohio Engineering; A.I.E.E., Free Lance. VASHOLZ, Lothar A. Denver, Colorado Business; Coloradan business manager. Home- coming ass ' t chrm., Interfraternity Council president. Pacesetter, Phi Delta Theta presi- dent. VAUGHN, Barbara Joan Colorado Springs, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C.U. Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, W.A.A. publicity chairman. Winter Carnival Committee, Y.W. C.A. Boffom Row BENSON, Verity A rts and Sciences. Two Buttes, Colorado VISBAL, Ralph A. St. Louis, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Inter Relations Club, Pi Gamma Mu president. Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota, Spanish Club. VISSENBERG, Marilyn Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club, Hillel Foundation membership co-chairman. VOGT, Milton M. Business. St. Louis, Missouri WAHLMEIER, Geraldine Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Show. Coloradan Sales, Dodo Sales, Homecoming Awards Com- mittee Queen, Ticket Sales, Intramurals, Pep Club, Ski Club, Vaudeville. WAHLSTEDT, Robert D. Kansas City, Missouri Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, A.S.M.E., Bridge Club, Coloradan Engineer, Ass ' t Edi- tor, Mechanical Engineering, Pep Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Religion in Life Week, Business Manager. 85 II St. Joseph, Missouri Top Row WAHLSTROM, Shirley Grasston, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; C.U. Field Events, House President, Religion in Life Week Secretary, W.A.A., Westminster Secretary, Women ' s Club. WALDBAUM, Lyllian Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Campus Chest, F.T.A., Pi Lambda Theta. HALEY, Joan Sturgio, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, C.U. Days Committee, Future Teachers of America, Homecoming Committee, Vesper Choir, Win- ter Carnival, Y.W.C.A. WALLEN, Tom Arts and Sciences. WALLERIUS, Joan Sacramento, California Arts and Sciences; A.W.S. Vaudeville, Cam- pus Chest, Colorado U. Days songfest com- mittee. Pacesetters Section of Coloradan, Episcopal choir, Homecoming alumni welcom- ing, Panhellenic Workshop Moderator, Pep Club, Senior Representative Committee, Ski Club, Silver and Gold, Y.W.C.A. recreation. WALSTROM, Louis A. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi, Campus Chest, " C " Club, C.U. Days Committee, Homecoming General Committee, P. E. Club, Swimming Team. MYHRE, Royce Walter Amery, Wisconsin Engineering; AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu bridge correspondent, Sigma Tau. Center Row WALTERS, Ray Marvin Arts and Sciences. Delta, Colorado WARD, Arline Skelly Hinsdale. Illinois Arts and Sciences; Dodo Staff, Homecoming alumni welcoming. Kappa Alpha Theta, Pep Club, Silver and Gold Business Staff, Window Circulation. WATKINS, Dale Osborn Scottsbluff, Nebraska Business; Acacia, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Epsi- lon Phi, Campus Chest business committee. WATSON, Allen S. GlenEllyn, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sig- ma Phi Epsilon president and vice-president. WEBER, Dorie B. Highland Park, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, Intra- mural, Pep Club, Porpoise Club, Ski Club. WEBER, Sally Milwaukee, Wisconsin Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. WEBERMEIER, John C. Holyoke, Colorado Business; C.U. Days Committee, Home- coming Committee, Men ' s Welfare Commit- tee, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Bottom Row WEINGARTNER, Jean Rockford, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, C.U. Days Committees, Buff Pep Club, Y.W.C.A. Orientations Chairman and Social Chairman. WELLS, Sally Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, Intra- murals. Players Club, Y.W.C.A. WENZIKER, Shirley Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Buff Pep Club, Canter- bury Club, C.U. Days publicity, Flatiron. Silver and Gold, Phi Zeta Tau, Window, Zeta Tau Alpha. j WERTZ, Ronald Duannae Casper, Wyoming! Engineering; AIEE secretary. Campus Chest Colorado Engineer Advertising, Colorado U Days publicity, Eta Kappa Nu, Pep Club Student Alumni Assn., Tau Beta Pi. WEXLER, Jeanne Texarkana, Texas Arts and Sciences; AWS House of Repre- sentatives and Housing Committee. WICKLUND, Eldon J. Oak Park, Illinois Business; Colorado U. Days Committee Delta Tau Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Home coming Business Committee, Student Advisor Ski Club. WIEBENSON, Carla Denver, Colorad( Arts and Sciences; Honors Union, Interna tional Relations Club, Pep Club, Phi Sigmi Iota, Pi Beta Phi, University Memorial Cen ter Board, U.N. Week, Y.W.C.A. 86 Top Row WILKINS, Joyce Boulder, Colorado Music; Delta Delta Delta, Festival Chorus. Denver, Colorado Phi Gamma Delta. WILLARD, Robert BustHess; Homecoming, WILLIAMS, Barbara L. Omaha, Nebraska Arts and Sciences. WILLIAMS, Dale R. Golden, Colorado Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Campus Chest, C.U. Days, Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIS, Richard W. Evanston, Illinois Business; Business School president. Campus Chest, C.U. Days, Hockey and Ice Skating assistant chairman. Homecoming, Varsity Football. Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Nights, Buff Show, High School Welcoming. WILLSON, Jane Limon, Colorado Arts and Sciences; C.U. Davs, Kappa Delta, Festival Chorus, Y.W.C.A. Second Row WIMMELL, Arthur A. Las Animas, Colorado Business; C.U. Days, Homecoming, Religion in Life, Theta Xi treasurer. WIN.ANS, Jo Ann Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. WINGFIELD, Lindsey R. Wray, Colorado Law; Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WINGATE, Monroe J. Albuquerque, New Mexico Business; Greek Combine, Kappa Sigma, Star and Sextant, Speakers Congress. WINKS, Robin W. Boulder, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Christian Science Organ- ization president. Cosmopolitan Club, Hiking Club, Honors Union, International Relations Club, Freshman Basketball, Religious Work- ers Association, Ski Club-Schuss Gazette, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, The Win- dow, executive editor. Silver and Gold. WINSAND, Amos O. Independence, Wisconsin Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. Third Row WHITESIDE, Donna Lee Delta. Colorado Pharmacy; Band, C.U. Days, Kappa Delta president and house manager, Panhellenic, Pep Club, Rx Club. WHITNEY, Pat Dickinson, North Dakota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, Buff Pep Club, Y.W.C.A. WOLLGAST, Carol Denver, Colorado Business; Alumni Welcoming secretary. Buff Show secretary. Dodo, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pep Club, Ski Club, Window, W.A.A., Y.W. C.A. WOODWARD, Martha Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Coloradan assistant secre- tary. Homecoming, Delta Gamma, Panhellenic, Y.W.C.A. WORMWOOD, Dorothy Ann Gillette, Wyoming Music; Homecoming, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, University Women ' s Club, Uni- versity Marching and Concert Bands. Boulder, Colorado Hongkong, China WRIGHT, Donald E. Arts and Sciences. WU, Ernest J. Y. Graduate. Bottom Row WULFEKUHLER, Fritz Naalehu, Hawaii Business; Delta Tau Delta. YAMAGA, Yoshiye Denver, Colorado Pharmacy; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Kenkvu Club vice president, Rx Club. YANTIS, John A. Shelbyville, Illinois Law; Beta Theta Pi, Buff Show, Coloradan, Council of Greek Students treasurer. Legal Aid Clinic, Pep Club, Phi Epsilon Phi treas- urer. Phi Delta Phi president historian and rush chairman. Silver and Gold assistant dis- tribution manager. Ski Club, Student Bar Association, Law Ball and Traditions chair- man, Varsity Swimming. YASUMURA, Grace Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Future Teachers Associa- tion, Kenkyu Club. YATES, Howard R. Denver, Colorado Engin eering. YOUNG, George C, Jr. Denver, Colorado Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. YOUNG, Wesley E. Fort Morgan, Colorado Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, R.O.T.C. " Side- lights " editor. Star and Sextant, Viking Club treasurer, Westminster Club. 87 settlors hesperia .( ; " mm: Mim Weller, Debbie Green, and Gloria Edwards. OFFICERS Debbie Green President Glo Edwards Secretary Marilyn Weller Treasurer Dean Mary-Ethel Ball Sponsor On Wednesday nights, 13 junior womei band together and roam over the campus, tht Hill, and downtown Boulder singing the praises of Hesperia. The junior women ' s honorary was foundec at GU in 1913 by Miss Bigelow, then Dean o] Women. Every year Hesperia contributes tc the Bigelow Scholarship Fund, established ir honor of its founder. Spring quarter, Hesperia sponsors a style show. After the show, from 15 to 20 sophomore girls who are outstanding in scholarship, leader- ship, and personality are selected as Hesperia members for the following year. The apple is the symbol of this honorary, and the colors are green and brown. 88 Back row, left to right: Pat Allen, Debbie Green. Luigi Horn, Patty Murphy, Chariot Turnian. and Gloria Edwards. Second row: Nancy Jammer, Carolyn Sclium, Jud (iraiiam. und Gwen VanDerbur. Front rozc: Mim Weller, Babe Packard. Nancy Wrenn. Hack row. left to right: Bud Davis, Jim Childress, Foss Gam, Dick Axell, Jack Anderson. Second rozc: Cappy Black, Dick Ransom, Joe Lacy, Jim Modrell, Bill Shiffman. Front row. John Gorman. Will Lynch, Bill French, Jim Mitchell, Hilary Johnson, Brad Prctti. 89 Each spring 16 outstanding men of the jun- ior class are tapped to become members of Sumalia, the junior men ' s honorary society. These juniors are selected on the basis of person- ality, service, activities, scholarship, and athletic ability or interest. No one qualification counts higher than any other in a man ' s selection. He must have demon- strated high qualities in each of these phases of college life. Sumalia is not intended to be a service or- ganization. Instead its members have only the obligation of loyality to the University of Colo- rado and the continuation of the high quality of character which they have show n in the past. Leit to right : Bill Ryder, Joe Lacy. Jim Mitchell. OFFICERS Joe Lacy President Bill Ryder Vice-President Jim Mitchell Secretary ■.- Sii imff- x- SSft i SSs S iSwiW:::::::::?::::::: funiors Top Row Center Row Bottom Row ALBERSON, JUDY Omaha, Nebraska ALBRECHT, PHYLLIS Berthoud, Colorado ALCAZAR, MARIO La Paz, Bolivia ALEXANDER, THOMAS E. Wellington, Kansas ALLEN, WILLIAM C. Arvada, Colorado ALLEY, TOM Tulsa, Oklahoma AMBLER, R. STERLING Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, MARGE Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, MARJORIE ANITA McPherson, Kansas ANDERSON, PATRICIA Monticello, Indiana ANDREWS, ELIZABETH ANN Wichita, Kansas ANGEVINE, JACK MERRILL Lafayette, Colorado ANSDELL, CAROLYN ANN Sterling, Colorado ANSEL, CAROLYN Richmond, Texas APPLE. LOUISE Greeley, Colorado APPLETON, MARTHA JEANNE Santa Fe, New Mexico ARDOUREL, JOE Boulder, Colorado ARDUESER, GLORIA Bethune, Colorado ARGENIS, GEORGE Worland, Wyoming ATANASOFF, JOANNE Boulder, Colorado BAIRD, ROBERT Belle Fourche, South Dakota 90 Top Row BAKER. BETTIE LaRUE Greeley, Colorado BALDWIN, BONNIE Greenriver, Utah BANGERD, JIM Denver, Colorado BARKLEY, BARBARA Fleming, Colorado BARR, MARIE Boulder, Colorado BARROW, BARBARA Denver, Colorado Seeend Row BATT, IRA Brooklyn, New York BEAMAN. CARROLL DEANE Guymon, Oklahoma Third Row BEARDEN, SALLY Trinidad, Colorado BEARDEN, SUE Trinidad, Colorado BERMAN, DAVE Denver, Colorado BEIL, SHIRLEY Denver, Colorado BEA, ALVIN Fowler, Colorado BIESER, ALBERT H. Craig, Colorado BILLIET, DUANE L. East Moline, Illinois BISHOP, FRED J. Denver, Colorado BLACK, ROBERT ALAN Jersey City, New Jersey BLAKE, JAMES H. Kerrville, Texas Boffom Row BOLT, ROSS M. Denver, Colorado BOONE, MARLENE Santa Barbara, California BOONE, JOHN Dallas, Texas BOYE, HARLAN Holyroad, Kansas BRACKENBURY, CAROLYN Fort Collins, Colorado BRADBURY, ROBERT M. Pueblo, Colorado 91 Top Row Center Row Boftom Row BROADDUS, MARILYN Bartlesville, Oklahoma BRADY, MARGARET Boulder, Colorado BROCKWAY, DONALD Sidney, Montana BROWN, CHARLES St. Charles, Illinois BROWN, GORDAN Denver, Colorado BROWN, RALPH El Cajon, California BUCHHOLZ, MARY LYNN Eagle, Colorado BURGER, BARBARA Boulder, Colorado CALLENDER, JAMES Arvada, Colorado CAMPBELL, GENE Julesburg, Colorado CAMPBELL, JEAN Los Angeles, California CAMPBELL, TIM Grand Junction, Colorado CAREY, ALLEN Logan, Iowa CHAMBERS, JOAN Grand Junction, Colorado CHEEDLE, WILLIAM Grand Junction, Colorado CLARK, CHUCK El Paso, Texas CLARK, ELIZABETH El Paso, Texas CLARK, HELEN Idaho Falls, Idaho CLARK, LOIS JEAN Pueblo, Colorado CLARK, RALPH Longmont, Colorado CLAUSEN, KAY Delta, Colorado 92 Top Row CLAYTON, ELIZABETH El Paso, Texas COFFIN, NORMA St. John, Kansas COHEN, JERRY Syracuse, New York COLES, MILDRED Oklahoma City. Oklahoma CONLEY, PAT Boulder, Colorado CONNOR, THOMAS Boone, Colorado Second Row COOPER, PAULINE Boulder, Colorado COPELAND, BEN HUBERT Nocona, Texas Third Row CROCKETT, ROBERT Boulder, Colorado CURTIS, JOHN Hammond, Indiana CURTIS, RALPH Saguache, Colorado DAHM, LEROY Fort Mogan, Colorado DAVIDSON, ANNE Kerrville, Texas DeGOOD, CAROLYN Loveland, Colorado DeKay, jane Blackfoot, Idaho DiGIOVANNI, JOSEPH Redwood City, California DIXON, JOANN Denver, Colorado DONALDSON, TOM Loving, New Mexico Botfom Row DOSCHER, JOHN St. Albans, New York DOVER, JAMES Hammond, Indiana DREWELOW, MARY Milbank, South Dakota DREYER. STANLEY Brighton, Colorado HOLT, DUANE Dove Creek, Colorado DUNSHEE, PATRICIA Cedar Rapids, Iowa 93 juniors lufiiors Top Row Center (tow Bottom Row DURENBERGER, RITA Redwood Falls, Minnesota EBAUGH, NANCY Denver, Colorado EDDY, MARGOT O den Dunes, Indiana EDWARDS, GLORIA Denver, Colorado EDWARDS, JAMES WILLIS La Grange, Illinois EDWARDS, ROBERT Logan, Iowa EMESON, DAVID LEE Denver, Colorado ENDICOTT, JOHN S. Houston, Texas ENDRISS, PAUL WILLIAM, JR. Mansfield, Ohio FAIRLESS, MARTHA Birmingham, Michigan FELLIN, JOSEPHINE Ouray, Colorado FILINGER, JOHN W. Phillipsburg, Kansas FLEMONS, JOHN L. Pueblo, Colorado FLETCHER, SARA JANE Cripple Creek, Colorado FLINCHPAUGH, JEAN St. Joseph, Missouri FOSTER, BILL H. Des Moines, Iowa FOULK, ROBERT Denver, Colorado FRICKE, MARY KAYE Columbus, Nebraska FRIEND, ROSALIE Ozona, Texas FRY, WILLIAM L. Fairfield, Iowa FURNKAWA, YAS Denver, Colorado 94 Top Row FULLER, HODGE Bloominjiton, Illinois FURMAN, CHARLOT N. McCook, Nebraska GABIOLA, ALBERT Boise, Idaho GASBASINI, BARBARA Boulder. Colorado GIBSON, TED Denver, Colorado GILKISON, PHYLLIS Denver, Colorado Second Row GILLESPIE, RHOUDA Tulsa, Oklahoma EMMICH, BOB Vicksbury, Mississippi GLOYR, SHIRLEY ANN Scottsbluff, Nebraska GOBBLE, LAWRENCE Brixton, Colorado GORDON, PHYLLIS Omaha. Nebraska GRAHAM, JUDY Des Moines, Iowa TMrd Row GRANT, MARIAN Glendale, California GREEN. JACK B. Topeka, Kansas GRIESEL, BERNARD Chicago, Illinois GRIFFITH, RICHARD L. Haxtun, Colorado HAAS, LOIAL B. Fort Morgan, Colorado HAMBLEN, HAROLD EDWARD Las Animas, Colorado Boifom Row HANLEIN, SALLY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HANSEN, ELIZABETH M. La Junta, Colorado HANSON, PHYLLIS Berthoud, Colorado LaYAUGHNA, HAUSE D. Fort Lupton, Colorado HAWBOLD, JUNE A. Denver, Colorado HAZARD, ROBERT ZENAS Sioux Falls, South Dakota 95 Top Aow Center Row Bottom Row HEAD, CHARLENE Fort Morgan, Colorado HEAD, KENNETH Sterling, Colorado HAEFNER, MARGARET Chicago, Illinois HEILAND, ANN Golden, Colorado HENDRICKSON, HERBERT C. Davenport, Iowa HESKETT, SHELLY Rocky Ford, Colorado HINZELMAN, HELGA C. Greeley, Colorado HODGINS, ALICE Pocatello, Idaho HOLDEN, JAMES P. Pueblo, Colorado HOLME, RUTH ANN Salina, Kansas HOLZER, CAROL FAY Aurora, Colorado HONNEN, SHIRLEY Delta, Colorado HOOD, NANCY Bowling Green, Missouri HOPPOCK, BARBARA Edna, Kansas HULSE, ADDISON Scottsbluff, Nebraska HUMBURG, GENE HAROLD Boulder, Colorado HYDE, JAMES HAROLD Marengo, Illinois lACOPONELLI, EVELYN ELAINE Denver, Colorado IRWIN, JACKIE Flossmore, Illinois IRWIN, MARY LEE St. Joseph, Missouri ISMERT, ELIZABETH Denver, Colorado 96 Top Row JACOBI. CHARLOTTE Colorado Springs, Colorado JAGGERS, RUTH Olney Springs, Colorado JAMMER, NANCY Boulder, Colorado JANZEN, GLORY Storm Lake, Iowa JEANES, MARY West Los Angeles, California JENKINS, CRAMER Omaha, Nebraska Second Row JESSUP, MARYLYN Denver, Colorado JOHNSON, YVONNE Boulder, Colorado JONES, NANCY Marfa, Texas JONES, MARJORIE LEE Idaho Springs. Colorado JOSEPH, GARY Boulder, Colorado KEENA, EDITH Greeley, Colorado TMrd Row KEENAN, MIKE Dayton, Washington KIRBY, D. CLARK Denver, Colorado KNOT, FORREST S., JR. Loveland, Colorado KOELBEL, MARYRITA Muskegon, Michigan KOFF. MARILYN Idaho Falls, Idaho ROGER, BUDDY RICHARD Thermopolis, Wyoming Bottom Row KOPINE, DOROTHY LaVeta, Colorado KOURY, GEORGE S. Denver, Colorado KROPF, KARL S. South Bend. Indiana KUGEL, GARY Longmont, Colorado LEBRECQUE, RONALD Manchester. New Hampshire LANG, MARION G. Denver, Colorado 97 luniors luniors ' ■ " ' ' ' ■ ' W Top Row Center Row Bottom Row LANGER, MARVIN Detroit, Michigan LOCKARD, MARJORIE Pueblo, Colorado MATSUSHIMA, EDNA Ft. Lupton, Colorado LAYTON, PEG Douglas, Wyoming LUTOVICH, JERRY Denver, Colorado MAY, JOSEPH WILLIAM Pasadena, California LEWIS, VIRGINIA Brush, Colorado MARTA, GEORGE Peoria, Colorado McCUNE, MARY ELLEN Amarillo, Texas LIGHTBURN, VIRGINIA Denver, Colorado MARKS, JOAN Houston, Texas McCUTCHEON, ADRIENNE Scarsdale, New York LIGHTFOOT, EVELYN Mercer Island, Washington MARPLES, JEAN Altadena, California McDERMID, JAMES H. Colorado Springs, Colorado LINK, ROBERT NEIL Toronto, Ontario, Canada MARTIN, ROBERT Pueblo, Colorado McDOUGAL, CHARLES Denver, Colorado LLOYD, WILLIAM Colorado Springs, Colorado MARTINEY, DAVID L. Montrose, Colorado McGEE, JAMES E. Appleton, Wisconsin 98 Ai tJiis Top Row McILWAIN, MARY ANN Cincinnati, Ohio McLaughlin, phyllis Grand Junction, Colorado McNEEL, JANE MAVERICK San Antonio, Texas McQUILKIN, DIANE Lakewood, Ohio MECARTNEY, BRUCE W. Hinsdale, Illinois MEHRA, J. M. L. New Delhi, India Second Row MERRILL, CONNIE Denver, Colorado MEYER, HAROLD Longmont, Colorado MEYER, LAWRENCE HELLMUT Manila, Philippines MRYER, SU74NNE Milwaukee, Wisconsin MIGUEL, TRINIDAD CATHERINE Sunset Beach, Oahu. Hawaii MILEY, MARY KATHERINE Greybull, Wyoming MOORE, MARILYN Bartlesville, Oklahoma MOSBAUGH, DONNA Billings, Montana MURPHY, ANNE Denver, Colorado MYERS, GERALDINE Maxwell, Iowa MORGAN, PATRICIA JEAN Pueblo, Colorado NELSON, CAROL Windsor, Colorado NELSON, MARILYN Gurley, Nebraska NEWMAN, BILL Denver, Colorado NORTHWAY, AVEN ALLEN Manly, Iowa OLDAKER, WILLIAM H. Albuquerque, New Mexico Boffom Row Fourfb Row MUELLER, LEE Eaton, Colorado MILO, NAEVE Loveland, Colorado OLSON, DONALD E. Sheridan, Wyoming O ' NEIL, HOMER H. Denver, Colorado OPDYCKE, MARTHA Boulder, Colorado ORMSBY, HERB Palo Alto, California ORTEGA, EDWARDO Popayan, Colombia PAULE, JACQUELYN Chicago, Illinois 99 Top Row Center Row Boffom Row PEACOCK, ROBERT B. Dallas, Texas PEMBERTON, KATHRYN Pueblo, Colorado PERRY, WILLIAM L. Moline, Illinois PETT, LIZABETH ANN Ues Plaines, Illinois PIERSON, JUDITH ANN Galveston, Texas PIERSON, MARY JUNE Fresno, California PIKE, NANCY Brighton, Colorado PNEUMAN, FREDERICK Boulder, Colorado POLING, DONNA C. Estes Park, Colorado POLING, STEPHEN Ottumwa, Iowa PRIEST, DEBORAH Denver, Colorado PROCENIO, MARY ANN Des Moines, Iowa QUAM, BARBARA Fargo, North Dakota RADEMACHER, PAUL Hot Springs, South Dakota RAINS, MARY Atlantic, Iowa RASMUSSEN, BEUNA Freeport, Illinois REID, HARRIETTE Detroit, Michigan REYNOLDS, CATHERINE Boulder, Colorado RIZZO, JOAN Norwood, Massachusetts ROBBINS, DIANE Palo Alto, California ROBBINS, HELEN, ANNE Amarillo, Texas 100 Top Row ROBERTSON, GRETCHEN Deadwood, South Dakota ROSVALL. ROBERT C. Englenood, Colorado RUBIN, MYRON Brooklyn, New York RUSSELL, ELEANOR Denver, Colorado SAMPSON, RICHARD H. Chicago, Illinois SAMUEL, EMMA LOU Green Mountain Falls, Colorado SCHALK, ROBERT TARTRIDGE Denver, Colorado SCHELL, PAT Denver, Colorado Third Row Second Row SANDOW, ALBERTA JOY Boulder, Colorado SANTALA, ALMA LEE Satanta, Kansas SARDINI, FLORENCE Canon City, Colorado SARFF, HELEN M. Chicago Heights, Illinois SCHIRO, JOYCE La Grande, Oregon SCHMOLL, ROBERT R. Denver, Colorado SCHREPFERMAN, J. MERRILYN Denver, Colorado SCHUSTER, PHYLLIS B. •• Pueblo, Colorado SCHWANER, LOUANN Scottsbluff, Nebraska SCHWARTZ, JACK Colorado Springs, Colorado SELLERS, SALLY Santa Fe, New Mexico SELLS, KATHRYN Ft. Lupton. Colorado SEYMOUR, DALE Boulder, Colorado SHELDON, LOUISE C. Saint Charles, Illinois Botfom Row Fourth Row SCOFIELD, JACK Scottsbluff, Nebraska SCULLEN, CYNTHIA ANN Brooklands. Loudonville, New York SHINER, PAT San Mateo, California SHROYER, TERRY Craig, California SIFFRING, LOREN Pueblo, Colorado SMITH, ADDISON F. Denver, Colorado SMITH, DOROTHY Pueblo, Colorado SMITH, BARBARA JO Boulder, Colorado 101 iuniofs Top Row Center ftew Bottom Row SNYDERMAN, JOAN Pueblo, Colorado SMYTHE, GLORIA Highland Park, Illinois SPENO, TONY Ithaca, New York SPIEGEL, STANLEY MARSHALL Shelbyville, Illinois SQUYRES, PERRY W. Carlsbad, New Mexico STARK, MARGARET ELAINE Denver, Colorado STEELE, SALLY Princeton, New Jersey STERLING, ELAINE Aurora, Colorado STEWART, ROBERT E. Rocky Ford, Colorado STORM, NANCY Salinas, California STRACHAN, THOMAS R. Seottsbluff, Nebraska STRANGE, WILLIAM Arvada, Colorado STRUTHERS, JOSEPH A. Colorado Springs, Colorado SWANSON, ELIZABETH ANNE Galesburg, Illinois SWIGERT, JOHN L., JR. Denver, Colorado TAYLOR, VOLNEY M. Denver, Colorado TEDROW, MARY ETTA Pueblo, Colorado TIERNEY, BEVERLY Golden, Colorado TODD, WILMA JEANNE Denver, Colorado TRAUTWEIN, GEORGE K., JR. Ardniore, Pennsylvania TRILK, BARBARA Riverside. Illinois 102 Top ft w TUCKER, LAWRENCE A. Pueblo. Colorado VANDERVORT, HARRIETT ANN Denver, Colorado VAN NOSTRAND, NANCY Monte Vista, Colorado VILLIPIQUE, MARY C. Wichita, Kansas VOGELER, AUGUST H. Elko, Nevada VOUDRAN, ALFRED HERBERT Liberty, New York WALTERS, JUNE A. Omaha, Nebraska WATTS, PRISSILLA Great Neck, New York Third Row Steowf Row WALL, AUDRY Williston, North Dakota WALLACE, JOE C. Colorado Springs, Colorado WALZ, JAMES RAE Boulder, Colorado WARE, HERBERT E. Dexter, Michigan WEBSTER. KITTY Lewiston, New York WEINBERGER, MARVIN Cleveland, Ohio WELLINGTON, JENNIFER Berkeley, California WERTZ, BARBARA North Platte, Nebraska WEST, JENNIE LOIS Ringwood, New Jersey WHEELER, MARILYN L. Roswell, New Mexico WILSON, PATRICIA H. Pueblo, Colorado WILSON, PATRICIA Denver, Colorado WILSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH Jasper, Indiana WILLIAMS, DALE G. Grand Junction, Colorado Bofiom Row Foorfh Row WHITNEY, JAN Boulder, Colorado WILSON, KENNETH R. Cortez, Colorado WILLIAMS, HARLEY, JR. Golden, Colorado WILLIAMS, ROBERT G. Pueblo, Colorado WINDER, MARTHA Deming, New Mexico WOODHOUSE, CECILE R. Birmingham, Michigan WRENN, NANCY Denver, Colorado ZARIT, N. BRYCE Denver, Colorado ZECH, KEITH Yuma, Colorado 103 spur Left to right: Ann Markham, Cynthia Sktltun, Carolyn Lindseth, Pat O ' Connel, Anne Bradshaw, Sam Isaacson, Jerry Srp. OFFICERS Ann Markham President Carolyn Lindseth Vice-President Sandra Isaacson Treasurer Pat O ' Connell Secretary Jerrie Srp Editor Judy Jones Historian Spur, Sophomore Women ' s Honorary, is a national organization with collegiate chapters on twenty-two campuses. Membership is based on scholastic standing and college activities. The main purpose of Spur is service to the college. Activities of the organization this year in- cluded proctoring at the freshman placement exams, conducting tours of the campus for pros- pective students, holding Moot Court for vio- lators of the freshman traditions, participating in Pep Club meetings and rallies, decorating the goal posts for home football games, and usher- ing and selling tickets for various school events. Spur also sponsored a playday for freshmen women this year, and awarded a participation trophy to McKeehan Hall. Several of the officers attended the regional Spur convention held in Laramie, Wyoming, as representatives of Colorado University. Sponsors for Spur are: Mrs. E. Fred Bird- sail, Mrs. Amy Goodell, Miss Judith Couch, and i Patty Murphy. | 104 Back row, leU to right: Mary Cook, Nancy Shivers, Jessie Leimbach, Carii Carpenter, Carol Piepho, Donna Greif, Audrey Weese . Fijtk row: Jane Gregg, Shannon O ' Neil, Peggy King, Josie Sorensen, Margie Smith, Mary Jo Flynn, Joan Dunham, Marilyn Hall, Fourth row: Miss Judy Couch (sponsor), Sally Joyce. Carol Degen, Mary Foster, Annabelle Holick, Marlys Anderson, Sue Hills, Mardi Hammond, Mrs. E. Fred Birdsall (sponsor). Third row: Patty Murphy (Jr. Advisor), Flo Black, Jo Ann Ellis, Mary Ann Everist, Meredith St. Clair, Allison Wright, Penny Eaton, Mrs. Amy Goodell (sponsor). Second row: Carol Campbell, Barb Sitteg, Liz Hulley, Cecelia Falgien, Bobbie Orchard, Joan Altherr, Marion De Vries, Bobbie Herren, Marlene Neer. Front row: Anne Bradshaw, Pat O ' Connel, Carolyn Lindseth, Ann Markham, Sam Isaacson, Jerry Srp. Cynthia Skelton. (? 0 0 f? li ■ »» 1 Back row, left to right: Darrell Macka , Sam Redman, Jack Montgomery, Arnold Heller. I it: id vrj:: Bob Eberhardt, Earl Newmyer, Dick Aspinwal, Jack 105 Bendar, John Filinger. Bill Cox. Second row: Malcolm Thorsen, John Curtis, Marv Fishman. Larry Gobble, Jack Allen, Cramer Jenkins, Bob Schmoll. Front rote: David Blanchard, Larry Robertson, Bondi Brown, Bob Mayer LeRoy Hoffman, Jim Kink, Carl Peterson. , Phi Epsilon Phi was formed at the Univer- sity of Colorado in 1927, and since that time has evolved into a national sophomore men ' s honor- ary, functioning to promote and perpetuate school spirit. In carrying out these principles, Phi Epsilon Phi strives to develop leadership among its members and to render service to the University. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality, and campus activities. During the past year Phi Epsilon Phi took part in numerous campus activities: selling freshmen beanies; conducting Moot Court; en- forcing frosh traditions; watching polls for var- ious elections; and supporting United Nations Week and the Freedom Crusade. Through the competent leadership of past presidents, Verne Winkel, Randy Russell, and Bob Eberhardt, who led the fraternity in pre- vious years. Phi Epsilon Phi has again attained its previous position of prominence in campus activities. OFFICERS Bob Mayer President Bondi Brown Vice-President Larry Robertson Secretary Paul Rademacher Treasurer Carl Peterson Publicity Chairman Jim King Corresponding Secretary sophomoFes Top Row ADAMS, AUDREY ANN San Marino, California ADAMS, SUSAN Los Angeles, California ALEXANDER, CAROL Morristown, New Jersey ALFRED, BARBARA Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, MARLYS JEANNE Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, ELAINE Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, JOHN E. Pueblo, Colorado ANDES, DELORIS Independence, Missouri Second Row ANDREWS, JUDITH CLAIRE Fort Worth, Texas ARMSTRONG, ALICE Tulsa, Oklahoma ATWOOD, EDWARD Stockton, California T i rd Row AUSTIN, EDWIN Fort Collins, Colorado BANCROFT, JOHN Kearney, Nebraska BADEN, GERALD Hamilton, Ohio BAILIE, JUDITH South Bend, Indiana BARDWELL, PAT Denver, Colorado BARNES, CAROLE Amarillo, Texas BAUGHMAN, KEITH G. Akron, Colorado BEATTIE, CHARLES G. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil BERG, AUDREY BYE Jackson, Minnesota BETTENDORF, JANE Bettendorf, Iowa BILLEHUIS, RICHARD CLEVE Colorado Springs, Colorado BLACK, FLORENCE Jersey City, New Jersey BECK, BARBARA Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bofiom Row BLANC, ROBERT Chicago, Illinois BOOTH, ALVAN Lansing, Illinois BORDERS, DON Stratton, Colorado BOWIE, MARGOT Swarthmore, Pennsylvania BRAGG, RAY HOWARD Henrietta, Texas BRIESCH, MARY KATHERINE El Paso, Texas • BROWN, BONDI Chicago, Illinois BROWN, TEMPLE Hayden, Colorado 106 Top Row BROWN, RICHARD N. Des Moines, Iowa BROWN, JOHN S. Denver, Colorado BROWN, ROBERT WYLIE Altadena, California BUGHMAN, RU SS Denver, Colorado BULL, MARY S. Pasadena, California CAIN, KATHRYN Denver, Colorado CANNON, JUNE Oak Park, Illinois CLARK, JEAN Detroit, Michigan CLARK, KENNETH Worland, Wyoming Third Row Second Row CAMPBELL, CAROLL Denver, Colorado CARLIN, ALLAN W. Lamar, Colorado CARTWRIGHT, BARBARA LOU Indianapolis, Indiana CHANDOS, DIANE Riverside, Illinois CLARK, FRED P. Colorado Springs, Colorado CLAWSON, JOSEPH Lodge Grass, Montana COATE, PRISCILLA Park Ridge, Illinois COBB, LOUISE Berkeley, California COFFEY, JAMES Greeley, Colorado COHEN, ROENNA Colorado Springs, Colorado COLTON, VIRGINIA W. San Francisco, California COPE., EVERTON Torrington, Wyoming CRANE, MARY LEE Bckley, Colorado CROCKETT, NANCY La Grange. Illinois CYPHERS, HARLEY Crawford, Colorado DEEDS, JIM Denver, Colorado DEGEN, CAROLE Park Ridge, Illinois Boffom Row Fourth Row CORNELIUS, BETTY Davenport, Iowa COX, CHARYN LEE Denver, Colorado DeLUE, JERRY Denver, Colorado DENNY, EARL R. Washington, Indiana DEVRIES, HERBERT JOHN Arlington, Virginia DONNELLY, MARTHA Lincoln, Illinois DREW, DAVID Loveland, Colorado DUNHAM, JOAN Denver, Colorado DUNLAP, JACKIE Montrose, Colorado 107 Top Row EASTMAN, KATHERINE Rockford, Illinois EDMONDSON, MARJORIE Sidney, Montana EDWARDS, JERI Clarendon Hills, Illinois EDWARDS, MARJORY Lead, South Dakota ELLIOTT, JIM B. Billings, Montana ELLIS, JO ANNE Evanston, Illinois EVANS, PATTIG Garden City, Kansas EVENSON, E. HAROLD Wheatridge, Colorado Second Row EVERIST, MARY ANN Galesburg, Illinois EWBANK, SUSAN Boulder, Colorado FALGIEN, CECILA Florence, Colorado FELID, ECKLIN J. Peoria, Illinois FIELD, MARTIN G. Greeley, Colorado FITZGERALD, MARY E. Pasadena, California FLOOD, GERALDINE MARIE Denver, Colorado FLYNN. MARY JO Danville, Illinois Third Row FOWLER, TONI Fowler, Colorado FRITTS, LARRY DEAN Denver, Colorado FUHRMAN, GLENN F. Dubuque, Iowa FURLAN, VALERIA Waukegan, Illinois GAEBEL, MARY JO Longmont, Colorado GANATTA, ELEANOR Denver, Colorado GARDNER, BILL Huron, South Dakota GAVITO, WILLIAM Denver, Colorado Bofiom Row GEESEKA, JOY Scott City, Kansas GENTZLER, DORENE Denver, Colorado GERBOSI, MARYANN Arlington Heights, Illinois GILMOUR, ANNE Pleasant Ridge, Michigan GLASER, KARLYN Menio Park, California GOLIGHTLY, KATHERINE Oak Park, Illinois GOODROW, JOHN DOUGLAS Del Monte, Colorado GROVES, MARY E. Grand Junction, Colorado 108 Top Row GRAY, RONALD Chicago, Illinois GREIF, DONNA M. Jefferson, Iowa GRASZ, CARL R. Casper, Wyoming GUTHRIE, CHARLES WOODSON Jetmore, Kansas HAHN, HARRY Burlingame, California HAIGH, CHARLES WILLIAM Homewood, Illinois HAINES, CAROL B. Milton, Massachusetts HARDIN, NANCY Lincoln, Illinois HARTWELL, ANN Colorado Springs, Colorado Third Row Second Row HALE, MOLLY La Crosse, Wisconsin HALL, MARILYN E. Homewood, Illinois HAMLET, JOAN Evanston, Illinois HANLEY, LEE Evanston, Illinois HANEY, ANN Colorado Springs, Colorado HELLER, ARNOLD Denver, Colorado HERRERA, WILFRED Pueblo, Colorado HARVEY, RICHARD Denver, Colorado HAYS, RICHARD Denver, Colorado HEAP, ROBERT Evanston, Illinois HESTOR, WILLIAM Denver, Colorado HODGES, BARBARA Homewood, Illinois MM HICKS, PATRICIA Denver, Colorado HINCHLIFFE, SALLY LOUISE Davenport, Iowa HOBBS, ARLENE Chicago, Illinois HADDY, WILLIAM Colorado Springs, Colorado HOCKLEY, DAISY Chicago, Illinois Boffom Row Fourfh Row HERREN, BOBBIE ANN Haskell, Texas HIRTLE, THOMAS Freeport, Illinois HOLDER, JACQUELINE La Jolla, California HOFFMAN, LeROY GEORGE E ureka, South Dakota HOFFMAN, ROLAND St. Francis, Kansas HOSE, SHIRLEY Springfield, Illinois HOUTZ, DAVID Boulder, Colorado HOWARD, RICHARD Evanston, Illinois HUGHES, PETE Pueblo, Colorado 109 sophomores M sopr Aioiiss Top Row HUNT, R. TOM Omaha, Nebraska HURLBURT, ALEENE Akron, Colorado IDE, ROBERT Creston, Iowa IRWIN, BARBARA Boulder, Colorado ISAACSON, SANDRA Omaha, Nebraska IVERSON, WILLIAM CARL Denver, Colorado JACKSON, MARVIN Grand Junction, Colorado JAMES, PATRICIA Glendale, California Second Row JENSEN, SHIRLEY San Antonio, Texas JOHNSON, RUDOLPH Longmont, Colorado JONES, JUDEENNE Rolling Hills, California JONES, STAN Canadian, Texas JOSEPHSON, GIL Denver, Colorado JOHNSON, MARY LOU Maywood, Illinois KAME, MARY ANN Denver, Colorado KARDOKUS, JANE Evansville, Indiana Third Row KATCHEN, BRUCE Denver, Colorado KATZ, JOEL Chicago, Illinois KAUFMANN, ALICE Highland Park, Illinois KEHR, CAROL Denver, Colorado KEMP, GEORGE Lexington, Illinois KENNY, BARBARA JANE Chicago, Illinois KENWORTHY. BARBARA Chicago, Illinois KETTMAN, JOHN LOUIS Pleasant Valley, Iowa Bottom Row KING, BARBARA Denver, Colorado KING, JAMES Aberdeen, South Dakota KING, PEGGY Highland Park, Illinois KINGERY, JOAN Denver, Colorado KLEIN, JIM Highland Park, Illinois KOEBEL, SIGRID Grosse Pointe, Michigan KUTIL, DON Huren, South Dakota KOCHIVAR, RUDY Pueblo, Colorado 110 inri KOERNIG, RAYMOND Roslyn Heists, New York KOOPMAN, JANET Bartlesville, Oklahoma KROGMEIER. SHIRLEY Amherst, Colorado KULPAK. LOUISE Western Springs, Illinois LACKEY, ELIZABETH Raton, New Mexico LAKIN, CORWIN Rock River, Ohio LAMBRICHT, DEAN Pierce, Nebraska econd Row LANDIN, GARY Greeley, Colorado LASATER, JOHN Yuma, Colorado LAUGHLIN, HENRY DAVID Fort Worth, Texas LEAMING, CHARLOTTE Hi land Park, Illinois LEIK, THOMAS Casper, Wyoming LEMEN. DAVID Council Bluffs, Iowa LIEBERMAN, JACK Newark, New Jersey Third Row LINES, DAVID Salida, Colorado LIVINGSTON, VIRGINIA Craig, Colorado LONEY, TOM Denver, Colorado LONGO, FRANK Tuckahoe, New York LUDEMAN, SHIRLEY Denver, Colorado McALPINE, DAN Price, Utah McCLANAHAN, CELIA Pueblo, Colorado MacKAY, DARRELL Denver, Colorado MARIANI, JOHN Denver, Colorado MARSHALL, MARILYN Duluth, Minnesota MARKHAM, ROGER Denver, Colorado MATSON, DON Jerome, Idaho Botfom Row Foarfh Row McCOY, STEPHEN Denver, Colorado McKELL, HELEN Chillicothe, Ohio MAYER, ROBERT La Junta. Colorado MERRIAM, BETTY Winnetka, Illinois MESSER, BARRY Beverly Hills, California METZGER, MARK St. Louis, Missouri MILLER, LYNN Greeley, Colorado MULLIN, FRANK Ogden Dunes, Indiana MOON, DIANE Erie, Colorado 111 Top Row MOORE, BILL Denver, Colorado MORRIS, ROBERT O. Steamboat Springs, Colorado MORISON, JACK L. Denver, Colorado MOULTON, ANN Los Angeles, California MUNSON, MARILYN Palo Alto, California MUNSON, MARGARET Denver, Colorado MALEID, SANDRA Racine, Wisconsin NELSON, REVELLE C. Denver, Colorado Second Row NEUMAN, LEE Houston, Texas NEUMAN, LOUISE Glendale, California NICKERSON, WM. M. Midwest, Wyoming NIELSEN, SALLY JEAN Storm Lake, Iowa NORMAN, JOAN Evanston, Illinois NIGHTINGALE, BARBARA Denver, Colorado NOYES, DAVID M. Fergus Falls, Minnesota OLBRICH, JAMES A. East St. Louis, Illinois Third Row ONORATl, JANE J. Las Animas, Colorado ORCHARD, ROBERTA Grand Junction, Colorado PAHS, SHIRLEY ANN Denver, Colorado PALMER, ALICE Denver, Colorado PARSON, JANE ANN Denver, Colorado PEPPER, JANET MIRIAM Denver, Colorado PEREIRA, ALBERT Cochabamba, Bolivia PERLMUTTER, LOUIS M. Bronx, New York Boffom Row PERRINE, JACK Denver, Colorado PETERMAN, BETTY LOU Palatine, Illinois PETERSON, BERNARD Greeley, Colorado PETERS, HARRY W. Denver, Colorado PHIBBS, HARRY ALBERT Denver, Colorado PIEPHO, CAROL LEE Muncie, Indiana PIERCE, CANDY Wheaton, Illinois PIERSON, JOYCE Wilmette, Illinois 112 PISHNY, EVELYN Fort Worth, Texas PLANBECK, DON Denver, Colorado POMEROY, SUE Birmingham, Michigan POTTER, ANN Delta, Colorado PROVENZANA, ROSE Florence, Colorado PUETT, GRAYSON E. Fort Morgan, Colorado QUINLAN, JOHN S. Antonito, Colorado econd Row QUINN, MARY ANN Walden, Colorado RABER, DORIS Scottsbluff, Nebraska RAMEY, GAIL Boulder. Colorado REIGLE, MARY Derby, Colorado REMICH, NORMAN Rockford, Illinois RHEINBERGER, MARY Du luth, Minnesota RICE, ROGER W. Englewood, Colorado Third Row RICE, CAROLYN Idaho Springs, Colorado RIECHERS. RUTH Hillrose, Colorado RIGGS, MARCIA Highland Park, Illinois RODESTA, KATHLEEN New Orleans, Louisiana ROBINSON, DON Denver, Colorado RUSSELL, JOAN Merriam, Kansas RUSSELL, DAVID H. Denver, Colorado fourih Row RUTHENBERG. DIANE Hinsdale, Illinois SALTY, AUDREY La Crosse, Wisconsin s iSii SANDEN, HELEN LEE Evanston, Illinois SANDERS, RONALD D. Trinidad, Colorado SAVERY, BETTY Whittier, California SCHAPANSKI, RUTH Park Ridge, Illinois SCHIEBER, DEA Paonia, Colorado Bottom Row SCHIFFER, JOAN Denver, Colorado SCHUMAN, MARCIA S. Rulla, Maryland SCHRODER, JANE Temple City, California SCOFIELD, LUCY Hinsdale, Illinois SELFRIDGE, MARY Highland Park, Illinois SELINE, MARVIN H. Houston, Texas SCHWARTZ, STUART Highland Park, Illinois 113 sophomores Top Row SETTIE, JOANNIE Denver, Colorado SHADWICK, GEORGE Crete, Illinois SHAW, EDWARD B. Pueblo, Colorado SIGLER, STAN Sterling, Colorado SIMANK, NANCY Pasadena, California SIROTA, TAUNA Davenport, Iowa SLATOR, LOU ANN San Dimas, California SLININGER, MARIAN Jefferson, Iowa Second Kow SUPER, BERTA J. Brighton, Colorado SMYSER, ANN F. Toledo, Ohio SNELL, NATALIE Glencoe, Illinois SONNENBERG, FAYE Sterling, Colorado SPATH, MARY C. Pueblo, Colorado SPUR, HELEN Dallas, Texas SPEIEA, BOB Denver, Colorado SPURGEON, GLYNN Centralia, Illinois STACY, MARY ELLEN Diable, Canal Zone STANDEN, JAMES Denver, Colorado STANFILL, JIM Durango, Colorado ST. CLAIR, MEREDITH Fergus Falls, Minnesota STEINFELD, JOHN Swarthmore, Pennsylvania STERLING, KENNETH Hugo. Colorado STEVENS, JEANNE Greeley, Colorado STEVENSON, EDWARD Great Falls, Montana Boffom Row STIGLER, REECE Park Ridge, Illinois STIRM, H. GLENN San Mateo, California SUNDBERG, BARBARA Hayden, Colorado SUTTON, JULIE Springfield, Illinois SQUIRES, FRANK Dalhart, Texas SUPPERSTEIN, DAVID S. Colorado Springs, Colorado STUDINGER, DONALD A. Mundelein, Illinois SUMIKAWA, MARY Delta, Colorado 114 " 1 . ,„. 1 ' { " op Kow Fifffi Row SVENSON, JAMES R. Denver, Colorado TALBERT, WILLARD Casper, Wyoming TALES, CAROLYN Kearney, Nebraska TANNER, SYLVIA Boulder, Colorado TEITELBAUM, ANNETTE Chicago, Illinois TERRILL, LEONARD Longmont, Colorado THEAL, SUSAN Denver, Colorado UTTER, TAMMY Des Moines, Iowa VANDERHOOF, MERVIN Limon, Colorado VAUGHAN, DOROTHY ANN Morrison, Colorado VEAZIE, ENID Boulder, Colorado VICKIN, JOYCE Glencoe, Illinois VAN VRANKEN, MARY Denver, Colorado WALKER, JACK Grand Junction, Colorado WIGLEY, PHIL Evanston, Illinois WILLIAMS, DONA Boulder, Colorado WILLIAMS, JAMES Arlington, Virginia WOLF, CAROL ELIZABETH Denver, Colorado WOODCOCK, SUE Spencer, Iowa WORTHINGTON, ANNE Roswell, New Mexico WULFEKUHLER, TERRY Naalehu, Hawaii ■ecend Row Fourth Row Bottom Row THOMPSON, JANE E anston, Illinois THOMPSON, CORALEE Neosho, Mississippi THOMPSON, NEIL Boulder, Colorado THORSEN, MALCOM Highland Park, Illinois TOLSON, RICHARD Omaha. Nebraska TURNER, HELEN Denver, Colorado TUTHILL, DICK Minneapolis, Minnesota WARD, DEC Haxtun, Colorado WAUGH, KATHY Greeley, Colorado • WEAVER, ELAINE San Marino, California WEDELL, LEURETTA Loveland, Colorado WEESE, AUDREY Pocatello, Idaho WELTER, JIM Huron, South Dakota WEST, BILL Greeley, Colorado WYNER, ELIZABETH Denver, Colorado YAMAMOTO, ANNE Fairfield, Idaho YOAST, NANCY Glendale, California ZEMAN, ALBERT Los Angeles, California ZINGONE, RUTH ANN Colorado Springs, Colorado ZWONECHEK, HERBERT Manila, Philippines 115 :- A, Top Row ABOOD, JOE Grand Island, Nebraska ADAMS, DONALD L. Scarsdale, New York ADCOCK, BETTY Wray, Colorado ADCOCK, PATTY Wray, Colorado AKERLOW, JANE Denver, Colorado ALDERMAN, DON, JR. Long Beach, California ALLEMAN, ANNETO Santa Fe, New Mexico ALLEN, JOHN CARLIN Woodharen, New York ALMGREN, TINA Boulder, Colorado Second Row ALMOND, MIMI Enid, Oklahoma AMES, PATRICIA E. San Mateo, California ANDERSON, COURTNEY Sioux Falls, South Dakota ANDERSON, JOANN L. St. Francis, Kansas ANDERSON, JON RICHARD Hi land Park, Illinois ANDERSON, MARGARET Cedaredge, Colorado ASH, NANCY JO Atlanta, Illinois ASHBY, NEIL Dalhart, Texas ATWOOD. VIRGINIA Minneapolis, Minnesota Third Row AVENT, JON Meeteetse, Wyoming BABCOCK, BARBARA JANE Denver, Colorado BALCOM, BARRIE Dallas, Texas BAILEY, GEORGE E. Lakewood, Colorado BAKE, MARGARET Oconto, Wisconsin BAKKER, MARGARET MARY Surabaia, Java BALTZ, JANET Belleville. Illinois BARCROFT. VIC Lake Forest, Illinois BARNES, BILLIE KAY Boulder, Colorado Bottom Row BARNETT, ERNA JUSTINE Thomaston, Connecticut BARTON, SYLVIA Grand Junction, Colorado BAUER, GEORGE HOWARD Mancos, Colorado BECHTEL, CLARA Los Altos, California BEKINS, JANET Burlingame, California BENGSTON, DIANA MARIE Chicago, Illinois BERENS, PHYLLIS Webster Groves, Missouri BEST, ROBERT D. San Marino, California BILLINGS, ESSE Valley Falls, Kansas 116 P5l Top Row 117 BLACK, JAMES P. Highland Park. Illinois BLALACK, PEG Memphis, Tennessee BLANKENSHIP, BONNIE Kansas City, Missouri BLOOM, JORDAN R. Chicago, Illinois BLOUNT, ROBERT L. Santa Fe, New Mexico BOBLIT, RICHARD M. Denver, Colorado BODE, MURIEL Port Washington, New York BOH, CAROL Denver, Colorado A Third Row BRIGHAM, WARREN Pueblo, Colorado BROOK, NANCY J. Chicago, Illinois BROWN, ANNABELL E. Seattle, Washington BROWN, BETTYE Chicago, Illinois BROWN, HARRIET Colorado Springs, Colorado BROWN, TERRY Lakewood, Ohio BRUCE, NANCY Lakewood, Colorado BRUECKEL, CAROL Rochester, New York Second Row Fourth Row BORNHAUSER, JANE Burlington. Colorado BRADLEY, MARY LOU Denver, Colorado BRAGG, CAROLYN Long Beach, California BRANCH, SHIRLEY Evanston, Illinois BRANDT, JANE Barrington, Illinois BRANDT, JANET Barrington, Illinois BRICKER, SANDRA Lincoln, Nebraska BRICTSON, CLYDE Chicago, Illinois BRYANT, JEAN Jackson, Tennessee BULKELEY, JIM Abingdon, Illinois BUNTE, ARTHUR H. Denver, Colorado BURGER, DONALD W. Boulder, Colorado BURNS, JERRY Denver, Colorado BURNS, MARY ARLENE Denver, Colorado BUTLER, GRACE Pasadena, California BUTTERFIELD, BETSY Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Fifth Row CAMPBELL, ANNETTE Minneapolis, Minnesota CAMPBELL, BEVERLY Brighton, Colorado CARL, BEVERLY B. Greeley, Colorado CARPENTER, RICHARD Colorado Springs, Colorado CARROLL, BETTY Lockport, Illinois CATTOEN, JOAN Oregon, Illinois CHABUCOS, PETE Rockford, Illinois CHITTUM, CLAIRE Boulder, Colorado Boffom Row CHOCKIE, ELIZABETH S. Gypsum, Colorado CLARKING, GOLDI B. Denver, Colorado CLAY, K. CHARLES San Mateo, California CLINE, PHIL Kansas City, Missouri CLOW, WILLIAM Denver, Colorado COATES, BEVERLY Sioux City, Iowa CAHILL, CHARLES Los Angeles, California COLLIFLOWER, BILL Sandwich, Illinois Top Row COLLINS, RICHARD A. CURRY, CAROL DICKEY, SANDRA Delta, Colorado Flint, Michigan Columbus, Nebraska COLWILL, SALLY CUSHING, JOHN DIETZ, DIANE Creston, Illinois Berea, Ohio San Mateo, California CONOVER, SUSAN JANE CUSTER, PAT DODD, NANCY SUE Colorado Springs, Colorado Covina, California Longmont, Colorado CONRAD, DAVID RICHARD DeBELL, JAMES Botfom Row Kirkwood, Missouri Denver, Colorado DODSON, JAMES M. CONVERSE, JOYCE DANNER, RITS J. Fort Collins, Colorado Los Angeles. California Cleveland, Ohio DOLON, PEGGY COOK, BEVERLY DORST, JOAN Rockford, Illinois Van Nuys, California Greeley, Colorado DOOLITTLE, NANCY REED COPENHAVER. ETHEL Third Row Glendale, California Pasadena, California DAY, MARILYN DOROUGH, PHILIP COWAN, BROCK Yuma, Colorado Highland Park, Illinois Altadena, California De GRAAF, RUSSELL DOWNING, RALPH CRAFT, BARBARA Redlands, California Bird City, Kansas Jackson, Michigan DEIBLER, CAROLYN V. DRAKE, BETTY Second Row Grand Island, Nebraska Evanston, Illinois CRAGO, DONNA LEE DEINEMA, WILLIAM B. DRAKE, STEPHANIE Denver, Colorado Waverly, Iowa Wichita, Kansas CRAIGMILE, DON DELL, BOB DROWN, CAROLYN Hinsdale, Illinois Aberdeen, South Dakota Sheridan, Wyoming CUNNINGHAM, JANE DEVERS, DON DUFF, MARGIE La Grange, Illinois Dalhart, Texas Denver, Colorado 118 c pp 119 -M ' op Jtow Third Row FIHh Row DUMAS, MARCIA Des Moines, Iowa DUNCAN, BARBARA Des Moines, Iowa DUTCHER, DIANE Denver, Colorado DWIGHT, JOYCE LOUISE Denver, Colorado DWYER, MARILYN Shelbyville, Illinois ECKERS, SUZANNE Milwaukee, Wisconsin EDER, ROXANNE Santa Barbara, California EDHOLM, MARY JANE Gooding, Idaho EMAHUELSON, KAREN Omaha, Nebraska ERLEN, JUDY Elgin, Illinois EVANS, DAVID L. Joliet, Illinois EVANS, PATRICIA ELLA Saratoga, Wyoming FEILER, MARI ANN Omaha, Nebraska FERGUSON, DIANE Denver, Colorado FERRERI, JOSEPH RONALD Albuquerque, New Mexico FERRIS, PATRICIA ANN Kansas City, Missouri FRANKEL, LOTTIE Houston, Texas FRASER, JANE ELLEN Ferndale, Michigan FRASER, JOAN Rocky Ford, Colorado FREILIGH, SANFORD Phoenix, Arizona FRENCH, JO W. San Marino, California FREUDENTHAL, SYDNEY Fort Morgan, Colorado FRIEDLANDER, DANIEL Chicago, Illinois FRITH, ALICE South Bend, Indiana Second Row fourth Row Bottom Row EDWARDS, JACQUELENE Denver, Colorado ELGIN, CAROL Chicago, Illinois ELLINGHAM, MARGARET Fort Wayne, Indiana ELLIS, RAYMOND Pueblo, Colorado ELSON, JOY Glendale, California ENNIS, CAROLINE Kansas City, Missouri ENYART. MIANNE Des Moines, Iowa ERICKSON, ERL ERIC Monte Vista, Colorado FIRKINS, EDWIN BRUCE St. Francis, Kansas FISH, JAMES Aberdeen, South Dakota FISHER, LYNNE McAllen, Texas FLAGLER, JEANNE Summitt, New Jersey FLEMING, VALLRIE Lafayette, Louisiana FLINIAN, DOROTHY Walden, Colorado FORGAN, DAVID W. La Grange, Illinois FOX, JR., EVARTS C. Pueblo, Colorado FRY, MARCIA Fairfield, Iowa FURRER. RUTH ANN Albuquerque, New Mexico GALLIGAN, JIM Ames, Iowa GARREN, ROBERT M. Centralia, Illinois GASSNER, LINDA LEE ScottsblufI, Nebraska GEER, BETTY Denver, Colorado GERLING, A. W. Millbrae, California GETSCHOW, GRACE Kenilworth, Illinois freshmen V. Top Row GILLARD, DORIS Boulder, Colorado GRAHAM, RALPH I). Fort Morgan, Colorado GUTHRIE, DAVE Allentown, Pennsylvania GILLHAM, GAY Minneapolis, Minnesota GRANT, JAMIE Denver, Colorado HADLEY, JESSIE Highland Park, Illinois GLIEM, NANCY Minneapolis, Minne3cta GRAY, LINDA Benton Harbor, Michigan HAHN, ELEANOR RAE Denver, Colorado GOALSTONE, CARA LEE Denver, Colorado GREENE, BETTY Western Springs, Illinois Bottom Row HAIGLER, JEAN GODBY, ANNETTE Balboa, Canal Zone GREEN, CAROLINE San Mateo, California Monte Vista, Colorado HALL, JODY GOEMMEL, BARBARA JOANNE Walden, Colorado GREEN, JOHN R. Eureka. Kansas Ames, Iowa HALL, VIRGINIA GOGGIN, LELLA El Paso, Texas Third Row GREENE, JON R. Atlanta, Georgia HAGEATY, WM. KELLY GOLDSMITH, DONALD Birminj ham, Michigan KirkHood. Missouri GREEN, VIRGINIA LEE Santa Ana, California HANEY, JIM L. GOLDSTEIN, BERNARD R. Waterloo, Iowa Second Row Boulder, Colorado GRIFFITH, RICHARD L. Anchorage, Alaska Galesburg, Illinois HANSEN, SALLY Evanston, Illinois GORDER, CAROL ANN Deadwood, South Dakota GRONINGER, JANE ANNE Lakewood, Colorado HANSON, BARBARA Pueblo, Colorado GORDON, SANDRA Boulder, Colorado GROVES, KEN Billings, Montana HARDY, PAT Telluride, Colorado GOTO, ROSE Denver, Colorado GUDER, ED McClave, Colorado HARPER, LAEL Des Moines, Iowa 120 JM9 121 HARRIMAN, JOAN Hanover, New Hampshire HARVEY, KAY Burlingame. California HATHAWAY, SALLIE Flossmoor, Illinois HAWLEY, JANE Laurens, Iowa HAYDEN, CYNTHIA Denver, Colorado HEILBRANNER, JOAN Milwaukee, Wisconsin HEMPSTEAD, CODY Winnetka, Illinois HERSEN, RICHARD E, Del Norte, Colorado Second Row HETHERINGTON. DONNA Denver, Colorado HEWITT, ARTHUR Milwaukee, Wisconsin HIGGINS, MICHELE ANN Evanston, Illinois HILL, MARTY Gary, Indiana HINRICHS, WARD Burley, Nebraska HENZELMAN, IRENE Greeley, Colorado HIXSON, ROBERT BRYAN Holly, Colorado HOGINS, BERNITA Freeport, Illinois Third Row HOLDERNESS, GERALDINE M. Hayden, Colorado HOLLOWAY, HAYES B. Sterling, Colorado HOOK, EDWARD River Forest, Illinois HOPLEY, ANNE Denver, Colorado HORTON, KAYE Boulder, Colorado HOUDEK, MARY ANNE Fort Collins, Colorado HOUSER, BOB Sioux Falls, South Dakota HUBBARD, GRAYDON D. Kirkwood, Missouri Fourth Row HUCK, SUSAN Burlingame, California HUKEY, JOHN D. Boulder, Colorado HUMBURG, NEIL EDWARD Boulder, Colorado HUMPHREY, CLAIRE Fort Worth, Texas HUNSCHE, CAROLINE St. Louis, Missouri HUNTER, MARY Gary, Indiana HUNTER, ROBERT East Lansing, Michigan HUTTIG, GRACE Homewood, Illinois Fifffi Row JAGGER, JEREMY A. Honolulu, Hawaii JOHNSON, DANNY W. Colorado Springs, Colorado JOHNSTON, CLAUDIA Boulder, Colorado JONES, WM. L. Idaho Springs, Colorado JOSSELYN, HELEN Highland Park, Illinois KAMP, DONALD B. St. Louis, Missouri KARNES, G. NEIL Brighton, Colorado KEES, JUDITH Winnetka, Illinois Bottom Row KEETON, MARY LUCILE Denver, Colorado KEIRNS, LEE Atwood, Kansas KELLEY, PATRICK A. Price, Utah KENNEDY, BILL Akron, Colorado KENT, NANCY M. San Marino, California KHANDELWAL, ARUN Bombay, India KILPATRICK, STUART A. Boulder, Colorado KIMBLE, LAURA Houston, Texas Top Row KIMMETT, JIM Denver, Colorado KIRBY, ELIZABETH Boulder, Colorado KIRLEY, SHEILA Denver, Colorado KLASS, PETER Minneapolis, Minnesota KLEFSTAD, NORMA Glenview, Illinois KLEINSCHMIDT, JOAN Western Springs, Illinois KLINGENSMITTZ, RUTH Fort Collins, Colorado KNIES, WILLIAM Greeley, Colorado KNOWLES, ANN Evanston, Illinois Second Row KORNAFEL, KATHERINE Denver, Colorado KOLTS, KATHRYN Altadena, California KOWAL, WILLIAM T. Hobart, Indiana Third Row KRAUS, JACKIE Minneapolis, Minnesota KRAUS, JOSEPH Santa Monica, California KREZ, CAROLE Wilmette, Illinois KROENERT, GEORGE Pueblo, Colorado KROLCZYK, CONNIE Columbus, Ohio LACKNER, ALLAN E. Denver, Colorado LAMB, GEORGE D. Tulsa, Oklahoma LANDSTROM, WARREN Rockford, Illinois LANE, JACKIE Los Angeles, California LARSON, VIVIENNE Boulder, Colorado LaTORRA, JOANN Boulder, Colorado LAWRENSON, BRUCE Greeley, Colorado LEFKOVICH, ALLEN Sioux City, Iowa LEHL, SHARON Brighton, Colorado LEISHMAN, WILLIAM L. Pasadena, California Bottom Row LEVINSON, JAY Chicago, Illinois LEWIS, DAVID Kansas City, Kansas LEWIS, JOAN Altadena, California LIFF, SALLY DIANE Boulder, Colorado LINE, FRANCES Sioux Falls, South Dakota LIPMAN, SHEILA Dallas, Texas LITTLEDALE, SUSAN Webster Groves, Missouri LOMBARDI, NALDA Glendale, California LUNDSTRUD, JOAN Glen Ellen, Illinois 122 123 Top Row LYSTER, ELIZABETH Greeley, Colorado MacFELTE, MARGERY Windsor, Colorado McADOO, LINDA Carlsbad, New Mexico McClelland, patricia Watertown, South Dakota McCOLLUM, PEG Boulder, Colorado McCONE. PAT Julesburg, Colorado McCORMICK, JANE Port Washington, New York McDonald, shirley I Longmont, Colorado ' Second Row McGILLIS. MARLILYN L. Sonoro, California McMEEHIN, NANCY Lynwood, California McNEAR, EVE Woodside, California McNEIL, ROBERT Billings, Montana McNUTT, MARJORIE Duluth, Minnesota MACOMBER, DOUGLAS W. Denver, Colorado MACY, MARGARET E. Center, Colorado MALONEY, TERRY Wichita, Kansas TMrd Row MARCOVE, JERRY Denver, Colorado MARICOTT, DENNIS Grand Junction, Colorado MATEL, JOHN S. Chicago, Illinois MEEHAN. JOAN Denver, Colorado MEHRER, PATRICIA Kansas City, Missouri MELLECKER, MARGARET Boulder, Colorado MELLMAN, DEVERA Denver, Colorado MENDENHALL, DONNALOU Denver, Colorado MINARD, GENE Hardin, Montana MOBERG, RONALD Akron, Colorado MONTGOMERY, CARL Pueblo, Colorado MOORE, JOAN Western Springs, Illinois MOORES, JACK Omaha, Nebraska MORROW, JOAN Las Animas, Colorado MORSE, PATRICIA Denver, Colorado MOSSMAW, WOODRAW C. Honolulu, Hawaii Fourth Row Bottom Row MERRILL, DEBBIE Lamar, Colorado MILBURN, DEAN L. Toulon, Illinois MILLER, CUBA ZELL Rangely, Colorado MILLER, JANE Hinsdale, Illinois MILLER, JOHN Bridgeport, Nebraska MILLER, LUANNE Glencoe, Illinois MILLER, VIRGINIA Boulder, Colorado MILLS, TRUDY Gorham, Kansas MUELLER, HOWARD Maywood, Illinois MULLEN, NORMA DEE Denver, Colorado MULLENAX, ELAINE Idaho Springs, Colorado MULLER, SUZI Omaha, Nebraska MULLIGAN, JOAN Denver, Colorado MURCH, MARY Grand Junction, Colorado MURPHY, JAMES W. Anadarko, Oklahoma MURRAY, LaVEA Rapid City, South Dakota Top Row MURRAY, RALF WALLACE Del Norte, Colorado MUTSUKA, SUE AKAGI Crowley, Colorado NAFTEL, PATRICIA Claremont, California NARCISIAN, FRANK Wheat Ridge, Colorado NAGLE, DAN Chicago, Illinois NEEDHAM, CAROL J. Port Washington. New York NELSON, JIM Rockford, Illinois NELSON, JOHN D. Gurney, Nebraska NEWTON, BERTHA Manitou Springs, Colorado Second Aow NIETFELD, HARLAN Atwood, Kansas O ' DONNELL, JOHN Dayton, Ohio OLSON, CARYL Wood Dale, Illinois Third Row OLSON, DONNA JEAN Minneapolis, Minnesota OLSON, MARY LOU Effertsville, New York ORGREN, JANET Colorado Springs, Colorado PADRICK, JOY ANN Evanston, Illinois PARKER, JOAN Broomfield, Colorado PARKER, JOSEPH J. Grand Junction, Colorado PAIN, SUZZANE Milwaukee, Wisconsin PARKER, JIM Effingham, Illinois PATRICK, JAMES Rockford, Illinois PATTON, PATRICIA Hotchkiss, Colorado PEARSON, JOHN Fort Lupton, Colorado PECK, MARILYN Des Moines, Iowa Boifom Row PEDROJA, PAULA Eureka, Kansas PEERCY, RICHARD Rifle, Colorado PEEZ, GLORIA Beverly Hills, California PERMAN, FLO Wichita, Kansas PERRIGO, JAMES BLEDSOE San Antonio, Texas PETERSON, HARRY Sterling, Colorado PHILLIPS, SANDRA Downers Grove, Illinois PIGMAN, PATTY Tulsa, Oklahoma POHLMANN, CHICK Burlingame, California POLLOCK, KENNETH Brush, Colorado POPE, ED South Pasadena, California POPPEN, LEILA Muskegon, Michigan 124 125 op Row POWELL, BARBARA Seattle, Washington PRATT, ANDRIA Fairbanks, Alaska PUGH, BILL Colorado Springs, Colorado RADECKE, MOLLIE Alton, Illinois RALEY, BILL Dallas, Texas RANGER, JANET Kerrville, Texas RALSCHER, JOYCE Denver, Colorado REAVEN, MELVIN East Chicago, Indiana ecend Row REDDISH, KATHLEEN ANN Denver, Colorado REED, LOREN San Angelo, Texas REID, JOAN Alameda, California RHIND, JUDY Hammond, Indiana RINENOUN, JOHN N. South Bend, Indiana REITORF, CONNIE Wilmington, Delaware RIGGENBACH, PEGGY Denver, Colorado RINGSBY, BEULA Boulder, Colorado Third Row ROBBINS, DOROTHY Boulder, Colorado RICKER, THAYER Highland Park, Illinois ROBERTSON, NANCY LEE Merion Station, Pennsylvania ROGERS, JAMES C, JR. Roswell, New Mexico RAEPNACK, LaVONNE Arvada, Colorado ROSENGUIST, CHARLES H. Rockford, Illinois ROSS, BETSY Cortez, Colorado ROTH, RICHARD L. Denver, Colorado Fourth Row RUBENSTEIN, LAURENCE S. Denver, Colorado RUFIEN, CHARLIE Wheat Ridge, Colorado RUNDELL, REID C. Webster Groves, Missouri RUSSELL, CHRISTY Socorro, New Mexico SAMUELSON, MARGARETT Weskan, Kansas SANSON, JoANN La Grange, Illinois SCHENK, NANCY Joliet, Illinois SCHENK, NANCY LYNN Joliet, Illinois Fifth Row SCHILLINGER, CHARLES Englewood, Colorado SCHNEIDER, TOM Chicago, Illinois SCHROIDER, GERHART Boulder, Colorado SCHUBERT, PATRICIA LYNN Pasadena, California SESS, ILA Wheat Ridge, Colorado SHARP, RAYNA C. Palo Alto, California SHORNEY, SYLVIA River Forrest, Illinois SHORT, ANNE Beach, North Dakota Bottom Row SIMMINGER, J. P. Sudell, Kansas SIMMONDS, WILLIAM LEE New York City, New York SLAGLE, JOHN Marhasset, New York SMITH, BERTA LEE Glenwood Springs, Colorado SMITH, BERTA LEE Glenwood Springs, Colorado SMITH, MARILYN Beach, North Dakota SMITH, TROY H. Carlsbad, New Mexico SHOUTGATE, JO Long Beach, California Top Row SNEAD, TOM Amarillo, Texas SPERRY, DONNA River Forest, Illinois SPARKMAN, CHARLES Denver, Colorado STAHLER, RICHARD Westchester, Illinois STANTON. PAT Denver, Colorado STARK, JAMES A. Wilmette, Illinois STARK, JON MARR Denver, Colorado STRANGE, ROBERT C. Hillsboro, Illinois STEHLIK, JOYCE Boulder, Colorado Second Row STILES, SHIRLEY El Paso, Texas STORM, VIRGINIA Sheridan, Wyoming STRAUS, LOIS Los Angeles, California STREET, HELEN RUTH El Paso, Texas STROWGER, JANE L. Portland, Oregon STUDEN, RALPH Robstown, Texas Third Row STURGES, THOMAS Pasadena, California STURTEVANT, WARREN Balboa, California SYKES, JOHN R. Chicago, Illinois TALSMA, BETH Omaha, Nebraska TANNER, ALBERT Wiggins, Colorado TANNER, BEV Minneapolis, Minnesota TAPPAN, DOROTHY Phippsburg, Colorado TARBELL, JOHN A. Kirkwood, Missouri TAYLOR, GENE Grand Junction, Colorado TAYLOR, HELEN SUZANNE Hinsdale, Illinois TAYLOR, JUNE Salt Lake City, Utah TAYLOR, VIRGINIA RUTH Harlan, Iowa Fourth Row THOMAS, ALICE M. Amarillo, Te xas TIDEMANSON, THOMAS A. Colorado Springs, Colorado TOMASHEK, CHARLES Shawano, Wisconsin TOMLINSON, BARBARA JO Steamboat Springs, Colorado TRASK, SANDRA Billings, Montana TREECE, JACK Grand Junction, Colorado TRESCH, SUSAN Woodstock, Illinois TROWBRIDGE, WALTER Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin TUCHY, PAT Cleveland, Ohio Boifom Row TURNER, GEORGE Altadena, California TURNER, JOANNE Denver, Colorado TURNQUIST, MARGARET Boulder, Colorado UEBELHOER, G. J. Denver, Colorado UHLEMANN, ANN Highland Park, Illinois UNDERWOOD, KITTY University City, Missouri SANGER, VALENTINE Julesburg, Colorado VAN DERBUR, VALERIE Denver, Colorado VAN HOOK, SHIRLEY Santa Monica, California 126 econd Row 127 VAN HORN, PAT Junction City, Kansas VANN, HOWARD Omaha, Nebraska VAN PARYS, JOAN Skokie, Illinois VAN PARYS, JOYCE Skokie, Illinois VAN SCHAACK. PETE Wilmette, Illinois VAN URK JEANNE Carthage, Missouri VAN WINKLE. MARY Chicago, Illinois VEALE, DOROTHY San Bernardino, California VLIET, GLENN Longmont. Colorado WALSH, DAVID C. Grosse Pointe, Michigan WALTER, HELEN Dubuque, Iowa WARREN, GWENN Oak Park, Illinois WEICHEL, BEVERLY Fort Collins, Colorado WEICHSEL. MORTON E. Pueblo, Colorado WEILER, JOHN Pueblo, Colorado WEIR, PHYLLIS Calgary, Alberta, Canada Third Row WEIS, ROBERT O. San Marino, California WERNER, FRED Greeley, Colorado WESLEY, DON Colorado Springs, Colorado WEST, BETTY Denver, Colorado WEST, JILL Greeley, Colorado WHEELOCK, CYNTHIA Grosse Pointe, Michigan WHISLER, DON Grand Junction, Colorado WHITE, GERARD Mavwood, Illinois WINTERS, MORLEY D. Denver, Colorado WIPPERN, RONALD Chicago, Illinois WITKIN, JACK Lakewood, Colorado WOLF, BEVERLY Phoenix, Arizona WOLFLIN, GRETCHEN Amarillo, Texas WOODHOUSE, CAROLYN JANE Birmingham, Michigan WOODMAN, JACK A. Denver, Colorado WYLIE, ALICE Glencoe, Illinois Fourth Row Bofiom Row WHITING, ELLIS North Platte, Nebraska WHITLOCK, WANDA Boulder, Colorado WILBUR. MILTON Kansas City, Missouri WILKERSON, JEAN Cedar Falls, Iowa WILLIAMSON, MARGARET ANN El Paso, Texas WILSON, MAHLON T. Nucia, Colorado WILSON, MARILYN Cortez, Colorado WILSON, MICHAEL L. Honolulu, Hawaii ZEHNER, BLY GEORGE Chicago, Illinois ZEKMAN, ROBERT Denver, Colorado ZIKA, JACK Boulder, Colorado ZOUCHAK, MARY ETHEL Rangley, Colorado YANAGIHARA, LOUISE K. Brighton, Colorado YATES, JOHN N. Colorado Springs, Colorado ZEFF, STEPHEN A. Highland Park, Illinois ?5=S, of law Back row, left to right: Ralph Ehrlich, Spalding Garlinghouse, Carl L. Lathrop, Willard H. McDermott, Robert O. Cash. Jr., George B. Dolan, Jr. Fifth row: Richard G. Fisher, Jr., Guy A. Hollenbeck, Howard C. Klemme, R. Janes Brennan, Donald L. Meloche, Hubert M. Safran, Henry L. Fusilier. Fourth row: Sanford D. Coleman, Richard H. Ross, Thomas J. Golden, William F. S::henkein, Martin Zerobnick, Jay E. Lutz, Marvin E. Wolf. Third row: Thomas P. Deering, Harrison J. Fisher, Charles R. Huber, Walter Johnson, Ralph W. Kondo, Charles E. Butler. Ralph W. Launius. Second row: Robert W. Gia- comini, William J. Crisp. Jr., Robert E. Parga, Kase Higa, Robert E. Teruya, Harold H. Yokoyama. Morio Omori, Francis Tsuzuki. Front row: Thomas E. Fairbanks, £. Bentley Hamilton, N. Boyd Ecker, John A. Cody, Thomas B. Bruton, Byron L. Akers, Jack K. Anderson. 128 Back row, left to right: Bill Russell, Fred Mattson, John D. Warren, Jim Heyer, Lawrence L. Fenton, John H. Schultz, Richard R. Helmick. Sixlh n: George Gatti, Dick Bernick, Charles D. Pierce, Ralph E. Miller, Eugene Dcikman. Harold Roberts, Gail F. Ouren, Russell R. Mather. Filth row: Gara Bennett, Jim Leithead, John Fortanna, Lawrence W. DeMuth, Jr., Neil L. Carleton, Courtland H. Peterson. Dale NL Harlan, John .A. Yantis. Don Giacomir Fourth row: Gerald T. Gardner, Bill Mattoon. Louis E. DePauli. Clyde R. Hampton, M. Keith Edwards. Lindsey R. Wingfield, Ramsey J. Guinn, Bruce Craig. Third row: Jim Hegarty, Ward Fischer. Bob Nagel. Wint Dahlstrom. William L. .Mitchell. Rov Romer, Jack Puckett, Tim Robberson, Bancroft Tap Second row: Norito Kawakami, P. J. Cabibi, D. L. Barnard. Baxter W. Arnold. Jr., Ralph .M. Clark. John C. Mulvihill, Don Melbyc. Hank Roath, Ort A. Daniel. First row: Sidney K. Adler, Graydon F. Dowis, Jr., Robert D. Ha. orth, Richard P. Cullen. Robert H. Buchanan. Kent E. Barnhill, James ' : Bruin. Harper L. Abbot, Rendie Myer. I: ,nrJ-f Back row, left to right: Carlson. E., McPhcrson, Manning, Stiteler, Nodn, Ocamb, Crozier, Wotkyns. Seventh row: Hedeguard, Sando, Zuck erman, Wubben, Silverberg. Zick, Kibbey, Kinney, Greenlee, Bloom, Brossia. Sixth row: Mehos, Miller, Carlsom, W. Mohoney, Uschenburg, McDonough, Labudovich, Maurice. Steinburg. Shove, Gydeser. Fifth row: Crane, Cohenour, Grover, Goodover, Gregory, Kochevar, Cook, Coriasso, Potestio, Kuhot, Kellum. Fourth row: Gound, Hansen, Haynes, Jacobey, Reed, Powers, Suneline, Wascher, Cotterson, Cecchin. Third row: Comish, Cotton, Bryant. Sawyer, Roberts, Weaver, Butterfield, Tavel, Dumar. Parsons. Second row: Demetry. Kurachi. Calkum, Bauer, Bcver, Adair, Gentry, Morris, C, Morris, N., Aliot. Front row: Ur- banick, Reid, Eagleton, Lappat, Miskowiec, Thomas, Bromme. Buckley. Freshman ! The freshman year is the year of " the ig three " — anatomy, biochemistry, and ihysiology. It is during the first year if his medical education that the be- vildered ( " they can ' t expect us to learn ' 11 of this " ) medical student learns pmething of the human body and how t works. Freshman class officers Walter Grand President Robert Zuckerman Vice-President Herbert Rolan Zick Secretary-Treasurer 129 school of medicine school of medkine I Sophomore Class Officers Rolland Harrington President Louis Wollenwebber Vice-President Jameg Williams Anderson Secretary-Treasurer Sophomores The second year medical student receives an introduction to a future adversary, infectious disease. He learns of the nature of the havoc and change inflicted on the human organism by the processes of disease, and acquires an acquaintance with a future ally, the drugs and medicines used to combat disease. 130 Back row, hit to right: Burnett, Taichert, Litvak, Luekens, Jr., Cibull, Sanchez. Sixth row: Babcock, Bartlett, Collier, Puis, Qui«ley, Neuberger. Names, Romi Bray, Hoppler. Fifth row: Newman, Jr., Schemmel, Cann, Fernau, Wollenwebber, Harvey, Rust, Martin, Carlson, Mackey. Fourth row: Bresnahan, Anderson, J., Anderson, H., Daniel, Hicks, Sadler, Wolach, Hannum Jr., Girard. Third row: Kline, Jr., Westland, Heetderke, Wigton, Moore, Schwartz, Smith, Chutkow. Wiley, Taguchi. Second row: Sabichi, Jackson, Joseph, Cottton, Iritani, Harrington, Watson, Watts, Morrell, Lowless. Front row: Hon- stein, Corbett, Hansen, Vigil, Zinky, Moss, Richardson, Job. Bafk row leit to right: Mendrek, Rember, Jones. Sixth row: Richie, Hall, McKell, Hohl, Eakins, (Copley, Hiatt, Pagnatta, Kahn, Humphrey. Fifth row: Man- afihaii, Jones, Talpers, Wasson, Barnard, Karachi, Cammack, Norton, Thulin, Hurley. Fourth row: Johnson, Cambor, Humphreys, Orchard, Rayburn, Crem- land, Pennington, Bartley, Mclntyre, Vigil. Third row: Young, Appleby, Wood, Moore, Clohessy, Woodard, McfCnight, Hume, Blankenship, Kearney. Sec- ond row: Shearer, Sears, Mertz, Dines, Roper, Wight, Momii, Minzer, Nashelsky, Bernstein. Front row: Speck, Hahming, Peterson, Nauman, Alexander, Nilsson, Warner, Good. Junior Class Officers James Edward Monaghan President Henry Mendrek Vice-President Nancy Alexander Secretory-Treasurer Juniors The junior " Doctor " begins his lifelong study of the art of medicine. His basic science years gave him a few fundamentals. His junior year presents him with living, anxious, sick, trusting human beings to be treated for their ills. Under close supervision he learns the elementary procedures used in the pro- cess of helping them to become well again. The hypothetical textbook problems are replaced by liv- ing challenges to his knowledge and understanding, and he becomes humbled by the realization of his own inadequacies. 131 school of medlcifie Back row, tejt to right: Betty Speier, Bebe Khrat, Kuth Nagel, Elsie Cook, Dorothy Krasovich, Anne Nelson. Second row: Jananne Ocamb, Sally Schroeder, Virginia Van Scoy, Virginia Lowe, Shirley Fuller, Mary Jane Stein. Front row: Agnes Porreco, Shirley Clark, Heidi H. Spellman, Kathleen McNabb, Betty Jo Eve, Grace E. Wahl. Not pictured: Anne Falk. Class Officers Anne Nelson, President Betty Speier, Secretary-Treasurer Class Sponsors Dr. E. R. Mugrage Miss Ida Swayne The Medical Technology course leads to the degree, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. This course requires three years of study on the Boulder campus and one calendar year at the University of Colorado Medical Center. Combined training in science and in medicine fully equips the graduate for positions in physician ' s offices, hospitals, and in research laboratories. The recent expansion in all phases of medical and hospital service has increased the need for accurate medical records of patient care. The Medical Record Librarian is an administrative position for men and women in the hospital and medical field. These students are finishing the four-year course, with their senior year at the Department of Medicine in Denver. 132 left to right: Ruth Gottschalk, Joanne Poole, Helena Hatfield, Barbara Lawson. Left to right: Barbara Lawson, Helena Hatfiield, Grayce Barber, Wayne Sheller, Ruth Gottschalk, Joanne Poole. medical records librarians Student Association Officers Denver General Hospital Division President Dorothy Myers Vice President Nora Leavitt Secretary Nanette Ehret Treasurer Mary Gomez Senior Class Representative ..Jo Anne Hallam Junior Class Rep Jeanine Frederick Sophomore Class Rep Jane McGlothlin Freshman Class Representative Faculty Advisers Marjorie Snyder Dorothy Johnston Alice Haakinson University Hospital Division Norma Bell Kathleen Baker Jo Lee Kilpatrick Janet Hartley Jenny Miller Jo Lee Kilpatrick Kathleen Baker Dolores Bare Elizabeth Harris Mary Parkinson Alice Haakinson £L .k.j Left to ri ftt: Mary AitatTer, Maxine Ashcraft, Violet Benson, Charlotte M. Brown, Helen Colmery. The School of Nursing student body is or- ganized under two divisions — one on the Boul- der Campus and one on the Denver Campus. The Nursing Majors Association in each of these divisions is organized to promote the professional nursing interests of the group. 133 Delubina Dunst Jean Evans Jerrlyn Fountain Mona Hagen Susanna Hageman Virginia Higbee Vernetta Holm Carol Hotchkiss Beth Johnston Hazel Klar Clara Kuchler Charlotte Larson Phyllis Manson Jenny Miller Frances Myers Mary Perkins Jane Rice Encarnacions Rios Virginia Searle Kimie Sugane Fay Twist Patricia Wolfenbarger Dorothy Yanaru Betty Zak school of nursii hospital diviston denver campus I Back row, ItU to right: Patton, Myers, Strange. Knowles. Walker. Second row: Aubel. Mee. Ehret, Whitehouse, Frederick, Horlocker, Frederick, Hult- quist, Harquail. front row: Parsons, Hall, Edwards, Williamson, Charles, Miczynski, Kinzie, Jones, Grouse, Fabrizio. Back row. left to right: Ingram, Anderson, Fenske, McGlothlin, Leavitt, Hendrickson. Third row: Colyar, Colvin, Schilling Groft Dinwiddie, Chase, " I«.« Osborn, Gomez, Barnes. Second row: Hoagland, Murray, Kasic, Niemi, Martin, Hartley, Berndt, Sydenham, Matson, Poison, McCoy, front row: Morn- son, McCoy, Everson, Page, Baker, Deapen, Fukaye, Holland, Griffith, Holden. Back row, left to right: Backlund, Deines, Griffith, Smith, Myers, Mosley, Bare, McBride, Edwards. Middle row: Shannon, Rogers, Bisscll, Green, Linn, Bishop, Arnold, Anderson. Front row: Lipp, Miller, Schlichter, Guigas, Long. 134 ■ Back Back ruw, lejl lo right: Alice Dufur, Mary Failor, Marguerite Berry, Pauline Barton, Irena Cook. Lucy Hoekstra, Alice Krieg, Elizabeth Aveiy. Front row Shirley Fisher, Mildred Murray, Marcella King, Darlene Muehler, Joan Whitaker, Helga Larsen, Jane Watts. 135 Back row, left lo right: Jane Hawley, Barbara Schultz. Caroline Thalman. Lavonne Harding, Alice Frith. Kathleen Reddish, Carol Lawrence, Vivienne Lar- son. Second row: Helen Miller, Mary Jane Edholm, Louise Yanagihara, .Marian McLemon, Marcia Spiegel, Sylvia Barton, Jane McCormick, Mary March, i! ' , " .? ' .r » ' ■ ' « ' ' • Front row: Dorothy Robbins. Mary Reigle, Phyllis Anderson. Betty Jean May, Dianne Glass, Marilyn Stanek, .Marilyn Dav. Virginia Bates. Nellie Balocca. boulcter division 1 naval reserve officers training corps I w3 BS2 I This past year has been a great year for our unit. It been both busy and interesting. We have seen the hard worl of past years pay off in the forms of superb morale and ; splendid espirit de corps. Our unit has become for us no only a place to receive instruction, but also an organizatioi of which we may all be very proud ; it is an organization ii which our common goal makes our college life as a whol more meaningful. The unit ' s activities during the past year have been man;: and varied. We began this school year by welcoming into ou ranks a fine Freshman Class. These men have borne out th great potential which we knew they had. Navy ' s intramure teams have been consistently successful, having won th school championship in volley-ball and copped the independ ent league championships in football, basketball, and wate polo. These teams were splendid in every way and the bai talion may justly be proud of them. Last spring the unit pai ticipated in the second annual Military Ball which is give each year by the joint efforts of the Army, Navy, and Ai Force ROTG units here at the University. This event wa enjoyed by all hands and we are looking forward to a bigge and better Military Ball this coming spring. Star Sextan the unit ' s Professional Fraternity, has also been the sponsc of many social activities enjoyed by the unit. In the field ( our activities which have been more military in nature, th Battalion has participated in all school parades and in tl Dad ' s Day festivities. The unit ' s Drum Bugle Corps ar Drill Team under the able leadership of Colonel Brad USMC, have contributed greatly to the success of oi parades. Back row. left to right: John Orzalli, Robley Winfrey, Roger Allen, Ron Schnorr, Howard Ewy, Don Meloclje, Ken Kleinholz. T rd roa.: A E. Hawkins, J. B. Volger J. C. Brooks, C. H. Dodson, W. L. Kitchens, G. L. Fehrman. Second row: C. B Raper, QMI; R W McElroy YNC; G. H. Warner, DKC; 13S M. B. Russell, CMC; R. G. Jordan, FCC; W. Baker, ETC. First row: LCDR R. E. Pine USN ; LCDR J J. Kempner, USNR ; L . Col J. G. Brady, ' ' USMC; Capt. D. S. Evans, USN; Cdr. V. H. Wildt, USN; LCDR H. R. Swanson. Jr., USNR; LCDR R. W. Geer SC, USN; Lt. J. C. Loveday, USN. •.«i .- -. ' tt I M t ' •JTS.r By far the most anticipated activities of our school year ' are the summer cruises. Each summer all regular and senior contract Midshipmen leave their books behind and head for ■ their ports of embarkation. These cruises are for the purpose ' of supplementing our classroom instruction with practical ' experience on the ships and installations which we study about. Our cruises average around six weeks and are arrang- j ed so that many interesting liberty ports are included. I Senior and Sophomore Midshipmen participated in I " Cruise Charlie " this past summer. They were aboard De- stroyers and the Battleship MISSOURI. The Destroyers in the task force were the VOGELGESANG, ELLISON, BORDOLON, and STEINAKER, comprising Destroyer Di- vision 42. Ports of call on this cruise were Colon, Panama C.Z., New York City, Guatanamo Bay, Cuba, and Norfolk, Va. Senior Marine Corps candidates reported to the Marine Corps Schools at Quantico, Va. this past summer for six weeks of intensive training. These Midshipmen take a sp ecial course of study during their last two years of college and will receive commissions as Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps upon graduation. Junior Midshipmen were landlocked this past summer, dividing their six-week tour of duty between the Naval Amphibious Training Center at Little Creek, Va. and the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Fla. They participated in classroom instruction integrated with practical experience in planes and amphibious craft. All in all, these cruises are educational, practical, and enjoyed by all hands. For the senior class of Midshipmen, June 10, 1952, is a day which is anxiously awaited. On that day they will not only receive their diplomas, but their commissions as well ; on that day they will say " FAREWELL TO COLLEGE JO S " and take their places in the Fleet and in the Marine Corps. That day is anxiously awaited by the seniors, because on that day they will become officers in the greatest Navy the world has ever known ! 137 m [0 corps The four-year Army ROTC course at the Uni versity is designed to produce not only well-trainei military engineers, but also well-rounded youn men. For the first two years the new cadets ar schooled in basic Army and Engineering funda mentals. Such courses as rifle marksmanship, ma| reading, and military explosives complement th leadership, drill and command curriculum whicl comprises the backbone of the training program. The last two years, the advanced course, leai the cadets into more technical subjects pertaining t their future as Army engineers. Tactics, militar roads and bridging, river crossings, military admir istration and law all prepare them for various phase of their military career. i To supplement the classroom work, every cade attends a six-week term at the Army engineer cami at Ft. Lewis, Washington — usually during the sum mer between his junior and senior years. Here prac tical applications of classroom theories are combine with a familiarization with Army modes of living, so that each cadet becomes acquainted with his dutie and responsibilities as an officer. j 138 Back row, hit to Tight: Cadet Capt. Robert I. Woodward, Cadet Capf. James R. Donnelly, Cadet Capt. Daniel H. Sise, Cadet Capt. Lawrence N. Malouff. Third row: S.F.C. Lawrence A. Snyder, S.F.C. Albert R. Duncan, M sgt. Georiie H. Pickett, Cadet Capt. Joseph M. Lacy, Cadet Capt. Edwin S. Kyle, Cadet Capt. Duane L. Roberts. Second row: M Sgt. Lawrence W. Crehore, W.O.J .G. George E. Stevens, Capt. John E. Davis, Cadet Maj. John E. Cody, Cadet Maj. Thomas J. Card, Capt. O. F. Wright, Capt. John F. White, Col. Cornroan L. Hahn, Cadet Lt. Col. M. Hawley Smith, Cadet Lt. Col. Raymore D. Walcher, Cadet Lt. Col. Hans M. Roder, I ot shown in picture; Capt. Bacile D. Doyle, Capt. Stephen R. Jurca. Capt. William E. Laybourn, Major John W. Weinehardt, Major Ralph G. Curtis. S: %t:A4Bt v.- mm ■ 1 UmS i WmWm y % Wc ' • • • • • • ' ■ % • • • • -.ff- s . 1 f . • • • • • • • • • 1 9m ■Eft.; 1 - ?7 — : 4? i«CO I 139 But not all is stern devotion to duty in the ranks f the cadets: Drilling, learning, working together iiilds the base for friendship; taking part in the adets ' own social programs cements it. This year, for the first time, the Army entered earns in intramural competition. It was a late start, ' Ut considerable interest was aroused and the way as cleared for full programs in years to come. A new society was introduced when a chapter f S.A.M.E., a national military engineer society, as established on the campus. The primary purpose f this club is to keep its members up-to-date with le rapidly shifting engineer techniques of modern varfare. ' [ Older organizations flourish as well. The rifle earn competed in a number of matches, both local nd national. Pershing Rifles, the military honorary k ' as active in special drills and meetings, and sup- lied color guards, honor guards and ushers for many ampus functions. The annual Military Ball was well-planned and ell-brought-off. Finally, mention must be made of ,ie several beer-busts, both planned and impromptu, hich were universally enjoyed. air force reserve officers training corps In keeping with its policy to provide a continu- ing source of highly capable young officers, the United States Air Force established Detachment Number 35 of the Air Force Reserve Officer Train- ing Corps at the University of Colorado on July 1, 1951. The present program of instruction at the Uni- versity is specifically designed to provide two cate- gories of officers: (1) Officers who have been train- ed in the basic subjects necessary for flight training, and (2) officers proficient in Administration and Logistics, who can be assigned directly to positions of responsibility with the Air Force. It is contem- plated that additional training options for officer specialities will be available at the University when facilities permit. During the basic (freshman and sophomore) years of the four year program, AF ROTC Cadets study subjects of a background and foundation na- i ture such as world political geography, basic flight and weather courses, Air Force history, concepts, and administration. Back row, left to right: M Sgt. James B. H. Dodd, M Sijt. Robert I. Russ, T Sgt. William W. Fabing. Second row: T Sgt. Eldore W. Bohl. M Sgt. Christian J 0 F. Nielsen, S Sgt. Robert F. Breault, Maj. Harry G. Staulcup. Front row: Ma). Virgil F. Prem, Maj. Edwin H. Ham, Col. John W. Egan, Maj. Robert E. Showalter, Capt. Robert D. Peterson, Sr. Back row, left to right: Cadet Capt. Courtland H. Peterson, Cadet Sgt. Maj. Don L. Palmbeck, Cadet Capt. Lawrence W. DeMuth Jr., Cadet Capt. Robert H. Meyer, Cadet Capt. Peter J. Crouse, Cadet Capt. William M. Hector. Fourth row: S Sgt. Clarence W. Grossman. Cadet Capt. Robert C. Emrick, Cadet Capt. Jack B. Green, Cadet Capt. Wallace L. Johnson. Cadet .M Sgt. Joseph T. Kinj, Cadet Capt. John L. Swijert Jr., T Sjt. William W. Fabing. Third row: M Sit. Chris F. Nielsen, Cadet Lt. Col. Fichard E. Mythen. Cadet M Sgt. Herman H. F. Wat, Cadet Capt. Norman L. Eggleston, Cadet Capt. Robert S. Garner. Cadet Capt. James M. Wilkins, Cadet Capt. Roger L. Williams. S Sgt. Robert F. Reault. Second row: T Sgt. Eldore W. Bohl, Cadet Lt. Col. John C. Kenehan. Cadet Lt. Col. Hugh C. Caridson. Cadet Col. Robert J. Perkins, Cadet Col. Perry W. Squyures, Cadet Col. Philip E. Cohen, Cadet Lt. Col. William K. Gibson, M Sgt. James Dodd. First row: M Sgt. Robert L Rusa, Capt. Robert D. Peterson Jr., Ma). Robert W. Showalter, Col. John W. Egan, Maj. Edwin H. Ham, Maj. Harry G. Staulcup, Maj. Virgil F. Prem. 141 3i During the Advanced Course (junior and sen- Dr) years, specialized subjects pertinent to the vareer Training Option that the cadet has selected re studied. The Air Force provides all instructional ma- srial such as books, aids, and special equipment. In ddition Air Force blue uniforms are issued to adets during their freshman and sophomore years, nd a complete uniform is purchased by the Air ' orce for each advanced course student who suc- essfully completes the program of instruction. Ad- anced course students are paid a subsistance allow- nce of $0.90 per day during the entire period of their dvanced course status. The AF ROTC program has many provisions or recognizing outstanding leadership, scholastic bility, and special aptitudes. All graduates will find rieir life ' s work through the program in the award ' f a regular Air Force commission. All graduates vill find in the Air Force an opportunity to employ a high degree their academic training which the Ur Force considers to be so vital a part of the over- 11 officer training and procurement program. jacks .v. ■A it- iMMk M " ' " ' ' ,- . athletics The athletic fields of endeavor are vital to the society known as college. The stalwarts who devote their time and energies to athletics are incorpor- ated into the 1952 Goloradan theme as " jacks. " K, ' 1 These knaves of the university bring as much publicity to the school as any other branch of academic life. A winning team can attract as many prospective students to enroll as a sound scholastic repu- tation. L......S The value of sports is multi-fold. It offers recreation for both participants and spectators among other things. No college reminiscing would be complete without the memories of autumn football, winter basketball, or spring baseball. And the silver and gold teams made the entire Rocky Mountain region proud during the 1951-52 seasons. In minor sports and major sports alike, the local teams ranked high in the Big Seven conference, one of the nations toughest. The intramural program cannot be overlooked. Over a thousand campus men and women participate annually in the numerous intramural sports. S a y i n : RICK SANBORN 143 i This year, as always, the cheerleading squad has been the backbone of CU. ' s fine spirit. The leaders work in conjunction with the Buff Pep Club and assist the Club in many ways. Not only is the squad present at the home games but at various pep ral- lies where their enthusiasm helps to make the rallies successful The yell-leaders do not confine themselves to home games and have been the mainstay of Colo- rado ' s rooting section at most of the out of town games. Heading the squad are two capable leaders, George Helder and Loren Siffring. George, who hails from Grand Rapids, Iowa, is a senior and has had two years experience. Loren, from Pueblo, Colorado, is a junior and will be around next year to help make the squad as good as this year ' s group. Joanne Atanasoff and Sue Johnson have also been yell-leading for the past two years. Joanne is from Boulder, while Sue lives in Palisade, Colorado. The vitality and zest that these two girls show cannot be equaled. The eagerness, pep, and loud lungs of the new members of the squad have helped to mold the squad into one of the finest. These new members are: Sally Altick, Chloanna Stillwagon, Al Pereira, Cramer Jenkins, Gould Alli- son, and Jean Stevens. May we extend our appreciation — Thanks Cheerleaders. 144 front row. Ivjt to right: Stillwagon, Johnson, Steavens, Attanasoff, Altick. Second row: Jenkins, Allison, Pereira, Helder. «N Dean Harry G. Carlson, Dean of Men, is serving his twenty-fifth year as Director of Athletics at the University of Colorado. The standards set by Dean Carlson have brought recognition of his excellent athletic policies throughout the country. He came to Colorado university in 1927 and served as head baseball coach from then until 1945. Dean Carlson serves as an outstanding rep- resentative of the faculty and of the athletic department. William C. Lam, better known as " Kayo, " graduated from Colorado univer- sity in 1935. He was one of the outstanding athletes that has come out of C.U. in the last fifty years. After graduating, he re- turned to C.U., eventually becoming assis- tant Dean of Men. He also served as wrest- ling and assistant freshman football coach. In 1941 " Kayo " was appointed as graduate manager of athletics and assistant professor of physical education. Professor Warren O. Thompson, head of the Geology department, also serves as faculty representative of athletics at the University. Besides writing several articles Dean Harry Carlson Director of Athletics in various science magazines, he is an active member in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Geological Soci- ety of America, the Rocky Mountain As- sociation of Geologists, the Geophysical Union. Wayne Duke, Director of Sports Pub- licity, came from Burlington, Iowa, where he attended Iowa university, majoring in journalism. He came to C.U. this year and made use of his journalistic tendencies by taking over the job of Sports Director. William C. Lam Business Manager of Athletics Wayne Duke Director of Sports Publicity Prof. W ' arren Thompson Faculty Representative 145 of iliiltlcs football Dallas Ward Dallas Ward, head coach of the football squad finished his fourth and most successful season at Colorado. Ward played college football, basketball, and baseball at Oregon State College, and was selected as an all-Pacific- Coast Conference end his senior year. Following graduation, he became coach for Marshall high school in Minneapolis, and developed four city championship teams. In 1936, Ward accepted a position on the Minnesota coaching staff as a scout and freshman coach. After spending three years in the Navy, he returned to coach the backfield for the University of Minnesota. In 1948, Coach Ward came to Colorado and has since developed the Colo- rado team into one of the best teams in the Big Seven Conference. Marshall Wells, the former Minnesota All-American, is head line coach for the Buff squad. In 1933, he played in the East- West game in San Fran- cisco. In 1942, when he was an officer in the Navy ' s physical training program, he played tackle for Bernie Bierman on the Iowa Preflight school team. He has served as line coach at Yale, Iowa State, Hamline, and was head coach at Sioux Falls College before coming to CU. Eugene " Bus " Gentry came from St. Paul at Ward ' s request to act as the Buff end coach. He was a star baseball player and a member of the foot- ball squad at the University of Minnesota. Following graduation. Gentry produced two championship football teams at Calome, South Dakota in his two years as coach there. The next year he turned out another championship team at Willmar, Minnesota. He then went to Yankton, South Dakota where his success continued. He produced another championship team at Central high school in St. Paul. After spending three years as a Major in the army he returned to St. Paul to coach Monroe high school. In 1948 he joined the CU coaching staff. Frank Prentup, backfield coach and head baseball coach joined the Buff coaching staff in 1941. He played quarterback for Coach " Bo " McMillin ' s Kansas State team for three years and lettered in boxing, swimming, and baseball before graduating in 1932. Prentup has coached championship Kan- sas high school teams at Genesco, Frankfurt, Beloit, and Manhattan. During the war Prentup served two years as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. Aubrey Allen, former football and track star at Colorado is the trainer for the football team. He is now working on a master ' s degree in addition to his training duties. 146 Frank Prentup Eufiene Gentry Marshall Wells Aubrey A!len ' .J = t-i. £tk-iir rosr, left to right: End Coach Gentry, B-Squad Coach Jenkins, Head Coach Ward, Liiti. C ' icli Wells, Baclcfield Coach Prentup, Trainer Allen, Equip- ment Manager Akins. Seventh row: Brooks. Hardy, Deitrich, Brakewood, Greenwood, Fischer. Sixth row: Mitchell, Klamann, Stapp, Dahm, Heap, Brymer, Hunt, Hill, R. Johnson. Fifth row: Allen, Burwell, Poppe, McCandless, Marshall, Horton, McCarthy, Glass. Fourth row: Knowlton, Popoff, Raveling, Huffer, Knafeic, Cain. Figner, Gray. Third row: Demp, Morton, Stander. Van Home, Evans, Jordan, Venzke, Fisher, Curtis. Second row: Ryder, Swigert, Hortnt:, Williams, Branby, Shepherd, Brookshier, Dalthorp. First row: Shelton, Wilson, Vandeventer, Rickels, Jorgenson, H. Johnson, Hodel, Mosher, Davidson. 147 The year 1951 was one of the greatest years in history for CU ' s football team. The Golden Buffaloes for the first time since their entrance into the Big Seven were one of the top football teams in this conference. Colorado ended its fourth season in the Big Seven with a conference record of five wins against one defeat, thus entitling them to second place. The Buffs started out their conference season with two home games. They first defeated Kansas 35-27 in a hard fought but well deserved game, and next they out- played and defeated Missouri 34-13. The Kansas State game was the Buffs first vic- tory away from home in the Big Seven since their entrance into the conference. They won the contest 20-7. Oklahoma was the only Big Seven team to defeat Colorado during the 1951 season and decisively de- feated the Buffs by a score of 55-14. The Golden Herd next rolled over Iowa State before a homecoming crowd of 21,000 in Folsom Field by a score of 47-20. Colorado ' s last conference game was played in Ne- braska where they defeated the Cornhusk- ers by a score of 36-14, In non-conference competition, the Buffs had a record of two wins and two losses. They defeated Colorado Aggies in the first game of the season 28-13. The Buffs easily trampled the Redskins from Utah 54-0, This season was the second time in history that Colorado tackled Big Ten teams. They were defeated by Northwestern 35-14 before a crowd of 45,000 in Dyche stadium and lost their last game of the season to the powerful Michigan State team, 45-7. As for individuals, Jack Jorgenson was picked to play in the East- West Shrine game on January 1, 1952. He was also picked by Collier ' s for All-West honors and was on the all Big Seven defensive team, Roger Williams was fourth in conference scoring and Zack Jordan was third in conference passes, Tom Brookshier and Don Branby were placed on the Big Seven defensive team and Chuck Mosher was on the offen- sive team. The 1951 season was in every way one of the best seasons for football that Colo- rado has ever witnessed. I ... I Colorado 28 Colorado a m 1 3 The Colorado Buffs initiated their first game of the season by defeating the A M Rams 28-13. The Buffs first score came in the first period when Shelton skirted left end, and Williams converted to make the score 7-0. The Herd ' s second score came early in the second period when Venzke snagged a Jordan pass on the goal line; Williams again made good the conversion. In the middle of the second quarter the Rams finally scratched pay dirt after a 91 yard drive which was made possible by the beautiful passing of Don Buroughs. In the final quarter, the Ag- gies again scored with a pass by Bill Mullane; however, Rollins failed to make the extra point, and Colorado remained in front by a score of 14-13. The thundering Herd finally regained fire by scoring twice in the last minute and a half of play. Hardy made the first of the last two scores on a left end run. The final tally was accomplished after an intercepted pass when Hodel bulldogged his way across from the one yard line. 148 Jordan speeds past two Ag ie defensemen. Chuck Mosher Ralph Curtis r L-M Zack Jordan Tom Brookshicr Gray crosses the 40. 149 The Golden Buffaloes traveled to Evanston, 111, to be the guests of the Northwestern Wildcats. With the Wildcats pass pattern working to perfection, Northwestern stopped Colorado 35 to 14. The Cats hit three times through the air and twice on the ground. Passes set up one Buff score and directly accounted for the other. Trailing 21 to in the third quarter, the Herd caught fire. Jordan passed to Ron Johnson, who sped to the ' Cats ' 22 before being tackled from behind. The Buffs drove to the six where Shel- ton scored on a reverse. The Golden Herd scored once more. A kick off return by Hardy, and passes by Jordan to Shelton and Johnson put the ball on the opponents eight. A pass was then completed to Shelton in the end zone. The score does not indicate the performance that the Buffs exhibited. They gained 15 first downs to the ' Cats ' six. Colorado compiled 359 yds. to its foes 334, but could never amass its yardage at one time. Johnson and Hardy looked good on offense while Branby, Stander, and Jorgenson stood out on defense. ffioithwestem J 5 Colorado 14 Colorado 3 5 kansas u 17 Behind a hard-blocking ground attack lead by Ron Johnson and a well-aimed passing attack, the Herd thundered over the Kansas Jayhawks to the delight of 28,000 fans. At the end of 60 minutes of fast offensive play, the team left the field with an im- pressive 35 to 27 win. The first score came after 6 minutes of play, when Jordan .threw to Hodel and then scored off his right tackle from the two yard line; Williams kicked the first of five extra points, and the Buffs began to move. Later in the first quarter, Brookshier took a hand-off from Shelton on a punt and went all the way for a touch- down. Kansas scored twice in the second quarter and the half ended Colorado 14, Kansas 13. Ron Johnson started the second half with a touchdown after an 80 yard sustained drive; with only 4 minutes left, Lee Venzke went over from the 1 yard line, and Bill Horton, after being called back from a touchdown by a penalty, threw to Venzke in the end zone to make the final tally. Woodie Shelton 150 Unpassabic Brookshier smothers K. U. man. Don Branby Larric Horinc Koiiir Hum i li «ti Shelton cuts for yardage. 151 Colorado, sparked by the powerful driving of Ralph Curtis and the electrifying broken field running of Woody Shelton, scored its first victory over Missouri since the days of the immortal Whiz- zer White. The Tigers lead by Junior Wren jumped to an early 7-0 lead, but the Buffs cut loose in the second quarter with a three touch- down onslaught. The first came on a line plunge by Curtis from the one yard line. Three minutes later it was again Curtis on a 51 yard dash for the Buff ' s second score. Wren passed to Merrifield, who found himself without a Buff defender near, stepped into the endzone, but the Buff ' s went on to score three more times by Shelton, Curtis and Hodel with help from Vandeventer, Jordan, Mosher, and Williams to end the game 34 to 13. Jack Swigert Colorado 34 missouri 13 I Colorado 20 kansas state 7 A three year jinx was broken at Manhattan, Kansas, as the Buffs downed Kansas State 20-7 at the Wildcats Homecoming game. It was Colorado ' s first league game victory away from home since joining the Big Seven. The Herd scored in each of the first three periods. Hodel setting the stake for the first Colorado score by reeling off tackle on a 56 yard dash to the K-State one yard line. Williams took it over from there. Then minutes after the opening of the second quarter, Shephard pounced on a Wildcat fumble on the State 23. It took only two power plays with Hodel carrying the ball and the Buffs were again at touchdown ' s door. The door opened, and for the second time Williams was across the goal line for the touch- down. Williams again converted and it was Colorado 14, K-State 0. Colorado ' s third score came in the third stanza after the Buffs had powered the ball from the K-State 40 to paydirt; Hodel slam- ming over from the one yard stripe. The Wildcat ' s lone score came on a brilliant pass play which netted 94 yards. Starns caught Brown ' s pass on the Buff 35 and outran the entire Buff secondary for the score. 152 It ' s Hardy in a game of " Where Am I? " LaVerne Rickets Ronnie Johnson Carroll Hardy i Cliff Vandeventer Roger Williams Johnson sets his stride. 153 Colorado ' s dream of Big Seven football dominance was chushed by Bud Wilkinson ' s mighty Oklahoma Sooners. The Okies showered the Bulls with an eight touchdown assault as they steamrolled over the Herd 55-14. While the Homecoming crowd of 42 thousand was still getting settled in their seats at Owen Field, Eddie Crowder, Oklahoma ' s brilliant quarterback, had thrown a 37 yard touchdown pass to halfback Jack Heatley. Weatherall converted and Oklahoma led 7-0 with less than two minutes gone. In the following 16 minutes, the Sooners scored three more times. Crowder completing six of his first seven passes with four of them going for touchdowns. Behind the passing of Crowder and the line busting of Fullback Buck McPhail, Oklahoma led 27-0 at the end of the first period and 41-0 at the half. The Buffs, outplayed in all departments in the first half, came back to play the Sooners evenly the second half. On the first play from scrimmage in the third stanza, the Sooners fumbled and the Herd recovered on the Oklahoma 31. From there they drove to score; Ronnie Johnson scoring from the 13 on a triple reverse Oklahoma 55 Colorado 14 I Colorado 47 io¥fa state ZO A cold and windy day, enlivened by a victory for the Buffs, climaxed G.U. ' s homecoming on November third. Johnson started Colorado ' s drive against the Cyclones by making the first T.D. at the end of six minutes of play. The first half was marked by numerous yard-gaining passes by the Jordan, Mosher, Sheldon combination. An Iowa State pass intercepted by Shepherd and taken to paydirt by Figner had the stands shouting. Half-time was enlivened by the colorful formations of the Iowa State band, the Alumni band, and the C.U. marching bands. After an uneventful third quarter, both teams came to life in the fourth. Hardy thrilled the 21,000 spectators when he carried the ball 38 yds. to score Colorado ' s 40th point. The Buff ' s last T.D. of the day was made when Iowa State fumbled the ball and the Buffs carried it across the line. At the closing gun with a final score of 47-20, the Golden Buffaloes made homecoming a truly success- ful one. 154 Johnson skirts ri t end. Tom Cain Merwin lludcl Lee V cnzke ' ■ Shelton heads for 20 yards. 155 Tom Evans The last home game on November 10th ended in a blaze of glory for the Buffs and a smashing defeat for the Redskins from Utah. Jordan sparked the long string of touchdowns; and from then on, everyone got into the act. Williams ' toe was in good form as he converted a high percentage of extra points. Woody, as usual, was scampering to the delight of the fans and to the dismay of the Utes. Meanwhile, mighty Merve was pounding the Red- skins ' line with powerful, smashing attacks. The whole game was highlighted by hard, efficient blocking which carved the way to many spectacular gains. Freshman Carroll Hardy excited the spectators with his playing and showed great promise for the future. The day was undoubtedly a great team victory for the Golden Buffs who netted a total of 627 yards. Gar Knafelc Colorado 54 utah I Colorado 36 nebraska 14 A cold and shivering but loyal group of 2,000 Buff fans watched the Golden Buffaloes grind out a 36-14 win over the Ne- braska Huskers, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and take over undisputed second place honors in the Big Seven Conference. The Herd was slow in starting after Nebraska scored the first touchdown, but Big Merv began softening the line, while Shelton and Johnson ran around the ends. The first G. U. score came when Hardy took a pitchout from Williams and went all the way for a touchdown ; Jordan later crossfired a pass to Chuck Moser for the next touchdown, and Hodel passed to Davidson in the end zone for the last tally of the first period. The second half was ruled by Jordan ' s well-placed punts. Kicking out on the Nebraska 4 yard line, he set up a safety and a little later kicked out on the one-foot line. Williams scored the next touchdown through the line, and Hardy put the game on ice in the fourth quarter by scoring from the two-yard line. 156 Jordan sweeps right end. George Fijiner Dave Hil! Hilary Johnson Jim Stander Ready for the kill. 157 Winding up an outstanding season, the Buffs lost 45-7 to a Spartan eleven determined to regain its title as the nation ' s top team. After a few minutes of indecisive opening play, Michigan State breezed 79 yards in six downs, tallying on a long pass from Dorow to Carey. Four minutes later a 51-yard Spartan run made the score 13-0. Colorado ' s strong offensive was marred by fumbles, penalties, and bad breaks; but the Buffs, led by Hodel, Jordan, and Mosher, succeeded in penetrating to the Spartan 37-yard line, when Ellis intercepted a Jordan pass. On the first play of the second half Carroll Hardy took the ball on a buck lateral and scooted 67 yards for Colorado ' s only touchdown. Bad breaks and penalties continued to plague the Buff offen- sive, while the CU defense, in spite of battlers like Brookshier, Dalthorp, Greenwood, and Jorgenson, steadily gave way to the charging Spartan attach. michigan state 45 Colorado 7 b squad football I Coach Ray Jenkins Because of the new rule permitting freshmen to play varsil, football, Colorado ' s second team this year was composed of all players who did not make the varsity traveling squad. Head coach Ray Jenkins, assisted by Warren Erbe and Tom Render, divided the squad into three teams — a freshman offensive, a varsity offen- sive, and a defensive team composed of the best men from both groups. Playing raggedly, Colorado opened the season by defeating an outclassed Wyoming B team 27-7. GU suffered a letdown after an early tally in the game with Colorado Aggies, the final score being 7-7. Nebraska bowed to the Buffs 7-0, thanks to a quick CU touch-j down and superior line play throughout the game. Against Camp Carson the Buffs played their best game oi the season, beating a large and powerful team 39-12. The unbeaten Lowry Field team handed the Buffs their only defeat, 0-23. Fort Lewis A and M fell 26-0 before Colorado ' s snappy at- tack and outstanding defense in the final game of the season. 4 eO Back row, left to right: Stocking, Coach Jenkins, Asst. Coach Erbe, Larkin, Asst. Coach Rcnnels. Third row: Blackwill, Reid, Scji!f| Dexter, Mikkelsen. Second row: Enma, Van Schaack, Rosenthal, Dienama, Hoffman. First row: Russhi, Forgan. Curtis, Parker, Larson, Boyer. ■-«eiy Back row. left to right: Bunte, Yardle . Hitldirsuii. koop, Gompert. Second Row: Akins, Stuart, Munns, Karst, Ratiglos, Jeangerard, Lawson. Front row: X59 Walseth, Lockwood, Conway, Amaye, Harrold, Coach Lee- ' A pre-season preview rated Colorado ' s basketball team at the 50ttom of he Big 7 ladder. However, the much under-rated Buffs iroved that they had what it takes to disprove the predictions of he experts. The Buffs climbed the ladder of the Big 7 standings to inish in 4th place, tied with Oklahoma. Adding to this fine accom- )lishment, the home bucketeers defeated two of the top ten teams n the nation — Kansas State and Wyoming. Coach, H. B. (BEBE) Lee, the man who was greatly respon- ible for the success of our 1951-52 bucketeers, entered his second ear as head coach for the University of Colorado. Lee ' s basket- )all accomplishments have been many. He played three years with he Stanford University team which won three conference cham- lionships in three consecutive years. He was assistant coach at Stanford, head coach at Utah State, and head coach at Colorado M before becoming head coach at Colorado University. With the able assistance of Sox Walseth, Bebe has made re- aarkable strides in the upward direction. Here ' s to the future — it iromises to be a good one. Coach Lee baskeii ll Colorado 62 wielilfd 55 The Buff basketball team opened their 1951 season with a victory over Wichita University by a score of 62-55. The game was played in Colorado ' s field house. Whitey Gom- pert led the Buffs to vic- tory with 17 points to his credit. He was also the out- standing defensive Buff player and was assisted by Ken Koop who played an excellent game. The bucke:-ball ballet. Hug that pill, Whity. 160 The Colorado basket- ball team lost their second cage tilt of the season to Colorado A M. They were defeated on their own court by a score of 65-58. The game was close and exciting with three overtimes necessary b e - fore a tie was broken and the Aggies won. Art Bunte and Ken Koop tied as high pointment for the Buffs with 11 points apiece. Colorado a«tin 65 Colorado 58 cdoradb a m 62 orado 51 161 The Buffs lost their sec- ond game to Colorado Ag- gies at Fort Collins by a score of 62-51. The Colo- rado cagers played a frigid game with many fouls. The Rams hit 30 out of 39 free- throws and the Buffs hit 19 out of 31. Art Bunte was high pointman for Colo- rado with 12 points and was followed by John Amaya and Don Branby with 10 and 8 points re- spectively. Gompert grabs a rebound. Overcoming a seven point deficit at the half, the Baylor Bears outscored Colorado in the third quar- ter, to edge the Buffs 54 to 50. Senior John Amaya and freshman Tom Har- rold led the Colorado at- tack, netting 24 points be- tween them. bay lor 54 Colorado 50 The Baylor Bounce. 162 A G.U. rally fell short in the fourth quarter en- abling Bradley to over- come the Buffaloes 66 to 58. Colorado, with the aid of Frank Gompert and Ken Koop, pulled up to within four points of the Bradley five in the last quarter, then two quick baskets by the Braves gave them a substantial enough lead to win the game. W coioim«lo 47 bi|f(0r46 Colorado evened a two game series with Baylor by edging the Bears 47 to 46. The Buffs overcame a three point lead held by Baylor at the half and went ahead on a free throw by John Amaya, then stalled the ball until the end of the game. Coop Amaya in for a lay-up. Playing host to the An- nual Big Seven pre-season basketball tournament, Kansas City, Missouri, was the sight of one Buf- falo victory and two losses. The first game pitted Colo- rado against Phog Allen ' s boys from Kansas U. Clyde Lovellette was the center of attraction as he poured in 23 points to crush the Buffaloes 76-56. Next came Nebraska. Sparked by Art Bunte and Whitey Gompert the Buffs downed the Cornhuskers 68-63. In the final game for the Buffs the Stanford In- dians, co-tourney f a v o • rites, were able to over- come a last half surge to win 75-69. big mven foymiey m midii ii SB coiorado 55 163 Colorado and Michigan staged a thrilling sea-saw battle which the Wolver- ines won 58-55. The Buffs jumped to an early lead which they held through- out the first period. Michi- gan battled the lead from Colorado in the second quarter, but the Buffs tied it up by halftime 28-28. In the second half the lead changed hands four times with the Wolverines win- ning after leading 55-51 with four minutes to go. Milt Mead led the victors with 17 points; Jim Ran- glos and John Amaya both getting 11 points for the Buffs. Bunte clears the boards. Who ' s fighting who? 164 The Buffs, looking for their first conference win, failed to find it when they met the Cornhusker quin- tet on the boards at Lin- coln. Nebraska got off to an early start and held it throughout the first half. Colorado bounced ahead midway in the third quar- ter on two quick buckets by Gompert, but the Buff defense laxed and Nebras- ka took advantage to lead at the end of the third pe- riod 48-41. The Gorn- huskers went on to win a close one 63-61. Gompert was high for the Buffs with 14 points and A m a y a scored 10. Johnny Bu- chanan netted 15 for the victors. fiKiltfiaiska 43 okbhoiYtd 51 coioracfo 52 The Golden Buffaloes started the new year with a jolt by losing their con- ference opener to Okla- h o m a 61-52. The Buffs made a game of it for the first three quarters but lost their eye for the bas- ket midway in the last pe- riod, scoring only seven points to Oklahoma ' s four- teen. The first two periods saw the score change hands six times with the Sooners leading as the half ended 32-27. The Buffs played a good defensive game with senior John Amaya playing an out- standing floor game. Freshman Art Bunte led all scorers with 13 points. Gompert climbs for two. Stewart Karst The Golden Herd led by Whitey Gompert rolled to their first conference win with a 67-52 conquest of Iowa State. The Cyclones couldn ' t get started as Colorado ran up an early lead and the score at half- time stood at 32-27 in fa- vor of the Buffs. Ranglos, Bunte, and Gompert al- most turned the game into a runaway as they poured on the heat to bring the score to 54-41 as t h e buzzer sounded the end of the third stanza. Iowa ' s leading player, Jim Stange, scored 15, but Frank Gom- pert topped the scoring with a 23 point output. colomcio 67 tmm shite 52 liiiHHii4; Colorado 41 165 Vacation between the semesters struck the Buf- falo Basketeers a h a r d blow. The first quintet to outscore the Buffs during the school year halftime was the Missouri Tigers. In a battle between two frigid clubs the boys from Columbia outlasted the Buffaloes to win 44-41. The winners hit only 25 per cent from the floor while the Bisons managed to hit 24 per cent. Amaya hooks a two-pointer. Harrold on a fast break bucket 166 Clyde Lovellette and company had to go all out to hand the Buffs their third loss of the vacation period. With the biggest upset of the season in sight, the Buffs poured it on from every angle and the Jay- hawkers were forced to fight right up to the final gun to outlast the inspired Boulder crew 73-68. dorado 40 Kansas State, then the number two team in the nation, was the second out- fit to climb on the vacation bandwagon. Colorado, playing its worst game of the season, failed to hit from field or the free toss line and bowed out on the short end of a 92-40 read- ing. Whitey rebounds. f ' ■-y- ' . colomiia W nebraska 65 167 Trailing by 11 points at the end of the first quarter, the Thundering Herd fought back gamely to edge Nebraska in one of the year ' s most thrilling contests by a score of 67-65. Off to bad start, the Buffs found the range in the second quarter to pull within six points of the Huskers at the half. From this point on the game was nip and tuck, but the timely shooting of Gom- pert and Bunte offset the tremendous scoring punch of Jim Buchanan of Ne- braska, and the Colorado five hung on until the game ended victoriously. A flying saucer. Munns Missouri brought its de- fensive minded cage squad to Boulder on February 18, and the Tiger went home licking his chops, reveling in the sweet taste of a 72-55 triumph over the lackluster and ice cold shooting Buffaloes. Led by smooth working Bill Stauffer, who dunked 21 points for top honors, Mizzou excelled in every department while the Buffs turned in one of their most disappointing performances of the sea- son. ffiii oiirl Tk Colorado 55 Bunte hooks one. 168 Led by their two top scoring aces, Art Bunte and Whitey Gompert, the Buffs moved into third place in the conference standings by thoroughly outclassing the Oklahoma S o o n e r s 50-45 on the friendly fieldhouse court. Failing only to stop big Sherm Norton, the Okla- homa jump shot wizard, the Buffs led from the op- ening gun. It was only in the third period that the red shirts threatened the substantial lead built on a respectable 31 percent of shots fired from the field. w.;.v.;.v. ' . KiiBlliii ciiiiiiiii kiMisus Hf 57 Rated from 12 to 20 point underdogs going into the Kansas State encount- er the Colorado cagers dis- played a brilliant passing and driving attack, coupled with timely shooting in soundly shellacking the na- tion ' s second best five, 67-57. With almost everyone of the 6,000 fans, who had come to watch the vaunted Wildcat powerhouse in ac- tion, going crazy with de- light, the Buffs ripped the nets regularly to gradu ally pull away from their op- ponents. Jeanfjerard Whitey sky-scrapes. «:. Wyoming 69 coloradb 3 169 At Laramie the Buffs turned in an uneven per- formance to cut short their recent winning streak. Overcoming an early Buff lead, Ck)ach Ev Shel- ton ' s Cowpokes dazzled GU 69-39 through far su- perior shooting percentage and backboard play. Art Bunte nevertheless topped the score column with a highly respectable 19 points. Swish! Amaya Urged on by a wildly cheering crowd, the fired- up Buffs, sparked by Ama- ya and Bunte, toppled Wyoming 59-44 in the re- turn match at Boulder. The Cowpokes jumped to the front early in the game with their baffling long range attack, but Colorado soon hit its stride to trample the ' Pokes after the half. Colorado 59 Wyoming 44 170 A record crowd of en- thusiastic fans jammed the CU field house to see Clyde Lovellette score 41 points and lead his team to a 72-55 victory, clinching the Big Seven champion- ship. The Buffs made a battle of it until the last, Amaya and Conway playing their final game; but the infal- lible Lovellette and his nimble teammates proved their superiority. lown state 9 Colorado 6% At Ames, Iowa, the Buffs lost their last chance for a third place tie in the Big Seven as Iowa State downed Colorado 69-62. A second half Cyclone rally left the Buffs gasping, Hess scoring a quick 21 points. Gompert and Bunte led for CU with 21 and 17 respectively. Harrold Clyde douces again. kaii$as 7Z coloradb 55 freshman basketball The 1952 Freshman squad started off with a bang this season with a win over Lowry Field and under the able tutelage of Coach Russell (Sox) Walseth, they went on to win all their games. Their season was highlighted by a 82-48 win over Fitzsimons and a 76- 43 win over the Regis " B " squad. It is against the Big Seven conference rules for the freshman basketball squads to play any of the other league schools in or- ganized games, so the Baby Buffs played Lowry, A M " B " squad, Regis " B " squad. Fort Warren, and Greeley " B " squad. The last part of the season the squad was playing inter-squad games, as the season was cut short due to the lack of eligible men. Coach (Bebe) Lee will have some fine material turning out this spring to make the big try for the Varsity. Coach Walseth Back row, left to right: Coach ' alseth. Barber, Alderson, Haldorson. Schwaiger, Walter, Grant. First row: Zerobnick, Mock. Lifiijins. Klaas, Roberts. 171 i NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM GYM to a great athlete and a gentlemai ( ' 172 To Jimmy Griffith, who was an athlete in every sense of the word, a gentleman to everyone he met and a devoted friend to all who knew him, we devote this page that his memory might be a constant reminder to those of us who aspire in his footsteps. Jim grew up loving the sport in which he excelled. He trained hard and gave skiing his all. He was thought of as the finest down- hill skier in the United States and upon his shoulders had rested many of the hopes for this year ' s Olympics. He died while practic- ing for the highest attainment an athlete is able to reach. We are proud of him. Back row, left to right: Reed, Holly, Honnen, Haller, Aiu, Dunstan, Gabble, Brown. Thirii row: Lindsley, 1 3 Rodey, Gardner, Klamann. Gentry, Model, Couper, Murphy, Keppel. Second row: Clark. Crei ton, Rase, Kelly, • Coach Potts, Tanner, Black, Catalano. First row: Wassun, McCone, Brennan, Hardy, Gold, Armatas. Colorado ' s Thinclads had more than their share of trouble in the 1951 track season. Under the direction of Coach Frank Potts, the Buff Qndermen placed sixth in the Big Seven indoor track carnival and also tallied sixth in the conference outdoor meet. The Silver and Gold started their season off by dropping a one-sided contest to the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Lincoln. Al- though the Cornhuskers came out on top, Augie Raso and Joe Gold picked up blue ribbon honors in the 60-yard dash and high jump. Following the Nebraska fray, the Buffs came to life and dumped Colorado A. M. at Fort Collins, and Wyoming at Boulder. Then came the fateful conference indoor contest. Fin- ishing in the sixth place, the Buffs claimed two first places. Easy Does It, Reek tr I After taking second place in the Det Invitational meet, the Buffaloes took to l road to tangle with New Mexico, Arize State and Arizona University. New Mi ico fell easy prey for the Buffs, but both] the Arizona squads humbled the crew fn; Boulder. Next on the schedule was the C. U. Ir tational which proved to be a walk-av for the Arizona State Thinclads as tb grabbed top honors. Sparked by Aui Raso ' s tie for first in the 60-yard dash, si Wally Tanner ' s top efforts in the shoti and medley shotput, the Buffs mana;; third place. I Again it was Colorado versus Nebras and this time the Buffs forced the Nebi kans to go all out for their four point victc The Kansas relay gave the Herd a cha; for individual honors; they brought tt thirds, a fourth, and a tie for fourth bacli Boulder. 174 Easy Life, Huh? Up and over! ck Pott ' s boys really put on the steam to ie Kansas State in the Colorado Relays, ' lerwin Hodel and Wally Tanner nabbed [irst place honors in the 120-yard high hur- lies and shotput respectively, Ames Iowa vas the setting for the next Buff encounter vhere the crew from Boulder edged the Cyclones. i The high spot in the track season was jhe Rocky Mountain AAU meet in Denver fS the Golden Herd outstripped all opposi- lion to win three blue ribbons and top hon- [jirs in the annual contest. Colorado ' s win- ders were Wally Tanner in the shotput, Jim kennan in the mile run, and George Hol- fey ' s javelin toss. I Columbia Missouri proved to be bad kick for the Buffs as they closed their 1951 ack season with a sixth place showing in he Big Seven outdoor meet. Colorado es- aped last place by coming up seven points etter than Iowa State. George Holley ccounted for the Silver and Gold ' s only rst place by winning the javelin throw. ! ' «8 f!« Poll ' s Pen Pal. Raso Fights It. Brennan Stops the Clock. Hodel Takes Off. 175 baseball Coach Prentup It was old Sol Pluvis who played an important hand in the en- deavors of the Buff diamond crew last Spring. He hindered prac- tice and forced cancellation of more than a few games. However bad they started off, the Colorado nine finished in fine style to knock off the fourth place slot in Big Seven conference standings. The first road trip of the year, a journey to sunny Arizona, resulted in three lopsided defeats with the scores reading 31-11,, 10-3, and 10-4, none of which favored the Herd. | Frank Prentup ' s crew quickly regained their composure back on native soil. They drubbed Mines 6-0 behind fine pitching by Bob Manire, Jack Anderson, and Tom Brookshier. After some terrible weather the Buffs dropped a 13-4 decision to Colorado Aggies before racking Fitzsimons 9-2 behind airtight chucking from Anderson. An encore with the Ags proved nothing in the Herd ' s favor and they again succumbed 9-5, but they showed their recuperative powers by whipping Regis 13-7. After more rain and wet grounds the Aggies crushed any Buff consolation hopes by trimming thenr; at Ft. Collins by a close 11-10 count. 176 Biuk row, ieft to right: Trick, Shirk, Beard, Pike, Williams, Cohen, Corbetta. Second row: Horine. Manire, Anderson, Coach Prentup, Johnson. Ha en. Nix. Front row: Jordan, Ryder, Branby, Larson. Brookshier, May. 177 Corbetta ' s safe. baseball At Lincoln the diamondmen got their first taste of Big Seven Competition ; how ever, the taste was anything but good as the outcome of the double-header was 6-5 and 13-8, both show- ing the Huskers on the long end. Regis came to Boulder for another 12-1 licking, but on the road Oklahoma pasted the Herd 5-4 and 3-1 in two hard luck losses. A two game stint with the Jayhawks re- sulted in a washout and a win for the Buffaloes, their first of the season within the conference. From here the home crew pushed on the Ames where they rounded out the season with iden- tical 7-6 victories over Iowa State. Both games were thrillers all the way, the second being de- cided in the final inning when Joe Nix made a daring steal of home to produce the winning run. Hagen-whew ! 178 Anderson ba s one. Back row, left to right: Poling, Akers, Bissel, Bocavich. Front row: Feehan, Backlund, Detneiler, f Joe Feehan Coach Les Fowler Playing a tough 1951 schedule which included some of the hottest teams of the West Coast, the Colorado golf squad posted a season ' s record of nine wins, five losses, and one tie. Starting the spring vacation tour with a 15-3 win over Arizona, the Buffs looked good but were downed by the far west teams in three matches. At Boulder the Buffs took five of the seven contests, tied one, and fell once to Nebraska. Colorado was away off form at the Big Seven Tour- nament in Kansas City and ended up in fifth place. The No. 1 man on the CU team, Merle Backlund, placed ninth in the conference tournament for the best show- ing by a Coloradan, 179 if ii?-. t0l1l1IS Coach Dick Gray Colorado ' s tennis team smashed its way through an undefeated 1951 season of match play for one of the best performances by the netmen in many a year. The squad ' s only setback was in the Big Seven Tournament when they slipped to third place behind Oklahoma and Kansas. Peter Arendrup, touted by Coach Dick Gray as the finest netter Colorado University has ever seen, repeated as Conference champ in the number one slot for the second straight year. Colorado also had an- other Conference Champ when Scott Smith captured the title in the fourth position bracket. Rounding out the undefeated squad were lettermen Ev Thalhammer, Bob Acsell, Don Hilgers, and Bill Shiftman. Pete Arendrup. Standing: Coach Gray, Smith, Arendrup, Acsell. Kneeling: Thalhammer, Shiffman. L m ' Back row. left to right: Clark, HoppU, Coach Potts. Front row: Couper, Creighton, Gavito. Couper Strains For Extra Speed. Coach Frank Potts With only one letterman held over from last year ' s squad, Frank Pott ' s cross-country team turned in a fairly good record for 1951. The C.U. harriers opened the season at home with a loss to Missouri. The next meet was the Wyoming Invitational where Colorado won the tournament by defeating Colorado A M, Wyoming, and Idaho. At the triangular meet held in Fort Collins, the Aggies emerged victorious while C.U. and Wyoming tied for second. The home season closed with C.U. beating Iowa State by a score of 20-16. 181 cross country wrestling NV V i » iftJlftBprt ' -r- P- SkiiiiKT makt ' Coach Ray Jenkins In wrestling this year the G.U. mat men won dual meets over Colorado Mines, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado State, and Colorado A M, while losing to Oklahoma, Oklahoma A M, and Kansas State. At the Big 7 meet C.U. took third place behind Ok- lahoma and Iowa State while finishing ahead of Ne- braska and Kansas State. The individual star for Colo- rado was Bill French who finished Second in the 147 class. 182 Back row, left to right: VanSchaack, Derby, Huffer, McCarthy, Jones, Cummin s, Elliott, Coach Jenkins. Second row: LaBracque, Lindsay, Rudolph, French, Smith, Rushing, Ryder, front row: Bickel, Boothe, Karbatsch, Torgerson, Long, Artenitt, O ' Hanlon. 1 Back row. left to n ' sht: Loney. Chapman, Bussing, Vavra— Coach. Edgington, Larsen, dinger. Second row: Young. Dunstan, Blaha, Forker, Lincoln, Pereira. tront row: Zcch, Rogers, Pilkington. Huskey, Ohlson, Hough. 183 Dunstan on the bar. Coach Vavra While Coach Charles Vavra ' s gymnastics team showed a decline from last year ' s season, they still ac- counted quite well for themselves this year against stiff competition. In dual meets they won over Colorado A. M. and Kansas State while losing to Colorado State, Nebraska, and Iowa State. The team finished the season with a very good showing at the Rocky Moun- tain Invitational; finishing second behind Nebraska and coming out ahead of Denver, Colorado A. M., Colorado State, and Montana State. Ken Dunstan took the individual honors in that meet. ;||||i|f w gymnastics swimming Coach Balch Wmmm Coach Roland Balch ' s swimming team raced to a most successful season. In dual meets, only one school opposing the team showed a decisive edge. Colorado lost to the group from Iowa State, 70-23. The Buffs were able to experience revenge against their only other losses, to Kansas and Nebraska, by coming back and defeating each of these teams later in the season. In other dual meets the Bulls defeated Wyoming 48-45, Colorado State 63-30, and Colorado A M 52 " z -40 1 2. Co Captain Walstrom 34 Sack row, left to right: Nordquist, Lee, Weed, Piccard, O ' Donnell, Venzke, Walstrom. Third row: Hughes, Harbaugh. Donnelly, Broderson, Champion, Hef- felman, Coach Balch. Second row: Chapman, Terguson, Davis, Darley, Watson- J. Front row: Krancer, Watson- R., McDonald, Berry. Vowell, Ortega. Back row, left to right: Coach Erbe, Foulk, Leckenby, Potter, Fox. First row: Larson. Kepner, Modiall, Loser. 185 Captain Kepner Lead by Coach Warren Erbe, the slat men of Colo- rado has a successful season in the 1951-52 competition. No records, however, were broken in the way of first place ratings. The Buffs opened the season with a third place at the Aspen meet during the Christmas holidays. This was followed up by a third place at the meet in Steamboat Springs. The Buflfs pulled a fourth at Winter Park and a fifth at the Gunnison meet. The season closed with the National Meet, March 27-29 at Alta, Utah. men s intramurals rj I % ' ' " Zm Betas and Navy seek all-school honors. Softball competition took the lead as usual in the Spring Intramurals with 60 teams participating. Delta Tau Delta and the Traveling Circus reached the finals after over- coming all other competition. The Traveling Circus came out on top by a score of 11-5. The winners and runners-up in the different leagues were: Frat leagues — Delts and Phi Kappa Tau of league I, and Sigma Phi Epsilon and Zeta Beta Tau of league II ; Independent Leagues — Traveling .Circus and ASCE in league I and Hmms and Cockeral jHall of league II. j The volleyball season was a close race all the way with NROTG finally coming out on top after a win over the Betas in the finals. The league champs were: Delta Tau Delta, Delta Sigma Phi, and Pi Kappa Alpha tied for first ;in league I ; Phi Gamma Delta was first in league II ; and jihe Betas were first in league III. The first and second place teams from each league qualified for the playroffs. i In golf competition Dick Billehus, representing Phi Gam, took the singles crown, and the independent team of Street and Collosby captured the doubles. iiillohu;., uU ch:inip Hartsuff and Tapp, Doubles champs. . Another Phi Gam, Gordon Goebel, took the tennis singles title, and Hartsuff and Tapp, an independent team, won the tennis doubles. Two hundred and fifty men participated in the very closely contested C.U. Days Track Meet. First place went to Delta Tau Delta, and second place went to the Wesley Foundation. The third and fourth place winners were Kappa Sigma and Phi Delta Theta with only a stretch of 5 points between the first four teams. Softball champs, Traveling Circus. 187 spring 1951 I fall 1951 188 Pi Kaps, Football champs. Diving competition, intramural swimming meet. Fourth down-one. The fall intramural program was initiated with the entrance of many fine greek and independent football teams. It was a close battle in both leagues with the Phi Taus winning the greek division and the Navy winning the independent division. Ir the all school championship playoff, the Phi Taus squeezed the Navy out 7-0. It was no small battle in the water polo competition. Agair the Navy proved too much for its independent rivals ; they wor the independent division championship, while the Sigma Chi; emerged victorious in the greek division. Out-playing anc out-swimming the Navy, the Sigma Ghis won the all schoo championship. The Sigma Chis also entered a very stron; swimming team and captured the men ' s intramural swimmini meet. Crack I Sand High lighting the winter intramural season for this year was the combined boxing-wrestling finals. 1500 people turned out to see the last round of some red-hot competi- tion. In wrestling the winners were: 125 — Jerry DeLue (Phi Gam); 135— Jack Bredlinger (Kappa Sig) ; 140— Jerry White (Phi Tau) ; 145— Harry Lee (Ind.) ; 150— Don Rusk (Alpha Sigma Phi) ; 155— Tom Payne (Sigma Chi) ; 165— Wilber Derby (Ind.); 175— Ted King (Ind.); and heavyweight — Dave Forgan (Delt). Boxing honors went to: 125 — Jerry DeLue (Phi Gam) ; ' 135— Dave Martinez (Ind.); 145— Jack Horner (Phi Gam) ; 150— Russ Burwell (Sig Ep) ; 155— Dick Ransom (Sigma Nu); 165— Ken Kavana (Kappa Sig); 175— Phil Kingdom (Delt) ; and heavyweight — Buddy Dexter (Delt). I In basketball, the Olympians (Ind.), sparked by Cylde fBrictson, edged past the Sigma Phi Epsilon five in the ! all-school championship game to the tune of 44 to 37. The Up and in individual independent leagues were won by the Navy, Wesley Foundation, Mudders, K.N.Q., Spastics, Campus Cards, and the White Globe Trotters; while the Sigma Alpha Epsilon team, the Alpha Tau Omega ' s and the Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s each won their respective basketball leagues. The finals in the winter bowling league championships was won by the Kappa Sigma with the runner-ups. Pi Kappa Alpha, a close three points behind. Olympians — all-school champs Groan ! 189 ilJ IM •4- Pearson and Alden — doubles champs. If one wished to, he could say that the 1951 women ' s spring intramurals were all tied up. At least that was the condition of the tennis singles and doubles. However, playoffs were held, and Yvonne Johnson came out on top in the singles field; Joyce Pierson a nd Marty Aldom copped the doubles laurels. Yvonne represented Kappa Delta while Bigelow claimed Joyce and Marty. On the diamond, members of the Reynolds team took first place. Alpha Phi placed second in the softball competition. A freshman, Edie Nelson, from McKeehan took first-place honors in golf. Running second in this sport was Judy Jacobi, Alpha Phi. Kappa Alpha Theta and Bigelow came in first and second respectively in the shufTelboard competition. After all the fun and excitement of competition, the annual spring breakfast was held at w hich the general participation plaque was awarded to Kappa Delta. Badmioton champs. Yvonne Johnson — Tennis Champ. Softball champs — the Reynolds tean I 192 Archery champ. In the 1951 Intramural Swimming Meet Kappa Alpha Theta walked off with first place, Pi Beta Phi were second in the tourney, and third place was taken by Regent Hall. The mermaids of the girls Intramurals showed ex- cellent swimming techniques. Outstanding performers were Sandy Snow who took first place in individual pomts. Sandy, who was representing the Broadway Stars, racked Kent and Ward, champion stick handlers. up nineteen points. Running a close second was Lee Neu; man. Alpha Phi, and Norma Benedeck of Reynolds Ha tied for second and also took third. . In this year ' s volleyball tournament the Kappa Delta ' won the championship title by defeating the Old Fogie: Both teams were winners in their respective group bracl ' ets, and then the teams met in the final play off. The men bers of the Kappa Delta team are Yvonne Johnson, caj tain ; Margaret McGollum, Helen Sutherland, Nan Smitl Dorothy Riefenberg, Diane McQuilkin, Ruth Miles an. Marilyn Blood. Kappa Delts, volley ball champs. women ' s intramurals r .® ql Old Fo es. all purpose champs. : BASKETBALL The championship of the 1952 basketball tourney was won by the Old Fogies. The team under the capable leader- ship of Sandra Isaacson, defeated Bigelow Hall in the final game with a score of 17 to 15. TABLE TENNIS AND BADMINTON Two sections of individual sports were table tennis and badminton. Joey Endres, of Chi Omega, won top place in table tennis with Carol Krueger, also of Chi Omega, as the runner up in the tournament. Taking top in this year ' s .badminton tourney were Sandra Isaacson and her partner .Gerraline (Gerry) Serp. ' SKIING Whizzing down the snow covered slopes, Reynolds Hall ' s ski team took first place in the 1952 Women ' s Intra- ' mural ski meet. One makes two. Old Fogies again, this time Basketball champs. 193 T W TOT UUN BOS E30 il M 1 MOM COM 807 330 NUMK (MMM aoB 4 » Y W F t e 430 T W • R 700 OHR Kt m 700 CM eof B4E t U C E 7S) MVF WON TRions CAFE HOURS BREAK 700 74S I SUNOAT HOURS 0» T PDRPD ' R ! r 9 i t: shuffle activities • •ii-. • •iS■. ■:•■•• The grand " shuffle " of college stu- dents is accomplished via activities. Just as a shuffle of a pack of cards intermixes the individual cards, so do activities intermix students. Their opinions, personalities and abilities all help form the activity program. Activities are designed to promote the interests of the students to accomplish their own needs, and encourage them to take part in all-school projects. Among the numerous activities open to Colorado University students are publications, debating, little theater productions, the artist series, bands, orchestras, and choirs. These activities give th e student valuable experience in the practical line. Because many activities are under student administration, leadership is practiced by individuals in the key positions. Activities provide fun for the stu- dents, results for the benefit of the university, and assis- tance in job placement upon graduation. They are an ultra-necessary part of college life. NAN ANDERSON 195 Sue Fisherin Editor-in-chief Bob Crockett Managing Editor Work on the 1952 Coloradan, began in the spring 1951 with the choosing of the theme and the staff mem-| bers, by the editor-in-chief Sue Fishering, managing edi- tor Bob Crockett, and business manager Scally O ' Don- nell. In the fall things start humming in the office in the tower of the Memorial Building, with staff members in- j dustriously clacking at the typewriters in order to meet ' the deadlines. Pictures are identified, copy is read, names are indexed, and many cigarettes are smoked by the time the last deadline rolls around in March. This year ' s editorial staff included Bob Crockett, managing editor; Joan Jefferson, administration; Rick Sanborn, athletics; Marilyn Weller, organizations; Joe: Ardourel, art editor; Barb Adams, king-queen; Cramer ' Jenkins, copy; dorms, Mary Brown, fraternity-sorority,; Glenn Hunter; life at CU, Bob Heffernen; pacesetters,; Rosemary Russell; index, Ray McDonald; class, Pati Blackwell. The faculty sponsor of the annual this year has been Mr. Hawk. 196 Bock row, left to right: Marilyn Weller, Nan Anderson, Mary Brown, Joe Ardourel, Pati Black- well, Cramer Jenkins. Front row: Joan Jefferson, Barbara Adams. Kosemar ' Russell. Sue l ' " ish- erinjj. Bob Crockett, Bob Hefterncn, Clcnn Hunter. r f. M Back row, left to right: Carol Kehr, Man ' I ou Bradley. Joan Dunham. Sandra Isaacson. Barbara Huckins, Mary Van Winkle, Ann Classen. Middle tow: Cvn- thia Skelton. Jean McDonald, Alice Palmer, Barbara Hanson, Shirley Hashimoto, Doris Raber, Lueretta Weddell, Vir nia Taylor. Front row: Marcia Du- mas. Sharon Lehl, Jim Wilkins, Scally O ' Donnell, Annabelle HoUck, Frank Nash, Toni Fowler. Missing from picture: Sara Gillin s. Annette Campbell, Sue Eckers, Jody Hall, Judy Leuthold. 197 Business Staff Scally O ' Donnell Business Manager Annabelle Holick Assistant Business Manager Frank Nash Collections Pat McGarry Sales Jim Wilkins Publicity Nancy Van Nostrand Secretary The business staff under the direction of Scally O ' Donnell, collected class dues, managed publicity, finan- ces, and the Goloradan office. The financial aspect in- cluded soliciting for advertising, arranging for payments for pages, and the balancing of the budget. A new func- tion of the staff has been working with the editorial staff in producing the Goloradan Calendar, After nine long months of hard work we present this book which we hope succeeds in presenting the various phases of our campus life in a valuable and lasting form. Scally O ' Donnell, Business Manager mm I enW Norm Gelman editor Mark Emond manaftin editor 198 The Silver and Gold is the newspaper of the studen of the University of Colorado. At the time of this writing the awards for the current year have not been announced, but in previous years the Silver and Gold has been a win- ner of the Associated Collegiate Press All-American Award. As the voice of the associated students, the Silver and Gold affords glimpses of campus activities, sports, social events, politics, problems and student opinions along with regional, national, and international news which is of interest to students. In addition, the paper fills its pages with feature stories, regular columns, book reviews, interviews of outstanding faculty members and deans, and articles on campus buildings. Frequent use of the National Feature Services, pictures, and cartoons contribute to make the paper attractive and informative. This year ' s editorial staff included: Norm Gelman, editor-in-chief; Mark Emond, managing editor; Dick Griffith and Ruth Morris, first semester news editors; Dick Griffith and Jim Spiker, second semester news edi- tors; Jean Drake and Jim Spiker, first semester city edi- tors; Jean Drake and Joy Sapp, second semester city edi ' tors; Norm Snodgrass and Harry Myers, sports editors; Joan Curtis and Molly Kay Williams, first semester society editors; Marilyn Robinson, second semester society editor; and Ray De Aragon, photography editon B(u-k row, lejt to right: Rudy Johnson, Paige Thompson, Steve Zeff, Burt Dunevitz, Sam Red man, Dick Johnson, Mike McL au|{hIin. Fourth rozi): Sandra Gordon, Ray De Arafjon, Betty Swi Jiert, Marian Slininger, Don Friedlander, Susie Pair, Carolyn Lindseth, Harry Arkin. Third row Dick Roth, Bob Greer, Dolores Dver, Sue Hills. Gerrie Srp, Mollie Radecke, Hal Hamiltor Second row: Dorothy Jo Robbins, Mary Lee Crane, Pat Templeton, Mary Jo Dwire, Bettic Kaketi Sally Liff, Beryl Knoebel, Suzie Muller. Front ro:f: Jim Spiker, Jean Drake, Dick Griffith, Mari. lyn Robinson, Ruth Morris, Norm Snodjirass, Joy Sapp. Back row, left to right: Nancy Hamilton, Bill Lloyd, Norbert Eggering, Kathryn Bell. Tanner, Nancy Robertson, Jean Frazey. Front row: Jiiii Alberson, JoAnne Sanson, Marlys Anderson, Sylvia 199 II It is the purpose of a campus daily to knit together the diverse aspects of a large university family by reflect- ing its many facets in such a way so as to bring about an appreciation of each for the other. Adequate space is devoted to comments and opinions from readers and edi- torials by staff members. New members may start as reporters and headline writers, and work up into edi- torial positions. Publishing and selling the Silver and Gold is a busi- ness requiring many hours of hard work. Under the direction of Dick Heath, business manager, the Silver and Gold is published four times weekly, six thousand copies of each edition. Members of the business included: Donna Hope Betasso, advertising manager; Margaret Sylvester, assistant advertising manager; Glenn Groenewold, fin- ancial manager; Bill Lloyd, circulation manager; Doris Hendrix, collections manager; and Judy Alberson, head receptionist. Dick Healh Business Vlanager Silver and gold H. N. Ea eton, Editor-in-cljii. ' t Editorial Staff H. N. Eagleton Editor-in-Chief Charles Schloss Jr., and Harry Herman Jr Assistant Editors Jack Ryman Associate Editor Professor L. A. Bin am Faculty Advisor Bob Black Illustrations James Hook and Albert Perveria Pictorial Sammy Christofano and Herb Paloff Societies Chuck Schloss Book Reviews Bill Kellar Alum News James Morgan Campus News Kim Schuette This Today Ray Tickner and Donald Sept Oil Can Jack Vale Artist The Colorado Engineer is the official publication of the College of Engineering, and is published four times each year in November, January, March, and May, by the engineering students. It is a member of the Engineer- ing College Magazines Association, which is an associa- tion of the top thirty-five engineering magazines in the nation. The Engineer consistently rates as one of the best magazines in the association at the annual conven- tion of the Engineering College Magazines Association. H. N. Eagleton is currently serving as editor-in-chief. 200 Back row, left to right; Jim Morgan, Don Sept, Bill Kellar. Middle row: Lyal E. Ladine, M. Albert Pereira. Kim Reid Schuette, Raymond F. Tickner, Jac Ryman. Front row: Fred A. Hills, Harry Herman Jr., Norm Eagleton, Charles M. Schloss Jr., Russ Richman, Peter Chiafalo. Back row, Jr., James left to right C. Rogers J G. P. r.. Glen: Khungar n F, Fuh Bondi W. Brown, Ellis Whiting. T. R. Yantis. Don inurninft. Mike Barrett. Front row: Jerry Milner, James W. Hart rman, Glenn Stirm. 201 Business StaJE Jerold F. Milner Business Manager Jim Hart Advertising Manager Jim Andrews Circulation Manager Bondi Brown Subscription Manager G. P. Kaungar Bookkeeper Ka Squire Ad Make-Up The activities of the magazines, other than those concerned strictly with editorial matters, are carried out by the Business Staff under the direction of the business manager, Jerold F. Milner. Among the duties involved is the solicitation of advertising, the magazine ' s main source of income, and the distribution of 2400 copies of each of the four issues to all students and faculty of the College of Engineering as well as to all high schools throughout the state. In addition to these, the mailing list includes technical libraries and alumni located in all parts of the United States and several foreign countries. Jerold Milner, Business Manager I Al Zack Editor Jerry Fuller Business Manager 202 The future of the Flatiron seemed pretty shaky ear in the fall of 1951. Its last edition in the spring had not been well received and the board of publications felt that it was badly in need of a revitalized approach. This atti- tude was the culmination of a series of campus publica- tion failures; it was not distinctive to the Flatiron alone. In November, the board of publications selected a new editor and business manager. Two associate editors were appointed by the editor and immediately the staff issued a call for interested people. The call was well received and in two weeks a complete staff was picked, j The first issue of the new Flatiron was placed on sale early in January and within two hours was sold out. Plans were made for the next issue; at the time of this writing the second issue and the time for its sale and re- ception is still a week away. The outcome is unknown. However, the Flatiron staff feels that if the magazine is ever to become a permanent thing, it must be given the chance to develop, and accordingly, discover just what sort of magazine the students want. Along with this, there must develop an interest on the part of future staff members to sustain and keep growing whatever will have been accomplished by the present staff in the year 1951-52. There seems no other way in which a permanent magazine can be established} on this campus. It must be allowed to develop! ' Back row, left to right: Stanley Spei)!el, Joe Ardourel. Al Zack, Lee Hoffman, Bruce McLajan, Len Mitchell, Pete Hollen, Jerry Fuller. Middle row: Julie Schanck, Darth Hurlburt. Ray De Aragon, Nikki Nevins, Cathy Chambers. Dick Roth. Carolyn Schum, Barbara Hodjes, Patricia Mullen. Front row: SigSie Kocbel, Sue Hills, Thayer Forbes, Charlotte Fleming. Alice Wylie, Judy Kees, Ginny Atwood, Jackie Panle. 0% Back row, left to right: Orrel A. Daniel, Roy R. Romer. Kenneth E. Barnhill, Jr.. Harold A. Roberts, Laurence W. DeMuth, Jr.. Richard P. Cullen. Sidney K. Adler. Robert L. Nagel. Front row: Ouane L. Barnard. Professor Albert R. Menard, Jr., Philip G. DufTord, Richard R. Helm- ick, David S. Paddock, William A. Kruse, Tim Robberson. 203 The Rocky Mountain Law Review is a quarterly legal research journal, published by the School of Law of the University of Colorado. The purpose of the Review is to provide lawyers, professors and students with a discussion of current problems in the law. Completing ;the 24th annual volume this year, the Review provides a vehicle for further research in these problems, and the volumes have become a part of a great number of law libraries throughout the world for this purpose. I Analysis of legal problems is within the scope of the Review, with particular emphasis placed upon problems peculiar to the Rocky Mountain area. Problems of na- tional and international scope are covered in their rela- tion to the region. Students in the School of Law comprise the member- ship of the Board of Editors and the Staff, with Professor Albert R. Menard, Jr. as faculty advisor. The officers in- ' clude Duane L. Barnard, editor-in-chief; Laurence W. DeMuth, Jr., associate editor; and William A. Kruse, business manager. Duanne Barnard Editor-in-Chief William A. Kruse Business Manager rocky mountain law review i. OFFICERS Glenn Groenewold President George Kersey Vice-President Pat Doyle Secretary Bruce Macintosh Treasurer Speakers Congress is the agency officially charged with the responsibility for campus forums, oflE-campu? speaking, and inter-collegiate debate and discussion. As such, it naturally attracts a variety of people whose interests vary from impassioned debate to purring intc radio microphones. Because of this, it is difficult tc speak of " members " of Speakers Congress; instead wt find a rather large number of " participants. " Picturec above is a group conducting a discussion in practice for an intercollegiate tournament. In the picture below are officers of the organization and some of the peopk who participated rather generally in the activities. Activities of Speakers Congress include speaking to hundreds of high school students at workshops throughout the state for which SC people serve a; coaches; speeches given as part of the off-campus pro gram; and the annual high school speech tournaments throughout the nation. Speakers Congress also acts as host to students from many colleges and universities during the annual Colorado Invitational tournamen! held on the campus. 204 Back row, left to right: Ro er Allen, Mel Harmon. Volney Taylor, Robert Forbes, Mr. Wheater. Second row: Dave Jacobs, Clyde Graham, Bruce Macln tosh, Gerald Harrison, Pe Layton. Front row: Mr. Fest, George Trautwein, Robert Beard, George Kersey, Glenn Groenewold, Donald Hansen. Robert Shaw Isaac Stern Carol Jones Rudolf Firkusny The University of Colorado has brought the finest entertainment igain for the 16th season. Robert Shaw opened the season ' s program with his famous chorale Tiade up of 51 members. This year ' s program also included the " Rogers ind Hammersteins Nights " which featured Carol Jones and other irtists with Crane Cadler conducting the chorus. Among the artists Jussi Bjoerling presented a recital for the first nne in Boulder. Rudolph Firkunisky, young Czech pianist, who has M)n national acclaim during the year, and Isaac Stem, one of the great iolinists were among the other artists included in the program. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Walter lendel was on the season ' s program. John N. Hough was the chairman of the Artists Series Committee. Walter Hendl 205 Ui i m .:-:.;::::;: ;•;■:■;■:■:■:-:■:. ■ j i tcsk ' , ::: -:-:■:- :■:■:■:■:■:■:■:-■ .;b;= ;o Q!iS .■.-:•:•:■:■:■:■:■:■■ .. : ' ' ;-:o:- ;-:o:-H:o:-r ; ;■:■:■:•: ' :■■■■ ' . ■6?S5 3-D? o ?i9 ' ' -6p :■:■■■■■ -..d T:o;i?;6:-;-::0:9x;:-P ' xSS: ' -.. - little theatei The " Infernal Machine " by Jean Gocteau was the first play presented by the Little Theater last spring. In the four act production, directed by Robert Loper, the part of Jocasta was played by Pam Parsley, and Oedipus by John Becker ! The " Beggar ' s Opera " by John Gay was presented in May: by the University Theater and the College of Music under the direction of Robert Hethmon. The cast included Robert Loper, Anne Bradshaw, Elaine Cencell and some forty others. The technical director for the season was Franl Sullivan. The Labo ratory Theater presented a bill of one-act playj which included " Lima Beans " directed by Amy Goodell, anc Trifles directed by Susan Glaspeel. j The first summer production was George Bernard Shaw ' s " Candida " . The cast included William Frey a? Morell, Pam Parsley as Candida, and Jerry Turner a Marchbanks. The play was under the direction of Rober Loper, with James Thompson as the technical director. 206 411 i li 11 m 1 ■ 8 8 ■ ■ ■ ? ' 1 ■ ■ J H " ! |i ... D- J iV 4- , IjL: __ ' .1 ; Shakespeare ' s " A Midsummer-Night ' s Dream " was the .second summer production presented by the University Theater, under the direction of George Kernodle. Jack Grouch returned to the campus this year to open Jthe fall season directing " The Beaux Stratagem " by George Farquhar. The cast included J. R. Foster as Bonniface, Ken- neth Periman as Scrub, and Frank Pinnock and John Becker as Ainiwell and Archer. The technical director for the pro- duction was Edward G. Fitzpatrick, Jr. The Laboratory Theatre presented Aria da Gapo a one-act play by Edna St. V ' incent Millay, under the direction of Floyd Barrows. A Pageant of the Nativity was the Ghristmas production directed by Edward G. Fitzpatrick, Jr. The choir of Mt. St. Gertrude Academy presented the music. Joseph was por- trayed by Don Danforth, Mary by Jo Ann Presler, and the Angel by Kirk Brady. The business management of the plays was handled by Frances Dorrell. In existence for over forty years, the University Bands have served as a training program of practical application for those students interested in music. These functions are on a year-round basis starting with the mens and women ' s Marching Bands performing on the " ball field at raUie and other all-University functions during the fall semester. The Varsity Nights Band appears in the Homecoming Varsity Nights Show and makes several appearances away from the campus. Music for military ceremonies is pro- vided by the R.O.T.C. Band. , , ,. • « j Two concert organizations, the Concert Band and the Varsity Band are formed at the end of the football season and continue throughout the academic year. These bands play a series of concerts and broadcasts both on and off the campus. These oragnizations are under thecapabk direction o Hugh E. McMillan, conductor, and Frank Baird and Randall Jspicer as associate conductors. . The Summer Session Band presents a series of seven concerts in the band shell in Central Park. 208 Hugh McMillan, director syifiphony orchestra Horace Jones, director In a manner resembling that of a skillful theater director, impressionistic artist, and football coach, director Horace Jones led the University Sym- phony and String Orchestras through a successful twenty-fourth season. On the campus, the year ' s work was climaxed by two concerts given by the entire orchestra. At Christmas the String Orchestra joined with the Uni- versity Choir in presenting the annual performance of the Messiah. The orchestra on tour performed in Colorado Springs, La Junta and Pueblo, thus maintaining their tradition of bringing fine music to the state. With an eye to future years and reputations Mr. Jones not only works with the seventy college students under his direction but takes an active part in encouraging young musicians from the local junior and senior high schools. 209 concert orchestra This year the University Choir was under the able direction of Warner Imig. Opportunities to audition for membership are given early in the fall, and the group is limited to a select membership. One of the most noted musical organiz- ations on campus, the choir gave an excellent rendition of the " Messiah " during the Christmas season. The choir performs in many concerts in Boulder and throughout the state. 210 The Modern Choir is composed of selected vocalists chosen from the University Choir and is under the direction of Warner Imig. The group is known for its melodic rendi- tions of folk tunes and unusual arrangements of popular and familiar ballads. The choir had a prominent part in varsity nights during homecoming, and performs on radio programs and in personal appearances. fiiB «KJRHJ. ' . !i.!i£ZL:. The Memorial Student Union is an association of all students, staflf members of the University, and ex-students. The policies of the building are almost entirely under the management of students with the carrying out of these policies under the direction of Stu- dent Activities Center whose work is coordinated with ASUG and all student groups. 211 kings and queens tm. ' j ' . m royalty Campus royalty is symbolized by the kings and queens in the deck of cards. It is a tradition of American colleges to select outstanding students to be honored at dances and special events, Colorado Univer- sity is no exception. Among the queens honored annu- ally by the university organizations are: Homecoming queen, Engine Ball queen, Military Ball queen, Colora- dan queen, and Colorado U. Days queen. Once a year a campus king is crowned. This honor is bestowed to Mr. Colorado University during the C.U. Days celebra- tion in the spring. Royalty honors are not issued purely on beauty, although it is a major factor in crown consideration. Personality and service to the school are also usually elements in selection. Judges for the queen campaigns range from famous celebrities to the students themselves. Veterans at Denver ' s military hospitals often assist selection committees in choosing queens. Kings and Queens will always be as important to college life as they are to the game of cards. C tU t- Zyi-a ■ ' CC c ti ' BARBARA ADAMS 213 miss marcia fry coloradan queen A miss mary ann mitchell 2iiiQ place t c miss beth robbin 3rd place miss mary gillespie cu days queen lack anderson cu days king m miss ieanne Stevens homecoming queen iokers life at €u The pictures in the " Life at CU " section illustrate that fun and relaxation are of great importance in college life. When students, in post-grad days, recall shades of campus life, that portion of college outside the classroom will be remembered best. Just as the joker is the wild card in any hand, so is " Life at GU " the wild element in the edu- cational formula for success. In this picture-story the photo- graphs are not all black or white, but a combination of the two into tonal graduations. So is college life, greek and independent, brain and brawn, scolastic and sports, all fused into one group — The Associated Students of the University of Colorado, All are determined to mix fun with facts, and make the four college years the most cherished of youth. Traditionally, the joker represents comedy in tragedy. A parallel can again be drawn. A victorious homecoming is tempered by loss of floats and decorations. The parties, banquets, and balls are the rewards of sweat and tears. Fate turns the card. So with fate as the dealer, " Life at CU " draws a high hand for 1952. BOB HEFFERNEN 223 , ,„uball became haiardous wirn a women s soHball ,U,swomen met Wballers.MterplaV was resumed, the upp „t tVip areen beanies. ..::r:::::r::=..-. =- ' ' - V A fiHinq climax to sevemy Wd Tommv Dorsevs mus,c a W, g • „t and complete exhaustion, hours ot tun, merr.ment, and Old Man Winter ' s cv (, .l Harrially replaced bv -9 -.specMHe once p.., fl, , ' - ' • " ' es " - Jeanne S.e.ens.A.e. ;r ' ' ' °-- " ° CM-n,andrte,95;c " " ' " - an, CWl e CH°nes,theclassof52d, , " " ° " ' ' ' °- State I V . J ■» J ,v 1 y V «2 : i vm.ti. m J w : jl i$9U| wnrd wA Mf - «ri X3ai ' « ' T r a m 1a - .1 — - UPi r " — ' -in- -- ■- y W ■ ' -.r iW»: ?!:: pj i,i ' ' ' M -C . " T ■ 1 i It JKWIk ' Si ' r ' - 3|« ,- y ». iiTr . w -X J -. Fi»Mfc_- ■-■— .»!. ' -A - r ' «. H » Jt M clubs organizations " Clubs " logically denote the many campus organizations that are so vital to a well balanced collegiate life. Clubs are responsible for stimulating students to participate in extra-curricular activities, widen friendships, and teach them how to " get along " with their fellow students. The formula for a college education must include organization membership. Colorado University in the year 1952, boasts of a " club " program that is open to every student. There is a place for all interests. Generally the clubs can be divided into four hands: professional and honorary, activity and special interest, political, and social. The clubs also tend to encourage students to cultivate talents and exercise abilities in cam- pus work as well as intra-club work. The rapidly expanding numbers in membership is proof that organizations play a vital part in the " game " of college. 95,,vt«: f j:;o4 4lx MARILYN WELLER 245 Ci l Sm %? 1 1 OFFICERS Woodrow Floyd President Jim Valentine Vice President Ron Wertz Secretary-AIEE Ken Stiefel Secretary-IRE Paul Scheele Treasurer Nationally, AIEE and IRE are two different and independent organizations. However, because of the close relationship between the two on campus, a joint branch has been formed for greater unity. The local organization gives the student a clear pic- ture of the field of electrical engineering as it will be when he begins his professional career. Speakers from very part of the country appear to aid in this work. An award is made each year to the student pre- senting the best technical paper. The winner then presents his paper at the district convention of sim- ilar organizations in the Rocky Mountain region. The winner of the district award then competes at the national convention. Boulder was host to the district convention this year. AIEE-IRE also owns a workshop with over $800 in tools and equipment for repairing radios, electrical equipment, or any special electrical work. Back row, left lo right: Robert Zigler. J. E. Knittle, Bob Grenda, Robert Reed, John Mero. John Willard, Robert Martinson. Third row: Mel Baker, Richard Jamison, D. H. Bril, D. L. Billiet, Henry Var , Ed Butala, Ray Bell. Second row: B. C. Brinton, A. M. Gabiola, G. I. Anderson, G. A, Fatton, Charles 246 Bigieu, Amos Winsand, John Garvin, Conell Haynie. Front row: E. Aiken, S. I. Pearson, Paul Scheele, Woodrow Floyd, Ron Wertz, Stan Lorens, D. K. Higgins. It, nuhl; Ji Floyd. Stiefel, Paul Sclit aiij Woodrow l»9 f € Back row, left to right: Tony Marchellq. Vic Meline, Lee E. Mueller, Robert C. Burgher, William H. Thoman, James H. Flatt, Dick Dryden, Duane Ball, Rod Page, Anil R. Yagnik, Donald H. Sept, Lee Tautz. fourth row: Glen F. Fuhrman, Richard L. Sharp, Donald R. LaGraffe, John H. Nath, Joseph S. Fragomeni. John J. Gosar, Harry T. Otsuki, Virgil J. Wagner, Chester G. Petty, Jack X. Maguixe. Third row: Mr. W. H. Thoman, A. C. Haglund. W. F. Glover, Dexter M. Brinker, Richard L. Maires, Robert Kao, John C. Es es, William B. Davis. Fareed Rhoursfaeed, Jack Frost. Second row: Jose D. Sosa. Dick Collins. Clayton Panlaqui, Bill Hynnes, Kenneth Green, Joe Favatella, Loren Long, Howard Yates. Zig Miczynski, Leonte Rojas, Pat A. Nardo. Front row: Tom Shuk, Mario Alcazar, Reinaldo Rodriguez, Louis G. KisseUff, Harvey Weese. Franklin DeBello, Richard C. Dillon, Harry Romanishin, Mario Cuellar, Earle Cavicchi, James C. Backluivd, Lafay Stapp. 247 i« to right: Dick Axell, Harvey Weese, Dick Dillon, and Frank DeBello. OFFICERS Franklin J. DeBello President Dick Axell Vice-President Ray Tickner Treasurer Dick Dillon Secretary Harvey Weese Assistant Secretary Prof. Leo Novak Sponsor The purpose of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to acquaint students with tiie profes- sional aspects of civil engineering. A.S.G.E. hears outside speakers prominent in engi- neering and allied fields and has student speakers and educational movies. The organization takes various tours and supports an athletic team. Social events are centered around active member- ship in the Combined Engineering Society, and par- ticipation in the annual Engineer ' s Day and the Apple Fest. A delegation from Colorado University is sent to the Rocky Mountain Student Chapter Conference of A.S.C.E. which is held once a year. r.- ' ... ,, ?v " r - v» " f-, •. 0» mm C« kw - -qV: Mi| OFFICERS John B. Kline Deputy District Counselor Alfred L. Stoll President Cullen R. Brown Vice-President Lloyd E. Rizer Secretary George Powell Treasurer Larry Arterbum Master of Ritual Ray Crowder Director of Publicity The principle aim of Alpha Kappa Psi, national business professional fraternity, is to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in the field of commerce. The fraternity chooses its members from those stu- dents who express their intention to secure a degree in business administration and who possess high scholastic standing. Sponsored by instructor John B. Kline, the fraternity meets weekly and endeavors to have guest speakers from different branches of busi- ness and industry to strengthen the ties between the student and the commercial world. Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904, and now has 71 active chapters on college campuses in the United States. Left to right: A! StoII. Cullen Brown, Larry Arterbum, and John Klin Standing back rote: George Powell, Ray Krauder, Lloyd Rizer. Back row, left to right: Harry Thode, Arthur Wimmell. Larry Lawrence, Dale Watkins, Ray Williams, Bernard Engela, Vance Brand, Dick Albert. Second 24ft row: Bill Newell, Milt Loudenburd, Bill Lockett, Ernest Wu, Terry Shroyer, Bob Gershenow, Wes Young. Front row: Ray Crowder, Larry Arterbum, George Powell, Alfred Stoll, Cullen Brown, Lloyd Rizer, Tom Dinkel. m f Back row, left to right: Leonte Rojas, Allen McNown, James Coffey, Bob Sn der, Herman Schieman. James Kramer. K Annis. Secoua row: hawaru 249 Divelbliss, Reminder, Earle Cavicchi, James Backiund, Roy Anderson, Dick Coyle. Front row: Lester Hauck, Clarence BrU St l ee Tautz, Samuel Pinkham, Devon Carlson, Robert Rathburn. Lee Taiitz. President OFFICERS Lee Tautz President Sam Pinkham Vice-President Joan Bucklund Secretary Carolyn Henderson Treasurer Architectural Forum at the University of Colo- rado is open to membership to all enrolled in archi- tectural engineering or architecture. In 1946 a group of architectural engineering students recognizing the need for closer contact between all men w orking in the field of architecture, founded the Architectural Forum. The Forum meets several times a semester at which times the students, faculty, or guest speakers present features of interest to all. Movies, discus- sions, and explanation of actual architectural prac- tice are often included. The members meet socially also, at picnics and dances held each semester. Mr. DeVon Carlson acts as faculty sponsor and advisor. buff council OFFICERS Bud Olde President Joan Dunham Secretary Nikki Nevins High School Welcoming Dick Griffith, Helen Turner Student contact chairmen Jim Mitchell Athletic contact chairman Brad Pretti Student-alumni chairman Mark Emond Public information chairman Hilde Skyrm Personnel chairman Lorraine Miller, Jim Childress Advisors Buff Council is one of the most effective means of developing the University of Colorado by procure- ment of the outstanding high school students and by better public relations. Each high school represented at the university has at least one member on the per- sonnel division of the council to help coordinate the recruiting activities of the various colleges by con- tacting home town students, contacting the alumni representative from his area, and by accompanying the admission department on their annual high school visitations to his home town. The two annual high school welcoming days are managed by the Buff Council in order to acquaint prospective students with our campus. President, Bud Olde 9eQ Back row, left to right: Jim Mitchell. Jim Childress, Foster Garn, Burton Olde, Mary Elizabeth Nevins. Front row: Brad Pretti, Helen Turner, Joan Dunham, Hilde Skyrm, Bob Eberhardt, John Warren. 251 Back row, left to right: Dick Axell, Frank Nash, Bob Killifer. Front row: Anne Worth injjton, Jenny Starks, Joe Ardourel, Patty Murphy. OFFICERS Dick Axell President Jenny Starks Vice-President Pat Murphy Secretary-Treasurer Frank Nash Membership Chairman Joe Ardourel Card Section Bob Killifer Publicity Ann Worthington Rallies The Buff Pep Club, composed of approximately eight hundred members, constitutes the nucleus for school cheers and performs flash card stunts at foot- ball games. The members sit in a special section on the 50-yard line at the games, and can be identified by their gray and gold hats and white sweaters or blouses. Membership is open in the fall to all stu- dents. Some of the most important accomplishments of the Club have been rallies before the games, snake dances, and team send-offs. Also, many new card tricks were tried this year, which proved to be very successful. The cheerleaders, who lead the cheers and songs, are selected during the spring quarter by a board made up of the President of the Pep Club, the head cheerleader, and the A.S.U.G. Commissioner of Spirit and Morale. The Pep Club Senate is the governing body of the organization and is composed of the officers and heads of committees. buff pep dub buff ski club OFFICERS Cliff Garrison President Bill Thoman - Vice President M ' Laide Fahey Secretary Bud Field Treasurer Susie Adams Historian All beginners and experts on the waxed slats are encouraged to join the Buff Ski Club which offers a maximum in fun and information about skiing. In- struction is offered to beginners on the slopes at the ski areas around Boulder. The club maintains ski cabins at Georgetown, with lodging for forty, and at Winter Park, with lodging for 35, within walking distance of the slopes. Members have an opportunity to get good used ski equipment at reduced prices at the club ' s annual sale. The club also participates in races at the various ski areas, sponsors a spring banquet, and presents ski movies at regular bi-weekly meetings. The Buff Ski Club, organized in 1938 with twenty members, now has over nine hundred mem- bers and the largest membership of any ski club in Colorado. The annual dues entitle the members to the various privileges of the club which is under the sponsorship of Cliff Snively. President, Cliff Garrison. OC2 Bark row. left to right: Penny Eaton, Carli Carpenter. Bill Thoman. Bill Pestalozzi. Erik Rocks. Jack Euler, Audre Weiss. Front row: Joyce Shiro. Suzi Adams. Vinco Hcfli. Bud Field, Cliff Garrison. M ' Laids Fahey. Cliff Snively. Back row, left to right: Mehmet Gurel, Roger May, Bill Gates, Al Fullerton. Front row: Clyde Petersen, Dusty Stusrud, Barbara Haigh, Jo Mallory, 253 Winton Parker, Bob Wahlstedt. «» Winton Stuart Parker, President OFFICERS Winton Parker President Clyde Peterson Treasurer Barbara Haigh Corresponding Secretary Joseph Sano Sponsor Gulbertson rules in Memorial every Friday night when all enthusiastic bridge players meet to play a few hands and learn the techniques of bidding. You cannot become an expert at bridge overnight and without practice, so lessons are given to all interested beginners. The Colorado University Bridge Qub is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League. They have a meeting and tournament every Friday eve- ning at 7:30, and everybody is welcome to attend. Two special all-school events are held yearly when trophies and National Master Points are presented. Although the club membership is small this year, competition for the coveted tournament prizes is keen. bridge club VIHiV OFFICERS Budd Hill President Robert Schmoll Vice-President Jayne Poole Secretary Ronald Bonnett Treasurer Each Thursday evening throughout the school year, GaHco and Boots sponsors an all-school square dance for beginners and experts. Tryouts for any regularly enrolled student are held each semester, and the applicants are graded on their dancing abil- ity and their knowledge of a specified set of square and round dances. The club is often asked to furnish members to call and teach western dancing at parties, and each spring Calico and Boots presents a western dance festival which is attended by several hundred enthusiasts from Colorado and Wyoming. Several exhibitions are presented during the year; since the club ' s found- ing in 1946, the club has presented seventy-live ex- hibitions in Colorado and surroundin g states. Lejt to right: Bud Hill, Ronald Bonnett, Jayne Poole, and Bob Schmoll. j 254 Back row, left to right: Virginia Sullivan, Allen L. Peck, Richard Olinfier, Edwin Austin, Beth Lane, Ralph Wingo, Mary Henry. Fourth row: Chuck Pillmore, Helen Montjomery, Betsy Thoman, Bob Harlan, Margie Marus, Jo Ann Fritchle, Kay Clausen, Dick Simonds. Third row: Faye Sonnenberii, Jo Ann Presler, Gloria Alexander, Dick Hart, Betty Hart, Jerry Gill, Joan Pat Doyle. Second row: Ellen Roueche. Lloyd Haller, Georgeann King, Duane Flinn, Dick Burritt, Millie Schwarz, Alan Love, Ellie Breggin. Front row: George Dobbins, Phyllis Brandle, Robert Schmoll, Budd Hill, Jayne Poole, Ron Bennett. Mrs. Charlotte lre ' . Jack T vc)nib! . BiK k row, leU to right: Maurice Salmon. Bernard Griesel, Carl Steele II. Bob Hunter. Jeanne Macy, Jim Norman. Walt Wheeler. Hank Ruby, hiflk row: Bob Paxton, Dick .Miller. Sue Foster, Evarts Fox, Claudia Boettcher, Don Griswold. Bev Dickison, Carl Smith, James Avery. Fourth row: Shirley Wenziker. Shirley Hose. Rhoda B. Levis, Carol Hachtmann, Janet Butler. Rex Simms, Marge Ashton, Marilyn Day, Robert E. Smith, James Ridlon. Third row: George H. Bauer. Jay Moore. Bill Simmonds, Bill Frey, Barbara Martin, Collette Nunn, Tina Almgren, Bobbie Knott, Al Knott. Second row: Sally Ranger. Janet Ranger, .Ann Haney, Pat McClelland, Peg Blalack, Helen Hubbell, Mary Lee Crane, Mitzi Jensen, Philip Nevels. From row: Jim Brock. Betty French, Minerva Duncan, Jim Titcomb, Father Patterson, Mrs. Patterson, " Spooker " , Jesse Leimbach, Jack Jensen. 255 President, Bill Frey. OFFICERS Bill Frey President Jesse Leimbach .. Vice-President Jim Brock Treasurer Cynthia Scott Recording Secretary Minerva Duncan Corresponding Secretary The Canterbury Club represents the Episcopal Church at the University of Colorado. The club is a member of the National Association of Canter- bury Clubs, which are on every campus where Epis- copal communicants are students. The membership in this group is open to any interested student, and the group is officered by confirmed student church- men and women. The program of the club has activi- ties in the field of worship, as well as intramural sports and other types of entertainment. The club meets at the Ingley Episcopal Student Center, where students find a convenient place to worship. The club is supervised by Father A. B. Patterson, and with the facilities of the institution, both the spiritual and material needs of Christian men and women are provided under professional supervision. OFFICERS Bill French President Maynard Skinner Vice-President Bob Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Aubrey Allen Sponsor Tom Brookshier, Ralph Curtis, Ken Dunstan, Chuck Harbau , Hilary Johnson, Will Lynch, Paul Neville, Bill Ryder Executive Council Working with the Athletic Department and the Public Relations office, the G Club helps to promote better athletics at the University by attracting out- standing high school athletes and backing good athletic policies. The G Glub ' s members have all lettered in a var- sity sport. They meet twice a month to discuss their current activities and also to handle the concession stands at games. The highlight of their activities is their annual banquet held each spring. Left to right: Bob Wilson, Bill French, Mavnard Skinner. Back row, left to right: Frank Bocovich, Bob Potter, Will Lynch, Bob Foulk, Larry Gobble, Jim Brennan, Phil Cohen, Jack Anderson. Third row: Bill May, Roger Williams, Jack Swigert, Ted Wassam, Harry Nance, Chuck Harbaugh, Ralph Curtis. Second row: Anil Yagntk, Mai Heffelman, Zack Jordan, John 256 Creighton, Byron Clark, Bob McCone, George Haller. Front row: Paul Neville, Bill French, Maynard Skinner. Bob Wilson, Hugh Davidson, George Artemis, Simmons Gough. d j ' to ' ( .■ ' »p.. Bark riiic. left In ri ht: Prit Pal Sinj h (jseval, Tomas Sliuk. James P. Borat gis. Hari Parfial. Nicolas J. Papic, Jdlm Varenibinsk . N. S. Bindra. Fourth row: Beulah Nott, Herbert N. Black, Ernest Juving Wu, Nancy Bell, Leif Lomo, Jugat Mohan Lall Mehra. Third row: Pauline Cooper, Chander Parkash, Patricia Carey, Ray Paricio, Chuck Clark. Second row: Hamid Reza, G. P. Khungar. M. Albert Pereira. H. R. Mehta, Anna-Lena Ericsson, Vic Berman, Hosy Lala. Phyllis Forsman. Front row: Willard Edwards, Lucille Joyce, Elsa L. Ramirez, Emerson Player, Dean Clifford Houston, Herwig Zauchen- berger, Teibir S. Khania. Bertha A. Chapa. 257 Herwig G. Zauchenberger OFFICERS Herwig G. Zauchenberger President Tejbir S. Khama Vice-President Bertha Chapa Executive Secretary Elsa Ramirez Corresponding Secretary Emerson Player Treasurer Dean Clifford Houston, Dr. Fritz Hoffmann Sponsors The Cosmopolitan Club was founded in 1922 on the University of Colorado campus for the purpose of fostering international understanding. The 150 members of the club, who represent over 30 nations, are gathered under the motto of the organization which is, " Above all nations is humanity. " This social club holds bi-monthly meetings and has executed a very successful social and cultural program which includes international programs, dances, costume parades, exhibits, w eekly coffee hours, and the annual Christmas banquet. The Cosmopolitan Club has no discrimination per- taining to race, religion, or nationality and is an ex- ample of a perfect " Little United Nations. " fdi kappa delta pi 1 OFFICERS Richard Neiheisel President Kathryn Hoffman Vice President Mrs. Alma Thiese Secretary Mrs. Helen Nelson Treasurer Mrs. Minnie G. Berueffy Historian Miss Marie Mehl Faculty Sponsor Kappa Delta Pi, an Honor Society in education, was organized in Illinois in 1911, to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to educa- tion. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of pro- fessional fellowship among its members, and meet- ings are held twice each month. The University of Colorado chapter initiates each semester those with at least a 2.3 average and other suitable requirements, including an interest in furthering education. An initiation banquet was held this January for thirteen new initiates; at this time Dr. Swisher of the University faculty spoke. The members of Kappa Delta Pi benefit not only from the speakers and discussions, but also receive the official publication, " The Educational Forum, " which includes articles of current interest to those in the educational field. I Dick Neiheisel, president Back row, left to right: Kathryn HoiTman, Minnie Berueffy, Nikki Nevins, Le3ra Ridgeway, Ruth Harrower. Second row: Lottie Peirce, Helen Nelson, 2S8 George Walters, Elizabeth Ricketts, Bob Musil, Marie Mehl, Alma Thiese. Front row: Sharon Helm, Charlotte Berfi, Sue Birk Oertli, Richard Neiheisel. Grace Lord, Anita Henrie, Jean Reimer, Marita Hayes. Back row, left to right: Jim Modrall. John A. Garvin. AI Bieser. Paul Albrecht. Joe Hutchinson. Don Huising. Mort Burt. Fourth row: Tim Campbell. Jack Scofield, John Boone, Don Lewis. Stan Johnson. Victor Quinn, John Lind. Joe Ber eim. Third row: Fritz Wulfekuhler. Ka Squire, Eldon Wicklund, Carl Peterson. Roger W. Rice. Dick Kruse. Dick Butz. Second row: Glenn S. Nelson. Milo L. McGonagle, Keith L. Zech, Glenn I. Anderson, Dick Bauer, Gene Spielman, Ray McDonald. Jim Cutler, front row: Foster Garn, Robert Birkby, Hawley Smith, Ralph W. Abelt. Jim Reddish, Marvin L. Coon. Don Lawson. 259 Left to right: Rtilph Abelt, Robert Wasley, James Reddish, Hawley Smith, and Robert Birkby. OFFICERS Ralph Abelt Head Master Jim Reddish Senior Warden Hawley Smith Junior Warden Marvin Coon Treasurer Robert Birkby Scribe Don Lawson Historian Ted Wiedeman Master of Festivities Delta Sigma Pi is a professional commerce and business administration fraternity founded to foster the study of business at universities, to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic welfare of the community. The Alpha Rho chapter which was founded in 1926 annually holds two banquets and a dinner dance. Nationally known figures in the business world are sponsored throughout the year to speak to the students in business school. r V delta sigma pi IIIH .•.;;: OFFICERS Richard Jamison President Paul Albrecht Vice-President Kenneth Wolvington Corresponding Secretary Thomas Tanigawa Recording Secretary Royce W. Myhre Bridge Correspondent Samuel Maley Treasurer James Andrews Sponsor Rho chapter of Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engineering honor society, was originally founded in 1922. It was founded to help those students study- ing the profession of electrical engineering, who by their attainments in college have shown a deep in- terest and a marked ability in their chosen life work, to be brought into a closer union whereby mutual benefits might be derived. It has been towards this end that Eta Kappa Nu has been striving since that time. This year the honorary has eleven faculty mem- bers, twenty-four active members, and five outstand- ing pledges. To be eligible a student must be in the upper fourth of his junior class or the upper third of the senior class. Richard Jamison, President Back row, left to right: Jim Valentine, George A. Fatton, Kenneth Stokes, D. Clark Kirby. Third row: Svein Groth Andresen, Robert L. Grenda, Paul 260 " Scheele, Melvin Baker, Robert Zigler, Ronald D. Wertz, Amos O. Winsand. Second row: Ralph E. Mampy, Charles S. Lorens, Ray Bell, Charles Eppinger, Charles Dodson. Front row: Tom Tanigawa, Royce Myhre, Sam Maley, Richard Jamison, Kenneth Wolvington, Paul Albrecht, Kenneth Stiefel. i i s 1 I .; :i m r-- j3 ■Qi m . " •-- - fiii«» .■? k ' •y » . . ■ f : - » - : t ' - . " ' . ' S 261 Pete Hildebrand. President. OFFICERS Pete Hildebrand President Marion Cottin me Vice President Cathy Honea Secretary Eleanor Unfug Treasurer Walter W. Varver Faculty Advisor Every Tuesday night the Equestrian Club meets at the University Riding Academy to plan the week- end activities. Anyone interested in horses and riding is invited to join regardless of his riding ability. The club acts as a means of coordinating all the ac- tivities of the riders and of organizing special events. Some of the activities include all-day rides, week-end trips in the mountains, pack trips over the divide, steak fries, square dances, riding games, and jump- ing. By merely participating in all these activities a tenderfoot will doubtless become a better rider. The big event of the year is the annual spring horse show which is attended by many University students and townspeople. Walter W. Varver advises the group. f tival choir Under the direction of Mr. Berton Coffin, asso- ciate professor of music, the Festival Choir presents several concerts each year. This group is composed of music students and local people interested in pre- senting the best in music. In March the choir gave Bach ' s " St. Matthew Passion " with the Denver Symphony orchestra and the Lamont Singers in Denver and then presented an abridged version for the university students. The Rev. A. B. Patterson, Jr., sang and Donald Hoiness also. Festival Choir is entirely voluntary and meets in the music school rooms. Berton Coffin, Director 262 Back row, left to right: Frank Barbee, Frederick DenfUer, Bob Pitts, Richard Charles. Howard Brownstein. Dick Mohler, Stanley Green. Third row: Merle R. Evanko, George Schreifels, Dick Harms. Emerson Player. Dick Dodge. Charles Fox, Alan Schaefle, Duane Baumgartner. Second row: Neil Thieleke, Dean MacDonald, Ronald Schmidt, Marty Maliner, Jr., Maynard Irostel, Gene Levy, Ray Paricio, Chuck Clark, Paul Hoffman. Front row: Warren Anderson, John Howell, Dick Evans, Eugene C. Witchie, Alfred L. Stoll, Hank Var , Myron Horn, Teddy R. Earnhardt, Jr. 263 Left to right: Alfred Stoll, Henry Varga, Eugene Witchie, Mr. Seeber, and Bob Maver. OFFICERS Alfred L. Stoll President Eugene C. Witchie Vice-President Melvin D. Towner Secretary Henry J. Varga Treasurer Norton C. Seeber Sponsor The Free Lance Club, independent men ' s social organization, was started by a group of twenty-four independent men in 1946. Free Lance Club activities include participation in all intramural sports, including football, basket- ball, Softball, water polo, boxing, and track. The club has won numerous awards for floats and G. U. Days carnival booths. Twice yearly a large formal or costume dinner- dance is held and many social functions are sched- uled with other campus organizations during the year. Membership in the Free Lance Club is open to all independent men who subscribe to the ideals of the club. Outstanding among these ideals is the doctrine of equality regardless of creed or color. free lance hiking club V«i5 OFFICERS Jack Frost President Gail Van Hine Vice-President Nancy Harlan Secretary Curt Wright Treasurer Dick Tagg Manager Walt Kustka Ass ' t. Manager " No hikes postponed due to the weather, " the motto, presents a real challenge to the members of the Hiking Club. Eight hikes in two consecutive semesters, including four all day hikes, are require- ments for membership. The big houseparty each semester, Thanksgiving holiday and spring vacation, at some nearby resort such as Estes Park, Winter Park, or Brainerd Lake is a trip to remember. The Hiking Club also serves the Buff Barbecue during Homecoming and presents an annual all-school dance each semester. The oldest club on campus, formed in 1920, the Hiking Club has grown from a " mail box " organiza- tion to a very active group with its own club room in Memorial. Jack Frost, President. 264 Back row, left to right: Bob Courney, Joan Schaible, Bob Heffernon, Gtnny Veack, AI Clark, Betty Frost, Yvonne Johnson, Ray Williams, Justin Pierce. Fourth row: Jack Fewlass, Franklin Shupp, Rod Page, James Perrigo, William L. Bucket, Charles Bigien, Jim Eowaros, Peg Layton. Third row: Gene Levy, Thel Hough, Bob Werner, Anna Lena Erricsson, Edith Hirsch, Earl Hadley, Vincent Hefti, Olive Petrie, Bob Sutton. Second row: Sarah Jane Johnson, Barbara Benedict, Vic Berman, Mary Howorth, Beverly Tierney, Joan Meisenholder, Marvin Shute, Barbara Mahn, Shirley Gloyer, Joan Jeffrey. Front row: Ellen Jane McBrien, Dick Tagg, Walter Nustka, Curt Wright. Nancy J. Harlan, Jack Frost, Gail Van Hine, Carol Spiller. 9j t f f, 5af roo ' , e to right: David Slosky, Stanley Nathenson, Melvin Cohen, Fay J. Shulman, Harry Goldstein. William Sterlinft, Wesley Sapiro, Max 265 Epstein. Third row: Frank Schneider, Lee H. EniJbar, Ethel Rottman, Syma Greenblatt, Jeanne Leopold, Herbert Schwartz, Burton Leiser, Marvin Gold- berg. Second row: Bernard Sacks, Beverly Wolf, Sandra Goldfine, Lottie Frankel, Carole Cronig, Dena Heller. Norma Shmugar, Matanah Cohen. Helene Mayer, Marilyn Vissenberg. Front row: Erwin Neiman, Jayne Epstein, Gerald Lutovich, David Supperstein, Lou Perlmutter, Rabbi Abraham Zemach. Marty Robbing, Cara Lee Goalstone, Norman Schlager. Martin Robbins, President OFFICERS Marty Robbins _ President David Supperstein Vice-President Cara Lee Goalstone Secretary Lou Perlmutter Treasurer Erwin Neiman, Syma Greenblatt R. W. A. Representatives Rabbi Abraham Zemach Counselor The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation is designed to further knowledge and appreciation of Jewish reli- gion and culture. This group is a functioning student democracy which furnishes Jewish young people an opportunity to meet and express common ideas and interests. Hillel ' s well-rounded activity program consists of weekly discussion groups, choral and dramatic pres- entations, an Israeli dance exhibition, and active participation in the Religious Worker ' s Association. Hillel actively participates in Religion in Life Week; and a prominent worker in the field usually visits the campus to address the group. This year there is a rabbi counselor who meets weekly with students to offer encouragement or discuss any problems. home economics club OFFICERS Betty Davis President Norma Coffin Vice-President Joann Ellis Secretary Elaine Sterling Treasurer The Home Economics Club was created to pro- mote interest in the field as a profession, and to foster interest in both the state and national club organiza- tions. The program of the club includes many activities. This year the club had a picnic honoring freshman women. During regular monthly meetings there are food demonstrations, work shops to decorate cookies for hospitalized children, talks on fashions and talks on choosing china and silver. As a service project, the organization donates clothing and gifts to overseas children. At the close of the year the club has a banquet honoring the grad- uating seniors. Betty Davis, president Back row. left to right: Donna Smolenske, Elizabeth Moritz. Chloe Hun . Mary Dee, Marine Anderson, Aleta Brown. Patricia Anderson, Janet Baitz. 2fift Second row: Helen Butler, Margaret Brady, Sherry Cox. Jane Vawter, Marie Barr, Sue Borst, Barbara Mahn. Marilyn Etnyre. Front row: Yasuko Furukawa, Jo Ann Winans, Jeanne Kaldahl, Betty Davis. Elaine Sterling, Shirley Pahs, Bonnie Jorgensen, Helen Saraff. Edna Matsushima. Back row, left to right: Wanda Horn. Ja::.cs Perri o. Koiuild .k-rman, Allan Carlin, Albert Waller, Jr.. Glenn Anderson, Gerrie Webster. Second row: 267 Corky Rosan, Betty Rosan, Carmen Otero, Natalie Bo gio, Shirlev Leon, Ann Overton, Carohn Rice, Barbara Williams. Front row: John J. Masterson, 9 M Nancy Lee Hardin, John N. Ferryman, Donna Mosbaugh, Stanley Dreyer, Nancy Hardin, President OFFICERS Nancy Lee Hardin President Stanley Dreyer Treasurer Donna Mosbaugh Recording Secretary Shirley Sullivan Corresponding Secretary Dr. John N. Ferryman Faculty Advisor John J. Masterson Council Chairman Activities of the Independent Students ' Associa- tion have been varied during the 1951-1952 school year. LS.A. started their social activities with an all- school mixer dance and followed this with the " Plymouth Rock Romp " at Thanksgiving. The last dance of the first semester was the very successful Christmas Ball. Skating parties were held through- out the year, and many students learned to dance through dance instructions held every Monday night. Highlight of the year was the fourth annual " Club First Nighter. " Authentic night club atmosphere was created by gaming tables, dancing, refreshments, entertainment, and cigarette girls. independent students as$ Kiation 1 interndf-ional relations club OFFICERS Henry Birnbaum President Kirk Brady Vice-President Alice Goldstein Secretary Volney M. Taylor Treasurer Dr. Henry W. Ehrmann Sponsor The International Relations Club tries to promote a better understanding on the part of students of the University of Colorado of other peoples of the world and world affairs. Meetings are held every two weeks, and they include lectures, panel discussions, and debates. At the programs we have foreign stu- dents, C.U. faculty members, and visiting lecturers speak on world affairs in order to promote better international relations and world unity. Iicnr Hirnbaum Back row, left to right: Erich Isaac. Gilbert Wolfenden, Bruce Mecartney, Charles Anderson, Mary Grace Howe, Mel Harmon. Bill Buckel, Melvin G. 2fift Geiser. Second row: Jim Drummond. Gene Levy, Barbara Cawlfield, Viola Benninjjton. Pauline Cooper. Albert Pereira. Jlro Ohno, Hamid Reza. Front row: Robert Pierce, Don Campbell, Henry Birnbaum, Alice Goldstein. Volney Taylor. Robert Jivers, Lynn Hammond. Rack row, lejt to right: Charles Wright, Richard Lym, Wallace Landholm. Jim Bangerd, Dick Deitrich, John Matel, Dick Pyle, Bernard McRonald, Charles Decker, Milton Coppi, Morty Skopp. Fred Drummond. Sixth row: A. W. Martin, Jack Corken, Clarence Steptoe. Leroy Maritt. Arthur Davis. Howard Netz, J. Albert Howard, Melvin Simonson, Aaron Loose. Fred Dengler, Stanley Freilich. Fijth row: D. R. Brockman, W. C. Mossmaw, G. E. Wolf, R. P. Shelley. J. S. DiGiovanni. Harlan Nietfeld, W. F. Collins, Dean Hopkins, Robert Brunton. Bob McClelland, Norman Wi tt. Fourth row: Yumom Chang, Dick Travers, Keith Saboff, Herman Wat, George Schreifels, Dick Harms, Fred Heverly, H. R. Mehta, Robert McKay, John Ohio, David Ulibarri. Third row: Don Gullett, Joseph Gomez. Vince Hefti, Richard My then, Roland Hoffman. Charles Richards, David Houtz, John Herath, John Mehos. Larry Malouflt, Arthur John. Virgil Fraley. Second row: John Wailes. Wm. Higgins, Benny Watada, Voshiye Yamaga, Helen Skopp, Helen Hubbell, Carol Hachtmann. Janet Anderson, Beth Anderson, Rx sponsor, Anita Cantrell, Paul Hoffman. Victor Molles. Frederick Blanche. Front row: Dorothy Dugas, Patricia Wilson. LaVaughna House, Margie Gaasch, Jackie Dunlap. June Onorati, Karen Haile, Joyce Lakin, Nancy Jammer, Kathleen Springer, Kathryn Sells. Helga H2n7.elman. 269 Robert McClelland, President OFFICERS Robert McClelland President Jim Bangerd Vice-President Kathryn Sells Secretary A. W. Martin Treasurer Jack Wailes, Fred Drommond Faculty Sponsors The Junior American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion has just completed its tenth year on the campus. Since it was organized in 1942, it has continued to grow in both size and activities. The annual activities include a fall dance and a banquet held in the spring to honor the senior class. During the year the group has seakers from various phases of pharmacy and medicine. The girls are the members of the Rx Club which offers them the opportunity to see the positions held by women in the field of pharmacy today. This aim is accomplished by field trips to various hospitals and pharmacies throughout the area. The officers of the club are: President, Kathleen Springer; Vice- president, Barbara Simmers; Secretary-Treasurer, Yashiye Yamaga; Corresponding Secretary, Pa- tricia Wilson; Membership chairman, Jackie Dun- lap; and Jr. A. P. A. Representative, June Onorati. J 7 — ' ' liiiiicHr americati pharmaceufical association kappa kappa p$i iiii OFFICERS Darrell Blackburn President Bob Downing Vice-President Carl Duncan Secretary Roger Heath Treasurer Hugh McMillen Sponsor Kappa Kappa Psi is a national men ' s honorary recognizing band members outstanding in musician- ship, leadership, and scholarship. The organization is dedicated to furthering the interests of the college band. Prospective members must have a 2.5 average, have at least one year ' s experience in the college band, and be approved by the active members. Kappa Kappa Psi helps serve dinner for all high school bands on Band Day, and gives receptions for visiting bands and dignitaries in the music field. Many members attended the national convention this summer at Bloomington, Indiana, and the dis- trict convention at Eastern New Mexico College. Duryl Blackburn, President Back row, left to right: Ken Wilson, Gene L. Over, Ronald Owens, Richard H offmeister, Harlan Boye, Ellis Hillmar, Robert Erazell. Second row: Leonard 2yg% Ostwatd. William Funk. Chris Shendo, Robert Nicholas, Boh Baird. Earle Cor ry. Front row: Rofjer Heath. Bob Downinji, Huijh E. McMillen. Darrell Blackhurn. C ' arl Duncan. Ken Lowe. Hack row, left to right: Paul Burns, Linus Meisch. Bill Hall, Robert Crowley, Ronald Garramone. Clement Williamson, Bob Speier, Neil Crow, Tom Cox. Malcolm Heffelman, Re({ Darley, Mark Sen£, Pete Huj hes, Leo Dolan, Leonard Lamb, Fourth row: Joseph Paolella. Anne Gilmour, Louann Schwaner, Cecilia Falfiien, Mitzi Quintans, Leonore Hebal, Elizabeth Kirby, Margaret Mellecker, Jane Knotz, Joan Jeffrey, Mary Drewelow, Sally Hanlein, Pete Chiafalo. John Wood, Frank Mollica, Joe Fouret. Third row: William Sweeney, Avila Tringali, Rita McGreevy, Lawrence Purpich, Doris Kersey, Claire Boasi, Rosemary Giles, Mary Anne Scheib, Marlene Piscitella, Elaine Salter white, Betty Flanagan, Margaret EIHngham, Madge Yeoman, Barbara Lennox. Pat Schuessler. Chuck Butler, George Kersey. Second row: Carolyn Evers, John Lind. Carol Campbell, Margaret Brady, Sue Collins, Vince Gardner, Father Edward V ' ollmer, Father Charles Forsythe, Peggy Tague. Ernest Tovani, Florence Black. Front row: Donald Johnson, Tom McV ' icar, Charles Tomashek, John Uebelhoer, Paul Albrecht, James Nelson, Ray DeAragon, Duane Billtet, Fred ladarola, Edward Leonard. 271 ' ince Gardner, President V OFFICERS Vince Gardner President John Lind ice-President Walter Cross Treasurer Father Charles Forsythe, O.S.B Chaplain Father Edwa-d Vollmer, O.S.B Chaplain Miss Peggy Tague Sponsor Miss Mary Shovlin Sponsor Mr Ernest Tovanni Sponsor All students of the Catholic denomination and others interested meet together weekly at the house to plan the activities of the Newman Club, It is the aim of the club to provide spiritual and educational guidance for students on the university campus. It also integrate s social activities and religion by the grange parties, picnics, and parties at the Newman House. The organization feels proud and fortunate to have a chapel of its own where daily mass and eve- ning rosary services can be conducted. Other activi- ties include a communion breakfast, study groups, and several social gatherings. The annual open air m ss in Mary Rippon theater is sponsored by the club. :...■:;:■:■:.:■:.:.:.:■:.:■:•:.:.:.::.:.:.:.:.:.: . . : ,, . ■■■...■...■••.•.■.■.■. ., . .. newman club OFFICERS Hawley Smith Commanding Officer Robert Mullins Executive Officer William Evans Army Platoon Leader Harry Herman ' Air Force Platoon Leader Pershing Rifles, an honorary for first and second year basic army and air force cadets, is quite active at the University of Colorado, meeting at least every week. To be eligible for membership in Pershing Rifles a cadet must have a 2.00 overall. The purpose of this organization is to make better future officers of those enrolled in basic now . The three crack drill squads participate in many campus activities such as G.U. Days, usher at the University Theatre for plays, help publicize the blood donation campaign, and generally act as a service organization for the school. The firing squad marches at burials, and the color guard also partici- pates in campus affairs. A blue and white fourragere worn on the shoulder signifies membership in Persh- ing Rifles. 272 Back row, left to right: Captain J. F. White, Robert Madsen, Bill Mitchell, Oamer Jenkins. Second row: Hawley Smith. James Wilkins, Philip Clin Richard Grohne. Robert Mullins. Front row: Ramon Poricio, Arnold Boettcher, Everett Spees, Jack McGee. Richard Low. Duane Holt. Rack row, lejt to right: Gerald Gardn er, Sidney Adler, Kent Barnhill, Charles D. Pierce, Ward (ischer, John Yantis, Lawrence Fenton. Third row: Bill 273 Luby, Jack Puckett, Norilo Kawakanii, Rendle Myer, Lindsey Wengfield, Fred Mattson, Jim Htyer. Second row: D. W. Sears, B. M. Tapp, Tim Robberson, ' Bob Nagel, Ralph Clark, Don Giacomini, Don Melbye, Clarence Peterson. First row: Laurence DeMuth, Jr., Harper Abbot, Clyde Martz, William DeSouchet, James Bruin, Albert Menard, William Berg. Jr., John Mulvihill. James Bruin, President OFFICERS Jim Bruin M agister John Mulvihill Historian Harper Abbot Exchequer Larry DeMuth Secretary Phi Delta Phi, only international legal frater- nity, has chapters at seventy schools including Thomas Inn at the University of Colorado. The fraternity has had many outstanding members such as Gardosa, Justice Holmes, P. D. Roosevelt, Theo- dore Roosevelt, and many jurists. The purpose of the legal fraternity is to further and improve the young lawyers and the legal profession in general. Many luncheon meetings are held at which noted speakers discuss problems related to the legal pro- fession and current legal practice. The fraternity also gives an annual banquet and dinner dance for its members and guests. ! £ £c3Z .p:::x-x:::::::::::x:::::;:;:;:;:::: ::-mmm ' AIM: ■■■■■i OFFICERS Ben Hoagland President Darrell Blackburn Vice-President L ean Boal Secretary Bobby Downing Treasurer Jack Litten Warden Louis Trzcinski Historian Larry Hart Sponsor Father Patterson Sponsor Every year the most outstanding men in the music school are tapped for membership in Phi Mu Alpha, a national honorary. In addition to good musician- ship, the prospective member must have a good grade average, have an active interest in music, and have completed one year ' s work in college. The activities of Phi Mu Alpha reflect the mem- bers ' interest in music as they usher at student re- citals and assist in music school registration. The main event on their program is the annual concert given each spring. The Beta Chi chapter has been active on campus since 1937 and has developed into one of the more important organizations in the music school. Ben Hoagland, President Back row, left to right: Kenneth Lowe, John Mitcheltree, Roger Heath, Ronald Owens. Third row: Bill Clark, Bob Musil, Tom Lewis, Ellis Hillman, 2Tj4 Bob Frazell. Second row: Donald Hoiness, William Simon, John Dennis, Earle Corry, Robert Nicholas, Eugene Fowler. Front row: Bobby Downing, Dean Boai, Ben Hoagland, Darrell Blackburn. Jack Litten, Louis C. Trzcinski. Back row, left to right: Marie A. Mehl, Alice L. Hansen, Lyllian Waldbaum, Sue Guild. Front row: Sue liirk (Jertli. Marilyn Nlttler, Berna Brasses, Mary 27S Brown, Sarah Jane Johnson, Joan Domenico. Marilyn Nittler, President OFFICERS Marilyn Nittler President Mary Brown Vice-President Berna Brassea Corresponding Secretary Sarah Jane Johnson Recording Secretary Sue Birk Oertli Treasurer Donna Wooldridge Social Chairman Eleanor McCullough Publicity Chairman Mary Brown Program Chairman Pi Lambda Theta, education honorary, is a na- tional association for women in education. There are seventy chapters throughout the United States, with Alpha Rho chapter being established at this University in 1948. The honorary strives to further education as a profession, foster professional spirit, maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional preparation among women, and to work actively to further the cause of democratic education. The theme for this year ' s program has been edu- cation in various countries and parts of the United States. Alpha Rho ' s project for the year has been to assist financially the two German exchange students who are studying this year at Boulder High School. player ' s club qJ IIIIII OFFICERS Floyd Barrows President Jacquelyn Beyer Vice President Nan Anderson Secretary The Players Club is the campus dramatics or- ganization which offers an opportunity to earn membership to any student interested in the theater. Points are given for acting and technical work on any of a number of productions — the five produced during the regular school season; the two summer plays; and the student directed and produced labora- tory theater plays. Lab-theater plays are usually of an experimental nature and include the spring pro- duction of three prize-winning one-act plays written by students competing in a contest sponsored by the English department. Activities of the club this past year included work on a revision of the point system to increase awards given to stage crew members; instigation af a series of informal luncheons where readings and lectures by faculty members as well as students were heard ; and work on a program for new student week in the fall. Left to right: Amy Goudell, Floyd Barrows, Nan Anderson. Back row, left to right: Bernard Griesel, Yvonne Johnson, Joan Domenico, Clyde Gilley, Rex Kleitz, Alvin Northway, Luigi Home. John Backer. Second 276 ' " O " ' - ' Hank Shaw, Jacquelyn Beyer, Kirk Brady, Joe Brady, Anne Taylor, Yvonne Burkett, Jim Becker. Front row: Andy Loshbough, Don Danforth, Nan Anderson, Floyd Barrows, Amy Goodell, Dale Mackley. I_ I Back row, left to right: Jeanne Roncka, Evelyn Glasebrook, Sponsor, Abbie Sabin, Sib Shorney, Dee Chandos, Ci Coate, Marilyn Hall, Joan Moore, Marilyn Burket, M. J. Duncan, Louise Winter, Carol Hachtmann, Carriellen Reeve. Third row: Mickey Mosier, Margaret Lee Menge, Betty Merriam, Mary Jo Flynn, Sue Schwab, Pat Winkler, Pat Mooney, Jackie Irwin, Stephanie Drake, Doric Weber, Carole Krueger, Donna Lien. Second row: Sally Hansen, Peggy King. Rae Ruthenberg. Sissy Lytle, Bobbie Boettcher, Laura Kimble, Peg Farrier, Jan Bekins, Eloise Holbrook, Margaret Bingham, Lee Neuman. Jean Marples. Front row: Mary Ann Tuohy, Jane Winston. Joan Rizzo, Mianne Enyart, Jo Mulligan, Mary Smith, Bev Brooks, Jean Clark, Mary Selfridge, Lee Hanley. 277 Left to ri ht: Carol Krueger. Jo Mulligan, Marilyn Burkett, Dee Chandis, and Jenny Starks. OFFICERS Jeannette Starks President Carole Krueger Vice-President Jo Mulligan Secretary Marilyn Burkett _ Treasurer Peggy Farrier Publicity Diane Chandos W.A . Representative Miss Evelyn Glasebrook Sponsor Porpoise, the women ' s swimming honorary, spent a good portion of the year working for its annual aquacade and successfully maintained the reputation it has gained in its seven previous water shows. The aquacade, which is the club ' s main accomplishment during the school year, was held on March 6, 7, and 8. Porpoise also sponsors and assists in various intra- mural swimming events on campus. For the past four years the girls have been guests of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for the entire spring vacation week-end in return for pre- senting the aquacade. The Porpoise mermaids have become widely known for this performance. Membership in Porpoise is determined by tryouts held in the fall on the basis of proficiency in the basic swimming strokes. porpoise .f religious workers association OFFICERS Rev. G. G. Goldthwaite President Rev. Malcolm Haughey Vice President Mrs. Lexie Craig Secretary Father Charles Forsyth Religion in Life Ed Macaulay ;.... President ' s Committee Dave Emeson Student President Stanley Dreyer Student Vice President Sally Ranger Student Secretary The Religious Worker ' s Association provides a fellowship of workers (professional, faculty, and stu- dent) in the churches and student religious organiza- tions dealing with the religious life of the students at the University of Colorado. We are trying to estab- lish a cooperative program of campus religious work in order to provide a common impact on campus life that students may see our basic unity and that religious prejudice may be broken down; a clearing house for the activities of individuals or combined groups; and a channel through which cooperative projects and activities may be carried on. Members this year are Roger Williams Fellow- ship (Baptist) , Christian Science Organization, Con- go Club (Congregational), Disciple Student Fellow- ship (First Christian Church), Cantebury Club (Episcopal), Hillel Foundation (Jewish), Luther Club (Lutheran), Gamma Delta (Lutheran), Wes- ley Foundation (Methodist), Westminster Fellow- ship (Presbyterian), Newman Club (Roman Catho- lic), and the Y.W.C.A. 278 Back row, left to right: Donna Ives, Jack Sides. Ted Wassam, Rudv Johnson. Dick Bingham, Stanley Dreyer, Rev. Malcolm Haughey, Melvin Mues, Ernest Tovani. Second row: Sall Ranger, Carolyn Campbell, Robin Winks, Katy Drexel. Rev. Edward Machler. Dave Emeson, Miss Janet Allen. Viola Brase. front row: Rev. Sherman Strange, Rev. Wm. Avery, Father Ed. Vollmer, Mrs. Lexie Craig, Rev. G. G. Goldthwaite, Rabbi Abraham Zemach. Father A. B. Back row. left to ri ht: Arlie BeriniJer, Julian Hill, John Lee, Dean Hopkins, Dick Scott, Annabeth Woodward. Third row: Bill Vasquez. Hila Van Gilder, Darlene Mueller. Leila Lee, Alta Douglas, Betty Leslie. Irene Vrophy, George Ghoy. Second row: Louise Bishop, Sara Keith, Eleanor Hewitt, Eva Eakin, Helen Butler. Adrian McCutcheon, Alma Lee Santala, First row: Janet Allen, Rev. Malcolm Haughey, Sue Meyer, Paul Edscorn, Marge Anderson, Chuck Epptngcr, John Adams. 279 Paul Edscorn, President OFFICERS Paul Edscorn President Sue Meyer Vice President Margie Anderson Secretary Rev. Malcolm E. Haughey University Pastor Christian Fellowship and spiritual growth are the purposes of Roger Williams Fellowship, the Bap- tist Student Fellowship at the University of Colo- rado. This program is fulfilled by Roger Williams Fellowship by many activities which range from big parties and picnics to study groups and a daily de- votional service. Some of its other activities include a Bible Study group, cell groups, choir, R. W. F. Players, Gospel teams, retreats, and four active com- missions: Devotional Life, Evangelism, Stewardship, and Fellowship, These activities carry through the week and are supplemented on Sunday by Univer- sity classes and a Roger Williams program at the 1st Baptist Church, Roger Williams Fellowship has been able to expand its activities this past year by the purchase of a large student center. Roger W illiams Fellowship extends its realm of activities to include Religious Workers Association, Colorado B. Y, F,, Colorado-Wyoming Baptist Stu- dent Fellowship, American Baptist Convention, and World Student Christian Federation. roger williams fellowship Km OFFICERS Donna Scott President Donna Mosbaugh Vice President Phyllis Eckberg Secretary Marilyn Nelson Treasurer Joyce Herschberger Chaplain Barbara Hoppock Editor Phyllis Parraalee Sergeant-at-arms Sigma Alpha Iota is an International Music Fraternity for women, its initial purpose being to carry on the ideals and keep up the standards of music in the community and throughout the world. On the Colorado campus, Alpha Phi chapter serves as often as there is demand. Comprised of 95 active college chapters, plus the many alumnae units, Sigma Alpha Iota has great potential. The fact that this is used wisely may be determined by the many unsung deeds that Sigma Alpha Iota carries out in the name, only, of music. Uonna Scott, President 280 Front row, left to right: Donna Foote, Barbara Hoppock, Marilyn Nelson, Donna Scott, Donna Mosbaugh, Phyllis Parmelee, Ann Nell Palmer. Second row: Peggy Hawthorne. Edna Simonds. Connie Merrill, Mary Rains, Bobbie Sill, Janene Boothby, Taudie Simons. Back row: Chloanna Stillwagon, Chariot Furman. Janis Walz, Martha Opdyeke. Dorothy Ann Wormwood.. 1 i r- sMi f v -i» Back row, left to right: Margaret Bin«ham, Josephine Cohen, Marilyn Hall, Jane Gregg. Jayne Poole, Marie Adams, Carole Degan, Susan Tfaeal. Front 281 row: Ba rbara Hobbeach, Mary Ann Quinn, Betsy Thoman, Jane Kardokus, Elaine Sterling, Joanne Sorensen, Marilyn Wilier, Joan Stough. President, Elaine Sterling OFFICERS Elaine Sterling President Joyce Miller Hirschberger Vice-PresideHt Marilyn Waller _ Sec.-Treas. Miss Virginia Kinloch Sponsor Sigma Epsilon Sigma was founded on the Univer- sity Campus in 1929 by Dean Brown. The Gamma Chapter here, as its national associates, gives recog- nition to sophomore women who have maintained an overall average of 3.5 during their freshmen year. Its object is to encourage and promote high scholar- ship among freshman women of all branches of learning. The new members are tapped at the A.W.S. Christmas Party every year. Sigma pi sigma OFFICERS Kim Schuette President B. Roy Killian Vice-President William J. Kellar Secretary Frederick P. Storke Treasurer George E. Kersey Historian Prof. Frank Walz Advisor Sigma Pi Sigma is the national physics honor society on campus. It is an open organization which serves as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achieve- ment in physics. Sponsorship of outstanding men in the field of physics to speak at informal meetings is the most important way of promoting student interest in re- search and advanced study. The speakers discuss the newest problems in physics and explain technical points in an ttempt to keep the students up to date on actual work in the field. Sigma Pi Sigma also participates in Engineer ' s Day and Apple Fest. Kim Keid Schuette, President 2S2 ■ " ■ ' ■ " " ' • ' " ' ' ' " riglit: Russel Drew, Morton Burt. Edward J. Leonard. Jr., Mervyn L. Younij. Georje E. Kersey. Charles M. Schloss. Jr.. Georje H. Keirns. rronl row: Ritchie Mikcsell. Roy Killian, Kim Schuette, Frank C. Walz, Bill Kellar, Fred Storke. Back row, lejt to right: Paul F. Scheeie. Donald Salvards, Charles Bogard, Paul Albrecht, Haskell Aronson, Richard Axell, T. V. Stradley, A. C. Haglund, Paul Burns. Fijth row: Clement Diessner, Robert Grenda, George Kerse , Uilliam Thoman. Jr., William Collier, Bernard Devine. Robert Hardin, Mervyn Young. H. I. Sears. Jr., R. E. Jones. Jr. Fourth row: George Keirns. Royce Myhre, Robert Zigler. Clark Kirby, Charles Eppinger, Norman Gittinger. Robert Kao, Fred Peterson, Earl Newmyer. Third row: M. L. Baker, A. O. Winsand. Lloyd Farnsworth. Tom Tanigawa, Richard Cordingly. Fred Storke. Royce Trumbower. Sam Maley. William Kasak, Carroll Beaman. Second row: Richard Jamison. James Modrall. Eugene Taylor. Frank Hughes, James Mullins. Jack Angevine. Lysle Gust, Bill Cox, Russ Richman. John Estes. Front row: Glenn Anderson, Ron Scbnorr. Bill Kellar, Stan Lorens. Steve Achtenfaagen, Art Ravicz. G. William Norris, Jr., Robert Johns. 283 President, Stan Lorens. OFFICERS C. Stan Lorens President Stephen H. Achtenhagen Vice President Arthur Ravicz Recording Secretary William Keller Corresponding Secretary Chas. A. Wagner Treasurer and Faculty Advisor Sigma Tau is a national fraternity which recog- nizes outstanding achievement in all branches of en- gineering. It was founded at the University of Ne- braska in 1904 and the University of Colorado ' s Iota chapter was founded in 1914. Men in the upper one-third of the junior and senior classes of the College of Engineering are eligible for election. Sigma Tau considers practicality and soci- ability on an equal basis with scholarship in these elections, for it holds the three qualities to be of equal importance for achieving success in the field of engi- neering. Sigma Tau stimulates and recognizes the basis for lasting and professional friendships. Twice each year Iota chapter holds elections, initiations, and initiation banquets. It also meets with Tau Beta Pi for a joint banquet preceding the Engineer ' s Ball. Sigma Tau pledges traditionally core the apples for the Engineer ' s Apple Fest, and, in the spring they act as guides for the conducted tours on Engineer ' s Day. At the Engineer ' s Day convocation, the Sigma Tau Award is presented to the sophomore engineer who demonstrated the highest practical and scholas- tic promise as a freshman. SA; , ' y Sigma tau OFFICERS Bill Kitchens President Jim Brooks Vice-President Howard Ewy Secretary Tom Bloom Treasurer CDR. H. R. Swanson, jr., USNR Advisor Lt. H. C. Loveday, USN Advisor Star and Sextant is the professional fraternity of the Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at the University of Colorado. Originally founded here during World War II, the fraternity was reactivated in 1949 to further the naval activities at the Uni- versity; to uphold the traditions and prestige of the Navy; to foster the bond among the midshipmen; and to honor upper class midshipmen who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and leader- ship. The fraternity exerts its influence in the promot- ing or sponsoring of various activities of the Naval unit including social functions throughout the year. Some of the events sponsored by Star Sextant the past year include a welcoming party for all new mid- shipmen, the Military Ball in conjunction with the Army ROTC, and a farewell party for graduating seniors. f 1 i d " ft W j0mm IbI I ■j M 1 1 H Bill Kitchens, President Back row, left to right: Glenn Beck, Don Griswold, Wayne Muth, Jack Majesky, Rick Conrey, Dave Blanchard, Dan Lynch. Third row: John Boone. Russell Drew, Norman Peterson, Phil Bright, Paul Benson, Monroe Wingate, Gerald Fehrman, Frank Bocovich. Second row: David Palo, Jim Titcomb, 284 William Ferguson, Jean Cropley, Charles Dodson, William Hynnes, Ted Berg, Dick Bauer. Front row: Lt. John C. Loveday, USN, George Helder, Don Meloche, Jim Brown, Jim Brooks, Bill Kitchens, Tom Bloom, Harry Swanson, Jr., USNR. Back row, left to right: Richard C. Lym. Mont. Gutke. David Doyle, Richard Pyle, Stephen McCulIoch, Howard E. Netz. Second row: James Hatakeyama, Rokuro Kurihara, H. R. Mehta, William Higgins, C. R. Richards, Frederick Blanche, front row: Fred Drummond, Charles Wri t, Don Gullett, Harold Kleiner. Nancy Jammer, Richard Hart. 285 Officers: Nancv Jammer, Roland Begneaud, and Charles WriiJht. OFFICERS Harold Kleiner President Roland Begneaud Vice-President Harold Heim Treasurer Nancy Jammer Secretary Alpha Theta chapter of Rho Chi, pharmaceutical honor society, welcomes into membership all juniors with a 3.5 average and all seniors with a 3.00 average in addition to an active interest in pharmacy. The honorary attempts to acquaint the members with the practical field of pharmacy and to keep members aware of the latest scientific achievements. Rho Chi holds open meetings weekly for all those interested and provides excellent speakers on cur- rent topics in pharmacy. In addition the honorary also sponsors a banquet semi-annually and holds formal initiation. The highpoint of the social calen- dar is the picnic held each semester. Each fall Rho Chi awards a gold achievement medal to the outstanding freshman in pharmacy. Also, this year under the direction of Dean Poe, sponsor, the dispensary in the pharmacy school was furnished. ;||||| ll .f;- lli|||||;;;||| A ' ■USt ' tf-; OFFICERS John Gorman President Raymond Bell Vice-President Samuel W. Maley Recording Secretary Morton Burt Corresponding Secretary Mr. R. D. Isaak Cataloger R. E. Rathburn, chairman, B. T. Arnberg, M. L. Jackson, R. C. Rautenstraus Advisory Board This year the local chapter was host to the national convention of Tau Beta Pi Association, national engineering honorary, which has been represented on campus since 1905. The Association recognizes distinguished scholarship among the undergraduates in engineering, acknowledges the attainments of the alumni in the engineering field, and fosters a spirit of liberal education in the engineering colleges of America. Tau Beta Pi annually has two initiation banquets and a joint banquet with Sigma Tau. Each year an award is given to the outstanding freshman engineer of the preceding year. The author of the best pledge theme also receives an award and is eligible for national competition. John Gorman, President. Back row, left to right: Al Clark, Bob Miller, Paul Albrecht, Dick Axell. Stuart Madison. Third row: Roscoe Champion, Charles Bogard. J. S. Endicott, 286 Georfie Kersey, John Estes, Richard Sharp. Second row: Cecil Westfall, Green, M. L. Baker, R. S. Jamison, R. D. Wertz, C. H. Dodson, C. E. Eppinger. Front row: H. T. Sears, Jr., H. L. Ferguson, Sam Maley, Ray Bell, John Gorman, Morton Burt. Bai ' k row. left to right: Mrs. Frank Baird. Mrs. Randall Spicer. Jessie Leimbach, Donna Greif, Phyllis Eckberg. Chariot Furman. Second row: Ellen Coe. Connie Marrill. Delia TeGrotenhuis, Cynthia Skelton, Frank Baird. Front row: Taki Taguchi, Joan Marks, Jane Gregg, Mary Brown, Frankie Sicken- berger, Bobbie Sell. 287 Mary Brown, president. OFFICERS Mary Brown President Jane Gregg _ Vice-President Roberta Sell Corresponding Secretary Taki Taguchi Recording Secretary Mar ' Frances Sickenburger Treasurer Joan Marks Historian Phyllis Eckberg Custodian Tau Beta Sigma, national band honorary for col- lege bandswomen, is a service organization which provides social life for its members and all the mem- bers of the University Bands. In the fall, Tau Beta Sigma, with Kappa Kappa Psi, sponsored the annual Band Day, when 4,200 high school band members were entertained. All proceeds were turned over to the fund for band raincoats. Several members attended the National Conven- tion in Bloomington, Indiana during the summer, and the District Convention in Portales, New Mex- ico, in April. This spring Tau Beta Sigma sponsored the annual carnival for the music school. M , I i}i ik W MWMiMMWii h university women ' s club OFFICERS Anita Henrie President Beverly MacSpadden Vice-President Joy Martin Secretary Jean Reimer Treasurer Connie Allen Purchasing Agent Esther Eicher Historian Pat Dunshee M other-Daughter Chairman Carolyn Henderson Social Chariot Furman Housing Louise Apple Membership Mary K. Lewis ! " Social Hour Emma Lou Samuel Program Pat Gasser Publicity Mrs. Howard Heuston Sponsor Club President Miss Mary-Ethel Ball, Miss Bernice Udick Faculty Sponsors The University Women ' s Club is a social organi- zation for both Greek and independent women pro- viding social activities for all members and pro- moting friendliness and democracy on campus. The picturesque building, situated by Varsity Lake, is a center for numerous club activities and a residence for fifty-six members. The recreation room, kitchen- ette, and lounges are open to members at all times. Outside organizational groups often schedule rooms at the club house for special meetings. The Women ' s Club has a full program each year, including a tea for all women students during fall semester, an open house in spring semester, " Coffee Time " after football games, a play Night for men and women each semester, an annual carnival, and a party honoring foreign students. The highlight each semester is the formal given at the club house. I 288 Sack row, left to right: Esther Eicher, Chariot Furman. Joan Nelson. Connie Allen. Louise Apple, Emma Lou Samuel, Carolyn Henderson. Patty Dunshee. Front row: Mary K. Lewis, Beverly MacSpadden, Anita Henrie, Jean Reimer, Joy Martin. Pat Gasser. j ( i f w ii y fg g t i » i H%y .jj ' O Andes Ansdell Beauvais Broaddus Brooks Brown Burner Carmichael Domenico Dunshee Eicher Gloege Hansen Henderson Henrie Hinzelman Hurlburt Jafigers Kildow Lewis, M. K. Lewis, V. Lord MacSpadden Marks McCullough Mosbaugh Nelson Onorati, L. Reimer Ricchers Rizzo Robinson Samuel Santala Sardini Scott Siegel Stroud Trontell Wickstrom Wormwood Furman 289 university women s club p-liiilllllH f OFFICERS Tom Young President Don Higgins Vice-President Bob Gershenow Secretary Wes Young Treasurer The Viking Club, an organization for independent men, was organized in 1934 at the University of Colorado. The club was organized to promote high ideals, principles of good fellowship, and mutual friendship among all independent students regardless of race, creed, or religion. The fifty members attend many social functions throughout the year as well as participating in intra- mural athletics and other school activities. The spring formal in Denver is one of the highlights of the social calendar. A combination of good voices and long hours of practice gave the Viking Club a tie for first place in the 1951 Song Fest. In spite of their participation in many school activities, the Vi- kings maintain a high scholastic average. Mr. Ray Johnson is the sponsor for the Viking Club. Tom YounjJ. President Back row, left to right: Ward Dee, Robert Campbell, David Lines, Earl Newmyer. Third row: Elvie Apodaca, David Fisher, Don Olson, S. Warren 2gA Compton, Jr., Ladd Griffith, John Garvin, Robert Comp ' on. Second row: Leonard Neves, Ernest J, Y. Wu, Terence Grieder, Bob Johnson, Corky Rosan. Front row: Elmer Parson. Bob Gershenow, Tom Youn|£, Don Higgins, Wes Young, Dave Glaser. Batli ru ' , ,; lu righl: Margie Smith. Marty Aldum. Uiane Carroll, Gloria Ardueser, Jean Welsh, Nancy Wrenn, Marty Hammond. Second row: Jo Gilbert Elyse Ueffke. Harriet Haake. Lu Webster, B. J. Vaughn, Nancy Ebaugh. Fnnl rozr: Bonnie Baldwin. Debby Green, Katherine Ley. Jo Easley, Jennv Starks, Yvonne Burkett. 291 Hack row, left to right: Bonnie Baldwin. Katherine Ley. Jenny Starks. roMt row: Yvonne Burkett. Debby Green. Jo Easle . OFFICERS Jo Easley President Jenny Starks Vice President Debby Green Secretary Bonnie Baldwin Treasurer Yvonne Burkett Intramural Manager Katherine Ley Sponsor The Women ' s Athletic Association, composed of a general membership of over 300 girls, is gov- erned by an executive board of 21 members. The board is made up of the officers, one sponsor, and the chairman of all the different intramural sports. There are also on the board representatives from each sport organization such as Orchesis, Basketball, and Porpoise. The members of the Board are in charge of drawing up and running the different intro- murals tournaments. The Board meets once a week to conduct the Women ' s Intramural Program, plans for the general meeting, and, as WAA is a member of the Athletic Federation of College Women, to plan and participate in many interschool women ' s athletic events and conferences. Each spring the activity year is finished with a breakfast where awards are given to the girls who have actively par- ticipated in intramurals, A traveling plaque is given to the group who has received the most points throughout the year, and an award is given to the most outstanding senior woman. Also, each spring, the members of the executive board are elected by the members of W,A.A. SSSJ-ft J - ,--73 ; ■:■ " . ■: ; ' i - - , waa board iiiiips :-: ' :-: ' : ' :-: ' : ' : ' t» , ' ' ' ■ ■f||||U[ M OFFICERS Charlotte Berg President Don Pollard Vice-President Gene Humburg Treasurer Sara Fletcher Secretary Gene Barr Worship Leader John Herath Recreation Leader The Rev. Sherman M. Stanage Director " Eat-a-Bite " dinners Sunday evenings are one of the most popular activities of the Wesley Founda- tion. The group also sponsors picnics, hikes, ban- quets, and retreats. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student organization on campus. All Methodist preference students and others who are interested in religious and social activities are invited to attend. The Foundation conducts the Wesley class on Sun- day mornings. There are choir and forum meetings during the week and recreation on Friday night. The group is ably directed by the Rev. Sherman M. Stanage. 292 Back row, left to right: Bob Wilkie, Harvey Duerst, Arne Landsberg, Russell Holdredge, Jayne Poole, Edwin Austin, Neil Ashby, Ervin Innes. Bob Buchanan, Carl Helms. Fifth row: John W. Shaver, Loren Gerleman. Norma Mullen, Peter Story, Carolyn Thalman, Luralee Clark, Erlee Sevier, John Amick, Josephine Shottenkirk, Ronald Zimmerman. Fourth row: Wilbur Bowman, Ruth Riechers, Arthur Burns, Ramona Jessen, Dean Flanders, Ricky Es){ar, Wallace Finley, Frank Squires, D wight Murphey, Don Burger. Third row: Barbara Burger, Royce Trumbower, Lois Kiefer. Betsy Ross, Karen Haile, Katy Drexel, Shirley Carpenter, Marilyn Wilson, Mary Jane Edholm, Janet L. Bell, Janet Anderson. Second row: Betty Foster, Joyce Hart, Peg Minear. Joan Eraser, Jane Morrison, Barbara Barkley, Esther Colyar, Don Harris, John Herath, Alan Love. Front row: Rhea Helm, Ardith Friedow, Margarett Samuelson, Sherman Stanage, Madeline Stanage, Charlotte Berg, Gene Barr, Sara Fletcher, Bob MusiL Back row, left to right: Richard Easton, S. Warren Compton. Jr., Bill Bennet. Tom Barker, Stanley Dreyer, Gordon Robertson, Warren Anderson, Hal Hamilton. Fifth row: Earl L. Handley, Howard Fetterhoff, Bob Davis, W . R. Elmendorf, Jim Olbrick, Forrest Brown, Bob Berrutch, Jim Caump. Jon Greene. Fourth row: Lloyd Woodworth. Jane Mathews, Helen Mongomery, Benita Bud, Marge Brown, Lee Stinnet, Harry Brandt, Wanda Horn, Mama Sampson, Sandra Dickey. Third row: Dale Boersma, Elizabeth Tanner, Darliene Keeney, Susan Ewbank, Gorrine Ghodora, Louise Neuman, Jeri Stinnet, Neva Brandt, Barbara Mahn. Pat Ben way. Second row: Nanch Schenk. Gorrine Million, Michiko Watanabe, Bette May, Nancy Ghoate, Jim Blasdel, Phyllis Forsmen, Gharlotte Learning Garolyn Ansdell, Joyce Lakin, Pat Patterson. Front row: Garolyn Gampbell, Jack Ryman, Marjor ie Lockard, Eugene TeSelle, Bob McKenzie, Dick Gollins, Arden Belisle, Mary Brown, G. G. Goldthwaite. 293 President, Bob McKenzie. OFFICERS Robert McKenzie President Dick Collins Vice-President Shirley Wahlstrom Secretary Arden Belisle Treasurer Carolyn Campbell R.WJl. Representative Rev. Gordon Goldthwaite Pastor Throughout the Westminster Fellowship, univer- sity students are encouraged to grow spiritually as well as intellectually through Christian fellowship, and opportunity for Christian service. The mem- bers work to further Christian principles and ac- quire a better understanding of the Presbyterian faith through worship, prayer, Bible study, discus- sion groups, and recreation through the conscientious leadership of the student pastor, Rev. Goldthwaite. The group ' s activities are highlighted by a retreat held at the Y.M.C.A. camp at Estes Park each year, together with the Sunday suppers, open house, and picnics. Choir concerts, leadership in discussion groups and the Lamplighter the monthly newspaper, presents vital opportunities for Christian service. Westminster fellowship x::::|:g:i:;§ ■ FfSTRTp!; Left to right: Barbara Steere, President; Sue Oertli, Vice-President;Barbara Trilk, Secretary. The University of Colorado YWCA is one of the largest organizations on campus, and certainly one of the most far-reaching. Its program includes many groups in the fields of community service, dis- cussions, vespers, — something of interest to nearly every woman on campus. The elected officers, forming the executive coun- cil, are: Barbara Steere, president; Sue Birk Oertli, vice president; Barbara Trilk, secretary- treasurer; Jeanoie Weingartner, orientations ; Marcia Mast, vespers; Judy Jones, publicity; Jane Short, public relations; Jo Winans, social; and Mrs. Lexie Craig, director. Special emphasis this year has been that of the total " Y " program, not only on this campus, bu throughout the nation and the world. In conjunction with this, numerous all-membership meetings wer held — several of the most notable being the Member ship Recognition meeting and the All-Y Christma Party. Something new has been added too. The fresf man program under the direction of Ann Hartwel Because of the need for freshman women to be trul oriented to the " Y " program, nine groups to ir elude all frosh members were formed. The uppei class leaders are: Phyllis Albrecht, June Cannoi Nancy Crockett, Maryann Everest, Barbara Gieslei Sue Hills, Carol Humphrey, Barbara Roepnacl and Betty Savery. 294 w(;rk under the direction of Josie Sorenson. Back row, left to right: Uonna Ives. Carolyn Lindseth, Robin Dunn, Ann Hartwell, Cathy Chambers, Nancy Storm, Woody Woodcock, Molly Hale. Second 29S row: Donna McKenzie, Joanne AtanasofF, Joanne Sorenson, Caria Wiebenson. Barbara Baird, Pat Blacker, Joan Gorom. front row: Jo Ann Winans, Jean Weinjartncr, Sue Birk Oertii, Mrs. Lexie F. Craig, Barbara Steere, Barbara Trilk, Jane Short. Besides the various group activities, the campus ind community will remember the " Campus Christ- Tias " sponsored by the " Y " and presented in Macky ust before Christmas. Along with this was the Christmas Candle sale of candles made by the mem- lers themselves. Still another campus highlight is he " Y " fashion show in the spring. I The varied program of the YWCA is realized hrough numerous groups. Group leaders, and the •xecutive council make up the cabinet. The leaders ire Joanne Atanasoff and Josie Sorenson, Big and Attle Sisters; Barbara Boettcher, Campfire; Molly 4ale and Suzanne Woodcock, Foreign Students; •iobin Dunn, Sanitarium; Joan Gorom, County Hospital; Pat Blacker, music; Barbara Baird, Ra- dio; Donna Ives, Recreation; Anita Bridwell, Toy Loan; Nancy Storm; Vets vi lie Nursery; Carla Wiebenson, Y-Talk; Cathy Chambers, Y Teens; Carolyn Lindseth, All-Y meetings; Ann Hartwell, Freshman Program; and Donna McKenzie, Mem- bership. Each individual group meets once a we ' ek. Executive Council has a weekly luncheon meeting with cabinet every other week. The " Y " office is 104 Memorial and is open daily. Extensive help is given by the adult advisory board made up of interested Boulder women. The board, led by Mrs. Leslie Lewis, president, works closely with student officers to further the " Y " program. tt to right: Jeannie Weingartner, Orientations; Jo Winans, Social; Marcia Mast, Vespers; Judy Jones, Publicity; Jane Short, Public Relations. ---- -- ■ jf • i C« 3 liiiiililfj ' i Wv W- ' Q - . . ■:■ :-my ' y ' ■ ■■ OFFICERS Ken Jerabek President Mike Steig Secretary Mitch Striker Treasurer The national professional advertising fraternity, Alpha Delta Sigma, has been active on this campus since 1947, meeting biweekly throughout the school year. The fraternity has certain advertising projects which it completes, handles some campus publicity, but the biggest project is the competition for the na- tional cup given each year. Each chapter of the fra- ternity organizes a complete publicity campaign for some imaginery product, including magazine ads, billboards, slogans, and any means by which it can bring the product to the attention of the public. The cup, then, is awarded for the best complete campaign. This is the second year that the initiation ban- quet has been held in Denver with a joint banquet with the Denver university chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma. Many of the fraternity ' s social activities are also held in Denver. Perhaps once a month the Uni- versity chapter holds a dinner meeting in Denver to hear outstanding speakers in the field of advertising. Chris Burns sponsors the local chapter. .Kenneth Jerabek, President 296 Bofi row. left to right: Ken Hayes. Bob Sancerman, Mike Steii, Bob Rierson, Chris Burns, adviser. Front row: George Merline, Joe Lacy, Bill KiniS, Ke Jerabek, Bart Ludeman. Norm Fagin. Back row, left to right: John Sarconi, Herlo Ware, Bob Thomaseii, Jerry Weil, Norm Schlager, Richard Heitman, Bob Marshall. Third row: Allen Kempers. 297 Marfiaret Fox, LtRoy Pearson, Don Hagen, David Emerson, Sam DePalatis, Wayne Evans, Wayne Sttnback. Second row: Don Ettleson, Pete Barglow, Herb Schwartz, Pete Okada. Judy Graham, Frank Bumgarner, Jr., Bob Baird. Front row: Dr. N. F, Witt, Dick Johnson, Delbert Weltman, Jim Mitchell, Mary Dawley, Helen Morris, Barbara Hudson. Jim Mitchell, President OFFICERS Jim Mitchell President Bob Leslie Vice President Del Weltman Secretary Norm Schlager Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta, premedical honor society, has been active on this campus for many years. It honors outstanding men and women who are enter- ing the field of medicine. This organization is the only national honor society for premedical students, and there are forty-seven active college chapters in the United States. This honor society attempts to promote coopera- tion between the premedical and medical programs and educators to provide an adequate program, and to stimulate an interest in and the appreciation of the importance of premedical education. In addition to their regular meetings, the mem- bers hold special meetings at which outstanding speakers in various fields of medicine discuss the cur- rent problems of the field and the progress being made in medical techniques. The group also spon- sors an annual trip to the medical center in Denver. alpha epsilon delta men ' s glee club I OFFICERS Ronald Schnorr President Kenneth Pirk Vice-President Ernie Huddleson Treasurer Bill Hector Activities Chairman Kenneth Pirk Publicity Chairman Glenn Vliet Accompanist The best male voices of the University combine talents to produce one of the most popular serenade groups on campus, the Men ' s Glee Club. The group meets weekly to practice for the varied musical ac- tivities throughout the year. Serenades are given at various women ' s houses and dorms during the year with special caroling be- fore Christmas. The annual spring concert, " Soror- ity Serenade, " features the sweetheart songs of four sororities sung to a representative of each. Public relations of the University are greatly improved by the activities of the glee club. Singing for various civic groups, presenting short concerts at high schools throughout the state in order to attract new students, and singing for alumni meetings at many cities in the state are some of these activities. Keys are awarded by the glee club in recognition of two year ' s continuous membership in the group. The glee club is now working toward membership in the American Association of University Glee Clubs by next fall. Back row, left to right: Mike Mason, Jerry Weil, Page Thompson, Charles Guthrie, Darrell Mackay, Robert Cox. Third row: George Zehner, Allan Belfor, Earl Denny, Andrew Snively, James Murphy, Bob Hixson. Ronnie Moberg, Bernie Johnson. Second row: Melvin Mues, Bruce Baiter, Glenn Vliet, Ernie 298 Brown, Harry Stumpf, Fred Hills, Woodrow Mossman. Front row: Bob Dunbar, Jerry Klaimon, Ronald Huff, Ken Pirk, Ron Schnorr, Wendel Lowry, Gary Melemore, Joe Carleton. Back row, left to right: Joe Kalz, Gaynor Miller, Pat O ' Connel, Lisle Ware. Front row: Marty Bati. Gloria Hdwards, Babe Packard. Brad Pretii. Harry Herman. 299 Babe Packard and Br-id Prefti with the Dean ' s cup. OFFICERS Brad Pretti Chairman Babe Packard Assistant Chairman Gloria Edwards Secretary Joe Katz Publicity Chairman Four hundred voluntary workers annually co- operate to collect the donations to Campus Chest, an agency which combines all drives for funds into one large drive. Campus Chest distributes its collections on a percentage basis only to agencies of human wel- fare such as the Boulder Community Chest, World Student Service Fund, Heart, Negro Scholarship Fund, and the Jim Field Memorial Fund for cancer. This year Campus Chest planned many special events to increase interest and participation in the giving. The popular movie " On the Town " was pre- sented downtown, a campus fashion show was held at Tulagi, and two big rallies were staged. For the first time. Campus Chest opened competition be- tween ho using units on the basis of amount and per capita amount and presented the Dean ' s Cup to the winner, Zeta Beta Tau. The final allocations will be made this spring with foreign and domestic services each receiving 45% and the other lO ' f remaining in the reserve fund. The goal this year was $1 contribution from each student, and Campus Chest was quite successful. campus chest K alpha delta theta OFFICERS Ruth Nygaard President Martha Obergfell Vice President Janet Young Secretary Sue Collins Treasurer Iris Nelson Editor Alpha Delta Theta, professional society for medical technicians, has been on this campus since 1949 and has been very active. The organization holds social and business meetings with speakers and movies on medical topics scheduled for each meeting. For example Dr. Rosalie Nelih of the Uni- versity Health Center spoke this fall. Each spring a series of rushing parties are held, and Alpha Delta Theta pledges the outstanding girls in medical tech- nology. The organization, sponsored by Mrs. Doris Reed of the Health Center, is intended to promote fellowship and the ideals of the medical technology profession. On their social calendar the members plan picnics, joint meetings with Alpha Epsilon Delta, and the annual founder ' s day banquet with the groups from Wyoming, Denver University, Den- ver, and the local chapter. Ruth Nygaard, President 300 " " " ' ■ ' ' ' " ' ' ° Fellin, Glory Janzen. Margie Fox, JoAnn Wolfe, Iri« Nelson, Janet Youn . First row: Ruth Nygaard, Irma Shapiro, Mrs. Reed. Roberta Orchard, Martha Obergfcll, Mary Teshima, Enid Vezzie. Elsie Naka a. Back row, left to right: Carroll Beaman, Lawrence Gobble, Stephen Schtenhagen, Charles Class, Cecil Weslfall. Second row: Robert Novy, Warren Tolman, 301 Arthur Hill, Koscoe Champion, Albert Clark. Front row: Ronald Schnorr, Robert Miller, G. William Norris. Jr., Martin Bael, Robert Jones, Jr., Jack ' Anjievine. Robert Brown, Robert Jones, Gerald Norris, and Martin Bael. OFFICERS Martin Bael President Gerald Norris Vice President Robert Jones Recording Secretary Robert Miller Corresponding Secretary Robert Brown Treasurer and Advisor The national fraternity of Pi Tau Sigma, me- chanical engineering honorary, was established in 1915 at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin. Since that time, over fifty chapters have been founded. They are located at most of the engineering schools throughout the country. The Colorado Mu chapter was instituted in May 1932. The object of Pi Tau Sigma is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate in- terest in and coordinate departmental activities, and to promote the professional welfare of its members. Members of the fraternity are chosen from the upperclass mechanical and aeronautical engineers registered at the university. Scholarship, leadership, personality and dependability are stressed for re- quirements. Graduate and honorary memberships are awarded to outstanding members in the field. Activities of the fraternity include beer-busts, picnics, athletic events with rival honorary groups, and others. The members of Pi Tau Sigma work in close cooperation with the various student branches of engineering societies represented on campus. pi tau Sigma beta sigma OFFICERS Wilma Sweat President Patricia Buck Vice President Joy Martin Secretary Joy LaRue Sponsor The members of Beta Sigma, an honorary for women in the School of Business, meet biweekly to hear outstanding men and women in this field and to discuss business affairs. Beta Sigma, organized on this campus in 1938, is sponsored by Joy LaRue and Helen Borland. The honorary is maintained in order to foster better relationships between faculty and students and to encourage more women in the field of business. Socially speaking, the honorary has charge of decorations for the annual Business School dance, in- itiates twice a year, and at their annual spring ban- quet presents a cup to the outstanding senior woman in the School of Business. Left to right: Wilira Sweat. Billie Nelson. Joy Martin, Miss LaRue. Pa; Buck, and Francis Carswell. 302 " ' ■ " ■ " " ■ ' ' ' ' ' ° " « ' •■ Harriet Crawford. Margaret Cloonan. Donna Gloeiie. Joy LaRue, Sharon Lee. Joan Davis. Ironl row: Joy Martin, .4nita Henrie. Billie Nelson, Wilma Sweat, Patricia Buck, Francis Carswell, Marcia Mast. Back row, left to right: Georfje Walters, Carol Holzer, Fred Bishop, Clare Lewis, Clif Green, Emilyn Lottrell. Third row: Harriet Reid, Alice Schiuike, Nancy Hbauffh. Colleen Allen, Patricia Fox, Charlotte Jacobi, Marilyn Tucker, Nancy Van Nostrand, Toni RIackburn. Second row: Ann Brewbaker, Bar- bara Barkley; Nancy Hagan, Anita Henrie, Joan Domenico, Phyllis Albrecht, Ruth Jaggers, Dorothy Smith. Front row: Lucille Onorati, Jane Knotz, Gene Jensen, Marilyn Leinberfjer, Robert Hare, Laura Lee Unfug, Yvonne Burkett, Ursel Cooley. 303 Officers Jane Knotz, Robert Hare, Ursel Cooley, Yvonne Burkett. OFFICERS Robert Hare President Yvonne Burkett Vice President Jane Knotz Secretary Ursel Cooley Treasurer Marilyn Leinber er Representative Joan Haley Representative Gene Jensen Librarian Laura Lee Unfug Publicity Future Teachers of America is open to anyone who is preparing for work in the field of education. The F.T.A. is an affiliate organization of the Na- tional Education Association. The L. Thomas Hop- kins chapter here at Colorado University is the most recently organized chapter in Colorado. The F.T.A. seeks to give student members prac- tical experience in applying theory and knowledge by promoting worthwhile projects. At the Univer- sity of Colorado it provides interaction and integra- tion between students concerned with various fields of education. future teachers of america II cu days committee OFFICERS Frank Nash General Chairman Darth Hurlburt Assistant Chairman Bud Olde Assistant Chairman Circus Days were here again as CU Days took the students ' minds off their work the weekend of May 3. The annual carnival in the men ' s gym was one of the biggest features of the circus with its side shows, games, and popcorn. All athletic events, pub- licity, and the dance were planned around this theme. The magnificent parade left plenty of room for the active imagination in designing the floats. For the first time, the Buff Show used one continuous script rather than the individual skits. The thirty-two hard-working committee chair- men who planned the big events were: secretaries, Pat Murphy, Nancy Jammer, Pat O ' Gonnell; awards, John Boone and Cathy Chambers; Buff Show, Jim Blake and Frances Carswell; Business, Bruce McLagen, Aleen Hurlburt, Fritz Wulfekuh- ler; Carnival, Gayle Manges, Jackie Paule, and Jerry Fuller; Dance, Debby Green and Hilde Skyrm; field events. Bud Wahlstrom, Yvonne John- son, and Gaynor Miller; king-queen, Ginny Light- burn, Joni Sumerton; parade, Earle Honnen and Jim Wilkins; program, Bob Crockett, Joe Ardourel and Carolyn Schum ; publicity, Harry Meyers, Judy Jones, and Elde Wicklund; songfest. Donna McKen- zie and Sharlene Stevens; and the able sponsors Walter Franklin and Clifford Houston. Back row, left to right: Debbie Green, Jim Blake, Earl Honnen, Bruce McLaren. Bob Crockett, Bud Wahlstrom. Fourth row: Jim Wilkins, Yvonne Johnson, John Boone, Gayle ManiJes, Harry Meyers, Joe Ardourel, Jerr Fuller. Third row: Elde Wicklund, Judy Jones, Hildc Skyrm, Pal O ' Gonnell, Carolyn Schum, 0 Cathy Chambers. Second row: Donna McKenzie, Nancy Jammer, Joan Sumerton, Aleen Hurlburt, Sharlene Stevens. Francis Carswell. Jackie Paule. Front row: Walter Franklin, Pat Murphy, Darth Hurlburt, Frank Nash, Bud Olde, Virginia Lightburn, Clifford Houston. Chairmen, Darth Hurlburt, Frank Nash and Bud Olde. f f r Httik row, left to right: Bud Oide, Bill Moss, Ken Koop, Pat Allen, Barb Trilk. fourth row: Jerry Fuller, Debbie Green, Nan Anderson, Ruth Morris. 305 Harry Myers, Bud Wahlstrom, Earl Honnen. Third row: Harriet Levy, Cathy Chambers, Julie Schanck, Pete Honnen, Ginny Goodheart, Polly Carroll. Bill Shiffman, Gayle Manges. Second row: Brad Pretti, Jean Drake, Jeanniie Boothby, Donna McKenzie, Jackie Paule, Rick Sanborn, Bob Steward, Joe Ardourel. Front ro w: Darth Hurlburt, Ken Penfold, Bill Cook, Mary Lou Chaffee, Jim Modrall, Mim Wcller, Frank Nash. Chairman AI Zack, Mary Lou Chaffee, and Jim Modrall. OFFICERS Jim Modrall General Chairman Mary Lou Chaffee Assistant Chairman AI Zack Assistant Chairman " Thanks for the Memory " of 1951 Homecoming with its torchlight parade, varsity nights, queen Jeanne Stevens, thrilling football game with Iowa State, and the climax — the big dance in the men ' s gym. The planning for 1951 Homecoming began last spring under the leadership of the chairman, his two assistants, and the general committee which included alumni welcoming, Brad Pretti and Ruth Morris; alumni reception, Jackie Paule and Ginny Good- heart; business, Darth Hurlburt, Pete Hollen, and Jerry Fuller; dance, Bill Shiffman and Debbie Green; parade, Polly Carroll and Earl Honnen; House decorations, Donna McKenzie, and Rick San- born; merchants decorations. Bill Moss and Bob Steward; program. Barb Trilk and Jeannine Booth- by; men ' s field events. Bud Wahlstrom; women ' s field events, Pat Allen; awards, Nan Anderson; queen, Virginia Lightburn and Bud Olde; campus character, Joe Ardourel; torchlight parade, Julie Schanck, Ken Koop, and Gayle Manges; publicity, Frank Nash, Jean Drake, and Harry Meyers ; Var- sity Nights, Ben Hoagland and Jo Guildner; secre- taries, Marilyn Weller, Cathy Chambers, and Har- riet Levy. tt homecoming committee m full house fm « W »T T 1 i r 1 ' f 1 1 I M.; " -4 dorms Life in the university dormitories quite naturally is associated card-wise to a " full house. " But the prevailing " full house " conditions of previous years at Colorado University, when all rooms were filled to double-capacity, are no longer the fashion. This year the number of freshman girls in Sewall Hall was cut to pre-war normal, and Farrand Hall, formerly an upperclass women ' s dormi- tory, was converted into another freshman women ' s dorm, also at normal capacity. Even these two huge housing units couldn ' t accommodate all the first-year co- eds. Aden Hall was turned from a men ' s dorm into a women ' s dormitory for the overflow. Upperclass women live in Broad- way Manor and Regent Hall. The four men ' s dorms, and the dormitory for married couples remained much the same as before. Stimulated by a new plan of student advisors, th e dorm spirit reached a new high, and throughout the various halls there was a closer-knit, better-coordinated group of people than ever before. « ' Ct-ihc -f ' iy MARY BROWN 307 f % ■ 309 OFFICERS Student Director Anne Morrison Assistant Director Virginia Lightburn President Barbara Averill Vice-President Jane Eagan Secretary Sib Shorner Tr ' asurcr j„y„ Tatum Ann Morrison Student Director Virginia Lightburn Assistant Director Babs Gormley Social Coordinator " Our B i g e I o w ' s the best " goes the favorite dorm song. As the scrap- book pages for memories of freshman year at CU are turned, a group of 80 smiling girls is seen, ' full of pep and person- ality. Group spirit was shown by participation in intramurals, song fest, and the many dorm costume parties. Here is found a picture of dorm decorations for Homecoming which, after hours of pinning, stuffing, and singing, blew away with the cold winter wind. Quiet hours in the dorm were attained through the warning posters of some of the more talented residents. Throughout the scrapbook evi- dences are seen of fun-loving gals ready to participate and work hard in all activities. Back row leit to nfht: Donna Lotka, Sib Shorney, Lynne Zeigler, Alice Wylie, Rae Hehl, Joyce Tatum, K.tty Underwood. Margie Duff, Lynne Fisher. Fourth row: Dorothy Fliniau, Judy Goemmel, Dawn 5 n r ' ? ' " ' " " ! ' • ' ' ' Southgate, Mary Louise Bradley, Judy Meyer, Sylvia Gamel. Third row: Sally Hoshall Gloria Capicotto, Barbara Hanson, Carolyn Lowe. Cara Lee Goalstone, Phyllis Tharp, Donna Crago. Shana Lustig Second row: Joan Morrow. Joanne Turner, Devera Mellnian, S is Spademan, Joanie Sprole, Gerry Atwood Jody Crouch, Sue Hungerfor, Betty Streen. Front row: Joan Dunham. Pat U Connell, Barbara Averill, Anne Morrison, Ginny Lightburn, Jane Eagan, Carol Kehr, Cynthia Skelton. o r ! " • 310 Friser Front r7w: Nancy Lee Tesch! P.t Toothaker. Rita Baltes, Gerry Booker, Betty Adcock, Betty West. ■ester hall With talent ranging from accordion players to torch singers, you can see that th; residents of Lester Hall have had a most entertaining year. Our interest in activities i evidenced by the fact that we participated actively in intramurals, Homecoming festivitie and all other important affairs held on campus. We had lots of fun during the serenadt and the regular Wednesday night costume parties, and we made many new friends at th exchange dinners and functions we attended. It is easy to see that the " Lesterites ei joyed a happy and successful year as residents of Lester Hall. OFFICERS Studevt Director Gerry Baltes Assistant Director Gerry Booker President P " « Toothaker Vice-President B« " y Adcock Secretary Cynthia Hayden Treasurer Donna Mendenhall Back row: Annabelle Holick, Barbara Bethunc, Beverly Carl, Elizabeth Lyster, Rita Danner Mari Ann Feiler. Third row: Jeanne Leopold, Mary Callas, Nancy Winkler, Mary Ann Mitchell, Joan Moore, Nita Watson, Barbara Tomlinson. Second row: Anna Lee Anderson, Virginia Taylor, Janet Bell, Sheila Kirley, Donna Lou Mendenhall, Pe«gy Herrick, Patty Adcock, Sue Warder, Shirley Ludeman. First row: Helen Turner, Pat Toothaker, Rita Baltes, Gerry Booker, Betty Adcock, Claire Humphrey. JoAnn Butt Assistant Director Gerry Baltes Student Director S»l •IRt JP O T ' Back row. left to right: Jane Cunningham. Susie Fain, Barbara Koepnack, Jaet Haselton, B. J. Day, Corky Lakin, Margaret Bake. Third row: Carolyn ' Deibler, Bernita Hogtns, Dottie Jo Lesher. Marion McLeman, Joan Meehan, Anne Hunt, Lois Willikims, Margaret Samuelson. Second row: Beverly Weichel. I Barbara Wade, Carol Boh, Sheila Moore, Janet Blatz, Jean Bussing, Lynn Erion, Annette Alleman, Joanne Wynne. Front row: Elsie Mae Scott, Jackie I kleinhoff er, Sally Colwill, Mary Pankoff, Nancy Longshore, Eleanor Hahn, Margaret Williamson, Barbara Gormley. 311 OFFICERS [Student Director ' Assistant Director President [Vice-president [Secretary Treasurer .. Mary PankofF .. Eleanor Hahn .. . Sally Colwill Caroline Green Diane Dietz Judy Erlen haraiiiQ hall Mary Pankoff Student Director Eleanor Hahn Assistant Director Bubbling over with the usual freshman enthusi- asm, the girls of Harding Hall set an unequalled pace for 1951-1952. Vol- leyball and basketball games, grudge fights, song fests, dorm formals and parties, and, of course, studies kept all busy from September to June. They worked particularly hard on our AWS Revue skit, and were well-rewarded for the effort put forth. Many treasured memories of the freshman year shall always be with the girls of Harding Hall. Back row, left to right: Nancy Longshore. Nancy Nelson, Beverly Coates, Quida Jenkins, Phyllis Weir, Paula Isbill, JoAnn Buck, Terry Brown, Third row: Barbara Wheeler, Donna Kessler, Gretchen Gasser, Maggie Lou Chandler, Joan Lewis, Shirley Branch, Loki Straus, Suzi Siskin, Kathy Reddish. Second row: Yasuko Shinzato, Bobbie Ann Herren, Joan Cattoen, Katherine Kornafel, Carole Cronig, Connie Kaolczyk, Betty Drake, Marge Turnquist. Front row: Shirley Leon, Carrie Green, Sally Colwill, Mary Pankoff, Eleanor Hahn, Barbara Gormley, Diane Dietz. Bettye Brown, Judy Erlen. i t — i . V: .. 312 .. Back row, left to right: Mary Lou Muto. Benita Bird, Margery Brown, Joan Walther, Bea Bard, Joyce Barritt, Clara Bechtell, Alice Frith, Irene Hinielma Carolyn Thalinan, Fourth row: Grace Getschow, Carol Krez, Dottie Augustus, Mary Hunter. Joyce Hart. Karen Haile. Betty Hiatt, Sally Hansen, Ann Uhlemar Third row: Lila Goggin, Alice Sweeney. Carolyn Girandot, Dianne Flinn. Janet Anderson. Billie Carper. Steve Aschmeyer. Diana Bengston, Bessie Di wilier. Second row: Jane Bornhauser. Gloria Hatchings, Nellie Ballecca, Eleaiora Caricato. Bobbie Campbell. Joy Paduck, Virginia Blackmore, Kaf Emanuelson. Betty Lou Bauer. Nancy Choate. Front row: Nancy Uoolillle. Alice Palmer. Dolores Goldthwaite. Patty Murphy, Sue Guild, Jerrie Srp, Sus Theal, Carolyn Lindseth, Suzi Muller. tfickeehan hail OFFICERS Student Director Sue Guild Assistant Director Patty Murphy President Nancy Doolittle Vice-President Suzi Muller Secretary Joy Padrick Treasurer Joyce Barritt Back row, left to right: Beryl Byers, Carol Jenkins, Val Van Derbur, Robin Hall, Laurel Hall, Cecilia McMaster, Pat Sproul, Pam Brown. Fourth row: Louise Yanagihara, Helen Montgomery, Carol Lawrence, Marilyn Mattson, Pat McCone, JoAnn Sanson, Jeanie Frazey, Joyce Williams, Marlene Williams. Third row: Barbara ' W ' eil, Darlenc Thomas, Jean Haigler, Kathleen Armstrong, Marcia Spiegel, Nancy Young, Marilyn Golman, Bobbye Morris, JoAnn Bennett, Ann Chaprn. Second row: Ann Bomann, Miriam Meyerhoff, Janet Unger, Sandy Trask, Nancy Sue Dodd, Barbara Bishop, Connie Lumes, Jane Taylor, Suzanne Kater, Margie McNutt, Carol Proctor. Front row: Nancy Doolittle, Alice Palmer, Dolores Goldthwaite, Patty Murphy, Sue Guild, Jerrie Srp, Susan Theal, Carolyn Lindseth. " We are the greatest girls, you better beware! " , was the friendly warning sung ' McKeenhan Hall girls this year. Tliis singing was only a small part of the fun ai work the McKeehan girls had and did with such good spirit and teamwork. Togeth they worked on Homecoming decorations, the dorm formal, exchange dinners, and ma other functions. Aside from the work there were those gala Friday night, serenadi. " shower treatments " , and pinnings, plus the ten reasons. " I ' m glad I ' m a girl ire, McKeehan Hall " is the beginning of another of the songs, and it sums up quickly the w| every girl felt about her hall. Sue Guild Patty Murphy j Student Director Assistant DirectO) Back row, left fo n A(; Mary Sue Peters, Sheila Lipman. Jackie Ferkovich, N=ysa McElfish. Dorotliy DeBont. Fifth roar: Mary Lou Hope, Betty Foster, Sondra Bricker, Marcia Fry, Linda Gassner, Marilyn Smith, Anne Short. Fourth row: Florence Black, Jackie Lane, Joy Elson, Marjurie Ann Austin, Sandra St. John, Elizabeth Cole, Neva Summer, Loyce Hurlburt. Third row: Edith Melnick, Edith Foster, Marjorie Shapiro, Marilyn Bailin, Betty Jo Car- baujh, Judy Leuthold, JoAnne Evans. Second row: Janet Ellen Ranger, Barbara Brichacek, Kathryn Cooper, Dolores Valli, Joyce Van Parvs. Bonnie Fenson Beverly Wilson, front row: Sue Chamberlin, Kay Cain, Marjorie Lockard, Barbara Lusk, Sandra Isaacson, Barbara Babcock, Marlene Crawford. 313 OFFICERS Student Director .... Assistant Director President Vice-Fresident Secretary Treasurer Barbara Lusk Student Director Barbara Lusk Marjorie Lockard Sue Chamberlain . Barbara Babcock Elizabeth Cole . Joan Van Par s Marge Lockard Estella Thomas Assistant Director Social Coordinator Who says McCaulley ' s x:::::v::: Freshmen are green! How about the work they put in to come throu with first prize Silver di- vision on the Homecom- ing float — and the CU Days exhibition — the Christmas formal, and the traditional tree — the spring dance — the chuck wagon dinners — the solemn pinning ceremonies and serenades by the fraternity boys — the floor parties after hours — the exchange dinners! And talent? We were loaded with it! How about all those impromptu acts around the piano in the lounge — and our hula-hula girls straight from Hawaii — our melodious quartet — our dancers — the exercisers and dieters- — our pace-setting ping-pong games — and our mad dash to use the washing machine before someone discovered it was working without money. This was a year full of fun for the girls of McCaulley Hall! Back row, left to right: Sandra Dicus, Joan Reid, Suzanne Oilman, Elaine Gobble, Judy Busfield, Janice Schwab, Marcia Weimer. Fourth row: Elaine Abbott, Eve McNear Mimi McGillis, Diane Rossaer, Pat Essinger, Goldi Glarkin, Kathryn Kolts, Radell Hall, Arlene Burns. Third row: Mollie Radecke, Mitzi Lewis, Kathryn Runkwitz, Carol Hunscke, JoAnn Gibson, Lois Johnson, Kathryn Iwamoto, Grace Butler, Connit Cornwell. Paula Pedroja. Second row: Nancy Good, Nan Frederick, Margaret Longenecker, Wanda Howell, E. J. Barnctt, Norma Shmugar, Pat Templeton, Elaine Iwamoto, Jean Okazaki. Front row: Sue Chamberlin, Kay Cain, Marjorie Lockard, Barbara Lusk, Sandra Isaacson, Barbara Babcock, Marlene Crawford. mynolds hall Reynold ' s Roosters started the year out with lots of pep and spirit. They are very proud of some of their members who have participated in various campus activities. Among those who have displaved their talent are Cindy McCrea who was a finalist for Freshman Queen and Jean Van Urk, Beverly Campbell, and Charlotte Fleming who were in the Varsitv Ni t show during Homecoming. Special Wednesday night dinners have added to the fun as well as intra-dorm mixers and intra-mural sports. Pajama, Parties proved to be loads of fun with the help of Norma Benedeck, student director, and Pat Wilson, her assistant. OFFICERS Student Director Norma Benedeck Assistant Director P»t Wilson President Anne Knowles Vice-president Marcia Dumas Secretary Sharon Lehl Treasurer Carolyn Drown Back row, left to right: Arlis Bau man, Joan Weinert, Jane Mathews, Josephine Shottenkirk. Marilyn Wilson, Mary Jane Edholm. Fourth row: Betty Jean Korslund. Virginia Bates, Joyce Stitt. Betsy Koss, Barbara Smith, Rayna Sharp, Nalda Lombardi, Shirley Price. Third row: Joan Gallagher, Patty Pigman, Suzanne Olmsted, Bernadette Schieber. Jeanne Van Urk, Geraldine Burns. Janet Robertson. Sandra Phillips. Second row: Jessie Hadley, Charlotte Fleming, Jean Hellebo, Janice Finney, Norma Hickman, Isabel! Schaefer, Nancy Schenk, Corinne Milligan. froii roai; Barbara Halsted. Donna Oreif, tstelle " Tommie " Thomas, Norma Benedeck, Jane Ann Parson. Elaine Force, Ann Knowles. Norma Benedeck Pat Wilson Student Director Assistant Director a o© Back row, left to right: Helen Walters, Barbara Schultz, ' irginia Torrence, Mary Westendorp, Ann Bedford, Marlene Mahnke, Mona Tervo. Fourth row: Marilyn Day, Jean Eagen, Nfary More, Bonnie Blankenship. Caroline Ennis, Carolyn Bra Dorothy Tappan. Third row: Jackie Harris, Shirley Van Hook, ' Linda Gray. Joyce Converse. Virginia Pousi. Joan Daunt, Valerie Fleming, Nancy Piatt. Second row: Joan Mulligan, Jane Ann Mason, Janet Petrie, P«t Ferris, Esse Billings, Pat Van Horn, Miannc En art. Christie Russell, Marilyn Atkinson. Front row: Sandra Dickey, Joyce Rauscher, Sallie Hathaway, Phyl Albrecht, Yvonne Burkett, Peggy Ricgenbach, Cynthia Wheelock, Joan McClurg. 315 OFFICERS Student Director ... ■ Assistant Director I President I Vice-president I Secretary Treasurer Yvonne Burkett Student Director Phyllis Albrecht Assistant Director ., Yvonne Burkett .. Phyllis Albrecht Sallie Hathaway Peggy Riggenbach Joyce Rauscher Cynthia Wheelock baur hall Plenty of pep and per- sonality describes the girls from Baur Hail. They took first prize on their Homecoming bulle- tin board, and they came in third in the obstacle races. Baur also had its share of beauty, for Stephanie Drake was crowned Freshman Queen at Club First Nighter and Mianne Enyart was runner-up. Some of the highlights of the year were the openhouse held after the football games and the dorm dance. Under the able guidance of Yvonne Burkett. the student director, and Phyl Albrecht. her assistant, Baur girls worked together in making the dorm friendly and cooperative. Back row, Irjl to rigkl: Sydney V ' oss, Joan Barthelme. Gretchen Wolflin, Ethel Rottman. Beverly Dickin- son. Beth Talsma. Molly Hale. Fourth row: Joan Parker. Grace Hutti , Marcia Millikan, Jayne Epstein, Stephanie Drake, Barbara Duncan, Dolores Donera, Patricia Donahue, Third row: Helen Street, Marilyn Stanek, Peggy Dolan. Lavonne Roepnack, Maijorie Eckberg, Jean Flagler, Nancy Reynolds, Jane HiraU. Ann Offenstein, Second row: Jean Wilkerson. Helen Josselyn, Berta Lee Smith, Laura Kimble, La Verne Dufva, Phvllis .Malk, Marilyn Swyer, Jo Ash, Trudy Mills, Ann Potter. Front row: Claudia Boettcher, Joyce Rausher. Peggy Riggenbach, Phyl Albrecht, ' Vvonne Burkett, Sallie Hathaway, Cynthia Wheelock, Donna Hethcrington. 316 Hack row, left to right: Jane Woodhouse, Mary Van Winkle, Caroline Schwarz, Jan kessel, Betty Carroll, Nanc an de ( arr, Roxanne Eder, Ann Ulsor Marjorie Johnston. Third row: Gloria Peez, Annette Godby, Susie Littledale, Mar|{aret Macy, Jane Hawley, Jane Zack, Virjiinia Storm. Second row: Chicki Strowf er, Shirley Peters, Pat Evans, Shirley Schmidt, Nancy GItem, Joanie Lundsrud, Jane Brandt, Janet Brandt. Front row: Doris Kaber, Mary An Kane, Paula Lundell, Marilyn Stevens, Sue Morgan. Anne Worthington, Pat Ames. hall Full of vim, vigor, and vitality describes the 92 girls of Denison Hall. Mos of the girls were in the Pep Club and participated in the various pep rallies. Adding t the fun were the numerous listen-to-the-game parties, coffee hours, singing on the stair; and the raids on other halls. The girls were active in intramural sports and outside activi ties alike, including finalists in queen contests. All together, Denison gals really worke in all scholastic, social, and extra-curricular activities. OFFICERS Student Director Marilyn Stevens Assistant Director Paula Lundell President Pat Ames Vice-president Sue Morgan Secretary Annette Godby Treasurer Corrine Chodora Back row, left to right: Lucille Figueroa, Renee Thorf, Georgia Lonnberg, Barbara Powell, Margaret Bekker, Cecile Berman, Joannie Settle, Evelyn Pubicky, Joan Rittenbaum. Second row: Joan Peltier, Pat Custer, Norma Klefstad, Corrine Chodora, Mary Ethel Zorichak, Ann Louise Rhodes, Ruth Klingen- smith, Caryl Olson, Peggy Petty. Front row: Doris Raber, Mary Ann Kane, Paula Lundell, Marilyn Stevens, Sue Morgan, Anne Worthington, Pat Ames. Marilyn Stevens Student Director Paula Lundell Assistant Director i ' Bock row, left to right: Donna Olson, Judy Khird, Alma Daniels, Henryetta Greenslit, Marcia Schilt, Nancy McMeekin. Fifth row: Jeannette Hofmann, Sharon Miller, Barbara Prosch, Nan Pearson, Annette Campbell, Barbara Wattenbarger, Sue Tresch, Leila Poppen. Fourth row: Roberta Mae Brunner, Joan • Haas. Ann Knudscn, Laurel Osmun, Jill Brady, Barbara Houck, Roscha Belfor, Annabell Brown, Jacque Edwards. Third row: Diane Dutcher, Pat Warm- bir, Audrey Oberheide, Ann Ohiander, Mitzi Quintana. Patty Schuessler, Fran Frede, Joan Branham, Barbara Craft, Marcia Younglove. Second row: Gail , Kubota, Anne Bradshuw, Sally Vandenbosch, Denisc Ewert. Lynn Shreffier. Frances Guss, Elizabeth Bankey, Diane Dugan, Mary Gooding, Bev Tanner. iFnmt row: Gay Gillham, Evelyn Crow, Bud Crow, Lynn Pe tty, Ila Sess, Pat Tuohy, Skippy Mitchell, Marty Hill. 317 OFFICERS Social Director Bud Crow Student Director „. Lynn Petty President Ila Sess ' ' Vice-president Pat Tuohy Stcretary Margaret Hill iTreasurer _ Adelaide Mitchell Lynn Petty Social Director aden hall This year a new plan was used to give more housing for the large number of freshmen wo- men entering CU. This was worked out by con- verting A-1 men ' s dorm into the women ' s dorm, Aden Hall. With this unusual start. Aden had to go even further and acquire a housefather, Bud Crow. Aden soon became the envy of all the other women ' s dorms in that it was fortunate (or unfortunate) to be able to eat with the men ' s dorms in the quadrangle cafeteria. Aden Hall, the new venture, is proving to be successful and it is hoped that it will always remain a women ' s dorm. Back row, left to righl: Audrey Moore, Sarah Lehman. Jean Wells. Joan Harvey. Patricia Patton. Patti Noftel. Fi th row: Shirley McDonald. Kathleen Fitzsimmons. Paula Zimmerman. Carol Dobroth, Ophelia Hooker. Nancy Doten. Beverly Cook. Jane Grcjg. Fourth row: Pat McAdams. Mary Beach. Dolores Hughes. Susan Brown. Shirley Reibscheid. Virginia Hall. Nancy Robertson. Mary Frank, Annemarie Spitz. Third row: Mary O ' Keefe, Diane Glass, Helen Miller. Janet Malek. Molly Beck. Barbara Bernard. Sue Charlton. Claire Friel. Second row: Connie Noffsinger, Barbara Salley. Elizabeth Oatman. Rose Goto. Carmen Otero. Etta Davidson. Pat McClelland. Edwina Lorenzon. Barbara Cawlfield. Front row: Joy Mantor, Evelyn Crow, Bud Crow. Lynn Petty, Isla Sess. Carol Gorder. Charlotte Mullen, Doris Madigan. n CLO O O T GT o 318 Bock row, left to right: Jeanne Howen, Franc (Jherg, iNedra I ' och, Jean Welsh, Jayne Poole, Joan Garin, Louise Sedlon, Diniu Lawrence, Itarbara Sundhiri; Third row: Juanita Strangeland, Berna Brassea, Barbara Rinehart, Ruth Schapanski, Virginia Livin({ston, Jackie Geiss, Georjiia Steers, Margie Woelhin;; Joan Hall. Second row: Yasuko Furukawa, Shirley Hashimoto, Elsie Berber, Janet Coates, Sue Fowler, Marylyn Jessup, Eleanor Ganatta, Barbara KinK: Phyllis Stagcberg. front row: Donna Ives, Jo Davis, Peg Fisher, Joan Caddock, Grace Maynard. Jeanne Acker, Donna Hall, Helen Klammer. regent ' hail OFFICERS Student Director Jean Acker President Joan Caddock Vice-President Helen Klammer Social Chairman Peg Fisher fntramurals Chairman Donna Hall Back row, left to right: Georganna Prime, Carol Nelson, Cathy Hosea, Carolanne Johnson, Barbara Kall- hoff, Ginny Krasick, Meredith St. Clair, Janis Conklin. Third row: Wynona Sonnenberg, Margaret Lang- ford, Jane Kardokus, Carol Wolf, Diane Moon, Sally Hinchliffe, Sue Humel, Anita Jo Cantrell. Second row: Anne Yamamoto, Charlene Head, Helen McKell, Mary Reigle, Clareen Gaasch, Joyce Lakin, Patsy Noll, Joy Geeseka, Lyllian Waldbaum. Front row: Donna Ives, Jo Davis, Ruth Knuths, Joan Caddock, Grace Maynard, Jeanne Acker, Rubty Cartwright, Peg Fisher, Helen Klammer. If we didn ' t have the misfortune to get stuck in the bathtub for a couple of houn ' while the painters were beautifying our rooms, we were rushing to sotig practice oi, house meetings a great deal of the time. It has been a busy year, and it seems as thougl the vast majority of our residents have succombed to the universal appeal of the pin the diamond ring, or the marriage license. Among other things, we battled the element: with enough determination to snag second place for Homecoming house decorations Indeed, enthusiasm, good times, and hard work were the hallmarks of Regent this year. Jean Acker Student Director Hack row, left to right: Sandy Snow, LaKetta Larmon, Carol Campbell, Ellen Jane McBrien, Joyce lirase. Jackie Dunlap, Louise Winter, Ann Rosenthal, Nancy Swope, Phvl Yanczanski. Second row: Maurinc O ' Dcll, Elaine lacoponelli, Joyce Bovik, Marguerite Bloxom. ' Front row: Priscilla Watts, Mtrcantonio, Betty Brown, Trinidad Catherine Miguel. I OFFICERS ' Social Director Betty O ' Neal Student Director Nan Anderson .President Mary Foster liW I ' resident Bambi Marcantonio iSecretary Trinidad Miguel ; Betty O ' Neal Nan Anderson , President Social Director Berry, Mary Pogue, Ruth Brown. Third row: Viola Avila Tringali, Alma Chong, .Mary Vela Hawker, Nan Anderson. Betty O ' Neal. Mary Foster, Bambina 319 An upperclass dormitory for the first time this year, 1165 Broadway with its happy inhabitants has had its share of fun, folly, joy, and heartache. School activity was high- lighted by winning third place in the Homecoming house decorations competition. The 35 girls of the big-white-house-on-the-hill have had their share of weddings, pinnings, parties, and serenades, to say nothing of the best food in the dormitory system. The close proximity of the Tulagi proved to be a threat to usual avid pursuance of academic endeavor, but grades did not seem to suffer in the long run. Intramurals, skits, contests, and just plain getting-around have put 1165 on the C.U. map. Back row, lejl la righl: Temple Brown, Pat Loversky, Jean Porter, Mar- garet Fox, Eloise Holbrook, Kay McLain, Dorene Gentzler, Rita Uunn. Second row: Ann Brown, Jean Wexler, Joanne Laucomer, Janet Helsell, Nan Woolpy. Front row: Dorothy Kopine, Barbara Ward, Bettie Baker. Edith Kcena. 320 Back row, left to right: Pat James, Kathy Springer, Marty Obergtell, Carol Comey, Janet Young, Janet Lindstrom, Mildred Coles, Harriet Voss, Cilia Coate, Evelyn Pishny, Jeanne Engelbrecht, Mary George, Ann Heiland, Nancy Smith. Second row: Louise Neuman, Phyllis Hanson, Barbara Hud- son Mrs. Bartram, Mary Ellen McCue, Mimi Beffie, Gloria Stacy, Bev- erly Sneegas, Gloria Skufea, Anita Anderson. Front row: Pat Motlong, Margaret Turner, Mary Sharp, Charlotte Weber, Joan Gilbert, Ruth Ny- gaard, Jear Schaar. Back row, left to right: Rod Page. Maurice Salmon, Charles Frye, Henry McDonald, Shannon O ' Neil. Fifth row: H. Chinchtncan, William Schenkein, Ralph Robinson, Mrs. Ralph Robinson, Mrs. Naoma Malzahn, Ronnie Preston, Mary Corcoran. Fourth row: Ron Hansen, Patti Evans, Barb Kenny, Mendy Cohen, Peg Layton, Barb Mahn, Helen Robbins. Third row: Marge Ashton, Jan Ramage, Joyce Vitkin, Betty Davidson, Shirley Gloyer, Dotty Moss, Elly Rnssell. Second row: Helen Cheney. Adrienne McCutcheon, Mary Lee Crane. Poo Koopman. T. J. Huntley, Janet Butler, Rosemary Younger, Barbara Nightingale. Front row: Dave Cormany, Don Olson, Bob Cormany, John Amick, Dave Fisher, John Hewicker. 321 The door of 1121 13th opens revealing happy chaos. " Hit a few; miss a few " is the password. " BooBoo " is the chronic malady. Among the prominent activities of Robinson ' s inhabi- tants have been Breakfast Club, Shag Club, Thanksgiving ski trip, Christmas party, and the celebration of many birthdays, along with rather good " eye-balling " due to the location of the house. Mom and Pop Robinson are relieved of many details by Helen Cheney, house president, and all residents cooperate to keep things running smoothly. We like it here. robinsons Back row left to rieht: Duane Gill, Bob Heim, Gordon Roberson, Joe Martellaro, Georje Lord. Third row: Harper Abbot, Jackie Kingsbury, Betty Banks, Helen Jo Evans, Carolyn Falk, Joan Hiestand, Marilyn Moore, George Kroenert, John Weiler. Second rotv: Gary Kugel, Susan Day, Barbara Hartshorn, Helen Hennings, Ray SchaSer, Mrs. Florence Hunter. Anne Frohberg. Mary Crumpacker, Jean McClearn, Deanne Lewis, Blory Janzen. Fro«t row: Jerry Bennett, George Heifer, John Kenehan, Jim Blaha, Dick Haigh, Bill Gibson, and George Unfug. 322 Lovers of fine food again besieged the lodge of Mrs. Hunter, and the lucky few who won out were among the roundest and healthiest on the campus. The by-play at the tables was very interesting, especially for the uninitiated. It was found that the hashers had talent in more than the usual direction, and they provided vocal entertainment during meals. Other entertainment was furnished on Thursday evenings when the whole gang journeyed to a well known local establishment for " refreshments " . This was fondly re- ferred to as " Hunters ' Night Out " . The sparkling wit and gaiety of the lodgers of ' 51- ' 52 will long be remembered at the big house at 11th and Pennsylvania. a ' ight: DeKay, Ardcnaur. Menge. Tomlinson. Foute, McNetl, Robinson. Second rozi Barnes, Allen, Kenworthy, Roberts, Goodwin. Sheaber, HufEer, Gilmour, Mrs. Velte, Mr. cite, liuasi, 323 On the corner of College and 13th Streets stands a stu- dent home of very unique character. It is Velte ' s Boarding House, better known as " that house where they serve good chow " . Yes, the meals are delicious, the location is perfect, (for eye-balling), Mr. and Mrs, Velte are wonderful parents to us, and the girls always find something amusing happening there. Velte ' s also boasts the ISA Queen, a yellow mail truck, a bird-calling major, and a kid from Brooklyn. Despite these distinctions, Velte ' s is a real " home away from home " . We like it! 9 A Back row. left to right: Eduh H.rsch, Alice Schoett, Nancy Harlan, Joan SchaibU, Sharon Lee, Sylvia Manville, Merle Heitman. Second row: Charlotte 3Z4 Weber, Carol Spiller, Barbara Rood, Helen Butler, Barbara Jeffay, Olive Petrie. Front row: Evelyn Sims, Ethel Hou«h, Fay Dickerson, Carolyn Camp- bell, Sarah Jane Johnson, Beverly Tierney, Mary Barger. OFFICERS Coordinator Carolyn Campbell Planning Chairman Sarah Jane Johnson Auditor Evelyn Sims Personnel Chairman Ethel Hough Housemother Fay Dickerson The Campus Club, an independent organization, is unique in that it is the only women ' s co-op on the campus. Besides low-cost living, the Campus Club provides ex- perience in the ways of co-operative living, skill in household management, and all the social advantages of any organized house. Members are chosen on the basis of their ability to enter the work and activities of the club after a trial period of one semester. Duties include meal planning, cooking and house cleaning. Social activities included a Hallowe ' en party, house decorations and an alum tea during Homecoming, and a Christmas party. House policy is determined by all the members. iiP ' ivf: s»«-. J- ' ' «J H :M fcf r m » 1 ' " IflHi ' rr £khS IBbli i C fS .•? ' , " - ■iwiHi fi - ' HESi ' " T - X men ' s residence hall association The Men ' s Residence Hall Association is made up of the adminis- trative and counseling staff of the several men ' s dormitories. This staff, under the able direction of Mr. Elmer Grosshauser, capably handles all the administrative affairs of the men ' s dormitories. The members of this staff also help the men students in their halls with their various problems — both academic and personal. The most important function of the association however, is to help provide a " home away from home " for the many residents of the halls. The members of the association this year include: Mr. Elmer Grosshauser, Cliff Garrison, Jim McElroy, Ernie Bush, Bob Helm- reich, Douglas Jardine, Ken Koop, LaVerne Rickels, John Amaya, Stuart Sex, Don Maloche, Charles Leierer, John Shattuck, Tom Evans, and Clyde Hampton. 326 oci row, left to right: Elmer Grosshauser, Douglas Jardine, Ken Koop. Bob Helmreich. Ernie Bush, Jim McElroy, LaVerne Rickels, Charles Leierer, John Shattuck, Clyde Hampton, Tom Evans. Front row: Bob Wilson, John Aniaya, Cliff Garrison, Stuart Sex, Don Maloche. •■; I Back row. left to right: Robert Forbes, Bob McCandless, Bob Helmreich, Burt Bergman, Beeb Hunter. Dale Stinton, Jim Holden, James Askew, John Amaya, AI Vondran. Second row: Cliff Garrison, Elmer Parson, Melvin Harmon, John Curtis, Morton Weicksel Dick Gentry, Jon Greene, Ted Gibson. Front row: Norman Peterson, Robert Danow, James McComb, Deryl McDaniel, John Wie an. 327 The student council of the Men ' s Residence Halls is an organiza- tion formed to take care of the needs and wishes of the male students living in the dormitories. Three men are elected to the student council from each hall by the residents of that hall. Besides the administration duties of the group, the council sponsors many social and athletic events in which all men in the dorms are en- couraged to participate. These functions are organized and carried out entirely by the students under the direction of the members of the student council. Self-government and self-entertainment are the key- notes of the organization. Members of the Student Council this year are: Robert Danow, James McGomb, John Weigman, Norman Peterson, Deryl McDaniel, Robert Forbes, Bob McCandless, Jim Holden, John Amaya, Al Vond- ran, James Askew, Bob Helmreich, Burt Bergman, Beeb Hunter, Dale Stinton, Morton Weichsel, Jon Greene, Cliff Garrison, Elmer Parson, Ted Gibson, Melvin Harmon, John Curtis and Dick Gentry. mm dorm student council 328 tsmi- B m mMm rE.Bs i £ i Lycett. Third row: John Matel, Don Krause, Charles Ca son. Roelf EltinJ. David Martinez, John Shattucli. Mar R. V. Coffman, R. D. Johnson, J. R. Long, J. A. Hoover. R. L. loyd roo ' N. Cooper, Hi .- Eric Eric;! G. Petersoi Griffith. fleming liall OFFICERS Presidem D ve Martinez Sofia; ChmrmiM Mickey Loewenstein Athletic Chairman Mel Coffee Student Council Representatives Norm Peterson, Boyd Ecker Deryl McDaniel Counselors Mr. and Mrs. John Shattuck, Bob Helmreich Fleming Hall this year provided a " home away frorj home " for 110 men. The hall offered the peace and quiet si conducive to study and yet provided activities which allowe the residents to escape the tension of studies. Pool and pmji pong tables were provided for amusement along with a gre variety of intramural equipment. The men in Fleming als participated actively in the intramural program by enterin teams in football, Softball, basketball, and water polo compt tition. Masciotra. Ernest Wu, Deryl McDaniel. Front row: Yoshinobu Asato, Mel Coffee. Mickey Lowenstein, Ward Dee. les Huckel, Jerome Thomas, Ray Walters, Sumner Hi on, Gary Greenstreet, Christian Chabas, Jack Richards, James Askew, Paul Kingsolver, James Black, Don Borders, Duane Ferris. Third row: Jack Perrine, Guinn Ramsay, John Ringle, Sam Jcffers, Mel Harmon, Ralph Reiheman, Allan Carlin, Dick McKinley, Gerald Lifmann, Albert Wallin, John Hardman, Frederic McLaughlin. Second row: Dick Deitrich, Mark Byers, Carroll Cannon, George Kersey, L. H. Rickles, Ken Koop, Bob Emmich, Lee Hoffman. Front row: Volney Taylor, Wallace Landholm, Jon Anderson, Chuck Husted, R. Leo Sprinkle, Bob Minnard. 329 The men of Hallett Hall feel that this school year has been one of achievement and comradeship for them. During the mall semester the hall held two of the coveted dormitory awards: the Baker Residence Halls Scholarship Plaque and the King of the Mountain Trophy for excellence in five ath- letic events. Many social functions were also enjoyed by the men of Hallett Hall. hallett hall OFFICERS President George Kersey Athletic Chairmen Chuck Husted, Don Borden Social Chairmen Bob Emmich, Bob Strange ISA Representatives Al Carlin, Al Wallin Student Council Representatives Mel Harmon, Dick McKinley Jim Askew Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Rickels Ken Koop Back row, lelt to right: Bill Freeman, Parker Cead, Ralph Mary, Keith Lehaff, Howard Mayo, Frank Longo, John Watford, Ernie Onorati, Kenny Billa : econd row: k. h. McFall, W. Herrera, L. E. Morton, Laverne Rickels, Ken Koop, Richard Scott, Robert McBrayer, Carlos Varsavsky, Charles Fis! tront row: Norman Snodgrass, Charles Wilson, Tetsu Shiraojo, Manuel Allaga, Jim Roubal, Harry Taylor, Fred ladarola, Arlie Barringer. 330 Back row. left to right: Carl Huter, Gene Minard, Howard Tanner, Juan Agu ! " • J ' Victor Quinn, Bill May, Sam Martinez. Second row: Charles Decker, R.ley Wni.ams Wayne Wilkins, Uave Stoufer, Marvin Shute. Front row: Richard Campbell, Neil Kt .vayn- Tanner, Ralph Graham. Joe Frank. Jim Crump. Wally Murray. IJean Hopkins, Jerry Dealev, Lorao Leif, Rolf Schaechterle. Charles arnes, Ted Gibson, Mary Lou Jardine, Doug Jardine, Douglas (londrow Bussing, Bill Harte Don Meloche, Bil libby hall OFFICERS President B ' " " " Social Chairman D«ve Delaney Athletic Chairmm Shorty Walker Student Council Representatives Ted Gibaon, Bob Hunter AI Vondran Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Doug Jardine, Don Meloche This year Libby Hall teams competed in all intramuraj sports. No championships were won, but all men enjoyec the competition and exercise. Frequent social functions wert held with the various women ' s organized houses on campus during the year. Two of the most memorable events were i steak fry in Lefthand Canyon with the girls from Aden Hal and an exchange dinner with the girls from Hardmg Hall Perhaps our most worthy contribution of the year came dur ing the national blood plasma shortage. Fifty-three of the one hundred men in Libby Hall were donors of their blood. Back row, left to right: Levi Silvis Nickson, David Latham, Earl McGraw Zeigel, Shorty Walker, Bob Hunter, E Mary Lou Jardine, Doug Jardine, Ben Zoel Martinson. Bernie Powell, Richard ran, ncott. Back row, left to right: Kim Schuette, Loren Gerleman, Donald Alderfer. Jerry Klaimon, Don Goldsmith, Phil Robertson. Bruce Gaddis, Jose Arosemena. Peto Wolff. Robert Keagy. Third row: Wallace Finley, Frederick Esgar, John Howes, Don Ettelson, Burt Berf{man, Ted Wassam, Tom Coleman, Phil Schreiner, Dean Flanders. Mark Seng. Nathaniel Jones. Second row: Bill Q uante, Leroy Peplinski. Keith Ball, Bob Wilson, Nita Leierer, Chuck Leierer, Dave Evans, Harvey Teel. Front row: James Wanner, Richard Jones, H. W. Grider. Bill Chun-Hoon, Bill Lyall, Bill Roten. 331 Friendliness and enthusiasm were the qualities shown by the Willard Hall men as they took an active part in the Home- coming festivities, intramurals, and many social functions during the year. Expert marksmanship on the part of Chuck ' Leierer gave the men of Willard Hall the opportunity to en- joy a venison dinner on Hallowe ' en. Scholastically, Willard ' ranked near the top, due to the expert guidance of our fine ' counseling staff. willard Kail OFFICERS President Keith Ball Social Chairman Leroy Peplinski Athletic Chairman Al Berger Student Council Representatives John Curtis, Burt Bergman, Jim Holden Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leierer, Bob Wilson Back row, left to right: Loren Siffring, Ray Pollock, Dave Wood. John Riebe. Bob Cooley, Tom Wilford, Warren Anderson. Mervin Vanderhool. John Tuttle, Robert Walker. William Knies. Third row: Howard Bissell, Mark B onomo, Richard Rogers, Robert Sailer, Larrv Hoppis, Robert Buchanan. Bill Hoffman, Darrel Hirsch, Art Davis, Oran White, Dick George, Jack Ashford. Second row: George Dalgleish, Jim Holden, John R. Curtis, Jack Fetter- hoff, Nita Leierer, Chuck Leierer, Bill Yates, Sergio Bugnolo. Front row: Glenn Arnold. Duane Baumgartner, Carl Chamberlin. Aron Khandelwal, Myron Robinson. Bob Werner. 332 Back row, left to right: Richard Green, Bob Wallace. Gordon Parkinson, Alvin Johnson. John Nelson. Woodrow Mossman, Fred Bishop. Allen Freedberg, Norman Feldman, Marvin Goldberg. Third row: Dellon Crosier, Gary Melemore, Joe O ' Connor. Ronald Huff. Angelo Pardo. Howard Keirns, Dick Lyddon, Warner Olson, Ray Ellis. Second row: Beudette Haldorson. John Pearson. Don Kemper. John Hartsfield, Mrs. Hampton. Clyde Hampton, Robert Helms, Motley Winters, Arthur Luban. Front row: Brock Peterson. Troy Smith. Wayne Hansen, Paul Oliver. Howard Mueller. Leroy Maritt. Bob Zekman. brackeffr hdll OFFICERS President Anil YaSnik Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Cl yde Hampton, John Amaya Brackett Hall has rightly earned the reputation of being one of the most outstanding men ' s residence halls on the campus. The true spirit of internationalism prevails in ' Brackett, where men of many nationalities and denominations live together in true friendliness and understanding. For the second year, this hall has retained the " King of the Mountain " trophy, thus proving their superiority in ath-| letic events. The hall placed many men on the varsity teams- in basketball, swimming, golf, and tennis. The social events, the exchange dinners, open houses, and tea dances will long be remembered. Back row, left to right: Morton Weichsel. John Amaya. Richard Kobayashi, Fred Miller, Clark Gittenjer, Kelly Hajerty, Bill CoIIiflower, Tom Harrold, Lynn Scott, Dave Haines, Robert Forbes, Ed Guder, James Richards, Roland Eastburn, Anil Y ' agnik. Third row: Max Epstein, John Wicgman, Bob Brunton. Don Schwartz, Glenn Vliet, Ken Robins on, George Bailey, Arne Landsberg, Bob Wilkie, Ed Bennett, Matt Balich, Bernie McRonald, Albert Miyamoto, Charles Le Maire, John Bradley. Second row: Frank Bocovich, Charles Pollard, Walter Kurtzman, Harl Pargal, Mrs. Hampton, Clyde Hampton, Dan Nagle, Gerald Reinen, Lawrence Smith, Kenneth Stokes, Pete Anema. Front row: William Merman, Dexter Weed, Philip Smith, Tom Kannally, Jerry Frenchman, George Zenner, John Staley, James Perrigo. Back row, left to right: HL-ihachiru Kusliida, Licorge Bauer, Herb Cooley, 13 ill Duncan, Richard Collins, Donald Hindes, Marvin Friedman, Chuck Mc- Donald, Don Marek, Raymon Jones, A. J. Gosar, Ralph Downing. Second row: Jim Blake, Morrie Blumberg, Paul Albrecht, Gordon W ' enner, Stanley Nathenson, Robert Rubin, Mel Cohen, Joe Lustij , Stedman Stewart, Bill Eager, Russ DeGraaf, Wayne Scott, Dale Stinton, 5am Redman. Front row: Peter Snow, Manly Jackson, Jim Tulloss, Jim McElroy, Cliff Garrison, Harry Hahn, Jim Olbrich, Bob Dunbar, Jack Brenner. Cockerell Hall was again this year outstanding in all activities on the campus. During the year, Cockerell enjoyed many successful socials functions, and also competed with much success in intramural football, water polo, basketball, Softball, and volleyball. The residents of Cockerell Hall felt this year that the dormitory has become much more than just " a place to sleep " . Much of the success of this year ' s program is due to the able assistance of the dorm counselors. cockrell hall OFFICERS President Jim McComb Social Chairman Sam Redman Athletic Chairman Jim Tulloss ISA and ASUC Representative Morris Blumberg Student Council Representatives Dale Stinton, Dick Gentry, Jim McComb Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Jim McEIroy, CHff Garrison Hack row, left to right: Lee Engbar, Ronald Payne. Robert Tappan, Trygve Tuve, John Dycus, Ed Dowlin. Second row: Jim Winston, Wayne Moellenberg, Don Parkyn, Joe Carleton. Robert Higgins, Bob Waggoner, Al Boothe. Front row: Jerry Stephens, Jerry Douglass, Jim McAnelly, Jim McComb, Jim McEIroy, Cliff Garrison, Norm Remich, Wray Bengston. Dnic Tnn:-ir f ' Tnpp. 334 Back row, left I ' l rislil: V alt Hillis, David Hall, Jim Boilers. Re(i Darley, George Whitney, Ronald Protraschke. Ted Rardin, Earl Vossenkemper. Secon row: Don Werschky, Uoliert Codec, Fred Edgington, Harold Scarff, Ray Rhoton, Ken Kavana, Roger Roll, Marvin Burke. Front row: Tom McVicar. Bo Weber, Marion Cottingame, Tom Evans, Ernie Bush, Hal Dronberger, Jon Greene, Don Tomasek. guggeiiheim hftll OFFICERS President Hal Dronberger Social Chairman Marion Cottingame Athletic Chairman Don Tomasek Student Council Representatives Jon Greene, Elmer Parson, Bob McCandless Counselors Mr. and Mrs. Tom Evans. Ernie Bush Under the fine leadership of its counselors and officer? Guggenheim Hall again proved itself outstanding in schoc activities. The intramural teams enjoyed great success iij the tough competition of the independent league, and the mer enjoyed many and varied social functions with the girls Sewall, Farrand and Aden Halls. Work was not neglected i)| the press of many activities, and Guggenheim again rankei high in dormitory grade averages. Back row, left to right: Joachim Malsy. Don Smith. Herb Adams, Bob McNiel. Ken Groves, Tom Leik, Fred Hobbs, Dave Turner. Second row: Harold Scarff, James Daniel, Don Rabeneu, Herb Coats, Klaus Diekmann, Don Sloane. Bob Boyer. Front row: Mits Hidaka, Hellmut .Meyer, Richard Greenwood, Tom Evans, Ernie Bush, Dick Dittman, Matt Coleman. Gerald Kahre. rfiJ S, " AK " " ' A ' i J " W " " " " l? ' " " " ' ' ' Laybourn, Don Ravatt. Vernon Stone. Third i tt re ™ r™HeVb°;lv r BH, l ' e . x• roir George Vlahos. Lloyd Woodworth. Dick Erlandson, Dick Robert Barlett. FroHl row: Robert Parker. 335 OFFICERS Prtsidenl WilUon W. Bell Treasurer Herbert Wrijht Secretary Robert W. Parker i " " " ' ' ' Derrick Olsen Steward Richard Erlandson Chairmmm j„hn Kaufman The Men s Co-op House, organized in 1948, is based on the idea that a group of men, living together and working for each other, can hve inexpensively and enjoy themselves at the same time. Each of the 25 men at 1501 Broadway share in running the house. Bill Bell, president, presides over the bi- weekly house meetings. At these meetings problems of house improvement, membership, and complaints are discussed. A steward, elected from the membership, is responsible for buying food and selecting balanced menus. The members pre- pare the meals on a detail basis with the aid of several well- thumbed cook books. |::i :iS:iiiii|i ? Y ■.■.■:■:-:•:-:■:•■■■■■-■-..■--.■.-:■:•:■:•:-:•:■: l " Vi-- y[ -■ :y -:-:-:- m : di fiionds l L sorority-fraternity The jewel studded pins of the cam- pus greek organizations provide the connection between the card theme section of " diamonds " and the social fra- ternities and sororities of the university. Colorado University has thirty- eight chartered fraternities and sororities. To the stu- dents participating in these national societies of brother- .... - . Yiie. hood, they are vital to campus The pinning serenades, formal dances, functions, rush week, and pledge period, and other activities will be among the fondest of college mem- ories in future years. Besides offering social life to its members, the brotherhoods strive to improve scholastic averages, interest members in activities and other organ- izations, and promote better understanding of fellow students. These social groups are under the leadership of the Inter-fraternity council, which acts as a spokesman for the greeks in student body matters, and coordinates the various groups in an effort to stem petty rivalry and institute complete brotherhood. BOB HACKWORTH 337 OFFICERS Babe Packard President Joan Nelson Vice-President Ann Brewbaker Secretary Billie Nelson Treasurer Mrs. W. B. Pietenpol Executive Secretary Dean Mary Ethyl Ball Sponsor Debby Priest President-elect The Panhellenic Association, composed of the presidents and rush captains of the sororities on campus, has again completed an active year. As in the past, this year Panhellenic handled the technical work connected with rush week and rushing rules, and acted as a coordinating unit between the soror- ities on campus and the University administration. Highlighting this year ' s projects was the awarding of a $200 scholarship to a deserving independent freshman woman. Other worthy projects included Junior Panhellenic parties, filling Christmas stock- ings for children at Colorado General Hospital in Denver, and participation with I.F.C. on both the Actions Board and the Christmas party given for underprivileged Boulder children. Spring quarter, Epsilon Phi sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Phi, was welcomed into Panhellenic as the fifteenth sorority on campus. Top row, left to right: Joan Nelson, Billie Nelson. Bottom row: Babe Packai Ann Brewbaker. 338 Back row, left to ritht: Diane Carroll, Donna Whiteside, Joan Thorstensen, Harriette Reid, Joan Summerton, Elaine Johnson, Sue Sherdahl, Cathy Dondan- ville. Third row: Betty Salznian, Betty Davis, Nan Infiwerson, Lucio Moore, Marilyn Woertman, Emilyn Lutlrell, Alice Kaufmann, Mary FinnefSan, Joan Jefferson. Second row: Joan Winans, Laura Lee Unfug, Marilyn Etnyre, Elizabeth Clark. Faith Kolkey, Janet Whitney, Judith Bailie, Jackie Paule. Front row: Debby Priest, Joan Nelson, Mrs. Pietenpol, Babe Packard, Dean .Mary Ethyl Ball, Ann Brewbaker, Barbara Nelson. Back row, lejl to right: Robert Boggs. Donald Brockway, Randall Ruff, Roy Garrett, Joe Pells, Herb Ware. Second row: Bob Bell, Scally O ' Donnell. Hal 339 Kepner, Glenn Hunter. Charles Bogard, Jim Mitchell, Ben Brown. First row: Bud Davis, Martin Bael, Raymond Stoehr, Bud Rusho, Lothar Vasholz, Ward " » " » Fischer, Mort Burt, Jack East. OFFICERS Lothar Vasholz President Ward Fisher Vice-President Bud Rusho Secretary Mort Burt Public Relations Chairman Marty Bael Rush Chairman Rav Stoehr Treasurer This year, Interfraternity Council, which is 01 posed of the presidents of all campus social fra- srities, set a high goal for itself. Recognizing the «•! for better public relations with non-Greek per- or, the Council set up a Public Relations Commit- ee which concerned itself solely with this p roblem, ni which presented programs from time to time for lu Council to follow. The Council also took a great stride forward by big a little house-cleaning of its own. A new con- dition was adopted that greatly increased the trigth of the group. It did this, first, by eliminating many of the cobwebs existing in the old constitution, and, second, by creating an efficient, smooth-running organization. IFC has been able to accomplish these things only through the leadership and initiative of all the members and by the continued drive and persever- ance of its officers, particularly Lothar Vasholz, president. Although the IFC of 19.S1-52 was not per- fect, we hope it has set a pattern which will be a helpful guide for future IPC ' s. If this hope is fulfilled, we shall certainly see many new developments and improvements in the years to come. alpha chi omega OFFICERS Ann Brewbaker President Cece Hill _ Vice-President Nona Jane Hobbs Secretary Rea Hassig Treasurer With memories of the successful year just finished, the Alpha Chi ' s returned to the campus determined to again achieve har- mony with campus activities. Just a few of the memories that still lingered were the Song Fest, the Spring Formal, and 1st prize in the Phi Delt Turtle Race. Our beauty was represented by Pat Thorn Gibson, Sigma Nu White Rose Queen. Fall quarter started out with a bang. The Alpha Chi ' s were soon awakened out of memories into reality when it could be seen that a year of even greater success was ahead. This success quickly got underway with fall pledge class of 38 girls. Welcome additions were made to the trophy case during Homecoming when first prize was won in Women ' s Field Events an d third prize of the Gold Division on house decorations. The A Chi O ' s werq also proud of Frances Line, queen of the Lambda Chi formal. The Alpha Chi ' s were represented in practically every type oi campus honoraries. To mention a few: Maryls Anderson and Marion DeVries, Spur; Nancy Hagan and Kay Williams, twirl- ' ers; Mary Ann Quinn, Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Jane Judge, Pi Tat Sigma and Sigma Epsilon Sigma; and Harriet Crawford, Bets Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. 340 ACTIVES Adams, Audrey, San Marino. Calif ' 54 Alberson, Judy, Omaha, Nebr. _ ' 53 Alexander, Carol, Savanna, 111 _ ' 54 Anderson, Marlys, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Blackburn, Toni, Glendale, Calif ' 52 Blacker, Pat, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Booth, Shirley, Cody, Nebr „ ' 52 Brady, Mar ret, Boulder, Colo _ ' 53 Brewbaker, Ann, Longmont, Colo 53 Conley, Pat. Bouder, Colo ' 53 C rawford, Harriette, Pocatello, Idaho ' 52 Eddy, Margot, Ogden Dunes, Ind _ ' 53 Edwards, Jeri, Clarendon Hills, 111 ™ — ' 54 Essen, Nancy, Creve Coeur, Mo ' 53 Fales, Carolyn, Kearney, Nebr _ ' 54 Fowler, Toni, Fowler, Colo. _ „ ' 54 Fricke, Mary Kaye, Columbus, Nebr. ' 53 Galbasini, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Gibson, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hagan, Nancy, La Grange, 111 52 Hassig, Rea, Englewood, Colo. ' 53 Henley, Shirley, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Hill, Cece, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hobbs, Nona Jane, Burt, N. Y. ' 52 Humphrey, Carole, Denver, Colo ' 54 Jones, Annamae, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Judge, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kamprath, Mitzi, Omaha, Nebr ' 52 King, Georgia, Dallas, Texas ' 52 Kingery, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lackey, Liz, Raton, N. M., ' 54 Lee, Bobbie, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 53 Lee, Connie, Greeley, Colo 53 Morris, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 54 Petermann, Betty Lou, Palatine, III ' 54 Quinn, Mary Ann, Walden, Colo 54 Reid, Harriette. Detroit, Mich ' 53 Sarff, Helen, Chicago Heights. Ill ' 53 Savery, Betty, Whittier, Calif ' 54 Schell. Pat. Denver, Colo. _ ' 53 Settle, Louise, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 54 Slintnger, Marian, Jefferson, Iowa ' 54 Stayton, Janice, Creve Coeur, Mo 5 Tanner, Sylvia. Boulder, Colo S Wells, Sally, Chicago, III % Willey, Janice, Western Springs, III ' 3 Zingone, Ruth Ann, Colorado Springs, olo ' 5 PLEDGES j Abbott, Joan, San Gabriel, Calif ' 5 Baltz, Janet, Belleville, 111 ' ■ ' Bauer, Betty Lou, Longmont, Colo Burns, Mary Arlene, Denver, Colo Dazey, Mary Jane, University City, Mo DeVries, Marion, Huntington Park, Calif. ] Dugan, Diane, Kansas City, Mo —- Eckers, Suzanne, Milwaukee, Wis Evans, Patti. Garden City, Kan. ' Flinchpaugh, Jean, St. Joseph, Mo Flinn, Diane, Ft. Collins, Colo Gentzler, Dorene, Denver, Colo _ Girardot, Carolyn, Denver, Colo Heath, Mary Jean, Tulsa, Okia Hill, Pat, Denver, Colo Hunt, Chloe, Omaha, Nebr Line, Frances, Sioux Falls, S. D., Madigan, Doris, Chicago, III. ,..- Man tor, Joy, Barrington, 111. .„ Matson, Marilyn, Denver, Colo Motlong. Pat, Crete, III Mullen, Charlotte, Detroit, Mich Muller, Suzanne, Omaha, Neb. Murray. LaVea, Rapid City, S. D., McMeekin, Nancy, Compton, Calif Naftel, Pat, Claremont, Calif Nielsen, Sally, Storm Lake, Iowa Phillips, Sally. Wausau, Wis Rudemen, Nancy, Grosse Pt., Mich Russell, Eleanor, Denver, Colo Sanson, Jo Ann, LaGrange, III Street, Helen, EI Paso, Texas Taylor, June, Salt Lake City, Utah Van Winkle, Mary, Chicago, 111 Williams, Kay, Boulder, Colo Abbott Adams Alberson Alexander Anderson, M. Anderson, P. Blatz Blackburn Blacker Booth Brady Brew baker Burns Conley Crandall Cramford Dazey Duf{an l ' ' ckerB Kddy ltd wards lessen I " ! vans Hales Flincbpau Flinn Foniler Fricke Galbasini Gentzler CJirardot Hagan Hin, c. Hill, p. Hobbs Humphrey Jones Judge Kamprath Kins Kingery Lackey Lee, B. Lee, C. Line Madi an Mattson McMeekin Morris Motion Mullen Mueler Murray Naftel Neilsen Peter mann Phillips Quinn Reid Russell Sanson Sarff Savery Schell Slininger Stayton Street Tanner Taylor Van Winkler Wells WiHey Zingone 341 alpha delta pi II OFFICERS Mary Finnegan President Joan Haley Vice-President Joan Davis Secretary Barbara Barkley Treasurer Alpha Delts came back to school this fall bursting with new of their Centenial Convention which was held in Macon, Georgia. Joan Davis, Mary Finnegan, Lynn Hart, and Barbara Steere represented Alpha Alpha chapter. Mrs. Neal Sutherland, our new housemother, greeted girls returning to Boulder, and, the year got underway successfully with rush week, which re-i suited in the pledging of 32 girls. Homecoming brought hard work on the float and house decor-! ations. Weather conditions provided a fiasco as far as prizes were concerned but everyone had a good time working with the ATO ' s. Last spring ' s GU Days proved more successful, as trophies were received for placing second in the float contest, second in Women ' s Field Events, and third in the Song Fest. Spring quarter also brought ADPi ' s 100th anniversary with a Centenial Ball held at the Lakewood Country Club in Denver. Mary Finnegan presided over Monday night meetings, while Joan Haley, vice-president, instructed the pledges. Joan Davis was our secretary and Barbara Barkley acted as treasurer. Outstanding in campus activities were Barbara Steere, Alice: Ingwersen, Barbara Trilk, Jane Short, Janene Boothby, Barbara! Hoppock, Peggy Piper, Mary Rains, Roberta Orchard, Ann; Thompson, Sue O ' Kelly, Marilyn Burkett, Doric Weber, Iola| Sonnenberg, Marge Edmondson, B. J. Vaughn and Elaine Turn-| quist. 342 ACTIVES Albrecht, Phyllis, Berthoud, Colo 53 Alward, Jean, March Airforce Base, Calif ' 53 Barkley, Barbara, Fleminfi, Colo ' 53 Bickley, Ann, New York, N. Y " 52 Boothby, Janene, Cleghorn, Iowa [53 Burket, Marilyn, Evanston, III ' 53 Davis, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 52 DeGood, Carolyn, Loveland, Colo. ' 53 Finnegan, Mary, Placerville, Colo ' 52 Frye, Dorothy, Windsor, Colo ' 52 Groves, Mary, Grand Junction, Colo .... ' 54 Hale. Molly, La Crosse. Wis [54 Haley, Joan, Sturiiis, S. Dak ' 52 Harper, Robin, Schenectady, N. Y ' 52 Hart, Lynn, Walla Walla. Wash [52 Holzer. Carol, Aurora, Colo ' 53 Hoppock, Barbara, Edna, Kan ' 53 Ingwersen, Alice, Wheaton, 111 ' 52 Jacobi, Charlotte, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 53 Johnson, Mary Lou, May wood. III ' 54 Kent, Diane, Amarillo, Texas 54 Kiefer, Charlotte, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 52 LaMair, Nancy, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Loomis, Connie. Red Oak, Iowa ' 54 Lovejoy, Frances, Boulder, Colo. ' 53 Miley. Mary Kay, GreybuU, Wyo ' 53 O ' Kelly, Sue, Louiston, N. Y ' 52 Orchard, Roberta, Grand Junction, Colo ' 54 Pankoff, Mary. Denver, Colo ' 52 Pett, Liz, Des Plaines. 111. ' 54 Piper, Peggy, Boulder. Colo ' 53 Putney. Joan, Gladbrook, Iowa ' 53 Raber, Doris, Scottsbluff. Neb ' 54 Rains, Mary, Atlantic, Iowa ' 53 Robertson, Gretchen, Deadwood, S. Dak ' 53 Roepnack. Barbara, Arvada, Colo ' 54 Shideler, Shirley, Shawnee, Colo 53 Short. Jane, Oak Park, 111 ' 53 Steere, Barbara, Whittier. Calif. ' 52 Sterrett, Marion, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Thompson, Ann, Denver. Colo ... ' 52 Thompson, Coralee, Neosho, Mo ' 54 Trilk, Barbara, Riverside, II! ' 53 Vaughn, Barbara. Colorado Springs, Colo. . ' 52 Weber, Done, Highland Park, 111 ;53 Weddell, Leuretta, Loveland, Colo ' 54 Whitney, Jan, Boulder, Colo. ' 53 Wilson, Pat, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Wise, Nancy, Ouray, Colo ' 54 Wright, Dona, Denver, Colo ' 54 PLEDGES Alleman, Annette, Santa Fe, N. M ' 55 Anderson, Anita, McPherson, Kan. ' 53 Boh, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 55 Brandt, Jane, Barrington. Ill ' 55 Brandt, Janet. Barrington. Ill ' 55 Carlson, Emily, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Deibler, Carolyn, Grand Island, Neb ' 55 Dobroth. Carol. Chicago, 111 ' 55- Edmondson, Marjorie. Sidney, Mont ' 54 Ellingham, Margaret, Fort Wayne, Ind ' 55 Eraser, Joan, Rocky Ford, Colo. ' 55 Furrer. Ruth, Albuquerque, N. M .. ' 55 Glenn, Jean, Denver, Colo . ' 5 ' ' Goemmel, Judy, Walden, Colo. ' 55 Gorder, Carol. Deadwood, S. Dak . ' 55 Grant. Mar ' Ann, Grand Junction, Colo. ' 5-= Heskett, Shelly, Rocky Ford. Colo ' 5J Hogins, Bernita, Freeport, 111 .- 5J Kiefer, Lois. Rocky Ford, Colo. ' 55 Koopman, Janet. Bartlesville, Okla ' 5 Littledale. Susan, Webster Groves, Mo. .. ' 5: Morgan, Pat, Pueblo, Colo : ' 5 Olson, Mary Lou, Eggertsville, N. Y. ' 51 Padrick. Joy, Evanston, III . ' 5; Sharp, Rayna, Palo Alto, Calif ' 51 Smith, Marilyn, Beach, No. Dak ' 51 Sonnenberg, lola. Sterling. Colo ' 5- Stevenson, Shirleen. Pueblo, Colo. ' 5- Tomlinson. Pat., Oak Park, III .. ' Sij Weichel. Beverlv, Fort Collins, Colo ' 5 Whitlock, Wanda, Boulder, Colo .. ' 5 Zack, Jane. Leadville, Colo ' 5 ntiii mi l tm Alhrechl Alleraan Karkley Bickley Boh Booth by Brandt, Jane Brandt, Janet Burkett Conover Davis OeGood Ocibler Hdmondson Iillinj ham Finne){an Frye Furrer Goemmel Gorder Groves Hale Haley Hanlein Harper Hart Heskett Ho){ins Holzer lioppock Ingwerson Jacob! Johnson Kent Kiefer, C. Kiefer, L. Koopman LaMair Littledale Loomis Lovejoy Miley Minear Morgan O ' Kelly Olson Padrick Pankoff Pett Piper Putney Kaher Rains Reid Robertson Ruepnack Sharp Shideler Smith Sonnenber Steere Stein Sterrett Thompson, A. Thompson, C. Trilk Vaughn Weber Weddell Weichel Wheeler Whitlock Wilson Wise 343 alpha omicron pi " n OFFICERS Betty Davis President Alice Cavender Vice-President Connie Lynn Recording Secretary Elaine Sterling Corresponding Secretary Mary Ann Procopio Treasurer Under the capable leadership of " Mother Van " and Donna Smolenske and Joan Thorstensen, rush co-chairmen, a rousing gang of thirty-three pledges prepared for a fun and study filled year. The year was off to a good start when returning AOPi ' s found a practically new house, redecorated during the summer.} Three AOPi ' s hold office in Mortar Board, Nona Uhrich is secretary, Sue Birk, treasurer, and Yvonne Burkett, editor. Pat Alien represents AOPi in Hesperia. Jerri Srp and Joan Altherr wear the Spur pin. AOPi ' s participated in intramurals and were well-represented in honoraries. Leaders of the activity list are: Jean Drake, city editor of the Silver and Gold; Sue Birk, new member of Phi Beta Kappa; and Yvonne B urkett, ASUG commissioner. Laura- Kimble ranked in the pledge class by making Porpoise Club. ! AOPi ' s won second place in the gold division for Homecoming house decorations. Big event of the fall semester was the pledge formal held at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, with " Sophisticated Christmas " as the theme. Coffee hours after the football games were a big success. During the winter, the AOPi ' s held their costume party, " Dillinger ' s Den " . Everyone came dressed as a gangster and water pistols were the favors. The AOPi ' s were strong competitors in the C. U. Days song fest.l The Spring formal at Sevren ' s Lodge climaxed a year of success- ful sneaks, functions, and studies. 344 ACTIVES Allen, Pat, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 53 Altherr, Joan, Homewood, 111 ' 54 Barkley, Evelyn, Philadelphia, Penn ]54 Boehm, Evalyn, Denver, Colo. [52 Boyt, Christy, Des Moines, Iowa 52 Buckland, Joan, Schenectady, N. Y., [54 Burkett, Yvonne, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Cavendar. Alice, Batavia, 111 ' 52 Davis, Betty, Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Dorau, Joan, Kidgewood, N. J [53 Drake, Jean, Greeley, Colo _ ' 54 Evers, Mary, Denver, Colo. [54 Fritchle, Jo Ann, Denver. Colo. [54 Gerbosi, Maryann, Arlington Heights, III ' 54 Haney, Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo [54 Hodges, Barbara, Homewood, 111 ' 54 Hodgins, Alice. Pocatello, Idaho ' 53 Huffer, Jane, Hibbings, Minn ' 52 Huffer, Mary Ann, Hibbings, Minn ' 54 Johnston, Bonnie, Golden, Colo ' 54 Jones, Jacquelyn, Havana, 111. ' 52 Kirschbaum, Margaret, Oak Park. 111. [52 Leland, Paula, Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Lynn, Connie, Highland Park, 111. .— ' 53 Maier, Clara Jane, Longmont, Colo ' 52 Matteson, Jo Ann, Richwood, Ohio ' 52 Meyer, Sue, Wauwatosa, Wis ' 53 Mullen, Barbara Patricia. Rapid City, S. D [54 Oparil, Doloras, Westmont, 111 ' 53 Pahs, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 54 Pike, Nancy, Brighton, Colo ' 53 Potarf, Sara, Omaha, Nebr. ' 53 Procopio, Mary Anne, Des Moines, Iowa ' 53 Richardson. Mary Alice, Great Falls, Mont ' 53 Schuman, Marcia, Rolla, Mo ' 54 Silverman, Mary, DeKalb, 111 [53 Smolenske, Donna, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Smyser, Ann, Toledo, Ohio ' 54 Srp, Jerri, Berwyn, III ' 54 Sterling, Elaine, Aurora, Colo ' 53 Strick, Jacqueline, Palo Alto, Calif ' 52 Sutton, Emma Lou, Canton. Ill 54 Tainter, Lou, Colorado Springs, Colo [53 Thorstensen, Joan, Wauwatosa, Wis ' 53 Uhrich, Nona, Loveland, Colo [52 Veazie, Enid, Boulder, Colo. ' 54 Wright, Gail, Evanston, 111 ' 54j PLEDGES , : Atkinson. Marlyn, Torrington, Wyo [55; Bengston, Diana, Chicago. Ill 55 Billings, Essie, Topeka, Kan ' 55 Bode, Muriel, Port Washington, N. Y [55 Brown, Harriet, Colorado Springs, Colo, . - [55 Brown, Ruth, Des Moines, Iowa [54 Coats, Janet, Denver, Colo [54 Drown, Carolyn, Sheridan, Wyo [55 Dwyer, Marilyn, Shelbyville, III [55 Ely, Lucille, Denver, Colo. 55 Flickinger, Suzanne, Mason City, la. ' 54 Forsman, Phyllis. Park Ridge, 111. [53 Freudenthal, Sydney, Fort Morgan, Colo. 55 Gribble, Donna, Denver, Colo ' 5- Hill, Mardy. Gary, Ind 55 Houdek, Mary Ann, Hinsdale, III lee Huckins, Barbara, Loveland. Colo [5. Johnson, Lois, Hartford, Wis. 5 Josselyn, Helen, Highland Park, 111. 55 Keeney, Darliene, Amarillo, Texas [5 Kimble. Laura, Houston, Texas 5 Krez, Carol, Wilmette. Ill 5| Loctka. Donna, Western Springs, III 5. McDonough, Pat, Millbrae, Calif 5| McGillis, Mimi, Sonora, Calif. 5: Mehrer, Patricia, Kansas City, Mo. 5. Miller, Virginia, Boulder, Colo. 5. Needham, Carol, Port Washington, N. Y. 5. Sonnenberg, Wynona, Sterling, Colo. J- Sproul. Pat, Chicago, 111. 5. Tervo. Mona. Rochester, Minn »il Williams, Lois, Rocky River, Ohio ■f.j Wolf, Carol, Denver, Colo 5 ' | Altherr Billion Bode Boehm Boyt Brown, H. Burkett Ca vender Coates Davis Dorau Drake Dwyer Ely, J. Ely, L. Evers Freu den thai Gerbosi Gribble Haney Hill Hodges Hod ns Houdek Huckins Huffer. J. Huffer, M. Jones Josselyn Kimble Krez Maier McDonou McGilHs Meyer Miller Needham Pahs Pike Procopio Schuman Shapanski Silverman Smyser Srp Sterling Strick Thorsteason Uhrich Veazie WoH 345 alpha phi OFFICERS Sue Sherdahl President Nancy Graves House Manager Jerry Wahlmeir Recording Secretary Marv Lvnn Buchholz Treasurer i Beta Gamma of Alpha Phi was dealt a grand slam hand t( start the Fall semester of 1951. At Homecoming the first place trophy for house decorations was presented to the Phis, and Jean nie Stevens reigned as campus queen over the weekend festivities. At Christmas time the fall formal was held in the chaptei house for the 45 pledges with dinner preceding the dance at tht; Wagon Wheel Lodge. The Phis made scrapbooks and pictuni cards to send to the Children ' s Hospital in Denver, and the holiday season was climaxed at a party with Pi Kappa Alpha for loca orphans. Sue Tresh was selected as Engine Ball queen and also wa: chosen queen at the Pi Kap Barn dance in the fall. Mary Ann Mcllwain participated in campus politics as secre tary of Greek Combine. Sue Hills and Sally Joyce were active ir Spur, while Donna Woolridge Davis copped a Phi Beta Kappt honor. Porpoise members are Lee Neuman, Lee Hanley, Sally Hansen, and Peggy Farrier. Donna Mackenzie was head of Homecoming house decora tions, Julie Schanck was head of the Torchlight Parade, and Cathy Chambers was Assistant General Secretary of Homecoming Nancy Milles helped with AWS Vaudeville as the chairman of tht publicity committee. j The Alpha Phi philanthropic project for the past two years ha: been the care and aid of a small Italian war orphan. The Phi: have been rewarded many times over with the rapid strides tha Maria is making in her recovery. Beta Gamma says thanks to all the pledges and actives for thi fine hand and grand times. 346 ACTIVES Armstrong, Gladys, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Baird, Barbara, Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 53 Barton. Jane, Highland Park. Ill ' 54 Bauma, Janet, Pocahontas, Iowa ' 54 Buchholz, Mary Lynn, Eagle, Colo. ' 53 Chambers, Catherine, Minneapolis, Minn ' 53 Chason, Joan, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Collins, Sue, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Davis, Donna, Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Dildine, Aniaretta, Freeport, III. 53 Eckert, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 52 Eson, Barbara, Wheatridge. Colo ' 53 Farrier, Peg, Glendale. Calif. 54 Gorom, Joan, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Graves, Nancy, Duluth, Minn ' 52 Hanley, Katherine Lee, Evanston, III ' 54 Hecker, Catherine Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 53 Helm, Sharon, Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Hills, Susan, Ft. Meyers Beach, Fla 54 Joyce. Sidney, Minneapolis, Minn 54 Keleher, Marcia, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Kennedy, Mary, Rochester, N. Y. ' 52 Laucomer, Joan, Birmingham, Mich ' 52 Lawrence, Margaret, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Macfadden, Mary, Minneapolis, Minn. ' 5? MacKenzie, Donna, Ault, Colo. 53 Mcllwain. Mary Ann, Cincinnati, Ohio ' 53 Milles, Nancy. Oak Park, III ' 54 Nalied, Sandra, Racine, Wis. ' 54 Neuman, Lee. Houston, Texas ' 54 Oldaker, Margaret, Albuqueraue, N. Mex ' 52 Palmer, Barbara, Flossmoor, III ' 54 Rasey. Ann, Arcadia, Calif. ' 54 Rasmussen, Buena, Freeport. Ill 53 Rigls. Marcia, Highland Park. Ill ' 54 Schanck, Julie, Arlington. Vir. ' 52 Schoener. Mary, Muskegon, Mich 52 Sellew, Joan, LaJolIa, Calif ' 54 Sheldon, Dorothy Jane, Denver, Colo ' 54 Sherdahl, Susan. Fargo. N. D 52 Stevens, Jeanne. Greeley, Colo, ' 54 Stubbs. Emily, W. Lafayette, Ind. ' 53 Thaxton, Laura, LaJolIa, Calif ' 54 Wahlmeier, Geraldine. Denver, Colo ' 52 Waiigh. Kathy. Greeley. Colo ' 54 Weingartner, Jean, Rockford, 111. 52 Whitney, Patricia, Dickenson, N. D 52 Yauch. Ruth. Duluth. Minn. ' 52 PLEDGES Babcock, Barbara, Denver, Colo - - Brown, Connie, Rockford, 111 ' S Bloom, Ann, Evanston, 111 ' Si Burges, Annette, Glencoe, III •- ' Carbaugh, Betty Jo, Greeley, Colo |5t Campbell, Annette, Minneapolis, Minn. ' 5i Charlton, Sue. Pueblo. Colo ' 5! Cook. Beverly. Van Nuys, Calif ]§ Gurry, Carol, Flint. Mich ' 51 Dolan. Margaret, Rockford, 111 ' Sj Drake, Betty. Evanston, III. ' i Dudley, Joan, Ft. Benning, Georgia ]|{ Evans. Jo Anne. Lakewood, Colo. ' . Fraser. Jane Ellen, Ferndale, Mich. Gliem. Nancy, Minneapolis, Minn. [Sj Gooding, Mary. Denver, Colo ' ■-! Green. Carrie, San Mateo, Calif. -.. Hansen. Sally, Evanston, III Harvey, Joan Kathleen, Mundelein, 111. .. Hasty, Millie, Evanston, 111. • Herrick. Peggy Jean. Kalamazoo, Mich. ' Ij Higgins, Michele Ann. Evanston, III. ' Kees, Judith. Winnetka, III ' ■ Larson, Vivienne. Boulder. Colo Leuthold. Judy. Albert Lea, Minn Loverskv. Pat, Oak Park, 111. [[ Marshall. Marilyn, Duluth. Minn. [ McNutt. Margie. Duluth, Minn. Mills. Trudy, Gorham, Kan. Noffsinger. Connie, Greeley, Colo. Olson. Donna. Minneapolis. Minn. Pearson, Nan, Minneapolis. Minn Plummer, Ann. Milwaukee. Wis Porter, Jean, Aurora, III Powell. Barbara Grace. Seanle, Wash. . Prince, Janice. Milwaukee, Wis Schilt, Marcia, Denver, Colo. Sproule, Joanne. Birmingham, Mich Stehlik, Joyce. Boulder. Colo. Tanner, Beverly, Minneapolis, Minn Thurman, June, Colorado Springs, Colo. Tresch, Susan. Woodstock. Ill Turley, Lois Deane, Springfield, 111. Williams, Marlene. Onawa, Iowa Yeoman. Madge, Greeley, Colo. nem nw. Arm strong Babcock Baird Barton Bloom Brown Buckholtz Buritess Campbell Carbau Chambers Chason Collins (Zook Curry l olan Drake Eckert Eson Farrier Eraser Gliem Gooding Gorom Graves Green Hanson Hanley Harvey Ha sty- Helm Herrick Higgins Hills Kees Kennedy Larson Laucomer Lawrence Leuthold Loversky MacFadden MacKenzie Marshall Mcllwain McNutt Milles Mills Nalied Neuman Noffsinger Oldflker Olson Palmer Pearson Plummer Porter Powell Rasmussen RigJis Schilt Sheldon Sherdahl Sproule Stehlik Stevens Stubbs Tanner Thaxton Tresch Wahlmeier Waugh Weingartner Whitney Williams Wooldridge Yauch 347 .1 chi oiTieg OFFICERS Marcia Mast President Marilynne Carson Vice-President Virginia Lightbum Secretary Marilyn Anderson Treasurer The Ghi O ' s again combined curricular and extra-curric activities for another year of successful campus and social Hard work on the Homecoming float won the third place tropt in the Gold Division and pledges showed their spirit by winnir the Sigma Ghi Derby, Outstanding activities on campus were numerous. Sue Gui was Student Director of McKeehan Hall, Commissioner of W men s Welfare, and a member of Mortar Board. Arden Kin Nancy Jammer, and Jo Ann Boughter were tapped for Hesperi Ann Markham was elected president of Spur; Annabelle HoUic, Ellen Eaton, and Donna Grief were also tapped for the sophomo: honorary. Other outstanding Ghi Omegas included: Ginny Lightbur chairman of queen committee of Homecoming; Carole Krueg Vice-president of Porpoise; Marilyn Carson, Secretary of tJ; AWS Revue; Nancy Jammer Secretary of Rho Ghi; Marci Mast, chairman of Vespers for the YWGA, and treasurer of tb Senior class. 348 ACTIVES Alexander, Gloria, Lyons, Colo 52 Anderson, Marilyn, Denver, Colo 52 Atanasoff, Joanne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Bateman, Beth, Glen EUyn, III 54 Bell, Katherine, Oklahoma City, Okia |53 Betasso, Donna Hope, Boulder, Colo .. ' 52 Birkeness, Margaret, Park Ridge, 111 53 Blackwell, Patricia, Oak Park, III ' 54 Boettcher, Barbara, Washington, D.C ' 53 Borders, Jalene, Hutchinson, Kan ' 52 Boughter, Joann, Decatur, 111 ' 52 Braley, Elizabeth, Kiverside, Conn ' 53 Brown, Patrice, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Butler, Barbara, Boulder, Colo 54 Carlson, Carol, Boulder, Colo _. 53 Carson, Marilynne, Denver, Colo 53 Clausen, Kay, Delta, Colo 53 Coshow, Sally, Carpinteria, Cal ' 54 Cummings, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Drabling, Caroline, Denver, Colo ' 52 Duncan, Minerva, Mercedes, Tex ' 54 Eaton, Ellen, Chevy Chase, Md ' 54 Eckberg, Phyllis, Port Washington, N. Y ' 53 Endres, Joann, Whiting, Ind 52 Etnyre, Marilyn, Oregon, 111 ' 53 Flagler, Phyllis, Summit, N. J „ ' 52 Grief, Donna, Jefferson, la 54 Guild, Susan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hamilton, Nancy, Chicago, 111 52 Henry, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 52 Holick, Annabelle, Loveland, Colo. ' 54 Holme, Ruth Ann, Salinas, Calif 53 Ives, Donna, Oklahoma City, Okla ' 52 Jackson, Joe Ann, Peterman, Ala 53 Jammer, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Johnson, Harriet, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 52 Johnson, Suzanne, Palisade, Colo. ' 53 Jones, Nancy, LaSalle, Mich 52 Kemper, Sheila, Oak Park, HI ' 54 Krueger, Carole, Indianapolis, Ind 54 Larson, Sally, River Forest, 111 53 Lightburn, Virginia, Denver, Colo 53 Markham, Ann, Salinas, Calif. 54 Markham, Annette, Denver, Colo 52 Mast, Marcia, Fort Wayne, Ind ' 5? Nelson, Joan, DeKalb, 111 ' 52 Norman, Joan, Evanston, 111. ' 54 Nossaman, Marjorie, Madison, Wis 53 Opdycke, Martha, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Palmer, Alice, Denver, Colo 54 Peters, Eaine, Camarillo, Calif ' 53 Priest, Deborah, Denver, Colo ' 53 Rogers, Eleanor, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Ross, Jean, Dearborn, Mich 54 Ruthenberg, Diane, Hinsdale, 111. Skyrm, Hildegarde, Glencoe, 111 Smoot, Beatrice, Greenwich, Conn Starrett, Barbara, Colorado Springs, Colo. Starrett, Diane, Colorado Springs, Colo Webster, Kitty, Lewiston, N. Y PLEDGES Ackerman, Lynn, Oak Park, 111 Adcock, Betty, Wray, Colo Adcock, Patty, Wray, Colo Ball, Diane, Boulder, Colo Barnes, Billie, Boulder, Colo Barrow, Barbara, Denver, Colo Chittim, Claire, Boulder, Colo Bingham, Margaret, Boulder, Colo Bradley, Mary Lou, Denver, Colo. Crago, Donna, Denver, Colo. Cray, Patricia, Atchinson, Kan. Davis, Patricia, Des Moines, Iowa Doolittle, Nancy, Glendale, Calif Dutcher, Diane, Denver, Colo Eckberg, Marjorie, Port Washington, N. Eckhardt, Nancy, Oak Park, 111 Flagler, Jeanne, Summit, N. J Gibson, Jo Ann, Delta, Colo Good, Nancy, Evanston, 111 Gordon, Sandra, Boulder, Colo, Goss, Frances, New Orleans, La Green, Virginia, Boulder, Colo Greene, Betty, Western Springs, 111. . Hall, Laurel, Mesa Verde Nat. Pk. Col.. Hall, Robin, Mesa Verde Nat. Pk. Coin Heimsath, Jeannine, Park Ridge, 111. Hetherington, Donna, Denver, Colo. Ho ebel, Betsy, Madison, Wis Hoey, Lois, Chicago, 111. Howell, Wanda, Belle Fourche, S. D. . Jessup, Marilyn, Denver, Colo Leifson, Margot, Wheaton, 111 Mahn, Barbara, Kirkwood, Mo McDonald, Shirley, Longmont, Colo. McLeman, Marion, Santa Paula, Calif. .. More, Mary, LaGrange, 111 Morgan, Sue, Lombard, 111. Oberheide, Audrey, Park Ridge, 111. Phillips, Helen, Downers Grove, 111. .. Reddish, Kathleen, Denver, Colo, Riggenback, Peggy, Denver, Colo Roberts, Kathleen, New Orleans, La. Sperry, Donna, River Forest, 111. Stanton, Patricia, Denver, Colo Taylor, Suzanne, Hinsdale, 111 Weese, Audrey, Pocatello, Ida Ziegler, Lynne, Winnetka, 111 55 " ?5 I iP .l ' BI Adcock, B. Adcock. P. Alexander Anderson Atanasoff Barnes Barrow Bell Betasso Binffham Birkness Blackwcll Borders Bradley Builer Chittum Clausen Crago Cummings Davis Drabing Uutcher Duncan Eaton Bckberg Endres Flayer, P. Gordon Goss Green Greene Grief Guild Hamilton Henry Hethering:on Hoey Holme Ives Jammer Jessup Kaufman Krueger Lightburn Markham, Annct:e Mast McDonald More Nelson Norman Opdycke Palmer Phillips Priest Reddish Kig enback Roberts Ruthenberg Sperry Stanton Taylor Walters Webster Weise 349 delta delta delta OFFICERS Laura Lee Unfug President Artha Lee Ford Vice-President Mary Marvin Secretary Marilyn Nittler Treasurer The Tri Delts started the 1951-52 school year by welcoming their new housemother, Mrs. Ryan, to C. U. Last spring saw Tri Delt place second in the A.W.S. Revue and take first in basketball intramurals. The pledging of forty-four top girls was the climax of a success- ful rush week. The high spot of fall was winning the first place ' trophy and grand prize in the Homecoming float competition on our Cinderella float with Acacia fraternity. Scholastically, Tri Delt was awarded the Denver Panhellenic Scholarship Cup for| 1950-51. Fall semester ended with the Christmas formal in honor of the pledges. Tri Delt is proud of Anne Morrison, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, and president of A.W.S. ; Marilyn Nittler, president of Pi Lambda Theta; Jo Winans, social chairman of Y.W.C.A.; Elyse Deffke, W.A.A. board; Rosalie Clave, vice-president of Phi Sigma Iota; and Gail Van Hine, president of the Hiking Club Honorary fraternities boast of seven Tri Delt members. Among! the pledges, Charlotte P ' leming and Bev Campbell were featured! in Varsity Nights, and Sharon Lehl was a finalist for Pi K A queen. Bonnie Abraham and Berta Lee Smith are twirlers in the Women ' s Band. 350 ACTIVES Abraliam, Bonnie. Flossmoor, III. 52 Anderson, Jane, La Grange, III ' 52 Barker, Barbara, Des Moines, Iowa 53 Benedeck, Norma, Glen wood Springs, Colo ' 52 Berry, Jean. Denver, Colo. ' 52 Bickmore, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Carl, Wilminor, Houston, Texas ' 52 Chambers, Joan, Grand Jet., Colo ' 53 Clave, Rosalie, Webster City, Iowa ' 52 Cobb, Louise, Berkeley, Calif. ' 52 Cox, Sharyn, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Cripe, Helen, Racine, Wis. ' 54 Curren, Joan, Springfield, 111 ' 52 Deffke, Elyse. Greeley, Colo ' 52 Dillon, Dicksie, Boulder. Colo 52 Fairless, Martha, Birmingham, Mich 53 Ford, Artha Lee, South Fork, Colo ' 52 Fox, Karen, Des Moines, Iowa ' 53 Gaebel, Mary Jo, Longmont, Colo ' 54 Hicks, Lois Yvonne. Great Neck, N. Y ' 52 Hood, Nancy, Bowling Green, Mo. ' 53 Lord. Marilyn, Piano, 111 ;53 Marvin, Mary, St. Charles, III ' 52 Meyer, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 54 Morrison, Anne, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Nittler, Marilyn, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Russell, Joan, Merriam, Kansas 54 Saltz, Audrey, La Cross, Wis ' 54 Schroder, Jane, Temple City, Calif. ' 54 Show, Virginia, Manhattan Beach, Calif. ' 54 Slifer. Berta, Brighton, Colo 54 Smith, Dorothy, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Speer, Helen Gene, Dallas, Texas ' 54 Theal, Susan, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Unfug, Laura Lee, Walsenburg, Colo ' 52 Van Hine, Gail, Royal Oak, Mich ' 53 Van Nostrand, Nancy, Monte Vista, Colo. ' 53 Wenaas, Nancy, Youngstown, Ohio ' 53 Whisenant, June, Liberal, Kansas 53 Wilkins, Joyce, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Winans, Jo Ann, Denver, Colo ' 52 Wiseman, Louise, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Yoast, Nancy, Glendale, Calif 54 PLEDGES Barthelme, Joan, Houston, Texas ' 5. " Berens. Phyllis, Webster Groves, Mo 5. ' j Cady, Dianne, Mariemont, Ohio ' 5?j Campbell, Beverly, Brighton, Colo ' S? Cornwell, Constance, Denver, Colo. ' S: DeBont, Dorothy, Denver, Ct lo. ' 5: DeGeer, Dolora, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' S- Finney, Janice, Sacramento, Calif ' t : Fleming, Charlotte, Sacramento, Calif. ' ' Friend, Roaslie, Ozona, Texas ' ? Gillard, Doris, Boulder, Colo ' Morton, Kaye, Boulder, Colo " " ' : Hoskins, Evelyn, Denver, Colo ' ' ■ Irwin, Mary Lee, St. Joseph, Mo ' Jones, Nancy, Marfa, Texas - Kaub, Diana, Denver, Colo. Kehr, Carol, Denver, Colo " Kreuzer, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' . Lehl, Sharon. Brighton, Colo - Mahnke, Martha, Des Moines, Iowa ' ? McLain, Kathleen, Springfield, 111. ' McNamara, Patricia, Pueblo, Colo ]- McNear, Eve, Woodside, Calif ' 5 Merrill, Deborah, Lamar, Colo " ? Nelson, Nancy, Longmont, Colo. ' S Olson, Ann, Boise, Idaho .. ' 5 Peck, Marilyn, Des Moines, Iowa ' 5 ; ■ Peters, Mary Sue, Lakewood, Colo. AH Porter, Margot, Longmont, Colo. b I Pratt, Andrea, Fairbanks, Alaska 9p Radecke, Marlene, Alton, III. o. Rauscher, Joyce, Denver, Colo ' 5 Rhind, Judith, Hammond, Ind. - ' 5: Schuessler, Patricia, Ft. Totten, N. Y. . . Smith, Berta Lee, Glenwood Spgs, Colo. . Sprengle, Arloa, Stem boat Spgs., Colo. . Stiles, Shirley, El Paso, Texas Streen, Betty, Denver, Colo. Sutton, Julia, Springfield, III. Turner, Helen, Denver, Colo. Underwood, Catherine, Univ. City, Mo. Van Dervort, Harriet, Denver, Colo. Warren, Gwenn, Oak Park, III Wilson, Margaret, Jasper, Ind Smith. D. Speer Spren e Stiles Streen Sutton Theal Turner Underwood Unfug Van Dervort Van Nostrand Warren Whisenant Wilkins Williams Wilson WillMHS Wiseman Yoast 351 delta gamma OFFICERS Cathy Dondanville President Martha Woodward Vice-President Jane Vawter Secretary Jeanne Webber _ Treasurer Delta Gamma adds another successful year to its record with many honors coming to individual members as well as the chap- ter. Our Sophomores have proven their capabilities by a fine representation in Spur, Nancy Shivers, Jo Ann Ellis, Mark Cook, Margie Smith, Marilyn Hall, and Elizabeth Hulley by the ac- ceptance of Mary Ann Tuohy, Jane Winston, and Margie Smith in Porpoise; and by a vivacious cheerleader — Sally Altick. Marilyn Hall, Jenny Starks, and Jackie Irwin contribute their aquatic talents to Porpoise, and Bev Batschelet continues her successful career in Orchesis. Bev is also a member of ASUG and AWS, joined in the latter by Glo Edwards and Jenny Starks. So far honors coming to the chapter have included winning 2nd place with our Homecoming float, and having Ann Seawell as a Homecoming Queen finalist. This year we have living with us Lena Erikson, an exchange student from Sweden and a very fine addition to our lives. At Halloween we enjoyed serenading the fraternities and soror- ities and presenting each with a jack-o-lantern. 352 ACTIVES Adams, Barbara, Evanslon, ill ' 52 Adier. Peggy, Houston, Tex ' 52 Aliearn, Lyn. Denver, Colo. ' 54 Altick, Sally, Estes Park, Colo ' 5 » Baker, Elizabeth, Redlands, Calif 53 Bard well, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 54 Batschelet. Beverley, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Bird, Jackie, Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Bowie, Margot, Swarthmore, Penn ' 54 Cannon, June, Oak Park, 111. |54 Clark, Jackie, Denver, Colo ' 52 Clayton. Elizabeth, El Paso, Tex ' 53 Cole, Sally, Palo Alto, Calif ' 53 Colton, Virginia, Hollywood, Calii ' 54 Cook. Ma ry, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Dickensen, Lois, Lake Geneva, Wis ' 54 Dondanville, Catherine, Moline, 111. ' 52 Dondanville. Patricia, Moline, 111. ' 53 Droege, Mary, Chicago, 111. ' 53 Dwire, Mary Jo, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 52 Edwards, Gloria, Denver, Colo ' 53 Ellis, Joanne, Evanston. 111. ' 54 Fitzgerald, Mary, Pasadena, Calif ' 54 Franklin, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo ' 52 Gardner, Joanne, Boise, Idaho ' 52 Haigh, Ruth, Homewood, 111 ' 52 Hall, Marilyn, Homewood, 111 ' 54 Heaiy, Jacqueline, Denver, Colo ' 54 Holder, Jacqueline, La Jolla, Calif. ' 54 Hulley, Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo. ' 54 Huntington, Ruth, Urbana, 111 53 Irwin, Jacqueline, Flossmoor, 111 ' 52 Jeanes, Mary, Los Angeles, Calif. ' 53 King, Kay, La Jolla, Calif ' 53 Lindseth, Carolyn, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Ludeman, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 54 Melville, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 52 Miller, Judith, Kalamazoo, Mich. ' 52 Moore, Lucia, Denver. Colo. ' 52 Morris, Sarah, Colorado Springs, Colo 52 Morrison, Alice, Milwaukee, Wis. ' 52 Mulligan, Marjorie, Denver. Colo ' 52 Munson, Marilyn, Palo Alto, Calif ' 54 Pierce, Candace, Wheaton, 111 ' 54 Pittenger, Mary Jane, Aberdeen, S. Dak ' 52 Robbins, Diane, Palo Alto, Calif ' 53 Shantz, Marion, Denver, Colo. ' 5 Shivers, Nancy, Colorado Springs, Colo. 54 Simank, Nancy, Altadena, Calif 54 Smith, Barbara, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Smith, Margaret, Sioux City, la ' 54 Starks, Jeanette, Denver, Colo ' 52 Thompson, Jane, Evanston, III 54 Thomson, Joanne, Wauwatosa, Wis. ' 54 Tuohy, Mary Ann, Cleveland, Ohio ' 54 Utter, Tamara, Des Moines, la. ' 5 Unfug, Eleanor, Sterling, Colo. ' 54 Van Ausdall, Diana, Denver, Colo ' 53 Colo. Vawter, Jane. Denver, Colo. Waldron, Valerie, Co.jrado Springs, Cuiu Wallarius, Joan, Sacra ..en.o, Calii. Webber, Jeanne, Colorado Springs, Weber, Saily, Miiwa -kee. Wis. Wins-on, Jane, Wasnmgion, D.C. Woodward. Martha, Denver, Colo. Worthington, Anne, Roswell, N. M. Zorichak, Helen, Denver, Colo. . PLEDGES Anfinsen, Joan, Aurora, 111 Bard, Bee, Detroi:. Mich Beck. Barbara, Milwajkee, Wis. Bethune, Barbara, Denver, Colo Bettendorf, Jane. Bettendor., la. Boettcher, Claudia, Denver, Colo. Byers, Beryl, Denver, Colo Chapin, Ann, Denver, Colo. Chamberlin, Suzanne, Wauwatosa, Wis Davis. Winifred. Minneapolis, Minn Eagan, Jane, Denver, Colo Emanuelson, Karen, Omaha, Neb Forbes. Thayer, Highland Park, III Goggin, Lilla, El Paso. Tex Grant, Marion, Glendale, Caii. Hamlet, Joan, Skokie, 111 Harper, Lael, Des Moines, Ta Hathaway, Sally, Flossmoor, 111. Howe, Jimmy Lou, Denver, Colo. Huck, Sue, Burlingame, Cali. Hughes, Suzanne, Denver, Colo. Johnson, Carolyn, Denver, Colo Kirley, Shelia, Denver, Colo. Klute, Joan, Evanston, III Knowles, Ann, Evanston, III Lane, Beth, Visalia, Calif Longenecker, Margaret, Wauwatosa, Wis. McAdoo, Linda, Carlsbad, N. M. Mason, Jane Ann, Oakland, Calif Morse, Pat, Denver, Colo. Plati, Nancy Ann, Boulder, Colo Robbins, Helen, Amarillo, Texas Schmidt, Suzanne, Pine Lake, Wis Seawell, Ann, Denver, Colo Sheldon, Louise, St. Charles, 111. Smythe, Gloria, Highland Park, III Southgate, Jo, Long Beach, Calif Sweeney, Alice, Denver. Colo Tatum, Joyce, Denver, Colo Tharp. Phyllis, Denver, Colo. Tucker, Diana, Stanford, Calif Tuohy, Pat, Cleveland, Ohio Van Hook, Shirley, Santa Monica, Calif. Ward, Sally, Aberdeen. S. Dak. Weaver, Elaine, San Marino, Calif West, Betty, Denver, Colo Younglove, Marcia, Riverside, Calif. Zorichak, Mary Ethel, Denver, Colo. •55 ..•55 ' 54 ., ' 55 ' 54 ' 551 . ■55i ., ' 55i .. ' 55| ., ' 55 .-•551 ,. ' 551 •55 ' •55; •53. , ' 54 ..•55- ,,•55 ' ,, ' 55 .. ' 55, ..■55 ., ' 55 ' ..■55| ,. ' 5=; .. ' 5.1 J55 :. ' 5=, ' 55 ,. ' 551 .-•5: . ' 5. ' , .. ' s; .. ' 5fl M .. ' 5. ' : ' 5i: ., ' 5; .:s ' . , ' 5!- .. ' 5! ' •5l! r II | P| 0 j t j P P %i% BfimioEi Adams, Adier, Ahearn, Altick, Anfinsen, Baker, rtard, Bardwell, Ratschelet, Beck Bethune, Bettendorf, Bird, Boeltcher, Byers, Cannon, Chamberlin, Chapin. Clayton. Colton Cook, Davis, Dickenson, Dondanville, C, Dondanville, P., Droejie, Dwire, Eaiten, Edwards, Ellis Emanuelson, Fiizfierald. Gardner, Goggin, Hai h, Hall, Hamlet, Harper, Hathaway, Healy Holder, Howe, Huck. Hulley, Huntington, Irwin, .leanes. Johnson, Kini{. Kirley Klute, Knowles, l.ane, Lindseth. Longenecker, Ludeman, Mason, McAdoo, Melville. Moore Morrison, Morse, Munson, Pierce, Platl. Ricker, Robbins. D., Robbins, H., Seawall, Shantz Sheldon, Shivers, Simank. Smythe, Southgate. Starks, Sweeney, Tatum, Tharp, Thompson Thomson, Tucker, Tuohy, M. A., Tuohy. P.. UnfufJ. Utter, Van Ausdall, ' an Hook, Vawter, Waldron Wallerius, Weaver, Weber, West, Winston, Woodward, Worthington, ' ounglove, Zoricliak, H., Zorichak, M. E. 353 kappa alpha theta 1 OFFICERS BilHe Nelson President Connie Kent Vice-President Frances Carswell Secretary Beverly Billeter Treasurer Theta lips were smiling when they returned in the fall for thej Thetas had the prospect of a wonderful year ahead. A big part ofj the enthusiasm was due to the very successful Theta District Con-i vention that was held in CU ' s Beta Iota chapter house early last summer. Winning first place in the W.A.A. swimming meet and placing second with the Betas in CU Days Song Fest were two well- earned achievements on the Theta list for the year. The 1952 Coloradan Coed Calendar chose Dot Beer as Miss May and Sharlene Stevens as Miss December. The traditional orphan Christmas Party with the Phi Gamms and the Christmas dance in honor of the pledges gave out a cheery holiday spirit. With the help of gracious housemother, Mrs, Durand, and cap able officers, this was one of Theta ' s most successful years. Outstanding Thetas on the Colorado campus are: Debbie Green, W.A.A. Secretary, Hysperia President, A.W.S. Orienta- tions Chairman, and A.W.S. Senate; Marilyn Weller, Treasurer General Secretary 1951 Homecoming; Nikki Nevins, High School Welcoming Program Chairman, Buff Council, and Pace- setter; Nancy Ingwersen, Panhellenic Representative; Harriei Haake, W.A.A. Board; Luigi Home, Hysperia, and Player ' s Club; Shirley Paider, A.W.S. Senate and A.W.S. Activities Chairman; Mary Lou Chaffee, 1951 Homecoming Assistant Gen eral Chairman; and Billie Nelson, Panhellenic Treasurer. 354 ACTIVES Beer, Dorothy, San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Billeter, Beverly, Fairfield, Iowa ' 53 Borst, Suzanne. Brookfield, III ' 53 Burnham, BilHe, Greeley, Colo. ' 53 Campbell, Jean, Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Carroll, Polly, Denver, Colo. 52 Carswell. Francis. Kansas City, Mo 52 Chaffee, Mary Lou, El Paso, Texas 52 Chehak, Kathryn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ' 53 Copland. Carol, Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Culloden, Joan, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Darley, Donna, Denver, Colo ' 54 Dunn, Robin, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Eastman, Kay, Rockford, III ' 54 Evans, Jeanne, Toledo, Ohio ' 53 Flynn, Mary Jo, Danville, 111 ' 54 Fochtman, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 52 Gemmer, Shirley, Tulsa, Okia ' 54 Glascock, Jane, Hughson. Calif ' 54 Goodheart, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 54 Green, Deborah, Berkeley, Calif ' 53 Grcttum, Anne, Richland, Mich ' 53 Haake, Harriet, San Marino, Calif ' 52 Hartley, Becky, Muncie, Ind ' 52 Horn, Luigi, Barrington, 111 ' 53 Huffman, Lee, Pasadena, Calif. ' 54 Hutchinson, Ruth, Lakewood, Ohio ' 53 Ingwersen, Nancy, Jackson, Mich. ' 52 Jacobson, Jan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kent, Connie, Bloomington, III ' 52 McCaslin, Pat, Longmont, Colo ' 52 McCord, Sue, Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 McKown, Jane, Omaha, Neb. 53 Merriam, Betty, Winnetka, 111 54 Needham, Marjorie, Rockford, III ' 54 Nelson, Billie, May wood. III. „... ' 52 Nevins, Nikki. Clare, Mich ' 52 Paidar, Shirley, Winnetka, III ' 52 Pasco, Ruth Mary, Billings, Mont ' 54 Pierson, Joyce, Wilmette, III ' 54 Pomeroy, Sue, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 Reeve, Carriellen, Barrington, III ' 54 Roos, Audrey, Decatur, 111. ' 52 Sittig, Barbara, Glencoe, 111 ' 54 Stacey, Mary Ellen, Cocoli, Canal Zone, ' 54 Stevens, Sharlene, Littleton, Colo ' 54 Thomas, Mary Gwen, Denver, Colo .... ' 54 Trucksess, Ann, Boulder, Colo ' 5 Ward, Arlene, Hinsdale, III. ' 5. Webster, Mary Lu, Kansas City, Mo ' 5. Wheeler, Marilyn, Mitchell, S. Dak. ' 5. WoUgast, Carol, Denver, Colo ' ? TRANSFERS Altendorf, Alice, Denver, Colo ' 5. Bader, Darlene, Grand Junction, Colo ' 5. Banks, Betty. San Marino, Calif. 5- Dunn, Rita, Sioux City, Iowa ' 5. Foote, Donna, Loveland, Colo ' 5. Lien, Donna, Vermillion, S. Dak ' 5. West, Lois, Ringwood, N. J ' ? PLEDGES Ames, Pat, San Mateo, Calif Beresford, Virginia, Denver, Colo Bruce, Nancy, Lakewood, Colo Butler, Grace, El Monte, Calif. Butterfield, Betsy, Wauwatosa, Wis Carper, Billie, Burlington, Colo Copenhaver, Ethel, Arcadia, Calif. Craft, Barbara, Jackson, Mich Daunt, Joan, Minneapolis, Minn Dodd, Nancy Sue, Longmont, Colo. Duff, Margie, Denver, Colo. Getschow, Grace, Kenilworth, 111 Gilbert, Gretchen, Lakewood, Ohio Gillham, Gay, Minneapolis, Minn. Hehl, LeRae, Denver, Colo. Hutchinson, Jean, Lakewood, Ohio Hunter, Mary, Gary, Ind. Lowe, Carolyn, Denver, Colo Mulligan. Joan, Denver, Colo Olmsted, Suzanne M., Garden City, N. Y. Pigott, Susan, Boulder, Colo Reynolds, Nancy, El Paso, Texas Russell, Christie, Socorro, N. M Sess, Ila, Wheatridge, Colo. Sherman, Julie. Evanston, III Simpson, Carolyn, Tulsa, Okla Snell, Natalie, Glencoe, III Spademan, Ann, Birmingham, Mich Stahl, Erline, ' uma, Ariz Swerer, Helen, Boulder, Colo Trask, Sandra, Billings, Mont Wylie, Alice, Glencoe, III. Bersferd Black Bruce Burnham Butler Butterfield Campbell Carroll Carswell Chaffee Chekak Copenhaver Craft Cullodeii Darley Daunt Dodd Eastman Evans Flynn Fotchman Getschow Gilbert Gillham Goodheart Greene Hartley Hehl Huffman Hunter Ingwersen Jacobson Kent Lowe McCaslin Merriam Mulligan Needham Nelson Olmstead Pigott Paidar Pasco Pierson Pomeroy Reeve Reynolds Roos Russell Scss Simpson sittig Snell Stacy Stahl Wylie Woolgast West Webster Ward Trask Thomas Swerer Stevens 355 OFFICERS Donna Lee Whiteside President Nancy Ann Smith Vice-President Dawna Lee Horner Secretary Carolyn Jones Treasurer Last fall the Kappa Delta ' s returned to campus filled with viir and vigor ready for another year of studies, activities, and fun Under the careful guidance of housemother Mrs. Geneve Clutter ' w e are looking forward to a year as successful as the last. The first part of 1951 whirled by with functions, sneaks, picnics! and parties. The pledges staged a Circus Party at the chaptei house. Later on the White Rose Banquet was held at Lakewooc Country Club. During CU Days with the Acacias, the KD ' j copped second place for their carnival booth. Showing athletic skills, the KD ' s took first place in women ' s intramurals. Wielding the gavel is Donna Whiteside. Working with her i Nancy Smith, Carolyn Jones, and Dawna Horner. This year tht| KD ' s are aiming to fill their new trophy case. As a starter oveij Homecoming first place in house decorations was taken along! with third place in the float with the Lambda Chi ' s. First place ir the women ' s volleyball intramurals helps to the goal. In studies and activities top honors go to: Audrey Wall who wonj a scholarship to Mexico from the Mexican government; Wilms Todd, secretary in Players Club; Bobbie Herren, Spur; Joan Hagen and Lynn Woertman, Psi Chi; Margaret Cloonan, Beta Alpha Psi; and Roberta Sell, Sigma Alpha Iota and Tau Bets Sigma. Most outstanding is Pacesetter Yvonne Johnson who i in Honors Union, Players Club, prominent in Lab theater, ancj women ' s intramurals, House of Representatives, AWS Housing Chairman, and in many other campus activities. ' 356 ACTIVES Alfred, Barbara. Denver, Colo 54 Biel, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 53 Blood, Marilyn, Oak Park, 111 |52 Bridwell, Anita, Denver, Colo, ' 53 Campbell, Donna, Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Cloonan, Margaret, Walden, Colo ' 52 Flood, Geraldine, Denver, Colo 53 Goldthwaite, Dolores, Arlington Heights, 111 ' 54 Guildner, Joyce, Grant, Neb ' 53 Hadden, Jeanne, Lakewood, Colo ' 53 Hagen, Joan, Neenah, Wis ' 53 Hendrix, Doris, Denver, Colo ' 52 Herbert, Margaret, Springfield, Colo ' 54 Herren, Bobbie Ann, Heskell, Texas ' 54 Horner, Dawna, Sassville, Mo ' 52 Ismert, Elizabeth, Denver, Coo ' 53 Johnson, Yvonne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Jones, Carolyn, May wood, III ' 53 Kane, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kenny, Barbara, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Kulpak, Louise, Western Springs, 111 ' 54 Masters, Beverly, North Platte, Neb ' 52 McBride, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo. ' 54 McQuilkan, Diane, Lakewood, Ohio ' 53 Miles, Ruth, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Montgomery, Joan, Denver, Colo .— ' 53 Moon, Diane, Erie, Colo. ' 54 Newbury, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Newell, Mary Grace, Denver, Colo ' 53 Ocamb, Doris, Denver, Colo ' 54 Pankonin, Phyllis, Grant, Neb ' 52 Patton, Yvonne, Hotchkiss, Colo ' 52 Penington, Patricia, Denver, Colo .- ' 52 Poling, Donna, Estes Park, Colo 53 Riefenberg, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Rinker, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Schauer, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 54 Sell, Roberta Lee, Gering, Neb. ' 5: Smith, Nancy Ann, Riverside, 111. ' 5. Stebbins, Edith, Carmel, Calif. ' 5 Sutherland, Helen, Houston, Texas ' 5- Timblin, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 5- Todd, Wilma Jean, Denver, Colo ' 5. Wagner, Patricia, Hamilton, Ohio ' 5. Wellington, Jennifer, Berkeley, Calif |5. Whiteside, Donna Lee, Delta, Colo 5. Willson, Jane, Limon, Colo |5. Woertman, Marilyn, Wheat Ridge, Colo 51 Wyner, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo ' 5 ' PLEDGES Bragg, Carolyn, Long Beach, Calif. ' ■ Busfield, Judith, Belle Fourche, S. D |5i. Campbell, Roberta, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51; Clark, Helen, Idaho Falls, Idaho JSi; Courtney, Paula, Boulder, Colo ' 5ii Crockett, Nancy, LaGrange, 111, |5-i Day, Marilyn, Yuma, Colo Sj; Evans, Patricia, Saratoga, Wyo S.j Gassner, Linda, Scottsbluff, Neb 5.| Goering, Elise, Cincinnati, Ohio 5.! Hardy, Patricia, Telluride, Colo 5.j McCollum, Margaret, Boulder, Colo 5jj McMaster, Cecelia, El Paso, Texas ' 5.; Neff, Jo Ann, Birmingham, Mich 5i; Nightengale, Barbara, Denver, Colo 5 Patrick, Janis, Rockford, 111 S.; Patton, Patricia, Hotchkiss, Colo S.t Schubert, Patricia, Arcadia, Calif S i Van Parys, Joan, Skokie, 111 Sj Van Parys, Joyce, Skokie, III 5:, Wall, Audrey, Williston, N. D 51 Winder, Martha, Deming, N. M ,5 Wrobel, Marcia, Denver, Colo " wh Alfred Biel Blood nraU Campbell Clark Cloonan Courtney Crockett Day Evans F-lood ( iassner ( Juildner Hardy Hendrix Herren Horner Hurlhurl Ismert Johnson Kame Kenny Kulpak Masters McCollum McQuilktn Miles Moon Newbury Ocamb Pankonian Patrick Patton. E. Patton. P Poling Rinker Schubert Sutherland Todd Van Parys, Joan Van Parys, Joyce Wall Wellington Whiteside Willson Winder Wrobel Wyncr 357 kappa kappa gamma I OFFICERS Georgia Mecherle President Ginger LaShell Vice-President Nancy Ebaugh Secretary Nancy Wrenn Treasurer The Kappas had a very successful spring quarter last y Along with their endeavors to study, which won for them firj place in scholarship among sororities on campus, were good time such as swimming parties at Eldorado, steak fries in the foothill; and glorious days basking on the sun deck. CU Days proved success with Kappa pledge, Mary Gillespie, copping honors a queen and the song fest chorus, under the direction of Gay Crov ley, winning first place among the women ' s groups. This year started off with the pledging of 57 girls. Mrs. Wair pier was once again the gracious housemother; Georgia Mecherlt President; and Ginger LaShell, vice-president. One of the outstanding events during the first semester was th pledge formal on the theme of Christmas. Prominent among Kappas this year were Gwen VanDerbu; Hesperia and A.S.U.G. Commissioner; Babe Packard, Hesperii president of Panhel lenic and Chairman of Campus Chest; Jan Valentine, president of Mortar Board; Kathy Redman, also member of Mortar Board; and Nancy Wrenn, Hesperia. Spui include Marlene Neer, Marty Hammond, and Carol Campbel 358 Akerlow, Jane, Denver. Colo ' 53 Aldom, Margaret Ann, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Armstrong, Shirley, Bay Village, Ohio ' 53 Barrett, Janet, Gooding, Ida ' 52 Bearden, Sue, TrJndad, Colo ' 53 Brummitt, Nancy. Centerville, Iowa ' 54 Bundy, Constance, Portland, Ore ' 53 Campbell, Carol, Denver, Colo 54 Chapman, Ann, Dixon, III. 54 demons, Nancy, Denver, Colo. 53 Crowley, Gay, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Crumpacker. Mary, Colorado Springs, Colo 53 Curtis, Joanne, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Daniel, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo. 53 Denslow, Susan, Honolulu. T. H ' 54 Dougherty, Mary, Oak Park, III. [53 Do well, Anne, Tulsa, Okla. 52 Ebaugh. Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Edwards, Nancy, Denver, Colo 53 Eremeef, Karen, Milwaukie, Ore ' 53 Felt, Janet, Tulsa, Okla ' 52 Fox, Patricia, Iron Mountain, Mich 52 Frohberg, Ann. Fort Collins, Colo ' 52 Gillispie. Mary, Spring. ' ield. III. ' 52 Golightly, Katherine. Oak Park. Ill ' 54 Hahn, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hammond, Mary Dee, Kenil worth, 111 ' 54 Heiland, Ann, Golden, Colo ' 53 Hiestand, Joan, Denver, Colo 53 Hennings, Helen, Taos, N. M ' 52 Humphrey, Carole, Fort Worth, Texas ' 54 Koelbel, Mary, Muskegon, Mich ' 53 Lane, Norma, Denver, Colo. ' 53 LaShell, Virginia, Denver. Colo. _ ' 52 Levis, Rhoda Belle, Pueblo. Colo ' 52 List. Carolyn, Park Ridge, III 53 Little, Betty, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Mecherle. Georgia, Bloomington, 111. ' 52 Moore, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Nance, Aileen, Denver. Colo. 52 Neer. Marlene. Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Neylon. Maureen, Hays, Kansas ' 53 Northcutt. Florence, Denver. Colo ' 53 Packard, Evelyn, Denver, Colo ' 53 Pobrislo, Janice, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Rath, Jean, Waterloo, Iowa 52 Redmon, Katherine, Kenil worth, 111 ' 52 Reynolds, Catherine, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Seley, Suzanne, Portland. Ore |53 Spath, Corinne. Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Stark, Elaine, Denver. Colo ' 53 Stillwagon, Chloanna, Boulder, Colo 54 Storm, Nancy. Salinas, Calif ' 53 Summerton, Joan, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Swigert, Bettie, Denver, Colo. 54 Sylvester, Margaret, Denver, Colo 53 Tuhey. Nancy, Muncie, Ind. ' 54 Van Derbur, Gwendolyn, Denver, Colo ' 52 Valentine. Jane. Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Wilkins, Jeanne, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Williams, Molly Kay, Columbus, Ohio ' 54 Wilson. Patricia. Denver, Colo. ' 53 Wrenn. Nancy, Denver, Colo. .. Writer, Dorothy, Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Ansel, Carolyn, Richmond, Texas Ash, Nancy Jo, Atlanta, 111. Atwood, Virginia, Minneapolis, Minn. Averill, Barbara, Birmingham, Mich. Bechtel, Clara, Los Altos, Calif. Bentley, Lynn, Winnetka, III. Briesh. Mary Kay, El Paso, Texas, Brown, Pamela, Rochester. Minn. Crouch, Joanne, Colorado Springs. Colo. Cunningham, Jane. La Grange. Ill Day, Susan, Omaha, Neb. Dixon, Joanne, Denver, Colo Dunlap, Ann, Tulsa, Okla D wight, Joyce, Denver, Colo. Eder, Roxanne, Santa Barbara. Calif. Ennis, Carolyn, Kansas City. Mo. Falk, Carolyn, Omaha, Neb Ferris. Patricia, Kansas City, Mo Foster, Suzanne, Canton. Ohio Francis. Anne, Tulsa, Okla Friel, Clare, Oxnard. Calif Fry, Marcia. Fairfield, Iowa Gillespie, Rhonda. Tulsa, Okla Greenslit, Henrietta, New Orleans, La. Hadley. Jessie, Highland Park, III. Hanson, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo. Hayden, Cynthia, Denver. Colo. Hose. Shirley, Springfield. 111. Humphrey, Claire, Fort Worth, Texas Kent, Nancy, San Marino, Calif Kidd, Susan, Bartlesville. Okla Kingsbury, Jacolyn, Greeley, Colo. Longshore, Nancy, Calgary, Alberta. Canada . MacCIurg, Joan, Shore wood. Wis. MacDonald, Jean. Trinidad, Colo Mendenhall, Donnalou. Denver, Colo. Mitchell, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo Moore, Helen, Duluth, Minn Quinby, Mary Lee, Boulder, Colo Robbins. Dorothy Jo, Boulder, Colo Schrepferman, Merrilyn, Denver, Colo. ... Shorney, Sylvia, River Forest, III Stoll, Susan, Denver, Colo Strowger, Jane, Portland, Ore Thompson. Joyce, Merriam, Kan Tolley, Patricia, Colorado Springs. Colo. Tomlinson, Barbara Jo, Steamboat Springs, Co Toothaker, Patricia, Denver, Colo Turner, Margaret Ann, Canon City, Colo. Uhlemann, Anne, Highland Park, III Van Derbur, Valerie, Denver, Colo Warder, Susan. Denver, Colo. Watson. Anita, Denver, Colo. Weir, Phyllis. Calgary. Alberta, Canada Winkler, Nancy. Denver, Colo Wolflin, Gretchen, Amarillo, Texas Young. Nancy, Denver, Colo m Wm Akerlow Ansel Ash At wood Bearden, Sally Bearden, Sue Briesch Brummitt Campbell Dixon Dunlap Dwifiht Hbauflh Edtr Ennis Eremeef Felt Ferris Fox Frohberj! Fry Gillespie Golightly Hadley Hahn Hammond Hanson Hayden Hennings Humphrey Kent Koelbel Kriel Lane LaShell Levis Little MacClurji Mecherle Mendenhall Mitchell Moore Northc ' jtt Pobrislo Reynolds Robbins Schrepferman Seley Shorney Spath Stark Storm Strowger Tollev Tomlinson Turner Uhlemann Valentine Van Derbur. V. Weir Wilson Winkler i 359 pi beta phi OFFICERS Joan Jefferson President Barbara SickeU Vice-President Marge Anderson Secretary Betty Cornelius Treasurer The 1951-52 Season was a prosperous one for the Pi Phis oj| the Colorado campus. Rush week was a great success and brough an excellent pledge class. These new pledges were honored at th fall formal, Candy Fantasy, presented by the sophomore clasi ' The social calendar was again full of gaiety this year. Funci tions, parties, picnics and the annual Monmouth Duo in Denve were but a few. We had many notables on campus this year including 10 Spunj three Hesperians, and 12 Porpoise members. We are exceptior ally proud of our many active " ladies " ; Joanne Easley, WAi president, and secretary of the Senior Class; Sue Fishering, edito of the Goloradan; Joan Curtis and Marilyn Robinson, societ editors of the Silver Gold; Ruth Morris, Silver Gold New Editor and Pacesetter; Patty Murphy, Pacesetter, General Seen tary of CU Days, and secretary of the Big Seven conference Carla Wiebenson, secretary-treasurer of Lambda Phi Sigma lot and vice-chairman of the Student Memorial Center; Judy Gr ham, editor of the " C " book, summer society editor of the Silv Gold; Carolyn Schum, art editor of the Flatiron; and P O ' Connell, Assistant general secretary of CU Days. Pled, Stephanie Drake, distinguished herself by reigning over the Fir Nighter festivities. 360 ACTIVES Adams, Sue, Los Angeles, Calif 54 Allen, Margot, Palo Alto, Calif. [54 Anderson, Elaine, Denver, Colo |54 Anderson, Marge, Denver, Colo 53 Anton, Kay. Pueblo. Colo. ' 52 Baker, B. J., Clarence. N. Y [53 Brackenbury, Carolyn, Fort Collins, Colo ' 53 Brock, Mary, Hinsdale, 111. ' 54 Cadweil, Nan, La Grange. Ill ' 52 Carpenter, Carlie, Oak Park, III ' 54 Carroll, Diane. Denver, Colo, [54 Chandos, Diane, Riverside, III ' 54 Clark, Jean. Detroit, Mich ' 54 Classen. Ann, Palo Alto, Calif [52 Clow. Jean, Denver, Colo 53 Clowes, Elinor. Manzanola, Colo ' 52 Cornelius, Betty, Davenport, Iowa ' 54 Curtis, Joan. Boulder, Colo [52 Davis, Nancy. Washington, D.C 52 Duboise, Diane, Palo Alto, Calif ' 54 Easley, Joanne, Boulder, Colo 52 Emch. Judy, Wauwatosa. Wis ' 54 Everist, Mary Ann, Galesburg, 111 [54 Fahey, M ' laide, Leadville, Colo ' 52 Fishering. Sue, Fort Wayne, Ind 52 Gasser, Gretchen, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Gilkison, Phyllis, Denver, Colo ' 53 Gormley, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 53 Graham, Judy. Des Moines, Iowa ' 53 Green, Margaret, Eureka, Kansas ' 52 Halstead, Barbara, Highland Park, III [54 Hartwell, Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Henderson, Joan, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Jefferson, Joan, San Diego, Calif 52 Jeurink. MaryLou, Denver, Colo 53 Jones, Judy, Rolling Hills, Calif [54 Kester, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 52 King, Peggy, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Koebel. Sigrid, Grosse Pointe, Mich 54 Lambert, Dorothy, Houston, Texas 52 McCoy. Mary Lou, Detroit, Mich ' 54 McFarland. Sidney, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Mooney, Pat, Kenil worth. 111 ' 52 Moritz, Betty, Arvada, Colo ' 52 Morris, Ruth, Topeka, Kansas 52 Mulligan, Jo, Denver, Colo ' 54 Munson, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 54 Murphy, Patty. Galesburg, 111 ' 53 Nelson, Isabelle, Denver, Colo i 52 O ' Connell, Pat. Denver, Colo [54 Piepho, Carol, Muncie, Ind ' 54 Quam, Barbara. Fargo, N. D ' 53 Robinson, Marilyn, Rensselaer, Ind ' 53 Russell, Rosemary, Los Angeles, Calif ' 52 Sams, Helen, Denver. Colo ' 54 Schum, Carolyn. Fargo, N. D ' 53 Schwab, Sue, Western Springs, III ' 53 Scofield. Lucy. Clarendon Hills, III ' 54 Selfridge, Mary, Highland Park, III Sherrill, Nancy. Fort Collins, Colo Shiner, Pat, San Mateo, Calif Sickels, Barbara, Boulder, Colo. . -. Sorensen, Joanne, Los Angeles, Calif Stanton, Kay, Grosse Pointe. Mich. Steele. Sally, Princeton, N. J Stewart, Fairfax, Berkeley, Calif Vonier, Jackie, Denver, Colo. Wells, Alice, San Marino, Calif. Wiebenson, Carla, Denver, Colo. Winkler, Pat, Oak Park, 111 Woodhouse, Cecile, Birmingham, Mich Wright, Allison, Rensselaer, Ind PLEDGES Almond, Mimi, Enid, Okla. Barnes, Carole, Amarillo, Texas Blankenship, Bonnie, Kansas City, Mo. .- Buck, JoAnn, Walla Walla, Wash Carroll, Betty, Lockport, 111. Cole, Elizabeth, Birmingham, Mich Converse, Joyce, Los Angeles, Calif Dee, Mary, Denver, Colo Dicus, Sandra, Evans ton. 111. Drake, Stephanie, Wichita, Kansas Dumas, Marcia, Des Moines, Iowa Duncan, Barbara, Des Moines, Iowa Durenberger, Rita, Redwood Falls, Minn. Enyart, Mianne, Des Moines, Iowa Frith, Alice, South Bend, Ind Hall, Jody, Ames, Iowa Hall, Virginia, Atlanta. Ga. Harvey, Kay, Burlingame, Calif Hopley, Anne, Denver, Colo Jensen, Sally, Sheridan, Wyo. Kleinschmidt, Joan, Western Springs, III. Kolts, Kathy, Altadena, Calif. Lamb, Joyce, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Marples, Jean, Altadena, Calif. McCarthy. Mildred, Denver, Colo McCormick, Jane, Long Island, N. Y. McDonald. Laurel, Boulder, Colo. McGillivary, Barbara, Havri, Hawaii Miller, Jane. Hinsdale, III. Millikan, Marcia. Tulsa, Okla. Moulton. Ann, Los Angeles, Calif Offenstein. Ann. Rockford, III Pedroja, Paula, Eureka, Kansas Pigman, Patricia, Tulsa, Okla Poust, Virginia, Sycamore, 111 Sanden, Helen Lee. Evanston, 111 Simmons, Barbara, Colorado Springs, Colo. Thoman, Betsy, Boulder, Colo. .... Thorton, Nancy, Boulder, Colo. Van de Carr, Nancy, Piedmont, Calif Verploeg. Ginny, Denver. Colo - West, Jill. Greeley, Colo Wheelock, Cynthia, Grosse Pointe. Mich. Woodhouse, Jane, Birmingham, Mich Allen Almond Anderson, M. Barnes Blankenship Brackenbury Brock Cadwell Carroll, B. Carroll, D. Chandos Clark Classen Converse Cornelius Curtis Davis Drake DuBois Dumas Duncan Durenberger E as ley Enyart Everist Fahey Fishering Frith Gasser Gilkison Graham Green Hall, J. Hall, V. Hartwell Harvey Henderson Hopley Kester King Klien Schmidt Koebel Kolts Jefferson Jeurink Jones Lamb Lambert Marples McCarthy McCormick Miller Mooney Moritz Morris Moulton Munson Murphy Pedroja Piepho Pigman Poust Quam Russell San den Scofield Selfridge Shiner Sickels Steele Van de Carr West Wheelock Wiebenson Woodhouse, C. Woodhouse, J. 361 Sigma delta tau rH EiEllT t »HII— lllMl I I k OFFICERS Judith Bailie President Roslyn Feidleman Vice-President Barbara Heilbronner Secretary Sue Saltzstein Treasurer After placing the skit, " The Silver Serpent ' s Ball " in the final A.W.S. Revue, and after copping a trophy for third prize float in the CU Days celebration, the members of the chapter went on to take an active part in the 1951 Homecoming festivities. Names included in the roll of chairmen and secretaries were: Harriet Levy, assistant general secretary; Jackie Paule and Roenna Co- hen, chairman and secretary, respectively of Alumni Reception; and Roslyn Fiedelman and Barbara Heilbronner as secretaries of Merchant ' s decorations and Dance committees. The chapter honor roll also cites Naomi Minner Morris, who was tapped for Phi Beta Kappa, in addition to having been a member of Spur and A.D.E. The social calendar has included the traditional February anni versary formal, held at Wolhurst Saddle Club in Denver; the spring house party, " A Cotton Ball " ; and this fall ' s annual pledge dance, a kiddie costume party which carried out the theme of " A Happy Unbirthday Party " . Sig Delt officers this year are: Judy Bailie, succeeding Harriet Levy as president: Roslyn Fiedelman and Annette Teitelbauir as first and second vice-presidents; Barbara Heilbronner, secre tary; Sue Saltzstein, treasurer; and Ann Morgan and Geri Stein housemanagers. The Sig Delts are rightfully proud of their activ ities in 1951, but 1952 will be even better for the girls who wear the torch-shaped pin. 362 ACTIVES Bailie, Judith. South Bend, Ind ' 54 Cohen, Roenna, Colorado Springs, Colo. 54 Fiedelman, Roslyn, Denver, Colo ' 53 Glaser, Karlyn, Menlo Park, Calif ' 54 Heilbronner, Barbara, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Hockley, Daisy, Chicago, III 54 Levy, Harriet, Chicago, III ' 53 Morgan, Ann, Toledo, Ohio ' 53 Saltzstein, Sue. Milwaukee. Wis ' 53 Schiffer, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Schwartz, Rosalee, Denver, Colo ' 54 Shapiro, Arlene, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Sirota, Tauna, Davenport, Iowa ' 54 Snyderman, Joan, Puelbo, Colo ' 53 Stein, Geraldine, Mason City, Iowa ' 51 Teitelbaum, Annette, Chicago, III ' 54 PLEDGES Berman, Cecile, Waukegan, III ' 55 Bernard, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' 55 Bricker, Sondra, Lincoln, Neb ' 55 i Brook, Nancy, ChicaiJo, 111. , S Coffee, Morleen, Denver, Colo 5-i Dietz, Diane, San Mateo, Calif ' SIj Erlin. Judith, Elgin, III ]5:| Frankel, Lottie, Houston, Tex. ' 51; Goldfine, Sandra, Duluth, Minn ' 5! Golman. Marilyn, Dallas, Tex ' 5:1 Green blatt, Syma, Denver, Colo. ' 5.; Haimsohn, Bobette, Denver, Colo. ' 5. Heilbronner, Joan, Milwaukee, Wis 5| - - -- ,5 ' S ' S •5 ■5 5 •5 -•5 , ' 5 ' 5 5 ' 5 Kessel, Janis, Roswell, N. M. Lehman, Sara, Lincoln, Neb Lipman, Sheila, Dallas, Tex Lustig, Shana, Denver, Colo Mellman, Devera, Denver, Colo Perman. Flo, Wichita, Kan. Rappeport, Carole, Chicago, 111. Rittenbaum, Joan, Birminftham, Ala. Strimling, Marilyn, Cheyenne. Wyo. Turek, Roberta, Chicago, 111 Vitken, Joyce, (Jlencoe, III. Wilson, Beferiy, Lincoln, Neb. Wolf. Beverly, Phoenix, Ariz ' 5 Kailie Brook Coffee ( ohen Dietz Erien Frankel Glaser Goldfine Golman Heilbronner Hockley Lehman Lippman Lusti Mellman Morftan Paule Perman Schiffer Si rota Snyderman Stein Teitlbaum Turek Vitkin Wilson WoH 363 , zeta tau alpha OFFICERS Elaine Johnson _ President June Hawbold Vice-President Pam Corfield Secretory Bethal Routh Treasurer The entrance of thirty-two pledges into Gamma Theta chapt€ previewed the success that was to follow the chapter through thei rest of the year. The Zetas immediately jumped into campus affairs, being repre- sented in Spur by Carole Degen and Anne Bradshaw, on the Homecoming Committee by Barbara Bennet, in PiME and A.I. Ch.E. by Marion Lang, in Calico and Boots by Marge Marcus and! Ellen Roueche, by Dorm Counselors Anne Bradshaw and Sue Woodcock, and many members on the Silver and Gold staff and the Coloradan. Social affairs began their usual fast pace starting with functions, both promptu and impromptu, immediately following rush week and continuing through the year. The chapter ' s winter dance was! a Christmas Pinanta party, carrying out the gaiety of a Mexicanj fiesta, complete with Pinantas, festive decorations, and banderias ' as favors. In December a big-little sister party was held with a jolly Santa Claus as the honor guest. The success of the first semester ' s social functions was repeated in the spring, and was climaxed by the gala annual White Violet formal in Denver. President Elaine Johnson has been ably assisted by June Haw- bold, Vice President; Pam Corfield, Secretary; Bethal Routh, Treasurer; and also by our beloved housemother, Mrs. Ruby Hougland. 364 ACTIVES Anderson, Marilyn, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Andrews, Betsy, Wichita, Kan, ' 35 Armstrong, Alice, Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Bach, Barbara, Rochester, Minn ' 52 Belina, Marie, Gilman, Colo 53 Bennett, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Bradshaw, Anne, Stratton, Colo ' 54 Buck, Dorothy, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Clark, Elizabeth, El Paso, Tex 53 Corfield, Pam, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Cuthbertson, Jeanne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Degen, Carole, Park Ridge, 111 54 Hawbold, June, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hector, Joan, Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Hewitt, Elly, Hartford, Conn ' 53 Honnen, Shirley, Delta, Colo ' 53 Johnson, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 53 Jorgensen, Bonnie, Racine, Wis ' 53 Lang, Marion, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Learning, Charlotte, Highland Park, 111 |54 Marcus, Marge, Glencoe, 111 ' 53 Marshall, Kathy, Burley, Idaho [54 Miller, Cass, Hamburg, Penn 54 Pierson, Judy, Houston, Tex ' 53 Rippberger, Jo, Kenilworth, 111 ' 53 Rogers, Elva, Cleveland, Ohio ' 52 Rogers, Nancy, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 54 Roueche, Ellen, Northbrook, 111 ]53 Routh, Bethal, Grand Junction, Colo. ' 52 Schoeneck, Marlene, Kenilworth, 111. ' 53 Skillington, Anne, Manitou Springs, Colo ' 54 Tyler. Jean, Peru, 111 ' 53 Van Vranken, Mary, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Vaughan, Dottie, Morrison, Colo. ' 54 Wenziker, Shirley, Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Williams, Joyce, El Paso, Tex ]55| Woodcock, Susanne, Boulder, Colo 54: PLEDGES Anderson, Sally, Coleraine, Minn [5j Bishop, Barbara, Denver, Colo [55 Brown, Barbara, Phoenix, Ariz [5.1 Bryant, Jean, Kenton, Tenn [55 Cattoen, Joan, Oregon, 111. [55 Feiler, Mari Ann, Omaha, Neb. [55 Fisher, Lynne, McAllen, Tex 55 Fliniau, Dorothy, Walden, Colo [55, Gamel, Sylvia, Denver, Colo ' 55 Gordon, Phyllis, Omaha. Neb ' 53 Hall, Radell, Denver, Colo. [55 Huttig, Grace, Homewood, 111 [55 Keeton, Mary, Denver, Colo [55 Klefstad, Norma, Glenview, 111. ' Ss Liff, Sally, Boulder, Colo ' 55 Lombardi, Nalda, Glendale, Calif ' " McClelland. Pat, Watertown S. D [5a McCone, Pat, Julesburg, Colo [55 Moore, Arlieen, Boulder, Colo [54 Parker, Joan, Broomfield, Colo. ..._ [35 Parson, Jane Ann, Denver, Colo §4 Rietdorf, Connie, Wilmington, Del [55 Robertson, Nancy, Merion Station, Penn. [55 Ross, Jane, Peetz, Colo [55 Sandow, Joy, Boulder, Colo 53 Schuster, Phyllis, Pueblo. Colo H Scullen, Cynthia, Loudonville, N. Y 53 Storm, Virginia, Sheridan, Wyo 5.5 Vicario, Vie, New York, N. Y 54 Villepigue, Mary, Wichita. Kansas 53 Weidenfeld, Flo, Belleville, 111 [5 Williamson, Margaret, El Paso. Tex 55 Anderson, M. 4nderson, S. Andrews Armstronji Bach Bishop Bryant theta upsilon OFFICERS Betty R. Salzman President Felma Gleue Vice-President Carol Haines Secretary Velma Gleue Treasurer The Theta U ' s opened the door of their new haven this fall to begin another year of fun together. Functions, picnics, and parties headed the social calendar, followed by the Theta Ultide Christmas dance. Spring semester opened with a Hillbilly Soc- Hop given by the pledges and was climaxed with the traditional Black and White Formal at the Park Lane Hotel in Denver. Honored guests during the year were Mrs. Elinor Walters and Mrs. Matilda Cast, national officers. ACTIVES Booth, Marion, Enid, Okla 52 Dick, Joan, Walsenburji, Colo 53 Doyle, Pat, Colorado Springs, Colo 53 Giesler, Barbara, Park Ridje, III ' M Gleue, Felma, Bremen, Kans ' 52 Gleue, Velma, Bremen, Kans ' 52 Haines, Carol, Milton, Mass 54 Holton, Corrinne, Boulder, Colo |54 Jackson, Norma Jeanne, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Luttrell. Emilyn, Craig, Colo ' 52 Maddock, Mary Lynn, Northbrook, III ' 53 Salzman, Betty R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' S2 Schultz, Sarah Jane, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Blalack, Peggy, Memphis, Tenn ' 55 Ferguson, Diane, Denver, Colo. ,.. ' 55 Francis, Barbara, Morristown, Minn ' 53 Johnston, Claudia, Boulder, Colo j55 Knoph, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 53 Murphy, Mary Alice, Saiida, Colo ' 52 366 mr Top row: Barker, Elson, Goalstone, Kolkey. Second row: Kraus, Lane, Leopold, Mayer. Third row: Meyer, New, Pepper. Schwartz. Front row: Straus, Vissenberg. OFFICERS Alice Kaufmann President Joni Iskow Vice President Janet Papper Secretary Shirley Boxer _ Treasurer It has been a successful and prosperous year for the colony of Epsilon Phi which started on the campus in September of 1951. In March Epsilon Phi received its charter and is now a chapter of the national sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi. The most outstanding social event was the winter formal called Mid-Night ' s Dream which was held in Denver. Joy Elson and Beth Robbin modeled in the all-school fashion show sponsored by Campus Chest. Beth Robbin was also one of the finalists for freshman queen. ACTIVES Boxer, Shirley, Brush, Colo ' 54 Iskow, Joanie, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kaufmann, Alice, Midland Park. Ill ' 54 Kolkey, Faith, Chicago, III. ' 52 Mayer, Helene, Glencoe, 111 „ ' 52 Pepper, Janet, Denver, Colo „ 54 Vissenberg, Marilyn, Cheyenne, Wyo 52 PLEDGES Album, Connie, Minneapolis, Minn ' 55 Barker, Valerie, Los Angeles, Calif ' 55 Braun, Joanie, Los Angeles, Calif ' 55 Elson, Joy, Glendale, Calif „ ' 55 Goalstone, Cara Lee, Denver, Colo ' 55 Kraus, Jackie, Minneapolis, Minn ' 55 Lane, Jackie, Los Angeles, Calif ' 55 Leopold, Jeanne. Denver, Colo „ ' 55 Meyer. Judy. Houston. Texas ' 55 Meyerhoff, Mitzi. Highland Park, III _ _ ' S5 New, Debby, Denver. Colo _ ' 55 Robbin Beth, Los Angeles, Calil ' 55 Schwartz, Darlene. Denver, Colo ' 55 Siskin. Sue, Los Angeles. Calif ' 55 Straus, Lois, Los Angeles, Calif ' 55 Weil, Barbara, Chicago. Ill ' 55 V-; $ikK alpha epsilon phi acacia OFFICERS Roy Garrett President Bob Baird Vice-President Dick Collins Secretary Dale Watkins Treasurer Upon returning to the house last fall, the active chapter quite pleased with the changes that had been made. A crew cor sisting of our Housemother, Mother Glynn, and a handful of merr. hers had recovered all of the study and dining room chairs and ha redecorated all of the halls and corridors in the house. Durin the pre-rushweek clean-up the Chapter and recreation rooms als received new coats of paint. The men chosen to lead Acacia for the year were Roy Garret Venerable Dean; Robert Baird, Senior Dean; and Richard Go ' lins. Secretary. Robert Schmall was elected to head the fall pledg class of thirty four men. During the last year a number of trophies were added to th collection in our brand-new trophy case. For our participation i CU Days of last spring quarter Acacia was awarded the Gran Prize as well as first place in its division for its intriguing chine garden float. The Carnival booth, which was built in cooperatid with the Kappa Delta sorority, was awarded second place, an the Acacia songsters under the direction of Lucien Voorhet copped third position in the Song Fest Competition. In additioi the I F C Scholarship award for the year 1950-51 was won b Acacia. With the passing of Homecoming last Fall our aggregate • trophies was further increased. Another Grand Prize winniij float, depicting Cinderella ' s pumpkin carriage pulled by four whij mice, was produced by the combined efforts of Acacia and tP Delta Delta Delta sorority. Also, Acacia sprinters added a secor place trophy from the chariot race to our collection. 368 ACTIVES Achtenhagen, Stephen H., San Marino, Calif ' 52 Alexander, John H., Lamar, Colo ' 53 Angevine, Jack M., Lafayette, Colo ' 53 Arterburn, Larrv E., Denver, Colo ' 52 Baird, Robert A., Belle Fourche, S. D ' 53 Barker, William A., Chicago, 111 [52 Bauder, Donald A., Burlington, Colo ' 52 Beaman, Carroll D., Eva, Okla ' 53 Campbell, Ernest E., Julesburg, Colo ' 53 Collins, J. Richard, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Cox. William L., Denver, Colo ' 53 Dawson, Donald L., Alamosa, Colo ' 52 Donaldson, Thomas E., Loving, N. M ' 53 Duncan, Carl M., Avondale, Colo 52 Dungan, Gerald K., Safford, Ariz 52 Fugale, T. Wayne, Walnut, Kan ' 53 Garrett, Roy S., Ft. Collins, Colo. ' 52 Gullett, Donald D., Scottsbluff, Neb ' 52 Gust. Lysle A., Cantonsville, Md ' 52 Harder, Frederick, D.. Twin Falls, Ida. ' 52 Heath, Roger C, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Hillmar, Ellis D., McKeesport, Pa ' 52 Hoffmeister, Richard A., Boulder, Colo 54 Holman, Loy D., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Kleinhutz, Kenneth D., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Little, John R., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Lunsford, John C, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Maxwell. James D., Sterling, Colo ' 52 McCollum, George A., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Murray, James F., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Musil, Robert W., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Norris, G. William. Denver. Colo ' 52 Peasley, John A., Loveland. Colo ' 52 Ravicz, Arthur E., Houston, Texas ' 52 Reed, James D., Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Sanders, Ronald D., Trinidad, Colo ' 54 Short, Robert G., Canon City, Colo ' 53 Tolman, Warren R.. McCook. Neb ' 52 Tripp, Lairy C, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Watkins, Dale O., Scottsbluff, Neb. Weinhardt. John W.. Omaha, Neb. Wilson, Kenneth R.. Cortez, Colo. PLEDGES Ahlborn, Richard E., Boulder, Colo. Allen, William J., Grand Junction, Colo. Armstrong, Paul A., Denver, Colo Beatty, James R., Denver, Colo Blount, Robert L., Carlsbad, N. M. Clark, Wesley G.. Denver, Colo Cooley, Robert L., Limon, Colo Copley, John S., Sidney, Neb Cox. Roy L.. Denver, Colo Dow, Paul F.. Longmont, Colo Gentry, Richard H., San Gabriel, Call.. Guthrie, Charles W., Jetmore, Kan Hankins, Ronald A., Los Angeles, Calii. Hartsfield, Robert L.. Denver, Colo. Heath, Donald G., Boulder, Colo Hinrichs, Ward L., Gurley, Neb Humburg, Neil E.. Boulder, Colo Irvine, Ben M., S. Pasadena. Calif. - Langley. John W.. Denver. Colo Lines, John C, Salida, Colo Myers, Richard B., Avondale. Colo Nordwall. Harold L., Hardin. Mont. O ' Connell. Michael J., Wheatridge, Colo. Roberts, Merle E.. Lafayette. Colo. Ross. Ralph NL, Longmont, Colo Schmoll, Robert R., Denver, Colo Stumpf, Harry P.. Mulvane. Kan. Swerdfeger. Phillip M.. Boulder, Colo Treasure, Robert L.. Longmont, Colo Vondran, Alfred H., Liberty, N. Y Ward, Kenneth P., S. Pasadena, Calif Watts, J. Craig, Lafayette, Colo Weinrott, C. Anthony. New York, N. Y. .. Wilson. Mahlon T.. Nucla. Crlo Aclitenliaften Angevine Raird Barker Bauder Reainan Campbell Donaldson Duncan Fugate (Jarrett Gullett Gust Hillmar Murray fM tt Norris Peasley Ravicz Sanders SchmoH Skinner Tolman Vondram W ' jtkins Wilson, K. Wilson, M. 369 alpha tau omega OFFICERS William King President Thomas Doyle Vice-president John Spangler Treasurer Robert Rueb Secretary Last CU Days marked the beginning of Gamma Lambda ' s se ond half century on the campus. The Fiftieth Anniversary celebri tion on May 4th highHghted the CU Days festivities. Present at that time were the top ATO national officers and many alumni from all over the country. Other activities of the spring season in- cluded a much censored skit in the Buff Show, a sedate and cooper- atively chaperoned Spring Formal, and the annual Freshman Sophomore Tubbing. On the athletic scene, ATO ' s softball team placed first in its league. The Taus were well represented on the gridiron with backs Zack Jordan, Ralph Curtis, Hugh Davidson, and end ' Bama Glass Colin Couper and Jack Morison captured honors on the track team, while Byron Akers played topnotch golf for CU. Active on finance, business and merchant committees of Homecoming, CU Days, and the Flatirons were Chairmen Jerr Fuller, Pete Hollen, and Bill Moss. Ron Schnorr headed tht University Men ' s Glee Club and Jay Kranz was instigator of the Blood Donation Drive on campus. The Fall social scene included the annual Pumpkin Serenadt on Halloween and the Christmas party for under-privilegec children, and the Black and White pledge formal. But the happiest event of the year was the return of our granc housemother, Irene Applegate. 370 ACTIVES Akers, Byron L, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Allen, Robert V., Rifle, Colo ' Si Ar.-nstronft, Richard R., Denver, Colo 54 Ashlock, Robert H., Gilman, Colo ' 53 Aspinwall, Richard C, Barrinjton, 111 ' 54 Betzer, Robert, Riverside, 111 ' 54 Bovi ' nian, Richard D., Western Springs, 111 ' 52 Brewer, Raymond H., North Platte, Neb ' 52 Bundy, Allen, Portland, Ore ]52 Burns, Gerald N., Colorado Springs, Colo 53 Couper, Colin C, Denver, Colo ' 53 Grouse, Peter J., Pittsburgh, Pa ' 53 Cummings, Kenneth F., Honolulu, Hawaii ' 52 Curtis. Ralph G., Saguache, Colo ' 53 Davidson, Hugh C, Ford, Neb ' 52 Devries, Herbert B., Arlington, Va ' 54 Doyle, Thomas J., South Bend, Ind ' 52 Endicott, John S., Houston, Tex. ' 54 Filinger, John W., Phillipsburg, Kan ' 53 Fitzgerrell, Richard, Houston, Tex ' 54 Fuller, Gerald W., Raton, N. Mex |53 Glass, Alabama, Denver, Colo ' 54 Guffey, Harland C, Sutherland, Neb ' 53 Hart, Richard, Memphis, Tenn ' 52 Hollen, Pete, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Huddleson, Ernest P., Corning, Calif ' 52 Hutchings, Herbert D., Grand Lake, Colo ' 53 Jordan, John Z., Denver. Colo ' 53 Kilton. Roger M.. Sullivan. Ill ' 52 King, William H.. Poughkcepsie. N. Y |52 Knudsen. Gerald W.. Denver. Colo |52 Kochenburger. John E., Greeley, Colo ' 53 Kranz, Jav M., Denver, Colo ' 52 MacKay, Darrell B.. Denver, Colo ' 54 Martinson, Robert G., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Mitcheltree. John R., Shaker Heights. Ohio ' 52 Montgomerv. Jack W.. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 52 Moore. William M.. Denver. Colo ' 54 Morgan, Dale. Philadelphia. Pa ' 53 Morison. Jack L., Denver, Colo 54 Moss, Thurle E., Denver, Colo Monro, Charles A., Grand Junction, Colo. Newman, William F., Denver, Colo Nicholson, John W., Montclair, N. J Ormsby. Herbert M., Palo Alto. Calif Payne. William B.. Aurora, Colo Petersen, Carl B.. Colorado Springs, Colo. Rice. Roger W.. Denver. Colo Rueb, Robert L.. St. Francis. Kan Russell. John R.. Los Angeles, Calif Santerre, Gus L., Colorado Springs, Colo. . Sare, Robert H., Denver, Colo Schelling, Ronald G., Loveland, Colo Schnorr, Ronald F., Lancaster, N. Y Seymour. Dale G., Boulder, Colo Smith, Colin A., Oak Park, 111 Spangler. John K.. Longmont, Colo. States. Stanley W.. Colorado Springs, Colo. Tracy, Donald R.. Chicago. Ill Wilcox. Jon W., Shaker Heights, Ohio PLEDGES Allen, Raymond J., Oak Park, 111 Avent, Jon C. Meeteetse, Wyo Balcom. Barrie T.. Dallas. Tex Barcroft. Victor N.. Lake Forest. Ill Bengston, Wray A.. Rockford, 111 Collins. Charles W.. Imperial, Neb Connelly. Jack. Oak Park. Ill Johnson. Danny W.. Colorado Springs, Col i Lippincott. Clair A.. Longmont. Colo Lommer. Merle W., Buffalo. N. Y Maniatis, Pete N., Denver, Colo Merrick, Jerry , North Platte, Neb Pugh, William F.. Colorado Springs, Colo. Slocum. Frederick V., Grosse Point, Mich. Spangler. Richard W., Longmont, Colo Vickery, John D.. Boulder, Colo Volk. Russell D.. Denver. Colo Wesley. Donald, Colorado Springs, Colo. Yates. John N., Colorado Springs, Colo. Akers Allen Aspenwall A vent Balcolm Barcroft Betzer Bundy Burns Co u per Curtis Davidson Devries Endicott beta sigma tau AUTY- OR • 6EAS OFFICERS Jack H. East ; President Mike Mason Vice-President; Housem onager Mike J. Hiza Secretary Harry H. Goldstein Treasurer I Inspired by their Fourth National Convention in Denver lasi summer, for w hich the local chapter was host, the Beta Sigs looket forward to another great year. A new chapter house, at 1209 Pennsylvania, was acquired anc rapidly baptized with a number of parties and dances including a Halloween and Christmas party. Last spring the Beta Sigs captured a trophy at the CU Dayj Carnival to climax a year during which an award was won every quarter. This fall the New Mexico Highlands University chapter was guest at the Regional Conclave held here. Beta Sigs in varsity athletics included Nathanial Jones, Jiir Liggins, and Gerald Rudolph. Other prominent men on the cami pus were Jack East, assistant general chairman — Club Firsj Nighter and United Nations Week, Sigma Delta Chi; Bill Steri ling, publicity co-chairman — Club First Nighter, runnerup Cam! pus Comedian, Player ' s Club; and Jim Bangerd, vice-president— j Pharmacy School. Scholastically we were represented in honoraries by Normal Schlager, Jean Cropley, Dick Pyle, Jerry Weil, Mike Hiza, an( Herb Schwartz. The Crimson and Blue took part in all campus activities, an under Prof. Fritz Hoffman ' s sponsorship hopes to continue it success on the campus. 372 ACTIVES Bangerd, Jimmie P., Denver, Colo. ' 53 Beach, Prescott, Jr.. Montclair, N. J ' 54 Cropley, Jean B., Denver, Colo ' 53 East, Jack H., Denver, Colo ' 52 Goldstein, Harry H., Denver, Colo ' 53 Hardin, Ira L., Lycun. Colo ' 53 Hart, James B., Denver, Colo ' 53 Hatasaka, Henry T., Brifihton, Colo ' 53 Hiza. Mike J., Jr.. Pueblo, Colo ' _53 Lamb, John G., Dacona, Colo. _ ' 52 Mason. Mike, Denver, Colo ' 54 Pyle, Richard 1,., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Ramsay, William C, Forest Hills, N. Y ' 52 Rose, David W., Denver, Colo ' 52 Rudolph, Gerald E., Denver. Colo Schlafier. Norman. Denver. Colo Schwartz. Herbert P.. Denver. Colo Steele, Charles U.. Denver. Colo Sterling. William J.. Chicago. Ill PLEDGES Fisher. Tom H., Pueblo. Colo Goldstein, Bernard R.. Waterloo, Iowa Hale, Irving, Denver, Colo Jones. Nathaniel G., Pueblo, Colo Liggins. James E.. Pueble. Colo Mossman, Woodrow C. Honolulu, Hawaii Weil, Jerry. Denver. Colo Baniierd Beach Cropley East Goldstein, B. Goldstein, H. Hale Hart Hatasaka Hiza Lamb Mason MossmaD Pyle Ramasey Rudolph Schlager Schwartz Steele Sterling 373 I jay i j - ' " ■sr ' ar r g y r beta theta pi 1 OFFICERS Scally O ' Donnell President Jim Streepy Vice-President Tom Sears Secretary Wally Oakes Treasurer Beta Tau Chapter of Beta Theta Pi began the year with a successful rush week which netted the fraternity 29 pledges Under the leadership of President Scally O ' Donnell, Vice-Presi- dent Jim Streepy, Secretary Tom Sears, and Treasurer Wally Oakes, forty-five returning actives and the new pledge class team ed together to field strong intramural teams, build winning float and house decorations, and, as always, stage sensational parties Beta welcomed Mrs. F. X, Schumacher at its new housemother this year, and her guidance and wonderful personality have beer great assets to us. Many Betas were outstanding in campus activities this year Some of these are: Gappy Black, ASUG Finance Commissioner; Scally O ' Donnel, Business Manager 1952 Ck)loradan; Rick San- born, Sports Editor 1952 Ck)loradan; Bud Walstrom, Men ' s Fielc Events Chairman 1951 Homecoming, and varsity swimming Dayl Larson, varsity baseball; and Frank Nash, Publicity Chair man 1951 Homecoming. 374 ACTIVES Alley, Tom J., Tulsa, Okla 53 Anderson, Christopher M., Lovmgton, N. M. Or. Backlund, Merle C, Lincoln, Neb ' 53 Bason, Milton E., Balboa, Calif ]52 Bergheim, Joe H., Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Bienfang, F. John, Rochelle, 111 ' 53 Black, Ralph, Sterling. Ill ' 52 Craychee, Albert E. Jr., Mandan, N. Dak ' 53 Deeds, James H., Denver. Colo ' 55 Donahue, Richard F., Colorado Springs, Colo 53 Duflord, Phillip G., Jr., Grand Junction, Colo. . ' 52 Edwards, Arthur E., Chicago, 111 ' 53 Federhart, Robert L., Sioux City, Iowa ' 52 Fisher, Carl D., Denver, Colo 54 Fowler, Wayne ., Denver, Colo. ' 54 Fuller, D. Hodge, Bloomington, 111 ' 53 Garner, Robert S., Denver, Colo. ' 53 Grohne, Richard R., Boulder, Colo ' S4 Hammond, Paul E., Oakland, Calif 52 Heitman, Richard A., Spokane, Wash ' 53 Hirtle, Thomas W., Freepor:, 111 ' 55 Hunt, R. T. N.. Omaha, Neb [53 Keables, Jack M., Denver, Colo ' 52 Larson, Dayl A., Denver, Colo ' 52 Leslie, Albert J., Denver, Colo ' 54 MacCornack, James A., Boulder City, Nevada .... ' 52 Madsen, Robert C, Omaha, Neb ' 53 Miller, F. Gaynor, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Muth, Robert J., Denver, Colo. ' 54 Nash, Franklin M., Denver, Colo ' 52 Oakes, Wallace M., Denver, Colo. 52 O ' Donnell, Canton Jr.. Denver, Colo ' 52 Orchard, Robert W., Jr., Denver, Colo. ' 54 Reinhardt, John C., Omaha, Neb ' 55 Rierson, Robert D., Monte Vista, Colo ' 52 Sanborn. Frederick A., La Jolla, Calif ' 52 Sears, Harold Thomas, Jr., Bartlesville, Okla ' 52 Stewart, Rolland L., Pasadena. Calif. ' 52 Steig, Michael M., Bartlesville, Okla ' 52 Spreepy, James A., Sioux City, Iowa ' 53 Titley, Ronald L., Denver, Colo. j- Walstrom, Louis A., Jr., Denver, Colo [5.) Whitaker, Albert H., Denver, Colo 51] Wiedemann, Theodore W., Burlingame, Calif [Sij Wilkins, James M., Lincoln, Neb Zick, Robert R., Oregon, 111 ' 5: PLEDGES Bechtol, Peter G., La Jolla, Calif. S. Boettcher, A. John, Washington, D.C 5, Brown, Richard A., Denver, Colo ' 5 Clark, William E., Denver, Colo ' 5; Cooper, Alfred E., Jr., Denver, Colo ' S; Day, James R., Denver, Colo. |5( Deiceou, James, Denver, Colo ■- Sj Detata, Richard A., Pueblo, Colo ' 5; Drohan, Robert P., Kansas City, Kan. [5| Grant, James A., Denver, Colo ' 5t Greuter, Robert, Denver, Colo. [5! Houston, Ted G., Hereford, Texas 5| Irwin, R, Robert, Jr., Denver, Colo. ' Si Johnston, Stan D., Denver, Colo [5; Keeler, R. Hayes, Denver, Colo 5 Larkin, Donald E., Denver, Colo. |5, Laughlin, Henry, Ft. Worth, Texas |5. McComas, Murray R., Denver, Colo 5 McGuire. Gerald L., Denver, Colo [5] Marks, Ray J., Denver, Colo — 11 Marsh, James R., Denver, Colo 5j Martin, Arthur L., Denver, Colo Sj Meyers, Harold J., Denver, Colo. 5| Nash, Harry F., Denver, Colo [5; Reed, Loren F., San Angelo, Texas |5j Riethmiller, William, Eldorado Springs, Colo 5j Rogers, John T., Webster Groves, Mo. 5- Siple, John W., Denver, Colo ' =; Smith, Marc, Greeley, Colo. Stailey, James K., Denver, Colo. • " Stewart, David M., Los Angeles, Calif. Webb, Robert W., Denver, Colo Writer, Dean, Denver, Colo I Alley Backlund Bcchtol Hcrf heim IticnfanA Riack Itoettcher chi psi OFFICERS Harrison Kepner President Birney Grantz Vice-President William Hakes Secretary Gilbert Perry Treasurer A spirited group returned to the Lodge this fall, after an tended tour of the continent, for another year of serious stud and eager participation in campus activities. After a careful dis cussion of our instantaneous victory over the Beta Tug-a-Wai Team, the brothers settled down in eager contemplation of the coming years debauchery in view of next summer ' s inevitable visit to an exotic asiatic peninsula. After our usual sedate fall formal, which was carried out witl quiet dignity, appropriate fines for immoral and perverted be havior were levied. As a result of our successful social seasor last year, our spring formal was held at the 20th St. Corral. W regret to announce that this year ' s Chi Psi Car was unable t(| appear in the GU Days Parade due to the lamentable demise o brothers Charles Fischetti of Chicago, and Charles Benazzio o Kansas City. Under the able leadership of Scholarship Chairman, Jacli Jorgenson, the brothers completed another year of social proba tion in good shape. Our rigorous athletic program, piloted b Walt and Hank, reached hitherto undreamed of heights. 376 ACTIVES Adler, Sidney, Houston, Tex ' GS Bowie, Alexander, Denver, Colo ' 54 Burkes, Virgil, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Chapman, Ralph, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Cooke, Peter, Glencoe, III. ' 53 Davis, Donald, Minneapolis, Minn ' 52 Ferguson, Morey, Denver, Colo ' 54 Furbush, Michael, Galveston, Tex ' 54 Grantz, Birney, Rockford, 111 ' 53 Hakes, William, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 53 Harward, Cortlandt, Denver, Colo ' 54 Henrich, Harry, Ridgewood, N. J. 52 Hite, Whitney, Colorado Springs, Colo 54 Hunter, Richard, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Jorgenson, John, Wilmette, 111. ' 52 Kelley, Mike, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kepner, Harrison, Denver, Colo ' 52 Link, Robert, Calgary, Canada ' 53 MulvihiU, Henry, Denver, Colo. 53 Myer, Rendle, Denver, Colo ' GS Perry, Gilbert, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Pinkham, Samuel, Santa Barbara, Calif. ' 52 Racey, Carlyn, Boston, Mass ' 53 Russell, David, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Schwartz, Jack, Colorado Springs, Colo 53 Seeliger, Carl, Boulder, Colo. ' 52 Vestal, Paul, New Haven, Conn. ' 53 Waggoner, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 54 Waite, Harry, Deadwood, S. D ' 54 Walter, Russell, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Weems, Carington, Houston, Tex. ' 52 PLEDGES Allen, John, New York City, N. Y Asmus, Walter, Denver, Colo. Atchison, Robert, Denver, Colo. Basart, Jack, Minneapolis, Minn. Berlin, Douglas, Scarsdale, N. Y Bissel, Willard, Denver, Colo Brock, Johnathan, Denver, Colo. Condon, Thomas, Baskin Ridge, N. J Crawford, David, Washington, D. C. Danielson, Bill, Denver, Colo. Ferguson, John, Denver, Colo. Johnson, Roderick, Denver, Colo Kelly, Bernard, Waukegan, III. Kinney, Steven, Denver, Colo Lang, Daniel, Denver, Colo McCallion, John, Burlingame, Calif. Noble, John, Los Angeles, Calif. Nordquist, Conrad, Minneapolis, Minn. .. O ' Rourke, Thomas, Denver, Colo Riley, Robert, Hartford, Conn. Roth, Richard, Denver, Colo. Scanlon, William, Burlingame, Calif. Schwartz, Frank, Colorado Springs, Colo. Sparkman, Charles, Denver. Colo. Stewart, Willard, Denver, Colo - Wallace, Robert, Denver, Colo. Weaver, Robert, Denver, Colo. Wearer, Raymond, Denver, Colo. .... Werner, Fred, Greeley, Colo Wilder, Robert, Denver, Colo Williams, Gordon, Denver, Colo. _ Zimmerman, William, Denver, Colo. j t; 111 t£ Allen Berlin Rissell Bowie Brock Burks Chapman Condon Cooke Ferjiuson, M. Furbush Grantz Hakes Harward Henricii Hunter Johnson Kelley Kepner Kinney " ink Nordquist Pinkham delta Sigma phi OFFICERS David A. Drew President Jehn E. Anderson Vice-President Terry W. Shroyer Treasurer Richard M. Howard Secretary Delta Sigma Phi began the 1951-1952 school year with a re decorated house. A great deal of work was done during the sum mer, adding greatly to the interior appearance of the house. The social season at Alpha Rho was launched by a Frencr Party held at Alps Lodge. Other activities included a party a Severance Lodge, a number of house dances, and an orphans Christmas Party. The keynote affair of the fall semester was th( annual Founder ' s Day Banquet which was held in Denver. Delta Sigs who made their mark on campus this year includec Tom Mason, Hugo Eddy, Bill Norris, and George Merlino, Sigms Delta Chi, journalism honorary, of which Mason is president am Eddy is secretary. Other Delta Sigs to be found in campus organ izations are Dave Drew, Dave Houtz, and Warren Hoen, Jr, APhA, Terry Shroyer, Alpha Kappa Psi, and S.A.M.E., Gem Over, president of Alpha Psi Omega, and Joe Clawson, Assistan CU Days Chairman. Last, but not least in the Colorado limeligh is Sid Manning who was elected Mayor of Vetsville early in th( year, and Jim Van Duyne, whose flashing baton is well knowi about the campus during the football season. Under the constant guidance and inspiration of " Mom " Col lins, who has reigned as housemother at the " Alamo " for threi years, the Delta Sigs have terminated another highly successfu and fun-iilled year on the Colorado campus. 378 ACTIVES Anderson, John E., Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Ashford, Lawrence J., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Benson, Bertil A., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Clark, Kenneth R., Worland, Wyo ' 54 Clawson, Joseph P., Lodge Grass, Mont ' 54 Drew, David A., Loveland, Colo - ' 54 Easton, Richard, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Eddy, Howard L., Brighton, Colo ' 52 George, Earl T., Jr., New Orleans La. ' 52 Fithian, James B., Denver, Colo , ' 52 Harrisberger, James B., Colorado Springs, Colo. .. ' 53 Hirsch, Darrel L., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Hoen, Warren K., Chadwicks, N. Y ' 53 Morton, William C, Boise, Idaho ' 54 Houtz, David A., Boulder, Colo. ' 54 Howard, Richard M., Evanston, 111 ' 54 Knott, Albert W., Delta, Colo ' 53 Kochevar, Rudolph J., Pueblo. Colo ' 54 Magcrfleisch, Virgil R. Fort Morgan, Colo ' 52 Manning. Sidney N.. Brand Blanc, Mich ' 52 Marta, George A., Orange, Calif ' 53 Mason, Thomas R., Trinidad. Colo ' 52 Merlino, George R., Canon City, Colo ' 52 Nickerson, William M., Midwest Wyo ' 54 Norris, William S., Denver, Colo ' 53 Northway, Aven A., Manley, Iowa ' 54 Obele, Mike D., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Over, Gene L.. Rittman, Ohio Owings, Donald R., Colorado Springs, Colo Parker, Gene T., Wabash, Ind Peterson, Bernard E., Greeley, Colo Ruff, Randall A.. Eugene, Ore Shroyer, Terry W., Craig, Colo Thurston, John R., Moose Pass, Alaska Van Duyne, James T., Joliet, 111. Williams, Robert G., Pueblo, Colo PLEDGES Bennett, Edward W.. Denver, Colo. Carpenter, Richard E., Colorado Springs, Colo. .. Clark, Fred P., Colorado Springs, Colo Cruickshank, Stewart C, Webster Groves, Mo . Flemons, John L., Pueblo, Colo Houghton, Robert B., South Pasadena, Calif. Lundberg, Daniel P., Hinsdale, 111 Minard, Gilbert G., Hardin, Mont Peercy, Richard R., Rifle, Colo Phillips, James D., Colorado Springs, Colo. Ridenour, John N., South Bend, Ind Schitlinger, Charles L., Englewood. Colo. Scweikhardt, George M., Colorado Springs, Colo. Selby, William A., Billings, Mont Sides, John H., St. Louis, Mo Sigler, Stanley G.. Sterling, Colo Tidemanson, Thomas A.. Colorado Springs. Colo. Andersen Carpenter Qark, F. Clark, K. Clawsoo Drew Easton Eddy Fithian Flemons George Guder Harrisberger Hoco Horton Houtz Howard Kochevar Lundberg Marta Merlino Minard Nickerson Norris Northway Over Owings Peercy Peterson Phillips Ridenour Ruff Schroyer Si filer Thurston Tidemanson i 379 delta tau delta I OFFICERS Bob Bell President Dick Hall Vice-President Lee Lawson Secretary Steve Poling Secretary Although their active roll has almost been cut in half by service, the men of Delta Tau Delta have continued to make hi| marks in all phases of campus life. Outstanding successes weri achieved in intramurals with many firsts and seconds copped iij baseball, swimming, tennis, and football. The chapter, the campus, and even Boulder suffered a tr€| mendous loss last year when our Housemother, Mrs. Charlei Haven Ladd, passed away. Mother Ladd had been with us fiftee], years and has been next to impossible to replace. One of the highlights of spring quarter was the Western D: vision Conference of Delta Tau Delta held here at Beta Kappc Delegates from all the Delt chapters west of the Mississippi ai tended. Other long to be remembered parties thrown this yea were the annual Klondike at Eldorado Springs, the Li ' l Abne costume party, and the " Heaven and Hell " pledge formal at th house this fall. Outstanding activity Delts this year include: Fos Garr ASUG Commissioner, Sumalia, Heart and Dagger, and Delt Sigma Pi; Dick Willis president of the Business School; Bo Klamann, Lee Venzke, Ronnie Johnson, and Lyle Van Horm varsity football; Frank Gompert, Ken Koop, Bob Lawson, Ar Bunte, Kenny Munns, varsity basketball; Pat Hindman, Ronni Johnson, and Jim Creighton, varsity track. 380 ACTIVES ' Allnutt, William F., Greeley, Colo |52 Anderson, Jack K., Lakewood, Colo ' 52 Arnold, Hurry H.. Clarion, Penn. ' 52 Bacon, Herbert L., Grand Junction, Colo Grad. Bartly, Jack C. Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Bauer. Richard J., Highland Park, 111 ' 52 Bell. Robert H., Kansas City, Kan ' 53 Blanchard, David D., Cheyenne, Wyo 54 Boone, John P., Dallas, Texas ' 53 Bronson, William R.. Denver, Colo ' 52 Campbell, Tim L., Grand Junction, Colo. ' S3 Chamberlain, Rich E., Berriem Springs, Mich. ' 52 Carey, Allen T., Logan, Iowa ' 53 Creighton, John K., Flagler, Colo 54 Dolan, George, Colo. Springs, Colo Grad. Edwards, Robert M., Logan, Iowa ' 53 Fullerton, Donald G., Denver, Colo ' 53 Gam, Foster N., Evanston, III ' 52 Gaunt, William A.. Brighton, Colo. ' 54 Gompert, Frank C, Winnetka, 111 ' 53 Green, Juan E., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 52 Gremmels, Charles A., Waterloo, Iowa 53 Hall, Richard D., Ames, Iowa 53 Hampton, Harold D., Walden, Colo ' 54 HartsufT, Peter C. Birmingliam, Mich ' 53 Hindman, James P., Longmont. Colo 54 Jackson, Marvin R., Jr., Grand Junction, Colo ' 54 Johnson, Ronald L., Golden, Colo. ' 54 Jones, Thomas S., Canadian, Texas ' 54 Kiefer, Frank W., Boulder. Colo ' 53 Killefer, Robert, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif 52 Klamann, Robert L., Denver, Colo ' S3 Koop, Kenneth. Mitchell, S. D 53 Lathrop, Carl L., Cheyenne, Wyo Grad. Lawson, LeRoy D., Longmont, Colo 53 Lawson, Robert E,, Longmont, Colo 5j McBride. Glen C. Dallas. Texas .. ' 54 McCnIlen. John D.. Rapid City. S. D „. ' 54 Merrill, Henry A., Evanston, III 52 Miller, A. David, Hinsdale, III ' 53 Miller, Lynn R.. Denver, Colo. ' 54 Miner, Richard W., Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 52 Modeer, James R., Kansas City, Mo ' S3 Newcomer, Robert W.. Denver, Colo ' 54 Paine, George W.. Evanston, III ' 52 Parsons, Clarence E., Kansas City. Mo 53 Peacock, Robert B., Dallas. Texas ' 53 Poling, Stephen M.. Ottumwa, Iowa 53 Rethlefsen. Frank H., Jr., Monrovia, Calif ' 52 Ross, Lewis W.. Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 53 Rudy, Elmer C, Denver, Colo. 52 Schalk, Robert P., Denver. Colo ' 53 Seaman, Boyd W.. Loveland, Colo. ' 52 Shattuck, John B.. Trinidad, Colo. Sincerbeaux, Robert G., New Rochelle, N. Y. . Skillman. John A.. Denver, Colo Smith. William S.. Evanston, 111. Speed. Robert C, Glendale, Calif. Spicer, Walter L., Newport Beach, Calif Tapp, Bancroft M., Kansas City, Mo. Van Home, Lyle R., Cheyenne, Wyo. Venzke. Lee C., Denver. Colo. Wicklund. Eldon J., Oak Park, III Wigley. Walter P.. Evanston, III. Williams. G. Dale. Grand Juncton, Colo Willis, Richard W.. Evanston. III. Winfrv. Robley, II. Ames, Iowa Wulfeituhler. A. F.. III. Naalehu. Hawaii, T.H Wulfekuhler, Terrance, Naalehu, Hawaii, T.H. . Zick, Richard Gary, Greeley, Colo PLEDGES Alderson, Clifford, Lafayette, Colo Bohlit, Richard, Denver, Colo. Crowell. Jack, Estes Park, Colo Deinema, William. Waverly, Iowa Dexter. Rod. Boulder. Colo Durkin, Robert, Pueblo, Colo Elliot, James, Billings, Mont Espey, Graham, Denver. Colo Flynn. James. Pueblo, Colo Forgan, David. La Grange, III French, Jo, San Mareno, Calif. Galligan, James, Ames, Iowa Hazzard, Robert, Denver, Colo Henderson, Stacy, Des Moines, Iowa Hoffman, Marshall, San Mateo, Calif. Hubbard, Dee, Kirkwood, Mo Kingdom, Philip, Boulder, Colo. Lawrenson. Bruce, Greeley, Colo Lewis, Dave, Kansas City, Kan Lewis. Dick. Wheat Ridge, Colo Macomber. Douglas, Denver, Colo - McCallum, Donald, Newport Beach, Calif. Maloney, Terry, Wichita. Kans Mickelsen, Richard, Gunnison. Colo Munns. Kenneth, Greeley, Colo Narcisian, Frank, Wheat Ridge, Colo. Osborne, Donald, Boulder. Colo Parker, James, Effingham, 111. Rufien, Charles. Wheat Ridge. Colo Scarff. Harold, Muskegon, Mich. Schauerman, Melvin, Severance, Colo. Spranger, Gary, Fergus Falls, Minn. Stratton, Dave, Boulder, Colo Sturtevant, Warren, Balboa. Calif. Ward, Richard, Denver, Colo Alderson Allnutt Anderson Arnold Hartley Blanchard Boblit Boone Bronson Bauer Bunte (Campbell Carey Chambcrlin Crcifihtoii Deinema Dexter Uurkin Edwards Elliot I ' -spey Forfian French Fullerton Galilean Gam Greeo Hdll Hampton Hazzard Henderson Hoffman Hubbard Jackson Jones Killifer Lawernson Lawson, B. Lawson, L. Lewis, D. Lewis, R. Macomber Moloney NTcBride Miller, D. Miller, L, Mo deer Narcisian Newcomer Osborne Paine Parker Peacock Poling Ross Rudy Rufien Schalk Seaman Sincerbeaux Skillanin Speed Spranger Sturtevant Taylor Venzke Wicklund Vi(iley Williams Willis Winfrey Wulfekuhler. F. WuUekuhler, T. Zick 381 kappa Sigma OFFICERS Jim Mitchell President Herb Benzel Vice-President Leroy Dahm Secretary Marty Billings Treasurer Last spring showed Kappa Sigma right in front. The annua Spring Formal was a gala affair, held at Park Hill Country Qui in Denver. With Augi Raso winning the Big Seven sixty yan dash championship and Maynard Skinner annexing the confer! ence wrestling title, Kappa Sigma had much to be proud of. Re Sheppard, a prominent member of Kappa Sigma, also gained on» of the highest honors that can be bestowed. He was selected out, standing senior man at the University. Starting the Fall semester with a fine record to live up to, Kapp Sigma began by pledging a very fine group of men and then wen on to achieve a name on campus. Led by President Jim Mitchell, the K-Sigs made a fine showing. Some members who achieved campus prominence were Bob Yardley, varsity basketball j " Skip " Skinner, varsity wrestling; Bob Foulk, Ski team; Lero | Dahm, varsity football; Jim Rushing, and Pete Van Schaakj freshman football; Bob Jeangerard, varsity basketball; Pet i Mayo, varsity swimming; and Jim Mitchell, Sumalia. On thi lighter side, the tenth annual Western Dance was the usual fint party, a favorite stop for the " party hoppers. " 382 ACTIVES Barnes. William, Duluth, Minn ' 52 Becker, John R., Wheaton, 111 ' 52 Benzel, Herbert J., Bcrwin, 111 ' 52 Billings, G. Martin, Tucson, Ariz ' 52 Brennan, Robert J., Butte, Neb ' 52 Brock, James, Denver, Colo ' 52 Brown, Charles E., St. Charles, 111 ' 54 Brodine, Stephen V.. Casper, Wyo ' 53 Corbridge, Richard M., Casper, Wyo ' 54 Dahm, Leroy A., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 53 Dodds, Jack T., Encino, Calif ' 52 Dometrovich, Frank, Denver, Colo ' 52 Eliason, Richard T., Denver, Colo ' 54 Endriss. Paul W., Mansfield, Ohio |S3 Feehan, Joseph A., Joliet, 111 ' 52 Flagg, Norman Lee, Riverside, 111 ' 54 Foulk, Robert. Denver, Colo ' 53 Fox, Robert M., Elmhurst, 111 ' 54 Funk, Stanton C, Trenton, N. J ' 52 Grayson, Richard E., Pasadena, Calif ' 53 Houston, Jerry Lee, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Hunt, Royal Lee, Strawberry Point, Iowa ' 52 Jensen, Stanley D., Wheatridge, Colo ' 54 Jones, Garth E., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Kropf, Karl S., Boulder, Colo ' 53 Keppel, Richard H., Denver, Colo ' 54 Krebs, David Owen, Denver, Colo ' 54 Leaver, Robert C, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lehmann. Hans H. A., Carmel, Calif - ' 54 Mann, Donald, Hinsdale, 111 ' 54 Mann, Douglas B., Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Mayo, Peter, Northfield, 111 ' 54 Meyer, Bernard A., Glen Ellen, 111 ' 54 Mitchell, James W., Sterling, Colo ' 52 Moseley, George V., Grafton, Vt ' 53 Nelson, Revelle C, Denver, Colo 53 O ' Brien, Richard B., Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 53 Papp, Robert, Crete, 111 ' 5 Pospisil, Richard, Wakefield, Neb |5 Puett, Grayson, E., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 5{ Schupp, Thomas A., Wilmette, 111 |5. Schwindt, Jackson T., Ft. Morgan, Colo |5t Skinner, Maynard C, Boulder, Colo ' S; Smith, Addison F., Denver, Colo ' 5; Smyth, Wilber, Boulder, Colo |5| Tietz, Frederic A., Hinsdale, 111 ' 5; Webb, Richard B., Canon City, Colo ' Sj Weldon, Donald M., Wilmette, III |5| Wingate, Monroe J., Albuquerque, N. M 5j Winningham, Forrest G., Burlington, Colo ' 5; PLEDGES Atkinson, Jere, Denver, Colo j5 Brendlinger, Jack A., Denver, Colo 5, Cahill, Charles B., Hollywood, Calif |5I Coffer, James B., Denver, Colo Creighton, Thomas, Denver, Colo j; Dometrovich, Robert J., Denver, Colo - Havens, Walter D., Wheatridge, Colo jS; Hershimer. Lambert, Lake Forest, 111 5, Holloway, Hayes, Sterling, Colo .-5 Iverson, Donald, Loveland, Colo 5l Jeangerard, Robert, Wilmette, III 5 Kavana, Kenneth, Hinsdale, 111 .§ Low, Joseph L., Lakewood, Colo -I) McCartney, Bruce, Hinsdale, 111 , " McCoy, Stephen M., Denver, Colo - Mclntire, William, Sterling, Colo ,; Rushing, James E., Glencoe, III ,: Sanborn, Dexter, Hinsdale, 111 " Shrader, Robert P., Denver, Colo Van Schaak. C. Peter, Wilmette, 111 : Woodward, Merrill H., Ft. Morgan, Colo. • " Yardley, Bob Palmer, Balboa Island, Calif. Atkinson Becker Benzel Billtnits Brendlinfter Brennan Brodine Brown Cahill Golfer Corbridge Creighton Dahm Dometrovich, F. lambda chi alpha 1 OFFICERS Morton W. Burt President Albert F. Clark Vice-President Herbert C. Hendrickson Secretary Andy C. Van Nostrand Treasurer The Lambda Ghis started something new this year when th entertained the freshmen women of Sewall Hall with a water- melon bust, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The Harvest House Dance held in October was also a success, ; as it demonstrated the ingenuity of the members and their dates at designing costumes. Frances Line was crowned queen of the annual Winter formal held at the Lakewood Country Qub. : Lambda Chi Alpha is participating in an even more complete! schedule of social, intramural and campus activities than ever be- fore. The scholarship of the fraternity ranked fifth among the 23 fraternities. Under the leadership of their new housemother, Mrs. Helen Mellen, the Lambda Chis are looking forward to the building of a new chapter house on the campus in the very near future. In the Homecoming parade the fraternity in conjunction with the Kap- pa Delta sorority received third prize in the silver division with a float depicting Dumbo the elephant sitting on a cloud. Under the guidance of capable officers Lambda Chi Alpha is planning to continue its growth on the campus of the University of Colorado. 384 ACTIVES Abbott, Hugh B., Schenectady, N. Y ' 52 Allen, Lavern, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Apel, Phil T., Denver, Colo ' 54 Blanshan, John H., Boone, Iowa ' 53 Bond, Tom G., El Paso, Tex ' 53 Bright, Samuel D., Rochester, N. Y ' 52 Burt. Morton W., La Grange, 111 ' 52 Clark, Albert F., Los Anjeles, Calif ' 52 Colony, William, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Cotton, Alonzo A., Vermillion, S. D ' 53 Cuellar, Mario V., La Paz, Boliva ' 52 Dahnke, George H., Stratton, Neb ' 52 Doscher, John H., St. Albans, N. Y ' S3 Dover. James, Hammond. Ind ' 53 Fatton. George A.. Staten Island. N. Y ' 52 Gardner. Vincent R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Ghio, John J., Alhambra, Calif ' 53 Gooras, George N., Oak Creek, Colo ' 53 Hendrickson, Herbert C, Davenport, Iowa 53 Hofmann, Jerry F.. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Holder, Gene T.. Denver. Colo ' 52 Horton. Jack W.. Boulder. Colo ' 53 Houston, Merton B., Tulsa, Okia ' 52 Kasper, George, Oak Cheek, Colo ' 52 Kirby, Donald C Denver. Colo ' 53 Lorens. Charles S.. Boulder, Colo ' 52 Majors, Charles E., Denver, Colo ' 53 Monell. William C. Canon City, Colo [54 Mythen, Richard E., Richmond, Calif ' 53 Nielsen, George K., Denver, Colo 52 Nuttal, Tony, Rigby, Idaho ' 53 Orzalli, John B., Yuba City, Calif |52 Pereira, Albert M,, Cochabamba, Bolivia |54 Rider, Eugene F., Boulder, Colo ' 53 Roberts. Joseph A., Santa Fe. N. M ' 53 Steinfeld. John W., Svvarthmore, Pa ' 54 Tuttle, Richard C, Chicago, 111 |52 Van Nostrand, Andy C, Monte Vista, Colo ' S2| Yonkers, Gerald L., Richmond, Calif ' BH PLEDGES 1| Anderson, James P., Redwood City, Calif ' 53i Bigien, Charles, New York, N. Y. |5.1 Di Giovanni, Joseph S., Redwood City, Calif 53 Griesel, Bernard F.. Chicago, III ' 53 Hail, Robert D.. Glendale. Calif Ss Herzog, James A., Buffalo, N. Y ;55 Karnes, Neil G.. Brighton, Colo 53 Reale, Carl S., Janestown, N. Y 5.1 Robertson, William B.. River Forest, III. ' Shea, Gerald W., Oak Park. Ill ' 5. ' Slagle, John W.. Mankasset. N. Y ;5-: Snively. Andrew F., Havertown, Pa 5 ' Stevenson, Kenneth G., Marlboro, N, J ' 5 Truax, Howard V., Minot, N. D 5.- 3-1 Abbott Burt Oarlc Cuellar Dahnke DtGiovanni Doscher Dover Fatten Gardner Griesel Hendricksoa Hills Houston Hoyt Karnes Kasper Kirby Majors Pereira Sla le Steinfeld Tuttle Van Nostrand Yonkers 385 phi delta theta OFFICERS Lothar A. Vasholz President Patrick p. McCarty Vice-President Raymond W. McDonald Secretary Neal Berglund Treasurer Despite the loss of many men to various branches of the armed service, Phi Delta Theta has reason to be proud of its many ac- complishments during its forty-eighth year on the GU campus. Under the very able leadership of President Lothar Vasholz, Reporter Pat McGarty, and Treasurer Neal Berglund, the frater- nity paved the way with many new and better precedents this year. Two highlights of the year were our annual " Tortoise Stam- pede " , a sponsored turtle race among all sororities in the spring, and the " Les Rue de Paris " dance which was successfully held for the first time this Fall. Our homecoming float, built with the Delta Gammas, copped the second prize. Successful intramural teams, a Buff show skit, and our annual Miami Triad held with the Sigma Chis and Betas were some more of the year ' s outstanding events for Phi Delta Theta. Thirty-three fall pledges representing all parts o f the country gave us great confidence in the accomplishments Phi Delta Theta will make in the future. Outstanding Phi Delts on the campus were Chuck Mosher, Woody Shelton, and Merv Hodel, varsity football men; Lothar Vasholz, LF.G. president; Ray McDonald, Goloradan index edi- tor and member of Delta Sigma Pi; Ralph Abelt, Delta Sigma Pi president. 386 ACTIVES Abelt, Ralph W., Denver, Colo ' 52 Ambler, R. Sterling, Denver, Colo ' 53 Berglund, Neal, Denver, Colo ' 53 Barnhill, Samuel R., El Dorado, Kan Or. Bartling, Mebus, Kansas City, Kan ' 52 Brown, Richard N., Des Moines, la ' 54 Chase, Richard H., Denver, Colo ' 52 Clarke, Conway, Boulder, Colo Or. Cole, John M., Chicago, 111 ' 53 Comer, J. Dudley, Wichita, Kan ' 53 Cutler, James D., Hollywood, Fla ' 53 Davidson, John B., Elmhurst, 111 ' 53 Deering, Thomas P., Arkansas City, Kan Gr. Dunstan, Kenneth W., Eldon, Mo ' 52 Eissler, Francis C, Buenos Aires, Arg ' 52 Ecker, Walter H., Evanston, 111 ' 53 Finney, Ralph E., Denver, Colo ' 54 Fritts, Larry D., Denver, Colo ' 54 Hardy, Wayne R., Denver, Colo ' 53 Hayes, Ken J., Rochelle, 111 ' 52 Hays, Richard D., Denver, Colo ' 54 Heap, Robert A., Evanston, 111 ' 54 Hodel, Merwin L., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Holt, Charles M., Amarillo, Tex ' 54 Hutchinson, Joseph R., Denver, Colo ' 54 Kalicki, James W., Hinsdale, III ' 54 Kassel, D. Keith, Denver, Colo ' 54 Larson, Howard A., Elmhurst, III 54 Larson, Karl G., Wauwatosa, Wis ' 53 Leslie, W. Robert, Loveland, Colo. _ ' 53 Lewis, Donald A., Grosse Pointe, Mich ' 53 Ludeman, Barton L.. Denver, Colo ' 52 Maiesky, Jack D., Webster Groves, Mo ' 52 McCarty, Pat F., Brush, Colo ' 52 McDonald, Raymond W., Denver, Colo ' 53 McGarry, Patrick H., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 McGee, James E., Appleton, Wis ' 53 McNary, William D., Birmingham. Mich ' 54 Morse, George D., Trinidad, Colo Gr. Mosher, Charles E., Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Mullin, Frank K., Gary, Ind ' 54 Ove, Richard V.. Milwalkee, Wis ' 52 Paddock, David S., Boulder, Colo Gr. Paddock, Mark W., Clinton, la ' 52 Paquette, E. Leroy, Salina, Colo 54 Petty, Thomas L., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Shelton, Woody K., Akron, Ohio -. ' 53 Spielman, Eugene B., Atherton, Calif ' S3 Sprague, Monty, Boulder, Colo Gr. Squire. Ka P., Aberdeen, S. D ' 53 Squyres, Perry W., Carlsbad, N. M ' 52 Sullivan, John D., Tulsa, Okla [53 Vasholz, Lothar A., Denver, Colo ' 52 Williams, Keith D., Friday Harbor, Wash Gr. Williams, Milton T., Kingsburg, Calif ' 53 PLEDGES Ahrens, Robert E., Burlingame, Calif [5.S Alderman, Don B., Long Beach, Calif ]55 Anderson, Richard A., Minneapolis, Minn ' 5S Baker, Bruce E., Clarence, N. Y ' fi Bowers, Anton T., Mission, Kan ' 55 Chabucos, Peter J., Rockford, 111 ' 55 Clay, Charles H., Burlingame, Calif [55 Conrad, David Richard, Sappington, Mo. ]55 Forker, James R., Denver, Colo [55 Gruenler, Donald W., Denver, Colo [55 Guthrie, David R., Allentown, Pa ' 55 Ide, Robert C, Creston, la [54 Jones, Harry E., Boise, Idaho ' 55 Joyce, Thomas H., Springfield, III [55 Knox, Forrest S., Loveland, Colo. _. [55 Kraus, Joseph R., Santa Monica, Calif ' 55 Landstrom, Warren G., Rockford, 111 [55 Lybarger, James N., Loveland, Colo [55 Marlow, Hobbs B., Los Angeles, Calif. ' . ' ' 5 McKinney. William P., Highland Park, III. [5.5 Montgomery, Carl K., Pueblo, Colo [55 Peters, Harry W., Denver, Colo ' 54 Pohlmann, Roy F., Millbrae, Calif [55 Potts, Dave G., Bou lder, Colo ' 55 Pugh, Gerald D., Loveland, Colo _ [5r Rebele, Anthony P., San Francisco, Calif [5 Rosenquist, Charles H., Rockford, III [55 Strange, Robert C, Hillsboro, III [55 Tarbell, John A., Kirkwood, Mo 5.5 Valentine, C. Thomas, Rockford, 111 ' 55 Voss, Howard W., Winnetka, 111 ' 55 Wyard, Willis L., Duluth, Minn 54 Abelt Alderman Anderson Baker Rattling Ber und Chabucos Clay Conrad Cutler Davidson Dunstan Forker Fritts Guntlirie Hardy Hayes Hays Heap Holt Kassel Knox Kraus Landstrom Larson, H. Larson, K. Leslie Lewis Ludeman Lybarger Majesky McDonald McGee McLoughlin Montgomery Mosher Mullin Ove Paddock. M. Petty Pohlmann Pugh Rosenquist Rebele Squire Squyres Sterling Strange Sullivan Tarbell Valentine V ' anLaw V ' asholz V ' oss Williams. M. Wyard 387 phi gamma delta OFFICERS Will Lynch President Neil McLagan House Manager The Fijis worked during 1951-52 to strengthen the internal uni and brotherhood of the chapter. Under the leadership of W Lynch, president, and Neil McLagan, house manager, the Gan were more selective in rushing, steamer with pledges and closi in activities. Homecoming awards won included a third place in house deco ations, third place for the float built with the Chi Omegas, and second place in the chariot race. Chief social functions of the year were the Fiji Barn Dance, tl Christmas orphan party jointly given with the Thetas, the form in Denver, and the Fiji island dance. At these functio ns and da to-day activities, our Mom, Gladys Eichhorn, added the gracio touch in her thoughtful, pleasant manner, which made them successful as they were. Outstanding members on campus were Jim Modrall, Horn coming general chairman. Heart and Dagger, Tau Beta Pi ai other honoraries; Bill French, president of the " C " Club; Eal Honnen, Homecoming parade chairman; Harry Myers S i sports editor and Homecoming publicity chairman. Prominel athletes were Dick Billehus, Tom Brookshier, Bernell Dem Tom Evans, Bill French, George Haller, Roger Hunt, Jer Keith, Will Lynch, Lee Marshall, Bob Potter, Jim Sander, Ja; Swigert, Frank Bernardi, Dick Corbetta, George Elliott, Jii Glendenning, Bill Horton, Chuck Leckenby, and Don Campbe. 388 ACTIVE Arnold, Edward, Boulder, Colo 53 Badeker, Roger, Ocean Side, Calif ' 54 Becker, James, Wheaton, 111 54 Billihus, Richard, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Brookshire, Thomas, Roswell, N. M ' 53 Brymer, Robert, Winnetka, 111 ' 54 Caffrey, Lee, Boone, la ' 52 Carrick, Pau, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 Childress, James, Durango, Colo ' 52 Demo, Bernelle, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Dodds, James, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 DeLue, Jerry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Elliff, John, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Feeney, Dongal, Chicago, 111 ' 52 French, William, Denver, Colo ' 52 Haller, George, Denver, Colo ' 52 Honnen, Earle, Denver, Colo ' 53 Horner, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hulse, Addison, Scottsbluff, Neb ' 53 Hunt, Roger, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Kay, James, Denver, Colorado ' 53 Keith, Jerry, Roswell, N. M ' 54 Lindsley, George, San Marino, Calif ' 52 Lynch, Will, Denver. Colo ' 52 McKibben, Douglas, Bow Mar, Colo ' 54 McLagen, C. Bruce, Brush, Colo ' 54 McLagen, J. Neil, Brush, Colo ' 53 Maires, Richard. Denver, Colo ' 53 Marshall, Lee, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 54 Mechling, Martin, Bernardsville, N. J 52 Mitchell, Jack, Sterling, Colo ' 53 Modrall, James, Albuquerque, N. M ' 53 Mott. Richard, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 Myers, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 53 Nesladek, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 53 Nicholas, John, Clayton, Mo ' 54 O ' Hanlon. Thomas. Denver, Colo 53 Parker, Harry, Delta, Colo ' 53 Perkins, G. Thomas, Jr., Battle Creek, Mich. .. 3 Potter, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 3 Scofield, Jackson, Scottsbluff, Neb S Seccombe, Roland, Denver, Colo 3 Stander, James, Denver, Colo Stanfill, James, Durango, Colo 7 Starbuck, C. Gerald, Greeley, Colo Stitt, Harold, Brush, Colo 3 Swigert, John, Denver, Colo Torgerson, Arnold, Denver, Colo ]4 Vogt, Milton. St. Louis, Mo |2 Warner. B. Philip, Denver, Colo ,4 Willard, Robert, Denver, Colo § Welsh, David, Kansas City, Kan p ! PLEDGES L Armstrong, R.Norman, Greeley, Colo Bernardi, D. Frank, Elmhurst, 111 1 Boatright. James, Colorado Springs, Colo IJ Cessna, R. Michael, Kansas City, Mo 3 Corbetta, Richard, Denver, Colo I| Dodson, James, Ft. Collins, Colo iS Elliot, George, Elgin, III j| Froese, Charles, Denver, Colo [J Glendenning, James, Estes Park. Colo ff Horton. J. William. Denver. Colo !j Huber. Frederick, Denver, Colo J Lake, Joseph, Steamboat Springs. Colo |i Leckenby, Charles, Steamboat Springs, Colo ft Long, Linn, Boulder, Colo f? Loser, Ronald, Denver, Colo f5 Ohlson, Larry, Rockford. Ill A Parker, James, Grand Junction, Colo Jj Pfutzenreuter, Bruce, Carlsbad, N. M !2 Sawyer, Robert, Denver, Colo. ?§ Selch. Glenn, Steamboat Springs, Colo ? Stephens, E. Duane, Colorado Springs, Colo. ... Wood, John, Bighorn, Wyo " Becker Bjllehus Brymer Caflfrey Cessna Childress DeLue Dodds Dodson Elliff Feeney French Glendeonin Hulse Hunt Kay Keirns Keith Lake Leckonby Lynch McLaren, B. McLagen, J. Mitchell Modrall Parker, J. Perkins Pfutzenreuter Potter Scho field Selch Soens Stander Stanfill Stevens Stitt Swigert Torgerson Vogt Warner Willard 389 A. fp. n A. phi kappa psi OFFICERS Richard Johnson President William Bull Vice-President Rudolph Johnson Secretary Robert Wahlstedt Treasurer Phi Kappa Psi this year has scored another outstanding record in contributions to the welfare of the University. Colorado Alpha- has led the way in some activities, added much in others, and al- ways participated broadly in the facets of college life that are meant to bring out the elements of individual charact er needed in the future. Helping to pilot the Silver and Gold this year were Mark Emond, managing editor, Jim Spiker, city editor, and Dick John- son, one of the top reporters. Keeping Phi Kappa Psi scholarship in the top brackets, Dick Johnson, Rudy Johnson, and Emond belonged to Honors Union. Rudy Johnson added recognition to his outstanding record, both as President of the Rocky Mountain Region of the Lutheran Stu- dent Association and as co-chairman of Leadership Workshop. Joe Brady, as ASUC commissioner of entertainment and cul- ture sparked student government with his wit and insight and easily copped the honor of being one of the best student leaders. In athletics, Bill Yowell swam in the first-place backstroke re- lay team, and Jim Lincoln cut a mean figure on the parallel bars. As a body, the fraternity held a colorful and very successful costume party with the theme " Greenwich Village. " In the spring the formal was held at the Cherry Hills Country Club. Phi Kappa Psi always strives for better years, but the brothers will be more than satisfied if the coming months are as good as the ones past. 390 ACTIVES Baden, Gerald M., Hamilton, Ohio ' 54 Barnes, Jack D., Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Beattie, Charles G., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ' 54 Boggs, Robert G., Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Bull, William B., Pasadena, Calif ' 53 Cope, Everton B., Torrington, Wyo ' 54 Corken, Jack, Burlington June, Mo ' 52 Davis, William, Amarillo, Tex ' 52 Drake, Melvin, Alamosa, Colo ' 53 Emond, Mark, Two Rivers, Wis ' 53 Guam, Louis, Carroll, la ' 53 Johnson, Richard T., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 52 Johnson, Rudolph Jr., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Kettman, John, Pleasant Valley, la ' 54 Kluherz, Jerrol, Torrington, Wyo ' 54 Lincoln, James R., Wareham, Mass |53 Marshall, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 53 May, Roger, Menlo Park, Calif ' 52 Moore, Jay, Shreveport, La ' 54 Russell, James E., Denver, Colo Schwab, John, Western Springs, 111. . Spiker, James, Monmouth, III Wahlstedt, Robert, Kansas City, Mo. PLEDGES Beeler, Samuel L., Hamilton, Ohio 55| Bull, James, Pasadena, Calif 5 j Gormany, David, Sheridan, Wyo 5 Edwards, James, La Grange, III 5 Gregg, John, Connersville, Ind 5-; Holliday, Joseph, Kansas City, Mo 5 ' Jackson, Jed, Indianapolis, Ind. 5- ' Jackson, Manly, New Brighton, Minn 5.j Mulvin, Robert, Pasadena, Calif |; ' Potter, Earl B., Amarillo, Tex 5;; Tulloss, James, Bakersfield, Calif 5j! Wanner, James, Wilmeitr, 111 5. Yowell, William B.. Glencoe, 111 ' 55 Baden Beattie Bull, J. Bull, W. Cope Corken Drake Edwards Gnam Johnson, Rudolph Kettman Leik Lincoln Moore Schwab Spiker Wahstedt 391 phi kappa tau 1 OFFICERS Bud Rusho President Kip Lon Vice-President Chuck Melle Secretary Jerry Milner Treasurer Phi Kappa Tau, with a membership of forty-two actives ai twenty-nine pledges, enjoyed a prominent position in campus i fairs during the past year. Many Phi Tau ' s occupied importat positions in campus organizations. Phi Kappa Tau officers for 1951-52 are Bud Rusho, presider Kip Long, vice-president; Jerry Milner, treasurer; Chuck Mel secretary; Dave Shenton, house manager; and Cliff Lilly, pled trainer. The Housemother is Mrs. Rose Owens. Phi Kappa Tau placed first in the Spring Song Fest with th( r interpretation of " You ' ll Never Walk Alone. " Outstanding Phi Taus in activities are Jerold Milner, businejs manager of the Colorado Engineer; Don Huising, vice-presideit of the Business School; Roscoe Champion, Combined Enginees Council, chairman of the Engineer ' s Apple Fest; Russell Ric- man, president of Alpha Chi Sigma, the national chemistry fii- ternity, and vice-president of Phi Lambda Upsilon, men ' s cher ■ cal honorary fraternity; Richard Griffith, news editor of the Silvr and Gold; and Robert Bradbury, chairman of Campus Out Rally Committee. Among the fraternity ' s social activities were the " Snowflury Formal " , and the Spring Formal, not to mention outstandi functions and sneaks. In intramural football Phi Tau ' s reigned supreme for tie second time in five seasons. Having fought their way up from te second berth in their league. Phi Tau ' s clinched the all-schdl title by defeating Navy 7-0 in the second overtime period of te championship contest. 392 ACTIVES Anderson, Orville G., Denver, Colo ' 53 Andrews, James B., Amarillo, Texas ' 52 Barrett, Michael H., Dove Creek, Colo ' 54 Berry, Jerald L., Salida, Colo. _ ' 53 Bowden, Leonald W.. Vuma, Colo 54 Bradbury, Robert M., Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Broberg, Carl M., Pueblo, Colo |52 Champion, Roscoe L., San Bernardino, Calif ' 52 Chapman, John D., Corvallis, Oregon ' 54 Cudworth, Arthur G., Denver, Colo ' 53 Ellis, George L., Golden, Colo |52 Gibson, Ted B., Denver, Colo ' 53 Grettum, John L., Richland, Mich ' 54 Griffith, Richard L., Haxton, Colo. _ ' 53 Hart, James W., Denver, Colo _ ' 53 Heffernen, Robert, Peosta, Iowa ' 52 Holmes, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 54 Huising, Don L., Lockport, 111 ' 52 Kenz, Edward J., Pasadena, Calif ' 53 Kirschner, Allen R., Port Washington, N. Y ' 52 Koernig, Raymond C, Roslyn Heights, L.I. N. Y. .. ' 55 Koneman, Elmer W., Lakewood, Colo ' 54 Lamb, William E., Denver, Colo ' 52 Lasater, John L., Yuma, Colo ' 54 Lilly, Clifford D., Berkley, Mich ' 53 Long, Clifford C, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Mehos, John G., Salida, Colo ' 52 Melle, Charles F., Park Ridge, III ' 52 Milner, Jerold F., San Carlos, Calif ' 53 Mourning, Donald B., Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Oberto, Edwin L., Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Peplinski, Leroy I ., East Detroit, Mich ' 54 Richman, Russell, Wellington, Colo ' 52 Rusho, Wilbur L., Denver, Colo ' 52 Sabo, Ernest A., Wyandotte, Mich ' 53 Shellev, Rudolph P., Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Shenton, David W., Schenectady, N. Y ' 53 Stoehr, Raymond E., Dubois, Idaho Sympson, Robert E., Lamar, Colo Vogeler, August H., Elko, Nev Wegner, Weldon D., Yuma, Colo 64 Whiting, Ellis E., North Platte, Neb l Williams, R. Dale, Golden, Colo « PLEDGES Baker, Robert L., Des Moines, Iowa Best, Robert D., San Marino, Cal if. Cornell, Richard F., Wilmette, 111. Coughlin, Robert E.. Springfield, III. Gushing, John W., Berea, Ohio Esbenson, Philip G., Denver, Colo. .. Foster, Bill H., Des Moines, Iowa .. Fox, Evarts C, Pueblo, Colo. 53 55 .55 55 55 54 53 55 Freedle, Lucien C, Pueblo, Colo. " Fuhrman, Glenn F., Dubuque, Iowa | Gerling, A. Wayne. Millbrae. Calif J Goodman, John Douglass. Del Norte, Coin. " Mickey, John D., Boulder, Colo. Holt, P. Duane, Dove Creek. Colo. Howell, Gary L., Yuma. Colo Hughes. Pete F.. Pueblo. Colo jj Lamkin, Peter H.. Glenwood Spring?. Colo. ... S Morris, Robert O., Steamboat Springs. Colo. Neary. Don O.. Lakewood, Colo. Patch, Donald C, Denver, Colo. JJ Rogers, James C. Roswell. N. Mex. !? Stabler, Richard. Westchester, 111. Stark. James A.. Wilmette. Ill Stirm, H. Glenn, San Mateo, Calif. ' Van Arsdall. Robert E., Maywood, III. •« Weichsel. Morton E., Pueblo. Colo. . . t West, William L.. Greeley, Colo Sj White, Gerard L., Maywood, 111 lJJ Yantis, T. Richard. Denver, Colo. ' €5 - Anderson Best Bowden Bradbury Broberi Champion Chapman Cushin Foster vi Fox Freedle Fuhrman I OFFICERS Joe Pells President Jerry Cohen Vice-President Stan Spiegel House Manager Marvin Langer Secretary The Phi Sig trophy case was opened wide this year for the ad mittance of four new cups. Three of them were won during ti highly successful Homecoming. The float, built during a miniature blizzard, took a first place trophy in the Men ' s Bronze Divisioni Another first-placer was received for the house decorations. Last but not least, the Phi Sig ' s won the race across Folsom Stadiun in the traditional chariot races. The fourth new trophy was thtj Interfraternity Council Activities Award. Some of the men who helped to win the I.F.C. Activities Aware were: Norm Gelman, Editor of the Silver and Gold, and Phi Beb Kappa; Stan Spiegel, member of the Business School Board o Directors; Jerry Cohen, Chairman of the Club First Nightei Program; Joe Pells, Club First Nighter Finance Chairman Marvin Langer, Publicity Chairman of Campus Chest. The officers of Phi Sigma Delta who helped to make thi: year so successful were: Joe Pells, master f rater; Jerry Cohen vice-master f rater; Stan Spiegel, house manager; Marvin Lan ger, secretary; Bill Shiffman, steward; Bryce Zarit, rush captain ' Mrs. Edith House is the Phi Sigma Delta Housemother. 394 ACTIVES Berman, David, Denver, Colo 53 Chappell, William, Denver, Colo 54 Cohen, Jerome, Syracuse, N. Y ' 53 fishman, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Goldman, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gray, Ronald, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Greenberg, Fred, Denver, Colo ' 52 Heller, Arnold, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kass, Mayer, Paterson, N. J. ' 52 Katchen, Bruce, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kupetz, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lander, Marvin, Detroit, Mich. ' 53 Ledder, Bennett, Denver, Colo ' 54 Levine, Phillip, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Levinson, Jay, Chicago, 111. ' 54 Lewenberg, Richard, Newton Center, Mass. ' 53 Lutovich, Gerald. Denver, Colo ' 53 Meyer, Harold, Longmont, Colo ' 53 Miller, Myron, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Miller, Wesley, Denver, Colo ' 54 Pells, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 52 Reingold, Elliot, Denver, Colo ' 53 Rich, Leslie, Clayton, Mo. ' 54 Robbins, Martin, Denver, Colo. 52 Rosenberg, Laurence, Denver, Colo ' 54 Rubens, Merle, Baltimore, Md ' 53 Rubin, Myron, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 53 Sapiro, Wesley, Denver , Colo ' 53 Schmidt, Stephen, Cincinnati. Ohio ' 54 Schwartz, Stuart, Chicago, 111. ' 54 Shiffman, William, Jersey City, N. J ' 52 Schneider, Thomas, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Shpall, Harvey, Denver, Colo ' 53 Siegel, Noah, Denver. Colo ' 5 Siegel, Stanley, Chicago, 111 ' 5 Spiegel, Stanley, Shelbyville, III |5; Streicker, Mitchell, Chicago, 111 Sj Superstein, David, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 5, Talpers, Merrill, Denver, Colo. , ' 5f Weinberger, Marvin, Cleveland, Ohio ' 5i Weiner, Howard, Denver, Colo. 5j Weltman, Albert, Denver, Colo. ' 5) Weltman, Delbert, Denver, Colo. ]5j Zarit, N. Bryce, Denver, Colo jSj Zinn, Noah, Denver, Colo 5| PLEDGES Band, Charles, Denver, Colo. Berg, Alan, Chicago, 111. Bloom, Jordan. Chicago, 111. Engbar. Lee, Denver. Colo. Gardenswartz, Stanley, Denver, Colo. Goldman, Donald, Denver, Colo Freidlander, Daniel, Chicago, 111. Feldman, Norman, Denver, Colo. ..- Freilich, Sanford, Phoenix, Ariz. , . Kupetz, Arnold, Denver, Colo Lackner, Allan, Denver, Colo Maroove, Gerald, Denver, Colo Naiman, Bernie, Denver, Colo. Rubenstein, Laurie, Denver, Colo. . Sampson, Richard, Chicago, 111. Schneider, Frank, Denver, Colo Simon, Roger, Denver, Colo Wenner, Gordon, Denver, Colo Winters, Morley, Denver, Colo Zekman, Robert, Denver, Colo li Berg Kerman Bloom Chappell Colien Freilick Friedlander Fishman Goldman Gray Greenber Heller Kass Katchen Lackner Langer Levine Levinson Lutovich Marcove Meyer Pells Rich Robbins Rosenberg Rubens Rubenslein Rubin Sampson Sapiro Schneider, F. Schwartz Shiftman Siegal. N. Spiegal Streiker Superstein Weinberger Wenner Winters Zarit Zekman pi kappa alpha OFFICERS Ben Brown President Jim Karbatsch Vice-President Mike Naeve Secretary Don Hillock Treasurer The Pikes once again this year made themselves known on the j campus by a barrage of social events and intramural activities. Guided by Ben Brown, president; Jim Karbatsch, vice-president; . Mike Naeve, secretary; and Don Hillock, treasurer; Beta Upsilon j chapter rolled on to new heights for a successful year. The social calendar got off to a good start with the spring formal in Denver, Miss Sue Henkle being elected Dream Girl of 1951, The well known Barn Dance was held in the fall with twenty years of know-how behind it to make it a real " fun time " for all. The infant Ski Function, held for the third time in February, isi proving to be a growing delight for all participants- These main| functions were augmented throughout the year by weekly func- tions, sneaks, and week-end parties to make the social schedule a full and eventful one. The intramural activities were many and varied with the Pi Kaps tying for first in vollyball and second in softball in fraternity; ; league play in the spring. In the fall the Pikes took fourth in thej all school swimming meet and played good football and water polo ' throughout the season. For the third year Mother Reed took first place in the hearts of the chapter, for her guidance and devotion will always remain with the CU Pi Kaps. 396 ACTIVES Baratelli, Jack. Colorado Springs, Colo 54 Bendar, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 53 Black, Bob, Jersey City. N. J ' 53 Brown, Ben, Waco, Texas Gr. Brown, John S., Denver, Colo ' 54 Brown, Robert, Altadena, Calif 54 Brown, Tom, Hot Springs, S. D |52 Browne, John T., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Bughman, Russ, Denver, Colo „ ' 54 Burge, Hartand, Littleton, Colo ' 53 Butcher. Charles, Freeport, III ' 52 Callender, Jim, Arvada, Colo ' 53 Caniield, Roy. Boulder, Colo 52 Conway, Bruce, Omaha, Neb. ' 52 Dean, Gary, Denver, Colo ' 54 Detweiler, Bill, Grand Island, Neb Gr. Dever, Chuck, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 52 Dinkle. Tom. Denver, Colo. ' 52 Ewy, Howard, Denver, Colo ' 52 Field, Marty, Greeley, Colo ' 54 Fundingsland, Larry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gobble, Larr ' , Brighton, Colo ' 53 Harlan, Bob, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Harvey, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 54 Head, Ken, Sterling, Colo ' 53 Hillock. Don. Aurora, III ' 52 Hise, Glen, Aurora, III ' 53 Hollister. Herb, Boulder, Colo 54 Hopkins, Larry, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Hoskins, Don, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Hyde, Jim, Marengo, 111 ' 53 Jenkins, Cramer, Omaha, Neb ' 53 Johns, Frank, Hot Springs. S. D [53 Karbatsch, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 52 Keating, Den, Atkinson, Neb 53 Koger, Bud, Therinopolis, Wyo 53 Landin, Gar -, Greeley. Colo 54 Lane, Don, Denver. Colo ' 54 Loney, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lusby,, Cecil, Brush. Colo. ' 53 Markham. Roger. Denver, Colo 54 Martin, Bob, Pueblo, Colo 53 McCone, Bob, Julesburg, Colo ' 53 McDowell. Bill. Pueblo. Colo ' 52 Metzger, Mark, Clayton, Mo ' 54 Millard. Ronnie, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Naeve, Mike, Loveland, Colo 53 Nichols, Ken, Louviers, Colo ' 52 O ' Brien, Francis, Wilmington, Del ' 52 ' O ' Neil. Bud, Boulder, Colo ' 53 1 Oiander, Bob, Wheatridge, Colo ' 521 Pankey, Phil, Harrtsburg, III .Gr. Plambeck, Don, Denver, Colo - 54 Rademacher, Paul, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Randolph, Bob, Las Animas, Colo 52 1 Robinson, Don, Denver, Colo ' 54 1 Saleh, Bill. Boulder. Colo 54. Seible, Ed. Centralia, III 53; Shirk, Don, Wheatridge, Colo |53; Sprague, Hall, Michigan City, Ind 52 Thomas. Jack. Boulder, Colo 54 Thompson, Neil, Boulder, Colo 54 Tooley, Jack, Denver, Colo 5- Yonkers, Ed, Kichman, Calif ' 5- PLEDGES Abood, Joe, Grand Island, Neb ' 55 Beckwith, Jack, Lunenburg, Mass ' 54 Beery Harley, Sterling, Colo 54 Brictson, Clyde, Chicago, III 5S Callender, Dave, Arvada, Colo. 55 Coleman. Matt. North Hollywood. Calif. 55 ' Hamblen, Harold, Las Animas, Colo - 53 Harlan, Don, Denver, Colo. 55 Jagger, Jere, Honolulu, Hawaii 55 Jensen. Jerry, Denver, Colo 55 Lamb, George, Tulsa, Okla 55, Masters, Dave, North Platte, Neb 55 Matteson. Gene. Boulder. Colo 55 Peed, Bob, Roswell. N. M -155 Peterson, Harry. Sterling. Colo 55 Rundell, Reid, Webster Groves, Mo 55 Simmonds, Bill, New York, N. Y ' 55 Smith. Larry, Sterling, Colo -54 Stahr. Jonny, Elkhart, Ind jjS: Tho mpson, Norm, Palo Alto, Calif 55 Tolson, Dick, Omaha, Nebr 54j Walker. Jack. Boulder, Colo 54 Weis, Bob, San Marino, Calif 55 H Reckwtth Black Brictson, C. Bronn, B. Brown, R. Brown, T. Browne Busman Butcher Callender, J. Canfield Dean Dinkle Field Gobble Hamblen Harlan, D. Harvey Head Hillock Hise Hopkins Hyde Jagjler Jenkins Johns Karbatsch Koger Lamb Landtn Lane Loney Lowe Markham Martin Master McDowell Metzger Millard Naeve Nichols O ' Brien Olander O ' Neil Pan key Peterson Plambeck Kademachcr Randolph Robinson Rundell Saleh Sinimoiids Spra ue Thomas Thompson, N. Tolson Tooley Walker Weis 397 i Sigma alpha epsilon OFFICERS Joe Lacy President Jim Brown Vice-President Mercer Cross Secretary Jack Lehman Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon prospered with the 1951-52 year. Excelling in campus activities, intramural athletics and campus politics, thel fraternity climaxed the year with a fall semester formal honoring the outstanding pledge class. Lael DeMuth, Joe Lacy and Bob Eberhardt were on the ASUC Commission, DeMuth served as president of the student body. Other SAE men in prominent positions on campus were: Bob Mayer, president of Phi Epsilon Phi; Jim Fish, drum major; Bob Crockett, Managing editor of the Coloradan; Gould Allison, cheerleader; Jim Dalthorp, Tom Harrold, Bob Stewart, Jack Treece, Joe Riddle and Jack Murphy, varsity sports, Colorado U. Days awards were given SAE for 1st place in float and carnival booth competition. The Sig Alphs celebrated their sixtieth anniversary last spring wi th a four-day celebration. Margot Hodgson was chosen as sweetheart over a field of 55 candidates for the honor. Other high- lights of the year ' s activities were the spring formal, functions Christmas party and the Apache dance. National SAE President, Robert R. Aarner, visited the house and commended the chapter as being one of the finest in the realms of the nation ' s largest fraternity. 398 ACTIVES Alexander. Thomas, Wellington, Kan ' 53 Allen, Jack, Tulsa. Okla. 53 Allisun, Gould. Boulder, Colo 64 Barker. Thomas, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Barry, Sam, Long Beach, Cal. ' 53 Bluhm, Harold, La Grange. Ill ' S3 Brown. James, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Coad, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa ' 53 Cohrs, John. Winnetka, III ' 52 Conrey, James. Maxwell, Neb ' 5 Crockett, Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Cross, Mercer, Denver. Colo. ]52 Cunningham. Duane, Denver, Colo -...- 52 Dalthorp, Brooklings, S. D 53 Davis, Robert, De.iver. Colo 5t DeMuth, Lael. Boulder, Colo. ' 52 DeMuth, Laurence, Boulder, Colo G Eberhardt. Robert, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Emrick, Robert, Denver, Colo ' i3 Gardner, Bill, Huron, S. D ' 51 Gill, Duane, Mitchell, Neb " 52 Grieser, Robert, Western Springs, III. ' 52 Haigh, Charles, Homevvood, III ' 54 Hartshorn, James. Englewood, Colo ' 53 Heiin. Robert, Redlands, Cal 52 Heinzman, William, La Junta, Colo. ' 51 Hoffman, Le Roy, Eureka, S. D ' 5% Joseph, Gary, Boulder, Colo 53 King. James, Aberdeen, S. D. " 54 Kittleman. Willis, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Kuhlman, Joseph. Denver, Colo. ' 54 Kutil, Donald, Eureka. S. D ' 54 Lacy, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lawrence. Henry, Tulsa, Okla. ' 54 Lawson. Donald, Sunland. Cal G Lawson, Kenneth, Sunland, Cal. ' 53 Lehman, John, Cedar Rapids. Iowa 53 Lowden, James, Forest Park, III. 52 MacDougal. Charles, Denver, Co!- ' 53 McDermid, James, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 54 Mayer, Robert, La Junta, Colo. ' 54 Meyer, Robert, Evanston, III ' 54 Murphy, John, Denver, Colo ' 54 Myers, Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Ostertag. Harold, El Paso, Tex ' 54 Pruss, Donald, Liberty ville, lU ' 53 Robertson, Larry, Denver, Colo 54 Ryder, Richard, Sacramento, Cal ' 5? Seashore, Charles, Wilmette, III ' 54 Shade, Robert, Denver, Colo ,... 52 Spees, Everett, Weaver, S. D ' 5 Spenst, Aubrey, Denver, Colo ' 52 Steward, Robert, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 53 Stewart, Robert, Aberdeen, S. D ' 53 Strobridge, Richard, La Grange, III ' 54 Weber, John, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Welter, James, Aberdeen, S. D ]54 Westerberg, Verne, Wilmette, III - ' 54 Wilcox, John, Decatur, III ]53 Williams, James. Denver, Colo ' 54 PLEDGES Barber, Dennis, Tuscola, III [. " Blake, James, Kerville, Tex ' 53 Brigham, Warren, Pueblo, Colo ]5.Sj Burns, Gerald, Denver, Colo 3 1 Capper, Cap, Manistee, Minn S Collifiower, William, Sandwich, 111 ]55 Cowan, Brock, Altadena, Cal ' 55: Craddock, James. Pueblo, Colo Curtis, John, Hammond, III. ' 53i De Graaf, Russell, Redlands, Cal ' 55 Dell. Robert, Aberdeen. Cal Emerson, Gerald, La Mesa, N. M Fish, Jim, Aberdeen, S. D. Frager, John, Boulder, Colo Greenwood, Donald, Park Falls, Wis. Haney, James, Galesburg, III 55, Houser, Robert, Sioux Falls, S. D [55, Harrold, Tom, Muncic, Ind ' 55i Karst, Ralph, Sheboygan, Wis. .;55: Kline, James, Anoka, Minn. - ' 55 Kroenert, George, Pueblo, Colo - ' 55, La Shell, Robert, Denver, Colo JSh ' Lance. Keith, La Junta, Colo. - ' 55, Lee, Jerry, Boulder, Colo " 5? Leishman, William, Altadena, Cal. ' 55 . ' 55 ' . ' 55 ' •55 . ' 55, . ' 55 ' 5? , ' 55 ' •55; . ' 55 ' ,. ' 55. . 55 . ' 55 „ ' 55 ' „„... _ , ... ...:ss Stubbs, Phineas, Marshall town, Iowa " 5| Treece, Jack, Grand Junction. Colo. , ' - ' Turner, George, Altadena, Cal ' 5?_ Van Sandt, Barry, Washington, D. C. ' 5;; Unfug, George, Pueblo, Colo ' 5 " Weilcr. James, Pueblo, Colo • -i? " Zietz, Carl, Denver, Colo. ' 5r Luhrs. Carson, San Mateo, Calif. MacDonald, James, Baynard, Neb. . Malz, Carl, Evanston. Ill Mock, Charles, Muncie, Ind Moores, Jack, Omaha, Neb Piper, Bruce, Boulder, Colo Raley, William, Dallas, Tex Ranglos, James, San Diego, Cal. Rice, David, Wayne, Neb Riddle, Joseph, Boulder, Colo Shea, James, Wray, Colo. Alexander Allen Allison Anderson Barry HIake Kriftham iirown Burns CAow ( oad ( ollifluwer ( onrcy ( owan Oockett Cross Curtis De Graaf Dell Kberhardt Em rick Fish Gardner Gill (irieser Haiffh Haney Hartshorn Heim Hoffman Houser Joseph King Kline Kroenert Kutil Lacy I.ance La Shell Lawrence Leishman Lovvden Liihrs MacDou l Mayer McDermid Moores Ostertftg Pokie Raky Kobertson Ryder Shade Specs Spenst Steward Stewart S turves Treece Turner Weiler Welter VVillinms 399 Sigma chi OFFICERS Glenn Hunter President Paul Lesser Vice-President Hawley Smith Secretary Tom Bloom Treasurer I Once again another successful year has been added to Bet Mu ' s list. Despite a loss of many men both to the service anc through graduation, Sigma Chi has maintained and increased itj high position on Colorado ' s campus. This is due particularly t( the able guidance of the fraternity by the officers Glenn Hunter president; Paul Lesser, vice-president; Hawley Smith, secretary Tom Bloom, treasurer; and Mrs. Earl H, Whitman, loyal house mother. The social calendar was again well-filled with " super " dance: and functions. The Miami Triad and the Spring Sweetheart danc were once again the highlights of the year. The Sigs took top honors, singing with the Delta Gammas, ii the annual songfest held during CD days celebration. Sigma Ch is well proud of its intramural ventures. Al Chapman and Ton Payne captured wrestling titles for their respective weights, Th water polo team became school champion, and the basketball tean was unbeatable. In campus activities the Sigs were well represented. Some o the " wheels " included: Dick Axell, ASUC Commissioner of Spiri and Morale; Joe Ardourel, Art Editor of Coloradan; Glenn Hunter, Fraternity Sorority Editor of Coloradan; Hawley Smith Regimental Commander ROTC; Chuck Dodson, NROTC Exec Off.; Don Branby, varsity football, basketball, and baseball; Kei Huffer, varsity football. 400 ACTIVES Adams. Edward S., Winnetka, III 53 Ardourel, Joe B., Boulder, Colo. ' 53 Axel, Richard A., Denver, Colo ' 52 Bennett, William E., Lakewood, Colo ' 54 Bierbaum. William E., Golf, III |52 Blaha, James A., Denver, Colo. S2 Bloom, Thomas F., Muscatine, Iowa ' 52 Bowman, Robert W., San Diego. CaliJ. 52 Bramby. Donald J., Glenwood. Minn 53 Brown. Bondi W.. Chicago. III. 54 Brown, Ralph C. El Cajon. Calif 53 Burns, William A., Tucson, Ariz. ' 53 Chapman, Alexander B., Colorado Springs, Colo, .. ' 54 Clark. Kenneth M.. Riverside, Calif. 52 Dabbs, Charles L., Roswell. N. M ' 52 Dodson. Charles H.. Wilmette, III ' 52 Ellwood, William W.. Boulder. Colo [52 Ennis, Charles W.. Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Evenson. E. Harold. Wheatridge. Colo. ' 54 Flint. Thomas R., Salt Lake City. Utah 53 Foster. G. Davis. Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Hackworth, Robert D., Denver, Colo. ' 5 Helder, George K.. Grand Rapids, Mich. ' 52 Hook, James M., Santa Monica, Calif ' 54 Huffer, Kenneth R.. Chicago. III. ' 54 Hunter. Glen E.. Gillette. Wyo ' 53 Kemp. G. Parker. Lexington. Ill 54 Larsen, Gerald H., Denver, Colo ' 52 Lemen, David A., Council Bluffs, Iowa 54 Lesser, Paul A.. San Diego. Calif. ' 53 Magee. Donald C, Chicago, III. ' 54 Mariani, John, Denver, Colo ' 54 Markham, Allan W., Chapel Hill, N. C. ..: ' 53 Marks, Keith, Denver, Colo. 54 Martin, Richard A., Winnetka, 111 ' 54 Noyes, David M., Fergus Falls, Minn ' 54 Palmer, John D.. Chicago, III. 53 Payne, Thomas W., Denver, Colo 54 Pncuman, Fritz C. Boulder. Colo 53 Robb. M. Bryce. Kansas City, Mo. ' 53 Rosvall, Robert. Denver. Colo. - Simmon. David A.. London, Ohio Singer, M. Keith. Colorado Springs. Colo. Smith, Hawley, St. Louis, Mo. Stigler. Reece. Park Ridge. Ill Thorsen, Malcolm L., Highland Park, 111. Watson, John C, Denver, Colo. Welch, Porlis G., Riverside, Calif Wixom, Charles W., Pontiac, Mich York, Dennison W., Alhambra, Calif. PLEDGES Bird, Carl M., Boulder. Colo. Cline. J. Philip, Kansas City, Mo Dennv, Earl R., Washington, Ind Galey, Frank R.. Winnetka, III Groves, Kenneth H., Billings, Mont. Hofmeister, E. Frank, Denver, Colo Hunter, Robert M.. East Lansing, Mich. .. Keller. Ralph L.. Billings. Mont. Kidder, L. Michael, Batavia. N. Y Klass, Peter C. Minneapolis. Minn Kugel, Gary P.. Longmont. Colo Lindenmayer. John C, Grinnell, Iowa Mathews. W. Bradley, Washington, D. C. McNiel, Robert N., Billings, Mont. Mitchell. Willis D.. Grover. Colo Montague. John A.. Denver, Colo Myers, Melvin C, Roswell, N. M Nelson, James P.. Rockford, III Payne, Ronald G., Denver. Colo Saunders. Donald W., Boulder. Colo Snyder, Charles E., Muskegon, Mich Strassheim, Daniel, Wilmette, 111. Sykes. John R., Chicago, 111. Waggoner, Robert, Burbank, Calif. Watson. Robert. Denver. Colo. Wilbur. Milton, Kansas City, Mo Wilson, Michael Lanikai. Oahu, T. H, Wippern. Ronald, Chicago, III ;:|:; r J i-» f -J ft Bktw f - ' 1! . Adams Ardourel Axell Bennett Bierbaum Bird Bloom Blaha Bowman Brown, B. Brown, R. Burns Chapman Cline Dabbs Denny Dodsoa Ellwood Ennis Evenson Flint Foster Groves Hackworth Hagerty Hau brock Helder Hood Hunter, G. Hunter, R. Keller Kemp Kidder Klass Kuehn Larson Lemen Lesser Ltndenmaycr Ma gee Mariant Markham Marks Martin McNeil Mitchell Montague Myers Nelson Noyes Palmer Paolella Payne Pneuman Kobb Rosvall Saunders Singer Smith Stigler Strassheim Syken Thorsen Watson Welch Wilbur Wilson Wippern York 401 1 Sigma nu OFFICERS Ward H. Fischer President William B. Ryder Vice-President Charles G. King _ Treasurer Lee Larsen Secretary This year marks the 50th anniversary for Sigma Nu on the campus of the University of Colorado. To start the very eventful year, Gamma Kappa won first prize in the gold division and also grand prize for the house decorations during the Homecoming celebration. Highlights of the fall semester were a very success- ful pajama party, the annual pledge-active football game and beer bust, the Greenwich Village " Cairo Casbar " dance, an an- nual Christmas party for a number of Boulder ' s underprivileged children, and numerous other activities. The second semester saw Sigma Nu active in many campus functions, with the White Rose Formal and the Spring Formal being the outstanding social events. Leading the chapter through the very successful year was Commander Ward Fischer, Lt. Commander Bill Ryder, Secretary Lee Larsen, and Treasurer Charles King. Mrs. C. C. " Mom " Crawford was with us again this year and was a major factor in making the house a wonderful place in which to live. Sigma Nu could well be proud of her varsity athletic represent atives, with eight men on the football squad, two on the basket ball team, four baseball players, two swimmers, one wrestler, and three cinder-men. This golden anniversary year was a fitting climax for 50 sue cessful years of Sigma Nu at Colorado. We hope the next 50 years will be even greater than the past half-century. 402 ACTIVES Bateman, Robert A., Austin, Minn |53 Bekins, Donald M., Burlingame, Calif ' 54 Blackmarr, Ned P., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Brand, Vance E., Longmont, Colo ' 53 Brindley, Thomas A., Toledo, Ohio ' S3 Bywaters, Theodore W., Dallas, Texas ' 53 Coombs, Charles P., Kalamazoo, Mich ' S3 Diven, James E., Fowler, Colo ' 53 Englehardt, Dan T., Silver Spring, Md ;53 Feder, Harold A., Lakewood, Colo ' 54 Fischer, Ward H., Ft. Collins, Colo Law [53 Fuoco, James E., Grand Junction, Colo ' 54 Gibson, William K., Santa Fe, N. M |52 Haigh, James R., Burlingame, Calif ' 53 Hill, David, Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Horine, Larry, Margarita, Canal Zone 53 Johnson, Wallace L., Englewood, Colo ' 53 Killius, Richard W., Rocky River, Ohio ' 54 Killius, Robert A., Rocky River, Ohio ]52 King, Charles G., Lamar, Colo ' 53 Knowlton. Richard. Austin, .Minn [54 Larsen, Lee, Longmont, Colo ' 52 Miskell, Whitney J., Rocky River, Ohio ' 54 Morton, Robert R., Jackson, Minn ' 54 Quinlan, John S., Antonito, Colo ' 54 Rash, Stanley D., Fairfield, Iowa ' 53 Raveling, Jerome L., Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Richman, William H., Amarillo, Texas ' 53 Rios, Irv. San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Roberts, Duane L., Craig, Colo ' 52 Rock, Arlo K., Billings, Montana ' 54 Ryder, William B., Oklahoma City, Okla ' 53 Shanstrom, Robert L., Ft. Collins, Colo Law ' 54 Stocking, William, Denver, Colo ' 53 Stokes, Ronald, Boulder. Colo Sji Tharp, Jay, Denver, Colo ,|f| Underbill, Burton, Lakewood, Colo Ji; Van Stralen. John C, San Mateo, Calif — 5+ Wichman. Paul K., Golden, Colo " " .e Young, Frank O., Delta, Colo ,5+ Zeman, Albert L., Los Angeles, Calif ■ ' ' PLEDGES , Brown, Ernest. Des Moines, Iowa 5.j Cooper, Jim W., Ft. Collins, Colo. 5 ' , Ferreri, J. Ronald, Albuquerque, N. M 5. ' Fleck, Tom, Fargo, N. Dak 5!; Grosvenor, George, Pueblo, Colo 5.: Guastella, Joseph S., Gary, Ind _- : Hass, Loial B., Ft. Morgan, Colo .: ' Hewitt, Arthur, Milwaukee, Wis C: Holdorson. Burdette, Austin, Minn j - Kimmel, J. Richard, Boulder. Colo 5. Kohrs. Robert H., Davenport, Iowa 5.j Konselman. John, Colorado Springs, Colo S., Kowal, Bill, Gary, Ind. 5. March, Arthur, Ft. Collins, Colo ». Miles. Marten, Boulder, Colo , Ortega, F.duardo. Popa an, Colombia ■ " ' Riebe, John O.. Paris Island, N. C ] ' . Speier, Robert V., Denver. Colo ; Stanford. Thomas, Boulder, Colo ; Starika. Jerry, Pueblo, Colo Stokes, Rusr.ell. Boulder. Colo ' ; Swan. Danial. Hinsdale. III. ; Todd. Robert, Austin, Minn Trittipo, Tom T.. San Mateo. Calif. ,i Welch, Noel L.. Grand Junction, Colo. - Wigington, Jack, Walden, Colo " Brand Rrindlcv Diven Hnfjlchardt Ptder I ' crreri I ischer 1-leck [• " uoco Gibson Haas Hart Hewitt Horine Johnson, H. Johnson, W. Killius Konselman March Morton Ortefia Quintan Kansom Rios Speier Stanford Starika Swan Trittipo Todd Van Stralen Wiciin ' an Zeman 403 sigma phi epsilon OFFICERS AI Watson President Clayton Brown Vice-President Harry Thode Comptroller Claude McDonald Secretary With the innovation of the semester system the Sig Eps stream- lined their own activity calendars and came up with a number of big red letter days. Homecoming was one of these, the weekend successfully netting three trophies, house decorations being chosen second, the old time trolley rolling away with another second place in the float parade, and a third place taken in the chariot race. The intramural athletic calendar was replete with red letter days. The football team was eliminated from the finals after win- ning ten straight games. The water polo players were upset in the all school championship game on this same day. During this time many actives and pledges were engaged in campus activities, football participants including Bill Allen, Bob Wilson, Russ Burwell, Bill Brooks, and K. G. Reeves. Harley William pitched for the varsity nine, Dip Darden advanced from sports editor to city editor of the Silver and Gold, Dair Stewart and Norm Brown were also prominent in campus committees. Under the capable direction of Al Watson, president, Glayton Brown, vice-president, Harry Thode, comptroller, Tex Mc- Donald, secretary, and Gharlie Hedenstad, historian, Sig Eps are looking ahead to a year of unprecedented achievements. With the advent of commencement Sigma Phi Epsilon shall lose 16 men, but the momentum will be sustained with the spirit of a superior pledge class. The success of the E rench Apache pledge dance is indicative of the initiative of these new men. 404 ACTIVES Allen, William, Arvada, Colo. ' 52 Argeris, George, Worland, Wyo, 53 Auerbach, Jack, Honolulu, Hawaii ' 54 Bancroft, John, Kearney, Neb ' 54 Bate, Richard H., Denver, Colo ' 53 Bechtold, Bruce C., Denver, Colo ' 53 Bolt, Ross M., Denver, Colo ' 53 Brown, Clayton, Chadron, Neb ' 52 Burkhardt, William. Brighton, Colo ' 52 Burwell, Russel, Rock Island, 111 ' 54 Darden, Lloyd, Sacramento, Calif ' 52 Denice, John, Jersey City, N. J ' 53 Drew, Russell, Canal Zone ' 52 Evans, Wayne, Casper, Wyo, ' 52 Goff, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 52 Gooder, Ronald, Casper, Wyo ' 53 Goulden, Richard, Chicago, III ' 52 Gregor, Kenneth, Lincolnwood, III. ' 52 Grosz, Carl, Casper, Wyo. ' 54 Hedenstad, Charles R., Worcester, Mass ' 54 Johnson, Dale V., Denver, Colo ' 53 Lindberg, Richard, Holyoke, Colo ' 53 Lucas, LeRoy, Topeka, Kan 53 McCutchan, David, Louisville, Ky ' 54 McDonald, Claude, Houston, Texas ' 53 Nance, Harry, Denver, Colo 51 O ' Malley. Ed, Chicago, 111 " 53 Ralls, Daniel, Altadena, Calif ' 54 Rider, Bob, Durango, Colo ' 54 Schwarz, Don Wm., Chadron, Neb 51 Scott, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 53 Stewart, Dair, Aurora, 111 ' 52 Struthers, Joseph, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Thode, Harry, Arvada, Colo ' 52 Watson, Allen, Glen EUyn, 111 ]52 Webermeier, John, Holyoke, Colo ' 51 Wiese, Jack, Thiensville, Wis. ' 53 Williams, Harley, Golden, Colo ' 53 Wilson, Robert, Valentine, Neb ' 51 Young, George, Denver, Colo 53 Zarlengo, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Anderson, Jon, Highland Park, III ' 55 Atwood, Edward, Stockton, Calif ' 54 Binford, Dave, Aurora, III. ' 55 Black, James, Chicago, III 55 Breach, Ronald, Rogens City, Mich ' 55 Brook, Allen, Chicago, III. ' 55 Brooks, Bill, Milan, 111 55 Brown, Norman, Colorado Springs, Colo 55 Burger, Donald, Boulder, Colo 55 Dorough, Phil, Highland Park, III |55 Fry, William, Fairfield, Iowa 54 Hook, Edward, River Forest, III ' 55 John, Arthur, Haddonfield, N. J S5 Josephson. Gil, Denver, Colo ' 54 Keenan, Mike, Dayton, Wash 53 Kirnmett, Jim, Denver, Colo, ' 55 Nagel, Daniel, Chicago, 111. |55 Pope, Ed, South Pasadena, Calif ' 55 Reeves, K. C, Ossining, N. Y ' 55 Shad wick, George, Crete, 111 j54 Speno, Tony, Ithaca, N. Y. 53, Tierney, Russ, Golden, Colo. ' 54 Trowbridge, Laddie, Sheboygen Falls, Wis 55| Weisz. Ed, Westbury, Long Island. N. Y ' 55! Young, John, Colorado Springs, Colo ||4| Zehner, George, Chicago, III 55i Allen Anderson Ariferis At wood Bancroft Bechtold Binford Black Bolt Breach Brown Burger Burwell Darden Uenice Uurou Drew Friedman Fry Goff Goulden Greger Grosz Hedenstad Hook Josephson Kcenan Kemmett McCutchan Nngle Nance O ' Malley Pope Reeves Schwarz Scott Shadwick Speno Stewart Stnilhtrs Thode Tierney Trowbridge Watson Webermeier Weisz Williams " ' oung arlengo Zehner Zwonechek 405 i f i ' tau kappa epsilon OFFICERS Fred Thorne President Don Brockway Vice-President Deane Doolin Secretary Cloyde Brown Historian The past year has contributed another successful chapter to the history of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Our second year on the GU campus is one which we look back on with a sense of due pride and many accomplishments. We owe a great deal to the able leaders of our fraternity who have put the needed emphasis on drive and initiative to make a name for TKE on the campus. During the fall term, the Tekes held their yearly Paris Underground Party. No one could speak " La Francais " ; how- ever, there was plenty of that continental atmosphere. The chap- ter will migrate to Laramie, Wyoming in April for the annual Province Formal. The Spring Formal in May will conclude our social events for the year. Tau Kappa Epsilon is extremely proud of the many pledges we took into our ranks this year. Next year will be an even greater chapter in our history for we will have a new house from which we can operate as a bigger and better organization on the campus of the University of Colorado. 406 ACTIVES Bailer, Ben, Urbana, 111 ' 55 Bishop, Frederick, Denver, Colo ' 53 Brockway, Donald, Sidney, Mont. ' 53 Brown, Cloyde, Cheyenne, Wyo 53 Bumgarner, Frank, Denver, Colo ' 52 Buxton, Richard, McCracken, Kan 55 Doolen, Deane. Memphis, Tenn 52 Fritz, Noel, Staunton, III ' 54 Fuhrinan, Tom, Dubuque, Iowa ' 53 Irwin, Dennis, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Keller, Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Kinii, Richard, New York, N. Y ' 52 Luby, William, Eagle, Colo. ' 52 McGee, Jack, Bowling Green, Miss ' 52 Morton, Dennis, Denver, Colo ' 52 Sackett, Richard, Rapid City, S. D ' 55 Stone, Thomas, Denver, Colo ' 5.S Thorne. Frederick, Tucson, Ariz. „ „ 52 Will, Francis, Durango, Colo 54 PLEDGES Adams, Donald, Scarsdale, N. Y 55 Auston, Richard, Denver. Colo 54 Bale, Rollo, Denver, Colo 55 Chase, Joe, Manitou Springs, Colo ' 55 Hersch, Richard, Pagosa Springs, Colo ' SS McGraw, Earl, Denver. Colo _ ' ■ " ' ' ' Techer, Dan, Denver, Colo — ' . Adams Bailar Bishop Brockway Brown Bum garner Buxton Doolen Fritz Furhman Kellar, K. Kellar. W. King Luby Sackett Thorne 407 XI OFFICERS Charles Bogard President John Shue Ficg President Art Wimmell Treasurer Norbert Eggering Secretary William Gavito House Manager 1951 climaxed four successful years for Theta Xi on campus. With our house greatly improved and our membership growing steadily we are now ready to take our place among campusi leaders. Our activities for the past year were many. Tom Small held the lead in " Home of the Brave " and was very active in the Player ' s Club. Jose De la Guardia was our outstanding politician, and Charlie " Brains " Bogard was elected to numerous honoraries. ' The fastest man in the fraternity was Bill Gavito, two miler on, the University Track Team. The leading activity, howeverj seemed to be marriage. Brothers Oertli, Snyder, Grey, Nash, ' Oehlkers, Hodgkin, Gates, and Jones were lost to sorority girls. Our foremost activities were probably those in the social field. In the interest of all, the Founders ' Day Banquet was held at the University Club in Denver where members and alumni alike en- joyed an informal get together. In contrast to this, however, last spring was climaxed by Theta Xi ' s beautiful Spring Formal.| Again in the fall our efforts produced the record party and finally the well known Theta Xi French Party in February. The latter was attended by Apaches, Lafayette and even Cyrano de Bergiac Our social activities were made possible by the continued efforts! of our officers. In the president ' s chair was Chuck Bogard, John Shue was vice president. Art Wimmell held the responsibility of treasurer and was nobly assisted by Don Salyards. Norbert Egger- ing was our secretary, and Bill Gavito was our housemanager. And, of course, we will be ever thankful for the efforts of our house mother, Mrs. Glea Stanley. 408 ACTIVES Abrahams, Gerald, Wyandotte, Mich ' 54 Andriola, Sal, Atlantic City, N. J ' S3 Bieser, Albert, Craig, Colo ' 53 Bennett, Joe D., Denver, Colo ' 53 Bogard, Charles, Denver, Colo ' 52 Burroughs, John, Ault, Colo ' 54 Coppi, Milton, Justine, Calif ' 52 De la Guardia, Jose, Panama City, Panama ' 52 DeuPree, Don, Craig, Colo ' 54 Eggering. Norbert, St. Louis, Mo ' 52 Gavito, William, Westminster, Colo 54 Gordon, Jimmie D., Fort Morgan, Colo ' 54 Grey, Stanley, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Hope, Robert, Hayden. Colo ' 53 Iverson, William, Denver, Colo ' 55 Johnson, Johnny A., Arvada, Colo ' 52 Kratt, William, Union, N. J ' 54 Lloyd, William, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 54 Molles, Victor, Justine, Colo ' 53 Morton, William, Constantinople, Turkey ' 54 Mueller, Lee, Eaton, Colo ' 53 Niblock, George, Denver, Colo ' 54 Oehlkers, Robert, Brighton, Colo ' 52 Oertli, Charles, St. Louis, Mo 52i Oliver, Robert, Boulder, Colo 52i Parker, Winton, Boulder, Colo 53 Phibbs, H. Albert, Denver, Colo ,54 Richardson, Raymond, Denver, Colo Salyards, Donald, Eaton, Colo 52 Shue, John, Denver, Colo ,|- ' Sinclair, Ken, Midwest, Wyo. 53, Sinclair, Flag, TiaJuana, Mexico 5. Snyder, James, Boulder, Colo 5i Stears, James, Mears, Mich ,| Terrill, Junior, Longmont, Colo 5 : Troeltzsch, Lloyd, Denver, Colo 54, Wimmell, Arthur, Las Animas, Colo 52 PLEDGES Chamberlin, Carl, Colo. Springs, Colo ]5j DeBell, James, Westminster, Colo ,5. De la Guardia, Max, Panama City, Panama 3 Huff, Ronald, Englewood, Colo ,5j| Kamp, Donald, St. Louis, Mo 5. McRonald, Bernard, Tena Fly, N. J ,5:| Small, Tom, Denver, Colo ,5 Tanner, Howard, Denver, Colo ,5| Watkins, Clarence, Craig, Colo • " ' ■ Abrahams Bieser Rogard Burroughs Coppi De Bell DeuPrec E gering Gordon De La Guardta, J. De La Guardia. M. Hope Huff Iversoa Kamp Kratt Lavito Llovd Molles Mueller Oertii Parker Phibbs Kichardson Salyards Stears TerrUI Troeltzsch Wimmell 409 zeta beta tail 1 OFFICERS Martin Bael President Sam Coleman Vice-President Marlon Somberg Treasurer Hubie Weinshienk Secretary Zeta Beta Tau ' s fifth year got off to a roaring start with two trophies GU Days — a first place for the float " Which Snake Has the Toni? " and a third spot for the carnival booth " The House; That Kefauver Missed. " In the fall of this year, the chapter pledged twenty men from all sections of the country giving promise of upholding ZBTV fine tradition of scholarship — third place among twenty fraterni ties. Zeta Beta Tau added another trophy to its growing collection — the Dean ' s Cup, while competing with all dormitory and or ganized houses during the Campus Chest Drive. The chapter ' s main point-getters around campus include: Danny Hoffman, ASUC Commissioner of Men ' s Welfare; Mart ' j Bael, president of Pi Tau Sigma engineering honorary, and solici tations chairman of Campus Chest; Lou Perlmutter, vice-presi dent of the Hillel Foundation ; and Harry Herman, chairman ot special benefits for Campus Chest. Sportwise, Lloyd Goldsteiri played on the Greek All-Star football team, and the ZBT team! placed second among all campus fraternities in intramural foot l ball. I This year ' s social program was highlighted by the annua Anniversary Spring Formal and the unique pledge dance, Qut Zebra. Fraternity beer busts, functions, and house parties wert also highly successful. Zeta Beta Tau saw a wonderful year lead by a stellar group of officers headed by Marty Bael. 410 ACTIVES Adelstein, Stanford, Denver, Colo ' 53 Aronson, Haskell, El Paso, Tex ' 52 Bael, Martin B., Mt. Vernon, N. Y ' 52 Chapman, Arthur, Highland Park, III ' 54 Cohen, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 54 Coleman, Sanford, Buffalo, N. Y ' 54 Feinburg, Leon, Albany, N. Y ' 54 Goldblatt, Arnold, Denver, Colo ' 54 Goldstein. Lloyd, Eastport, N. Y ' 52 Gottlieb, Roy, Chicago, 111 ' 5t Herman, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 53 Kaniine, Arthur, Paterson, N. J ' 54 Katz, Joel, Chicago, III ' 54 Klein, Jaines, Highland Park, III ' 54 Landauer, Thomas, Highland, Park, III ]5) Levy, Irwin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Levy, Jules, Highland Park, III ' 54 Locke, Harry, Philadelphia, Penn ' 53 Messer, Berry, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 54 Miller, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 53 Neuman, Frederick, Denver, Colo ' 54 Perlmutter, Louis, New York, N. Y ' 54 Rolfe. Mark A., Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Seid. Barre, Chicago, 111 -■■ ' ■[ Seline, Marvin, Houston, Tex ' 5 ' l Somberg, Marlon, Omaha, Neb ' 5 Wahl, Joseph, Jackson, Tenn Weinshienk, Hubert, Denver, Colo [ Weiser, Herbert, Denver, Colo Winston, Donald, Brooklyn, N. Y ' PLEDGES Arkin, Harry, Denver, Colo - Dunevitz, Burton, Denver, Colo ■ " Farber, James, Omaha, Neb. - ,i Fox, Alan, Hammond. Ind. " " Frank. Joe. New York, N. Y. ; Goorin. Alfred. San Mateo, Calif .C Joffe, Robert, Kansas City, Mo ,; Lelkovich, Allen, Sioux City, Iowa = Lieberman, Jack, Newark, N. J 5 Offenberg, John. Chicago, III ,5; Reaven, Melvin, East Chicago, Ind .-j Rose, Merle, Chicago, 111. .i) Vann, Howard, Omaha, Neb ,- Zeff, Stephan, Highland Park, III ■ " ' AdeUtein Arkin A run son Bael RIanc Cliaban Chapman Cohen Coleman Duncvitz Farber Feinberg Fox Frank Goldblatt Goldstein Goorin Gottlieb Greenspun Joffe Kamine Katz Klein Landauer i efkovich Levy, J. Lieberman Messer Miller Neumun UfTcnberfi Perlmutter Reaven Rolfe Rose Seid Saline Somberg Steinberg Vann Weinshienk Weiser Winston Zeff 411 alpha sigma phi OFFICERS Herbert E. Ware President James H. McCorcle Vice President Donald C. Rusk Secretary Frank J. DeBello Treasurer In the third year of the reorganized Pi chap- ter of Alpha Sigma Phi has continued to be suc- cessful in campus activity, particularly in social events and scholarship. Since reactivation the Alpha Sigs have managed to maintain the high- est scholastic average for fraternities on campus. The outstanding parties of the year were the French Apache Dance, given by the pledges, and the Annual Senior Sig Bust held at the Wagon Wheel Lodge. During G.U. Days, the Alpha Sigs con- structed an old time Movie theatre for their carnival booth. Working with the Tekes they won the second prize in the silver division of the 1951 Homecoming float parade. ACTIVES Catalano, Eugene N., Trail, B. C, Canada ' 53 Class, Charles R., Los Angeles. Calif. ' 52 Coffey, James M., Greeley, Colo 54 Cristofano, Sam M., Denver, Colo 52 DeBello, Frank J., Denver, Colo ' 52 Keirns, George H., Denver, Colo ' 52 McAlpine, Daniel B., Price, Utah ' 54 McCorcle, James H., Colorado City, Texas ' 53 Moore, Robert T., Anderson, Calif ' 54 Moulin, Nevin B., Gilman City, Mo ' 52 Rusk, Donald C, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Saucerman, Robert M., Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Skiffington, George L., Manitou Springs, Colo ' 52 Thomassen, Robert W., Ft. Collins, Colo ' 53 Ware, Herbert E., Dexter, Mich ' 53 Weese. Harvey J., La Junta, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Bannister, Melvin A., Colby, Kan 55 Barnum, K. Dorsey, Mosca, Colo ' 55 Claypool, James E., Canon City, Colo ' 55 Gray, Robert H.. Woodland. Calif ' 53 Kellev, Patrick A.. Denver, Colo ' 55 Sheptock, Peter M., Warren, Ohio ' 53 Strange, William H., Arvada, Colo ' 53 Studinger, Donald A., Mundelein, III 54 K [ im r " " i Top row: Bannister, Catalano, Class, Claypoole. Second row: CofFey, Cristifano. DeBello, Kelley. Third row: McAlpine, McCorcle, Moulin, Rusk. Fourth row: Sheptock, Skiffington, Studinger, Thomassen. Front row: Ware, Weise. 412 acknowledgement To you, the students, we have dedicated this book and vc hope that it lives up to your expectations in reflecting the life on the campus of the University of Colorado. It sometimes seemed that just as three flights was a long climb to the office, the finished product was a near impos- sibility, but now that the book is in your hands we can better appreciate the experiences, the doubts and the joys, that went along with making the book a reality. To each and every member of the staff who has put in the long hours, I would like to use this impersonal means of expressing my thanks and my gratitude. Many have contributed more than just hours, being fun and easy to work with and to know. Particularly am I indebted to the section editors who have all done very good jobs, and Joe Ardourel, art editor, and Bob Crockett, managing editor, who have helped so much by sharing and helping to straighten out some of the more serious problems we have encountered. My thanks also to Mr. Summers at Kistler ' s for his encouragement and to Cocks-Clark Engraving Co. for their wonderful cooperation and advice, and to both of them for giving us their best work. To all of them and to everyone else who has cooper- ated with us, goes the credit for the success this volume may achieve. SUE FISHERING EDITORIAL STAFF ADMINISTRATION: Joan Jefferson, editor Mianne Enyart Barbara McGillivray Marilyn Schrepferman Jean Marples Ann Moulton Josie Sorensen ACTIVITIES: Nan Anderson, editor Betty Baker Marguerite Bloxom Marcia Fry Dorothy Jo Robbins Shannon O ' Neil ATHLETICS: Rick Sanborn, editor Bob Muth Deane Writer Wayne Fowler John Reinhardt Harry Myers Bob Brown John Alexander Don Harris Bruce Baker John Rogers Nancy Winkler Nancy Young Susie Muller Jane Cunningham CLASS: Pati Blackwell, editor M. J. Duncan Thayer Reickers Ann Markham Jane Miller Lu Morgan Sue Morgan Natalie Snell Kitty Webster Lynn Ziegeler ORGANIZATIONS: Mim Weller, editor Nancy Thornton Mona Tervo Minerva Duncan Peggy Herrick Donna Lou Mendenhall Ginny Atwood Carol Campbell Diane Cady PACESETTERS: Rosemary Russell, editor Joanne Easley Carolyn Lindseth Cynthia Skelton Mary Droge Susan Adams ART: Joe Ardourel, editor Mona Tervo Bob Hunter Carolyn Schum Nancy Graese Pat Hill Judy Kees COPYREADERS: Cramer Jenkins, editor Jim Hyde Betty Baker Catherine Chambers Carol Piepho INDEX: Raymond McDonald, editor Jean Berry Warren Landstrom Joan Chambers Artha Lee Ford Jane Anderson JoAnu Winans Mary Ann Mitchell Betty West Sally Hoshall Carolyn Johnson FRATERNITY-SORORITY : Bob Hackworth, editor Kay King William Barker Bob Best Dorothy Ann Vaughan Catherine Cliambers Sandra Gordon Betty Savery Marion Sterrett Ruth Brown Roberta Sell Allen Markham Don Rusk Bill King Herb Schwartz Rick Sanborn Dick Roth Helen Speer Kenneth Clark Pete Hartsuff Sharlene Stevens Georgia Mecberle Dick Eliason Phil Apel Jim Kay Bart Ludeman Gerald Bad Harvey Schpall Pat Shiner Cramer Jenkins Bob Crockett Karlyn Glaser Lee Larsen Charles Hedenstad Cloyde Brown Bill Iverson Joel Ratz Betty Salzman Alice Kaufman DORMS: Mary Brown, editor Sandra Dickey Phyllis Albrecht Margery Brown LaVonne Roepnack LIFE AT CU: Bob Heffernen, editor Anne Worthington Mary Ann Kreuzer Corrine Cbodora Howell Gary Marion Sterrett Joyce Berry Eleanor Russell KING-QUEEN: Barbara Adams, editor Val Waldron Joan Wallerius Mary Hunter BUSINESS STAFF OFFICE GIRLS: Annabelle Holick, assistant business manager Esse Billings Joyce Barrett Mary Lou Bradley Annette Campbell Nancy Carlson Ann Classen Joan Dunham Marcia Dumas Sue Eckera Toni Fowler Nancy Graese Jody Hall Donna Greif Barbara Hanson Shirley Hashimoto Barbara Huckins Sandra Isaacson Shirley Jenson Carol Kehr Sharon L l Judy Leutfaold Jean McDonald Alice Palmer Doris Raber Cynthia Skelton Virginia Taylor Mary Van Winkle Leuretta Weddell Nancy Van Nostraad SALES: Pat McGarry, sales manager Barbara Simmons Gwen Thomas Lilla Goggin Pat Tolley M. K. Brieib Mary Marrin Mary Pierson Dick Conrad Lauretta Weddell Bruce Baker Bill McKinney Nancy Hagan Joe Hutchinson Kathy Kelts Dick Brown Mary Lou Quimby Margie Green PUBLICITY: Jim Wilkins, manager Jim Deeds Pat Shiner COLLECTIONS : Frank Nash, Tom Hunt Bob Webb manager 413 faculty index Akins, Lee, 147 Alexander, Gordon, 28 Allen, Aubrey. 146, 147 Allen, Janet, 279 Anderson, Beth, 269 Amberg , Benjamin, 286 B Baird. Frank, 208 Balch, Ronald F., 184 Ball. Mary Ethel. 23. 88. 338 Bartram, Jonh W., 30 Bauer. Frank S,, 26 Beattie, Wayne S., 27 Berg. William Jr.. 273 Bingham, L. A,, 38, 200 Birdsall. Mrs. E.. 104 Birk, W. Otto. 26 Blair. Ruth. 27 Brady, James G., 28 Bray, D. W.. 23 Briggs, Clarence, 249 Brockway, Waldo E., 29 Burns, Arthur E., 292 Burns, Chris J., 296 Camphell, W. H., 28 Carlson. DeVon. 249 Carlson. Harry G., 23. 145 Chamhers, R. Fred. 29 Coffin, Berton, 262 Cook, Willard B., 29 Couch, Judith A., 36, 104 Craig. Mrs. Lexie, 278. 294, 295 Grehore, Lawrence, 138 Crockett, Earl C 28 Crouch. Jack. 207 Curtis, Mrs, Bly. 29 Cuthhertson. Stuart. 27 Danielson, Fhil, 30 Darley, Ward, 23 Davis, John £., 138 Dean, Paul M., 26 DeSouchet, William, 278 Dorrell, Mrs. Frances, 207 Douglass, Harl R., 28 Drommond, Fred, 269 Duke, Wayne, 30, 145 Duncan, Albert R., 18$ DuVall. W. C. 26 Dyde. W. F., 23 Eckel, Clarence L., 24 Egan, John W.. 28 Ehrmann, Henry, 268 Erbe, Warren, 158, 185 Evans, Donald 8,, 27 Fest, Thorrel, 204 Fitspatrick, Edward, 207 Fowler, Les, 179 Franklin, Walter, 47, 304 Gentry, Eugene, 146. 147 Goodykoontz. Colin. 27 Gray, Dick, 180 Griest, John H., 31 Grosshauser, Elmer. 29, 826 H Hahn, C. K., 28, 138 Hawk, Harold. 31 Hoffman, Fritz, 255 Houston. Clifford, 23, 37, 42, 255, 304 Hulley, Karl, 26 Hutchinson, Chas., 28 I Imig, Warner, 24, 210 Isaac. R. D., 286 Jackson, Melvin, 286 Jenkins, Ray, 147, 158, 182 Jones, Burton, 27 Jonea, Horace, 209 E King, Edward. 24, 37 Kinloch, Virginia, 29 Lam, W. C, 146 LaRue. Joy, 302 Lauer, B. E., 26 Lee. H. B., 159. 171 Lewis, Leslie, 295 Lewis, Robert. 24 Ley. Katherine, 291 Little, J. R., 23 Loughran, Mrs. H., 24 Lovelace, Walter, 30 M Machle, Edward, 28 Martz, Clyde, 273 HcMillen, Hugh, 29, 208 Megrew, Alden, 27 Mehl, Marie, 275 Menard, Albert, 203. 278 Muenzinger. Karl, 28 Ogilvy. J. D.. 26 Pearson. S. I.. 246 Penfold, Kenneth, 305 Ferryman, John. 267 Petersen. Elmore, 24, 39 Fietenpol, William, 28 Foe, Charles F., 24 Potts, Frank C, 173 Prentup, Frank, 146, 147, 176, 177 student index Rackham, Eric, 31 Raeder, Warren, 26 Rathburn, Robert, 249, 286 Rautenstraus, Ronald, 286 Reed, Mrs. Doris, 300 Sano, Joe. 253 Schooland, J. B., 29 Sears, Don W., 273 Seeber, Norton, 363 Small, Clare, 28 Snyder, Lawrence, 188 Stearns, Robert, 20, 21 Stepp, Ellsworth, 30 Stevens, George, 138 Swisher, Earl, 258 Thompson, Warren, 27, 146 V Varner, Walter, 261 Vavra, Charles, 188 w Waldrop, A Gayle, 28, 81 Walseth, R. M.. 159. 171 Walters. Floyd. 80 Walz, Frank, 282 Wang, C. K,, 147 Ward, Dallas, 146 Ware, Lisle, 29, 31, 37, 299 Wells, Marshall, 146, 147 Wheater, Stanely. 204 White, John F., 138, 272 Wilson, Eugene, 28 Witt, Norman, 297 Wood, K. D.. 28 Worcester. P. G., 28 Wright, Ormond, 138 Abbott, Rita Elaine, 313 Abbot, Harper, Laimbeer, 48, 128, 273, 312, 384 Abbott, Hugh Bradsfield, 884 Abbott, Melba Joan, 340 Abelt, Ralph William, 48, 269, 386 Abood, Joe George, 116, 396 Abraham, Bonnie Jean, 360 Abramo, Samuel Vincent, 336 Abrahms, Gerald Edward, 408 Achtenhagen, Stephen H.. 48, 283, 838, 368 Acker, Jean Louise, 36, 48, 318 Ackerman, Lynn Kay, 348 Adair, Edwin Lloyd, 129 Adams, Audrey Ann, 106, 340 Adams, Barbara Jane, 48, 196, 352 Adams, Donald Lockwood. 116 Adams. Edward Sherwood. 400 Adams, Herbert Dee, 334 Adams, John Robert, 279, 830 Adams, Marie Bowman, 281 Adams, Susan Baird, 106, 362, 860 Adcock, Betty Jane, 116, 310, 848 Adcock, Patty Jean, 116, 348 Adelstein, Stanford H., 410 Adler, Margaret J., 852 Adler, Sidney Kob, 128, 208, 278, 876 Aguilo, Juan, 330 Ahearn, Maralyn Ann, 352 Ahlborn, Richard Eighme, 368 Ahrens, Robert Edward, 386 Aikin, Eugene Robert, 246 Akerlow, Jane Helen, 116, 868 Akers, Byron Lionel, 128, 179, 870 Alberson, Judith Lee, 90, 199, 848 Albert, Richard, 48, 248 Albrecht, Paul Frank, 48, 269, 266, 271, 288, 284, 333 Albrecht, Phyllis Mae, 35, 90, 244, 285, 308, 315, 342 Album, Constance Mae, 367 Alcazar, Mario, 90, 247 Alderfer, Donald S., 331 Alderman, Don Barr, Jr., 116, 386 Alderson, Clifford J., 171, 380 Aldom, Margaret Ann, 191, 291, 368 Alexander, Carol D., 106, 840 Alexander, Gloria J., 48, 264, 884 Alexander, John H.. 368 Alexander, Margaret N.. 131 Alexander. Thomas E., 90, 898 Alfred, Barbara L., 106, 356 Alleman, Elizabeth A., 116, 311, 342 Allen, Colleen, 288, 303 Allen, Jack William, 105, 147, 166, 398 Allen, John Carlin, 116, 376 Allen, Laverne Duane, 884 Allen, Margot Bernice, 860 Allen, Patricia, 88, 306, 344 Allen, Raymond Joseph, 370 Allen, Robert Vaughn, 370 Allen, Roger Condon, 48, 204 Allen, William Charles, 90 Allen, William John, Jr.. 368. 404 Alley, Tommy Joe, 90, 374 Allison, Gould, 144, 398 Allnutt, William F., 48, 880 Almgren, Albertina B., 116, 255 Almond, Marilyn June, 116, 314, 360 Altaffer, Mary Ann, 133 Altendorf, Mary Alice. 354 Altherr, Joan Myrtle, 35, 204, 344 Altick. Sara Louise, 144, 332 Alward, Marcella Jean, 342 Amaya, John, 169, 161, 162, 163, 164, 170, 326, 327, 382 Ambler, Robert Sterling, 90, 386 Ames, Patricia Eleanor, 116, 816, 854 Amick, John William, 292, 821 Andersen, Anna Lee, 810, 820 Anderson, Christopher M.. 374 Anderson, Courtney W., 116 Anderson, Elaine Ruth, 106, 360 Anderson, Glenn Irving, 246, 269, 267, 288 Anderson, Helen Lucille, 134 Anderson, Jack Kent, 81, 48, 89, 128, 176, 177, 178, 266, 380 Anderson, James Duane, 384 Anderson, James William, 130 Anderson, Jane Margaret, 350 Anderson. Janet Marilyn. 269. 292. 312 Anderson. John Elwyn. 106 Anderson, Jo Ann Leone, 116 Anderson, Jon Richard, 116, 329, 404 Anderson, Margaret M., 116 Anderson, Marilyn Jean, 48, 364 Anderson, Marilyn Marie, 49, 248 Anderson, Marjorie A., 90, 279 Anderson, Marjorie L., 90. 266, 360 Anderson, Marlys Jeanne, 104, 106, 199, 276, 340 Anderson, Nancy Sagrid, 34, 36, 44, 46, 48, 305, 319 Anderson, Orville G., Jr., 892 Anderson, Patricia Anne, 90, 266 Anderson, Patricia M.. 134 Anderson. Phyllis E., 136 Anderson, Richard A., 386 Anderson, Robert Dale, 130 Anderson, Roy Arvid, 49, 249 Anderson, Royce Elton, 49 Anderson, Sally Lou, 864 Anderson, Warren Miles, 263, 298, 881 Andes, Deloris Marie, 106 Andrews, Elizabeth Ann, 90, 364 Andrews, James Beaty, 201 Andrews, Judith Claire, 106 Andriola, Salvatore C. 408 Anema, Peter John, 882 Anflnsen, Joan L., 852 Angevine, Jack Merrill. 90. 283, 301, 368 Annis, Roy Russell, 249 Ansdell, Carolyn Ann, 90, 293 Ansel. Carolyn. 90, 358 Anton, Katherine, 360 Apel, Philip Truman, 884 Apodaca, Elvie, Jr., 290 Apple, Ina Louise, 90, 288 Appleby, Shirley Louise, 181 Appleton, Martha Jeanne, 90 Ardourel. Joe Brooks. 43, 90, 196. 202. 251, 304, 306, 400 Ardueser, Gloria Ann, 90, 291 Argeris, George John, 90, 404 Arkin, Harry Lee, 198, 410 Armstrong, Alice Ann, 106, 364 Armstrong, Gl adys M., 348 Armstrong, Kathleen, 318 Armstrong, Norman Ray, 386 Armstrong, Paul Alan, 368 Armstrong, Richard W.. 870 Armstrong. Shirley A., 858 Arnold, Baxter W., Jr., 49, 128 Arnold, Edward Ryan, 396 Arnold, Glenn Francis, 331 Arnold, Harry H., Ill, 49, 380 Arnold, Patricia Ann, 134 Aronson, Haskell Harold, 49, 283, 410 Arosemena, Jose, Jr., 331 Artemis, Georg-e S., 256 Arterburn, Larry Evans, 248, 368 Asatd, Yoshinobu, 328 Aschemeyer, Stephanie C, 312 Ash. Nancy Jo, 116, 316, 358 Ashby, Neil, 116, 292, 328 Ashcraft, Maude Maxine, 133 Ashford, Lawrence J., Jr., 831, 378 Ashlock, Robert Howard, 370 Ashton, Marjorie E.. 266, 321 Askew, James Clarence. 327, 329 Asmus. Walter Guest, 376 Aspinwall, Richard C, Jr., 105, 370 Atanasoff, Joanne Carol, 90, 144, 294, 296, 848 Atchison, Robert Thomas, 376 Atkinson, Jere Clare, 382 Atkinson, Marlyn Loy, 315, 344 Atwood, Edward Lee, 106, 404 Atwood. Virginia Sw ift, 116, 202, 309, 868 Aubel, Ruth Esther, 134 Auerbach, Jack Whitney, 404 Austin, Edwin, Arnold, 106, 264, 292 Austin, Marjorie Ann, 313 Avent, Jon Carlton, 116, 330, 370 Averill, Barbara Ann, 309, 368 Avery, Cora Elizabeth, 136 Avery, Homer James, 266 Axell, Richard Arnold. 32, 38, 46, 47, 49, 89, 247, 251, 288, 384, 400 B Babcock, Barbara Jane, 116, 313, 346 Babcock, George Calvin, 130 Bach, Barbara Louise, 49, 364 Backlund, Barbara Jane, 134 Backlund, James Condon, 49, 249 Backlund, Merle Conwell, 179, 374 Bacon, Herbert Lee, 880 Bacon, Laura May, 49 Bacon. Milton Edward. 374 Badeker. Roger Wayne, 386 Baden, Gerald Marc. 106. 890 Bader, Darlene Claire, 354 Bael, Martin Byron, 49, 299, 301. 389, 410 Bailar, Benjamin F., 330 Bailey, George Alvin, Jr.. 332 Bailey, George Edward, 116 Bailie, Judith Deborah, 106, 338, 362 Bailin, Marilyn, 313 Baird, Barbara, 294, 296, 346 Baird, Robert Alfred, 90, 270, 297. 333 Bake, Margaret Ann. 116, 311 Baker, Barbara Jane, 860 Baker, Bettie La Rue, 91. 198. 320 Baker, Bruce Edward, 298. 386 Baker, Elizabeth Barry, 362 Baker, Kathleen Lynn, 133, 134 Baker, Melvin LeRoy, 49, 246. 260. 288. 286 Baker. Robert Le Roy. 892 Bakker. Margaret Mary, 116 Balcom, Barrie Thomas, 116, 320 Baldwin, Bonnie M.. 91, 291, 316 Balich, Matthew P.. Jr., 332 Ball, Bette Diane, 348 Ball, Keith Owings, 831 Ball, Lloyd Duane, 247 Bailin. Bobra. 49 Balocca. Nellie Marie, 135 Baltes, Rita Geraldine, 310 Baltz, Janet Marietta, 116, 266, 311. 840 Bancroft, John Hall, 106, 364 Band, Charles Marvin, 394 Bangerd. Jimmie Pierre. 91, 269, 872 Banks, Betty Ann, 322. 364 Banks. Barbara Frances. 322 Bankso n. Doris Emma. 37 Bannister, Melvin Allen, 412 Baratelli, Jack Gustavo, 896 Barbee, Frank Eugene, 263 Barber, Dennis Byron, 398 Barcroft, Victor N., 116, 370 Bard, Beatrice Melda, 312, 362 Bardwell, Patricia Ann, 106, 362 Bare, Dolores Arline, 133, 134 Barger, Mary Evelyn, 824 Barglow, Pete, 297 Barker, Barbara Vivian, 350 Barker, Thomas Henry, 298, 898 Barker, Valerie Joan, 867 414 student index i Jirker. William Adam. 49, 368 SaxlEley, Barbara Lee. 91. 93. 292, 303. 342 Barkley, Evelyn Bunting. 344 J rnard, Duane Louis. 128, 203 Sarnard, Mary Jane B.. 131 Jarnes. Billie Kay, 116. 348 Urnes. Carole Jean. 106. 360 3arnes. Edna Lucille. 134 3arnes. Jack Duane, 390 Sarnes. William Arthur, 382 lamett. Erna Justine. 116. 313 Jarnhart. Teddy K.. Jr., 263 iarnhill, Kenneth E., Jr., 128, 208, 27S iamhill, Samuel Robert. 386 Jarnum, Keen Dorsey, 412 Jarr. Cordelia Marie, 91 ' 3arr, Genevieve Grace, 266, 292 larrett, Janet Sue, 358 larrett, Michael Henry, 201, 392 Jarringer, Arlie Lee, Jr.. 279. 329 Jarritt. Joyce Yvonne. 312 larrow. Barbara Arlene. 91. 348 iarrows. Floyd Dell. 207. 276 iarry. Samuel Robert, 49, 398 larthelme. Joan Marie. 315, 350 iartlett. Max Dee, 130 lartlett. Robert Edward. 355 Jartley. Jack Conner. 380 iartley. Thomas Dale. 131 lartling. Mebus. 73, 386 larton, Jane, 346 tarton, Pauline Hinton, 135 larton. Sylvia Marie. 116, 186 lasart. Jack Keith. 376 late. Richard Henry. 354 lateman. Beth Ann, 348 tateman, Robert A., Jr., 402 lates. Virginia Lee. 135. 314 latschelet. Beverley J., 88, 45, 358 latt. Ira. 91 lander. Don Wayne. 368 laner, Betty Lou. 314 lauer, George Howard. 116, 25S. 333 lauer. Richard James. 49. 259, 284, 380 lauer. Thomas William. 129 laughman. Arlis Kay, 314 :aughman. Keith Guy. 106 aumgartner. Duane E.. 263, 331 teach. Mary Jean. 317 leach. Prescott, Jr., 372 leaman, Carroll Deane, 91, 283, 801, 868 leard. Robert M., 204 earden Sally. 91 earden. Sue. 91. 358 eattie. Charles Guy. 106. 390 eatty. James R.. 368 echtel. Clara Alice. 116, 312. 358 echtol, Peter Gallup, 374 I echtold, Bruce Charles, 354 I eck. Barbara Katherine. 106. 352 eck. Glenn Alton. 284 eck. Molly Kailen. 317 ecker. James Louis. 276. 386 ecker. John Richard. 50. 206, 207, 276, 382 eckwith, John Monroe, 386 edford. Ann Catherine, 315 eeler. Samuel Logan, 390 eer. Dorothy Lee, 354 eery. Harley Eugene, 396 c«fie. Mimi May. 320 egneaud. Roland Thomas, 28S kins. Donald Martin. 402 ekins. Janet Helene. 116. 277 elfor. Bailey Allan. 298 elfor. Roscha Ethel, 317 slina. Lenore Marie. 364 slisle. Arden De Witt. 293 ell. Agnes Kathryn. 199. 348 ell. Janet Loraine. 292. 310 sU. Nancy Jean. 257 til. Norma Jeanne. 133 !ll. Raymond Clifford. 50. 246. 260. 286 !ll. Robert Hcrrick. 339. 380 ill. Willson Willard, 60, 336 It. John Edward. 328 jndar. Jack Arthur, 105, 396 nedcck. Norma L.. 34. 60. 192, 314. 330 :Qedict, Barbara Ann, 264 ngston. Diana Marie, 116. 312, 344 ingston, Wray Alwin, 333, 370 nnett. Barbara Joyce. 364 nnett. Edward William. 332. 378 nnett. Gerald Webb. 128. 322 nnett. Jo Ann. 312 mnctt. William E.. 293. 400 nnington. Viola Jo An. 269 nson. Bertil Aaron, 378 nson. Dawn Marie. 309 nson, Paul Robert. 284 nson. Verity Jean, 85 ■nson. Violet June. 133 ntley. Lynn, 358 nway. Patience Eliz, 298 nzel. Herbert James. 50. 382 rens. Phyllis Ann. 116. 350 resford, Virginia Lee. 354 rg. Alan Harrison. 394 rg. Audrey Bye, 106 rg. Charlotte Jean, 60, 258, 292 rg, Theodore Madison. 284 rger. Alan Martin. 331 rger. Elsie Ellen. 50. 318 rgheim, Joe Herbert, SO, 259. 374 rglund, Bryan Neal, 386 rgman. Burton Stuart, 326, 331 rlin. Douglas Eaton, 376 rman. Cecils Eleanor. 316. 362 Berman. David Norman. 91, 894 Berman, Victor Michael, 257, 264 Bernard. Barbara. 262. 317 Bernardi, Prank D., 386 Berndt, Ruth Augusta, 134 Bernick, Richard Jess, 128 Berry, jean Louise, 388 Berry, Jerry Lee, 293 Berry, Joyce Charlotte, 319 Berry, Marguerite R. G., 135 Berry, Robert Earl, 60 Best, Robert Durant, 116, 392 Betasso, Donna Hope. 50. 199. 348 Bethune, Barbara. 310, 352 Bettendorf, Jane Ellen, 106, 352 Betzer, Robert Edwin, 370 Bever, Lloyd James, 129 Beyer, Jacquelyn L., 276 Bickley, Ann, 50, 342 Bickmore, Helen Joan, 350 Biel, Shirley Lorraine, 366 Bienang, Floyd John, 374 Bierbaum, William S.. 50, 400 Bieser, Albert Howard, 91, 259, 408 Bigien, Charles, 246, 264, 384 Billau, Kenneth Edward, 329 Billehus, Richard Cleve, 106, 149, 386 Billeter, Beverley Jean, 354 Billiet, Duane Louis, 91, 246, 271 Billings, G. Martin. 51. 382 Billings, Sara Jane, 316, 344 Bindra, Narindar, Singh, 257 Binford, David, 404 Bingham, Margaret I.. 277. 281. 348 Bird. Benita Louise, 312 Bird, Carl Morris. 400 Bird. Jacqueline Ruth. 51. 362 Birkby. Robert Hammond. 259 Birkeness. Margaret L.. 348 Birnbaum. Henry. 268 Bishop. Barbara Sue. 312. 364 Bishop, CaroU Wilma. 134 Bishop. Evelyn Louise. 279 Bishop. Frederick James. 91. 303. 332 Bissell. Howard Hurst, 179, 331 Bissell, Patricia L.. 134 Bissell. Willard Earl. 376 Black, Florence E.. 104. 106, 271 Black, James Peter, 116, 329, 404 Black, Herbert N., Ill, 257 Black, Ralph, 32, 33, 44. 51. 374 Black. Robert Alan. 89, 91. 200. 396 Blackburn, Antoinette, 51. 303. 340 Blackburn. Darrell C. 270. 274 Blacker. Patricia Anne. 294. 295, 340 Blackmarr, Ned Parker, 402 Blackmore, Virginia Ann, 318 Blackwell, Patricia L., 196, 348 Blackwill, Delwin C, 168 Blaha. James Albert. 51. 322, 400 Blake. James Harris. Jr.. 37, 91, 304, 883, 898 Blalack. Peggy, 117. 266, 366 Blanc. Robert. 106 Blanchard, David Dean. 105, 284, 380 Blanche, Frederick W.. 269. 286 Blankenship. Bonnie Ann. 117, 815, 860 Blankenship. Dale M., 131 Blanshan, John Harry, 384 Blasdel, James Gulf, 293 Blood, Marilyn Jean, 61. 192, 356 Bloom, James Howard, 117, 129 Bloom, Jordan, Randall. 394 Bloom. Margaret Ann. 309. 346 Bloom. Thomas Franklin, 284, 400 Blount, Robert Lawrence. 117, 368 Bloxom, Marguerite D,. 319 Bluhm. Harold John, 398 Blumberg, Morris K, . 333 Boal. Dean Elmer, 274 Boasi, Claire B., 271 Boatwright, Donald C. 386 Boblit. Richard Marvin. 117, 380 Bocovich, Frank Joe. 179. 266. 284. 332 Bode. Muriel Caroline. 117. 310, 344 Boehm, Evalyn Ann, 61, 344 Boersma, Loren Dale. 293. 33 5 Boettcher, Arnold John. 272. 374 Boettcher. Barbara Jean. 277. 294, 296, 348 Boettcher, Claudia, 255. 316. 362 Bogard. Charles Francis. 61. 283. 286. 339. 408 Boggio. Natalie Camille. 267. 318 Boggs. Robert Gunderson, 339, 390 Boh, Carol Blanch. 311. 342 Boilers. Hugh James. Jr.. 334 Bolt. Ross Mahlon. 91. 354 Bomann. Ann Harden, 312 Bond, Thomas Gilroy, 384 Bonomo, Mark Stephen, 331 Booker, Geraldine Mae, 36, 310 Boone. John Phillips. 91, 259, 284, 304. 380 Booth. Marion Jane. 366 Booth. Shirley Jean. 61. 340 Boothby. Janene Cecil. 280. 306, 342 Boothe, Alvan Wadsworth, 106, 333 Boratgis, James Peter, 257 Borders, Donald D.. 106, 329 Borders, Wava Jalene, 51. 346 Bornhauser. Mary Jane. 117. 312 Borst. Suzanne Eleanor. 266, 364 Boucher. Dorothy E., 348 Bourg, Marie Eugenie, 61 Bovard. Mary Katherine. 317 Bovik. Joyce Irmagard. 51. 319 Bowden, Leonard Walter, 392 Bowen. Jeanne Marie, 318 Bowers, Anton Thierman, 386 Bowie, Alexander, 376 Bowie, Margot. 106, 362 Bowman, Richard Dietz, 370 Bowman, Robert Walter, 51, 400 Bowman, Wilbur Glenn, 292 Boye, Harlan, Hay, 91, 270 Boyer, George Robert, 158, 834 Boty, Christy Ann, 344 Brackenbury, Carolyn S., 91, 360 Bradbury, Robert Milton, 91, 392 Bradley, John Newell, 332 Bradley, Mary Louise, 117, 197, 248, 309 Bradshaw, Athelda Anne, 104. 206. 317. 364 Brady, Jill, 317 Brady, Joseph James, 33, 276 Brady, Kirk Patrick. 207. 268. 276 Brady, Margaret Anne, 35, 92, 266, 271, 840 Bragg, Carolyn Ann, 117, 316, 366 Bragg, Ray Howard, 106 Brakewood, Richard Hoyt, 147 Braley, Elizabeth Jane, 348 Branby, Donald Jerome, 147, 149, 150, 161, 177, 400 Branch, Shirley Joan, 117. 311 Brand. Vance De Voe, 248. 402 Brandt, Harry Adolph. 293 Brandt, Jane Marie, 117, 316, 342 Brandt, Janet Mae. 117. 316, 342 Branham, Joan, 317 Bransky, Paul Henry, 51 Brase, Viola Emma, 319 Braasea, Berna Jean, 276, 318 Braun, Joan Elaine, 367 Bray, Avis Esther, 130 Breach, Ronald Michael, 404 Brendlinger, Jack Allen, 189. 382 Brennan, R. James. 128. 175. 266, 382 Brenner, Gerald John, 333 Bresnahan, William J.. 130 Brewbaker, Ann, 51, 303, 338, 340 Brewer, Raymond Hayes, 370 Brichacek, Barbara F., 313 Bricker, Sondra Joan, 117, 213, 362 Brictson, Clyde Alan, 117, 896 Bridwell, Mary Anita, 296, 366 Briesh, Mary Katherine, 106, 368 Brigham, Harold Warren. 117, 398 Bright, Philip V.. Ill, 284 Bright, Samuel David, 384 Bril, Duane Harold, 246 Brindley, Thomas Arthur, 402 Brinker, Dexter Merriam, 247 Brinton, Boyd Clark, 246 Broaddus, Marilyn, 92 Broberg, Carl Michael, 51. 392 Brock, James William, 256, 382 Brock, Jonathan, 376 Brock, Mary Elizabeth, 360 Brockman, Daniel Rush, 269 Brockway. Donald Davis, 92, 339 Brodine, Stephen W.. 882 Bromme. Dorothy Anne. 129 Bronson, William Riley, 51, 380 Brook, Allan Leo, 404 Brook, Nancy Joyce, 117, 362 Brooks, Beverly Joan, 61, 277 Brooks, Charles William, 404 Brooks, James Clarence, 147, 284 Brookshier, Thomas J., 147, 149, 150, 157, 176, 177, 256, 386 Brossia, Carl William, 129 Brown, Aleta Frances, 264 Brown, Annabell Eleanor, 117, 817 Brown, Barbara Kathryn, 364 Brown, Ben F.. 339. 396 Brown, Betty Bernice, 311, 319 Brown, Bettye June, 117 Brown, Bondi Warren, 105. 106. 201. 400 Brown. Charles Earnest. 92, 882 Brown, Charlotte May, 133 Brown, Clayton Floyd, 62, 364 Brown, Constance, 346 Brown, CuUen Robert, 348 Brown, Ernest Weitz, 298, 402 Brown, Forrest Harry. 293 Brown, Gordon Starr, 92 Brown, Harriet Anne, 117, 310, 344 Brown, James S., Jr., 62, 284, 398 Brown, John Sidney, 107, 396 Brown, Margaret Ann, 62, 320 Brown. Margery Jean. 293. 312 Brown, Mary Ellen, 23, 46, 52. 196, 275, 293 Brown, Melville Temple, 106. 320 Brown, Milton C, 52 Brown, Norman Clifford, 404 Brown, Pamela Ann, 312, 368 Brown, Patrice, Ann, 348 Brown, Ralph Clark, 92, 400 Brown, Richard A., 374 Brown, Richard Nelson, 107, 386 Brown, Robert Hodgen, 301 Brown, Robert Samuel, 52 Brown, Robert Wylie, 107. 396 Brown, Ruth Polly, 319, 344 Brown, Susan Nan, 317 Brown, Terry Mason. 117. 311 Brown, Thomas Spencer, 396 Browne. John Trent. 396 Brownstein. Howard S.. 268 Bruce. Nancy Ann. 117. 854 Brueckel. Carol Ruth, 117 Bruin, James Leo, 52, 128, 273 Brummitt, Nancy Dale, 358 Brunner, Roberta Mae, 317 Brunton, Robert Logan, 269. 832 Bruton. Thomas Barmore, 128 Bryans, William A., 129 Bryant, Bettye Jean, 117, 364 Brymer, Robert Lewis, 147, 386 Buchanan, Robert Harold, 128, 292, 331 Buchanan, Robert Howard, 62 Buchholz, Mary Lynn, 92, S4 Buck, Dorothy Evelyn, 364 Buck, James Leighton, 328 Buck, Jo Ann, 811, 360 Buck, Patricia Joanne, 89, 52, 802 Buckel, James Wilbur, 829 Buckel, William Loren, 264, 263 Buckland, Joan Mary A,, 313, 844 Buckley, Phyllis Elaine, 129 Bughman, Charles R., 107, 896 Bugnolo, Sergio, 831 Bulkeley, James Galnen, 117 Bull, James Lawrence, 390 Bull, Mary Southworth, 107 Bull, William Benham, 890 Bumgarner, Frank E., Jr., 62, 297 Bundy, Alan Stuart, 52, 370 Bundy, Constance Louise, 368 Bunte, Arthur Henry, Jr., 117, 159, 160, 161, 163, 164, 166, 167, 168 Surge, Harland L., Jr,, 396 Burger, Barbara Ann, 92, 292 Burger, Donald Warren, 117, 292, 404 Burgess, Annette, 346 Burgess, Hazel JoAnn, 52 Burgher, Robert Clayton, 247 Burke, Marvin Wilson, 334 Burket, Marilyn, 277, 342 Burkett. Cleta Yvonne. 32. 33, 42, 46, 52, 276, 291, 303, 315, 344 Burkhardt, William C. 854 Burks, Virgil Auston, Jr., 376 Burnett, Donald Richard, 130 Burnham, Billie Barbara, 354 Burns, Gerald Joseph, 398 Bums, Gerald Neil, 370 Burns, Geraldine, 314 Bums, Mary Arlene, 117, 313, 340 Bums, Paul Joseph, 52, 117. 271, 288 Burns, William Auston, 400 Burritt, Richard W., 254 Burroughs, John Lee, 408 Burt, Morton Willard, 53, 269, 286, 339, 382, 384 Burwell, Dean Russell, 147, 189, 404 Busfield, Judith, 313, 356 Bush, Ernest Raymond, 326, 334 Russian, Robert Archie, 63 Bussing, Charles Earl, 330 Bussing, Sara Jeannette, 311 Butala, Edward Franklin, 63, 246, 380 Butcher, Charles E.. 63, 396 Butler, Barbara Jean, 348 Butler, Charles Eugene, 128 Butler, Grace Martha, 117, 313. 354 Butler. Helen Elizabeth. 53. 279, 824 Butler, Janet Flagg, 255, 321 Butterfleld, Elizabeth. 117, 354 Butterfleld, Leon J., 129 Butz, Richard Le Roy, 63, 259 Byers, Beryl Dwyn, 312, 352 Byers, Mark Twain, Jr., 329 Bywaters, Theodore W., Jr,, 402 Cabibi, Phillip Joseph, 128 Caddock, Joan Ruth, 318 Cadwell, Nancy Lee, 53. 360 Cady. Diane Eloise. 309. 350 Caffrey. Lee John. 53, 386 Cahill, Charles Burke, 382 Cain, Kathryn Ann, 107, 313 Cain, Thomas Francis, 147, 154 Calkum. John Foley, 129 Callas, Mary P.. 310 Callender, James Monroe, 92, 396 Callender, David Daniel. 396 Cambor, Charles Glenn, 131 Cammack, Kirk Vern. Jr.. 131 Campbell. Beverly Ann. 117. 314, 850 Campbell, Carol E., 104. 368 Campbell, Carol Graham, 63, 107, 271, 819, 324 Campbell. Carolyn Sue. 293. 324 Campbell. Donald M.. 269 Campbell, Donna Ruth, 356 Campbell, Ernest Eugene, 92, 868 Campbell, Gene Curtis, 92 Campbell, Isabel A., 117, 197, 317, 346 Campbell, Jean S.. 92. 364 Campbell. Richard 6.. 330 Campbell, Robert Boyd, 53, 290 Campbell, Roberta, 312, 366 Campbell. Timothy Lee, 92, 269, 380 Canfleld, Janet Hagen. 53 Canfleld. Roy Chester. 53. 396 Cann, Howard Michael, 130 Cannon, Carroll Dean, 329 Cannon, June, 107, 294, 296, 352 Cantrell, Anita Jo, 269, 318 Capicotto, Gloria June, 309 Capper, Holland Clark, 398 Carbaugh, Bette Jo, 313, 346 Card, Thomas James, 138 Carey, Allen Trebby, 92, 380 Carey, Patricia Ann, 257 Caricato, Eleanora Mae, 312 Carl Beverly Beryl, 117, 310 Carl. Wilminor, 63, 350 Carle, Beverly, 313 Carleton, Janet Porter, 309 Carleton, Neil Lament. 128 Carleton, Joseph G., 298, 333 Carlin, Allan WinSeld. 107, 267, 329 Carlson, Carol Shirley, 348 Carlson, Charles R.. 328 Carlson, Elmer Carl, 129 415 student index Carlion, Emily C., 342 Carlson, Herbert Blair, 130 Carlson, Lennart Hugo, 53 Carlson, Kancy Blenda, 310 Carlson, William R., 129 Carmichael, Arthur B., Jr., 330 Carmichael, Margaret A., 53 Carney, Eleanor G., 63 Carpenter, Carlisle H., 104, 252, 360 Carpenter, Richard E., 117, 378 Carpenter, Shirley Mae, 292, 314 Carper, Billie Frances, 312, 354 Carrick, Paul Eugene, Jr., 386 Carroll, Betty Jean, 117, 316, 360 Carroll, Biane Ruth, 291, 338, 860 Carroll, Pauline S., 53, 305, 354 Carroll, Thomas Ervin, 54 Carson, Marilynne J., 348 Carswell, Frances G., 54, 302, 304, 354 Carter, Elsie May, 54 Cartwright, Barbara Lou, 107, 818 Cash, Robert Owen, Jr., 128 Catalano, Eugene Nicola, 412 Catterson, Allen Suane, 129 Cattoen, Joan Frances, 117, 311, 364 Cavender, Alice Mazine, 64, 344 Cavender, William F., 328 Cavicchi, Earle A., 64, 247, 249 Cawlflold, Barbara Jo, 268, 317 Cecchin, Fred Joseph, 129 Cencel, Elaine Louise, 206 Cessna, Raymond Michael, 386 Chabas, Christian S., 329 Chabucos, Peter James, 117, 386 Chaffee, Mary Louise, 64, 306, 354 Chamberlin, Carl S., 331, 408 Chamberlin, Richard E., 64, 380 Chamberlin, Suzanne C, 313, 352 Chambers, Catherine C, 35, 202, 296. 304, 306, 346 Chambers, Joan, 92, 360 Champion, Roscoe Lyle, 38, 54, 286, 301, 392 Chandler, Maggie Lou, 311 Chandos, Diane Marie, 107, 277, 860 Chang, Yumon, 269 Chapa, Bertha Angelica, 267 Chapin, Ann Elizabeth, 312, 352 Chapman, Alexander B., 400 Chapman, Arthur David, 410 Chapman, Eleanor Ann, 358 Chapman, John Dwight, 392 Chapman, Ralph Luckey, 376 Chappell, Calvin W., 394 Charles, Francine H., 134 Charles, Jaqueline B., 134 Charles, Richard James, 263 Charlton, Cynthia Sue, 317, 846 Chase, Carmen Frances, 134 Chase, Richard Herbert, 386 Chason, Joan Dickinson, 346 Cheedle, William Glenn, 92 Chehak, Kathryn Ann, 364 Cheney, Helen Frances, 321 Chiafalo, Peter Paul, 200, 271 Childress, James C, 64, 89, 260, 286 Chilton, Carroll Lee, 64 Chinchinian, Harry, 321 Chittim, Claire Louise, 117, 398 Choate, Nancy Faye. 293, 312 Chockie, Elizabeth S., 117 Chodora, Corrine Ruth. 293, 316 Chong, Alma Kwock Lan, 319 Choy, George Donald, 279 Chun, Hoon William C. B., 54, 331 Chutkow, Lee Robinson, 130 CibuU, Muriel Rae, 130 Clark, Albert Farnham, 38, 64, 264, 286, 801, 384 Clark, Byron Leroy, 181, 256 Clark, Charles Raymond, 92, 257, 263 Clark, Fred Paul, 107, 378 Clark, Helen Barbara, 92, 356 Clark, Jacqueline Joan, 352 Clark, Jean Moorhouse, 107, 277, 860 Clark, Kenneth Milo, 400 Clark, Kenneth Raymond, 107, 878 Clark, Lois Jean, 92 Clark, Luralee, 292, 310 Clark, Mary Elizabeth, 92. 338, 864 Clark, Ralph Mark. 92, 129, 273 Clark, Wesley Gleason, 368 Clark, William E., 374 Clark. William Hunter, 274 Clarke, Conway Chapman, 886 Clarkin, Goldie B.. 117 Class, Charles Robert, 64, 301, 412 Classen, Mellissa Ann, 55, 197, 860 Clausen, Kathryn Louise, 92, 254, 848 Clave, Rosalie Ann, 55, 350 Clawson, Joseph Paul, 107, 378 Clay, Charles H., Jr., 117, 386 Claypoole, James Elvyn, 412 Clayton, Frances E., 93, 352 Clemens, Nancy, 868 Cline, Joseph Philip, 117, 272, 400 Clohessy, Curtice E., 181 Cloonan, Margaret Lula, 66, 802, 856 Clow, Jean Louise, 360 Clow, William Wyllys, 117 Clowes, Elinor Mordaunt, 860 Coad, Robert Frederic. 398 Coate, Priscilla Ann, 107, 277, 820 Coates, Beverly Jean, 117, 311 Coates, Janet Irene, 318, 844 Coats, Herbert Samuel, 884 Cobb, Louise, 107, 350 Coe Myrtle Ellen, 23 Coffee, Morleen J., 862 Coffee. Melvin Arnold. 828 Coffey, Gerald Edsol, 66 Coffey, James M., 107. 249, 412 Coffin, Norma Lou, 93, 266 Coffman. Robert Vernon. 55, 828 Cohen, Jerome M., 93, 394 Cohen, Josephine Lee, 281 Cohen, Matanah, 266 Cohen, Melvin Aaron, 266, 333 Cohen, Mendel F., 55. 321 Cohon, Philip Edward, 266 Cohen, Richard Samuel, 410 Cohen, Roenna Rae. 107. 862 Cohenour, Leo B., Jr.. 129 Cohrs, John Scholle. 898 Cole, Elizabeth Ann. 313, 360 Colo, John Martin. 886 Cole, Sally Reed, 362 Coleman, Mattison Barr. 334, 396 Coleman, Sanford David, 65, 128 Coleman, Thomas David. 331, 410 Coles. Mildred Maxine, 93, 320 Golfer, James Deering, 382 Collier, Robert, 130 Collier, William Leon. 283 Colliflower, William W., 117, 332, 398 Collins, Charles W., 370 Collins, James Richard, 247, 368 Collins, Richard Alan. 118. 293. 333 Collins, Susan Mary, 271, 300, 346 Collins, William E.. 269 CoUosky, Lewis Maurice, 187 Collyer, Robert Lee, 66 Colmery, Helen Claire, 138 Colony, William Merle, 884 Colton, Virginia Wilson, 107, 852 Colvin, Charlotte Ann, 134 Colwill, Sally Ann, 118, 311 Comer, John David. 886 Comey. Carol. 65. 320 Compton. Robert Dale, 290 Compton. Seth Warren. Jr., 290, 298 Condon, Thomas Joseph, 376 Conger. Delma Jean, 66 Conklin, Janis Anne, 65, 818 Conley, Patricia Ann. 98. 340 Connor. Thomas E.. Jr.. 98 Conover. Susan Jane, 118 Conrad. David Richard, 118. 386 Conrey. James Richard, 284. 398 Converse. Joyce C, 118, 315, 360 Conway. Bruce Bernard. 169. 170, 396 Cook, Beverly Joan, 118. 317. 346 Cook, Donald Evan. 129 Cook, Elsie Ellen W., 132 Cook, Irena G.. 135 Cook. Mary OUie. 104. 332 Cook, William Francis. 56 Cooke, Jean Charlotte, 55 Cooke, Peter Maxwell, 376 Cooley, Herbert Merton, 333 Cooley, Robert Leonard. 331, 368 Cooley, Ursel Boardimen. 303 Coombs, Charles Palmer, 402 Coon, Marvin Lee, 65, 259 Cooper, Alfred P.. Jr.. 374 Cooper, James Walter. 402 Cooper, Jesse Floyd. 328 Cooper. Margaret K., 313 Cooper. Pauline E.. 93. 267, 268 Cope, Everton B., Jr.. 107. 390 Copeland. Ben Hubert. 98 Copenhaver, Ethel May, 118, 810, 854 Copland, Carol, 364 Copley, John Smith, 368 Copley. Nelson B., 131 Coppi, Milton Wilmer, 56. 269, 404 Corbett, John Jensen. 130 Corbetta. Richard L.. 177. 178, 386 Corbridge, Richard M., 382 Corcoran, Mary Edith, 821 Cordingly, Richard H.. 288 Corfield. Pamela K., 55, 864 Coriasso, Louis B.. 129 Corken. Jack Stanley. 65, 269. 890 Germany, David Charles, 321, 390 Germany, Robert Harris. 321 Cornelius, Betty Anne, 107, 360 Cornelius, Gary Winston, 55 Cornell, Richard F., 392 Cornwell, Constance C.. 313. 350 Corry, Earle H.. II, 274, 290 Goshow, Sally Mae, 348 Cottingame, Marion Fenn, 261, 814 Cotton, Alonzo A., 384 Cotton, Ernest Kuester, 130 Cotton, Ralph Lockwood, 129 Coughlin. Robert Edward, 392 Couper, Colin C, Jr.. 181, 870 Courney, Robert Vern, 264 Courtney, Paula A., 356 Cowan, Brock, 118, 398 Cox, Robert Ivan, 298 Cox, Roy Leonard, 368 Cox, Sharyn Lee, 36, 107, 266, 350 Cox, Thomas Gregory, 271. 828 Cox. William Lee. 105, 283, 368 Coyle, Richard William, 249 Craddock, James Henry, 398 Craft, Barbara Adelaide, 118. 317. 864 Crago, Donna Lee, 118, 809, 848 Craig. Bruce Le Roy, 128 Craigmile, Donald Holt, 118 Crane, Mary Lee, 107, 198, 266, 821 Crane, Roland F., Jr., 129 Crawford, David Clay, 876 Crawford, Ethele Faye, 818 Crawford, Harriet L.. 802, 840 Cray, Patricia Lee, 348 Craychee, Albert E., Jr., 374 Creighton, John Kellogg, 181, 256, 880 Creighton. John Thomas. 382 Crepps. Carl, 56 Gripe, Helen Ann, 350 Crisp, William J.. Jr.. 128 Cristofano. Sammy M., 66. 200, 412 Crockett, Nancy Joan, 107. 294. 296, 856 Crockett. Robert Comish. 196. 304, 398 Cronig. Carole Peggy. 266. 311 Cropley, Jean Bowman. 284, 372 Crosier, Delton Gray, 332 Cross, Mosley Mercer. 66, 398 Cross, Walter Raymond, 66. 271 Crouch, Alma Joanne, 309, 356 Grouse, Patricia Mae. 134 Grouse, Peter John, 370 Crow, Neil Byrne, 271. 317 Crowder, Raymond Odell. 58, 248 Crowell, John David, 380 Crowley, Gay Elizabeth, 368 Crowley, Robert Jerome, 271 Crozier, Wallace Allen, 129 Cruickshank, Stewart C., 374 Crump, James Stevens, 330 Crumpacker. Mary Holm, 322, 358 Cudworth, Arthur G.. Jr.. 392 Cuellar, Mario V., 56, 247, 384 Cullen. Richard Paul. 56, 128, 202 Culloden, Joan L.. 854 Cummings, Ann, 348 Cummings, Kenneth F., 870 Cunningham, Jane, 118, 311, 358 Cunningham, Kenneth D,, 398 Curren, Joan Mary, 56, 360 Curry. Carol Ruth, 118, 846 Curtis, Charles Glenn, 138, 168 Curtis, Joan. 56. 198. 360 Curtis. Joanne Helen. 358 Curtis. John Roy. 98, 105, 327. 331, 398 Curtis, Ralph George, 92, 138, 147, 148, 151, 266, 370 Gushing, John Willard, 118, 392 Custer, Patricia Ann, 118, 316 Cuthbertson, Jeanne Mae. 364 Cutler, James Dwight. 259, 386 Cyphers, Harlan Lamoine, 107 Dabbs. Charles Lewis, 56, 400 Dahlstrom, A. Winton, 128 Dahm. Leroy Arthur. 93. 95. 382 Dahnke. George Herbert. 56, 384 Dalgleish, George Henry, 66, 831 Dalthorp, James Arthur, 147, 167, 398 Danforth. Donald Henry. 207, 276 Daniel. James Orville, 334 Daniel, Mary Ann, 358 Daniel, Orrel Arlan, 66, 128, 308 Daniels, Alma Jean. 317 Danielson, William Olof. 376 Danner. Rita Jeanne. 118, 310 Darden, Lloyd Nestor, 67, 404 Darley, Reginald C, 271. 334 Darley. Donna Jean, 354 Darst. Joan Dorothy, 118. 310 Daunt. Joan Berreau. 316, 354 Davidson, Anne C.. 93 Davidson, Betty Ann, 321 Davidson. Ette. 317 Davidson. Hugh Calvin. 57. 147, 153, 166, 870 Davidson, John B., 386 Davis, Ann Carter, 67, 360 Davis, Arthur, 67, 89, 269, 331 Davis. Donald Edwin. 376 Davis. Elizabeth Sue, 67, 266. 338. 344 Davis, Joan Gertrude, 67, 302, 318, 342 Davis, Joseph Gerboth. 67 Davis. Patricia Mae. 314. 348 Davis, Robert E.. Jr.. 293, 398 Davis, William Burson. 247 Davis, William King, 392 Davis, Winifred Mirian, 316, 352 Dawley, Mary Keenan, 67, 297 Dawson, Donald Lee, 368 Day, Betty Jo, 311 Say, James Robert. 374 Day, Marilyn Ann. 118. 135. 255, 315, 366 Day, Susan Marjorie, 322, 358 Dazey, Mary Jane, 313, 340 Dealey. Jerry. 330 Dean. Gary Stephen, 896 Deapen, Donna Darlene, 134 Do Aragon, Raymond J., 198, 202, 271 De Backer, Florence T.. 118 De Bell, James Clyde, 406 De Bello, Franklin J., 57, 247, 412 De Bont, Dorothy Lou, 313, 350 Decker, Charles Albert, 269, 330 De Coster, Victor, 67 Dee, Stanley Ward, Jr., 290, 328 Dee, Mary Dolores, 266. 360 Deeds, James Henry, 107, 874 Deering, Thomas P., 128, 386 Deffke, Elyse M., 57, 291, 860 De Geer, Dolora Lee, 350 Degen, Carole Joan, 107, 184, 281, 364 De Good, Carolyn, 93, 342 De Graaf. Russell H.. 118. 333. 898 Deibler, Carolyn V., 118, 311, 342 Deikman, Eugene L., 128 Deines, Rozella K.. 134 Deinema, William G., 118, 880 Deitrich, Richard A., 147, 269, 829 De Kay, Jane K., 98 De La Guardia, Jose R., 408 De La Guardia, Max £., 63, 408 Dell. Robert Leslie, 118, 398 De Lue, Gerald R., 107, 386 De Metry, James P.. 129, 189 Demo, Bernelle, 386 De Muth, Lael S., 32. 33. 44. 47, 67, 898 De Muth, Laurence W., Jr., 128, 203, 278 Dengler, Frederick J., 263, 269 Denice, John J., 404 Dennis, John D., 274 Denny, Earl Rankin, 107, 298, 400 Denslow, Susan Jane, 36, 358 De Palatis, Sam, 297 De Pauli, Louis E,, 128 Derby, Wilbur. A., 189 De Shazer, Bill A., 330 De Tata, Richard A., 374 Detwiler, Bessie J., 312 Deu Free, Donald D., 408 Dover, Charles D., 31, 396 Devers, Donald E.. 118, 328 Devine, Bernard K.. 283 De Vries, Henrietta, 104 De Vries, Helen M., 340 Devries, Herbert. 107. 370 Dexter, Rodney C, 158, 189, 880 Dick, Joan B., 366 Dickerson, Gertrude F.. 324 Dickey, Sandra A., 293, 313, 316 Dickinson, Lois R., 352 Dickison, Beverly D.. 255, 315 Dicus, Sandra 6., 313, 360 Diekmann, Klaus G., 334 Diessner, Clement P., 67, 283 Dietz, Diane C, 118, 311, 362 Di Giovanni, Joseph S., 93, 269, 884 Dildine, Amaretta, 346 Dillon, Dicksie J., 350 Dillon, Richard C. 247 Dines, David E., 131 Dinkel, Thomas A., 57, 248, 396 Dinwiddle. Shirley M., 134 Dittman, Richard C, 334 Divelbiss, Edward A., 249 Diven, James E., 402 Dixon, Joann, 93, 358 Dobroth, Carol A.. 317. 342 Dodd, Nancy S., 113. 312, 354 Dodds, James W.. 386 Dodds. John T., 382 Dodge, Sumner D., 263 Dodson, Charles II., 57. 260. 284, 286, 400 Dodson. James M., 118. 386 Doering. Donald A.. 380 Dolan, George B.. 128 Dolan, Leo P.. 271 Dolan, Margaret A., 315. 346 Domenico, Joan E.. 67, 276, 276, 808 Dometrovich, Frank J.. 382 Dometrovich, Robert J., 382 Donahue, Patr icia A.. 316 Donahue, Richard F.. 374 Donaldson. Thomas £.. 93, 368 Dondanville, Catherine, 58, 338, 852 Dondanville. Patricia L., 362 Donnelly, James R., 138 Donnelly, Martha L.. 107 Doolen, Deane R., 68 Doolittle, Nancy R., 118, 312, 848 Dorau, Joan E., 344 Dorough, Philip E., 118, 330, 404 Doscher. John H.. 93, 384 Doten, Nancy, 317 Dougherty. Mary P.. 368 Douglas, Alta I., 279 Douglas, D. Janet, 42 Douglass, Jerry B., 333 Dover, James R., 93, 884 Dow, Paul F., 368 Dowell, Anne E., 358 Dewier, Warren L., 68 Dowlin, Charles E., 333 Downing, Bobby M., 58, 270, 274 Downing, Ralph E., 118, 333 Doyle, Bacile D,, 138 Doyle, David D., 288 Doyle, Joan P.. 366 Doyle. Patricia I., 204, 254 Doyle, Thomas J., 370 Drabing, Caroline H., 68, 348 Drake, Betty C. 118, 311, 346 Drake, Bonnie J.. 198. 305. 344 Drake, Melvin M., 390 Drake, Stephanie. 118, 277, 315, 360 Drew, David A., 107, 378 Drew, Russell C, 68, 284. 382, 404 Drewelow, Mary K., 93, 271 Drexel, Kathryn B., 292 Dreyer, Stanley W., 93, 267, 278, 298 Droege, Mary J.. 352 Drohan, Robert P., 374 Dronberger, Hal H., 68, 334 Drown, Carolyn J., 118, 314, 844 Drummond, James H.. 268 Dryden, Richard S., 58, 247 Du Bois, Diane E., 860 Dudley, Joan K., 816, 346 Duerst, Harvey A., 292 Duff. Marjorie A., 118, 309, 364 Dufford, Philip G., 268, 374 Dufur, Alice M., 135 Dufva, La Verne. 315 Dugan, Marilyn D., 817, 840 Dugas, Dorothy, 269 416 student index Duman, Sidney, 129 Dumas, Marcia L., 119, 197, 314, 860 Dunbar, Robert J,. 298, 333 Duncan, Barbara J,, 315, 360 Duncan, Carol M., 58, 270, 368 Duncan, Minerva J., 255, 277, 348 Duncan, William D,, 333 Dunevitz, Burton J., 198, 416 Dungan, Gerald K., 368 Dunham, Joan K,, 104, 107, 197, 260, 309 Dunlap, Anne V,, 58 Dunlap, Ofaoquelyn S,, 107, 269, 319 Dunlap, Martha A,, 358 Dunn, Rita I,, 320, 354 Dunn, Robin D,, 295, 364, 394 Dunshee. Patricia K,, 93, 288 Ditnst, Delubina, G,, 133 Dunstan, Kenneth W., 68, 183, 256, 386 Durenberger, Rita A,, 94, 360 Durkin, Robert J,, 380 Dutcher, Diane L., 119. 317, 348 Duys, David F., 119 Dwight, Joyce L., 309, 368 Dwire, Mary Jo, 68, 198, 352 iDwyer, Marilyn, 119, 344 Bycus, John J,, 333 I er, Dolores D,, 198 Eagan, Jane W,, 309, 362 Bagan, Jean M,, 315 Eager, William R,, 333 Eagleton, Harold N,, 200 lagleton, John E.. 129 Etkin, Eva K,, 279 Eakins, Roger F,. 131 Easley, Marilyn J,, 34, 42, 68,291, 360 Eut, Jack H,, 58. 339, 372 Eutburn, Roland P., 332 Butman, Katherine A., 94, 364 Euton, Richard, 293, 378 Eaton, Ellen, 164, 252, 348 Ebaugh. Nancy H,, 94, 291, 303, 358 Eberhardt, Robert S,, 32, 33, 44, 106, 260, 398 Eckberg, Marjorie F,, 315, 348 Eekberg, Phyllis A., 23, 280, 348 Ecker, Nino B., 128. 328 Eckers, Suzanne, 119, 197, 340 Eckert, Patricia C, 69, 346 Eckhardt, Nancy M., 310, 348 Eddy. Howard L., 58. 376 Eddy, Margot P,, 94, 340 Eder. Roxanne, 119, 316, 368 Edgington, Fred M,, 334 Edholm, Mary J., 119, 136, 292, 314 Edinger, Donald M., 68 Edmondson, Marjorie A,, 94, 342 Edscorn, Paul L., 279 Edwards. Arthur E.. 374 Edwards. Carol J.. 134 Edwards. Christine R., 134 Edwards, Gloria A,, 34, 36, 39, 88, 94, 299, 852 Edwards, Jacquelene, 119, 317 Edwards, James W., 94, 257, 264, 390 Edwards, Jcri A,, 94, 340 Edwards, M. Keith, 128 Edwards, Marjory J., 94 Edwards, Nancy M., 358 Edwards, Robert M,, 94, 380 Eggering, Norbert A,, 199. 408 Ehrat, Barbara J., 132, 188 Ehret, Nanette R., 134 Ehret. Thomas K., 328 Eicher. Esther M,, 69, 288 Eissler, Francis G,, 386 Elgin, Carol A., 119, 314 Eliason, Richard T., 382 Eliot, Robert S,, 129 Ellitf, John E., 386 Ellingham. Mary M,, 271, 310. 342 Elliot, James B., 94, 380 Elliott, George E,, 386 Ellis, George L.. 392 Ellis. Jo Ann. 94. 104, 266, 362 Ellis, Raymond C, 332 EUwood, William W,, 400 Elmendorf, William R., 293 clson, Joy M., 119, 313, 367 Elting. Roelof. 328 Ely. Jeanne M., 58 Emanuelson, Karen, 119, 312, 352 Emch. Judith E.. 360 Emerson. Jerome G,, 398 Emeson, David L., 94, 278, 297 Emmich, Robert N., 329 Emond, Mark A,, 198, 260, 390 Emrick, Robert C, 398 Endicott, John S., 94 286, 370 Endres, Jo Ann, 68, 193. 348 ndriss, Paul W,, 94, 382 Engbar, Lee, 266, 333, 394 c ngelbrecht, Jeanne £., 320 ' ngels, Bernard L,, 248 Snglehardt, Dan T., 402 Sanis, Caroline L,, 119, 316, 358 " nnis, Charles W,, 400 Snyart, Mianne, 119, 277, 315, 360 Sppinger, Charles E., 58, 260, 280, 286 ' Epstein, Jayne, 315 2pstoin, Maxwell D.. 265. 332 irickson, Erl E., 119, 328 irickson, Francis M.. 32, 33 Ericsson, Anna L., 257 irion, Lynn A,, 311 Srlen, Judith E,, 119, 311, 862 Erricsson, Anna, 264 Esbensen, Philip G,, 392 Esgar, Fredrick A.. 292. 881 Esher. John T., 69 Eson, Barbara J.. 346 Espey, Graham H.. 380 Essen. Mary N.. 340 Essinger. Patricia L., 313 Estes, John C. 58, 247, 283, 286 Etnyre, Marilyn R,, 266, 338 Ettelson, Donald M., 297, 331 Eucker, Walter H,, 386 Euler, Jack R,, 262 Evans, David L,, 119, 331 Evans, Ellen L., 69 Evans, Helen Jo, 322 Evans, Jean, 133 Evans, Jeanne, 354 Evans, Jo Anne, 313 Evans, Patricia Ella, 119, 316, 340, 366 Evans, Patricia L., 94. 312 Evans. Richard D., 263 Evans, Thomas J., 147, 157, 326, 334 Evans, Wayne 0., 297, 404 Evenson, Einar H.. 94, 400 Everist, Mary Ann, 94, 104, 294, 296, 360 Evers, Carolyn G., 271 Evers, Mary E., 344 Everson, Shirley B,, 134 Ewbank, Susan, 94, 293 Ewert, Denise C, 317 Ewy, Howard W,, 284, 396 Fabrizio, Joan M., 134 Fagin, Norman, 296 Fahey, Mary A., 69, 252, 360 Failor, Mary S., 136 Fairbanks, Thomas E.. 108 Fairless, Martha 6,, 94, 360 Fales, Carolyn Ann. 340 Falgien, Cecilia M., 94, 104, 271 Falk, Anne, 132, 322 Falk, Carolyn J,, 322, 368 Farber, James, 410 Farnsworth, Lloyd, 283 Farrier, Margaret A,, 277, 346 Fatten, George A., 59, 246, 260, 384 Fausett, Erma L,, 59 Favatella, Joe, 247 Feder, Harold, 462 Federhart, Robert Lee, 374 Feehan, Joseph A., 179, 382 Feeney, Donald J,, 69, 386 Fehrman, Gerald L,, 69, 284, 336 Feiler, Mari Ann, 119, 310, 364 Feild, Ecklin J,, 94 Feinburg, Leon, 410 Feldman, Norman M,, 332, 394 Fellin, Josephine S., 94, 300 Felt, Janet, 69, 358 Felte, Margery M., 314 Fenske, Edna G,, 134 Fenson, Bonnie J., 313 Fenton, Lawrence L,, 128, 273 Ferguson, Harry, 286 Ferguson, John H., 376 Ferguson, John M., 316 Ferguson, Kay D,, 119, 866 Ferguson, William F., 284 Ferkovich, Phyllis J.. 318 Fernau. Robert L.. 130 Ferrari, Cecil T,, 119 Ferreri, Joseph R,, 402 Ferris, Marion D,, 329 Ferris, Patricia A,, 119, 315, 358 Fetterhoff, Howard J,, 293, 331 Fewlass, Thomas J,, 264 Fiedelman, Roslyn H,, 363 Field, Martin G,, 94, 252, 396 Firkins, Edwin Bruce, 119 Fischer, Ward Henry, 128, 147, 273, 339, 402 Fish, James T,, 119, 398 Fisher, Carl, 374 Fisher, David M,, 69, 147, 290, 321 Fisher, Harrison J,, 128 Fisher, Margaret A,, 318 Fisher. Richard G., 128 Fisher, Shirley L,, 119, 135, 309, 364 Fisher. Tom H., 872 Fishering, Suzanne, 60, 196, 360 Fishman, Marvin J,. 105. 394 Fithian, James B,, 60, 378 Fitzgerald, Mary E., 94, 352 Fitzgerrell, Richard G,, 370 Fitzsimmons, Kathleen A., 317 Flagg, Norman L., 382 Flagler, Jeanne D,, 119, 315, 848 Flagler, Phyllis L., 60, 348 Flanders, Merle D., 292, 331 Flanagan, Betty J,, 271 Flatt, Half dan J,, 60, 247 Fleck, Thomas G., 462 Fleming, Charlotte, 262, 314, 360 Fleming, Ellen J., 119, 316 Flemons, John L,, 94, 378 Fletcher, Sara Jane, 94, 292 Flickinger, Suzanne M., 344 Flinchpaugh, Marjorie J., 94, 340 Fliniau, Dorothy L,, 309, 364 Flinn, Jacquelin D,, 312, 340 Flint, Thomas R,, 400 Flood, Geraldine M., 94, 356 Floyd, George W,, 60, 246 Flynn, James M,, 380 Flynn, Mary J., 94, 164, 277, 864 Fochtman, Shirley B,, 364 Fotte, Donna L., 280, 864 Forbes, Robert L., 204, 827, 332 Forbes, Thayer, 262, 310, 362 Force, Frances E,, 314 Ford, Artha L., 360 Foreman, Jeanne M., 60 Forgan, David W,, 119, 168, 198, 380 Forker, James R,, 386 Forsman, Phyllis P,, 267, 293, 844 Fortunate, Emil C, 60 Foster, Betty E,, 292, 813 Foster, Bill H., 92, 94 Foster, Edith L,, 313 Foster, Gerrit D,, 400 Foster, John R., 207 Foster, Mary P,, 104, 319 Foster, Suzanne V., 255, 368 Foulk, Robert C, 94, 186, 266, 882 Fountain, Jerrlyn M,, 133 Fouret, Joseph P,, 271 Fowler, Altona R,, 94, 197, 340 Fowler, Eugene C 274 Fowler, Sue Y,, 374 Fox, Alan F,, 410 Fox, Charles E.. 60, 263 Fox, Evarts C, 119, 266, 892 Fox, Karen I,, 350 Fox, Margaret G,, 297, 300, 820 Fox, Patricia A,, 60, 303, 858 Fox, Robert M,, 382 Frager, John D,, 398 Fragomeni, Joseph S,, 247 Fraley, Virgil E., 269 Francis, Barbara A,, 368, 366 Frank, Joe, 330, 410 Frank, Mary F,, 317 Frankel, Lottie, 119, 362, 362 Franklin, Elizabeth R., 362 Eraser, Jane E,, 119, 314, 346 Eraser, Joan W,, 10, 119, 292, 342, 846 Frazell, Robert E., 270, 274 Frazey, Mary Jean, 199, 312 Frede, Frances L., 317 Frederick, Jeanine, 133, 134 Frederick, Joyce, 134 Frederick, Nancy, 313 Freedberg, Allen, 332 Freedle, Lucien C,, 392 Freeman, William H,, 329 Freilich, Sanford J,, 119, 394 Freilich, Stanley, 60, 269 French, Jo W,, 119, 880 French, William C, 60, 89, 182, 256, 386 Frenchman, Gerald L,, 332 Frenzl, Frank A,, 328 Froudenthal, Sydney C, 119, 809, 844 Frey, William C, 206, 256 Fricke, Mary K,, 94, 340 Friedlander, Daniel S.. 119, 198, 394 Friedman, Marvin J,, 333 Freidow, Ardith J,, 60. 292 Friel, Claire M., 317, 368 Friend, Rosalie, 94, 360 Fritchle, Jo Ann L., 119, 254, 344 Frith, Alice V., 135. 312. 860 Fritts, Larry D., 94, 386 Froese, Charles R,, 386 Frohberg, Harriet A., 60, 322, 358 Frost, Jack M.. 247, 264 Frost, Virginia M.. 264 Fruchter. Sheldon R., 119 Fry. Marcia W., 313, 358 Fry, William L., 94, 266, 404 Frye, Charles E., 312 Frye, Dorothy M,, 61, 342 Fugate, Thomas W,, 61, 368 Fuhrman, Glenn F., 94, 201, 247, 392 Fuhrman, Thomas A,, 61 Fukaye, Mae, 134 Fuller, Delmar H,, 95, 374 Fuller, Gerald W,, 202, 304, 306, 870 Fuller, Shirley A,, 132 Fullerton, Albert L., 253 Fullerton, Donald G., 380 Fundingsland, Ernest L., 396 Funk, Jacquiline, 382 Fuoco, James E,, 462 Furbush, Michael, 376 Furlan, Valeria Z., 94 Furman, Chariot N.. 23. 95, 280, 288 Furrer, Ruth A,, 119, 342 Furukawa, Tasuko, 94, 318, 266 Fusilier, Henry L,, 128 Oaasch, Margie C, 269, 318 Gabiola, Albert M., 61, 95, 246 Gaddis, Bruce G,, 331 Gaebel, Mary J,, 94, 360 Galbasini, Barbara M., 340 Galey, Frank R,, 400 Galligan, James H., 119, 380 Gamel, Sylvia L., 309, 364 Ganatta, Eleanor A,, 194, 318 Garcia, Howard A,, 61 Gardenswartz, Stanley D., 273 Gardner, Gerald T., 128, 278 Gardner, Jo Ann, 352 Gardner, Vincent R,, 271, 384 Gardner, William W,, 94, 398 Garin, Joan P., 318 Garlinghouse, Ralph S,, 128 Oarn, Foster N,, 33, 43, 47, 61, 89, 250, 380 Garner, Robert S., 374 Garramone, Ronald J,, 271 Garren, Robert M.,, 119 Garrett, Roy S., 61, 339, 368 Garrison, Clifton F,, 61, 262. 826. 333 327 Garvin, John A., 61, 246, 269, 290 Gasser, Patricia A., 288 Gassner, Linda L., 119, 318, SS6 Gates, William L,, 263 Gatti, George L., 128 Gault, Anne, 314 Gaunt, William A., 380 Oavito, William E,, 94, 181, 408 Geer, Mary E., 119, 309 Geeseka, Joy A,, 94, 318 Geiser, Melvin G., 268 Geiss, Jacqueline S,, 318 Gelman, Esther P., 61 Gelman, Norman, 1,, 198 Gemmer, Shirley J,, 364 Gentry, James H,, 129 Gentry, Richard H., 327, 333, 868 Gentzler, Marian D., 94, 320, 840 George, Earl T,, 61, 378 George, R,, 331 George, Mary H., 320 Gerbosi, Mary Ann, 94, 344 Gerleman, Loren D., 292, 331 Gerling, Anthony W., 119, 342 Gershenow, Robert N,, 61, 248, 290 Getschow, Grace L., 119, 312, 864 Ghio, John J.. 249, 384 Giacomini, Donald L,, 128, 273 Giacomini, Robert W., 128 Gibson, Jo A,, 313, 348 Gibson, Patricia T.. 340 Gibson, Theodore B,, 96, 327, 380, 892 Gibson, William K., 61, 322, 402 Giesler, Barbara J,, 294, 296, 368 Gilbert, Frederick, 61 Gilbert, Gretchen C, 354 Gilbert, Mary J,, 61, 291, 320 Giles, Rosemary, 271 Gilkison, Phyllis A., 96, 360 Gill, Duane T., 61, 322, 398 Gill, Jerald L.. 61, 354 Gillard, Doris L., 120, 350 Gillespie, Marry E., 358 Gillespie, Rhonda J., 35. 96, SM Gilley. Clyde T., 276 Gillham, Gay M., 120, 317, 354 Gilman, Suzanne, 313 Gilmour, Anne B.. 94. 271 Girard, Dean, 130 Girardot, Carolyn, 312, 340 Gittinger, Norman C, 283, 382 Glascock, Janie L., 354 Glaser, David L., 62, 290 Glaser, Karlyn M., 94, 362 Glasgow, Katherine B,, 317 Glass, Alabama, 320 Glass, Diane, 135, 317 Glasser, Charlotte, 62 Glendenning, James W. , 386 Glenn, Jean M,, 342 Gleue, Felma I,, 62, 366 Gleue, Velma I,, 37, 62. 366 Gliem, Nancy J,, 120. 316, 346 Gloege, Donna L., 62, 302 Glover, William F,, 247 Gloyer, Shirley A., 95, 264, 321 Gnam, Louis W., 390 Goalstone, Cara L,, 120, 266, 309, 867 Gobble, Elaine F., 313 Gobble, Lawrence T., 96, 105, 258, 801, 396 Godby, Annette, 120, 816 Godeo, Robert F,, 334 Goemmel, Barbara J., 120, 309, 842 Goering, Elise L.. 314, 356 Goff, Gordon G., 404 Goggin, Lilla D.. 120, 312, 362 Goldberg, Marvin C, 265, 332 Goldblatt, Arnold L,, 410 Golden, Thomas J,, 128 Goldflne, Sandra R,, 265, 362 Goldman, Don, 394 Goldsmith, Donald M,, 120, 331 Goldstein, Alice L., 268 Goldstein, Bernard R., 120, 372 Goldstein, Eleanor C. 372 Goldstein, Harry H., 265 Goldstein, Lloyd A., 62, 416 Goldthwaite, Dolores M., 312, 356 Golightly, Katherine H.. 94, 368 Golman, Marilyn J., 313, 362 Gomez, Joseph R., 62, 269 Gomez, Mary, 133, 134 Gompert. Frank C. 159. 160, 162, 168, 166, 167, 168, 170, 380 Gooch, Charmayne J,, 62 Good, Daniel C, 131 Good, Nancy, 313, 348 Goodell, Amy S., 206, 276 Gooder, Ronald B., 404 Goodheart, Virginia M,, 305, 364 Gooding, Mary K., 317, 346 Goodrow, John D., 94, 330 Goodrow, William E,, 129 Gooras, George N., 384 Goorin, Alfred S,, 401 Gorder, Carol A,, 120, 317, 342 Gordon, Jimmie D., 408 Gordon, Phyllis L., 95, 364 Gordon, Sandra E,, 120, 198 269, Gorman, John V,, 47, 89, 386 Gormley, Barbara J., 309, 811, 860 417 student index I Gorom, Glatha J., 62, 294, 295, 316 Gosar, Anton J,, 333 Gosar, John J., 247 Goss, Frances H., 317, 348 Goto, Rose K., 120, 317 Gottlies, Roy D,, 418 Gottschalk, Ruth A., 62, 132 Gough, Oliver S., 266 Goulden, Richard B., 404 Graham, Clyde T., 204 Graham, Judith, 88, 96, ?97, 860 Graham. Ralph B,, 120, 330 Grant, James A,, 120, 171. 374 Grant, Marian H.. 96, 362 Grant, Mary A., 319, 342 Grantz, Birney L., 376 Graves, Nancy L.. 62, 346 Gray, Linda, 120, 316 Gray, Rohert H., 412 Gray, Ronald M.. 109. 147 394 Green, Caroline T., 120, 311, 346 Green, Clifton D., 803 Green, Dehorah, 34, 88, 241. 304, 305, 854 Green, Jack B., 95 Green, John R., 120 Green, Juan E., 63, 380 Green, Kenneth A., 63, 247 Green, Lula F.. 134 Green, Margaret A.. 360 Green. Richard M.. 332 Green, Stanley G., 263 Green, Virginia L.. 120. 848 Greenberg. Fred M., 394 Greenhlatt, Syma S., 265. 362 Greene, Betty L.. 120. 309. 348 Greene. Jon R.. 120. 293, 327, 334 Greenlee, Max R., 129 Greenslit, Henryetta V,, 317, 358 Oreenstreet, Gary J.. 329 Greenwood. Donald L.. 147. 167. 398 Greenwood, Richard D.. 334 Greer. Creede F.. 198 Gregg. Jane E.. 23, 104. 281. 317 Gregor, Frank K., 404 Gregory, Douglas P., 129 Greif, Boana M., 109, 314, 348, 423 Oremmels. Charles A.. 62. 380 Grenda. Rohert L., 62, 246. 260. 283 Grettum, Carolyn A., 354 Orihble, Donna M., 314. 344 Orider. Hopkins W.. 331 Grieder, Ronald T., 290 Griesel. Bernard F.. 96 266, 276, 884 Grieser, John R., 63. 398 Griffith. Grace C. 134 Griffith, Janet I., 134 Griffith, Laddie R., 198, ?90 Griffith, Richard L.. 120. 328. 392 Griffith. Richard Lyle. 95. 198, 250 Griswold, Don W., 256, 284 Groenewold, Glenn W.. 199. 204 Groff. Janice C. 134 Grohne. Richard R., 272. 374 Groninger, Jane, 120 Grosvenor, George D.. 402 Grosz. Carl R.. 109. 404 Grover, Robert F,, 129 Groves, Kenneth H.. 150. 334. 400 Groves. Mary E., 94, 342 Grub, Kenneth L., 63 Gruenler. Don W., 386 Guastella, Joseph S.. 402 Guder. Ed D., 120, 332 Gueck. Marjory A.. 314 Guffey, Harland C. 370 Guigas. Mildred M.. 134 Guild, Susan B.. 32, 33. 34. 48. 46, 63, 312, 348 Guildner, Joyce P., 356 Guinn, Edward W.. 128 Gullett. Donald D.. 63, 268, 269, 285 Gurel, Mehmet, 263 Oust, Lysle A.. 63, 283, 368 Guthrie, Charles W,. 109. 298. 368 Guthrie, David R., 120, 386 Gutke, Mont H., 286 Gydesen, Frederick R., 129 Gnger, Hary A., 63 H Haake, Harriet Jane, 63, 291, 354 Haas, Joan D., 317, 402 Haas, Loial B., 96 Hachtmann, Carol H,, 63, 266, 269, 277 Hackworth, Robert D, . 400 Hadden, Jeanne A.. 366 Hadley, Earl H., 264 Hadley, Helen J., 120, 314, 368 Haefner, Margaret E., 96 Hagan, Nancy E., 64, 303, 340 Hageman. Margaret S.. 133 Hagen. Joan E., 356 Hagen, Mona L., 133 Hager, Donald L., 297 Hagerty, Wm. K., 120, 332 Haglund, Allan C, 247, 283 Hahn, Eleanor R., 36, 120, 311, 368 Hahn, Harry B., 109, 333 Haigh, Barbara J., 263 Haigh, Charles W., 109, 398 Haigh, James R., 322. 402 Haigh. Ruth E., 63, 362 Haigler, Jean, 120, 312 Haigler, Joan, 814 Hail, Robert D., 384 Haile, Karen A,, 269, 292, 812 Haimsohn, Bobette R., 362 Haines, Carol B.. 109. 366 Raines, David W.. 332 Hakes. Edward W.. 376 Haldorson, Burdette, 171, 332 Hale, Harold J.. 63 Hale. Irving. 372 Hale. Molly, 109, 294. 295, 316, 842 Haley, Joan I., 303, 342 Rail, David L., 334 Hall, Donna L.. 318 Rail, Florence R.. 313, 364 Hall, Joan E., 197, 318 Hall, Josephine L., 120. 314, 360 Hall, Laurel E., 312, 348 Rail, Lenna G.. 316 Hall. Louis A.. 131 Hall, Marilyn E., 104. 109, 277, 281 Hall, Marjorie A., 134 Hall, Richard D., 380 Hall, Robin C. 312, 848 Hall, Ruth, 352 Hall, Virginia K.. 120, 317, 360 Hallam, Jo A., 33 Haller, George J., 266, 386 Haller, Lloyd, 254 Halsted, Barbara A., 314. 360 Hamblen. Harold £.. 95, 396 Hamilton, E. B., 128 Hamilton, Harlan B.. 198. 293 Hamilton. Nancy L.. 64, 199. 348 Hamlet. Joan, 109, 362 Hammer, Joan E.. 63 Hammond. Lynn A.. 268 Hammond. Mary D., 104. 291. 368 Hammond, Paul E., 374 Hammond. Rodney E.. 330 Hampton, elude R.. 128. 326. 332 Hampton. Harold D.. 380 Hampy, Ralph E., 260 Handley, Earl L.. 293 Haney. Ann 6., 109, 256. 344 Haney. Jim L,. 120, 398 Hanhins, Janet, 309 Hankins, Ronald A., 368 Hanlein, Sally A., 95, 271 Hanley, Kathryn, 109, 277, 346 Hannum. Marshall J,, 130 Hansen, Alice Laura, 275 Hansen, Donald Wayne. 204. 332 Hansen. Elizabeth Maria. 95 Hansen. Lowell Howard. 129 Hansen, Richa rd Ray, 130 Hansen, Ronald Lee, 821 Hansen. Sally Ann. 120. 277. 312. 346 Hanson, Barbara Mae, 120. 197. 309. 368 Hanson, Phyllis Elaine, 96, 320 Harbaugh, Charles A.. 63. 256 Harbaugh. John Starry. 68 Harder. Frederick D., 368 Hardin, Ira Lee. 372 Hardin. Nancy Lee. 109. 267 Hardin. Robert Franklin, 283 Harding, Lavonne Marie, 136 Hardman, John Maley, 329 Hardy, Carroll William, 56, 147, 149, 162. 166, 157 Hardy, Patricia Jean. 120. 314. 366 Hardy. Wayne Russell, 386 Hare. Robert Lewis. 303 Harlan, Dale Morgan, 128 Harlan. Donald Lock. 396 Harlan. Nancy Jean. 264. 324 Harlan. Robert Lee. 254. 286 Harland, William B.. 64 Harmon, Melvin Le Roy, 63. 204. 268. 827. 329 Harms. Richard Gordon. 64. 263. 269 Harper. Lael Marie. 120. 314. 352 Harper. Robin Louise. 64. 342 Harquail. Jeanne Ann. 134 Harriman, Joan Williams. 121. 310 Harrington, Ronald E.. 130 Harris. Donald Foushee, 292 Harris. Jacqueline. 315 Harrisberger. James B.. 878 Harrison, Gerald, 204 Harrod. William James, 168 Harrold, Paul Tom, 159, 161, 166, 832, 398 narrower, Ruth L.. 258 Hart, Betty Joyce. 264. 292, 812 Hart, Carolyn Jane, 314 Hart, Chloe Lynn, 342 Hart, James Byers, 201. 372 Hart. James Richard. 286 Hart. James William. 392 Hart, Richard, 254, 370 Harte, William Joseph, 330 Hartley. Janet E.. 133. 134 Hartley, Rebecca Sue, 64, 364 Hartman, Pierre Michel, 64 Hartsfield, John Leon, 332 Hartsfleld, Robert L., 368 Hartshorn, Barbara Gae, 64, 322 Hartshorn, James Warren, 398 Hartsuff. Conway Dayton. 187. 380 Hartwell, Ann, 109, 296, 360 Harvey, Duval Edward. 130 Harvey, E. Kay, 127, 309. 360 Harvey, Joan Kathlee, 317, 846 Harvey, Richard Lee, 109, 396 Harwood, C. Edwin, 376 Haselton, Janet Mary, 311 Hashimoto, Shirley T., 197, 318 Hassig, Rea Carolyn, 340 Hasty, Millicent Martin, 809, 346 Hatasaka, Henry T,, 372 Hatakeyama, James S., 64, 282 Hatch, Lota Ve, 64 Hatfield, Helena Earl, 132 Hathaway, Sallie Anne, 121, 315, 862 Havens, Walter D., 382 Hawbold, June Ann, 96, 364 Hawkins, Albert Edward, 64 Hawley, Jane Lucile, 127, 135, 316 Haworth. Robert Dale, 64, 128 Hawthorne, Peggy J., 280 Hayden, Cynthia, 127, 310, 368 Hayes. Kenneth James. 64. 296, 386 Hayes, Marita Anne, 64, 268 Haynes, Robert George, 129 Haynie. Winfred Cornell, 246 Hays, Richard Dewey, 109, 386 Hazard. Robert Zenas. 95, 380 Head, Charlene June, 96, 318 Head, Kenneth Franklin, 96, 306 Healy, Jacquelin E.. 362 Heap. Robert Alan. 109. 147, 886 Heath, Donald Gene. 368 Heath, Mary Jeanne, 340 Heath. Richard Raymond, 199 Heath, Roger C. 270, 274, 868 Hebal, Lenore Marie, 64, 271 Hecker. Catherine B., 346 Hector, Joan Rowena, 66. 364 Hector. William Martin. 298 Hedegaard. Arne Ralph. 129 Hedcnstad, Charles R.. 404 Heetderks. Albert De, 130 Heffelman. Malcom C. 66, 256, 271 Heffernen, Robert F., 66, 196, 264. 382 Hefti. Vincent Marvin. 66. 252. 264. 269 Hegarty. James Edward. 128 Hehl. Le Rae Marie. 309. 864 Heiland, Ann, 96. 820. 364 Heilbronner, Barbara J.. 862 Heilbronner. Joan Rose. 121. 309. 362 Heim, Robert Scott, 64. 322. 398 Heimsath, Jeannine E, 309, 348 Heinzman, William G.. 398 Heitman, Merle Marie. 324 Heitman. Richard A.. 297. 374 Helder. George Kenneth. 65. 144. 284. 822. Hellebo. Jean Marlys. 314 Heller, Arnold, 106, 109, 394 Heller, Dena. 266 Helm, Rhea Ruth, 292 Helm, Sharon Iris. 65. 268. 346 Helmick. Richard Ross. 128. 203 Helmreich. Robert Felix. 326. 327. 328 Helms. Carl Wilbert. 292 Helms. Robert Donald. 332 Helsell, Janet Mortice, 320 Hempstead, Cody Ellen, 121, 314 Henderson, Carolyn J.. 288 Henderson. Joan Claire. 360 Henderson, Stacey Riley, 380 Hendrickson, Caroline A., 134 Hendrickson. Herbert C. 96. 384 Hendrix. Doris Laurene. 64. 199. 866 Henley, Shirley Jean, 340 Hennings. Helen R., 66. 322. 368 Henrich, Harry Sherman, 66, 876 Henrie, Anita Jewell, 34, 46, 46, 65, 268 S 302, 303 Henry, Mary Therese. 66, 254, 348 Herath, John Henry, 269, 292 Herbert, Margaret Ann, 356 Herbert, Theodore Lee, 328 Herman, Harry Hirsch, 200. 299. 416 Herren, Bobbie Ann, 104, 109, 311, 356 Herrera, Wilfred, 109, 829 Herrick, Margaret Jean, 310, 346 Hersch. Richard Elliott, 121 Hertz. Harvey Sander, 328 Herzog, James August, 384 Heskett, Shirley Lee, 96, 342 Hetherington, Donna J.. 121. 315. 348 Heverly. Fred Seton, 269 Hewicker, John Albert, 312 Hewitt, Alfred Frank, 462 Hewitt, Arthur M.. 121 Hewitt. Eleanor Frances. 279. 864 Heyer, James Willis, 128. 273 Hiatt. Betty Pauline, 312 Hiatt, Theodore Donald, 131 Hickman, Norma E.. 314 Hicks, Lois Yvonne, 66, 360 Hicks, Patricia Lee, 109 Hicks, T. J., 130 Hidaka, Mits, 66, 334 Hiestand, Joan Louise, 322, 358 Higa, Kase. 128 Higbee, Virginia M.. 133 Higgins. Donald David, 290 Higgins. Donald Karl, 246 Higgins, Michele Ann, 121 Higgins, Robert William, 269. 383 Higgins, William Fred. 66, 285 Hildebrand, Peter E., 261 Hilgers, Donald Charles 180 Hill, Alton David, 147, 166, 402 Hill, Arthur E., Jr., 65, 801 Hill, Cecelia Jo, 66, 340 Hill, Gladys Patricia, 340 Hill, Julious Caesar, 279 Hill, Margaret Estella. 121. 317. 344 Hillis. Walter Jerome, 334 Hillmar, Ellis Duane, 65, 270, 274, 368 Hillock, Donald Lee, 66, 296 Hills, Frederick Albert, 200, 298 Hills, Susan, 104, 198, 202, 246, 294 Hinchliffe, Sally L.. 109. 318 Hindes, Donald Kent, 833 Hindman. James Patrick. 380 Hinrichs. Ward Lane. 121. 368 Hinzelman. Helga C. 96 Hinzelman. Irene Carla, 121. 312 Hirata, Jane Eiko, 315 Hirsch, Darrel Leigh, 331, 378 Hirsch, Edith Karen. 264. 324 Hirtle, Thomas W., 109, 374 Hise, Glen George. 396 Hite. Whitney Osborn. 376 Hixon. Sumner Best. 66. 329 Hixson. Robert Bryan, 121, 298 Hiza, Mike John, 372 Hoagland, Benjamin H.. Jr.. 274 Hoagland. Helen Eileen. 184 Hobbs, Arlene Edith, 109 Hobbs, Fred Rodgers, 334 Hobbs. Nona Jane. 340 Hocker. Ophelia Louise. 317 Hockley. Daisy J.. 109. 362 Hoddy. William Arthur. 109. 386 Hodel. Merwin Luther. 109. 147. 150 161 1 ' 163. 154. 165. 156, 157, 176, 386 Hodges, Barbara Grace, 109, 212, 344 Hodgins, Alice Vee, 96, 344 Hoebel, Betsy Anne. 348 Hoekstra. Lucy C. 135 Hoen. Warren Karling. 378 Hoey. Lois Patricia. 348 Hoffman. Billy Nick. 168. 331 Hoffman. Lee Maris. 202. 329 Hoffman. LeRoy George. 106. 109. 898 Hoffman. Paul L.. 263, 269 Hoffman, Roland Hayes, 109. 269 Hoffmeister. Richard A., 290. 368 Hofmann. Ferris Jerry. 384 Hofmann. Jeannette H.. 317 Hofmeister. Eugene F.. 400 Hogins. Bernita Joy. 121. 311. 342 Hohl, Theodore M.. Jr.. 131 Hoiness. Donald Thomas, 274 Holbeach, Barbara L.. 281 Holbrook, Eloise Marie, 277, 320 Holden, Ann, 134 -nn Holden, James Phillip, 39, 96. 326. 331 »™ Holder, Eugene Thomas, 384 Holder, Jacqueline S., 109, 352 Holderness, Geraldine M., 121 Holdredge, Russell M., 292 Holec, Ann Marie, 310 Holick, AnnaBelle Marie, 104. 197. 810. 348 Holland, Luanne, 134 Hollenbeck, Guy Arthus, 128 Holliday, Joseph W., Jr,, 890 Hollister, Herbert, 396 Holloway, Hayes Bent on, 121, 382 I Holm, Vernetta, 133 Holman. Loy Del, 368 Holme, Ruth Anne, 96, 348 Holmes, Robert E., Jr.. 392 Holt. Charles Morris. Jr.. 386 Holt. Perry Duane, 93, 272, 392 Holton, Corrinne, 366 Holzer, Carol Fay, 96, 303. 342 Honnen. Robert Earle. 304. 305. 886 -_ Honnen, Shirley H,, 96, 364 ' Honstein, Clyde Edward, 130 Hook, Edward Lindsten, 121. 404 Hook, James Michael, 200. 400 Hoover, Jerry A., 328 Hope. Mary Louise. 313 Hope. Robert William. 408 Hopkins. Dean Stanley. ?e9, 279, 380 Hopkins, Larry Lorin. 896 Hopley, Lily Anne, 121, 360 Hoppis. Larry. 181. 331 Hoppler, Carroll K., 130 Hoppoch, Barbara Ann. 96. 280. 842 Horine, Lawrence E.. 147. 160, 177, 402 Horlocker, Darlene L.. 134 Horn. Myron Kay. 263 Horn. Wanda Rosetta. 267. 293. 356 Home. Louise Thome. 88. 276 Homer. Dawna Lee. 66. 366 Horner, Jack Mason, 1?9. 386 Horton, John William, 384 Horton. Kaye Irene, 121. 350 Horton. William C, 378 Horton, William John, 147. 160 Hose, Shirley Ann, 109, 266, 358 Hosea, Cathryn Ann, 818 Hoshall, Viola, 309 Hoskins, Donald Lee, 396 Hoskins, Evelyn Verlee. 309, 350 Houck, Barbara Lynne. 66. 310, 317 Houdek, Mary Anne, 1?1. 344. 309 Hough. Flora Ethel. 36. 66. 264, 824 House, Myron D,, 269 Houser, Robert Paul, 121, 398 Houston, Jerry Lee, 382 Houston, Morton B.. Jr.. 66. 384 Houston, Theodore G.. 374 Houtz, David, 109, 269. 378 Howard. Charles W.. 335 Howard. J. Albert. 269 Howard. Richard M.. 109. 378 Howe, Jimmie Lou, 309, 352 Howell, Garry Lee, 392 Howell, John Richard. 263 Howell, Wanda Adeline, 313, 348 Howes, John Sidney. 331 Howorth. Mary Beryl. 264 Hoyt, Ronald King, 66 Hubbard, Graydon D., Jr.. 121. 380 Hubbell, Helen Jeanne, 256. 269 Huber, Charles Russell, 128 418 student index Hiiber, Frederick E.. 886 Huck. Sasan Marjr. 121. 309. 3S2 Euckins. Barbara J., 197. 344 Huddleson. Ernest t.. 298. 33 ' ! Hudson. Barbara 3.. 66. 297. 320 Euff. Sonald Elmer. 298. 332. 464 Buffer. Jane Claire. 344 Buffer. Kenneth Ray. 147. 400 Buffer. Mary Ann. 344 Huffman. Lee Ann. 354 Hughes. Dolores B.. 317 Hughes, Frank Thomas. 66, 283 Hughes, Lloyd George, 66 Hughes, Pete. 109. 271 Hughes. Suzanne. 314. 352 Huising. Don Leonard. 39. 66. 269. 392 Hulley. Elizabeth Anne. 104, 352 Hulse, Addison Alvin. 96. 386 Hultquist. Joyce. 134 Humburg. Gene Harold. 96, 292 Humburg, Neil Edward. 121. 868 Bume. John V., 131 Bumel. Dorothy Sue, 318 Bumphrey, Carole. 340. 868 Humphrey. Carole Ann. 294. 298 Humphrey. Claire. 121. 310. 368 Humphrey. Robert N.. 131 Humphreys. John A.. III. 181 Hungerford. Susan. 309 Hunsche. Caroline A.. 121. 313 Hunt, Anne Butler, 311 Hunt, Chloe Mae. 266. 840 Hunt. Richard Thomas N.. 110. 374 Hunt. Robert J.. 66. 400 Hunt. Roger Davis. 147. 161. 386 Hunt. Royal Lee. 382 Bnnter, Richard. 376 Bunter. Glenn Edward. 66, 196. 339, 400 Bunter. Mary Garland, 121, 312, 864 Hunter, Robert Murray, 121, 256. 327. 330 Huntington. Ruth A.. 352 Huntley. Thelma J.. 66. 3?1 Hurburt. Aleene A.. 110, 304 Hurburt, Loyce L., 313 Hurburt. Darth D.. 67, 202. 804. 805 Burley. Lloyd A.. 131 Busted. Charles E,, 329 Butchings, Gloria J,, 312 Hutchings. Herbert D.. 370 Hutchinson. Jean C 314. 364 Hutchinson. Joseph R.. 269. 386 Hutchinson. Ruth B.. 354 Huter, Carl S,, 330 Huttig. Grace E.. 121. 315. 364 Hyde. James Harold, 96. 396 Hynnes. William James. 247. 284 I lacoponelli, E. Elaine, 96, 819 ladarola, Alfred N.. 271. 329 Ide. Robert Curtis. 110. 386 Ikemori. Gordon E., 330 Ingram. Robert L., 134 Ingwersen. Alice T.. 67. 342 Ingwersen. Nancy M,, 67, 338. 364 Inman. Dale Arthur. 333 Innes. Ervin L,. 292 Iritani. Roy Isao. 130 Irvine. Ben M.. 368 Irwin. Barbara A., 110 Irwin. Jacqueline M., 96. 277. 362 Irwin. Mary Lee, 96, 360 Irwin, Royal Robert, Jr,. 874 Isaac. Erich, 368 Isaacson, Sandra E., 104. 110. 193. 197. 313 Isbill. Paula. 311 Iskow. Joann Sara. 367 Iimert. Elizabeth M,, 96, 356 Ito, Kiyoshi, 67 Iverson, Donald G,, 382 Iverson. William C. 110, 408 Ives, Donna Mae, 67, 294, 295, 318, 348 Iwamoto. Kathryn S.. 313 Iwamoto, Elaine S,, 313 Jackson, Elmer Charles, 130 Jackson, Jed K., 390 Jackson, Joe Ann. 348 Jackson. Manly Lyman. 333. 890 Jackson. Marvin R.. 110. 380 Jackson. Norma Jeanne, 67, 366 Jacobey. John A., Jr.. 129 Jacobi. Charlotte L., 97, 191, 303, 342 Jacobs, David, 204 Tacobson. Janise C, 67. 3, 4 Jagger, Jeremy A., 121, 396 Jaggers, Eva Ruth, 97, 303 James, Patricia Ann, 110, 3 0 James. Robert E.. 130 Jamison. Richard S., 67, 246, 260 Jammer. Nancy. 37, 88, 97, 269, 285. 304. 848 Janzen. Glory Ann. 97. 300. 322 Jardine. Douglas M.. 67. 326 Jeanes. Mary Frances. 97. 352 Jeangerard. Robert E.. 159, 382 Jeffay. Barbara Myra. 324 Jeffe, Robert. 410 Jeffers, Samuel L.. 329 Tefferson. Joan Kay, 67, 196. 338, 360 Jeffres. Edgar Dan. 67 Jeffrey. Joan. 264, 271 Jenkins. Evan Cramer, 97. 105. 144. 196. 272, 396 Jenkins, Lillian Carol, 812 Jennings, Richard Frank. 67 Jensen. Gene Ray. 303. 328 Jensen, Jack E., 256 Jensen. Sally Marie. 314. 360 Jensen, Shirley Louise, 110. 311 Jensen. Stanley Dale. 882 Jerabek. Kenneth Carl. 296 Jerman. Ronald Francis. 67, 267 Jessen. Ramona Anne. 292 Jessup. Marylyn, 97, 318, 848 Jeurink, Mary Louise, 360 Job, Henry Joseph, Jr.. 130 John. Arthur Walter. 269. 330. 404 Johns. Frank Herbert, 896 Johns. Robert Frank, 67. 283 Johnson. Alvin J.. Jr.. 332 Johnson, Carol Anne, 318 Johnson, Carolyn Mae. 352 Johnson. Dale Venard. 404 Johnson, Danny Weston, 121, 370 Johnson, Elaine Rosalie, 838, 364 Johnson, Elden L., 328 Johnson, Harriett J.. 348 Johnson. Hilary M.. 46. 47. 67. 89, 147. 167 Johnson. Lloyd A.. 313 Johnson. Lois Mae. 344 Johnson. Marilyn. 314 Johnson. Mary Lou. 110. 342 Johnson, Richard T.. 198. 297. 390 Johnson, Robert Samuel. 131 Johnson, Roderick D.. 328. 376 Johnson. Ronald Louis, 147, 149, 160, 152, 153, 164, 166, 380 Johnson, Rudolph. 110. 198. 390 Johnson. Sarah J.. 264. 276. 324 Johnson, Stanley Owen. 269 Johnson. Wallace. 402 Johnson. Walte r R.. 128 Johnson. Yvonne M., 36. 48. 97. 191. 192. 264. 276, 304, 366 Johnston. Bonnie J., 344 Johnston, Claudia C. 121. 366 Johnston, Marilyn Beth, 183 Johnston. Marjorie J., 316 Johnston, Stanley Dow. 374 Jones. Annamae, 67, 340 Jones, Carolyn Marie. 356 Jones. Dolores Lou. 134 Jones. Garth E.. 382 Jones. Harry Ernest. 386 Jones. Jacquelyn Helen. 67, 104, 344 Jones. John Allen. 181 Jones. John William. 131 Jones, Judeenne, 110, 294. 295. 304. 360 Jones. Marjorie L.. 97 Jones. Mary E.. 348 Jones. Nancy. 97. 360 Jones. Nathaniel G.. Jr.. 331. 372 Jones. Raymon M. . 333 Jones. Richard E.. 283 Jones. Robert Earrol. Jr.. 67. 301 Jones. Thomas Stanley, 110, 380 Jones, William L.. 121 Jordan. John Zack. Jr.. 147. 148. 149. 160. 151, 154, 155, 166. 167. 177, 178, 256, 870 Jorgensen, Bonnie. 266. 364 Jorgenson. John. 147. 148. 149. 167, 376 Joseph. Gary K.. 97. 398 Joseph. Norman R.. 130 Josephson. Gilbert A.. 110. 404 Josselyn. Helen L., 121. 315. 344 Joyce. Emma L., 257 Joyce. Sidney C. 104, 346 Joyce, Thomas H., 386 Judge. Dorothy J.. 68. 340 Jurca, Stephen R., 138 E Kahn, Kenneth A.. 131 Kahre. Gerald E.. 334 Kako. Junko. 68 Kaldahl. Jeanne N.. 68. 266 Kalicki. James. 386 Kallhoff. Barbara E., 318 Kamine. Arthur. 410 Kamp. Donald Briner. 121. 408 Kamprath. Elizabeth. 68. 340 Kane, Mary Ann, 110, 316. 366 Kannally. Thomas H., 332 Kao, Robert, 247, 283 Karbatsch, James E.. 68. 396 Kardokus. Jane E.. 110. 281. 318 Karnes. Grundy Neil, 121. 330. 884 Karst. Ralph Ronald. 169. 398 Kasak. William E., 68. 283 Kasic, Andrew John, Jr,, 68 Kasic, Martha L., 184 Kasper, George, 68, 384 Kasper, Marie Jean, 314 Kass. Mayer, 394 Kassel, Donald Keith, 886 Katchen, Bruce David, 110, 394 Katz, Joel B., 110, 299, 410 Kaub, Diana Julie, 309, 350 Kaufman, John J,, 336 Kaufman, Alice Betty, 110, 338, 867 Kavana, Kenneth, 189, 334, 382 Kawakami, Norito, 128, 273 Kay, James Gordon, 386 Keables. Jack Mayal, 68, 874 Keagy, Robert Lloyd, 331 Kearney, Robert Thomas, 131 Keating. Dean H. , 374. 396 Keena, Edith Marie. 97, 320 Keenan, J. Mitchell. 97. 404 Keeney. Darliene A.. 243. 844 Kees. Judith D.. 121, 202. 809, 346 Keetou. Mary Lucile. 121. 364 Keith. Jerry W.. 386 Eehr, Carol Jane, 110, 197, 310. 360 Keirns. George Henry. 283. 292. 412 Keirns, Howard Lee, 121, 332 Keleher. Marcia W.. 346 Eellar, Robert H.. 68 Kellar. William James. 68, 200, 282, 283 Keller, Ralph L.. 400 Eelley, John Michael, 876 Kelley, Patrick A., 121, 412 Kellogg, Audre R., 809 Kellogg, Gary B., 68 Kellum. Robert E., 129 Kelly, Bernard H., 376 Kemp, George P.. 110. 400 Kemper, Bert Allen. 297 Kemper. Donald E., 68, 382 Kemper, Sheila A., 248 Kenehan, John C, 322 Kennedy, Billie Joe, 121 Kennedy, Mary Katherine, 69. 346 Kenny. Barbara J.. 110. 321. 356 Kent, Constance, 68 Kent, Diane Marie. 342. 354 Kent, Nancy Milwee, 121, 368 Kenworthy, Barbara E.. 110 Kenz. Edward James. 392 Kepncr, Harrison Fradd. 68. 185. 889. 876 Keppel, Richard Horney. 362 Kersey, Doris Mary, 271 Kersey, George E., 32, 33. 69. 204. 271, 282, 286. 329 Kessel. Thelma Janis. 316. 368 Kessler. Donna Yvonne. 311 Kester, Mary Ann. 69. 360 Kettman, John L., 110, 390 Khandelwal, Arun Kumar, 121. 331 Khoursheed, Fareed. 69. 247 Khungas, Gurdayal P.. 201. 257 Kidd. Susan Jane. 368 Kidder, Lyman Michael, 400 Kiefer, Charlotte A.. 342 Kiefer. Frank Walton. 380 Kiefer, Lois Jean, 292, 310, 342 Killefer, Robert, 69, 261, 380 Killian. Buster R., 282 Killius, Richard W.. 402 Klllius. Robert W., 402 Kilpatrick, Jo Lee, 133 Kilpatrick, Stuart A.. 121 Kilton, Roger M., 370 Kimble. Laura E.. 121. 277. 316, 344 Kimmel. John Richard. 402 Kimmett. James Franklin. 122, 404 King. Barbara J., 110, 318 King. Charles George. 402 King. James Wilfred. 106. 110. 398 King. Joseph Theodore. 189 King. Kathryn Louise. 352 King. Lura Georgiann. 69, 264. 340 King. Marcella R., 135 King. Margaret Jean. 104. 110. 277, 860 King. William H.. Jr.. 296. 370 Kingdom. Phillip E.. 189. 380 Kingery. Joan Marie. 110. 340 Kingsbury, Jacolyn, 822, 868 Kingsolver, Paul Byron, 829 Kinney. Richard Dake. 129 Kinney. Stevens P.. III. 376 Kinzie. Virginia Lee. 134 Kirby. Donald Clark. 97. 260. 288, 884 Kirby, Elizabeth M,, 122, 271 Kirley, Sheila C, 122, 310, 362 Kirschbaum, Margaret E,, 844 Kischner, Allen Roger, 892 Kisseleff, Louis Gratz, 247 Kitchens, William L., 284 Kittleman, Willis V.. 398 Klaas. Bruce Gregory. 171 Klaimon, Jerry Howard. 298. 331 Klamann, Robert Leo, 147, 380 Klammer, Helen Leanna, 318 Klar, Hazel M.. 133 Klass. Peter C, 122, 400 Klefstad, Norma G., 122, 316, 364 Klein. James Erwin. 110. 410 Kleiner. Harold Stewart, 285 Kleinhoffer, Jacqueline, 311 Kleinholz, Kenneth D.. 368 Kleinschmidt. Joan E.. 122. 310, 860 Kleitz, Philip Rex, 276 Klemme, Howard Charles, 128 Kline, Owen Foster, Jr,, 130 Kline, James Franklin, 398 Klingensmith, Ruth J.. 122, 316 Kluherz. Jcrrol Rae, 390 Klute, Dorothy Joan. 309. 352 Kiiafelc. Gary Lee. 147. 157 Knies. William Stanton, 122. 331 Knittle. Joseph Edward. 246 Knoebel. Beryl Rose, 198 Knott, Albert W,, 265, 378 Knotz, Lois Jane, 69, 271, 303 Knowles, Ann, 122. 314 Knowles. Patricia C, 134 Knowlton, Carol Ann, 352 Knowlton, Richard Lyle, 147. 164. 402 Knox, Forrest S., 97, 386 Knudsen, Ann Roberta, 317 Knudsen, Gerald Willis, 370 Knuth, Ruth Eileen, 69. 318 Kobayashi, Richard T., 332 Kochenburger. John E.. 370 Kochevar. Mark Stanley. 129 Kochevar, Rudolph Jack. 110. 398 Koelbel. Mary RiU, 97, 858 Koernig, Raymond C, 111 Koger. Buddy Richard, 97. 392 Kohl, David John, 896 Kolkey, Faith Arliene, 69, 338, 367 Kelts, Kathryn Alta. 122. 313. 360 Komerska, Robert James, 69 Kindo, Ralph. 128 Koneman, Elmer William, 392 Konselman, John Morton. 402 Koop, Kenneth E.. 169, 160. 162. 169, 306, 826, 329, 380 Eoopman, Janet L., Ill, 821. 342 Eopine. Dorothy M., 97, 820 Korn, Ita, 69 Kornafel, Katherine, 122, 311 Korslund, Betty Jean. 314 Koahida. Heihachiro, 838 Kosuge, Tsune, 69 Koury, George S., 97 Kowal, William Thomas, 122, 402 Kraft, Virgil Don, 828 Kramer. James Lovelace. 69, 249 Kranz. Jay M.. 69. 370 Krasick. Virginia K.. 318 Krasovich. Dorothy L.. 132 Kratt. William V., 408 Kraus, Jacqueline. 122, 367 Kraus, Joseph R.. 122. 386 Krause. Donald Gray. 828 Krebs. David Owen. 382 Krenzel. Neil Ray. 69 Kreuzer. Mary Ann. 309. 350 Krez, Carole Ann, 122, 312. 344 Krieg. Alice Louise, 135 Kroenert, George E.. Jr., 122, 322, 398 Krogmeier, Shirley F.. Ill Krolczyk. Constance C, 122 Kropf, Karl Samuel, 97, 382 Krueger, Carole E.. 193, 271, 277, 348 Kruse, Richard H.. 259 Kruse. William A.. 123. 203 Krystyniak. Elizabeth W.. 70 Kubota. Sadaichi, 317 Kuchler, Clara Ann, 133 Kugel. Gary Paul. 97. 322. 400 Kuhlman. Joseph H., Jr., 398 Kuhn. Edward J,, 335 Kuhrt, Harry Lugene, 129 Kulpak, Louise Florence, 111, 366 ' ■ Kupetz, Arnold Lee, 394 Kupetz, Jerry Louis, 394 Kurachi, Harry, 129 Kurachi, Pauline, 131 ' Kurihara. Rokuro, 286 ' i Kurtzman, Walter E,. 332 Kusao, Yutaro, Ronald, 70 Kustka. Walter James, 264, SS6 Kutil, Donald H., 110, 398 Kyle, Edwin Samuel, 188 Labrecque, Ronald A., 97 Labudovich, Marco, 129 Lackey, Elizabeth E.. 110 Lackey, Georgia Mae, 340 Lackner, Allan E., 122, 394 Lacy. Joseph M., 31, 32, 33, 42, 47, 70, «». 138. 296. 398 Ladine. Lyal Ervin, 201 La Graffe, Donald Roy, 247 Lake, Joe Frank. 886 Lakin, Cora Catharine, 311 Lakin, Corwin Hyde, 111 Lakin, Joyce Otelia, 269, 293, 818 Lala, Hosy Sorabji, 267 La Mair, Nancy Ellen, 342 Lamb, George D,, 122, 396 Lamb, John Gerhard, 70, 372 Lamb, Leonard H,, 271 Lamb, Mary Joyce, 310, 360 Lamb. William E.. 70, 392 Lambert, Dorothy Ann, 70. 360 Lambreoht, Deon E.. Ill Lamkin. Peter H., 392 Lance, Loren Keith. 398 Landauer. Thomas K.. 410 Landholm. Wallace M.. 269. 329 Landin. Gary Gilbert. 111. 896 Landsberg, Arne. 292. 832 Landstrom. Warren G., 122, 367 Lane, Beth. 264. 352 Lane. Donald Duane. 396 Lane, Jacqueline, 122. 313. 367 Lane. Norma Jean, 358 Lang, Daniel John, 376 Lang. Marion G., 97. 364 Langer. Marvin Y., 98, 394 Langford, Margaret M,. 318 Langley. John W.. 368 Lappat, Emma Josephine, 129 Larcom, Howard Duane, 330 Larkin. Donald E.. 168, 374 Larmon, La Retta M., 319 Larsen, Arthur Lee. 402 Larsen, Gerald Henry. 70. 400 Larsen, Helga Roaholt, 136 Larsen, Sarah Ellen. 348 Larson. Charlotte Jane, 133 Larson, Dayl, Andrew, 177. 178. 374 Larson. Howard Arnold. 386 Larson, Karl F., 185, 886 419 student index Larson, Thomas R., 158 Larson. Viyienne M., 122, 135, 314, 346 Laster. John Lloyd, 111, 392 La Shell, Leona V., 70, 868 La Shell, Robert W., 898 Latham, David E,, 380 Lathrop, Carl Lee, 128, 380 La Torra, Jo Ann, 122 Laucomer, Joanne K., 70. 320, 348 Lau hlin, Henry David, 111, 374 Launius, Ralph W., 128 Lawless, Harold Lse, 130 Lawerenson, Bruce E,, 122. 380 Lawrence, Carol Joyce, 135, 312 Lawrence, Henry M., 398 Lawrence, Larry C, 248 Lawrence, Margaret A., 846 Lawrence, Philip D., 70 Lawrence, Virginia H., 318 Lawson, Barbara Ann, 132 Lawson, Donald ¥., 256, 398 Lawson, Kenneth D., 398 Lawson. LeRoy D., 880 Lawson, Robert E., 169, 880 Laybourn, Harold Ross, 386 Laybourn, William E,. 138 Layton, Margaret A., 98, 204. 264, 321 Learning, Charlotte M., Ill, 293, 364 Leaver. Robert C. 382 Leavitt, Nora Alice, 138, 184 Leckenby. Charles J., 186, 886 Ledder, Bennett S,, 894 Lee, Constance J., 840 Lee. Fred Gerald. 898 Lee. Harry A., 189 Lee. Leila I.. 279 Jee. John Eugene. 279 Lee. Robert Edward. 279 Lee. Roberta E,, 340 Lee, Sharon Lavern, 302. 824 Lefkovich, Allen L., 122. 410 Lehl, Sharon Lee, 122, 314. 360 Lehman. John D.. 898 Lehman. Sara Lu. 817. 362 Lehmann. Hans Arthur. 882 Leierer. Charles E.. 70, 331. 826 Leierer. Nita J.. 331 Leifson. Margot F.. 348 Leik. Thomas Howard. Ill, 334 Leimbaoh, Jessie A., 23, 104, 266 Leinberger, Marilyn M., 308 Leiser, Burton M., 265 Leishman, William, 122, 398 Leithead, Russell James, 128 Leland, Paula West, 344 Le Maire Chas. W., Jr., 382 Lemen, David Allan, 111, 400 Lennox, Barbara, 271 Leon, Shirley, 267, 811 Leonard. Edward John. 271. 282 Leopold, Jeanne K., 265, 310, 867 Lesher, Dorothy J., 811 Leslie, Albert J., Jr,, 374 Leslie, William Robert, 297, 386 Lesser, Paul. 400 Lestoque, Walter, 70 Leuthold, Judith, 197, 313, 846 Levine, Phillip, 71, 894 Levinson, Jay C, 122, 394 Levis, Rhoda B., 255, 358 Levy, Gene, 263, 264, 268 Levy, Harriett, 805, 362 Levy, Irwin B,, 410 Lewenberg, Richard H., 394 Lewis, Clare E,, 303 Lewis, David T,, 122, 880 Lewis, Deanne Louise, 322 Lewis, Donald A., 71. 259. 386 Lewis. Joan J.. 122. 311 Lewis. Mary K.. 71, 88 Lewis, Marjorie A,, 313, 314 Lewis, Richard G., 380 Lewis, Thomas R., 71, 274 Lewis, Virginia A,, 98 Lieberman, Jack, 111, 410 Liff, Sally Diane, 122, 198, 864 Lifmann, Gerald Jules, 879 Liggins, James E., 171, 372 Lightfoot, Evelyn, 98 Lightburn, Virginia, 35, 98, 304, 309, 348 Lilly, Clifford Drew, 892 Lincoln, James Rufus, 890 Lind, John E,, 259, 271 Lindberg, Richard .L,, 404 Lindemayer, John C. 400 Lindseth. Carolyn. 104. 198, 295, 312, 852 Lindsley, George E., 88 Lindstrom, Janet C, 320 Line, Frances, 122, 840 Lines, David J., Ill, 290 Lines, John C, 868 Link, Robert N., 98, 876 Linn, Barbara M., 134 Lipman, Sheila, 122, 313. 382 Lipoff. Bernard, 71 Lipp, Nancy Lou, 134 Lippincott, Clair A,, 330, 870 List, Carolyn, 268 Litten, Jack D., 274 Little, Elizabeth J,, 368 Little, John R., Jr., 368 Littledale, Susan T,, 122, 316, 342 Litvak, John, 130 Livingston, Virginia, 111. 318 Lloyd, William, 98, 199, 408 Lockard, Marjorie A., 35, 98, 298, 313 Lockett, William D., 71, 248 Lockwood, Donald L., 169 Loewenstein. Michael, 328 Lombardi. Nalda. 122, 314, 364 Lommer, Merle W.. 370 Lomo. Leif. 257 Loney. Thomas A., 111. 396 Long. Clifford C. 71. 392 Long, James R., 328 Long. Linn Lary. 386 Long. Loren LeRoy. 247 Long. Phyllis M,, 184 Longnecker, Margaret, 813, 852 Longo, Frank R.. Ill, 829 Longshore, Nancy Norma, 311, 358 Lonneberg, Georgia D,, 816 Loomis. Constance A.. 842 Loose. Aaron. 269 Lord. George W.. 322 Lord. Grace L.. 71, 268, 822 Lord, Marilyn J.. 850 Lorens. Charles. 71. 246. 260. 283, 384 Lorenzon, Edwina, 817 Loser, Ronald. 185, 386 Lotka, Dona Marie, 307 Loudenburg, Milton. 248 Love. Alan P.. 264. 292 Lovejoy. Frances A.. 342 Loversky. Patricia A., 320. 348 Low. Joseph. 882 Low. Richard Jerry. 272 Lowden. James. 71, 398 Lowe, Anna V., 71, 132 Lowe, Carolyn J., 809, 364 Lowe, Kenneth R., 71. 270, 274 Lowry, Wendel E., 298, 330 Luban, Arthur, 382 Luby, William Dean, 273 Luby, William Joseph, 71 Lucas. Leroy E., 404 Ludeman. Barton. 71. 296. 386 Ludeman. Shirley A.. 111. 310. 322 Ludwick. Dean Lee, 828 Lumos, Connid, 312 Luekens, Claude A,, 130 Luhrs, Carson, 398 Lundeen, Garnett L. . 71 Lundberg, Daniel, 378 Lundell, Paula M., 85. 71. 316 Lundsrud, Joan M., 122, 316 Lunsford, John C, 368 Luntz, Constance. 71 Lusby. Luther. 396 Lusk. Barbara, 72. 313 Lustig. Joseph, 333 Lustig. Shana. 809, 862 Lutovich. Gerald, 98. 266. 894 Luttrell. Emilyn. 72. 338 Lyall, William F,, 881 Lybarger. James N., 886 Lycett. Horace A.. 828 Lyddon. Richard M.. 332 Lym. Richard D., 269. 285 Lynch. Daniel. 284 Lynch. Will. 89. 256. 386 Lynn. Constance. 344 Lyster, Elizabeth. 123. 310 Lytle. Janet E,, 277 M HacClurg, Joan, 858 MacCornack, James A,, 374 MacDonald, Dean, 268 MacDonald, James D.. 398 UacDonald, Jean J., 858 MacFadden, Mary L., 72, 346 Macintosh, Bruce, 204 MacKay, Darrell, 105, 111. 298. 870 MacKenzie. Donna. 304. 346 Mackey. Jack L.. 130 Mackley. Dale. 72, 276 Macomber. Douglas W., 123, 380 MacSpadden, Beverly, 72, 288 Macy, Margaret E,, 123, 316 Macy. Martha J,, 72, 265 Maddock. Mary Lynn. 366 Madigan. Doris J., 317, 340 Madison, Stuart G., 72, 286 Madsen, Robert C, 272, 374 Magee, Donald C, 400 Magerfleisch, Virgil, 378 Mahn, Barbara, 264, 293, 378 Mahnke, Martha, 315, 350 Mahoney, Charles, 129 Maier, Clara J., 73, 344 Maires, Richard L., 247. 386 Majesky, John D,, 73, 284, 386 Majors, Charles E,, 384 Malek, Janet L,, 317 Maliner, Martin, 263 Maley, Samuel, 260, 283, 285 Malk, Phyllis, 816 Mallory, Jo C, 268 Maloney, Terry P., 128, 880 Malouff, Lawrence, 78, 138, 269 Malsy, Joachim, 334 Malz, Carl Nick, 398 Manges, Gayle E,, 804, 305 Maniatis, Peter, 870 Mann, Donald, 370, 382 Mann, Douglas, 382 Manning, Sidney N., 378 Manning, William K., 129 Manson, Phyllis J., 133 Manton, Joy Ellen, 817, 340 Manville, Sylvia L,, 73, 324 Marcantonio, Bambina, 271, 319 March. Arthur E.. 402 Marchello. Anton F.. 247 Marcove. Gerald. 123. 394 Marcus. Gloria M.. 264. 364 Marek. Don Elton. 333 Mariani. John, 111, 400 Maritt, LeRoy, 269, 332 Markham, Allan, 400 Markham, Ann. 34. 104 Markham. Annette D,. 73. 348 Markham. Roger K.. 111. 396 Marks. Joan. 23. 98 Marks. Raymond. 374 Marks, Tyler K.. 400 Marlow. Hobbs B.. 386 Marples. Jean Anne. 98. 277, 860 Marrill. Connie. 23 Marriott. Joe Denny. 128 Marsh. James Reimers. 374 Marshall. Katherine J.. 364 Marshall. Lee Whitney, 386 Marshall, Marilyn L., Ill, 346 Marshall. Robert W., 147, 297, 390 Marta. George, 98, 376 Martellaro, Joseph, 322 Martin, A. W., 269 Martin. Arthur L.. 374 Martin. Barbara L.. 255 Martin. John A.. 130 Martin. Joy Oleta, 73, 288, 802 Martin, Kenneth B., 73 Martin, Phyllis J., 134 Martin, Richard A., 400 Martin, Robert R., 98, 396 Martinez, David L., 98, 189, 828 Martinez, Sam, 330 Martinson, Robert G,, 73, 246. 376 Martinson. Zoel Roger. 330 Marvin. Mary Kathryn. 350 Masciotra. Anthony, 828 Mason, Jane Ann, 315, 352 Mason, Mike, 298, 372 Mason, Thomas R., 73, 378 Mast, Marcia Ann. 39, 73, 294. 295, 802, 348 Masters, Beverly Diane, 73. 356 Masters. David Walters. 396 Masterson. John James, 73, 267 Hatel, John Slibeck. 123, 269, 828 Mather, Russell, 128 Matson, Donald Carl, 111 Matson, Dorothy E,, 134 Matsushima, Edna. 98. 260 Matteson. Eugene C, 896 Matton. William F.. 128 Mattson. Fred W.. 128. 278 Hattson. Marilynn J.. 312. 840 Mauries. Christy K.. 129 Maxwell. James Dale. 868 May. Bette Jeanne. 135. 293 May. Joseph William. 98. 177. 266, SSO May, Roger E., 263, 890 Mayer, Helene B,, 73, 266, 367 Mayer, Robert W., 105. 111. 863. 398 Maynard. Grace Ethel. 318 Mayo. Howard R,, 329 Mayo, Fete, 382 McAdams, Katharine, 817 McAdoo. Linda. 123. 314, 352 McAlphine, Danial, 111, 412 McAnelly, James, 338 McBrayer, Robert 329 McBride, Betty L., 356 HcBride, Glen C, 380 McBrien, Ellen, 264, 319 McCallion, John. 376 McCallum. Donald. 380 McCandless. Robert. 147. 327. 334 McCarthy. Charles. 147 McCarthy. Mildred, 309, 360 McCarty, Patrick, 386 McCaslin, Patricia, 72, 354 McClanahan, Celia, 111 McClearn. Jean, 72, 322 McClelland, Patricia, 123, 256, 317, 864 McClelland, Robert, 269 McClure. Michael, 72 McCoIlum, George, 868 McCoUum, Margaret, 123, 192, 366 McComas, Murray, 374 McComb, James, 327, 883 McCone, Patricia, 123, 312, 804 McCone, Robert, 266, 396 McCorcle, James, 412 McCord, Susan, 354 McCormick, Jane, 128, 135, 310, 860 McCoy, Carolyn, 134 McCoy, Mary L., 360 McCoy, Stephen, 111, 882 McCrea. Lucinda, 314 McCue. Mary, 98, 820 McCullen, John, 380 McCuUoch, Stephen, 285 McCullough, Eleanor, 72, 276 McCutcheon, Adrienne, 98, 279, 321 McCutchan, David, 404 McDaniel, Deryl,, 327, 328 McDermid, James, 98, 898 McDermott, 128 McDonald, Charles, 388 McDonald, Claude, 404 McDonald, Laurel, 360 McDonald, Raymond, 196, 269, 386 McDonald, Shirley, 123, 317, 348 McDonough, Gilbert, 129 McDonough, Patricia, 309, 394 McDougal, Charles, 98, 898 McDowell, William, 396 Mo ElSsh, Neysa, 313 McElroy, James, 326, 333 McFall. Elvin. 329 McFarland, Sidney. 360 McGarry, Patrick. 197, 386 McGee, Jack D,, 272 McGee. James E., 98. 386 McGillis, Marilyn. 123. 313. 344 McGillivray, Mary, 360 McGIothlin, Mattie, 133, 134 McGonagle. Milo, 259 McGrawm, Earl, 330 McGregor. Carol, 72 McGuire, Gerald, 374 Mcllwain, Mary Ann, 99, 346 Mclntire, William Gene. 382 Mclntyre, Homer H.. Jr.. 181 McKay. Robert Edwine. 269, 328 McKearnan, Neil John. 72 McKell. Helen. 111. 318 McKell. Joseph Scott, 131 McKenzie. Robert A., 293 McKinley, John Richard. 329 McKinney. William P.. 386 McKnight. James H., Jr., 131 McKown. Jane Grace, 354 McLagan, C. Bruce. 37. 202, 304, 386 McLagan, James Neil. 386 McLain. Kathleen Knox, 320. 350 McLaughlin, Frederic M.. 198, 329 McLaughlin, Phyllis A., 99 McLaughlin, Ronald Coe. 72, 386 McLeman, Marion E,, 135. 311 McMaster. Cecilia E.. 312. 366 McMeekin. Nancy Lou, 123, 317, 340 McMillan. George S.. 270 McNabb. Kathleen E.. 132 McNamara, Patricia J., 350 McNary, William D,. 386 McNear, Eve Dorothy. 123. 313. 350 McNeel. Jane Maverick. 99 McNeil. Robert Neal. 123, 334. 400 McNutt. Marjorie Helen. 123. 312 McPherson. John P., 129 McQuilkin, Diane, 99, 192. 366 McRonald. Bernard G.. 269. 332. 408 McVicar. Thomas H.. Jr.. 271. 334 Mecartney, Bruce Wells. 99. 268 Mecherle, Georgia L,, 73, 358 Mechling, Martin Wooley, 386 Mee, Ann Sanford, 134 Meehan, Joan Carol, 128, 311 Mehl, Marie Kathryn, 268 Mehos, Bill, 129 Hehos, John Gus, 269, 392 Mehra, Jagat Mohan Lai, 99, 257 Mehrer, Patricia Ann, 123, 344 Mehta, Himatlal Rajpal, 257, 269, 286 Meisch, Linus. John. 271 Miesenholder. Joan E.. 264 Melbye. Donald Arthur. 128. 278 Meline. Victor R.. Jr.. 247 Melle. Charles F.. 73. 892 Mellecker. Margaret Ann. 123, 271 Mellman, Devera, 128, 309. 362 Melnick. Edith Helen. 313 Meloche. Donald Lee. 128. 284, 380 Melville, Patricia J., 73, 362 Mendenhall, Donnalou, 123, 310, 368 Mendrek, Henry Harold, 131 Menge. Margaret Lee, 277 Merlino, George Rocky, 74, 296, 878 Merman, William Lee, 332 Mero, John H., 246 Merriam, Betty Anne, 111, 277, 864 Merrick, Jerome Leech, 370 Merrill, Constance L.. 99. 280 Merrill. Deborah Ann. 123. 350 Merrill, Henry A., 380 Mertz, George Henry, 131 Messer, Barry Willard, 111. 410 Metzger, Markley G.. 111. 396 Meyer. Bernard Anthony. 382 Meyer. Harold Clayton. 99. 394 Meyer. Hellmut Lawrence. 99. 334 Meyer. Herbert William. 74 Meyer. Judith Aline. 309. 367 Meyer. Patricia Jo.. 360 Meyer. Robert Haldeman. 398 Meyer. Suzanne Bryant. 99. 279. 344 Meyerhoff. Miriam. 312, 367 Meyers, Harold Jay, 304, 305, 374 Michaelson. Richard D.. 380 Miczynski. Geraldine C. 134 Miczynski. Zygmunt Jan. 247 Miguel. Trinidad C, 99. 319 Mikesell, Ritchie P., 74, 382 Mikkelsen. Richard Jay. 15S Mijuni. Willie Toshio. 74 Milburn. Dean Leslie, 123 Miles, Martin John, 402 Miles, Ruth Carolyn, 74, 192. 356 Miley. Mary Kathrine. 99. 842 Millard, Ronald E.. Jr., 396 Miller, A. David, 380 Miller, Cuba Zell, 123 Miller, Franklin G., 299, 374 Miller, Fred Edward, 332 Miller, Gerald Wolfe, 410 Miller, Helen F., 136, 317 Miller, Irwin Harold, 129 Miller, Jenny Bowser, 133 Miller, John Lee, Jr., 123 Miller, Judith Lucile, 352 Miller, Luanne, 123, 809 Miller, Lynn Robert, 111, 880 420 student index KUIer, M., Jane. 123. 310. 360 JDller. Myron Marshall. 394 Miller. Patricia Ruth. 134 Miller. Priscilla K., 364 Miller, Balph Elliot. 128 Miller. Richard Allen. 255 Miller. Rohert Allen. 286, 301. 328 Miller, Sharon Lee. 317 Miller. Virginia Lee, 123. 344 Miller. Wesley Alan. 894 Milles. Nancy Virginia. 346 Milligan, Corinne C, 314 Millikan. Marcia, 315, 360 Mills. Mary Gertrude, 123, 31S, 346 i Milner. Jerold Francis. 201. 392 i Minard, Gene, 123, 330, 378 S Minear, Peggy Joyce, 292 Miner, Richard William, 380 Minnard, Robert William. 329 Minzer. Eugene Robert, 131 Miskell, Whitney John, 402 Miskowiec. Wanda Gloria, 129 Mitchell, Adelaide, 317 Xitchell, Jack Louis, 386 Mtchell. James Wesley, 7, 74, 89. 250, 297, S39, 382 mtchell. Mary Ann. 310, 358 Mtchell, William Alan, 272 mtchell, Willis D., 400 mtcheltree, John R., Jr,, 274, 370 myamoto, Albert Masaru, 332 Koberg. Ronald Carl, 123, 298 Xi ck, Charles LeRoy. 171. 398 ■odeer. James Richard. 380 ■odrall. James R.. III. 43, 47. 89. 185. 259, 183, 305. 386 Moellenberg. Wayne Paul. 333 Xehler. Richard Sean. 263 Kglles. Victor John. 269. 408 Mbllica. Frank Louis. 271 Momii. Dick B.. 131 Konaghan. James Edward. 131 Monell. William C, 384 Montague. John Allan, 400 Montgomery, Carl K.. 123. 386 Montgomery. Helen E.. 254. 312 Montgomery. Jack W.. 105. 370 Montgomery, Joan E., 356 Moon. Rose Diane. 111. 318. 356 Mooney. Katherine P.. 74. 277. 360 Moore. Audrey Lou. 317 Moore. Helen Margaret, 858 Moore, Ina Arlieen, 364 Moore. James Thomas. 131 Moore Jesse Sewell, 390 Moore, Joan Marriott. 123, 277. 310 Moore. John Arthur, 131 Moore, Lucia, Marilyn, 338, 352 Moore. Lynn Wallace, 74 Moore. Marilyn. 99. 322 Moore. Nancy Lee. 358 Moore. Robert Thomas. 412 Moore. Sheila. Kay. 311 Moore. William Irwin. Jr.. 112 Moore. William Max. 370 Moores. Jack Middleton. 123. 398 More, Mary Elizabeth. 315, 348 Morgan. Ann Rose. 362 Morgan. James Irving. 200 Morgan. Mary Susanne. 316, 348 Morgan. Patricia Jean. 99. 342 Morison. Jack Linne. 112. 370 Moritz. Elizabeth. 74. 264. 360 Morrell. Don Lawrence. 130 Morris. Charles Elliot. 129 Morris. Helen Gladys. 297 Morris. Jean An " e. 340 Morris. Naomi. Minner. 129 Morris. Robert Oliver. 112. 392 Morris. Roberta Jean. 312 Morris. Ruth Louise. 43. 74. 198. 305. 360 Morris. Sarah Eueenia. 352 Morrison. Alice Marie. 74. 352 Morrison. Helen E.. 134 Morrison. Jane Wlitnev. 292 Morrison. Mary Ap " e. 3 . 42. 46, 309, S50 Morrow. E. Joan. 123. 309 Morse. George Dodge. 386 Morse. Patricia Jean. 123. 309. 352 Morton. Dennis Nve. 147 Morton. Leonard Earl. 329 Morton, Robert Bvan. 402 Morton. William Robert, 408 Mosbaugh. Donna J.. 99. 267. 280 Mosher. Charles Edward. 74. 147. 148. 151. 154. 156. 157. 386 Mosier. Marilyn Ruth. 277 Mosley. Nancy Claire. 134 Moss. Dorothy Ann, 321 Boss, George Wayne, 130 Moss. Thurle. Edwin. 305. 370 Hossman. Woodrow C. 123. 269. 298. 332, 372 Motlone. Patricia Ann. 320. 340 Kott. Richard Conrad. 386 Moulin. Nevin Brown. 74. 418 Moulton. Ann Walker. 112. 360 Uourikas. Charles, 335 Mourning, Donald Boyce. 201, 392 Wow, Warren, 75 Hueller, Sarlene M.. 135. 279 Hueller. Howard Allan. 123. 332 Mueller. Lee Edward. 99. 247. 408 Sues. Melvin Victor. 298 Sullen. Barbara P., 202, 344 «nllen, Charlotte L., 317. 340 (ullen. Norma Dee. 123. 292, 310 iuUenax. Lotus Elaine 123 Kuller, Suzanne Gloria, 123, 198, 312, 340 Mulligan, Joan Moyne, 123, 315, 354 Mulligan, Josephine Ann, 34, 277, 360 Mulligan, Margery Ann, 352 Mullin. Franklin K,, Jr,, 111, 386 Kullins, James A., Jr,, 75, 283 Mullins, Robert Edward, 272 Mulvihill, Henry N,, 376 Kulvihill, John Campion, 128, 273 Mulvin, Robert Otis, 390 Munns, Kenneth Lloyd, 159, 380 Munro, Charles Alden, 370 Munson, Margaret Jane, 112, 360 Munson. Marilyn Jeanne. 352 Murch. Mary Marguerite. 123. 135 Murphey, Dwight Donnell, 292, 328 Murphy, Anne, 99 Murphy, James William, 128, 298 Murphy, John Charles, 398 Murphy, Mary Alice, 366 Murphy, Patricia Anne, 35, 44, 88, 104, 261, 299, 304, 312, 360 Murray, James Franklin, 75, 368 Murray, La Vea Doriene, 123, 340 Murray, Marlis Rosalee, 134 Murray, Mildred Wilson, 135 Murray Patricia Grace, 310 Murray, Ralph Wallace, 124, 330, 368 Musil, Robert William, 258, 274, 292 Muth, Robert James, 374 Muth, Wayne Allen, 284 Muto, Mary Louise, 312 Myer, Rendle, 128, 273, 376 Myers, Dorothy Mae, 133, 134 Myers, Frances Ada, 133 Myers, Geraldine Ruth, 99 Myers, Harry Junior, 198, 386 Myers, Melvin Carl, Jr.. 400 Myers, Richard B,, Jr.. 368 Myers, Robert Douglas. 398 Myers, Rose Anne, 134 Myhre, Royce Walter, 260, 283 Mythen, Richard Elmer, 269, 384 N Naeve, Milo Merle, 99, 396 Naftel, Patricia Louise, 124, 340 Nagel, Robert Louis, 273 Nagel, Ruth Clara, 128, 132, 203 Nagle. Daniel P,, Jr,, 124, 332, 404 Naiman, Bernie Arnold, 394 Nakata, Elsie Michiko, 300 Naleid, Sandra Anne, 112, 346 Nance, Harry Jones, 75, 266, 404 Nance, Kathryn Aileen, 358 Narcisian, Franklin K,, 214, 380 Nardo, Pasquale A,, 247 Nash, Franklin Metzler, 75, 197, 251, 304, 374 Nash, Harry F, III, 374 Nashelsky, Gunter M., 131 Nathenson, Stanley Gail, 265, 333 Nath, John Henry, 247 Nauman, James Dickey, 131 Neary, Donald Orman, 392 Needham, Carol Jean, 124, 310. 344 Needham, Marjorie E., 354 Neer, Marlene Helen, 104, 358 Neff, Joanne Elisabeth, 356 Neff, Norma Julia, 316 Neiheisel, Richard G,, 268 Neiman, Erwin Bernard, 265 Nelson, Barbara Scott, 75, 338. 354 Nelson, Carol May, 99, 318 Nelson, Glenn Burton, 75, 269 Nelson, Helen Marking, 268 Nelson, Iris Ann, 76, 300 Nelson, James Christian, 124 Nelson, James Paul, 400 Nelson, Joan Helen. 76. 288, 338, 348 Nelson, John Douglas, 124, 332 Nelson, Marilyn Joan, 99, 280 Nelson, Mary Isabelle, 360 Nelson, Nancy Eleanor, 191, 311, 350 Nelson, Patricia Anne, 132 Nelson, Revelle Charles, 112, 382 Nesladik, Donald Joseph, 386 Netz, Howard Eldon, 76, 269, 285 Neubuerger, Otto W,, 130 Neuman, Fred Allen, 410 Neuman, Leona Mary. 112. 192. 277. 346 Neuman. Louise Marie. 112. 293, 320 Novels, Philip Armedis, 255 Neves, Leonard Alfred, 290 Neville, Paul Edward, 256 Nevins, Mary Elizabeth, 33, 44, 75, 202, 250, 258, 354 New, Debra Sue, 309, 367 Newbury, Lillian Ann, 366 Newcomer. Robert Waldo, 380 Newell, William T, Jr., 248 Newman, Harold Frank Jr,. 130 Newman. William Forrest, 99, 370 Newmyer, Earl Lindberg, 106, 283, 290, 828 Newton, Bertha Ellen, 124, 314 Neylon, Maureen Shannon, 368 Nicholas, John Allan, 386 Nicholas, Robert Ellis, 270, 274 Nichols, Kenneth Ernest, 76, 396 Nicholson, John William, 370 Nickerson, William M.. 112. 378 Nickson, Richard Level, 330 Nielsen, George Kelley, 384 Nielsen, Sally Jean, 112, 340 Niemi, Norma Maria, 134 Nietfeld, Harlan Willis, 124, 269, 328 Nightingale, Barbara C. 321. 356 Nilsson, Richard H,, 181 Nittler, Marilyn Mae, 76, 275, 350 Noble, John Lewis, 376 Noda, Albert Yoshito, 129 Noff singer, Connie L,, 317, 346 Nordquist, Conrad A. Jr., 376 Nordwall, Harold LeRoy, 368 Norman, James Raymon, 255 Norman, Joan Alden, 112, 348 Norris, Gerald W. Jr., 75, 283, 301, 868 Norris, William S., 878 Northoutt, Florence, 358 Northway, Aven Allen, 99, 276, 878 Norton, John Thomas, 131 Nossaman, Marjorie C, 348 Nott, Beulah Belle, 257 Novy, Robert Arvid, 301 Noyes, David Manley, 400 Nunn, Collette Guy, 255 NutUll, Tony, 384 Nygaard, Ruth Esther, 300, 320 Oakes, Wallace Morgan, 374 Oatman, Elizabeth M., 317 Oberg. Franc Harriett, 318 Obergfell, Martha Anne, 75, 300, 320 Oberheide, Audrey Rose, 317, 348 Oberto, Edwin Leo, 392 O ' Brien, Francis Tucker, 7 6, 398 O ' Brien, Richard B,, 382 Ocamb, Doris Virginia, 366 Ocamb, Harold D, Jr., 129 O ' Connell, Michael John, 368 O ' Connell, Patricia Q., 104, 299, 304, 310, 360 O ' Connor, Joseph Tappan, 332 Odell, Perky C. L,, 330 O ' Dell, Helen Maurine, 319 O ' Donnell, Canton Jr,, 75, 197, 339, 871 O ' Donnell, John Patrick, 124 Oehlkers, Robert R., 408 Oertli, Charles William, 75, 408 Oertli, Sue Birk, 46, 258, 275, 294 Getting, Franklin Lee, 76 Offenstein, Ann, 315, 360 OflFenberg, John Henry, 410 O ' Hanlon, Thomas W,, 386 Ohlander, Ann Elvira, 317 Ohlson, Larry Emmert, 386 Ohno, Jiro, 268, 328 Okada, Tsuyoshi, 76, 297 Okada, Masahito, 328 Okazaki, Jean Tatsuko, 313 O ' Keefe, Mary Dolores, 317 O ' Kelly, Suzanne Marie, 76, 342 Olander, Robert Gray, 62, 396 Olbrich, James Albert, 112, 293, 388 Oldaker, Margaret Jean, 346 Oldaker, Willi am Henry, 99 Olde, Burton Stuarte, 44, 76, 250, 304. 305 dinger, Richard Stroup, 254 Oliver, Paul Edward, 332 Oliver, Robert Russell, 408 Olmsted. Suzanne May. 314, 354 Olsen, Derrick Felton, 76, 335 Olsen. Royal Warner. 76, 332 Olson, Ann Mary, 316, 350 Olson, Caryl Lorraine, 124, 316 Olson, Donald Edward, 99, 290. 321 Olson. Donna Jean. 124. 317. 346 Olson. Mary Louise. 124. 342 O ' Malley. Edmund P., Jr,, 404 Omori, Morio, 128 O ' Neal, Betty Joyce, 76, 319 O ' Neil, Homer Hamilton, 99, 396 O ' Neil, Shannon Ann, 104, 321 Onorati, Ernest C, 112, 269. 328 Onorati. Lucille Marie. 76, 303, 829 Oparil, Dolores May, 344 Opdycke, Martha Faye, 99, 280, 398 Orchard, Roberta Ellen, 36, 104, 112, 300, 342 Orchard, Robert W, Jr., 874 Orchard. Welland J. Jr.. 131 Orgren. Janet Gayle. 124. 314 Ormsby. Herbert Marston, 99, 370 O ' Rourke, Thomas P,, 376 Ortega, Eduardo, 99, 402 Orzalli, John Benton, 384 Osborn, Elaine Beryl, 134 Osborne. Donald P. Jr.. 380 Osmun. Laurel Elizabeth, 317 Ostertag, Harold W,, 398 Ostwald, Leonard Ferd, 270 Otero. Carmen, 267, 317 Otsuki, Harry T., 76, 247 Ouren, Gail Francis, 76, 188 Ove, Richard Val, 76, 386 Over, Eugene Leonard, 76, 270. 378 Overton, Ann Caroline, 267 Owen, James Lee, 330 Owens, Ronald LaVern, 270, 274 Owens, Wyeth Eugene, 76 Owings, Donald Richard, 878 Packard, Evelyn, 34, 45. 88. 299, 338. 358 Paddock. David 8., 203, 386 Paddock, Markley W.. 76. 386 Fadrick, Joy Ann, 124, 312, 342 Page, Donna Lou, 134 Page, Rodney Daniel, 247. 264. 321 Pagnotta. Ralph T. Jr., 131 Pahs. Shirley Ann, 266, 344 Paidar, Shirley Jean, 34, 42, 76, 354 Fain, Dorothy Susan, 124, 311 Paine, George William, 76, 380 Palmer, Alice Adele, 112, 197, 318, 848 Palmer, Ann Nell, 76, 280 Palmer, Barbara Jean, 346 Palmer, John Davis, 400 Palo, David Bryceon, 284 Paloff, Herbert, 200 Pankey, Phillip Lowden, 396 Pankoff, Mary Louise, 77, 311. 342 Pankonin, Phyllis Jean, 77, 356 Fanlaqui, Clayton Earl, 247 Faolella, Joseph Jr., 77, 271 Fapic, Nicolas John, 267 Papp, Robert Thomas, 882 Paquette, Edwin LeRoy, 386 Fardo, Angelo Jr., 332 Parga, Robert E., 128 Pargal, Hari Krishan, 257, 332 Paricio, Ramon Jr., 267, 263 Parker, Gene Thomas, 878 Parker, Harry Castle, 386 Parker, James Stuart, 124, 380 Parker, Joan Elisabeth, 124, 315, 364 Parker, Joseph J, Jr., 124. 386 Parker, Robert Bruce, 158, 310 Parker, Robert Westly, 336 Parker, Winton Stuart, 253. 408 Parkinson. Gordon James. 332 Parkyn. Donald Wilson, 333 Farmelee, Phyliss R,, 280 Parson, Elmer S. Jr., 290, 327, 334 Parson, Jane Ann, 112, 314, 364 Parsons, Clarence E.. 380 Parsons. James Lewis, 129 Parsons, Mary Adele, 134 Pasco, Ruthmary, 354 Patch, Donald Charles, 392 Patrick, Janis Anne, 356 Patterson, Patricia A., 293. 309 Patton, Edythe Yvonne, 77, 356 Patten, Patricia Jean, 124, 317, 366 Patton, Ruth Nicholson, 134 Paule, Jacquelyn Day, 99, 202, 304, 305, 888 Paiton, Robert. 265 Payne. Ronald Gilbert, 333, 400 Payne, Thomas William, 189, 400 Payne, William Bostwick, 370 Peacock, Robert Bates, 100, 380 Pearson, Charles Le Roy, 297 Pearson, John Oaks, 124, 832 Pearson, Nan Paige, 317 Peasley, John Arthur, 77, 868 Peck, Allen Lowell, 264 Peck, Marilyn Grace, 124, 360 Pedroja, Paula, 124, 313, 360 Peed, Robert William, 396 Peercy, Richard Roth, 124, 378 Feez, Gloria Gore, 124, 316 Peirce. Elizabeth, 268 Pells, Joseph Francis, 77, 339, 394 Peltier, Joan Elizabeth, 316 Pemberton, Kathryn M., 100 Penington, Patricia G., 366 Pennington, Charles E.. 131 Peplinski. Leroy R., 331. 392 Pepper, Janet Miriam, 112, 367 Pereira, Mario Albert, 144, 200, 267, 288, 884 Periman, Eugene Avon, 330 Periman, Kenneth Ivor, 207 Perkins, Mary E., 133 Perkins, George T. Jr., 386 Perlmutter, Louis M., 112, 266, 410 Perman, Florence S., 124, 362 Perrigo, James Bledsoe, 124, 264, 267, 888 Perrine. John Cliiford. 112. 329 Perry, Edward Gilbert, 376 Perry, William Laverne, 100 Pestalozzi, William G,, 252 Fetermann, Betty Lou B., 112, 840 Peters, Arthur Melvin, 330 Peters, Harry Webber, 112, 886 Peters, Louise Elaine, 348 Peters, Mary Susan, 313, 350 Peters. Shirley M., 316 Petersen, Francis Clyde, 268 Peterson, Bernard E., 112, 378 Peterson, Brock Armour, 382 Peterson, Carl B. Jr., 105, 259 Peterson, Clarence H, Jr.. 131 Peterson, Clarence M., 273 Peterson, Courtland H., 128 Peterson, Gustav F.. 283 Peterson, Harry Archie, 124, 398 Peterson, Norma Lee, 77 Peterson. Norman Glen, 77, 284. 387, 888 Petrie, Olive Irene. 264, 824 Petrie, Janet May, 316 Fett, Lizabeth Ann. 100. 842 Petty. Chester Gerald. 77, 247 Petty. Peggy Lynn. 35, 77, 316. 328 Petty. Thomas L. 386 Pfutzenreuter, Bruce N. 386 Phibbs. Harry Albert. 112, 408 Phillips, Helen Sandra, 124, 314, 848 Phillips. James David. 378 Phillips. Sally Jane. 340 Piepho. Carol Lee. 104, 112, 860 Pierce, Candace Lothrop. 112, 362 Pierce, Charles Duane, 128, 273 Pierce, Justin Burr, 264 Fierce, Robert Mott, 268 Pierson, Joyce, 112, 191, 864 Pierson, Judith Ann, 100, 364 Pierson, Mary June, 100 Pigman, Mary Patricia, 124, 314, 360 Figott, Suzanne, 36, 864 Pike, Nancy Anne, 100, 344 421 student index Pillmore. Charles Lee, 254 Finkham, Samuel Hales. 77. 249, 376 Pinnock, Frank Samuel, 207 Piper, Joseph Bruce, 398 Piper, Peggy Joanne. 342 Pirk, Kenneth Edward, 77, 298 Piscitella, Harlene J., 271 Pishny, Evelyn Louise, 113, 320 Pittenger. Mary Jane, 11, 358 Pitts, Robert Hartman, 263 Plambeck, Donald L.. 113, 396 Piatt, Nancy Ann, 315, 362 Player, Adger Emerson, 257, 263, 828 Plummer, Ann Eunice, 346 Pneuman, Frederick C, 100, 400 Pobicky, Evelyn Louise, 816 Fobrislo. Janice Lee. 858 Poch, Nedra Ann, 818 Podlipny, Joyce Lillian, 809 Fogue, Hary Elizabeth, 819 Fohlmann. Roy Freeman, 124, 886 Poling, Donna Claire, 100, 356 Poling, Stephen Marsh, 100, 179, 880 Pollard, Charles W., 832 Pollard. Donald Lee, 292 Pollock, Kenneth Eugene, 124 Pollock, Raymond Jr., 331 Poison, Marloe, 134 Pomeroy, Susan, 113, 354 Poole, Joanne, 77, 132 Poole, Stella Jayne, 254. 281, 292, 818 Pope. Edker Lee, 124, 404 PopoflF, Lueby George, 147 Poppe, Rodney Bruce, 147 Poppen, Leila Marian, 124, 817 Forreco, Agnes Lucille, 182 Porter, Jean Ann, 320. 846 Porter, Margot Ann. 350 Pospisil. Richard John. 382 Potarf. Sara Elizabeth. 344 Potestio. Charles M.. 129 Potter, Earl Albert, 390 Potter. Mary Ann, 112, 815 Potter, Robert Victor, 266, 386 Potts, Dave Gordon, 886 Poust. Virginia Jean, 316, 860 Powell, Barbara Grace. 125, 316, 346 Powell, Bernard B., 330 Powell, George Witham, 78, 248 Powers, Douglass Kay, 129 Pratt, Andrea Laurel, 124, 350 Presler, Donna Jo Ann, 78, 207, 254 Preston, F. Roanne, 78, 321 Fretti, Bradford Joseph, 43, 78, 89, 260, 299, 806 Price, Catherine Ann, 310 Price, Shirley Jean, 314 Priest, Deborah Millay. 100. 388. 348 Prime, Georganna, 818 Prince, Janice, 314, 846 Frocopio, Mary Anne, 100. 844 Proctor, Norma Carol, 812 Prosch, Barbara Jean, 817 Provenzano. Rose Marie, 118 Pruss, Donald Edgar. 898 Puckett, Orville Jack, 128. 273 Fuett, Grayson Eugene, 118. 392 Fugh, Gerald Dee, 386 Fugh, William Franklin. 126, 370 Puis, Gerald Eugene, 130 Purpich, Lawrence A., 271 Putney, Joan Marie, 342 Pyle, Richard Lee, 78. 269, 285, 872 auam, Barbara Jean, 100. 860 Quante, Billy Wayne. 831 Quigley, Robert Thomas, 130 Quinby, Mary Lee, 358 auinlan, John Sargent. 113. 402 Ouinn, Charles Victor, 269, 380 auinn, Mary Ann, 118, 281. 340 Quintana, Mitzi Lou, 271, 317 Babenau, Donald Eugene, 334 Raber, Doris Lee. 113, 197, 316, 342 Racen, Mary Faith, 814 Racey, Carlyn Vincent, 876 Radecke. Marlene Sylvia, 126, 198, 818, 350 Rademacher, Paul Lewis. 100. 106, 896 Rains, Mary Dorothy, 100, 280. 842 Raley, William Allen, 126, 328, 898 Ralls, Daniel Lee, 404 Ramage, Janet Arline, 78, 321 Ramey, Mildred Gail, 113 Ramirez, Elsa Lillian, 257 Ramsay, John Guinn. 829 Ramsay, Neil Wallis, 828 Ramsay. William Charles. 78, 872 Randolph, Robert H., 78, 396 Ranger, Janet Ellen, 126, 266, 813 Ranger, Sally Ray, 255 Hanglos, James Peter, 169, 168, 166, 278, 319, Ransom, Richard Norman. 78. 89, 189 Rappaport. Carol Pearl, 362 Rardin, Theodore Albert, 334 Rasey. Ann Marilyn, 346 Rash, Stanley D., 402 Rasmussen, Beuna Marie, 100, 846 Rath. Jean, 858 Rauscher, Joyce Elaine, 126, 815, 350 Ravatt, Donald John Jr., 335 Raveling, Jerome Luther, 147, 402 Ravicz. Arthur Eugene, 78, 288, 868 Ray burn, Chalmers J., 131 Reale. Carl Salvatore, 384 Reaven, Helvin, 125, 410 Rebele, Anthony Philip. 886 Reddish, James H., 78, 259 Reddish, Kathleen Ann, 125, 186, 811, 848 Redman, Sammy Louis, 105, 198, 888 Redmon, Katherine Craig, 858 Reed, James Douglas, 868 Reed, Loren Fredrick, 125, 374 Reed, Robert Stanley, 246 Reed. William Leon. 129 Reeve, Carriellen, 277, 364 Reeves. Kenneth C. Jr., 404 Reibscheid. Shirley A., 317 Reid. Harriette Felton, 100, 308, 888, 340 Reid. Hilda Joan. 318 Reid. Robert Edward. 129, 168 Reigle. Mary Esther, 113. 135, 318 Reimer. Mary Jean, 78, 258, 288 Reinen. Gerald Otto. 382 Reingold. Elliot Gelsin. 394 Reinhardt. John Caspar. 374 Rember. Robert Raymond, 181 Remich. Norman Carlton, 118, 838 Reno. Sam Carmine. 380 Rethlefsen. Frank H. Jr.. 380 Reynolds. Catherine R.. 100, 358 Reynolds, Nancy K., 315, 354 Reza, Abdul Hamid, 257, 268 Rheinberger, Mary Anne, 118, 811 Rhind. Judith Ann, 125, 817, 860 Rhoads, Ruth June, 814 Rhodes, Amy Louise, 316 Rhoton. Ray Gene, 384 Rice, Carolyn Florence. 267 Rice, David, 898 Rice, Eva Jane, 133 Rice, Roger William. 113, 259, 870 Rich, Leslie, 894 Richards, Charles R.. 269, 286 Richards, Jack Merwin, 329 Richards, James Ward, 382 Richardson. Arthur W., 130 Richardson, Mary Alice, 344 Richardson, Raymond C, 408 Richie. James L.. 181 Richman. Russell B.. 78. 200. 288. 392 Richman. William H. Jr., 402 Richter, Dwaine Richard, 79 Rickels. La Verne H.. 147, 152. 826, 329 Riddle. Joe Benton. 398 Ridenour. John Nicholas, 878 Rider, Eugene Frank, 884 Rider, Robert Dean, 404 Ridlon. James Barr, 255 Riebe. John Osborn. 831. 402 Riechers. Ruth Hilda. 113. 292 Riefenberg. Dorothy J., 192. 366 Rierson. Robert Dunham. 79, 296, 374 Rietdorf. Constance L., 864 RiethmJUer. William D.. 374 Riggenbach. Peggy Jo. 126. 315, 848 Riggs. Marcia. 113. 846 Riley. Robert S. III. 876 Rinehart. Barbara Gay. 318 Ringle, John Edward. 329 Ringshy. Benla Dale, 126 Rinker, Joan Shirley. 79, 356 Rios. Irvin Glenn. 402 Rios. Encarnacion. 133 Rippberger, Alice Jo. 864 Rittenbaum. Joan. 316. 362 Rizer, Elmer Lloyd, 79. 248 Rizzo, Joan Clare. 100 Roath. Carl Henry Jr.. 128 Robb. Melville Bruce Jr., 400 Robberson, R. Timothy. 128. 208, 273 Robbin. Beth Frances. 311. 367 Robbins, Diane. 100. 862 Robbins. Dorothy Jo. 126. 135. 198. 868 Robbins, Helen Anne, 100. 321. 862 Robbins. Martin Lewis. 79. 266 Roberts. Duane Lee. 138, 402 Roberts. Harold Albert. 128, 203 Roberts. John Barrett. 129 Roberts. Joseph Alvan, 884 Roberts, Kathleen L., 348 Roberts. Merle Elmer, 368 Robertson, George G., 79. 293. 322 Robertson, GretchenL., 101, 342 Robertson, Janet Jean. 314 R obertson. Lawrence Jr., 105. 898 Robertson. Nancy Lee, 126, 199, 317, 364 Robertson, Philip, 331 Robertson, William B., 884 Robinson, Charles K. Jr.. 382 Robinson. Donald Lee, 113, 896 Robinson, Marilyn June, 198, 860 Robinson, Myron. 881 Robinson. Shirley J., 79 Robles, Robert, 79 Rock, Arlo K.. 402 Rocks. Erik Peter, 252 Roder. Hans Martin, 138 Rodriguez, Reinaldo, 78, 247 Roepnack. Barbara Jean. 242. 295, 811, 842 Roepnack, LaVonne B., 315 Rogers, Edith Lynne, 184 Rogers, Eleanor Louise, 348 Rogers, Elva Carol, 79, 864 Rogers. James Cullen Jr., 125. 201. 392 Rogers. John Torrey, 374 Rogers, Richard, 831 Rojai, Leonte, 247, 849 Rolfe. Mark A. in. 410 Roll. Roger Wallace. 334 Romanishin, Harry, 247 Romer, Roy Rudolph. 128. 203 Romig, Richard Alvin. 130 Rominger, Jack Richard, 79 Roncka, Jeanne Claire. 79, 277 Rood, Barbara Jean, 324 Roos. Audrey Frances. 864 Roper. Charles Leonard, 181 Rosan, Betty Jean, 267 Rosan, Robert Carl, 267. 290 Rose. David William, 872 Rose. Merle Donald, 410 Rosenberg, Lawrence R.. 394 Rosenquist. Charles H., 126, 386 Rosenthal. Ann Davis, 319 Rosenthal, Jerry Allen, 168 Ross. Betsy Jo. 125, 292, 314 Ross. Edith Jane. 364 Ross. Jean Helena. 348 Ross. Lewis Williams. 386 Ross. Ralph Mason. 368 Ross. Richard Houston, 128 Boss, Robert L., 79 Ressner, Diane Sumner, 313 Rosvall. Robert Charles, 101. 400 Roten. William Hack. 331 Roth. Richard Lynn, 125, 198. 202, 876 Rottman. Ethel Ann, 265, 815 Roubal, James LeMoyne, 329 Roueche, Ellen Louise, 254, 864 Roulston, Robert E., 364 Rubens, Merle Wayne. 79. 894 Rubenstein. Laurence S., 125, 894 Rubin. Myron. 101, 394 Rubin. Robert Alan, 383 Ruby, Henry Roy. 265 Rudolph. Gerald Ernest. 79, 872 Rudy, Elmer Carl Jr.. 79, 880 Rueb. Robert Lee, 370 Ruff, Randall Andrew. 339, 378 Ruflen. Charles Edgar. 125, 380 Rundell. Carl Reid. 125. 896 Runkwitz. Kathryn. 803 Rushing. James Edward. 382 Rusho, Wilbur Leon, 389, 392 Rusk. Donald Charles. 79. 189, 412 Russell. Christie. 125. 316. 354 Russell. David Hall. 118. 376 Russell. Eleanor Ann. 101. 821. 840 Russell. James Earl II. 890 Russell, Joan Marie. 113, 360 Russell, John Randolph, 79. 370 Russell, Rosemary Jayne, 79, 196, 360 Russell, William E.. 128 Rust. Francis Joseph. 130 Buthenberg, Diane Rae, 113. 277, 848 Ryder, James Paul. 147. 266 Ryder, Richard Clark, 80, 898 Ryder. William Benton. 89. 177. 178, 402 Ryman. Jack Lee, 200, 298 s Sabichi, Magdelyn S., 180 Sabin, Louise Abigail, 277 Sabo. Ernest A.. 392 Saboff. Keith Bernard, 269 Sacks. Bernard. 266 Sadler. Dean Lloyd. 130 Safran. Hubert Mayer. 128 Sailer, Robert Conrad, 831 Saleh, William Louis. 896 Salley. Barbara Joan, 817 Salmon, Maurice Edwin. 256. 321 Saltz. Audrey Ruth, 113, 360 Saltzstein, Susan Jane, 362 Salyards, Donald Gene. 80. 283 Salzman, Betty Rose. SO. 338. 366 Sampson, Marna Jane, 298 Sampson, Richard H., 101, 394 Sams, Helen Hart, 360 Samuel. Emma Lou. 101, 288 Samuelson. Margaret E.. 126. 292. 311 Sanborn. Frederick A., 306, 360, 874 Sanborn, Frederick D., 882 Sanchez, James Julian. 130 Sandcn. Helen Lee, 113. 360 Sanders. Ronald Dean. 113. 368 Sando. Marvin Morrell. 129 Sandow, Alberta Joy, 101, 364 Sanger, Valentine A., 126 Sanson. JoAnn, 126, 199, 312. 340 Santala, Alma Lee, 101, 279 Santerre, Gus Leo, 80, 870 Sapiro. Wesley Murray, 266. 894 Sapp, Joyce Barbara, 198 Sarconi. John Anthony, 297 Sardini, Florence Marie, 101 Sare. Robert Harold, 870 Sarff. Helen Margaret, 101, 266, 340 Satterwhite. Elaine L., 271 Saucerman. Robert M., 412 Saunders. Donald Ward. 400 Savory. Elizabeth Jean. 113. 294. 296. 340 Sawyer, Kenneth Charles, 129 Sawyer, Robert Bruce, 386 Scanlon. William H. Jr.. 376 Scarff. Harold M. Jr.. 158, 384. 880 Schaaf. Duane Rupert, 80 Schaar, Jean, 80, 820 Schaechterle, Rolf O. K., 380 Schaefer. Isabell May. 314 Schaeile. Alan Lloyd, 263 Schafer, Marianne, 80 Schaible. Joan Patricia, 264, 324 Bchalk. Robert P.. 101. 880 Schanck, Julia, 202. 305, 346 Schapanski, Ruth Janet. 113, 318 Schauer, Elaine Clara. 366 Schauerman. Melvin Loyd. 880 Scheele, Paul Frederick. 80, 246. 260, 288 Scheib, Mary Anne. 271 Schell, Mary Patricia. 101. 340 Schelling. Ronald Guy. 820 __ Schemmel. Janet Eleanor, 180 Schenk, Nancy Lynn, 126, 293. 314 Schenkein, William F., 128, 821 Schieber, Bernadette L.. 314 Schieber. Thadea Mary. 113 Schieman. Herman Lisle, 80, 113, 249J Schiffer. Joan Elaine, 362 Schilling, Gertrude Ann, 134 Schillinger. Charles L.. 125, 378 Schilt, Marcia. 317. 346 Schiro. Joyce Marlyn. 101 Schlager. Norman, 265, 297, 872 Schlichter. Joanne, 184 Schloss. Charles M. Jr.. 80, 200, 282 Schmidt. Ronald George, 263 Schmidt. Shirley Janet, 316 Schmidt, Stephen, 394 Schmidt, Suzanne, 852 SchmoU. Robert Roy, 101. 106. 254, 861 Schneeberg. William A. Jr., 80 Schneider, Frank S., 266, 894 Schneider, Thomas Allen, 126. 394 Schnorr. Ronald, 80, 282. 298. 301, 370 j Schoeneck, Marlene M., 364 Schoett. Alice Mary, 824 Scholz. Howard T., 80 Schreifels. Florenz G.. 80, 268. 269 Schreiner. Philip E.. 831 Schrepferman. Joan M.. 101, 868 Schroder, Jane Ann, 113, 350 Schroeder, Gerhart Emil, 125 Schroeder, Sally. 182 Schubert. Patricia L.. 125, 310. 356 Schuelke. C. Alice, 803 Schuessler. Patricia A., 271. 317, 860 Schuette. Kim Reid, 81. 200. 282, 831 Schultz. Barbara L., 136, 816 Schultz. John Henry, 128 Schultz. Sarah Jane. 866 _ Schum. Carolyn Marie. 88, 202, 304, 860 Schuman, Marcia S.. 113, 844 Schupp. Thomas Arnold. 382 Schuster. Phyllis Beryl. 101, 364 Schwab, Janice Lee. 313 Schwab. John Joseph Jr., 390 Schwab, Suzanne Helen, 35, 277, 360 Schwaiger, Leopold Earl, 171 Schwaner, Louann. 101. 271 Schwartz. Donald C, 832 Schwartz. Darlene M.. 309, 867 Schwartz. Frank R. Jr., 876 Schwartz. Harold C, 130 Schwartz, Herbert Fred, 81. 265. 297, 872 Schwartz. Jack S. III. 101. 876 Schwartz. Reita Marie, 81 Schwartz. Rosalee. 862 Schwartz. Stuart Emil. 113. 394 Schwarz. Caroline Jane. 316 Schwarz. Don William. 81, 404 Schwarz. Mildred S., 254 Schweikhardt. George M.. 378 Schwindt. Jackson T.. 882 ScoSeld. Jackson B.. 101, 269. 386 Scodeld. Lucy Bennett, 113, 860 Scott. Donna Jean. 46, 280 Scott. Elsie Mae. 811 Scott, Francis Wayne. 333 Scott. Joseph Richard. 404 Scott. Lynn Edward. 332 Scott. Richard Eugene. 279. 829 ScuUen. Cynthia. 101 364. Seaman. Boyd Wilson. 880 Searle. Virginia Ann, 183 Sears. Harold T.. 81. 288, 286. 874 Sears. Robert Fitton. 131 Seashore. Charles N. 398 Seawell. Ann Marie. 310. 352 Seccombe. Roland Lee. 886 Sedlon. Louise Hortense. 81, 318 Seeliger, Carl Henry. 376 Seibel. Edgar M. Jr., 396 Seid, Barre, 81. 410 Selby, William Alton, 878 Selch, Glenn Charles, 886 Seley, Suzanne Squire, 858 Selfridge. Mary. 113. 360. 277 Seline. Marvin Howard, 113. 410 Sell. Roberta Lee. 23. 280, 356 Sellers. Sally Jane. 101 Sellew. Joan Gay, 346 Sells, Kathryn Lorraine. 101. 269 Seng. Mark Wilfrid. 271, 331 Sept, Donald Harris. 81. 200. 247 Sess. Ila Ruth. 125. 317. 854 Settle, Dorothy Joan, 114, 816 Settle. Louise Carroll, 840 Sex, Stuart Lee, 326 Seymour, Dale Gilbert. 101. 870 Shade. Robert Allen, 81, 398 Shadwick, George W. Jr.. 114. 117. 404 Shaffer. Raymond Warren. 322 Shannon. Patricia Ann, 184 Shanstrom. Robert Lynn. 482 Shantz, Marion Ellen, 352 Shapiro. Arlene. 362 Shapiro, Irma Louise, 300 Shapiro. Marjorie Ann, 818 Sharp, Mary Eleanor, 820 422 student index Starp, Rayna Carol. 125. 314. 342 Skup, Richard Louis. 82. 247. 286 ShAttuck. John Branson, 326. 328, 380 Shaver. John Wesley. 292 Shaw, Edw ard Brig-gs, 113 ,w, Henry Merceret, 276 , Gerald Walter, 384 , James Lee. 398 Shearer, Robert John, 131 Sheldon, Dorothy Jane, 346 ISheldon, Louise C. 101, 352 Shell. Edward. 81 Shelley. Rudolph Paul. 269, 392 Shelton. Elwood K. Jr., 147, 149. ISO, 161, 164. 156, 166, 386 Slenekji, Anthony G., 77 ' enton, David, William, 292 lepherd. Royal Luther, 147. 149, 162 Sheptock. Peter Martin. 412 Sherha, Betty May, 81 Sherdahl, Susan Louise. 81. 338, 846 Sherman, Juliette. 354 Bherrill. Nancy Dawn. 360 Shideler. Shirley N., 342 Bhiffman, William. 81. 89. 180. 305. 394 ihimoji. Tetsu, 329 Shiner. Carol Patricia. 101. 360 BUnzato. Yasuko. 311 Shirk. Donald Gene. 177. 396 Shivers. Nancy Jane. 104. 362 Shmugar. Norma Marian. 266. 313 Shore. Roy Henry. 129 Jhemey. Sylvia Wallace, 126. 277. 809, 358 Short, Anne Whittemore, 126. 313 aort, Margaret Jane, 294. 296, 342 Short. Robert Gene. 368 Shottenirk. V. J.. 292. 314 Show. Virginia Wade, 360 Shpall, Harvey, 394 ihrader, Robert Philip, 382 ShreiTler. Lynn Orel. 317 Shroyer. Terry Webster. 101. 348, 878 5hae, John Willard, 408 3hnk, Thomas Ronald. 247, 267 Shulman. Flora Janice. 265 Shnpp. Franklin Noyce, 264 Shite, Marvin Holmes, 264, 330 Sible. James A.. 81 Siokels, Barbara Jane. 81, 360 Sickenberger. Mary F.. 28 Sides, John Howard, 271, 378 Siegel, Alice Louise. 81 Siegel. Noah. 394 Siegel. Stanley Henry. 894 Siffrinff. Loren Walter, 101, 144, 381 Sigler. Stanley Gordon, 113, 378 Bilverberg, Stuart 0,, 81. 129 Silverman, Mary Frances, 344 Silvis, Levi Richard, 330 Simminger, Jean Pierre, 126 Simmon. David A. Jr.. 400 Simmons. Barbara Alice. 360 Simmons. Richard Knight. 126. 266. 898 Simms. Rex Bartlett, 81. 265 jimon. Charles Jesse. 828 Simon. Roger Lee. 894 iimon. Taudie Dalton. 280 iimon. William Narvel. 274 limonds. Edna Anna. 280 ilmonds. Richard A.. 82. 264 Simpson. Patricia Carolyn. 354 iims. Evelyn Eugenia. 324 incerbeaux. Robert G.. 82. 880 linger. M. Keith, 82, 400 iiple, John Warren, 374 Use, Daniel Hebard, 138 tiskin, Suzanne Lee, 311, 367 ittig, Barbara Jayne, 104. 354 Ikelton, Cynthia Ann, 23. 104. 197. 809 ikiffington, Anne F.. 364 Ikiffington. George L.. 82. 412 Ikillman. John Adams. 380 thinner. Kenneth Le Roy. 82 ikinner, Maynard Oyde. 82. 256. 882 ikopp. Helen. 269 ' kopp, Mortimer Henry, 269 ikufca, Gloria Marie, 82 » :kyrm. Hildegrade E.. 250. 304. 848 lagle. John William, 126, 384 ' lator. Lou Ann. 114 laughter. Ronald Leroy. 828 lifer. Berta Jean. 114. 860 lininger. Marian. 198. 340 loane. Donald Allen. 334 locum. Frederick V.. 870 losky. David Nathan. 266 mith. Addison Freed. 101, 382 mith. Barbara Ann. 314 mith, Barbara Jo. 101. 852 mith. Berta Lee. 126. 815. 850 mith. Carl Edward, 266 mith. Colin A.. Jr.. 370 mith. Don Robert. 334 mith. Dorothy Grace, 101. 303. 360 mith. Hedley Salmon. 266. 4 00 nith. Lawrence Dodge. 332. 396 nith. Marc E. H.. Jr., 374 nith. Margaret Ann, 104, 291, 852 nith, Marilyn Jean, 125, 277. 318. 342 nith. Millard Hawley. 82. 138, 272. 400 nith. Nancy Anne, 192, 366 nith. Patricia Ann, 320 nith. Philip Lucius. 332 nith. Robert Earl, 265 nith. Robert Lewis, 130 Smith, Ruth Rohe, 134 Smith, Troy Herbert, 126, 332 Smith, William Scott, 380 Smolenske, Donna V,, 266, 344 Smoot, Beatrice, 348 Smyser, Ann Falor, 114, 344 Smyth, Wilbur Alden, 382 Smythe, Gloria June, 102, 362 Sneed, Thomas Alan, 126 Snell, Natalie Ruth, 114, 364 Snively, Andrew F., 298, 884 Snively, John William, 262 Snodgrass, Edward N,, 198, 329 Snow, Peter Gordon, 333 Snow, Sandra Test, 192, 319 Snyder, Charles Edward, 400 Snyder, Jim Edward, 403 Snyder, Robert Lee, 249 Snyderman, Joan Frances, 102, 862 Somberg, Marlon Eugene. 410 Sonnenberg. lola Faye. 114. 254. 342 Sonnenberg. Wynona Rae. 318. 344 Sorensen, Joanne Gill, 114, 281, 294, 295, 360 Sosa, Santos Jose D,, 247 Southgate, Jo Lumry, 125, 309, 362 Spademan, Ann Virginia, 809, 364 Spangler, John Keith, 370 Spangler, Richard W., 870 Sparkman, Charles Leon, 126, 376 Spath, Mary Corinne, 114, 368 Speck, Richard Lampkin. 131 Speed. Robert Clarke. 380 Speer, Helen Gene, 850 Specs, Everett K., Jr,, 272, 398 Speier, Betty Jane, 132 Speier, Robert Vincent, 271, 402 Spellman, Heidi Hultine, 132 Speno. Leo. Anthony. 102. 404 Spenst. Albert Aubrey, 398 Sperry, Donna Liskow, 126, 348 Spicer, Walter Lewis, 380 Spiegel, Marcia Ann, 135, 312 Spiegel, Stanley M,, 39, 102, 894 Spielman, Eugene Brion, 259, 386 Spiker, James Lester, 82, 198, 890 Spiliopoulos, George C. 830 Spiller. Carol Sue. 264. 824 Spitz. Annemarie. 317 Sprague, Charles F., 886 Sprague, Hall Tripp. 82. 396 Spranger. Gary Stuart. 380 Sprengle, Arloa C, 350 Springer. Kathleen M.. 269. 320 Sprinkle. Ronald Leo, 82, 379 Sproul, Patricia Ann, 312, 844 Sproule, Joanne Martin, 809, 346 Spurgeon, Glynn Marian, 114 Squire. Ka Perrin. 201. 259, 386 Squires. Frank H.. 114. 292 Squyres. Perry Wils. 102. 386 Srp. Jerraline Rose. 104. 198. 812. 844 Stacy. Gloria Dawn. 82. 820 Stacy. Mary Ellen. 114. 364 Stageberg. Phyllis Joan, 318 Stahl, Erline Ruth, 364 Stabler. Richard Martin. 1?6. 392 Stahr. Jonathan Ransey. 896 Stailey, James Knox. 374 Staley. John Charles, 332 Stander. James Arthur. 147. 149. 164. 886 Stanek. Marilyn Joan. 136. 815 Rtanflll. James Wesley. 886 Stanford. Thomas C. 402 Stanton. Kathleen P.. 860 Stanton. Patricia J.. 126. 809. 348. 860 Stapp. Lafay. Jr.. 82. 147. 247 Starbuck. Clyde Gerald. 886 Starika. Jerry Joseph. 402 Stark. James Arthur. 126. 892 Stark. John Marr. 126 Stark. Margaret Elaine, lOS, 858 Stark, William Edward, 88 Starks, Jeannette, 84, 83, 261, 277, 281, 85t Starrett, Barbara Jean, 848 Starrett, Diane Louise. 848 States. Stanley Wilmeth. 870 Stayton, Janice Carol, 340 St. Clair. Meredith. 104. 114. 318 Stears. James Louis, 408 Steele, Carl Axel S., 266, 828 Steele, Charles Urban, 872 Steele, Sally Ostin, 102, 860 Steere. Barbara Elaine, 84, 46, 88. 294, 84 Steers, Georgia Wilson, 818 Steffen, Margaret Anne, 810 Stehlik, Mildred Joyce, 126, 346 Steig, Michael Maynard, 88, 296, 874 Stein, Alida Anisman, 88 Stein, Geraldine F., 83, 362 Stein, Mary Jane, 83, 132 Steinberg, Mark Elliot, 83 Steinberg, Martin, 129 Steinfeld, John Wilfred, 114, 884 Stenback, Wayne Albert, 287 Stephens, Everett Duane, 886 Stephens, George W,, 88 Stephens, Jerry Clair, 833 Steptoe, Clarence Carl, 269 Sterling, Elaine B., 102. 266, 281, 344 Sterling, Kenneth L,, 114 Sterling, Robert, 828 Sterling, William J,, 83, 265, 872 Sterrett, Marion Ann, 842 Stevens, Cecil Marilyn, 83, 816 Stevens, Jeanne Marie, 114, 144. 846 Stevens. Sharlene. 304, 864 Stevenson, Edward C, 114 Stevenson, Kenneth G., 884 Stevenson, Shirleen Ann, 842 Steward, Robert Eldon, 102, 306, 398 Stewart, Dair James, 88, 404 Stewart, David Monroe, 874 Stewart, Francis F., 360 Stewart, Robert Roy, 169, 398 Stewart, RoUand Lloyd, 374 Stewart, Stedman James, 333 Stewart, William Wells, 376 Stiefel, Kenneth Erwin, 38, 83, 246, 260 Singler, Reece, 114, 400 Stiles, Shirley H,, 126, 360 Stillwagon, Chloanna L,, 144, 280, 858 Stinton, Dale Raymond, 83, 827, 333 Stirm, Henry Glenn, 92, 114, 201 Stiteler, Darrell R., 129 Stith, Jackson Ludlow. 83 Stitt, Harold Lee, 386 Stitt, Joyce Camillo, 314 St. John, Sandra, 313 Stocking, William P.. 168. 402 Stoehr, Raymond Earle, 88, 339, 392 Stokes, Kenneth, 382, 360 Stokes, Ronald Eugene, 402 Stokes, Russell Brace, 402 Stoll, Alfred Le Roy, 248, 263, 363 Stoll. Susan Helen. 368 Stone. Vernon Lee, 336 Storke, Frederic P.. Jr.. 282. 288 Storm. Nancy Beryl. 102, 296, 859 Storm, Virginia Cora, 126, 816, 364 Story, Peter Reinald, 292 Stoufer, David Fant, 330 Stough, Joan Beberly, 281 Strachan, Thomas Roland, 102 Stradley, Telford V., 281 Strange, Darthea Wilma, 134 Strange, Robert Cannon, 126, 386 Strange, William H,, 102, 412 Stratton, David Russell, 880 Straus, Lois Jean, 126, 311, 367 Streen, Betty Rae, 809. 360 Street. Helen. Ruth. 126. 315. 340 Street. John Paul. 187 Streicker. Mitchell B.. 88. 394 Strick. Jacqueline Fay. 844 Strimling. Marilyn Ruth. 362 Strobridge. Thomas R. . 398 Stroud. Nancy Jane. 83 Strowger. Jane Louise. 126. 316. 368 Struthers, Joseph A.. Jr.. 102. 404 Stubbs. Emily Edwards. 846 Stubbs. Phineas Wilford. 898 Studer. Ralph Wallace. 126. 328 Studinger. Donald A.. 114. 412 Stumpf. Harry Paul. 298. 368 Sturges. Thomas Morgan. 126 Sturtevant. Warren B., 126, 380 Stusrud. Ralph 0., 253 Sngano. Kimmie. 183 Sullivan. John David. 386 Sullivan. Shirley J.. 267 Sullivan. Virginia Ruth. 2. ' 4 Sumikawa. Mary Yoshie. 114 Summer. Neva. Geraldine. 318 Summerton. Joan Dale. 304. 838. 858 Sundberg. Barbara Ellen. 114. 318 Sunshine. Philip. 129 Supperstein. David S.. 114. 265. 894 Sutherland. Helen L.. 192. 866 Sutton. Emma Lou. 317. 344 Sutton. Julia Anne, 114. 850 Sutton. Robert Leeds. 264 Svenson. James Robin. 116 Swan. Dan W.. Jr.. 402 Swanson. Elizabeth Anne. 102 Sweat. Wilma Edna. 34. 85. 46. 84. 802 Sweeney. Alice Irene. 812. 352 Sweeney. William M., 271 Swerdfeger, Philip M., 868 Swerer, Helen Marie, 364 Swigert, Elizabeth Ann, 198, S58 Swigert, John L,, Jr., 102, 147, 151, 256, 888 Swope, Nancy Jane, 819 Sydenham, Bobbe G., 134 Sykes, John Richardson, 126 Sylvester, Margaret, 199. 858 Sympson, Robert Eldin, 892 Tagg, Alden Richard, 84, 264, 885 Taguchi, Takako, 23 Tauchi, Yutaka. 130 Taichert. Louise Cecil, 180 Tainter. Louella. 344 Talbert, Willard L., Jr,, 115 Talpers. Merrill R,, 894 Talpers, Stanley Jerome, 131 Talsma, Beth Ann, 126, 816 Tannigawa, Thomas K,, 84, 260. 288 Tanner. Albert William. 126. 880 Tanner, Beverly Ann, 126, 817, 846 Tanner, Elizabeth Jean, 293 Tanner, Howard Maurice, 330, 408 Tanner, Sylvia La Tane, 115, 199, 840 Tanner, Wallace Lee, 84 Tapp, Bancroft Miller, 128, 187, 278, 880 Tapp, Nancy Edsell, 84 Tappan, Dorothy Helen, 126, 316 Tappan, Robert William, 833 Tarbell, John Alden, 126, 386 Tatum, Joyce Dean, 809, 362 Tautz, Leeroy Harry, 247, 249 Tavel, Frank Robert, 129 Taylor, Anne Scudder, 276 Taylor, Gene Owen, 126 Taylor, Harry Ray, 329 Taylor, Helen Suzanne, 126, S48 Taylor, June Frances, 126, 840 Taylor, Virginia Ruth, 126, 197, 310 Taylor, Volney Maurice, 102, 204, 268, 329 Teberg, Suzanne Jane, 809 Tecker, Danny Lee, 330 Tedrow, Mary Etta, 102 Teel, Harvey A,, 831 Te Gratenhuis, Delia D,, 23 Teitelbaum, Annette, 116, 862 Templeton, Patricia Ann, 198, 313 Terrill, Leonard Lee, Jr., 116, 408 Teruya, Robert Eijin, 128, 328 Tesch, Nancy Lee, 310 Tervo, Mona Mae, 315, 344 Te Selle, Eugene A., Jr., 84, 293 Teshima, Mary Yasuko, 300 T halman, Nancy Carolyn, 185, 292, 812 Tharp, Jay, Jr., 402 Tharp, Phyllis Lee, 809, 852 Thaxton, Laura Emily, 846 Theal, Susan, 116, 281, 312, 350 Thieleke, Neil Edwin, 268 Thode, Harry Francis, 84, 248, 404 Thoman, Mary Elizabeth, 264, 281, 360 Thoman, William Hall. Jr., 247, 252, 283 Thomas, Alice Margaret, 126, 309 Thomas, Betty Jean, 129 Thomas, Darlene Kay, 312 Thomas. Estella Joyce, 84, 314 Thomas, Francis Jerome, 329 Thomas, John William, Jr.. 396 Thomas, Mary Gwendolyn, 354 Thomassen, Robert W,, 297, 412 Thompson, Ann Elizabeth, 84, 342 Thompson. Coralee. 116, 342 Thompson, Harold Page, 198 Thompson, James Martin, 206 Thompson, Jane, 862 Thompson, John D., 116, 328 Thompson, Joyce, 868 Thompson, Neil Edward, 116, 396 Thompson, Norman Arnold, 396 Thomson, Jo Ann Alice, 852 Thorf, Renee, 316 Thome, Frederick Dale, 84 Thornton, Nancy Ann, 860 Thorsen, Malcolm L., 106, 115, 400 Thorstensen, Joan Marie, 338, 844 Thulin, Wm, James, 131 Thurman, June Mozelle, 346 Thurston, John Roy, 84, 378 Tickner, Raymond F., 200, 247 Tidemanson, Thomas A., 126, 378 Tiemey, Beverly Eileen, 102, 264, 324 Tierney, James Russell, 404 Tietz, Frederic. August. 382 Timblin. Joan Martha. 366 Titcomb. James Robert. 256. 284 Todd. Robert Dean. 402 Todd. Thomas Leland. 328 Todd. Wilma Jeanne, 102, 356 Todoroski, John Yoneo. 84 Tolley. Patricia W.. 358 Tolman. Warren Russell. 301. 368 Tolson, Richard Miller, 115, 396 Tomasek, Donald Joseph. 334 Tomashek. Charles B.. 126. 271 Tomlinson, Barbara Jo. 126, 310. 868 Tomlinson. Patricia J.. 342 Tooley. Jack William. 84, 396 Toothaker, Patricia Ann, 310, 368 Torgerson, Arnold Jr.. 386 Torrence. Virginia E.. 315 Towner. Melvin Dwain. 268 Tracy, Donald Richard, 85, 870 Trapp, George Alexander, 333 Trask, Sandra Jean. 126. 318. 364 Trautwein. George K.. Jr., 102, 204 Travers, Harold Richard, 85, 269 Treasure, Robert Lee, 368 Treece, Jack Miller, 126, 398 Tresch, Susan Jean, 126, 817, 346 Trilk. Barbara Ann. 102. 294. 295, 305, 342 Tringali. Avila. 271. 319 Tripp. Larry Clifford. 368 Trittipo. Thomas T.. 402 Troeltzsch. Lloyd Alvin. 408 Trontell. Joan Frances. 85 Trostel. Maynard Lewis. 263 Trowbridge. Walter John. 126, 404 Truax, Howard Van Oss, 884 Trucksess, Ann Victoria, 364 Trumbower, Royce J.. 86. 288. 292 Trzcinski. Louis C. 274 Tsukiyama. Donald Koji. 828 Tsuzuki. Francis Isami. 128 Tucker. Diana. 362 Tucker. Lawrence Allen. 102 Tuhey. Nancy Mahoney. 358 Tulloss. James Hale. 883. 890 Tuohy. Mary Ann. 277. 862 Tuohy. Patricia Jane. 126. 317. 852 Turek. Roberta Diane. 362 Tureman. Trucia Anne, 815 Turley Lois Deane. 346 Turner, David Lee, 384 Turner, George Harvey, 126, 398 Turner, Helen Kanter, 115, 250. 310. 360 Turner. Joanne. 126. 309 Turner, Margaret Ann. 320. 368 Turnquist. Margaret £1.. 126. 811 Tuthill, Charlotte E.. 116 Tuttle, John Allan. 331 Tuttle, Bichard Charlei, 884 423 student index Tuve, Tryg:ve, Whitman, 88S Twist, Fay Alma, 1S8 Tyler. Jean Wier, 864 u TTebelhoer, Gustav John, 186, 271 TThlemann, Ann Virginia, 126, 812, 868 Uhrich, Nona Vonnc, 46, 86, 844 TTlibaiTi, David Sahino, 85, 269 TInderhill, Burton C, 402 TTnderwood, Catherine A., 126, 809, 860 Unfug, Eleanor, 261, 362 TJnfus, George Arnold, Jr., 822. 398 Unfug, Laura Lee, 86, 308, 838. 860 Unger, Janet Ann, 312 Urbanich, Edward Martin, 129 TJrquhart, Raymond Hlles, 86 Utter, Tamara, Louise, 115, 862 TJyenishi, Dorothy Teru, 86 Valdez, Gilbert Isaac, $80 Vale, Herbert Jack, 86, 200 Valentine, Charles T., 886 Valentine. Jane Patton, 46, 86, 868 Valle. Dolores, 313 Van Arsdall, Robert E., 892 Van Ausdall. Gretchen D., 862 Van De Carr, Nancy Ann, 316, 360 Vanden Bosch, Sara Jean, 317 Van Debur, Margaret G., 32, 33, 88, 358 Vanderhoof, Mervin L., 115, 381 Van Derbur, Valerie Ann, 126, 312, 358 Van Dervort, Harriet A., 102, 860 Vandeventer, Clifford C 147, 151, 158 Van Duyne, James Thomas, 878 Van Gilder, Hilda Ruth, 279 Van Hine, Gail, 864, 360 Van Hook, Shirley, 126, 816, 358 Van Horn, Patricia L.. 127. 315 Van Home. Lyle Ray, 147, 880 Van Law, Richard Durbin, 86 Van Nostrand, Andy C. 85, 884 Van Nostrand, Nancy Lee, 102, 197, 303. 350 Van Parys. Joan S.. 127. 813. 856 Van Parys, Joyce Medard, 187, 318 Van Sandt, Barry Kay, 398 Van Schaack, C. P., 187, 168, 882 Van Scoy, H. Virginia. 132 Van Stralen, John C. 402 Van TJrk, Jeanne, 127, 314 Van Vranken, Mary, 116, 364 Van Winkle, Mary V.. 187. 197, 316, 340 Vann, Howard Dee, 187, 410 Varga, Henry Joseph, 86, 846, 863, 363 Varsavsky. Carlos M.. 329 Vasholz, Lothar Alfred. 48, 86, 339, 886 Vaughan, Dorothy Ann, 116, 364 Vaughn, Barbara Joan, 85, 891, 842 Vawter, Helen Jane, 266, 852 Veach, Virginia, 264 Veale, Dorothy Mae, 187, 814 Veazie, Enid Barthes, 116, 844 Venzke, Lee Crook, 147, 150, 166, 380 Verploeg, Virginia Ruth, 860 Vestal, Paul William, Jr., 876 Vicario, Margaret E., 864 Vickery, John Donald, 115, 870 Vigil, Frank Joe, 181 Vigil, Joseph Manuel, 131 Villepigue, Mary Carole, 108, 364 Visbal, Ralph Albert, 86 Vissenberg, Marilyn, 85, 866, 367 Vitkin, Joyce Margery, 321, 362 Vlahos, George Charles, 386 Vliet, Glenn Otis, 187, 298, 382 Vogeler, August H., 108, 392 Vogt, Milton Moore, 86, 386 Volk, Russell Drackert, 870 Vondran, Alfred Herbert, 327, 380, 368 Vonier, Jaquelin Y., 860 Voss, Harriet Ann, 880 Voss, Howard William, Jr., 386 Voss, Sidney Lee, 316 Vossenkemper, Earl H., 384 w Wade, Barbara, 811 Waggoner, Jack Travis, 376 Waggoner, Rex Robert, Jr., 388, 400 Wagner, Patricia Ann, 856 Wagner, Robert Eugene, 88 Wagner, Virgil J., 247 Wahl, Grace Evangeline, 182 Wahl, Joseph William, 410 Wahlmeier, Geraldine M., 86, 846 Wahlstedt, Robert Paul, 86, 863, 890 Wahlstrom, Shirley B., 890 Wailes, John Leonard, 869 Wait, Harry Wallace, 876 Waldbaum, Lyllian, 276, 818 Waldron, Valerie Jane, 362 Walker, Geraldine Ann, 184 Walker, Jack Lyman, 116, 396 Walker, Robert Henry, 881 Wallace, Joe Cecil, 103, 328 Wallace, Robert B.. Jr.. 832, 376 Waller, Albert, Jr., 867 Wallerius, Joan, 852 Wall, Audrey Marie, 103, 356 Walsh, David Craft, 187 Walstrom, Louis A., Jr., 804, 305, 874 Walter, Russell M., 876 Walters. George E.. 258, 808 Walters, Helen Maurice, 127, 315 Walters, June Arleen, 103 Walters, Ray Marvin, 829 Walther, Joan Frances, 312 Walz. Janis Rae. 103, 280 Wanner, James Franklin, 831. 390 Ward, Arline Skelly. 364 Ward, Barbara Jean, 380 Ward, Kenneth Phillips. 368 Ward. Richard Moran, 380 Ward. Sarah, 116, 862 Warden, Nancy Elizabeth, 136 Warden, Sue Gene, 310, 358 Ware, Herbert Earl, 103, 897, 839, 412 Warmbir, Patricia Ann, 317 Warner, Byron Philip, 386 Warner, Robert Franklin, 131 Warren, Gwendolyn C, 127, 860 Warren, John Duncan, 33, 188. 860 Wascher, Artwen. August, 129 Wassam, Theodore, 866, 331 Wasson, Barbara Jane. 131 Wat, Herman Hon Fat, 869 Watada, Ben Goro, 269 Watanabe, Michiko, 298 Watford, John Hardin, 829 Watkins, Dale Osborn, 248, 868 Watson, Allen Smith. Jr.. 404 Watson. John Charles. Jr.. 400 Watson. Juanita Lee. 310. 368 Watson, Robert Drew, 400 Watson. Robert Warren, 130 Wattenbarger. Barbara A.. 317 Watts. Harry Edmund. 180 Watts. Jayne Jordan. 185 Watts. John Richard C, 368 Watts. Priscilla Ann. 103. 819 Waugh. Kathleen Joan. 116, 348 Weaver, Elaine Carley, 116, 862 Weaver, James Kilburn, 129 Weaver, Raymond W., Jr.. 876 Weaver. Robert Richard, 376 Webb, Richard Bruce, Jr.. 382 Webb. Robert Wright. 874 Webber. Jeanne Marie, 352 Weber, Charlotte Louise, 35, 320 Weber, Charlotte May, 324 Weber, Dorie Brammer, 277, 342 Weber, John, 898 Weber, Robert Leland, 334 Weber, Sally Ann, 852 Webermeier, John C. 404 Webster. Geraldine M. . 867 Webster. Kitty Helen. 103, 848 Webster, Lu Lu, 8 91, 364 Weddell, Leuretta Jo., 116, 197, 842 Weed, N. Dexter, 332 Weems, Fontaine C 376 Weese, Audrey Louise, 104, 115, 348 Weese, Harvey James, 847, 418 Wegner, Weldon Delbert, 892 Weichel, Beverly Jean, 127. 311. 342 Weichsel, Morton E., Jr., 127, 827, 332, 892 Weidenfeld, Florence M.. 364 Weil, Barbara Helen, 867 Weil, Jerry, 297, 298, 372 Weiler, John Austin, 127, 322, 898 Weimer, Marcia, 813 Weimshienk, Hubert Tray, 410 Weinberger, Marvin, 108, 394 Weiner, Stanley Martin, 394 Weinert, Joan Marilyn, 314 Weingartner, Jean L.. 294. 896. 346 Weinhardt, John Wells, 138, 868 Weinrott, Charles A.. 868 Weir. Phyllis May. 187. 311, 868 Weis, Robert Otto, 187, 896 Weiser, Herbert Malcolm, 410 Weisz, Edward George, 404 Welch, Noel Loren, 408 Welch, Portis Gaillard, 400 Weldon, Donald Maurice, 382 Weiler, Marilyn Helen, 88, 196, 281, 305 Wellington, Jennifer, J., 103, 856 Wells, Alice Hooper, 860 Wells, Delpha, Jean, 817 Wells. Sally Ann, 340 Welsh, David Murrin, 386 Welsh, Jean Ann, 291, 318 Welter, James Curtis, 398 Weltman, Albert, 394 Weltman, Delbert M., 297, 394 Wenaas, Nancy Lou, 360 Wenner, Gordon Larry, 833, 894 Wenziker, Shirley Ann, 266, 364 Werner, Frederick Henry, 127, 376 Werner, Robert Helmut, 864, 331 Werschky, Donald Eugene, 334 Wertz. Barbara Anderson, 103 Wertz, Donald Duane, 246, 260, 286 Wesley, Don Addison, 127, 870 West, Blanche Elizabeth, 127, 810, 352 West, Jennie Lois, 108. 354 West, Jill Helen, 127, 310, 860 West, William Lee, 116 Westendorp, Mary W., 815 Westerberg, Vorne E., 398 Westfall, Cecil Bruce, 286, 801 Westland, George Irving, 130 Wexler, Marlene Jean, 86, 380 Wheeler, Barbara K., 811 Wheeler, Marilyn Louise, 103, 354 Wheeler, Walter Eugene, 255 Wheelock. Cynthia Ann. 127. 315, 860 Whisenant, Ramona June, 350 Whisler, Donald Wyman, 127 Whitaker, Albert Henry, 374 Whitaker, Joan Juanita, 136 White, Gerard Louis, 127, 189, 392 White, Oran, Richard, 381 Whitehouse, Joan, 184 Whiteside, Donna Lee, 87, 338, 366 Whiting, Ellis Eugene, 127, 201. 892 Whitlock. Wanda Jean, 127. 342 Whitney, George Stephen, 334 Whitney, Janet Rose, 103, 338, 342 Whitney. Patricia Ann. 87. 346 Wichmann. Paul Karl. 402 Wicklund. Eldon James, 869. 304. 364. 380 Wiebenson. Carla Ann, 87, 896. 360 Wiedemann. Theodore W., 866, 374 Wiegman, John Arthur, 338 Wises, John Robert, 404 Wight. Willard Ray. 131 Wigington. Jack Omar. 402 Wigley. Walter Philip. 116. 380 Wigton. Chester Mahlon. 130 Wilbur. Milton Mayfleld. 127, 400 Wilcox, John Baker, 398 Wilcox, Jon Watson. 370 Wilder. Robert Stewart. 376 Wiley. Hugh Samuel. 130 Wilford. Tom Otto, 381 Wilkerson. Jean Darlene, 127. 316 Wilkie. Robert Lee, 292, 332 Wilkins, James Morris, 197, 272, 804, 874 Wilkins. Joyce E., 87, 350 Wilkins, Mary Jeanne, 368 Wilkins, Wayne Ernest, 880 Willard, John Hewitt, 846 Willard, Robert W.. 87, 386 Wiley, Janice Lane, 340 Williams, Barbara L., 87, 867 Williams, Billy Burgett, 836 Williams, Dona Frances, 116 Williams, Ersel Ray, 264 Williams, Frances Joyce, 812, 364 Williams, George Dale, 108, 380 Williams, Gordon Lee, 376 Williams. James W., 116, 398 Williams, John Harley, 103, 404 Williams, Kay Elissa, 340 Williams, Keith Duane, 386 Williams, Lois Jeanne, 311, 344 Williams, Marlene M.. 346 Williams. Milton Thomas. 386 Williams. Molly Kay. 198. 868 Williams. Riley Frasier, 330 Williams, Richard Dale, 87, 892 Williams, Robert Gerald. 103. 378 Williams. Roger Lee. 147. 150, 151, 162, 168, 166, 166, 177, 256 Williamsen, Clement E., 871 Williamson. Jane Hamil, 134 Williamson, Margaret A., 127, 311, 864 Willis, Richard W., 39, 87, 880 Willson, Jane Eleanor, 87, 356 Wilson, Beverly Joyce, 313, 862 Wilson, Charles Everett, 329 Wilson, James William, 188 Wilson, Kenneth Rand. 103, 870. 368 Wilson, Mahlon Tyloe, 127, 368 Wilson, Margaret E., 103, 360 Wilson, Marilyn, 127, 892, 314 Wilson, Michael Lanyon, 127. 400 Wilson, Patricia Evelyn, 103, 368 Wilson, Patricia Helen, 36, 103, 269, 314, 348 Wilson. Robert Clymer. 147. 266. 331. 404 Wimmel. Arthur Abston, 87, 248, 408 Winans, Jo Ann, 87, 266, 294, 296, 338, 850 Winder, Martha Isabel, 108, 356 Winfrey, Robley, 380 Wingate, Munroe J., 87, 284. 382 Wingfleld, Lindsey R., 87, 188 Wingo, Ralph P.. Jr., 864 Winkler, Nancy Maurine, 310. 858 Winkler. Patricia Ann, 877, 360 Winks, Robin William, 87, 388 Winningham, Forrest G.. 882 Winsand. Amos 0.. 87, 846, 860, 283 Winston, Daphne Jane, 277, 352 Winston, James Byers, 333 Winter, Donald Hugh, 410 Winter, Louise Anne, 277, 319 Winters, Marjorie Anne, 317 Winters, Morley David, 127, 332, 394 Wippern, Ronald Frank, 127, 400 Wise, Nancy Jayne, 342 Wiseman, Margaret L. , 360 Witchie, Eugene Carl. 263, 363 Witkin, Jack Arnold, 127 Wixom, Charles William, 400 Woelbing, Marjorie Mae, 818 Woertman, Marilyn Joyce, 338, 856 Wolach, Bernerd Lee, 130 Wolf, Beverly, 187, 368 Wolf. Carol Elizabeth, 116, 344 Wolf, Gordon Elmer, 869 Wolf, Jo Ann, 300 Wolf, Marvin Eli, 188 Wolfenbarger, Patricia, 188 Wolfenden, Charles G., Jr., 268 Wolff, Peter C, 881 Wolflin. Gretchen, 127, 816, 868 WoUenweber, Louis Carl, 180 Woolgast, Carol Aurene, 87, 854 Wolvington, Kenneth H., 260 Wood, David Griffiths, 881 Wood, James Edward, 386 Wood, John Stilwell. 871, 330 Wood, Robert Harold, 131 Woodard. William D.. 131 Woodcock. Susanne E., 115. 294, 895, 811 Woodhouse, Carolyn Jane, 103. 187. 816 Woodman, Jack Archie, 187 Woodhouse, Cecile R., 360 Woodward, Anabeth C. 879 Woodward, Martha Lee, 87, 368 Woodward, Merrill H.. 382 Woodward, Robert Irving, 138 Woodworth, Lloyd V., 293. 335 Wooldridge. Donna Lee. 67. 275 Woolpy, Nan Gretchen. 320 Wormwood. Dorothy Ann, 87, 880 Worrell. Robert Dean. 879 Worthington. Anne S., 116, 861. 316, 35% Wotkyns. Roger Sherman, 189 Wrenn, Nancy, 88. 103. 291. 368 Wright. Allison, 104. 360 Wright, Charles Warford, 869. 285 Wright. Curtis Elmer, 264 Wright, Dona Rae. 342 Wright. Donald Eugene. 87 Wright, Gail Joyce, 344 Wright. Herbert Clark. 835 Writer, Deane Jasper, Jr., 374 Writer, Dorothy, 858 Wrobel, Marcia Marion. 309, 366 Wu, Ernest J. Y.. 87. 248. 267. 290. 328 J Wubben. Paul David. 129 Wulfehuhler. Terry. 116. 380 Wulfekuhler, Albert F.. 87. 269, 364, 380 Wyard, Willis Lahr, 386 Wylie, Alice Fairfield. 127. 202, 309, 364 Wyner. Elizabeth Anne. 116. 366 Wynne, Joanne Marion, 311 Yagnik, Anil Ramanlal, 847, 256, 338 Yamaga, Yoshiye, 87, 269 Yamamoto. Anne Chiyo, 116, 318 Yanagihara, Louise K.. 187. 136, 318 Yanaru, Dorothy Natsuko, 133 Yanczanski, Felicia F.. 319 Yantis. John Aubrey. 87, 128, 273 Yantis, Thomas Richard, 201, 392 Yardley, Bob Palmer, 169, 382 Yasumura, Grance Shigeru, 87 Yates, Billie Carlysle, 331 Yates, Howard Russell, 87, 247 Yates, John Noble, 127, 370 Yauch. Ruth Elaine, 346 Yeoman, Madge Louise, 271, 810, 346 Yoast, Nancy, 115, 350 Yokoyama, Harold H,, 128 Yonkers, Gerald Leslie, 384, 396 York, Denison, Williams, 400 Young, Frank Otis, 402 Young, George C, Jr.. 87, 404 Young, Janet Marie, 300, 320 Young, John David, 404 Young. John Sylvester. 131 Young, Meryn Leonell, 282, 283 Young, Nancy Jane, 858 Young, Thomas Isham, 890 Young, Wesley Eugene, 86, 248, 290 Younglove, Marcia, 317, 362 Younger, Rosemary N.. 821 Yowell, William Riley, 890 Yurjevich, John A., 380 Zack, Albert Lincoln, Jr., 46, 202, 305 Zack, Jane Adele, 316, 342 Zak, Betty Jane, 133 Zak, Helene Louise, 36 Zarit, N. Bryce, 103, 394 Zarlengo, Richard A.. 404 Zauchenberger. Herwig G., 267 Zech, Keith La Verne, 103, 269 Zeff, Stephen Adam, 127, 198, 328, 410 Zehner, Bly George, 127, 298, 404 Zeigel, Henry Alan, 127, 330 Zekman, Robert Irving, 332, 394 Zeman, Albert Lee, 402 Zenner, George, 332 Zerobnick, Martin Irwin, 128 Zerobnick, Morton, 171 Zick, Herbert Rolan, 129 Zick, Richard Gary, 380 Zick, Robert Rowland, 374 Ziegler, Lynne Alice, 809, 348 Zietz, Carl Hugo, Jr., 398 Zigler, Robert Vernon, 246, 260, 883 Zika, Jack Richard, 127 Zimmerman, Paula Gay, 317 Zimmerman, Ronald W.. 898 Zimmerman, William John, 376 Zingone, Ruth Ann, 116, 340 Zinky, Robert Mehring, 130 Zinn, Noah Donald, 394 Zorichak, Helen J,, 862 Zorichak, Mary Ethel, 127, 316, 352 Zuckerman, Robert Lee, 129 Zwoneohek, Herbert H., 116 424 organizations index Acacia, 368 Alpha Chi Omega. 340 Alpha Delta Fi. 342 ■Alpha Delta Sigma, 296 Alpha Delta Theta. 300 Alpha Epsilon Phi. 367 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 297 Alpha Kappa Fsi, 248 Alpha Omicron Pi, 344 Alpha Phi. 346 Alpha Sigma Phi, 412 Alpha Tau Omega, 370 American Institute of Electrical Engineers, I U6 lerican Society of Civil Engineers, 247 Architectural Forum, 249 )Ciated Student of the University of Colorado, 32 kAsMci ated Women Students, 34, 85 B Beta Gamma Sigma, 302 Beta Sigma Tau, 372 Beta Theta Fi, 374 Board of Puhlications, 31 Buff Council, 250 Buir Pep Club, 251 Buff Ski Club, 252 Business school board, 39 Bridge Club, 253 Calico and Boots, 254 , mpus Chest, 299 -pampas Club, 324 banterbury Club, 255 ; Club, 256 :hi Omega, 348 Ohi Psi, 376 loloradan, 196 Colorado Engineer. 200 [Combined Engineers, 38 Cosmopolitan Club, 257 Delta Delta Delta, 350 Delta Gamma, 352 Delta Sigma Phi, 378 Delta Sigma Fi, 269 Delte Tau Delta, 380 Equestrian Club, 261 Eta Kappa Nu, 260 Flatiron, 202 Future Teachers Association. 803 Free Lance, 263 H 47 Heart and Dagger, Hesperia, 88 Hiking Club, 264 Hillel Foundation, 265 Home Economics Club, 266 I Independent Students Association, Inter-fraternity Council, 339 International Relations Club, 268 267 Lambda Chi Alpha, 384 M Men ' s Glee Club, 298 Modern Choir, 210 Mortar Board, 46 N Newman Club, 271 Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, E Kappa Alpha Theta, 354 Kappa Delta, 356 Kappa Delta Pi, 258 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 358 Kappa Kappa Psi, 270 Kappa Sigma, 382 Panhellenic Council, 338 Pershing riSes, 272 Phi Delta Phi, 293 Phi Delta Theta, 386 Phi Epsilon Phi, 105 Phi Gamma Delta, 388 Fhi Kappa Psi, 390 Phi Kappa Tau, 392 Fhi Mu Alpha. 274 Phi Sigma Delta. 394 Fi Beta Fhi, 360 Fi Kappa Alpha, 396 Fi Lambda Theta, 275 Fi Tau Sigma, 301 Flayers Club, 276 Porpoise, 277 Religious Workers Association, 278 Eho Chi, 285 Bocky Mountain Law Review, 203 Roger Williams Fellowship, 279 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 398 Sigma Alpha Iota, 280 Sigma Chi, 400 Sigma Delta Tau, 862 Sigma Epsilon Sigma, 281 Sigma Nu, 402 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 404 Sigma Pi Sigma, 282 Sigma Tau, 283 Silver and Gold, 198 Speakers Congress, 204 Spur, 104 Star and Sextant, 281 Sumalia, 89 Tau Beta Pi, 286 Tau Beta Sigma, 287 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 406 TheU TTpsilon, 866 Theta Xi, 408 u TTniversity Choir. 210 University Memorial Center Board, University Women ' s Club, 288 Viking Club, 290 w Wesley Foundation. 292 Westminster Fellowship, 283 Women ' s Athletic Association, 291 Young Women ' s Christian Association, 284 Zeta Beta Tau, 410 Zeta Tau Alpha, 364 428 1 ■ • tri 4-tg fi A4 ' fm ' .

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University of Colorado - Coloradan Yearbook (Boulder, CO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Colorado - Coloradan Yearbook (Boulder, CO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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