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-; ' v ' v. V -J- %) - I ll IVER S ITY OF C LORAD 1 AM ON J U Bl LEE ' ED ITI N DEDICATION We dedicate this book to a phrase — a phrase that is nebulous and intangible i meaning to many, yet one to which the stu- dents and teachers of the University of Colo- rado can give much meaning. The words are, " OUR UNIVERSITY HERITAGE " . Mirrored in that phrase is the heritage of a nation, of a state, of great men, and finally the heritage of a school life. As a nation and as a territory or a state, the people of America and their leaders have always realized the necessity of democratic education. As early as 1861 a few men of the territory laid plans for a university; and as Colorado assumed its place in the union in 1876, it did so with a state university. It was a school yet on the American Frontier — the product of an idealism coupled with a pioneer spirit capable of overcoming great obstacles. To the early university-man, school life meant endeavour in a naked building on a lonely, treeless plain. The vision of a few men has changed this desolate scene into one of widely acclaimed beauty. ' The lonely building has seen a large physical plant, housing one of the great state universities, spring up around it; a university in which the heritage of idealism and intellectual at- tainment is still the cornerstone for future endeavour. The diam ond — symbol of our anniversary — is reknown for its beauty, durability, and value. These qualities require cutting and polishing to bring forth the maximum effect; for the natural, uncut stone has no great value. So it is with the university — the cut- ting and polishing of seventy-five years has produced a finished gem, valuable and lovely to many. And so it is with us — the students of today. The diamond, now cut and polished, is in turn cutting and polishing the student to transform the rough intrinsic value of each freshman into the finished and polished graduate — men and women thus more valu- able and durable. m r« iw- -»»- j ■•ifc •I ' • • Miir -» -? » »; ■ K i ' •?.■ L1»- ' tt C nismiA, CidminuiAaJtw i. 1S76-1SS6 .... 1SS6-1S% 1896-1906 .... OdtiviiisA, 1906-1916 1916-1926 Ohqani cdionA, 1926-1936 (DoJwiA, 9i6- 9«6 jAabumiii -SoJvoAijbf m6-fiMAsnL . . . ? r sC4 ni ' s Xou5« on (Tawpus „JL»- . • - ■ the president A Itome na6 u new I00I2 ' V C t en In o the comparalivetu new rts dSuildina nai e cnanaea condiaerablij ii ti tt iiiHi orium lA conAplcuouitit aoAent campuA Acene 10 J ale Science V ultdi 11 he new and old II Vlen J KJumncisiiim 12 l Uoodburu . J all — Ine buildina nai cnanaed little, ffut ttte 6ettina naS cnanaed mucri 13 he ffliiAic School nick wa3 tite ivleaicai School In tne earlu aauS 14 etore an d ajrter in oLiorarieA. ne ota cJLioraru is the cJLittte theatre now SS L nemtiitru (I5uildina is tfie main iectlon of the present butidina 16 lie evotution of aLahe-siae (l- eautu 17 m 1876-1886 The year 1876 marks the first chapter in the history of the university, but there is a prologue to this first cha pter. In 1861 provision was made for a state university. Due to the Civil War the Board of Regents that was chosen never had an opportunity to meet, and the school continued to exist in name only until 1876, although the corner stone for Old Main was laid in 1875. Bustling, two-year old Boulder, under the magic influence of gold, had risen from a tent village at the mouth of Boulder Canyon in 1858 to a thriving village of over two thousand hardy pioneers by 1861. Not until 1877 did the university open — with a faculty of two. An insight into the conditions may be hod from this statement: " A naked, ill constructed building (Old Main] situated in a barren waste and removed from any sidewalk by nearly a mile of mud was all that marked the site of a future university . . . unanchored window frames which blew in with every wind storm, endangering the lives of students and faculty. " This first decade sow the establishment of the arts and sciences school, medical school, and the installation of the first two presidents. ADMINISTEATION ■i eS ' S Many people are involved in keeping the university functioning as it should. Everyone from President Stearns and th« Board of Regents to the students themselves has some- thing to contribute to the welfare of the university. The Deans, and the heads of the various departments of the university cooperate in helping and guiding the students so that they will be able to make the most of their educations. A.S.U.C. and A.W.S. are bodies by which the students govern themselves. They vote for the men and women they wish to lead them; and, by voting, determine the way in which they wish to be led. SUE FISHERING. Editor odau J ( kieP President Robert L. Stearns has brought wide acclaim to the University of Colorado since his appointment to office in 1939. Competently leading the University, he commands great respect in national circles through his work with the government, as well as his work on our campus. 20 Moduli J cJLeauerA 9 1 hir. ' -V Kenneth A. Bundy Robert D. Charlton The Board of Regents is the general governing body of the University of Colorado. There are seven members on the Board, six of whom are elected by popular vote and serve for a period of six years. The president of the University auto- matically serves as the seventh member of the Board. This year three new members were elected to the Board; Kenneth A. Bundy, Walter F. O ' Brien, and Charles D. Bromley. The other members are Mrs. Alberta Pike Boyd, H. Vance Austin, Robert D. Charlton, and Robert L. Stearns. Mr. Bundy, a graduate of the School of Journalism and an active participant in journalism while an undergraduate, is one of the publishers and editors of The Courier in Gunnison, Colorado. Mr. O ' Brien was graduated from the University of Colorado in 1941, receiving his A.B. and LL.B. degress. He is now associated with the law firm of Dickerson, Morrissey, and Zar- lengo in Denver. A former Regent of the Univer- sity, Mr. Bromley was graduated from Colorado Law School in 1924. He was a member of Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity and is now practicing law in Denver with the firm of Ammons and Bromley. Mrs. Boyd was an active participant in University publications before her graduation from the University. During the war, she was associated with the Denver regional office of the Office of War Information. Mr. Austin, a native of Colorado and presently practicing law in Sterling, Colorado, received his A.B. and LL.B. degrees from the Uni- versity of Colorado. An outstanding student, he was selected from the student body as a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship. Mr. Charleton, a resident of Denver, received his law degree from the West- minster School of Law, and served in the United States Army during World War 11. President Stearns was appointed president of the University in 1939, and has received wide acclaim both as an educator and administrator and for his patriotic efforts during and after the war. Charles D. Bromley H. Vance Austin Robert L. Steams Walter F. O ' Brien 21 5K e C xecutive l ouncll The Executive Council of the University of Colorado is composed of the President of the University, the Deans of all the colleges in the University, and four faculty members, two of whom are elected each year to serve for a term of two years. The primary purpose of this executive committee is that of a body or group with which the President can work in cases of emergency which may arise at the University. Another of its functions is that of taking care of the detailed administrative affairs of the colleges and departments of the University, and also that of interpreting and determining the method of administration of the rules that are instituted by the Senate and are of a permanent nature. The Council, serving as the working body of the Senate and meeting only on the call of the President, does not possess the power to enact per- manent legislation ; but it may make rules and regulations which may become permanent when passed by the Faculty Senate. 22 Foreground: Presidrnt Robert L. Stearns. Seated left to rigl ' t around the table: Dean W. F. Dyde. Dr. R. C. Lewis. Dean Charles F. Poe, Dean W. G. Worcester, Dean Clifford G. Houston, Dean Edward C. King, Capt. Donald S. Evans, Prof. W. C. DeVall, Mrs. H. A. Loughran, J, R. Little, Earl C. Crockett. Morris E. Garnsey, W. Otto Birk, Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Clifford Yoder, Dean Clarence L. Eckel, Eugene H. Wilson, Bud Davis, Dr. L. W. Holden. Dean Elmore Petersen. M, m in id tra tors UJou should r now John Hamilton Finance Manager of Student Activities Lisle T. Ware Director of Student Activities W. C. Toepelman Director of Veterans ' Affairs Elmer A. Grosshauser Director of Men ' s Residence Halls R. Fred Chambers Director of the Placement Bureau Virginia Kinloch Director of Women ' s Residence Halls Mrs Bly E. Curtis Manager and Chief Dietition of the Residence Halls John B. Schoolland Director of Counseling The men and women backing up students ' academic and extracurricular affairs are those the students meet every day to help solve their problems. From the day a student enters the University, he comes in contact with many of these people who are always willing and capable to direct students ' activities. As Director of Counseling, John B. Schoolland directs students to choose fields best suited for them by coordinating their interests and aptitudes. W. C. Toepelman keeps the veterans informed on what they must do to obtain the benefits provided by the government as Director of Veterans ' Affairs. R. Fred Chambers is Director of the Placement Bureau, which advises students in relation to their academic work and assists seniors to find the best professional position for which they are qualified. Mrs. Bly E. Curtis manages and is Chief Dietitian for the residence halls, directing the feeding of the students in the residence halls of the University. Director of Men ' s Residence Halls is Elmer A. Grosshauser, who supervises the orientation of hundreds of men students into University and dormitory living. Campus student organizations are well-advised by Lisle T. Ware who serves as Director of Student Activities. Miss Virginia Kinloch as the Director of Women ' s Residence Halls has charge of all the activities of the freshman and upperclass women ' s dormitories. All financial activity of non-athletic organizations are supervised by John Hamilton, Finance Manager of Student Activities. 23 f- ubllc nPo ti ormuuon un d l " " uotlcitu Jack Bartram Director of Public Information Floyd Walters Director of the Department of Photography Walter B. Lovelace Director of the News Bureau Ellsworth Stepp Radio Bureau Director Eugene Wilson University Library Director Public information and publicity for the University is handled through several departments by very capable men. The Department of Public Infor- mation of the University of Colorado was organized in 1949 by Jack Bartram, Director of Public Information, which resulted in the uniting of the various divisions of public information under one head. Headed by Floyd Walters, the Department of Photography provides photographs for various depart- ments of the University including microfilming University records and fur- nishing photographs for the SILVER GOLD and the COLORADAN. The News Bureau under the leadership of Walter B. Lovelace is the campus representative and the University ' s means of communication with the people of the state by providing news for newspapers and radio stations. Ellsworth Stepp, Radio Bureau Director, is responsible for bringing information con- cerning University services to Colorado citizens through various programs produced and engineered by students interested in radio techniques. The Publication Editor, Richard Spencer, is responsible for the publication of catalogues listing the courses for the several colleges, bulletins for prospec- tive students, and pamphlets and magazines for distribution to alumni, parents, and high schools. The efficient direction of the Library and the ex- tension of library aid to rural communities is all a part of the position of Eugene Wilson, University Library Director. oLast, but not teait 24 Richard Spencer Director of the Department of Publications y dininiAtration KypficerS W. F. Dyde Vice-President of the University and Dean of Faculties Clifford G. Houston, Dean of Students Harry G. Carlson, Dean of Men 26 Mary Ethel Ball. Dean of Women J. R. Little, Director of Admissions and Records he csLJi eand an J 2). I, irectorS Harl R. Douglass, Director of Education R. W. Dunham, Dean of the College of Music 27 C. L. Eckel, Dean of the College of Engineering Edward C. King, Dean of Law School ne cUj vans an d cJ lrectord R. C. Lewis, Dean of the School of Medicine Mrs. Henrietta A. Loughran, Dean of the School of Nursing 28 Elmore Petersen , Dean of the School of Business Charles F. Poe, Dean of the School of Pharmacy Jacob Van Ek, Dean of Arts and Science School A. Gayle Waldrop, Director of Journalism 29 P. G. Worcester, Dean of the Graduate School A. C. Cross, Director of the Extension Division Jhe _yw n OFFICERS: Colonel Cornman L. Hahn, Captain Herbert J. Jones, Jr., Captain Langford F. Kengle, Captain Charles F. Meyer. Master Sergeant William O. Clifton, Sergeant 1st Class Albert Duncan, Sergeant 1st Class George E. Stevens. Colonel Cornman L. Hahn The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University of Colorado in 1948. The primary mission of the unit is to provide the Corps of Engineers with commissioned officers who have the nec- essary background in military engineering and other scientific, technical, or business fields to handle any of a variety of duty assignments which fall to the Army Engineers. Uniforms and ROTC books are furnished to all cadets by the government and Advanced Course Ca- dets receive subsistence allowance. Men who success- fully complete the four year program, which includes six weeks at a summer camp, may be commissioned in the Regular Army, the Organized Reserve Corps or in the National Guard. It is through the ROTC program that the Army plans to maintain the strength of the regular establish- ment. Approximately two-thirds of all officers com- missioned in the Regular Army will be selected annually from ROTC graduates. This plan is in recognition of the vital task performed by ROTC graduates during World War II. Those officers who receive Reserve or National Guard commissions will assist these compo- nents of the Army to maintain the necessary standards of efficiency, training, and preparedness required of the Armed Forces today. In addition to the Engineer Unit, there is a Medical ROTC Unit at the School of Medicine in Denver, oper- ating under the headquarters on the Boulder campus. This unit was established in 1947 with the mission of training medical students for a commission in the Med- ical Corps of the Army or Air Force. The growth of the Army ROTC Units is continuing with the result that the University of Colorado is contributing increasingly to the strengthing of the Nation ' s national defense during a particularly critical period. 30 Back row, lelt to right: Sergeant 1st Class Albert Duncan, Master Sergeant William O. Clifton, Sergeant 1st Class George E. Stevens. Front row: Captain Herbert J. Jones Jr., Colonel Cornman L. Hahn, Captain Langford F. Kengle, Captain Charles F. Meyer. . . y nd he ai i OFFICERS: Captain D. S. Evans, USN, Professor of Naval Science; LTCOL J. G. Brady, USMC; LCDR R. W. Geer, SC, USN; LCDR H. R. Swanson, USNR; LCDR R. J. Sammons, USN; LT C. R. Largess, Jr., USN; LTJG G. L. Smith, USNR. K. E. Bellor, MC, USN; R. W. McElroy, YNC, USN; R. G. Jordan, FCC, USN; E. J. Phenix, MSGT, USMC; W. Baker, ETC, USN. M. B. Russell, GMC, USN; G. H. Warner, DKC, USN. T ' . ' Captain Donald S. Evans, Professor of Naval Science The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University in 1941 for the purpose of providing a source from w hich qualified officers could be obtained for the Navy and Marine Corps. This ob- jective is accomplished by a four year course of instruc- tion in Naval Science v rhich becomes an integral part of the college curriculum for those students enrolled in the NROTC program. The Naval Science curriculum covers fundamental, professional, and technical naval subjects. In addition to the three hours of classroom recitation required per week, all NROTC students at- tend a two hour laboratory period each week. The corps is composed of two types of NROTC students, regular and contract. The regular students re- ceive tuition, books, and fees at government expense. and in addition, receive $600 per year as retainer pay. Members of this division are chosen each year as a result of a nation-wide competitive examination. These stu- dents, during their college career, are required to make three summer cruises of approximately eight weeks duration. Upon graduation, the regular students spend two years on active duty in the regular Navy as com- missioned officers. The contract students are chosen locally each year by the Professor of Naval Science. Their college expenses are not paid by the govern- ment. They pursue the same Naval Science studies as do the regular students, but are required to take only one cruise of three weeks duration. Upon graduation they are commissioned as officers in the U.S. Naval Reserve and do not serve any active duty. BacJt tovt, Mt to right: M. B. Russell, GMC, USN; G. H. Warner, DKC. USN. Third row: K. E. Bellor, MC, USN: R. W. McElroy, YNC. USN; R. G. Jordan, FCC, USN; E. J. Phenix. MSGT, USMC; W. Baker, ETC, USN. Second row: LTCOL J. G. Brady, USMC: LCDR R. W. Geer, SC USN; LCDR H. R. Swanson. USNR; LCDR R. J. Sammons, USN; LT C. R. Largess, Jr., USN; LTJG G. L. Smith, USNR. Front: Captain D. S. Evans, USN, Professor of Naval Science. 31 .AS ye, L ommid ion Bud Davis — ASUC President The 1950-51 activities of the commission were many and varied. One of them was the establishment of the Jim Fielder Cancer Research Fund. Jim was to have been one of the commis- sioners this year, but died of cancer during the summer of 1950. A Dad ' s Day celebration, the first of many, was started this year. Fathers of the University students were guests of the Uni- versity for the day, Nov. 18. They sat in 50 yard line seats for the Oregon-CU game and were honored guests at various receptions held after the game. Movies of all the football games were shown to students during the season to provide money for the annual football players banquet. The Buff Council was established to promote better public relations with the high schools in the nation so that the University will be able to contact more students, particularly athletes. Among other worthwhile projects the ASUC Commission installed a Student Performance Board to aid in the promotion of all-school shows and started a Freshman Representative Program so that the freshman will have a part in the functions of the Uni- versity from now on. Next year the Big Seven schools will all send representatives from their student governments to Boulder where a general meeting will be presided over by Joe Lacy. A student advisory committee has been set up for new stu- dents during New Student Week. This will provide the freshmen and transfers with a complete outlook on what they may expect to gain from the University and what they are expected to put into it during their stay here. 32 Front row, left to right: Dan Hoffman. Art Taylor, N ancy McMartin. Bud Davis, Jan Koopman, Joe Lacy, Jay Lutz. Second row: Dick Heath, Rex Sheppard, John Shattuck, Larry DeMuth, George Christiansen, Joanne Clark. OFFICERS Bud Davis President George Christiansen Vice President Jan Koopman Secretary COMMISSIONERS Joanne Clark Academic Affairs Rex Sheppard Athletics Ray Jump Dance Art Taylor Entertainment and Culture Jay Lutz Finance Dan Hoffman Men ' s Welfare Dick Heath Publications John Shattuck Public Relations Joe Lacy Spirit and Morale Larry DeMuth Student Organization and Social Life Vern Chapman Student Memorial Nancy McMartin Women ' s Welfare George Christiansen, Jan Koopman, Vice President and Recording Secretary of A.S.U.C. The Associated Students of the University of Colo- rado is the governing body of the University students. The officers of the association, which include the twelve commissioners and the president, are elected each spring for a one year term. In addition to the elected commis- sioners there are many ex-officio members who repre- sent various campus student organizations, and the Secretary, and the Student Union Commissioner. A meeting of the A.S.U.C. Commissioners 33 AW.S. Officers and Chairmen Officers: Polly Peterson President Beverly Holiman Vice-President Evelyn Packard Secretary Jane Valentine Treasurer Chairmen: Nancy McMartin Activities Ann Argall Loan Fund and Vaudeville Susan Guild Orientation Anne Morrison Social Mary Heck Vocations Ann Melville Independent Women ' s Representative Presidents of Women ' s Organizations: Molly Potochnik University Women ' s Club Carolyn Howe YWCA Patty Murphy Spur Lee Steckel Panhellenic Mary Lou Aufderheide WAA Ruth Brown Freshman Residence Halls Council (Wilma Sweat, Senate representative) Mary Armentrout Upper Class Residence Halls Council (Elouise Chapin, Senate representative) Faculty Advisors: Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Mrs. Clifford Westermeier Polly Peterson Senate Senate is the executive body of the Associated Women Students of the University of Colorado. The membership is composed of elected officers and committee chairmen, and of the presidents of major women ' s organizations on campus. The work of the Senate is carried on mainly through various com- mittees, whose members are approved by the Senate body. AWS ' s year began with " activity night " , sponsored during New Student Week to acquaint the freshmen and new students with activities on campus. Fall quarter also found AWS awarding scholarships at the Christmas party and giving a tea for the housemothers. The work of the orientations committee was conspicuous throughout the year, sponsoring parties for new women students, the big and little sisters ' program, and the choosing of dorm counselors. Winter quarter featured the AWS Revue, an all women ' s show, and the vocations conference, in conjunction with ASUC. The year was finished in fine style with the presentation of " Miss CU " and her court at the installation on newly elected officers. So finishes another year in AWS history, and Senate is proud of her accomplishments. Back row, left to right: Anne Morrison, Shirley Paidar, Patty Murphy. Molly Potochnik, Sue Guild. Wilma Sweat, Ann Melville. Second row: Ann 34 Argall, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Mary Heck, Lee Steckel, Eloise Chapin, Carolyn Howe. Front row: Jane Valentine, Janet Douglas, Polly Peterson, Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Bev Holiman, Tracy Westermeier, Evelyn Packard. Not in picture: Miss Jean Fackler, Nancy McMartin. , . W.S.J4, ou6e of i ' epreSen ta tiueS OFFICERS Beverly Holiman Speaker Jan Koopman Housing Chairman Shirley Paidar Publicity Chairman Mrs. Grace Able, Miss Judy Couch Sponsors Ann Melville Independent Women ' s Representative Nancy McMartin ASUC Women ' s Welfare Commissioner District Representatives : District one — Joy Martin, Billie Nelson District two — Nan Anderson, Joan Summerton District three — Joan Doyle, Dorothy Moss District four — Martha Magill, Jan Koopman District five — Frances Schuller, Marilyn Burket District six — Harriet Levy, Rosalie Marchiori District seven — Jean Wexler, Jan Hilton Patricia Gasser University Women ' s Club Representative Upper Class Women ' s Residence Hall Presidents Elouise Chapin, Joanne Clark, Carol Stevens, Peggy Sutherland Freshman Women ' s Residence Hall Student Directors Rita Baltes, Ruth Brown, Sue Guild, Anne Morrison, Mary Pankoff, Wilma Sweat Beverly Holiman House of Representatives The Associated Women ' s Students second legislative body is the House of Representatives. This organization works with Senate by holding joint meetings for the solu- tion of major problems. The independent and sorority students, from the seven apportioned residential districts of the University, elect in equa l numbers the members of this body. The remainder of the House membership is composed of the presidents of each of the upper class residence halls and student directors of the freshman dormitories. The House co-operates with Senate by holding joint meetings to enact and amend by-laws of the AWS Con- stitution. The main objective of the House is to improve housing conditions for all of the women students attending the University of Colorado. Back row, left to right: Peggy Sutherland, Elouise Chapin, Carol Stevens, Nan Anderson, Nancy McMartin. Anne Morrison. Third row: Billic Nelson, Marilyn Burket, Rita Baltes, Harriet Levy, Ann Melville, Jan Koopman, Pat Gasser, Ruth Brown. Second row: Shirley Paidar. Joan Summerton, Jan Hilton. Joan Doyle. Joy Martin, Frances Schuler, Joanne Clark. Front row: Martha Magill. Judy Couch, Edith Peters, Bev Holiman. 9e Mrs. Grace Able, Sue Guild. Mary Pankoff, Wilma Sweat. Not in picture: Dorothy Moss, Rosalie Marchiori, Jean Wexler. V oard of " Publications OFFICERS A. Gayle Waldrop Chairman Dick Heath ASUC Commissioner Harold Hawk, John M. Griest, and Eric Rackham. Faculty Members Lael DeMuth and Don Clauss Student Members A. Gayle Waldrop The Board of Publications is a representative group of both students and faculty composing the coordinating and guiding organization behind all University publica- tions. It has been the university policy to permit a maxi- mum of student freedom in editing the various campus publications; as a result the Board does not attempt to impose any censorship on the writing. Instead they act as a policy-former and advisory group. Each member of the board, which is composed of faculty directors and a like number of students, carries an equal vote in all matters of importance. They guide all changes in campus literature and pass approval on the overall material contained within each publication. The greatest responsibility of each successive council is the selection of the Editor and Business Manager for the major University publications. These include the SIL- VER AND GOLD, the student daily newspaper; the COLORADAN, yearbook; the FLATIRON, humor maga- zine; the COLORADO ENGINEER, the Engineering School magazine; and the ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAW REVIEW, the Law School publication. 36 Seated left to right around the table: Lael DeMuth, Eric Rackham, Harold Hawk, John M. Griest, A. Gayle Waldrop, Dick Heath, and Don Clauss. E. udinedd cnool ll5ourd = OFFICERS Ronald Fenton President Don Welton Vice-President Barbara Lane Secretary Bob Jones Treasurer JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Jack Cooley and Walt Spicer Dean Elmore Petersen Sponsor Ronald Fenton The Business School Board determines student pol- icies concernig those of the business school. The elected council is composed of Jack Cooley and Walt Spicer, juniors; and Ronald Fenton, president; Don Weldon, vice- president; Barbara Lane, secretary; and Bob Jones, treas- urer; seniors. This Council works closely with the busi- ness faculty and the schools of Law and Pharmacy to pro- mote better interrelations and more common interests among their many students. The board meets regularly to discuss matters of current importance. Many convocations of interest to business students have been presented on the advice of this board. This organization also sponsors an annual activity each quarter of the academic season. " Fall Frolic, " a dance, begins the year, then the winter festival and spring ban- quet help to terminate a plenteous year. It is this spring entertainment where the much desired awards are pre- sented. These awards include an outstanding alumnus, an outstanding Boulder business man, and an outstanding boy and girl in the business school. Seated from left to right around the table: Jack Cooley, Walt Spicer, Don Wcldon. Dean Petersen, Ronald Fenton, Barbara Lane, Bob Jones. 37 i ombined O naineerd All students enrolled in the College of Engineering are members of Combined Engineers. Its student executive council is composed of four outstanding seniors elected each spring by popular vote of students. Nominees on the spring ballot are eight juniors chosen by a student and faculty nominating com- mittee consisting of one representative from each engineering school organization and a faculty representative from each department. Members of the executive council for 1950-51 are Edward L. Amonette, President, and John R. Sheppard, Tom Bailey, Russ Rickman. Professor L. A. Bingham of the elec- trical department is the faculty Advisor. Combined Engineers is the principal student governing body for the College of Engineering. Its purpose is to co- ordinate and supervise activities of student engineers under the guidance of the executive council, and to sponsor functions dedicated to the special interests of engineers. Through its activities the Combine helps to acquaint engineers, especially low er classmen, with their school and the various departments. Principal activity of the Fall Quarter is the Apple Fest. The Apple Fest was held on October 27 and was a huge success. The outstanding event, in the way of social life, was the annual Engineer ' s Ball held during the winter quarter on Feb- ruary 17. Highlights of the occasion were the crowning of the Queen and the presentation of the " Chief Oiler. " This was the sixteenth annual ball. On Engineers ' Days, which were held in the Spring quarter, the College of Engineering held its annual open house for the general public, employers, high school seniors, and alumni. Guided tours complete with interesting demonstration, and a convocation helped acquaint those participating, with the oppor- tunities and contributions of the College. At the convocation special honors were awarded. Edward L. Amonette, President Left to right. Student Executive Council: John R. Sheppard. Tom Bailey, Russ Richman, Ed Amonette. 39 Joe Malesovich, president ndependen I 2p tuuent A . Sdociutlon The social and government organization for those not affiliated with Greek letter societies is the Independent Student ' s Association. Through numerous activities planned for the school year, the governing body, the ISA Council, strives to bring the members closer together and to serve them with a well balanced program of events. Starting off this year right was the ISA sponsored all-school mixer held on the first day of classes. This was followed by the Club First Nighter, on October 21 and 22, during which a freshman queen was chosen by those at- tending the affair to reign over the two dances and the Arizona Football Game. On every Monday night instruc- tion is given on social dancing, after which short movies are shown. Several other dances are also in the agenda. Every Sunday afternoon mixed swimming is held in the women ' s pool. The Association pays all the expenses of keeping the pool open and for keeping life guards on duty. Also on the program was the ISA book exchange held at the beginning of each quarter. This turned out be a huge success. Several new functions have been added to the list this year. The first being a test file system, this will enable members to get tests to help them prepare for tests. The next is a disc jockey program heard every Monday night over KBOL. One activity that is held during the summer quarter is a dance held every Friday night. The clubs affiliated with the ISA sponsor their own cultural, social, and athletic programs, and, with the help and cooperation of all the University ' s independent stu- dents, the ISA will have a more complete program in the future. 40 Back TOW, left to right: Nancy Lee Tesch. Joe Malesovich. Bob Lawson. Second row: Robert Lamar, Doris Bankson, Marilyn Reynolds, Dave Charvonia, Stan Ulrich. and Shirley Mae Lee. Front row: Nancy Lee Hardin, Mary Reiglc, Betty Mountford, John Masterson, John Kissack, Joe Doubek, and Toni Fowler. ddociu leu Mli umni OFFICERS: Charles J. Beise, ' 31 President Mrs. Virginia Blue, ' 31 Vice-President Mrs. Margaret Warren, ' 44 Secretary OFFICE STAFF: Kenneth Penfold, ' 37 Director of Alumni Relations Walter B. Lovelace, ' 40 Editor of the COLORADO ALUMNUS Mrs. Ellen Hill Administrative Secretary The alumni are an important part of every university. A university becomes truly strong when its alumni take an active part in its progress and, through a feeling of pride and devotion, come forward with their assistance. The purpose of the Associated Alumtii of the University of Colorado is to furnish services, aid, and assistance to alumni, students, faculty, and regents. Other purposes of the organization are to create and maintain a spirit of fellowship and to promote the welfare and interest of all those associated with the University of Colorado. The duties of Mr. Kenneth Penfold, Director of the Alumni Association, include the supervision and effectuation of these purposes, the promotion and organization of alumni clubs, and keeping alive all interest in the Alumni Association. First among the function of the Alumni Office is that of record maintenance. Records of the University alumni necessitate three basic files; the master file, the geographical file, and the membership file. Included in the master file are individual cards for every person who has received a degree from the University. In addition to these cards, which number more than 25,000, records are kept for approximately 5,000 persons who did not graduate but who did attend and have shown an interest in the school. Secondly, the geographical file lists the city, county, and state of each alumnus whose address is known. Finally, the membership file contains a record of the present members, who pay Association dues. Presentation of three publications is another important function of the Office. THE COLORADO ALUMNUS, a magazine which is published eight times a year and is sent to all members of the Association, contains such items as news of particular classes which have graduated, information regarding various phases of University activities, and news about the alumni themselves. Four times each year THE UNI- VERSITY OF COLORADO REPORTER is sent to all alumni. The letter contains additional news of activities and often features articles on some school within the University. This publication is sent also to the parents of students currently enrolled in the University. Finally, during fall months, members receive the Association ' s third publication, THE FOOTBALL BULLETIN. This year the Board of Directors voted to send the COLORADO REPORTER to men in service. In addition, the office performs a great service to the University and the state of Colorado through its practice of lending films and other forms of information about CU to various organizations throughout the state and country. Kenneth Penfold, ' 37, Director of Alumni Relations Walter B. Lovelace, ' 40, Editor of the COLORADO ALUMNUS Seated left to right around the table: Walter B. Lovelace, ' 40, Editor of the COLORADO ALUMNUS; L. B. Flanders, ' 40: Mrs. Margaret Warren, Secretary; William B. Kelly. ' 07: Hatfield Chilson, ' 27: Charles J. Beise. ' 32, President; Kenneth Penfold, ' 37, Director of Alumni Relations; Mrs. Ellen Hill, Administrative Secretary; Mrs. Virginia Blue. ' 31. Vice-President; Mrs. Anne Long, ' 33; Mrs. Ethna Mae Burgess. ' 28; Wilbur Rocchio, ' 44; T. Ellsworth Stepp, ' 36. Two Board members not shown in the picture are: William C. Lam, ' 36; Charles C. Corlett, ' 32. 41 I ' ?!« 1886-1896 The decade from 1886 to 1896 was one marked with much improvement of the school facilities. It was during this time that Woodbury Hall and the central portion of Hale Science Building were completed. In 1889 the first football team took the field. During this time the law school and engineering school were established. The following quotes can best describe the situation: " In those days (before 1880) the Old Main Building was the president ' s house, the student ' s dormitory, the lecture hall, the library, the chapel. On the campus were pastures, pig pens, chicken coops, and a slab stable. A barn, a horse shed, and other outhouses occupied the present quadrangle. " It was during this period that the law school was established, run by the president ' s secretary, who was a law school graduate, and by unpaid lecturers from Denver. The engineering school was started and President Baker had this to say, " The College of Engineering began with a drawing board, one student, and a third of a professor. " The tuition was free, and room and board for the year was about $165. The school had about sixty to seventy students. CLASSES The freshmen come from large high schools or from graduating classes of thirty. " A " students, athletes, and girls with brand new wardrobes are equal in their bewilder- ment at placement tests, green beanies, and " Which way is Arts " ? But it ' s not long until they ' re sophomores, and they know all about Spur and two-hour finals. Then they ' re juniors, with fourteen hours in the major field. Seniors at last! The lost football game as an undergraduate. Winding up three years of acfivities with a nomination for Pace-setter. Finally, a hot June morning, the dignity of a college graduate in the black robe and mortarboard, and the diploma written in Latin. JULIE ST. CLAIR, Editor ivlortar dSoarcl Senior l Uomen A ..J ' i onorart ¥ OFFICERS Dorothy Kern President Julia St. Clair Vice-president Mary Ann Bousman Secretary Jeanne Humphries Treasurer Mortar Board, the national senior women ' s honorary society, was established on the University of Colorado campus in 1924. Since that time, the organization has been carrying on its program with three main objects in mind: service, scholarship, and leadership. The largest project conducted annually by Mortar Board is the Homecoming Mum Sale, the profits of which are used for scholarships for women students. Some 3,400 mums were sold for the 1950 Homecoming festivities. Planning the Sunrise Dance during CU Days, spon- soring the Junior Tea in the spring, and participating in United Nations Week are other main events in which Mortar Board plays a major part. Tapping new members at the CU Days song fest completes the Mortar Board activities each year. Back row, left to right: Nancy McMartin. Elizabeth Allen, Carolyn Howe, Ann Melville, Evelyn Jacobson. Second row: Jeanne Humphries, 44 Mary Lou Hawkins, Polly Peterson, Joanne Clark, Ann Argall. Pat Dudley, Pat Hatcher. Front row: Molly Potochnik, Mary Ann Bousman, IJorothy Kern, Julia St. Clair, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Shirley Spence, Betty Leslie. y i I d cJ ci earl an Senior ff en d -.J c 99 er onorari 9 OFFICERS Stan Black President Dave Charvonia Vice-president William Davis Secretary-Treasurer Don Enright Tom Hutchinson Dick Bernick MEMBERS Rex Sheppard James Fielder Dave Charvonia Dick Heath William Davis Stan Black John Shattuck Bill Eaton Chuck Reich Heart and Dagger came to the University in 1900. The high standards they have always maintained have made them one of the most highly thought of campus organizations. In their ceremony last spring Heart and Dagger tapped as members ten senior men. In previous years they have taken as few members as three. The ten members this year make the largest group in their his- tory. Only those senior men who have achieved highly in the fields of scholarship and leadership are selected. No consideration is given to fraternity affiliation. These men are chosen solely on their college accomplishments. Back row, left to right: R. Sheppard, J. Shattuck, S. Charvonia, D. Heath, B. Eaton. Black, D. Bernick. Front row: W. Davis, D. 45 l _ . Seniors 51 Flrit Row ACSELL, Raymond — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. ACHTENHAGEN, Stephen Huntley— En- gineering and Business; San Marino, Cali- fornia. Acacia Fraternity: American Society of Mechani- cal Engineers: CU Days Committees: ASUC Fin- ance Commission: Campus Chest Business Commit- tee: Dormitory President: Social Chairman: and Athletic Manager: Homecoming Committees: Men ' s Residence Halls Council: President: Pi Mu Ep- silon: Pi Tau Sigma: President and Vice President, Sigma Tau: Ski Club, ADAMO, Charles — Engineering; Lynd- hurst. New Jersey. ADAMS, Charles L. — Pharmacy; Denver, Colorado. Junior American Pharm. Association. ADAMS, Raymond Kenneth — Engineer- ing; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Physics: Institute of Radio Engineers: Inter - Varsity Christian Fellowship: Physics Club: Pi Mu Epsilon. President. Sigma Pi Sigma: Sigma Tau: Wesley Foundation. AILINGER, Wanda Louise — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Independent Students Association: Songfest: Valkyrie, Secretary and Social Chairman: Intramurals: Future Teacher ' s Association. AKEY, Donald — Engineering; Wray, Colo- rado. Eta Kappa Nu: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi. ALBERTSON, Robert D.—Arts and Sci- ences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Acacia Fraternity: Spanish Club: Ski Club. Second Row ALEXANDER, Clifton h.—Arts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. Marching and Concert Band : Pep Club: Varsity Nights Show Band; Bridge Club. ALLEN, Elizabeth L. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Academic Affairs: Election and Women ' s Welfare Commissions: AWS Orientations; Acti- vites; Housing Committees; Coalition Party, Sec- retary; Honors Union, Vice-President; Mortar Board: Phi Alpha Theta ; Pi Lambda Theta, Sec- retary; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; WAA. ALLEN, Norman Thomson — Engineering, Denver, Colorado. Homecoming Dance Committee: CU Days Decora- tions Committee: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Society of Automotive Engineers: Sig- ma Nu Fraternity. ALLEN, Sam — Business, Pueblo, Colorado. ISA Council: Reeves; Southern Colorado Club. President: Dorm, President. ALLEN, Wayne- Ion, Colorado. Intramurals; Ski Club; Men ' s Physical Education Club; Winter Carnival Race Committee. ALEXANDER, T h o m a s— Engineering ; Melrose, Illinois. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Church Choir: CU Days: Dorm Upperclass Advisor; Illi- nois Buff Club: Inter-Collegiate Bowling; Intra- murals: ISA: Newman Club: 23 Club. AL-JABERI, Abdul Aziz — Engineering, Bagdad, Iraq. ALLOTT, Leonard S. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. University Band; Canterbury Club; Young Re- publicans. Third Row ALLISON, Dorlee — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Homecoming Carnival Committee; Lab Theater: Orchesis; Pep Club; WAA Board: Artist Series Usher. ALMQUIST, LoRee— Irfs and Sciences; Great Bend, Kansas. AMBERG, Leol S.— Business, Gross e Pointe, Michigan. Beta Sigma; Pi Beta Phi Sorority. AMONETTE, Edward L.— Engineering; Elko, Nevada. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Colo- rado Engineer; Combined Engineers, President; Eta Kappa Nu; Ski Club; Tau Beta Pi. Four Row ANDERSON, Elmer C— Engineering; Chicago, Illinois. Sigma Nu Fraternity: American Society of Me- chanical Engineers; FAC : Phi Epsilon Phi; Society of Automotive Engineers. -Arts and Sciences; Dil- ANDERSON, Irving O.— Business and En- gineering; Chicago, Illinois American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ANDERSON, Richard L.—Arts and Sci- ences: Huntington Park, California. ANDREWS, Geralk U— Business, Oak- wood, Illinois. Varsity Basketball: Dodo Distribution: ROTC; Sil- ver and Gold Distribution; CU Days and Home- coming Committees. ANDREWS, John W.— Pharmacy ; Eve- leth, Minnesota. Jr. A Ph A: Hocky Club, President; Newman Club. ANTANI, Ambarish H. — Engineering; Kutch, India. American Society of Civil Engineers: Ccsomo- politan Club, ANTISTA, Bart Anthony — Engineering; Trinidad, Colorado. Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Radio Engineers; New- man Club; Tau Beta Pi. APODACA, Ronald R. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Viking Club, ANN ARGALL Well known on the campus for her work in the Little Theater, Ann has not confined her talents to the drama alone. She has shown distinct qualities of leadership in the AWS Senate and has won the honor of being chosen as a member of Mortar Board. Her other activities include ASUC, Women ' s Welfare Committee, and assistant director of the Buff Show, FIHIi Row APPLETON, David T. — Engineering; Santa Fe, New Mexico. ARCHER, Alice— Graduate; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ARCHER, Fred Curtis — Engineering, Mil- waukee, Wisconsin. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ARGALL, Ann Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. AWS Housing Committee; Loan Fund Chairman; Revue Chairman: Senate: CU Days and Homecom- ing Committees; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority; Mortar Board; Pacesetter: Pep Club; Player ' s Club; Student Performance Board; University Memorial Center Board; WAA; Women ' s Wel- fare Committee; YWCA. ARONSON, Haskeh— Engineering; El Paso, Texas. Zeta Beta Tau; American Society of Civil En- gineers. ASHFORD, Mary Kay — Arts and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority; AWS Vaudeville; Newman Club; Ski Club. ASHTON, Bill— Arts and Sciences; Ar- vada, Colorado. Viking Club; Baseball; University Orchestra; Varsity Band. AUFDERHEIDE, Mary hou— Arts and Sciences; Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority; AWS Senate; Vaude- ville, and Activities Committees; WAA Board. President: Homecoming and CU Days Committees; Assistant Chairman of CU Days; Pacesetter: Mortar Board. SMh Row BAARS, Ralph E. — Engineering; Boise, Idaho. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Association of Chemical Engineers. BABOVICH, Mildred— Irts and Sciences; Leadville, Colorado. Newman Club: Ski Club, BACON, Beatrice Lucile — Nursing; White City, Kansas. Cosmopolitan Club; Nurse Majors Association: Wesley Foundation, BACON, Herbert L. — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Homecoming Business Committee: CU Days Busi- ness Committee; Ski Club; Pep Club, BACON, Milton E. — Arts and Sciences; Balboa, California. Coloradan; Dodo: Window; Players Club; Lab Theater; Camera Club; Buff Ski Club; Buff Pep Club; Canterbury Club: California Club. BAILEY, Thomas E. — Engineering, Den- ver, Colorado. Combined Engineers: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety: Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi. BAIN, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Alpha Phi Sorority: Home Economics Club; Pep Club. BAKER, Curtis H. — Engineering; Safford, Alabama. American Society of Civil Engineers: Wesley Foundation. Seventh Row BAKER, Joan — Arts and Sciences; San Francisco, California. Campus Chest; ISA; Phi Sigma; Ski Club. BALLINGER, Dale O.— Engineering ; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, BANKS, Chester Clark — Business; Quincy, Massachusetts. Men ' s Weiiare Committee; Chairman Safety Com- mittee; Councilman Vetsville, Mayor; President, Society of Stray Greeks, BARKER, Paul Hamilton Jr.— Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Pi Kappa Alpha, BARNARD, Robert N.— Engineering, Cas- per, Wyoming. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu: Sigma Tau, BARNHIZER, Dorothy h.—Arts and Sci- ences; Gary, Indiana. Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary, Geography Club; University Women ' s Club; Buff Ski Club. BARNUM, Marjorie Mae — Arts and Sci- ences; Miles City, Montana. University Women ' s Club; Home Economics Club; Social Chairman. Northwest Hall: Buff Ski Club. BARNUM, Mary Alice — Arts and Sci- ences; Miles City, Montana. Buff Ski Club; Dormitory Executive Council: Home Economics Club; University Women ' s Club. Eighth Row BARRY, Virginia Ann — Arts and Sciences; Norfolk, Nebraska. Alpha Phi, BASHFORD, Bruce Edward— £;ngyneer- ing and Business; Wray, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Band; CU Days Show; Intramurals: Kappa Kappa Phi; Varsity Nights Show, BASSETT, Joan — Arts and Sciences; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Physical Education Club; University Women ' s Club, BEALS, Eddie R.— Music; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Coloradan; Colorado Bands- man; CU Days; Pep Club; Historian. Phi Mu Alpha; Intr amurals; University Band; University Orchestra: Varsity Nights ' Show. BEARDEN, John H.— Business; Trinidad, Colorado. Coloradan; Colorado U. Days; Delta Tau Delta; Pep Club. BEAUSANG, Bernard O.— Business; Den- ver, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi ; Newman Club, BEAUVOIS, Lester L. — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma: Homecoming Decorations. BECKER, Marian Eliason — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. CU Days Committee: Delta Delta Delta; Future Teachers of America ; Homecoming Committee, 47 48 First Row BEEDE, Wayne E.— Business; Loma, Colorado. BEEHLER, Betty— i4rfs and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. ' Alpha Delta Pi; Buff Ski Club; Equestrian Club; I Chairman, Homecoming Committee; CU Days j Committee: Winter Carnival Committee. BEKINS, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Sioux City, Iowa. Kappa Kappa Gamma. BELL, Margaret Joan — Arts and Sciences; Bethesda, Maryland. ; BENDER, Ray W.—Arts and Sciences; ! Johnstown, Colorado. j Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau ; i Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. BENNETT, Bette Jeane— Arts and Sci- [ cences; Denver, Colorado. I Buff Pep Club; Fencing Club; Song Fest, CU I Days; President, Valkyrie. ! BENNETT, Orville ti.— Engineering; Ar- I vada, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; American Institute of Electrical I Engineers. BENWAY, Edgar h.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Second Row BENZEL, Herb — Business; Berwyn, Illi- nois. Kappa Sigma. BERGE, Bonnie Anita — Arts and Sciences; • Wagner, South Dakota. I Buff Pep Club; Kappa Phi; Stardusters; Buff Ski Club; Tau Delta. BERGENDOFF, Raymond C— Engineer- ing; Kansas City, Missouri. American Society of Civil Engineers; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Campus Chest; Buff Pep Club; Colorado Engineer; Crusade for Freedom General Committee; Phi Kappa Psi; United Nations Week Committee. BERGER, Hugh E.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. C Club; Theta Xi; Swimming Team. BERGER, Jerry Jack Jr.— Business; Chey- enne, Wyoming. ASUC Men ' s Welfare Commission; Business School Board of Directors; Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor; 1 Dodo Staff; Homecoming, General Chairman; Pep Club: Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator of I Purchase Cards, NSA; Phi Kappa Tau; Silver and I Gold, Editorial Advisory Board; Buff Ski Club; Sumalia ; Window Circulation Manager: Winter Carnival, Business Manager. BERGGREN, Viola— Business; Chicago, , Illinois. ; Campus Chest; Club First Nighter, General Secre- 1 tary; Homecoming Committee: Pi Beta Phi. BERGMAN, John E.—Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. BERRY, James L. — Business; Denver, Colorado. C Club: CU Days Committee; Campus Chest; Buff Ski Club: Foreign Relief Drive; Phi Kappa Tau; Swimming Team. TUrd Row BERRY, Verne P. — Arts and Sciences; Paonia, Colorado. Buff Ski Club. , BETTHAUSER, Joseph U— Engineering and Business; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Colo- radan: Buff Pep Club; Colorado Engineer; CU Days; Dodo; National Intercollegiate Bowling As- sociation; Newman Club; Phi Kappa Tau. BEVER, Lloyd James — Arts and Sciences; Loveland, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta, President; Honors Union; Intramural Football and Wrestling. BINGHAM, Richard h.—Arts and Sci- ences: Boulder, Colorado. Acacia. Fourth Row BLACK, Stan A. — i4rts and Sciences; Loveland, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Buff Ski Club; C Club, Secretary- Treasurer; Heart and Dagger, President: Student Opera: Sumalia: University Choir; University Modern Choir: Varsity Track; Varsity Swimming, Captain; Phi Delta Theta. BLAUFARB, Gerard— i4rts and Sciences; New York City, New York. Alpha Chi Sigma; Hocky Club. Business Manager. BLOESER, Patricia Ann— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. BOLINGER, Elizabeth— I r t s and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary: Dodo Staff; Dorm Officer; Silver and Gold; Buff Ski Club. BOLLN, John J. — Engineering; Douglas, Wyoming. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Presi- dent. BOLYARD, Stephen C— Business; Okla- homa City, Oklahoma. Homecoming Committee; Sigma Chi. BOND, John A r t h u r— PAari37acy; Del Norte, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; American Pharmaceutical As- sociation: Buff Pep Club. BOSLEY, Richard T .— Engineering; Call- away, Nebraska. American Society of Civil Engineers: Phi Kappa Tau. JERRY BERGER As general chairman of this year ' s Homecoming fes- tivities, Jerry has become one of the senior leaders. Besides his Homecoming work, he was also income manager of the Winter Carnival. A senior in Business school, he has been a member of the Board of Direc- tors, Sumalia, and circulation manager of the Win- dow. Ptfth Row BOUSMAN, Mary Ann—Arts and Sci- ences; Mountain View, California. AWS Activities Committee ; Buff Show ; CU Days Committee; Coloradan; Dodo Sales Staff; Intramurals ; Homecoming, General Secretary ; Honors Union; Dorm Officer; Little Theater Com- mittee; Mortar Board, Secretary; Buff Pep Club; Winter Carnival; University Women ' s Club; YW CA. BOWIE, Katherine — Arts and Sciences; Bowie, Colorado. Dorm Officer; Intramurals, Player ' s Club ; Future Teachers of America; University Women ' s Club. BOWMAN, Bernadetta — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Kappa Gamma. BOWMAN, Herbert F.—Arts and Sci- ences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Acacia. BOWMAN, Ralph R.— Pharmacy; Steam- boat Springs, Colorado. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; Rho Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRADLEY, Gene M. — Arts and Sciences; Mesa, Arizona. BRADY, Suzanne — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Alpha Theta; Orchesis; Panhellenic Board; Buff Pep Club; Physical Education Club; WAA ; YMCA. BRAGG, Edgar A. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Sixth Row BRAKHAGE, Jacqueline Catherine — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi; CU Days Committees: Home- coming Committee: Newman Club; Silver and Gold; Religion in Life Week, Assembly; Univer- sity Women ' s Club: Winter Carnival Committees. BRAKKE, Leonard L. — i4rfs and Sciences; Billings, Montana. BRANDNER, Joan H.— !rts and Sciences; Gillette, Wyoming. Alpha Delta Theta; University Band; Dorm Coun- selor: Pep Club: WAA; University Women ' s Club. BRENNAN, Jim — i4rts and Sciences; Butte, Nebraska. Advertising Manager for Dodo, Magazine " X " , Flatiron: Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; C Club; CU Days Committee: Homecoming Committee; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; University Band; Varsity Track. Cross Country. BONDUS, Kay — i4rfs and Sciences; Chi- cago, Illinois. Kappa Alpha Theta; Purpoise, President; Intra- murals; skiing: Coloradan, Business Staff; WAA Board; YWCA. BOSIN, Ed — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Coloradan: CU Days; Delta Sig- ma Pi, President; Homecoming, Expense Manager; National Students Association. BRISTOW, Alice — Arts and Sciences; Paris, Illinois. International Relations Club, President. BROKAW, William K.—Arts and Sciences; Whittier, California. Seventh Row BROOKS, Barbara Ann — Arts and Sci- ences; Fairmont, Minnesota. Alpha Phi; Dodo; Homecoming Committee; Buff Pep Club; Silver and Gold; WAA; Winter Carnival. BROWN, Alta Mae — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Beta Sigma. BROWN, Bruce R.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Athletic Board; C Club, Secretary-Treasurer, President; CU Days ' Men ' s Athletic Committee; Homecoming, Men ' s Athletic Committee; Men ' s Physical Education Association; Kappa Sigma; Sumalia; Varsity Track. BROWN, Frank F. — Arts and Sciences; Breckenridge, Colorado. Lambda Chi Alpha, Editor of Paper; International Relations Club, Publicity Chairman; Intramurals; Silver and Gold; Speakers ' Congress, United World Federalists : World Government Week Chairman. BROWN, Gene C. — Business; Idaho Springs, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi. BROWN, Joseph B. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Vikings. BROWN, Mary Jo — Arts and Sciences; Longmont, Colorado. Alpha Phi; Buff Pep Club. BROWN, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Phi Chi Delta; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. Efgfifh Row BROWN, Patricia May — Arts and Sci- ences; Long Beach, California. Buff Pep Club: California Club; Future Teachers Association; Buff Ski Club: University Women ' s Club: Women ' s Athletic Association; Silver and Gold. BROWN, Robert C. — Arts and Sciences; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN, Ronald M. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Wesley Foundation; Religion in Life Week Com- mittee. BROWN, Wallace H. — Arts and Sciences; W. Collingswood, New Jersey. Alpha Chi Sigma. BRUMMITT, Charles D. — Arts and Sci- ences; Centerville, Iowa. Beta Theta Pi; CU Days Committee; Coloradan Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor; Homecoming Com- mittee; Buff Show; Greek Combine; Phi Epsilon Phi. BRUNELLI, Carol Jane — Arts and Sci- ences; Walsenburg, Colorado. BRUNK, Shirley — Arts and Sciences; Cas- per, Wyoming. BRUSKI, Chester F. — Engineering; Beach, North Dakota. American Society of Civil Engineers. 49 50 first Row BRYNESTAD, John S— Irts and Sci- ences: Billings, Montana. Football. Freshman and Varsity: Phi Delta Theta. BUCHANAN, James Weddle— i4rfs and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. BUETTNER, Ruth— i4rts and Sciences; Boise, Idaho. AWS Activities Committee; Buff Ski Club; Fu- ture Teachers of America; Intramurals; Winter Carnival Committee; Women ' s Physical Education Club. BURGENER, Wilma K.—Arts and Sci- ences; Salida, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Phi Alpha Theta. BURGESON, Ernest K.— Pharmacy; Fair- play, Colorado. American Pharmaceutical Association. BURKE, Edward R. — Business; Fullerton, California. C Club; Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Track. BURNS, Robert W., Jr.— 4rts and Sci- ences; Atlanta, Georgia. Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Tau Omega; Student Alumni Association. BURRELL, Robert h.— Engineering; Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. American Society of Civil Engineers; Architec- tural Forum. Second Row BURROW, Ray— Pharmacy ; Keyes, Okla- homa. BURRUSS, Edward C— Business; Denver, Colorado. Acacia; Homecoming, Alumni Welcoming Com- mittee, Assistant Expense Manager; Phi Epsilon Phi; Student Union Committee; University Band; Winter Carnival, Dance Committee. BYRD, Thomas G., Jr.— Engineering, El- dorado, Arkansas. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; IRE; Radio Club; CU Motorcycle Club. CALKUM, Foley J. — Arts and Sciences; Fort Collins, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta: Newman Club. CALL, William E. — Business; La Junta, Colorado. CALLAHAN, Peggy— Arts and Sciences; Louisville, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Calico and Boots; Fes- tival Chorus: YWCA. CLA MER, Shirley U.— Music; Minatare, Nebraska. CAMPBELL, Anne King— Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Leadership Workshop; Future Teachers Associa- tion; Senior Week Committee; Ski Club; Dorm Social Chairman; Dorm Student Director. Third Row CAMPBELL Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Sterling, Colorado. Kappa Alpha Theta; Orchesis; Pep Club. CANNATELLA, Carlo— PAarnjacy; Mel- ville, Louisiana. CANTRELL, Donald B.—Pharmacy; Ulysses, Kansas. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; Rho Chi. CARLIN, Paige — See page 67 CARLSON, Joy — i4r(s and Sciences; Wheaton, Illinois. Kappa Delta Sorority; Club First Nighter, Assis- tant General Chairman; Coloradan; CU Days and Homecoming Committees: Dodo: Pep Club; Ski Club: Silver and Gold; Spanish Club; University Choir: WAA. o(ir (i Row CARLSON, Phyllis Ann— Arts and Sci- ences; Johnstown, Colorado. Pep Club: YWCA; Dorm Social Co-ordinator. CARLSON, Robert Ernest — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity; Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers; C Club; Chi Epsilon, Vice-President; Pep Club; University Ski Team. CARPENTER, Dean E.— Engineering; Greeley, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; BA RC; CU Days Carnival; Intramurals; IRE : Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Stage Electrician for: AWS Vaude- ville: CU Days: Homecoming; Winter Carnival; Varsity Wrestling Manager. CARROLL, Patricia — .4rts and Sciences; Schenectady, New York. AWS Vaudeville; Homecoming Committee; Kap- pa Alpha Theta; YWCA. CARTER. Ralph M.—Arts and Sciences; Sharon Springs, Kansas. Acacia. Treasurer; Coloradan; Dodo; Future Teachers of America; Silver and Gold; University Band; University Memorial Center Board; Festival Chorus; Homecoming Publicity Committee. CARTWRIGHT, Billie— Irts and Sci- ences; Sacramento, California. CASEY, Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Du- rango, Colorado. Canterbury Club; Theta Lambda; Home Economics Club. CEDRONE, Gerard Thomas — Engineering ; North Arlington, New Jersey. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; ISA; Intramurals, Football and Basketball. Fifth Row CERISE, Sam E. — Engineering; Snow- mass, Colorado. CERVENY, Carl A.— Business; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Chi. DAVE CHARVONIA Another one of Colorado ' s active students is Dave Charvonia. who has been a past president of Tau Beta Pi, engineering honorary, and the Viking Club. Dave was chosen as a member of Heart and Dagger, Sumalia. and Sigma Tau. He was also chairman of the queen committee for the Engine Ball. CHANEY, Ben F. — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Society Automotive Engineers. CHAPIN, Elouise — Arts and Sciences; Wheat Ridge, Colorado. AWS, House of Representatives and Senate; Calico and Boots; Northeast, Hall President; Buff Pep Club: Valkyrie: WAA. CHAPMAN, Allen F.— Business; West- minster, Colorado. CHAPMAN, Nancy M. — .4rts and Sci- ences; Tyler, Texas. Chi Omega, President; Coloradan; CU Days Wel- coming Committee; Buff Pep Club; Homecoming Alumni Tea Committee; YWCA Secretary and Council; Panhellenic Secretary; WAA. CHARVONIA, David — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. Heart and Dagger; Pacesetter; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Sumalia; Tau Beta Pi, President; Viking Club, President. CHASE, David M. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Physics; Physics Club, Presi- dent: Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Sixth Row CHIDERSTON, Darrol-Arts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. CHILTON, Mark — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; American Society of Civil Engineers; ROTC. CHRISTOPHER, Robert A— Arts and Sci- ences; Audubon, New Jersey. Alpha Phi Omega; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Pi Mu Epsilon; Star a.-.d Sextant; University Marching Band. CHUCK, Edwin L. — Engineering; San Francisco, California. American Society of Civil Engineers; Beta Sigma Tau. CLARDY, Lawrence L., Jr. — Business; Santa Fe, New Mexico. CU Days Award Committee; Kappa Sigma, House Manager; Track and Cross Country. CLARK, John N. — Business; Minturn, Colorado. CLARK, Lennie Lee — Arts and Sciences; Fort Worth, Texas. Alpha Chi Omega. CLAUSS, Donald A. — Business; Melrose Park, Illinois. Beta Alpha Psi ; Delta Sigma Pi, Historian; Delta Sigma Rho; Homecoming; Publicity; and General Committees; Illini-Buff Club, Vice-President; Phi Kappa Tau. Secretary; Board of Publications; ASUC Public Relations; Silver and Gold, City Editor; Speakers Congress Intercollegiate Debate. Seventh Row CLIFFORD, Nathan Joseph — Pharmacy; Denver, Colorado. Delta Sigma Phi; Rho Chi; Jr. American Pharma- ceutical Association, Executive Board; Newman Club. CLYMAN, Seymour Charles — Arts and Sci- ences; Pueblo, Colorado. Hillel. Men ' s Welfare Committee; Speakers ' Con- gress. COE, Wilma Jean — Arts and Sciences; Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Women ' s Band Honorary: Medical Technology Honorary. COHEN, S. Phillip — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Campus Chest; Phi Sigma Delta; Homecoming Committee. COLLIPRIEST, Keith B.— Engineering; Montpelier, Idaho. Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. CONNELLY, J. G.— Engineering and Busi- ness; Denver, Colorado. CONRAD, Elizabeth— i4rfs and Sciences; Louviers, Colorado. Newman Club: Buff Pep Club: Pi Lambda Theta; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; Future Teachers of America. COOK, Monta J. — Arts and Sciences; Boise, Idaho. Phi Chi Delta; Phi Sigma, Secretary; Foreign Relief Activities, President; Honors Union; WA A; Westminster Fellowship; University Women ' s Club. Eighth Row COON, Richard D. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. C Club; Men ' s Physical Education Club. Secretary and Treasurer. President; Football, Manager. CORRY, Earle — Music, Pueblo, Colorado. Festival Chorus; University Band and Orchestra. COTTRELL, Glenn-Engineering, Boise, Idaho. CORVEY, Richard L. — Business; Denver, Colorado. COWAN, Mary — Arts and Sciences; Idaho Falls, Idaho. Delta Delta Delta. COWDERY, Robert Eddy— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; New- man Club; Alumnus Association. COWELL, Jeannine — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Phi; AWS Vaudeville; Coloradan; CU Days: Homecoming Assistant General Chairman; Pep Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Ski Club; Spur; Winter Carnival; YWCA. CRAIG, Robert Kenneth — Engineering; Grand Junction, Colorado. Acacia; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. 51 First Row CRAWFORD, Harry Miles— Engineering; Broomfield, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Physics Club. CRAWFORD, James C— Journalism: Schenectady, New York. Alpha Delta Sigma, President. CREIGHTON, James A.— Engineering; Flagler, Colorado. Delta Tau Delta. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. CRIM, James Shaffer — Pharmacy; Esther- ville, Iowa. Sigma Chi; Pep Club; Dodo Staff; Homecoming; Winter Carnival; and CU Days Committees. CRISLER, Donna Jean — Business; Mar- ion, Indiana. Kappa Alpha Theta, Gamma Alpha Chi. ; CROSIER, Orval Dean— i4rfs and Sci- I ences; Basin, Wyoming. Free Lance; Future Teachers Association. CROSSLEN, Thomas G.— Engineering; Colorado Springs, Colorado. , Architectural Forum. I CROSSON, David U—Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Denver, Colorado. Lambda Chi Alpha; CU Days Athletic Committee; : Freshman Track; Hiking Club; Men ' s PE Club; ; Ski Club. Second Row , DAHNKE, Jack William— Engineering; I Stratton, Nebraska. ! Physics Club. DAILEY, John C— Business; Chicago, Illinois. Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Homecoming Committee. DAMON, Virginia Lou — Music; Rapid City, South Dakota. Alpha Phi; American Guild of Organists; Festival i Chorus; Pi Lambda Theta; Ski Club. ; DANTRICE, Loris— i4rts and Sciences; Monte Vista, Colorado. Buff Club; Dormitory Officer; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; WAA ; University Women ' s Club. DELANDER, John F.— Business; Denver, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi. DeBELL, Constance Coral — Arts and Sci- ences; Fanwood, New Jersey. Pi Beta Phi. DEERING, Thomas P. — Engineering; Ar- kansas City, Kansas. Phi Delta Theta DeLUCA, Hector F. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; Honors Union; Intramurals. Third Row DEMAREST, Betty— ourna jsm; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Alfra; " C " Book; Silver and Gold. De MUTH, Laurence V .—Arts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. American Society for Public Administration. Sec- Treas; Army ROTC; ASUC Commissioner; Band; Campus Chest Commissioner; Special Services Committee, CU Days, Chairman; Buff Show, Pub- licity Mgr; Dodo Distribution Manager; Publicity Manager; Distribution Staff Homecoming Chair- man; Honors Union; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pep Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Gamma Mu. Pres; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Silver and Gold Editorial and Distribution Staffs; Student Bar As- sociation, Publicity Manager. DENNIS, Gerald E.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Phi Lambda Upsiloo. DETWEILER, William— Sus ness; Grand Island, Nebraska. Pi Kappa Alpha; " C " Book; Sports Editor; Campus Chest; " C " Club; Glee Club; Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Senior Week Committee; Varsity Golf; Winter Carnival Committee; CU Days Song Fest; Homecoming Committee. fourth Row DEVITT, Ann — Arts and Sciences; Ar- vada, Colorado. Campus Chest; Dormitory Council; Future Teach- ers Assn; Ski Club. DEVLIN, Joann — Arts and Sciences; Larchmont, New York. Delta Gamma. piCHASON, Richard Thomas— Eng neer- ing; Ventura, California. DICKSON, Edith Elmerra— iV urs ng; Law- ton, Oklahoma. Nurse Majors ' Assn. DICKSON, Sue J.— Arts and Sciences; Dallas, Texas. Gamma Alpha Chi, V Pres; Kappa Phi, Historian; Texas Club, Pres; University «omen ' s Club; Wes- ley Foundation. DISHON, Donald C.—Arts and Sciences; Louisville, Kentucky. Air National Guard; Alpha Delta Sigma; Campus Chest; Cross Country Track; Equestrian Club; " The Flatiron; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Foot- ball; Pep Club; Ski Club; Viking. DOLBEER, Kay— i4rts and Sciences; Springfield, Ohio. Phi Sigma Iota; Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA. DOLLERSCHELL, Raymond L.— Busi- ness, Stoneham, Colorado. Fifth Row DORRELL, Carter Boulder, Colorado. E. — Engineering ; JOANNE CLARK Joanne, always smiling and willing to help anybody when asked, is an honor student and a member of Mortar Board, Hesperia. and Spur. She is president of Northwest Hall at the upper class women ' s dormi- tory this year and is most distinguished as ASUC Commissioner of Academic Affairs. DOSS, Marcia — Arts and Sciences; Jack- sonville, Florida. Coloradan; Pep Club; Red Cross Club; Chi Omega, Sec; Newman Club. DOUBEK, Robert J. — Engineering and Business; Harvard, Illinois. Civil Air Patrol; Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Varsity Band. DOYLE, William M. — Engineering; Seat Pleasant, Maryland. DRYDEN, William C— Engineering; Los Angeles, California. American Society of Civil Engineers; Varsity Base- ball; Tau Beta Pi. DUANE, Jack T.— Pharmacy; Bracken- ridge Heights, Pennsylvania. Hiking Club; Jr. American Pharmaceutical Assn; Pep Club. Du BUISSON, J. C. — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DUDLEY, Patricia L. — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. AWS House of Rep; Activities Comm; Housing Comm ; Vaudeville; CU Days Womens ' Events, General Comm; Dormitory Officer; Dunklee Award; Hesperia; Honor Union; ISA; Mortar Board; Buff Pep Club; Phi Sigma Pi; Lambda Theta; Player ' s Club; Spur; Student Alum Organization; Radio Production; Upperclass Dorm, Pres; WAA Board; Winter Carnival. Sixth Row DUESTERBERQ, Thomas J.— Engineer- ing; Vincennes, Indiana. " C " Club; Newman Club; Architectural Forum; Swimming Team. DUHAMEL, Marguerite — Arts and Sci- ences; Rapid City, South Dakota. Alpha Phi. DUKE. Eleanor Jeanne — Arts and Sci- ences; Rockville Centre, New York. Calico and Boots Club; Alpha Delta Pi; Festival Chorus. DURSTON, Kenneth— PAarmacy; Eldon, Missouri. Phi Delta Theta; Gymnastics Team; Track Team; Pentagon Club; Jr. American Pharmaceutical Assn. DURANT, Winston J.— Pharmacy; Boulder, Colorado. EDELMAN, Philip Michael— Irts and Sci- ences; Richmond Hill, New York. EDERINGTON, Jo Ann— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Warren, Arkansas. Buff Ski Club; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Club. EECKHOUT, Margaret Jo— i4rts and Sci- ences; Julesburg, Colorado. Pep Club; Future Teachers ' Association; Intra- murals; Women ' s Club; YWCA, Chairman. Seventh Row EISEN, Charles — Business; Denver, Colo- rado. Homecoming; CU Days and Winter Carnival Con; mittees; Phi Sigma Delta; The Window. ELDER, Charles S. — Engineering; Louis- ville, Kentucky. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Motor- cycle Club; Society of Automotive Engineers. ELDRED, Isabel — Nursing; Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Cosmopolitan Club. ELLMAN, Dorothy Eileen — Arts and Sci- ences; Gary, Indiana. Coloradan; Dodo; Kappa Delta; National Students ' Assn; Pi Lambda Theta; Univesity Women ' s Club. ENGLE, Aimer C, Jr.— Pharmacy; Den- ver, Colorado. Jr. American Pharmaceutical Assn; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ENSZ, Barbara Jean — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. EPSTEIN, Edmund Lee— i4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. CU Days; Homecoming Committee; Honors Union; International Relations Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Sigma Delta; Buff Pep Club. EPSTEIN, Jerome — Business; Kansas City, Missouri. ASUC Honors Subcommittee Chairman; CU Days; Homecoming; Winter Carnival Committees; Colo- radan; House Manager; Phi Sigma Delta, Social Chairman; Campus Chest; Ski Club; Beta Alpha Psi; Buff Pep Club. Eighth Row ESCHENBURG, Charles G.— .4rfs and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Theta Pi; Buff Pep Club; Honors Union; Phi Epsilon Phi. EWY, Howard W. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. CU Days, Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Star and Sextant; Window Staff; Winter Carnival. FAIN, Alan Leonard — Business; Brook- line, Massachusetts. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Homecoming Com- mittee; Winter Carnival. FANTIN, Paul John— Engineering; Sop- ris, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers and In- stitute of Radio Engineers, Chairman; Athletic Director, Dormitory B-2 ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Engi- neers ' Apple Fest. FAY, Kathleen Marie — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Calico and Boots; Future Teachers of America; Newman Club; University Band; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. FELLER, Don — Engineering; Victor, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Colo- rado Engineer Business Staff; Theta Xi. FERGUSON, Ellis— Law, Arts and Sci- ences; F ueblo, Colorado. FINGADO, Henry — i4r(s and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Cross Country; Homecoming Committees; Honors Union; International Rela- tions Club; Newman Club; Pax Romona ; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; Silver and Gold; Spanish Club; Scholarship; Foreign Study. 53 r 3 ;i X ' .4. Il; eniord 51 First Row FISHER, Richard G.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Chi. FISK, Grace Olive — Nursing; San Diego, California. FISK. Helen Nickell— Irfs and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta, (Inactive). FONTAINE, Edward M.—Arts and Sci- ences; Louisville, Kentucky. FORSLING, Phyllis— Irts and Sciences; Kimball, Nebraska. Alpha Phi. FOSTER, Donald I.— Arts and Sciences; Canon City, Colorado. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. FOUNTAIN, Nancy— Music; Sloan, Iowa. Delta Delta Delta. Social Chairman. Pledge- Trainer; Coloradan; Winter Carnival Committee; University Choir: Modern Choir. FOUTS, Harry— P iarmacy; Portland, Ore- gon. Second Row FOX WORTHY, John— £ ngi nee ring ; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; I.R.E. ; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. FRANCONE, Frank J.— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Eta Kappa Nu; I.R.E. ; Sigma Tau. FRANKLIN, Sarah Erlene — Arts and Sci- ences; Gallatin, Tennessee. Delta Delta Delta. Transfer; Buff Ski Club; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. FRANZEN, Robert h e e— Engineering; Orange, New Jersey. Engineers ' Apple Fest; Society of Automotive Engineers. FRASHER, Harry E.— Pharmacy; Denver, Colorado. FRISBY, Donald E.— Business; Edwards- ville, Illinois. Buff-Illini Club; Buff Ski Club; AROTC, Rifle Team and Treasurer. FRISBY, Thomas M.— Engineering; Gar- den City, Kansas. ROTC. FRITZ, Martha Ann — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Future Teachers of America; Kappa Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA. Third Row FROST, Elizabeth Anne— JVurs ng; Lovell, Wyoming. Campus Club; Canterbury Club; Hiking Club; Nurse Majors ' Association. FULLER, Jerry — i4rts and Sciences; Ra- ton, New Mexico. Alpha Tau Omeg:a ; Bridge Club; Dramatics; Homecoming; Business Committee; Intramurals; UN Week. FULLER, June — Arts and Sciences; Buhl, Idaho. Buff Pep Club; Little Theater; WAA; Intra- murals Silver and Gold. GALLES, Wilma — Arts and Sciences; Cas- per, Wyoming. Chi Omega. fourth Row GANATTA, Annamae T. — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan Staff; Newman Club; Womens ' Athletic Assn; Window Staff; Womens ' Club. GARLINGHOUSE, Grant V .— Music; Lihue, Kauai, Territory of Hawaii. Buff Ski Club; Music School Council Pres; Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Mu Alpha. GARN, Nancy Jean — Arts and Sciences; South Bend, Indiana. Disciple Student Fellowship; Future Teachers ' Assn; Interchurch Council; Homecoming Publicity Comm; Pi Lambda Theta; Religious Workers Assn; Silver and Gold. GATES, Philip E. — Business; Medford, Oregon. Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres; Buff Ski Club. GAUSS, Harriet — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Campus Club; Home Economics Club; Kappa Phi; University Women ' s Club ; Wesley Foundation. GELLER, Edward W. — Engineering; Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ski Clab; University Theater. GELMAN, Norman — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. " C " Book; Homecoming Committee; Honors Union; Kappa Tau Alpha; Intramurals; International Re- lations Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec. GERRINGER, Rose Alice — Music; Balti- more, Maryland. CU Opera; Little Theater; Messiah; Modern Choir; Varsity Nights; University Choir. Filth Row GESELL, James M. — Business; La Junta, Colorado. Campus Chest; Intramurals; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas. GETTS, Max Edwin, Jr.— Arts and Sci- ences; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Coloradan Staff; CU Days Committees; Dodo Cir- culation Manager; Election Commission; Home- coming Committees; Little Theater: Buff Pep Club: Phi Kappa Tau; Public Relations: Radio Productions: Student Alumni; Window; Winter Carnival Chairman. DONALD CLAUSS A member of Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, and Phi Kappa Tau, Donald has been active in many organi- zations. He has been city editor of the Silver and Gold and an active member of the Board of Publica- tions and the ASUC Public Relations Committee. In addition to all of these activities Don is a member of Speakers Congress and the debate squad. GIACOMINI, Donald h.—Arts and Sci- ences; Sterling, Colorado. " C " Club Executive Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee ; Phi Gamma Delta. GIACOMINI, Robert W.—Arts and Sci- ences; Sterling, Colorado. " C " Club; Phi Gamma Delta. GIBSON, Jim — Arts and Sciences; Delta, Colorado. Sigma Nu. GILBERT, Lynn — Arts and Sciences; Uni- versity City, Missouri. CU Days Committee; University Theater. GILL, William P. — Engineering and Busi- ness; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; Eta Kappa Mu. GJELLUM, Bob — Arts and Sciences; Del Norte, Colorado. Homecoming Committee; Upper Class Advisor: Varsity Band. Sixth Row GLOYER, Don — Arts and Sciences; Scotts- bluff, Nebraska. Acacia; CU Days Committee; Buff Pep Club. Tau Delta. Robert W. — Pharmacy; El- GOETTSCH, liott, Iowa. GOLDBERG, Norm — Business; Denver, Colorado. Colorado Engineer; Coloradan; Hillel: Homecom- ing Committees: Buff Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Delta; ROTC; Window; Winter Carni- val; CU Committees; AWS Vaudeville; Buff Show. GOLDFARB, Al — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. CU Days Committee; Freshman Baseball; Home- coming Committees; Phi Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Silver and Gold; BuS Pep Club; Intra- murals. GOLEY, Gene — Engineering; Enid, Okla- homa. American Society of Civil Engineers, V Pres; Architectural Forum; Buff Pep Club; Campus Chest: Chi Epsilon: Engineers Ball; Intramurals; Phi Delta Theta, Sec; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Tau; Ski Club; Tau Beta Pi. GOODROW, William E., Jr.— Arts and Sciences; Del Norte, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Historian; Alpha Phi Omega; Dorm Council. GORDON, Frank — Business; Grand Junc- tion, Colorado. GORMAN, John V. — Engineering; Staten Island, New York. ASUC Committee: American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Dodo Staff: Interfraternity Council; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Tau; Society of Automotive Engineers; Careers Conference; CU Days Carnival Committee; Tau Beta Pi; United Nations Week; Window Staff. Seventh Row GOULD, Roger K. — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Buff Pep Club; Pi Tau Sigma. GRAHAM, William W. — Engineering and Business; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. GRAY, Robert Wm. — Engineering and Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Acacia; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. GREEN, William Paul— Bus ness; Crow- ley, Louisiana. GREENWOOD, Donald— 4rts and Sci- ences; LaFayette, Illinois. Winter Carnival; Men ' s Glee Club. GREGORY, Norris— PAarmacy; San Fran- cisco, California. GREGORY, Roy G.— Engineering; Foun- tain, Colorado. GRIFFEN, Edward A.—E ngi nee ring; Saratoga Springs, New York. American Society of Civil Engineers; Wesley Foundation. Eigfifft Row GROVES, Donald L.— Engineering; Or- chard, Colorado. GUNTHER, Katherine Anne— i4rfs and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. CU Days Songfest; French Club; Future Teachers of America: University Women ' s Club; Women ' s Athletic Assn. GUTRY, Ronald G.— Engineering; Sho- shoni, Wyoming. American Institute of Mechanical Engineers. HAAS, Henry Joseph — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. Men ' s Residence Halls Ass ' n, President; Pi Tau Sigma. HAASE, William Charles— Bus ness; Win- netka, Illinois. Alpha Phi Omega; " C " Club; Court Jester Final- ist; Gymnastics Team; Head Cheerleader: Intra- murals: Men ' s Field Events: CU Days, Ass ' t Chairman; Pentagon Club, President, Secretary; Buff Pep Club. President; Pep Rallies. Chairman; Porpoise Atiuacade; Spirit and Moral Commission; Torchlight Parade Committee; Homecoming; Var- sity Nights; Buff Ski Club. HABEL, Miriam — Arts and Sciences; Elm- hurst, Illinois. A.W.S. Program Committee: Campus Chest: Colo- radan; CU Days Dance Committee: Song Fest Comm.; Chi Omega; Homecoming Publicity Com- mittee: Little Theater; Panhellcnic Workshop; Buff Pep Club; Spur; YWCA. HACKMAN, Richard L.— Engineering; Ilion, New York. HAGERMAN, Donald C.—Arts and Sci- ences; Idaho Springs, Colorado. Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; University Band. 55 JM n 56 ftr%f Row HAINA, William — Pharmacy; Honolulu, Hawaii. Hui ' o Hawaii; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; Newman Club. HALL, Dana — Arts and Sciences; Bis- marck, North Dakota. Alpha Phi: AWS Senate; Publicity Director; Colo- radan; CU Days Committees; Homecoming; Pub- licity Committee: Buff Pep Club; Silver and Gold Business Staff; Spur; YWCA. HAMILTON, Kathleen— i4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Committee on Organized Houses; AWS Vaudeville; Canterbury Club; Delta Gamma; Executive Council; University Women ' s Club. HAMILTON, Mark h.—Arts and Sciences; Meriden, Connecticut. Buff Ski Club. HAMILTON, William B.— Engineering; River Forest, Illinois. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Presi- dent: Mechanical Engineering Society, Co-Chair- man; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Nu. HAMMOND, Paul— Arts and Sciences; Oakland, California. Beta Theta Pi. HAMPTON, Dallas M.— Engineering; Durango, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha: Pi Mu Epsilon; Student Alumni Associ- ation. HANEY, Herbert LeRoy— .4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Phi Alpha Theta ; Honors Colloquium. Second Row HANNA, Joyce L. — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Buff Pep Club; AWS House of Representatives; Housing and Bulletin Board Committees: Dorm- itory President: Upper Class Dorm.; Buff Ski Club; Honors Union; Stage Crew; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary. HANSON, Helen— 4rts and Sciences; Wal- den, Colorado. Kappa Phi; Little Theater; Leadership Workshop; Physical Education Majors Club, President; Senior Week; University Women ' s Club, Vice-President; WAA ; Wesley Foundation. HARDER, Fred D.—Arts and Sciences; Twrin Falls, Idaho. Acacia; Buff Ski Club; Buff Pep Club. HARDIN, Blanche E. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; AWS Vaudeville; Club First Nighter Committee; Coloradan : " C " Book: Dodo Cartoonist; Kappa Tau Alpha; Honors Union: Newman Club; Dormitory, Secretary; Pub- licity Chairman and Dance Chairman; Silver and Gold, Summer Editor; Theta Sigma Phi, President; CU Days Committee: Winter Carnival Committee: Window; WAA; Homecoming Subcommittee Chair- man. HARLAN, B e 1 1 e — Arts and Sciences; Trinidad, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi; Dorm Counselor; Buff Pep Club; Coloradan: Intramurals; Little Theater; Publicity; Homecoming; Women ' s Field Events; NSA; WAA; YWCA. HARMON, Janet — Arts and Sciences; Mitchell, South Dakota. Careers Conference; CU Days; Dorm President: International Relations Club, Social Chairman: Newman Club; Buff Pep Club; Senior Week, Ass ' t General Secretary: Student Alumni Association: United Nations ' Week. HARPER, Lorren G. — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. Delta Sigma Phi; Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau, Star and Sextant. HARRISON, Dick— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Buff Pep Club; Coloradan; CU Days Alumni Welcoming Committee; Homecoming Committees 1948-1949; Inter-fraternity Council; Intramurals; National Stu- dent Association, Vice President 1949; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Phi Epsilon Presi- dent: Society of Automotive Engineers Vice Presi- dent. Third Row HARSTROM, David E.— Education ; Dal- las, Texas. HARTMAN, Katie— Business; Chicago, Illinois. AWS Activities Committee; YWCA; Beta Sigma; Gamma Alpha Chi; Intramurals; Chi Omega. HARTONG, William R.— Engineering and Business; Joliet, Illinois. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. HASELTON, Elizabeth— 4rfs and Sci- ences; Arvada, Colorado. Pep Club; Roundtable. Foiirf Row HASKELL, Dwight R.—Aero Engineer- ing; Monte Vista, Colorado. IAS. HATCHER, Helen Patricia— i4rts and Sci- ences; Springfield, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary, President; AWS House of Representatives; AWS Senate Housing Chairman; Coloradan; Dorms Section Editor; Dormitory Counselor; Hesperia Treasurer; Home- coming General Committee 1949; Mortar Board; Panhellenic : Spur: University Band s; University Women ' s Club; Triad; YWCA Cabinet; Y-Teens Chairman. HAYCRAFT, Glenn— Engineering; Fow- ler, Colorado. HAYNIE, Maurice D. — Business; Manassa, Colorado. Festival Chorus. HAVRAN. A. N.— Business; Cortez, Colo- rado. HAWKINS, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Coloradan; CU Days; Hesperia: Kappa Alpha Theta: Mortar Board; Spur; Social Advisor, Fresh- man Women ' s Residence Halls. HEALY, Joanne Marie — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan Managing Editor; Pep Club; Spur; WAA; Buff Show; Intramurals; Delta Gamma. BUD DAVIS Bud Davis is not only the capable student body president, but his scholastic achievements have also been as outstanding. He was a member of Phi Ep- silon Phi, Sumalia. and Heart and Dagger. Athletics enter his well-rounded agenda also. Bud has been a three year member of the Varsity Football squad. HEATH, Richard R. — Arts and Sciences; Topeka, Kansas. ASUC Commissioner of Athletics 1949-50: ASUC Commissioner of Publications 1950-51 ; ASUC Com- mission of Men ' s Welfare 1948-1949; ASUC Student Union Commission 1948-1949; Circulation Manager- Window; Heart and Dagger; Honors Union; Inter- collegiate Debate; Pacesetter; Pep Club; Phi Ep- silon Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; NSA Purchase Card Chairman; Speakers Congress; Ski Club; Student- Alumni Association; Summalia; Winner of Delta Sigma Rho Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 1949 ; Phi Kappa Tau. Fifth Row HECKART, Charles Lawrence — Engineer- ing; Santa Ana, California. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. HEDGES, Robert H. — Arts and Sciences; Akron, Ohio. ISA Council and Reeves: Viking Club. HEIDT, Melvin George — Arts and Sci- ences; Ordway, Colorado. HEINE, Richard — Engineering; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Architectural Forum; Equestrian Club; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. HEITZLER, Lucretia — Arts and Sciences; Lake Charles, Louisiana. CU Days Parade Committee; Silver and Gold; WAA. HELMKAMP, Dorothy— rts and Sci- ences: Denver, Colorado. HERBER, Patricia Ann— Arts and Sci- ences; Longmont, Colorado. Pi Beta Phi; AWS Housing Co.: Hockey Club; Intramurals; Pep Club; Pi Lambda Theta; Silver and Gold Staff; University Women ' s Club; Under- Triad Leader; Vesper Organization Committee; YWCA; Recreation and Publicity groups; Arizona University Campus Representative; AU Honors; AU Student Council; AU Hospitality Chairman. HERR, Frank M. — Engineering; Sterling, Idaho. Alpha Phi Omiga; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Sixth Row HEWICKER, John A., II— i4r(s and Sci- ences; San Diego, California. HICKMAN, Duane A.— Business; Norton, Kansas. Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Alpha Psi ; Beta Gamma Sigma; Concert Band; Hiking Club; Kappa Kappa Psi; Laboratory Theater; Men ' s Marching Band; Tau Kappa Epsilon Historian and Treasurer; Var- sity Knights Show Band 1950. HICKS, Roswell Allen — Business; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi; Senior Week Committee: Sigma Phi Epsilon. HIESTAND, Harry K.— Engineering; Pueblo, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Vice President: Band; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; So- ciety of Automotive Engineers; AROTC Cadet Colonel. HILL, Lowell — Arts and Sciences; San Jose, California. French Club, Vice-President; International Rela- tions Club. HILLOCK, James — Engineering and Busi- ness; Aurora, Illinois. American Society of Civil Engineers, President; Combined Engineers Committee: Engineers ' Day Committee: Illinois Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. HILTON, Jananne — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Pi Beta Phi. HINTHORN, Wayne L.— Engineering; Garden City, Kansas. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers; University Concert and Marching Band; University Orchestra; CU Motor- cycle Club: Varsity Nights ' Band. Seventh Row HIRANAKA, Walter— PAarmacy; Hono- lulu, Hawaii. HIX, George J. — Business; Estes Park, Colorado. Buff Show, CU Days Dance Committee: Delta Tau Delta: Homecoming Dance Committee; Intra- murals; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Student Union Memorial Crafts and Games Committee. HOEPNER, Betty— Medical Technology; Denver, Colorado. HOGAN, Michael G. — Business; Durango, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Newman Club. HOGAN, Thomas Edward — Business; Den- ver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Dodo; Homecoming: Merchants ' Decorations Committee: Men ' s Resident Council; Phi Kappa Tau; Varsity Football. HOGLE, Diana Ramsay — Arts and Sci- ences; Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York. Canterbury Club; Club First Nighter Committee; Young Democrats: Chairman of Political Activities. HOLDER, Gretta — Arts and Sciences; Dearborn, Michigan. Campus Chest Captain: Buff Ski Club; Delta Gamma; Intramurals: Porpoise Club. HOLDER, Mabel June— Music; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; University Band; Drum Major- ette; Tau Beta Sigma; CU Days Buff Show; Varsity Nights Show: WAA. Eighth Row HOLDERNESS, Dorothy Lovan— PAar- macy; Hayden, Colorado. Buff Pep Show; French Club; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. Executive Council; Panhellenic Council; Rho Chi, Historian; Rx Club; Spur: Theta Upsilon, President. HOGELUND, Mary E.— Nursing; Monte- bello, California. Buff Ski Club; ISA Council; Buff Pep Club; Nurse Major Association. HOLIMAN, Beverly A.— Arts and Sci- ences; Canon City, Colorado. AWS, Vice-President; AWS, House of Representa- tives and Senate; Board of Directors, College of Journalism, Junior Representative; Theta Sigma Phi; University Women ' s Club, Historian. HOLLAND, Juanita — Arts and Sciences; Wichita Falls, Texas. Roger Williams Fellowship: Texas Club. HOLLINGSWORTH, Clifford W., Jr.— Journalism; Chattanooga, Tennessee. Alpha Delta Sigma, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. HOLLOWAY, Ella— Business; Oakland, California. Buff Pep Club: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Gamma Alpha Clii. Reporter; Senior Week Committee. HORNEY, Beverly Kay — Arts and Sci- ences: Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Phi Sigma Iota; Players Club. HOUSTON, John — Engineering and Busi- ness; Rushville, Illinois. American Society of Civil Engineers, Treasurer; Chi Epsilon, Secretary; Colorado Mountain Club; Engineers Day Committee Chairman; Intramurals; Buff Pep Club; Rocky Mountain Rescue, Squad Leader; Sigma Nu; Sigma Tau; Buff Ski Club. President and Cabin Committee Chairman; Ski Patrol. 57 Seniors 51 E. 2 s F PI ' TO V e Jij 58 first Row HOUSTON, Margaret ].—Arts and Sci- ences: Deerfield, Illinois. AWS Activities Committee; AWS Vaudeville; Buff Ski Club; Buff Pep Club: Coloradan; CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; University Orchestra; Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chairman; Winter Carnival Committee; WAA; YWCA. HOWE, C a r o 1 y n — Arts and Sciences: Golden, Colorado. AWS Senate and Orientations; Student Director, Bigelow Hall; Hesperia; Hiking Club; Honors Union, Counselor, McKcnna Hall; Mortarboard; Pacesetter; Pi Mu Epsilon; Spur; University Women ' s Club; YWCA, President. HOYT, Margaret — Arts and Sciences; Grinnell, Iowa. Pi Lambda Theta ; Tau Beta Sigma; University Concert Band and Orchestra; University Women s Club, Housing Chairman. HUBERT, H e 1 e n — Arts and Sciences; Montrose, Colorado. Bandsman Staff; University Band, Secretary; Uni- versity Women ' s Club: Sigma Alpha Iota; Song Leader, SW Hall: Stardusters, President; Tau Beta Sigma. President; Varsity Nights ' Show Band; Women ' s Marching Band. HUGHES, Forrest E. — Business, Aber- deen, South Dakota. Alpha Kappa Psi. HUGHEY, Mary Lee — i4rfs and Sciences; Walsenburg, Colorado. Intramurals; Texas Club; Homecoming Committee; CU Days Committee. HUME, Garrett Pender — Arts and Sci- ences; Phoenix, Arizona. Deseret Club; Foreign Language Theater, Techni- cal Director; Free Lance, HUMPHREY, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences: White River, South Dakota. Buff Ski Club; University Marching Band. Second Row HUNTER, Abigail (Gail)— Arts and Sci- ences: Trinidad, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Coloradan Sales Staff: Homecom- ing Float Committee: International Relations Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Public Relations Board, Secretary. HUNTER, Carol Lovett — Business; Madi- son, South Dakota. Buff Pep Club: Homecoming, Business Committee; Public Relations Board; Silver and Gold; Student Research Council, Secretary, Vice-President; Uni- versity Women ' s Club; WAA. HUNTER, Glenn — Arts and Sciences; Gillette, Wyoming. Coloradan. Editor of Fraternity-Sorority Section; Homecoming Committee; Buff Pep Club; Intra- murals; Sigma Chi. HUNTER, James, Jr.— Arts and Sciences; Elizabeth, New Jersey. Campus Chest; CU Days, Ass ' t Dance Chairman: Dodo; Photography; Homecoming, Dance and Pa- rade Committees; Phi Delta Theta, Chaplain; Re- ligion in Life Week. Chairman of Organized Houses; Silver and Gold; Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer; Winter Carnival, Dance Committee. HUNTINGTON, Barbara— 4rts aad Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Phi. HURLBURT, Mercyl— Business; Akron, Colorado. CU Days, General Chairman; Homecoming, Busi- ness Manager; Business Committees for Career Workshop. Winter Carnival, and CU Days; Leader- ship Workshop; Silver and Gold; Beta Alpha Psi, Treasurer, President; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer. HUSSEY, Allen ].— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HUTCHINGS, Paula— i4rfs and Sciences; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi. Social Chairman; Newman Club; Buff Ski Club; University Women ' s Club. Third Row INOUYE, Hisae — Pharmacy; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Campus Club; Jr. American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation; Pharmacy Club. INTINI, Anthony V., Jr.— Engineering; Rochester, New York. Newman Club: Physics Club. IRION, Richard F. — Business; Sherwood, Oregon. Coloradan; Dodo Business Staff; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Ski Club. IRWIN, Richard — Business; Kimberly, Idaho. Pep Club; Ski Club. Fourth Row ISAACSON, Mary I ou— Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Committee; Hillel Vice President; Honors Union; International Relations Club; Pan Hellenic Publicity Chairman; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Delta Tau, President. ISBILL, H. G. — Engineering; McGregor, Texas. ASCE; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACOBS, Sam M. — Engineering; Carls- bad New Mexico. Colorado Engineer, Business Staff; Student Publi- cations Photographer. JACOBI, J u d i t h — Arts and Sciences; Grand Forks, North Dakota. Alpha Phi; Lab. Theatre; Little, Theatre. JACOB, William H. — Arts and Sciences; Wilmette, Illinois. Freshman Football: Illinois Buff Club; Intra- murals; Ski Club. JACOBSON, Evelyn — Arts and Sciences; Dearborn, Michigan. Hesperia President; House of Representatives; Judiciary Court; Mortarboard; Spur. JARRETT, Emery — Arts and Sciences; Keystone, Indiana. JENSEN, Curtis L. — Business; Britt, Iowa. Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES DEVER Although Chuck Dever has a wide range of school activities, engineering seems to come first. He was editor of the Colorado Engineer and a member of ARCHE. Chuck was also a member of Phi Epsilon Phi, the Pep Club, editor of the ' C Book, active in the Coloradan staff and the Silver and Gold. He has also participated in the Campus Chest and New Stu- dent Week. Fifth Row JENSEN, Walter E., Jr.— i4rts and Sci- ences; Elgin, Illinois. Honors Union; International Relations Club; Lambda Chi Alpha; Silver and Gold News Staff. JERALD, Jean — Arts and Sciences; Waterloo, Iowa. Coalition Party Representative; Dance Committee, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, CU Days; Religion in Life Week Committee; Scholarship Chairman South West; Upper Class Advisor; YWCA. JOHNSON, Fred F. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Baseball; Basketball; C-Club: Football. JOHNSON, L. Farnum ]T.—Arts and Sci- ences; Falls Church, Virginia. International Relations Club, Vice President; Phi Epsilon Phi; Year Book, Copy Editor: Pacesetters Editor: Young Democrats. JOHNSON, Patricia I..— Arts and Sci- ences; Longmont, Colorado. Porpoise. . JOHNSON, Ruth Anne — Arts and Sci- ences; Bethesda, Maryland. AWS; Porpoise: Ski Club. JOHNSON, Thomas E.—Arts and Sci- ences; Center City, Minnesota. JOHNSTON, Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. ASUC Public Relations; Buff Ski Club; CU Days Buff Shows; Dorm Council; First Nighter Enter- tainment Chairman; FT A: Lab Theatre; Modern Choir; Newman Club; Players ' Club; Religious Worker ' s Association; Senior Week Committee; University Choir. Slif Row JOHNSTON. Marvin — Business; Scotts- bluff, Nebraska. . „ , ,. „ Community Chest; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball. JOHNSTON, William Vernon— JEngi ' neer- ing; Casper, Wyoming. Coloradan; CU Days All School Shows; Intra- murals; Ski Club; Vice President, Beta Theta Pi. JONES, Allan C, Jr.— Engineering; Bas- sett, Nebraska. Architectural Forum; ASCE; Chi Epsilon; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Coloradan; Sigma Tau; Treasurer and House Manager, Alpha Tau Omega. JONES, Bobby T. — Business; Idaho Falls, Idaho. Junior Board, Business School: Treasurer, Business School; Treasurer and Secretary, Kappa Sigma. JONES, Marjorie K. — Pharmacy; Bartles- ville, Oklahoma. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; Rx Club, Vice-President. JONES, Nancy Ann — Arts and Sciences; Indianapolis, Indiana. Kappa Kappa Gamma. JONES, Robert McGill — Engineering, Denver, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. JONES, Shirley Louise — Arts and Sci- ences; Bismarck, North Dakota. Alpha Delta Pi, House Manager and Recording Secretary; Buff Ski Club; CU Days Committee; Campus Chest; Homecoming Committee; House of Representatives; Intramurals; International Rela- tions Club; Buff Pep Club, Publicity Committee; University Women ' s Club; WAA; ' YWCA. Seventh Row JONES, Tom F.— i4rts and Sciences; Chi- cago, Illinois. JUMP, Raymond A. — Engineering and Business: Boulder, Colorado. ASUC; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer: Alpha Chi Sigma; Buff Pep Club; C Club; Dodo; Men ' s Athletics, Chairman; CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Winter Car- nival Committee; Society of Automotive Engineers; Roger William ' s Fellowship; Sumalia; Silver and Gold; Sigma Nu, President and Vice-President. KAHN, Edward Joseph — Business; Win- netka, Illinois. Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Campus Chest; CU Days; Foreign Relief; Hillel, Treasurer: Home- coming: Illini-Buff Club: International Relations Club; University Marching and Concert Bands; Religion in Life Week, Treasurer; Zeta Beta Tau. KAHRE, Al — Arts and Sciences; Arvada, Colorado. ASUC. Academic Affairs: Bonhomme, Vice-Presi- dent; C Book; Gamma Delta; Homecoming Com- mittee; ISA First Nighter: Lab Theater; NSA, Scholarship Committee: Buff Pep Club; Religion in Life Week: Winter Carnival, Dance Chairman. KALMANS, Bernice — Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas. Campus Chest: CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Panhellenic Workshop: Buff Pep Club; University Women ' s Club; YWCA; Sigma Delta Tau. KAMLET, Herbert L. — Journalism; Den- ver, Colorado. Alpha Delta Sigma. President; Silver and Gold, Sports Editor; CU Days, Athletic Publicity; Colo- radan; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Delta; Buff Pep Club; Sigma Delta Chi; University Ice Rink, Publicity Director. KAPAUN, Mary Margaret — Business; Grand Junction, Colorado. Newman Club: Buff Ski Club. KARCICH, Matthew ¥. — Engineering; Trinidad, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramurals. tighth Row KARLER, Jesse — Arts and Sciences; Mish- awaka, Indiana. CU Days, Alumni Welcoming Committee; Home- coming, High School Welcoming Committee; Phi Sigma Delta. KAUNTZ, Leon F. — Engineering; Ster- ling, Colorado. KAVET, Richard A 11 e n — Engineering; Seattle, Washington. Phi Delta Theta; Ski Team. KEATING, Bernard L. — Engineering; Edgemont, South Dakota. Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager; Star and Sex- tant, President; Council of Greek Students; New- man Club; Physics Club. KEENAN, Eugene Lee — Engineering and Business; Denver, Colorado. Acacia; American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers; Engineers ' Ball; IRE: Varsity Football. KEIL, Carolyn Jean — Arts and Sciences; Decatur, Illinois. AWS Vaudeville Stage Crew; Chi Omega; CU Days Field Events Committee; Dodo: Equestrian Club; Festival Chorus; Homecoming, Field Events and Float Committees; Intramurals; Buff Ski Club; Student Poster Service; WAA; YWCA. KEILS, Philip J. — Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Michigan. KEIR, George B. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Hiking Club; Mechanical Engineers Society; Society ol Automotive Engineers ; Westminster Fellowskip. 59 60 FIrtf Row KEITH, Leonard V.— Graduate; Tempe. Arizona. KELLAR, Robert H . — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; Institute of Aerofautical Science; Rocky Mountain Rescue; Hiking Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. KELLING, Ralph V., Jr.— Arts and Sci- ences; Fort Collins, Colorado. AROTC. KELLY, Vern E., Jr. — Business; Aber- deen, South Dakota. Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Newman Club. KELLY, Richard H. — Engineering; Evans- ton, Illinois. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Kappa Alpha; Senior Week Committee. KELLY, Roy A. — Engineering; Port Ar- thur, Texas. KENEHAN, Richard B.— Business; Den- ver, Colorado. Sigma Nu. KERN, Dorothy Mae — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Dormitory Officer; Gamma Delta; Home Eco- nomics Club. President; Mortar Board, President- Buff Pep Club; Spur; Student Director, Freshman Dorm: University Women ' s Club, Program Direc- tor; Valkyrie, Treasurer; WAA; Winter Carnival. Second Row KERZON, Joan n — Arts and Sciences; Leadville, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta. KESWICK, Arthur U— Business; Pali- sade, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi. KING, Ketha — Arts and Sciences; Homer, Louisiana. Chi Omega. KINNEY, Donald K.— Pharmacy ; Steam- boat Springs, Colorado. Kappa Sigma. KINSINGER, Doris— i4rts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Basketball Club; Dorm Officer; UCWRH; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; Valkyrie. KISSACK, John V .— Business; Scotts- bluff, Nebraska. KNUDSEN, Harold V .—Arts and Sci- ences; Vineland, New Jersey. KOCLANES, John— PAarmacy; Denver, Colorado. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. Third Row KONICEK, Thomas P.— Pharmacy; Santa Rosa, California. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. KOOPMAN, Jan— i4rts and Sciences; Bar- tlesville, Oklahoma. ASUC. Secretary; AWS. House of Representatives; AWS, Housing Chairman; Buffalo Archers; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; Kappa Delta; Lab Theater; BufT Pep Club; Payers ' Club; Buff Ski Club; WAA Board; University Women ' s Club; YWCA; Buff Show; Dodo. KOSTELECKY, Kathreen— Irts and Sci- ences; San Diego, California. Alpha Phi. Vice-President; Homecoming Dance Committees; CU Day Dance Committees; Tau Delta; YWCA. KOSTROSKI, Russ— Engineering ; Wau- sau, Wisconsin. Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers; Newman Club. Fourth Row KOWALSKI, Barbara Blanchard—i4rts and Sciences; Lot. Angeles; California. Delta Delta Delta; Delta Phi Delta; Hesperia: Silver and Gold. Ass ' t Social Editor; C Book. Art Editor; Window. Publicity Manager; Dodo Car- toonist; Upperclass Dorm, Vice President. KOWALSKI, Jerome W.—Arts and Sci- ence; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; Intramurals. KRASOVEC, Frank M.— Engineering and Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Newman Club. President; NSA Regional, Presi- dent; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. KRUCAS, Ray B.—Arts and Science; Ra- cine, Wisconsin. Future Teachers Association, President; Phi Alpha Theta; Buff Ski Club. KUBOTA, Mike Y. — Arts and Sciences; Hilo, Hawaii. Alpha Phi Omega; Hawaiian Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Viking Club. KUNKEL, Adele M.—Arts and Sciences; Boulder City, Nevada. Buff Pep Club: AWS Vaudeville; Delta Phi Delta, Secretary; Dormitory Publicity Chairman; Float and Dance Chairman; Homecoming Committee; Club First Nighter Committee; Honors Union; Intramurals; Pi Lambda Theta. KURATA, James — Pharmacy, Honolulu, Hawaii. LACY, Howard W. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; IRE. -Engineering; Dalton, Fifth Row LAD.INE, Duane A.- Nebraska. Sigma Pi Sigma; IRE; Physics Club; University Radio Club. LAIMINGER, Alfred S.— Engineering ; Trinidad, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Architectural Forum; Intramurals. PAT DUDLEY Peppy Pat Dudley has had many and varied interests as is evidenced by her many activities. Pat has been president of South East Hall and was a dorm officer for three years. Pat has been chairman of the Women ' s Field events during CU Days, of the Awards Committee during Winter Carnival, and also of the Dunklee Award Committee. She has been a member of Spur, Hesperia. and Mortar Board, and also is an active member of several scholastic honor- aries. LAL, M. S. — Engineering; Indore, India. LAMB, Leonard H. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Newman Club. LAMBERT, Jaron N. — Engineering; Sac- ramento, California. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers; Buff Show; Campus Chest; Society of Automotive Engineers. LAMBORN, Nate — Engineering; Wel- dona, Colorado. LAMISON, Robers M. — Engineering; Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Architectural Forum. LANE, Barbara — Business; Oak Park, Illi- nois. Chi Omega. Treasurer; ASUC Finance; AWS House of Representatives; Business School, Secre- tary; CU Days and Homecoming Chairman; Hes- peria; Spur; Pep Club. Treasurer; University Women ' s Club, Historian; WAA Tennis Manager. Sixth Row LANE, Elizabeth L. — Arts and Sciences; Arvada, Colorado. Alpha Phi; Silver and Gold; Gamma Alpha Chi. LARSON, Tom — Engineering; Pasadena, California. American Society of Civil Engineers: Intramurals. LEASLEY, S. William— Business; Arling- ton Heights, Illinois. Coloradan; Delta Sigma Pi; Fencing Club; CU Days; Illini-Buff Club Publicity Chairman. LASZLO, Michael — Engineering ; New Brunswick, New Jersey. Eta Kappa Nu; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Freshman Football. LATHROP, Carl I..— Arts and Sciences; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Assistant General Chairman, CU Days 1951. LAUTER, Eve— Arts and Sciences; To- ledo, Ohio. AWS Housing; Coloradan; Gamma Alpha Chi, Vice-President and Secretary; Bull Pep Club; Uni- versity Women ' s Club, Social Chairman and Secre- tary; YWCA. LAVASH, John V.— Engineering; Sher- born, Massachusetts. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Me- chanical Engineering Society; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Tau. LAW, John M.— Law; Highland Park, Il- linois. Phi Gamma Delta; Board of Directors, Legal Aid Clini ; Ice Hockey Club; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association. Secretary. Seventh Row LAWRENCE, Earl R. — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; American Society of Civil Engineers. LEE, Lucille Y. T. — Arts and Sciences; Honolulu. LEHR, Thomas D. — Arts and Sciences; St. Joseph, Missouri. Newman Club; Physical Education Majors Club. LEHRMAN, Philip Milton— £ng neer n ; Denver, Colorado. Architectural Forum; CU Days Dance Committee; Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. LESLIE, Betty Charlyn — Music; Boulder, Colorado. Chi Omega; Hesperia; Modem Choir; Mortar Board; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President; Chi Omega Song Fest Director; Spur; University Choir; Roger Williams Fellowship, Vice-President. LEWIN, Edward — Arts and Sciences ; Den- ver, Colorado. ASUC: Academic Affairs Commission; Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Honors Union; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Zeta BeU Tau. LEWIS, K. Stanton — Engineering; Long- mont, Colorado. Delta Tau Delta. LEBSACK, Virgil Leroy — Arts and Sci- ences; Loveland, Colorado. Men ' s Glee Club; Ski Club; Song Fest; University Choir; Rocky Mountain Choir Concert, House Chairman. Eighth Row LEUTZ, Beverly G. — Arts and Sciences; Taylor, North Dakota. Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-President; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Lambda Theta. LEVINE, Irving — Arts and Sciences; New York City, New York. LIEBETRAU, William H.— Business; Dayton, Ohio. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Silver and Gold Distribu- tion; Student Alumni Board; ROTC; Campus Chest; Men ' s Welfare; Homecoming and CU Days Committees. LIFTON, William — Arts and Sciences; Detroit, Michigan. LIGHT, Kneeland — Pharmacy; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Newman Club Choir; Junior American Pharma- ceutical Association. LINDHOLM, James C.—Arts and Sci- ences; Great Falls, Montana. LINDHOLM, Lois A. — Arts and Sciences; Great Falls, Montatia. LINDSEY, William F. — Business; Toulon, Illinois. Delta Tau Delta; FAC. 61 I " . 0. ¥mm Seniors 51 ■■« v -.4 ' - ' ;-? , J 1 :lA C 1 A i i! 62 firtt Row LINDSTROM, Anne C.—Arts and Sci- ences; Warsaw, New York. Alpha Delta Pi, President and Treasurer; C-Book Chairman and Section Editor; CU Days Commit- tee; Homecoming Business Manager; Rubber-Dol- lar Committee, Chairman; Panhellcnic, Assistant Workshop Chairman: ASUC Publications ' Com- mittee; Rocky Mountain Region and Campus Executive Secretary of National Student Associ- ation; Silver and Gold; Spur; Student-Alumni Board; UN Week, Committee Chairman; Winter Carnival, Assistant Chairman of Contest Committee. LISOT, Oliver Lawrence — Arts and Sci- ences; Aguilar, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma. LITTLER, William E.— Business; Boulder City, Nevada. LIVINGSTON, Gordon B.— Engineering and Business; Sugar Tree, Tennessee. LIVINGSTON, Louis F.—Arts and Sci- ences; Estes Park, Colorado. Zeta Beta Tau ; Alpha Phi Omega; CU Days; Homecoming; Hockey Club; Winter Carnival. LOETSCHER, C. J.— Pharmacy; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Junior American Pharmaceuti- cal Association; National Student Association. Sub- committee Chairman; Newman Club; Senior Week, Committee Co-Chairman. LOFGREN, Marvin — Pharmacy; Denver, Colorado. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; Vik- ing Club; Newman Club Choir; Song Fest. LOHMAN, Laura Ehrenfreund — Arts and Sciences; Peekskill, New York. Cosmopolitan Club; Dorm Council; Honors Union; Psi Chi. Second Row LOOMIS, Robert W. — Engineering; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Architectural Forum; Colorado Engineer; CU Days Publicity Committee; Free Lance. LOOMS, Pete r — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Beta Theta Pi. LOTT, Joan E. — Aits and Sciences; La Junta, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; YWCA Music Group Chairman; Student-Alumni Associa- tion; Honor ' s Union; Homecoming; and CU Days Committees. LOUDIS, George A. — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Buff Ski Club. LUBBEN, Martha J. — Arts and Sciences; Le Mars, Iowa. LUM, Harry E. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; In- stitute of Radio Engineers. LUSK, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Lake- wood, Colorado. Equestrian Club; Pi Beta Phi; Upperclass Wom- en ' s Dorm Council; Women ' s Physical Education Club. LUTZ, Jay E. — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. ASUC, Finance Commissioner; CU Days, Dance Chairman; BufT Pep Club, Flash Card Chairman; Election Commission; Homecoming Dance Com- mittee; IFC — Panhellenic Actions Board. Chair- man; IFC Rus h Chairman; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Delta, President; Sumalia. Third Row LYNCH, Robert— Business; Ordway, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi. MACKIE, James B.— Mechanical Engi- neering; Redwood City, California. ASME; Concert Band. MacPHERSON, Jean— .4rts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Homecoming Publicity Committee, ' 50; Treasurer, Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Gamma Alpha Chi. MADDOX, C. E. — Engineering; West Frankfort, Illinois. ASCE; Buff Ski Club. Fourth Row MAES, John — Business; Green Bay, Wis- consin. " 23 " Club; Newman Club. MALDONADO, Francisco— 4rfs and Sci- ences; Brownville, Tex s. Varsity Baseball, ' 49- ' 50; C Club; Future Teachers Association; Physical Education Club; Newman Club; Dorm Student Council; Treasurer, Texas Club. MALESOVICH, Joe— Arts and Sciences; Walsenburg, Colorado. Viking Club; President, Independent Student As- sociation; Chairman, Crusade for Freedom; Trea- surer, Human Rights Commission, Dorm Advisor ' 48, " 50; CU Days High School Welcoming Com- mittee, Chairman, ' 50; Chairman, Political Affairs Week. MALTZ, V ee—Arts and Sciences; Wil- mette, Illinois. Sigma Delta Tau; Basketball Club; Coloradan Sports Staff; CU Days, Women ' s field events com- mittee ' 49; Hillel; Chairman. Women ' s field events Homecoming ' 50; WAA; Physical Education Club. MARSHALL, Edithellen— i4rts and Sci- ences; La Porte, Indiana. Zeta Tau Alpha; Future Teachers of America; Ski Club; National Education Association; Colorado Education Association. MARSHALL, H. George — Engineering and Business; Peoria, Illinois. Sigma Chi; ASCE; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon. MARCHICK, Herbert H.—Arts and Sci- ences; San Jose, California. Phi Epsilon Phi; Silver and Gold; CU Days Com- mittee; Homecoming Committee; Pre-Law Club; Pep Club; Interrelations Club; Dodo; Window, MARCHIORI, Rosalie— Irts and Sciences; Walsenburg, Colorado. AWS House of Representatives; AWS Judiciary Court; Careers Conference; CU Days Committee; Future Teachers of America ; Leadership Work- shop Committee; Secretary, Northwest Hall; Sen- ior Week Committee; Ski Club; WAA; Winter Carnival Committee. PHILIP DUFFORD Phil Dufford, an outstanding member of law school, led his class last year with a 2.5 grade average. He was elected president of the law school student body, he is on the Board of Editors of the Rocky Mountain Law Review, is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, and the honor code council. He has also participated in the Buff Show and is a member of Beta Theta Pi. Fmh Row MARTIN, Jo - An — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. University Women ' s Club; Pi Lambda Theta; CU Days; Club First Nighter; Religion in Life Week Committee; Phi Alpha Theta; YWCA. MARTIN, Warren — Business; Joes, Colo- rado. Academic Affairs. Assistant Chairman; Bonhomme Club President; Careers Conference Chairman; C Book Committee; ISA Council; NSA Scholarship Chairman, Buff Pep Club. MASUI, Robert — Pharmacy; Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii Club; Jr. A Ph A. MAUREK, C a r o 1 — Arts and Sciences; Clinton, Iowa. President. Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic. MAY, Mavy Jane — Arts and Sciences; New Athens, Illinois. Kappa Delta. Secretary; Future Teachers Associa- tion; Buff Ski Club. MAYERS, E d g a r — Business; Portland, Oregon. MAYO, Howard R. — Pharmacy ; Lake Charles, Louisiana. American Pharmaceutical Association. McCarthy, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Independent Student Association; Pep Club; Val- kyrie; Kappa Phi; Freshman Dorm Council; Upper Class Dorm Council; Club First Nighter committee ' 49. SMh Row McCELLAN, Dorothy Anita — Arts and Sciences; Eads, Colorado. Alpha Delta Theta. McDonald, Lois J. — Arts and Sciences; Duluth, Minnesota. Gamma Alpha Chi. McDonald, Martha — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi; Buff Pep Club, Homecoming Committee ' 49; Buff Ski Club; Winter Carnival Committee ' 50. McDONOUGH, Gilbert L.—Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honors Union; Buff Pep Club. McGARVEY, Billie J. — Civil Engineering; San Antonio, Texas. McGREEVY, Rita — Arts and Sciences; Ackley, Iowa. Festival Chorus; Newman Club. McGUIRE, John R. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. C Club; FTA; ISA; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Wrestling; Vice President, Physical Education Club. McMANIS, J. F. — Engineering; Santa Monica, California. ASME; President, Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; SAE. Seventh Row McMARTIN, Nancy — Arts and Sciences; Winnetka, Illinois. ASUC Women ' s Welfare Commissioner; AWS House of Representatives; AWS Senate; Campus Chest Committee; Co-Chairman of Careers Con- ference; CU Days Committees; CU Days General Secretary; Hespcria; Homecoming Committees; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Pacesetter; Pi Gamma Mu; Silver and Gold Secretary; Spur; WAA Board. McNEES, Harry E. — Music; Salt Lake City, Utah. Kappa Kappa Psi; Music School Council: Phi Mu Alpha; President, University of Colorado Band; Vikings Club. McQUARRIE, Nanon I. — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Campus Chest; CU Days Committee; Intramurals; Pi Beta Phi; Ski Club; Social Chairman Regent Hall; YWCA; University Women ' s Club; Spirit and Morale Committee. McVEY, Hal — Arts and Sciences; Emporia, MEAD, Elizabeth Studwell — Arts and Sci- ences; Hartsdale, New York. Careers Conference; Dorm Publicity Manager; Winter Carnival Program; Ski Club Program; AWS Activities Board. MEHOS, Bill — Arts and Sciences; Salida, Colorado. AED ; Cosmo Club ; CU Days Committee ; Home- coming Committee; Honors Union; Intramural Handball Champion; Pep Club; Phi Kappa Tau; Winter Carnival. MEHTA, Himatlal — Pharmacy; Bombay, India. MEIKLEJOHN, Julia Mae— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Buff Ski Club; Equestrian Club; FTA. Eighth Row MELBYE, Don — Law; Denver, Colorado. Dorm Athletic Director; Student Bar Association: Winter Carnival Program and Awards Committee; Young Republicans. MELVILLE, Ann Louise — Arts and Sci- ences; La Junta, Colorado. AWS Independent Women ' s Representative; Band; Hesperia; Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Pi Lambda Theta; Spur; Treasurer, ISA; Treasurer, Tau Beta Sigma; Westminster Foundation; Wom- en ' s Club. MENAGE, Leo T. — i4r(s and Sciences; Rock Rapids, Iowa. Geography Club; Intramurals; Tau Kappa Epsilon President. MICHAELSON, Richar D.—Arts and Sci- ences; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Alumni Welcoming Committee, Homecoming; Buff Pep Club; Buff Pep Club Senate; Ice Skating Rink Ticket Sales Committee; Parade Committee, Home- coming; Pep Rally Chairman; Phi Kappa Tau; Silver and Gold Staff; Window Business Staff; Winter Carnival Ticket Sales. MIKKELSON, Bette Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota. Cheerleader; Homecoming Publicity Committee; Pep Club; Silver and Gold Reporter ; Social Chair- man. UWRH; Winter Carnival Publicity Com- mittee. MILLARD, Janet — Arts and Sciences; Newtonville, Massachusetts. Alfra; Buff Ski Club: Canterbury Club; University Women ' s Club. MILLER, Donald E arl — Engineering; Vassar, Michigan. Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: AIEE. MILLER, Myron J. — Engineering-Busi- ness; Boulder, Colorado. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Chairman. 63 flrtt Row MILLS, Marcia — Arts and Sciences; River Forest, Illinois. MINER, Nancy Burgi — Arts and Sciences; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kappa Alpha Thcta. MITCHELL, Eugene D. — Engineering; Elmwood Park, Illinois. ASME; Intramurals: MES: Pi Kappa Alpha: MITSURU, Nakai — Engineering; Manitou Springs, Colorado. MOE, Thomas S. — Arts and Sciences; Las Animas. Colorado. Colorado University Band; Intramurals; Psi Chi. MOLES, D a V i d — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Concert Band; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau. MOLIDOR, Ruth— Arts and Sciences; Libertyville, Illinois. AWS Vaudeville; Campus Chest; Chi Omega; CU Days; Dodo; Equestrian Club; Homecoming; Intra- murals; Newman Club; Silver and Gold; WAA. MONACO, Elmer V. — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. AIEE. Second Row MOORE, Barbara — Arts and Sciences: Lafayette, Colorado. MOORE, Richard D.—Arts and Sciences: McComb, Ohio. Little Theater; Players ' Club. , MOREAU, D a 11 a s— Pharmacy; Vinton, Louisiana. A PA. MOREAU, Ruth— 4rfs and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Alfra; Buff Pep Club; Campus Chest; Delta Phi Alpha; FTA ; Gamma Delta; ISA Council; Home- coming: Pi Lambda Theta ; University Women ' s Club; Winter Carnival. MORRIS, L. Rae— .4rts: and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Senate Committee: President, Pi Lambda Theta; Vaudeville; Vice President. Pi Beta Phi. ' MORRIS, Roy W.— Business; Denver, ' . Colorado. Delta Tau Delta. i MORRISEY, Allan E.— Engineering; Weymouth, Massachusetts. I ASME; ISA Chorus; MES; Phi Tau Sigma. MORROW, Mary— i4rts and Sciences; Ar- lington Heights, Illinois. Dorm Counselor; Hiking Club; Honors Union: Psi Chi Treasurer; Pep Club; Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. Third Row MORTON, Jack Allen— Engineering; Port Arthur, Texas. Architectural Forum; ASCE. MOSBAUGH, Donna — ilfus c; Billings, Montana. MOTOYAMA, William H.— Pharmacy ; Arvada, Colorado. Jr. A Ph A; Vikings. MOULTON, Wilson C— Pharmacy; Den- ver, Colorado. Acacia Secretary; CU Days Alumni Welcoming Committee; Jr. American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. fourth Row MUIRHEAD, J o y c e— Afus; " c; Dresden, Kansas. Band; Festival Chorus. MULVIHILL, John — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Chi Psi; CU Days Publicity Committee; Dodo; Hiking Club; Homecoming Welcoming Committee: Pep Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Ski Club; Winter Carnival Business Committee. MUNRO, Charles A.— Business; Grand Junction, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega. MUNSON, Janet— i4rfs and Sciences: San Francisco, California. Alpha Omicron Pi Social Chairman; Intramurals; NSA; Porpoise; Ski Club; WAA; Winter Carnival Committee; YWCA. MURPHY, Leo C. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. MURPHY, Marian F.— i4rts and Sciences; De Kalb, Illinois. Alpha Omicron Pi House Manager; AWS Commit- tee: Home Economics; Porpoise. MURRAY, Violet — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Chi Omega; Dodo; Silver and Gold; Student Alumni Association; Pep Club Membership Com- mittee; Vaudeville Committee: WAA. MYERS, Jack E.— Business; New Orleans, Louisiana. F ffh Row NAKAI, A k i d a — Engineering ; Manitou Springs, Colorado. PATRICIA HATCHER In her four years here, Pat has earned recognition in many aspects of campus life. She has been active on the AWS Senate and the Coloiadan staff and is a member of Spur, Hesperia, and Mortar Board. She has been president of Alpha Omicron Pi and Panhel- lenic Standards Chairman. Enthusiastic interest in all that she does is characteristic of Pat. NAKAOKA, Robert — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. NASH, Don — Engineering; Highland Park, Illinois. Architectural Forum; Buff Pep Club; CU Days, Men ' s Field Events; Engineer Ball, Decoration Committee; ASUC; Alpha Tau Omega, President; IFC Executive Board: Intramurals; Greek All-Star Football Team; Homecoming Committee. NEAL, Robert — Journalism; Portland, Oregon. Sigma Nu. NEDBERG, Sverre K.— Business; Dram- men, Norway. Delta Sigma Pi: Buff Ski Club, Instructor; ISA. NEISLER, R. lA..— Engineering ; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers. NELSON, Glenn .—Engineering; Long- mont, Colorado. Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Phi Omega: Buff Pep Club; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Men ' s Glee Club. NELSON, James H. — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Sixth Row NELSON, Karen— Irfs and Sciences; Vi- roqua, Wisconsin. Chi Omega; Buff Ski Club; Delta Phi Delta; International Relations; National Student Associa- tion. NEPP, Donald L.— Engineering; Lake Wilson, Minnesota. NEUSCHAEFER, William Henry— Engi- neering and Business; Wheatridge, Colo- rado. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; NSA; Homecoming; and Winter Carnival Committees. NEWMARCH, George A.— Arts and Sci- ences; Louviers, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Rifle Club. NICHOLS, Frank L.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta. NICHOLS, Ray— Engineering; Lynn, Massachusetts. Alpha Sigma Phi; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi: American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Colo- rado Engineer Scholarship Award; Eta Kappa Nu. NICHOLLS, Robert L —Engineering; Kenesaw, Nebraska. American Society of Civil Engineers; Sigma Tau. NICKERSON, Charles V .—Arts and Sci- ences: Colorado Springs, Colorado. United States Naval Reserve. Sevenfh Row NINNEMAN, Arthur V).— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. NITTLER, Ralph L.— Engineering; Gree- ley, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Intra- murals. NOGG, Donald — Arts and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. Zeta Beta Tau. NOTT, Beulah B.— Nursing; Freeport, Il- linois. Cosmopolitan Club. OBLAK, William M.— Engineering ; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Me- chanical Engineering Society; Pi Tau Sigma; Sig- ma Tau; Society of Automotive Engineers. O ' Brien, Arthur W. — Pharmacy ; Wilming- ton, Delaware. O ' Brien, Thomas J. — Engineering; Ne- koma, Kansas. American Society of Civil Engineers; Newman Club. OLIVER, Robert R . — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. Theta Xi. Eigflfh Row OLIVEIRA de, Leao G.— Engineering ; Lisbon, Portugal. O ' NEILL, Donald L. — Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. OPIE, Donald S.— Business; Denver, Colo- rado. ORR, Betty Ann — Arts and Sciences; Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Delta Delta Delta; Geography Club; WAA. ORR DUNCAN H. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President; Alpha Chi Sig- ma; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Treasurer; Buff Pep Club; CU Days Shows; En- gineer ' s Apple Fest; Engineers ' Ball Committee; Phi Lambda Upsilon, President; Pi Mu Epsilon. OSTWALD, L. Timothy— £ng ' neer; ' ng; BayHeld, Colorado. Amateur Radio Club; IRA; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. OTT, Elmer P. L.— Engineering; Jeffer- son City, Missouri. OTTO, Betty Jo — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Chi Omega; Dodo; Junior Panhellenic; Buff Ski Club; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. 65 ffTv p m 66 First Row OTOOLE, James .—Business; Sterling, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi : Delta Sigma Phi. CARLIN, Paige — A rts and Sciences; Wiley, Colorado. Kappa Tau Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Religion in Life Week, Vice Chairman; Re- ligious Workers Association; Viking Club; Wesley Foundation: ISA Council. PALSGROVE, John H.—Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Nu. PANNELL, Calvin E.—Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; FTA. PAQUETTE, Walter J.— Engineering; Nathrop, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi E; Sig- ma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. PARKER, James E. — Engineering; Pueblo, Colorado. Alpha Sigma Phi; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Intramurals. PEACOCK, Prudence— Irfs and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. PEACOCK, James HoUis— Engineering; Janesville, Wisconsin. Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramurals. Second Row PEARL, Philip R. — Engineering; Colorado. Denver, American Society of Civil Engineering; Air Na- tional Guard; Ice Hockey Club; Intramurals; Pep Club. PENFIELD, ALVIN Vf.— Engineering; Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. IRE; ROA. PENNEY, Frank A.— Arts and Sciences; Grand Lake, Colorado. CU Ski Team ' 48; Buff Ski Club ' 47; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Buff Pep Club. PERI MAN, Jane O ' Dell— i4rts and Sci- ences; Lamar, Colorado. Associated Students of the University of Colorado; Ex-ofiicio from Independent Students Association; Dorm: Hall ASUC Representative; Hall Vice- President; Homecoming: Chairman of Alumni Tea Committee ISA; Election Committee: Executive Council: Sophomore Representative; Student- Alumni Association; Chairman for Special Events; Executive Committee. PERIMAN, Kenneth l.—Arts and Sci- ences; Durango, Colorado. Artist Series: Publicity; Dramatics: Honors Union; Intramurals; Laboratory Theater; Macky Stage Committee: Orchestra; Band: CU Days: Chairman of Buff Show; Pro-Chairman of Buff Show; Dodo: Editor-in-Chief; Copy Editor; Ex- change Editor; Winter Carnival: Assistant Chair- man of Men ' s Show. PERINO, Willis F.— Engineering; Du- rango, Colorado. Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers. PERKINS, George— Business; Wilmette, Illinois. Interfraternity Council. PERLMUTTER, Roslyn— Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. AWS Vaudeville. " 50; Buff Show. ' 50: CU Days, " 49 ' 50 Song Fest Committee; Dorm Officer, ' 47 ' 50; Greek Combine, ' 49 ' 50; Homecoming, ' 48 ' 49 Business Committee; Intramurals; Panhellenic Board, ' 50; WAA, ' 47 ' 50; Buff Pep Club. Third Row PERRIGO, Jean — i4rfs and Sciences; Highland Park, Illinois. Laboratory Theater; Players Club; Religion in Life Week, ' 50. PETERSON, Charles L.— OV 7 Engineer- ing; Great Falls, Mont. American Society of Civil Engineering. PETERSON, Douglas P 1 a 1 1— .4r(s and Sciences; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Interfraternity Council. PETERSON, Nancy W.—Arts and Sci- ences; Akron, Ohio. Camera Club; Equestrian Club; Geography Club. fourfli Row PETERSON, Polly— Arts and Sciences; Loveland, Colorado. Mortar Board; President of AWS; President YW CA: Spur; Homecoming; CU Days Committees. PETERSON, Robert K. — Engineering; Tabernash, Colorado. Equestrian Club Secretary; Independent Students Association Coun cil; Pi Mu Epsilon; Reeves; Sig- ma Pi Sigma Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; Viking Club Secretary. PHELAN, Joseph ¥.— Journalism; Elm- hurst, L. I., New York. Silver and Gold. PHENIX, Eleanor V .—Arts and Sciences; Yonkers, New York. PHILLIPS, Gordon G.— Business; Boise, Idaho. PHILLIPS, Mary Frances — Business; Borger, Texas. Beta Sigma; House of Representatives. PHIPPS, Erlene May — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Newman Club. PHRANER, Mary A.— .4rts and Sciences; Brooklyn, New York. Canterbury Club; Religion in Life Week ' 51, Pub- licity. Fl»h Row PICCOLI, Joseph G.— Business; Durango, Colorado. Intramural Basketball, Football and Softball. PEIRSON, Roy Allen— Business; Joliet, Illinois. CAROLYN HOWE This last year Carolyn has held the important job of being president of the YWCA. She has been quite active in counseling work, too, as is evidenced by the fact that she was president of the dorm counselors when she was a sophomore, and she was Student Di- rector of Bigelow Hall when she was a junior. Caro- lyn has been a member of various AWS Committees, Pi Mu Epsilon, and other campus organizations; and she has been honored by Spur, Hesperia, and Mortar Board for her outstanding work. PIKE, Robert H.— Business; Fort Collins, Colorado. Baseball; Football; Freshman Basketball; High School Welcoming Committee, CU Days; Phi Ep- silon Phi; Student Government, Dormitory; Wrest- ling. PITA, Fred — Engineering; Paterson, New Jersey. American Institute of Chemical Engineering. PLANT, James A. — Electrical Engineering and Management; Bloomfield Hills, Michi- gan. AIEE; Alpha Tau Omega; Boulder Ski Patrol; Buff Ski Club; Buff Ski Club Membership Chair- man and Treasurer: CU Days Carnival Committee: Engine Ball Decoration Committee: Eta Kappa Nu; Homecoming Committee; Men ' s Residence Halls Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma. POLING, Shirley J. — Arts and Sciences; Estes Park, Colorado. ASUC Sub-committee: AWS Orientations; Campus Chest Commander; Dodo; Dorm Senior Director; Kappa Delta; Tau Delta. PORTER, Richard L.— Engineering ; Pueblo, Colorado. ASCE; Chi Epsilon. POTARF, Ernest B.— i4rts and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. Intramural Sports; ISA Council; Pep Club; Presi- dent of Dorm A-2. Sixth Row POTOCHNIK, Molly— i4rts and Sciences; Rock Springs, Wyoming. ASUC Women ' s Welfare Committee; AWS Activi- ties Committee; AWS Orientations Committee; AWS House of Representatives; AWS Senate; Campus Chest; Dormitory Counselor; Dormitory President; Hesperia Secretary: Honors Union; Homecoming Committees; Mortar Board; Pep Club: Phi Sigma Secretary; Pi Lambda Theta; Religion in Life Week; Sigma Epsilon Sigma President; Spur Secretary; University Women ' s Club President. POTTORF, Fred D. Jr.— i4rts and Sci- ences; Kremmling, Colorado. Silver and Gold Reporter, Copy Reader, Rewrite Man; Sigma Delta Chi Treasurer; Westminster Fellowship. POWELL, Jack G.— Business; Las Ani- mas, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramural Board; Ticket Sales Manager. PRATT, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Home Economics Club; Pep Club: Ski Club. PRENZLOW, Carl Frederick— Irfs and Sciences; Englewood, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta President; Phi Lambda Up- silon; Phi Beta Kappa. PRESCOTT, Ann Margaret— i4rts and Sci- ences; North Muskegan, Michigan. Alpha Phi; Pep Club. PRINZING, Josef Fredric— 4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. APO: Campus Chest; CU Days; Phi Kappa Psi; Winter Carnival. PROCTOR, Jeanne— Business; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cosmopolitan Club; Floor Representative; House President; Intramurals; Judiciary Court; Scholar- ship Chairman, UCWRH; 23 Club; Women ' s Club; YWCA. Seventh Row PUETT, Nancy — Arts and Sciences; Fort Morgan, Colorado. Alpha Phi. PUNCHES, Richard G.—Arts and Sci- ences; Wymore, Nebraska. Football; Phi Gamma Delta; Residence Halls Counselor. PYLE, Harold V n r d— Engineering ; Boulder, Colorado. AIEE; Colorado Engineer: Eta Kappa Nu. QUICK, Gloria — i4rts and Sciences; Hav- ertown, Pennsylvania. YWCA. RADICHEL, Joyce — Arts and Sciences; Mankato, Minnesota. Alpha Phi; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Home- coming Queen Committee; Intramurals; Tau Delta; WAA; YWCA. RANK, JOHN BRADLEY— Engineering; Trinidad, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Dorm Coun- cil Representative. RANSOM, Dick — Engineering and Busi- ness; Phoenix, Arizona. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Canter- bury Club, Vice-President; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sig- ma Nu, Vice-President; Winter Carnival, Assistant General Chairman. RASO, Augie — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Kappa Sigma; Varsity Track. Eighth Row RAWSON, Marion E. — i4rts and Sciences; Seattle, Washington. READY, Richard Thomas — Engineering and Business; Berkeley, California. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Varsity Swim- ming, Captain. REECE, John D. — Engineering; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Architectural Forum; Freshmen Football and Basketball; C Club; Varsity Football; Sigma Nu. REED, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Homecoming; Silver and Gold; University Wom- en ' s Club. REED, William H. — Arts and Sciences; Loveland, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta: Men ' s Residence Halls, Assis- tant Counselor: All Male Show; Football; Silver and Gold; Track. REICH, Beatrice — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. REICH, John Harold — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Theta Pi; Buff Pep Club; Campus Chest; CU Days: Displaced Students Chairman; Homecoming; National Students ' As- sociation, Executive Council; Newman Club. REICHSTEIN, Donald Lee— i4rts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. Future Teachers of America: Men ' s Glee Club; Religion in Life Week; Roger Williams Fellowship, President; Winter Carnival. REIMAN, Carolyn G.- Rye, Colorado. -i4rfs and Sciences; 67 FIrtt Row RETHLEFSEN, Frank— i4rts and Sci- ences; MoHrovia, California. Delta Tau Delta, Vice-President. RICE, Beverly — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Chi Omega: CU Days; Dodo, Publicity Manager; Homecoming: United Nations ' Week, Publicity; Winter Carnival. ROTHMAN, Bertram Brooklyn, New York. J. — Pharmacy ; RICE, Leo B.— Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Carnival. Business; Englewood, Buff Pep Club: Winter RICHARD, Gene — Business; Brush, Colo- rado. Campus Chest: Colorado Engineer; Delta Sigma Pi: Engineers ' Day; Pi Kappa Alpha; Star and Sextant. RICHARDS, Patricia Jean— .4rts and Sci- ences; Englewood, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta. RICHARDSON, Marcus R.—Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. RICHMAN, Russ— Engineering ; Welling- ton, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma: American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Combined Engineers Council; Phi Kap- pa Tau; Sigma Tau: Window; Winter Carnival, All Men ' s Show. RICORD, George O. — Engineering and Business; Eaton, Colorado. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Intramurals; Two-Bit Lunch Club. Second Row RIECHERS, Bernard G e n e— Business ; Hillrose, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi, Charter Member; Club First Nightcr, Publicity : Intramurals; Phi Kappa Psi. RIESEN, Barbara Lou — Arts and Sciences; Wichita Falls, Texas. Delta Delta Delta; Future Teachers Association: International Relations Club; Texas Club. RIGGS, Nancy Belle — Arts and Sciences; Highland Park, Illinois. Alpha Phi; Christian Science Organization; Colo- radan; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; WAA ; YW CA. RINNE, Olive M. — Arts and Sciences; Ar- lington, Virginia. Coloradan; CU Days, Song Fest Carnival; Fresh- man Dorm. Counselor; Hiking Club; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club; Intramurals: Buff Ski Club. ROBERTSON, Charles EWis— Business; Amarillo, Tex. Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Window. ROBINSON, Philip T).— Business; Moline, Illinois. Phi Gamma Delta. RODENKIRCH, Mathew K.— Engineering and Business; Chicago, Illinois. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Trea- surer: Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer: Chi Psi; Buff Ski Club; Equestrian Club; Intramurals. ROELKER, James K.— Engineering; Do- lores, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu. Third Row ROGERS, Alfred Hal— Business; Dolores, Colorado. ROMINGER, Jack R.— Engineering; Del Norte, Colorado. ROQUET, Jerry A. — Engineering, Morrill, Nebraska. Acacia: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Secretary: Buff Pep Club. ROSE, Lou Anna — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Chi Omega; Coloradan; Dodo; Buff Ski Club. Foorfh Row ROSS, Betsy — Arts and Sciences; Los An- geles, California. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma: WAA; YWCA. ROSS, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; Delta Gamma: Intramurals; AWS Vaudeville. ROSS, Richard H. — Arts and Sciences; Peetz, Colorado. Dormitory Choir; Club First Nighter, Finance Committee: Men ' s Welfare Committee; Phi Kappa Psi; CU Days, Safety Chairman. Buff Pep Club; Jr. American Pharmaceutical As- sociation; Coloradan; C Book; Crime Conference; Hillel; Law Conference; NSA; Student Zionist; Winter Carnival, ROZA DE LA, Cathren Ann— Arts and Sciences; Pacific Grove, California. Buff Pep Club; California Club; Canterbury Club: Careers Conference; Buff Ski Club; Coloradan, Publicity; Homecoming: International Relations: Kappa Delta; Senior Week; Winter Carnival; University Women ' s Club; Young Republican Club. RUBLY, Richard V. — Engineering; Pasa- dena, California. Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical En- gineers ' Society. RUDICH, Richard — Engineering ; Chicago, Illinois. Phi Sigma Delta. RUEB, Manette — Arts and Sciences; St. Francis, Kansas. Silver and Gold, Finance Manager; Religion in Life Week: Student Memorial Board; University Women ' s Club Council; Home Economics Club. BETTY LESLIE During her four years here Betty has been chosen as a member of Spur, Hesperia, and Mortar Board. A music major, Betty has been very active in the Mod- ern Choir, the University Choir, the Associated Organ Guild, and Sigma Alpha Iota. In addition to all of these activities she has held various positions in the Roger Williams Fellowship. FUth Row RUEGG, Thomas L. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma: Coloradan: Cheerleader; University Band; University Theater. RUMBLE, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Al- buquerque, New Mexico. Buff Pep Club; CU Days: Homecoming, Student Judge: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Silver and Gold: WAA; Winter Carnival. RUMSEY, Dick— 4rts and Sciences; St. Anthony, Idaho. Alpha Tau Omega; Buff Pep Club; Freshman Foot- ball; Homecoming; Phi Epsilon Phi. RUPP, Barbara Ann — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Pi Beta Phi. RUSH, Robert P. — Arts and Sciences; Salida, Colorado. Phi Delta Theta. RUSH, William C. — Arts and Sciences; Salida, Colorado. Phi Delta Theta; Intramurals; Silver and Gold. RUSSELL, Arthur Lewis — Engineering; Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lambda Chi Alpha. RUSSELL, Glen— i4rts and Sciences; Chi- cago, Illinois. Free Lance; Sigma Delta Chi; Wesley Foundation. Sfith Row RYMILL, Walter L. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. SANDERS, Raymond I,.— Engineering and Business; Berwyn, Illinois. , ' 2 " ' 5i ' J° ' ' ' 5 ' ° Mechanical Engineers; ASH- VE; ASRE; Buff Pep Club; Campus Chest. SAPP, Genevieve Read — Nursing; Boulder Colorado. ' Nurse Majors Association; Silver and Gold; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. SAVAGE, Gerald J.— Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Nebraska. Equestrian Club; Newman Club. SCOTT, Kenneth E. — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. SCOTT, Martha Jane — Arts and Sciences; Little Rock, Arkansas. Alpha Chi Omega. SCOTT, Loren Paul — Business; Denver, Colorado. Dormitory Social Chairman: Intramurals; Inter- church Council, Secretary; Christian Youth Fellow- ship, President. SCHIFFERS, Lois Ann— rfs and Sci- ences; Evanston, Illinois. Alpha Phi; AWS Publicity Committee; Intra- murals. Seventh Row SCHNEIDER, Patricia ].—Arts and Sci- ences; Glen Ellya, Illinois. Buff Ski Club; YWCA; WAA; University Wom- en ' s Club. SCHLATER, Kenneth William— Sus ness; Hillrose, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi; Acacia; Intramurals. SCHLUTIUS, Barbara— PAarmacy; Kirk- wood, Missouri. Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association, Secre- tary ; Coloradon ; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha Theta: Rx Club; YWCA. SCHMALZ, Theodore R. — Engineering; St. Petersburgh, Florida. SCHNEIDER, Keneth Charles— Engineer- ing; Ellinwood, Kansas. American Institute of Chemical Engineers: ARO- TC; Viking Club. SCHNEIDER, N o r m a n— B u s n e ss ; Boulder, Colorado. SHOENECK, Lois B.—Arts and Sciences; Kenilworth, Illinois. Future Teachers of America; Homecoming Public- ity Committee; Buff-Illini Club: Buff Pep Club; YWCA; Zeta Tau Alpha President, Vice-President. SCHULLER, Frances — Arts and Sciences; Wilmette, Illinois. CU Days. Special Events Comm. ; Future Teachers of America: Homecoming, Publicity; AWS House of Representatives; Housing Committee; Buff Pep Club; Illinois Club: YWCA; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, Vice-President, eighth Row SCHULMAN, Martin— PAarmacy; Brook- lyn, New York. SCHULTZ, George Carl — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Associ- ated Engineers. SCHULTZ, John H. — Arts and Sciences; Englewood, Colorado. CU Days; Delta Phi Alpha; Dorm. Council; Penta- gon Club: Varsity Gymnastics; Viking Club. SCHURE, John F.— Business; Boulder, Colorado. SCHWARTZ, Fred W.— Engineering; New York City, New York. Hillel; ISA; American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. SCHWARTZ, Glenn Arthur— 4rts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Alpha Delta Sigma; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Pre-Law Club; Dodo; Associated Students of Col- lege of Journalism; CU Days Buff Show; Univer- sity Radio Guild; Buff Illini Club. SCRIBNER, Kenneth J. — Engineering; San Diego, California. Engineers ' Apple Fest Committee; American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers; Homecoming Queen Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha. SEAMAN, Joan — Arts and Sciences; Love- land, Colorado. Alpha Phi; Buff Pep Club; CU Days; Homecom- ing; YWCA. 69 70 first Row SECCOMBE, James C, Jr.— Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Homecoming; Phi Gamma Delta; Winter Carnival, Field Events; Varsity Ski Team. SEEBASS, N a n c y—Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Alpha Phi; AWS Activities Night; Buff Pep Club. Membership Committee; CU Days, Distribution; Homecoming, Float Parade. SEIFERT, Walter Frank— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. SEIFERT, William C— Engineering; Den- ver, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. SHANSTROM, Robert L.— Business; Fort Collins, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi : Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Iota; Sigma Nu. SHAPSON, H. Bernard— Z,aw; Milv?aukee, Wisconsin. Ave. Chairman; Cosmopolitan Club; Festival Chorus, Board of Directors; Hiltel; Intercollegiate Forensics; Legal Aid Clinic: Rocky Mountain Law Review. Board of Editors; Speaker ' s Congress; Student Zionists, Chairman; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; University Choir; Young Democrats. SHATTUCK, John Branson— Law and Business; Trinidad, Colorado. ASUC Public Relations Commissioner; CU Days, Publicity Co-chairman; Delta Sigma Pi, President; Delta Tau Delta; Heart and Dagger; Sumalia. SHAW, Fanny — Arts and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. Buff Pep Club; Coloradan, Publicity Committee; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row SHEAFF, Howard Marchus — Engineering; Oak Park, Illinois. SHEARER, Jan— PAarmacy; Hebron, Buff Pep ' Club; Buff Ski Club; Coloradan; CU Days Show; Homecoming; Jr. American Pharma- ceutical Association; Rho Chi; University Wom- en ' s Club; WAA; Women ' s Intramurals; Religion in Life Week. SHEARER, Walter V .— Business; Ham- mond, Indiana. Campus Chest; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha. SHEFSTEAD, Holmes M.—Arts and Sci- ences; Craig, Colorado. Future Teachers of America; Combine; Tau Kappa Epsilon. SHENEFELT, Sandra— i4rts and Sciences; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Coloradan; Dodo; Homecoming; Kappa Alpha Theta; Winter Carnival; YWCA, Chairman. SHENEKJI, Anthony George — Engineer- ing; Paterson, New Jersey. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Intra- murals; ISA; Newman Club. SHEPPARD, Rex — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. ASUC, Commissioner of Athletics; C Club, Vice- President; Etta Kappa Nu; Heart and Dagger; Kappa Sigma; Men ' s Residence Halls, Ass ' t Coun- selor; Sigma Tau; Sumalia; Tau Beta Pi; Wrest- ling Team. SHEPPARD, John Robert — Engineering; Monte Vista, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon; Combined Engineers; Viking Club, Secretary; Westminster Fell owship, President. Tk rd Row SHERIDAN, Vincent G. — Engineering; Leeds, New York. SHERMAN, John W.ix— Business; Ovid, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Newman Club; Viking Club. SHESTAK, Ted— i4rfs and Sciences; Gary, Indiana. Alpha Delta Sigma; Artist Series, Publicity; AS- UC Public Relations Committee; Buff Council; Coloradan, Sales Manager; Student Advisor; Alpha Tau Omega. SHIPLEY, Howard O.— Business; Paris, Illinois. Alpha Phi Omega, Historian; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice-President. Fourth Row SIEGEL, Alice — Arts and Sciences; Monee, Illinois. University Women ' s Club. SIEMS, Mary Jane — Music; Boulder, Colorado. Phi Chi Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; University String and Symphony Orchestra; Westminster Fellowship. SILVERBERG, Fred— Business; Denver, Colorado. Campus Chest, General Chairman; CU Days; Homecoming; Phi Epsilon Phi; Senior Week; United Nation ' s Week; Zeta Beta Tau. SIMS, Thomas Rex — Business; Denver, Colorado. Campus Chest; Freshman Baseball; Men ' s Wel- fare Committee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Silver and Gold Distribution. SIMMONS, Richard M.—Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Musical Enterprises Inc. SIMMONS, Sadie Vee — Arts and Sciences; Jackson, Mississippi. Buff Pep Club; Coloradan; Dodo, Circulation Staff; Equestrian Club; Homecoming, Dance Comm. ; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club; Winter Carnival; Window; YWCA; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer. SLEDER, Harry K.—Business; Salina, Kansas. Pi Kappa Alpha. SLETTEN, Kenneth G.— Engineering ; Billings, Montana. American Society of Civil Engineers; Buff Pep Club; Intramurals; Star and Sextant, Vice-Presi- dent; Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman; Homecoming; Winter Carnival. JAY LUTZ Jay Lutz, ASUC Finance Commissioner, has been an active member of Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia, the Buff Pep Club, and the Campus Chest. Jay was president of the Phi Sigma Delta fraternity and has been chair- man of the Actions Board of IFC and Panhellenic. He has also served on the ASUC Spirit and Moral Commissions, UMC Central Planning Committee, and the Dunklee Award Committee. FIHh Row SMIGELOW, Eleanor R.—Arts and Sci- ences; Raton, New Mexico. Coloradan; Pi Beta Phi; WAA; YWCA. SMITH, Billie Joan — Arts and Sciences; Pierce, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club. SMITH, Glenn E. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Free Lance Club. SMITH, James Harold — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Student Grievance Commissioner; Chi Psi, Vice-President; Coloradan. Collections Manager, Publicity Manager; CU Days, Publicity; Greek Combine; Intramurals; Leadership Workshop; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Rifle Club. SMITH, Jerry L. — Business; Sioux City, Iowa. Beta Theta Pi, President: Inter-fraternity Council, President; Phi Epsilon Phi; Freshman Basketball; Freedom Crusade Committee; Homecoming, Alumni Committee; ASUC Finance Committee. SMITH, Patricia S. — Arts and Sciences; Golden, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; International Relations Club; Uni- versity Women ' s Club: YWCA. SMITH, Valerie — Arts and Sciences; Oak Park, Illinois. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club: Intramurals: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phi Alpha Theta; Stage Crew; WAA. SNIVEL Y, Sherman M.— Pharmacy; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association. Sixth Row SNYDER, Richard Andrew — Engineering; Fort Collins, Colorado. SOHL, Eugene Irving — Engineering; Boulder, Colorado. SPANGLER, Janice— Music; Walsh, Colo- rado. Zeta Tau Alpha. SPANNAUS, Audrey— i4rts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. AWS Vocations Committee; C Book; Careers Con- ference Chi Omega; Coloradan; Dodo; Homecom- ing; Buff Pep Club: Religion in Life Week; Silver and Gold; University Women ' s Club; Window; Winter Carnival. SPANYARD, Adrian— £n neer ng; Den- ver, Colorado. SPENCE, Shirley M a x i n e — ikrus c; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Mortar Board; Modern Choir; Music School Council; Opera; Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spur; University Choir; Uni- versity Women ' s Club; Song Fest; Varsity Nights; Westminster Fellowship. ST. CLAIR, Julia — Arts and Sciences; Port Washington, New York. Chi Omega; AWS, Activities Comm,; Coloradan, Class Section Editor: CU Days; Homecoming; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spur; Tau Beta Sigma; Mortar Board, Vice-President; University Marching and Concert Bands; University Orchestra; Winter Car- nival. STACK, Robert L. — Engineering; Walsen- burg, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Seventh Row STAILEY, E. Anne— rts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Kappa Gamma. STARBUCK, John G.— Engineering ; Den- ver, Colorado. Lambda Chi Alpha. STARK, John Edwin — Business; La Junta, Colorado. Phi Delta Theta. STARKOVICH, Robert I eRoy- Engi- neering; Williams, Arizona. Architectural Forum; American Society of Chemi- cal Engineers, Program Committee: Homecoming; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Kappa Alpha; ROTC. STASTNY, Everett E.— Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. CU Days; Dodo; Homecoming; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon: Silver and Gold. STATTON, James D. — Business; Limon, Colorado. Acacia; Alpha Phi Omega; Homecoming Queen Committee; Intramurals; Winter Carnival; Uni- versity Band. STEACH, Robert H. — Engineering; Stoys- town, Pennsylvania. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. STECKEL, Lenora Jane— i4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. AWS Senate; AWS Social Committee; AWS Treas- urer; Delta Gamma Dorm Counselor; Coloradan, Editor of Life at CU; Intramurals; Panhellenic Association, President; Spur; YWCA. Elahth Row STEIN, Geraldine — Arts and Sciences; Mason City, Iowa. Sigma Delta Tau. STEIN, Janet — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. ASUC Public Relations Committee: AWS Vaude- ville: Coloradan: CU Days; Dorm President of Harding; Future Teachers of America; Homecom- ing; House of Representatives; Intramurals; ISA, Secretary: Leadership Workshop; Phi Sigma; Re- ligion in Life Week; Spur; Tau Beta Sigma, Sec- retary; University Concert and Marching Band: Bandsman, Assistant Editor; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie: Winter Carnival. STEPHENS, Lionel Dale— Arts and Sci- ences; Akron, Ohio. Beta Sigma Tau; Future Teachers of America; National Vocational Guidance Association, CU Branch; World Federalists. STEPHENSON, Bud— rfs and Sciences; Enid, Oklahoma. Phi Delta Theta. STEVENS, Carl Jean— Business; Olathe, Colorado. STEVENS, Marilyn— i4rts and Sciences; Olathe, Colorado. STEVENS, Richard Bartlett— 4 r t s and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. C Club: Freshman Football; Silver and Gold, Ad- vertising Manager: Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Football; Winter Carnival. STINNETT, William Foley— Engineering and Business; Evergreen, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Vets- ville Council. 71 72 firs Row STONE, PAUL J.—Pbarmacy; C o r t e z, Colorado. Jr. American Pharmaceutical Association. STONEMAN, William R.— Engineering; Imperial, Nebraska. American Society of Chemical Engineers; Intra- murals. STOWE, John E.— Music; Penrose, Colo- rado. Bandsman, Editor; Music Education National Con- vention. Vice-President; Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice- President; Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary; University Concert Band and Orchestra. STREET, Virginia Lee Vipperman— Bus - ness; Pittsburg, California. Coloradan, Advertising; Beta Sigma, President; Gamma Alpha Chi, Corresponding Secretary; Val- kyrie. Vice-President. SUMOSKI, Alex Walter— Engineering; Berwyn, Illinois. Alpha Sigma Phi, President; Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Mu Epsilon; American Institute of Electrical En- gineers. SUPANCIC, James S.— Engineering; Pali- sade, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers. SUTTERLIN, Kenneth D.—Arts and Sci- ences; Trinidad, Colorado. SWAIN, Ross R. — Arts and Sciences; Creston, Iowa. Second Row SWANN, Barbara J. — Arts and Sciences; Dedham, Massachusetts. Beethoven Chamber Music Society; Dormitory Officer; Festival Chorus. SWART, Wilbur— 4r(s and Sciences; Dodge City, Kansas. Alpha Tau Omega; Coloradan; Delta Sigma Rho ; Senior Week; Student Alumni Association; Young Republican Club, President. SWIATOVIAK, Jack H.— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. TABLER, Donald C— Engineering; Long- mont, Colorado. AICE; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Sigma Tau. TANK, Wynona — Arts and Sciences; Boul- der, Colorado. TAPP, Bancroft — Arts and Sciences; Kan- sas City, Missouri. Delta Tau Delta; CU Days Publicity Committee; Homecoming Dance Committee. TAYLOR, Arthur C.—Arts and Sciences; Longmont, Colorado. ASUC Commissioner; ISA; Vikings; Young Demo- crats; Speakers Congress; Delta Sigma Rho; Re- ligion in Life Week Committee. TAYLOR, Eloise— Mus c; Alamosa, Colo- rado. Band; Panhellenic; Newman Club; Winter Carni- val Committee. Third Row TeGROTENHUIS, Paul— Arts and Sci- ences; Paonia, Colorado. Dormitory Choir; Dormitory Upper Class Advisor; Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club; Stu- dent Leadership Workshop. THOMAS, Betty Jean — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. THOMAS, Edward D.— Engineering; Canon City, Colorado. AIChE, Secretary, President: Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Tau, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon. THOMAS, Mary Lou— Music; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Beta Sigma; Festival Choir; University of Colorado Band. Fourth Row THOMAS, Spencer F. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. CU Days Committee; Future Teachers of America, President; ISA; Buff Ski Club; Vikings. THOMASON, Francis J.—Business; Strat- ton, Colorado. Alpha Kappa Psi. THOMPSON, Ralph J.—Business; How- ard, Kansas. Phi Kappa Tau; Careers Conference; Religion in Life Week Committee; United Nations Committee; Westminster Fellowship. [THOMSON, George R.— Engineering ; ' North Arlington, New Jersey. THOREN, Shirley— i4rfs and Sciences; Omaha, Nebraska. THORN, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Ar- vada, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega, Buff Pep Club. THORP, Robert K. — Journalism; Paxton, Nebraska. Phi, Kappa Psi; CU Days Publicity Committee; Dodo; Homecoming Publicity Committee; Luther Club; Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Religion in Life Week Committee; Silver and Gold Managing Editor; Window; Winter Carnival Publicity Com- mittee. THROCKMORTON, Robert W.—Arts and Sciences; Hutchinson, Kansas. ASUC Public Relations; CU Days Committee; University Men ' s Glee Club; Winter Carnival Committee. FIHh Row TIMBERLAKE, E. Wrenne— ourna ism ; Daytona Beach, Florida. Dodo; Silver and Gold; Sigma Delta Chi; Viking Club; Varsity Swimming. TIPTON, Gene K.— Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Acacia; Colorado Engineer; American Society of Civil Engineers. NATHAN NIELSEN Nate has proved his ability along journalistic lines as Editor-in-Chief of the Silver and Gold, and a mem- ber of Sigma Delta Chi. He became Editor-in-Chief after his positions of City, News, and Managing Editor. He was also delegate to the Associated Col- legiate Press Convention and Homecoming Publicity Chairman. Besides his journalistic abilities, Nate is secretary of Sumalia. TOBIAS, Ralph Wayne — Arts and Sci- ences; Berwyn, Illinois. CU Debate, Speaker ' s Congress; Council of Greek Students, Treasurer; Christian Science Organiza- tion, Reader; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Epsilon Phi; American Sociological Society; Sigma Chi, House Manager; ASUC, Men ' s Welfare Committee; Buff Pep Club, Vice-President; Star and Sextant. TODD, Edwin E. — Engineering; LaSalle, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; AIRE, TONORE, Patricia M. — Arts and Sciences; Los Lunas New Mexico. TOWER, Norma n — Business; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Kappa Sig- ma; Buff Ski Club. TRAVIS, John William— i4rts and Sci- ences; Havre, Montana. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Thcta Pi; Coloradan, Art; Dodo, Art; Maroon Key; Phi Scholastica. TRYBA, Ernest J.— Alpha Kappa Psi; Illini-Buff Club; Buff Ski Club. S xfh Row TURNQUIST, Helen Elaine— Irts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President; Calico and Boots; Coloradan, Collection Staff; CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Little Theater Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Silver and Gold; Spur, Editor and Convention Delegate; Win- ter Carnival Committee; YWCA, Cabinet and Phil- osophy Leader. TYMKOWYCH, John— PAarmacy; Den- ver, Colorado. Calico and Boots; Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. ULRICH, Stanley S.—Arts and Sciences; Rothsville, Pennsylvania. Coloradan; Assistant Counselor; Crusade for Free- dom; Dorm Council; Ethnic Minorities; University Memorial Center Board, Upper-class Advisor; Viking Club; Winter Carnival; Future Teachers of America. UNTIEDT, Carol Frances— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Chevy Chase, Maryland. CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Hesperia; Spur; WAA, UPTON, Mary — Business; Longmont, Colorado. Alfra; Kappa Phi; Buff Pep Club; University Women ' s Club; Wesley Foundation. VAHUE, L. Ray— Business; Amarillo. Texas. Delta Sigm a Pi; Phi Kappa Psi. VANCE, Alfred William— 4rts and Sci- ences; Enid, Oklahoma. Coloradan; CU Days Committee; Football; Home- coming, Men ' s Field Events; Buff Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Song Fest ; Star and Sextant; Winter Carnival, Men ' s Field Events. VAN DEREN, Wallace— Business; Grand Junction, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; CU Days, Show Participant; Hiking Club; Buff Pep Club; Homecoming, Publicity Com- mittee; Phi Delta Theta; Westminster Choir. Seventh Row VAN DUZEE, Pat— i4rts and Sciences; Montclair, New Jersey. Alpha Omicron Pi, House President and Recording Secretary; Calico and Boots, Secretary. VAN GUNDY, Donald A.— Engineering; Sterling, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Buff Ski Club; Engineers ' Apple Fest; Society of Auto- motive Engineers; Viking Club. VAN SCOY, Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Iota Epsilon Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Epsilon Sigma. VAVRA, James J. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Sumalia. VAWTER, Wallace R.— Business; Denver, Colorado. CU Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival Committee. VAYDA, Michael — Business; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Assistant Finance Commissioner; Men ' s Residence Hall Council; Song Fest; Speakers ' Congress; Spirit and Morale Committee. VEACH, Donna Lou — Arts and Sciences; Cortez, Colorado. Future Teachers of America; Intramurals; Univer- sity Women ' s Club. VENEKLASEN, Robert J.— Business; Barrington, Illinois. Efghfh Row VILLANO, Paul — i4rfs and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Gymnastics. VINCENT, James ¥L.— Pharmacy ; Yuma, Colorado. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association. VINCI, Philip J. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. VOORHEES, Lucien W. — Business; Twin Falls, Idaho. Acacia; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Speakers ' Congress; Young Republicans. WAGNER, Benjamin R. — Business; Ama- rillo, Texas. Sigma Chi. WADLEIGH, Ronald G.— Engineering; Monte Vista, Colorado. American Society of Refrigerating Engineers: Me- chanical Engineering Society; Young Republicans Club. WAGNER, Patricia Ann — Arts and Sci- ences; Hamilton, Ohio. AWS; Canterbury Club; Career Conference; Young Republican Club; YWCA. WAHLER, Joyce Benson — Arts and Sci- ences; Atlanta, Georgia. Alpha Delta Theta; Buff Ski Club; YWCA; PHT Degree. 73 74 Pint Row WAHLER, William Albert— Engineering ; Pasadena, California. American Society of Civil Engineers; American Concrete Institute; Buff Ski Club. WAITE, Mary Lou — Engineering; Ster- ling, Colorado. Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers; Colorado Engineer; Hiking Club; So- ciety of Women Student Architects and Engineers; Spur. WALKER, Franklin D.—Arts and Sci- ences; Erie, Colorado. Delta Phi Delta; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Honors Union; Dodo; C Book; University Choir; Modern Choir; Buff Pep Club; All Men ' s Show; UN Week; Opera; Buff Show. WALKER, Robert U.— Pharmacy; Ster- ling, Colorado. American Pharmaceutical Association. WALKLING, Charlotte Ann — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta. WALTER, James M. — Engineering; Mon- rovia, California. WALZ, Frank C. — Engineering ; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Buff Ski Club; Lambda Chi Alpha. WALTON, Monwell O.—Arts and Sci- ences; San Antonio, Texas. Sigma Chi; Spanish Club; International Relations Club; Homecoming, Dance Committee; Spanish Play; United States Propeller Club. Second Row WARREN, Katherine — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. WATTENBARGER, Corder W.—Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Festival Chorus; Religion in Life Week; West- minster Group. WATERS, Jane— Arts and Sciences; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Delta Gamma, President; Dorm Counselor; AWS, Social Committee; Panhellenic; Phi Sigma Iota; YWCA, Publicity Chairman. WEBER, John — Arts and Sciences; New York City, New York. Intramurals; Newman Club Choir; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. WEBER, Josephine Ann — Arts and Sci- ences; Wilson, Kansas. Buff Pep Club; Dorm Council; Newman Club; University Women ' s Club. WEBER, Marianne — Arts and Sciences; Hornell, New York. Newman Club; New Yorker Club. WEDDENDORF, Harry G.— Business ; Kansas City, Missouri. Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Tau; University The- ater; Varsity Swimming; Window, Assistant Cir- culation Manager; Winter Carnival. WEIRICK, Richard C— Engineering; and Business; San Marino, California. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; CU Days, Dance Committee; Homecoming, Dance Com- mittee; Society of Automotive Engineers. Third Row WELLS, William T. — Business; Riverside, California. Sigma Chi; Buff Pep Club; ASUC, Athletic Com- mission and Chairman of Talent File Committee. WELDON, Donald Maurice — Business; Wilmette, Illinois. Business School. Vice-President; Kappa Sigma. WENNERSTRUM, Scott T.— Business; Chariton, Iowa. Delta Sigma Pi; Dodo; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplin. WEST, H a r o 1 d — Arts and Sciences; Brooklyn, New York. Fencing Club; Magazine; Sigma Delta Chi. Fourth Row WEST, Maynard Raymond — Business; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President and Rush Chair- man; Buff Pep Club; CU Days Committees; Delta Sigma Pi; Homecoming Committee; Spirit and Morale Commission; Student-Alumni Association. WEYBRIGHT, Marvin K.— Engineering; Boise, Idaho. American Society of Civil Engineers; Architectural Forum. WESTERMANN, Ernst J.— Business; Brighton, Colorado. CU Days, Business Committee; Delta Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta ; Homecoming, Business Committee ; Intramurals; Men ' s Glee Club; Viking Club. WEZELMAN, Judith Ileen— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Chicago, Illinois. Dodo; Dorm Council; Honors Union; Player ' s Club; Tau Delta; University Women ' s Club. WHEELER, Walter E.— i4rfs and Sci- ences; Casper, Wyoming. Beta Thcta Pi; Colorado Federation of Canterbury Club, President ; Religion in Life Week, Committee Chairman; Intramurals. WHISLER, Jerry — Pharmacy; Holyrood, Kansas. Junior American Pharmaceutical Association; NR OTC. WHITE, Opal H.— Nursing; Ft. Lupton, Colorado. Nurses ' Major Association. WHITING, Donna— Arts and Sciences; Belvidere, Illinois. AWS Vaudeville; Coloradan; CU Days; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer; Porpoise; WAA. POLLY PETERSON Petite Polly Peterson has risen to fame in many of her campus undertakings. From her job as AWS secretary last year, she now serves as president of this largest women ' s organization. From a YWCA cabinet member, Polly next became social chairman and then president of this second largest women ' s organization. She has also been a member of Spur and Mortar Board. FHih Row WHITLEY, Beverly — Arts and Sciences; South Pasadena, California. Delta Delta Delta. WHYTE, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Ke- nosha, Wisconsin. Buff Ski Club; Coloradan; Physical Education Majors ' Club; Porpoise Club; University Women ' s Club. WICK, Doris Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Rapid City, South Dakota. Dormitory Officer; University Choir. WILEY, Milton L. — Arts and Sciences; Pagosa Springs, Colorado. C Club; Buff Ski Club; Cross-Country Team; Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon; Track Team, WILKINS, Joanne Elizabeth— i4rts and Sciences; Royal Oak, Michigan, Fencing Club; International Relations Club; Dor- mitory Intramural Chairman; Spanish Club. WILKINSON, Ruth Mary— Arts and Sci- ences; Enid, Oklahoma. Bigelow, Vice-President; Chi Omega; Home Eco- nomics Club; Theta Lambda Sophomore Scholar- ship Award; Theta Lambda, President; Intra- murals; YWCA. WILLIAMS, Catherine— i4rts and Sci- ences; Sedalia, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Future Teachers Association; Intra- murals; University Women ' s Club. WILSON, Alva Curtis, Jr.— Music; Au- rora, Colorado. Kappa Kappa Psi ; Phi Mu Alpha, Historian. Sfxfk Row WILSON, Elizabeth— 4rfs and Sciences; Northfield, Minnesota. Buff Ski Club; Chi Omega. WILSON, Robert Lee, Jr. — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Buff Ski Club; Ski Patrol. WINKEL, Vern — Engineering; Denver, Colorado. Architectural Forum; American Society of Civil Engineers; Buff Pep Club; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship; Phi Epsilon Phi; Viking Club. WISECUP, Russell ].— Engineering; Longmont, Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Buff Ski Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Colorado Engineers, Busi- ness and Circulation Manager; Engineers Ball, Publicity Chairman; Engineers ' Day, Publicity; Homecoming; Phi Kappa Tau, ' Treasurer and House Manager; Society of Automotive Engineers; Winter Carnival. WITTERS, Robert T a e—Arts and Sci- ences; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Alpha Chi Sigma; Campus Chest; CU Days Ath- letic Committee; Intramurals; Men ' s Welfare Com- mittee; Phi Kappa Tau; Rifle Club; Buff Ski Club; Window, Distribution; Winter Carnival. WITTHAUER, Beverly Joy— Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta; Hcsperia; Homecoming, Assis- tant Publicity Chairman; Spur; Tau Delta. WOOD, Phyllis E.— i4rts and Sciences; Wessinton Springs, South Dakota. WOODARD, Janet Anne— Arts and Sci- ences; Saguache, Colorado. Council of Greek Students; Delta Delta Delta; CU Days; Homecoming; Public Relations Committees; Student Counseling; AWS Vaudeville; United Nations ' Week. Seventh Row WOODROW, Marianne— i4rts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi. WOOLUMS, Albert B., Jr.— 4rts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. ASUC Dance Commissioner; CU Days, Float Chairman ; Homecoming, Assistant Chairman, Men ' s Athletics; Dodo, Assistant Copy and Make- up Editor; Silver and Gold. Business Manager; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Winter Carnival. WOOLUMS, Barbara Pitkin— i4rts and Sciences; Shaker Heights, Ohio. WRIGHT, Joseph B.— Engineering ; Og- den, Utah. Architectural Forum. YARBOROUGH, L. E. — Engineering; Pass Christian, Mississippi. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Theta Xi. YORITOMO, Kent Toshio — Engineering; Blanca, Colorado. YOUNG, Roberta E. — Arts and Sciences; Walsenburg, Colorado. YOUNGLUND, Donald E.— i4rts and Sci- ences; Boulder, Colorado. CU Days; Homecoming; Festival Chorus; Intcr- varsity Christian Fellowship; University Choir. eighth Row YOUNGLUND, Rita Dotts— Music; Grand Junction, Colorado. Festival Chorus; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: University Orchestra and String Orchestra. ZAGAR, Irvin Frank — Engineering and Business; Denver, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma; Society of Automotive Engineers. ZEEKE, Frank L. — Engineering; Dayton, Ohio. ZUBER, Neill Daniel, Jr. — Business; Ord- way, Colorado. Ballad Club; Intramurals; Men ' s Glee Club; Span- ish Club. 75 S enlor L iudd Kypfi icerd Kent Schneider, Class Pi Barbara Lane, Class Treasurer Tom Joffee, Vice President — not pictured Fred Johnson, Class Secretary This year ' s class officers have represented the class well. The many senior week parties, receptions, the Senior Nights at Elitch ' s, the picnics all are the product of the work of this group of leaders and their various committees. Certainly not the least in the way of accomplishment was the success these officers had in securing the Senior week for the class of 1951 — with no finals! JOHN SHATTUCK John has proven to be an outstanding student in Business School as President of Delta Sigma Pi. His vast resources of beneficial ideas in leadership and energy in carrying them out have made him suc- cessful ASUC Commissioner of Public Relations. He is also a member of Sumalia and Heart and Dagger. 76 MOLLY POTOCHNIK Moily. besides being a Phi Beta Kappa, has been a very busy lady as far as activities go. She has been president of the University Women ' s Club this past year, and when she was a sophomore, she was presi- dent of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, freshman scholastic honorary, and of Regent Hall. Molly has been secre- tary of Spur and Hesperia and is also a Mortar Board. She has also kept busy by working on many campus committees and by being a member of several scholastic honoraries. REX SHEPPARD Although hard at work on a combined Engineering and Business Degree, Rex has found ample time for wrestling and proctoring in the men ' s dormitory. He has been a worthy ASUC Commissioner of Athletics this year and is a member of Tau Beta Kappa, National Engineering Honorary, Sumalia, and Heart and Dagger. i Cumuli Aunior i Vlen S ..J c onorafi ¥ OFFICERS Tom Joffee President David Charvonia Vice-president Nathan Nielsen Secretary MEMBERS Jerry Berger Ralph Clark Richard Heath Jay Lutz Eugene Rogers Stanley Black William Davis Tom Joffee Al Mott John Shattuck Bruce Brown Ronald Fenton Hilary Johnson Nathan Nielsen Rex Sheppard David Charvonia Jim Fielder Ray Jump Richard Ransom James Vavra Dane Graves Ray Rathermel Sumalia is an honorary organization composed of count more than any other qualification in determining the outstanding men of the Junior class. Those men be- eligibility for membership. longing to Sumalia are selected on an unbiased basis of Sumalia is not meant to be a service organization personality, service activity, scholarship, and athletic Instead its members have only the obligation of loyalty ability or interest. to the University of Colorado and the continuation of Each Spring Sumalia taps the 16 men of the Junior the high quality of character which they have shown in class who have maintained high standards in the qualifi- the past, cations mentioned above. No one qualification shall yo Back row, left to right: R. Fenton, B. Brown, J. Vavra, J. Shattuck, R. Ransom, R. Jump. Front row: ' J. Berger, D. Charvonia, T. Joffee, D. Graves, W. Davis, H. Johnson. _f f r 2 ' . , ( I J4. dp ena junior l Uomen A . J i onorafi ¥ OFFICERS Yvonne Burkett President Shirley Paidar Treasurer Joan Wiley Secretary On Wednesday nights, fifteen junior women band together and roam over the campus, the Hill, and down- town Boulder singing the praises of Hesperia. The junior women ' s honorary was founded at CU in 1913 by Miss Bigelow, then Dean of Women. Every year Hesperia contributes to the Bigelow Scholarship Fund, established in honor of their founder. Spring quarter, Hesperia sponsors a style show. After the show, from fifteen to twenty sophomore girls who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and per- sonality are selected as Hesperia members for the fol- lowing year. The apple is the symbol of this honorary, and the colors are green and brown. Ofificers of Hesperia were: Yvonne Burkett, presi- dent; Joan Wiley, secretary; Shirley Paidar, treasurer; and Dean Mary-Ethel Ball, sponsor. Back row, left to right: Joanne Easley. Joan Jefferson, Barbara Steere, Mary Brown, Anne Morrison. Second row: Sue Birk, Sue Guild, Anita Henrie, Beverley Batschelet, Kathy Redmon, Nona Uhrich. Front row: Shirley Paidar, Joan Wiley, Dean Ball, Yvonne Burkett, Nan Anderson. 79 Left Page — Firsf Row ABELT. RALPH Business Denver, Colorado AIKIN. DONALD Arts Sciences Loveland, Colorado ALEXANDER. ANNE Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado ALEXANDER, GLORIA Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado ALLEN, BILL Arts Sciences Arvada, Colorado AMEN, CHARLES Arts Sciences Loveland, Colorado ANDERSON, JACK Arts Sciences Lake wood. Colorado BECK. GLENN ALTON Arts Sciences Aspen, Colorado BENSON. BERT Business Boulder, Colorado BERGER, ELSIE Arts Sciences Wheaton, Illinois ANDERSON, MARILYN Pueblo, Colorado Second Row ANDERSON. MARILYN M. Denver, Colorado ANDERSON, NAN Akron, Ohio ARMATAS. JAMES Denver, Colorado ARNOLD, HARRY Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado ARRINGTON. JAMES R Arts Sciences Hopewell, New Jersey Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Business Arts Sciences . Arts Sciences ARTERBURN, LARRY Denver, Colorado BACCH. GLORIA Durango, Colorado BACH. BARBARA Rochester, Minnesota Third Row BAKER. MELVIN Engineering Laird. Colorado BAKER. TOM Arts Sciences Fort Morgan, Colorado BAKER, KEEFE ._. Arts Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming BARNES. BILL J Pharmacy Dodge City, Kansas BARBEE E. FRANK, Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado BARGLOW, PETE Arts Sciences Trinidad, Colorado BARNES. J. D Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado BARTLING. MEBUS Business Kansas City, Kansas Fourth Row BAUM, MARYLIN Arts Sciences Sunapee, New Harmpshire YVONNE BURKETT A junior this year, Yvonne Burkett has participated in a wide variety of campus activities. She is a mem- ber of the Players Club, YWCA. AWS Vocations Committee, the WAA Board, and has served on vari- ous Homecoming and CU Days committees. Yvonne is a member of Spur and is president of Hesperia. Fiftfi Row BERGHEIM, JOE H Engine Boulder, Colorado BIGIEN, CHARLES Engine Brooklyn, New York BILLINGS, MARTIN G Business Brookfield, Illinois BISHOP, CLICK H E. E. Business Denver, Colorado BLACKBURN, TON! Arts Sciences Glendale, California BLAIR, CLARENCE E Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado BLAKE, ANNA MAE Arts Sciences Dolores, Colorado BLAKE, JAMES H., JR Arts Sciences Kerrville, Texas Sixth Row BLANKE, DOLORES Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado BLOOD, MARILYN Arts Sciences Oak Park, Illinois BOEHM, EVALYN ANN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado BOGGS, ROBERT G Engine Pasadena, California BOOTH, SHIRLEY Business Cody, Nebraska BRASSEA, BERNA JEAN Arts Sciences Florence, Colorado BRIGHT, PHILIP V Journalism Highland Park, Illinois BROBERG. CARL M. Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Seventh Row BRODINE, STEPHEN W Arts Sciences Casper, Wyoming BROOKS, CLAIR En gine Denver, Colorado BROWN, GALE E Arts Sciences Longmont, Colorado BROWN, MARCIA ANN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado BROWN, MARGARET ANN Arts Sciences Hayden, Colorado BROWN, MARY ELLEN Arts Sciences Columbus, Nebraska BROWN, PATRICE Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado BURKE, HELEN M Arts Sciences Casper, Wyoming Bighth Row BURKETT, YVONNE Arts Sciences Breckenridge, Colorado BURKHARDT, BILL Arts Sciences Brighton, Colorado BURROWS, LESLIE R Pre-medical La Junta, Colorado BUTTERFIELD, DUANE E, Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska CAMPBELL, CAROLYN Arts Sciences Lamar, Colorado CAMPBELL, ROBERT B Engine Englewood, Colorado CARROLL, THOMAS Business Pueblo, Colorado CARROTT, SABRA Arts Sciences Rockford, Iowa Right Fage — FIrtt Row CENCEL, ELAINE Music Pueblo, Colorado CHAMPION, ROSCOE L Engine La Junta, Colorado CHAPIN, LEVERETT Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado CHAPMAN, VERNON R., JR Business Grand Island, Nebraska CHASE, BEATRICE Arts Sciences Menton, Ohio Second Row CHAVEZ, PHILLIP A Arts Sciences Trinidad, Colorado CLASSEN, ANN Arts Sciences Palo Alto, California COFFMAN, ROBERT V Engine Julesburg, Colorado COHEN, MATENAH Arts ik Sciences Forest Hills, New York COLEMAN, CHARLES L., JR Arts Sciences Saquache, Colorado Third Row CONKLIN, JANIS Arts Sciences Rockford, Illinois CONWAY, BRUCE Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska COOK, WILLIAM F., Engine Manzanola, Colorado COON, MARVIN L Business Boulder, Colorado CORKEN, JACK Pharmacy Burlington Junction, Mo. 81 S2 Lttf Page — First Row CRAWFORD, HARRIET Business Pocatello, Idaho CROSS. WALTER R., Engine Chicago, Illin ois CROWDER, RAY Business Liberal, Kansas CURREN, JOAN Arts Sciences Springfield. Illinois DAHNKE, GEORGE H Arts Sciences Stratton, Nebraska IJANILOFF, JANE Arts Sciences Muskegon, Michigan DARDEN, LOYD N Arts Sciences ' Sacramento, California DAVIS, GEORGE M Arts Sciences Lafayette. Colorado Second Row DAVIS. JOAN G Business Denver. Colorado DAWLEY. MARY Arts Sciences Rapid City. South Dakota DEEN. DAVID W Business Lake Charles. Louisiana DEFFKE. ELYSE .s Arts Sciences Greeley, Colorado- DEMUTH. LAEL „..,._ Arts Sciences Boulder. Colora i ' DeROUEN, Business Trinidad. Colorado DEVER. CHARLES D Engine Glenwood Springs. Colorado DILLINGHAM. TOM B 1.-... Business Enid. Oklahoma TMrd Row DINKEL, THOMAS A Business Denver. Colorado DOOLEN. DEANE R Arts Sciences Memphis. Tennessee DOUGLAS, DORIS ANN Arts Sciences Stillwater, Oklahoma DOWNING BOB M Music Alamosa, Colorado DRECHSLER, OUIDA LOU Arts Sciences Glenwood, Illinois DREW, RUSSELL C Engineering Diablo Heights, Canal Zone DRIVER, CHARLES Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado DUNCAN, CARL MACK Arts Sciences Avondale, Colorado Fourth Row EASTOM JO ANN Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado EDSELL, NANCY Arts Sciences Kansas City, Missouri EHRAT, 6EBE Arts Sciences Evanston, Illinois ELLIS, GEORGE Arts Sciences Golden, Colorado JO EASLEY Boulder can be proud of one of its versatile juniors. Jo Easley. She not only led Spur as President, but also WAA as Vice-President and Co-chairman of Publicity, the Coloradan as editor of organizations and AWS Vaudeville as Director of Continuity. Jo-Jo was also Spur junior sponsor, Pi Phi President, and a member of Hesperia and Senate, fifth Row ENDRES. JOANN K Arts Sciences Whiting, Indiana EPPINGER, CHARLES EDGAR Engineering Rocky Ford, Colorado EVANS, ELLEN LOUISE Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado EVE, BETTY JO Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado EYER, JOHN Arts Science! Las Cruces, New Mexico FAHEY, MARY ADELAIDE Arts Science! Leadville, Colorado FAUSETT, ERMA L Business Twin Falls. Idaho FISHBURN. ROBERT LEE Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado Sixth Row FLANNERY, RONALD Business Pueblo. Colorado FOOTE, DONNA Music Loveland, Colorado FORD. ARTHA LEE Arts Science! South Fork, Colorado FOX, PATRICIA A Arts Science! Iron Mountain. Michigan FRENCH. ANNE E Arts Science! Weston, Massachusetts FRYE, DOROTHY Arts Sciences Windsor, Colorado FUGATE, THOMAS WAYNE Engineering Walnut, Kansas FURUKAWA, SALLY, Arts Sciences Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii Seventh Row GARN, FOSTER Arts Sciences Evanston, Illinois GARRETT, ROY S Engineering Ft, Collins, Colorado GASSER. PAT Arts Science! Loveland, Colorado GELLESPIE, MARY Arts Sciences Springfield. Illinoi! Gentry. James H Arts Science! Loveland. Colorado EARL, GEORGE, JR Engineering New Orleans, Louisiana GILL, DUANE T Pharmacy Mitchell, Nebraska GLASSER. CHARLOTTE Arts Sciences Oak Park, Illinois eighth Raw GLAVINS, LOIS JEAN Art! ft Science! Denver, Colorado GLEUE, FELMA Arts Sciences Bremen, Kansas GLEUE. VELMA ILIENE Arts Science! Bremen, Kansas GLOEGE, DONNA LOUISE Busine!! Billings, Montana GOFF, GORDON Engineering Denver, Colorado GOTTSCHAIK, RUTH A Business Watertown, South Dakota GOULDEN, RICHARD Engineering Chicago, Illinois GRAYSON, RICHARD E Business Pasadena, California Right Page — First Row GREENE, JEROME Business Denver, Colorado GREGOR, KENNETH F Arts Sciences Lincolnwood, Illinois GRENDA, ROBERT Engineering Pueblo, Colorado GRISWOLD, DON Arts Science! Denver. Colorado GROVES, CAROLYN Arts Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming Second Row GUARDIA, JOSE de la Engineering Panama City, R. of P. GUILD, SUSAN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado GULLETT, DON Pharmacy ScottsblulT, Nebraska HAGAN, NANCY Arts Sciences La Grange, Illinois HAGEN, JANET Business Red Lodge, Montana Third Row HAIGH, RUTH ELIZABETH Arts Sciences Homewood Illinois HAMILTON, NANCY Arts Sciences Chicago, Illinois HAMMACK, TONI Arts Sciences Riverside, California HAMMER. JOAN Arts Sciences Clinton. Iowa HAMRICK. WILLIAM RAYMOND Business Denver. Colorado 83 84 le« Page — FIrsi Row HANSON, DOROTHY Arts Sciences Clarion, Iowa HARBIN, MARY JEAN Music Waterloo. Iowa HARMON, MELVIN L Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado HART LYNN, Arts Sciences Walla Walla, Washington HARTSHORN, BARBARA Arts Sciences La Verne, California HATSAKA, HENRY Arts Sciences Brighton, Colorado HAWKINS, ALBERT E Engineering Denver, Colorado HAYES, MARITA Arts Sciences Salida, Colorado Second Row HEATH. ROGER Music Boulder, Colorado HECTOR, JOAN R.. Arts Sciences Pasadena, California HEFFELMAN MALCOLM C, JR Engrg. Bus. Santa Fe, New Mexico HELM, SHARON, Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado HENRICH, HARRY S Arts Sciences Midland Park, New Jersey HILLMAR, ELLIS D Music McKeesport, Pennsylvania HOAGLAND, BEN, JR Music Indianola, Nebraska HOBBS, NONA JANE Arts Sciences Burt. New York Third Row HOPE, ROBERT W Arts Sciences Hayden. Colorado HORNER, DAWNA Business Cassville, Missouri HORTON, JACK Pharmacy Bouider, Colorado HOUGH, FLORA ETHEL Arts Sciences Rifle. Colorado HOWE. RICHARD _ Business Portland. Oregon HUGHES. JAY M Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado HUISING. DON LEONARD Arts Sciences Lockport, Illinois HUNT, ROYAL LEE Arts Sciences Strawberry Point, Iowa Fourth Row HUNTLEY, THELMA JANE Arts Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado HURLBURT, DARTH Business Akron, Colorado HUTCHINGS, HERBERT DEAN Music Loveland, Colorado INGWERSEN, NANCY M Arts Sciences Jackson, Michigan BEVERLY HOLIMAN With a flair for writing and picture-taking, active Bev Holiman was vice-president of Associated Women Students this year. Bev is also a member of Thcta Sigma Phi, national journalism honorary, and was on the J-School board of directors in her junior year. Bev also likes to ski and has been a member of the Ski Club. She was historian for UWC this past year. Fiifh Row IRISH. WILLIAM GEORGE Arts Sciences Las Vegas, New Mexico IRWIN. JACQUELINE Arts Sciences Feossmoor, Illinois IVES, DONNA Arts Sciences Oklahoma City. Oklahoma JACKSON, NORMA JEANNE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado JACKSON, William F Arts Sciences Canon City, Colorado JAGGERS. RUTH Arts Sciences Olney Springs, Colorado KELLER. WILLIAM JAMES. EnRineerinc Boulder, Colorado JENNINGS, RICHARD Business Pueblo, Colorado Shfh Aow JESMER. ROBERT DANIEL Arts Science. Winnetka, Illinois HENRIE, ANITA JEWELL Busine,. Center, Colorado JOHNSON, BERNEL Engineering Denver, Colorado . JOHNSTON, GORDON R Arts Science. Des Moines, Iowa JOSSELYN, VIRGINIA Arts Science. Denver, Colorado JUDGE, JANE Engineering Denver, Colorado KALDAHL, JEANNE NORENA . Arts Science, Glenwood, Minnesota ' " ' I.t ' ri t ' l ' " ' Arts Science. Omaha, Nebraska Seventh Row KASS, MAYER Pharmacy Patterson, New Jersey " " Moi J- w " !?- Art, Science. apokane, Washington ■ l iJ rado " - " " " - ViTbl a o " -— ' " ' D Jl ' r «-Pf ERT E Arts Science. Uenver, Colorado • ' " ' . S ' ois - ' ' " - ' ' " " s!Jn a ' ' ' l„d ' la " ' ' ° Engineering KILDOW, BETTY d Thermopolis, Wyoming Busmes, Eighth Row ' " D luY T GEORGIANN Busine,, Uallas. Texas Rit -c f ' ' A " ' Science, KiHe, Colorado ' ' ' °TZ JANE L Arts Science, Hastings, Minnesota ' ' ' ' U?b ' JI ? ' ,°° °™ A " ' Science, l ueblo, Colorado ■ nfnv ' ' ? 8 " A " ' Science, Denver. Colorado ' tJlw n ' f ' T ' " Engineering New Orleans, Louisiana ' D „ vi ' °, ' ' ° Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado ' " B r°n, - °i, t A " Sciences Birmingham, Michigan Right Poge — First Row LEAHY, GEORGE . Engineering Hudson Heights, N. J. » » LINDGREN, VIRGINIA Arts Science, Chicago. Illinois UNTNER. NORMAJUNE Arts Science, Homewood, Illinois LOCKETT. WILLIAM D. .. ' Business Montrose, Colorado LO ' b ' EN: jack W.. JR Business Boulder. Colorado Second Row ° ' r ; .H ° ° : Engineering Grand Junction, Colorado LORD. GRACE .. Arts Science. Pueblo. Colorado LOWE. ANNA VIRGINIA Art, Denver. Colorado LOWE. KENNETH R Music Denver. Colorado LUDf " AN. BARTON Arts 4 Science, Denver, Colorado Third Row " " i i. ; , o " ' i:In " .on% h1J ' ' = " ' V o mi ' n ' i r F Arts Science, Longmont, Colorado MAHAN, CHERIE Klamath Falls. Oregon MALONEY, NANCY JEAN .. Arts Science, Madison, Wisconsin 85 I Left Page — First Row MARVIN. MARY Arts Sciences St. Charles. Illinois MASTERS. BEVERLY Nursing North Platte, Nebraska MATSON. DOROTHY Nursing Jerome. Idaho MATTESON. JO ANNE . Arts Sciences Rickwood. Ohio McCLURE, JAMES A Business Kansas City. Missouri McCULLOUGH. ELEANOR R Arts Sciences Ovid. Colorado McDonald, ray Engineering Denver. Colorado McGEE, JACK D Arts Sciences Bowling Green. Missouri Second Row McINTYRE. PATTY Arts Sciences Sedalia. Colorado McMASTER, SUSANNE Arts Sciences Evanston. Illinois MELLE. CHARLES Business Park Ridge, Illinois METCALF. JAMES T Engineering Denver, Colorado MIGUEL. TRINIDAD CATHERINE Arts Sc. Sunset Beach, Oahu, T. H. MIKUNI. WILLIE T Pharmacy Denver. Colorado MILES. RUTH Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado MILLER. ROBERT ALLEN Engineering Colorado Springs, Colorado Third Row MILNER, JEROLD F Engineering San Carlos, California MINER, RICHARD — Business Boulder, Colorado MISKOWIEC, WANDA G Arts Sciences Canon City, Colorado MITCHELL, ALBERT RUSSELL Pharmacy Pueblo, Colorado MITCHELL. JAMES W Arts Sciences Sterling, Colorado MITCHELTREE. JOHN R., JR Arts Sciences Shaker Heights, Ohio MONTGOMERY, JACK Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado MORRISON, ALICE MARIE Arts Sciences Milwaukee, Wisconsin fourth Row MORRONI, CATHERINE Business Denver, Colorado MOSHER, CHARLES EDWARD Business Hindale, Illinois MOSS, BILL Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado NASH, RICHARD W Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado SHIRLEY PAIDER ' Paider, ' as Shirley is better known, has tackled about as many activities as one young coed could handle. Treasurer of Hesperia, a Porpoise, and AWS. Pub- licity chairman are all titles which she has claimed in the past. Shirley has worked on the staff of the Window, on Homecoming and CU Days committees and in the YWCA; and she is only a junior. Fifth Row NAUSED, VIRGINIA - Business Sioux Falls, South Dakota NELSON, BILLIE - Business Maywood, Illinois NEVINS. MARY E Arts ft Sciences Clare, Michigan NORRIS, G. WILLIAM, JR _. Engineering Denver, Colorado OEHLKERS, ROBERT R Engineering Brighton, Colorado OBERGFELL, MARTHA A Arts ft Sciences Delta, Colorado OLDE, BURTON S Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado OLSEN, ROYAL WARNER Music Glenwood Springs, Colorado Sixth Row OSTWALD, LEONARD Music Bayfield, Colorado OVER, GENE Arts ft Sciences Rittman, Ohio PABST, BERTHA JEAN Business Brush, Colorado PAIDER. SHIRLEY Arts ft Sciences Winnetka, Illinois PALMER, ANN NELL Music Boulder, Colorado PANKEY, PHILLIP Business Harrisburg, Illinois PANKONIN, PHYLLIS Arts ft Sciences Grant, Nebraska PAPER, ESTHER ANN Arts ft Sciences Denver, Colorado Seventh Row PARKER, GENE THOMAS Arts Sciences Wabash. Indiana PEASLEY, JOHN A EngineerinE Loveland, Colorado PENNINGTON, PAT Arts ft Sciences Denver, Colorado PENNY, JERRY Arts ft Sciences Burlington, Colorado PERRY, WILLIAM A _... Arts ft Sciences Manzanola, Colorado PINKERTON, ADRIENNE Engineering Amarillo, Texas POHL, DICK _... Business Bloomfield Hills. Michigan POOLE, JOANNE Business Sterling, Colorado Eighth Row POTTER, EARL BERT _ Engineering Amarillo, Texas POTTER, JOAN _ Arts Sciences Tyler, Texas POWELL, George Witham Business Las Animas, Colorado PRETTI, BRAD Arts Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado RANDOLPH. ROBERT H Arts ft Sciences Las Animas, Colorado RAVICZ, Arthur E Engineering Houston, Texas RIGG, ROBERT W Arts Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado RINKER, JOAN _ „ Arts ft Sciences Denver, Colorado Right Page — First Row RIZER, E. LLOYD Business Pueblo, Colorado ROBINSON, VIVIAN M _ Nursing Las Vegas, Nevada ROGERS, ELVA Arts ft Sciences Cleveland, Ohio ROGERS, KENT R Engineering: Boulder, Colorado ROGERS, SHIRLEY _ Arts ft Sciences Boulder, Colorado Second Row RONCKA, JEANNE Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska ROSS, ELIZABETH Arts ft Sciences. Ames, Iowa ROUTH, BETHALINE Arts ft Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado RYDER, R. C - Business Sacramento, California RYDER. WILLIAM B Arts ft Sciences Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Third Row RYMAN, JACK LEE _ Engineering Boise, Idaho SAFRAN, HUBERT Arts ft Sciences. Denver, Colorado SAGER, DARLENE ANN _ Arts ft Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado SANTERRE, GUS LEO Arts ft Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado SAULEY, VIRGINIA LOUISE Ajts ft Sciences Loveland, Colorado 87 Left Page — First Row SCHANCK, JULIA Arts Sciences Kansas City, Missouri SCHERER. EDWARD E Business Arvada, Colorado SCHNORR. RONALD F Engineering Lancaster, New York SCHOFIELD. L. BRUCE Engineering Buena Park. California SCHOLTEN. DONNA Nursing Sterling, Colorado SCHWARTZ. REITA Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado SCHUHAM, BONNIE Arts Sciences Chicago, Illinois SEARS. HAROLD T.. JR. Engineering Bartlesville, Oklahoma Second Row SEEWALD, JAMES E Engineering Amarillo, Texas SHUPP. FRANKLIN Music Hanna. Wyoming SICKELS. BARBARA Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado SIMS. REX B _ Engineering Bonham, Texas SINGER, KEITH Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado SKINNER. MAYNARD Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado SKUFCA, GLORIA MARIE Arts Sciences Sopris, Colorado SMITH, MILLARD HAWLEY Business St. Louis, Missouri Third Row SMITH. WILLIAM H Business Wheaton, Illinois SNAVLEY. JOYCE M Arts Sciences Grand Valley, Pennsylvania SNYDER. JIM Arts Sciences East Pecria, Illinois SNYDER. PAT Arts Sciences Victorville. California SPATH. CHUCK Business Pueblo. Colorado SPEIER. BETTY Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado SPENCER, DONALD H Engineering Alamosa, Colorado SPIKER. JAMES L Arts Sciences Monmouth. Illinois Fourth Row • SPILVER. JANE Arts Sciences Boise, Idaho STARKS, JEANNETTE Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado STARRETT. DIANE Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado STEERE. BARBARA Arts Sciences Whittier, California LOTHAR VASHOLZ Lothar, a junior in Business school, has already made a name for himself on the campus. As Coloradan Business Manager and assistant General Chairman of Homecoming this year, he has become an outstanding personality. His past activities include Coloradan Sales Manager, assistant Chairman of Merchants ' decorations for CU Days, and Homecoming commit- tees. Fiff i Row STEIG, MICHAEL Arts Sciences Bartlesville, Oklahoma STEIN, MARY JANE Arts Sciences Jackson, Tennessee STEINBERG, MARK Arts Sciences University City, Missouri STEWARD. W. GENE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado STINTON, DALE R Business Brush, Colorado STORKE, FREDERIC P., JR Engineering Boulder, Colorado STREET, MARY M Arts Sciences Wellington, Texas TEALL, KENT ANDERSON Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado SIxt i Row THOMAS, ESTELLA JOYCE Music Canon City, Colorado TOLMAN, WARREN R Engineering Indianola, Nebraska TRACY. DON Arts 4 Sciences Chicago, Illinois TRAISTER. JAMES C Engineering Pueblo, Colorado TITLEY. RONALD L Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado TRIPP, LARRY C Arts Sciences Sterling, Colorado TRUM BOWER, ROYCE Engineering Vermillion, South Dakota TUTTLE, RICHARD C Business Chicago. Illinois Seventh Row UHRICH. NONA Arts Sciences Loveland, Colorado ULRICH. DONALD ARTHUR Arts Sciences Cheyenne. Wyoming VALENTA, JOHN JR Engineering Pueblo, Colorado VALENZUELA, MARIO CUELLAR Engineering La Paz, Bolivia VAN NOSTRAND. ANDY Business Monte Vista, Colorado VASHOLZ, LOTHAR A Business Denver, Colorado VONIER. JOAN Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado WADE, ANITA RUTH Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado Eighth Row WADE, GLORIA Arts 4 Sciences Georgetown, Colorado WALDBAUM, LYLLIAN Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado WALLERIUS, JOAN Arts 4 Sciences Sacramento, California WALSTROM. LOUIS A.. JR Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado WATKINS, DALE OSBORN Business Scottsbluff, Nebraska WATSON, ALLEN Arts 4 Sciences Glen Ellyn, Illinois WEBER, DORIE B Arts 4 Sciences Highland Park, Illinois WEBERMEIER. JOHN C Business Holyoke. Colorado Right Poge — First Row WELTMAN, ALBERT Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado WENZIKER, SHIRLEY A Arts 4 Sciences Boulder, Colorado WEXLER, JEANNE Arts 4 Sciences Texarkana, Texas WILBUR, SALE Arts 4 Sciences La Junta. Colorado WILCOX, NANCY JEAN Arts 4 Sciences Pasadena, California Second Row WILEY, JOAN Arts 4 Sciences Pagosa Springs. Colorado WILKINS. JOYCE ELIZABETH Music Boulder, Colorado WILLIAMS. MILT Arts 4 Sciences Kingsburg, California WILLIAM, RICHARD DALE Pharmacy Golden, Colorado WILLSON. JANE Arts 4 Sciences Limon, Colorado Third Row WILSON, LOIS Arts 4 Sciences Tulsa. Oklahoma WILSON, ROBERT C Arts 4 Sciences Valentine. Nebraska WIMMELL. ARTHUR A Business Las Animas, Colorado WINANS, JO ANN Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado WINGO, ELEANOR FLORENCE. ..Arts 4 Sciences Craig. Colorado Fourth Row WOODROW. FLOYD Arts 4 Sciences Aurora. Colorado WORMWOOD. DOROTHY ANN Music Gillette. Wyoming YOUNG, GEORGE JR Arts 4 Sciences Denver. Colorado YUILL, CATHY Arts 4 Sciences Cedar Rapids, Iowa ZIMMERMAN, RONALD W Arts 4 Sciences Harvel, Illinois 89 opnomore l i onten i J onoraru OFFICERS Pat Murphy President Joni Summerton Historian Pat Hayden Editor Billie Burnham Secretary Sue Koren Treasurer Pat Allen Vice-president Spur is an organization of sophomore college women break traditions, and they decorate the goal posts for composed of twenty-two chapters on campuses through- football games ; they give an Easter party for under- out the western part of our country. SPUR is a service privileged children and sell tickets for campus activities, group which performs a variety of duties for any and all This chapter hopes that it has upheld the high standards worthwhile projects. Before school starts, the SPURS set by the 1949-50 chapter which was co-winner of the are busy proctoring exams and conducting tours of the national cup for outstanding achievement in all fields, campus; they hold Moot Court to punish freshmen who MEMBERS Back row, left to right: Helga Hinzelman, Jo Ann Butt, Yvonne Johnson, Shirley Honnon, Shirley Biel, Barbara Trilk, Elaine Sterling, Catherine Chambers. Fourth row: Virginia Lightburn, Arden King, Donna Mosbaugh, Mary Rains, Carolyn DeGood, Martha Opdycke, Nancy Smith, Sue Koren, Joan Snyderman. Third row: Nancy Jammer, Marilyn McKay, Judy Graham, Carolyn Schum, Joan Pat Doyle, Hilde Skyrm, Marilyn Weller, Donna Smolenske, Barbara Hoppock. Second row: Janene Boothby, Suzanne Meyer, Judy Alberson, Barbara Quam, Evelyn Packard, 90 Gwen Van Derbur, Jane Leander, Peggy Lu Brannan. Gloria Edwards. Front row: Billie Burnham, Joni Summerton, Pat Allen, Patty Murphy, Pat Hayden, Norma Niemi, Joan Thorstensen. n A a n f5 ( A A ; h ■ ' m r w-;-?«B« . -«», . .. « l- kl C pdilon f- ni Sophomore I f ten 5 -J i 9tJ onorari Bob Eberdardt President Ron Schnorr Vice-President Sam Redman Secretary Karl Rueb Treasurer Phi Epsilon Phi was formed at the University of Colorado in 1927, and has since that time evolved into a national sophomore men ' s honorary, functioning to promote and perpetuate school spirit and develop qualities of leadership. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality, and campus activities. Rendering service to the University is another function of the organization, and during the past year Phi Epsilon Phi sold Freshman beanies, conducted Moot Court to enforce Freshman traditions, watched polls for various elections, and worked on the Freedom Crusade. The officers of Phi Epsilon Phi during the past year were: Randy Russell, President; Stu Silverberg, Vice-President; Frank Nash, Recording Secretary; Foster Gam, Corresponding Secre- etary; and Bob Shanstrom, Treasurer. Back row, left to right: B. Kellum, J. Montgomery. B. Newmark. C. Melle, H. Sears, M. Coon, C. Gathers, B. Silvers. Third row: T. Young, G. Dalgleish, W. Fugate, D. Emerson, S. Spiegel, F. Pneuman, B. Seaman. Second row: B. Gershenow, B. Richman, B. Musil, H. Meyer, D. Berman, D. Higgins, B. Bell. From row : D. Watkins, K. Rueb, B. Everhardt, R. Russell, S. Silverberg, R. Schnorr, S. Redman. 91 V V J A 1 ■ ! A Ih ' ' 53 ' ) ' k..X3 £!«fc. !Wft I WHI , ' — Left Poge — First Row ABAUNZA. CAROLYN Arts Sciences New Orleans, Louisia .a ALBERSON, JUDY Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska ALBRECHT, PHYLLIS Arts Sciences Berthoud, Colorado ALEXANDER. JOHN Arts Sciences Lamar, Colorado ALLEN, COLLEEN Arts Sciences St. John, Kansas ALLEN, JACK Engine Tulsa. Oklahoma ALLEN. PATRICIA Nursing Golden, Colorado ALWARD, JEAN Arts 4 Sciences Riverside, California AMBLER, STERLING Engineering Denver, Colorado Second Row ANDERSON. BARBARA Arts Sciences North Platte. Nebraska ANDERSON. JIM Phirmicy Redwood City, California ANDERSON. MARGE Arts ft Sciences Denver. Colorado ANDERSON. PATRICIA Arts Sciences Monticello. Indiana ANDREWS, ELIZABETH Arts Sciences Wichita, Kansas APPLE, LOUISE Arts Sciences Greeley, Colorado APPLETON, MARTHA Arts 4 Sciences Santa Fe. New Mexico ARDOUREL. JOE Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado ARDUESER. GLORIA Pharmacy Bethune, Colorado TMrd Row ATANASOF. JOANNE Arts 4 Sciences Boulder, Colorado ATKINSON. PEGGY Arts 4 Sciences Houston. Texas BABB. JANE Arts ft Sciences Grave. Oklahoma BACKLUND. MERLE Arts ft Sciences Lincoln. Nebraska BAIRD. BARBARA Arts 4 Sciences Council Bluffs. Iowa BAIRD. ROBERT Arts 4 Sciences Belle Fourche. South Dakota BAKER. BETTIE Arts 4 Sciences Greeley, Colorado BALDWIN. BONNIE Arts 4 Sciences Greenriver. Utah BARKLEY. BARBARA Arts ft Sciences Fleming, Colorado fourth Row BASSETT, PHYLLIS Arts 4 Sciences Englewood. Colorado BEAMAN, CARROLL Engine Guymon, Oklahoma BEARDEN, SALLY Arts ft Sciences Trinidad, Colorado BEHLING. SUSAN Arts ft Sciences Houston. Texas BEKINS. DONALD Engine Burlingame. California BENDAR. JACK Engine Denver. Colorado FHih Row BERNDT. RUTH Nursing Genoa, Colorado BERRY. JOYCE Arts ft Sciences Wilmette. Illinois BIENFANG. FLOYD Arts ft Sciences Rochelle. Illinois BIE3ER. AL Arts ft Sciences Craig. Colorado BILLIG. SUZANNE Business Mt. Morris. Illinois BIRKENESS. LEE Arts 4 Sciences Park Ridge. Illinois BISHOP. FRED Arts ft Sciences Denver. Colorado BITTLE. RAY Arts 4 Sciences Center. Colorado BLACK. ROBERT Engine Jersey City, New Jersey Sixth Row BOETTCHER, BARBARA Arts 4 Sciences Washington, D.C. BOLT. ROSS Arts ft Sciences Denver, Colorado BOLYARD. DUDLEY Arts 4 Sciences Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BOOKER, GERALDINE Arts 4 Sciences Ruth, Nevada BOTELER, NANCY Arts 4 Sciences Brainerd, Minnesota BOYE, HARLOW Music Holyrood, Kansas BRADY, MARGARET Arts ft Sciences Boulder, Colorado BRAND, VANCE Arts 4 Sciences Longmont, Colorado BRANNAN, PEGGY LU Arts 4 Sciences Denver. Colorado Seventh Row BREIDENBACH. BARBARA Arts 4 Sciences Minneapolis. Minnesota BRIDWELL. ANITA Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado BRIGGS. JERRY Arts 4 Sciences Pocatello. Idaho BROWNELL. MARION Arts ft Sciences La Grange Park. Illinois BUCHHOLTZ. MARY LYNN Arts 4 Sciences Eagle. Colorado BUCKMAN. DALE Arts 4 Sciences Omaha. Nebraska BURNHAM. BILLIE Arts 4 Sciences Greeley. Colorado BURNS. GERALD Arts 4 Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado BUTT. JO ANN Arts 4 Sciences Denver. Colorado Eighth Row CALLENDER. JAMES Arts ft Sciences Kansas City. Missouri CAMPBELL. GENE Arts ft Sciences Julesburg. Colorado CAMPBELL. JEAN Arts ft Sciences Los Angeles, California CARLTON. MARY Arts ft Sciences Glendale. California CHAMBERS. CATHERINE Arts ft Sciences Minneapolis. Minnesota CHAMPAGNE. CLAIRE Arts ft Sciences New Orleans. Louisiana CHICHESTER. ROBERT A Engine Braddock Heights. Maryland CHOCAS. WILLIAM Engine Cheyenne. Wyoming CLARK. ELIZABETH Music El Paso. Texas Ninth Row CLARK. MARJORIE Arts 4 Sciences Casper. Wyoming CLAYTON. ELIZABETH Arts 4 Sciences El Paso. Texas CLELAND. YOLANDA Pharmacy Wakeeney. Kansas CLEMENT. BILL Arts 4 Sciences Denver. Colorado COFFIN. NORMA Arts 4 Sciences St. John, Kansas COHN, DONNA Arts 4 Sciences Denver, Colorado COLVIN, CHARLOTTE Nursing Caracas. Venezuela CONLEY. PAT Nursing Boulder. Colorado COOPER. PAULINE Arts 4 Sciences Cody. Wyoming Right Page — First Row COPLAND. CAROL Arts 4 Sciences Los Angeles, California CORY, JOHN Arts 4 Sciences Kansas City. Missouri CRALCHEE, ALBERT Pharmacy Mandan, North Dakota CUTLER, JIM Arts 4 Sciences Rockford, Illinois DAHM. LEROY Arts 4 Sciences Fort Morgan. Colorado DAUM. PHYLLIS Arts ft Sciences Englewood, Colorado DAVENPORT, DOROTHY Arts 4 Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming DAVIDSON. JOHN Pharmacy Elmhurst, Illinois DEAPEN. DARLENE Nursing Boulder. Colorado Second Row DE GOOD. CAROLYN Arts ft Sciences Loveland. Colorado DE KAY. JANE Business Blackfoot. Idaho DINWIDDIE. SHIRLEY Nursing Hayden. Colorado DODDS, JOHN Arts 4 Sciences Encino, California DORAU, JOAN Arts 4 Sciences Ridgcwood, New Jersey DOUGHERTY. MARY Arts ft Sciences Oak Park, Illinois DOVER. JAMES Arts 4 Sciences Hammond. Indiana DOWLER. ROLLAND Pharmacy Denver. Colorado DOWNS. DONALD Arts ft Sciences Colorado Springs, Colera4o 93 94 LeH Page — Pint Row DUNN. ROBIN Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado DYEE, MARY Music Navasota, Texas EBAUGH. NANCY _ Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado ECKBERG, PHYLLIS _ Music Port Washington, New York EDDY, MARCO Arts Sciences Ogden Dunes. Indiana EDWARDS, GLORIA Pre-Business Denver, Colorado EDWARDS, NANCY Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado EDWARDS. ROBERT Pharmacy Logan, Iowa ELLIFF, JOHN Arts Sciences Sterling, Colorado Second Jtow ELLIS, JERRY Arts Sciences Chicago, Illinois EMERSON, DAVID Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado ENDICOTT, JOHN Engine Houston. Texas ENDRISS. PAUL Arts Sciences Mansfield. Ohio ETNYRE. MARILYN Arts Sciences Oregon. Illinois EVANS, RICHARD Arts Sciences Hinsdale, Illinois EVANS, WAYNE Arts Sciences Casper, Wyoming EVERSON, SHIRLEY Nursing Boulder, Colorado FASSETT, NANCY Arts ft Sciences Minneapolis, Minnesota Third Row FELLIN, JOSEPHINE Arts Sciences Ouray, Colorado FIALA, JOAN Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado FIEDELMAN, ROSLYN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado FILINGER, JOHN WILLIAM Arts Sciences Phillipsburg, Kansas FISHER, TAMMY Arts Sciences Chicago, Illinois FOULK. ROBERT Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado FOUNTAIN, KERMIT G Arts Sciences Sloan, Iowa FOUTCH. JACK Arts Sciences Boulder Colorado FOX, MARGARET Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Fourth Row FRIEDMAN, A. FRED Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado FRITH, MARY BELL Arts Sciences South Bend, Indiana FRY. WILLIAM L Engineering Fairfield. Iowa FRYE, CONNIE LOU Arts ft Sciences Elkhart. Indiana FUKAYE, MAE Nursing Denver, Colorado FULLER, HODGE Arts Sciences Bloomington. Illinois FHih Row FURMAN. CHARLOT Music McCook, Nebraska FURUKAWA, YASUKO Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado GATHERS, CHUCK Engineering Boulder. Colorado GENTRY. CURTIS Arts Sciences Lamar. Colorado GIEHM, HELEN MARIE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado GOBBLE. LAWRENCE , Engineering Brighton. Colorado GOLDFARB, JACK Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado GOLDSTEIN, ALICE Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado GOODER, RONALD BRENT Arts Sciences Casper, Wyoming Sixth Row GOODFELLOW, CAROLYN Arts Sciences North Platte, Nebraska GOODMAN, MARILYN Arts ft Sciences Denver. Colorado GORDON. ROGER Engineering Palmyra. Illinois GOURLEY. BEVERLY JEAN Nursing Colorado Springs. Colorado GRABER. BARBARA Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado GRAHAM, ROBERT Arts Sciences Wray, Colorado GRAVES, BURDETTE OWEN Music Boulder, Colorado GREENSLIT, DIANE Arts Sciences New Orleans, Louisiana GREMMELS. CHARLES Engineering Waterloo, Iowa Seventh Row GRETTUM, ANNE Arts Sciences Richland, Michigan GRIFFITH, GRACE Nursing Texas City. Texas GRIGGS. ALLARD L Engineering Billings. Montana GUILDNER. JOYCE Arts Sciences Grant. Nebraska GUYER, ANITA Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado HADDEN, JEANNE Music Lakewood, Colorado HONNEN. SHIRLEY HAMILTON Arts Sciences Delta. Colorado HAHN, ELEANOR RAE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado HARDING, JANETTE Arts Sciences Hillrose, Colorado Eighth Row HARRIS, EDWARD NORMAN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado HARRISBERGER, JAMES B Engineering Colorado Springs, Colorado HASUI, NAOMI Arts ft Sciences Las Animas, Colorado HEAD, CHARLENE Arts Sciences Fort Morgan, Colorado HEAD, KEN Arts ft Sciences Sterling. Colorado HEBERT. BETTY JEANNE Arts Sciences Aurora, Colorado HEITMAN, MERLE MARIE Arts ft Sciences El Dorado, Kansas HELLER. FRANK C Arts ft Sciences Dover, Delaware HELM, RHEA Arts ft Sciences Sioux City, Iowa Ninth Row HENDERSON, CAROLYN J Engineering Marshall, Minnesota HEWITT, ELEANOR F Arts Sciences West Hartford, Connecticut HEWITT, RICHARD Arts Sciences Napa, California HILTABIDEL, NANCY Arts ft Sciences Lamar. Colorado HINZELMAN. HELGA C Pharmacy Greeley, Colorado HODGSON, MARGOT Arts ft Sciences Kenilworth. Illinois HODGINS. ALICE Arts Sciences Pocatello. Idaho HOFMANN. F. JERRY Pharmacy Colorado Springs. Colorado HOLT. SHARON E Arts Sciences Oak Park, Illinois Right Page — First Row HOLZER, CAROL FAY Arts ft Sciences Aurora, Colorado HOLLY, JOYCE Nursing Stanhope, New Jersey HOOD, NANCY Arts ft Sciences Bowling Green, Missouri HOOPER, MARY Arts ft Sciences Manitawoc. Wisconsin HOPKINS, YVONNE Music Wauneta. Nebraska HOPPOCK, BARBARA Music Edna, Kansas HORNE, LOUISE Arts Sciences Barrington, Illinois HOSEA, CATHRYN ANN Arts Sciences Mason, Ohio HOSKINS, LOWELL Music Denver, Colorado Second Row HOWBOLD, JUNE ANN Arts ft Sciences Denver, Colorado HUBBELL, HELEN JEANNE Pharmacy Las Cruzes. New Mexico HUMEL, DOROTHY SUE Arts Sciences Riverside. Illinois HULSE, ADDISON Engineering Scottsbluff, Nebraska ISMERT, ELIZABETH Arts ft Sciences Denver. Colorado IVES. ETHAN ALLEN Arts Sciences Los Altos, California JACKSON, JOE ANN Arts ft Sciences Pcterman, Alabama JACOBI. CHARLOTTE Arts Sciences Manitou Springs. Colorado JAMMER, NANCY Pharmacy Boulder. Colorado 95 . 1 ' 96 Left Page — Firsf Row JEANES, MARY F Arts Los Angeles, California JOHNS, FRANK Arts Hot Springs. South Dakota JOHNSON. LOIS Arts Denver. Colorado JOHNSON. SUE Arts Palisade, Colorado JOHNSON. YVONNE MARCEL .. Arts Boulder. Colorado Arts Arts JONES. CAROLYN M Maywood. Illinois JOSEPH. GARY Boulder, Colorado KEENA. EDITH Arts Greeley, Colorado KERN. ALBERT Arts Chicago, Illinois Second Row Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences KING, KAY Arts Sciences La Jolla, California KIRSCHNER. ALLEN ROGER .... Arts Sciences Port Washington, New York KOELBEL. MARY RITA Arts Sciences Muskegon. Michigan KOGER. BUD R Arts Sciences Thermopolis, Wyoming KOREN, SUE Arts Sciences Evanston. Illinois KOROSEC. DELORES Arts Sc iences Golden, Colorado KROPF. KARL SAMUEL Business South Bend, Indiana LACY. JEANNE Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado LARSEN. SARAH Arts Sciences River Forest. Illinois Third Row LARSON. KARL Engineering Wauwatosa. Wisconsin Arts Sciences LEE. DWIGHT GORDON Denver, Colorado LEVY, HARRIET Arts Sciences Chicago. Illinois LEWIS. THOMAS R Music Denver, Colorado LEWIS, VIRGINIA Arts Sciences Brush. Colorado LIGHTBURN, VIRGINIA Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado LINCOLN. JAMES R Engineering Wareham. Massachusetts LINDAUER. IVO E Arts Sciences Grand Valley, Colorado LITTEN. JACK Music Alamosa, Colorado Fourth Row LITTLE, RICHARD D South Pasadena. California LOCKARD, MARJORIE Pueblo. Colorado LOGAN, ROSEMARY Chicago, Illinois LORD. MARILYN . Piano, Illinois LYNN, CONSTANCE Highland Park, Illinois MADDOCK. MARY LYNN .. Nirthbrook, Illinois Arts Sciences Arts Sciences . Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Fifth Row MADSEN, ROBERT C Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska MAJORS. CHARLES E Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado MAPES. NANCY Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado MARCUS. GLORIA MARGE __ Arts Sciences Glencoe, Illinois MARKS, JOAN Arts Sciences Houston, Texas MARTA. GEORGE Engineering Orange, California MATSON. DONALD CARL Engineering Jerome, Idaho MATSUSHIMA, EDNA Arts Sciences Fort Lupton, Colorado MATTESON. JACK Arts Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado Sixth Row McCUE, MARY ELLEN Pharmacy Amarillo, Texas McDonald, CLAUDE G Arts Sciences Dallas, Texas McGARRY. JOANNE Arts Sciences Estes Park, Colorado McKOWN. JANE GRACE Arts Sciences Omaha. Nebraska McMillan, ALICE Arts Sciences Evanston. Illinois McNEEL, jane Arts Sciences San Antonio, Texas MEHOS. JOHN Pharmacy Salida, Colorado MENDELSOHN. SHIRLEY E Arts Sciences Milwaukee. Wisconsin MENELY. DICK - Arts Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Seventh Row MENZEL. JAMES NELSON Arts Sciences Oldham, South Dakota MERCIER, GEORGE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado MEYER, CHARLES Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado MEYER, HELLMUT L Arts Sciences Manila. Philippines MEYER. SUZANNE Arts Sciences Wauwatosa, Wisconsin MILEY, MARY K. Arts Sciences Greybull, Wyoming MILNER. CAROL Arts Sciences Rocky River, Ohio MILLER, ANN Arts Sciences Colorado Springs. Colorado MONK. CLAIRE de LEE . Arts Sciences Sheldon. Iowa Eighth Row MOORE. MARILYN Arts Sciences Bart lesvi lie. Oklahoma MUELLER. LEE E Engineering Eaton, Colorado MUES. MELVIN V Arts Sciences Arapahoe, Nebraska MURRAY. MARLIS ROSALEE Nursing Burlington. Iowa NELSON. CAROL Arts Sciences Windsor, Colorado NELSON. MARILYN Music Gurley, Nebraska NEVILLE, ALICE Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado NEWELL. MARY GRACE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado NEYLON. MAUREEN SHANNON Arts Sciences Hays, Kansas Ninth Row NIEMI. NORMA M Red Lodge. Montana NORTHCUTT, FLORENCE Arts Denver, Colorado NOSSAMAN. MARJORIE Arts Madison. New Jersey NUTTALL. TONY Rigby. Idaho Arts Arts Arts OVERTON, ANN C Denver. Colorado PACE. JO Richfield, Utah PAGE. DONNA Boulder. Colorado PARKER, HARRY C Arts Delta, Colorado PAULE. JACQUELYN „ Arts Chicago. Illinois Nursing Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Nursing Sciences Sciences Right Page — First Row PAULSON. WALLACE „ Engineering Vermillion, South Dakota PAYNE. JOHN Arts Sciences Cortez, Colorado PEACOCK. ROBERT _ Engine Dallas. Texas PERRENOUD, MARY LOU Arts Sciences Sioux Falls, South Dakota PIERSON. JUDITH Arts Sciences Galveston, Texas PIKE, NANCY Arts Sciences Brighton. Colorado PITCHFORD. LOUISE Arts Sciences El Paso, Texas PNEUMAN. FRITZ Engine Boulder. Colorado POLING, DONNA Arts Sciences Estes Park, Colorado Second Row POTARF. SARA Arts Sciences Omaha, Nebraska POTTER, ROBERT Pharmacy Denver. Colorado PRUSS. DONALD Arts Sciences LibertyviUe, Illinois PUTNEY. JOAN .„ Arts Sciences Gladbrook. Iowa QUINBY. LYAL Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado RADEMACHER, PAUL Arts Sciences Hot Springs, South Dakota RAINS, MARY Music Atlantic. Iowa RASMUSSEN. BEUNA Arts Sciences Frecport. Illinois REDMAN, SAMMY Arts Sciences Black Hawk. Colorado 97 ' p 98 Left Page — first Row REINGOLD, ELLIOT Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado RELLIHEN. DOROTHY Arts 4 Sciences Evanston, Illinois REYNOLDS, CATHERINE Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado RICHARDS, JOAN Arts Sciences Wray, Colorado RIDDOCH, BEVERLY Arts Sciences Louisville, Colorado RIEFENBERG, DOROTHY Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado RIPPBERGER, JO Arts Sciences Kenilworth, Illinois ROBBINS, DIANE Arts Sciences Palo Alto. California ROBERTS, JOE _ Arts Sciences Santa Fe, New Mexico Second Row ROBERTSON. RONALD Engine Denver. Colorado ROCCO. JOE Arts Sciences Pueblo. Colorado ROSEMAN. LYNN Arts Sciences Chicago. Illinois RUEB, KARL Arts Sciences St. Francis. Kansas RUSHING. LES Arts Sciences Sullivan. Illinois RYMER. PATSY .. Music Denver. Colorado SAMUEL. EMMA LOU Arts Sciences Green Mountain Falls. Colorado SANDOW. ALBERTA Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado SANTALA, ALMA Nursing Satanta, Kansas Third Row SARDINI, FLORENCE Arts Sciences Canon City. Colorado SCHELL. PAT Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado SCHILLING, TRUDY Nursing Bancroft. Nebraska SCHLITT. JO ANN Arts Sciences Springfield. Illinois SCHUPP. TOM Arts Sciences Wilmette. Illinois SCHWALB. ROBERTA Nursing San Mateo. California SCHWARTZ. JACK Arts Sciences Colorado Springs. Colorado SCHWEIGERT. ARNOLD .. Arts Sciences Colorado Springs. Colorado SCHWINDT, JACKSON Arts Sciences Ft. Morgan. Colorado fourth Row SEIBEL. EDGAR Arts Sciences Centralia. Illinois SELL. ROBERTA Music Gering. Nebraska SEYMOUR. DALE Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado SHAPIRO. CHARLENE Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado SHATSOFF. HAROLD Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado SHELP. PAT Arts Sciences Aurora, Illinois Fifth Row SHEPARDSON, SONJA Pharmacy Grand Junction. Colorado SHIDELER. SHIRLEY Arts Sciences Shawnee. Colorado SHINER, PAT Arts Sciences San Mateo, Califormia SHIRK, DON Arts Sciences Wheat Ridge, Colorado SHORT, ROBERT Arts Sciences Canon City, Colorado SHROYER. TERRY Arts Sciences Craig. Colorado SIEBERT. RENE Arts Sciences Palo Alto. California SILVERMAN, MARY Arts Sciences DeKalb, Illinois SIMPSON, JOYCE Arts Sciences Eads, Colorado . Pharmacy Sciences Engine . Pharmacy Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Engine Sixth Row SKINKLE, HARRY Blanca, Colorado SKYRM, HILDEGARDE Arts Glencoe. Illinois SMITH. ADDISON Denver, Colorado SMITH. CHARLES Trinidad, Colorado SMITH, DOROTHY Arts Pueblo, Colorado SMITH, NANCY Arts Riverside, Illinois SNYDERMAN, JOAN Arts Pueblo, Colorado SPENCER. TOM Arts Clayton. Missouri SQUIRE, KA Aberdeen, South Dakota Seventh Row STARK. ELAINE - Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado STATES. STANLEY Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado STEELE. SALLY _ Arts Sciences Princeton. New Jersey STERLING, ELAINE Arts Sciences Aurora. Colorado STEWARD. ROBERT Engine Rocky Ford. Colorado STINSON. BARBARA Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado STIRLING. NORMAN Engine Santa Ynez. California SOBOL. MARY ANN Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado STORK. RICHARD Arts Sciences Custer, Montana Eighth Row STREEPY, JAMES ._ Arts Sciences Sioux City. Iowa SUMMERTON, JOAN Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado SUTHERLAND, HELEN Arts Science? Houston, Texas SWIGERT, JOHN Engine Denver. Colorado SYLVESTER, MARGARET Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado TAINTER, LOUELLA Arts Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado TANK. JUANITA Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado THOMAS. BERTHA . Arts Sciences Alma, Colorado TODD, WILMA Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado Hhth Row TRILK, BARBARA Pre-Business Riverside, Illinois TRUCKESS. ANN Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado UMBREIT. ROBERT . Engine Boulder, Colorado USEM, PAULA Arts Sciences Austin. Minnesota VanDERBUR, GWEN Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado VanNOSTRAND, NANCY Arts Sciences Monte Vista, Colorado VELA. MARY Arts Sciences Eckert, Colorado VOGELER. AUGUST Arts Sciences Elko. Nevada WARNER, JOAN Arts Sciences Idaho Falls, Idaho KIght Page — First Row WEBSTER, MARY LU Arts Sciences Kansas City. Missouri WELLER, MARILYN Arts Sciences Mitchell, South Dakota WELLINGTON, JENNIFER Arts Sciences Berkeley, California WESTERBERG, VERNE Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado WESTON. STAN Arts Sciences Phoenix. Arizona WHISENANT, JUNE Arts Sciences Liberal. Kansas WHITNEY, JAN Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado WILKINS, JEANNE „ Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado WILKINS. JIM Arts Sciences Lincoln, Nebraska Second Row WILLIAMS, J. HARLEY Arts Sciences Golden. Colorado WILLIAMS, ROBERT Engine Pueblo, Colorado WILLIAMS, WAYNE Arts Sciences Boulder. Colorado WILSON. KENNETH _ Pharmacy Cortez, Colorado WILSON. PATRICIA _.... Pharmacy Pueblo, Colorado WINGO, RALPH Engine Craig, Colorado WISEMAN, LOUISE Arts Sciences Greeley, Colorado WITCHELL, BARBARA Arts Sciences Springfield, Illinois WOERTMAN, MARILYN Arts Sciences Wheat Ridge, Colorado Third Row WOODHOUSE, CECILE Arts Sciences Birmingham, Michigan WRENN, NANCY Arts Sciences Denver. Colorado WYCKOFF. KATE Arts Sciences New York City. New York WYMAN. ROBERT Engine Denver. Colorado YOUBERG, DAVE-. Arts Sciences Hayden. Colorado YOUNG, MARY Arts Sciences Boulder, Colorado ZARIT, N. BRYCE Arts Sciences Denver, Colorado ZELIGSON. SYBIL Arts Sciences Tulsa. Oklahoma ZICK, ROBERT Arts Sciences Oregon. Illinois 99 ihiihhiih up _ 100 IF HlM RjIPflaj Left Page — First Row Adams, Audrey A San Marino. California Ahearn. Maralyn Denver, Colorado Alfred, Barb Denver, Colorado Allen. Margot Palo Alto. California Allen. Robert _... Rifle. Colorado Altherr. Joan _ Homewood. Illinois Ambrose. Nick Littleton. Colorado Anderson, Arlene --.. Aberdeen, South Dakota Anderson, Catherine G San Benito, Texas Anderson, Jill Encampment, Wyoming Second Row Anderson, John E _._ Pueblo, Colorado Andes, Deloris Independence, Missouri Armstrong, Alice A Tulsa, Oklahoma Armstrong, Nancy .„ Denver, Colorado Ash, Ann . ' . Aft Hta, Illinois Aspinwall, Dick ...... : Barriii fen. ' Illinois Auerbach. Jack Honolulu. Hawaii Austin. Edwin Ft. Collins, Colorado Babcock. Joa[n Denver. Colorado Bacal, Martin Tucson. Arizona T(i rd Row Bacon. Pat Wheat Ridge. Colorado Baden. Gerald M Hamilton. Ohio Bailie, Judith South Bend. Indiana Baldwin, Dorothy Lee Brighton, Colorado Bancroft, John Kearney, Nebraska Bardwell, Pat --- Denver, Colorado Barkley, Bunnie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Barnhart, Barbara Pasadena, California Barton, Jane Highland Park. Illinois Bateman. Beth Glen EUyn. Illinois Fourth Row Baughman. Keith ._ Akron, Colorado Bauma, Janet Lou Pocahantas, Iowa Beattie. Charles G. Sal Paulo. Brazil Becker. Connie Wilmette. Illinois Beer. Dorothy San Mateo. California Bell. Bruce G Idaho Springs, Colorado Benner, Joan Los Angeles, California Bennett, Barbara J Boulder. Colorado Bennett. William E Lakewood, Colorado Bemdt. Erna Clarine Genoa. Colorado Fiffh Row Bickmore. Joan _... Wheat Ridge. Colorado Black. Florence E Jersey City, New Jersey Blackwell, Pati Oak Park. Illinois Blake. Bob Dolores. Colorado Blanchard. David Cheyenne, Wyoming Bloch, Nancy Tucson, Arizona SMh Row Blodgett, Joan Houston. Texas Boggio, Natalie Denver, Colorado Bolinger, Barbara A Colorado Springs, Colorado Bond, Tom El Paso, Texas Boothe. Bondi Lansing, Illinois Booth, Cynthia Bloomlield Hills, Michigan Bosch, Lois Escondido, California Bowie, Margot Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Boxer, Shirley A Brush, Colorado Bradshaw. Anne Stratton, Colorado Seventh Row Brock, Mary Hinsdale, Illionis Brough, Ann Montgomery, Illinois Brown, Barbara Cheyenne, Wyoming Brown, Bondi Chicago, Illinois Brown, Richard Nelson Des Moines, Iowa Brown. Robert Wylie Pasadena, California Brown. Temple Hayden. Colorado Brummitt. Nai :y Dale Centerville. Iowa Bruning, Ann Palo Alto, California Buchanan. Barbara Miami. Oklahoma eighth Row Buckland, Joan Schenectady, New York Cady, Linda Marieniont, Ohio Cain. Kathryn Denver, Colorado Cannon, June Oak Park, Illinois Carpenter, Carlisle Oak Park. Illinois Carpenter. Harry Hindsdale, Illinois Cartwright. Barbara L Indianapolis. Indiana Chandos. Diane Riverside, Illinois Chapman, Art Chicago, Illinois Cbason, Joan Evanston, Illinois Ninth Row Chilton, Bob Dallas. Texas Christian, Florence M Cristobal. Canal Zone Civerolo. Joanne Gallup, New Mexico Clark, Edward Bauer ,. Denver, Colorado Clark, Jean M Detroit, Michigan Clark, Marion San Mateo, California Coate, Cilia Park Ridge. Illinois Cobb, Louise Berkeley, California Cohen, Sally Ruth Pueblo, Colorado Cohen. Roenna Rae Colorado Springs. Colorado Tenfh Row Colton. Virginia W Los Angeles. California Conner. LaDorna Denver. Colorado Connors. Sue Salt Lake City, Utah Cope, Everton, Jr Torrington, Wyoming Cook. Mary Denver, Colorado Corbridge, Richard M Casper, Wyoming Corcoran, Mary Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cornelius, Betty Anne Davenport, Iowa Coshow, Sally Carpinteria, California Cox, Sharyn Denver, Colorado RigM Poge — FIrtt Row Cripe, Helen Racine, Wisconsin Crockett, Nancy La Grange, Illinois Culloden, Joan Louanne Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cushner, Mary E Stillwater, Minnesota Dahlberg, Barbara Lansing, Illinois Davis. Josephine Tulsa, Oklahoma Davidson, Betty Fontana, California Davidson. Bette Lou Boise, Idaho Davis, Lewis _ Sioux Falls, South Dakota Dee, Stanley Ward, Jr Haxtun, Colorado Second Row De Geer. Dolora Colorado Springs. Colorado Degen. Carole J Park Ridge, Illinois Devine, John H Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Devries, Herbert Bohn Washington, D. C. Dickinson, Lois Lake Geneva. Wisconsin Disque, Maria Albuquerque, New Mexico Dorwart. Darlene Grand Junction, Colorado Drake, Jean _ Greeley, Colorado Du Bois, Dyane Palo Alto, California Dunlap, Jacquelyn S Montrose, Colorado Third Row Eckman, Mary Lou Rockford. Illinois Edwards. Jeri _ Clarendon Hills. Illinois Eliason. Richard Denver, Colorado Eggleston, Ronald „ Boulder, Colorado Ellis, Jo Ann Evanston, Illinois Emch, Judy WauWatosa, Wisconsin Engellrecht, Jeanne Highland Park, Illinois Essman, Bette Lee Downers Grove, Illinois Everist, Mary Ann Galesburg, Illinois Fales, Carolyn Kearney, Nebraska 101 102 Leff Page — firtf Row Feinburg. Leon Albany, New York Fichtner. Audrey Clarendon Hills, Illinois Field. Ecklin J.. Jr Peoria, Illinois Field, Martin Greeley, Colorado Feder, Gloria Houston, Texas Fitzgerald, Mary Pasadena, California FitzGerrell, Richard Houston, Texas Flagg, Norman Riverside, Illinois Flood, Geraldine Denver, Colorado Flynn, Mary Jo Dansville, Illinois Second Row Forbes, Robert L Denver, Colorado Fowler, Altona Fowler, Colorado Fox, Robert Elmhurst, Illinois Fungingsland, Ernest Denver, Colorado Fuoco, James E Grand Junction, Colorado Furlan, Valeria Waukegan, Illinois Gaasch, Margie C _ Golden, Colorado Gaebel, Mary Jo Longmont, Colorado Galbasini, Donald C „ Boulder, Colorado Garner, Carol Jean Denver, Colorado TMrd tew Gaines, Sally Joann Jackson, Michigan Galbasini, Barbara „ Boulder, Colorado Gaunt, William A Brighton, Colorado Gavito, William E Denver, Colorado Geiss, Jacqueline _ Boulder, Colorado Gemmer, Shirley Tulsa, Oklahoma Gerbosi, Maryann Arlington Heights, Illinois Geisler, Barbara Jean „ Park Ridge, Illinois Gladstone, Sydney _ Wichita, Kansas Glascock, Jane Hughson. California fourth Row Glasgaw, Katherine „ „... East Orange, New Jersey Goldwaite, Dolores Arlington Heights, Illinois Goodheart, Virginia Denver, Colorado Gordon, Jimmie D Fort Morgan, Colorado Gould, Barbara Chicago, Illinois Gray, Ronnie Chicago, Illinois Greenbcrg, Arnold Denver, Colorado Gregg. Jane Las Animas, Colorado Groves. Mary Grand Junction, Colorado Gunstead. Carol _ Chicago, Illinois Fiffk Row Guthrie. Charles W. Haines, Carol B Hale, Molly __ Jetmore. Kansas Hilton. Massachusetts . La Crosse, Wisconsin Hall, Donna Lubbock, Texas Hall, Marilyn Homewood, Illinois Halstead, Barbara Highlang Park, Illinois Sixth Row Hamilton, Barbara Joliet, Illinois Hammer, Joan Omaha, Nebraska Hampton, H. Duane Walden, Colorado Handler, Sally R Denver, Colorado Hanley, Lee Evanston, Illinois Hardman, John Limon, Colorado Hardin, Nancy L Lincoln, Illinois Harlan, Nancy Arlington, Virginia Harriman, Jo Ann Palo Alto, California Harris, Robert Chicago, Illinois Seventh Row Harrison, Gerald Aurora, Colorado Hartman. Donna Beverly Hills, California Hartwell, Ann Colorado Springs, Colorado Harvey, Richard L Denver, Colorado Hassan, Safa M Karbala, Iraq Havens, Walter _ Wheat Ridge, Colorado Hays, Richard _ Denver, Colorado Heap, Robert Evanston, Illinois Heffelraan, Craig Santa Fe, New Mexico Hellbronner, Barbara Milwaukee, Wisconsin tighth Row Heller, Dena „ Denver, Colorado Helmes, Joan K Oshkosh, Wisconsin Herren, Bobbie Ann ._ _ Haskell, Texas Hills, Susan Dexter, Michigan Hirtle, Thomas W „ Freeport, Illinois Hobbs, Arlene Chicago, Illinois Hockley, Daisy _ Chicago, Ilinois Hodges, Barbara ._ Homewood, Illinois Holder, Jackie _ La Jolla, California Hoffman, Roland H St. Francis, Kansas Ninth Row Holden, Marion Boulder, Colorado Holick. Annabelle Loveland, Colorado Hoover, Chester A., Jr Los Angeles, California Houston, Jenny Lee Boulder, Colorado Hoffman, Lee Pasadena, California Hunter, Richard M _ Phoenix, Arizona Humphrey, Carole A Denver, Colorado Humphrey, Carole Fort Worth, Texas Holt, Charles „ Amarillo, Texas Hook, James M Santa Monica, California Tenth Row Hopkins, Larry Boulder, Colorado Jensen. Shirley San Antonio, Texas Joffe, Ruth Chicago, Illinois Johns, Marilyn A Idaho Falls Idaho Johnson, Mary Lou Maywood, Illinois Johnston, Bonnie Golden, Colorado Jones. Judeenne Rolling Hills, California Jordan, Charles _ Carbondale, Colorado Josephson, Gilbert Denver, Colorado Joslin, Jeanne Topeka. Kansas Right Poge — First Row Kallhoff. Barbara Broomfield, Colorado Katz, Joel Chicago, Illinois Kaufmann, Alice B Highland Park, Illinois Keesling, Thomas M San Mateo, California Keleher, Marcia Starke, Florida Kelly, Claris Billings, Montana Kemp, George P Lexington, Illinois Kenny. Barbara J _. Chicago, Illinois Kent, Diane Amarillo, Texas Keniworthy. Barbara Chicago, Ilinois Second Row Keppch, Richard H Denver, Colorado Kerr, Jackie _. Chicago, Illinois Kettman. John L Pleasant Valley, Iowa Kilbourn, Howard D Colorado Springs, Colorado Killius, Richard W Rocky River, Ohio King. James W. _ Aberdeen, South Dakota King, Margaret _ Highland Park, Illinois Kingery, Joan Marie ._ _ Denver, Colorado Kleinman, Carol _ Los Angeles, California Kluherz. Jerrol Torrington. Wyoming Third Row Kluppel, Val Jean _ Houston, Texas Knudsen, Dan H Ft. Lupton, Colorado Kobayashi. Katherine Kukaiau Ranch, Hawaii Koebel, Sigrid Grosse Pointe, Michigan Koernig, Raymond Roslyn, New York Krasick, Virginia _ Chicago, Illinois Krebs, Sue Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Krueger, Carole _ Indianapolis, Indiana Lackey, Elizabeth Raton, New Mexico Langford, Margaret Denver, Colorado 103 104 Left Page — firs Row Larson, Howard Elmhurst, Illinois Leddcr, Bennett Pueblo, Colorado Lehmann. Hans Carmel, California Leininger, Vonnie Westby, Montana Leiand, Paula Minneapolis, Minnesota Lee, Shirley Mae .. Tucson, Arizona Lemen, David A Council Bluffs, Iowa Levy, Jules Highland Park, Illinois Lien, Joan Marie Cleveland, Ohio Linn. Gwenn Hinsdale, Illinois Second Row Little, Joyce Galesburg, Illinois Lohman, Mona Denver, Colorado Lopez, Shirley D Aurora. Colorado Loomis, Constance Red Oak, Iowa Loversky, Patricia Oak Park, Illinois Ludeman, Shirley Denver, Colorado Maling. Donald Chicago, Illinois Mantle. Greeda Artesia, Colorado Maring, Barbara Denver, Colorado Marshall, Kathy _ Burley, Idaho Third Row Mayer, Robert W La Junta, Colorado Mayo, Pete Northfield, Illinois McBride, Betty Denver, Colorado McCarthy, Diana Denver, Colorado McCollum, George A., Jr Boulder, Colorado McCord, Susan Minneapolis, Minnesota McCoy, Mary Lou Detroit, Michigan McDougal. Joan ._ La Grange, Illinois McFarland, Sidney Santa Barbara, California McGillivray, Barbara Hawi, Hawaii, T. H. Fourfii Row McGuire, Joanne Pueblo, Colorado McKay, Robert E La Junta, Colorado McKenzie, Donald Kearney, Nebraska Meakins, Keith D Morrison, Illinois Mendel, Juanita Colorado Springs, Colorado Merigan, Walter S Boulder, Colorado Merriam, Betty Anne Winnetka, Illinois Messer. Barry Los Angeles, California Metz, Shirley Denver, Colorado Meyer, Patty Colorado Springs, Colorado Fifffi Row Middlemist. Jackie Antonito, Colorado Miskell, Whitney Rocky River, Ohio Miward. Thomas Crete. Illinois Moon, Rou Diane Erie, Colorado Moore, Jesse Shrcveport, Louisiana Morgan, Betty Lou West Palm Beach, Florida Si fh Row Morison, Jack -. Denver, Colorado Morris, Sarah Boulder, Colorado Mosher, Marilyn Detroit, Michigan Mosier, Marilyn Detroit, Michigan Mountford, Betty Jean Fort Lyon, Colorado Mudd, Joan Eila Denver, Colorado Mullen, Barbara Rapid City, South Dakota Mullin, Frank Ogden Dunes, Indiana Mulvihill, John C San Marino, California Munson, Margaret Denver, Colorado Seventh Row Munson, Marilyn • Palo Alto, California Myers, Margaret Gallup, New Mexico Naglestad, Frederic Sioux City. Iowa Names, Gwen Denver, Colorado Nakata, Elsie Brighton, Colorado Neale, Charles San Marino, California Needham. Marjorie Rockford, Illinois Neer, Marlene Minneapolis, Minnesota Nelson, Orvin, Jr Golden, Colorado Neuman. Lee Houston. Texas Eighth Row Niblock, George W Denver, Colorado Noel, Patsy Grand Junction, Colorado Norman, Joan Evanston, Illinois Norsving, Ramona Montevideo, Minnesota Neece, Joyce Denver, Colorado Nyquist, Marilyn Stansbury, Wyoming O ' Connell, Patricia Denver, Colorado O ' Connor, Tommy Lou Glen EUyn, Illinois O ' Hara, Iva San Antonio, Texas Olbrick, James East St. Louis, Illinois Ninth Row Oliver, Mary Jean Colorado Springs, Colorado O ' Neill, Robert J Wilmette, Ilinois Onorati, June Las Animas, Colorado Orchard, Roberta Grand Junction, Colorado Ottens, Shirley Craig, Colorado Owen, Carrol Roswell, New Mexico Quinn, Mary Ann Walden. Colorado Palmer, Barbara Flossmoor, Illinois Papp, Robert T Crete, Illinois Parker, Patricia Lee Compton, California Tenfh Row Pauk, Barbara St. Louis, Missouri Percgo, Gerry Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pereira, M. Albert - Cochabamba, Bolivia, S. A. Perrine, Jack Denver, Colorado Petermann, Betty Lou Palatine, Illinois Peterson, Vee Monte Vista, Colorado Phibbs, Albert Denver, Colorado Piephe, Carol Lee Muncie, Indiana Pierce, Candy Wheaton, Illinois Poch, Nedra Atlantic, Iowa Right Page — First Row Potter, Ann Delta, Colorado Pomerroy, Sue Birmingham, Michigan Powers, Joan Minneapolis, Minnesota Puett, Grayson Fort Morgan, Colorado Rabenau, Don Galesburg, Illinois Rakow, Jcri Helen Dundee, Illinois Ranger, Sally Kerrville, Texas Redman, James Durango, Colorado Reed, Phyllis Wray, Colorado Reeve, Carriellen Barrington, Illinois Second Row Resseguie, Dick Evanston, Illinois Rheinberger, Mary Anne Duluth, Minnesota Rice, Roger W Englewood, Colorado Rich, Leslie St. Louis, Missouri Rickman, Suzanne - Denver, Colorado Riechers, Ruth Hillrose, Colorado Riggs, Marcia Highland Park, Illinois Rios. Irving San Mateo, California Roberts, Duane C Nampa,Idaho Robinson, Don Denver, Colorado Third Row Robinson, Ronald , Denver, Colorado Rogers, Nancy Ann: Denver, Colorado Rogphack, Barbara Arvada, Colorado Rueb, Robert St. Francis, Kansas Russell, Joan Merriam, Kansas Ruthenberg, Daine Hinsdale, Illinois Ryle, Andrew, R Baltimore, Maryland Sackett, Robert Springfield, Colorado Saliman, Stanley Denver. Colorado Saltz, Audrey La Crosse. Wisconsin 105 106 Leff f oge — Ftrtf Row Sare, Robert Denver, Colorado Savery, Betty Whittier, California Schafer, Jeanne Chesaning, Michigan Schapanski, Ruth Park Ridge, Illinois Schauer, Elaine Denver, Colorado Schaurerman, Melvin Severance, Colorado Schiffer, Joan Denver, Colorado Schmidt. Stephen Cincinnati, Ohio Schott, Jouce Proctor, Colorado Schurch, Peggy Denver, Colorado Second Jtow Schwartz, Rosalee Denver, Colorado Unidentified Selvia. Goldie Erie, Colorado Settle, Louise Cedar Rapids, Iowa Shantz, Marion Denver, Colorado Shaw, Edward Pueblo, Colorado Sherman, David Ovid, Colorado Shidlet, Blache „ Pueblo, Colorado Show. Virginia Hermosa Beach, California Shuk. Tom Bogota, Colombia, S. A. TMrd Row Simank, Nancy Pasadena, California Simpson Douglas South Bend, Ind iana Skiffington, Anne Manitou Springs, Colorado Slifer, Berta Jean Brighton, Colorado Slinger, Marion Jefferson, Iowa Slosky. David _ Pueblo, Colorado Smith, Charles „ Estes Park, Colorado Snuth. Colin River Forest, Illinois Smith, Margaret Sioux City, Iowa Smoot, Beatrice Highland Park, Illinois foiirffc Row Smyser, Ann Toledo, Ohio Sonnenberg, lola Sterling. Colorado Sonnenberg, Wynono Sterling, Colorado Sorcnsen, Joanne Los Angeles, California Spath, Mary Corinne Pueblo, Colorado Spears, Julia „ San Antonio, Texas Speer, Helen Gene _ _ Dallas, Texas Speier, Bob Denver, Colorado Spurgeon. Glynn Marian Centralia, Illinois Stacy, Mary Ellen Diablo, Canal Zone Fifth Row Stagcberg. Phyllis Westby, Montana Stander, Ted Denver, Colorado Sterrett, Marion Santa Barbara, California Stanton, Kay Detroit, Michigan Stebbins. Edith Carmel, California Stelzenmuller, Helene G Amityville, New York Siifh Row Stevens, Jeanne Greeley, Colorado Stevenson, Sally Jo Davenport, Iow a Stewart, Rolland Pasadena, California Stigler, Reece Park Ridge. Illinois Stone, Avery Chicago. Ilinois St. Clair, Meredith Fergus Falls, Minnesota Stillwagon. Chloanna Boulder, Colorado Studinger, Donald A Mundelein. Illinois Sumikawa, Mary Delta, Colorado Sundberg, Barbara Hayden, Colorado Sevenfh Row Sundberg, Mary Minneapolis, Minnesota Supperstein, David Colorado Springs, Colorado Susen, Jackie Park Ridge, Illinois Sutton, Emma Lou Canton, Illinois Swigcrt, Bettie Denver, Colorado Sympson, Robert Eldin _ Lamar, Colorado Talbert, Willard Casper, Wyoming Tanner, Sylvia Boulder, Colorado Taylor, Louise Denver, Colorado Teitelbaum, Annette Chicago, Illinois Eighth Row Thomas, Mary Cwen Denver, Colorado Thompson. Jane Evanston, Illinois Thompson. Joanne Boulder, Colorado Thorsen, Malcolm Leonard .. Highland Park, Illinois Tiemey, Beverly Golden, Colorado Titterington, Marcia Milford, Iowa Tuohy, Mary Ann „. Cleveland, Ohio Turnbull, Mary Ellen Evanston, Illinois Tuhey, Nancy _ Muncie, Indiana Turek, Roberta Diane Chicago, Illinois Ninth Row Turner, Helen K Denver, Colorado Upton, John P Saint Francis, Kansas Utter, Tamara Louise Des Moines, Iowa Vaughan, Dorothy Ann .... Mount Morrison. Colorado Vonier, Jaquelin Denver, Colorado Vranken, Mary Van Denver, Colorado Waldrop, Henry Arthur Boulder, Colorado Watson, Norma Las Animas, Colorado Watts, Margaret Wiggins, Colorado Waugh, Kathy Greeley, Colorado Tenth Row Weber, Charlotte L Park Ridge, Illinois Weddell, Leuretta Loveland, Colorado Weiland. Joanne Denver, Colorado Welsh, Jean Ann „ Rockford, Illinois White, Bernie L _ Colorado Springs, Colorado Wichmann, Paul „ Golden, Colorado Wiley, Janice Western Springs, Illinois Wilson, Norm Loveland, Colorado Winston, Jane Washington D. C. Winters, Delores A Denver, Colorado kight Pose — Flrnt Row Winter, Louise Arcadia, California Wixon, Charles W Pontiac, Michigan Wolf, Carol Denver, Colorado Wong, Loretta M Honolulu, Hawaii Woodcock, Susanne Elizabeth Spencer. Iowa Woods, Patsy Seward, Alaska Worthington, Anne Roswell, New Mexico Wright, Allison Rensselaer, Indiana Wright, Gail „ „ Evanston. Illinois Wyner, Elizabeth Anne _ Denver, Colorado Second Row Yamamoto, Anne C Fairfield. Idaho Yoast, Nancy Carolyn Glendale, California Young, Frank O Delta, Colorado Young, Rodney Delta. Colorado Zerobnick. Marlene Denver, Colorado Zingane, Ruth Ann Colorado Springs, Colorado 107 Back row, left to right: Y. Chang, J. Anderson, J. Ghio. J. McCorcle. S. Baker. R. Murray, J. Bangerd, D. Cantrell, P. Dutcher. Filth row: L. Greever, J. Knox, D. Brockman, C. Steptoe, C. Loetscher, G. Ardueser, D. Houtz, K. Wilson, H, Netz. J. Ryden. Fourth row: W. Peterson, D. Drew, H. Rosenthal, S. Morse, R. Masui, J. Shearer. M. McCue, B. Summers, K. Sells, R, Walker, M. Petricich. Third row: W. Hiranaka, D. GuUett, V. Hefti, P. Stone, A. Jossis, N. Clifford, H. Mehta, J. Toporoki, W. Higgins. S. Kishiyama, W. Wetty. Second row: J. Mehos, R. Kurihara, R. Remington. H. Skinkle, J. Dunlap. J. Onorati. C. Gaasch, P. Langer. P. Wilson. K. Light. M. Lofgren. C. Walker. Front row: Mr. Street. Mr. Voight, A. Martin, W. Schmidt, W. Dudas. R. Pyle, J. Hardman, J. Vincent, R. Edwards, R. Deitrich. L xecutiue L ouncil mencan Aunior merii l- karmaceu lieu I A SSoclatlon 108 B ck TOW, left to right: Fred E. Brows, Bertram J. Rothman, John F. Schuld, George Schreifels, Carl Crepps. Eugene Witchie, Donald L. Holmes, James R. Ruderson, R. E. Tanner, Robert W. Gocttsch, John M. Chapman. Fifth row: R. C. Lym, R. L. Ardoin. Dale E. Bartz, W. R. Lowe, M. A. Smith, J. V. Whisler, R. P. Lowery, R. R. Bowman, J. J. Bond, H. J. Fouts. Fourth row: McDonald, Herman, H. F. Wat. Edgar Cornell, Tom Yamasaki, Jack T. Duane, Barbara Schlutius, Helga Hinzelman, T. Richard Yantis, Robert E. McKay, Arthur Davis, R. J. McClelland. Third row: Frank Tsutsumi, Jack Ishikawa, Don Degani, Oscar Zesch, Joseph Digiovanni, Nancy Jammer, Mettla Kossler, D. J. Moreau, T. A. Yates, M. J. Saunders, Bert Mori. Second row: Arthur J. Paranto, R. C. Mythen, G. L. Skiffington, Ethel C. Richards, Dorothy N. Parkin, Joyce Lakin, Dorothy Holderness, Howard R. Mayo, Andrew Cooper, Mary Johnson, John Hearth, J. M. Otani. Front row: Wayne Kisthard, Charles W. Wright, Winston J. Durant, Thomas P. Konicek, Norris Gregory, Jack Corkcn, J. A. Thebus, Jr., Stanley Freilich, V. R. Gardner, William S. Brothers. -- p PL CLirmcia ¥ cnooi The College of Pharmacy, having its vital organs moved from the tiring Old Main Building into the splendid new body of the new pharmacy build- ing, can now boast as being one of the most modernly equipped Colleges of Pharmacy in the nation. By reason of the apt supervision of Dr. Charles F. Poe, Dean of Phar- macy, Dr. Harold Heim, professor, and other instructors, the graduating pharmacists find themselves more than adequately trained in the various scientific fields embraced by this modern profession. The science of Phar- macy is now quite different from the calibre of pharmacy called for by the public forty years ago when our college was but a struggling baby. The College of Pharmacy is a dynamic entity, for surging restlessly among the exacting virtues of pharmacy are found the Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association, and Rho Chi, an esteemed phar- macy honorary. These two organizations, respectively presided over by Bill Barnes and Ralph Bowman, have dedicated themselves to promote pharma- ceutical education, which in every aspect provides for a more healthy and hardy community in which to live. Back row, lelt to right: W. Durant, R. Goettsch, A. Voight, R. Bowman. Middle row: W. Hiranaka. S. Baker, J. Shearer, J. Street, W. Brothers, A. Jossis. Front row: E. Richards, B. McDonald, D. Cantrell, Dr. C. F. Poe, W. Kisthard, N. Clifford. D. Holderness. 109 i il . IL DUFFORD, ESIDENT OF TH Student llSar idociation Phillip G. Dufford, Jr President David S. Paddock Vice-president William A. Schneeberg, Jr Secretary Gail F. Ouren Treasurer All regularly enrolled students in the Law School are granted membership in the University of Colorado Bar Association. The Student Bar represents the student element of governme nt in the Law School, and is dedicated to the furtherance and protection of student affairs and inter- ests. In effecting these ends the Association operates not only among the student body, but also in matters concerning the students and faculty. The Student Bar is in contact as well with other laws schools, and parti- cipates actively in the American Law Institute ' s Junior Bar Association. Back row, left to right: H. Arnold, E. Sullivan, C. Pierce, R. Buchanan, C. Hampton, J. Bruin, E. Ferguson, V. McClintock, B. McCarty, E. Spangler. Fifth row: R. Shakeshaft. R. Wyckoff, W. Nelson, L. McCain, W. Mitchell, R. Mather, J. Goggins. A. Craddock, J. Holloway. Fourth row: J. Warren, R. Clark, R. Hayworth, B. Arnold, J. Gerard, J. Pugle, W. Bennett, K. Lehr, H. Lund. Third row: R. Bernick, A. Williams. W. Turner. L. Hill, J. Yantis, W. McCleam. S. Roberts. R. Palmes, H. Hutchison. Second row: G. Cheney. R. Chang, F. Deering, M. Dinner, R. Morris, J. Sullivan, R. Sanderson, F. Benton, J. Bayer, M. Richert. Front row: R. Helmick, J. Law and Shortie, Professor Wm. O, DeSouchet. Professor Albert Menard, Dean E. C. King, P. Dufford, W. Schneeberg, G. Ouren, F. Cooley. FRESHMAN LAW CLASS Back row, left to right: R. Schlesinger, M. Hawkins, G. Bennett, L. Britton, P. Antonelli, R. Nagel. Sixth row: R. Romer, J. Shattuck, W. Eaton, M. Edwards, R. Stahl, V. Wolfe, W. Lemesany, J. Picard, G. Gatti. Fifth row: B. Tapp, A. Walker, W, Mattoon, S. Lane, E. Eagan, J. Mulvihill, R, Myer, K. Barnhill, G. Ramsay. Fourth row: J. Hegarty, F. Mattson, D. Melbye, D. Giacomini, K. Bray, J. Kelsey, J. Fontanna, R. Leithead, N. Kawakimi, F. Radloff. Third row: J. Wilson, S. Adler, T. Miller, J. Binder, C. Montfort. C. McCleary. R. Hodgkins, C. Peterson, R. Ramer, R. Barnard. Second row: J. Puckett. W. Fischer, T. Malone, E. Loughrey, Professor D. W. Sears, Professor B. S. Gall and. J. Worrell, R. Wiswell, Professor Wm. Berg, Jr., R. Abenstien. Front row: J. Thorne, J. Cho, J. Carson, Professor L. DeMuth, L. DeMuth, Jr., S. Gesko, Jr., D. Quigley, H. Rieber. G. Dowis, Professor C. O. Martz. Ill i lauai r e6erue yffi icerd 3 • • rainini a orpS June 1951 marks the graduation and commissioning of the second class of NROTC students under the Holloway Plan. Like their prede- cessors of one year ago, the 1951 graduates will go on immediate active duty as Ensigns, USN, or Second Lieutenants, USMC. Each summer " regular " Midshipmen take cruises of six to eight weeks duration. Last summer saw the sophomores visit Hawaii aboard cruisers and destroyers of the Pacific Fleet. The juniors spent two weeks at the U. S. Marine Amphibious Training Base, Little Creek, Virginia, and four weeks at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. The seniors were split into three groups. Some went with the sophomores as division officers, etc. Others were scattered among ships of the Pacific Fleet as junior officers. The third group, com- prising the Marine Corps candidates received training at the Marine Basic School, Quantico, Virginia. These cruises consist of much training and work intermingled with some fine liberties and the ever- present " parties. " Practical instruction is emphasized and the Mid- shipmen stand watches with the ship ' s company. The NROTC Unit at Colorado is active in intramural sports 112 i lai at f eSerue Kypj i icerd D. rainina v orpd Co and other campus activities. Teams competed in intramural touch football, waterpolo, swimming, basketball, track, and Softball. Several midshipmen were members of varsity athletic teams. The Battalion marched in the Homecoming and CU Days parades and also at the Oregon football game. The social highlight of winter quarter was the second annual All-School Military Ball, sponsored jointly by the Navy and Army ROTC. The dance was a rousing success and it is hoped it will become one of the top dances on the campus each year. Within the Unit, Midshipmen participate in many other activities. The Unit newspaper, the SIDELIGHTS, is published semi-monthly. A Radio Club, well stocked with sending and receiving equipment, was formed last year. Last October saw the long-awaited opening of the new rifle range, one of the best in this area. The Navy Drum and Bugle Corps was also organized last fall, in addition to a crack drill squad. These many extra-curricular activities and a liberal sprinkling of practical instruction all combine to develop the fine leadership re- quisite for potential officers. To the Class of 1951, Bon Voyage! BATTALION OFFICERS Back row, left to right: MIDN LTJG Kenneth G. Sletten. Platoon Leader. 1st Co.. 2nd Pit.; MIDN LTJG Donald L. Segur. Platoon Leader. 2nd Co.. 3rd Pit.; MIDN LT Edward H. Utley. Commander. 2nd Company; MIDN LTJG Burton W. Randall, Platoon Leader, 2nd Co.. 1st Pit.; MIDN LTJG Loren I. Moore, Platoon Leader, 1st Co.. 1st Ph. Second row: MIDN LTJG Ralph W. Tobias, Platoon Leader. 1st Co.. 3rd Pit.; MIDN ENS Robert M. Terry, Executive ORicer, Drum Bugle Corps: MIDN LTJG Allen F. Chapman, Executive Officer. 2nd Co.; MIDN LT Bernard L. Keating, Commander. 1st Company; MIDN LTJG Alfred W. Vance, Platoon Leader, 2nd Co.. 2nd Pit. Bottom row: MIDN LTJG Richard R. Thomassen, Executive OS.. 1st Co.; MIDN LCDR Donald E. Richard. Battalion Commander; MIDN LT Murray L. Hayes, Battalion Executive Officer; MIDN LTJG Lorren G. Harper, Commander. Drum fi Bugle Corps. 113 1 M f " JP " ' t Um ' ' " ' ' IHIHI ' TJ " J i wm WW • • • • lh H • • • w " 1 M " H ' I H 1 • • 1 • • 1 • • • • • • h i i % ( f • ! I j f yrrniu rKederue K ffi icerA rainina i orpd As we graduating seniors look back on the develop- ment of the AROTC unit at the university, we feel a sense of pride and achievement. It is a unit rapidly gain- ing the recognition of the campus, as a growing, spirited organization. We have seen the unit grow from company strength in its first year of organization to regimental strength in this, our last year as cadets. Nevertheless, we also remember many of the growing pains that re- sulted from this rapid expansion which were added to the struggles suffered by any beginning organization. However there were many moments of pleasure. Even our summer camp, though strictly G. I., had many periods of adventure. Nearby Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, as well as Vancouver, Canada, were the favorite locations for the ROTC cadets on their week- end passes from Fort Lewis. Here on campus, the unit demonstrated that it is willing to put forth its best to become a leading campus y4 pvnip iKederue Kyj j icerd Co pvnu • • rainin a s orp ornd organization. Our rifle team, improving each year, has carried the unit colors well in many intercollegiate matches. With the excellent new indoor rifle range now in use, we expect them to do even better in the future. The annual Military Ball, sponsored jointly by the Army and Navy units, supplied the largest social activ- ity of the unit. Within the unit, the Pershing Rifles, a national organization, served to give the outfit a greater " Esprit de Corps. " We, as seniors, will receive our commissions in the army upon graduation from the University of Colorado. We will accept this commission with a great feeling for the responsibility and trust which it represents. The unsettled world situation makes us even more deter- mined to set an outstanding record for those who follow. We leave with the faith and confidence that our unit will continue to serve the university and our country. 115 cltoot of = WeJi icine OFFICERS— JUNIOR CLASS John Norton President Millard Smith Vice-President Charlotte Hansman Secretary-Treasurer Rex Haycraft Student Honor Committee Representative Roy Johnson, John Farrington Student Faculty Council Representatives The Colorado University Medical School is located in Denver at the Colorado General Hos- pital. The four year course leads to the degree, Doctor of Medicine. First year students devote their time to an intensified study of gross anatomy, micro-anatomy, neuro-anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, and 116 Back row, left to right: C. Lincoln, D. Strinden, E. Kinzcr. J. Ash. J. Pcarse. W. Keener, J. Norton, H. Haughen, B. Johnson, D. Strong, G. Rodgers: Filtlr row: M. Copeland, R. Lawler, R. Orr, V. Elliott, R. Bareis, R. Haycraft, H. Hepner, F. Potestio, M, Hupp, J. Tillquist, D. Brown, K. Roehrig, M. Westerlund. Fourth row: M. Smith, R. Atkinson, W. McCullough, S. Dienst, W. McCaw, C. Hansman, E. Irwin, D. McClure. Third row: G. Shpall, D. Stein, J. Farrington, D. MitcheU, W. Gentry, S. Foster, J. Cook, S. DeBriere. M. Blakely, T. Moore. Second row: H. Waggener, R. Franch, W. Fielder, J. Cochran, S. Heller, W. Lee, R. Weiner, E. Fyke, Otis King. P. Preble. Front row: Q. Thomas, C. Oba, G. Hurley, C. Clifton, F. Seydel, Jr., M. Currie, R. Moore. OFFICERS— SOPHOMORE CLASS Theodore Hiatt President George Mertz Vice-President Pauline Kurachi Secretary-Treasurer John Young Student Honor Committee Representative Clarence E. Sherwood, Jr., James E. Brady, Jr Student-Faculty Council cnoolof il ledlci icine human biology. The second year of medical train- ing still consists mainly of basic sciences such as, bacteriology, pharmacology, and pathology. The students have some clinical experiences during their second year, however. During the third year in the medical school the students work almost entirely in the clinics. The class is divided into Back row, left to right: S. Talpers, R. Pagnotta, R. Nilsson. C. Rayburn, C. Roberts. C. Roper, R. Sears. S. Shepard. C. S herwood, R. Warner, J. Monaghan, G. Wilson, W. Woodard, R. Shearer. J. McKell. J. McNight. K. Kahn. Third raw: D. Dines. H. Rahming. J. Brady, R. Eakins, R. Wood, J. Young, M. Barnard, T. Bartley, J. Hume, S. McCulloch, J. Vigil, R. Rember, J. Richie. Second row: H. Tipton, C. Pennington, C. Peterson, W. Thulin, J. Jones, K. Cammack, A. Sudan, C. Metzler, W. Siegltr, C. Clohessy, J. Humphreys, L. Hurley, C. Ghicadus. Front row: H. Berstein, R. Johnson, C. Cambor, D. Momii, E. Minzer, J. Nauman, M. Alexander, P. Kurachi, S. Appleby, D. Good, W. Wright, H. Mendrek. T. Jiatt, R. Humphrey, J. A. Janes. 117 OFFICERS— FRESHMAN CLASS James Green President Douglas Taguchi Vice-President Jean Morse Secretary-Treasurer Ronald Harrington Student Honor Committee Representative Richard, Hansen, Donald Burnett Student Faculty Council Representatives three sections and each section spends some time in the medical, obstetrical, surgical, pediatric, and psychiatric wards of the school hospitals. Fourth year work at the medical school is entirely clinical. The students are serving in the out-patient depart- ments of Denver General and Colorado General Hospitals during this final period of their training. ckooiof i 1 lediclne 118 Back TOW, left to Tight: W. Moss, L. Wollenweber. R. Watson, C. Ross, S. Forney, G. Puis, H. Wiley, J. Sanchez, G. McClard, J. Martin, G. Babcock. Sixth row: W. Robb, P. Kuhn, F. Rust, R. Hansen, R. Fernau, M. Hannum, O. Neubuerger. H. Job, P. Radetsky, D. Harvey. Filth tow: J. Franks, R. Iritani, N. Joseph, F. Newman, D. Sakler, R. Quigley, L. Morrell, H. Watts, R. Romig. R. Smith, F. Kline, J. Green. Fourth row: H. Colder, L. Cunningham, D. Poppcrt, D. Girard, G. Morimoto, J. Mackey, D. Justman, E. Jackson, H. Lawless. Third tow: M. Cibull, J. Schemmel, F. Strauss, H. Schwartz, C. Leukens, S. Levitt, W. Davis, D. Taguchi, C. Bennett. Second row: T. Hicks, C. Hoppler, J. Morse, F. Vigil, R. James, J. Litvak, R. Zinky, M. Bartlett. Front row: R. Creager, R. Collier, A. Richardson, D. Aks, W. Bresnahan, J. Corbett, D. Burnett, B. Carlson, R. Anderson, J. Anderson, E. Cotton, L. Chutkow. niciund The medical technology course leads to the degree, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. This course requires three years of study on the Boulder campus and one calendar year at the University of Colorado Medi- cal Center. Combined training in science and in medicine fully equips the graduate for positions in physician ' s offices, hospitals, and in research laboratories. It also affords him a future in a relatively new iield of medical science. Class Sponsors: Dr. E. R. Mugrage, Miss Ida Swasme Back lovi, left to right: Joyce Walker, Betty Hoepner, Margaret Kupilik, Iris Cassall. Second row: Wilma Coe, Lois Roberts, Josephine Waugler. Front row: Dorothy McClellan, Joan Brandner, Norman Schneider. Bobbie Carter. Those not in picture: Earl Lynnock, Martha Leu. 119 120 SCHOOL OF NURSING DENVER DIVISION SENIOR CLASS Top row, left to right: Theresa Barry, Sarah Berrick, Myrtle Brockert, Dorothy Cording, Norma Creger, Gertrude Crowley, Anita Doremann, Maxine Franz, Barbara Frey. Second row: Alice Hall, Annalee Herman, Vivian Hoover, Esther Jenkins, Dorthea Johnson, Beverly Juilfs, Marilyn Kuhn. Yvonne Lane, Frances Lott. Third row: Joan Magee, Joyce McPherson. Peggy Minter, Gloria Munoz, Florence O ' Donnell, Mary Oliver, Catherine Olson, Luella Pifer, June Rew. Bottom row: Winitred Richardson, Yolanda Rivera, Wilma Robertson, Phyllis Smith, Dorothy Souser, Beverly Stockstad, Ruth Thornton, Delilah Tryggestad. cnoolof i lursina oDenver L i ipuA The School of Nursing student body is organized under two divisions — one on the Boulder Campus and one on the Denver Campus. The Nursing Majors Association in each of these divisions is organized to promote the professional nursing interests of the group. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS UNIVERSITY DENVER GENERAL HOSPITAL HOSPITAL DIVISION DIVISION President Carol Crawford Phyllis Manson Vice President Jean Canino Norma Bell Secretary Beth Johnston Helen Colmery Treasurer Shirley Zarlengo Marjorie Hall Senior Class Representative Vivian Hoover Frances Lott Mary Oliver Junior Class Representative Joan Schneckloth Helen Colmery Sophomore Class Representative Dorothy Myers Norma Bell Freshman Class Representative Marloe Poison Faculty Advisers Marjorie Snyder Elizabeth Harris Dorothy Johnston Jean Singer Alice Haakinson Alice Haakinson I i J odpitat cdjwidioni ■3 L i H:,ck row. left to right: Anderson, Dawson. Terbush. Ingram, Chase. Hodge. Gomez. Charles. Sydenham, McGlothlin, Poison. Second row: Hagen, Dick, Elwell, Fenske, Groff, Hendrickson, Front row- Back row, left to right: Peterson, Crouse, Jones, Charles, Edwards, Kilpatrick, Surpentant, Reynolds, Hartman. Fourth row: Jones, Williamson Salsbury, Larson, Hill, Bell, Olsen, Carstens, Kinzic, Bausch. Third row: Myers, Patton, Zarlengo, Walker, Canino, Frederick, Harquail, Kahmeyer, Mee, Horlocker, Knowles, Weber, Second row: Chapman, Hultquist, Hilton, Deline, Fabrizio, Micznski, Spinharney, Anderson, Pettit, Aubel, Wagoner, front row: Feather, Bassett, Booth, Whitehouse, Ehret, Conover, Thompson, Frederick, Strange. Back row, left to right: Manson, McGraw, Larson, Weiss, Rice, Hageman. Second row: Benson, Myers, Kuchler, Schneckloth, Card, Crawford, Wolfenbarger. Front row: Perkins, Rios, Altaffer, Ashcraft, Yanaru, Sugano, Gallegos, Johnston. 121 ASoutder cJji • • • tuidion Back row, left to right: V. Robinson, J. Holly, M. M. Jacobsen, V. Martin. Fifth row: M. E. Wiebe, R. O ' Neal. V. Edds. I. Walker, E. Bru Bacon, J. Snavley, J. Sands, B. Scale. Fourth row: C. Hinman. J. Smith, M. Coon, E. Starr, N. Kennedy, M. Young, A. Coulter, C. T Third row: R. Daniels, F. Vogl, O. White, F. Sheets, M. Lorcnz, H. Papadopoulou, M. A. Moore. B. Timblin, M. Kroegcr. Second row: E. M. Pesavento, S. Cash, N. L. Peterson, J. Conger, L. King, C. Tapley, M. Mendoza. Front row: B. Wall, G. Sapp, J. Strock, R. McConvillc, Newcomb, I. L. Schafer, O. Dellerba, M. E. Pettinger. NURSING MAJORS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS B. aylor. Bach, M. E. Jean Coakley President Ruth Thompson Secretary Mildred Schmidt Treasurer Katherine Kelly Faculty Advisor Back row, left to right: B. Giesler, L. Settle. E. Jones, J. Gregg. J. Civerolo. Fourth row: K. Evans. M. Kingman. M. Murray, M. Fukaye, T. Brown. M. Groves. Third row: M. McKay, E. Berndt. S. Peppers, B. Sundberg, Y. Hinrichs. D, Shinn, M. Reigle. Second row: R. Berndt, T. J22 Schilling, A. L. Santala, M. Sumikawa, B. Mountford, M. Crawford, B. Galbasini, B. Autrey. Front row: C. Degen, B. Graves, J. Schaible, J. Cuthbertson, S. Barrett, C. Humphrey, N. Rogers. CHOW HOUNDS WITHOUT A SONG rJLl e at O. Vi. I SAY, " WHAT IS THIS MICHAEL RODENT? " THE CONVENTION KIDS During the Club First Nighter this year a charity auction was held for the Campus Chest Drive. Everything from soup to nuts was sold. Somewhere between the soup and the nuts a page of the 1951 Coloradan was sold to the Pi Beta Phi sorority. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN 123 1896-1906 This decade produced the school of nursing and the completion of the Engineering Building, the original Chemistry Building, the first Gymnasium, the Hospital Building, and the central portion of the library Cnow the Little Theatre). In addition the graduate school and the museum were established. Football had been introduced to the region by Colorado, and during this time the sport reached major proportions for the times, as the following quotation implies. " The game with Nebraska showed conclusively that we should enter into an Intercollegiate League with Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and, perhaps, Ohio. " One of the football pioneers said, " We practiced under Bill Folsom on Lover ' s Hill, the stoniest, hardest, rockiest, wind-swept football field then in existence at this, or any other place. " Folsom made them run back to the university. The women had won their position in the university by this time and the administration took the attitude that the gals should receive the same opportunities as the men, but the girls of generations past seem to have been of a different temper than the girls of today, judging from this, " This (basketball), with many other outdoor sports suitable for girls, would start a reformation among our girls, transforming them from bookworms into well- rounded University girls. " ATHLETICS m The gridiron, the basketball court, the baseball diamond — Buff fans hurry to each in its season, in the fall they keep tally of yards gained, and in the spring they chalk up hits. The college picture is not complete without athletics — nor should it be. Games teach participants cooperation, fair competition, and sportsmanship. Students, alums, and Colorado people gather in Folsom Stadium or in the fieldhouse to watch the contests of skill. Amid cheers and moans records are built or torn down. Each ' spectator longs to see Colorado University heading the Big Seven, and the men wearing the Silver and Gold work to attain that position. JACK ANDERSON, Editor L lteerieaderS Throughout the year, the Buff cheerleading squad, work- ing in conjunction with the Buff Pep Club, exhibited tre- mendous spirit and enthusiasm. This year the squad was cut to ten members who were elected by the Pep Club. At pep rallies during the year, the cheerleaders proved to be more organized than in any previous year. This fact was proven by the much larger crowds and greater spirit which these rallies attracted. At the CU vs. Utah game the cheerleaders were a great contribution to the undying spirit of the large Colorado dele- gation. Leading the squad was Bill Haase, who hails from Win- netka, Illinois, where he led cheers in high school. Bill deserves a lot of credit for his excellent squad. Jackie Irwin, another veteran, was a hard worker and a terriffic enthusiast. Jackie comes from Flossmore, Illinois. Also returning this year was Bob Williams, who has a lot of spirit, and whose home is in Brighton, Colorado. The " Boulder Bomber, " Joe Bergheim, will long be remembered for his never ending zest. " The Bomber " resides in Boulder. Don ' t forget the nucleus of the squad, the new members. These six new, vigorous cheerleaders were: Gloria Edwards, Sue Johnson, Joanne Atanasoff, George Helder, Tom Ruegg, and Loren Siffring. Congratulations, Cheerleaders! 126 cJDlrectorS of l lniuerditu tntetlc6 Dean Harry G. Carlson, Director of Athletics and Dean of Men, has sponsored for the University of Colorado a very sound and stable athletic policy of making every athlete here both a student in good standing and a competitor. The faculty controls inter-collegiate athletics and everyone who competes in a sport is strictly an amateur. The likable Dean was born and raised in Jamestown, New York. He received his college B.A. from Spring- field College, Massachusetts, and obtained his masters from Clark University in 1924. He was head baseball coach at Colorado from 1927 until 1945 and developed numerous championship teams. He formerly was an outstanding pitcher and spent several years in the major leagues. It is a great honor for Colorado to have a man of the Dean ' s caliber at the helm of our athletic program. William C. (Kayo) Lam was one of the greatest grid stars in the university ' s history. He holds the honor of being the first Buff player to be selected to play in the East-West charity football game. Lam was the nation ' s leading ground gainer in 1935 and the unanimous choice for all-conference quarterback in the Rocky Mountain Conference. After serving as assistant Dean of Men and in the coaching department. Lam became wrestling coach and assistant frosh football coach. In 1941 he took over the duties of graduate manager of athletics along with an assistant professor- ship in physical education. During World War II, he served as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. Dean Carlson, Director of Athletics Professor Warren O. Thompson, the faculty representative, is assistant head of the Geology department of the university. After instructing geology at Washington University in St. Louis, Thompson came to Colorado in 1926. He has done research work in both the fields of sedimentary and oil geology, and has written several articles for science publications. Professor Thompson re- ceived his B.S. degree from the University of Colorado in 1922 and his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1935. He is a member of Sigma Xi, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Geological Society of America. He also belongs to the Rocky Mountain Asso- ciation of Geologists, and the Geophysical Union. He has aided the university considerably in maintaining a high standard of athletic endeavor. Jim Hicks came to the university to serve as sports director of publicity during the summer of 1950. He also undertook gradu- ate study in the field of journalism as well as completing work on his B.A. After doing a wonderful job of handling the 1950 foot- ball campaign for the Buffs, Hicks was called back into the Navy, where he holds a reserve commission, and turned over his job to Phil Danielson, who had previously held the position. Danielson received his B.A. in journalism from Colorado in 1948. He was president of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism professional honorary. Following graduation, he took two quarters of work in economics. He also has edited the Longmont Ledger. 127 Prof. Warren Thompson Faculty Representative William C. Lam Business Manager of Athletics Jim Hicks Director of Sports Publicity ootoalt = K oucn ouches Head coach Dallas Ward completed his third season at the Buff helm and developed his finest team of his tenure. Ward played his college foot- ball at Oregon State College, where he was selected as all-conference end his senior year. After graduation, he became coach for Marshall high school in Minneapolis, and developed four city champions in his eight years there. In 1936 Ward accepted a position on the Minnesota coaching staff as scout and frosh coach until 1942. After three years in the navy, he returned to the U. of M. as backfield coach. He came to Colorado in 1948, and has since gained considerable prestige for Colorado in the Big Seven Conference. Marshall Wells, a former Minnesota All-american, is the Buff line coach. He played in the 1933 East-West Shrine game. In 1942 he played under Bernie Beirman as a tackle on the Iowa Preflight team. He was at the time an officer in the navy ' s physical fitness program. He served as line coach at Yale, Iowa State, Hamline, and was head coach at Sioux Falls col- lege before coming to Colorado with Ward. Eugene " Bus " Gentry came from St. Paul at Ward ' s request to act as CU end coach. At Minnesota he was a star baseball player and member of the football team. After graduation, he produced two championship teams at Colome, So. Dak. in his two year stay there. The next year he turned out another champion at Willmar, Minnesota. He then went to Yankton, So. Dak. where his success continued. Gentry then became coach at Central high school, St. Paul, where he produced another championship squad. After three years as a major in the army. Gentry returned to St. Paul to coach at Monroe high school before joining the Colorado staff. Frank Prentup, backfield coach and head baseball coach, joined the CU staff in 1941. He was a regular quarterback for coach " Bo " McMillin ' s Kansas State team for three years and also lettered in boxing, swimming, and baseball before graduation in 1932. Prentup ' s coaching career includes championship teams at Genesco, Frankfort, Beloit, and Manhattan, Kansas high schools. During the war, " The Chief " served two years as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. Aubrey Allen, as trainer of the team, rounds out the staff. Allen is a former football and track star at Colorado and is now working on a mas- ter ' s degree in addition to his training duties. 128 Aubrey Allen I K ■«M|| ' H Dallas Ward Marshall Wells Frank Prentup Eugene Gentry IB 1 • ' o i • i ISj il 4 7 ' :r ' i - ' r7a ' % 1 y »; . --( ,,.Y — ' ' I Jl jLJt III. 1 Back row, left to right: End coach, Gentry; Backfield coach. Prentup ; Director of Athletics, Dean Carlson; Assistant coach. Wells; Head coach. Ward; and Business Manager, Lam. Fifth row: Manager Comer, Venzke. Brookshier, Leyden, Vandeventer, Allen, Dunning, Dietrich, and Equipment manager Akins. Fourth row: McCoid, Stewart, B. Thompson. Horine. Dalthrop. Zarit. Branby. Dyer, Rickels. and Meyer. Third row: Curtis, Lang. Shepherd. Williams. Swigert. Wilson, Davidson. Klamann. and Dahm. Second row: Ryder. Evans, Graves. Nix. Davis, Jorgenson, Mosher. Stevens, Corsi, and Jordan. Front row: Shelton, Gorman, Hagin, Thomas, Pike, Punches, Case, Hancock, P. Thompson, and Brynestad. The year 1950 was a milestone in the annals of football at the University of Colorado. It marked the coming of the Golden Buffaloes into the upper strata of college football, — the so-called " big time. " But the 1950 season was also one of heart- break and hard knocks. Colorado ended their third season in the Big Seven with a conference record of two wins against four defeats, but only once was the Thundering Herd actually beaten — that being against the national champions, Oklahoma. In their other three league encounters, the Buffs fell victim to a series of tough breaks. Kansas scored 21 points in the final quarter to erase a three-touchdown deficit and con- quer CU, 27-21. Iowa State, with the aid of a questionable pass interference penalty, downed the Buffs 14-7 in the season ' s opener. And Colorado pushed a heavier Missouri team all over the field, only to have the Tigers from Columbia score twice on " fluke " plays and emerge a 21-19 winner. But the two conference games won by Colorado were both glorious victories. Kansas State was strictly no match for CU as the Bufts rolled to an easy 34-6 triumph. And mighty Nebraska, which finished the season with 8 wins against only 2 losses, felt the power of Colorado ' s legions as they went down to a 28-19 defeat in what was probably the greatest football game ever played in Folsom Field. In non-conference competition, the Buffs squeaked by a surprisingly strong Arizona eleven, 28-25, allowed underdog Utah to gain a 20-20 tie, whipped impotent Oregon 21-7, and ended the season with a rousing 31-6 victory over arch rival Colorado A. M. 29,500 spectators jammed every nook and corner of Folsom Field to watch the Herd take on mighty Oklahoma, and before the afternoon was over, the record throng real- ized that Colorado was a rugged, tough football team, even though they dropped a 28-19 decision to the Sooners. It was recog- nized as the greatest Homecoming in the 75-year history of the University. As for individuals, sophomore Zack Jor- dan set a new national record in punting with a neat 48.2 average and placed high in league statistics in rushing and passing. Fullback Merwin Hodel was prominently pientioned on the all-conference selections. End Chuck Mosher received second team recognition, as did senior tackle Pete Thompson. Dick Punches was selected to play in the East-West All-Star game. All in all, the 1950 season was a great one for Colorado and established them as a solid member of the Big Seven. 129 Cyclones Rally to Edge Colorado, 14-7 The Colorado Buffaloes lost their first Big Seven game to Iowa State, 14-7. The Buffs scored first in the second quarter, but Iowa State tallied two scores in the final period. Merwin Hodel scored the Buff touchdown, climaxing a 90 yard drive by the Buffs. Lee Venzke con- verted to make it 7-0. The first Iowa State tally came after Billy Weeks ' pass to Frank Congiardo, who ran it down to the Buff 11 yard line. From there Schnell carried the mail over, and Bob Glendenning converted the extra point, tying the game 7-7. With 4 minutes left to go in the final period, Weeks rifled an incomplete pass to Bob Voteberg, but interference was called on Dane Graves, giving Iowa State the ball on the Buff ' s 6 yard line. Two plays later Congiardo carried the pigskin over for the second Iowa State score. Bob Glendenning ' s automatic toe cinched the Iowa State victory. The Buffs were the best ever fielded by Coach Dal Ward, and had they been able to capitalize on a few breaks, they might have emerged victorious. 130 BILL ALLEN CHUCK MOSHER ROY SHEPHERD Colorado Humbles Kansas State Wildcats, 33-6 A crowd of 19,000 highly partisan fans was on hand at Folsom Field to watch the unveiling of the 1950 version of the Silver and Gold gridiron machine against Kansas State. The initial half saw the Buffs suffer from acute fumblitis, and while outplaying the Staters, the team could muster only six points by putting together a pass from Zack Jordan to Chuck Mosher and subsequent line smashes by Merv Hodel. The score stood deadlocked, 6-6, at the half. The kickoff starting the second half saw big Bill Case hit K-State ' s Maupin hard enough to cause the ball carrier to fumble on his own 17-yard-line. It took Hodel just five plays to hit the diagonal stripes for six points, to which Lee Venzke added the conversion; and the scoreboard read 13-6. The Wildcats again fumbled setting up the third Colorado score. Williams ' quarterback sneak netted the Buffs six more points. After defensive star Tom Brookshier had intercepted a K-State aerial, Hodel and Jordan combined to pick up 30 yards on straight running plays; and on a fancy double pitchout, Jordan crossed the goal with the Buffs ' 26th point of the ballgame. Colorado ' s final came in the closing minutes with the Buff reserves showing too much class for the badly outplayed Wildcats. Watching for a ground play by speedster Glenn Leyden, K-State ' s pass defense was caught completely off-balance by Glenn ' s beautiful 22-yard pitch to Arlie Beery in the end zone. sixP " ' ' ' - " n 131 RAY JUMP HILARY JOHNSON DON GORMAN Jayhawk Rally Downs Buffs, 27-21 Approximately 500 loyal Buff rooters followed the fired up Buffs to Lawrence, Kansas to watch the Herd tangle with the Jayhawkers. The Buffs, who were fourteen point underdogs at kickoff time, led 21-0 with 5 minutes left in the third quarter. On the ensuing kickoff. Chuck Hoag, flashy sophomore halfback, raced 86 yards down the sidelines for Kan- sas ' first tally. Hoag ' s run seemed to enliven the Jawhawks and from there they breezed in on the long end of a 27-21 score. The first half was a different story as Colorado surged with the opening kickoff on a sustained 78-yard drive for six points. Hodel found a big hole over guard and sprinted the 24 yards to paydirt. Kansas then drove to Colorado ' s 45 where Hoag fumbled, Vic Thomas recovering. From there the Buffaloes drove all the way — the score standing 14-0 at intermission. The Golden Herd struck again in the second half, scoring after a beautiful pass interception by Tom Brookshier and successful running and passing had paved the way for Williams ' sneak from a half-yard out. The true story of the tussle can ' t be gained from looking at the score. A handful of bad breaks plagued the Buffs all afternoon. Play- ing their best game of the season to date, the Buffs were great in defeat. They outgained the Kansans both in rushing and through the air. They rolled up 15 first downs to the Jayhawks ' 10 and played great defensive ball, excepting the few lapses in the final period. Hodel and Shelton were especially outstanding. ;Ae V ° ° ■■d 132 S| ' i»f jT JACK JORGENSON CLIFF VANDEVENTER MERWIN HODEL Colorado Blasfs Undefeafed Huskers, 28-19 Only the time-keeper ' s gun could stop the Golden Buffaloes as they rolled to their second conference win by stomping a here-to-fore highly heralded Nebraska Cornhusker squad, 28-19. The Huskers, sporting an unblemished record, failed to impress the Colorado gridders as the Buffs treated the 25,000 fans in Folsom Stadium to 60 minutes of bang- up football. The fferd tallied their first touchdown on the initial play of the second quarter. Shelton snagged one of Jordan ' s short tosses on the Husker 15-yard-line and swivel-hipped his way through the Nebraska secondary for the score. Lee Venzke booted the first of his four extra points, and Colorado held a lead they never relinquished. Eight minutes later Hodel made the score 14 to when he slashed off tackle on a 33-yard jaunt in which he outraced the whole Nebraska team. With one minute left to play in the first half, quarterback Fran Nagle hit sophomore sensation Bobbie Reynolds in the end zone with an aerial for the first Cornhusker score. On the second play of the third quarter, Reynolds streaked 80 yards for his second touchdown. Leading only 14-12, the Buffs shifted their offense into high gear with two quick touchdowns in the fourth period. The first came on a three-yard smash into the line by Hodel after a pitchout from Jordan to Hodel netted 20 yards. The last score came when Dick Punches pounced on a Nebraska fumble behind the goal line. - ■ii MPERS TO ? ' i diRT OR FIRST BUFF 133 TOM HANCOCK 4 DON HAGIN PETE THOMPSON Coforado Edges Past Arizona, 28-25 The spirited Arizona squad gave the Colorado Buffs a bad scare on the afternoon of October 21. At the final gun, the scoreboard read Colo- rado 28 — Arizona 25. Venzke ' s conversions were the key to Colorado ' s victory with his four points after touchdown. Colorado ' s first touchdown came early in the first period on a 68- yard march after the opening kick off. It was Hodel who tallied the score when he smashed over from the one foot line. The next Colorado touchdown came a few minutes later when an Arizona fumble was recovered on the Wildcat ' s four yard line by Tom Hancock. On fourth down Roger Williams, on a quarterback sneak, pushed into pay dirt from the one yard line. Five plays after the kick-off, Arizona finally proved its scoring ability. From his own 33, McCauley rifled a pass to Wolgast who scam- pered all the way. Late in the second period, Arizona scored again after marching 43 yards in 11 plays. The climax came when Miller tossed a pass to Car- rillo in the end-zone. Colorado ' s last two touchdowns were scored in the third period. Accomplishing the first touchdown, Shelton hurled a pass to Mosher for the score. " The second TD was an 83 yard dash by Merwin Hodel. The ever-spirited opponents came back in the fourth period with a two touchdown rally, Wolgast streaking 81 yards for one, and a Miller- to-Batiste pass for the other. ,.! 5fcS?V ' ., 134 ARLIE BEERY JOE NIX LEE VENZKE Utah Holds Buffs to 20-20 Tie Looking forward to their homecoming game the following week with mighty Oklahoma, the Buffs lacked luster as they could only man- age a 20-20 tie with Utah at Salt Lake City. After jumping to a quick 6-0 lead, CU found themselves with their backs to the wall and had to come from behind to gain the tie. Roger Williams, on a quarterback sneak, scored first for the Buffs, midway in the initial period. After trailing 6-13 at halftime, Colorado roared back to score after Fred Johnson had intercepted a Redskin pass on the Utah 20. Woody Shelton twisted through the entire secondary for the score. Lee Venzke ' s kick was good. Don Branby saved the day for Colorado after Utah had capitalized on a CU fumble to take a 20-13 lead. Branby intercepted a flat pass on his own 40 and scampered 60 yards to paydirt. Venzke ' s point placement was perfect. A last-minute field goal attempt from the Redskins 4-yard line went wide, and Utah had won a moral victory over their neighbors from the Big Seven conference. V orld Photo HODEI- ST FOR ° ' ■ ' ' 135 DON HAGIN DON BRANBY Colorado Succumbs to Mighty Sooners, 28-19 A game and grimly determined University of Colorado eleven gave everything it had and a little extra but couldn ' t quite turn the tide of battle and, consequently, bowed to superior manpower and Oklahoma, 28-19. A record crowd of 29,500 jammed Folsom Stadium to watch the Buffs draw first blood when Merwin Hodel galloped 12 yards over right tackle to score. Fred Johnson had set up the touchdown by returning a punt to the OU 25. Early in the second quarter, Billy Vessels dashed 40 yards to tie up the game, and automatic Jim Weatherall added the point. A 10-yard pass from Vessels to Dick Heatly netted another six points late in the second period. Weatherall missed the conversion, and Oklahoma led, 13-6 at halftime. Claude Arnold passed to Heatly for the third Sooner tally, but Colorado soon came back. Zack Jordan tossed 19 yards to Chuck Mosher, who made a twisting, impossible catch in the end zone. Lee Venzke converted. Oklahoma ' s Arnold engineered a 50-yard drive by himself to give the visitors their last touchdown. CU ' s final score came late in the final quarter. A long pass from Jordan to Hodel set up the TD ; and with the help of a 15-yard penalty, Hodel slammed over from the 1. Venzke missed the conversion. S1X « « ' hodei- 136 JACK SWIGERT FRED JOHNSON Missouri Passes Lead Way, Down SufFs 21-19 Two defensive lapses and failure to convert the extra points led to the downfall of the University of Colorado, allowing Missouri ' s Tigers to capture a 21-19 victory at Columbia. The Buffs played the entire second half without the services of Merwin Hodel, who injured his hip on the last play of the first half. Zack Jordan was the outstanding star for Colorado, running and passing for more than 200 yards. Jordan gained 167 yards rushing and completed 9 of 21 passes. Colorado drew first blood when they marched 85 yards to score. Jordan tossed to quarterback Roger Williams for the touchdown. Lee Venzke ' s conversion failed. Gene Ackerman galloped 50 yards for the first Missouri score, and Junior Wren followed minutes later with a duplicate feat to give the Tigers a 14-6 lead. Royal Shepherd intercepted a Missouri pass on his own 20, and in 10 plays the Buffs had scored again. Hodel plunged over from the 3, and Williams kicked the extra point. Colorado went ahead in the third period when Dane Graves turned his own left end for 33 yards and a touchdown. The point was no good, but Colorado lead 19-14. But ol ' man fate again looked disapprovingly at CU, and the Tigers roared to victory with the aid of a questionable interference penalty. Colorado tried gallantly to come back, but their drive bogged down 30 yards away from pay dirt. Siffi " -- " " " 137 » ZACK JORDAN DICK PUNCHES TOM BROOKSHIER Buffs Show Class, Romp Fast Oregon, 21-7 Climaxing the first Dad ' s Day since before the war, the University of Colorado rolled to a comparatively easy 21-7 win over Oregon at Boulder. Two second-period touchdowns by fullback Merwin Hodel and the fancy-dan running of diminutive Woody Shelton featured the afternoon ' s activities. Hodel slammed over from the two-yard line for the first CU score. Lee Venzke converted. Five minutes later, Hodel duplicated this feat and Colorado built up a 14-7 lead at the half. Woody Shelton turned in the most spectacular run of the day in the fourth quarter. It had been the first game Shelton had played in since being hurt against Utah. The clever halfback took a pass from Dane Graves ' and literally danced his way 30 yards through the entire Webfoot secondary to score. Clever faking kept the Oregon defenders off balance and nobody got a crack at the 150-pound Shelton. Oregon ' s lone score came late in the first half when halfback Tommy Edwards scooped one out of the air while standing in the end zone. The Ducks added a spectacular climax to the afternoon when they went 85 yards on one aerial, only to fall inches short of a score when time ran out. " " ' -i FIRST , „ FROM THyd PV oto. V,aV over v ,de 138 BILL CASE WOODY SHELTON VIC THOMAS » CU Ends Season with Rousing 31-6 Victory over tggi ' es The Golden Buffaloes of the University of Colorado ended their most successful season in many a moon by literally ransacking Colorado A. M. 31-6 at Fort Collins. The Buffs scored midway in the first quarter on a 78-yard sustained march capped by Roger Williams ' quarterback sneak. The second Colo- rado touchdown was set up by a pass from Dane Graves to Hodel, good for 32 yards to the Rams 8. Graves slashed over right tackle for the tally from 5 yards out, and Colorado held a 12-0 lead at halftime. CU marched 67 yards with the second-half kickoff to score. Roger Williams, after fumbling, picked up the ball and tossed a short pass to Graves who galloped 40 yards to paydirt. The Aggies came right back with a touchdown on a 70-yard march, but Colorado was not to be denied their glorious victory. After Woody Shelton had set the 14,500 fans flying to their feet with a brilliant piece of fancy running, only to fumble on the A M 2, Jim Dalthrop added the coup-de-grace when he intercepted a flat pass and raced over untouched. Williams converted. A four-foot trophy, tu be awarded the winning team each year, was presented to co-captains Bob Pike and Dick Punches by District Judge Lee Knous, former governor. Unlike the past two years, the game ended in complete harmony and peace for both student bodies. - .„vE ?OR O CHDO ' ' ' 139 DANE GRAVES BOB PIKE RALPH CURTIS Ray Jenkins, Coach A sizeable gain against Nebraska reskman ooWatt 140 One of the largest turnouts in the school ' s history greeted freshmen coach Ray Jenkins last fall when he issued the call for frosh football players. Assisted by Bill Simons, Walt Clay, Clyde Hampton, and Johnny Mack, Jenkins was able to turn out a good, well-balancad squad which swept both games on their 1950 calendar. The Buff yearlings downed a rugged and potent Nebraska freshmen squad, 7-6, at Boulder in a game marked by sharp tackling on both sides. In their only other game, the frosh rolled over Pueblo Junior College, 34-6. Although it would be quite difficult to single out any players on the squad, it may be said that the 1950 frosh will be a great asset to the varsity of a year hence, assuming, that is, that Uncle Sam doesn ' t get first call. Especially impressive were the many big linemen, who should help make next year ' s Colorado eleven the best and possibly big- gest in the football annals of this university. Back lov , left to right: Coach Jenkins, Manager Murphy, Trainer Gold, Center coach Hampton, Line coach Mack. Manager Stocking, and End coach Simons. Fourth row: Stevenson, Badeker, Anderson, Fisher, Shipley, Keap, Zeman, Hill, Johnson, Brymer, Mott, Van Home, Horton and Marshall. Third row: McCarthy, Hunt, Oyloe, Stock, Malpele, McKinnon, Stander, Mitchell, Morton. Knowlton, Fifer, Hansen, McCandless, Demo, and Simpson. Second row: Cain, Waggoner, Brakewood, Huffer, Kury, Brown. Raveling, Link, Warnock. Knafelc, Glass, Lusk, Kalicke. Vesno. Fisher, Pyle. Front row: Nelson, Knight, Wagner, Boyer, Zember, Lawrence, Gray, Borzym, Poppe, Christian, Burwell. Player. lA adheWati = _y r new face on tne i i ampuS .pt H. B. (Bebe) Lee is the new University of Colorado basketball coach, succeeding Forrest (Frosty) Cox, who retired to enter private business in Kansas. The likable Lee was signed to a three-year contract. He came to Colorado from Colorado A. M. where he held the position of head basketball coach. As a player, Lee was a member of the Stanford quintet that won three consecutive Pacific Coast conference championships without a loss in league play. He was also prexy of the Stanford student body. After graduation, the Colorado coach was freshman and assist- ant varsity mentor for Stanford. His first move from Stanford found Bebe at Utah State as head cage coach in 1941. Three months later he was called into the navy where he attained the rank of lieutenant during World War II. After discharge in 1945, Lee returned to Utah State and coached the Utags for two seasons before entering private business in Cali- fornia. The coaching game lured him back, however, and in June, 1949, he took over the basketball reins at Colorado A. M. Conscientious and hard-working, Lee is well-liked and considered a valuable asset to the Colorado athletic Dept. Acting as assistant and freshman coach is Russell (Sox) Walseth, a well-known Colorado basketball and baseball star of past years. He graduated from CU in 1948, having played on the championship team that went to the western division of the NCAA playoffs. Coach H. B. (Bebe) Lee Back row, left to right: Dale Seymour, Jim Tilsley, Lael DeMuth. Val Ericson, Ken Koop, and Bob Lawson. Second row: Bcb Stewart. Bill Clay, Whitey Gompert, Hal McVey, Wayne Tucker, Roger Stokes, and Don Branby. Front tow: Frosh coach Russell Walseth, John Amaya, 141 Bruce Conway, Jack Froistad, Fred Johnson, Jim Armatas, and coach Lee, ■• 10 k ' J h ' COLORADO • • COLORADO A M 42 48 STOKES GOES HIGH FOR TWO POINTS COLORADO • ■ COLORADO A M SI 41 JIM ARMATUS Squaring accounts with the Golden BuiTs, the Aggie quintet rebounded from Friday nights game to a 48-42 vic- tory. During the first half, the home bucketeers only con- nected with four out of thirty-six field goal attempts while the Rams connected with thirteen out of thirty-five attempts. The two teams retired at the end of the first half with the farmers ahead 30-15. In the second half, the Buffs made a courageous rally with Tucker, Gompert, Armatis and Stokes collaborating. This spirit, however, could only bring the Buffs to within six points of glory when the final score was tallied. Jim Armatis lead the Colorado scoring with 12 decimals while Tucker and Stokes were held to seven each. Anderson and Gossett combined their offensive powers for the Rams by scoring 20 and 13 points respectively. A TENSELY AWAITED REBOUND After two consecutive defeats, the Buffs bounced back to slaughter the hosts from A. M. 51-41. Until late in the first half, the farmers matched CU bucket for bucket. How- ever, with four minutes to go Don Branby scored five points in a row to spark the Buff scoring stampede. The half ended with the Golden Herd in front 23 to 17. During the second half, the Aggies never caught the Buffs. After big six-foot seven inch Gosset fouled out, the CU bucketeers cleared the boards with much greater supremecy and never gave the A. M. boys another chance. Veterans Tucker and Stokes carried most of the loa d, scoring 17 and 15 points respectively. Also Stokes held usually " point happy " Glen Anderson in tight check. Branby, however, did all the clinch scoring, seemingly pulling the Buffs out of every tight spot in the game. 142 WHEHED THAT BALL GO? San Francisco Examiner photo. COLORADO 60 STANFORD .62 COLORADO 52 SANTA CLARA 50 h J COLORADO 47 SAN JOSE 49 WHITEY GOMPERT For the first time during the Christmas holidays, a Colorado basketball team traveled to California. Usually the Buff hoopsters make an eastern junket which winds up in New York City. On the California invasion, the Buffs played two games in San Francisco ' s Cow Palace, losing to Stanford, 62-60, then coming back to beat Santa Clara, 52-50, the following night. In the third game, CU lost to San Jose State at San Jose, 49-47. Oddly enough, there was only a two-point dif- ference in the score of each of the three games. Against Stanford in the first game Dec. 18, the Buffs overcame a ten-point halftime deficit to tie the score in the closing minutes. With the score tied at 60-all and 10 seconds 143 BRANBY DRIVES FOR THE BASKET San Francisco Examiner phc to play, the Indians rebounded a Colorado shot and, with the aid of a long pass, converted it into the winning basket. Ken Koop, sophomore center, tallied twenty-two points for Colorado. The following night. The Herd, paced by Roger Stokes ' 18 points, squeezed out a 52-50 overtime victory against Santa Clara. Though the score was close all the way, CU never trailed and won a clear-cut decision. At San Jose, in the final contest Dec. 21, the Buffs ' last- period rally fell short as they lost 49-47. Whitey Gompert led the Colorado attack with 14 points. r wi w 1i, " 1. - COLORADO WYOMING 51 64 WYOMING SLIPS IN TWO MORE POINTS COLORADO 51 WYOMING 63 WAYNE TUCKER A tall and rangy gang of Cowboys from Wyoming University displayed the wares that has marked them as the favorite in the 1951 Skyline cage race as they soundly whipped Colorado twice, 64-51 at Boulder, and 63-51 at Laramie the following night. It was strictly a matter of too much height for the Buffs to match, as the Cowpokes controlled both backboards, and consequently both ball games. In the game at Boulder, Wyoming quickly jumped to a 12-2 lead, and established a 34-27 margin at halftime. From there on, it was strictly no contest. Jack Froistad led a late Colorado spurt which brought the final count to more re- spectable proportions. Wayne Tucker led the Buff scorers with 15 points. A SHUFFLE FOR THE REBOUND In the Laramie version, Wyoming pounded out a carbon copy of the first-night triumph. The ' pokes took the lead early in the contest and were never headed. With Dick Hagg and Moe Radovich hogging all rebounds, Wyoming was able to match everything Colorado had to offer, and a little bit more. Tucker again led the Colorado pointmakers with a like total of 15, while Ken Koop and Don Branby each chipped in 7 points apiece. It was the first two starts for coach Ev. Shelton ' s quin- tet, and it marked that fifth loss in six tries for Colorado against their old brethern of the Skyline conference. 144 THAT BALL ' S AROUND HERE SOME PLACE COLORADO . KANSAS STATE 45 60 COLORADO 43 KANSAS STATE 62 HAL McVEY The mighty Wildcats from Kansas State, one of the nation ' s top-ranked teams and Big Seven kingpins, walloped the Colorado Buffaloes twice, 63-42 at Manhattan, and 60 45 at Boulder. In the Wildcats lair, the Buffs just couldn ' t stand the pace and fell behind 34-26 at halftime. CU, though getting their shots, failed to connect with any regularity and conse- quently suffered from their frigid condition. K-State ' s first five showed that a week ' s layoff for final exams had done them no good, but Coach Jack Gardner in- serted his " shock troops " who took command of the situation and rolled up a comfortable margin. Wayne Tucker led the Colorado scoring with 15 points while Bill Clay knotched 12. 145 CLAY SCORES ON A LAYUP At Boulder, it was much the same story. After a cold first quarter, the Wildcats started to find the range with their long shots and were never in serious trouble. The visitors erected a 29-22 halftime lead, and gradually added to it dur- ing the final half. The game was quite rough, especially in the last five minutes. Colorado was holding their own on rebounds, but their apparent inability to connect on either long shots or lay ups cost them many points. Tucker again led the home scoring with 17, and Clay garnered a like 11. THIS PROVES BASKETBALL ' S A ROUGH GAME COLORADO OKLAHOMA a m m a 49 58 COLORADO OKLAHOMA 44 61 n JACK FROISTAD The University of Colorado opened and closed their most disastrous season in four years of Big Seven competi- tion by dropping a pair of encounters to the Oklahoma Soon- ers, 61-44 at Boulder in the initial league tilt, and 58-49 at Norman in the finale. Colorado started fast against the visitors in their first game, but hit frigid spells of 8 and 12 minutes which sealed their fate. After erecting a 15-10 lead, the Buffs couldn ' t buy, beg, or barter a basket for eight minutes while O.U. ran up a 22-15 count. After leading 31-24 at halftime, the Sooners built a 46- 28 lead as Colorado could not connect on a fielder for over 12 minutes. When they came to life, it was too late and the Okies walked off with the triumph. I WONDER WHO ' LL GET IT? At Norman, the Sooners were off to an early lead and never ran into serious trouble. They held a 28-19 advantage at the intermission, and gradually added to the margin. To add insult to injury, Oklahoma began firing long shots from 50 feet away to allow the Buffs a chance to pull within a respectable distance. Wayne Tucker hit his first really cold night of the season in this, his last game when he scored only 2 points. Bill Clay and Whitey Gompert each garnered 12 for the evening. 146 CLAY SNEAKS IN TWO POINTS COLORADO 56 KANSAS 58 At Boulder, the BufTs ended a heart-breaking home sea- son with the biggest heartbreak of them all. Leading, 47-34, with 12 minutes to play, Colorado went into a deep freeze to protect their lead and consequently lost their red hot shooting eyes. The KU warriors gradually pecked away at the lead, and finally overtook CU, 50-49, with three minutes to go. But Colorado wasn ' t through yet, and rallied to come within two points but a faulty pass ended the Buffs ' hopes as Kansas stalled until the gun. Wayne Tucker enhanced his all-conference rating with a sterling performance which netted him 22 points for the evening ' s work, 15 of them coming in the first half. COLORADO 48 KANSAS ........ 54 DON BRANBY The University of Kansas Jayhawks twice put on last- ditch rallies to beat Colorado, 54-48 at Lawrence and 58-56 at Boulder. The Kansans, with big Clyde Lovelette, were thoroughly outplayed by the Buffs throughout the first 30 minutes of both contests, but were able to come from behind on both occasions. At Lawrence, Colorado outshot the Jayhawks through the first half, and held a 29-22 lead at intermission. For the first ten minutes of the second stanza, it was much the same story. But then Lovelette and Charlie Hoag began to pumn in the points and Kansas went ahead, 38-37, with 10 minutes to play and were never headed. 147 0:i, THAT ELUSIVE BALL! COLORADO 51 NEBRASKA 45 OH, THAT ELUSIVE BALL COLORADO 45 NEBRASKA 58 BILL CLAY The University of Colorado Buffaloes split a pair of games with the Cornhuskers from Nebraska in Big Seven conference play, Colorado winning 51-45 at Boulder, and Nebraska taking a i8-45 triumph at Lincoln. Colorado knotched its first conference win by beating the ' buskers at Boulder. Dependable Wayne Tucker led the way with a 14-point performance. The Buffs were never headed after erecting a 36-34 lead midway in the second half. Tucker, Jimmy Armatas, and Ken Koop kept the Buffs out of danger, and Whitey Gompert added the clinchers with a one-hander that sent Colorado into a 49-43 lead. Tucker lead the scoring with 14, Armatas garnered 12, and Bill Clay U. THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL " SPELLBOUND " After holding a 26-24 lead at halftime, the Buffs faltered, then fell hopelessly behind as the Nebraskans poured on the heat to gain their victory and push Colorado into the con- ference cellar. The first half was all give-and-take with neither team gaining much of an advantage. Nebraska, pulling ahead after seven minutes had been played in the second half, remained on top. Colorado went into a full-court press to stop the onslaught, but collected only additional fouls for their efforts. Tucker scored 9 points and sophomore Bob Lawson had 8. 148 COLORADO 47 IOWA STATE 42 OW! YOU ' RE HtJRTING ME! COLORADO 59 IOWA STATE 63 JOHN AMAYA After CU lost a nip and tuck overtime contest to the Iowa State Cyclones in the pre-season tourney, it was evi- dent that the Buff hardwooders were going to have a tough opponent in the Cyclones. The regular conference season was final testament to the early evidence as both teams dropped their home games by narrow margins. Colorado turned the tables on Iowa State at Ames in a see-saw overtime tiff which saw the Buffs emerge victorious 47-42. The Silver and Gold had to overcome a 23-U halftime deficit to tie the Cyclones 42-all on a free throw by Jim 149 CLAY FIRES ONE PAST ' EM Armatas with just 17 seconds remaining. Five quick points by the Buffs in overtime while holding the Cyclones scoreless made the deciding factor. The Boulder contest was again just a reverse. Colorado led right up to the 3:55 marker on the time clock when two charity shots by the Cyclones put them ahead 58-57. Despite a scoring field day by Tucker, Gompert, and Clay, who racked up 18, 17, and 14 markers respectively, the Buffs were behind 63-59 as the final gun sounded. NO WONDER HE CLOSED HIS EYES COLORADO MISSOURI 46 50 COLORADO MISSOURI 36 41 BRUCE CONWAY Coming close but not close enough, the University of Colorado Buffaloes dropped a pair of games to Missouri, 41-36 at Boulder and 50-46 in Columbia. Playing a slow deliberate brand of ball, both teams were very cautious and displayed good defensive abilities in the Boulder tilt. Colorado never trailed by more than three points until late in the second half. Bill Stauffer tipped in a follow for the Tigers, and two bad Colorado passes spelled defeat for the Buffs. Missouri was able to build a 35-28 lead as a result of the miscues, and were never seriously threatened after that. ARMATAS DRIVES FOR A BASKET Wayne Tucker scored 12 points to lead the scoring and Whitey Gompert added 9. At Columbia, it was another nip-and-tuck battle, although Missouri led almost throughout the game. The Buffs out- scored their opponents from the field, but netted 8 charity tosses as compared to 16 for the Tigers. As usual. Tucker carried the heavy burden for the Buffs, knotching 18 points for the evening ' s work. Gompert scored 8. It was the ninth conference loss for Colorado, and erased their last chance of escaping the cellar. 150 1 -J ' c f- A fl 1 B ' A Hp ■ V J - - . s$y K % Coach Russell Walseth In the heat of action rednman dSaSneioatl The 1951 edition of the Colorado freshman squad may not be the best in the uni- versity ' s history, but it certainly was the one which improved the most. Under the tutelage of Russell (Sox) Walseth, former CU great in 1946-48, the baby Buffs have developed fast in the technique and know-how of college basketball. It is against Big Seven conference rules for the freshmen basketball squads to play any of the other league schools in organized games, so the CU frosh confined their activities to intra-squad games and contests with two of the local AAU outfits. The squad started practice two weeks after the varsity got under way in last October, and have learned well the fundamentals of the game. Every member of the 12-man squad will report to Coach H. B. (Bebe) Lee in May for spring basketball and their big chance to make the 1952 varsity squad. Back row. left to right: Grayson Puett, Bob Muth, Owen RufF. John Quinlen. Ralph Karst, Bill Sanders, Dave Noyes. Front row: Coach Walseth, Bud Fisher, Mel Shureman, Bruce Klass. Kenny Munns, Jack Little. 151 Straining over the highs Jrack ed by Merwin Hodel, Jim Allen, and George Fitzmorris, the Buffs got off to a tart at the twenty-first annual Big Seven indoor meet at Kansas City Hodel Coach Frank Potts Coach Frank Potts ' 1950 edition of the Colorado track squad did a repeat per- formance on their 1949 showing by finishing second in the power-packed Big Seven conference meet. The Herd took more than their share of the honors both mdividually and as a team. Led fast start at the twenty-....,. — o , c ..u ■„ „ tied the high hurdle mark in the preliminaries and went on to take a first in the sixty- yard low hurdles. Allen placed second behind Prather of Kansas State in the shot put, a defeat which he later reversed. Fitzmorris finished second in the mile against some swift company. . , . ,. „ , The following week saw the Herd blossom out with some outstanding per- formances at the Denver University Invitational when the Buff thin clads set five new Denver field house records. r ;»., ;„H r Colorado continued its winning ways as it roared through the rest of its indoor schedule, registering victories in the ninth annual indoor meet at Boulder and in the dual meet with Arizona University. , i i u _ a „„;•.. ,„ , Our first sprin? outing saw the Buffs go down before the Oklahoma Aggies in a thrill-packed dual featured by eight new records, four by each team. Iron man All was beginning to hit his true form that was to carry him to a Big Seven title. Records were sit by Keieger in the javelin; Allen in the shot, and discus, and Fitzmorris in A Tririzf w " a " ' the date of the Kansas Relays, the top event of its kind in the Bac .ow, UH o n,Hu Ken Huffman ... D- Ca-Pbe.., |.an .ack, V.nce Corbet. G«r.. Ho,,,. Geor.e Ba dw i ll i . ' Front row: Jimmy Armatas, George Fitzmorris, Ray Shaffer, Joe Gold, Bob Burke, Bruce Brown. M A photo finish in the 60 rcLck country. The colorful field of competitors included teams from Rice, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Minnesota. Texas took the unofficial team honors in the meet which saw six old marks go by the boards. Allen took a third in the shot put, Clair Gregg tied for fourth in the pole vault, and the mile relay team captured fourth place. If stiff competition develops men, then the Kansas Re- lays did just that for the Buffs. The following week saw Colorado capture every first on the card for their tenth straight victory in the 26th annual Colorado University Relays. The entire squad worked well in wha t turned out to be a team victory. After dropping a one-point decision to Nebraska in a dual meet, and literally warping Wyoming and Colorado College in a triangular meet, the Buffs were ready for the conference championships. Saturday, May 20 was the date, and Lincoln, Nebraska was the place for the Big Seven meet. Led by two strong right arms belonging to Jim Allen and George Holley, the Buffs turned in their best marks of the season to finish second The 880 relay team 153 Hodcl stretches over Prof. WoUe, a handy man with the middle distance men The last second strain Ace high jumper, Joe Gold Raso wins the 60 rcLck Relay queen candidates get some pointers on javelin throwing behind Nebraska. Colorado placed in 11 of the 15 events and rolled up a spectacular total of 49 points in the field events. Allen established a new conference mark of 53 feet, 10 inches in the shot put to lead the individual performers. Holley won the javelin competition, and Chuck Temple ran a strong second in the quarter mile. It was truly a proud day for Colorado and for coach Potts. In Dallas, Texas, the annual Dual of Champions between the Big Seven and Southwest conference Allen and George Fitzmorris wound up their college careers in great fashion, each setting a new record for the meet. Fitzmorris scorched the cinders in the two-mile event to win in the record time of 9:18.5 against some of the best two-milers in the nation. Allen heaved the shot 53 feet, 9 inches to set a new mark, but was an inch and a half short of his Big Seven record. Wally Tanner, a gigantic sophomore, placed third in the shot. Holley was third in the javelin, and Allen picked up a third in the discus to more than give the Big Seven a victory in the meet. 154 Fitzmorris wins another cross two mile race Jim Allen, conference shotput champ Tanner gets a few pointers from the coach ' " N i The Buffs Ardent Supporters Frank Prentup, Coach Il5u6ebail Salvaging a little glory from a disappointing season, the 1950 edition of the University of Colorado baseball team copped a double-header from Kansas State in the season ' s finale, to boost themselves from the cellar into fifth place in the final Big Seven standings, 5 and 12 games behind Nebraska ' s championship squad. Lefty Joe Nix and sophomore speedballer Jack Anderson teamed up to garner the two wins for Colorado against K-State. Nix scattered 6 hits evenly in chalking up his first conference win, S to 1. In the second game, Anderson weathered a shaky start, then settled down to hurl a five-hitter, 10-5. The big blow of the second game was Hugh Graham ' s fourth-inning homerun, which broke a 4-4 deadlock. With the start of conference play, the Buffalo diamond men looked like the team to beat as they nipped defending champion Kansas, 4 to 3. Bob Manire, sturdy C. U. righthander, held the Jayhawks hitless until the top of the eighth when the Kansans ' collected their only three hits of the game plus a pair of runs. In the bottom of the eighth, with Kansas leading, 3-2, second baseman Dick Cowden lined a single to centerfield to drive in the wiiuiing runs. Colorado nailed its second straight conference win by white- washing Missouri 8 to at Boulder. In the second game, the Tigers, turned the tables by blanking the Buffs, 3 to 0. In the first game. Bob Manire earned the win by setting the Missourians down with Back TOW, left to right: Mert Davis, mgr., Mac McGuire, mgr., Dick Webb, Dayl Larson, Bob Mount, and Bruce Conway. Third row: Coach Frank Prentup. Hugh Graham. Gene Rogers. Tom Bock. Dick Cowden. Harry Narcisian. and Don Hagin. Second row: Bud Arnold. Phil Cohen, George Knoblock. Bob Manire, Jack Anderson, Russ Cox. and Pancho Maldanado. Front row: Hideo Hirose, Joe Nix, Ed Pudlik, Bill Ley. and Fred Johnson. 155 Close Play at First There He Goes! Ley Scores (I5udebutt three singles. Gene Rogers and Bill Ley were the leading Colorado hitters, collecting two hits apiece. In the second game, Mizzou southpaw Bob Smith allowed but two hits as he bested Joe Nix in a mound duel. The Buffs blew early leads in both games as they lost to Oklahoma, 14 to 13, and 7 to 2. C. U. virtually gave the first game away as five hurl- ers gave up a total of twenty bases on balls. After leading for six innings in the second game, the Buffalos fell apart when the Sooners tallied five runs off Manire. Nebraska ' s championship team had little trouble taking a double win from Colorado, 7 to 4, and 3 to 1. The Herd was strictly impotent at the plate, gathering only seven hits in the two games. The last-place Cyclones from Iowa State decisively copped a pair of games from the Buffs, 11 to 2 and 12 to 3. Again Colorado ' s lack of power at the plate, along with seven errors in the two games, led to the Buff ' s downfall. In pre-season exhibition games, the Silver and Gold nine made a very creditable showing. On the first road trip to Arizona, the squad split even in four games. They beat Arizona University, 15 to 13, and Arizona State, 6 to 4. Arizona U. handed the Buffs their two defeats, 15 to 8, and 9 to 2. In other practice games, the team rapped Colorado Mines twice, 18 to 6 and 29 to 9, and handed Regis College a 14 to 3 setback. Colorado A. M. nipped the Buffaloes 6 to 5 in an extra-inning tilt. The baseball letter winners include : Jack Anderson, Russ Cox, Dick Cowden, Bill Fanning, Hugh Graham, Don Hagin, Fred Johnson, George Knoblock, Bill Ley, Pancho Maldariado, Joe Nix, Ed Pudlik, and Gene Rogers. The leading hitters on the squad were Rogers, who batted .387, and Ley with .350. 156 Get Down! A Homer for Hughie Mixup at Home QJf. The University of Colorado linksters again took it on the chin when they made an extended tour of the Southwest and Far West during spring vacation. At Arizona the Buffs defeated Arizona, 10-3, with Hank Heinley setting the pace for the squad. On March 20, they were defeated by U. S. C. 11-7. Then came successive defeats by UCLA, 14-4, San Diego State, 17-1, San Jose State, 9 1 2-8 1 2, and California, 14-4. However the team ' s showing was due to the lack of good practice weather. The competition on the coast was a severe test for the team since San Diego had a 4-man total of six under par, and boasted of having the National Junior champion and runner-up on their squad. Sid Poling, Bill Forbes, Bill Ditwhiler, and Hank Heinley made the trip along with coach Les Fowler. Detwhiler posted an eagle against San Diego in defeating Bob Pasteur, one of the best college golfers on the coast. On April 7 and 8, Colorado posted a double win over Arizona at Heinley Lines One Up O Coach Les Fowler Denver. Heinley ' s 71 was low, and included an eagle. The Buffs then defeated Colorado A. M. at Fort Collins, and Colorado College and Regis in a triangular meet at Boulder. They then walloped C. C. in Colorado Springs, and placed fourth in the Broadmoor invitational meet the following week. Denver University won the meet. In the Big Seven conference meet at Hillcrest Country Club in Lincoln, Nebraska, the squad wound up in fourth place. Bill Forbes paced the Colorado squad. Others making the trip were: Heinley, Poling, Detwhiler, Byron Akers, and Joe Feehan. With Heinley and Detwhiler alternating as No. 1 and No. 2 man, Forbes was the No. 3 man and Poling No. 4. The team had a season record of 5 wins against 5 losses in dual meets, a first in a triangular meet, and 2 fourths in invitational meets. Letters were awarded to Heinley, Poling, Forbes, Detwhiler, Akers, and Feehan. Left to right: Hank Heinley. Bill Forbes, Sid Poling, Byron Akers. and Joe Feehan. 157 tennis The 1950 tennis season was one of the most successful in the history of the University of Colorado. The Buff netters proved their prowess on the courts by capturing second place in the Big Seven Tournament at Lincoln, Nebraska. Returning lettermen Bob Acsell, Pete Cook, Anil Yagnik, and Scott Smith provided the veteran ' s experience for the ' 50 squad. Pete Aren- drup, ex-Danish Davis Cupper, graduated from the freshman squad to capture the number one berth on the varsity. Other members of the squad were: Lynn Lipson, Mike Fruchter, Ken Stieffel, and Bill Shift- man. The spring circuit through Texas saw the Buffs somewhat out- classed. Completely blanked by Texas University, Rice, and Southern Methodist University, Colorado tallied only one win against Texas A. M. and Houston University. No. 1 man, Pete Arendrup Back on the home courts, however, the Colorado squad promptly whipped Colorado Mines, Colorado State, and Colorado A. M. without losing a match. Colorado College fell victim to the Buffs, 7-2. Nebraska was the first conference victory for Colorado as the ' Huskers fell, 12-0. Oklahoma snapped the win streak with a 6-1 triumph, Pete Arendrup copping C U ' s only win. Every match with the Sooners was extended to three sets. In the Big Seven Tournament, the final tally showed Oklahoma with 18 points, Colorado second with 11, Kansas State and Missouri tied for third with 6, Kansas fourth with 5, Nebraska fifth with 2, and Iowa State sixth with 1. Coach Dick Gray 158 Kneeling,. left to right: Pete Cook. Anil Yagnik, and Bob Acsell. l :nnnini; : S.cctt Smilli, Coach Dick Gray. 3nd Pete Arendrup. Kneeling, left to right: Pete Cook, Anil Yagnik. and Bob Acsell. Standing: Scott Smith. Coach Dick Gray, and Pete Arendrup. C rojj C-c ounm After two weeks of practice, the Colorado cross country team, under the tutelage of coach Frank Potts, opened its season against Nebraska in a duel meet. CU ' s Colin Couper and Milt Wiley tied for first to upset the Cornhuskers 13 to 23. Preceding the Arizona-Colorado football game, the Buff harriers again triumphed, this time over Wyoming, IS to 22. Colorado continued their winning ways against Iowa State on Oct. 28 when they raced to a 13-23 victory. Milt Wiley Couper, and Glenn Malcolm finished first, second, and fourth. In a triangular meet at Colum- bia, Mo., the CU harriers met their first defeat after four consecutive wins, losing to Kansas and Missouri in a triangular meet. In the Big Seven conference meet at Lawrence, Kan., on Nov. 18, Colorado wound up in fourth place, missing third by only two points. Wiley turned in his best time of the season by taking tenth place in nine minutes and 52 seconds. Couper and Malcolm were close on his heels, finishing 11th and 12th respectively. Leroy Clark was 23rd and Don Steers 24th. Herb Semper of Kansas won the individual honors with a 9:19.8 performance. Those winning their letter in cross country were: Jim Brennan, Colin Couper, Glenn Malcolm, Don Steers, and Milt Wiley. Wiley coming home 159 Back TOW, left to right: Jim Bren- nan. Coach Potts, and Milt Wiley. Glenn Malcolm was absent when picture was taken. Front row: Colin Couper, Don Steers, and Leroy Clark. r lAJreAllin. 9 Bill French Nails his man The Colorado mat men wrestled their way to 7 victories in 12 starts before entering the Big Seven meet for a respectable 1951 record. Sparked by such veterans as Bill French, Will Lynch, and Maynard Skinner, the Buffs met such powerful teams as Cornell College and the Oklahoma Aggies. Cornell was last year ' s NCAA champions. In the Big Seven meet, Maynard Skinner won the 177-pound cham- pionship by decisioning Bob Mayer of Kansas State. George Artemis advanced to the finals before being pinned by Billy Borders of Oklahoma. The team finished in a tie for fourth with Nebraska. Plagued by injuries throughout the year, the Buffs relied on a few members to wrestle different weight from one meet to the next. John McCoid and Bill Ryder headed this category. Against Big Seven competition, the Bisons beat Nebraska and Kansas State while losing to Oklahoma and Iowa State. Coach Jenkins is looking forward to an even better season next year with nearly the whole first team back again. Coach Ray Jenkins 160 Back row, left to right: Bob Schalk. Maynard Skinner, Bill French, Will Lynch. Front row: John McCoid, George Artemis, Paul Neville, Bob Worster. Q f mna dtlcd This year marked a most successful season for Coach Charles Vavra ' s gymnasts. Sweeping four dual meets and taking a close second at the Minneapolis Invitational, the team climaxed the season with a sparkling performance in the Denver University Invitational meet, taking first place over Nebraska, Denver, Colorado A. M. and Colo- rado State College. In the dual meets, Colorado beat Colorado State, 60 to 20; Colorado A. M. twice, 57-22 and 47-33; and Nebraska, 52-44. The horse was competed on by Bill Haase, Charles Hornback, Ken Dunstan, and Dean Pilkington; horizontal bars by Bill Cooper, Dunstan, b • J-- Bill Haase Haase and LeRoy Tautz. On the parallel bars, it was Simmons, Gough, Dunstan, Haase, and Paul Lesser. Rings were handled by Jim Blaha, Keith Zech, Cooper and Haase; the mats by Dunstan, Paul Villano, Gough and Haase. The trampoline maneuvers included Cooper, Haase, and Ray Sandberg. Team standout was Bill Haase who won high point honors in all meets and was the only man to compete in all the events. Ken Dunstan competed in the Denver Invitational with a broken wrist and took fifth place in tumbling. He injured it during a meet with Colorado A. M. Coach C. G. Vavra Back TOW. left to right: Ray Sandberg. Charles Hornback, Coach Vavra. Lee Roy Tautz, Ken Dunstan. Second row: Jim Blaha. Frank Heller, Keith Zech, Paul Villano. Bill Haase. Front row: Dean Pilkington, Simmons Gough. Paul Lesser. 161 -S wimmin f " Doc " Balch, Stan Black, and Hugh Berger talk it over Colorado ' s natators splashed to quite a few victories in dual meets this year. They beat Colorado A M, Colorado State, Colorado Mines, Wyoming and Nebraska by decisive scores and were beaten in turn by Oklahoma and Iowa State. They took all first in swimming events and a fifth in diving in the Wyoming Relays at Laramie placing them first above Denver, Colorado State, Colorado A M, and Wyoming. In the Big Seven conference meet, the Buffs finished in fourth place, one point behind Nebraska. Stan Black established a new con- ference record in the 100-yard breast stroke. Hugh Berger finished third in the medley and Chuck Harbaugh was fifth in the 100-yard back stroke. Outstanding men in the free style were Capt. Berger, Bud Bond, Bob Heim, Gene Kiley, Jim Berry, Art Damon, Roscoe Champion, and Mai Feffelman. In the back stroke there were Jim Seegers and Har- baugh; in the breast stroke were Black, Stan Weston, and Neil Broder- son. Tom Duesterberg and Broderson handled the diving. The new record for the new 200 yard back stroke event is held by Harbaugh with a time of 2:31.3. Many records were broken by the Buff team in other pools. Coach Roland Blach 162 Back TOW, left to right: Bud Walstrom. Roscoe Champion. Art Daman, Jerry Berry, Jim Seegers, Bob Davis. Mgr., Chuck Harbaugh. Second row: Coach Balch, Jerry Baumgartner, Stan Weston, Stan Black, Hugh Berger, Mai Heffelman, Jim Berry. Front row: Bob Campbell, Bob Heim, Gene Kiley, Neil Broder- son, Tom Duesterberg. hiin 9 Guided by mentors Jim Griffith and George Brewer, the University of Colorado slat men had a successful season for the year of 1950, although not breaking any records in the way of first place ratings. The Buffs finished fourth twice in regional meets, and fifth in a meet at Westerji State. Griffith, who was the National Downhill Champion, was lost to the team as a competitor for the most part of the season when he suffered a recurrence of a disease he had contracted while in South America. His absence was sorely felt. The teams started the season off by finishing fourth in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Ski meet held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. With Griffith winning the slalom, Brewer ' s third place and Jim Drum- mond ' s fourth in the jumping competition, the team placed fourth in the meet. On the Slopes The district meet was held in Winter Park this year. The Colorado skiers again came in fourth with Bob Porter giving a helping hand by placing fourth in the combined downhill and slalom. In this meet, the squad lost both Griffith and Brewer because of illness and injury. Drummond and Bob Carlson placed fourth in the jumping and cross country events to give Colorado a fifth place in a meet held in Gunnison, home of Western State. The regional meet will be staged in Brighton, Utah over the spring vacation holidays. Sometime in April or early May, the national col- legiate meet will be held at Mt. Hood, Washington. Co-coach George Brewer Back TOW, left to right: Hank Roath. Hal Kepner. Jim Drummond, Bob Foulk, Jack Dodds. mgr. row: Dick Kavet, Bob Potter, Bob Carlson, George Brewer. Front ■ VENSKE FINDS A HOLE IN THE CENTER Oh THE LINE mf WE DONT DO THAT SORT OF THING HERE V I ADMIT THINGS WERE TOUGH P i 4 h EVERYBODY ' S DOING IT THESE FACES ARE FAMILIAR ANOTHER BUFF BONFIRE I m ? ii-. :- ' S :::zai " ,. i-i;ii .- KICKOFF AT IOWA STATE nti ' umui ' ald l ' .J f s, wnna 1950 I Softball again reigned supreme on the list of spring intramurals. Every game was well participated in, even by casual fans that happened to be returning from class. New teams were formed, especially in the independent league, in the dorms, and by groups in- terested in a little athletic activity. A good brand of ball was played throughout the season, and it was a tight race to capture the crown. As the season drew to a close, the standings showed the Humm-Humms as champions of the inde- pendent league and Delta Sigma Phi nailing down the fraternity crown. The Humm-Humms, paced by the flashy hurling of Joe Pearce, went on to down Delta Sigma Phi and win the all school championship. Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Gamma Delta tied for first place in the annual track and field meet, each team racking up 23 points. Larry Clardy single-handedly captured third place for Kappa Sigma by personally taking three first and running up 17 points. Don Hilgers of Phi Gamma Delta downed Ev Thalhamer, in- dependent, in the tennis singles finals. Hilgers teamed up with Jim Modrall to sweep the doubles competition for the Phi Gams. Humm-humms, Softball champions Boulder ' s golf links were singed during the intramural golf tournament. Dick Rost, representing Sigma Nu, lost to Dick Hayes of Phi Delta Theta in the singles. The semi-finals in doubles saw two Sigma Chi teams pitted against each other. Tom Bloom and Bud Bruggeman emerged victorious over Bob Bierbaum and Tom Decker. Stratnin for that Brst hurdle A swing and a miss Didn t quite make it Clardy scores again Doubles champs. Hilgers and Modrall 167 3J{l950 Fall intramurals were again highlighted by spec- tacular play in all of the five football leagues, each operating with ten teams. Independent league play was fast again, the play extremely close and the competi tion keen. In the two Greek leagues, play was dominated by two or three teams in each division. In the final analysis, it was the Phi Tau ' s and Phi Gam ' s tying for one league title, while the second division was won by Phi Sigma Delta, with the Zeta Beta Tau ' s taking the runner-up spot. The Phi Sig ' s went all the way to the finals via wins over the Phi Gam ' s and Phi Tau ' s, while the Ramblers were scoring vic- tories over A-2 Dorm and the Humm-Humms. The championship game ended in a scoreless tie, necessitating a replay. In the sec- ond contest, the vaunted power of the Ramblers was easily visible and the fraternity representatives went down to a 6-0 defeat. The water polo competition seemed less impressive this fall Good Weather and a Good Crowd than in previous years. Play was spontaneous in four leagues, three fraternity leagues and one Independent-Dorm league. Finals were gained by Sigma Nu and Phi Gamma Delta, with respective victories over Ketchum and Phi Psi. In the champion- ship game, the two teams were evenly matched and the outcome was decided for the Sigma Nu ' s by Ray Winn ' s early free throw. The final score was 1-0. 168 On your marks! The All-school Champions — The Ramblers Steady as You Go To IVovc It ' s All in Fun Phi Sigma Delta, Runners-up m ' inter 1951 The Phi Gamma Delta " Cinderella boys " won the all-school basketball championship to climax the winter intramurals. The Phi Gams, playing without the services of their star, Don Feeney, scored a convincing 35-29 win over the NROTC in the champion- ship after staging an uphill battle all the way to gain the finals. The Phi Gams defeated Delta Tau Delta, three-time consecu- tive champion, 34-29, and A-3 Dorm en route to the title. The Navy won on a forfeit over the Olympians in the semi-finals after beating the Architects, 40-32 in the quarterfinal match. The Olympians defeated the Hornets in the other quarterfinal game, 41-33. That ' s a Pin, Brother! Wrestling was another popular sport. The Champions were: 127 — Tommy Torgenson (Phi Gam); 130 — Alvan Booth, (Ind) ; 137 — Bill Quente, (Ind); 147 — Tom Payne, (Sigma Chi); 157— Bill Lindsey (Ind); 167 — Alex Chapman, (Sigma Chi); 177— Earl Gumming (Ind) ; and heavyweight — Bill Fischer (Phi Kappa Tau). Marty Meckling and Gordie Goebel played Don Feeney and Pete Bartow in the handball doubles to keep the title strictly in the Phi Gam house. Lambda Chi Alpha, Zeta Beta Tau, and Phi Kappa Tau won their respective bowling leagues to round out the activity for the winter quarter. The Guy ' s All Wound Up in His Work Phi Gam Basketball Champs An Easy layup Nets Two Points The Guy is Tired, — very tired N.R.O.T.C, the Runners-up 169 l Uomen 6 n tramuru id f WM ■ ■■■■1 i i E 1 m ' m ii ■i l l l Rn wi 1 fc . L 1 H i PK ' ' H H P l i 1 m i -S wnna 1950 Spring of 1950 came after an unusually mild winter and then proceeded to be anything but spring until after CU Days. The snow proved to be stiff competition for all the outdoor sports scheduled for this quarter, but like all bad things it didn ' t last. The tennis matches saw some good games being played, for the competition was stiff. The singles found Yvonne Johnson of Kappa Delta coming off with top honors. Barbara Lane for Chi Omega was the other finalist. In the doubles it was Lola Plush and Dot Thorn who brought home the laurels for Alpha Delta Pi after w inning a close on e from Barb Lane and Ruth Molidor of Chi Omega. Softball was a different story, as the independent Foulballers literally rolled over all competition until they finally met a team that was nearly their match — Southwest Hall of the Upperclass Women ' s Dorm. The final game for the championship was a real pitcher ' s duel with the Foulballers coming out on the big end of the score. In golf it was Billie Nelson, Kappa Alpha Theta, playing her usual fine game who ended up on top. Carol Wollgast, also a Theta, was second. The only indoor sport, schuffleboard, found Sally Wells and Peggy Gills of Alpha Chi Omega champions. As always in intramurals, who won isn ' t the whole story. The games were always a lot of fun with everybody having a good time no matter who was the winner. Next quarter will find every- one anxious to compete again. A Tense Moment Sally Wells and Peggy Gills Runners-up. Barbara Lane and Ruth Molidor 171 Tennis Champ, Yvonne Johnson She ' s Out at First The Foulballers. Softball Champions 3Jil950 Tense action in the Badminton finals The W.A.A. fall program began with exciting tournaments in volleyball. Kappa Delta won the six-bracket playoff, Kappa Alpha Theta was second, and the Phillies placed third. Less strenuous sports included horseshoes among others. The Tri-Delts, with Elyse Deffke and Marilyn Lord, took first in the tournament. Sue Hall and Jean Proctor of Southwest placed second. Kappa Delta Jan Koopman won the archery for the third consecutive year, with Ruth Molidor, Chi Omega, runner-up. The Tennis tournament ended with Ruth Molidor and Barbara Lane playing Yvonne Johnson and Virginia Callen of Kappa Delta in the doubles finals. Barbara Brickman l ed the individual scoring in the swim meet with 46.5 points. Cariellen Reeve was second with 40.6 points and Micki Mosier earned third with 36.6 points. Bigelow II won group honors with 105.5 points. Delta Gamma second with 86.5, and McKenna third with 56.5 points. 172 Mixed Volleyball Champs Phi Gams and Kappas Won This Match Billy Nelson. Golf Cliaiiiiiiuii Jan Koopman, Archery Winner Volleyball Kingpins Wi inter 1951 Winter may have brought ice and snow, but it also brought many exciting intramural games under the sponsorship of W.A.A. The mixed volleyball tournament was one of the most exciting, with Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Phi Gamma Delta winning the playoffs. Delta Gamma and Sigma Nu were second. The six bracket winners in basketball were Alpha Delta Pi, Broadway, Delta Delta Delta, Harding I, Kappa Alpha Theta, and the Fillies. The Tri-Delts finished as the champions, with the Fillies placing second. Tri-Delts, basketball Champions Along with team sports, individual tournaments were also held. Alice Kaufmann of Regent won the ping-pong tourney, and Nancy Schneeloch of Lester was second. Jean Welsh and Jo Neednam of Lester copped first place in the badminton tourna- ment. Sandra Isaacson and Carol Alexander of McKenna were second. Delta Gamma won the bowling competition with Alpha Chi Omega second. The Porpoise show, " Smoke Dreams, " was a big success under the direction of Gretchen Sammis. Orchesis, with Mrs. Charlotte Irey directing, gave its modern dance program also. 1906-1916 The university continued its rapid physical growth during this decade with the addi- tion of the school of commerce, the engineering shops, the Simon Guggenheim Law Building, the wings of Hale Science Building, and the Engineering II Building. The journalism, phar- macy, and extension schools were added to the curriculum. Until 1907 the university maintained a preparatory school for the college. Signs of the times come from these quotes of the class of 1910. " There was Bob Stearns, round and rosy, with feet curled up under his chair. There was Colin Goodycoontz in the first row — always knowing the right answer, and toward the end of the year, carrying the student cane. " " " Slow suicide, moral and physical. " that is the way President Baker characterized the ' abuse ' of tobacco in his chapel address this week. " " You know Baker " (President) " awoke some time ago to the fact that there were ... .. «««■ ■ iji__,i ■ — xfio Li- withdrew into his study for an h And he ' s never given the subject a thought since. " ACTIVITIES V ' The lights dim, the curtain rises, it ' s Act III of Death of fhe Salesman. Macky Audi- torium is filled with students and townspeople who have come to the first Artist Series production. Or perhaps it ' s a play produced by the students in the Little Theater, or an operetta. There are activities for every group — for those who wish to participate as well as for those who like to watch. Publications form another large group of activities. The staff spends long days, and the editor stays up at night solving problems of copy and layout and worrying about deadlines. The activities offer good practical experience for anyone planning to continue in a similar field. KATHY REDMON, Editor Managing Editor: Joanne Healy C ditorial S taPf The Coloradan, official student yearbook, was published this year with the help of over 250 students headed by Chuck Brummitt, editor-in-chief. Work began in the spring of 1950 with the appoint- ment of the staff and the selection of the style and theme. In the fall, the section editors began filling the requirements of the dummy, arranging picture appointments, and writing copy. Dead- lines were met, and the index was compiled. This year ' s editoral staff included Lothar Vasholz, business manager; managing editor, Joanne Healy; athletics, Jack Ander- son; king-queen, Nona Ulrich; index, Jim Wilkins; copy Ray McDonald; dorms. Nan Anderson; administration, Bart Ludeman; life at CU, Lee Steckel; class, Julia St. Clair; activities, Kathy Redmon; fraternity-sorority, Glenn Hunter; pacesetter, Ruth Nagel ; and organizations, Jo Easley. 176 Back TOW, left to right: Lee Steckle. Glen Hunter. Jack Anderson, Ray McDonald. Jim Wilkins, Nona Ulrich. Front row: Julie St. Clair. Joanne Healy, Chuck Brummitt, Nan Anderson. Kathy Redmon. l oloradan 1951 vSu6ine66 tajrf Lothar Vasholz Business Manager Russ I ugh Assistant Yvonne Burkett Secretary Marty Woodward Assistant Carl Racey (Fall), Pat McGarry (Winter) Collections Manager Luigi Home (Fall) Assistant Jim Smith (Fall), Bill Carpenter (Winter) Publicity Manager Bill Carpenter (Fall), Henry Mulvihill (Winter) Assistant Ted Shestak Sales Manager Pat McGarry (Fall), Bill Moore (Winter) Assistant The Business Staff under the direction of Lothar Vasholz collected class dues, managed publicity, finances, and the office. They sold subscriptions to the Coloradan and pages to organiza- tions. After nine long months of hard work we present this book — not only a combination of good business, efficient management and craftsmanship, but also the result of many trials and a lot of good times. The Coloradan, we hope, succeeds in depicting every phase of campus life in a valuable and lasting form. Lothar Vasholz ; Business manager BUSINESS STAFF Ted Shestak, Yvonne Burkett, Lothar Vasholz, Marty Woodward, Russ Pugh. 177 Nate Nielsen; Editor-in-chief veran C duorlul taf ' l ' d Ljoid The Silver and Gold is published by the associated students of the University of Colorado. The paper has an outstanding rec- ord, and for the past three years has been a winner of the Associ- ated Collegiate Press All-American Award. The policy of the Silver and Gold is to present unbiased news coverage and to provide equal opportunities for diverse opinions of campus issues to be published. Usually an entire page is de- voted to comments and opinions from readers and editorials by staff members. Nine editors and twenty reporters work each day under Nate Nielsen, Editor-in-chief, to produce a paper for, by, and about the students. This year ' s editorial staff included: Rob- ert K. Thorp, managing editor; Dan Woodward, news editor; Nor- man Gelman, assistant news editor; Rod Angrove, city editor; Joe Phelan, assistant city editor; Ruth Morris, society editor; Joan Curtis, assistant society editor; Dick Griffith, sports editor; and Fred Pottorf, assistant sports editor. Robert K. Thorp: Associate editor Back row, left to right: Jim Stanfill. Ed Sullivan, Joseph Phelan, Ronald Flannery, Bud McKinstry, Paul Chaney. Fourth row: Frank Mullin, Gerald Harrison, Dick Griffith, Fred Pottorf. Bette Bodholdt. Dolores Blanke. Third row: Shirley Jensen, Ann Hartwell, Mary Sundberg, Joy TFQ Sapp, Joan Chason, Mary Fleming, Phil Bright. Second row: Jerrie Srp, Jean Drake, Trucia Tureman, Marjorie Lockard, Rocky Albert. Carol Campbell. Florence Sardini, Owen Van Derbur. Front row: Jim Childress, R. K. Thorp, Jerry Koplowitz, Herb Kamlet, Jim SpiHter, Rod Angove. veran (l5u5ineiA S taff d L old m Dusty Woolums (Fall), Wes Burnett (Winter) Business Manager Donna Betasso , Advertising Manager Manette Rueb Finance Manager Doug Hormbeck Distribution Manager Barbara Jean Nelson Promotions Manager Complete coverage is given by the Silver and Gold to campus activities, sports, social events, politics, problems and student opinions along with regional, national, and international news which is of interest to students. In addition, the paper includes feature stories, regular columns, book reviews, interviews of out- standing faculty members and articles on campus buildings. A wide use of pictures and cartoons makes the paper attractive as well as informative. The Silver and Gold is published four times weekly, and under Dusty Woolums, the Fall Business Manager and Wes Burnett, his successor, six thousand copies of each edition are distributed. Members of the business staff included: Donna Betasso, Adver- tising Marvager; Manette Rueb, Finance Manager; and Doug Horn- beck, Distribution Manager. Dusty Woolums; Fall Business Manager Wes Burnett: Winter and Spring Business Manager Back row, left to right: Genevieve Sapp, Manette Rueb. Nancy Hamilton, Wes Burnett. Ron Clark. Edie Kcena. Leuretta Weddell. Sally Gaines, Dusty Woolums, Evelyn Packard, Nancy Fassctt, Joan Dorau. Front row: Carol Campbell, 179 ora do O naineer f C ditoriat S taj-j- £ditor-in-chief ; Charles Dever Charles Dever Editor-in-chief David Raduziner, Robert Walhstedt Assitant Editors Ronald Millard Illustrations Clair Brooks, James Hook Pictorial Section Bob Loomis, Carolyn Henderson Layout Harold Eagleton, Ray Tickner Societies Edward Amonette, Ray Nichols Alumni News Ray Bergendoff Book Reviews Harry Herman Campus News Bons Brown This Today Jack Tooley, Bill Keller Oil Can The Colorado Engineer, published four times each year in November, January, March, and May by the engineering students, is a member of the Engineering College Magazine Associated. This is an association of the leading engineering magazines in the coun- try. The Engineer received a third place award for all around performance at the fall convention this year of the Engineering College Magazine Associated. Those serving as editors this year are: Charles Dever, editor; David Raduziner and Robert Walhstedt, assistant editors. L. A. Bingham served as faculty advisor. Back row, left to right: R. S. Winkler, R. C. Bugenhoff, William Keller, Harold Pyle, Kim R. Schuette. Row lit Edward L. Amonette, Ronald IfiO Millard, Robert Loomis, Clair Brooks. Charles Schloss, Norman Eagleton. Front row: Dave Raduziner, Don Borland, Jean Bartheld, Carolyn ' Henderson, Jack Tooley, Bob Wahlstedt, Ray Nichols. Oi ' a do 0 naineev f vJSusineii S taff Russell Wisecup Business Manager Sam Jacobs, Ron Wertz, Orville Anderson Denver Advertising Bill Bierbaum, John Mariani, Dave Shenton, Fred Pneuman Boulder Advertising Jerry Milner, Jim Andrews, Gay Crowley Circulation Charles Dodson Bookkeeper Kay Squire Ad Make-up Russell Wisecup: Business Manager Russell Wisecup served as Business Manager of the Colorado Engineer, and, with the staff, undertook the job of handling the circulation of 3100. The magazine is free to all members of En- gine School, and every Colorado high school is on the mailing list. The Engineer is entirely student published. All articles are student written. The publication is self-supporting, the cost being met through tuition, advertising, and subscriptions. The magazine includes technical and semi-technical articles of interest to engineers. It also includes campus news, news of engineering societies ' activities, and alumni news. BUSINESS STAFF Back row, left to right: Chuck Dodson. Jim Andrews, Bill Bierbaum, Sam Jacobs. Front row: K. Squire, Ron Wertz, Jerry Milner, Fritz Pneuman, Gay Crowley, 181 The University ' s newest campus magazine, the Flstiron, was first published last December. It is organized as a publication to cater to all individual tastes; fiction, non-fiction, humor, and campus activities. Since its beginning, the Flatiron has worked toward the goal of covering all interests of the University and thus does away with the need of several separate magazines. For this reason, the Flatiron was received with anticipation and en- thusiasm by the whole campus. Conceived with new ideas and pur- poses, the magazine has met its first challenge of student accept- ance and should grow with the University needs to become one of our established traditions. Under the leadership of Bob Rahder, editor, the staff includes Babbie Carpenter, art editor; Janet Rammage, fiction editor; George Halpern, non-fiction editor; Hal West, campus editor; Margaret Stark, humor editor; and Alice Goldstein, exchange editor. The business staff is headed by Chuck Spath who is assisted by Jim Anderson, assistant business manager; Ray McDonald and Bart Ludeman, advertising managers; Jack Lehman, circulation manager; Bill Paine, finance manager; Lloyd Rizer, publicity man- ager; and Jim Cutler, office manager. Bob Rahder, editor and Chuck Spath, business manager flatiron V V Ic aauzine f 182 Back TOW. left to tight: Kate WyckofI, Bob Rahder, Bill Paine, Kermit Myers, Bert Benson, Elaine Stark. Second row: Sally Cohen, Edith Kcena, Jim Cutler, Dorothy Kapine, Doots Korosec. Front row: Karen Fox, Corinne Spath, Chuck Spath, Lloyd Rizer, Siggie Koebel, Mary Kay Miley. The Rocky Mountain Law Review is a quarterly legal re- search journal, published by the University of Colorado School of Law. The purpose of the Review is to provide lawyers, profes- sors, and students with discussion and analysis of current prob- lems of law. Since problems of national and international scope are adequately covered by other law journals, the Review attempts to emphasize coverage of these problems peculiar to the Rocky Mountain area. Students in the Law School comprise the membership of the Board of Editors and the Staff, with Professor Albert R. Menard, Jr. acting in the capacity of Faculty Advisor. The officers include T. Henry Hutchinson, Editor-in-Chief; Fred A. Deering, Associ- ate Editor; Anthony W. Williams, Business Manager. Henry Hutchinson Editor-in-Chief Anthony Williams Business Manager VKocnu If 1 loantuin cJLuw rw J eview Back row, left to right: Harold Roberts. Warren Turner. Robert Campbell, David Paddock, Ezi Kramer, William McClearn. Second row: Daniel Orrel. Arnold Baxter, Philip DufFord. Levi Martinez, H. Bernard Shapson. Front row: Jane Gerard, Anthony Williams, Fred Deering, Henry Hutchinson, John Wendt, Jim Whyte. 183 Courtland Peterson; President of the Speakers ' Congress Speakers L c r onare65 f The Speakers ' Congress, one of the most active groups on campus, has won wide recognition in both individual and group competition. The aim of this organization is the furtherance of a strong forensic program and the stimulation of University stu- dents for the discussion of problems of general interest. The work is divided into four fields. The first section is that of inter-collegiate relations and includes the development of de- bate cases, oratory, after dinner speaking, and extemporaneous speaking. The second section, radio speech work, presents a weekly program over Boulder station KBOL. Public information and dis- cussion is the work of the third group, which draws speakers from throughout the state for debates and discussion. The fourth section of the Speakers ' Congress gives programs to lay vital problems before the campus. In addition to these activities, the members serve as judges and critics for high school speech tournaments and give these schools demonstration debate and discussion programs. The officers of Speakers ' Congress this year are Courtland Peterson, president; Daniel Lynch, vice-president; Joan Pat Doyle, secretary; and Glenn Groenewold, treasurer. Stanley Wheater is the sponsor. 184 SacJt row, left to right: George Kersey, Gordon Robertson, Hal Wright, Mel Harmon. Charles Corliss. Ursel Cooley. Stanley Wheater. Third row: Carroll Lahman, Bill Mattoon, Ronald Hawthorne, Bill Sterling, John Nicholson. Second row: Bruce Macintosh. Sy Clyman, Arthur Taylor, Karl Rueb, James Williams, Carl Duncan. Robert Beard. Front row: Dave Jacobs. Ervin Howell. Daniel Lynch, Court Peterson, Joan Pat Doyle, Glenn Groenewold, Barbara Ann Bolinger. The Little Theater, sponsored by the English and Speech Departments, was founded thirty-one years ago last fall. During the period of its existence, the Little Theater has grown to its present position and is considered one of the most popular and talented groups in the Rocky Mountain region. Its success is due not only to the perseverance of its founders, Francis WoUe and Dr. and Mrs. George Reynolds, but is also the result of the ability and enthusiasm of thousands of students who have taken part in the productions both as actors and technicians. The Little Theater is organized under the following staff: Francis Wolle, E. J. West, chairman of the division of interpre- tation and dramatics; Robert Hethman, director of the Univer- sity Theater; Robert Loper, part-time instructor in speech and assistant director; and Frank Sullivan, technical director. The staff works with the Players Club, the Laboratory Theater, and any students interested in the production of plays. The Players Club is the student producer ' s honorary and by earning sufficient points through participation in acting and technical work, one may become a member. Our Little Theater gives every capable student a chance to display his talent, whether it be acting in the plays, or working on the sets and costumes. Leit to right: Frank Sullivan, Robert Het illlldll, 1 0 bert Loper. JLiitte neatre " la auerS f B l w ii l Hf B Bp— I B --: tS S la K A Sl ' " " Wk - .5at:r " .iS J M i WmA tdU Ti ! lyj ;q H — -- .- — B 185 The first play presented by the Little Theater last spring was " The Sea Gull " by Anton Chekov. The production was a comedy in four acts. The part of Mesha was played by Mary Armentrout, and Pyotr Nikolayevitch Sorin was portrayed by Peter Read. Mr. Robert Hethmon directed " The Sea Gull, " and Edwes Haflich acted as assistant director. The task of techni- cal director was filled by Frank Sullivan, and Frances Dorrell managed the business involved. In May, the Little Theater presented a play by William Saroyen, " My Heart ' s in the Highlands. " Johnny was played by Don Spencer; Ben Alexander, by Richard Wiebe; and Esther, by Eugenie Steinhauer. Director of this production was Mr. Robert Loper, who was assisted by Joanne Healy. Robert Hethmon was technical director, and Frances Dorrell again han- dled the business. 186 inier The first production for the fall quarter, 1950, was Elmer Rice ' s " The Adding Machine, " the third expres- sionistic drama to be presented by the University Theater in four years. The play is concerned with Mr. Zero, portrayed by Allan McDonald, who is a complete nonentity. He is examined in all aspects of his exist- ence, in his home, at his work, at a party, on trial, in heaven, and in hell. " Ah, Wilderness! " by Eugene O ' Neill, was the second play presented during the fall season. The scene is set in 1906, and the story portrays the age of adoles- cence as seen in Richard Miller, the teen-age son of the Miller household. Don Spencer was Richard; Bev- erly Homey portrayed his mother, and Richard Moore played Nat Miller, his father. Frank Pinnock turned in a delightful performance as the sporty ne ' er-do-well Uncle Sid. Both fall productions were under the direc- tion of Robert Hethmon who is in his third year with the University of Colorado. " Born Yesterday " Wint er The first play to be presented by the Little Theater during the winter season of 1951 was Arthur Laurent ' s " Home of the Brave. " The story of Peter Coen, a young Jewish soldier, was laid against the background of yo ld War II and centered around the theme of anti-semitism. The cast included Frank Pinnock as Peter Coen, Dale Mackely as the Major, Ken Perriman as Sergeant Mingo, Al MacDonald as Finch, and Thomas Small as the psychiatrist. The drama was one of the most realistic and moving productions ever to be put on by the Little Theater. As a second play for winter quarter, the University Little Theater presented the Broadway hit, " Born Yesterday. " The comedy, by Garson Karin, was the story of a former burlesque queen who was " reborn " through the spirit of democracy and human rights. An experienced cast brought this hit to Boulder ' s theater goers. Heading the ast were Amy Goodell who played Billie Dawn, the chorus girl, and John Becker who portrayed her rich companion, Henry Brock. This humorous three-act com- edy was directed by Robert Loper and can be added to the list of Little Theater successes. 188 " Home of the Brave " " Let ' s Make An Opera " or " The Little Sweep ' Q r iii ei ' eiia " Let ' s Make An Opera " or " The Little Sweep " by the English author Ben- jamin Britten was presented with outstanding success as the sixth annual produc- tion of the University of Colorado Opera Association. " Let ' s Make An Opera " was actually an opera within an opera. The plot was based on the story of Gladys Parworthy, Norman Chaffinch, Max Westleton, and Pamela Wilton, a group of civic minded people, who decided to put on a ch ild ' s opera called " The Little Sweep. " The story told the process of building the opera, and in the third act " The Little Sweep " was presented in its entirety. It was the story of Sammy, a dissatisfied little chimney sweep, who found him- self lodged in the chimney of the nursery of Iken Hall. He was rescued by the children of the nursury who helped him to escape the jurisdiction of the older sweeps. Ann Palmer, Chris Plank, Paul von Ehrenkrook, and Shirley Spence led the cast in their respective roles of Gladys Parworthy, Norman Chaffinch, Max Wes- tleton, and Pamela Wilton. Sammy, the little chimney sweep, was played by Gerry Imig. " Let ' s Make An Opera " was under the direction of Warner Imig, associate professor of voice. Pat Seibel acted as stage director. The set designs were by Frank Walker, and the technical director was Anne Taylor. " The Little Sweep " " The Little Sweep " 189 Gregor Piatigorsky Ana Maria James Melton rtist c ened Ending its fifteenth season this year, the University of Colorado Artist Series has again brought to this campus the finest in musical entertainment. The program from September to June included such world-renowned artists as Gregor Piatigorsky, the brilliant cellist ; Arthur Rubinstein, pianist, in a return engage- ment; Jennie Tourel, leading mezzo-soprana, and James Melton, tenor and popular concert singer, both with the Metropolitan Opera Association. Group productions included Ana Maria and her famous Ballet Espanol ; the in- spiring DePaur Infantry Chorus of 35 Negro veterans directed by Leonard DePaur; and a return engagement of the Denver Symphony Orchestra, directed by Saul Caston. This year ' s extra productions, supplementary to these concerts, were Nelson Eddy, one of America ' s foremost baritones, the Ballet Theater, and " Death of a Salesman. " John Hough headed the Artist Series committee this year and was assisted by Paul Carter, Barton Coffin, Howard Higman, Charles Norris, Dudley Wynne, Harriet Jef- frey, and Art Taylor, who was the A.S.U.C. member. 190 DePaur ' s Infantry Chorus Jennie Tourel Artur Rubinstein The 125 piece Men ' s Marching Band and the 80-piece Women ' s Marching Band provides the University of Colorado with entertaining musical stunts during the half time at football games. Since their organization, 40 years ago, the University Bands have served as training and as practical activities for those students interested in music. They play for various functions on and off campus, and they provide social functions such as dances, mixers and receptions for their members. The University of Colorado Varsity Band, symphonic in nature, is organized of both men and women band students during the winter and spring quarters for the presentation of concerts and broadcasts. Under the direction of Hugh McMillen, the Varsity Band also provides the music for the Colorado University basketball games. Hugh E. McMillen; Director Uarsltu Il5anci Symphony Oi Liic t! umpnonu Kyrcnest During its twenty-third season of offering the public fine entertainment, the Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra gave concerts in Pueblo, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Loveland as well as in Boulder. Under the direction of Horace Jones, head of the orchestral instruments of the School of Music, the orchestra not only gives concerts, but also performs in University Operas, accompanies soloists in the Artist Series, and is used in the annual Christmas production of the Messiah. The orchestra is open to any students, faculty members, and townspeople. It includes seventy-two members. The String or Concert Orchestra is an intregal part of the Symphony Orchestra and includes thirty-two members. The orchestra was invited to tour Europe just pre- ceding the outbreak of World War II. The War, however, meant the cancellation of the trip. Mr. Jones, who in 1938 was awarded the honor of Associate of the Royal Academy in London, England, may be given credit for the development of many out- standing musicians in these two orchestral groups. Mr, Horace Jones: Director ( oncert Lyrcfiedti ' a 192 Concert Orchestra The Modern Choir wj.m a oir The Modern Choir is composed of selected vocalists chosen from the University Choir and is under the direction of George Lynn. The group is known for its melodic renditions of folk tunes and unusual arrangem ents of popular and familiar ballads. The choir had a prominent part in Varsity Nights during Homecoming and performs on radio programs and personal appearances. This year the University Choir was under the able direction of George Lynn, visiting lecturer. Opportunities to audition for membership are given early in the fall and the group is limited to a select membership. One of the most noted musical organization on campus, the University choir gave an excellent presentation of the " Messiah " during the Christmas season in which soloists were given predominant parts. The choir performs in many concerts in Boulder and throughout the state. Mr. George Lynn; Director UlniuerAitu ( k oir The University Choir 193 194 M.S.U.B. Today m s u B Lisle Ware: Director of Student Activities T O D Y The Memorial Center is an association of all students, ex-students, and the staff of the University of Colorado. Its purpose is to contribute to the social, recreational, and cultural well-being of the members of the association through programs and serv- ices conducted primarily in the Memorial Building. Several years ago the Memorial Student Union was run by the University busi- ness office and through hostesses and various services provided in the building. As the University expanded it was apparent that a more comprehensive program should be worked out and that student committees should participate in determining policies and plans of the building. The program was started last year and the new constitution was adopted in May. The policies and management are almost entirely in the hands of the students, and the carrying out of these policies is under the jurisdiction of the Student Activities Center who work with ASUC and other students. M.S.U.B. Tomorrow 195 m s u B The Present Snack Bar Our long anticipated dreams of a new Union Memorial Center are now underway. Plans for the new building are complete. The Regents have alerted bonding houses and contractors. The international situation complicates matters at the present, but every- thing is ready to go when we feel secure in proceeding. The University Memorial Center Board includes eight students, three faculty members, two alumni, and three observers and has worked as a board to determine the policies by which the new building will be managed. The building director, Lisle Ware, and his staff are responsible for carrying out these policies. Vernon Chapman acted as chairman of the board and Velma Gleue was secretary. Student members included: Ann Argall, Dick Bernick, Bill Eaton, Manette Rueb, Wilma Sweat, Jack Tooley, Stanley Ulrich, and Bob Winfrey. The faculty representatives were Dean Edward C. King, Dean Harry Carlson, and Dean Henrietta Loughren. Ann Long and William Paddock were the alumni advisors, and the observers included Dean Clifford Houston, Mr. Kenneth Penfold, and Bud Davis. T O m o R R o m 1916-1926 Within this ten year period the College of Music was established, Macky Auditorium and the present Men ' s Gymnasium were completed, and the Schools of Medicine and Nursing were established in Denver. Underlying this growth was the conception and start of " the campus beautiful " building program in which the architectural plan was especially designed to fit into a rural setting. In addition the stadium was completed in 1925. in 1917 the university units of the national guard were called into service, followed by the arrival of the first university man into the trenches in 1918. Signs of the changing times were continually in evidence as one might guess from this revolutionary statement by Professor Wolle in 1916, during the production of a campus play. " All kisses from now on are to be real; love-making in this play is not going to be sloppy, and you will need much practice to make the scenes natural and graceful. " The student body numbered about thirteen hundred students in 1917, and the growth was steady and rapid. LIFE AT CU Vr m You ve heard of the Morality Plays in which there is a Mr. Goodman, a Mr. Badman, Mr. Christian, and so on. This is hardly what you would call a Morality Play, but I am much like those characters that used to appear in the play; for I am Joe Composite. I am all of you. but especially I am a senior. I have collected within these pages a photo record of a human play in which you may recognize yourself as one of the actors. I hope I have represented to you the work, the play, and the horseplay, that is a part of our university life. LEE STECKEL, Editor ;l)f 72KOJUM Quadc, jqujodc-ihsii hatt ihsL knack, IaL pJjaoL p}A, (phi DaliA, O ' a, oL winmA. a, C- " W. OaifA. JbAJvtaUeA. X £iq. A JGdc-in -ihsL-fianiA. SL ma, TUl JlaqAta TnounJtmn, Soi CUwuntL ihsL (jJoaLcL wUh. ihsL Phi 0am. C. lAX RoifjaJUb DfJ ' jun.i OsiJswhsX, aiwojuA. khipjuq h jthsL fadipot U£uj , i u ' uL hsudhj, axAuoL! „ ' ■_ " ' ' a«K5Ri, ' k ' Tt J wui THan, JAame, cjcmnsL [jaci —QusiiirL ovsa. alL " - X .. Kkis Chwiko L dlapfuj .. fi ' SndL D TbAnum. (fkicfn, bhouxfhL vkioAi pJA. ifuL bUa, 9t woA. in, JthsL aVtdiu-lAt pdaoL $oA. 0. 5- TLbc hjcuL hxA, JucM, diiliij, mit wUii . . . d{Dmsixj)mijnq i ' Susi A, ihsLbJL men. wmiL Id! JhbtqA, o JthiA, AoAt alwcufA, iaJuL two WjoJthsUL had. rwihinx on, JthenL dlaaASL iA, iumu , hut TUdlalL won. JtuL Cowd, xuvaUm ihsL JimqhJtA, ' Hsdwin. Jhidi, qutf, tfot JtfuL point d {jJS, OauxHsDiUsL jCilUnj 3LahkiL. (fkj mt ?icdL Oiomia. Cbupd pi fiJtl hoAJth Shorn. (D li£L anxmcL (DsaJdnjcdion- Osmochauj ' B K ; ' - ' ■::. ' :ipjs alo eia, diomujjmjoon, diobd. SixpnuL TliL ksmmkh, (JilLaqsL ComSL OA. IjDUL CUlSL OsdiA, and. tksvc (DtuAi TJtasA. Jo each, hxA. own. (i doAm. isucL cUmoL JsmncAAJUL lOati Soif. bladsA. (Hub JbiiL WjciMsh. Sohhif aafwMd, £L CDohisL-diuisUc i sm A im dOmMj , will spoil, bhsuak, out a, nsuo dsuJcl Smi wHL a, w }k. jAoMonjoL £fivJunxp. ' em, the, buMnuA ! QJtii, Amwd, io bsL Aean, oA, a, Jvud, TUifhJteA, 9(siu onsL o§, ouA, fiMt idMiu}, msux. Siep, ' fvShuiStsL . ■e, i:;iKM $ii L Jhiiu ' 71 JAat ' BsauJdsiiL, ami ihsL (BsjoAJtA, £siAjct TyiabcsL jJuL is,, and VladsuL a ul idJiL (pjuLUc Opinion, no lontfsiA, boiksAdu nc CooftBhaiion l BM p 0 J • iim 1 jWl 1 a isA, ipiL., 9 ' nL nsxt Sst out o ihsL woodwDJilc, CaJtA, ' ' ' Ok, hut! " i ' (put i uA. aJwca- on. c2itq U)haL a. psi4sj± iAimdAhifi, HcwiL ipjLL sivsA. A££ L Ao moruf pblSiAiL,? OuA, fuvit in, a, wofdhi cojul jl PsjopIsL cUiSL no damn, qood (D. 5- tnoiL Who SJDGA. Ajoid IjOlL cDulcL ojdL? So ikaJtX, ivkcAJL oWc twfimf wsmL U)hxit did. ipvL sixpsidL, o uuiqsL fuioL? m? (Bou), luviv, woio—lVhvASL doqA. ohL thou.: fpoAA. ihsL lovincL cuh. (x kixJc acvuJl docju hsL bshnq. Iv? Ijoa, coidjcL havsL okd, ins. 0 ofL cL nsnv advsmhvisi,, W.oi}t : CbiSL ihsu hidul Jj fikaL ChwihsiA. diiApjUiimi. cAXMpadfL CUv. i £A.. TTlsn, o (Di iinjdtijo L JAt L i£;i5t4- iX. O UL-Mckd. AjbAJ ' TLu AfoicL BuijoL sujSL-baUinq, asuiao l hs indu dnjcL lohjcdA. mvASL, aHsl hoA. cl bMii c p AAonaUb Tyhf moJtheJi. lovsiA, mjL, but - - (poiJbui? lOhsML diet ipDU- kaviL xpuA. bhoom,! (jJhat CL isMioA,, that (BoJb hnA. OnsL o ihsL manij diomsiCDminq. JmJL ClauA at fihL JauA, Sood. didi , (Ric 9 haviL CL piianxL tuJw— (juhJ£tL jujjcu did. ihsif. qo! JhsL aihlsdJUL. it puL diahsiytL., MoJtsL ' sum. U)Puf do ihsii calL msL " S wwbalL " ? JksL ajnmuiL Jvul ShixfodsL (pAouiL (papoA, on. (DadL (Dat Jisuip, ijoiOc bojvii handii, on. ihsL iable. Ok., jfOJLL JbeauJtipd. doUA, Jhaij., look. qood. IwiSL—hjow about on. iPuL AlopJiA,? 91L JuWkSL ipiiL p}Wi, ojuL calL a. Spjdnq, Spuh, filcnic Siq, Trian,! CJPuuuL did. ipu, havsL ipuh, bhoomA,! CUuL aihsui., JJJUL AO L SluA. aruL hnssA, 75m. unnwsiJUtjaJuj. C.U. CELEBRATES 75 YEARS PROGRESS 1876 • 1951 CUxvdsmk fiAjocsAAioJt. (DldJtimpjdiJmL waJtA, I «i vsss ' ShahrU) , and. Oahhuf fijisAlcUint SinjcuinA,, I ami (Dcjon. (DipdsL PaAjadsL o J ' B. i.waL QhoiA, at ISih, dnnivcAducuu H 1 T jrvqmssihmq isAt Cbddvih TUqhL dnnimL kAiAimoA. fiJwgJiam, (yyjs OcHMj an and. Atidtmli jAAdhmafL oAhnicdion, J u inci6 an 9 c Q ueenS Once upon a time there was a castle on every mountaintop, and in it lived an ermine- robed queen wearing a crown sparkling with jewels. That was long ago in the days of fairy tales. Today pretty girls wear cashmere sweaters and saddle oxfords. They study history and zoology; and then, suddenly, one of them is a queen. Her kingdom is small— a college campus, and her reign is short — a weekend. But she is a real queen for all of that. Just as a school needs football heroes and basketball stars, so it needs queens. CU has queens, and each year the queens are different. NONA UHRICH, Editor L oioradc Q ueen 218 Idd (L-iu unofe ulmieu L oioraaan (q m ' ueen 219 Ldd Jeanne J teuend Second {- ' u ace 16S 220 idd jeanne cJ-acu 221 222 6 A acme L lark ueen fc,«p ;v!« s, . • jf-i ' - ' iif ' ) ;nm ' r. lAJait S picer 223 u-een 224 i lotnin but cs i ueend - - - 1926-1936 ' Growth of the University ' s physical plant again takes the limelight during this decade, with the establishment of the fine arts school and the completion of the Women ' s Gym. the Student Memorial Building, and the Freshman Women ' s Residence Halls. An interesting note on the women ' s gym: the girls had been using Varsity Hall (over the Dugout Cleaners) as a gym for many years. As the university entered the thirties and continued its building expansion, the effects of the depression became apparent; for the P. W. A. became the builders of many of the newer structures. Student government became lax, and the administration assumed this policy: " Govern- ° ment of the students, for the students, but partly by the faculty " is . . . the new student government plan now in effect at CU. Robert Stearns was very prominent in alumni work during this decade, and in 1931 he became the first Colorado graduate to become a dean at his alma mater, for Stearns was appointed dean of the law school. In 1935 the Colorado athletic teams became officially known as the " Buffalos " . in the past the team had been the Silver and Gold, the Bobcats, and most common of all. State. ouganizations £ah?us_ SOMETHING gf LE AH ON fJFTER CRA£ ( RTlOA r -TER fff, People from Illinois and people from Texas — there are clubs for them. People who hike, ski or swim — there are clubs for them. Clubs for people who make " A ' s " and for people who don ' t. In fact, there are clubs for almost anything. Among the numerous organizations every student can find at least one group with interests similar to his. In devoting his time to a project that is of concern to him, the student broadens his circle of acquaintances and makes new friends. Every school of the university is represented by a club. These orgonizations help the student to know his teachers while in school, and some of them aid him after graduation. JOANNE EASLEY, Edlfor v. y. n. c . OFFICERS President John Bolln Vice President John Bergman Program Chairman Charles Adamo Sponsor M. L. Jackson A student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was chartered at the University of Colorado in 1928. Meetings are held every other week, at which time, guest speakers are present. Different fields of chemistry and engineering are discussed among the students and members of the faculty. Membership is open to any regular student pursuing a course of study applicable to chemical engineering with a " c " average or better. A picnic is held every fall and spring quarter. Joint meetings are held with other professional organizations such as Alpha Chi Sigma, and the DU chap- ter of AIChE. 228 Back TOW, left to right: Walter Seifert, John Bergman, Wm. Seifert, John Peasley. Fourth row: John Bolln, Ed Thomas, P. L. Barrick, K. C. Brunelli, F. W. Salters. C. K. McLaughlin, Charles Adamo. Third row: Wm. Shenk, Anthony Shenekji, Don Tabler, J. C. Famini, James Neblick, Charles Barrick, Walter Haven. Second row: J. A. Mullins. Russ Richman, Ralph Nittler. Lysle Traber, Robert Steach. Glenn Haycraft. Front row: W. E. Braytom, F. Zeeke, Kent Schneider, Phil Harvey, Tom Deering. Dallas Hampton. . . C . o. - . rs. o. OFFICERS Chairman Paul Fantin Vice Chairman John Foxworthy Treasurer Mat Rodenkirch AIEE Secretary Robert Barnard IRE Secretary Bart Antista Faculty Advisor Mr. S. I. Pearson Nearly every prominent electrical engineer or radio engineer is a member of one of these Institutes. Although AIEE and IRE are two different and entirely independent organizations nationally, the local chapters have joined together for greater unity since the two are so closely related on the campus. The purpose of the local organization is to give the student a chance to develop a broader view of the professional electrical world and to see for himself how his studies tie in with actual conditions. By listening to speak- ers, and going on tours of electrical installations, the student can begin to understand the problems and opportunities that he can expect to encounter after graduation. The organization offers encouragement to student research by giving an award for the best student technical paper presented each year. The winner of this award presents his paper in competition at the district convention of college and university organizations of the midwest, and the winner of the district award goes to the national convention. The local chapter also owns and maintains a workshop equipped with over $800 worth of tools and instruments available to all members of the local organization for repairing radios, electrical equipment, skis, etc. Back row, left to right: Bart Antista, Tom Byrd. Waldo McEwen. Charles Oertli, Lawrence Yarborough, Michael Laszlo, George Leahy. Prof. S. I. Pearson, Paul Johnson. Third row: Ray Nichols, Paul Bursn, Paul Fantin. Ed Chappell. Ed Amonette, Bob Miller. Jim Plant, Den Akey. Second row: Harry Lum, Ed Todd, Herb McCoy. Don O ' Neill, William Kasak, John Garvin, James Roelker. Frank Francone, John Foxworthy. Front row: Glen Nelson, Charles Lorens, Ronald Wertz. Curtis Baker. Dick Jamison, Fred Schwartz, Jack Ryman, Robert Barnard, Robert Hagerott. 229 ipkaf ' ki yJvne a OFFICERS President Ray Bergendoff First Vice President George Hessney Second Vice President Keith CoUipriest Secretary Gene Over Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity. Its members are for- mer Boy Scouts who have joined together to be of service to the university and its community while they are in school. Alpha Phi Omega was founded nationally in 1926 and on this campus in 1941. Since its activation here this group has been promoting projects of value to the university. Some of the more important projects conducted are those of helping with Freshman Orientation Week, operating a Lost and Found service in the Student Union, ushering at the University Theatre productions, and conducting tours of the campus for visitors. In addition to these, there are numerous other capacities in which this organization serves. 230 Back row, left to right: Frank Marvin Herr. Edward Scherer, Craig Heffelman, Kermit Myers, Willis F. Perino. Richards M. Manuel. Richard T. Johnson. Third row: Frank Lanaghen, Jack D. Clemenson, David W. Rose, Morton W. Burt, Ellis D. Hillmar. Summer Hixon, Ronald Zimmerman, Harry Crawford. Second row: Fred A. Hills, James A. MuUins, Robert G. Boggs, Ray Paricio, Danny Wong, Glen B. Nelson, Herb Ormsby, Bob Wahlstedt, Bernel Johnson, Front row: Arthur Ravicz, Douglas Moy, Keith CoUipriest, Ray Bergendoff, Edward Kahn, George Heasney, Gene L. Over, 5 Oram OFFICERS President Russ Kostroski Vice President Duane Burnett Secretary James Goodwin Treasurer George Nielsen The Architectural Forum is a campus organization of students of architectural engineering and architecture. The organization was founded in 1946 by a group of architectural engineering students who recognized the need for closer contact among students, faculty members, and men actually practicing architecture and architectural engineering. The Forum holds three or four meetings a quarter. These meetings con- sist of technical movies, student discussions, and guest speakers from archi- tectural offices and engineering concerns. Officers are elected during the spring quarter of each year. The members are brought together socially at Forum parties — usually picnic or barn dances — held once each quarter. Mr. DeVon Carlson assists the officers as faculty sponsor and advisor. Back row, left to riglit: Robert Leon Burrell, William E. Brackett, H. A. Tinnaro. W. F. Perino. M. E. Weybright. L. F. Kautz. E. P. L. Ott. Jr., L. C. Goodsell. Richard Heine. Second row: Rojas C. Leonte, Eugene D. Roberts. John C. Estes, Mary Lou Waite, Thomas J. Duesterberg, Edwin L. Chuck, Reinaldo Rodriguez, Gene Goley, Front row: Colvin Reid, Vern Winkel, DeVon Carlson, Russ Kostrowki, Duane Burnett. Robert Lamison. Robert K. Johnson. 231 .y r. . I • O. OFFICERS President Jim Hillock Vice President Gene Goley Secretary George Marshall Asst. Secretary Charles Johnson Treasurer John Houston Faculty Advisor Professor L. C. Novak The University of Colorado Student Chapter of A. S. C. E. was or- ganized in 1920 as one of the first nine chapters in the United States. Since that time, it has been awarded five certificates of commendation distinguish- ing it as one of the outstanding student chapters in the country. Both civil and architectural engineering students are eligible for membership. The principal function of the A.S.C.E. is to acquaint and interest the students in the professional aspects of civil engineering and to promote their development along lines not available in classroom work. Activities include outside speakers prominent in engineering and allied fields, student speakers, educational movies, field trips and participation in intramural sports. Social events are centered around active membership in the Combined Engineers Society and participation in the annual Engineers Day, and the traditional stag affair, " Apple Fest. " A delegation is sent to the Rocky Mountain Student Chapter Conference of A. S. C. E. held once a year. 232 Back row. left to right: Willis F. Perino. Richard Winkler. Arnold R. Gaunt. Daniel Jones. Sixth row: Bill McGarvey, Wayne Kdlian Jack A. Morton, Dick Dryden, H. G. Isbill. Tom Larson, William G. Dryden, Jack Keller, R. Boerner, John S. McComb, Jr., Edward A Gr.ffcn. Robert C. NichoUs. Fifth row: R. C. Bergendoff. H. C. Myers, D. L. Nepp, F. C. Pneuman, William C. Cawley, R. L. Wilson R J. Brasel, Mark Chi ton, J. R. Sheppard, W. R. Stoneman, R. M. Lamison, B. N. Moore. Fourth row: A. S. Laiminger, R. C Canfield, J. D. Bennett HC.Wieland, R. L. Maires, J. O. McNamara, H. Meheen, Chet F. Bruski, P. R. Pearl, W. E. Brackett, O. I. Milliard, Jr R. I Poller, Bacile D Doyle. Third row: R. C. Rautenstraus, R. C. Dillon, Curt Baker, John B. Rark. C. E. Maddox. M. E. Weybright John Estes, Donald M. M-ll ' en, Franklin I. DeBello, Steve Kakavas, Bobby Downing, L. G. Tulin, Second row: Leo C. Novak Harvey Weese. Ambarish H. Antani M t. Karcich, Donald Hamburg, Charles Bickley, Edwin L. Chuck, Kenneth Elom. Elmer Ott, Russ Ko, ' ' " ' ' ' . 9 Brien Gene Peterson. Front row Turan Vural, Mary Lou Waite, R. F. Stevens, Vincent G. Sheridan, John Houston, George Marshall. Jim Hillock, Gene Goley, M. S . Lai, Arlan W. Fell, James S. Supancic, E. A. White, C. P. Diessner. AS.W£. OFFICERS President William Hamilton Vice President Harry Hiestand Secretary Jerry A. Roquet Treasurer Roger K. Gould The student branch of the ASME is one of the leading professional so- cieties in the engineering school. Its membership is made up of both mechan- ical and aeronautical engineers. The main objective of this organization is to acquaint the student engi- neer with the practical side of his field, mechanical engineering. In perform- ing this objective ASME entertains both technical and non-technical speak- ers at their meetings to give the students an idea of engineering as it really is. Another method of acquainting the student with his field is through the regional convention held each year. Each school in the region chooses the best report submitted by one of its students and this man in turn repre- sents his school in the report competition at the convention. Prizes are given for the winning reports. Among the activities of the group this year was the forming of the Mechanical Engineering Society on the campus. This new group is an or- ganization combining the locals of ASME, SAE, ASHVE, and ASRE— all mechanical engineering societies. Back row. left to right: W. R. Hartong, W. L. Hinthorn. D. A. Van Gundy. G. E. Ross. R. M. Neisler, R. K. Craig. A. F. Clark. Fourth row: H. T. Sears. Jr., Robert R. Oehlkers. F. Curtis Archer. Donald L. Groves. Charles S. Lavington. Marvin J. Becktell, Louis A. Vonasch, Charles S. Elder. Third row: Ben Chaney. Roy Kelly. James Mackie. Robert J. Richards, William M. Oblak, John Lavash, Jack F. McManis. David Charvonia. Second row: John Carlin. Allan E. Morrisey, Gurdayal P. Khungar, Gene Mitchell, I. F. Zagar, K. E. Nichols, Harlan Richards, W. D. Grupp, Lester W. Palmateer. Front row: Allen R. Descher, Jerry A. Roquet, Harry Hiestand, William Hamilton, Roger K. Gould, Stephen H. Achtenhagen, G. William Norris, Jr., Charles R. Class. 233 x aiico and (l5oot6 OFFICERS President Dick Simonds Vice President Lloyd Haller Secretary Pat VanDuzee Treasurer Ann. Thompson Sponsors Miss Frances Bascom, George Dobbins, Mrs. Charlotte Irey, Jack Twombly Just five years ago in the fall of 1946, the square dance club, now known as Calico and Boots, was originated on the university campus. That original group, consisting of eight students and faculty members, has grown into a club with a membership limit of 65 and a record of more than 40 exhibitions to its credit. A number of these exhibitions have been presented outside of Boulder — all the way from Laramie, Wyoming, to Houston, Texas. Besides its club meetings, which offer an oportunity for members to improve their dancing skill and style. Calico and Boots sponsors a weekly all-campus square dance, to which the public is invited. Since its origin, one of the main functions of the club has been to foster interest in square dancing on the campus. Therefore, a " traveling set, " com- posed of a square of Calico and Boots members, a musician, and a caller, has been created to demonstrate and teach dances to any organization that may be interested in gaining a greater knowledge of square and folk dancing or to those out for fun. 234 Back row, left to right: Ronnie Bonnet, Tom Dinkel, Ann Thompson, Ed Austin, Jayne Poole, Dick Hart. Third row: Bill Sullivan, Elaine Turnquist, Ronnie Apodaca, Eloise Chapin, Bob Woodward, Emma Lou Sammuel, Johnny Tymkowych, Joann Presler. Second row: Bob Schmoll, Terry Foley, Chuck Fillmore, Millie Schwarz, Jack Angerine, Felma Gleue, Bud Hill, Kathy Fay. Front row: George Dobbms, Elhe Wingo, Lloyd Haller, Pat VanDuzee, Dick Simonds, Gloria Alexander, Jack Twombly. { antemuni i tub ¥ OFFICERS President Bill Prey Vice President Mary Phraner Secretary Sally Ranger Treasurer Betty Guihan Board Don Griswold, Max Greenlee, Jim Brock, Bill Martini The Canterbury Club represents the Episcopal Church at the Univer- sity. It is a member of the National Association of Canterbury Clubs, repre- sented on every campus where Episcopal communicants are students. This group is officered by confirmed student churchmen and women, although its membership is open to any interested student. The club ' s program is committed to definite activity in the fields of worship, study, service, giving, evangelism, and unity, in addition to the lighter phases of campus life, in- cluding intramural sports, parties, picnics and steak fries. The Club ' s activities are held principally at the Ingley Episcopal Student Center, presided over by the Episcopal Chaplain, Father A. B. Patterson. The primary purposes ofthe Center are to provide a convenient place for worship as well as a " Home away from home " for any interested student. Through the facilities of such an institution and the person of a Chaplain for students, both the spiritual and material needs of Christian men and women are cared for under professional supervision. Back row, left to right: Jerry Merrick, Edgar Thompson, Bert Olson, Mary Jean Oliver, W. K. Martini, Jeanne Macy, Bill Evans. Filtb row: Lou Davis Jean Leimbach. Peter Read, Carol Walsh, Philip Nevels, Nancy Swope, Jack Beckwith, Rex Simms. Fourth row: Jan Ramage, Ann Erickson, Dick Miller. Jim Titcomb. Ed Horsky, Herbert Schwartz, Carol Hachtmann. Third row: Sue Rickman, Cynthia Scott, Max Greenlee. Mitzi Davis, Jack Jensen Dave Palo, Peter Beach, Bob Fox. Second row: Ann Haney. Helen Hubbell, Joanne McGary, Jay Moore, Diana Van Ausdall, Betty Jean Mountford Sally Ranger, Mary Phraner. Front row: Glenn Smith, Jim Norman, Don Griswold, Father Patterson, Bill Frey, Jim Brock, Walt Wheeler. 235 ( ' ( Cub OFFICERS President Bruce Brown Vice President Bill French Secretary-Treasurer Stan Black Sponsor Aubrey Allen Executive Council Bill Clay, Bill Haase, Hilary Johnson, Will Lynch, Wayne Tucker Boasting a membership of 150 lettermen, the C-Club directs its activities toward furthering the athletic status of the University. Through close coop- eration with the Athletic Department, the Public Relations Office, and the student body in general, it has tried to establish and promote sound athletic policies, attract outsta nding high school athletes, and field teams which are representative of the University of Colorado. 236 Back row. left to right: Milt Wiley. Roger Stokes. Hugh Berger. Wayne Tucker. Chuck Harbaugh. Dane Graves, Bob Platts. Fourth row: Tom Duesterberg. Ken Dunstan, Bill Reed. Art Damon, Bud Walstrom. Dick Symes. Bill Haase, Dean Graves. Third row: Bob Carlson, Maynard Skinner. Jim Mitchell. Don Giacomini, Dick Punches, Chuck Mosher, Hilary Johnson, Fred Johnson. George Hallcr. Secoad row: Bob Giacomini. John McGuire. Rex Sheppard. Bill French, Jim Brennan. Gerald Rudolph. Harry Nance. Jim Karbatsch, Jim Armatas. Front row: Joe Gold. Frank Maldonado. Bruce Brown. Stan Black. Ray Jump. Jack Anderson. Jim Berry. Hugie Raso. Paul Viliano. ' VVo -p l. " - Oo. OH-OH. THE THETAS HAVE THEIR TULAGl HATS ON ; WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL COL dT EXHIBIT i M ff 1 4 IF ONLY THAT DATE COULD SEE HER NOW £ta« LVs CUi SE ' VAOfi ■ nchHWIE ■ EAK ON THE x odiTtopoluun x iub odmop OFFICERS President Hari Krishua Pargal Vice President Thomas Shuk Secretary Charlotte Berg Social Secretary Isabel Eldreo Treasurer Himatlal Mehta A better understanding among the peoples of the world and the foster- ing of a tolerant spirit, cooperation, and universal brotherhood among col- lege and university students of all nationalities and races, are the aims of the Cosmopolitan Club. Founded in December, 1922, by Mr. Fred Aden, former registrar of the University, the Cosmopolitan Club has been active on the campus for the past 28 years. Men and women from all parts of the world, representing 49 different countries, gather under the banner of the Cosmopolitan Club. The parts of the world represented are: Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Equador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hawaii, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Okinawa, Philippines, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Siam, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. 238 Back row, left to right: Leao de Olivcira, Ambarish Antani, Karl Acker, Erich Isaac, Arne Brekke, Roberto Grinberg, Mehmet Ozulu, Gunjit Singh. Willard Edwards. Sixth row: Hosy S. Lala, Marion Barr. Katy Drexel, Ferris Takahashi. Emil Handal, Safa M. Hassan. Alice Bowman, David W. M. Duncan. Clarence Carpenter, Ralph Bergman, C. W. Riddle. Fifth row: Nora Lcavitt, Sylvia Manville. Victor Herman. Gene Barr, James Boratgis, M. R. Modjtejedi, Anne Mandusic, Jan Southworth, Jane Hopkey, Nancy Jasper. Marvin Shute. Fourth row: Nouri Al-Kadhim, Alma Chong , Stephanie Quartana, Jose D. Sosa-Santos, Uygur Gokbudak. Gurdayal Khungar, Pauline Cooper, Dorthy Greenman. Lucille Lee, Dogan Kabalak. Nooric Ibrahim. Third row: Manoochehr Shahab, M. Albert Pcreira, M. S. Lai, Eluira Garcia, Mary Barger, Ardith Fricdow, Beulah Nott, Beatrice Bacon. Marble McKinney, Ahmad Kianpour, Turan Vural. Second row: Petra Ahcrrera Rcfuezo. Honora Moriarty. Wu Tang. Mary Pettinger. Joyce Snavley, Lilli Sieloff, Margarete Jahnde. K. Alice Moore. Helen McKinney, Edna Matsushima, Alice Goldstein. Naomi Hasui, Matanah Cohen. Front row: Eugene Tc Selle, Hussain Al-Sader, Charlotte Berg, H. S. Mehta, Clare Lewis, Isabel Eldred, Hari Pargal, Tom Shuk, Robert Regout. Nancy Rohwer, Ivo Lederer. SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES C aue tvian i lub OFFICERS President May Johnson Secretary Jo Rippburger Treasurer Irma Shapiro Sponsor Walt Burner The Equestrian club is an organization that is open to all students whc ' are interested in the activities of the club. It is an organization of those who enjoy horsemanship, whether they are flatlands tenderfeet or accomplished cowpokes. Skill makes no difference in the Equestrian club; all members may enjoy the club ' s activities. Activities include week-end trips, all-day and moonlight rides, steak fries, and hayrack parties. In addition, the club sponsors an annual horse show in the spring which attracts the interest of many spectators and entrants from the university and townspeople. 240 Back row, left to right: Mr. Holman, Jim Reich, Mrs. Holman, Linda Reich, Jim Douglas, Irene Douglas, Marsha Schuman, Ralph Wingo. Jane Kadokas, Carol Schrad2ke. unidentified, Cathy Hosca, Glen Grey. Front row: Mary Reinbergcr, Johnny Roberts. Violet Burgess, Bud Holman, Arnie Breggin. unidentified, Danny Lyons, Bini Heise, Walt Varncr, Mickey Mosier, Pam Taylor, Irma Shapiro, Helen McKell, Lfe Huffman, Margaret Kingman, Peggy Grey, Betty Lindenschmit. In bus: Gail Anderson, Barbara Leigh, Lois Schoeneck, Sadie Simons, Marian Brownell. Al Butler, Ann Chapman. DEN NAER - BOULDER M fa_BETAS AND ' THF.TAS— WINNERS OF CU DAYS SONGFEST MIXI ' I I ' GROUP AWARD CL DAYS CARNIVAL NIGHT SCEN I ■ II future eackers OFFICERS President Ray Krucas Vice President Ann Devitt Secretary Clare Lewis Treasurer Marilyn Leinberger Reprensentative Ben Bray Librarian Philip Vinci Publicity Chairman Ann Campbell The Future Teachers of America is a students ' organization open to anyone who is preparing for work in the field of education. The F. T. A. is an affiliate organization of the National Education Association and the Colorado Education Association. Colorado University is the most recently organized chapter in Colorado and proudly claims to be one of the largest chapters. The F.T.A. seeks to give student members practical experience in applying theory and knowledge by promoting worthwhile projects. By guest lecturers and round-table discussions it promotes group study of educa- tional conditions. At Colorado University, it provides interaction and inte- gration between students concerned with various fields of education. 242 Back row, left to right: Kathryn Chilton, Berna Brassea, Clare Lewis, Gene R. Jensen, Charles E. Corliss, Spencer F. Thomas, Dean Crosier, Francisco Maldonado. Fourth row: Lionel D. Stephens, Lucille Y. T. Lee, Mary K. Finnigan, Joan Haley, Carol Nelson, Ralph Ashton, Charles Fox. Third row: Mary Lou Lind, Paul Te Grotenhuis, Grace Yasumura, Jo Ann Prcsler, Stanley Ulrich. LeRoy Hirst, Edithellen Marshall. Second row: Viola Brase, Helen Smick. Junko Kako, Dorthy Uyenishi, Sally Furukawa, Kathleen Fay, Jane Knotz, Joan Domenico. Front row: Jo Eeckhout. Benjamin Eddison Bray. Martilyn Leinberger. Ray B. Krucas. Ann Devitt. Ann Campbell. Phil Vinci. i_i! J ihlna L tuh 9 OFFICERS President Rod Page Vice President Peg Ball Manager Jack Frost Assistant Manager Dick Tagg Secretary Gail Van Hiive Treasurer Stan Lorens Historian Marge Staats Membership Chairman Justin Pierce Publicity Chairman John Thrailkill The Hiking Club, one of the oldest and most active organizations in the campus, offers students a multitude of recreational outdoor activities. During the year, weekend hikes, steakfries, overnight trips, ski trips, and houseparties take the students to all of the mountainous regions around Boulder, and in warmer weather, the high country beckons the hikers. Some of the activities in the past year were the annual Freshman Fry held in connection with new student week; an overnight trip to Brainerd La e, where the more energetic climbed Mt. Pawnee and Mt. Toll, while the rest climbed Mt. Audubon. The armual Thanksgiving Houseparty was held at Ogallala Lodge, near Ward, and fifty people enjoyed three days of snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and ice skating. At Homecoming the club celebrated with an early morning Breakfast Fry and then served the traditional Buff Barbecue. With the money earned from serving the Barbecue, a group of orphans from Denver were brought to Boulder to see the Oregon game. Also, during Fall quarter, work was started on a fireplace in Freshman Park which will be completed this spring. In January the club held its annual all school dance, " Hopnail Hop, " in Memorial Ballroom, and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. Prospective members must go on three hikes to pledge and after five more are eligible for the two Initiation hikes. On the first of these, they must climb Green Mountain and name the peaks on the front range ; on the second, they are subjected to the real initiation. The formal Initiation Dinner Dance is held at the end of the Winter Quarter. Twenty-one new members will be initiated this year. Back row, left to right: Kay Tate. Rod Page. Betty Frost, Bob Heffernen, Dick Tagg, Marvin Shute. Third row: Thel Hough, Jack Frost, Ellen McBrien, George Campbell. Second row: Bob Coumey, Stan Lorens, Marge Staats, Jan Schaible, Curt Wright, Vince Hefti, Ed Grauer. Barbara Kenny, Vic Berman, Walt Kustka. Front row: Derrick Olsen. Sarah Jane Johnson, Carol Spiller, Dan Sise, Roland Angel, Lynn Roseman, Carol Owen, Rusty Jones, Nancy Harlan, Justin Pierce, Dave Peterie, Mary Fleming, Dorthy Davenport. Absent from picture: Peg Ball, Bill Bucket, Bob Betterley, Chuck Bigien, Ken Brown, AI Clark. James Chinn, Jack Duane, George Dobbins, Carolyn Edwards, Norbert Eggering. Vic Favier, Don Gruber, Carolyn Griesbach, Ruth Holzinger. Carolyn Howe, Jim James, Duke Kier, Chuck Leierer, Nita Leierer, Mary Morrow, Evelyn Norrell, Jackie Paule, Martin Roder. Stu Silverberg, Elvin Smith. John Thrailkill, Jack Twombly, Gail VanHine, Wolf Roder, Bev Tiemey, Kitty Corbin, Ronnie Ohhira, Anabeth Woodward, Fran McDonald, Tom Walsh, Mike Walters. 243 J illel OFFICERS President Marty Robbins Vice President Nancy Miller Treasurer Ed Kahn Recording Secretary Donna Cohn Corresponding Secretaries Nan Woolpy Sybil Zeligson Counselor Rabbi Margolies Faculty Advisor Reuben Zubrow Executive Committee Al Buchler, David Emeson, Ernie Hailpern, Bob Jes- mer, Lenny Krim, Harriet Levy, Jerry Lutovich, Diane Rosen, Phil Sunshine, and Dave Supperstein. Hillel activities for the past year stressed cultural, religious, and social programs along with participation in Religious Workers Association work and in Religion in Life Week. Greater emphasis was placed on participation tending toward a creative and positive Judaism. One of the highlights of the year was the opening address of Religion in Life Week given by Dr. Simon Greenberg, Provost of the Jewish Theo- logical Seminary of America. Dr. Grenberg also spoke at a special Hillel meeting. Several firsts were achieved in program and activities. Among them were: the Havdalah, or ushering out of the Sabbath, service followed by choral and dramatic presentations; an Isaeli dance exhibition; an active choral group and a choir for Friday evening services ; and a concert in Jewish music. Other activities included: discussion groups, lectures, recorded concerts in Jewish music, lox and bagel brunches and social activities. A survey is now being taken to determine probabilities of establishing a Hillel house on campus. Results may be published soon and should speak well for Hillel ' s future years. 244 Back row. left to right: Jerry Ludovich, Ed Kahn, Norman Schlager, Diane Rosen. shine, Sybil Zeligson, Marty Robbins, Juanita Mendel, Roenna Cohen. Front row: Phil Sun- t ..J ockeu i lub f OFFICERS President Bill Robichaud Vice President Bill Hakes Business Manager Gerald Blaufarb Coach Hans Landay Although hockey is not a varsity sport at the University of Colorado, nor is it sponsored by the school, there were several eager icemen that will- fully donated their time and energy to the game in hopes of creating enough enthusiasm among the students to advance the cause for hockey and possi- bly to promote a University of Colorado hockey team in the future. Hockey is recognized as the fastest moving game among the sports, and the spectators that were fortunate enough to see the games in this past season saw many spills and thrills. This season ' s hockey club scheduled games with the University of Denver, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, and Wyoming Uni- versity. Back row, lelt to right: Whitney Hite, Morey Furgeson, Wayne Muth, Dave Fosler, Doug Jardine, Jerry Beaufarb. Dave Hoffman. Front row: Ward Anderson, Wally Brown, Bob Link, Bill Hakes. Bill Robi- chaud. Hans Landay. 24S J ome C c OFFICERS President Dorothy Kern Vice President Manette Rueb Secretary Elaine Sterling Treasurer Ellen Hall Historian Doris Kinsinger Reporter Esther Eicher Senior Class Representative Harriet Gauss Junior Class Representative Marian Barr Sophomore Class Representative Marilyn Etnyre Freshman Class Representative Ann Ash Faculty Sponsor Hazel Fehlmarm The Home Economics Club at the University of Colorado was formed to include all home economics majors in order to promote interest in home economics as a profession and to foster interest in both the state and national college club organizations. The program of the club this year has included a picnic to honor fresh- man students and the faculty in the Home Economics Department, work- shops were conducted at the regular meetings to develop interest and knowl- edge in the subjects related to Home Economics, and, as its service project, the organization donated forty pounds of clothing and gifts which were sent to children overseas at Christmas time. The club sent delegates to both the regional College Clubs Convention and to the National American Home Economics association convention. A banquet honoring the seniors graduating in home economics con- cluded the program for the year. 246 Back row, left to right: Jan Koopman, Betty Davis, Marjory Barnum. Mary Alice Barnum. Second row: Loris Dantice. Margaret Staats. Norma Coffin, Jo Ann Ellis, Shirley-Mae Lee. Front row: Elaine Sterling, Renec Hansen, Manette Rueb, Dorothy Kern, Marian Barr, Harriet Gauss. J ul kJ J4 i • • awau OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Joseph D. Park President Sadaichi Kubota Vice President Warren Mow Secretary Lillian Jimbo Corresponding Secretary Gordon Mason Treasurer Walter Y. Hiranaka Publicity and Historian Sally Furukawa Welfare Alma Chong Hui O ' Hawaii was first organized on the University campus in the fall of 1949. Hui O ' Hawaii, open to all students and former residents from Hawaii, is an organization to bring service to its members and to promote a better understanding of Hawaii — its customs and traditions — to the students of the University of Colorado. During the year its members have an opportunity to listen to news from the newly arrived visitors or students from Hawaii. There are various other activities carried on by its members to remind them of Hawaii, or to learn of new things such as ice skating and skiing with which the Hawaiians are not very familiar. The outstanding function of the year is the annual Hawaiian " Luas " (Hawaiian Feast) at which time the club attempts to give the students of the University and of the surrounding area an idea of the manner in which the Hawaiians celebrate special holidays and special events. Back row, left to right: Barbara McGillivray, Lucille Y. T. Lee, Yumon Chang, Lawrence Otaeuro, Kiyoshi Ito, Yung Min Moon, Edward Kim. Third row: William Haina, Thomas Okimoto, Herman Wat, Ronald Kusao, Heusy Fureuya, Clarence Fong, Kaponookalani Manley, Trinidad C. Miguel. Second row: Kathy Kobayashi, Mike Y. Kubota, Terry Wulfekahler, Bob Masui, Bill Chun-Hoon, Annie Nakamura, Ethel Nishioka. Loretta Womg. Front row: Sally Furukawa, Warren Mow, Lillian Jinbo, Joseph D. Park, Advisor, Sadaichi Kubota, Walter Hiranaka, Alma Chong. 247 institute Of tke . .Areronauucal Sciences OFFICERS Chairman Myron H. Miller Vice Chairman Robert N. Howe Secretary Joan Bartheld Treasurer Robert E. Bremer The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences of the University of Colorado is a student branch of the national IAS professional society. The student branch is an organization of sophomore, junior and senior students in the aeronautical engineering department, while the national organization has membership in all fields of aeronautics and aeronautical industries. The purposes of the IAS are the advancement of knowledge of the theory and practice of the aeronautical sciences, the provision to the students of the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the aeronautical industries, and the encouragement of professional con- sciousness and fellowship. These objectives are achieved by presenting lectures from men engaged in aeronautical work, and by showing films secured from various aeronau- tical companies and organizations. The highlights of the year ' s activities were a banquet held during the winter quarter and the annual spring picnic. 248 Back row, left to right: Gene Deering, Charles Heckart, William Burns, William Todd. Third row: Robert Wagner, George Ricord, Burtis Benson, Ray Bender, Jane Judge, Robert Bremer, Arthur McFarland. Second row: John Burleson, Lester Guinn, Dwight Haskell, Leao deOliveira, Frank Herr, Joan Bartheld. Front row: K. D. Wood, Forrest Brown, Warren Barrett, Robert Doubek, Lorren Harper, Robert Howe, Myron Miller. ndepenclen t tudentd SSocla lion OFFICERS President Joe Malesovich Vice President Keve Bray Secretary Marilyn Reynolds Treasurer John Kissack Sponsor Clyde O. Martz For the year 1950-51, the Independent Students ' Association was active in sponsoring a varied and all-inclusive program for the Independent stu- dent. The regular social program included dance instruction for one hour every Monday evening in Memorial ballroom; Dance Time, a stag or drag affair, during the hour following the instruction; quarterly sport dances; and the all-school mixer held on the first day of each quarter. In addition, ISA held a quarterly formal. ISA continued to sponsor Independent teams in the intramural sports program, and every Sunday afternoon ISA spon- sored mixed swimming in the Women ' s gym for holders of ISA activity cards. For the first time, ISA sponsored its book exchange whereby students could register the used textbooks that they wished to sell. Last fall, ISA presented its Third Annual Club First Nighter, a full week-end celebration occupying the entire Memorial building. With two bands, gaming rooms, floor shows, the selection of the Freshman Queen, and other features, this Independent presentation has become a well estab- lished University tradition. Back row. left to right: Nancy Lee Tesch, Joe Malesovich, Bob Lawson. Second rov : Robert Lamar, Doris Bankson, Marilyn Reynolds, Dave Charvonia, Stan Ulrich, Shirley Mae Lee. Front row: Nancy Lee Hardin, Mary Reigle, Betty Mountford, John Masterson, John Kissack, Joe Doubek, Toni Fowler. 249 I n terna tlona I rselationd L lub OFFICERS President Alice Bristow Vice President Ralph Visbal Treasurer Elaine Stark The International Relations Club exists on the C. U. campus, holding weekly meetings, for the purpose of providing students, faculty, and towns- people a stimulus to a better understanding of world affairs. Short business meetings are followed generally by three types of programs; lectures, fol- lowed by a discussion period, panel discussions, and debates. The com- ponents of these programs vary: we have had C.U. students. C.U. foreign students, C.U. faculty members, and visiting lecturers as contributors of facts and opinions on international affairs. Following each meeting, we have a coffee hour when all have an opportunity to partake in informal dis- cussions. 250 Back row, left to right: Gail Hunter, Valeric Smith. Emerson Player, Ahmad Kianpour, Walter W. Roberts, Connie Montfort, Arnold Grudin. S. Rein, Ivo Leeerer, P. A. Chersoshia, D. C, Wargin, R. Hood. Second row: Felix Butte, Janet Harmon, Henry Birnbaum, Alice L. Bristow, Tom Shuk, Alice L. Goldstein, Glen E. Smith. Front row: Peter U. Bessol, Bertha A. Chapa, Hari K. Pargal. Mable Mc- Kinney, Roy C. Kepler. AupcLneSe T OFFICERS President Jim Hatakeyama Vice President Yoshiye Yamaga Secretary Grace Yasumura Treasurer Willie Mikuni Sponsor Dr. Earl Swisher The Japanese Kenkyu Club is a group of University of Colorado stu- dents composed mostly of Japanese American members. This club was formed mainly to learn more of Japanese culture and customs, to familiarize its members with the university activities, and to acquaint themselves with other Japanese Americans on the campus. The activities and meetings of the club have been taken up with this exchange of ideas and cultures. The en- thusiasm with which the activities of the Kenkyu Club have been received is proof of the club ' s success on the campus. Sponsor of the club is Dr. Earl Swisher, Associate Professor of History, and the club is advised by Mr. Joseph Sano of the printing department. Back row, left to right: Jim Okazaki, Mae Pukaye, Mits Hidaka, Jerry Deegan. Jun Komuro, Nobe Idai Second row: Sadaichi Kubota, Masahtto Okada, Dorothy Uyenishi, Tsuyoshi Okada, Junko Kako. Annie Nakamura, Kazuko Yamaga. Front row: Dr. Earl Swisher. Grace Yasamura. Yoshiye Yamaga, Edna Matsushima, Jim Hatakeyama, Willie Mikuni, Yasuko Furukawa, Naomi Hasui, Michiko Watanabe. 251 appa J hi OFFICERS President Marian Barr Vice President Roberta Carlson Recording Secretary Connie Allen Corresponding Secretary Shirley Dinwiddle Treasurer Joanne Poole Sponsors Mrs. Bertha Allsabrook, Mrs. O. Reed I IPIK a ■■ ' " ' vjryi Alpha Delta chapter is one of the thirty-two chapters which make up the national organization of Kappa Phi. It is open for membership to all Methodist preference girls on campus and pledges twice a year. The picture was taken at winter pledging and initiation at the Methodist church. Kappa Phi meets twice a month at the Methodist Student Center. Its meetings are program meetings, discussions alternated with workshops. In this friendly atmosphere, girls find it possible to work on campus and local projects as well as participating in social activities, finding many lasting friendships, and making themselves a part of a more extensive, larger Christian organization. 252 Back row, left to right: Joanne Civerolo, Ruth Riechers. Harriet Gauss, Margaret McCarthy, Areta M. Powers, Betty Lindenschmit, Arlieen Moore, Gene Barr and Elaine Osborn. Third row: Sally Furukawa, Sandra Carroll, Jean Reimer. Sally Gaines. Barbara Barkley, Barbara Hoppock, Barbara Ann Bolinger, Diane Kent, lola Sonnenberg, Anniece Aschieris, Mary June Schlatter. Second row: Helen Carroll, Roberta Carlson, Colleen Allen, Mrs. Robert Hood. Mrs. Green Reed, Mrs. Bertha Allsebrook. Marian Barr. Sue J. Dickson. Front row: Sara Fletcher, Joanne Poole. Anita Henrie, Donna Page, Peggy Piper. Norma Coffin, Jayne Poole. cJLeaui id L ii ■f inic OFFICERS Faculty Advisor Laurence DeMuth Faculty Advisor Clyde O. Martz Chairman of Board of Directors .. H. Blackmore McCarty Director of Legal Research Hugh H. Arnold Secretary Treasurer James T. Bayer Vice Chairman Field C. Benton Director of Criminal Cases Ralph M. Clark Director Alferd Z. Craddock Director Robert C. McHugh Director of Clinic Cases George M. Schneider Director of Public Welfare Cases John J. Sullivan The Legal Aid Clinic is operated by advanced law students to provide legal services for needy students and residents of Boulder County, to pre- pare memoranda on legal problems submitted by practicing attorneys throughout the state whose library facilities are limited, and to handle cer- tain criminal and public welfare matters. The Clinic maintains its offices on the third floor of the law building with a staff member and a director on duty each afternoon Monday through Friday. In the past, the Clinic has been very successful in bridging the gap between the theory and the practice of law. Back row, left to right: Clyde Hampton, Gail F. Ouren, Robert L. Wyckoff, Robert W. Bennett. Charles Leierer, A. J. Tomsic. Third row: John M. Law, William D. Eaton. John D. Warren. Frank G. Cooley, Charles D. Pierce, Edward Sullivan. Second row: William H. Nelson, Baxter Arnold, Ralph M. Clark, Milton Rickert. William Barrs, Robert Haworth. Front row: Clyde O. Martz, John J. Sullivan. Alfred Z. Craddock, H. Blackmore McCarty, Field C. Benton, Hugh H. Arnold, Robert C. McTugh, Laurence W. DeMuth. 253 n a " UinlvevAltu V V {en 6 OFFICERS President M. Hawley Smith Vice President Byron Akers Secretary-Treasurer Ray Crowder Librarian Jon Wilcox Publicity Manager Kenneth Pirk Director John R. Mitcheltree Accompanist Richard Beatty Faculty Sponsor Arnold Chairman The University Men ' s Glee Club is an independent choral group open to all men having a love for singing and an interest in the group. At present, the musical interestof its members ranges from contemporary choral music to " ad. lib. and not too fast " barbershop. As no audience is ever too small, and no situation completely out of our grasp, the Glee Club has many varied activities; singing serenades at sorority houses and dormitories, participa- ting in Freshman Week and Homecoming, appearing in all school variety and musical productions, and climaxing the year ' s work with a spring con- cert. The group also sings for civic groups and secondary schools in the local regions. This year, under the direction of John Micheltree, the Glee Club has enriched its repertoire by the addition of contemporary writings and folk songs; favorites with the group are Paul Creston ' s " Here Is Thy Footstool " and the folk sketch " Johnny Stiles " by the young American composer, Gail Kubik. Spiritual, religious and popular music are also found in the reper- toire ; a barbershop quartet was organized to supplement the programs of the group. Highlighting the social life was the reception given by the Glee Club for the De Paur Infantry Chorus following their concert here winter quarter. Back row, left to right: John Kochenburger, Jon Wilcox, Bill Newman, Bill Moss, Don Seelinger. Fifth row: Dale Mctzger, James Blake, Dan Zubcr, Byron Akers, Colin Smith, Don Aikin, Bill Johnson, Jonathan Hays. Fourth row: Richards Manuel, Bernard Peterson, Richard Axcll, Neal Allen, Jack Vale, John Filinger, Dan Zubcr, James Askew, Benton Tindall. Third row: Justin Pierce, Unidentified, Unidentified, Mark Olson, Bert Benson, Dick Denton, Ernest Huddleson, Melvin Mues, Ray Crowder. Second row: Richard Beatty, Robert Rhinehart, Keith Singer, Dave Dean, Richard 254 Kruse, Dick Armstrong, Don Lewis, Robert Throckmorton, Unidentified. Front row: Darrell Mackay, Oliver Finseth, Glenn Nelson, Hawley Smith, John Mitcheltree, Whitney Mickell, Ronald Schnorr, Kenneth Pirk, Richard Tolson. n ewman i lub OFFICERS President Frank Kresavec Vice President Vince Gardner Recording Secretary Marian Brennan Corresponding Secretary Shirley Mae Lee Treasurer George French Sergeant at Arms; Francisco Maldanado Social Committee Marie Bourg, Robert Parga Chaplain Father Charles Forsythe O.S.B. Father Edward Vollmer O.S.B. Sponsors Miss Peggy Tague Miss Mary Shovlin Mr. Ernest Tovanni The Newman Club of the University of Colorado is organized to provide spiritual and educational guidance for students on the campus. Among its activities are communion breakfast, evening rosary, daily mass and study groups. The club also sponsors several social functions throughout the year and participates in projects such as Easter Services, and the construction of the Nativity scene at Christmas. The Club is working on the completion of the chapel which was dedi- cated in the spring of 1950. The chapel is only partly built, but it is hoped that in the near future, it will be finished completely. Back row, left to right: Jack Dailey. Thomas Alexander. Mary Lou Mellecker, Pete Chiafalo, Shirley Origer, James Neeson. Eighth row; M. Albert Pereira, Gerald W. Folk, Tom Carroll, Dick Piserchio, Shirley Pahs, Flo Black, Natalie Boggio, Sue Teberg, Mary Van Vranken, R. James Brennan, William Landry, Charles W. Smith. Seventh row: Wm. M. Sweeney, Frank R. Stermitz, Marie Bourg, Eva Hamerska, Vern Kelly, Arlie Kelly, Jimmie Rice. John Gosar. Wayne Scott. Jackie Middlemist, Jo Mulligan. Sixth row: Edward John Leonard. George Schreifels, Thomas J. O ' Brien, Clement Diessner, Charles J. O ' Brien, Mary Ellen McCue. Elida DeRouen. Gloria Skufca, Joan Domenico, Joe Heumphreus, John Lind, Linus Meiseh, John Klosterman. Fifth row: Rose Fratantaio, Mrs. William Berg, Jr., Wally Cross, Vi Miera, Mary Margaret Kapaun, Shirley Krogmier, Reita Schwartz. Fourth row: Joseph Paollela, Steve Ashford. Bart Antista, L. E. Yarborough, Craig S. Heifelman, George Leahy, E. Elaine lacoponelli, Avola Tringali, Shirly-Mae Lee. Third row: Virginia Brdecka, Sally Joyce, Mary Hammond. Mary Ann Quinn. Patty Dondanvielle, Barbara Gieslcr, Mary Morse. Joan Harnes, Kathleen Springer. Second row: Frank P. Wilson, Marilyn Jean Anderson. Bertha A. Chapa. Berna Brassea, Mary Margaret Moynihan. Edward Pebbles, Charles Bigien. Rovert Hefferen, Clifton F. Garrison, Robert Parga. Front row: Pancho Maldonado. Mary Anne Scheib, Vince Gardener, Joan Trontell, Frank Krasovec, Father Charles Forsythe, Father Edward Vollmer. Roberta McConville, Charlotte Calvin. Mary Shovlin, Peggy Tague, Ernest Tovanni, George French, 255 Kyi ' cn edid OFFICERS President Doralee Allison Secretary-Treasurer Pat Eckert Sponsor Mrs. Charlotte Irey Orchesis is solely for the advancement and enjoyment of modern dance at the University. Throughout the year Orchesis holds meetings each Wednesday evening during which presentations are planned and perfe cted, and the business of the organization is dealt with. Each year, usually during the winter quarter, the group has a dance re- cital for the general public. All choreography of the recital is done by Mrs. Charlotte Irey and members of the organization. The recital this year at- tracted students from Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver university, Colorado college, Colorado Women ' s college, and Wyoming university, as well as a large local audience. 256 Robert Williams, Beverly Batschelet Back row. left to right: Beverly Batschelet. Robert Williams. Suzanne Brady. Front row: Pat Eckert, Doralee Allison. d JfTTO - entaaon L iub OFFICERS President Bill Haase Vice President Paul Villano Secretary Simmons Gough Treasurer Paul Lesser Sponsor Charles G. Vavra The Pentagon, founded on the University campus in November, 1941, is an honorary gymnastic society for all those interested in promoting gymnastics on the campus and the state as a whole. The name Pentagon stands, for the five principles of the organization — strength, endurance, co- ordination, speed, and health. The aims of the organization are : to promote the welfare of the University of Colorado in every possible way ; to stimulate interest in gymnastics on the campus; to discuss various developments and aspects of gymnastics ; to promote good fellowship and social contacts among gymnasts ; and to encourage academic achievement on the part of all gym- nastic men at the University of Colorado. The activities of the Pentagon during the past year include participation in the Freshman Activity Night Show, the Elks Club show in Pueblo, the Lions Club show in Loveland, various high school exhibitions, and the half- time exhibitions at the university. The Pentagon also helps sponsor the annual high school gymnastic meet in Denver. Pentagon walked off with the trophy by scoring twice as many points as the nearest opponent. Back row, left to right: Jim Vavra. Ken Dunstan. Second row: LeRoy Tautz, Paul Lesser, Sam Bright, Dean Pilkington. Front row: Charles Vavra. Paul Viliano, Bill Haase. Simmons Gough, Keith Zeck. 257 EuffPep ad OFFICERS President Bill Haase Vice President Ralph Tobias Secretary Sue Birk Treasurer Laura Mae Berger Membership Dick Axell Publicity Kathy Redmon Rallies Martha Dearborn Card Section Bob Killefer The Buff Pep Club, composed of approximately seven hundred mem- bers, performs the nucleus for school cheers and performs flash card stunts at football games. Beginning this year, the Buff Pep Club functions only during fall quarter. The members sit in a special reserved section on the 50-yard line at the football games and can be identified by the gray and gold hats and white svv eaters or blouses. Membership is open to all students who have been on campus for three quarters. A membership rally is held in the stadium near the end of the spring quarter, at which time all applications for membership are accepted. Some of the most important accomplishments of the Buff Pep Club this year have been obtaining a platform for the head cheerleader at football games, renting a loud speaker system for the cheerleaders, and distributing free auto stickers before rallies, snake dances, and team send-offs. The cheerleaders, who lead the cheers and songs, are selected during spring quarter by a board made up of the president of the Pep Club, the head cheerleader, and the A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Spirit and Morale. The Pep Club Senate is the governing body of the organization. It is composed of the officers and heads of committees. 258 l- nusicd L lub OFFICERS President David M. Chase Vice President Douglas Y. Moy Secretary Morton W. Burt Treasurer Hugh Abbott Joseph S. Zinns Program Chairman Duane A. Ladine Sponsor Professor Frank C. Walz The University of Colorado Student section of the American Institute of Physics was organized in the fall of 1948 as the Physics Club, the affil- iation with the A. I. P. being made in January, 1951. The organization con- sists of physics majors and has as its purpose the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and its application to human welfare. It is the intent of the section to promote a spirit of congeniality among physics students, to acquaint them with the topics of interest through the medium of addresses by competent speakers, and to foster the development of a professional spirit. The organization has presented during the year open meetings designed to appeal to all those of scientific bent. Back row, left to right: Duancc Ladine. Jack Dahnke, William Kellar. Gerald Franz, Kim Shuette. Second row: James Marable, Lloyd Hallcr. Harry Crawford. Charles Schloss. Harry Nance, Donald Hagerman. Front row: Keith CoUipriest, Douglas Moy, Morton Burt, David Chase, Joseph Zinns, Roy Killian, Professor Frank Walz. 259 f ' lauerS L iub OFFICERS President Joe Brady Vice President Pam Parsley Secretary Wilma Todd Players Club, the campus dramatics organization, is at once an honorary and a producing group. Membership is attained through participation in University theater and Laboratory theater plays, on the basis of points awarded by the University Board of Dramatics. Players Club has been offering dramatic entertainment to the University community for over thirty years. A conscious effort is made to achieve variety in program offerings, resulting in high level presentation of the best and most significant of the dramatic works from classic to modern times. There are six major productions on the main stage of the University theater each year ; and there is a Laboratory theater show, cast directed and mounted by students, of a more experimental nature offered each quarter. 260 Back row, left to right: Floyd Barrows. Barbara Steere, Jan Koopman, Rod Elliot. Stafford Thomas. Second row: Harry Lovejoy, Frank Pinnock, Nancy Smith, Bob Bergheim, Ken Periman, Louise Pitchford. front row: Dick Moore, Alan McDonald, Wilma Todd, Joe Brady, Pam Parsley, Logan Forster, Anne Taylor. p Oi DOi6e l Uomen A S i rp ivimntin 9 J . onorari ¥ OFFICERS President Barbara Brickman Vice President Beverly Brooks Secretary Mary Lu Webster Treasurer Anita Stangeland WAA Representative Jeanette Starks Publicity Chairman Gretta Holder Sponsor Miss Gretchen Sammis Porpoise, Women ' s Swimming Honorary, successful in maintaining the reputation gained in its six previous water shows, has spent a good portion of the year preparing its annual Aquacade which is Porpoise ' s main accom- plishment during the school year. Each year the club tries to add to its col- lection of suits, lighting equipment, and other accessories to improve its performances. For the past three years the girls have been guests of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for an entire spring weekend in return for presenting the Aquacade. The Porpoise Mermaids have become widely known for this performance. Porpoise also sponsors and assists in various intramural swimming events on campus. Membership is determined by tryouts held in the fall. Applicants are judged on a basis of their proficiency in performing the basic strokes, ballet techniques of surface dives, back dolphins, and board and standing dives. Throughout the year the girls work to perfect their various swimming techniques. Front row, left to right: Joan Rosendahl, Karen Handwerg, Joan Rizzo, Nita Stangeland. Pat Winkler, Jo Mulligan. Bev Brooks. Kneeling row: Kay Bondus, Lorraine Basich, Peg Farrier, Louise Winter, Jeanne Roncka, Virginia Lindgren, Jandt Munson, Barbara Brickman. On Board: Gretchen Sammis, Ginny Martin, Jo Harriman, Bobbie Boettcher, Jackie Irwin, Ruth Whyte, Cilia Coate, Sherli Phillips. Kneeling on board: Marilyn Hall, Marilyn Burkey, Lorraine Zayac, Jenny Starks, Mary Jo Flynn, Mary Lu Webster, Mickey Mosier, Pat Mooney, Julie Sherman, Carol Hachtmann, Betty Merriam. 261 r oaer l Uilli Lumd T OFFICERS President Lee Reichstein Vice President Betty Leslie Treasurer Paul Edscorn Secretary Sara Keith Devotional Life Chairman John Buswell Evangelism Chairman Fred Maxted Stewardship Chairman Sue Meyer Fellovrship Chairmen Marilyn Stevens and Virginia Lowe Music Director Janis demons By-ways Editor Carol Stevens Gospel Team Chairman Pete Johnson R.W.A. Representative Richard Scott Publicity Elly Hewitt Advisors: Faculty Advisor Miss Janet Allen University Pastor Rev. Malcolm E. Haughey Christian fellowship and spiritual growth are one of the purposes of Roger Williams Fellowship, Baptist Student Group on the University of Colorado campus. With plans under way for a Student Center near the cam- pus to supplement the facilities of the First Baptist Church, the Fellowship carries on an active program through the University classes, choir, R.W.F. Players, gospel teams, social activities, retreats, and its four active com- missions: fellowship, devotional life, stewardship, and evangelism. Roger Williams also gives active support to the activities of Religious Workers ' Association, the Colorado B. Y. F., the Colorado-Wyoming Baptist Student Fellowship, the American Baptist Convention, and World Student Christian Federation. 262 Back row, Mt to right: Richard Scott, Ben Brown, John Lee, Marilyn Stevens, Roger Garnett, Clif Clouse. Fourth row: Arlie Barringer, Nola Fayc Briggs, Fred Maxted, Charles Eppinger, Carol Stevens, Leroy Paquette. Third row: John Buswell, Robert E. Blixt. Louise Settle. Anabeth Wood- ward, Virginia Lowe, Rusty Jones, Orrel Daniel. Loren L. Anderson. Second row: Martha Opdycke, Mary Sumikawa. Sue Meyer. Louise Bishop. Helen E. Butler, Margaret Ann Carmichael. Edwin L. Chuck. Front row: Janis Clemons, Elly Hewitt. Paul Edscorn, Rev. Malcom Haughey, Lee Reichstein. Betty Leslie, Sara Keith. l5ufP ki i lub ' 7 OFFICERS President John Houston Vice President Robert Frost Secretary M ' Laide Fahey Treasurer Jim Plant Historian Mary Milander The Buff Ski Club was organized in 1938 with a membership of 20. Now this largest of Colorado ski clubs boasts a membership of over 900. The club sponsors many interesting activities during the year. A Used Ski Equipment Sale was held for the first time this year and it is hoped that it will become an annual event. The club also cooperatively sponsored the famous Dick Durrance movie Ski Champs. Besides these important events, this active organization sponsors races at various Colorado ski areas, holds steak fries and song fests, and there is a banquet in the spring at which time the newly elected officers are introduced. The Buff Ski Club holds meetings every Tuesday night. Usually the best in ski movies are shown at the meeting, or the skiers get together to dance, sing, put on skits, or listen to prominent speakers who inform the members of skiing techniques, ski equipment, or the trails of various ski areas. For the small membership fee of $3 a year the skiers are entitled to free ski instruction a means of transportation to the slopes, help in buying equip- ment, lodging and meals at one of the club ' s two cabins, and especially an opportunity to meet other skiers and join in the fun. The club is proud of its two cabins, one located at Georgetown, Colo- rado, equipped with all the modern conveniences, and lodging forty com- fortably, and the other located at Winter Park, Colorado, within walking distance of the slopes, and lodging 35. Back row, left to right: Dale Harrison. Don Sampson, Erik Rocks. Bill Thoman, Shad Hutchins, Harry Thomas. Second row: Bob Frost, MMaide 263 Fahey, John Houston. Mary Melander. Jim Plant, Cliff Snivcly. Front row: Nancy Maloney, Mickey Tonkle, Cliff Garrison, Jan Shearer. Allen Apple Brown CofBn Cook Dickson Furman Gassar Hansen Hanson Harding Henderson Henrie Hinzelman Holiman Howe Hoyt Hubert Hunter Tosselyn Kildow Krasovich Lewis, M. Lewis, V. Lowe Lauter Marks Martin McKay Melville Millard Moreau Morrow Nakamura Onorati Pabst Poole Potochnik Samuel Sardini Schilling; Shearer Siesal Stein Taguchi Upton Whyte Wormwood Wezelman 264 Louise Apple Bev Brooks Mary Brown Betha Burk Norma Coffin Monta Cook Sue Dickson Joan Domenico Pat Dunshee Esther Eicher Chariot Furman Pat Gasser Elizabeth Hansen Helen Hanson Janette Harding RESIDENT MEMBERS Carolyn Henderson Anita Henrie Helga Hinzelman Bev Holiman Carolyn Howe Margaret Hoyt Helen Hubert Carol Hu nter Virginia Josselyn Betty Kildow Dorothy Krasovich Eva Lauter Mary Kay Lewis Virginia Lewis Virginia Lowe Beverly MacSpadden Joan Marks jo-an Martin Marilyn McKay Ann Melville Jan Millard Ruth Moreau Mary Morrow Annie Nakamura Lucille Onorati Jean Pabst JoAnn Poole Molly Potochnik Jean Reimer Manette Rueb Emma Lou Samuel Florence Sardini Trudy Schilling Marjorie Seiters Jan Shearer Alice Siegel Janet Stein Taki Taguchi Mary Upton Judy Wezelman Ruth Whyte D. A. Wormwood u Wo iti nii erdUu 6 L lub oinen A l H|| H OFFICERS ™ President Molly Potochnik Vice President Helen Hanson . ' « (KWW Jim I Secretary Eve Lauter - I „ m J Treasurer Anita Henrie JF Wi Purchasing Agent Jean Reimer ■ ' Historian Beverly Holiman Social Chairman Jo-an Martin Membership Manette Rueb Publicity Jan Shearer Housing Taki Taguchi Social Hour Beverly MacSpadden Program Dorothy Kern Sponsors Mrs. Howard Heuston, Mrs. John Schooland Faculty Sponsors Mrs. Clifford Westermeier, Miss Mary-Ethel Ball The University Women ' s Club is a social and cultural organization for both Greek and Independent women. Its purpose is to promote friendliness and democracy on the campus. The picturesque club house, situated by Varsity Lake, is the center of the activities provided for its members. The Women ' s Club participates in many all-school events such as Home- coming, AWS Revue, and CU Days. The Club received a share of the honors in the last year when it was awarded trophies for both Songfest and for the Homecoming float, " CU Crusades Ahead, " this fall. Each quarter an opening tea is sponsored for all women on campus, " Coffee Time " every Wednesday, a quarterly Play Night for both men and women, and many interesting meetings, including a night honoring foreign students. The elaborate formal presented each quarter is the high point for its members. The " Gold and Emerald Ball, " featured this fall, was outstanding with many original decorations. At the same time, the club members have found time to maintain one of the highest scholastic averages on campus. The entire club, including the non-resident members, as well as the 57 residents, is governed by the club council, consisting of 13 girls, the presi- dent of the Sponsors Club, and a faculty adviser. 265 Uihina i iul? 9 OFFICERS President Jim Moore Vice President Tom Young Treasurer Bud Westermami Secretaries John Sheppard and Marv Lofgren Viking Club was organized in 1934 in the interest of promoting fellow- ship between young college men of all races, creeds, and colors, who choose to remain independent. Its members are chosen on the basis of their ambi- tion, scholarship, and integrity. During the past year the club has actively participated in all campus ac- tivities — intramurals, social and cultural affairs — and at the same time en- couraged leadership and scholarship among its members. The Spring Formal is the social highlight of the year with the pledges putting on their skit and the outstanding senior being awarded the Viking Recognition Key. Ray Johnson, assistant manager of the University Bookstore, is the sponsor of Viking Club, and as such is one of the Club ' s greatest assets both as an advisor and leader. A former Viking himself, Ray knows and under- stands the problems of the club and always is willing to lend a helping hand. 266 Back row, left to right: Scott Smith, Kent Schneider. Joe Malesovich, Dave Charvonia, John Kissack, and Dave Youberg. Fourth row: Ron Apodaca. Ralph Ashton, Paige Carlin, John Sherman, Bob Campbell, Art Taylor, Tony Thomas. Third row: Bob Lawson, Beb Gershenow, Elvie Apodaca, John Garvin. Elmer Parson, Don Olson, Dave Fisher, and Bill Cook. Second row: Norman Peterson, Stan Ulrich, Wesley Young, Noble Ida, Don Higgins, Mike Kubota, and Bob Johnson. Front row: Dave Glaser, Tom Young, Marvin Lofgren, Bud Westermann, Jim Moore, John Sheppard, Bob Cormany and Don Van Gundy. Not pictured: Gerald Aim, Roger Allen, Dick Low, Bill Motoyama, and Bob Peterson. W oaJ OFFICERS President Mary Lou Aufderheide Vice President Joanne Easley Secretary Kathy Redmon Treasurer Audrey Rods Recording Secretary Shirley Hornbeck Head of Intramurals Pat Dudley Sponsor Betty Slaughter The Women ' s Athletic Association, composed of a general membership of over three hundred girls, is governed by an executive board of twenty- one members. The members of the board include the executive officers, a faculty sponsor, and a girl representing each sport offered throughout the year in the women ' s intramural program. These girls are responsible for drawing up the brackets and running the tournaments of their respective sports. Also serving on the board are representatives from the various sports organizations, such as Orchesis, Porpoise, and Hockey Club. Besides con- ducting the women ' s intramural program the executive board plans the gen- eral meetings for the membership at large. The year ' s events of the Women ' s Athletic Association ends with the spring breakfast at which time the new members are initiated into WAA; awards are given to the girls who have actively participated in intramurals for their second and third year, a travel- ing plaque is given to the group that had received the most points through- out the year, and an award is given to the outstanding senior woman. Mem- bers of the executive board are elected each spring by the general WAA membership. This Association is a member of the Athletic Federation of College Women and throughout the year the members of the board are responsible for many inter-school women ' s athletic events. Back row, left to right: Debbie Green, Jenny Starks. Jan Shearer, Jean Welsh. Third row: Elyse Deffke, Barbara Lane, Harriet Haake. Billic Nelson, Jan Koopman. Second row: Carol Untiedt, Frances Mehas, Yvonne Burkett, Judy Kendall, Doralee Allison, Pat Hayden. Front row: Jo Easley, 26 7 Kathy Redmon, Betty Slaughter, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Audrey Roos, Pat Dudley, Shirley Hornbeck, I I Wed 5 oun ion OFFICERS President Ronald Zimmerman Vice President Gene Humburg Secretary Shirley Dinwiddle Treasurer Phyllis King Publicity Chairman Nora Leavitt Worship Joanne Poole Recreation Nancy Hardin Alan Love Choir Director Ray Adams Deputations Theodore Whitmoyer House Manager Curtis Baker Eat-a-bite Alice Durward Skyline Editor Sumner Hixon Kappa Phi Representative Marion Barr R.W.A. Representative Page Carlin Wesley Foundation presents religion on the level and in the language of the university student. All students are invited to enter into the program of the Foundation and reap the rich harvest of fellowship. The members of Wesley Foundation have as their fundamental aim the achievement of the Christian way of life, an achievement they believe possible for all interested, sincere students. Some of the activities for the year include the fall Colorado-Wyoming Conference retreat at Pinecrest; Boulder ' s own retreat during winter quarter; recreation each Friday including hikes, square dancing, and social hours; Wesley Class on Sunday mornings; Vespers and workshops each Sunday evening after the Eat-a-Bite dinner; a nd an excellent choir under the direction of Mr. Ray Adams, and Mr. Wm. Simon. 268 Back row, left to right: Edward Griffen, John Wesley Shaver, Laurence Herold, Edwin Austin, Harold Pyle, Glenn Russell. Fifth row: Sumner Hixon, Leonard McCain, Bob Musil, Ruth Riechers, Areta Powers, Gene Barr, Ronald Brown. Fourth row: Sara Fletcher, Trudy Schilling, Martha Ann Hardin, Katy Drexel, Lucille Martee, Joyce Snavley, Beatrice Bacon, John Herath. Third row: Barbara Barkley, Sandra Carroll, Ardith Friedow, Norma Coffin, Mary Reigle, Alma Colyar, Helen Carroll. Second row: Sally Gaines, Arthur Burns, Paige Carlin, Jerry Norton, Marian Barr, Curt Baker, Theodore Whitmoyer, Alan Love. Front row: Phyllis King, Shirley Dinwiddie, Mrs. Hood, Mr. Hood, Ronald Zimmerman, Nancy Lee Hardin, Joanne Poole, Gene Humburg. l i edimindiei OFFICERS President Jack Sheppard Vice President Bob O ' Dell Secretary Mary Brown Treasurer Jim Hunter Student Pastor Rev. G. G. Goldthwaite Through the Westminster Fellowship university students, especially Presbyterian students, are encouraged to round out their life spiritually here at the university by providing Christian association, fellowship, and an op- portunity for Christian service. The group activities are varied so that persons of various interests and talents have a place in the group. The mem- bers work to further Christian principles and acquire a better understanding of the Christian faith through worship, prayer and discussion groups, Chris- tian service opportunities. Christian fellowship and recreation, and through the conscientious help of the student pastor. Rev. Goldthwaite. A friendly home atmosphere is always present at the Westminster House in which the weekly open house meetings are held. Intramural sports, parties, and picnics round out the lighter side of the Westminster program. Christian service opportunities presented themselves in the form of choir concerts, leadership in discussion groups, and social welfare work at the Fort Logan hospital. Members are continually striving to promote the Christian ideals and to become more spiritually broadened by acquiring faith. Back row, left to right: Rev. G. G. Goldthwaite. Mary Brown, Wallace Van Deren, Eugene TeSelle, Ken Frost, Charles Sorenson, Arden Belisle, Gordon Robertson. Richard Easton. Don Garnett. Bob Buschman, Bob McKenzie. Third row: Jack Ryman, Shirley Wensiker, Elinor Sorenson. Coder W. Wattenbarger. Ann Melville. Joseph McKinley, John Luby, James Hunter. Jr., Richard Collins. John Filinger. Forrest H. Brown. John R. Sheppard. Second row: Marilyn McKay, Elizabeth Hansen, Alice Moore, Lee Lundeen, Maurine O ' Dell, Joan Philipsen, Pauline Cooper, Harriett Johnson. Reta O ' Neal. Marjorie Lackard, Margret Bingham, Wanda Horn, Pat Benway. ' Front row: Doris Raber, Frances Sanshez, Michiko Watanabc. Bonnie Jorgensen. Mary Jane Siems, Carolyn Campbell, Monta Cook, Joan K. Martin, Shirley Spence. 269 y.w.c . OFFICERS President Carolyn Howe Vice President Joan Jefferson Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Chapman Publicity Babbie Carpenter Regional Representative Barbara Steere Social Jean Weingartner Carolyn Howe, President 270 Second largest women ' s organization on campus is the YWCA. Member- ship, composed of the adult associate members and student workers, num- bers 392. Adult advisors assist student chairmen of the " Y ' s " twelve groups, and help formulate the policies and financial commitments for the organization. Groups are divided into four committees, which serve the " Y " as a whole, three discussion groups and eight community service groups. Student membership is governed by the council — the elected officers — and the cabinet — the appointed officers and leaders of the various groups. The influence of YWCA seen all over campus and in Boulder is spread by the various groups and committees and their leaders. Jean Clow and Donna Ives head the big and little sister group which has parties, games and fun with grade-school " little sisters. " Campfire group headed by Jackie Courtney assists with Boulder campfire groups. Hospital group serves the Boulder hospitals, makes tray-favors, and sponsors a patients ' library, under the direction of Joan Arnold and Jo Ann Joan Jefferson, Vice President Nancy Chapman, Secry-Treas. Babbie Carpenter, Publicity Barbara Steere Jean Weingartner, Social Marsha Mast UW.CA Winans. Sally Wells directs the radio group, which produces weekly radio programs for Boulder children. Jennie Starks is in charge of the recreation group which directs recreation at grade-school playgrounds. Toy loan group is headed by Sue Birk and this group sponsors a lending library of toys for grade-school youngsters. This year the philosophy and personal relations groups have been combined into the Y-talk group, headed by Elaine Turnquist and Barbara Trilk. Vesper group, under the direction of Marsha Mast, promotes Christian ideals on the campus and directs various " Y " services. Vetsville nursery group is headed by Georgia Mecherle and it assists with daily supervision of children at Vetsville nursery. Foreign students group provides orientation for campus foreign students and is under the direction of Carla Wiebenson and Jo Eckhout. Under Barbara Hapock ' s supervision, the music appreciation group has weekly discussions and listens to popular and classical music. Pat Hatcher, head of Y-teens, directs eight Boulder high school groups. Through these various groups the YWCA has become a dynamic force. BacA row. left to right: Donna Ives. Jennie Starks, Georgia Mecherle, Jo Eckhout, Barbara Triclt, Sally Wells, Emma Lou Samuels. Second row: Jackie Courtney, Sue Birk, Pat Hatcher, Elaine Turnquist, Jean Clow, Carla Weibcnson, Joan Winans, Joan Arnold. Front row: Barbara Hoppock, Jean Weingartner, Carolyn Howe, Jane Miller, Barbara Steere, Joan Jefferson, Babbie Carpenter, Nancy Chapman. 271 Pfvart Women 6 f ' ' ltudlcul p C clucauon iP alofJ L lui? = m OFFICERS ssr-N President Helen Hanson Vice President Barbara Banks Secretary Dee Chandos Treasurer JoAnn Butt Publicity Chairman Ann Russell Song Leader Bev Brooks Freshman Representative Nita Stangeland Sophomore Representative Marilyn Broaddus Junior Representative Jo Gilbert Senior Representative Helen Connor Sponsor Miss Betty Staples The purposes of the Women ' s Physical Education Majors club, a student professional organization, are to promote good fellowship among physical education majors, to further the highest interests and ideals of the profes- sion, and to bring all people of the department into closer contact with one another. In addition to the business meetings held each month, h igh-lighted ac- tivities include challenge games between faculty and majors in hockey, volleyball, and softball, lectures and discussions of related professional fields, and the winter quarter house party at Evergreen, Colorado, where all enjoyed skiing and skating. New activities introduced this year included a Newsletter sent to every graduate of the department, and the Homecoming Alum Breakfast. The year ' s activities were climaxed by the Farewell Ban- quet for the senior physical education majors. Back row, left to right: Jean Bassett, Shirley Hornbeck. Nina Frazicr, Marcia Tozer, Helen Connor. Helen Hanson, Ruth Whyte, Ann Russell. Fourth row: Ann Brough, Elyse Deffke. Jean Welsh. Jayne Ponle, Miss Betty Staples (sponsor), Normajune Lintner, Pat Eckert. Bev Batschelet. Third row: Dee Chandos. Sally HinchlifFe. Marjorie Woelbing, Shirley Adams, Jo Mattcson, Joan Rizzo. Marilyn Broaddus. Peggy King, lola Sonnenberg. Second row: Jo Mulligan, Jo Needham, Edith Brownell, Florence Black, Dee McQuilken, Sue Straus, Emma Lou Samuel. Jo Gilbert, 272 Barbara Banks. Front row: Elsie Carter. Phylis Stageburg. Jean Roncka. Beth Young. Orva Muth. Peg Bader. Bev Brooks. Jo Harriman, Nita Stangland. c am ipu6 L kedi Back row. left to right: Martin Robbins. Ralph Abelt, Jerry Milner, Fred Silverberg. Front row: Marty Bael. Bart Ludeman, Kathy Redmon. Babe Packard, Gene Goley, Brad Pretti. Not pictured: Bebe Ehrat, Foster Garn. Ray MacDonald. Campus Chest is an agency which combines all drives for funds into one large drive. The money is collected and distributed to charity groups requesting funds. The amount of money to be distributed is determined by the Campus Chest Board, which includes five faculty members, and five student members. The student member- ship on the board is made up of the chairman of the Campus Chest committee, two committee members, and two members of A.S.U.C. The chest drive is carried on by volunteer workers, organized into divisions and subdivided into teams. A rally is staged the first night of the drive for all workers, and the drive lasts for the next two days, with workers reporting each night. The chest drive this year was held October 31-November 2. Over $3,700 was collected. The money collected will be distributed among foreign charity funds, domestic services, and a contingency fund. COMMITTEES Chairman Fred Silverberg Solicitations Gene Goley Special Events .. Foster Gam and Bebe Ehrat Commissary Ray McDonald Research and Screening Jerry Milner Rally Brad Pretti Publicity, Bard Ludeman and Martin Robbins Business Ralph Abelt and Marty Bael Rally and Filing Secretary Kathy Redmon General Secretary Babe Packard Sponsors Mr. Ware, John Hamilton, Dean Carlson OFFICERS President Hisae Inouye Vice President Marjorie Jones Secretary-Treasurer Katherine Sells Corresponding Secretary Helga Hinzelman Membership Chairman .... Kathleen Springer Jr. A. Ph. A. Representative Dorothy Holderness Sponsor Mary McDaniels r x l iub The RX Club is a pharmaceutical group consisting of the women students who are in good standing in the College of Pharmacy. The organization promotes friendly relationships among the women pharmacy students and gives them a chance to learn about their profession. Their activities include tours through various hospitals and professional phar- macies, and wholesale drug companies. The club holds social functions as well as activities which further a knowledge of their profession. Each year, lab parties are held, at which refreshments are prepared with pharmacy lab equipment and are served on various utensils such as beakers and casseroles. 273 Back TOW, left to right: Mctta Kossler, Nancy Jammer, Beth Anderson, sponsor, Jan Shearer, Clareen Gaasch, Jackie Dunlap. Second row: Barbara Schlutius, Mary Ellen McCue. Paula Langer, Barbara Summers. Coz Yamaga, June Onorati, Pat Wilson, Front row: Dorothy Holderness, Yoshi Yamaga, Marjorie Jones, Kathryn Sells, Helga Hinzelman, Kathleen Springer, Hisae Inouye. J panidn i tub OFFICERS President Monwell Walton Vice President Ralph Gladstone Secretary Annette Markham Treasurer Carl Duncan Historian James Boratgis Sponsor Miss Dolores Brown Back row, left to right: Narcy Hamilton, James Flor. Delores Brown. Second row: Emerson Player. Reita Schwartz, Sylvia Manville, Betty Ismert, Allan Taylor. Front row: William Strange, Annette Markham. Monwell Walton, Carl M. Duncan, Mable McKinney, Elizabeth Hulley. The Spanish Club was one of the first clubs organized on the university campus. Its purpose is to further the understanding of the Spanish language and the customs of the Spanish speaking countries. No English is spoken except at the first meeting of the year, giving the members an opportunity to practice Spanish conversation outside of the classroom. Each year the Spanish Club presents a play in Spanish, sponsored by the Modern Language Department. This year ' s presentation of Mama by Gregario Martinez Sierra was a great success. Social hours with other language clubs are being planned for the future. The quarterly Fiesta gives the general public and interested students an opportunity to participate in a typical Spanish celebration, to see the popular dances performed by students, and to learn the dances and songs of Spain and Latin America. With these plans and activities, the Spanish Club succeeds in giving its members a better under- standing of the people whose language they are learning to speak. Valkyrie, Independent Women ' s Honorary, has been on this campus since 1934. Its members must be at least first quarter sophomores and have an average of 1.5. The organization has come to serve many purposes. As a subsidiary to the Independent Students ' Association it promotes unity and furtherance of the Independent student ' s welfare. Valkyrie acts as a service as well as a social organization. Some of the activ- ities of the year were serving at all university plays, mixed volleyball intramurals, ushering at the All Women ' s Show during the winter quarter. Each girl who belongs to Valkyrie is an outstanding leader in her own right. This women ' s group encourages the scholarship and fellowship which leads to the perfect college life. 274 Back row, left to tight: Wanda Ailinger. Marilyn Nelson. Charlotte Berg, Donna Mosbaugh, Sue Hummel. Front row: Joan Domenico, Betty Conrad, Doris Kinsinger, Dorothy Kern, Virginia Street, Junko Kako, Estella Thomas. OFFICERS President Doris Kinsinger Vice President Virginia Street Secretary Joy Martin Treasurer Dorothy Kern Social Chairman Wanda Ailinger . S. A. Representative Junko Kako Ualh ne J4, onoraneS The honorary as a means of indicating excellence in a particular field has grown side by side with the university. The first edition of the Coloradan in 1900 paid tribute to the honoraries of that day just as this section is intended to do for our time. Many of the honoraries of that day are still to be found as active organizations on this campus, but then they were usually of a broad, departmental type. Today we have honoraries to recognize excellence in every field, whether it be in a broad field or in the most specific studies. As the university has enlarged, the more specific type of honorary has found a very important role to play in the intellectual life of the student. It has served to bring together those people who have chosen to follow similar scholastic endeavors or " majors. " Through the channels of these organizations students have found it possible to meet people of similar inclinations at the various coffee hours and socials; they have been able to attract noted out-of-town lecturers who would be unavailable to the individual student; and they hove been able to carry out and encourage private study and research in their fields. Colorado University still has its Phi Beta Kappas and its Tau Betas — signifying the epitome in the university scholastic attainment in their respective fields. The honor and pride that stems from election to such an organization is a memorable event in the life of any undergraduate. 275 Ipka L kl l T f ma OFFICERS Master Alchemist James Vavra Vice-Master Alchemist Lester L. Krohn Treasurer Wilber Wright Recorder Hector DeLuca Reporter Robert Parker Master of Ceremonies William Turnley Alumni Secretary Robert Witters Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, national professional chemistry frater- nity, was chartered at the University of Colorado in 1908, and consists of two branches, a collegiate and professional branch. The purpose of the frater- nity is to bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship and to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and a profession. Annually Eta Chapter sponsors a smoker for the express purpose of get- ting together all men interested in chemistry as a profession. The event has been highly successful and affords the faculty and students an opportunity to become better acquainted. The fraternity presents a professional as well as a social program. At its biweekly meeting, speakers and movies are pre- sented on subjects of interest to both chemists and chemical engineers. 276 Back row. left to right: Harry Hisot, Edward Thomas, Dale Maxwell, John Bergman. James Rowan, Duke Orr, and R. G. Rekers. Second row: Ray Pink, Art Ravicz, Jim MuUins. Russ Richman, and George Walpert. Front row: Don Tabler, Bob Witters, James Vavra, Lester Krohn, Bill Turnley, and Will Wright. OFFICERS President (Winter and Spring Quarters) .... Herb Kemlet President (Fall Quarter) Jim Crawford Vice President Leonard Crowe Secretary-Treasurer Cliff HoUingsworth Correspondent Jack Fought ADS Advisor Chris Burns Organized at Colorado University in 1947, the Lowell Thomas chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, national professional advertising fraternity, spent its most successful year of a yet infant history on campus. Besides attending regular meetings and enjoyable banquets, the ADS men acquire actual ad- vertising experience. The chapter members spent time in helping Boulder merchants with their advertising problems and actually doing the completed work on many ads that were printed. A highlight of the fall quarter was a joint initiation banquet with the Denver University chapter. The affair, held at the Denver Press Club, fostered good will between the two chapters and made way for other joint functions later in the year. Alpha Delta Sigma initiated several prominent advertising people into the chapter as professional members of ADS. They are: Herb Hollister, owner of KBOL; Paul Felix, advertising manager of the Denver Dry Goods; Charles Gordon, sales manager of General Outdoor Advertising ; Clair Hen- derson, manager of the Rippey Agency; Russ Schaffer, KBOL manager; and Mark Schrieber, advertising agency owner. Back TOW, left to right: Martin Robbins, Jack Fought, Jack Bozarth, and Harry Stanwood. Second row: Bill King. Mitchell Streicker, Norman Pagin, and Joe Lacy. Front row: Ted Shestak, Glen Schwartz, Leonard Crowe, Herb Kamlet, Cliff HoUingsworth, an d Chris Burns. 277 la OFFICERS Boulder Campus: President Dorothy Krasovich Vice President Ruth Nygaard Secretary Ruth Nagel Treasurer Mary Jane Stein Editor Sally Schroeder Sponsor Mrs. Marjorie Ross Denver Campus: President Jo Brandner Vice President Dorothy McClellan Secretary Betty Hoepner Treasurer Martha Leu Editor Margaret Kupulik Sponsor Miss Rose Hackman 278 In its second year on the University of Colorado campus. Alpha Delta Theta, national Professional medical technology sorority, has become a functioning organization. Mu chapter boasts a membership of 30 under- graduate women; 17 girls are on the Boulder campus and 13 are taking their last year at the medical school in Denver. The main purpose of the organization is to further interest in medical technology and to maintain the high standards of the profession. Meetings are held every two weeks, and joint meetings of the Denver and Boulder groups are held at least once a quarter. Among the highlights of this year ' s activities were a very successful magazine subscription drive to raise funds and a trip through the labs at Colorado General Hospital in Denver. Several speakers of interest to the group also made up part of the year ' s agenda. The scholarship pin, which is awarded to the girl attaining the highest scholastic achievement, was presented to Virginia Van Scoy this year. Back row, left to right: Eleanor Doty, Bcbc Ehrat, Virginia Van Scoy, Betty Speier. Second row: Irma Shapiro, Judy Graham, Jean Rosendahl, Janet Young, Ruth Nygaard. Front row: Grace Wahl, Anne Falk, Mary Jane Stein, Dorothy Krasovich, Sally Schroeder, Shirley Hays. cJDelta OFFICERS President Lloyd Bever Vice President Carl Prenzlow Secretary Betty Jean Thomas Treasurer Eino Pekkarine Historian Bill Goodrow Scalpel Reporter Bill Mehos Faculty Adviser Dr. N. F. Witt Dr. Witt is also National Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta, premedical honor society, is devoted to the stim- ulation of excellence in premedical scholarship. It further seeks to emphasize the importance of premedical education in medical education and to promote cooperation between medical and premedical schools. In addition to an extensive program of chapter activities, the Society actively engages in projects of benefits to premedical students. In October, 1950, Alpha Epsilon Delta, in cooperation with the Association of American Medical Colleges, presented a symposium at Lake Placid, New York, on the problems of medical and premedical education. The National Convention was held at the University of Alabama in March, 1951 ; it was also a 25th Anniversary Celebration. The Scalpel is the official publication of the Society. Back row, left to right: Charles Eschenburg, Bob O ' Dell. Jim Mitchell, J. Foley Calkum, Sam OePalatis, Jack Travis. Stuart Silverberg. John Bailar. Second row: Barbara Hudson, Virginia Van Scoy, jfohn Eagleton. James Gentry, Edwin Adam, Tsuyoshi Okada, Frank Edwin Bumgarner, Henry Strauss. Front row: William E. Goodrow, Jr.. Carl F. Prenzlow, Betty Jean Thomas, Norman F. Witt, Lloyd James Bever, Eino W. Pekkarine, Charles F. Poe. 279 OFFICERS President Philip Gates Vice President Edward Antosh Secretary Warren Martin Treasurer Mathew Rodenkirch December, 1949, a small group of Business School students founded a local commerce fraternity on the campus with the purpose of becoming af- filiated with Alpha Kappa Psi. Just one year later, Alpha Kappa Psi initiated thirty-four Colorado Business School students into the realms of its organization as the seventy- second chapter in the United States. The aims of the Fraternity are " to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, account- ing, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in Business Administration. " 280 Back row, left to right: Dale Watkins. Charles Nehring, John Maes, Bernic Ricchers, Alfred Stoll. Fourth row: George Shuger, Roswell Hicks. John Hamilton, Kenneth Schlater, Jack Cooley, Ray Crowder. Third row: John Clark, William Robinchaud, Francis Thompson, Dick Miller, Jack Powell, George Powell, Bruce Cameron. Second row: E. Lloyd Rizer, John Kissack. Ernie Tryba, Larry Arterburn. Forrest Hughes, Richard Albert. Harry Newman, Len Allen. Front row: Frank Cimino, William Hamrick, Edward Antosh, Philip Gates, Warren Martin, Mathew Rodenkirch, G. Micnael Hogan. v nl C p iton OFFICERS President Richard Axell Vice President Robert Carlson Secretary Walter J. Paquette Treasurer George Marshall Editor of the Transit Hilary Johnson The Colorado chapter of Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honorary, was organized in 1929 as the tenth chapter in the nation and the first in the Rocky Mountain region. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to place a mark of distinction on those who uphold the honor of the department by scholastic ability, and it is based on the principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability. Back row, left to right: Colvin Reid. Richard A. Simonds, John Sheppard, Robert Stevens, John Houston, Richard Winkler. Second row: Jack Keller, Ervin Bell, Vincent Sheridan, Prof. Warren Raeder, John Kstes, Richard Porter. Robert Lamison. Front row: Joseph Sharp. Robert Carlson, George Marshall, Richard Axell. Walter Paquette. Ralph Goley. 281 csLjelta iama f ' ' i OFFICERS Head Master Edmund Bosin Senior Warden Ronald Fenton Junior Warden John Buswell Treasurer Norman Tower Scribe Ernst Westermann Chancellor Jerry Berger Historian Donald Clauss Master of Festivities Ray Vahue Chapter Advisor Robert Wasley The aim of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business, and to promote closer co-operation between the business world and students of business. Scholarship and a higher standard of commercial ethics are also encouraged. In order to carry out its purpose, the fraternity sponsors both speakers and field trips in the business world. Speakers during the present school year included Mr. H. G. Wright, Grand Secretary-Treasurer of the fraternity, and Mr. J. D. Thomson, Assistant Grand Secretary-Treasurer. Social activities of the fraternity comprise two banquets and a dinner dance each year which are enjoyed by both student and faculty members of Delta Sigma Pi. 282 Back row, left to right: Robert Lynch, Robert Birkby, John Clow, Marvin Coon. Fourth row: Sverrc Ncdberg, William Merrick, Donald Sampson, Charles Spath, Lester Guinn, Arthur Keswick, Richard Tuttlc. Third row: Gordon McMillen, John Gricser, John Dailey, William Gill, Curtis Jensen, Norland Havran. Second row: Vern Kelly, James Reddish. Victor Quinn, Charles Robertson, John Adamson, Mercy 1 Hurlburt, William Laslcy. Front row: Ray Vahue, Robert Wasley (Sponsor), Edmund Bosin, Ernst Westermann, Jerry Bcrgcr, John Buswell. Absent from picture: Ralph Abelt, Donald Bilger, Gene Brown, Donald Clauss, Samuel Evans, Ronald Fenton, Leslie Gardner, Gordon Goebel, Paul Goodland, Donald Huising, Charles Kaspar. Robert Kelsey, John Lewis, James Modrall, Roy Morris, Eugene Richard, Norman Tower, Harry Weddendorf, Scott Wenncrstrum, Ray West, Theodore Wiedemann. Ota appci If lu ippi OFFICERS President Donald E. Alkey Vice President George F. Leahy Recording Secretary Edward L. Amonette CoTiseponding Secretary Raymond L. Nichols, Jr. Treasurer Robert E. Hagerott Bridge Correspondent Bart A. Antista Sponsor Professor G. E. Gless Jr. Eta Kappa Nu, the national Electrical Engineering honor society, was founded in 1904 at the University of Illinois. The Rho Chapter on the Uni- versity of Colorado Campus was founded in 1922. One of the primary objectives of the society is to stimulate and reward high scholarship attainments in the field of Electrical Engineering, but its overall purpose is more than merely awarding badges of distinction. It aims to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better men in their chosen profession and better citizens. The society also brings those men who have shown a marked interest and ability in Electrical Engineering into closer union, so that mutual benefits may be derived. The activities of the society on the campus improve student-faculty relations, and are chosen so as to enhance the prestige of the EE Department of the University. In order to be eligible for membership, a student must be in the upper fourth of his junior class, and in the upper third of his senior class. Such factors as leadership, personality, and probable success in the field, are also considered. Back row. lett to right: Richard Strain, Louis Gauss, Jr., George Fatton. Michael Laszlo, Paul Albrecht, Samuel Maley. Kenneth Wolvington. Fifth row: Leo Murphy, Kenneth Stiefel, William Neuschaefer, Opie Hawley, Norman Shcppard, Harold Pyle. Fourth row: Alex Sumoski, Norman Gittinger, John Hobgood, William Gill, Paul Fantin, John Foxworthy, James Valentine. Third row: James Roelker, Frank Francone, Robert Barnard, Raymond Bell, Paul Scheele, Donald Miller. Second row: Donal Borland, William Kasak. Clayton Stevens, Melvin Baker, Richard Jamison, Thomas Tanigawa. Charles Lorens. Front row: Raymond Nichols, Jr., Edward Amonette, George Leahy, Donald Alkey, Robert Hager ott, Bart Antista. Woodrow Floyd. Not pictured: Theodore DeRosicr, William Luebke, James Plant, Alden Stout, Tom Yanagi. 283 appa a A- civ vyci ipp OFFICERS President Roger Heath Vice President John Stowe Secretary James Ratliff Treasurer Harold Thomas Sponsor Hugh McMillen Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary fraternity for college bandsmen. Its reputation of dedication to band service has gained for the fraternity great influence among college bands in the United States. Qualifications for members are musicianship, scholarship, leadership, attitude and coopera- tion. Besides being an honorary fraternity, it has been the opportunity for several social functions. Alpha Iota chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was founded at the University of Colorado in 1931. One of our charter members, F. Lee Bowling, is a past Grand President. Hugh E. McMillen, director of university bands and our faculty advisor, is at present the First Grand Vice President. The past school year proved to be one of the most active in the history of our chap- ter. One of the most important projects of the year was that of preparing luncheons in conjunction with Tau Beta Sigma, for over 2,400 high school bandsmen when over fifty bands visited Boulder for Band Day. The half- time shows were greatly aided by members of the fraternity, as were ap- pearances by the concert and varsity bands in the neighboring towns during winter and spring quarters. Back row, left to right: Robert Gutzwer, Kenneth Lowe. Gene Over, Wayne Hinthorn, Duane Hickman, Laurence DeMuth, Ronald Owens. Fifth row: Carl Thompson, Grant Garltnghouse, Alva Wilson, Donald Hagerman, Kenneth Wilson, Lavernc Allen. Fourth row: Robert Sichler. Bruce Packard, Bob Downing. John Dennis, Bruce Bashford, Paul Shull, Darrell Blackburn. Third row: Gilbert Mitchell. Robert Nicholas, Leonard Ostwald. Earl Bashford, Carl Duncan. Elmer Shumacher. Second row: John Bartow, Morton Burt. Frank Baird, Leonard Krim. Ellis Hillmar, James Buchanan. Harry McNees. Front row: Hugh McMillen, John Stowe, Roger Heath, James Ratliff, Harold Thomas, Randall Spicer. Not pictured: William Norris. 285 f- ni tpka cJDelta csLeaal raiernitu OFFICERS Justice Bill Schneeberg Vice Justice Robert H. Buchanan Treasurer Gail F. Ouren Clerk Leonard H. McCain Assistant Clerk Stanley L. Roberts Marshall Morris Eli Kramer Phi Alpha Delta is a National Legal Professional Fraternity, which was founded in 1898. It has chapters in seventy-one of the leading American law schools, all of which are fully accredited by the American Bar Associa- tion. Any male who is a student in actual attendance and in good standing of the law school m ay be initiated into Phi Alpha Delta. Two of the main functions of the Phi Alpha Delta are: (1) to acquaint the freshman students with every member of the student body and faculty, and (2) to hold periodic luncheon and dinner meetings at which some out- standing speaker of the profession gives the members a glimpse at the prac- tical side of the law. During the past year, members of Phi Alpha Delta were elected to every office of the Student Bar Association; sixty-five per cent of the Rocky Mountain Law Review is composed of members of Phi Alpha Delta; a lending library for the distribution of textbooks was instituted ; and the Chapter has been engaged in all Law School activities. Phi Alpha Delta members of nation-wide prominence are the President and Vice President of the United States, four of the nine U. S. Supreme Court Justices, and numerous members of Congre ss. 286 Back row, left to right: Mel Dinner, Warren Turner, Charles Leirer, Ellis Ferguson, Bill Mitchell. Fourth row: Fred Deering, Jim Michael, Bob McHugh, Bill McClaron, Dave Paddock, Andy Williams. Third row: Jack Mulliken, Ed Sullivan, Al Craddock, Mack Bennett, Russell Mather. Second row: Bill Nelson, George Nicou, Baxter Arnold, Phil Dufford, Orrel Daniels, Bob Hayworth. Front row: Leonard McCain, Gail Ouren, Bill Schneeberg, Bob Buchanan, Stan Roberts, Eli Kramer. OFFICERS President Assoc. Prof. Jack D. A. Ogilvy Vice President Prof. James W. Broxon Secretary-Treasurer Prof. Claribel Kendall Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, as a secret literary and social society. During the first half of the nineteenth century it evolved into a non-secret honorary scholastic society. Women were first admitted to membership in 1875. Since 1880 Phi Beta Kappa has enjoyed a healthy supervised expansion. It has become truly national with chapters in the outstanding universities and colleges in all sections of the country. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is recognized as one of the greatest scholastic honors a college student can attain. To become a member, one must show a definite high standard of scholarship. Its members have been at the front in almost every line of human endeavor — especially educational, re- ligious and social leadership. In 1904 the Colorado Alpha Chapter was organized on the Colorado University campus. It holds two initiations yearly, one in the spring and the other in the fall. The group is under the direction of faculty members and meets with these faculty members. MEMBERS ELECTED SPRING 1950 Alvarado, Arthur J. Baker, Robert L. Clarkson, Rita C. Cox, Leslie Dexter Clark, William Arthur Fiolkoski, Jean P. Fonda, Phyllis L. Forney, Dorothea Frank, Warren E. Goodman, Judith S. Gose, Elliott B., Jr. Hardwick, Eugene Russel, Harshman, Gordon A. Haverland, Lois Hills, David Kendall Jacobsen, Colleen James, Dorothy Jordan, Ivar N. Kayser, Harold L. Kent Carolyn Jr. Malin, Katharine H. Mehl, M. Kathryn Moehl, M. Karl Nichols, Betsy Norris, William P. Peterson, Theodora C. (Mrs.) Radcliff, Louis D. Richie, James L. Saunders, Julia S. Sethman, Dorothy Seymour, Herbert L. Stephens, Judith W. Teasdale, Suzanne F. Thulin, William J. Tipton, Harry B. Tumin, David Ullman Bever, Lloyd J. Buchanan, Mrs. Nancy S. MEMBERS ELECTED FALL, 1951 Burrows, Mrs. Grace DeMuth, Lawrence W. Jr. Fahrion, Nell Gertrude Gelman, Norman I. Lewin, Edward Potochnik, Amelia Prenzlow, Carl F. Thomas, Betty Jean Boucher, Bertrand P. Buchler, Alfred Devol, David GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Duncan, Robert L. Hultquist, Paul F. Loper, Robert Moloney, Raymond L. Shakeshaft, A. Jarrett Shakeshaft, Richard D. Spence, Clark C. Thompson, Wayne E. Waters, Samuel T. FACULTY MEMBERS Bellamy, Loretta M. (Mrs.) Bradley, Ruth A. (Mrs. W. A.) Brown, Dolores Broxon, Jqmes W. Bruner, Hope (Mrs.) Carlson, G. Robert Cox, Roy Alan Cristol, Stanley Dugan, James E. Farnell. A. B. Figley, Angeline Fix, Delbert Fritz, Percy S. Galland, Benjamin S. Germann, F. E. E. Goodall, Merrill R. Goodykoontz, Colin B. Gregg, Robert E. Hawk, Harold W. Hoffman, Fritz Hough, John N. Jameson, Mrs. Frances S. Jones, Burton W. Judd, Morris Kendall, Claribel Kobe, Doris Standt (Mrs.) Koerner, Harold Lacher,John R. Lewis, Leslie L. Lahman, Carroll Loughran, Mrs. Vernon McGuire, Carl Marshall, Pauline Meek, John S. Morris, Earl Nehring, Vineta (Mrs.) Neiheisel, Richard G. Nelson, Mrs. Helen Norris, Charles H. Ogilvy. Jack Ogilvy, Mrs. Dorothy S. Perryman, John Rath, R. John Redick, Joseph P. Reyburn, Marjorie Romig, Mrs. Edna D. Schroeder, Paul G. Stearns, Robert L. Stewart, Omer C. Storke, Frederic Sutherland, Donald Swayne, Ida L. Sweeting, Orville J. Swisher, Earl Thomson, S. Harrison VanDuzee, Mabel Wagner, John F. Walter, Floyd Warner, Lawrence A. West, Edward J. Wolle, Francis Worcester, Phillip G. 287 I ni cJUetta j- lxl OFFICERS FOR 1950-51 WERE: Magister Hugh Arnold, John Yantis Cletk Robert Chang, John Holloway Exchequer Lindsay Wingfield, Richard Helmick Historian John Yantis, Gerald Gardner Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity and the first professional fraternity in America, maintains Thomas Inn at the University of Colorado. It is the fraternity ' s aim to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in the law schools and in the profession at large. In these in- terests, therefore, not only are active inns maintained in the law schools but Barrister Inns for alumni are to be found in most any city. Through a series of luncheon meetings during the past year Thomas Inn was able to present a number of noted speakers on current legal prob- lems, legal ethics and problems confronting the young attorney. 288 Back row. left to right: Charles Pierce, Robert Alexander, Richard Helmick, James Bruin. Fourth row: Trent Zeppa, James Puge, David Enoch, Gerald Gardner, Robert Sanderson, Lawrence Fenton, Field Benton. Third row: Henry Hutchinson, John Law, John Holloway, H. B. McCarty, Byron Larson, Joe Goggin, Second row: Levi Martinez, Charles James, Ralph Clark, Milton Richert, William Watts, Herbert Lund, George Ward. Front row: Edwin Spangler, Robert Chang, John Yantis, Hugh Arnold, Lindsey Wingfield, Frank Cooley, Robert Palmes. Not pictured: James Bayer, Herbert Bilton, Robert Bussian, Robert Campbell, Joseph Dolan, James Heyer, Merle Knous, Karl Lehr, William Luby, William Reynolds, Richard Shakeshaft, John Wendt, Kent Barnhill, Norito Kawakami, John Mulvihill, Keith Edwards, Bob Nagel, George Gatti, Fred Mattson, Sid Adler, Larry DeMuth, Jr., Ray Ramer, John Sullivan, Rendle Myer. Andy Walker, Harper Abbot, Don Melbye. Ward Fischer, John Cho, Don Giacomini, Carl Roath, Jack Puckett, Bob Hodgkin, Phil Antonelli, Sam Gesko, Tom Miller, Bancroft Tapp, John Worrell, John Warren. f ' ki (lambda Ulpsilon OFFICERS President Duncan H. Orr Vice President John R. Douglass Secretary James J. Vavra Treasurer William P. Norris Alumni Secretary Lynn H. Cummings Faculty Sponsor Frank E. E. Germann Alpha Sigma Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon is one of the newest honorary societies — the only men ' s chemical honorary — at the University. Its membership is comprised of those men, graduate and undergraduate, who have done outstanding and superior work in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. The purpose of the organization is " the promotion of high scholarship and original investigation in all branches of pure and ap- plied chemistry. " In order to qualify for membership in the Society a man must be a graduate or undergraduate student in either chemistry or chemical en- gineering. His scholastic attainment must have placed him in the top of his class, and he must also be able to meet the character and personality requirements of the Society. Phi Lambda Upsilon, as a national organization, has a total membership of about twenty thousand with more than forty chapters located at col- leges and universities throughout the country. It has been growing con- tinually since the date of its founding in 1899. Alpha Sigma Chapter makes an award annually to an outstanding student of chemistry. It is presented each year at a get-acquainted smoker which is held in conjunction with Alpha Chi Sigma for all students and faculty in both the chemistry and chemical engineering departments. Back row. left to right: Ralph Baars, Gerald Dennis. James Rowan, Stafford Hopwood, William Turnley. Robert Rekers. Second row: Donovan Wilgus. Delbert Fix. William Bierbaum, Lysle Gust. Bing T. Poon. Russ Richman, Donald Tabler. Charles H. Tieman. Front row: James J. Vavra, Lynn H. Cum- mings. Duncan Orr, John R. Douglass, William P. Norris, Harvey A. Brown. 289 PU win ipL OFFICERS President Harry McNees Vice President Ben Hoagland Secretary John Stowe Treasurer Harold Thomas Sponsor Paul Parmelee Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia of America is a national honorary professional fraternity for students of music and individuals interested in music. Beta Chi Chapter at the University of Colorado was activated in 1937, and since then has been an important part of the life of many students. Membership is open to any one who shows interest and participation in campus musical activities. Phi Mu Alpha attempts to further the cause of good music by serving the School of Music, participating in its recitals, assisting in community musical affairs, and encouraging its members to share their talent by per- formance. 290 Back row, left to right: Paul Parmelee. Rev. A, B. Patterson, Leland Logan. Ronald Owens. Second row: Lawrence Hart, Eddie Beals, Frank Walker, William Sullivan, Ellis Hillmar, Ben Hoagland. Front row: Gerald Greeley, Janes Ratliff. John Stone, Harry McNecs, Elmer Schumacher, Harold Thomas, Robert Musil. f- i rJLambclu keta OFFICERS President Rae Morris Vice President Margaret Hayt Treasurer Beverly Leutz Recording Secretary Betty Allen Corresponding Secretary Sherry Youngblood Denver Representative Nancy Gam Sponsor Miss Marie Mehl Advisor Mrs. Grace Platts Pi Lambda Theta is organized to emphasize the importance of pro- fessional training; therefore its honors should go to those who appreciate the value of such training. Pi Lambda Theta is pledged to professional lead- ership and will redeem its pledge only as long as its ranks are filled by members who have qualities of leadership and professional interest built upon a sure foundation of high scholarship and sound training. Pi Lambda Theta has many activities on campus and outside the college world. The meetings once a month are usually spent by having speakers or programs. This year a lecture was given by an Austrian student who also illustrated some of the folk dances from his country. As a project Pi Lambda Theta plans to support a foreign child. The purpose of the meetings of Pi Lambda Theta in both the active and alumnae groups is to stimulate interest in the professional and intellectual world. Back row, left to right: Pat Tondre, Helen Borland, Joan Mabee, Jean Simms. Second row: Pat Richards. Pat Herber, Joanne Martin, Shirley Spence, Jo Baird, Mary Louise Morris. Front row: Sheridan Young- blood, Beverly Leutz, Rae Morris, Miss Mehl, Betty Allen, Virginia Damon. 291 f- i VlHu C p lton OFFICERS President Raymond K. Adams Vice President Albert F. Clark Secretary Morton W. Burt Treasurer Robert A. Christopher Historian Betty J. Thomas Sponsor Dr. Jack R. Britton Pi Mu Epsilon is an honorary mathematics fraternity existing for the purpose of stimulating student interest in mathematics, providing a place and opportunity for the presentation of mathematical papers, and enabling members and interested persons to broaden their view of mathematics by means of the enjoyable meetings. Although most of the members are engineers, the requisites for mem- bership do not exclude students from other schools on campus. Open meet- ings are held at least twice each quarter to which all interested persons are invited. Twice each year a banquet is held for the initiation and reception of members into the organization. 292 Back row, left to right: Unidentified. Steve Actenhagen. Bill Norris. Front row: Harry Crawford. Ray Adams, Carolyn Howe, Morton Burt. Dallas Hampton, Joe Zinns. [ i au i 9 ma OFFICERS President Jack F. McManis Vice President S. H. Achtenhagen Corresponding Secretary David W. Wolgast Recording Secretary Roger K. Gould Faculty Advisor Robert F. Brown Pi Tau Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for mechanical engineers, was founded in 1915 at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin. Since that time it has spread rapidly throughout the country and now has 51 chap- ters located at most of the major engineering schools in the United States. The local chapter, Colorado Mu, was instituted in May, 1932. The object of Pi Tau Sigma is to foster the high ideals of the engineer- ing profession, to stimulate interest in and coordinate departmental activ- ities, and to promote the professional welfare of its members. All mechanics and aeronautical engineering students of junior or senior standing are considered for membership. A good scholastic record is re- quired for eligibility. Such factors as leadership, personality, dependability, and probable future success in the field are considered. In addition to its undergraduate members, a graduate and honorary memberships are awarded to outstanding men in the profession. Regular business meetings are held by Pi Tau Sigma each month and an informal social meeting once each quarter. The organization works in close cooperation with all of the activities of the local student branch of ASME. Each year. Pi Tau Sigma honors the two high-ranking sophomore mechanical engineers. Back row. left to right: Albert Negro. William ObUk. Ray Bender. Robert M. Jones. Albert Clark, Tom E. Bailey. Third row: Harry Hiestand. Larry Watson, John Lavash, David Charvonia. William Hamilton. Jane Judge. Joan Bartheld, Ronald Schnorr. Second row: Allan Morrisey, Leonard Thorpe, Martin Bael. Irving F. Zagar. Harlan Richards. L. G. Harper. W. D. Grupp, L. W. Kalmateer. Front row: Charles Class, G. William Nor: is, Stephen Achtenhagen. Jack McManis, Roger Gould. David Wolgast. 293 rCko L ki OFFICERS President Robert Bowman Vice President Stanley Baker Secretary Betty Jean MacDonald Treasurer Dr. Harold Heim Facult y Sponsor Dr. Charles Poe Rho Chi is an honorary fraternity, electing to its membership out- standing students of pharmacy. Membership of the organization is open to both men and women. To be eligible, juniors must have a grade point average of 2.5 and be in the upper five per cent of the class, and seniors must have a grade point average of 2.0 and be in the upper 20 per cent of their class. Outstanding graduate students and newly appointed members of the faculty of the Col- lege of Pharmacy are also eligible for membership. In addition to high scholastic standards, personality, interest in phar- macy, and character are essential qualifications. Back row, left to right: Winston Durant, Robert Goettsch, Alvin Voight. Robert Bowman. Second row: Walter Hiranaka. Stanley Baker. Jan Shearer, John Street, William Brothers, Arthur Jossis. Front row: Ethel Richards, Betty McDonald, Don Cantrell, Dr. Charles F. Poe, Wayne Kisthard, Nathan Clifford, Dorothy Holderness. IfluAic raternitu for i Uomen OFFICERS President Marjorie Selters Vice President Betty Leslie Secretary Peggy Piper Treasurer Phyllis Parmelee Chaplain Donna Scott Editor Julie St. Clair Sergeant-at-Arms Helen Hubert The seven pipes of Pan surrounded by a circle of pearls and the letters S.A.I, denote the badge worn by the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary music fraternity for women. This organization is national and is rapidly spreading to all parts of the world in the hope of bringing more and better music to all people. Membership is based upon musicianship, scholarship, performance abil- ity, along with a recommendation by a major professor and the Dean of the College of Music. Thus the professional standards are very high, and the desire to be real musicians is vital. This year the National Objectives of our chapter have been seven in number: Fraternity Education, American Music Interests, Sigma Alpha Iota Foundations, Official Visit and Routine Operations, Chapter Choral Unit, Cooperation with the School, and Musicianship and Scholastic Achievement. Such goals are a constant challenge to each individual chap- ter member and give us the chance to develop socially, both in character and personality, by working together. Most important of all, our year ' s program and activities are built around the purpose of finding true beauty in music. Back row, left to right: Donna Mosbaugh. Marilyn Nelson, Mary Jane Siems, Julie St. Clair, Phyllis Eckberg, Barbara Hoppock. Second row: Mary Raines. Joyce Miller, Shirley J. Peterson, Shirley Spence. Peggy Hawthorne, Roberta Sell. Janene Boothby. Front row: Helen Nubert, Phyllis Parmelee, Donna Jan Scott, Marjorie Selters, Betty Leslie, Peggy Piper, Lorraine Hoskin. 295 S iama f i l f ma OFFICERS President Donald C. Hagerman Vice President Duane A. Ladine Secretary Robert K. Peterson Treasurer Jack C. Marshall Sponsor Frank S. Walz The outstanding students of physics comprise the membership of Sigma Pi Sigma, National Physics Honor Society. High scholastic average and an interest in Physics are prime requirements for membership. Sigma Pi Sigma participates in Engineer ' s Day and in Apple Fest activities as well as presenting informative talks on current scientific subjects. Open meetings of the Colorado chapter are held every quarter. The public is invited to attend these open meetings and share in the scientific discussions presented. Back row. left to right: Joseph J. Guiteras, David W. Moles, Eugene C. Barrows, L. Timothy Ostwalk, Ritchie P. Mikesell. Gerald J. Franz. TA.rd row: David M. Chase, Richard R. Thomassen. Lloyd A. Johnson, V. Ronald Nelson, James A. Cooley, Robert D. Harrington, Kim Reid Shuette. 9QC Second row: Paul V. Ponce, James H. Marable, B. Roy Killian, Gordon C. Savage, Keith B. Collipriest, Morton W. Burt, Harry Crawford. Front row: William J. Kellar, Duane A. Ladine, Jack C. Marshall, Donald C. Hagerman, Robert K. Peterson, Frank C. Walz, Russel C. Drew. OFFICERS President Anne Morrison Vice President Billie Nelson Secretary-Treasurer Yvonne Burkett Sponsor Miss Virginia Kinloch Sigma Epsilon Sigma was founded on the University Campus in 1929 by Dean Brown. The Gamma Chapter here, as its national associates, gives recognition to sophomore women who have maintained an average of 2.5 or above during their freshman year. Its twenty members were tapped at the Associated Women Students ' Christmas dessert party. Back row. hit to right: Virginia Lightburn. Elain: Sterling, Gail Van Hine. Mary Fleming. Joan Pat Doyle. Second row: Nancy Jammer. Joy Sapp. Mary Grace Newell, Joyce Miller. Mary Frances Sickcn- berger. Marjorie Lockard. Front row: Joan Marks. Patsy Riffle, Yvonne Burkett, Anne Morrison. Billie Nelson, Marilyn Weller, Helen Cheney, Elizabeth Kaupp. Absent from picture: Judith Graham. Marion Lang. Sylvia Bassett. 297 lama c f uu OFFICERS President Richard Heine Vice President Edward D. Thomas Secretary John C. Estes Corresponding Secretary Raymond K. Adams Faculty Advisor Charles A. Wagner Sigma Tau is a national fraternity which recognizes outstanding achievement in all branches of engineering. It was begun at the University of Nebraska in 1904; the University of Colorado ' s Iota Chapter was founded in 1914. Men in the upper one-third of the junior and senior classes of the College of Engineering are eligible for election. Sigma Tau considers practicality and sociability on an equal basis with scholarship in these elec- tions, for it holds the three qualities to be of equal importance for achieving success in the engineering field. Sigma Tau stimulates and recognizes the basis for lasting and valuable professional friendships. Twice each year Iota Chapter holds elections, initiations, and initia- tion banquets. It also meets with Tau Beta Pi for a joint banquet preceding the Engineers ' Ball. Sigma Tau members participate as a group at the Apple Fest and at Engineers ' Day, when the annual Sigma Tau Award is presented to the sophomore engineer who demonstrated the highest practical and scholastic promise as a freshman. 298 Back row. left to right: David Chase, Raymond Bell, George Lashy, Richard Axell, H. George Marshall, Robert Lamison. Fifth row: Stan Lorcns, A. F. Clark, Albert Negro, David Mooes, M. L. Bauer. J. W. Foxworthy, Walter J. Paquette, Martin Bael. Fourth row: R. F. Stevens. P. K. Watson, H. E. Hestand, Jack McManis, Ray W. Bender, Franklin DeBcIIo, Frank Francone. Third row: Burt Morton. Harry Crawford, David Wolgast, David Charvonia, William Oblak. John Lavash, Ray Nichols, Gene Goley. Second row: Don Tabler, Dick Simonds, Dick Jamison, Lysle Gust, Russ Rickman, L. G. Harper, Harlan Richards, W. D. Grupp, Lester Palmateer. Front row: Tom Bailey, Bill Kellar, John Estes, Richard Heine, Stephen Achtenhagen, Rex Sheppard, John Houston, William Hamilton. tar and Sextant l- rofeSiional f ai ai raternit ofiL moDc OFFICERS President Bernard Keating Vice President Kenneth Sletten Secretary Gene Richard Treasurer John Lewis Advisor LCDR R. W. Geer Star and Sextant is the professional fraternity of the United States Naval Reserve Officers ' Training Corps at the University of Colorado. It was founded in 1949 for the purpose of promoting and furthering the inter- ests and prestige of the Navy Unit and to foster a more perfect bond between all officer candidates and the officers of the United States Navy. The members consist of seniors, juniors and sophomores who have dis- played leadership qualities, good officer aptitude, interest in Unit activities and who satisfactorily comply with academic requirements. In conjunction with the entire Navy Unit and under the direction and guidance of the Professor of Naval Science, Star and Sextant exerts its influence in the promotion of Unit social events, intramural athletic teams, the bi-weekly newspaper, the annual Military Ball, and other functions of importance to the Unit. Back row. left to right: Kenneth Kleinholz, Howard Ewy, Glenn Beck, Donald Segur, George Helder, Richard Covey, Glenn Turner. Fourth row: James Conrey, James Brooks. Richard Bauer, John Orzalli, John Boone, Theodore Berg. Third row: James Titcomb, Russell Drew, Philip Bright, Ralph Tobais, Richard Thomassen, Robert Christopher, Searcy Galing, Thomas Bloom. Second row: Robert Williams, Robley Winfrey. Norman Peterson, Charles Dodson, Murray Hayes, Paul Lesser. Lorrcn Harper. Front row: Loren Moore, Burton Randall, John Lewis. Bernard Keating, Donald Richard, William Kitchens. LCDR R. W. Geer. Absent from picture: Frank Bocovich, Allen Chapman. Ronald Fenton. John Froistad. James Gibson. Don Huising, Samuel Morrow, Kenneth Sletten, Robert Terry, Edward Utley, Alired Vance. Albert Yunko, William Burns. 299 M. . " ■ ' Cl ' t OLU Il5eta J I OFFICERS President David Charvonia Vice President Robert Stevens Recording Secretary Ralph Baars Corresponding Secretary Donald Miller Treasurer Alan Deschere Cataloger Robert Isaak Tau Beta Pi Association, national engineering honorary founded in 1885, has had a long and outstanding representation on campus, the local chapter having been established in 1905. The purposes of the Association are to rec- ognize distinguished scholarship among undergraduates in engineering, to acknowledge the attainments of the alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Among the activities of Tau Beta Pi are two annual initiation banquets and a yearly joint banquet held with Simga Tau. Each year an award is made to the outstanding freshman engineer of the preceding school year. This year ' s recipient of the award was John Endicott, a fledgling Architectural Engineer. An award is made to the author of the best pledge theme, who also is eligible for an award on the national level in competition with other local winners. In addition, the local chapter was proud to have its invitation accepted to hold next fall ' s national convention in Boulder. 300 Back TOW, left to right: N. R. Sheppard, Bob Jones. Dave Chase, Bart Antista, Tom Bailey. Arthur Ravicz. Ed Amonette. Fourth row: Hilary Johnson, James Roelker, Lewis Gouss, John Gorman. Dick Axell, Woodrow Floyd, Robert Nicholls. John Estes. Third row: James Marable, Richard Heine. Bill Hartong. Robert Hagerott, John Lavash, Walt Paquette, Ray Bell. Stan Lorens. Dave Wolgast. Second row: Jack Marshall. Jim Modrall. Don Akey. Dick Jamison, Gene Goley, Dan Grupp, Ray Nichols, Robert Peterson. Front row: Dick Winkler. Bill Dryden. Paul Combs, Don Miller, Dave Charvonia. Ralph Baars. Bob Stevens, Tom Hutchinson. ima OFFICERS President Helen Hubert Vice President Mary Brown Secretary Janet Stein Treasurer Ann Melville Historian Julie St. Clair Tau Beta Sigma, band honorary for women, had a very successful year, culminating in their receiving the Balfour Award for the outstanding national chapter. In the spring, a carnival was held for the music school, and eight of the members attended the District Convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Lois Duncan, our president, was elected District Presi- dent. This fall, the sorority sponsored the annual Band Day, turning the proceeds over to the band department to help purchase the badly needed women ' s raincoats. In all our activities we strive to help and strengthen the band, supporting it in all its many phases. B»ck row, left to right: Mrs. Randall Spicer, Frank Baird, Mrs. Frank Baird. Mayme Holder. Second row: Frances Sickenberger, Chariot Furman, Phyliss Eckberg. Takako Taguchi. Front row: Roberta Sell, Julia St. Clair. Ann Melville, Helen Hubert, Mary Brown, Janet Stein. Joan Marks. 301 OFFICERS President Mercyl Hurlburt Vice President Howard Shipley Secretary Duane Hickman Treasurer Jack Puckett Advisor Herman I. Arenson, Associate Professor Back row, left to right: Henry Lucas, Robert Brown. Jerry Epstein, Thomas Ruegg. Thud row: George French, Jr., Stephen Gelsey, W. Dale Nelson. John Delander. Charles Robertson. G. Michael Hogan. George Hessncy. Second row: Don Clauss, H. W. Kendrick, Vinton Curry, Elmore Peterson, G. G. Fullerton, James O ' Toole. Front row: Maurice Haynie, Jack Puckett, Mercyl Hurlburt, Duane Hickman, Howard Shipley, Bernard Beausang. Beta Alpha Psi, National Honorary Accounting Fraternity, is represented on this campus by the Nu Chapter. The fraternity is founded on principles of scholarship, practicality, and sociability. Beta Alpha Psi brings the members together, stimulates interest, cooperation, and study for further advancement and understanding of accounting. To attain this goal, the group invites various outstanding men in the field of accounting to speak, holds groups discussions, and has meetings with professional groups. Membership in the fraternity is by invitation only, which may be extended to male undergraduates and graduates who display a definite interest and ability in the account- ing field by their record of courses and high scholastic achievement. Beta Gamma Sigma, national business honorary, was formed " to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies among students and graduates of collegiate schools of business; to promote the advancement and spread of education in the science of business, and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice. " Membership is limited to those students who have demonstrated a decided super- iority in those traits which a college education in business should develop. Students are chosen on the basis of their records in all courses taken towards the completion of a four-year program. 302 Back row, le(t to right: G. G. Fullerton, M. F. Schmidt, Walter B. Franklin, Fred R. Niehaus, Duane Hickman, Henry B. Moore. John E. Stinton. Front row: Elmore Petersen, Leslie F. Robbins. Arthur E. Miller, Harry E, Steffen, Thomas L. Ruegg, Helen B. Borland. Norton C. Seeber, Robert S. Wasley. OFFICERS President Harry Edwin Steffen Secretary-Treasurer Arthur Miller V eta W£ i f ammu ma % i0 • . n rym n 1 - n ' M L ll « ■ fl IH r Back row. left to right: Peter Thompson, Maurice Brock, Leo Wanek. Wayne Cavender. Third row: Milton Wiley. George Shapard, Donald Whitcbread, Robert Duncan, Whitney Bradley. Second row: Donald Foster, Linus Litsey, Tohn Weber, James McElroy, Ernest Bush, Harold Malde. Front row: W. W. Longley, Cleo Sainsbury, Herold Knudsen. Robert Luedke, Very! Larsen, Robcrtus Regout, Alexander Sisson. Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary professional fraternity for men geologists. Alpha Eta chapter was established at the University of Colorado in 1934. The chapter has 32 active members this year. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality and leadership. Activities during the year include sponsoring of speakers and movies on geology, and conducting the annual department spring field trip. Also, Sig Gam holds a weekly Friday afternoon coffee hour for majors in the geology and geography departments. OFFICERS President Veryl E. Larsen Vice President Pete Sainsbury Secretary-Treasurer Robert G. Luedke Corresponding Secretary Harold W. Knudsen Adviser W. W. Longley OFFICERS President Jean Macpherson Vice President Sue Di ckson Recording Secretary Eve Lauter Corresponding Secretary Virginia Street Treasurer Ann Look Faculty Advisor Chris Burns Alumnae Sponsor Mrs. Herb Hollister Reporters Pat Penington, Florence Sardini .Artpna jamma Phi Chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, the only national professional advertising fraternity for women, was established on the Colorado Campus in the spring of 1949. The group, which is an affiliate of the Advertising Federation of America, planned a series of speakers and trips to advertising firms and clubs in Denver, as well as functions with the Adsmen for the 1950-51 year. An active job placement bureau, a scholarship loan fund, and the furthering of interest in the field of advertising through a series of programs planned both by the national office and college chapter, are important features of Gamma Alpha Chi. Collegiate chapter activities are planned to aid each chapter and each member gain professional experience and contacts with prominent advertising men and women. Gamma Alpha Chi also maintains a national speakers bureau of outstanding advertising men and women, and all chapter activities are carefully supervised for group partici- pation as well as to give every member experience that will later aid her in the pro- fessional world. All women students maintaining a one point grade average plus an active interest in advertising are eligible for membership if majoring in any of the following fields: radio, commercial art, photography, journalism, and business. The pin of Gamma Alpha Chi is a quill-pierced octagonal shape badge, and the colors are gold and brown. The group sponsored a valentine shopping service for the 1950-51 year. This service was entirely new on campus and was successful. Plans to repeat the service next year have been considered. 303 Back TOW, left to right: Betty Lane. Barbara Steere, Lois McDonald. Donna Crisler. Second tow: Jeanne Foreman, Alice Ingwersen, Jan Ramage, Nona Uhrich. Jackie Jonie Jones. Betty Salzman. Joy Martin, Joy Carlson. Front tow: Pat Penington, Florence Sardini, Jean Macpherson. Sue Dickson, Virginia Street, Eva Lauter. Pi f ma OFFICERS President Jane Britton Vice President Liberty Casali Secretary Betty Jean Thomas Treasurer Virginia VanScoy Historian Lota Hatch Sponsor Ida L. Swayne Back row, left to right: Lota Hatch, Georganna Berger, Virginia Casey, Ruth Hol inger. Dorothy Emery. Front row: Barbara Bohmfalk, Jane Britton, Betty Jean Thomas, Virginia Van Scoy, Liberty Casali, Betty Jo Eve. Not pictured: Joan Fraser, Shirley Hayes, Barbara Lines, Ethel Richards. Iota Sigma Pi, national Chemistry honorary, installed the Tungsten chapter at the University of Colorado in 1918. Since that time the organiza- tion has served to recognize outstanding women in chemistry. The honorary is open to any woman who meets the requirements of grades and courses. Its main purpose has been a promote an interest in chemistry among women students and to stimulate personal accomplishment in the chemical fields. Periodic meetings give an opportunity for furthering acquaintances and for promoting common interests. Phi Sigma Iota, National Romance Language Honor Society, is represented at the University of Colorado by Epsilon Epsilon chapter, chartered in 1928. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship and individual research within the language field in the belief that a discerning and sympathetic understanding of the other peoples of the world is essential to the welfare of humanity. Members are selected from among juniors, seniors and graduate students who have displayed excellence in general studies and in advance work in one or more of the Romance languages and literatures. Monthly meetings feature the reading and discussion of undergraduate research papers. 304 Back TOW, left to rifcbt: William L. Wells, Duane E. Welch, Carl Duncan, Rodolphe-Louis Hcbert. Second tow: Richard J. Schnecr, Ellen Claydcn, Henry Fingado, Beverly Horney. Robert L, Baker. Front row: Ralph E. Warner, Dolores Brown, Andrew Rematore, Bernice Udick, James Flor, Laszlo Bcrbas. OFFICERS President Andrew Rematore Vice President Ralph Merrill Secretary-Treasurer Jane Waters Faculty Sponsor Miss Bernice Udick Si Back row. left to right: Lloyd Harden, Hal West. Larry Travis. Mercer Cross. Stanley Shively, Pat McCarty. Third row: Jim Childress. Paige Carlin. Jim Titcomb, Glen Russell. Bob Dunham. Cliff Edwards, Jr. Second row: Phil Bright. Tom Mason. George Merlino, Howard Eddy, Alfred Goldfarb, Herb Kamlet. Bob Eberhardt. C. O. Allen. Front row: Joseph Phelan, Edward Zabrusky, Nerman Gelman, Jerry Koplovitz. Fred Pottorf. Jim Spiker. f ma oDelta L ki OFFICERS President Jerry Koplowitz Vice-President Tom Hutton Secretary Bob Dunham Treasurer :.... Fred Pottorf Publicity Ed Zabrusky Secretary Spring and Fall Quarter Norm Gelman Sigma Delta Chi is the only professional journalism fraternity in the United States. Membership totals 18,000 and there are 53 undergraduate chapters. The Colorado chapter is active in promoting interest in journalism on the campus. Chapter speakers last year included Raymond Swing and Cedric Foster. Guided tours of the Denver Post were under partial command of the University chapter. Colorado high school papers were judged by the chapter, with awards given to the best. The chapter also puts out the Homecoming and April Fool ' s issue of the Silver and Gold. 305 Beta Sigma, an honorary for women in the School of Business, was organized at the University of Colorado in 1938. Its purpose is to encourage women in the field of business and to foster closer relationships between faculty and students. During the year its members have an opportunity to hear and become acquainted with leading men and women in the field of business. Each year at the annual spring banquet a cup is presented to an outstanding senior woman in the School of Business. OFFICERS President Virginia Lee Street Vice-President Katie Hartman Secretary Mary Phillips Correspondent Secretary Marie George Treasurer Alta Brown Sponsors Joy LaRue Helen Borland §7ta Back row, left to right: Sharon Lee, Margaret Cloonan, Billie Nelson. Jeanne Proctor. Donna Crisler, Harriet Crawford. Second row: Marcia Mast, Joy Martin, Joanne Poole, Anita Hcnric, Frances Carswell, Joan Davis. Pat Buck, Wilma Sweat. Front row: Joy LaRue, Mary Phillips, Alta Brown, Virginia Lee Street, Carol Jean Stevens, Loel Amberg, Donna Glocge. 1936-1946 With the aid of P. W. A. grants the university began a period of rapid expansion. The Field House the Museum, the Men ' s Residence Halls, the Women ' s Club. The_Eng.n eenng leaders had realized in part their dream of the " campus beautiful. In 1937 Byron (Whixzer) White was adding to the luster of the " " i; " J ' y « " " J ' ' ; American football selection and as a Rhodes Scholar selection. l " 1939 Robert Stearns in 1949 the student body numbered 4559 students. nation took its toll on this campus. After the bombing ox r :c,r. " -■-■■• " ' • " ; ' - j versitv chanqed rapidly. Fraternities languished, with their members off to war. Tne lororities entered iSto Red Cross work, bond sales, and entertainment for the warriors stationed on the campus. _. , x , x lu. Comments of the times indicate the current of opinion. " The l Vlooks " ' if went on as usual, we slept, we ate. we played cards, and some even bought books. If skirts get any shorter, the giris ought to start pulling up their shoes. p_..u,„x n 1942 the university received the navy ' s Japanese Language School President Stearns was given a leave of absence to serve with the air force in the South Pacific; and to complete Ihe university ' s role in the war effort, a V.12 program was installed. DOHMS DOR i The Residence Halls reflect the rural Italian architecture that is so typical of the buildings on campus. The dormitories are comparatively new, and in addition to the Freshman and Upperclass Halls, freshmen women have moved into 1165 Broadway this year, formerly the Graduate House. Four more Men ' s Dormitories were added recently ai the east end of the campus, and to the north lies the village of Vetsville for veterans and their families. The University accommodates approximately 4000 people in these residences pro- viding a well-rounded life for all, socially as well as scholastically. NAN ANDERSON, Editor l i omen 3 gD ormd Anne Campbell Director McKenna Hall Wilma Sweat Assistant Martha McCabe Director Harding Hall Sue Guild Assistant Harding Hall Shirley Poling Director Bigelow Hall i Rita Baltes Assistant Bigelow Hall Ruth Brown Assistant Regent Hall orm 2). and L oundetord The new counseling system in the Freshman Residence Halls is now in its second year. Formerly, in these halls, the system included a housemother, a hall president, and sophomore counse- lors. Now, in each hall, there is a stu- dent director living on first floor, an as- sistant director living on third floor, and these two girls are assisted by upper- class advisors living throughout the halls. All of these girls serve in an ad- visory capacity for the freshmen, with the latter choosing their own officers midway in the first quarter. The upper- class advisors usually only stay in the halls one quarter, as informations cen- ters to help orientate the new girls, while the directors remain in the hall all year. In the Upperclass Residence Halls there is a Hall President appointed in each hall, and the girls in the halls choose the rest of their officers. Also there are married couples living in the halls, and in each hall, they serve as soc- ial directors and sponsors for their hall. In both the Upperclass and Freshman Halls, there is one student social co- ordinator whose function is, as the name implies, to coordinate the social activ- ities in the dorms. These student directors and hall presi- dents are chosen by the AWS Orienta- tions Committee through the applica- tions submitted in the spring. This sys- tem will continue in the future with few changes, unless the Navy should return to use the dormitories. In addition to the directors and presi- dents pictmred here, the upperclass ad- visors for the year are Dianne Van Aus- dall, Carolyn Griesbach, Jean Jerald, Joan Richards in Regent; Joan Pink, Betty Shaffert, Geraldine Booker, Mari- lyn Broaddus in Bigelow; JoAnn Butt, Joan Rizzo, Marilyn Woertman, Jacque- line Courtney in Harding; Phyllis Al- brecht, Edith Keene, Gail Van Hine in Lester; and Sue Koren, Dolores Opar- rill, Shirley Honnen, Jacqueline Paule, Barbara Graber in McKenna. Dottie Kern Director Lester Hall Mary Pankoff Assistant Lester Hall Anne Morrison Assistant McKenna Hall Carol Stevens President Southeast Hall Joanne Clark President Northwest Hall Elouise Chaptn President Northeast Hall Peggy Sutherland President Southwest Hall Phylis Carlson Coordinator UWRH Mary Lou Hawkins Coordinator FWRH 309 Back row, left to right: Sue Hills, Eulah Scott, Katherine Marshall, Martha Moore, Ruth Schapanski, Barbara Koepnack, Carlisle Carpenter, Altona Fowler, Elaine Schauer, Barbara Hodges, Marcia Riggs, Clara Math. Fourth row: JoAnne Thomson. Jackie Kerr, Barbara Massey, Donna Hartman, Betty Lindenschmit, Mary Sumikawa, Jeri Edwards, Audrey Fichtner, Diane Ruthenberg, Joan Benner, Carole Krueger, Joanne Sorensen. Third row: Jackie Dunlap, Pat O ' Connell, Susy Adams, Viola Brase, Corinne Spath, Dolores Goldthwaite, June Cannon. Helene Stelzenn Muller, Janet Lou Bouma, Nancy Lee Tesch, Jean Glenn, Barbara McGillivray. Second row: Bambina Marcantonio, Joan Norman, Carolyn Fales, Sally Cohen, Nancy Harlan, Mary Ann Kane, Jeanne Bowen. Carol Haines, Rita Nicklos. Mary Brock. Siggie Koebel. Sally Coshow. Front row: Jean Wilson, Carriellen Reeve, Karlyn Claser, Betty Schaffert, Shirley Poling, Rita Baltes, Betty Merriam, Lois Dickinson, Marcia Schuman, Louise Settle, M. J. Dazey, Marilyn Broaddus, Geraldine Booker, OFFICERS Student Director Shirley Poling Assistant Director Rita Baltes President _ _ Jane Gregg Vice-President _ Barbara Sittig Secretary _ _... Julie Sherman Treasurer _ Susan Hills Intramurals Chairmen _ _ Carole Krueger and Gerry Perego Social Chairmen Sue Adams and Joyce Pierson SongJeader _ Barbara Hodges Scrapbook and Publicity _ _ Betty Savery Bulletin Board and Activities ..._ _ Pat O ' Connell Scholarship _ Joyce Little ASUC Reporter „ Shirley Jensen Lots of pep and personality — that ' s what is bubbling over at Bigelow Hall! Bigelow has good reason to be proud of its contribution to the girls who will be leaders in future campus activities. Many unforgettable times, such as chaotic dorm dSlaeiow f J alL meetings, gala hall parties, and exciting intramural games, have passed into pleasant memories. This year has definitely been one of the most successful in the history of Bigelow, and this was due in great part to the capable leadership of our student director, Shirley Poling. She was assisted by Assistant Student Director Gerry Baltes, and Upperclass Advisors Jerry Booker, Marilyn Broaddus, Joan Pink, and Betty Schaffert. 310 Back row, left to right: Joanne Poole, Barbara Giesler, Carole Degen, Betty Davidson, Mary Thomas, Margaret Kingman, Sue Pomeroy, Janice Willey, Peg Howe, Betty Savery, Sally Hinchliffe, Jackie Middlemist. Third row: Barbara Withrow, Rusty Jones, Bette Leonard, Gwen Names, Josephine Henshaw, Velda McCabe, Val Furlan, Marilyn Mosier, Jean Drake, Shirley Jensen, Ann Bruning, Joyce Rierson, Kay Stanton. Second row: Sue Henkel, Shirley Ludeman, Betty Watkien, Wynona Sonnenberg, Carol Wolf, lola Sonnenberg, Beth Young, Rosalee DeMoss, Dena Heller, Roberta Turek, Mardy Hammond, Sally Joyce, Bini Heise, Gwen Linn. Front row: Mary Cook, Louise Cobb, Fairfax Stewart, Joan Scnaible, Rita Baltes, Shirley Poling, Peggy Schurch, Jeanette Meyer, Jane Gregg, Marilyn Reynolds. n o f fA C ' l w O Q 9J lC I f Back row, lelt to right: Charlotte Weber. Jacqueline Courtney. Jane Sheldon, Dot Sanborn, Dejonc Du Bois. Margo Allen. Bobbie Ann Herren. Fourth row: Joan Rizzo. Susan Guild. Lynne Woertman. Sarah Morris, Shirley Livingston. Barbara Kenny, Bette Lee Essman, Ann Hoshall, Gretchen Gasser. Third row: Ann Newbury, Lee Neutnan, Janice Golden, Treva McKeeman, Deloris Andes, Barbara Starrett, Lee Huffman, Mimi Shantz, Mary Fitzgerald, Pat Loversky, Mary Powers. Sally Colwill. Second row: Ann Potter, Marlene Bernstein, Jane Schroder, Mary Corcoran, Barbara Rinehart, Shirley Hashimoto, Pat Bardwell, Bonnie Jean Corning, Jackie Holder, Tookie Christian, Katie Glasgow, Sheila Kemper. Front row: Barbara Barnhart, Carol Lee Piepho, Izana Hynes, Louise Taylor, Tauna Sirota, Martha McCabe, Doris Ocamb, Shannon O ' Neil, Beth Zall, Mary Rheinberger. OFFICERS Student Director Martha McCabe Assistant Director Susan Guild President Carol Lee Piepho Vice President Mary Bovard Secretary Sally Colwill Treasurer _ Charlotte Weber Intramurals Cbairmen _ Lee Newman and Carol Spiller Social Chairmen „ Margo Allen and Bobbie Herron Scrapbook and Publicity Pat Bacon Bulletin Board and Activities Carol Kleinman Scholarship Marlene Neer Songleader _ _. Peg Minear ASUC Reporter Jean Welsh Each University activity this year bore the mark of the 134 girls who lived in Harding Hall. We teamed up with the rest of the Freshman dormitories and the men ' s dorms to pro- duce our float for Homecoming; our coffee hours, teas, and J aruina J atl f quarterly formals contributed to the social life of our girls. Almost everyone participated in one of the intramural com- petitions. Marty McCabe, our student director, and Sue Guild, assistant student director, were always available for consulta- tion and gave us invaluable guidance. Each floor as well had its own upperclass advisor; there was Joan Rizzo, Jackie Court- ney, Joarme Butt, and Lynn Woertman. Back row, left to right: Dona Rae Wright. Barbara Maring, Mary Cushner, Roberta Rosenbaum, Sally Spence, Paula Leiand, Shirley Lopez, Diana McCarthy, Joan Lacey, Louise Kulpak. Viola Bennington, Florence Black. Third row: Tructa Tureman, Carol Spiller, Mary Bovard, Norma Jacobs, Carol Kleinman, Anne Yamamoto, Kay Golightly, Diane Moon, Joan Babcock, Elaine Shirley, Norine Penzel, Betty Jo Mathews, Anne Schlotterbeck. Second row: Elsie Nakata, Bette Davidson, Sally Jo Stevenson, Jo Needham, Jo Culloden, Kathy Kobayashi, Carol Campbell, Marlene Neer. Joan Bickmore. Matalic Boggio, Nancy Gilbert, Charlotte L. Weber. Front row: Jean Ann Welsh, Jo Davis, Pat Bacon, Jane Catchur, Martha McCabe. Suzan Teberg, Lorraine Zayac, Mary Jo Flynn, Mary Sundberg, Judy Slatten. 311 l£i , O ' iMlJl lii Back row, left to right: Shirley Tablcr. Aleene Hurlburt, Virginia Livingston, Margaret Herbert, Sue Woodcock, Mary Pugh, Alice Alvey, Margaret Berens, Phyllis Albrecht, Janet Warner. Third row: Marian Evans, Shirley Peppers, Barbara Sundberg. Mary Lou Ackman, Audrey Saltz, Molly Hale, Nancy Yoast, Cilia Coate, Gail Van Hine, Anne Worthington, Julia Spears. Second row: Audrey Williams, Leuretta Weddell. Loretta Wong, Sue Fowler, Jane Barton, Jackie Susen, Lee Henson, Edy Stebbins, Dee Belous, Joan SchiiTer, Jill Anderson. Front row: Nedra Poch, Carol Bernstorf, Joanie Sellew, Barbara Halsted, Mary Pankoff, Dorothy Kern, Sally Handler. Jeanne Engelbrccht, Nancy Schneeloch, Joan Russell. OFFICERS Student Director - Dorothy iCerm Assistant Director Mary Pankoff President - Ann Worthington Vice President Mary Ann Tuohy Secretary Loretta Wong Treasurer Allison Wright Intramurals Chairmen Julia Spears and Evelyn Pishney Social Chairmen Jane Parson and Sally Altick Songleader Elizabeth Lackey Scrapbook and Publicity Cilia Coate Bulletin Board and Activities Jane Winston Scholarship Mary Ann Everist ASUC Reporter I-ou Eckman " Boom, tra la, we sure have got the pep, " sang the 94 mem- bers of Lester Hall this year, and they really meant it. Lester became known as " the friendly hall that had all the fun. " Special Wednesday night dinners varied from " the mad hatters " to a cJ edter J ati costume party at Halloween and special decorations for Christ- mas and Thanksgiving. Their formal had the theme " Some- where Over the Rainbow. " They were the first group of fresh- men women to go seranading. The Lesterites and Lestermites participated in all intramural sports and gave a good account of themselves. 312 Back row. leit to right: Laretta Larmon, Barbara Allen, Ann Smyser, Maria Disque, Marilyn Hall, Margaret Langford. Third row: Allison Wright, Ellen Eaton, Mary Everist, Helen Turner, Marcia Keleher, Aliene Saunders, Joan Montgomery, Danna O ' Grady, Elizabeth Lackey. Second row: Betty Lou Petermann, June Onorati, Jeanne Stevens, Kathy Waugh, Nancy Tuhey, Pat Blackwell, Lee Nanlcy. Sally Altick, Dorothy Ann Vaughan, Helen Sams. Front row: Jane Winston, Evelyn Pishny, Carole Humphrey, Susan Denslow, Mary Pankoff, Dorothy Kern, Jane Ann Parson, Edith Keena, Joan Dunham, Mary Ann Tuohy. f) O n n r? c o o A c Back row, left to right: Elaine Anderson, Bonnie McGaw, Ruth Riechers, Pat James, Peg Farrier, Joanne Mickles. Fifth row: Ellen McBride, Carolyn Paschal, Elisabeth Swigert, Charlotte Learning, Mary Groves, Roberta Orchard, Antonette Erickson, Peggy King, Mona Lehman, Harriet Roth, Donna Bates. Fourth row: Mary Ann Quinn, Nancy Hess, Diane Chandos, Marion Clark, Shirley-Mae Lee, Darlene Oparil, Linda Cady, Shirley Metz, Paula Langer, Barbara Gould, Barbara Hulbeach. Third row: Beverly Tierney, Margaret Watts. Dora Lee Nickols, Marian Slininger. Joann Ellis, Joan Chason, Bette Bodholdt, Virginia Martin. Patsy Noel, Marilyn Bierman, Sally Ranger. Second row: Anne Bradshaw, Louise Winter, Mary Selfridge, Dory Oparil, Sue Korcn, Jackie Paule. Delores Winters, Arlene Hobbs, Carol Alexander, JoAnn Harriman. Sally Gaines. Front row: Donna Greif. Sandra Isaacson, Claris Kelly, Jessie Leimbach. Ginny Krasick. Anne Morrison, Anne Campbell, Barb Dahlberg, Carol Gunstead. Doris Mauney, Alice Schoett. Beverly Bycrs. Tammy Lou Utter. OFFICERS Student Director , ' . Anne Campbell Assistant Director _ Anne Morrison President Jo Mulligan Vice President _ _ _... Peggy Fcrrier Secretary „ .... Carol Lindseth Treasurer _ _..«.-„ Edie Nelson Intramurals Chairmen Mary Selfridge and Peggy King Social Chairmen " „ Nancy Spoerri and Sally Ranger Scrapbook and Publicity - -. Ann Bradshaw Bulletin Board and Activities _ Ju iy Jones Scholarship ?. „ Sandra Isaacson Songleader „ Ann Buehler All 145 girls who live in McKenna joined together to make this a wonderful year. They entered into the school activities with pep and enthusiasm, participating in the intramural events, holding coffee hours and mixers with the men ' s dorms, and = If 1 lc enna J atl working on various activities on the campus. In addition, they are especially proud of Dot Bee r, who copped the honor of Freshman Queen at the I.S.A. First Nighter dance. Special dinners and parties broke the routine of dorm life and provided great fun and amusement for all. Under the wonderful leader- ship of Anne Campbell, student director, and Anne Morrison, her assistant, the girls of McKenna have bonded together into a loyal group of friends who are very proud of their dormitory. Back TOW, left to right: Carolyn Lindseth, Mary Ann Huffer. Janet Mansfield, Fannie-Rose Schneider, Margaret Day. M. J. Duncan, Bev Kuster, Mary Ellen TurnbuU, Carol Jane Kehr, Ann Cummings. Gail Schoeheman, Nancy Crockett, Emma Lou Sutton. Fiitb row: Cynthia Skelton, Nancy Rogers, Diane Schreiber, Alice Armstrong, Gail Wright, Sue Rickman, Arlene Anderson, Sidney McFarland. LaDorna Connor, Carole Humphrey, Marilyn Munson, Joan Lundberg, Barbara Kallhoff. Fourth row: Priscilla Miller, Bettie Wyner, Geraldine Bernstein, Barbara Hulburd. Margy Johnson. Ginger Show, Bea Smoot, Betty Lou Morgan, Ruth Brown. Clareen Gaasch, Marion Sterrett, Vee Peterson. Third row: Joanne Civerolo, Joan Helmes, Barbara Brown, Edie Nelson, Jerry Srp. Janie Glascock. Lucy Scofield, Ginny Colton, Jane Thompson. Mary Vela, Joanne Reynolds. Sandra Naleid. .Second row: Judy Rendall, Donna Jean Hesselius, Diane Kent, Jeri Rakow, Lynette Brown, Barbara Palmer, Joan Scofield, Marlene Crawford, Joy Geeseka, Betty McBride, Phyllis Reed. Jeanne Schafer. Front row: Ann Hartwell, Bonnie Johnston. Paula Morrison, Bnrb?r , Graber. Daisy Hockley. Ann Morrison. Anne Campbell. Shirley Hcnnen. Meredith St. Clair. Judy Jones. Candy Pierce. 313 r A o a TJ o O f na_ o ri ' nWf ♦ J Ht- ' Back row, leit to right: Marilyn Martin, Beverly Pretty, Eleanor Hart, Diane Carroll, Carolanne Johnson, Janet Clarke, Jean J era Id, Mickey Prey. Third row: Diana Van Ausdall, Barbara Alfred, Sue McCord. Patricia Parker, Mary Lou Johnson. Sue Krebs. Second row: Jane Morrison, Doris Raber. Anne Skiff ington, Patty Meyer, Carol Burke, Jean Clark, Nancy Bloch. Front row: Shirley Pahs. Gerry Flood. Gail Anderson. Ruth Brown, Director, Mary Ellen Stacy, Connie Loomis, Annette Teitelbaum. OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. Marian Handwerg Assistant Director Ruth Brown President .._ Barbara Jean Hamilton Vice President Alice Kaufman Secretary Judy Emch Treasurer „. „ Donna Darley IKeaent J all Intramurals Chairman Social Chairmen . Helen Speer and Marilyn Mayes Pat Meyer and Joan Kingery ■9 Scrapbook and Publicity „ Carol Schradzke Bulletin Board and Activities Barbara Buchanan Scholarship _ _, June Gasser Songleader Ann Chapman ASUC Reporter Pat Parker This year the girls showed lots of vim vigor, and vitality in all their numerous activities. We worked on the campus chest drive and the dorm Homecoming Float, planned a Hallo- ween party, a Christmas party for under privileged children, and numerous Sunday teas. The stiff competition for Campus Queens resulted with finalists from Regent. An early start on choir practice put Regent girls in great shape, and we also organized a contest for a spirited dorm song. We had white elephant sales and sold sandwiches to raise money for the social events. 314 Back row, left to right: Judy Emch, Marlys Anderson. Joan Richards, Ruthmary Pasco, Ann Chapman, Mary Lou McCoy. Third row: June Gasser, Ann Rasey, Nancy Armstrong, Carolyn Griesbach, Barbara Buchanan. Alice Kaufmann, Sharyn Cox. Second row: Nancy Milles, Ruth Joffe, Mary Jean Maloof, Molly Kay Williams, Berta Slifer. Margaret Munson. Lyn Nyquist, Joanne Dawson. Front row: Betty Cornelius, Barbara Jean Hamilton, Judith Claire Andrews, Ruth Brown, Director, Dorothy Lee Baldwin, Joan Marie Kingery, Helen Gene Speer. O €t O f1 Back row, left to right: Dorothy Davenport. Janis Conklin. Elida DeRouen, Jean Cooke, Margaret Staats. Fourth row: Lucille Lee, Blanche Hardin, Jo Fellin, Mary Humphrey, Diane Robbins, Marilyn Moore, Nora Leavttt. Third row: Phylis Carlson, Ann Markham, Joann Duncan, Barbara Ambler, Shirley Hornbeck, Barbara Hudson, Pat Bloeser, Elynore Minsey. Second row: Grace Wahl, Shirley Dinwiddie. Lenore Hebal, Evelyn Towbin, Elsie Berger, Virginia Lindgren. Helen McKell, Patsy Woods, Maurine O ' Dell. Front row: Gloria Skufca, Betty Brown, Mrs. Vineta Nehring, Elouise Chapin, Cathy Hosea, Betty Keefer, Jo Eeckhout. OFFICERS President Elouise Chapin Vice President Betty Keil Secretary Joanne Gilbert Social Chairman Elida DeRouen Bulletin Board Shirley Rhodes Activities ,. Rosemary Logan Songleader _ Jeanne Joslin Scrapbook _ _ _ Joyce Bovik Intramurals _ Barb Ambler ASUC _.... Patsy Woods Publicity Areta Powers " How ya gonna keep ' em away from the dorm After they ' ve seen Northeast? . . . . " Innumerable activities including hall parties, social hours, floats, and intramurals brought excitement everyday. Although ead l TTClii eagerly awaited parties and dances were fun, the impromptu skits and clever advertising acts usually received the biggest encores. Success in leading volleyball, basketball, and softball teams was accomplished by a peppy cheering section backing co-operative teams. Yet this year ' s activity does not over-shadow the record made in more sedate actions. Scholarship has been admirable with infrequent 2.5 ' s or better. The success of the Orphan ' s Day, Campus Chest, and political campaigns is unmistakable. Back row, left to right: Adele Kunkel, Donna Headley, Berna Brassea, Greta Porous, Ruth Johnson. Mary Fleming. Second row: Patricia Tondre, Jeanne Joslin, Faith Kolkey, Edna Barnes, Constance Chace, Mary Phraner, Gloria Stacy, Nancy Stroud. Front row: Pat Eberhart, Ann 31.S Devitt. Lynn Petty. Mrs. Vineta Nehring, Elouise Chapin, Rita Pitre, Joan Baker. «»••• Back row. left to right: Phyllis Hanson, Kathleen Springer, Sylvia Manville. Beverly Jean Gourley. Esther Schultz, Georgia Steers. Kathryn Sues, Jane Wilson. Third row: Mary Sharp, Eleanor Wingo, Gerry Jones, Patricia Grinstead, Marjorie Lockard. Barbara Summers, Marien Mulanax, Charlene Head. Second row: Mary Ann Harmsen, Mary Bailey, Yvonne Hinrichs, Pat Wilson, Jeanne Roncka, Bobbie Sell, Betty Jo Eve, Gloria Baur, Phyllis Stageberg. Front row: Mary McKnight, Jeanne Ackers, Bette Mikkelson, Sally Holloway, Joanne Clark. Donna Gloege, Ravia Willis. OFFICERS President Joanne Clark Vice President Inez Burns Secy.-Treasurer Mary Ann Harmsen Social Chairmen Bette Mikkelson and Tommic Thomas Intramurals Ginny Milenski Bulletin Board and Activities - Sue Meyer Songleader Ravia Willis Scholarship Chairman Barbara Swann cued t J all " Let ' s build a fire in the lounge and pop popcorn while we listen to the game. " Such a statement, whether in football or baseball season, is the keynote to the atmosphere and activities Northwest Hall has had this year. What fun we ' ve had together planning tea dances, making one of the winning Homecoming floats, having floor get-togethers and hall parties, and learning from our " housefather " about plaintiffs and defendants. Our volleyball team took awhile to get started, but our basketball forwards and the baseball outfield were hard to beat. All in all, we burned the popcorn and had a wonderful time. 316 Back row, left to right: Bonnie Jorgensen, Sheila Barrett, Virginia Saulcy, Margaret Cloonan. Yvonne Patten, Barbara Swann, Mary Ann Bousman, Barbara Lusk. Third row: Lynn Gilbert, Catharine Miguel, Marjorie Woelbing, Jane Kardokus, Cynthia Scott, Diane McQuilkin, Jane De Kay, Lura Georgiann King, Mary Alice Barnum. Second row: Iris Corriher, Merle Heitman, Mary Louise Parks, Wanda Ailinger. Betty French, Bette Bennett, Joan Hammer, Madelyn Larsen. Front row: Helen Ozbirn. Carolyn Reiman, Julia Mae Meiklejohn, Mrs. Sally Holloway. Jeanne Clark, Nola Faye Briggs, Marjory Barnum. 1 . x ' Back row, let ' t :o . : . . i : v . Frances Mehas, Km h anna Jacobs, Faith Young, Ardith Friedow. Alice Moore. Third tow : Alma Chong, Mildred Kroger, Mary Dawley, Sabra Carrott, Sue Behling, Dorothy Hanson. Jean Wilcox. Second row: Betty Sherba. Marita Hayes. Lons Dantice, Jo Ann Presler. Nancy Garn, Pat Buck, Ruth Knopf. Marilyn Nelson. Front row: Virginia Damon, Marilyn Stevens. Carolyn Allen, Carol Stevens, Vivian Robinson, Mary Jean Harbin, Marilyn Peppiatt. OFFICERS President Carol Jean Stevens Vice President Yolanda Cleland Secretary Paula Lundell — M t ) ) Social Chairmen Marilyn Nelson and Sue Behling m mm ml ml Bulletin Board Barbara Bucler g g g M g M g Scrapbook Marjorie Clark Xf - . g g i ;S?; ' .z:=:z=:==z;:zz:;;;z::zz::;:::;.. .T4 JjOUtneUSt y all Scholarship Pat Buck Songleader Jean Wilcox Newspaper Nancy Hardin ASUC Nancy Chanak Activities Beverly Riches hours got Others acquainted with us. We entertained our dates at two formals. We also pitched into our studies to make good Working hard to fill a spot on the Colorado University grades. The girls undertook to mother some orphans in an excit- campus, Southeast Hall has participated in socials, intramurals, ing day for everyone. We tried to participate in almost every scholastic, and leadership activities. Marshmallow roasts got campus activity. In all that we have done we have felt the bliss us acquainted; social dances, parties, open house and coffee of dorm life and a " home away from home. Back row, left to right: Mary Reigle. Queeda Mantle, Bonnie M. Baldwin, Harriet Crawford, Yolanda Kay Cleland. Marjorie Clark, Sue Humel, Donna Mosbaugh. Fourth row : Deanne Lewis, Joan Trontell. Ita Korn, Bobby Young, Claire Champagne, Bar bra Bueler, Katherine Bowie, Marian Parsons. Third row: Mary Barger, Shirley Krogmeier. Katherine Bokares, Vonnie Leininger, Darlene Sager, Catherine Williams, Donna Lou Veach. Second row: Ruby L. Daniels, Bev Riches, Helen Hoagland, Joyce Lakin, Betty Emery, Mary Louise Brown. Barbara Moore, Paula LundcU. Front row: Nancy Hood. Patricia Brown. Carolyn Allen, Carol Stevens, Muriel Salzmann, Reita Schwartz. Joan Hall. 317 Back row, left to right; Anita Bridwell, Bobbie Bocttcher, Rose Lincoln. Carol Campbell, Margaret Ann Carmichaei . - . Erlandson, Beverly Kinman, Marylyn Jessup, Elaine loke. Second row: Marilyn Leinberger, Billie Smith, Ann Brown, Donna Hall, Delia Delimont, Louise Apple, Beverly Gerbaz, Dorothy Hawks, Elsie Carter. Front row: Joyce Gillis. Barbara Breidenbach, Barbara Hartshorn, Peggy Sutherland, Mrs. Fred Schneider, Carolyn Ansdell, Phyllis Henderson. Not in picture: Frances Abenheimcr, Mary Jane Aluise, Gloria Ardueser, Anniece Aschieris, Ann Ash, Nancy Bell, Joyce Berry, Pat Ginger, Agnes Brichacek, Temple Brown, Wilma Burgener, Doris Ann Douglas, Betty Lou Cooke, Margaret Ann Fisher, Annamae Ganatta, Phyllis Gilkison, Ana Golston, Joyce Holly, Elaine lacoponelli, Ellen Pauline Johnson. Mary Ellen McCuc. OFFICERS President Peggy Sutherland Vice President Marylyn Jessup Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Holly Social Chairman Ann McFerran Publicity _ Marge Mackley Intramurals Gloria Ardueser Moral Carrie Walsh Scholarship Eleanor McCullough Bulletin Board Eleanor Paulicheck Activities Dottie Relihen ASUC Reporter Lynn Roseman From chile suppers to a roller skating party, from a hyp- notist ' s performance to square dancing, from Sunday night coffee-around-the-fireplace to Christmas caroling, Southwest ' s activities this year have been directed toward building a spirit outnwest J all of unity among its members. To create a feeling of being at home has seemed to us paramount. And we feel that we have contributed toward making such a warm atmosphere a very real part of the tradition of the whole Upperclass Hall as well as our own Southwest. 318 Back row, left to right: Jeanne Proctor, Mary Swann, Pat Schell, Eleanor Paulicheck. Marilyn Vissenbcrg, Marilyn Tucker, Sue Connors, Lynn Roseman, Janet Young. Second row: Frances O ' Melia, Bertha Thomas, Mickey Bunn, Ann ' McFerran, Dorothy Rellihen, Pat Shelp, Ruth Nygaard, Barbara Ann Bolinger. Front row: Carol Owen, Eleanor McCulloagh, Carol Nelson, Rene Siebert. Peggy Sutherland, Mrs. Schneider, Marge Markley, Polly Munson. JVot in picture: Carol McGregor, Helene Mayer. Velda Menzel. Vi Miera. Ann Morgan, Barbara Mullen, Anne Murphy, Esther Paper, Pat Petersen, Adrienne Pinkerton, Elsa Ramiriz, Ronda Reddert, Shirley Shideler. Pat Skaggs, Mary Lois Strickler, Avila Tringali, Paula Usem. Lyllian Waldbaum, Carol Mary Walsh. Priscilla Watts. Back row, left to right: Marguerite Bloxom. Nancy Stivers. Mary Jo Gaebel. Valerie Waldron, Anabeth Woodward, Mary Oliver, Pat Reeves. Fourth row: Margot Bowie, Nancy Wise. Nancy Swope, Betty Jean Mountford, Dolora DeGeer, Susan Laidley, Terri Drake. Third row: Betty B. Brown, Eleanor Ganatta, Jo Ann Fritchie. Edith Hirsch. Leura Melville, Sara Upton, Nancy LaMair, Barbara Kenworthy. Second row: Ruth Ann Zingone, Ann Haney. Ann Rosenthal. Jean Ross, Joyce Schott. Marjoric Ament, Stony Adams, Helen Resales. Front row: Kay Eastman, Linda Blaine, Wilma Sweat, Mrs. Kadlec, Mary Foster, Mary Pogue, Nancy Troxell. , nnex 1 OFFICERS Social Director _ Mrs. Harry Kadlec Assistant Director Wllman Sweat President Nancy Shivers Vice President Sara Upton Secretary-Treasurer Mary Foster Social Chairman JoAnn Fritchie Intramurals Chairman Marilyn Adams Bulletin Board and Activites Jean Ross Scholarship Anabeth Woodward Songleader Margot Bowie ASUC Reporter Mary Jean Oliver This year for the first time 1165 Broadway was turned into a freshman dorm. Previously, grads inhabited the house, and at first, the thirty-five freshman women who replaced them had a bit of trouble making the campus realize that they should be a part of things. But soon the girls made their appearance known in parties intramurals, queen contests — and always out there rooting for dear old C.U. 319 320 Back row, lelt to right: Jackie Hansen. Mary Jane White, Nancy Smith. Mary Mallatt. Joyce Guildner, Lorain Kahn. Pat Snyder. Second row: Frances Dolch. Harriet Voss. Dona Gagliardi, Mary George, Joan Reid. Mrs. Bartram, Mr. Bartram. Alida Anisman, Carole Bergerman. Front row: Sarah Franklin, Joanne Bassow, Jalene Borders. Frances McDonald, Dorothy Matson, Phyllis Pankonin, Jo Ann Edering- ton. Grace Lord. O t urlrum If you were to take a peek in the white manor around 12 midnight, you would find the California Girls huddled under a sun lamp, while the girls from the mid-west are wrestling with their corn plants. Another attraction of the 1100 block on Pleasant Street is a model A Ford, known as Woadstone. Thanks to a certain fra- ternity pledge class (need we mention names) this car has at- mosphere plus! After dinner is perhaps the most interesting time at Bartram ' s. Two or three couples may be seen in the living room arguing over who took the last trick, while upstairs may be heard the angelic voices of several girls singing " I ' ve Got Tho se Fraternity Blues. " Presiding over this house are Mr. and Mrs. Bartram, who make it a real home, by their parties and genuine interest in the girls. M BatK iww. ieit to right: Edie Peters, Margaret Fox, Puddy Northcutt, Ann Woodward, Janet Helsell. Barbara Barker. Third row: Norma Quinn. Janice Pobrislo, Louise Pitchford, Dorothy Kopine. Rosalie Clave, Ruth Yauch, Evelyn Golden, Nan Woolpy, Helen Breetwor, Mickie Rasmusen, Helen Smecd. Second row: Connie Bundy, Joan Woods, Sue Bearden. Sally Bearden. Jeanne Wexler. Joanne Laucomer, Virginia Naused, Marlis Murray. Front row: Joanna Nathan, Phyllis Stern. Barbara Ward, Patty Stafford, Betti Baker. Nonie Nathan. 321 eraman 6 ' f If it ' s fun you want — It ' s Bergman ' s! If it ' s friends you want — try Bergman ' s ! If you want to find an all round Colo- rado school year fil led with all the joys and heartaches that go along with school — you could find a perfect example at Berg- man ' s ! Our home away from home is located at 1058 13th Street. The friendly atmosphere radiates right out the front door with gatherings around the piano and " Ukes. " Bergman ' s has some- times been called " The home of musical amateurs with every participant a star. " There have been parties, studies, bull-sessions, and, just anything that goes into making up a home. We will all really hate to leave. 322 Ssck row, left to right: Joan Hammer, Barbara Bach. Doric Weber, Sonny Shepardson, Bette Harlan, Frances Sanchez. Front row: Nan Anderson. Lee Lundeen, Shirley Wahlstrom, President, and Grace Griffith. E rown 6 1121 University, otherwise known as " Brown ' s Palace " is the setting for fun and activity almost 25 hours a day. From the attic (excuse us — the pent house) to the basement apart- ment, things are strictly sociable (interspersed, of course, with an occasional bit of study). If no birthdays, armiversaries, or similiar excuses are avail- able for 10:30 get-togethers — there is always a bridge tourna- ment to polish off. Ski bunnies (and an expert or two), drama fiends, psych majors, and heaven forbid — a Texan, make for a congenial and active group. Represented by both Greeks and Independents, we are governed by Shirley Wahlstrom as president of our own private A.S.U.C. I Back row, left to right: Hisae Inouyc. Jan Hilferty, Betty Jean Prokop, Virginia Preich, Johanna Marquardt, Mary Margaret Ball, Sally Furukawa. Gwen Orr, Dorothy Uyenishi. Second row: Ethel Hough, Elizabeth Frost, C. C. Lee, Harriet Gauss, Barbara Petgen, Roslyn Starnes, Bonnie 9 ' Z Berge, Juanita Harrell, Sarah Jane Johnson. Front row: Rosie Masunaga, Evelyn Sims, Carolyn Campbell, Grace Yasumura, Naomi Hasui. 0 .» (2 ampuA i tub Cooperation is being carried to the Nth degree! The Cam- pus Club is unique on the campus, it is a self-governed group, guided by an elected coordinating committee. While the twenty-two girls who live here work together, they are not only able to enjoy the experience of managing a house and planning and preparing meals, but they benefit from such a non-profit organization. From the applications received, the members choose a num- ber of girls who are later elected permanent members if they have shown ability for cooperative living. The Coordinator is Peggy Ball, Planning Chairman Jean Prokop, Social Chairman Virginia Preich, Auditor Hisae Inouye. I ' lififtf i V nT iffi rtfyTBw nis I ' a A Back row, left to right: Anne Frohberg, Mary Phillips, Les Merrill, Bill Lloyd, Frank Cooley, Bob Brown, Margot Hodgson, Carolyn Ploger, Jean ' ' Rath. Second row: Virginia Casey, Jane Reed, Lois McDonald, Barbara Nelson, Helen Hennings, Mrs. Hunter, Ellic Walker. Donna Crisler, Nancy Jones, Frances Young, Jean McClearn. Front row: Ed Corfman, Kufe Baker, Sandy Sandfort, George Helder, Robert Henning, William Gibson, Roger Tilkemeier, Richard Dickason. J unter 6 Excellent food and plenty of it ! Mrs. Hunter ' s fine reputa- tion for wonderful food and a congenial atmosphere has long been a tradition with the house on the corner of 11th and Pennsylvania. Hunter ' s crowd will always cherish the niany wonderful times and hearty laughs that had their beginning around the diiuier table. The hashers liveliness every morning and their unexpected activities for special occasions; the candle-light dinners followed by Hunter ' s Wednesday Evening Club; these and other entertaining episodes have truly made Hunter ' s a home away from home. W« ' . 2). orm 326 Back row, left to right: Tom Bake -. Bob Newmark. Jerome Thomas. Bill Goodrow, John Curtis. Lcroy Dahm, Dale Stinton. Second row: Jim Askew. Jim Sheehan, Brad Rank, Bill Selby, Jim Deeds, Dean Keating. Front row: Wayne Fugate, Buss Tierney, Bill Chun-Hoon, Jean Cropley, Jose Delaguardia, Stuart Sex, Elvie Apodaca. cfDotm student L ouncli OFFICERS President John Curtis Vice President Bill Goodrow Secretary-Treasurer Bill Chun-Hoon Board ol Advisors Walt dayman Orrel Daniel Bill Reed Ernest Bush The Student Council of the Men ' s Residence Halls is an organization formed to take care of the neds and wants of the students living in the dormitories. The members of the council are elected by popular vote, and three men are elected from each hall. Besides administration duties of the group, the Council also sponsors many social and athletic events in which all men in the dorms can participate. Functions such as formals and athletic tournaments are held to enterain the students during their leisure time; they are organized and carried out entirely by the students under the direction of the Council. Self-govern- ment and self-entertainment are the keynotes of this organiza- tion. The members of the Council are John Curtis, Stuart Sex, Don Stewart, Jim Askew, Tom Baker, Dean Keating, Bill Selby, Russ Tierney, William Goodrow, John Sarconi, J. G. Connelly, Bob Newmark, Jim Deeds, Jerome Thomas, Jean Cropley, Le- roy Dahm, James Sheehan, Jose Dela Guardia, Dale Stinton, William Chun-Hoon, Elvie Apodaca, Brad Rank, Wayne Fugate, Lee Marshall. i Back row. left to right: Whitney Bradley, Don Meloche, Dick Punches, Bob Helmreich, Bob McKinley, Rex Sheppard. Second row: Bill Reed, 327 Walt Clayman. Bob Lawson, Daniel Arrel. Wilbur Wright. Ernest Bush, Jim McElroy. Front row: John Amaya, Walt Paquette, Harry Widdow- son. Rosemary Sluder, Elmer Grosshauser, Leonard McCain, Bud Crow, Stan Ulrich. if en d r edicience J all The Men ' s Residence Halls Association is the administra- tive and counseling staff of the men ' s dormitories. Following a policy that is prevalent on the campus, this staff, which is com- posed entirely of students under the direction of Elmer A. Grosshauser, capably handles all the administrative affairs of the dorms. The members of the staff, who are called counselors, help the students with all problems — academic and pesonal. A coiui- selor may cheer up a homesick freshman; he may help a student to master a difficult subject; or he may maintain order by doling out disciplinary action in cases where it is necessary. The most important function of the Association however, is to provide a friendly, homey atmosphere for the many stu- dents who are away from home for the first time. The members are Whitney Bradley, Don Meloche, Dick Punches, Bob Helmreich, Bob McKinley, Rex Sheppard, Bill Reed, Walt Clayman, Bob Lawson, Daniel Arrel, Wilbur Wright, Ernest Bush, Jim McElroy, John Amaya, Walt Pa- quette, Harry Widdowson, Elmer Grosshauser, Leonard Mc- Cain, Bud Crow, Stan Ulrich, and Andy Williams. 328 Back row, left to right: Mike Winningham, Dick McKinley, Carl Prenzlow, John Schultz, Raymond Bell. Fourth row: Leslie Rich, John Sherman, Jim Golden, Bruce Bashford, Gene Jensen, Don Bergeson. Third row: John Lavash, Hans Lehmann, Bill Barnes, Jim Askew, Ray Walters. Teddy Barnhart. Jr., Mark Metzger. Second row: Dick Reitz, Jack Walford, Marvin Shute. Mike Barrett, Hosy Lala, Albert Niznik, Eugene Witchie, Joseph Musumeci, Jr. Front row: Leo Murphy, Keith Mclntire, Bob McKinley, Pat McKinley, Joe Malcsovich, Ronald Sprinkle, Frederic Naglestad. OFFICERS President _ _ _ Zack Jordan Social Chairmen Mel Harmon, Mike Nacve Athletic Chairman _ „ Dick Tolson Student Council Representatives Jim Askew Tom Baker Dean Keating Baker Hall, boasting a large Freshman population, had a very active year. The football team, managed by Dick Tolson, made the season good, and Jim Askew was chosen to represent the dormitories in the intramural All-Star game during the (I5aher J all Homecoming festivities. The Hall also participated in intra- mural basketball, Softball, bowling, table termis and golf. Baker was on the campus social map too, and sponsored a very suc- cessful " Space Ship Shuffle, " and under the leaderhip of Mike Naeve, cooperated in other dorm social activities. Back row, left to right: Leonard Allott, James Taylor. Robert Brown, David Gates, Milo Naeve. Fourth row: Irv Haines. Paul Clianey, Donald Whitney, Duane Zayaz, Allan Carlin, John Leavitt, Bob Sichler. Third row: Clarence Horton, C. Russell Walker, Douglas Otto, Ralph Marx, Bob Minnard, Bill Traber. Second row: Cloyde Brown. Glen McBride, Arlie Barringer, Dean Keating, Earl Newmyer. John Howell, Fred Hale. Front row: Tom Baker, Bud Koger, Richard Charles, Bob McKinley, Patricia McKinley, Walt dayman. Rex Sheppard. Back row. left to right: Deryl McDaniel, George Christion, Robert Helmrcich, William Miles, Jim McEIroy, Karl Acker, Third row: Fransisco Maldonado, Floyd Hershberger, Ronald Slaughter, George Rhodes, Ted Rardin, Harold Hamblen, John Baum. Second row: Walter Merigan, Donald Kutil. Bill Gardner, Eino Pekkarine, Joel Katz, George Powell, Ernest Onorati, Russell Tierney. Front row: Dick Helgeson. Melvin Schauerman, Terry Matsuo. John Watford, J. D. Thompson, Jack Rominger, Marvin Lofgren. OFFICERS President Doug. Goodrow Social Chairman _ „ Frank Brown Athletic Chairman _ Poncho Maldanado Student Council Representatives Bill Selby Russ Tierney William E. Goodrow The men of Fleming Hall entertained twelve orphans at the Arizona-Colorado game. These children were taken to din- ner in the dorm, shown around the campus, taken to the game in the afternoon, and returned to the buses hired for them. m emin 9 J Cltt Fleming Hall sponsored several coffee hours, and steak fries. Their activities also included the Men ' s Dorm Formal and the building of floats for various occasions. Although athletically Fleming stood near the bottom of the intramural standings, many of the men pictured here were very active in social and scholastic events. Back row, left to right: Philip Ebsensen, Douglass Goodrow, Richard Pearl, Dick Lusk, Bob Newcomer. Third row: John Harris, Bob McKay, Bill Selby. Harold Hamblen, William Bennett, Harry Carpenter. George Powell. Second row: Earle Cooper, Harry Rouse, Bill Heinzman, Bob Mayer. Emerson Player, Ward Dee. Front row: Joseph McKinley. Jim Morgan. Siegfried Kein, Will Fumis, William Goodrow, James Long, William Gaunt. 329 ft f fS fS f) f BacJb row, e t to right: Max Smith, Edward Butala, Tom Small. Jonathan Hays. Keith Ball, John Steinfeld. John Simpson, Neal Allen. Fourth tow: Jim Valentine, Burt Bergman, Don Ettelson, George Falton, John Tuttle. Bill Powell, Jack Perrine. Third row: Edward Horsky, Walter Stohr, Lou Perlmutter, Bob Sackett, Felix Butte, Bob Harlan, Stuart Sex, Joe Ball. Second row: Roy Killean, Bob Johnson, Tom Coleman, Bob Stewart. Phairojana Jayaphorn, Harry MulHken, Leroy Peplinski, Robert Olscn. Front row: Manuel Richards, Norman Rcmich, Walter Paquette, Robert Lawson, Mary Lawson, Stan Ulrich, Chester Baker, Robert Betzer. OFFICERS it ) ) } ) President Richard Beatty M 11 ll § § §111 Social Chairman Tom Coleman g M V V t WW Student Council Representatives John Curtis = J fi.M. T t mWLA d,M M Don Stewart for Homecoming and C.U. Days, and they made a name among The men of Hellems have scored again. Completing a fine the dorms that spell " Tops " in co-operation with their fine year both academically and socially, they stand in review of coffee hours. Their playing in intramurals earned them honors their accomplishments during the successful 50-51 academic in athletic circles, and their scholastic work was very fine. All year. in all, the men of Hellems showed a fine spirit that couldn ' t be They worked hard on making successes of the dorm floats beat. Back row, left to right: Dave Patterson, Gerald Rhudy, Jack Ashford, Mervin Vanderhoof. Fifth row: Richard Beatty, Tom Hall, Bruce Bell, Melvin Peters, Kenneth Frost, Fred Clark. Roger Garnett. Fourth row: Gifford Chamblin, Fred Pottorf, George Dalgleish, Roy Pierson, Dale Bever, Donald Baumgartner, Peter Balsells, Ed Dalington. Third row: John Buswell, Jerry Berry, Karl Rueb, Neil Ramsay, John Curtis, Thomas Brook, Howard Mayo. Second row: Loren Siffring, Robert Nagel, Mike Obele, Whitney Hite, Don Owings, John Adams, Paul Tegrotenhuis, " Chosei Sakihama. Front row: Darrel Hirsh, John Lamb, Pierre Pearson, Robert Lawson, Mary Lawson, Mayer Kass, Henry Laughlin, David Wood. i Back row, left to right: Richard Winkler. Alabama Glass, Mai HefFleman, Wilber Sale. Dave Conger. Joe Aiu. Craig Heffelman, Dick Hayes, Bob Speier. Fifth row: Peter Held. Augustin Elmer, Dan McAlpine, Keith Marks, Richard Durand, Wes Anderson. Ken Stevenson, W. J. Jerde, Earl McGraw, Larry Hause. Fourth tow: Ted Gibson. Bob Nakaoka, Harvey Weese, Bill Peterson, Bill Foster, Dave Drew, Harry Haufele, Jim Muller, Rex Simms. Third row: Hugh Triplett, Lewis Berghoff, James Williams, Richard Pace, Steve Morse, Bob Ncwmark, Jack Ryman, Donny Dvorin, James King, Wilfred Herrera. Second row: Michael Horvath, George Newmarch, James Welter, Jack Lieberman, Charles Goldy, Robert O ' Neill, Wendel Lowry, George Hassett, Jack Rodreick, Richard Howard. Front row: David Messick. Joe Connelly, Chuck Class. Phillys Widdowson, Harry Widdowson. Don Meloche, Bill Maguire, John Dalinsek, Edward Griffen. OFFICERS President _ _. Bob Rum in Social Chairman Bill Maguire Athletic Chairman _ , _... Jack Rodreick Student Council Representatives John Sarconi J. G. Connelly Bob Newmark Ketchum Hall is noted as one of the most active halls in the Men s Dormitories. Everyone in the hall cooperates with fine spirit to produce top athletic teams, good social events, and an average or above schol astic record. With the splendid assistance of Harry and ' Phir Widdow- son, the counselors, and the hall officers, Ketchum does its share and often more in making school and dormitory functions a success. We took a part in bringing the orphans up from Denver to see a football game and the campus, and in putting over social and athletic events. To us, Ketchum Hall is the active hall. Back TOW, left to right: Raymond Lujan. Richard Nickson, Mackie Myers, Charles Smith. Third raw: L. T. Smith, B. C. Yates, Harry Rosenthal. J. D. Barnes, Bill Sterling, George Shadwick. Second row: Donlie Smith, Leonard Reish, George Giellum. B. Bell, John Denice, Ed Gaylord, Carl 331 Peterson. Front row: Gaynor Walker, John Bond, Phillys Widdowson, Harry Widdowson, Orrel Daniel, Bob Rumin. Glenn Fuhrman. Back row, left to right: James Gesell. Robert Campbell, Ronald Piotraschke, John Copley, Robert Sailer, Vernon Stone, Thomas Hirtle, Jack Montgomery. Fourth row: John Luby, James Harrisberger, Colin Smith, Wayne Scott, Roger Rice, Philip Pearl, Mario Stricca. Third row: William Nickerson, Eddie Beals. John Gosar, Jack Morison, Eugene TeSelle, Joe Bennett. Jim Hart. Second row: Kenneth Clark, Hassan Bahrami, Richard Martin, Bondi Brown, Carl Broberg, Robert Gardner, Robert Kellman. John Chapman, Charles Bussing. Front row: John Hartsfield, Wayne Hinthorn, Dick Aspinwall, Whitney Bradley, Mrs. Whitney Bradley, Duane Leroy, Stanley Dreyer, Roger Douglass. OFFICERS President Jack Montgomery Publicity Chairman Bob Kellman Social Chairman Bob Gardner Athletic Chairman Bob Hansen Student Council Representatives Jim Deeds Jerome Thomas Jean Cropley A quick glance at the past will reveal Dorm A-1 as one of the leading men ' s dormitories on the campus. It is not entirely past performance by which we may judge and remember A-1, but the present activities, honor and friendliness that has been . so evident among those men living in the dorms. Although A-1 has had many students from all walks of life, a spirit of warm friendliness has prevailed throughout the entire year, thereby enabling them to have many enjoyable times. All the good times cannot be named, but the steak fries, open houses and the tea dances will be long remembered. 332 Back row, left to right: Bob Hansen, Jerome Thomas, Hoddy Fuller, John Flemans. Fifth row: Norman Snodgrass, Erwin Neiman, J. W. Hart, Jr., Keith Hancock, Rudy Kochevar. Fourth row: Jerry Vaughn, Joe Wallace, Larry Robertson, Roscoe Champion, Kenneth Stokes, Philip Grubaugh. Third row: Ronnie Sanders. Jim Dodds, Dave Braudaway, Martin Eliasberg, Robert Randolph, Donald Watne. Second row: Trygvc Tuve, Mashito Okada, Tsuyoshi Okada, Bob Boyer, Jean Cropley, Edward Pinoni. Thomas Jensen, Keith Saboff. Front row: Pete Anema, Joe Piccoli, Richard Brinkhaus, David Chase, Tom Bailey, Steve Johnson, Lawrence Smith, Stanley Sigler. Back TOW, left to right: Paul Stone, Irving Anderson, jack Nelson, Duane Roberts, Gordon Baiiy. Fourth row : Leonard Krim, joe Strut hers, Ernest Potarf, Robert Forbes. Harry Stumpf, Keith Baughman. Third row: Erwin Howell, Fred Bishop. Bernie White, Martin Bacal, Don Plambeck. Second row: Loren Scott, Ed Christensen, Leroy Dahm, Bill Myers, Bruce Harbert, Alby Phibbs. Front row : Art Ravicz. josc DelaGuardia, J. B. Yawger, Bob Rueb, Marv Fishman, Roland Hoffman, Phil Upton. OFFICERS President „ Ernest Potarf Social Chairman „ Loren Scott Athletic Chairman Don Melbye Student Council Representatives . Leroy Dahm James Sheehan Jose DelaGuardia Dormitory A-2 started out the fall term with another suc- cessful open house on the Saturday following the Colorado- Arizona football game. Throughout the year, various dances and parties were sponsored by A-2. Not to be slighted in other activities, A-2 made a good showing in intra-dormitory athletics and succeeded in capturing .2 the " King of the Mountain Trophy " by winning a succession of athletic events from another dormitory. As everyone knows, to be a successful group, leadership is necessary and through the assistance of Wilbur Wright and John Amaya, our counselor and assistant counselor, this leader- ship was adequately provided. Back row. left to right: Richard Gerrell, Paul Harward. Anthony Hrcn, Don Melbye. Jack Cooley, Don Kemper. Third row: John Amaya, Art Peterson, Jim Sheehan. Ed Stevenson, William Ringenberg, Harry Conly. Second row: Charles Elder, Gerald Abrahms, Larry Rinaldo, Norman Brcndes, Anil Yagnik, Wilbur Wright. Jerry Goldfarb, Robert Lacy. Front row: Henry Goldsmith. Duane Hampton, Bill West, Harold Feder. James Mullins, James Stears, Warren Olsen, Robert Schwartz. 333 Back row, left to right: Bill Cox, Kalph Wingo, Ray Dickison. David Moles, Bennett Ledder. Fourth row: Richard Cordingly, Phil Apel, Roger Markham. Richard Burritt, Harry Hahn. Fred Ncuman, Hume Garrett, Third row: William Perry, Kent T. Yoritomo, Jim Olson, Bill Hammond, Bob Smith, William Motoyama. Second row: Wesley E. Young, Charles G. Beattie, William C, Iverson, Frank J. Thomas, Ronald Kusao, Jim Hatakeyama, Richard Cohen. Front row: Tony Speno, John S. Brown, Bill Reed, Dick Punches, Bill Cook, Grayson Puett, David Blanchard. OFFICERS President William Seifert Social Chairmen Ray Huden, Dale Stinton Athletic Chairman Kent Yoritomo Student Council Representatives _ Dale Stinton William Chun-Hoon Elvie Apodaca Once again dormitory A-3 was outstanding in all school activities on the campus. This dorm is known in the ranks of the Residence Halls Association as one of the most active participants in all school events. The dormitory ' s social functions, scholastic program, and athletic events were accelerated to the limit. The social -3 functions included parties, dances, serenades, and coffee hours. In the realm of athletics, we have participated in football, basketball, water polo, bowling, and softball. A great share of the credit for the year ' s success is due Mr. and Mrs. Richard Punches and Bill Reed, the dorm coun- selors. Back row, left to right: G. R, Huden, Frank Walker, Walter Seifert, William Seifert, John Card. Clark Kirby. Fourth row: Robert Tappan, Richard H. Sullivan, R. R. Thomassen, R. W. Thomassen, Bud Feild. D. L. Groves, Lewis Davis. Third row: R. Gershenow, George Niblock, Will MacLeod, Alven Boothe, Tom Alexander, Frank Mullin. Second row: William Ramsay, Elvie Apodaca, Jr., Donald Charles Winston, Dan 99 Peter Lundbcrg, William E. Brennan, Arthur Charlesworth, Raymond C. Koernig, Jr. F ront row: E. J. Neblick, Dale R. Stinton, William H. Reed, Richard G. Punches. Sammy L. Redman, Charles T. Neale, Carl O. Erickson. a I ' ■ v is ' ■ Back row, left to right: Elmer Parson, Robert Buiiard. Parker Kemp, Hellmut Meyer, Donald Tomasek, Jonn Melaas, Vmcent Sheridan. Fourth row: Thomas Young, John Murphy, Kenny Schlater, Marion Cottingame, Bob Black, Chuc Sutton, Stan Schwartz, Dick Harms. Third row: D. K. Higgins, S. Wm. Lasley, Wayne Fugate, James Stat ton, Robert Jones, Oscar Zesch, Hal Dronberger. Second row: Arthur Candelaria, Jack Mullikcn, Hack Matalon. Jesse Moore, Noble Ida, AI Kahre, Gerald Trobaugh, Stephen Judiscak. Front row: John Anderson, Allan Markham, Len McCain, W. J. Crow, Don Bauder, Pat Murphy, Tom Leik. OFFICERS President Don Higgins Social Chairman Elmer Parson Athletic Chairman Bill Clay Student Council R epresentatives Brad Rank Wayne Fugate Lee Marshall Lying in the high-rent district far from the turmoil of the campus B-2 continues to be outstanding in academic and social activity. Though lacking a lounge or other communal meeting place, we had parties, several picnics, and exchange dinners last year. .2 Augmented by Ward ' s freshman stalwarts, the irmiates of B-2 look forward this year to the maintenance of their high grade averages in dorm competition. Socially, the activities with Northwest Hall and the Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class point to a very successful year. Bsck row. left to right: Frank Lanaghen, Lenny McCain, John Shaver. Ray Jetton, Wesley Leimkuhler, D. J. Braid, D. J. Best, R. J. Scavo. Fourth row: David Slosky. Edward Shaw, Don Rogers, Ray Paricio, Vic Berman, Chuck Clark, Cornell Haynie. Third row: Don Peterson, Roger Peterson, Ted Snook, Harry Yokoyama, Tom Tanigawa, Robert Streeter, Gene Campbell, John Devine. Second row: Mits Hidaka, Ted Kawamura, Geo. Tracey, Jerald Gill. Jim Sloan. Robert Schmoll, M. F. Karcich. Robert Neely, David Hall. Front row: Hal West, Bob Reynolds, Brad Rank. Alfred Laiminger, Bart Antitsa, John Garvin, Paul Fantin. 335 tack row, left to right: Martin Roder, Dick Eriandson, Larry Israel, Robert Fleck, Herbert J. Newman. Third row: Tien Tsai Chao, Norman R. French. Derrick F. Olsen, Ivo J. Lederer. Second row: Allen Brown, Victor Veltri, Robert Lamar. Wolf Roder, Joe Doubek. Front row: Wm. T. Nakano, E. G. Quentan. Jerry Fehrman, Daniel Herbert, Bob Parker, Clarence Fong. Wen ' .Cc ooperaui e T tii j oude The Men ' s Co-op House was formed in 1948 on the basis that a group, living together and working for and with each other, could live inexpensively and enjoy good comradeship at the same time. The house is not unusual in that it is one of many found on campuses of the majority of universities from coast to coast. At present the Co-op House, at 1501 Broadway, houses twenty-two men, each of whom does his share of cooking, clean- ing, and keeping the house in order. An appointed steward, one of the members, makes up the well-balanced menus and the food is prepared by the men assigned that duty for the day. The well-worn cook books show that few of the men attended Cooks and Bakers School. 336 Back row, left to right: Lester Roper, Geraldine Cooper, Margaret Murray. Bart Draper. Gene McCraffery, George Halpern, Chet Banks, Lee Stinnett, and Robert Olsen. Front row: = Uetsuille K ouncil November 1950, marked the fifth amiiversary of Vetsville, and it found among other things a decrease in population from 1500 to 1250, with fifty per-cent of the trailers empty. It didn ' t interfere with the many activities carried on under the council, however, which is headed by Mayor Chet Banks. The council sponsored the Well-Baby Clinic, the Nursery, a Softball and basketball team in the city league, a fall picnic, a children ' s Christmas party and a Valentine ' s party. The most important part of many of our memories will be the return to service of many of our residents. The officers for the year are, Holger Munson, University manager; Chet Banks, Mayor; Lee Stinnett, Treasurer; and Geraldine Cooper, Secretary. 337 1946-Present Wifh the termination of the war the university launched a great program of expan- sion, which we of the university today can see nearing completion. We now have a three million dollar group of new residence halls finished in 1947. Before the completion of these dorms the university students had found It difficult to cope with a major housing shortage; for the university enrollment, numbering around ten thousand students for several years, had exceeded all expectations. G. I. Joe, upon his return to the college campus was evidently unhappy with what he found: " Wimmen as we knew them are vanished. They used to wear dresses. Now they wear pants and shirts like everybody else. " In 1947 the university took another big step to increase its standing among the col- leges of the nation when they entered the Big Seven Conference. About this time grants and research funds began to pour in. The university received orders to work on cancer subjects, on atomic energy data, and many other topics of current research importance. In 1948 the school started the much lau ded United Nations Week, an event that appears to have gained permanency. The expansion program has continued with the preparation for building a new Memorial Student Union, the beginning of the Physics Building, the completion of an annex to the Chem Building and the finishing of the Service Building. Now in 1951, the possibility of war again looms large. The draft and enlistment recalls ore diminishing the male population of the school. Again the Navy ROTC, this time with a new Army ROTC unit as its partner, is preparing university men for armed forces leadership. FEATEHNITY- SOEORITY OANCf Today MaV ' Rush weeks, study hours, pledge duties, friendships, parties — all depict the life in the fraternity or sorority. Conceived to promote scholastic attainment and to foster comradeship and brotherhood, the Greek organizations have proved to be a way of life throughout the four college years for many of the students. From associations in such groups many men and women have found the constructive criticism, the understanding, and the loyalty important in channeling their college life. The greek organization ' s history has paralleled that of the university, for the first fraternity arrived when the university was yet quite young. Their physical growth, im- portance, and their contributions have increased side by side with those of the school. GLENN HUNTER, Edifor J- CLnhetie enici This year as in the past the Panhellenic Association, composed of the presidents and rush captains of the soror- ities on campus, has handled the technical work connected with rush week and rushing rules. It was necessary to change the constitution to meet semester requirements. The workshops which have proved so successful in the past were held this fall with Lee Steckel, president of Panhellenic, presiding. Other worthy projects carried on throughout the year included the awarding of $200 scholarship to a deserving independent freshman woman, planning Junior Panhel- lenic parties, participation on the newly formed Actions Board of I.F.C. and Panhellenic, and filling Christmas stockings for children at Colorado General Hospital in Denver. Panhellenic worked with I.F.C. to give Christmas parties and gifts to underprivileged Boulder children. Panhellenic meets every Thursday with Mrs. W. B. Pietenpol acting as executive secretary, Dean Mary Ethyl Ball as sponsor and Kathy Redmon as president elect. Back row, left to right: Pierson. Schoeneck. Zeppelin, Nelson. Hill. Rinker. Third row: Endres. Hatcher, Redmon. Salzman, Lindstrom, Waters, 340 Doty, Sherdahl. Second row: Miskowiec, Winans, Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Mrs. Pietenpol, LaShell, Atwater, Isaacson. Front row: Holderness, - Cooley, Blackburn, Steckel, Wierman, Chapman, Maurek, Davis. nterPrcitemitu y ouncil I The Inter-Fraternity Council, composed of the presi- dents of the fraternities on campus, and under the leader- ship of Jerry Smith, has again made great strides in co- ordinating the activities of the Greek populace. Of major importance with the establishment of an Actions Board to deal with misunderstandings and petty crimes that arise among fraternity-sorority relationships. These misunderstandings were previously handled by the Dean of Men and the Police department. This board is composed of 5 members of I.F.C. and 4 members of Pan- hellenic. With the new board, the students are actually governed by students. In addition to this improvement, I.F.C. again worked hard on rushing schedules. With the cooperation of Pan- hellenic the annual Christmas Party was held at the vari- ous fraternity houses for the underprivileged children of this vicinity. Entertainment was provided at the parties and gifts were given to the children. With the establishment of the Actions Board, and with the effort put forth by I.F.C. toward other policies this year, many improvements can be foreseen for the coming years in regard to student leadership. Back row, left to right: Oertli. Hedgecock, Arnold. Feeney. Ncrris. Axell. Parker. Second row: Lawrence. Perkins, Solinsky. Nash. Jump, Gorman, 341 Sumoski, Tooley. Front row: Boggs, Harrison. Peterson. Smith, Myer, Lutz, Raduziner. Achtenhagen Albertson Alexander Amen Angevine Arterburn Baird Bowman Bingham Burruss Campbell Carter Craig Donaldson Duncan Dungan Pugate Garrett Gloyer Gray Gullett Harder Heath Hillmar Irwin Ke«nan McCollum Moulton Musil Norris Peasley Roquet Schlater Short Statton Tipton Tolman Tripp Voorhees Watkins Wilson OFFICERS Bill Norris President Dick Irwin Vice-President Bob Craig Secretary 342 A cacia The Colorado Chapter of Acacia Fraternity began its activities early this fall by playing host to the National Conclave of Acacia in August. From the thirty-six chapters represented, Colorado Chapter was chosen the outstanding chapter of Acacia during the past two years. The men chosen to lead the group for the year were Bill Norris, Venerable Dean; Dick Irwin, Senior Dean; and Bob Craig, secretary. Ken Wilson was elected to head the fall pledge class of twenty- nine men. The chapter was honored this year with a new Housemother, Mrs. Harry F. Glynn, who arrived last Spring quarter. Mother Glynn is a graduate of the University of Colorado and is an alum of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. She is originally from Denver, and has been residing in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the past few years. During last Winter and Spring quarters the chapter won four first place cups and led the fraternities in scholarship for the year. Winter Carnival yielded a cup for Ice Sculpture while Colorado U. Days resulted in a first place in Carnival booth competition in con- junction with the Kappa Delta sorority; but best of all, our singing group, led by Bob Bergheim, took top honors in Song Fest. The bowling team also acquired an over-all first place trophy for Spring quarter. Some of the men that stayed for Summer school redecorated the dining room and living room, and the Mother ' s Club presented us with a new draw-curtain to separate the dining room from the living room. ACTIVES Achtenhagen, Stephen H., San Marino, Calif.. . ' 52 Alexander, John H., Lamar, Colo ' 53 Amen, Charles R., Loveland, Colo ' 52 Arterburn, Larry E., Denver, Colo ' 52 Bergheim, Robert M., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Bingham, Richard L., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Bowcn, Jack M., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Britt, F. William. Limon. Colo ' 53 BurruSB, Edward C, Denver, Colo 50 Carter, Ralph M., Sharon Springs, Kan ' 51 Coffey, Gerald E., Denver, Colo ' 52 Craig, Robert K., Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Dixon, Bobby G., Parsons, Kan ' 51 Duncan, Carl M., Avondale, Colo ' 52 Dungan, Gerald K., Safford, Ariz ' 51 Finke, Rob ' t. G., Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 50 Frost, Robert T., Denver, Colo. . 51 Fugate, T. Wayne, Walnut, Kan ' 53 Garrett, Roy S , Ft, Collins, Colo ' 53 Gloyer, Donald C, ScoUsbluff, Nebr ' 50 Gray, Robert W., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Gullett, Donald D., Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 52 Hansen, Kenneth E., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Harder, Fred D., Twin Falls, Idaho ' 51 Heath, Roger C, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Hillmar, Ellis D., McKeesport, Penn ' 52 Hofifman, Edgar J., Denver. Colo ' 51 Hutchinson, Thomas S., Boulder, Colo 51 Irwin, Richard G., Twin Falls, Idaho ' 51 Johnson, Dean S., Boulder, Colo. ' 50 Keenan. Eugene L., Denver, Colo ' 51 Kleinholz, Kenneth D., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Lewis. Glenn H , Rochester, N. Y ' 50 Lunsford, John C, Boulder, Colo ' 53 McCabe, Fordyce G., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Maxwell, James D., Sterling. Colo ' 52 Moulton, W. C. Denver, Colo ' 51 Murray, James F., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Musil, Robert W., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Norris, G. William, Denver, Colo . ' 52 Raasch, Kenneth W., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Roquet, Jerry A., Morrill, Nebr _ 5l Skinner, Kenneth L., Wheatridge, Colo ' 52 Statton, James D., Limon, Colo ' 51 Tipton, Gene R., Denver, Colo ' 51 Tolman. Warren R., Indianola, Nebr ' 52 Tripp, Larry C, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Voorhees, Lucien W., Twin Falls, Idaho ' 51 Watkins, Dale O., Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 52 Wicks, Eugene C. Minot, N. D ' 53 PLEDGES Ibertson, Bob, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Angevine, Jack, Lafayette, Colo ' 53 Bauder, Don, Burlington, Colo ' 52 Bowman, Herb, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Burnell, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 53 Baird, Robert, Belle Fourche, S. D ' 53 Campbell, Gene, Julesburg, Colo ' 53 .Carlin, Allan, Lamar, Colo 54 jCollins, Richard, Minturn, Colo ' 53 Cox, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 53 Dennis, John, Boulder, Colo ' 52 _J onaldson, Tom, Loving, N. M ' 53 Edscorn, Paul, East St. Louis, 111 ' 53 Estep, Larry, Lamar, Colo ' 52 Fenner. Bob, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Frost, Kenneth, Denver, Colo ' 55 Gust, Lysle, Denver, Colo ' 52 llirsch. Bill, Chicago, 111 ' 52 , Hoflmeister, Richard, Boulder, Colo ' 54 JUittle, Jack, Boulder, Colo ' 54 McCollum, George, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Moody, Bruce, Denver, Colo ' 52 Peasely, John, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Ramsey, Guinn, Ft. Worth, Tex ' 53 Reed, Jim, Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 :Schlater, Kenneth, Hillrose, Colo ' 51 : hort, Robert G., Canon City, Colo ' 53 Watts, Craig, Lafayette, Colo ' 54 , Wilson, Ken, Cortez, Colo ' 53 343 Adams Alberson Anderson, M. J. Anderson, P. Bassett Blackburn Brady Brewbaker Bruning Carlton Clark Conley Dahlberg Deem Eddy Edwards Fairchild Pales Frichtner Floyd Galbastni Goodfellow Gunstead Hagan Hassig Hiltabidel Hobbs Holder Hooper Humphrey iones udge Kamprath King Kingery Lackey Lee McFerran Milner O ' Orady Pace Perego Peterman Quinn Reid Rymer Savery Schell Scott Settle Slininger Street Tanner, S. Thorn Wiley Zingone OFFICERS Toni Blackburn President Lennie Lee Clark Vice-President Mary Kaye Fricke Treasurer Metta Krohn Secretary 344 lolta ( fil Lyj T meau f ' The beautiful chords of the Alpha Chi lyre kept harmony again this year with campus activities. It was another progressive year full of dances, parties and, of course, studies! Springtime brought success at every turn. The first date circled on our calendar was the Mortgage Burning, and still another big event was the Spring Formal. Welcome additions were made to the trophy case during C. U. Days when we won third prize in the Song Festival and first prize on our float. Other honors were achieved in the field of sports with the collection of blue ribbons for the Women ' s field events and the champion- ship in Intramural Shuffleboard. Representing the XXQ. beauty for Spring quarter was Marlene Dolan, attendant to Homecoming Queen. Fall quarter started out with a bang with wonderful Mrs. Morgan serving her eighth year as house mother. Highlights of that quarter were honorable mention for the Homecoming float and the pledge formal dance. Cogs in the campus activity wheel include : Toni Blackburn — Alpha Chi president, treasurer of Pan Hel- lenic; Jean Fioldowski and Dodi Sethman — Phi Beta Kappa; Judy Alberson — Spur, vice president of Alpha Delta Theta; Jane Judge — Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Jenny Geiger — Sigma Alpha Iota; Mayme Holder — Tau Beta Sigma, head twirler; Carol Milner and Nancy Hagan — twirlers; Sally Wells — president of the Y.W.C.A. radio group. ACTIVES Alberson. Judy, Omaha, Ncbr ' 53 Anderson, Pat, Monticeilo, Ind 53 Archer, Carol, Sheldon, la ' 52 Blackburn, Toni, Glendale, Calif ' 52 Blacker, Pat, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Brewbaker, Ann. Longmont, Colo ' 53 Carlson, Janice, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Carlton, Mel, Glendale, Calif ' 53 Clark, Lennic Lee, Ft. Worth, Tex. ... ' 51 Conley, Pat, Boulder, Colo ' S3 Deem, Mickie, Denver, Colo ' 52 Eddy, Margot, Gary, Ind ' 53 Essen, Nancy, Creve Coeur, Mo ' 53 Fairchild, Betty, Glidden, la ' 53 Fricke, Mary Kaye, Columbus, Nebr ' 53 Goodfellow. Carolyn, N. Platte, Nebr ' 53 Hagan. Nancy. La Grange, 111 ' 52 Hassig, Rea, Englewood, Colo ' 53 Henley, Shirly, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Hill, Cece, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hiltabidel, Nancy, Lamar, Colo ' 53 Holden, Ann, Boulder, Colo ' S3 Holder, Mayme June, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 51 Hooper, Mary, Manitowoc, Wis " 53 Judge, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 52 Krohn, Metta, Oak Park, 111 ' 53 Law, Betty, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Lee, Bobbie, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 53 Lee, Connie, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Mason, Pam, Detroit, Mich ' SI Merrill, Connie, Denver, Colo ' 53 Milner, Carol, Rocky River. Ohio 51 Potter, Barbara, Kohler, Wis ' 52 Reid, Harriette, Detroit. Mich ' 53 Scott, Marty, Little Rock, Ark ' 51 Spellman, Heidi, Denver, Colo ' 52 Strom, Myrna, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 Thorn, Pat, Arvada, Colo Sl Wells, Sally, Evanston, 111 ' 52 Wiggins, Deannie, La Grange, 111 ' 53 Wilson, Sally, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Adams, Audrey, San Marino, Calif .- ' 54 Anderson, Marlys, Denver, Colo ' 54 Bennington, Viola, Fairfield, la ' 54 Booth, Shirley, Cody, Nebr ' 52 Brady, Margaret, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Bruning, Ann, Palo Alto, Calif ' 54 Dahlberg, Barbara, Lansing, 111 ' 54 Edwards, Jeri, Clarendon Hills, III ' 54 Fales, Carolyn, Kearney, Nebr ' 54 Fichtner, Audrey, Clarendon Hills, 111 ' 54 Galbasini, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Gunstead. Carol, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Hobbs, Nono Jane, Burt, N. Y ' 54 Holden, Marion, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Humphrey, Carole Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Jones, Annamae, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Kamprath, Mitzi, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 King. Georgia, Dallas. Tex ' 54 Kingery, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lackey, Betty, Raton, N. M ' 54 McFerran, Ann, Evanston. Ill 53 Morris, Jean, Lakewood, Colo ' 54 O ' Grady, Dana. Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Perego, Gerry. Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Peterman, Betty Lou. Palatine, 111 ... ' 54 Quinn. Mary Ann, Walden, Colo ' 54 Rymer, Patsy, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Savery, Betty, Whittier, Calif ' 54 Schell, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 54 Settle, Louise, Cedar Rapids, la ' 5» Sheffield, Bobbie, Kansas City, Mo ' 54 Slininger, Marion, Jefferson, la ' 54 Tanner, Sylvia, Boulder. Colo ' 54 Wiley, Janice, Western Springs, 111 ' 54 Ztngone, Ruth, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 54 345 Albrccht Alward Anderson Barkley Beehler Bicklcv Boothby Boteler Buchanan Bovard Burket Callahan Dalch Daum Davis Day De Good Dolbeer Duke Finnegan Fretty Frye Furlan Garner Glavins Graber Groves Hale Haley Howe Hoppock Holzer Hart Harriman Harper Ingwersen Tacobi jerald Johnson Jones Kent Kiefer Kluppel Kries La Malr Lindstrom Loomis Lovejoy McCue McFadden Mihalik Miley O ' Kelly Orchard Pankoff Piper Pugh Putney Rains Rickman Riddock Raber Robertson Roepnack Shephardson Snyder Steere Stein Sterrett Stinson Sturm Taylor Trilk Thompson Turnquist v r ¥--F ©f la OFFICERS Anne Linstrom President Elaine Turnquist Vice-president Shirley Jones Secretary Ann Thompson Treasurer Iplta oDelta f- i Alpha Delts gayly returned to the house fall quarter to welcome their new housemother, Mrs. H. F. Lienhardt. The year quickly got underway with a wonderful fall pledge class of 35 girls. Homecoming saw us all busy on our float which won third place honors. Our new trophy brought back memories of our big float and our first place Women ' s Field Events Cup from CU Days. Homecoming was hardly over when we were in full prepa- ration for our fall formal honoring the pledges. The chapter activities are led this year by our capable officers: Anne Linstrom, president; Elaine Tumquist, vice- president ; Shirley Jones, secretary ; and Ann Thompson, treas- urer. WintM quarter began with great enthusiasm for our AWS Revue skit. We were more than rewarded for our hard work when we were chosen as a finalist for the show. Elsewhere on campus we are especially proud of Anne Linstrom, Regional Secretary of NSA and campus NSA vice- president; Barbara Steere. Hesperia, Gamma Alpha Chi, YWCA Regional Representative and Colo-Utah YM-YWCA Co-Chair- man; Elaine Turnquist, Phi Alpha Theta and YWCA Cabinet; Barbara Hoppock and Barbara Trilk, Spur and YWCA Cabinet; Janene Boothby, Barbara Hoppock and Mary Rains, Sigma Alpha Iota and Spur; Peg Piper, SAI ; Robin Harper and Alice Ingwerson, GAX ; Carolyn DeGood and Mary Kay Miley, Spur; and Mary Jane Stein. Alpha Delta Theta. ACTIVES Albrecht. Phyllis, Berthoud, Colo ' 53 Alward. Jean, Colorado Sprs., Colo " 53 Anderson. Barbara, N»r h Platte, Nebr ' 53 Barkley, Barbara, Fleming, Colo ' 53 Beehler, Betty, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Bickley, Ann, New York, N. Y _ -... ' 52 Boteler, Kancy, Brainerd, Minn. „ 53 Burket, Marilyn, Evanstpn, 111. — _ ' 53 Boothby, Janene, Cleghom, Iowa ' 53 Callahan, Peggy, Louisville, Colo ' 51 Daum, Phyllis, Englewood, Colo - ' S3 Davis, Joan, Denver, Colo -r 52 DeGood, Carolyn, Lovcland, Colo ' 53 Dolbecr, Kay, Springfield, Ohio ' 51 Duke, Eleanor, Rockville Centre, N. Y. ..._ ' 51 Finnegan, Mary, Placerville, Colo ' 52 Glavins, Lois, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Graber, Barbara, Denver, Colo. . — - _... ' 53 Ha.ley, Joan, Sturgis, S. D _ ' 52 Harper. Robin. Schenectady, N. Y 52 Hart, Lynn, Walla Walla, Wash ' 52 Holzer, Carol, Aurora, Colo ' 53 Hoppock, Barbara, Edna, Kan ' 53 Ingwerson, Alice, Wheaton, 111 ' 52 Jacobi, Charlotte, Manitou Springs, Colo ' 53 Jerald, Jean, Waterloo, Iowa „ ' 51 Johnson, Patricia, Longmont, Colo. ...„ — ' 51 Jones, Shirley, Bismarck, N. D ' 51 Kiefer, Charlotte, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 52 Lindstrom, Anne, Warsaw, N. Y ' 51 Lovejoy, Frances, Boulder, Colo ' 53 McFadden, Charlotte, Longmont, Colo ' 52 Mihalik, Ileana, Riverside, 111 ' 51 Miley, Mary Kay. Greybull, Wyo _ ' 53 O ' Kelly, Suianne, Lewistown, N. Y ' 52 PankofT, Mary. Denver, Colo ' 52 Piper, Peggy, Boulder, Colo „ _... ' 53 Plush, Lola, Frazier Park, Calif. ' 52 Rains, Mary, Atlanta, Iowa _ ' 53 Riddoch, Beverly, Louisville, Colo ' 53 Robertson, Gretchen, Deadwood, S. D ' 53 Snyder, Patricia, Victorville, Calif ' 52 Steere, Barbara, Whittfer, Calif ' 52 Stinson, Janice, Boulder, Colo — ' 53 Stein, Mary Jane, Jackson, Tenn „ ' 52 Sturm, Martha, West. Lafayette, Ind ' S3 Taylor, Eloise, Alamosa, Colo ' 51 Thompson, Ann, Denver, Colo _ ' 52 Trilk, Barbara, Riverside, III _..- ' 53 Turnquist, Elaine, Denver, Colo. .— - ' 51 Vaughn, Barbara Joan, Colorado Sprs. Colo ' 52 Weber, Doric, Highland Park, 111. ..._ ' 52 Weber, Marilyn, Boulder, Colo _ ' 52 Whitney, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Bates, Donna, Winnetka, 111 _ ' 54 Bovard, Mary, Tarentum, Pa ' 54 Buchanan, Barbara, Miami, Okla ' 54 Day, Margaret, Ottawa, 111 ' 54 Dolch, Frances, Victorville. Calif ' 52 Fretty, Beverly, Colorado Sprs., Colo ' 54 Frye, Dorothy, Windsor, Colo ' 52 Furlan, Valeria, Waukegan, 111 . ' 54 Garner, Carol Jean, Aurora, Colo ' 54 Gregg, Jane, Las Animas, Colo ' 54 Groves, Mary, Grand Junction, Colo ' 54 Hale, Molly, La Crosse, Wis ' 54 Harriman, Jo Ann, Palo Alto, Calif. ..._ ' 54 Howe, Margaret, Winnetka, 111 - ' 54 Kent, Diana, Amarillo, Tex ' 54 Kluppel, Val Jean, Houston, Tex ' 54 Kreis, Marylou, Lakewood, Colo _ ' 52 La Mair, Nancy, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Loomis, Connie, Red Oak, Iowa ' 54 McCue, Mary Ellen, Amarillo, Tex ' 53 Maloof, Mary Jean, Las Vegas, N. M --... ' 54 Minear, Peggy, Midland, Tex S4 O ' Gara, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 54 Orchard, Roberta Ellen, Grand June. Colo ' 54 Pugh, Mary, lago, Tex " 54 Putney, Joan, Gladbrook, Iowa ' 53 Raber, Doris, Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 54 Rickman, Suzanne, Denver, Colo _ ' 54 Roepnack, Barbara, Arvada, Colo ' 54 Shepardson, Sonja, Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Shideler, Shirley, Bailey, Colo ' 54 Short, Jane, Oak Park, 111 ' 53 Sterrett, Marion. Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Weddell, Leuretta, Loveland, Colo ... ' 54 Wilcox, Jean, Altadena, Calif ' 52 Wilson, Patricia, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Wise, Nancy, Outay, Colo ' 54 Wright, Donna Rae, Denver, Colo ' 54 347 r Allen Altherns Anderson Barkly Barnhizer Becker Birk Blodgett Boehm Bosch Brakhage Buckland Burkett Cavender Dorau Drake Ely Essman Gerbosi Giehm Hagen Hammack Hatcher Hodges Hodgins Hutchings Johnston Leland Leutz Lynn Maier Mapes Matteson McDonald Miller Miskowiec Mullen Munson Murphy Naines OFFICERS Pat Hatcher President Bev Leutz Vice-President Pat Van Duzee Secretary Betty Davis Treasurer wka v_ ip micron Pi Pat Hatcher, one of the foremost activity girls on campus, led the Alpha 0 s as their twenty-fourth president of Chi Delta Chapter. Mrs. Van Bergen remained as house mother and again endeared herself to the girls as a gracious and charming person. Bev Leutz was in charge of the pledges and found all thirty-eight a most cooperative group. Wanda Miskowiec splendidly filled the job as Rush Chairman. The A O Pi s proudly claim over one-fourth of Hesperia, Junior Women ' s Honorary, with Yvonne Burkett, President; Joan Wiley, Secretary; Nona Vonne Uhrich, and Sue Birk. In Spur five A O Pi ' s were tapped — Pat Allen, Vice President; Donna Smolenske, Norma Neimi, Elaine Sterling, and Joan Thorstensen. Pat Hatcher, a member of Mortarboard, Senior Women s Honorary, was elected co-chairman of mum sales for Homecoming. Mary Ellen McElwain was elected Miss Rocky Mountain from Boulder and attended the festivities of a Hollywood premier in Colorado Springs of the picture Rocky Mountain. Dad ' s Day was attended by the majority of the parents who enjoyed the football game with Oregon and were later feted at a buffet supper and entertainment at the Chapter house. Joan Rosendahl, treasurer of Porpoise, along with Janet Munson, and Marion Murphy, other aquacade stars, were kept busy practicing for the water ballet which is given every spring at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Eager participation by the entire Chapter in all activities has made Alpha Omicron Pi rank high both scholastically and socially on the University of Colorado campus. ACTIVES Allen. Nina Shultz, Cody, Wyo ' 53 Allen. Patricia. Salt Lake City, Utah 53 Barnhizer, Dorothy, Crown Point, Ind ' 51 Birk. Sue. University City, Mo „. ' 52 Boehm, Evelyn, Denver, Colo 52 Brennan, Marion, Tuckahoe, N. Y ' 51 Burkctt, Yvonne, Breckenridge, Colo ' 52 Cavender, Alice. Batavia, III ' 52 Davis. Betty. Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Dutt. Dorothy. Great Falls, Mont " 51 Ely, Jeanne. Denver, Colo 52 Gichm. Helen, Denver, Colo 53 Hagen. Janet, Red Lodge, Mont 52 Hatcher, Patricia. Springfield, Colo ' 51 Hutchings, Paula, Glen wood Springs, Colo ' 51 Huffer, Jane, Hibbings, Minn ' 52 Jones, Jacqueline, Havana, 111 ' 52 Kirschbaum, Margaret, Oak Park, 111 52 Leutz. Beverly. Taylor, N. D ' 51 Lynn. Constance, Highland Park, III 53 Mapes, Nancy, Denver. Colo ' 53 McDonald, Martha, Pueblo, Colo 5l McElwain. Mary Ellen. Brighton, Colo ' 52 Miller, Joyce. Denver, Colo ' 53 Maier, Callie. Longmont. Colo ' 53 Miscowicc, Wanda. Pagosa Springs, Colo ' 52 Munson, Janet, San Francisco, Calif 51 Murphy. Marian, DeKalb, 111 ' 51 Naines. Barbara. Chicago, 111 ' 51 Niemi, Norma, Red Lodge, Mont ' 54 Oparil, Dolores, Westmont, 111 ' 53 Pike, Nancy, Brighton, Colo S3 Potarf, Sally. Hinsdale. Ill ' 53 Procopio, Mary Ann, Des Moines, la ' 53 Richardson, Mary Alice, Great Falls, Mont ' 53 Riffle. Patricia, Great Falls, Mont ' 54 Rosendahl. Joan. Evanston, 111 ' 52 Schuham, Bonnie, Chicago, 111 52 Silverman, Mary, DeKalb, 111 _ ' 53 Smick. Helen, Denver, Colo ' 52 Smolenske. Donna, Denver, Colo _ ' 53 Sterling, Elaine, Aurora, Colo. ' 53 Strick. Jacqueline, Palo Alto, Calif ' 52 Tainter, Lou, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Temple ton, Barbara, Chicago, 111. ' 51 Thorstensen, Joan, Wauwatosa. Wis ' 53 Uhrich. Nona. Loveland, Colo ' 52 Van Duzee, Patricia, Montclair, N. J ' 51 Wade, Anita, Denver, Colo ' 52 Wiley, Joan, Pagosa Springs, Colo ' 52 Woodrow, Marianne, Denver. Colo ' 51 Wuethrich. Barbara, Wilmington. Del ' 52 PLEDGES Abrahams. Barbara. Houston. Tex ' 54 Altherr, Joan, Home wood. 111 ' 54 Anderson, Arlcne, Aberdeen, S. D ' 54 Bark ley. Evelyn, Philadelphia, Penn ' 54 Becker. Connie. Wilmette. Ill ' 54 B lodge tt, Joan. Houston. Tex ' 54 Bosch, Lois, Escondido. Calif. 54 Buckland. Joan, Schnectady. N. Y ' 54 Bunn. Marilyn, Lake wood. Colo. ' 54 Casler. Marilyn. Denver. Colo ' 54 Coates. Janet. Denver, Colo ' 54 Doreau, Joan. Ridge wood, N. J ' 54 Drake. Bonnie Jean, Greeley. Colo ' 54 Essman, Bette. Downers Grove, 111 ' 54 Evers, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 54 Fritchle, Jo Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gerbosi. Maryann. Arlington Heights, 111 54 Hammack. Ruth, Riverside, Calif ' 52 Huffer. Mary Ann. Hibbing, Minn ' 54 Hodges. Barbara, Homewood, III ' 54 Hodgins, Alice, Pocatello, Ida. ' S3 Hoshall, Mary Ann. Gunnison, Colo 54 Johnston, Bonnie, Golden. Colo ' 54 King, Barbara, Denver. Colo _ ' 54 Leland. Paula. Minneapolis, Minn 54 Matteson, Jo Ann, Rich wood, Ohio ' 52 Mullen. Patricia. Rapid City, S. D ' 54 Schuman, Marcia, RoUa. Miss 54 Smyser, Ann, Toledo, Ohio 54 Srp, Jerraline, Berwyn, 111 ' 54 Sutton, Emma Lou, Canton, 111 ' 54 Swope, Nancy. Friendsville, Tenn ' 54 Trent ell, Joan. Pueblo, Colo _ 52 Turnbull, Mary Ellen, Evanston, HI ' 54 Veazie. Enid, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Wieland, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 54 Wright, Gail, Evanston. Ill ' 54 349 ? PL ' Y OFFICERS Alex Sumoski President Dwight Milne Vice-President Bob Saucerman Secretary Jim Parker Treasurer ACTIVES Anderson, Ward, Chicago, 111 52 Catalano, Eugene N. Trail, B. C, Canada ' 53 Keirns, George H., Englewood, Colo ' 52 Milne, Dwight R., Lockport, 111 Grad. Nichols, Raymond L., Lynn, Mass ' 51 Parker, James E., Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Rouillard, Theodore C, Garfield, Utah ' S3 Rusk, Donald C, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Saucerman, Robert M., Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Skiffington, George L., Manitou Sprgs., Colo. .. ' 52 Sumoski, Alex W., Berwyn, 111 ' 51 Ware, Herbert E., Dexter, Mich ' 53 PLEDGES Class, Charles, Los Angeles, Calif ' 52 Cristofano, Sam, Denver, Colo ' 52 De Hello, Franklin, Denver, Colo ' 52 Leahy, George F., North Bergen, N. J. ' 51 McCorcle, James H., Colorado City, Texas ' 53 Moore, Robert T., La Junta, Colo ' 52 Moulin, Brownie, Gilman City, Mo ' 52 Robichaud, Bill, Greenfield, Mass ' 54 3eA Sheptock, Peter M., Warren, Ohio ' 53 ' " ' Wieland, Harold, Springfield, 111 ' 53 Anderson Catalano Keirns Class Leahy Nichols De Bello McCorcle Parker Rusk Moore Robichaud Saucerman Rouillard Sheptock Skiffington Sumoski Ware Wieland Last year saw the " Mile Hi Sigs, " the dark horse, bring home the coveted Inter-Fraternity Council Participation trophy which placed the chapter first in scholarship, intramural ath- letics and campus activities. At the helm was Alex W. Sumoski, President, assisted by Dwight R. Milne, Vice-president, Robert Saucerman, secretary, and James E. Parker, Treasurer. In keeping with their high scholastic standing. Pi boasts of its men in honorary societies, particularly Raymond L. Nichols. Tau Beta Pi: George F. Heahy, Franklin De Bello, Alex W. Sumoski, George Keirns and Dwight R. Milne. Carrying the fraternity colors into campus activities and intramurals were Donald Rusk, wrestling champ; George Leahy and Nick Cata- lano, I-F All-star football team ; Nick Catalano, master of cere- monies. Club First Nighter; Bill Robichaud, President of the Hockey Club. The entire chapter participated in all major intramural sports, C.U. Days, Homecoming, and all-school functions. The social program was highlighted by the 35th reunion of Pi and the senior farewell at the Wagon Wheel Lodge. With its new pledge class. Pi looks forward to another out- standing year. f - 1 WHOSE PARTY WAS THIS. ANYHOW? 1 h J Armstrong Atwater Babcock Bain Baird Barker Barry Bauma BiUig Bodholdt Breitenstcin Brooks Brown Bucholz Chambers Chason Collins Cowell Daniloff Dildine Duhamel Eckert Eson Farrier Fassett Fisher Fleck ForslinE Gorom Grovcr Graves Groves Hall Hanley Hecker Helm Hills Huntington Jacobi Jacobson Jenkins Toyce Koehler Kostelecky Lane Laucomer Lundberg Macfadden Q OFFICERS Joan Atwater . President Nancy Graves Vice-President Kathreen Kostelecky Vice-President Sharon Helm Secretary Peggy Oldaker Treasurer 352 tpka [ " " hl Full of enthusiasm, the Alpha Phis returned to campus last fall to begin another year of studies, parties and activities. Among our many activities for the year was the fall pledge formal, given at the house, with a dinner beforehand at Blanchard Lodge. Then in the winter, the pledges gave a costume party for the actives which provided a good time for everyone. The spring formal was the big event of the year and was given at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. Alpha Phi nationally supports the Cardiac Aid fund. Besides this, Beta Gamma chapter also supports a war orphan and makes scrapbooks to be sent to the children who are wait- ing to use the cardiograph. Leading us through our many successful activities this year have been Joan Atwater, our president, Nancy Graves and Kathreen Kostelecky, our vice-presidents, Evelyn Jacobson, house manager, Sharon Helm, secretary, and Peggy Oldaker, treasurer. Mrs. Grace Able is our new and very capable house- mother. Outstanding in activities on campus are Polly Peterson, president of A.W.S. and a member of Mortar Board, Evelyn Jacobson, Mortar Board, and Jane Leander and Catherine Chambers, Spur. ACTIVES ArmstronK, Gladys, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Atwater, Joan, La Crescenta, Calif 51 Babcock, Sally, Kenilworth, 111 ' 53 Bain. Mary Ellen, Greeley, Colo ' 51 Baird, Barbara, Council Bluffs, la ' 53 Barker, Judy, Minneapolis, Minn ' 53 Barry. Virginia, Norfolk, Nebr „ ' 51 BilliK, Suzanne, Mt. Morris, 111 ' 53 Breitenstein, Sara, Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 53 Brooks, Ann, Fairmont, Minn ' 51 Brown, Mary Jo, Longmont, Colo ' 51 Bucholz, Mary Lynn, Eagle, Colo 53 Chambers, Catherine, Minneapolis, Minn 53 Connell, Sally, Boulder, Colo ' S3 Cowell, Jeannine, Denver, Colo ' 51 Daniloff. Jane, Muskegon. Mich ' 52 Dildine, Amaretta, Freeport, III -.... 53 Duhamel, Marguerite, Rapid City, S. D ' 51 Eckert, Patricia, Council Bluffs, la ' 52 Fasset, Nancy, Minneapolis, Minn ' 53 Fleck, Carol, Fargo, N. D ' 53 Forsling. Phyllis. Kimball. Nebr ,... ' 51 Gorom, Joan. Loveland, Colo ' 52 Graves, Nancy. Duluth, Minn ' 52 Grover, Margaret, Duluth, Minn ' 53 Hecker, Beverly. Denver, Colo ' 53 Helm, Sharon, Boulder. Colo. ..-. ' 52 Huntington. Barbara. Denver, Colo 51 Jacobi, Judy, Grand Forks, N. D ' 51 Jacobson. Evelyn, Dearborn, Mich ' 51 Jenkins, Margaret, Houston, Tex 51 Kennedy, Mary, ' Rochester, N. Y ' 52 Koehler, Patricia, Milwaukee, Wis ' 52 Kostelecky, Kathreen, San Diego, Calif ' 51 Leander, Jane, Kalamazoo, Mich ' 53 Lane, Elizabeth, Arvada, Colo ' 51 Macfadden, Mary, Minneapolis, Minn ' 52 MacKenzie, Donna, Ault, Colo ' 53 Metzger, Carolyn, Birmingham, Mich 53 Mugge, Jo Ann, Des Moines, la ' 53 Oldaker, Margaret, Albuquerque, N. M ' 52 Prescott, Margaret, Muskegon, Mich ' 51 Peterson, Pollyanne, Loveland, Colo ' 51 Puett, Nancy, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 51 Radichel, Joyce, Mankato, Minn ' 51 Rasmussen, Buena, Freeport, 111 ' 53 Riggs, Nancy, Highland Park, 111 " 51 Seaman, Joan, Loveland, Colo ' 51 Seebass, Nancy, Greeley, Colo ' 51 Sherdahl, Susan, Fargo. N. D ' 52 Shiffers. Lois, Evanston, 111 ' 51 Stubbs, Emily. West Lafayette, Ind ' 53 Wahlmeier, Geraldine, Denver, Colo ' 52 Weingartner, Jean, Rockford, 111 ' 52 Whitney, Patricia, Dickinson, N. D ' 52 Wilson, Joan, Glencoe, 111 ' 53 PLEDGES Barton, Jane, Highland, Park, 111 ' 54 i Bauma. Janet, Pocohomtas, la ' 54 P Bodholdt, Bette, Evanston, 111 ' 54 J - Bort, Mary, Beloit, Wis ' 54 i; MK Chason, Joann, Evanston, HI ' 54 .- V Collins, Susan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Eson, Barbara, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 53 Farrier, Margaret, Glendale. Calif ' 54 |M|| n H H|f Fisher, Tammy, Chicago, 111 ' 53 IVHIHIWH Hanley, Kathryn Lee, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Wjk " ' wtf Hills. Susan, Dexter, Mich ' 54 IP ' " Joyce, Sally, Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 jk Laucomer, Joan, Birmingham, Mich ' 52 Lundberg. Joan, Racine, Wis ' 54 Milles, Nancy, Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Monk, Claire, Sheldon, la ' 53 Naleid, Sandra, Racine, Wis 54 Neuman, Lee, Houston, Tex ' 54 Otis, Marilyn, Boone, la ' 53 Palmer, Barbara, Flossmore, 111 54 Rasey, Ann, Arcadia, Calif ' 54 Riggs. Marcia, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Sanborn, Dorothy, Western Springs, 111 ' 54 Schanck, Julia, Washington, D, C ' 52 Sheldon, Jane, Denver, Colo 54 Schoener, Mary Ellen, Muskegon, Mich ' 52 Sellew, Joan Gay, La Jolla, Calif ' 54 Stevens, Jeanne, Greeley, Colo ' 54 Sundberg, Mary. Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Thaxton, Laura, La Jolla. Calif ' 54 Waugh, Kathy, Greeley, Colo ' 54 Wooldridge, Donna, Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Yauch, Ruth, Duluth. Minn ' 52 353 Aikin Akers Allen Armstrong Aspinwall Beals Bowman Burns, G. Burns, R. Chilton Couper Crouse Cummings Denton DeVries Doyle Endicott Filinger FitzGerrclI Fuller Gathers Glass Greenlee Griswold GufFey Huddleson Hutchings Jones Kilton King Kochenburger Limbocker Link Mitcheltree Montgomery Morison Moss Munro Nash Neville Norrish Orr Peterson Plant Rice, L. Rice, R. Rueb, K. Rueb, R. Ruegg Rumsey Santerre Sare Schelling Schnorr Seymour Shestak Smith Spangler Swart States Thompson Tracy Upton Warder Wilson Wilcox West Yawger ki ■ i J : iiH v. Bail OFFICERS Donald Nash President Bud Davis Vice-President Allen Jones Treasurer William King Secretary 354 lpna au L T meaa The school year, 1950-1951, represents an important milestone in the history of Gamma Lambda. On May 4, 1901, Alpha Tau Omega was installed on the CU campus, and now, having completed its fiftieth year, the fraternity feels that half a century could hardly have proven more successful. Those forty-nine years brought much success to the Taus, and this year the chapter has missed no chances in making the record of the Golden Anniversary a fitting success. Homecoming and CU days were actively participated in by A.T.O. ' s; the chapter placed in the finals in the Homecoming float competition, and also in the traditional chariot race. Socially Gamma Lambda never lost a minute. Besides the many social functions, the annual Black and White formal was held in the fall for the pledge class, to the theme of " Winter Wonderland. " The Spring Formal was held at the Cherry Hills Country Club. A good time was had by all. In May the all important 50th anniversary celebration was held, and pronounced a huge success. In University athletics the Taus were represented by Bud Davis, Zack Jordan, Hal Dunning, Ralph Curtis, and Hugh Davidson on the football squad. Paul Neville was on the University wrestling team. Byron Akers was a varsity golfer, and John Endicott a varsity swimmer. Colin Couper lent his support to the track team. Alpha Tau Omega showed up well in university activities. Bud Davis was ASUC President. Duncan Orr was president of Phi Mu Epsilon, engineering honorary. Ted Shestak was sales manager of the Coloradan. Phi Epsilon Phi was headed by President Randy Russell, and the organization claimed eleven other Taus. John Mitcheltree directed the All Mens Glee Club. Dale Morgan was chairman of Homecoming and the CU Days committee besides serving on the ASUC finance commission. Tom Ruegg ably served as a CU Cheerleader. The chapter would like to extend a word of thanks to its won- derful housemother, Mom Applegate for her important contributions towards making this 50th year a really successful one. ACTIVES Aikin. Donald, Henderson, Nev ' 52 Akers, Byron, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 52 Ashlock, Robert, Oilman, Colo ' 53 Beals, Ed, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 51 Bowman, Richard, Western Spgs., Ill ' 54 Brewer, Raymond, N. Platte, Nebr ' 53 Burns, Jerry, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 53 Burns, Robert, Atlanta, Ga ' 51 Couper, Colin, Denver, Colo 53 Crause, Pete, Pittsburgh, Pa ' 53 Curtis, Ralph, Saguache, Colo ' 53 Davis, William, Montrose, Colo _.... ' 51 Doyle, Tom, South Bend, Ind ' 52 Dunning, Harold, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Fuller. Jerry, Raton, N. Mex ' 51 Gathers, Charles, Boulder, Colo . ' 53 Greenlee, Max, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Griswold, Don, Denver, Colo 52 Guffey, Harland, Sutherland, Nebr ' 52 Harrington, Thomas, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 51 Hart. Richard, Memphis, Tenn ' 52 Hendrickson, Charles, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Hopper, Richard, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Huddleson, Ernest, Corning, Calif ' 53 Hutchings, Herbert, Loveland, Colo ' 54 Jones, Allen, Rose. Nebr ' 51 Kilton, Roger, Sullivan, 111 ' 52 King, William, Poughkeepsie, N. Y ' 52 Knudsen, Jerry, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kochcnburger, John, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Limbocker, Kenneth, Salem, Ore - ' 51 Mercure, Ruell, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Mitcheltree. John, Shaker Heights, Ohio ' 52 Montgomery, Jack, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 53 Morgan. Dale, Denver. Colo ' 53 Moss, Thurle, Denver, Colo ' 53 Munro, Charles, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Nash. Donald. Highland Park, 111 ' 51 Neville, Paul, St. Francis, Kan ' 53 Newman, William, Denver, Colo ' 53 Nicholson, John, Montclair, N. J ' 53 Olson. Mark, Carmel, Calif. ' 53 Orr, Duncan, Denver, Colo ' 51 Plant, James, Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 51 Rice, Leo, Teaneck, N. J ' 51 Rueb, Karl, St. Francis, Kan ' 53 Ruegg, Thomas, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Rumsey, Richard, St. Anthony, Idaho ' 51 Russell, John, Los Angeles, Calif ' 52 Santerre, Gus, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 52 Schelling, Ronald. Loveland, Colo ' 52 Seymour, Dale, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Shestak, Ted, Gary, Ind ' 51 Spangler, John, Longmont, Colo ' 53 Swart, Wilbur, Dodge City, Kan ' 51 Tracy, Donald, Chicago, 111 ' 52 West, Maynard, Denver, Colo 51 PLEDGES Allen, Robert, Rifle, Colo ' 54 Armstrong, Richard. Denver. Colo 54 Aspinwall. Richard, Barrington, III ' 54 Cummings, Ken, Honolulu, Hawaii ' 52 Denton, Richard, Denver, Colo 54 De Vries, Herb, Arlington, Va ' 54 Endicott, John, Houston, Tex ' 53 Filinger, John, Phillipsburg, Kan ' 53 Glass, Alabama, Denver, Colo ' 54 Jordan, Zack, Denver. Colo ' 53 Kapelke, Hugo, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 54 Linck, Wally, Burlingame, Calif ' 53 Moore, William, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Morrison, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 54 Norrish, Ralph, Longmont, Colo ' 54 Petersen, Carl. Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 54 Rice, Roger. Englewood, Colo ' 54 Rueb, Bob, St. Francis, Kan ' 54 Sare, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 54 Smith, Colin, River Forest, 111 ' 54 States, Stan, Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 53 Upton, Phil, St. Francis, Kan ' 54 Visho, Bob, Branford, Conn ' 54 Warder, Bob. Denver, Colo ' 54 Wilcox, John, Decatur, 111 ' 53 Wilson, Norm, Loveland, Colo ' 54 Yawger, J. B., Colorado Spgs., Colo ' 54 3SS Baugerd Beach Chiafalo Chuck East Flora Goldstein Hatasaka Hiza Hollyer Joseph Lang McDonald Moy Murray Pyle Raduziner Ramsay Rose Rudolph Schlager Schwartz Steele Stephens Strauss OFFICERS Jack East President Harry Goldstein Vice-President Don Windsor Treasurer Norm Schlager Secretary mu ctu " Beta Sigs " are on the Colorado University campus as a permanent fixture. The Colorado Chapter of Beta Sigma Tau was founded in the fall of ' 49 by eight determined young men who were convinced that they could make a non-secterian fra- ternity work. They are correct to the extent that Beta Sigma Tau now has many times the number of men that they had in 1949. Not only have " Beta Sigs " been successful in adding new names to their roll-call, but they have also managed to maintain a high scholastic average, and to win several trophies in intra- murals and other campus activities, such as the Homecoming celebration, and Colorado U Days. Our social calendar for the year was filled with Hay rack rides, picnics, beer busts, and quarterly dances, with the winter formal which was held in Denver — the big dance of the year. Formal initiations were held at Blanchard ' s Lodge. In August 1951, we will be the host Chapter for the National Convention of Beta Sigma Tau which will be held in Denver. The officers of the Chapter have been: Dave Raduziner — President, Daniel Wong — Vice President, Harry Goldstein — Treasurer, Douglas Moy — Secretary, Henry L. Strauss — Pledge Warden. The sponsor of our fraternity is Professor Fritz Hoffmann. We moved into our first house during the Fall quarter, but soon found that it was too small to be adequate for our expanding Chapter. The present Chapter house, now at 1064- 13th St., accommodates around twenty men. ACTIVES Bangerd, James. Denver, Colo ' 53 Chuck. Edwin L.. San Francisco, Calif ' SI East, Jack, Denver, Colo - ' 52 Flora, Donald, Denver, Colo 53 Goldstein, Harry, Denver, Colo 53 HoUyer, Stewart, Boulder. Colo Grad. Moy, Douglas Y., New York. N. Y ' 51 Raduziner, David, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rose, David, Denver, Colo ' 52 Rudolph, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 52 Schlager, Norman, Denver, Colo 53 Schwartz, Herbert, Denver, Colo 52 Strauss, Henry L., Denver, Colo ' 51 Windsor, Donald. Mackinaw. Ill ' 52 Wong, Daniel W., New York, N. Y ' 51 PLEDGES Beach, Prescott, Montclair, N. J ' 54 Chiafalo, Peter P., Brooklyn, N. Y ' 52 Hatasaka, Henry, Brighton, Colo ' 53 Hiza, Mike J., Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Joseph Ali, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lang, William R., Denver, Colo ' 53 McDonald, George, Denver, Colo ' 53 Murray, Roger H., Ft. Lupton, Colo ' 52 Pyle, Richard, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Ramsay, William, Forest Hills, N. Y ' 52 Steel. Charles, Buffalo, N. Y ' 54 Stephens, Lionel, Akron, Ohio Grad. 357 Anderson Armatas Backlund Bacon Bergheim Bienfang Black Bray Brummitt Burns Campbell Craychee Dwinnell Eschenburg Faus Federhart Fisher Fowler Fuller Garner Gentry Grohne Hammond Hirtie Johns Johnston Kearney King Knudsen Lang Larson Madsen Maier Miller Muth Nash Oakes O ' Donnell Parlapiano Reich Rierson Sanborn Sears Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith, M. Spencer Steig Stewart Storke Streepy Titley Travis Walstrom Warner Wheeler Wiedemann Wilkins Wills Wilson Zick HilJlr - ■%■ ■a m Sl tutiraHrwir I B1h»«w» . % W ' M OFFICERS Jerry Smith President Bill Johnston Vice-President Chuck Eschenburg Secretary Bob Johns Treasurer 4 358 keta f i Beta Theta Pi started its fiftieth year on the campus with a successful rush week. This fall the Woogs pledged 24 men. The Beta ' s have as their leaders the following: Jerry Smith, President; Bill Johnston, Vice-president; Chuck Eschenburg, Secretary ; and Bob Johns, Treasurer. Beta ' s activities were many with the winter dance, " Arabian Nights, " and the Spring Formal at Denver round- ing out the year. Our float tied for first place in the C.U. Days parade. This year the ever popular fall formal, " Honeymoon Hotel, " was a complete success. Once again Beta Tau won the coveted White Stag trophy with Bill Johnston winning honors both in the downhill and the slalom. Two third places were taken by Wooglin teams in swimming and the C.U. Days track meet. This year places many Beta ' s in extra-curricular ac- tivities. Some of those outstanding are: Chuck Brummitt, Editor-in-Chief, 1951 Coloradan; Jerry Smith, President of the I.F.C. ; Phil Dufford, President Student Bar Asso- ciation; Ted Wiedemann, Promotions manager of the Sil- ver and Gold ; Ralph Black, Parade chairman, 1950 Home- coming ; Don Gorman, Varsity football ; Jim Armatas, Varsity basketball and track ; Bud Walstrom, Varsity swimming; and Joe Berheim, Cheerleader. ACTIVES Alexander, W. Robert. Denver, Colo ' SI Anderson, Christopher M., Lovington, N. M. .. ' 50 Armatas, James P., Denver, Colo ' 52 Backlund, Merle C, Lincoln. Nebr ' 53 Bacon. Milton E., Balboa, Calif ' 51 Bienfang, F. John, Rochelle. Ill _ ' 53 Bergheim, Joseph H., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Black, Ralph, Sterling, III ' 52 Brummitt, Charles D., Centerville, la ' 51 Burns, Robert L., Wichita, Kan ' 53 Dwinnell, Craig S., Minneapolis, Minn ' 53 Eschenburg, Charles G., Denver, Colo 51 Faus. Robert B„ Honolulu, T. H ' 51 Federhart, Robert L., Sioux City, la ' 52 Gentry, James H., Loveland, Colo ' 52 Goss, William R., Glencoe. Ill ' 51 Hammond, Paul E., Oakland, Calif ' 51 Heitman, Richard A., Spokane, Wash ' 53 Johns, Robert F.. Denver, Colo ' 51 Johnston, William V., Casper, Wyo ' 51 Kearney. John S., Spokane, Wash ' 52 King, James B., Sterling, Colo ' 51 Koubsky, Raymond J., Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Lang. Gerald L., Bloomington, 111 S2 Larson, Dayl A., Denver, Colo ' 52 Lee, Donald K., Denver, Colo ' 52 Madelen, George C, Omaha, Nebr 51 Madsen, Robert C, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 Maier, Julian F., Denver, Colo 52 McCormack. James A. Boulder City, Nev 52 McDonnell, William, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Nash. Franklin M., Denver, Colo ' 52 Cakes, Wallace M., Denver, Colo ' 52 O ' Donnell, Canton, Denver, Colo . ' 52 Parlapiano, David C, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Rierson. Robert D., Monte Vista, Colo ' 52 Ross, Robert E., Dodge City, Kan ' 51 Sanborn, Frederick A., Wayzata, Minn ' 52 Sears, Thomas, Bartlesville, Okla ' 52 Smith, Jerry L., Sioux City, la ' 51 Smith, Lowry, St. Paul, Minn ' 51 Spencer, Thomas K., Clayton, Mo - ' 53 Steig, Michael M., Bartlesville. Okla ' 52 Storke, Frederick P., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Streepy, James A., Sioux City, la ' 54 Travis. John W., Havre, Mont ' 51 Voorhis, Peter A. H., New York, N. Y ' 52 Warner, Richard H., Denver, Colo ' 52 Wiedemann, Theodore W., Burlingame, Cali{... ' 52 Wilkins. James M., Lincoln, Nebr ' 52 Wills, LeRoy A., Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Wilson, Farrar M., Denver, Colo ' 53 Zick, Robert R., Oregon, 111 ' S3 PLEDGES Berguin, Richard Q., Sioux Falls. S. D ' 53 Bray, Keith R., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Campbell, Joseph L., Denver, Colo Grad Deeds, James H., Denver, Colo ' 54 Fisher, Carl D., Denver, Colo ' 53 Fowler, Wayne J., Denver, Colo ' 54 Fuller, D. Hodge, Bloomington, 111 ' 54 Garner, Robert S., Aurora, Colo ' 53 Grohne, Richard R., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Heyer, Richard A., Denver, Colo ' 53 Hirtle, Thomas W., Freeport, 111 ' 54 Hunt, R. Thomas, Omaha. Nebr ' 54 Knudsen, Dan H., Ft. Lupton, Colo ' 54 Kury, Ben J., Kirkwood, Mo ' 54 Laughlin. Henry D., Ft. Worth. Tex ' 54 Leslie, Albert J. Jr., Denver, Colo ' 54 Miller, F. Gaynor, Denver, Colo ' 53 Muth, Robert J., Altadena, Calif ' 54 Reinhardt, John C, Omaha, Nebr ' 54 Smith, Marcellus E., Greeley, Colo ' 54 Stewart, RoUand L., Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Titley, Ronald L., Denver, Colo ' 53 Walstrom, Louis A., Denver, Colo 52 Whitaker. Albert H., Denver, Colo ' 54 3S9 Alexander Anderson AtanasoH Babb Babcock Bateman Birkeness Blaine B lackwell Boettcher Borders Boughter Brown, B. Brown, P. Burke Burris Butler Butt Chapman Clausen Colvin Coshow Cummings Davidson Doss Drabing Duncan Eastom Eckberg Endres Etnyre Flagler Galles Guild Gurley Habcl Hartman Henry Holick Ives Jackson Jammer Jones Johnson, H. Johnson, L. Johnson, S. Keil Kelly Kemper King Kirkham Krueger Lane Larson Leslie Lightburn MacLaren Markham Mast Molidor Mossman Murray Naused Nelson Norman Nossaman O ' Connor Otto Palmer Perrenoud Rice Rose Ruthenberg Skyrm Smoot Spannous Starrett St. Clair Weber Wilkinson Wilson OFFICERS Nancy Chapman President Merle MacLaren Vice-President Marcia Mast Secretary Barbara Lane Treasurer 360 CL Q meaci fi When the Chi Omegas returned last fall to embark en their 45th successful year on campus, they were joined by thirty-six enthusi- astic pledges who promise to prove more than capable of maintaining the high record of the group in very phase of college life. Chi O ' s achievements this year followed on the trail of many honors copped by the group last spring when the " Bully for Spring " float was awarded grand prize in the CU Days parade, and the Chi O singing group took first place in the Songfest. Academically, the Chi O ' s were again on top and were recipients of the Panhellenic traveling cup for highest scholarship among sororities. The Chi O ' s of Zeta chapter were well represented in practically every type of campus activity with many of the girls holding offices and membership in honoraries. Julia St. Clair and Betty Leslie were members of Mortar Board and Sue Guild, of Hesperia, while Chi O provided six Spur members — Hildegarde Skyrm, Nancy Jammer, Martha Opdycke, Arden King, Jo Ann Butt, and Virginia Lightburn. Barbara Lane served as secretary of the Business school, Nancy Chapman was elected secretary-treasurer of Y. W. C. A., and Juila St. Clair held editorship of the Coloradan class section. Spirit of the group was exemplified by cheerleaders Sue Johnson and Joanne Atanasoff. The Homecoming General Committee in- cluded Barbara Lane, chairman of the torchlight parade ; Bev Rice, float chairman ; and Arden King, committee secretary. A busy social life completed the Chi O calendar with exchange dinners, special parties for the pledges, picnics, pajama parties, and pledge sneaks being held in addition to the quarterly formals and parties. Welcoming our " Mrs. T. " as new housemother helped to make a good year even better for Chi O. ACTIVES Alexander, Gloria, Boulder, Colo |52 Anderson. Marilyn, Denver, Colo |i2 Atanasolf. Joanne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Babb, Jane, Grove, Okla |53 Betasso, Donna Hope, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Birkness, Margaret, Park Ridge, 111 ' 53 Boughter, Joanne, Decatur, 111 52 Burke, Helen, Casper, Wyo [52 Butt, Joann, Denver, Colo ' 53 Carlson, Carol, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Chapman, Nancy, Tyler, Tex ' 51 Clausen, Kay, Delta, Colo ' S3 Colvin, Charlotte, Caracas, Vensz ' 53 Corydon, Patricia, Elmhurst, 111 [53 Doss, Connie, Jacksonville, Fla [52 Drabing, Caroline, Denver, Colo [52 Eastom, Joann, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Eckberg, Phyllis, Port Wash,, N. Y ' 53 Endres, Joann. Whiting, Ind [52 Etnyre, Marilyn, Oregon, 111 ' S3 Flagler, Phyllis, Summit, N. J ' 52 Calles, Wilma, Casper, Wyo ' 51 Guild, Susan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Gurly, Mary, New Port Beach, Calif ' 52 Habel, Mimi, Elmhurst, 111 ' 51 Hartman, Katie, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 51 Henry, Mary, Denver, Colo - ' 52 Ives. Donna, Okla. City, Okla ' 52 Jammer, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Johnson, Harriet, Colorado Sprs., Colo [53 Johnson, Lois, Denver, Colo ' 53 Johnson, Suzanne, Palisade, Colo ' 53 [Jones, Nancy, La Salle, Mich ' 52 Keil, Carolyn, Decatur, 111 ' 51 King, Arden, Denver, Colo ' 53 King, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 53 King, Ketha, Homer, La ' 52 Kirkham, Louise, Omaha, Nebr ' 52 Lane, Barbara, Oak Park, 111 ' 51 Leslie, Betty, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Lightburn, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 53 MacLaren, Merle, Fort Worth, Tex ' 51 Markham, Annette, Denver, Colo ' 52 Mast, Marcia, Fort Wayne, Ind ' 52 Mills, Holly, Torrington, Wyo ' 52 Molidor, Ruth, Libertyville, 111 ' 51 Mossman, Lee, Belvedere, 111 52 Murray, Violet. Denver. Colo ' ?» ' Nelson, Joan, DeKalb, 111 ' 52 Nossaman, Marjorie, Madison, N. J ' 53 Opdycke, Martha, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Otta, Betty Jo, Denver, Colo [51 Perrenoud, Mary Lou, Sioux Falls, S, D ' 53 Phillips, Sherli, Boise, Ida ' 51 Priest, Deborah, Denver, Colo ' 53 Rice, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rogers, Eleanor, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Rose, Lou Anna, Denver, Colo ' 51 Skyrm, Hildegarde, Glencoe, 111 ' 53 Spannaus, Audrey, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 St. Clair, Julia, Port Wash., N. Y ' 51 Starrett, Diane, Colorado Sprs., Colo ' 53 Weber, Josephine. Wilson. Kan ' 51 Wilkinson, Ruth Mary, Enid, Okla ' 51 PLEDGES Babcock, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 54 Bancroft, Jelaine, Madison, Wis ' 53 Bateman, Beth, Glen EUyn, III ' 54 Blackwell, Patti, Oak Park, 111 [54 Blaine, Linda, El Paso, Tex ' 51 Boettcher, Barbara, Wash., D. C ' 53 Borders, Jalene, Hutchinson, Kan ' 52 Braley, Elizabeth, Riverside, Conn ' 54 Brooke, Jane, Oregon, 111 ' 52 Brown, Barbara, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 54 Brown, Patricia, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Burris, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Butler, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Colwill, Sally, Creston, 111 ' 54 Coshow, Sally, Carpinteria, Calif ' 54 Cummings, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Davidson, Bette, Boise, Ida ' 54 Duncan, Minerva, Mercedes, Tex ' 54 Holick, Annabelle, Loveland, Colo ' 54 Jackson, Joe Ann, Peterman, Ala ' 53 Kelly, Claris, Billings, Mont ' 54 Kemper, Sheila, Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Krueger, Carole, Indianapolis, Ind ' 54 Markham, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 5 4 Naused, Virginia, Sioux Falls, S. D ' 52 Nelson, Karen, Viroqua, Wis ' 51 Norman, Joan, Evanston, 111 ' 54 O ' Connor, Tommy Lou, Glen EUyn, 111 ' 54 Palmer, Alice, Denver. Colo ' 54 Ross, Jean, Dearborn, Mich ' 54 Ruthenberg, Diane, Hinsdale, 111 ' 54 Schneeloch, Nancy, Port Wash., N. Y ' 54 Smoot, Beatrice, Highland Pk., Ill ' 54 Starrett, Barbara, Colorado Sprs., Colo ' 54 Troxell, Nancy, Longmont, Colo ' 51 Wilson, Elizabeth, Northfield, Minn ' 52 361 Anderson Carpenter Carson Cooke Davis Foster Furbush Grantz Henrich Jorgenson Kepncr Meyer Mulvihill, H Mulvihill, J. Racey Schwartz Smith, J. OFFICERS Rendle Myer President Bill Carpenter Vice-President Gil Perry Treasurer Hal Kepner Secretary 362 CA f di The Chi Psi ' s returned this fall to a newly redecorated and re- inforced lodge to pledge twenty-one men of outstanding ability Snd whose morals were beyond reproach. Besides an outstanding scholastic record this fall, the Chi Psi ' s combined their efforts to produce one of the most memorable Fall Formals ever held in the Lodge, " The Beachcomber ' s Blast. " The Lodge and brothers were decorated accordingly, and were able to partake of a sumptuous feast. . As usual the Lodgemen offered stiff competition in the inter- mural s athletic events, particularly in the field of skiing. Due to an epidemic of flu rampant in the Lodge, the men were saddened by the outcome of the Beta-Chi Psi annual tug o ' war, which we lost by a very slight margin for the first time in many years. We are now sub- mitting ourselves to rigid physical training program in anticipation of the Spring ' s meeting with the Beta ' s. The Chi Psi ' s outdid themselves at last year ' s Winter Formal held at the Cherry Hills Country Club, with a result that the Spring Formal was held in the Ballroom of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Both dances were extremely gala occasions. Under the able leadership of our president, Rendle Myer, the members of Alpha Psi Delta have turned in a record of activity and accomplishment hardly equaled since pre-war days. ACTIVES Adler, Sid, Houston, Texas Grad. Anderson, Fred, Great Falls, Mont., ' 52 Bocrncr, Bob, Denver, Colo - Grad. Bryans. Dick, Denver, Colo ' 53 Bussian, Bob, Chicago, 111 Grad. Carpenter, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 51 Carson, John, Denver, Colo Grad. Ciecura, Steve, Staten Island, N. Y ' 51 Cochrane, Hale, Palo Alto, Calif Grad. Cooke, Pete, Glencoe, 111 ' 53 Edwards, Keith, Kearney, Nebr Grad. Grantz, Birney, Rockford, 111 ' 53 Hancock, Tom, Greeley, Colo ' 51 Henrich, Harry, Midland Park, N. J ' 52 Jones, Ace, Greeley, Colo Grad. Jorgenson, Jack, Wilmctte, 111 ' 52 Kepner, Hal, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kirkham, Niel, Atherton, Calif ' SO Leverenz, Jack, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Lindberry, Bob, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 52 Mason, Gordon, Hilo, T. H ' 51 Massell, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 51 Mulligan, Gene, Denver, Colo ' 52 Mulvihill, John, Denver, Colo Grad. Myer, Rendle, Denver, Colo -Grad. Palo, Dave, Great Falls, Mont ' 52 Perry, Gil, Denver, Colo ' S3 Pinkham, Sara, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 52 Racey, Carl, Boston, Mass ' S3 Rothwell, Bob, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 52 Schwartz, Jack, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Smith, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 51 Smith, Vern, Estes Park, Colo Grad. Sumners. Bill, Denver, Colo ' 51 Thomas, Vic, Boulder, Colo ' SI PLEDGES Bowie, Alex, Denver, Colo ' 54 Brantingham, John, Bloomington, 111 ' 54 Burks, Virgil, Denver, Colo ' 54 Chapman, Ralph, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Corsi, Manuel, Brownsville, Texas ' 51 Davis, Don, Duluth, Minn ' 51 Danielson, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ferguson, Morey, Denver, Colo ' 54 Foster, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 54 Furbush, Mike, Galveston, Texas ' 54 Knight, Jack, Victorville, Calif ' 54 Hakes, Bill, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Harward, Cort, Denver, Colo ' 54 Hunter, Dick, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Kelley, Mike, Denver, Colo ' 54 McCabe, Bob. Denver, Colo ' 54 Mulvihill, Hank, Denver, Colo ' 53 Russell, Dave, Denver, Colo ' 54 Sceliger, Carl, Denver, Colo ' 51 Sumners, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 54 Waggoner, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 54 Wait, Harry, Deadwood, S. D ' 54 Walters, Russ, Denver, Colo ' 54 Williams, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 54 363 Briggs Barker Bickmore Booth Bush Cady Chambers Clave Cobb Cowan Cripe Curren Defike Eve Fisk Ford Fountain Fox Gaebel Kerzon Lacy Little Lord Lott Marvin Maurek Meyer Morrison Orr Perriman Richards Riesen Russell Saltz Schlitt Scott Show Slifer Smith Unfug Untiedt Van Nostrand Walkling Wenaas Whisenant Whitley Withauer Wilson Wilkins Winans Winter Wiseman Woodard Yoast OFFICERS Carol Maurek President Janet Woodward Vi ce-president Charlotte Walkling Secretary Marilyn Nittler Treasurer 364 cfDettci c Delta cUJelta The Tri Belt ' s versatility shone through again in 1950-1951 as we entered whole heartedly into many campus activities. Leading the campus in scholarship for the ninth consecutive quarter we were awarded the coveted Three Year Panhellenic Scholarship Cup. We also had our share of beauties. Virginia Robertson was Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, Jeanne Lacy was Homecoming Queen, Mary Cowan was Homecoming Princess and Mary Marvin was Engine Ball Queen finalist. We entered A.W.S. Vaudeville, and with the Phi Belts we were in C.U. Bays Song Fest finals. Our float for C.U. Bays won third place. Full of pep and spirit, our intramural teams took third place at the end of the season. There will be many good times to be remembered such as the " flapper " costume party with the Phi Belts, the Pansy Formal held at the Park Hill Country Club in the spring, and our holiday parties. We enjoyed watching our pledges at the Sigma Chi Berby, and seeing Nancy Yoast chosen the most kissable pledge. At Christmas Time we presented the tradi- tional Alpha Tau Omega-Tri Belt caroling service at the Episcopal Church. We are proud of Jonny Lindou, our A.S.U.C. candidate for Greek Combine, who was also Program Chairman for C.U. Days and Homecoming. Anne Morrison is a dorm counselor, president of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Social Chairman of A.W.S., on Senate of A.W.S., and is a member of Hesperia. Carol Maurek was chairman of the Panhellenic Workshop; Mary Jo Geisie, Elyse Beffke, and Carol Untiedt are on W.A.A. Board, and Jean Humphries is on Mortar Board. The guidance of our chapter officers Carol Maurek, presi- dent, and Janet Woodard, vice president, plus the solid backing of an active and interested chapter put Tri Belta in the fore front of campus affairs during the year. ACTIVES Anderson, Jane, La Grange, III ' 52 Berry, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 52 Best, Patricia, Vicksburg, Miss ' 53 Briggs, Jerry, Pocatello, Ida ' 53 Carl, Wiliminer, Houston, Tex 52 Chambers, Joan, Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Cowan, Mary, Idaho Falls, Ida ' 51 Cushing, Jo Anne, Berea, Ohio ' 53 Deffke, Elyse, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Dillon, Dicksie, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Eliason, Marian, Denver, Colo 51 Ford, Artha Lee, South Fork, Colo ' 52 Fountain, Nancy, Sloan, la ' 51 Fox, Karen, Des Moines, la ' 53 Freng, Alice, Palo Alto, Calif ' 52 Humphries, Jean, La Junta, Colo --. ' 51 Kerzon, Joanne, Leadville, Colo ' 51 Lacy, Jeanne, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Lindou, Johanna, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Lord, Marilyn, Piano, 111 ' 53 Lott, Joan, La Junta, Colo ' 51 Marvin, Mary, St. Charles, 111 ' 52 Maurek, Carol, Clinton, la ' 51 Morrison, Anne, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Nittler, Marilyn, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Orr, Betty Ann, Bryn Maur, Penn ' 51 Osman, Margaret, Rochester, Minn ' 51 Perriman, Ann, El Paso, Tex ' 51 Reilly, Louisanne, Riverside, 111 ' 53 Richards, Patricia, Englewood, Colo ' 51 Rieson, Barbara, Wichita Falls, Tex ' 51 Rose, Shirley, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Schlitt, Jo Anne. Springfield, 111 ' 53 Scott, Mary, Clinton, la ' 51 Smith, Barbara Jean, Estes Park, Colo ' 51 Smith, Dorothy, Pueblo. Colo ' 53 Sobenheimer, Harriet, Denver, Colo ' 51 Torgerson, Arlene, Denver, Colo ' 51 Unfug, Laura Lee, Walscnburg, Colo ' 52 Untiedt, Carol, Chevy Chase, Md ' 51 Van Nostrand, Nancy, Monte Vista, Colo ' 53 Waikling, Charlotte, Denver, Colo ' 51 Whisenant, June, Liberal, Kan ' 53 Whitley, Beverly, South Pasadena, Calif ' 51 Wilkins, Joyce, Boulder, Colo 52 Wilson, Lois, Tulsa, Okla ' 52 Winans, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 52 Winslow, Mary Louise, Wheat Ridge, Colo. .. ' 52 Wiseman, Louise, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Witthauer, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 51 Woodard, Janet, Saguache, Colo ' 51 Van Hine, Gail, Royal Oak, Mich ' 53 PLEDGES Allen, Barbara, Denver, Colo 54 Barker, Barbara, Des Moines, la ' S3 Bickmore, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Booth, Cynthia, Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 54 Cady, Linda, Cincinatti, Ohio ' 54 Clave, Rosalie, Webster City, la ' 53 Cobb, Louise, Berkeley, Calif _. ' 54 Cox, Sharon, Denver, Colo ' 54 Cripe, Helen, Racine, Wis ' 54 Curren, Joan, Springfield, 111 ' 52 Eve, Betty Jo, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Gaebel, Mary Jo, Lengmont, Colo ' 54 Little, Joyce, Galesburg, 111 ' 54 Mayes, Marilyn, Dallas, Tex - ' 54 Meyer, Patricia, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Middleton, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Osborne, Joanne, Boulder, Colo 54 Russell, Joan, Merriam, Kan ' 54 Saltz, Audry, La Crosse, Wis ' 54 Scofield, Joan, Atherton. Calif ' 54 Show, Virginia, Hermosa Beach, Calif ' 54 safer, Berta, Brighton, Colo ' 54 Tomlinson, Betty Sue, Steamboat Spgs., Colo. .. ' 53 Wenaas, Nancy, Youngstown, Ohio ' 53 Winter, Louise, Arcadia, Calif ' 54 Yoast, Nancy, Glcndale, Calif ' 54 365 Adams Adler Ahearn Altick Anderson Baker Bardwell Berger Eatschelet Bird Bowie Brannan Brickman Brown Byers Cannon Clark Clayton Cogburn Cole Colton Conners Cook Devlin Dickenson Drake Droege Edwards Ellis Fitzgeralil Fouts Gardener Guyer Haigh Hall Hamilton Healy Heck Helmkamp Henkel Holder, G. Holder, J. Hubbard Hully Irwin Jeanes Kerr King Koren Krebs Lindseth Ludeman Mabee Martin McGuire Melville Miller Moore Morris Morrison Mulligan Munsen Nagel Orr Panek Pittenger Pierce Robbins Ross Shantz Sherlock Shivers Simank Smith Spilver Starks Steckel Stevenson Sweet Thompson, Jane Thomson, Joanne Toughy Unfug Utter Van Ausdall Vawter Waldron Wallerius Waters Webber Weber Winston Withrow Woodward Worthington OFFICERS Jane Waters President Marilyn Sweet Vice-President Mary Heck Secretary 366 c Delta Lui u K ummu The mid-century has brought many honors to the Delta Gamma House. We have in our midst. 1950 s C.U. Days Queen, Jackie Clark, and Pi Kap Dream Girl, Barbara Withrow, Panhellenic ' s President, Lee Steckle, Joanne Healy, Managing Editor of the Coloradan, Bar- bara Brickman, president of Porpoise and Gloria Edwards plus Jackie Irwin who are two of C.U. ' s cheerleaders. Peggy Lu Brannan, Sue Koren and Gloria Edwards were honored by being asked to be- come members of Spur, while Bev Batschelet has graduated to the honor of Hesperia, sophomore and junior honorary clubs respectively. The Delta Gammas were also presented the trophy for the best float in the gold division during 1950, C.U. Homecoming. The sorority is directed by its efficient officers, Jane Waters president, Marilyn Sweet vice president, Mary Heck secretary, Jo- anne Mabee scholarship chairman, Kathy Hamilton chairman of standards board and Lucia Moore social chairman. The D.G.s chose as their new house mother, Mrs. Ethel Swope, whose daughter was initiated into the chapter in 1948. It is not all work and no play for the D.G.s as their social cal- endar is well filled with functions and dances. One of the main social events planned for each year is the Delta Gamma fall formal which was given at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. The spring formal is always looked forward to by all as it has traditionally proven itself to be one of the loveliest dances of the year. We know that this year will be another good year for the Delta Gammas not only because of its 56 actives, but because of its 44 new pledges. ACTIVES Adams, Barbara. Evanston, HI ' 52 ' Adler, Peggy, Houston, Tex ' 52 Baker, Elizabeth, Redlands. Calif 53 Batschelet, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 52 Bcrger. Laura Mae. Denver, Colo. ' 52 Bird, Jackie. Roswell, N. M ' 52 Brannan. Peggy Lu. Denver, Colo. ' 53 Brickman. Barbara. Chicago, 111 51 Brown, Ann. Denver, Colo ' 51 Clark, Jackie. Denver, Colo ' 52 Clayton. Elizabeth, El Paso, Tex ' 53 Cogburn. Gwen, Denver. Colo ' 52 Cole, Sally, Palo Alto, Calif " 53 Devlin, Jo, Larchmont, N. Y 51 Donanville, Catherine, Moline, 111 ' 52 Donanville, Patricia, Moline. HI ' 53 Droege, Mary, Chicago, 111 53 Dwire. Mary Jo. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Edwards, Gloria, Denver, Colo 53 Flugstad, Susan. Denver, Colo ' 52 Fouts. Joy Ann, Des Moines, la ' 51 Gardner. Jo Ann, Boise, Ida. 52 Guyer, Anita, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Haigh, Ruth, Homewood. Ill 52 Hamilton, Kathleen. Denver, Colo ' 51 Healy, Joanne, Denver, Colo S1 Heck, Mary, Rochester, Minn 51 Helmkamp, Dorothy. Denver. Colo ' 51 Holder, Greta. Detroit, Mich ' 51 Hubbard. Judy. Denver. Colo ' 53 Huntington, Ruth. Urbana, 111 53 Irwin, Jackie, Flossmoor, 111 52 Koren, Sue, Evanston, 111 ' 53 Mabee, Joanne, Mitchell, S. D ' 51 Melville. Patricia. Denver, Colo. ' 52 Moore, Lucia. Denver, Colo i - ' 52 Morris, Sarah, Colorado Springs, Colo. ...: ' 52 Morrison, Alice. Milwaukee, Wis ' 52 Mulligan, Margie. Denver, Colo 52 Nagel, Ruth, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Orr, Barbara Jane. Colorado Springs. Colo. .... ' S3 Panek, Patricia, Denver, Colo 51 Pittenger, Mary, Aberdeen, S. D ' 52 Ross, Joanne, Denver, Colo , ' 51 Sherlock, Margaret. Denver, Colo ' 51 Spilver, Jane. Boise, Ida ' 52 Starks, Jenny, Denver, Colo ' 52 Steckel, Lee, Denver, Colo ' 51 Sweet, Marilyn, Denver, Colo ' 51 Van Ausdall, Diane, Denver. Colo ' 53 Vawter, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 53 Waller ius, Joan, Sacramento, Calif 52 Waters, Jane, Colorado Springs, Colo 51 Webber, Jeanne, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 53 Weber, Sally, Milwaukee, Wis ' 52 Wilson, Virginia, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Woodward, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 52 PLEDGES Ahearn, Marilyn, Denver, Colo. 54 Altick, Sally, Estes Park, Colo ' 54 Anderson. Jill. Encampment. Wyo 54 Bardwell, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 54 Bowie, Margot, Swarthmore, Penn ' 54 Byers, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 54 Cannon, June. Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Colton, Virginia, Hollywood, Calif ' 54 Connors, Sue, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 54 Cook, Mary, Denver, Colo _ ' 54 Dickenson, Lois. Lake Geneva, Wis 54 Drake, Terri. Red Feather Lakes, Colo ' 54 Ellis, JoAnn. Evanston, 111 ' 54 Fitzgerald, Mary, Pasadena, Calif ' 54 Hall, Marilyn, Homewood, 111 ' 54 Henkel, Sue, Denver. Colo ' 54 Holder, Jacqueline, La Jolla, Calif ' 54 HuUy, Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Jeans, Mary. Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Kerr, Jacqueline, Chicago, 111 ' 54 King, Kay, La Jolla, Calif ' 53 Krebs, Sue, Wauwatosa, Wis ' 54 Lindseth, Carolyn, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ludeman, Shirley, Denver, Colo 54 Martin, Virginia, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 McGuire, Joanne, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Miller, Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Munson, Marilyn, Palo Alto, Calif _._. ' 54 Pierce, Candace, Wheaton, 111 ' 54 Robbins. Diane, Palo Alto, Calif 53 Shantz, Miriam, Denver, Colo ' 54 Shivers, Nancy, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 54 Simank, Nancy, Altadena, Calif ' 54 Smith, Margaret Ann, SiouJt City, la ' 54 Stevenson. Sally Jo, Davenport, la ' 54 Thompson, Jane, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Thomson. JoAnn. Wauwatosa, Wis ' 54 Tuohy, Mary Ann, Cleveland. Ohio ' 54 Unfug, Eleanor, Sterling, Colo ' 53 Utter, Tamara. Des Moines, la ' 54 Waldron, Valerie, Colorado Springs, Colo. .. . ' 54 Winston, Jane, Washington. D. C. ' 54 Withrow, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 54 Worthington, Anne, Roswell, N. M .. ' 54 367 Anderson Benson Clifford Galtng George Hagerott Hardman Harper Harrisberger Heckart .Tarrett Keatinp. Marta Musser Parker Over O ' TooIe Shroyer Weston Williams Zabrusky OFFICERS Tom Parker President Bob Hagerott Vice-President Ed Zabrusky sISl Secretary Jim O ' Toole Treasurer 368 cJjeiia iama J- hl Biggest news items at Alpha Rho this fall were the sale of " the Al amo, " Delta Sig ' s home for the past fifteen years, and the shifting of the National Headquarters of Delta Sigma Phi to Denver. A new and larger home is planned to accommodate the greatly increased chapter membership, which includes twenty-nine new pledges. In activities, the wearers of the green and white continued to place high on the list. During winter quarter, Kent Durfee directed the All Men ' s Show, Bob Phillips wrote the script, and even Butch, the house mascot, got in the act with a solo. Spring quarter, the inter- fraternity Softball championship, a first place in the C.U. Days float parade, and a third in the all-school bowling tournament fell to the residents of the Alamo. Jim Gump was named to the all-star Greek football and Softball teams and also sparked Delta Sig intra-mural squads. Prominent Delta Sigs on campus this year include Bob Hagerott, Tau Beta Pi, treasurer. Eta Kappa Nu; Ed Zabrusky, C. O. Allen, Tom Mason, Howard Ed dy, George Merlino, Sigma Delta Chi, jour- nalism honorary; Nate Clifford, Rho Chi; Gene Over, Carl Thomp- son, Kappa Kappa Psi ; and Jim Van Duyne, head drum major of the C.U. band. In Star and Sextant, Naval honorary, Delta Sigs in- clude Bernie Keating, president, and Loren Harper. Grades continued to play an important part in the Delta Sig picture. The chapter placed fourth among fraternities in scholar- ship for the year. Grades were not everything, however. Some note- worthy social events included the Carnation ball, held at the Park Lane Country Club, the Shipwrecked Sailor ' s Ball, at Alp ' s Lodge, The Sadie Hawkins ' Day dance, and the annual Founder ' s Day Ban- quet in Denver. Under the leadership of Tom Parker, president, Bob Hagerott, vice-president, Ed Zabrusky, secretary, and Jim O ' Toole, treasurer. Delta Sigma Phi has completed a most successful and fun-filled year. ACTIVES Allen. C. C, Trinidad. Colo ' 51 Arneal, Gordon. Santa Barbara, Calif ' 51 Benson. Bert, Boulder. Colo ' 52 Branaman. Larry. Denver, Colo ' 53 Clifford, Nate, Denver, Colo ' 51 Dallam, Bob, Silverton, Ore ' 52 Drake, Gene, Gordon, Nebr ' 51 Eddy. Howard, Brighton. Colo ' 52 Fithian, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 52 Galing, Searcy, Baytown, Tex ' 51 George, Earl, New Orleans, La ' 52 Hagaman, Harry. Denver, Colo ' 50 Hagerott, Bob, Mandan, N. D ' 51 Hanihan, Merle, Chicago, 111 51 Harper, Lorren, Denver, Colo ' 51 Heckart. Charles, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Hoge, Larry, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 51 Jarret, Emery, Keystone, Ind ' 50 Keating, Bernie, North Knobb, S. D ' 51 Knott, Al, Delta. Colo ' 53 Magerfleish, Virg, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 52 Mason, Tom, Trinidad. Colo ' 52 Musser. Frank, Highland Park, 111 ' 52 Norris, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 53 O ' Toole. Jim, Sterling, Colo ' 51 Parker, Tom, Wabash. Ind ' 52 Ruff, Randy, Lansing, 111 ' 53 Schmitten, Phil, Honolulu, Hawaii ' 51 Shroyer, Terry, Craig, Colo ' 53 Specht. Eddie. Santa Barbara. Calif ' 51 Thompson, Carl, Freeport. HI ' 53 Weston. Stanley, Phoenix, Ariz ' 53 Williams, Bob, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Zabrusky, Ed, Canon City, Colo ' 51 PLEDGES Anderson, John, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Boyd, Francis, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 Clark, Kenneth, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 54 Clawson, Joe, Lodgegrass, Mont ' 54 Coulkins, Dick, Palmer, Alaska ' 54 Duane, Alan, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Doering, Don, Denver, Colo ' 53 Drew, Dave, Loveland, Colo ' 54 Grimsley, Kent, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 54 Harrisberger, Jim, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 53 Hardman, John, Limon, Colo ' 54 Hoen, Warren, Chadwicks, N. Y ' 53 Houtz, Dave, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Houtz, Jack, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Lee, John, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Marta, George Alexander, Orange, Calif ' 53 Obele, Mike, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 54 Over, Gene, Rittman, Ohio ' 52 Merlino, George, Canon City, Colo ' 52 Peterson, Bernie, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Salm, Jack, Union, N. Y ' 53 Thurston, John, Moose Pass, Alaska ' 52 Van Duyne. Jim, Joliet, 111 .. ' 52 Wilson, Frank, Detroit, Mich ' 54 369 Anderson Arnold Bacon Bearden, J Bell Blanchard Britton Chapin Creighton, Jim Creighton, John OFFICERS Bud Arnold President Frank Rethlefsen Vice-President Bill Allnutt House Manager Foster Gam Secretary cUjeltci uu GfDeltu Delta Tau Delta began its sixty-eighth year en the University of Colorado campus this fall. Successes in the Homecoming celebra- tion were added to the record this year when the Delts won the grand prize in the float contest and placed first in the intrafraternity chariot race. In intramurals last year, they managed to pile up more points than any other fraternity, winning first-place prizes in box- ing, swimming, and basketball and second place honors in volleyball. Taking an active and a vital role in the lives of her boys at the Delt house is Mrs. Charles Haven Ladd, their Housemother. Mrs. Ladd is now starting her fifteenth year with the chapter. Leading the chapter this year were: Bud Arnold, president; Frank Rethlefsen, vice-president; Bill Allnutt, house-manager; Foster Garn and Don Ulrich, secretaries. Bud Arnold was elected to succeed Jack Bell, who left school this fall to join the Naval Air Cadets. Outstanding active Delts this year include: John Shattuck, ASUC Commissioner, president Delta Sigma Pi, Homecoming chair- man Publicity Committee, Sumalia, Heart and Dagger; Jack Ander- son, sport ' s editor, Coloradan; Foster Garn, corresponding secretary. Phi Epsilon Phi; John Boone, assistant chairman Homecoming Gen- eral Committee, assistant chairman Homecoming Merchant ' s Com- mittee; Rodney Angove, Sigma Delta Chi, Silver and Gold; Dane Graves, Sumalia, varsity football; Bill Case, Bob Klamman, Glen Leyden, Bob Pike, Lee Venzke, varsity football; Ken Koop, Frank Gompert, Jack Froistad, varsity basketball. ACTIVES Allnutt. William F., Greeley, Colo " 52 Anderson, Jack K., Lakewood, Colo. ...- ' 52 Angove, Rodney W., Loveland, Colo 52 Arnold, Harry H., Denver, Colo ' 52 Bacon, Herbert L., Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Bauer, Richard J., Highland Park, 111 ' 52 Bearden. John N., Trinidad, Colo ' 50 Beck, Rodney M., Boulder, Colo ' 52 Bell. Robert H., Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Boone, John P., Dallas. Tex. ' 53 Britton. Charles W., Siou.i City, la ' 52 Bronson, William R.. Denver, Colo ' 52 Cable. Robert E.. Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Campbell, Tim L., Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Carey, Allen T., Logan, la ' 53 Case, William A., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Chamberlain, Richard E.. Berrian Spgs.. Mich. ' 52 Chapin, Leverett L., Denver, Colo ' 52 Clark, Ralph M., Omaha, Nebr ' 50 Cohig, James C. Denver, Colo ' 51 Creighton, James A., Flagler, Colo ' 50 Davis, Martin E., Kansas City, Mo ' 52 De Fontes, James, Honolulu. Oahu, T, H ' 52 Dolan, George B., Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Edwards, Robert M., Logen, la. ' 53 Enochs, Robert D., Glendale, Calif ' 51 Falkenberg, Robert L., Mission, Kans ' SI Fern, James W., Sioux Falls, S. D ' 52 Froistad, John N.. Cheyenne, Wyo ' 51 Garn, Foster N., Evanston, 111 ' 52 Goodland. Paul, Davenport, la ' 52 Gompert. Frank C. Winnetka, 111 ' 53 Graves, C. Dean. Boulder, Colo ' 51 Graves, D. Dane. Longmont, Colo ' 51 Green, Juan E., Colo. Springs. Colo ' 51 Hall, Henry C, Denver, Colo ' 51 Hall, Richard D., Ames, la ' 53 Hartsuff, P. C, Birmingham, Mich ' 53 Hawkins. John V.. Denver. Colo ' 52 Hix. George J.. Estes Park, Colo ' 51 Jordan, Walter D., Tulsa. Okla ' 51 Keys, Jack F.. Denver, Colo ' 53 Kiefer. Frank W., Berkeley, Calif ' 52 Killefer, Robert. Balboa, Calif ' 52 Kissock, J. Jerry, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 52 Klamann. Robert L.. Denver. Colo ' 53 Koop, Ken E., Mitchell. S. D ' 53 Lathrop, Carl L., Cheyenne. Wyo 51 Lawson. Le Roy D., Longmont. Colo " 52 Lewis, John B., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Lewis. Kenneth S.. Longmont. Colo ' 51 Leyden. Glenn E., Denver. Colo ' 53 Manley, Elmer E., Wahiawa, Oahu, T. H ' 52 Miller, A. David, Hinsdale, 111 ' 53 Miner, Richard W., Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 52 Modecr. James R., Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Moore, Ramon C. Greeley, Colo ' 52 Morris, Roy W.. Denver, Colo ' 51 Nichols. Thomas C. Denver, Colo ' 51 Paine. William G., Evanston, 111 ' 52 Parsons, Clarence E., Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Peacock, Robert B., Dallas, Tex ' S3 Poling, Stephen M., Ottumwa, la ' S3 Reed, Dwight C, Compton, Calif ' 52 Reno, William F., Denver, Colo ' 52 Rethlefsen, Frank H., Monrovia, Calif ' 51 Ross, Lewis W., Council Bluffs, la ' 53 Rudy, E. Carl, Denver, Colo ' 52 Schalk, Robert P., Denver, Colo ' 53 Seaman, Boyd W., Loveland, Colo ' 52 Shattuck. John B., Trinidad, Colo ' 51 Sincerbeaux, Robert G., New Rochelle, N. Y. ' 52 Skillman, John A., Denver, Colo ' 52 Smith, Dean A., Glendale, Calif ' 52 Spicer, Walter L., Newport Beach, Calif ' 51 Tapp, Bancroft M., Kansas City, Mo ' 51 Ulrich, Donald A.. Cheyenne, Wyo ' 52 Venzke, Lee C, Denver, Colo ' 53 Wicklund. Eldon J.. Oak Park, 111 ' 52 Williams, Dale G., Grand Junction, Colo ' 53 Williams, W. Wayne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Willis, Richard W., Evanston, 111 ' 52 Winfrey, Robley, Ames, la ' 52 Wulfekuhler, A. F., Naalehu, Hawaii, T. H... ' 52 Zick, H. Rolan, Greeley, Colo ' 51 PLEDGES Hartley, Jack C, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Becker, L. John, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Becker, Richard A., Estes Park, Colo ' 54 Bennett, Dick D., Beatrice, Nebr ' 53 Blanchard, David D., Cheyenne, Wyo ' 54 Creighton, John K., Flagler, Colo ' 53 Elliot. Jim. Billings, Mont ' 54 Espey, Graham H., Denver. Colo ' 54 Fifer, William I., Evanston. Ill ' 54 Gaunt, William A., Brighton. Colo ' 54 Genn, John N., Bloomfield Hills, Mich ' 54 Gremmels, Charles A., Waterloo, la ' 53 Hindman. James P., Longmont, Colo ' 54 Johnson, Ronald L., Golden, Colo ' 54 Kunau. Glenn L., Greeley, Colo ' 54 Lawson, Robert E., Longmont, Colo ' 53 McBride, Glen C, Dallas, Tex ., ' 54 McCallum, Donald D., New Port Beach, Calif .. ' 53 McCuUcn, John D.. Rapid City, S. D ' 54 Meyer. H. Lamar. Denver, Colo. ' 53 Miller, Lynn R., Greeley, Colo ' 54 Moberly. J. Robert. Denver, Colo ' 51 Munns, Kenneth L.. Greeley, Colo ' 51 Newcomer, Robt. W., Bogota, Colombia, S. A. .. ' 54 Rankin, Richard C, Denver, Colo ' 54 Speed, Robert C, Glendale, Calif ' 54 Van Home. Lyle R., Cheyenne Wyo ' 54 Wetterlund, Warren J., Skokie, 111 ' 54 Wigley, Phillip, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Wulfekuhler, Terry, Naalehu, Hawaii, T. H. ' 54 Zick, R. Gary, Greeley, Colo ' 54 371 Alexander Arnold Aufderheide Beer Billeter Bondus Borst Brady Burnham Campbell, J. Campbell, V. Carroll, Pat Carroll, Polly Carswell Chaffee Cooley Copland Crisler Culloden Dunn Eastman Evans Fochman Gemmer Glascock Goodheart Green Grettum Haake Hartley Hawkins Home Huffman Hugg:ins Ingwersen Jacobson Kent Lien Logan McCord McDougal McKown Needham Merriam Nelson Neville Nevins Paidar Pauk Pitchford Pomeroy Ross Schlucius Schroeder Schurch Shenefelt Thomas Thompson Trucksess Ward Webster Weller Whiting Witchell Wolgast Yuili l %¥ 1 - w ' - :% ,15! L. ' I .M jm i tr--; iiJl ■ .t. PT " - me ' " ■■• OFFICERS Suzanne Brady President Sally Leahy Vice-president Mary Lou Hawkins Secretary Donna Whiting Treasurer 372 I api u .y lpnu keta ipp F After three months of work and play, the Thetas came back to Boulder full of ambition and spirit for the new school year. Our housemother, Mrs. Frances Durand, again welcomed us and almost before we had finished unpacking we were busy making plans. Under the capable leadership of Suzie Brady, president ; Sally Leahy, vice- president; Mary Lou Hawkins, secretary; and Donna Whiting, treas- urer; we were on our way to big things. As added impetus to an already promising year, we had earned the Kappa Alpha Theta Improvement trophy, awarded at the National Convention held during the summer. This trophy is given bi-annually to the Theta chapter showing the most interest and im- provement. We also won first place in the C.U. Days Song Fest with th e Betas as our singing partners, and a first place in the A.W.S. Vaudeville. For the second consecutive year a Theta was chosen for " First Nighter Queen " as Dot Beer reigned over the fall dance. The Thetas also came through by adding Ginny Campbell and Patti Parker to the court of Homecoming Queen. The Theta social calendar was off to a good start with such traditional events as the pledge active " Black Kat Kaberet, " and the annual orphan Christmas party with the Phi Gams. Our Christmas dance was in honor of the pledges. Outstanding Thetas on the Colorado campus are: Mary Lou Aufderheide, Mortar Board, W.A.A. President, and AWS. senate; Mary Lou Hawkins, Social Director of the Freshman Dormitories, Mortar Board; Suzanne Brady, Orchesis, W. A. A. and Panhellenic Representative to A.S.U.C. ; Shirley Paidar, Hesperia, A.W.S. Pub- licity Chairman, A.W.S. Senate; Billie Nelson, A.W.S. Housing Committee and A.W.S. House of Representatives. ACTIVES Alexander, Anne. Boulder, Colo ' 51 Arnold, Joan, Dallas. Texas ' 51 Aufderheide, Mary Lou, Ann Arbor, Mich ' 51 Becklet, Margaret. Long Beach, Calif ' 53 Bering. Isabel, Decatur, 111 ' 52 Billeter, Beverly, Fairfield, Iowa ' 53 Bondus, Kay, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Borst, Suzanne, Brookfield, 111 ' S3 Brady, Suzanne, Denver, Colo - 51 Burnham, Billie, Greeley, Colo 53 Campbell, Jean, Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Campbell, Virginia, Sterling. Colo — .- ' 51 Carroll, Pat, Schenectady, N. Y ' 51 Carroll. Polly, Denver, Colo ' 52 Carswell, Frances, Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Cooley, Joan, Aberdeen, S. D ' 52 Copcland, Carol, Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Dunn, Robin, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Evans, Jeanne, Toledo, Ohio ' 53 Fitzpatrick, Jane, Winnetka, 111 ' 53 Fochtman, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 52 Green, Deborah, Berkeley, Calif -- ' 53 Grettum. Ann, Richland, Mich ' 53 Haake, Harriet, San Marino, Calif 52 Hartley. Becky, Muncie, Ind ' 52 Hawkins, Mary Lou, Boulder, Colo 51 Home. Louise, Barrington, 111 53 Huggins, Sara Jane, Janesville, Wis --.. ' 53 Hutchinson, Ruth, Lakewood, Ohio 53 Jacobson. Janise. Denver, Colo ' 52 Kent, Constance, Bloomington, 111 52 Leahy, Sally, West Lafayette, Ind ' 51 McKown, Jane, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 Nelson, Billie, Maywood, 111 ' 52 Neville, Alice, Denver, Colo ' 53 Paidar, Shirley, Kenilwc»th, 111 ' 52 Roos, Audre, Decatur, 111 ' 52 Schlutius, Barbara, Webster Groves, Mo ' 51 Schroeder, Sally, Denver, Colo ' S3 Shenefelt, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ' 51 Spielmann, Beverly, Winnetka, 111 ' 51 Strain. Sheila. Denver, Colo ' 53 Trucksess, Ann, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Ward, Nonie, Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Webster, Marylu, Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Weller. Marilyn, Mitchell, S. D ' 53 Whiting, Donna, Belvedere, 111 ' 51 Wolgast, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 52 PLEDGES Beer, Dorothy, San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Bourg, Marie, Odessa, Texas ' 52 Buehler, Ann, Barrington, 111 ' 54 Culloden, Joan, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Darley, Donna, Denver, Colo ' 54 Eades, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 54 Eastman, Kay, Rockford, 111 ' 54 Flynn, Mary Jo, Danville, 111 ' 54 Gemmcr. Shirley, Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Glascock, Jane, Hughson, Calif 54 Goodheart, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 54 Huffman, Lee, Pasadena, Calif ' 51 Laidley, Susan, Shaker Heights, Ohio ' 5 Logan, Rosemary, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Merriam, Betty, Winnetka, 111 ' 54 McCasiin, Pat, Longmont, Colo ' 53 McCord, Sue, Minneapolis, Minn _._ ' 54 McDougal, Joan, La Grange, 111 ' 54 McGill, Marty, Joliet, 111 .•. ' 54 Ncedham, Joan, Rockford, 111 ' 54 Parker, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 53 Pasco, Ruthmary, Billings, Mont ' 54 Pauk, Barbara. Webster Groves, Mo ' 54 Pierson, Joyce, Winnetka, 111 _. ' 54 Pomeroy, Susan, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 Reeve, Cariellen, Barrington, 111 S4 Sherman, Julua. Evanston, 111 ' 54 Sittig, Barbara, Glencoe, 111 _ ' 54 Spoerri, Nancy, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Thomas, Mary Gwenn, Denver, Colo 54 Thompson, Joanne, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Yuill. Catherine. Cedar Rapids, Iowa ' 53 373 - n. . Alfred Bacon Bid Blood Brown Burgess Carlson Clark Corcoran de la Rosa Doty Ellman Engelbrecht Flood Goodman Guildner Hadden Hagen Hebert Hendrix Hoagland Horner Hughey Ismert Johnson Jones Kane Kenny Koopman Kulpak Martin Masters May McBride Miles Names Newbury Newell Ocamb Pankonin Patton Penington Peppiatt Poling, D. Poling, S. Riefenberg Rinker Rinne Schauer Scholten Schwalb Sell Shelp Smith, D. Smith, N. Stebbin s Susen Sutherland Timblin Todd Wagner Wellington Whiteside Wilson Woertman Wyckoff Wyner jm OFFICERS Joan Rinker President Jen Wellington Vice-President Bev Masters Treasurer Mary Jane May Secretary 374 apv t caDeliu ippy Number one event for the Kappa Deltas this year was the pur- chase and occupation of their new house on 13 Street. Working right along with the painters and carpenters, the girls had a wonder- ful time redecorating their own rooms. It was due to the great strides that Kappa Delta has made in the past four years that the chapter has a new house. Last year they won second place in the CU Days float parade silver division and shared first place honors in the Carnival with the Acacias. Besides a number of interesting fraternity and sorority func- tions, the social calendar of Kappa Delta was highlighted by a ' Roaring 20 ' s costume party at Wagon Wheel Lodge, a dinner-dance at the Park Hill Country Club and the KD Dream Waltz for the pledges at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The chapter ' s affairs were guided by Joan Rinker, president, and Jen Wellington, vice-president. Finances were handled aptly by Bev Masters, treasurer, and Helen Sutherland, assistant treasurer. Mary Jane May, secretary, kept track of what went on in meetings, while Joy Carlson, editor, met deadline for national publications. In the activities department; Joy Carlson, Alpha Gamma Chi, dance chairman Homecoming; Shirley Poling, Tau Delta, Student Dorm Director; Jan Koopman, Player ' s Club, Champion Archer, ASUC Secretary; Cathy de la Roza, Assistant dance chairman Homecoming and CU Days; Mary Lee Hughey, Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart; Bobbie Sell, Sigma Alpha Iota; Pat Penington, Alpha Gamma Chi; Mary Grace Newell, Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Yvonne Johnson and Shirley Biel, Spur. ACTIVES Anderson, Ellen. Lyons, 111 ' 51 Biel, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 53 Blood. Marilyn, Oak Park, 111 ' 52 Burgess, Shirley Ann, Montezuma, Kan 53 Callen, Suzanne, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Campbell, Nancy, Clinton, Iowa 53 Carlson, Joy, Wheaton, 111 ' 51 de la Roza, Cathren, Pacific Grove, Calif ' 51 Doty, Eleanor, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 52 Ellington, Phyllis, Delta, Colo ' 50 EUman, Dorothy, Gary, Ind ' 51 Geeseka, Agnes A., Scott City, Kan ' 51 Goodman, Marilyn, Denver, Colo - ' 53 Hadden, Jeanne, Lakewood, Colo ' 53 Hagen, Joan, Neenah, Wis 53 Hebert, Betty. Aurora, Colo ' 53 Hcndrix, Doris, Denver, Colo 52 Hoagland, Helen, Rifle, Colo ' 53 Horner, Dawna Lee, Sassville, Mo ' 52 Hughey, Mary Lee. Walsenburg, Colo ' 51 Ismert, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo ' 53 Johnson, Yvonne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Jones, Carolyn M., Maywood, III ' 53 Koopman, Janifred, Bartlesville, Okla ' 51 Martin, Mary Ellen, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 52 Masters, Beverly, North Platte, Neb ' 52 May, Mary Jane, New Athens, 111 ' 51 Miles, Ruth C. Denver, Colo ' 52 Newell, Mary Grace, Denver, Colo ' 53 Penington, Pat G , Denver, Colo ' 52 Peppiatt. Marilyn, Rifle, Colo ' 53 Poling, Donna, Estcs Park, Colo ' 53 Poling, Shirley. Estes Park, Colo ' 51 Redman, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rinker, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Rinne, Olive, Arlington, Va ' 51 Scholten, Donna, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Smith, Dixie Ann, New Orleans, La ' 52 Smith. Nancy Ann, Riverside, 111 ' 53 Sutherland, Helen, Houston, Tex ' S3 Timblin, Joan M., Denver, Colo ' 53 Todd, Wilma Jean, Denver, Colo ' 53 Wagner, Patricia Ann, Hamilton, Ohio ' 51 Wellington, Jennifer, Berkeley, Calif 53 Whiteside, Donna Lee, Delta, Colo ' 52 Woertman, Marilyn, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 53 WycoRF, Kate, New York, N. Y ' 53 PLEDGES Alfred, Barbara L., Denver, Colo ' 54 Bacon, Patricia Lee, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 54 Brennen, Sarah, Portsmouth, Va ' 51 Brown, Lynette A., Terre Haute, Ind 54 Callen, Virginia M., Boulder. Colo ' 54 Clark. Marjorie Ann, Casper, Wyo ' 52 Cloonan, Margaret L., Walden, Colo ' 52 Corcoran, Mary E., Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Davidson, Betty Ann, Fontana, Calif ' 54 Engelbrecht, Jeanne E., Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Flood, Geraldine M., Denver, Colo ' 54 Goldthwaite, Dolores, Arlington Heights, 111. .. ' 54 Guildner. Joyce P., Grant, Nebr ' 53 Henson. Leonora A., Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Herrcn. Bobbie A., Haskell, Tex ' 54 Kane, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kenny, Barbara J., Chicago, 111 ' 54 Kulpak, Louise F., Western Springs, 111 ' 54 Lacey, Joan Marie, Skokie, 111 ' 54 McBride, Elizabeth L., Denver, Colo ' 54 McQuilkan, Diane, Lakewood, Ohio ' 53 Mantle, Queeda E., Artesia, Colo ' 54 Montgomery, Joan E., Denver, Colo ' 54 Names. Gwendolyn, Denver, Colo ' 54 Newbury, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ocamb, Doris V., Denver, Colo ' 54 Pankonin, Phyllis J., Grant, Nebr ' 52 Patton, Yvonne. Hotchkiss, Colo 52 Riefenberg. Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Ross, Joy, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Schauer, Elaine C, Denver, Colo ' 54 Schwalb, Roberta. San Mateo. Calif ' 53 Sell, Roberta Lee, Gering, Nebr ' 53 Shelp, Patricia A., Aurora, 111 ' 53 Stebbins, Edith C, Carmel, Calif ' 54 Susen, Jacqueline, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Willson, Jane, Limon, Colo ' 52 Wyner, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo ' 54 375 ' ■ W ' Ma:: . Abaunza Argall Ash Ashford Bearden, Sally Bearden. Sue Bekins Bowman Brown Brummitt Bundy Campbell Clark Cunningham Curtis Dougherty Ebaugh Edwards Elliott Felt Fox Frye Gillespie Greenslit Hahn Hammond Heitzler Holloway Humphrey Hunter Jones Koelbel LaShell List Macpherson McClelland McKay McMartin McMaster McMillan Mercherle Nance Neer Neylon Northcutt Packard Peacock Peters Pobrislo Redmon Reynolds Ross Rumble Shaw Smith Snodgrass Spath Stailey Stark Stillwagon Storm Summerton Swigert Sylvester Tuhey Valentine Van Derbur Weiler Whiteley Wierman Wilkins Wilson Wrenn W HP Li A kp OFFICERS Ruth Wierman President Val Smith Vice-President Jane Bekins Secretary Ann Stailey Treasurer 376 appa appa Luc ipp appu yjcLmmu Last Spring was a typical one for the Kappas, filled with parties, studies, and memories galore. A few highlights were the senior sneak to the Broadmoor; the formal, " Keys to the Kingdom, " given by the pledges; the Hasher ' s party; and of course, the C.U. Days festivities. With Mrs. Wampler again their gracious housemother, and Ruth Wierman as president, the Kappas were bound to start off this year at their best. Also aiding as officers were vice president Val Smith, treasurer Ann Stailey, and secretaries Ellen Gray and Jane Bekins. The Kappas honored their 1950-51 pledge class with the Christ- mas formal, " Santa ' s Toyland. " Among the outstanding pledges were Marion Clark and Molly Williams who were finalists for " First Nighter " Queen. Prominent among Kappas this year were Nancy McMartin — Mortar Board, ASUC Commissioner, AWS Activities Chairman; Ann Argall — Mortar Board, AWS Vaudeville Chairman; Kathy Redmon — Hesperia, 1951 Coloradan activities section editor. Pep Club publicity chairman, WAA secretary; Jane Valentine — AWS treasurer; and Nancy Edwards who was chosen " Miss Esquire " of C.U. Spurs include Pat Hayden, Joan Summerton, Nancy Wrenn, Gwen VanDerbur, and Babe Packard, who was also secretary of Campus Chest and AWS secretary. ACTIVES Akerlow, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 53 Argall, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 51 Ashford, Mary Kay, Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Bekins, Jane, Sioux City, la ' 51 Bowman, Bcmadetta, Denver, Colo 51 Cotton, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 53 Crowley. Gay, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Cunningham, Margaret, El Paso, Tex ' 53 Curtis, Joanne, Pueblo, Colo 53 Daniel, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 53 Dearborn, Martha, Glencoe, 111 ' 52 Dougherty, Mary, Oak Park, 111 ' 53 Dowell, Anne, Tulsa, Okla ' 52 Ebaugh, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Edwards, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Elliott, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 52 Fox, Patricia, Iron Mt., Mich ' 52 Gray, Ellen, Denver, Colo ' 51 Guinand, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Gutshall, Dicksie, Denver, Colo ' 51 Hahn, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hayden, Patricia, Littleton, Colo ' S3 Heitzler, Sally, Lake Charles, La., 51 Hunter, Gail, Trinidad, Colo ' 51 Joyce, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Lane, Norma, Denver, Colo ' 53 LaShcU, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 52 List, Carolyn, Park Ridge, 111 ' 53 Lucas, Jeanne, Denver, Colo ' 51 MacCornack, Barbara, Boulder City, Nev ' 51 MacPherson, Jean, Chicago, 111 ' 51 McCabe, Martha, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 McClelland, Helen, Denver, Colo ' 51 McKay, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 53 McMartin, Nancy, Winnetka, 111 ' 51 McMaster, Susan, Evanston, 111 52 McMillan, Alice, Evanston, III ' 53 Meaherle, Georgia, Bloomington, III ' 52 Moore, Nancy, Denver, Colo 53 Moyer, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 51 Nance, Aileen, Denver, Colo _ 51 Neidlinger, Sally, Hanover, N. H ' 51 Ncylon, Maureen, Hays, Kan ' 53 Packard, Evelyn, Denver, Colo ' 53 Peacock, Prudence, Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Redmon, Kathy, Kenilworth, 111 ' 52 Repplier, Helen, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Ross, Betsy, Los Angeles, Calif ' 51 Reynolds, Cathy, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Rumble. Jane. Albuquerque, N. M ' 51 Shaw, Fanny, Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Smith, Valerie, Oak Park, III ' 51 Snodgrass, Judy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Stailey, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 51 Stark, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 53 Storm, Nancy, Salinas, Calif ' 53 Summerton, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 53 Sylvester, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 53 Valentine. Jane, Boulder, Colo -- 52 VanDerbur, Gwen, Denver, Colo ' S3 Weiler, Margaret, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Whitely, Kay, Denver, Colo ' 53 Weirman, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 51 Wilkins, Jeanne, Denver, Colo 53 Wilson, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 53 Wrenn, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 53 Writer, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' S3 PLEDGES Aldom, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 54 Alexander, Sidney, Denver, Colo - ' 54 Ash, Ann, Atlanta, 111 ' 54 Bearden, Sally, Trinidad, Colo ' 53 Bearden, Sue, Trinidad, Colo ' 53 Brummitt, Nancy, Centerville, la 54 Bundy, Connie, Portland, Ore ' 53 Campbell, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 54 Chapman, Ann, Dixon, 111 - ' 54 Clark, Marion, San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Claydon, Carol, Red Wing, Minn ' 54 Denslow, Susan, Honolulu, T. H ' 54 Felt, Janet, Tulsa, Okla ' 52 Gillespie. Mary, Springfield, 111 ' 52 Golightly, Kathy, Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Hammond, Mary Dee, Kenilworth, 111 ' 54 Humphrey, Carol, Ft. Worth, Tex ' 54 Koelbel, Mary Rita, Muskegon, Mich ' 53 Levis, Rhoda Bell, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Little, Elizabeth. Denver, Colo ' 53 Necr, Marlcne, Minneapolis, Minn ' 54 Northcutt, Florence. Denver, Colo ' 53 Peters, Edith, Denver, Colo _ ' S3 Probrislo, Janice, Denver, Colo S3 Rath, Jean, Waterloo, la ' 52 Spath, Corrinc, Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Stillwagon, Cholanna, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Swigert, Elizabeth, Denver, Colo ' 54 Williams, Molly, Columbus, Ohio ' 54 Woolfolk, Nancy, Winnetka, 111 ' 54 377 Becker Benzel BilHngs Brennan Brodtne Br«wn Calene Carpenter Chilton Clardy Corbndge Cummings Dahn Dodds Dometrovich Eliason Endriss Flaeg Foulk Fox Grayson Heffelman Holloway Houston Hunt Ives Jarmes Jensen Johnson Jones, B. Jones, G. Jordon Keppcl Kinney Kropf Landry Mann Matteson Mayo McClure Minard Mitchell Mount Papp Penny Perkins Pospisil Puett Raso Schupp Schwindt Skinner Sheppard Simpson Smith, A. Smith, C. Smith, W. Symes Tictz Tower Waldrop Wcldon Winningham Wyman OFFICERS Raymond Penny President George Perkins Vice-President Richard Holloway Secretary Bob Jones Treasurer 378 appa w f ma The school year got off to an excellent start at 1100 Pennsylvania with the Kappa Sigs, led by President Jerry Penny, welcoming the largest pledge class in the history of Gamma Tau Chapter. Kappa Sigma teams fought hard in the intramural sports and won the Home- coming chariot race and the CU Days canoe race. The chapter climaxed the fall quarter with the rollicking ninth annual Western Dance. Winter and spring quarters were highlighted by the elaborate Casa de Lopez at the fraternity house and the annual Dream Girl Formal held at Estes Park. A variety of events, including numerous social functions and serenades, rounded out the entertainment pro- gram. Some of the members of Kappa Sigma who achieved campus prominence were Rex Sheppard, ASUC Commissioner of Athletics, Sumalia, and wrestling team captain; Bruce Brown, Sumalia and track t«am; Jim Brennan, Wiley Chance, and Manager Jim Mitchell, varsity track; " Skip " Skinner, varsity wrestling; and George Brewer, ski team. In addition, two Kappa Sigs were elected to the Business School Board : Don Weldon, vice-president, and Bob Jones, treasurer. With an occasional momentary glance back at the happy events of the past year, the K-Sigs continue to combine their efforts, through brotherhood, to attain ever greater goals. ACTIVES Barnes, William A., Duluth, Minn ' 51 Becker, J. Richard, Wheaton, 111 ' 52 Benzel, Herbert J.. Berwyn, 111 ' 52 Brennan, R. James. Butte, Nebr ' 51 Brewer, George F., Menomonie, Wis ' 51 Brock, James W., Denver, Colo _ ' 52 Brodine, Stephen W., Casper, Wyo ' 52 Brown, Bruce R., Denver, Colo ' 51 Clardy, Lawrence L., Santa Fe, N. M ' 51 Dodds, John T., Encino, Calif ' 53 Dometrovich, Frank J., Denver, Colo ' 52 Feehan, Joseph A., Joliet, 111 .; ' 51 Foulk, Robert C, Denver, Colo ' 53 Funk, Stanton C, Trenton, N. J ' 52 Grayson, Richard E., Pasadena, Calif ' 53 Guinn, S. Lester, Denver, Colo ' 51 Heapes, Robert E., St. Louis, Mo ' 50 Hodgson, Paul S., Ogden, Utah ' 52 Holloway, Richard D., Sterling, Colo ' 51 Hunt, Royal L., Strawberry Point, la ' 52 Jones, Bob T., Idaho Falls, Ida ' 51 Kinney, Donald E., Steamboat Springs, Colo. .. ' 51 Landry, William E., New Orleans, La ' 52 Langendoerfer, Wayne, Burlington, Colo ' 51 Mann, Douglas, Hinsdale, III ' 51 McClure, James A., Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Mitchell, James W., Sterling, Colo ' 52 Montgomery, Jack, Roswell, N. M ' 51 Moseley, George V., Grafton, Vt ' 53 Mount, Robert G., Warrenville. Ill ' 51 O ' Brien, Richard B., Council Bluffs, la ' 52 Padgett, Robert F., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Penny, R. Jerry, Burlington, Colo ' 52 Perkins, George P., Wilmette, 111 ' 51 Porter, Richard P., Longmont, Colo ' 51 Pospisil, Richard J., Wakefield, Nebr ' 53 Rase, Augie, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rudwall, John C, Cicero, 111 .- . ' 51 Sandfert, Fred, Wichita, Kan ' 51 Sheppard, N. Rex. Denver, Colo ' 51 Skinner, Maynard. Boulder. Colo 52 Smith, Addison F., Denver, Colo ' 53 Smith, C. William, Trinidad, Colo ' 52 Smyth, Wilbur A., Boulder, Colo ' 53 Symes, Richard M., Olinda, Calif ' 51 Tietz, Fred A., Hinsdale, 111 ' 53 Tower, Norman, Denver, Colo ' 51 Vaughan, Patrick, Boise, Ida ' 52 Watson, Harold, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Webb, Richard B., Canon City, Colo ' 52 Weldon, Donald M., Wilmette, 111 ' 51 White, Otis U., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Wingate, Monroe J., Albuquerque, N. M ' 52 Wyman, Robert B., Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Billings, Martin G., Brookfield, III ' 52 Brown, Charles E., St. Charles, 111 ' 53 Calene, James G., Aberdeen, S. D ' 53 Carpenter, Harry W., Hinsdale, 111 ' 54 Chilton, J. Robert, Dallas, Tex ' 54 Corbridge, Richard M., Casper, Wyo ' 54 Cummings, Earl, Boulder, Colo --... ' 54 Dahm, LeRoy, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 53 Endriss, Paul W.. Mansfield, Ohio ' 53 Eliason. Richard T., Denver, Colo ' 54 Flagg, Norman L., Riverside, 111 ' 54 Fox, Robert M., Elmhurst, 111 ' 54 Hansen, Bruce, Elgin, 111 ' 54 Heffelman, Craig, Santa Fe, N. M ' 54 Hoffmann, David H., Lake Forest, HI ' 54 Houston, Jerry L., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Ives, Ethan Allen, Los Altos, Calif ' 53 James, Ronald A., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Jensen, Stanley D., Denver, Colo ' 54 Johnson, Stephen D., Jamestown, I . Y ... ' 54 Jones, Garth E., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Jordan, Charles H,, Carbondale, Colo ' 54 Keppel, Richard H., Denver, Colo ' 54 Krebs, Dave C, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kropf, Karl S., South Bend, Ind ' 53 Leaver, Robert C, Denver, Colo. ..-. ' 54 Matteson, Jack V., Ft. Collins, Colo ' 53 Mayo, Pete, Northfield, 111 ' 54 Minard, Thomas R., Crete, 111 ' 54 Papp, Robert T., Crete, 111 ' 54 Puett, Grayson, Ft. Morgan. Colo ' 54 Schupp, Thomas A., Wilmette, 111 ' 53 Schwindt, Jackson, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 53 Shawver, Gordon L., Rolling Hills, Calif ' 54 Simpson, Doug, South Bend, Ind ' 54 Smith, William H., Wheaton, 111 ' 52 Waldrop, Harry A., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Winningham, Mike, Burlington, Colo ' 54 379 Abbott Allen Bender Bond Bright, R. Bright, S. Brown Burt Butterneld Christopher Crosson Dailey Danke Dickinson Dover Hampton Hills Hoffman Horten Hoyt Jensen Johnson Manahan Nuttall Peterson Roberts Rocco Tuttle Van Nostrand Walz OFFICERS Morton Burt President Albert Clark Vice-President Donald Johnson House Manager a-vwioa mem s}-: ' rJLumbda L kl . wna r From the " White Rose Formal, " held at the Brown Palace Hotel last spring, to the " Rocky Mountain Conclave Formal, " planned for this spring at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Lambda Chi Alpha is participating in an even more complete schedule of social, intramural, and campus activities than ever before. Lambda Chi Alpha received second place in the Silver divi- sion last C.U. Days w ith their float depicting sailboats sailing toward a lighthouse. Homecoming again found Lambda Chi getting second place both in the float parade and the field events. The float consisted of a huge dragon depicting Oklahoma being ridden by a knight attired in C.U. colors. Under the very capable direction of Mrs. Thompson, our housemother, a very active Mother ' s Club has been formed. With their help and suggestions the chapter has been able to completely refurnish the main floor of the fraternity house. Our new officers for the next year include: president, Morton Burt; vice-president, Albert Clark; and Donald John- son as housemanager. Under these fine officers Lambda Chi Alpha is planning on continuing the growth that has marked our first four years on this campus. ACTIVES Abbott. Hugh. Western Springs, 111 ' 52 Allen. Wayne, Dillon. Colo ' 51 Bender, William, Johnstown, Colo ' 51 Bond, Thomas, El Paso. Texas ' 54 Brady, James, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Bright, Robert, Rochester. N. Y ' 52 Bright, Samuel, Rochester, N. Y ' 52 Brown, Frank, Breckenridge, Colo 51 Burt, Morton, La Grange, 111 ' 51 Butterfield, Duane, Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Catterson, Allen, Denver, Colo ' 51 Christopher, Robert, Audubon. N. J ' 51 Clark, Albert, Los Angeles, Calif ' 51 Cotton, Alonzo, Vermillion, S. D ' 53 Crosson, David, Denver, Colo. ' 51 Dahnke, George, Stratton. Nebr ' 52 Dailcy, John, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Dekker, Robert, Estes Park, Colo ' 52 Dickinson, Milan. Waban, Mass ' 52 Dover, James, Hammond, Ind. ' S3 Endacott, Jack, Tulsa, Okla ' 53 Frazee, Robert, Keokuk, Iowa _ _ ' 51 Goodson, Robert, Amarillo, Texas ' 52 Hampton, Dallas, Durango, Colo - ' 51 Hcndrickson, Herbert, Davenport, Iowa ' 53 Hills, Frederic, West Newton, Mass ' 52 Holder, Eugene, Denver, Colo ' 51 Hofmann, Ferris, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Norton, John, Boulder, Colo. .- 52 Hoyt, Ronald, Rochester, N. Y ' 52 Jensen. Walter, Elgin, 111. ' 51 Johnson, Charles, Denver, Colo ' 52 Johnson, Donald, Trinidad, Colo ' 52 Kasper, George, Oak Creek, Colo ' 52 Kelly, Jack. Boulder, Colo _... ' 51 Longwell, Lawrence, Denver, Colo ' 53 Lorens, Charles, Grand Lake, Colo ' 52 Malcolm, Glenn, Lakewood, Colo ' 53 Martin. Charles. Omaha, Nebr ' 52 Myers, Kermit, Brookfield. Ill ' 51 Nielsen, George, Denver, Colo ' 51 Nuttall, Tony, Rigby, Idaho ' 53 Orzallik. John, Yuba City, Calif ' 52 Peterson, Douglas, Albuquerque, N. M ' 51 Roberts, Joseph, Santa Fe, N. M ' 53 Russell, Arthur, Idaho Falls, Idaho ... ' 52 Scgur, Donald, La Grange, 111 ' 51 Snare, Robert, El Paso, Texas - ' 54 Starbuck, John, Denver, Colo ' 51 Stead, Ivan, Lombard, 111 ' 51 Rider, Eugene, Wauneta. Nebr ' 52 Turtle, Richard, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Van Nostrand, Andy, Monte Vista, Cole ' 52 Walz, Frank, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Woodall, Chester. Lucedale, Miss ' 51 Yonkers, Jerald, Richmond, Calif ' 52 Young, Richard M., Marion, Ind ' 51 PLEDGES Allen, Laverne, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Apel, Philip, Denver, Colo ' 54 Bojens, Harold, Burbank, Calif ' 53 Carney, Jack, La Crescenta, Calif ' 53 Colony, William, Denver, Colo -.. ' 54 Fatton, George, Staten Island, N. Y ' 52 Fox, Donald. Fraser, Colo ' 52 Gooras, George, Oak Creek, Colo ' 53 Manahan, Jack. Hastings, Nebr ' 53 Monell, William. Canon City, Colo ' 54 MuUer, James, Houston, Tex ' 54 Mythen, Richard, Richmond. Calif ' 53 Reyes. John P. Denver, Colo 52 Rocco, Joseph, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Sieveke, Donald, Garden Grove, Calif ' 54 Stevenson, Kenneth, Freehold, N. J ' 54 Steinfeld, John, Swarthmore. Pa ' 5 381 WISCONSIN Brookshier Burke Caffrey Carlson Carrick Ekrem Elliff Frcyschlag Giacomini Gocbel Mailer Honnen HuUe Johnstone Kay Le Fevre Lindsley Manges McGonagle Meyer Modrall Nesladek Nicholas Nichols Parker Potter Reed Roberts Robinson Seccombe, J. Seccombe, R. Stevens Stitt Swigert Warner Weirick Woodburne Writer 1 ' i OFFICERS Don Feeney President Phil Robinson House Manager Jim Childress Secretary 382 PL a ummu c Dettu This year thirty-two pledges were added to the list o£ Phi Gamma Delta. Once again the Fijis planned to equal the records attained by Beta Kappas in the past. Again this year social functions and activities of the White Star brothers were outstanding. The seasons were highlighted by the three traditional dances. In the fall was the Fiji Barndance. Next came winter and the Winter Formal was again held in Denver. Spring rolled by and the ever popular Fiji Island dance took the spotlight. Numerous Fijis were the heads and members of various campus committees. Under the capable leadership of President, Don Feeney; House- manager, Phil Robinson; Secretary, Jim Childress; Corresponding Secretary, Clyde Starbuck; and Historian, Bill French; Fijis are out to uphold the outstanding achievements of previous years. During the summer of 1950 our housemother, Mrs. Marjory Kennedy, left us to travel to Hawaii in order to see her daughter. She was replaced by our new housemother Mrs. Gladys Eickhorn. Beta Kappas that were outstanding on the campus this year were: Jim Griffith, nationally-known skier; Ronald Fenton, Presi- dent of the Business School; Bill French, Vice-president of the C Club; Al Mott, Will Lynch, Wayne Tucker, Gene Rogers, Don Hagin, Tom Brookshier, Jim Modrall, and a host of others, all well- known in their various fields. ACTIVES Arnold, Charles. Denver, Colo S3 Arnold. Edward, Boulder, Colo 53 Breinig, Charles, Holbrook. Nebr ' 50 Brookshire, Thomas, Roswell, N. M 53 Burke. Robert, Fullert on. Calif ' 51 Caffrey, Lee, Boone, la ' 52 Carlson, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 51 Childress, James, Durango, Colo ' 52 Ekrem. William, Denver, Colo 53 Elliff, John, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Evans, Thomas, Marshalltown, la ' S3 Feeney, Donald, Chicago, 111 52 Fenton, Ronald, Des Moines, la 51 French, William, Denver, Colo ' 52 Freyschlag, Pete, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 52 Gamble, James, Denver, Colo ' 52 Giacomini, Donald, Sterling, Colo. ' 51 Giacomini, Robert. Sterling, Colo ' 51 Goebel, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 51 Griffith, James, Ketchum, Ida. ' 51 Hagin, Donald, Englewood, Colo 51 Haller, George. Denver, Colo. ' 52 Horner. Jack, Denver, Colo. ' S3 Johnstone, James, Boone, la ' 52 Le Fevrc, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lindsley. George, San Marino, Calif ' 51 Lynch. Will, Denver, Colo ' 52 Maires, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 53 McGonagle, Milo, Boulder, Colo. ' 52 McLagan, Neil, Brush, Colo ' 53 Mechling, Martin, Bernardsville, N. J ' 51 Mitchell, Jack. Sterling, Colo S3 Meyer. Charles, Denver, Colo - ' 53 Myers. Harry, Denver, Colo 53 Modrall, James, Albuquerque, N. M ' 53 Mott, Charles Allen. Denver, Colo 51 Nesladek. Donald. Denver, Colo ' 53 Nichols. Frank. Denver, Colo ' 51 O ' Hanlon, Thomas. Denver, Colo S3 Parker, Harry, Delta, Colo 53 Platts. Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Potter, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 53 Reed. William. Loveland, Colo ' 51 Roath. Henry, Denver, Colo ' 51 Roberts, Edward, Colo. Springs, Colo. ' S3 Robinson, Philip, Moline, 111 ' 51 Rogers, Eugene. Newton, Kan ' 51 Russell, William, Denver, Colo ' 51 Scofield, Jackson. Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 53 Seccombe, James, Denver, Colo ' 51 Starbuck, Clyde, Greeley, Colo ' 53 Stevens, Richard, Denver, Colo 51 Stitt, Harold, Brush, Colo ' 53 Swigert, John, Denver, Colo ' 53 Terry, Robert, Pasadena, Calif ' 51 Thompson, Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Tucker, Wayne, San Marino, Calif 51 Warner, George, Denver, Colo ' 52 Weirick, Richard, San Marino, Calif ' 51 Wells, Briant, San Marino, Calif 51 Wiliard, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 52 Woodward, Daniel, Boulder, Colo ' S2 Writer, Russell, Denver, Colo ' S3 PLEDGES Badeker, Roger, Ocean Side, Calif ' 54 Billehus, Richard. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Boggs, James, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 54 Brymer, Robert, Winnetka, 111 ' 54 Carrick, Paul, Birmingham, Mich 54 Chaney, Paul. Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Demo, Bernelle, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 54 Dodds, James, Brimingham, Mich ' 54 Fairchild, George Jr., Conshohocken, Penn 53 Hansen. Robert, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 53 Honnen. Earl, Denver, Colo ' 53 Horton. William, Denver, Colo. ' 54 Hulse, Addison, Scottsbluff, Nebr 53 Hunt. Roger. Colo. Springs, Colo S4 Kay, James, Denver, Colo S3 Keith, Jerry. Roswell, N. M ' 54 Mahoney. Philip, Denver. Colo ' 53 Manges, Gayle, Boone, la ' 53 Marshall, Lee. Rocky Ford. Colo ' 54 McKibben, Douglas. Denver, Colo ' 54 McLagan, Bruce, Brush, Colo ' 54 Mitchell, William, Boulder, Colo. ' 54 Mott, Richard, Birmingham, Mich ' 54 Nicholas, John, Clayton, Mo ' 54 Ringenberg, William, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Stander, James, Denver, Colo ' 54 Stanfill, James, Durango, Colo ' 54 Seccombe, Roland. Denver, Colo 53 Torgerson, Arnold Jr., Denver, Colo ' 54 Trobaugh. Gerald, Albion, la ' 54 Warner. Philip, Denver. Colo ' 54 Woodburne, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 53 383 Abelt Ambler Bartling Berglund Black Brown Brynestad Comer Cutler Davidson Davis Dillingham Deering Dunston Kissler Evans Garlinghouse Goley Finney Fritts Hackworthy Hardy Hayes. K. Hayes, M. Heap Holt Hunter Irion Johnson Kassel Kavet Larson Leslie Lewis Ludeman McCarty McDonald McLoughten McNary Mosher Mullen Oberheidc Ocamb O ' Neil Paquette Petty Pugh Quinby Ready Ressigue Rogers Rush, R. Rush, W. Ruzic Shelton Spencer Squire Stark Stephenson Tubbs Turner Umbreit Van Deren Vasholz Williams 1 Ik if OFFICERS Jack Wotipka President Dick Ready Secretary Lothar Vasholz Treasurer Gene Spielman House Manager 384 J- hi cfDetta neta This, the forty-seventh year that Colorado Alpha has been on the University of Colorado campus, was one more of triumph. Once again, Phi Delta Theta has reason to be proud of its year and its many accomplishments. The management of Phi Delta Theta has been handled capably by Jack Wotipka, president, Dick Ready, recorder, Lothar Vasholz, treasurer, and Gene Spielman, house manager. These men have a full time task to perform, and each of them has produced results that leave the chapter deeply indebted to their service. Perhaps the greatest highlight for the year for Phi Delta Theta was its fabulous Woodchopper ' s Ball held in the fall. Paul Shull, a graduated Phi Delt, and the gala decorations of pine boughs, and the giant sized model of Paul Bunyon made this celebration out- standing over the entire campus. The fame of Phi Delta Theta was not limited to the Wood- chopper ' s Ball, however. The chapter ' s participation in Homecoming, C.U. Days, intramurals, and other campus activities gave it one of the highest statuses on the campus. Fall quarter began with twenty-eight men pledging Phi Delta Theta. Every section of the country was represented in this group. Phi Delta Theta looks forward to the addition of these men to the active chapter. Some of the Phi Delts who made names for themselves on the campus this year were Chuck Moser, Woody Shelton, and Merv Hodel, varsity football men; Lothar Vasholz, business manager for the Coloradan ; and Bart Ludeman, publicity chairman for Home- coming. ACTIVES Abelt, Ralph. Denver. Colo _ " 54 Barnhill. Sam. El Dorado, Kan _ Grad Bartling, Mebus, Kansas City, Kan ' 54 Beach, Charles. Denver, Colo _ _ " 52 Beach, George. Denver, Colo _ ' 52 Berglund, Niel, Denver, Colo ' 53 Black, Dale, Lcveland, Colo ' 54 Black, Stan, Loveland, Colo ' 51 Chase, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 53 Clark, Conway, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 52 Comer, John, Wichita, Kan ' 53 Cutler, Jim, Rockford, 111 ' 53 Davis, George, Lafayette, Colo ' 52 Dillingham. Tom, Enid, Okla ' 52 Eissler, George, Buenos Aires, Argentina ' 52 Evans, Sam, Enid, Okla _ ' 54 Garlinghouse, Grant, Hawaii ' 51 Garlinghouse. Spaulding, Hawaii ' 51 Goley, Gene, Enid, Okla ' 51 Grigsby, Jeff, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hardy, Wayne, Denver, Colo ' S3 Hayes, Ken, Rochelle, 111 ' 52 Hodel, Merv, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Hunter, Jim. Elizabeth, N. J ' 51 Irion, Dick, Sherwood, Ore ' 51 Jeffries, Matt. Seattle, Wash ' 51 Johnson, Famum, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Johnson, Wayne, Denver, Colo 52 Kavet, Dick, Seattle, Wash _ ' 51 Kelsey, Bob, Colo. Springs, Colo. ' 51 Leslie, Bob, Loveland, Colo _ _. ' 53 Lewis, Don, Grosse Pte., Mich ' 52 Ludeman, Bart, Denver, Colo ' 52 Majeski, Jack, Webster Groves, Ho ' 52 McCarty, Pat, Brush, Colo ' 52 McDonald, Ray, Denver, Colo ' 52 McGarry, Pat. Colo. Springs, Colo ' 53 McGee. Jim, Appleton, Wise _ ' 53 Moe, Bud, Menomonie, Wis „ „. ' 51 Mosher, Chuck, Hinsdale, 111 ' 52 Nye, Larry, Osco, 111 Grad Oberheide, Bob, Park Ridge, 111 _ ' 53 Ocamb, Homer, Denver, Colo ' 52 Paddock, Mark, Clinton, la ' 52 Pugh, Russ, Loveland, Colo ' 52 Quinby, Lyle, Boulder, Colo _ ' 53 Ready, Dick, Berkeley, Calif __ ' 51 Roberts, Stan, Boulder, Colo _ _ ' 52 Robertson, Bob, Durango, Colo 52 Rogers. Kent. Boulder, Colo ' 52 Rush, Bill, Salida, Colo _ ' 51 Rush, Bob, Salida, Colo _.... ' 51 Shelton, Woody, Akron. Ohio _ ' 52 Shull. Paul, Boulder, Colo _ _ Grad Skutt, Rod, Denver, Colo _ ' 53 Spencer, Don, Alamosa, Colo ' 52 Spielman, Gene, Atherton, Calif ' 52 Stark, Ed, La Junta, Colo ' 51 Stephenson, Bud, Enid, Okla ' 51 Tubbs, Ronnie, Clarendon Hills, 111. ' 52 Umbreit. Bob, Boulder, Colo _ _... ' 53 Ungamach, Chuck, Denver, Colo ' 52 VanDeren, Wallace, Grand Junction, Colo ' 51 Vasholz, Lothar, Denver, Colo ' 54 Webster, Kent, Amarillo, Tex _... ' 52 Williams, Milt, Kingsburg, Calif __ ' 53 Woods, John, Hinsdale, III ' 52 Wotipka. Jack, El Paso, Tex ' 51 PLEDGES Ambler. Sterling. Denver, Colo „ ' 54 Brown, Richard, Des Moines, la ' 54 Davidson, John, Elmhurst, 111 ' 53 Dunstan, Ken, Eldon, Mo _ _ ' 51 Finney, Ralph, Denver, Colo _ ' 54 Fritts. Larry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Hackworthy, Clem, Wauwautosa, Wis ' 54 Hayes, Richard, Denver, Colo _ ' 54 Heap. Robert. Evanston. Ill „ ' 54 Holt. Chuck, Amarillo, Tex ' 54 Hutchinson, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kassel, Keith, Denver, Colo ' 54 Kaliski, James, Clarendon Hills, 111 - ' 54 Larson, Howard, Elmhurst, 111 _ ' 54 Larson, Karl. Wauwautosa, Wis ' 53 McLaughlin, Ron, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 McNary, Bill, Royal Oak, Mich. ' 53 Mullin. Frank, Gary, Ind ' 54 O ' Neal, Bob, Wilmette, 111 ' 54 Ove, Dick, Milwaukee, Wis ' 52 Paquette, Le roy, Salida, Colo, ._ ' 54 Petty, Tom, Boulder, Colo _ ' 54 Ressigue, Dick. Evanston, 111 ' 54 Rusick, Ken, Clarendon Hills, 111. ._ _ ' 54 Shipley. Jerry, Enid, Okla _ _ ' 54 Sokol, John, Wilmette, 111 ' 54 Squire, Ka, Aberdeen, S. D ' 53 385 Baden Barnes Bereendoft Bishop Boggs Bull Clement Cope Corken Davis Drake Haworth Howe Jacob Johnson Kettman, G. Kettman, J. Kluherz Lincoln Little Louis Marshal May Miller Moore Nielson Oliver Potter Prinzing Riechers Ross Schwab Siewald Spiker Tcall Thorp. R. Thorp, W. Vahue Van Mourick Wahlstedt OFFICERS Ray Vahue President Bob Boggs Vice-President Dick Johnson Secretary Bill Thorp House Manager 386 l- lti appa J- dl With a pledge class of 20 men, members in every phase of campus life, and an outstanding record to uphold, Phi Psi was prepared to lead the way through 1950-51. After a fine Spring quarter — with its parties and pic- nics, the formal at Cherry Hills Country club, and third place in Interfraternity scholarship — Phi Psi ' s settled down to win the first place float trophy in the men ' s Silver division during Homecoming. Later in the quarter the league water polo championship was captured, and the Red and Green advanced to the semi-finals of the school championship before bowing out. Phi Psi leaders on campus included Nate Nielsen, edi- tor of the Silver and Gold ; Bob Wahlstedt, associate editor of the Colorado Engineer; Ray Bergendoff, president of Alpha Phi Omega and book review editor of the Colorado Engineer; R. K. Thorp, city editor and managing editor of the Silver and Gold. Woody Degenhardt represented the fraternity on the University swimming team, and Ray Vahue served Club First Nighter as business manager. Bill Thorp was presi- dent of the student council of Religious Workers associa- tion and president of the Rocky Mountain region of the Lutheran Student association. Officers for the year were Ray Vahue, president ; Bob Boggs, vice-president; Dick Johnson, secretary, and Bill Thorp, house manager. ACTIVES Barnes, Jack D. Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Baroch. Robert, Denver. Colo ' 51 Bergendoff, Raymond, Kansas City, Mo ' 51 Bishop, Click, Denver, Colo ' 51 Boggs. Robert G. Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Brady, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 52 Buchanan, James, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Bull, William, Pasadena, Calif ' S3 Degenhardt, John, St. Charles, 111 ' 53 Haworth, Robert, Loveland, Colo 51 Hornbeck, Douglas, Sidney, Nebr ' 50 Jacobs, William, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Johnson, Richard, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 53 Kettman, Bernie, Pleasant Valley, la ' SO Michaels, James, Glen Mills, Penn Grad Nielsen, Nathan, Racine, Wis ' 51 Oliver, Rex, Torrington, Wyo 51 Prinzing, J. Fred, Denver, Colo ' 52 Riechers, Bernie, Hillrose, Colo 51 Ross, Richard, Peetz, Colo ' 51 Russell, James, Denver, Colo ' S2 Schwab, John, Western Springs, 111 ' 52 Spiker, James, Monmouth, 111 ' 52 Thorp, Robert K., Paxton, Nebr ' 51 PLEDGES Baden, Gerald, Hamilton, Ohio ' 54 Clement, William, Denver, Colo ' 54 Cope, Everton, Torrington, Wyo 54 Corken, Jack, Burlington June, Mo -. ' 52 Davis, William, Amarillo, Tex ' 52 Drake. Melvin, Alamosa, Colo ' S3 Emond, Mark, Two Rivers, Wis ' 54 Gnam, Louie, Carroll, la ' 53 Howe, Richard, Portland, Ore ' 52 Johnson, Rudolph, Jr., Boulder, Colo ' 54 Kettman, John, Pleasant Valley, la ' 54 Kluherz, Jerrol, Torrington, Wyo ' 54 Little, Richard, Pasadena, Calif ' S3 Marshall, Robert, Denver, Colo ' S3 May, Roger, Menlo Park, Calif ' 52 Milton, John, Denver, Colo ' 54 Moore, Jessie, Shreveport, La ' 54 Potter, E. B. Boulder. Colo ' 52 Seewald. James, Amarillo, Tex ' 52 Teall, Kent, Denver, Colo ' 52 Thorp. William E. Paxton, Nebr ' 51 Vahue, L. Ray, Amarillo, Tex ' 51 Van Mourick, Larry, Pasadena, Calif ' 53 Wahlstedt, Robert, Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Wander, Jack, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Wright, Thomas W., San Francisco, Calif...Grad 387 Anderson Berry, James Berger, Jerry Betthauser Bosley Broberg Champion Chocas Clauss Ellis Getts Gorman Haase Heath Hcffernen Hogan Huising Kenz Kirschner Lamb Long Mchos, B. Mehos, J. Melle Henely Michaelson Milner Nelson, G. Nelson. O. Pretti Richman Shenton Stoehr Sympson Thompson Vogeler Wcddcndorf Wertz Williams, Richard Williams, Robert Wines Wisecup Witters Zech OFFICERS John Gorman President Bill Mehos Vice-President Don Clauss Secretary Russ Wisecup Treasurer 388 f- nl appa au The Phi Taus, with a membership of fifty-seven actives and thirty pledges, were one of the most prominent fraternities in student activities during the 1950-51 scholastic year. Phi Taus held important positions in many campus organizations. Phi Tau Officers for 1950-51 are John Gorman, president; Bill Mehos, vice-president; Russ Wisecup, treasurer; Don Clauss, secre- tary; Jim Berry, pledge trainer; Bill Chocas, house manager; and the House Mother, Mrs. Rose Owens. Among the fraternity ' s social functions, the most outstanding affairs were the annual winter Sweetheart Formal, the spring formal at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, and the B.C. dance (which had a " Before Christ " theme with costumes and house decorations to match). The Phi Tau football team won the 1950 championship in its division. The chapter won the volleyball championship in its divi- sion, finished third in basketball, fourth in waterpolo, and won the all-school handball doubles championship. Outstanding Phi Taus in activities are Jerry Berger, General Chairman of Homecoming; Dick Heath, ASUC Commissioner of Publications; Bill Haase, president and head cheerleader of the Pep Club and president of the Pentagon Club; Ray Rothermel, news edi- tor of the Silver and Gold; Don Clauss, city editor of the Silver and Gold and a member of the Board of Publications; Russ Wisecup, business manager of the Colorado Engineer; and Brad Pretti, chair- man of campus chest and Homecoming committees. ACTIVES Andrews, James, Amarillo, Tex 52 Berger, Jerry, Cheyenne, Wyo 51 Berry, James, Newcastle, Wyo 51 Betthauser, Joseph, Denver, Colo 51 Bosley, Richard, Calloway, Nebr. ' 51 Broberg, Carl, Pueblo. Colo ' 52 Brossia, Carl, Pueblo. Colo ' 52 Bryant, Carroll, Denver, Colo ' 51 Campbell, Robert, Salida, Colo ' 52 Chocas, William, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 53 Clauss, Donald, Melrose Park, 111 51 Ellis, George, Golden, Colo ' 52 Getts, Max, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 51 Gorman, John, Staten Island, N. Y ' 52 Gushee, Oliver, Denver, Colo 51 Haase, William, Winnetka, 111 " 51 Hammer, William, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Heath, Richard, Topeka, Kan ' 51 Heffernen, Robert, Dubuque, la 52 Hogan, Thomas, Denver, Colo ' 51 Huising, Don, Lockport, 111 ' 52 Kenz, Edward, Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Kirschner, Allen. Port Washington, N. Y ' 51 Langworthy. Norman, Littleton, Colo 52 Lamb, William, Denver, Colo ' 52 Long, Clifford, Glenwood Springs, Colo 52 Love, William, Tulsa, Okla ' 51 Mehos, Bill, Salida, Colo ' 51 Mehos, John, Salida, Colo ' 53 McCorry, John, Denver, Colo ' 52 McNcal. Eugene, Salida, Colo ' 53 Melle, Charles, Park Ridge, III ' 53 Michaelson, Richard, Cheyenne, Wyo 51 Mills, Basil, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 52 Milner, Jerold, San Carlos, Calif ' 53 Mourning, Donald, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Nelson, Glenn, Longmont, Colo ' 51 Oberto, Edwin, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Porter, Dale, Elko, Nev ' 53 Pretti, Bradford. Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 52 Ranspot, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 52 Richman, Russell, Wellington, Colo ' 51 Rothermel, Raymond, Milton, Wis ' 51 Rusho, Wilbur, Denver. Colo ' 52 Sabo, Ernest, Wyandotte, Mich ' 53 Sewell, Clair, Eckley, Colo _ ' 51 Shenton, David, Schenectady, N. Y ' 53 Stoehr, Raymond, Duboise, Ida 51 Thompson, Ralph, Howard, Kan ' 51 Weddendorf, Harry, Kansas City, Mo ' 51 Wertz, Ronald, Casper, Wyo ' 52 Williams, Robert, Brighton, Colo ' 51 Willoughby, Gary, Denver, Colo ' 51 Wines, Blaine, Elko, Nev ' 51 Wisecup, Russell, Longmont, Colo 51 Witters, Robert, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 51 Zech, Keith, Yuma, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Anderson, Orville, Denver, Colo ' 53 Barrett, Michael, Dove Creek, Colo ' 54 Bowden, Leonard, Yuma, Colo ' 54 Bradbury. Robert. Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Champion, Roscoe, San Bernardino, Calif 52 Chapman, John, Swarthmore, Penn. ' 54 Cudworth, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 53 Fischer, William. Pueblo, Colo ' 54 Gibson, Ted, Denver. Colo ' 53 Griffith, Richard, Haxtun, Colo ' 53 Hart, James, Denver, Colo 53 Hector, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 54 Holmes, Robert, Denver. Colo 54 Grettum, John, Richland, Mich : ' 54 Knafelc, Gary, Pueblo, Colo " 54 Knights, James, Denver, Colo ' 54 Koneman, Elmer, Lakewood. Colo ' 54 Lasater, John, Yuma, Colo ' 54 Lilly, Clifford, Berkley, Mich ' 53 Long, Ralph, Rifle, Colo ' 54 McMillan. George, Englewood, Colo ' 53 Menely, Richard, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Mills, John, LaGrange. Ill ' 52 Nelson, Orwin, Golden, Colo ' 54 Pcplinski, Leroy, St. Clair Shores, Mich ' 54 Spencer, Donald, Denver, Colo „ ' 52 Sympson, Robert, Lamar, Colo ' 54 Wegner, Weldon, Yuma, Colo 54 Vogeler, Henry, Elko, Nev _ ' 53 Williams, Dale, Golden, Colo ' 52 389 OFFICERS Jay Lutz President Robert Loup Vice-President Jerry Epstein House Manager Delbert Weltman Secretary 390 f- ni iama cJDeitu Phi Sigma Delta, having just passed its Thirtieth year on the CU campus, can well be proud of its many achievements and continu- ous progress. The fine representation it has gained in every field, scholarship, campus activities, and athletics, can be attributed to the solidarity of its actives and pledges. Headed by President Jay Lutz, the other chapter officers for the year were: Robert Loup, vice-president; Jerry Epstein, house manager; Albert Weltman, steward, Delbert Weltman, record ing secretary; Jerry Caspe, corresponding secretary; Jerry Garden- swartz, rush captain. Mrs. Edith House capably served as house- mother. Phi Sig won the softball divisional championship, the fraternity football championship, and placed men on varsity squads, led by Bryce Zarit, varsity football. Bill Shiffman, tennis, and Ronnie Gray, freshman football. Norm Gelman, recipient of the Phi Sig National Scholarship Award, also entered Phi Beta Kappa, and was News Editor of the S. G. Jay Lutz, Phi Sig prexy and ASUC Finance Commissioner, again carried the Purple and White to the school ' s governing body. Other outstanding fratres were: Mel Dinner, President of the Stu- dent Bar; Joe Pells, Jerry Gardenswartz, Norm Goldberg, Marty Robbins, Al Goldfarb, and Marty Zerobnick, all active in campus activities and publications. The Theta Chapter House has been greatly improved, with new kitchen facilities and the dedication of a large recreation room in honor of the late Fratres Bloom, Silver, and Rosenbaum. ACTIVES Bell, Erwin. Denver, Colo ' 51 Berman, Dave, Denver, Colo ' 53 Caspe, Jerry, Denver, Colo 53 Cohen, Jerry, Syracuse, N. Y 53 Dinner, Mel, Greeley, Colo ' 51 Eisen, Chuck, Denver, Colo ' 51 Epstein, Edmund, Denver, Colo ,..... ' 51 Epstein, Jerry, Kansas City, Mo .. 51 Fain, Al, Brookline, Mass ' 51 Gardenswartz, Jerry, Denver, Colo ' 51 Gelman, Norm, Denver, Colo ' 51 Goldberg, Norm, Denver, Colo 51 Goldfarb, Al, Denver, Colo ' 51 Goldman, Norbert, Denver, Colo 53 Greene. Jerome, Denver, Colo ' 52 Heyman. Al, New York, N. Y ' 53 Jacobs, Sam, Carlsbad, N. M _ ' 51 Karler, Jess, Mishawaka, Ind 51 Kern, Alb, Chicago, 111. .- ' 53 Langer, Marv, Detroit, Mich ' 53 Levine, Phil, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lewenberg, Richard, Newton Centre, Mass ' 52 Loup, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 51 Lutz, Jay, Denver, Colo ' 51 Marchick. Herb, Denver, Colo ' 51 Meyer, Harold, Longmont, Colo ' 53 Perotin, Murray, Denver, Colo ' 53 Reingold, Elliot, Denver, Colo ' 53 Robbins, Martin, Denver, Colo ' 53 Rudich, Dick, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Safran, Hub, Denver, Colo 52 Schwartz, Glenn, Chicago, 111 _ ' 51 Shiffman, Bill, Jersey City, N. J ' 52 Shpall, Harvey, Denver, Colo ' 52 Silverberg, Stuart, Denver, Colo ' 52 Spiegel, Stan, Shelbyville, 111 ' 53 Streicker, Mitchel, Chicago, HI ' 52 Sunshine, Phil, Denver, Colo ' 52 Weiner, Len, Denver, Colo ' 51 Weltman, Al, Denver, Colo. ._ ' 53 Weltman, Del, Denver, Colo ' 53 Zarit, Bryce, Denver, Colo ' 53 Zerobnick, Martin, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Chappell, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 54 , Cohen, S. Phillip, Denver, Colo ' 52 B ijA, Cook, Dick, Denver, Colo „.-. ' 54 HflU|lj Eliasberg, Martin, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 54 ■B Epstein, Max, Denver, Colo ' 54 3. Estrin, Bob, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 54 Fishman, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ginsberg, Leland, Denver, Colo ' 53 Goldfarb, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 54 Goldman, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gray, Ronnie, Chicago, III 54 Grcenberg, Arnold, Denver, Colo ' 54 Greenberg, Fred, Denver, Colo 54 Jesmer, Robert, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Katchen, Bruce, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ledder, Bennett, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lutovich, Jerry, Denver, Colo 53 Miller, Michey, Denver, Colo ' 53 Miller, Wes, Denver, Colo ' 54 Naiman, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Rich, Leslie, University City, Mo ' 54 Rosenberg, Larry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Ruben, Mike, New York, N. Y ' 53 Ruebens, Merle, Baltimore, Md ' 52 Schmidt, Steve, Cincinnati, Ohio 54 Schwartz, Stuart, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Seigal, Nich, Denver, Colo ' 54 Seigal, Stan, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Shattsoff, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 53 Slosky, Dave, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Stone, Avery, Chicago, III ' 54 Superstein, Dave, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Talpers, Melvin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Weinberg, Marvin, Cleveland Heights, Ohio .... ' 53 Weisbart, Alan, Denver, Colo ' 54 Zinn, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 54 391 Adams Allen Amberg Anderson Anton Benner Berggrcn Brock Cadwell Carpenter Chandos Clark Classen Clow Cornelius Curtis Davis de Bell duBois Dyer Rasley Ehrat Emch Everist Pahey Fisher Frith Gasser Haakenstad Hartwell Halsted Henderson Herbcr Hilton Jeurink Jones Joslin King Koebel Linn McCoy Mc Far land McQuarrie Middlemist Mooney Morris, Ruth Morris, Rae Mulligan Munson Murphy Nelson, E. Nelson, I. O ' Connell Piepho Robinson Rupp Schum Schwab Shiner Sickels Smigelow Sorensen Stanton Steele Vonier Winkler Woodhouse Wright OFFICERS Joanne Easley President Rae Morris Vice-President Barbara Sickels Secretary Betty Moritz Treasurer 392 PiBelaPki This year has indeed been an eventful and prosperous year for the wearers of the wine and blue. The Pi Phis returned in September spurred on by the memories of the National Convention held at Jas- per Park Lodge Alberta, Canada. Our wonderful pledge class has been the topic of much campus conversation. Among the events that brightened the year was a tea welcoming back our housemother, Mrs. Shumacher and honoring our new assistant housemother, Miss Audrey Jardin, who is in charge of our annex. In October our chapter was honored to have as a house guest for a few days, Mrs. Junge, the province president. One of the out- standing features of the year was the pledge dance given by the sophomores for the pledges. The Circus theme was carried out very effectively by the chairman Carolyn Brackenbury. Numerous other exchange dinners, picnics, and dances filled the arrow calendar to capacity making the days of ' 50 and ' 51 pass very rapidly. Outstanding Pi Phis this year include: four Spur members with Patty Murphy as president, two Hesperia members, eight Porpoise members, and three YWCA Cabinet members. Noteworthy activity girls were Joanne Easley, WAA vice president, Coloradan, Panhel- lenic, Spur Junior Sponsor, AWS; Babbie Carpenter, Homecoming, Flatirons art editor, Coloradan assistant art editor, YWCA group head and cabinet; Jan Hilton, AWS Judiciary Court secretary; Ruth Morris, Silver and Gold Society Editor, Joan Curtis, Assistant So- ciety Editor of Silver and Gold ; Judy Graham, Alpha Delta Theta treasurer. Club First Nighter; Rae Morris, Pi Lambda Theta presi- dent; M ' laide Fahey, Ski Club secretary. Luminaries among our pledge class include two dorm presidents Jo Mulligan and Carol Lee Piepho; Sue Adams co-secretary ISA; Edie Nelson AWS Revue chairman of judging. ACTIVES Amberg, Loei, Grosse Pointe, Mich 51 Anderson, Marjorie, Denver, Colo ' 53 Anton, Kay, Pueblo. Colo ' 52 Baker, Barbara, Clarence, N. Y ' 53 Beeley. Pat, Denver, Colo ' 51 Berggren, Vi. Chicago, 111 ' 51 Cadwell, Nancy, La Grange, III ' 52 Carpenter, Babbie, Palo Alto, Calif ' 52 Classen, Ann, Palo Alto, Calif ' 52 Clow, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 53 Clowes, Elinor, Manzanola, Colo ' 51 Curtis, Joan, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Davis, Nancy, Washington, D. C ' 52 Easley, Joanne, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Ehrat, Bebe, Evanston, 111 ' 52 Fahey, M ' Laide. Leadville, Colo „ ' 52 Fisher, Sheryl, Glidden, Iowa ' 53 Fishering, Sue, Fort Wayne, Ind ' 52 Frith, Mary Bell, South Bend, Ind ' 53 Gormley, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 53 Graham, Judy, Des Moines, Iowa ' 53 Haakenstad, Ardie, Fargo, N. D ' 53 Henderson, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 52 Herber, Pat, Longmont, Colo ' 51 Hilton, Jan, Denver, Colo 51 Jefferson, Joan, San Diego, Calif ' 52 Kester, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lambert, Dorothy, Houston, Tex ' 52 McQuarrie, Nanon, Denver, Colo ' 51 Mooney, Pat, Kenilworth, 111 ' 52 Moritz, Betty, Arvada, Colo ' 52 Morris, Rae, Denver, Colo ' 51 Morris, Ruth, Stelton, N. J ' 52 Murphy, Pat, Galesburg, III ' 53 Nelson, Barbara, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Nelson, Isabelle, Denver, Colo 52 Quam, Barbara, Fargo, N. D ' 53 Robinson. Marilyn, Rensselair, Ind ' 53 Rupp, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Russell, Rosemary, Evanston, 111 ' 52 Schum, Carolyn, Fargo, N. D ' 53 Schwab, Sue, Western Springs, 111 ' 53 Shiner, Pat, San Mateo. Calif ' 53 Sickels, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Smigelow, Eleanor, Raton, N. M ' 51 Steele, Sally, Princeton, N. J ' 53 Wells, Alice, San Marino, Calif ' 52 Wienbenson, Carla, Denver, Colo ' 52 Winkler, Pat, Oak Park, III ' 53 PLEDGES Adams, Susan, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Allen. Margot, Palo Alto, Calif ' 54 Anderson, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 54 Benner, Joan, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Brock, Mary, Hinsdale, 111 ' 54 Carpenter, Carlisle, Oak Park, 111 ' 54 Carrol, Diane, Denver, Colo ' 54 Chandos, Diane, Riverside, 111 ' 54 Clark, Jean, Detroit, Mich ' 54 Cornelius, Betty, Davenport, Iowa ' 54 Du Boise, Dyane. Palo Alto, Calif ' 54 Dyer, Mary, Navasota, Tex ' 54 Emch, Judy, Waotosa, Wis ' 54 Everist. Mary, Galesburg, 111 ' 54 Fleming, Priscilla, Lafitte, La ' 54 Gasser, Gretchen, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gilkison, Phyllis, Denver, Colo ' 54 Halstcd, Barbara, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Hartwell, Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo 54 Jeurink, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 54 Johnson, Margaret, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Jones, Judienne, Rolling Hills, Calif ' 54 Joslin, Jeanne, T opeka, Kan ' 54 Kilburn, Helene, Kentfield, Calif ' 54 King, Peggy, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Koebel. Sigrid, Grosse Pointe, Mich ' 54 Linn, Gwen, Hinsdale, 111 ' 54 McCoy, Mary Lou, Detroit, Mich ' 54 McFarland, Sidney, Barbara, Calif ' 54 McGaw, Bonnie, Denver, Colo ' 54 Middlemist, Jackie, Antonito, Colo ' 54 Miller. Shirley. Greeley, Colo ' 54 Mulligan, Jo, Denver, Colo ' 54 Munson, Margaret, Denver, Colo 54 Nelson, Edie, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 54 O ' Connell, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 54 Piepho, Carol, Muncie, Ind ' 54 Sams, Helen, Denver, Colo 54 Sorensen, Joanne, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Stanton, Kay, Grosse Point, Mich ' 54 Stewart, Fairfax, Berkeley, Calif ' 54 Vonier, Jackie, Denver. Colo ' 54 Wright, Allison. Rensselair. Ind ' 54 393 Barker Bendar Best Black Brictson Brown, Ben Brown, J. Browne Bucknam Butcher Callender Canfield Chapman Chappelle Clark Coleman Conway Dean Detweiler Devcr Dillon Dinkel Ewy Fate Field Fish burn Fundingsland Gobble Harlan Harris Harvey Head Hillock, D. Hillock, J. Holkestad Hollistcr Hopkins Hoskins Hustead Jenkins Johns Karbatsch Kellum Kelly Koger Kastler Lane Lindgren Lowe Lusby Markham Martin McClanahan McCone McKinley Meakins Metzger Millard Mitchell Naeve Olander, H. Olander, R. Pankey Penney Plambeck Rademacher Randolph Rasmussen Richard Robinson Roper Saleh Sanders Schroll Shearer Shirk Sisson Sleder Starkovich Thomas Tolson Tooley Torrisi Vclisck Wellenkotter Yunko f Am 1 W2L. j ii gm lallll if ' M . ' t me W f% (r_ f n !fe « ? " IP . ' " Ji • - D C Sj 394 OFFICERS Bruce Conway President Jack Tooley Vice-President Gene Richard Secretary Bill Detweiler Treasurer f- i cippci y lpha pi Pi Kappa Alpha ushered in perhaps its most successful year with the gala Spring Formal, held at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. The successes of the fraternity during the spring season and an outstanding fall rush week were enviable records for the Pi Kaps. Under the leadership of new officers — Bruce Conway, president; Jack Tooley, vice-president; Gene Richard, secretary; and Bill Detweiller, treasurer — the varied activities of Pi Kappa Alpha were carried on with great success during the year. Highlights of the social calendar were the renown Barn Dance, and the weekend Ski Party in February. Augmenting the social life were the numerous successful functions and the pledge sneaks. Well remembered on the " hill " are the many Pi Kap serenades. Traditionally powerful in athletics, the Pi Kaps garnered honors in varied fields, and stood high in intramural standings. Pi Kappa Alpha was also ably represented in campus activities, counting among its number many outstanding campus leaders and athletes. Of continual inspiration to the chapter. Mother Reed reigned as housemother for the second year. Her wit and devotion to the chapter has made her the " special person " in the hearts of all Pi Kaps. ACTIVES Barker, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 50 Best, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 51 Black, Bob, Jersey City, N. J ' 53 Brictson, Bob, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Brown, Tom, Hot Springs, S. D ' 52 Buckman, Dale, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 Burge, Harland, Littleton. Colo ' 53 Butcher. Charles, Freeport, 111 ' 52 Callendar, Jim, Arvada, Colo ' 53 Canfield, Roy, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 52 Chapman, Vern, Grand Island, Nebr ' 50 Coleman, Charles, Saguache, Colo ' 52 Conway, Bruce, Omaha, Nebr ' 52 Detweiler, Bill, Grand Island, Nebr ' 51 Dever, Charles, Glenwood Springs, Colo 52 II i]lon, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 51 Dinkel, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 52 Ewy, Howard, Denver, Colo ' 51 Gerwin, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 52 Gobble, Larry, Brighton, Colo ' 53 Head, Ken, Sterling, Colo ' 52 Hillock, Don, Aurora, 111 ' 52 Hillock, Jim, Aurora, 111 ' 51 Holkestad, Don, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hoskins, Don, Sterling, Colo 52 Hustead, Don, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Jenkins, Cramer, Omaha, Nebr ' 53 Jehns, Frank, Hot Springs, S. D ' 53 Karbatsch, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kellum, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 52 Kelly, Dick, Evanston, 111 ' 51 Kogcr, Bud, Thermopolis, Wyo . ' 53 Lindgren, John, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Lowe, Ken, Denver, Colo ' 52 Mattson, Fred, Denver, Colo ' 53 McClanahan, Don, Ft. Morgan, Colo 51 McCone, Bob, Julesburg, Colo ' 54 McDowell, Bill, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Millard, Ronnie, Denver, Colo 52 Mitchell, Gene, Elmwood Park, III ' 51 Mitchell, Peie, Brush, Colo. ._ ' 51 Naeve, Mike, Loveland, Colo ' 53 OhI, Gerrit, Los Angeles, Calif _ _... ' 52 dander. Bob, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 52 dander, Harvey, Wheat Ridge, Colo - ' 53 Penney, Frank, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Rademacher, Paul, Hot Springs, S. D ' 53 Randolph, Bob, Las Animas, Colo ' 52 Rassmussen, Jack. Grand Island, Nebr — 51 Ray, Bill, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Richard, Gene, Brush, Colo _ _. ' 51 Roper, Les, Denver, Colo ' 52 Sanders, Ray, Bcrwyn, 111 ' 51 SchroU, Charles, Las Animas, Colo ' 51 Schwalb, Howard, Barrington, 111 49 Shearer, Walt, Hammond, Ind ' 51 Shirk, Don, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 53 Sleder, Harry, Salina, Kan ' 51 Starkovich, Bob, Williams, Ariz ' 51 Sweet, Mike, Estes Park, Colo ' 53 Tooley, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 52 Torrisi, Dick, Mount Vernon, N. Y ' 52 Velisck, Norm, Long Lake, 111 ' 51 Wellenkotter, Jack, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Wilson, Bill, Nederland, Colo ' 51 Yunko, Al, Igloo, S. D ' 51 PLEDGES Barnett, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 54 Bender, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 53 Brown, Ben, Waco, Tex ' 52 Brown, John S., Denver, Colo ' 54 Browne, John M., Grand Lake, Colo ' 53 Chapelle, Byron, Longmont, Colo ' 53 Clark, Ed, Denver, Colo ' 54 Dean, Gary, Denver, Colo - ' 54 Dougherty, Chuck, Denver, Colo - ' 52 Fate, Clarence, Crown Point, Ind. ' 54 Field, Martin, Greeley, Colo ' 56 Fishburn, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 52 Fundingsland, Larry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Harlan, Bob, Denver, Colo 54 Harris, Bill, Sacramento, Calif ' 51 Harvey, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 54 Hollister, Herb, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Hopkins, Larry, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Jannen, Harold, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 54 Kastler, Paul, Brush, Colo ' 53 Lane, Don, Denver, Colo ' 54 Loney, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lusby, Cecil, Brush, Colo ' 53 Markham, Rodger, Denver, Colo 54 Martin, Bob, Pueblo. Colo ' 53 McKinley, Dick, Burlington, Colo ' 56 McMillian, Jerry, Leadville, Colo ' 54 Meakins, Keith, Morrison, 111 ' 54 Metzger, Mark, Clayton, Mo ' 54 Pankey, Phil, Harrisburg, 111 ' 52 Plambeck, Don, Denver, Colo ' 54 Robinson, Don, Denver, Colo ' 54 Saleh, Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Schwarz, Bob, Denver, Colo „ ' 54 Snyder, Bob, Trinidad, Colo ' 52 Sprague, Hal, Michigan City, Ind ' 52 Thomas, J6hn W., Boulder, Colo ' 55 Thompson, John, Denver, Colo ' 52 Tolson, Dick, Omaha, Nebr ' 54 395 Acsell Allen Andrews Barker Battey Baumgartner Bowman Broman Brown Carpenter Coad Cross Cunningham DeMuth, Lael DeMuth, Larry Dion Eberhardt Gill Graham Granberg Hamer Hartshorn Heim Isbill Joseph King Lacey Lambert Lawrence, Dutch Lawrence, Hank Liebetrau Meyer Pruss Renn Ryder Sims Spath Stastny Stewart Watson Wennerstrum Westerberg Woolems OFFICERS Earl Lawrence President Joe Fajrajzl Vice-President Bill Satterwhite Treasurer 396 lama wna C p llon f r p6i History has once again repeated itself as the members of the Colorado Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon continued to maintain their enviable position as leaders of Campus Activities on the Uni- versity of Colorado Campus. It has long been a policy of the Fra- ternity to be functional in Campus Affairs, and perpetuate this policy through the encouragement of its younger members. Our main activity men in the past year were : Lael DeMuth, A.S.U.C., Publications Commission, Assistant Chairman of C.U. Days, Phi Epsilon Phi, Assistant Chairman Homecoming, and Pep Club: Larry DeMuth, C.U. Days Queen Committee Chairman, A.S. U.C. Commissioner, Honors Union, and President of Phi Epsilon Phi; Wes Burnett, Advertising Manager of the Silver and Gold, I.F.C. Athletic Chairman, C.U. Days Queen Committee, and Student Alum Association; Jerry Baumgartner, Phi Epsilon Phi, Senior Week Committee, Chairman of the Awards Committee for Home- coming, and A.S. U.C. Dance Committee; Dusty Woolums, Business Manager of the Silver and Gold. Representing the house high on the hill in athletics were Jim Dalthrop, Bob Stewert, Jack Cohrs, and John Wilcox in Football; Bob Stewert, Lael DeMuth, and Jerry Andrews, in basketball; Jerry Baumgartner, Bob Heim, Bud Bond, and Bruce Bowers in sw imming; Clare Gregg, track; Bob Acsell and Peter Cook in tennis. Through the able guidance and motherly influence of " Mom " Williams in conjunction with our fraternity officers, Earl Lawrence, President, Bill Satterwhite, Treasurer, and Joe Fajrajzl, Vice-presi- dent it looks to be another banner year for the Sig Alph ' s. ACTIVES Allen, Jack. Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Anderson, Jim, Fargo, N. D 52 Andrews, Jerry, Oakwood, 111 ' 51 Barry, Sam, Long Beach, Calif ' 52 Battey, Brad, Denver, Colo ' 53 Baumgartner, Jerry, Scottsbluff, Nebr . ' 51 Beattie, Dick, Cheyenne, Wyo Grad. Bluhm, Hal, Kirkwood, Mo ' 53 Bond, Bud, Winnetka, 111 ' 52 Bowman. Bob, Steamboat Springs, Colo ' 51 Broman, Ron, Denver, Colo ' 53 Brown, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 52 Burnett, Wes, Colorado Springs, Colo Grad Carlos, Don, Houma, La 51 Carpenter, Dean, Greeley, Colo ' 51 Coad, Bob. Des Moines, la ' 53 Coh-s, Jack. Winnetka, 111 ' 52 Conrey. Rick. Maxwell, Nebr ' 52 Cook, Peter. Cheyenne, Wyo ' SO Corfman. Ed, Denver. Colo ' 51 Cross. Mercer, Denver, Colo ' 52 Cunningham, Jim, Denver, Colo 53 Cunningham, Duane, Wheatridge, Colo ' 52 Dalthorp. Jim, Pierre, S. D ' 53 DeMuth, Lael, Bould-r, Colo ' 52 DeMuth. Lar-y. Boulder, Colo ' 51 Eberhardt, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 52 Fajrajzl, Joe, Berwyn, 111 ' 50 Fisher, Bill, North Platte, Nebr ' 53 Gill, Duane, Mitchell, Nebr ' 52 Graham, Bob, Wray, Colo _ ' 53 Granberg, Dick, Albuquerque, N. H ' 51 Gregg, Clare, Colorado Springs, Colo ' SO Grieser, Bob, Western Springs, 111 52 Gubbins, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hamer, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hartshorn, Jim, Englewood. Colo ' 53 Heim, Bob, Redlands, Calif ' 52 Isbill, H. G., McGregor. Tex ' 51 Joseph. Gary, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Kitchon, Jim, Huntington, W, V Grad Krasberg, Bob, Glenview, 111 ' 52 Kuny, Ed, Decatur, 111 ' 53 Lacy, Joe, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Lambert, Jack, Sacramento, Calif ' 52 Lawrence, Earl, Denver, Colo „ ' 51 Lehman, Jack. Cedar Rapids, la „ ' 53 Liebetrau, Bill, Dayton, Ohio „ 51 Lowden, Jim, Forest Park, 111 ' 52 Morrow, Sam, Kansas City, Kan ' 50 Myers, Bob, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Oldraker, Bill, Albuquerque, N. M ' S3 Pruss, Don, Libcrtyville, 111 ' 53 Renn, Will, Toledo, Ohio ' 51 Satterwhite, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 51 Shade, Bob, Denver, Colo. ' 52 Simms, Rex, Denver, Colo. ' 51 Spath, Chuck, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Spenst, Skip, Denver, Colo ' 52 Spillane, Frank, Lakewood, Colo ' 52 Stastny, Everett, Denver, Colo ' 51 Steward, Bob, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 53 Stewart, Bob, Aberdeen, S, D ' 53 Swartz, Don, Lorain, Ohio ' SO Watson, Keith, Loveland, Colo ' 53 Wennerstrum, Scott, Chariton, la ' SI Wilcox, John, Decatur, 111 ' S3 PLEDGES Anderson, Wes, Muskegon, Mich ' 54 Barker, Tom, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Breckinridge, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 53 Cain, Ed, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Davis, Bob, Denver, Colo ' S3 Dion, Dick, Rolling Hills, Calif ' 54 Gram, Allen, Aberdeen, S. D ' 54 Haigh, Chuck, Homeward, 111 ' 54 Heinzman, Bill, La Junta, Colo „ ' 54 Hoffman, Leroy, Eureka, S, D 54 Hoig, Bob, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Howard, Duane, Denver, Colo ' 53 Huden, Ray, Brookline, Mass ' 54 Huffman, Ken, Denver, Colo ' 54 Johnson, Kent, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 King, Jim, Aberdeen, S, D ' 54 Kittleman, Willie, Boulder, Colo " 54 Kullman, Joe, Denver, Colo ' 54 Lawrence, Hank, Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Mayer, Bob, La Junta, Colo ' 54 Meyer, Bob, Evanston, 111 ' 54 Murphy, Jack, Galesburg, 111 „ ' 54 Oyloe, Turner, Slayton, Minn ' 54 Peterson, Roger, Rock Island, 111 ' 54 Robertson, Larry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Robertson, Paul, Corona Del Mar, Calif ' 54 Ryder, Dick, Sacramento, Calif ' 54 Sanders, Bill, Fort Worth, Tex ' 54 Seashore, Chuck, Wilmette, 111 ' 54 Strobridge, Dick, La Grange, 111 ' 54 Tarket, Ron, Denver, Colo ' 54 Warner, Joe, Forest Park, III ' S3 Westerberg, Verne, Los Angeles, Calif ' 53 Williams, Don, Denver, Colo ' 54 Williams, Jim, Denver, Colo 54 Wilson, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 52 397 Abrams Ardourel Axell Bennett Bierbaum Blatchford Bloom Bolyard, D. Bolyard, S. Bowman Brooks Brown Burns Bush Cerveny Chapman Clark Crim Dabbs Deen Dithmer Dodson KUwood £nnis Tishcr Foster Fragomeni •Giles Hackworth Hagler Haubrock Hclder Hook Hoover Hunter, C. Hunter, G. Johnson Kemp Kilbourn Kiley Kuehn Langtry Larsen Lee jLemen Lesser lAagee Mariani Marks Marshall Martin McDonough McFarland McKinnon Meizner Oakley Paolella Payne Pneuman Pratt Itinehart Schweigert Serat Singer Smith Stander Stigler Stork Taggart Thorsen Tobias Vawter Wagner Walton Wells Wixom York m. -■ Ti " ' ' .33 _A i 4.. •i w ' X ?■ -il t -_ ' . ■B Isa ssT ' J OFFICERS Dick Axell President Glenn Hunter Vice-President Ralph Tobias Treasurer Gil McDonough Secretary 398 iamci L hi f The past year has added another successful chapter to the history of Sigma Chi at the University of Colorado. Under the capable leadership of Dick Axell, our president, Sigma Chi again has furthered its position on the campus. Dick was assisted by Glenn Hunter, Vice-President; Gil McDonough, Secretary; Ralph Tobias, Treasurer; and Mrs. Earle H. Whit- man, our Housemother. Socially, the past year seldom had a dull moment. The annual sweetheart dance was held last spring at the Park Hill Country Club, and the second annual Miami Triad Dance cli- maxed winter quarter. The house threw various other parties such as the Wild West Dance, Hellzapoppin Party, and the Pajama Dance which supplemented the social program. A big turnout was seen for the second Sigma Chi Derby. Gamble Field saw all the sorority pledge classes competing for top honors. Coffee was served, and trophies were awarded to the winning sororities. Sigma Chi was also well represented in campus activities. In intramural sports the Sigs captured first-place honors in golf and water polo and shared top honors in tennis and basketball. Bill Baldwin won the school intramural wrestling champion- ship in the 165 pound weight bracket. Sigma Chis were scattered throughout campus activities especially the Silver and Gold, Colorado Engineer, Coloradan, and Pep club ad- ministration. ACTIVES Albrecht, Don, St. Louis, Mo ' 51 Ardourel, Joe, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Axell, Dick. Denver, Colo ' 52 Baker, Cliff, Superior, Nebr ' 52 Bierbaum, Robert, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Bierbaum, William, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Blatchford, Laurence, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Bloom, Tom, Muscatine, la ' 52 Bowman, Roby. San Diego, Calif ' 51 Branby, Don, Glenwood. Minn ' 53 Brueggeman, Bud, Rapid City, S. D ' 51 Brooks, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 52 Burns, Bill, Tucson, Ariz ' 53 Bush, John, Denver, Colo ' 51 Cervany, Carl, Denver, Colo ' 51 Chapman, Al, Worland, Wyo ' 53 Clark, Ken, Denver, Colo ' 51 Crim, Jim, Escherville, la ' 51 Dabbs, Charlie, Roswell, N. M ' 52 Deen, Dave, Lake Charles, La ' 52 Dodson, Chuck, Denver, Colo ' 52 Ellwood, Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Ennis, Chuck, Kansas City, Mo ' 53 Fisher, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 52 Haubrock, Chas., Morrison, 111 ' 53 Helder, George, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 52 Hunter, Charlie, Chicago. Ill ' 52 Hunter, Glenn, Gillette, Wyo ' 51 Hibben, Ed, Chicago. Ill ' 53 Kiley. Gene, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Langtry, Al, Chicago, 111. . ' 53 Larsen, Corky, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lee, Peter, Denver, Colo ' 57 Marshall, Hap, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Kert, Lou, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Mayer, Rudi, Milwaukee, Wis ' 51 McDonough, Gil, Denver, Colo ' 51 McFarland, Dick, Kansas City, Mo ' 53 McKinnon, Doug, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Meizner, Chuck, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 52 Lesser, Paul. San Diego, Calif " 53 Pnewman, Fred, Boulder, Colo ' 53 Paolella, Joe, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Pratt, Steve, Los Angeles, Calif ' 52 Rhinehart, Bob. Denver, Colo ' 53 Schofield, Bruce, Buena Park, Calif ' 51 Schweigert, Arnold, Colorado Springs, Colo. . ' 53 Scrat, Bill, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Singer, Keith. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 52 Smith, Hawley, St. Louis, Mo ' 52 Taggart, Tom, Burlingame, Calif ' 52 Tobias, Ralph, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Vawter, Read, Denver, Colo ' 51 Walton, Monwell, Washington, D. C ' 51 Wells. Bill, Riverside, Calif ' 52 Johnson, Bill, Muscatine, la ' 53 Oakley, Gary, Chicago, 111 ' 51 PLEDGES Abrams, Jerry, Los Angeles, Calif 54 Adams, Ed, Chicago. Ill ' 52 Bennett, Bill, Lakewood, Colo. ' 54 Bolyard, Dud, Oklahoma City, Okla ' 53 Blaha, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 53 Brown, Bondi. Chicago, 111 ' 54 Dithmer, Eric, New York, N. Y ' 54 Evenson, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 54 Evans, Bill, Englewood, Colo ' 54 Foster, Dave, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Giles, Tom, Burlingame, Calif ' 52 Hackworth, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 54 Hagler, Bill, Amarillo, Tex ' 54 Hook, Jim, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Hoover, Chet, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Kemp, Parker, Lexington, 111 ' 54 Kilbourn, Dale, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Koch, Ewing, Keokuk. la ' 54 Kuchn, Ken, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Lemon, Dave, Council Bluffs, la 54 Lockwood, Dick, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 53 Marks, Keith, Denver, Colo ' 54 Magee. Don, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Mariani, John, Denver, Colo ' 54 Martin, Dick, Glenview, 111 ' 54 Meyers. Macky, Cincinnati, Ohio ' 54 Miller, Dick. Kansas City, Mo ' 52 Montaque, John, Denver, Colo ' 54 Payne, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 51 Simmons, Dave, London, Ohio ' 54 Stander, Ted, Denver, Colo ' 54 Stigler, Reece, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Stork, Dick, Custer, Mont ' 54 Thorsen, Mac, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Wagner, Ben, Amarillo, Tex ' 51 Wixom, Chuck, Pontiac, Mich -. ' 54 York, Denny, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 399 Bailie Bernstein Block Bomash Cohen Cohn Falk Feidelman Glaser Heilbronner Hockley Isaacson Jacobson JofFee Kalmans Kcefer Levy Lifshutz Lohman Maltz Mandel Mendel Mendelsohn Metz Miller Minner Minsey Paule Penn Perlmutter Rosenbaum Saltzstein Schiffer Schwartz Shapiro Sirota Snyderman Sobol Stein Teitlbaum Turek Weingarten Zeligson Zeppelin Zerobnick OFFICERS Mary Lou Isaacson President Nancy Miller Vice-President Donna Cohn Secretary Naomi Minner Treasurer Joan Mandel Treasurer 400 iamu csDeltci Jc f au We can chalk up another terrific year for the Sig Delts. Hectic weeks of rushing brought thirty new pledges into the fold of S.D.T., and an introductory tea brought our new Housemother, Mrs. Matilda Sills into the eyes of the campus. Fall quarter, the pledges gave a very secretive Dream Man dance which was declared by all, as one of the nicest ever given. Exchanges and dinners with other fraternities and sororities kept us very busy, as did pledge-active functions within the house. The officers who brought us through this memorable year were: President, Mary Lou Isaacson ; Vice-president, Nancy Miller ; Scholarship chairman, Joan Snyderman ; Secretary, Donna Cohn ; Treasurers, Naomi Minner and Joan Mandel ; and House Manager, Bernice Kalmans. Active Sig Delts on campus included: Ann Falk, Alpha Delta Theta; Mary Lou Isaacson, Phi Alpha Theta; Joan Snyderman, Spur; Naomi Minner, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Elynore Minsey, semi- finalist in the Homecoming queen contest; Delores Maltz, chairman of Women ' s Field Events for Homecoming; Nancy Miller and Sybil Zeligson, secretaries for Homecoming committees; Dianne Jacobson, Chairman of Classroom committee of Religion in Life Week; Mary Ann Sobol and Dianne Jacobson, Membership Committee of Buff Pep Club; Roslyn Fiedelman, YWCA recreational group; and Nancy Miller, Donna Cohn, and Sybil Zeligson held the jobs of Vice-presi- dent, Recording secretary and Corresponding secretary of Hillel respectively. ACTIVES Bernstein. Marlene, Chicago, 111 53 Bomash. Babbette, Chicago. Ill ' 53 Cohn, Donna, Denver, Colo 53 Fa Ik, Ann. Boise, Ida 52 Fiedelman. Roslyn, Denver, Colo 53 Isaacson, Mary Lou, Denver, Colo ' 51 Jacobson, Dianne, Peoria. Ill S2 .TofFe, Ruth. Chicago, 111 ' 54 Kalmans, Bernice, Houston. Tex ' 51 Levy. Harriet, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Lifshutz. Dena. Denver, Colo ' 53 Maltz. Dolores, Willmette, 111. 51 Mandel, Joan. Highland Park, 111 ' 53 Mendelsohn, Shirley, Milwaukee, Wis ' 53 Miller, Nancy, Denver, Colo . ' .- ' 52 Minner, Naomi, Denver, Colo .. ' 52 Penn, Gwen. Denver, Colo ' S3 Perlmutter, Roslyn, Denver, Colo 51 Saltzstein, Sue, Milwaukee, Wis ' 53 Shapiro, Chailene, Denver, Colo ' 53 Snyderman, Joan, Pueblo, Colo ' 53 Sobol, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 53 Stein, Geri, Mason City, la ' 51 Weingarten, Sue. Evansville, Ind ' 53 Zeligson, Sybil, Tulsa, Okla ' 53 Zepplin, Renee, Denver, Colo. ' 53 PLEDGES Bailie. Judith, South Bend, Ind ' 54 Belous, Dione, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Bierman, Marilyn, Oak Park, 111 54 Block. Nancy. Tucson. Ariz ' 54 Cohen, Roenna, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 54 Glazer, Karlyn, Menlo Park. Calif ' 54 Gcldzband. Marlene, Chicago, III. ' 54 Heilbronner. Barbara, Milwaukee, Wis. ' 54 Hockley, Daisy, Chicago, 111. 54 Keefer. Betty, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Lohman, Mona, Denver, Colo ' 54 Mendel, Juanita, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 54 Metz. Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 54 Minsey, Elynore, Denver, Colo ' 54 Paule, Jacquelyn, Chicago, 111 53 Rosenbaum, Roberta. Denver, Colo 54 Schwartz, Rosalee, Denver, Colo 54 Seiver, Paula, Denver, Colo ' 54 Serota. Tauna, Davenport, la ' 54 Shapiro, Arlene. Chicago, 111 ' 54 Shiffer, Joan. Denver, Colo _ ' 54 Teitelbaum, Annettee, Chicago, III S4 Turek, Roberta, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Zall, Beth, Denver, Colo S4 Zerobnick, Marlene, Denver, Colo ' 54 401 Allen Anderson Atha Beckins Brand Brindley Burridge Coombs Coon Decker Diven Fischer Fucco Gibson. B. Gibson, J. Haigh Hamilton JofFee Jaycox Johnson, F. Johnson, H. Jump Keesling Kenehan, J. Kenehan, R. Killius, Bob Killius, Dick Larson r -r- - a c Lindauer Miskell Palsgrove Pohl Quinlan Ransom Reece Richman Rios Rost Russell Ryder Shanstrom Sletten .1 A Stokes Underhill Vance Van Stralen Wichmann OFFICERS Ray Jump President Dick Ransom Vice-President Bob Shanstrom Treasurer Dick Burridge Secretary 402 iama i u 9 A precedence of scholarship, social, and athletic activities has been maintained by the Sigma Nu Fraternity under the leadership of Ray Jump, the Commander of Gamma Kappa Chapter. Dick Ran- som is the Lieutenant Commander; Bob Shanstrom, Treasurer; and Dick Burridge, Recorder. This is the fourth year that our beloved housemother, Mrs. C. C. Crawford, has been with us. Among those who have made outstanding contributions to the university, as well as the fraternity, are Ray Jump, football, ASUC Commissioner; Tom Joffee, Pres. of Sumalia; Hilary Johnson, foot- ball, Sumalia, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Phi ; John Houston, Pres. of Ski Club, Treas. of A.S.C.E., Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Engineers Day Committee Chairman; William Hamil- ton, Pres. of A.S.M.E., Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Epsilon Phi, Mechanical Engineering Society Co-Chairman. The Sigma Nu ' s are represented on the varsity football team by seven men. Fred Johnson is our contribution to the basketball squad. Last spring the baseball team included six Sigma Nus. Also nine men are on the freshman football squad. In intramurals the Sigma Nus won the all-school water polo championship. Port AU Prince, Haiti was the setting for the Greenwich Village Dance. Under the sweltering heat of the tropics, characters from all over the world came for their annual get-together. The Winter Formal held at the Wellshire Country Club and The White Rose Spring Formal were fond memories for each Gamma Kappa man. ACTIVES Allen, Norman T.. Denver, Colo ' 51 Anderson, Elmer C, Chicago, III 51 Bateman, Robert A., Austin, Minn ' 53 Bekins, Donald M., Burlingame, Calif 53 Blackmarr, Ned P., Boulder, Colo ' 53 Brand, Vance D,. Longmont, Colo 53 Brindley. Thomas A., Toledo, Ohio " 53 Burridge, Richard M., Cincinnati, Ohio 51 Bywaters. Theodore W.. Dallas, Tex ' 53 Clark. B. Leroy, Loveland, Colo ' 53 Coombs, Charles P., Kalamazoo, Mich ' 53 Coon, R. Duane, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Decker, Robert L., Denver, Colo ' 53 DeNeice. Daniel J., Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Diven, James T., Fowler. Colo ' 53 Ebinger. Philip T„ Hubbard, Ohio ' 51 Englehardt, Dan T., Silver Springs, Md ' 52 Fischer. Ward H., Ft. Collins, Colo Grad Gibson, James G., Delta, Colo ' 51 Gibson, William K., Santa Fe, N. M ' 52 Haigh, J. Richard, Burlingame, Calif ' 53 Hamilton, William B., River Forest, 111 ' 51 Jackson, John D., Western Springs. Ill ' 51 Jaycox, Randall E., Albuquerque, N. M ' 51 Joffee. Thomas F., Denver, Colo ' 51 Johnson, Frederick F., Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Johnson, Hilary M., Phoenix, Ariz 51 Johnson, Peter O., Abilene. Tex _..Grad Jump, Raymond A., Boulder, Colo ' 51 Kenehan, John C, Denver, Colo ' 51 Killius, Robert A., Rocky River, Ohio ' 53 King, Charles G., Lamar, Colo ' 53 Larsen, A. Lee, Lyons, Colo ' 53 Lindauer, Ivo E., Grand Valley, Colo ' 53 Martin, Thomas J., Highland Park, 111 ' 52 Neal, D. Robert, Portland, Ore ' 51 Pohl, Richard W.. Birmingham. Mich 52 Ransom, Richard N., Phoenix, Ariz ' 51 Reece, John D., Santa Fe, N. M ' 51 Richman. William H., Amarillo, Tex ' 53 Roberts, Duane L., Craig, Colo S2 Rost, Richard C, Janesville. Wis ' 51 Russell, Richard E.. Bethany, Okla ' 53 Ryder, William B., Oklahoma City, Okla. ' 53 Shanstrom, Robert L., Ft. Collins. Colo ' 51 Sletten, Kenneth G., Billings, Mont ' 51 Smith, Paul A., Estes Park, Colo ' 52 Stokes, Ronald E.. Boulder, Colo ' 52 Trick, Harold L., Frankton, Ind ' 51 Underbill, Burton C, Denver, Colo ' 52 Vance, A. William, Enid, Okla ' 51 Winn, Raymond L„ Barkdalc A.F.B.. La. ' 53 PLEDGES Atha, William, Roswell. N. M ' 54 Boitz, Elwyn F., Canon City, Colo ' 52 Brown, Donald F., St. Louis, Mo ' 54 Fullerton, Philip E., Denver, Colo ' 54 Fuoco. James, Grand Junction, Colo. ' 54 Hart, F. Henry. Central Point, Ore ' 54 Heverly, Fred, Longmont, Colo ' 54 Horine, Lawrence E.. Margarita, Canal Zone .. ' 53 Johnson, Wallace L . Englewood, Colo ' 53 Keesling, Thomas M., San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Keough. Martin M., Gary, Ind ' 54 Killius, Richard W., Rocky River, Ohio ' 54 Knowlton, Richard L., Austin, Minn ... ' 54 Lusk, Richard C, Lakewood, Colo ' 54 MacLellan, Paul P., Denver, Colo ' 52 McCandless, Robert S., La Junta, Colo ' 54 Miskell, Whitney J., Rocky River. Ohio ' 54 Morton, Robert R., Jackson, Minn ' 54 Quinlan, John S., Antonito, Colo ' 54 Rash, Stanley D., New Providence, la ' 53 Rios, Irvin G., San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Rock, Arlo K., Billings, Mont ' 54 Sargent. Richard H., Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Simpson, Louis H., Western Springs, III ' 54 Stocking, William P., Denver, Colo ' 53 Vandeventer, Clifford C, Memphis, Tex ' 52 Van Stralen, John C, San Mateo, Calif ' 54 Wichmann. Paul K., Golden, Colo ' 54 Young, Frank O.. Delta, Colo ' 54 Zeman, Albert L., Laguna Beach. Calif ' 54 403 Allen Ambrose Auerbach Bancroft Beck Blake Bolt Brown Burkhardt Coffman Darden Doty Drew Evans Ferguson Friedman Fry Gooder Goulden Gregor Griggs ' ■ m ■ Hamrick Harris Harrison Hewitt Hicks Josephson Lehrman Loetscher McCutchon McDonald McKenzie Metcalf Milenski Nance Neuschaefer O ' Malley Pyle Redmon Robertson Scott Sherman _ Stewart Thode Watson Webermeier Williams Wilson Young OFFICERS Dick Harrison President Edmund O ' Malley Vice-President Ron Robertson Treasurer Harry Thode House Manager 404 iama " ni C pdilon Thirty men were lost from the chapter last Spring through graduation or transfer. The job of rebuilding began in earnest in the Fall with an outstanding pledge class of 33 men. Socially, the year has been a complete success. A tri-chapter fall formal was held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver with brothers from CU, Denver University, and Mines attending. An exclusive pledge dance was held at the house in the fall with the pledges and their dates attending. The annual Queen of Hearts Ball was held in February with pretty Joyce Miller, Alpha Omicron Pi, reigning over the festivities. Plans are again being made for the Spring formal to be held at the Brook Forest Inn. Besides the formals, numerous social functions rounded out the Sig Ep calendar. Under the very capable leadership of president Dick Harrison, vice-president Ed O ' Malley. recording secretary Ronald Robertson, historian Gale Brown, the Sig Ep s have energetically supported all University programs at CU Days and Homecoming. Dick Harrison, Wayne Evans, Ronald Gooder and many others are noted for their diligent work in campus activities. Sigma Phi Epsilon is proud of their varsity athletes Bob Wilson, football, and Harley Williams, baseball, as well as the men now par- ticipating in freshman track. Important to the smooth-running of the chapter has been our wonderful housemother, Mrs. Gray. ACTIVES Allen, William, Arvada, Colo ' 52 Bancroft, John. Kearney, Neb. " . ' 54 Beck, Glen, Aspen, Colo 52 Biel, Dick, Crystal Lake, 111 ' 50 Bolt, Ross, Denver. Colo ' 53 Brown, Gale. Longmont, Colo ' 51 Burkhardt, William, Brighton, Colo. 52 Darden, Lloyd. Sacramento, Calif. ' 52 Doty. David, Denver. Colo ' 51 Drew, Russell, Canal Zone ' 52 Evans, Wayne, Casper, Wyo ' 52 Ferguson, William, Great Falls, Mont ' 52 Gooder, Ronald, Casper, Wyo ' 53 Goulden, Dick. Chicago, 111 ' 52 Gregor, Kenneth, Lincolnwood, III ' 52 Harrison, Dick, Denver, Colo 5l Hewitt, Richard. Napa, Calif 53 Hicks, Al, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 51 Lehrman, Phillip, Denver, Colo ' 51 Lindberg. Richard, Holyoke, Colo. ' 53 Loetscher. Casimer, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 51 Manley,, Kansas City, Mo ' 51 McCutchon, Dave, Louisville, Ky ' 54 McDonald, Claude, Houston, Texas 53 McKenzic, Don, Kearney, Ncbr. ' 54 McRoberts, John, Denver, Colo ' SO Metcalf, James, Denver, Colo. ' 51 Milenski, John. Rocky Ford, Colo _ ' 51 Mortenson. Earl, Boulder, Colo. ' 51 Nance, Harry, Denver, Colo. 51 Neuschaefer, William. Denver, Colo 5l O ' Malley. Edmund, Chicago. Ill ' 53 Peterson, Courtland, Boulder, Colo ... ' 51 Robertson, Ronald, Denver. Colo. ' 53 Romcr, Roy, Holly, Colo. .-- 53 Scott, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 53 Stewart, Dair, Aurora. Ill ' 52 Struthers, Joseph, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 53 Thode, Harry, Arvada, Colo ' 52 Watson, Al, Glen Ellyn. Ill ' 52 Webermeier, John, Holyoke, Colo ' 51 Williams, Harley, Golden. Colo. ' 53 Wilson. Robert, Valentine, Nebr. ' 51 Young, George, Denver, Colo 52 PLEDGES Ambrose, Nick, Denver, Colo ' 54 Auerback, Jack, Honolulu, Hawaii ' 54 Bancroft. Burt, Kearney, Nebr ' 52 Blake, Robert. Dolores, Colo ' 54 Bechtold, Bruce, Denver, Colo ' 53 Brown. Clayton, Chadron, Nebr. ' 53 Coffman, Bob, Julesburg, Colo. ' 52 Denice. John, Jersey City. N. J ' 53 Friedman, Fred, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Fry. William, Fairfield, Iowa ' 53 Garnett, Roger, Holly, Colo ' 54 Griggs, Allard, Billings, Mont ' 54 GofT. Gordon, Denver, Colo. 52 Grosz, Carl, Casper, Wyo. ' 54 Harris. Norman, Denver, Colo 53 Josephson. Gil, Denver, Colo 54 Kerrigan, Ed, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 54 Pyle, Andy, Baltimore. Md ' 54 Ralls, Daniel, Altadena. Calif. ' 54 Rider, Bob, Durango, Colo. ' 54 Sherman, David, Ovid, Colo ' 54 Ticrncy. Russ, Golden, Colo ' 54 Zarlingo, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 53 405 Bailar Bishop Burrows Doolen Engle Frisby Gcsell Hickman Kellar, R. Kellar. W. McGee Menage Miller Roberts Scott Shefstead OFFICERS Ray Miller President Fred Thome Vice-President Duane Hickman Treasurer Bob Kellar Secretary 406 Jau appcL C psilon The Tekes, located on the CU campus for only one year, look back over the past school term with due pride in their many accomplishments and activities. This year, under the able leadership of Ray Miller, presi- dent; Fred Thorne, vice-president; Bob Kellar, secretary; Duane Hickman, treasurer; Jack McGee, historian; and Dean Doolen, chaplain, the Tekes really began to roll. The chapter acquired its first house in August, a little over six months after its installation. Of course, there was the problem of furnishing it; however, the situation was accomplished with flying colors. Highlighting the social calendar of 1950-1951 was the First Anniversary Ball of Gamma Iota chapter on February 10, 1951. The formal dance, preceded by an " out of this world " dinner, was held at Severance Lodge. There was plenty of atmosphere and everything else that it takes to make a formal successful. Tau Kappa Epsilon is proud of its outstanding pledge class, numerous improvements on the house, and is looking forward to bigger and better goals in fraternity and campus activities. ACTIVES Bailer, John C, Urbana, Ul ' 52 Bishop. Frederick. Denver. Colo ' 53 Brochway. Donald, Sidney, Mont 53 Barton, James, Magnolia, Ark ' 51 Burrows, Leslie R., La Junta, Colo ' 52 Berry, Keith. Limon. Colo ' 51 Corbett, Richard, Riverton, Wyo. .- ' 52 Doolen, Dean, Memphis. Tenn ' 52 Edinger, Donald, Boulder, Colo - ' 52 Frisby, Donald. Edwardsville, 111 ' 51 Gesell. James, La Junta, Colo ' 51 Hart. Richard, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Hart, Raymond, Lovcland, Colo ' 51 Kellar. Robert. Boulder, Colo ' 51 Kellar, William, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Luby, William. Eagle. Colo ' 52 Malone, Dudley, Chicago, 111 ' 53 McGee, Jack, Bowling Green, Mo ' 52 Menage, Leo, Rock Rapids, Iowa ' 51 Miller, Ray, Cincinnati, Ohio 53 Scott, Lorcn, Wheat Ridge, Colo ' 51 Shefstead, Holmes, Craig. Colo ' 51 Thorne, Frederick, Tucson, Ariz ' 52 Wilder, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 52 PLEDGES Brown, Cloyde. Cheyenne, Wyo 53 Engle, Aimer, Denver, Colo ' 51 Hcumphreus, Joseph, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 54 .m. King, Richard, Denver. Colo ' 52 P " ♦ Kohl, Philip, Englewood, Colo ' 53 i J Morton, Dennis, Denver, Colo ' 52 j Perry, William, Manzanola, Colo ' 52 Veneklasen, Robert, Boulder, Colo 51 Ikg i Will, Francis, Durango. Colo 54 407 . diijiil Andriola Bennett Berger Bieser Bogard Coppi de la Guardi dc Wolfe Dreher Eggering Feller Gates Gavito Gordon Hodgkin Hope Ivans Johnston Jones Kraft Kratt Moltes Morris Mueller Nash Niblook Oertli Oehlkers Oliver Phibbs Salyards Shue Small Sinclair Snyder Wimmell Yarborough OFFICERS Charles Oertli President Roy Morris Secretary Donald Feller Treasurer 408 j neta i The year 1950 was an outstanding one for the Alpha Eta Chapter of Theta Xi, for under the able leadership of Chuck Oertle the fraternity made great strides in leadership on campus. This is shown, for example, by the winning of a silver division homecoming float cup. Fall socials included a successful party for the alumni, parents, and friends of Theta Xi ' s; a " square yard " (of cloth) party at the Alps Lodge; and several informal dances. The winter quarter was topped off with their winter dance, and many usual socials. During Spring quarter the group was kept extra busy with C.U. Days committees and the annual Founders Day Banquet held April 29. The quarter was then done up in style with the Spring Formal. The officers for 1950 were Charles Oertli, president; Roy Morris, Secretary; Donald Feller, treasurer; ably assisted by Charles Bogard, Norman Hodgkin, and Arthur Wimmell. And of course, working along with them was their housemother, Mrs. Clea Stanley of Colorado Springs. ACTIVES Bashor, Curt. Longmont, Colo 50 Baum, Paul. Denver, Colo ' 51 Bennett. Joe. Denver, Colo ' 53 Berger, Hugh, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Bogard, Chuck, Denver, Colo ' 52 Bowers, Orvis, Delta, Colo ' 51 Bissel, Ray, Denver, Colo ' 51 De La Guardia, Jose, Panama ' 52 Dreher, Art, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Eggering, Rocky, St. Louis, Mo ' 52 Feller. Don, Victor. Colo ' 51 Gates, Dan, Denver, Colo ' 51 Grey, Stan, Estes Park, Colo ' 53 Hodgkin, Norm, San Francisco, Calif ' 51 Hope, Bob, Hayden, Colo ' 52 Imgrund, Don, Wadena, Minn -.. ' 50 Ivans, George, Denver, Colo ' 52 Johnston, Marv, Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 51 Jones, K. C, Greeley, Colo ' 52 Kraft, Dick, Bayard, Nebr . ' 52 Killian, Wayne, Denver, Colo ' 51 Morris. Roy, Denver, Colo ' 51 Mueller, Lee, Eaton, Colo ' 52 Myers, Chico, Buffalo Creek, Colo ' 51 Oehlkcrs, Bob, Brighton, Colo ' 52 Oertli, Chuck, Sappington, Mo ' 52 Pickford, Bud, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rose, Lowell, Hayden, Colo ' 50 Salyards, Don, Eaton, Colo ' 52 Sinclair, Ken, Midwest, Wyo ' 52 Snyder, Jim. Peoria, 111 ' 52 Wimmell, Art, Las Animas, Colo ' 51 Yarborough, Larry, Pass Christian, Miss ' 51 PLEDGES Andriola, Sal, Englewood Cliff, N. J ' 53 Coppi, Milt, Gustine, Calif ' 52 De Wolf, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 53 Fibbs, Al, Denver, Colo ' 54 Gorden, Jim, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 54 Hassan, Mike, Karbala, Iraq ' 54 Kratt, Bill, Union, N. J ' 53 Molles, Vic, Gustine, Calif ' 52 Morton, Bill, Pasadena. Calif ' 54 Nash, Dick, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Niblock, George, Denver, Colo ' 54 Oliver, Bob, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Shaw, Bob, Steamboat Springs, Colo ' 53 Shue, John, Denver, Colo 54 Small, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 54 409 Adelstein Aronson Bad Blanc Chapman, A. Chapman, V. Cohen Coleman Ellis Feinburg Goldstein Gottlieb Greenspun Harris Herman HoiTman Kahn Kamine Kaplowitz Katz Klein Landauer Levinger Levy, I, Levy. J. Levy, L. Lewin Livingston Locke Mating Melnick Messer Neuman Nogg Perlmutter RoUe SchafFner Seid Seline Silverberg Snyder, J. Snyder, K. Sclinsky Sombeig Stein Steinberg Weinshienk Wieser Winston OFFICERS Bert Solinsky President Dan Hoffman Vice-President Hubie Weinshienk Secretary Marty Bael Treasurer 410 During the past school year. Beta Alpha of Zeta Beta Tau continued as a leader among the fraternities in campus activ- ities. Last spring the chapter received third place for its C.U. Days Carnival Booth; the C.U. Days queen. Miss Jackie Clark, was Beta Alpha ' s candidate; and this fall the chapter ' s intra- mural football team tied for the divisional championship. Prominent among ZBT ' s this year were Dan Hoffman, ASUC Commissioner of Men ' s welfare; Fred Silverberg, Gen- eral chairman of Campus Chest ; Marty Bael, Pi Tau Sigma and Sigma Tau; Lloyd Goldstein and Dan Hoffman, intramural all- star football team members; Ed Lewin, Phi Beta Kappa; and Hubie Weinshienk, ski-team member. The chapter became socially prominent on campus this year. The 1950 Nebraska-game party will long be remembered. Other social highlights were the Spring formal at the Albany hotel, and the Pledge dance. Three brothers were lost to the services ; Larry Levy and Larry Melnick, Navy, and Jerry Ellis, Air Force. With an excellent pledge class of twenty-two men, ZBT can look forward to another great year. The officers were: Bert Solinsky, president; Dan Hoffman, vice-president; Hubie Wein- shienk, secretary; Marty Bael, treasurer; and Ed Kahn, his- torian. ACTIVES Adelstein Stanford, Denver, Colo ' 53 Aronson, Haskell H., El Paso, Texas ' 51 Bael, Martin Byron, Mt. Vernon, N. Y ' 52 Chapman, James, Chicago, 111 51 Ellis, Jerold, Chicago, 111 ' 53 Goldstein, Lloyd, Eastport, N. Y " 52 Greenspun, Richard, Baltimore, Md ' 52 Herman, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 52 Hoffman, Daniel, Rockville Centre, N. Y ' 51 Kahn, Edward, Winnetka, 111 ' 51 Kamine, Arthur, Paterson, N. J ' 52 Koplowitz, Gerald, Baltimore, Md ' 51 Levinger, Joseph, Yankton, S. D ' 51 Levy, Lawrence, Denver, Colo ' 52 Lewin, Edward, Denver, Colo ' 51 Livingston, Louis, Estes Park, Colo ' 51 Locke, Harry, Philadelphia, Pa ' 53 Melnick, Larry, Denver, Colo ' 52 Nogg, Donald Irwin, Omaha, Nebr ' 51 Schaffner, James, Highland Park, 111 ' 53 Silverberg, Frederick, Denver, Colo ' 51 Snyder, Jerry, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 53 Solinsky, Bert, Miami Beach, Fla ' 51 Stein, Henry, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Steinberg, Mark, University City, Mo 51 Weinshienk, Hubert, Denver, Colo 53 Weiser, Herbert, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Blanc, Robert, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Chapman. Arthur, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Cohen, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 54 Coleman, Sanford. Buffalo, N. Y ' 52 Feinburg, Leon, Albany, N. Y ' 54 Gottlieb, Roy, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Harris, Robert, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Katz, Joel, Chicago, 111 ' 54 Klein, James, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Landauer, Thomas, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Levy, Irwin, Denver, Colo ' 54 Levy, Jules, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Maling, Donald, Chicago, III ' 54 Messer, Barry, Los Angeles, Calif ' 54 Neuman, Frederick, Denver, Colo ' 54 Perlmutter, Louis, Bronx, N. Y ' 54 Rolfe, Mark, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Seid, Barre, Chicago, 111 ' 52 Seline, Marvin, Houston, Texas ' 54 Stiyder, Kenneth, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 54 Somberg, Marlon, Omaha, Nebr ' 54 Winston, Donald, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 54 411 Anderson. G. Anderson, M Andrews Armstrong Atkinson Bach Bennett Bradshaw Brownell Cartwright Clark Conner Degen Hansen OFFICERS Lois Schoeneck President Frances SchuUer Vice-President June Hawbold Secretary Vee Simmons Treasurer eta CLU tpka r Zeta sweaters, hats, and mugs were put into use early this fall when thirty new CU girls joined the chapter. Taking time out from study table, social functions, and pledge duties, the pledges showed that they knew the meaning of " fraternity spirit " when they carried home the first place trophy from the Sigma Chi Derby. Not to be outdone by their little sisters, the actives joined in stuffing chicken wire in November. The result, a " Moonlit Knight, " won first place in the Silver Division of the Homecoming float parade. These two cups were placed beside the ones added last spring for first place in Women ' s Field Events and third place in the CU Days float parade when the Zetas offered a spring tonic of " Sulfur and Molasses. " In December, everyone collected seaweed and sailor suits as part of a costume for the pledge dance, " Sea Foam Frolic. " Greeen lights, shimmering silver fish, and a Mermaid Bar provided the appropriate undersea atmosphere. Everyone tried to keep up her point average, but Marion Lang was especially successful. She was selected as the outstanding fresh- man woman chemistry student and this fall became a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, chemistry honorary. Shirley Honnen was pledged to Spur and Normajune Lintner became a member of Orchesis. Jo Rippberger was elected secretary of the Equestrian Club and Margie Marcus and Edna Simonds danced with Calico and Boots. Lois Schoeneck presided over the Monday night meetings while Frances Schuller, as vice-president, instructed the pledges. June Hawbold and Vee Simmons were secretary and treasurer of the chapter. Our gracious housemother, Mrs. Ruby Hougland, once again helped us in every way she could throughout the year. ACTIVES Andrews. Betsy, WichiU, Kan ' S3 Atkinson. Peggy. Houston, Texas ' 53 Belina, Marie. Oilman, Colo ' 53 Brownell, Marion, La Grange, 111 ' 53 Clark, Elizabeth, El Paso, Texas ' 53 Corfield, Pam, Boulder, Colo ' 52 Garrigan. Pat, Silt, Colo ' S Hansen, Maya. Cedar Rapids, Iowa ' 53 Hawbold, June, Denver, Colo ' 53 Hewitt, Ellie, West Hartford, Conn ' S3 Johnson, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 53 Lang. Marion. Denver, Colo ' 53 Leigh, Barbara, El Paso, Texas ' SI Lintner, Normajune, Homewood, 111 ' 52 Marcus, Margie, Glencoe, 111 ' 53 Morgan, Pat, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Pierson, Judith, Galveston, Texas ' S3 Rippberger, Jo, Kenilworth, 111 ' S3 Rogers, Elva, Cleveland, Ohio ' 52 Roueche, Ellen. Northbrook, 111 ' S3 Routh, Bethel, Grand Junction, Colo ' 52 Schoeneck, Lois, Kenilworth, 111 ' 51 Schoeneck, Mimi, Kenilworth, 111 ' 53 Schuller, Frances, Wilmette, III ' 51 Simmons, Vee, Jackson, Miss 51 Simonds, Edna, Denver, Colo ' 53 Simpson, Joyce, Eads, Colo ' 53 Spangler, Janice. Walsh, Colo ' 51 Thorson. Jean, Northbrook, III ' 51 Wenziker, Shirl ey, Boulder. Colo ' 52 PLEDGES Anderson, Gail, Olmito, Texas ' 54 Anderson, Marilyn, Pueblo, Colo ' 52 Armstrong, Alice, Tulsa, Okla ' 54 Bach, Barbara, Rochester, Minn ' 52 Bennett, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 54 Blackmore, Mary, San Francisco, Calif ' 54 Bradshaw, Ann, Sutton, Colo ' 54 Cartwright, Barbara, Indianapolis, Ind ' 54 Conner, LaDorna, Denver, Colo ' 54 Degen, Carole, Park Ridge, 111 ' 54 Hector, Joan, Pasadena, Calif ' 52 Heise, Eugenia, Milwaukee, Wis ' 54 Herron, Lois. Pekin, 111 ' 54 Honnen, Shirley, Delta, Colo ' 53 Jorgenscn, Bonnie, Racine, Wis ' 53 LaMarr, Henrietta, Denver, Colo ' 54 Leaming, Charlotte, Highland Park, 111 ' 54 Miller, Priscilla, Hamburg, Penn ' 54 Mansfield, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 54 Mudd, Joan. Denver, Colo ' 54 O ' Hara, Iva, San Antonio, Texas ' 54 Pinkerton, Adrienne, Amarillo, Texas ' 52 Rogers, Nancy, Denver. Colo ' 54 SkifTington, Ann, Manitou Springs, Colo ' 54 Thompson, Betty, Anthony. N. M ' 54 Titterington, Marcia, Milford, Iowa ' 54 Tyler, Jean, Peru, 111 ' 53 Vaughan, Dorothy, Mt. Morrison, Colo ' 54 Van Vrankin, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 54 Woodcock, Suszanne, Spencer, Iowa ' 54 Yanczarski, Felicia, Meriden, Conn ' 54 413 = Jketa Ulp llon r 414 ACTIVES Booth. Marion, Enid, Okla. ' 52 Dick, Joan, Walsenburg, Colo. ' 53 Doyle, Pat, Colorado Sprgs., Colo 53 Emery, Betty, Denver, Colo. ' 53 Giesler, Barbara, Park Ridge, 111 ' 54 Gleue, Felma, Bremen, Kans. ' 52 Gleue, Velma, Bremen, Kans : ' 52 Haines, Carol, Milton, Mass ' 54 Holderness, Dorothy, Hayden, Colo 51 Holt, Sharon, Oak Park, 111. ' 53 Hopkins, Yvonne, Waunetta, Nebr ' 53 Jackson, Norma Jeanne, Denver, Colo ' 52 LuttrcU, Emilyn, Craig. Colo ' 52 Maddock, Mary Lynn, Northbrook, 111 ' 53 Phipps, Erlene, Denver, Colo. ' 51 Salzman, Betty Rose, Pikeview, Colo ' 52 Schultz, Sarah Jane, Denver, Colo ' 53 PLEDGES Dick, Joyce, Walsenburg, Colo 53 Duckworth. Jane, Nashville, 111 ' 52 Hoi ton, Corrine, Boulder, Colo. 54 Knopf, Ruth, Denver, Colo. 53 Murphy, Mary Alice, Salida, Colo 5l Doyle GiesIer Gleue, F. Haines Gleue, V. Holderness Holt Tsckson Hopkins Luttrell Maddock Phipps Murphy Salzman Schultz When the Theta U ' s move into their new home in the Fal of 1951, they will long recall many happy memories in the littl brick house at 1125 Pleasant, their first home on the CU campus On the social agenda in November was a tea honoring Mrs; Samuel Fuller, National Executive President of Theta Upsilor and Mrs. Norma Miller, housemother. Other festivities whic filled the social calendar were picnics, intramural games, socia functions, exchange dinners, Valentine ' s dance, and the annua Black and White dinner dance. Their pride and joy of Home coming was Sharon Holt, who was one of the five Queen finalists At the special Christmas dinner the Theta U ' s received surprise Christmas message from the National Housing Counc: — the promise of a new house next year. Chapter officers were: President, Dorothy Holderness Vice-president, Norma Jeanne Jackson; Secretary, Felm Gleue; and Treasurer, Yvonne Hopkins. Among the honors brought to Theta Upsilon this year wer the pledging of Dorothy Holderness to Rho Chi; Pat Doyl Sigma Epsilon Sigma; and Betty Salzman, Gamma Alpha Ch A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T Dare I write an acknowledgement before the book actually reaches the hands of you readers? Despite the times of trial and doubt, I am now convinced that the 1951 Coloradan will soon become a reality. All of us have done our best to see that you receive a book that is representative of your school year in every field. We hope that we have succeeded. It has been a memorable experience for me to work with a fine group of section editors — no editor could have asked for more responsible people. Jack Anderson capably fulfilled the duties of the sports editor. Nona Uhrich, with quiet, whirlwind efficiency completed the queens section early in the fall quarter. Jim Wilkins, working right up through final weeks made certain that all of you have the right numbers beside your name in the back of the book. Ray McDonald found the test weeks the busiest for his copy staff too, but efficiently saw that all was done correctly. Nan Anderson completed a man- sized job in one quarter on the dorm section, then haunted us for another quarter chuckling at the remaining " beav- ers. " Sue Fishering picked up the Administration section several weeks after the fall quarter started and quickly caught up with the others, continuing a good job until she finished. All I had to say to Lee Steckel was, " This is your last chance to get that copy in! " With that the office seemed to explode, and I would shortly have a handful of pictures and captions. Class Editor Julie St. Clair with her calm, " this is my second year at this " attitude always worried me on the headache section, but when it was all over I knew that I had been stewing for nothing. Kathy Redmon was not only an entertaining personality around the office, but was an excellent activities section editor. Glenn Hunter proved to be the ideal section editor, on the fraternity-sorority section. His errorless work was always in ahead of time. He had one fault — managed to lead the editor astray on Friday afternoons. Ruthie Nagel did a fine job arranging for the selection of the pace- setters, and in writing up the copy. Jo Easley, directing another headache — the organizations section — waited a long time to start turning in the copy, but after that it came fast. Jack Travis and Babby Carpenter did what I think is a fine job on the art work for the book. It is original and clever. Lothar Vasholz, a harried business manager as the enrollment dropped and books became hard to sell, capably made certain that we could pay our bills in spite of all adversities. Last but not least, may I pay my thanks to Joanne Healy. She was a managing editor whom I knew I could depend on for quality work and cooperation at all times. Much of the work of this book is due to hard-working Floyd Walters. Despite a schedule that would try any man, he unceasingly took time to produce quality pictures. I always enjoyed watching him complain and smile at the same time. John Hamilton was another support who could prop up our financial situation on occasion. The Board of Publications, particularly Mr. Waldrop and Mr. Bartram, were a real help during the early months when I was green and the dummy was due. To those of you whose name appears below, I would like to take this rather impersonal way to tell you of my appreciation for the hours that you have put in to make this book possible. Finally, I owe a big " thank you " to Bill Summers of Kistlers and Henry Niekirk of Boldt Engraving. Neither hesitated to give me many good suggestions throughout the year, in addition to explaining the journalistic mys- teries to a baffled science major. CHUCK BRUMMITT, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF ADMINISTRATION STAFF Sue Fishering. Editor Kathy Dyer Carole Bergerman Marge Anderson Vi Berggren George Nibloch Jeanne Joslin Pat O ' Connell LIFE AT CU Lee Steckel, Editor Joan Jefferson Alice Morrison Sue Koren Jerry Smith DORMS Nan Anderson, Editor Stan Ulrich. Asst. Editor Shirley Honnen Barbara Roepnack Judy Jones Meridith St. Clair Betty Harlan ORGANIZATIONS STAFF Jo Easley, Editor Rosemary Russell, Asst. Editor Janene Boothby Diane Carroll Junko Kako Virginia Lightburn Marilyn Lord Alice Morrison Jo Mulligan Margaret Munson Maureen Ncylon Jacquelyn Paule Roland Seccombe Sue Schwab Sally Stevenson Lauretta Wcddell Marilyn Weller Ann Worthington Allison Wright Lynn Rosemond CLASS SECTION STAFF Julie St. Clair, Editor Joe Ardourcl Pat O ' Connell MJ Duncan Joan Norman Barbara Burris Mary Cook Karen Fox Debbie Priest Mary Lutz Al Langfry Barbara Butler Fred Hells Nancy Chapman Nancy Jammer Pat Blackwell Edward Fontaine Ed Sullivan INDEX STAFF Jim Wilkins, Editor Margaret Munson Mary Ann Everist Harriet Lcvinson Mary Fleming Tom Hunt Roberta Sell Janis Conklin Jeanne Thompson Jane Anderson Artha Lee Ford Joan Chambers Tom Spencer Rodney Young ACTIVITIES STAFF Kathy Redmon, Editor Lois Basch Betty Keefer Ruth Brown Barbara Steere Connie Frye Marion Stcrrett FRATERNITY-SORORITY STAFF Glenn Hunter, Editor Jerry Roquet Wilbur Swart Gaynor Miller Stan Weston Norm Tower Bob Christopher Stan Shively William Ekrem Donald Plambeck James Anderson Steve Pratt Hal Trick Mike Hassan George SkiBngton Betty Savery Evalyn Boehm Julia Schamck Jo Anne Cushing Evelyn Boehm Joanne Ross Sue Birk Debbie Green Mary Hammond Ann Dowell Mary Bell Frith Donna Cohn Dorothy Holderness Vee Simmons Pat Corydon Dick Heath KING-QUEEN STAFF Nona Uhrich, Editor Pat Mullen Phyllis Gillkison Barbara Adams SPORTS STAFF Jack Anderson, Editor Harry Myers Pete HartsufE Dale Williams Robert Davis Hubert Weinshienk Earl Honnen Jack Wilson Bill Hamner Bob Killifer Jim Armatas Rick Sanborn Bob Moberly Yvonne Burkctt Pat Hayden Molly Kay Williams PAC ESETTER STAFF Mary Brown Al Kahre Ann Cummings Carolyn Lindseth Cynthia Skelton Joan Wallerius Ruthie Morris Kay Antoine Sue Connors INDEX STAFF Ray McDonald. Editor Paul Rademacher Betty Cornelius Cramer Jenkins Ben Brown Joan Dunham Judy Emch Karl Larson Carol Lee Piepho Margaret Smith BUSINESS STAFF COLLECTIONS STAFF Carl Racey, manager (fall) Pat McGarry, manager (winter) Luigi Home, Assistant ma.iager Karen Fox Peggy Howell Barbara Roweneck Louise Wiseman OFFICE STAFF Russ Pugh, manager Marilyn Burket Sherry Fisher Sally Gaines Barbara Giesler Miriam Habel Annabelle Holick Dawna Horner Carole Humphrey Sally Joyce Virginia Naused Mary Lou Perrenoud Evelyn Pishny Diana Robbins Nancy Smith Nancy Stroud . JoAnn Thomson Nancy Trowell Nancy Van Nostrand Mary Vela Alice Wells PUBLICITY STAFF Jim Smith, manager (fall) Bill Carpenter, manager (winter) Henry Mulvihill, assistant manager Bettie Baker Joyce Berry Alex Bowie Cathy de la Roza John A. Montaque Florence Northcutt Ruth Whyte SALES STAFF Ted Shestak, manager Bill Moore, assistant manager Nancy Brummitt Mary Cushner Jo Ann Ellis Tammy Fisher Beverly Gourly Becky Hartley Fred Hills Gail Hunter Jo Ann Jackson Margaret Johnson Paula Leland Pat Laversky Joan Laucomer Marilyn Mayes Patty Meyer Betty Lou Morgan G ven Names Bill Payne Carl Peterson Sie Pomeroy Joan Powers Barbara Quam Mary Ann Rasmussen Irv Rios Tom Ruegg Ronny Schelling Carolyn Schum Barbara Sittig Bea Smoot Mary Gwen Thomas Jane Thompson Jan Whitney Jon Wilcox Jo Ann Winans 415 416 Or. 9 ctnizulionS hi Jj ndex Acacia, 342 Alpha Chi Ome a, 844 Alpha Chi Sigrma. 276 Alpha Delta Pi. 346 Alpha Delta Sigma, 277 Alpha Delta Theta. 278 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 279 Alpha Kappa Fsi, 280 Alpha Omicron Pi, 848 Alpha Phi, 352 Alpha Phi Omega, 230 Alpha Sigma Phi, 350 Alpha Tau Omega, 354 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 228 American Institute of Electrical Engineers — Institute of Radio Engineers, 229 American Society of Civil Engineers, 232 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 233 Architectural Forum, 231 Army R.O.T.C., 114, 115 Associated Students of the University of Colorado, 32 Associated Women Students. 34 B Beta Gamma Sigma, 302 Beta Sigma Tau. 356 Beta Theta Pi. 358 Board of Publications, 36 Buff Pep Club, 268 Buffalo Ski Club, 263 Calico and Boots, 234 Campus Club. 280 Canterbury Club, 235 C Book. 236 Chi Epsilon. 281 Chi Omega. 360 Chi Psi. 362 Coloradan. 176 Colorado Engineer. 180 Combined Engineers, 39 Cosmopolitan Club. 238 Delta Delta Delta. 364 Delta Gamma. 366 Delta Sigma Phi, 368 Delta Sigma Pi, 282 Equestrian Club. 240 Eta Kappa Nu, 283 Foreign Relief Activities. 241 Future Teachers Association, 242 H Heart and Dagger, 45 Hesperia, 83 Hiking Club, 243 Hillel Foundation, 244 Home Economics Club, 246 Honors Union 254 Hui O ' Hawaii, 247 I Ice Hockey, 246 Independent Students Association, 249 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 248 Inter-fraternity Council, 341 International Relations Club, 250 Iota Sigma Pi, 304 Japanese Kenkyu Club, 251 Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, 108 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 372 Kappa Delta, 374 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 376 Kappa Kappa Psi, 285 Kappa Phi, 252 Kappa Sigma, 378 L Lambda Chi Alpha. 380 Legal Aid Clinic, 253 M Modem Choir. 198 Mortar Board, 44 N Navy R.O.T.C, Newman Club. Orchesis, 256 . 112 255 P 340 Panhellenic Council. Pentagon Club. 257 Phi Alpha Delta. 286 Phi Beta Kappa. 287 Phi Delta Phi, 288 Phi Delta Theta. 384 Phi Epsilon Phi. 95 Phi Gamma Delta. 382 Phi Kappa Psi, 386 Phi Kappa Tau. 388 Phi Lambda Upsilon, 289 Phi Mu Alpha. 290 Phi Sigma Delta. 390 Physics Club, 269 Pi Beta Phi, 392 Pi Kappa Alpha, 894 Pi Lambda Theta. 291 Pi Mu Epsilon. 292 Pi Tau Sigma. 293 Flayers Club. 260 Porpoise. 261 Bho Chi. 294 Rocky Mountain Law Review. 183 Roger Williams Fellowship. 262 s Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 396 Sigma Alpha Iota, 295 Sigma Chi, 398 Sigma Delta Tau, 400 Sigma Epsilon Sigma. 297 Sigma Nu, 402 Sigma Phi Epsilon. 404 Sigma Pi Sigma, 296 Sigma Tau. 298 Silver and Gold. 178 Speakers Congress. 184 Spur, 94 Star and Sextant. 299 Student Bar Association. Ill Sumalia, 82 Tau Beta Pi. 300 Tau Beta Sigma. 301 Tau Kappa Epsilon. 406 Theta Upsilon. 414 Theta Xi. 408 u University Choir. 193 University Men ' s Glee Club, 254 University of Colorado Marching Bands, 191 University Orchestra, 192 University Women ' s Club, 264 Viking Club, 266 w Wesley Foundation, 268 Westminster Fellowship, 269 W omen ' s Athletic Association, 267 Women ' s Physical Education Major Club, 270 Y Young Women ' s Christian Association, 271 Zeta Beta Tau, 410 Zeta Tau Alpha, 412 3 CICU tlu Jy ndi Allen, Aubrey, Physical Education, Trainer, 128 Allen, Janet, Instructor in Speech, 262 Anderson, Beth. Senior Secretary, Pharmacy, 273 B Ball. Mary Ethel, Sean of Women, 34, 26. 83. 264 Bascom. Frances. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women. 234 Berg. William. Professor of Law. Ill Borland. Helen B., Associate Professor of Business Education, 302, 303 Britten. Jack R., Professor of English, Mathematics, 292 Britton, Janie, Assistant Chemistry, 304 c Carlson, Harry O., Dean of Men, Head of Physical Education for Men, 26, 127, 129. 195 Chautman, Arnold, Instructor Theory in Music, 254 Clifton, William C, M Sgt., Instructor Army ROTC, 30 Cross, Arthur C, Director of Extension Division. Associate Professor of Physical Education, 29 Curry, Tinton S., Assistant Biology, 302 D Professor of Law, Associate Professor of DeMuth, Laurence 111, 253 Deschere, Allen R., «„,.u, 4 Mechanical Engineering, 800 DeSouchet, William 0.. Associate Professor of Law, 111 Dobbens, George S., Associate Professor of Engineering Drawing, 234 Douglass. Harl E.. Director Professor of Education, 27 Duncan, Albert K., Sgt. 1st Class Sgt. Maj. ROTC, 30 Dunham, Rowland W., Dean of the College of Music, 27 E Eckel. Clarence L., Dean of the College of English, 27 F Franklin, Walter B., Profeiior of Business Law, 802 Franscona, Joseph L., Associate Prof«aior of Business Law, 204 Fullerton, Greer G., Profeitor of Accounting, 802 Galland, Benjamin S.. Professor of Law, 111 Geer. Richard W., LCDR(SC) Assistant Professor of Naval Science, 81 Gentry, Eugene, Assistant Football Coach, Physical Education for Men, 128, 129 Gless, G. E., Assistant Professor, 288 Griest. John M., Associate Professor of Finance, 36 H Hahn, C. L,, Colonel CE Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 30 Hawk, Harold W., Assistant Professor of English, 36 Hicks. H. J.. Sports Editor. 127 Hill, Ellen, Administrative Secretary, Alumni Relation, 41 HoUoway, John P. Mrs.. Social Director, Upperclass Women ' s Residence Halls, 316 Houston, Clifford, Dean of Students, Advisor to Foreign Students, Director of Summer Quarter, 26, 195 I Irey, Charlotte Mrs.. Instructor, Physical Education Women, 284, 256 Isaak, R. D.. Instructor, Electrical Engineering, 800 Jenkins. Ray, Wrestling Coach, Physical Education Men, 140, 160 Jones, Horace, Professor of Music, 192 K Kendrick, Hazen W., Professor of Accounting, 302 Kengle, Lansford F., Captain CE, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 30 King. Edward C. Dean and Professor of Law, 27, 111, 195 L Lam, W. C, Business Manager of Athletiea Physical Education Men, 127, 129 La Rue, Joy, Secretary, Business School, 808 Lee, H. B., Basketball Coaoh, Physical Education Men, 141 Little, J. R., Director of Admissions and Records, 26 Loughran, Henrietta A. Mrs., Dean and Professor of Nursing, 28, 195 Lovelace, Walter B., Editor, Alomnas, News Bureau, 41 Lynn, George, Visiting Lecturer Music. 193 Mc McMillen. Hugh E., Associate Professor Brass. 191, 285 M Martz, Clyde 0., Faculty Advisor Legal Aid Clinic, Associate Professor of Law, 111, 249, 253 Mehl, Marie A., Assistant Professor of Education, 291 Menard, Albert, Associate Professor of Law. Ill Merrill, Leslie, Instructor of Fins Arts. 324 Miller, Arthur, Business Manager, Student Health Service, 302 Moore, Henry B., Director. Business Research, Professor of Marketing. 302 N Nehring. Vineta Mrs,, Social Director. Upperclass Women ' s Residence Halls, 315 Niehaus. Fred R., Professor of Finance, 302 Park, Joseph D.. Associate Professor of Chemistry, 247 Farmelee, Paul, Assistant Professor of Piano, 290 Pearson, S. I,, Assistant Professor EE. 229 Penfold. Kenneth C, Director of Alumni Relations, 41, 195 Petersen, Elmore, Dean of School of Business, 28, 37, 302 Platts, Grace Mrs., 291 Poe, Charles F., Dean of Pharmacy. Professor of Chemistry. 28, 209, 279, 294 Potts, Frank, Track Coach, Physical Education Men, 159 Prentup, F. B., Basketball Coach, Physical Education Men, 128 R Rackham, Eric N., Assistant Dean, Arts and Science, 36 Raeder, Warren, Head Civil Engineering, 281 Bobbins, Leslie F., Purchasing Agent, 802 Sammons, Robert J., Lt. USN, Assistant Professor of Naval Science, 81 Schmidt, Martin F,, Professor of Management. 302 Scott, Austin W., Associate Professor of Law, 286 Sears. Don W., Assistant Professor of Law, 111 Seeber, Norton C, Instructor of Marketing, 302 Smith. Gerald L., Lt. JG, UNSR, Assistant Professor of Naval Science, 31 Staples, Betty, Instructor of Women ' s Physical Education, 270 Stearns, Robert L,, President. 20 Stelmach, Stanley, Janitor B G. 302 Stevens, George E., Sergeant First Class, Instructor of ROTC, 30 Stinton, John E., Instructor of Finance, 302 Street, John P.. Instructor of Pharmacy 108 Swanson, Harry R., Lt., Cmdr., Assistant Professor NS T, 31 Swisher, Earl. Associate Professor of History, 251 Thompson. Warren O.. Head and Professor of Geology, 127 Twombly. J. C. Instructor of Electrical Engineering, 234 Van Ek, Jacob, Dean and Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, 29 Voight, Alvin H,. Instructor of Chemistry, 108 W Waldrop, A. Gayle, Professor and Director. College of Journalism, 29. 36 Walseth. R. M., Director of Men ' s Intramurals. Men ' s Physical Education. 151 Walz, Frank C, Professor of Physics, 269 Ward, Dallas, Head Football Coach, Men ' s Physical Education. 128 Ware, Lisle T., Director of Student Activities, 195 Wasley, Robert S., Assistant Professor of Accounting, 802 Wells. Marshall, Assistant Football Coach, Men ' s Physical Education. 129 Westermeier, Therese S. Mrs., Assistant Professor of German, 265 Witt. Norman F., Professor of Chemistry, Pre-Med Advisor. 279 Worcester. P. G., Dean o " Graduate School. Professor of Geology, 29 iudent Jj ndex 417 £92 411 Abaunza, Carolyn M.. 92 Abbott. Hugh B.. 269, 380 Abclt. Ralph W., 80. 273, 282, 384 Abenheimer. Frances, 318 Abenstcin. Robert, 111 Abrams. Gerald E., 333. 398 Achtenhagen. Stephen H., 46, 233. 292. 298. 342 Acker, Karl F., 238, 332 Acker. Jean L.. 316 Acsell, Raymond P,, 46 Acsell. Robert L,. 168, 396 Adair, Edwin L.. 279 Adamo. Charles A,. 46. 228 Adams, Audrey A., 100 Adams. Barbara J., 366 Adams. Charles L.. 46 Adams, John R.. 330 Adams. Mariiyn. 319 Adams. Raymond K.. 46. Adams. Shirley L., 270 Adams, Susan B.. 310. 393 Adamson, John H.. 282 Adelstein. Stanford M,, Adler. Margaret J., 366 Adler, Sidney K., Ill Aguilar, Jose A,, 100 Ahearn, Maralyn A.. 366 Aikin. Donald L,. 80, 264 Ailinger, Wanda L.. 46. 274. 316 Aiu, Joseph K., 331 Akers, Byron L., 157, 264, 3E4 Akoy. Donald E., 46, 229, 300 Alberson, Judith L., 92, 94. 346 Albert. Harriet S.. 178 Albert. Richard, 280 Albertson. Robert D., 46 Albrecht, Paul F,. 283 Albrecht, Phyllis M.. 46. 92. 312 Alexander. Carol D.. 313 Alexander. Clifton L., 46 Alexander. Gloria J., ?34. 360 Alexander. John P.. 342 Alexander. John F., 92 Alexander, Mary A.. 80. 373 Alexander, Thomas J,. 46. 266. 334 Alexander, William R.. 288. 3- 8 Alfred. Barbara L.. 100, 314. 374 Al. Kadhim, N., 238 Allen, Barbara B,, 312 Allen, Clarence O., 306, 368 Allen, Cooleen, 92, 252, 264 Allen, Elizabeth L,, 44, 46. 291 Allen. Hubert N.. 330 Allen. Jack W.. 92, 396 Allen, Laverne D., 193, 286 Allen, Len W,, 280 Allen, Margot B.. 100. 311. 393 Allen. Norman T.. 46. 402 Allen, Patricia. 92. 94 Allen. Robert V., 100, 354 Allen, Roger C, 266 Allen, Samuel B,, 46, 317 Allen, Wayne F., 46, 380 Allen, William C, 80. 129, 130, 405 Allison, Irene D., 46, 256, 267 Al Jaberi, Abdul A,. 46 Allott. Leonard S.. 46. 328 Aim. Gerald V., 266 Almquist Lo R.. 46 Altherr, Joan M.. 100. 348 Altick. Sara L.. 312. 366 Aluise. Mary J., 318 Alvey. Alice L.. 312 Alward. Marcella J,, 92, 346 Amaya, John. 141. 149. 327. 333 Amberg, Loel S., 46, 303, 392 Ambler. Barbara, 316 Ambler, Robert S,, 92, 384 Ambrose, Nicholas A.. 100. Amen. Charles R.. 80. 342 Ament. Marjorie A.. 318 Amonette, Edward L,, 3 300 Anderson, Arlene C, 100, 313 Anderson, Barbara J,, 346 Anderson, Barbara J., 92 Anderson. Cather ine G., 100. 240, 314 Anderson, Christopher M., 368 Anderson, Elaine R., 313. 392 Anderson. Elmer C. 46. 402 Anderson. Frederic, E., 364 Anderson, Frederick O.. 362 Anderson, Gladys M.. 413 Anderson. Irving 0.. 46. 333 Anderson. Jack K.. 80. 165. 176. 236. 37 Anderson, James D., 92, 108 Anderson, Jill. 100, 312, 366 Anderson, John E,, 100, 335. 368 Anderson, Lorcn L., 262 Anderson, Marilyn J., 80, 266. 412 Anderson, Marilyn M., 80. 360 Anderson. Marjorie L.. 92. 392 Anderson. Marlys J., 314, 344 Anderson, Nancy S., 36, 80. 83. 176. 322 Anderson, Orville G., 388 Anderson, Patricia A., 92. 344 Andsron. Richard L.. 46 Anderson, Ward L.. 246. 350 Anderson. Wilbert W., 331 Andes. Delores M.. 100, 311 Andrews, Elizabeth A,. 92, 412 Gerald L., 46, 396 James B., 388 John W., 46 Judith C, 314 Salvatore G., 408 Anema, Peter J.. 332 Angel. Roland L., 243 Angevine, Jack M,, 234, 342 Angove, Rodney W., 178, 193 293. 404 46. 180. 229. 283. Andrews, Andrews, Andrews Andrews, Andriola, Anisman. Alipa R.. 320 Ansdell. Carolyn A,. 318 Antani. Amrishray H,, 46. 232. 238 Antista. Bart A.. 46. 229. 266. 263. 300. 335 Anton. Katherine. 392 Antonelli. Philip D., Ill Antosh, Edward B,, 288 Apel, Philip T,, 334 Apodaca, Elvie, Jr.. 266, 334 Apodaca, Ronald R.. 46. 234, 266, 326 Apple, Ina L.. 92. 264. 318 Appleton, Bavid T., 46 Appleton, Martha J.. 92 Archer, Alice H., 46 Archer, Carol A., 344 Archer, Fred C, 46, 233 Ardoin, Amos L,, 108 Ardourel, Joe B.. 92, 398 Arduescr, Gloria A., 92, 108, 318 Arendrup, Herluf. 168. 185 Argall. Anna E., 34, 44, 46, 47, 196 Armatas. James P., 60, 80, 141, 154, 236, 358 Armstrong, Alice A,, 100, 313, 413 Armstrong, Gladys M,, 352 Armstrong, Nancy J,, 100, 314 Armstrong, Richard R,. 264 Arnold, Baxter, 111, 263. 286 Arnold, Harry H., 80, 156, 341, 470 Arnold, Hugh H.. Ill, 288. 299 Arnold. Joan. 372 Aronson. Haskell H.. 411 Arrington. James R.. 80 Artemis. George S.. 160 Arterburn. Larry E.. 80. 280. 342 Aschieris. Anniece E.. 252. 318 Ash. Ann. 100. 318. 376 Ashford. Lawrence J.. 330 Ashford. Mary C. 46, 376 Ashford. Stephen J., 266 Ashlock. Robert H.. 354 Ashton, Ralph W.. 46, 242, 266 Askew. James C, 264, 326. 328 Aspinwall. Richard C. 100, 332 Atanasoff, Joanne C. 92. 126 224 360 Atha. William H,. 402 Atkinson. Peggy A.. 92. 412 Atwater. Joan. 340, 362 Auerbach, Jack W., 100 Aufderheide, Mary L,. 34, 44. 46. 267 372 Augustin, Elmer A.. 331 Austin. Edwin A.. 100. 268. 234 Autrey. Bonnie L., 122 Axell. Richard A.. 264, 268. 281. 298. 300 341. 398 B Baar s. Ralph E.. 46, 289. 300 Babb. Mary J,. 92 Babcock. Joanne L.. 100. 311. 360 Babcock. Sally A., 362 Babovich, Mildred G.. 46 Bacal. Martin H.. 100, 333 Bach, Barbara L,, 80. 322. 412 Backlund. Merle C. 92. 868 Bacon, Beatrice L., 46, 122, 238, 268 Bacon. Herbert L., 46, 370 Bacon, Milton E., 46, 358 Bacon, Patricia L.. 100. 311 Badeker. Roger W.. 140 Baden. Gerald M.. 100. 386 Bael. Martin B.. 273, 293, 298, 410, 411 Bahrami, Hassan, 332 Bailar, John C, 279. 406 Bailey, Gordon A., 333 Bailey. Mary E., 316 Bailey, Thomas E.. 39. 46. 298. 300. 332 Bailie. Judith D.. 100 Bain. Mary E.. 46. 352 Baird. Barbara. 92 Baird. Jo Ann, 291 Baird, Robert A,, 92 Baird, Walter R,, 46 Baker, Barbara J,, 392 Baker, Bettie L., 92, 321, 366 Baker, Chester E,, 330 Baker, Curtis H., 46. 229, 232, 268 Baker. Joan E., 46, 316 Baker, Keefe L., 80 Baker, Melvin L., 80, 283 Baker, Robert L,, 304 Baker, Stanley B., 108, 109, 294 Baker, Thomas C, 326, 328 Baker. W.. 31 Baldwin, Bonnie M., 92, 317 Baldwin, Dorothy L., 100, 314 Ball, Joseph A.. 330 Ball. Keith 0.. 330 Ball, Mary M,, 323 Ballinger. Dale 0.. 46 Balsells. Peter J.. 330 Baltes. Rita G.. 36, 310 Bancroft. John H., 100, 404 Bangerd, Jimmie P.. 108, 356 Banks. Barbara F., 270 Banks. Chester C, 46, 337 Bankson. Doris E., 40, 249 Barbee, Frank E., 80 Bardwell. Patricia A., 100. 311. 366 Barger, Mary E., 231. 317 Barglow, Pete, 80 Barker, Barbara V.. 321. 364 Barker. Judy A., 362 Barker, Paul H., 46, 394 Barker, Tom H., 396 Barkley, Barbara L., 92, 100, 252, 268, 346 Barkley. Evelyn B.. 348 Barnard, Duane L., Ill Barnard, Robert N., 46 Barnes, Billy J., 80, 108 Barnes, Edna L., 315 Barnes, Jack D., 80, 331, 386 Barnes, William A„ 328 Barnhart, Barbara A. . 100, 811 Barnhart, Teddy, 328 Barnhill. Kenneth £., Ill Barnhizer, Dorothy L.. 46 Barnum. Marjory M.. 46, 246, 316 Barnum, Mary A.. 46. 316. 246 Barr, Genevieve G., 238. 262. 268 Barr. Marian I.. 238. 246. 252. 268 Barrett, Michael H.. 328. 389 Barrett, Sheila G.. 122. 316 Barrett. Warren M., 248 Barringer. Arlie L.. 262. 328 Barrows. Eugene C. 268. 296 Barry, Virginia A,, 46, 352 Bartheld. Joan C. 180. 248. 293 Bartling, Mebus. 80, 384 Barton, Jane, 100, 312 Bartow, Jack S., 286 Bartz, Dale E., 108 Bashford, Bruce E., 46. 285. 328 Bashford. Walter E.. 285 Basich, Lorraine K.. 261 Bassett. Joann Z., 46. 270 Bassett. Phyllis E.. 92 Bassow, Joanne B.. 320 Bateman. Beth A.. 100. 360 Bates. Donna L.. 313 Batschelet, Beverley J.. 83. 256, 270, 3( Battey, Galen B.. 396 Bauder. Don W.. 336 Bauer, Richard J.. 299. 370 Baughman. Keith G.. 333 Baum, John. 33? Baum, Marilyn A.. 80 Eaumgartner, Ponald D,, 330 Baumgartner. Jerold C, 162. 396 Bayer, James T.. Ill Beach, Prescott, 46, 366 Beals. Eddie Roy R,. 46. 290, 332, 354 Beaman, Carroll D.. 92 Beard. Robert M., 184 Bearden, John N., 46, 370 Bearden, Sally. 92. 321 Bearden, Sue, 321, 376 Beattie. Charles G,, 334 Beatty, Richard L.. 254 P.eatty, Richard W.. 254, 330 Beausang, Bernard 0., 46, 302 Beauvais. Lester L.. 46 Beck, Glenn A.. 80. 299. 404 Becker, Cornelia, 100, 348 Becker, Richard A., 378 Becktell, Marvin J., 233 Beckwith, John M,, 235 Beede, Wayne E,, 48 Beehler, Mary E., 48. 346 Beeley, Patricia M,, 393 Beer, Dorothy L.. 100, 372 Behling, Susan M.. 92. 317 Beise. C. J., 41 Bekins, Donald M.. 92. 402 Bekins, Nancy J.. 48. 376 Belisle. Arden D., 269 Bell, Bruce G.. 100. 330, 331 Bell, Gary B,. 331 Bell. Ervin J.. 281 Bell, Margaret J., 46 Bell. Nancy J., 318 Bell. Raymond C. 283. 298. 300. 328 Bell, Robert H., 91. 370 Bellor. K, E,, 31 Belous. Diane. 312 Bendar, Jack A.. 92. 394 Bender, Ray W., 48, 248. 293. 298. 380 Benner, Joan L.. 100. 310. 392 Bennett, Barbara J.. 100. 412 Bennett. Bette J., 48. 316 Bennett. Gerald W.. Ill Bennett, Joseph D.. 232. 332. 408 Bennett, Orville N., 48 Bennett, Robert M., 286 Bennett, Robert W., Ill, 263 Bennett, William E., 100. 329. 398 Bennington, Viola J., 311 Benson. Bertil A,. 80. 254. 368 Benson. Burtis R., 182, 248 Benton. Field C, 111. 263, 288 Benway, Edgar L,, 48 Benway, Patience E., 269 Benzel. Herbert J., 48, 378 Berens. Margaret L., 312 Berg. Charlotte J.. 238. 274 Berg. Theodore M., 299 Berge, Bonnie A., 48. 328 Bergendoff. Raymond C. 48. 230. 232 Berger. Elsie E.. 316 Berger, Georganna B.. 304 Berger. Hugh E.. 48. 162, 236, 408 Berger, Jerry J., 49, 82. 282, 388, 408 Berger. Laura M.. 258. 366 Bergerman, Carole L., 320 Bergeson. Donald E,, 328 Berggren. Donald C, 193 Berggren, Viola L,, 48, 392 Bergheim. Joe H.. 80. 126 Berghoff. Lewis W., 331 Berglund, Bryan N.. 384 Bergman, Burton S.. 330 Bergman. John E.. 48, 228 Bergman. Ralph A., 288, 276 Bergman, David N.. 390 Berman. Victor M., 91, 238, 243. 335 Berndt. Ema C, 100, 122 Berndt, Ruth A., 92, 122 Bernick, Richard J,. 45. Ill, 196 Bernstein, Geraldine. 313 Bernstein, Marlene B., 311, 400 Bernstein. Carol J.. 312 Berry. James L.. 48. 162. 389 Berry, Jerry L., 162, 389 Berry, Joyce C, 92, 318 Berry, Verne P., 48 Best, Donald J., 335 Best, Thomas E,, 894 Betthauser, Joseph L,, 48, 389 Betzer. Robert E., 330 Bever, Elmer D.. 330 Bever. Lloyd J., 48, 279 Bickley, Charles T., 232 Bickmore, Helen J,, 100, 311, 364 Biel, Shirley L,, 94, 374 Biefand. Floyd J., 92, 368 Bierbaum, William S,, 181, 289, 398 Bierman, Marilyn H,, 813 Blester, Albert H,, 92, 408 Bigin, Charles, 80, 256 Bilger, Donald E,, 282 Billeter, Beverly J., 872 Billig, Suzanne H., 92, 852 Billings, A. Martin, 80, 878 Binder, Ivo G.. Ill Binger, Patricia A., 818 Bingham, Margaret I., 269 Bingham, Richard L., 48. 342 Bird, Jacqueline R., 366 Birk, Sue. 83. 268 Birkness. Margaret L.. 92, 360 Birnbaum, Henry, 260 Bishop, Frederick J., 92, 338 Bishop, Glick U.. 80, 386 Bittle, Ray F., 92 Black. Dale W.. 384 Black. Florence E., 100, 265, 270, 311 Black, Ralph, 868 Black, Robert A.. 92, 335, 394 Black Stanley A., 48, 82. 46. 162. 162, 236 B ackburn, Antionette, 80, 340 345 Blackburn, Darrell C. 285 Blacker. Patricia A.. 346 Blackwell, Patricia L.. 100, 312. 360 Blaha, James A.. 161 Blaine. Linda L., 819 Blair, Clarence E., 80 Blake, Anna M., 80 Blake. James H.. 80. 254 Blake, Robert E., 100, 404 Blanchard, David B.. 100. 834 870 Blanc. Robert, 410 Blanke, Dolores B.. 80. 178 Blatchford. Laurence H.. 898 Blaufarb. Gerard A., 48 Blixt, Robert E., 262 Bloch, Nancy L., 100. 314 Blodgett, Joan E., 100 Bloeser Patricia A., 48, 315 Blom. Kenneth M, , 232 Blood. Marilyn J,, 80, 374 Bloom, Thomas F.. 298 Bloiom, Marguerite D.. 819 Bluestone. Henry, 41 Bock, Tom, 165 Bocovioh, Frank J,, 299 Bodholdt, Bette, 178, 813 Boehm, Evelyn A,, 80, 848 Boerner, Robert E., 282 862 l„°!!l?°n;. ? ' ' ' ' i " • ' ■• 2- 261, 318, 360 Bogard, Charles F,, 408 Boggio, Natalie C. 100. 266. 311 Boggs. Robert G., 80, 230, 341 386 Bohmflak, Barbara C. 304 Bokares. Katherine M.. 317 Bolinger, Barbara A.. 100. 184 318 Bolinger. Elizabeth A., 48. 252 Bolln. John J,. 48, 228 Bolt, Ross M,. 92, 404 Bolyard. Dudley W.. 92 Bolyard. Stephen G.. 48, 398 Bomash. Babette J., 400 Bond. John A., 48. 108. 331 Bond, Thomas G.. 100. 380 Bondus. Kay L.. 48. 261. 372 Bennett, Ronald W.. 234 Booker. Geraldine M., 92, 310 Boone, John P.. 299 Booth. Cynthia C, 100, 364 Booth, Shirley J., 80 Boothby, Janene C, 94, 295, 346 Boothe, Alvan W., 100, 334 Boratgis, James P., 238 Borbas, Laszlo, 804 Borders, Wava J., 820, 860 Borland, Oonal W,, 180, 288, 291 Borst, Susanne E,, 872 Borzym, Donald B,, 140 Bosch, Lois E,, 100, 348 Bosin, Edmund E,, 48 Bosley, Richard D,, 48, 389 Boteler, Nancy C. 92. 846 Boughter. Barbara J., 360 Bouma, Janet L,, 810 Bourg, Marie E., 265, 378 Bousman, Mary A., 44. 48, 316 Bovard, Mary K.. 811 Bowden. Leonard W,, 389 Bowie, Katherine L.. 317, 348 Bowie, Margot, 100, 319 Bowman, Bernadetta. 48, 376 Bowman, Herbert E.. 48 Bowman. Ralph R.. 108, 109. 48 Bowman, Richard D,. 854 Bowman. Robert A.. 398 Bowman. Robert W., 294, 896 Boxer, Shirley A., 100 Boye, Harlan R., 92 Boyer, George R.. 140. 332 Bozarth. Jack M., 277 Brackett, William E., 232 Bradbury, Robert M., 388 Bradley, Gene K., 48 Bradley Whitney A,, 303, 327, 832 Bradshaw, Athelda A., 100, 318 Brady, Joseph J., 268 Brady, Margaret A. , 92. 344 Brady, Suzanne, 48, 256, 872 Bragg, Edgar A,, 48 Braid, Donald J., 335 Brakewood, Richard H., 140 418 student ndex Brakke, Leonard L., 48 Branby, Donald J., 129, 136. 141, 143, 147 Brand. Vance C, 92, 402 Brandner, H. Joan. 48 Brannan. Peggy L.. 92. 94 Erase. Viola E., 242, 310 Brasel. Kobert J.. 232 Brassea, Berna J., 80, 242, 255, 315 Braudaway, David W.. 332 Bray. Avis E., 48 Bray, Benjamin E., 242 Bray, Keith R., 358 Bray, Keyvie. 111. 249 Brayton. William E.. 228 Breetwor. Helen F., 321 Breggin. Arnold H.. 240 Breidenbach. Barbara A.. 92. 318 Breitenstein. Sarah A.. 352 Brekke. Arne. 238 Bremer. Robert E., 248 Brennan, R, James, 48, 152, 159, 255. 378 Brcnnen. William E.. 334 Brewbaker. Ann. 344 Brewer. George F.. 163 Brewer. Raymond H.. 354 Brichaoek. Agnes E.. 318 Brickman. Barbara J., 172. 261. 366 Brictson. Robert C. 394 Bridwell. Mary A., 92, 318 Briggs, Jerry A., 92, 364 Briggs. Nola F.. 262. 316 Bright. Philip V.. 80. 178. 299. 306 Bright. Robert Y.. 380 Bright. Samuel D., 256. 380 Brindley. Thomas A.. 402 Brinkaus. Richard P.. 332 Bristow. Alice L.. 48. 250 Britton. Leslie L.. Ill Broaddus, Marilyn, 270, 310 Broberg, Carl M., 80. 332, 389 Brock, James W., ?35 Brock, Mary E., 100, 310, 393 Brock. Maurice R., 303 Brockman, Daniel R., 108 Broderson, Neil L.. 162 Brodine, Stephen W.. 80. 378 Erokaw. William H.. 48 Broman. Ronald L.. 396 Brook. Thomas B., 330 Brooks, Barbara A., 48, 362 Brooks, Beverly J,, 261, 264, 270 Brooks, Clair W,, 80. 180. 398 Brooks. James E.. 299 Brookshier. Thomas J.. 137, 129. 382 Broosia. Carl W.. 389 Brothers. William S.. 108, 109. 294 Brough, Ann L., 100. 270 Brown. Allen W.. 336 Brown. Alta M.. 48. 303 Brown. Barbara A.. 48. 31S Brown. Barbara S.. 100. 313 Brown. Ben F.. 262 Brown. Betty B.. 319 Brown. Betty J.. 315 Brown, Bondi W.. 100. 140. 332. 398 Brown. Bruce R.. 8?. 162. 236. 878 Brown. Cloyde I.. 3?8 Brown. Forrest H., 248, 269 Brown, Frank F,. 48 Brown. Frank 0.. 380 Brown. Gale E.. 80. 404 Brown. Gene C. 48, 282 Brown, Harvey A.. ?89 Brown. James S.. 396 Brown. John S.. 334 Brown. Joseph B.. 48 Brown. Lynette A.. 313. 374 Brown. Marcia A.. 80 Brown Margaret A.. ?0 Brown, Mary E.. 30. 80. 83. 264 Prown Mary J.. 48 Brown. Mary L.. 48, 269 317 Brown, Patricia A., 80 Brown, Patricia M.. 48. 317, 360 Brown. Richard N., 100. 384 Brown, Robert C 48. 324 Brown. Robert S.. 302 Brown, Robert W,, 100, 328 Brown. Ronald M.. 48. 268 Brown. Ruth P.. 35. 313. 314 Brown. Thomas S., 193, 394 Brown. Wallace H.. 48, 246 Browne, John T.. 394 Brownell. Edith M.. 92. 240. 270 Browning. Frederick P.. 400 Brows. Fred. 108 Bruce. Elaine W.. 122 Bruin, James L.. 111. 288 Brummitt. Charles D,, 48, 176, 378 Brummitt. Nancy D., 100, 376 Brunelli, Carol J,, 48 Bruning, Ann H., 100, 310, 344 Brunk. Shirley M., 48 Bruski, Chester F,, 48, 232 Eryans, Richard W,, 362 Bryant, Carroll D,, 389 Brymer. Robert L.. 140 Brynestad. John S.. 60. 129. 384 Buchanan. Barbara J.. 100. 314 346 Buchanan. James W. . 60 Buchanan. James T.. 285 Buchanan. Robert H.. 111. 286 Buchholz. Mary L.. 92. 352 Buck. Patricia J., 303, 317 Buckland, John M.. 100 Euchnam. Dale B.. 92. 394 Bueler. Barbara J.. 317 Buettner, Ruth H.. 50 Bull. William B.. 386 Bullard, Robert B,, 335 Bumgarner, Frank E.. 279 Bu-idy. Constance L.. 321 Bunn. Marilyn J.. 318 144. Burgener. Wilma E.. 50. 318 Burgeson. Ernest H., 50 Burgess. E. M.. 41 Burgess, Shirley A,, 374 Burk. Betha J., 264 Burke, Carol, 314 Burke. Edward R.. 48. 162. 382 Burke. Helen M.. 360 Burket. Marilyn. 36. 261 Burkett. Cleta Y.. 80. 81. 83. 177, 267, 297 348 Burkhardt. William C. 80, 404 Burleson, Gorden J,, 248 Burnett, Duane L,, 231 Burnett, Wesley D., 179 Burnham, Billie B., 92, 94, 372 Burns, Gerald N., 92, 384 Burns, Robert L,. 358 Burns. Robert W.. 50 Burns. William A.. 248. 299 236. Burrell. Robert L.. 48, 231 Burridge. Richard M.. 402 P.urris. Barbara J.. 360 Burritt, Richard W.. 334 Burrow. Eldon R.. 50 Burrows. Leslie R.. 80. 406 Burruss. Edward C. 48, 342 Burt, Morton W.. 230. 286, 292. 296, 380 Burwell. Dean R., 140 Buschman, Robert G., 269 Bush, Ernest R.. 303. 327 P.ush, John E.. 398 Bussing. Charles E.. 332 Buswell, John D.. 262. 282. 330 Butala. Edward F.. 330 Butcher. Charles E., 394 Butler, Barbara J.. 360 Butler. Helen E.. 262 Butt. Jo Ann. 92. 94. 360 Butte. Feliz L.. 260. 330 Butterfield. Duane E.. 80, 380 Byers. Beverly J.. 313. 380 Byrd, Thomas G., 50. 229 Cadwell. Nancy L.. 392 Cady. Linda L.. 313 Caffrey, Lee J., 382 Cain. Marilyn J.. 100 Cain. Thomas F.. 140 Calkum. John F.. 279. 50 Call. William E.. 60 Callahan. Peggy A.. 346. 60 Callen, Virginia M.. 172 Callender, James M.. 92. 394 Calmer. Shirley M.. EO Cameron. Bruce M.. 280 Campbell. Anne K.. 242. 313. 60 Campbell. Carol E.. 311. 178. 376 Campbell. Carol G.. 318 Campbell, Carolyn S.. 80. 178. 179. 269. 323 Campbell. Ernest E.. 342 Campbell. Gene C. 335. 92 Campbell. George J.. 243 Campbell. Jean S.. 92. 372 Campbell. Joseph L.. 358 Campbell. Robert B.. 389 Campbell. Robert B,. 80. 332, 266 Campbell, Robert W,, 183 Campbell, Virginia L.. 60, 372 Candelaria, Arthur C. 336 Canfield. Hoy C. 232, 394 Cannatella, Carlo A,, 60 Cannon. June, 100. 310. 366 Cantrell. DoiaW B.. 108. 294. 109. 50 Card, John B.. 334 Carlil. Allan W.. 328 Carlin. FredeHc P.. 266. 268. 305. 66 Carlin. John M.. 233 Carlson. Joy E.. 60. 303. 374 Carlson. Phyllis A.. 315. 60 Carlson. Kobert E.. 382. 163. 236, 281, 50 Carlson, Buth J., 345 rarlto-i. Mary E.. 345. 92, 344 Carmichaol, Margaret A.. 318. 262 Carpenter. Carlisle H.. 100. 393. 310 Carpenter, Clarence S.. 238 Carpenter. Dean E.. 396. 60 Carpenter. Elizabeth G.. 393. 271. 392 Carpenter. Harry W.. 100. 329 Carpe ter, William H.. 362 Carrick. Paul E.. 382 Carroll. Dia- ' e R.. 393. 314 Carroll. Hein G.. 262. ?e8 Carroll. Patricia A.. 372, 50 Carroll, Pauline S,, 372 Carroll, Sandra A., 2, ' i2. ?68 Carroll. Thomas E.. 80. 255 Carrott. Carol S.. 317. 80 Carson, John P,, 111, 362 Carswell. Frances (?.. 303. 372 Carter. Elsie M.. 318. ?70 Carter. Ralph M.. 342. 50 Cartwright. Barbara L.. 100 Cartwright. Billie M.. 50 Casali. Liberty. 304 Case. William A.. 138, 129 Casey. Virginia A., 324. 304, 50 Cash. Serrah G.. 1 ' 2 Catalano. Eugene N.. 350 Catchur. Dorothy J.. 311 Cavender. Alice M.. 348 Cavender. Wayne S.. 303 Cawley. William C. 232 Cedrone. Gerard T.. 50 Ceucel. Elaine L.. 80. 193 Cerise. Samuel E.. 60 Cerveny. Carl A.. 398, 60 Chace. Constance F.. 316 Chaffee. Mary L.. 372 Chambers. Catherine C. 92, 94, 852 Chamblin, Gifford A,, 330 Champagne, Claire M., 92. 317 Champion. Roscoe L.. 81. 162. 332. 889 Chandos. Diane M.. 100. 313. 393. 270. 392 Chaney. Benjamin F.. 233, 60 Chaney. Paul W,, 328, 178 Chang, Robert H. K.. 111. 288 Chang. Yumon. 108, 247 Chao, Tsai T., 336 Chapa. Bertha A,, 260, 255 Chapin, Elouise F,, 36. 316. 34. 234. 50 Chapin. Leverett L.. 81. 370 Chapman, Alexander B.. 398 Chapman. Allen F.. 299. 113. 50 Chapman. Arthur D.. 100. 411. 410 Chapman. Eleanor A., 240, 314 Chapman, James P,, 411, 410 Chapman. John D.. 332. 389 Chapman. John M.. 108 Chapman, Nancy M., 340, 271, 360, 60 Chapman, Vernon R,. 81. 196. 394 Chappell. Calvin W.. 390 Chappell. Edward R.. 299 Chappelle. Byron L.. 394 Charles. Richard J.. 328 Charlesworth. Arthur K.. 334 Charvonia. David A., 82, 40, 50, 233. 45. 249. 266. 300. 298 Chase, Beatrice, 81 Chase, David M.. 269. 296. 300, 298, 332, 50 Chason, Joan D.. 100. 313. 178. 362 Chavez, Phillip A,, 81 Cheny, Glenn T,, 111 Cheney, Helen F,, 297 Chiafalo, Peter P., 255, 356 Chichester, Robert A,. 92 Childerston, Darrol V.. 60 Childress. James D.. 178. 308 Chilson. Hatfield. 41 Chilton. Kathryn W.. 242 Chilton. James E.. 100. 378 Chilton, Mark, 232, 364, 60 Cho, John, 111 Chocas, William. 92. 388. 389 Chong. Alma K.. 238. 247 317 Christensen. E. W.. 333 Christian. Burnes G.. 140. 329 Christian, Florence M., 100, 311 Christiansen, George G,, 32. 33 Christopher. Robert A.. 50. 292 Chuck. Edwin L.. 60. 231. 232. 262. 366 Chun. Hoon W.. 247. 326 Cimino. Francisco A.. 280 Civerolo. Joanne A.. 100. 122. 262. 318 Clardy. Lawrence L.. 50. 167. 378 Clark. Albert F.. 233. 298. 380 Clark. Byron L., 159 Clark. Charles R.. 335 Clark. Edward B.. 100. 394 Clark. Fred P.. 330 Clark. Jean M.. 100. 314. 316. 392. 393 Clark. Joanne. 32. 35. 44. 53. 316 Clark. John N.. 60. 280 Clark. Kenneth R.. 39. 332. 398 Clark. Lennie L., 50. 344. 346 Clark. Marion M.. 60. 100. 344 Clark. Marjorie A., 92. 317. 374 Clark. Mary E.. 92 Clark. Ralph M.. 82. 111. 253. 288 Clark. Randolph D.. 179 Clark. William H.. 193 Clarke. Janet A.. 44. 314 Class. Charles R.. 293. 331. 322 Classen. Melissa A.. 81. 392. 393 Clausen. Kathryn L., 360 Clauss. Donald A.. 36. 60. 66. 282. 302. 388. 389 Clave. Rosalee A.. 321. 364 Clay. Bill J.. 141. 146. 148. 149. 336 Claydon. Ellen E.. 304 dayman. Samuel W.. 327. 328 Clayton. Frances E.. 92. 366 Cleland. Yolanda K.. 92. 318 Clemenson, Jack D.. 230 Clement. William. 99 Clemens. Janis M.. 262 Clifford. Nathan J.. 50. 108. 109. 294, 368 Cloonan. Margaret L.. 303. 316 Clouse. Clifton E.. 262 Clow. Jean L.. 392, 393 Clowes, Elanor M,, 393 Clyman, Seymour C. 60, 184 Coad. Robert F., 396 Coate. Priacilla A.. 100. 268. 812 Cobb, Louise, 100, 310. 364 Coe. Wilma J.. 60 Coffin. Norma L.. 92. 246. 252. 264. 268 Coffman, Robert V,, 81, 404 Cogburn. Gwendolyn L.. 366 Cohen. Jerome M.. 390 Cohen, Matanoh, 81. 238 Cohen. Philip E.. 165 Cohen. Richard S.. 344. 411 Cohen. S. Phillip. 60. 390 Cohen. Roenna R.. 100. 244. 400 Cohen. Sally R.. 100. 182. 310 Cohn, Donna. 92. 400 Cole. Sally R.. 366 Coleman. Charles L.. 81. 394 Coleman. Sanford D.. 411 Coleman. Thomas D.. 330 Collins. Richard A.. 269 Collins. Susan M.. 352 Collipriest. Keith B.. 50. 230. 259, 296 Colton. Virginia W., 313. 366 Colvin. Charlotte A.. 92. 360 Colwill. Sally A., 311 Colyar. Alma J.. 268 Combs. Luther P.. 300 Comer. John D.. 129, 384 Conger, David B., 331 Conger, Delmar J., 122 Conklin, Janis A,, 81, 316 Conley, Patricia A,, 92, 344, 345 Connelly, Joseph G.. 60, 331 Conner, La Dorna A,, 100, 313, 412 Connes, Sue. 366 Connors. Helen R.. 270 Connors. Carolyn S.. 100, 318 Conrad, Elizabeth L,, 60, 274 Conrey, James R.. 299 Conway. Bruce B. . 81. 141. 150, 165. 394 Cook. Mary O.. 100. 310. 366 Cook. Monta J.. 60. 264. 269 Cook. Peter S.. 168 Cook. William F.. 81. 266. 334 Cooke. Betty L.. 318 Cooke. Jean C. 315 Cooley. Frank G.. 111. 253, 288, 324 Cooley, Jack S.. 37. 280 Cooley. James A.. 296. 333 Cooley. Joan C. 340. 372 Cooley. Ursel B., 184 Coombs. Charles P.. 402 Coon. Marian H.. 122 Coon. Marvin L.. 81. 91 Coon. Richard D.. 50. 402 Cooper. Andrew D.. 108 Cooper. Earle J.. 329 Cooper. Pauline E.. 92. 238. 269 Cope. Everton B.. 100 Copeland. David M.. 360 Copland. Carol. 93 Copley. John S.. 332 Coppi, Milton W,, 408 Corbett, Richard J.. 162 Corbridge. Richard M.. 100. 378 Corcoran. Mary E.. 100. 311 Cordingly, Richard H.. 334 Corfman. Edwin W.. 3?4 Corken. Jack S.. 81. 108. 386 Corliss. Charles E.. 184. 242 Cormany. Robert H.. 266 Cornelius. Betty A.. 100. 314. 393 Cornell. Edgar. 108 CorniTg. Bonnie J.. 311 Corriher, Iris E.. 193. 316 Corry. Earle H.. 50 Corsi. Manuel, 129 Corvey. Richard L,, 50 Cory, John D.. 93 Coshow. Sally H.. 100. 310. 360 Cottingame. Marion P.. 336 Cotton. Alonzo A.. 380 Cottrell. Glenn E.. 50 Couch. Judy. 35 Coulter. Alcida H.. 122 Couper. Colin C. Jr.. 152. 159. 364 Courney. Robert V.. 243 Courtney. Jacqueline M.. 311 Covey. Richard L., 299 Cowan, Mary C. 50. 364 Cowden. Dick. 166 Cowdery. Robert E.. 50 Cowell. Jeannine. 50. 352 Cox. Russ. 166 Cox. Sharyn L.. 100. 314 Cox. William L.. 334 Crachee. Albert. 358 Craddock. Alfred Z.. 11. 286. 299 Craig. Robert K.. 62. 233, 342 Crause. Pete. 354 Crawford. Ethel M.. 313 Crawford. Harriet L.. 81. 303, 319 Crawford, Harry M,, 62, 230, 269, 292. 296. 298 Crawford. James C 62 Crawford. Marjery ft.. 122 Craychee. Albert E., 93 Creighton, James A,, 62, 370 Creighton, John K.. 370 Crepps. Carl. 108 Crim. James S.. 62. 398 Cripe. Helen A.. 100. 364 Crisler, Donna J.. 52. 303. 324 Crockett. Nancy J.. 313 Cropley. Jean B.. 326. 332 Crosier, Orval D., 52. 242 Cross. Mosley M.. 305. 396 Cross. Walter R.. 82. 255 Crosslen. Thomas G.. 62 Crosson. David L.. 62. i fS Crow. Wayman J.. 327. 336 Crowder. Raymond O.. 82. 264. 280 Crowe. Leonard F.. 277 Crowley. Gay E.. 181 Cudworth. Arthur G.. 389 Culloden. Joan L.. 100. 311. 372 Cummings. Ann. 313. 360 Cummings. Earl C. 378 Cummings, Kenneth F., 364 Cummings, Lynn H., 289 Cunningham, Kenneth D.. 396 Cunningham. Margaret. 376 Curren. Joan M.. 82. 364 Curtis. Joan. 178. 392. 393 Curtis. Joanne H.. 376 Curtis. Joan R.. 326. 330 Curtis. Ralph G.. 129. 139 Cushner. Mary E.. 100. 311 Cuthbertson. Jeanne M.. 122 Cutler. James D.. 93. 182. 384 Dabbs. Charles L.. 398 Dahlberg. Barbara J.. 100. 313 Dahm. LeRoy A.. 33. 93. 129. 326. 378 Dahnke. George H.. 82 Dahnke. Jack W.. 52. 269 Dailey. John C. 62. 262. 282. 346, 380 Dalch, Francis, 62, 346 Dalgleish, George H.. 91. 330 Dalthorp. James A.. 129. 139 Daman. Arthur C. 162. 236 Damon. Virginia L.. 52. 291. 317 Daniel. Orrel A.. 183. 262, 286, 331 Daniels, Ruby L.. 122, 317 Daniloff. Jane E.. 82. 352 S tudent Jj ndex 419 Dankc. George. 380 Dantice. Doris M.. 246, 817 Darden. Lloyd N.. 82. 404 Darliigton. Edward G.. 330 Daum. Phyllis B.. 93. 346 Davenport. Torothy M.. 93. 843. 315 Davidson. Betty A.. 101. 310 Davidson. Bette L.. 101. 311. 350 Davidson, Hugh C, 129 Davidson, John B.. 98. 384 Davis. Anne C. 392. 393 Davis. Arthur. 108 Davis. Dorald E., 362 Davis, £. Josephine, 311 Davis. Elizabeth S.. 246 Davis. George M., 82. 3f4 Davis. Joan G.. 82. 303. 340. 346 Davis. Joseph G., 100 ravis. Lewis C. 101. 334 Davis. Martin E.. lf. " Davis. Mildred 6.. 239 Davis. Robert E.. 16? Davis. William B.. If9. 196 Davis. William E., 3 " . 4£. 82 Davis. William G.. 386 Dawley. Mary K.. 82. 317 Dawson. Joanne. 314 Day. Margaret I.. 313. 346 Dazey. Mary J.. 310 Dean, Gary S.. 3S4 Deapen. Donna D., 93 rearborn. Martha J., 258 De Bell, Constance C, 52, 39 ' De Bello, Franklin J,, 232, 298 Decker, Robert L,, 402 Dee. Stanley W,, 101, 329 Deeds, James H,, 326 Dcegan, Gerald P.. 2, ' l Deem, Mildred E., 344. 345 Deen. David W., 82, 398 Deeriig, Fred A,, 11, 183 Deering, Gene F., 248 Deering Thomas P., 62 Deffl-e, EHse M.. 82. 172. ?67. 270. 364 De Gccr. Tolora L., 101. 319 Dcgani. Donald. 108 Degen. Carole J.. 122. 310. 41» De Good. Carolyn C 93. 94, 346 Deitrioh. Richard A,, 10« De Kay, Jane K,, 93, 316 Pe ' a Guardia, Jose R,, 408 Dela Guardia, Max E,, S ' e, 333 Delander, Jolin F., 62, 302 De La Rosa, Cathren A., 374 Delimont, Delia M., 318 Dellerba, Oda R,, 122 De Luca, Hector F,, 62, 276 Demarest, Betty M,, 52 D emo, Bernelle, 140 De Moss, Rosalee, 310 De Muth, Lael S,, 36, 82. 141 2! ' 5. 396 De Muth, Laurence W,. 32. 62. Ill, 396 Device, John J,, 331 Dennis, Gerald E,, 62, 289 Dennis, John D,, 285 Denslow, Susan J,, SI ' Denton, Richard A,, 254 De Oliveira, Leao G,, 248 De Palatis, Sam, 279 De Rosier, Theodore A,, 283 De Rouen, Elida A,, 82, 255. 315 Detweileo. William D.. 62. 394 Dever. Charles D.. 69. 82. 394 Devine. John H.. 335. 101 Devitt. Jaie A.. 62. 242. 316 Devlin. Joann. 62. 366 Devries. Herbert B.. 101. 364 Dickason. Richard T.. 52. 324 DicVinson. Lois R., 101. 310. 366 Dickison. Glenn R., 334 Dickson, Edith E,, 62 Dickson, Sue J,, 62, 262 264. 303 Diessner. ClemeTt P.. 232. 266 Di Giovanni. Joseph S,, 108 Dildine, Amaretta, 3£2 Dillingham, Tom B., 82, 384 Dillon, Richard C, 232, 394 Dinkel, Thomas A., 82. 234. 394 Dinner. Melvin. 111. 286 Dinwiddle. Shirley M.. 93. 262, 268, 315 Dion, Richard W,. 396 Diahon, Donald C, . ' i2 Disque, Maria L,, 101, 312 Diven, James E,, 402 Dodds, James W,. 332 Dodds, John T., 93, 163. 378 Dodson, Charles H,, 181, 299, 398 Dolteer, Mary K,, 62, 346 Dolch, Frances J,, 3 ' 0 Dolinsek, John T,, 331 DoUerschell, Raymond L., £2 Domenico, Joan E.. 242, 255, 264, 274 Dometrovich Frank J,, 378 Donaldson, Thomas E.. 342 Dondanville. Patricia L.. 255 Doolen. Deane R.. 82. 406 Dorau. Joan E,. 93, 179 Dorrell, Carter E., 62 Dorwart, Darlene A., 101 Doss, Mercia C, 62, 360 Doty, David A., 404 Doty, Eleanor F.. 278. 340. 374 Sonbek. Joseph R.. 40. 249, 336 Doubek, Robert J,, 52, 248 Dougherty, Mary P,. 93 376 Douglas, Doris A.. 82, 318 Douglass, John R,, 289 Douglass, Roger R., 332 Dover, James R,, 93 Bowls, Gaylord M,, 111 Dowler, BolIaTid w,, P3 Sowniug, Bobby M,, 82, 232, 285 Downs, Donald H,, 93 Poyle. Bacile D,, 232 Doyle. Joan P,, 35. 94, 184, 297. 414 Doyle. Thomas J.. 354 Dcyle. William M.. 52 Drabing. Caroline H.. 350 Drake. Alisan P., 319 Drake, Bonnie J,, 101, 178, 310, 348, 366 Drake. Melvin M.. 386 Drechsler. Onida L,, 82 Drehcr, Arthur E,. 408 Drew, David A,, 101, 331 Drew. Russell C. 82. 296. 299. 404 Drexel. Kathryn B.. 238, 268 Dreyer, Stanley W,, 332 Driver, Charles H,, 82 Drooge, Mary J,, 366 Dronberger, Hal H,, 335 Drummond, James H,, 163 Dryden, William G,, £2, 232, 300 Dua-e, Jack T,. 62, 108 Du Bois, Diane E,, 101, 311, 393 Du Buisson, Jean C 52 Dudas, William J,, 108 Dudley, Patricia L,, 44, 52, 61, 267 Duesterberg, Thomas J,, 52, 162. 231. P36 Dufford. Philip G.. 63. 110. 111. 183. 286 Duhamel. Mary M.. £2. 3c2 Duke. Eleanor J., £2. 346 runcan. Carl M.. 82. If4. 274. 285. 304. 342 Duncan, David W.. 238 Duncan. Joann L.. 315 Duncan. Minerva J.. 313, 3£0 Duncan, Robert L., 303 Dungan, Gerald K., 342 Dunham, Joan R,, 312 Dunham, Robert S., 305 Dunlap, Jacquelyn S,, 101, 108, 310 Dunn, Robin D,, P3, 372 Dunning, Harold B,, 1?9 Dunshee, Patricia K,. 264 Dunstan, Kenneth W., £2, 152, 161, 261, 236, 384 Dutcher, Paul K., 1 " " Dvorin, Donald I,, 331 Dwinnell, Craig S.. 3£8 Dyer. Gerald D.. 129 Dyer, Mary K,, 93. 392 Eagan, Eugene R,, 111 Eagleton, Harold N,. lEO Eagleton, John E., 279 Easley, Marilyn J,, 83, 267, 356, 392 East, Jack R,, 356 Eastman, Katherine A,. 319. 372 Eastom. Jo Ann. 82. 360 Easton. Richard, 269 Eaton, Ellen, 312 Eaton, William D,, 4,«, 111, 195, 263 Ebaugh, Nancy H,, 94 Eberhardt, Patricia H.. 315 Eberhardt. Robert S.. 305. 396 Eckort. Patricia C, 256, 270, 362 Eckman. Mary L,, 101 Edds, Virginia R,, 122 Eddy, Howard L., 305 Eddy, Margot P,, 94, 344 Edelman, Philip M., 52 Ederingtcn, Jo Ann, 52, 320 Edscom, Paul L,, 262 Edsell, Nancy L,, 82 Edwards. Clifford H.. 305 Edwards, Gloria A,, 94, 126, 366 Edwards, Jeri A,, 101, 310, 344 Edwards, Marjory J,, 111 Edwards, Nancy M.. 94, 376 Edwards, Robert M,, 94. 108 Edwards, Willard M,, 238 Eeckhout, Margaret J,, 62, 242, 316 Eggering, Norbert A,, 408 Eggleston, Ronald L,, 101 Ehrat, Barbara J., 82, 278, 392 Eicher, Esther M,, 264 Eisen, Charles J,, £2. 390 Eissler. Francis 6.. 3S4 Ekrem. William D.. 382 Elder. Charles S.. 62. C33. 333 Eldred. Isabel A.. £2, rSS Eliasberg. Martin D.. 332. 390 Eliason. Richard T.. 101, 378 Elliff, John E,, 94, 382 Elliott, Margaret M.. 376 Elliott. Rodney D.. 2fS Ellis. Jerry R.. 94. 410 Ellis. Jo Ann. 246. 313 FI ' man. Dorothy E.. 62. 874 Ellwood, William W,, 398 Fly, Jeanre M., 848 Emch, Judith E., 101, 314, 393 Emery, Betty L,. 317 Emery, Dorothy J., 304 Emeson, David L,, 94 Eadicott. John S,, 94. 3 ' 4 Fndres, Jo Ann K,, 82, 3 0 Endriss, Paul W,, 94, 378 Engelbrecht. Jeanne E,, 102, 374 Engle, Aimer C, 52, 406 Enoch, David W,, 28S Enright. Don. 46 Ensz. Barbara J.. 62 Eppinger. Charles E,, 82, 262 Epstein, Edmund L., £2. 390 Epstein, Jerome 1,, £2, 302 Epstein, Maxwell D,, 390 Erickson, Antoinette J,, 313 Erickson, Carl O,, 334 Erickson, Valmer D,, 141 Erlandson, John R,, 336 Erlandson, Shirley E,, 318 Eschenburg, Charles G,, 52, 279, 368 Essen, Mary N,, 346 Essman, Bette L,, 102. 311. 348 Estes. John C. 231. 232. 281, 298, 300 Fstrin. Robert F.. 390 Etnyre. Marilyn R., 94 94 282, 884 136 , 129, 235 304, 316, 364 Ettelson, Donald M.. 330 Evans, Ellen L,, 32, 82 Evans, Kathleen. 122 Kvans, Marian, 312 Evans, Wajme 0,, 94, 404 Evans, Richard C, Evans, Samuel F., Evans, Thomas J., Evans, William B Eve, Betty J,, 82, Everist, Mary A,, 102, 312, 392 Everson, Shirley B,, 94 Ewy, Howard W,, 52. 394 Eyer, John H,, 82, 299 Fagin, Norman, 277 Fahey, Mary A,. 82. 263. 392 Fain, Alan L,, 62, 390 Fairchild, Betty M,, 344 Fales, Carolyn A,, 210, 344 Falk, Anne, 278, 400 Famini, John C 228 Fantin, Paul J,. 62, 283, 335 Farrier, Margaret A., 261, 313, 362 Fassett, Nancy J,, 94, 179, 352 Fate, Clarence P,, 394 Fatten, George A., 283 Fans, Robert B.. 358 Fausett. Erma L.. 82 Fay. Kathleen H.. 52. 234, 242 Feder, Harold A., 333 Federhart, Robert L,, 358 Feehan, Joseph A,, 1£7 Feeney, Donald J,, 341 Fehrman, Gerald L,, 336 Foil, Arlan W,. 232 Feild, Ecklin J., 334 Feinburg, Leon B,, 411 Feller, Donald L., 52, 408 Fellin, Josephine S,, 94, 315 Felt, Janet, 376 Fenton, Lawrence L,, 288 Fenton, Ronald E., 37, 82, 282, 299, Ferguson, Ellis H,. £2, 111, 286 Ferguson, William F,, 404 Fiala, Joan A,, 94 Fichtner, Audrey G,, 310, 344 Fiedelman, Roslyn H., 94, 400 Field, Martin G., 394 Fielder, James, 82 Fifer, William 1,, 140 Figner, George K,, 254 Filingcr, John W,, 94, 269 Fingado, Henry S.. 64. 304 Finnegan. Mary K,, 242, 346 Finney, Ralph E,, 384 Finseth, Oliver K,, 2£4 Fischer, David A,, 266 Fischer, Ward H,, 111, 402 Fischer, William E., 389 Fishburn, Robert L,, 82, 394 Fisher, Carl D,, 151. 358 Fisher, David M,, 130 Fisher, George A,, Jr,, 140 Fisher, Margaret A,, 318 Fisher, Richard G,. Jr,, 54, 398 Fisher, Sheryl R,, 392 Fisher, Tamaris A,, 94. 362 Fishering. Suzanne. 393 Fishman. Marvin J., 333, 340 Fisk, Grace O., 54 Fisk, Helen N,, £4 Fitzgerald, Martin, 96 Fitzgerald, Mary E., 311, 366 Fitzgerrell, Richard G,, 354 Fix, Delbert D,, 289 Flagg, Norman L,, 378 Flagler, Phyllis L. , 360 Flanders, L, B., 41 Flannery, Ronald D,, 82, 178 Fleck, Carol M,, 362 Fleck, Robert J,, 336 Fleming, Mary N,, 178, 243, 297, 315 Fleming, Priscilla M,, 392 Flemons, John L,, 332 Fletcher, Sara J,. 252, 268 Flood. Geraldine M., 314, 374 Flor, James E., 274, 304 Flora, Donald R,, 366 Floyd, Barbara E., 3 ' ' 4 Floyd, George W., 283, 300, Flugstad, Susan D,, 366 Flynn, Mary J,, 261, 311. 373 Fochtman. Shirley B.. 372 Foley. Mary T.. 234 Folk. Gerald W.. 2£6 Fong, Clarence K,, 247, 336 Fontaine, Edward M., 54 Fontanna, John M,, 111 Foote, Donna L,, 82 Forbes, Robert L.. 333 Forbes. William. 157 Ford, Artha L.. 82. 364 Foreman. Jeanne M.. 303 Forsling. Phyllis E.. £4. 352 Forstcr, Logan A.. 268 Foster. Gerrit Davis. Jr.. 398 Foster, Donald I,, 64, 803 Foster, John W.. 331. 362 Foster, Mary P,, 319 Fought, John P., 277 Foulk, Robert C, 94, 163, 378 Fountain, Freeman, 100 Fountain, Kermit G,, 94 Fountain, Nancy, 64, 193, 364 Foutch, Jack W,, 94 Touts, Harry J,, 64, 108 Fouts, Joy A,, 366 Fowler, Altona R., 40, 210 Fowler, Sue Y,, 312 Fowier, Wayne J,, 358 Fox, Charles E., 242 Fox, Karren I., 182, 364 Fox, Margaret G,, 94, 321 Fox, Patricia A,, 82. 376 Fox, Robert M., 235 Fcxworthy, John W,, 64, 229, 283, 298 Fragomeni, Joseph S,, 398 Francone, Frank J,, 54, 229, 288, 298 Franklin, Sarah E,, £4, 320 Franz, Gerald J,, 259, 296 Franzen, Robert L,, 54 Frasher, Harry E,, 64 Frazier, Nina M,, 270 Freilich, Stanley, 108 French, Anne E,, 83, 316 French. George E., Jr., 302 French, Norma R,, 336 French, William C. 160, 236 Fretty, Beverly E,, 316 Frey, Norma M,, 314 Frey, William C, 235 Fricke, Mary K,, 345 Friedman, Arthus, 94, 404 Friedow, Ardith J,, 238, 268, 317 Frisby, Donald E,, 54, 406 Frisby, Thomas M,, 64 Fritchle, Jo A,, 319 Frith, Mary B,, 94. 392 Fritts, Larry D.. 384 Fritz, Martha Ann, 54 Frohberg, Harriet A,, 3 ' ' 4 Froistad, John N,, 141, 144, 146. 292 Forst, Elizabeth A.. 54, 243, 323 Frost, Jack M,, 243 Frost, Kenneth J,, 269, 330 Frost, Robert T,, 263, 353 Frutchter, Sheldon R,, 168 Fry, William L,, 94, 404 Frye, Constance L,, 94, 376 Frye, Dorothy H,, 82, 346 Fugate, Thomas W,, 82, 91, 326, 335 342 Fuhrman, Glenn F,, 331 Fukayc, Mae, 94, 122, 2£1 Fuller, Delmar H,, 94, Zli 332 Fuller, Gerald W,, 54 Fundingsland, Ernest L,, 394 Fucco, James E., 402 Furbush, Michael R., 362 Furland, Valeria Z., 310, 346 Furukawa, Sally S,, 82, 242, 247, 252, 328 Furukawa, Yasuka, 94, 251 Oaasch, Margie C 108, 318 Gaebel, Mary J,, 319, 364 Gaines, Sally J,, 179 262, 269. 313 Galbasini. Barbara M.. 122. 344 Galing, Searcy G,, 299, 318 Galles, Wilma L., 64, 360 Gannatta, Annamae T., . ' 4, 318 Gannatta, Eleanor A,, 318 Gardenswartz, Gerald. 390 Gardner. Gerald T.. 288 Gardner, Jo Ann, 366 Gardner, Leslie H,, 282 Gardner, Robert B.. 33? Gardner, Vincent H,, 108, 255 Gardner, W illiam W,. 329 Garlinghouse. Grant v,, £4, 285, 834 Gam. Foster N.. 82. 370 Garn. Nancy J.. 64. 317 Gamer. Carol J.. 346 Garner. Robert S,, 368 Garnett, David R,, 262, 330 Garnett, Donald J,, 269 Garrett, Hume P,, 334 Garrett, Roy S,, 82, 342 Garrison, Clifton F,. 2E5, 263 Garvin, John A,, 229, 266, 335 Gasser, Gretchen G,, 311, 392 Gasser, June R,, 314 Gasser, Patricia A,, 35, 82, 264 Gates, Dan C, 408 Gates, David A,, 328 Gates, Philip E,, £4, 280 Gathers, Charles E,, 91, 94, 354 Gathers, Robert C, 364 Gatti, George L,, 111 Gaunt, William A,, 232, 329, 370 Gauss, Harriet E,, £4, 262, 323 Gauss, Louis H,, 246, 283 Gavito, William E., 408 Gaylord, Edward H,, 331 Geeseka, Joy A,, 313 Geller, Edward W,, 54 Gelman, Norman I,, 64, 178, 390 Gelsey, Stephen I,, 302, 306 Gemmer, Shirley J.. 372 Gentry, Curtis M,, 94 Gentry, James H,, 82, 193, 279, 358 George, Earl T,, 368 George, Marie H,, 303 George, Mary H., 320 Gerard, H. Jane, 111, 188 Gerbaz, Beverly J,, 318 Gerringer, Rose A,, £4 Gershenow, Robert N,. 91, 266, 334 Gesell, James M., £4, 332, 406 Gesko, Samuel C, 111 Gctts, Max E,, £4, 388, 389 Ghio, John J,, 108 Giacomini, Donald L,, £4, 111. 236 Giacomini. Robert W.. 64. 236, 382 Gibson, James 6,, 54, 299, 402 Gibson, Theodore B,, 331, 389 Gibson, William K,, 324, 402 Giesler, Barbara J,, 122, 255, 310, 400 Gilbert, Mary J,, 270 Gilbert, Nancy L,, 311 Giles, Thomas T,, 398 Gilkison, Phyllis A,, 318, 393 Gill, Duane T,, 82, 396 Gill, William P,, 54, 282, 283 Gillespie, Mary E,, 376 420 student ndex Gillis, Helene J.. 318 Oittinger. Norman C. 288 Gjellum. George R.. 64, 331 Glascock. Janie L.. 313. 372 Glaser, David L.. 266 Glaser. Karlyn H., 310, 400 Glasgow, Katherine B.. 311 Glass, Alabama. 140. 331. 854 Glasser. Charlotte. 82 Glavins, Lois J., 82, 346 Glenn, Jean M., 310 Gleue, Felma 1.. 82, 196, 400 Gloege, Donna L., 82. 303, 316 Gloyer, Donald C, 64, 342 Gobble, Lawrence T., 94, 394 Goebel. Gordon W,, 282 Goettsch. Robert W., 64, 108, 109. 294 Goff. Gordon G.. 82 Goggin. Joseph. Ill, 288 Gokbudak, Uygur T., 238 Gold, Joe W., 162, 236 Goldberg, Norman P., 54. 390 Golden. Evelyn A,, 321 Golden, Janice L., 311 Golden, Thomas J,. 328 Goldfarb. Alfred I,, 54. 3C5, 390 Goldfarb, Jack H., 94. 390 Goldfarb. Jerald A., 333 Goldman, Norbert G., 390 Goldsmith, Henry J,, 333 Goldstein, Alice L., 94, 238, " .ID Goldstein, Harry H., 356 Goldstein, Lloyd A., 410, 411 Goldthwaite, Dolores M,, 210 Goldthwaite, Goeore G,, 269 Goldy, Charles 331 Goley, Ralph G,, 64, 231, £32. 273. 281, 300 Golightly, Katherine. H.. 311 Golston. Gardner A., 318 Gompert, Frank C, 141, 143 Gooder, Ronald B., 94, 404 Goodfellow. Carolyn E., 94, 344 Goodheart, Virginia M., 372 Goodland. Fayette P.. 282 Goodman. Marilyn J., 94, 374 Poodrow, John D., 829 Goodrow, William E.. 64. 279. 326. 329 Ooodsell. Layne C, Gordon. Frank D,, 64 Gordon. Jimmie D.. 408 Gordon. Roger M.. 94 Gorman. Donald A., 129 Gorman. John V.. 54. 300. 341. 388 Gormley. Barbara J., 393 Gorom, Glatha J., 362 Gosar. John J,, 266, 332 Gottlieb, Roy D., 410 Gottschalk, Ruth A,. 82 Gough, Oliver S., 161, 267 Gould, Barbara L., 313 Gould, Roger K,, 64, 233. 293 Goulden. Richard B.. 82. 404 Gourley. Beverly J.. 94. 316 Graber. Barbara A.. 94. 313. 346 Graham. Hugh. 155 Gray. Ronald. 140, 380 Greeley, Gerald E,. 290 Green, Deborah. 267. 372 Green, William P,, 54 Greene, Jerome Y.. 82. 390 Greenlee. Max R.. 235, 354 Greenslit, Diane B,, 94 Greenspun, Richard J., 410 Greenwood, Donald F., 54 Greever, Leon F,, 108 Greeg, Charles C, 152 Oreeg, Jane E,, 122, 310 Gregor, Frank K.. 82. 404 Gregory. Norris, 54, 108 Gregory, Boy G., 64 Greif, Donna H., 313 Gremmels, Charles A,, 94, 370 Grenda, Robert L., 83 Grettum, Carolyn A,, 94, 872 Grettum, John L.. 389 Griesbach. Carolyn L.. 314 Grieser. John R.. 282 Griffen. Edward A.. 54. ?S2. 268. 331 Griffith. Grace C. 94. 322 Griffith, Richard L., 178, 389 Griggs, Allard L,, 94, 404 Grinberg, Robert. 238 Grinstead. Patricia L., 316 Griswork. Don W,, 83, 236, 354 Groenewold, Glenn W., 184 Grohne, Richard, 368 Grotenhuis, Paul, 242 Grover, Margaret H., 122, 362 Groves, Donald L.. 64, 233. 334 Grubaugh. Philip L., 332 Grudin, Arnold, 250 Grupp, W, Daniel, 233, 293, 298, 300 Guffey. Harland, 354 Guild, Susan, 34, 35, 83, 311 Ouildner, Joyce P.. 94. 320. 374 Guiteras. Joseph J.. 296 Gullett. Donald D,, 83, 108. 342 Gunstead, Carol D,. 313. 344 Gunther, Katherine A,, 64 Gurley, Mary A.. 360 Gushee. Oliver W., 389 Gust. Lysle A.. 289. 298 Gutru. Ronald 6., 54 Gutzmer, Robert W., 285 Guyer, Anita F,, 94, 366 H Haake, Harriet J., 267. 372 Haakenstad, Ardith L., 392 Haas. Henry J., 54 Haaie, William C, 54, 126, 161, 201 SS7, 268, S8 Habel, Miriam J,, 54, 360 Hachtmann, Carol H.. 236, 261 Hackman, Richard L,, 54 Hackworth, Robert D,, 398 Hackworthy, Clement A., 193, 384 Hadden, Jeanne A,, 94 Hagan, Nancy E,, 63, 344 Hagen, Janet K,, 83. 384 Hagen, Joan E,, 374 Hager, Donald L,, 286 Hagerman, Donald C, 54, 259, 296 Hagerott, Robert E,, 229, 283, 300, 868 Hagin. Donald E.. 129, 133, 135, 165 Hagler, William N., 398 Hahn, Eleanor R., 94. 376 Hahan. Harry B.. 334 Haigh. James R,, 402 Haigh, Ruth E., f3, 266 Haina, William K., 66, 247 Haines, Carol B., 310, 400 Haines, George 1., 328 Hakes, Edward W., 246 Hale, Fred W.. 328 Hale. Molly. 312, 346 Haley, Jean I.. 242, 346 Hall. Dana. 56 Hall. David. 335 Hall. Bonna L.. 318 Hall. Joan E., 317 Hall, Marilyn E., 261, 312, 366 Hall, Thomas H., 330 Haller, George J,, 162. 236. 382 Haller. Lloyd R.. 234. 259 Halpern. Georges E., Halsted, Barbara A., 312, 393 Hamblen, Harold E., 329 298, Hamburg, Donald H,, ?32 Hamer, Richard D., 396 Hamerska, Eva, 265 Hamilton, Barbara J., 314 Hamilton, Kathleen, 66, 366 Hamilton, Mark L.. 56 Hamilton, Nancy L.. 83. 179, 274 Hamilton, William B., 56, 233. 298. 402 Hammack. Ruth A.. 83, 348 Hammer, Jean E,, 83, 316, 322 Hammer, William R., 389 Hammond, Mary D.. 265. 310. 376 Hammond. Paul E., 56, 368 Hammond, William K.. 334 Hampton. Clyde R.. 111. 253 Hampton. Dallas M,, 56. 228. 292. 380 Hampton. Harold D.. 333 Hamrick. William R.. 83. 280 Hancock. Keith W., 332 Hancock, Tom C, 129, 133, Handal, Emilio R., 238 Handler, Sally R., 812 Handwerg, Karen. 261 Haney. Ann G.. 319 Haney. Herbert L., 56, 236 Hanley, Kathryn L,, 352 Hanna, Joyce L.. 56 Hansen. Bruce W, , 140 Hansen, Elizabeth M,, 264, 265. 269 Hansen. Jacqueline C. 320 Hansen. Maya W., 412 Hansen, Renee L,, 246 Hansen, Robert 6., 332 Hanson, Dorothy J,, 83, 317 Hanson. Helen. 66 Hanson. Phyllis E,, 316 Harbaugh, Charles A., 162, 236 Harnert. William B., 333 Harbin, Mary J,, 83, 317 Harden, Warren R,, 315 Harder, Frederick D,, 66, 342 Hardin, Blanche E., 66, 316 Hardin, Martha A,, 268 Hardin. Nancy L.. 40. 249, 268 Harding, Janette H., 94, 264 Hardman, John M,, 108 Harlan, Bette B., 66, 322 Harlan. Nancy J,, 248, 310 Harlan, Robert L.. 330 Harmon. Janet L.. 56. 260 Harms. Richard G., 336 Harmsen, Mary A,, 816 Harper, Lorrn G., 66, 133, 248, 293, 298, 368 Harper, Robin L,, 346 Harrell, Ruth J., 323 Harriman, Jo Ann M.. 2?8. 268. 313. 346 Harrington. Robert D.. 296 Harris. Edward N., 94. 404 Harris. John W.. 329 Harris. Robert S,, 410 Harrisberger, James B., 194, 332, 868 Harrison, Dick, 56, 404 Harrison, Gerald, 178 Harrison, Richard W.. 341 Harrison. Wilber D.. 263 Harstrom. David E.. 66 Hart. Chloe L., 84, 346 Hart, Eleanor A., 314 Hart. James B., 332 Hart, James W,, 332, 389 Hart, Richard, 1. ' 34 Hart ley, Rebecca S., 372 Hartman, Katherine M., 56, 303, 360 Hartman, Donna L., 360 Hartong, William R., 66. 233, 300 Hartsfield, John L., 332 Hartshorn, Barbara G,, 84, 318 Hartshorn. James W.. 396 Hartsuff. Conway D.. 370 Hartwell. Ann. 178. 313. 393 Harvey. Richard L.. 394 Harward. Paul C, 333 Haaelton, Elizabeth M., 66 Hashimoto, Shirley T.. 311 236 Haskell. Dwight R,, 66, 248 Hassan, Safa M,, 238 Hassett, George L.. 331 Hassig. Rea C. 344 Hasui. Naomi. 94, 238, 261. 323 Hatasaka. Henry T., 84 Hatakeyama, James S., 261, 334 Hatch, Lota V,, 304 Hatcher, Helen P., 66, 65, 240. 348 Haubrock. Alfred C, 398 Hause, Laurance G., 331 Havens, Walter D.. 228 Havran. Adolph N.. 66. 282 Hawbold. June A., 412 Hawkins, Albert E., 84 Hawkins, Mary L,. 44. 66. 372 Hawkins. Michael G.. Ill Hawks. Dorothy E., 318 Hawley, Opie D., 283 Haworth, Robert D.. Ill, 253, 386 Hawthorne P., 295 Hawthorne Ronald D., 184 Haycraft. Glenn W.. 56. 228 Hayden. Patricia. 94. 267 Hayes. Kenneth J., 384 Hayes, Marita A., 84. 317 Hayes. Murray L.. 133. 299 Haynie. Maurice D.. 66. 302 Haynie. Winfred C, 336 Hays. Jonathan W.. 254. 330 Hays. Richard D., 331, 384 Hays, Shirley J., 278 Head, Charlcne J., 94. 316 Head. Kenneth F.. 94. 193 Headley. Donna L,, 315 Healy, Joanne M., 66, 176, 366 Heap, Robert A., 384 Heath, Richard R.. 32. 36. 45. 66. 182, 289, 389 Heath, Roger C, 84, 285, 342 Hebal, Lenore M,, 315 Hebert, Betty J,, 94, 374 Heck, Mary E., 34, 366 Heckart, Charles L., 66, 248, 368 Hecker, Catherine B.. 362 Hector, William M.. 389 Hedges, Robert H., 66 Heffelman, Craig S., 230. 255. 331, 378 Heffelman, Malcomb C, 84, 162, 331 Heffernen, Robert F., 243, 266, 389 Hefti, Vincent M., 108, 243 Hegarty, James E., Ill Held, Peter R.. 331 Heidt. Melvin G.. 66 Heilbronner, Barbara J.. 400 Heim. Robert S,. 162. 396 Heine, Richard, 231, 298, 300 Heinly, Henry. 66, 167 Heinzman, William G., 329 Heise, Eugenia C, 240, 310 Heitman, Merle M.. 94. 316 Heitzler. Lucretia A.. 56. 376 Helder. George K.. 126. 299. 324. 398 Helgeson. Richard H,. 329 Heller, Bena, 310 Heller, Frank C, 94, 161 Helmreich, Robert. 327, 329 Helm, Rhea R,, 94 Helm, Sharon I., 84, 352 Helmes, Joan K., 313 Helmick, Richard R.. 111. 288 Helmkamp. Dorothy J., 66, 366 Helsell, Janet M., 321 Henderson, Carolyn J,. 94. 180. 264 Henderson. Joan C. 393 Henderson. Phyllis M.. 264. 318 Hendrix. Doris L.. 374 Henkel. Sue F.. 310. 366 Henley. Shirley J.. 346 Henning. Robert L.. 3?4 Hennings, Helen R.. 324 Henrich. Harry S.. 84. 36 ' Henrie. Anita J.. 83. 84. 262. 264. 266, 803 Henry, Mary T,, 360 Henshaw, Josephine E,, 310 Henson, Leonora A,, 312 Herath, John H., 108, 268 Herber, Patricia A., 56, 291. 392 Herbert. Daniel M.. 336 Herbert. Margaret A.. 31! " ' ■ Herman. Harry H.. Jr., 410 Herold, Laurence C 268 Herr. Frank M.. 66. 230. 248 Herren. Bobbie A.. 311 Herrera. Wilfred. 331 Hershberger, Floyd S.. 332 Hess. Nancy L.. 313 Hesselius, Donna J., 313 Hessney, George, 230, 302 Heumphreus, Joseph D,, 265 Hewicker. John A.. 66 Hewitt. Eleanor F., 94, 262. 412 Hewitt. Richard W.. 94, 404 Hickman, Duane A., 66, 285, 302 Hicks, Roswell A., 56, 280 Hidaka, Mits, 261, 336 Hiestand, Harry E., 56, 233, 293 Higgins, Donald D., 91 Higgins, Donald K., 335 Higgins, William F,, 108 Hilferty, Janet G.. 323 Hilgers. Donald C. 167 Hill. Cecelia J., 345 Hill. Esther L., 340 Hill. Harlyn L,, 111 Hill, Lowell H,, 56 Hill, Vernon J,, 140 Hillmar. Ellis D., 84, 230, 285, 290. 342 Hillock. Donald L., 394 Hillock. James I., 56, 232 Hills, Frederic A., 230, 380 Hills, Susan, 310, 352 Hiltabidel, Nancy A,, 94, 344 Hilton, Jananne B,, 35, 56, 392 Hinohliffe, Sally L.. 270. 310 Hinman. Charlotte B., 122 Hinricha, Yvonne A., 122, 316 Hinthorn, Wayne L., 66, 233, 286, 332 Hinzelman, Helga C, 94, 108, 264, 273 Hiranaka, Walter Y., 56, 108, 109, 247, 294 Hirose, Hideo, 155 Hirsch, Darrel L., 330 Hirst, Le Roy J,, 242 Hirtle, Thomas W., 332, 358 Kite. Whitney O.. 246. 330 Hii. George J.. 66. 370 Hixon. Sumner B.. 230. 268 Hoagland. Benjamin H.. 84. 193. 290 Hoagland. Helen E.. 317. 374 Hobbs, Arlene E.. 313 Hobbs, Nona J., 84. 344 Hobgood. John M.. 283 Hockley, Daisy J., 313 Hodel, Merwin L,, 131, 132, 186, 189 Hodges, Barbara G., 310, 348 Hodgins, Alice V., 94, 348 Hodgkin, Norman M.. 408 Hodgkin. Robert D.. Ill Hodgson. Margot. 94. 324 Hoffman, Daniel S., 32, 410 Hoffman, Lee M.. 193 Hoffman. Roland H.. 333 Hoffmann, David H,, 245 Hofmann, Ferris J., 94 Hogan. Gordon M.. 56. 280. 302 Hogan. Thomas A.. 389 Hogan. Thomas E.. 56. 388 Hogelund, Mary E,, 56 Hogle, Diana R.. 66 Holbeach. Barbara L.. 313 Holden. Ann. 345 Holder. Gretta G., 56 Holder, Jacqueline S., 311, 366 Holder, Mabel J., 56. 344 Holderness. Dorothy L.. 56. 86. 108. 109. 273. 294. 400 Holick. Annabelle M.. 360 Holiman. Beverly A.. 34, 35, 56, 264, 266 Holkestad. Donald M., 394 Holland, Juanita M., 66 Hollingsworth, C. W.. 56. 277 Hollister. Herbert. 394 Holloway, Ella, 56 Holloway, John P., Ill, 288 Holloway, Richard D., 378 Holly, Joyce V.. 94. 122. 318 Hollyer, Stewart G.. 356 Holmes. Donald L.. 108 Holmes. Robert E.. 389 Holt. Charles M., 384 Holt. Sharon E.. 94 Holzer. Carol F.. 94, 346 Holzinger, Ruth. 304 Honnen. Shirley H., 94. 313 Hood. Lola N.. 94. 317 Hook. James M., 398 Hooper, Mary E., 96, 344 Hoover, Chester A., 398 Hope, Robert W.. 84. 408 Hopkey. lone A.. 238 Hopkins. Helen Y.. 95. 400 Hopkins. Larry L.. 394 Hoppock. Barbara A.. 94, 96, 193, 262. 296. 346 Hopwood. Stafford L.. 289 Horine. Lawrence E.. 129 Horn. Wanda R.. 269 Hornback. Charles E.. 161 Hornbeck. Shirley L.. 267, 270, 316 Home, Louise T,, 95, 372 Horner, Dawna L., 84, 374 Horner, Jack, M., 382 Homey, Beverly K. , 56 Horsky, Edward L.. 235. 330 Horton. Clarence B., 328 Horton. John W,, 84 Horton, William J., 140 Horvarth, Michael. 331 Hosea. Cathryn A.. 95. 240. 316 Hoshall. Mary A.. 311 Hoskins. Alice L., 193 Hoskins, Donald L,, 394 Hoskins, Lowell £,, 96 Hough, Flora E,, 84, 243, 329 Houston, John S., 56, 232, 263, 298 Houston, Jerry L.. 378 Houston, Margaret G,, 58 Houtz, David A., 108 Howard, Richard M.. 331 Howe, Carolyn M,, 34, 44, 58, 67. 257. 264. 271 Howe, Margaret, 310, 346 Howe. Richard. 84, 386 Howe, Robert N.. 248 Howell. Albert E.. 184, 333 Howell, John R., 328 Hoyt, Margaret J,, 58, 264 Hren, Anthony A.. 333 Hubbard. Judy. 366 Hubbell. Helen J.. 95. 235 Hubert. Helen K.. 58. 264. 301 Huddleson. Ernest P.. 364 Huden, George R.. 334 Hudson, Barbara J., 279, 315 Huffer, Kenneth R., 140 Huffer, Mary Ann, 313 Huffman, Kenneth L.. 152. 340 Huffman. Lee A.. 311. 372 Huggins. Sara J.. 372 Hughes, Forrest E,, 58, 280 Hughes, Jay M,, 84 Hughey, Mary L.. 58, 374 Huising, Don L., 84, 282, 299, 388 Hulburd. Barbara L., 313 Hulley. Elizabeth A.. 274. 366 Hulse. Addison A,, 95, 382 Humburg, Gene H,, 268 Hume. Garrett. 58 Humel. Dorothy S., 96, 274, 317 Humphrey, Carole, 312, 313, 344, 376 student ndex 421 Humphrey. Carole A.. 122 Humphrey. Mary L.. 98, 316 Humphries, Mary J.. 44 Hunt. Royal L.. 84, 378 Hunter, Abigail, 58, 250, 376 Hunter, Carol L,, 58. 264 Hunter. Charles P.. 398 Hunter. Glenn E,, 58. 176, 398 Hunter, James, 58, 269, 384 Huntington, Barbara J.. 58. 352 Huntington, Kuth A., 366 Huntley, Thelma J,. 84 Hurlburt, Aleene A,, 312 Hurlburt, Darth D., 84 Hurlburt, Mercyl M., 58, 282. 302 Hussey, Allen J., 58 Hustead, Donald A,, 394 Hutchings. Herbert D.. 84. 193. 354 Hutohings. Paula I,, 58. 348 Hutchins. John S.. 263 Hutchinson. Ruth B.. 372 Hutchinson. Thomas H.. 45. 111. 183 Hutchinson. Thomas S.. 300 Hynes. Izana M.. 311 I lacoponelli. £. Elaine. 255. 318 Ibrahim. M. Noori. 238 Ida. Noble. 251. 266. 335 Ingwersen. Alice T.. 303. 346 Ingwersen. Nancy H.. 84. 372 Inouye. Hisae. 58. 273. 323 Intini. Anthony V.. 58 Irion. Richard F.. 58, 384 Irish. William 0.. 84 Irwin. Jacqueline M.. 84. 126. 261. 366 Irwin. Richard G.. 68. 342 Isaac. Erich. 238 Isaacson. Mary L.. 58. 340. 400 Isaacson. Sandra E.. 313 Isbill. H. G.. 58. 232. 396 Ishikawa. Jack H.. 108 Ismert. Elizabeth M.. 95. 274, 874 Israel. Lawrence J.. 336 Ito. Kiyoshi. 247 Ivans. George J.. 408 Iverson. William C. 334 Ives. Donna M.. 84. 360 Ives. Etham A.. 95, 378 I Jackson. Joe A,, 95, 360 Jackson, Norma J,. 84, 414 Jackson, William C. 84 Jacob. William H.. 58 Jacobi. Charlotte L.. 95. 346 Jacobi. Judith A.. 58. 352 Jacobs. David. 184 Jacobs. Norma A.. 311 Jacobs. Ruthanna. 317 Jacobs. Samuel M,, 58. 181. 390 Jacobsen. Mary M.. 122 Jacobson. Dianne M., 400 Jacobson. Evelyn J.. 44. 58. 352 Jacobson. Janice C. 372 Jaggers. Eva R., 84 James. Charles F.. 288 James. Patricia A., 313 James. Ronald A., 378 Jamison, Richard S., 229. 283. 298. 300 Jammer. Nancy. 94. 108. 273, 297, 360 Jardine. Douglas M.. 245 Jarrett. Emery D., 58. 368 Jasper. Nancy. 238 Jayaphorn. Phairojana. 330 Jaycox. Randall E., 402 Jeanes, Mary F,, 95, 366 Jefferson. Joan K.. 83. 271. 393 Jenkins. Evan C. 394 Jenkins. Margaret. 352 Jennings. Richard F.. 84 Jensen, Curtis I.,, 58, 282 Jensen, Gene R.. ?42. 328 Jensen. Jack £.. 235 Jensen. Shirley L.. 178. 310 Jensen. Stanley D.. 378 Jensen. Thomas £.. 332 Jensen. Walter E., 58. 380 Jerald. Jean M.. 58. 314. 346 Jerde. Walter J.. 331 Jerman. Ronald F., 331 Jessup. Marylyr.. 318 Jetton. Walter R.. 335 Jeurink. Mary L.. 393 Joffe. Ruth, 314, 400 Joffee, Thomas F., 82. 402 Johns. Frank H.. 95. 394 Johns. Robert F.. 211. 358 Johnson. Carol A.. 314 Johnson. Donald H.. 378 Johnson. Donald T.. 380 Johnson. Elaine R.. 412 Johnson. Ellen P.. 318 Johnson. Frederick F.. 58. 136. 141. 155, 402 Johnson, Harriett J.. 269. Johnson. Hilary M.. 82. 402 Johnson. Ivan B.. 230 Johnson. Lee F.. 58 Johnson. Lloyd A.. 296 Johnson. Lois E.. 95. 360 Johnson. Margaret L. . 313. Johnson. Mary E., 108 Johnson, Mary L.. 314 Johnson. Patricia L.. 58. 346 Johnson. Paul R.. 229 Johnson. Pete 0.. 262 Johnson. Richard T.. 230. 386 Johnson. Robert D., 330 Johnson, Robert K., 231 360 131, 236, 281. 393 Johnson, Ruth A,. 58. 315 Jchnson, Sarah J,, 243, 323 Johnson, Stephen D., 332 Johnson, Suzanne M.. 95. 126. 360 Johnson. Thomas E.. 58 Johnson. William P., 254, 398 Johnson, Yvonne M., 94, 95, 171. 172, 374 Johnston, Bonnie J., 313 Johnston, Elaine T,, 58, 193 Johnston, Gordon E., 84 Johnston. Marvin H,, 58, 408 Johnston, William V,, 58, 358 Johnstone, James E.. 382 Jones. Allan C, 58, 354 Jones, Bobby T,, 37, 58 Jones, Carolyn M,, 96, 374 Jones, Daniel W, B,, 232 Jones, Evelyn E,, 122, 310 Jones, Geraldine A,, 316 Jones, Jacquelyn H,. 303 Jones. Judeenne. 313. 392 Jones. Keith C 408 Jones. Marjorie K.. 58, 273 Jones, Nancy A,, 58, 324 Jones, Nancy E., 360 Jones, Robert M.. 58. . " 93. 335 Jones. Shirley L.. 58. 346 Tones. Tom F.. 58 Jordan. Charles H.. 378 Jordan. John Z., 129, 137. 354 Jorgensen. Bonnie G.. ?69. 316 Jcrgenson. John. 129. 132. 362 Joseph. Ali. 356 Joseph. Gary K.. 96. 396 Josephson. Gilbert A., 404 Joslin, Ramona J,, 315, 392 Josselyn, Virginia A.. 84. 264 Jcssis, Arthur J,. 108. 109. 294 Jcyce, Barbara L.. 376 Joyce, Sidney C. 255. 310. 352 Judge. Dorothy J.. 84. f48. 293. 344 Judiscak, Stephen G.. 335 Jump, Raymond A., 68. 82. 131, 286. 341. 402 E Kabalak. Dogan. 238 Kahn. Edward J.. 58. 230. 244. 410 Kahn. Lorain R., 320 Kahre, John A,, 58. 335 Kakavas. Steve G.. 232 Kako. Junko. 242. 251. 274 Kaldahl. Jeanne N.. 84 Kalicki. James. 140 Kallhoff. Barbara E.. 313 Kaimans. Bernice. 58. 400 Kamine. Arthur, 410 Kamlet. Herbert L.. 58. 178. 277. 805 Kamprath. Elizabeth L.. 84. 344 Kane. Mary A.. 310 Kapaun. Mary M.. 58. 266 Karbatsch. James E.. 236. 394 Karcich. Matthew F.. 58, 232, 335 Kardokus, Jane E,, 316 Karler, Jesse K,, 58, 390 Karst, Ralph R,, 151 Kasak, William E., 229, 283 Kaspar, Charles P,, 282 Kass, Mayer. 84. 330 Kassel. Donald K.. 384 Kastler. Paul A.. 394 Katchen, Bruce D.. 390 Katz. Joel B.. 329. 410 Kaufmann. Alice B.. 314 Kaupp. Elizabeth H.. 297 Kautz. Leon F., 68, 231 Kavet, Richard A,, 58. 163. 384 Kawakami, Norito. Ill Kawamura. Ted Y.. 335 Kay. James G.. 382 Kearney. John S.. 84. 358 Keating. Bernard L.. 68. 113. 299. 368 Keating. Dean D.. 326. 328 Keefer. Betty. 316 Kenna. Edith M.. 96. 179. 182, 312 Keenan. Eugene L., 58, 342 Kehr, Carol J,, 313 Keil, Carolyn J.. 58. 360 Keils. Philip J., 68 Keir. George B.. 68 Keirns. George H.. 84. 360 Keith. Leonard V.. 60 Keith. Sara. 262 Keleher. Uarcia W.. 312 Kellar. Robert H.. 60. 406 Kellar. William J.. 84. 180. 259. 296. 298. 406 Keller. Jack. 232. 281 Kelling. Ralph V.. 60 Kellman. Robert G.. 332 Kellum. Robert E.. 84. 91. 394 Kelly, Claris I.. 313. 360 Kelly. James P.. 84 Kelly, Richard H., 60, 394 Kelly, Roy A,, 60, 233. 265 Kelly, Vem E,, 60, 266. 282 Kelsey, John D,, 111 236. Kelsey. Robert L.. 282 Kemp. George P.. 335. 398 Kemper. Donald E.. 333 300. Kemper. Sheila A.. 311. 360 Kenehan. John C. 402 Kenehan. Richard B.. 60. 402 Kenny. Barbara J.. 243. 311. 374 Kent, Diane M,. 262. 313, 346 Kent. Constance, 84, 372 Kenworthy, Barbara E., 319 Kenz. Edward J.. 389 Kepler. Roy C 260 Kepner. Harrison F.. 163. 362 Kern. Albert. 96. 390 Kern. Dorothy M.. 44. 60.266. 274. 312 Kerr. Jacqueline L.. 310, 366 Kersey, George £., 184 Kerzon, Marie J., 60, 364 Kester. Mary A., 393 Keswick, Arthyr L., 60, 282 Kettman, George B,, 386 Khungar. Gurdayal P., 84, 233, 238 Kianpour, Ahmad, 238, 260 Kiefer, Charlotte A.. 346 Kilbourn. Howard D.. 398 Kilburn, Helene C. 393 Kildow. Betty L., 84, 264 Kiley. Eugene J.. 162. 398 Killefer. Robert. 258 Killian. Buster R.. 296, 330 Killian, Eayne R.. 232 Killius. Richard W.. 402 Kilton. Roger M.. 354 Kim. Edward S.. 274 King. Arden. 94 King. James B.. 368 King. James W., 331, 396 King, Kathryn L,, 96 King, Ketha, 60 King, Lura G.. 84. 316. 344 King. Margaret J.. 313. 392 King. Phyllis L.. 268. 270 King, William H,, 277, 354 Kingery, Joan M.. 314. 344 Kingman. Margaret L.. 122. 240, 310 Kinman, Beverly J,, 84, 318 Kinney, Donald E.. 60. 378 Kinsinger. Doris L.. 60. 274 Kirby, Donald C, 334 Kirkham, Mildred L,, 360 Kirschbaum, Margaret E.. 348 Kirschner. Allen R.. 96. 388 Kishiyama. Sam I.. 108 Kissack. John W.. 40. 60. 249. 266. 280 Kisthard, Wayne P,, 108. 109. 294 Kitchens. William L.. 299 Klaas. Bruce G.. 151 Klamann. Robert L.. 129 Klein, James E,, 410 Kleinman, Carol J.. 311 Kleinholz. Kenneth D.. 299 Klosterman. John E.. 255 Kluppel. Val J.. 346 Knafelc. Gary L.. 140. 389 Knight. Jack B., 140 Knights. James H.. 389 Knoblock. George. 155 Knopf. Martha R.. 317 Knotz. Lois J.. 84. 242 Knowlton. Richard L.. 140 Knox. Forrest S.. 193 Knox. James E.. 108 Knudsen. Dan H.. 368 Knudsen. Harold W,, 60, 303 Kobayashi, Katherine M,, 247. 311 Kochenburger. John E.. 264. 364 Kochevar. Rudolph J.. 332 Koclanes. John P.. 60 Koebel. Sigrid A.. 184. 310, 392 Koebel, Mary R.. 96. 376 Koernig. Raymond C. 334 Koger. Buddy R., 96. 382. 394 Kolkey. Faith A.. 315 Komuro. Junichi. 261 Koneman, Elmer W,, 3 " ' 9 Konicek, Thomas P,, 60, 108 Koop. Kenneth E.. 141. 144 Koopman. Janifred N.. 32. 33. 36. 60. 246. 267. 268. 374 Kopine. Dorothy M.. 321 Koplowitz. Gerald H.. 178. 305. 410 Keren. Susan H.. 94. 96. 313. 366 Kom. Ita. 317 Korosec. Dolores M.. 96. 182 Kossler. Metta E.. 108. 273 Kostelecky Kathreen. 60 Kostroski. Russell J.. 60. 231. 232 Kowalski. Barbara B., 60 Kowalski. Jerome V.. 60 Kraf chick. Ivan P.. 390 Kraft. Richard. 408 Kramer. Morris E.. 183. 286 Kraslck. Virginia K.. 313 Krasovec. Frank M.. 60. 255 Krasovich. Dorothy T. . 84. 264. 278 Kratt. William V.. 408 Krebs. Susan M.. 314. 366 Kreis. Mary L., 84. 346 Krim. Leonard F.. 285. 333 Kroeger. Mildred B.. 122. 317 Krogmier. Shirley F.. 266. 317 Krohn. Lester L.. 276 Krohn. Marietta. 345 Kropf. Karl S.. 96. 378 Krucas. Raymond B.. 60. 242 Krueger. Carole E.. 310. 360 Kubota. Mike Y.. 60. 247 Kubota. Sadaichi. 247. 251 Kuehn. Kenneth W.. 398 Kulpak. Louise F.. 311. 374 Kunkel. Adele M.. 60. 315 Kurata. James I.. 60 Kurihara Rokuro. 108 Kury, Bernard J.. 140 Kasao, Yntaro R,, 247, 334 Kuster, Beverly, 313 Kustka, Walter J,, 243 Kutil. Donald B,, 329 Lacey, Joan M., 311 Lackey, Elizabeth E,, 312, 344 Lacy, Howard W. , 60 Lacy, Jeanne M., 96, 200. 364 Lacy, Joseph M,, 32, 199, 277, 398 Lacy, Robert G,, 333 Ladine, Duane A,, 60. 259. 296 Ladine. Lyal E., 259 Laidley, Susan J.. 319 Laiminger, Alfred 8., 60, 232, 335 Lakin. Joyce 0.. 108. 317 Lai. Mansumrat. 60. 232, 238 Lala. Hosy S., 238. 328 La Mair. Nancy £., 319, 346 La Mar, Henrietta. 412 Lamar. Robert T.. 40. 273. 338 Lamb. John G.. 330 Lamb. Leonard H.. 60 Lamb. William £.. 388 Lambert, Dorothy A,, 393 Lambert, Jaxon N.. 60. 396 Lamborn. Nate, 60 Lamison, Robert M., 60, 231, 232. 281. 293 Lanaghen, Francis E.. 230. 335 Landauer. Thomas K.. 410 Landry. William E.. 84. 255. 378 Lane, Barbara A,, 37. 60, 172, 267, 360 Lane, Elizabeth L,. 60. 303. 352 Lane. Solon J.. Ill Lang. Gerald L.. 129. 368 lang. Marion G.. 297 Lang. William R.. 366 Langer. Marvin Y.. 390 Langer. PauUa. 108. 273. 313 Langford, Margaret M,, 312 Langtry, Alfred L.. 398 Langworthy, Norman D,, 389 Larmon, La Retta M. . 312 Larsen. Gerald H.. 398 Larsen. Madelyn F.. 316 larsen. Sarah E.. 96 Larsen. Veryl E.. 303 Larson. Byron G.. 288 Larson. Dayl A.. 166. 358 Larson. Howard A.. 384 Larson. Karl G.. 96. 384 Larson. Thomas J.. 60. 232 Lasatcr. John L.. 389 La Shell. Leona V.. 84. 340, 376 Lasley. Sidney W.. 60. 282. 335 Laszlo. Michael. 60. 205. 254 Lathrop. Carl L.. 60. 370 Laucomer. Joanne K., 84. 321. 352 Laughlin, Henry D.. 330 Lautcr. Eva R.. 60. 264. 303 Lavash. John P.. 60. 233. 298. 300, 328 Lavington, Charles S.. 233 Law. Betty L.. 345 Law. John M.. 60. 111. 253. 288 Lawrence. Earl R.. 341, 396 Lawrence. Henry M.. 140. 396 Lawson. Mary C. 330 Lawson. Robert E.. 141. 330 Lawson. Robert £.. 40. 249, 266. 327. 330 Leahy. George F.. 84. 229. 256. 283 Leahy. George F.. 350 Learning. Charlotte M.. 313. 412 Leander. Jane. 94 Leavitt. Nora A.. 238. 315 Ledder. Bennett S.. 334. 390 Lederer. Ivo J.. 238. 336 Lee. Chosheng C. 323 Lee, Constance J.. 345 Lee, Dwight G.. 96 Lee, John £.. 262 Lee, Lucille Y. T.. 238, 242. 247. 315 Lee, Peter C. 398 Lee. Roberta £.. 344 Lee. Sharon L.. 303 172, Lee. Shirley M.. 40. 246. 249. 25S. 818 Le Fevre, Harry W,, 199, 882 Lehmann, Hans A,. 328 Lehr, Karl E,, 111 Lehrman, Philip M,, 404 Leierer. Charles £.. 286 Leigh. Barbara. 240. 412 Leik. Thomas H.. 336 Leimbach, Jessie A,, 235, 313 Leimkuhler, Donald vr,, 336 Leinberger, Marilyn M.. 242. 318 Leininger, Vonnie L.. 317 Leithead. Russell J.. Ill Leland Paula W.. 311. 348 Lemen. David A.. 398 Lemesany. William L.. Ill Leonard, Edward J., 255 Leonard, Elisabeth A.. 310 Le Roy. Duane O., 332 Leslie. Betty C. 44. 60. 69. 193. 262, 299. 360 Leslie, William R.. 384 Lesser. Paul A.. 161. 267. 299. 398 Leutz. Beverly G.. 60. 291. 348 Levine, Irving. 60 Levine. Phillip P.. 390 Levinger. J. Charles. 411 Levy. Harriet. 35. 96, 400 Levy. Irwin B.. 411 Levy. Jules. Jr.. 411 Levy, Larry M.. 410. 411 Lewin. Edward. 60. 410 Lewis. Clare £.. 238. 242 Lewis. Deanne L.. 317 Lewis. Donald A.. 254. 384 Lewis. John B.. 282. 299 Lewis. Kenneth S.. 60 Lewis. Mary K.. 264 Lewis, Thomas R., 96 Le is, Virginia A., 96. 264 Ley, William. 166 Leyden, Glenn £.. 129 Lieberman. Jack. 331 Liebetrau, William H.. 60, 396 Lien, Joan M,, 372 Lifshutz, Dena B,, 400 Lifton, William, 60 Light, Kneeland D,, 60. 108 Lightbum. Virginia G., 94, 96, 297, 360 Lilly. Clifford D.. 389 Limbocker. Kenneth D.. 894 Lincoln. James R,, 96 Lincoln, Rose M., 318 Lind, John £., 296 Lind, Mary L,, 248 422 S tucLent Jjndex Lindauer Ivo E., 96 Lindenschmit. Betty A., 240. 255, 310 Lindgren. John, 394 Lindgren, Virginia, 84, 261, 315 Lindholm, James C, 60 Lindholm, Lois A. M., 60 Lindou, Johanna £., 364 Lindseth, Carolyn L., 313, 366 Lindsey, William F,, 60 Lindsley, George E., 382 Lindstrom, Anne C 62, 340, 346 Link, Herbert C, 140 Link, Robert N., 245 Linn, Gwendolyn E., 193, 310, 392 Lintner, Norma J,, 84, 270, 412 Lipson, 158 Lisot, Oliver L., 62 List, Carolyn J., 376 Litsey, Linus R,. 303 Litten, Jack D., 96, 193 Little, Donald R,, 96 Little, John R., 151 Littler, William E,, 62 Livingston, Gordon B., 62 Livingston, Louis F,, 62. 410 Livingston, Shirley A.. 311 Livingston. Virginia, 312 Lloyd, William, 324 Lockard. Marjorie A.. 96, 178, 297, 316 Locke, Harry R., 410 Lockett, William D., 84 Loetscher. Casimir. 62. 108, 404 Lofgren, Marvin B.. 62. 108, 266, 329 Logan. Leland L.. 193. 290 Logan, Rosemary, 96. 373 Lohman, Laura E., 62 Lehman, Mona L.. 313 London, Jack W., 84 Long, Anne, 41 Long, Clifford C. 84, 388. 389 Long. James R.. 329 Long. Ralph E.. 389 Loomis. Constance A.. 314. 346 Loomis. Robert W.. 62. 180 Looms. Peter, 62 Lopez, Shirley D., 311 Lord, Grace L., 84. 320 Lord, Marilyn J.. 96, 172, 364 Lorens, Charles S., 229, 243, 283, 298, 300 Lorenz, Mary E., 122 Lott, Joan E., 62 Loudis, George A.. 62 Loughrey, Edward A., Ill Loup, Robert E.. 390 Love, Alan P., 268 Love, William B.. 389 Lovejoy, Frances A.. 346 Lovejoy. Harry E.. 268 Loversky. Patricia A., 311 Low. Richard J.. 266 Lowe, Anna V,. 84, 262, 264 Lowe, Kenneth R,, 84. 285, 394 Lowe, Wilmer R,, 108 Lowery, Roy P., 108 Lowry, Wendel E.. 331 Lubben. Martha J.. 62 Luby. John H., 332 Luby. William J.. 269 Lucas. Henry E.. 302 Ludeman. Barton L.. 84, 273. 384 Ludeman. Shirley A., 310, 366 Luebko, William R.. 283 Luedke. Robert G., 303 Lujan, Raymond L.. 331 Lum. Harry E., 62. ??9 Lund. Herbert A., Ill, 288 Lundberg, Daniel P.. 334 Lundberg, Joan L., 313, 352 Lundeen, Garnett L., 269, 322 Lundell, Paula M., 84, 317 Luntz, Constance F.. 84 Lusby. Luther C. 394 Lusk. Barbara J.. 62. 316 Lusk. Richard C. 140. 329 Lutovich. Gerald. 390 Luttrell. Emilyn B.. 414 Lutz, Jay E.. 32. 62. 71. 82. 341, 390 Lym, Richard C, 108 Lynch, Daniel F., 114 Lynch, Robert E., 62 Lynch, Will T., 160 Lynn, Constance, 96, 348 M Mabee, Joan. 291, 366 Mac Fadden. Mary L., 352 Mac Intosh, Bruce D., 184 Mackay, Darell B., 254 Mackie, James B., 62. 238 Mac Laren. Merle, 360 Mac Leod. William A.. 334 Mac Millan. George. 3! ' 9 Macpherson. Jean 0,. 62, 303. 376 Mac Spadden. Beverly A.. 264. 265 Macy, Martha J.. 235 Maddock, Mary L., 96. 414 Maddox, Charles E., 62. 232 Madsen. Robert C. 96. 358 Maes, John A., 62, 280 Magee. Donald C, 398 Magill, Martha L., 35 Maguire, William E., 331 Mahan. Cherie, 84 Maier. Clara J.. 84, 848 Maier, Frank J,, 358 Mai res, Richard L.. 232 Majors. Charles E.. 96 Malde. Harold E., 303 Maldonado. Francisco, 62, 156, 236, 242, 255, 329 Malesovich, Jce, 40, 62, 249, 266, 328 Haley, Samuel W., 283 Maling, Donald, 411 Mallatt, Mary A., 320 Malone, Theodore E,, 111 Maloney, Nancy J., 84, 863 Maloof, Mary J., 314 Malpeli, John C, 140 Maltz, Kolores H., 62, 400 Manahan, Jack, 380 Mandel, Joan E., 400 Mandusic, Anne C, 238 Manges, Gayle E., 382 Manire, Robert W., 165 Mansfield, Janet P.. 313 Mantle. Queeda E.. 319 Manville. Sylvia L., 238, 274 Manuel, Richard M,, 230, 254 Mapes, Nancy E., 96, 348 Marable, James H.. 259. 296. 300 Marcantonio. Bambina M.. 310 Marchick. Herbert H.. 62. 390 Marchiori. Rosalie 1., 35. 62 Marcus. Gloria M.. 96. 412 Mariani, John, 398 Maring, Barbara J.. 311 Markham. Allan W.. 335 Markham. Ann. 274. 315 Markham. Annette D.. 360 Markham. Roger K., 334, 394 Markley, Marjory A., 318 Marks, Joan, 96, 264, 297, 301 Marks, Tyler K.. 331. 398 Marquardt, Johanna M,, 323 Marriott. Frederick J., 193 Marshall, Edithellen L.. 62, 242 Marshall, Gordon E,, 394 Marshall, Harry G.. 62. 232. 281, 298 Marshall. Jack C, 296, 300 Marshall, Katherine J., 310 Mariihall. Lee W.. 140, 335 Marshall. Robert W.. 386 Marta. George A.. 96 Martee. Lucille T.. 268 Martin, A. W.. 108 Martin. Charles W.. 193 Martin. Jo An. 62. 264. 265. 269, 291 Martin, Joy 0., 36, 274, 303 Martin, Marilyn J.. 314 Martin. Mary Ellen. 374 Martin. Richard A., 332, 398 Martin, Virginia R.. 122. ?61. 313. 366 Martin. Warren 0.. 62. 280 Martinez, Levi, 183, 288 Martini. William K.. 236 Marvin. Mary K.. 84. 364 Marx. Ralph L., 328 Mason. Gordon J.. 247 Mason. Patricia A.. 346 Mason, Thomas R,, 305 Massey. Barbara A.. 310 Mast. Marcia A.. 303. 360 Masters. Beverly D., 84, 374 Masterson. John H.. 40. 249 Masui. Robert K.. 62. 108. 247 Mashunaga, Rosie M.. 323 Matalon, Jack. 335 Mather. Russell R,, 111, 286 Mathews, Betty J.. 311 Matson. Donald C. 96 Maston, Dorothy E.. 84, 320 Matsuo. Shigeru. 329 Matsushima. Edna. 96, 238, 251 Mattesan, Jack, 96 Matteson, Jo A.. 84, 270, 348 Mattoon, William R., Ill, 184 Mattson, Fred W., Ill Mauney, Doris M., 313 Maurek, Carol J,, 62, 340, 364 Maxted, Fred H,, 262 Maxwell, James D.. 276 May, Mary J.. 62. 374 May. Roger E.. 386 Mayer, Helene B.. 318 Mayer. Robert W., 329 Mayers. Edgar R., 62 Mayo. Howard R., 62, 108, 330 Mayo, Pete. 378 Mc Alpine. Daniel B.. 331 McBride. Betty L.. 313. 374 McBride. Glen C, McBrien. Ellen J.. 243, 313 McCabe, Madeline M., 311 McCabe. Velda B.. 810 McCain, Leonard H.. 111. 268, 286, 327, 335 McCandless. Robert S.. 140 McCarthy. Charles G.. 140 McCarthy. Diana L.. 311 McCarthy, Margaret A., 62, 252 McCarty, Howard B., Ill, 253, 288 McCarty, Patrick F., 305, 384 McCasIin, Patricia, 373 McClanahan, Donald. 394 McClearn, Jean H,, 324 McClearn, William C. 111. 183 McCleary. Catherine F.. Ill McClellan. Dorothy A.. 62 McClellan, Robert J., 108 McClelland, Helen L., 376 McClintock. Virgil C. Ill McClure. James A.. 84. 378 McCoid. John W.. 129, 160 McCollum. George A.. 342 McComb, John S., 232 McCone, Robert L., 394 McConville, Roberta T.. 122, 256 McCorcle, James H.. 108 McCord. Susan G.. 314. 372 McCoy, Herbert L.. 229 McCoy, Mary L,, 314. 393 McCrory. John. 389 McCue. Mary E., 96, 108, 256. 273, 318, 346 McCulIough, Eleanor R,. 84. 318 McCutchan. David A., 404 McDaniel, Deryl O., 329 MoDaniel, Mary I., 273 McDonald, Allan D., 268 McDonald, Betty J,, 108, 109. 294 McDonald, Claude G.. 94. 404 McDonald. Frances J.. 320 McDonald. George C. 356 McDonald. Lois J.. 62, 303. 324 McDonald. Martha R.. 62. 348 McDonald. Raymond W.. 84, 176, 384 McDonnell, William J.. 198 McDonough. Gilbert L.. 62. 398 McDougal. Joan R.. 372 McElroy. James R.. 31, 303, 327, 329 MsElroy, R. W., 31 McEwen, Waldo J.. 229 McFadden, Charlotte M., 346 McFarland, Arthur W.. 248 MsFarland. Harry B.. 398 McFarland. Sidney. 313. 392 McFerran. Ann E.. 318, 344 Mclarvey, Billie J.. 62. ?32 McGary, JoAnne £.. 96. 235 McGaw, Bonnie J., 313. 393 McOee. Jack D.. 84 McGee. William E.. 406 McGillivray. Mary B.. 217. 310 McGraw. Earl S.. 331 McGreevy, Rita T., 62 McGregor. Carol J., 318 McGuire, Joanne E., 366 McGuire. John R.. 62. 166. 236 McHugh. Robert C. 263 Mcllwain, Mary A.. 3fi2 Mclntire. Keith. 84. 328 Mcintosh. Charles E.. 184 McKay. Joan. 376 McKay. Marilyn J., 94. 122. 264. 269 McKay. Robert E., 108, 329 McKeeman, Treva J.. 311 McKell. Helen. 240, 316 McKenzie. Don R., 404 McKenzie, Robert A.. 269 McKinley. Charles R.. 193. 327. 328 McKinley, John R.. 328. 394 McKinley. Joseph G.. 269. 329 McKinley. Patricia W.. 328 McKinney, Mable I.. 238, 260. 274 McKinnon. Douglas A.. 140. 398 McKinsfry. Walter B.. 178 McKnight. Mary H.. 316 McKown. Jane G.. 96 McLaughlin, Charles K., 228 McManis, Jack F.. 62. 233. 293. 298 McMartin, Nancy, 32, 36. 44. 62. 376 McMaster. Snsanne. 84. 376 McMillan. Alice C. 96. 376 McMillen. Gordon A.. 282 McNamara. George L.. 232 McNary, William D.. 384 McNeal. Norman £.. 389 McNeel. Jane M.. 96 McNees. Harry E.. 62. 285. 290 McQuarrie, Nanon I.. 62. 392 McQuilkin. Diane. 270. 316 McVey. Hal E.. 62. 141. 145 Mead. Elizabeth S.. 62 Meakins, Keith D.. 394 Mecherle. Georgia L.. 376 Mehas. Frances. 267. 317 Meheen. Homayoun. 232 Mehos. Bill. 62. 279. 388 Mehos. John G.. 96. 108, 388 Mehta, Himatlal R., 62. 108, 288 Meiklejohn, Julia M., 62, 316 Meisch. Linus J.. 265 Meizner, Charles A.. 398 Melaas, John H.. 835 Melander, Florence M.. 263 Melbye, Donald A., 62. 111. 333 Melle. Charles F., 84. 91. 388 Melnick. Larry P., 410 Meloche, Donald L.. 327. 331 Melville, Ann L.. 34. 35. 44, 62, 264, 269, 301 Melville. Leura A.. 319 Melville. Patricia J.. 366 Menage. Leo T., 62, 406 Mendel, Juanita E.. 244. 400 Mendelsohn. Shirley E., 96. 400 Mendoza, Maria C. 122 Menely. Richard B., 96. 388 Menzel, James N.. 96 Menzel. Velda L., 318 Mercier, George H., 96 Merigan, Walter S., 399 Merlino, George R., 306 Merriam, Betty A., 261. 310, 872 Merrick, Jerome L.. 235 Merrick. William A.. 282 Merrill, Constance L.. 345 Messer. Barry W.. 411 Messick. David T.. 331 Metcalf. James T., 404 Metcalfe, Kenneth C, 84 Metz. Shirley J.. 818. 400 Metzger. Carolyn P.. 362 Metzger, Dale, 254 Metzger, Markley G.. 328 Meyer. Charles M., 96, 382 Meyer, Harold C, 390 Meyer. Heard L.. 91. 129. 370 Meyer. Hellmut L,. 96. 335 Meyer. Jeanette L.. 310 Meyer. Robert H.. 396 Meyer, Suzanne B., 94. 96. 262 Michaelson. Richard, 62. 388 Mickles, Frances J.. 313 Middlemist, Jacqueline, 255, 810, 898 Miera, Viola R,, 266, 318 Miguel, Trinidad. 84. 247. 316 Mihalik. Ileana J., 346 Milesell, Ritchie P.. 296 Mikkelson. Bette J.. 62. 316 Mikuni, Willie T.. 84, 251 Milenski, John W., 404 Miles, Buth C, 84, 374 . 334 172, 360 260 , 84. 91. 332. 364 312 Miles. Mary K.. 329 Miley, Mary K., 96, 182, 346 Millard, Janet, 62. 264 Millard, Ronald E.. 180. 394 Miller, Ann H.. 96. 366 Miller. Donald E.. 62. 283. 300 Miller. Evaline J.. 297. 348 Miller. Franklin G.. 368 Miller. Myron J.. 62. 248 Miller. Myron M., 390 Miller, Nancy L., 400 Miller, Friscilla K.. 313 Miller. Richard A.. 236. 280 Miller. Robert A., 84, 229 Miller, Shirley A., 398 Miller. Thomas E.. Ill Milles. Nancy V., 814, 362 Milliard, Omer J.. 232 Milliken. Donald M.. 232 Mills. Basil E.. 389 Mills. John S.. 389 Mills. Marcia I., 64 Milner. Carol E.. 96. 345 Milner, Jerold F., 84, 181, 273, 389 Miner, Nancy B., 64 Minnard, Robert W,, 328, 378 Minner, Naomi C. 400 Minsey, Elynore J.. 315 Miskell. Whitney J.. 402 Miskowiec. Wanda G.. 84. 340, 348 Mitchell, Albert R., 84 Mitchell, Eugene D., 64. 233. 894 Mitchell. Gilbert W.. 286 Mitchell. James W.. 84. 152, 286, 279, 878 Mitchell, Kenneth S.. 140 Mitchell. William L., 11, 286 Mitcheltree, John R.. 84. 2.«4. 354 Modjtehedi. Mohamad R.. 238 Modrall. James R.. 167. 282. 300, 882 Moe, Thomas S.. 64 Moles. David W., 64, 296 Molidor, Ruth C, 64, 171, Molles, Victor J., 408 Monaco, Elmer V. , 64 Mont. Claire D.. 96. 362 Montfort. Charles D.. Ill Montgomery, Jack W Montgomery, Joan E. Moon, Rose D., 311 Moon. Yung M., 247 Mooney. Katharine P.. 261. 392. 393 Moore. Barbara L.. 64. 317 Moore. Boyd N.. 232 Moore. Ina A.. 252 Moore. James E., 266 Moore, Jesse S.. 335 Moore. Loren I., 113, 299 Moore. Lucia M., 366 Moore, Marilyn. 96. 315 Moore. Martha H.. 810 Moore. May A.. 122. 238. 269. 317 Moore. Richard D.. 64, 268 Moreau. Dallas J., 64. 108 Moreau. Ruth A.. 64. 264 Morgan. Ann R., 818 Morgan. Betty L.. 313 Morgan. James I.. 329 Mori. Bert S.. 108 Moriarty. Honora R., 288 Morison, Jack L.. 332 Moritz, Elizabeth, 393 Morris, Lillian R.. 64. 291 Morris. Mary L.. 291 Morris. Rachel L.. 392 Morris. Roy E., 64. 111. 282. 408 Morris. Roy W.. 370 Morris. Ruth L., 178. 892. 393. Morris. Sarah E.. 366 Morris Sarah L.. 811 Morrisey. Allan E.. 64. 233. 293 Morrison. Alice M., 84, 366 Morrison, Jane W.. 314 Morrison. Mary A.. 34. 35. 83. 297. 313, 364 Morrison, Paula R.. 313 Morroni. Catherine C 84 Morrow. Mary J.. 64, 264 Morrow, Samuel M.. 299 Morse. Stephen M.. 108. 331 Morton, Jack A., 64, 232 Morton. Robert R.. 140 Mosbaugh Donna J.. 64, 94. 193, 274. 295. 317 Mosher. Charles E.. 84. 129. 130. 236, 384 Mosier, Marilyn R.. 172. 240. 261. 310 Moss, Dorothy A.. 36 Moss, Oscar L,, 84 Moss. Thurle E.. 364 Mossman. Elizabeth L.. 860 Motoyama. William H.. 266, 334 Mott, Charles A., f Mott, Richard C. 140 Moulton. Wilson C. 64. 342 Mount. Robert G.. 166. 378 Mountford Betty J.. 40. 122. 236. 249, 819 Mourning, Donald B,, 389 Mow, Warren, 247 Moy, Douglas Y., ?30, 269, 366 Mueller, Lee E., 408 Mues, Melvin V.. 96. 254 Mugge. Jo Ann, 352 Muirhead. Joyce D.. 64 Mulanax. Marien E.. 316 Mullen. Barbara P.. 318, 348 Muller, James A.. 331 Mulligan. Josephine A.. 266. 261. 270, 892 Mulligan, Margery A.. 366 Mulliken, John C. 286. 336 Mullin. Franklin K.. 178, 334, 384 Mullins, James A.. 228. 230. 276, 888 Mulvihill, Henry N., 362 Mulvihill. John C. 64. 111. 362 Munns. Kenneth L.. 161 Munro, Charles Alden. 64. 354 Munson, Errol J., 64, 261, 848 Munson, Margaret J,, 193. 314. 393 i tudent ndex 423 Kunson. Marilyn J.. S13. 366 Munson. Folly A.. 318 Hurphy, Anne. 318 Murphy. John C, 335 Murphy. Joseph P.. 33S Murphy. Leo A.. 283 Murphy. Leo C, 64, 328 Murphy. Marian F.. 64. 348 Murphy, Mary A,, 414 Murphy. Patricia A.. 34. 94. 392 Murray. Marlis H.. 96. 122. 321 Murray. Boger K.. 108. 356 Murray. Violet L.. 64. 360 Musil. Robert W.. 91, 268. 290. 342 Husser. Frank H.. 368 Musuineci. Joseph. Jr., 328 Muth, Orva J,, 270 Muth, Robert J,, 161, 358 Muth, Wayne A,, 245 Mver, Rendle, 111, 341, 362 Myers, Horace C, £32 Myers, Jack E,. 64 Mvers, Kermit W., 182, 230 Myers, Loring M.. 331 Myers. William R,. 333 Mythen, Richard E.. 108 N Naeve. Milo M.. 328. 394 Naget, Robert L.. 330 Na?el. Ruth C. 111. 366 Naglestad, Frederic A.. 328 Naiman. Marvin I.. 390 Naines. Barbara M.. 348 Nakai. Akida. 64 Nakai. Mitsuru. 62 Nakamura. Annie S., 247, 251. 264 Nakano. William T.. 336 Nakaoka. Robert 64, 331 Nakata, Elsie M., 311 Naleid. Sandra A.. 313. 352 Names. Gwendolyn M.. 310. 374 Nance, Harry J,, 236, 259, 404 Narcisian, Harry, 155 Nash, Donald E,. 64. 346. 354 Nash. Franklin M.. 358 Nash. Richard W.. 84 Nathan, Joanna, 3 1 L Hathan, Nona J.. 321 J Kaused. Virginia. 84. 321. 360 f Noal. Daniel R.. 64 Neale. Charles T., 334 Neblick, Edward J,, 228, 334 Nedberg, Svorre K.. 64, 282 Needham, Mar.iorie E., 311 Neely, Robert T,, 835 Neer, Merlene H,, 311, 376 Negro, Albert G.. 293. 298 Nehring. Charles A.. 280 Neiman. Erwin B.. 332 Neisler. Raymond M., 64. 233 Nelson, Barbara J,, 303. 324, 393 Nelson, Barbara S.. 84. 372 Nelson, Carol M,. 96. iV . 318 Kelson, Edith A,, 313, 393 Nelson, Glenn B,, 64. 229. 230. 254, 389 Nelson, James H,, 64 Nelson, Joan H,, 360 Nelson, John R,, 333 Helson, Karen M,. 64. 360 Nelson. Marilyn J.. 96, 274, 295, 317 Nelson, Mary I., 35, 267, 297. 340, 392 Nelson, Orwin A.. 140. 388 Kelson. Ternon R.. 296 Kelson. Wendell D., 302 Nelson. William H.. 111. 253. 286 Kepp. Donald L.. 64. 232 Nesladek. Donald J.. 382 Netz. Howard E.. 108 Neuman, Fred A.. 334. 411 Neuman. Leona M.. 311. 352 Neuschaefer. William H.. 64, 283. 404 Nevels. Philip A., 235 Neville. Alice J.. 96 Neville, Paul E,, 160, 364 Kevins, Mary E,, 84 Kewbury, Lillian A., 311, 374 Kewcomb, Mary E,, 122 Kewcomer, Robert W.. 329 Kewell. Mary G.. 96, 297, 374 Newman, Harry J., 280 Newman, Herbert J.. 336 Newman. William F.. 254 Kewmarch. George A., 64. 331 Newmark, Robert, 91, 326, 331 Kewmyer, Earl L.. 328 Keylon. Maureen S.. 96. 376 Kiblock. George W.. 334. 408 Kicholas. Robert E.. 285. 300 Kicholls. Robert L.. 64. 232 Kichols. Frank L.. 64. 382 Kichols. Kenneth E., 233 Kichols, Raymond L,, 64, 180, 229, 283, 298. 300. 360 Kicholson. John W.. 382 Kickerson, Charles W,, 64 Kickerson, William M.. 332 Kickles. Rita V., 310 Kickols. Doris L.. 313 Hickson. Richard L.. 331 Kicou. George J.. 286 Klelsen. Nathan. 73. 82. 178 Kiemi. Norma M,, 94, 96, 348 Kinneman, Arthur D., 64 Kittler, Ralph L., 64, 228 Kiz, Joe F,, 129, 131, 155 Klinik, Albert J,, 328 Noel, Patsy S,, 313 Nogg, Donald I., 64, 410 Norman. Joan A.. 310, 360 Norris. Gerald W,, 84, 233, 293. 341, 342 Norris. William P,, 255, 285 Northcutt, Florence, 96, 321, 376 Norton, Jerry J,, 268 Nossaman, Marjorie C 96, 360 Nott, Bculah B., 64, 238 Novak, Joan, 232 Noyes, David M,, 151 Nuttall, Tony, 96, 201. 378 Nygaard, Ruth E,, 278, 818 Nyquist, Marilyn E,, 314 Oakes, Wallace M,, 358 Oakley, Gary A,, 398 Obele, Michael D., 330 Oberg, Franc H., 193 Obergfell, Martha A,, 84 Oberheide, Robert W,, 384 Oberto, Edwin L,, 389 Oblak, William M,, 64, 233, 293. 298 O ' Brien. Arthur W., 64 O ' Brien, Thomas J,, 64, 255 Ocamb, Doris V.. 311, 374 Ocamb, Harold D., 384 O ' Connell, Patricia Q,. 310, 392 O ' Connor, Tommy L,, 360 O ' Dcll, Helen M.. 269. 315 O ' Dell. Robert A., 279 O ' Donnell. Canton. 358 Oehlkers, Robert R.. 84. 233. 408 Oertli. Charles W.. 254. 408 Getting, Franklin L,, 341 O ' Gara, Mary J.. 346 O ' Grady, Danna J., 312 Okada, Tsuyoshi, 251, 279, 332 Okada, Masahito, 251, 332 Okazaki, James S,, 251 O ' Kelly, Suzanne M.. 346 Okimoto. Thomas A.. 247 Olander, Harvey C, 394 Olander, Robert G,. 394 Oldakcr, Margaret J,, 352 Olde. Burton S., 84 Oliviera de Leao, G,, 64 Oliver, Mary J,, 235, 319 Oliver, Rex L,, 386 Oliver, Robert R., 64 Olsen, Derrick F,, 243, 336 Olsen, James M,, 334 Olsen, Robert W,, 330 Olsen, Royal W,, 84, 333 Olson. Bertil 0., 235 Olson, Donald E,, 266 Olson, James R,, 334 Olson, Mark D,, 264 Olson, Robert C, 337 O ' Malley, Edmund P.. 404 O ' Melia, Frances C, 318 O ' Neal, Reta M,, 122, 269 O ' Neil. Shannon A., 311 O ' Neill, Donald L,, 64, 229 O ' Neill, Robert J., 331, 384 Onorati, Ernest C. 329 Onorati, June J.. 108. 273. 312 Onorati. Lucille M.. 264 Oparil. Dolores M.. 313. 348 Opdycke. Martha F.. 94. 193, 262, 360 Opie, Donald S,, 64 Orchard Roberta E., 313. 346 Ormsby, Herbert M.. 230 Orr. Barbara J., 366 Orr, Betty A,, 64, 364 Orr, Duncan H,, 64, 289, 354 Orr, Margaret G,, 323 Orzalli, John B., 299, 380 Osborn, Elaine B,, 252 Osman, Margaret I,, 364 Ostwald, Leonard F.. 84. 285 Ostwald. Lydick T., 64. 296 Otaguro. Lawrence A.. 247 Otani. James M.. 108 Otis, Marilyn J,, 362 O ' Toole, James B,, 66, 302, 368 Ott, Elmer P,. 64, 231, 232 Otto, Betty Jo, 64, 360 Otto, Douglas C 328 Ouren, Gail F,, 111, 2, ' 3, 286 Over, Eugene L,, 84, 230, 286, 368 Overton, Ann C, 96 Owen, Dorothy C, 243, 318 Owens, John R, 286 Owens, Ronald L,, 290 Owings, Donald R,, 330 Oyloe, Turner L.. 140 Ozbirn. Helen L., 316 Ozulu , Mehmet, 238 Pabst, Bertha J,, 84, 264 Pace, Jo M,, 96. 344 Pace. Richard C. 331 Packard. Bruce H.. 285 Packard, Evelyn, 34, 94, 179, 273, 376 Paddock, David S,, 183 Page, Donna L., 96, 362 Page, Rodney D,, 243 Pahs, Shirley A., 255, 314 Paidar, Shirley J,, 34, 35, 83, 84, 87. 372 Paine, George W,, 182 Palmateer, Lester W.. 233, 293, 298 Palmer, Alice A., 360 Palmer. Ann N,, 84, 193 Palmer, Barbara J,, 313, 352 Palmes, Robert B., Ill, 288 Palo, David B., 235 Palsgrove John H,, 66, 402 Panek, Patricia A,, 366 Pankey, Phillip L,, 84, 394 Fankoff, Mary L.. 35, 312, 346 Fankonin, Phyllis J,, 83, 320. 374 Pannell, Calvin E,, 66 Faolella, Joseph, 255, 398 Papadopoulou, Helen G., 122 Paper, Esther A,, 84, 318. 364 Papp, Robert T,, 378 Faquette, Edwin L,, 262, 384 Faquette, Walter J,, 66, 281, 298, 300, 327, 330 Faranto, Arthur J.. 108 Farga, Robert E,, 256 Fargal, Hari K,, 238, 260 Faricio, Ramon, 230, 236 Parker, Gene T,, 84, 382 Parker, James E.. 66, 341, 350 Parker, Patricia L,, 314 Parker, Robert W,, 276, 336 Parkin, Dorothy N.. 108 Parks, Mary L,, 316 Farlapiano, David C, 358 Parmelee, Phyliss, A., 295 Parsley, Patricia A,, 268 Parson, Elmer S,, 266, 335 Parson, Jane A,, 312 Parsons, Marian E,, 317 Paschal, Carolyn, 313 Pasco, Ruthmary, 314 Patterson, David R,, 330 Patton, Edythe Y., 316, 374 Pauk. Barbara F,, 372 Paule, Jacquelyn D,, 96, 313 Paulicheck, Eleanor L,, 318 Paulson, Wallace S,, 96 Payne, John, 96 Payne, Thomas W,, 398 Peacock, James H,, 66 Peacock, Prudence J.. 66. 376 Peacock. Robert B.. 96. 370 Pearl. Philip R.. 66. 232. 332 Pearl. Richard H.. 329 Peasley. John A.. 84. 228. 342 Peebles. Edward M.. 255 Pekkarine. Eino W.. 279, 329 Penfield, Alvin W,, 66 Penington, Patricia G,, 84, 303, 374 Penn, Gwendolyn A,, 400 Penney, Frank A., 66. 378. 394 Penny. Raymond G.. 84 Penzel. Norine L.. 311 Peplinski. Lercy R.. 330. 389 Peppers. Shirley D.. 122, 312 Peppiatt. Marilyn L.. 317. 374 Pereira, Mario A. , 238, 265 Feriman, Jane 0,, 66 Feriman, Kenneth I,, 66, 268 Ferine, Willis F,, 66. 230. 231. 232 Perkins. George P.. 66. 341. 378 Perlmutter. Louis M.. 330. 411 Perlmutter. Roslyn. 66. 400 Perotin. Murray. 390 Perrenoud. Mary L.. 96. 360 Ferrigo. Jean. 66 Ferriman. Ann E.. 364 Perrine. John C. 330 Perry, Edward G,, 362 Perry, William A,, 84, 334 Pesavento, Margaret A,, 122 Peterie, Charles D,, 243 Petermann, Betty L,, 312, 344 Peters, Arthur M.. 330 Peters. Edith A.. 36, 321 Peterson, Arthur E.. 333 Peterson. Bernard £.. 254 Peterson. Charles L.. 66 Peterson. Carl B.. 331. 354 Peterson, Courtland H., Ill, 184 Peterson, Donald L,, 335 Peterson, Douglas P,, 66, 380 Peterson, John W,, 108, 331 Peterson, Nancy W,, 66 Peterson, Norma L,, 122 Peterson, Norman G,, 266, 299 Peterson, Patricia A,, 318 Peterson, Poilyanne, 34, 44. 66. 75. 352 Peterson. Robert K.. 66. 266. 296. 300 Peterson, Roger A,, 335 Peterson, Shirley J.. 295 Peterson. Vee E.. 313 Petgen. Barbara J.. 323 Petricich. Marko. 108 Pettinger. Mary E.. 122. 238 Petty. Luoylinn. 31. ' Petty. Thomas L.. 384 Phelan. Joseph F., 31. 66. 178, 305 Phenix, E. J,, 31 Phenix, Elanor V,, 66 Phibbs, Harry A,, 333 Phillips, Gordon G.. 66 Phillips. Mary F.. 66. 303. 324 Phillips, Sherli A., 261, 360 Phipps, Erlene M,. 66, 414 Phraner, Mary A,, 66, 316 Picard, John A,, 111 Piccoli, Joseph G,, 66, 332 Piepho, Carol L,, 311, 392 Fierce, Candace. L,, 313, 366 Pierce, Charles D,, 111, 253, 288 Pierce, Justin B,, 243, 264 Pierson, Joyce, 372 Pierson, Judith A,, 96. 340. 412 Pierson. Roy A.. 66, 330 Pike, Nancy A,, 97. 348 Pike. Robert H.. 66. 129, 139 Filkington, Harold D,, 161, 257 Fillmore, Charles L.. 234 Pinkerton. Adrienne. 86, 318, 412 Finnock, Frank S,, 268 Finoni, Edward A,, 332 Fiotraschke, Ronald A., 332 Piper, Peggy J,, 262, 296, 346 Pirk, Kenneth E., 264 Pita, Fred, 66 Pitchford, Norma L,, 97, 268, 321 Fitre, Rita A,, 315 Pittenger, Mary J., 366 Plambeck, Donald L,, 333. 394 Plant, James A,, 66, 229, 263, 283. 364 Flatts, Robert H,, 152, 236 Player, Adger E., 140, 250, 274, 329 Ploger, Carolyn E,, 324 Flush, Lola M,, 346 Pueuman, Frederick C, 17, 91, 181, 398 Pobrislo, Janice L,, 321, 376 Poch, Nedra A,, 312 Poehlmann, Edwin J., 232 Foque, Mary E,, 319 Fohl, Richard W,, 86, 402 Poling, Donna C, 97, 374 Poling, Shirley J,, 66, 310, 874 Foling, Sid, 157 Pomeroy, Susan, 372 Ponce, Paul V,, 296 Poole, Joanne, 86, 262, 264, 268, 303 Poole, Stella J.. 234, 252 Poon, Bing T.. 289 Poope, Rodney B,, 140 Porter, Edwin D,, 389 Porter, Richard L,, 66, 281 Porter, Richard F,, 378 Pospisil, Richard J,. 378 Potarf. Ernest B.. 66. 333 Potarf. Sara E.. 97, 348 Potochnik, Amelia, 34. 44, 66, 77, 264 Potter, Barbara H,, 344 Potter, Earl A., 86, 386 Potter. Joan E.. 86 Potter. Mary A.. 311 Potter, Robert V., 97. 382 Pottorf. Fred D.. 66. 178. 305. 330 Powell. George W.. 86. 280. 329 Powell. Jack G.. 66. 280 Powell. William M.. 330 Powers. Areta. M.. 252. 268 Pow ers. Mary J.. 311 Pratt. Meredith S.. 398 Pratt. Patricia I.. 66 Preich. Virginia R., 323 Prenzlow, Carl F.. 66. 279, 328 Frescott, Ann M,, 66, 362 Presler, Donna J.. 234. 242. 317 Pretti. Bradford J.. 86. 273. 388 Priest. DeBorah M.. 360 Prinzing. Josef F.. 66. 386 Procopio. Mary A., 348 Proctor. Helen J.. 66. 172. 303, 318 Prokop, Betty J.. 323 Pruss, Donald E,, 97, 396 Puckett. Orville J.. 111. 302 Pudlik. Edward J.. 165 Puett. Grayson E.. 334. 378 Fuett. Nancy R.. 66. 352 Fugh. Mary V.. 312. 346 Pugh. Russell S.. 177. 384 Fughe. James M.. 111. 288 Punches. Richard G.. 137. 139. 327, 334 Purshottam. Natesaier. 66, 129, 236 Putney, Joan M,, 97, 346 Pyle, Andrew F,, 404 Pyle, Earl T,, 140 Pyle, Harold W,, 66, 180, 268, 283 Pyle, Richard L, , 108 duam, Barbara J.. 94. 393 Quartana. Stephanie J.. 238 Quentan. Eugene G., 336 Quick, Gloria S,, 66 Quigley, Daniel E,, 111 Quinby, Lyal E,. 97 Quinlan, John S,, 151 Quinn, Charles V.. 282 Quinn. Mary A.. 266. 313 Quinn, Norma C, 321 R Kaber, Doris L,, 269, 314, 346 Raccy, Carlyn V., 362 Rademacher, Paul L.. 97. 394 Radichel. Joyce J.. 66. 352 Radloff. Floyd E.. Ill Raduziner. David M.. 180. 341, 856 Rains, Mary D.. 94. 97. 296. 346 Rakow. Jeri H.. 313 Ramage. Janet A.. 235. 303 Ramer. Raymond. Ill Ramirez. Elsa L.. 318 Ramsay. John G.. Ill Ramsay. Neil W., 330 Ramsay. William C. 334 Randall. Burton W.. 113. 299. Randolph. Robert H., 86. 332. 394 Sanger, Sally R,, 236 Rank, John B,. 66, 232. 326. 336 Ranson. Richard N.. 66. 82. 402 Ranspot. Henry W.. 389 Rardin. Theodore A.. 329 Rasey. Ann M.. 314 Rasmusen. Mary A.. 321 Rasmusseu. Beuna M.. 97. 362 Rasmussen. Jack E.. 394 Raso. Augustine. 66. 162. 236, 378 Bath, Jean, 324 Ratliff, James C. 285. 290 Raveling. Jerome L., 140 Ravicz, Arthur E., 86, 230, 276, 300, 333 Rawson, Marion E,, 66 Read, Peter C, 235 Ready, Richard T., 66, 384 Reddert, Ronda L., 318 Reddish, James H,, 282 Redman, Sammy L., 91, 97, SS4 Redmon, James W,, 404 Redmon, Katherine C, 83, 176, 258, 267, 273, 340, 376 Reece, John D,, 66, 402 Reed, L, Jane, 66, 324 Reed, Phyllis A,, 313 Reed, William H,, 66, 236, 327, 834 Reed, William S,. 882 424 student ndex Beeve. Carriellen, 172, 310 Beeves, Patricia H., 319 Kefuerzo. Fetra A., 238 Begout, Robertus L., 238, 303 Beich. Charles, 45 Belch, James F., 240 Reich, John H., 66, 368 Reich, Beatrice J,, 66 Reiohers. Bernie, 368 Reichstein, Donald L., 66, 262 Xeid, ColTin, 231, 281 Beid, Harriette F,. 344. 345 Reid. Joan H,, 320 Eeigle, Mary E., 40, 1?2, ?49, 268, 319 Reiman, Carolyn G.. 68, 316 Reimer, Mary J,, 262, 264 Rein, Siegfried, 250 Reingold, Elliot G,, 97, 390 Reish, Leonard A,, 331 Reitz, Richard C 328 Rekers, Rohert G., 276, 289 Rellihen, Dorothy J., 97, 318 Bematore, Andrew I,, 274 Remich, Norman C, 330 Remington, Beynold R,, 108 Rendall, Judith, 267, 313 Resseguie. Richard W.. 384 Rcthlefse.i, Frank H., 68, 370 Reynolds, Catherine R., 97, 376 Reynolds, Marilyn J., 40, 249, 310 Beynolds, Mary J,, 313 Reynolds, Robert S,, 336 Eheinberger, Mary A,, 311 Bhodes, George F,, 329 Bhudy, Derald D,, 330 Rice. Beverly J., 68, 360 Bice, James M,, 255 Rice, Leo B., 68, 354 Rice, Roger W., 332, 854 Rich, Leslie, 328 Richard, Donald E., 68, 113, 282, 299, 394 Richards, Ethel C. 108. 109, 294 Richards, Harlan R.. 233, 293, 298 Richards, Joan R,, 97, 314 Richards. Patricia J.. 68. 291, 364 Richards, Robert J., 268 Richardson. Marcus, 68 Richardson. Mary A,, 348 Richcrt, Milton, 111, 288 Riches, Beverly A,, 317 Richman, Russell B., 39, 68, 228, 276, 289. 388 Eichman, William H.. 91, 402 Rickels, La Verne H., 129 Rickman. Suzanne A., 235, 318 Eicord, George 0.. 68. 248 Riddles. Charles W.. 238 Riddoch. Beverly L.. 97, 346 Eider, William. 402 Eider, Eichard C. 396 Rieber. Harold, 111 Riechers, Bernard G.. 68. 280 Riechers. Ruth H., 262, 268. 318 Riefenberg. Dorothy J.. 97, 374 Rierson, Robert D., 358 Riesen, Barbara L., 68, 364 Riffle, Patsy J,, 297 Eigg, Bobert W., 86 Riggs, JIarcia, 310, 352 Riggs, Nancy B., 68, 362 Rinaldo, Lawrence A., 333 Einehart, Barbara G., 311 Einehart, Bobert F., 264, 398 Eingenberg, William W,. 388 Einker, Joan S., 86, 340, 374 Einne, Olive M,, 68, 374 Bios, Irvin G., 402 Eippberger, Alice J., 97 Bizer. SImer L,, 86, 182, 280 Eizzo, Joan C, 261, 270, 811 Roath, Carl H,, 168 Bobbins, Diane, 98, 316. 866 Bobbins, Martin L,, 244, 278, 390 Roberts, Duane L,, 106, 833 Roberts, Edward J., 382 Roberts, Eugene D,, ?31 Boberts. Harold A.. 183 Boberts. John 6.. 240 Roberts. Joseph A.. 98. 880 Boberts. Stanley L., Ill, 286 Boberts, Walter W.. 260 Eobertson, Charles E,, 68, 282, 802 Eobertson, George G,, 184, 269 Robertson, Gretchen L,, 346 Robertson, Lawrence, 332 Robertson, Ronald £,, 98. 404 Robichaud, William T,, 246, 280 Eobinson, Donald L,, 106. 394 Eobinson, Marilyn J,, 392 Eobinson, Philip D,, 68, 882 Robinson, Ronald, 106 Eobinson, Vivian M,, 86, 122, 817 Eocchio, Wilbur, 41 Eocco, Joseph T,, 98 Eocks, Erik P,. 263 Rodenkirch. Mathew E., 68, 280 Eoder, Hans M., 386 Soder, Hans W,, 836 Eodreick. Jack D., 381 Bodriguez. Eeinaldo, 281 Boelker, James H., 68, 229, 283, 300 Rocpnack, Barbara J,, 106, 846 Eogers, Alfred H.. 68 Sogers, Donald B., 335 Eogers, Elva C. 86, 412 Rogers, Eugene D., 82, 165 Sogers, Kent E,, 86, 384 Sogers, Nancy A.. 106, 122, 313 Rogers, Shirley A,, 87 Bohwer, Nancy J,, 238 Solfe, Mark A.. 410. 411 Somer, Soy E,, 111 Sominger. Jack B., 68, 829 Sonoka, Jeanne C, 87, 261, 270, 316 Roos, Audrey F.. 267, 372 Roper, Lester V,, 337, 394 Roquet, Jerry A,. 68, 233, 842 Rosales, Helen D., 319 Rose, David W,, 230. 366 Eose, Lou A,. 68, 360 Roseman, Lynn C, 98, 243, 818 Eosenbaum. Boberta J., 311 Rosenberg, Lawrence E,, 890 Rosondahl, Joan. 261, 878 Rosenthal, Ann D., 319 Rosenthal, Harry, 108, 381 Boss, Elizabeth A,, 87 Ross, Elizabeth A., 68. 876 ' Ross, Gordon E., 233 Ross, Jean H,, 819 Ross, Joanne R,, 66, 319, 366 Ross, Richard H,, 68, 386 Rest, Eichard C, 402 Both, Harriet M., 313 Rothermel, John R., 389 Rothman, Bertram J., 68, 108 Roueche, Ellon L,, 412 Rouillard, Theodore C. 860 Rouso, Harry 8., 329 Routh, Bethaline A,, 87, 412 Rowan, James H., 276 Rozadela. Cathren A.. 68 Rubly. Richard V,, 68 Ruderson, James, 108 Rudich, Richard A,, 68, 390 Rudolph, Gerald E.. £36. 366 Eueb. Karl B.. 91. 98. 184. 330. 364 Eueb. Manette H.. 68, 179, 196, 246, 264 Eueb. Robert L., 106, 333, 364 Euebens. Merle, 390 Ruegg, Thomas L,, 68. 126. 802, 364 Ruff, Owen J., lEl Rumble Margaret J,. 68. 876 Runiin. Robert C, 331 Rumsey E.. 68, 364 Rupp, Barbara A,, 68, 392 Rush, Robert P,, 384 Rush, William C. 68, 884 Rushing. Lester. 98 Rusho, Wilbur L.. 889 Rusic, Ken, 884 Rusk, Donald C. 350 Russell. Ann G.. 270 Russell. Arthur L,, 68 Eussell, Glen E.. 68. 268. 305 Russell. Joan M.. 106. 312, 864 Russell, John R,, 91 Russell, M, B., 31 Russell, Richard E,, 402 Russell, Rosemary J,. 893 Ruthenberg. Diane R.. 106. 310, 860 Ryder, Richard C, 87 Byder, William B., 87, 129 Eyman, Jack L,. 87. 229. 269. 881 Rymer, Patricia R.. 98, 844 Rymill, Walter L,, 68 s Sabo, Ernest A,. 389 Saboff, Keith B,, 882 Sackett, Robert W., 106. 880 Safran. Hubert M., 87 Sager, Darlene A,, 87, 817 Sailer. Robert C, 332 Sainsbury, Cleo L,, 303 Eakihama, Chose I., 830 Sale. Wilbur L., 881 Sailman, Stanley G., 106 Saltz, Audrey R., 106, 812, 864 Saltzstein, Suzanne J,, 400 Salyards, Donald G,, 408 Salzman, Betty B,, 303, 840, 414 Salzmann, Murial L.. 317 Sammis, Gretohen, 261 Sampson. Donald C. 263. 282 Sams, Helen H,, 312, 392 Samuel, Emma L,, 98, 264, 270 Sanborn, Frederick A., 858 Eandborn, Dorothy I.. 311. 852 Sanchez, Frances, 269, 322 Sandberg, Say, 161 Sanders, Raymond L.. 68 Sanders, Ronald D., 332 Sanders. William W.. 151 Sanderson, Bobert F.. 111. 288 Sandfort, Frederick F.. 324 Sandow. Alberta J., 98 Sands, J,, 122 Santala, Alma L,, 98, 1?2 Santerre, Oue L,, 87, 854 Sapp, Genevieve E.. 68. 122. 179 Sapp, Joyce B.. 178. 297 f arconi, John A,, 886 Sardini, Flore-ioe M., 98, 178, 264, 270 Pare, Bobert H,, 106, 364 Saucerman, Robert M.. 450 Saulcy, Virginia L.. 87. 316 Saunders. Aliene M., 812 Saunders, Mary J,. 108 Savage, Gerald J., 68 Savage, Gordon C. 296 Savery Elizabeth J.. 810 Schafer, Irene L., 122 Schafer, Jean E., 106, 318 Schaffert, Betty L,, 310 Schaffner, James N.. 411 Schaible. Joan P., 122, 243, 310 Schalk, Bobert P,, 160 Schanck, Julia, 87, 362 Schapanski, Ruth J.. 106, 310 Schauer, Elaine C 106, 310 Schauerman, Melvin L., 106, 329 Scheele, Paul F.. 283 Scheib, Mary A.. 266 Schell, Mary P., 98, 818, 844 Schelllng, Ronald O., 854 Echerer, Edward E,, 87, £30 Schiffer, Joan E,. 106. 312 Schiffers, Lois A.. 68, 352 Schilling, Gertrude A., 98, 122, 264, 268 Schilline. T,, 122 Schlager, Norman. 244 Schlater, Kenneth W,, 68. 280. 336 Schlatter, Mary J,, 262 Schlesinger, Robert A,, 111 Sclilitt, Jo A,, 98, 364 Schloss, Charles M.. ISO Schlotterbeck, Anne, 311, 372 Schlutius, Barbara J.. 68, 108, 278 Schmalz, Theodore R.. 68 Schmidt, Stephen, 106 Schmidt, Wallace E,, 108 SchmoU, Robert R., 234, 335 Schneeberg, William A.. 111. 286 Schneeloch. Nancy D., 312 Schneer, Richard J,, 304 Schneider, Fannie E,. 313 Schneider. Fred D.. 318 Schneider. Keneth C. 68. 228. 266 Schneider. Patricia J., 68 Schneider. Norman. 68 Schnorr. Eonald. 87. 91. 264. 293 Schoeneck. Lois B.. 68. 240. 340. 412 Schoeneck. Marlene M.. 412 Schoeneman. Gail L.. 313 Schoener, Mary E,, 352 Schoett. Alice M,, 313 Schofield, Lester B,, 87 Scholten, Donna L., 88. 374 Sohott, Joyce J., 106. 319 Schradzke. Carol L.. 240 Schreiber, Diane, 313 Schreifels, Florenz, 108. 266 Schroder. Jane A.. 311 Schroeder. Sally. 278. 372 Schiette. Kim E., 180. 296 Schuham. Bonnie L.. 88. 348 Schuld. John F., 108 Schuller, Frances J.. 35. 68. 412 Schulman. Martin B.. 68 Schultz. Daisy E.. 316 Schultz. George C, 68 Schultz, John H,, 68, 328 Sebum. Carolyn M,. 94. 392 Schumacher. Elmer J.. 28. 290 Schuman. Marcia S., 240, 310 Schupp. Thomas A., 98 Schurch, Margaret L.. 106. 310 Schure. John F.. 68 Schwab. Suzanne H., 392 Schwalb, Boberta B., 98, 372 Schwan, Herbert A., 236, 366 Schwartz, Fred W.. 68. 229, Schwartz, Glenn A,, 68, 277 Schwartz, Jack S,, 98, 362 Schwartz, Renita M., 88. 255. 274. 317 Schwartz. Robert C, 333 Schwartz. Eosalee, 106. 400 Schwartz. Stanley B., 336 Schwartz, Mildred S,, 234 Schweigort. Arnold W.. 98 Schwindt. Jackson T.. 98 Scofleld, Joan M.. 313. 364 ScoSeld. Lucy B.. 313 Scott. Cynthia A.. 236, 316 Scott, Donna J., 193, 296 Scott, Eulah A,. 310 Scott, Francis W., 332 Scott, Kenneth E.. 68 Scott, Loren P.. 68. 333. 406 Scott, Martha J.. 68, 344, 346 Scott, Mary J., 364 Scott, Kichard E.. 262 Scribner, Kenneth J., 68 Seale. B., 122 Seaman, Boyd W.. 91 Seaman. Joan. 68. 862 Sears, Harold T.. 88. 91. 233 Seccombe, James C, 70. 382 Seebass. Nancy S., 70. 352 Seegers, Herbert J.. 162 Seelinger, Donald F., 254 Seewald, James E,, 88 Segur, Donald L.. 113. 299 Seibel. Edgar M., 98 Seid, Barre, 411 Seifert, Walter F.. 70. 228. 334 Seifert, William C. 70. 228. 334 Selby, William A.. 326. 329 Selfridge, Mary, 313 Seline, Marvin H., 411 Sell. Boberta L., 98, 295, 301, 316, 374 Sellew, Jaon G,, 312, 352 Sells, Kathryn L,, 108, 252, 273 Selters, Marjorie A,, 264 Selvia, Goldie V,, 106 Settle, Louise C, 106, 122, 262, 810, 344 Sewell, Clair D,, 889 Sex. Stuart L.. 326. 330 Seymour. Dale G., 98, 141, 354 Shadwick, George W., 331 Shaffer, Roy, 152 Shahab, Manoochehr, 236 Shakeshaft, Richard, 111 Shanstrom. Robert L. . 70 Shantz. Marion E.. 106, 311, 366 Shapard, George W., 303 Shapiro, Charlene, 98, 278 Shapson, Bernard, 70, 188 Sharp, Joseph F., 281 Sharp, Mary E,, 316 Shatsoff , Harold 98 Shattuck, John B,, 32, 46, 70, 82, 111, 370 Shaver. John W., 268. 335 Shaw, Edward B., 106, 336 Shaw, Fanny M.. 70, 376 Shoaff, Howard M,, 70 Shearer, Janet J., 70, 108, 109. 263, 267, 273, 294 Shearer, Walter W,. 70 Sheehan, James E., 826, 888 Sheets, F,, 122 Shefstead, Holmes M., 70, 400 Sheldon, Dorothy J,, 311. 352 Shelp, Patricia A,, 98. 318 Shelton. Elwood K.. 129. 134. 138. 139 384 Shenefelt, Sandra, 70, 372 Shenekji, Anthony G., 70, 228 Shenk, William H,. 228 Shenton. David W.. 889 Shepardson. Sonja G.. 98. 322. 346 Shepard, Eoyal L.. 129, 130 Sheppard, John R,, 39. 70. 232. 266. 269 Sheppard. Norman R.. 32. 45. 70, 82, 236 281 283, 298, 300, 327, 328, 378 Sheptock, Peter M,, 450 Sherba. Betty M., 317 Sherdahl. Susan L., 340, 352 Sheridan, Vincent G.. 70. 232. 281. 335 Sherlock, Margaret E,. 366 Sherman, David J., 106 Sherman, John M., 70, 266. 328 Sherman, Juliette, 261, 372 Shestak, Ted, 70, 177, 277, 354 Shideler, Shirley N., 98, 318 Shidler, Blanche R., 106 Shiffman, Willman, 158 Shiner, Carol P.. 98, 392 Shinn. Donna J., 122 Shipley, Howard O,, 70, 308 Shipley, Jerry R., 140 Shirk, Donald G,, 98 Shirley. Anita E., 311 Shively, Stanley E.. 306, 866 Shivers, Nancy J., 319 Short, Robert G,, 98, 342 Show, Virginia W.. 106. 313. 364 Shroyer. Terry W.. 98. 368 Shue. John W., 408 Shuger. George V.. 280 Shuk. Thomas E.. 106. 238. 260 Shull. Paul E., 285 Shupp, Franklin N.. 88 Shute. Marvin H.. 243, 328 Sichler, Eobert. 286. 328 Sickels. Barbara J.. 88, 392 Pickenberger, Mary F,, 297. 301 Seibert. Regene C. 98, 318 Seigel, Alice L,. 70. 264 Seims. Mary J., 70. 269. 296 Siffring. Loren W.. 136. 330 Sigler. Stanley G.. 332 Silverberg. Fred S.. 70. 273. 410. 411 Silverberg. Stuart 0., 91, 279 Silverman, Mary F., 98, 348 Simank, Nancy L.. 106. 366 Simmons. Richard M,, 70 Simmons, Sadie V.. 70, 412 Simms. Rex B.. 236. 331 Simonds. Edna A.. 412 Simonds. Richard A.. 234. 281. 298 Simpson. Douglas B.. 106. 378 Simpson, John 0.. 330 Simpson, Joyce L.. 98. 412 Simpson. Louis H.. 140 Sims, Evelyn E.. 291, 323 Sims, Thomas R,, 70, 88 Sinclair, Kenneth A,, 408 Singer, M. Keith. 88. 254 Singh. Gunjit, 238 Sirota, Tauna, 311 Sise, Daniel H,, 243 Sisson, Alexander, 303 Sittig, Barbara J., 372 Skagg, Patricia A.. 31« Skelton. Cynthia A., 318 Skiffington, Anne F,, 106 Skiffington, George L,, 108, 460 Skinkle, Harry H., 98, 108 Skinner, Maynard C. 88. 236. 378 Skufca. Gloria M.. 88, 266, 316 Skyrm, Hildegarde E., 94, 96, 360 Slatten, Judy, 311 Slaughter, Ronald L,, 332 Sleder, Harry E., 70 Sletten, Kenneth G,, 70. 113. 299 Slifer. Berta J.. 106. 314. 364 Slininger. Marian, 106, 313, 344 Sloan, James W,, 335 Slosky. David N., 106, 335 Small, Thomas E,, 330, 408 Smeed, Helen E,, 881 Smick. Helen A. . 848 Smigelow. Eleanor R.. 70. 392 Smith. Addison F., 98 Smith. Barbara J,, 364 Smith, Billie J,, 70, 318 Smith. Charles M.. 106. 331 Smith, Dixie A.. 344 Smith. Donlie P.. 331 Smith, Dorothy G., 98 Smith. Glenn, 70, 236. 260 Smith, Jerry, 70, 341, 358 Smith, Joyce C, 122 Smith, Lawrence D.. 332 Smith. Leslie T.. 331 Smith, Lowry, 368 Smith. Marc E,, 368 Smith, Margaret A., 106. 366 Smith. Valerie S., 70, 250. 876 Smith. William O., 88, 878 Smith, William H,, 88, 878 Smith William J., 348 Smolenske, Donna V., 94 Smoot. Beatrice, 106. 313. 360 Smyser, Ann F.. 106. 312. 348 Snavley. Joyce M.. 122. 268 Snively, Sherman M. . 70. 268 Snodgrass. Edward N.. 332 Snodgrass. Judith A.. 376 Snook. Ted M.. 335 Snyder. Jerry N.. 411 Snyder, Jim E., 88, 408 Snyder, Kenneth J,. 411, student ndex 425 Snyder. Patricia B., 88. 246. 320 Snyder, Richard A.. 70 Snyderman. Joan F.. 94. 98. 400 Sobolm. Mary Ann. 98. 400 Sohl. Eugene I.. 70 Solinsky. Bert. 341. 410. 411 Somber . Marlon £.. 411 Sonnenberg. lola F.. 106. 252. 270. 310 Sonnenberg. Wynona. 106. 193. 310 Sorensen. Gladys. 269 Sorensen. Joanne. 106. 310. 392 Sorenson. Charles M.. 269 Sosa. Santos J., 238 Southworth. Janet K.. 238 Spangler. Janice J., 70, 412 Spangler. John K.. 354 Spannaus. Audrey A.. 70. 360 Spanyard. Adrian E.. 70 Spath. Charles L.. 88. 182. 282 Spath. Mary C. 106. 182. 310 Spears. Julia B.. 106. 312 Speer. Helen G.. 106. 314 Speier. Betty J.. 88, 278 Sleier, Robert V.. 106, 331 Spellman. Heidi H.. 345 Spence. Sally E.. 311 Spence. Shirley M.. 44. 193. 291. 295 Spencer. Donald H.. 88. 384. 389 Spencer. Tom K.. 98, 358 Speno, Leo A., 334 Spicer. Walter L.. 37 Spiegel. Stanley. 91 Spielmann. Beverly K., 372 Spiker. James L.. 88. 178. 305 ! Spiller. Carol S.. 243. 311 I Spilrer. Jane M.. 88. 366 [ Spoerri. Nancy F.. 372 ' Springer. Kathleen H.. 255. 273, 316 Sprinkle. Ronald L.. 3?8 Spurgeon. Glynn M.. 106 Squire. Ka P.. 98. 181. 384 Srp. Jerry. 178, 313 Staats. Margaret E.. 243. 246, 315 Stack. Robert A.. 70 Stacy. Gloria D.. 315 Stacy, Mary Ellen. 106. 314 Stafford. Martha C. 321 Stageberg. Phyllis J,, 106, 270, 316 Stahl. Raymond W.. Ill Stailey. Elizabeth A.. 70. 876 Stander. James A.. 140 Stander. Theodore C. 106 Stanflll, James W,, 178 Stangeland. Juanita M,. 270 Stanton. Kathleen P.. 106, 310, 393 Stanwood, Harry Elwin, 277 Starbuck, Clyde G.. 382 Starbuck. John G., 70 Stark, Elaine, 376 Stark, John E,, 70, 384 Stark. Margaret E.. 98, 182 Starkovich, Rovert L.. 70 Starks. Jeannette. 81, 261, 267 Starnes, Rosyin M,. 323 Starr. Evelyn 1.. 122 Starrett. Barbara J.. 311. 360 Starrett, Kene L., 88. 360 Stastny. Everett E.. 70 States. Stanley W.. 98. 364 Station. James S.. 70, 335. 342 St, Clair, Julia. 44, 70. 176. 295. 301 St. Clair. Meredith. 313 Stcach. Roibert H,. 70. 228 Stears. James L.. 333 Stebbins. Edith C, 106. 312, 374 Steckel, Lenora J.. 34, 70, 176. 340. 366 Steele. Charles U.. 356 Steele, Sally O., 98, 393 Steere. Barbara E.. 83. 88. 268. 271. 303 Steers. Donald L.. 169 Steers. Georgia W., 316 Steig. Michael M.. 88. 368 Stein. Geraldine F.. 70. 400 Stein. Henry B., 411 Stein. Janet R.. 70. 264. 301 Stein. Mary J., 88, 278, 346 Steinberg. Mark E., 88. 411 Steinfeld. John W,, 330 Stclzenmuller, Helene G., 106. 210 Stephens. Lionel D.. 70. 242 Stephenson. Walter L.. 70. 383 Steep. T. E,, 41 Steptoe. Clarence C, . 108 Sterling, Elaine, 94, 98, 246, 297 Sterling, William J., 184, 331 Stermitz. Frank. 265 Sternberg. Phyllis E.. 321 Sterrett. Marion A.. 106. 313 Stevens. Carol J.. 35. 70. 137, 262, 308 Stevens, Cecil M.. 70. 262. 317 Stevens. Clayton. 283 Stevens. Jeanne M.. 106. 31 . 352 Stevens, Richard B.. 70. 129 Stevens. Robert F.. 232. 281 298 Stevenson. Edward C. 140. 333 Stevenson. Kenneth G.. 331 Stevenson. Sally Jo. 106. 311, 366 Steward. Robert E.. 98 Steward. Willis G.. 88 Stewart. Frances. 310 Stewart. Robert J.. 330 Stewart. Robert R.. 129, 141 Stewart. Rolland L.. 106. 368 Stiefel. Kenneth E.. 168. 283 Stigler. Reece. 106 Stillwagon. Chloan ia L.. 106. 376 Stinnett. William F.. 70. 337 Stinson. Barbara J.. 98 Stinton. Dale R,, 88, 326, 334 Stirling, Norman C, 98 Stitt, Harold L,, 382 Stoehr, Raymond E,. 389 Stohr. Walter B.. 330 Stakes. Kenneth E.. 332 Stokes. Roger L.. 141. 142. 236 Stoll. Alfred. 280 Stone. Avery J.. 106 Stone. Paul J,. 72. 108. 333 Stoneman. William. 72. 232 Stork, Richard C, 98 Storke, Frederic. 88. 358 Storm. Nancy B.. 376 Stout. Alden C. 283 Stowe. John E.. 72, 285, 290 Strain. Richard L.. 283 Strain. Sheila. 372 Strange. William. 274 Straus. Susan. 270 Strauss. Henry L.. 279, 366 Streepy, James A.. 98. 358 Street. John M.. 294 Street, John P,, 109 Street, Mary M,, 88, 344 Street, Virginia L,. 72. 274. 303 Streeter. Robert L.. 335 Streicker. Mitchell B,. 277 Stricca, Mario J.. 332 Strickler, Mary L., 318 Strock, Jean J,. 122 Strom. Myrna M.. 345 Stroud. Nancy J.. 315 Struthers. Joseph A.. 333 Stubbs. Emily E.. 352 Studinger. Donald A.. 106 Stumpf. Harry. 333 Strum. Martha. 346 Sullivan. Edward. 111. 178. 253 Sullivan. John J.. 111. 263 Sullivan. Richard. 334 Sullivan. William E.. 234. 290 Sumikawa. Mary Y.. 106. 122. 262. 310 Summers. Barbara K.. 108. 273. 316 Summerton. Joan D., 35. 94. 98. 376 Sumoski. Alex W.. 72. 283. 341. 450 Sundberg. Barbara E.. 106. 122. 312 Sundberg. Mary S.. 106. 178. 311. 352 Sunshine. Philip. 244 Supancic, James S.. 72. 232 Supperstein. Dnvid S.. 106 Susen. Jacqueline E,. 106, 312 Sutherland, Helen. 98. 374 Sutherland. Margaret. 36. 318 Sutterlin. Kenneth D.. 72 Sutton. Charles. 335 Sutton. Emma Lou. 106. 313. 348 Swain, Ross, 72 Swann. Barbara J.. 72. 316 Swann. Mary L.. 318 Swart. Wilbur L., 72, 854 Sweat, Wilma E., 34, 35, 195. 803. 319 Sweeney. William M.. 255 Sweet. Marilyn L.. 366 Swiatoviak. Jack. 72 Swigert. Elizabeth A.. 106. 313 Swigert. John L.. 98. 129. 136,, 382 Swope. Nancy J.. 236. 319 Sylvester. Margaret. 98. 376 Symei. Richard. 236. 378 Bympson, Robert E., 106, 389 TaMer. Bhirlay A., S12 Tabler. Donald C. 72 Tagg. Alden R.. 243 Taggart. Thomas L.. 898 Taguchi. Takako, 264. 301 Tainter. Louella. 98. 348 Talbert. Willard t.. 10« Talpers, Merril R., 390 Tanigawa, Thomas K,, 283, 335 Tank, Juanita K., 98 Tank. Wynona F.. 72 Tanner. Robert E.. 108 Tanner. Sylvia L.. 106. 344 Tanner. Wallace L.. 162 Tapley. Catherine E.. 122 Tapp, Bancroft M,, 72. 111. 370 Tappan, Robert W.. 334 Tate, Margaret K,, 243 Tautz, Leeroy H,, 161, 267 Taylor, Allan R,, 274 Taylor, Anne 8,, 268. 876 Taylor, Arthur G.. 32. 72. 184. 266 Taylor. Carol A.. 122 Taylor. Eloise A.. 72. 346 Taylor. James R.. 328 Taylor. Mildred L.. 106. 311 Taylor. Pamela R.. 240 Teall. Kent A.. 88. 886 Teberg. Suzanna J.. 265. 311 TeGrotenhuis. Paul K.. 72. 330 Teitelbaum. Annette. 106. 314, 400 Temple. Charles. 152 Templeton. Barbara J.. 348 Terry. Robert M.. 113. 299 Teach. Nancy L.. 40. 249. 310 Te Selle. Eugene A.. 238. 269. 332 Thaxton. Laura E.. 852 Thebus. John A.. 108 Thoman. William H.. 268 Thomas. Bertha L., 98. 193. 318 Thomas. Betty J.. 72. 279. 292. 304 Thomas. Edward D.. 72 Thomas. Estella J.. 88. 193. 274 Thomas. Francis J.. 326. 332, 334 Thomas, Frank J.. 334 Thomas. Harold J.. 286, 290 Thomas, Harry F,, 263, 363 Thomas, Mary G,, 106, 310 Thomas, Mary L,, 72 Thomas, Spencer, 72, 352 Thomas, Stafford H,, 268 Thomas, Victor C 129. 138. 363 Thomason. Francis J.. 72 Thomassen. Richard R.. 113. 296. 299. 334 Thomassen, Robert W,, 334 Thompson. Ann E.. 234, 346 Thompson. Carl R.. 285. 369 Thompson, Edgar A,, 235 Thompson. James M.. 354 Thompson. Jane. 106. 313 Thompson, Joanne. 106. 372 Thompson. John D.. 329 Thompson. Peter M.. 129. 133. 303 Thompson. Ralph J.. 72. 388. 389 Thompson. Robert W.. 129 Thomson, George R., 72 Thomson, Jo Ann A,, 310 Thoren, Shirley A,. 72 Thorn, Patricia E.. 72. 844, 845 Thorne. John J., Ill Thorp, Robert K., 72. 178, 386 Thorp, William E,, 386 Thorpe, Leonard W,. 293 Thorsen, Malcolm L,, 106, 398 Thorstensen, Joan M., 94, 348 Throckmorton, Robert W,, 72, 264 Timbcrlake. E. Wrenne. 72 Tieman, Charles H,. 289 Tierney, Beverly E,, 106, 313 Tierney, James R,, 326, 329 Tietz, Frederic A,, 378 Tilkemeier, Roger W,. 324 Tilsley, James M,, 141 Timblin, Barbara M.. 122 Timblin. Joan M.. 384 Tindall. John B.. 254 Tipton. Gene E.. 72. 342 Titcomb. James R.. 235. 299. 306 Titley. Ronald L.. 88. 358 Titterington. Marcia. 106 Tobias. Ralph W.. 72. 113. 268. 299, 398 Todd. Edwin E.. 72. 229 Todd. William H.. 248 Todd, Wilma J,, 98, 268, 374 Tolman, Warren R.. 88. 342 Tolson. Richard M.. 254. 328. 394 Tomasek. Donald J.. 335 Tomlinson. Betty S.. 364 Tomsic. Albert J.. 263 Tondre. Patricia M.. 72, 291, 315 Tonkel, Michla R,, 263 Tooley. Jack W,, 108. 180. 195. 346. 394 Torgerson, Mary A,, 364 Towbin, Evelyn L,, 315 Tower. Norman. 72. 282. 378 Tozer, Marcia L.. 270 Traber. William F.. 328 Tracey, George H. . 336 Tracy. Donald R.. 88. 354 Traister. James C. 88 Travis. John W.. 72. 279, 368 Travis, Larry E,, 305 Trilk, Barbara A., 94, 98, 346 Triplett, Hugh C, 331 Tripp, Larry C, 88, 342 Trobaugh, Gerald D,, 33. ' Trontell, Joan F,, 255. 317. 348 Troxell, Nancy L.. 319. 360 Trucksess. Ann V.. 98. 372 Trumbower. Royce J.. 88 Tryba. Ernest J.. 72. 280 Tusutsumi. Frank A.. 108 Tubes. Ronald E.. 384 Tucker. Marilyn D.. 318 Tucker. Wayne 0.. 141. 144. 236 Tuhey. Nancy M.. 106. 312 Tulin. Leonard G.. 232 Tuohy. Mary A.. 106. 312 Turek. Roberta D.. 310 Tureman. Trucia A.. 178. 311 TurnbuII. Mary E.. 106. 313. 348 Turner. Gleen E.. 299. 3S9 Turner. Helen K.. 106. 312 Turner. Roderick L., 384 Turner. Warren L.. 111. 183 Tumlcy. William S., 276, 289 Tumquist, Helen E.. 72. 234. 341 Tuttle, John A.. 282. 330 Tuttle. Richard C, 88, 280 Tyler, Jean W,, 412 Tymkowych, John, 72, 234 u IThrich, Nona V„ 83, 88, 176, 270, S48 Xririch, Donald A„ 88, 370 ITlrich, Stanley S., 46. 72. 195. 242. 249. 266. 327. 330 Umbreit. Robert M.. 98. 384 Underbill. Burton C. 402 TTnfug. Eleanor. 366 Unfug. Laura L.. 364 Untiedt. Carol F.. 72, 267, 364 TTpton. John P.. 106. 333, 354 Upton. Mary B.. 72. 264 Upton. Sara J.. 319 Usem. Paula G.. 98. 318 Utley. Edward H.. 113. 299 Utter. Tamara L.. 106. 313. 366 Uyenishi. Dorothy T.. 242, 251. 323 Vahue. Leonard E., 72, 282, 386 Vale, Herbert J,. 254 Valenta, John, 88 Valentine, Jane P,, 34, 376 Valentine, James W ,, 283, 330 Valenzuela, Mario C, 88 Van Ausdall. Gretchen D., 235, 314. 366 Vance. Alfred W.. 72. 113. 299. 402 Van Derbur. Margaret G.. 94. 98. 178. 376 Vanderhoof, Mervin L. , 330 Van Deren. Wallace C. 72. 269. 384 Vandeventer. Clifford C, 129, 132 Van Duzee, Patricia H., 72. 234. 348 Van Gundy, Donald A.. 72. 233. 266 Van Hine. Gail. 297, 312, 364 Van Home, Lyle R,, 140 Van Mourick. L, L.. 386 Van Nostrand. Andy D.. 88. 3!0 Van Nostrand. Nancy L.. 98, 364 Van Scoy, H,. Virginia. 72, 278, 279, 304 Van Stralen, John C, 402 Van Vranken, Mary, 106, 255 Varner, Walter W., 240 Vasholz, Lothar A,, 88, 89. 177. 384 Vaughan. Dorothy A.. 106. 312. 412 Vaughn. Barbara J.. 346 Vaughn. Jerry C. 332 Vavra. James J.. 72, 82. 276, 289 Vawter, Helen J.. 366 Vawter. Wallace R.. 72. 398 Vayda. Michael M.. 72 Veach. Donna L., 72. 317 Veazie. Enid B.. 348 Vela. Mary M.. 98. 313 Velisek. Norman A.. 394 Veltri. Victor A.. 336 Veneklasen. Robert J.. 72 Venzke. Lee C. 129, 131 Villano, Paul D,, 72. 161. 236. 251 Vincent. James H.. 72. 108 Vinci. Philip J.. 72, 242 Vishno. Robert D,, 140 Vissenberg, Marilyn, 318 Vogeler. August H.. 98. 3S9 Vogl. Frances M.. 122 Voight. Alvin H.. 109. 294 Vonasch. Louis A.. 233 Vonier. Jaquelin Y.. 106. 392. 393 Vonier. Joan M.. 88 Voorhees. Lucien W.. 72. 342 Voss. Harriet A.. 320 Vural. Turan. 232. 238 w Wade, Anita R., 88, 348 Wade, Gloria M,, 88 Wadleigh. Ronald G., 72 Waggoner, Jack T,, 140, 362 Wagner, Benjamin R,, 72, 398 Wagner, James A,, 140 Wagner. Patricia A.. 72. 874 Wagner. Robert E.. 248 Wahl. Grace E.. 278. 315 Wahler, Joyce G,, 72 Wahler, William A,. 74 Wahlmeier, Geraldine M,, 352 Wahlstedt, Robert P.. 180. 230. 386 Wahlstrom. Shirley B., 322 Wait, Harry W,, 362 Waite, Mary L., 74, 231, 232 Waldbaum. Lyllian. 88, 318 Waldron, Valerie J,, 319, 366 Waldrop, Henry A,, 106. 378 Walford. Jack F.. 328 Walker. Andrew D., Ill Walker. Charles R.. 108. 328 Walker. Franklin D.. 74, 193, 290. 33 Walker, Gaynor D.. 331 Walker. Ila R.. 122 Walker. Laura E.. 324 Walker. Robert H.. 74. 108 Walkling. Charlotte A.. 74, 364 Wall. Betty I.. 122 Wallace. Joe C. 332 Wallerius. Joan. 88. 366 Walpert. George W.. 276 Walseth. Russell M.. 141 Walsh. Carol M.. 236. 318 Walstrom. Louis A.. 88. 162, 236, 35 Walter. James M.. 74 Walter. Russell M.. 362 Walters. Ray M.. 328. 362 Walton. Monwell 0.. 74. 274. 398 Walz. Frank C. 74. 296. 380 Wenek. Leo J.. 303 Ward. Arline S.. 372 Ward. Barbara J.. 3! ' l Ward. George R.. 288 Ware. Herbert E.. 850 Wargin. Donald C. 260 Warner. Byron P.. 382 Warner, G, H.. 31 Warner, Joan M., 98 Warner, Janet. 312 Warner. Richard H.. 358 Warnock. George F., 140 Warren, John D,. Ill, 253 Warren. Katherine L.. 74 Warren. Margaret. 41 Wat. Herman H.. 108. 247 Watanabe. Michiko. 251. 269 Waters. Jane F.. 74. 840. 366 Watford. John H.. 329 Watkins. Betty J.. 310 Watkins. Dale O.. 88. 91. 280. 344 Watne. Donald A.. 332 Watson. Allen S.. 88 Watson. Donald K.. 298. 396 Watson. Norma R.. 106 Wattenbarger. Corder W.. 74. 269 Watts. Margaret V.. 106. 313 Watts. Priscilla A., 318 Watts. William L.. 288 Waugh. Kathleen J.. 106. 312. 352 Webb. Richard B.. 156 Webber. Jeanne M.. 366 Weber. Charlotte L.. 106. 311 Weber. Charlotte M.. 311 Weber, Doric B,, 88, 322, 346 Weber, John, 74, 303 Weber, Josephine A,, 74, 360 Weber, Mary A,, 74 Weber, Marilyn I,, 846 Weber, Sally A,, 366 Webermeier, John C 88, 404 426 student Jy ndex Webster, Mary L., 98, 261, 372 Weddell, Leuretta J., 106, 179, 312, 316 Weddendorf, Harry G., 74, 282, 389 Weese, Harvey J.. 232. 331 Wegner, Weldon D., 389 Weiland, Joanne K.. 106 Weiler, Margaret C 376 Weiner, Leonard, 390 Wingarten, Suzanne E., 400 Waingartner, Jean L., 271, 362 Winshienk, Hubert T., 410, 411 Weirick, Richard C, 74, 382 Weiser, Herbert M., 410, 411 Welch, Duane E., 304 Weldon, Donald M., 37, 74, 378 Wellenkotter, John H., 394 Weiler, Marilyn H., 94, 98. 297, 372 Wellington, Jennifer J., 98. 374 Wells, Alice H., 393 Wells, Sally A., 349 Wells, William T., 74, 304, 398 Welsh, Jean A.. 106, 267, 270, 311 Welter, James C, 331 Weltman, Albert I., 88, 390 Weltman, Delbert M., 390 Wendt, John A.. 183 Wenziker, Shirley A., 88, 269 Wennerstrom, Scott T., 74. 282. 396 Wertz. Eonald D.. 181, 229, 389 West, Harold, 74, 306, 386 West, Maynard R., 74, 282, 364 West, William L., 333 Westerberg, Verne E., 98, 396 Westermann, Ernst J.. 74. 266. 282 Weston, Stanley D., 98, 162, 368 Wetty, W., 108 Wexler, Marlene J., 36, 88, 321 Weybright, Marvin E., 74, 231, 232 Wezelman, Judith I.. 74, 264 Wheeler, Walter E.. 74. 236 Whisenant, Hamona J., 98, 364 Whisler, Jerome V., 74, 108 White, Bernie L.. 106. 333 White, Emery A.. 232 White, Mary J.. 320 White, Opal H., 74, 122 Whitebread, Donald H., 303 Whiteley, Kay M.. 376 Whiteside, Donna L., 374 Whithauer, Beverly, 364 Whiting, Donna J., 74, 372 Whitley, Beverly J.. 74, 364 Whitmoyer, Theodore F., 268 Whitney, Donald E.. 328 Whitney. Janet R., 98, 346 Whitney, Patricia A., 362 Whyte, James P.. 183 Whyte, Ruth. 74. 261. 264. 270 Wiohmann, Paul K.. 106, 402 Wick, Doris E.. 74. 317 Widdowson, Harry A., 327, 331 Wiebe, M. E., 122 Wiebenson, Carla A., 393 Wiedemann, Theodore W., 282, 386 Wieland, George H., 232 Wierman, Ruth, 74, 340, 376 Wiggins, Alma H.. 346 Wilbur, Mary S.. 88 Wilcox. Jon W., 264 Wilcox, Nancy J., 88, 317 Wiley. Joan E., 83. 89. 344, 348 Wiley, Milton L., 74, 169, 236, 303 Wilgus, Donovan, R., 289 Wilkins, James M., 99, 176, 368 Wilkins, Joanne E., 74 Wilkins, Joyce E.. 89. 364 Wilkins. Mary J.. 98. 376 Wilkinson. Ruth M., 74, 360 Willey. Janice L.. 310 Williams. Anthony W.. Ill, 183 Williams, Audrey J.. 312 Williams. Catherine H.. 74, 317 Williams, Gordon L., 362 Williams, James W., 184. 331 Williams. John H.. 99. 331, 404 Williams, Milton T., 89, 384 Williams. Molly K.. 314 Williams. Richard D,, 89, 388 Williams, Robert G., 99, 126, 266. 299 Williams. Robert N.. 389 Williams, Roger L.. 129. 135. 139 Williams, Wilbur W.. 99, 370 Willoughby, Garry G.. 389 Wills. Lee Roy. 368 Willis. Ravia, 316 Willson. Jane E.. 84, 374 Wilson, Alva C, 74, 286 Wilson, Elizabeth G.. 74, 360 Wilson, Farrar M., 368 Wilson. Frank P.. 255 Wilson. James W., Ill Wilson, Jane, 316 Wilson, Jean A.. 310 Wilson. Kenneth R., 99, 108. 129. 285 Wilson, Lois, 89. 364 Wilson, Norman W.. 107. 364 Wilson, Patricia H., 99. 108. 316. 346 Wilson. Richard C. Wilson, Robert C, 89 Wilson, Robert L.. 74. 232 Wilson. Patricia E., 273, 376 Wilson. Sally J., 346 Wimmell, Arthur A., 89, 408 Winans, Jo A.. 89. 340 Windsor, Donald L., 366 Wines, James B., 388 Winfrey, Robley, 196, 299 Wingfield, Lindsey R., 288 Wingo, Eleanor F., 29, 234, 316 Wingo, Ralph P., 99, 240, 334 Winkcl, Vernon S., 74, 231 Winkler. Patricia A., 261, 392. 393 Winkler. Richard S.. 180, 232. 281. 300. 331 Winningham, Forrest G.. 328, 378 Winston, Daphne J., 107, 312, 366 Winston, Donald C. 334, 410, 411 Winter, Louise A., 107, 261, 313 Winters, Dolores A., 107, 313 Wise, Nancy J., 319, 346 Wisecup, Russell J.. 74, 181, 388. 389 Wiseman, Margaret L., 99 Wiswell, Stephen, 111 Witchell, Barbara A., 99, 372 Witchie, Eugene C, 108, 328 Withrow, Barbara J., 310, 366 Witters, Robert D., 74, 276, 388, 389 Witthauer. Beverly J.. 74 Wiiom. Charles W., 107 Woelbing, Marjorie M.. 270. 316 Woertman. Marilyn J., 99, 311, 374 Wolf, Carol E., 107, 310 Wolfe, Vinton L., Ill Wolgast, David W.. 293, 298, 300, 372 Wolvington, Kenneth. 283 Wong, Daniel W., 230, 366 Wong, Lorretta M.. 107. 247. 312 Wood. David G.. 330 Wood. Phyllis E.. 74 Wood, Quentin K.. 248 Woodard, Ann. 321 Woodard, Janet A., 74 Woodbume, Arthur R., 382 Woodcaoc, Susanne E., 107, 312 Woodrow. Marianne, 74, 89, 348 Woodhouse, Cecile R.. 99 Woods, Joan L., 321 Woods, Patsy N.. 107. 315 Woodward, Anabeth C, 262, 319 Woodward, D. H.. 178 Woodward. Martha L.. 177. 366 Woodward. Robert I.. 234 Woolridge. Donna L., 352 Woolpy, Nan. 321 Woolums. Albert B.. 74 Woolums. Barbara P., 74, 179 Wormwood, Dorothy A., 89. 264 Worster. Robert D., 160 Worthington, Anne S., 107, 312. 366 Wrenn, Nancy, 99, 376 Wright, Allison. 107. 312, 392 Wright, Charles W.. 108 Wright, Curtis E.. 243 Wright. Dona R., 311, 346 Wright, Gail J.. 107. 313, 348 Wright, Harold H., 184 Wright. Joseph B.. 74 Wright, Wilbur M.. 276. 327, 333 Writer, Russell M.. 382 Wu. Tang. 238 Wuethrich. Barbara S., 348 Wulfekuhler, Terry, 247 Wyckoff, Kate M., 99, 182, 874 Wyckoff, Robert L., 111. 263 Wyman. Robert B.. 99, 378 Wyner. Elizabeth A., 107, 313, 374 Yagnik, Anil R., 168. 185. 333 Yamaga. Kazuko, 251, 273 Yamaga, Yoshiye, 251, 273 Yamamoto. Anne C. 107. 311 Yamasaki, Thomas S., 108 Yanagi, Tom T., 283 Yantis. John A., 111. 288 Yantis. Thomas R., 108 Yar borough. Lawrence E.. 74, 229. 256. 408 Yasumura. Grace S.. 242. 251. 323 Yates. Billie C. 331 Yates. Tom A.. 108 Yauch, Ruth E., 321. 362 Yawger, Jacob B.. 333, 364 Yensen. Marilyn M.. 99 Yoast. Nancy C. 107. 312 Yokoyama. Harry K.. 335 Yoritomo. Kent T.. 74. 334 York. Denison. W.. 398 Youberg. David R.. 99. 266 Young, Beth E., 270, 310 Young, Faith, 317 Young. Frances H.. 324 Young, Frank 0.. 107 Young. George C. 89. 404 Young. Janet M.. 278. 318 Young. Mary B.. 99 Young. Mary I., 122 Young, Roberta E., 74, 317 Young, Rodney W., 107 Young. Thomas I., 91, 266, 336 Young. Wesley E., 266, 334 Youngblood, Sheridan, 291 Younglund. Donald E.. 74 Younglund. Rita D., 74 Yuill. Catharine A.. 89. 372 Yunko, Albert L.. 299. 394 Zabrusky. Edward J.. 305. 368 Zagar. Irvin F., 74, 233, 293 Zail, Beth E., 311 Zarit, N. Bryce, 99, 129, 390 Zayac, Lorraine C, 261. 311 Zayaz. Duane T.. 328 Zech, Keith L., 161, 261, 388 Zeeke. Frank L., 74. 228 Zeligson. Sybil J.. 99. 244. 400 Zeman. Albert L.. 140 Zember, Robert E.. 140 Zeppa. Trent H.. 288 Zeppelin. Renee. 340, 400 Zerobnick. Marlene. 107. 400 Zesoh. Oscar W.. 108. 335 Zick. Robert R.. 99. 358 Zimmerman, Ronald W.. 89. 230. 268 Zingone. Ruth A., 107, 319. 344 Zinn. Noah D., 390 Zinns, Joseph S.. 269, 292 Zuber, Neill D.. 74. 264 V V Y V V V • ■!■ ' , . V.H- ■A X ' x

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