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f " . - I I I m OOLORADAI I Dedication I I li.i- .iU .n Im ' i ' Ii iIii ' tcriili ' inx .il llii li.i ll - iiil iii ni.iik lor iikii Io iNiiliMli ' llir ai- ' iiin|ili-liiiii ' iit III llii ' | .i-t .iikI iIu- | is.sil)iliti --- of llii- riilnn ' . W - i l lln- ( Ix ' iii nil i ' ' ( ' |iti iii. li.iM ' loiiki ' il .ir iiii l lln ' I iii t ' r il i( ( . iliir;iilii. .mil Mlli ' iii|ilril ill till- | .i ' ;r of llli liiiiik. In |iriM-iil ;i rrroril of llir past N»-iir " .- a ' ti ilii- and achii-M-iin-nl.-. .mil .1 i iiiii III liiliiri ' iIi M ' Iii|iiiii iil . W I ' IiuiihI. ill .III .itl ' iii{i| III -toll .mil i ' ,1 lii.ili ' . s lii li {Mill, 111.. I- till iiiii-l iiii- | rliiiiiiil iil I iii ir-il lilr tin- inl.m::il ' li- i|ii,ilil vsliuli i 1 1 mil .iljow .iii -lii|i|i.ii;i- 111 acli it . anil uliiili i I ' liilxiiiiril in i it a | i l il lln- I ni ii il | rii- r.ini. llii-. llicrt ' forc. niaki ' .- llir I nixiTsilv of ( Inlnrailo a li inf; anil ;:ri in ' ; inslitiilion. I -II- an rnornions increase in llii- -Imliiil liiiil . .mil a |irii|i rliiinal one in lln- l.iriill . I- li.iM ' also seen tin- cstahli-lmii lit " I .1 Mmli iil Aclixilirs (!enler wliii-li -lU ' W nut 111 ' neces.sitv for cooniinutioii of tin IninilnMls of . Indent orfianizalions .iinl iIh ir |il.iii-. A a ronse(]iieiice. we find onr-eKi-s willi .m entirely ne v sphere of acli il in the neul hnill men ' s and somen ' s dorinilories. and see increased facilities in tile Ser ice l)nildin £. till- wvw ( .lienii-lr .iimi . .mil |il.m- liir tin- l li -ir- .mil Imi ldin :s. We foninl the rellecliiiii nf .mil |iriil li 111- in llii- aiicer Kesearcli l.ilioratories. both iiere .mil mi tin- Diiimt r,mi|ms. .mil in the Irainin;: of students in the li.mdliii : of radio-acti c .-nh.-lances. In llii- (,iini.i Hiiili Mliliide ( )h-er ator . ard lni ersitv and (iolorado are coo|)i ' ralini; in a scieiilirir -liiil nl tin- .it inii-|iliiri- in .search of a l)etler tuiderstandin;: nl mir nw n .ilnin-|iliiTic inndilimi-. In lln- il.i--rnnm and across the colTee tahle ve heard sliinul.ited di-ciissioiis .mil idea- wliicli uill lie l.ikiii out of till ' I iiiM ' r-it into local, national, and international tiidds. I lure i- liiiilt up in .Ulililn rniilc-t.- a spirit i { friendship .mil sportsm.m-liip. .mil we liiiil i idence of an expandiiii: university from our entrance into the Bi;; . e iii imiference. W I- .ilteiided concerts. pla s. and profir.mi- nl tin- xcar. and saw in lliini lln- nppnrlimil Inr lr.iinin;i and experience so ahialile In lln- -Imliiit and teacher. We lia e -cell ill ni.m ntlier p -rspecti es the il.ilitx and scope of our nni er-ilv wllicll Mill vsill ilnil in the followin;; pa es. ho e ill r Ikim- n ili ed the I iii er-it is iiiM-r In this recognition, and willi iniilidinie Inr niir future In the I ni- ersil ' - prn ir.mi nf -cience. research, .mil i p.iii-inii. «e dedic.ile the l ' ».)M ( -l ' :- ■ ' -■.., Contents ADMINISTRATION - - ■ - 20 CLASSES 50 PACESETTERS 136 ATHLETICS 150 ACTIVITIES 204 LIFE AT C.U. 230 ORGANIZATIONS - - - 260 ROYALTY 338 DORMITORIES 350 FRATERNITIES-SORORITIES - 384 INDEX AND ADVERTISING - 464 .: » " K. i k " iW •♦ i - mvn « Field House Women ' s Gymnasium Health Service r- Men ' s Gymnasium ,1 i 4 i«t ••t .Lm ' Administration Women ' s Dormitory • .,1- ' Woodbury Hal - % Old Main Women ' s Club . I .. . V ' ,« ' " ' • ' • r-S - it ' s Residence ' v 4J OLD MAIN BUILDING £0 11 MACKY AUDITORIUM NORLIN LIBRARY ' ' ■ L ' f ' 12 13 NORLIN LIBRARY FOUNTAIN FANTASY. FRESHMAN DORMITORY.. ■»■ : i . ' " :? : ? l: f■ .iiWP j_iJgi!sSi - 14 15 VARSITY LAKE INTERIOR PORTAL. FRESHMAN DORMITORY 16 17 EXTERIOR PORTAL. FRESHMAN DORMITORY PORTAL PORTRAIT. MEN ' S DORMITORY 18 • ' . ' T X IIJ ta-k (il » |i.iii(liiiL: l.i(iliti« ' s. «M|iii|)i)U ' iit. and curririiliim ti mt-fl tlu- iH ' rds of an institution growing rapi(ll in all (It ' iiartrnrnt has been a proiiletn ol major coiurrn to tlif administrators ol tlir I ni rr it . Mlhou li restricted h a limited state hndiret and pressed 1) tlie | roldem ol a di |»ro- portionate inerease in the student enrollment, -kill on the part of these administrators has temptirariiy r»die ed the situation. The res|»onsihilitv of meeting inereasing state and I niversit demands for general administrati e and academic imjirovement falls mainix on the shoulders of President Kohert I.. Stearns and the Hoard (»f Hegents. More detailed prohlem-; of administration arising from the arious ecdieges and department- of the I ni er itv are tnet hy the Executive Council, which works arm in aim with the President. I ' he problems of the administration of a university do not rest entirely upon the facnltv. They circulate not only among the deans, heads of deftartments. and regents, hut also among the students. Ihe students themselves have in- dep ' ndentlv established thei r associations and councils to aid in meeting these increased state and university demands. The main body directly ct)ncerned with such tasks is the Associated Students of the I niversity of Colorado, ( )ntaine(l in this group is the student bodv president, and thirteen other elected members who serve in vari »us capacities as commissi«»ners. There are. in addition, several student organizations within the various col- leges, such as the Business School Board. Journalism School Hoard, and the Combined Fngineer-. These boards ser e tt represent student interests with- in the colleges, and keep the facnltv administrators enlightened on student |ir(ddems. We ha e mentioned onlv a few of the organizations which keep this University functioning as a smooth-running unit. There are many more, less publicized, whicji carry a large amount of tlie necessary load. W itiiout these there wduld be no iinitv. ith this in mind, we present to yon the adminis- tration, from the Regents to tiie student organizations. Dick Cross, Editor ' f V B Administration vi?i i«i -i fi.- ;v« : The President of the University A iiUMltTii iiiii ( ' rsily is a coinplrx i r :tinizati iii. Il- riiiii ' iiiiii are as liveT»f a llic iimls (if tin- | i-(i|)li- it s ■r «• . Firs! and fon-iim-t nf lIii-.-c (i|j|i :aliiiii-- is the riliicalinii of voiiii : |ii ' « i»lt ' . I ' o lliat cihI its fai ' ilitifs an- ilt-Notfil ami il | li .-ical Hirucliircs iisfii. But lli« ' priK-t-ss (if i-diicatinii is iiiiu-li {irratiT tliaii tilt ' mere accuniiilatidii (if kii() vlf(l :c. It fiiiiiracfs a prdpcr i- alii- atioii of till ' ' |icri ' ii( ' c ol llic past, an nndcrstainliri;: of tlic uni- vrrsf alxnit us and an a|i|ir -t ' iati(in of alu -s. No tliiii or thoughts arc of tlic same worth, and an cdnoatcd |icrs(in todav must cNaiuatc and dflcrminc worth in terms of his own life and the Hncs of otlitTs around him. Ihc ( ' (institution and liic First Amendment had much 1(1 say aiiout tiie ri iits of in(li idiials. No rifihts e isl without corre- »|ioii(lin : duties, and one of the funetions of an institution of hi :her learning in the world today is to ineuleate a sense of indixidiial and MH ' ial res|ion il ilit without which freeilom and the ri;:lit of man will vanish. Hence the primary oliii ation of a iinixer-itv is the atliiiipt. broadly ccin-idered. to alt.iin lhc e eiiils. In thi,« plia e of the acti ilies of tlie I ' ni ersit of Colorado, it is to(Ia reacliin : o er tW(d e thousand il e hundreil jieople at- lendiii : formal classes on its campuses and through the F. ten i(in Divi-iiin. Over ei ;htv-ei;:ht hundred are on the Houlih-r campus. «-i;;hl liiuidred more at the Meilical (Center and some three thousand are lud inj: llinnii:li llic exliii inii cla s facilities llircni;:li(pul the slate. The I niversity also serves the stale and the nation in other wavs. Tlir( u ' :h its research undertakings, il is makin;: a contrihii- tion to a belter life. . " i};iiifiranl amon : these activities are ihe con- tributions made in cancer research, and health studies, in industrial and economic fields, in the national defense, and in the area of the creative arts. I hrou h a iini(]ue plan much of tli( small " profit " which the I ni er-it make.- on sponsored research |iroject.-i is bein applied to research in fields where outside financial help is not available. 1 bus research in medicine. en ;iiieerin;;. and in the pin sical sciences where outside support is more readily obtainable, is h(dpin : to sponsor research in the social sciences, the humanities, and the cre- ative arts. It is rijiht that this should be done since the I ni er il can (levtdop only as each of its parts devidop. Throu;;h the Kxten- sion Division, the Bureau of Business Research, the Bureau of Slate and llommunitv . " Service, the Meilical ( " .enter, the Fn iinceriiif; Fx- periment station, the L niversitv is Indpin;: ( iolorado communities to put the fniits of research to work for the public benefit. A state iiniversilv Wdiild be derilic I in its dut if it liil tkiI -iik to make kliowlcdjic useful. Such an institution is one of the -late " .- f;rcatesl assets. But it will contiiHie til 111- u-t(iil niil -11 Iciuf; as each one of us. whether sludenl or faeultv. reaii .e- iii.- re-ponsibilities and dischar ;es his unties as a member of a free society. I ' liMili III KiiIhtI I.. . ' -Il drll 23 Kiilicrl L. Slrarns wa» appninlcil prrsiilrnt (if llir I ni- »rrsil in f.T . anil has. finer ihul liiiir. Iiriiii|clil widr ar- riaini In llic srlmnl lliroiipli liin aliilily an an cduralnr and adniini ilratiir. I ' rrviiinfi In liin prr idcnliul appiiinlnirnl. Mr. yilrani!- srrved as Dran n{ llic Law StIkkiI. hi 1910, (! iliinilija I ' nivorsil) ' ronfrrrrd upon him llir lionnrary degrrp, Dorlnr if l.a»9. I ' rcsidrnI . " -Irarns has ncrvrd a» proidrni of linlli llir (idloradii iind l)rn rr Kar A fidrialiiin . and has rilli-n rxlrnsivrl for li ' iial and rdiiralidnal jonrnaln. F arly in % iirlil War II. il was lliniiifih ihr inthnnrr of llir 1 ' rri.idinl llial llir Na y hiraird ili- uorldraiiiini) ' (Irirntal Lanfcuagr SrhodI al ihr Univrrsity and thai ihr I niversily a pxtentivr war program vtan inilialrd. Xiiionp ihr projrrlii iindrrlakrn liy !.! ' . during ihin prriod wa a program of alomir rriirarrh. upon uhirh Dr. Srarn« and srvrral oihrr I iii rr8ily slafT niriiilirrit »rrr rhosrn |o uork. One of the grralriil J rr irr(i iiiadr during thr «ar af- IVmidrnl . Irarns ' uork a» civilian chief of the (Jprralion .Analysis Division of ihr Twrnlirlh . rniy . ir Korrr. In 1946. for all hi§ palriolir rfforte during ihr uar, FrcsidrnI Sirarns was awarded ihr Mrdal ( f Frrr- dom. Ti ' M V, : m Alberta Pike Boyd Robert D, Charlton Roy M. Chapman Ralph L Carr H. Vance Austin Merritt H. Perkins Board of Regents Pratidant Robert L Stearns 24 Tho Boaril of I{c;; ' iil!i has conii)!!-! " cliarf;) ' of tin- I ni orsit witii full mi- ihorilv ill all inaltcrs p ' rtaiiiiii : to I iii ' rsil alTairs. Their decision is necessary in ap| ointni -iils to the faculty, approval for new buildinrrs, approval of depart- mental Imdfrels within the t niversitv. and the sale or pnrcliase of hinds. The Board also appoints tlie l ' r ' si(l nt of the University who automatically becomes a member of the Board and presides at their meetings. There are six elected members, two of wlioni ar elected biannually in the state elections for a six year term. As a resuh, there arc alwavs four experienced electeil niend)ers on the Board. Current members of the Board of Regents are: H. Vance Austin. Alberta Pike Boyd. Ralph I,, (.arr. Roy M. Chapman. Rob.rl D. Charlton. Merritt H. Perkins, and President Robert T . Stearn.-. Executive Council rile K iTiiii r ( ' .(iiiiu-il i»f till ' Univprsily of (ioloruilo i» c-oiiipuixMl 111 tin- clraii III .ill llir colli ' ;;!-.- ill tin- I iiiviTsitN plus fimr ficctcil iiifiii- lur- lii .in- ill llir I ' .KiiIlN Srii.ilr. I liis (iiiiiiiil i» llir (• iTnli i- IkhK III llir Si ' ii.iti ' . .mil I liiri ' liiri ' iMiiiint |i.i-- .iii | i ' rni.uii ' ril li ' ; mn iii rc;;.iril In llir pnlii ul llir I niMT il . It- lunrliiiii i- |irini,iril nl .1 IiiiiIn uilli wliirli till- I ' roiili-iil can work in an ' nirr;:riu ' ami |ia « li ' in|iiirar iiii-a-iirr- rniirrrnin;: llli- |iiilii- In Itr ii-nl fur a parliriilar inn. Ill iirilrr lor llir-r riili In liniinir |ii ' riiiaiii ' ii I in iialnrr. llir niii l 1)1- |ias.-ril li llir lariills Si-iiali-. Ilic (.1111111 il .lUn li.i- llir iliilx nl i M li ' r|i rr I i II;; anil ilrlrriiiinin;; the lUftluMl of ailiiiini.stralinii il tin- riilt-s llial lia r limi iii-llliilnl liv the Senate, wliicli an- of a |(rinianrnl naliire. iuall . llir t niinril -itm-s as tlie workiii;: iiniU of tin- Senate anil niei-l.s onl on liie eall of tin- I ' resi- ilrnl. A«rA row, left to rigkt: Mr. E. H. Wilson. Pro(c««or W. C. DuN ' all. Professor Gordon Alexander. Pr«»fc« or F. C. Crockcil. • SrronJ row: Pro(c »ur M. E. Garnsey, Colonel C. L. Hahn, Ocan C. F. Poe. Dean laciinfti H. W. Kendrick, i ' r fes«nr Hulph Praior, Captain Donald K an«. Prnleikkor Karl Swisher. • Front row: Dean E. C. Kinft, Dean C. L. Hckel. Dean K. . Dunham, Dean . V . D de. President Koheri I-. Siearnfc, Dean Mar l:ihel 2S Ball. Dean Henrietta A. Louithran, Dean Clifford G. Houstun. ' i i iBV y Kf H.icli K. M.Mill.-n liiitnl Dirvrttir Krt ' d K. ( liuinhrrs lUrrrtor at I ' lacvment Bureau Uly E. Curtis Mnniifier and Dietician of tilt ' livsiitpncp Halls Klmrr A. Grosshauser Director of Men ' s Hesiilence Halls -lilTiirti j. lloiisluii Dean « Students Kinmtli . I ' l-nfolil Directitr }f Alumni lielatiiins Harry G. Garlson Dean of Men Student Affairs Tlic (xTsons l arkin i up the students ' academic and extra-curricular life are shown here as merely faces. Actually their varied personalities influence almost every j student ' s collofxe career. From the time he is admitted as a frt ' sluiiaii to the time he heconies an alumnus, the student in his campus travels comes within the influence of those who are associated with the business of Student Affairs. Once a prospective student fiets the nod t roni tiic admissions olTice, he may settle in a resilience hall and therebv make the acquaintance of the ( ' hief Dietician. Veterans receive hel[) primarily from the Director of Veterans ' . ffairs. but all special and personal problems can be referred to the Director of Counselinfr. who also 8iiper ises the a[)plication of testin;: techniques for the undecided and confused student. ci hticr problems in- ol in i student-administration diflicultics arc hanillctl throufih the coordinating efforts of the Dean of Students. Ralpli Prator Director of Admissions l)uruth Kohin.iion Financial Manager of Student Activities John B. Srhoulland Ihrrrtot of Counseling Ellsworth S rpp Radio lUrrclor U . ( TiM-|K-liiian IHrrrtor of I rlrraiu ' Affair t Mi» M»r autl ' » ihrrrtur of omr-n ' Kruilrnrr Hath T General and special aid is part of llie job of llie Dean of Men and Dean of ' onien. wliile tlie details of tins airl concern mainly tlie Director of Student Acti ities and the Financial Manager of fiinils in student organizations. Student publications and radio production lecliniques offer emerging journalists a practical workshop, and the mu.-icallv inclined apply their talents under the baton of the Band Director. C.oloradan season puts an extra bunlen on the busy activities of the photographic de- partment, which also records all sports events on film. eni »rs ami alumni alike are assisted bv the Place- ment Bureau in linding professional work uite l to their aptitudes and desires. . ll alumni are kept in touch with the l ' ni ersity by the liaison of the Alumni Relations office hich sends out periodic publications informing them of the current problems and policies. Student Affairs .Mary tlhrl Kail Uean of IT mmn (.a lr Ual.lrop IHrmor of Journalt%m Hoyd r.. Wallrr Hrad of rholoiiraph ffepartment I i.U T. V.rr lUrrrior of Stiidrnt 4rtii ifiVs Eufrnr H. NTiliwn Dirtrtor of IJbnrin Faculty -Arts and Science K1i jl rlll Mllxil Viil.rrN Mini Jani-I ll -n HoIiiikI Ui ih M. M. Hrnsinion I). If. Hra v.. U. Oanson C. A. Duvi.lscr 1 ' . M. I aii H. V. Dick II. H. Doiijilu. s K. M. Eschcnhrrc I ' " . K. K. ( 4Tiiiuiiii illiiiii) Klailsloiio J. 1). (Hxiilnian (). W. lla.-call |{. I.. H.-IhtI J. N. llouph Kay Jrnkins 28 E. H. Brown J. W. Colun I " . It. Cox S. J. (risK.I E. C. Cnicki-lt J. H. (roiicli Jean I ' arkliT Mrs. Ha rl l-rlilina T. I!. 1 .M E. H. I ' isliliurn F. J. (;.rk Etigciu ' (Fi-iilry R. W. Jones I). I., kiililke J. n. Larlior W. C. Lam Roliprt I.aurer V. G. Long Jacob Van Ek i i. k 0 Faculty -Arts and Science 29 S . W . l.. iipl, . V. Mali.o ' ( arl Mrtiuirr M. . M.hl n. II. Mills Bt-rlraiu Morris K. ! riilii.y i r e Karkliaiii C. II. Hr.,1 Marjorir l{i liiirM iFrrlrlii ' ii Saiiiiiiis G. A. i.. Sfhrrcr liarlr . a ra AKiii Hielil Glenn aki-liani A. «,. Walilrop K. M. X aU.ih II. K. Wah.m J. lo Onis J. N. IVrrvnian W. H. l ' i.Irnpol Kraiik Polls Ralph l ralor Frank I ' rcnlnp R. J. N-linrrr S. J. Spirprl Brily .Naplc O. :. S|i«arl . (K Thornitson L. . I ranca Dallas Ward Marshall Wrlls Mrs. Tlir ' ri-sr Wcslcrmeicr Kdna illis N. y. Will I ' , (r. Worirslrr Giadvs Yoh - Faculty - School of Engineering C. L. Eckel Dean of the College of ICnfiinerrint; L. A. Bingham Prolessor of Electriciil Ennineering XT. r. Carter Instructor of Civil Enfiineerinn W. C. DuVall Professor (ind Head of Uepttrtnient of Electrical Enjiinevrinn R. I ' . Hcekiiiaii Instructor in Chemical Engineering W. n. J(,liii-„ii Instructor in Ciril Engineering II. II. K. ' ll.y Assistant Professor of Engineering English !. ( ' .. Klt ' inmc. Jr. Instructor in Ciril Engineering . I.. M.n..lirr Assistant Professor of Ciiil Engineering L. C. Novak Assistant Prolessor of Civil Engineering U. I!. Palmer Professor of Electrical Engineering barren Kaeder Professor and Head of Deimrtment of Civil Engineering F. A. Kohniiaii Executive Director of Experimental Station IS. H. pllrlo k Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering rialt icks Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering . M Faculty - Law School Dean Kilwanl C Kiiij: W illiam ILrj;. Jr. Laurence W . DiMuili William (I. D.Smidi.l Hen S. (iallancl Uorotliy Herkiiian Ili ' Irn M. Lumpkin Civile ( . Marl Ilenrv 1-. MetJinhiek Albert Menard Mary Kosenlierg iistin N . ScDit. Jr. Ire,! I ' . Slorke Faculty-School off Medicine 9¥ M O: U lte m¥ ' lMfl ' 23 ,0 i £ Top row : Dr. S aril l)arli ' . I irp-Prrsiitrnl of I nil I ' rsily of Colorado iinil Dnin of thr hrimrtntrnt of Mrdicinr Dr. ir iiiiia . liial. Inslnirior ol I ' hysiologicnl Groutli Dr. John . B.rry Dr. Kililh Boyd, Associate Professor of Physical Grouih Dr. K. H. Itninqiii t. Associate Professor of Pbysinlof:y and Pharmncolofiy Dr. . . K. Itiichanun, Professor of Anatomy Dr. Bush Dr. E. W. Bus»r, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. inona i. (!ariiph ' IK Instructor of Pediatrics Dr. J. . lolt ' iiian. Director of Out-Patient Department Third row : Dr. Rose M. Ilarkinan. Instructor in liiocbemistr Dr. roiirr IlirsrlilitTp, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. J. II. II..Itn.s Dr. lliiTta IlifT. Assistant Professor of the Study of Human drouth Dr. Knulf Jrnsrii. Associate Professor of Medicine. Director of (graduate and Postf:rn luate V.ducation Dr. H. M. KiiictTV, Head of the I)itision of I isual Education Dr. Mary S. I.awriiiii-, Instructor in Physical Medicine and Kehabilitalion Dr. R. (!. I.rwi», Head of the Department of liiochemistry Dr. I . . I.iif, Head of the Dii ision of Aneslhesiolo iy Dr. J. . . l.i, lily 31 Sccnnd rnw ; l»r. H. W. Daiii.l-oii Dr. II. II. Ilinki ' ii, Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Krhahilitalion Dr. J P. Itivnn l r. II. J. Dixifii ' , Associate Professor ol Prei entile Me licine and Piihlic Health Dr. K. if. Kliaiipli. Head ol the Department ol Psychiatry Dr. I.. J. II. .ri " Dr. J. M. hOslrr, Professor of Surgery Dr. J. . (irrstPii, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Hehahili- tation Dr. K. S. (•iilili ' iisiilin. Issistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology Dr. II. li. Gordon, Head of the Department of Pediatrics Fourth row; Dr. K. . . l.ifigrit. Professor and Actin t Head of the DeiHirlmml ol cine Dr. John M lyun Dr. M M Marr li. tssistani Professor of Physical Crouth Dr. J. It. ll■ a lplll. Head of the Defmrtment ol Pathology Dr. lilnla J 1l• ■r . Instructor ol Physiological drouth Dr. K. H. Mucra);! ' , Head ol the Department of Clinical Pathology Dr. H. N. Miillj|!an. Professor ol Pathology Dr. alx ' lli K. OTiidlr. Senior Instructor of Hacleriology Dr. . • . I ' alla. ' i. issistant in Ohsleirics and (gynecology Dr. M. K. IVrk, Assistant Professor of Surgery Medi Botlnm rnn : Dr. Frank Prinri. Assistant Professor and Head of Division of Industrial Medicine Dr. r. J. . " iiiytli. Issistant Professor of Medicine and issistant Director of Crailiialr and Postgraduate Kduration Dr. Hriiry nan II. Professor of Surgery Dr. Rirliard Tliiiiiip on. Head ol the Defxtrtment of Bacteriology Dr. J. J. arinp. Professor of Medicine Dr. V. II. W a«lil iirn. Professor and Head of Department of the Study of Human Crou th Dr. , T. % iklo. Instructor in Pathology Dr. R. U. hili-hrad. Head of the Department of Physiology and Phar- macy Dr. I.. J. Yarrow, Assistant in the Department for the Study of Human Croit th Faculty - School of Pharmacy C. V. P(. - Dean of School of Pharmacy and Professor of Chemistry E. i ' .. (Iliristi ' iisrii Instructor of Vhiirmacy . 1,. Dirkison instructor oi Vhitrnitic Fred l roiiiinoii(] Instructor of I ' hurmiicy H. C. ll.iin Associate I ' rofessttr of Vhurniacy J. I ' . Street lustntctor of I ' htirniticy Faculty - School of Business Elmore Petersen Dean of School of Business L. v. Aspiiiwall Associate Professor of Marketing T. II. Iliiteliiiison Instructor of Finance J. I,, h ' rasrona Associate Professor of Business W. F. Lane Instructor of Commercial Science I). I.. Haynie Instructor in Accoitntinf; M. A. IVck Assistant Professor of Marketinii I.. F. Koliliins Purchasinii Apent in the Business Ofjice 32 r r mfM iisaa-i Faculty - School of Music H. W. Diiiiliuiii Dmn 1)1 till- Ciillei:f of Music T. 1). Al.l.oll Is.sistdnl in I oice Iruiik lluiril Instructor of lirass i Sliinii Hull I ' rofrssor « Music 1 kl Vniiilil liiiiliiiuii Instructor of Music Theory H. It. CulTiii Associate Professor of Music Ci ' cil K(Tiii|! T Associate I ' rofrssor of Music K. K. 1 air Instructor of Flute 1 rfiirc Hurl Assistant Professor of Piano Fl llorurr Professor Joiirs of Music r M. J. K.1 Assistant zciilicrf! in 1 oice k i U. K. M Associate Prof Mill.ii •ssor ol Music It] ' 4X» Faculty - Extension School »e.r k . ( " .. Cross Associate Professor of Education anil Director of the h.xtension lUt ision K. [ ' . Banks Idniinistralire Assistant of Denier Center v.. M. Campbell Director oi Class Instruction Mrlitli Nakoslrrn Assistant Professor of Education I,. ;. Tri liMt:«r Director of Audiovisual Instruction r 34 Bar row. left In rithl: C. W. FIctclier. W. K. Cowan. I). B. BrmvniniJ. C. Whitchurch. K. J. Phtniv. K. E. Belliir. • Second row: E. P. O ' Rourke. C. K. LarKess. J. G. Brady. R. J. Sammuns. C. 1,. Smith. R. II. Smith. • hront row: D. S. Evans. aval Administration Captain I). S. Kvaiis. I ' .S.N.. KciKlall IlilU The Naval Reserve Oflicers Training ( " orps wa? established at the University in 1941 fur llic purpose of prov idiiif; a source from which qualified officers coultl he ohiaiiied for llie avy and Marine dorps, riiis ohjeclive is acc ini|)hsh)Ml hv a four vear course of iiistniclion in Naval Science which becomes an intefiral part of the college curric nhim for those students enrolled in the ROT( " pro;:rani. The ava1 Science curriculum -o crs fundanicntal. pri)ft .»ional. and technical naval subjects. In adtlition to t!ie three hours of classroom recitation required | er week, all M{()r(. students atlcnil a two hour laboratory period each week. 1 lie corps is coni|)o. ' ' d of luo l pes of NHOTC students, repilar and coiitra ' l. The reijular slmleiils receive tuition, hooks, and fees, at fioveriimeiil expense, anil in ailditioii. receive -SdUO per vear as re- tainer pav. Members of llii- division ar« chosen each year as a result of a nation wiile competitive e aiiiinatii)n. Tlier-c stuilcuts. during! their collcfie career, are rci|iiired to make three summer cruises of ap|iro i- malelv eif£ht weeks diiralion. I pon fir.idualion. the re ;ular studenl sjiend two vears on active diilv in tile refiiilar Navv as commissioned ofTicc-rs. The contract slmleuls are chosen locallv each vear bv the pro- fessor of Naval Science. Tlieir collefre expenses arc not paid by the {lovcrnmenl. Ihev pursue the same aval . " science studies as do the rcfriilar .-liiileuls. but are required to lake only one cruise of three weeks duration. Upon f;raduatiou tliev are commissioned as officers in the L .S. aval Reserve ami do not .serve anv active dutv. Thf ArniN Ht ' siTM ' Oflii ' i-r " - I r.iiniii ( orps iis f lal)li lii-il .il llw I iiivrrsilN of ( lolorailo in I ' Ui!. I lir |irini;ir iiiiT- ioii iif llic unit i. to |iro iili ' lli« ' (.or| ,« l Kii iiii-t-r- vnIiIi ' oiiiiiii»ioiii-il odictT- u lio lia « ' the iifct-s.-arN liai ' k roiiiul in military i-ii inct-rin an l olln-r li-clinical or bll in ■ s iit-lils. to lianillc any of the ariely of ussi :iiin)-nl.« wliit-li fall to tlu- Ariin KMfiini-cr.-. I iiifornis anil books art- ftiniislicil to tin- ( ' allt■l l tilt ' ;:o -rnni -iil. anil |ia nit ' nls an- niailt- to tin- aiKant-ftl courM- caili-I- wliicli alnio l nuial tin- i |ii ' n i ' of one yar al llif I ni- i ' r il . Mi-ii ulio ui ' rf fnll ( ' oni| li ' Ic four car of tin- |iro;:rani. uliii ' li iiii ' liiilo si M-i ' k« at a MiniiniT t-ani|i. arc t-oinnii. ' -r-ioni ' il in tli - |{f;:nLir rni . in tin- ()r ani fil {{••.-crNf (!or|i-. or in tin- National (inaril. In ailiiilion to tlic I ' li im-rr I nil. llicrt- i a Miclical liOTd I ' liit al till ' Si ' iiool of Mi ' ilicini ' in I)i ' iiM ' r. npiratin iiniicr tin- li ' aili|iiartrrs on till ' Boulilrr l.ani|in . litis nnit a i tal)ii«lii ' il in I ' MT with tlir niis ion of Ir.iinini: i .iniliilatrs lor roninii ' -iiin in iIh- Mniiral ( iirps. It i tlirou li tin- iiftlt |irii;:rani liial tin- riii | to main- tain till ' tri ' n;:lii ol tlir ri ' ;:nlar i ' tal li linii ' nl. |i|iri iniati ' ! two til in I- of all i l1ii ' iT- roiiinii ioiiril in tin- Hi-;:uLir rm will In- m ' IitIimI from l» ) It . i:railiiati-. i lii- plan i- in ri-ro;;nilion ol tin- task prrformiil In llii-r l ( Il . :;railiiati- ilnriii;: orM War II. W itii till- a«sistaiiri ' of rilinational i-vpcrts of Iradiii;: iini i-r ilii- . till ' Ariii i T-crkin;: to atYoril il- l )l(l I ' aili-ts a lialanrril trainiii;: profirani wliirli will M ' r i ' not onl to liroaili ' ii tlirir irm-ral I ' llnralioii. lint wliirli will alM pro iili ' tlirni witli tlir miniiniiiii i-.-M-nlial mililar t ' lliiiatioii i ' oin|iatilili ' willi llirir i ' pi ' rtril ilntir-. As till- •irowlli of till- rnn I ( Tl . I nil lonliiiiii ' s. tin- I iii ir-il of ( olorailo kill rontriliiili ' -i;:iiilirantl to tlir -trriiiillirliin;: of tlir nation national ilclriisr ilnriii a particiilarl) rritiral jirrioil. I iiliiiii ' i Ciiniiiiuii I., lialiii I ' rofi ' isor i j Mitiliiry Scivncr ami Tactics Army Administration Top ror. Ifft to rifht: Serfteant . A. Pelerson, Ser|(e«nt G. E. Steven . Seri(cani R. H. Sccwer. f-romt rote: Colonel C. L. Hahn, Captain L. F. Kcndle. 35 36 I.arr Hrsoii ASL ' C I ' ri ' sident Associated Students University of Colorado •V,. » ' - " , 1 ' " ' .,..v- I ' aiil Barth Commissioner of Mens 1) el jar V I Hrk Hcniirk Commissioner oj I ' lihticii- lions Kiilli ( iiiiitoiiw ine Secretary JmIiii (airoll ( o rn ni i s s i oner of A ca- tiemir .tljairs Itarliuru lollcy (A)mmissiimer of Sliidenl Orfianizalions anil Social Life Tom (fii) ): -nli( ' iiii ice-President The AssiCH ' iated Sliulciits (i( the L iiiMTsilv of i.oloratlo is the governiiif; Ixxh of ilic University students. The l Nfl e (•(»iiiiiiis:iioncr ami llic |iri ' !ii(lenl arc cIim-IimI in thr |irinf: of each car for a Icrni of one vcar, starling llu ' follow iiij: (piartcr. Ill ailiiiiioii lo llif I ' lcclcd commissioners there arc iiiinicrons ' -oHicio nicnd)crs rc|ircsciilinf; mam caiii])iis stndciit orfiani- .alions, llic Sludciil I nion (Commissioner, and llic Sccrclarv. ASUC meetings arc )|ien to everyone and arc lield every Cdncsdav excninfi. llic ( .olllnli ioIl ot otV to a ood slarl carl lasl fall Itv instituting a i)ctler new sliidciil week, sliicli was said lo lia e licen one of tile most om|irelicnsi c |(rof;rams of its kind in llie eoiinlr . 1 lie |irof;rani was dcsijzned to f:i c all fn-slimcn. and transfer students an insifihl into campus life. ( )iie of llic (Commission ' s laslin " ; contrilmlions lo campus liciielit was tli ' (.areers (.onferencc. In eonjnnetion with the AW S. i|iialilieil professional speakiTs from all o cr the (Colo- rado area were hroiijilil in lo make it possihie for stndcnts lo liear sonielliiiif; ahoiil their chosen jirofession. ami lo idcar up iHic li(iii llicN mifilil lia e. The conference was climaxed with a xery hencticial speech on how lo appiv for a joh. 1 Dick. Hratll Commissioner of Athletics Jaii» ' N ' IiucImtiiit Comniissi(m ' r of Spirit and Morale l ' li llis SiMu Cominissioni-r of l omens W rifure Ur rrl.v Sluriku Commissioner of I ' ublic Relations Murci ' Ta l ir Commissittner of Entertainment anil Culture KolitTi T lii- Commissioner of Finance Moll iiifrr Commissioner ol lemoriiil Stiitlent I nion Ituililin;: llii l) ooliiiiis Commissioner of Dunce (P O V- Associated Students University off Colorado ASl(! also - ni(liiclcil tin- initial Stiidnil [.i-adcr liip Conferem-e to lie held on the (.-anipn. . All of tlir nu ' clin ; were open to everyone, witli some special seminars for specific olliccs that arc inchiilcd in almost all sliidi-nt or- ganizations. The openin : convocation was directetl by President Stearns, and the following sessions were organ- ized iiito faculty adniii)i:-tratcd roiiiid-lahio discussions. Syllabuses ver»- distributed beforehand to inform the stu- dents of the material to be covered by each proup. At one session, a nio ic on parliamcntar procedure was shown, which turned out to be of fireat bcnclit to nianv orpaniza- tion odicers who wished to clear up inconsistencies arising in their particular jiroups. The I ' ep (llub. orf;ani .i ' l h the ASl ( " " ommi -ion. promotes a -ireat deal of spirit at the various sports c ent . Simil.irK. i-ach commissioner is striving to promote spirit, better student adniini tratioii. and the broadening: of the realm of student government. 37 ; ' . ,;. ' 7 ' - v..„,, in 38 Back row, left to right: Joyce Hanna, Shirley Junes, Ruth Haigh. Jackie Walker, Shirley L ' hrich, Doris Haur . and Pal Dudley. • Third row: ' ivian McGettrick. Ann I.arsh, F.velyn Jacnhsun. Pat Hatcher, BeverU Hnliman. Marion Brennan and Janet Butler. • Second row : Ann Mel ille, Joanne C ' lark, Kim Harrinjjton, Dana Hall. iriiinia W achoh, Mrs. (Jiarlotle Irey, Elaine Cooper. Barbara l.anc. • itotit row: HveKn Norrell. Ph llis Sihio. SalK Dunning, Barbara Ann Carter, Carol Untiedt, BcverK Witthauer. .Mar L tu Steward. Associated Women Students House of Representatives Standing, lejt to rit hl: Carol tlnticdl, Kim llurrinfitdn. RurhiirJ Lone. Hiitli Huijtii. V ' iviiin McCIellrick. Jtickic Walker, I ' al l)udle , Joyce Manna. Ann I-nrsh. I ' at Hatcher. He erl Witthauer, livcKn .lacohson. • Sealed: Mar - l-iiu Steward, .Miss SalU Dun- ninjt, Beverh Holiinan, Virginia Wachnh. IJuris i{aur , I h ]lis Silvio. Marion Brennan, Ann Melville. The Associated ' oiiien Sfiidont ' s .second Ic-iislative body is the House of Hepreseiilatives, The House work in cooper- ation with llie . ' Senate. fre |nenll holding joint nieclinf:.-; for the .sohitioii of major prohlems. The independent and ,-orority students, from tlie six apportioned resith-ntial thstricts of llie L iiiversitv. a| point or «dect in equal innnhers the nu-mhers of tliis hodv. riie sevenlli and hist district of tlie House niem- IxTsiiip is composed of the presiilents of each of the women ' s dormitories. The lefiishiti e purpose of tlie House of l{eprescntati es is to enact and amend hv-laws pre ioush pa scll h the A. .. . in coorilinalion uilli the . ' Senate. Memhers of the House, rep- resenting; their res| ecli e roiijis of women, are responsihle for instilling: a spirit of honor and loyalty to the ideals of the Associated oineii Students an l of the I iii ersity. OFFICERS Speaker. irfiinia W achoh: Secretary. He crl iloliman: Sponsors. Mrs, Charlotte Irey. Miss Salh l)unnin ;: Independ- ent Omen ' s Hepresenlati e. Ann MeKille: . .S.l .C. omen ' s Welfare C.onlllli si Uler. l ' li lli SiKio: l)i lrici Hcproeiita- lives: District I Shirlev .|oiii . .lacipieliiie Walker; District II — Sue olde. KvcKii Norell: l)i lricl III |{e erl lloliiiiaii. liiith Ilaifih: I)islri t IN Carol I iilieilt. Ann l.arsli: l)i lri.l Marian Brennan. Kim Harriiifiton; District 1 Harhara Lane, Mary I.oii Steward: District TI — Evelyn Jacobson, ivian iMcGetlrick: W Omen ' s Hesidence Hall Presidents I ' at DiidlcN. .loanne Clark. WOmen ' s Residence Hall Stiiilent Director Re erlv W illhauer. Hobby Carter. Sliirle I liricb. Doris Haur . Elaine Cooper. Senate is the execiitixi- lioiU nl lln- Assooi;iliil W oimii Stllll •|ll l l llll- I lliMT it III ( ,1 lllir.ll I ( I. Mil- llll-|lll T . riiiii- pUM ' il of llir iinii ' i ' r . i-iiniinilti ' r rliairiiiin. ailil an iiiili ' |ii ' iiili ' iil WOliienV- ri-|iri--rrilali r arr rlnli-cl laili -priii li llir iiiliri- woiiii ' ii liiil ' iil ImkK. I III ' inajorilv ol llir aiiixitir- ul lln- Senate are carriiil on lliriiu;;li ariiui ruiniiiitlii " -. niiin;: tlie topie.- . i(ll(lieil li liii ' M ' riin|i?- are a Miraliiinal |ir(i;:rain, a housing! survey, ami an urientalinn |irii;:raiii hir re iilenee liall conii-eliir-. Tlie Senate liiiii a|i|irii e- lunimil lii- im inliers gelei ' teil li the re |ie ti e ihairinen. llll- -iiiial ailivitii- ii( . .S. are ile i:;inil |iriiiiaril In aeiliialiil -liiiiiiil- Willi . . . anil lln- iaiii|iii-. . S.V sear be ' an with an " i ' li itie i;:lit I or the new I re linien to iiel|i ac |naiiit lliein wlli all ol the ai ' ti itii to lie lounil on i ' ani|in-. The enil ol the fall i|iiartir lounil . . ' . |iLinnin a ile -ert purt where A.W .S. anil Mortar Hoaril M ' liiilar.-lii|i were awarileil. anil Si inia h,|i ili n Si nia ta|i|ieil new nienil er . Winter iiiiarler leatiiriii the V.W . . aniliv i lli-. an all- WOmen ' s 8hiM«. anil a iii|i a :i en to the riiii|i who |ire- •ienteil tlie Miii t iinl.-tanilin;; lvit. During: the |)rini; " Mi ( .L I)a " anil her lourt were proenleil at the in tallation of tiie new . .S. odicers. So goes anotlier ear in A.Vi .S. Iiislorv. Bofli rov, Irfl to right: (. arric Aniirrftnn. Mitt Janri IJuutlak. ' ir||inia U achol , Mr«. Thrrcftr U c%lrrincirr. Dran Marv Flhrl Hall, Mar Hrllr Jamc . I ' ilainc Omprr. Kalliv H an. hromi rar: l h lli» Silvin, (]drol ii ItiiHr. liana Hall. rnlKannc l ' rlcr» in, Judv Slcarn . nn McKillr. I al lialchrr, Alice Kalaidrau, Nanc Mc Martin, (lantl ' an Law. Senate-Associated Women Students Back roo ' . left to rt ht: k.itli K iin. I dan Mur I ' tliil Ball. Mr . Tlu-ri-c W i-vti-rmcicr. Mi . Maritarcl Knhb. Wi%% Jancl Dntiitlus, Nanc McMariin. nnc Morrison. • Snund row: ( urriv Anderson. Joannr l ' aftlc . I-.lainc Cooper. Dana Hall. Nanc ( uinanj. nn MfKille. (larnl ' an Law. Carrie Kictiards. • f-ront row: l h llit Silvio, Alice Falardcau, Pat Hatcher. irdinia achob. Jud Stearns. SalK Brown. INillviinnc rcterum, MaryBelle James. 39 A. »; YI,K W I.I)H(tl ' . (hairinan. The Bciard of I ' ublications is the co-ordinatiiif; and jiiiid- in ; body behind all student publications. One of its jireatest year!) responsibilities is the selection of the eilitor and busi- ness manager of the Silver and (rold. a student newspaper: the Coloradan, yearbook: the Dodo, humor magazine: the indow. lilerarv publication: the tiolorado En{;ineer and the i!iiik Mountain Law Review. University student publications do not represent official opinion and are not directly censored: however, the miiversity recognizes its responsibility toward the general public n bicli it maintains through the board. This coinicil guides all changes in the campus publii-ations and passes appro al on the t pc of material contained within them. The board, as provided for in the ASUC constitution, is composed of an equal number of students and faculty mem- bers. The ASUC. ( " ommissioner of I ' ublications is included as one of the student members. Three students and three facultv members comj)rise the board, each carrying an equal vote. ' I " bc faculty members are Chairman A. Gayle aldrop. Eric Uackliam. and Harold . Hawk. The stn lent members are Di.k H.riii.k. Hill Kalon. and Ellis Tallant. Board of Publications 40 lefl In rifhl: Hill Katon, liric Hacklmm, H. J. TalUnt, A. C;avle Waldr.ip. Dick lU-rnick. Har.ild Haivk. Baik ruu:. ittl lu rifhl: Hubert Jones, CJcrjlJ Itcrticr. Konjld 1-cntun. Horn. John Hamilton. Carr Bv!icmann, Gene Hancock. runt ruu. . M. , kvnJrick., Itarbiira 41 Business School Board Tlif Bii!iiness Sclionl Board is coiiipo-seil of seven iuciiiImts. tlin-f juniors and four st-niors. I ' liis year tlioso rop resent in;: llie jiiniiir interests are Hol»erl Jones. Geralil Ber;:er. and Ronald Iitiliin. Senior memhers arc Inliii Hamilton, presi- dent: (tciii- Mancoek. viee-president : (.arr Beseinann. treas- urer: and Barbara Horn, seiretarv. Board nieeliii}; are hel l every Monday in Dean Klniore Petersen ' s oflTiee at tlie Business Seliool. Ilie purpose of tliese nieetinfis is to deti-rniine student polirie- -ucli as enior refiis- tration privileges, and to s irk out olhir prnldenis concernin}; the Business School with the help nl the Mii-ine« faculty. The Business School Hoard works clo-t l i the hoards of the Schools of Law anil l ' harniar in mailer- ol ronunon interest such as the admittance ol new lionorarie- to the canipu-. Kxtracurricular aiMisilie- include ocial function- in the form of the " Fall Frolic " aii l lln- inlir R.MupnI. l llie aniuial S|irinf: Awards Banipiel award- arc prc-cnlcd Ii the Olit.-tandin;: alumni hu-incs- man. the oul-landin;: Boulder business man. and the oMl-l.uidiiin liii .mil i:irl in llir Business School. Thi- h.uii|uet is also sponsored h the ihiard. The Bo.ird of Directors puts out the Bu-iness . " scliool newspaper entitled " " ' rin- Blotter. " iindir the ahle :iiidance of John . ' hatluck. editor. It also sponsors the Bu-iness con- vocations which deal with matters of current iin[ ortance to Business School students. Ru ine«« -c ' I ■ irds: i i.cfl lo riijhti Bill Smith. Betty Lote. (iuutandinf! (graduate : Dean KImore Peterien. ' «8K Juliii . liurtruiii. Dirrrlor i f I ' lililic Infiiniiulii 42 KIU«i rlli Slc|)| , Kailici Itiimiii Dirrrliir. Department of Public Information Tlic DcparliiK ' iit of Piihlic liifoniKitioii of llie I iii er; it) of Colo- r.iclo M or aiii .cil in llie snmmi-r of l ' ' 4 ' by Jark Kartrain, a siftaiit to tlic | ri-i(liiit and director of the ilopartment. As a result, for tin- tir t liiiK ' in tlic L ni ' rsit " s lii.-lor . all the lifparatc iroiips r •spon! i- hlc for arioiis fai ' cts of piihlic information have l)oon l)roii :lit to- gether unclir one licad and ocntralized in location. The News Bureau, l{adio rrodiiclioii I Jcpartmi ' til. and Department of I ' nhlicalions all are sitnalet! on llie third lloor of Norhn l.ihrarv, while the I ' hoto-:- raphv I)e[)artnient oecii|)ies an oflice in the basement of Maokv Auditorium. Radio Production Department The Radio Pro luction Department, under the di- rection of Ellsworth Stepp. hriiifis information pnhliei .inr; lni ersit services to (.olorado citizens ia the airways. The scope of [jresentations is wide. Thev inehide music profirams. a current esents round table, a sjjorts profiram. and a |)rof;ram for children. These productions are an- nounced and eiifiineered by students who arc interested in learnini; radio techniques. I.t ' fl to ri ht : Jiiiic insuurlli. inforiDutioii wriirr; Marfir ricM-UiinI. iiiforniu- lion writer; iillcr li. I.i ilii r. cilildr: Kii Itaniii. sririi;ir : I ' liil Diinirl- sim. sports editor. lews Bureau 1 he News Bureau prepan-s news stories for newspapers and radio stations throu :hout the state and I hi ' Rockv Monnlain re;;ion. thus servin;: as both the campus repre- seiilalive for the newspapers an l the University ' s line of communication with the j)eople of the state. The distribu- tion of information rcfiardinj: student and faciiltv a diie e- nients, research projects in science and the humanities, the University ' s service to the state, and the University ' s use of the most up-to-date husinos techniipies in adminislerin;; its affairs efliciently is the main interest of this department. Department of Public Information I III ' ri ' iill III (lii- or !Uiiii:uti ii i;- ii (-i iii| li ' li ' iiiti ' r ' li,iii; i ' nl .ilii- .iltif inlOnnalioii (x-twctMi ticpartiiiciits and ( ' oo| iTali iii on nianv iii.ilttTs: it also has nuxit- it possiltli- for llii- a lniini tration to i-slalilisli ,111 oMT-all policN for |iul li(- information and Iium- it fnll 4 ' arrifd ont. I lit- major |inr|i is) ' of llir dc|)arlmi ' iit i- lo inlorin llir -liidiril-. tin- facnltv. and tin- |ifo| lc ol tlir slati- alxinl irn| r ' nl ;:oin;: on at the I nivt-rsilN and to ;:i i ' imldic ndations aiil to all the dt-part- nii ' nl« of till- I iii ir»il Nliiili luiii il in tin- ronr-i- of tlnir ail i itii--. Department of Photography The I)o[)artniont of IMiotopraphv. lieaded hv Floyd ahers, [)ro idt ' s photofzrapiis for thf Drpartmrnt of I ' nhlic Infoniiution and nllur departments witliiii iIh- I iii- versity. Any photos pnhlicity pnrposes or pliolo- of special eNcnts. such as Homi ' iornin . are also furnished bv this department. A complele -toik of ei|uipmenl i ' nai)les the staff to take mo ie-. jiorlrail-. roup [lirliirer.. and neus pictures. I ' liil ItuiiirlMiii. Ni ' »- Itiiri ' iiii. 43 I, ill III rii ltt. I Ui il jIli r.-. (.Irii .si,-m ii. ,iII . i li Left to rifiht: Vormni V. I.iiiigiiruii. Uiillriiii Kdilur: Mr . lihi It. I«:iril. Department off Publications The Diparlnient of I ' nhlications, under tin- super ision of Editor Vernon F " . Louphran, is respon.sible for writing and puhli-hin;: atalopie« and pampldels listinf; eouriics olTered 1) the Lni ersity and each of its arions schools and collefres. The publication of bulletin.s for pro-speetive -Indents is also the work of this department. Brochures and illustrated bulletins and niafiazines are comi)osed for dis- tribution to alumni, parent. , and bipb schools. Ki ' iiiu ' th (!. I ' ciiroUI. Dircoliir of Vliiiiiiii Kcluliiiiis. I 111 ' I niversity of Colorado tlepen ' Js upon its uliiiniii for not only pride and devotion, hut for actual help in f iieh things as stu- lenl recrnitnient. athletic recruilnient. su|)port for scholarship funds, and |)lacenienl for Colorado graduates. Because the time of most ahinini is Hmiti-d. llie first joh of the Associated Vliinini is to survey each coniniimilN which Mip|ii)rl an ahiniiii chil) and then cooperate in setting: up a pro;;raiii lo fil llic- parliiular needs of tlial club and its m -niher . ()ther fiimtioiis are: tlrst. to orfianize those areas « lii ' h are unorganized hut whidi have enough graduates to support an active alumni group: secon l. to coordinate, insofar as pi)- il)le. tlie activities of all the cluhs: and third, to ke« ' p the ahiiiini and friends of the L niversity infcirmed ahoiil llie prohlenis and needs of the University as well as its outstanding achievements and events. The duties of Mr. I ' enfold. director of Alumni Helations. in- chiile the siiper ision and adiiiiiii tratioii of all aliiiiiiii aims. He . works closeK with llie officers of the Alumni hoard and the mem- bers of the slM(liiil-aliiiiini group. Associated Alumni 44 Left lo ri ht: Waller B. I.ovclacr. Vluinnus editor: K.iliia I.opan. secretary: Hiitli Hear, sernlary; Lucille Joyec, head secretary; keiiiietli (!. I ' eiifi)lil. director of Alumni Kelatioiis. I lirmif;h il?- piiKIitMlioiis. tlu- A-soci.itril Miiiniii .illriiipl.- tci rt-ai-li all ;:rinliiat«-« of llu- I iii iT»it . I lie (.olorado .Miiiiiiiti . a niu uziiie whii-li is piililisliril Im times a year uiid sent to all ini-iii- Imts of tin- A.-.-ofiali-il Miiniiii. prints tlu ' lu-ws of ••ai-li ola». iiifonnalioii alxnit arious plia?fs ol L iii fr it activitio. aiitl iiilt-r- prt ' tatixr articles about at-liievenient! aiul prul leiiis of the I iii er- sit . rill- Aliiinniis Nrw -It-tter is piilili lii-il i|iiarliTl ami eiit to all aliiiiiiii lor w lioiii addresses are known. Ilie Ne letter is eon- eerned niain! uilli inforniatixe articles almnl tlic- L nivrn itv and it da -to-da operation. I lie ( oaeliV Letter i- puhli- lied the Mon- da followin;: exerv footliall anie and mailed to niendier- onl . The jid) ol niaiiitainiii;: iip-tt -dale. eomplete reeord on all I iiiNersitv ahimni is a bii: one. These (iles not only contain nieniher- ship eard hut alMi eontaiii eomplete inf irniation alioiit all ;:radii- ates regardless of their meniher.- ' hip statll . There are o er ll. ' .(lll() I cards in the files, and it reipiires a staff of thr« ' e full-time clerks and secretaries to maintain the files. . s njany as 20(1 address and hio- •iraphiral ehanf:e» lia e lieeii made a week. In addition, the olliee perform.- a reat service to the late and the I ni ersity thron ih its (iractice of sendiii : films and other form.- of information ahont the L niversitv to various or anizations throughout the state and nation. ulliT l{. I.oM-larr. Kililor itf die iiliiruiio Miiiiiiiut Associated Alumni 45 I ' rcsi ' iilalimi of Appli- I rst S li ilarslii|) Awaril liy ri;Miri Siliiili til I nil . Olsuii. I lir |iur|Ki c ( ( llie Coiiibiiied Engineers, an organization of the L niversity " . engineering students, is to coonlinate acti i- ties and present functions for the vear. An executive committee of a president and tliree council members is elected annually in the spring, and through its guidance the earl a li ilies are carried on. The Engine school s])on sors the traditional Apple Fest in the fall, the Engine Hall in the winter, and the Engineers " l)av in the spring. The (loinhined Engineers organi .ation also sponsors and directs the pidilication of the (]uarlerlv maga- zine. The (Colorado Engineer. Officers for the year were Tom Hutchinson, president, and Ell (jope. Harold Oakes, and Charles Reich on the i-xeculixe council. Combined Engineers 46 I.i ' ft to rijiht: (Charles Hcich; Ed (lopr: Tdiii Iliitiliiiisiiii ; llanilil Oakes. Till ' -iK ' i;il ami •: i criiint-iital (ir;iaiii atiiiii fur tlm-r liiili-iit. ' imt allili- aliil Willi (irt ' ck IftliT otictir- i.« llii- liiil( ' |ii ' iiilriil Sliicltnl " . A»oiialiiiii. Tlir iif;li inmuToiis a ' ti itii- planix-il (or tin- clitiiil yar, tin- iiM-riiin;; bo l , iIh- l.S.A. Coiiiu-il. lriNc. ' to liriii-; llic iiu-iiilicr» cIosit lii- fllirr aii l to MT e them willi a will halaiiriMl |ir );:raiii i ( " f «-nts. Startiii;; tin- year dIV ri lit, llu ' I.S. A. «|)()ii«i ri-il llu- .iII-mIhihI mi iT. wliicli wa« lirlil tin- lir-l iLin of classes. ' I ' liis wa I ' dllDWrd h llir ( .liili Kir-I M;;lil.r. I ) li i(.T Till ami . ' llli, (liiriii : wliiili lliii«f attciiiliii rlioM- a qiit-cii Iroiii the fn-.xliiiiaii la«« In ri ' i ii o fr till- IwK ilaiu ' fs. Moiula ni-ilit tt-a laiu ' fi an- ii| rii In i- fr - oiif, will) niii.-ii- funiislKMl l y a fani|iii orrlu ' .-tra. Several iillii-r llam-l■ arc oil till ' a;:cmia. |ilii iiolriirlioii in all iLimr tl ' |l cmtn Miimla . In ailililimi. athletio an- -trr-M-il witli llu- l. . V. working in i ' ( (i|ii-raliiiii willi llu- ,illi- letie ili|i.irliiiiiil in liavin : the Mt-ir.-i (i ni open a few ni ;lll a wii-k. ami in ha in wi-rk-riiil iiiiMMJ swiinniin;: in tlic women ' s pool. TIk- A-MK ' i.ilimi |iaN all iIk ' f pi-n rs ol ki ' i-piniL llu- pool opi-n ami for keeping life ;;iiariU on iliitN. I lii Near llu- I.S. . i:- Liiimliin;: a new Inmtion. I .rrliiri-.- ' .irr liein;; held in the .Mii--ie luiom ol llu- l.ihrars l i-tor - cmtx rli-l . " Series perform- aiiee. pviiif; tlie stiiili-nl onu- liarkiLroiiml ol tin- pirformrrs. The eliih.- allilialetl with I..S. . poii or lliiir own ciilliiral. Miiial. ami alhlelir pro- ■:rams, ami. witli tlic help ami i-oopiralion ol all the I niM ' r -il ' imli-pi-ml- ent «linlint . I.S. . will liavi- a more roiiiplili- pro;;rain in llu- liiliirf. (Auh l- ' imt NinlilcT. Independent Student ' s Association liarli roil. Irit to ri ' Jit : Juliii llii;li . Urn l.alliind. llarM- Kx rrtl. Fninl rmi : Jaii.t .- li-iii. Juan i ' liJli|iMiii. Mar I ..II l ' ark , iin M.UiU.- 47 f H " V Robert Spii ' iT, proiilrni of tin- JoiirnaliMii Sciiuol Board. The Associated Sliidciits of tin- ( ' .ollej;!- of .li uriiali iii was desi ;iu-(l to create a stron ;er feeliii;: of fellow ship betweiii the arious classes and stu- dents within the college and also between the students and faculty. Newlv organized last year, the group strives to raise journalistic standards and iiiiliuc in the nienihers the hopes and ideals of an hone.-t. an accurate, an unbiased, and a courageous journali Iu. The organization is governed by a board of Directors consisting of one nx ' inber from each class and the executive officers, all elected bv the student body of the college at the beginning of each academic vear. The board encourages a feeling of comradeship anjong the students, selects its own speakers for the regular monthly convocations, and collects and administers all dues and funds. Hoard nu ' uibers a])point necessary couunittees and plan and direct the yocial acti itics of the organization. Journalism Dav. held spring ]uarter every year, is a clay set aside by the organization so that the spirit and tra- ditions of the association may be effectively carried out. An annual dance iii ihlights the evening of this dav. Members of the board include: Bob . " piccr. presitlent: Wilbur Fitz- gerald, vice-president: Tom Hutton, secretary: Jim Childress, treasurer: Carrie Anderson, senior representative: Beverly Holinuui. junior repre- sentative: l.lovd Darden. sophomore representati e: M ra Lee Le y. pub- licitv chairman: and Carol an Law, social chairman. Journalism School Board 48 Li ' ft to rijiht : Myra I.i-e Levy, jxililirity cliairinuii : Turn Hiiltiin. sfcrolary : Bcvi ' rly Holinian. junior reprcsnitativc: Jim ( liildrt ' ss. Irrasiiror: Holi .Si)irfr. president; W illiiir I itzficrald. ice-prrsident : ( arrir Anilirson. senior repre- sentative: Lloyd Dardin. sophomore representative. T III tudriit at the I ni « ' r il ul ( Milnradu cim-litiitc tin- Imii- (■la--f : tlu ' iiiakf U|i tilt ' iiuclt ' ii ol the iiiii »r»it - -t»tM. ladi cla- i within it-ill a step to thf filial dt ' irrt ' e of i::ra(liialiuii. and iMlurt ' adxaiicinj: to tin- in t class inaiiv (jiialificalions imist lie satisfied. The l " resluiuin. ' ]U 1 iM-fiimiiiif: his co llege career, must learii to iiiiderstand the ileiiiaiids and orj2;anizati »ii of " the University. He must become adjusted to the colU ' fje society, and find ill it tho f thiii-is for which he is uUimately seeking. The Sophomore i -till uii etth ' d in his aims and desires, and yet he feels that lie is more an iiitciiial part of the colle«:e world. Hy his Junior year, the college student kn(iu what he is intending to do with his life; he realizes that he is in college to participate in the academic and extracurricular activi- ties, not only for his own benefit, but for the o erall good of his school. The Senior in the University can look forward with assurance; he can know that because of his capacity to complete his college education, he is assured of a better job. and a happier future. Although a student at the University of Colorado does not feel his closest ties with his graduating class, he does have a unity with this group, and as the years pass, this unity will become stronger. Vi hen he returns as an alumiias. he will lia c a comnimi liond with those who were members of his class. Ill this way, the classes at the I ni ersity of Colorado perform an iiii- jiurtant function in uniting the school, both for the students here on campus, and the alumnae. It is for these groups, as units of indi idiial . that the fol- lowing section has been included in the Coloradan. Jt 1 ! " I . Ui Mil. h ' dilor Classes f .yr r-J i- ' ■ ■ . -i M j k- y: Mi S E I O CLASS Firsf Row ADAIH. W illi Kiii Kn inverinj! : olurado Springs, (lulorailo. AiiuTiran So4 ' i( l of Mcrhan- iral Eiipineors: Institiilr of tlir Aironaiiliral Sri- riiccs: Pi Tall Sigma: SocicIN of uloiiiiili r En- gineers. I1 MS. Dorolliy — Arts iinil Scirmvs: liiriiiing- luiiii. Mii ' liigan. Alpha I ' lii. Seir lar : (lolorailan Orgarii ations Staff; Honieroining romniitlee, I ' uiilicity: Spur: iiiil(jw limitation Staff. . I)AMS, Foril()n T. — Hitsiness: IJoiiIder. Colorado. Plii Kappa I ' si. AD(.n(!K, Joyci — Music: Windsor, (Colorado. .M- plia Oniieron I ' i: Sigma Alplia Iota: I niversity Choir. Second Row Xl.HEHS. Cliarirs H. — Business: K an liin. Illinois. Delta Tau Delta. . I.EX. NDER, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences: .Ar- vada, Colorado. -Mplia Omicron I ' i; Young W o- men ' s (Christian . ssoeiation: Dodo Hiisiness Staff; ASU(; Student Planning: . SL : Spirit and Mo- rale. ALISON, Ross li. ISusiness: Iie erley Hills. Cali- fornia. Sigma .-VIplui F psilon; (ioloradan: CI Days Committees: Delta Sigma Pi: Dodo. Busi- ness Manager, d ertising Manager. Cireiilation Manager; lloiiieroming. Program ' liairman; Na- tional Students ' Assoriation Comiiiitti ' e : Phi Ep- silon Phi. Silvi ' r and iold: . tiident Alumni . s- sueiatioii; . tudent I nioii (iommittee: Winter Carnival Business Manager. .4LLEN, Betty — Arts and Sciences: Boulder, ( olo. rado. kappa .Mpha Theta: Stage Crew; Congo Cluh; Festival Chorus. Third Row M.I.KN. Carcdyn — Arts and Sciences: I.ongmonI, I (dorado. Pi Beta Phi: Young WOmeu ' s (hris- lian Assoeiation: Ski Cluh: Sil er and (7 dd; lioiiiiM omiiig Daiiee ( ' oinmittee; inter ( ' arnival, I ' ulilieity. . ' VLLEN. Frank De Witt. Jr. 7.«i : Akron. Colo- rado. Phi Alidia Delta. 1 I.F.N. Hiith Arts and Sciences: W ieliita, Kansas. l|iha Fpsilon Delta. Treasurer: Ii ' stival thorns : I lomeeomiiig t.ommiltee: Iota .Sigma Pi: Kappa Phi: Pi I.amlida Thita: eta Tail Alpha. Soeial ( ' .hairnian. AI.TV-VTEK, Ella June Arts and Sciences: Den- er, Colorado. Mptia (!Iii Omega. Fourth Row I. B DO. rtlnM J. Arts and Sciences: Kred- eriik. olorado. Niwman ( liih: Phi Sigma Iota; . " Spanish ( ' lull. . MESBl KY, Jo-Anne trts and Sciences: - readia, California. Chi Omega: doling Women ' s tJiris- ti:in . ssoeiatioii ; Winter Cariii al Committee. ANDERSON, Alliirl J. Arts and Sciences: Chad- roil, Nehraska. t Comptroller, .Sigma Phi Epsilon; Recording .Seeri ' tary, Tau Delta. NDKRS()N, Carrie Mai- - frf.s and Sciences : ( !amp While. Origon. Student ilinetor. freshman dor- mitory; (ioiiiiselor. ' IT- ' IS: President. Mortar Hoard; President. Theta . " igma Phi: (•ainiiia Al- pha dii: SiKi ' r ami (iold reporter. ' th- ' tT: Colo- radan: Ilomeeoming ( ' ommitteis : CC Days (Com- mittees: AW S Senate: Journalism School Board; New Mian ( lull. kH firtt Kow . M K1»SI IN, I ' rriliTir K. iris iitul Siiino ' s: luiiil. iilorailo. Alplia Tuii Dintjia. Pn-idnit. J rar : Iiilrrl ralrrnily ' iiiiii ' il l ' ri iiliril ; HiitT i r|i I liil : • I l a ! (:urni al nininillii ' . ' f: (I l)a .- All NliiMil Show. ' IT: I Days Ahimiii I ' lruiiiiu): riiMiMiiltrr, ' 18: I iii iTsitv Mi-ii ' s ( liT (!liili: I ' d ' sIiiiuui r ii lliall: llmnrroiniiii: riiiiiiiiittrr. ' Ki; iiitiT (!ariii ul I ' iiiaiHC Com- iiiitrtH-, ' 50; inlt-r !ariiival Awanls I oiiiiniiti-)-, " n. ANDKKSON, (;iaily» M.— Vursing; l).ii .r. Culo- railo. Nurso Majors ' Assorialimi. AM KHSON. Irxiiip t).- Hiisinpss and EnjiineiTinn: ( liiiaco. Illinois. F rtf Row ANDKKSON, Ruth— .-Irrs and Sciences: Ueiiver. !olora lo. Iti Cim-fia: (lolorailaii: Yoiiii!: Wo- iiun ' s I hristian Vssocialioci ; IrilrariiuraU : Slu- ili ' Ml Hisiarili I oiini ' il: K |ijrstriaii I hili; lloiiir- I ' oinin aiul t .1 Da s ( ioiiiinittf rs. ANDKKSON, iiliain ' A. Kn jincrin;-. Saiila Ana, raliforni;!. Anu ' riran Socirly of !i il Knsiinocrs; Doilo Staff I ' hotojirapluT: Roger William? Fel- lowship). . NDKK . Hufih S. — Engineerinn: Denver, (lolo- railo. iiirrirun Society of Oivil Knpineers. Second Row . N|)lvK .■». John W . — Eniiineerinp: Kerwyn, Illi- niMS. Alpha Si):nia IMii: . nn-riran Inslitnle of ' hrniiral Knjiinrers, I ' lihliritv (hairnian: lllini- BnlT (hih. .M ' I ' Kl.. Joan tris and Sciences: Arilniore, I ' enn- syUania. Ski IJnh; I, " ' ' " ' " sily W Omen ' s ( lub. . K M ' KII.KS, assilis -AniiififiTint ' : Den er. Oolo- railo. Ameriean Smiety of Meihanieal Engineers; I ' i Tan Sigma. Ttlird Row . 1{| OKI). I. W . ■.nj. ' inpprin ' .- lorl Morgan, (iolo- rado. .Vnn-riran Soeiely of Klectriral Knpineers. .ARMIT. (;K. lawrenee ( ' .laylon — .Irrs ' and Sciences: rhieago, Illinois. I ' la ers ' (!lnl ; I.ali Theater. AKMSTKONt;. Kenneth l.eRoy lliisiness: I ' onca, Nehraska. Fourth Row .Mil III U. Haxid K. — Eniiineerinfi : Srhem-riaily. New York. . TKINmiN, Horare E. — Arts mid Sciences: Gree- ley. I olorailo. Delta Tau Delta; Inlramurals; Itnfr IVp (liib. . SIII.KV. (ieraldine -P iarmacy; Denver, Colorado. Junior .Vmeriran I ' liarmueeutical .-Kssoeiation ; I! (.iris. .VSI ' INW ALL, Herbert T., }r.— Engineering: Gree- ley, ( ' olorado. Assistant Counselor. Men ' s Dor- niitory; Men ' s Kesideni-e Mails !ounriI: .Amer- ican Society of (.i Kngiiuers. .• T. NAS0IT ' . Elsie Arts iind Sciences: Houlder. Colorado. I ' i Mu Kpsilon: I ' i I.andnla Tlu ' ta: Yi uni: Women ' s (ibrislian .Association. . TW OOn. Marguerite — Arts iind Sciences: Minne- apolis. Minnesota. Kappa Alpha Theta: W . A Hoaril: I ' orpoise; Spur; ( ' oloradan Business Staff Secretary. 19 5 SENIORS FIrsf Row AVGKRINOS. I ' ctrr — Business: Evanslon. Illinois. Delta Tan D.lta. BAHH. Jack V. — Engineering: Drnvi-r. Colorado. HABKA, Kdwanl .- I ' ngineerinp: C.olnnihns. Nf- braska. Sipnia I ' lii Kpsilon: Aineriran Inslitnic of Elc irical I ' .ngineers; Tau Beta Pi: F ta Kappa Nu: Sigma Tau. BA( " A. Arthur F. — Engineering: Denver, Colorado. . uieriran Soriety of Meelianieal F.npineer.s; Insti- tute of tile Aeronantiral Seienees: . ' Society of .Automotive Engineers. BACON. Janet — Arts and Sciences: Erie, Pennsyl- vania. Kappa Delta: Wesley Foundation; Pep ( ' lub: Kappa Phi: Women ' s Atlilelie . ssoeia- tion: Intramurals. B. (;i,EY, Alliert E. — Engineering: Puehlo, Colo- rado. American Institute of Eleetrical Engineers: Internal ional Kelations Club. Second Row BAIHD, JoAnn Scliafer Music: (!liesaniiig. Mieli- igan. I ' au Beta Sigma; Pi Lambda Tlieta; Univer- sity Concert and Varsity Band; Women ' s March- ing Band. BAKEK, Robert I.. Arts and Sciences: Arvada, Colorado. Phi Sigma Iota, ' 48- ' J9, President, ' 49- ' SO; Spanish ( ' lub. Historian: French ( ' lub, Vice- President. ' tQ-TiO. B.AKER, Victor ( ' •., Jr. — Engineering: Amarillo, Texas. Soriety of . utomotive Engineers: .Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers. BALDWIN, George S., Jr. — Engineering: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. B.ALL, Nancy W. — Arts and Sciences: I ' pper Mont- elair. New Jersey. Pi Beta Phi, President anil Vice-President: Spur: Dodo Business Staff: Win- dow Circulation; (ioloradan Business Stuff: Pep Club; Women ' s Athletic Association: Intra- murals; .AWS Vaudeville; Young W omi-n ' s (Christian .Association: CI ' Days ( " ommitlees: ' 48. Business Manager, Float ( ' ommittce: All . " tar Out of State Baseball: Homecoming Conuuittees : ' 48, Business Committee, Rally Committee: ' 49, Secretary Pid)licity Cormnittee: Winter Carnival: ' 47, Poster Committee: ' 48. Ticket Connnittee: ' 49, Secretary, Publicity ( ' onmiittee. B.AN.AS, Walter P. — Engineering: Montreal. Can- ada. American Sr)ciety of Mechanical Engineers: Cosmopolitan ( lub; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Newman Club; Society of .Automotive Engineers. Third Row BARDWEI.L. Conrad M. Arts and Sciences: Den- er, Colorado. BARKER. Richard T. Business: Boulder, Colo- rado. Phi Delta Theta : I ' niversity Men ' s March- ing Band : W indow. BARNER, Warren McC.— .4rJs and Sciences: Mif- flintown, Pennsylvania. Free Lance (Mid ; Intra- murals, basketball, football, Softball; Geography Club: " 2:) " Club. BARNES, W illiam M. — Engineering: Aurora, ( ' olo- rado. Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Radio Engi- neers. B.AROCH, Robert F. — Arts and Sciences: Denver Colorado. Phi Kappa Psi: Newman Mub. B.ARR, Robert — Business: Boulder, (!olorado. Fourth Row BARTII. Paul O. — Engineering and Business: Texaj !ity, Texas. Kappa Alpha Order; Stray Greeks ' Past President; .ASIC. Conunissioner of Men " Welfare: American Society of Mechanical Kr gineers. Secretary: Canterbury Club, past Prcsi dent; Pi Tau Sigma; .Sigma Tau; Society nl Automotive Engineers: Texas Club. BASHOR, Ralph RIake Engineering: Casp. i Wyoming. Alpha Tau Omiga. Secretary; ( nlc radi Engineer; tioloradan: i ' .l Days Cariii a Committee: Homecoming, Torchlight Parade Buff Pep Club: Ann rican Society of Meehanica Engineers; Soriety of .Automotive Engineers: k Club: Marching Band. I! Al KNECHT, Lyle .A. — Engineering and Busv ness: Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Tau Beta Pi: Et Kappa Nu: .American Institute of Electrical Er gineers. B.AIKNECHT, Robert Engineering: Two Rivers Wisconsin. American Institute of Chemical En gineers; Alpha Chi Sigma; -American Chemica Society. i BAl ' M, Paul B. — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Col railo. Theta i. BAXTER, Helen .Alma — Arts and Sciences: ( ddei ( ' olorado. Freshman Women ' s Dormitory Coun ru selor; Geography ( ' lub, Secretary-Treasurer Hiking ( lub: Orchesis; Spur; University Wo men ' s Club. 54 I ■::! . i I ha d S I k In tl % . iJi if Row , l.liK, liiM-rU Jaiir (r». and Siifiins: iH T- luo, luua. I iiixcrsiiv oint ' irs (!lul : Kuppa riii ; iMiiii; W iiini-irs (liri. liuii Asmcialion ; Tail l . Iiu: IV| lliil.. I I 1 . rtluir U. Knuineerinic Di-iimt, Colo- ri.l.i l i Tail Sipmu: Sipiiia Tau; Instiltitr of the ronanliral Scifiircs. I , I liarlciltr irta iinil Scienrps: Sholliv, iiImm Mplta Di ' Itu I ' i. cond How Nl K, Iiirillr 4rls (inil Scivnrea: (lliirapo, Illi- M " i- SHmt uiiil (hiIiI; (.i-ofirapliy (lliili. N M-.TTS. Aliri ' (r j ami Srirncrs: Di-nM-r, I •lorailo. (!lii Oiiu ' a, I ' ri ' siiliMiI ; I ' i (.aniiiia Mii; I ' i I ainliila Tlula ; Mortar Hiiaril. Trrasiirt ' r; pnr: MKir anil (.old ( Ulirt- Manacir: (.1 Days in l llotiii-riiinini: 1 iiininittiM ' S ; Paniirllrnir Treus- 1 1 1 r f NNKI T, na liin J., Jr. — Arts and Sciences: ' tiiiiia. • oliirailo. I ' lil Kajipa Tan: Alplia Phi iliii,Ka: I ' i ' nla»:»n Cliih: liiifr IVp rliih ' 18: CU I ' axs iiMiniillt-r, ' 18. lit How I N ON. Mary trts inil Srirncrx: irpinia. Min- !■ -.ila laii Dtlta, iic- rroiilmi. I NIllN, Klinor -( -(.s unit Sciincrs: l)in er, uliirailo. Di ' lta (•uiiiniu, Srcrctary; I ' aiilirl- iTM-; Afisnriatt ' il onu n SluiK ' nls: orations oiiiinitlri ; l ' ni rrsily oinrn ' s !Iiilt: Young ciMH ' n ' s rlirislian Assorialion. IKXNK.k. ( Kc.s.- Itiisiniss: llc.llvwood. Illiiinis. Kappa Drila: llliniliiifT Itih: KiifT IVp Iiiti: " ki Miil : i.{ Hays ( ioiniiiitlt ' r. Izond Row ll!(.M N, Donalil J.- Business: BoiiMcr, (oln- mI. . li;i.KK. I ' liill R.— , r .s ami Sciences: Di-mcr, ' Inrniio. riii Sipiiia Dilia: Mii(r Tip Cluh: IMiiisIi ( ' liili: ( ' I ' Days ioiniiiiltcrs; llotncroiii ' Mn-Narsity Nights Hiisinrss Manapi-r; liiisinrss Munaprr, W iiiltr lariii al. " 0; Junior I ' roni aTi(-r ( nnuiiittrt ; Inlrumiirais. Ii;i.IIK.IM. Robert M. Music: Honl.lrr. Colo- nl ' i. raiia. iri ' -l ' rosiilrnl : I ' lavrrs ' (!liili, I ' rrsi- I ' Mi: uritrr: linllaci lliih: IMii Mil Alpha. ' I ' lirrani rhairinan: llonirroniins . i anls ( !oiii- Mlllir. )rd Dew LRNR K. Kirhartl J. .irts iind Sciencfs: Drnvt-r, k ' olorailo. ASl . r.oiiimissioMrr of I ' uliliialions; SI r (loinniiiisionrr of I ' lililir Rilatioiis: Kx- )nirio ASl ! ( " oniinisslonrr. Mrii ' s Rrsiiirnrc lalls; ASl ( " ( " oniiiiitlces. Araili-inir Affairs, Slu- [lent driianizalions ami Social I.ifr: Vssoriair ( ' (litor of Dodo: I ' i (ianinia Mii. irr-l ' r«siilrnl ; ilonorv I niuii: Hoinrroniinp ( -in-ral -omiiiilliT. [•8: (I Days (MMural I omiiiitl.i-. " I ' ' ; Joiiil Mil- leiil-I ai iilly I ' laiiniiiii I ioiiiiiiillci- for Nru Slu- li ' nt I nion liiiililing. LRRY. H. .rly Roothr— .-Irts and Sciences: St. Louis. Missouri. Dormitory (lonnsolor: I nivt-r- fity onu-n ' s (!luli; ( ' I Days Riisinrss ( ' .oiiiniit- ii ' c, ' IT: Younp Somen ' s christian .Assorialion. liRR . Keith W. — Arts and Sciences: I.inion. olnra.lo. frfli Row iKTMilI.I ' . Marjorie - . — Arts nnd Sciences: ' urhl ». (Colorado. Speakers ' t!onpress: Honors nion: I ' i Lambda Tliela: Kappa Didta I ' i: Dor- ilitory (iiiunselor. ' 47- ' 48: Homeeoniinp ( " .ommit- ec, " Jfi- ' i:. L A S S o F 1 9 5 HKSKMANN. W illnir Carr liusiness: Dodne City. Kansas. Siiinalia: " ! " t Iiih Kxeriilive Coiinrilor: Rnsinrss . " N-hool Treasurer: Delta Si([nia Pi: Var- sity Rasketliall. iJi: Varsity I ' ootliall. di: ir Days Wrleoiiiiiif; (Committee: Star ami Sextant. RKTZ. Kxelyn liusiness: Rillines. Montana, lplia liaiiima Delta: I niversity S omen ' s tiliili: I n- allilialed tireeks: Beta Sipma. ntik Row RET . Fred M.. ir- Arts and Sciences: I.amar. Colorado. .Associated Students of Journalism: Sigma Delta Chi. RIKI.. Riehard { ' ,.— Arts and Sciences: Crystal Lake. Illinois. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Ski CIiili: Intra- murals. 55 RL.MI A. Robert W. Arts and Sciences: Deiner. (Colorado. Tan Kappa Kpsilon. Slifh Dow RLt . Monroe I,. hnt:infrnnf: : l.fdlbran. Colo- rado. I ' liysiei. ( lub: Sigma Pi ipma. R((LIN(;KR. Caroline J. Arts and Sciences: Den- ver, ( " olorado. .Alpha Chi Omega: Somen ' s Alli- letir .Association: Ilomccoming. Women ' s field Events t.oinmitlee: Inlraniiirals: . ' ki (Miili. Bf LTZ. F Ieanor — Arts and Sciences: Diphlon, Kansas. Alpha Delta Pi: Kappa Phi: Delta Phi Delta: Winter (!ariii al tommittee, ' ' l: Intra- murals: Dorlo Art .Naff: Young Women ' s (diris- lian .Assnciatiitn. SENIORS First Row liOKSCll. James T. — Engineering: Casper, Wyo- mill;:. Iiilraiiiurals: Chairman Plo lf:e Commiltee. Pi Tau Sipina: Ski Club. I{(H ' 1.T »N, n. Dolons— (r s (inti Srii-nrrs: Den- ver. Ci)Ii raili . Cosniopolitaii t ' luli; Diirniilory Intraimirals, ti ilies (!hairinati: lldiiieeoiiiinj; Committee; Kappa I ' lii. I ' uliliiily Chairman: Ue- liflion In Life (!iiniinill(r; Spanish (!hih: Univer- sity Women ' s Chih: arsity Christian Fellowship, Serretary; Wesley I ' tninilation. .Secretary. BOVi ' KH. Jay--.(r(s and Scienre.s : Canon City. (Colo- rado. Alpha t ' hi Sijinia: Alunmi Si-iretary: I ' hi I.anihila Society, .Vlumni Secretary; IS ' ewman CInli: Honors Union; Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presi- dent. HOYCE, F ' rank I,. — Engineering : Sionx Falls. Sonlli Dakota. Phi Delta Thela: Sipma Tan: Chi Kpsi- lon: American Society of Civil Engineers; Buff Pep Club. HKACKKMiUKY. Hiehar.l }. Mttair: Fort Collins. Ciilorailo. Delia Tau Delia: I iiiversily Mareh- ini: Hanil: 1 nivfisily Concert lianil: Symphony (•rrhesira: Kappa Kappa Psi : Phi Mu lpha. liU I)D()CK. Ui.h.rl Engineering: Moiililcr. Colo- Second Row liHAD . Keniirtli Kirharil Arts und Sciences: Sioux City, Iowa. American Chemical Society: American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Inde- pciident Student ' s .Association. 56 l!KA(iG. Vivian Louise — .-frfs and Sciences: Den- ver, Colorado. .Alpha Chi Omega: Campus Chest, Assistant Collections Chairman: Campus Chest Captain: CL ' Days Vi Dmen ' s Field Events Com- mittee: Dodo Circulation Staff: Pep Club: Win- dow ( !iri ' ulatiiin . ' laff: Women ' s Athletic .Associa- lion: ' luing (►men ' s Christian Association, Ra- ilio (iroup. HliANDMOHST. Carolyn— fr .f iind Sciences: Little Hock, Arkansas. ( amina Alpha (hi. reporter: eta Tau Alpha, Serretary: inter Carnival Pub- licity Couuniltee; (!oimcil of (ireek Stu lents rep- resentative. BR. Y, Kenneth W. Arts und Sciences: Boulder. Colorado. Sigma Nu: Banil: Coloradan: Kappa Kappa Psi; NROTC Rifle Team; Orchestra: Star and Sextant. BRENNAN. John P iHrmucy: Rochelle, Illinois. Phi Delta Theta. HKITTAIN, Bonnie Lou — Arts and Sciences: Man- cos, Colorado. Third Row liKt SK ' , Bernard ].--I hiirnificy : Eimnans. Penn- sylvania. BROWN, Dale I. — Arts and Sciences: l.onfmionl, C,()lorado. Sigma Phi Epsilon. President: Alpha Phi Omega, .Secretary, President: Interl rater- nity (Council, BROWN, Nancy . r s and Sciences: Kansas (City, Missouri. Kappa . lpha Theta: Buff Pep (Club: (Coloradan Business Staff: Young Women ' s (Chris- tian Association. BROWN, Robert E. — Engineering and Biisine W alsenburg, (Colorado. Men ' s Residence Ha (Jouncil, (Chairman Social and W elfare (Conm tees: Independent Sludent ' s (Council. Dance Co missioner; CU Days Dance (Chairman: (Club Fi Nighter, General (Chairman: .Stuilent I.eadersl Workshop, (Committee (Chairman. BROWN. Ronald K. liusiness: (ilade, Kan ICr Days: Equestrian (Club: Homecoming: Int murals: Pep (Club; Ski (Club: Winter ( " arniv liKOW N, Sarah Lee .(r s and Sciences: Oak Pa Illinois. (Coloradan; Inlrainurals, Mortar Boarj Pacesetter; Panhellenic President: AW S .Sena Pep (Club; Sophomore (Class Treasurer; W ome thletic Association Board: Young Wome (Christian .Association. Fourth Row Me.MILL.AN ' . Bruce II., Jr. — Engineering: T» falls. Idaho, ( " hi Epsilon: Ski (Club: Anuric Society of ( " ivil Engineers: Intramurals. BRU(,GEMAN, Alva H. . r 5 nnrf Scienres. Rai (City. South Dakota. BRUIN, James .. : Roswell, New M. i. Dodo Ailvertising Manager: (Coloradan (Class .S| tion Editor: President. Pre-Law (Club: Inter-F lernily (Council: President. Sigma (Chi. BRUMITT, William Alon o AnA ' ineerin;-; Boj iler. (Colorado. Physics (Club. President: -Amei can Instituli ' of Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma: Sign Tau : Tau Beta Pi. URl NDAtiE, Leonaril (C, — Arts and Sciences: t, conda. Montana. Independent Student ' s .Assoc tion. BRICTON, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences: (Colora. Springs, (Colorado. Pi Beta Phi. f .1(11 Wit m Ml n, k h w It. a. O • ' rit Row Kl r. lli w;ir(l A. Kn ineerini;: New I liii. Miii- ni ' - ' il.i Mplui Si Mia I ' lii: Aiiicriiun lii ' liliili ' of Kliilriiul I.njiinnrs; Kta Kappa Nu. KV NT, Kloisi- ' iiirmocv: t .liiiwoiiil Springs, I nliirailii. Mplia t )iiii( ' ri n I ' i : Hlii Oli: luta Sigma I ' i; Junior Anirriran PharMiaieiitical As- MH-i.ilioii. inM T ll. John . Arts unit Sciences: IJil- liniis. Mcinlana. I ' hi Delia Tlicia: Varsity Fmit- l.all, " l " ). •coftd Row I I 11 WAN, Diinal liriiunini: — Arts and Sciences: Ki l " -. Japan, lplia I ' lii Onicpa; Japanese Ken- k n (lull: W istniinster Fellowship; Colorado National ( naril. tl CKI.EY, Thomas H. — Engineering: Memphis, Tennessee. tUMl ' l S, Harolil (iraliani (rf.s and Sciences: Denver. ( iolorailo. I ' lii Delia Tlieia ; Doilo: Colo- railan: • I Da s (luiiiiittei s; IliiiiirininiM (loiii- niilteis. Irtt Row IINDV. Phyllis — .1 rts unJ ri encw ; Santa Monica, raliriirnia. AW .■ orational t oniniitlee ; BiilTalo .Ski lluli; Huff I ' ep Cliili; loloradan SlalT: :L ' Da !. I oMiniittee: Dormitory (MliriT: llomeeoni- inj: iimniiltee; Kappa Alpha Tliela. I ' resiilenI; Silver anil (.olil: . pur: W imien " s Atliletie . ss(i- eiatiori: oiini: Women ' s t!lirislian Association. U ' NTS, John F. — Kngineerinp: Colorado Springs, I nl, ra lo. il lil 11 1!D. I ' elcr M. Arts and Sciences: Enplc- nooil. (olorailo. Festival (Ihorus. •econd Row JlKf.KNEK, John R. — Engineering: . aliila, Colo- rado. Vmiriean Institute of Klietriral Kngineers; Ela Kappa Nu; Institute of Kadio Engineers; I ' i Mil Epsilon. JIKKK. Saniutl Edward- f. ' ngineerin ' ; Denver, ( ' .oloradii. lM tiliile of the Veronaiitiial Siences. JURKll KI)T, Donald II. Htisiness: Orlando, Florida. ' Mrd Row JURKS, Relle L. — Arts and Sciences: Denver. Colorailo. Spur: Stage Manager, .WTS aiide- ville; (.oloradan: Doiln; W inilow ; (!1 Days. JURN ' .ARD, Jean Marie Arts iind Sciences: Den- _ ver, Colorado, . lpha I ' hi. JURNETT, Wesley D. trts and Sciences: Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. Sigma .Mpha Epsilon: Buff Show, CI Days: Float Parade. CI Days: Silver and (iold. Dislriliiition Manager: Dodo Circulation Manager: Engine Mall I ' lildieilv oin- millee; lloinecoining Float Parade (!omiiiittee: Interl ' ratcrnity ( oiiiiiil : Pi Mil Epsilon: Winter Carnival Oueeii I oiiimittie. sislanl hairnian. ' •aurib Row lUTHAI A. Edward J.- Beta Thela Pi. lUTI.ER, Janet Byrne Luplon. oliirado. JUTTEEMANN. Carl F, Jr. Business: Galveston Texas. Independent .• Indent ' s .Association; " 23 " Cluh: Texas Cluli, President: Bridge (dub. -Business: Joliel. Illinois. Arts and Sciences: Fort c L A S S o r 1 9 5 O f N» Fiffh Row BVKD, Thomas ( .. Jr. — Engineering: ¥A Dorado. rkansas. Buff Pep ( liili; Molorcvcle Cliili: mciican Institute of FJectrical Engineers: In- stitute of Radio Engineers. CAI.EtK.V. Ilarriette R. — Arts and Sciences: Red- wood ( !ilv. (ialifornia. CAMPBEI.i.. Donald M.— 4rr« and Sciences: Sler- l ing, Colorado. Phi aninia Delta: Siimalia: " C " Club: ASIC Athletic Boar.l. Sitth Row ( WIl ' MEl.E. Neil Howard Irfs and Sciences: Denver. Colorado. Lambda ( ' hi Alpha. Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; (!l Days .Alumni Conimillce; Club: Pi (ianima Mu; Span- ish ( " lull: Intraniiirals: International Relations ( liili: Newman Club. C NN. Howard M. .IrM and Sciences: Denver. Colorailo. Phi Sigma Delia: .Mpha Epsilon Delta: Pi Mu Epsilon: Honors Inion. President: I ' niversity Choir: Oneral (diairman. f ' l ' Days, ' SO: Homecoming Awards Chairman: Winter ( " arnival. Assistant (diairman. Awards Oimmit- lee: Academic Section F ditor. " (! " -Book. CANTONW INF. Ruth Arts and Sciences: Salida. (!olorado. . W S ocations Oimmittee; Congo Cluh; Ski (dub; t ' niversily Women ' s Club; .ASIC Commission Secretary ; Junior Orchesis. I SENIORS first Row CANTRELL, Richard B.— .4m and Sciences: Evanstoii. Illinois. Iloiiipconiinp, ' 47, " t9; Oolo- lailan: .t Davs: RiilT Show: Delia Tan Delta. :. RHARTT. sley K. Business: Grand June- tion. (l()l(iradi . .Aineriean Lepion, (lanipus I ' osI; Tree Lanee; Raihi) Gluh; Ski Cluh. CARLETTI, Charles A.- Business : Denver, Colo- rado. CARNEY. Jane Arts nnd Sciences: Rarllesville. Oklaliiinia. Young W Omen ' s (Christian . ssoeia- lion Toy Loan H.a.l, ' 19; Orehesis. ' 48, ' 49: Tliela Landxla: Home Economies !lul : W Omen ' s . tli- letie . ssoeiation; (hi (Jmega. CARPENTER, James .. .4rts and Sciences: Den- ver, Colorado. Phi (fanima Delia: Inlramurals: Coloradan, Silver and Gold: ASUC ( ' oinmiltee: Ilomeeomini:. ' 48, ' 49; CU Days, ' 48: inter Car- nival. ' 48: Pep (Muh. (CARROLL, John Arts and Sciences: (junnison, (Olorado. A iking ( ' luh; 1946 .ASUC ( ' ampaign Manager; ( ' ommissioner of Puhlieations : Student I ninn ( !oiimiilt4 ' e; 1919 .ASl C !ommissiotier: 19. )fl (Commissioner tf Aeadernie .Affairs; -Assist- ant City Editoi. SiKer and (-old: Independi ' nt Students ' . ssuriation ; Speakers ' (Ongress. Second Row (ARROLL, Marjorie Ann — Arts an d Sciences: (Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dodo; Ski Club; YWCA; Silver and Gold; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec- retary. C.ARSON, John Paul — Business: Denver. (Colorado. Chi Psi ; Dodo; CL ' Days; M inter Carnival; Pre- Law Cluh; Ski Club; Speakers ' Congress; " C " - Book. C.ARSWEI.L. Jane Arts and Sciences: Kansas ( ily, .Missouri. Kappa Alpha Thela. CARTER, Deane M. Business: Sharon Springs. Kansas. .Acacia; Pep (Club: Marching Rami; leslival (Chorus; (CI Days. (C.A.SEY, Clifford (jlen — Arts and Sciences: .Ama- rillo, Texas. (Campus (Chest; (Canterbury (Clnb; CU Days: Dodo; leneing (Club: Men ' s (ilec (Club; Pep (Club: Tau Delta: Phi Kappa Tau. (CH-AEFEE, (ilen R.. Jr. — Engineerinfi: (Colorado Springs. (Colorailo. Ski (Club: (Caliio and Boots; Marching Hand: R()T(C Rillc Team: Varsity Band; .American Society of Mechanical F ngi- neers; Society of Automotive Engineers. Third Row (ClIAI.I.lirR(,. Martin W., Jr.— Business: Denver, (C(diMa l( . Sigma Nu. (ClL N(Cp;, Wiley .S. — Arts and Sciences: Denver, (Colorado. Kappa Sigma; A ' arsity Track, ' 47, ' 48. ' 49, ' . ' (): (Cross (Country. ' 48. ' 49: ••(C " (Club. .Secre- tary-Treasurer: Intramural Oilicial. CII.ANCE. William C — Engineering: Denver, ( olo rado. -American Institute of Electrical Engineers | Apple Eesi. ' 49: " C ' -Club; CU Days; Honieeon ing; Varsity Track, " 47, ' 48, ' 49. (CHASE. Elisabeth — Arts and Sciences: Mentoil Ohio. Intramurals: Kappa Delta; Ski Club. (JH.AVEZ. (Jarol — Arts and Sciences: Boulder| Colorado. Delta Delta Delta. CIIENFCCY. Russell E. — Arts and Sciences: Nortll cymouth. Massachusetts. Intramurals: Inter| national Relations Club; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row (CHI.APPELLI. Frank — Engineering: Palerson. Nev| Jersey. (CIIILDERSTON. Willa IS.— Arts and .Srienr es | Puiblo. ( " olorado. (CllMKI.lK. Sally— .WiMic: Joliet. Illinois. Iniverl sity (Choir; Spur; Porpoise; Freshman DormitonI A ' ire-President; AWS Vaudeville; Delta Deltif Delta. (CL-ABORN. Kenneth I). — Engineering: .Amarillo Texas. .American Institute of Electrical Engl; neers. (CL.ARK. A. B. — Engineering: Minturn. Col orado .American Society of (Chemical Engineers: Intra murals. ( ' L.ARK, Randolph D. — Arts and Sciences: lowt Park. Texas. 58 iBM» ««ir I 4 4 t ' Row I li ' K. illiniii W . {(isinpss • ricmrr, ( (ili rail " . I " l ION, Uriiry (lurtiUT h.nfiineerinfi: lliiliurl, ii ' lijiiu. Socirty of AiiloiiiniiM- Kiipirircrs; ViiiiTicaii Sorit ' ly of Mrrliaiiit ' iil F.npint ' iTS. ( MAN, Klly Music: I ' n.-lilo. ( .ilcrailo. Dormi- iir t.oiini ' il: Ki ti al (llmrus: Inil ' |ii ' M li ' iil Sm- Km Asiiociution tioimril: MImiI I ) i iiiitory liiiir; Rei-vrs; Valkyrif. i:ond How t|l . Ili nal l J. — Engineering;: Diiimt, ( iilorailo. I appa . " ijixia; Aiiuriran Inslitulr of KItrlriiul ■ ' .npiiirrrs: . iUt ' r ami (iolil. ( ' I IKK, Mariiarrt Marie iirsin : A in a r i 1 1 o , I . .is. Niirsinc Majors Kloal (!hairniaii; I ' rp hili; Kof; T Williams Kcllowship, Ttxas (lul). lillKN, Kva -Arts and Sciences: I ' liilaclrlphia, ' I ' liiisylxaiiia. (hanniii)! (Hull. Sicntary; (losiiio- ' olitan (liili; Intoriialiiiiial Ki ' lalioiis (!liil ; Ski ' liil . Ut Aow • I.K, ( or lon II. Kniiineeriniz: I ppir Moiitrlair, Sfw Jrrscy. Alpha I ' lii Omega: Moilirn (lioir; hi Mil Alpha Sinfonia: Soeiety of AiilDiiiiitive ' nuimrrs: liiiMrsily Choir. • IKM N, M K in A ' n ;ineprinj;; Safiuaihe. ( ' olo- iilo. I ' i Kappa Alpha; . meriran Insliliite of Irclriial Kiisinerrs; (!oloraclo Knpinei ' r. Kilitor: ncini ' irs Hall ami Knpinrrr ' s Day (.rmral Com- Jiiltie; Kta Ka| pa Nti: I ' hi Kpsilun I ' lii: I ' i Mn ' .psilon: Sitfina Tan; York ( " liili. Prrsiilrnl. )NNKI.I,Y, Joseph (i. — Knf:ineerinii: l)in ir, lorailo. kond Row jNl» l li. I ranris E. — Business: Italhoa. Canal ' one. I- rei- l.anre; (ianima Delta: . ki (Miili. ' N|{ D, Dnnalil (iene . rfs and Sciences: I.oii- iers, ( !oIt ra lo. ' NYKHS, Jeanne Anm — Arts and Sciences: La iinia, Colorado. Kappa Delia. hd Row nK, George Paul — Arts and Sciences: Denver, " Inra.lo. FSnff Ski Club: Ski Palrol. ;OK. Marv .Mice Arts and Sciences: Denver, i.lora.lo. ■ I ' i Beta I ' hi. Vice I ' resiilenl. Rnsh hairman: Colorailan. Itiisiness. Kililiirial. ami (lilor of Uneen Section; !l Days: . " " iKir ami ohl; inter (Carnival. ' KKK, Marv Kllen — Arts and Sciences: Hoiililer, olorado. kappa I ' hi: Roger Williams Iilh.u- hip, ice-l ' resiilent : W oinin ' s Cliili. ' rtl Row Ol ' KR, Klaine — Arts and Sciences: Tulsa, Ukla- lonia. AW I Orientations Chairinan; Repent Stii- lent Director: rresiilent of Women ' s Residence lall Presidents: Mortar Hoard Kditor: Spur: vW S .Snate and House: Thela Sigma I ' hi: •aiiima Mplin ( ' hi: Assistant Publicity Chair- nan; ( ;i Days .Shov -. I ' K. Kil»aril (i. — Fnpineering: Denver. Colo- ado. !onibined Engineers Kxei-iitivf Council; nieriean Societv of Mechanical Engineers; Tau c L A S S o F 1 9 5 ( (tPP, D»a iie R. Arts and Sciences: Denver. Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Wesley Kounda- lion. Fifth Sow I ORIilN, Rex Gene — Arts and Sciences: Rid Oak. Iowa. Phi Delta Theta. I R IC. Monte I.. Kngineerin : Amarillo. Texas. Pi Tan Sigma: Sigma Tan: American Society of Mechanical Kngineers; Intrainiirals. CROt KKTT. W ardner H. — Business: Denver. Colo- rado. Phi Delta Theta. President; Coloradan. liusiness Manager and Advertising Manager: Campus Chest. Business Manager; Delta Sigma I ' i. Headmaster. Scribe: Council of (ireek .Nu- dents. President; .VSl ' i; Committee on Academic VITairs; ASl ' f " Election ( ' ommittee. Arts and Sciences: (.rand June .VIpha Chi Sigma; National Slifh Row CR(»I.EY. Dale C. tion, (Colorado, (•uard. CROSBY. (Iharles H. — Enfineerinfi: (ranford. New Jersey. .American Institute of Electrical F ngi- neers. CROSS, Richard J. — Business: Boulder, Colorado. Coloradan; Star and Sextant: Phi Epsilon Phi; Homecoming; CI ' Days; Delta Tau Delta. SENIORS Firs Sow COOPER, Marjory nn--Biisiness: Aurora. Colo- rado. Univrrsity W oiiu-n ' s (liil); Beta Sigma: Bola Gamma Siil ' ma: Homrcoiiiiiig Se-cretary: In- (li-pciKltnt Stiuli-iils " Assorialion Council; Spur: Symphony Orrlu-stra: Wesley Foundation. C( KI{KII)(;E. John— Business: Casper, Wyoming. Kappa Si(;ina. Houm- Manager and Treasurer: Beta Alpha I ' si : Delia Si-nia I ' i: CV Days Show: Cr Days Busimss Committee. CORICn, John E— Business: Clayton. New Mexico. Sigma Alpha Kp.«ilon. Campus Chest: Dodo Dis- trihution SlalT: SiKer anil (iold Distrihution Staff; SilviT and (iold Promotions Staff. COX, Rohert " ' .—Business: Dallas. Texas. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Texas Cluh. COY, (iene ( ' ..Business: Fort Collins, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CIMMANS. John E.— Kngineerjng; Boise, Idaho. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Inliaiinirals. Second Row t;l KRELL, Douglas 1.. Arts and Sciences: l.amar, Colorado. Honors Union; Phi Lambda Upsilon. DAl.I.EZOTTE. Frank Engineering: Kemmerer. Wyoming. Newman Cluh. DAI-NTLY. Frederick M. Business: Marshalltown. Iowa. Sigma Chi; CV Days Conuniltee; Buff Ski Cluh; Intramurals; Speakers Congress; Winter Carnival Queen Committee, Chairman. DANNHAUSER, William P.— Arts and Sciences: Lionia. New Jersey. I ' niversity Theater; Labo- ratory Theater; Band: Players Cluh. DAVIDSON, Barbara May— .-Irfs and Sciences: South Pasadena, California. Buff Ski Cluh; Wo- men ' s .• thletic .Association. DAVIDSON. Darold D.—fingineering: (Jering. Ne- braska. Sigma Tau; Pi Tan Sigma; Society of Automotive Engineers; .American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. Third Row D.WIS. . nn , .—Arts and Sciences: LaGrange, Illinois. DAVIS. Clierie — .Arts and Sciences: Englewood, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; Buff Show; Silver and (iold: Coloradan: Stage Crew; CV Days: llomicoMiing: Head Majorette; Young Women ' s Christian .Association: Panliellcnic. D.WIS, Donald George— Engineering: Denver, Colorado. Eta Kappa Nu ; .American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engi- neers. D.AVIS, F ' lizahetb Ann — .irts and Sciences: Ne Orleans. Louisiana. .Alpha Delta Pi. D.AVIS. Robert Arnold — Engineering: Litlleto Colorado. Phi Kappa Tau; American Society Civil Engineers. D.AVIS. Richard E. — Engineering : Littleton. Col rado. Phi Kappa Tau: American Society of Cix Engineers. President: Wesley Foundation. Fourfh Row DAVLS. Vonda C. — Arts and Sciences: Erie. Col rado. Tau Delta. D.AA ' OL. Stephen H. — .4rts and Sciences: Sandwic New Hampshire. Psi Chi; F " ree Lance: Leadi ship Workshop: Intranuirals: Independent Si dents .Association Council: Wesley Foundatioi Reeves, President; Club First Nighter. DAY. Lynn E. — Business: Cape Girardeau, souri. DEAN. Marselle — .Arts and Sciences: Las .Ani C.olorado. Colorailan; French Club; (Jeograpl Club: International Ri-lations ( " lub; Jazz Clu Language House. DE.AVER. Arllmr W . Nebraska. DeBANICO. Donald P.- ester, New York. .Arts and Sciences: Sidm ' " " m -Arts and Sciences: Ro» JKow :BBKK( IIT. Kr.-.l J. A.nirinrcrini:: Amurill... Pfxas. f siiuiii ( liil»: iMt-rit-;iii lii liliiU of Ihriiiiial Kn iiiriTs: Alpliu (!lii Sigiiiu. BEyl K, Marie — Arts and Sciences: Carhoiidalr, Colorado. IDEAl , Lron K. ■. " ni. ' inepring: I ' rdrii Mi):iirl, ' anal iinc. BiilT Ski (!liib: NoKinaii (!liili. coiid Row CFIlt I (.11. Juiiio W illiaiM Vluirmms : D.iivrr. Goloradu. FKIF.S. I.orptia — Arts and Sciences: ( ondland, Ivaii ' as. Alpha Oinlrroii Pi: Slant ' ' rt ' % ; Ilmiu- ' oniing A vards ! ininitti ' i-: Tau l)t-lia. LI ISK, Kiiili l| h I.. — Iris iind Srirncfs : Driivrr. Colorado. (!hi I ' si: I ' cp rluli: Ki|urstrian (lluli. sf Row A KNTIl I.. An fort I iiplmi. Colo. railo. (.ainiiia Didta: Intraiiuirals. rAl.l.F.K, Norma Jraii- Arts iind Sciences: Itoiliislir, Nrw York. : K( ISIF.K, Tlnixiori ' A. — h ' liaineerini;: Diiranpo, ' olorado. Vineriran Instiliil - of FMrrtriral Knpi ' lerrs; Fla Kappa Nn; I ' i Mm lp ili ti. pplilnii ( it . cond Row CkSON. .l.ii I.. I ' luirnuiry. Mi-MHiri. [( KSON, . ' iir Jraii — Arts iind Sciences: Dallas. Tt as. I nivorsil) oiiifii ' ? (.Iiil ; Huff I ' rp i lul : I oloradaii: Kappa I ' lii: . ' ' ' liidrnt- Miiiniii iOr ani atiftn ; SiKiT and (pold: Texas " lid»; t ' ni- vrr ity lioir: rslry loiindalion ( " lioir. ET , I ' liilip (!. — Arts and Sciences: . ' priiiplirid, Massarluisi-tls. Phi . " ifinia Di-lla: Phi F.p. ' ilon ' Phi: Mill.l: Window. rl Filllor: Sih.r ami «;old: NROTC. frd Row l ll KF, Thomas D. — En iineering: Slrand oat I ' liiics. I .olorado. . ifima (!hi. I ' ' N. iir ' in liitsiness : Tanon Tily. (.olorado. M. iT- Diiniiiiory loiiiiiil: liomi ' i-omiii):. Itiisi- ■ I oininiltrc; ( iarrrrs Minfrnnri ' ; Cluh First lilir: I ppi ' rrlass .Vdvisor: Iiitramiirals. ' i ' , Ji ' niiy Foil .irts and Sciences: Drnvi-r, ' i ' Tado. S Iloiisi ' of Hipri-si ' iilativi-s: ( " l ' |l ' .i -: llipiiirii min(j: Panhrllinir: Silvrr and ' »old; ' Ruling Somen ' s (Christian . ssorialion; Zeta Tail Alpha. mrih Aow ONLEY, Robert V.— Bi«inpM; Dallas. Texas. Phi Delta Theta. OREMl ' S. Robert H. f ' niiineerinfc: I eii er. [Colorado. .Mpha Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda: Pi I Mil Fpsilon: Sigma Tan: Tan lirla Pi: Ameri- ran Institute of Chemiral F.neineers: ikiniz Club. Ol ' (.IIFKTY. Rosemary— Wiuic; Sioux Falls. South Dakota. c L A S s o r 1 9 5 p C s fifth Row 1) ( F. Rollin M. — Business: Denver. Colorado. Inilepenilent Students Assoriation: Hiking (!liib. DHAKF. Hugh H. Knuineering : Creiley, lo- radi . Sigma Alpha Fpsilon: Ameriran Institute of F lertriral Engineers: Institute of Radio Engi neers; Hailio Club: T Days: . " " tar and Sextant: Varsity Wrestling. DR V. Marjorie — Music: Tulsa. Oklahoma. Si ' i»i Row IHiFITlL John v. f.nnineerinf!: Denver. Colo- rado. iiieriean Institute of Elertrieal F ngineers: Institute of Radio Engineers. DRFXFL. Dorothy Arts and Sciences: Oa«forrl. Colorado. .Alfra. Serrelary: Kappa Phi: ( ni er- sity Women ' s Club: Wesley Foundation: Inde- pendent Students Assoeiation: Inlramiirals. DRl RY. Edward . . — Engineerin i: Boulder, Colo- rado. SENIORS First Row DUNCAN. Ji)y Ann Pauline — Arts and Sciences: I.aniar, )i)li rail( . Associated Women Snidenls; Independent Students Association. Dl ' NCAN, Lois — Jlls c: Avi«nilale. ( iolorailo. Hand; Orchestra: Sifinia l|ilia Iiila: S|)iir; Tan Heta Sipnia. I ' resiilenI : alkyrie: AW S aude- ille Dance Uand. DONN, Donald . -Arls tinil Sciences: Sioux City. Iowa. Beta Thela Pi: Coloradan. DUNN. Roland W . — liusiness: I.akewood. (Colo- rado. .Acacia. DURFEE. Constance V..- Arls and Sciences: (ireat Meadows. Ni ' w Jersey. Dl UIEE. Kent K. Ciisine.s.s; Phoenix, . rizona. Delta Sipnia Phi, Social CliairnKiii. Editor, Presi- dent: Inler-I ' ratirnity (iouncil. Puldicity Chair- man; Winter Carnival All Men ' s Show. Dripi- nator. Chairman: Student . ilvisory Board for Shows. Second Row DUTCHER, Robert S. — Engineerinn; Denver, Colo- rado. . merican Institute of Electrical Enpineers: Ski Cluh: Dormitory Motor Cy.le :iuli. DUVAL. Donald -.ngineerini;; Denver, (Colorado. .American Institute of Elecirical Engineers: . ir (fUard. DUV.ALL, (Jeorge L. — Engineering; Denver, Colo- ra lo. Free Lance: Institute of .Aeronautical Sci- ences: Inlramurals. DWYER, Ted — Engineering: Collbran, Colorado. EASTER. Joseph E. Engineering: Pnel)lo, Colo- rado. E.ATON, illiam 1). — Arls and Sciences: Boulder, (-oh rado. . cacia: .Student Orpani ations and So- cial Life, (Commissioner; .Academic Affairs. (Com- missioner: Board of Publications ; Honors I nion. Third Row LDWMvD.S, Jeronu- R.- f.n ineerinf;; Denver. (Colorado. Society of .Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. E(i-AN. Kenneth — Arts and Sciences: Brighton, (Colorado. Wesley Fonnilalicn] : Ski (Club: Men ' s Glee (Club. EGGE, Merle T. — Business: Garretson, South Da- kota. (Coloradan. Sales and Distribution: (Cl Davs. (Chairman of the I ' ood (Committee, Ticket Sales; Phi Delta Theta. EkL.AND, (Carl U. Hiisiness: North Riverside, Illinois. Theta i. Treasurer; (Campus (Chest; (Cuinicil of (ireek Students; lllini Buffs; Ski (Club: Speakers Congress; Windovvs Winter (Car- nival. ELDRIDGE, .Arthur James — Engineering; Foi Hills. New York. .American Institute of E trical Engineers: Equestrian (Club; Ski CluL ELLIZRHOFF. Margaret (..—Arts and Scienc Sperry. Iowa. I niversity Women ' s (Club. Tr urer; Newman Club: Pep (Club: Naval Resc Unit: Women ' s Athletic Association. Fourth Row ELLIOTT. Paul C... Jr. — Engineering: Los .Angel (California. .Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Epsilon F ELSE. Dwayiie — Pharmacy: Boulder. (Colora Rho (Chi: Junior American Pharmaceutical As ciation; (Fanuna Delia. ENGLISH, Marietta — .iris and Sciences: Den Colorado, kappa Delta; .AW S Represi ' iitativ CU Days; Dodo: Hiking (Club; Homecomi Committee; Pep (Club: Players (Club; Win Carnival (Conuuittee; Laboratory Theater Exe live (Council. ENRI(;HT. Donald E.— Business; Boulder, Col rado. Pi Kappa .Alpha; Beta .Alpha Psi, Pr dent; Delta Sigma Pi. Vice-President; Phi I silon Phi; Sumalia. ENSIGN, William L. — Engineering; New Yo New Y ' ork. (Chi Epsilon: Sigma Tau: Anierk Society of (Civil Engineers: Architectural Forn EHKCK.SON. (Charles K.—Bu. ' iiness; Denver, Co rado. Delta .Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma. I tini EL m •111 m 111 Inii nii nil III ' ill fill .. t t flow i;|i KSON, Norina Arts unti SnVnccs; lliimr, I olnrj.lo. MIKI!. Uiilirrl J. I ' harniticy: Driurr. I inliirailii. fSINt.TllN, Donald H. Arts and Sciences: l)i-n- »tr, iilcirailo. Arrliery tlliili. I tzoitd Row IIKIItl.K. Ralph I..— Biijtinpjj: la Jimla, CiAn- ailii ri K.ippa Mplia. AN , Marilyn Jran — Arts iinii Sciences: Oak- ianil, California. Drlla Drlla l rlla: Colorailan: Yoiine Women ' s (liristian Association; I niviT- ily Women ' s (.liil ; AW S Activities (lommitlee. fEKK.TT, Ilar ev Hiisiniss: Canon ( it . I lolo- .do. Itf Raw liC.O. Taiil K. — F.nninrerini:: (Jardenx ille, New- York. American Inslilute of Kleclrical Knt;inei-rs; Kla Kappa Nu; I ' i Mii F psilon; .Niwman !lul ; Dormitory President; Indepenilenl Students As- sociation. ia.Al DF,AL. Alice }i.- Arts ami Srirnces: New York I ity. New Y ' ork. Kappa . lplia Theta; VI A A. Arcliery Manager; AW . S -nate. and Ac- livities (liairman; tcdoradan; rresliinan Dornii- ;ory President: Porpoise; Silver and (iold; lUr; llesperia; Mortar Hoard; W inter Carnival; ,oniecomin ; CI Days. NINt;, Hill .-Iris and Sciences; Piltsfirld, assacliusetls. Tan Kappa I ' .psilon. ztond Row I.Hlvh N--, l;nli4ri Don — Arts and Sciences: Kort ■ ■lliiis. I " lorado. Elhnir Minorities C.Iidi; In- .riKitional Relations Clnli; Players C.liil ; Presi- of -IM " (lull. Il r, Arthur Kdwin lliisiness: Denver, ( ! d«- rjiio. Delia Tau Delta; Coloradan, Sports Editor; I Days; Business .N-liool Puldieation. Editor; Inlranuirals; Winter !arnival. 1 1 T, I.ou Anne II.- Arts and Sciences: Opilen, I lah. Drlla t.anuna; ( Canterbury Cluli; iolo- ,idan; CI Days; Winter Carnival; Homecoin- ni;; Spirit and Moral tiommittee; Tau Delta; I iiiversity W onun ' s tMuli; Younji W muen ' s liristian . ssocialion; WA Intrauinrals. rd Sow iLI.IN. Jess W. ' inrHincy; Kock .- " priucs, Viyo- ]niin . Si):nia ( ' hi; Jimior . mi ' rican Pharmaceu- tical ssociation; Intramurals. tNKK. Kidiert ). hnfiineprinn: Boulder. i.n o- ido. Sicma Tau; Kta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. JIK.K, John iris and Sciences: Tulsa, Dkla- onia. Sipma .Mplia Epsilon; Varsity Fuolhall; Pep C.luh; Sumalia, President; Intramurals; ophomore Class President. firfk Row SLDEK. James li. Arts and Sciences: Denver. Colorado. Pi Kappa . lpha. E. Henrietta Arts and Sciences: Denver. Colo- ado. Sigma Delta Tau. Vice-President; llillel. freasurer; Sigma Delta Tau: .XSl ' C Committee; c L A S S o F 1 9 5 Helipious Emphasis Week. Treasurer; Pep Cluh I INkE. Rohert (..—Business: Scottshluff. No- l.raska. Acacia; Pep Cluh: Ski llul.; I niversity ( hoir. fifih Row EIDI.KOSKI. Jean— .-IrM and Sciences: Broomfield, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega: Calico and Omega: Theta l.andxia; Home Economics luh. URNH BER. Roma— .IrM and Sciences: Shelhy- ville. Illinois. Silver and (.old: Sl.i tlul.: Tau Delta; (oloradan: Homecoming. ar.-ity Nights. 63 I l l!Kl K. l Iris and Sciences: Holyoke. Colo- rado. I ' lii Delta. Sii li Row I ISBECK. Audrey Barhiero— .4rM and Sciences; Louisville. (Colorado. FISHIURN. Nancy- Arts and Sciences: Pasadena, California. Kappa Alpha Theta: Homecoming: Winter Carnival: Women ' s Athletic Association. I ISHER. Joseph H. F.nnineering ; Cut Bank. Mon- tana. . merican . ' Society of Mechanical Engineers; Societv of . ntomotive Engineers. SENIORS First Row HT :H. Julm T.— Im and Sciences: Royal Oak, Michigan. FITCH, Thomas L. — Business; Garden Grovo, Cali- fornia. Sipnia Chi: . SI ' C Danoe Committee; Colorailan: CI ' Days; Dodo; I ' op Club; Silver and (ndd: Ski Club: Winter Carnival. FITZGEH.VLD, William— . rfji and Sciences: I ' ecos, New Mexico. FLECK, Marilyn lliisinrss: Hismark. N ' nrlli Da- kota. .Mplia I ' lii; I ' anliillenii-. FLIEIIM.XNN, Wilhnr Jark—Engineering: Ther- mopolis. Wyoming, . merican Society of ( ' ivil Engineers; Arehiteclnral Fornni. Fl.lNT. Joan Arts uml Sciences; DcKalli. Illinois, kappa Delta, Viee-Presidi-nt : Kappa Delia I ' i; I ' i l.arnlida Tliela; SiUer and (iidd: Social ( ' o- ordinating Coinniitlee; IniNcrsily Women ' s Cluli. Second Row FI.OEKStJl, Armand J. — Arts and Sciences: De- troit, Michigan. Viking Club; . ' Speakers Congress; Forensics. FLOHES, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences; F ' ort Col- lins, (Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi. FOEI.EY, Barbara — Arts and Sciences: W icliita. Kansas. Kappa . lpha Tlieta: . Sl C Connnission of Student Organizations and Social Life; t ' olo- radan. Administration Editor; Dodo; Homecom- ing; National Students Association, Secretary; liufT I ' ep tllub; Stage Crew; Winter Carnival. Assistant Chairman. FONDA. Kenneth A. — Engineering: loiignionl. ( ' .(dorado. Eta Kappa Nu ; Sigma Tau; Tau Heta I ' i: I ' i Mu Epsilon: Engineers Day: Homecom- ing: . pple Fest; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; IRE. FONDA, Phylis Louise — Arts and Sciences: Long- mont, ( " olorado. Players ' ( lub. President: Spur; Sigma F.psilon Sigma: Hiking Club; Psi Chi; Dormitory (Counselor. F ' ORD, Harrison — Business: Syracuse, Kansas. Ski Club. Third Row I ' OKNEY, Dorothea Mae — Arts and Sciences; Hutchinson, Kansas. FOSS, Lee Dale — Engineering: Hazine, Kansas. FO.STER, Thomas W., Jr.— Engineering, Denver, l olorado. .• nierican Society of Civil Engineers. FOX, John K. — Business: Des Moines, Iowa. FOX, Leonard S. — Business: Denver, Colorado. Football; Wrestling: Winter Carnival, " f; Beta .■ lpha Psi: Campus best : Homecoming, " 47; Treasurer of Zeta Beta Tau. FRANK, Warren E. — Arts and Sciences; Grand ]| land, Nebraska. Delta Phi . lpha; Foreign Reliif -Activities; Honors Union. Fourth Row 11! NK1.AND. Bob Business: Evanslon. lllinoi Winter ' ariii al. Dane ' tlommittee: Honiecor ing. Torchlight I ' arailc ( ' (innniller; SiKer ar ( dd, Distributiini . " tafT: Dodo. Distribution Sta and Assistant Manager of Publicity. FR.ANZ, (ierald James — Engineering: Ness Cit Kansas. Sigma I ' i Sigma. President; Pi Mu E silon; Sigma Tau; Physics (Mub, Secretary. FREDERICKS, William— Engineering;; Joliet, ID nois. . merican Institute of Electrical Engineer Newman Club. FREEMOLE. Rita— .(rl.s and Sciences: Bell] Fourche, South Dakota. Band; (ioloradan: C( Omega: Home Economics (ilub: Newman ( ' lul Intranuirals; Ski (!lub; Women ' s Athletic . i ciation: Women ' s Club; Young Women ' s Chi tian Association. IREINDLICH New York i Mclvin H. — Arts and Science Kf.t, : tclvin II.— .irts ana .- rier New York (Mty, New York. Alpha F.psilon Di Alpha Phi Omega. Treasurer; ISA t ouncil; Conunissioncr of Men ' s Welfare; Viking C Pep (dub: Hillel; Honors I ' nion. Clu) FRITZ, Walter — Engineering; Nisland, South kota. Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon: Sigma Ta dtjSti 19 64 11(1 ' a HI 1 I tie Hi. 111, t 111 ' Ins) irir f Row I ' || K. Ilarrirl — .-Iris and Sciences: Don «T. ■ I.TiicI " . Sihir ami ( " .old, A. sislunt Soricty Kili- " I : I •ilorinliiM. i tillll ( iilliiliiMi Mnruicrr; ' iiilirlli ' iiii ' ; lloiiH ' roiiiin):. I ' uliliril ( ciiiiiiiitli ' i-: U iiiiir ariii ul. I ' lililii il iiiiiiiiilli-i- ; CI |)a s. ' iililiiil I ciiniiiiltt ' i ' : Spiiiii. ' -li (liili; W inilow : l ' ir : Alplia Di-llu I ' i. I ' roiilt-nl. i HUMAN, Kr in J.-Enfsineerinn: rliicaiio, llli- iiiis. Anirrii-an Society f Mcrlianical Knpiiicers. ITftN, ri rri-,«l v.. Jr. Knuineerini:: Denver. olorailii Kla Kappa Nu: t !i)li ra li Mniiiilain liili: ItufT ki luli; Aiiieriean Iiiiililiite of Kli - riral Kiipiiners: limililer Aniuleiir Kailio l!liili: noliliili ' of Hailio Kll illel ' r . NK, Kii ' iuiril Hiisiitiis: Blooiniiiglon. Illinois. il er an l ( ' olil: lolorailan. Assi.staiil Hn. i- H « Manapr; Delta Sipnia I ' i, Social (liairnian: ;r Da s, l ' ro);rani onunitlie : I ' lii Delta Tliela. iC.KI.K. Hailiel Arts and Stirnrra: Walking. VInnlana. Heli|:ion in Life Week, .S ' eretary; appa IMti: W t sle Foundation. l!.lt SIM. Ilarr Kngene ' i«rni( r ; Hoidder. oL.rad.. if Row ■ LI. t.IIKH. Donnis -Irr.s iinil Scivnres: (ilen- »ood . priiigs, (ulorado. Alpha (hi Omega; W o- nen ' s ildelie Assuriatioii : Ski (Mub; Newman liil.: Ski Team, 1, 2. lRDNKH. Marjnrie II. — Arts and Srirnrrs: Miin- Irr. Iniliana. Alpha t)mirr(in Pi, ire. President. lKDNKH. Warren K.d ard ■.nK ' neerinii ; Den- er, Cidorailo. Phi Delia Tlieta: iMii Kpsilon; Vineriean Soeiel of t ' i il Kn;;ineers. rend Row RNKTT. Donalil Joel Arts ami Srienres: lonte isia, C.olorailo. W i-stniinster l- ' ellowsliip. RNKTT. Thomas II.. Jr. Kngini ' rrini: and liiisi- ess: ItiMilder. olorailo. lpha Tan Oniiga: lpha Phi t Imega. Treasurer; Amiriean Inslilute »f Klef ' triral F.iipineers, . ' serr« ' tar ; Hand: Huff ' ep I ' .Iid); Kta Kappa Nn; llonneomine. Moat ' .omtniltee; Inlramurals; I.ahorator Theater; Religious Kniphasis eik, Ilospilalio t ' onnnil- e: Speakers (; I ni ersil) espers ( !om- niHee; Westminster Kellou.ship, PresiilenI and lire-Prisidenl. R . I.« ' % is Y . Hiisinrss: Roulder, t!olorado. »lar and Sextant; NKOTC Rifle Team; NROTC aper; t ' .anterhiiry ( " luh. Ird Row [ ! NT. aheih Ann Hiisinrss: Brighton, t ' olo- |-a(lo. Dilla Delta Delta, President: Spur; Hota f ' igma: oung Women ' s (!hri !|ian . s,«orialion; ' •anima VIplia t.h . W r N, Harhara (rf. ' s and Srirnri ' s: Moek Ford, r.olorado. Delta (.amma; AW S ande illi-: J ni ersit W itmen ' s riuh: ' onng Women ' s J hrislian Assoriation: Hulf Pep ( Inh: Newman luh. .L IN. Thomas A. — Arts and Sciences: Toprka. ansas. Phi Delta Tlieta. irfk Row ;TTIN(rS. N. Keith Ki(5in.s.s: Ilerrin. Illinois. lEEN. Jesse M. — Arts and Sciences: Jersey Shore, ' ennsvKania. International Relations (dnh: Rille (luh; Ski (Inh. c L A S s o F 1 9 5 (.INTIIKH, Margaret- r . anil Scirnrrs: aspir, W oming. fifth Row (.11.1. Martin Kent lr 5 and Sciences: Monlrose. (olorado. Kappa Delta Pi: Dormitory T reshman t onnselor: " Independenl " Neuspapir Staff; Hon- ors Inion; Phi Beta Kappa. (.II.I.S, NIargaret Jean Iris and Sciences: Corana, California. Mpha hi Omega. President: Buff Pep (Inh: (T Days ( ommiltee; Ilomeroming (.ommittee: Little Theater: Women ' s Athletic Association; " ounp Women ' s (Christian .Vssiicia - tion. ( .ahinet. 65 (.II.TNKR. William W. Iliisiness: Klliolt. Iowa. Phi Delta Thela. Treasurer: Colorailan. Sales Manager. s«islant Business Manager: i A Da s. Pnldiril ( oMunilti-e: Delta Sigma Phi; Dodo; Phi Lpsilon Phi. SItfh Row (,IN BKK .. Ionise L. Moines. loHa. Sigma Business ( onuniltee. (.(Mrl.IO, Joseph Kii irr - Engineering: Florence Colorado. Vetsxille ( Councilman. (iOI.D. Bertram Arts and Sciences: Brooklyn Ne »rk. Arts and Sciences: l)e.« Delta Tan: Homecoming. SENIORS Firii Row GOLDBEKG. nn .4rfs iind Sciences: Denver. (Colorado. Imlepenileiit Stiidenls Asso- riation; X ' ulkyrie. Social niainnaii: Religious Kiiipliusis Week: Ilillel. GORDON, (iraoe — Music: Boulder. Colorado. New- man riuli: Tall liita Simula: Marcliinj; and " iin- i-erl Banils. (fOSS. Garlton H. Eniiinerrin : Boulder. Colo- rado. (!olora lo Kn)!lneer: Inslitiite of Radio En- gineers. (iOL ' LD, Virginia — Arts and Sciences: Dayton, Ohio. !hi Oniejja; Kllinic Minorities ( ' oniniis- sion: Kcgm-.-lrian lidi: liilraniiirals: I ' i raniina Mu: . " tiidint RiMurili ( ioiuiiil ; L iii ersitj The- ater: Youn oin -n ' s (Christian . s6ociation: AW S Vaudesiiie Orchestra. (iOVRO. Charlotte — trls and Sciences: Bonne Terre, Missouri. Ne man Club: Stardustcrs. GRAHAM, (ieorge R. — Engineering; Fresno, Cali- fornia. I ' lii Kappa Psi. Second Row GRAHAM. Iluuli R. Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, i Colorado. arsity Baseliall: Silver and (rold. Distribution: Homeeoniing; " C " Club: Intra- nuirals: Winter (!arnival: Sigma Nu. I.I! Ml 1. I r Roy C. — Engineering; Meeker, Colo- rado. Xiacia: Tan Beta Pi: Fta Kappa Nu: Kappa Kappa Psi: Coloradaii: Viiieriian Insti- tute of Kleitrical Engineers: Band. Heail Twirler- arsity Rami. (;R NT. Robert — Engineering: Pueblo, Colorado. Men ' s Dormitory Council: Roger William ' s Fel- lowship. (;RE. TH01 .SE. William 1). Business: (iary. In- diana. (iREENE. Betty Jo Aris and Sciences: Midland. Texas. (;REE R, Ricliar.l M. Ihisiness: Port Jervis. New York. -Pharmacy: lleber Springs. Third Row (iRESHAM. James E. Arkansas. (.RIEP, Victor Raymond- -Knpineerin j; Berthiiud. (!olorado. American Institute of Electrical En- gineers: Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon; Insti- tute of Radio Engineers. (JRO.SS, .Arthur — Engineering; New Brunswick, New Jersey, - merican Society of .Mechanical Engineers: ( iainera (!lub; " 23 " Club; Society of . utonioti%e Engineers. (iROSS, I.yle — Engineering: I.ongmont. (Ndorado. Bonheinnie tilub: Intramurals, Little Theater Stage Crew; . ' merican Institute of (Chemical En- gineers: CI Days; Pi Mu Epsilon: .Alpha Phi Omega, President: Sigma Tau: Ruff Pi ' p (lub: .Alpha !hi Sigma: Siimalia: Phi Lambda Society: Pacesetter; Heart and Dagger. (;iERRERO. Julian .4r s imd Sciences: I e| Moines. Iowa. Tau Kappa Epsilon. (;1 ' (; ;ENI1EIM. Tom S. — Business: Cimiiinatil Ohio. .ASl ' t!. ' ice-Presideut ; t L ' Days, (general tihairman; Sumalia: arsity Swinuiiing: . ilvel and tiold. Sports Editor: Phi Epsilon Phi. Virel President: President of The !ouncil of (ireelf .Students: Window. Business Manager: W in(e| Carnixal: Homecoming: • ' I Davs: Phi Sign D.lta. Fourth Row (,W INN. Donald E. iris and Sciences: ireele | (Colorado. Delta Tau Delta. GWYN, John ¥,. — Engineering: La Junta, ( ' olorada American Institute of ( Chemical Engineers: Ph Theta Kappa. IIA.ASS, Herbert J. Arts and Sciences: ( aspril Wyoming. ILA(;KEWICZ. tlhester — Engineering: Bouldei Colorado. .Architectural Forum; American Sii ciety of Civil Engineers. HACKST.AFF, t ' yrus Allan Business: Denver ik (olorado. ih ' Psi: Delta Sigma Pi: Winter l ai nival; Coloradan; Ilomecuniing; CL Days ASl (! Publicity Coininittee; Window; Silve and Gold; Pep ' Club. HAIBROOK, William T. -Arts and Sciences Omaha, Nebraska. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 66 m. U: It 11 IWli dill. Uin Iilf In it m i ri u fuit ( Uon IttI hi I ■iw.l ■it taw VI. I.. N illiuiii (I. t nftinferinii: litiultlcr, (°.nlo- iiirrirun Society of Mcrliaiiirul Kn):iii)-rrs: ratio. Sorif( i f Autoiiioii f KngiiiftTs. I.I. M. John . ' aiiiufl t ' .nuinrt ' ririf!: |)fii rr. rol« railo. Viiirriraii ln. ititiit) tif lit ' iiiiral tin jciiirt-rs: Intraiiiiirals ; KniEiiit-iTs Ball ( ' .i iiiiiiil- Irr: hV- ' tixul horns. rVl.l.IDAV. Thiiman t . Engint-erinii: I hira o, Illinois, t ' hairinan of Sports tioiiiinittt - ; Aiiut- ir«n Sooirt) of !i il Knisinccrs : .Vrrhitrrtiiral I ' oniiii: Inlrainiiral!). o»d Row AMIl.TllN. John Mil. hall Husimss: t ' olorailo. I!rla Thrta l i, IVcsiih-nl : Hiisint-ss N-hoi»! I ' rfsi li-nl ; Itiisint ' ss ManafttT of Muff Show, I ' Jl ' ; Aihrrtisini! Manaiirr of % iniloH ; Junior Hiisint ' s.s N ' hool ItoanI Menihrr: IN ' p Clnh: llono ' i ' oinine I onnnitlirs. I K anil 1 ' 1 ' : ( !l I)a - Muff . liov : Intraninrals. MITON. l. Winston Arts and Srifnces: l rn- rr. t ' olorailo. K.4|Ui ' strian ' .liil : Honors I nion: NH()T ; . i ina (•aninia Kpsilon: Star and Sex- tant. N( ()( K. Kngenr S. Itiisiness: .nn i Ueaih, Idlifornia. ire l ri siilrnt of Itusini ' ss S " h«)ol ; I olorailan: Intraninrals: !! Days Huff Slio » ; inltr arnival. " •f Row ' Wn. Marilyn Arts and SriVnre.s: Siilnry, Ne- hraska. t!olora lan; l fp tiliih: % oni«-n s (!lul . ' ANNA, Shi ' -laf!li I ' atriria -frfs nnd Srivncrs: San DicEo, alifornia. Alpha I ' hi. icel ' rrsidi ' nt ; Huff IVp (luh: I ' hi Alpha Th.ta: ki Inh: W iMnens ' Atliletir Association. ANNIM. William II. Arts anil Sciencis: Hon), il.r. I olora.lo. arsity Track letter, l 1. ' ' r,n ; Men ' - riiy-ical K.ilncation diili. iiel ' resiilent. kcond Row N KN. (:onni«- I " I.Tado. SiUer ' I Mays Dance I " -iileni : Doilo. N-KN, .Sherry l.niil. Nehraska. I;KKF., James lornia. -Arts itnii anil tfolil; .omniitttM ' s : Scirnrfs: Denver. Iloniecnniinfc and t !lii t )mepa, ice- 4rts (l Srienrrs: (rrand Is Kngineerittf, Knrinilas. Ilali- ird Dow KM . Kenneth WiMinpss; Newton. Kansas. I r. -hman Itaskelhall : Silver and (.old Distrihii. I ' ri .Naff; Winter arni al ttnldoor K ents. l; |SKN, (ioldie . rtj nnA ciencos: Trcds ' ■r.. e, Iowa, (iampus (luh, coordinator: Home • " tiomics (!luh: Kappa Phi, Treasurer: .Star- lii-i ' Ts: Theta l.andida. President. WW. Rii ' hanl ( . frjs imd Sciences: Roanoke. ' -,:,nia. € L A S S O F 1 9 5 67 l ' l!l . Harold — Enfnneerinft: Craip, 4 ' olorarlo. II I 1U . irginia Mae 4rls nnd Sciences: W heat- ridge, liolorailo. Mpha ieina ( ' hi: ( alicfi and Hoots. Treasurer: Intirnational Relations (luh: Strax (ireek-: YWCX. II RHI.-»(tN. Donald K Arts nnd Sciences: Mc- ( !ook. Nehraska. Imlependent Students " .- snori- ation: I. ah Theater: ikine (!luh. tlHh Row HXH. ' -IIMVN. ( . Iris and Sciences: Delta. ( »lorado. Psi (hi: Honors I ' nion. IIAHSHMAN. Trudora Arts nnd Sciences: Delta, (iolorailo. Home Kronomics ( " ltd . HAR KY. ( ' . Homer Enpneerina: (Mrarfield, Itah. Si ' ifh Dow HAR KY. Jameit . oyt - -Engineerinfi: Kirniinf:- ham, Michigan. Sigma I ' hi Flpsilon, President: Pi Tau . ' igma, ( lorresponiling Secretary: Neu- man Cluh: Alpha Phi Omega: . " society of Auto- motile Kngineers: Vmerican Society of Mechan- ■ral Kngineers: I.ah Thiater and Little Theater Plavg, HWKRI.AND, .n ' t» Arts nnd Sciences; rose, (!nlnrado. Pi Lamhda Theta. Mont- HVWKINHtHRY, Horence Pauline Arts and Sciences: Denver, (Colorado. (!ampus Cluh: So- men ' s . thletir Association. SENIORS Fint Row HAWKINS. Kennetli I., Jr.— .-(r .s mifl Sciences: Denver, (lolorailo. Alpha Tlii Sijiiiia: Newinaii (lliili; Pep (!lul): Sliiilent Keseanli (lounril. HA KI S() . Kilt hViirsins; San Diepo. Cali- fornia. Nurse Major ' s . ss ieiatiun. IIAYCRAFT. Allen— .4rf.s and Sciences: loul.r. ( !olora lo. II.WKS. Pamela P.- (r . iin l Sciences: Birkele . California. Delta Delta Delta: Intrarniirals Man- ager; CU Days; VWC.V espers Chairman: YVi (l. ' V Secretary Treasurer; Geography Club; Pep Club. HAYES. Will iam F. Vi, rm«rv; H, , lirll, . lllilM,i . Phi Delta Theta. IIAY.MAN. Maude ElizalMth .Wi .M ; Houl.ler. Colorado. Second Row H VYNES, Hiehard — Arts and Sciences: I ' uiMo. Colorado. Theta i: Intramurals: International Helations Club; lionieeomin}: W eirominp Com- mittee. ll Mill. Robert D. — Enfiineerinfi: Den er. (Colorado. Pi Tau Si{£ma: Socielx of iil ' iiiiu- li e Engineers, Vice (!bairman. IIKDKC I{1). rne 1{. — Arts and Sciences: Trini- dad, (iolorado. Honhonnne (!lid . Ilj ' .l i HON. Corinne — lliisiness: Denver. Colorado. Alpha Phi. llE(;ViEK. Mary — Engineerinn: (Jasper. uiiiinf:. Aimriean Institute of Steel ( ' (Uistruetioii : Arehi- tei ' liiral I ' oruin: Chi Epsilon: (Colorado Engi- neer llliislralion Editor: OfTiei ' Manajier: CI Da . i ' iiMii-it i iiiiniitli-r Srrretar ; I ' reshnian Doriiiilor (!oun elor: llesperia: Kappa Delta. ice-President. Presidi ' nt : I.itlle Theater Prop- erty Committee: Sot-iety of Women Student rehiteils and F ngineers; Spur. IIEIKES. ( ' .. Joanne — Arts and Sciences: ermil- lion. South Dakota. Third Row IIEI.STEKMAN. Mary Lou Arts and Sciences: W heaton. Illinois. Delta Delta Delta; Buff .Ski (!lub; Ecpnstrian Club, Treasurer; Women ' s . thletie Association. HELLI.S. Hosemary — Arts and Sciences: Sania Ana. ( " alifornia. Bridge Club; Dormitory C)ffieer: omen ' s Athletic Association. 11EI.I, K;. Prank Otto — Knpineerinn : Mt. Harris. Ccdorado. Theta i: . nieriean Institute of Elec- trical Engineers: Eta Kappa Nu. HENDERSON. Jack— .on ; Ccdorado. P| Delta Theta. HENDERSON. Jo nne Arts mid Sciences: gi ' ne. (iolorailo. HiifT . ki Club: Home Ei-onomil Club; Phi Chi Delta, President; W estminslj Eelluu ' ship. IIERB.ST. Clarence Fnpinperi ' n;;; Park Rid;:., linois. Fourth Row HERMANN, George (iordon—; (.old II ( Colorado. llERRINt.. W illiar railo. M. Ilusiness: Meeker. ( ..I HESSl.ER. Jidm Enfiineerinf:: Dinxer. Cidorae American Institute of Electrical Engineer Bri lge Club: Eta Kappa Nu: Institute of Rad Engin.ers: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: 1949 E neer ' s Day Project. HEUSTON, Philip Tutlle— Kngineerinp; lioiddi Colorado. Delta Tau Delta: American . oiie of Meihanieal Engineers: Modern (!hoir: S ciely of iiliMiiM|ive Engineers; I niversily ( ho IIIEE. Ailrian 1,. Enfiineerinn: .Silverton. " ol rado. .American Institute of Electrical Engineer Newman ( ' lub: I nited World Federalists. HII.L. Donald L.- Enpineerinp ; Sleandioal Sprinj ( ' olorado. 68 - fcc ( ijli III- k m u blli fa Br m if It »«; m ' mi »1 K h ' ffow lllh;i . K CI li f r I K. ■. ' nKiMccrinf; ; I ' niliriik. ' ' loruili . Ktu Kuppa Nil: liisiiliitc of Kailio tn- ii-rrs: Aiiii-riraii Insliliitr iif Klcrlricul Enpi- ' rs, U ' t ' -dliuiriiiun. II IS. kcndall — Arts itml Sciences: ISiiiiMrr. t tiliira K . ' arsily liaskclhull; Siiiiiulia: lli-art i ami l)u): t r: Alpha Kpsiloii Dt ' lta. ' II. TV, Ji r l.aNrrni- Irt.i itnil Srirncrs: Ilmis- liin. Tf as. ffcond Row IINKIi H . Iluirlo Vi . Kniiinvrritii:: I ' orl Ar- thur. rf ;t . iiirrif;ni ln tilutt ' of Klt-rtriral Kii- I liill l■r liii litiili ' cif Kaclin KiijiiiuirM I ' lavors ; CItih: T.xas (111!,. IN .KI.M . I ' lltr M. Arts and Sciences: (ir.r- lr . ri ltiratlii. ( ' aiit« ' rliiir ( ' .liilt; IVi -La N tlliih. IRSCll. Diiaiic En ineerinf; anti Business: Fort (]ollin!s. ' ,oliirailu. Aiiirriran Iiislitiilf iif Kli ' dri- ral Kniiiiiefrs; Speakers ' (!onpress. ' rtt Row IRST. I)a i l K. hnuineerinf: find Itiisiness: Priot MiM-r. Idaho. I ' iii Drlla Thcta. JKI.TK. Mill- K. ' ni;; hoiildrr. Tolorado. iJF.I.TK. Marshall • aiiniii): .(IK : Hoiddrr. (: do. do. riii Drlla Phi: Iiilraiiiiirals. tcond Aow IOA(.I Ml. M riKi l.iirillc — Arts and Sciences: Sail Kalirit-I. ralifornia. inliT ( ' arnival f iMi- rral luniiiiiiri ' : liiifT Prp (diih: Dodo: CI Da s I oiiiMiittri ' : .Mplia Phi Siiiial (!hairiiian. lOliliS. . ' ain II. Kn}iineerinii: Drn t ' r. Colorado. . ' Vnirriran . oiii|y of ri il Knpinrers; Chi »ilon: Tan Bt-ta Pi. OKI.. Jraii Arts iind Sciences: l rand Jiiiiilion. Colorado, kappa Kappa Caiiiiiia. Urd Row lOri ' M N, (•onion I.. Kniiineerinf! iind Busi- ness: I.oiipinoiit. C.olorado. tOKI ' M-VN, Krnnrlh — Ennineerin)! : Boyrrlown, Priiiis In ania. Xint-ricaii Socict) of Ci il Kiipi- nrtTs. OKKMKI. «TKK. 15. K. (rrs and Sciences: I akr wood. Colorado. Kappa Sipma: ( ' l ' Days: Iiilir- Fralrrnily Trark Mnl. Sprint Chainpion: ar- sily Trark. turth Row lOI.HHdOK. Frrdrrirk F.n ineerinz: Braltlr- Doro, f-rniont. Aiiifrican Sorirty of (!i il Fnei- nerrs: Bnff Ski CInh: Sigma Nn. lOI.MES. ( " lairo — Arts and Sciences: t.rand Jiim-- tion, Colorado. University Women ' s (duh. lOLZFR. !harlnttr — iris and Sciences: .Aurora. Colorailo. Alpha Delta Pi: BnfT Pep CInh: Young Vi omen ' s ( hristian . . soriation. c L A S S o F 1 9 5 69 FiUh Row Slifh Row IKIOD. Thomas . Arts and Sciences: Denver. Ill •!{ CF. Joe Hiisiness: Chiraco. Illinois. Sipnia Colorado. Tail Kappa Epsilun: " C " Inh: Vi in- Mpha Kpsilon: Ski « liih: Ilorkey Team: Cani- dow; Varsity Trark. rrossronntry. P " » ' liesl: Dodo: Ilonieroming omniillees: Winter (.arni al (.omniitlees. HOPKINS. . Iyrr M. — Arts and Sciences: Spring- field, ( ' ninrailo. BnfT Ski CInh: Coloradan !nni- miltee: Kostr Williams Fellowship: Iniversily Women ' s CInh. IIOPPKR. Riihard F. Hiisiness: .rand Jiinrtion. I olorailo. Mpha Tan Omega: BnfT Pep CInh: BnfT Ski Cluh. HORN. Barhara J. Ifiisiness: fFooilland. Kansas. Beta . i|!nia. Business . ' rhool Board of Direetors: Chi Oniesa: BiifT Pip lliili: Women ' s . thletie Assoriation: Winter (!arni al Biisini ss (!onimit- lee. lloRMtFt K. Doiida- H. Music: Sidney. Ne- hra ' ka. Phi Kappa Psi : t I Days Show: Kappa Kappa Psi: Cluh Fir t Nighter. SENIORS Flnf Roi» IK (SKIN. Aliro Lorraine— Music; Botililcr. Colo- riiilii. Mmlcrn Choir: Music Srliool Council: I ' i I.ainlxlu Tlu-ta: Sipnia Alpha Iota, I ' r.-sidcnl ; Sifiina Kpsilon Si|inia: Iniversity Choir: Univer- sity Opera; University Women ' s (ihih; Varsity Nijihts Show. IIOVK. Kih ' en — Arts and Sciences: Chicago. Illi- nois. I ' i IJeta I ' hi: V. inter Carnival: lloineconi- inp; Little Theati-r: Young Women ' s Christian .Vssoeiation. Ill I5KKT. Donald }. Enpineerini;: Montrose. Colorado. Tau Ueta I ' i: Kta Kappa Nu: .Xnier- ican Institute of Klectrieal Knpineers. IllDGINS, Ivan Viaync. Jr. — Engineering: .Xma- rillo, Texas. Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. III ' I.IT KY. A. Wayne .-Irfs nnd Sciences: Den- ver. Colorado. Delta Tan Delta. Ill 1,1.. Jack .trls and Sciences: .San Merino. Cali- fornia. (California Clnli; Dodo: Window; -Mpha I ' lii Onujja: UnfT I ' ep Cluli: Iloineiominf:: Coun- cil (ireek Students. Second Row III LSK. (ieorpanni — Arts and Sciences: Scotts- IdiilT. Nehraska. Huff I ' ep (!lul : Coloradan; L ' ni- MTsitv cHiien ' s Cluli. in NT. Harold W.— fngineerinp ; New York. New York. IILKT, Charles H. — Arts and Sciences: La Junta, Colorado. Ill TCHINSON, James Douglas— .4rj.f and Sci- ences: Boulder, (!olorado. Acacia, President: Honors Inion; NROTC; Phi Epsilon I ' lii. HUTCHIN.SON, Thomas S.—Laic: Boulder. CIn rado. HLTCinSON. J. B.— Engineering; Canon City, • Colorado. .American .Society of Civil Kngineers: Chi Kpsilon Intramurals. Third Row HUTCHINSON, Katherine— r«s and Sciences; Boulder. (Colorado. !lii Omega: Mortar Board: llesi)eria; Spur; I ' lii Miilia Tlida : iiitir Carni- val t ionunittees : Honiecuming. . lumni Tea (ihairman: CU Days; Pacesetter; Coloradan; Window: - W S Activities Committee: University W iimon ' s Cluh; Young Women ' s Christian . s- sociation. IIYSOM, Rollo L. — Engineering; Fowler. Colorado. Aiiieriian Institute of Electrical Engineers; ( !olo- ra lo Engineer Staff — Oil Can. IMGRUND, Donald F.— Business: Wadena. Min- nesota. Thela i: Newman Cluh. INOUYE. Herh — Arts and Sciences: La Jara. ( ' oh rado. Bonhonune: 4 Cosmopolitan ( ' luh. IKIT.XNI. Roy I. — Arts and Sciences: Denve ( ' olorado. JA OB.S. Sam M. Engineering: Carlshad. Ne Mexico. Phi . ' igma Delta. fourth Row JACOBSEN. Colleen Arts and Sciences: Pmhl ( ' olorado. Kappa Kappa (ianima. President: I ' ai hilhnic: Phi Alpha Thita: I ' i I.andxla Then W iiiuen ' s Athletic . ssociation ; (!U Days: AW Vaudeville. J. IN. Surendra Kumar — Engineering: India. Co mopolitan (!luh: . merican .Society of Media ical Engineers; Society of .Vulomolive Engineer JAMES. Mary Belle — Arts and Sciences; Seattl Washington. AW S Senate: BulT Pep Cluh: Chee leader; liuff Ski Cluh: Tau Delta: Universil women ' s Cluh. Presirlent. JAHAMILL(». Norman T. Arts and .Srience | Denver, ( dorado. J.WNES, Robert L.— Business : tunon City. ( ••]■ rado. Kappa Sigma. JEFFREY. Sally .-frfs and Sciences: Denver. id. rado. Band; Ski Cluh: Women ' s Athletic Assi ciation; Women ' s Physical Education Cluh. IP ' m 70 til. (•!•: I " Jill lit bil. S : ■W. : ti ■ flow I I I It. irior I!. tris timl SnVnri ' s ; Driivrr. I ' iloruilo. Tun Kappu K.|i,»il ii ; Narsilj Triiik; •I ■ " tliil.: la i r of rls illr. OllNSdN, iiilri-» J. iris ami Scifiirrs: Din- ; MT. t ' liluraclii. Inlruiiiiirals: Winter :ariii al i ( iiiiiMiiitcc: l!l l a » r iiiiiiiiiii ' r: Cliili Kir?! NiyhiiT r iMiiiiitlri ' . , HIN llN, rul iii HnainriTinii: Supirior. is- l-nn Kl. econd Row (IIINmiN. I liurli h.ilmii. Jr. Itiisiifss: Dciimt, I •iliirailo. i);iua I ' lii Kpsilmi. Si ' iri ' lar ; I ' i Mil Kioilcin: AiiHTiiaii lii!i|itiili ' nf Kli-rlriral Lngi- iK ' irs: Tiaiii apluiii iif !uiiipiis IIk-sI : Delia n;iiia I ' i; Hela lplia I ' si. «HIN () . Itnii.iMii 1!. Husinfss: Denver. Colo- r.i.lo lleli.i IMii Mplia. nllN ON. It.ilpli II.. Jr. Arts and Sciences: l.alr-liiirj:. Illinuis. Simula Nil; .V-SIC Danee I iiniiiiitlie ( liairinaii: I I |la .« Danee I .•iiiiinittre I liairiiian: Winter larni al Daiici ' I liairiiian; t ' feek tloiiilnne; Il fllee1lllli IltiiiM- Derora- liiiii riiininiltie liairinan: liitraiiiiirals : New- man t ' liili. -■» Row iillN ilN. Jark C. — Knicineerini:: Deeatur. Illi- ii " !-.. iiieriean Siiriet ' (if tei-lianieal Fnpineers; I MJiirailan I )ri:aiii ali iii- Kililur: nlorailo Kn- ::iiirer: llikiii): Clnli; llliniHufT (liili: Instiliile i llie eri naiitii al Srienre; Siieiely itf . iitoiiio- li f KiiEineers. iM|Ns(( i_ I ,.ij Eniiineerinn iind Hiisinrss: De- ii ' Ml. Mieliigan. Si iiel of Aiitoiiiiilive Knpi- rnrr : Vnieriruii So ' iet of Meelianiral Knjii- iHii.. I ' liMii ' ily lliairnian: SiKer and (•olil: [Makers ( oiipress. ii||N. ' ()N. MeKin t . - An ' incerin ' ; Denxer, ' iliirailo. I.aiiiliila (.hi .Mplia: , iiieriran Insli- iiiir of Klertrieal Knpiiieers; Festival J horus. fcond Row iil| .s(( . Norville I). Kniiinrrrinn and liiisi- irs. ; Alva. Oklalioiiiti. I ' lii Delia Tlieia: I ' i Tan ii:iiia: Sipnia Taii; Society of Aiiloniotixe En- gineers; . nn ' riran Soeiety of Mi-t-hanieal Knpi- iieers. I ' llNSON, Robert V. .4rls and Sciences: Mem- pliiH. Tennessee. Tan Kappa Kpsilon: Wtsville I ••iinril : Intrainiirals. ill| ()N. Miissell H. t.nfiinrerini: and Hiisiness: Dt-nver. ( .olorailii. inerii " aii Soeiety of Median- Mill Knpineers; t ' oiinselnr Men ' s Dormitory; In- tr.iniiirals : I ' i Tall . ipiiia; Sipinu Tan; Soeiely of iilotuotive Knpineers. Illrd Row • illN lilN. Hnwaril E. — Business: Orilway. Oolo- r.iilii Delta Sipnia F ' i ; Sipina I ' lii Kpsilon; Silver Mill t.olil; I olorailan; liiniieroniinp oniinil- tie: I iiliirailii I . Days I inninillee. I ' llNSTDN. Marparet I.. Iris and Siirnres: I.onp lit aeli. I alifiirnia. kappa lplia Tliela ; VW ! A ; Inlrainiirals; i.V Days »aril ( oininittee Serre- larv ; linfT Pep tliili; I ' si Clii; ASl . (oniniil- lee. I IIINSTDNE. James Edvvanl — Enpneerinic : Kake- VMiofl. t ' olorailo. . ineriean Soeiety of frrlianieal Knpineers; Society of . iitoinotive Knpineers. ourfh Row I ' I TON. Stanley M. — Business: I.ainar, Colorado. " •iiima Nu. c L A S S O F 1 9 5 J()NKS. I.loyd W. Music: Parsons. Kansas. Plii Mn lplia. President: Var«ity Niplit Hand: Kappa Kappa I ' si. J tNK, . Sue Irl.i and Sciences: tiripple I ' reek. I .(dorado. flHk Row Jt»Rl ' .KNSKN. Jannieline Iris and Sriincrs: Den- ver. I idiirailo. I ' lii lplia Tliela. ire. President : Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Sipnia Inia: pani .h tliili. ice-President. JDSSKI.YN. Kichard K. — Pharmacy: Denver, Colo- rado. Intramiirals; Junior .American Pharmarpii- tical .Association. 71 Jl DK. William A. Engineerin t: ( ilnian. Colo- rado. Phi Kpsilon Phi; Pi Tan Sipnia; .American ocietv of Mechanical Knpincer ' : Society of iitoniniive Knpineers; (.(dorado Knpincer. Sli k Row K PK1.KK. Tlico Jean IrM and Scii-nrt-s: Trini- dad. Colorado. ( ainpiis Chest: Delta Phi Alpha: llonieeominp: Intramnrals: Kiltie Theater; Na- linnal Stndenis Association: I niversity Women ' s Clnli; Window: eia Tan Alpha. K AS. KFTC (arid fiiisinfss: Santa Monica. (Cali- fornia. Kappa Alpha Theia. K AI ' KMAN. Koiiise Emily — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado. SENIORS Fint Row k AW AH AMI. Vri-il Eniiinrcrini;: D.-iivcr. Colo- rado. Aincriian Sorirly of (!i il KiiciiK ' i ' rs. KKKI., Roliprt K. — Kn incvriny: : Denver. (:olorailo. (!lii Kpsilon: Amerieaii Soeiely of Civil Knjll- neers. KENNKDY. Owen — Irfs uiul Srienci-s: kruii, Ohio. STANLKY. Kent T.— Kn ' inecrin;;; Denver. Colo- rado. ' Days and inter Carnival rnillees: Intranuirals. KKI ' FEKLE. Roy C. — Arts and Sciences: I ' ieree, Cidorailo. Dorinilorv ( hoir: Japanese Kenkya Cluh. KM NNA. Tajliir Sin(;li — Engineering: New Delhi. India. Ilo riiopolitan CInh. Second Row KIESI.KK. Joan Miisir: Soiilh Pasadena, ( ' alifor- nia. Alfra: ISA Represenlalive: IS. Conned: Sis;nia Alpha lota: I niversity (;lioir. KII.(;OI K. John E.- Arts and Sciences; Engle- wood. Colorado. KIN(;, Roliert W. — Arts and Sciences: Greeley, ( jlorado. Alpha Kpsilon Delta; CI ' Days Show : Inlranuirals; Sijznia Cannna Kpsilon. KING, W . C. — .lr(s and Sciences: Seolt City. Kan- sas. ls.!N(i, illiani P. — Engineering: I ' aonia. Colorado. rneriean Soeiely of Civil Knpini ' ers. I IN(;D0N, I.oiiise — Arts and Sciences: Denver. Colorado. Spur; ( " oloradaii: onnj; Women ' s (Jiristian .Assoeiution. Third Row KINNKY. K. N. — Graduate: Ronlder. Colorado. KITCH. I{ali)li D. Business: lliitehinson. Kansas. I niversity Choir. KITT1N(;KR. WII.HER U.— Engineering: I ' liehlo. Colorado. Anieriean Institute of Cherniial Fn- jiineers: International Relations ( luli. KI.ECKER. Shirley -.(rr.s- ami Sciences: M iule ista. Colorado. Women ' s lliletic ssoeialion: Ski Cluh: I ' hvsical Kdmalion Cluli. KLESSIG. Ridieri J. — Engineering: East La ( !ol(»ra4lo. KI.IKW F.R. iron D. — Engim-ering: Denver. CoI(| rado. Itand: I ' i Mu Kpsilon: Alpha (!hi Sigma . nu ' riean Institute of Clx-niieal Engineers: P} I.and da I psilon: Engineers ' .Apple lest. Fourth Row KIINCLER. Kelley H. Business: Custer Cil Oklahoma. Delta Sigma I ' i; Rela Alpha Psi pha Phi Onnga: Mridge Cluh. kl.lNKKK. Roherl }. Engineering: Denver. Col rado. Pi Mu Kpsilon: Chi Epsilon: Sigma Tai Tau Hi ' ta Pi; -Anieriraii Soeiety of (!ivil Eng- neers. KNOREL, Lola — Arts and Sciences: Rogota, Ci londiia. Cosmopolitan (!lul : Spanish Cluli; Ta Delta. KNOl.I.E. I.awr -nee Mitiliill trts and Sciences Denver. Coli ra.lo. P.p I luh: }.iy Cluh: (oh railan; Silver and (.old: . Sl i. .Suh-eoniMiitlee. ' KOCI.ANES, George Peter — Engineering: Denvei i Colorado. K( KR 1T . I.avern C. — Engineering: llastingi " Nrhrask;!. Chi Fjisilon. 72 BTCi 9 p r rii Aow ONkKI., TlioiiiuM i.. t.nitinfi-riii!!: ray, C.olo- racli). VintTiran Insliliili ' of Kliilriiiil Kiiiiim-rrs. RASU K.r, Frank M. hriiiinrrrin;: and Itiixi- ness: I ' lulilo, !( li raili . Nalioiuil Sliiilnils As- Kocialiciii. NrwMiaii Tliili; Stiiilriil Kisranii Coiiiiril. RWMIIl,. I ' aiil.n.- tris iiml S i.nri.s . Kifir, (!i li railii. IJainl: Intraiiiiirals: I.illlf Tlnalir: kuppa Drila, Soiiul ( lliuiriiiaii : S| ani li I liili: Slarilii Irrs. Treusiirrr: iimh ' Ii " (!liili. icond Row RKMK.K. Cliarl. J. h ' .iininfrrini:: Cliicapn. II- iiiiciis. ViiiiTiraii Smii-I iif Miiliaiiiial Kii i- iirir ; IntraiiiiiraU: Niwiiuiii ( lul : Sii(iil i f (iIorni ti r Kn|iiiiirr . KIKl.KH. ' M. Iliisini-ss: N.» «,k. Niw York. liiilT Ski :iiili: Irnriiip tiiuli: Kinriii); Ttaiii: liidiprnilinl Sliidciiis Association: Ski Si|iiail. KUNK, Frank William trta iinti Srirnrfs: Hill- iniis, Montana. " ( ' . " tihih: Doiio; arsity l-ool- hall: Sipnia n, I ' rrsiilint; Star anil Si-xlanl, rri ' siilrnl : Vlplia Dilta Si nia. rst Row KI SK. arr.ii F. Irf.s anil Sricnrcs : Vi ' ood Kivi-r, Illinois. I IJIK. Ji-an — Arts and Srienrrs: I.u (iranpr. Il- linois. Mpha Delta Pi- l FMMFMI.IN, (Jcorge Frcdfrirk — Eniiineeriniz: Fort (ollins. (lolorailo. rniriian Sorirty of Me- rlianii ' al Enjiinrrrs. rcond Row IFIi. I ' lN. Unliaril Donalil -KniiinpiTinf;: Urn- vrr. I olorailo. Mplia I :lii .Si):ina. Anwriran In- slituti- of liiniiial Fn inrfrs: I ' lii I.aniliila . " No- illy: . " ipnia Tali: Tau Mrta I ' i. II FSSF.K, I ' anI Edward Eniiinvi-rinji: DrnM-r. idtirado. Institntt ' of tlir Vt-ronantical Srii-nrrs; Intraniiirals: Nrwnian tinli: NKOTt.: Sijinia I ' lii Kpsilon: Star and Sfxtant. rill.KF. Half I.. — Kniiineerin)!: Diim-r. Colo- rado. Viniriran Soricly of Mi-i-lianic al F.iiiiinirrs. Strd Row I MM K. Siliyl Louise Iris and Srirnrrs: Simtli llainillon. Massarliusotls. UlxF.TItill. John W illiain— ■. ' n inperinjf; Crrstrcl I Hiiltf. Cidorado. Anicrioan Institnir of Klrrlriral F.nsimtrs: Nr«nian t.lidi. KF, Kopor W. Ilitsinrss: Itin lianiton, New York. pvrih Row AMIJKKT. Donald . En iinrrrini;: la Jniila. tiidorado. Aiui ' riean Society «if t!i il Engineers. .Vrrliilertnral Forum: t christian ' ttntli Fellow- sliip. .WD. John l{, fn ' ineeriri ' ; Deiner. ( cdorailo. . ir National GnanI: . ineriean Institute of Eler- Irieal Engineers : York (iluh- N(,ENDOERFER, aync i ' ,.—.4rts and Sciences: Burlington, Colorado. Kappa Sigma. Ci H c L A S S o r 1 9 5 hl ft 2ta Fifth Row I. XNl.FEI.DT. li 1 ' . Vharmacs: IJoul.ler. t.olo- rado. I, RSII. Ann liiisinrm: Wirhila, Kansas. LARSON, Marx in V. -Business: St. I ' aul, Minne- sota. Heta Alpha I ' si: Delta Sigma I ' i: " 2 i " CIul). 73 Intrannirals: Landida hi Alpha: I ' i Tan Sigma: liuff ki l.lul . 1 RENC:E. William !,.- Kineering, Cornwall- • tn-IIudson. New Y ' ork. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: ampus !hest: Engineers Day Conunittee: Institute of the .Aeronautical .Sciences: Ice Hockey, Ticket Sales Chairman: Newman Cluli: I ' ep Tluli: I ' i kappa Alpha. Slith Row LA I.EY, Harold ).— Engineering: Meeker. LoIch I. X ORtllK k. Dan 1. frM and Sciences: Me rado. .Vmeriran Society of Mechanical Engineers: Keesport, I ' cnnsyKania. kappa Sigma. SENIORS Firit Row I.KDKHM AN. M a r v i n—Engineerini: : Hriupklyn. Nrw York. AniiTii-aii Siicirly of Mi ' ilianical Kn- pincers: K(niostrian Chile Festival Chorus. LEE, Harold — Engineering: Denver, (lolorailo. I.EE. Robert N. — t ' hnrmucy: I.iiillou. Missouri. X.V.V.. Wllliain H. — Kniiineerini:: Denver. (!olorailo. Si(!nia .Alpha Epsilon. President ; . nieriean So. eiety of Meehatiieal Engineers; Honieroniinp: Silver and (iolii Distribution staff: CI ' Days Show: Diido Distriliiition: Window: Winter Carnival. EEITHEAl). Uiissell i.— Arts and Sciences: l ' nelili . (icdorado. Tan Ka| [)a Epsili»n. LEI F. Jerry l.n ' inooring: Brooklyn. Now York American Institute of (heniical I ' .ti;:ineers. Second Row l.r t.t.K IT. liurhara Arts and Sciences: ChicaEO. Illinois. Stajxc Crew: Ski Club: Equestrian Clnb. I.EMKIN. FMwaril Hobcrt — Business: New York tiity. New York, i ' .l ' Days: Huff Show: Dodu: Student Leadership WOrkshop: (ilnb First Nij;lUer: Ilonieeoniin!:: Campus CliesI: Men ' s Co-op. LENCiY. Jack L — Arts and Sciences: Tel-. iv. Is- rael. Chess Club; i ' osmupulitan Club: llillel: Inlirnational Zionist Federation of .America. I.KONAIU). Wilbur ( ' . — Eniiineering: Denver. Colorado. I ' i Tau Sijinia. Sigma Tan: Tau Beta I ' i; American .Society of Mechanical F ngim rs. I.EKCill, Charles E. — Arts and Sciences: Waterloo. Iowa. Sigma Didta Chi. LEVIN. Kcva Arts and Sciences: Denver, (.olo- rado. IMii Sigma Delta: t ' L Davs; HtMiiecoming : I ' cp Club: Phi Epsilon Phi. Third Row LFIVITT, Seymour H. — Arts and Sciences; Denver. ( Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta. President: Honors I nion: Speakers Congress. LIOVY. Myra-Lee — Arts and Sciences: M i a m i Heai ' h. Florida. I.F W IS. Patricia E. — Music: Denver. Colorado. I niversity Women ' s Club: Sigma lpha Iota. Treasurer: I ' niversity Choir: Moilrrii ( hoir. LINDUEHt;, Donald Business: Holyoke. Colo- rado. Sigma Phi Epsilon: . " " ilvir and (iold: Star and Sextant. I IN DEE. I! dierl G.- Arts and Sciencts: Denver. Cidorado. .Sigma Alpha l psilon; !! ' Davs Dodo: Buff Pt-p (dub: Intramurals: lloinecoming. LITTLE. Mary Barnes — Arts and Sciences: Kail mazoo. Michigan. Kappa Alpha Tlieta: Youil Women ' s tihristian Association: W on»en ' s . tf letic Association: Spur; Dormitory t !ounselo| Pep t ' lub: Dormitory ic - President. Fourth Row .l INCSTON. Charles Francis — Arts and Science. Denver. Ctdorado. Bi(dogy Journal Clidi: ( osni polilan Club: Foreign Helit-f t ' onuniltec: Inl national Relations Clidi: Phi . igma: Initariil Society. Treasuri-r. Ll IN(iST (N. Thomas J. Enjiineerina: llasliii;: Nebraska. Sigma Phi Epsilon: American So- of Civil F ngineers. I LOGAN. Lcland L.ath Music: Pueblo. Colo Kappa Kappa Psi: Music Sclimd F eculive ( cil: The Mika lo: Phi Mu Vlpha: I iiiversi Orchestra: I nivcrsilv Band: arsity Nigh ' . " ' how lianil. I,( »( KW ( »OD. John II. Arts and Sciences: I ' olan Ohio. Intramurals; International Relations Clull .Ski Club. London, jack E. — Eniiineerini:: Denver, ( ol rado. .American Society of tiivil Engineers: Yol ' tdub: Intramurals: Tau Kappa Epsilon. I.ON ;. , 1 c n n — I ' hiirmacy: Boulder. Colorad Junior American Pharuiaceulical .-Vssociatioi tdiemistrv .Assistant. 74 - WW n p». m .Ik m m u ) i - fMF. d5 •u ' rif Sow ci (., (.iiirpiu M. ins iitiil .SnVnrcs ; Stiiikliiii. k.iiisa . Indrpi-ndriil Slinlinls Associaliim oiiii- III: Iloriiiitorv Krprcscnlativf In liiil« ' |)riuli ' nl liiilinls Assooiuliiin; Stiiilfiil Aliiiiiiii Assmia- ii ' Mi Mi ' iiiliiTsliip huiriiiuii. 1 1 (. OKTU, Hiiliaril — Engineering: Castle K.mU. ( iilorailii. iiiiriiaii S K-i -l uf Civil En- .iririr«: Inlraiiuiral-; Kappa Sipina. iii ' l.. Nathan I ' luirniticy : Drint ' r. Tolorailo. -cond How Oli INt.. Julius J.. Jr. Kngineering ; Kliii fiinl, NoM York. Sooifl " f Aii|i iinili ' Kiicinirrs. N rrriar -Triasiirfr; Amrriian orirl of Mr- rliaiiii al K.ii);im TS : l i Tan Sipiiia. " MKIi. Ui-M-rly- (r .i unit Srivnirs: Miiclesto, ' [lifc.riiia. Ilikini: Cliili: I iiiM-rsilv iiiirn ' s liili; Viiiiiig % oiiii ' ii ' s ( ' lirislian Assmialion. I . lfri .1 I) Engineering: ShaiifEliai. Tliinn. .,,p|i, Ni rit low I I . Itiili 4rts and Srit-nces: Kriixrr. ( " olo- I .In. lplia Tail Oiiii ' t a: .Vrtisls (iuilcl; Tall I I. Ila; I olorailaii Art Staff. I I IHll. Hcnjaiiiin Arts and Sciences: Pueblo. I ..l. ra.lo. I I ItKK. William K. Engineering: Norfnlk. Nr- lr,i-ka. Tau Mtia I ' i : Si jnia Tan: kappa Nii: iinriiaii In. ' litiil) ' of Klictrical Lii);iiuirs; Insli- iiiif of Hailio Knuinerrs. Serrotary. econd ffow I IHKh. Holiert G. — Arts ami Sciences: Norlli ri.iiir. Nrliraska. Alpha I ' lii Onit-pa; Delia . " ipiiia I ' lii: lliifT I ' i ' p I luh: if:ina I ' ainiiia Kpsilnn. I MUtK.Kt.. Juan ( arolyn (r».5 and Sciences: lliiiMlali-. Illinois. Huff . " ' ki lllnli; Inlraniiirals: ' iimi: onn-n ' s Chrisliaii s.sorialion. I MOTKoM. Koh.Tl Carl Engineerinn: I ' laiii- 111 I.I. .■ Jtr-ii ' . lolorailo Knpinerr, Kililorial " •l.iff: Vnieriran Soriely of (lixil Knpineers: r hilerlural Forum; Ne»nian (!liili: Chi Kp- -il..n. hird Row rri K, Kli alii ' lh Arts nnil Sciences: Miekir, I ..lora.l.i. Kappa Dilla: llaskrii.all lluh: Muff Tip t Inli; rl Days, ruhlirily, nmiiis ( (iinniil- Iro: lloinirominp. Vlhleiir. I ' lihlirily oniinil ' lees; Intramurals; Kappa Delta: . ' siKer ami l.ol.l: Winter l.arnixal. (,)neens ronimiltee. 1 . INTVKK. Marilyn (r(. anil Sciences: l)en er. ..loratlo. Delta ( aninia. K( l.K.NN N. Helen i.. Arts nnii Sciences: Fow. I. r. Colorado. W . " » Ilnnse of Hepresenlalives; . " s Senate: Dodo; Dnrmilory lonnselor; Dor- mitory IVesiilenl: Independent . " •Indents I onneil; H I ' liili; Reeves; Valkyrii ' . oitrih Row 1 . MUFK. Jane V)rtvi —Pharmacy : Bend, Oregon. llikiiip I ' Inh: Junior Ameriean I ' harmareutieal oeiali.ui. 1 I ' lIFKSD.N, Huph Roy -fn inepring; Denver. ' .dorado. .American Institute of Chomiral Kn- ::ineers. Im SI ' ADDKNS. (ieorpia ¥..- Arts and Sciences: li:nario. lolorado. ( onpo (!lul ; Home Eeo- iiomirs I " luh. c L A S S o F 1 9 5 fifth Row M DDKN. John v.— Business: Denver. Coloraflo. Kappa Sigma; Intramurals: et»ville Couneil- inan; itsville Mayor; Ski Clnh. MM I KTT. Kenneth D En inrerinii: W.llinBlon. (olorailo. In-lilule of Radio Fiiiiineer-: meri- ean Institute of F.leelrieal Kngineers; Kta Kappa M I.ONKY. James K.— Fn ?ineering; Cary. Indiana. Interfralernity ••nineil; Intramurals: Kappa Sigma. President. Secretary. SiMfh Row M 1 llNfV. I.eo }. Engineering: Jersey (ity. cv» Jersey. ev»nian Cliih; American Insliliilc of Fhririial FiiKim er ' : Intramural Haskeihall. ofl- hall. orier: Indipendenl Miidents Vssociation. M I. »NFY. Marilyn Irts and Sciences: (,ary. Iii- iliana. ' I Day Shows: llesperia; Kappa lplia Theta. Ru-h hairman; Mortar Hoard; Panliel- lenic Hoard; Pi l.andiila Theta; Pacesiller; Mod- ern hoir; Spur: auileville: arsity Ninlits ho» ; W indou. Hiisiness Manager. MAI.Y. Joan Kli aheth trts and Sciences: f ' .olo- railo Springs. idorado. lplia Delta Theta: .M- pha (hiiieron I ' i: W llou e of Representatives: loloradan. Rii-iness .- " taff: Homecoming. Dance lommittee; Panhellenic. Executive (lommiltee: Student Welfare (omniittee. SENIORS First Row MAMHK. Holxrl i ' . Ihisinrss: I ' licMo. Colorado Si iina Nil. " MAMin LIDES, KfTie— Business : Croul.y. I.ouis iana. MWSON. Gcorpe David — Hiisiiifss: Oawfoi-d xillr. Indiana, (iannna lola: Sijinia :iii. M I!H. John II. -Eniiineering; (Castle Hock. Colo railo. M l{|{. Koldcisih H. Arts and Monrrs: Hoidd.-r l!(doiaiio. Kappa Delta. .M AH.- II AI.I.. Tiionias K. — .-Iris anil Sciences: W cl .«U-r (iroM ' s. Missouri. Di-lla Tail Delta; Sigma aninia Episilon. Second Row M I TIN. diaries Curtis — Business: I ' lieMo. Colo, railo. Tall Kappa Kpsilon. M KTIN. Ernest L. Arts and Sciences: ( ' olcirado Springs. Colorado. MARTIN. Iliitili J. — Engineering: Hrookville. Kan- sas. Aiiieriean Institute of (!lieinieal Enjiineers. MAHl VAMA. Allen Biisin. ' S ' t; Animas. Colo- rado. iiieriean Institute of Eleetrieal Engineers: llonieeoiiiing. Riildier Mone Coiiimitlee ; Heli- fiioii In Life Vi eek Coniniitlee (lliairnian: Speak- ers ' Coiijiress: Tlieta i. Assistant Treasurer: W estniiiisler Fellowship. M VSI ' .lf. Shirley Ann — Arts and .SVienre.s ; Eineoln. Nehraska. Dormitory Soeial !liairniaii : Porpoisi ; W omen ' s Alhletie .Association. M.VSON. Elorenci — Business: aldon. Colorado. Beta Sigma; Kappa Delia. Treasurer; Young W ' onicn ' s Christian .Association. Third Row M rill (tN. William — Arts and Sciences: (!olo- rado Springs. Colorado. MATSl DA. Tetsu ' inrm«o: I ' alo lto. Cali- fornia. Cosmopolitan Cliih; Junior Anierieaii I ' harmaceulical Association. M ASl NAGA. Rosie — Arts and Sciences: Fori In, ton. Colorado. .Alfra; Cosmopolitan (duli: Iliuij Economies Chili. MATTHEW S. Kerinit D. — Engineering : (iraiiai ' Colorado. .American Socii ' ty of Civil Engineer! Chi Epsilon; Hiking ( liili. i M Al LEK. Joe Edwin — Arts ami Scienci ' s: Cam City. (Colorado. M AVNES. Rcd.ert I.. rhiirni(ic : Curliv. lolorad fourth Row MiliKIDK. Eldora 1 ' . Arts ami Sciences: llelei, Montana. McCARTER. I). C. vn -ineerinf;; Itoise. Mali American Society of (!ivil Engineers; AROll McCarthy, Stephen D.— Business; Sterling. Col rado. McCartney. Joyce .Jr s and Sciences: l ' uehl| (!olorado. McCONNEEI.. Roherl Hal Arts and Sciences: Ll fayette. (!idorailo. Alpha I ' lii Omega: IVp Clull Dormilorv I ' residi ' nt. McCt HSH. Jack fiii.sine. ' i.i; Denver, Colorado. 76 •Irtf Row Ii MNl H. a iu- rtliur — Ertftineerinft: Ran- .l " l|ili, Ni-» Vnrk. I ' lii Kuppa I ' si. Ill I I.I.OCII, l arl ara Hiisiness: Diiraiiiio. C.iiIk- lil.KK. I.iicill) — Arts and Sriencfs: (!asprr. W jo- ining. Mplia Plii: ' lirfrl«-a4li-r: l)t-lta Vhi l)t-ttu; I ' jii Milla; ki I luli; lliiiiiii ' iiMiiiii:: ( ' I l)a s: Ti-p ( Iiili; l I piril ami Moralt !oniiiiitl( ' r. • econd Row 1 ' ' .h I ' THIl K. i iaii- Arts anti Sci fncvs: tiorlrz. I Mliirailii. lliiii!ii- (if Kt ' prrstntatiM ' S. I. 1 .INN. Jcilin H.ilnTl tris iinti Srienrfs: I ' luliln. ' ' iliirailii. Intcnialloiial K ' laliiiii:s (Miili. I ' rrsi- • Ifiii ; Nrwiiian rluli; Ki- ne OflictTSi Assoria- IMMI. Iii.l IKK, llrli-n Jran — Arts and Scirnrrs: Ash- l.iiiil. Kriiturky. -ifit Row • liKKIAK . Marion Joannr — Arts and Srienrvs: l jrtlt illr. ( Iklalioina. -hi Onit-)£a: Inlraniurals; iiimn ' ' llilitir Assoi ' ialion: Tan l)i-lta. .liKlM.KV. harlo W . lltisiness: D.s I ' laims. Illinois. I ' lp ( lnl ; . ki Inli; (!anipus Tlirsl ; lllini-ltnIT iuli: IlomtToniiM;: : intt-r rarni al; h ' tilii: |{n?inr.s rhool IUiMIit: Intraninrals: I ' lii Kjppa Tan. •!iKI.M.K . t.i-orgr U. Arts and Sciences: l)rn- IT, (!f loraito. Second Row li I IN. Kallicrinc Arts and Scirnrrs: lli ' sprrnf, ' xlorailtt. .nlora(lan: llikin): (-inlt. ill 1 KI H. Mnrra M. Hiisiness: (Irian. lo. Kloriila. " iiiniu Nn: Iti ' la Mplia INi : Ski CInli. ill MA-Nl J , John Hn».M ' ll En inverinji: ( raniJ Jiinrtion, Colurailo. rkird Row Ii Ml l.l.KN. Janur. v. Arts and Sciences: Korl Johnson. Nrw York, hnshinan I •lolhall oarh: IMivsii-al Kihiration Majors rlnli; Kural Trark Mt-rts: InlranniraU. MrNKW . Donalil K. — Business. Tiiha. Ni-» Mixiro. M ' I, Pi ADK. Kijnuinii J, h.niiineerinf:: Kasl Orancr. ' » ' v. Anii ' riran Insliuilr of Klrrlriial Kn- -:io ' i ' r ; fts illf NursiT !oinniiltt-t ' ; rls illc I; i-k.lliall Tiani. c L A S S O F 1 9 5 77 ourfh Row Ml KOBKKT.-. John i.-Aris and Sciences: D.n Mr. ( lolorailo. Sigma I ' hi Kpsiloii: Ki-nring rlnli: onng Krpnlilirans. IVrsiih-nl : Inlrrfralrrnity ' luni-il: (.ri-tk (.omliinr: Aiailiniii- AlTairs ( !oni- mitli-f. MEH VS. Thomas I!. Arts and Sciences: Trinidatl. ' olorailo. Mtlll,. Kathr n Marie Arts and Sciences: North rialtr, Nfhraska. . " igina Epsilon Sigma: F ' i I anilxia Thtta: I ' hi Alpha Tlu ' la. N- retar Trea-- I urt-r; I ni orsity % onirnV iMnli. fi ' fXi Row MKKiS. KoliiTl Vk . — Ennineerinfi: Twin Kall«. Iilalio. nirriran . " orirly of ' i»il Knginrrr . .■ rrrrlar) : (Jii Kp-ilon. Prcsiilrnl. MKI M)KI{. Marv Arts and Sciences: Dninlh. Minnt ' siita. l)(-lla ( aninia. MKI.I.KIKKR. Mary {.• » Business: H o n 1 .1 p r . iolorailf . Taliro anti liool : NVh man Tluh. See- rrlary : IVp ( ' Inh: Slanhiflcrf. Virr-I ' rcsi lrnl. Siiih Row MKLLElKKK. Norhm ]. Business: BoiiLlrr. I olorailo Foreign Krlirf i-|i ilirs: Ni-»nian hill. Tr ' a«nrrr; iking luli. Trrasnrrr; Inilr- pinilrnl .Nuilinis A».«orialion : National . " ' ludrnt »»nriaiion: Band: I ' hi Ep»ilon F ' hi: Tampu!! I hrst. MKNOKMIAI.I,. Loila— Arts and Sciences: Oly»sp9. Kan»a. ' . Frnring (Juh: Ski (!lnh. MKRRIl.I.. Ralph f;ri-gg- Arts and Sciences: (.rrrlry. I Colorado, mr-riran .nil l of firganist) ' : I ' hi igm3 lota. SENIORS F rsf Row MKUKV. Aniii ' — iris nnd Sciences: Kvansion. Illi- nois. Alpha I ' lii. METAL, Andrew, Jr. Arts and Sciences; Cleve- hincl. Ohio. Ii; KK. David F.- Business; H.rla. South Dakota. Drlia Sigma Pi: Beta (iainiiia Sipma. MK KK, Jean — Arts unj Sciences: Arlington li.i-lii . Illinois. Alpha I ' lii. MICIIKIJ.. Harliara J. Arts iirul Sciences: Siras- hurg. Colorado. l)orMiitor Oflicer: Intraniurals: Unit I ' ep (lluli; onien ' s tldelie Association. MIIIVI.O. William f. ' npincerin ;; Whiting. In- diana. . meriran Institute of Chemical Engineers. Second Row MII.I.KK. Annette — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Sipnia Delta Tau ; House Manager: Secretary, llillel : I ' ep Juh: International Zion- Federation of Anu-rica, Secretary. MILLER, James R., Jr. fusiness; Fort Collins, Colorailo. Sigma I ' hi Epsilon; Dormitory ( ' oun- selor; Men ' s Welfare Ci mniittee: (Chairman, iirievan ' ' Committei " : RiHe (!luh. MILLER. Margaret Louise — Engineerini;: Bloom- itiplrm, Illinois. Society of Women P ' ngineers. irr-l ' rc idrtil ; Instiliile of the Aeronautical Sci- ciiies; Inihpciiilent . ' tnilerils Association: (!ongo Club. MILLS, Joan — Arts and Sciences: Mountain Lakes. New Jersi ' v. Intramurals. Baski ' thall. Softball, Volleyball: Valkyrie, Treasurer: Song Fest, CI " Days: Dormitory (!hoir: Ski Club: Dormitory ( iouncil. Honors I nif n. MILLSAP. Wayne X.-h.nfiineerinn: l)e Meque. Colorado. Physics Club: I pperclass Advisor, I ' Veshman Dormitory. MILNER, Linnea — Business: Denver, Colorado. Al- pha Chi Omega. Third Row MILNER, Rtd)ert (i. — Enaineerinp; Rocky River. Ohio. Business Manager, Colorado Engineer: .Al- pha Chi Sigma; Sigma Chi. MINER, Frend John — Arts and Sciences: Loveland, Colorado. . ir National (Juard; . lpha f lii Sigma; Pi Lambda LIpsilon: Festival Chorus; Wesley Choir. MINGES, Nona Ellen — Arts and Sciences: .Arvada, Colorado, . lpha Omicron Pi, President : Pan- hellenie Delegate. J.VNCIC, Mirko — F,n :ineering: Denver, (Colorado. .American Society of t ' ivil Engineers; .Architec- tural Forum. MITCHELL, Jack L. — Engineering: Casper, W ming. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau: Eta Kappa Nt American Institute of Electrical Engineers: fiani MITCHELL, J. W. — Engineering; Decatur. Illinoi American Society of t ' ivil Engineers. Fourth Row MOE, James M. — Engineering: l.itlU- Rock. Al kansas. .American Institute of ilwmical Engl neers. MOLLMAN. Marjurie Ann Arts and Scienci Siiringlield. Ohio. Home Ec4 nomirs (!iub, IVt iliiit: (iamiiia Delta: Pi Lambila Theta : Thci Lambda: l)iirMiilur Counselor; Intramtirab Junior Class Representative. MdNTCOMERV, Clayton R., ir.— Engineering KiM-rside, (lalifornia. Sigma .Alpha Epsilon. H l M)Y, Verna Elaine — . rfs and Sciences: aym Illinois. Hiking ( ' lub; Women ' s .Athletic ss.| ciation. MOOSDORF, Lou— Business; Denver, Coloradi] Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Spur; Sigi Epsilon Sigma: Beta Sigma; (rannna .Alpha ( ' hi Hesperia; CI ' Days. Dance Chairman; House Representatives. MORRILL, Ross Dean — Engineering and Business Denver, (Colorado. Institute of .Aeronautical Sc- ences: ' ' X estminsler Fellowship: Hiking Club Two-Bit Lunch Club. 78 ii|;iil . I!, Ill Iris iiitil Scivnri-s: iriiila ' I-, I I .i. K.i|)|ia l liii. I KN h N. M.irl Iris unit Scirnrvs: Yank- i iilli iKikiii.i. NrMiiiaii t luli; I ' li ii ' ul Kilii- ititin Major liili; miit ' iiV Diili. 1 1 II. I liri t nilnw KnfiinfiTinfi: !i lnrailii [ ' riiiK! . oluratlu. I h irs !Iiili: nitfil orlil I . ■Iiriili«t«; l ' li »it ' s Iiisliliili ' : liilraiiiiiruK. -iiniraU. llltHtlW. William F., Jr. Kntiiturrini: ami rarUliail. Ni ' h Mi-xirti. Aiii« ri(-an Su- .i.l of Mi ' i-lianiial Kiijiiiirors: I ' i Tan Sl);iiiu: " ■•.iifl if Viiiiiiiiiiti '$: Tail Bria I ' i: fstniinstiT li ' Ilouvliip. rtt Aow 1 I! T V. S. I ' arolf I ' harniacy : liriiclilon. !iilo- rA it. Iiila SiKiiia l i ; Junior iii Tiraii l harnia- ■ • iiin-al Xssoriatioii: R Pri ' M-ription ( Iiih. I ill ' ll ' . William M. Enfiirtfrrin : riullirutho, li soiiri. Aiiifriran S »ri ly of Mi-rliaiiiral En- .iiMiTrs: Pi Tail Si nia: Sorirly of ui oiiM- y iii:iM« ' » rs. VI KS. Moytl I ' -.-Knuineering : Billinics. Montana. I ii-li «ill I ' oiinilatioM : MinV I)ormiti r . iii ily nlinalor. icend Aow K MI KA. Mary K. (r .s uml Sriinces: Hork- lonl, Illinois. Campus Cluli; Inlraniiirals: krii- k .i I lull. K (»K . Rill I ' harmiicy : Drlla, Colora.lo. I oloradan: Cosmopolitan t!liil : Junior Amrri- ' III I ' liarmai ' i ' iiliral Assorialion : Klio I lii : Slii- ■liii! I nion t onimiiti ' t ' . l T ' . Thoma J.. Jr. Irts ami Srit-nrt ' s: I)fn- ir. ( iiliirailo. lplia Tan tnii-pa : NfvMiian ' liili; Alumni Uolromiii): (.ommitlrr. Ilomri ' om- 111 : Student Alumni . ssoriatioii. I ' ri ' siilriii. lird Row li l l ' . Harry Irts iinfi Srirnci ' s: l rn t ' r. I ' iloruilo. arsily looiliall: " C Cliili; Varsity l i-i ' hall ; iiT-IVrsiilrni Soplioiiiori ' tilass: Sii ilia; Hrarl am! Dappor: Delta Tan Di-lla. I I " l N. Arila- trls and Srirncrs: Triniilail. ' ■•lorailo 1 I " -ON. Douglas K. — Arts and Sciences: ( ' .hira|!n, IHiiioi ' .. I ' lii (•amma Delta. iurth Row ! I n . n. Jiihn Jimrniilisni : Mmitpi ' lier. Idaho. i iiiilida (hi lpha: Sigma Delta t :hi : Window. I litorial Staff. i 1 ON. James (i. — Engineerinn: Roulder. Colo- rado. c L A S S O F 1 9 5 NK.l.SON. R iiieriran Rl»TC Fiffh Dow NKIMIN. V. n.ikola. NKI DKtK. i iiliirado. NKI MAW. ( iolorado. Pi Mil Kp ineera. o([er U. Kninnerring: Roise. Soriety of tjvil Kngineers; Idaho. Arniv Ronahl Physici: . »ioux Falls. South Kenneth .- Knuineerinn: Denver. Soriety of utomolive Engineers. Kennelh i. F.nfinrering: Denver. ■ igma Nu: Tau Reta Pi: !hi F.psilon: ilon: . iiieriran Soriety of (!ivil En- 79 SIrfk Dow NKW MKRH . Dons lrf.« and .SriVnrej: Milwaii kee. W isronsin. ela Tan Mplia: Young Wo- men ' s t.hrislian Association: Ski t liih. l-.nlertain- ment l.ommiltee: Intramurals: Ilomeeoming lonmiiltee: F qnrslrian filuli: WS Housing t !onimittee. NUillOI.S. Rrisy I.oraine — Arts and Sciences: I.os Angeles. I California. Clii Omega. TFJ-SEN. Marilyn — Arts and Sciences: Park Ridge. Illinois. Kapi a lpha Tliela. SENIORS first Row NIKLSEN. (Hiif Norman — Enginperiiif:: (loiimil HlulTs. Iowa. Ariliili-ciiiral Fiiriiiii; AssoriatiMi Stiidt ' iits i f llir I iiivcrsily f (iiilorailo. NINDE, Norma — Arts and Sciences: W licatridpc. (Colorado. Porpoise. NIXON. Frank A. — Eniiineering: Delia, Colorado. Delta Sipnia I ' lii. NOBLE, Merle Arls and Sciences: Bellflower. (ialifornia. NOE, Melvin William An jineerin ' ; (ioneordia. Kansas. Ameriean Soriely of Mi-elianieal En);i- neers. NORLING, Jim — Business: Denver, Colorado. I ' lii Kappa Tan: ASl t IMC Committee: llonieeom- ing. I ' ropram (!onnnitlee. A.ssislant IVofiram Chairman. Mnmni ele »min (!onimittee; i ' X l)a . IVofirani ommilti-e. Men ' s 1- it-Id Events. Mnmni W eleoming Coniniitlee: Winter t!ariii al. !liairman of . peeiul Events (ionnniltee: .Mplia I ' lii Omepa: l eiitagi n Cluli; (rvmnasties . " (piad: W indovv : Dodo. Second Aow NHlUilS. Carroll I.. Hniiineerini:: (ialeslnirt;. Illi- nois, riii Delta Tlieta. NOYES. I ' alrii-k Hand JTnpineerin;;; El Taso. Texas. I ' lii Kappa Tau: . reliitei-tnral Forum: -Vnieriean Society of Civil Engineers: Colorailan ■SafT: Inlraniurals: Newman Clnl : I ' ep CInb. M SSBAUM. Jessie A. — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver. (Colorado. . Ifra. Treasurer. Historian. Presi- dent: W House of Representatives: AW S o- ralions ( onunitlee: Speakers Conuuittee. Careers Conference. NYE. Larry Frank Arts and Sciences: Osco. Hli- iiois. ilfjinecomirig. Munmi Tea !ommitIi-e: Huff I ' l-p (iluli: Campus Chest Drive: )!oloradan. Sales Staff: Dodo. Editorial Staff: I ' hi Delta Thela: Phi Epsilon Phi: Silver anil (ndil. Distri- hution .Staff. NYSTRON, (Jiarles — Business: Boulder, (Colorado. Thela Xi. OVKF.S. Harold .Sleiner. Jr. Enpineerini: imd Business : Denver. (Colorado. .American Instiluli- of Elei-trical Engineers. (Ihairman: Beta Tlieta I ' i: (iomhineil Engineers: Eta Kappa Nu: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi. Recording .Scretary. Corre- sponding Secretary. Third Row O.VKES. Ruth Seabury — Arts and Sciences: New Haven, ( " onnecticut. .-Associated Journalism Stii- ilints: Ski tluli: Young Women ' s (Christian . s- soi-iation: eta Tau .- lpha. (t ' BIHEN. Charles Jerome — Civil Engineerin):: Ne- Kiima. Kansas. .American Society of (!ivil Engi- neers: Independent Students .Associatiim : New- man !luh. O ' DONNELI.. Kcdiert Josiph— A;n;;i ieerinj;; Day- ton. Ohio, . rchiteclural Forum: American So. ciety of (;ivil Engineers: Newman (duli. tJELLIEN. Harriet — .-Iris and Sciences; Rolla. souri. Hockey Club: Physical Education M i:iub. OLSON, Richard E. Eniiincrring: Littleton. Co, radn. InlraiiMirals. loiitiiall. Basketball. Baseli and (iolf: Phi Kappa Psi: Pi Tau Sigma: Sorii- of . ' utoniotive Engineers. OLSON, Rosemary -.Wi sir; Independence. M. souri. Festival Chorus: Messiali: Pi Lamb Theta: Religiini In Life Week Committee: I versity hoir: I niversity W onu-n ' s Club. fourth Row Ul.XlN. Theodore John — Business: Monroi-. consin. Beta .Alpha Psi. O ' NEILL. Beverly — Arts and Sciences: Drnvi (Colorado. Coloradan: Intramurals: Kap Kappa (iamma: Pep Club: W onn-n ' s .Athleii so -iatiitii : Winter Carnival Connnitlee: ' ou Women ' s (Christian .Association. OSM.ANN. Peggy — Arts and Sciences: Roclu-st Minnesota. Delia Delta Delta. OTTE. Edwaril J. Arts and Sciences: Tigard. O gon. Campus t hest Committee: tiolorailan: De Sigma Phi. President: Dodo: Honncoming: ternational Relations: Leader Workshop (!o mittee: Pep C.lub: Players ' (!lid : l re-iav% tin Silver and (iold: Speakers ' Congress: Win tlarnival Committees. PADDOCK. Laurence T. — Arts and Sciences: Ho di-r. (!o!orado. Beta Thela Pi. PALMER. Richanl W . — Engineering; Taniaroa. I nois. 80 . . a » i-V •I ' ' tiftf How ' K KKM . Hiilirri . Kniiineering: Hiiiililrr. t :olii- L railo. lpliu (Jii Si|:iiiu; Aiiicricun Insliliilo of l (:lii ' iiii( il KnttiiifiTs: SiiJiiiu Tun: W eslniinster ■ K.-ll..» lii|.. tl ' AKIv. illi;iiii M. y.niiinriTini:: Viiiurillo. Texas. j Alplia Tun Oiii -|:a: Aiiuriiun S »ii-ly of (livil K.ii»:iiiifr!.; Arrliilniiiral l-druiii; I ' lii Kpsilon; 1 KUTI . ! TH K. Ki ».. -Hnizinpering: Jorliat. Assam, ttcond Row ' TnN. rrliii — Enpneerin : Kock priii(:s. o- niini:. Vim-riraii Socit-ly of Tivil KiifjimTrs: Arrliili Tiiirul Koriiiii: (!hi Kpsilon; Tl Days, rariiixal oiiiiiiiltfr. I ' ri i:ruiii t onimillfi ' : Hoilo, DislriliiitioM Staff; I ' lii Kpsilon I ' lii; I ' i Mil Kp- silon; SiImt unil l.olil. Disirilinlion: Si)!Mia Tan; Siltnia Nn: Itnff I ' lp I Inli. ' ATTKKSnN. Wallan- N. h:n :in ' ) ' nnii: I ' liornix, Ari ona. Vnirrican In-lilnti ' of Kli-clriial Engi- nf T«. Workshop ( liaimiun; Ktia Kappa Nu; Tan H.ta Pi. •EAK K. Jot- (;. — Business: Daytona Bcarh, Flot- illa i|nf Row ' EKIM l-. " . John Kniiinvrrint!.: l)in T. ( ' olorailo. ' EKk 1MNK. Knio W all.r I ' luirmacy : Trlluride, Tolorailo. Mpha Kpsilon Drila. ' EI.I.Kt.HKN. John J. l-.niiincrrinn: Somen ille, Ncn Jrrsi). Archill Tiural Kornni: Inlranuirals, Roulinir. Riisrhall: Nc»nian I Inli. (Iioir. Ucond Row ' EKI | N. lar in t.niiintirini:: Denver, ( " olo- railo. Vineriean Insliuile of Klrelriial Knpineers: J ' i Mo Kpsilon; Initeil W orlil Keileralisls. ' EHIOW. }ark- ' .4rts iinA Sciences; Elizahelh, Ni ' W Jersey. " ESM VN. (ierard !l. F.nninrt ' rinn: Denver. Colo- railo. nieriean Soeiety of Cixil Kncinei-rs; Hnff Ski rinli; Thi Kpsilon: I ' i Mn Kpsilon: Sigma Tan. ' Urd Row ' ETKIJ.- ' KI I . K..lherii.e l.oni-e M „sir : I ' nehlo. ( ' olorailo. Ne »nuin rinh: Niwinan Inli lioir: Opera: Slanhislers ; I ni ersity lioir: Diha I ' si Oniipa. •ETKMSKN. Don D.—f ' hnrmacy : Ko elan.l, Colo- raiio ' ETKHSK.N. I.orrn Ti.—F.nfiineerinii: Krush, (Colo- rado, Anieriean Soeiety of Meelianieal t.npineers: I.nlher Inh: Pi Tan Sigma. enrfh Row ' ETl- l{ l N. I ' atrieia K. (r», nnd Sciences: Den- ver, Tolorailo. ' ETEKSON. lilaine Arts iinil Sciences: Denver, (lolorailo. fETKRSON. Dean E. — Engineering: Louviers. Colorado. .Vnieriean InsliUile of (Ihemieal Engi- neers: ( ' ampns . ir Reserve I ' nil: .Sigma Tan. ' Hth Row I ' ETKHSON. Gene Stnart — Engineering: Redon lo Beaeh. ( ' alifornia. -Vrehileelural Kornin: .Ameri- can Soeietv of tCivil Engineers: ( ' .hi Epsilon. NRDTC. c L A S S o r 1 9 5 fel A»A 81 PKTKRSON ' , N. Eayi — Iris and Sciences: Kim, ( dorado. .-Mf ra : Home Eeonomies ( " lnl : Uni- versity S onion ' s (Inh: Inlranuirals: Women ' s Athletie .Xssoeialion : Independent SindenI Asso- eiation. PKTKRSON. Theodora Cashing— .- r . and Sri- enrrs: I.on iers. ( " oinrado. .Alpha Delia Pi; Kappa Delta Pi: Pi I.anilida Theta : Young Wo- men ' s (Christian .Association. Sijih Itew PKTKHSdN. Vienflell Kngene •.ngineerinp; Meres- ford. South Dakota. F ' hi Kappa Psi: CI Days: Kngineers Ball: arsity Swim Team 47- ' 18; Kreshman Koothall: Physie.s Cluh: AII-AIen ' s Sho« : Interlraternity Couneil: Coloradan ' JT. I ' ll MM. Walter I..- Arls iind Srienci ' .i: Pitt-fnld. M.issaehnsettB. Sigma Phi Kpsilon. I ' lIII.IPSF ' .N. Joan— BiHiness; Den er. (Colorado. I niversity Women ' s Club: Alfra Treasurer: AW S (Career (Conference: Festival (Choir: Home- coming: Indepenihnt Students Association. Treas- urer. 1 SENIORS Fir%t Row rilll.I.II ' S. Jaik N. .iris untl Sciences: N " i-«liin. Kansas. Si iina Alpha Kpsiloii: Hoiiicioiiiinj: : Winter Carnival; CI I)a s: Star and Si- lanl : Naval lIonDrary. rHILI.irS. KoIktI E. — .ins ami Sciences; Cedar- (•due, Cidorado. Oi-lla Sijirna I ' lii. I ' rrsidenI : Festival Clmnis: All Men ' s SIuim : Inlerl ' rater- nity Council. I ' llll.l.II ' S, Kniierl I.. Hiisiness: Memphis. Ten- ni s -e. " 2.! " (!luli: Canterhury Clnh. PICKKtKI). I ' aul .4rts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Tliela i. I ' IKHSON. Jidni Leonard — Engineering: Denver. Ccdorado. Sijinia I ' lii Epsilon: Vnirrican Insti- tute of Kleetrieal Kufiinei-rs. riSKIiCllKI. John Ir . ' i iind Sciences; I ' li.hlo. Colorailo. Second Row ITICIIF K. Joan Arts unit Sciences; l.os .Vufieles, California. Delta Delta Delta: International Re- lations (iluh; (.eojirapln Cluh; I ' orpoise; Sec- retary of S Hall. ri.ACE, M. Jeanne — Engineering; Pueblo, Colo- rado. Pi Tau Sigma; Christian Seiinee Organiza- tion: Society of c)ineM Student rchileei and Knj- ' ineers; Dmeirs thlelic Assoiiation : llik- ing Cluli; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. i ' (»(;rST. Ircd — Hni:ineerini!: Jamaica. New York. Vnierican Institute of Kleetrieal F ngineers. I ' OHI,. llinry A. Engineering: Joliet. Illinois. nnriiaii Society of Mechanical Engineers: In- dependent Studi-uls Association: Society of An- lonioti e Engineers: Colorado ir National ( uar(l. I ' OI.INC. Sidni-y Hiisiness: ()ttum ia. Iowa. Delta Tau Dilta. President: (iolf Team: Homecoming: CI Days: Pep Cluh. PONCE. Paul V . Engineering; IJaytown, Texas. Physics Cluh: Ski Cluh. Third Row I ' dliTKU. Ardilh . r .s and Sciences: Pmldo. ( Colorado. Kappa Kappa (Famma. IMlHTEK. Janey. 4r s find Sciences: Tulsa. Okla- homa. Kappa Kappa ( annua. I ' OTOCllNTK. I ' rank S. Engineering: Kock Springs. Wyoming. Anu-rican Institute of !hem- ical Engineers; Alpha ( hi Sigma: I ' cstival (ihi rus: Men ' s Kesidenee Halls ssocialion. ice- Pnsident: Newman Cluh: Pi Mu Kpsilon: Phi lamliila; Sigma Tau: Tau lieta Pi: iking Cluh. I ' OW lil.l,. Rohert L. Engineering; Denver. Colo- rado. Ski Cluh. President: Pi Mu Epsilon: Sign| Tau. PRATT. Frank S. — Engineering: Lenioore, (!al fornia. Pi Tan Sigma; . rnerican Society of M chanical Engini ' ers: Soiietv of - utoniolive Enf neers: Buff Ski t.lnh: " 2:! " Clnh. PRICE, Frank N. — Engineering: I)en er. C dora l . merican .Society of Mi ' clianical Engineers: S ciety of . ulomoii e Engineers; .Vir Reser Training Squadrt n. Fourth Row PROTEXTOR. Jerry . rf. iinil Scie nces: I.itt Rock. Iowa. PI I.EO. Joseph f,nj;inperin ' .- . " si. Louis. Missoui i Student Research t ouniil. President; Alpha ( l Sigma. Treasurer: American Institute of t !hei ical Engineers: RulTalo Archers: Intramural Neunian Cluh: Men ' s Dormitory Comicil. P I.E. W illiam H. — trts iinil Sciences; Denve Colorado. Sigma Phi Epsilon; .Xnu-rican Insll tule of Chemical Engineers; Sigma Phi Epsiloi Ruffs Heart. R HM. Ruth — Arts nnil Sciences; Denver. i.n rado. I ' uiversity Women ' s (!lid ; Physical Ed cation (iliih: Canterliury Cluh; Calico ai Roots; Players Clidi. RAINEY. Thomas Marlin Hiisiness: Fl Pas Texas. R. MSF.V. Mark S. — .4rls and Sciences: Dilro Michigan. Theta Xi : I niversity Stamp (!luh. 82 O- o o C MM . M hk. Jri How ;AM» II. Iu.Ihti«;iril Ani ' iM.iri i-: lli- I inri ' , nliii). lii tiliur i f VrroiKiuliral Srirmf; Killr t III).. {AYMOM). Hii.mII 1). Kn in.crini;. ( oloracl.. ' S| riii|: . ' iil iruilii. (Calico anil l!iii l! : Ktu Kappa Nii: riii Kappa Tan. tK I . Jainr Enninverinfi : Driivtr. (!olorail " . econd Aow tKADY. Ki.liar.I T. Enuinn-ring: I!.rk.l, . Cali- fornia. " I ■■ (lull; I ' lii hi-Itu Tlii-ia: I ' lii Kpsilmi: Vur il . ' uininiin)!. !aplaiii. ' {EKD, Marjiirir l rr trls and Sciences: HriplilDn, Ciiltirailo. {EKl . Kirov F. — Engineerin)!: Stanlr . Nurili Ha- kcila. infriran . " ' oricly of (!l il KnpineiTS; Ni ' W- man Tlnli: . " ki (!lnli. tnt «o«» f EKSK. Janu-. " N. En inrrrinfi : Driixrr, ( olorailo. 1 Anifrifan Sorirl) nf ll■ llani al KnpintMTs; Si - : rit ' l of Vnloniolixt ' KnpinrtTs. KEKSK. William llrnr . Jr. Eniiineering: Drnvc-r, iColiirailo. Alplia Tan nniit;a: !lirrr I.radrr: Connni .sion of Spirit ami Morali-: I loim-riMninf; ; Mrn ' s (.Ice Tlnh: Nnati- of ItnlTalo I ' rp iMnli. , tltH. Cliarlis }. Enftinrrrini: anil Hiisinrss: ' Boulili-r. iolorailo. Vmrriran Sori ' t of (iiiil ; Encimtrs: Uila Tlnla I ' i ; !lii Kp»ili n: (lolo- I ratio Kniiinirr Staff: ( . Days: llrart anil l a|2- (ter: lloini ' iomiii):: I ' aii-M-tlfrs; I ' i Mn Kp.«ilon: Phi Kp.ailon I ' lii: Kinky Monnlain Hrsiui-: Ski Club, Kxirutivr Uoaril; Sifima Tan: I ni fr,«ity ConnnittiT on Monnlain Safrty : Tau Hota I ' i: Sunialia: intrr Carnixal. i cond Aow !E1I I . Martin li. Irts and Sciences: Chirago, lllim i . lfitranniral : Inlrrnalifinal Rrlalions I CInli: I ' lii Di ' lla Kappa: SiaMianl ami Mlailr: I Tan Kappa Kpsilon. kEISIlKli. Kottir I,. Utisiniss: Hinkriinan, Nr- I braska. Iti ta Viplia l ' i : KnfTalo Ski Club: Dilla SifEina I ' i: Imlrpinilrnl Slmlints V. soriation. lESEN. Iri ' ilrrirk I.awrrmf Enainrerinfi: Jrrsry City. Ni« Jirsry. imriraii lii-liliiti ' of lirm- iral Kiipim rrs : .S.I .1 .. I ' rr-iiltnt : ' nlorailn Kn- gini ' rr. Kililor: Ilrarl X Dapgrr: KaiilTriiliaiifi ' r: Pi Kappa .Mplia: Si|!nia Tau: Tan Iti ' ta I ' i, pri ' .si- drnt. ' Mrd Dow ICK. llan Business: Julr.shurg. Culorailo IICE, Jack S. — Business: Hibbinp. Minmsola. Acaria: " C " book: ( " I Days, . ssl. tJiairnian: Sluili-nl I nion °oinniissinnrr ( ' .oniniilti ' f: in- ter (!arfii al. UCE, Jainrs l.oren- -.frf. ' S and Sciences: l)rn rr. Colorailo. Drita Simula I ' lii: Na y ROTt ' . amrilt Row IICE, Joliii K. tris iind Srirnrrs: kroii. tlliio. Alplia I ' lii ( Imi ;:a : anlirlmry liil : Doilo: I ' lp Club: I ' lii Kappa Tan. pn-siitnit: I ' i aninia Mu: Ski t.lnb: intfr arni al Comniittor. c L A S S o F 1 9 5 IMI.EY. Jobn ;. trl iinil Sciences: KoiiMir. tiolorailo. KII.K . I ' l-uo Irts and Sciences: lla prin .«, Niliraska. flHh Row MITCIIIK. Krnnrlh W. -.IrM iinil Sciences: San I ii ' i: . California. Cnsmopoliian (!hili: Japanese Krnkyii (lull: Hrligion in l.ifi- iik : arsity l-.I.I I. N, JoM- Rizal Enainerrinii: Louisville. Krntucky. Institnir of i-roiiaiiti al . " rirnres: Newman Club. Siifi Row Umil!. Doiialil : .- Engineering: Boiililer, f:olo- railo. |{l»liKI!TS. Ciralil Kolanil— r iarmacv; .Maniosa, ( olorailo. ( lirisliaii Kellousbip. I ' rrsiilinl: rstminsti-r K( •MKHT. ' t IN. Barbara .WiMIc; Norton. Kansas. I I ' lliiHsbip. Irstival Cliorus: Kappa I ' bi : .Sipina Alpba Tola; KITTKK. I. R. Engineering: I. one Itratli. Cali- I ' niversily Choir: IniNrrsity Comert Hainl: Lni- fornia. Vmrriran Snrii-ly of I ixil Knginei-rs. rrsily arsity Banil. SENIORS flrit Row KOBKHTSON. (;or«lon . Knf;ineerinii: Monte Vista, (lolorailo. Eta kappa Nu: Aiiierii-an So- cirly of KliTtrical Knpineers; I ' i Mil Kpsilon. ROBKKTSON. T. E. Dukr. ir Arts and Sciences: Brush. Tolorailo. Associated Student of the Uni- versity of (lolorudo; Hand: C.osnioptdilan I ' hib: M . Days, (lonunittee tihairnian; i!lnh hirst Nijihter. Assistant (General ' hairiiian: Iloriie- I ' oMiinf: (ionnnittee (Chairman: Intraniiirals; In- lependent Stuilenis Association: Ja .z tllub. president; Kwaffin Hnafen: I nited World Fed- eralists, president: Vikinp (!luh. K()UINSf)N. CaT .4rts and Sciences: New York. New York. ( rpani ed Men ' s IMi si«-al Education Association: arsity lootliall: Krcshnian Base- hall and Haskethall: Instructor of Physical Ed- ucation classes. ROBINSON. Morley — Engineering; Dacono, Colo- rado. Chi Epsilon. KOtiEHS. James I,. — F.npineerini : Denver. Colo- rado. American Institute of Ehcirical Enjiineers; Eta kappa Nu: I ' i Mu Epsilon: . " ipnia Tau. KIM.EKS. Norma Lee — Arts and Sciences: Denver. ;olora lo. Delta (iamma : I ' orpoise: Secretary of BufT I ' ep Club: Ski Cluh: AWS Vaudeville. Second Row lilMIWEK. Nancy (rf. ' i iind Sciences: Boulder. Ccdorado. VI esley Foundation: kappa Phi: YWCA: I ' niversity Choir: Pep Cluh. ROI . Ralph Pharmacy : Rio Ilonilo. Texas. Jun- i« r , merican Pharmaceutical Association: New- man ( !luh. KOI. NI)ER, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences: Rockv Ford. Colorailo. Alpha Phi. ROI.ANDER. KoI.erl lii.sines. ' !; McPherson. kan- sas. .Sipnia Alpha Epsilon: arsity Baskethall: Men ' s Residence Halls. Counselor. liOMIC. Richaril A. Arts and Sciences: Denver. !cdorado. Acacia: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Cross- country: Speaker ' s Confjress. ROOT. Richaril E.. Jr. — Engineering: Lancaster. Pennsylvania. American Society of Mechanical Eupiucers. Third Row l((»PER. Daniel F. — Engineering: Montrose. Colo- rado. .Associated Students of ihi ' I ' niversity of ( ' olorado: Chi Epsilon. ROPER, Louis C. — Engineering: Denver, Colo- rado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Theta i. KOSFNDMIL, Paul A— Engineering: Pueblo. Colorado, merican Institute of Electrical Engi- neers: Instilnic of Radio Engineers. ROSS, Robert Edward — Arts and Sciences: DoiU City, Kansas. Beta Thela Pi: Silver and CciM ( ' ol4 radan Advertising . taff. ROSZEL. Edward F. — Business: Toronto. Canaili ISA Dance Manager: I niversity Traflii- Board ISA Homecoming Conunissioner: L pper cla advisor: ' u First Nighter, .Assistant Chairniam iking. Both. Albert B. — Engineering: Denver. (! mt-rican Society of Mechanical Engineer Fourth Row t ROTH. Morris--.4rfs and Sciences: Newark. Nc ' Jersey. Kill NDS. Dwight — Business: Wichita. Kansas. KOI SE. I ' eter W . — Engineering: trunnison. Coh rado. Alpha Phi Omega: American . " society i Civil Engineers: Stage Oew : Engineer ' s Da ommittee. Rl DEN. Alton L. — Engineering: Oceanside. I jl foruia. Chi Epsilon: .American Society of i Engini ' crs. Rl .S. ELl., Frances Bush — Arts and Sciences ( rand Junction. C.olorailo. Home Economii Cluh. CO. , Russell J. — Business: (irand Junction. (!ol.; rado. I igma Nu : Varsity Baseball: Silver an ' Cold Distribution: Dodo Distribution: liUr murals: ( ' . ( lub: Freshman Baskitball: W iiiti Carnival Conmiittee. I »■ 84 I } ' T 3 I » tai itei -. ' Row M -K.I I . II. ll«-ii Knuinft-rinn: Dciimt, CoIk- i.i.lo. Viurriciiii Sori -|y of (!ivil EnpiiiciTs; Vrrliiii-i ' ltiral riiriiiii; (loiinsolor. Mrn ' s Dornii- liiry. :l IIIKKKORI), V. J. riuirm ic : Oaklaml, Cali- l.irnia. Jiiiiii r Aiiirriiaii I ' liariiiaiiiitiial Associ- .ilioii; Nr « man (lliili. ; N. kalliltiii trls itntl Siiviuvs: Kaiisa ( " ity, li-..iiiri. Delia .aiiiiiia, I ' nsiilriU: I ' aiiliillinir, iri-.| ' rr i(li-iil; S iiul t iliairinaii, A.W.S. ; W u- miii ' s Vilili ' lir Assorialiiin; Women ' s Club. iccond Row {VMKK. SliirU- irts and Sciences: MrnM-r. Colo- I railo. llomr Kronomios (lluli. |SA !K, Marif Uiisi ' c; Hoalrirr, Noliraska. I nixcr- «ity U oiinn ' s Cliili: Ki-slival (lliorus: Sigma Al- i pha lola: I niM-rsilv (!lioir: I nivrrsitv V. omen ' s j Club. pAKKdHI), Mark i ' .. — En ineerini:: (iranil Junc- I lion, Colorado. .■Vmcriran Society of Civil Engi- neers. •irif Row SALMON. J. Riil{(e. New Jersey. i[ b }. iris itnil Sciences: Wood Business: Howard Air Force panisb ' lub. ,-iAI.( . Slanley W. J I Bane, Canal Zone pAMS, Donald Business: lintilder, Colorado Second Row ■ Nlii;iM k. Vlb.rt J. Business: Chicago, Illi- I nois. Newman Club: IntramuraU. t ANT(t-D tMIN(;( . l.uis A, Engineerinn: Colom- ! bia, Soulb Ameriea. Soecer Team. S. RDS, (ibris Miebael — Kniiineerinn : Den er, Colorado. Amerieaii Sorii ' ly of Meebaniral Fngi- ncor.s; Star and Sevlant, Secretary: Men ' .» Resi- dence Hall Hepresenlalixe: Kngine Kail Queen Comniiiiee. I!hairman: RufT . " ki Club. Special Actixilies Committee: NR((T(!: InlraMiiirals: Student I.eadersliip Vi Hrk . " Imp: I pperelass Ad- visor: c.r. Days lot:. rkird Dow ■ rNDKRS, Julia Sue — Arts and Sciences: Rcinl- lcr, 1 !olorado. sA . (fE, James . — En iineering: Trinidad, Colorado. S. Y. . John Theodore Arts iind Sciences: ( ' rested Bulle. Colorado. fourth Aow CIIEIR. Francis Jeroini — Kniiineering : Roulilcr, t.oliirado. .Mpba i ' .h ' x Sigma: American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Colorado F ngineers; Heart and Dagger: Newman (!lub: Phi Landtda Society: I ' i Mu Epsilon: Sigma Tau : Tau Rcia Pi: Traffic t ' onmiittee. SCHERRER. rhilip V. -Engineering: Kirk, Colo- rado. . merican Society of Civil Engineers; Gym- nastics Team: Pentagon ( " lub. c L A S S O F 1 9 5 SCIllEK, I. linois. K FIHA Row clllEr- i Junction. (bnt: In SCIIIESSWI Junction SClllMl ' F, 4 !(dorado. neers. .coiiaril William ppa Sigma. Business: J diit. II- llll . Jean ( Colorado. trts and Sciences: (irand (, annua Mpba Chi. Presi- ersily »nien ' s i!lidi. »11I., Ray Allen Husiness: Crand Colorado. Henry Dale —Engineering; Windsor. . nierican Institute of Electrical Enei- 85 Slifh Row SI IIM l S. Francis T. Arts and Sciences: X ood- bridge. New Jersey. StllMITT. Robert Francis Arts and Sciences: Rockforil. Illinois. Rami: I ' lii kappa I ' si. SCHMITTEI.. Donna Mai- Music: Center, Colo- rado. ASr ; Dance Commitlee: ncerl Rand; I.W Days RufI Show: Festival Chorus: Intra- nuirals: Silver and (.old: Tau Rela Sigma, Treas- urer: Fnivcrsil ( boir: I ni ersity S omen ' s Club: Valk rie. Historian: Women ' s .Athletic .Association: W onu-n ' s Marching Band; YWCA. m SENIORS einf Row ,S(;FINKUI:K(;KK, Janc .ins ami Srirnres: Clii- capo. D.lta D.lia D.lla: ASIC Com- missiomr of Spiril and Morali ' ; loia Sipiiia i ' i ; Morlar Hoard: Sifiiiia Kpsilon Si(:iiia: (I. I ' . Days Sons I ' l-sl (iliairnian; Spnr; Iloni roniin|;. SCHNKIDKK. Milton I). Hnfiinrrrint:: Kllin« oc.d. Kansas. Alplia !lii Sijinia: Anirrican Inslitnli- ol Cliiniical Knjiinnrs: I ' lii I.anil.ila Soiiil : (cilo- rado Kn inicr. SCHNKIDKK. KoliiTl Kouis Eniiinn-rin : ;rial Kails. Montana. Anirrlian Si (irt of Civil Kiipi- ncrrs; irrf Kanrc. SCIINKIDKH. Kohrri I..— Arts and Sciences: Canon (;ity. tlolorado. Intrarniirals : Window. Kditor. SCllODKK. Marjorie K. — .trts and Srii ' nri ' s: Stan- ford. California. SCIIOON, Kois Marthinc — iris and Srit-nces: Hid- lanil. Mirliipan. lplia Oniicron I ' i: CI ' Days: Dodo: llonicc-oniini;: I iiivrrsity Women ' s Clnl); indo«. Second Row ( IIKIsl DIK. John tris and Sciences: Denver. ( olorailo. Inlraniurals. SCHl I.TZ. Walter -tnginprrinp: lionlder. (Colo- rado. American Society of Me ' liani( al Knpineers. S :lll MACIIER. Albert il.—F.nnineerinf: and Hiisi- ness: lionlder. (Colorado. American Soiiety of Civil Knpineers: (!Iii Kpsilon; Tall Beta I ' i. S(!()TT. K lytlie Korene — I ' harmacy: (Center. (Colo- rado. Dorniilor (Couns( llor: Junior Amirican I ' liarrnarriiliial Xssociatioii. I ' rrsidrnl: Hlio ( lii : K Cluh. President: Iniversitv Hand: alk rie: YWCA. Vieel ' resident. S(C( rT. I.orin Hiisiness: Denver. (Colorado. Tan Kappa Kpsilon: (Christian Yontii Iello«ship. rrisident: Interchunh (Council, Secretary: Dor- mitory. Social (Chairman. S( C( )TT. irpinia Arts and Sciences: Springfield, Illinois. Third Row SK(COKA. (Jeorpe — Arls and Sciences: (Clifton. New Jersey. Inlranuirals. SKKLKY. Marparit Klaine Business: Spcarfish. South Dakota. Beta Sipnia: ( anima Mplia (Chi: Newman (Cluh: I ' lp (Clnli. SKIHKI.. I ' a I r i c i a- A iisir; (Cenlralia. Illinois. Kappa Dilta: Players (Cluh: Laboratory Theater: Iniversity Women ' s (Club: liiiversity (Choir: Moilern (Choir: Ski (Club: (CI Days Show: ar- sity Niphts Show: . W S Naudeville: ( t|)era. SKNSOH, (ieorpene- .(r .s and Scienrrs: .San Diepo, (California, eta Tan lpha. rrisident: (Campus (Chest: Kqneslrian (Club: Intramiirals: Penliel lenic: Leadership W orksh ip. SKKVKCE. Frankie — Arts and Sciences: liouldei ( Ciilorado, .SKTIIMAN. Dorothy (r(.s and Sciences: Denveij ( (dorado. Mortar Moaril: Ilesperia: Spur: PI:: Sipma Iota: . ' ipma Kpsilon Sipnia: Honors I nioii l ' a( isriiir : SiKcr anil (.old: arsil Niplit (Chairman: Players (Club: Laborator) Theater (ieoprapliy (Club. Presidi-nt. Fourth Row SH I KK. Daviil— Ji .sine.s.s; Pueblo. (Colorado. SII KKSPKAHK. Stanley ). Business: Delti (Colorado. Delta Sipina I ' i. SIIAI.I.KNI!KR(;KR. John P. Arls and Sciences Lonp Beach. (California V. J . fornia. (Coloradaii: W onn-n ' s .Athletic Assoc iiiiia. SIIANLKV. Joanne liiisiness: Lonp Beach. Cal fornia. (Coloradaii: W omen s .Athletic Assoc ation: Yoiinp Women ' s (Christian .-Kssociation Pep (Club: (Colorado Kiipineer: (CL Davs: lloini coniinp: Winter (Carnival. ' SI1 STKKN. Donald Knpene — Joiirn(disni : I Junta. (Colorado. Silver and (foIiI, Kditor: Sipin Delta (Chi. A ice-President : Kappa Tan Mpha Pi (.amma Mii: Phi Delia Ihcla. SIIANKL. Stanley Kdwanl h nfiineering: Hayonn New Jersey, . merican .Socielv of Antomotiv Knpineers: .Vmerican Society of Mechanical Ki iiineers. I I I 86 i B4. Pinf How -ll . lillnirii K. h ' .niiinvrrinn: Uoiildi-r. Tnld- r.iilii. Vm.ricuM Instiliili- i ( l ' h sir.«: l ' li i s I liili: I ' i Mil Kpsiloii: Sifiiiiu I ' i Sipina: I ' i Mii 1 p-iliHi. rrrj urrr. ■■IIWV. I i«-ill K. liiisinrss: Mall i. lllinnis. I I l u K Miiiiini I ' li ' iiiniii)! I uiiiiiiillrr : Kuppa ii;iiia, I ' ri ' siilriil : Smial ' liairiiiaii liihrfraliT- nil I iniinil; ar il Ni(:lil I ' uliliiiU I ipinmil- In: iiiiir I arni al Dami- li illrr. lll l ' IU.Ivl . J !• Ii n Miirnaii Hiifiniss: Craij:, I " liirailo. t:l |)u »; l»i " li ' : llnmic umiiip; in- iliiu ; Winter Carnivul: SiK.r ami (.ohl: Sipiiia I hi. Second Pow ' lIKKKilN. Iar Ami iris unit Sriimcrs: Holly- voiMil. Kloriila. : n|!i (liili: hi iixal rii$: I ' i I aiiiliila Tlifia; Krlipiniis cirki-rs Association: I nilril orlil tcilcralists. IllKir, Doris Viirsin : Fiiiillay. Hliio. Doriiii- |iir nUirir: Niirsr Major ssorialion. rn-siilcnt : i;ri »; omi ' M ' s Allilclir Assoriation : Vi omen ' s Mill.. ,SH(»HK, Kililliann — Arts and Scirncvs: Flusliinp, Nt » York. I ' oloradun ' irriilation : I I Days larnival (ommiilir: Dciilo ( irriilalion ; Model, W liiler Tarnixal ami V ( A I asliioii lio« : i);iua Delta Tan, I ' resiili-nt : Soiial Chair. Pan- helhiiir. Firif Row llllHr. I ' uiil I., lliisiniss: ( aiioii ril . ( olorado. (olora.laii: Tl Da s: (.reek (iiiiilpiiie: Home- I ' omiii):: Iniramiirals: I.aiiihila hi Alpha: W in- !• r l.arniNal. II KR. irfiinia — Arls nntl Sciences; Calumet I il . Illinois. Buff Ski ( liili: CI ' Days Queen I niiimillee: Doilo limilalioii Staff: Ilillel: Mum alesman: I ' lp • liih: Sipnia Delta Tall, orial ( hairman: oimn ' s . tlilelir . ssoriation : I iii ersil W omeir- I ' .liih. SIKNKKS. Kolirrl John trts and .Srienre.s; Den- ver, I olorailo. NeiMiian (diih: Heliciinis Kmpha- -i Week K eenti e Commillee: Speakers ' I on- i:re s, iie-1 ' risiilent: Tliela i, Si-eretary. Second Row . ll.I.lMVN. William Kupeiie .Irl.s and Sciences: t l aris. rkaiisas. SII.VKI. I ' lullis Arts and Sciences: I ' liehlo. t ilo- railo. Sl (!, Committee of Women ' s W i-Ifare, .-Vraclemir . ffairs t jnnmillee : Unff I ' ep ' liili: Delia Siiiiia Kilo. Secretary : Honors I nion, S-nior Kepresentalive: House of Heprisentati es, AWS: Mortar lioanl: National Slmlrnls Associ- ation. Domestic ffairs: I ' i lamlola Tlula : en- ate. AW S; Dormitory I ' resiilenI, ic t -I ' rcsiilenl. Cnuiiselnr: Speakers ' Congress, Treasurer: Inter- rollepiate Deliate: Radio (■.ommiltee ; .VIplia Omicroii I ' i. SINt H. Sarh J. — F.ngineerinp : I ' aliala. India. .American Society of ( " ivil Engineers: ( ' hi F.p- silon: (!osmopolitan Cliih, Vice-I ' residrnt- rrtlrd Row f lKll N. Awad riiiirniiir : Palestine. .American i ' liarmacentical .Association; Cosmopolitan Club; , Rho thi. SFNKRS, W. Donald Eniiineerini:: Kalon, Colo- rado. .American Societx of Mechanical Knpinecrs: Society if . ntomoli e Engineers. c L A S S o r 1 9 5 KINNKI{. William T. Iris and Sciences: I ' ateli- iipue. Ni-w ork. Tan Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row SKOW , Charlis A. Arts and Sciences: I.onpmont. Colorailo. Inleriiational Relations l!luli. SI.OVN. Jean tris and Sciences: Hloominglon, Illinois. Kappa Kappa Camilla. SMATHEK.S, Eilene — Arts and Sciences: I.o eland, Colorado. Home Economics Cliih: Theta I.amhda. Treasiinr. F ftfi Row HTII. Harliara Jean Arts and Sciences: Estes I ' ark. I idoradii. Sliidenl- Association. Displaced Persons: Neuman Clnh: Delia Delta Delta. SMITH, liernard ( ' .. Knginecrin :: Fresno, i:ali- fornia. SMITH, Bruce H.— ■- " n ' inerrin i; White tdoiid. Colorado. American .Society of Civil F igineers; -Xrchitectiiral Forum. s; ff Row HTI1. lliinald F. — Graduate: Emporia, Kansas. SMITH. Douglas U.- Arts and Sciences; Harvey, Illinois. Phi (.annua Delta. SMITH, I.oren E. — Arts and Sciences: (Colorado Springs. (Colorado. SENIORS Firsf Row SMITH, Nancy Jam- Arts and Sciences: W inm-tka, Illinois. Silver and (iold; Colorailan : inlcr Carnival: Pep Club; Ski Club; Tau Pella; ' i)iu ' ii ' 8 Atlilitic Assix-iation; AW S Vauilrvilli-: Delta (iaiiuna. SMITH. Noble ( ' ..— Engin« erinp; Fresno. California. Ameriean Institute of fc;icclriral Engineers; In- dependent Students . ssoriation; " 23 " Club; Pep Club. SMITH. Robert Dale .iris and Sciences: lloulder, C dorailo. liulT Ski Club; Colorado National uard. SMITH. Virtiinia M. .(rf.s and Sciences; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Newman Club: Spanish Club: Honu-eoniini;: Winter Carni al Oueen: Alpha Delia Pi, Social CbairinaM: CI ' Days: National Students Association: I ' niversity W ' onien ' s Club: Intraniurals. SMITH, Z. Kri Business: Chicago, Illinois. Alpha Si):Mia Phi. President. SNYDI ' .K. Wayne Alan — Arts and Sciences; .Vr- linpton, Virginia. SI " C Men ' s Welfare Coinniit- tee: Alpha (hi Sicma: Dormitory Choir: Honie- omin|;; Phi Landida Upsilon, ice-President, Treasurer; I ' ppcrclass Advisor: Dormitory Conn cil. 88 Second Aow (»LO.M(»N. Morton A.—Enaineerinf: : Denver, Colorado, . rchiteotural Forum: . nierican So- ciety of Civil Engineers; Keeves: .Mpba Phi Omega. SORENSON, Hal A.— .-Irfs and Sciences: Pueblo. !olorado. SOROS, David F. — Engineering: Los .Angeles. Cali- fornia. Society of . utoniotive Engineers: .Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers. SOSNO, Ruth — Business: Den er. Colorado. Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer: Intraniurals: Hillel: I ni- versity Women ' s Club: Window: Homecoming: Campus Chest: Pep Club: Winter Carnival: Coloradan Secretary. SP.ANN. Frank G. — Engineering: Amarillo, Texas. Ski Club: . nierican Institute of Electrical En- gineers; Eta Kappa Nu: Intraniurals. SP.VNO, Dorothy I ' liarmacy: Arvada. Colorado. Dormitory Counsellor: Valkyrie; Junior .Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association; RX Club; Iota Sigma Pi. Third Row SPARKS, Charles James— .Wn-sir; MrCook, Ne- braska. American League of Organists: Kappa Kappa Psi; Modern Choir; Phi Mu Alpha: I ni- versity ( " hoir; I ' niversity Concert and Marching Rands: Wesley Foundation. SPARN. Theodore R. — Business: (irand Junction. Colorailo. SPICKERT, Norman — Engineering: Long Reach, (California. SPIF.R, Robert — Arts and Sciences: Mt. Cli-mens. Michigan. SPRADI.EY. John — Graduate: Denver, t.olorado. . " TANLEY. Leon R. Business; (iranby. Colorailo Pi Kappa .Alpha. fourth Row STKIN, Slaiili l ' harniac : DenNcr. Colora — , Phi Sigma Delta: Rlio Chi. : ' pha Epsilon Delta. .•- TANTON, Thomas V.. Arts and Sciences: lia Ion, New Y ' ork. STARIKA. Reverly— .(r s and Sciences: Pueblo, Colorado. .ASl ' ! (Commissioner of Public Rela tions: Delta Sigma Rho; Hesperia: Ilonors I nion: Indepemlent Students Association ( ' .oun- cil Mortar Roard: Speakers ' Congress, Secretary; Spur: Tau Reta Sigma, Secretary: I ' niversity Rands: Valkyrie. STEARNS, Judith— .4rfs and Sciences: Roubler. (Colorailo. .Associated W omen Students, Prisident; Spur: Hesperia: Mortar Roard: Y ' W(!A. Secre- tary: Women ' s Athletic .Association. Roard. STERRINS. Rarbara .lr(s and Sciences: (irand Junction. Colorado. AW S, Activities Committee; Dorm ( " ounsellor; Homecoming: Intraniurals: Phi Chi Delta; .Stage Crew. STEELE. Peter J. Enj ineering: Rayonne. New Jersey, floi 51K. rjlt. an flUli iftA Ktl u. PI y I: Ki I :lr%t (low Th.IK. tarolvii Irfs ini Srifiins: I |i| ' r M ' m1- rl.iir. Nr» jiTsi- . Dtllii Dilta Dillu. TH.TKK, (). H.- Enfiinvfrinu: llcmsioii, Ti-xus. Vnii-rirun Society of Mrrluiiiirul Kiiciiii-ors; So- riitv i f iiliiMn li f KiipiiutTji, l ' rfsi l€Mil : Texas ' I Ink TKIM MS. Iriil Hngineerinn: DriiM-r. rulorado. :«cond Row TK KNS. Jci iiiK- trts and Sciences: El Paso, Tr ;. . D.llu D.lla D. lla. TOI I KI.. Mary Kranrrs -.(rfs iinil Sciences: Don- Mr, 1 iiliiraclo. ASIC ' Spirit ami Miiralc CDiiiniit- t.r: I olorailun HMsinrss Staff: Tl Days: Delta Delta Delta: llesperia: lliimirs I iiinn: I ' ep llluli: Spur; W onion ' s tliletie Assiieiation: I ni- versily W Union ' s tlluli: YWC.A. TOKhiS, Siuanne Arts ttntt Sciences: Aherdeen, South Dakota. AW S eti itiis ( (iiiinilttei- ; Huff Pep (Muli; Itiiff Ski lluli. Historian. Seeretary : Cr Days (■.oniinittei-: Dorinilory ounseior: Iota Signia I ' i; Lni ersily Women ' s ( lull. Triad: % al- kyrie. Irtt How iTOl.lKK. llarol.l R. -Pharmacy: Konl.ler. Colo- rulo. TONK, SyKia — Arts and Sciences: Boulder, Colo- rado. Huff Ski !lul ; (!osniopoliian riuli: Delta Caninia: Kreneli (luli. Memhir liip I liairnian: Orrhosis: Drehestra: I ' oy lot Players I lul . See- retary: Stajie t reu: I ' nixersily W onion ' s !lul». TROMKI,. inhn Business: Don er, Colorado. " C " Cliili: riii t aninia Delta: Star and .■sextain; Varsity Kootliall. mtond Row Tl AKT, Louis J. — : ruelilo. Colorailo. Sipiiia Nu. Tl HHK, David G. — Kngineerinii: Heltondorf. Iowa, iiieriean Soriety of Ci il Knttineors. iULI.I AN. Charles Harold A- ' niiinoorins; Jules- burfc, (Colorado, . nieriran Insliliite of (-.loelrieal Enfiinrors. ' Wrd Row iUMIKVW . Henry— r iarmao; D.lia, I .dorado. Viking t lull. iUTTON. William H. — Engineering; Denver, Colo- ra do. pW.ANSON. arl Robert — Engineering: Denver, Colorado. Anioriran Soeiely of (!i il Kncineers, Treasurer; tJii Kpsilon: [.ainlnia hi Mplia. Vico-l ' rosident, Soeretary : I ' i Mii Kpsilon. .•»irre- lary: Sigma Tau. o«r Row ■ W ANmiN. 1. 1, ' , I Kihh— Business; Idaho Falls, Idaho I T . Donald K. — Business: I.orain, Ohio. ■I " ■ CInl.: Dodo Dislriliulion Staff; Sigma Al- pha Kpsilon. Chaplain; arsity Haseliall. ' W KAT, June Boydstun . rfs on f Sfirncpi; Boul- der. Colorado. c L A S S o F 1 9 5 ' Hth Row sWE.VT, Verl Edwin — Arts and Sciences: Colorado. Delta Phi Delia. Boulder, W I.K.NKV. Julia . Arts and Sciences: Dak Park, lllinoiii. Dormitory. Inlraniiirals Chairman. So- rial Chairman. Song Loader: (ieography tlluli; Konkyu Cluh; Wostminslor Fellowship. SYMONTON. Jerome— .-IrM and Sciences: Denver. ( olorailo. C.I Days: Intramural W risllinf!. SItth Row S KRWD. } nfi I- ph- Engineering: Philadelphia. I ' ennsyhania. American Socii ' ty of Michanical Engineers: Society of Automotive Engineers. TACl ;HI. Viilaka Douglas- .4r .s and Sciences; Rocky Korrl. Colorado, . lpha Epsilon Delta; (iymnaslic Squad: Men ' s Co-op: Pentagon Club; Summalia. TALLANT. Ellis J.— Arts and Sciences; Clayton, New Mexico, . lplia Delta Sigiua. President; Boaril of Puhlications; Coloradan. Assistant . il ortising Manager: lA ' Days: Homecoming I ' uh licilv; Slon ' s (.lee Cluli: Silver and Gold. Man aging. News, tiity Editors: I ' niversily Choir; Var sily Nights Program Chairman; Winter Carniva Queen Commitle ' . SENIORS First Row TA AK A, llrrlirrt Y. I ' .nninfvrinji: Kraliikrkiia. Iluwuii. AiiHTiiiiii Sdcii-ly iif (:i il l!ii}:iin rrs ; Arcliitc ' ctural I ' oriiiii: Chi Kpsiloii: Si emu Tan. TANNER, Dale I.. I ' luinwicy; Clydr. Ohio. Jun- ior AniiTican I ' hariiiacinliial Assorialioii : Kho Clii. IViv-iilcnl. TANSF.U, John . Enjiinvrriiiji: Chicago. Illinois. TAT(;K. I) ayn ' , (rt.s nml Scicncrs: :hiia(;o. Illi- Moi; . Alpha I ' lii; (:olora lan .Staff: Dodo (liriiila- lion SlafT: HufT Ski (!liih: K |nistrian (llnh: Iloniironiini:: InlraninraU : I ' lp CInli: inli ' r (larnival: onnn ' s Alhlrlii- As. ' oriulion : Y ( ! A, TAVUtH, Arlhnr H. Kniiinvfrina: Sonlli I ' asa- (Irna, California. Anirrican Soiirly of Mcihaniral Ensiiiu ' cr, ' ; I ' i Tan Sitinni: Society of ntonioti i- Knjiinrirs: Tan lirta I ' i. TAVI.OH. John K. I ' hannacy: Denver. ( ' .oIora h). Junior Xinrrican I ' harinacc iilieal Assoeialion. Second Row TWl.OU. Marjorie — Arts and Sciences: (irand Junction. Colorado. . SUC: (Commissioner, Kilter- tainnieni and Culture: (Cosmopolitan Cluli: Kl!i- nic Minorities (Committee: Home Keonomies Cluli: Kappa I ' hi: University Women ' s (Cluh: alk ric. r l.(»|{. Norman E. — Engineerinp: Denver. Colo- rado. TAYI.OK. I ' aul E. — Enginrrrinn: Denver, (Colorado. American In.«tilul ' nf ICIeclriial Enpini ' ers; I ' i Mu Kpsilon. TEMliS. Hohert IJarlon Arts and Sciences: (!lie . enne, yoniin;;. TEMPI. E. William E.—ICniiineerini:: Normal. Illi- nois. .Vnierican Society of Mechanical Enj:ineers: Society of . uloniotive Engineers. TEK S M, Sam S. — Pharmacy : Denver, Colorado. Junior . meriean I ' harmaeeiitieal .Association. Third Row TICHKY. Muster K. Enjiinevriniz: W auneta. Ne- liraska. TESSIICI!. John D. iris iind Sciences: Hurliut:ton. Virmiiul. liidcpiTiiliul . ' luileni.» Association: In- t ' rnatioiial Kclations ( ' luh: Newman (Cluli. THOMAS. Frank John Arts and Sciences: San Jos -. Costa Hica. Buffalo rchers: Dodo: Kipics- triau t!luli; intramurals ; Newman (!luli: . il cr and (.old: Spanish (diili: Studiiil Kisearcli i ioiincil : iiidou . n THOMAS. Frank E. — Engineering: Wcllini;toi Kansas. TIIOMA.N (Clenn I " . — Arts and Sciences: Mediein I.oilp ' . Kansas. TllOMVS. Harold J. Music: Stcanihoat Springs i Milorado. Kappa Kappa I ' si. President: Phi M ' Mplia; I nivcrsity Hands. Manafier. fourth Row TIIOM S. Lester (C. — Arts and Sciences: llimci Colorado. " 2:! " (Cluli. TIKtMASON. Herman li. Arts mid Sciemrs: I), i ver. (Coloraclo. Theta . i. 1 TH( MI ' S(tN. Kcnni-th V. Engineering: Deincil (Colorado. THOMPSON, l.loval II. .(r .s«fi .S ienre,s: lliiroi Snixh Dak.ita. ifasehall: HulT Ski Cluli: leslixs: tJiorus: liitrariiurals: Independent Students A:; sociation. Vlhlciii ' Director: Physical Educatioj Majors • luh: ikiu Cluh. TIIOHNE. Dorothy Jean - ,4 r s and Sciences: Viij lorxille. (California, . lpha Delta I ' i: Porpoise ' iiiMiirs Athlelir . ssociation: Ski (liili: Pi Cluh. THOKNES. Fred G.— Business: Fort William. OiAi. tario. Varsity (gymnastics: Delta Sipma I ' i: Met lplia I ' si; ' Peijtapon Clul.: Phi Delta Th.Ia I ' 90 I Writ Row ll|lii;M(t , Mary Hrlli Itiisinvss: l!..iiM.r, ( i liira li . Itrlll Si liiu. IIMIil IN. il I . h.nniniiTinii: l) -ii .r. Coin- r.i.l... I ' i Mii ' K|. il.)ii. I ' riM.liiil: I ' liysi.s riiil.: K.irli li ii al rliurui.; I.uiiitiilu tlii VIplia. || |!K . Hi.lii-rt . ■. ' nmnr.Tinf. ' and Hiisiness: W iiliita. Kuii u». Hria Tliit ii I ' i. I ' rrsiili-nl. unil IrraMinr: l ' Kiiiumf ( ' miiiiiissiimiT : (.1 I lays; Drltu Sifiiiiu I ' i: Intfr-KrutiTiiily Coumil. . " ilM-r ami (iolil Cnlli-rtioiis Manapi-r. iecond Row llil lllMtN. Diuiiii- {i si ' n. ' ss ; Minol. Nortli Ita- I ' lU IN . Jnaii Doriilliy iris and ScieiiD ' s: . " aii I r.iiiiisiii. I alifiirnia. I ' layfrs (lliili. IllMIINSIlN. Iti.n.iliy 1. Irlx (tnd Scirnri-s: rilmiiri-. ( IkiaJKiiMa. Kappa lplia Tliila. iii-- I ' rrjiiiriii ; il ir ami (.(ilil: ( iiliirailaii Art Staff: I ' .p (lull. ' Irtt Row rnMSI( . iiicir JiiliM Ktifsinperin ' j.: alsiiilmri;. t MJiiracI " . I ' i Ian i ' .:iiia; Sorii-ty of AutmiiotiM ' lMiciniTr ; liilraiiuirals. liMK.Onl). TIh ' oiIoit I,. Kn.iinv Tina: W alsi-ii- Inirf;. riilnrailo. Vrrliitn ' lnral Fonini: Xiiicriraii i rifl of ri il F!n inrrrs. liKlMK ' . I ' aiil M.- -Arts and Srirnres: (ilitiw I priii)!s. ( ' olorailo. I ' lii Kappa Tan: I ' lp (Mnli: Nruinan llnl ; llolnr ol i : ASl i. Social Af lairs. Second Row rjll;-l M). Ton- -Bii.iinp.M: Oslo. Norway. l- plia Tan I lim- a. ri |--I.I.( . Itill Vharnutcy ; Dfiucr, " olora l . riitll I) l.r.. Dorothy J. Arts and Srirnrrs: Ni ' uioii. Kansas. Tan Drita: Kappa Kappa t ' aintna. rtird Row TKl KKI N. II. 1 I err R. — Hniiineerinj!: I)rn rr. ( i lorailo. nii-rit ' an Institnti ' of KIrrtriral KiifEi- niors; Inslilnlc of Itadio Kn):in ' iTs: Air Na- tional tinaril: " i.i " CInli. rUI NK. Hiilirrt N. — Arts and Sciencvs: Drnvrr. ' olorailo. Una Sipma Tail. II I KKI . Kirlianl lirncr — Rusinrss: Dcmmt, !i lo- 1 railo. .ta Urta Tan. 11 lyonrfd Row Tl I.I KK. illiani H. — Enninerrin t: Boise, hialio. mrriraii Soriily of !ixil Knciiii ' i-rs. 11 IIN. I)a iil I llman trls and Sciences: lii- , caeo. Illinois. Mplia I ' lii Ono ' a: Phi lirta Kappa: S1 i.: Spraki ' rs t ' onjiriss: Dihati- Tram: Intirnalional Krlaliniis dnh. I ' n ' siilint : Zota Hcta Tan. TLRNLKY. William Sti-wart Arts and Sciences: Boiililer. rolorailii. Alpha (Mii Sigma: Inlra- niiirals; ikin); (!lnli. c L A S S O F 1 9 5 f T pit ihfi 91 Ffffh Row Tl KHKNTINK. Holierl ;npin rin ; Kl Paso. Trxas. Phi Kappa Tan: mrriran Socirly of Mfrhaniial Kiipimi-rs: Intramurals: !arirr on- frrrnrr: |)plrfrsl .Skit. Tl KSM W. Stan Eniiineerinn: C.liirafio. Illinois. Tl TT. Sarah iiaw Arts and Sciences: Hayilrn. :olorailo. Alfra: Inilrpciulcnl Stnihnis . ss pria- lion: Intramurals: I nixcrsity Uamis: I nixrsity omrn ' s lliih. Si ' itli Row TYN N. John II. Iliisiness: . " -an ntonio. Trxas. TVUKK. I- rank II. I ' harnwcy: KonliliT. Oilorado. Jnnior Aim ' riran Pharmart-ntiral Assoriation. IIII.T tN. K hia Troiipr in.sinf.s.s; SpriiipfirliJ. Massarlmsrtls. Hrta Sipnia: Imlcpiiulcnl Slli- iliMls Association: rnilcfl W orli! Ii-rlcralists: I iiiM-rsity W omi-n ' s Chih: alkyrif: Wesley Foiinilalion. SENIORS First Row I (MUCH. Sliirlcv ]ane Arts and Sciences: I.ove- laii.l. Coliira.lo. HiilT IVp Club: I ' i I.aml.ila Tliila. Siirclary: SliiiK-nt Din-ilor. Harding Hall: rnivcrsily oiiicirs Cluli: Ycmiif; W o- imn ' s (lirisliaii Assorialioii. Vosprr Chairman; W iiiii.nV ilili-lir Society: Homi-coming and CI ' Days CmmiiiHri ' S. VANDKKW ILT. Mary (m and Sciences: Rork HapiiU. Iowa. Kappa Dt-lla: W oslry Koiiiiilation. VANDKW AKK. Jaiii.s I). ISusiness: I orl Collins. Colorado. . i);ina . lplia Kpsilon. AN IKIOUr.lJKkK. (iiorpo— Business; Hoiililcr, (iolorudo. . ' ipMia I ' lii Epsilon. V. N ' IlYNlN i. ralriila -.-(r»s and Sciences: Port Chi-sti-r. New York. Mortar Hoard: (Irpaniza- lions Kilitor. (ioloradan: Caroi-rs Confcroncr: Dorm I ' rfsidrnt: Dorm Social (Coordinator: Initcd Nations Vict-k; Spur; Hosperia: I ' or- poisc: Phi Si|:nia Iota: 19.S0 Coloradan, Manaj:- inp Kdilor. VAN TASSKl.. Kichard H. Business: Platlshurg. New York. Alpha I ' lii Omega. Second Row AKNKY, Charles H. Iris and Sciences: Boulder. (Colorado. Hand: Congo Cluh: Cosmopolitan Cluli: Chainiian Kllinie Minorities Conunission: Foreign Relief Aclisities Committee: (Jeography Cluh. Vice President: Japanese kenkyu Cluh. Treasurer. V.AVRA. John I). Arts and Sciences: Honlih-r. Colorado. .Alpha Kpsilon Delta: Pi Mn Epsilon: Honors I nion. 92 RNKR. enice E. — Arts and Sciences: Denver. (Colorado, kappa Delta, charter member and . o- tivity (Chairman: Dormitory (Counselor; Dormi- tory (Counselors Organization, [ ' resident: .A ' S S House of Representatives: (Council of (.reek Stu- dents; Women ' s Athletic .Association: Make-up crew. Little Theater: .-WX ' S Vaudeville (Connnil- lee: Drives (Chairman. Frishman Dormitory: Moor Representative. Ipper (Class Dormitory: (CC Days . ong Fest : Window ; I Coloradan : Young Vi o- men ' s (Christian .Association; Honiecmning Hoal (Committee; Winter (Jarni al I ' liblicily (Connnil- tee; Women ' s (Club; Pep (Club: kappa Delta Pi; I ' reshman Orientations (Committee; Student-Fac- nlly . ' ludenl I nion (Control Hoard. VEL.A, Mary Margaret — Arts and Sciences: Eckert. (Colorado. VICK ROY, Joseph VC alter — Engineering: Denver. (Colorado. .Amateur Radio (Cluh; American Insti- tute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers; Ski (Cluh. IELE, Donald D. — Engineering; Harrison, Ne- braska. Third Row A K.ll.. Frank J. — Arts and Sciences: Dolores. (Colo- rado. Zoology (Club. A ' H.LARREAL, Socorro J. — Engineering: Pueblo. (Colorado. A ITERISE. Ernest John — Engineering: Rochester. New York. .American Institute of (Chemical Engi- neers: Independent Student Assoiiation : New- man ( lub. AONDY. David R. — Engineering: Hrusli. (Colorado. HufTalo Archer: Student Research (Council: Phi Kpsilon Phi; American Society of Mechanical FCn- giiieers; Socii-ty of Automotive Engineers: Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Organi Naval Reserve. von EHRENkROOk. (irace E. — Arts and S enct ' s: Denxcr. (Ctdorado. Hask ' tball (Club: ( -i terbnry (Club: (Chairman Women ' s Field Evcj (Connnillec Homecoming; Hockey (Club; Don tory Inlramural (Chairman: Alixed Dormil ' (Choir: Women ' s Allilelic Association. Non EHKKNkRiHIk. William Hurley— fCngine ing: Denver. (Cidorado. Fourth Row ((N A 1.. Paul II. — .lr(s and Sciences: l en er.| (Colorado. Phi Delta Thela. A A(CFC. Jean — .-Irfs and Sciences: (Cleveland. ( »hio, Alpha Oniicron Pi. W (CH(»H. A irginia — Arts and Sciences: Denver. (Colorado. A S. A ' ice President. Speaker of House of Representatives : Alortar Board; Wo- men ' s Athletic .Association. PresiilenI : Hisperia Spur. President. Regional Director; Delta Dells Delta. WAGNER, John R. Engineering: Green Bay. Wis- consin. .American Society of (Civil Engineers. W Al.kER. A. Dunham Business: Kansas (City, Missouri. Beta Theta Pi. W Al.kKR. Edward Nell .(r(s and Sciences: Puj iblo, (Colorado. Delta Phi Delta. President: .Slu- ilent Art (iuild: AVindow. W ALkER. Jacqueline L. Business; Denver, ( " olo- rado. AWS. House of Representatives, Housing (Conunillee: Beta Sigma. President; ( anima Al- pha (Chi. Treasurer: University AA omen ' s (Club, Alemhership (Chairman: Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation; I niversity Wcnnen ' s (Club. Mi fen Slir 1 »i •it Bn I ' m Ki tt, a r 1 mM M. r r«AA ' Irtt Sow r.VI.KKK, Muriiarol Juslyii — Music; Urinor, !oli - railii. rlii Oiiii-Ku; tVstival (llionis: SifEiiia Alpha lola ; I MiMrsii rhi)ir. CAIKKK, il trls iind Sciences: Erif, (!olo- rii.l... Vlpha n.lia I ' i: May Kit.-: :S(:E: Base- liall: I iiiliil War W nrk. Vomi): Vi oinni ' s llliris- »Mirijtii ii ; tiiii« n lull, ft l I KN. Mulniliii Kiiili I ' hiirmacy : (!liiraf!o, Illinois. InliTiiaticinal Hi ' luliiiii ' ;: (!llili: Hiking (lull; liilrainiiraU ; Xli ' ii ' s rn-iip. St rr« ' tar . iecond Row • l I hNl.lUN. DrIbiTl E.- Arts ami Sciences: liiriilaii. W oiiiini:. Sigma Dii: liitruiiiiirals: iK.r and (.iilcj Slaff: Iti.ili. Mnsinos SlafT; Colo. ratlan rti it SlafT: llnniiM ' nniing ( .oiiiniitlrr : 1.1 [)u s, rliairnian: Hoinrruniing, ' iininiiltrr ( hairnian. A l TKI!S. illiaiii K. Arts and Sciences: I.ovo- laml. I iiliiraiiii. Alpha Tan Onii-ga: Fri-slunan : hiMitliall : Kri ' hnian |{a t ' liall: Ertslunan liaskri- hall: i l)a s. Mfn ' s I iilil K.M ' nls: IntraMUiral.». aV MSI KY. W all Ins ,in Sciences: Tiil a. Okla- hipin.i Dflla Tan Dilla: arsilv Wrrsllinp: ar- 1 il -(. " Cluh: MulT ' j ' .p ( liih: ((ihi- iilan : lliinirniniing ' oniniillrr: ( ' l Days Show. ' Row ARNKK. Huh.Tt II. Irts anil Sciences: Dayton. Ohio. Sigma lpha Kpsihin: lianipns rharartir: Silvrr and t dd Dislrilmtion : Ski Inh: Arihiry (Miih: Mrn ' s I ' hysiral Eilnoaliiin (luh: Intra- nuirals: !! Days I !onnnitlrc: % intir Carnixal ronunitli- -. i . " »KM. lliiiry M. — Business: Fort Dndgr. Iowa. riii Dilia Thrta: ( ' oloradan: Ski (Midi: Trark: Inlranmrals. ■ TKHS. Mary Ellrn — Arts and Sciences; Tulsa, klahonin. Kappa Kappa Oaiiuiia. d Row 1 1 IN. E. Virginia — Arts and Sciences: Hins- M1-. Illinois. (!anipiis Thest (lommittrr: Eipies- II I. in I Inh: I.ahnratory Thi ' alir: Anting nnii-ii ' s ' liri-tian . - sorialion : .Nagr t.rrw. S r lN, i . ;. — Knuineerinn: I)rn i " r. Tolorado. In-tiliilr of Arrnnantiral . " rirnn-s. W KOSF,. Kri ' drrirk E. Arts and Sciences: En- wood. Colorado. Alpha Epsiliin Di-Ila: lion- ' - I nion: Inlramiirals: I.aiidida I hi Mpha. r ird Row I KS. !ari F.- Irf.s and Sciences: Morrison. I ' •lorailo. Thi-ta I psilon: Orrlii-slra: Somen ' s lldrtir As.soriation: IntraniiiraU: omi-n ' s I ' liysiral Ediiratinn rluh. F TIIEMS. Shirlry iris and Sciences: DrnM ' r. ' •dorado. Mpha !lii Umrga : omi ' n ' s thlelir -so ialion. W I ItUEH. Hohrri A. lUisiness: M.niphis. T.n- " • --IT. rhairman. Tarnival. t!r Days: rhairman. I I ' lal I ' aradr. Ilomi ' coining ; (!hanrrllor. Drila - i:iiia I ' i: Dodo. Distrihution Staff: I ' hi Dilia llii ' la. Rush (Ihairnian: Silver and ( old. News -laff. fourth Row V KIIKR. Don — Engineering: Steanihoat Springs. ' t.olorado. Sigma ( " .hi. I EHER. William E. — Engineering: Siramhoat Springs. I ' ulorado. ■ y mtM c L A S S o F 1 9 5 r af W EIIE. Eli7alirlh Ann Iris and Sciences: Siiiilh I rnirr, Kansas. Iiiilrpiiidrnl . ' -■liidrni . ssoria- lion: Ski (Inh: omin ' s ihletir .Assoriation. Fifth Row W h;iM KID. Ilrrhert — Engineering: Drnvrr. !olo- railo. mt-riran Sorirly of Mri-haniral F nginrrrs: . " sorirty of Aiitomiiti r Engineers: Independent Student Vssoeialion: Tennis: Softhall. WEI, !H. (larolyn }. Business: Denvrr. Colorado. I RII Soeial Coordinator: Valkryie: Reeves: Independent Student As.soriation. WELLS, Emerson — Engineering: Hartford. Mirhi- 93 gan. iinriean . " soeieiv of Meehanieal Engineers; liand. Slith Row ETIIIN(,T»»N. Thomas D.- Engineering; Delta t ' olorado. Roger Vi illiams Fellowship. I ' resi dent: Colorado and Wyoming Baptist StudenI Fellowship. President: Interrhnreh Conneil: In Iranuiral.s: Ameriean Soriely of Meehanieal En gineers. WETMnRE. Jessi — Engineering: I ' uehlo. (Colo- rado. . nieriean Institute of Eleetrieal Engineer WHEELER. Barbara Anne- -Music: .SeotlslilnfT. hraska. Lniversity (Choir: L ' niversity omen ' s ( Chill : Dormitory ( Counril: Operetta. SENIORS flrif Row WIIKKI.ER. Russell N.— .4r«s and Sciences: Glen CM-. Illinois. Pep Club: Silver and GoUl: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Campus Chest. WIll.l.AN. Thomas E.. Jr. Business: Denver, Colo- rado. International Relations Cluh: Ski Cliih: Newman Cluh: kappa Sipma: Winter Carnival ( oMimillei ' : lloMieeomin): (!onnnittei ' . IIITM N. Nancv I..— .(rJs (ind Sciences: Denver. Colorado. I ' i liela Phi. 1HTMI»YKK. Theodore F. Arts and Sciences: Downin toun. Pennsylvania. W IKltK. Richard Alan- (rrs and Sciences: I.eoma. N.w Jersiy. Players ( luh: Phi Alpha Theta ; 1 nivirsity Theater Plays. 11.1-I.EY, ( eor|:e M. — Arts and Sciences: Denver, ( ' .(dorado. (!hi Psi. Second Row WII.l.IAMS. Clyde I... Jr. liusiness: Sterliuii. Colorado. Pi Kappa Alpha. W 11.1,1 M . Ksthir Mae Arts and Sciences: Los . n(;ilis. California. Delta Delta Didta; Spur: Women ' s Athli ' lie Association Board. W II,LI- MS. Mahi lni D. Business: Menomonie. Wiseonsiii. Delta Sifinui Pi: Tan kappa F.psilon. W ll.l.lAMS. Mary I.ou Arts and Sciences: Limon. Cidorado. Dormitory .Nudi-nt d isor: Home- I ' omin;: W eh-ominp (!onnniltee: Dormitory Of- fieer: Pep Cluh; Lniversity Women ' s Cluh: Younp Women ' s Christian . ssoeiation: Intra- nmrals. Helen W. — Arts and Sciences: West Comieeticut. Campus Cluh: Women ' s .Association. Jarnet. -- - .. Colorarlo. American Instilule c.f Kleitrical Knpi- nei-rs: Air Rcser e Squailron : Inlramurals: .N ' ew- WIl.SDN lluven. . thleli W II. SON Fredrick Knfiineerini;: W ray. can Instilule of Kleitri . e Squailron : Inlramuri man :iuh: Pi Mil Kpsilon: Si(:ma Tail. Third Row W II.SON. Joanne Arts and Sciences: Monte ista. Colorado. Chi Omepa : Ski Cluh: rni ersily Womeirs Cluh: Yoiini; W iimrn ' Chri liaii Asso- ciation. WILSON. kathr u Arts and Sciences: River (,ro e. Illinois, lfra: Iota Sigma Pi: Pi Mil F.p- silon: W cHuen ' Athletic ssociation: 1 iiixirsity Women ' s (diili. WINFRKY. Hill Business: Delia. Colorado. Colo- radan: Delta Simula Pi: Tan Kappa F.psilon. WINES, James RIaine. Jr. Arts and Sciences: Elko. Nevada. Dodo: Window: RulT Pep Cluh: Phi Kappa Tan. W INMNCll M. .Sam— Iris and Sciences: Hurling. ton. Colorailo. kappa Sigma: " C " Cluh: arsity Foothall. W ISE. W illiain E. — Engineering: Bouhler. Colo rado. fourth Row l NK. ' " kI. Myron — Arts and Sciences: Saginaw Michigan. Tan kappa F jsihui: Alpha Epsilor Delia: Calico and Roots: Delta Phi lplia: New man (luh: Ski Cluh: I pperdass .AiRisor. WINSl.OW. Wayne F. — I ' harmacy: Elklon, Minne. sola. Junior American Pliarmaoculical .4ssocia lion. ice-Presideiit. 1. ' D(»M. Donald Duane Eni:ineerin!i: Ruisei Idaho. Sigma Phi Epsilon: American Society ol Mi-chanical Engineers: Soeiety of Automotive Engineers. W ISE. Mary liusiness: (Jreeley. Colorailo. kappa Kappa (.ainuia: (ranima Alpha Chi: (loloradan W ISOTSKI. John -Engineering: Clifton. New Jer sey. Physics (!liil). WOEI.IiIN(7. (ieorgia Arts and Sciences: Denver I iiilnraili . Dormitory Oilicer: Iiitramurals : Rufl Pep Cluh. WOI.FF. Dorothy Muriel — Business; Haynesville: Louisiana. .Mfra: Independent Students . ssoria tion: I ni ersit Dormitories Mixed (.horus: I ni ersil Women ' s (-luh. 94 f ,.(?% K CLASS or 1950 ■rfif Row IM»|), Sliirloy Ann — .iris and Srienci ' s: riillon. Mi»MHiri. I ' ppiT Class l) irMii|cir , Umir Hrprr- -•rilatiM-: l li sirul K ' luraliiiii Major ' s riiili. il()l). Sliirli) iuiii ' .trts iinil Srirncps: I ' lirlili). I ' ilnrailo. AiH)|)| . hill — En iineerinfc: Dfi-rtrail, (!oIoraili . nwricaii Snrirly of Mrrliaiiiral Knt:int ' Ts; Ffs- ii al niorii : Iri ' sliMian ISasrIiall : In liliili- of ' ri naiiliral Sfinict ' s : InlrainiiraU : I tii iT il I li.iir. Ail((|)S. ilma M. Niirsin;;; MontroM-. ( iilnrailn. Niir«f Major ' s Assnrialion: Ski I Inli. ' ' 1»( F. Th,H, Tlioinus K. irts rtntl Srirnrvs: l! iiil li ' r, ( ' oloruilo. Sipnia Nil. . i ' HKM N. v.. Diiaiir Iris (iml Srirnrfs: iiiiia. ' oliirailo. Intrainiirals: lnili ' |M ' nil ' iil liiil ' nl orialioii ; Mrn ' s l li siral Kiliiralioii Major ' s suria(inn. iecond Row ' ' ' lil.K . Williaiii Vi .- Joiirniilism : Kansas Cily. Il- ollri. l|)lia Mrlia Sipiiia. rorrrsponilinp St- I ' tar). IJIl.llT. Josi-pliinr Swannrr — Arts and Sriencps: I ' iiliM. I tall. l!irKK, irginia — Arts and Sciences: I)rn rr. ' olorado. AW . Sorial C.oiiiiiiinre: !olora lan: ' I l)a s: (.aiiiiiia Alplia (lii : Hoinrroininii: Kappa Kappa •ainiiia, iii-l ' ri-siilrni ; . " ihfr anil liolil Staff: . " piir; Sorial ( !liairiiian. Krt ' sliinaii Dormitory: Tluta Sifjnia I ' lii: W oim-n ' s AlliNlir Association: inlrr I arni al. kll II. Jiihii I., •.njii iciri i ; Jolirt, liliiiois. Mirrii ' aii Socirty of Mirluiiiirul Lnginrere; New- man riiil). YANNAriTO, Josrph .(rf.s and Srirno ' s: I)rn ' r. (!olora lo. ( loiinsflor. Mfii ' s Dormitory: arsity Itasiliall ; Niwman ' luli: Indiprnilrni StiiiUnls Vssoriation ; Mi-n ' s l)(»rmitor roimril. VANTIS, John . I.ait : Sli.lliyx illr. Illinois. Tliila I ' i. Kusli Cliairinan: Intraiiiiirals. atrr i ' olo: SiUrr anil ( olil. .Vssistanl Distrilnilioii Manaiii-r; Huff Show; I !olorailaii : (iouncil of (irri ' k Stmlnits. Trrasiircr : I ' lii Kpsilon I ' lii: Triasiirrr: arsily . " « ininiinp Tram : Law Shool Inlrainiirals. Third Row I M KKIi. . Kli-anor Ann Arts and Sciences: Saliiia, Kansas. Mplia Drita Tlit ' ta: Alpha Oiiii- iron I ' i. V()r (i, Hirharil M. Enaini ' irini:: Marion. In ■ liana. I.aniliila Clii Alpha: Vmrriran .Snrirty of (!i il KniiinriTs: Arihiti ' itiiral loriini: Star anil Srxtant : Motorryrh- t ' .liili. Al.l.. Hoiiaiil 1. Iris and Sciences: Drinrr. !iiln- railii. Zrta lifta Tan. I ' rrsiilinl : Inttrhrati ' rnity tiiiiinril: Campus t .hf ' t I ' liMirity ami . rri-rniiif: Chairman: l!iiin . Iman ( !i nri-rl. I ' iililirit : IMii Kp ilo I ' hi. .II.I.M N. ins and Sciences: Doiiplas ton. r ' ork. Kappa Drlla. IVrsiih-nl ; Tlo-ta Sipma P ;ii: Kappa Tail Mpha: . iUrr ami (miIiI: CI Days. Assistant I ' mcrani Chairman: Yoiinf: W onirn ' s Christian Association. spprs: I ' an- hrlhnir . ' tanilarils Chairman: Honors I nion: intramiirals. IMMKIiMAN. I.rwis C — Knfiineerinn: rstmin- ttr. Ciilorailo. lianil: American . " Society of Mc I ' haniral K.nninccrs. 95 .IMMl.KM N. William J. rom. Iris and Sci- ences: llar -l. Illinois.. linlcpcmtrMl . Illilrnts As. sociatioii: Alpha Phi Omrpa. Mcmhrrship !hair- nian: Intirilinrcli ioiincil. l ' ro):rani Chairman: IIiifT I ' lp Cliih: K ' li|:ioiis Kmphasis Week. Ar- raii|:i ' iinnts Chairman: Ski CInh; arsity Track: Westminster lello» .hip. (hitrcacli Chairman, W orship liairman. Fourth Row WKM.. Sheldon S. Iris ami Sciences: Newark. New Jersey. Free l.ance CInh: IntramiiraU. .Ml l)K . Kilwiii M. Kniiineerini: and llusiness: Chicaiio. Illinois. Ski CInh: llliniHiilT Cliili. IHKK. Henry Kniiineering: Mayonne. New Jer- sey. merican Inslitiite of Klectrical Knpincers: Men ' s Hesidcnce llnlls Association, rrcsidenl. I!epresenlali c: Ijiairman War Orphans Com- mitlee. Social Committee. Welfare Committee: Newman t!liih. It.KI.DKH. era Jo Music: (.iinnisnn. Colo, railo. Alpha Delta I ' i. Ci)rre.piindiii(! Secretary: National Stndenls VsMiciatioii. K ecnti e Secre- tary; , igma Mpha lota. Social Chairman: New- man (lull, lierordiiip Secretary: K sti al Chorus: Spanish CInh: CI Days: W inter Carni al. I Nl)|-,|,. l.iicy Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colo- radii. Kappa Delta. Secreiar . Kiish Captain: Tan Delta. ( I.AKK. Walter A. h.nnineeriniz: Heniet, Cali- fornia. Acacia. President: I ' i Tail .Sipma; Sigma Tan: Mpha F ' hi Omega: American Society of Iechanical Engineers. 11 i n- TIIOMVS, Lucile Mae Arts and Sciences : Trini- Me- dad. Co orado. Alpha Delta Theta: Alfra Kaiii how AInnis: I iiiM-rsity W omen ' s CInh. 96 tlt-ei J U N I O I CLASS AHHOT. Hiifili I?. Enjiinifrinir Vi rslrrn Springs, Illinois ABKNHEIMKR. Frances (rrs and Sciences Denver, ( " olorailo. AC.HTr.XH (;KN. Stephen 11.— Engineering! San Mariiiii. ( alifurnia. LHI!i;i IIT. Paul Frank— Engineering. ' Floral Park. Ni w York AI.l.FN. Flizabetli I..— Irfs and Sciences .olden, Colorado. Al.l.KN. Uoprr Condon — -Irf.s (ind Sciences Denver. Tolorailo ALLEN. Koy Ins and Sciences Montrose, Colorado ALLEN. Sam — Husiness I ' lieMo. (Colorado. MIISON. Dorlei- Aria and Sciences DeiiMT. ( ' idiiradip. l,Mt,)l 1ST. l.oHee (r s and Sciences (ireat Henil. Kansas ANDERSON. Frederick 0. Engineering Great Falls. Montana 1!(; 1.1.. Aim Elaine 4r s and Sciences Drn rr. loloradi» i;M r. Jerome IL— - M.s and Sciences Ditiiiil lakes. Minnesota MiNUl 1). (;.rald Husiness Sleaiidinal Sprinjis. ( dorado. 1 1 S. llomero Knfaneerinp I ' arral. liili.. Mexico ASHF(MJD. Mary Kay .Irf. ' s and Sciences Omalia. Nebraska WFl L. Kicliard llnpineerina 1 en T. ( Colorado. It Milt. Itailiara Arts and Sciences I liira n. Illinois liACtlN. llerliert ..—.irts and Sciences (iraiid Junction. Colorado BACON. Milton K. Arts and Sciences Kalboa. Calirornia. lt IN. Mar Ellin Arts and Sciences ( .rreir . t Colorado It l!Nlli EK. Dorothy— Ir .s and Sciences t ' ar . Iniliana lt l!li ' . ircinia IrJ.s and Sciences Norfcilk. Nebraska ItK MS. Ed. lie H. Music (olorailo Sprinjis. (jilorailo ItEEIllEH. Itiil tris and Sciences (.ruiid Junelion, tolorado BKI.I.. Jai-k N. Enfiinvrrinj! Kansas City. Misstiuri BKNDKH. Hi y W . F.niiineering Santa Kt Nt w Mrviri). BKNNKTT. Ins ind Srirnrn: Drnvrr, • !i li raili BENZKI, H.rb lliisinrss EirrMvn. Illinnis BKK(;KM)( KK. Kayiiionil Carl Pnpinpprinp kaii as ilv. MUsiiiiri BKR(.K.K, J.rry J. (!liryinni yi niing BEKKV, Vorno I ' . — Arts and Sciences I ' aonia, iolorailo BLASHU.L, Barbara Jane — Arts and Sciences Kalamazoo, Michigan BI. (KIM, Thomas Franklin — Arts and Sciences Musfalinr, lona BOI. I.N, John J.! Douglas, yuniin BONDl , Kay Arts and Sciences (ihirapii, Illinois BOl ' .SM N. Mary . nn — Arts and Sciences I.ns Altos. California BOVIK, Joyrr Irfji and Scirncn i hira o, Illinois Bow MAN, Hrrnaili-tta- Arts and Sciences l)cn er, .olorailo BR AHY. Janu ' s U . Arts and Sciences Houhlt-r. t ' .olorailo BR ANDNKR, Joan .-IrM and Sciences (.illctti-, % yoniin(! BRAY. Krnjaniin — Engineering Uoiililir, ( ' oinrailo BRKNN AN, R. Janii-s — Arts and Sciences Buttr, Nohraska BRION, Irene — .-Iris and Sciences arsaw. New York BROOKS. BeM-rly Arts and Sciences Denver, ( ' .olorailo ■ . " SV. 19 5 1 w m j . fA JUNIORS 98 BRf)W N. Alia Ma " — Engineering ISoiildir. (loloratio I5I{ ) N. HriKc R. .lrts and Sciences Kriivrr. olorado liHOW . Kr;ink K. — Arts and Sciences Hrdkrnriiljje. (lolorado lil!( ) N. Mary Jo — Arts and Sciences l.i ii):iii( nl. (loloradu BKOW N. I ' atriria — Arts and Sciences Long Bearh, (California UHOWN. Riihi-rt 11. — Engineering Kansas (-ilv. Missouri l!|{( . RiPMalil M.—Aris and Sciences Hoiildrr. (Colorado lUilMMITT. Charles U.—.Jrfs and Sciences t ' liicrN illt ' . Iowa lUU NFI.I.I. (Carol Jane — Arts and Sciences alMnliiir);, ( Colorado liKl TON, Thomas B. Business (Colorado Springs, Colorado HI H(;KK, Harry -P iarni«rv Canon (City: (Colorado HI l (.KSS, Joann — -Irfs and Sciences O ' Neill, Nehraska BURNS. Rol.ert . Arts and Sciences Atlanta, (Georgia lUHHKLL, Roherl L. — Engineering lliiniinelstown. PennsyKania lU HKOWS. Leslie R. ' ir s nnrf Sciences La Junta. (Colorado BURRUSS, Edward C. Business Denver. Colorado HI RT. Morton W . — Engineering La ( range. Illinois CALCMER. Shirley M— Uiisic Minatare, Nehraska (CARI.IN. Frederic Paige — Arts and Sciences Wiley, Colorado (CARL( ' )S. Donald F.— Pharmacy Ilouina, Louisiana (CARLSON, Phyllis Ann 4r;s and Sciences Johnstown. (Cfdiiratlo (CARPENTER. Dean PCverett — Engineering (ireeley, (Colorado (CARTER. liol)l)i -. -(r»s and Sciences Englewood. (Colorado (CARTER, Ralph Arts and Sciences Sharon Springs. Kansas (CASEY. irginia — Arts and Sciences Durango, Colorado CAL ' TIIEN. Mary I ' atriria — -Irfs and Sciences Dolores, Colorado CEDRONE. (ierard T. — Engineering North Arlington. New Jersey CER ' ENY. (Carl -.-fr s and Sciences D ' n er. (Colorado (CHAPMAN. Nancy — .-Irfs and Sciences (Casper. Wyoming (CIIARVONIA. David Alan f.ncineering Denver, (Colorado CII. SE, Bea — Arts and Sciences Mentor, Ohio CHILTON. Mark — Engineering Amarillo. Texas CHI (CK. Edwin Lee — Engineerin!: San I ' ranciseo. (California CLARDY. Lawrence L. — Business Santa Ee. New Mexico ( " LARK. Kenneth -Engineering Den er. (Colorado (CLARK. Lennie Lee trts and Sciences port ortli. Texas CLAISS. Donald .— Business Melrose Park. Illinois (CLOW ES. Elinor M. — Arts and Sciences Man anola. (Colorado (COE. ilnui Jiaii Arts and Sciences (Chevenne W ells. (Colorado (COI.IJPRIEST, Keith B.— Engineering Mniiipelier, Idaho Ul Ir m CONRAD, Elizal.fili Arts iind Sciences I,oii irrs, ( .olorailo ( (M)N. Itnltanl Diiiiiit- tris ami Sciences liuul.l.r. I ..l .ra.l. ((KII ' KK. Kl.uiior V. ins luul Sciences Mlaili ' iiu, Culiriirnia CCtKKV, Itarliara Iris tinil Sciences !aniin ril , !t li»raili» CnHKKN. Ja.k I ' harnmcy lUirliiifSloii Jiini liiiii. Mi Miiiri COIJl.ISS, .liarli ' !i v.. Arts iiml Sciences Kit (.arson, (!olitraili CUHKIIIKK. Iris K. Music |)( ii rr. ( oliirailii (UHKY, Karlr Music l ui ' hto, (!iilora li (!( ST A, rariil ii Iris and Sciences I ' lulilo, t iiliiraili) !(t AN. Mar% Arls and Sciences I.laho I alls Mall.. rKAWKOKK, Ilarr Mil. h.n inerrinn ltr.. tiiili.-l.l, ( l..ra.l. !l lA i;ii. ifiic- Arls and Sciences olt.rail.) I) Vitus, ( liarl.s I.. Iris and Sciences fll. N. ' i% Mr iro DAII KV, J..I111 i.— Business ( liiia):.., Illiii.iis U W I , iiiiciil K. i.iiiiineerinfi Kric, (lolorailo l)A IS, W illiam Kii):. ' iii ' Arts and Sciences I.. . . ' land, (! do la KO .A, (iailiD ' n Ann iris and Sciences I ' arilir (irov. ' , !alir. rnia DF.M AKKST. H.tiv Journalism Ki.i ' k) hOr.l. (...Iiirailo DIBBI.K. K.lwin T. Arts and Sciences ( ttuni»a, Iowa DKi ' iS, Knuene A. — Arts and Sciences (l.ifTewillo, Kansas DOI.I.KR HKI.I . Raymond L. Arls and Sciences Slf.n.-hani, (iolora.ln Dl ANK. Ja. k T. I ' harmacy Hra. ' k.-nri.l . ' Il.-iglus. I ' . ' nns) l ania Dl • K, .. ii.v i. . ' nn Arts and Sciences Taripit.), . ' n. ' zucla Dl l I.KY, I ' alriria I.. Arts and Sciences ( olora.lo Sprint s, r.. l. ra.lo Dl ' F.STKRHKRi., Thomas J.— Engineering ini ' . ' nn. ' S. In.liana Dl Kh. h li.ini.r J.arin. ' Iris and Sciences Rockvillp (! -ntri-, Nt ' w York Er)KRIN(;T »N, J.. Ann r s and Sciences Vi arrcn. Arkansas I- 1. Ill tTT. Rnliy Darli-ni- Arts and Sciences lil.ilia, ' i liirail. 1 I IM N. Dor.illiv .(rf. and Sciences . In.liana KNS , Itarliara Arts and Sciences I liiiagu, Illinois I IN. Alan I.conar.l llusiness Itrn.iklin.-, Massarliiisclts I l KKNIlK.Kt;, H..l..rt Husiness Kansas i ' ily. Missouri FAI S. RiiLiri ItiTt — Engineering H..n..luln, T.Ii. FAY. Katlil.-.n Marii- .-Iris and Sciences n. ' n . " r. !. lora.lo FT.EII AN, J.isopli A.- Arts and Sciences J.ili. ' l. Illinois FENTON. Ronald— Bi sineM Dos M.iin.s, l.iwa FINK, Diir.itliy — Arts and Sciences r.oL.ra.Ki Springs. .tl.ira.l.. FONTAINK. K.lwaril M.- Arts and Sciences Louisvillr, Ki-ntuiky FORKIM, illiam Engineering Longin.)nt, !oloratlo FOSTER, Donald I. — Arts and Sciences Canon City. Colorado 0 f l 19 5 1 JUNIORS 100 9 „ FOLNTAIN, Nancy— Aluiic Sluan, Idwa FRANK. (Fcneva I.iirillr — Arts and Sciences Hoiiliirr, (Colorado IKANKS, John J. — Arts and Sciences Jrffersoii. (Colorado IHKKMOI.K. Marjory Ann — Arts and Sciences IJtIli- lourilir. South Dakola II KST. Joan A. — Arts and Srirnces t:hi( ' a):o. Illinois (iANATTA, Annaniae — Arts and Sciences l)in ir. (Colorado fA N. Sanuirl II. — Arts and Sciences Di ' nxcr, (Colorado (fKKSEKA. Apnrs — Arts and Sciences Sfott (lily, Kansas (iEIGER, Onrvicvo — A i 5ir Denver, (Colorado (iKOKGK, Margaret J.— r s and Sciences Deerfii ' ld, Illinois (JKTTINGS, Barhara Jean — Arts and Sciences llerrin. Illinois (.KTTS. Max Edwin — Arts and Sciences Gienwnod Springs. (Colorado (il.OYKK. Donald C — Arts and Sciences ScottshliifT, Nibraska GOKTTS 11, Koheri— P iarm«cy Elliott. Iowa tiOI.EY, l{. (ieiie — Engineering Enid. Oklahoma (iREEN. illiani Paul — Business (Irowley. Louisiana (.KEENLEE. Max R. — Arts and Sciences liouidrr. (Colorado (.REENVi ODD. Marria — Arts and Sciences Topeka, Kansas GR(t ES, Donald I.. — F.npineering Orchard. ( ' olorado (A IN AND. Nancy — Arts and Sciences Koulder, (Colorado (.1 ll.ltEKi;. Ann — Arts and Sciences Mf line. Illinois (.1 NTIIKR. Katherinc — Arts and Sciences Golorado . prings, Colorado HAASE, illiain ( " . iris and Sciences iniirika. Illinois IIAIJEI,. Miriuni -Irfs and Sciences Elodnirsl. Illinois M l.l.. Dana — Arts and Sciences Itisniarck. North Dakola II ANNA, Joyce L. — Arts and Sciences ( ' hicago. Illinois HANSEN, R. Ray — Arts and Sciences lort (Collins, ( ' olorado II NS( IN. Ililin lr;s and Sciences W allien. Colorado II I{I)KI{. 1 red I). Arts and Sciences Yw in I ' alts. Idaho IIAHI.AN. liette — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, (Colorado II Mil ' ER. I.orren (i. — Engineering l)rn er, ( ' (dorado II l RlSltN, Dirk — Engineering I )fn er, .olorado II KT. W illiani I). ISiisinrss I ' ori Lauderdale. I- ' lorida IIARTM N. Kalherine Jii.siness IteM-rU Hills, lalifornia HATASKA. Harry ] . Arts and Sciences Ilrighlon. (Colorado II T SK , Henry Engineering Hrigliloii. I olor ' ailo II VTCIILK. Hilen I ' al . m and Sciences Springfield. Colorado II WCRMT. (denn — Engineering I ' owler. (Colorado IIKATH. Richard — Arts and Sciences Ttipeka. Kansas IIK IIN(, Y. II. Richard— Engineering !olora lo . ' Springs. Colorado HENDREN, Louise— Arts and Sciences Pueblo, (!oli raili HENMN ;, Kolx-rt I,. -F.ngineerinn Santu Vf. Nf » Mrxiro HItKS, Kii.Hixll lliii Arts unJ Sciences (iiiloruilo Spriiips, t!iilora lo HK ' IiV, Ji lin . Ennineerinn l)t Miiiiirs, Iowa HK.t.lN- " . Marlit-rt II. Arts anil Sciences (•alu , ircinia HK. ' - " ' . KiiBtT A.— P iarmory Drlniil. Mii ' lii|;aii III! I . ..,„lri,» I ' hiirmacy Itoulilrr. !itIorj()ii nil 1 1 IN, Joan Arts ami Sciences i( ii Til), Iowa lll . l.iiirpe J. Arts tinJ Sciences K ' lt r.irk, t iilnracio Hllhl ' M K. I(.lt Arts und Sciences l)i ' ii t r, (iolorado H MiAN. Thomas — Business |)» ' n er, (!olorado HO(;l.K. I)iana Kaiiisay — Arts and Sciences Jai ' k. on llri):lil . Niw York HO! I K,I!, Mahtl itme Music I{ock Koril, (.olorailo HOI.DKKNKSS, Dorothy l.osun— Pharmacy Ilayih ' ii. (oliiruilo Hitl.i. M). Jiianila— .-(rta and Sciences % iciiila KalU, Texa HORNEY, Hi-vrrly kay- Arts und Sciences Mcilii-ine I.odfse, Kansas lH»r K. HichanI .—Business iliiii-Itt ' , lllinoi! ' lIllW KI.I.. Jorry — Enfiineerini: I ' lioinix. Arizona 111 NS(i (.K,K, Howard — Arts and Sciences ilitiil lt-r. ioliirado III NT, Heverly — Arts and Sciences l)fnM r, ' olorado HI NTKK, Abigail- Arts and Sciences Trinidad, ( olorado III NTK.K, (.lenn — Arts and Sciences t.illrtif. Vi oniini: 111 NTKK, Janie-s — Arts and Sciences Kli alx-ih. New Jersey HlT(;ilIN(;S, Paula— . r j and Sciences (ilenwond prin(;9, (iolorado INGWERSEN, Don F.— . r« and Sciences Denver, Colorado INlll y.. Ilisai — I ' harmucy l-ort l.iipton, 1 !oh»rado IRWIN, Rirhard {..-Business Twin I alls, Idaho JArklSII. Mary (.enrude — Arts and Sciences .rdaredpe, (Colorado JENSEN. alter E.-.-lrM and Sciences Elgin, Illinois JEKAI.I), Jean — Arts and Sciences alerloo, Iowa JOHNSON. Earnuni — Arts and Sciences Falls Churrh, Virginia JOHNSON, Kalli.rine O Arts and Sciences Monle ideo, Minnrsutu JOHNSON. Patricia I,.— I.ongniont, Colorado JOHNSTON. Elaine T,— .4m and Sciences Chirago, Illinois JONES. Allan { ' .. — Engineering Basselt, Nebraska JONES, Shirley Louise — Arts and Sciences Bismarck, North Dakota JOSSELYN, Virginia Ann — Arts and Sciences Denver, t " olorailo JOYCE, liarbara — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado KAHN, Edward Joseph — Business innelka. Illinois K. HRE. Al — Arts and Sciences .Vrvada. Colorado I iMA f T 101 19 5 1 JUNIORS 102 ' ji KAMLET, Herbert L. — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado KANE. S illiaiii F. — Business (iary. Intliana KAKI.EK. Ji SSI— -Iris and Sciences Misha %aka. Imliana KWET. Richard A. — Engineering Seattle. Vi asliington KKIL. (iarolyii Jean — -iris imil Sciences lleeatnr. Illinui KKI.LAR. Rul)ert H. — Engineering itoiilder, !ol iradu KKN ' EII AN. Richard B. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado KKRN. Dorothy H. — Arts and Sciences Dcnvi ' r. (Colorado K 1 1 .H( »RNE. Kohert Stewart — Arts and Sciences Katonah. New York KIN(f. Caniillc Joan — Arts and Sciences I ' lioenix. Arizona I 1N(J, Keiha — Arts and Sciences Homer. Louisiana KISSACK. John W. — Business Scoiislduff. Nehraska l ( M )I ' M AN. Jan .frrs and Sciences liarllcs illi ' . Oklahoma kRUCAS. Ray B. — Arts and Sciences Racine. isconsin K I N l Kl.. Adele Arts and Sciences Boulder ( ity, Nevada I. A DINE. Dwane A. — Engineering Sidney. Nebraska LANDAY, Charlotte S. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado L.ASLEY. S. VTilliani — Business Arlington Ileifilits. Illinois LAI TER. Eva Ruth — Arts and Sciences Toledo. Ohio LAW REN CE, Earl R. -Engineering Denver, Colorado LAWRENCp;, Margaret — Arts and Sciences l)en er. (Colorado LEE, Lucille Y. T. — Arts and Sciences Honolulu. T.IL LEIERER. Nita J. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, (Colorado LeMARR. Robert Paul — Arts and Sciences IJoiilder. (Colorado I IMI( H. Miizie— P inrmacj- Ruth. Ne ada LESLIE, Betty Charlyn — Music Boulder, Colorado LIl ' OEF. Bernard — Engineering Brooklyn, New York I 1 IN(,. ' T()N. Lester— .-(rrs and Sciences Newport Beach. California L(»ETSCHER. C. i.—l ' harmacy Colorado Springs. ( ' olora lo LI CKIESII. Nancy — Arts and Sciences Shaker Heights, Ohio l.rSTBERi;, Stanley — Arts and Sciences Buenos Aires. Argentina 1.1 ' ] ' .. Mary Arts and Sciences Ros s ' ll. New Mexico 1. NN. Conrad Dale — Engineering I i-rndah ' . Michigan Mai ( A )KN A( :k. Barbara- -.-fr s and Sciences Boulder City. Nevada MADDOX, ( ' liarles Edward — Engineering Denver. Colorado M (.Ul Dl.K. Robert ( ordon — Arts and Sciences Beaumont. l as M AI.IX tNADD. I ' ranriseo — Arts and Sciences Browns ilIe. Texas M MI.OBY. J. ( ' ..—Arts and Sciences Trinidad. Colorado M NN. I ' . Alfreda — Arts and Sciences tFlen ood Springs, ilcdorado MAR( IlKtKI. R. salie Arts and Sciences Walsenburg, (Colorado M AKKI KV. Murjor Arts unil Scirncfs liirt Mur iaii. t!(iloruili M KT1N. Ju-Aii K. Arts and Svirnces ViivUlt , (!uluradi» M AKTIN, W arr«-ii Himinesi Jofs, jflorailo MAKTIN(;. I rnUrir W . Business DciiMT, t ' oloratlo MASON, i ' .aTu i Arts and Sciences Dflruit, Mii-liifEan M .-ilN. (.i rili ii J. tnginerrinii llilu. Til. M I rilKV. Ku-taiiKind- Arts and ScienifS nu rii| url, low a Mel 1!K. Manila lf(s and Siirnirs I ' I uliiraiKi M. KTHY. Journalism S(iriii|;rnlil. llliiiMl- Ml |M)N 1 1), M.irllia Arts and Sciences I ' ut ' lilu, (!ulurailu MrM VKTIN, Namy Arts and Sciences N iiini-lkj. Illinoi! Ml- IKl KJllllN. Julia Mat- Irts and Sciences I oiiil ilii I. at-, W isi ' iinsiii MKI.ltM:. Don Arts and Sciences l i-n fr. rolora l i Ml I II IK. iin Ionise — Arts and Sciences I. a Junta, !nlnra(lo MKN .K, l.eo T.- Arts and Sciences Kiii ' k Kapiils, loua Mil 1 l(l . JanrI Arts and Sciences i ' illr. Ma a llu s Mil I . Mania Iris and Sciences l i .r 1 nri-.t, llliniiis ' Mill IDllH. Kuth irts and Sciences I iIm rt illr. llliniiis Ml )M 1 .1 IMF.KY, Jack— Knginecrint ' l!ii»«cll, Nf» Mfxiro MimliK, Itarliara — Arts and Sciences I afavelte, Colorado MllliKAl , Kulli Anliin- Arts and Sciences DiiiMr, I Colorado Mum. N, I ' atriria — Arts and Sciences rnrlilii. I iiliiradii Ml IKKISI N, adevn— Business l -nMT, r.olorado Ml l.kEY, Rolirrt i. -Arts and Sciences ( lrn Mind Springs, I ' olorailo Ml NM iN. Jani ' l — Arts and Sciences I ri ' lon, Iowa Ml RI ' IIY ' , Brtty .-Vnne — .-Iris and Sciences l.lintiin. Oklahoma Ml KI ' IIV, l.ii — Irf.s and Sciences lli ' lniil, Mirhigan Ml lil ' IIV. Marian F. — Arts and Sciences III kalli. Illinois Ml Kli Y. Itirtlia Arts and Sciences nmlfr. . onlh Tarolina .Ml .- ' KH. Frank II.— Arts and Sciences llicldanil I ' ark. Illinois NAK M). William T. — Enpneerin t rluyrnnr, yominn NFI. ' I l . Itarliara Jean — Arts and Sciences liira;!!!, Illinois Ml Si IN. A. i incprin 1 iin inont. I dlorailn .NIlllllI.S, I.ois Arts and Sciences Bonldrr, Colorado NOl.DF Sue Mary — .-Irfj and Sciences Drrrlirld, Illinois NOHFI.F, F -lyn Ins and Sciences lu-atridgt ' , I Colorado OI.I EIRA, Lcao ' r.- Engineering Lislioa, I ' ortiipal 01, SEN. Dcrrirk F. (rj. ' i antl Sciences I ' lendaK ' . I ' alifornia OI ' IE, Donald S. — Engineering l)« ' n er, Tulorado OKH. Rttiy Ann Arts and Sciences Hryn Mawr, PrrmsvUania 103 19 5 1 JUNIORS 104 OSTVi Al.D. L. Timothy— Enginpering Bavfiilil. Tolorado OTTil. Ii«ll J " iris (ind Sciences DiiiMT, ( ;c li railii OVKHTON. I)avi l M.— Business W icliila. Kansas PAI)(;KTT. HitUert— Arts and Sciences ( ' olorailo Spriiijis. (!ulorailu PAGKT. Hralriii ' Arts and Sciences Portlaiiil. ri ' s!i ii PALMER. Kiiiiua iu Arts and Sciences Stcrliiii:, ri)lora(l PA1.S(;K )VK. Joliii W.—Aris and Sciences Denver, ( " olorado PANNELL. Calvin V.. Arts and Sciences Denver, (!olc ra li» PARKS, Mary l.oiiise — Arts and Sciences Onialia. Neliraska PAYNE. Ruse Merle .-Irt. ' ; and Sciences ( orlez, ( olnrado PEARL, Philip Raymond — Engineering Denver, Colorado PETERSON. Douglas — Arts and Sciences MhiKluerqiie. New Mexico I ' lllI.l.ll ' S. Mary Frances— Business jiiir per. Texas IMIllM ' S. Erleni- M. Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado IMTKIN. Barbara ( ' ..Arts and Sciences Shaker Heiphls, Ohio PLANT. James A. - Engineering Hlooiniield, Michipan PLEASANTS, Mary Ann— Wiisic Denver, Colorado POLIN(;, Shirley J.—Arts and Sciences Estes Park, Colorado I ' OTOCIINTK, Molly— .-Irfs and Sciences Kork Sprinps, Wvoining POTTORF, Fred D.— . Irts and Sciences Krennnling. Colorado POWELL. Jack— Business Las Animas. Colorado PKINZINt;. J. Fred r«s and Sciences Denver. Colorado PI ETT. Nancy Ruth .-(rjs and Sciences Fori Morgan. Cidorado QITCK. (iloria Arts and Sciences Swarlhmore. Pennsylvania R ADK IIEL. Joyce . r s and Sciences Mankato, Minnesota RANSON, Richard— Engineering Phoenix, Arizona RASO, Augustine— -Irfs and Sciences Denver, (Colorado RAW SON. Marion F. Arts and Sciences Sialtle. asliinglon REDl lELD. Jani. e I.. Arts and Sciences Omaha. Nebraska REECF. Jolin 1).— Engineering Santa Fe, New Mexico REKTl. James— .-Irfs and Sciences Houldi-r. (Colorado REICH. John Harold . rJs and Sciences Boulder. Colorado REP II. Leatriee Irfs and Sciences IVekskill. N,» York RETIll.EFSFN. Frank -Irfs and Sciences Monrovia. ' alifornia REYNOLDS. Doris Ann— .4r»s and Sciences Whittier, California RICE. Beverly Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado HKII 1!D. Eupene— Engineering Hrii li. Cob.railo Kill! BDS. 11. n— Business KaiisM!- ( ilv. Missouri RICH I 1)S. Patricia Arts and Sciences 1 iipbwoiiil. Colorado UK 1IM N. Russell— Engineering W cUinglon, Colorado RIK(;ilKKS, HiTiiaril Husiness Hillro.M-, RI(,«.S. Nam It. Mr 4rl. unit Scimcfs lliillilaiul I ' ark. Illinois KOhKRTS. Uoris Marilyn— .-Iris and Sciences |)cii rr, 4!i l4 ra lo RMlJKKTSItN. iliarli-s ¥A i»— Business Aiiiarillii, Tr a» R» tltKKTSt »N, Rol.rri M. trt» nml Sciences 1 )iiraiit:( , (ulorailo ROl ' KK. Mal)Ir l.oii— .-Jrlj and Sciences Di ' imr. i li ratli ROSh!, I. oil Anna Arts and Scicmes Dinvrr, ( !oloraclo ROSS, Itftsy — tris and Sciencea Lob Anf!cU-», t California R »SS. Joanne Iris and Sciences l)i n i ' r, (Coloracio 1 (»S, Richard II. — Arts and Sciences Vrrtt, (!uluruilu ROTIU KMH . l«a Arts and Sciences Milllohn. isronsin Rl K, alx-lli Arts and Sciences Far o, North l akola Rl Kl!, Manillr H. iris and Sciences Si. Iranris, Kansas Rl F.(. v Thomas I.. — Husiness Pn. ' l.lo. t(.lora.lo Rl N KV. Iviilianl Arts and Sciences St. .Vnlhony. Idaho Rl ri ' , Rarhara Ann- Arts and Sciences I ' iK-ldii. (Colorado Kl Sill). Kiigini- M. trls anil Sciences l.i n):niont. rolorado Kl . ' sSK.1.1.. Richard I.. Arts and Sciences (ircat Neck, New Hrk RYl.KK. (iladys Muriel — Nursing (Ccnlcrvilli ' , Alahaina SCHI.ATKR, Kenny Husiness llillrose, roloradt» Srlll ITU S, Rarhara J. Pharmacy KirktN I, Missouri S IlitK NKCK. l.ois — Arts and Sciences Ket)ilv% nrth. Illinois Si 111 1 I Kl{. 1 ranres — Arts and Sciences iliMi tie. Illinois Si HI I!K, John F. — V.niiineering Roiilder, Tolorado SCOVIII.E. -. rM and Sciences . ' Vrlin un. Virginia SIIAW, 1 anny M. Iris and Sciences Omaha, Nehraska SHAW . John V. — .Irf.i and Sciences W orland, W voniinf: SlIK I!KR. Jan rhnrmacy Ileliron. Nehraska SllKNKrKl.T, Samira iris and Sciences I Cellar Hapids, lo sa SlIKRM N. John W— Business livid. Colorado SHKRMAN. William Jr s and Sciences I U id. I !i»lorado HKST K. Teil iris and Sciences l ' ar . Indiana SIllMKR. William M.—Engineerinn I ockport. New York Smi ' I KY. llowar.l (y Business I ' aris. lllinitis SIMMINS. Vee — 4rts and Sciences Jackson. Mississippi SINMKKS. John W.- Arts and Sciences Roiilder. ICidorado SI.KDKK. Harry V.. Business Salina. Kansas SMITH. Billie J. — Arts and Sciences I ' ierce. (Colorado SMITH. Jerry I,. — Arts and Sciences Sioux (City, Iowa Sl ' ANNAl ' S, Audrey — Arts and Sciences I ' lieldo. lolorado 105 19 5 1 JUNIORS 106 SPECHT. E.lward G. Pharmary Lovclaiid. Colorado Srir.EH. W alKT L.—Enpineerinj! Nrwporl Beach. California SPIELM AN , Beverly- . rts and Sciences iniiitka. Illinois ST. n, AI|{. Julia — Arts and Sciences Port W asliinglon. New York STECKEL. I.enora Jane — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado . " TEIN. Geraldine — Arts and Sciences Mason Cily. Iowa STEVENS. Carol Jean — liiisiness Olatlie, Colorado STEWART. Mary Leah — Arts and Sciences l)en er. Colorado STOMP. Doroihy Jean— iViirsing W ' irhita. Kansas STOWE. John F..— Music Penrose. Colorado STRAIN. Hirliard L. — Engineering l.aninr. ( lolorarlo STRAl . " S. Doris .S. — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado STREET. N ' irsinia Vipperiuan -Business Pillshurp. California STROMAN. Naney — Arts and Sciences Ilasra, Illinois STURGIS. rilliam T. Arts and Sciences San Marino, California SITHERI.AND. Peggy 4r»x and Sciences liiloxi. Mississippi S ANN. Barbara Arts (mil Sciences Dedliain. Massaohusetls TAPP. Baneroft Miller . r s and Sciences Kansas City. Missouri T RREI,I.. Rosali - . r». i and Sciences rnner. . ' outli Dakota n(;R tTENIU IS. Paul (r s and Sciences Paonia. i Colorado TIIOMA.S. Estella Joyce— Music ( ' anon ( !it . !itlorado IIIOMAS. Mary I.ou Mu. ' iic SeiittslilulT. Nebraska IIIOMI ' SdN. James— P inrmocy Biiuldrr. Colorado THOMPSON. Ralph— Business ll(i varil. Kansas THORN. Patriiia Arts and Sciences Ar ada. Ctdtira lf IIMBERI. KI.. W renne Journalism |la li iia Biai ' h. Ilorida TOW NSENl). Robert Lee — Engineering Boulder (!ity. Nevada TKYRA. Eriirst J. — Business ( -bira o. Illinois I I.KICII. Stanb-y Arts and Sciences Rotlis ille. Pennsylvania I PT(»N. Mary Irf.-; and Sciences Longniont. 4 Colorado AI.KNTINK. Jam- Arls unJ Sciences liuiililcr. ( iiloruilo N K, illiani Arts and Sciences Kni l. IkUiliiiiiui N DHUN. W u I lu.-.- Business (•ruiiil Juiii ' liiin. tiuloruilo VAN .l M)Y, I). A. Fniiineerinii Slrrlin , !i loruil NAVK , Jaims J. iris and Sciences ItiitiMir, roliiradu VAW TKK. W ullu. . Uia.l ins ami Sciences DeiiMT, l.olorailo AYI) . Mirliail M.—Ennineerin : l ' illsliur):li. I ' i-iiiis l aiiiu VKNttllK. W illiam A. Business Sli ' rliiif:, t iolorailo W A(;NKK, I ' alriria Ann iris and Sciences lluniilton, (Miio Vi AI.KKK. Franklin D. .Iris and Sciences Erie. (Colorado « Al.TllN. Miinwell O. Arls and Sciences W avliinfilcin, ! .( ' . WAI.Z. 1 rank ( .. — Kngineerinn liouliliT, l.tiloraJo W KUKK, Jdsrpliinr Ami- -Arts and Sc iences % ilson. Kansas VVKIil.HMK.lKK, John Arls and Sciences llol , kr. C.loracl.. W KIH)KM»( 1 K. Harry litisiness Kansas I itv. Missouri rELl.S, V illiani Ihisiness Rivrrsidc, (California WENNKKSTUl M. -otl T.— Business (.harilon, Iowa W lllSI.KK. J.roni.- . riiarniacy llolyrooil. Kansas l iK, Koris Arts and Sciences Rapid City, South l akota S II.KINX IN. Kuih Mary — Arls and Sciences Enid, Oklahoma X. . 107 W ILl.l.XMS, rallxTini- II. iris and Sciences . rdalia, i M lorado WIl.LlAMSnN. Jan. II. Nursing Sterling, ( .olorado 11. SON, Marjorir- Arls anil Sciences Amarillo, Texas Vi INKEI., ernon — Engineering Denver, (Colorado V ITTEKS. Kohert Arls and Sciences i ' .heyenne, yoming VOLACH, Bernie — Arls and Sciences Pueblo, (Colorado RIGHT, Eli .aheth — Arls and Sciences Grosse Tointe, Mirliigan Y. (_rNlK. .Xnil R. — Engineering Rajkot Saiiraslilra. Imlia YOl ' Ni;, Roherta E. — Arls and Sciences alsenliurg. Colorado FLOY I), oodro s f. ' n ' ineering - urora, (.olorado 19 5 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS ABELT, Ralph W. — Arts and Sciences Denver. ( ' oloraHo ALEXANDKH. (.I.iria .(r(s and Sciences liouliler. !i l r;i(Io ALF; ANI)KK. ViiiH- y . Arts and Sciences Koiilder, !ot))rail AMEN. (Charles K. Arts and Sciences Lovehiinl. (Colorado ANDKKSON ' . I)i-an C— Arts and Sciences Lo eland. (!i»]ora lo ANDEKSON, Jim P iarmacv Boulder, (Colorado 108 ANDERSON, Marilyn M.— .4rfs and Sciences Denver, ( ' olorado ANDERSON, Nan Sagrid — Aru and Sciences Akron, Ohio .•VRNOLD, Harry H. — .4rfs and Sciences Denver, Colorado ARCHER, Carol — Arts and Sciences Sheldon, Iowa ARNELL. Donald E. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado ARZE, Ceorpe I?, — Arts and Sciences Cochabanihu, Bolivia ASHBURN, Rosemary — Arts and Sciences Louviers, Colorado BANCROET, Burton n.—Arts and Sciences Kearney, Nebraska RANDFIEl.D, Harold S.— Engineering I ' ort WashinRlon, New York BANKS, !liarlotte — Arts and Sciences Delta, Colorado BARBEE, Frank E. Arts and Sciences Denver, ( ' olorado BAUBEB A, I ' riink John (rfs and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado BARNES, Jai-k Duane — Arts and Sciences Pueldo, ( Ittloradn BARNES, Jack Eugene — Arts and Sciences I ' uehio, (Colorado BARN ;R0VER, Marpie— ,■ «« and Sciences Hugo, Colorado BENEDECK. Niprma Arts and Sciences (ilemvond Sprinizs. (inlorado BENSON. rrii .liaii Arts and Sciences Two Itiillrs. ( olorado BEIU;, ( ;iiarli lle .lr .s and Sciences Boulder, Colorado BERCHEIM. Jo — Engineerinn Biiiililir. Colorado BEKINt.. Isalirl Arts and Sciences Drraliir, Illinois BEST. Mailiriiiu Arts and Sciences I ' licienix. Arizona HI ' S T. Ropi-ne Arts and Sciences I ont;iMoiil. Colorado l!li;i{Ii l M. Boh- .•JrM and Sciences Coir. Illinois ItlBI). Jari|Miline— .4r s and Sciences Boswill. New Mexico BI.At.K, Nola Arts unj Siienres I ' alu Alio. iuliforiiia B (r(;S, Kolirrt . F.nninefrinf; VanatU ' na, 4!uliforiiiu B(K;(.S, Hulurt " S.- -EnKineerini; Denver, roliirailo ItnoTH. lari..ii Jim- Viifsinjj h mil. OkUili I ItOl l.inhU. Jo.iiiii Iris and Srifnces I i ' ratur, Illllll i UK 1) , Jl ■|lh trii unj Sciences l rii ' ( r, t!uloruilu It|{ MtKMtKI{(.l H. ll.l.ii in., mil Sciences usliiii);luii, ! . ' . HI{01iKK(.. tarl M. (rls iiml Sciences l ' ii« lil(i, iuloradd HKOW N. .alr Krwiii iris anil Sciences l.iiii Miont, ( ' i loruil t ItKUW N. Jaiiifs S. Knuineerinn 1 rn tT, " olonidtt liHl l N. Mania iris iinil Sciences 1 h-m rr, ( olorailn MKdW N, Mary K.Uin Arts iind Sciences uluiiibuit, Srliranka lUtl MMKK, Donna Jourmilisin 1 lanon (!ity, i.otorailo lU KMK. Tarol Arls and Sciences lu T lorisl, Illinois Itl Hkll HI)T. W illiani C. Arts and Sciences lirifililon, 1 oloiailo Itl Tl IIK.K. t.harlcs ]:].- Ennineerinii KriTimrl. Illinois ; KhKKY, I. CO Arts and Sciences Boone, Iowa (! AI.I.KN, Suzanne Marie — Arts and Sciences Bouliler, Colorado C.AMPIJKI.L, Carolyn — Arts and Sciences l.aniar, Colorado CAKlXtN. l.ois M. Music ' .liira|!o, Illinois t.AKN, Foster N. Arts and Sciences K aTiston. Illinois ( : A H K 1 1 I 1 1. ( .. raliline J.— A ' ursing i.ainar. ( Milorailo CARKtU.I., I ' olly Arls and Sciences Denver, C.olorado VKSW KM.. I ' ranres Arls and Sciences Kansas t.ilv, Missouri CASF ' E, (ierald Jay — Engineering [)enver, (Colorado :A% KNDKK. Aliee-.4r« and Sciences Batavia, Illinois CHAKKKK, Mary Louise — Arls and Sciences F.I Paso. Te as ( ' II. MI I( N, Roseoe Lyie — Engineering La Junta, Colorado CHAPMAN, Alana— Nursing! Vb orland, Vi yoniinf! I H K. Sally Sl. Arls and Sciences Denver, ( Icdorado ' .HEVES, Sarali Ann Arls and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorailo CI.AMK. Kli alirtli Ann Arls and Sciences Iletiu-t, I alifnrnia ( I I!K, I eiitiuril K trls and Sciences I i ' nv er. .olnrado I ll F.l{, Marilyn Arls and Sciences Tulsa. Dklalionia OHM N. KoI.ert .— Engineering Julesliuru. (olorado COIIF.N. Matanuh Arts and Sciences Nev« York, New York COLKMAN, tlharles I.eRoy— .lr(, and Sciences Sapuarhe. Colorado CONKI.IN. Janis--.- rts and Sciences Koi-kfiird. Illinois COOK. illiam F. — Engineering Man anola, (Colorado COOI.F.Y ' . Joan — Arts and Sciences . I)erdeen, South Dakota (.OON, Marvin I..- Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado CORNFIELD, Pamela — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado i wm - «:32 COWEBFKI.Y. Annette Arts and Sciences Tv»in Falls. Idaho CRAI(;ilFAD. Jo Ann— .•(r .f and Sciences ( ' olorado Springs, Colorailo ( " I ' HTIS. Joan Arls and Sciences Hiiuliler. (olorado DAIINKF. (.enrpe H.— .frf.? and Sciences Nratlon. Nehra.ska D.W IDSoN, Hugh i..—Arts and Sciences ( ranl, Nebraska D.WIS, Betty .-Irfs and Sciences Hinsdale, Illinois 1L09 D.WIS. Joan (;. Arts and Sciencet Denver. Colorado D IS. Mildred (iriflith .4rls and Sciences Austin. Texas I)FARB( »RN. Martha Arls and Sciences Glenroe, Illinois 1952 DEEM, Mildred K.—Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado DEEN, Diivid . Arts and Sciences Lake (iharli ' g, Louisiana DEEFKE, Elyse Arts and Sciences (jrreley, (!i)l rail ) De LAUKO, I.eo J. Arts iind Sciences Denver, (lolorado DEI.INE, Hetly— Viirsing Denver, ( ' olorado DE ER, Charles D. — Engineering (ilenwDod Sprinjis. ( " olorado 110 DeVINE, Bille — Arts and Sciences (!an n !ity. Colorado DICKENSON. Kinny--.4rts and Sciences Houston. Texas DOOI.EN. Deane Hiehard — Arts and Sciences !lievy Chase, Maryland DOTY, Eleanor- Arts and Sciences W heat KIdpe, Colorado DOWEI.L. Anne — Arts and Sciences Tulsa. Oklaliouui DKAIilNC. Caroline Arts and Sciences Denver, (itdorado 1 itii .i jd SOPHOMORES DlilAKI.. Kaly Arts and Sciences Crawford. Colorado l)I!l! . Hussell C. — Engineering hijhlu lleifxhts. Canal one 1)KI EH. (Jiarles H. — Arts and Sciences Hapid (!ity. .South Dakota EASEEY, Joannt — Arts and Sciences Houlder. Colorado EASTON, Jo Ann — Arts and Sciences Moulder. (Colorado EATON. Kieiiar l L. — Engineering ( ' liina Lake. California EHERHARDT, Robert— .-Irf. i and Sciences Denver. Colorado EDDIEIIMTE. Clarence h.. Music Den er. Colorado ED, ELL, Nancy I,ee Arts and Sciences Kansas ( " ity, Missouri EHRAT. Behe — Arts and Sciences Evanston. Illinois ElIHET. Nanette Kiiania — Miirsing Deiner. C.olorado EI.I.IOTT. Marparet — Arts and Sciences Den er. Colorado ENDHES. JoAnn Kathryn Arts and Sciences Lansing. Illinois E ANS. Dorothy O. — Arts and Sciences Hinsdale, Illinois EVANS, Sam F.- Engineering Enid, Oklahoma F.MRCHILD. Bonnie — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado FEDERHART. Robert L.— .4rfs and Sciences Sioux City, Iowa FINNECiAN. Mary Kathryn — Arts and Sciences I ' laeerv ille. Colorado FISHER, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences Appleton, i isronsin FLORES, Rodolfo C.—Arts and Sciences Edinburg, Texas FRANKLIN, Betsy — Arts and Sciences Denver, ( " olorado FRENCH, Anne E. — Arts and Sciences Weston, Massachusetts FRENG, Alice Lillian — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, ( ' alifornia F ' LTGATE, Thomas Wayne — Engineering Walnut, Kansas t; RDNER, JoAnn — Arts and Sciences Boise, Idaho (;ARRETT, Roy .—Engineering Fort (iollins, Colorado (;EK IN. Ridiert F. — Engineering Denver. Colorado (.IliSON. illiani Know lion- Arts and Sciences l ' )joai]Ue. New Mexico (ilKSK. Mary Joan — Arts and Sciences Aiues. Iowa (ill.KEV. Charles — Arts and Sciences lirighlon. ' olorado GI.OOR. Daniel O. — Engineering t!tdurnl us. Nebraska (il.EI E. I iluia Arts and Sciences Breini ' r. Kansas GI.El E, i-lnia — Arts and Sciences Bri ' uier, Kansas (;OFF, (iordon (J. — Engineering Denvi ' r, ( ' olorado (;OLI)EN, Evelyn (r(.s (iri Sciences Den er, lolorado (;0( )( . ( harmaxhe Iris and Sciences Loveland, Coloradt GOODMAN, Bernard .—Arts and Sciences Tucuuicari. New Mexico (;ooDI ICH. Joan — Arts and Sciences Jackson. Miihigan (iOKOM. Joan iris and Sciences Loveland, Colorado (iKKKN, (ilauilr y. -Aria and Scifnces l) ' ii t r, (!t»loraili» t.HKF.N, Dun A. iris unil Sciences ( !oliiruiIt Spriiif s, ( !ol« ruil i (.KKKN, Hi-lrii K. -Irrj and Sciences Ko N Irr. rultirado I .HKKN, Miir);uri-t Alice- -Arts and Sciences h.iin-k.i, Kaiisu! i.HKl.lllv, Ki ' iini-lli K. Arls and Sciences I Mil iilnuiHiil, llliMi i ( .lilDKK. ullrr Arts and Sciences Talltiili-ca. Alaliaiiiu (.Klh h.l!. J. 1!. Iris iiitd Sciinris I ' -.itTii S|triiii: ' «, Illiiiui • .Kimril, M.-c Journalism ItrM-rh llil . I uliruniia t.Ktll T, Jaik Arls and Sciences liial HiiIki-. I oliiraild I.I l!|{|N , Jai Iv Arts and Sciences I i-nvrr, olnratlo I.I I y. . I l.irk II tris md Sciences iilliirlaiiil, Niliraska I.I III), ii aii H. iris and Sciences Dt-iiMT, (iulurailu i;i I I.FIT. DuMal.l D. Pharmacy NiittsliliilT. Nrliraska 1. 1 T ll I I . hirksir iris and Sciences I i ' ii »T, I otoraitu II VKh , llarrii-t iris and Sciences San Marino, I ' alifornia II l. N, anr — Arls and Sciences I. a l.ran t ' . Illinois II (.KN, Janri Iris and Sciences Ki-tl l.oti r. Montana II Ml .11. luitli Kli ahrih — Arts and Sciences llonitnvoiHJ. Illinois II l I , Marjorie — iirsinf! Di-nxrr. I iolorailo IIAMMKK. Joan K. Arls and Sciences I linton, loua II MI{Ii:K, W illiaiii Raymond — Arts and Sciences DrnMT, rolorailo II NI) l.. Kniilio K. — Engineerinn lii ' thii ' hrni. Ilasliainitr Kin iioin of tlir Jordan HAN K , Sliirif) Arts and Sciences DenviT, Tolorailo IIMJBIN. Mary J.-an A u.sir % alrrloo. luua II VHI ' K.K. Koliin Arts and Sciences Slifnrrlaily, New York II KKIS. I luiise — Arts and Sciences I ' loria. Illinuis II UHI , Patricia Arts and Sciences lli lilan.l I ' ark. Illinois II VKlilM.TltN. It.tli I . Arls and Sciences I oil! prin): on Hudson. New ork II KT. James Kicliard Arts and Sciences Piicldo. I ' .olora«lo II I{TI.K . Rebecca S. — Arts and Sciences MuMcie. Indiana II KT lllll!N. James W . iris and Sciences F.ngleuood. I!oloru lo II M . lliert K. Engineerinn ntliony. Tixas IIA K.S. Marita ins and Sciences alida, I olorailo IIKI I KIM N. Malcolm C—Engineerinn Santa Ke. New Mexico IIKI.IIKII, l.eorge Arls and Sciences I. rami Kapiils, Michigan IIK.I.M. Sharon — Arls and Sciences Itonlilcr, Colorado 111 IIKNDRIX. Doris .Iris and Sciences Denver, Colorado IIi-.N| I :il. Marry S.--Arts and Sciences Midlanil I ' ark. New Jersey IIKNRIK, Aniia Je»ell — Arls and Sciences Center, !olorado HII.I.. I .ecelia — Irfs and Sciences Denver, llolorailo HOA( .LAND, Benjamin H. Music Indianola. Nebraska HOI.MK, Until Anne — Arts and Sciences Salinas, California L llnl ' KINS. Jean -IrJ.s and Sciences llalltoa Island. California HOKTON, Jack I ' harmacv Boulder, I !i li rado Ml ISINt;. Don L. Arls and Sciences l.ockporl. Illinois HINT, Ko al Arts and Sciences I cilar Hapid.s. Iowa HI HT, Jack Music Lafavette, Cohirado HITCHINGS. Dean H.— Arts and Sciences Loveland. Colorado IDI.KR. 1,1 lami Husiness Denver. Cidorado INCW KR KN, Alice Arls and Sciences W healon, Illinois IRW FN. Jacqueline Arts and Sciences I ' lossmoor. Illinois 1952 SOPHOMORES IVES, Dunna Mat-- Arts and Sciences Oklahoma (!ity, Uklahuiiia JACKSON. Norma Jeanne — Arts and Sciences Denver. l( ra io JEKMAN. Konalil Franeis — Arts and Sciences I.a8 AnimaK. (lotoratlo JONES, Jacqnelyn — .-Iris and Sciences Havana. Illinois JI!D(;E, Jane — Engineering Denver. Colorado KASS, Mayer — Pharmacy Paterson. New Jersey 112 KEARNEY, John Arts and Sciences Si)okane. Washington KEI.I.AK, illiuin James — Engineering Boulilrr. Colorado KEMA ' M, Kohert E. — Arts and Sciences Denver, iloraiio KENNP ' .DV. Mary -Ir s and Sciences Rorliister. i« Y ork KEI ' NEK, Ilal Engineering Denver, i ' oloratlo KESTEH. Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado KII.DOW. Betty — Arts and Sciences Thermopolis. Vi yoniing KM. I. IAN. Buster Roy — Engineering Montrose. Colorado KHMIRRAY, Ed. lie— .4rts and Sciences Raton. New Mexico Kll.l ' ATIilCK. Jo Viirsinp Champion. Ncliraska KINMAN. Beverly Arts and Sciences Rifle. Colorado KIRSCHBAI ' M. Margaret — Arts and Sciences Oak I ' ark. Illinois KIRSCHNER. Allen— ,4rts and Sciences Port Washington. New York KNOTZ. Jane I,. — Arts and Sciences Hastings. Minnesota KO( ' H. Janet — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado KOEHLER. Vat— Arts and Sciences Milwaukee. % iseonsin KORN. Ita — Arts and Sciences Denver. (Colorado KRASBER(;. Rohert W. — Arts and Sciences (ilenview, Illinois LACKEY. John H. — Arts and Sciences Raton. New Mexico LAMB. Sally — Arts and Sciences Middletown. Ohio LAMB. William E. — Arts and Sciences Den er. Colorado LAMBERT. Dorothy Iris and Sciences Houston. Texas LaSHELL. (dinger — Arts and Sciences Denver. Coloratlo LAZER SITZ, Charles— Business Cary. Indiana LE S IS. Harliara-. -Ir s and Sciences Brush, Colorado LEWIS, Deanne — Arts and Sciences Fowler. Colorado LEWIS. Mary katherine — Arts and Sciences Higgins, Texas LEVY. Larry — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado LINTNER. Normajune — Arts and Sciences Homew ' ood. Illinois LISTON. Ellen — Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado LISTON. Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences Elmluirst. Illinois LONfi, Clifford — Engineering ( rand Junction. Colorado LOWE. Kenneth Music Denver, ( ' olorado irCllINl. Marguerite — Arts and Sciences Allison. ( olora lo LI DEMAN. Barton — Arts and Sciences Denver. Colorado LLTTRELL. Emilyn— .4r s and Sciences Craig, Colorado LYNES, Georgia — Arts and Sciences Westernville, New York MAHONEY. Betle Lou- Viirsing Mondaniin. Iowa M. LONEY. Nancy Jean — Arts and Sciences Madison, Wisconsin MANN, Doris — .4rfs and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado MARKHAM, Annett — Arts and Sciences Denver. (Colorado MARTIN. Joy Oleta — Arts and Sciences Lamar, (Colorado MARTIN, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences Wheal Ridge, ( ' olorado M RTI SON. HoI.ert (..—Engineering largo. North Dakota M R IN. Mary (rfs and Sciences St. • Charles, Illinois MAST, Mania Arts iinil Sriencef horl a ii ' , liiiliuiiu M STKKS, Hf trl l . Iris iind Sciences Norlli riallf, Niiira Ua Mr( AI.I., Ma iiii- trts unil Sciences ( ' « li railu Spriii;:! ' . i itdrailu Mil I!TV. I ' jl Arts ami Sciences Uriisli, 1 ' tiluraito McKKF:, Jiaii Iris anti Sciences la ( ' raiii:!-. Illinois Ml KKK. M. Joiii Arts anil Sciences UoiiKItT, ioltirailu MrM SrKH. ii!«aiim — Arts and Sciences llllli ' ik.l. lllllli i- MiW IKllMKIi, K%.lyn. — Arts un,l Sciences I ' miI rtlitir. I ' l ' vas MK l l|{. Jiilui hniiineerin I .lt-i) % oiitl Springs, ( ' oloratli» MKl llhJU 1 ' ., t.i-i ri;ia Arts imd Sciences l!l iiiiiiiii|£iiiii. Illinois Ml KH, ( ariiKn Arts and Sciences HillroM ' , (dlorailo Mil KS, Hiilh Arts and Sciences I )fiiMr, olorailo Mil II I!. Judy— .-Irfj and Sciences KaUiML.i iiii, Mic ' liiiian Mill lli;i I. U rharmacy I ' lK ' liln. I .il.irailo Mill lll-l I . I ' alrit-ia l.i-r Arts and Sciences l i-ii T. I ' olorailo Min IIKI IKKK. John {. Arts and Sciences liak.r ll.iilils. Ohio MuNl IvIKII . liarhara trts and Sciences hriniT, I ' lilorailo Ml »NTI .1 iMKin . Ja.k W . Arts and Sciences Tolorailo Spriniis. (lolorailo MOODY. R. nriicf — Arts and Sciences DinvtT, l.olcirado MOHHIS. Harhil l.oiiiso ursini: prinuliilil, Missouri Ml l(l{l . Until Arts and Sciences r s Itrunsnirk, Nt u Jrrsry Ml IKIT , Flizalxlh Arts arid Sciences riaila. I ulorado Mill!l!lM)N. Alici- Marie ' Arts and Sciences MiK ankii ' . isionsin I Ml IKHI IM, I alhrrinr trts and Sciences I fn tT. I !olnrailo MO S. Hill — Engineering |)t ' n ' r. Tolorailo. ! Ml»SM N.lia Arts and Sciences Hrl iili-rr, Illinois Ml )TTKI . I )i-lori ' s— .-IrM and Sciences Drarliorn, Michigan Ml »VF.K. Marly— .-irM and Sciences DtMnrr, I ' olorailo NKI.SON. Billii — Arts and Sciences Mawkood. Illinois NKI.SON. Joan ll. Arts and Sciences DrKalli, Illinois NKA M |{l II. (ieorpe — Arts and Sciences lciii i.Ts, I .olorado NiiKHIS. Itftsy — Arts and Sciences l.liMiror, Illinois NOKHIS. (icralil VTilliani — Engineering l)i n t ' r, (lolorailo OHKKl.KKI.I.. Martha Anni- Arts and Sciences Hflla. ( ' olorado OKIII.KKRS. Kidicrl U.— Engineering Itrighton. (Colorado OKHTIl. rharU ' s .Engineering I ni trsitv (itv. Missouri ()KTTIN(i, I ' ranklin Arts and Sciences Puehlo. (Colorado OI.SKN, I, cirraini- A iir.sin Drarrrton. I tali OI.SON. Krril i n— Engineering Ind« poiidiMire, Missouri O ' MKI.IA. Kranits l ' .. — Arts and Sciences Ka lins. W voniinp ONOK TI. I.urill.-- Arts and Sciences I. as Animas, (. ' olorado 0RZ. I,L1. John 15. — Arts and Sciences Yuba Citv, California Q9 M m 113 I ' AMST. Mrriha Jean Arts and Sciences Brush. I.olorailo I ' ADDOCK. Marklcy .4rf5 and Sciences (dinton. loua PANKOFF. Mary Louise — Aru and Sciences Denvrr, (! ilorado PArFH. F ' .silirr Arts and Sciences Itouldrr. ( olorailo PATTON. Uulh N. Viirsini! Fowlrr. I .oloratlo PK.VSLFY, John . . Engineering Loveland, Colorado I ' FRMl T. Hone Arts and Sciences I)rii rr. ( Colorado PKNIN(;T0N. Pat Arts and Sciences Drnver, (Colorado PUSH. I.ola Arts and Sciences rntura. California 1952 IF SOPHOMORES I ' OLLOCK, Pamela J. — Arts and Sciences Lamar, (Colorado I ' OSTEI.. Barbara Arts and Sciences Chiraf o, Illinois POTTEH. Joan Elizabeth— Irts and Sciences Tyler, Texas PRESLER, Jo Ann — Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado PRETTI, Bradford — Arts and Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado RANSI ' OT, Harry — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado 114 REDDERT, Ronda Lee — Arts and Sciences Maneos, Colorado REDMON, Katherine — Arts and Sciences Kenilworth. Illinois RENO. illiaiii E. iris and Sciences Denver, Colorado REYNOLDS, Wilda Helen Nursing Canon City, (Colorado RIERSON. Robert D. — Engineering Monte ista, (Colorado RINKER, Joan — Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado RINNE, Olive M. -Arts and Sciences Arlington, Virginia ROBBINS, Martin L. Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado ROBERTSON, George (Gordon — Arts and Sciences Raton, New Mexieo ROOS. Andre — Arts and Sciences Deralnr. Illinois ROSENBEKc;, Sarane — Arts and Sciences Cliirago, Illinois ROSENDAHI.. Joan Ir s and Sciences Evanslon, Illinois ROSS, Elizabetli — Arts and Sciences Ames, Iowa ROTH, Mary — Arts and Sciences Middletow n, ( !onneetieut ROl Til. Betbaline — Arts and Sciences Crand Junction. Colorado Rl ' l)()Lril,(;erald E. Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado RULLO, Russell — Engineering Denver, Colorado RUSK, Donald ( " . — . rJs and Sciences Chicago, Illinois SALSBURY, Jean— Viirsing Victor, (Colorado SALZMAN, Betty Rose — Arts and Sciences Pikeview, Colorado SANTERRE. Gus L.—Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado SCHOLTEN, Donna Arts and Sciences Sterling, Colorado SCHELLING. Ronny — Arts and Sciences Loveland, Colorado SCHNORR, Ronald— Engineering Lancaster, New York SCHREIFELS, Florenz G.— PAarmary Richmond, Minnesota. SCHROEDER, Ellen Suzanne— A ' lirsing White Plains, .New York SCHliHAM, Bonnie — Arts and Sciences ( " hieago, Illinois SCH ' Vi-ARTZ. Herbert — Arts and Sciences Denver, (Colorado SE. RS, Harold T.. Jr. — Arts and Sciences Bartlesville, Oklahoma SEASHOLTZ. Joyce Lynd— Viirsing Yellowstone Park, Vvoniing SHOUGH, (ierald R.- Arts and Sciences Los Angeles, California SIIOrN, Rosi-niary E. — Arts and Sciences ( anon !ity, ( " olorado SICKELS, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Boulder. Colorado SIEGEL, . liee Arts and Sciences Monee, Illinois SIMMS, Rex B. — Engineering Bonham, Texas SIN(;E1{. M. Keith .•Irr. ' i and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado SKINNER. K. nni lb I..— Pharmacy heatridge, Cidorado SKINNER, Maynard C.—Aris and Sciences Boidder, Colorado SLAl i ' irri ' " B. Mar Louise Arts and Sciences Duncan, i klalioina SMI( K. llilcii trts and Sciences I )cn rr, ( ' (dorado SMITH. Dixie Ann Arts and Sciences New Orleans, Louisiana SMITH. Jaik E. Arts and Sciences Boulder. Cidoruilo SMITH, Lee — Arts and Sciences San Mariiui, California SMITH. M. Haw ley — Arts and Sciences St. Louis. Missouri SMITH. .Scoit M. — Engineering Mtilcne. Texas SI ' AKK, Dan Iris iititl Siirnces Diiurr, (!i lorailo SI ' ATH. rharli Arts and Sciences I ' lirlilo. I iiloruilo Sl ' ll. KK. Jam- trls and Sciences HoIm ' . I.lalln ST UK , Jiaiitirtlf Arts and Sciences Drimr, ( olorailii STKKKK, Itarliara Ir j nml Sciences V liitlliT. t ' alifiiriiia STKIt;. MiiluH-l M Arts mid Srienres Miillaiiil, Tt ' xun STKIN, Mar Jam- tri.i imd Sciences Jurksiin. Trniu ' iiM-c STtW VIM. I ' .iir Juiiirs A rls and Sciences K.x-kror.l. Illiiic.i» STlNTl IN. Dair H. trls and Sciences Hriifih, !olorailt STOHKK, Irriliric V., }r.- KngineerinK Koiililir, (li li ra(lo STK r II. Klaiiu- Arts and Sciences San AiiIiMiio, TfXUB TK 1 I). Nani-y Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missiniri STl 1!T. I ' amrl.i ins iind Sciences I )t-n rr. i .itlorado SW ANN. Mary- Music Drilliaiii. MassarliiiM-us S K AT. W ilma K. Arts and Sciences IlrnMT, " olnra lo T 1 l{, iiliii y M. Arts and Sciences |)i-nM-r. ( ' oltiruilti TIIOMI ' SON, IVarl iirsini: ( iiliiraclo Sprintis, •oliirudo Til I.nTSON. I ' atririu Arts and Sciences l)tn cr, (loloraJo Tin. MAN. Viarrrn K.-- Engineering Inilianola, Ni ' lira.xka TKll ' I ' , I arri (Uttitn Arts and Sciences Strrlint;. oliiraclo TllUiS. l!i(iiiiir Arts and Sciences Ilin»ilali ' . Illinois Tl l.l.V, (.Dnlon V..- Arts and Sciences l ran l Ulanil. Ncltraska rNKl (i, l.aura Arts and Sciences Walsenliiirp, (iolorado VAN NOSTHANI). Ami1 Arts and Science! Montr ista. ' !olnra lo V. N OHN M. W . Journalism Superior, Nebraska V.ASilOI.Z, I.olliar A. Arts and Sciences I)t ' n er. !olora lo KI IK. liarliara Jran A - l!oiilil -r. i Milorailii ADV.. (.Iciria M. Journalism (iforpelown. Colorado WADI.KY, Ann («.■! and Sciences l)en er, Colorado r II»I!M M. I yllian Irj.s and Sciences I)« ' n « ' r, ( Colorado U ' AI.I.F.RH ' S, Joan — Arts and Sciences Sai-raiin-nlo. r.alifornia U Mil IN. illlain Arts and Sciences ( liryrnnr. W yoniinp V AKI), Kallir n iris and Sciences Sioux I alls. South Dakota rASSMANN. Itill Arts and Sciences Kankakee. Illinois W MKINS. Dali- (I. trls and Sciences .Vnttsliluff. Nebraska W TS(lN. II. Keilli Kngineerinf- I.oveland. t ' olorado WEBER, Marilyn I. -Arts and Sciences Houlder, ( ' olorailo KIIKU. Sally .lr;. and Sciences Milwaukee. W isronsin WEI.l.S, Sally Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois WENZIKEK. Shirley Anne Ins and Sciences Houlder. Colorado WEHT , Ronald I). — Engineering • " asper. Vl voininfE WICHMAN, Carol (r ji and Sciences Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 T pmm .2 ' ft U ' lEBENSON. Car a— Arts and Sciences Ml. Morrison, C.olorado V.II.KINS, Joyee Boulder, ( Colorado WII.I.SON. Jane— fr .s and Sciences Limon, i Colorado WILSON, I.ois — Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma WU.SON. I ' owell J. Engineering Puehlo. C dorailo WIMMEI.I., Arthur . . Arls and Sciences Las Animas, Colorado 115 INANS. Jo Ann— .(rls and Sciences Denver, Colorado UOI.K, Louis Ir in — Engineering Johnstown, C.olorado WOOI.DRIDCE, Donna Arts and Sciences Kansas (!ily. Missouri 1952 FRESHMA CLASS 116 rvjff pf « 2 AKERLOW, Jane -Denver, Colorado ALBRECHT. Phyllis Berlhoud. Colorado ALEXANDKR. Janet— Des Moines. Iowa ALEXANDER. John H— Lamar. Colorado ALEXANDER. Myrna I ' eoria. Illinois ALLEN, Colleen — St. John. Kansas ALLEN. Jaek W. -Tulsa. Oklahoma ALMQLIST. Marilvn — Colorado Sprinps, (Colorado ANDERSON. Barhara Jean Nortli Platte, Nehraska ANDERSON, Patricia River Forest. Illinois ANGEVINE, Jack Merrill— Lafayette. Colorado ARDOUREL, Joe— Boulder. Colorado ARMSTRONG, (iladys— Greeley, Colorado ASHLOCk, Rohcrt H. — (Jilman. Colorado ATKINSON. Pegpy- Houston. Texas liABB, Jane— Grove, Oklahoma BAIER, Gretchen Lee— Cleveland. Ohio B.AILEY, Mary Elizaheth — Danielson. ( Connecticut BAKER, Barhara Jane — Clarence. New York MAKER. Bettie I.aRue — Greeley. Colorado BAKER. Beverly Ann — Denver. Colorado MANCROIT, Je ' lain. — Madison, W isconsin BAKKLEY, Barhara- -Fleminj», (Colorado MARK, Marie — Boulder, Colorado BEARD, Hohert M.— Greeley. Colorado liKCKLEY, Marparet -Lone Beach, California BKI.INA, Marie (iilman, Colorado BELL, Hohert II. — Kansas (!itv. Missouri ItENESCIl, Clara— Salida, Colorado BENSON, Paul Rohert— Loveland, Colorado BERGHOEK, Lewis— VTilniette, Illinois BERGMAN, Burt- (Jlencoe, Illinois BERGERMAN, Carole— Beverly Hills. California BIEL. Shirley — Denver. (!idorado BIESER. Alh ' ert II. Craip, C.dorado BILLIG, .Sue— Mt. Morris. Illinois BILLETEB, Beverlev— Fairfield, Iowa HILLETER, Bichar.i— Fairfiehi. Io«a BISHOP, Fred J. Denver, Colorado BL. CK, Boh— Jersey City, New Jersey BLACKER, Patricia Boulder, Colorado BI.. (C:KNEY, John II.. Jr. Verona. New Jersey BI.ICKE. Judy Bucyrus. Ohio liOBSON. l!ctt Lou (ivpsuni. Colorado li »FTT( I IKH. Barhara Washington. D.C. HOOKKR. Ceraldiiir M. Ruth. Nevada H( )( NK. J.din Phillips Dallas, Texas BOOTHBY. Janene— Cherokee, Iowa . I{(tK T. u aiin.- Itr.n.kliil.l. lllim.i- HOTKI.KK, Nancy Hraiiu-rd, Miiiiu-.-oU ItOWKN. I)»it;lil DriiN.T, i:i liiru lu I{() ' l . Mill- Mar (oliiratlo Spriii)!!!, ( ' uluraclu ItliM KKMtl KV.CardKii li.rt Collins, Ciloruil.. ltl! Ml. anil- l. iii):nionl, Culiirailii HI! N N. IVus Diiner, Colorailo l!UK KIMill)i;K, Auilrtv— Craig. Colorailo IIUIIKKMI CK, Harl.aru MiniiiJixilis, MinniMilii l!l{l(.l. , Jirrv l ' .. al.ll.., I.lah.. ItKK.lir, l.vnn Cliicaco, Illinois llKIMIKV, Thomas -Toliilo. (»liio IiK(» l l)rS, Marilyn Itarll. svillr. ( Ikl.ilii.nia ItKOWN. Ch.Miinf. Wyciniinc KlillW NKI I . Marion l.u (;raiini-. Illinois lilit NKIIOKST. Clannii- Colnnilins. i ' l ra»ka ItU llimi , Marv l.»nn— Kapli-. Colorado lU Kl KK. Itarl ara Jran Colorailo Springs, ( iolorailo rUKCKR, Itarbaru— Koiiliirr, Colorado lU KliKSS. nMi — Monlr iinia, Kansas Itl KMI M. liillii- Criiliv, Colorado 111 TT. Jo Ann l).n .r. ( olora.lo CAI I KMH 1{. J.miis K.m .is Cit . Missouri CA.Ml ' litLL. Donna t.ranil Junition. (!olorailo CAMI ' MKI.L, Jean — Los Angeles, (California CARKY. Allen I,. pan, Iowa CAKI SON. Carol Ituulil.r. Colorado CAKI.TON. Mary Kllen ndale, California CARSON, Marilynne — Denver, Colorado CHAMRKRS, Catherine — Minneapolis. Minnesota I II M1!I.IS . I. uanne Denver, Colorado (!11 AMI ' t;NK, Claire New Orleans, Louisiana CHKIIAK., Kathryn— Cedar Rapids. Iowa C1TT . Jeannie - Roswi ' ll. New Mi ' xieo CLARK, Chuek Kl I ' aso. Texas CLAl LN. Kay Delta. Colorado ( I.AYTON. Elizaheth Kl I ' aso. Texas CI.INh,, Marv Ann Clendale. (California CO D. Holh Des Moines. Iowa col I IN, Norma Si. John, Kansas COIIN, Donna — Denver, (Colorado CI»I KM N, Thomas D. (deneoe, Illinois CONLKY, F ' atriria Ronlder. Colorado CONNELL, Sallv— Houlder, Colorado COOKK, P.ter Si. (;ienroe, Illinois COOI ' KR, Marilvn Phoenix. ri ona COOI ' KR, Pauline E.— Codv, W voniing COPLAND, (and— Los Anples ' . California CORPKR, ( vnthia Ruth Kvanslon, Illinois C(»RYDON. Pa! Oak Park. Illinois CO . P.-sRv Ruth Delia. Colorado CROPI KY. R. Denver, Colorado CLNNIN(;iIAM, Margie -El Paso. Texas CURTLS. John R.— Puehlo. Colorado CrSniNt;. Jo Anne- Rerea. Ohio DANIKI . Marv nn Denver. ( nlorado DANUI SON. Doris— Denver. Colorado DALM. Phvllis Knglew I. Colorado DAVKNIMIRT, Dorothv Mae Chevenne. M.ming DAVIDSEN, Gladvs— Chicago, Illinois DICK, Joan R. — W alsenlnirg, Colorado DKCK, Joyce Susan Salsinliiirg, Colorado I)E(CKFCR, Lawrence D. Ilavden, Colorailo Dk(;OOD, Carolvn Lovelanil, Colorado DKI.IMONT, Delia Paonia. Colorado DIl.l.MAN. Jolm W ichila. Kansas mj 9 117 1953 FRESHMEN DINWIDOIE. Shirley M.— HavHen. Colorado DONALDSON, Thomas E— Loving. New Mexiro DONDANVILLE. Pattv— Moline, Illinois DROF.CK. Marv Chicago. Illinois DLNN. Hc.liin I ' liehlo. Colorado EA. TA1!K()()KS. Sam Evaiiston. Illinois 118 O O f If LHAI (ill. Nanry — Denver, Colorado EliELL, Dale — Houlder, Colorado ECKBEIU;. Phyllis Anne Port Vi ashingtun. New York EDDY. Marpol — Ogden Dimes. Indiana EDW AKDS, (;ioria Denver. Colorado EDWARDS, Nanry Marie — Denver, Colorado ED X■ARpS, Rohert— Logan. Iowa EMESON. David Lee — Denver, Colorado ENDICOTT. John— Houston. Texas ENNIS, Charles — Kansas City. Missouri ESSEN, Nancy — St. Louis, Missouri ETNYRE, Marilyn— Oregon. Illinois EVANS, Jeanne— Toledo, Ohio EVANS. Richard C.— Hinsdale. Illinois FAIRCHIl.D. Hetty Denxer. Colorado FAIRLESS, Martha — (Crosse Pointe, Michigan FASSETT, Nancy — Minneapolis. Miimesota FELLIN, Josephine — Ouray, Colorado FICKLE, Barbara — Denver, ( " olorado FISHER. Mary— Trinidad. Colorado FISHER. Sherry — Glidden, Iowa FITZPATRICK, Jane— Winneika. Illinois FOULK, Robert C.— Denver, Colorado FOUNTAIN, Kerniit— Sloan, Iowa FOX, Karen — Des Moines, Iowa FRICKE, Mary Kaye — Colundius, Nebraska FRITH, Mary Bell— South B. nd. Indiana FRYE, Connie — Elkhart. Indiana FLRMAN, Chariot N. MrCook, Nebraska GATHERS, Charles— Boulder. Colorado GENTRY. Curtis M.— Lamar, Colorado GIEHM, Helen Marie — Denver, ( " olorado GILLIS, H. Joyce — San Marino, California GOODER, Ronald Brent — (Jasper, W voming GOODFELLOW, Carolvn— North Platte, Nebraska GOODMAN, Marilyn— Denver, Colorado GORMI.EY, Barbara Jean. Denver, Colorado (;RAIIAM, Judv Des Moin.s. Iowa GRALNEK. Donald S. Marshalltown. Io«a GRANT . Birnev I. — Hockford. Illinois (;REEN, Dcboraii Berkeley, California GRIFFITH, (Jrace— Texas City, Texas GRO T.R, Peggy Duluth. Minnesota Gl STAFSON. Hicluird BomI.I.t. Colorado HAA(i. (!aroIvn M. — Kensington. Mar land HAIL. Dick—Ames, Iowa HALLOCK, Berneire Lorraine — Delta, ( " olorado HANCOCK, K.ilh Wallace- Aurora. Colorado HANSEN. Fli ab.lli 1. l.a junta. ( ioloradci HANSEN, Maya inther — Davenport, Iowa HANSON, Donna — Sioux ( ' ilv. Iowa IIXNSON. Phvllis— Bcrlhoud. Colorailo H H1)1 . Ira Lee I, vcan. Colorado M H1)I . Manila Villi Illinois HARDY. Wayne R— Denver, Colorado 11 BOLD. June A. Denver. Colorado II YI)EN, Patricia Diii er. C.dorado II NFS. I.ida Bozciiian. Montana II VS. li.xerlv Denver. Colorailo llFBFirr. lirltv Jraiinr Dcmmt. Colorado .i.. lIKl KhH. li.M-rK DniM-r. Ciilorado IIKITMVN, Kirliaril A. Spokaiw, W a liiii(!li ii I1KM KKS(»N, (ariilvii Mar-hall. llhNDKICKSON, llirl..rl C. Daxrnport, I iwa IIKl ' KI KN, Donna Iiniim- Drnxi-r, ( !i l ira lo IIKW ITT, F.l.anor «-»t onn.-. tiriH III! KKV. Kiilli (liirkaslia, Hklahoma IIIUVKA, Mil l ' n.l)li . t olorailo II|(.(.1N , L%nn K. • )(ran! ulr, ruUrurnia nil I . MariUn Mi.llan.l. Tixas 111! TMUDKl,, Namy Lamar, Colorado IIINKS, Kolurt (.. Utalriri-. N.l.ra-ka IIIN H M N, n.lfta C «;r.-.-l.y, :olorado III lllK. J.iM-.- A. I ' lain i.». N.l.ruska ll l|l(.IN . Mi. ' i- I ' .iralrll.i. Idaho l|(»|ll. UN. lartfi.l Kinilm.ith, Illinois IIOl.ltKltOK, Kloiiii- ll ii ' r, Colorado IIOl.l.KY, Oorpe Alfrt-d — I.onumonl, (Colorado IIOI I OWAY. Vircinia DaM-nporl, lowu IKtl Klf. Carol lay Aurora. cd. ■ratio l|IH»ri-|{. Mar% Slaiiilo Mii-. Wisconsin llnl ' KIN--. 11.1. n W aiMi.ta. N.l.raska llliri ' DCK, Hurharu Kilna, Kansas llKKNE, Louise — Barrington, Illinois l|lir ;II. Klora E. Kill.-, Colora.lo 111 HltKI I., Hrlrn- las ( rii.-.s. N.w Mexico III C(.1NS, Sallv — Janrsvillr, Vi isronsin 111 NTINCToV. Hiilh I rhana, Illinois 111 T( lllXxtN. Huth-, Ohio IKKLAND, Donna — Canon ( " ily, C olorado I f !1 . Donna J. (.rami Islaml. Nelira.ska J C(»HSON, Dianni- Man-ia— I ' roria, Illinois J MKS. Bob— Di-n i ' r, Colorado J MMK.K, Nancy Boulder. Colorado JOHNS. Frank IIol Sprinf!8, South Dakota JOHNSON. Dean C— Slurpis. South Dakota Jl HINSON. Lois— Denver, Colorado JOHNSON, Yvonne— Bouldir, Colorado JONF.S, (arolyn — Maywood. Illinois KEEN. . Edith — (irerley, ( ' ..dorado KING, . rden — Denver, (! dorado KINSTI.ER. Carmen Williston. North Dakota KOPINE, Dorothy Mae — La Veta, Colorado KORF N, Sue — FSanoton, Illinoi!. kRASNF ' , Sylvia — Fretnoni, Nrhraska KROHN. Marietta Oak Park. Illin.ds KROl ' F. Karl B.od.lrr. Colorado KRY.STYMIAK. Eli aheth Ml. Pleasant, Pennsylvania I. ALLY, Kay — Colorado Sprinf[s, Colorado l. l K. Henrietta — Denver. ( !.d. ra.lo I. N( ,. Marian Denver, ( ' idorailo l. N(.TRY. Al Winn. Ika. Illinois LEE, Roberta Fort Collins, Colorado Lf.GER. Patricia — Liberal. Kansas I.EIERER, Charles Boulder. Colorado LEVY. Harriet Chicaco. Illinois LEW IS. William I.. Tnlsa. Oklahoma LEW IS. Patricia Ann — Kansas (itv, Missouri LKillTIURN, Virginia— Denver, ' Colorado I.INI)BER(,. Richard L.— Holyoke. Colorado LIST, ( ' arolvn — Park Ki.lfie. Illinois LORD. Marilyn- Piano, Illinois LO EJ(»Y. Frances — Bouliler, (Colorado LrND(;REN. Evelyn Denver. Colorado UTIIYE, Patty D.nver. Colorado L NN, Connie — Higldan.l Park. Illinois j Si ivi 119 1953 FRES MacARTHUK. Arlhiir ( .— California MAODOCK. Mary Lmih— Nortlil.rook. Illinois MA ;(;AKI), CoUen— Amarill... Texas MAI,Y, Itarhara — (lohirado Springs. (Colorado MANNIN f, Donna Lou — t aspiT, yoming MAi ' ES, Nancy — Dcn i ' r. Colorado 120 MARCrS, Gloria — Glcncoc, Illinois MARKS. Joan Houston. Texas MAK(,)L;AKI)T. Johanna— N.w York. N.w York MATSUSIIIMA. Kilnal ' latl.vill.-. Colorado MAT.SON. Donald Carl J.roni.-. Idaho MATTERN. Barbara— Davton. Ohio Mr.DONAI.D. ralricia— Dinv.r. Colorado McCIIESMCY. Arthur— I.ov..|and. Colora.l.i McCLUNG, Don— Bouldir. Colorado Mr.ILViAIN. Mary Ann Cincinnati. Ohio McK.W, Marilyn — La Junta. Colorado McKOWN, Jane Grace— Omaha, Nebraska McLAGAN. Neil— Brush. Colorado McMillan, Alice, Kvanston, Illinois McMillan, Joan— Luhl.ock. Texas MENDELSOHN, Shirley Elaine Milwaukee. Wisconsin MENZEL. Velila Lee— WestclilTr, Colorado METZGER, Carolyn — Birmingham, Michigan MEYER, Suzanne — Wauwalosa. Vi isconsin MILEY, Mary Kathrine — (in yhull, Wyoming MILLER, John A. — Minneapolis. Minnesota MILLER. Rav H. — Colorado Springs. Colorado MILNER, Carol E — Rockv River. Ohio MOORE, NANCY— Denver. Colorado MOSBAUGII, Donna— Billings. Montana MLIGGE, Jo Ann — Des Moines. Iowa MURPHY, PATTY— Galeshurg. Illinois MURRAY, Marlis— Burlington. Iowa NELSON, Carol May — Windsor, (lolorado NELSON, Marilyn— Gurley, Nebraska NEVILLE, Alice— Denver, Colorado NIEMI, Norma Maria— Red Lodgi-. Montana NOSSAMAN, Marjorie ( ' ..— Madison. New Jersey NUTTALL, Tonv Righv. Idaho NYGAARD. Rulii Eslli.r Brush, (..dorado O ' MALLEY, Edniuiid Patrick t liicago. Illinois OPARIL, Dolores— Westmont, Illinois OPDYCKK. Martha Boulder. Colorado PACK. Jo Marl.- Uidilicld. 1 lah PA(;E. Donna Boul.l. r. C.dorado PARDEE. Elaine l.akewood. :oIorado PARKER, Helen— Des Moines. Iowa PARKER. Pat Anne — Denver, ( " olorado PAUI.E, Jacipielvn ( ' hicago, Illinois PEACOCK, Robert Dallas. Texas PENNY, Norma DeuM-r. Colorado PERRENOUD. Mary Lou . ' ioux I alls. South Dakota PERRY, William Alois Mati anola. Colorado PIERSON, Judith Ann— Galveston, Texas PIKE, Nancv Brighton, ( ' olorado PNEUMAN. ' Ered Boulder. Colorado POPKEN. Louis Moulilcr. Colora.lo POSPISIL. Richard W akcfi.ld. Nebraska POTARD, .Sara Hinsdale, Illinois POTTER, Robert V.— Boulder, Colorado PRIEST. Deborah — Denver, ( " olorado PHI SS. Donal.l Edgar l,ilicri illc. Illinois OU M. Barbara I ' argo. North Dakota (,)l INBY. Lyal E.. Jr. Boulder. Colorado B A( EY, Carlyn V. — Boston, Massachusetts I |{ AINS. Mary D. Vtlaiilir, lo«a |{ WHKI., MiUu Diimr, Coliirucio |{ SMt SK.N. Mar iiM I) - Kalli. Illin. i IthKSK, ltii lir Dfimr, t i.lnrailn lUllt. Ilarriitir D.lrtiit. MiiliiBan KK.Il.l.Y, l.oisanm — Rixorsiilr. Illinois l!l NOl |l . I alliiriiir Ciiliiruilu l(l II KI». J " aii ray. I .iiliirailo lUl II I!I»M N, Mary iiir (.r. ' al Tails, Mimlaiia i;i|)l)i l II. lii ' M ' rly I.iiiiisxillc. Iliiliirailu l!IKIKM!l l! ., Diiriitliy D.-im-r. ( ulurailu lill I ' LE, Tulsy Jfuii tin-al lall-. Miuilaiia Ull ' I ' llKKCKIv.Jii iir..ia. Illinois HdliKHTSON. t.ritrlnii Diailw.MxI. S.uilli Dak.ilu UdMINSON. laril ii I iii .hnr. Imliaiia KnCKIiS. liiM-rly Diiimt. I Ulnrailo KOMIiOl I). Jiiililli W ichita. Kansas KOSKM N. Imiii Clii.a); " . Illinois UOSS, l.rwis Williams Cimnril Uliiffs, Iowa S I TSTKIN. Snt- Milwank..-. W is.-onsin S I MANN.MI HIKI |).ii . r. t i.lora.lo S MI Kl.. I-.imiia I. .Ml (irfin Mountain I ' alls. ( .olorailo S I I)IM, lliiri ncf Canon t ' iH. I olorailo l!l I, Il.lrn M.— C.liiiaco ll.i-lu-. Illinois ■ ' I II I K. Itolii-rt I ' arlriil;;!- I inM-r. Colorailo -I lllll.lIM " . rnolil rolorailo Sprinps, (lolorado -1 nil I IK. Jan.l I ' nil.lo. (olorailo ■•I Mil I INi;. ;rrlrnilr Manrrofi. Nrliraska ■■( III ITT. JoAnn SprinslirM. Illinois -1 mi T . Nina Coily. W oMiin- SCmi.TZ, Sarah Jam— Dinv.r. Colorado S III M. I arolvn — Farco. North Dakota -I HI M ( llK.i{. Mary Sioux Kalis. .South Dakota l IIW 1!. Su annr II. W i-slfrn Sprinps. Illinois S( IIW I{T , Ja.k III (olorailo Springs. ( olorailo SKIIIKI.. K.lpar t.ntralia. Illinois SV ' .I.I., Roberta — Gcrinf!, Nrhraska SKI, IS. kalliryn Fort Inpton, Colorado SK . Stuart (ilrnror. Illiunis SKVMOl li. Dalo Itoulil.r. Colorado SIl VKIKIi. Doris Mari.- Kngliwood. Colorail.. -SIIK.V, I ' atriiia Iranklown. Colorado SIIKriIKRD, Donald T.— Colorado SlIKHIKK. Calharim- lint Sulpliur Springs. Colorado IIK1{M N. lii, hard Scotia. N.w York SIIKKKII I . Nanrv Fort Collins. Colorado SIIKKROD. Judy— Stratford. T. as SHIDEI.ER, Shirley Nedine Shawm-e. Colorado IllNKli. I ' airiria — . " an Matin. ( alifornia SHIRK. Don Vi hi-atridpi-. lolorado SIIOCKI.KV. Kathleen Ilnuslon. Texas . HRF.VE. Frances Ituffalo. W yoniins: SIE(;KI,. Dolores Des Mnin. s. Iowa SIKKRIN(;. lor.n I ' uildo. t nlnrado SILVERMAN. Mary De Kail.. Illinois SIMDNDS, K.lna DenM r. ( oli.ra.lo SIMPSON. Jovre -ICa.l.s. C-.lora.l.. SKYRM. Ilil.leparde — (demoe. Illinois Sl.t N, Jatiu-s . — Aurora. (Colorado . MEKD. Il.len Sioux Kails. South Dakota 1 121 SMITH. David H.— Meeker, Colorado SMITH. D.mna Kreeport. Illinois SMITH. Dor.iihy Pu.l.l... C..l..ra.l.. SMITH. Nan.y nne Ri .-rsiilr. Illin.iis SMOI.KNSKK. D.)nna D.n er. Colorado SMYTH, Bill — Roulder. Colorado 1953 FRES SNIDER, Harrv— Denver, Colorado SNYDERMAN. Joan— Puehio, Colorado SOYKA, Sidney—Kirhfield. I lah SI AN(;LEH. Jcdin — Lonpmont. (Colorado SPENCER, Thomas k.--St. Iduis. Missouri SI ' IEGEI., Stanley M.— Shell, x ill,-. Illinois t f IK SQIIRF . Ka I ' errin — Aberdeen, South Dakota STAATS. Cliarlene — Denver, lolorado .STAIKORD. Mary— Eseondido. California STEELE, Neta Jo — Dunean, Oklahoma .STEREIN i, Elaine — Aurora, Colorado STEVP NS, Sharlene — Denver, ( olorado STIN.SON, Rarliara — Rouliler, Coli rado STITT, Harold L. Hrush, Colorado STOCK, Rarhara — (Colorado Springs. (Colorado STORM. Nanov — Salinas. California STRACHAN. thomas, Nebraska STROM. Myrna Omaha. Nebraska .STRTTIIERS. Joseph Allen. Jr. Colorado Springs, Colorado STl RM. Martha West l.afa rllr. Imiiana SIMMERTON, Joan— Denver. C.dora.lo SITHERLAND, Helen— Houston, Texas SUTTON, Harriet — Minneapolis, Minnesota SYL ' ESTER, Margaret— Denver, Colorado TAINTER, Louella — (Colorado Springs, Coloradii TEXTER, Diana — Tulsa, Oklahoma THORSTENSEN. Joan — Wauwatosa. Viseonsin TIETZ. Ered— Hinsdale, Illinois TODD. 5 ilma Jeanne — Denver, ( " dorado TOMI.INSON. Retty -Sue Steandjoat Springs, ( " olorado TOMLINSON, Sally Ann San Bernardino, California TOOMBES, Ann— .Salt Lake City, Utah TRILK, Barbara — Riverside, Illinois TRIPLETT, Hugh ilmette, Illinois TRUCKSESS. Ann Victoria- Boulder, Colorado TUTT, Barbara R. — Hayden, Colorado TYRRELL, Dale R— Denver, Colorado I SEM. Paula — . u8tin, Minnesota VAN NOSTRAND, Nancy Monte Vista, Colorado V ' EREN, Merlyn— Sturgis. South Dakota VOGELER, August H. Ill— Elko. Nevada WALKER, LeDean — Dalton, Nebraska ALLA( " E. (Jeorpe Leonard Escalon. t ' alifornia WARNER. Joan— Idaho Falls. Idaho WATERS. Lou Dell— (;olden. Col.irado WEBSTER. Marv Lu Kansas Citv. Missouri WELLER, Marilyn— Mitchell, .S nih Dakota WUISENANT, June— Liberal, Kansas WHITNEY, Jan— Denver, Colorado V; I(;(;iNS, Deanle I.a Oangi-. Illinois II.LIAMS. ;. Dal. — (iraml Junclion. Colorailo WILSON, Kennetli R. ( ' .ortez, Colorado WILSON, Pal Denver, Colorado W ILSON, Sallv— Denver, Colorado WINNEK, Jacqueline — Denver, Colorado WITCIIKI 1.. Barbara Springfield. Illinois W OERTM N. Marilyn W li.alri.lge. Colorado W (til I . H dMrt S. .N. Louis. Missouri (11 ID. |la id (irand Junilion. Colorado WOODS, Joan — Longmonl, (iolorado WYCKOFF, Kate M.— Larchnioni, New York YOIBERC. David R.— Havden, Colorado YOLN ;, Thomas I.- Liberlv. New York ZELIGSON, Sybil Tulsa. Oklahoma School off Law -» |3 -v,- ; f i ' o : 1 1 irsS3t ? _ . -. -«5 , ■ ' : =f f imm iiST T j.-- . -:T f ' i Sf: i ; . Hii,i; r x. left to rifkt: R. Camphcll. T. McMann. C. Hampinn, J. Smith. W . lunur l " . ' I). Ma hoffcr. M. MeaJofT, J. Mcndcrfton. J. Bruin. C Warren. R. Johnson. J. Wcndt. W. Ketflrkamp, C. Carlton, B. Bartley. • Sfvrnth t ru : i:. Sandenc. P. Brown. J. N ' ento. T. Holton. I.. Wycltoff. B. Arnold. J. Groh, R. Sanderson. M. Richert. J. Fairchild. E. While. R. Nevens. J. Trccce. K. Frcicnmuih. T. Walker. • Sixth row: R. Minncch, R. Cullen. E. Chritti«no. A. Tomsic. P. Roads. J. Uillard. R. Davison. C. Cox. R. Duthic, L. Winitfield. J. Markham. W . Smui. (J. Ourcn. Ci. Anderson. H. Roberts. E. Rerituson. E. Sullivan. • Fifth row: R. (Hurk. H. Bilton. H. Johnson. J. McClraih. J. Michael. H. Rcnnetu. W. Cooper, c;. Sn der, J. Sullivan, J. Gerard. E. Lonabaufth. Short . F. Benton. I,. McC ' ain, (). Daniels. D. Miller. J. Michela. J. Mantis. • hourth row: V . Schneeber t C. Leierer. C. Mordand. L. Fenton. R. Benneif, C. C.illam. J. Pufthe. J. Eaton. R. Thomas. J. Carroll. R. Bernick. c:. Barih. H. Hill. H. Heafcr. W. Houston. • Third row: T. Zeppa. J. Warren. W. NeUon, R. Johnson. M. Hjclle. W. McClcarn. F. Deerinil. .M. Dinner. R. Morris, T. Robertson, S. Roberts, G. Chene . C. Pierce. • Second row: B. (ira . I.. Rovcra. R. P le. R. McDermoii, H. Nier, R. Carr. H. Hutchison. F. Allen. L. Stewart, J. Romanick. D. M ers. J. Clayton, R. Buchanan. E. Spanitler. ' front row: F. Rahmer, S. Telep. A. Stcinbur . C Ward. J. Law. R. ChanK. H. McC:art , F. Coole . J. Bo er, F. Morrison. (;. McLachlan. P. Durtord. A. Williams. 123 STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATInN President Vifo-Presidcnt Secretary Trrasiirer HolirrI Davisiin Hoii$l in illiaiiis Mary Panaites Harr Kurnhain y M: ■ -Jf 1 1 cl ' S ■ . Senior ' Iiil lii| nii ' ii at the I iiiMr«il of (Colorado tlii car will ;o ilowii in a al lii lor a.- llic lirsl radnalinf; class under tlie Hollowav Plan. Insliluted in 19K). this plan pro i(led for hooks, tuition, and retainer pay, plus three sununer cruises for all rcftular students. For their cruises, the first classmen have heen ahoard a l)attleshi|». an aircraft carrier, crniseris. and de- stroyers. The cruises started in 1947, with the regiular students eni- harkinp on the U. S. S. Iowa and cruisinp to Pearl Harhor. T. H., and the Pacific coast refiion, niakin : calls at anconver. B. C, and l.onj; Beach, ( ' alifornia. Their second cruise was taken ahoard the Boxer, an aircraft carrier. Ports of call were Pearl Harhor. l.oufi Bea«-h. and . " an Diejio. I ' he frcsluncn ihal vear. l ' 4 {. went ahoard the h)wa. and visited . " cattle. Pe.irl Harhor. I.oni; Beach and . " an Dicfjo. Last summer the Alidshi|)nien from the Unixersity saw arious phases of naval life. The (Irst and third classmen went ahoard cruisers and destrovers and headed for Panama, (lanal Zone. Shijis participatin ; in this cruise were the cruisers Toledo and ! prin ;field anil the destroyers (.handler. Hammer, Oshorne. and W iltsie. Duriiif; this cruise the Middies were |iartici|iauts in the ceremonv of " crossinf; the line, " and undouhtcdiv lia e manv tah ' s of their experiences. ' •• -■ i ' « j United States aval Officers le 124 CoMlpiillN I I .iirii[Kiit 11 125 leserve Training Corps Tlicrr •r» ' alj o soiiH " first rhissnicii wlio li;nl iIiommi I po into llif Marine ( .orp.- ami wen- M-rit I " lli - Marim- (li() il at (_)iiaiili( . ir iinia. Tlic sccoiul cla mcn (•r • ;;i cii aMl|llliili( ll training: at l.ittlo (.reek. ir;iiiiia for two weeks ami llieii traiis- lirriil 1(1 I ' ensacola. Florida for air training. All of till ' iriii-i-- la-Iril for i;;lit weeks, except tlie ' V cruise for lir l ami third classmen, uliidi was of six weeks du- ration. The cruises are designed to ac |uaint the Mid-liipmeii with siiipboard life and to re eal the inner workin of the Navy. Tlie Middies stand ref:iilar underway walclies. actualK seciiir; the eijuipment at work, and operalin;; it as indepemlenti) as practicable. Besides standing: Nalchrs in the operation . en- ;:ineerin . and fiuniierx deparlmciil-. tlie also receiNe dailv cla s instruction ' oncernin x the technical functions of each ilepart- nient. hen June rolls around this ear. the Mid-hi|)meu Senior will he coninii ioned either as ensifins of the Line nr uppl ( orps. or as second lieutenants in the Marine ( .orps. I hi- will mark tlie hcfiinnin;; of tin- two vear active dut requireil for them, uith the exception of three contr.ut -ludcnt-. uho ha%e no uhlifiated service upon :raduation. HON 1 1 ( ' rV. men I ■If ' ■ ' As we gracluatinp seniors review llie developnient of our unit, we feel a sense of j)ri le and achievement. Vie have ob- MTved tlie unit prow and develop into a spirited orfianization, rapidK fiaininfi campus ret-ofinition. At this, tiie end of our active participation, we see a unit doubled in enrollment over the previous year: the prowth from company strength to a bat- talion. Nevertheless, we remember tiie strupples of our first year, common to any bejiinninf; organization. However, amonp these trials and tribulations were moments of j)leasure. Even our summer camp, trying and strictly (i.I.. had periods of adventure. Nearby Tacoma, and Vancouver, (Canada, were scenes of chaos when the ROTt cadets from Fort Lewis received their weekend leaves. United St Army I i tes !eservc|( 126 Rack row, left to ri ht: Cudcl Isi I.i. Millun L. Vile . Cadet Captain Kujicr 11. Nelson. Cadet Captain William M. Parr. • -roni row: Cadet Captain Uunald C. McCartcr. Cadet 1st Lt. I)i)naM L. Feller. Cadet 1st Li. Glenn K. Cliafec. Jr., Cadet Major Mark Chilton. ±Jl niliil Stairs |{(»T( I iiit. I iiiv.rsilv if I iiliiruiUi 127 Officers Training Corps Hen- oil lli - ' .iiii|iii-. llii- unit (iistinpiifilicd il-clf .i .111 ii| - and-roiniii orfiiiiii ation. Onr iiitrMmiir;il teams ' aw tlirir all to the old corps, and tlu ' ir a( ' coni|)li.-liiiiunt.s warrant the liif;lifst of recopnition. Our rifle team, getting stronger each season, has carrii ' il our colrirs well a;:aiiisl f)llifr teams of the Bi;; Se i-ii and into the Hearst and Arniv Intercollegiate matches. ithin the unit, the recently organized Pershing Rifles served to give the oiitlit a fraternal spirit. e. heiiiu: the first cailets to receive our commission- in the Army from the Lni ersity of (Colorado, slanil prepared and de- termined to set an outstanding record for those who follow. W e leave with the faith ami conlideiice that onr unit will h.m- .1 long and productive record. f Q - " 128 Rack rote, lejt to right. T. Maticc. I.. W .11 ..iriis. W . IWuvm.. I.. IrcvailMii. I . Mnrji.iii. W . JjcUmmi. 1 ' . !■ ..rd. H. r..| K. McUivitt. K. Mcl cr. J. Koht■ t n. R- Schmitt, W. Turner. V. Hlidlu. H. Stoilcr. . Cowell. K. Cokmun. • I-ourth row: F. Kabtf. [ . Kcist-ndale. J. Wood, K. Peterson. R. ( ' arvcr. J. Koll, M. Krantz. M. Wasswi-niill. M. (loofie. . Inf raham. G. Zuckcrnian. B. JoJinson, W. (iro er. • Third row: C. Roberlson. G. Faber. J. Pollard. . WiUon. R. Isbcrji. G. I) )«is. J. Boyd. G. CJirvin, G. Girard, R. (ionijc. P. Stearns, . Johnson. • Second row: V. Fountain. C. Wheeler, J. Schoonmaker. J. McCullock, J. Price, R. Fleming, ' . Cutshall. L. Watts, H. Cra slord, D. Collier. R. Groeger, J. Hurdle. • Front row: R. Heinz, J. Frishman. W. Robinson, A. Ferguson, G. Calonge, J. McDonald, R. Wilson, C. Dalton, T. Fdvvards, R. Hawley. H. Leighi. C. Johnson. School of Medicine TIm ' Deparliiiont of Modirinc cainpu ill Dcincr. willi two vell-ei]iii|(|K ' «l hos- pitals, the (Colorado (General an l tin- ( ' olora lo l ' s cliopatliic. is one « ( llic west s oiitstaiuliii cciilers for study of lieallli sciences. On lliis 25-acre eaiupiis courses are oflered in medicine, nnrsinfi. medical tecli- nolojiv. pinsical therapy, and other liidds. I ' ' , tensi e n-search facilitit-s are availahle for adxanced students. The Charles Deni- son .Memorial Library and Auditorium and a gymnasium and athletic field supplement the hospital an l leachiiif; units. The Den- er (general anil other hospitals of the cit and stale provide aihled ineilical antl uurs- iu " leachiu " and clinical facilities. I ' ti ' ii»i I- | lor iiirrc.i-iii; llic - r iii- i l tlif -Mc lic;il sfliool arc in |iri cc», iiiclinliiii: tin- lillililiii;: 111 .111 riilin- in » «iii;; (iir .iiinr rf- si-.irrli. Kii liiiiix il in llii new .icIcIiIkiii siII Im- tlu rt ' ffiilly crtMtcd l)i-|iartnii ' nt of Hi«i-rii sics. iiiulcr tin- sii|i«T isioti of Dr. 1. T. I ' lirk. Tliis Mfu (lis( ' i|ilin - toinhiiu ' s tin- -liiilii- of nKMliciiic and l iolo;: in an cITort to prolx- lln- inrclia- iiisnis of till- nioli ' cnlrs. atoms. (•lc»-lroii . niirlfi anti ••n T;; i|iianla wliicli caiiM ' (li casc. I ' lif lo- |iarIiniMl iidw ron i-t- nl Ih I ' m k .iml li i- :;r.iil- uat(- Inilrnt- duini: iml l roiarcji. ami i liou.-cil ill till ' ii.i i ' im ' nt nl liu- Ailiiiini tratitiii Ixiililiii " . School of Medicine tew Bofk rox " . !eft to right: J. Aldtrman. M. Hupp. O. Kin|t. K. Roehri)i. • Third row: C. Clilion. M. KlakcK. M. .Mcxandcr. C. Hnn mnn, M. c»itcr- lund. X . Keener. I). Rcncdici. W. McCaw. D. Stein, T. N! inre. ♦ Second row: R. Harcis. I . Ir%%in. i . HurU- . M. Fcrn-II. S. Dien t. M. Hcpnt-r. J. Bcerv. I-. P-ilcstiii. K. VScincr. • hmnt row: F. Se del. H. Franch. C. Oba. J. Farrinittnn. J. V- h. . I.ce. K. M.ivcraft. S. Mcllir. C. Shpjll. d • - Considered essential qualifications for a career in medicine are the following: a deep- seated, unsentimental type of devotion to the interests of others: ahove average mental and |ih ical eapacilv: a genuine l() e of science, and a liking for people. Pcrscins with these ideals in mind may be interested in one of the many fields offered. In the School of Nursing there are wide op- |ji rliinities for training and advancement in var- ious areas, including public health nursing, clitiical. professional nursing, and so on. The basic |irogram. leading to the Bachelor of Sci- ence in Nursing, may be completed in four years. Another interesting field is that of X-Ray Technology, a one-year course offered within the S ' hool of Medicine, with practical work in the Colorado General Hospital X-Kay Depart- ment. I ' hvsical Therapv is a growing profession with many positions for men and women. L ti- li .ing such physical agents as heat, cold, water, electricity, and massage in treating the sick and injured, the course consists of three academic years on the Boulder campus and one in Denver. School of Medicine 130 Back row, left to rifht: C. Roper, I). Dines, W, Zieitler, J. Brady. G. Mertz, S. Talpers. J. Denlon. D. Oond, R. Fakins. D. Gnndwin, J. Roberts. C. Peiemnn. C. Sherwood. S. Bardivell. J. Naumen, R. Shearer, S. McCuIIock. R. Taylor. T. Hiatt, J. Jones. C. Massion. R. tluniphrc . J. .Monghan, F. Oremland. J. Monre, J. A|(uilar, K. Cammack. • Third ntw: R. Sears. J. Sanchez, J. McCurdy, A. Sudan, J. Jones. K. Minzer, N. C ' opIe . J. ' irftil. W. Winht, W. Thulin, C. Clohcssy. T. Hohl. G. WiKc.n, J. McKell. J. " ounii. H. Mendrck. S. Appleby. C. Siroh. ' Second row: H. fltts, R. Wood, K. kahn, W. Wondard. T. Rartlc . H. Tipton. C. Penninjilnn, (]. Cambor. J. Humphreys, J. Hume, Cj. Nashelsk , H. RahminA, R. Remher. I.. Gross- man, H. Smith, L. Hurley. • Front row: C. ( hrcadus. (). .-VspinatI, R. Speck, I . Muinii, R. Johnson, P. kurachi, .M. Bernard, H. Bernstein, C. Stiny, A. Richardson. R. Staais, J. Mcknifthi, J. Richie. L P Bark row. left to rig l: R- Palmer, S. Fcnion. |. H hi3k. B. R. Firih. J. Scar . A. Copley. • Second row: M. Emanuel. J. Maly, C. Packard. C. Little, M. Mikj %a. tront row: M. Chanuk. K. ' anafii. M. N ' cndiiti. E. Yockcrs, L. Thuma«. 131 Medical Technicians ( Iraiiiiii;: Idr tin- I)f;;rcf if liarlnliir of Science in Occii| atiiiiial Therapv is piven at ihe ( " I ' no[)artniont of Mfilifiiic. in collahora- tion willi llir ( !i l(iraili) Afiriciiltiiral and Mi rliaii- ical ( " .ollt ' pc. F(irt ' . illiiis. Tin- position of Mrdical licrord conihino llir sn| cr ision and adinini trati%)- rr- sponsibilities of the hospital office manager with dntifs of the rest-arrh assislatil. Tlic sludctit in this lit ' ld s|iciids tuo %« ' ars in Arts and Sricnctv-. one in the School of Business, and onr in the Medical School. Pictured on this papp are the .Medical Tccii- noiofxy students, one of tlie larfjesl of the tech- nical groups, whose training prepares thetn In 8er e as lahoratorv terlinicians in liospitals .mil physicians ' offices. This is a fairly open field, which includes three i.ears of work on the Boul- der campus and one full cali ' iidar ear in Dciimt. • fJ . S % 1 I School of Nursing wwp HaiiHHia rorr Kllt-n Marii- Ihrxrl Liiinir Howe Marv Kllcn Kanilal Aliip Mikawa Aiiiii- Hcilirrls ( ' athirinr Kiilaii Yayiki) Sakafimhi Hrlrii Nakaf:aua Marjorif iMi rr Sup White Dunilln Williams 132 DENVER GENERAL MOSl ' llAI. DIMSION STLUE.NT ASSOCIATION OFUCEKS President „ Marilyn Ilinc Vice-President Kay Twist Secretary Jessie Munoz Treasurer „..„ Hazel Klar Class Class Hvpresentative Faculty Sponsor Junior V ilnia Kolierlson (Uara Uain Sopliiiniore Virjiinia M Milliii Julia Martin UNIVERSITY HOSl ' II ALS DIVISION STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Alice Spencer Vice-President Ruth Thornton Secretary , _ Maxine Franz Treasurer Phyllis ( ' overdell Class Class Representative Facully Sponsor Seniors, Section I Linnio Howe Dorothy tiregg Juniors, Section I Maxine Franz Dorothy Stalhnaiin juniors. Section II Phyllis Co erdell Marie Ames Sophoniorcs. Srclion I Kimic Suf:ano Julia Hansen Denver General Hospital Division Back row. leU ' o rifhl: Sh-ivir il MLiiJri,t.N Hcn on. Mcdraw. Haiteman, Cuverdcll. Kron . Souscr. Ptier. • Third row: l.ur ttn. K n«, Manton, Thomas. Oliver, Allen. . t »j ro -. lUuun. Ajihcrafl, Suifonu, ' anaru. Stockkiad. Prukup, Guudwin, Cording, Herman, Kiekc. hrunt rutr: Aliaffer, Bowser. Weiss, Kice, Colmer ' , Haften, Hohenstein, Thornton. Spencer. Back Card Alhin row, lejt to right: Me ers. Perkins. Wetden. Schcekcloth. Kuchler. Robertson. Crowley, O ' Donnell. Hine. • Srcond row: WoKenharler. McNlillin, Klar. Rivera. Brickert. Dill, Doermann, Johnson, Kainc . • front row: Craw lord. Johnston. Galleftos. Twist. Rios, Scarle. Berrick. Crciler, Barrv. Back row. trft to right: Peterson, Frost. Kahmever. Bell. Warnwc. Jones. Walker. • Srcond row: Bassett. Frederick. Pcttit. Auhcl. Anderson. Front row: Frederick. Knowles, Waitoner, Charles. Conovcr, Harlocker. 133 K i - n Btu k row, Irft to right: I)«ittic Shoop. Carol Taylor. Ruth Hawkins. n. Klizaheth Frost. Hedwift linntnhriiffjite. Ruth Leinindcr. Glad s Anderson. Jean Strnck. • Fourth row: Ruth Surber. Vivian Nlillcr, Velma Vi.ods. (Gladys Rvlcc. Ht-ulah Nntl. Isuhclle Dexter. Lots Bri)ihtenber(i. • Third rote: Hlcunor Sanders. Ruth Th.nnpson. Jessie Carroll, Ro iemar Shavia. ecil Unison, Fllen Peterson. Jenn Coaklev. Lntie Hirsch. • St-fond row: Edna McMillan. Kate I-theridile. Ida W viand. Thelma Hadlock. Rita Nickodem. Helen Rowlette. Fthel Alhin. irtiinia Jones. Mar Jo Franklin. • Front row: Lauretta Holder. W elda Ruxnolds. Sarah Reeves, Fvelyn Knifer. Carol Larson. Irene Anderson. Corrine Hansen, Marie .Muldrov%. Boulder Division The School of Nursiiifj: is accredited hy the (Colorado Stale Board of iirse Exaiiiiiiers. and is an active nieniher of the Association ol ( .ollef;iale Schools of " Vnrsiii on tlie hasis of its basic le{;ree. advaticed clinical, and |pul)lic health nnr inf; | rof;ranis. liesonrces of the Lniversilv Hospitals. conil)iiied with those of the l)en cr Murean of Hcallli Hos|)itals. present opportunities for professional nursinf; education uncMjualed elsewhere in the Hocky Mountain area. 134 Back row, Irit to right: Donna Pade. Lorraine Olsen. Marjie Hall, Pal .Allen, Jo .Ann White. Judith Rombold. Ruth Patton. Norma Niemi. • Fourth row: LcDcan Walker. Shirlc Kverson, Crace OifTiih. BeverU Baker, Barbara Stock. Beverly Courle . Doris Ke%noIds, Bett Deline. Jo ce Dick. • Third row: Norn Leovitt, Ku(h Askew, Bets Hufthes, ( " harlotte ()wenb . Marihn McKa , ( errA Jones, Juan Dick, Bett .Andrews, Bett Kaupp. • Srcond row: Betty Schofferl. .Mildred Hartman, Mae Fuka e. Bett Jeanne Hebert, Hett lou NLihnne . CaroKn Fdwards, PBts Riffle. .Mar Anne Scheib. • Front row: Kdna Barnes. Pearl Tliumpson, Nanette I-hret, I ' -ditji Dobbins. Helen Haajtland. Ruth Berndt. Gertrude Schillinji. Janet Schiller. ! HlWKJ-!.iLPJ JL Taw ' ».i -- _i« R Pacesetters kco(;M ' II(»n for tlir many iii(ii idiials wlio lunr t liil)itf(l niitstatuliiifr sclu)lasti«- acliievt ' meiit. st ' r ice to the University of (Colorado, and jk r-oiial cliarattti- i made t ' ( ' r far I)n a iniml)« ' r of difft-rcnt lionoraries. lO Itc iinitcd into tlic nu ' inl)( ' i lii|i of onr of tlu ' se organizations is a real honor. It sijiiiilics tluit tlit ' -t ' indi iduals lia t ' made definite and noteworthy a(«om- plislunents and have devoted niiicli of their time to organizing, plainiing. and earrving out the many extra-eurricular activities which make n|» a er im- |)t»rtant part of life at C.U. In addition to all this, they ha e maintained a much hetter than average scholastic record. These honoraries may serve merely as a mark of distinction or thcv ma function acti ely in the promo- tion of further interest in their respective spheres. .Man of our cam|)us honoraries are branches of na- tional fraternities of nuuiy years standing, famous throughout the world for their long list of distitiguished members. A college is awarded a chapter in such an organizati(ui only after having fulfilled rigorous prerecpiisites. thus making membership a doubl won privilege. Other honorary societies are of local origin and were founded to fill a particular need on this campus. In all of tiu ' c honoraries are entwined the traditions of ( olorado I ni crsity. There are alwavs a few who deserve special recognition. For this rea- son, the C.oloradan devotes several pages every year to the year s most out- standing " pacesetters. " Johnson. Editor V JTJ yiCr - - ' .k .. h -V ' ' a.- -•;■ ' f. " • •■ " ' ■ " ' , ' • ' • ' ' " " ' 138 Hark f-.f. I,ll In rithi: Ka Hulchis.m. Dean Houston. Dt-Jn Hall, CeorCe LcSMT. Clhuck Keicli, and Bill 1 ji. • From row: Uodi Selhman. Pat an H nin(!. Jud Stearns. Marihn .Malont . and Hllcn Jean .Nash. Pacesetters SELECTING COMMITTEE Every vear a select few are chosen as Pacesetters. The names of these peo- ple are known to practically everyone on campus because of the important roles thev have jjlayed in every phase of campus life. riu ' Pacesetters are chosen hy a special committee made up of last year ' s Pacesetters who are still on campus plus the Dean of Students, the Dean of Men, and till ' Dean of ' omeii or their representatives. This year, for the first time, the student l)ody was requested to turn in suggestions in onlcr thai as large a group as possible be considered for the honor, hut the Pacesetters were not nec- essarily chosen from this group alone. After carefully going over the qualifica- tions of the j otenlial candidates, and there were many, the committee finally narrowed their choice (h)wn to the twenty-five people whose pictures appear on the next tliree pages. We hail our " Pacesetters " ! ( urri(- Aiiilcrxiii (!iirrir, » liosi- in u j u r is joiirfuili iti, ti i |irt ' si(lriU uf Tlnlii i);ma I ' lii jnuriuilisiii liiiiiiirur) anil u nninluT of anniKi Mplia ( iii uil iTlis- iiifS hont»rar . Tli - fai ' t that Ur %us prt iili ' nt of Mortar ItoanI is t i l( ' iu-f of hrr niunv oilier ai-tiv itii ' ti. l,ii l.ini Vufili rlnich- Mury Lull was ilioscn as as sislant pnirral rliainniin tin- I ' Till Cr |)a s aft.r liav iiii: st-r t ' il on iiian Ilonir I ' ciiiiiii):, iiitir !arni al. am I I l a s i-oniniilti I S. Hit otiirr arli ilii ' s Ikim ' iiirliiileil Spur. W Hoard, tlir lolo- railan, ami llir AW S ailivi- tii ' S romniitti-i ' . Milt ' l!illllrll Alirr, a srliolarsliip fitii- lii-iit. is a nirinlirr of I ' i Lamliila I ' lu ' ta. Pi (raiiiina Mil. ami Mortar Itoaril. In aililitioii to this slit ' is prrsi- ilrnl of (!lii ()iiii-|:a sorority. Iiati worknl on tin SiUrr anil (foIiI four yrurs. ami luis serM-il on srvrral .1 Days ami Hiinu ' roniiii): roiiiniit Ices. link li.Mli.L liiti ' rrstril ill just aiioiit r i r tliinf:. Dirk lias spnit llirrr yrars on SI (! ami is a iiiniilirr of I ' i (.annua Mil. llr is also assistant rdilor of tin Doilo ami aiii i on the Stmli ' iii Mi ' iiiorial rianniiii: t oininitti-i-. Marion Ilrrnnaii Mllioii h onl Sall Mroiwi all. i - known for llrr many arliii ' rinriits. T li i s rar slir krpt Inisy as prrsi- driit of tin- ranliillcnir. .N-n- all ' , in addition |o lulongin)! to Mortar Hoard, tin- A A Hoard, and V ( . Past ar- ti itirs lijM ' iiirliiilri] tlir olorailan. and women ' s in- traniiirals. J F.laine • ooper Jiinrnalistirally inrlinrd, Fllaiiif is a im ' iiilo ' r of Tlirta Sigma I ' hi and (•aiiiina Alpha tdii. . " sill ' has worked several years on the S (• and is the Mortar Hoard editor. Klaine also was a president in the KH. a . " ' pur, and a RH student direetor. Pacesetters Harvey Everell Harvey leil the Indepeml- ruts as pri ' sident of 1. . and niana|:i ' d the liiisimss alTair- of (lull lirsl Niphter. tin . " ' tiidint Leadership W ork shop, and the (Careers (!oii- ferenee. In I ' I ' iO he was a- sistani general eliairnian of CI Davs. Aliee Kalardean A meniher of Spur. His- peria. and Mortar Hoard. Al- lie has lieen aetive in many aeti ities and orpani ations, ini ' liiiling the Silver and (iolil. AVi .S Senate. Porpoise, and A . Kspeeially no- lalde were her distinetive sec- lion page drawings in ihc I ' M ' ) (olorailan. 139 Pacesetters Ijt lil y I ' ollry Oil thr ( ' . riiiiipii Huhhy lius ht-| l down surli iinpor- t;inl jolts as ussistani rhair- nuin of inirr !arniva!. AS ( i. roiiinii sioniT if Stmirnl i r aiii atiffiis and Social I.ifr. and administration rdi- lor of the Cidoradan. Off campus shi " was r( (;ionaI svc- rriary of tin Nalional Stu- drtil --sotialion. Tom i rti rntieini Tom, this year ' s ASUC ire-presid ' nl, has had jour- nal istir oxperirnce on most of i .V s major putdiralions in his four «-ars on ranipus. Last year ' s i.i Days rhair- man is also un artivt- nuMn- htT of our swinmiing team. 140 r Al Molt AI MotI, prosi drill of llie ( ' (Hull, lias workrd liaril for !! ' . Ill- Itlliriil ill « ristliiis;. «as on ihi- I ' lp Cluh Sc-iiale, anil many CI ' Days and Iloniironiin): i-oniiniltors. He was also president of his fra- Irniity and u niriiibor of Siinialia. I.arry Resrn I.arry Risin. Stiidi-nt I?ody prrsiili ' iit. lias sliowii thai lit- is oin- of till- most i-rsalili- i-hriniral i-n{!iin-i-rs on ram- piis. Mlhon li prrsidrnl of Tan Mi-la I ' hi, nlilor of llii- olorado KniiinriT. and a mi-mhir of Sijima Tan, Larry still IiikIs time to write a col- umn in ihe S X ' ,. Iliri Heath Diek ' s speakinp aliility is well known al I ' l vlieri- ho lias taken part in Speakers " ( !on;iress and inleri-oilefxiate dehale. Last ear In- was es- perially honored l y winning: the Delta Sif;ma Kho extern- poraneons speaking eontesl. This year he was ASl ( ! Ath- letie loniinissioner. Ray Rolliernicl As general ehairnian of lliis year ' s most sueeessfiil llampiis (!hesl and presidi-iit of Ihe Pep Chih. Ray has pro t-n his exeeulixe and or- ganizing ability. His many other aeli ilii ' S have ranged from the Silver and (lold and C.L ' Days and llomeeoiiiing eoniniitlt-es to the Speakers ' (longress. Francis Scheili F. J., a native son of Itoiii- der, was this year ' s presideni of Tail Beta I ' i. In addilinn to lieiiig in si-M-ral other lion- oraries. inilnding Heart and Dagger, he was aitiM- on the tiolorado Kngineer. llie New- man (!liili, and llie I niver- sily Traflic (!omiiiillee. Nancy MrMarlin Nancy, another jniiior has heeii honored hy Spur and llesperia for her main aelix- ilii-s. She has worked on llie Siher and (iold, been gen- eral secretary of (!l ' Days, been co-chairinan of the ( ' a- rerrs Conference, and worked on many imporlanl coiiimitlees. I Jam- Srhnrlirrgrr ( liirucii ' s gift ti arlivitirx, Jiiiir .SliiirlnTKrr, wiis this yi ' ur ' s ASl i. Spirit am! M . rulr l!oniiiii ii iii-r. Iti ' siilt ' S iiianugiii); lust year ' s Son); Ki ' sl. sill lius lifid iiiuiiy iiii- piirtanl piisitions on (!l ' Days, IloiiiiMMiniiiip, ami in- ter lariiival riniiMiittt ' o. June was iilsn liomirrd li S|iiir and Mcirlar itnanl. Uoii iiasteen Don kept liiinself more than 1)MSV tliis vear as editur of the SiU.r and (.old. (Hh.r a( ' ti itii ' S lia r ino.stly lirrn alone tile line of journalism. lie is a no ' tnlier of liolli Kappa Tun .Mplia Jselioid honorary and Si ma Delia (!hi professional journalism fralernil . Uoli Tohey Holi Tidiey ' s interests lie in liiiaiieial matters .VSVC I ' iiianre t !omiiiissiuiier. Sil- ver and ( oId colli ' rtions manaf:er. and Itiisinrss mail aper of the l ' M ' » CI Days. Not limiliii); his interests to money alone. Toliey has lieeii president of the IF{ and his fraternity. ( " arol Van Law lliisy Carol an I, aw lias dislinpiiishi ' il herself as S aiide ille ehainiiaii. In the journali-tie lield she has k ' pl Imi-n urkiiig on the I i loradaii and llie Silver and i.cdd. (IllH ' r artivities have iiii ' liiiled Y (! assistant proiip leader and AW S see- retary. Pacesetters Phyllis SiKio Phil, this year ' s ASUC Commissioner of Somen ' s Welfare, has lieen uetiM ' in many or ani ations. She was seerilar) of Delta Sijima Kho, a sludint dirirtor in Me- Kemia Hall, an honors I n- ion senior representative, and very active in Speakers ' Congress. IteM ' rIy Starika Bev, a Phi Beta Kappa, is a very liiisy yoiiiii: lad . Uur (lommissioniT of Piildir Re- lations has heeii an aiii e memlier of .Speakers ' !on- ;re s. a iiiimher of M-ludaslie hoiniraries. the omen ' s Marrhiiif: Band. Mortar Board. Ilesperia. and Spur. 141 Virginia arhoh irginia ' s senior year has heen parliriilarly full of ac- tivities. She was ire-presi- dent of .VW S. ehairman of the AW S Judiciary ( iiirt. speaker of the lloll»e of Hep- resentatives. president of W . A, re):ional director of Spur, and a meniher of Mor- tar Hoard. Andy Williams Andy, a junior in the I,aw- school, is on the Bock Mountain Law Review Boanl of Editors and a meniher of F ' hi Mpha Delta. W hen in arts he was an honor student and hoasts of having origi- nated the men ' s dorm annual fall orphans ' party. Phi Beta Kappa Senior Scholastic Honorary Phi Beta Kup|)a was founded in 1776 at the Collefie of William ami Marv in W illianisbnrf:. irfiinia. as a secret Ht- erarv and social society. Durinfi: the first iialf of the nineteentli century it evolved into a non-secret honorary scholastic so- ciety. omen were first admitted to mendiership in 1875. Since liiliO I ' hi Beta Kappa has enjoyed a healthy supervised expansion. It has become truly national with chapters in the oiitstaiidin;: universities and colleges in all sections of the coinitry. Membership in I ' hi Beta Kappa is recognized as one of the greatest scholastic honors a college student can attain. To IxM ' oiiK ' a niend)er, one must show a ilefinite high standard of scliolarshi|). Its members have been at the front in almost every line of human endeavor — especially educational, reli- gious and social leadership. In 1004 the ( ' olorado Alpha ( ' hapler was organized on the Colorado Lniversity campus. It finu-tions so as to holil two initiations yearly, one in the spring and the other in the fall. The grouj) is inider the direction of faculty members and meets with these faculty members. The oflTicers were: F. E. E. Germaiui, president; Claribel Kendall, secretary-treasurer; Jack Ogilvy, first vice-president; Angeline Figley, second vice-president; an l ( ' harles Norris, third vice-president. The oflScers were : Jack. Ogilvy, president ; James W. Broxon, first vice-president; Carl McGuire, second vice-president; Mrs. LeRov IloIul)ar. third vice-president; and Claribel Ken- dall, secretary-treasurer. 142 Slitdrnl Mrrnhrrs Rriilioii Julius liarrls Marjorir Ann Mrrllmlf Norman iilanchrr IScrtranil Uiniilirr l)iiroili itiirlii ' k Alfr.-,l Hw.l.l.r Kirliar.l Carl! Patsy Jane !oalC8 DaNiil DrVol Ali c Dicier Kolicrt Dunran Elsie Kricson Martin (iill Tlirodorf lliatt Niirniaii llilniar Evi-lyn lliiliiirs Jai ' cini ' linc Jurpcnson Mary l.rwis Holiirl McN ' uy Ilarnlil Mcyi ' rs Hirhartl Mill.T Eiiponc Minzor Rirliaril Nrilicisol Darwin Hoy Olofson Elvira Oswald Sri ma Kuppaport Holn-rt Srhncider Slaiilry Slirier Alston Sliakrsliaft !Iark pi ' nfi ' liiMrly Starika Don Sullf!ifn ' r (fi-or(;( ' illiani Siinnncrs illiam Tlirimrr, Jr. I ' rrdi ' riok Jumrs Tudd HoImtI Trrfz Harry I nfup Kina ussar Jolni Vavra rmirrick cndilti Sannn ! W atrrs Harry riks, Jr. Howaril rttlir h ' lirult) Miiiihirs Glen Blayney F upene Urown James Broxon Kov Alan (!ox James Dupui Oharles Friday ferry I ' ritz Iterijamin ( alland I ' Vank i nermann I i(din (ioodykoont . Kolirrt t.rrpp Har dcl Hawk John Honpli Iranres Jamesuii Alfred Jones Iturlon Jones Horaer Jones Morris Jiiild riaril.rl Knidall Kolxrl Kill.ride Harold Koirner Joliri l.arlier l.rslie Lewis Henrietta l.oupliran Pauline Marshall (!arl Me(inire John Meek l{ayniond Moloney Earl Morris Helen Nelson (!liarles Norris Jaek Ofiilvy Dorothy Opilvy Jidui Kalh Joseph Ht ' dirk Marjorir Kryhurn (ieorpr I ' " . Kryntdds Edna l omip Marjoric Scott I ' aul Srhrocdor Robert I.. Stearns Onier Stewart Frederic Storkc Ida Swayne Orville Swi ' dinp Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thomson Mahel an Du .ce John agner Floyd alters Lawrence arner Edward W est Francis W Ulle IMiillip orccster Senior Engineering Honorary Tau Beta Pi ' r.iu Hi ' l.i I ' i A Mii ' iati iii. ( ' ii :iiiccrin}j: hoiiorury roiiiiili ' il ill IKKS, vu!i fstaldislii-il on tlu- Liiivcr!iit of (!i lii- railo i-iiiii|ni- in ' W id rtM j;iii .i ' ilisliii;:iiislicil M-litilurr-liip anil •■ « ' iii| cliarailir aiiioii;: uiiilfr;ira(liial«-s in fnf:inf T- in . to ackiiowlfilfie the attainments of aliiinni in tlie lieM of en;:iiierriii|i. anil to foster a spirit of liln-ral i-iiltiirr in llie I ' liflinerriii c-ollefies of America. l ' .liitii ii arc liclil twice a ear: jnniiir- in tin- lup ci;;litli ami seniors in the top (iflli of llicir cla c- arc cli iiilc. Ap- proval hv the Mitin ; mcniher.-hip anil 1) faciilt) memhers o( their ilcparlment with regard to eharacler anil soeiahility are reiinisites. Viiionj: the acli ities of Tan Hcia I ' i are two aiuiiial iii- ilialioii liaiii|iict- ami a yearly joint ilinner with Sijima Ian. Each rail at the Apple Fest. an awani is mailc to tlic mit- stamlin freshman cnjzineer: ami two awarils are ;:i cn each year to the winners of the pleil ' ;e essay contests. An impor- tant feature national pro :rani of Tan Beta i ' i i the prc-cii- talion of several praihiate fellowships to its members. The bailpe of Tau Beta Pi is the familiar -. ' old key repre- sentiii}: the hent of a trestle. The officers of Ian Beta I ' i are: Francis Schcili. pr i- ilent: James Reail. vice-president: Hohcrt l)oremu . sccre- tarv: . H. Deschere, treasurer; and R. I). Isaak, catalojiuer. The advisory board is made up of F. I ' . Durham. Dean C. L. Eckel. H. I). Isaak, R. E. Rathhurn. J. C. TwinnhK. B. T. Arnberj: and A. R. Deschere. Back roir Irll lo ritkl: Mr. Arnlicrit. Mr. I»«ik. David Ctme. Tom Bailey. Al Schumaclicr. Mr. Ralhhurn. Chnrlct Reich, • Hitk roa-: " " ' Kerner. I alph Baarv (Iraham (JuHche, William I.uehke. Wallace Fatlerson. Alc Ihin. Jack Mitchell. I ' aul Comh.. • hourlk r„-j-: Sam Hohbi. Kenneth Neumann Don Huherl. Hddie Cnpe. (Jraham, Rohert Doremus. Kenneth Fonda. • Ihird row: John lle»lcr. I)a»id ond . Art Ta lor. Wilhur Leonard l. lc Hauknccht. Don .Miller. Richard Moss. James Read. " SrconJ rotr: Tom Hulchinion. Harold (lake.. Jerrs Hoxcll. William Muldrov. John l-Me. Karl Krehhiel. John CwAn. Da id Charvonia. Rohert Strain. • Aronl rotr; (ierald Richardson. Krank Polochnik. Francis Scheih Lars Ehnehuske. Roherl Stesens. Richard Kuerslon, I,arr Resen. Rohert Klinker. • Ifciritl from pirlyrr: ld«ard Mahka. William Brummill, Richard J. IIjIv H,ir..IJ 1 n- ' iiii Richard Make. John [ cr-. Jack Marshall. Leonard Tulin. l- dward Turner. 143 Heart and Dagger began its career on the Lnixersity of Colorado campus in 1900 as an lionorary senior Arts and Sci- ences society. At that time it collaborated with an engineer- ing organization called the Order of the (jolden (!rab. hen this honorary discontinued its activities in 1930, Heart and Dagger extended its constitution to iiichide the engineering (■tudents. Heart and Dagger gives recognition to those senior men who have proven outstanding in scholastic achievement and in the art of leadership. Fraternity afTdiation plays no part in the selection of these men. The organization pledges be- tween four and seven candidates, as a rule, and has even been known to jilcdge less than four. Like till- Heart and Dagger ahmini of tlie past who have been [ironiinent in many fields, the present members show miidi promise for tlie future. The ofTicers of Heart and Dagger were: Bill Eaton, presi- ilent: Lyle Gross, vice-president: Harry Narcisian. secretary: Francis Sclieib. treasurer: and Kendall Hills, herald. eart and Dagger Senior Men ' s Honorary 144 Back TOW, left to right: Charles Retch, Lorn Kesen, Kayo Lain. Waller Franklin, s.pnn (ir. Ralph I ' ratnr, Kendall Hills. • -roHi row: Harry Narcisian, Bill Eaton, Lvie Gross. Francis Schcib. Haik rote. UU to ri(ht: Carol .111 I ,n l)iin (ti Sc-lhiiuin, IWv.rlv Sitirika. Virjtinia Wachob. Alice Hcnnitts • Srcomd rotr: Jud Slcam . Mrs. m I:, (. ' urlis. Miss Jancl Doujilas, Mr . Tracy c lcrnit-icr. Kay Hutchihon, Marilvn MaloncN. • hmnl row: Klainc (hooper. Alice Falardeau. Sally Brnwn, l »t ' an H ninit, Carrie Andcr- »un. Phyllis Silyiu. Hllvn Jean Na»h. Absrnt from picture: Louise Moosdorl. Jane Schnebcri{er. 145 ortar Board Senior Women ' s Honorary Coniposcfl of ei :htcen active members the Colorado olia|)l( r of Morliir Board .sponsored sc «Tal |ir( jffl.» d irin x tlif )ear to foster st-rvicc. Icadcrsliip. and scludar liip anioii : collejie woiiien. Tliis cumpiis orgaiii atioii was ;raiitpd a cliartcr in l ' 24 and is one of tlic vifilitv rliapt( ' r lliroimlKiul tlif counlrv. Honiocomin : -arlv in the fall liailcd tlic opening of the largest mnm sale in tlie liistorv of liii ' ranipns. Over 4.1.i(t corsages were sold h tiie group to ln-ap their treasnr high for tlie selxdarships wliicli were j)resented at the AW S Dessert I ' art and other events ihiring tlie year. Winter ipiarter lonnd the group l)ii uitli llieir annual style show which was also the occasion for presenting several one-hundred dollar sehnlarships to women students. ( .1 na s and «pring quarter ga e the senior uonieiis lioniirars another ser iee project. . gay sunrise dance at si in llie morning brought mam enlhu-iastic student- out to llu- liri.Ll .ulixity for raising scholarship money. A proud chapter hoa.«ted the first uniforms of the or- ganization this Near. White jacket.- topped with the black Mortar Boaril pin were -potted regularly on campus and at games. The tinal tapping at the . " oiig Fest in the spring ended the year ' s activities. The ofllcers of .Mortar Board are: (iarrie .Vnderron. presi- dent: Ellen Jean Nash, vice-president: Pat Van Hyning, sec- retarv: and Alice Bennetts, treasurer. 146 Bark row. left to right: George Fitzmorri;.. Rex Sheppard. Jack Hrcnnan. • Second row: Jue Pells. Stan Black, Ray Jump. Laurie Paddock. • front row: Doug Taguchi, Harr Narci ian, Jack Pivler, Al Mott. Ralph Clark. • Absent from picture: Carr Besseman, Lyio Gross, and George Knoblock. I Honorary Junior Men Sumalia Siimalia is an honorary organization coniposctl of iIk- outstanrling men in the junior class. Those men belonpinp to Sumalia ari ' solected in an unbiased effort to reco :nize Colo- rado L iiiversity men who are superior in the four attributes — personality, service activity, scholarship, and athletic ability or interest. The niaxinuini uienihersliip in Sumalia is forty men. while no more llian sixteen men ean be ple(lf;ed in an one year. Only those who have maintained lii :ii standards in the basic qiialirieations niention d above are considered for mendxT- ship. Also, no one speeilie qualification shall count any bibber than I lie (libers in determining eligibility for membership. Sumalia is not meant to be a service organization. Instead its members have only the obligation of loyalty to the Uni- versity of Colorado and the eontiiniation of the bifrb ((iiality of character wbicli they have shown in tiie past. The officers of Sumalia were: Jack I ' ixler, president: Dale Olsen. vice-president; and Harry Narcisian. secretary. (I lli-«|»iTi.i. .Ill liuiKir.irx tiir jiiniiir M m -ii. i- .1 Iki-.iI or- •iunizatidii wliidi was foiiiiilcd on tliis cainiHi-- in I ' MH lis Miss Bi;;clo v. tlii-ii llic DtMii nf Wiinii-ii. Il |(iir|ni-r i- l rci ' 0}:iii .t ' uiiincii wlio have Ix-cii iiiil lainliii;: in aclisitii-- anil seholarsliip iliiriii;: llicir l ' rf linian ami -ii|iliiiiiniri- i-ar-. Friiin lifli ' rii to twcnlv irl- arc la| |iril racli -ar a( lln- Mur- lar Hoaril Sl lc Slmw wliirii i- lull! in llic |irin;;. I If .■«|nTia. iiniliT llii- «|M)n-iir-lii|i ul l)iaii It. ill. nol iiiil has a pooil linn-. Iml .il- dois various sfrvirt- work, parlic- illarlv liiirin Nrw . " lnilrnl " fi-k wlirii tlii-y iipiTalc infor- ni.iliiin liiiiitlis anil art- on t-all for oilii Jiil» llial niij lit arix ' . In llii- |i.i-l Iwii Il -s|) ' ria lia,s also proviilcil fntt-rlain- niinl .It I- it -inii n iiospital in Di-incr. n annual projrri wliirii llu- ;:ri)iip ilofs is In ronlrilxiti ' In llii- |{i;;i-liiw . " cholar- -liip liinil in liiinnr nl Mi-- Hi ilciw. I iir illiirr of llr-prria an-: K. rl n Jari l) n. pr • illl■nl : MiilK r ilo( ' linik. .s»-rri-lar ; I ' at Halclicr. In-asurt-r: and Di-an Mar Ktlirl Hall, sponsor. esperia Honorary Junior Women Back rotr. left lo rttlil: M«r i.ou Hnwkiin, Anne Melvillt, Mnrion Brcnniin. P«l Dudlcv. • Srcond rntr: Nancy McNUrtin. Evel n J«coh%cn. Dean M«n Klhcl Ball. Barhara l.ane. CarnKn Ho«c. • -ronf row: Sue Nolde. Carol Unliedt. Molh Polochnik, Beverly Witlhaucr. Pat Halcher. Bciu Leslie. Bnrharo Blanchard Kowalaki. • Abirnt from picturf: Joanne ( lark and C nlhia Misrock. 147 Phi Epsilon Phi is a men ' s sophomore honorary service aii l | fp fraternity which was foiiiKlt ' il in lOli. ' i. Its purpose is to recognize and promote ile i-lopnicnt in the lea lers of to- morrow. Applicants for memhership must have an active interest in the University as well as a hif;h scholastic average. Men wlio applv are carefiillv screened as to scliolarsliip and interest toward tlie University, after which the (|nalified apj)]!- cants must serve a one quarter pledfieship to proxe their wortii. In promoting spirit on the campus. Phi Ep has gone far. The first Moot Court since pre-war time was held this fall quarter for those Freshman men who were caii|iht io- lating the Freshman traditions, ' i ' he offenders were all duly punished for their heinous crimes, and served sentences rangiuf; from scndthiuf: jtaint off sidewalks to escorting mem- hers of Spur to their classes. I ' lii F.p is constantly trying to increase its service toward the I nixersitv. It has. for example, aided in the success of the New Stmh-nt X Cek program, sold Homecoming money, and made and distributed torches for llie Homecoming torch- light parade. The organization has great plans for the future which include the reuniting and expanding of the national setup. This will aid in exclianging ideas to promote better leaders and a better university. The odicers of I ' hi E])silon Phi are: Vern W ink(d. presi- dent; Tom Joffee, vice-president; Chuck Brummitt, secretary; John Yantis, treasurer; and Glen Hedgecock is Phi Ep ' s sponsor. Phi Epsilon Piii 148 Back row. left to right: Gene Coy, Charles Dever. Bob Powell, Robert Federhart, Joe PcUs, Ellis Hillmar, Jerry Baumfiariner. • Fijth row: Bernard Keatinit. Fred Olsnn, John Yantis, Ronnie Millard, Jack Toole , Paifie C ' arlin, (Jene tjole . • Fourth row: Rand ' Russell, David ' nnd ' , Fred Storke, Jot Berdhcim, Herb Schwartz. Ralph Tobias. Ra ' ahue. • Third row: Robert Thorp. Bob Bojijts. Uick Rumsev, Jerr Smith. Chuck Brummitt, Jerr Milner, Fd Uurruss. • SfCond row: Robert Sliiinstrom. Norm tloldherji. Stuart Silverberji, Herb Kamlet, Ja I.utz, I, en einer. Brad Pretti, Al Coldlarh. • Front row: ' crn W inkel, Laurence DcMuth. William Satterwhite. Fred Silverberfi. John Milcheltree, Bill Norris. Dean Hutclunds. • Absent jrom picture: Ross Alison. F Imer Anderson, Jack Anderson, James .Armatas, Jerr Aronin. Bill Bealer. Jack Bell. William Rierbaum. Ralph Black. Stan Black, Jack Blackniarr, William Braddock, Russ Broman, William Rrons m, Walter Brunner. Don Burnett. Dick BurridSe. John C ampbcll, Ct-rald Caspe. James Childress. Ralph Clark. Glenn Coleman. Wardner Crockett. Dick Cross, Mercer Cross, I.ael DeMuih. William Dctweiler. Don l- nriftlit. (;harle Kschenburfi, Howard Fw , Jim Fielder, Hank Fin ado. Cierr Gardenswarlz. Norm C.elman. Bill (liltner. Jerome Greene. Dick (iritfith. Douii Griffith. Tom Gujiiienheim. Donald (iullett. Bob Halm, Dick Hamer, Bill Hamilton, Ra Hanson, Richard Heath. Jack Henderson. Ra Horner, Jim Hutchinson, Jack Hurt. John Jackstm, Tom Joffee, Robert Johns, Bob Johnson, Hilar Johnson. Farnum Johnson. Bill Jude. Ra Jump, (ierry KinjJ, Henr Lane. Peter Lee. Keva Louis Levin, Phil Levitt, Dick Lueck. Julian Maier, Herb Marchick. Ted Mason. Norberl Mellecker. Fred Matlson. Rendle Slyer. Bill Moss. Franklin Nash. Nate Nielsen. Larry N e. Homer Ocamb. Dick Oldfather. l,auric I ' addock, Stephen Paddock. Archie Pat on, Bob Pike. Dick Polil. Dick Ransom. Jack Rasmussen. Dick Read , Re(( Rice. Stanford Rosenbaum. Stanton Kosenbauni. Robert Shade. John Shalluck. Bob Smith, Charles Spath, .Aiibrei, Spenst. Waller Spicer. Don Slallin s. Philip Sunshine. Howard Ta el. ,I«ilin Th imas. William Thomas. Donuld I ' ppendalil. Bill ' ance. Chuck Warren. .Mbert W eltmun. Delbert W eltman, Jim Williams. Bob Uinfre . Daniel H. Wmidward. Tom Worcester, Ronnie all. r.© ' S ' A. Spur I lif | iir|MiM- (if S|iiir. a Mi|iliiiiiiiiri ' liniiiirurv, is to |ir irii l)- mIkhiI |iirit anil Mi|i|Mirl all acliNilio in wliirli till- liiilrnt liiiiK |iarti ' i| al --. In r(i tcr annm;: unnic-n nl tin- I iuM ' r it a |iiril nl lii all .iinl lii ' liiliilnr--. anil In ii|ilii lil till ' trailitiiins nl tlir I ni i ' r it . In onli-r tn lirriinir a Spur. Iri ' - liinari Minii-n rnn t maintain a 1. 1 avcrajii-, nin?t hi- a« ' ti i- in rain|in- affair , ami nui. t lia i- applied for ronDi lerution liir mrniln ' r-liip. I lirrr arr l M ' nI -iinr rliajdir- iil Spur tlinin liiint tin- coniitrN. S|)ur aiiivitifs imlmlr the sponsoring of moot ronrt for frosli who laii to olx-v mIiooI trailition iliirinf; tin- lirst wrrks of fall ipiartiT. nsln-rin;; at all Vrtist Series programs, ami selling; ticki-ts ami pro;;ranis for arions ranipns ort;ani .a- tions. I his M-ar Spur sold Ilomr ' omin : nmncv and raps for inter ( ' .arni al. I In- sophomore honorary was also in ehar};e of the Snod)o sales at Winter (.arni al lime. During; fre-h- man orientations, Spur eondneted tours of the eampus. proe- lori ' il at exams, and took part in the activities couiiselin :. In ;ieiieral. Spur is a ser iec orguni atiun : if tliere ' s a jcd) to he done, the Spur- will do it. -Spurs oflieers were: Joanne F.aslev, president: .Sue O ' Kelly, vice-president: Taki Tajcuehi, secretary: Shirley I ' aider, treasurer: Jane alentine, historian: and Elaine Turn- (]ni-t. editor. Bark rox. IffI o rifht: flonna Scotl. I. nn Hurl. Joan Wile . Jane! ilaiffn. Mar Brown. Nan Andcrsnn. Mar% Finnc|(an. • Third row: Martluerilc imp. Ann Falk, Anila tlenr . F.lizahcth Carpenter. Ann Thompson. Tal ' I ' illotson. Sharon Helm. Bnbhic Moncrief. ■ Srcond roar: ' vonne Rurkelt, Mar Jane Stein, doria .-Mexander, Jackie Jones. N ' ineta Nehrinit. Sue Ituild. Beverh Ratchelel, i ' at Suope. Norma Benedeck. ■ Front row: Joan Jefferson. Shirley Paider. Elaine Turnquist. Sue O ' Kelly. Joanne I- asely, Taki Taituchi, Billie Nelson. Jone Oechslc. • .ibi nt from picture: Charlotte Banks. Christine Benedict, Laura .May Bcrfter, Sue Kirk, Joan Daxis. Joan Domenico, Barbara l{hrat, Onrolliy Fyans, Naomi Minner, .Anne Morrison, .MariUn Nitllcr. Pciti{ Oldakcr. Kalhy Kedmon. Joan Knsen dahl. Florilyn Saunders. Barbara Siccre. Jane Valentine. Ann adle . 149 fk ; a ' r i I N tlii- atlilt-tic M-ctioii iiio. t atlt ' iitioii. Iiotli in print and pictnrr-. i | ai(l to tli - tt ' atns and atlilclo rcprcscntinj; tlic I ni fi-ity of (lolorailo in intiT (liola tir poil«. It is seldom that recognition i |iaid to tlie vide ariet of oilier atldt ' ti ' de|iartiiierit« and itilere-t-. In reality inter-collc iate sports pla onlv a iiiall tlion;:li liij:ld pnl li(i ed [ art in a Nast iini er ity athletics prof;rani. The athletic -y-teiri i li ide(i into (i e major catej;t ries: iiiter-collcfiiati " sports, intramural ports. informal phys- ical recreation, required physical educiition, and the physical education majors pro !rani. I ' erhaps tliere is no other one factor in university activities tliat serves as a Letter puhlic relation.- medium hetween the cho ol and it alumni than our inlercollej;iate athletio. In the face of athletic jirowtii throufih the nation, the home contests, particularly in football and basketltall. hrinj; hack to the campus many alums who mi ht otherwise lose contact with their lrna INlater. These freijuent contacts make many men and women far more will- in-r to -live hoth time and donations to alumni affair- or school projects. Se i g a far more important part in the university ath- letic projiram as far as student partiri|)ation is concerned is the intramural system. On an avera{;e. 2()()() men participate in some intramural sport on the campus every week durinjr the fall (|uarter. I his figure is only slightly dimini hed dnriiii; the winter and spring; quarters. The informal recreation program i not a directly super ised uni er il acli il . hnt the many tennis coiirts aiul haskethall coiu ' ts. the swimming p Md . and the pla ing field- all attest to the -chooTs inter» ' st in pro iding proper facilities. All freshmen and sophomores are re([uired to take three hours of super ise(l gym each week. n approximate total of .i.TOO students are enrolled in these classes each year. wide ariety of sj)orts are olTered in these classes under the tutelage, foi- the mo t part, of -tndetit in-tructor- who are pln ical education major-. In the realm (d wonu-n ' s athletics a similar divi.-ion exists with the exception of interscholastic competition. I ' orpoise, women ' s swinnning group, however, usually competes in a regional and national postal meet. The women ha e wi II developed programs in intramural-. re({uired physical e lu ' alion. and the pjiy-ii.d rdnealion major sy-tem. in addition to the -ame informal recreational facilitio a- the men. ChLCK BUL.M.MITT. Eiliiur • ' «» ' i .Tf- «i « ' .t ' », Athletics li a Directors of University Athletics Harry J. Carlson, ilirrrtnr of allilctics and ilrari «f nn-ii, lias always -liiinMiml tin- souikI |i(ilii-y i f faiiilly rcmtrul nf ( l " s arsily sports pro- urain, wtiirli miiiir.s all parliiipants lii In- Imtli sliicliiits anil amateur allilitis ill (imid taniling. Diaii arlson «as Imrn in Jaimstown, New Viirk. attiiiiliil J.iiiirstimii Ilipli ScIuhiI ami urailuatcil from Kast High srliool in liM ' laml. lit- i;railiiati-il from Spriiiclirld (jdlr;:i- in Massaihii- srtl- in P ' JI) and ol.iaimil hi« ma-lt-r ' s ihcnr from (lark I niM-rsity in I ' lJt. Tlir Dian wa lias.liall al t t from 1427 iiiilil 1915 and lii tiams won ninnrroiis iliampionships. Ilr formrrly was an outslaniling pitilirr and sprnt st-M-ral yi-ars in llif major Iragiii-s. illian ( ' . " Kayo " l.aiii was onr of tin- prratrst prid stars in llir iini- M-rsily ' s history. Mr holds tin- honor of loins; ' ' • ' hrst BnfT player to be selei ' led to play in an Kasl-W est foolliall game. I, am was the nation ' s leud- ing ground gainer in I ' S. ' i and the iinaiiiimnis ehoiee for alt eonferenee qnarterhaek in the Koeky Mountain ionferenie. He hegan his serviee to the iini ersit in l ' ' iT as the assistant dean of men and assistant coaeh. Soon after, he heeame wrestling roaeli and also assisleil in the i-oaehing of the frosli foothall sipiad. In I ' MI he look omt the duties of graduate business manager of alhletirs along with assistant professorship of physieal pduealion. During the war he served as an otlieer in the Navy ' s physieal Htness program. WII.I I M C. I M Graduate Itiisiness Manager of Vililities WARRFA laeultv II {H (.. I M{1. (»N Mireilor of ililetirs Professor Thompson, who is assistant Inad of llie gcidogy .leparlimnt. slartetl his si-r ice at the university in I ' (2fi. Previous to that he w as a geo l- og instniilor at Washington Iniversity in St. I.ouis. and was eonmi lid with the Midwest Helining ( ' ompany. lie has dime nseareh work in the fields of sedimeiitarv ami oil giolog ami has written several arlieles for sriinie piihliealions. Professor riiompson rieii ed his It. . degree from till ' Iniversitv of Colorado in l " ' 22 and his Ph.D. from Stanford Ini- versity in m:!. ' ). Hi- is a meinlier of Sigma i. the Vnnriean Assoeiation of Petroleum ( Geologists, tin- (.eologieal Soeietv of Ameriea. The Koeky Mountain .Vssoeiulion of trenlogists, and the (reophvsieal union. His in- terests inrluilc athlelies, hunting, and fishing. Phil Danielson has eharge of all I ' niversity puldieity in tin ' athh-tie field. After grailuating from Fast High srliool in Denvir. Phil came to the Iniversity of Colorailo where hi- neeived his It. A. in journalism in 1 ' ' 18. While in seliool. he was on the Silver ami (.idd staff, treasurer of Sigma Delta hi. treasurer of the loeal Newspaper Cuild. and president of Iteta Tlieta Pi Fraternity. Fcdlov»iiig graduation he look two quarters of gradu- ate work ill eeomlmies. During the thirty-seventh general assemhiy of the state House of Representatives, I ' hil served as docket clerk. Before taking eliarge of the CI ' sports piihlicily ilepartmenl. he was eilitor of the 1 iingmonl l.eilger. He now liolils the vice president ' s office in tin Colorado doling Democrats organi ation. 153 O. THOMI ' .SON I ' HII. DANlKI.MtN Hipn-senlalivc Director of Sports Publicity «v- .J ; Back row, ' • ' ' ' ■; ' ' I ' " ' ) Trimhle. Chuck ' arren. Ilill Kccsc. .) n.- IliTjlhuim. Kick Sanhorn, Norma Bunvdcck, Lola I ' lush. Jackie Ir«in, Mar Belle Janicv. Itt. ' tt Mikktlson. 154 f " :t row: Cheerleaders A suliili ' to till ' i ' c ' r-spiritt ' l cheerleaders! Vi orking in eoiijunetioii with the Buff Pep Club, the eleven members of the clieerle;i(Iin{; scjiiad made an inexhaustible effort to radiate school spirit at allililic ciintests throiijiliiiul the year. Thi- cheerleaders were chosen by the I ' rp ( liib which elerlc-d tliern fur tluir ability and enthusi- asm. This year the scpuid traM-led the Hudson caravan to Nibraska to yell for the (iolden Huffs. Saturday morning the cheerleaders led a snake dance throu|!h the streets of Lincoln to the football stadium. .4t the game the cheerleaders and a well represented Colorado student body exhibited tremendous spirit. The L niversity of Nebraska entertained them during that evening. Needless to say the trip was a conipbli ' success. The chei-rleaders were led by Hill Hecse of Denver who was a cheer- leader at East Denver High school for three years. At Colorado, Bill made rapid progress and became bead cheerleader after one year of experience. Hill llaase, another viieran. added greatly to the squad with his various gynuiaslii-s. Hill was also a -beerleader in high school and hails from in- uetka, Illinois. The last remaining etcran. Mary Helle James from San Hernarilino. I alifornia. will long be remcinberid for her undying enthu- siasm and winning smile. The new cheerb ' aders were a great atldition to the dwindling squad. They were: Kick Sanborn. Chuck barren. Bob Williams. Norma Benedeck. Betty Mikkelson, I.ola IMusb. Jackie Irwin, and Joe Hcrgheim. .- ' -•ri - ' -T ' ,v;y ,-j - . " Y -t » Vt F O O ¥ A L L ( ( I ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 c o A C E S 155 I n ( II KKiE.NE GENTRY (■n ( II KHNNk riUNTI !• ilriiiliii): till ' MiifT riioiliall ciKirhiiif: slufT is Diillus W iinl. W urd |ilii r(l lii rdlli ' tir roiilhall fur Orfjioii lal - rojlrpc. Hf WHS milslaiiilint; us uii allil«l in si-M ' ral sports cliiriiip his r il- Irjif life. l ' iillo»in): iiradiiatiiin lie ln ' caiiH ' ciiaili for Mar-liall lu|:li school ill .Minneapolis and di-vi-lopt-d four city cliainpioii- ship trams in his riglit years there. In 1936 X ' ard accepted a position on the Minnesota coachinf: slafT. lie served as scout and frosli couch until 19 12. After spending three years in tin- iiuxy. he rcliirni ' d to Minnesota in the position of liackrield I ' oach. Coach W urd cuine to (.1 in 19IK and lius since guined the respect and confidence of liolh team meinliers and fans. Hip Marshall Wells, the former Minnesota .Ml-. nierican. is till- Muff line coach. He played in the 1933 East-West panic ill . " aii I-runcisco. In 1912 he playi ' il tackle for Mierman on tin ' louu I ' reMiplit school team. At this time he was un olliiir in the navy ' s physical litm-ss propraiii. He has served us line coai ' h at Vale, lovvu . " tute. Hamline. and was lieud coach at Sioux tails College before coming to CU. Enpene " Hns " (ieiitry came from St. I ' aiil at !ouch Ward ' s re(|iiest to act as the HiifT end coach. While ultendinp the I ni- versit) of Miiinesiita he was a star linseliall player and a inem- her of tile (.oplier footliall team. I ' Dllowint; ):radiiation (ienlry (irodiiced two cliampionship footliall teams at !olomi South Dakota in liis two years as coach there. The next year he lurneil out another championship team at W illniar. Minnesota. He then went tfi Yankton. South Dakota where his success ron- liniied. (Gentry liecame coach ul (ienlral Hiph in .St. Paul where lie produced a city championship team. After spendinp three years as an army major he reliiriied to St. I ' aiil to coach Monroe hiph school until joininp the liiifT staiT in 19 IK. Frank I ' rentup. hackfield coach and head liusi-hall ciiaili joined the CI ' staff in 1941. He was a regular quarterback for Toach " Ho " McMillin ' s Kansas State team for three years and also lettered in hoxinp. swimminp. and haseliall before pradiia- tion in 1932. I ' rcntiip ' s coaching career inclinles cllampioll hi|l teams at (fenesco. hrankfort. Iteloit. anil Manhaltaii. Kaiisa- lii ih schools. During the war Prenliip served tv%o years as an ollicer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. Frank Polts who is head Irark roach, serves also as a foot- ball scout. Aubrey .Alien as trainer of the team rounds out the staff. Allen is a former football and track star at (!olorail» and is now working on a master ' s degree in ailililioii to bis trainer duties. r COACH MAHSHAI.I. WELLS THMNKH MliHKY MIEN r« i 46 I7 5Bgs84. 156 firs( roir, left to riif. Manire, Thompson, Miller. Simons. Reece. Winnin ham. Del Monico, Nix. • Second rov: Jump, Pudlik. 1. , Rreiniii. Narcihian, Bi-i-r , ( j f, trobel. Nelson, Jones. • Third roic: Kickels. Johnson. .Mosher. Thomas. Hancock, De Neice, Parlapiano. Hljson- l{ame. Davidson. Wilson. Breinstad. • Fourth row: Madelen. Sm the. ' elisek. Pike. Punches. Basher. Smith. .McKinley. -Apuzzo. Canlanzaro. Hanna. • t ' iith row: Ath. Director Lam. Kuobsky. Hodel. Dometrovich. Flores. Head Coach Ward. Davis. Dunning. Wall. Mgr. Coons. • Sixth row: Max. Trainer Allen. Line Coach Wells, Gorman, Anderson, Jorjienson, Fawcett, Meloche, Corsi. Freshman Coach Jenkins. Backheld C ' oach Prentup. Knd Coach Gentry. Till ' IV 14 fiiulliall scasiin, in so far as ihe I nivcrsity of Colorado was ronrerned, was none too successful, — at least not from the standpoint of the team ' s won-and-lost record. But the season did provide the usual amount of thrills and chills for the many thousands — 97,976 to be exact, — who watched the itufTalocs cavort on F ilsoiii Field. The team wound up the " 19 campaign with a praud total of three victories a):ainst seven defeats liiit four of ihosf losses were hy one toiididowii nr less. . t home ihc HufT-, were far more poliiil than they were on foreign gridirons. Thi-y luat the I iii ersilies uf Kansas anil I ' lah. lost a heart- lircakiiip la t-riiiiime deilsioii to the iiiijilily Tigers of Missouri, and wound up one touchdown short apaiii.-it ImiiIi Iowa .State and Colorado A. M. (College, Dallas A aril again guided the BuiTalo football fortunes, this being his second year as head mentor. In conference competition in the Big Seven, the team won one and lost four. They finished in sixth place, one- half game ahead of Kansas Stale, In 1918. the first season in which Colo- rado played fuolliall as a member of the Big .Seven, the BiifTs linished in a tie for fourth place with the I iiiMr.«il of Nebraska, wiiniiiig two and losing four. As for till- individual glory which is always heaped upon somebody during ihi- gridiron si-asoii, Coloruilo also claimeil its share. Probably foremost among ihi- bright I ' oiistillalion of stars was Mi-rw in Hodel. the sophomore fullback. Hodel. who labels Rockford, Illinois, as his home town, started slow, but wound up in bril- liant fashion against Colorado Aggies in the " 49 finale. The I9.S-poundcr gained more than one hundred yards rushing in ' ach of four successive games (luring the tengaine slate, and was the team ' s leading scorer with 42 points. Then there was I ' ete Thomp- son, a junior tackle from Boulder, who was picked as a second team all- conference si ' lectioii at his position by M ■ SjZ ( ' I 1 t4k A the .Associated I ' ress. There was also Malcolm Miller, a lithe 16,S- pound halfback from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The blond-haired speedster was one of the best defensive halfbacks ( " olorailo has ever known, and more than held his own as an offensive threat. Bill Simons is another lad who earned considerable plaudits from the press and from the fans for his sharp defensive play especially, but also for his work as an offensive center. Tlien, too. there was Hob Manire. Jerry Apuzzo, and Dane (iraves who all hit the linu ' light. Manire led the con- ference in punting with a 41.8 average and Hodel was fourth in the rush- ing department gaining a total of 748 yards. But to give credit to a few is actually unjust, because without ivery one of the fifty odd players who composed the 1949 squad, nobody would he " in the public eyi ' . " It was the third and fourth stringers about whom no one ever hears who made the varsity ball club click. So credit is iliie to the " benchwarnu-rs " too. They didn ' t get into the ball games, but they were in there battling every minute in the long and many times tiresome practice sessions. The team started the season in great fashion when they beat a highly favored I niversity of Kansas eleven 13-12 at Boulder. Coach ard. when queried after the game, said " that it was the first time since I ' ve been here that my boys have played sixty minutes of football. " And play they did. But, too soon, the bubble burst, as the Buffs went down to defeat at the hands of Kansas State. Iowa Stale, and Oregon successively. Then, they snapped back to ilriib I lab . lati- and Itali in quick succession. But. once more, the Buffs rcsniiicd ibeir losing ways when they lost to Mis- souri, and it reached a cliiiuix when iinhcraldcil New Mexico took a 17-l.S victory from (Colorado, . ftcr that, they fought Nebraska on even terms for three quarters before giving in. and w ound up the season by dropping a 1 1-7 verdict to our instate rivals, Colorado A. M. Of course, Colorado won the light after the Aggies game. Ve say thai due to the fact the goal- posts remained standing. ,-• • IliTc ' iiiiio tliul ••rillitli ii):;iiii!l COLORADO 13 KANSAS 12 157 Football n Coloriiilo- ( (il l)-n Hiiflaliir- iriili.iti-il tluir M |ilii m )re sea-ioii in llif Hi;; S« ' v» ' n Conference with a re oiinilinf: l.S-12 triiiiii|ili t the Lni ersity of Kansas Jayljawkers at F ' olsoni Field on Saturday. Se| lcinhrr 24. The skies were elear. the sun was warm, and a record tliron;: of 22.. " (1(1 fans turned out to wateJi their fa orite score twice in the tir-t h.ilf. then sta e off two desperate Kansas ralhes in the hnal lialf. Not since l ' H) ||i.- HulTahie- htaleii their ea lerl iieifihhors. and the iclorv was espetialK sweet as il re eiii;ed ,i nii-iiii)r.d)lc l -. ilridihin : llie Bu(T- rccri ed al Lawrence one ear a;;o. Malcohn Milli r ».i- tin- dercii-i e hero nf the da . making: two er liin d interceptions to " Icrii the sur;iinL; Javhawkrr- two scoring: threats. Harrv Narci - ian piloted llie teanr offen JNe nia ' hine. ihrowiufi a perfecl -trike to end ( .hnck Moslier for the second Colorado touchdown, and ;:aininfi the all-important first down with two minutes left in the ;;aiue to keep the hall in the HulT posse.-sion. Colorado drew lirst hlood in the hall pame late in the lirst quarter when Don Ha in do e o er the middle of the line for a touchdown to climax a 71-yar l drive. Rodolfo Flore- placement was hlocked ami the score stood. Colorailo 6. Kansas (t. Miller lufijied hack a Kansas punt eifihteen yards to the K.L . 3(1 to start the e(()iid Colorado scoring: drive. After receivinj: a fifteen yar l elippinf; penalty, the Buffs mo eil to the Kansas 2 l on four nniiiin : plays. Narcisian then faded hack and hit Mosher standiiii; all alone in tin- end zone for the «econd ( .olorado touchdown. Flores con erted with an u[iri;:ht--plilliu;: placement for the ital thirteenth point. Kansas scored in the second quarter on a ihirlv ard run and ajrain in the fourth on a fortv vard pass, hut the middle of the C(dorado line hroke throu xh to block hoth attempted conversions. rli. l;..rv r i Sam Winningham Uula my «a), fella. Tin in a hurry. COLORADO 12 KANSAS STATE 27 158 Football Diivt- I ' urliipiuno Kill iase .4 1 - J r ohii Jorgcnson Meeting; a victory-Jiiinjiry and spirilfil Kansas Stale afigrcfiatioii in the sea- son ' s second game, tlie Golden Herd tasted their first defeat by a decisive 27-12 score. The upset was witnessed by a highly partisan 10,000 fans in Manhattan on October 1. A trio of flashy sophomore backs augmented by the pile-driving maneuvers of 207-[(i)und jniiior fullback Gerald Hackney accounted for the first conference victory the ildcals ha e captured in 22 consecutiNC conference games. Four years of dismal defeats had put the K-Staters in a victory-hungry mood and a ic- torv thev got. For tile Hurts. Malcolm Miller lurueil in one of the best games of his career in sp ' arlieading the (lolora lo olTense. A net total of ' () yards in 11 tries gave him a nifty 8.7 average per carry for the afternoon. A punt average of 36 yards was also compiled bv the dimiiuitive halfback. ildcat Hi Faubion crossed the goal line three times for Kansas State touch- downs to lead the winners " attack. The passing of |uarterback Bill () " ( " .oiuu r and the e onian line work of 224 |iound Koliii I ' ratlier w Te outstanding for the boys from Manhattan. Pass pla s accounted for one BiifTalo tally and set up the other. Vi lib two minutes remaining in the (irsi half. Miller uncorked a .S2-vard airial lo ( Ihuck Mosher on the i t ' . The big sophomore end as tackled as he gathered the ball in, hut fell across the goal line. F.ighteen seconds later. K-State came right back to s -ore on a screen j)ass to quell any ictory hopes the Buffs had fashioned. At halftime. ( " .U. was on the short end of a 2()-() count. F.arly in the third (piarter a drive sparked bv Miller carried to the K-State 24. Harry Narcisian tossi-d lo Miller on the ten. and Miller went t(» the six. Don " Bronco " Hagiu cracked the line In liil pavdirt on the ensuing pla . Flores con- verted from placement. Kansas State added their last touchdown in the fourth (piarter when they marched 55 yar ls to score. Fa(d)ion galloped 12 ards arouml end for the tally. Ii ».i Slates olli-n-i f-iiiiiiilril ( . iloiic- kiitiUlii ' il llitir lir?t iiiulfrcinr tri- iiin|ili of the 1949 };riil season at tin- expense of a }:unie Lnixersity of (lolorutio elcM-ii at liiiiililcr iiii I )i ' tiilii ' r i!. I In- Mtitl ,iliit ' . oiil iilr iif llii ' ir nnc -curing; llirn t. were lietiniteK laekiiij; in the o(len-i e cii ' |i.irlnii ' nt. altli(iii;:li the lll.(le;;ree tem- perature anil a (lri .zlin ; rain uhieli fell tliri ii;:li iiit the seeonil lialf ilid not aiii tlie ( oliirailo oanse. i rietln-le--, l. " .()n(l Ciii- were i ii IkuhI to w.ilrli lln- l.iMrlli renewal ol llie series l»-t i-en the t so schoiil-. I he (ivelones loiik a l anta :e of a | Mir pnnt h Maliuhii Millir in llie see- iinil ijiiarler to -et ii| their lirst score. Miller ' - | iinl enl onl of Ixinnils mi the ( .l . U . After two plavs hail carried to the ( .olorailo 11. fnllliark Mill ( hanneev allopeil through ri;zht taekle lor a tonehilow n. (iiianl Joe iSriiliaker eiunerteil. (!olor.iilo inau uraleil their oiilv -coring niareh niiilwav in the thinl |ierioil when Jim Angle ' s pnnt went out of honnils on the l-State V . Harrv Nareisian, Jerrv Apn . o, ami Merwin Model nntNed the hall Iti the (! elone (i in an fupial niind er of pKiNs. i ' wo pla s lati-r, Apu . .o knifed inside rijiht end to score stand- in:; np. Uodollii Mores missed iIm pl.iri ' iiiiiit. h.arK in the linal ipiarl ' r. Iowa Male added tlieir insnrani ' e touchdown when all-conference quarterhack Hill) W ei ' k- hit pavdirt from the four- ard line. The Cyclones had moved 80 yards in II pla s to set up lln- lalh. Miller turned in another of his hrilliani defensi e ;:anies. while so| hi mori ' Merwin llodid he an to come into hi- own as a runnin; threat. Apuzzo. another sopho- more, also sliowfd np ell. Football Tn ' |..n, ll.„M.Mk r Doug Ni-Uon 159 COLORADO. . . . . . 6 IOWA STATE . . . . . 13 Oh — iiiv nose I ! I f Kill Jones]i Mill.r f The Oregon University Webfoots struck hard and fast to roll up a 28-0 lead in the first lialf. then battled the isitiiii: Buffs on even terms the last tliirtv min- utes to win. 42-14. October 1. ' ). at Kugene. Colorado scored carls in the second half following a Duck fumble which Harry Narcisian recoNcred on the Oregon 30. Malcohn -Miller picked up three yards off tackle and tlien " Roaring Twenty " threw a ringer which Ed Pudlik took on the 5, sidestep|)ed the Oregon safetv-nian. and galloped into pav dirt. I ' udiik ' s conversion made it 28-7. However. X ! oodlcv Lewis l() »k the ensuing ki k-( ff in bis end-zone and aided i)y sonic icious blockin;: romped 1(12 vards uiitonclied for the host ' s fifth score. I ill ' lr lor the exlrii | (iiiit was successful and ( )regon led, 3. to 7. Throughout the remainder of the third quarter and the first half of the final stan .a the two squads battled on e en terms between the thirtv vard markers. Midway in the last cpiarler ( .olorado began a long lrive culminating in a Narci- sian to Hodel pass for six points. The co-ordinated groimd and air attack which covered seventv-six varils in II plavs was made jiossible bv ( ' enter Sam ( " antan- zaro ' s pass interception. Hilt Oregon still had a trick or two left. A Jim C.alderwood to End Darrell Robinson aerial netted W. yards and 11). The Ducks " sixth straight conversion brought the final score to 42-14. First half Oregon tallies came on two running plays covering 61 and 50 yards, and two pass plays of 28 and 37 yards distance. Outstanding for ( " ..U. were .Sophomore Merwin Hodel in the backfield and Russ (rorman up front. ■fT ( if I ll lIIIil Football 160 COLORADO 14 OREGON 42 Slrclcli it. iiian. strrlrli it I r A (srazinf! l iilTalii. COLORADO 20 UTAH STATE 7 161 rootball Ktidiii;; a st-ries of sixteen fiaines. tlie UnfTs were ict«ri()iis over the litali Stale Fanners in a fianie plaved at I.oiian. I tali, (icllini; off to a slow start in tlio (irst period, the Buffs were iinahle to penetr.iii- ilie fi :Iitit) ; Farmer ' s charpin}; line. The Fanners scored first in the second i|U.irt(r thron;:h a series of powerfnl line |)la . I hns the half ended 7 to (I for I lah Slate. ( .olorado came on the held alter intermission with (ire and spirit that the Farmers eri- iiMai)le lo eonlrol. Miller made the first score in tile third period on a 28 yard re%erse. I ' ndlik ' hoot a- ;;ood to I ' ven the score. . t the start of tin- fourth quarter. Miller took a hand off I rom Apiizzo and ran off tackle for the second Colorarlo tally. The tr for ex- tra point was no ;:ood. ith six miiuites remainiii); in the final period. pii .zo sailed around rijiht end for 21 ards to score the diiuhin tou hiio n. I ' udlik ' s kick as flood. Fine defensive play prevented the Farmers from scorinj: in tin- second half and the " ame ended l.idorado 20. I lah Slate 7. Il;irr Nitrrt-i.iii f . ' Jiiliii Slrolicl ( huck Mosher Till- h ' cil-klii- (..ulclii ' i -iM|i ilii- Kiiffalo stampede. COLORADO 14 UTAH 7 162 Football Fred Jtihnson r I!mI. Maiiire Iriiiik Kiipii Under strictly adverse weather conditions, the University of Colorado Buf- faloes made some 20.000 fans forpct the wet. snowy atmosphere as they downetl the University of Utah Hedskins 14-7 in lluir Homecominf: ame on Octoher 29. The last three quarters of the game were jjlayed in a snowstorm, makin;; passin;: and ativ type of open oflFense almost imjiossihle. The Huffs drew first hlood by scorinf; in ihc initial l.m .a after a i l - ard sustained drive. Jerrv Apnzzo, Merwin llodel. and " Malcolm Miller sparked the iiiareh. Apiiz .o reeled off t venty-se en yards, and Milli r foHowed up with a tuenl -t o yard dash. The linal de en yards were coxered in three power Jtlavs with Ilodel carrying over for the touchdown. Kddie I ' ndlik eniiM-rted Irom place- mi ' ot. i ' he L les soon retaliated with a score and conversion on a freak fnndded piiiil jday to knot the conni at T-all. Durinj: i u- last of the second ipiarter ami all of the third (|narter. the Buffs were unable to score allhongh they made three drives deep into Utah territory. The first was a sixty-six yard march sparked by Apuzzo ' s running. But this drixc was halted by an intercepted pass. The other two drives — to the Utah seven and eleven yard lines — were halted by (Icdorado fumbles. The Buffs scored the winning toiu-hdown during the fourth (piarter on a fortv-one vard drive. On the snow-covere l fi dd. it was big Merv Hodel who made the difference, flodid carried six of the seven downs that were needed to get the til. finally bulling his way over from the one-foot line. It was truly a big (lav for Hodel: for he scored both toiu-bdowns and gained 108 yards, the fourth successive game in h ' has gained oxer |tl(l xards rushing. rill- University of .Missouri .iliim-l loinnl llnii in.iti li in .in iii-|iii(il I iii ir- sili III ( lolorado eleven ;it Itoiililer mi Nii tiiilur ' i. Iiiit iil lu -,il .i;:e a 20-i. ' { uiii with .1 . ' {ll- aril Iniicliilnw ii |ia in llu- rniinile of tin- .iinc Having tlie lieart l)llt nut the| (i er to rnaleh the nia .-i e M i Miurian . the linlValoe •;a e llie eniwil iiC Mime 22,(I(MI -.iinh.ikeil Ian- a real alterniMin nl riiiillMJl enler- lainnienl. |ii ' i ' ial ireilil iiiu-I he iveii In ihe liitit ( .iiloraiiii line. ( )tit ei;iheil miiiu l el e |i(iiinil. ' lo ihe man. the Kutl lorwariU to|i|ie(l .siime of |he lie.-t hacks in the miiHanils. ami hail the li zers pounilin;: their ii n teeth nut tii no axail fur the mii-t |iart nl the ame. ihev -lii|i|ieil two Mi Minri Miirin;! thrn-t.-, one of them on their own si -ineh line, ami iuiIn ii l.ikini: In liie air were the i-ilnrs aide to f;ain aii eon i tent arila;;e. Mi— ouri opeiieil the -inrinfi [laraile in the M-eonil ijiiarter Irnni their nw ii . ' i I . Knnr passes put tin- ii.ill nn I loiorailo ' s 2.i, where i|iiarlerhaek I ' liil Klein iiil end I )iik rnislron;; in the emi one for the touehilnwn. Alter .1 mi np in i nal whieli eo-t llninrailn a pn ilile tninhilnw n. li -iinri li.inileil the Hulls tiieir seennil senrin ii|ipnrtiMiil n hen emi ( ene Vekerman ' s Literal went .i.«tra ami . ' ' am ( a I an am pniineeil nn the ii.ill mi the M. I . Jli. Alter tiiree plavs ami one penalt . .Inhnnv Mrniiel took .1 hamlnl) mi a re er.-e anil inhheil ,1 p.i-- In Ine Nix in the emi one. i eame ihiwii with liie hail despite the ellnrl- nl t Mi ri{;er defenders. Kdilie I ' ndlik eoinerled In knot the emint at 7-all. Mi--niiri M-nreil ai;ain in the third ipiarler mi a i t - aril ii taineil mareli. and In .ill niilward appearanee- it Innked a- il the ;:,ill,int Hull- were readv to lold. Mill that wa not llie imm-. I he eame haek earl in the final ..i In ,i; aiii tie the -enre when Mnh Manire :;allnped tn pavdirt tiirnii;:h a Irenieiiiimi- hide in ri;;ht laekle frnm llie ti;;iil. rudlik- enmer-imi w.i wide In tin- Icfl .mil -core stood at i;5-i:5. Tiif (.tiloradn line rn-e tn it- f!reale-t liei;;lil- w Inn the Missouri, in- iinje.i-liid all llieir triekerv in an attempt to hre.ik the -lalemate. X ith a lir-l down on the ( ninradn . . the hov s from (nliimlii.i tailed In pn-h the pi;i-kin aern--. Manire piinled tn midlield. and nnee a ain Mi— iinri wa- nn the n. inl llii- time the sueeeeded. Klein lolled a hii;li . (l- ard aerial tn all-ennfereiiee li.iHli.Hk .Inliiinx (ilorioM) on the one. and the Heel ' l ' i;;er haek seanipcreil across for lln ' l.ilK w liii-ji broke the hearts of nianv rahiil (iolorado fans. o V • riiiiiik. ( aiitiiiii n K.Mlniro lii.ri-fi 1 Hill IIIHtl|S Football 163 COLORADO. . . . . . 13 MISSOURI . . . . . . 20 Apii .o ii;i i ;iii-s a collision cuiirsi ' . p - y ■ ■• ■• Hill a ' ll (% In spite of the odds favoring the Huffs, New Mexico took fire in the second half to liand ( " ( h)ra(h) a licarlhrfakin;; ilffcal. There was no scorinf; in the first period, hut soon after the second quarter hegan, a had pass from tlie New Mexico center was downed in the end zone to give the Buffs a safety and two points. Min- utes later the Buffs were a ain in possession of tlie hall ami TTodel plowed throufih the New Mexico line to go ( T ards for a touchdown. I ' udliks try for extra point was no good. Later in the quarter Colorado ' s Doug Nelson recovered a Lobo fund le on the lf vard line. After a penally and two plavs Manire passed to Stro- l)el from the 19 f«)r touchdown nund)er two. I ' udlik converted and the half ended Colorado 1. , New Mexico 0. The second half was a different story as the Buffs were unable to cope with a highly spirited Lobo eleven. Three costly Colo- rado fund)les in the third i)eriod le l to the New Mexico victory. The Lobo ' s first touchdown came on a pass play after recovering Apuzzo ' s fumble and McKnown on erted. A short time later. New Mexico passed again for touchdown nundier two. W ith seconds left in tlie third (piarter. New Mexico recovered a fuiuhje on the 11 yard stripe to set up McKnown ' s field goal. Both teams settled down in the final jieriod. neither being able to jnish across another score. Final tally was New M« ' xi« ' o IT, (Colorado 1. " ). :iMi i !ataii uro l i( ' k l inchcs 164 Football COLORADO 15 NEW MEXICO 17 Go way, little l)ov. 1 k;;. » ' r ». K. . |. ■iiii ii:iii - : COLORADO. . . . . . 14 NEBRASKA . . . . . . 25 165 Football In tho final coiiforonro anir of the season Colorado lost a hniisin ;. lianl- foiipht fianie to Nebraska by the score of 14-23. Tbe Bnff defeat moved tbeni into a last place tie with K. State in the final conference standings. The Golden Buffs jumped into an early 7-0 lead in the first quarter. Ne- braska roared back to tie the ;anie up and minutes later went into a ? i lead on a T() vard nin. C.L . apain went into the leail in the second (piarler 14-1. ' {. itli seconds remaining in the half Nebraska completed a desperation pass to the (..L. two. and went o er just before the half ended thus regaining a lQ-14 lead. During the ro igh anil tumble fir l half the HufT rlianees of irtory were dimmed greatly bv kev injuries. Hodel. I ' ete Thompson, and Graves were hurt. Flarly in the third quarter Nebraska converted a Buff fumble into another T.D. to complete the dav " s scoring at 2. ' -14. The BufT injurie- bad slowed up the offensive greatly in the second half. The only Buff scoring thrust was a touchdown pass play from ' " Roaring 20 " to Pudlik. who then lateraled to ininaham: but it was calleil back. Mrr»in il...l ' l Jrrry Apii . o r •k; I ' it - 1 Inirjipson ' ' i I ' ?•!« •) ? ' . : r V ' J ' Vi .N rf,- -. «rv -i _ ' . : « Manirc picks up hve. COLORADO 7 COLORADO A. M. . . 14 166 Ru88 Gorman Diinr (rlilM) ■5 »k. r Football iJoii Ilugiii There ' s an old adage that says soincthinp to the effect that the best shoiihl he saved for the last, and that ' s exactly how the 1949 football season ended for the Lniversitv of ( ' olorado on o cnd)cr 2(). 19 }9. ot so nini-h from the stand- point of the team, itself, as they were on tile short end of a 14-7 score, but from tile spectator ' s viewpoint. It was the Iradilional fzanie with Colorado A. M.. and before the proceedings wcri ' all oxer, an exiremelv roufib game, plus an cipialK excitinj; postgame liraw I wliicb found both players and spectators of botb schools participating hail gi en llie 21.(10(1 fans a real afternoon of enter- tainment. Colorado drew first blood in the second cpiarter on a 6()-yard sustained march. Arlie Beerv ] oiniced on an A. !V1. fnndile on the Colorado 40 to start the drive. H(d Manire passed ( yards to F.nd Chuck Mosber and Merwin llodel cracked lh ' middh ' of the Aggie line for 1. ' ? more ards. llodel. after losing 8 yards in attein])ting to skirt li ft entl. cauglil a jiass from Malcolm Miller on the A. M. ! to set up the score. The (lasln sopbonnire fullback llien oulraced ibe Hams secondarv to score on an ( - ard cl,i li ;iround left end. ( aplain K.ddie I ' ud- lik converted. The . ggies got back inlo llie game in llie lliird period when tliev rolled !S(I yards to pav dirt. Jack Cbristensen. on the ancient " statue of liberty " l)lay. gal- loped 44 yards to the Buff . ' iO-yard line. After two line plays. Bob INIcKee con- . nected with Jim Abshire on a loncbdown i)ass. Joe Faueett converted and it was 7-7. The Aggies started their winning r.illy w ben I, vie . ' tukey intercepted Man- ire ' s |)ass on the V.. U. 47. Frank I ' ldsom passed for a first down on ibe ( ' olorado 19. itb tbe aid of a l. ' j-yard personal foul penalty against llii- Buff,-. .Sliikey cracked over from the four to gi e the Aggie llii ' ictory. Model ' s running labeled liini tbe ontslanding man on the field. The big 195- poinider gained 72 of the 94 vards llie Buffs gained on tbe grountl. The defensive star was Beerv, whose vicious tackling immensely aided the Colorado cause. Freshman Football •JVil f Nv. t3: First rotr, left to riekt: ' o(lIer. SwiderJ, Fcssendcn, Kerriilan, Nardi, () ' MaMe . Nulall, Rowlands, Kern. Shcltnn. • Second rou : ' cnzkir. Todd. McCInid, Curtis. KUmann, Rcinjtold, Clark, Lantt, Dahm, Stock , Olandcr, Wilcox. Third row: K der. .M er . H iins. Cotiun, ' ondN. Dietrich, Cahrit, Stead, Hart. Price. Horine, Meyers, Cable, • Fourth row: Dyers, C, Boyle, J, Boyle, Firtncr, Williams. Chapman, Snyder, Keller, Paolella, McMullen, DeAnilcIo. Shcpard, • t ' ijth row: Brandy, Trainer Hannum, M|tr, Coons. End Coach Parisho, Head (. ' oach Jenkins, AssI, Line Coach McMillan, Coach Mack. Mitr. DeWoll. Tlif UulT froliiiiaii foixtiallrrs proNcd thrmsrlvt-s to hi- ttmpli coiiiprtilor. ' i tliis year. Tlicy took many hard knocks at the oponing of prartin- whilr altoniptinf: to l ricl|;;i- llir gap helwrrn thf liipli school anil collcpc fiHilIiall styles. After the tlusl scttlcil folloyyinp the first few yarsily- frosh scriniiiiaces. many of the freshmen yyere dazed liy the varsity precision and riif;pedness. These practice panies gaxe them hoth conlitlenee and experietice. for it) some td the late seasoti 8rrinMna):es they overshailoueii their hi): hrothers. It uas particularly in ofTensive (day that the frosh «hiniil. Inil their difeii-i c play never measured up I " the varsity. The Hip .S en Conference re|:ulatioiis alloys the freshman foothall squad to play only two inter-scholastic pames. The Buffs playeil the first of their tyyo alhitiiil ames against the Scolts- hliilT, Nehraska Junior cidle e. In this initial --lart. the first-year men emergeil victorious, 20-11. The first tlolorailo drive sputtereil and died on the Soltshlufl one-foot line. However, the BufTg drew first hlood a short time later on Hrookshire ' s long punt return for six points. Figner and Hoyle each scored for the Buffs to round out the l!idorado scoring. On Novendier 12 the Colorado A M yearlings came to Uouliler ysilh high hopi. ' ,, Imt the Buff freshmen put on a thrilling exhihition of foothall to win a resounding .ST-9 victory. The .Vggies got off to an early 7-6 lead until Johnny Boyle set his passing sights and hit Venske, Dyer, ami ( " urtis for three Tl) passes. In the second half Tom Bronkshire, a Boidder full- hack, took the kickoff and harrtded his way 90 yarils to another Buff touclitloyy n. Only a twci- point score for A M liaheil the Buff massacre slightly, hut Jerry Dyer soon plunged for another touchdown. Kalpli Curtis yvent oyer for six points :iiid llnri Urookshire made the score 57-9. ( ' oach Kay Jenkins, pleaseil with his team ' s fine shoyying said. " The hoys shoyyed a remark- ahle spirit and desire to win. " If these men movt into the ranks of the varsity next ear, they can carry yvith them that same spirit, in aililition. to their ahilities to make the Buffs a fine foothall team in the future. Nunihored among the niendiers of the frosh are several good varsity prospeels. With a niaxi- imini of haril ysork in the coming season, these men may he appearing often to litdsler the for- tunes of the Buffs. In hoth games which the freshmen plaved, the fidloyying men wt-re out- standing: Boy liepheril at center, I.ainar Meyer at left end, (ieorge Figner at left half, Tom Brooksliire at fiillhack, and Jcdinny Bovh ' at richt half, Jerry Dyer anil Ralph ( ' urtis lookcil good in the A M game, Johnny Boyle is a good passing prospect, accoiinling for three TD ' s through the air in the A M game. Stan Cozzi and Don Gorman, hoth transfer students, yyere outstanding at left half and guard respectively. Boh Klaniann from South Denver was a line bulwark at left tackle. Tom Brooksliire made long runs in hoth games. He might readily follow in the footsteps of lit- tle Don Hagin. 167 COACH RAY JENKINS «p Basketball COACH FROSTY COX The Colorado basketball team cioscil out tbeir scbediile on Mareb 11 afiainst Missouri. Tliis tiaiiic brou bt to a riose a successful season, for tlie HurtV (iiiisbcil wilb 11 sins anil (S losses. ' I ' be road trips proM ' il to be tbeir ilouiifall tliroufilioiit tlie season as tbe Buffs dropped six of tlie ten anies played awav from bonie. Tbeir conference record of six wins and six losses was not an outstandinj; recoril: bowever, by virtue of a tliree-way tie for first place, tlieir record was good cjioufib for second ])lace in tbe final con- ference standings. Tbe Oklabonia Sooners. also witb a 6-() record were tied for second witb tbe Bud ' s. ' I ' be final conference games on Marcb 11 provided surprises and a big resbiiffling of tbe tbree top teams. Kansas State defeated Nebraska and Oklabonia upset Kansas to put tbe first place position into a tbree-wav tie between Kansas University. Kansas . " tate. and Ni ' braska. By irtue of a vote. KU was designated as tbe Big Seven Conferences repre- sentati e to tbe ( ' .. A plavofTs. Kendall Hills was bonored witb a bertli on tbe Associated I ' ress all- conference first team. He was tbe (X spark-plug and bigli scorer tbrttugbout tbe season. His scoring mark placed bini tbird in tbe league, bebind two of tbe giants. Clyde Lovelelte ami Bus bitebead. Four otber Buffs received bonorable mention. Tbe wfre (rcne lio nr-. Hod Bell. Roger . " tokes. atid a ne Tucker. In atldition to Hills. Stok ami Tucker were particularh outstanding for tbe Buffs. Stokes |)ro e(l to be a dangerous scorer and was tougli to beat in tbe rebounding. Tucker, also an excellent rebounder and scorer, was -onsidered one of tbe best defensi e plavers in tbe conference. Hod Bell, tbe foot 10 incli center, adiled an extra scoring piuicb to tlie Buff team. Tbe Buffs entered tbe pre-season tournament witb an outstamling 7-0 record. In tbeir first tournev game tbev defeated Nebraska easily to run tbeir undefeated string to eigbt wins. At tins time tbey were rated tbe fiftb best team in tbe nation. Tbe Herd skidded from tbis pinnacle of recognition wlien tbev fell into a losing streak tbat accomited for tbree straigbt losses. In Februarv. Coacb Frost v Cox ainiounced bis resignation to be effec- tive Julv 1. 19.10. In bis fifteen years as bead coacb. Frosty bas j)roduced several championsbip teams. Frosty ' s resignation will be a great loss to University atbletics. 168 Back row. lejt to right: Wayne Tucker. Kendall Hills, Carr Besemann, Rod Bell. Bob Rolander. Bill Clay, Roger Stokes, Jack .Vnderson. • front row. Bill Ley. Bruce Conway, Jim Armalas. Ciene Rogers. Fred Johnson, Jack Froistad, John Ania a. liSSS dU ' % 1 l COLORADO EMPORIA STATE The !uluratlii ItiilTaliir.s ln ' cuii tlicir I ' l| ' ' -l ' ' j0 81-usoii Hilli a 3j- 3 lriiiiii| li iiMT Kriiimria Slair Trachcrs. Tlir HiitT- liiil iilT to a sliiw Blurt ami in- lii ' liiiiil iiiilll four Miiniili ' ! lirforc tlir liulf hIii ' ii llicy lii-il llir llonii ' l. " til 23-23. Tiny Imd lilllr Imulilr after that in Kuiiiiii); and kr ' | - iiii; till- IfUil. Tlir UiifT.s ran up ;i U -J ' rount rarlv in llii ' scronil li.iir anil llicii ' i u li ' il to irlor . linlT furwaril a nr Turkrr It ' ll the sroriii)! uilli 20 points. !arr llrsrinaun iinil Ko|;iT Sloko ron- triliHti ' il i Iriii .iikI till piiinls rr |ifrliM ' I In llif M ' oriii): ' olunui. In tin ' si ' conil ( ipnti ' l Colorado scored a nH ri- drrisivr 62-12 Iriiinipli. Till ' Buffs again pot off to a slow start, lull lln ' Inld a 22U lialftirnr Irail aflir Koc.Ts. Stiikis. anil IliH- ' liarki ' d a srinnd quarlir rall I olIouinR llie inlrnnission tin- Huffs rainr liack strong, liittinp tin ' liaskt ' l ronsislrnlly for iIk ' nniainilrr of llie gann " . Tiny niiiintainrrl nKi l ' ry of the liarklioaril- IJMiMighiMit th« ' half. (; ' no Kog. ' r liil tin ' Huff srorrrs »illi Iwrl piiini-. Cliisr lirliind was Kogrr tokis Willi rievcn points lo lii- crrdil. COLORADO - EMPORIA STATE 62 42 COLORADO NORTHWESTERN 67 63 Tin ' underdog Colorado basketball trjin jfiiirneyed (o CAura o for a ainc willi NorllnvcsIiTii. Tlir Huffs ihrilliil a crowd of TOOn at (Jiirafio Sladiiiiii witb an amazing last lialf spurt tbat gained them a hard-earned vii-tory. The fane, unenthusiastir during! much of the rontesl, beranir loyal Buff rooters when ihi- Herd refused to give in to a rather ihslieartening Norlhwrsl- ern lead. With only ten minutes remainin): in tb ' game. Northwestern liad a secure thirteen piiint ad. I.i ' il by I i I I I I ' (rene Kogcrs, who conlriliuled seven points to the late rally, tlie Buffs narrowed the gap and finally went ahead. CU scored on six free tlirows in the final two minutes and had a game total of 2. out of 2 ' ) free throws, (iene Hogers led llie Itulf scoring attack with twenty-two points. He was matched by Kay Kegalis of Northwestern who also countered twenty-two points. Ken Hills and Roger Stokes contributed fourteen and ten points respectively to the Herd scoring cohunn. 170 «V ' COLORADO ■ ■ NORTHWESTERN - 67 63 Stop it: SOUTHERN METHODIST COLORADO - In the lir t f jiiir iif ;i («%o caiiti- arrii-s v»itli Suiilln-ni Millniili l I iii- rr!«it , ( !uli»rutlo com iii« ' in l ili - |iLi ril tlit ' ir piili ' iilial powrr in ntiiliii liir MiislanK! Tl-lti. At no (iini- ilnr- ini; llif fiilirc fVfiil was the BiitT Irail lliD ' iitfnril. I ' liinI gi-tti-r Ki ' Milall Hills i-onniTtril for I ' l piiiiits tt It ' iMl tlir srorin): ftt - uinu. Till kir. Sliikrii iinii !lii l r( itifil ulilr u i laiirt- anil rilioui ' il Miprrli liaik- liounl ( ' iiiiirul ufiuiiist lli c sniullcr S M I Ifani. Tlii;. ii ' t ry ptisliril the !i lii- railo win mark to foiir uguiiist nil M-t liark.s. Eager to iiia?lir tin- Iwo game series with M U and also to lengthen their win rohimn to five vietories. the (loloraihi BiifTs were foreerl to pla elose liall to ilefeal the Mus- .i6-.Sfl. The count was close throiighoiii the game with llie leail shifting three limes the initial perioil. The ( " olurado iifTenM ' hoggeil down in the second half, and with eight ininiiles reinaiii- ing in the final period the score stood 46-13 with Oilorado leading. W aym Tiickir led the ictors with 19 points. t Irehesis practice. 171 COLORADO 56 SOUTHERN METHODIST - 50 Kill Clav -i» COLORADO .... 64 RICE 51 r ii it.f The I iilversily of (lolurudo liaskrt- hull team afiain scored a derisive vic- tory over tlie Uiee Owls liy a srore of 61-. ' )l. At lialftinie the Hiifls wen- leadiiij: hy only five points, 2K-2ii ; linl ihiy caught fire in the second lialf with a thirty-six point splurge. Kenilall Hills sparked the seor- inc with twenty-four points. Sophomore Jim Armalas from DinM ' r sliowed jireat promisi ' as he exhihited jireat speetl and ability hy sror- ing nine points in the second half. This game completed the two game series with Hice. the I ' M ' Sonthw est ionference Champions. -X i With an eighty-three to fifty-two victory over Rice from Texas, the (Colorado IfiifTs continued an un- marred record of six wins and no defials for tin- season. Tucker proMil to he the strong- f.-,! inili idual scoring asset licu he netted nineteen points. Kiigcrs followed closely hehind Tucker hy scoring eighteen points. Tile |{ulTs ilefense condiineil with an exircmily aggressive ' olTi ' nse provi ' il to he too much for the Owls single post, and the Silver and Gold also scored .ft per cent of their shots to clinch the first victory of the two game series. 172 vV . ' ' ' - K Vt c» . Scared ' . ' frl IOWA STATE COLORADO Kor the Huffs, it was Bill Clay who li-(l the srorin)! liy liillinp llir bucket for 16 lallic-s. followril l y ken Hills, uilh 15. Turkrr uiovr for a layiii COLORADO IOWA STATE 66 46 NEBRASKA 59 COLORADO .... 49 On Saliirday. 1 cliriiar IHili. llir BufTs tlroppiMl inlo a tie for tliiril plari- ill til " ' ciiiifiTi ' iict as a result of a .19-19 loss to the Nebraska Corn- luiskers at Liiieoln. ( ' .enter Bus liite- hoacl led tlie host attack, liansiiiiii in 21 points, and Kendall Hills led the C.U. hid with 14 counters. Throiich 18 minutes of tlie lirst half ( :idorado was very nuieh in tin- hall panie. The lead chanued hands nin - times lief ore the (lornliuskers sprinted out of a 2n.all til ' into a 29-211 lialf-tinie lead. The Buffs sroreil on 21 oiii i f 2.! free throw at- l( [iipis hut were cool from the fii-ld, hit- lin;; only 2 i per cent III lliiir shots. The (.olden liidlaloes evened their conference record at one and one with a coiivincini: win over Nel»raska s (lorn- huskers. 72-i9, on Mon- day. January Uitli. Kend;ill Hills and ayne Tucker led the C.U. attack with 21 and 18 paints respectively, hut constant hustle on the part of the enliri- (Colorado scpiail paiil olT and enabled the hosts to control the ri-- hounds off holli hoards. Two Buffs, Hills and Itesenumn. and three of the ( lornliuskers were ejected from the (lanie via the foul route. ( iinter Bus hitehead led the Nebraska scoring illi eighteen markers. COLORADO NEBRASKA ■ COLORADO OKLAHOMA 46 43 Uirncd in Tiiikir each Rarriirril six allriiiinil )!aiiir. 1-iM- f i ' iiiors joined Frosty ini: ihi-ir last home panie. Tlicy wen- Hills. I.e . Hell. Heseinann. ami McVey. COLORADO OKLAHOMA 58 49 KANSAS STATE COLORADO 75 45 A rip roaring band of Kansas State Vi ildrals put on a brilliant display iif sboolinf! and rt-bounilin): in liniililir on Jannury 28 to all but run tlic Colorailo livi- off tile floor witb a 79- 49 victory. The logs was (!olo- railo ' s second in ronference play. It was simply a niattir of " " 111(1 bill lo lianille " for the Huffalos as the ildcals scored from all angles an ] on shots of all descriptions. K-Stale dominated botli backboards c(Tccli el . leaxinj; tin- IJufTs tin- only alternative of firing from far out. t)n I ' ebruary 27. the I v4 teams met in M:inbaltaii and the W i bleats roared to a 71-19 triumph, the win leaving the Huffs without a mathematical chance at the rrnw n. ' I In- Kansans assumed the initial lead anil were never biacb ' d. The Huffs rallied twice eaiU in the first half lo pull within three and four points of the winners, but faltered. Koger Stokes led the Huff scoring with l.S points for the night. The versatility of the Kansas State cri ' W could be shown b the fact that fiMir riicn scored Miorr ili;in Ini points. 176 KANSAS STATE COLORADO 74 49 I ' I in u . COLORADO MISSOURI ■ li:i ' ' ii|i r i ir Mi iiiri lift liir ItiifT ill ii po iii(iii It) tuki o ( ' r Mioml plurr ill llii ' Iti): S iii roii- fiTrnrf. ( oltiruitu jiiiMpi il to u (i ( ' - piiiiil lt-j(l, iiiitl rriiiii tliiit piiiiit on l!i ' iii-rully ki ' pt llir li ' ;i l it iln- liM- |ii iiii iiiark. ( ' oloruilo It ' ll l l ' l ' l III iKllrtillir uiiil ruiiii ' liurk stroM): lo turl till- laul liulf uilli l » i|iiirk lllll-kclA liv li ' llll KimImi) Itrll. tt fool 10 iiirli pivot iiiiiii. illi one iiiiniilr to fio, for|:i ' lafTirly, Tiiifr ftiiani, tii ' il llir ):iiiii - up u( SV-JI, hut Krnilull Mill. .Iiiiiki-il ii IjNUp Witll (ln ' t- MTOIIlls rriiiuiiiiii)! to i r (olo- ruilo tlii ' ir tliinl irti r ill fiM ' li-u)!ii( ' aiiii ' ! ' . A l i»t half »iir(ir liy llir Tipors from ( Inliiiiijiia. Missouri. fEuvr llinii a ir- I or V n IT Tol orailo ' s HiilTs. I On Marrli II. lliis uas till ' final ronlrst of lie firafioii for hotli scpiaiU. I TIk- Itiiffs III! 26-23 at lialf-liiiu-. lint ill tlir srronil half ihr Tiprrs jiinipi ' il into an rifshi point Irail -a pap whirli the ItiilT ' roiilil nr ' r ipiitr rlo ii . Wa.Mir Tmkrr Iril tlir Huff smnr- vitli I ' IrM ' ii points follovsril hy Mills «ith tin. Till ' liiifTs I oiintirril liplitiiii field goals out of 39 shots for a thirty per eeni averape. MISSOURI ■ COLORADO 53 49 KANSAS - ■ COLORADO 76 60 At l.awrciiri- it was a clifleront tur.v. Kuiisus | ull«-(l in rriint at the U ' ii-iniiiiil ' mark and juA kept huiltl- in|! ii| tlir scorr from tlicn ' on. Love- Ictte poiiri ' il through 29 points to Icail all srorrs and Kondall Hills garnered 15 for the losers. The game at Lawrence markeil the last time t ' oach Frosty (.i of Colorado, the pupil, and I)r. Forest (I ' hogl Allen of Kansas, the t e a e h e r , uould match wits. Oox was one of Allen ' s great- est haskethall proteges in his imdergraduate days at Kansas. Vi ' ayne Tucker was the tiero of the night when he calmly sank a 40-foot s4-t slmt vitli three sccomis left to play in the over- time period of the Colo- rado-Kansas game. I ' lic MijITs had staged a aliaiil uphil haltle all the way to knot the count ut 18-18 at thi ' end of tin- regulation forty minutes. .Vt the halflinie intermission, the score read Kansas 31, lluloradu 28. The chief reason for the llulT ' s suc- cess was the bottling up of the Jay- hawk ' s sophomore flash, Clyde Lovc- IcMe. who scored nineteen points in llic lirsl half, hut had to I intent with oidy four in the second half as the MuiTalocs threw up a two-man lockade e(Iecti elv. COLORADO KANSAS - - Bofk rote. IrU ' ' • right: Jnhn (iarlin. manai((.-r. Bnh Sicvvurt. Dale Se mour. Frank (Iimipcrl, Ken Koop, Jim lillvli%. jnil l uh l.anson. ■ » Shepherd. Jim Dulihrop. Chuck . ii(ht-r«, Stuarl Strx. Cili-nn Lt: dtfn, Don Bramb , and Kusscll W ' aUcth. coach. (t: Ho 179 Freshman Basketball K rr yi ' iir thrrr is prral liopr rxprrsstMl for tlw frohimn u fiUurc ai il lia ktlliall tars. unti thr tur 1 ' V ' -1 ' ' )0 i» no txrrplioii. IVarliriiift four und soiiHtinirs livr niplils a Wfik tlirnti tioiit a fixt ' -inoiitli-long sruson. thirtri ' ii frt-slinicn aspirants dcvi ' Iopt ' d rvrry tiiir point of ttii-ir f:uMie in prrparation for tlirir lii rrark at tin arsity s(|ua l in thr sprinp. HnssrII " Sox W alstth rornpli-tt- l his strond rar us tin frosh tutor, training tarli indi- itiual Imi in tlir tiiir points of the game — points he, as a player, must leurn if he expeets to pluy roMt ' i:! ' haskrthall. In roniplianrr v ilh a ronferenrr rule of the Bip Seven, the freshmen are not allowed to pluy outside (rams during thr srason. Thiir only (aste of " game eompetilion " was in the inlru- sqnud eontt ' sts prrri ' ding i iTy honir ar it gamr. Oni " of (hr hesi arsity prospeets on this year ' s fro h sipiad is I ' rank " hitey " (.ouipert from W innrtka, Illinois. hitey. a six-fool, thrrc-inrh forssard, is agile for a man his si e. His one-handfd set shots maki him a dangerous seorer. AnothiT of the topflight prosprcls for next year ' s team is Ken Koop. Ken liails froni Mitrh oll, South Dakota, and standi six feet, six inehes lull. He is the hest rehounder on thi- Irani. Ken is also a good, oiir-handi ' d h()oler. Itnlt Struarl. from |irrdri n. Soiilli Dakota, is another hoy who should he mr of the var- sity sfpiad UH lulnT- luxt fall. Sirwart i six fret, ihrti- iinhr- tall, and has a good two-hand set shot. He also hits oni ' handrd ipiitt- %rll and is a good drfrnsixc man. Don ltrandi migrattd from Minnesota to Ttdorado for his college eduration. and also to play haskrthall. Don. a six footer, is an aggrt si i- pla rr ami a potrni seorrr. His hustle marks him as u good prospeet. Three loeul liouhler hoys uere mrndiers of thi- Mpiad. and all thn-r pia giiod lia ki tl all. Roy Shephrrd. rhiiek (iatlu-rs, and Dalr S« ' mi»ur from the ' f Itoulder prep squad are all good husth ' r and alt stand a hrltt-rthana i-rage ehanei ' of playing arsit Itall. Uthrr pro prrlv iiuludf Jim Tili-lt). a .six-four rnitrr: Jim Dallhrop. another South Da- kota Ihi ; .|rnn l.f i|tii. a Diimr outh pnidurt : Muart ' x. a tiamiuule of rompert s at innt ' tka. and Midi Luusou. a good .s4-t shooter from Longniont. (:oa4;h " S(» " w i. i;m Afraid to look? High altitiidr La kethall. Varsity Track The BiifTs trai-k sqiiail I ' clipsid last year ' s pooil sliuwiii)! liy liirn- iiif: in one of its most siirresjifiil seasons in sexeral years. As always, the inihvidiiul perfornianees of thi ' various men showed the excellent iiilliieiK ' e iif (!iiaeh Frank I ' olts. Iiw roaehes in the nation can sur- pass Potts " reroril or eoaehinj: ability. In the Hij; Seven Conference nii ' et. ( " olorailo surprised the dope- slers by takinf: seeoml place. Don Campliell was the individual star of the meet. He won both the 100 yard and 220 yard daslies and ran a le on the mile relay ti ' ani whieli placed second. .Mtlio tin- track was wet and the weather bad. raniplirll won the 100 in ' ' .. ' . (iamplu ' ll later received the Sprinters Trophy for the outstanding Hi)! Scmu sprinter of tlie year. Also in this meet Joe Fold ti d for first in the hi):h jump with a leap of 6 ' 1;J| " . Jack Todd won first in the javelin throw- for the second straight year. In addition to these firsts the Huffs took sec- ond in the shot. Fitzmorris lost the 2 mile run by a scant yard to Karnes of KL . The mile relay team and Hateman ' s 13 ' 6 " vault were also good enough for seconti places. COACH I H WK I ' OTTS 180 Front row. left to rs ht: tiDid, Brown. Duhiich, D. Giacomini, Johnson. W ' underlv, Rosso. Rnrd %eII. Oosson. • Second row: Mfir. m. (Ihancc, W ' eldon, " . Chance. Temple. D. Campbell. B. Giacomini, Laeck ' , Gregg. Menare, Bateman. Mannvim. Brentian. • Back row: Coach Potls. Allen. ile , Sweene . Burk. Todd. Gardner. 1). B. Campbell. Black. Mgr. Mitchell. Cainpbrll rarks up u V..) Iiiiiiilred. Track The Huffs liejian llir season li Irounring New Mi-xiro 101-28. I ' niversity of Ari mia 78 ' 2- 2 ' anil Vri .ona Stair Td- ' ifi. Tlicso llirfr iliial Minis wrr lii-lil ilurinf! spring: varalion. On April 2 (Inlnrailo played host to 200 atlilt ' lcs from Ion univrrsilics in the cijihlli annual indoor meet. The Buffs won the meet, breaking two records in the process. Fitz ran a 4:27.6 mile for one meet record and Batenian vaulted 13 ' 8 " for the other. C.U. wrappril up three more firsts when . llen won the shot, (Ihance the 880, and Temple the ItO. On .-Vpril 8 CI ' , suffered its first setback at the hands of the I ' ni- versity of Nebraska by a score of 62-t2. The Herd was seriously handi- capped by the loss of Don Caiiipbell who was out with injuries. ' S ar- ren liutenian broke his two week old record with a vault of 13 ' 10 " . Other (irst place winners ere Allen ill the shot. Fit .niorris in the mile, and Kdwards tied with a lliisker jumper in the high jump. Competing against 800 athletes at I.awrenee in the Kansas Relays, the injury ridilen HufTs still gave a good account of llieiiisel%es. They were uillioiii the ser icis of Kaso. tiaiiipbell, and Menary. Both Todd and Allen set new (!.l . records, for Todd threw the Javelin 20H ' 9 ' " , and . llen threw the shot .iO ' lO " . The distance relay team placed sec- ond, and the sprint relay team placed third. Bottoms up! p.iir of aces, loach ' : ' tiiU ' one arm. too. 181 c - i. S ' . y Urn I it Campbell wins again. Track || The 25lh Aiiiiiiul C.V. Relays was altended l y over 800 trackmen. The Buffs won a decisive team victory followed by K-State in second place. Three ( ' ..V. records were broken in tliis meet, ( " ampbell ran a 9..1 hundred for one new record, Fitzniorris ran a 4:26.8 mile for the .second, and tin- 880 yard relay team, composed of Giacomini, Burke. Temple, and Campbell, ran a 1:27.9 time. Again this year Colorado ' s Dave liolen. the U.S. 600 meter (!hanip and Ilerli Mckin- ley, the world record holder in the 440, race l in a special 440 event with Itolcn winning with a time of 46.9. The Huffs completed the season with two ihials and a triangular meet. On May 7, the Herd thinclads defeated Kl ' 69-62 with t he last event deciding the meet. The Huffs then defeated Wyoming and Colo- rado College. In this meet Campbell ran a 9.4 in the hundred and 21.2 in the 220. In a dual meet with Oklahoma . M that was held indoors, the Huffs were defeated 55V3-47%. Campbell was again side- lined with an injury. His participation woulil probably have given the Huffs the necessary points. Allen won first in the shot, (iregg first in the p de vault. Temple in the 4 tO. and Fitzniorris in the two mile. In the two mile run Fitz also established a new school record of 9:44.4. W alch out fur the rafter; J.ii k TimIcI (I s juM ' lin an ' . Track Follow ill): till riosr of sclliiol ( ' oarli l otts took Toilil. |{ol ' il. ll ii. ruinplirll. ril2iiiorris anil iiali ' inaii lo tin- N ! ami A Al iiH-fIs in l.os Ancilis anil Fresno. At llii ' N .AA Toilil won 6tli in till- javrlin. (laiiiplirll won his lii-at in tlir 220 ami was si-ronil in liis lirat in tin- liiiiiiln-il Init faili-il ti plaio in tin ' finals. Tin- oilnr HnlTs iliiln ' l farr an lultrr. for mini ' wi-re alili- to plaio. Tlir srason 8 rrronl of five iliial wins af:ainst two ilrfrats am! a si ' i ' onil place in the conference meet imlieuteil llie .streiifitli of tlie squad. The final conference standings are liased on tile result? of the all-eonferenee meet: thus t!olorailo plared sernnd in eniifereiiee stand- iii(;s. This is the lies! record of an i.X . team since (Colorado ' s en- trance into the Big Seven. The following men received letters: Jim Allen. Warren nateman. Bruce Brown. Holiert Burke, Don M. tiaiiipliell. Don It. ( ampliell, Wiley ham I-. Dave Duhach. Rolirrt Kilwards. (iinrpe I- it imirris. (iardiMT. Iiiiliirt (.iacomini. Don l.iaiomini. Joe t.oiil. I Uiire lirepg. Bill llannum. Dean Johnson. Knhert Menary, Aujiie Kaso, Charles Temple, Jack Todd, and Bill (Ihance, manager. In a conference postal meet held for the freshman sipiads, the Herd frosh fell far short of the varsity liy gaining a fifth place in the results. WalK Taiiiur " - IS ' X " throw of the shot was the only first for the frosh. Smile for the camera, boys. i B III v III - an I .t- III -t. Tliurj llie vav v liki ' lit Niii. 183 If f . r 4 Baseball C()At;il 1 HANK I-KKNTIP The University of Colorado ' s 1949 baseball team started out like a house on fire, then completely fell apart on two road trips to finally wind up in fifth place in the fin;il Dig Seven Conference standings. Al home they were nearly unbeatable, winning four of five conference games an I three non-ionference tilts, but were quite the opposite on the road, losing five of six ganu-s for a tutal of ten wins against six defeats. Till ' Huffs iiprned their siasim with a ili)ublehrader against the I ni ersit of Nebraska al Bouider. The linal score, 6-2. Nebraska hail come from behind to tie the score at 2.all to set the stage for Manire ' s seventh inning wallop, which decided the issue in Colorado ' s favor, 3-2. Oklahoma fell to some timely ( ' olorado hitting, and became the Buff ' s second conference victim, 12-9. Bill Ley led the bitters with two homeruns. while Dick ( iwilcn lobbed j diiubb w n] the bases loaded to break a 9-9 tie in the eighth inning. . t Manhattan. Kansas .State swept two ganu-s. .1-1 anil 11-3. . two-run homer in the last of the tenth of the first game gave the Wildcats their initial victory. Three Colorado hurlers were unable to stop the K-. laler ' s barrage of base hits in the second game- -the Wild- eats scoring 1 I runs to I Colorado ' s 3. 184 Front row, left to right: Trick, Rogers, Bock. Graham, Evans. Beery, Covvden. • Second row: Fanning. Johnson. Ley, Manire. Narcisian. Krasovjch, Haitin, Knoblock. Nix. • Back row: Coach Prentup, Ashton, Cox. Bierhaum. Pudlik. Pixicr. Gumpp. Maldonodo. Thompson. . -_ . 5 :--r r_ y _Jf _ :zz:ri MLl « JVM. ■ »d ' :5 ' l || ' 4. ' ' i;, ' « „ » li % ,i- iKiihin fellas. Itasc liit! (vIMxl furill. llllt III ' v ilh out Ml Ir Baseball (!i li)ruili " s iliuiiiiiiiil fiirtiino? won ' al tln ' ir liiurst rlili of llio season when ihe I nixersily of Kansas Jayliawkers ilriihlieil them iwiee. l-li ami T-2. The HiifTs narrowly misseil hecomin virlinis of a no-hit. no-run game al Co- lunihia when Missouri ' s pitrher. Don MeMlllen, after piiinR eipht ami onethinl innings without allowiii): a safity. gave up a onehase hlow to pimh-hitler, Uoii Evans. Final score: Missouri 5, I ' olorado 0. Hill Funning saveil the only vietory Colorailo was ahle to register in their six roail games when he masterfully pitilied a 1-0 virlory over Missouri. Closing out their eonferenro season, the Buffaloes salvaged some glory for the season when they hamled Iowa Stale a twin sethaek, 11-9 and 11-10. . s a result. Kansas won the Big Seven title instead of the Cyrlones, and Colorado moved from iho cellar into fourth place. Trailing 10-5 going into the seventh, the home forces rallied for four runs on two hits and four free passes. ( raham laced the two-and- two pilch over the left field harrier to give the Buffs an 11-10 victory. Against non-conference opponents Colorado was deadly. They overpowered Colorailo Min«-s twice, 12-6 atid 9-S at Golilen, and heat Colorado College, 17-7 and 14-9. Tli. al-o drill. I.rd I.oury Field, 16-5. Playing for a full house. for huh? ilutlju. escapee scores. 185 A man who ' s always in a hurry. t I tAi ' -i v ' v.v ♦ ♦ ► • ► ♦-. ., » • - • ♦ .• ' •♦ ' ♦• ' ♦ ♦ ■♦•♦»-.♦« J e » • ♦ • • s ■♦■ ♦ • ¥ ♦ •-♦♦•• ♦»■«■• •«-«»« -V ♦ ♦ - • J 4 V ♦- ♦ -w-»-»-C v ♦-■♦ rf- «■ . w » 4 » » ♦ ♦.»--♦ V »-.- ♦ ♦-•-« . 1 ■ I ««■■• ■»♦ «•♦. . ■» ♦ ♦• ♦-• •• ♦■I « - «. »-»♦ •« «4 «, «44 4.« V - ♦ • » e ■ . ,,-- • ' •- « « « «♦ • ■41 A V f ,H lu ii;;lii: I riiiikliii, Toliiii;. Hallori. I ). lu. ilcr. ami player-roarli Hill Forbes. 187 Golf Thr Buff golf squall hcpan a iiir liorrr season willi a disastrous spring vacation trip to llir VTcst Coast. On lliis tour tlu-y lost niatilii ' s to four of the liost Parific Coast teams. On Miirili 21 they met I C.l.A and were defeated 22-1 t. In sueeession they dropped niatehes to the I niversily of Southern Culir rnia 1.1-.3. (!al K ' j- ' j. and San Jose . " ' tale 16-2. . an Jose was last year ' s N. 1.. .. . team ehampion. a fart wliieli indicates the toiif:h eompeti lion faeed liy the ( ' l players. Sid I ' ldiu):, Hill Detweiler. Hill I ' orhes. and Flarrie VI eiss, aeeonipanied liy coach lowler, niaili- the trip. Despite the lack of iiiueh practice hefiire the journey on acc innt of had weather, all four men played good golf. tn pril ' ) the Huffs hepan several muteliis with Kocky Mountain Repion schools. Thf druMied Coloruilo (iollepe 26 ' - ' with nundier out ' man Oetweiler posting a 74 for meilal honors. Thiy fidlowcd up this victory with a close II-. ' ? decision over Colora do -V M. In a triangular with C(! and .Mines the Huffs continued their victory striuf: hy collecting all hut six points. In this match Detv»eilcr and Weiss turned in hot Tl ' s on the dillicull Broadmoor ( " ourse. In the Broailmoor Invitational tournament they placed a re- pectahli seciind, losing only to the I ' niversity iif t Oklahoma h ' a narrftw margin. Next to fall hy the v aysiile v»as Regis hy a score of 21 ' 2-.S ' 2 as Barrie S eiss caiue through with a 72 for medal. To finish with a perfect record against Colorado eompeti- tiim. the Buffs trounced ( ' olorado .Vggies again, this time hy the safe margin of 19 ' 4-7 ' 4- This match was played in a driving rain, hut Bill Detweiler fired a good 76. In Big . " even Conference competition the Buffs diil not fare so well. On . pril 21 they dropped the first conference match to Kl . ' ? ' ; .|l ' j. Only INding and Dalton managed to collect any points. This match was followed hy another .I ' -HU at the hands of Kansas State. The final match of this trip proved even more fatal than the first two as Nebraska I niversity posted a 17-1 victory. Jack Dalton maintained a 76 average on this roail trip. In a return match with Kl ' the Buff linkstirs couhl garner only six points while swept tv%t Kf. The seastMi was climaxed h llie Hig e rn Conference Tournament held at Lincoln. Nebraska. The Buffs could muster only a seventh place standing in this tournament. Mis- souri l niversity won with an aggregate five man total of 608 while Colorado had a total of Mi. Those men making the trip were Poling. Dalton. Detweiler. Franklin, and player- roach Bill Forbes. One of the tourney highlights was a hole-in-one scored by I ' ete Frank- lin. This meet brought the season to a close with a record of six wins and eight losses in dual matches, riaver-roach Bill Forbes, Sid Poling, Bill Detweiler. Pete Franklin, and Jack Dalton were awarded letters. Plavcr roach Bill Forbes. 188 Back row, left to right: Anhil ' ajjnik, Herm Anderson, Scott Smith, Keg Kice, Bob Asccll. • Front row: Pete Couk, Bud DeMuth, Bob Spears, Wally Cr()zier. ScoU Smith, are nrtiiian Tennis T V ' ■ ' h Under ihe ilirot ' tiuii i f ( ' oacli Dirk (iray, llie L niversity of (Colorado lu ' liiini liail a very sucoossful season. They won nine out of ten dual meets, and, although lianipered hy sickness, the team iinislied tliird in the Bip Seven tournament at I.ineohi, Nebraska. The Buff traveling squad was built around a nucleus of three returning lettermen: Bob Spears, Howard DeMutli, and Rol)ert . esell. The other members of the squad were: .An hil Yagnik, Herm Anderson, Reg Hire, Scott Smith, and Mike Fruchter. April 9 marked the opening of the season when the Buffs trounceil Coloracb) Mines 13-0, followed on the next day by the defeat of Colorado Slate 10-3. On .April 14, Okla- homa traveled to Boulder to hand our racketeers their only dual meet defeat T-0. Travel- ing to Munliattan the ItufTs defealicl last year ' s Big Si-ven champions Kansas State 7-0. The Buffs continued a successful season by also defeating Nebraska .1-2, (Colorado Slate 13-0, Kansas 6-1, (lolorado . M Il-l, and (Icdorado ( ollege 4-1. ( )b)rado University intiiieti liiiisliicl iliinl in ibe Big Scmh Conference Meet beliiml Oklahoma and Missouri. The team ' s cbani ' e for a seeond place birth was lost by the sud- den illness of Anhil Yagnik who was forced to forfeit bis malcbis. Wally C.rozier was within a matchpoint of difeating his Soonir opponent, but lost: and .Anderson and Spears, Colorado ' s top doubles team, lost to Missouri in a tight match, 7-.S, 5-7, and 11-9. The end of the confirence tournament wound up a successful season. During the summer some of tin- iiirriiliers of the team aebievril liif;li lionor.- on ibe courts. Pete Arendrnp and Dick (.ra won the Denver City doublis elianipionsliip. Areii- drup then won the Ci lorado closed singles cup. At llii ' liilermoiinlain Tournament Aren- drnp vanquished Bob Lewis, Stanford ' s niunber 1 ace: however, in the (inals Pete was forced to forfeit bis match to I.ynii Bockwood due to illness. .Also acbii%ing honors was Bob Spears who won the Denver Public Park tournament. Last but not least was Scott Smith who reached the finals in the Lvanston, Illinois men ' s tournament. Till- Kufts upriifd lilt- I ' l ' ' o0 .suiiiiiiiiiii! -u ull uilli a | arkliM|: Iruiii irl r ill tlir yuiiiiii); Ki-laya. The BufTs st ' l tlirt-r ii ' » iiit-rt rt-t ' uril.s uitli a tiiiif uf 1 :U3 in llit- 400 foot frrrslyle relay, 7:51.7 in the 2000 foot medley relay, and a 3:20.7 in the 300 yard medley relay. This impressive win is mie of tin- oiitsiundinp irliiries fur tlir Herd swiiiiiiuT.-, iliirint: the pa t few seasons. On January It, llie Huffs iipeiied their Hiu N- rM ( iinfereiiee sehedule afiaiiisl Ne- hraska. bnlerini; the dual meet as underdoes, the iUifTs fiained a 1242 tie. Stan Itlaek set a new record in the 200 yard hreastslroke with a time of 2:37.2 Two days later (Colorado lancled with Iowa State, who has heen iinilefeated in the past tweKi ' eonfereiiee meets. The lUiffs iiaiiii ' il lirst in oidy the HIIU yard medley anil the 200 yard lireaststnike raptured l y llluek. In se eral mi ' ets with nuinnal sellouts the liulT.., asserted llieir eoiiiplete domiiiuiiee. They defeated Colorado l ■ ' -2.i with Briire Bowers gaininf! two wins in freestyle e enls. The 100 yard relay team set a new reeord of 3:l.i..i. (lolorado next di ' feated Colo- rado State .i8-l7 and limke ihri ' e pool reeords at (Greeley- the HOO yard medley in 3:11.8, the p illt relay in 3:. ' 0.l, and Itlaek had a 2:32 time. They ioiitimieil ihiir wiimiii): streak with a ' ' ' 22 ietory o er Coluradu Mines. In a lriaii):iihir a):aiii l nklalioina and yoiiiiii);, llie liiitT- plaieii MiiMiil lieliiiiil the Sooners. .Stan Hlaik set a pool reeord with a 2:33.y III the 2110 yard hreastslroke. In the next meet the (Colorado team polished olT Colorado (!olle|:e 6 t.| J, winninf! all but two e enls and plaein seeoml in all of them. thi hehruary 2 " the Herd ilefealed Kansas I j. ' i.2 ' ' , setting two new varsity reeords in the proeess. Bowers ' .ih.d in the lltO yard freestyle aeeounled for one new reeord. The 100 yaril relay team, eomposeil of llien, Kiley. Bond, and Bowers, went the distance in .i:l ' ' .l for the other reeord. Kansas was aide to gain a lirst in one event. The results of the regular season competition proved good, for the team compiled a reeoril of li e dual wins, one loss, and one tie in addition to a second in a triangular meet. The Buffs placed fourth in the conference meet lii ' ld at Norman on March II, liehinil Oklahoma, Iowa State, and Nebraska. Colorado ' s captain. .Nan Black, gained the ■ iil lirsl as he splashed to a win in the 100 yard hreastslroke. ---«f Stan Black, Buff recoril breaker Swimming Firft rote, IfU to righl: Rrnic Knutzen. Jerrv Raiimitflrtncr, Robert Pickens. Robert Bond. Robert Heim. Gene Kilcy. • Second row: Coach Kalch. Iluiih Rcriier, Arthur Damnn. Stnn Black (captain i. Charles Harbtiufth, And Riker. Dick Canipbell kissi t.-uli.. • Third r " U. I .niiv nUtrom. Bruce lt .«nv, M-in IIjxcs. Bruci Whillcck. 189 r Tl O ' Ti 1 Jll V -sv W . n IlV M$l f HiifT (irappliT lowers llii Imoiii On Saturduy. larrli 11, tlic Hip S( ' rii !onfcrrnrf wrrstliiig meet was conrluded w illi Colorado gaiiiiiip (iflli |)la e villi fourteen | oiiits. Oklalioina eopped first plare in the meet seoriiig thirly-five points wliirli includeil four winners and two runners-up. Nel)raska gained the second spot with twenty-eight points. The Buffs, althoupli they did not win a ehainpioiiship inateh. had three men in tlie finals and one eonsolation winner. In the 121 pound elas$. Hill Horilers of Oklahoma ile- eisioned Hoh orsler; (X ' s Bill I ' reneh lost to (.eorge Jackson in the 1 t.i pound division: and Joe Butler, also of the Sooner squad, heat Huff Hex Sheppard, 16.5 pounds. Chuck Breinig won a decision over Dale Burns of Iowa State for third place in the heavyweight division. Colorado was handicapped hy the inahility of Sophomores Jerry Ruilolph. ll!6 pounder, and Maynard Skinner, 17. " ) pounds, to compete due to injuries incurred only a we ' k hefore the meet. These men were mainstays on the Buff squad ihrouphntit the yi-ar. The halance of the Silver and (iold entries in the conference wi re Murray Hayes, Hill I ' reneh. and Harry Nance. W ill Lynch wreslleil in more than half the meets throughout the season hut was injured and lost to the squad i-arly in Fehruary. Under llie lutehige of Coach Ray Jenkins, Colorado won eight, lost seven ami tied one in the 1950 season. . highlight of the year was ( ' (dorado ' s upset of a strong Colorado Slate team from Greeley, hy the score Kill. Outstanding performances incluilcd Harry Nance ' s draw in the 155 pound match with Wyoming ' s Skyline Six chanqiion. It!)!) Mason, and Maynard Skinner ' s victory over the Skylini ' s U)5 pound champion in thi ' first meet of the year with the (lowhoys from Laramie, . lthough CL ' howed to Wyoming twice, most of the teams of the Kocky Mountain area were heaten hy the Buff grapplers. In conference competition, Colorado lost to Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Nehraska, and earni ' d a tie with Kansas State. Wrestling 190 Back row, left to right: Harr ' Nance, Maynard Skinner. Rex Sherpherd, Russell Gorman, Charles BreinijI, Coach Ray Jenkins. • Front row: Bob Wursler, Cecil Garcia, John McGuire, .Murra Ha e5. Je Rudolph. ill Lynch. Hill l-rt-nch. wiaM A ■ %i-y ' r.,.il ,oa: Int I; rri ' ff A,: ( li,n,-t-. Hum- lluhnch, ( .Kn I ..liii I " nl ' . rux: Georitc 1 ' itzmurrii, Ir.iiik I ' lilts (c ' lichl. and Charles Ifiiiplf. • . ' t iipl t ,.U ' I., pu t„ Mill ik . 191 Cross Country Tin- (Inlorado Cross rounlry quintot opi-nod ils srason on Friday. Ortolier Till, after only ten days prarliro at Norman, Oklahoma. The Huffs lroppi-d the dual meet 12 to 2. , us Jarohs of O.l ' . won llir two-mile event and Colorado ' s (ieorpe Kil morris earned third. In their siTond ouliii); at l.inroln « " ipht (lays later the Silv« ' r ami (ndd s(|uad hesteil th« ' !oriduisker runners. lf»-21. lil niorris pained revenue on Nehraska ' s top iMitry. Kesri ' t . ydin, hy eilpinp him for first plare. The Neliraskan had hi ' alen (ieorpi ' in an indoor meet last spring, t Jianee finished in !lrd. W ili- . ' illi. Didiarh Till and :iardy 8th for ( ' ..I ' . On Friday, the 21st of Ocloher. the Varsity team outrun the Frosli aspir- ants. 10 to 30. The first fixe of the varsity all finished ahi-ud of freshmen Steers. Keinharil. (Clarke, and White. On .Saturday, a week later, the Kansas Jayhawks swamped the Huffs in I-dlsom lielil. 10 to 2 ' . as they parnered the first four plarrs. At the half i( ihe CI -Missouri foothall pame. the Huff runners tanpled with the Iowa Malt distaner nwu. I ' it morris won first plare handily hut the team seores ended in a deailloik. 18-I8. Cyclones Shaver and Smith garnered second and third respeitiM-lv In aid the Towa Slate cause. On Novcniher 12th. the »indup of tin- Oos»-country season look place in the Hip Seven Meet at Lawrence, Kansas. Colorado pained fifth place as (ieorge Fitzmorris turned in the liest time of his career. ' :.16. to earn second in the 35 man Held. V. iley Chance placed Hth. Milt Wiley 23rd. and Dave Uuhach 2 (til. Hoh Karned of Kansas, clocked at 9:3.5. was the winner who edged Fitzmorris. Only two miles left to go. 192 liu(i. r» ' , Itjt I ' j riiihl: Ki-ii Duiisiaii. llovd Cooper. John Schult , Charles Hornback. Robert Hlaha. • Second row: Merle Noble. Keilli Neslaiick. Coaeh C. C;. avra. Lou Conroy, Slan Huskey. • I roni rorr: Douj Ta uchi. Phil Scherrer. Paul X ' illanii. Simmons ( oufih. Bill Haase. ( olorailo ' s 19.S0 cytiiiiustics Irani coiiiplitiil llir iiiost surrossful season of recent years enjoyed by a group in this field of sports activity. Marking the end of twenty years of competition, the twelve-man squad rolled up an un lefi-ated record for three dual meets and the College Inyitational meet. Coach Charles Va ra onci ' again was head man of tlu ' gyumasts as he celebrated his twentieth year as coach of the Colorado sipiad. In 1928 Vavra started the sport at the University and e cept for two years during the war has had a competitive team. In addition to interschool compelition. the gynmastics groups presented six half lime demonstrations at home basketball ganu ' s. This phase of their program has re- ceived much acclaim, and has done much to create interest in their activities. On January 28 the gynnnen held their first dual meet with the consistently strong Colorado State Teachers college squad at (Jreeley. The final tally showed the Buffs in the lead by a t.S to J. " ) score with Hill Haase shotting the way with 17 individual points. .- 1 Dunstan was neM high for lln- MiMiniinn with ' ). and Keith Nisladrk and Scherrer each had 6 points. Ii ' . ' ne of the most significant matches of the year, the Buffaloes defeated Nebraska University by the di ' cisive . ' )6 to 10 score. Travtdiug to Lincoln on lebruary 11, the Colo- radans earned their second win of the season with Bill Haase again showing the way by rolling up 22 of the team ' s points. Nesladek was the squad ' s second high performer with 11, and Uiuistaii netted a total of six. Colorado . M journeyed to Boulder on Saturday, Feb. 18 for the only home com- petitive appearance for the gynmasts, and returned home on the short end of a 56 ' ; to 23 ' 4 meet score. Ever-reliable Haase again garnered 22 indiviilual points with Nesladek following closely by compiling l(). Third high point gainer of the Buffs was Dunstan iio had 8. Fiiuling the all-round conqielition tougher in the liebl of six teams entered in tlie College In italional mi-el held in lort C dlin8 on lebruary 2.1, the Buffs came up with a rousing victory. By garnering a total of IS points the Bison men were 26|,2 counts ahead of their nearest rival, Nebraska, which netted 18 ' i. Colorado State with 17, Denver with 16, Colorado A M with 10 ' ;, and Montana .State eollegi ' with 6 points riiiinded out the scoring of the participants. To make it unaniuious. Haase once again leil individiiul point-makers with lb. but was very closely followi ' d by Dunalan of Nebraska « bo had I V This meet ended the official schedule on thi ' predominate note of success. Bill Haase. outstanding all-rouml gynmasl. again represented (!olorado Lni ersity in the national N !. . gynmastics nuet held at isl roinl. Ni ' w York on April 1. Gymnastics Buffalo birilnuin i Till- liiifT .■•lilt ridtrs liuil u 8iu ' ssful srusiiii iimlcr itif ll-a■ll ' lli|l of louili Slf f Krailli ' V, »liu uU Iril llir tram iliiriii): llii- I ' 47 uiiil I ' ' IK ruiiipaiciis. ' I ' lit- ti ' aiii f£( l ofT tu u tcoiitl tilurl in tlit lirst K(M-k Moiiiiiain ( Milli- ialt Ski f? M-i- ali ' iii iiii ' i ' l of tile srasiiii, u liicli UU! lu-lil al Sli-aiiilii at Spriii|:i . Tlu- llcril cariirrril lliiril plari ' in a siriiii): li):l l l " f t " P lionorit. Tin- Irani uaK in ticruntl spot up unlil llir tinal r ( ' nt, lirn tlit-y falti-ri-il anil ilroppt-il liark lii-liimt W i-.- lfrn Stati !iill |2c of (fiiiinition anil i iiiin): In iiiilili a triiii lliinl pii!-ilii ii. Ilaiik Itnalli piilliil iloun u »iniiiii|! i-la- loni liiiir of l .2 MTiiiiiU in a iIiim ' ami thrilliiii: lari-, ami Tiimiii riinmpMiii plarril i lh in llii- ilownliill ran-. Ttn |{iifT iliMiiinati-il tin- jimipint; cM-nls, l)alil plariiif: fit l tilli ll-ap iif 101 ami IDK rril. ami ( tri r):i ' llri ' »i-r riiiniii): in lliinl. In llir all iiiipiirtaiil r o« roiiiitr ran-, Itnli I arUmi plan-il M-n iiil; hut lliis llll vill «a not i-mni li In lllp Miiiiti froiii pii liin alii-ail into mtoikI plan . l ' ri ' Nioii to tin.-, iiin-t tin- IliilT- took iiftli lirliimi Di-iiM-r. t ll State. Miiini ' Mita. ami all- in tin- National Iiitrrrolli-):ialr Mirl In lil at prii. t Mil. I l.ili. lln llrril ! lal6inrn wtrr jii.-t liairl iiiim-iI mil of tliinl plan- li HriiM-r III a I ' loM ' roiitr l. Iim- p -rriirinann ' ! »t ' rr tnniril in li Dalil. ulio ua siromi in tin- jtimpini:, ami lircwrr, ulio ua.s lliinl. ( ' .arlsun notrlml m-i-oiiiI in tin- rros.s roiinir). luo i|iifSlioiialilf iln-ision.-i liy lln- |:atc ki-i-prrs. in wliiili II, il l i-pm r ami ' romnn I lioiiipMin urrc ili.sipialilicil in lln- i-onlrulli-il iluHiiliill laii. piompml ( iolii.-ailo t i piil in a protest. .-Vs it stiioil al llu- tiini ' llic MiifTs plari ' il sivtii at tin- ni -rl spunsurcil liy i-rii Stall- (!ollr):r. Dalil plan-il sii ' onil in lln- jiimpiii):. uliilr Itri-tti-r lamliil in lliinl pllt. %illi Tlioiiipson .m- riilti. Ill lln- Kr);ioiial iillr):iat - (!lianipiiin- liip Mn-I at iiiti-r I ' ark. a tliiril plan- in ImiiIi lln- rroMst i-onntr) ami tin- jiinipiii): lioos lril lioloiailo rroiii sixlli plan- tin- lirsl ilay III lliinl plan- at tin- rml of tin- .sn-oml ilay. (iolorailo traili-il only the l)rn ri ami -sl- ■ rii Stall- U-ains, » Ini plan-il lir»t ami srniml n-spi rliM-ly. Koalli linislnil foiirtli ami Krp- inr liflli in tin- ilo»nliill nin- »liii-li ):o| tlic Irani off to a fiiim] flan. Tlir Mpiail faltrn-il iliirini: tin- lali iii a ' riiomp.- on. lln- only lli-nl kirr to lini.-.!!. plarril si-vrnti-i-nlli. I)aiil % a lliinl in tin- jiiiiipiii}: wliili- rarUoii fxarin-n-tl an i-i litli plan in ttir rross roimlry. rin- ltiifr lM ' t lio iii : iirriirn-il al l)ii la t iiirrt ami inailr a fitliii;: rmliii for lln- i-aMiii. Ik it a liinl? Skiing Lrit to right: ClauK DjIiI, IK ' nr Kdiith. Kcpncr. Bnh ( ' arUnn. (IctinJc Brmvcr, Tnnirr Thnmp . in if ' npfainl. t- ' ri-d Ilolhronk i MunJiicr • . 193 36 194 ftack row. left to ri ht: Walk Hroun. Herb Benzel. Craig r) " innell. Kuss CJorman. Bob Kohler, Charles Seifert. Dnuji Jardinc. • hrout rou - J ' lhn Milltr. Ward Anderson, Jack Andrews. Bill Hakes. Fred Thnrnce. Bill Kobich ud. oclcey MlliiMiuli liiMkcy is mil a varsity sport at tli " I ' liiMTsity of ( ' oloraclo, nor is it sponson-tl h llic si-hool. there were sexi-ral eaizer ieeiiieri that %ill- fiilly (huiated tlieir time ami eiier v to ihi- aiiw in hopes of ereatiii entju h cnthiisiastii anions the slii(h-iits to ar] am ' - thi- eaiise for hoekey ami pos silily to promote a I iii ersity of Colorado hoekiy team in the future. Hoekey is reeopnizcd as the fastest mii in|: paiiie anion): llie sports, and the spec- tators that were fortunate enough to see the sanies in this past season saw[ many spills and thrills. Ja ' k . ndrews was one of the h ' ailers in or iani ing the team. an l had iIh eooperalion of nine retnrnin players pUis many hef:inners inp for positions on the scpiad. Kiehard ( ' ,ra %ford was chosen coach and he devoted many lionrs to the team. The (irst series of frames with !)en er I niversity was eanrrlled. ami a two game series with Tolorado Mines siipplanticl the scluihile. Mihoimh lack- inf: ill ahilitv, praeltce, and (inesse. the Itoiilderites presented a line per- formance altlioiigli losing: llie lirst ):aine 13-. ' , and the second Ul 1. Kuss ( orinan made a fine show as goalie iiy kicking out 43 scoring attempts in the second game. iioilier series of games was sclicdnled with the Wyoming C.owhoys during the Winter ( arnival festivities, hut due to llii ' exceptional spring weather ihiring the Carnival, the ici ' was too slushy to peniiil the games to he played. Only two other hockey meets were played this year, and thiy hoth ended fatally for the lighting Colorado team. The first game was played against the Colorado (!ollege Jayvi ' es at the llroailmoor in Colorado Sjirings. The Jayvees weri ' forced to hustle throughout the game to win hy a score of H-3. The second game was played in Itoiilder. and again llii ' Ja eis Irininphed. This last game of the ear showed iIkii the liulT xpiad was greatly iiii|iio ed. and that there was still a lot of liglii m the team. Slilil weather lau he attrih- tited as one of the chief factors for the unsuccessful season. The conditions of the rink gave the skaters little lime for practice sessions. The returning scpiadmen on this year ' s team inelinleil liiiss (iorinan. Herl) IJenzel, Jack Andri ' ws, W ally Hrown, Doug Janline. Itoh Kohler. Hy Walsky. I ' ele Creighlon. and Kill Woliieh .uil. Tliesi- iiuii were alily assisted hy twenty heginiiers. .Mlhoiigh the scores of this year ' s compitilion looked rallier Ideak, tlie sporl was successfully accepted hy the school, and it is hoped that iievt year will he a more victorious season. ShowofTs! i I I 1 r en s Intramurals SuflUull »u« ucain llir Itailiiij; altrail inn in nirnV inlrii- iniiral.t during spriii): iuiirlir. I ' M ' ), ' anl «iTr sii|i|n rlril li ( ri ' cks unil Inil -| fnili-iils capiT ti iiDsisiss tin- ruM ' tril iro«n. (ioir anil li ' nni» aU ilrrw many participant.-i unil un lu rnni- plrlc a »illri)nnil ' il inlrainiiral cinarliT. 1 all i|uartrr, 1 ' ' ! ' ' . Iirniif;lil forth the grcatcsl iiUraniural |iru|:rani i-t sr.-n at tin- IniMTsity. Approxiniatrly 2,00(1 mm v»rrr partiripalin); in intniiiuiral sports I ' arli wrrk in riili. r footliull, volleyball, or walir polo. Tlirrr ni ' W footliall tii-lils wt-rr prtparril for tlif li-apuc, ami for safity purposis i-lrM ' n man football uas lli baml ll ami ( ' i|:lit man football «a:i insti- lulrd. This rlian):( ' in rcjiiilations, limiting the number of men on the held, aeeenleil a fast pas.sinp panie prnviilinp many thrills to exriteil onlookers. olli ball anil water polo also shared in the fall i|tiarter proi:raiii. ami both provided many anxious moments for players and eheerers. The I-M swim meet broupht forth hne eompetition from the several partieipatiii): orpaniza- tiitns. . new plan was adopted late in the |uarler conrerning the administration of intramural sports. . n I-.M board was es- tablisbeil to propose rules, improve policies, and to administer derisions in rases of rontesteil pames. Althoujih tin- IM pro- gram has been aptly handled by direrlor " rrosty " (!o and " Sox " W alseth. the new board will help to further a smooth runninc rerrrational program. W inter |uarter was opened by the thrones of " hoopsters " ronlemling for the prized basketball eliampionship. The skiers lost no lime in raring to the slopes in preparation for the fest at W inter Park. Handball. altlion):li low in parliripants. ron- tribuled greatly to the winter pro):ram. Wrestling and boxing brought together the sludgers and grapplers of the campus and was rnthusiastieally attended by many rurimis wateliers eager to see the ranvas kids in artion. Beta waterpolo rhamps y £-:f: Dill lia-kitliall I liani|i- (Commonly railed rlobbered I want to be alone 195 Spring, 1949 196 It ' s a hill Kin;: ;itiit I .Mlliriip, t priii iloiihlcs chuiiips. Topping llif list of spriiiii inlraimiral sports in piipiilarit) was softliall. Tin r fr-popuIar ganie was llioroii;:lil.v enjoyed li Ixilli those who partieipated anil l the many stiidinls who just rami ' lo clieer ihi ' ir team to viitory. A (;ranil total of forty-six teams in five divisions eiiteriil the quest for the school chanipionsliip. and liefi ri ' the title was set- tied, main c lii i-.fouf;ht jiaiiies had given almost e er)lici(l soiiii ' lhiiig to elierr ahoul at one time or unothir. hi-n it was all omt hut the shoiitiiij;. ASCE proiiilU elaimeil the ihampionship. The engineers had gone through their league season undefeated ami heal haek all opposition in the playofTs to nail down the eoM-lid title. The " Ilunmi Humms " viound ui) the runnerui) in the final standings, ihnpping the eliam| iimship game hy a elose f)- " ) eomit. I ' i Kappa Alpha. Alpha Tan Omega and the ■■( Cardinals " were ihe olhir division winners. Delia Tau Delta swept ])r annual intranniral traik and field meet held during ihi- Colorado I l)a s festivities. Pared h iUnmy Tapp and John Shaltuek. the Dells look fivi- firsts and three see- oiids. I ' hi ( anrnia Delta emerged in second place in the team staiiilings. The winners: lOn-yd. dasli G. Goebic I l lii (lanima l.)eltai 10.3 sees. 32U- d. dash G. Goeble ll ' hi Gamma Delta I 23.6 sees. 44U-vd. dash Magerfliesh. (Delta Sigma Pliil S3.4 sees. 880-vd. run Shattuck (Delia Tau Delta I 2 mtn., 16 sees. Mile run Metzder ( Vesle Fi undati in ) 5 min.. 48 sees. 120-vd. hiiih hurdles Shattuck (Delta Tau Delia! 16.3 sees. 220- d. low hurdles Tapp (Delta I ' uu Delta I 27.3 sees. Javelin Carter ( Acacia I 142.5 feet Shot Put McDonnell (Beta Theta Pit 38 feet. 4 inches I ole ault Lindse (Phi Gamma Delta! 11 feet Discus l.e»is tDelta Tau Deltal 110 feet Hiflh jump ' un Law (I ' hi Delta Theta i 5 feet. 10 inches Broad iunip Tapp I Delta Tau Delta i 20 feet. • inches 440- d. Rela Phi Delta I ' lieta 46.6 sees. Three singles brackets were necessary to take rare of the large niimher of entries in the spring teimis. [tay Ken of Phi Kappa Tau tlefeated Hanny rapp of Dilta Tau Delia in ihi- finals of the singles riiiii|iiiiiiuii. In the (louhlfs. Holi king and ( !arl I.alhritp of Delta Tail Delia and f eorge lleyliuril ami Ken of the Phi kappa Tails vere declared co-rhampions as an unusual aiuouiit of wt-t weather prexented the chu ' iipionship matcli from lieiiig pla i-d. Ki ' ii and Ileyhurn were llie defeniling doiihles ehampicms. The sehoid intramural golf louniament attracted over sixty participants. There proved to he a inini- her of excellent players. Joe Dempsev. a freshman representing Phi (raiiima Delta finally emerged as till- champion. ASCE Softhall Champ. KviT riiM ' n ;m iii t-iM - niMuir r;irprl ' ; A Fall, 1949 Oof: V ( I ' . I oil, lili.ill I ll.iiiip.. Tops ill iiiti-rt-sl on the list of fall iiilruiiiiiruls Has, nuliirully. foolliull. liistrud of the ' l( ' ' ii-inaii lraiii» of past years, llir sijiiails worr rut to oiplil iiHMi this yrar, anil the nsiilt was a iiiori- viilc- oprii liranil of foiilliall. I ' assinp was almost all of tlic odfiisf for any team, anil it kept llif many rabid fans in a constant frenzy. Tlie Vmerii-an o iity of C.lieniieal Knjiineers. displaying a solid line and an exrellent passing at- tack. s rpt lliroiigli tlie entiri- league season and playofT schedule without a defeat, consequently hecoming the school champions. In the finals. .■ S(!E ilowned a determined Sigma Alpha Kpsilon eight. 19-14, coming from heliind to rop the de- cision. . S(!K found their way to the linals li healing . -l Donn, 7-0, in the first round playofTs. then taking in tow the Law ( ' luh 16-0. .Sigma Alpha Kpsilon heat I ' hi Sigma Delta 13-7 in the first round, then won on a flef;iti1l fmin Phi tramnia Delta in the semi-Rnals. The Law (!luh heat the Hunnn-Humms and the I ' hi ( ams heat the i ' hi Delta Theta squad in tlir other first round games. In olleyhall. A-.! Dorm claimed the school championship, the product of an iinldemislied rec- ord. . .3 heat Beta Theta I ' i in the finals, 11-16. lS-9, and 15-7. In the fraternity division, the Hitas heal Delta Tail Delta anil I ' hi Kappa Tan in thi ' playofTs. the Dells lia%ing previously heateii I ' hi Delta Theta in first round play. . .3 was the winner of the one independent league. In Water I ' olo. the swimmers fr Mii Mela Theta I ' i emerged as the school iliumpioii. downing . .3 Dorm. T-0. in the linals. Ill ihe first round playoffs in the fraternity di- vision, the Helas heat the Sigma ( Jii ' s. the Sigma Nu ' s won from the Dells, and the Phi Delts heal . cacia. The Betas defealed the Sigma Nu ' s in the fraternity finals. -3 gained the linals by beating, first. Ketcluim Hall, then A-2 Dorm. W idiT %%arfare lial sliall M- do iM » ' 197 Bottoms np. Classy ball-batters. 198 Winter, 1950 lor tile lliiril oonseoutivc year, the basketliall Icain r |)ri ' Siiitiii(i Delta Tail Delta swept the all- rliu(il ( ' hanipidiiship to lii hli lit the winter intranuiral season. The Delts relireil the trophy jiiM ' ii hy the Fox-Boulder Theatre three years a o. One team had to win tlii ' liaskell all eliani- piiMi ' -lMp three times in nnlrr lo retire it. Till ' Dells took a hair-raisiiif: ' .id- ' M tliriller from lht Hasketeers in the final anu . It may he of iioti ' that these same two teams, the Delts anil the Haskeleers, were meeting for the fourth iciiiseeutive time in the rhampionship game. The Dells found their way to the finals liy siiecessively ilriililiing llie . " igma (Jii ' s and the lieta Tlieta I ' i five for the fraternity ehampion- sliip, then whipped the Hellunis Hellions, dorm winner, for the right to meet the Basketeers. The Basketeers heat the NKOTC. squad in first round play, then vietinii .ed the loul live ami the nlwupians in suecession. I ' lii (rainina Delta was the fourth of the fra- ternity teams in the playofTs. and the lluniiii lliimins were the other entry of the Dorm League. In the Inilepcnilirit league, tin- Architects. Spoilers. LD.S. and KNQ teams gained tourna- ment hertlis hesides the aforementioned four. There were many rlose and crow d-phasing matches fought in the annual intramural hox- ing and vrestling meet. There was no team c ' lianipionship awarded, hut the- incli iclual winners are as follows: Wrestling 121 — George; .ArlemiN. Independent 128 — Dick Worster. Independent 136 — Don Thompson, Phi Gamma Delta 145 — Don Rusk, Independent 155— Bill Ryder. Sigma Nu 165— Bill Baldwin. Sigma Chi 175 — Har ' ev Olander. Phi Delta Theta Heav — Pat Arnold, Phi (tamma Delta Boxing IIH Keith Sabft. Independent 127 -Dick Evans, Dorm . -l 1.35 — Ed Oninn, Pi Kappa Alpha 145 — Phil Sunshine, Phi Sigma Delta 155 — John .McCoid. Independent 165 — Joe Childers. Independent 175 — Lamarr Meyer. Delta Tau Delta Heav ' — Norm ' elisek. Pi Kappa Alpha Look mom — no teeth! (Jrrrrr-r. Women s Intramurals A hifili (lefiree of competition, pood s| ortsnianslii| , and tM-rcrnt-ss inl oli .i-d tlu« car ' s intramural pro- •iram in tlic onu-ns (i m. I he linali t.-- in each e ent ctiuld DiiK ha e arhievcd their | i -ilii ii tlirii liie lul- lilhiienl 111 lher.e ich ' alf. tOr close scores and ties were fre«|iicnt. I he |i,irlii ' i| ati ii riiiinhered in thr hijiidnil- with all of the sororities, dortnilorie-. anil in le|iendent houses sendin;; as many women as possilde to make the profiram snccessfni. W ith sn ' h a wiile ariety of sports as was oflFered this year hy N AA, it was pos- sihle for any interested University woman to engajie in .it le,i-I line -port. A ronml of ap|ilaiise slionid o to the pliysical edu- cation majors antl instructors for the excellent joh they did all year in refereein " ; the games. |)romoting good siiort.-manship. and intragame inslrnclion. Miss Hell Slaughter, facidty adviser of omens inlra- nuirals deser es thanks from everyone for the part sh " played in helping to make the intramural pro- gram nn» smootlilv and efficientlv. nil sliniilii «rr iliiiii | hi liiMlvM inks t illi iii:im lioK m oiiii-irs { t iii Tlii-j nil It ii r «alli ill llir liiillli ' liiijril i ire li • la I -.iiriiif:. A deadly ri|:lit hand pusli slioi. airr lialiies. 199 Spring, 1949 f) IBT ' 200 i Alft-I Slllll.nll I iKlMipS. r ■1 i I f This yrnr ' s spriiip Tntraiiiiirals hroiijilil i nl many laptT parlicipaiils anil tlic- toiiniaiiiciit winners wrrr lii(:lily acclainird. cillliall liniuj;lil tlic ki-cncsl cDMipililiun. i llia riiiiiiii ' : ipiu im liip. and Northwest, second, riiiril place ended in a lie IhIucim lplia Delia I ' i and I. ester Hall. The polf iliancplciiis ucre and l)eiiipse . first, and Hillie Nelsnn. sieond. liotli of Lester. In tennis donhlis MeKi ' nna eanie aheail with Ihtty Allen and I.ncy Bennel in first place. (:()rk I nteid and " irf:inia ailioh of Tri-I)elt eanu ' in second. Lois Staff, an Independent, won the honors in tennis singles, with (!arol Kassler iif kappa Alpha Theta, second. The Thelas also had a winner in sluifflehoard donhles. with Rita . txwiod and Mary Little as their representatives. Second place went to Ginny Duce and Marge Tal- nuifie of Chi Omega. ilh llie spirited cDnipililiiin ami v sports- manship of the players, tin ' lournann ' nls were very snccessftd. undir the sponsorship of Miss Betty Slanjihter. family representalive, Jo ilolden. Heail (if Inlraniurals. the various lieads of sports, and ihe omens Athletic Board. Jan K«Hi))man. Archer) l.liariip. Hillie Nelsiin. Sprio}; (.olf (liariip. She " s haiuh «ilh a Ih .-wallir. loo. Lois liTlip uiiil I ' al Allrii, Full Trnnis Cliainps. rail, 1949 Urlla Guiiiiiiu SuiiiiMiiii): t !liiitii|i! . Thrill unil •■ cilrMicnI iliurailiTi rd tliis ini;ir- lor ' s ( llt ' liall Iiiiirm y. iiiaiiv f llio losir IdsIii;; only in score. Norlliwcsl ani ' oiil on lop liy (irsi winninfE ihrir lirarkt-t and then taking: llirir ri lil- fiil position in llio finals. The I ' i F ' lii ' s and Alfra piillril down tilt ' second an l third place positions. Hesides these three croups, the other hracket win- ners were Northeast and TriDell. all live playing hard and efficiently in e ery panic. The partiripation of organizations all o er the ranipus was cxiileiii in this year ' s intramural swim- niing meet. The races were often so close that e eii the spectators couliln ' t name the winner, and in the form p ent.s. the compitition was just as keen. In team competition, the Delta (iamma ' s walked ftff with 1st place, Higelow and Kappa . ' VIplia Theta taking seconil and third. In inili id- ual competition, Barhara Itrickman look top honors by scoring 16.5 points for herself and the Delta Gamma ' s. Behind her were Nancy Ebaugh of Higelow, 10.6 points, and Norma Benedick, of Trid elt, in points. In the individual sports, tennis was once again the center of a good deal of attention. I ' at .Vlleii and Lois Fertig of the Mars defeated liarh Lane and Kiith Moliilor of I ' hi Onuca to win the touriia- iiiinl. The clang of steel in front of the Vi omen ' s Gym reminded us that horseshoes was also an im- portant part of the intramural program. This year the I C in the persons of Malde Kulker and Mar- garet Ellerhoff defeateil all c imers, inclutling Rosie Marcliiori ami Belly (.iiilian of .Northwe t who pulled down the secoinl place position. For the second year in succession Jan koop- man, who wears the Kappa Delta pin, took llir laurels in archery. Gongraliilalions Jan I Here ' - hoping you can keep it up. (hei ' k that form. Norlliwisl olleyl)all Chanip ' -. 201 Ill, W A l! f) W " . A smashing overhand! Winter, 1950 This niarl T hail a arcal li ' al to offer in llie way of exrilinj: intrainiiral coiiipditioii and spoclarular spt-iial events. The haskelball competition was exieptionally keen tliis year with Northwest 1 lieint: irowneil llie ietors. Tlu ' winners of the iiiili ichial hrark- 1 1- were the Kappa Deha ' s. Maes. Alpha Delta I ' i ' s. and Mixks holchnf; ihiir own ilirou;;h tin entire season nnlil the KonndHidiin-playofTs. The CU males did their hit to make the onn-n ' s Inlramiirals propram even more sur- eissfnl and inlereslin? hy parlieipatin in the mixi-d volleyhall eonipetition. The Kappa-1 ' hi (iam team managed to trinniph over the lolly- hallers. Northwest and the Thelas, the otlier three finalists, to rate a first place. Tile snow may have heen a little dillienlt lo linil this ar. lint Miss Ley nianatied to serape inoutih to):elher to have two intranuiral meets at Arapahoe Basin. Vi hen the results of earli meet «ere eondiined. the Tri Delts proved they had the aee skiers, with NortluMSl and the Women ' s (!luh taking seiond and third plaees respeetively. The hesi ping pong player partiripating in inlranuirals this quarter turned out lo lie Didiliy (.reen. who took the title a«a from Joan I ' ink in the finals. On the hadminloii i ourt everyone hail hitler Ill-ware of irgie ailioli and Kslher illiams. I ' hey were the rhampion " liird-hatters. " with Mary Little and Nancy Fishhurn the runner-up set. The howling hall rolled the Macs into first place, with the Alpha Chl ' s and Northwest giving them a good run for their money. Liider special events for this ipiarter. Por- poise put on their annual . quaeade for all " water " lovers lo witness. The show was entitled " The Sidewalks of New York " with Alice lalar- dean. narrator. Kach nundier was hased on some aspect of " Sew York (lity, siu ' li as Manhattan or Tenth Amiiuc. Our hats are off to Miss t.retchen Sannnis. Porpoise ' s new sponsor, for lining such an excellent managerial joh. Last, hut not least, among the events of the tpiarter as fVchesis ' modern dance program. rapacity crowd attended liolh evenings to wall li the girls portray the events of " The (Fiants of the Karth. " and to see Miss Irey. tin- sponsor of Orihesis. with a great deal of feeling and grace 111 her movements. 202 Uaskethall .Vction Plus Nice form, huh? ' «»: c vMi ' i a( livitii ' s olCtT vinU student tlic u|i|i )iliiriit t t show liis creative iiistiiK t-. hi- natural talents and lii aliilit to work with others. They oiler tlir i |i|iiii ' tiiiiit lor ai ' liicN t ' inciit in tlie iieid- oi lin - art. niu-i ' and wrilin;: as well as those id husiness and nianajienient. The henefits recei ed lioni eain|tu a(ti ities are nut iiinited lo the four years cd collefre lile. lor the (|ualities (le ( ln|(ed dnrinji this time will show di i(lends in lat« ' r life. More tlian this, campus activities produce material acc(tm|dishments in the lurm (d jiuldications. musical productions, plays and puhlic dehates that are ap- preciated and enjoved hv the puhlic and (»ther students. I ' lddications put t)Ut hy the students include the (loloradan. a panorama of I ni er-ity life: the Silver and Gold, a reporter of campus events and opinions: the Colorado Engineer, a magazine (d technical and non-technical articles hy -tn(hnt- and alumni: the Dodo, an expression (d th.e amusing side to college life: the W indow. an outlet for campus literary efforts: and the Rocky Mountain Law Review, a record of the writings of tomorrow ' s lawyers and law-makers. ()tlu ' r activities are the Little Theater, which develops talents of promising act«)rs and technicians and the ()|)eretta. the Rands, the Orchestras and the (ihoirs. all expressions of student achievements in the field of music, either in -inging or in playing an instrument. Tiie Speaker ' s Congress reveals ahility to -peak effectively and organize debates. I inally. the Artist Series offers tudents tlie opportunity to see some of the W(»rld " s finest entertainment and promotes ap|)reciation «d tliat entertainment. In brief, activities are education. Mawy Lot HawkiiNS, Editor s3 ?3 iLSia M i? i: if Activities VI-. irr r- z- - i - j ' T :r : r.y .r 7KC ' --r ' -r ' : rr:7:.rr ' • 4 i mm m ( y ' .-,%,- ' ' • •e e O ••O ■ ' A. ayno Hulilzky, edilor-in-i ' liicf .111 il [iin . mana in rtiitor Ward Crockett, business iiiaiia)!iT . " Ward (!ri)ikelt iiica.-urcs his pnisprcts with tin In Ip cjI lulliar N asholz. Kin Lowe. Jim .Smith and iiii .idllirr;;. Coloradan The Coloradan. official sttideiit yearbook. as edited tliis ear through the coiidtiiicd eflTorls of over 250 students headed by ayne Hiilitzky. editor-in-chief, ' ork started in tlie spring of V)V-) with the appointment of this year ' s staff, the selection of style and theme, and the com- position of the dnniniv. From there the section editors began fillinf; the rei]nirenieiits of the diiniiny. arranging picture appointments, ob- taining picture identifications, and writing copy. Deadhnes were met, copy vas read and proof read, and the index was comj)iIed. Meanwhile, the business staff, under the direction of ard ( " .rockett, collected class due.s. managed pid)lic- ity, finances, and the office. They sold subscrip- tions to the ( " oloradan. pages to organizations, and advertisements to the town merchants. 208 Ann (iullhrrp. Itill (iihrn-r. Ken I. owe. Ted Sholali and Leon .Slanh ' V rarrv ni oflire busines s. Leon .Stanby (lives the word to Mary Lou Anfderlii ' idi ' . Itill (.illiier and Ted .Shestak. Coloradan After iiiiif iDoiitlis of liarti c rk. tlif finl proil- lirt is tliis book not oiiU a roniliinalioii of •:ooil l)ll ill - . cflu ' lfllt lUaiKl lMllflll aii l (Tall - liiaii lii|i. I iit al.-o till- n-Mill ol iiiaiiv trial ' - ami a lot of ;:ooil liiiii- . rill ' oiiirailaii. nm- Ii i| ' . siirr(-i ' il in ilc| irlin;: i-mtv [iIlim- ol ) ' ani|iU ' - lilc in a alnal lc anil lasting: form. 1 lii M ' ar ' - I ' llitorial lal1 iniiinli ' il i ' .il Nan il nin . nianauiii;: niilor: Dirk ( .ro.-s. ailiniiii-- Iralion: Farnnm Johnson. |iai ' i ' si ' tli ' r : Jnlia M. (ilair. rla . ' -: ( iliiirk Hrnniniitl. allilclii ' - : Mar l.oii lla skin , arti ilir.-: I.aiirii ' i ' aililork. lilt- at (!L : Jai ' k JoluiMin. or :anizati( ns: Joanni- lli ' aly, r(ivult : I ' at Hati ' licr, liornis: l.« ' « ' Sli-ckfi. fra- ternity-sorority: ir;;inia l ohi-rtson. inilt-x: Hart lanlrnian. i ' o|i%. Hill (FiltiiiT a a- i-t.inl lin.-i- ni ' .-.- inana;:rr: Jim mitli. ro lli ' ilion niana irr: i.i ' on Slanli ' x. aiiM ' rli inf; manafri-r: l.otliar a - liol .. . alf mana ' ii ' r; nn (inlllii ' r . M ' rn ' tar anil oflii-f manu :er: ami Hi ' tlv llarlaii. |iniiliril . I ' at Van ll iiiii|:. irgiiiia Kolirrlsiiii. Joanni- llraly. Dirk ( !r ss anil Mary I. nil Ilaukins linil tlii ' iilurailan iilliri ' |)ari ' iTOwili ' il. Onr nf till- iiiiiiii ' roii liiliirailan ronfalts in- rluili ' s irgiiiiu ltnlirrl on. Pal llalrlirr. Julia St. Cluir. Kart Linlrnian. larniiin JiilinMiii. uml Luiirii- I ' aililiM ' k. 209 A Mil. ' .) Mii ' i ' lini: tlir ilraillini ' arr Mary I. nil lla kin . I ' at Van llyning. .re Slirki ' i. anil Jai k Johnson. Till- lajrir liiaM-r " licrr an- Jaik Jnhn- .•iiin. |-arniini Jdlinsnn, W a nr lliilit k , I ' at an lUnin anil nitii-k Itniniinill. r % .V Don SlKil«-.n. l.ililDr. lOlO-.iO Harry Lawson. Editor. 1)Jiii;: IVl ' I lie SiKcr ami (iold. |iiilili lii(l 1( the Associated Sliuleiits of the University of ( ' . »h ra li). has an outstaml- iiif: record which was enhanced last April hy an addi- tional reward. It was awarded the All-American Honor raliiif; in the fortieth convention of the National News- paper Critical Press at the University of .Minnesota school of journalism. ( ,oni|)lc-tc coverajie is given l) llie . ' iKer and (rold to cani|)iis activities, sports, social events, politics, prob- lems and sliiclciit opinions aloiifr with rejiional. national, ami iiitcriKitiotuil news hicli is of interest to students. Ill .iililitiiiii. llic paper iiiclmles feature stories, regular Cdliiiiiiis. hook r lews. iiiler iews of oiil tamlinf; facultx meinhers and deans and articles on tampii.- hiiildiiif;.-. A wide use of pictures and cartoons 1) stmlciit a ti t makes the paper attractive as well as inf urnialixe. Silver and Gold Editorial Staff 210 Rack row. left to risht: Vos Phelan, Connie Hansen, IJovd Darden. Bill Hiswerth, I.ourence I)eN!iiih, Rnd Vntfovc. W renne Timherlakc, Jim (Chapman. • f ' ijth row: Kill Hammer. Pat .McCarty, l}iidlc Curr , Kathr n Ward. Hon ( ' lauss. Mitch Slreiker, Walter (irider. HId icklund. • Fourth rote: Boh I " ]berhardt. Les Johnson, Hov%ard Johnston. Robin Harper. Al (ioldfarb. .Mark Steinherd. Dick Jfihnston. • Third row: Barbara Jo ce, Joe Ordourel. Shirley Friel. Delores Baanke, Bob Kahder, Dan Woodward, R. K, Thorp, Pat Stall. • Second row: Joan Pat Doyle, Marilynne Cofttieshell, .- nita (iuyer, Nancy McMartin, Pat Shiner. Lucille Benck. Joan Sn dernian, Shirley Wenziker. Jo . nn Butt. • tront row: Ruth Morris. Herb Kamlet, Jerry Koplov it , h . J. TiiMiint. Bet( i.ane, John Shepherd. Dick Tharinger, Nate Nielsen, n : " (?) n ' P r ■pi ' f ■ j 1 tj Ukasi iU- n P n •lis in o Back rote. Irll to rifkl: Ariiald SclmciUcrl. Dick Fisher. Kudi Miycr. John Pi-cbKs, Wt» BurnctI, Al l.onum. Hrank Mi uld«. Dun Mr . ' lunt. Srcamd row: Ili«n. Tifiirr. Marilvn Clover. Carulvn Schum. Clwcn Coihurn. Rulh Hoii(h, Aniarclli Dildinc. Mice lUnnclu. Audrey Sp nnau , Joan Willcriut. • Diana fexler. Marilyn Clover. Carolyn Schum. Clwcn Cojhurn. Rulh Hoii(h. Aniarella Dildine. Mice lUnnclu. Audrey Spannau , Fromt row: Lois Teubner. Fal Shiner. Sally Bahcock. Kd Corich. Nunc Smith. Lucia Mtmre. Hurrici SutKin. Sharon Helm. 211 I ' lic [lolicN i)f llif SilvtT and Gold is to present iinhi.iM ' d new- coMTa;;! ' anil to provide cijnal |)|)orliinilii ' - for dJMTsc o| iiiion.- tif ani|(iis issue- to lie |iid li-lieil. I -iialK an entire |)a :e is devoted to coiniiieiil.- and opinions from readers and editorial- l v ,slafT member-. I lie papi-r i- mil i-eii-ored before it is published. Nine eilitor- and 12 " ) -twdent ineinbers I ' oinprise the taf . e y members ma -tart a- reporters and headline yrilers. and work up iiilo positions. The Silver and (iold. v liiili i- pnii- lisbed four linn ' - wi-eklv. print- -i llioii-.iiid copies of eaili edition. Tliis year ' s editorial staff inrlnded : Dirk Tharinjier. assistant editor: Kav Kolhernnd. news editor: K. J. Tallant. news editor: Nate Nielson. rity eclitor: Jerry Koplowit .. assistant cilv editor: Jaek Samson, featnre editor; IJodi Selbman. society editor: Betty Lane, assistant soeietv editor: Herb kamlet. sports editor: ami Bill Hammer, assistant sports editor. .Mend)ers of the bnsiness staff inidudeil: Dirk Steven. , ad- vertising manaixer: .Mlie Kalardeau. promotion manager: Bob I ' obev. eollection mana :er: es Bnrnett. di.-tribntion manager: Don (riaconiini. cirenlation maiia;;er. and liee Bennetts, office niana xer. Silver and Gold Business Staff Kcili rr-. I!ii-inrsis Manager But k riiif, lejt to ri ht: Joan K inker. (»ltnn Lewis. Edwiird Amonette, (Charles Reich, I.aird ( " rocker. Melvin Ctileman. • Second row: (iene Uichard, (Jharles Dc er, Haruld Eaglelun, Joseph Betlhauser. Kollo H som. • Front row: Earl Printz. Jerry Howell, Ronald Millard, Jack Toole , Roheri Wahstedt. Colorado Engineer 212 MiKiii ( Milriiiun. Kdilor The Colorailo Eiifrineer. pnhlislied fo ir timi-s vearlv bv eii ;iiieering stuilcnis. won many honors for its hi ;h standards at the Minneapolis convention of tlie Knfiineerinf; ( " ollcfie Magazine Assorialion wliioh was held last (Ictoher. liic magazine was rated first in ilhistration ami ln- dent written articles. It placed second in all- aronnii performance, alumni si ' clion. sinfile-stii- denl- N rilten articles and editorials alon willi tlic lioiiorahle mention of one editorial. itii a circidation of .SKM). the (Colorado F.n;;i- iKcr iiicludes student articles that are both tech- nical and non-technical and alnmni articles on indnslr . The pulilication is sidl-sn|)porlinf;. its entire cost beinp met lliroii;ili ad crti.senients and from suhscriplions sold lo .iliimni .mil other interesled persons. Ftini-tioii- otIiiT tli.iii iiulili-liiiiL: lli - iiia;:,i .iiif urv uIm) pfrliirniril 1) llir -I.ilV ot tin- ( .i)l(ir.i lii Engineer. For exaiiipir, l scliolarsliipi wnrlli «tlf liiiiiiln-il (li)ll,ir- iMi ' ll were auanlril In cii- f;iiiccriii «Iiiili-iit- lliis ynxr on llir lia-i of ihmmI anil .«( ' liola!iti( ' iiiialifioatioiis. In aclililimi. ki ' s anil iTrlilualr of nn-ril arr ;:i fn to lln- onl- stanilin;: ini ' inlicr of tlu- -latT at an annual lian- qilft llrjcj in May. Tin- " l " liook. a new anti successful M-ntnre of till- ( iiiorailo Kn iiiii ' cr stafT. was |iu!)!i lit ' il and lianili-ii out to F.n inc si-IkmiI sliiilcnt at refiistration llii- year. As a fiiiicle to Fiifiiiie scliool tlii- liook fiivt ' s an informative t | lana- tion ol till ' mIiooI ' s lionorarii ' s. |irofi ' sional so- cieties, and available scholarships atid av arils. It includes an orientation on the loealion of the i-n ine srhool liuililin s. class roiun.- ami lalxir.i- lories, and also describes the school ' s social events: Applefest. Fn;:ine Ball and Fn i- neers Dav. KtiliiTt I.. Miliii-r. liii iin iiiuiiaurr. Colorado Engineer Sa k roa-. left to rifht: Er%- Bell, Bill Jude, Larr Simons, Jerry Milncr. • Second roar; Russ i ccup, Ka Bissell, Gene .Mitchell, Bruce Scliofield, Kudi Mayer. Frovt row: Don Feller. Jt hn Fitzsimmons, Gene Tipion, Hill Bivrhiium. Dole Mordun, Kred Pneuman. 213 I ' liil iu tHiM . l u illt■s: Miaiiui;i-r: Mar Kotli. nlilor. Dodo Since tlu ' first i.-siie of C.olorado University ' s I1o li) hiiinor magazine was [mlilislicd in THft lor till ' si-r ic« ' anil entertainnienl of tht- Lni i ' r- sity students, fireat advancements have been made in tlie (|iialitv and ]iiantit of its material. Tiiis ' ar iti particular, the editor and the start lia e attempted to raise the level of colleire hu- mor, throuiih the Dodo, to sifinifi ' anee in the lijilit of current events. The idea has been to print a more pictorial magazine with a higher [ihiiie of humor so as to raise tlie Dodo from the ranks of an ordinarv college humor horse and |iut it on a shrewd jirofessional level. W illi llii- fioal ill mind, the art -laff has been carefulh selected to include mostjx art majors: tile business staff. Inisiuess majors: and the eili- lorial stall, jounialisiii majors. Ilie achie c - meiil of this f;oal should hriii about an aiKance in rank of the Dodo from its pre ious hi li stand- ing of eighteenth among college humor maga- zines. This vear ' s staff included Mar Kotli. edi- tor in chief: Dick Bernick. associate editor: Mar- tin Bain, managing editor; Ross Blackstock. fea- ture editor: Frank alker and Dee Burnett, co- art editors: Jim Rose, exchange editor: Dick Hood, production manager: I ' liil Reynolds, busi- ness manager: Bob Shade, assistant business man- ager: Larrv DcMutb. circulation manager: Bart l.iiilriiiaii. piil licit manager ami .liiii Hreinian. ad ertisiii;; manager. 214 Rack row. left to right: Hart l.udemun. Jack Barnes. Nona Uhrich. Dick Kond. Jim Rose. • St-ated: Ross Klackstock, Mary Ruth, IMiil Kc nnlds. i " I Biu ' k row, Ifft t ' l ru ' A . .Mar Xiin Siih..!. 1jr jnn WnlcMlt, Dttris Mcndri . Sliirlvv I ' uidur. Mur llonptT. ( ' urol iilUdsi. Junci Koch, Shirley Smith, Vat Pcninjttiin, Dnlnrcs Opuril, Normun Cnildbcrit. Donna Mcrcvr. Seiond row: Hurharu Temple Con, Kkirhuru Nainc , Lois Schoiin, Jackie Jones, Jackie Strick. hront rose: Jcrr ' Berber, ( ' hiirle Koberlsnn, Kt-rniil M ers. IIjrr eddendorf. Bob W ' ilterv. 215 Window Tlic Vi iiiilow. sliidfnt literary ami ;: Mi TaI iii- liTfst iiiai:a in ' . uivt ' s sltiilenls an o[)|i(irliiiiil 1(1 |iiilili-li lliiir i iil--lainiiii;; wnrk in tin- InlcU l uritin;:. art. and | li(il() ra|iii . In llir wrilin; liflil. am -Indcnl max «ul)init lli a(T()in|ili li- nii-nl- iti |Mi« ' trv, satiriral linnnir. -Iiort stories, ami arlicli ' s of current rani|in,- anil xsiirld eM-iits. ' I lie «li rieri are illustrated 1 anvtliin;: Irntn im- pressionistic 111 realifitic drawing!-, all dimi- l( student artist.- »liii cnntrilinle an i)i a iiinal lar- iKDti. I ' lnitii;;ra|di- fur tin- indnw include the lii-l llial are taken li -fmlenl |dHil(i::r.i|iliirs. In Itriei . the W imlow | ri iile- a medium lhriiu;zh whii ' h .-tudents mav enji and a|i| rei ' iate the acliievenieni- nf nlher -ludetil- hii in inrii li.i e the rhanre to |)id)lish their hest work. This year ' s editors included K. H. Cose, asso- ciate editor: Janet Koch, mana ili;: editor: I ' liil Dietz. art editor: Barbara Andersen. |ilioto(;ra- ph : and Doris Hendrix. exchange editor. Heads of the business staff were Jerrv Berper, circula- tion inanafier: Norm (ioldherji. ad ertisin man- a-ier: antl Nancy Miller. pul licitv nianafier. Dud- lev vnn serveil as faculty ad isor. Put Kosi ' iihaiini. Iiiisinrss niuiia rr: |{iilii-rt Srlini ' iflrr, rdiinr 216 Back row, left to right: William McClearn, Anthony Williams. James Whyte, Robert Thomas. Henrv Hutchinson. John Wendt. Fred IJeering. • front row: Rex Scott, Robert Nevens, Houston Williams. Robert Davison, Ra mond Johnson. Rocky Mountain Law Review I ' .dilor-in-rliit ' f I ll ll tllM ( ' . W illitllllfi Hiisinrss Manager Koborl Novcns ' I ' lic l{ nk. Moiiiituiii l aw K ' i( ' v is a qiiar- Icrlx |nil li(atinii wliich is devoted to artieles of iiitere.-t to practiciiifi atforne s and liidents of law. riie focus of tlie Review is priiiiarih iipoii the le ;al problems and cases of interest itliin tlie Kork Mountain refii4)n. and those national !e(;al problems and eases which alVeil the rcfiion. Its articles are solicited from and submitted by attorneys of both Bench and Har anil nuMnber.- of law school and colle-ie faculties. Stuilenis of law at the University of Colorado are required to write le xal ])a])ers as a part of the currienlum. and a nund)er of these " student notes " , when of u icient merit. ar ' published by the He iew. ' I ' liis vear ' s staff included llenr HiilchiiiMdi as associate editor, Fred Dcering, John Wendt. Robert Thomas, James Whyte, Anthony ' il- liams. William McClearn. Raxtnoml Johnson. Robert lJa isoii and Rex J colt. Fiiniial .mil ( ' iiiii|i)-tiliiiii uilli -cliiiol- in li .i. Miint.iii.i .iiiil Mi»iiiiri .1- w ' ll .i illi ( .ii|i r.iili ' iilli ' i- li.i f lii;:lili;:liti ' il tlii M-ar- mIkiIiiIi ' oI iIii ' S|)iMkrr " ( . )ii;irf--. 1 lli iir .iiii ..itii ii. wlii »r .liin i- lln- riirllnT.iin-f of ii stroll;: ron-iisic | ro;;r.iiii .iiid tin- liiiiii- latioii for I iii t ' rsit) sliidfiils to iliscii.-.- |irolilrins of p-ii- erul iiiU-rt ' t, ijt ili i(l -il into four liclils of s| c tIi work. Tlif lirst s ' » ' tioii is llial of intcr-collffiiatc ri ' lalioiis. ami iiicliiiii-s till ' ili ' flo| iiii ' iit of lit ' liali- ra.sfs. orator . after (liiincr spiMkiiiu ami i- trin| i r.iin-ows spi-.ikiii;:. Tin- sit- oiul s« ' rtioii. r.iilio sprt ' rli work. |ir ' sciil-. .1 wrckK pro- ;:raiii o cr Hoiilili-r station Klil)!.. I ' lililic iiilorni.itiiiii ami ilis -iissioii is the work of the lliinl ;:roii|i whiili draws s|ie.ikir» from lhroii;:hiiiiI the «l.ile (or deiiates and discussion. The fourth seetion ol the . " speakers " (.011- gr« ' ss jiivf ' s profirams to lay vital prohlems before the ranipiis. In addition to these aeti ities. the inenihers ser e as jiid;;i ' s and erities for iii;;h sehoid speeili toiiriia- nieiits and ;:i e these sehools deniiin-tr.itiiiii deh.ite .mil diseussion pro;;rams. s one of the iiiosi aeti e firiinps on eanipus. the Speakers ' ( .on;;ress it. is won wide reid-;- nitioii in hoth ;:roii|i and imli idii,il loiiipetilion. Tlie oflieers of Speakers " (.on;;ress this e,ir were l{o in;;.ite. president: Boh . eiMTs. iee president: Jane Oeeiisle, seer« ' tarv: and Jim Herher. tr» ' asurer. The e - eculixe oominittee also iiuliided the follow in r students: ( leii (Froenwold. of the railio :roiip: ( ' iMirtl.iiid Peterson. olV-ianipiis; Jim (Id .i-iis. inter-ii lle;;i,ile : ViaMie Fo . forums: Don (laiiss. piiblii-it) : Art Tax lor. nieniher-hi| : and Aileeii Kellev. soeial. The sponsors VNeri- riicirrel Kesi. .Stanley Vi heater ami Jnliri lllerv. Kov iM;:alr. prrsiili ' iit Speakers ' Congress Back row. ieft to rifht: Jim Johnson, Carl Duncan, Dan Lynch, Courtland Peterson, Charles Corliss, Beverly Starika, Mel Harmon. ri Dcrh . • Third row: Slan .• dcl (tcin. Carl Fklund, Lcs Johnson. . rt Toylor, John lacoponelli. Boh Rose. • Sfrond ro:c: Stanlcx hcaicr. instructor. I.cs Wcin rtcn, J, B. Kllcr , instructor. Bob Scivers, T. B. Kcsl. assistant professor. Ro WinKatc. Jim Hcrhcr. • Front row: . IIcn Maru ama. Joan Do lv, I- nn Fritchman, Jim Cozens, (jlenn (jrocnwold, Don ( llauss, Frank Bro%vn, Ph llis SiUio. 217 Little Theater Players •■ ithiii till- (;;ili-: Street Scene " J. H. (!roiirli. (lirtM-lor: anil Kohcrt Holhnion, technical ilirecliir Iprriitirif: a it ilncs tnda) % itli si fiill-lcii;:ll) prrfnrmainrs a year, the Little Theater «as fcnincled thirt Near,- a);i) last fall. The fiiiinilers. Iraiiris W (ille. rhairnian of the ilepartinent i)f Knj:- lish anil Spiceli. ami Dr. anil Mrs. (reDrjie Me nlllll . iliil all the ilirertinj: liefiire K. J. West, wild WDrkeil in tin- lliialer fur twenty- Iwii ears. Iieeanie chief ilirector. Dnrint; the last thirty years, the little Theater has finiwn to its present positinn as iini ' of the most important anil popular theaters in the Roiky Mimntain retiioii. Its success is due to the perse erance of the fonnilers. to the prolific work of E. J. Vi est, anil to the alulity anil enlhnsiasni of thoiisanils of sluilents who ha e taken part in the proiluclions. hoth as actors and technicians. The little Theater, which has the variety and pro- fessionalism essential to a lloiirishint; theater, has presiiiteil 12. ' ) fi:!lliii;;l!i plays and iniumierahle oneai I plays. Yearly programs include at least one farce or melodrama of the " popidar enterlain- nient " variety. Also, most classics of ancient and modern theater have been I ' nacteil liy till " Little Theater. The Little Tliealer, sponsored hy the Knj;lish and Speich de- partment, is organized imder the followinji slalT: Irancis olle. E. J. West, chairman of the division of interpretation and ilra- riKitics: J. H. Crinicli. director of the I iiiversity Theater: Koliert llethmim. technical director: Robert Loper. part-lime instructor In speech and assistant ili rector: and Lrank Sullivan, technical assistant. This stafT wurks with the I ' layers Clid). the Lah Theater and any interested students for the production of plays. The I ' layers CInh is the stmlent producer ' s honorary, mendxrship for it hein): pained throufih points earned liy participation in acliuji and technical work. The Lah Theater, sponsored h thi ' Enplish anil Speech department, presents student directed, mounted and acted productions. In addition, it gives a hill of contest plays every spring which are written hy students. 218 Dick W lihe in " Street Scene ' s Talc Summer Season K — DM . »i liviiit; nrwspaptT draiiKi. % iis tlif li l I iii- rrsil Tliiiiirr proiliiriloii for tlir »iiiniii ' r season. The pla »a iiiiiirr lln- ilinrlMin iif |)ii Tiiltle. isiliii|: pro- fessor of ilruiiiiilirs anil eo-aiillior of the ilraiiia. Il starred Theliiiu (Jiaitnian as Alorn: Marvin Solomon as stajir nianajiier or master of ceremonies; Koltert Tinkle- paiitili as llie professor; N!cTril llill as t leo. llie Mu e of llislor ; and I ' ller Read as llitir . an a eraf;i- Vmerican. Tile play was divided into two t.i minnte acts. The first slioueil the efTeets of the first atornie explosion on the outlook of arious Auieriean eili rns. The seeonil art showed our presi ' ut ililenima. I.ilienllial trial anil power polities eoniieeted willi atomie eontroll. The final sreiie ended in a (ireat explosion whieli showed the re- sult- of our frantic lahors ten years hence. The larfsest cast in the six years of outdoor theater production assend led in the Mary Kippou Theater this snnuner season of I ' ll ' ' to present Shakespeare ' s " W inter ' s Tale. " This successful play was under the direction of J. H. (Irouch. Il featured ordon V iekslroni as I.eontes, kini: of . ' icilia; Day Tiitlle as Hori el. the prince of Kohemia: t ' harlotte McKadden as I ' erdita. exileil daugh- ter of llermoine. the i|U(en of Sicilia (Janet Miirryl. .-V ciMuedy counler|)loi was prt- t-nted li Marion lowler as the (down and Warren .ail| aille as utoel ciis. Jack I.arsen. a niiisic school tudent. wrote the music for two dances which were presented in the play. 219 Fall Season Norman Krasiia ' s ' " John I.ovrs Mary " as llii ' I.illle TlitalirV lir t pri)(liutiini for tlir fall i|iiartrr. I ' M ' . This sli r if xsarliriic lo t ' was well rccfisrd ii) thf aii lii ' iir( . anil it a(T priliil lluin a very crijoyalilf rvetiinp. Judy Jarulii porlrayn] Mary; HirhartI irlM " was John; Marion l- ' owltr playiil F- rrd Taylor. John ' s war liuildir; and Joe Hra«i played Mary ' s fath r. Marion I- " o shT f;a r an cxcepliiinal pcrfornianre through his dili htfii! de- livery and pantoinine. Kohert I.oper. draniaties inslrur- tur, was to he eoniniended on his initial joh of diieclin;: for the Little Tlieater. The seeond play presented hirinp the fall season, Elmer Kiei ' s " Street Seene. " was one of the highest pro- diielions to he pnl on hy the I niversily Little Theater. Terhnieally speaking, it was the hist that I niversity theater-jioers ha%e seen. Besides a Inijie east of sixty, there was a three-story set eovering the iiitire stage whiih was ereeted with a tnhular stiel foundation. The play showed the tragedy of hig eity life, and it depicted two eharaeteristie personalities living undi ' r the same environment. These were hrought out hy the father who portrayed extreme age and the son who portray eil idealistie youth. All in all. this play, one of the hardest t i stage, was thoroughly enjoyed hy its amlii ' nre. 220 V llir scriinil play for wintor i|iiurlrr, llir I.illlr Tliialcr |iri ' - Sfiit« tl " TIk AtliiiiraltU ' ( .rirliloii. " a t ' oiiifily satire lt J. M. Harrir. Itarrii ' shows a sfl of rliararlrrs. first in tlir falsi- rt-lationsliips socirty has i-ri ' aloil for llu ' iii. thru Iraiisfirs ihiiii to amilhrr plait- »lirri- only uiirtli loiints. anil finally rshiliils lln-iii a):aln in tlir sliani rrlalions that liy i-ontrast liavr hrroini- alisiiril anil Irafiii-. Till- liiM- story of th - hero, allhoiigli it ailils poicnanry to llii- salirr. is mil till- i-i-nlrr of action, (ioriloii it-kstroin playi-il tin- part of rii lilon. till- liiitli-r: I ' atriria Parsley was Laily Mary l.asi-nliy. till- fi-iiiiiiiiir li-ail: I.ii an Korsti-r. linn. Krnr-«l W nnlli-y ; anil t !arl Maii-r. tin- Karl of Loam. Winter Season The hrsi play to he prrsi-ntril in tin- I iiiM-rsity Thiatir for the winter season of IQ.iO was Sean O ' dasey ' s " Within the (rales. " It was a very ilranialir, hitter, anti-religious play ilealinp with the fiinilanienlal prohlenis of materialism anil the shallowness of mod- ern man. Jiiily Jarolii juavr a sterlini: pi-rforniain-e in the priniiple role. tiary illiiii):liliy playeil the liishop; Jne liraily. the iln-aiiirr: anil I ' eter Keaii. the Atheist. Hohert II. Ili-tlininn. the lerhniral ilireetor for the little Theater, iliri-eteil the proihirtion. 221 Afmc dUi LLi ll 222 Trial by Jury Operetta Two operas. Trial by Jiirv ami Doirn in the Valley, were presented twice willi otitstaniling success in Mackv auditorinni as the fifth annual production of tlie University of Colorado Opera Association. The operas, which inchided a cho- rus of sixtv-six and an orchestra of twenty-two, were under the direction of Warner Iniig, asso- ciate |)rofessor of voice. James Sandoe, order hhrarian, was the dramatic critic. Trial by Jury, a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, is one of the finest satires written about the Eng- lish judicial system. The satirical spirit was main- tained in the set. designe l bv Eleanor Eindstroni. assistant professor of fine arts. It was a simpli- fied realism of the established archileclure of En ;lish courtrooms. Mayme Diffey, Da e Dckker, and Marion Fowler starred as the IMaintifT. the Defendent and the Judge. Fldgar I hompson played the Counsel, and Cordan ' ickstrom played the Usher. Doivn in the I alley. Kent ViCilTs musical drama, is based on the story told in the ballad of the same name. The plot is told in a series of flashbacks, starting in the Birmingham jail. where Brack Vt eaver has been placed for the nuir ler of Thomas Baiiche. prosperous villager and drunken rival for the love of Jennie Par- sons. The opera is constructed around Vt eaver ' s returned love for Jennie. (Tiristy IMank. Doris Nelson, Don Jones and Boh Carl led the cast in their respective roles of Vi ea er. Jennie, Bauche and the Leader. This opera was pre- sented in preview over Boulder radio station KBOL and also a successful presentation was gi en for the Music Educator ' s national con- ference in Colorado Springs. I :i iil Drkkpr, Marion Fiiwlrr. M;i riii- DilTi y. I ' riiil h Jury i (tH n in thf I ullfv Triipit ' unu, K ' d liy Tallr Uratl Miini ' iiiiiKi. ilaiirrr. ami lirr pai)i-«li tiiM-niltli- Jrrnint- lliiir-. Mrirn|)uliiiiM ()|M-ra ]ki»x 223 Artist Series ' riiis year, as in tlie previous thirteen seasons, tlie I ni er iitv of Coloraflo Artist Series lias br nif;lit to llic staiic of Macky Aiiilitoriuni the hr-t in (ilie riilcrl.iininetit. I lit- | ro; lor tlii- car iiH ' liiilid «ii(li es- tahli-lii ' il iiiili iiliKil iiiii ii-iaii. ' - a JoM-ph S .i;zeti, iiiti ' rii.ilioiiallx renowneil Hiiii :ariaii NioHiiist: JiTdine nines, tlie new hasso of llie Metropol- itan npcra: Stella Honian. Iea(lin : soprano of till- Metropolitan Opera: Artur Hnhin.-tein, world fanions pianist: and l.uhoshntz and eni- eiM fl ' . the hrillianl dno-pianisi-. Of the prou| prodiietions there were Talley Beattv and his exotie native daneer : Marieninia and her enseinhle of Spain .■• fzreal daneer«: and a reliirn eiif:a :einenl of the l)en er S tii|pliiinv ()rrliestra I ' ondneted li Saul (a-ton. Extra priiiliiclions. snpplcnic iit.irv In lliese ooneerts. were Kirslen Flaf; la l. world renowned soprano, and " Street ( .ar Named Desire. " un- der till- |ir(iilurlioti of Irene M. Sel .niek. Charles II. Norris iieaded the Arti.-t Series eoniniittee this ear. wliieh included profe.-sors .• torni Hull. John Hou :h. arner Inii;;. Harriet JelTrev. I ' aul Tlionipson. Dudley W yruie ami " e Tax lor. who was the A.S.I .(!. niendier. Liil cisliiil ;)ii l N»infip»(T, iluu-itiaiiists rtiir Hnliiii ' l ill. iii.ini-t Ste lla Roiiiaii. Mi ' lnipiiliian )|(itii M |iran i Symphony Orchestra ll irui- - J iu-f , (iirrrtor As its twonty-iiocond season of offeriiifr the piihlic fine entertainment, tlie I niversitx s nij)lionv orclieslra this year f;ave eoneerts in I ' uehhi. Denver. Colorado Sprinfcs and Loveland as well as in Boulder. Under the direction of Horace Jones, head of the orchestral instru- ments of the school of music, the orchestra not onlv n;ivcs concerts, but also jierforms in L niversitv operas, accom- panies soloists in the Artist Series and is used in the Mes- siah. It is open to any students, faculty niendjers and townspeople, and includes se cnlv-lwo meinhers in the symphony orchestra and thirt -t o in the slritif; orches- tra. The strinfi orchestra, an iule ra! part of the s ni- phony orchestra, was invited to lour Kuropc just preced- int; Vi orld ar II, the outhreak of which meant the can- cellation of the tour. Horace Jones, who in l ' ).S S was awartlcd liie honor of Associate of the Hoval Academy in London. En ;land. has three symphony soloists wlio arc also outstanding musicians. They are Mary Joan Katzenherg. draniatic soprano. Paul I ' arnialee. ])ianist and member of the music school faculty, and (iharles Delaney. (lutist and graduate of the uuisic school. 224 Concert Orchestra T? arching Band The ( rj;;ini ;itioii wliicli pro i(lrs tlic I iii Tsit «»f ( .oliirailo witli entcrtiiiniiif: iiiiisical lllIll,- during: llic liall liiiic at f( i tl)all fiamt-s is ' oin| osi ' il of a l .l |iic( ' Mrii " .- M.ircliiri;; Hand and an 8(1 [liece W oiui-ns Marcliinf; Hand. Since llieir i)r;;ani ali )n. M) ears a o. the I iiiversitN hanils haxe served as training: for slu- ih ' iils interested in niiisieal careers, and as practical ai ' lixities for other interested students. The hanils pla for arions func- tions on and off campus, and tiiev provide fur their nienihers social functions such as (huioes. mixers, and receptions. New, fasliionahle uniforms an l overcoats were provided the Men ' s M.iri-hinL: Hand this vear. The University of ( " olorado Varsity Band, svmphonic in nature, is organized of hoth men and women !)and students dur- ini; the inter and Sprinj; ipiarlers for the |iresentation of con- certs and hroadcasts. Ihe ftO piece arsilv Hand participates in reading sessions at the Annual Inslrnrnenlal Iveadiii;; ork- sliop. vvhicii presents new i and and orchestral material for liiuli s ' hooi haiwls. Ihe mn ic at (.olorado I iiiversitvs hasketltaji games is also provided li the arsitv Haml. n „i: I M. Mill. ' ji. .lir. ' i ' lor Varsity Band 225 Back row, lefl to ritht: Gnrdcin, Pau l v..n Elirenkrnok, Ben Hoaiilond. Dean Hutchinijs Clirisly Plank. Koberl Carl. Tom Lenis. • Second roll-: .MeU in b ans. . ndy Endlert. Cli Williamson. Barbara elle. Patricia Lewis. Lorraine Hoskin. Phil Heuston. Frank Walker, Front row: Kslelle Thomas. Donna Scott. Pat Seibcl, Donna Oa liardi, Barbara Iverson. Shirley Spence. Belha Burk. Betty Leslie. Aniong the oiitstandiiif; iiinsic-;il r :;mi ,atioiis on ram- pus is the University (ilioir under the ahh- ilireelion of ariier Iniifr. The iirou|» is of limited niendiership. and opportunities to audition for memhership are :iven early in the fall quarter. The rhoir jiave an excellent presenta- tion of the " Messiah " durin : the C.hristmas season using soloists chosen from the group itself. In the winter (juar- ler the organization participated in an all-Bach ma.ssed rhoir concert held at the Denver audiloriiiiii. During spring tpiarler the group perfornieil in the annual opera which was presented holli in Boulder and in I)eu ( ' r. In atldition to these activities the ihoir performed in many concerts in Boulder and throughout the stale. Robert McKinle . arles Martin. Jane Fred .Marriott. • Marilyn Maloney. Dircrtor: Variicr Iiiiit: odern Choir The Modern Choir, composed of twenty-eight selected vocalists chosen from the I niversitv Choir, is under the direction of arner Imig. Although organized onlv a few years ago hv Mr. Imig. the group has gained nuich recognition for its colorful renditions of popular songs and folk times. Modern Choir was heard this vear in the arsitv Nights show during Homecoming anil has performed on many radio programs and in many personal appearances througln)Ut the state. University Ciioir 226 Hiuk row. left to right: F( rrL ' l kn i . W illi;itn SL-rat, Robert Musil, George Dal leisli, Paul ' n Rhrenkrook, Kenneth Head, Dean Hutchinjis. Jame (Jcntry, Robert IcKinle -, Robert ( arl. Howard Clann, I ' hil Heuston. Chris Plank. Durland Skinner. Rodney Angone, Charles ' an Meter. • Third row: Janice W ' alz. James Palmer. Charles Martin. Mehin Ii ans, Gilbert De Peurtis. Robert !-aw. William Lewis, Gordon Cole, Don Hoskins. Franklin Walker. Gene Difiiis. Alex Chavez, ' ir({il I.ebsack, illiam Woodis, Fred Marriott, James Sparks. Oiiane Jackson, Martha Opdyke. • Second row: Rose Alice Gerringer. Barbara Wheeler. Harbara Hoppack, Katherine Petersell. Claire Scott, Donna ( a(iliardi, Joy ( ' arlsnn. Genevieve Ma berr . Beth Ha man. Marie Sack, Sue Dickson. Betty Law. Donna Schmittel. Donna Mosbaugh, Ftoseinar Olson, Sally Chntelik, Barbara Jo Weir. Janet Schiller, Ju ce Adcock. • Front row: Donna Mackenzie, E tella Thomas, Connie Lee, Donna Scott. Ludell Waters, Patricia Seibel, Shirley Spence. Charlotte Furman. Lorraine Hoskin, Ann Nell Palmer, Patricia Lewis, Joan Kiesler, Patricia McKinlcy, Marilyn Maloney, Doris Wick, Nancy Fountain. Betha Bnrk. f sirolvn De GiH d, Bett Leslie. idAk MciiKirial Slmlrnl I iiion ltiiililiii|! 227 S. U. B. . . . 1930-1950 Onr Ion;: iinticipati ' il ilrrams of ;i new Union Memo- rial (!onliT are now ht-in;: realizeii. I ' lans are complete antl consitniction is mulerway. Meanwhile, plans are also Itein;: made for tlie sliiileni organization and niana ;e- nient of the new hiiildin . The present Memorial (.enter is heinp usefl as a proving frroiind for tin- ui-w plan wliirli are formulated h tin- follow in;; or;;aMi .ations: Student Acti itie- (!enler. under the direetion of I. isle NNare: ASUT. eoiumiltei- on -ludiril (ir;;ani .alion and I.isli- T. nrr. .lir.clor social life. Iieid.d In Mohhie Folley. ASUC commis- sioner, and Dean (difl ' onl llou-lon. eliairnian: and the l ' iii ersitv .Memorial (ieliter Hoard, uniler the le.ider- -lii|i of Boh infrey, student cliairniaii. Several vears a;io. the Meinori.d . " hiditil I nion was run l the I ' niversity business office ami lliron}ili the ho-le -es and arions si-rxiees pro ided in the huildin;;. Hnl. .IS the I iiiM-rsit expamled. more adequate niana;:e- ini-ul of ihe hnildin;: in relation to student activities was needeil. To aeliie e a more en ' ecti e co-ordination. Mrs. Flo Sinnnons mo%eil from the Women ' s Huildin;: to in onler In work more closely with the hos- tesses in capacilv. Mrs. Simmons (li l an ontstandin;: joh as social eo-ordinalor. However, it was apparent a more comprehensive propram should he worked out anil that student committees should participate in le- termiiiin;; p dicies and plans of the huildin;. ' . That is the re.i-oii for the ue s pro; of this ear. This propram as it was started this ear and will continue in the future is inleniled to place the formin;: of jxdicics anil manapcment alino-t enlirelv in the hands of the students and the carrying out of these policies under the jurisdiction of the I tiiMTsit) administrators, who will work with ASL ! and other students. S. U. B. 1950 The University Memorial Center Board includes eight students, three faculty members ami oiu- alumni and has worked as a temporary i oard to li-t( riniii - the policies 1) wliicii tlii.» union and the new huildin;: vill be managed. The building director. Lisle Vt are. and his staff are responsible for earrving out these policies of management ami maintenance. Likewisj-. tlie committee of student organizations and social life has worked out the pidicies hv which student social functions and extra- curricular activities will he co-ordinated. To carr out these policies the SAC has been formed which also works in an advisory capacity to .A.J UC. There is no intention on the part of the administration to limit or dominate student participation. The aim toward which these groups are working is to encompass the entire campus comnuuiity. including sororities, fraternities, dormitories and independent groups, and for all groups regarding co-ordination of their activities with the finictions of the University. An efficient system for providing meeting rooms, and use of campus buildings and facilities is being set up. In the new building, students will work with the SAC in man- aging the facilities of the buihiing. They will be respon- sible for opening game rooms at certain hours, providing equipment and caring for it. The SA(] and the building Mrs. lii-rtlia IJciitMiii. siiptTxisiir director will work merely in a service capacity in carry- ing out the policies which are set up by the stinlents. Included in the new UMC are the following fai ' ilities: eight table tennis sets, ten each of pool and billiard tables and howling alleys and e(]uipnient for photo- graphic and craft work, in addition, there will be room.- for publications, organizations, meetings, banqu ets, lec- tures and movies, and nuisic. and a browsing library, a book store, a ballroom, a general lounge, a cafeteria, u foinitain. a barber shop, a room for parties and a terrace which can be used for dancinii. 228 Left to right: Ray Stoehr. Jerr ' Milner, Ralph Carter, Jo Ann I ' reslcr. Bi»b inJre . Lorraine Miller, spunsor. Marjorie Coursey, Brad Pretti, Kathie Ward, Hd Burruss. (Iloria . le ander. ' i ' r ,:H.l • I :?Xi_ i JSMfT ' -l Fa!ti-.«i.Wl?SfiSra«lMinBHWI»I i T hi; Lift " at C.U. st ' clion hiiim- a paii-t- in tin- Im-iiicss »l (lt ' lin« ' alin : tlic more st-iioii a |irits of tlu- I iii i-it : a paii c in which the r(lit«ii |ii« ' - tiit the liiihtrr i(h ' ot camiuis life. The purpose of thi- section i to cr tal- h c the hiiili points of the year as well as to su jjest the (hi -h - hi activities of the averajje student at work and at play. Thes - acti ities are t pi al ol .ni one of manv davs at (Colorado. These activities are what makes a colle«ie c(hi(atii n hcaraltic. This is life — life as we have seen it durinji the jiast month- and as man of Us will see portions of it again. This is in hort, Life at C.V. Hut Life at i.A . mean manN different things to man different jteople. ii nniversitv is in constant motion. Every student i- picked up 1)n tlH motion and carried along. Pictures top the action for only a second in the infinity of sec- onds that comprise f« ur years of undergraduate days; hut that second is captured forever and recalls many other seconds, minutes and hours to our memories. Each snapshot sets off a chain reaction that brings to mind persons, plac es, and events. Every candid shot remiiuls us of our Life at C.U. Life at C.l . is an immortal life. ears from now. when our children are attending the " Alma Mater below the Flatirons. " Life at C.l . will be essentially the same. The faces may vary and the surroundings may change, but the life will remain constant. Our descendants will enjoy it as we have. nd we will live it o « ' r and over again as pictures recall i»ur college days. Memories of Life at ( ' .I . will remain lonir after our formal educations ba e been forgotten. Laurik Paddock. Kditor i Sa; iiM; mi i ' ifMf. i ci life at CU On The Campus 233 Freshman Week Orientation treshman U cck gt-ls on to j iirinR siart with tests in Macky auditorium. Here freshmen bcdin to develop the coin-flippinij habit that will carry them throufth their upperclass days. Eager students line up in front of Macky for their entrance examinations. The icvts befian a week full of meetings, rallies, dances, and ph sical exams. Maril :; ' ...i.. li..:. ;J li:. ;.-. and Juan tJarrett confer with John K. Little, assistant dirtc- ' tor of admissions, on the proper method of scheduling courses. Mr. Little was in charge of Freshman Week. 234 Lines, lines. cven. ' wherc there are lines. New men stu- dents wait in front nf the Health Service for their re- giiircd ph sical t-xaminaiions. Arlene Crews and Jefl Grigsbv receive part oi iheir rt-gistration supplies from Mrs. Virginia Colley of the admissions office. This year ' s Freshman Week featured an activity night and daily activit counseling in Memorial Student Union Kuilding. Mere a group of freshmen prepare to enter the ballroom to receive specific dope on some of Colorado ' s many extra-curricular groups. " Father, dear father, come home with me now. " begs a member of the Pla ers ' club during an activity night skit. s Krrilil I ri li ti ' | |i ' il iifT till ' Di ' iiMT ' ltiiiililir liitul unil ca rcl ul ihf t lllpll wliirh % u In Im- hi? hoiiit- fur llii- nr l ftmr rar?, Iir a« lillcil uilli all llir I ' lilliii- ' iaMii llial iiMialK ar ' iiiii|iuiiir a rri ' ?liiiuiii to (-ollt-|£r. Uiit lirrorr III- »a! iiiiparkiil anil Mttliil, lir »a? aMarr i ( tin- iiia r uliirli uus slouK i ' iiN ' li |iiii|: liiiii. Ili ' lia l Ixrii ti lil liv jiiiiiiir! anil Miii(ir llial llitri ' »a . |iiiU- a iliffiriiin- lirHsirii lii):li mIhmiI la ami I ' lillc):! ' lifi ' . lie liail no iilra llial raiii| ii Irailcr? thnuiilit a urrk uf urirntaliuii was nrrcisary tu prepari- him fur his iiru life. I nixiTsily nftiiials and stntlrni - iniinitl Ts liail hrrn prrparin): for KrrilchV arri al «iiiri- la l priii;:. full mIhiIuIi- tif li?ir., niriliral r aiiiiiialiiHi , lnnr! . and riiiinx-liii): r i4in had lit-i-n arran):i-d lu help Kri ' dd Ki-I larti ' d. In aildilini., plans hail hri ' ii niailc In launch Krrdtly inlii his f lra-i-urrirular lifr a wril as his aradrntir mu ' . I ri ' lnnan irk «larli ' d hriKht and rarU Munday niornini:. Si pi. I ' ' , uhin l ' ri ' dil rcpiirlrd In Mark andilnriuni. Ilrrr hr uas i:i iii a linard. an indrlildr pinril and a lisl. v npnrlid iiaik In Mark thai aflrrnnnn and sr f-ral ninrr tinirs fur adililinnal rntranrr r ani ' «. In odd Minnii-iil«. Ik ' uinl In llii ' liiallh si ' r ii i- fur his nndiial rhirk- up, ruiiftrri ' d uilli hi " rnunsilur, and piikrd up his rt ' cislralinn supplirg. hill ' all lliis »as disinnid In hrniii his i-duralinn. the Krrshinan ri ' k iii|:lil srssinns uiTi ' planned In ari|nainl I rrdd) xsilh liis I ni- frsil : il Iradilinns. Iradtrs. uiliviliis. and sludrnl lind . A ni » phast ' of llii " indnrlrinalinn aildtil ihis yrar uas arli il ni hl. Tliis rxi ' iil uas ili ' Mlnprd In fii r Frrddy al liasl a passing inlriidiii ' liiin In snnii ' iif ihr hundrrds nf nr):ani aliniis he cnuld jnin nn ihi ' lanipns. 1i-ninrial as rnnvrrlrd intn a kin -si r infnrnialinn hnnlli % luTt- frrshnim rnuld Icarii ahniil any arli ily frnni Mnrlar linard and ihr I .ninradan In ili« Vnun)£ l ru ressi ( ' s and ihr Silxrr and I ' ldd. It iIk- rnd of ihe week Freddy was riaily fur aiiylhiii;:. Mr had irnni- tlirnuiih rogiMralionI Sludcnls mill around on the hatlronm floor tr in)t to decide Mhich hooih to i«il next. !? I Sludcnt publication huuth were jlv d s crowded durinit the activit »cft»ionK. In ihi i picture, the Silver and Gold had the hiii(e«t ifoup: but. of course, the entire line for the Cnlnradan % not «hown. A ftroup of frohman itirU pjuno ji tiic I ' nixcr iix Women ' i ' Auh booth In learn o( L ' W C ' t activities, hva Lauicr and Helen Han on do the explaining. 235 I Jim Reich carrie Joe BerAbeim on hi back. The itirl« ■ re nhvinu%l amused. A t pical freshman couple pau tc« at the Moriar Board table. The fellow, third from left, look worte for ihc wear and tear of freshman week. Porpoitc member Ka Bnndu and Bcv Brook attempt to re)li»ter itirU for the biif wim. Meanwhile. Judy Charlton and Jcannctte Stark demon»trate technique and model the late«t uit fa«hiona. I ' am Ihf men ' s marching hand is aU% a s present at an student jjatherind to stir up spirit and t(i lift morrtle. 236 Rallies, Parades, Contests, Pride Develop That Intangible Thing, Colorado Spirit Gambill field is otten the center o( student rallies, flights, and contests; here a crowd Sophomore women enjoy the annual tu|(-of-war to determine how lonft (rchman women must Jiathers to watch the Sigma Chi derh . wear their green dinkies. g jl SL - -%r,. I Rallies ilrtinnl. nor ran i( Itc Spirit is u M-r intjnfzilttr ihinp. It t atui t hv nmnni. nor ran ii n trarnl to it! starting point. In fart, only two tilings alMiiit spirit arc drii nitc: that it sho Ns rlrarK wlu-n it is prfscnt. and tluit it is equally ubviou uhi-n it is lacking. Many farltirs, lin sr iT. cnntrilnilr to spirit. I ' ridr in tin- I ni rrsity i» on ' of ilicst . Traililions help Itiiild spirit, too. Paraili ' s anil Itontires rrcatr spirit ami. at tin- same time, proxidc an oiilirt for it. Prr-ganie rallirs arr ani»tln ' r factor. Inttr-rlass ami intrrorgani alional roiitfsls and fights also lirip huild spirit. TIhx- an- ronlrihiiling factors, hut actually hpirit remains esBrntially a personal ihiniz. K ery student either has it or else he doe8 not. Kach student %ho " hat» the spirit " d« rlop i and expresses it in his own way. Th« - act tiiiK ' when the indi idual fei U the s|»irit and it - tarl to gri) on him- aries preatK. But when enough students ha e de eloped their own spirit, a group or I niversity esprit dp corps grows. Then the student hody can hecome a group with sonu connnon interest. Th -n the t iolurado HufTaloes stop milling around and. as a herd. u er helm an and all eiu ' Uiies. Br«rdcd men and )e«n-clad wnmcn tt thcf t watch the annual prc-Homecominit honfirc Tiirchc i from the parade thai -fctarlcd tn front of the library tnuchcd-nff the frciihman-huilt on (he eastern ed)(e ol the campus. hnnfirc alter a shnrt rall . Thoc arc beauties (hat would bring nut the htast in an " 49er " 1749. 1849, 1949. or 2U49 or an other year. Harriet Sutton and Joan OavU are in front. (Iharlene Klausner. Suzie Flugstad, and Queen Gwen ' an Derbur smile in the back row. omecoming Beards, Stetsons, Levi ' s, ami Acnu boots %rr ' the only costumes areeptahir on tl»e Iniversily campus during the fall quarter Ilomeromint: eelchration. Prrst-nt-day " 49- vrs " left their hooks and eavdrled {a rom- memnrate the einlennial of the " 18 t9ers ' ' and the slogan " !olora lo H 1 " The hip weekend started on Oct. 28. Thai afternoon the all-star teams fr Hn the (ireek and Indt-pendeiit intramural fixilhall leagues s(|uarei| ufT for a rip-roarinj: hattlr. At half- time, the " l trs " went hark I ' ' IO years to stage a chariot race. Aft it the game, the freshman class won the riglit to throw away the traditional green heanii ' S hy defeating tlu stud -W4 ' akened sophomores in the annual lug-of-war. Macky Opry Tlouse was cleaned anil re- opened for a tuo-da re i al of tlie al va s popular " arsit Nights " musiral show. W ar- ner " Hopahmg " Imig and Hugh ' Tai ' lus " MrMiUen directed the show which featured a can-can danri- and singing hartenders along with a host of other old-timers. ItnUidrd in the activity-laden celehralion wvrv the Moal parade, lieard rc)ntest. Htmie- coming dance, torchlight parade and hoiifire. early-ilay silent motion pictures, and the foot- hali game with I tah unixersity. The snow- that fell during the second-half of the game came too late to spoil the plans made hy stu- dent committees under (Fcneral (Chairman Jean Kuhik. ■■( ' io«.h. Podncr. " e didn ' t think the snphn- mores would be this cas to pull over. " say ihe ireslimen. {)nl ' the first man on the rope seems to he cxcrtinjl himself. But on the nthtr end, this scene appears. The man-like horses strain to start a heat in the chariot races. The Delts ' Ben Hur «on the tiniils, thanks to his switl-looted team. 238 The Sidma Nu ' s htiastcd that at least one man in the parade knew what he was doind. This float won first pri ,f in the (Jntd Ji ision. WM % . " ' Twos onl ' a bird in a gilded cage, " but it won first place honors for the L ' niversit ' Women ' s C ' lub in the ( old division for larger organizations. Thtst- poor bird-. umlJn ' i (InfT mit their feathers to protect them from the near-frec ing weather. Mtc iir«il Ni hu slium itui uH In a hu»llc-iii|t «liitl wiih a can-can. mm y kdUP WFSTEflN WEIGH Stmrthint oh% inu«l equali c the Jilfrrcncc in Mfi jtht cautrJ h (he lowering of (he neckline to the houlders between IH49 and A . Thi» is Kappa Delta ' s prizc- winninit float in the Silver division. Marihn Mdlonc , the Kockv Mounluiii ciiitiif , ctiilled Chc uuJivnce during ihr uv with hrr hni ini( thrill- ini{. ihkii i«. oice. In the bacWitruund, a ' 4 er " livck the lile «een only in drrantk u( C uluradu tiudenla. ' lite I ni% er«il choir kinitft the Hruoklyn Hakehall (Cantata drcft%ed uk t pical huiiik lank. I ' he cantata »ak written tn cclehrale the Uuditer ' lunjt record of . . . Siilma [ hi Mpsilon sends out its (rtiin (o t iii lir t ptnLc anitniil llie men ' h itrttMni ntions in the Silver float du ikton. The Indians thai attacked the train crew have withdrawn to reorganize. 239 The warmest event durinit the entire Hnmecomin(( weekend was the bonfire Friday nithl. Mere the " 49cr» tha ed out and stored up hcot fnr the flojt parade the nc t morning. ( inipiis ( ti ir u (i r l ' .h Warner potcs with his twin brother. Kob is on (he left: no, he ' on the riiht. Well. he is in the picture somewhere! Colorado I ' nivcrsitv ' s Monn Wootle . Merle Noble %son the Homecominit beard contest prize for the most hand- some itrowth. Engineers Live Too AIChE ' s " Stinkers " attempted tn bhiu up the Apple Kest and won first prize. 240 Lonit noses ore (jnnd for man ttiintis accnrdinii Ut the mechanical engineer!) skit. " Off W c (in liilo ihe Wild Illue ' nnder " «ith men from the Vnierican Institute ol Acronauliciil Sciences. The pie that Jnhn Houston is holdin)t soon hit Bob Carlson, provinii that civil engineers are not civil. Double K majors Bill ( " hance and I)a e Arthur were a gruesome twosome. Jcrr I ' esman would prubiibly not be seen in this costume on the slopes oi Sun " nllcv. Itrlirvr it or nol, l.iff al M . iiiii»l iiirlmlr i-iiiiiiit ' i-r- ill)! »liiilriil4. To ill)- uMTUf!!- r il iniclii sliitli ' iil, till- rii|:iii) ' mImhiI iiiliulilliint i a iii ltriiiiis u is lln ' iniiiiilil " X ' 111 llii- iiiiilliriiiutirall iiiH-iliiralfil. Tliirr is a priiiiiiiiriil lliriir that tliiK lurc - sfciin-iit " f ihr I iiiMTsity i isls iinl 111 iiiicrali ' sliilr rulrs. till lot IuIhk, run wiiiil tiiiiiirls. |ila ill li ilraiilii ' lulis, plan i-li-rlriral » slriiis, ami siirM- llir raiiipiis M-Mral liiiirs a rar. I his iilia is far friiiii llir Iriilli. Kiifiini- si-lii i i slmliiits parliripalr ill all pliasi ' s iif raiiipiis life. Tin- Vppli- Krsl. Ill-Ill iliiriiic fall |iiarl -r. is iiflrii llit- lalk uf llir raiiipiis i-spiiialU llir riifEiiirrriii): siilnr. riiis staic -M-iil fialiiris i|iiaiililii ' S of frt- - i-ipars anil applrs. Kor i-iilrrlai niiiriil. aiiiali ' iir ai-lors rrprrsriilinj: rarli iif llir iliparliiiinlal iiisliliilis anil siirii-lirs rimiprlr 111 prr-i ' iil llii- liisi skil. Tliis affair is ilrsiKiinl as an all- i-iit;iiir siliiiiil iiii rr aiiil is sponsnrril li tin- I Mriiliiriril Kii|eiiirt-rs. Tin- KiiKini ' Hall, " iilv rrninanl uf lln- almnilant prr- war sriiiiiil ami riass ilanii-s, is lirlil iliiriii); «inlrr i|uarlrr. On lliis partiriilar Salurila iii lil. llir iniiiinrrs fiir)!i ' l lln- prolilrins of liriil|:r Iniililiiii:. rlrniriil rrilin iii . riirniil lliiu, ami so on anil lakr up llir iiilriiai ' irs uf lln- ilaiiri- lliuir. Tlu-y also inakr iirlain slnirliiral sliiilirs liy rlrilini: a ipnrii 111 riicii iivi-r llir hall. Winning Oil Can owardi dir rcmovinf (riclinn in cl» were llanild Lee and Henry Pohl, Chief Uiler wafe P. E. Ga(e». Mulch crowns Cnnk a« pan of ihe decurjtiun a k ii luilicdl guesliun. I ' arl n( llii: l- ' niiinL- hall cr(tv d diincinii in (rnnl ol imt- . ( Ilic " rurudc iif ihe Decades " murals. Combined Engineers ' President Tom Hutchinson and the royal court: Joan Smoot, Marx Marvin. Uuecn Mary .-Mice Cook. Ctnirlcnc klimsniT. mid I ' slhor nn I ' lipiT. 241 5if 2 ( irnl I, char. Barl l.udcman, Pat Moone . and Gene G ilev in tht- muck elevator o( the Phi Delts ' Club Phi. Hard times nccasioiuilK hit the LMmpus dances hnrd, as this picture hows. It louk i guod, but how can words possibly describe it. The Phi Sifts western dance was complete with Indians. " Rnter at iur own risk. " perhaps; but " rhri)U([h the portals pass . . . " C. U. Dances l.ilr ai ..l . uiiiilil nut 111- « ( ii)|ilt-(r Milium ilanres. Al uy« a p«i| tilur foriii uf rrrrrutiun, iluiii-iiig lius iiiuin r pri- . ' ioii . i)aiirrr uUu Iium iiiuiiv «- | n illll , iiiuii (-o tUllM • , aiul Miuii .-trp uriiitiun . Mnio t r i-r t ui| ilaiiri-- , aiwl aliiiohl r t-r oiic (luiu ' t ' .H ilifFrrrnll). t th - I ni rr!iit uf (!oli ruilu, tlirrr an tlancin (irpaiii alion t ami 4ir aiii atioMal ilaiMi ■ . rherr urr A.S.I .li. daiut ' s, l -?poiiM ml llalll ' - , fralrniily uiiil otiroril) laii -t , Tluir! ilay iii ht square (lani-ce», Iriilay ur alunla iii hl radio lam t ' «. Tlirn urr (luiirrs iluriii Honifi-uiiiiiit:, iiitrr (!ariii ul, ami ( uturuilo I . Duyt . Tlicri ii» llu Kii)cinr Itall. Tlirrt- arc imluor ilaii( ' t ' » in luuisrs, tin |e iii- ' i. ami Mriniiriul. Tlifr un oiihloor daiiro un llir ti-imi murt. ' ' . Tlit-rr arr lanrf r rr ulii-rr ami anywlifrr at an linir. Till ilaiiri- art ' fornial. M-ini-formal, anil infurnial. omr an t- i tiiinc dariro laxiiif; .stmlrni iMf£i-iiiiily. Tlit- allll ' iii hl nia fratiin- dann-s railing fur uliitr lit and laiU and uvw furnials or else buliy diupiTs. StmU ' iils add lo Lift at 1.1 . |i appt-arin in all dr rrrii of drcsis and undress with liuiidri ' ds of ariations. To paraphrase a famous quotation: l rol al)ly nowhere in the world, do vn many spend o niiirh lime on decorations and costumes for o few l)itiir of enjo meiit. " l)rr««cJ ior the Phi Tau ' « " Primiiive " dance arc Pal Mitr iin. Jim Mcnrx. Boh MilU. and Marv BvtK- Jjnus. Dancinit the niilht anjx »iflt i " queen " i% a real plraturr. Phil Dufford puts, nn Jcannie E jn t itarter at the Kcla ' Arabian Ni|(hl» dinner-dance. 243 Pour coupler pau e and pose durinc a |ean dance in Memorial. DriltinA and drcaminit with your favorite i(irl is ek«eniial tn a (nrmal ' «uccei ft. I ' ,,,Ju.o K.m Dii liocs over the script with stars Rill I-ewis, Don L ' I rich, and Ben Hoagland h,Kkst,i;li- in Mack .lutJiloriuiii diirinji a pau e in " A ' ersL ' s in Music " rehearsals. Winter Carnival WintiT Carnival is the newest of (lolorailo ' s lliroo all-school celebra- tions. This yiar marked its foiirlli aniii t ' r.sary. Adverse weather lias always ham- pered Winter Carnival week. The seeond annual observance was almost lost in deep snow. Last year, snow and bitterly cold temperatures slowed down the activities. This year warm, sprin -liki ' days and niphts marred the inter Cariiixal acti ilies. Twii annual e enls were especially hardliil li llic warm wealhcr. The iee-seulpluriuf; competition developed into a race with the sun to determine whether the sculptures would be finished before the ice nu ' lted. .Never- theless, a record nuud er of organiza- tions turned out with saws, hammers, and blowtorches to shape the ice blocks into various hjiures. . lso sufferinj; from the weather were the obstacle races on skis. The course for these events was finally covered with straw. Colorado ' s hockey team developed gray hairs and ulcers when the rink ice would alternately freeze and thaw during the week. The snow derby, a contest to guess the exact day and time of the first snow of the week, became a ipu-stion of " if " not " when. " Some of till- activities went on as scheduled uidiamper ' d by the weath- er. ( )nc of these was a new feature, the all men ' s show in Macky audi- torium. Sponsored by the Inter- Fraternity (iouncil. this proiluction ihrcalcns In In-conic an annual ' ent. Mutch, one nf C.U. ' s larftc canine class, proves that his education is not liinitvd lo Jivlinituishinft fircplutts and inlcrniplinii foot- ball ftamch. 244 A new Mr. John, Jack Reich, di pIayK his latest creation to the amusement of Phil Fox. Judffinii (rum iheir expressions, Don Ulrich as Larry and Bill Lewis us Charlie are seriously thinkinfi about female attributes us the sind " .MI the Thinjis ' ou Arc. " S l Uevereaux. C.L ' . ' s wanderinii minstrel, unfolds the tale of " Nagasaki " with Bill Lewis assisiintt. Attendants Bev Hunt and Sheila Dunstan flank Queen Babbie Carpenter after the crowninj} durinft " ' erst ' s in .Music. ' t The l " ni cr»it Women ' Club munslcr rampunt in a cfl of mrliinit ice won une uf the tirsi places. Phi TauU ice ca ile n-nnndeJ CV. tfudentft ol I- ' uropc — a reition thai pruhuhU hud «omc «nu«v durinit Winter (!urni j1 %vcck. The NKOTC ranniin should ha o been loaded Willi dr ice and fired al »nnie cloud in the hope itiot %nu Mould tollo«. ill l.) hijrne and cumpdn shukc out j sjmba ! • remind Winter Carnival dancers of ihe weather outride. ■ -r The refreshment tand a an a alanche of business dur- init the dance intermission. " Snakepit " time in the Men ' s it m. l lfTK 1 si lette rs by the Chi INi ' s prizc-winninjt sculpture, hut the hackdrouiul the real weather. 245 Chosen to rt-iUn Mnlcr Carnival was bic Curiunlir. Slii- lln- quicir. ir.n.lini; ir..|.l. ' A panorama ul pulchritude " liilf proncinii about tlit danci- Hoor -the Thetas " Heart ' s Desire. ' A. W. S. Vaudeville ()iil ;i fi " mill «ill lli |Hlll■ lllr fad llial im tin- iii):lil " f tin- A. N ■ S. vauil illi- llii ' wiiiiirii (Ml tlif cuiiipus arc (Irliiiitily in tin- liiiifliplil. This year llii- sIkiw was ciitillfil " ( !oiniiion Scents, " lint it dill mil stink. The (iliaml Nninliir Five of the eveninj; was the Thitas pnrtrayal of " ' Heart ' s Di ' sirr. " Kiepini; in tnni ' with the times of lehriiary, the iminth of tlnpiil. the Thetas iisiil two larfie hearts as a haikilrop for their skit. (!heers arose from the rrowil as a progression of ilanies tlironjili the apes displayed Tlieta talent. Seroiid prize went to the Alpha Phi ' s with their impressive ilanri ' nsing il- luminous eostuines. " Black Magir " was eertainly an appropriate title for this masterpieee of darkni ' ss and hiark light. ( hi Omega ' s (Ihinese fantasy en- titled " Lotus " and Delta (iamma ' s " Youngtime " liotli rated honoralile mention. Unohy prizes went to the I ' i I ' lii ' s and the kajipas fur a giiod try. I ' lilrhriliiile was iiilriidured into the show just liefore the inlerniission in the parade of rampiis luselies. Every- thing from lialliing suits tn liahy liug- gies eriissrd the Marky stage as props and rosltimes for the parade of mascu- linity. Kd (Juinn. i ' i Kap heauly. was chosen (Jueen of Scents. Following the show, which hy far surpassed any previous vaudeville, a ilance was held in Memorial. Tlie Queen of Scents, in all his royal splen- dor, reigneil over the affair: and the winners of the show were announced. K| p ' 4 ' K H l t. iA H »k1 11 Blife™ IMk. ._ DG ' s Jane Waters. Norma Lee Rojjers, Pat Swopv. and Ilcv Ratchelet in a scene from " " iiuniltime. " 246 V jaunt to C hina and a whiff of " Liitus " was prvsunlcd b the Chi Omeiliis. % Lestcrites sinji the praises and ad%anta(les of " Straw Hut " count ' fair. .m M,! Vn« T)Ci " Reflections " by the Tri-I)clts dipictcd liie and love in a park. Jean Kubick, Ann Da% is, and Grace von Fhrcnkrook, perhaps not in that order, as " Tidress. " aa4k (Ir):uiii . ' l last -ur li% llii- I.. " -.A. u.s a rtlcliralinn in c ' linjiiiii ' lioii u ilh Nutimial lii(li ' |i ' iiilt ' iil Muili ' iil- urt ' k, (lull I ' irst Ni):lilrr lia» sliou ii uina iii): pro n-A.i luivunl riTuifiiitioii us an aiiiiiiul fiiiii ' lioii al llir I iii- veraily of ( uluradu. dull Firitt Nicliti-r. ori|:iiially |ilaiiiiril li Jim Fri-idlaniiiT, Jim Hiicriii);, and irii Tuliiill, is pal- tiTiifil aflrr llir I iii Tsit i f Kansas allt-rnk sliuw. As in llii- Kansas show, |-anililin , ilamini:. ami a lliior- shuw ronstiliiti ' llir r i ' nin): ' s rntri lainmitil at lnl Kir»l NiuliliT. lilurinii liorns. ' ■InilMin firt, anil tin- mllini: »i ilni- murkril the snunil annual I ' irsi Ni(;lilrr on llii ' v v- iiiniss iif (let. T uikI K. As rurli i r tlii ' altinilini: 2,00(1 8lll lrnls rnltTi-ii Mciiiuriul, lir ur slir r ' ' i-i ril $250 in stu r iminry to nsr at llii- ronlcllr. pukrr. i r rraps tallies. Prizes fialore were wailiii): fur the luek win- ners, Twu liunils Itirated in tlu Top Hal and liiferiiii ruunis, u e out with hoodie and liliies for lliosi- not uiiuisini; tliemstdves at the amin (aides. Ken I ' eri- man. assistant direetiir of the l ' t ' ' ItulT . " show, alily hanilled till- intermi sii)n tlnorslmw, lor suili entertainment, royalty uuii neeiied and. aeetirdin ly . I ' atty Parker was chosen queen of the fi ' stiNities. Her attendants were I ' at Johnson, . " shelia Dunston, Sally nn Tomlinson, I ' at Winkler, and Jan Alevander. Tlirush B.irbiirii l crsiin raises llic Icmpcrature in ihc r H»m lw« dvftrccs with tiirrid sonits. Meunwhilc. Ooralcc Allison learns the lolcst step fr(im Marion Kowlcr, But everyone %vas not lucks. .A few determined couples clunit to the hope thai roulette would pay off. The eseninit heitins uith a nice. Iricndl Itame ol HIack Jack and a handlul ol duudh. looker faces are predomt. natch around the tabic, hut one ifirl smiles in anticipation of ssinninit. Ihc house apparcnlls »on that throw. While newcomers catcrls push ihcir mone lorward. the irl with llic drape ponders the fickleness ..I dice. Club First Nighter 247 Kvers esent from ' liuN a t.olur.ij.ui t.k l.. Cluh l-irsl N. liu. .i quvm .. ri-mn ..»cr ihi- U-Mnilics l-irst Ni«hier Queen Pat Parker beams, third Irom le(t. as attendants I ' at .lohnston, Sheila Dunslun. SalU Ann lomiin- son. Pat Winkler, and Jan Alexander look on. Cash converted to canine. Jan Alexander accepts the money Irom Horrict Sutton and her escort. John Skillman. and I ' ido i(ets a new and loveh osvner. C. U. Days I,;ist lilast of llir year is sprin : (piartcr ' s :il %a .- popular Colorado L. Days rdrliratioii. This May wt ' ckenil S4T t ' s as a %al r for sttKlrnts lo U l ofT rxcfss riHTpy licfore settling down for linal wrtk aii ] the eiul of isrliuul. M ' . Days ofTrrs at Irasi (tn« ' evrni wliirh rvcry stndrnt ran rnjoy. The ft ' sti ili s rt-nlrr aroiiiiil tin traditional f rnt : tin- float parade, all-srliool sliow, f:riid(:i- tights, danrcs. tdertion of a king and niH ' en, songfcst. and rarnival. In addition, thrre arc partirs, intrr-organiza- lional pirnirs. and nrw rvrnts such as tlie soap-l o drrhy. ( oo I weather is also r(»nventional. This tradition was hroken last spring. Intwcvrr, wlirn a cold drizzle hegan Thursday and ron- tiiiiifd for nio l of the wirkrnd. changing to snow hilr Saturday night. .Man grudge liglits and picnics %cre cancelh ' d; the iloat parade was postponed; and the songfest was tlircatened. T ' nhanipcrcd hy the weather were iht- all-school sliow. carnival, and danrt ' s. ( apacily crowds attenrled hoth prinhirtions of the stu- driit nnisiral arirty sIiow in Macky. The carni al in tin field hi use feiiinred InMitlis ranging from marriage chapels to wrestling exhiln- liuns. Dancers swayed on the floors of hoth men ' s and wttnien ' s gyms and Memorial. " Holiday " was tin look it literallv. th. !)f the cideitr ation. and tl students Hnt ( ' ..{ . Days was not all laughter and gaiety. Ahraham Heller, freshman student from Den er. died of injuries he reeei ed when he was caught hclwt ' in a parked car and an oulof-iontrol racer during the soap-l o derhy. Crowned kintf and gut-en of CV. Days were Adrian Kearney and Mary L«iu Slaughter. Other finalists were Beih Woiille , Bob Stratton, Barbara Jean Smiih, Bill Foddy, .lo Anne Wilson, and Jim Williams. Not pictured arc Bcv Rosenbaum and Jim (Jriffith. Two hincks up the 1.1th strci-t course, l ni- MTsitx N ' ice-l ' re-iident Wiilter I " . I) de vtiirted thesi- racers dovMi tlic rump. Hundreds 111 el. c ild ' ■tudenis lined the curbs to vMitch tlie two-cur climinatiim hviits hich the Dclts finally vvon. 248 Deniiiiisiriiiinit fhe proper technique for cap- tiinnii a ni in. tile Kappas cavorted with their sir iFiiii- (liifs during the all-school show. Kappa Sitlma picked {: .luiii hu s I ).u for their ■ " Molidav. " This Santa .Maria rocked and snaked and featured a told- inft mast for dodftinft low-hanjiinji wires. Sindinii bartenders ( huck Warren. Jon Kuhlnian. Paul Roach, and Dick Brackenbut back Loci mberil in this scene from the Delt ' s skit. 1-irst place winner in the men ' s Cold dixision was Delta Tau Delta ' s " Stadecouch, " J " he l ' niversit the other " ( lold " cup with their slrikinf Kaster float. non ' s ( ' lub captured g- 0DAY-AUO2. " Liltic nnic Laurie. " l ««c I ' ArUpiAnu, Joc« ttiv lliitli ' land Flint lor l uitan ' « t)rw dunnit t v Kcia ' t radio pro Itram skit. nj r O r ' no ( 1 xr Iv i ' w ' Wli -a I c»lc |-i undaliofi niivcd thoru «ni • ■)« ut tltc »oni|- (e»l ftr»l places. The L ' ni er il Woim-n " Cluh captured ihc troph lot wamcn ' k Aruup . Phi Delia riitrla won the iiicn ' » choir compc- tiliiin for the tecond »uccr«fti c ear. ' I hr tonitlr%t Mai held in I ' oUom h ' irld. •W A 1 " Gond Ship Holida% ' re ttnit on a hub ' s hack won kappa Delta tir l place amonj women ' SiKcr di i tion entries. I Sihcr division mcn ' t winner waib thi% " DcmIA !Iolidd ' float b Phi Kappa P«i. Pamela Ha c« and Don I ' lrich pre«cnied a «iirrini( dance sequence durinil the ( ' .L . Da « »how. Most unusual cntr in the float parade vmis Phi (lamma Delta ' « " l-iji Holida Stu (ioodinit sinfts praises to the man charms of Barbara l erson on the ta e of Ntack . 249 A niilliiii) isils each year indicate Ihal studcnls dii make use of Norlin library. 250 hMMiim iin t «t W( ' ll-w(irn pa»( ' s in Ihesc bodks pnive llial C.U. ' s biiddin} barrislcrs study. Off the Campus 251 Purticipaiinn in the Christmas projtram is not limited to students and faculty members. Facult children aUo con- tribute (o the presentation as featured in this tableaux. A campus Christmas i..::..;. i...i:. cars has been this monjtcr scene erected annuall by (lie Newman club. 252 Harrv Narcisian, Fritz Wulfeku tiler, and Boh Pike helped entertain the children at the Christmas ptir( at the UelC house. The Dell party was one of 13 sponsored by the Inlcrfraternit Council. Panhellenic, and the Boulder Junior Chamber of Commerce for local under pri ilei£ed children. Mack auditorium %vas ablaze with lights during the Christmas season. The silhouettes in the main %%indow, the star atop the building, and the strings of man -colored lights on the building and nearby trees were the main features of the display. C. U. at Christmas C.U. al (Ihristiiias was tieserled. Students IkkJ fimiv liunir lo nlfliralt llir holiday and llir end of fall ((iiartcr. Ho r rr, ihf oflirial rainpus ol)M ' r aiHr (if ihr sra in startol Dcr. 8 wilU tlir annual Jiri tTna?- prn iani in Marky. Thf pm rani. prrsrntfd by Prof. ? tr(tl J. IIilt . tli ' liiixtT it) (ilioir. and Dr. (»t ' or{:i ' Krynolds, ciidrd uilh tlio turning on of liic iifrhts ontsido ihi ' Macky auditorimn. Gathered around the E elt Christmas tree are 10 of the 185 children who were entertained at fraternity-sorority parties Dec. 10. The bo s and girls, between the ages of four and 13. were gi en presents b the Inlerfraternity council and Panhellenic. Ice cream and doughnuts were donated b the Kitulder Ja cees. " " Tt mav develop into this sort of tiling in a ic y car . Watch Out en • • • and Women Too Thi« iort ol permanent cntanitlcfneni nhcrc there U!«cd tn he . . I ' hift %t rx of ihinit in the hack hallt of wotnen ' t ItvinU huuke», like the AUPi ' , can lead tu . . . . This snrt i eei«Hv for Ed Pudlik. mm oui 1)1 I. iri I ' ll iind intci marriaiie. 3 253 Later. thi« %nrt nf thintf will r ' ime alnnit nnd . « . J " I r Mary Louise Slauithter — " Snappy " Walter . favorite model. Somebody must know what ' s ftointf on in this piciurt-. but vc can ' t tiilnrc it nut. 254 Kiilhcr E al rccci inil a blcssinij from Beta !. John Mantis und (Iciiriiu- Sliidclcn. I ' akinji an X-ray of C.U. ' s stumuch ctmtroUer Mr . BI Curtis Persons and Places... UnfcirtunalL ' lv. this did not appL-ar in tiie Colnrado l_ " . I)a s show. Ihi look cJ jnj rciilK is cii% when i ii h.i t- us mmh cxpi-ricncc as Hiirharii Mubec. Familiar and Otiierwise " C " painler t Dale Jnhniinn and Robert Rowland load up to nrclimh iht- l-laiiron and remove their work. ' .V •. ' = ■ Some one should lell Tom ' l4 lttr iid 1 itiii I litnihini lli«t Jeep» cannot (o cver wherc. :! Climber Jack Jnhnsnn hat snitched trom mountaini to tree . 255 " Thiinks fur the help. hu( just «hflt are ou tfoin t ' » carrv bo r " Dale W hitakcr is licnitd for a s«im in (he IK, tnuut. Alpha I ' leas on the rccci in)i frid nf ii MTi ' iiadf 256 Pi Phis plavinji clum-chnf) f)n a banister. ' iT O . , jA Muldimn, alias Maril n Ntulnnev, the campus entertainer, at it atfain. As The Girls Go Fi e Kappas hit the deck tn tfet that nutdnor Innk n popular " ilh the men. Wttrkmit »n ihc un di ii h% such d Mindon j t)init can brinfi tliat outduur Itmk u (j l js %un huth . ...So Go The Men Syl Devcresax and his ituitar prepare lor another ol many camputt appearances. Buildinjt up muftclc lur ilir -tM( i: |u iplf iiiin itic Uke rcguirr% ftHiiJ. The ili in)l end if a screnode; " Who! wa thai note ajtainr " 2S7 I-iinn mcn build n p r.iniid lit (mnl nf one n( the i-TW m Life at C.l ' . ' s ciintrollini factnr campus cops Strcmfi. Slrallon. I.tipeman. and I.efth . Forces of Work and Relaxation 258 Skiing (Joes on all ear in the mfuintain . «hen there is snow and on Baseline lake %%hen there iv «;itcr. flPf ' n 7 r Vy MIM oriiaiiiziitioii- mumii -Iinlriit iiitfr» ' l mikI | .iilli-i|)atioii : tlioy aro tlif iiitdiiim llirmifrli wliitli tiiilt ' iil lilV i rtllcclf ' d and iiilt r|)ni(d and It) wliicli lli - nitd- i r -tiidciits art- fiaii cd. Thus, paiallt ' liii ' ; expansion in nili. r pliases d llif nil i ft-it . Iruni a r niu|i- irj;anizod im llir li.i-i- d (i|i mn- miimU tur intdiiur ri ' crtaliuii. In niii-ir recufiniliun and acadt-niii- rt .-.ear(li. llif r(i tfr ol ninanizations nnw liltd in tin- niwly created SindenI eli itie« (a-nter li l . ' id ;:ntnp . in ele eii rla«-ili(aliun-; Vlldetie. (da«?. (iiilliiral. Departnienlal. ( jeo iapliiral. Ilniioraiy. I ep. Ixeereatioiial. Kelifiions. Service, and Social. This ofliee spends a niaj(M- part o( its tiin« ' ad% i iii and coordinatitii; tlie a(ti itie« i ( these arious •;roiips so tlial eoidlirt and duplication (d ' purjio-e ma !• ■ a ideil. It i- a ilearinj: lioiis« ' of information, and a center (d acti ity. It i- itliin the particular or;:aiii .ation. Imwev er. tliat the indix idnal need i- met. (he firoup is stron : as hmj; as it h(dd the inter ' -t and er ice of it memhei-. and as Ion;: a- they pain kno led;:e an l under tatulinf; of others throuj;li it. It is the respon il»ility of firoiip leaders to learn the answer to the ((iiestion of inaxiiniini participation (d all memhers. and to decide wliere greatest emphasis nuist he placed to in-ure continin ' d -uccess. No cluh or orpanization can (IcNuie it-elf entircK to it mure erious purposes, whether they l»e research, religion, hetterment of existing conditions, or pure ser ice to tiie nni ersity. Kach one must lia e its party-time, in which social contacts and fun take precedence over business. and there are man ;:ronp whose main platform is to encourage tlie |)niely -ocial side, so that student- ma ha e the opportunity to get acquainletl with others of -iniilar intere-ts. Ne er aiiain will the indi idual fiTid himstdf .-inroutnleil hy s() man people of similar intere.-l.- ami a;j:e a- diirin;; iii- college career, and ne er again will he have the opportunity to e hii it hi hidden talents in so sympathetic an atmos- jdicn-. W hate er he look for can he found: mall. intimate discussion groups: large, impersonal organizations designeil to direct one toward more specialized acti ity: e p -rience in cooperating with fellow -tndent and faculty mendiers: insight into Miiking pr d)lem of the coinmunitN which will he imaluahh- in pr(de-:-ional lile: .111(1 perha[)s best of all. the security wliiih conies frinn knowing that he lielong.-. Manx of liie organization- which make up -m ' h an iniporlant part ul imiNer ity life are pictured in the f dliiwing pages: the (!oloradan pmudK presents them to on. J At; K .1 1 n I N SON. Edilitr Organizations M i ' : ' r:v?:.T?- ' -? rV-:T TJ-- ' N ' y. - - , ' ;i • ' •• ' TT- ' r. ' -:re. ' S " p t? ' fail ■MA •H Ill r . -» ♦• r Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemical Fraternity (lliapttT 1)1 l|ilia (.lii Sifinia. professional clieniislrv I ralcrnilv. was cliarlcriMl at till- I iii « ' rsilv of (Colorado in I ' XIiS. and it con- sists of two brandies, a collegialc ami profes- sional lirancli. Tlic purpose of llie fraternity is to liinil its nienilters witli a tii of trn( and last- ing friendsliip and to strive for the aihaneenient of cheniistrv both as a science and as a profes- sion. Every fall Eta Chapter sponsors a smoker for the express purpose of •lettinfi tofiether all men interested in chenuslry as a profession. The event has been highly successful and affords the faculty and students an oj)[)ortunitv to become better acquainted. The fraternity presents a jjro- " ViiSZ - ' P fessional as well as a social program. At its bi- weekly meeting, speakers and movies are pre- sented on nl)j ' ets of interest to both chemists an«l chemical engineers. Officers for the past year were: Jim Hamill niasler alchemist: Bob Dorenius, vice master al chemist; Joe Puleo. treasurer; John Miner, re porter: Ken Hawkins, recorder: Ken Vi ' ise. mas ter of ceremonies; Jav Bower, alumni secretary; Dr. ' an Valkenburgh, advisor. 264 Bark row, left to right: Jock Trcvithick. Fred Dehbreclit, Krohn, AUin Voidht. Bill Turnlev, Third rou : Duke Orr. James avra. Milton Schneider, Morse Covendcr. ' iron Kliewer, Rnhert Rekers. • Second row: Ir cn Jacohsmi, Richard kucrston. Dale Cro vIe , ' a nc Sn der, Frank Potiichnik, Don Tablcr, Robert Milner. • l-ront row: Don Sullen tier. Joseph Bower, John Miner, Kenneth Hawkins. James Hamill. Joseph Puleo, Kenneth W ise. Robert Doremus. Absent from picturf : I actives 1 Lor en Anderson. G cor fie Hrundhorst, Donald (Atnklinit, Richard Dal , Hector De L ' jca. Richard F ' crjtlc. I. Ie dross. Sherburne Hill. Thomas Hutchinson. Orin Marks. illiam Mimmack, Robert Parker, Jack Roberts, Francis Schcib, Richard Shernuin. John Smith, I ' ldward Tuner, (pled esl (icrald Aim. Conrad Jacohson. Fdwjrd Thomas. f iar!:U__ ' Mjili.i l ' |i iliiii l)i ' lla i till ' ciiil ii.iliciiKil liiin- iirarv | ri ' -iiif(li -al -iticiclv in llic I iiiliil Slal ' s. I lii-n- arc fifl aclixc i-liaptcrs in c-ollcfii-s aii l univcrsilics tlir(iii;:li(iiit the ciiniitrv. I lit ' aims uf l|ili,i l ' |i il()ii Delta arc to encourage exeel- lent ' i- ill |irc-iii ' ilit ' al st-li(ilarslii|). In tiiiiiilat - an a|ipreeiatiiiii of tlie iiii|icirtan( ' t ' ot | ri ' -iiii ' ilical I ' lliKMl inn. to lU ' oiMiiti ' I ' ooperatiiin aiul lontact l)et ccn nieilical ami |ire-ine(iiral educators and students in de tdo|)in an ade()uate program. Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honorary and til liiiid Ingiliirr similarK interestid stu- dents. MeminTsliip is open to pre-mediral and nied- ieal tei ' liiioliigN students with liigli seliolastie standing and fne ijiiarters of college work. ' I ' lie program of ( ' .oiorado Alpha, the local chapter of Mpha F.psilon Delta, consists of spon- soring a pre-nied orientation meeting in the fall, Narious lectures of special interest to pre-medical and medical technologv students hut open In all. and is higli-lighted in the spring i) a tri| llie School of Medicine in Denver. OlVu ' ers liir tin- past ear were: Seviiiuiir I,e itl. president; Douglas Tagiichi. vice prisi- d« ' nt: Hichard |{omig. secretary: Hiith Allen treasurer: Howard (!ann. historian: Henry Straus8, Scalpel Reporter: Dr. Nuriiiaii Will, sponsor. n n n..- r» r5 P 265 • 1 Alpha Delta Theta Professional Medical Techno ogy Soror fy o iDO Alplia Delta riii ' Ia. national niiilfr ;rachiate professional medical technology sorority, estab- lislicd AIii ( " liaptiT tliiii year at tli » I nixcrsitv of Colorado. The sorority was orj;aiii .( ' (l through till- concerted efforts of medical technology stu- dcnl on holli the lionlder and nen er campuses. The nieMiherslii| consists of persons who are in- terested in the field of medical technology and who possess the ipialities of accuracy in judg- nutit. manual di-xlerity. aiul carefulness in atten- tion til liil.iil. Kach year a scholarshi|i pin is awarded to the girl wlu) has attained the high- est ayerage in her scientific pre-nu-dical tech- nology courses. Already the sorority has done much to unite the medical te duiology students on tile two canipu?es. ami to furtluT their inter- ests an l serve their needs. Batk row. left to ri ht: Sue KfiUnn, tratherint I.illlc. .Ntarjnrie I ' manucl. Lucile M. i Thomiis, Rose M. Hacknun. l-llcanur dockers. Mar arL-t cndclli. Cartil Packard. Joan | Mah. • hront row: Kilsu ' anaiii. Mildred It biak. Beverlv FirUi. Uubin Palmer, j Marjorte Clianuk, Janet Sears. HeKn M)ka a. Separate meetings are held eyery two weeks on each campus, and e ery two months a joint nieeting is held. Scientific programs and social eyents are planned. This spring, at one of the joint meetings, the group was taken through the Medical (.enter. Sponsors of the group were Miss Hackman. Dr. . ' ikkema, and Mrs. Ross. Officers of the Den- ver campus for the past year were: Marjorie Chanak, president: Margaret endetti. yice president: Joan Maly, secretary: Kitsu anagi, treasurer. Officers of the Boulder campus were: Bohhie Carter, jiresident: Dorothy Krasoyich, vice Jiresident: Joan Brandner. secretary: Lois Ihompson. treasurer: Ruth Allen, chapter edi- tor. 266 Rack row, left to ri ht: Kiith .-Mien, Jn cc W ' lihler. Dorotlu McClellan. • Setond row: Ann Falk. " ilma Cue, l-ota Hatch, Mar ,lane Stein, Martha .-Vnii Oherdfell. • Front row: Dr. Sikkema. Bobbie Carter. Lciis Thumpson, Juan Brandner, Dnrothv Kraso ich, Mrs. Marjorie Koss. • Absent jrom pic- litre: Hleaniir I)ot . Kciseniary Wallace. t T ' dfe " C " Club ( " imiposcil of 1 Kl Icllfrmcii. llip " ( " " ( Iiil) Iir« ' cts its ll(irt tow.inl inakiiif; tlir iillildic lt ' aiii ( llic liii frsit sii|nTi r to tin- (illicrs of tlu ' Bij; Sf ( " 11 ( ' .(iiifcrfiu ' c. " ( " " men su| | ( rl all atlilctio events ami school fiiiii ' lioiis. rile nieinl)ers are ( ' oiitiiiiiall eiu-oura iiif; e ery desirable liijili school athlete, ill state and out. to attend the University so that Colorado can maintain its athletic record of the past and hiiilil Itcller teams for the future. Iliinor.irx iiu iidiir nl llie " ( " . " (!lui |ire- seiiled uitli the n ew " . " pin- this ear were: Kidaiid Halcii. Stexe Hradlev. Dian Harrv Carl- son. Fro lN (lox, F.Ujiene (ientrx. l-rank I ' otts. Frank I ' renlup. (iharle a ra. l).ilLi Ward, an. I Mar-hall Wells. Ml iidiir- (i( llic laciiilN or loarliiu -l.ill who are inacli e mrndier- of the cluh are: I.e- low- ler. Dick (ira . (ilenn lled;:ecock. I{a Jenkins. Ka o I. am. W arnn llicnnp-uii. and l ii--i ' ll Walseth. nilirrr- Inr llii- p.l t MMF WlTc: |)iiM 1. .am|»i ll. |ir) i(lrnl : iv Slir[)|i.iril. ic - prt- i- lriil: ilt ( .liaiirr. » ' rt ' lar -Irt ' iiMinT, ;inii Dt ' iin Marrv .arl. ' on anil . »il)n ' Allen, .sponsors, (iarr BcM ' niann, Bruce Hroun, IJon (riaroniini, Dane (Fra es, und Gene Ko|iers served on I he t ' i ' riiti f -(iiiii ' il. Back rose, Irft to rifkt: Huith Berber. John Rcece, Bill Steele, Kichard Brenneman. • Sixth row: Frank Maldonadn. Dick Kcad . Robert .Munirc. Unknown. Bill Hao c. Milt Wiley. Tom Hood. Gcorjte Fit morris. • Filth row: Kiisscll Cox. Warren Batcman. Frank Krone. Kendall HilU. a ne (lavender. Jim Allen, Paul illano. • Fourth row: Arlie Berr . Doutf Nelson, Dick Stevens. Pete Ciiok, Xiclor Jeter. Aufiit- Kavo. Kill Hannum. • Third row: Bill Jiine?t. Keith Ne ludek. Stan Black. Dwittht Watts, Scott Smith. Tomm Thompsnn. John Mctiuire. • Second mw: Robert (nacomini, Al Mott, Don Huitin. Bill (Ihance, Fred Johnson. Jack I ' roistad. Marr Narcisian. Hiidh Ciraham. • Front row: Bruce Bmwn. Don .M. t Campbell. Wilc Ounce, ( arr Besemann, Rex Sheppard, (Jene Rogers, Dane (ira es. • Absent frttm picture: Robert .■ csell, Aubre Allen. ( lenild pu .o. IJovd Baker. Melvin Beckett, Rodney Bell. Robert Bierhaum. Tom Hock, Charles Breiniji, ( " .eorge Brewer, Harold Brock. Sidne Bronstcin. Robert Burke, Don B. ( ' ampbell. Bill Case, Sam Catanzaro. L. F. Conro . Duane Coon, Richard Co«den, Wallace Crozier. (Haus Dahl. Jack Dalion. Tony Dclmonico, Monard DeMuth. Bill Detncilcr. Sumner Downinji. Dave Dubach. Ttim Ducsterberft, Robert Fdwards. Hilt Fuhank. Bill lunninii. John Fcrrier. Bill Forbes, I.cs C.ardner. I)«»n r iacomini, Joe (Jold. Russell Corman, Bill (iraijii. Clare ( JreiiiJ, Frnie Cre . Jim (iritTith. Tom C uf!iienheim. Tom Hancock. Merwin Model, Dean Johnson. Hilar Johnson. John Joriienson, Ray Jump. Jim Karbatsch. (Jenrjje Knohlock. Bill I.e . .Malcolm Miller. Charles Mosher. Joe Nix. Dave Parlapiano. Jack Pixler. Sid INdinjt. Fd Pudlik, i)ick Punches. Bob Rolander. Dick Schrepherman Sanford Schvsar . Bill Simons. Ro)(cr Stokes. John Stmbel. Richard S mes, Fuiicnc ra lor. (Charles Temple. icior Thomas. Pete lliompson. U a ne Tucker. Don Twoftood. Walter Wamsle%, Sam W inninitham. nil ' N aijnik. John isch. 267 Delta Sigma Pi Business Professional Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi ' ? aim on lampui- is to secure speakers at its professional meetings vho brin " ; to the fraternity tlie j)ractical viewpoint on to- day ' s business. Amoiif; the speakers ibtaineil last year were: Mr. F. W. Reich, secretary of the Boulder Chamber of ( " ommerce. who gave a very interesting speech on illegal business practices in Boulder, and Mr. John Valentine, who spoke on business |)roblenis faced by the small business man. Also, a verv informative lour of the Public Service Company ' s aliinnil I ' l.inl was made. Social activities of the fraternity consist mosth of ban(|iiii- vlii li are equalK enjoM ' il b ln ili student and raiiijtv mcndjers of Delta Sigma Pi. Ollicers lor the past year were: W ardiu-r Crockett, head master; Donald Enrigbt, senior warden: Ronald Fenton. junior warden: Bill (iiltner, treasurer; Leon Stanley, scribe; Robert Vi ' ebber, chancellor; Ross B. Alison, historian: Richard Funk, master of festivities: j. I.. Fras- cona, chapter advisor. 268 Back row, left to rifht: James Jacob ' . John Shattuck, Roy Morris, Robert Kelsev. Jerr Rerger, Stanley Shakespeare, Marvin Larson, John Hurley. Walter West, Harve Kverett. • Fourth row: Hdmund Bosin, Theodore Canfield, Bo d Henderson. Ra% ' alme, John Shepherd, C. H. Johnson, Joseph Miklos, John Kusvvell, Robert l.emkin. • Third roa-; William Clark, Allan HackstalT. Lester Guinn. Robert Drew, Malcolm Williams. William Win- frey. Jr., (jcne Co -. Howard Johnston, ( arr Besemann. • Second rou.-: John Lewis. Fred Thornes. Richard hunk. Kelle Klinglcr, . lerc l Hurlburl, Jerry Giiinand. Don McNcw. Rofjer Reisler. Orville Puckett. • hront row: Leon Stanle , Ross .Mison, Ronald Kenton, Bill ( illner. Wardner Crockett. Bob Webber, Donald I nriiihi. • Absent from picture: Earl Anderson. John Corbridge, Robert Cox. Charles Erickson, David Me er. Bill Michie. Rfiberl Tobey. J. L. l-rascona. THURSORY 7 50 RRTS 2a8W lilici (.lia|ili ' r of I ' .ta Kappu Nil. tlie iiutional KliTtric.iI K.ii;;in« ' criiif; lioiior sooictv. was j ' slal)- li licil ill till ' I iii «r.-it 111 " (.((li.r.ido in 1 " »22. It was i talili lii ' il in ordiT tlial iIkim- ?-liiilriiI- in llic fn-lil of I ' liTlrital cn iinccrin liii. 1 llieir attainnit-nls in (•(illc;j;« ' . Iia c (ItMnori.-lralid a tleep interest and a marked al ilil in tlieir chosen life wcirk. eonid he hroufilit into closer union wlierehv inntiial henefit nii- lit he derived. liile tile i|iialilications for nienihership dis- tinctly stimulate and reward hifih scliolarsiiip. F.ta Kappa Nil has a hroader purpose than merely l » award a hadfie of distinetion. It is llie purpose of this or ani .aliou to en a e in tiiose a -ti ities wlii li will enluinee the prestige of the electrical eii;;ineeriii;; department of the Lniyersitv. and to assume leailership in press- Eta Kappa Nu National Elecfrical Engineering Honorary ing llieni to conipietiou. 1 nil cuoperation is t;i en the student hranch of the AIF.K. and IHF. in securing memhers. plaiuiing and prom itin : programs, and in arious other ways. The chap- ter also sponsors ln-ller faculls-studeiil relation- ships in the 1°.! ' . deparlnienl. A counselin;: pro- gram has heen eslahli lied whrreln iho-e luider- classmen in the dep.irlnieiil. who are faced with the necessity of improving the ipialitv of their work. ma ohtain assistance from .-ome of the memhers of the chapter, (iooperalion ha.s also heen giyen the de|)arlnient in plaiuiinu -enior class inspection trips. After graduation a large proportion of the mend)ers of Kla Kappa Nu will work in cities whirh liaye alunuii ehaplers. where the make new I ' ontacts. renew acipiainlances. and prolil li the programs at tin- meetings. Iliron ili llie maga ine. " rhe Hridge of Kla Kappa Nu. " llie will reiei i news o( their eidlege and iheir lel- l(n mendters. rlicles on current electrical proh- lenis will aid them in their work, and other ar- ticles will contrihute to their wcll-heing and enjoyment. Thus Kla Kappa Nu .serves its mem- hers and the electrical engineering profession hoth in college and in the ti dil. Oflicers for the past vear were: James Head. president: Lars Khnehuske. v ice-presid -nl : Kd- ward Hahka. reiording secrelarv : .Jame Mamliri. (■orres| oiidin;: secrelarv : Kennelli Koml.i. treas- urer: Jack Mitch«dl. hridge correspondent: I ' ro- fe.ssor G. K. (tIcss. Jr.. s|(onsor. Bofk row. Irft lo hgkt: Jsme« Rnclkcr. Paul Alhrcchl. Paul Fanlin. Robert Fcrncr. George Leahy. Bart Aniisla. Donald ke . Raymond NichoU. Jr. Fomrtk rnw: Richard Mos . Vyalter Fritz, Fdnard Amnncttc. V ' altacc Patterson. Howard Brust. William Barnes. Donald Davis. • Third rote: Robert Hiller. Mel in ( ileman. VVilliam I.uehke. Donald Hubert. Da id Arthur. Ditnatd Miller. (lordon Kobenson. Louis Gauss. • Sfcond rov: Ivan HudAins. Jr.. James Rogers. ' ictfir Gricp. Ti m Garnett. John BurAcner. Jcrr Howell. John Hessler. Jr.. Theodore DcRosier. • -runt ror: Paul Fa o. Jack Mitchell. Lars Khnebuskc. Kenneth Fonda. Jim Read. Harold Oakes. Allred Lu. • Ah rnt irom pifturr; J. D. Allen. F. A. Rabka. L. A. Baukneeht. I). J. Bishop. G. W. Flosd. (i. J. Franz. F. Fulton. L. C. Graham. R. E. HaHerott. J. F. Hamlin. F. (). Hellwir!. K. K. Krehbiel. K. D. Mallett. t:. R. Neal. N. C. Orr R. D. Rasmnnd. C. G. Rogers. R. H. Sanborn. R. Sheppard. F. G. Spann. H. W. S«arthout. K. F. L ' llelman. R. H. V alker. VV. H. Walker. D. C. Washburn, F. F. Williams. O. .M. enisev. Facults : .Mr. J. H. Andrews. Mr. (ieorje Beck. .Mr. W . Dunbar. .Mr. W. C. DuVall, Mr. F. Faslom. Mr. W. J. Hanna. Mr. I.. Holubar. Mr. R. D. Isoak. Mr. G. 1. Maler. Mr. L. J. Mason. Mr. H. B. Palmer. Mr. S. I. Pearson Mr. J. C Twombls Mr T F. Isher. Mr. Vy. F. Itlnul. Mr. W. VV. urner. Mr. I ' lnlt Wicks. Mr. W. G. Worcester. Mr. tie.. rife Gless. Jr. I 269 onors Union 1 lu ' Honor? L iiioii. ioni|)o,-c(l ol all .-tii(l iits enrolled in the Honors profirani of the Colle :e of Arts and Sciences, is ■;ro vin;i sleadiK in num- bers. .More stiulents are usinj; the opportunities provided by the program to acquire a better in- tegrated and more comprelieiisi e c lle; e educa- tion. The Honors Union sponsors an annual all-school convocation featuring a speaker out- slaiKling in Iiis field, and holds ■; ' neral meetings, as well as informal discussions. The topics for the discussions concern interests Irom llie cul- tural ailsatu-emenl of modern man. to cultural di er iou- uol coimectetl with the cam| ns. . tulleIlt- participating in the lloiu)rs pro- gram have a re ]uired grade point of 2.2. The officers this year were: Howard Cann. president: Elizabeth Allen, vice-president-secre- tarv: Dodi Sethman, social secretary and pub- licity chairman. Representatives of each class: seniors. Dodi Sethinan. Phyllis .Silvio. Howard Cann: juniors, ( ourtland Peterson. Ra Hoth- ermel; sophomores. Lael DeMutb, George Lock- hart. aomi ATinner. The sponsor is Dr. Joseph tlolu ' n. 270 ■ Kappa Kappa Psi Nailonal Honorary Band Fraternity I h II HiiLD Thumbs. President Kapjia Kappa I ' si is a national honorary fra- ti ' rnil lor rollciie l ati(l ni -n. l n ' ptilation of (IriliiMliuii to banil s t ice lias gained for tlir rraltrnilv lircat inflinMitc ainon -oll( ' f;( ' l»aiiils in tlif I iiitfd States. Oii.ililic.ilions (Or iiirni- hfrs art- nnisiciansliip. sclinlar. ' -liip, lcail -r lii|(. and attitude and eooperation. Sixteen new cliaii- ters have heen achled in tlie past two years. Alpha Iota, Lniversitv of (Colorado, was happy to in lall the new Beta Tlula chapter la«l la at the L ni ersitv of I tali. . lplia Iota cliaptt-r of Kappa Kajipa I ' .-i wa founded at the I iii er it of olorado in l ' ).Sl. One of our charter ineinhers. !• ' . Bowliiifi. is a past Grand President. Mu h K. McMillen. di- rector of university hands an l our faculty ad- visor, is at (iresent the First ( rand ice Presi- dent. I he past sclio(d ear prosed to he one of the most active in the hi-lor of our chapter. The most important project .i that of phnin;! lio l in . u :ti t to nearlv tuo hundred ilele ates and visitors to the National t.oiuention. Ilie isitors were entertained with two dances, a lian |uet, and a picnic on Fla;: tafT Mountain. In addition, the NatiiMial I iilercollci:iale Haml a» proenled in a K ) -l )cii cr I ' o-I -pon-ored coinirl .it Hcd Hock- I heaire. In . ' eplernhcr Kappa Kappa l ' i. in conjunc- tion willi I an Beta . ' i;:ina. pre|iar ' d Inncheoiis for o er 2.(1(1(1 hi;:h -cliool haiid men lieu fortv- tliree hands i?ited Boulder for liand l)a . The trip h the meirs band to Lincoln. Nehra ka. in the fall was ;;reatl aided h ineniher of the lrateruil . a» er ' the a|i|)earance.- h the con- cert auil ar ily hands in nei hhoriu;: to Mi dur- ing: u inter anil sprin;; ipiarter. Memher of Ka|)pa Kappa I ' -i amj their dale- eiijoved iliu- ncr parties each ipiarter. ( )nicers for the vear were: I ' ommv I ' homas. president: Lee (Frahaiu. ice-president : Frank l.i;;ht. secretarx : I ' aul Sliiill. treasurer: llii li McM illcn. | on or. Back rotr, trU to ritkt: Elmer Schumacher. Waller Allison. Lln d Jones. Ronald (i%vens. Oharles Siekflfus. • Third row: Frank Baird. Randail Spicer, John Slnwc, John KUsack. Sid Rosen. James Katliff. l- ' red ' eses. • Sfcttnd row: James Read. Dick Bnickenburs. James Henr . IJoiiit ttornheck, Kenneth Bras. Harrs McNces. • tront row: Bruce Bashtnrd. a ne Hinthorn. (iraham. Harold 1 Immas. l-rank Liitht. Laurence DeMulh. Lee I.OiJan. Ih rnl from picture: Leiand Stuart Msord. James Buchanan. John Dennis. Boh Donninit. Carl Duncan. Grant ( ' nrlinitliouse, (larl Haensel- man. Roiter Heath. Louis Hiiitel. HIlis llillniar. Kenneth Lowe. Ilutfh I- ' . McMillen. ( u Messeniter. Jim .Moore, (icrald Nnrris. I aul Shuil. Leslie White. Al Wilson. 271 iJcW ' -S-P Phi Delta Phi Legal Frafernity ' I ' lif iiltiinate {loal of the InltTiiatioiial Loi;al Fraternity of Phi Delta I ' lii is to promote a liifllier standaril of profe? ioi)al elliir- and cul- ture in the law schools and the profession at larjie. As a means of achieving this goal, Thomas Inn strives to enhance the lejial preparation and education of its niendjers while in school, so as to aid them in later years as members of the legal profession. Judges, practicing attorneys and j)rofessors ha e spoken before the fraternity at its arious meetings and dinners, in the past year, on such topics as legal ethics, current legal |iroblcnis. and problems confronting the vomig atlorney. In addition, the placement service of I hi Delta Phi has continued in its work of keeping contact with practicing attorneys, in a further attempt to aid its mendiers in becoming the lawvers of tomorrow. Officers for the year were : Henry Hutchinson, Magister: John endt. clerk: Frank Morrison, exihc(]uer: ( ' harles James, historian: Laurence De.Muth. sponsor. 272 Back r»rr. left to rifht: Field Benton. Marsh Hjelte. John H(illf wav. Norman Halfpap. Bob Alexander. Ed Kreienmuth, EMsxvorth Lonabaugh. James Puiihe. • Third row: Levi .Martinez. Kenn Gros . Tom Mc.Mahon. David Hnoch. Paul Brown. Georjie Flo d. . Bancroft Davis. Parlev -Anderson. • Second row: Ed Spanijler. Karl l.ehr. Blake McCartv. Milton Richert, James Clavton. Bob Chanii. James Baver. Joe Dolan. Bob Duthie. • Front row: Dick Shakeshaft. Frank .Morrisiin. John Wendt. Henrv Mutchinson. Charles James. Professor Albert .Menard. Hugh .Arnold. • Absent jrom picture: ifacult i Edward King. William Berg. Laurence De.NIuth. William DeSouchet. (]l de Martz. H. L. .McClintock. Frederic Storke. (studentsi (Clavton Blakewiiv. John Law. John Markham. Donald . le ers. Robert Ne ens. Robert Sanderson. Robert Thomas. Robert L ' pp. Robert Ward. William Watts. I i ' Phi Mu Alpha Men ' s Music Honorory .• lu) iiitrn t .mil |i.irtii ' i|iatiiiii in (-aIll|lll iiiii- siral aetivilie . riii Mil Mjilia atteni|ii to fiirtlu-r llie cause of ;; i mI imi-ir l)v scrxiii;: tlic Scliixil (if Miiiiio. |i.irti ' i| .ilin in il n-filaU. a !-islin;; in roiniiin- Mil niii-iral affairs, ami fn (iiira;:in;; il- niiiii- l»cr to sliaro llieir talent l»y perfornianci ' . OfliciTs for the [last year were: F.loyd Jones. |ire i)lrnt: Hen Moa ilnnil. Nice-president: John Stowe. secretary: Harry Me ees. treasnrer: Ktl- lie Beals. historian: Frank I.i;;lit. Nar len: I ' anl I ' arnu ' lee. sponsor. I ' lii Mil Alpha Sinfonia of America is a na- tional Iionorary professional fraternity for stu- dents of nuisic and indivichials interested in music. Beta Chi cliapter at the I niversity of Colorado was acti ated in 19.37. and since then has heen an important part of the life of many sliident.-. .Mciuhership is open to any one who Back ror. Itfl (o ritl l: John Slows. Eufcnc Fowler. Robert Monronev. Rdwaril Be«l». Bob Bertheim. • Sreond rox; Ben Ho |(lund. Krink Lidhl. J. C. Kendal. RoUnd Dunham. Dick Brjkenbur . • tram row: Paul ShuH. Harr .McNee . LIo d Jone . Jim Buchanan. Jim Sparks. Paul Pamekc. 273 Phi Alpha Delta Since tlu ' (loloradci I iihersitv lia|)Icr of I ' lii I| Iki Delta, .National Le{;al Fraleniiiv. was re- acli ale(l in 1046 it has plaved an in«rea ini;l aeli ' part in the aeti ities of the student hocU of tlie F aw School. The pnrposc of the organiza- tion is to provide methods hv which the nieni- hers and otiier stiith ' Mts may acqnire the ru li- nients of the practical side of the law, to foster a more compact relationship hetween its ineni- hers. and to encourafje social activities within the Law School. To these ends the fraternity sponsors by-weeklv hnicheons. quarterly rnsh parties, and an occasional dance. 1 hroiiijih these activities the fraternitv en leavors to supplement a lei al edncation with some of the requisite know-how which cannot he obtained throiif;li a strict adherence to the j)rescribed curriculum. Prominent members of the profession and re- lated fields are obtained as speakers at most of these functions. During the past year such men as Hazlett P. Burke, former (ihief Justice of the supreme court of Colorado. Harry Elmer Barnes, the well-known criminologist, and former gov- ernor Ralph (larr ha e spoken to the fraternitv and its guests. It is the fraternity ' s hoj)e that its members on graduation will be more than mere law students, and that through I ' hi Alpha Delta they will ac- (juire something more than a formal legal eiiu- cation. The government of Phi Alpha Delta consists of Luis Rovira, president; Louis Pell, vice-presi- dent: Wesley Kettlekamp, clerk; Fred Deering, deputy clerk; James byte, treasurer: arren Turner, niarshall, and Austin W. Scott, Jr., sponsor. 274 Back row. left to right: Mike Coffey, Ray Johnson, Bob Hartley, Fred Deering, Joe Vento. Jack (inadinj er. Jack McGrath. Bob Bailey. Jack Roeser. • Third row: Lou Rovira, Jim W ' hyte. Georiie Nicou. Houston Williams, Stan Roberts, Warren Turner. Andy Williams. Wes Kettlekamp. • Second row: Lou Pell, Mel Dinner, Bill Mcfllearn, Harr Neir, Frank Allen. Timi Walker. Georite Fln d. Boh , shcr. • Front rozt-: Richard McDrrninrr Siim Tflep. Ruber t Davison. Robert Moore. I)a id Miller. Rov Morris, Hill Nelson, Bill Harrison. Pi Mu Epsilon ' Mil K|)«iIoii is a iiatioiKil inallicnialii ' s lion- cirar soriclv. foimiU ' tl in I ' XI. ' l at S raciisc I iii- t ' r!iit . S ra -iis ' . New tirk. and has twciily- scM-n -Iki|)Iits in llir I nilcd Stalo. In ' Ui. llic Colorailii Alplia (.liaptt-r was ( ' slal)lisli ' il on tliis ( Min|ins. M ilini;s arc rc nlarl scholnlt ' d CNerv oiIht wi ' fk lliron lioiit ' a« ' li i|uartiT. Tlic lirst and last nici ' tiiif;- of rarli (piarlcr are fienerallv open to all sludfnts. Tlu ' in ' ftin :s consist of talks l) members of llic faculty and the presentation of ple(lf;e talks and projects directed bv the orfian- i ation. Diirin-; the past year lectures have been National Maihemai ' ia Honorary f;i en bv professor- I liitcliin on, Mrillon. War- ner, Tovani. and Hawkins. The pled;ie project for last sprinf; covered the sliid of astronomy and incinilcil llir coii truclion of a dc ici ' for the projection ami -tniU of con ' -tcllations. The pnrpo-e of I ' i Mil l psilon i In j:i c recofi- nilion to sIikIciiIs who ha e an a|itiliide for matlii ' mati " - and an all-around «cli(da«tic ahilitv. It -limiilatcs interest in nLitlicmalic- ami its ap- plications to main licl U. a- will a- liriii in;: about a closer relatioii liip bctwei ' ii llic -Indents and the mathematics faculty. Membership in I ' i Mil j-.psilon is open to sluilents in all of the col- le e within the I iiiversity who have c )mplel« ' l calculus and meet the scholastic re(]iiiremenls. The ;:o ernment of tiie or :ani .alion consists of the following; ollicers: l.lovd Timblin. prcsi- lent: Graham (FUtsche. ice-pre.-ident ; HohiTl Swanson. se Tetary: Shaw, treasurer: Shirley Friel. corrc-pimdiii;; -ccn-tarv ; Ka W iUoii. hi — torian. ami Dr. Jack H. Hritton. p insor. Back row. Irii to ritkt: l.lnyd O. Timhiin. Hanild M. Hp tlein, Graham [). Ciutschc, (icrald J. Franz. C Robert Swanson. John I). ' avra. Jack I. Murphv. Kohert Doremu . • Srcnnd row: Paul Climbs. I.loyij A. Johnson. I.ilhurn H. Shaw. Joseph S. W ' oitkicwic . ( V.. Johnson. Mel in (Coleman. ' iron Kliemcr. James I.. Kojters, KicharJ R. HuLc. • hrnnt row: Duke Orr. Morton Hurl. Shirlc Priel. Jdmes h. Wilson. Frank S. Potnchnik. Francis J. Scheih. Jack K. Rrillon. kathrsn I,. Wilson. " Absent from picture: Elsie Alanasofl. Krsin J. Bell. Allred Buchler. John R. Rurftcncr. W esjes t). Burnett. lloMard M. ( ann. Theodore A. OcRosier. Paul F. Fajto. Kenneth A. Fonda. Victor R. (Iriep. Joseph J. (luileras. John M. Hood. Alexander G. Ilsin. Robert J. klinker. F ' dward l.essin. Bernard P. I.unkssicz. Thomas . Murph . Gharles R. Neal. Kenneth G. Neumann. Arch F. Nnttall. Archie Paton. (»crard H. Pesman. Ralph A. Puith, Charles J. Reich. ( ordon W. Robertson, ( ' harles Saunders. B. Striplinit. - le U. Sumoski. Paul K. Taylor. Albert E. Wilson. 275 Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineers Honorary Pi Tau Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for mechanical engineers, was founded in l ' l.i at the I ni ersitics of Illinois and ixmisin. Since that litne it has spread rapid!) throii lioiil the country and now has . " )] chapters localid at most of the major enfiineerinfi schools in the United States. The local chapter. C.olorado Mu. was instituted in May, 1932. The ohject of I ' i Tan Si-ima is to foster the high ideals of the engineering professicni, l(» stim- ulate interest in and eo-ortlinate departmental acti ities. and to jironiote the professional wel- fare of its nn-nihcrs. All mechanics and aeronautical engineering students of jiniior or senior standing are consid- ered for niend)ersiii|). A good scholastic re ' or(l is rtniuired for eligihilily. Such factors as leader- ship. personalil . dependahility. and prcd)al)le future success in the field arc considered. In ad- ilition to its undergraduate nienihers. graduate anil honorary memherships are awarded to out- standing men in the profession. Hcgular husitiiss mcclings arc held hv I ' i Tau Sigma each nu)Utli and an informal social nu-ct- ing once each cpiarter. The organization works in close co-operation with all of the activities of the local student hranch of ASME. Each year, I ' i Tau Sigma hi iu)rs the two high-ranking soph- omore mechanical engineers. Officers for the past vear were: James H. .lacohy. president: David A. Charvonia. vice- president: Jeanne Place, recording secretary: James Har ev. corresponding secretarv: Rohert F. Brown, facultv advisor and treasurer. I 276 tttuk row. lejt to nmht: John I vers. X ' ictor TomsJc. W a!lcr Clark. Ruber t Strain, Russell .lohnson, David ond . W ilhur Leonard. • if A row: .Alexander Il in, Mi nle Oaifi, Manninit Balcnm, Richard Mori 1 7.. alter I ' ade. Hdv ard Johnson, Julius Lorain (J. I.oren I ' elersen. • h nurth row: William .lude. William Hamilton, Stephen .Vehtenhaiien. Thomas Bailex. Jack McManis, William Murphy. Irvin aftar. • Third ro:c: K. !.. (nllespie, (Claude lJeerin){, K« Mender. Rohert Ha wflrd, Norville .I ihnson. Arthur Itellnian, Willis .Adair, N ' assilis .Arapkiles. • Sftond row: H. K. Richards. William Chrcmic. Arthur Ta lor. James Borsch, Robert Doubek. Uick Harrison. William Muldrow . • Front row: Darold Davidson. Samuel Burke. l- ank I ' ratt. David (Iharvonia, James Jacob , James Harve , Jeanne Place. Harold l.asle . • Ahs.rnt from picture: .Actives : Ra Jacobs. Bernard l.unkwic .. (Charles Meadnr, Richard Olson. Striplinit, John Weber. Pledjies : I ' aul Barth, Kujjene Carroll. Herbert Johnson. Robert Johnson. Kenneil ' J»mes. Jack Murphv. Albert Negro, John ard. Iacult : B. T. Arnherji. I- rank S. Bauer. W. S. Bealtie. R. V . Brown. C I- . Carpenter. llun R. Deschere, C.eorjte Dobbins. F. P. Durham. I,. M. l-lower. Robert Head. Herbert F. Johnson. W. F. Mallorx. Ross T. Radey. H. W. Sibert, h H Spurlock. Jr.. R. B. Stewart. C. F. Waddell C U.iiSn.r. K. (• , W eibel, Harrv W liipp.., K. D. Wood. F. ». Woodsome. Players Club Tcachin ; thealrr ,i| |(reciatioii to University sliiilfiils. fariillv mciiiliiT- anil l iwiis|)f | lt ' i till- main fnni ' tiiiii nf tlic I ' lascrs (!lnl). ( ' ani| n tlranialio (ir ani .aliiin. I lit ' pro rani is plaiiiii ' il so that anions tspi ' s of llu-ati-r ar - prr-fnlnl. Tin- organization jiroduto two plavs a (jnartcr. anti offtTs its annual Shakespeare show each Slimmer ijnartcr in the Marv Rippon Outdoor Theater. .Meml)er.-hi| in the club is of two types based on a point system. After earning three points I hy particijiation in aiiv production, whetlier in the casi or willi the cre s I a sludiMl i- made an as.-ociate memher: uitli the accnnnilatioii of six points ' omes participating mend ersliip. Tryoiils for acting in a production are open to unvone, and the faculty director chooses his cast from the students gi ing the lic l compelili e reailings. i ' .TCv,- work is entirely ohintary. Four faculty niend)ers. Professor Francis olle. chairman: Associate Professor. Fd West: Assistant Professor and head director. Jack M. t.ronch: and technical director KoIhtI IIciIi- mon: and oniiiT : Kohcrl Mcrghcim. prc-idcnl; Frank Snlli an. i( c presid -nt: and l,arr Arm- itage. secretary-treasurer, served as the governing body of the club this past year. Bark roT. Iff: to rifht: N ' incent Ucfti. Jerr Turner. Gordon A ' ickstrom, Saul Hoftman, Richard W icbc. Donald Danforlh. • hourth row: Merrill Hill. Jan Koopman, Donnld Monnhan, Hiirhara Sicere. Fl .v Faulk. Joan Tolin . • Third row: Leonard Katz. Robert Barrows. Carl Maicr, Pat VVard. Patricia l udlc , Jean Perriiio, Ann Reynolds. • Srcond row: Yvonne Kurketl. Jean V ' aaf{c. Put Seihcl. Jackie Jones. Ann Falk. Bctl l.ou Mahone , Janet .Murray, ..Vnn .. rilatl. • hrnnt row: Stafford Thomas, i.arr .- rmitafte. Robert Rer|(heim, Phyllis Fonda, Dndi Sethman, Joe Krad . 277 V Sigma Alpha Iota nternof ono Music Frafernity for Women The oval badge with the seven npe» of Tan identifies tlie Sifrma Alpha Iota fiirl on the eani- pus. This professional nuisie fraternity for wo- men is organized for the purpose of iiy)hoI(lini; musical standards in the eonununily and llir )Uf;h- out tlie world, and SATs liere at (Colorado U ha e heen husy doiuf; their shan- siiiee June IH, 1936. when Aiplia I ' hi chapter was organized. As an international organization. Sigma Alpha Iota is striving for further deNelopnient of music in America and for creation of a stronger hond of musical interest and understanding hetween foreign countries and America. The Int ' rna- tional Music Kund maintained hy the organiza- tion has hel|)ed to re-estahlish musical activities in de aslalcd countries and to help in rehahili- tation through nnisic. In aihlition to the con- tests wiiich are maintained to slinuilale Ameri- can com])osition. . ignia . lpha Iota is now spon- soring tile ■■- ' AI Modern Music Series. " pub- lished hv (larl Fischer, Inc. Two numbers from this series were performed in the All-American nuisicale presented h this chapter during sj)ring quarter. Alpha riii chapter has two honorary mem- bers of which they are justly proud — Mnie. Rosina Thevinne and Miss Josephine Antoine. The chapter is especially lucky to have Miss An- toine on campus as a member of the voice fac- ultv of the College of Music. Such a contact with a professional artist is a great inspiration. Membership in Sigma Alpha lota is ha ed on s(diolarship. nnisicianship. and performance ahij- ilv. along with the recommendation of a major professor and the Dean of the College of Music: thus the wearer of the oval badge is one with high professional standards. orking with other girls toward a common goal means develo|)ment of social resj onsibility. complying with the high ideals of the organization means well-rounded growth of character and personality: in every way, the SAI girl is an asset to any campus. Officers for the past year were: Lorraine Hos- kin, president : Marjorie Selters, vice-president : Beth Hayman, secretary: Pat Lewis, treasurer; Mary Elizabeth Culpepper, editor : Peggy Walker, sergeant-at-arms: Mrs. Berton Coffin, Mrs. Eva Musil. and Miss Carmen Henle, ad- visors. 278 Back row, left to right: Joan Kiesher. Lois Duncan. Pertftx Piper. Ph liss Rtfifienhach. Pegdv Pickett. Shirley Spcnce, Marie Sack. • Third row: Jo Zuftelder, Julia St. Clair. Charlott e Banks. Mar Jane Siems, I ' atricia Lewis. Beth Ha man. Second row: Barbara Robertson. Mrs. Berton (Coffin. Audrex Flale. .Mar (Culpepper, Marjorie Selters, Lorraine lloskin. Mrs. l-va .Musil. • front row: PedSy Walker. Mary Haakensun, Joyce Adcock. (lenexieve Geiger. Belt Leslie. Donna Jean Scott. H isemar ( Ison. Mar Louise Morris. • Absient ir ' tnt picture: Mari) n Cain, Shirle Cleveland. Helen Hubert. Pe(iJi Walker. Miss (barmen Henle. Sigma Pi Sifznui. national pliysics li(»nor so- ciety, was ronniltMl in l ' 21 at Davidson (lollepe, Davidson. N. ( " .., and has been on the University of ( " olorado campns since V ' M). At tlie present time there are t) er fifty ai-ti e cliapters throufih- out the country. It is one of the Associated So- cieties in the AnitTJcan Association for tlie Ad- vancement of Science. Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary Sif;nia I ' i . " igma .-rrvo to award diKlinction to students liavin;; liigli scli(darshi|i and promise of achicNcment in pliysics. to prom ili- slndi-ii! interest in researcli and advanced stn l , and to encourage a professional spirit and friendsliip among those who have ili |da rd marked aliihtv in physics. Oflicers for tlic past car were: (rcrald Iran ., president: .Mhert Vi ilson. n ic-e-ji resident : (Gra- ham (iiitschc. treasurer: Kichard Hake, secre- tary, I ' rof. Frank. ( !. al . pon lr. Back row. Irft to right: Fuitenc Kartchner. Ntirman Huniphrc . Kohcrl Dohcrly. • Secomd rote: Roscoe Blots, Llo d Johnson. Harold l pMcin. Thoma I ' reecs. I.ilhurn Shaw. • front row: ProlcsBor Frank C. Walz. Gerald Franz. Craham Gulschc. Albcrl Wilson. William Krumilt. Ka mi nd .Mcdavin. • Aburnt from picturr: Dale Arm triin|(, Wesle Brirtin. Janics HrnMin. I ' lilmtr (larlin, John (]lc cland. .hihn Curtis, (leiirite Duke. W illard Erickson. .Marshall Field. Alherl KulUrton. Richard Hoke. l.iK.n H.iluhor. Ki.berl Issak. I ' aul .lockson, Oliver Lester. Paul Leonard. William .Mimntack. Kussel Nide . Harold Nvlander. William Pictenpol. Charles Saunders. Claire Sheldon. Jr.. William Simons. David Stacev. Frank Stuart. Alan Talhert. Milton Wa man. 279 Sigma Tau Nafional Engineering Honorary Fraternity Sijima Tail is uii all cnjiineerinfi honorary fra- ternity. f()uiui« ' l in I ' II4 at the l " iii ersity of Ne- hraska in Lincoln. Neiiraska. ' I ' iie national or- ganization is composed of 26 chapters. Iota cha[)ter at the L iiiversity of Colorado is the eighth diapter. Membership in Sifima Tan is hy invitation. Twice each year, in the sprinji and fall juarters, pledges are elected from the n| per third of the jnnior and senior classes, . " election of new ni«-m- hers from -iroups of elifiihle men is made on the basis of scholarship, practicality, and sociability. After the initiation each spring and fall, the new mend)ers are honored at a ban«iiiet for all active and facnllv niciidters of Si znia Tan. The guest s[)eaker is obtained from outside the Kn- gineering School. F.ach fall the pledges of the " •j nss ' ,0i club are re(]uired to help core and hand out the ajiples for the annual " " Kngincers Apple Fest. " In the spring the whole chapter acts as ushers for the conducted tours on " F.ngineer ' s Day. " The sophomore with the most outstanding record at the end of bis freshman year is ()resented with the " .Sigma Tan Gobi Medal. " From time to time Sigma Tau presents some gift of permanent value to the school, such as the clock in Engineering 1 and the drinking fountain bv the tennis courts. Officers for the past year were Lyie Gross, president: Robert .Strain, vice president: Rich- ard Dalv, secretary: l ' r(»f. ( " barles A. Wagner, treasurer and faculty advisor. 280 Back row. iejl to ri ht: Thinnas Hutchinson. Alevandcr ll in, Walter Fritz. Richard Moss. Jack Mitchell. C. Robert Swanson, Richard Sharp. Herbert Johnson. Walter Clark, William Luebke. • Fifth row: Ed Thomas, Monte Craig. Bill Jude, Uean Peterson, Robert Ferner. James Hutchison. Paul Rarth, Norville Johns )n, Jack Murphy. • tourth row: John Ivers, . rchie Paton, Richard Kuerston. R. F. Stevens, Robert Doremus, A. B. Kellman, James Jiic b . Richard Hake, (ierald Franz. • Third row: Melvin Coleman. Sherburne Hill. John Hstes. F. I,. Resen, F. J. Scheib. R. F. Chilcott. W. . . Hrumitt, Richard Heine, • Second row: Herb Tanaka, John Houston, Charles Reich, Kenneth F ' onda, Robert Klinker. Frank Potochnik. Harold Oakes. Lilburn Shaw, • front row: Darold Davidson, Ivan Hudfjins, Jr., James Rogers, Jim Read, Robert Strain, James Wilson, Lars Fhnebuske, John Hessler. David Charvnnia. • Absent from picture: Manning Balcom. Richard Daly, William Ensign, Harold Epstein, Lyle Cross, (iraham Gutsche, Sam Hobbs. Russell Johnson, Bernard Eunkwicz. Orin Marks. Gerard Pesman. Robert l owell, Charles Saunders. Richard Sherman, Robert Spccrs. Leonard Tulin, FMward Babka, Thomas Bailey. Frank Bo ce, F ugene Carroll. Ralph Goley. Robert Johnson, N ' ilbur Leonard. Jack McMants. Robert Parker, Ronald Preston, Lee Stripling, Karl L ' ffelman, David ' ondy, .Albert Wilson, X I I Star and Sextant Honorary Naval Sociefy o ihe NROTC Tlie Star aiitl Sextant Fratcrnitv. lioiiorarv naval socioly of the United Slates Naval Reserve Officer ' s Trainin-; Corps, was organized to [)ro- niote anil further the interests and prestige of the Navy unit at the University of ( " olorado. It also acts to fomi a more perfect hond hctween the officer candidates an l the officers of the United States Navy. Since its ince|iti( ii in llic spring of I ' Jf. the group has grown to a membership of 4.5. The members consist of seniors, juniors, and sopho- mores who meet the grade requirements. In conjiinrliiiii with tin- Mtltl ' l. unit, tin- nr- gani ation sponsors social events, intranniral allilelic teams, a unit newspaper, mix! floats in llic- arious parades througlmul tlic ear. The traditional ring dance in the spring in honor of the gradnating seniors is also sponsored In the .Star and . ' tant Fratereiit . ( )t1icers for the ear were : Ir.uik l r(irie. presi- dent: Hernard Keating, vice-president: Chris .• aros, secretary; Hichard t ' .ross, treasun ' r: l.t. K. J. Sammons, faculty sponsor. Back ratr. Irft to rtfht: ' once. Richard, Rcssemann, .Moore. Stettcn. • Second row: Keatinit. Kuescr, I.indl er|t. Terrv. Hampton, (ii! nn. I urvis. • -ront row: Worcester. Manire, (lari. Krone, Saros, rhillips. • Abicitt from picture: (actives) Bra , Chapman, Christopher. Covey. Cross. Deerind, Froistad. Hills, Johnson. Lewis, .MeClinlock, Morilz, Ries, Strohel. Utel . White, Voun)i. ipledijesl Brooks, Drake, E» . Fenlon, Ferguson, Calinit, HuisiniC, Hutchinson, Mason, ' infrev, ' unko. 281 (raiiiiiia (lliaptcr (if Tan Beta Sifiiiia. national honorary for oiilstanilin : han l wonu-n. was formed on this campus in 1946 and is acti f in activities held bv and for the (-olorado Bands. The members are chosen on a basis of musician- sliip. attitude, cooperation, and scholarship. This year Tau Beta Sifjma worked with Kappa Kapjta Psi. tlie band men ' s honorary, and the entire band in the orfianization and presen- tation of the seventh annual Band l)av held at the Colorado-Kansas Universitv f;ame for the hi " :!! school bands in ( dorado and the surroiuid- inj; states. A parade in which the visiting bands exhibited their marching skill was held in the morning followed by a lunch served bv Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi. At the afternoon football game the bands performed en masse and awards were presented for marching and for the longest distance traveled by a visiting band cal- culated in man-miles. Band Day gives high school Tau Beta Sigma National Women ' s Band Honorary students an o| piirtnnil to l)ecoine acciuainted «itli the university bands and their activities. Tail Beta Sigma in conjunction with K.ippa Kappa Psi had the pri ilege of sponsoring two new chapters of these hoiuiraries at the L niver- sity of Ltah last spring. Delegates from the two organizations were chosen to install and initiate the new members. The summer quarter saw the National Con- vention of Tau Beta -Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi on the Colorado Uiii er.-itv campus with the I ni « ' rsilv of (, olorado baud lionoraries as hosts and li(isle.«se.-. (ianinia (.liaptcr ga c the model initiation and helped in (danning and carrving out an excursion to the mountains for the visit- ing band people. Tau Beta Sigma helped in sponsoring the an- nual all-sdiool Ki k-()fT Dance lit Id in the fall to gain support for the Lni ersity Bands. Officers for the year were: Lois Duncan, presi- dent: Helen Hubert. ice-presi lent : Julia St. (dair. secretary: Donna . " chmittel. treasurer; Ann Melville: assistant treasurer: Margaret Hoyt, historian: (irace Gordon. Custodian: Hugh Ale- Millen and Mrs. illiam Carter, sponsors. 282 Back rote, left to right: Charlotte Rank». Peii)(v Picket. Beverly Starika, Mahle Holder, Melba Fruderman. • Third row: Mrs. Randall Spicer. Mrs. Frank Baird. Mr. Frank Baird. Mr. Hujlh .Mc.Millen. Janet Stein. • Second row: Mrs. Ilutth McMillen. Mar Haakensin. L nn Saunders, (Irace Gordon. Mrs. William ( ' arler. Sharon Helm. • Front row: . !arf{aret H(i t, Julie St. Clair, Honna Schmittel, Lois Duncan. Helen Hubert. Ann Melville. • Absent from picture: Jo Baird. Miriam CoKon. Mary Elizabeth Culpepper. Rex Thiese. i (ilii Epsiloii. a national Iiiiii irar frati ' rnil for civil anil ari-liilcctiiral ••nj iiifrrs. was ori inalcd to reoot;iii t ' tlif cliaractiTistics of the iniiiNiilual enpineer. fiiiulanicntal to the successful pursuit of an eii iinfcrinf; career, and to aid in tlie de- velopment of tliose characteristics in the iinder- •iraduate engineer. In order to contribute to the iinproxeinent of llie engineering profession. Clii Chi Epsilon Honorory Civil Engineering Fraterniiy Epsilon fosters the d - eli)pnient an I exercise of sound traits of character and lechnical ability anuiii : en;:ini-ers. The ( ' .olnrado chapter work closeK with llic -Iiidiiil Vinirii.iii ocielv of ( ' .i i] Kn;;ineer? and «iip|) rt- their .iitivilies as nini ' h as po sible. The nii ' nibers of !hi Fpsilon are (•lecte l on a basis of scholarship, sociability, practicality, and character. Officers for the year were: Robert Meigs, presi- dent: Sam Hobbs. ice pre-iileni: John lion-ton. -eeretarv: Kr in Bell, treasurer: Professor War- ren Haeder, faculty advisor. Bact row. Iril lo righl: kcrmil Mallhens. P«ul E. Slul mann. Alherl Schumacher. Kenneth Neumann. Roherl S van«on. Milan Johnion. Archie Paton. • Fiflk row: Richard Sharp. Jerome Shwarlz. Dick Axell. Sarb SinUh. V. H. Von Khrenkrook. Jos. E. Woilkieviici. • hourtk row: i ' -t« ' f Marihall. Sle e Axten., Allon Kuden. Sam Hobbs. Charles Reich. Warren Raeder. Jos. E. Krahacker. • Third row: Ted Hwver, John E«le«. Bob Lundslrom. Walter Paguetlc. John llouiton. Jos. B. Hutchison. Robert Stevens. V arren E. Gardner. • Srcomd row: I.. C. Kocrwilz. R. J. Klinktr. J. R. Mcenan. R. F. Keel. R. E. Chilcott. E. J. Bell. R. W. Meilts. Robert Carlson. Gene Gole . • from row: Herbert Tanaka. Jcrr Pesman. Gene Peterson. Bill Parr. Frank Bo ce. Bruce .McMillan. • AbsrnI from piclure: William Ensirin. Charles Hall. .Mars HeKwer. James Jurchison. Jack Janne . Paul Kenncd . Barbara Rauch. Leonard G. Tulin. Joseph Mackenzie Childers. Bruce Hordinil .McMillan. Jr.. Phillip Puehner. .Morley Rob inson. Daniel Franklin Roper. FM ' n 283 t ' ts L- » Beta Alpha Psi National Accounf ' ing Fraternify Beta Alpha I ' si. -National Atcountiiif; Frattr- nity, is represented on this campus hy tiie Nil Chapter. The fraternity is founded on principles of scholarship, practicality, and social)ilil . Beta Alpha Psi brings the members together, stimulates interest, cooperation, and study for further advant-emenl and understanding of ac- counting. To attain this goal, the group in- vites arious outstanding men in the field of ac- coiuiting to speak, holds group discussions, and has meetings with professional groups. Some of the outstanding men in itcd in the ear 1 ' ' were : Mr. Fred tlarlcton. Director of the l)en er Ollice of Haskins and Sells: Mr. Stanley Drexler. Tax Specialist for the firm of Lewis. Grant. Newton. l)a is and Henry: and Mr. ictor F. ' I ' routfettcr. mend»er of the firm of Ralph H. Mayo and Co. There was also a joint meeting h«dd with the Na- tional Association of Cost Accountants. Mendtcrship in the fraternity is by invitation onl . which may be extended to male undergrad- uates and graduates who display a definite in- terest in the accounting field by their record of courses and high scholastic achievement. OHicers of Beta Alpha I ' si for the vear were: Donald Fnright. president: IJaynumd Finney, vice-president: Leonard Fox, secretarv: Robert Amy, treasurer: Hermon I. Arenson. Associate Professor, Advisor. litnL- rfizL Iffl In ri ht: (Earnest (i. Patterson. Knb Mills. Harve A. liverett. Margin F. 1. arson. BilK H. Michie. .lohn H. Hurley. I{l(Jon V . Trci(te. • Third roic: Fred Thornes. H. ' . Kao. Samuel Kumafiai. Daniel F. Hlack. .loe Hinjtert. Merc l Hurlburt. Cordon A. Ra . Theodore J. Olson. • Second row: Roger I.. I eisher. Howard M. tioodman. Murra M. .McLeish. Kellx H. Kliniter. C. E. Johnson, Jerr B. Guinand. Joseph (i. Trindle. William N . (Tlark. " int«»n .S. (Iurr . • Front row: Donald 1.. Haynie, Leonard S. Fox. Donald F. F ' nrijiht. Herman I. Arenson. ' ictor F. Trontfetter. Robert D. Amy. ti. Ci. Fullerton. Harold Staiiner. • Absenl from picture: I undcrf raduates I Ray Finney. Jack Corbridije. i facult ) Flmore Petersen. H. . lyendrick, . T. .Anderson. Richard Helmick. William Kruse, H. E. Steffen. J. F. Stinton. ♦ Beta Gamma Sigma National Business Honorary IJ 284 Rack row, left to rieht: John F. Stinton. Dayid F. Meyer, Harry E. Steffen, Donald I.. Haynie. Charles Erickson. • Second row: Arthur Miller. John Whistler. Leslie Robbins. Helen Borland. Waller Franklin. John Criest. • l-ronl row: Dean Petersen. H. W. Kendrick, CJreer Fullerton. Norton Seeber, Nancy Sabin. I,co Aspinvvall, tienry Muo re. • Absent from picture: Arnold Betz, Marjorie Cooper. Donald Fnrieht. Holiicr Munson, Fred Niehaus, Harold Nordeen. Merrill Perkins. Joe Reynolds. Martin Schmidt. Beta Canuna Sigma, national business honor- ary, was fiirmtMl " to encourage and reward scholarship ami accomplishment in the liidd iif business " among college stuilent . ami to further advaneennMit in the sci ' nce of business. It is tie- signed to bring about closer cooperation between students and faeultv. anil to foster high ideals of lionestv and integril in business practice. The officers for the year were: John . tinton. presi- dent: Donalil Haynie, seeretarv-trcasunr: anil Leo Aspinwall, sponsor. llie •(li lioii nee Ilia »lii Dill 9oi pres fell till Beta Sigma Back rotr. If ft to rigkt: Bcflv Gaunt, Edna Hilton, Mary Beth Thornton, Jacqueline Walker, BveKn Rclz. Mary h ' llcn Far hart. Front rotr: .Marjory (hooper, .Maritaret Scelcy, Barbara Horn, Florence Mason. June Norcm. Absfmt jrum pifturr: Louise Sioo iJorf. Women ' s Business Honorary Rfl.i l i;;!!!;!. .in Imiiorary Idr wtiiiH-ii in llu " |{ll-iIn■ Siliool. y.i rf:.ini -il at tlic I nivcr ily (if .iiliiraild in l ' ' i. " . It- | nr| « ' i. to cniinira;;! ' yynincn in llu- liild i( Iuii ine8!i ami l i In-tcr iIdmt r -lali iii-lii|i» Itrlyyccn fai-nllv anil .-lii- iicnl . During llu- it- iinMnl»iT liavi- an ii|i- |Miiliinily to licar anil Itirmni- a ' i)iiainli ' il yyitli li ' ailin; ini-n ami yyoinrn in llu- fii-lil of hn ini- . 1- aril rar at tin- animal -prin liani|ni-l a rii|) is |irrM-nli-il III .III iinl ' l.imliii;: -iiiior in llu- Mii im- . ' iliiMil. OflTicers for llu- |i.i t vi-ar yir -: J.n(|iii-lin« ' Walker, proiiliiil : l.oiiix- Moo-dorf. i r-|)r - i- ilciit: Hflty Gaunt, ri-rordiiit; st-tTt-tar) : Klor- eiu-e Mason, correspoiuling secretary: Margie (aioptT. treasurer: Mi. is Joy l.aHiie. Miss Helm Borland, and Mrs. KIniore I ' elersoii, sponsors. Delta Phi Alpha German Honorary 285 ' Ilie national Gennan fraternity. Delta I ' lii lpli.i. - (k- to lionor excelleiiee in (German, tiiereby i in!: students an incentive for liifilier scliolarsliip. Tliis fraternitv aims also at spread- in;: know lcd;;e of (German culture. llierel) fiir- liii ' rin : the cause of international understandin :. It.- menihers were active in tlie (jernian sin iin;: hours and Kuropean folk dances held e er two weeks, and in the (iernian plav fjiven winter quarter. Several so -ial functions were held, at which readings and skits were :iven and Ger- man culture was informally discussed. Tlie roiip also sjionsors a (icrmiii lilm r rrv quarter. ( )nircr lor tlie past ear were: Hal Kavser. president: . " lieila (bounce. ice president: Hanna Reitzer. secretary-treasurer: Muriel Gibull. so- ili.iirman: (reorge Scherer. sponsor. Ba k row, trft to rifht: Nancy Wisdom. Marian Orris, Henry Straus». • Sfcomd roar: I. a Verne Buckles, Irene Farber. Ruth Morcau, Thco Kapclke. • Front rov: Euitcnie Schneider. I.loyd Baysdorler. Matthew Kile . Hal Ka scr. Peter Nussboum. " Mike, " Geortfe Scherer, • Absml from picture: Facult i Isaac Bncon. Herbert I.icdke. Robert l-opcr. Paul Schroeder. Thcrese W estermcicr, I Students) .Muriel Cibull. illiani Conklin. Sheila ( ' ounce. Warren Frank, William (iladstone, l.ottc Hirsch, Donaven Johnson. AKin kinjt. Jack (). Larson. Hanna Rcit er. John Schultz, Norma Weiss. Myron W isncski. Marion Zar . Delta Phi Delta Art Honorary In " leiicral, the aims of l)i ' to promote art interests anion; to hrinfi art departments of " ether lla Phi eollefie irions sc nia :a ine Helta are sliich-nts, I ' hools to- l h r o u j; h national niafiazine exhihits and personal eontacts, to stimulate Iiij;iier sehol- arship, to recopiize potential professional ahil- itv. to (U elop professional art interests, and to help in every way possihle to create, stinuilate and develop art interests in the eomnuuiily al lar ;e. Rho Chapter in parlienlar aims at proxidiiif; for fine arts majors who (piahfy witli hifih scho- lastic standint: and exceptional ahililv in art. an oi)portniiity for furtherin r educational and pro- fessional interests hy sponsoring discussions and lectures on all phases of art. art history, and ap- preciation. Delta I ' hi l) ' lta is helping; coopera- tivelv villi other art niiilds on campus in spon- soring lilni profirams twice each (jiiarler. dealiii;; with a wiile ranf;e of suhjects iiicludiiif; archi- tecture, modern paiiitiiifi. primiti c art. tajiestry art. and many other aspects. The Beaux Arts Ball, held annually in the sprinfr. is also pro- (hiccjl under the sponsorship of Delta I ' hi Delta. Kxhihits of student works are held on campus tlirou;. ' h )ul the entire year. Tliis is convention vcar for all the chapters over the nation who eon cue in Denver. A {rood showin ; is exitecled by Hho chapter and everyone is ainiinf; at the exhihits of paintinfjs. sculpture, graphics, ce- ramics, and desijin work. The olTicers for the year were: Edward N. Vi alker. president: Betty Gayilen Bolen, vice- president: Marilyn Hickle, secretary: Alfred E. Fisheck. treasurer: Franklin D. X ' alker. corre- s|iondiiifi secretary: Carol L. Crosby. piihli ' ity chairman: I eslie O. Merrill, ahnnni chairman: Anne Jones, sponsor: Francis J. Geek, national vice-presidi ' iit : I.ynn K. X olfe. national secre- tarv; Muriel S. olle, regional director. 286 Manhn Hickle. Belt Boltz. Raymond Jacobson. Walker Gamma Alpha Chi National Professional Advertising Frafernify for Women riii chapter of Gamma Alpha national professional advertising th P Hack row. left to rinht: Carrie Anderson. Jean Macplierson. (irace llohson. • Second row: Anne I.ook, Flainc Cooper. Marjjaret Scelcy, Sue Jones, Virijinia Writer. • ■rnnl row: Schie swohl. Brandlior-.t. Bet( Gannl, V ' irjiinia I.ei tu Moosdorf. I " " vf I.nuter. Marite Mundelt, Jean Hoel. Sue Dickson. Mary Ise. • Street. l--lla Molluway. Jacqueline Walker, Jean Ha et Klie -ihst ' nl from picture: Sal! Black, Carol Chi, the only fraternity for women, was established on the Cidorailo cam- pus last spring. l ' )4 ' . The group which is an afliliale of the AiKertising Federation of Amer- ica. |)lanned a series of speakers and trips to advertising firms and clubs in Denver, as well as functions with the Adsmen, for the 1949-, ' iO year. An active job placement bureau, a scholarship loan fund, and the furthering of interest in the field of advertising through a series of programs lanned both hv the national oflice and college ha| lers are important features of (Faninia Al- pha Chi. Ctdlegiate chapter activities are planiieil to aid each chapter and each member gain professional experience and contacts with ] roniinent advertising men and women. GAX also maintains a national sjieakers bureau of out- standing advertising men and women, and all chapter activities are carefullv supervised for group participation as well as to give every iiieiiibcr e pericu -e that will later aid her in the (•rofessioiial world. All women sliidenis maintaining a one point grade averag phis an active interest in adver- tising are eligible for membership if majoring in anv of the following fields: radio, commercial art. photographv. journalism, and business. The |)iii of (.annua l|dia (!lii is a ipiill-picrced oc- tagonal shaped badge, and the colors are gold and brown. Mrs. Aliila Smith. Naiicv Kelscy. and irgiiiij Vi heeler are lioiiorarv members of the organiza- tion: Mrs. Herb Hollister is aliiiiinae sponsor, and Bruce Smith, faculty advisor. .Student of- ficers for the past year were: Jean Schiesswohl, |)resid(Mit: Eve Laiiter. vice-i)resident : Jactpie- liiie alker. tr asurer: Marge Miiiidcll. recoril- ing secretarv : l.oiiis Moosilorf. corn ' spouding secretarv: and Carolvn Hraiidhorst. reporter. Iota Sigma Pi Hat-k row. Irft to rifht: Muriel Cihull. l)orulh Bmcry. Uulh [li l ini{cr. Ida Uo d Swa ne. Jane Nchnchcritcr. ■ h ' rout row: Ailcen Kcll . Su annc Slokcs, Kulh Mien. kii W iUon, F.lui»e llr tint, l) ir»lh Spano, Carol Murata. .Ibsriit from piciurr: ianv Krilton, l.ihcrl Casali, Joan Fra cr, Kulh (fuuitc Klinor Mctlale, Tc4» McNull . Belle Pallersiin. Bell Tluimaii, Virifinia ' an Sco . Women ' s Chemisfry Honorary Ii)l;i Si;:iiKi I ' i. rlii ' ini-lr luiiiorarv f ir Miiii -ii. Mr i- 111 |ir iiii ilr iIlll•rl• l in « ' licin- r aiMiin wiiincii .-tiiil -iil! , ami to rt ' i ' o ni .c niit laiiiliii : wiiini ' ii ilieiiiists. Tungsten ' lia|iti-r a ill talll■ll al the I ni T! ity i f ( " olorailo in I ' M!!. Since llial linn- il liac l r(iii ilil into cIomt iiiiiiiii llio-c -liiiliiil- wliii have i l) wii u .sinciTC iiitiTr l aiitl iinl-laiiiliii al ility h tlirir at- l.iiiiin -nls ill llit- lii ' lil uf rlu ' nii lr . Girl- sliii an- cii iiiilr fur nii-iiilMrv|ii|i are cliost ' ii in the fall ami iniliali-ii in Drccmlx-r. ( (licors for llic pa:-t year were: Ailrcn Kelly, pn-siilent: Riitli H l .iii|:er, vice-pre itlenl: Jane Hrilton. correspomliii;; secrelary: Jane Schne- berfrer, rccordinj; secretary: Suzanne Stokes, treasurer: I.ilierlv (!asali. Iiistoriaii: Iila Swayiie. sponsor. Jr. Ainer. Piiar. Assoc. I lie Jnnitir American I ' harniacentiral Asso- ciation is a lirancli of tlie national or;:anix.ation of pliarniarists known as the American Pharma- ceutical Association. It is a professional organ- ization vlio e ohject is to further pharmaceu- tical learnin;;. L pon firadnation. memhers of the junior rouji hecoiue acti e memher- of the . I ' ll. A. ()i the (!l campus, the fironp " - fiim-tions are Itoth r-ocial anil acailemic. ami incluiie the -pon- orin;l of nu ' ilical lilm- ol iiitire-t anil aiil to luemher- in the profession, xarious pharmacv clii iil partie- anil ilances. anil the annual spring haiiipii ' l in Immir of ■graduating seniors and re- luriiin;: alumni. .Ir. A. I ' ll. A. also puhlishe.- the riiarmacN School newspaper, (iolloiilal . " u.-peii- sions, each ipiarter. ( )flicers for the past year were: Lon ' iie Scott. president: ' ayne " inslow-. vice-president: FleaiHir Tail, secretary : Rill Nakaoka. treasurer: Kd ( Jiristeiisen. sponsor. Ba k row. left to ri(ht: .lack Corken. t.crox Hampton. l-iUh row: Jnhn I ' clcrsnn. Milton (roppi, Robert ( n Aimer Rnftle. R ihert Coettsch. Ma er Ka . Stanlc Ta lor. Franklin Kobiniion. Jame« ' incenl. Marvin Poc. Richard P Ie. Alvin N ' oifthl. I.orene Scoll. K. C Thompson. Hleanor Tail. Hclita Hin7.elman. Kathe SchrcifeU. Don (iulletl. Robert Hotter Hi|ttf». Jack [)uane, Dick Travers. Lillian Martin. Harr Terasaki. James Hatake ama. ' illic Mikuni. Adeline Spano. Nancv Jammer, Floisc Brsant, Shirles Din Barbara Schlutius, a nc Winslois. Aw ad Sirhan. 287 Carltnn Ordwa . 0»T Stephen . Clair ScmcII. • ens. Frank T%rct;. Ralph Hniz. (icrald Kohcrt . Freitich. Mhcr( .Milchell. • fourth row: John Rntenhcrfl. R. P. I anKlcIdt. Dale Tanner. C. F. ChrUtcnscn. • Thtrii ro:r: Jnhn Sirecl. Jamcft ,n SclU. Hn%%ard Met .. Onnald Fox. F. (i. Bertram Roth man. • Second row: Don Kinney. Skinkle. Mit Hidaka. Nathan Clifford. Sam Harrison. • front row: Bill Nakaoka. Dorothy »iddic. nianda Ka CleUnd. Jane MacNidcr. o-.hi c ■ amafia. Helen Huhhcll. Carole Murata. Phi Sigma Phi SifTina. international biolofiical honor i o- cietv, was orfianized orif;inall in I ' M. " ) at Oliio State University. Since then nnnierons h)cal chapters have appeared at colleges and univer- sities in this nation and Mexico. Alpha I ' i chapler at the University of Colo- rado was firanted its charter in the spriiif: of 1941. and has helped to promote interest in bio- logical research on the campus since that time. At the bi-weekly meetings, programs range from movies to lectures by local and national authorities on various phases of biological re- searcli problems. Membership is open to all upperclassmen and graduate students in the department of biology and relaletl departments who have shown high scholastic abilities, and to faculty members of the biologv department. Oflicers for the year were: Joseph Hall, presi- dent: Barbara McBrien, vice-president: Molly Polochnik. recording secretary: Theodora Downie. corresponding secretary: Herman Fehl- mann, editor: Dean Girard, treasurer, and David Uarswell, advisor. Riuk row. leU in ,:-Ju .l " i l i,Ji.-..n I ' li ltI.ld , K.ihtri U IVnc.k IKijii. ii . Fehlmann. Theodora " . D i nie, Idmi I.. Johnson, Shfiia (-toince. ' tnnitl run- loirdon lc iindcr. Hugti (I. Kodeck, Alden I{. Smith. (Charles I " " . Livindston. Arnold Benson, tidwin K. He lHif). • front row: Molly I ' otochnik. David Carswell. Dean Ciirard, J»»e Hall, T. Paul Maslin, I ' al (londren, Karbara McBrien, • Absfnl jrom picture: Kath Dever, John N. Hough, Donald Opd ke, (ierald Kichmond. .Ashle% Thornburg, William Weber, Omer Slewarl. Rho Chi 288 Rack row, leil to richt: Claude Cashman, Dale Tanner. Robert Coscns. Ceorde Cummins. Dale Dcnham. Awad Sirhan. • Third row: l.yman Quick. Walter Dickison, Alvin Voidht, Marvin Rolen- beri!, Billv Lani!(eldl. Stanley Stein, • Second row: William Nakaoka, Ladrc Olsen, William 1-ischer, CJerald Roberts, D»B%ne Klse, .Mbert Kounlain, • IronI row: Dr, Har.ild Heim, Kloisc Bryant Dean C:harles I ' oe, Kdythe Scoll. Fred Drommond, Mr, John Street. • Absent from ptcturt: Donald Cantrell, Kdward Christenson, Nathan C;iifford, Rimald Hodel. Wayne Kisthard, I ' aul l.ynard, Betty ,McDonald. Carole Murata, Ramona Parkinson, Ralph Roi ., Dr, Norman 1 ' . Witt. Rlio (ihi is the National Honorary I ' harma- ceutical .Societv electing to its mend ersliip out- slaniling students of pharmaev. _MembtT iiip in the organization is open to both men antl uomeii. lO be eligible, junior students nui t lia c a grade- point a erage of 2..) and be in the u|)per . ' ) per cent of their class, . " senior students nuist ha e a grade-point average of 2.U and be in the upper 20 per cent of their class. Outstaiuling graduate students and newlv appointed mend)ers of the facullv of the college of pharmaev are also eli- gible for niend ersliip. In addition to th) high stiioiaslii- retpiirenients. ])ersonalil . interests in pliarnia ' . ami clKir.icler are es enlial (|ii.ilili(a- tiiiiis. The purpose of the societv is Iwo-fidd : I lie first is to promote the advancenu-nt of the phar- nuiceutical sciences and to ad ance the profes- sion of pharmacy, and the second to promote scludarlv fellowship in pharniac b bringing together undergraduate and graduate students and facultv nieiiibcrs in Iraternal anil helpful ci ni|iaiiiiiu liip. Mendters of Hlio (hi M rk for the hot interests of phariiiacx anci its arious applications, to iiplinlil the higliest iilcals anil ethics in the coniniiMiitiis in which the li e. and to lend their influence to its worthy Odicers for the past vear were: Dale Tanner, president: .Stanley Stein, vice-president: Claude ( ' ashman, secretary: Dale Denhani. treasurer: and Dean (Charles F. I ' oe. s|)ons )r. o r o o r o Sig Hafk ruw, Irft to rt(ki: hiainr Turnquint. June ulcntini:, Jean Ki-inicr. Lola Hmch, Jnun Whilc- hou»c. kalh Drcxcl. • SrcomJ rote: Sue Birk, Naumi Minner. Chnrlutie Kank . Anita llenrie, Mar Morrow, Muntic Branitr« er. Father Paper. • hront roa-: ' xonne Burketl. Norma Benedeck. Ann Vad)e . Bctl Mien. MnlU I ' otuchnik. Jam- JiiJi(e. Ann Morri nn. Barbara Nclsim. • Absrnt from fitt tmrr: Muriel (libult. Joanne ( ' Itirk. . anc (iuinand. Nuncv Spence. Bellx Jean Thi mas. ' ir|linia an Sc ) , Joan Domenico, Dot tie HMin%, Janet hljilen. Jane ( )ecli le. Flliel Richards. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Profesiional Earth Sciences Si ina ( ' .iniiiia Kpsiloii i- a Natioiuil Himorarv l ' r( fi ! ii nal )r;:aiii .ati( ii of tlic Kartli ririH-c . Alpliu Kla chapter at (lU was installfd in 1934, ami is composnl fiitirolv of f;i-olof:v and miner- aloi; major ' -. In llu- fall of l ' ' l ' ' , llir rliaplcr liail 32 active members. The activities of tlie orfianization for ' )V -r i inclndril weekly Friday afternoon coffee liours for all facnllv and -Indent- of the ;;eoli»f; . freo;;- rapln. ami mineralo;: departments: a two-dav Held trip in the fall and po-.«ihl a three-das held Irip in the sprin;;: the annual departmental fall pictuu ' : and arrangements for several guest speakers. Officers for llie past year were: John M,i-Iit«. pre-ident: Don hitehread. ice-presiilent : Boh l.nedke. secre tary-treasurer: J)ick Warding, cor- responding secretary: Prof. . . I.onglev. fac- nll adxisor. ma Epsilon Sigma Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Si;;nia Kpsilon Si;;nia is the sclndaslic honor- .ir for sophomore women. Konnded in ' 2 ' h Mean Brown with the original purpose " lo pro- mole cnllnral inleresl . " this or;:aiii .alion now re i ;:ni e« women who .ire onl.-tanding scholas- lii.illv durin;: their freshman ear. Oflficers for llie past vear were MidU I ' oloih- nik. pre-idiiil: .ine (Miiiiand. ice presi leiil: and Joamie (.lark, secrelarx -treasurer. Marv aughau served a.s spon-or. 289 Both row. left to right: John Mafitert. U ' hiinc Bradley. ' cr l»cn. Dick Hardinjl. Chct Ahra»»art. Chuck Buller. Uick BeerhoHcr. • Third rotr: Boh Kinjt. Pcic Thompson. ( roritc Clou h. Bakil Dean, l.orcn Smith. Bud flampton, 1 om Thomp on. Tom Marshall. Pele Sainshurx. Second rojr: W ' axne Cavcnder. Cieorite I.euis. " Judite " l.ilsc . Hank Kcpp. John Hold. Boh Tuedkc. Dean inlcrk, Don Whilchrcad. Harold .Malde. front roic: John Haves, l ar Jordan, Feo Broin. Bill Stafford. Fd M ' lmn. Bob Duncan. l,cRo Scott, (icrrv l.oucks. Profcs«or W . W . Fonitle . • Absent from picture: l.fiin Barr. Hnrrison MurraN, Da e Sheridan. John Tillema. Tau Delta Interior Design Honorary The aim of Tau Delta, Interior Desifrn Honor- ary, is to enliven the interests of ihi- Iiilcrior Dt-siirii students. To make this possihle Tau Deha s[)oiiS()rs j;rou|) meetinjis and discussions among the students, or with a guest speaker. It further tries to promote student interest hv spon- soring excliange student e liii)itions. Sp »nsor of the organization is Francis J. (ieek. and odicers are: Kenyon Hook, president: Mary Benson, vice president: Hoiuiie Berge. treasurer: A! Anderson, secretary; Bob Lucas, correspond- ing secretary. Biu ' k row, li ' jl tfi ri ht: Don r;io er. W ' alrer K niill. Susan I ' luniiiur, slurlcv ruling. Merle MacLaren. .lounne McKehc . I{dvMird Dihhie. • Sfcoiid row: Niirnia [K-nnicr, Lulj Kndhel. Hc frl Beeht- Dale Whitaker. Nancv Smith, ' ( nd« Davis. Rc erl W ' itthauer. Mi)r [telle James. • front row: Dorotln Trousdale. Mar Benson. Kcn un Hook. Bonnie Berfte. Bob Lucas. Lari deFries. • Absfttt from picture: Albert .Anderson. Clitf C asev. Georfiine Bush. Ka Kostelccki. Luc Zundel. Nanc Grain, Roma Firnhaber, Dolores Lanning. Paul Pickford. Theta Sigma Phi National Journalism Honorary 290 Hack- niir. left to rifht: Virjlinia Writer. Allene illman. ' irf inia Asmus. • front row: lilaine Cooper. C orky Unticdt, C ' arric Anderson. Blanche Hardin. Marian Parsons. • Absent from picture; Joan Uu Pnnl. Mar)oric Coursc . Theta Sigma I ' hi. national honorary progres- sional fraternitv for jouniahsni women, spent all active vear on campus trving to proniolc ami further interest in tlu- newspaper lield. Karh in till ' fall, pledges were nameil at an all school journal ism conxocation ami initiated during the %vinter quarter. Memhers of the hoiuirarv lielil se eral ex- change dinners and meetings with the ainiuiii group in Deiuer. At these galheriugs stuilcnt were acquainted with professionals in the ncw - l)aper business and were given a broader out- look (Ui the o|)enings for careers in journalism. riie group sent oiu ' of their acli es to a na- tional Theta Sigma I ' hi convention in I)alla during the sununer and from meetings the repre. ' ientatives. irginia . snuis. offered news of other cam|ius groups, their activities, and possible projects for llu ' local campus. The houorarv ado|)te l these suggestions when tliev were workable, and among the projects ol tli ' groups was the sponxirin;; of outslamling pro- gres ional women in journalism as speakers for all majors in this field. ()nicer for the past ear wen : President. Carrie Anilerson: ice-pn-sidenl. .loan Dul ' ont: secretarv. Elaine Cooper: treasurer. irginia Asnuis. and Mrs. . lida Smith, sponsor. P ACTIVITIES- OF OUR ORGANIZATION Wfe- MEMORIAL r vn 2. Ho-ndfik ijb 7:30 p.rvn. NEWMAN CLUB Pbon» 1754 tlLIGIOUS iCHlOULE Ml. Si. Gtrlruit I9lk onj AaiO ' O Sender 9 ond 10 A M WMk Osft 6 10 A M S»l»rd n 700AM Confcittont lo»r ' nn 1069 15th Street Activities R() ;cr Williams Fellowship THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCV ' fV ' TiV SlINr ' AY Malcolm E. Haughey. Baptist Univcrv ily Pastoi. ISIO 13th St. T -l. 272b R WESLEY FOUNDATION - MEETING - time: tues. n.« no}jj5. PLACi: ROOtn 30 - £NGJ SPEAKER IT» ' Alpha Phi Omega Men ' s Service Organizaiion Alpha I lii Oiiic ' ra. tlie national service fra- ternity, was estahlislicd on tlie ranipiis in l ' ' H. Being: a service lr;itcrriity, it crosses all lines, honorary, social ami professional fraternities, since nienihers of (ither campus orjianizalions may he active in this jiroiip. This ori;anizalion sponsors the annual Turkey Strut dance, ushers at Artist Series functions, assists with freshman orientation, sponsors the c ' kl dances dnriuf; the nnnncr quarter, ludps conduct student elec- tion, anil participates acti ely in the I ' ep (.luh. Last fall. Ali)Iia I ' lii ( )nief:a orjianized a lost and found service, whereby the lost articles found in the various campus huildin i are collected each week and placed in an ollicc at the Student Union buildinfi. Another new project estab- lished last fall is the conduction of campus tours for isitors to the Lni ersitv. Bafk rnir. It-it tit rii;fit: Ricluird Liiidhcrd. Hubert Ashluck. Art Kavicz. Gent- Over. Dick Sci)tt. • Second raw: Herb ()rmf.b . Hob Ki)iit)s, Keith Colliprie t. Kay Paricio. Harr Hatasaka. Henry Hatasaka. • I-ront rvw: Howard Shiple , Richard Van Tassel. Gordon Robertson. Dayid Law. Bob Wahlstedt. Robert Iturns, Jr. Officers of this group were: Dale Brown, presi- dent: Salter Rappaport, first vice-president: Ha nlond C BergendofT, second vice-president: Honald Zimmerman, secretary: Kichard Thomp- son, historian: Mike Kubota, alumni secretary: Melvin Freundlich: treasurer: James Ridjbins. scrsieant-at-arms. 1 292 Bark row, left to right: Blaine Petersen. Bob Luedke. Jerry Zimmerman, Robert Hal McConnell, Edward Kahn. Wendell W ickstrom. Dale Olsen, E. T. Dibble. • Third row: Duane Hickman, Brian Ru k, fiale Brown. (lordon Cole, Franklin Walker, [)nnald Johnson. Jamen Kreuder. • Second row: Tom (Jarnett. Bill Buechele, l,es Burrows. Bob Baile , Kelley Klinitli ' r. Wilber Scoville. Richard Simmons, ( " lay ton Bennets, Jr.. James .Marsh. • trunt row: R. Zimmerman. Mike Kubota, Hick Thompson. Ra Bergendnff. Dale Brown. Waller Rappaport, James Bobbins. Melx in Freundlich. • Absent from picture: Hurlberl Anderson, Don Buchanan. Al Buchler, Hujth Cumminits. L nn Fritch- man, Ly le Gross, Bill Haase, James Harve . Bill Her rind, Norman Humphre , Bernard Rett man, John Metsker, John Rice. John Reich, I ' ete Rouse, ' olnev Taylor. Ted Wade. o f Pi ' d X Wi iljACy U Wz A. I. Ch. E. The stiiihiil cIiapItT of tlic iiiiri«;m Tnslitiilc of Clieiniciil KMf;iiu- T al the L iii T il i f ( .olo- rado was chartered in 1 )2}{. The purpose of I lie or ani .alioii i to promot ' professional develop- nieiit ami lonlial relationships anion;; students in the field. Meetings are held every other week, at wliirli speaker- from industry and from tlie uiiiM ' r-ity faeultv are often part of the jiro rain. Joint meetings are ludd with other professional organizations sueli as Alpha ( " hi Sigma, and American Imtiiute of Chemical Engineers the Dl ( ll.ipter .if M) III . M inher-of ih. ' H iul- iler ehapler are in ited to .ilteiid tlie meetings of the Hoekv Mountain Serlion of the or;:aiii .a- tion. also. arious pienies and parties were lage l throu;:houl the year: the group sponsored a projeet for Kngineer ' s l)av. and won the " Apple Fest " -kit conle-t in the fall. This ear there were several operating, transparent models for dis|)lav which iiieluded unit processes in the ciiemieal industry. Mend)ership in . I(lliE is open to an regular student pursuing a course of stndv applicahle to ' hemical engineering, with a " (. " average or hetler. Officers for the ear were: Jidiii I ' ., . ' niitli, president: l.oren K. An h-rson. i e-president : tdward Thomas, secretary: Dinican ( )rr. treas- urer; Dick Kncrston, program chairman: M. I-. Jackson, faculty sponst r. Back TOW. Ml 10 rifhl: G. Baldwin. T. Hutchinson. F. Debbrechl. L. Combs. .M. Nycin. • Fijlh row: ' . Klicwer R. Purccll. J. LcfJ. F. Dolsn. F. Potochnik. F. Scheib. R. Dorcmus. • tourlh row: H. .Macpherson. J. Hjll«m. H. Parol. A. Haven. F. Hills. F. Resen. • Third row: I). Pclcrson. B. HoaH. I). Tablcr. J. Pulco. W. Mihalii. (;. Koclani-s. J. Peaslc . ■ Srcond row: G. Richardson. M. Schneider. W. Schullz. J. Bolln. W. kitcinitcr. J. Easier. • Front row: R. Gordon. J. Gw n. E. Thomas. I.. Anderson. R. Kucrsli n. I). Grr. Dr. Eaucr. • Abirni from ticlurt: C. Adamo. R. Bauknecht. C. Becker. J. Bergman. J. Borss. K. Hrunclli. G. Chov. D. Conklinit. G. Craill. L. Crocker. R. I3al . T. Ueerini. J. Donnclli. W. IJonler. J. Famini. R. Ferfle. E. Forlunalo. C. Fox. T. Fuitale. 1.. Gust. J. I arkee. S. Hill. G. Mocker. J. Jackson. C;. Kasper. .M. Lanit. J. .Modrall. J. Monl|(omer . J. Mullins. J. Neblick. R. OKlesby. R. Parker. J. Purvis. R. Richman. F. Salters. A. Shenekji. C. Sheriff. J. R. Smith. R. Stack. F. Tauhner. E. iterisc. T. Whitsel. E. ieSel. 293 w A.I.E. E.-I.R.E. AmGnzan Institute of Electrical Engineers Institute of Radio Engineers Previous to the fall of 1949. two separate or- •lani .ations represented the electrieal eiifcineers on the eanipiis: AIEE the electricals in general, anil IHK the coinniunieations majors. In order to better rorrelate their aclix itie.- in liie field of electrical eng;ineering, the two organizations were merged to form the present joint student hraueh. Ihe purpose of the student lirauch is to present the students in this field with useful information ahoni de cloiiments and [)ractire in the Held. Typical programs offered bv the joint student branch have included talks and demonstrations bv such men as Mr. K. B. McKachron. manager of engineering of the General Klectric Trans- former and Allied Products Division: Dr. Matthew Luckeish. head of (General Electric ' s Lighting Research Laboratories: Vi illis ' inslow, inventor of the electrostatic clutch; and Mr. H. J. I ' eters, who was instrumental in the elec- trification of the Pennsylvania railroad. In addition to these programs, the student branch offers to its members the facilities of the student workshop. The workshop is located in the basement »)f Engineering Building II and is equi|)|ied with tools and metering equi])ment for the use of the members. OfTtcers for the past year were: Harold Oakes, chairman: Robert Hiller, vice-chairman: Wil- liam Luebke, secretary — IRE ; Tom Garnett, sec- retary — AIEE: Kenneth Alallett. treasurer: Wil- lis W orcester, faculty sponsor. 294 Rark rn ' iC. left tn rizht: Walter Fritz. Bert Nies, Bill Chance, Wallace Patterson, (leiirge Leahy. Bart . ntista. Dunald Ake . I ale Schimpf. Dean C arpcnttT, Kdviard Fatton. • f-ifth row: Kichard Moss, KaMiiond Nichols. Jr,. William Koch. I aul Fantin. Kohert Ferner. Fred I ' odusi, .Vlpheus hunhar, William Shimcr. .1. R. Turner, Keith Christestm. Paul Flliott. Jr. • l-ourth row: .lohn (iar in. .lack Mitchell. Fd%vard Amoneltc. John iJreith. Howard Brust. W. .M. Barnes. Donald Davis, Kavmond Bush , Hu({h Drake, Donald Viele, John Peebles. • Third rote: Kohert Dulcher. Melvin ( ileman, Paul Fajio, Lars Fhnebuske, Donald Hubert. David .Arthur. Donald .Miller, Gordon Robertson. Louis Gauss, Jr.. James ilson, Donald Du al. (Jlenn Nelson, • Second row: .- rthur James Hldridfie, Ivan Hudgins, Jr., James Rogers, Jim Read, ' ictor Griep, Kenneth Fonda. John Bunicner, Jerr Howell. John Hessler. Jr.. Theodore DeRosier, Alfred Lu, Noble Smith, Jr. • tront row: Robert Hiller. Tom Garnett. Harold Oakes. William Luebke. A. S. C. E. Tlu ' liiiversitv of C.oloriulo SIikU ' iiI (lIia|(l«T «»f S(!I ' at Hoiililtr uas orfiaiiizeil in l ' ' 2(t as one of llif Hr t iiiiii ' -lia|itt ' r- in llir I nili-il Stat« " . Holli civil anil arcliitrrliiral ciifiinrrrs an- I ' liiiilili- to lirconif nu ' nilx-rs. Tlic prim-ipal function of the S(.K. is to acipiainl and interest llie stnilents in the professional aspects of civil eiifiineerin ' t and to promote their ilevelopnient ulon ! lines not a ailahle in classroom work. As a result of these activities, for many years ahoiit mV r of the students ha e applied for junior niend)ership in the national society upon grad- uation. American Sociefy of Civil Engineers Reeofinizing the ne -d for a wcll-ronnded ai-- ademie and social pro :r.ini. acli ilir include outside peakers. prominent in en;:ineerin;: anil .illieil lielil-. student speaker . eiliicalional niii ie . lour of an engineering nature, and an athletic team. Social exenis are centered around active mend ership in the C.ondiineil Kngim-ers Society, ami | arti -ipation in the annual Kn- gineer " I).i and the traditional stag affair, ■ " pple li«l. " " delegation issi-llt to the Hocky MuMtilain Student ( liaplir (infereiiie iif ( I- liejil once a ear. MmmiI once e er tiiree monlh- llie -linliiil iit- iicers. program committee laciiilv ad- visor and department head meet to di-cus and outline a program plan. I he detail- ol arrang- ing meetings are left to the program commiltee and the others appoinleil l the committee chairman. Klection policy has heen to have the president and vice-presiilent elei-ted one eacli from tlie architectural and civil engineering majors, who take ollice at the heginning of :-pring (piarter. Onicers for the past vear were: I{ichard Davis, president: F.rvin Hell, vice-president: Holiert Meigs, secretary: Hohert Swanson. trea-urer; I ' rofessor I,. ( ' .. Novak. fa idtv advisor. Back rur. Irll to rithi: Gene Peterson. Jern Peiman. Lee Londworth. • Eitktk row: Mirko Jancic. Kenneth Hoffman, Robert Steven«, Warren Gardner. Robert Com«tock, Donald Crazem. William Kin , l-esiie Mellon. Jack Feller. Ted D« cr. Thoma- Hallida . Don T«oi( • Vrrra; roir; Ednard Griffen. H. Allen Ru»ell. James Chinn. Jack .Maituire. J. L. Parkinson. Sam Hobbs. Jerome Schwann. R. I.. Bcrr . S. K. Tursman. P. F. Scherrer. John Wa|ncr. • Sink rote: Paul John on. Hurley von Ehrcnkrook. Oluf Nielsen. John Houston, keshab Palhak. Tejkir Khanna. Herbert Tanaka. Wilbur Fliehmann, H. Georife Marshall. Paul Stutzmann. David Stubbe. Donald McCarter. • i l roir. Dick Thompson. Ra BerHendoff. Bill Parr. Richard Sharp. Thomas Rhone. Harold Contois. Kermit Matthews. Jack Frost. Elroy Reep. Roder Nelson. Bill Tuller. Sarb Smth. • Inurlk ror- Mion Ruden. Carl St. John. Mark Saflord. Donald Nepp. Kenneth Neumann. Archie Paton. Herbert Aspin »all. Albert Hasskins. Bob (.offman. Peter Rouse. .Morton Solomon. B. K. Terrv. John .Meenan. • Third row: Curt Baker. Richard Heine. Joseph J. WoitkievMcz. Robert J. Klinker. Robert . Davij. Edwin L. Chuck. Richard D. Bosles. Thomas J. Liviniiston. Anil Vajnik. Robert lee Wilson. (Jcne Tipton. Robert Keel. • Strond row: Vincent G. Sheridan, Jose R. de la (luardia. William P, Carroll, Ambarish H, Aniani, l.losd G. Jefferies, Bill Vnderson, Charles J, Reich. .Morlev Robinson. Turan Vural. Richard M. oun . l.avern C. Koersvitz. Thomas W. Foster. Jr.. Jack E. London. • -roar rotr.- VV . VV . (.arter. Roderick L. Downin . Leo C. .Novak. Richard E. Davis, Ervin J, Bell, Robert W, MeiHs. C. Robert Sssanson. .M. L. Mass. R. C. Roulenstraus. W adc L. Menoher. W. W. Delapp. E. J. Steputis. 295 A. S. American Society of Mechanical Engineers The student branch of ASME is primarily concerned with pr iilinf; tlie stndi-iits of ciifii- nfrrinjz with a pallcrn of aclioii wliilc on ) ' ani|ius wliicli ill form and s|Mrit is identical willi liiat %viiich lie nuist follow if lie expects to iind a place for liimsidf in his chosen profession. This pattern entails the print ' iple objectives of the society, some of which are: to broaden the sin- dent ' s acquaintance with the practical side of mechani -al en rineerinf;. develop the students initiative and abilitv to speak in public, to fa- miliari :e him with the parlianientar procedure anil organization of learned societies, to enable the student to establish fraternal contact with bis fellow students in en-iineerinii. both at his alma mater and at other colleges, and to meet grad- uate engineers engaged in the active practice of mechanical engineering. The meetings of the group are planned to be of interest to the student and to inform him of what to expect in the business world. At the first meeting of this year, Mr. Fred (Chambers of the I ni crsitv Placement . ervice t dd a group of some two hnnilred engineers what the job o| portunities were for the coming graduates of the university. Mr. ( .liamber ' s talk was ex- tremelv inlerestiii " ; and hijihlv informative. During the December meeting. Professor Brown of the Mechanical F " ,ngineering Department gave a good talk on " ' Power Plant Installation in Mili- tary Aircraft " before a joint meeting of the Me- chanical Engineers and Aeronautical Engineers. The annual football game with the Civil Engi- neers is a high-light of the year and a hotlv con- tested game. This vear the A. ' ME took second jilace in the annual Apple Fest with an unus- ually fine skit. Oflicers for the [last year were: Hill Jude. president: Bill Hamilton, vice-president: Rav Jump, treasurer: Paul Barth. secretary; Mr. Descbere, sponsor. 4 I 296 ftack row. left to right: Stanley Shavel, (i. Hartvifjsen, M. L. Craig, Robert Strain, Russell B. Johnson, John Lavoie, Emerson Wells. • Fifth rote: Jack Johnson, Wilbur Leonard, Robert E. Johnson, Mannini Balcom, K. L. Gillespie. Edward Johnson. Norman Allen. David ' ond . • l-ourth row: James V.. Johnstone, Julius l.orzinfi, Jr.. Ra Sanders. Lewis Zimmerman. Eddie Cope. Thomas Bailey. Loren Petersen. Nor ille Johnsi»n. • Third rote: William Muldrow. John ' akich. .Mevander Il in, Hnmer Harve , .Arthur Taylor. David Soros. Irvin agara, W illiam Murph , N ' assilis Arapkiles. • Sfcond row: Surcndra Kumar Jain, Thomas Wethington, Frank Price, Jr.. O. H. Stelter, Jr.. Marvin Lederman. Frank l ratt, Harold Ljsle . Walter Banas. • Front row: William Chronic, Darold Davidson, Claude Deering. William Hamilton, William Jude. Leslie Johnson. James M ' ir e», I)ji id Charvonia. ' 411 illi ;i total nieinhcrsliip of 1030. last vear llii- liiitY.ilo Ski cliil) was llie larfiest ski oinh in tlu ' l{ock Moiiiilaiii arra and j)rol al)] flic larjicst ill the coimtry. For ?.? ilnes exarlod from each mriiilxT. tlit- ilnh offers the |)r( s|)f(li - skier liel|( ill luniiij; eqiii| iiietit. free ski instruc- tion, a iiie.iiis of trans|)ortation to the slopes, a night ' s loiliring anil two fiood meals over tlie weekends, and of course many good parties. OrifiiiialK tlie clnh iiiimhered merely 20 when it was orfiaiii .ed in l ' ),{!!. Duriiif; the war it was Bulfalo Ski Club iiiacli e and was rexixed in I ' H ' i to hlos oiii in 8i .e. Perhaps the ;;reale t assets of the rliih are the two cahins it operates during: the winter for llu comfort of the skier. One eahin is Iticaled in W inter Park, within skiin;: ilistance of the slopes. The other eahin is loc.iled .it ( ieor ' ;etow n. (Colo- rado .ind i owned l the cluh. it is eompletidv filled with all the modern cniiv eiliences and can i-.l il lee|( (oris pi-opje. The chih open- llie cahins earls in llic mm-oii. mainl.iin tiiiiii Hiniii liunl liic liiiliil.LV -. .inil clo-i ' - lliri]i l.ile in tile -priii . Ever ediii-il.iv iii;;lil lliruii iliuiil llii- -cliip(d year, llii ' ciidi meel- inform. ill in Memorial for ski nio ie-. I.iiks on arioii siihjecls, odeliing and polka-in;: contests, or jii-l a {lood pel lo- }:ether. Dnriiifi the year the cliil) poii.-or.- .-c cral " hiinny races " and the . outl ern Rocky Moun- tain Ski Association meet, steak fries in th« spririf: and fall, a Homecoming (loat. a learn-to- ski week, and finalK to wind up ihe ea-(iii. a spring cariii al .ind hanipiet. ()nicer for the past year were: Georpe Schrei- her. president: Hohert Kel e . vice president: Siizie Stokes, secrelars : Kidtcrl Frost, treasurer: ,lai-k KeJK. racing man.igcr: (land I iilicdi. Iii-.- torian: (dilV Sni eK. sponsor. Back row. left to rifhl: Ed Seubert, Shad Hiilchins. Geor((e Schreihcr. • Second row: Karen HandwcrJt. Johnnie Jithnslnn. Chuck Reich, John Houston. • f-ront row; Carol (Jnliedl. Bob Kelsc . Brad Geisler. Suzie Sloket. Cliff Snively. 297 a Calico and Boots J lift four years ajio in tlu- fall of 194f). llie square dance club, now known as Calico and Boots, was ori natcd on the university campus. That orifiinal firoiip. consistiufi of cifiht students and facultv niciniiers. has jrrown into a clult with a nicnd)(Tsliip limit of 6. " ) and a record of more than 2S exhihitions to its crec lit. dx- )f these exhihilions ha e been j)res -nted outside of Boulder. Hcsides its club meetinfrs. which olTer an op- portunit for mend)ers to improNe their dancing skill and style. Calico and Boots sponsors a weekly all-campus sqiiar ' dance, to which the public is invited. Here the funilamental square and round dance figures common to this rejiion are tauf;lit. and be ;inners soon become enthus- iastic aiKocatc-s of this favorite form of recrea- tion and fun. Two or three times a year, try- outs are held for all students who ha e mastered the dos-ados and the allemande left and who are reaiK for the more complicated work of the exhibition team. Since its orifiin, one of the main functions of the club has been to foster interest in square dancing on the campus. Therefore a " traveliuf; set. " composed of a square of Calico and Boots members, a musician, and a caller, has been created to demonstrate and teach dances to any ori;anization that may be interested in tiaininji a fireater knowledge of s(]uare and folk dancing or to those out for fun. Durinii the past years. Calico and Boots has broufiht to the campus such veil-known per- sonalities as Dr. Lloyd Shaw and his Cheyenne Moinitain dancers, and Hay Hope, state cham- pion caller from ( .olorado Springs. The club hopes to continue these projects because next to actually dancing himself, the square dancer finds his greatest joy in acquainting others with this great American tradition. Officers for the past year were: Ken aneka. president: Russ Raymond, viee-presi lent : Jean Fiolkaski, secretary: Virginia Harris, treasurer: Mrs. Frances Bascom, George Dobbins, and Mrs. Charlotte Irey, sponsors. i " 298 Bark row. left to right: V n i. Brandle. Pat Broxon. Myron Wisneski. Jo Ann Prcslcr. .1. I). Barnc-.. Ann Thompson, Bruce Burbank. Marjie Hall, ( " .eorije Dobbins. • Third row: l-rances. Bascom. Bob Woodward, Eleanor Duke. Marshall I.ilsk , Manelle Kueb, Bob Collier, I ' at Van Duiee, Don Fillmore, Mahle lulker, • Second row: Eleanor Winjo, l.lovd Haller, Beverly Callihan, Glenn Chaiee, Gwen Chafee, Bill Hamrich, Ann Woods, Bob Jones. Kathv Fa , • From row: Dick Simonds, Mar Henr , Kuss Raymond, ir«inia Harris, Ken Waneica, Jean Fiolkaski, Tom Dinkel. • AhsrnI from piclure: Jim Kalliff. Mrs. Charlolle Irey. Cunipiis ( lu ' st was set ii| l v ASL ' C in 1040 as an ai;« iic which t ' oinhiiii ' s all ilrivrs for relief fllll l iiitii line l)i ilri e aiul see thai iiiiiiiev ' ol- leeled i ili tril)iileil li eharitv firoups re |iiesliiii; simis. This ear it is oonipttseil of a fieneral rhainiiaii. I{av Kotheriiiel, and eoniniittees un- der the lieadiiifis of Researcli. Harriet Froese; Business. ard (!ro«-kett and Leonard Fox: Pub- licity. John laco[i( nelii : Format. Be%erl itt- lianer: Screening;. I{ niiie ZaII: Events. Fr« ' d SiK« rber};; Solicilalions. Ji:rry Epstein and Campus Chest Jerr) Miliicr: Secretary, Ann (.iilllur;; ,irid lile ( .lerk. Mollir I ' litorhnik.. I he (■cininiis ar tliair- nian i a|i|ioinle l hv VSl ' C: committee head- are selectee! i the I ' hairman. I ' laiiiiin;: lor the che-t dri e lie;:iii- iiearK a Near ahead ol time: while puhlicil eommillee Mirk« lhroii;:hnut the ear. I he special exents cMriiiiiiltec -tajie- henelil programs for the clie.-t: the comiiii sar tommitlee li.iiidli- -alo of cand ami olhir refre-hmeril- at the- Little I ' lieatre and at rli-l irii- pri clin lions. ( .lie«l drive this Near N as carried on iiN oNer liNe-hnniin-d oluiiteer NNorkers. organized into diNisions. i.n li nl %liich NNas sulidiNided into teams. The . ' ■sndxd of conlriiiution to the !hest was u red feather. The driNe lasted liini ' davs, and Nsorkers reported at Memorial li.illroom each ol the three nights to turn in moncN lollected. Chest drive this year was held in NoNemher, and collected over ? 4.(10(1.(1(1. from about . " ).(l(l(l student-. MoneN colle ' ted Nsas f;iNen to tuber- culosis foundation. comnMUiilN che-t. heart re- search, cancer studies. (lAHE. World . ' tuilents ' serNice fund, foreipi 8tutlents ' loans, and foster parents plan. Sponsors of llir ( ,lii-l inrindi- Mr-. UiNiiold-, Mr. .Lines. Lisle W are. and l)(iriilli Holiiii-iui. Back row, Ifft ' " rifhl: Ra Ruthcrmel. .N ' nrhert Mclleckcr. Bill Rcid. I rcd Silvcrbcrft. Kunnic ZaII. • f-romt rote: l.cnnard Pnx. Jcrr l- p iein. Ann C iullbcrif. MnlK Poiochntk. Harriet Froe c, John lacoponelli. Absem irom picturr: Ward Oocketl. Jerrx Milner. Rcvcrlcy NN ' itthaucr. 299 Ca Cli nfferbury ■b Episcopal Sfudent ' s Organ ' izaf ' ion The Canterbury (.liil) represents the Episcopal Churcli at the Uni ersity. Tl is a incnibpr of tlie National Association of ( ' .antcrhury (lluhs. rep- resented on every campus where Episcopal coni- iniinicauls an- sliideiits. This firoiip is ofTiccnMl hv roiilirnifd student -hiir -hni " n and wonii-ii. although its membership is open to any inter- «--lcd stn l -iit. The chdj ' s profirani is connnilted to (iifinitc activity in the llclds of worship, study. service, giving, evangelism, and unity, in addi- tion to the lifiliter jihases of campus life, includ- ing intraniural sports, parties, picnics, and steak- fries. The Chd) " s activities are held principally at the lufrley Episcopal Student C.enter. presided o er by the Episcopal Chaplain, Father A. B. Patterson. The primary purposes of the Center are to provide a convenient place for worship as well as a " home away from home " for any interested student. Through the facilities of .such an institution and the person of a Chap- lain for .-tudents. both tilt- spiritual and material needs of Christian men and women are cared for under professional suj)ervision. The Canterbury Club and its Church Center confront the entire academic community, fac- ultv. administration, and students, with an ac- tive aggressive witnessing of the (Christian reli- gion, thus helping the sorely-needed integration of higher education with the faith. Officers of the club for the past year were: James Brock, president; Richard Ransom, vice- president; Carol Hachtman, secretary: Dixie Ann .Sniitb, corresponding secretary: James Tit- comb, treasurer. The executive council con- sists of Paul Barth, Fred Brunston, Beverly Sims, and Peter M. Hin elnian. Father A. B. Patterson is the group ' s chaplain. 300 Back row. left to right: Paul Barth. James Summers. William Schneeherd. Richard Webb. • Third row: Peter Hinzclman, E. P. Tovani. Betsy Nichols, Jeanne Macy. Norma Weiss. Richard Anderson. Dean McFarland. • Second row: James Brock. James Tiicomb. Richard Ransom, Father Patterson. Ruth Rahm, Charles Rock. • Front row: Mrs. K. P. Tovani. Guy Hayes, Mitzie Davis. Barbara Carpenter, Johanna Lindou, Marjtarel Sandusk , Carol Hachtman. I riic ( .oMiiopolitan ( " .lull was forniffl 1» K -v- tTfiid Frcil K. lfii in ' )2 ' 1. willi nifinlK-r- ( roin 12 (lifTerciit rountries. Its niollo is " Abo r all iiali n i- liiiiiianitv. " I ' lic ohjtM-t i(f llic club is to (le olo[» a better iinilerstuniliii aiii« ii}i tbe people of llie world and to fo ter tlie spirit of toleranee. cooperation. Cosmopolitan Club and uni i ' r-,il lirollieriiond anion;: eolle e and iiiii ) ' r ' -il -liidinl- iif .ill iiatidii.ilitii ' v ;iiid raees. I lie or;;.ilii .alioii lia ;;ro Mi siiiee il ilieep- lion and lia- now nieiiilier- from iiearl Mt -onntries of llic world, ll iiii-rl- onee e er two eek . ulieii. apart from the social aclixilies. pro;: alll about different ' ouiilries " sorial and eiiltiiral baek rounil arc presented b niinilicrs from llio-i ' roiinlries. ' I ' lie pro;;rani« roii«i-t niostl of dances, son s. anie.s. nio ie . ejiici- daled by speeebes. The nieetincs are opi n in .ill liii arc itilcrc-lcil in llic aim- of lln- iliili. (!o-iiio lull iilliiir- for llii- uere: Turan oral, prc idl•llt: i i i J. . " arb. icc-prc-idcnt : Maxine Hiicliiiiann. sccretar) : HoMinars ood. social secretary: Mikr Kiibola. Irea-iirer. .mil Kric Hackliam. pon-or. Back for. Irit to ritit: Frank Barhrc, Lcrn Hampton. .Mchmel Ozulu. T. S. khanna. Jamcft .Nfnrrit. Anne Mandu»cc, Kalph N ' ifthal. Lean de Oli crira. Jame% Marahlc. • Hftk row: Chuck Clarlt, ' vonnt Hopkint. .M. K. N ein. Belle Lou .Mahone , l.catrice Reich, kefthah F ' athak. Erna Sandene. Kriint Sandene. V alter Banat. hourik row- kathrvn SelU, Wa nc Crardner. Malanah ( ohn. .Marie .Morrit. Howard Sirhan. Hari kri han Partal. Uahel KIched. kennelh Kllchie. Alfred l.u. S. k. Jain. " T kird row: Dnutlat TaKuchi. Lucille Lee. Ru « Kichman, i;urda al KhunKar. Zytrrwint Micz n»ki. Pauline HaMkinherr , Jacquiline Jor|cn en. Taki Tajtuchi. Dec Boulton. • Sttond row: Barbara Hannum, Mar in Shule. T. f- " . Tent, Harrv Hata»aka. Lone Hirtch. («ei rftia L nei. Suian Beritckon. Ro ie .Maftunata. Hi ae Inou e. • t-roni row: Helen True. J.ihn Hi hx. Maxine Buchmann. Kric Rackham. Turan ural. Mike kubola. Anil ' altnik. Amri«hra . ntani. 301 Equestrian Club Kqni ' strian Club ' s jnirpose is to promolo in- terest anil enjoyment in horsemanship. Tender- foot and old-timer in the saddle participate in paek trips. all- lav and monnli iht rides, and steak fries. Activities arc not oiiK rides, hut in- rlnde hay rack parties, social functions, and jiarade floats. Spriii;: (juarter. the clnh holds an aiuuial horseshoe which lias proved popular for sjtectators and entrants from the L niversity and Boulder. Ofiicers for the past vear were: Dick Heine, president: Jack Bakenian. vice-president: . " usan Zierk, secretary Mary Lou Heisterman. treas- urer: Linda Huckins, reporter: Vi all arner. sponsor. 302 Members: Hujjh . !bers. Kuth .Andersen, Elaine Ashb . Pat .Vtherton. Pete Au erinns, Jack Rakenian. Kiihra Ballin, Barbara Kank . Mar lin Baum. BeH Bcchler. Jud Blickf. Joann Roufthter. Put Bradley. Marjiaret Rramhall, Maritm Brownell. CaroKn Campbell. La ' on Carlson, F.lise Case, Cynthia ( nrper. Ccoriie Colttnfiham, Dorothy Davenport. Kenn Dickerson, Don Dishon, Dottle Evans, Dick Evans, Marv Fleming, Emil Forlunato, Betty F ' rcnch. Lxnn Fritchman, GinJ Gould, Carol n Haa|£, Miriam Habel. Joan Hajjen, Peil(i Heine, Marv Heisterman. Nancy Hill. Diana Htijile. Linda Huckins. Dianne Jacobson. F ' ileen Jcpsi)n. Jean Jerald. Ma Johnson, Carolyn Jones, ( ' aroUn Keil, Barbara Lane. Marvin Lederman, Dorene Leonard. Harriet Lev , Jim Lincoln. Jean Lindaas. Hirschel Lindse . Nancv Luckiesh. Dan Lyons. Helene McCarlh . Doris Mann, Julie Meiklejohn. Mary Kay .Miley. Ra Miller, ( orrine Mills, Sue Morrison. Bob Peterson. Joan Potter, Jim Reich, Carohn Keiman. Jo Kippberder. L nn Roseman. Sue Saltistein. Ted Sanderson, Mimi Sc hoe neck. Jo Sensor. Irma Shapiro. ' ee Simmons. Fred Staehle. Nanc Ta lor. Annette Tharinjier, Dick ThariniltT, Uilma Tr»dd. Mickc I ' onkel, Lvnn I ' sher, Walt arner. Margaret erdon. Josephine W aujjler. Jackie W innek. Svbil elig on, o ' -an ierk. ..W . M -t r. _ :._ Fencing Club riif Fciucr? (Jul) 1)1 tin- I ni iT.-it ol (.olii- radu was re-aclivatetl in Se|ilcinb( ' r, 1946 t i ful- fill the neeil for an organization wliicfi could •■njiajif in intercollrfiiali- fcncinf: ' oni|)rlili(Mi |)fnilin i acfi ' plance of fcncinii as a arr-it sport. To ilati- the Fencers (!luli lias iieen the manifes- tation of tile iiiii (TsilN " intorinai fiTiciii;; jiro- •;raiii. ilevelopiiif; teams which compete with the collefies and universities in the area and with rejiional fencinj; eliihs. In 1947 and 1949 the club sent teams representing the university to llie National ( " oII ' ;;iate Athletic Association fencinfi ciiampioii-iiips at the I ni ersit of (Ihi- ea;;o and ihi ' I iiiled l.iles Mililarv Vcailemv at - t I ' oint. The Fencers (Jiiii al-n «er es to promoti- and stimulate intere t in fcncin;i at the uni ersit . and ;;i es its acti e memliers an or;:aiii .alioii throii;:h which thc ina coiiipt ' te in the meets, tournaments, and competitions sponsored and eoinliicted hy the (.olorado Division of the Ama- teur Fencers I.ea;iue of America, the controllin;: body for fen«-in : in the I nited Stale . Fenein : instruction is offered hy club mem- bers in the men ' s pliysical education pro;;ram. and women recei e iii tructioii liirou;ili llie cliih. Tiic Fencers ( ' lull has the M-r ice- of Jon ( u ick, l)in er as an iiistriiclor. (Illicers for the pa-l ear were: Kolierl S. Heeil. pre idenl: ince Sheridan, vice president: Alice ln;;wer on. ecrelar -treaMirer: F. ( " ,. Tnieksess. facnilv .iii i-or. Back Tov, left to rifht: Bill l.a«lc , Pete Cnke. Virtfil Headrick. Rii F ir nn. Ned Blackmarr. • Vrronrf tot: Diiane Johnson. Sadaichi Kuhota. Joanne ilkins. Viritinia iUon. Mice lnft er en. Milch Siriecker, ilUrd Freed. • Front row: Frank ttumhcrstunc. Clifford Cloonan. V ' ince Sheridan, Robert Reed. Harold U ' est. John Gielc. ..|6xriaf irom picture: Mary Droefte, Nick Humcn. Jay kranz, Gcor)(c Krieiter, Lolita Mendcnhall. John Pa ne. Carl Thompson. 303 r « ' n f NJ r 1 Free Lance Free Lauce made it? dcbul in l ' U() in response to the need for a social and athletic organiza- tion on rani|)iis for iiidepend ' nt men sindeiits. Since then the ehib has {irown rapidly to an in- crease of membership from twenty-five in 1946 to forty in 1049. In colialxiration willi other cainpns frroups, the eluh sponsors fornials. mixers, and dinner dances every ipiarter. At the same lime. Free l.aiice has participated in nearly all inlranniral athletics to the extent of Nieinfi for liam- pionship honors many times. Also the club is r - ponsil)lc for members on various committees durin;; llomecomin;:. inter (larni al. and Colorado U Days. That club members should participate in ac- tixilics on iheir own accord is the policy of Free l.ance with the exception of new mend ers who are required to enter all functions durin : their li " n two months in the orfiani ation. Furlberniore. new njembers are recpiested to serve on any com- mittees of their choice in order to become better oriented with the work of the club. All independent men students, irresj)ecli e of race, creed, and color may become members of the club. Officers for the past year were: Kenneth Bas- tian. president: Quentin Hooley, vice president: Mvron Horn, secretarv; Alfred Stoll, treasurer. 304 B(U-k roir, left to rifht: Alfred Stoll, John HiSby. Don Parker, Bill Foddv, Rohert LoomiB, Henry Varga. • Third row: Rill Penrsall. Boh (;ill. (ilen Kussell. Perry Squiret, Wesley Carharlt. Dean Crosier, Warren Rarner. • Second row: Stephen Jurca, Quentin Hooley, E. A. Bloomquist, LeKoy Hampton, Myron Horn, Norman Haftleton, Fred Peterson. • tront row: Bill Britt. Don Kimble, Chuck Clark. Ken Bastian. Steve Da ol. Dwain Towner. Stu Schever. • Absent from picture: Francis C-onover, Morris Cooley. Paul l.ipschultz, Richard Paul. Hiking Club rill ' Hiking (lull. OIK ' III till ' (ilili ' l anil iiiii t aoti e or;:ani aliiiii nil llii ' rani|iii . iif1iT« -In- dents a iiiiilliliiili- III ri ' iriatiiiiial iiiitiliinr arti - ities. Diiriii;: llii- vcar M ' fki ' !iil iiik« ' « ami j-lrak fries. oM-rnifilit lri|»s. ski trip.- anil liouse parlies, aeqnaini the stiiilents witli tlie nionntainons re !- iiins of Hoiililer anil parts of tlie hif;li country. IiH ' liiileil ainiiii the past vcar ' s acti ities were the annual frr-hman frv. }ii eii in ronnerliuii with new stnilcnt week: an oxerni ilit Irnrk Irip to Hear I.aki- at whieli hiker- cliinht ' il Flattiip Monnlain ami Halletl I ' lak. the first ila . anil after sleeping out. made two shorter trips the second day: and the annual rhanksi;i in;; House party, held at Idlewild Inn near inter I ' ark. wliere lack of snow limited mendjers to pirif;- pong, card plavin . ehinese elieckers and some liikiii;:. in lieu of skiing, lionieiomin was I rli ' liraled h the eluh uilli a er earl moriiiii : liriakla-l fr and llir tradilinnal servinfl of the ISiitl-liarlii ' i ' iir lii ' fiirr tin- ;;ame. I ' ni-pi rli i ' mi ' mliirs must ;;ii mi three hikes to pli ' il;ii ' and allir li e more arr eli ihle for the two inilialion hikes. On the first of tllrse ihev liiii-t rlimli (iri ' i ' ii Miiuiil.iin and iiami ' tlir peaks III the Irolil raii;:e: on the second the are suh- jected to the real initiation. The initiation din- ner dance is held at the end of winter ipiarter. Tlie ehih aims, aloiif; uith increasin}; the stii- deiil ' s knowled :e of the mountains, to proNide a true spirit of comradeship amon those inter- ested in the oul-iif-doors. A ltliiiii;:li refxular and alliliate memhers have additional ail anta;:es. the trips are open to e ervone and the entire sliidi ' iit lioilv and faciillv .in- iii ili ' il to partici- pate. Officers fur the past year were: . 1 (ilark. president: Kvelvii Norell. ice-presidi-nt ; Mar-ie Slaats. secretary : I ' e Hal. treasurer: Jack Diiaiie. iiiana;:i-r: Kd Mi a. assistant maiia;; T: (»ciir;;e Dobbins. James (diinn. and Hud John.»on. spon- sors. Back row. left to rifl t: Rilph Shellon. Roland Anftel. Jick Johnson. Betty Frost. Dicic Ttii, John Thrailkill. Bob Cournc . Jack Frost. • Third ror: Helen Baxter. Fd Mixa. Chuck Leierer. Nila I.eicrer. Peft Ball, Fvel n Norell. AI Clark. Carohn Howe. Stuart SiKerherit Fd (Jrauer. Kcrmit Mathews. • SrcomJ rotr : Charley Biitien. Be erK Losher. Mar .Morrow. Rod Paite. Marite Schodcr. Lee Lundeen. hromt row: Carohn Grieshach. Dorothx Davenport, ( arolsn F dwards. Jack Duane. Stan Lorens. Jackie I ' aule. F nn Roseman. ' ecil Watson. Lou Hendren. Rita NlcOrccsex. Absfmt from picture: Boh Betlerley. Bill Braddock. Art Brown. James Chinn. (ienrtle Dobbins, Kollin Dove. Dave Cuniss. ¥.d Dibble. Johnnv F.ditar. ' ic Favicr. Donald drcitnry. .May Goodrich. X ' orth Gurley. ' ince Hefti. Duane Hickman, Tom Hornbein, Jim James, Sarah Jane Johnson, Bud Johnson. Bernie Ketlman, Dou|( Kleis, Bill Kleis, Ann l.arsh. Mark Litt. Bettv .Mahonev. Grin Marks. ' erna Moodv. Phil Moore, Ross Morrill, Lee Murphv. rx McNair. ' iri(inia .Moore. Ralph Peak. John Peper. Bob Rilev. Bruce Schwartz. .Marttaret Staats. Jim Stuart. Jack Twomblv, Mike Wjhcrv lJr I .i„ W ailc. B..h W hccUr, I).. l.Ih Williams. 305 Hillel Jewish Student ' s Organization Tlu " I ni or ;ity of iolorado rhaptiT nf Hill I. national ri-li iuiis (ir ani atiitn for J ' uish (■ollc c sindrnts. is oin i f 2011 (liaplt-rs on ranipUM-s thru(i}:lionl tin- nation. At Koillilrr. Hillrl ' s main a(ti it its lia r Itrrn religious, rnhnral. anri s M-ial. I iitil this (-ai. Millrt at I lias liotn liandirappt-d liy lark of suOicirnt farilitirs to pro- vide u suti fartory program for }v s i h students on the canipns. Howcvi r, the nrur fiilurt ' may (ind tlir chapter with u permanent direetor and a hoiist- of its ouri. These fucililies will give Hillel a eenter around whirh to or- ganize its operations, a plare where at all times the Jewish student will find a frienilly, homelike atmos- phere. This past year the artive mendtership has grown to l.SO ineinhers out of a total Jewish student population of 350, while many of the non-memhers ha e altrnded various affairs. In line with its program, Hillel has sponsored lee- lures, study groups, religious serviees. diseussious. danres, pienies, and tither activities d signed for maximum par- ticipation. Events in Israel and on the . meriean Jewish srrne, Amerirun forripn polioy, ilisrriniinulion, stiidciit and (loiiicstir proltlciiiM, and otlier topics of similar iia- turt " ha e provided llu- sidijt ' cts for luuncrous spcerlies and disrtissions. AUo. Itillt-I has partiripatrd artivcly in silcli inUT-faith proji-cls as Relijiion-in-l.ife Week. Tims it is tlie purpose of ilillrl Imtli lo serve as a rallyini! point for Jewish students, and lo provide them with an atmosphere of Jewish enlttire and relifiiiin. flieers for the past year were: Alfred Hueliler, presi- dent; Mary I.ou Isaaeson, vire president; (!harles Lazer- wilz, treasurer; Maxine Shore, reeordinp secretary; Esther I ' aper, eorresponilin); secretary; Rahhi Lader- man, sponsor. Memhers of the Exeenlive (iouneil were: Mareielle (irossman, Sid I.ederman, Naoniie Minner, Stan Rosenhaiiin. Lillian aldliaum, Herniee ortheim. 306 Hack row. left to right: Sid LedLTman, Stanton Rosenbaum, Esther Paper. • Front row: Mary Lou Isaacson, Al Buchler, Maxine Shore, Marcey Grossman. t ' f- Oi I 111 ' Hiimi- Eoonoinics club i. composetl of irl- in.ijor in llic field of Iioiiif econoniics. -M« ' ctiiij;s iirr liclil iiiiiiilliK iliiring llic sfliool vear and are of both a professional and social nature. n[)|i »rtiiiiities in the field of home ecimoniic- ;ire prr ented during the nieetiiifis which are freiiiiently used as a means of meet- iiif; professional women in tlie fitdd. Home Economics Club rile pr l) " - liini ' tions imliidc ihi- |ir i in- ial u«irkslu |i. xnIuu members meet with other collefie Home I ' .conomirs iluh niemlxTs in ( !olo- ra lo, d)r.i ka. and Wvomin;:. An annual sprin;: meeting of the (iolorado clubs is also held. In addition, the club sponsors the sale of (.lirist- nias cards for (ihinese Foreign Kidief. an annual spring party complimenting the graduating sen- iors, and the ve;irl liri-tiiuis partN. ( (flieers for the |)asl ear were: I ' eggy Moll- man. |iresident: Harriet (jauss, ice-president; Joan J dTerson, secretary; Kosie Masunaga, treasurer: . ' s|iirle Haslian. reporter: Fave Peter- son, historian; .Mrs. 11. fehlman. I acuity spon- sor. Back row. Irft to rifkt: Sue C«llcn. Jc«n Wcini(«rtni!r. Rnscmirv Ashhurn. CUire Holmes. Jane C»rnev. Pi( Clrroll. Marian Barr. Virginia Trow, bridile. • homrlh rotr: Ann Perriman. Bctn Vrnold. True Har hman. Man Kolh. Jan koopman. Dana Hall. Mar Heck. PeMv Oldaker. • Tkiri row: Joan .Ma berr . Mar% rjrlh. .Marian Murpln. Irances Kinsel. JoAnnc l cnde un. I ' a e Telcrsun. luris Danlicc. Mardaret SIoa . • Srcond row: Mar Hu hev. JoAnn Winans. Patl I ' ratt. Pat Jensen. Karhie Naines. Catherine Darlinittnn, Manette Kueh. Hilcne Smallier%. • f- ronl row: Alice Sietcl. (loldie Harmsen. K«i ie Mjvunaifa. Peitdv Mollman. Harriet C.auss. Juan Jefferson. • .th rnl iriim picturr: Shirle Hastian. Shirl Keckell. Jean Kita Irecmole. Sherr Hansen. Mrs H. lehlman. Duns KinsinSer. D.iroth Runs, Shirles K mer, Joanne Scick, Ruth .Man Wilkinson. f A f r O A 307 Illini-Buff Club The Illini-Buff ( .lub, open to resitlents anil former residents of the state of IIIinio». is the largest ll- )f- tate cliil) on tin- «aMi|uis. Its paid niend)i ' rshi|) represents some seven hiiinlnil Illi- nois students on the Boulder campus. The larfiest project this year was the charter- ing of a railroad coaeh from Denver to Chicapo during the ( " hristmas vacation for those % ' ho wen- unable to obtain reservations. This year the chib was again publici .cd in one of Chicago ' s larfiest newspapers. The social events of the ear included skatin;; parties and steak fries, as well as inter-club functions. The outstanding party of the year is the annual Christmas party held in Chicago, which attracts students from Illinois and sur- rounding states. ( )llic Ts for the past year were: Dick Kudidi. president: Don Clauss, vice president: .lean Kubick, treasurer: Polly Liston, so ' ial diair- nian: Bill Lasley, publicity chairman. Mend)ir.-: Mickc) Ale and T. .lack Andrews, Jim Ascher. Barbara Austin. J din Bailar, Lor- raine Basich. Barbara Bonash. Mort Burt. Don Clauss, Joan Condon. Jack Cody. I ' ete Cooke, N ally Cross, Jim (aitler. Gladys Davidson. Jean Kvans. Donald Frisbv. Robert (icrshenow. Caro- Ivn Griesbach. Stuart Hollver. Luigi Home, Hutli Huntington, . lice Ingwersen. Ken Jerabek, Jack Johnson. . " teve Jurca. Irene Kanellos, Jean Kubik. Bill Lasley. Harriet Levy, Carolyn List, Helene McCartli , Jackie Paule, Joan Pink, Donald Pruss, Louisanne Beilh. Lvnn Roseman. Dick Rudick. Randall Ruff. Bill . chneeberg. Marvin Simpson. Ginny Spalo. Stan Spiegel, (iail almslev. Josephine angler, Barbara " W itch- ell. Nan Vi oolpv. 308 lllnii-liiiir :ini II, For the vcar 1949-.i(), tlie Iiiclo|)pinlent Stu- dents " A ■•l (•iali »Il was afti ' in -poriMirin;; a arifil and all-iiirln i ' [iro;:ram fur tlic Indi ' - lirnilt-nl tucli ' nt. I lir r -f;iilar Micial |irnf;rani in- rliiilcil ilanci- instrnctiitii for ont- liour r cr Mon ia cNcnin in Mcniorial l allr iini : Dance Time, a staj; or dra;: afTair, during the lioiir fol- lowing! tlie instruction: quarterly sport dances; and the all-school mixer held on tlie lirst day of eaj ' h cpiarter. In addition. ISA held a qiiar- terlv formal, nsinj; two cir three hands, and lill- ing the entire Memorial hiiil iin :. ISA also hranched out to the athletic field l)v s| on. orin : ltide| endent teams in the intra- mural sports profiram. and last fall was iiistrn- niental in securinj: the ni rhl profiram now avail- ahle to all men in the Men ' s fiym. Kvery Sun lay afternoon. ISA s[ onsored mixed swimmiiif; in the Somen ' s fiym for holders of ISA activity eards. Independent Students ' Association Icir ihe first time, ISA entered the fine arts fiilil 1 sjionsoring informal |)ro ;rams l)efore c-.m1i rlist Series feature. These pni rams con- cerned the presi-nlalion hi-in;: ;:i en at the lime. Last fall ISA pre enled il Second nnnal (lull I ' irsI i;;hter. a full «eekiiid rilelir.ilinn oicupsin the entire Memorial liuildiii;:. With two hands, amiu rooms, door shows, tin- .-elec- tion of the hrohman ( ueen, anil other features, this Independent presentation is rapidly becom- inn • ' I niversitv tradition. Oflicers for the past ear were: Harvey Ever- ett, president: Marv Louise Parks, vice presi- dent: Janet Stein. secrelar : Joan l ' hili| sen, treasurer: John Mif;h . puhlicilx director: Ann Melville. Sl (, reprcM-ntative: Lorraine Miller, SAC. representative: Hen (rallaud. sponsor emer- itus; and Clyde O. Marlz, sponsor. Btu-k row. Irft to rifht : Charles Clark. Hans Jaekel. James E. Moore. Sam Allen. Bob Brown. Rick Paul, Mel Freundlicll. " Fourth roic: Lorain Kahn. Bill .Maltoon. Helta Hin elman, Helen MacI.ennan, Pai e Carlin, Paul Lipschuiz, Stu Schc cr. Third row: Maxine Buchmann. Jean Harquail. Curt Baker. Ji e Douhck. .Mildred (ioldbcrit. Fleanor ( Kman, Fster Paper. .Mar Jackish. • Second row: Joan Kicslcr. I ( rotli Scomp. Betty Sukonick, Pat Conner. Ruth Moreau, Dianne Jacobson. Jacquehn [ aule. • -rout row: John Hi(lb , Joan Pliilipsen. Mdr Louise Parks, llarvei Lserett, Janet Stein. Ann Melville. Lfirratne .Miller. " Absent from fiiclure: William Braukman. Carohl Krenden. fieorjte Christenscm. (Charles (]orliss. Steve [)avol. Ben («alland. Kleanor doldman. Carolvn Haaf{. Beverl Hornev, Dorothy kopine, .Mike Kubota, Cl de Man , Claude .McDonald, .Mar ' Russell, Roberta Sharpe, EstclU Thomas. 309 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Tlu- Tnsliliite of tlie AerotKniliral Sciences of the lni ersity of Colorado is a student branch of the national IAS professional society. The stiidi-nl l)ranch is an organization of sophomore, junior and senior students in the aeronautical engineering department, while the national or- ganization has membership in all fields of aero- nautics and aeronautical industries. The pur- pose of IAS is to expand the knowledge of aero- nautical engineering students aiul to familiarize them with the practical aspects of problems in- volved in their field. This is achieved by pre- senting lectures and showing movies at meetings held al)out four limes a quarter. Oflicers are elected annually during the spring quarter. Those for the past year were: Robert Fischer, ihairman; Gene Beynier, vice-chairman: ir- ginia Means, secretary: Peggy Miller, treas- urer: and Mr. Claude addell, sponsor. Activities of IAS in the past have included talks by Ir. C. J. Hansen, assistant chief engi- neer for North American Aviation, Inc., on the development of the B-45 jet bomber, and Pro- fessor H. W. Sibert of the Aeronautical Engineer- ing Department on some of the problems in- volved in thermo stresses of supersonic airfoils. The annual spring picnic is among the standing activities of the year, as are films on various aeronautical interests, sent from IAS head- quarters. 310 Bofk row. left tu right: Jamc R. Sutinn, Paul K. Kiiescr. Boh Whitmarsh, . rt Baca. K«iberi Petersen, Lee Dale Foos. • Second row: Jack C. Johnson. Robert F. Randall. Rons IJ. Morrill. Harold . . Ooft, Richard W. Palmer. ilbur C Watson. J, G. Nelson. • I-mnt rotr; Jeanne Place. Jose R. Elfalan. Robert Doubek. Robert L. Fischer. Itill W udis, Cieorge Duvall. irginia .Means. • Absenl from picture: Willis .Al in .-Xdair. Fugene Be mcr. Arthur Burton Bellman. Ray William Bender. X ' i ncent Boothra d. Samuel Burke. David Lloyd Coleman. Joseph Glenn Connelly, Fdward I)rur , John Fditar. Lester Guinn. Jr., Lorren (lale Harper, Dwii it Haskell, James Jacoby. Jack Kime, William Leo Laurence. Colin .MacDoufJall. Kenneth Clark Metcalfe, Marftarct Louisu Miller, William .Morfian, .Arnold Novack, W ' illard Renn, William Joseph Shettsline, Charles T ler, William Wise. The IiittTnational Relati( Il cliil) | .irlirij)atO(l wi-ll ill a l)ri)a l « |ie of aclivilics pirtiiiciil to lilt- |iron)otion anil sati ifartioii of iiiterc.- t in iiiti-rnational affairs, as well as an e |Kiii ioii of local anil rr;:ional or ani ational oprrations. in- oln(lin : the % inning of the oflices of Rookv Moun- tain n ' ;:ionaI prcsiiliMit anil tn-asiiror. anil tlie host?liip for ni-xt year ' s Ho(-k .Mountain He- giona! Conference. Vi i ' »-kK nieetinfis consisteil rliieflv of lectures anil panels b) student members anil outside International Relations Club speaker-. ( liil-l.iinliii;; llii- iar w.i- the series of profirams iiiiiilnl " Concepts of International Morals. " A neu publication was r-lahli-hiMl which proxiiled :reat serx ice to the local nicm- bir-liip ami other refiional clubs and placed tlie liiliriiatioiial Hrlatioiis Chih of the I iii rr itN of (iiliirailii ill ;;o nl •.l.iniiin;; hi-fori ' the e es of iillicr .iiiii iiiti ' rii.ilioii.i! or ianizutions. Local officers for the year were: John Mc(Finn. president: Ivo I.ederer. vice-president: Jo.inne (.lark, secretary: and Maurice (!i)ole . tn-aMinr. Hi-i ional officers elected at the conference are Joseph .Mallory. jiresident. and H.ilph ishal. treasurer. Bafk rote. Uft to hgkt: John Sinder». Unknown, Gene D U . Jane Oech»le. Court Peterson. Third row; Wither Kiltintcr. Jake Sauceda. t ' nknown. Unknown. Ralph Bergman, John Henefer. • Second row: Paul McFalridKe. William Ncwiey. Unknown, Je«ii Cheen. Farnum John»on, Jo Pitcher. Eve Cohen. trumt row: Jo Mallor , Johanna Marguardi, Imi Lcdercr, John McGinn, Jo Ann Clark. Ralph ' i»hal. Ahsrnt jrom ficture: Stan . del alez. Albert Baitle , Jim Rau|{end, Dora Bcalc. John Boilar. 0 i» Bowera, Lucia Ro le, Kenneth Brcann, Kred Brunaton. Maxine Buchmann. Grace Burrow... CaroUn Campbell, Paid Chandulal. Randolph Clark, Hva Cohen, .Maurice Coolo, Jo Anne Cu hinit, CaroKn DeGood. Dick Dillon. Warren Donle, Krhard Dorlmund. Robert Karrcns. Robert Fe»Ier, Ph llis Flakier, I. nn Frilchman. Phvllis Garrett. Harr Goldstein. N ' ir inia Harris, Elizabeth tiaselton, Lou Hcndun. James Herbcr. .Marv Lou Isaacson, Sam Jacobs, Norman Jarsmillo, Shirlc Jones, Jean Judkins, Josce Judkins, Stanles Luslber , Harold .Mantius, Bill .Mattoon, Mar Alice Murph , Annie Naliamura. Karen Nelson, Rels Nichols. Jim Norman, Charlotte Urnsten, Prudence Peacock. Carol n Races. .Marion Rawson, .Mars Rains. Robert Reitout. Barbara Riesen, Theodore Kouilland. Jean Schaar, Marsin Schachler, Bob Schwartz, Mars Sinders, James Sloan. Jcrrs Slein. Belts -Ann Slockinit. Hillis Sloll. Nancs Stroud, Dasid Sundal, Ji an Swarlhoul. John Tessicr. Frank Thomas. Diana ' an Ausdall. Anila Wade. Keilh Wallcn. Monwell Walton. Bert Wilsfin. 311 Kappa Phi National Method ' isf Girl ' s Club The Methodist Girls Chih. Kappa Thi. at present has lhirl -li e aeli e chapters on eolle e eaiiipiises tiiriiiifiliout tlie eoiiiitrv. lis aim is to make every .Methodi.-l ollei;e woman of today a leader in the cliureh of tomorrow. The h cal chapter. Alpha Delta, has liad man varied activities this year. After initiating two classes, it l e ;an a new " Sister I ' rojiram " and a " Motlierd)aiif;hter " prof;ram with memhers of the .SCS. It also participated in the SC.S Bazaar, served the sprin;: dinner for the Marv Martha jironp. ludped in the churcli luirserv and };a e a profrram for tlie S( !S. l o Snndavs were set aside as Kapfia I ' hi Snmlav ami the clnh memhers attended chnrch to;: ' lher. Kappa I ' hi carried on an extensixe widfare profiram in the ciinnnnnity and foreifin relief servire. In addi- tion there were the traditional functions: the Meal in the Upper Room, the Sweetheart Formal and the .Senior Hampiet. " Upon this rock will I build mv ( " .hurch " was the theme for the year. .Several finest speakers were heard throiiifhout the year. The theme was carried out further hv usiufi skits, programs con- cerned with the churtdi. foreign missions, and indi i lual iiroidems. 312 Officers and cabinet members for the past year were: Marv L pton. president: Nancv Holiwer, vice-president: Helen Hanson, treasurer: Mar- ian Barr. recordin ; secretary: Pat Bainbridge, correspondinf; secretary: Florence Rivers, pro- firam chairman: Phyllis Pyle. historian: Betha Biirk. nuisic chairman: Genevieve Mayberry. worship chairman: Joan Vt hitebouse. in itati in chairman: Bonnie Berfie. art chairman: Mary Ortb. social chairman: Joan Mavberrv. mend er- ship chairman: Hazel Siemsen. publicitv: Janet Bacon, alumnae chairman: Mrs. H. B. Allse- brook. sponsor: Mrs. William C Tremmel. co- sponsor: Mrs. Warren Bainbridge and Mrs. Mil- dred Parr, patronesses. Back row, left to rizht: Genevieve Tavhcr v, Mary Lewis. Marion Barr. Cath Carstens, Joan Mayberrv, Nancy Rohwer. Ruth Allen, ftarriel Causs. • Fourth rote: Phyllis V e Carol Spitzer, Pejigy Piper, Norma Coffin. Lorraine Olson. Pat Pierce. Helen Carroll. C illeen Allen. • Third row: E hyllis Kind. Betha Burk, .Maxino McCall. Janet Bacon. Helen Hanson. Florence Rivers. Joan Richards, Delores Roulton. • Second row: Dorothy Drexel. Anita Henric. Rachel Cackle. Marjorie Cooper. Helen Sutherland. Kathryn Sells. Mar June Schlatter. Sara Fletcher. • Front row: Grace Griffith. Mary t ' pton. Sue [)ickson, Mpritaret .McCarthy, Mrs. Tremmel (. ssistant sponsori. Aileen Kelly. Joanne Poole. Bonnie Berde. • Absent jrom picture: Pat Kainhridije. Suzanne Callen, Roberta Carlson, Doris Haury, .Mary C. Orth, Hazel Siemson. Joan W ' hitehouse. Shirles Rose. Betty Arnold, Alma (iolviir. Shirle Dinwiddie. Gnen Firth. Lab Theater I. .ill riu-att-r is a ! tii loiit fiovcriied ( r};aiiiza- lion. I lie povcrninp body being tlie executive coniiril. Tbe members select, ilirect. and pro •luce tlieir own plavs under guidance of tlie dra matics board, l.ab Theater was originally or ganized to enable more students to participate ir acting, and it served as a place to obtain ground work for participation in Little Theater plays Kligibility for l.ab Theater is participation i anv production. Lnusiial technical effects, or a type of play that would not normally be produced in the University Theater are reijuirenients for the selection of plays. One play is produced each (juartcr on the wci ' k following the first produc- tiiiii (il llir l.itllr I lii ' .ilcr fur ijiLirtcr. In the spring l.ab Theater proiliici- tin- pri r win- ning one act pl.i ' - friiiii the one act pl.i con- test sponsored b the Mnglish and speech deparl- nicnt. In llii- pa-it l.ab Theater has produced such |il.i - .1- " ' Hiirs llii- I )ra l. " ' ■(►edipus Hex " from llic lran lalion l Professor .Sutherland of the classics department: " l p the Mill a I ' iece. " " Aim on llea%en. " ' and " Ad Kxit. " The latter employed the arena style of staging the first time il was used at this I ni ersity. OfTicers and mendiers of the executive council for the past vear were Stafford ' Thomas, president: Joe Mrady, vice president; l.arrv . rmilage, secre- tary-treasurer: Dodi Sethman. . ' aul Hoffman, (rlen Johnson. Frank . " ullivan. Marietta English, and loiuiie I.utit .. ewman Club An ediit-ational anil s| |)r( ;;raiii is of- fered to all memhers of llie t niaii ( ' liih. Its activities iiicliide Cominiiiiioii Breakfast. Eve- ninf; Rosary. Daily Mass, ami Study Groups. The clnh also sponsors several soeial functions tlirougiiout the year and participates in projects such as Easter service, and the construction of the Nativity scene at Cliristnias. The ( ' lul is plannin : and workin : this year toward the building of a new chapel, which, it is hoped, will he built sometime in the fall of 1950. Officers for the past year were: Ray McGavin, president: Henry Fingado, vice-president; Jo Zugelder. recording secretary: Martha Moroney, corresponding secretary; Fred ankocy, treas- urer; Betty Rose Salzman, historian: Bill Roh- ichzud. sergeant-at-arnis: and Father ( " harles, sponsor. 314 Back roTC. left to right: Hmil Handel, unknoivn. Kd De Celle. Norhert Mellecker. Vincent Gardner. Tex Dehbreclit. Clem Williamson, Mike Hisa, Boh Klack. Clem Deisner. unknown. • -i zA rozi : John Pellejtren, I.eo MQlone , C. J. Loetcher, Jack I)bI , unknimn. Ed Leonard, Lisa Formanek, Jim Rutherford, unknown. Malcolm Hcffleman, unkno%vn. Fourth row: Waller Rannas, Tom O ' Brien, Chuck O ' Brien, Bill Breen. all Cross. Art Alvarado. Jose Flfalan, Bill Braukman, Sarah Brennan. Janet Schiller. Mary Low Mellecker. Jo ce Cillis. • Third row: Frank Krasovec, Bill Swccne . (Catherine Chambers, Rosemar Dtrndhtrty. Joan Fellin, Delia Delimont, Shirle Ori)Jer. Rose Bessol. Helen Matthews, Maritarel FJlcrhoff. Rita .Mc(»reev . • Secund row: Unknown, unknown, Flaine Johnson. Elsie Robb. Mar Ann Pleasants. Ka Petersell. Hmest Onorati. unknown, Isaac Ruvbal, Rosemary O ' Meara. Mary Ann Scheib, Roberta Sharpe. • tronl row: BeH Ruse Salzman, Fred Vankocy, Mrs. William Berd. Mr. illiam HcriJ. Father (Charles Forsyth, Jo Zuftelder, Ray McCavin, Martha Miironey, Bill Robich .ud. Pentagon Club Fniiiuli ' il ill o fiiibor, l ' )14 on tlie University ' aiii| iis. llu- I ' fiilafioii cliil) is an honorary gym- nastic society for all those interested in promot- ing gymnastics on the campus and in tlie state as a uiiolf. The name Pentagon, stands for tlie five principles of the club — strength, endurance, coordination. sj eed and health. Aims of the cluh arc: to promote the welfare of the L niver- sity of Colorado in every possible way; to stim- ulate interest in gymnastics on the campus: to discuss various developments and aspects of gym- nastics: to promote good fellowship and social contacts among gvmnasts: and to encourage aca- demic achievement on the pari of all gymnastic men at the University. Activities of the (dub include putting on exhi- Ititious for arious organi .ilion.- ' thr ii;:iiout the state, such as the Klks club in I ' ueblo: perform- ing for schools all o er the stale, and for half- time enh ' riainnient al I nivcrsily haskethall games. The (dub also sponsors the annual state high school gvnniaslic meel held a! llu- I iii- Ncrsity every winter tpiarler. The Pentagon club gives those boys who have worked diligenlK. hnl who arc nol able lo repre- sent the Uni ersitv on the gynulaslic Irani a chance to participate in gymnastics ami to lulp [iromole the sporl ami instill inlercsl in it. Oflicers of the cluh for the past ear were: Ken Dunstan, president: Merle Noble, vice-presi- dent: Bill Haase. secrelarv : Freil Thornes. treas- urer. Faculty members of the organization are: Charles Vavra, Roland Balch. Dean Harry Carl- son, and Tom Arnberg. Back roor. Iffl to rigkl: CteoTHe Davis, Jim Norlinit, Keith Nesladek, Flo d ( ' ooper. (Charles tluntcr, Mac Pa nc, Don Twoitood. • Second row: Simmons ( ouith, Phil Scherrer. Jim ' «vr«. Kdward Packham. Doui(la» Taftuchi, Paul Villano, Paul Le« her. Front row: John Schultz, Bill Haasc. Merle Nohle. ( ' . (i. ' avra, Kenneth Dunslan. Fred Thornes, Lee Tautz. • Absfnt jrom picture: iS(udcnts) Melvin Beckett, CIa ton Bennett. Sam Rrijtht. Jim Brunton. lFacult i Tom Arnbcrii, Roland Balch, Dean Harry Carlson. 315 Buff Pep Club The Buff Pep Club, servinc; as a iincleiis for orjianized rootinp at lionie football ami basket- ball •rallies, is eoiiiposed of 8(10 eiitluisiastic members who can be identified by frrey and f;old bats and wbite blouses or sweaters at all games. Tbe Pep clubbers hold blocks of seats at these {lames, and during football season perform flash- card stmits between quarters. The cheerleaders, elected each fall and spring on a rotation plan bv the entire club membership, are making niaiiv plans for the future, including establish- nient of a regional cheerleaders ' association, higher standards for cheerleaders, and improved ells. The cheerleaders are imder direct juris- diction of tbe Pep (dub, and tbri ugli this, the Spirit and Morale Commission of ASUC. The Pep Club was organized in the fall of P)48 bv awarding charter membership to stu- dents in Alpha Phi Omega, service honorary. Heart and Dagger. Sunialia. Phi Epsilon Phi, jNIortar Board, Hesperia. and Spur, class hon- oraries, and since that time has grown to its present size. Membership is opj-n to all save freshmen, and constituents are chosen during the spring quarter from applications. Former mendiers must re-apply each year for new mem- bership. The Pep Club Senate is the governing body of the organization, composed of the officers and hea ls of committees. Mend)ers of the Senate for 1949-50 were as follows: Roy Rothermel, presi- dent; Walt Spicer, vice-president; Norma Lee Rogers, secretary: Barbara Lane, treasurer: Jay Lutz, card section: Jim Cohig. nu ' inbership; Bill Haase, pep rallies: Tom Joffee. publicity. 316 " " v - -.— •? Tin- I ni •r it rii i(s ( ;iul was or-janizod ill tin- fall iif 1 »4.S. Siiuf llial tiiiic it lias f;ro vii rapiilK. until loilay it comprises almost all of tlio atl aiii-« ' l plnsics majors, with many other persons in ref:iilar attemiance at the meetings. The ohjeets of the organization are: to afTord an opportiinitN for the memhors of the physics classe to 1)C( oiiic ai ' |iiaiiil ' (l. to proiiiole a spirit of conjienialitv amon tluiii. to acqnaiiil thciii Physics Club willi l(i|iii III iiitiTi " -! lliriiii;:li till ' iiK ' iliiiiii III aihlresses by competent speakers, ami to foster the ile elopment of a professional spirit. I 111- Physics chih has presented diiriii;: the vear many open meetin(:s desifined to appeal to all those of scientific hent. We feel that it is thus performinf; a real servii ' e In the I ni ersity in fiirtherint: a more acti e inti-rest in science amoii the f;eneral colle;:iale piihlic. OfliciTs for the vear were: . Rniinitl. proiileiit : Wood row Mlack. ice-presideni: (ier- ald Franz, ecretary: Douglas Moy. treasurer; l.ilhiirn Shaw, program chairman: Hichard Hake, publicity chairni.iii: I ' nif. Frank . W .il .. ponsor. Bark row. Iff! to ritkt: Edward Leontrd, Joseph Guileris, Woodrow Btack. O. T. Oslwald. Riymond McGa in. • fourth row: Alhcrl Wilton. Unlinown. Cliri«Iv Mo»co. Tlieodore Counas, Kenneth Earnshaw. Roseoe Bloss. • Third row: Harry Crawlord. Harold Epstein. Llo d Timhiin. I.ilhurn Sha». Francis Vandenberil. Thomas Preecs. John Wisotski. • Srcoud row: Keith Collipriesl. Martha Morimes. Kim Sehuette, I nknown. Harrs Johnson. Arthur Doriman. Lcnnard Smith. I.lo d Johnson. • fro» roic; William Kellar. Professor WaU. Harry . rchuleta. William Brumitt. (herald Kran . Doutlas Moy. Kohert Maucr. (Jraham (iutsche. • Absrnl from piclurr: Huljh Ahhott. KaymonJ Adams. John Anthony. .Martin Bael. Robert Bardocll. Ku«cne Barrows. Ira Bait. John Beseler. Albert Briiiis. Edmund Brown. .Morton Burt. I)a» id Chase. Jack Dahnkc. Wesley Daniels. Thomas Dismuke. Kobcrl Uoherts. Marshall Field. Richard CIrossman. Richard Hake. Robert Harrintton. Richard Hood. Norman Humphrey. Bernard Kcatin . Phillip Kin ie. Duane Ladine. GeorUe Martin. Ritche Mikesell. Wayne Millsap. Richard Morton. Harry Nance. Wendell Peterson. Paul Ponce. Donald Ruden, Charles Saunders. Sanford Schwartr. Harold Shonyo. .Alan Talhert. Milton W axmon. John Whitmore. Meryyn ounij. 317 Porpoise Women ' s Swimming Honorary Porpoise, Women ' s Swimniiiif; Honorary, al- thoiif;h not a new organization on the campus, lias hccome increasingly popular since 1945. Tliat vear tliey first presented llieir annual Aquacatle, which was greeted with such enthus- iasm that the program has continued. For the past two years the cluh has heen a guest of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado .Springs, having an entire spring week-end devoted to the Aqua- helles and their performance. Since then the CU mtrniaids have risen to national fame through their speed swimming team in the Na- tional ' I ' elegraphic meet, and their performance at the HrnadmoDr. They also assist and partici- pate in the intramural swinnning events on the campus. Memhership is gained through tryouts held once a year, in uiiicli applicants are judged on their ahility in the performance of the hasic strokes, consisting of front and hack crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, and their diving pro- ficiency in surface dives, hack dolphin, and board and standing dives. Throughout the year the girls work on the perfection of their strokes and new pattern techniques for the Aquacade. The officers of Porpoise are: President Kay Bondus, Vice-president Karen Handwerg, Secre- tary Beverly Brooks, Treasurer Norma Ninde, WAA representative Ann ' adley. Publicity chairman Pat Swope. The sponsor is Miss Gret- chen Sammis. 318 Back row, left to right: Jeannette Starks, Dorothy Thorne, Sue Koren, Kay Bondus, Beverly Spielmann, Pegfty Osman, Ruth Morris, . nn Wadley. Joan Jefferson, Norma Benedeck. • Third row: Pat Johnson, Barbara McCormack, Sue McMasters, Jackie Irwin, Norma Lee Rogers. Miss (iretchen SammiK, Burhura Brickman, Marion Murphey. Jud Charlton, Norma Ninde, Carol L ' ntiedt. • Second row: Joan Rosendahl. Pat Swope, Carol Hachtmann, Judy Rombold, Janet Munson, Rita Alwood, Dale Whitaker, Roz Malthey, Ruth Nh te, Beverly Brooks. • Front row: Mar Lu Web- ster, Shirle Patdur, Janet Lowe. Sue Schroeder, Kvelyn McWhorter, Audrey Roos. Isabel Bering, Donna Whiting, Juanita Stangeland, Mary Giese. • Absent from picture: Lucy Bennett. Kay Brooks. Alice Falardeau. Karen Handwerg, Gretta Holder, Ruth Ann Johnson. Shirley Maser, Sherli Phillips. Mary Ann Rasmusscn. Pat Stark . Pal Van H nintf, Joan WiUon, Pntricia X ' inkler. o ' Pe I The Kcli xioiis orkers Association of the I iiiviTsitN of ( .olorailo Wiis or aiii cil to pro i(le for workers i professional, faeullv. ami student) in llie iliiirelies ami eanipns or ani ations eon- cerned «itli the relifiioiis life of the students. Efforts have been made to establish a coopera- tiNe profxrain of eainpns relijiioiis work to en- eonra;;e an understandinj: of our hasie unity; to proNide a clearing; house for aeti ities of indi- idiial or conihined jxr »ups: to maintain a chan- nel throu;:li which cooperative projects and ac- fisities mas he carried on: to eslahlish a pattern of cooper.ition which can he transferred to the conuntiiiities to which the students return, mak- ing real our participation in national and worhl fellowships. Religious Workers Association It i- ihe desire of the lie li; iiill- WcirkiT- s- sociatioM to sludv the total religious need nl till- stuilents of the Lni ersity of (Colorado, to e aluate our efTorts in ineetin ; these need . .uid to consider necessary chaiifies. I he organization consists of a (icnerai AsM-ni- hl composed of a Professional Stalf and a . ' stu- dent (.ouncil to which each of the nu-ndier ;roups sends two sluilent de!e ' :ales. a f.uiillv sponsor, and their |i.isl(ir or chaplain. This vcar. tile majo r pro xrani emphasis ha- heen the plan- riinfi of Keli ioii in Life eek. cooperalin;; with the ASl ( . commillee. Sludinl reli};ioiis (ironps wiiirli are mrmhers of thi or;;.ini .alion are : ( !anlerhnr ( Inh. ( .liris- lian onth Fellowship. ( !on o .lul . (Fainma Dtdla. Millel Foiiiidalion. I.nthir ( !luh. Newman (dub. Kofier illiams Kellowship. esle Foun- dation, and Westminster FVIIowship. The execu- tive members are: Hev. A. H. Patterson, presi- dent of General Assenddy ami hairinan of Professional StafT: He . Maholm Haii;:lii . ice presidi ' iit of Professional SlalT: Mfred liuchler, chairman of Sluilent (Council: l)a e Thornhur;:. vice |iresidenl of Student (Council: Hels Nichcds. secretarv of Student (Council: Professor I ' .. J. Hilty, and Hev. (.harles Forsyth, faculty repre- sentatives to executive council: Tom ethiufiton and Don Sullen;;er. student representatives to executive committee: I. isle are. Student Acli - ities (Center: Professor F.dwaril Machle. faculty sjtonsor: Marfiery Taylor. ASl " (l Commi.ssioner; and Jane Miller, executive secretary. Back row. Irfl (o n »: I)ick RiniUiam. Rev. Malcolm Hauthcy. BeUy Nichols. Ray McGavin. • Srcomd row: Dick P lc. Ann Alexander. Marcey Groiiman. Ann Melville. Jo Zuleldcr. Dave Thornhur(. • hronl row: Profe»!ior Edvrard Machle. Don Sullcnder. Alfred Buchler. Ke». A. B. PalIer«on. Tom Welhmdon. Father Charles. Rev. (iordnn (Joldlhwoile. • Absent from piclurr: Pai e Carlin. Dave Hmeson. Rev, John I ' ulchs. Vincent Gardner. Prolessor K. J. Hiltv. Dr. John Little. Professor Carl McGuire, Jane .Miller, Jim Muldrow. Jim NormcnI. Professor Masnard Peck. Res. Millard Riley. Keith Rinncv. Rev. Theodore Schabacker. Betty Sch«f?at. Bells Ann Slockinil, ,Mar|(ery Taylor. Bill Thorp. Rev. William Tremmel, Rev, Larrs I ' pton, Lisle Ware, 319 oger Williams Fellowship Bapfisf Student Organiiation Tlif Hofier U illiums Fellowship is the Baptist Stuilent Group of the University of Colorado. It coopi-rates with local, state, national, and world-wide or-ianizations snch as the Inter- Church (Council. Colorado BYF. (Colorado and Vi ' voniin Ba[ttist Student Fellowship. Northern Ba| list CouNenlion. and ' orld Student Chris- tian F " ederation. as well as uilli oilier t)rganiza- tions. The Fellowship meets at the First Baptist (Church of Boulder. The profirani of the fellow- ship is planned and carried out h the eoniniis- sions which are composed of felK wship. de o- lional life, stcwardslii]). and e auf;elisni. Each inendjer of the Fellowship is invited to join one of the commissions. I ' he total pro ;rani is coordi- nated by the cabinet with the counsel of the stu- dent pastor. The Beverend Malcolm E. Houghey. Officers for the past year were: Tom Wething- ton. President: Mary Ciook. ic - President: i - ian McGettrick, Secretary: Jerry Howell, Treas- urer. 320 Bark row. lejt to right: Ot U Shao. Donald (Jroves. William Cook. R. Bruce Moody. Haul Edscorn. • Third row: Ua id Copcland. Stand Klfman. Bill Anderson. Chuck Barrick, Chuck Mtlle. Hdwin Chuck, Orrel Daniel. • Second row: Janice demons, Sue Meyer, Ell Hewitt, MarHaret Coffee, Carol Stevenn. ( ladv» Rylee. Bettye Ann Stockinft. Eleanor Elequin. • Front row: Helen Butler, Harvex Everett. Don Keichstein. Tom Wethington, Rev. Malcolm E. Houfthcv. Bob Grant. Bradv Howe. Betlv Leslie. MariKn Cooper. • Absent from picture: Janet Allen. Loren Anderson. Robert Bonham, Mahic Carlisle. Mary Ellen Cooke. Glen Dickison, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Drake, Charles Eppinfter, Jerry Howell. Pete Johnson, Sara Keith, Don Kimhle. Kill liwis, hred .Maxted. f laudc McDonald. i ian Mc(;ettrick. cr. — -_yt .s • S I Student Alumni Association riif Miiclciil- Aliiiuiii Mi ialii ii is a rclali (l new {iroup on tin- t ' aniptis. orjianizcd in llx ' early part of l ' )4 ). Since thai lime it lias participatiil in a ininiber of aetixities sueli as tlu- Aliiiimi relati( n at ( Colorado I ni ersil Days and Moine- eonuii;:. At the |iresriit lime liie a si cialiori i » irkinf; on a project to estal)iisli an Mnniiii (.Inl) in tlie cilv of Honlder. and to xellier itli the Alunuii odice is trying to promote a system of alliletic recrnitin;: committees in the many Ahunni ;roups tlironjiliont tlie country, espe- ciall ill ( ' olorado. 1 lie association i.- (( nipo ed iil 1 mi f:n)up.-: the executive council or committee chairmen, and the advisory hoard, matle up of committee menil)er anil dixiileil into four major :roups. rin-M- ;:ronp imliide Newsleller slalf. Meinher- liip and Slinletil ( ionl.Kt. (da s Kennion iiim- iiillli ' i ' . .Mill riddliiu .iiid I ' lildii ' Ki ' latiiiii ' -. rile main piirpox ' of llie StndenI Muriini As- orialion i. to a««i-l in i- er a llie ol■ialed Alunnii of the I iiiM-rsity of (!olorado and to .-pecifically aid tlii or :aiii .atioii in the follow- ing ways: conlaclin : of alumni, promoting cho d fiiiietions and drives. as-i lin; in the work anil piililiiatioii of alumni liiilleliii and information -heel.-, and assislin;i the alumni direiior and iilhers ill ihe or;zani .alioii in any a piis ihle. Miinliil- 111 llii- i eiiili e lolii Ml i I lie liir llie pa l ear were: Mar Fiiiiie;;aii. (»eor;:ia I. on;;. I Kill all . Hrad I ' relli. Stuart Seheyer. and Don I | peiiilalil. Bat-t roa-. Irfl to rifkl: Ted Shcink. Kiihcrl Burns, Jr.. Sli«arl HdUcr. • Third row: Hill l.iihctmu. G. Marque C i . I ' aul Lipschiit?. Janet Harmun. .Marian Mnrris. Ha% Xesl. • Srctind raw: l) tlf rcs HIanke. Bill ivinit. Kunaid Schnorr. Vinlcl Murray. Ronald Wcru. William Chocas. Ma C.cIH. • hroitl ruw: Kdward Woolumi. Don Uppendahl. Mary 1- innc|(oil. Tom Nalty, Stu Schcycr, Gcor£il Lonit. • Absent from piclure: Host Alison. Patricia Dudley. Pete Hollcn. Brad Prctti. Shirley Swayze. Carol Untiedl, Dorothy Vormi ard. r» 9 321 • — J . 322 ; ■ ' row. Ivit to rinht: Ituvti-r. Ifoiillon. Itrundiu-r, Ciiulhc-n. ( lopcr. Dickson. IJIltIioO. ' ;I; j j..u. Hull, Hand, Han-tun. Hctkvs, Hcnric, Molmcis, Hnpkins. • Fourth row: HiiUe. James, Kildow. Kilpatnck. l autcr, B, Lfwift, I . I,cwi . • Third row: Miihnnc . NIartin, Mctvilic, Millard, Mnrcau, Olson, Onnrnii. • Second row: Paitct. nlilip c , [ ' i toctinik, Kalim, Kcicli, RiiL ' h, Sack. • Bottom row: Schinittcl, Shearer. SicAcl. Sinkcs, L ptun, Walker. Univ. Women ' s Club i(i;sn)i;NT mi;mhi;i(s Mc-Ii-n HiixitT Marpari-l KlI.rliofT tairr Holnn ' s Harliara l.4 ' vis Annie Nakainura Maiiitte Hlieli SiiKiiii Mrrpisiiii Iaiv Ann I ' auilrl Myii- Hopkins Mary Kallnrinr l.rwis Hnseniarv )lson Marie Sack Driciri ' s Itriiilliin MalM-1 1 iilk.r Marjiaril lliiyi l atrii ' ia Lewis 1 iirille Onorali Donna Selunitlel Jiiaiiiir Itruiiiliicr I ' alrii ' ia ( as cr (irornanni- Ilulse Hi ' Mrly MarSpaildrii Uillia Jean I ' alist Marjorie Seller? U.lliu ISurk Marjoric Hall Carol Hunlcr Millr Lou Malionr 1!. Mary I ' agel Janet Slu ' arer I ' litriria Caiilhen Marilyn llanii Maryliilli- James Jo- Am Martin Joan I ' liilipsen Aliee Siepel Marjorie Cooper Ilrirn Hanson Viriiinia Jossi-lyn Ann M.Killr Mol! P Iinik Sn .anrie Stokes Ann Ouvis Joanni ' HiikaB Iftlty Kildow JaiK ' l Millard Kulli Malini Takako Tacnilii Siio Dirkson Anita Hcnrie Jo Lee kilpalrick Kiilli Mori ' au Lealriee Keirli Mary I pton Dona Dryden Uovfrly Iloliiiian Eva Lauler Mary Jean Morrow Jean Keinier Jarqiii Walker 111. I iil i r-il nriicn - t liili is a social anil riilliirai i r::aiii .atii ii lor Ixilli (Fr -ck ami liiilc- |ii ' nili ' iit wiinii ' ii: its |iiir| sc is li proiniitc fririi(llinc and ilfiiiocracv on the «aiii|iu.-. Tlic pieliiroMiiif iluli luiiisf. situatcil l) ar il lake. is the renter mI " iIk- activitic pmx idid for ils inenibers. Tiu ' W omt ' irs (liib participates in many all- sfliool t ' xciils -lull as 1Ionii-«-oniiti;r. inter ( ' ar- ni al. aiiile% illi ' . anil (.1 Days. The cliil) re- ceiNeil a share of the honors in the jiasl ear when it was awarded the lirsl plaee trophies lor ht)th tlie Son ' fesl and an Kast ' r lloat ihirinj; ( l Uavs. The top honors were presented for the Homecoming float. " ' Hird in a (»il(h-d (iafie. " tliis fall. Kach ijoartiT an opening tea is sponsored for all women on campus. " cofTee times " e er Wednesdaw a ipiarlerK I ' lav Nif:ht for i olh men and women, and man inlerestin " meetings, in- University Women ' s Club cludin-: a night honoring foreign stntlents. The elahorate formal presented each quarter is the lii;:h point for it- memhers. The " " Nutcracker No lurne " lealured tiii fall wa out. ' -landin;: itli man ori;zinal decorations taken from the Nulirackcr Suite. l the «ame time, the cluh mcndier- ha c found time to maintain one of the lii;:hc t chola lic a erage on campus. I he entire cluh, including the non-resident memhers, as well as the . ' 7 resiilents. is governed h the ' lnh rouncil. consisting of ' .i girls, the proideni of the Sponsor ( !luh. and a faculty ad isor. The iidicers are: Mar Ih Mr Janie-. proiilcnl: (Claire Holme-. ice-president : Mahel lulkcr. ecrelar : Margaret KIlcrholT. treasurer: Anila llenrie, assistant treasurer: Harhara Lane, his- torian: Kve Lauter, social chairman: Jaeqiii Walker, nienihership: Sue Bergeson. pnhlicity; Helen Hanson, head of relaxation teas: Marjorie l idters. housing: Hosemarv ( )l on. scholar-hip: l alh K an. |ianhellenic repre-enl,ili c : Mollv rolo(hnik. heail Iriail: Heli-n I ' al llatiher. Sue Dickson, and Su .anne Stokes, assistant triads. Sponsors include Mrs. (Charles I ' oe. president: irs. Frank (rreenwav. iee-president : and Mr-, (lin ' ord Westernieierand Miss Mary Kthel Hall, faculty advisors. Bark roar, Irit to right: Sue Beriteson. Anila ilcnrie, Maritarct Kllerhotl. Marjorie Setters, Helen Hanson, Kath K an. Kve l.auter, SloIK Potochnik. • hront row: Jacqueline Walker. Mahcl Fulker. Mar Helle James. Claire tlolnie . Barbara l.ane. • Ahseut from picture: Sue Dickson, Helen I ' al Hatcher, Kosemar Olson, Su annc Sloke . 323 f h Pj C i 4 ' University Men ' s Glee Club From Haili to (iersliwiii mil oiiIn dc. ' iiTilx ' s the rt|nrl iirf of the I iii ersity Men ' s Glee (ilul) hut also throws some li ht on the varied aclix- ities of the •;ron| . In the prin(: of " 4 ' . nn ler the ilireetion of Arnolii CiKiitnian. the (ilee C.hih i-onehidecl its second vear with four notewortin pro;;rams. On the eampiis. the (ilee (Huh san;; for the Aiunnii Banquet held durinf; CV Days. an l presented an outdoor pop eoneerl in conjunction with the Modirii Choir. ()(T campus, the fironp sanj; for tin- Honlder Holary (luh. and later fiave a half- hour choral concert o er KHOI.. La I fall cpiarlcr Mr. .lolui I,. Ke allo look o er the direction of the (ih-e (duh and led the jiroup to its nu)st successful year. One of the outstand- in;; profirams dnriiifi the fall ]uarler was the musical profiram presented at the KI.K s .Annual Memorial Ser ice. iven at the Moulder chap- ter ' s lodf;e. The activities of the Lniversity Alen ' s (ilee (.luh are not all on the serious side. Inlormal serenades are fiiven around tin campus at the women ' s residence halls and sororil hou-es. () ■- casionally the Glee (]lub is called upon lu ad m ' f f -h f as host for informal rcciplions. Last year the i;roup had the opportunit of meelin;i the direc- tor and nuinhers of the Del ' aur Infantry (diorus followini; their concert here on campus. Membership in the L niversity Men ' s Glee ( lub is open to all men haviiif: a love for singing who will show loyalty to tlie group and interest in its a(ti ities. Kxamination schedules, the fre(]uency of extra 1 :(tO a.m. nights, cold epidemics — not uncommon with winter serenades and other odd influences seem to determine the size of the singing group, which is between forty and sixty. hether a barbershop tenor, an operatic bass, or a shower room l)aritone, they all can be found in the University Men ' s Glee ( " luh. Officers for the past vear were: John Mitchel- tree. jtresident: Hawley . nlith. vice-president: Harrv Newman. seeretar -treasurer: Byron . k.ers. publicity: crn an Ornam. librarian: Frank Moulds, accompanist: .lohn l{ezalt( . direc- tor: Arn(dd (.baitman. sponsor. 324 Bark row. Irfi to right: Harold La h(iurn. Dick Ka iton, Gus Santerre, Donald Reichstein, Bill Moss, Georfje Helder, Bill Lewis. Don Greenwood, Tom Brdwn. Bob Beard. Dick xeM. • fourth row: {;ia ton Fichelber((er, John Henefer. Karl Kropf, Hawley Smith. Keiih Sinjjer. Laurence Blatchford. Boh Peterson, Harry Henrich. Lewis Ross. Bill Weber. Dale Bucknam. John Kochenburiter. • Third row: Bob Rinehart. Ka Crowder, Frank Moulds, Michael ayda. Ivan Dale. Bill Lamb, Kenneth Pirk, B ron Akers. John Mitcheltree. Bill Detweiler. Cliff ( asey. • Second row: Bill Mattoon. Dick Krusc. Howard Hddy, Bill Greathouse, Don Hill. Dean Keatinfi. James Callender. Fred ankno. Gcortfe Breidenhach. Ward Fischer. Glenn Nelson. Dick Cowden. • front row: Bob O ' Dull. Loren Siffrinji. Lee Ta Ior, Michael Hnr ath. Dnain Jackson. John Re at to. Don . ikin. Harr Newman, hick Rcit . Bill To lor. crnon ' an Clrnam. • Absent from picture: John Bush. Bob Gcrwin. Da% e Jacobs. Nile Patt . a ne Ranta. ysu m}i% Sl.irliii with a lar;;f |(Ifil):c class lliis fall. Nalkvric lias plans for a lr )iif;iT ami more ac- li or ani .atidii than in prcxions cars. The purjMist ' of this iinlfpcnilt ' nl women ' s f;r up i- both social and service. Dcspitt many comliimi! fuiu ' tions with other imIi-pt-mlcMt women. |(lii,- tea ilances. fomials. anil picnies with iinalliliateil men ' s or ;anizations. alkyrie members main- tain a liifih scholastie average. As service proj- ects, members usher and act as hostesses at vari- ous campus activities. The name alkvrie comes from tlic idd orse Valkyrie Independent Women ' s Organization legend-, in which alkvrics were a fironp of wo- men. Ii.ijl mortal .mil half ■!0 ldess — perforniin-: special deeds o( conr.i;;c ami service to ikin;; warriers. Plans for the futnre inclnde at least • trip per ipiarlcr to I ' it .simoii ' - clcran- ' to entertain patients. Officers for the past vear were Helte Hennel. j)resident: Manila Ailin;;er. secrelarv : Dorothv Kern. ice-j resident: Joan Mill.s. treasnrer: Klea- nor Cayman, I.S.A. representative; Mildred (ridd- her . social cliairman: Janet lutein. pnl licit chairman: Ksther Kiclier. historian: Uann na Parkinson, sponsor. Btu-I: rox, trit to right: l-louise Chapin. I- ' dna Hilfin. Charlotte Bcrii. IJiirnth Kern. Maritarct McCarth . Either Eicher. • Third row: Viritinia Street. Doris Kinsiniter, Esther Caper. Cwcn Firth. • Srcnnd row: E- ' lizabe(ll Conrad. Junko Kako. I at (ierlinij. I. llian WalJhuum. Ccorjtia l. ne. Jo% .Martin. ■ hrunt row: Ji an .Mills. Eleanor Cl man, Hamona Carkinson, Bette Bennett. W iinda .Aitiniter. .Mildred (toldherit. Janet Stein. 325 0 ti Viking Club Independenf Men ' s Organizafion iking chib was organized in 1934 by a group of voiinir independent men in llie interest of pm- inoting better eooperation among indepemleni students. The chib is an independent men ' s honorary ac- li elv partieipating in all -am| us a« ' ti ities in- tranuirals. social an l enltiiral affairs. . t the same time, the chib actively fosters the promotion and development of leadership, scholarship, and so- cial interests of its members. Viking prifles itself in accepting independent men on a democratic basis, eliminating consider- ation of race, creed, or color. .Many outstanding graduates of this university were members of iking . . . Tonv Rav. ( ' ane Bearer of his class and first recipient of the Diinklec Citizenship Award; Vem Talcott, former president of ISA, and Jack Randle. former commissioner of pub- lic relations ASUC. Dave Charvonia, president: Robert Doremus, vice president; Robert Peterson, secretary; Norb Mellecker, treasurer: and Gerald " Swede " Aim. corresponding secretary, . ' sponsor: P. Raymond Johnson. 326 Bark row, Irfl to rinhl: Ruf-scI Cole. Han-ey Everett. Fd DeCelle, Edward Roszel. James Moore. Donald Sundherji. ' crnon Winkel. • Fourth row: Tony Thomu . Donald .-Vhlbeck, Ronald Apodaca. Kenneth W ise. Melvin Freundlich, Donald Whitlock. Donald NfcKinsir , John Shvppard. • Third row: Robert 1. eland Smith, Syl Devereaux. John Kissack. William Moto ama. I. loyal Thompson. Bob Brown. Marc Richardson. Donald Hifijiins. • SrroHd row: .Mike Kubota. Henry Sumikawa. Arthur Taylor. Frank Potochnik, Robert Ger hen lw. Marvin Lofftren, Donald Harrison. Earnst Vester- mann. • tront row: Norbert Mclltckcr. Robert Peterson. David Charvonia, P. Ravmond Johnson. Ceratd ernon . lm. Robert Doremut., Robert C. Strain. • Absent from picture: (actives i Ralph . sht in, Paifte Carlin. Dave C lasser. i pledges i Robert Nakaoka, ScotI Smith. lf rill- olcs h iinM l;iliiin presents rclifiioii on till- l rl ,in l in llu ' lan ;ii;if;i ' of llic nni Tsil :-luil iil. ll -tiiilcnts are in itfil t i inlir into llir pni r.iiii i)f lilt- Fonnddtiiin iind riM[i lln- lie li i l of ri ' ll i lii|i. Iciirnin;!. .ind wor- sliip wliirli is an integral pari of tliis relation- ship. ' I ' lie nienil ers of Csli-y Foundatioti liave as their rundanieiital aim the aehievenient of the Christian ideal of life, an aeliie enient llii- ln- Iie e pos il)le fur .ill iiilcrestrd stiidenl . rill ' i l1ii ' i ' r and eoniiniltee thairnnii for the p.i.-t i ir »ere as follows: Honald M. Hri) n, Wesley Foundation Methodist Students ' Organization pn-sideiil : Flon-nee I{i er . ice-presidiiil : Dee |{onlliin. seerelarx : Dale Metz;:ir. Irea-iirer: Kalhr n l)n el. M r liip rli.iirni.iii : Jim Hat- liff. recreation ehairniun: Shirley Jean Hose, pnhlieilv ehairman: l.ennard MiTain. depnta- tions ehairman: Huh Mu. il. I uiniii ihairman: James Spark . nnisie ehairman: Honald imnier- man. House •:o ernment: Mar ()rth. ronimis- sar : Hazel Sienison. literature: Ho;iir llialli. linaneial M-erelary: 1(1(! representatives. I ' aifje C.arlin and Wallace Finlev : |{id)ert Downin " :, Sk line editor: illiam ( .. Tremmel. nni ersitv pastor, and arreii Haimhridi e. I ' astor of tin- First .Mi-thodi t (llnirch. are sponsors for the or- " uni .ation. Bark row. left to right: Bob Downing. Ciorv Slephens, Jiihn Sho t-r. Glen Russell. Ronald Zimmerman. l.a t-rnc .Mien. RoScr Mcath. Ma nard Skinner. (Charles Houston. Kd ( rirten. B nc Oaiender. .Morse ( ' avender. • Sixth row: Sumner Hixon. Paiite Carlin, Al Johnson, (jene Humhurd, Nancy Hohwer. Sue Dickson. Theodore Harnharl. (Ila ton Oreenleaf. John Heckendorn. Lee Harrisheriier. Boh Harlan. ,- nton Hamh . • l-ifth rote: Leonard McCain. Hetha Rurk. Helen Hanson. Ted { " .ihson. Kathrsn Drexel. Ha el Sienjsen. Wallace Finles. Marshall l-rasier, (Iharlolle Merit. Doris Roscler. Marian Barr. Harrs Oanford. • hourth ma-: Maxine Mc( ' all. Les Ostrom. Kenneth Wilson. Len Davis. Dick Davis. H. Dee Boullon. Merle Nohlc. James Sparks. Rachel Gackle. .Nora Leasitt. Barbara BurScr. Mariturel Norton. • Third ro ' tc: Robert .Musil. Colleen .- llen. Sara Fletcher. .Mar% Orth. Lcc Murphv. James Ratliff. Lmma Lo ' i Samuel. Helen Sutherland. Carol Spitzer, .■Mice Marie Durward. Curtis Baker. Theodore Whilmo er. Melsin h ' rasicr. • Srcond rote: Barbara Barklev. l)oroth Drevel. Nf»rma Cotfin. ' olanda Cleland. Barbara Austin. Shirlev Dinwiddle. Ph llis kinii. Arthur Burns. . lma Col ar. .Marthann Har-Iin. Henrietta La.Mar. .NL K. Nvcin. • Front rote: Janet Bacon. .Xileen Kell . Mrs. William C Tremmel. Michael Tremmel. William C Tremmel. James Tremmel. Ronald Brown. Florence Rivers, .Mary t- ' plon. o n p o - n n 327 Westminster Foundation Presbyierian Student Organization To IlKM-t lllO IK ' J ' ds of tlic IVcsl) llTliin Stll- (Iciit.s at tlie imi er!iity is one of tin- aiiii-s of tlie cstiiiiiisitcr Fellowship. It provides (Christian worship, praver and discnssioii i;roiips. oppor- tunities for (!hrislian ser ice. (.hristian fellow- ship and recreation, and friendly help tlirou h the adxisor. Mend)ers work to prornoli- Iirislian ideals and to aecpiire faith. Oflicers for liie past year were: Tom Garnett. president: Fn ' ila Maim. ice president: Martlia Fritz, secretary: John Donnilass, treasurer: Rev. G. Gordon Goldthwaite, student pastor. Student commissioners were placed in charjie of projects as follows: Marv Jane Sienis. faith and life: Bob O ' Dell. fellowship: Jack Sheppard. outreach: Andv an Nostrand. stewardshiji. 328 Back row. left to right: Ray Miller, John M. Atwood, G. G. Goldthwaite. John R. Dnufilass, Jerry Xtmmerman. Bill Johnson, Ralph Thompson. • Fifth row: James Vavra. James Hunter, Jr., Don Garnett. Wallace ' an Dcren, Kugene Te Selle, Kenneth W. Ritchie, .Ann Melville, Joan Potter. • Fourth row: Wayne Patterson. John Sheppard, Karnest Johnson, Corder Wattenharger. Duke Keir, Mar Jane Siems. Jo .Ann hite, Tom (tarnctt, David Kcslcr. • Third row: Frank Henderson, Fred (). Pottorf, Jr.. illiam Stranfje, Richard Collins. Mary Brown. -Ann Nell Palmer, Shirley Spcnce. Jo Anne Henderson. Barhara Lewis, • Second row: Jamie Muldrow, William V. .Muldrow, X ' irfiinia Lewis. MariUn McKa . Carohn I-.dwards, Hlizobeth Spence, Alfreda .Mam., Takako Ta((uchi. Pat Benway. • Front row: Allen Maru ama. Arthur C, Mac Arthur, Pauline Cooper, Martha Fritz, Monta ( ook, Winona Voder, Shirley Wensiker, Carolyn Campbell. W. A. A. Board % 70 : iJ!,: riic W omfnV Allili-lic Assot ' ialion. (• iiii|m -i1 of u •iciKTiil iii)-niiiiT lii| of (i ' r lliri-c liiiiiilri ' il •;irls. is ■: i «Tiifil l)v an f «Tiiti e Ixtanl i)f twt ' Hty-oiu ' iiiombiTS. Tlic nu ' iiibers of the hoard iiirlii i - llie exoonli « ' ollicors. a fanillv sponsor, ami a fiirl rcprfsfriliii ' ; facli sport offertMl tliroii}:lii)iit till- year in v uoincn- intraiiinral prof;rain. Ilicst- irls arc rr-pon-ihic IHr ilraw- in : Mp till ' lir.i( ' ki ' t ami running tlir tiiiiriianx ' nts of lliiir rcspcrtiM- sports. Also rt-pn ' sciiicd on till- board are rfprcs« ' ntati -s from ariou8 .-port.- or}:anizations, siu-ji as Orolu ' sis. I ' orpoise anil Hookey club. Besides eondiictin ; the wo- nien " s intramural pro;:ran tin- f eenti f board plans tbc ;;ciifral nu-rtin;:- for tlie niemlx-rsliip at lar;:i ' . Ibe ears e nts of llir Women " - Atli- lelii ' Association ends with tlie -prin breakfast at Nlii(li time new mendiers are initiated into A . awards are iziven to fiirls wbo have ac- tively participated in intrannirals for tlieir sec- ond and tbird vear. a lra elini; plaipie is piveii to tlie fironp lliat ba- reieixed ibe mo-t points ibron boiit tbc )ear. and an award is :i cn lo tbe ont.-tandin senior uoman. Member- of tbe execniixe board are electi ' d caib -prin;; b tbe jieneral . A mend er-bi|i. ' Ibis .Association is a nuMnber of tbe Atbletic Keileralion of (iollefje omen and tbron;:liont (lie year llie nienilierx of tbe itoard are re-ponsible for m.inv inter- -cliool M men ' s atbletic ' cnt-. Ab-mbers of tbe boaril and tlie sport wliieb tbe represent ini ' bide irjiinia a -liob, presi- dent: Jane (!ars idl. ice pre-idcnl: Mar l.ou Vnfdcrbeide. -ecrctarv : ir;iinia riter. treas- urer: Mi-s Hettv Slaii;;blcr. f.icidtv ad i-or: ir- ;:iiii.i l.i lor. bead o( intramural-: Ar berv, Mice falardean: Badminton. Mar Little: Bas- ketliall, ancv (rninand: Bowling. Norma Bcne- • b ' ck: (»olf. Nancy McMartin: ibickey cinl). Nancs . nderson: ( )rebesis. . ' ne Brady : I ' orpoise. nii adIcN : l ' id)li ' itv director. (!arol llacbt- m.inii: SbuH Icbo.ird. ,|o l ' ,,i-le : Skiin;;. Sbirli I ' billip-: Softb.ill. Kit.i t I: Tctwii-. Be Speilnianti: ullc b.ill. S,ill Brown: llor-e-boe, Kllen I.I-Iom; ,iiid I ' iiiii-poiii;. I ' . it llcii. Ba k row, left to rifht: Rita Alwnnd, Nanc McNfarrin, Jnannc Farley- Patricia Allen. Nancy Andcr«nn. Ann Uadley. Carol tlachtmann. ■ Secomd row: Shcrli Phillips, i ' Mlcn l.i tnn. Hcvcrly Spiclmann, Nanc Cuinand. Suzanne Rrad . Mary Little. Sally Brown. Allic Falardeau. ■ l-roni rutc: ' iritinia Writer. Mar l.ou Aulerhcide. Jane Clar nell. ir|tinia W ' achoh. ' iritinia Taylor. Betty Slaughter. Norma Benedcck. 329 Y. W. C. A. The Y CA of the Uni ersit of Colorailo is composed of tlie stiali ' iit iiieiiihers on tainims anil thf athilt associate members from among the Boulder women. One hundnil and (ifl Hoid- der women comprise our adult niembership. From this firoup. adult advisors are chosen to work with tudenl chairmen of the indi idiial groups, anil to aiU ise on general W CA policies and financial commitments. There are .if). ' ) student inend)er in the " . " As each student joins the " Y, " she selects the in- di iihial group or group with which she would Hke to work. Sixteen groups coni])rise the " " program. Of these, four are coniniittees. three are discussion groups, one dealing with the campus Vesper program, and eight are comnuinity service groups. .Membership in the Y CA is unre- PoLl ANNE Petekson. President. stricted and is open to all at anv time during the school ear. The Student Membership is governed b the Council — the elected officers — and the Cabinet, the officers and the leaders of the various groups. The Council consists of: I ' oUyanne Peterson, j)resident: Carolyn Howe, vice-president and mem bersliip chairman: I ' aniela Hayes, secretary and treasurer; Jean Weingartner, social chair- man: and Barbara Steere, publicity chairman. 330 Barbara Sif-tRB. Publicity Chairman. Jh N Vfi.n;(;arinfr, Social Chairman. CvRoi. N Ho v , V ' icc-Prisidcnl and Membership ( ' hoirmnn. pAMU Ha is. Secreiar -Treasurer. 1 In- W ( c.iliiiiil (■()ii i l (if leaders of ihe arioii.-- •;r(m|( ;inil cniiiniillffs. }?al)hif ( arpcii- ter ami Joan JclTcrsoii lu ' ail the Bij; ami Little Sisters groups which have parties, games and fun with •irailf-school " liltlc sisters. " The ( " ampfire grciup headed hv Sandra Slienefell works in ( ' .ampfire and assists with Boulder groups. The llo pit.ll roup gives ser iee to Boulder lios- pital.-. makes tray-favors, and sponsors a patients " lihrarv. This group is headed by Anita Henrie wild Iki- cli.iriie of tile Sanilariiim and Margaret Y. W. C. A. Sherloek ulio ha.- eliarfie of the (loiiiitv Hos- pital. Barbara C.orre heads tlie Radio group and it prodiM-es N eekl radio programs for Boulder ehildreii. l{iitli Morris heads the Keerealioii group uliieh direets reereatioii at grade-selioid pla grounds. Tiie ' I ' oy Loan group is beaded by Naiie (iiiapman. in charge of a " Lending Li- lira rv " of toys for grade school youngsters. J ianne Kasley head the -Teens groiiji which advises high school -I ' eens groups. Nei.-ville Nursery group is headed bv Jean W eingarlner and it assists with dailv siiperx isioii of children at ' els ille nursery. The Foreign Students group pro iiie tirienlation for campus f ireign students and is headed b Kileen Hove. Music Apprecia- tion group has weekly di.- cu sions and list -iis to popular and classical music. This group is headed b Joan l.olt. Frances (!arswell heads the Personal Kclations group which has " gab " ses- sions about every day problems. The I ' hilosophy group is liead -d by Margaret (ireeii and they discuss ideas and various philosophies. The Vespers group [ilans and assists with weekly ves- pers scr ice.s, with . " birley L lirieh as chairman. All of these girls, through their r ' specti e com- mittees, help to make the " Y " a dynamic force, both on cani|)iis and in the Boulder coniiiiunitv . I Raek row. lejt to ri(kt: Jean Wcinitarlncr, Ruth Morris. Joan Jefferson. Joanne Easlcy. Bahhie Carpenter. Joan Lett. • Second row: Sandra Shcnclclt. Frances Carswell. Kileen Hii c. Shirley I ' hrich. Nanc (Chapman. • Front row: Marilarct Oeen. Maritarel Sherl ick. PeiiiJv (iJIU. .Vnita Henrie. • Absrnt frum picturr: Iturhara Corre. 331 Alfra Members of Alfra. an iii(lepeii l« ' iit women ' s social organization, identify themselves by wear- ing a gold pin in the shape of a toadstool. The name, Alfra, means elves in orse my thology. These contemporary elves have kept tliems ' Kes busv the past year knitting afghans and making scraphooks for the county hospital, filling Thanksgiving baskets and (Christmas stockings, participating in intranuirals, and attending tea dances and " sings " with the men ' s independent groups. New members are admitted each quarter. OITicers for the |)ast year were Jessie iS ' uss- baum, president: Mary I ptoii, vice president: Dorothy Drexel, secretary: Joan I ' hillipsen, treasurer: Peggv Ball, historian : Bellv Dcniarest. program chairman: Hutii Moreau, publicity chairman: Joan Keisler, ISA representative; Pat (lanthen anil Manette Rueb. intramural man- agers. Miss Jan« ' t Douglas ser e(l as sjtonsor. Back row. left to ri ht: Flu Ri ers. kath Drexel. Joan Keisler. Doriilh Wolff, Bett Demarest. .Mar Upton. • Second row: Helen Hanson, Kathr n Wilson. .Mar Orlh. Jessie Nusshaum, I.ou Hendren, Sarah Jean Tutt, Fa e Peterson. • troftt ros " : .Manette Kueb. Mar Patricia Cauthen, Uottie Urexel. Joan Homenico. Kuth Moreau. Joan Phillipsen. Janet .Millard. • Absent from picture: PeHy Ball. Joan Bell. .Maxine Buchmann, Jean Schaar. Tv%ila Drickson, S e Inouye. Knsie .Masunaija. Sue Biddlctnan. Sigma Delta Chi Nafionat Journalism Professional 332 ftofk row, Irjt to right: Dick Johnston, Tom Hutton. Tom Worcester, Hal Rumpus, H. Jolin . Nelson. • Third row: Nate Nielsen, Norm Clelman. Herb Kamlct, Bruce Webb. Al (nildfarb, Kdward ahru»kv, Fred Pollnri, Jr. • SvconJ roic: I- red Bet . Jne Rilc , Charles I,erch, a ne Hulitzkv, Bob Spicer, Jack Baitby. • front row: W. C. KiniJ, Laurie Paddock, Fred Pruett. Don Holt. Jerry Koplowitz, Wrennc Timbcrlakc. • Absent from picture: (Facultvl FIo d Baskelte, Bruce Smith. .A. Gaylc W ' aldrnp. ( Students i Bob Brictsnn. FIz I-aulk, Michael Cierace, Le»ilie Polk. Jack Sampson, Don ShttMci-n. n, H»ii. I? =■!? iri Sigma Delta Chi. men ' s national professional journalism fraternity, spent its tliirtv -third year on the campus further promoting interest in the news-editorial field of journalism. The local chapter was chartered on Nov. 16. 1919, ten years after the fraternity was founded. MeniinTs of tlif group wrote and edited the April Fool edition of the Silver and (iold. Other activities included juilging the annual (Colorado high school newspaper contest, spon.soring tlie " After Dcailiine " ban(]in ' t for journalism majors, reconsidering plans for the picture magazine Focus, and holding several social functions. Two initiations were held for nndcrgratluale mem- bers. Several members of the fraternity also i ar- ticipatcd in an initiation of the Denver profes- sional li.i|ilcr. prcsideil over by the national president. Two actives. Jack Hagby and Don Shasteen, altiiiil Ml the Sigma Delta (hi convention in Dallas last November. Officers (luring the iar were: Laurence Pad- dock, president: Don Slia-leen. vice-president: Don Holt, secretary; Robert Briclson, treasurer: aiul Sponsors Fred Pruett and Floyd Baskette. ftai ' k row. Irft to rii; il : KichjrJ P Ic. Kicliard Hinitham, Jamti- MulJro % , I ' mttc ( . jrlin. Srcomd rox; Anne Mrxandcr, Ann McUillc. Turn Wclhin tcn. • irunt rttw : Dave Thornburft. W . Finlc , Don Sullcntfer, Krcida Miinn. " Absrmt from picture: . iinc Gam, Paul Lc»»cr, Helen Butler. Profcisor Fdward Machlc. Inter-Church Council Tin- |»nr| » • il lln- liitiT-t liiirrli (.iiiiiu-il arc III |ir(t iil( ' a cliaiiiK ' l lur tin- t ' lli ' ilivi- | r iiniliiiii of iiiiitN ami ( ' i i|iiTatiiiii ainoiii: all tiuiciit rt-li- ■lions •:roii| s u (loirc lo join in .«-iu-li work, hy coorilinalin : their aeti itics. plannin-: to;: -tlu ' r, anil f rlian;;in;: iili-as of all sorts: to niconrage anil ilr i-lii|i Itrltrr n-ii ioiis iiiiili-rslaiiilin lie- turi ' ii till- |iarliri|ialiii;: ;:riiu|)s in onlrr that a niori ' i-Mlliiisiaslir a|i|iriiarli niav l)i- niaili- to an oMT-all rani|ins ri-li;;iini i-ni-rl: ami to rmoiir- Uj;i ' (iliristian or ani alioii ami work on rampns as a means of showin;: ullicr -Imlinl- iIh- liris- tian %vay of life. ( ' .onj:o (!lul . esii-v Kellowsliip. l o-icr Wil- liams Fi-llowslii|i. Christian oiitli Fi-llowsiiip. eslmiiisliT Fi-liow-liip ami l.nlluT (.lnl are the slmli ' iil rili;;ions ;;r ups ri-pri ' sentril on llie roiinril. Ofliri-rs for llii- past ear were: Don ulli-M;;i-r. pri-iili-iil ; Daxr lliornhnr . vii-r- presiilenl: Alfreila Mann, treasiirrr: Nam-) (iarn, secretary: anil I ' rofessor Edwaril Maehie, spon- sor. Spanish Club )m ' ol till- llrst chills or-ianizeil on the I niver- sily of C.oiorailo campus, tlie . " panisli ( " .luh. is as olil as the lni ersity itself. Its purpose is to offer niemhers an opportiinitv to practice cou cr- sational Spanisli in a social atmosphere rather than in a classroom. No;lish is spoken at mecliii is or pro;;rams except during; the tirst business meetin;: of each fall ipiarler. F.ach year, uniler the sponsorship of the Mod- ern uafie Department. mend)ers of the . ' [ an- isli (Mul) present a play in .Spanish. This vear a comedy. Dona (.larirn ' S. hv the Quintero broth- ers, was presented the ' Mh ami 1 1th of Novem- ber with real success. This is just another means of improxin;: pronunciation facilit and r.i|iiility of speeih for llm-e students who are in- terested in displayint; dramatic tastes and abilities. " (iesta " is piven each quarter at which the lull attempts to pive its members an idea of the manner in which Spanisb-speakitif; peojiles celebrate special bolid.ivs and special events. ilh these themes and aims in mind, the (dub tries to ;:i e its meudiers a better umlerslandiii : of the people who-e laiifniage they are learninf; in class. ndicers for the past vear were: . " ne -Saimders, president: Jacqueline Jorpensen. viee-presitlent: Ben Liicero. secretary: Marv Jane (ruiteras. treasurer: Robert Baker, historian: I. le Free- man, program chairman: Mr. Raymond L. Mo- loney, sponsor. 333 Tofi row. left lo rifkl: Philip Fhintfer. Genevieve Duce. Barbara Trilk, Neil Campbell. Carl Duncan. Fourth ra:c: .Arthur .Mvarado. James Rnrat|ti». Benjamin I.ucern. John Shawcroft, C ' tauii Dahl. Mt nwell Walton. William Ram«a . • Third row: Nanc Smith. Annette .Markham. BeverK Horne , Ruth Tnli er. Rav Mnlone . M«r Jane Guitcra . Kuft nc Marline, Donna Hepburn. • Srcond row: Sue Saunders. L le Hrccman. .In uteldcr. Joanne Wilkins. Deanie W i|titin». Harriet Frocne. Anne l.indMrnm. XiriJinia Smith. Marion Browncll. • Front row: C ' arole BerKerman. Jacqueline JnrAcn»on, R. J. Schmer, Frank Thnma . Jeanne Adorn . Martha Hardin. Joan Clark. • tbsrmt jrom picture: Pclcr Arcndrup. Robert Raker, Jame Boroldi ., Jn (Carlson. Warren Ou . Lucille Dufncr. Hcnr Fcnitado. Ralph Gladstone. Marli» Murra). Andren Rcmatore. Bob Shanstrom. Bill Strain, Philip Tumba. Joanne W ilkin». Orchesis Orclie-sis is an orfiaiii alion Id direct and con- centrate tlic activities of lliose interested in dance, ami to furtlier the interest in dance on the campus and in the coniniiinily. Throii;;hoiit the vear, Orcliesis hi ld nift ' liiif;s each cchies- dav evening diirinfi wliich (hince recitals are planned and pcrfiTlrd and general hii.-inc-- niertinfis are condnclcd. During winter ipiarlcr the dance recital is given for the general pu))lic. These recitals are frecjuentlv given in surrounding towns. All choreography for the recital is done h Charlotte Irey and members of the organization. The group frequently sponsors celebrated mod- ern dancers, who give master lessons and con- certs. Officers of the group include Susanne Brady, president: Dorlee Allison, secretary-treasurer: anil Mrs. (iharlotte Irey, sponsor. r A Back row. left to right: Susan (ilick. Junie Williamson. ' ir£inia ( ampht-ll. ' . ff.nd row: Glenn Potts, Shirley Owen. Beverlv Hatschetct, Pat Kckcrt, .M riKn Hill. • l-ront row: Dorothy Kenfro, Elzy I ' aulk. Dorlee Allison, Mrs. Ire . Suzanne Brad , Marion Fowler. • Absent from picture: Pal tiayden. Boh Junes, Norniajune l.intner. Society of Women Student Architects and Engineers 334 iitiik row. irji to rt ht: Korhnra Kauch. CaroKn Henderson, Martha Moronc . Mar Hedwer. Joan K inker. Marion I.anjl. Shirley AdamK. • Front row: Catherine Sheriff. Marjtaret Miller, Jeanne Place, Jane Judite. Mar l.ou W ' aite. • Absent from picture: Joun Burtheld, Altu .Mac Brown. |{i ' M I) t ' r, Ilittv .! Oililland. Janice (iilinsky, ' ir)tinia Means. o n n rn The women engineers on this campus were recognized as ndta chapter of the .Society of onien Stuilcnl Architects and Knginccrs 1) the national society on April 2(i. l ' 4(). At that time there were . ' {. ' ) women student engineers and 17 of these signed as charter mend)ers. During the academic year 1046-47 women engineers reached a total of 4.5. and this year there are 18 women in the field. During the past year educational and trav- elogue films often filled the program at meet- ings, and an excellent talk on " Vi ho .Are Our ( " .riminals? " was gi en In Dr. Gordon Barker of the uni « ' rsity faculty during the fall (juarler. Mr. Halhhnrii and Mr. Toxani. sponsors of the or .uii .ation. hi lili litid the social season with ,1 iiiilVit -u|)prr for the wonii ' n and their dates, and the " women " were allowed to parti ipate in the Kngineers " Apple Fest, " a strictly stag, en- gineers ' affair. Onicers of S " SAE for the past year were: .Jeanne I ' lace. president: Margaret Miller. ice- president: Catherine Sherilf. secretary: and Jane Jutlge. treasurer ♦ C, ' Two-Bit Lunch Club ili Ha-t row. Irit la rifkl: CcorKc (). Ricorii. Nnrhcrl . I t . r i .; I In I liruilkill. Phil Buscinii. Mowdrd Stft«l. l-ront row: Harrison Ford, Kollin Dov«. iitcc llitii. 1 txii Hurnhcin, Koss Murrill, illi Jnhnton. • Xhstml from pictmrt: Earl Chrit, CliS GeorHc Kichard Keller. Charles Leiercr, Jack MunUonicr . Uavc Thurnhurit. To ofT rl llu- liii;h oost of Ii in :. spei-ifically ;iiTiMitiiat«Ml ill tlie rxtremoly hi " ;!! pri«-e of Iniulu ' s. tlie " Two-l)!! I, ii n c li (!liil " !i| oiila- nf iii l cvoKcil ill till ' fall of l ' )4i5. Since thai time llu- iiu-iiil)cr iii| lias iiicn-ascil l) tiir aiiia .- in;: figure of 300 ' . Tlie piirpor i- of tliis or iani .alioii ir- t i proviilr its iikmiiIkts with niaxiniiini iuilrili i ' (•oiimiiii|i- liciii willi niiniinniii tiii.iniiai r | i-iiililiirc. I lii- i-iiili- lal li- of oruatii .itioii i- i|iiili- imii|iii-. t- acconi|ili-li our iiiil witii a iiiiiiiiiiiini nl iiiireau- Women ' s P. E. Club rralir foiilrol. i- li.i r MO ofllciT- olliir i ll. in a pur«-liasin : afii-iil ami a Irrasiin-r. llu- ollii-r iin-iiilitTs liavi- tin- oflicial title of ■■eoiiMiiiu-rs. " .• coll. it no lines. Iiolil no inoetinpti, anil have no election . We are jii-l one hoiiiojzeneoiis ;:roup. ()iir oper.ilion- .ire -iiiiple yl cmiiplete. mIiuuI il.i at noon, the iiieiiiherr- meet in .Me- morial Biiililin i. There tile operations for the ila are planneil. The niimher of coiisimier- for the ila is ileciileil upon, ami each iiiemher contrihules two-hits to tin ■killv. " The dieti- cian then draws up the menu which is lairlv con- stant. Quantitie.s of juiuh meat are computed, as well as auxiliary items, inchuiiii}: hread, salad dressin i. lettuce, tomatoes, am! dessert are also determineil. Fortilicil with these statis- tics, the firoup proceeiU to the local merchants to piirchaM ' . H mean of lii;;lil ellicienl scieii- tilic purchasing |iroceiliires and ipi.iiititv hiiv- ini;, tliis firoiip is ihle lo proxide a lilliii;; and nutritions lunch. . " Spirits are h i ;: ii i " llii- -roup. I lie cliili entered a chariot in the l ' ' 4 ' » Homecoming: chariot raies. and now has a cup on ilispla for |ilacin;i in this event. The chih also faired well in the " Bi : 11 " touch foothall lea;:iie. Other activities included intramural haskethall .iiid Softball. The purposes of the Vt ' omen ' s IMi -ical Kdiica- tion (.lull, a -tudeiit professional or aiii .ation. are to promote ood fi ' llow liip anion;: education majors, to further the lii;:liest inter- ests and ideals of the profession, and to hriii all people of the rlepartmeiit info closer " on- lact with one another. In addition to the business nieetin ' ;s held each nioiilh. this ihib enjoved lectures and discussions of related professional field.s. various parties, and challenge panics. The s|)rin acti ities were cli- maxed l) a farew«dl hani|uet for -eiiior phv-ical education majors. (KTicer? for the past year were: Kutli Haliiii. proiileiil : Marjorv Freeniole. ice president: H.irh.ira liitt. secretar : l.oiiann Kidd. tre.i — iirer: Helen Hanson, puhlicitv chairman: . nn I)a is. son;: leader: .)o Ann Riilt. freshman class representati e: Heverlev Brooks, sophomore class representative: Nina Frazier. junior class representative: an l Harriet Oellieii. senior class representative. Miss Katherine Ley served as sponsor of the dub. 335 Back row. Itll 10 rifhl: Vir«inia Taylor. JoNce .McCartney. Shirley Klecker. Harriet Oeljien. (Iraee Khrcnkronk. Jean Kubik. Jane Carswcll. M.r% Honnclly. • Third row: Ann t)ayi». Sally J ' ff " - Barbara Tult. Joann Bas cll. Carolyn Mc cr. kalherine Lc%. Kulh Buetmcr. Dorke Allison Kulh Rahm. • .Wronrf roir; Helen Connor. MarlKn Rrnaddu». Joan RiiZo. Dorothy Renlro. Barbara Banks. Normajune l.inlncr. Bey Brooks. Winona Voder. • ro«f rotr.- Nina Irazier. Susan l.lick. Shirley Wood. Helen Hanson. Ruth WhMc. Doroths Jean Dull. Ann Russell, (.lennjs Potts Dee Malt?: • Ah cil fro m ptclurf: SUr Jane Babb. Carolsn Brackenbury. Jo Ann Bull. I aDorne Conner. Mars Patricia Dougherty. Flaine Pardee. Juanita Slanjeland. Sails Ann Tomlinson. .Martaret Walker. Beserls Balschelet. I.ucv Bennett. Patricia Kckcrt. l.nuann Kidd. rlene ' ' y " ' ' " ' ' ' " " ' " ' " • Barbara Putter. BeyerK Short. Patricia Thorn. Suzanne Brads. Manors Ireemole. Sherli Ihillips. Audrey Barbiero Fishheck. Marie Basher. Kathrsn Eccker. Shirles Maser. .Norma Ko«ers. Marcia Tozer. Marl s Mortensen. Viritinia Woll. f, o o m Ski I lull iiliiii ;il W iiitiT I ' ark. I iulnrail 336 (Jur Dice? ( lirp % jliiwii I ' inir I or Iota Sigma Pi. Jr. A. I ' ll. A. Mixiiij; ll I p In Olil Main riianiiacy I.ul I Life Within Organizations Six Souvenirs Of Orcliosis. • v I mi k ' ' i 7 N tlu ' campus as on tlir clir hoard tlii ' kiii and (|iittii it ' ii:ii ahovc all otIuT .-ul)jtrts ill tlifir rt ' sjH ' tii i- i()urt and t-atli is uni(iucl} tlioscn lo hear a particular title. Hoinec()iiiin ;. Fufjine Hall, and Winter Carnixal all prc- -cnt a (jueen and ( ' .I ' . Days crowns both a (lueen and kiui: to preside o er tlic te-ti itie-. It i n " t until this hook conies out in the |trin that the ( i)loradan (lUcen i- re ealed. Each fall, pictures are suhinitted to the staff, which sends them on t(» a national celehrity to he jud red. This judge is picked tor his popularity and acconiplishnients in his field and the fact that he has expressed a desire to judge the pictures. This year ' s judn:e has heeii Fred W arinsr. nationalK known or- chestra leader. ( lioral director, and master of musical arranuements. who is also interested in university life and its students. He has |)layed before university audiences often and dedi- cated some of his most famous arrano;ements to them. Ahhoujih heauty is an ageless (juality. the (jueens and kings of 1 )50 exemplify the trends of a half century. Tn keeping, then, with the tradition of the (!oloradan. the staff and the judges of the royalty for 1950 present to the I iii er it of (Colorado her royal court. Tliese kings and ipieens ha c found their place in the s|)otlight (»f the checker hoard of college competition. Hecei e them ro allyI Joanne Healy. Editor . -. ( ' .- - . . L otorcicuin ics iiccii. CIS judijcd hif Ir. rccl vwannc y y ,1 ° v- .. .-.o- : . :.y r ... i (9? f. 341 m ' ■•a L oloraaan io ti teeit 342 Mk n liss ll iirhcirn I I ' lucL onuich 343 1 JJ Uirqiiiia 4osseiun tt i ' dJ Ljwen Wan rJjewu -J oniecoiniiuj (a ueen 344 345 ' ' iys i)j: abl)ic i arpc titer A inter i arniual u meen F A A am cJLou J lauqkie iSi I V lam c ou J laiianier C Li. Jaij5 LJt4 ' tieen 346 347 il C-. LI. .UJiUjS ina I tdJ am - y tice L ooL ' L iuiiiie USau ajueen 348 " y ' r " " ? •i; v iL : " ., " -j.:%v.i.-vi ' . iiU SI | J I I I 1 » N rar a;zi) tlir I ' roliiiiaii txiii ' ii Ixt-idtiK c Hall- were Itiiilt Imt m t »iin|»U ' tcl liinii lu ' (l. riirrr was ske|iti(i iii as to tlu- j)t) il)ility of tlir lialU liciiii: filltMl within a fnt- rar period. I iit .-urprisiiigly eiioiifih. llifx ' lialU wiif lillfd to ( a|ia(it in 1 )34. In 1 )36 the main men ' s dormitory wa huih. and in(e. lour iiituc have heen added. I pperclass women mo ed into their new residence hall in the I ' all oi " 1 )18. and fjraduate woineii ha e their home at 1 1()S Hroadway. Provision has e en heen made on (•ani|»ns tui- married conples ' ecoiiomv apartments w hich house 40 couples. After the s ir when (i.l.s Hocked to cohuful (!oh ra(h». t ' ts ille was built. This little illaiic (if (jnonset hut and trailer houses homes . " iOn students and their lamilies makin i: a total ot I. . " )( residents. The residence halls on campus all reflect the characteristic (ireek architecture, and inside. nothin i ha«- heen spared to produce comfortahle. heautifully decorated hall-. student government has heen estab- lished which woidd only he seen in a free, progressive. democratic sch(»ol. All phases of life are enriched through ititerest not only in sch(darship. but also in a well-rounded social life. W ith as much comfort as home, all halls are e(piippe(l with recreational facilities, and in 1948 tele- phones were installed in each room of the Women ' s Residence Halls. X(i ddulit the dormitory system has exemplified expansion from no university iiousing to a present grand total of approximately 1000 people, Itnt the progress onl -top here. Halls are constantly being redecorated and improved, and presently there w ill he more dormitories for the ever increas- ing lunnher of -indents at the I ni ersity of Colorado. Pat Hatcher. Editor Dormitorif ;,-■ ;f ' y:- - ' - yiri ■ •■ " ■•; -:; ' " - t ' .V:%: ' r. " - ' f - all Presidents and Directors 352 JOANNE CI.ARK Vnu AlTflf Wo PAT DUDLEY S„„lhr,i l Hall Women ' s Dorms rill ' sli-iii of :() criiiiifiit is a separati- iiiiil ill llir I |)|i Tclii s anil in llir Krrslimiin n- iiiiii ■• l{f i(lciui ' Halls. I 111 ' I (I 11 r I I ' piT- flasd Ke! iii« ' ni-» Halls are {loxerneil l» llicir re- -jirrliM- rounrils wliicli are (MiniiioM-d nf the lii ii»r |irr iilrnt. llir -liiilent oflieer.-. .iiiil the lloiir rrpresentalives. The house presitlcnl i n- ■ liirt- the house meetings and. with (he hel|i nl the niiineil. is respimsihle lor -eein;: thai the iloriiiiliir (If::. mi . il lull liinitinii- mii i||iI . I III ' live Kresliniaii Ue. ' -iileiii ' i ' Halls initiati ' il .1 iii ' » Inriii ol tiiilenl jiin rrmiH ' iil llii xiar lii ' ri|p ;:ii iriimi ' iil is ;;r.nlu.ill l.ikiii (i i ' r lis iIh ' Iri ' shiiirii. From eaili hall there are two -luilent ilirertiir- % ho iiiile the ( ' iiiineij. the overiiiiif; hoilv. Nliirh is ooinposeil ol I In I ' resli- ■ nan ollicers. I pperilass aihisors are iipperelass M mi ' ii who serve the ilortiiitor residents as in- I inn renters. 1 111 ' -Iiiiii ' iil liireilnr-. house presideiil-. ,iiid iipprriiass aiKisors are appointed h the .S I Irii ' iilatioiis oniinitlee tliriin; h a|iplii ' alions ' •nliiiiillrd ill till ' -prill;.:. This fzronp is sponsored In Mrs. Mar . " s. aii han. Dinilor of Doriiii- lories. 353 CAKKIK ANDKKSDN Lrsirr Hall liilKlS H l K ' U. Arnnu Hall PH ' I.I.IS SILVIO H,kr„«a Hall SHIMI m LHRICH Hur int Hall ELLEN JEAN N SH Hardint Hit ' l ELAINE COOPEK Rrcritl Hall o r BOBBIE CARTER l.nlrr Hall o n O fv » H » - (u. t r..a- .(f (o rit - Man While. Mary Stafford. Cariilvn Shum. Evelyn I.undjiren. June Whisenanl, Svdney Soyka. Jo Pace. Joan Dick. • ' ' o " " rox- Bar ' haro Barkley. Bcv Hecker. Shirley Shideler. Phyllis Uaum. Lillian Jinbo. Jane Knotz. Pat I.uthye. Charlene Slaats. • Thiril rolr: Norina Penni Hewitt. Barbara Matlern. Jackie Winnek. NUrna Strom. Connie Lee, Shirley Miller. Mary Ann Sohol. • Second row: Gertrude Schillinil. Norma Coffin. Sally Steele. MariKn Hill. I Seltie Baker. Donna Ivers. Janet Schiller. Dorothy Smith. Carole Berlierman. • hronl row: Sue koren. Carolyn List. Rene Siebert. Mrs. HandwerK, Lee Birkeness. Judy Snodjrass. Nanc Ebauith. Bigelow Hall " Bificlow our Bipelow. you ' re tlie bcstest girls I know. " All the way from the first chaotic tlorni nifi ' tings. through Sunday night icebox raids, clogs at the posl-ofTice. the McKenna slaughtering of the football team. (Christmas cands. the formal, ami finals. Higtdowites have memories both hectic and wonilerful of a ter- rific ear at the Freshmen Dorm. Orchids go to Mrs. llanilwerg for her exctdlent counseling and downright com| aiiionshi|i. Hats off to our fresh- men olTicers. too. for a wonderful job in the first vear ihe Higtdow girls ha e had self-government. The officers were: Social Director. Mrs. Hantl- werg: Stutient Directors. Beverly itthauer ami C.arohn Howi ' : President. Sue Koren: ice I ' resi- dent, Lee Birkness: Secretary. Jo Pace: Treas- urer. Nancy E ' baugh: Social Chairmen. Martha Oviatt and Carol Bergerman: Scholarship Chair- man. Pat Lewis: Scrapbook and Publicity (-hair- man, ( ' harlotte Stats: Bulletin Boartl Chairman. Donna Smolenske: Song Leailers. Janet Schiller ami Connie Lee: Intramural Chairmen. Nita Stangeland and M rna Strom: ASl C Hepresent- ative. Jeanne Lacy: Floor Representatives. Joan Pink. Jane McCowan, Sid Soyka, Jo Sunimerton, Louise Wiseman; ISA Representative, Shirley Schideler. 354 Back row. left to rithi: Maril n Rohmson. Jane McCowan, Rosie Fiedclman. ' irf{inia Wilson. Mary Droefte. Donna Manninit. Martha Ovialt. • Fiftk row: Connie Allen. Maril n Jcs! up. Joan (London, Frances Mcer. Ph Ilis Me er, Pat Lewis. • Fourth ro:c: Dnruthea Morftan. Sonja Shcpardson. Harhara Rreidcnhach, Rea Hahsiit. Hlainc Johnson. Jcrr Jones. Kay Klausen. • Third row: Marilyn Coiti{eshal), Joan Summertnn. Jean . kerIow. Tootiii ' erch. Louise Wiseman. Joan U artman. Rulh Nijiaard. Norma Niemi. • Second row: Hv Rotters. Donna Cohn, Henrietta La Mar. Jean l ' tih t. June Henock. Nanc Smith. Jane Short, Janene Boothb . • « row: Jerry Rri|t)ts, CaroKn Huwe, Bcv Witthauer, Jo ce Gillis, Mary i ' ctcrson. Carol NcU »n, Joan Thorstensen. Ik Back rotr. irft to rifht: Jcrr Dunaitun. Ann kirhcri{cr, Judv (.iallup. Jndn McMillan, Ke frlv Schujtao, Muril n HrnaJJu«. Ji»an Mutlttr, Kulhrvn SclU. • Sixth row: Mar June Schlatter, Marion Kronncll. Dcanie W iititins. Jan Hardinif. Janice Sta t )n. Maril n Lord, Barbara Stock. Jo Anne Mc( ar ' , N!an ' IJouithertv. • Fifth row: HIizahelh Andrews, Ju ce Simpson. Marion Mulanax. (ili ria Stafford. J ant iUon, Sue Schwab. Kath Clianibert. Jud (Graham, Coleen MaitJt rd. hourth ruw: ' ' asuko Furukawa. Mickie Handle, Pat Parker, ( harlcnc Head. Nora l.cavitt, Mar kae Fricke , Ann Toombe . I.oi Teubner. • Third row: Naomi Ha»ui. Minnie Takemoio. Am L hi ama. Ph llis Hanson. [{mil n Luttrcll, Mar Lou inccnt. Mary Fisher. Jud Carico. Nanc Hiltabidel. • Sfcond row: Shirlc Dinwiddie. Jean Canipbcll. Joan Kizzo, Marthy Slurm. Mariorie Larkard, HeCly Sukonick. Barbara C.raber. S I ia Krasne. Helen Morris. Oanne Hopkins. • front row: Charmayne Gooch, Mar ' Lou Williamt. .Mary Pankofl. Joan iIe . Shirley t ' hrich, Fllcn Jean Nash. Vrdcn Kinft. Hel a Ht-nzclnian. arding Hall Hartiin houses 138 freshman girls, all of whom arc under the siipcrvisioii of Mrs. ' )() I- riii;:. the .- )4-ial dirrctdr. (loffcctinu ' parties are given for llie girls and a formal is held each quarter. Harding is espe -ially proud of i ' at 1 ' w]u was elected Fre.-hnian Queen at tile I. ' . Fir t Nighter Dance. HarcMng is governed by officers elected by the girls themselves. Tlie iifficers were: . «ocial Director. Mrs. ood- ring: . " tudent Directors. F,. J. Nash and Shirley I liricli: I pperclass Advisors. Joan iley. Mary l.ou W illiains, ( .harniayne Gooch. Mar I ' aukolT: l ' resi lent. . rden King: ' ice President. I ' at I ' arker; Secretary, Marilyn (Larson: Treasurer. Sharlene Stevens: Social Chairman. Hohin Dunn: Assistant Social ( " hairman. Margie (!un- ningham: Scholarship (.liairnian. Aniie I slii- vama: Hulletin Hoard (.hairman. Martv Sturm: Scraphook Chairman. Judy l ' ier on: Inlrauuiral Chairmen. MariUn Hroaddus and Joan Mc- Millan: Song Leader. Mary Dee Hains: I ' ianist. Jean Campbell: ASIC! l{epre enlali e, Margaret Svlvester: Floor Hepre.«entati es. Marv Fisher. Jerry Dunagan. B. J. Baker. Phyllis Alhrecht. Kathrvn Sidls. and Judy Calhip. Baet ror, Irfl lo rifil: Carolyn H«i . Sharon Holl. Jane Hilcndarler. Sallv Potarf. Joan Kichardt. l orolh Daicnpnrl. Mar Lu Wch.icr. Nanc Van Naitrand. • hiftk rote: Judv Picr on. Shartcnc Siemens. Chariot Furman. Hilde ard Sk%rm. Mar% Frances Silverman. Sara Schullz. Phvllia Albrichl, Mar Rain . Barbara Anderson. • hourlh row: Marilvn Mooberry. .Marilvn Carvon. Fllcn Sterlinit. Helen .Matthev.%. Helen (Jichm. Connie Frye. Nfariarel Sylvester. France Clavton. Marv Kav Milev. Diana Tevter. • Third row: Marv Karlev. Bettv l.ou Knierv. Dnlorvv Koro»ec. (Ilona Kdoardi. Carolvn MetKer. Nancy Moore. Klijahelh Nclliv. Nila Jo Steele. Judv Blicki. Calhv Avke». • Srcomd row: Fdna Barnev. Mma Colvar. Carolyn Ednards. Carolvn Janes. Volanda Cleland. Barbara Jean .Austin. Pat Shiner. Martv Nossaman. • hronl row: Marv l.vnn Madock, Robin Dunn. LeDean Walker, .Mrs. Wodrinil. B. J. Baker. Pal Huck, Pat Wilson. on n h O A A;n W r nv ( 9 I 355 356 Bark row. Irft to rigfit: Shcrr Fisher. Cluric Cluimpasni-. Ildrriittc Kciii. MarilMi ( .n.njin.iii, I uanne Chambliss. Doroth Kiefenberji, Jo Ann Butt. Shirley Biel. ' irtfinia Liiththurn. • fifth mw: Ph ni Hckberg. W ilina S " tut. Marcia Korn. Bfti Lou BohM n. Carrie Anderson. Pejif! Grover. Jane Rabh. • Fourth row: Donna Sniilh. Beverly Ha s. Ellen I.i it in. Uonna l ' olinf{. Barbara Summers. Greta Kudnlph. Susie Borst. Harriet ' nss. • Third row: Suhan Guild, Gail ' an Hine. Barbara Fickle, Jelaine Boncroti, Barbara Kin([. Billie Burnham, Sally WiUon. • Second row: Kdiih Kcnna, Nodkie Rasmui» en. Sally Cole, Jennifer eHin(it»)n, Jo Anne Cushinf . Gloria Kleweno, Joan Wilson, Salh Babcock. • Front row: Mar F ' Men Br ani. Hiibcria Sell. GIad H Armstrong. Nihia McDonald, Nanc I ' asselt. Mar Procopio. Charlene Bitman. Fleanor (jotdinan, Judy Alberson. Lester Hall " " Ki-i-ki-i-i-ns. ikiImhK like us. W «■ arc the girls from I.e-ler Hall. Alxvav. u- vinnin . always a- ;:riiiniii;r. always a-liaviii £ fun! " The fresliineii ill Le.-ler foiiml this son}: true for them this |)ast year. Their parties were liif:hlif;hle(i l) a formal eaeh ipiarter. I ' lie cofTee hours and the mixers with the mens ilorm were part of tlieir soeial life. . " Special dinners hroke the routine of nu ' ais. Anion;; tlie-.e were a srliolar iiip ilinner eaeh i|uart ' r. hirthilax iliniiers. a lioho parl . ami a Spanish eostunu- affair, . " peeial Thanks ;i in;; anil Ciiristnias decorations hri;;hteiied the holi- day seasons. Tlie Lester girls kept hiisy in ac- tivities, too. Two intramural t -ains. the " Les- leriles " and the ' " Lestermites. " upheld the lialTs honor in alhletics. The choir sang for orphan- ages and cliildnns hospitals. Lester was repre- sented on the |iuhli ' ations and in tlie i|ueen linalists. The officers of Lester Hall were: Mr . Anita Rockett. Social Director: (.arrie Anderson, Boh- hie ( arter. Student Directors: ilnia .Sweat, Lvnn .Saunders, Sue Guild, Upperciass Advisors: ,|o Ann Butt, President: Jane Leander. ice- I ' resident: Karen Fox, .Secretary: Kathie Miguel. Ireasurcr: Barhara (iormlev. Social (Jiairman: Nookie Basniussen. Assistant . ' Social (.hairman: Hetiv Murphy. Song Leader: Donna Smith, Scra])l) )ok (.hairman: Janet liitne . I ' uhlicitv (hairman: . ' allv dole. Bulletin Board (Chair- man: . " liirley Biel. Barhara King. Intramurals (ihairnien: Dorothy Hiefenherg. ASl (1 He- porter: and Marcia Korn. Marilyn I ' eppiatt, (.arol Fh ' ck, Marilvn oertman. ami irginia I.iglithurn. Floor Hcpresenlatives. Back row, Irfl to right: May Fukaye, Marian Lan|{. Elaine Pardee, Barbara Bueler. Alice Hoditins, Renee Zeplin, Gnen VenDurher, Sheila Dunslan, Jean Wilkin . • hourth row: Mary Stricklcr, Marilyn Wocrtman. Pat ' Shea. .Marlenc Dnian. Nancy Bell, Sara Jane Fletcher. Joan Doyle. Frances (Dillon. • Third mic: Jud ( reenhlat. Barhara MnU. Delia Delimont. .Marilyn .McKfl . .lo Fellin. HIi aheth Hansen, .MsiriKn Peppiatt. Bertha Thomas. Barbara Baird. • r,oii,i rn;r: KveKn Packard. .Ian hitne , Barbara Carter, Ka hitle , ,lane I.eander, Trinidad Miiiiiel, .lud Sherrod, Shirley Spear, Pal Sch-ul.n • ,.,:, K.ircil I-u , lietl Miirpin, Juon McKu , Barbara (iormtev, Maureen Neylon, Barbara (.loam, Charlene Shapiro, .Marilyn Alnujm. ' I) imi ( iiti| IuII ft r f 4 Hatk roa-, Irft in rifht: Sue Morrison, Juun llniiri I isi Kr si nick, l.iti C ' um . Be Baker, Barhuni U uir. Dniutii Hi-phurn, Ann Bur;:!-- ' iin.: kinstlcr. Joun Timhlin. Kurhura Trilk, Pat Alk-ii. I t]th tow: (iwen f ' enn, Niinc Border. I ' tit Hii dcn. SherKn Jones, Muriel Sul .nianii, Itjht. Bomnth. Jovcc Bcrr . ( arul -Vrniitadc Jeannie Fertiit. Nancv Mupcs, Miir (iruce Newell, Pat Pierce. • Fourth row: Lou ' I ' ainier. Denu I.ilshut . (tldj « K lee, - nttii Briilwcll. I.ce Murphv, Sue Johnsf n, Janet Duke, l.uiili Home. Lou Dell V ater . (iracc ( riffith. Helen Parker, Diilt Kopine. Miir L nn BucchnI . • Third mw : Juni TreJ " a , Ph IIis Stl io. Niinc Storm. Jean ( li) " , HIaine Oshorn. MartUn NeNnn. (iliarl«itte Owenhv, Put inkier. CflroKn Brcndcn. Bernice Hulluck, Put Cor don. Nan ' onlp , Connie L nn. • Second row: Peftflv Sheriff. Peiidv HildcbranJ. Bev ' Mernei, lt%rl n Saxiun. Beti Jo MnithcMit. Martha Applcton, Carol n Henderson, Mar rci Green. Cynthia Benjamin, Helen Hubhell. Bohb Boettcher, Bev Bccbc. Front row: Clara Bene»ch. Fran .McDonald. Jo Woods, Mtmi Schoeneck. Dory Oparil. Pat Nlurplt , Jo Kippberjter. Debhy Priest. Mary Vela, Nancy Essen, Marietta krohn. Fllen Rouche. McKenna Hall Hiiuiiill -ss i-ii«T ' ; w;is l!ic ki-viiolc ;is 170 frirls roinpiMl into McKciiiui Miill to Ix ' iii the fall i]iiart ' r of I ' H ' ' . ■■Mnim. " tli ' iiiiiriiiurtMl. " lliis slioiilil lie a ( iiilirfiil vcarl " And iiiili ' e l it was . . . MiKcmia fiitcmi into tlic luil -l)iih of ai ' ti - ities tliat promised to make a freshman vear to be remi ' ml)« ' re l. (ioffee hours, inter-dorm so- cials ami. of course, their footliall team added a fireat deal of enjo meiit. In addition to the en- llnisiasm and interest displaved i the McKenna irls. lhe plated in the finals of the Kre hnian Queen contest, and parlicipaleil in the inter- tlorm athletii- e ents. L nder the capahic jiiiid- ance of the social director. Mrs. Hartelis. the •iirls of McKenna are a closely knit ronp of friends, who are proud of their wonih ' rfnl dor- niitor . Ihe ofli.ers of McK«nna Mall %ere: Mrs. A. I{. H.irtells. Social Director: I ' hil Silxio. Doris llanrv. Student l)irector : Karen llandwerf;. (rloria Wade. Hexeriv Heehe. Marjiaret (ireen, Joanne llanimer. I pperclass d isors: Alice Mc- Millan. I ' resident: Del)l)ie Priest. ice-1 ' resi- dent: Barbara Hop|)ock. . " -ecretary: I ' at Cory- don. Social Chairman: Bobbie Boj-tcher. Pat Allen, Intramurals ( ' hairmen: (.onnie l, iin. I ' nhlicitv and Scrapbook (!hairnian: I ' al Best. Treasurer: anev Storm. Scholar-hip ( !hair- inan: l.on Dell Waters. Sonji Leader: (larinen Kinstler. Pianist: Pal Mnrjdiy. Hnlletin Board Chairman: Dot Ko])ine. ISA Heportcr: Jean (.low. ASL C Heporler. an l Marv l. nn Buckles, Donna Mosboiifih. I ' at Haydn. Kllen I{ouch. Mar- i;ol Kddv. Mar;;ot Hodgson. Floor Hcprc cnta- li e-. fliji- row. UU ' ' rigkl: Sue liillift. Bcc . Kupprecht, MariKn l enidc. Helen Smccd. Margti HodftKon. Gretchen Baier. Mor Lctuise Hrickler. Pnll ' Mun«i n, Mflr Fleming, Beverlv Ci«urle . Maritot Hdd . Nanc Smith. Rnnnx ' cltoff, Kav . • hourth row: .lane i- ' it .patrich. Kulli t-|ulchin ion. Marli Murra , Mickic Ra musen, Jean Brtinn, Joan Easton, Alice McMillan. I)nr Haurx. Ph lli » Bas!tctt. Barh ' anl)cr ' orl. Oonna Ireland. Charlotte Jacitbi. Pat Be»t. Mar Ann .Mcllwain. • Third rote: Jud Hubbard. Peiiiix Lou Braniian. Jeannie (Iilt . Cari l n (lOodfelloH. C nthia Bron,lnn. Joan Smnot. Joan Scanlon. Harriet Sutttin. F.Iain Stark. Frankic Shre e. Bettx Andrews. Hvelxn I.eF ' evre. F ' lorenec Sardini, Jeanne Adams. • Second row: Shirley Adams. Nina Schultz. Irma Shapiro, Jud Cassada. Jo Warner. Alice Neville. Pal .McDonald. Jo Hammer, Jerr Adair. Bett Sue Tomlinson. IJonna Moshoufth. (jloria Wade. Barbara Hoppock. Helen Suuf. • hrmti row: [imm I.ou Slubbs. Sus cindarten. Ph llis Lipschutz. Be Kiddoch. Shirle Swa ze, Wilma Todd. Phyllis (larrett. Carolsn .Xnsdell, Mar Jane .-Muise. Helen lloajtland. Dolores Tonkel. C aroKn De CJood. Rarhdr.1 Vnders4in. 357 (10 r A On fyr) 358 ; j. k rou. l -ft I.. Kcillv. Anne Ward Kt-lty Kmert. Jti An (irii. ' «bach, Maril n i. Us. Kcillv. M rna bctix llvhcrl, Jackie f i . tijfol MuUcr. Shir!e Hnnntn. 01i e Kicnnt. Uuruih WriUr. Llainc Surliiiil. June Hav%b.ild. SalK TMmlln (.n. Loisjnne • fiiurth row: Ga Cr«mle , Jt»fln C urli . Lynn Koseman. Marjorlc Anderson, Mu a Hansen. Dolores Siejicl. Joan Snxdcrman, n While. • Third row: Shirle Mendelsohn. S bil Zeligson. Kathleen Shockley, Carolyn Brackenhur . Pauline Cooper. CaroI n lay, Sally Lamkin. Joan (Chambers. • Second row: Harriet Levy. Beverly Billeter, Joan Marks. LaVaujihna Hause. Elaine Cooper, Alexander, Maril n Ktn re. Wanda Miskowiec. • front row: Niary Ann Daniel, Uonna Mackenzie. Jud Barker, Paula Usein, Paulc. Barbara Orr, Bcverl Riches. Regent Hall " We are the girls of Regent Hall, the (lorni (if fame and {riory. Lend us voiir ears for a little «liile. and well tell ou our story. " This year eii:hty-se en f;irls li ed in Regent Hall and were full of llif infier and spice nec- essary for an aetiM ' dorm. Because of its location, many don ' t realize that Hegent Hall is part of the Freshman ' o- nien ' s Dorms and therefore takes an active part in freshman activities. The jiirls enthusiastically parlicipateil in intramural contests, enjoyed functions with other dorms, entered their " iris in (jueeii conti ' sts. and joined a«-ti ities on campus. . tudies plaved an important role in the sched- ule, hut everyone found time for parties and lun. thereby niakin r lasting friendships and mem- ories of freshman days in college. The officers of Hef; ' nt Hall were: Mrs. Pauline Heilly. Social Director: Klaine ( " ooper. Student Director: X anda Miskowiec. Oliye Kinne. Mar Heck. I Advisors: Nancy renn. presi- dent: Marilyn teller. ice-l ' resi lent : Mary Schumacher. Secretary; Dorotln Writer. 1 reas- urer: Arlene Oews, Bev Billeter. Social (.hair- men: Nancy Pike, Scholarship (Jiairman: Debbie Green. .Song Leader: Loisanne Reilly, Scraj)hook and Piiblicity Chairman: Jeanne Webber. Bulletin Board Chairman: Sally Ann Tomlinson. (,ar d n Brackeid)ury. Intrauuirals ( " hairmen: Pat (ionnor. l. «A Representatiye: Amaretta Dildine. .ASIIC Reporter: and Gail W almsley. Harriet Leyy. irginia Lewis. Joan Marks. Floor Representatiyes. 1 Back row. Irft to right: Mar Bell l-rith. Sue Salstcin. Nancv Wrenn. Norma Lane. Debbie Green, Arlene Crews. • fourth row: Maril n ellcr. Nancv Pike. Nancy Sherrill. .■Vmaretla Dildine. Florence (ienlr , Alice Mar ' Bo d. Jane X ' awter. Gail Walmsle . • Third row: Geraldine Booker. Mar Heck. ' irA)nia Lewi . .Mary I llen Carlton. Kath B ler, . rdie Haakenstad. Mary Ann Cline. Mar Jo M ers. • Second row: Mar Lou KoufUilon. Bev (irccn. Kmma Lou Samuel. Jud Komhold, Mrs. Keill , HIaine ( ooper, Roberta Lee, Patt Dunsliee. • front row: Dianne Jacobson. Ka Burkett, Pal (] innor. I.iJii Hiiyruv ir nia ' ickert, Diana ' an Ausdall, ( arol Miner. Mar Schumacher, Marx Luu Perrenoud. P A If i » ft ( r f I ;(ii «. f " . iVi; riihl . lliMii I ' li ahi-it) HunM-n. Mildrvd ltdh. uli. Joan B iktr, l- Uaix.r ( i.MipL-r. Juliu Mviklcjolin. Marijarcl Jo livL limit, h.irhdr4 Stinc. irtinia A»mu . Kiia (ic-rrx Hlltte . H el n Kochm. • -ifth nuc: Ko!tcn)Hr WjIIucv. Ki it Jn Greene, Uarhura Diividi on. (»craljinv shlc) ' , Pat«v Tondrc, Pat Surprcnani. M«r Kli abvlh Beehler, Hclcntf SlcCarth . Nanc Luckie! h. • lourth rote: Joy Scorlc. Addle kunkcl, Irene l-arhcr, Anne Shich, Jane Ann l e itl, Kcnec Orton. Barbara Hudson. Dotlie Shoop. Helen Huiler. • Third row: Hloi»e Chapin. Jean ( nukc. Janci Hatfcn. Lucille Jani Conklin. Pammella Pollack. Jnanne Har c , Bert ho Murr , Marjorie Bradhur . • Second row: Barbara Bla hill. Nanc Simud. Mar Luuime Humphrc . Shirlc (iibbons. . anc Ta l«ir. Pai Bloeser. Ph lli» Ann ( arUun. Adeline Harrison, June Norem. nnetle Tliarini(er. • front row: V ilminor Carl, lilainc Sirauch. Mar Jane Ma . Blanche Hardin. («e iritia l. ne», Hvelyn Towhin, («race W ' ahl. (.Jerrx Sline, Roberta Sharpe. Northeast Hall " W • arc llic ;:irls Iroin .Nortlieast Hall . . . W i- are such pearls, we wow ' em all . . . Never break a date . . . Never stay out late ... " so poes tlie dorm ' s son . Nortlieast ' s fdrls are especially known for iJieir f;a spirit which was cNiilciil in the nianv iniproniptn skits. ;;fntTal fift-to rthcrs and jurtifs for all occasions ... a Hallowe ' en costume party, a square dance with A-2. ex- change dinners anil frantic last minute decora- tions on floats and the dorm formals. Intramural.- hrou hl out slron;; teams in ol- levhail. lia-ki ' thali. and -ofthall as well a pl,i - er iti till ' indi idual competition. ( )n the more serious side the ■iirls -upporti-ii a French war orphan. pra -liced indu-trii u l for the C ' .L Days Son- fest, and as the son?; ;:oes " studied all ni iht anil all ila too " to keep up their j;rades. Ihe jiirls were led 1) Mr. ami .Mr.-, (.liarlc- Nehrinj; and all afiree that it was a wonderful year. Odicers: President. Joyce Hanna: vice- president. - nn l)e itl: secretary. Juanne Har- ev : all-dorni -mi a I cliairinan. .loan 1 )a i- : intra- dorm -iii ' rhainn.iii. Hip i ILin-i-n: intramural chairmati. He erl . liorl: ISA rrpre-cnt.iti e. Roberta . " harp : .V. ' LC. representatiM ' . Lucille son;; leader. Jo Kckbout: publicity chair- man. I ' am Pollock: scrapbook chairman. Bertha Murra : bulletin board chairman. Joan Fnrst: bouseniDtbiT. Mrs. Nchrini;: Hour n-presenta- li es. (iracc ahl. Irene Farber. I ' lnllir- (Carlson. Doris ShoDp. Jan (.onklin. Lois Tbomp-on. Bar- bara Blasbill. Back row. left to right: Loi« Thompson, Jo Lubhcn. Harriet C;aUo|( . Noreene Hariman. l-dna Hilton, Ksler Hichcr, larida Bau ch. L nn Ciilberi. • Second row: ' irtinia Rotenihal. Cilnria Domann, Joyce Hanna, Mrs. Nehrini( House Mother t, Barbara Curry. Constance kra bill. • hront row: Sarah Ann Che c«. Barbara Williamn, .Ann Kussell, Georgia Steers. 359 Bofk raw, Ifft to rieftl: Shirley Wood. Hiith Johnson. Shirley Kymer. Georjjia l,on((. • Fifth row: Ellen Kkman. Eleanor CKman. Susan IMumer. Marjoric Karnum, Grace Von Ehrcnkrook, Jean Brown. Marilyn McAlpine. • fourth row: Carolyn Welch. Anne Campbell. Rosalie Marchinri. N!aril n Wchcr. Bi-vcrlv Salina. Anne Look, Donna Wooldriditc. • Third row: Jane WilUon. Joan Mills. Patricia an Hvnini Ruth Buetiner, Melha Frc.der- mann, Mildred Hartman. Bcrna Bra sea. Janet Bullcr. ' Second row: Dorothy LHenishi. BeverU H irne . Doris Kinsin cr. Mrs. Theis. Wanda Ailinjier. Belle Bennett. Mary Ann Bou»man. Barbara Swann. Elaine Johnston. • Front row: Elizabeth Huf hes. Nanette Ehrel, Marjorie Mollman. Emil P. Thompson. Beti French. Bett Anne Carter, Iris Corriher. Nancy Edsell, Patricia (ierlinji. Northwest Hall Norlliwol Hall jitarteti ils a ti iti ' s this year with a ' r snci ' essfiil exfliaii « ' ilaiice Nitli A-1. Mar.-liniallow roasts, excliari;: (iiiincrs. sciiiarc ilaiii ' t ' s, ti-a (lances anil picnics followed in rapid succession and continued tliroii :hont the year. Tlic dorm ' s oo;ilinf; Indian at Honieconiinj; won llic acclaim of inanv. as did the ice statue for Winter ( ' arni al. All- lorni formals in the spriujZ ami fall terms were the hi lili :hls of the social cal -ndar. Tliis year, as j)revioiisly. Northwest played an imporlani part in Intrannirals. Also in the sport- li hl were extra pin -pon;; tournaments and im- promplii foothall (laines. All in all, Northwest was well represented in e er activity on ' ampus. with jiirls sharing in uork and reaping rewards in fun. The oflicers of orthwest Hall are: .lanet But- ler. President: Dora Kinsiiifier. ice-president : Hosalie Marchiori, Secretary: Ami (.amphell. All-dorm Social (Chairman: .Marjorie Barinini. Intra-dorm Social Chairman: Grace von Kliren- krook. Intranniral Chairman: Jean Harquail, ISA Representative: Dorothy I yensishi. ASUC Hepresentative: F.stelle Thomas. Son Leader: Hett Mead. I ' nhlicity (hairman: Huth John- son. Scholarship Chairman: I ' al (ierliiif;. Bul- letin Board (, hairman: Mrs. Barhara Theis. Housemother: and Shirlev W ood. Jane W ill on. Mary Alice Barnnni. and Iris Corriher, Floor Representatives. 360 Rack rnic, left tn ri ht: Cathrcn dc laKo a. Audrey Morlcnson. Josephine Waujller, l.nrrnine Bnsich, .Vnn Mandusic. .Vilecn KelK . Carol Bolinjier. rf.ii! r.... Duiutliv Stomp, .(caniic Hiirquail, irRinij Saulc . Bett ' ound. Sliiiliv ' tuln NTirv Alice Barnvim. l.ou Purkv. ' % - I H J K f:i . i ' ! !■• ti ni iri;inij H.irri ' s. KjiIutiih.- K..«u-. Uctiv Vnii ' ld. Kniid.i Kcdiltri, l-.iiili .mnii. " ifitrj r .u. .(.uur iMiru k K. nn.ibcllc Marcato, ( dthr n ( ' artlcns. Kubcrta ountt. K ' tscmurv Hellis. N!ar Jciin Harbin. Krislina Bro«n. I)i ri tl) Wnllf. " S%-citnd row: ' vnnnc Kurkrtl, Mxritie Harnilriiver. Ila Knrn. Doris Wick. Mimtu C iok. (luiht rint WilliamN. JounriL W ilkins. Miir ( id. Surah Tuti. hroni row: Jiinko Kuku, Miir KUcn BriiMfi. W-nictf ' arncr. Jo nn Preslcr. Jane Kitjtorc. ! at l)udli.- , Juan hitch. ium-. Julia Swccnc) . Pal Pelcrsttn. Barbara Whi-clcr. Southeast Hall I lie ;:irls ill Soiitlieasl. ;icli « ' Diitsidt- iIk- ilorni. ul.-o fdiiiiil time for urti e |Kirtioi|iatioii in iltiriii life. Tlie l)iilleliii hoard received first place in the jiidfiin;: diirin : Honieconiin;;. Ilicre were floor parties, the Halloween party, the dorm formal ■■ iiliimn NOcliirne. " and an e ehanf;e dinner with -. . in all. everything add " d up to ,1 -ucces-fiii ,iiid liappv year. )fli er-: Mr. and Mrs. J. F.. Kil;iiiri ' . ori,il director-: I ' atriri.i Diidlev. president: Joan liilelioiise. vice-president: Rli ahelii l.iclilen- lierj;. secretary: Patricia Petersen, inlr.idorm social chairman: Julia Sweeney, all-dorm ocial chairman: Joanne W ilkin . inlramnral chair- man: Kristina Brown, a i tant intramiirals chairman: Yvonne liiirkett. piihlicil chairman: JoAnn Presler. hiilletin hoard chairman: Mari- l n (.ain. son;; leadt-r: Laura F.hrcnfreund. schol- arship chairman: Junko Kako. scraphook chair- man; Mar I " lien Hrown. ASl ( ' Hcpre.-enl.itive: Helen Met leiinen. IS Keporler: Shirley riioreti. Harhara Wheeler. Kiitli Hrown. enit-e ;irner. floor representatives. Btifk rojr. left lo righl: Pal McCa Iin. Roitcne Bc I. Jo Ann Craijthcad. Barbara Moore. Mar McIandL-r. ( ' lara Jane Maicr. IlcU-n Smick. Pal Oousc. Kulh Patlon. • Tkird row: Mar Adelaide Kahcy. Gloria Quick. Loris Danlice. Deanne LcMi . l)ori Kevnolds, Pal Harris. Helen (irecn, l.nui»c Ko««o. • SfcitnJ riia-; (ilad « - ndcr on. (leorilia MacSpadden. Barbara Hn tz. Bell Sherha. Ko.iemar nouiihem, Marcie Dean. Sue Birk. Nona y hrich. • h rnnt r " :r I nmtne OUcn. .In Vnn W chcr. I .11 Ilrii »n. Kiliture, Pal l)udle . Marian Parsons. .Mae Kiessiit. Jean Homan. Betl Dchne. 361 no o » r ;F ffflf row, left to right: Maritucritc Wimp. Barhara Uhrich. Sibyl Kuhnle. Janet KaniaAe. Mormajune Lintner, NIary Swann. El row: Marjtaret McCarthy. Eslhcr Paper. Corinne Uickerson, Geori ia Wuelbinji. MarJKn issenberjl. Mar Jackisch. • Second Pcjtiiy Fisher. L%llian W ' aldhaum. Billie Smith. Barbara Michcll. Margaret Siaats, Helene Mayer. • trout row: LaVon Carlson. Ann Slnckinit. Beverly Kruok . Frances Abenheimer. Frances O ' Mella. Mari aret Miller, Joan Uomenico. se Deffke. • Third row: Mildred Bell, Jane Green. Bett e Southwest Hall riic };irls r till ' Soiilliwcsl Hall have been kept l)iis willi iiitrariMiral a(li itie;-. lea (lances, and llie ilorin liirnuils. Siiiillnvc l is n ' pr« ' SiMil ' (l in such oiit.-landin;: lionoraries as Spur and Iles- peria. Manv of llie fiiris are nienihers if WAA, Pep Cliih. and Y ' C A. The pcrsonaHties and the entluisiasni extended bv the fiirls in all dorm acti ities made a incinorahle and ( utstandin : car lor 4 nthwe l Hall. OfTicers: Mr. and Mrs. Waynian Crow. Social l)ire ' lors: .loanne Clark. President: Marfiaret .■ taats. ice I ' resident : l ' ef;fr Sutherland. Sec- retary: Harhara Michell and SIiirle Maser. So- cial Chairmen: Hillie Jo Smith. I ' uhlicity Chair- man: Jean Jcrald. Scholarship Chairman: Shir- lev Polinfi, Bulletin Board Chairman: Mar- finerite ' imp. Scraphook Chairman: Norma- june Lintner. Intrannirals Chairman: Marilyn Vissenberf;. Sonfr Leader: Mary Jackisch, ISA Rej)resentati e: Donna (irisler. ASUC. Biu-k rntr, Irft to right : llerlhalinc l outh. Itleanor McCuIloufth. Jean Salsbur . • Third row: Dornthv Kllman. Fat Smith, Jeanne Pr«»ct »r. Rose 2 l ayne. Jean Jerald. Alice InSwcrsen, Nlildred Davis. • Second row: Manila nvke ., Shirley Polinif. Jean l.indaas. Hita McCireevv, Barbara Stebbins, CartiKn Me er. • Front row: Pe|(([y Sutherland. I: el n (jnlden, Joanne Clark, Diana Hojilc. Barbara Banks, Jo Martin, Beulah Nott, t- 1 till of Itl k »a loi lei . i lb lal Hit i: r.iir. irU to rithl: Dec t husc. noriith Kriivo ich. Mdr Kdpdiin, Hffic MunitiuliJc , Sheila McCutif, l ' u . ' I ' dfrfcon. • Stcund row: Nan Andcr itn, Muchrina Hot. Kuih Hmc. Kddic kilmurra . Marian Juan Bell, Bev Holimon, Kllcn Hall. • front row: Gail Hunter, Ellen Robert, Mariurie Keed. Sue Biddlcmnn. Kulhrvn iUun. Kuck Slonc. Bartram ' s 363 Stncli-iit- anil play-timers — skiers, skaters, -wimniir . ami oiIkt fnllmsiasls ball anit ' !; on llie lawn iniproinptu partic these are some of the evidences that Bartram ' s is a settinp for aeli it and liapp j:oin;:s-on. Fellows join the );als at mealtime to relish all the " good grub " that Mrs. Bartram is noted for. Something is al- wa s going on at Bartram ' s. Bridiie games after lunch with (ianasta setting in. fall picnics, win- ter sports, spring siin-bathing and more picnics. And always there is lot of gi e-and-take down the practical pranks line, with good sports to take it and good jokers to hand it out. Nan Anderson, Marian Joan Bill. Machrina Be»t. K elvn Betz. Sue Biildleman. Dee (.hase. Susie Flugstad. Mary (reorge, F.llen Hall. Joye Hilty. Be Holiman. Gail Hunter, . " ally Jeffrey, Mary Margaret Kapaun. Dorolhv Krasovich. Sheila Mc(!abe. Jean Mc(!learn. Ftlie Mamou- lides. Judy Miller, Jean Perrigo. Faye Peterson. Marjorie Pee Reeil. F.llen Roiirr-. Borkv . " stone, Knlh Wlnte. KallirMi Wilson. Hiiik run-. lf)s (u riiiht: ( ' aruKii (lustii. Host Cijiiihern, Jiun S«arttu»ut. Helen Breet%vor. Emma J i Palintr. Ann (.las.sen, Isabelle Nel un. • Second roar: Martha McDunalJ, Mtir Lou ( ar%er, Nnna Nathan. Bernadeita Runiiian, Joanna Nathan. Barbara E ' itkin. Pat ' hitnc . Front row: Mary Hllen Bain. Mari{er Mulliiian. Joan Scidcnbach, Jeanna Breach. Barbara Ward. Oicksia Gutshall, Alice Wells. Joanne Koss. Bergman ' s 364 Dwelliiif: at 1 ()■). ' { Iliirteontli Stroot are thirty- three heaiitirul, hiihi)Hng. Ker ;inan hiuhliet ' . Every night at 10:, ' iO is party time, as every oc- casion is celehraled in a hig wav. B ' rf;niaiiilcs not only I arly hnt also participate in many school a -ti ities such as intranuirals. stndent piihlications. Orchesis. and other activities on (ianipus. School spirit for football games dur- ing fall quarter was great, but even greater was the enthusiasm of all llic girls for winter sports. The fricndiv alniiis|ili Tc and co-operative spirit which is created b) the wonderful house- mother, Mrs. Bergman, makes it a grand home awav from home. Happv times al Hcrgnian ' s will Mc cr be forgotten; and though all will re- gret leaving Mrs. Bergman. lic ina be a.-siired of frei|nciil isits. -. I ' lii- ( ' ;iiii| u (lull i ;i i-iiii|icrali f lioiise (or iti li ' |ii-iiilt ' nl Miiiirii liiilfiit . I III- lioiiM- is sclf- governe i. iieudt-il l) a iiiaiiajziii;: ( ' oniinilti-c I ' lif ;;irl- |(«Tf(irm .ill of llic Iioiim-IihIiI iliitii-s. iiicluiliiii: iiii-al |ilaiiiiin;i ami |ir( ' | aratiiiii . rill ' ( .iiiipiis ( ' .lull is a iiiiii-priilil iir :aiiizutioii wliirli |iri iili " - iiii ' |i ' ii i i- ami lioim-likf lixiii ciimlitioii- liir il- iih-miIhts. TIkti ' an- 2(1 ;;irl« ill llir rluli. MrmliiT arc eliiisiMi li |Mi|iiilar Mill- (ruin llif inaii ;:irl« wlm a|i|il . rill ' ::irl in llw rliili l.iki ' pari in inlraiiiural-. Im ' Iiiii 1)1 iiianv of (In- ' aiii|iii iir ani atii ii . ami |iarliripatr in ariiiii- iitlirr raiiipii ' - a ' ti ilii---. MaiKiLiiii:: ( .umniiltii ' : ( iinniiii.iliir. (.uldii ' llariii rii: I ' laiiiiiii (iliainiiaiu llisar Inuiivi ' : rir uniii ' l lliairiiian. I ' aiiliiic lla kinlit ' rrv : Vnililiir. Ili-lcii il •lllK M(iiiM ' iiiolli) ' r. Jam- I iiiU-. Momhcrs: Mar Mar;;arcl Hall. Biiimii ' Ber;; ' . K a Colu ' ii. .Marian Kakins. Kli .alirlli Frost, (ioldic Harniscn. raiiliiic Hawkinhcrrv. Misae liniiiM ' . J.irqiieline Jor{;enson. Kniily Louise K.iiil iii.iii. Lola Knoliel. ( -lioslicn;; (lliicii Lrc. Hii-ir M.i-iiiia;;.i. Nakaiiiiira. Arda i-l«oii. I ' M ' lxii Nnnll. Marjorie -Schoilcr. nc « ' rl Sims, lli ' l.n I nil ' . H. ' l.-n ilson. Campus Club Rafk row. IrU to right: Marion Faking. Helen True. Elizabeth Frost. Bonnie Ber((e, Mar MariJarct Kail, I.ou Kaufman. • Second row: Jacquclin Jnr|(en«cin. Pauline Hawkinherr . Helen . il5nn. ( oldie Harmsen, Jane Little, Bt ' erl Sim5. Eva Culicn. • Front row: Rosic Mavunaiia. rdii 365 Ncl on. Hi ac Inon c. Marjorie Schoder. Mpr Ndkamura. Evcl n Norell. C. C. Lee. Back row, Iffi to right: Shorty Dolan, Les Mcriil, Uick Dicka tun. Bill Wells. Kciih Baker, Andrew Clierna. Bob (Jill, CJeorfte Helder. Frank Coolci,. Kobcrl Cox. Third rote: W ' ilUrd Ko!iinc. John Masters, Don Willis. Ra Baker, Bill Simonds, Mrs. F. Hunter. Dick Duthie. Chris Chandler. Secomi rosr: Ruth TrcdwaN. Sterling Apftar. Prue Peacock, Fran ' ounff, C harloite Kojiers. Fdtih Touelli. Ruth Toli er, Katherine Mehl. Marie Fa . • Front rotr: Nanc Pucll, Nanc Cram, Maril n Nielsen, Jean Hoel. Mar Ise. Barbara Lefjftetl, Nancy Stroman. unters 366 To be more specific, home away from home, for all wlio are privileged to partake of the cliarniin;; and {iracious atmosphere which per- meates the house, stands at the corner of Penn- sylvania and 11th. Our sojourn at Hunter ' s will he remembered by each and e eryone in the years to come with a feeling which cannot be expressed in the vernacular. Menu)ries of college davs will al wavs be en- lightened by those hilarious Saturdav afternoon ball games: the activities of Tuesday afternoon; steak fries in I-eft Hand ( anvon: skiing parties: the unex[)ected activities of the hashers which cheer one on a blue Monday: the lovely candle- light diniUTS of soutbem-stvle fried chicken: the su|ierl meals so adequately prepared 1 l)obb : the wonderful fellowship of Mrs. Hunter ' s house. Of one thing we are certain- -that Hiniter ' s Lodge and those who make it possible will ne er be forgotten. aii ( ' .rain. Jenny Lou Dodd, Marie Fay, .lean Hoel. Mary Ise. Abby Leggett. Kathryn Mehl. Marilyn .Nielson, Prudence Peacock. Nancy Puett. C harlotte Rodgers, Nancy Stro- man. Ruth Toliver. Edith Touelli. Mrs. irginia icks. l-raiuiie ouu " . Mrs. I " lon ' uce Hunter. . Htu k rua-. Utl III rifht: l,cro l- ' ldcr. Niinc M.iliicu-% . iriiiiua Cusfx , Jcrr histkr. Mrs, H. Killir. l.jirO t miKi-r, luck i Uclv . • »( (.nj r«»:r , Nnrma Dcn lcr. Bclh W alkcr. Mllr Hannlcx . nn Lursh. Mr. Kohinsun. I.etii Mendcnliiill. ( icrrv Carilin, Mar f ' hillip». • frnnl row: Marie Dchcgue. Knisiilcc Terrell. Mdr jndcrwih. Kjth Durlinfttun, Mdril n MiicliU rc. ickc OuhUtrom, I ' allie Field. 367 Robinson ' s tlollffic ila s will In- full of l)rii;lit nii ' iiiories for ll » ' poopl ' who lia r hail the o|i| ortuiiit to he a part of ■ " •■IfM ' ii l«eiit -oiu-. " . l a ,» r»-- iiifml)«Tfil will hi ' till- people wlio made it a real home: " Mom " and " I ' op. " wlio are -on- lantl helping:: " Killer. " whose pi - are strictlv out of this world; the hashers, who try sleepily to turn out epfis as ordered and are not averse to eseortinp six or eifilit irls two doors down on Friday afternoon. Nor does anyone seem to mind when a half dozen pot s of cofTee are ;iuz- led per ni-ilit of hnrnin;: the midni;:ht oil. when llie water is left running in the l,iiMiclr luh- .md floods the ha ement. nor wlwn Mom and I ' op are asked ad iee on everything from dre s patterns to term papers. It ' s the little things couiit, ,ind llic won ' t he forgotli ' iil 1 he mendier.- of Hol inM n ' s are: Marv Han- nelly, (,err (.arrillo. Jnily HrostofT. Nancv Ma- loney. Marie DeBeijiie, .Vnn I.arsh. Norma Deng- l.r. Talti Field. ir;:inia Casev. Ro-ali. ' Tarr.Il. icki D.dd-trom. anderw ilt. MariK n M.n-- lnt re. Catharine Darlington. Heth W.ilkir. l.olita M.ndenhall. Marv Phillips. 1 H i «— 4 , B»JMj V I i Back row, left to riRht: Harriett Oellian. Barbara McCulIoch. Mary Armentrout, Shirley Kleckcr. • Second row: Janet Koch. ! Mrs. Jenny Couf[hlin, Mrs. Geneva Willis, Colleen Kenny. Dorothy Krause. • Front row: Phyllis Kififtenhuch. PefiHy Pickett. D Ketchum, Dorothy CarUon. Janet Koch._Mar)!aret onnu Sc«! Ann Hursch, tt. Jerry Ann Willis 368 Across the street from the eiinipu.- .-lamls one of the most popular lioiises on tlie Hill — a pink stuceo house known as W illis ' s. The fnn. friendship, and anihition inspired by Mrs. W illis pins the exeellent food prej)are(l 1) Jenny Ciin hlin make a home-like atmosphere. Al- tlioufih there are no orfranized aili ities. the interests of the residents are many and aried: r-kiinj;. nuisie. knillinf;. anil I ' oolh.ill •;anies. Hail the memories of Willis si Men ' s Dormitories % Dorm Student Council 370 u. III! Ill rieht: Bc.b Wiuvtr, Kus Kullo. Jack .MontSomcr . Bill MciDrc. Dean Kcatinii. Larry I ' cnlon. Cliff Lilly. Bob (Jront. ( iii V r i: ruw: Morlin Dixon. Boh Brown. l- ' r«nk Potochnik, Sluart Sex. Loren Siffrinii, Stan Ulrich, tJene Jefferson. • From row: Ronnie Apudaca. I i Iv I K-i ponetli. Joe (Connelly. Leonard Crowe. I Till- StiiiU-iit ' .oiiiic-il of the MonV Dorm is (■ ini|»o.«(»(l of students elected by popular vote and {lives ecjnal representation to all sections of tlie Dormitories. It is the diitv of these men to initiate and maintain an equal soria! pro;:rani for the residents of the Men ' s Dormitories. The Student Council also forms an eflTicicnt iutcr- mediate between the administrative Residence Halls Association and the students residing in tile Dormitories. The officers: Director. Elmer Grosshaiiser: I ' n-sident. Jack, hicoponelli: Vice-I ' resident. Frank Potochnik: Secretary. Leonard Crowe. The Board of Advisors: alt (.lay man. Luis Rovira. Ralph Patrick, George McLadilan. John Hallard. Wilbur VI ri fill I. Russ Johnson, and Dick I ' unches. The members: Gene Jefferson. Dean K ' ating. Marlin Dixon. Don Bymasler, Bob Brown. Rob- ert Weaver. ClifT Lilly. Russell Hullo. Joseph Connelly. Stuart Sex. Loren SifTriiif;. Jack Lico- ponelli. Jack Montgomery. Glen Vi ilson, Frank Potochnik. Lawrence Feiiton. Bob Grant. Ron- ald Apodoca. Stan I Iricli. and Leonard Crowe. en ' s Residence Hall Association Back rote, tfft to rifht: Wall CUyman. U lMt.u l ' .rtidU ilbur VVriftht. Kulph Patrick. I-lnii-r ( ■.r. ' vshau ' .cr. Kusvcll .li.hns in. ollcr l-rit , I. ins 371 Rovtra, John Ballard. • Second row: Htirr Widdowson. Joe ' annacilo. Anihonv Williams, (icordc McLachlon. l HusscI, Dick Punches. • front ror: Hcnr HeUcn. Herb Aipinwall. John Titlema. Llo d .Myers. William Reed, John Dieckman. The Men ' s Rfsidciicc Hall A. sociation is not just an or ani ation tliat prosidi ' s Imusin for male students. Tiie priinarx function of tlie .Vssoeiation is to provide a lionie avvav from home and to create a warm friendK atmosphere among its memhers. F)irected hy Klmer (iross- haii.ser and aided by tlie . ' tndent ( " oiincii with it,« various c immittces. the .Association has spon- sored man social and athletic functions during: the vear. Quarterly dances, lea dances. e chanf;e dinners the uomcnV dormitories, open houses, and parties lii !hdir!htc i tlic social sea- son for the dorms. As an aid to the bewildered freshman, tlie Association installed an I pper-class .Vdvisor System that was a smashing success. The dorms also entered a float in the Ilomecominfx parade and participated in an intramural athletic pro- pram and oth( r campus functions, nuriiifi the Kail ( )u.irter sc cntv -li e orphans from Denver orpliaiKifies v ere piK ' sts of the d irms at the lov a . ' tale football game, and in addition, thn ' e war-orphans in Eurojie were adopted bv the men of the Men ' s Residence Halls. The advisory proiip. mendiers act as the proctors aiul assistant proctors for the Men ' s Dormitories, consists of .loe aniiacit i. Sanniel W . (.lav man. .loliii . . Tillema. I.uis Hovira. Rob- ert 1). I lanilcr. Aiitlioiiv W . illiam . iiitnev A. Hradlev. (;eor;;e McLa.hlau. Il.rbcrl . A.s- piiiwall. Harrv A. idd iv .on. Ralph . I ' atrich. alter Frit ., .lohii 1 . Bailartl. lleiirv M. Helpen. Wilbur M. X rifiht. John C. Diekman. Russell .bduison. W iiliam H. Reed. Henry A. Russell. Richard Punches. 11,1. ■ Jim Kudicr Bud Imhiifl l„ riehl: Irv Haimv.. Don Itdrland. Carl BrnherJ. Joe Lacy. Bill Hamrick, Marvin Shute. Burdelle Schoen. Fred Peterson. Fred rue Jelniker (iene Brown. Jim Callender. • Second row: Gordon GuR. Marvin Bi(!([s. Volnev Taylor. Jim Hartshorn. Russ Walker, lord. Marlin Dixon. Bob Madsen. • IronI row: Corky Greever. Leon Comhs. Knceland Li(Sln. Walt Cla nian. Joe annacilo. John Tillema. Keith ech. Baker Hall I ' oiilball iiioN ii ' .-i and a ■■. ' )ck-ll (|) " " lii;zl)lif:lile l llu ' (jiiarltT acti ilios as Haker Hall ijiol off to a roariiifi start in tlic social realm. They were well represented at the Residence Halls Formal. Not to he outdone were the Baker Hall alhletc.-i who had teams entered in most of the intramural sports. Perhaps they didn ' t always come out mi llic lop of the heap, hut they always could be credited with a " nice try. " Many Baker- ites helped with Homecoming. Winter ( " arnival. and ( ' ,. li. Days. In all campus acti ities peo|)le were aware of the Men from Baker. All this, and studyini; tool Officers were: Tom Baker, president: Jim (lal- lender. social chairman: Dick Reitz. athletic chairman: Gene Jefferson. Dean Keatinp. and Marlin Dixon, representatives: ' alt ( ' .layman, advisor. 372 Baek row. Irfl to righl: Ed Bulala. Bill Barnes. John Lavash. Kent Tcall. Dick Deitrich. Van Smithson, Jim Taylor. • Third row: Henry Peterson. Davo Gales. Brad Batte , Bub Goad. Fred Friedman. .Mev Kadavich. • Second row: Isaac Kuh al. John I.ub . Lee Mueller. Dick Charles. Dale Bucknam. Leonard McCain, Jim Wilkins. • Irani row: Dick Reitz. Jock :Mlen. Dean Keating. Tom Baker. Jim Roiiers. F;d Roszel, Bob Harlan. Herb IUr.dr,cl,v..o. if? lU •! 1 ftii.t r..:i-. !,•: ;,, r: ni I ..-.i K..Mr,i. iloh Itro«n. Muh tl-nuinn. Flill Monrc. Woody MmmJ. lLin Kit-f. • i •.„ru, nr : Kcnnctli • ' I..kv . l)j id U.m.J. Mel Drukc. Ronald Ktt Bowman. Scunlcy . I)rt cr. Clillon M. W crdcn. • Third rote: K.dland l)»«lcr. ( ' ,u Huvt . Hith Via cr. Dick Cordindh. Tom Sera. Jerrv Molfmunn. Joe Wallace. • Sfcond row: John Shalk-nbcrijcr. Duiitht Bowcn. Walter raqucttc, Phil Dchufl. Let- Iluithcs. I)a id Siuiherd. • f-roHt rotr: Al Ra|tlc . Wilbur Kitlinili-r. Jim Marl. Huiih Tripktt. Jim WiUim, HrncM Onorati, Boh Kol%land . Fleming Hall lliiiiiiit; H.ill. lidu-iiif; I Ti« iiicii in llic Mens Ivi-idciici- H.ilU. has ofVcrfil stiiili-iits li iii; llicrc ail iiitffirated social and atlilflic prof rani tliroii :luiiit tlie past year. On llic social side, tlie Flemiiif: men have parlioipaled in dances with other lialls and organized houses, pienirs. and otiier outin :s sponsored 1 the hall. The men ha e heeii acli e in the inlratnnral pro- grams in all sports, with main teams hein;; made u|i rrom tliosi ' li ini: in iIh- li.ill. In aildition. nian mcmldr- ol liir li.ill li.m- .icliM-K p.irlici- paled in such all-resideiu • hall alTairs the for- mals and (loals and decorations for (.1 Days. Winter (.arni al. and I l nuecomin . Hc-idents of llemiuf: include ahout an even nuiidicr of freshmi ' ii and upperclassmen. many of whom have been there sinc they entered school. Officers were: Ronald Gooiler. president: il- liam restolo . .e. social chairman: Jack l ' ow dl. athletic chairman: Dan Hsmaster. Uoh Urown. and Ixohert ea er. representati es; l.u I{o ira. ail isor. Bat-k roar, IfU to rifht: Stanley Green. Francisco Maldonadn. kcnnclh KIcihnckcr. Donal Haitcrman. Jamet Moore, Dave Crns on. Tom Baity. Fourlk rox- Mark Snell. Bill Ooodrow. Bill Tcslalozzi. John Bl«li c . V. J. Ileadrick. John Nichols. • Third rosr: Don Nordin. Marvin l,n((ircn. Jerome Thoma . John Yakich. -Vndv Williams. ( ' .cnr e Rhodes, John Fndicoil. • Second rnw: Charles I,i iniislon. Kino i ckkarinr, Ira Hardin, Dick Holouhck. Brent ( " .ooder. Jack Knminitcr. • Fmnt r»a-: Jtihn Armstri n(I. Ro Kepferii, Richard Hohhs, Arnic Hi Illius. Jim Dunne. Sieve K;ika as. 373 Jim O ' Lejrv. Rack row. left to right: Loren Pearson. (Ihris Saros. Bill Bell. Ed Fatton. Bob Walker. • Fourth roiv: Whitney Bradle . Dick Beati . hred I ' ottorf. Lee Harrisherdcr. Burt Bergman, Uon Holt, Mayer Kass. • Third row: Charles Houston. George Dalgleish, Frank Schmaus. Dick Smith. Jim Roclker, Pete Balsells, Bert Koihman, Kent Gill. • Second rote: Jack lacoponelli. John Curtis. Stu Sex. John Boone. Jolin Reiva, Bill Briti, Roger Moore. Paul To Grotcnhuis. • Front row: John Kaufman, Loren Siffring. Frank ' irgil, Tom Coleman, Don Conrad, Sheldon Latham, Don Fox, Ro Killtan. ellems Hall I ndiT llic ahh ' fiiiidaiice of .Mr. ami .Mrs. ' . I). Bradl.N. afTertionatoly called I ' at and Brad, tlic nini of Hp11» ' Iii, ;. ail 170. have enjoyed a well-rounded year. They not only attended the all-school dances, but also put on many of their own succes.sful dances, some of them being held in MSUB. They fare l well on the athletic field, as their iulraniural teams were hard to beat. They worked hard on the Dorm Homecom- ing Float. CU Days and the Winter Carnival. All in all. Hellcms men were active throuf hout the year, inakinf; for themselves a fine name on the campus. The oflTicers of Hellems Hall for this year were: Bill Britt, president: Loren Pearson, social chair- man: J. lacoponelli. .Athletic Chairman: Stuart Sex. Loren SiflTriiif:. Jack lacoponelli. Represent- atives: and George McLachlan. . dvisor. I 374 Back row. li ' fl to right: Don Etielsnn. John Kochcnburger. Jack Bender. D in Raumgartner, John Miller. John Roberts, Neal Allen. • Third row: Don Imgrund, Sid Bt-nnett. Uean Harshman, Orlando Gon alc«., Ra Miller, Jim Bangerd. Hnl Wright. Dick Johnson. • Second row: Dave Me cr. Dick l ' i»rt;h!ifn lolin H ' hiTts. ic erni an, Warren Osborn, Harry CJoldstein, Chuck GremmeU, Bob Nicolai. John Mae». • Front row: Bill Strange. Dick ' Hmi. k.r, MMthnui li.-ri 11. i rj. Bransoo Payne, Jcrry Howc, Chuck Clark, Ted Grasmick. Hack row. Uft to rtfkt: Hob lUl cr. Dale I ' almcr. Kus i Kullo. Clirt Lilly, Pete Knusc. Jack Bond. Jerry I ' ltrcc. ' third rou-: Ihtl Kciitdii. Hurrv Crawford. Dave Conjcr. Hob Ko cbroutlh, Hub Tro cII. Dick Howe. Cornell Haynic. • Second roar: Chorlc (Ilass. hdnard (Jriflcn. I . J. Mintr. Bob BoKits. M«l Hcffclman. Don Hubert. Don Bekins.. Bob Henntoft- • front rou: Dale Baird. Ted DcKo icr. Alfred Lu, Mike Horvath. Mark Stafford, Dale Croley. Ralph Nittler. Wayne Winslow. Harry Romanishin. 375 Ketchum Hall kilrlimn Hall i- will kiiiiwn a- llw m() t ac- tive liall ill till ' Mfii " s Dorms. Ketcliiiiii Nas iii- struiiK ' iital ill i l)Iaiiiiii ; a fine record player anil public address system lor the dorms ' various dances and parties. The inlranuiral teams. tliiiii ;li not always in the will column, were in there li " litin i for every [loiiil in every sport. Ketchum participated with I lie other halls in l»riji};in sixty-five orphans up from Denver for the Iowa . " tate football " ame. Oflicers: rresiiieiil. Koherl N. Ho fis: Soi-ial Chairman. KrnesI (!ampl ell: Athletic Chairman, .M. C. Meffeliiian: l{i|.n enlali es. ClifT Lilly. Russell Hullo, and Joseph (!oiineK: AiKisor, Ralph I ' alrick. Bofk ror. Uit to rifkl: Norm SchUCcr, Piul Hell. Paul Rd«corn. t)alc Jnhnsnn, I.arry (Inbhic. Boh Knhrs, Phil Ncvcls. • hnurtk row: Dick Lock- wood, Dick Ta lnr. John Pclenon. i ' .ar Duncan. Herb Schwarl . Chuck Spooler. J ihn Wcinhardl, Jamcn ( (iu£h. • Third rnic: Boh Dick Hoaa. Wa nc Sn der. Donald Pru%t. (tc«r|(e Spiliopoulti«. Boh Nc»mark. Kenn VVilson. Second row: Dick Sherman. Bud lliti, (icnc Wicks. Art Brenner, Joe Aiu. Wall Fritz. Homer Harve , Kd Starr. ' hronl rote: Jerry l.utovich. Hector Del.uca. Bill Sl ickinit. Dick Josscl n, Dave Smith. Pete Chialalo, Joe CfOmez. Wavne Martin. Georite Traeey. p p o fs n ( r Ct ' j 4 I .J I Un ». Shclili n. Hurlburt. Sloan. DeCoster. ' I .t.yj tii-ji-: J(i Hrucc Mnod . Ji Wilbcr Scoville. ■ront row: B(ib il I L- Tfzak m (.lest Kichard ( ampbtv , J„l,„ t II. l.o Griffilh, II. Guss ,..-.,1. 1 «urrin Keith ■ ' eajici I O ' Brien. Bert Gold. Hal Mc( )nnell. Bob LeFevre, Bill Andree. ' incenl (Gardner. John 1 111 I umbert. Art Hill. Jim Harl. Joe I ' iccol. Georje Watts. • Fourth row: Jock M inli!onier . Iloui! s, Herb Haass. Lorcn Peterson. • Third row: Henry HeUen. .Al l.anStrv. Craiij Hurst. Merc l Hancock. • Second row: Ken rlahorn. Bill Lubv. LeRjv Clark. Jack .Meister. Okada Tsuvoshi, Jim . Bob Schmoll, Paul Reid. Frank Pinnock. Mrs. John Ballard. John Ballard, Jean Croplej. and ic A-1 Dormitory life at . -l tliis year lias had all liif lla or of an cxfitiiitily wcll-riiiiii(l(Ml pro- {;rani. Diiriiiij the year, A-1 has foiisislcnlly Ix-eii one of the teams to beat in intramural eompeti- lioii. Kormals. date parties, smokers, exchange dinners, tea dances, anil other events have made tlx ' A-l social prof;rani nnniatciied. The scho- lastic record maintaincil is comparable to that foinid am %v here on campus. Under the leadership of Hal McConnell, presi- dent, tile executive council was reju cnatcd for the fircater benefit and increased |iartici| atii n of dorm residents in these activities. A great share of the credit for the year ' s siiccesses is due : Ir. and Mrs. John Ballard .md Hnnk II. l- gen. dorm coinicilors. Oflicers: Hal McConnell. president: ic De- ( o.ster. social chairman: Dick Evans, athletic chairman: Jack Montgomery. Glen Wilson, representatives: John Ballard, advisor. 376 Back row, teU to right: Kermit Matthews. Rodnev Padc. Bill I.lovd. John Tanse ' . Bernie Wolach. I ' red Tietz. Chuck Kremer. .M Sandrock. ' Fourth row: Charles Kppinjter. Jim Harrisberder. a ne Hintliorn. Richard Moe. Stan Tursman. Richard Hunter. Jack Barnes. • Third row: Don Zacharisen. Fd Cohen. Fd O ' Mallev. Merle Backlund. Leonard Alloit. a nc Hardy, Joe Bennett. Cat I ' annell. • Second row: Jerry Zimmerman. I.vnn Hiiiiiins. Curtis (lentry. Jack li vio.Ili, 11. .1 Kelloi.iii, Id licals, Mill lanih. • Iron! rim- l ..ti i;.irnelt, I ' liil I ' c.irl. Dan Richardson. Jack Frost. Stan Jo . Ted hitmo er. Ron Zioiim r.n ,n l .l Kfu .i,. Cn, ' n " . ' u. N »-. . Irit to rtikt: I.jrr an M ' -uiuk, I m,., ' A.,Ji. ( hiirli ' t Harbuuiih, !■ red W av rose. • lottrlh row: Llu J IJurden. John lljrhduitli. Jcrr Kudtilph. lJann Sparr. John Piirkin un. John l.ivinjtstun. Tonim Scar .. " Third row: Boh L)orcmu«. Jack Schwindl. (iordim Swann. BoS Sichler. Mel Muc t. Bub Beard. ■ Second row: Jack Hast. Hrnte I ' oiarf. Anil sflnik. Bill h ' r . Dick Kussell. I.orvn Scoti, Dick Wilder. tront row: Charici Coomhs, Bob Kruckcnbcri. John Ditckman. Bcltv W rijtht. Wilbur W ridhi, Boh Woodurd. k;»rl Kucb, Paul Neville, A-2 Tilt " animal " Opi ' M MDUsc-Party " of Dormitory A-2 wliicli followed tlie Iowa State football f;ain » was once a ;uin a »nia$h hit. This fall quarter event anil inanv other social anil athletic func- tions placeil the acti it r.iliiifi of l)orniilor -2 lii h in the Mens I{esiilence Halls Association. Not satislieil with achieviiif: social prestifle. A-2 sur;:iil aheail to win the " Men ' s Hesiilence Halls Scholarship I ' laque " fi e consecutive quarters. itlioul the splendii! assistance of Mr. ami Mrs. Vi ilhur rifiht ami .lolui proctors for Dormitorv -2. it is eviilent that the spirit of initiative, fair play, friemlliness. ami coojieration which is so often : with poor leailership Miulcl never have i)een developeil. Richard I., lui-sill. president: social cliairnian: Anil o nik. OflTicer-s were: I.oren I ' , . ' cott. athletic chairman: Frank I ' litochnik .mil Law- rence Fenton. representatives: U ilhur ri;:ht. advisor. Bmek row, trfl to ntkl: Jamc Han. Thomas Kucftt, Jim CcncrN. Irving Andvrson, Don Kemper. Jack Coolcv. • fourth ma-: C ' laude McDonald. Frank Bacorich, Bob Bennett. Bob Hine . Joe Sirulhcrs. Don Mclb c. Norman Jaramtllo. • Third row: Fred Bishop, Clark (iittiniter. Bill Korncmann. Lc« Thoma . Frank Potochnik, Mark (ioldsmith, Gordon Tull . Dave Rose. • Sr ond row: Lero [jalim, Jose De la Guardia, [ annv V ' on((, Lam Krim. Ro al Olscn. Don Briickwa . Shiiteru Matsuo. • Front row: Takeshi ' amashila, Calvin Furukana. Dou Mo . Max De la (juardia. Fd ( huck. Jim .Mullins. L le Gust. Jose FJlalan. 377 m If Itaek- roir. Irjt lo neht: (Charles Hcrft. Kruct Hashfnrd. Bill Seiferl. Tom Bruton, W alt Sciterl. Dale Slinlon. Paul Alhrecht. " f-ourth rou- : Sam Hcdmon. Dick Fisher. Btib [.eslie. Don JohnMin. Hmilio Ilandal, Kuss Johnson. • Third row: l-lvie ApoJaca, Boh Grant. Frank Walker. Paul Benson, Bill Couk. Jock Lehman. Second row: Konald Apodaca, Don Graven. James Neblick. Noble Smith. Tom Brindky. Tom Alexander. (Charles Melle. " Front row: Bill Perr ' , Bob Gershenow, Wen Young, Awad Sirhan, Bill Cox. Arnold Schweigert. Jim Ackermann, Ralph Wingo. I A.3 ' I lu- lull i|iiartt ' r of 1947 initiated a new hous-- inj; project to the men of tlie residence halls. Three new units, acconiniodatin;; 124 men each, were opened to lessen the room sliorlafje. Among these units was Dorm A-. ' i. The lirst roiip of occupants to reside in this dorinil(ir di-finitely had no idea of just eatinfi and slecpini; there. They were destined to make tile name. Dorm A-. ' {. known in the ranks of the Residence Halls Association. Last year this dorm ' s social function. , atlilctic teams and scholastic profxram were accelerated to the limit. 1 he outcome was a reputation hiiilt and maintain -d h tile man succosfnl parties, the iniiin;i of the foothall, haskelhall, liou 1- inp and inter-dorm trophy, as well as many 2.. honor students. Again, with leadership, diligence, and hard working men. Dormitory A-3 is slated for an- other year of notoriety. Officers: I ' liil Miller. presi lent: Tom Hruton. social chairman: .John Ainava. athletic chair- man: I ' hil Miller. Boh (irant. and Hoiiald Apodaca, representatiyes: Kuss Johnson, adyisor. Rack rote, Irft tii right: Tom Spencer. I{:ilpli CiuoJwiii, Ruder Allen. Bill Harris, Tnm Dinkcl. Jim Plant. Marvin I.ederman. Phil Miller. • Third row: llill Keed. Jim Tliiimpsun. l-rank Pratt. I-red Schwartz. Hrnie X ' iterise, ' alt lianas. Al Bieser. Clark Kirhv. • St-fotid row: Bill Mtitoxama. Menr 273 Kent, ( ' laude Creen. Art i-!ldridtte. l a e Kuduz-iner. Dick Burritt. DicJ; I.ippincdtt. ' I-ront ntw: B ih Pitwell. Harbert Hig ins. (Jeorjie Wallace. I- rank Tliiimus. Jerr .Niitis, C.lenn Plaiil. Paul I ' ado, Bob Short. tj.t rn-s-, l,-J !-j ruhl. Juc I JMir. H.-h I htrh.irJl. Mill nvhorii. K. V Killuni, l)v;m Sniilli, Ii-ii Hr..«n. J.-hn McMaiiiiv. Ktitli W.iIsm,,, «,. cr ( ...uld. Ktflph Ahell. • tourth row: R. B. Kulliird, Jim Station. Don Baudcr, Bernard Kicchcrs. kcnnv SchLiUr. I nn Bel. Bill Kocli. Paul I ' onltn. S. H. Achienhaten. • Third row: Tom Mchu . A. S. I.iiiminjtir. Ht-rh Craiil, Uick Hewiti. Boh Andrews. Jim .Mcn cl. Don Shirk. Bud Huf hu. Bob Decker. • Snond row: Robert Rose, Daud Viiche . Sam Allen. Leonard C lark. Warren Martin, Ivo I.ederer. Ralph Bcrdman. John Garvin. Bart Antitsta. Jaek Wallace. • front row: J. R. Sheppard. R. L. Smith. D. K. Hiitftins, D. A. Charvonia, M. Hidaka. Curt Baker. David Keller. M. I . Darcich. R. D. Weriz. B-2 I. villi; ilirt ' ctly oast of tlie L ' pper-rlass omen ' s iliinnilors. B-2 is tlie farlliest dorniitory outpost on llic iiiii%ersity campus. Witlicr tlir dislancc from the classrooms nor llic lack of recreational facilities has hampered this dorm from enjoyinfi a full year of social anil athletic activities. Vith til. ' ahle assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Al Hnssell and the assistant councilors. I )(iriiiilor M-_ ' h.i- enlif;hlene l the iitii ersil wilh some of llii ' lii-l mixers and parlies ever .-een on the campii . I lie men of H-2 also have a .-eri ni side to llicir na- ture which is attested h iheir hi;:h cholastic ralini; amon the dormilorie-. Officers: { ' resident. Heroic Lipoff: . " Social (Chairman. Bernie LijiofT: Athletic (ihairman. Paul Kantin: Rei)res» ' ntatives. . " tan L Iricli and l.ennard Crowe: .Advisor. Dick Punches. 380 Back row, left to right: LeRoy Hampton. Maurice Cooley, Euijene Quentan, M. Keith Wallen, Michael ' dlentine. • Third row: Wesley Horner. Herbert Newman. Andrew Johnson, Koheri Lcmpkin. " Second row: Joseph Salmon. Donald I)e Banico. Uavid Curttss, Ooufjlas Tai uchi. William Hancock. front row: Kenneth Rastian, Bernard Kettman. Otis Shao, Dr. Ed%vin K. Helwig, Faculty Advisor, William Nakano. Hamon Areito. fote J re attii diiri ll nics. ofll on ' the nun our bff V tion iia ' i e,-li apt all. Mil pasi en ' s Cooperative House itii hut one year clapst-d since its or};aiiiza- tion, the Men ' s Cooperative House has made a not iiic ii- i liTal)l ' impression on CU. campus life. Tliree trophies, first [)laee eups for partiei- pati »n and ice-sculpturinp durin;; Winter Carni- val and a first pla -e participation award for CI ' Days, attest to tlie i ior and spirit of this end ry iiiic organization. Since rii(iiihcr hip .ipplications are accepted from any male un ler-f;radiiate student who is in good standing with the llniversity, the Co-op has achieved a liyhrid vitality that is denied manv a more restrictive group. The Co-op House has provided a stimulating atmosphere for hoth scholastic and social attainment in which the mend)ers have joined together to make their stay at CU a pleasant, profitable, an l financiallv- inexpensive venture. I he ollicers: President, Josepii J. .Salmon. Jr.; House Manager, David S. Curtiss; Treasurer, G. Bernard Kettman: Duty OlTicer. Michael alen- tine: .Secretary, M. Keith Wallen. ViiolIiiT ■iiicco-fiil i-ar !kis roiiic iiiitl -wiflK ::iiiic I ' lir iIiom- li iii ; at " flf fii-lliirl -iiiin ' , " .mil ,1 ri- lew 111 ' llir |i.i ' l llircc ijiiartcrs r« ' fal an aili i ' rf( ri-M-iilati ii in «liiilitil aili ilii ' . iiilra- niiiral-. ar il allilrtit-. aiul jiliolaslic lioiiors iliiriii;: llir Imrrifil -rlioul year. Il Miii ' t lie iliHii ' ull III n-t-all till- in.iiiN liiii ' |iii ' - nil-, tin- jii iin ila .« iil -kiini; in tin- ri |i air III ' till ' l iii ' kii-s. i|ncsli in.ilili- bax-liall rxliiiiilions ■ III rui ' ll ' lli -Iri ' ct. till- nni-niliii ooinplaint.- of llif i-n iinri ' rin;; -tnilrnts. .mil tlir «ilk- niiMilli ninninL: nl llir niil-lii-l)i--l i r ' ;iittrti ■■|{i-i-llrli.mni, iinr I ' M ' i I ' liril lirnnn-iiii ' li.i- inntinni ' il to li.itlii- ili-iri|iliiin. Niir liall III- riirjziitlrn llic kimlnrss and f:ra- i ' iiiu?tK ' ! ! III " ' Miini Kliiiili ' -. ulnisc ki ' rn crih- liajie piavin;!. excellrnt niiMJ-. .mil -iinin- intir- «•,»! in » ' iT mi-inhrr ol llii ' liunM- lia» niaili- Iut .1 |iiTfnnial laNoritc ainon lirr i t - -n li i s. For ,ill. 1950 lias been a pleasant year- a i ' ar rich witli Ii,i[i|i rvpiTii-nrrs ami nirmorif- of tlii ' |i,i-t. .mil oni- til, it Nsill 111- rcnifnibrml. Rhodes House Bark ror. IrU to right: Wrcnnc Timhcrliike. Klainc Peterson, H. G. Ishill. • Srconti row: Clair McGinnls. I)a id K. Arthur. Joe K. MruUt. Mrs ldn.i KhoJco. Donald kc . Rob Graham. ■ tromt rote: Robert L. Burrell, Donald Foster, Bud Newell, Dale Schimpf, Mclvin Baker. 381 n Back row, left to right: lluntld Stollcr, Jack Madden. Don llavnie. Stan Shakespeare. Bob Johnson. • Front row: Lois Printz, Vic Jeter, Hill Brothers. Joe Matesi. Vetsville Council 382 ) etjville lias a |)( |iulali()n of jiisl iiiuler fif- teen liiiiulred resi lents. Tlie eanip lias a eo-oper- ative firooery, a babv oliiiie. a super iseil iiurs- erv school, atid four laiimlries. ets illes iie %s- paper. " I ' lie Oiiuiilr.ibar. " is piiblislieil twice each month. Manv aoti ities ha e i)ei-n iniliateil h the resi- ileiits. I)ances sponsored 1) the conneil are f;i en onee each quarter, and there is a nioril]d Itridfie (■lid». The residents lia e also or ani ed hasket- i)all. soflhall. and lonehliall t anis. which have made a f ood show in;: in tlie city leajine. The roiMieil consists of ten memhers elecled from the diff« reiit tlistricts into which els ille is divided. The mayor is elected hy the peopli ' from these council nuinbers. Each councilman serves a term of one calendar year. The mayor serves a term of six months, hut he is tli -n eli- flihle for re-election. Vi orkinj: with the manat;er. the ma or and his council iron out dilliculties and plan camp impro ements. -i The oflicers: I ni ersil niana :er. Ilolfier Miin- son: Ma or. .lack Maiid -n: Treasurer. Don llav- nie: . ' secn ' larv. l.ois I ' rintz. The memhers: Kred ( " apps. Don Ha nie. Hob .lohnson. Hill Hrothers. .lack " Machlen. i)ick (ius- lal ' son. l.ois I ' riiil ,. Ilandd Stollcr. ,loe Matesi. and . tanlev Sliaki-speare. tm-u:, s Smhoi.K. of tilt ' rliiiiiii (il llif r otfiic -idr dI cullciit ' lilt- art- tlic (wrrk ♦•mldfiiis that stinh ' iits wear t » show llit ' arc a part il tin- l(llu s lii|» dt ' vott-d to tlif lostrritiir of tlu i(l« ' als of hrotlu ' iliood and fiirii(lslii|t. Sucli or}:aiii .a- titin« liiiiii: to tlit ' ii ' tniinliti- a lu ' iitaiic from tin- |ia t. ( ' oin|)aiiiorislii|) and iii-|piiatioii in tlif |iif rnt. and dreams for the future. Tlu-rt ' is the first iiiys- trr of Greek life which tantali . ' - tlir new stuch ' rit and i hri-rhtened in the hectic jt Ns of rusli week. Then conies tlie revehui« n of |d ' do;in ; and the shariufi of jirou|t Mfe. Vfter the training; time is completed, full knowledfje of iin ' tiation hrinjjs another student into the fraternal circle which supplies a more complete college life. Based on the jirejiarious instincts of man. fraternities and sororities are ele ated hy hijrh ohjcctives, and made selective to further these ol)jecti es. (Contrary to the popular conception of (»reek life as being merely a social whirlpool, the chief purpose of fraternity life is t » fill the need of secure comrade- ship shi(h idiiinU out ail itidi idual hy alternatinji prai-c ami helpful criticism, hy providing a refuge in time ot trouhle. understanding in time of success. These organizations de- mand responsibilities of their members in reciprocity for these benefits; but learning to bear responsibility yields yet another benefit to the Greek, a benefit which carries over from college into the outer world. I?y making up the nucleus of the participants in TniNersitv events and extra-curricular acti ities. the fraternity and sorority members have added to their enjoyment of c(dlege life and have |)roved to be of beneficial assist- ance in striving toward perfection. Our (uganizations prove their worth in the everyday life of the I niversity by making possible lasting friendships and l) helping us strive toward the goal of scholastic achievement and fel- low-hip eternal. Lkk Steckel. Editor TSihJi . " t; --- - i;- . fraternity Sorority T Hul i; mir. irtt to rifhl: ( c« ritene Sensur. Kuth Witrniiti ..m i Minilcs. I ' lnlli HiinJ lli irl I iiiia. Jnunnc Ht-iiK. • Ihird mtr: Ren (•n M«rricc Fri»c e. Hdithann Shore. Chirlvnv Klausner. Ji» Ann I ' nJrvs. Maril n Fleck. Allcne Zillmann. • Second row: Pal Bcelc , Eloite Ta lur, Marian Eliason. Marilvn Maliinc , Luc undcl. Anne .Mcrr . dieric nflvi . Veiit Gills. • Front rotr: Dean Mar tlhel Ball. Mrn. Pietenpol, Sally Brown. Alice Bennetts. Colleen Jacobscn. Kathv K an. Steckcl. 387 Panhellenic Council Tlip I ' aiiliellonic Associaticin. oomposed of tin- |irfsi l ' iit.s and nish captains of tlie sororities on ranipii . ll.l done exten- sive work in ref;ar(I to r isli week and the tl lli : rules. Sally Brown, as President, has given incentive to tliis | rograni .iiid carriefl the plan of a workshop to eonipletion. Tliis ear the Nork liop proved to he of i;real ahie to the members of tlie sororities not onI in rejiard to jiiedfii ' -active relationships, scliolarship. and rush week, but also in regard to iiiter-sororitv relations. This is an ini[ orlant aspect of healthv ororitv associations. Kxcliangi ' dinn ' r. ' - wen- h dd to slniitilhin -(irorilN lies. The workshop consisted of various panels with both active niend ers and alumnae taking part in the discussion. ranhellenic also helped with the I. F. ( ' .. in gixitig the (.hristmas party. An important party given by Paniiellenic was the .jr. I ' an- lifllcnic partv for the pledge of the Mirorities. Skits were put on h the pledge classes and awards were gi en. The I ' anhellenic Association also sponsors the awarding of a scholarship to an independent freshman woman, which is given each year. Alpha Chi Omega Serving Alj»ha Clii Omega in official positions tliis year arc President Margaret Gills. ice-l ' resiilent Mary Jane Giiiteras, Secretary Jane W histier, and Treasurer Anne Reynolds. Mrs. Faye McCoy graciously substituted fall quarter as lioiisemollier during the absence if our regular liimse- niotlier. Mrs. Margaret Morgan. X carers of the golden lyre can onee nion- ii tlir past and present ear witli utmost satisfaction. The 1949 Alpha (Ihi roll call inelucli ' d forlv new pledges, three of whom were candidates for Hoineroniing i]ueen. Dora Jane ()li er. a 191.S pledge, was honored as an Alpha lii i)caul i) placiii;; second in the 1949 ( oloradan queen contest. The .Alpha ( " his entered (!L Days conq)etition anil emerged as second jtlace participation winner in the silver division, as well as finalists in the Song Fest. Our 1949 Home- coming efforls were awarded l) the third p]aci haiiner Irophv. .Alpha Chi will long renjcmber our gala spring dinner dance. " April ill I ' aris. " at the Park Hill (!ountr (!hd). in DeUM-r. u ciiapter was represented l) models and peclators at the aiwMial I)en iT Fasliiori li() . ;ii tn for tlic benefit of our .National (Cerebral Palsy project. . niong prominent Alpha (Ibis on the campus are: Dodi Selhnian- Outstanding Senior Alpiia (llii. Mortarboard. Pace setter. Society Editor of S G, Varsity Night ' s Ghairman, Phi .Sigma lota: Sue Nolde — Hesperia, House of Representa- tives: Mary Jane (iuiteras — Pledge trainer. Phi Sigma Jola. Pi l.ainliila Theta: Margaret Gills — chapter president, presi- dent of till- ' " " radio group: Davie Keirnes — President of (ieograjiiiN ibd . (.oalition. (.ampus tiliest: Gherie I)a is — head majorette; Malxd June Holder — lea l majorette: Bar- bara Moncriefl " — Spur: Genevieve Geiger — Sigma Alpiia lota: and Jean Fiolkoski — Theta I.andida. r 388 CTQO Top row. left to right: Altvaier. Anderson, Archer. Black, Blacker. Braitit. CarUon, Carlton, Clark, Cline, Conley. • Fifth row: C-ore . CowhcrK. 389 Uavis. Deem. Eddv. t »scn. B. M. Fairchild, B. J. FairchJId. Kiolknski. Klo d, Frickc. • l-ourth row: Gallaithcr. Geiitcr. Gills. Goodfellow. Guitcras. Ha an. Hansen. Ha itf. Hill. Hiltahidcl. flolden. • Third row: Holder. Hmipcr, Jud|[c, Kic ! iit. Krohn. Lee. Maitiiard. Mason. Milner. Moncricff, Murpht . • Seconti rnw: Nnlde. Pace. Parsons. Han« pol. Ra«mu cn. Ka mu scn. Keid. Sarff. Seick, Sethman. Spetiman. • Hot torn row: Sla ton. Storm. Swa zc. Thorn. Weathers. Wells. W iitijins. M. Wilson. S. Wilson. W riilht. Alpha Chi Omega Altvater. Ella June. Denver. Colo.. 50 Baile , Dorecn. Santa Barbara. Cilit.. ' S Barrett, kalhr n. Denver. Colo.. 50 Black. Noll. Palo Alto. Calif.. ' 50 Bullcn. nn. Huntinifton Woods. Mich., Boliniler. Beth, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 BraitA- i ian. licnvcr. Colo., ' 50 Corrc. Barbara. Canon Cit . Colo.. ' 51 Davis. C ' herie. Enitlcwood. Colo.. ' 50 Deem. Mildred. Den er. Colo,. ' 52 Driscoll. Doroth . I. a Junta, Colo., ' 50 Fiolkoski. Jean. Broomfield, Colo.. ' 50 50 ACTIVES Flovd. Barbara. Hiitlibnd Park. 111. ' 52 Gallagher. Donnis, Glenwood Sprinits. Colo (leiiter. Genevieve. I cn cr. Colo,, ' 51 ( ills, Margaret. Corona, Calif., 50 (iuitcra . Marv Jane, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Haitan, Nanc . Kafrran e. III.. ' 52 Hansen. Shari. (irand Island. Ncbr.. ' 50 Hill Cecelia. Denver. Colo.. ' S2 Holder. Mabel June. Kocky Ford. ( olo.. ' 51 Hotscll. Juanita. Belle Fourche, So. Dak., " 51 Judite. Jane. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Keirnes, Da le. W cllinitton, Colo.. ' 50 Law. Bcii . Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Mason. Pam. Detroit. Mich.. ' 50 ' 50 Moncrieff. Barbara. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Murphv. Bcit , Clintouk. Okla.. ' 52 Nolde. Sue. Dcerfield. III.. ' 51 Parsons. Adele, Ne ada Cits. Calif.. ' 5 Revnnlds. Ann. Whitiier. Calif.. " 50 Sethman. D»»ro|h . Denver. Colo., ' 50 Shannon. Pat x. Denver. C lo.. ' 52 Spcllman, Heidi. Den er, Colo., 52 W caihers. Shirlcs. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Wells. Sallx. Fsansfon. III.. 52 Whistler. Jane. Boulder, Colo., ' 51 Alhernon. Judv, Omaha, Nehr., ' 53 Anderson. Patricia. Hiser Forest. III.. 53 Archer, ( ' arol. Sheldon, la.. ' 52 Blackburn. Tnni. Cilendale, Calif.. 52 Blacker. Patricia. Boulder. Colo.. 53 Budite. Mjrian. Oitden. L tah, ' 52 Carlson. Janice, Boulder. Colo., ' 53 Carlton, Mars Fllen. (;icndale, Calif.. ' 53 Clark. Lennie Le . Ft. Worth, Texas. ' 51 Oine. Mars Anne, Glcndale. Calif,. " 53 CouberU, Vnnette. Tnin Falls. Idaho. ' 52 Conies. Patricia. Boulder. Colo,. ' 53 Edds. Marftaret. Gars. Ind., ' 53 Essen. Nanc , Crc e Coeur, Mo,. ' 53 Fairchild. Bctis. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 PLEDGES Fairchild. Bonnie. Dcn cr, Colo,. " 52 Fricke. Mars Kas. Columbus. Nebr.. ' 53 Goodfcllow. Carols n. North Platte, Nebr., Hassiit. Rea. Denser. (Zolo.. ' 53 Henlcs. Shirles. Boulder, Colo., 53 Hiltabidel. Nancv. Lamar. Colo,, ' 53 Hnlden. nn, Boulder. Colo,. ' 53 Hooper. Mars. Manito% oc. Wis., ' 53 Kicssiit. Mac, Sioux Cit%. la.. ' 51 krohn. Maricfia, Oak Park. 111., ' 53 Lee. Connie, (ireeles, ( ' olo„ " 53 Lee, Roberta. Ft. Collins. Colo,. " 53 McCabe. Lucia. Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Maidtard. Oilleen. Amarillo. Texa». ' 53 Milner. Carol. Rocks River, Ohio, ' 53 Pace. Jo. Richfield. Itah. ' 53 Ranspot, Patricia. Denver, (Zolo.. ' 52 ' 53 Rasmusen, Mar Ann. Dekalb. ML. ' 53 Reid. Harriet. Detroit. Mich,. ' 53 Remde. Marilsn. Pasadena. Calif., Sarff. Helen. Chicago Height . III.. Sclck. Joanne, Wilmette. 111.. " 51 Stayton. Janice. Clasion, Mo., " 53 Strom. .Mvrna, Omaha, Nebr., " 53 Ssvavze. Shirley. Ros%vcll. N. Mex., Thorn. Pat. Arvada. Colo., 51 W itfftins. Deanie. La (jfanf e. III.. 53_ Wilson. Marjorie. Amarillo, Texas, ' 51 Wilson. Sails. Denver. Colo,. ' 53 Wri t, Elizabeth, Grosse Pointe. .Mich., ' 53 •53 ■53 ' 51 Alpha Delta Pi In anticipation of a biis y year, .i.i Alpha Dilts returned to the cani[)us last fall. e were jireeted by a wonderful addi- tion to our house of a new recreation room and three bed- l.tadiii-: chapter acli ilies this year were our officers: Harriet Froese, president: Harlan, vice-president: Jeannine ( helf. secretary: ami iiiie treasurer. Mrs. ' illis A. Pipkin was our jiraiious housemother again this year. Alon-; with luiim-rous campus aclixities. we found many tea dances, serenades, picnics, and exchange dinners to fill the year with measured shares of work. fun. and excitement. " Le Bal Mascarad " lionored our wonderful pledge class c of . ' {8 on Nov. 12. illi icdorfiil decorations of jiold and maroon, the gala e ening reminded us of our dinner dance last April at tin- Hotel r.osmo|icililati in l)in er. ()ur pride and jov of Homecoming was Jean kuhik. who was general student chairman. anc ( .orueiius and (Jiris Benedict also worked on the general committee. W ilh many girls working on campus committees for " ' {Colorado Ho, " we still found lime to huild a player-piano float anil a banner to welcome the alunuii. Seven girls — Lynn Hart. Mary Jane Stein. Ann Tiiompson. Klaine Tnrnquist. Chris Benedict, Sue O ' Kelly. and Mary Finnegan represented the Alpha Delts in Spur, l.ida I ' lusli was a niember of the (olorado cheer team. i J 390 I ' lil w iir Hull ' ioitt Mv Sin! 1 hill ' s ihr iilil riilli ' liv Ir See mv iihile suit inn o hiinii ill tr iiii: Top TOW. Irjl lo ritlit: Ahlts. Vlbrecht, li iindtr. Al " ard. ndcrson. Vslihurn, Baker. Rarklcy. Beehlcr. Bclson, Rcncdicl. Bicklci. • Sink row: Bollz. Boolhhv. Bottler. Brandcnhemcr. Callahiin. Ca sada. CerMnc. dull. Cuuricv. Dauni. S. A. l)avi«. J. ( " .. I)avi . • ■ row: DcCood. Duke. KinneKan. Furcman. Froese. Ciarrell. Glavins. Halei. Ilansim. Marian. Harper. Hart. • lourlh row: Hcphurn. C. F. Hiil er. C. A. Hol er. H.ii.d. Hoppock. Iniwer nn. Jacnht. Jcrald. John-ion. Jone . J. Judkin . J. Judkin . • Third row: Kiefer. Kosmalski. Kubik. I.indMrom. F-. Linton. .M. l.i li n. Lovejoy. .McMillan. Mihalik. O ' Kellv. Pankoff. Plush. • Stcond row: Poslel. Kains. Rcddoch, Robertson, Kombold. Shaffer. Shan. Smith. Steere. Stein. Slotk. Slurm. • Bottom rotr; Taylor. Thompson. Thome, Tozet, Trilk, TurnquisI, VauHhn, s». Waters. Weber. Whitney. Zudclder. 391 Alpha Delta Pi Ashburn, Roseman. Louviers, Colo., 52 BcUan. Charlntte. Shelby. Ind.. 50 Benedict. Christine. DcnNcr, Colo.. ' 52 Bicklcv. Ann. New York (:ii . N. Y.. ' 52 Rollz. Kleannr. Diithlnn. Kan.. ' 50 Brandenherilcr. Helen. Ua hintton, D. C, ' 52 (!allahan. Peili( , Louisville. Colo.. ' 52 Carpenter. Mar . Denver. Cnlo., ' 51 Chelf. Jeanninr. Canon Cttv, Colo.. " 50 Cour e . Marjorie. North Platte. Nebr.. ' 51 Davin. Ann. New Orleans. La., ' 50 navi«. Joan. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Duke, Eleanor. Kockville Center, N. ' .. ' 51 Finneitan. Mary, Placeoille. Colo.. " 52 Fricl. Shirlev. South dastonhurv. Conn.. 50 Froe»e. Harriet. Denver, Colo.. " 50 (jiavin. I.oi . Denver. Colo,, ' 52 ACTIVES Halev. Jnan, SturAi . S. D.. ' 52 Harlan, Betie. Trinidad, Colo., 51 Harper. Robin. Schcncctadv. N. ., ' 52 Hart, L nn. Walla VaIIa. Wash.. ' 52 Hood. Kvclvn. Rnswell. N. M.. " 51 Holzer. Charlotte. .Vunira. Colo.. ' 50 Johnson. Pat, Londmont, C ' olo.. 51 Jones. Shirlev. Bismarck. N. D.. 51 Kiefer. Charlotte, Rockv Kord. Colo., 52 Kosmalski. Fern, Chicago. III.. ' 52 Kubik, Jean. I.aOranitc. 111.. ' 50 Linstrtim. nnc. Warsaw. N. ' .. ' 51 Lision. Pollv. Flmhurvt. III.. 52 Mihalik. Ileana. Riverside. III.. 51 O ' Kellv. Sue. Voodbur , N. J. ' 52 PankofI, Mar . Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Piper. PedKy. Boulder. Colo., ' 52 Plush. Lola, Ventura. Calif.. ' 52 Poalcl, Barbara. F vans ton. 111., ' 52 Saunders. Lvnn. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Shaw. Maritic. Crcelcv. Colo.. ' 50 Smith. Viminia. Sante Fe. N. M.. ' 50 Steere. Barbara. Whitticr. Calil.. ' 52_ Stein, Jane Mar . Jackson. Tenn., ' 52 Ta lor. FInise, Alamosa. Colo.. " 51 Thompson. Vnn. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Thorne. Doroth . iciorville. Calil.. 50 Tozer, Marcia, Windsor, Colo.. ' 51 Travis. Joanne. Fe. Morgan. Colo.. ' 49 Turnquist. Flaine. , Denver. Olo.. ' 52 Vautfhn. Barbara Jnan. Olorado Sprinits. Colo., ' 52 ' caK. Jane. Derrv. Pa.. ' 50 Zu eldcr. ' cra Jo. Gunnison. Colo., 50 Abies. Barbara. Chevenne, Wvo., ' 53 Mbrecht. Phvllis. Berthnod. Colo.. 53 -Mnard. Jean. Olorado Springs. Colo.. ' 53 Anderson. Barbara. North Platte. Nebr.. " 53 Baker. Beverl Ann. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Rarklev. Barbara. Fleming. Colo.. ' 53 Beechler. Bcltv. Cfrand Junction. Colo.. ' 53 Rotelcr. Nancv, Brainerd. Minn.. ' 53 Booihbv. Janene. Cherokee, la.. ' 53 Casada. Judy. Monroe. Mich., ' 53 Cervcne. Bettv. Fort Dndtfe. la.. ' 51 Daum. Phvllis. Fn Iennnd. Colo.. ' 53 DcGood, Carolvn, Loveland, Colo.. ' 53 PLEDGES Foreman, Jeanne, i ' ain Mio. Calif.. 52 Garrett. Phyllis. Loveland. Colo.. ' 53 Hanson. Donna. Sioux C ity. la.. ' 53 Hepburn. Donna. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Hnlzcr. Carol. Aurora, Colo., ' 53 Hnppock. Barbara, Fdns, Kan., ' 53 In werson. Alice. W hcalnn. III.. ' 52 Jacobi. (Charlotte. Manitnu Springs. Colo., .Icrald. Jean. aterloo. la.. ' 51 Judkins. Jean. San Antonio. Tex.. ' 51 Judktns. Jo cc. San Antonio. Tex.. ' 51 Lision. Ellen. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Lovejov. Frances. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 McMillan. Jnan, Lubhock. Tex., ' 53 ' 53 Rains. Marv. Atlantic. la.. ' 53 Robertson. (Jretchcn. Deadwood. S. D.. ' 53 Riddnck, Bc%crlv. Louisville. Colo.. ' 53 Rombold. Judv. Wichita. Kan., 53 Shaffer. Doris. Endlewood. Colo., ' 53 Sterling. Ellen. Denver. Colo., " 53 Stock. Barbara. Colorado Springs. Colo., ' 53 Sturm Martha. W ' . Lalavctte. Ind.. ' 53 Trilk. Barbara. Riverside. III.. " 53 oss. Harriet. Sioux City, la.. ' 53 chcr, Marilyn. Boulder, Colo.. ' 52 Waters, Lou Dell. Golden. Colo.. J53 W hitnev. Janet. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Alpha Omicron Pi The AUPi ' s returncil in September to bepn the school vear under the ahU- lea ler.slii|) of Nona Minfies. prcsi(U ' nt. Tlip (irsl hi-; event was the discoxerv that the first floor of our house liad been redecorated during our absence over the snniiner. W ilh the truidancr of B ' v I.eutz. rush chairman, fall ru.-iiin;: hr(HiL;lil us liiirtv new pled-ies. Marj; - ( ardner eapahlv lillnl iIh- ulllcc of ice-presidi-til ,iiid |il((l;;i ' Iraincr. umcrou. ' - |)lcd c sn ' aks. active sneaks, and pleijj;c-acti e parlies cansi ' d fall ipiarlcr lo slip a av rapidh. Most im- portant of all a llic fall diiinir-dani i- held in honor of the jded es at the Alps. In between campus acti ities we found linn- lo raise mone for charities .such as our National I ' hilanlhropic project in connection ilh llic Irimticr iir in;i Service in I inln ' k . Bif: news last sprin : was the election of Pin 1 Sihio to ASLC as commissioner of women ' s welfare. I ' hyl is also busv with Speaker ' s Conpress, Honors Union. .Mortar Board, Pi l.and)da Thcla anri l) dla Si ma Hho. . lso noteworthv in campus acli ilics arc: Pal Hatcher A N .S Senate, Hesperia. omen ' s Club Triad, editor of dorms section for the Coio- radan: Marion Breiuian inter ( " .arnival c-liairman. House of Kepresentati cs, . S publicitv manager. AA. Hesperia, Homecoming secretary of Varsity Nights: Jackie Jones — Player ' s (ilub. Spur; Yvonne Burketl. Joan W ile . Janet Hagen — .Spur: Jan Koch — managing editor of the indow; Christy Boyt — program chairman for inter Carnival. 392 ' ' Jhj ' INNf Top rov. Ifft to right: Adcock. Alexander, Barnhizcr. HIashill, Boyt. Brennan. Brvani, Bucnik. (;a i ndcr. CN»ta. • Fifth row: Oa th. DcKric . Dutt. Kl . Fink. Flore . Gardner. Giehn. (lillis, Haitcn. • fourth mw: Hatcher, Hnllinitcr. Hnffcr. Hutchinds, Junes. Kidder. Kir chbaum. I.eui .. L nn. B. Maiy. • Third row: J. MaK. Mape . McDonald. Mercer. Minxes. Munson. Murphv. Oparil. PauKen. Pike. " rcond row: Potarl. Birtle. Ko»enduhl. Schoon. Schroedcr. Schuhan, Schuli , Siherman. SiK u . Sniick. • Bottom row: Smith. SccrliniJ. Sirick. Thorslensen. Nan Ouzee. aj|(c. W ucthrich. olcott. dockers. 393 Alpha Omicron Pi ACTIVES Adcock. Jo ce. l.o eland, Olo.. ' 50 • Ic andcr. I)nrnih . - r ada. Gnln.. ' 50 Kiirnhi cr. l)nroth . Oown Point. Ind.. ' 51 Bochm. K eKn. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Bom. (:hri4( . Deii Moines, la., ' 52 Brennan. Marion. Tuckabrae. N. .. ' 51 Broxcn. Pat. Boulder, Colo.. 51 Br anf. Floi e. (ilenwnod Sprinit . Colo.. ' 50 Buenik, Carol. Ki er Forest. III.. ' 52 Burketl. ' onne, Brcckcnrid e. Cob .. " 52 ' a coder. Alice. Balavia. III.. ' 52 Davis. Bott . Min«dalc. III.. ' 52 De Hrie . I.orcita. ((ondland. Kan.. ' 50 Dutt. Doroth . Great FalU. Mont.. ' 50 Fl . Jean. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Fink. Doroth . Colorado Sprinds. Colo.. ' 51 Gardner. Marjorie. Mun icr. Ind.. ' 50 Hatcher. Pat. Sprinftficld. Colo.. ' 51 Mnllintfcr. Joan, l.onft Beach. Calif., ' 52 llnlman. Fannv. Arie ia. Colo.. ' 52 Huffer. Jane. Hibbinit. Minn., ' 52 Hutchini{ «, Paula, ( " ilenwood Sp in|i . Colo,. ' 51 Jones. Dolores. Tulsa. ()kla.._ " 52 Jones, Jackie. Havana. III.. ' 52 Kidder. Kuth. Kalamazoo, Mich., ' 52 l.eut . Bcvcrlv. Tavlnr. N. Dak.. ' 51 I.o% e. Janet. Lonit Keach. (Lalif.. ' 51 McFlwain. Marv. Briithion. Colo.. •$2 Mercer. f)onna. Goodland. Kan.. ' 50 Miner. Cbarlene. Denver. C olo.. " 51 Minites. Nona. Arvada. C olo., ' 50 Miitcowiec. VV ' anda. Paftosa SpriniE«, Colo.. ' 52 Murphy. Marii n, DeKalb. III.. ' 51 Nainea. Barbara. Chicoito. III.. ' 51 PauUon. Jerre. (ierini. Nebr.. ' 52 Kosendahl, Joan. l- ' anston. III.. ' 52 Schonn. Loi». Holland. Mich.. ' 50 Schroedcr. Sue. White I ' lainn, N. V., 52 Schuham. Bonnie. Chicago. III., ' 52 Silvio, Ph lli«., Puebln, Colo., 50 Sirick. Jackie, Palo Alto. C:ali(.. 52 Tait. I ' ' leanor, Denver. Coin,, ' 50 Tcmplelon. Barbara, ( hicaili . III.. ' 50 ' an Duzce. Patt . Montclair. N. J.. ' 51 aaite, Jean. Cleveland. Ohio. ' 50 Wade. Anita. Sierlintf, Colo.. ' 52 Weaver. Marion. Birmingham, Mich.. ' 51 W ilc . Joan, Poiti ' sa Sprinds, Coto.. ' 52 Wnlcott. Marvann. Flftin. III.. ' 52 W uethrich, Barbara. W ilminjtton. Del., ' 52 Birk. Sue. Cniversitv Citv. Mo.. ' 52 Blashill. Barbara. Kalamazoo. Mich.. ' 52 Co ita, Carolyn. Pueblo. Colo., ' 51 Crau te. Pat, Burlinifton, Colo., ' 52 Giehm. Helen. Denver. Colo., ' 53 (lilli . Jovce, San Marino. Calif.. ' 5. (ireen. Bev crlv. South Kcnd. Ind.. ' 53 Hafer. Janet. Montclair, N. J,. ' 51 Hatfen, Janet. Red Loditc. Mont., ' 52 Kirshbaum. Margaret. Ook Park. III.. ' 52 Koch. Jan. Denver, Colo., ' 52 PLEDGES Lvnn. Connie. Highland Park. 111.. ' 53 McDonald. Mariv. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 51 Malv. Barbara. Crolorado Sprintf . Colo., Mapes. Nancv, Denver, Colo,, " 53 Miller, Jovce. Denver. Odo.. ' 53 Munson, Janet. Creston. lovta, ' 51 Oparil. Dolores. W ' e imont, III,. ' 53 Pike. Nancv. Briithton. Colo,, ' 53 Potarf. Sallv. Hinsdale. III.. ' 53 Riffle. Pat. Great FalU. Mont.. ' 53 ' 53 Rundquist. Pat, Park. Colo.. ' 52 Schultz. Nina. Codv, W ' vo.. " 53 Silverman. Mar . DcKalb. III.. ' 53 Smick. Helen. Denver. Co n.. ' 52 Smrilcnski. Donna. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Staniteland. Juanita. Waconda. III.. ' 53 Slerlinit. Flaine. Aurora, ( olo.. " 53 Tarrell. Rosalie. W ennir. S. Dak,. ' 51_ Thor tensen. Joan. Waumate a. Wi .. ' 53 L ' rich. Nona, l.oveland, T-olo.. ' 52 Vurovec. Lillian, Golden. Colo.. 53 Alpha Phi AI|)Iki I ' hi nu ' inories are filled with last year ' s activities, serenade.--, duiiees, parties, and of course, studies! In tlie fall, after addin : 42 pledges to the list of I ' hi,- we j;ot starteii on a year of fun. activities and work under the leadersiiip of Anne Merrv. onr president, aiul Sheelafzh Hunna and -Margie Holander. our vice-presidents. Vi c, also, wel- comed Mrs. Jewell McC.ullough as our new housemother. Mrs. " .Mac " soon became an active and ital part of the chap- ter. During the last year Alpha Phi has been represented on campus by Janet Schemmel, who was cho.sen outstanding senior woman, and by Joan Templar and Aiui Rrowiiing. who were in Miss (!L " s court. Betty Love look lop iionor- l heing named outstanding woman in the business school, and Kvie Jaeohsnn led the Hesperian in the year ' s activities. i 394 T ' tp niw. Irft to ri(hl: Xdamii, Arm«tron|(. MLiin. iiarr%. Millift. Hriivvn. Ruckhol , Burnard. CaHcy. Clark. • fourth row: C ' unncll. ( irpcr. Cowcll, 395 Dildinc, Fassett. Fleck, Cforom, C rn er. Hall. Htinnu. I hird rutc: Meeker. IlelTron. Helm. Huaiiland. Hunliniilon. JacuhKen. Kcnncd . Kochlcr, Lawrence. Mackenzie. • Srcond roar: McCiec. Mcllwain. Mead. Merr . Mel .({er. Muitlte. Me er. Puetl, Kadichel. Ki|{i[!t. • Bottom low: Kolandcr. Kue, Smith, Spinharney, Suiton, Tati(e, einitartner, Whitnev. V ' ichman. Alpha Phi ACTIVES Adani«, I)ornth , Birmingham, .Mich,. ' sO -Viwater, Jnan. Glcndalc, Calif.. ' 51 Rahinition. I. nn. Minneapolis. .Minn.. ' SO Rrnoks. nn. Fairm«mi. Minn.. ' 51 Rrn»n. Marv Jn. I.nn mont. Colo.. ' 51 Kurnard. Jean. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Clark. Fh abeih. Himet. Calif.. 52_ Cowell. Jeanninc, l cn er, (-olo., ' 51 (Thishnlm. France- . Boulder. Colo.. 52 Fckcrl. Pal. ( uncit Bluffs, Iowa, ' 52 Fleck. MariUn. Bismarck. N, Dak.. 50 (iorder. Pal. LonAmont. Colo.. " 50 (iorom. Joan, l.nv eland. Coin.. 52 C.ra e%. Nanc . Duluih, Minn.. ' 52 Hall. Dana. Bismarck. N. Dak.. ' 51 Hanna, Shcclaiih. Stin Die4«i. Calil.. " 50 Hcffron. Corinnc, Denver. Colo., ' 50 Helm, Sharon. Boulder. Colo,. ' 52 Hoaittund. M rmi. Roscmead, ( alif.. ' 50 Huntinitlon. Rurhani. I «.-n er. Colo.. ' 51 Jacohi. Jud . ( !rand l-orks. N. Dak.. ' 51 Jacnhson. F%eKn. Dcarhnrn. Mich., ' 51 Jenkens, Maritaret. Houston, Texas, " 51 Kcnned , Mar . Rochester. N. ., ' 52 Ketcham. Jerric. Kcni!v nrth, III- ' 51 kochler. Pal. Milwaukee. Wis.. ' 5? kostclcckv. kathrcen. San Dictfo, Calif., 51 Lane. Flizaheth. Arvnda. Colo.. " 51 Lanninit. Dolores. Denver, (7oIo.. " 51 La%vrencc. Maritaref. Denver, ( ' olo.. ' 51 .MacFadden. Marv. Minneapolis. Minn.. ' 52 McGcc. Lucille. Casper. W o.. ' 50 Mcrr . Anne. Fvansion. III., ' 50 .Mc er. Jean. Arlinjlton HciAhl ). III.. " 50 nidaker. Maritaret. Alhunucrgue. N. .Mcx., ' 52 Peterson. PoIKannc, Lov eland. Colo.. ' 51 Radichel. Jo ce. Mnnknto. Minn.. 5I RiUlts, Nnnc . Hifthland Pnrk. III.. ' 51 Rolnnder. Marjorie. Rock Ford, Colo.. 50 Roftt-rs, Mar . Rirminitham. Mich., ' 50 Seaman, Jonn. Lo cland. Colo.. ' 51 Sechass. Nanc . (ircelcy. Colo., " 51 Shcrdahl. Susan. Varftu, N. Dak.. ' 52 Slasnn. Martha. Mission, kan., ' 52 Tatitc, Da%nc, ( hicaiin. III.. ' 50 ' andcrvort. Theresa. Hvansion. III., ' 52 Wahlmcicr. ( .craldine. Denver. Colo,. " 52 Weiniiartner. Jean. Rockfnrd. III.. ' 52 ichman. Carol. Minneapolis. Minn., ' 52 PLEDGES -Vrmsironit. Glad s, Greelc . Colo., ' 53 Rnhcock. SalK Ann. ken it worth. III.. ' 53 Bain. Mar Fllen. Grecle . Colo.. ' SI Raird. Barbara, ( ' ouncil Bluffs. Iowa. 53 Barker. Jud . Minneapolis. Minn., ' 53 Barr . iritinia. Norfolk. Nehr.. 5I Rilliit. Susan. Mount Morris. III.. ' 53 Breitenstein. Sarah. Bloomlield Hills. Mich.. ' 53 Buchol , Marv L nn. Faitle. Colo.. ' 53 Case . ' iritinia. Duran o. (Zolo.. ' 51 Chambers. Catherine. Minneapolis. Minn., ' 53 Connel, SalK. Boulder. C ' oln,. ' 53 Corpcr. ( ' nthij. l- ' vanston. III.. ' 53 DanilofT. Fli abcth Jane. Muskeitnn. Mich.. ' 51 Dildine. Amnrcii.i. Irccpi.rt, III.. ' 53 Duhamel. Mar MariJueritc. Rapid City, S. Dak., ' 51 Fasscit. Nancs. Minneapolis, Minn.. ' 53 Fleck. Carol. Farito, N. Dak.. ' 53 ForslinK. Ph llis. kimball. Ncbr.. ' 51 (jfover. Martfaret. Duluth. Minn., ' 53 Huck. Patricia. Rurlinitame. Calif.. ' 53 Hcckcr. Rc erl . Dcn cr. Colo.. ' 53 Lamkin. SalK. (tlcnwoud Sprini(s. Colo.. ' 53 Macken7ie. Donna. Auli. Coin.. ' 53 Mcllwain. Mar , WAominit. Ohio. " 53 Mead. Flizabcth. Scarsdalc. N. Y.. ' 51 Met iter, CarnKn. Birmingham. Mich.. 53 Muiie. Jo Ann. Des Mnincs. I»»wa. ' 53 Perrin. kathr n. Escanaba. Michiitan. ' 51 Prcscoti, Mnrit.irei. MuskeiJon, Mich.. ' 51 Potter, Sally. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Puctt. Nanc . I ' ort MoriJan. Colo.. ' 51 Rue. Fli abeth. For4o, N. Dak.. " 51 Rasmussen. Bucna. Frccport, III.. ' 5. ' .Schiflcrs. Lois. !{vanst»»n. III., ' 51 Smith. Donna Lee. Frccport, III., ' 53 Spinharne . Joan. Cherokee, Iowa. ' 52 Siubbs, Emily, West Lafavettc, Ind.. ' 53 Sutlon. Harriet. Minneapolis. Minn.. ' 53 ' andcr ort. Barbara, l-vansion. ML, ' 53 Walmslcy. (jail. Chicajtn. III.. ' 53 Wilson, Joan. Glencoc. III.. ' 5.1 V ' hiinc , Patricia. Dickinson. N. Dak.. ' 5 Chi Omega Clii O ' s a;iaiii « ' ()inl)iiii-il ciirriciilar and extra-curricular arli%ities for another car of successful campus antl social life. Gui le l by the wise old owl, Chi Onjega was secon l in scholarshi[) for " 48- ). Headed by president Alice Bennetts, vice-president Connie Hansen, secretary Merle MacLaren. and treasurer Barbara Horn. (!hi () " s to| [)eil activities in nearly every field. Abandoning; books for ice-picks, the Chi Oniepas took first place in the Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture with their " Coke Bottle " . . . CI Days heralded a second place trophv in . " onfr Fest. anil Homecoming; netted second place for field events. Parties and picnics also hif:hli :hted the social calendar. The traditional Hose Formal of spriuj; ]uarter and the fall ' " .Seasonal Symphony " vvere more formal occasions. Steak fries, kiddv tea dances, and pledpe sneaks rated ln;:h in pojni- larity. Chi () campus leaders include Alice Bennetts, treasurer of Mortar Hoard and I ' anliellenic. and Odice Mana;;er for the Silver and (rold. Kay Hutchison is also a member of Mortar Board, v hile Barb Lane and Bettv Leslie are Hesperians. Barb is in addition. I ' ep Club treasurer. Gloria Alexander and Sue Guild belong to . " pur. and ancy Chapn)an is head of YW CA Toy Loan. 396 cwHrn ' I up ro:c. left to rifht: A1c iinJvr. Ami-shurv. M. Vndcrson. K. Anderson, Atanu ' idrt. Hunks. Rtrnnctts, Rciuithtcr, Itutt. (Carlson, t urnm. (-nrfnin. • Fifth row: Chapman, Ci(! , Clausen. Ctir dnn, Dnhhins. Drjhin , Duce, Haston, KckherjJ. Kndres, l- " in rc. M. I- recUMik . • hourth rax: K. Frccmolc. Gould, (fuild. (•urIo . tfuhel. Harlman, Hansen. Hcnr . Holme, Horn, Huckins. f lutchinstm. • Third row: Ives, Jiinimer. H. Johnson. L. Johnson, Kcil, A. K ni. B. Kinit, Kirkham, Leslie. I.if{hthurn, MocLaren, Markham. • Second row: Mast. McKclvcy. Mitchell. Nlolidor. Mt ssman, NeUon, NichoU. No saman. ()pd ckc. Otio. Phillips. Prissi. • Bottom row: Handle. Rice, Ro!.e. Schicrmer, Sk rm, Smooi. Sponnaus. Sinrred. St. Clair, Ward. Weher, Wetcher. Wilkinson. Wilson. 397 Chi Omega Alexander. Gloria, Boulder, Coin.. 52 Amcubur , Joanne, Arcadia, ( allf., ' 50 Anderson. Marihn, Denver. Colo., ' 52 Anderson. Kuih. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Banks. Charlotte. Delia. Colo., ' 53 Bennetts. Alice. Uen er. Colo.. 50 Belnsso. Donna Hope. Boulder. Colo., 52 Houi(hter. Jo Ann. Decatur. III., 52 Rurkc. Helen. (Tasper. W o.. " 52 ( ' .jirne%. Jane. Barilesitle. Okla., ' SO Chapman. Nanc . ( a per. W o.. ' 51 Drahinif. Caroline. Denxcr. »lo.. ' 52 Duce. (ienevieve. ( ' aripiio, ' enezeula. ' 51 Fas torn. Joanne. Boulder. Olo., " 52 Kndrc . Joanne, Lansing. III.. ' 52 Flakier. Ph lh . Summit. N. J.. ' 52 Frcemolc. Marjorv, Belle Fourchr. S. D.. ' 51 Freemole, Rita. Belle Fourche. S. D.. ' 50 Gould. ' iritinia. Da ion. Ohio. ' 50 Guild. Su»an. Denver. Colo., ' 52 ACTIVES Gurle , Mar . New Port Beach. Calif.. ' 52 Hahel. Mtriam. Flmhur»t. III., ' 51 Hansen. Constance. Denver. Colo.. 50 Hartman. katie. Re erl Hillt, Colif.. ' 51 Henr . Mar , Denver. Colo., ' 52 Hiblcr. N dahfllc. Boulder, ( »lo.. ' 50 Holme. Kulh Ann. Salinas. Calif.. 52 Horn. Harhara. (in« dland. Kan.. ' 50 Huckins. Linda, ( hicatfo. III.. 50 Hutchison. Ka . Boulder. Coin., ' 50 Jones. Jud . La Salic, Mich.. ' 5U Jone«. Nano. La Salle. Mich.. ' 52 Keil. C aroline, Decatur. III.. ' 51 Kuntz, Gcrr . Boulder, ( " nlo., ' 52 Lainit. Carol. Sauncmin. 111., ' 51 Lane. Barbara. Oak Park. III.. ' 51 Le lie. Bett . Boulder. Colo., ' 51 McKclvcv. Joanne. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 MacLarcn. Merle. Fort Worth. Text . ' 51 Markham. Annette. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Mast. Marcia. Fort a ne. Ind.. 52 Michner. Loit Jean, Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Mtfchel. Pat. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Molidor. Ruth. Libert ville. III.. ' 51 Mos»man, Lee. Belvedere. III., 52 Murrv. N ' iolct, Denver. Coin., ' 51 NcUon. Joan. DcKalb. III.. ' 52 Nichols. Retsv . I.os Anitele«. Calif.. ' 50 Niethammcr. Doris (Saspcr. V o.. " 51 ( ito. Beitv Jo. Denver. (!olo.. " 51 Phillips. Shcrli. Boise, Ida., 5I Rice. BcverU. Denver, (Tolo,, ' 51 Rofte. Lou Anna, Denver, ( olo.. 5I Schiermer. Catherine. Molinc. III.. ' 52 St. Clair. Julia. Port a ihinttlon, N. .. Starrctt. Diane. ( Colorado Sprinft . Colo.. V ' shcr. Marilvn. Monte ' i t«. (-olo.. ' 52 Ward. Kaihrvn. Sioux FalU. S. D.. ' 52 Welchcr. Pc«v. Belvedere. III.. " 50 Wilkins.m. Ruth Mar . Fnid. Okla., 5I Wilson. Joanne. Monte ' i»ta, Colo., ' 50 ■51 ' .52 Atana«ofT. Joanne. Boulder. Cnlo.. ' 53 Rirkeness. Martfaret. Park Rid«e. III.. ' 53 Bun. Joanne. Denver. Colo., ' 53 ( ' arlson. (Tarol. Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Carson. Marilvnne. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Ciifv. Jeanne. Roswell. N. Mei., " 53 Clausen, Kav. Delta. Colo., ' 53 Corvdon. Patricia. Oak Park. III.. ' 53 Dobbins. Fdith. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 Doss. Connie. Jacksonville. Pla., ' 52 Eckberg. Phvllis. Port Washington. N. Y. •53 PLEDGES Finvre. Marlvn. Oregon. III.. ' 53 (ralles. Wtllma. Casper. Wyo.. ' 5 Hutchison. Marv. Boulder. Colo,. ' 53 Ives. Donna. Oklahoma Ctt . Okla.. Jammer. Nanc . Boulder, Colo.. ' 53 Johnson. Harriet. Colorado Sprinits, Johnson. Lois. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Johnson, Suzanne. Palisade. Colo.. King. Arden. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 King. Barbara. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Kirkham. Louise. Omaha. Ncbr., ' 51 I.ightburn, ' irginia. Denver, (-olo.. ' 53 Nossaman. Marjorie. .Madison, N. J.. ' 53 52 Opdvckc. Martha. Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Priest. Deborah. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Colo., ' 53 Handle. Melba. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Rogers. F leanor. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 53 Roughton. Mar Lou. Colorado Springs. Colo., Skvrm. Hildegarde. Glencoc, III.. ' 53 Smoot. Joan, Highland Park. III.. ' 53 Weber, Jo Ann, Wilson. Kan.. ' 51 ' 53 Delta Delfa Delta Tri Deltas from tlu- L iii fr.-ily ol (.olorado vvill rciueiiilxT 1949-30 as an outstanding; year. Leadiii;; th« campus in scholarsliip. tin- -liii|ilfr took tin- l ' ;iiilii-llfiiic «(li(ilar liip ciiji for the sixlli straifilil quarter, llie l ' ' tV (Colorado L Days participation cup also resides in the Tri Delta trophy case hcside the prize won in Homecoming house decorations. OlTK-ers wlio guided the chapter (hr )ii :h a vear of acliieve- iiieiil wi-re Bell (raiiiil. pre ideiil: (!arol an Law. vice president: Joan Lott. treasurer: Marge Mandel, secretary: Louise Moosdorf, pledge trainer: Jane Schneberger, house manager. Social life for Tri Delta during the past year iii) ' lude l the 1949 s| ring formal which was helil at the (iherrv Hills Country club in Denver. The dinner-dance featured a Hawaiian theme with the flower decorations being llown from Hawaii. The ri-ceiitK redecoralei! house was the setting for a formal dance tiie following fall quarter honoring Tri Delta ' s eighteen pledges. I ' articipalion in University activities was prominent at the house as Tri Deltas took second place with their AWS audevillc skit in addition to entering a group in the CU Days song fest finals, winning a first ])lace tropin for their (!L Days (iarnival booth, and receiNing honorable mention on their CU Days float. Tri Delta also |ir(nidl cjainis an ASUC commissioner, Jane Schneberger, who directed the spirit and morale pro- gram of the L ni ersitv for the vear. Vice president of the -Associated Vi omen . ' Students, president of omens Athletic Association, and regional president of Spur is ' irginia W achob. Carol an Law produced the annual AWS auile- ville for 19.)0 to end her three years of service on the Senate of Associated W omen i tudents. Jane, Virg, Carol, and Lou Moosdorf represent Tri Delta on Mortar Board: still other members represent the chapter on Spur and Hesperia. These are Tri Delta leaders for 194 ' and l ' »:.(t. The solid backing of an acli e and interested chapter put Delta Delta Delta in the forefront of campus affairs during the year. 398 1 tut until hr hiin s tip! Cnoi, civur - rmt tfutt mitrr Apple a day I.omlrr nn l riKirr hrll-likr. pituiso A OO fe Tofi rute. Ifft to right: Alhertnn. Itencdcck. Btrrx . Bridijs. Kurks. Bush. Climclik. Cum jn. f ushini. I-Ndii-.. • I nurth raw: F nun lain. F»» , FrcniJ. 399 Gaunt. Gicse. Ha tf» Hci lerman. Kinitdon. Lord. loll. • 1 htrd r iw : Maurt-k, Mar in. Mimsdori. Morrison. Orr. )sman. Pitcher. Pr . Kcill . Richardit. • Second row: Schlitt. Schncber)(er. B. Smith. L). Smith, Stcik. Stevens. StcHarl. Stoffel, Tomlinson. L nfu|{. • Bottom roa-: achob, U arncr. Whitenant. Whiiley. Wilkins, Williams. WiUon, l inans. Delta Delta Delta Vndcrsnn. Jane. I. a Granfte. III.. ' 53 Berr- . Jean. I cn cr. Colo.. 52 Bcnedeck, Norma, (ilcnwnnd Sprin(( , Colo.. Burks. Bcttc. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Bush, (ii ' oriinc. Denver, ( " olo.. " 50 ( ha ez. Carol. San Juan, Puerto Rico. ' 50 Chmelik. SalU. Joliei, III.. ' 50 (!nl|i)p , Doris, Denver. Coin.. ' 51 wan. Marv, Idaho Falls. Ida.. ' 51 Dillon. Dicksic, Boulder. C2olo., Fliason. Marian. Denver. Colo.. FIser. - nn. Malihu. Calif.. ' 52 F ans. MariKn. Oakland. Calif.. Fisher. Sall . (;iendale. Calif.. ' 53 Ford. Artha Boise Cii , Okla.. ' 53 Frcnt Mice. Palo Alio. Calif., ' 53 Fountain. Nancv. Sloan, Iowa. ' 51 Gaunt. Betlv. Rri hton. Colo., ' 50 Giese, Mar Jo. Ames. Inwa. ' 53 Haaken«on. Marv, La Junta, Colo.. ' 53 Haves. Pam. Berkelo. Calif.. 50 ' 53 51 •50 ACTIVES Heisterman. Mar I.ou, W ' heaton, III.. 50 Hubbel. Joan, Boulder, ( lo., ' 51 Humphries. Jean. La Junta. C olo.. ' 51 KinAdon, Louise, Den cr, Colo.. ' 50 Lindou. Johanna. Grctrlex. C-olo.. " 52 Loit. Joan. La Junta, ( ' olo.. ' 51 Mandel, Mar e, La (.ranite. III.. ' 50 Marvin. Mar . St. Charles, III.. ' 53 Maurek. ( ' arol, Clinton, loua. ' 51 Moosdorf. Lou. Denver, (, ' olo,. " 50 .Morrison, Anne. Greeley. Colo.. " 52 Palmer. Bcttv, Denver. Colo.. " 51 Paper, Sue. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Perriman. Ann. Denver. Colo., " 51 Pitcher, Jo. Lns Aniteic , Calif.. ' 50 Pr . Dorothv. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Richards. Pat. F!nt(Iewood, C lo., ' 51 Robertson, C ' aroKn, V ' ichita Falls. Tex., ' 52 Robertson. ' iritinia. U ' ichiia Falls, Tex., ' 50 Rose. Shirle . Boulder, ( olo.. ' 52 S«ndu k . Margaret, Grcele . Colo.. ' 52 Schnebcriter. Jane. Chicago. IIL. ' 50 Scott. Mar . Qinton. Iowa, ' 51 Sill, Helen. Lincoln, Ncbr.. ' 52 Smith. Barbara Jean. Boulder. Colo., ' 50 Sobenheimer. Harriet, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Steik. CaroKn. Ipper, .Montclaire. N. J.. ' 50 Stirvens, J ianne, F " l Paso, Tex.. ' 50 Stewart, Mar . Denver. Colo,. 51 Stoffel, Mar , Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Toriterson. Arlcne. Denver. Colo.. 51 Unfuit. Laura Lee, ValsenburA. Colo.. ' 52 I ' nticdt, Carol. Chcv Chaftc, Md.. ' 51 Van Law, ( arot. Denver, Colo.. " 50 Wachob. N ' irilinia, Denver. Colo.. " 50 Ualklinjt. (Tharlotte. Den er, Colo., ' 51 Whille . BevcrK. South Pasadena. Calif., ' 51 Wilkins. Jo ce. Boulder. C:o1n.. ' .52 Williams. Esther. Los Aniteles, Calif., ' 50 Wilson. Lois. Tulsa. Okla.. ' 52 Winans, Jo Ann, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Winslow. Mar Lou. Wheatridfte. Colo., 52 Witthauer, Bev, Denver. Colo.. " 51 Vtherton. Pat. Russell, Kan.. ' 52 Briilds. Jerrv. Pocatcllo. Ida.. ' 53 ( " arrico. Jud . Lamar. C3oIo.. ' 53 !urr% . Barbara, (irand Junction, Colo.. ' 52 Cushinit. Jo Anne. Bcrca. Ohio. ' 53 Fox. Karen. Des Moines. Iowa, ' 53 PLEDGES Lacv. Jeanne, Pueblo. Colo.. ' 53 Lord. Marilvn. Piano. III.. ' 53 Niitler. MariUn. (ireele . Colo., ' 52 Orr. Bett Ann, Brvn Mewr. Pcno.. 51 Osman, PeHty, Rochester, Minn., ' 51 Reilly. Loisanne. Riverside. III.. " 53 Riesen. Barbara. Wichita Fall . Tex., ' 51 Schlitt, Jn Ann. Sprintthcld. III.. ' 53 Smith. Dorothv. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 53 Tomlinson, Sallv. San Bernardino, Calif.. ' 53 A ' arner. Joan, Idaho Falls, Ida., ' 53 Uhiscnant. June. Liberal, Kan., ' 53 Delta Gamma Since 1886, Delta (ianinia lias been active at ( " U in social as well as acatleniie life, and tins year was no exception. A ple(lf:e class of thirty-seven }:irls li e(l up to all expectations. Chapter officers were: Kathy Ryan, president: Dale W hilaker. vice-president: Elinor Benton, secretary, and Ann Gnllberg, treasurer. The DCs were afiain honored to have Mrs. ancc Roberts as housemother. Durin;; the ear. picnics, intramural games including a first place swininiin;; team, social functions, costume parties and all sorts of fun an l fi-sti ilies filled the social calendar. The Fall Formal, held in Denver with its theme " Holi lay Hop. " was in honor of the pled;ies and was only excelled by the iiilcr Forniai for the actixcs. Last . pring is remcnd)cretl for " brains " as well as beauty. Patsy Coates and Evelyn Holmes raised the scholastic average anil prniidjv wore IMii Beta K:i|i| .i keys, while the queen 400 department was fillcij In B inne Bruiuier. Freshnian Queen: I ' attie (look, Engineering Queen, and Mary Louise .Slaughter, Relay and CU Day ' s Queens. This Homecoming, Susie Flug- slad. li ing up to the DG reputation, was one of the five queen iinalists. Other outstanding DCs this year were: Kathy Ryan — social chairman for A ' S, Senate, vice-president of Pan Hel- j| lenic: Lee Stei ' kel (loloradan Section Editor. l ' ).i() president of Pan Hellenic: Mar Heckdorm counsellor: ornia Lee Rogers — Pep Club Secretary: Joanne Healy and Ann Gull- berg- -Coloradan staff heads. Delta Gannnas also have Iari;c group representation, , ' piirs include Bev Batschelet and I ' at Swope: Orchesis, Bev Batschelet and Marilyn Hill: cheer leaders. Jackie Irwin and Betty Mikkelson. and Porpoise: Barbara Brickman. Ka Br ioks. Judy Gharlton. (ireta Holder, Jackie Irwin. Sue Koren. Roz Matthey. Norma Lee Rogers. Jennv . " tarks. Pat Swope and Dale liitaker. I i A } v ( e lii Top row, Ifft to rtgfit: Adams. Adicr, Andrrson, Baker. Bard %cll, Rarnftrove. Ralschclet. Bentnn, Bcriter. Bird. Bo d. Sixth row: Brannan, Brick man, Bronk . Brown. Carlson. Charlton. Clark. ClaMon. Codhurn. Cole. Cook. ■ f-iilk row: C. Dondanville, I . Dnndanville, Oroeite. Rdwardt. Kletcher. Franklin. Gardner. Ga ai(an. GreenMood. GullbcriE. Hai h. ■ Fourth row: Hamilton, HcaU. Heck. Helmkamp. Hill, Holder. Huhhard, Huntin lon. Imht. Irwin, Koren. Third row: MacDonald. Maclnt re, Matthc , Melville. Miller. Moore. Mnrrift. Morrison. I ' anck. Pittcntcr. Ro|crs. Second rote: Ross. Ryan. Sherlock. SUu ter. Smith, Spilver. Squires. Staats, Starks, Stauffcr. Steckel. ftottnm row: Stone, Stuart, Sweet. Swope, Wallerius. Waters. Weber, Whitaker. Woodward. 401 Delta Gamma Adam«. Rarhani. Evan ton. 111.. ' 52 Adier. Pctit . Houston. Tex.. " 52 Xnderson. Nanc . Denver. Colo.. 5I Raile%. Donna. RlUworih, Kan.. 50 Rard. Irene. Detroit. Mich.. ' S2 Rardwell. Charlene. Den er, Colo.. 52 Ratschelet. ReverU. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Berber, l.aura Mae. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Bentnn. Klinor. Denver, Colo.. " 50 RiU . Flame. Chicaito. III.. 49 Brickman. Barbara. Chic«Co. III.. ' 31 Brooks. Ka . Boise. Ida.. ' 52 Brown. Ann. Denver, ( lo., " 51 Brunner. Ronnc . Midland. Tex.. ' 52 ( ' arlson. I.ois. Chicaito. III., ' 52 Charlton. Jud . Denser. Colo.. 50 Clark. Jackie. Denver. Colo.. 52 Coithurn. Qw cn. Denver. Colo., 52 Cook. Patricia. Denver, Colo.. 52 ACTIVES Dnndanville. Catherine, Motinc, 111.. ' 52 Fa . Marie. GrcclcA. Olo.. " 50 Fletcher. Maxinc. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Franklin. Bets . Denver. Colo.. " 52 Gasaitan, Barbara. Rock F ' ord. Colo., ' 50 fireenwood. Marjorie. Boulder, Colo., ' -19 Gullbert Ann. Moline. 111.. ' 51 HaiUh. Kuih. Homewood. III.. ' 52 Hamilton. Kathleen. Denver. Colo.. 51 Healv. Joanne. Denver. Colo.. 5I Heck. Marv. Knchester. Minn., ' 51 Helmkamp. Dorothv. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Imbi, Mar Maritarct, Fort Worth. Tex., ' 50 Ifvsin. Jackie. Flossmoor. III.. ' 52 MacDonald. Joan. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Maclntvre. MariUn. Denver. Colo.. 50 Melville, Patricia. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Moore. Lucia. La Jolla, Calif., ' 52 Morris. Sarah. Colorado Sprin|(s, Colo.. ' 52 Na ct, Ruth, Denver. Colo,. ' 52 Panek. Pat. Denver. C ' olo.. ' 51 Pitteniter. Mar Jane. Aberdeen. S. D.. ' 52 Rogers, Norma Lee. Denver. Colo., " 50 Rvan. Kaihv. Kansas ( itv. Mo.. ' 50 Sherlock. Margaret. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Slaughter. Marx Louise. Duncan. Okla.. 52 Smith. Nanc . Winnctka. III.. ' 50 Squires. Phvllit. Palo Alto. Cahf.. ' 52 Starks. Jennv. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Stauffer. Patricia. Bronxville. N. V.. ' 51 Sieckel. Lee. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Stone. Svlvia. Boulder. Colo.. ' 49 Sweet. Maril n. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Swope. Pativ. Loveland. Colo.. ' 52 Wallerius. Joan. Sacramento. Calif., ' 52 Waters. Jane, Oiloradn Sprinits, Colo.. ' 51 Woodward. Martha. Denver. Colo., 52 Whitaker. Dale. Sacramento, Catif.. ' SO Barnitrove. Fleur. Brentwood. Mo.. ' 51 Bird, Jackie. Roswell. N . Mcx.. ' 52 Bovd, licc Marx. Colorado Sprints. Colo.. ' 53 Krsnnan. Peti(v Lu. Denver. Colo., " 53 Raker. Flizabeth. Rcdlands. Calif.. ' 53 Clavton. Elizabeth. El Paso. Tex., ' 53 Cole. Sally. Palo Alto. Calif.. ' 53 Dondanvil ie. PatiHcia. Moltne. 111.. ' 53 DroeKe. Marx. Chicago. 111., ' 53 Duire. Marx Jo. Colorado Sprinifs. Colo.. ' 53 Edvsards. Gloria. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Flu stad. Susan. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 PLEDGES Gardner, Jo nn. Boise. Ida.. ' 52 Guver. Anita. Bnulder. Colo.. ' 53 Hill. Marilvn. Midland.. Tex.. ' 53 Huntington. Ruth. I ' rbana. III.. ' 53 Hubbard. Judv. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Koren. Sue. F vanston. III.. ' 53 Mabee. Joan. Mitchell. S. D.. ' 51 Matthex. Rosamond. Davenport. Iowa. ' 51 Morrison. Alice. Milwaukee. Wis.. ' 52 Morrison. Sue, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Mikkelson. Bettv. Minnetonko Reach, Minn., Miller. Judy, Kalamazoo, Mich.. ' 52 Mulligan. Margie. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Orr. Barbara Jane. Colorado Springs. Coto.. ' 53 Schuette. Kaihrxn. Manitowoc. Wis.. ' 53 Spilver. Jane. Boise. Ida., ' 52 Staats. Charlene. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Stuart. Pamela, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Swarthout, Joan. Kansas Citx. Mo.. ' 52 Van Ausdall. Diana. Denver, Colo., 53 V ' awter. Jane. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Webber. Jeanne. Colorado SprinjEs, Colo., ' 53 Weber. Sally. Milwaukee. Wis.. ' 52 Wilson, Viritini ' Chicai(o, III.. ' 53 Kappa Alpha Theta ' hen baggage laden Thetas mounted the stairs this fall, thev discovered that redecoration had loft its mark again. After being greeted by their housemother. Mrs. Frances Durand. they began plane for a very successful year. Pep and enthusiasm wore the order of the day under the able leader- ship of i ' livllis Bnndv. president: Dorothy Tomlinson. ice- president: and Jane ( " .arswell, secretary. The new additions to the trophy case got the year ofF to a (King start. (X Days brought a ihinl place in song fest and a second place for the cond)inalion of Theta-1 ' hi Delta talent in the mixed singing. Third place participation and carnival cups also went to the Thetas. First place in the women ' s honieconiing field events added another cup to our shelves; and. th e honor of being the onlv sororitv to win the intra- mural plaque twice was a crowning event. This year has brought many social activities to the KAT ' s, too. December ' .i marked the date of the successful dance given in honor of our pledge class. Social functions and pledge-active parties kept the Thetas hopping and happy. Thetas to be proud of are: Alarilyii Maloney — Mortar Board. University (Ihoir, Modern (ihoir. I ' i Alpha Theta. and a most popular entertainer: Alice Fallardeau — Mortar Board. AA Board. AVi S Activities (Chairman, and AVi S Vaude- ville ( " ommittee: Bobbie FoUey — ASUC ' Commissioner of Stu- dent Affairs. Coloradan, and NSA Executive (-ommittee: and Mary Lou Aufderheide — WAA secretary. Pep Club Member- ship Committee, Activities Night Chairman, A S Activities Committee, and CU Days Assistant (Chairman. I ..f, r..:i-. i,ft to ritht: AKx.indir. Mlin, VrnnlJ. t«ond. Aufderhoide, Baier, Becklc , IWrinu, UilKtir. Rnndus. Hor-.! IW-. mk • f-ifth roa-: Bund . Burnhjm. J. (lamphcll. . (lamphcM. Carmll. F. (:ar %vcll. J. Carswell. (Ihaffcc. Clit-hak. C.miIcx . Cnpland, Dunn. " h-mrlh row: tvanft. h diardeau, hishhurn. Fiizpa trick. F»»chtmun, hoIIc% . f IcntrN . (Jrccn, Grettum. Harllc . Ha kins. Huakc. • Third raze: Hodgson. Hornr. Huitltinft. Hunt. Hutchinson, Jacnhson. Jnhnslon. KassU-r. I.cah . I.ittlc. Malnnc , Mason. ' Srtond row: McK«)wn. McWhorCcr. Nelson. Neville. Nielsen, Norri . Paidar. Koos. Schumacher. Schlutiu«. Shonley. Shenefelt. • Bottom roir: Smeed. Smith. Spiel man n. Stevens. Strain, Til lot son. TomIin»on. Trucksess. Webster, Wcllcr. Williamson, WitcheM. 403 Kappa Alpha Theta dams. Sarah. Ri cr Forest. 111., ' 5! Alexander, nn, Boulder, ( tilo.. ' 52 Mien. Bctt%. Bnulder. Oilo., 50 Vrmslron . nn, Hinsdale. III.. ' 52 rnold. Joan. Dallas, Tex.. ' 51 tviood. Kita. Minneapolis. Minn.. ' 50 utderhcidc. Mar% I.ou. nn Arbor. Mich., Berinit. Isabellc. Decatur. 111.. ' 52 Beutias. Barbara. W ilmette. III., ' 51 Black. Nancv. Portland. Ore.. 50 Bondus. Kav, Chicaito. III.. ' 51 Bradx. Suzanne. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Brown, Nanc . Kansas Cit , Mo.. ' 50 Buehler. Florence. Hinsdale. III.. ' 50 Bundv. Ph llis. Santa Monica. C:alif.. ' 50 Carroll. I ain. Schenectad . N. .. ' 51 Carroll. Pollv. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Carswell. Frances. Kansas Citv, Mo., ' 52 Carswell. Jane. Kansas Citv. Mo.. 50 Chaffe«, .Marv Lou. El Paso, Tct.. ' 52 ACTIVES Coolc ' . Joan, Aberdeen. S. 1).. ' 52 Grain. Nanc . Fxerftrcen, Colo.. ' 51 Ftlardeau. Alice, New York Cit , N. V., " 50 Fochlman. Shirle . Denver, ( ' olo., ' 52 Follex. Barbara. Northbrook. III.. ' 50 Haake, Harriet. San Marino, Calif., ' 52 ' 51 Hartley. Bcck . Muncie. Ind.. 52 Hawkins. Mar Lou. Boulder. Colo.. 51 Holland, JoAnn. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Hopkins, Jean. Balboa Island. Calif., S2 Hunt. Be erK. Denser. C!olo., ' 51 Inftwerson. Nancy. Jackson. Mich.. ' 52 Iverson. Barbara. Sioux Cit . Iowa. ' 52 Jacobson. Janice. Dcn er. Colo.. " 52 Johnston. Peitlt • Lnnit Beach. Calif., ' 50 Ka«sler. ( ' arol, Santa Monica. Calif.. ' 50 Kent. Carnhn. Bloominition, III., ' 50 Kent. Constance. Bloomini(ton. III.. ' 52 Leahv. SalU. West Lafa ette. Ind.. ' 51 I.ittle. Marv. Kalamazoo. Mich.. ' 50 Mack. Helen. Birmingham. Mich.. ' 50 Maloncv. Marilvn. Garv, Ind.. " 50 McWhoricr, KvcUn. Port Arthur. Tex., ' 52 .Nelson. Barbara. Ma »ood. III.. ' 52 Nielsen. MariKn. Park Ridtfe. III.. ' 50 Norris, Betsx, C.lencoe, 111., ' 2 Paidar. Shirlc . Kenilworth. III.. ' 52 Roos. Audre. Decatur. III.. ' 52 Schlulius. Barbara. Webster Grovet. Mo.. ' 51 Shanlev. Joanne. I.ontf Reach. Calif., ' 50 Shenefclt. Sondra. Odar Rapids. Iowa, ' 51 Smith. Lee. San Gabriel. Calif.. " 52 Spielmann. Beverlv. Winncika. III.. ' 51 Strain. Sheila. Denver. Colo.. 52 Tillotson. Patricia. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Tomlinson. Doroth . Ardmore. Okla., ' 50 crdon. Marftarct. Richland. Mich., ' 52 Ward, rline. Hinsdale. III.. " .52 Whilintf. Donna. Bclvidere. 111.. ' 51 Williamson. Jane. Stcrlinit. Colo.. ' 51 W ulltfast. Carol, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Baier. Gretchen. Mentor. Ohio. ' 53 Balph. Sheila. Shawnee. Okla.. ' 53 Bcckle . Marffaret. I.onit Beach, Calif.. ' 53 Billeter. Beverly. Fairfield, Iowa. ' 53 Borst. Suzanne. Brookfield. III.. ' 53 Burnham. Billic. Grccle%, Colo.. ' 53 Campbell. Jean. Los Aniteles. Calif.. 53 Campbell, Nirjinia. Stcrlinit. Colo.. ' 51 Chetiak. Kaihrvn. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. ' 53 Copland, Carol. Los Aniteles, Calif.. ' 53 PLEDGES Crews. Arlene. Denver. Colo.. 53 Dunn. Robin. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 53 Fvans. Jeanne. Toledo. Ohio. ' 53 Filzpatrick. Jane. Winnetka. Ill . ' 53 (iallup. Jud% ' . Ann Arbor. Mich.. ' 53 icnlr . Florence, Glen FlKn. III.. ' 53 Green. Deborah. Berkele , Calif.. ' 53 Grettum. Vnne. Richland. Mich.. ' 53 Hodgson. Marjtot. Kenilworth, III.. ' 53 Hornc. Louiite. Rarrinitton. III., ' 53 Hut(|( ns. Sall . Janesville, Wise. ' 53 Hutchinson. Ruth. Lakewood. Ohio. ' 53 McKown. Jane. Omaha. Nebr.. " 53 Neville. Alice. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Schumakcr. Marv. Sioux Falls. S. D.. ' 53 Smeed. Helen. Sioux Falls. S. D., ' 53 Stevens. Sharleoe. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Tnicksess. Ann, Boulder, Colo.. " 53 Webster, Mar Lou, Kan as City, Mo., ' 53 Weller. Marilvn. Mitchell. S. D.. ' 53 Witchcll. Barbara. Springfield. III.. ' 53 appa Delta Now in its third year on the CU campus. Beta Xi of Kappa Delta points uilli pride to its rapid firowth. and wlioleliearted participation in extra-currieular aeti ilie . I ' lcdfies and ac- tives, 80 strong, worked and played li.inl during the year. Three trophies, as well as numerous | leasant memories, were the results. Kappa Deltas won a second place award for Winter Carnival participation, and first place cups in the Silver di ision float conipetitiun iliirin;; C Davs and Home- coming. Of primary importance on the social agenda was a tea, held after fall rush week, in honor of the new Kappa Delta housemother. Mrs. Geneve ( " hitter. Fa ll partytime was cli- maxed in December with the annual pledge formal in Denver. The 19-J9-50 gavel was wielded hy . llene Zillmann, while pledge training occupied tlie time of ice President .K-fT Flint. Debits and credits were ably handled by Flo Mason and her assistant treasurer, Bev Masters. House management was Betty Lyttle ' s realm. Janet Bacon kept the secretary ' s book in tip top order, and Kay Knott met deadlines required of chapter editor. Rushin-; lliniii liont the ear was organized by Lucy Zundel. Kappa Deltas rankin i: hi ;h in the acti ity department were: Joy Carlson Winter Carnival assistant dance chair- man for two successive seasons. University Choir and . (i staff member: ( " ary Richards YWCA President: Jeff Flint — Pi T.ambila Theta and Kappa Delta Pi mend er; Allene Zill- mann Kap])a Tan Alpha. Tiieta Sigma Phi. assistant Honie- coniing program chairman, and winner of llie first Colorado Press Vi omen ' s . " scholarship. i 404 Hvforv Mtvr htst hill 4- ftt ' rn ii ilutuh Hark- in thv stuhUo ntidin Cnm ' in! Comf in! 1 i Top rotr. c f to rifkt: Anderson. Hiicnn, Kcrdnck, Hid. Hurtfcss. Ciillcn. (ainipbcH. Chahc, (hooper, de la Kosb, l)ot . • HUh row: Kllintfton, Kllman, En|tli«h. Fickle. Kishcr. Flint, FundinAsland, (iar cr. (ieescku. CoDdniiin. Hallnck. • hnurth row: He|(wcr. Hickcy, Hoepner, HuAhey, Johnson, Jones. Kinman. Knpman. C kra hill. P. kra hill. I.ticke. Third mw: K itle. Marr, Mariin, Ma on, Masters. .Miles. Murrison, Moticr, Pcnninition. Pnlinit. Rauch. • Second row: K inker. Kinne. Ruth. Scasholiz. Schaltcn. Scolcs. Seihel. Shre%c. D. Smith. N. Smith. Sutherland. ■ Bottom row: Todd, ' anderwilt, ' arner, Waifncr, Whiicitidc, W ilUun. Witeriman. ck itf, ierk, illman, undvl. 405 Kappa Delta Anderson, Fllcn, l. on . III., ' 51 Bacon, Janet. Krie. Pa.. ' 50 Reranck. Charlcnc. HolKwood. III.. ' 50 CarUnn. Jov. Whcaion. III.. ' 51 Cha«e. !.i«»a. Mentor. Ohio. 50 Cooper. Flaine. Tulsa. Dkla.. ' 50 Con er«. Jeanne nnc. l.a Junta. Colo., ' 50 Dotv. FIcannr. Wheat Ridtfe. Colo., 52 Ellington. Ph%llis. Delta. Colo.. 51_ Eni(li«h, Marietta. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Flint. Joan. Dc Kalh. III.. ' 50 Fundin land, Joanne. Denver. Coin.. ' 51 Gee eka. - 4nc«, Scoii Cil , Kan.. ' 50 Heit«er. Marv. Casper. Wvo.. ' 50 Hendrix. Doris. Dcn cr. Colo.. ' 52 ACTIVES Hoepner, Bclt . Denver. Colo., ' 51 MuAhv . Mar Lee, W alscnhurtf. Colo., 51 Knott. Ka . Delia. Coin.. ' 51 Knopman, Janifrcd. Barilcsville. Okla., ' 51 Kraxhill. Pauline. Rifle. Colo.. ' .SO l.uckec. Rence, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 l,Mtle. Beti , Mijekcr. Colo., ' 50 .Marr. l.ei h. Henderson. Colo.. " 50 Manin. Marv Fllen. Wheat Ridjtc. Colo.. ' 52 Mason. Florence. nlden. ( olo.. ' 50 Masters. HcverK. North I ' laiic, Ncbr., 52 .Ma%. Mar% Jane. Nc» (hens. III.. ' 51 Mikes. Ka . Broomticld. Colo.. ' 50 Miles. Ruth. Denver. Colo.. 52 Morrison, Maureen, ichita Falls, Tex., ' 50 Penninittnn. Patricia. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Potts, Glenn s. la Jara. f olo.. " 52 Rauch. Barbara. W heamn. III.. ' .SO Richard, ( ' arolvn. Hin»dalc, III., ' 51 Rinker. Joan. Denser. C ilo., 52 Scholten. Donna. Sterling. Colo.. 52 Scolcs. Phvllis. Denver, C:olo,. ' 50 Seasholtz, Jovce. ellowntone Park, Wyo.. ' 52 Scibel, Patricia. Centralia. III., ' 50 Smith. Dixie Ann. New Orleans, La., ' 52 ' arncr. enice. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Whitenide. Donna Lee, Delta. Colo., 52 Zierk, Susan. Snvdcr, N. .. ' 52 illmann. Allene. Douitlaston. N. V.. ' 50 Zundel, I.ucv, Denver, Olo., ' 50 Biel. Shirley, Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Rr ani. Nfarv Film, Lexinition. Mass., 53 Burgess. Shirle Ann. Montezuma. Kan., 53 Callen. Suzanne. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Campbell. Donna Ruth. Grand Junction, Colo., Campbell, Nancv. Clinton, la.. ' 52 dc la Roza. ( athren Ann. Pacific Grove. Calif., Edwards, Caroline. Chicago. III.. " 53 Ellman. Dorothv. t arv. Ind., ' 52 Fickle. Barbara, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Fisher. Marv, Trinidad, Colo., ' 53 Garver. Marv l.u. Stockton, Calif., ' 51 Goodman. Marilvn. Denver. Colo.. 53 •53 51 PLEDGES Haitan, Joan, Neenah. Wis.. 53 Hallnck. Rerncicc. Delta. Colo.. ' 53 Hickev. Ruth. Chickasha. Okla., ' 53 Ismcrt. Bcttv. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Johnson. Yvonne, Boulder. Colo,. ' 53 Jones. Caroline. Mav « ood. III., 53 Kinman. Beverly. Rifle, Colo., ' 52 Kravbill. Connie. Rif!c. Olo., ' 52 Mntlcr. Dolores. Dearborn. Mich.. ' 52 Mvers. Marv Jo. Otiumna. la.. 53 O ' Neill. Marv Ann. Boulder, Colo., 53 PolinC Shirley. Fstes Park, Colo.. ' 51 Redman, Frances. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Rinne. Olive, Arlini(ton. Va., ' 52 Roth. Mary-. Middlctnwn, Conn.. ' 52 Shrcve, F ' rances, Ruflalo, Wyo.. ' .53 Smith. Nancv nn. Riverside. III.. ' 53 Sutherland. Helen. Houston, Tex,. ' 53 Todd. VHilma. Denver. f »lo.. ' 53 Vanderwilt. Marv. Rock Rapids.Ja.. 50 Waitncr. TJsh. Hamilton. (Jhio, ' 51 WcIlini(ton. Jennifer. Berkeley. Calif., ' 53 Wilson. Jane, I.imon. Colo., ' 52 Wocrtman. Marilyn. Wheat Ridite. Colo., " 53 Wyckoff. Kate. New " ' ork, N. Y., ' 53 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa memories are filltil willi la.-t spring ' s activities, dances, studies, and parties. Tlie main dance spring; quarter, " Harbor I.ifrhts. " was :ivcn by tin- plodpcs to express tlieir fondest farewells to tlic seniors. After a restful siminier tlie Kappas returned to school un- der the leadership of their president. Colleen Ja ' ohsen and vice president. irjiinia W riter. . " ecretar Judv . " tearns and treasurer Jean Mael ' herson did a {rreat job in their offices also, and to top them all Mr . ampler remained their wonderful and deeplv admired housemother. Rush week started school off wilii pleasing results when the KKG ' s took tlu-ir largest pledge class of forty-nine girls. Among the pledge la s was Gwen ' an Derbur. reigning as queen over the homeroming weekend, and Siieila Dunstan who remained a finalist in the first nighter queen contest. The Kappas put in some hard work during the year which was rewarded when their float during (!L Days won tiiird place, and their !)anner titled " The pick of the Nation " won first [)lace during homecoming. Ihe Kappas were very |)r()uil of Judy Stearns when she was tapped for Mortar Board and ancv McMartin was initiated into Hesperia. Judy was also elected president of AW S. and Nanev became a nuMuber of A S senate and remained with WA. . X ith a good year behind them. Kappa remains high in anticipation of another successful year aiul a prosperous future. 406 Jti t Imtl tit sttt j inrztin nmi Jtim II r ' rv hi}i irls mm And lie lunc tnlvnt ton I nrtitird ! Tot row Irll la ritkl: Xkcrloi. rilnll. Ashford. Boivman. Briston. Brown. Cliiver. M. Cunnindham, V. Cunninithonl. DanieUon, Dearhorn. khau«h. • FiUk rovr- Kdviard . Kllii.It. Knilclman. Krci. Kr t. Cra . Cuinand. Gul.hall. Hatden. Hocl. H( ll. na , Hunlcr. • bourik row: Jacobscn. Jovce. Kin«. Kirbcrtcr. I. a Shell. l.i»I. Lutz. Mactliirnack. McCabe. McMartin .McMaslir. McMillan. • Third mu-: .Michirlc. Mcirc. Mover. O .Ncill. t)viall. Palmer. A. Porlcr. J. Porlcr. Redfield. Rcdmon. Repplier. Rcvnolds. • Srrond row: Ro5«. Rumble. Service, Sha.v, Sloan. Spore. Sli-arns. Slorm. Slroman. Summerlon. Svlvetler. Te lcr. • Bollum row: Trousdale. alenlinc. Walerv. Wcilcr. W ilvnn. Wrenn. I). W rilir. . Wriler. 407 Kappa Kappa Gamma Aritall. Ann. Denver. Colo., 51 Avhlnrd. Mirv Kav. Omaha, Nchr.. ' 51 Ball. Onnna Jean. Boulder. Colo.. 52 Black. SalK. (.4 rnint Ark.. ' 50 Bnnih. l.( Mis. Kirniinitham, Mich.. ' 51 Bri«tow. Mice. Pari%. III.. ' 51 Burn«. Barbara. I)cn cr. Colo.. ' 49 Burroiiilh . Krnta. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Carriitan. l.olK. Wichita Fallii. Tex.. Oover, NfariUn. TuUa. Okla.. ' 52 Dearborn. .Martha, (llencoe. III.. ' 52 Dowelt. Anne. TuUa. Okla., ' 52 Drum. Su an. Omaha. Nehr.. ' 50 Duc%. Ka . Pueblo. Colo.. ' 50 Hlliot. Maritaret. Denver. Colo.. 52 Fntfelmann. Jeanneiie. Salt l.ake C ii Fnraker, Sally. Laituna Beach, C alif. Fox, Patricia. Iron Mountain. Mich.. Frci. Janet. Kenilworth, III., 52 Gray. Fllen. Denver. Colo., ' 51 50 . I ' lah. •51 52 •52 ACTIVES Guinand, Nanc . Boulder. Colo., " 51 Hcit lcr. SalK. Lake Charic . La.. ' 51 Moal. Jeanne, (iranj Junction, ( ' olo., ' 50 Hollowav. FIta, Oakland. Calif.. ' 50 Jacoh«cn. Colleen, Pueblo. Colo.. ' 50 J«ne», Nancv. Indianapoli . Ind.. ' 51 Jo ce. Barbara. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Kidd. Lou nn. Bartle ville. Okla., ' 52 Kinit. Camille. Phoenix, .-Vriz., " 51 La Shell. Oiniter. Denver. Cnlo.. ' 52 Lut . Marv, Koswell, N. M.. ' 51 MacC ornnack. Barbara. Boulder Cilv, Nchr., 51 MacPher%on. Jean. Chicaitn. III.. ' 51 McCabe. Martha. Pueblo, Colo.. ' 51 Mc nelUnd. Helen, Denver. Colo., 51 McMartin. Nancv, W innetka. III., ' 51 McNIa iter, Su an. W innetka. III., ' 52 Mecherlc. ( eortfia. Bloominftton. III., ' 52 NeidlinHer. Sall%. Hanover. N. H., ' 51 O ' Neill. Beverlv. Denver. CoU., ' 50 Porter, Vrdiili. Pueblo. Cnlo.. ' 50 ' 51 Y. Porter. Jancv. TuUa. Okla.. " 50 Kedfiold. Janice. Omaha, Nebr.. ' 51 Kedmon. kath . Kenilworth. III.. ' 52 Kepplicr. Helen, Boulder. Cnlo., ' 52 Rumble. Jane. Albuquerque, N. M.. Service. Frankie. Boulder, Olo,. ' 50 Sincerbeaux. Bettv, New Rochelle, N. Sloan. Jean, Bloominftton, III.. ' 50 Smith, alerie. Oak Park, III.. ' 51 Spore. ' era. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Stcarn . Jud . Boulder, Colo.. ' 50 Stroman. Nancv. Itasca, III., ' 51 Tavlor. nne. Lake Bluff, 111.. " 52 Trousdale. Doroihv Jane. Newton, Kan.. Nalentinc. Jane. Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Waters. Marv Fllcn. Tul« a, Okla., ' 50 W eilcr. Mariiarct. Pueblo, Coin., ' 51 Vhitela». Nancv. Birminftton, Mich.. ' 50 Wicrman. Huth. Denver, Colo,, ' 51 Writer. Virginia, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 ■49 50 Akerlow. Jtne, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Rckin«, Jane. Sioux Cit , Iowa. ' 51 Brown. Marcia. Denver. Colo,. ' 52 Bowman, Bernadetia, Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Cotton, France , Denver, Colo., ' 53 Cunnini(ham. Maritarei, Fl Pa«o, Tex., ' 53 Crowlev. Cfay, Pueblo. Colo., ' 53 Curtis. Joanne, Pueblo, Colo,. ' 53 Daniel, Marv Ann. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 DanieUon. Doris. Denver, Colo., ' 53 DouHhertv. Marv. Oak Park. III.. ' 53 Dunstan, Sheila. Denver. Colo., " 53 Fhauith, Nancv. Denver. Colo., ' 53 FdwBrds, Nancv, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Fr e, Constance. F ' tkhart. Ind.. ' 53 Gutshall, Dicksie. Denver, Colo.. 52 PLEDGES Hahn, Eleanor. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Hayden, Patricia. Littleton, Colo.. ' 53 Hunter. Gail. Trinidad, Colo., ' 51 Kirber er, M. Ann, Tulsa. Okla.. ' 53 Lane, Norma, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Li t. Caralvn. Park RidAc. 111. ' 53 McKav. Joan. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 NIcMillan. .-Mice. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Nioore. Nancv. Denver. Olo.. ' 53 Mover, Martha. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Ne lon. Maureen. Havs. Kan., ' 53 Oviatt. Martha. San Mateo. Calif., 53 Packard. Evehn. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Palmer. F. J., Sterling Colo,. ' 51 Peacock. Prudence. Omaha, Nebr.. ' 51 Reynolds. C athie. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 Ross. Betsy, Los Anfteles. Calif.. ' 51 Scanton, Joan, Los .Anifeles. Calif., ' 53 Shaw. Fannv, Omaha. Nebr., ' 51 Snoditrass. Judy, Denver, ( olo,, ' 53 Stark. Flfline. Denver, f ' olo.. ' 53 Storm. Nancs, Salinas, Calif.. ' 53 Summerton. Joan. Denver. Colo,, ' 53 Svlvcster. Margaret, Denver. Colo., " 53 Teubner, Lois, Burlinitame, Calif.. ' 53 Textcr, Diana. Tulsa. Okla.. ' 53 ' an Derbur. Maritaret, Denver, Colo,, ' 53 X ' ickcrs. X ' iritinia, Denver, Colo., ' 53 WhiteK. Kav. Denver, Colo., ' 53 ilkins. Jeanne, Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Wilson. Patricia. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Wrenn. Nancv. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Writer. Dorothy. Denver, Colo., " 53 Pi Beta Phi The wearers of the wine anil hhie returned to CV in the fall, full of entluii iasni. pep ami isions of an e enlfiil and prosperous ear ahead. Pi I ' hi oflicers for the year were Xaiiey Ball, president: Mary Alice ( ook. i f president: Mary Lynn Beeley. secretary: and Jo ' Works, treasurer. Our year ' s events befian with a tea weleoniinf; hack our housemother. Mrs. Shuniaeker and honorin;; our new assist- ant housenujther. Miss Saniniis. who is in eharfie of our annex. F xehanfie dinners. j)icnics and formats filled the arrow cal- endar to capacity the remainder of the year. Last Spring the I ' i Phis celebrated the return of a long, lost sister. euus. who has been sojouruin;; in the A;;j;ie . ' . E ' liapter room the last 20 years. .Since her trasels are quite ex- tensive and always in some fraternity house, she is ery sel- loni found at home in her house on the hill. For that reason, the I ' i Phis are all er pleased to ha e her hack ajiaiii. Outstandiiij: I ' i I ' iiis inciuile li e Spur nieiuber.- witii Jo Easley as president and five Porpoise members. Queen final- ists durin : the year were Alary Alice Cook and Beth Oollev. Diane Do .ier and B» ' th oolley were .Sweethearts of tlie Dells and Sipma C-his respectively. Outstanding: seniors are Sallv Brown- Spur. Mortar Board. Senate. VVi ' C ' A Group Head and Cabinet. ASIC. AA Board, Paidiell.nic l ' r ' ideiit: Nancy Ball — Spur. AA, Coloradan, Dodo. Homecomin;; and CU Da s Coniniitlees: Mary Alice ( ' ook — ASl ' C Candidate for (»reek Combine, (iolorailan. .Silver and Gold. Panhellenic. 408 . » r.,:f. left to right: Allen. Anderson. Ball. Btiliv II. -.i Brackcnhury. Brown. Bruton. B ler. (Carpenter. • Fifth row: Chase. Clowe . Cook. (lurii . Davis, Dozicr. Du n, Easlcv. Khrut. K ans. • " tirih roa-: Fohe . Frith. Fisht-r. (ieorde. Clornik-x . ( raham. Grct-n. Haakcn steJ. Hansen, Henderson. • Third row: Hoye. Jefferson. Johnson. K ester, l.alK, Lambert. McKcc. Moritz, .Moone . Mtirris. • Seconti row: .Morrisim. Murphy, B. Nelson, I. Nelson. Quam, Rupp, Russell, Schum, Schwab. Sherrill. Bottom row: Shiner, Sickels, Smiftclow, Toombes. von Dctien, N adicy, ells, W hitman. W iebcnsnn. 409 Pi Beta Phi Allen, Carolyn, l.onilmnni. Colo,, ' 50 Ball. Nanc . I ' pper .Vinntclair. N. J.. ' 50 Beele . Mar L nn, Denver. C ' oln.. ' 50 Beelcv. Pat. Denver. Colo., ' 51 _ Bennett. Luc . N ichiia, Kan.. ' 52 Bo le. I.ucia. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Brown. Sall . Oak Park. III.. ' 50 Brulnn. Bettv. Colorado Sprin)ts. Colo,, ' 50 Cadwell. Nan. I.a Crantfe. III.. 52 Carpenter. Babbie. Palo Alto. Calif.. ' 52 Chase. SalK. Denver. ( ' o|o.. " 52 Clowes, F ' linor. Man annla. Colo.. Cook. Mary Alice. Denver. Colo.. (Turtis, Joan. Boulder, ( oln.. ' 52 Davis. Nancv. Washimtt " " , D. C, de Bell. Coral. Fanuood. N. J.. Dozier, Diane. W ichita. Kan., ' 52 •51 ' 50 ' 51 ACTIVES Dunn, Grace. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Fatley, Joanne. Boulder, ( olo., ' 52 Hrrat, Hebe, tvanstnn. III.. ' 52 Evans. Dottie. Hinsdale. III.. ' 52 Fisherinif. Sue. Fort VVavne. Ind.. 52 (.eoritc. Petfi( Jo. Deerlield, III.. 51 |{a cr. Duck , Pueblo. Colo,. ' 51 Henderson. Joan, Denver. C olo., ' 52 Hilton. Jan. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Hove. Eileen. Chicaito. III.. " 50 Jefferson, Joan. San Dictfo. Calif.. ' 52 KatUren. Domthv. Selale. Wash., 50 Kcster. Murv Ann, Denver. C olo.. ' 52 Lambert. Dottie. Houston, Tex.. ' 52 Lon . Nancv , Denver. Colo., ' 51 Mckec. Jcanie. La (iranite. ML, ' 52 McQuarrie. Nanon, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Mooney. Pat. Kenilworth. III.. ' 52 Moritz. Elizabeth, Arvada, Colo.. ' 52 Morris. Lillian Kne. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Morris. Ruth, Stelton. N. J.. ' 52 Morrison, Charleen. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Nelson. Barbara. Chicago. III.. ' 51 Russell. Rosemarv. Fl%ansion. 111.. ' 52 SickeU. Barbara. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Smiftelow. Eleanor, Raton, N. NL. ' 51 Sieinhauer, (rcnie, Dcn er, Colo.. ' 52 von Dettcn. Jean. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 ' adle . nn. Dcn er. Olo., ' 52 Vhitman. Nancv, Denver. Colo., ' 50 N icbcnson. ( ' aria. Denver, Colo., ' 52 V iltberiter. (irctchen. Itvanston, 111.. ' 52 Woollev. Beth. Pncatcllo. Ida.. ' 51 orks, Josephine. Denver. Colo., ' 50 PLEDGES Anderson. Marife. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Anton, Kav. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 52 Baker. Barbara Jane. Clarence, N. Y., 53 Brackenbur%, Carolvn. Fort C ' ollins. Colo.. ' 53 B lcr. Kathrvn, Palo Alto. Calif.. ' 53 ( ' low. Jean, Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Fahev. Ma ' laide. Leadville, Colo., ' 52 Fisher. Sherrv, ( lidden. Iowa, ' 53 Frith. Marv Bell. South Bend. Ind.. ' 53 Gormlev. Barbara. Denver. Colo., ' S3 Ctraham. Judv. Des Moines, Iowa, ' 53 Cjreen. MarMret. F!ureka. Kan., ' 52 Haakenstad. Ardie. Farifn. N. D.. 53 Lallv. kav. Colorado Sprintts, Colo., ' 53 Murphy. Patty. OalesburA. III.. ' 53 Nelson. Izzv. Denver. Colo., ' 52 uam. Barbara. Farito, N. U.. ' 53 Schum. Carolvn. Fartfo, N. D.. ' 53 Schwab, Suzanne, Western Sprinits, III., ' 53 Sherrill, Nancy, Fort Collins, Colo.. ' 53 Shiner. Pat. San Mateo. Calif.. ' 53 Steele. Sally. Princeton. N. J.. ' 53 Tavlor. Judy, ChicaKo. III.. ' 52 Toombes, Ann. Salt Lake City. Utah, ' 53 Wells, Alice. San Marino. Calif.. ' 52 W inkier. Pat. Oak Park. III., ' 53 Sigma Delta Tau I ' liis year lias been a iiilcrfiil one for Sijima Delta Tau in a house which we can call our own for the first time on the University of Colorado campus. Spurred on by its new sur- roundiiifis Si;;nia Delta Tan won s " -( nd place with it Home- coniinj; lloat entitled " .Miner ' s Dream. " During the early weeks of tiie fall iiii.irier Sigma Delta Tau was busy with various open houses given to introduce their new housemother. Airs. Ilka Havman. and the twenty- one new pledges to the Lniversity of (! d(irado campus. Tea dances and exchange dinners with other sororities and fra- ternities kept us whirling with social activities. One of the outstanding dan ' es of the fall |uart T wa the annual pledge dance with tiie " . ' Shipwreck " theme. Our officers who have done a splendid job this year were: Edith Ann ? hore. president: Bernice Kalmans. Nice-president; Louise Stam, scholarship chairman: Alarcille Grossman, sec- retary: Ruth Sosno. treasurer: and Mary Lou Isaacson, house manager. Outstanding members of Sigma Delia 1 .lu iiuluile: (!liar- lene Klausner, finalist in the Homecoming Queen contest, and (Chairman of general solicitations for (lanipus ( " best: Marv Lou Isaacson and Maxine Shore who hidd the offices of Nice- president and secretary of Hillel. respectively. I ' atsy Taub Nvas an a ' tive Nvorker on the Homeconung dance committee while Uene I ' erniut designed the cover of the inter (!arnival program. I 410 II ititinti fur ihr iimlr nuin Thv llvrl in So nif niirai e Top row. Irft to right: lc iindcr. Allcrman. Cohn. Falk. Fine. Cinshcrd. (Iroismun. • Jhird roa-: Harris. Kra nc. Li.-v . Miller. Morton. Pcrmut. Rogers. • Second rou-. R.istnherd, Sci)tel. H. Shore. M. Shore. Silver. Sn dermiin. So»no. • Bottom row: Stam. Siein. Stern. Taub. L em. W cinstein. 411 Sigma Delta Tau Abenheimer. Cecilc. Denver. Colo., 50 Alterman. elda, Denver. Colo.. ' S2 Falk. nn. Rni ic. Ida.. ' 52 Fine, Henrietta, Dcn er. ( ' olo.. ' $(} Friedman. Jacqueline. Kan ia« C it . Mo.. ' S2 Gi1in«k , Janice. Omaha. Nebr., ' 52 Ginsberg. l-oui e. De Moines. Iowa, ' 50 Goldberrt. Natali. Winnctka. III.. ' 52 Grossman. Marcillc. Den er, Colo., ' 52 ACTIVES ItaacHon. Mar% Lou. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Kalmant. Rcrnice. Houston. Tex.. ' 51 Klau ner. Charlenc, Dcn er, Colo.. ' 52 Malt .. Dolores. ilmctic. III.. ' 51 Miller. Ancttc. Denver, { ' olo.. " 50 Morton. Judith. Detroit. Mich., ' 52 Orloff. Joan, Denver. Coin.. ' 51 Ornsten. Charlotte. Great Neck. N. V.. Perlmutter. Ro iUn. Denver. Colo., 5I Permut. Ilene. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Rittenbaum. Janice. Rirminitham. Ala.. ' 52 Shore, l-dith Vnn. Flushing. N. Y., ' 50 Shore, Mavinc. Denver. Colo,, ' 52 Sosno, Ruth, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Stam. Loui-ie, Lincoln, Nebr.. ' 52 Stern. Sue. l.o nitcl( Calif.. 52 Strimlinit. Sharon. Chcvcnne, Wyo., ' 52 Taub. Patricia. .o Anitcles. Calif.. 52 U ' cinsicin, Judith, Glencoe, III.. ' 52 Alexander. M rna. Peoria, HI.. ' 53 Cohn. Dnnna. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Fiedelman. Ro«l n, Denver. Colo., Harris. Louise. Peoria, III., ' 52 Henoch. June. Los Angeles. Calif.. Krasne. S lvia. Fremont, Nebr., 53 Levy. Harriet. Chicago. III.. ' 53 PLEDGES Lifshutz. Dena. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Miller, Nancv, Denver. Colo., 52 Minner. Naomi. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Penn. G»»en. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Roifcrs. Beverly. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Rosenberit. Serane. Chica|(o, III., 51 Shapiro. Cbarlene. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Sieital. Dolores. Des Moines. la.. ' 53 Snvderman. Joan, Pueblo. Colo., ' 53 Spe er. Shirlcv. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Stein, Geraldine, Mason Cit -, la., ' 51 Usem, Paula. Austin. Minn., ' 53 Zeliftson. Sybil. Tulsa, Okla.. ' 53 Zeppelin. Renee, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Theta Upsilon Befrinniiifr a new year tlic nicnihers of I.anilxla Alpha Chapter of Tlieta L psiloii foninl new hlood in their 1949 pledge class. This year they lia e hail a tea honorin;: their house mother, Mrs. G. Cook, open-house for their ahininae. pletlpe sneaks, a Halloween parly iixen by thi ' pledjies for the actives, a breakfast served to the aetives, and slumber parlies. Vi Iiile plainiin;: their (loat for Homecominf:. the Tliela I ' s renienibercd | lat ' iM : la.-t Near. Mrs. KJoroMie L in- frifl. State Secretary of California, visited the chapter for a few (lavs in October. (Officers of 1949 were: President. Marion IJootli: ice-Presi- dent. Norma Jeanne Jackson: Secretary, IS ' orma Burris: Treas- urer. Dorcithv Ilolderness. The members are lookino: forward to the traditional pledge dance. Theta I " ietide. the dawn dance and breakfast CU Davs. ami the annual Black and bite Formal, which was held last year at the (Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver. Then. too. there i were Winter Cariii al and CI na activities. . . mong the outstanding members are Dorothy L. Holder- ness — .Spur. Panhellenic. Rx [)resident. Pej) club: Marion Booth- Panbellenic, .N.S. executi e council, (ireek combine; Norma Jeanne Jackson — Campus Chest, Intramurals, Winter Carnival dance committee: Norma Burris — past president, Panhellenic. Greek (Combine. , lh}iilth- nr nttthiiif: I liiiil II Hull ' iloi: niiinvii Unfi ( htili- II rns j First sifj) IS till ' " fit ' isf . ' Gnin ' pldces Top ror. Itft to right: Booth. F. Gleuc. V. Gleur. Holdcrncft . Hopkin . lloutlt. Jackson. • Bottom row: Maddock. Mckcc. SaUman, Scbultz, Steele. Wears. 413 Theta Upsilon ACTIVES Booth. Marion Jane. Fnid. Okla.. 52 Brasher. Marie W.. Boulder. Colo.. 50 Burrift, Norma. Jolict, III., ' 50 Holdcrnc . Dorothy L.. Hayden, Colo.. •51 Jackson, Norma Jeanne. Denver, Colo., 52 PLEDGES Dick. Joan. U ' aUcnhurii, Colo., ' S3 Dick. Joyce. W aUcnburit. Colo.. ' 53 Duckworth. Jane. Nashville. III.. ' 52 Glcuc, Fctma I.. Merman, Kan., ' 52 nicue. ' elma I.. Bcrman. Kan., " 52 Harmon. Burma Jo. I.oui villc. Colo., ' 50 Hopkins, Helen Yvonne, W auncta. Nehr.. ' 53 HouAh. Eth l. Rifle. Colo.. ' 52 Maddock. Mar L nn. Northbrook. III.. ' S3 McKee, Joni, Boulder. Colo.. ' S3 Murph . Mary Alice, Salida, Colo.. ' 51 Salzman. Bettv Ro«c. Pikcview, Colo.. ' 52 Schuliz. Sarah Jane. Denver, Colo.. 53 Steele. Neta Jo. Duncan. Okla.. ' 53 I Zeta Tau Alpha Now in its lliirtl year i ii the University (»f Colorado cam- pus. Gamma Theta chapter of Zeta Tan Alpha was proud to return this fall to a newly reih-corated house and prospects of a year e en more oiitstandin;; than e er before. Members were all hap]) to welcome Mrs. Ruby Hougland l)a -k for her second year as housemother. Charting the course for a top notch ear are: Jo Sensor, president: Lois .■ choeneck. ice-|(resident : Frances .Sehuller, treasurer: and Carolyn Brandhorst, secretary. Last spring the Zetas were proud to have charming Bev Rosenbaum chosen I ' hi Kappa Tau «lream girl as well as for the -ourl of the Colorado I l)a s queen. As the only sorority competing against many fraternities, Zetas busied themselves constructing a blue and grav soapbox for the soapbox derbv. A tliiiiier d.ince at the I ' ark Mill ct unlr club in Deiuer high- lit:lil((l llic -prini; i]iiarler. This fall, with a pledge class of 28 added to our chapter roll, the chapter looked forward to many picnii-s. fornials, costume parties, tea dances, campus activities and honors. I ' andemonium reigned when the Zeta actives (dumiI them- selves without dinner while the pledges spent an erijovahle evening on a sneak in Boulder canyon whU the Landtda Chi pledge class. The annual Christmas party honoring the pledge class was held at Five Acres in Longmont. During Home- coming festivities this year, Zetas were proud to add a first place trophy for fiehl events, and a cup for lliird jilace float in the silver division to our growing collection of honors. The chapter also won second place in the . igma Chi Derbv held in November. Zetas were active in all branches of campus activities, out- standing in which were Theo Kapelke. chairman of NSA International Affairs division, Greek Condiine, and Delta Plii Alpha, German language honorary; and Ruth Allen. Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre-medical honorary. Pi Land)da Theta. edu- cation honorary, lota Sigma Pi, chemistry houorarv. Kappa Phi. and Fesli .il ( ll(ln] . 414 op rotr. If ft to right: Mien. Vndrcwi. Vikinson. Bmndhurst, Brownell. Case. Cnrficld. Dodd. Carri an. • Third rotr: (loodrich. Hawhold. Hc«iii, Jdhnsun. Kapelkc. I.ani, Lciith. Linlncr. l.ockhnrl. • Srcond row: Marcus, Muritan. Picr«.on. Pleasants. Rtckard. Kippberiter. Koueche. Roulti. Solzmann. • Bottom row: Sensor. Shncklev, L. Schoencck. M. Sclmcncck. Schuller. Simmons. Stmonds, Simpson. Woods. 415 Zeta Tau Alpha llcn. Ruth. Wichita. Kan.. ' SO Krandhnrft. CarnKn. Little Rock. Ark.. ' SO Dodd. Jcnn I.ou. Idtedale. OIn., ' . 0 Goodrich. Joan. Jackson. Mich.. ' S2 Hope. Lorna. Colorado Sprints. Colo.. ' SI ACTIVES Kapelke. Theo, Trinidad. Colo., 50 Lockhart. Ann, Boulder, Colo., S2 Mamhall, lidithcllen, Wellshoro. Ind.. Morilan. Patricia, Pueblo. Colo., ' 51 Pleaftants. Mar Ann. Denver. Colo.. Schoencck, Lois. Kcnilworth. HI., ' SI •SI ' 51 Schuller, Frances. Wilmette, III.. S1 Sen»or. (jcorifene, San Dicdo. Calif.. 50 Slater, Delma, Greeley. Colo.. ' SO Thorson. Jean. Nnrihhrook, III.. ' SI W ' cn .ikcr, Shirle , Boulder, Colo., ' S2 Andrews. Rets . Wichita. Kan., ' 53 Atkinson. PeAjtV- Houston. Tex.. ' 53 Brownell. Marion. La Granite. 111.. ' 53 Case, Flisc, Buffalo. W o.. ' 53 Conner . LaDorna, Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Corfield. Pam. Boulder. Colo., ' 52 Fr c, ' ir|tinia. Paris. III.. ' 53 Garri|(an. Patricia. Denser. Colo., ' 53 Hawbold. June, Denver. Colo., ' 53 PLEDGES Hewitt, Ellv. West Hartford. Conn., ' 53 Johnson. Elaine. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Johnson. Ka . Montevideo, Minn.. ' 51 Lanit. Marion. Denver. Colo., 53 Leith. Barbara. Fl Paso. Tc:t.. ' 51 Marcus. Maritie. Glencoe, III., ' 53 Mc »r«ph. Mar . Greeles, Colo.. ' 53 Pierson. Roma. Galveston. Tex., ' 53 Rickard. N ' ictoria, Boulder. Colo., ' 52 Rippberiter. Jo. Aurora. III.. ' 53 Roueche. Ellen, Northhrook. 111., ' 53 Routh. Betha. Grand Junction. Cnlo., ' 52 Sal man. .Muriel, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Schoencck. Marl one. Kcnilworth, III., ' 53 Shocklev. Kathleen, Houston. Tex., " 53 Simmons. ' ce, Jackson. Miss., ' 51 Simonds, Hdna. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Simpson, Joyce, Fads, Colo., ' 53 Woods. Joan. Lon|(mont. Colo.. 53 ' iikiiy . . . iht ' y ' re enfsaged i ) a futfihtd ' si ' f ' r dti it u ith nn lutruls From The Editor ' s D 416 A.iiV, h ' ur o. Sftffik Vo. Sf r o . . . fit liill ! Thrn ' s nluays one in th ' trond nt illrn ' s fnki That ' s JittrKftiifiil . iniin, mtt u.aldfishl (d.t- rax-. Irll 10 rithi: E-uiicni- Morlirn.-. .h.ln, Kut XUvniJir Half!. Henri Slriijvs l M n • Third roar: ,. Kriil Smilh. Jim HarMV, Konnii. ' M. luul I ' lcklnrd. Deane Carter. I ' hil l.fviii. • Srroni rote: Jack Wotipka. Boh Sha " . Jim Bruin. Wtndill I ' tlcrson. Hob Phillips. • front row: Frank Krone, Cilen Hedriecock. Bob h ' alkenberit. Fred Ander on, John Hamilton, W es Burnett. 417 Interfraternity Council I-HtK ASDfRSON. President i§f i TIr- Intfr-Fral( ' rnil ( miiuil lias made -in-at .stridt-.s of progress this year hiuIit llic leadership of rrf itieiit hred Antlerson, Mam hi;: lliiii - are in store for iie l ear ami l.h,(.. a.s a result of the work and planning that look plaee ilnring ■; ' ) and ' , ' .(), Mini;: willi making up nisliin;: schedules and the work conttrneii with il, the I.F.C. ' s contrihution to Fall (Quarter was the (lirislnias Party hehl at llie various fraternity houses for the iinderprivilefied ehildren of this vieiiiily and surround- in;; areas. . llliou;:h the idea was orifiinated hy I.F.t!.. tlie parties were helil in conjunclion anil cooperation witli I ' an- iiellenic ami il- memhers. Winter Quarter something new was seen. The All Men s Show, which was sponsored hy the I.F. ... was the first of this type on the Boulder campus. W itii tli - start the All Men ' s Show {;ot this year, the I niversity can look to hijjger and helter ones in the future, I he I{e ;ional Inter-h ralernity (.oun il t onvention was held at the University in .Vpril for all the universities west of the Mississippi and east of the Hocky Mountains, This was also another hip " first " as it was the first one held at the Lni- ersil of Colorado campus. The program included discussion panels on specific problems, and national officers from several fraternities VNere sjieakers. Acacia (iolorailo (iliaplcr of Acacia Fral ' riiitv lti-;;an llie new t cliuol year under Jim Hiitcliinst)n. enerable Dean: Deane Carter, Senior Dean: and Bob Piircell, secretary. Alotlier (Mrs. C E. ( Bocock was lioiiseiiiotlier for her ' i|ililli year at the cliajilcr. A fall plcdj:! ' class of l enl -two men was headed by Jack Lunsfonl. ,1 r. Tlie eliapter won four second place cups during inter ( arni al and (Colorado L l)a s cclelirations in 1949, placed third in fraternity scholarship, and finished near the top in IntraMUiral bowliiij: and waler p d i l«-afrues in the fall ]uar1er. 1 he Acacia Fralernity Ke};ional tlonclave br uf;ht 200 deiejiates from 12 Acacia chapters to Boulder September 1 lo 3. In Januarx. the chapter installed ihe (Colorado A and M Aca -ia chapter. e t summer, the national conclave of the fralernilv will he in Boulder. AcaciaIl slin arc outstanding on campus arc Boh Berg- heim. I layers " (iluh president, campus chara -lcr ruiuier-iip; Balph darter, student union, (ioloratlan and ( ' .-Book; Bill Eaton, board of |)id)lications: LeRoy Graham, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kajipa I ' si. Sigma Tau: Ken Hook, president. Tau Delta: Tom Hutchinson, president of ( ' .und ined Engineers: Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma; Dean Johnson, track letter- man: Bo!) I,eMarr. Ah n ' s Band Drum Major: Leslie I ' olk, (!-Book editor: Jim Bead, president of Kta Kappa u. Sigma Tan. Tau Beta I ' i: Dick Romig, Alpha Epsilon Delta sec- retary. 418 ff Kj L -t k ! i. =: . - 1 7 ' . rou-. Irjt lo rig it: Achtenha)(cn, Alexander, Arrinn, Arlcrburn. Berfthcim, Bowcn. Brtckel. Uurni ' . ' .. D. t-orCcr. • t-ourtk row: R. Carter. Clurk. Dunn, Kaion. FInkc, Fr«»st. Garrett. Gentr , (j|o er. • Third rvw: Graham, Grav, Gullet t. Harder, Mill mar. Hm.k. J. Hutchinscm. T. Hutchinson, Irwin. • Second row: l.vMarr, Norrii, Paite. Purcell, Haa ch. Read. Rice, Komiit, Roquet. • Bottom row: Skinner. Smith, Station. Tipton, Tripp. ' o«rhce . Waikins, 419 Acacia Anderson, l.orcn E.. Greeley, Colo., " 50 rlcrhurn. l.arr V... Denver. Colo., ' 52 Bcr«heim. Rnhcrt M., Boulder, Colo.. 50 Bin«ham. Richard I.., Bnuldcr, Colo., ' 51 Bowen. Jack M.. Burhank, Catil.. ' 50 Burru . Kdward C, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Carter, Dcanc M.. Sharon Sprini( t. Kan.. ' 50 Carter, Ralph M„ Sharon Sprinits, Kan., ' 50 Qark, Waller A„ Hemet. C«li(.. ' 50 Coffee. Gerald E.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Cunninitham, Gerald D.. Par ion4, Kan., 50 Eaton, William D.. Bnulder. Colo.. ' 50 Einke. Robert G.. Sc«tt»hluff. Nebr., ' 50 Ero»t. Robert B., Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Gftrrett. Rov S. Jr.. Ft. Collin , Colo., ' 51 Clover, Donald C, Scottabluff, Nebr.. ' 51 Gr«hin. LcRoy C. Meeker. Colo.. ' 50 Achtenhaiten. Sieve. San .Nfarino. Calif., ' 52 Alexander, Jack, Lamar. Coin., ' 53 men, Charles. Johnstown. Colo.. ' 53 Barrv, Geortfe. Williston. N. D.. 53 Brickel, R-bert, Rapid City, S. D.. 51 Colwetl. Robcri. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Craft, LIo d, Denver. Colo,. ' 53 ACTIVES Gray, Robert U .. (ioloradn Spriniti , Colo.. ' ; Gulleti, Donald D.. Scoitsbluff. Nebr., ' 52 Hake, Richard R., Swampiicott. .Ma»!i., ' 50 Hansen, Kenneth E.. Cleveland. Ohio. ' 51 Harder, Frederick D., Twin Ealls. Ida.. ' 51 Hillmar. Ellin D., McKee«port. Penn.. ' 52 Hoffman, Editar J.. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Hfllman, Loy D., Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Honk, Kenyon H.. Sacramento, Calif., ' 50 Hutchin%nn, James D.. Boulder, Colo.. ' 50 Hutchinson, Thomas S.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 lr «in. Richard G., KimberU, Ida.. ' 51 Johnson. Dean S.. Ba(a% is. III.. ' .50 I.eMarr. Robert H.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Lewin. Glen H., Rochester, N. Y., ' 50 Moultnn, WiUon C Denver, Colo., 51 Murray, James F.. Balboa. C ' anal Zone, ' 51 PLEDGES Craiit Robert. Grand Junction. Colo., ' 51 Dixon, Bobby G.. Parson . Kan., ' 51 Dunean, Carl, Avondale, Colo., ' S3 Gentr ' . Curtis. Lamar, Colo., ' S3 Heath, Rotfer. Boulder. Colo,, ' 52 Kleinholz, Kenneth. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Lunsford, John. Boulder, Colo.. ' 53 Niehans. Dcward R., Penrose, Colo., ' 50 Nnrris. Cicrnld W. Jr.. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Patfc. Walter H.. Bnuldci. Colo.. ' 50 Polk. Leslie I).. Williston. N. D., ' 51 Purcell. Robert H. Jr.. Los Andelcs. Calif.. ' SO Raasch, Kenneth W .. Tlion. N. Y., ' 51 Read, James A. Jr.. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Rice, Jack S.. Ifibbinit. Minn.. ' SO Roemer, John I.., Boulder. Colo., ' SO Romi|(. Richard A.. Denver, Colo,, ' 50 Rnquei, Jerr ' A., .Morril, Nebr.. ' 51 Smith. Robert L., Denver, Colo., ' 51 Station. James D.. Limon, Colo., S1 Tiptfin. Gene E.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Trip. Larr C, SterlinA, Colo., ' 52 ' oorhees, Lucien W., Twin Falls, Ida,, ' 51 Watkins. Dale 0„ ScottsblufI, Nebr., ' 52 Maxwell, James, Stcrlin((. Colo.. 52 Musil, Robert, Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Poyer. James. Boulder. Colo., ' 50 Skinner, Kenneth, Wheat Riditc, Colo., ' 52 Stockman, Henry. Williston, N. D.. 53 Tbalhamar. Everett. Aurora, III.. ' 51 Thompson, Harvey, Limon, Colo.. 53 Alpha Tau Omega The Gamma Lambda Tans, to the tune of " OhI Sohliers " marched tliroii h aiiotlier year of outstanding progress. ork- in ; liard for Honieeominf; and ( " .L Davs festivals, the Tans also had good times at the Black and ' hite formal. Spring formal. S inter partv. and " esterii I ' artv. " Again we joined the Delta Delta Delta Sorority in the third annual ATO-Tri- Delt (Christmas program at the E|)iscopal (Ihiireh. Most im- portant was this year ' s llDnieeoining whirh marked the mort- gage burning ceremonies at Blancliard ' s lodge with a banquet attended by many happy Tau alumni and actives. Anujiig the outstanding acti es of Alpha Tau Omega ranks Fred Anderson: serving his second term as president of the chapter, as president of IFC. member of Buff Pep club and ( " .» lorado Men ' s (ilee club. (.1 ' Davs ( " .arnivai conunittee. and the delegate from (Colorado to the regional IFl conference in Kansas. Ray est, ' ayne Mercer and Allan Jones served as ice-president, treasurer, and secretary. . tf ■ ' - II III Mj M n o o p r o u . ' T o ' a r ' tA « f p 1 4 HL Kaii Top roar, left to ri ht: Aker . I). Andcrsnn. K. ndcrx »n. J. nJcr«.on, Arndt. Ashlnck. Baile . Karnctt, Bashor. BvaU, Hdwitiiin, Brfwer. • -tfth rocc: Kurn«. (Ihilton. ( " .ropIe . I)a i9. I)a id iin. Dunninit. (iarnett. C. (laihers. K. (iaihers. (cordon, (Irccnlce, (irisHold. • l-ourift rou-: (iuffc . (juttafton. Henrtkion, Hollen, Molle . Hopper. Muddlcsun, Hutch in lis. James. Killon, Klnji. Kliewer. • Third row: Kochcn burner. I.ucss. Martinnon. McChesney. Mercer, Mitcheliree. Morrison. Mo ».. Munro. Nolt . Nash, Newman. • Second rote: Niithtinitalc. Olson. Orr. Parr. Plant. Rei-sc. Kice. Rueiti. Runtey. Saunierre. Scbellinit, Schnorr. Bottom row: Seymour, Shemtak, Spanjller, Swarl, Throckmorton, Tjersland. L ' ppendahl, alter . Warder. Wett. 421 Alpha Tau Omega Akcr». Byron L., Colorado Sprin|(s. Colo., ' 52 Anderson, Dean C, Loveland. Colo., ' 52 Anderton. Frederic E., Loveland. Colo.. ' 50 Anderson, Jamci R.. Boulder. Colo., ' 52 Arndt, Jerome H.. Detroit I.aketi. Minn., ' 51 Bathor. Ralph B.. Ca ' tper. W o.. ' 50 Bowman. Richard I).. Western Sprinft . III., ' 51 Brewer, Ra mnnd H,. North Platte, Nehr.. ' 52 Burn . Rnhcrt W. Jr.. Allanla, Ga.. ' 51 Chilton. Mark, mar illo. Te ., ' 50 ( ' hnnto i. John W ., Gar . Ind., ' 51 Coupcr. Colin C Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Da id ion. Huilh C.. Ctrant. Nehr.. ' 52 Daviv. William h... Loveland. Colo.. ' 51 DeMordaunt. Waller J.. Pueblo. Colo.. C.rad. Dunning Harold B., Loveland. Colo., ' 52 Garneit, Thnma« H.. Rnuldcr. Colo.. " 50 Gather , Robert C. Boulder. Colo,, ' 51 Guffe . Harland C Sutherland. Nebr.. ' 52 Harrinifton. Thomas J.. Colorado Sprinit . Colo., Hart. Richard, Memphi , Tenn.. ' 51 •50 ACTIVES Herber, James F.. Lonftmont. Colo,. ' 51 Herinecky. Fdwin V.. Pueblo, Colo.. ' 49 Henrik on. Charles A., Loveland. Colo.. ' 52 Hopper, Richard K.. (irand Junction, Colo,, ' 50 Huddlesnn, Frncsi P.. (Torninjl. !alif., " 52 Hutchiniis, Herbert I).. Ln eland, Colo.. ' 52 Jonc , Allan C. Jr.. Ba«seit, Nebr., ' 51 kiltnn. Ro«er M.. Sulivan. 111.. ' 52 Kliewcr. ' iron I).. Denver, ( olo.. ' 50 Knud en. (icrald. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Limberit. Gilbert F., Grand Junction. Colo.. ' 50 Lucas. Bobbie B., Denver. Olo., ' 50 Martinson. Robert G.. Farjfo. N. I).. ' 52 Nfercer, Wavnc. Denver, Colo.. 50 Mitcheltrce, John R. Jr.. Shaker Hciithts. Ohio. ' 52 Moss, Thurlc F.., Denver, Colo., ' 52 Naltv. ThomB ! J.. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Nash, Donald F.. Highland Park. 111., ' 51 Newman, Harrv J.. Denver, Colo., ' 49 Newman. V illiam F., Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Olion. Mark D.. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Orr. Duncan H., Denver. Colo,. ' 50 Parr. William M.. Boulder. Colo,. ' 50 Plant. James A.. Blnnmfield HilU. Mich.. ' 50 Power, Fdward NL. l.ontmonl. Colo., ' 51 Reese. William H.. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Rice, Leo B.. Denver, Colo.. " 51 Rumfte , Richard F... St. Anthonv. Ida,, ' 51 Russell, John R.. Arcadia. Calif.. ' 52 Santcrre, Giis L.. ( ' olorado Springs. Colo.. 52 Schcllinit. Ronald G.. Loveland. Colo.. ' 52 Schnorr. Ronald F.. Ruffeln. N, Y.. " 52 Shestak. Ted. (iar . Ind.. ' 51 Sutliff, John 1)., San Diei(o. Calif., ' 51 Taylor. Craiit. Palisade. Colo.. ' 51 Tracv. Donald R., Chicatfo. III.. ' 52 Tjersland. Tore, Oslo, Nnr«a , ' 50 Wallers, William R., Loveland, Colo.. " 50 Washburn. Dale I .. Greeley, Colo., ' 52 West, Ma nard R. Jr.. Denver, Colo,. " 51 Wnlfc, James C. Denver, Colo.. " 51 Ashlock. Robert. Gilman. Colo., ' 55 Bamett. William V. Jr., Denver. Colo., ' 53 Reals, Fdward Roy. Colorado Springs, Colo.. 53 Bruce. Robert ' „ Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 , Colorado Sprin|(s, Colo., 53 Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Jr., Saituache. Colo., ' 54 F., Boulder. Colo., ' 54 Jr.. Boulder. Colo., ' 51 Burns, ( er«ld N Cropley. Jean B. Curtis. Ralph G. Gathers. (Charles Greenlee. Max R Griswold. Don W.. Denver, Colo., ' 52 PLEDGES Gordon. Ross B., Madison. Wise. ' 51 Gustafson. Richard F., Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Hollen. Beverly C. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Holley. (Jeorile A.. LonAmont, Colo,, ' 53 James, Robert N., Denver, Colo.. 54 Kinit. William H. Jr.. PouKhkeepsie, N. Y.. Kochenburter. John E.. Greeley. Colo.. ' 54 Lvnch, Daniel F., Pueblo, C ' olo., ' 52 McChcsnev. Arthur R.. Loveland. Colo.. 53 McKinlev. William R.. Fairfield. Onn.. 53 Mercurc. RucI C. Jr.. Loveland. C ' olo.. ' 52 Munro, Charles A,. Grand Junction, Colo,, 52 Niilhtinflale, Irvin D., Pueblo, Colo.. ' 52 Norrish, Ralph C... Lonftmont. Colo.. 53 Rue|l](. Thomas L., Pueblo. Colo.. ' 51 Se mour, Dale ( .. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 Spanftler, John K., Loni£mont, Colo.. ' 53 Swart. Wilbur L.. Dodtfe City, Kan., " 51 Throckmorton, Robert, DodiJe City. Kan.. 51 Warder. Robert H., Denver. Colo., ' 53 Willard, Philip A.. Parsons, Kan., ' 51 Beta Theta Pi Sixlv-»ix Sons of oo liii n-liiriiiMl to 1111 Br ;iilu;iy with renewed spirit and determination. Lnder tlie able leader- sliip of President Jolin llaniiiton. iee-President Laurie Pad- doek. Secretarv I ' liil Diifford. and Treasnrer Bolt ' l ' ol)ey. the members of Beta Tan ehapter looked forward to another successful year. By the end of fall quarter the pledge class III I in 1)1 red twenty-four. lli ' ililitlhtinf; the formal dances on the fall social calendar was the ever successful and popular Honeymoon Hotel. The doors of the Beta House always stood open for festivities: the traditional Homecoming; huHVt, w ' ekend social activities and exchange functions were presided o «t In the gracious Mrs. EveKii ( ' iinningham. Beta housemother. On the intranniral fields, the oogs l)roni;ht home many victories in football, basketball, and baseball, with a first place victorv in fraternity volleyball and first place in all school watrrpolo. Outstanding Betas on the campus this year are: John Hamilton, president of the Business school: Gene Hancock, vice-president of the Business school: Bill Simons. Russ Gor- man. Dave I ' arlapiano. varsitv football: Bob I Obev. ASLtl finance commi ssioner. I.aiirie Paddock, president of Sigma Delta ( " ,hi: ( " .buck Brummitt. secretarv of Phi F.psilon Phi; John Yantis. treasnrer of Phi F.psilon Phi: Hick Sanborn and Joe Bergbeim. cheerleaders. I I 422 A OVfi A Top TOW. Irti to riiht: Anderson, Armatas, Ault, RiicklunJ, l .it. ii. I ' lLr hcim. KrndcrMtn. Rrumniitt, Buthala. C ' o ari, DohoK. fifth rotr: Duffnrd, Dunn, Rschrnhunt Fa , Fau-i. Fcdcrhnrt. (ic ( . Huniilton, Hummnnd, Hancuck. Hciimnn. ■ fourth tow: Hincr. John t, Kc-arncx. Kintt. Knowlitin, l.mni. ,mT%ttn. Lcofflcr. l. iin». Maicr. Third ro:c: Mounijnv. Mullen, Na h, ()akc w, O ' nonnell. Paddock, ( ' . Ketch, J. Kcich, Khndis. Kicrton. Ro««. • Second rote: Sanborn. Sears. J. Smiili, L. Smith. Spencer. Stci , Sn rkc. Ten K%ck, Tobex, Travis, Tucker. • ftottom rote: Walker. WuUirom, Uiirner. Wiedemann. Wilkins, Wilson. Mantis, ick. 423 Beta Theffa Pi Alexander, Robert U ., Denver, Colo,. " 52 Armala«. James P.. Denver, Colo., 52 Anderson. Christopher N!., Lovini(ton. N. M. Ault. Herbert A.. Boulder, Colo.. ' 49 Bacon. Milton K.. Ralboa. Calif.. 1 Beckett. Melvin K., l.on Beach. Calif. Bell. Rodnev S.. Brtihton. Colo.. ' 50 Ber heim. Joe H.. Bnuldcr. Colo.. " 52 Black. Ralph. Sterling. UK. ' 52 Blasonitame. Richard H.. [}enver. Colo.. Rrummitt. Charles I).. Ccnterville. la.. Co art. an Hnli. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Dobos. John V... Denver. Colo., ' 51 Durtord. Phillip (;.. (irand Junction. Colo., ' 52 Fast. Marvin K.. Denver. C ' olo.. 50 E»chcnbur . Charles (i.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Faus. Robert B.. Honolulu. T. H.. ' 51 Federhart. Robert I,., Siou Cit . la.. ' 52 Cardncr. Onnald F.. River Forest. III.. -49 Gentn. James H.. I.oveland, Colo.. " 52 Gorman. Russell I),. Omaha. Nebr., 50 Goss. William R.. Glencoe, III.. ' 50 •51 •52 •51 ACTIVES Hamilton. J ohn M., Denver, Colo.. 50 Hammond. Paul F.. Oakland. Calif.. ' 51 50 Hancock. Fuftene S.. I.onit Reach. Calif.. Hart ell, Fd ion K.. Wichita. Kan.. ( rad. Hever. James W.. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Hincr. Arthur W., Denver. Colo., " 51 Johns. Robert F.. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Johnston. William ' .. C asper. Wvo.. 51 Kearncv. Vdrian A.. Spokane. Wash.. ' 51 Kini, James B.. Colorado Springs. Colo.. Knotslton. David C. Oklahoma Citv. Okla. Koubskv. Ravmond J.. Omaha. Nebr.. ' 50 I. ant. Gerald L.. RIoominittnn. III.. ' 52 Larson. I)a l A.. Denver. Colo., ' 52 l.ce. Donald K., Denver. Colo.. " 52 l.oefflcr. Wilfred J.. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Loucks. emerald G.. Bav Citv. Ore.. 50 Madden. George C Omaha. Nebr., ' 50 Maier. Julian F.. Denver, ( olo.. ' 52 Mountjov. Robert ( ' .. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Nash. Franklin M.. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Oakes. Wallace M., Denver, Colo.. 52 O ' Donnell, Canton, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Paddock. Laurence T.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 50 Reich, Charles J.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Reich. John H.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Rhode«. (icorile F.. Salida, Colo., Grad. Ho%%, Robert F... Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Sanborn. Frederick A., Wavzata. Min . Sears. Harold T.. Bartlcsville. Okla.. ' 52 Simons. William S.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 51 Smedlcv. Robert J.. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 51 Smith, Jerrv L.. Sioux Citv. la.. " 51 Smith. Lowr . St. Paul. Minn.. ' 51 Storke. Fredrick P.. Boulder. Colo,. ' 52 Thompson, Donald W ' .. Denver. Colo,, Tobev. Robert W .. Wichita. Kan,. ' 50 Travis. J »hn W .. Havre. Mont.. ' 51 Tucker. Richard C. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Voorhis. Peter . H.. New ' ork. N. Y., Walker. Dunham ., Kansas ( itv, Kan.. Warner. Richard H.. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Wiedemann. Theodore W.. Burlintfame, Calif.. ' 52 Vantik. John A., Shelbyville. III., ' 50 •52 ' 50 ' 52 ' 50 Backlund. Merle C. Lincoln. Nebr.. ' 52 Brnderson. Neil L.. Rochester. N. Y.. 52 Buihala. Edward J.. Joliet. III., " 50 Burn . Robert L.. Wichita. Kans.. ' 5. Dunn. Donald W .. Siou City. la.. ' 50 Dwinnell. Craijt S.. Minneapolis. Nfinn.. ' 53 Fay. David C Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Gorman. Donald A.. Omaha. Nebr.. ' 51 PLEDGES Heitman. Richard A.. Spokane. Wash., 53 Jardine. Douitlas M., Colorado Springs. Colo., Kearnev, John S.. Spokane. Wash.. ' 52 Lvon . Daniel J.. Houston. Tex.. ' 53 Mullen. William H.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Parlapiano, David C. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 52 Pollard. Tomas H.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Rierson. Robert D.. Monte ' ista. Colo., ' 52 Spencer. Thoman K.. Clavton, Mo., ' 53 ' 52 Stieit Michael M.. Midland. Tex.. ' 52 Ten Eyck. Robert F., Denver. Colo.. ' 53 W ' aUirom. Louis A.. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Wilkins. James M., Lincoln, Nebr.. ' 52 Wills, LeRoy A.. Pueblo, Colo., 52 Wilson, Farrar M.. Denver. Colo., 53 Zick. Robert R., Orctfon, 111.. ' S3 Chi Psi ( hi Psi ' g unusually large class of praduatiiif; seniors was replaced this fall by an outstandinp: proup of j)le(l £es who show promise in carryinfi the fraternity even further towar l a place of predoniinanee in campus life. This fall the Lodge men retained the Mortar Board trophy for the second con- secutive year. place l third with their Honieconiinf; float and received honorable mention for the lloineconiing haiuier. Tnlrainnral activities were hiirlili hled hv Chi I ' sis who |)lace l first in every skiing event on the Winter Park slopes last winter. The annual spring tug-o-war with Beta Theta Pi resulte l in a (.hi Psi victory — the fifth straight. The Pledge and Spring formals were held at (.herrv Hills and ellshire Country clubs respectively, . s usual the Lodge was elaborately decorated for the Fall Formal: this vear Hellenic Greece was recreated and the effect made for fine partying. I nder the leadership of Marly O ' Fullun llic iiicnd ers of Alpha Psi Delta have turned in a record of acli ity and ac- coniplisluuent hardlv equaled since pre-war days. ■ - - V Tt - JTr.-STJ! al( s Jf 4 — } e f p " w a fl " b ii it $ ' ' . l To row. Itft to rtffit: Anderson. Bancrnll, Boerner. Rrxunj.. CorUon. C ' arson. Cicciuro. Cha«e, Co4 kc. • Third row: Crokc. Dahl. I)a is. dcLui c, (irontz. Hackstaff. Hampton, Hcnrich, Hur t. • Second row: Jor){cn- »on. kepncr, Kirkham, H. Mulvihill, J. Mulvihill, Myer. Ncsv. O ' Pallon, Phillips. • Botlom row: Pinkham, Purvis. Race , Kothwcll. Schwartz. Wilfle , Woodworth. u 425 Chi Psi AnJer»on. Fred. Great FalU. Mont.. ' 52 Bocrncr. Bob. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Bu««ian. Boh. (Diicaitn. 111., (jrad. CarUon, Blair. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Carpenter. Bill, Milwaukee. Wi».. ' 51 Car»on. John. Denver. Colo., 50 Chase. Mike. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Cieciura. Sieve. Siaten Island. N. .. ' 51 Croke, Kevin. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Dahl. Clau». Oslo. Norw« , " 50 Davis, Don. I cnvcr. Colo.. ' 50 de Lui e. Kud , Denver. Colo., ' 50 F.dwards. Keith. Kearnev. Nebr.. ' 51 Ericson. Eric. BrookI n. N. Y.. ' SI Hackstaff. Allan. Denver, Colo.. 51 Hampton. Bud. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Anderson. Jack. l.on)(niont. Colo.. 53 Bancroft. Burton. Kearney, Nebr.. 52 BoutweM, C rus, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Brvans. Dick. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Chase. Dick. Denver. Colo.. " 51 Cooke. Peter. Chicai(o. 111.. ' 53 ACTIVES Hancock, Tom. Greeley, Colo., 51 Hoffman. Shad. Cheyenne. Wyo.. ' 50 Jones, Asa T.. Grcclc%, Colo.. ' 50 Jor enson. Jack. Chicago. 111., 52 Kepncr. Hal. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Kintzelc. Don. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Kirkham. Ncal, Atherton, ( ' alif., ' 50 Kistler, Bruce. Den er. Coin.. Grad. Lcvcrcn e, Jack. Chicaitn. HI.. ' 51 Lindherr , Bob, Santa Barbara. Calif., Little, Tom. Wa 7ata. Minn.. ' 52 ■Martinscn. Cliri . Olsn. Nor %ay, 50 Ma nn. Gordon. Hilo. T. H., ' 51 Masscll. Jim, Denver, ( olo.. ' 51 McHuith. Bob, Colorado Sprin|(ft, Colo., Mulliit ' n. Gene. Denver, Colo., 52 Mulvihill. John. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Grad. PLEDGES Corsi. Jerry. Brownsville. Tex.. ' 51 Eawcctt, Bill. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Grantz. Rirney. Rockford. III.. 53 Hakes. Bill, Colorado Sprinits, Colo., ' 53 Hcnrich. Harrv. Midland Park. N. J.. ' 52 Hurst. Craii. (ilen Kidfte. N. J., ' 53 M er. Rendic, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Nc»», John. Denver. Colo., ' 52 O ' Fallon. Martv, Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Palo. David. Great Falls, Monl.. 52 Phillips, Mike. Kudi, Colo., Grad. Purvis. John. Estes Park. Colo.. ' 50 Rock. Charles. Homestead. Fla.. ' 52 Rodenkirck. Malhew. Chicaitn, 111., ' 50 Rothwcll. Bob, Santa Barbara. Calif.. 53 Smith. Jim. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Sumners, Bill. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Thomas. John. Boulder, Colo.. ' 51 Thomas, ' icior. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Wilflcy. Art. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Wilflcy, Jack, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Woodworth, Bob. Denver. Colo.. " 50 Holmquist. Larry, Omaha. Nebr., ' 53 Mulvihill, Hcnr , Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Pcrr " . Gil, Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Park. Boh, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Racey. Carl. Winchester, ' a., ' 53 Schwartz. Jack. Colorado Sprinfts. Colo., 53 Delta Sigma Phi The expansion program of Delta Sigma Phi really hegan to roll this year. The chapter had a great increase in nienihers. thanks, in part, to an active jtledge class each quarter. An annex was acquired on Broadway a half block from the house, to accommodate many of the meni! ers. It was a sp« ' cial lionor to welcome " Mom " (iollins as our first housemother since the chapter was reactivated. Redecorating the interior of the house continued, higiilightcd hy the completion of a new game room in the fail. The bearers of the green .md uliite dined and danceil aniifl jungle foliage at the traditional " Sailor ' s Ball " which was held at the Alps in Boulder (!an ou. ihc Founder ' s Day Banquet at the Democratic (. " .hib in Denver, the " (tarnation Ball. " and the " Sadie Hawkins " dance were the liigh spots 426 on the social calendar, wliich also includiil llic usual tea dances and exchange dinners. The li el pledges anta " o- ni ed the actives with two skillfully executed sneaks in the spring quarter. During Homecoming and C. J Davs. the chapter arllM-h participated in the festi ities, and the Delta . igs walked off with top honors in the ice carving contest during the Winter Carnival of 49. The chapter participated in all intramural .sports; thev were runner-ups in the fraternity basketball league in 1949. Under the capable leadership of Ed Dtte. presiileut. with the assistance of Bob I ' hillips. vice-president. Gene Drake, secretary ami Al I ' olczinski. treasurer, the ch apter has com- pleted a most successful post-war year. f I n f? f C( ' o, ( , r ( I ' A ? , Top row, left to rifht: Ajfne . C. Allen. T. Allen. Arncal. Boncclct. Oifford. Dallam. Drake, Durlec. • Third row: Edd . Hdclhluic. (jalinf{, Haitaman, Mai(erot(. Hanihan, Harper. Jack ton, Jarrctt. ■ Second row: Jones, KcAtinit. Luedke, McKlwain. Morftan. Mu scr, Nixon. Otte, Phillips. Bottom row: Polc inski. Kav. Rice, Schwartz, Shoemaker, Specht. eston, Zabrusky. 427 Delta Sigma Phi Allen. Clarence. Trinidad. Colo., ' 51 Arncal. Gordon, Sania Rarhara, Calif., ' 51 Rear. Robert. Philadelphia. Penn., ' 50 Renson. Bertil. Boulder. Colo,. ' 52 Roncelet. Charle«. fninn Citv. N. J.. ' 4H Clifford. Nathan. Denver. Colo.. " 51 Dallam. Darrel, Cravrfnrd. Nehr.. ' 51 Drake, tuitene. ( ordnn. Nebr.. ' 51 Dreith, Charles. Rcrthoud. Colo., ' 51 Dreith. Robert. Bcrthoud. Colo.. ' 51 Durfee. Kent. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Eddleblute. Clarence. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Fithian, James, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Galinit Searcy. Ba town. Tex., ' 51 ACTIVES Gump, Jamcf. Phoenix, Ariz.. 5I Haitanian, Harry. Lakewood, N. J., ' 50 Haiterott. Robert. Mandan. N. D.. ' 51 Hanihan. Merle, Riverdale. III., ' 51 Harper. Lnrrcn, Denver, OIn,, ' 51 Heckart. Charles, Santa Ana. Calif.. ' 51 Ho|te. Laurence, Santa Barbara. Calif.. ' 50 Jarrctt. Kmer . Ke stone. Ind.. ' 51 Jtine«. David. Oakland. Calif.. ' 50 Keatinit. Bernard. Kditcmont, S. D., 5I Keatinil. HJwin. Hditemont. S. D., " 50 krehbiel. Karl. Halntead, Kan.. ' 49 Luedke. Robert. North Platte, Nebr.. ' 50 Maderflci ch. Virgil. Fort MnrAan. Colo., ' 52 McHI«ain. William. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Moritan. Robert. North Girard. Penn.. ' 50 MuK»er. Frank. Hiithland Park, III., ' 51 Nixon. Frank. Delta. Colo.. 50 Otte. Fdward. Tiiiord, Ore, ' 50 Parker. Gene, Wabash, Ind., " 52 Phillips, Robert. Cedaredite, Colo., ' 50 Pnlczin ki. Alfred, Pula .ki. Wi»., ' 52 Ray (Gordon. Blackfoot. Ida.. ' 49 Rice. Jamc . Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Schwari .. Bruce, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Shoemaker. John, Freeporl, III., 50 Specht. Eddie, Loveland, Colo.. ' 50 Thomat, Robert. Greeley. Colo.. ' 50 A ne . Nicholas. VlaUenhurit Colo.. ' 50 Allen, Thomas. Trinidad. Colo.. ' 51 Eddy. Howard, Fort Mor|tan. Colo.. ' 52 Elder, Louroy. Monrovia. Calif., ' 51 PLEDGES Ha|aman, L le, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Holchkiss. Roy, North Platte, Nebr.. 51 Jackson, Dwain. Hotchkiss, Colo.. ' 51 Mason. Thomas, Trinidad. Colo.. ' 52 Merlino, Georjte, Canon City. Colo., ' 51 .Norris. William, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Thompson, Carl, Freeporl, III., ' 51 Weston. Stanley, Phoenix, Ariz., ' 53 Zabruiky. Edward, Canon Cit ' . Colo., ' 51 Delta Tau Delta The first fraternity to be established at the University of Colorado. Delta Tau Delta, ronipleted its sixty-sixth year on the canipiis with successes which mark its social prominence and spirited participation in all campus and fraternity activ- ities. Many will remember the Coronation Ball and the Klon- dike, both of which are traditional ijuarlcriy dances. .Sprinj: (piarler brought recognition lo liie Beta Kappa boys through their participation in a diversified range of campus activities. First places in intramural tennis and track, as v ell as a w inning first place float in the ( !l Days parade. marked them as leaders. Mrs. C. Haven Ladd. in her fourteen years as housemother, remains the cherished inspiration of all Delts. both in and out of college. As a result, the little lady with the gray hair is the most popular resident in the Delt house. Under the guidance of President Robert Falkenberg and ice-president Vi ' alter Jordan, the fraternity has retained its position as a stinnilating leader in University activities. Herb Bacon, housemanager: Roy Morris and Jim Fenn, secretaries, were other administrators. Prominent among Delts this year were Wayne Hulitzky, editor-in-chief, 1950 Coloradan, Sigma Delta Chi: Jack Bell, circulation manager, ( " olorado Fngineer: R d) Winfrey. ASUC Commissioner: Ralph Clark, assistant llonifcoming chair- man: Walt Spicer, vice-president. Buff Pep Club: Harry Nar- cisian, varsity football. Heart and Dagger: Dick Cross, admin- istration editor, 19S0 Coloradan: Bob Pike. (]arl Rudy. Dane Graves, Bill Case, varsity football: Jack Froistad, Jack An- derson, varsity basketball. 428 ' . ' f- ' M.fl ro ror, Irfl to right: -Xlhers. Allnuft, Andcr tm. Anitove, Arnold, Atkinson. Bacon, Rcardcn, J. Bell. R. Bell, Bennett. Boone. • .Vi ' x( row: Rrackenhurv. Bronson. Cahle. Camphell. Cantrell. Carev. Case. Creiithton, A, Cross, R, Cross, Davis, IleHonles. • -ifl roir.- Di«it», Dovint, Fatta- brooks. Kdnards. Falkenhert. Feist. Fenn, Fowler. Froistad. Fullerton. Cam. CraUK. • AourlA roir.- C:. I). Crmcs. I). I). Craves. Creen. Cwinn. Hall. Hartsutf. Ha skins. Heusmn. Hi . Hulit kv. Jordan. Kcvs. • ThirJ row: Kieicr. Kinit. Kiss .ck. Lawson. Lewis. I.esdcn. l.odde. MacDonald. .Marts. -Miller. Morris. Nareisian. • Srcomd roa : Nichols, Peacock. Pike. S. B, Polinil, S, M. Pnliiiii. Reno. Kelhlcisen. Rudy. Schalk, Seamon, Skill- man. Smith. • Bottom rote: Spiccr, Tapp. t ' lrich. V ' amsle , Warren, Welker. ' icklund. Williams. Winirey, Zick, Delta Tau Delta 429 Mhrrs. C. Huith. Evinsion. III.. ' 50 -MInuir. Uilliam p.. ( rrcle . Colo.. ' 52 Anderson. Jack k.. I.akewond. Colo.. ' 53 ndcr»nn, Kichard J.. Camper. W o.. ' 50 ■ n ove, Rodne . Ln eland. Colo.. ' 52 Arnold. Harr H.. Dcn er. OIo.. ' 52 -Vtkinson. Horace h... (ireelcN. Colo., ' 50 vi(erino ' i. Peter C, Fvantion. III.. ' 50 Racnn. Herbert I,.. ( rand Junction. Colo.. Bauer. Richtrd J.. HUhland Park. III.. ' 52 Rrarden. John N.. Trinidad. Colo.. ' 50 Reck. Kndne% M.. Wichita. Kan.. ' 52 Rell. Jack N.. Kan%a« Cit . Mo.. ' 51 Rennelt. John H.. (■rrele . Olo.. ' 51 Brackenhur . Kichard J.. Ft. Collin . Colo Rrontnn. Uilliam H.. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 (Untrell. Richard R.. Kvan«tnn. III.. 50 C iic. William .. C.rand Fork«. N. [ .. Chamherlin, Richard E.. Berrian Spring . Chapin. Le erelt I... Denver, (!olo., ' 52 C ark. Ralph M.. Omaha. Nchr.. ' 50 Cohi , Jame« C. Denver. Colo.. " 51 Crcithton. Jamc« A.. Klai()cr. Colo.. ' 50 B " ulder, CTolo.. Crad. Boulder. Coir.. ' 50 _ Kan«a« Ciiv, Mo., ' 52 Honolulu, Oahu. T. H Pueblo. Colo.. 50 Cro««. Arthur D.. Cro« i. Richard J.. Davi«, Martin F.. DeFonte . Jame Dolan. GeorKe B.. •51 ' 50 50 Mich.. 52 Rach. Herbert F.. Oak Park. III.. ' 53 Rell. Rohcrt H.. Kan a Cit . Mo.. ' 53 Rennett. Dick Dale. Beatrice. Nehr.. ' 53 Roonc. John P.. Dalla«. Te ., ' 53 Cable. Robert E.. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 52 Camphel). Tim L.. (trand Junction. Colo.. ' 53 Care , Mien T.. Ln an. lona. ' 53 DiiU»- Euitene A., Coffe- illc Kan.. ' 53 Downs. Donnld H.. Colorad i Sprinit . Colo.. ' 53 Eastabroo ' - -c. Samuel R.. Fvanston. III., ' 53 Edwards. Robert M.. Lotfan. ' owa. ' 53 Fisk. G. Jack. Gree!e . Colo.. 53 Gompert. Frank C. Winnetka, III.. ' 53 Green. Juan E.. Colorado Springs, Colo.. 51 ACTIVES Enochs. Knberi ■ .. (.K-nddle. Calif.. ' 50 Falkcnbcrit Robert L.. Mission. Kan.. ' 51 Feist. . . Edwin. Denver, Colo,. ' 50 Fenn. James W .. Sioux Falls. S. D.. ' 52 Froistad. John N., { hevenne, Wye. ' 51 Eullcrion, Donald G.. Denver, Colo., ' 50 (iarn, Foster N.. Evanston, III.. ' 52 (jraves. Charles D.. I.ontfn ' ont, Colo.. ' 51 (graves. D. Dane. Lonitmont. Colo., ' 51 Gribble. Geortfe A.. Boulder, Cnlo.. 50 Guinand. Jerome B.. Rouldcr. ( olo.. ' 50 (•winn. Donald E.. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Hall. Henrv C.. Denver. Colo., " 51 Harrington. Ronald E.. Casper, W o.. ' 50 Havskins. John ' .. Denver. Colo,, ' 52 Heuston. Philip T.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Hix. Gcor«e J.. Estes Park, Colo.. ' 51 Mutbc«. Joseph S.. Montrose. Colo.. ' 50 ■52 Hulii kv. . Wavne. Denver. Colo.. 50 Jordan. Walter D.. TuUa. Okla.. ' 51 Killefcr. Robert. Balboa. Calif.. 52 kin4, Robert W .. Greeley. Colo.. ' 50 Kissock. Jcrrv. Ft. Cliollins. Colo., ' 52 l.athrop. Carl L.. Chcvcnne. W o,, ' 51 Lewis. John R., Rouldcr. Colo,, ' 51 l.ewis. Kenneth S.. Lonjtmont. Colo., ' 50 Lodtfc. Mien K.. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Manlev. Elmer E.. Wahiawa. Oahu. T. H.. ' 5 PLEDGES (•remmcls, Charlc ., Waterloo. Iowa. ' 53 Hall. Richard D.. Ames. lowe. ' 53 HarisufT. C. D.. Ri .rini(ham. .Mich., ' 53 Kevs. Jack F.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Kiefcr. Frank W .. Rcrkclev. Calil.. ' 52 Klamann. R bcrt E.. Denver, Ci lo., " 53 I.awson. LeRov D., Lonitmnnt, Colo.. ' 53 I.awson. R Scrt F.. Eonftfflont, Colo.. ' 53 Lev den. filern E.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 MacDonald. (lirdon A.. Trinidad, Colo.. ' 53 Martv. John R.. Trinidad. Colo.. ' 50 Mever. H. Ean-.-.T. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Miller, David. Kansas Civ. Mo.. ' 53 .Merrill. Henrv ,A, Miner, Richard W Evanston. 111.. " 53 , Rloomficld Hills. Mich,, Morris. Rov W. Nareisian. Harrv Nichols. Thomas Paine. William G Peters, l.cmv ( Pike. Robert H., Pnlinil. Sidncv R.. Reed. D«i|tht C Renn. William F. Denver. Coin.. 51 K.. Wheat Rid e. Colo.. ' 50 C. l.a Junta. Colo.. ' 50 Evanston. 111., ' 52 , (ircelev. Colo.. 50 Ft. Collins. (7olo.. ' 51 Ottumvsa. Iowa. ' 50 , Compton. Calif.. ' 52 Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Rethlctscn. Frank H.. .Monrovia. Calif., " 51 Rudv. F. Carl. Denver, Colo., " 52 Shattuck. John R., Trinidad, Colo,, ' 51 Skillman, John A.. Denver. Olo.. ' 52 Smith. W. Scott. Evanston. 111.. ' 51 Spicer. Waller E.. Newport Reach. Calif.. 5I Tapp. Bancroft M.. Kan a» t itv. Mo., ' 51 TroxcII. Richard C. Eonftmont. Colo.. ' 52 llrich. Donald A.. Chevenne. Wvo.. ' 52 Wamslev. Walter F.. Tulsa. Okla.. 50 Warren. Charles L. C, Ft. Collins. Colo.. ' 50 Wicklund. Eldon J.. Oak Park, 111.. ' 52 Willis. Richard W .. Evanston. III.. ' 52 Willis. Donald E., Colorado Sprint». Colo., ' 50 Winfrev. Roblev. Ames. Iowa. ' 52 Wullekuhlcr. Albert F., Naalehu. Hawaii. T. H.. ick, H. Rolan. Greeley. (!olo.. 50 .Mndeer. James R.. Kansas City, Mo., ' 53 Moore. Ramon C. Greeley. Colo.. " 52 Parsons. Clarence F-.. Kansas City. Mo., ' 53 Peacock. Robert B.. Dallas. Tex . ' 53 Polinit Stephen M.. Otiumwa. Iowa, ' 53 Ross, Lewis W.. trouncil Bluffs. Iowa. ' 53 Schalk. Robert P.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Seamon, Royd W.. Loveland. Colo., ' 53 Sinccrbeaux. Robert G., New Rnchelle. N. Y., ' 52 Smith. Dean A.. Glendale. Calif.. ' 52 X ' cnzke. Lee C, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Welker. John A.. Concordia. Kan.. ' 53 Williams. Dale Ci.. Grand Junction. Colo., ' 53 Wolf. Charles E.. Lontfmonl. Colo,. ' 53 Kappa Sigma From " Western Dance " winter quarter ' 49 to " Western Dance " fall quarter " 49. Gamma Tail ( " haptcr of Kagipa Sigma participated in an e en more compli-lc sclifdulc of social, intramural, and campus activities than ever before. In the spring a first prize winning carnival booth and a beautiful lloat reproduction of the Santa Maria, which came in tliird, were the Kappa Sigs contribution to CU Days holi- davs. And again, fall Homecoming crowds were amused by the Kappa Sig float whicii portrayed a sad-sack Ltc astride his casual charger. In inlranmrals the hard-fighting Kappa Sig football, vol- leyball, and waterpolo teams will long be remembered bv their opponents. And a large percentage of the varsitv track and wrestling teams was filled by Gamma Tau men as well as the quarterback slot on the football team. L nder the able leatlership of I ' rcsident Bob . haw and his fellow officers, Kappa Sigma boasts an outstanding pledge class for the second straight year, numerous improvements on the house, and is looking ahead to bigger and better goals in fraternity and campus activities. ' 4 I _ - ,. «« ! T r • " o rr; r r ' ?: " f r a " . ? ' •«».i « rwa-. ifft lo ri(ht: Bttrnc . Hcnzct, llo«cr. Bradficlii, Krcnnan. Hruck. Brown, (lautthrt-n, V. ( huncc. W . C. (Jhanci-. (Jhcnc . • fiflh rote: CIard , Cod . (. " orbriditc. ( " .»ul on. Doddv, Domrlrov ich. Pvchnn, E-oulk. (iroul. tlardc t , Hcapcs. • I-ourth row: Hiil]n»a . Initv%crscn, Ja nc», I). Johnson. H. Jnhn««n, Jones. Kine. Kinnc , E.anUcndocrfer. Lazorchick, Lesh. • Third row: Lipson. Lon Morth, MaJdcn. MaU nc . Nlann. Jaynct, I). McFarland. Mitchell. M(iinitnmcr . Mount, () erion. • Stcond row: Padfiett, Perkins. Purler, Po pisil. Kasn. Kci " .e, Kilc . SacKart, SandJort, Schick, Shaw. • Bottom row: Sbeppard. Smyth, Thome , Ticl .. Vcrcn. Webb. Wcldon. Wendell, Whclan. Winninithani. Wolack. 431 Kappa Sigma Vndrcw . Stanle . [ cn er. C!olu., 5I Barnes. William V.. Duluth. Minn., ' 51 Becker. John R.. Whcaion. III.. hZ Hen el. Herbert J.. Berw n. III.. ' 52 Biltnn. Herbert. Oetroit. Mich,. ' 52 Bower, Joseph CI., ( ' annn Clity, Colo.. " 50 Bfjdfteld. Roberc. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Brewer, (ieortc. Menomonic. Wi».. ' 51 Brock. Jamc« W.. I en er. Colo., ' 52 Brown. Bruce R.. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 CauAbrcn. Jame . Albuquerque. N. M., ' A (Chance. Uilc , Denver. Colo.. " 50 Chance. William. Denver, ( ' olo.. ' 50 Chenev. Rui sell. e mouth. Ma t%., " 50 ( lardv. Lawrence I,.. Santa He. N. M.. ' 5 (rod . Donald J.. Denver. C olo., ' 50 Corbrid e. John C.. Ca pcr. W o.. ' 50 DometroMch. l- ' rank. Denver. Colo.. 52 Funk, Stanton C, Kureka. Calif.. ' 52 Futera, Anthony J., Cicero. III., ' 50 (ires«cti. Tom, Denver, Colo,, ' 50 Rrcnnan. James R., Rultc. Nebr., ' 51 CouUon. Hal R.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Dodds, John T., Fncino, (;alif., ' 53 Fflin. Robert. Wichita. Kan.. ' 51 Feehan. Joseph A.. Jnliet. III.. " 51 Foulk. Robert. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 (irout. John. Wheat RidKc. Colo.. ' 52 Hall. Terr . Boulder. Colo.. 5l Hardest . Robert I,.. St. Louis. Mo., ' 53 Hoffmann. David. Lake Forest, III.. 53 ACTIVES Guinn, Les. Denver, C-olo., " 51 Hcapes. Robert F.. St. Louis. Mo.. ' 51 Hod|(fton. Paul A.. Oftden. llah. ' 53 Hollowa . Richard D.. Slcrlinjl. (3olo., ' 51 Ini(Merson. Donald F.. Denver. C olo., ' 51 Ja nes, Robert L.. Canon City, Colo.. S0 Johnson. Harr C. Denver. Colo., " 50 Kane. William F., ( ar , Ind.. ' 51 Ktnne . Donald F., Steamboat Sprinjls, Colo.. Lanifendocrfcr, N ' a nc G., Riirlintflon. Colo., Lazorchick. Dan. McKee«port. Penn.. ' .SO Lip on, L nn L.. Denver. Olo., ' 50 Lonftwitrth. Richard L.. Cattle Rock, Colo.. ' Malonc . James, (iar . Ind.. ' 4 ' J Mann. Doutflas. Hinsdale. III.. ' 51 Mitchell. James .. Sterling, ( olo.. ' 52 Mount. Robert, Warrcn ille. III., ' 51 McCo . James R.. Denver, f nlo.. ' 51 .McManis. Charles R.. thcns. Ohio, " 50 O ' Brien. Richard R.. Council Rlufl«. Iowa. ' 51 Overton, I)a id M.. Wichita. Kan.. ' 50 Padgett. Robert, Colorado Sprinits. Colo., ' 50 •51 •50 50 PLEDGES Humphre s. Dale T.. Riverside. CaliL. Ives. Fthan Allen. Aihcrion. Calif., ' 53 Johnson. Dean. Sturiiis. S. D.. ' 53 Lesh. Fdwin D., Pierce, Colo., ' 52 McFIrov. M. J.. Normal. Nebr.. ' 53 McFarland. Dean F.. Fairmount, Minn., Montiomerv. Jack. Roswell. N. M.. ' 51 Pospisil. Richard J., Wakefield. Nebr., Reese, Buster. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Schick. William L.. Joliet. III.. ' 51 ' 52 •53 •53 50 Perkins, Georjte P.. Uilmeite. III.. " 50 Porter. Richard P., LonAmont. ( ' olo., ' 51 Raso, Auftustine. Denver, ( olo.. ' 51 Rilcx, Joseph F.. Cicero. III.. ' 50 Rudwall. John C. Cicero, III.. ' 50 Saejtart. William F.. Denver, ( olo., ' 52 Sampson. Jack. Junction ( ' itv. Kan., ' 50 Sandfort, Fred F.. Wichita. Kan., ' 51 Shaw. Russell R., Matoon. III.. ' 50 Sheppard. Norman R.. Denver. Colo., 51 Short. Gcrrv. Albuqucrguc. N. M., ' 50 Stevens. Richard 1... Denver. Colo., 52 S mes. Richard M.. Orinda. ( ' alif., ' 51 Tht»rnc, Robert D.. Laramie. W o., ' 51 atsnn. Harold, Colorado Sprinits. Colo., Wcldon. Donald M.. Wilmetle. 111., ' 51 Wendell. Richard M.. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Whelnn. Thomas F... Denver. Colo., ' 50 White. Otis L ' ., Colorado Springs, Colo.. ' 50 V inflate. .Monroe J.. Albuquerque. N. M., ' 52 Winninitham. Sam, RurliniEtnn. Colo., 50 Smith. Addison F.. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Smythe. U ' illiam, Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Thomas. Robert. Pueblo, Colo., ' 52 Tietz. Fred. Hinsdale. III., ' 53 ' auithn. Pat. Boise. Ida., ' 51 crcn. McrKn. SturKis, S. D.. ' 53 Webb. Richard B.. Canon City. Colo., ' 52 Wise. Jack, Kalamazoo, Mich., ' 53 Wollack. Rernie. Pueblo, Colo.. ' 51 W mnn. Robert, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda ( hi Alpha started off tluir third year of reactiva- tion on the (;()h)rado campus witli a hanp. cnjoyinf: a very successful rush week. FoUowiuf: the comph ' tion of rush week, the chapter strengtli stands at 74 and Lambda C.lii Alplia is on the way to continue to be bifiper and better thr( u}ilu ut the year. To the theme of ' ■( " olora(hi Ho. " Homecomin;; was very successful and the Lambda (!hi " s copped three tro[)hies in the . " silver division. A first place for the llonu-coniinp banner, which was replaced for house decorations, which read " Search for jiold and later kiu wledpc. brings 4 ' ' " ers hack to ctjllege. " Also a secomi place for floats and the same in the chariot race. A buffet supper was held for alums, parents, and dates and under the excellent supervision of our new housemother, Mrs. Thompson, more than 250 persons were served. Fred vlaiid. an aide and active skier, durinf: the winter months added a lirst place trophy to the mantel for intra- mural skiing. Lambda (]hi Alpha boasts a very fine list of oflTicers this year and among the top men are Eugene (_). .Marline, presi- dent: C. Robert Swanson, vice-president: Morton ' . Burt, secretarv: Doug Peterson, treasurer: and Robert A. Chris- topher, house manager. Lambda Chi Alpha ended up liftli in the .-chohistic stand- ing and intends to top this mark during the year 1949-1950. 432 Top row. Irft to ri ht: Vhhdtc. Mt-ckw ith, ltrnJ . K. ItrifilK. S. Hriitht. Brown. Ruckles. Hiirl. Camphell. • hfiurth rnO " : ( lark. I)ditv . Ditlmtin. Htillum, MiiniptDn, IlilU. Horton. Jvn en. I). Johnson. • Third roic: M. Jnhntnn, Ka per. kvcnan. koch. I.nrcn . Malciilm. Murti ni-. Miirtinit. Murph . • Second rote: NcUtin, Nn trttnd. Orzalli. Peterson. Rnhhin . Root. Kus icll, Schradcr. Short. • Bottom row: St. John, Starbuck. Stead. Swanson. Timblin. Ualz, ' awro«e. ' uung. 433 Lambda Chi Alpha Ahboti. Hu h B.. Western Sprini(«. III.. " 51 Allen. Uj%nc |- .. Dillon. Colo.. SI Bender, R. William. Johnstown, ( olo., ' 51 Bright. Robert .. Rochester. N. Y.. ' 52 Brii t. Samuel D.. Rochester. N. Y.. ' 52 Brown. Frank F. Jr.. HrcckcnridAe. Colo.. ' 51 Brvant. Klo d H.. I.ittic Rock. Vrk.. ' 50 Buckles. ' ern { ' .. (ilenMond Spring . Colo., ' 50 Burt. Morton W .. La (Granite. III., " 51 Buttcrficld. Duane K.. Omaha. Nebr.. ' 52 Campbell. Neil H.. I)en er, Colo., ' 50 Catterson. A. Duane. Ucnver. C ' olo.. ' 51 Christopher. Robert A.. Audubon. N. J.. 5I Clark. Albert F. Jr.. Los Anitelcs. Call .. J5l DabroTCski. Fdmund T.. Hartford. Conn.. ' 50 Dailey, John C. Chicago. 111.. ' 51 Decani, Donald I.. Ouranto. Colo.. 51 Barker. F3arl A. Jr.. Duranito, Colo.. ' 51 Bcckwith. Charles A. Jr.. Adams City, Colo., Bradv. James W ' .. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Chmelik. Frank B.. Joliet. III.. •51_ Dillman. John P.. Wichita. Kan.. ' 53 Horton. John W ' .. Boulder. Colo.. 52 Insin. C. Dennis Jr., Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 •53 ACTIVES Dickinson. Milan A.. W aban. .Mass.. ' 52 Frazee. Robert I... Keokuk. la.. ' 50 Ooodsnn. Bob M., Amarillo. Tex.. " 52 Hallam. John S.. Demer. Colo.. ' 50 Hampton. Dallas M.. Duranito. Colo.. ' 51 Hills. Frederic .. West Session. Mass., 52 Jensen. Walter F.. FJtfin. III.. ' 51 Johnson, ( ' harles B.. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Johnson. Donald T.. Trinidad. Colo.. ' 50 Johnson, Mclsin O.. Dcn er, Colo., ' 50 Johnson. Robert (i.. Omaha. Nebr.. ' 52 Kellv. Jack W .. Boulder. Colo., ' 51 Lorens. Charles S.. ( " .rand Lake. Colo.. ' 51 La«le . Harold D.. Meeker. Colo.. ' 50 Martin. (Charles W .. [.a Junta. Colo., ' 52 Martine. F utfcnc O.. la Junta. Colo., ' 50 Martinit. Frederic W ,. Denver. (3olo., ' 50 Nelson, Howard J.. Montpelier. Ida., ' 50 PLEDGES Kasper. Georite. Oak Creek. Colo.. 52 Kcenan. Ocortfc F. Jr.. Akron, Colo., ' 52 Koch. John A.. Den er. Colo.. ' 50 I.ont(welI. Kawrcncc E.. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Malcolm, (ilenn A., I.akcwood, Colo.. ' 52 Myers. Kermit W ' .. Brookfield, III.. ' 51 Nvland. Frederic S., Boulder. Colo.. 50 Or alli. John B.. " uba City. Calif.. ' 52 Pelersftn. Douitlav P., Albuquerque. N. M., ' SI Russell. Arthur L.. Idaho Falls. Ida., ]50 Schrader. William (J., Denver, (-olo., ' 52 St. John. Carl F.. Dc Beque. Colo.. ' 50 Seftur. Donald L.. La (fran e. III., ' 51 Sherman. Harvcv R.. Providence. R. I.. ' 50 Short. I ' aul I... Canon Citv, Colo., ' 50 Starbuck. John (i.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Stead. I an W ' .. Lombard. III., ' 51 Swanson. C. Robert. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Timblin. Llo d O. Jr.. Denver. Colo., ' .50 Walz. Frank C. Jr.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 54 Wawrose. Frederick F... Kntflewood, Colo., " 50 Woiikiewicz. Joseph S., Maynard. Mast.. ' SO Younit. Richard M.. Marion, Ind.. ' 50 Nielsen. Georite K,. Denver, Colo.. 51 Plank. Dale L.. Denver. Colo., " 53 Rider. Eugene F.. Wauneta, Nebr.. ' 52 Robbins. James (i., Boulder, Colo., 52 Root, C harles R., Denver. Colo., ' 53 Schwan. H. Alan, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Van Nostrand. Andy C. Monte Yista, Colo., ' 52 Phi Delta Theta I ' hi Delta Theta looks hack over the past school r;ir witli due pride in its many a -tivities and arcdtnpli-liinfnls. A.« in tlie fortv-six previous years wliich Colorado Alpha has been on the University of Colorado campus, the Phi Delts were outstanding: tliroii;;Iiont the student Ixxlv. The niana;ifnient of I ' lii Delia Theta has lieen handled capahly by Vi aril Crockett, president: Tom (»elvin. recorder: Fred Thornes. treasurer: and Frank Boyce. house manager. These men have a full time task to perform and each of llieni has produced results that leave the chapter deeply indebted to their service. One of the biggest social events during the spring of 194 ' ' was the I ' lii Delt Spring Formal. The dance, preceded by a fried chicken dinner, was held at the I ' ark Hill (Country club in Denver. One of the highlights of the evening ' s entertain- ment was a skit put on by the pledges. The fame of I ' hi Delta Theta was not limited to the formal during; Spring ' (|uarter. however. C.V Days brought more honor to (.oiorado Alpha. For the third consecutive vear the Phi Delts carried home the CU Days Participation trophy, and for the second consecutive year the Songfest award re- mained in the I ' hi Delt house. Fall ipiarter began Nith 22 men pl«-dging I ' hi Delta Theta. Every section of the country was represented in this fine group of men. I ' hi Delta Theta looks forward to the addition of these men to our active chapter. Some of the Phi Delts who made names for themselves on the campus this year were ard Crockett, business manager of the Coloradan: Chuck Mosher and Mer Hodel. varsitv football men: Dick Ready, captain of the swimming team, and Bob V ebber. chairman of the CU Days Carnival and chairman of the Homecoming Parade. 434 To rocr. ItU to right: - hcll, Reritliind. Barker. Bartlinit. Black. Bo ce. Rrennan, Br nslcad. Burnctl, Chose. Collin i. • fifth row: Cnrhin. Crockett. 435 Dilliaitham, Donley, Kitlte. H an (. Funk. C . (jirlinithouse. S. (Jarlinithouse. Gelvin, Giltner. • hourth rote: Golev, H8 e». Henderson, Hirst, Hunter. F. Johnnon. N. Johnson. Kavet. Kenned . Kilhorne, Knolle. • Third row: Leslie, Lewis, Ludeman, Lueck, .McCart , Moe, Mosher, Norris, Nye. Ocamh, Picken . • Second roar: Powell. Pujlh. (Juinb . Read . Robertson, Shatieen. Spietmin, Stanley, Stephenson, Thorncs, Tubb». • Bottom row: Untcmach. an Law, N ' asholz. ' un l, Wascm. Webber. Woods, Wotipka. Phi Delta Theta Barker. Dick. Roulder. Colo.. ' 51 Bartlinit, Mcbu%. Kansas Cit . Kan., ' 52 Bennett. Don. Dcn er. Colo.. " 52 Black. StanIe . Lo cland. Colo., ' 51 Bovce. Frank. Siouv Falls. S. D.. ' 50 Brennan. Jack. Rochelle. 111.. ' 50 Burnett. Don. Duranfo. Colo.. 51 Cha«e. Richard. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Clarke, Conw« , ( lenwood Springs. Colo., " 50 Collins. Farl. Reverlv HilU. Calif.. ' 51 Corbin. Rex. Red Oak. lowt. " 50 Crockett. Ward. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Dillinttham. Tom. Hnid. Okla.. ' 52 Donlev. Bob. Dallas. Tex.. ' 50 Merle. C.arretnon, S. D.. ' 50 Eissler. CeorAe. Arit ntina. S. A.. ' 51 Eubank. Dillard. Raviown. Mo.. ' 50 Evan . Sam. Fnid. Oklo.. ' 52 Funk. Richard. Shirle . III.. ' 50 Garlinthou«e, ( rani. Territory of Hawaii, ' 51 Garlin|hou«e. Spaldinit. Territory of Hawaii, ' 50 Gelvin. Tom. Topeka. Kan.. ' 51 Gilmer. Bill. Elliot, Iowa. ' 50 Goto. Gene. Fnid. Okla., ' 51 Abcit, Ralph. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Reriflund. Neil. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Black. Dale. Loveland, Colo.. 53 Comer. John. Wichita. Kan.. ' 53 Davis. Georite. Lata ette. Colo.. ' 52 Deerinit. Tom. Arkansas Citv. Kan., ' 51 Dishon. Don. Louisville. K .. ' 51 ACTIVES Ha cs. Ken. Ruchcllc. III.. 52 Hayes. Bill. Rochelle. III., ' 50 Henderson. Jack. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Hirst. Da e. Priest River, Ida.. ' 51 Hodel. Ron. Rockford. III.. ' 50 Jeflre . Matt. Scdro-Wnollev. Wash., " 50 Johnson. Farnum. Falls Church. ' a.. ' 51 Johnson, Nor ille. AKa. Okla.. ' 50 Johnson. Wa ne. Brighton. Colo.. ' 52 Kelsev, Bob. Colorado Sprints. Colo.. ' 51 Kennedy, Owen, kron. Ohio. ' 50 Kilborne. Terrv. Hook Road. Katonah. N Knolle. Larrv. Denver. Coin.. ' 50 Krapf. John. Cut Bank. Moot., ' 50 Lewis, Don. Grosse Puinic. Mi ch., ' 52 Ludeman. Barton. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Lucck. Dick. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Majeskv, Jack. Webster Groves. Mo., ' 52 Nfartin. Georje. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Mc ' art . Pat. Brush. Colo.. ' 52 Moe. Bud. Mcnnmonie. Wis., ' 51 Mosher. Charles. Hinsdale. III.. ' 52 N%c. Larr -. Osco. III.. ' 51 Ocamb. Harold. Denver, ( ' olo., ' 52 Paddock. Mark. Clinton. Iowa, " 52 PLEDGES Gri((sb ' . Jeff. Dcnxcr. f ' olo,. " 53 Hart. Parker. Los AnCeles. Calif.. ' 52 Hodel. Merwin. Rockford, III.. ' 52 Hunter. James. Elizabeth, N. J.. ' 51 Kavet. Dick. Seattle. Wash., ' 51 Leslie. Bob. Loveland, Colo.. 53 McGarry, Pat, Colorado Sprinits. Colo., 53 Quimby, Lyal. Boulder. Colo.. 53 Y.. ' 51 Pickens, Bob, Richmond. Calif.. ' 51 Powell. Bub. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Puilh. Russell. Loveland, Colo.. ' 52 Read , Dick, Berkeley, Calif., ' 50 Roberts, Stan. Lafayette. Colo.. ' 50 Robertson. Rob. Duranfto, Colo., ' 51 Rush. Bob. Salida, Colo.. ' 51 Shasteen. Don. La Junta, ( ' olo.. ' 50 Shelton. Wond . Toledo. Ohio. ' 52 Shull. Paul. Difthton, Kan.. ' 50 Spielman, Gene. Los Altos. Calif., " 52 Stanle . Kent. Den cr. Olo.. ' 50 Stark. Fd. La Junta. Colo.. ' 51 Stephenson. Bud. Fnid. Okla.. ' 51 Thornes. Fred, Ft. William. Ont., Can. Tubbs. Ronald. Claredon Hill, 111.. ' 52 Lnitcmach, ( ' harles, Denver. Colo., ' 52 ' an Law, Dick. Denver, Colo.. 51 ' ashol7. Lnthar. Den cr. Colo.. ' 52 ' nn W ' l. Paul. Denver. C ' olo.. ' 50 Wasem. Hcnrv. F »rt Dodtfe, Iowa, ' 50 Webber, Rob. Memphis. Tenn., ' 50 Wilson, Earl. Colorado Sprin|(i. Colo., Wotipka, Jack. El Paso. T«., ' 50 •50 •50 Ro)tcrs. Kent, Roulder, Colo., ' 52 Spencer. Don. Alamosa, Colo., ' 51 Spielman, Jerr ' , Los Altos, Calif.. 53 Sullivan. John. Red Oak. Iowa, ' 53 L ' mbreit. Bob. Boulder. Colo., " 53 Williams. Milt. Kinitsburit. Calif., ' 51 Woods. John, Hinsdale, III.. ' 53 Phi Gamma Delta ' ilh thirty-seven pledges added to the list of Phi Gamma Delta, a (rreat vear was planned for the entire ohapter. one sure to coincide with oiitstandiii achie enient.s attained hy Beta Kappas in llie past. Last year the I ' lii Gamma Delta was truly tops amonp fraternities on tlie hill, winning the overall intramural ( ' lianipioiiship. conlrihutinfi names to every activity list dur- ing the vear and hoasting more than its share of men on the roster of everv athletic team. Activities and so -ial functions rated high in the extra- curricular outlets for the liite . tar hrothers. Purple and hite wearers were in ahnndance as heads and niend)ers of mimerous committees, while the three seasons were high- lighted hv the Fiji Rarndance, Vl ' inter Formal, held annually in Denver, and the gay Fiji Island Dance, held at Marshall Lake. This year, under the able leadership of { ' resident l Mutt. Housemanager Dwiglit Konnds. Secretary Jim Bacliar. His- torian Richard Kkrem, and C orrcsponding Secretary Don Camphell. Fijis are setting out to uphold the high standards of j)revious years. Beta Kappas are placing the brunt of ri-.-.p M.«ibilit on such prominent men as: Don Campbell, president of the C Clid). conference dash champion: Jim Allen, eminent track man: Jim (iriflith. general chairman. Winter ( arni al. na- tionally-known skier: Bob Ayres, business manager of the Silver and (iold : ( .arr Hesemann. John Sirohel. ( ' .Imck Rreini , F.d I ' udlik. football captain: Wayne Tucker. Doug Nelson. Don Hagin. and a host of others, all notables in various fields. 1 436 f ' r? ' nil! I op ruur. irti i,» r;i.« ' Vllcn, Bachaf, Bauer. Rcsemann. Iturkc. C ' iirirc . ( ..iiiiphell. (Carlson. ( i ( iiiit;r. Down- ing " ourth row: tkrem, Kenton. Founlnin. (Jam hi c. I). Giacomini. K. (iiacominl. (ioehcl, (irccnc. Haase, Hallcr. • Third row: Honncn, La%v .nn. Lehcvrc. M aires. L nch, McUonaitle. McLaren. Mi-cklinfU Mndrall, Molt. • Sfcond row: Nelson. Nesladck. Nichols. Parker, Poller. Kansom, Koheris, Rohinson. K iiicr . Scccnmb. • Bottom row: Smith, Still, Sirobel, Swijtcrt. Uoudward. Wcirick, Walt . Tcrr . Phi Gamma Delta 437 -Vllcn. Jame«. r ada. Colo.. 50 % Vrnold. William. Roulder. Colo . SI ■ er . Robert. Denver. Colo.. " SO Rachar. Jame . I ' orl Moritan. C nlo.. ' 50 Rauer. ( arlen. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Re teman. Carr. Dodi(e Citv. Kan., ' 50 Rrein«. Charles. Holhrook. Kan.. ' 50 Campbell. Donald. Slerlinjt. Colo.. ' 50 CarUon. Milton. Denver, Colo.. 52 Carlson, Rnbcri. Denver. Colo.. 50 Carpenter. Jame«. Denver, Colo., 50 Children . Jame«. Duran o. Colo.. ' 52 Dcerini, (!laude. Durantfo. Colo.. ' 49 Downinjt. Sumner. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Rkrem Richard. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Feenev, Donald. (!hicai(n. III.. ' 52 Fcntnn. Ronald. De4 Mnine i. la., ' 51 French. William. Denver. Coin.. ' 50 Funk. Jame4, Colorado Sprinit«, Colo.. 50 Gamble. Jame«. Denver, ( ilo.. ' 52 Giacomini. Donald. SterliniL Colo.. 5I Giacomini. Robert. Slerlini(. Colo., ' 51 Goebcl, Gordoo, Denver. Colo.. ' 51 -Vmold. Charlc . Denver. Colo.. ' S3 Arnold. Fdward. Roulder. Colo.. ' 53 RIachlv. Robert Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Rurke. Robert. Fullerion. Calif.. ' 51 Caffrcv. Boone. Iowa. ' 52 Cozzi. Stanlev. Mnr ihalliown. Iowa. ' 52 Ekrem. William. Denver. C olo.. ' 53 Ellif. John. Sterling Colo., ' 53 Evans. Thomas. Marshalllown, lona. ' 52 Fountain. Kermil, Sloan. Iowa. ' 53 HiUers. Donald. Roulder. Colo.. ' 53 Honnen. Earl. Colorado Sprin)(i. Colo.. ' 53 ACTIVES Greene, tlarold. Auburn. Calif.. ' 50 GrilTith. James. Keichum. Ida., ' 50 Haase, LcMer. Colorado Sprinit . Colo.. ' 50 Haitin, Donald, HniUeHood. Colo.. ' 51 Haller. (leorite. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Heinick. Chester, Denver. C ilo.. ' 50 Johnstone. Jame%, Boone. Iowa. ' 52 Knous. Merle. Denver. Colo.. ' 49 La Fever. Harrv. Denver. (;«)l«., ' 52 Larsen. Leonard. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Lindslc . ( eor|[e. San .Marino. Calif., ' 51 Lvnch. William. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Mclnncs. John. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Mechlinit, Martin. Scarsdale. N. Y., ' 50 .Molt. Charles Mien. Denver. Colo., ' 50 .Nelson. Douglas. Chicaito. III.. ' 50 Nesladek. Kcilh. Denver, ( olo., ' 50 Nichols, Frank, Denver, Colo., " 51 Platls. Robert. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Pudlick. Kdvsard. Denver. Colo., 50 Ransom. (Charles. Kvansfon. ML. ' 50 Reed. William. Lov. land. Colo., ' 51 Reid. William. Glendale. Calif.. ' 52 Roaih, Henr ' , Denver, Colo., ' 51 PLEDGES Homer, John, Denver. Colo., 52 Knolls. Francis, Steamboat Sprindii. Colo.. ' 52 Lawson. Mark. Palo Altr. Calif., ' 53 Linch. Duane. Denver. Colo,. 53 Maire?. Richard. Denver, Colo.. " 53 McGona«le. Michael. Si rlinH. Colo.. ' 52 McC laAati. No J. Rrusi Colo.. 52 Mever. Charles. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Mitchell. John. Sterlinit. Colo.. ' 53 Modrall, James. Albuquerque, N. M.. ' 53 Mvers, Harrv. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Nesladek. Donald. Denver, Colo.. 53 Robinion. Phil. Moline. 111.. 51 Rollers, Euitcne. NeMton. Kan.. ' 51 Rogers, William, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Ross, Stanlev. Houston. Tex., ' 50 Rounds. Dwiitht. Wichita. Kan.. ' 50 Russel. William. Denver. Colo,. ' 50 Schcplcrman. Richard. Denver. Colo.. 50 Seccombe. James, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Smith. Doutlfl . Harvcv, 111., ' 50 Starbuck. CIvde. (;reele . Colo.. ' 52 Stevens. John. Denver. Colo., 5I Strobel. John, Denver, Colo.. ' 5(t Struthers. John. Denver. Coin.. " 50 Talbotl. John, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 ' Tern. Robert, Pasadena, Calil.. ' 51 Thompson. Thomas. Boulder. C olo.. ' 50 Tucker. Wavne. San Marino. Calif., ' 50 Watts. Dniilht. Miltondalc. Kan.. ' 50 Wcirick. Richard. San Marino. Calif.. ' 51 Wells. Briant, San Marino. Calif.. ' 51 Willard, Robert, Denver. Coin.. ' 52 Wilfton. Bertram. Rochester. New York. ' 50 Woodward. Daniel. Boulder. Colo., ' 52 O ' Hanlon. Thomas. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Parker. Harrv. Delta. Colo.. ' 53 Potter, Robert, Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Punches, Richnrd. Wvmore. Nebr.. ' 51 Roberts, Kdw.ird. Colorado Sprinit Colo., ' 53 Scofield. Jackson. Scotishluff. Nebr., ' 53 Seccombe, Roland, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Siiti. Harold. Brush. Colo.. ' 53 Swie)(CTt, John. Denver. Colo.. 53 Tliompson. Donald, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Thompson. Robert, Roulder. Colo. ' 53 Warner, Cieori(e. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Phi Kappa Psi After tlieir splendid participation in tlie CU Days last spring, with a first place in the float anrl parti i|);ition for the silver division, the I ' hi Psi ' s welcomed many line new men into their folds this past year. " I ' l-te " Peterson was elected as president: Ra ahiie. vice- president: Bob Thorp, secretary: and Bill Mininiaek. treas- urer. Amonp last fall ' s achievements was the acceptance of the Phi Psi for the all male show included in the Viinter (larnival. All social functions were successfully accomplished with a pav dance at the ' agon ' heel in Boulder Canyon. The theiiii- of this dance was the " French Sailor. " This dance, along with more functions, topped the events for the fall quar- ter. V ' inter activities included sleigh rides, and the spring quarter was sparked with many sunrise breakfasts and a snappy spring formal in Denver. Carrving some of the laurels for the frateriiitv were: Joe Bradv. active in dramatics, mendiersliip in Alpha Phi Omega claiming eleven Phi Psi ' s: Doug Hornbeck, Varsity Nights, CU Davs . ' how. Band: E. J. Tallant. Varsity Nights, news editor of the Silver an l Gold, president of Alpha Delta Sigma honorary: Nate Nielsen, city editor of the Silver and Gold: Bob Boggs. head of the stage crew for Varsity Nights. . P0; Dale Dlsen. Sumalia. Phi Psi intramurals were successful with splendid par- ticipation in football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. 438 • w- .V)pi hnsinKis prvspntY Phi Psi Santa o tux nvi ' ded Pledge that boy! Where ' s the party? yp Tofi row. i -u " riih: : U.irnfs. Kurnch. IU-rfi .-nd .rt. Hoiiiiv, Kr.iJ , Buchanan. Cory. • Third roir; ( raham. Howorth. Ilornbeck. I, aw. McAninch. NicUcn, Oliver. • Stmnd rou : Olson, Ormsb , Pcier on, Schmitt, Schwab, Tallani. Thomp« on. Bottom row: Thorp, ' ahu«. Van Mourick. ' ahl$icdt. Wade. 439 Phi Kappa Psi Adami, Gordon. Boulder, Coin.. ' SI Berifondnff. Ray. Kan«a» Cit , Mo.. 51 BoU ' . Rnbcrt. Pa (adena. Calif.. ' S2 Bradv, Joseph, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Buchanan, Jame«. Pueblo. Colo., 50 Butler, Charles. Manon Cily. Iowa. Grad. Haworih. Robert, Lovcland. Colo.. ' 51 Hornbeck, I)ouitIa«. Sidney. Ncbr., ' 50 Humphre . Bcnn . Wichita Fall . Tex., ' 50 ACTIVES McAninch, Wayne. Randolph. N. Y.. ' 50 NfichaeU. Jim. Glenn Mill, Pcnn.. Grad. Mimmack. Bill. Denver, C ' olo.. ' 50 NieUnn. Nathan. Racine, Wi»., 51 Oliver, Rex. Torrinitton. Wye, ' 50 OUcn. Dale. Salina. Kan.. ' 50 OUen. Dick. Littleton. Colo.. 50 Peterson. U ' endcll. Rcrc»ford, S. D., Prinzinit. Fred, Denver, Colo., ' 51 ■51 Schmitt. Bob. Rockford, III., ' 50 Schwab, John, La Grani(e, 111., ' 51 Tallant. F. J.. Clavton. N. M.. ' 50 Thorp. Bill. Paxton. Ncbr.. ' 51 Thorp, Robert, Paxton. Ncbr.. ' 51 Thompson. Dick. Amarillo, Tex., ' 52 ' ahuc. Ra . Amarillo. Tex., 51 Wade. Ted. S lvania. Ohio. " 51 Wriiht. Torn. Council Bliifi . Iowa, ' 50 Runk. Brian. Amarillo, Tex.. 52 Bo d, Tom. Indianapolis. Ind.. 53 Clow, Jack. Denver, Colo.. " 52 Cory, John David. Kansas City, Mo.. 53 Kcttman. Bernard, Pleasant Vallev. Iowa. •53 PLEDGES Law. David. Colorado Springs, Coto., ' 52 Little. Dick. Pasadena. Calif.. ' 53 Prinster, Jack. Grand Junction. Colo., ' 52 Ormsby. Herb. Palo Alto, Calif.. ' 52 RusscI, James, Denver. Colo., ' 52 Seymour. Don. Kansas City. Mo., 53 Swallcy, John, Toledo. Ohio, ' 52 Wahlstedt, Bob. Kansas City. Mo., ' 53 :iJ Phi Kappa Tau The Phi Tau8. located on the Colorado University campus since 1924, now boast a total ni ' iiil Tslii| of fifty-six actives and twenty-four pledges. Oflicers of tin- fraternity were: Jack Rice, president: Blaine Wines, vice-president: Dick Heath, secretary: ( " harles McKinlcy. treasurer: (lifTord (.asey, cliaplain: Huss isecup. liouse manager, and the House Mother. Mrs. Rose Owens. Aniotig the frateruitv ' s social functions, tliree dances were the ni(i-t iiul.-lauding affairs given during tiu- year: the an- nual vwulcr Sweetheart Formal, at which time Bev Rosen- hauiu was chosen as the I ' hi Tau Sweetheart: the spring for- mal, lidd in the Shirley-Sa oy Hotel in l)eu er and the fall dance, held at the Phi Tau house, wliicii had a " primitive " tlu ' Uic with C() tnnics to match. Phi Tau continued to liold its [)lace above the school average in scholarship, and also had a successful vear in sports. The chapter won the football chain|)ionship of its di ision. the school bowling championship, and in tennis, won the All- School singles and doubles championships. Bill Haase. a member of the school gvmnastics team, placed fifth in the trampoline competition at the NCAA Tournaincnt in Berke- ley, California. Activities were lujt lacking in the Phi Kappa Tau achieve- ments. Dick Heath was a member of the ASLC. and was the ASU( Commissioner of Athletics. Ray Rothermel was presi- dent of the Pep Chd). chairman of the Campus Chest and news editor of the Silver and Gold. Bill Haase and Bob Vi il- liams were school yell leaders and Dick Davis was president of the ASCE. 440 I ' hi Tail Suvelheart, licv Uosvnbuuii It hut a liHvly smile! Onr nf many Hon raslKil ! Slanding room onty • O p ' ? Vn 9 T O ft n U- if 11 . . lilaiiti To k rox-. If ft to right: Adam .. Andrt-w-i, Rafnf%. Bcrdcr. Bcrr , Brohcrjl. (Jase . ( Iiocus. (!]l8u t. (Jla (on. K. A. Davi«. • Fourth rox; R. Oa is, Kulon, Furcum, (it-tts. (iushcc. H3a v, Hammt-r. Heath. Huisinit. Hull, Kenz. • Third row: Lackc , l.amh. I. unit, McKinlc , B. Mcho , J. lcho . MJchacUon, NeUon. Novion. Nohlc. Nnrlin|{. • Second row: Porter, Prelti, Rand, Ra m(ind, Rice, Kichman. Roilu ' rmcl, Scihcl. Sc " ctl, Shcriion. Slochr. • Bottom row: Taylor. Thompson. Toome , Turreniinc, Walton. Wcddcndorf, Wcrtz. Wine . W isccup. Wilier . 441 Phi Kappa Tau ' ndrrw«. Jamet. Amarilln. Tex., ' 52 Rmneit, C1a ion. ' ' uma. Colo.. ' SO Bcritcr. Jerr , Choennc. Wyo.. ' 51 Betthau«cr. Joseph. f)cn cr. Colo.. ' 51 Bn«lc . Richard. Callo Aa , Nchr.. ' 51 Br ani. Carroll, Denver. Colo.. 51 Case . Cliflord. Amarilln. Tet.. ' 50 Oioca«. W illiam. ( hc enne. W o.. ' 53 Coats. Charlr«. Willard. Colo.. ' 50 Davi«. Richard. Littleton. Colo.. ' 50 D«vi». Robert. Littleton. Colo.. ' 50 Celts, Max. Clenwood Sprints, C olo., ' 51 Gorman. John. Staten NIand. .N. .. ' 52 Gushee. Oliver. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Haate. William. Winnetka, III.. ' 51 Hammer. William. Boulder. Colo.. ' $2 Heath. Richard. Topelta. Kan.. ' 51 Henr . James. Delia. Olo.. ' 50 Ho|(ai- Thomas. Beulah. Colo.. ' 51 Hull. John. Pasadena. Calif.. ' 50 InftalU. James. Palo Alio. Calif.. ' 52 Barnes. Jack. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 52 BroberK. Carl. Pueblo. Colo.. " 52 Brossia. Carl. Pueblo. Colo., ' 52 Campbell. Robert. Salida. Colo.. ' 51 Clauss. Don. Melrose Park. III.. 51 Eaton. Richard. China Lake. Calif.. .S2 Fesscnden. Neil. Eajtle. Colo.. ' 53 ACTIVES kenz, Kdnard, Pasadena, ( ' alif.. ' S2 Kir ichncr. Allen. Tori U ' ashinitlnn, N. ' .. ' 52 l,ackr . John. Kalon. N. M.. ' 52 Lonft. (Clifford, (irand Junction. ( olo., ' 52 Lflvr. VVilham. Tulsa. Okla.. ' M l. nt. Ko(rr. lake MilU. la.. Crad. McKinlc . Charlc. I)c Plainc III.. ' 49 Mch.... William. Salida, Colo.. ' 51 Mills. Basil. Kort MorHan. Coin.. ' 52 Mills. Kohcrl. La ( ' .ran(c. III.. Crad. Milncr. Jcr ild. San Carlos. Calif.. ' 53 Mourninit. Donald. Puchln. Colo,. ' 51 Nelson. Clenn. Lontmnnl. Colo.. ' 52 Ncislon. Ceorjc. BcserU Hills, Calif,, ' 50 Nohle. Merle. Bcllflo«cr. Calif.. ' 50 Norlin . James. Denser. Colo., ' 50 Owens. John, - r ada. ( ' olo.. ' 51 Prelti. Bradford, (ilcnvsood Springs. Colo.. ' 52 Rand. Patrick. Kl Paso. Tex.. ' 50 _ Ranspot. Harold. Denser. Colo.. ' 52 PLEDGES Forcum. W illiam, l.onitniont. Colo,. ' 51 Huisinit. Don. Lockport. III.. ' 52 Lamb. William. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 McNcal. Kuitene. Salida, Colo.. ' 53 Mehos. John. Salida, Colo.. " 53 Michaclson. Richard. Cheyenne. W ' vo., ' 52 Ra mond, Russell. Colorado Sprin|(i. Colo., ' 50 Rice, John. Akron, Ohio. ' 50 Richman. Russell. Wellinifton. Colo.. 51 Rnbison. Albert. Knulder. Colo.. " 50 Rold. John, Salida. Colo.. Crad. Ro thcrmel. John. Milltown, Wise, 51 Rous. Paul. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Rusho. Wilbur, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Scoll. LeRo . Delta. Colo.. ' 50 Sesselt. Clair, Lcklev. Colo.. ' 52 Sheafl. Hotvard. Oak Park. III.. ' 50 Stoehr. Raimnnd. DuRois. Ida.. ' 51 Thompson. Ralph. Howard. Kan., ' .51 Toomcv, Paul, (ilcnwood Sprinits. ilo]n.. ' 50 Turrentine. Koberi. LI Paso. Tex., 50 W ' eddendorl, Harr , Kansas City. Mo.. ' 51 Williams, Robert. Briilhtnn. Colo., ' 50 W ' illouithbv. (iarv. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Wine . Blaine. KIko. Ncv.. ' 50 Wisecup. Ruiiell, Lonilniont. Colo., 51 WolfT. Austin. Manning S. C. 49 Nestler. Ron. ( rand Junction. Colo.. 52 Scibel. Editar. Centralia. III., ' 53 Stoneman. Richard. Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Taylor, ' olne% ' . Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Walton. William. Cheyenne, Wyo„ ' 51 Werlz. Ron, Casper, Wvo„ ' 52 Wilier . Robert. Cheyenne, Wyo.. ' 51 Phi Sigma Delta Tills vear the I ' lii Sij; trophies moved aside to welcome a ver ' huskv newcomer to their mitlst the Interfraternity Council ( .iip. Tlie mammotii trophy is ample evidence of the Purple anil W liite " top position on the totem pole in campus acti itv participation, scholarship and intramural athletics. This marks the cup ' s third visit to the house in the past dec- atle. The Phi Sig officers for this year %.rc: I ' iiil l.c itt. Ma.-tcr Frater: Kdmuntl Epstein. Vice-master Frater: Joseph Pells. House Manaf:er: Jesse Karler. Steward: Dick Lapides. Sec- retarv: Morion Barron. Hush { " .aptain. House Mother is Mrs. Rose Krillcr. Several of the Phi Sig collegians around campus who ex- tended the IF( " cup a cordial invitation were: Tom Guggen- heim. ASUC vice-president, and general chairman of Colo- rado I Davs. 1 )4 : Howaril C.ann. president of the Honors Union. Homecoming Awards chairman and general chairman of (-olorado U Days. 1950: Herb Kamlet. sports editor of the Silver and Gold: Sherm Finesilver. past president of the Inter- fraternity (!ouncil: Paul Loi)atin. husiness manager of the Colorado Engineer; Al Buchler. Hilli-I president and mem- her of Phi Beta Kappa: Jerry Kpslein. (!ampus Chest collec- tion chairman and inter Carnival assistant program chair- man. 1950: Phill Berger, Winter Carnival business manager. 1950: Stan Schrier and Gene Minzer. both Phi Betes and Harold Epstein. Tau Beta Pi. At the Plii Sigma Delta national convention, the Colorado chapter was acclaimed the best Phi Sig group in the nation, and consequentlv it was awarded the coveted Bnimmer cup. 442 o f i o 1 ] ' 1 U, i.,1 tiii: ! ..p r.»a-. i. ' r o rifkl : Aronin. Bell, Bcrilfr, (-iinn. (laspc. Dietz. Ebcr. I- imii. hpstcin. Fain. • Third row: Feinitold. Gardcn tHariz. (tinshur|(. ( uititcnhciin, Jacohf , Kamlet. Karlcr. ka s. Kern, Lane. " Srcond row: Lazcn iiz. K. I.cvin. M. I.i-vin, Le ilt, l-ulz. Marchick. I ' clU. Ptrlmun. Kcinjtold. Kobbin . " Bottom row: Robinson. Rudich. Silverbcrit. Spieitel. Slein, ciner. A. Wcliman. I). Wcltman. 443 Phi Sigma Delta Aronin. Jerr . Chicatto, III.. ' 51 Barron, N!orfon. Denver, Colo., " 52 Bell. Rr%in. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Bcritcr. Phil. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Buchler. AKred, Tel Aviv, Israel. ' 49 Cann. Moward. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Dietz. Phillip. SprintAcld. Masi.. ' 50 Dinner. Melvin, flreelcx. Colo., 49 Ei»en. Charles. Denver. Colo.. ' Si Epstein. Kdmund. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Epstein. Harold. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Epstein. Jerrv, Kan a« Cily. Mo.. ' 51 Fain. Alan. Boston. Mass.. ' 51 Gardenswartz. Jerr . Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Gelman. Norman, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Goldberg. Norman, Denver. Colo.. 51 Goldlarb. Alfred, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 ACTIVES Gotlesfcid, Burton. Brooklyn, N. Y., ' 49 Greene. Jerrv. Denver. Colo.. 52 GuAitenheini. Tom, Cincinatti. Ohio, 50 Kamlet. Herb. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Karler. Jes e, Mi hawaka. Ind.. ' 51 Lane, Hcnr , Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Lapidcs, Richard. Kansas City. Mo.. ' 50 Lazerwiiz. (Tharles. (Jary. Ind.. ' 51 I.cvin, Kcva. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 I,c inc. Phillip. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Levitt. Phillip. Che ennc. Wyo.. ' 49 Lewenberit. Richard. Boston. Mass.. ' 52 Loup. Robert. Denver, Colo., " 51 Lutz, Ja , Denver, Cnlo.. ' 51 Marchick. Herbert. San Jose. Calif., ' 51 Pell . Joseph, Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Rifkin. William. Denver. Colo.. ' 49 Roscnhaum. Sianton, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Rudich. Richard. Chicaifo. III.. ' 50 Safran. Hubert. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Schwartz, (tienn. Chicai(o. III., ' 51 Shiffman. William. Lonit Island. N. Y., Silvcrber . Stuart. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Simons, Larr . Denver, Colo., " 50 Stein, Stanlc ' . Denver. Colo., ' 50 Streickcr. Mitchell. Chicai(o, III.. ' 52 Sunshine. Phillip, Denver, Colo., ' 52 Tavcl, Howard, Denver, Colo., ' 49 Thomas, William, Denver, Colo., ' 51 Wcincr, Leonard. Denver, Colo., 51 Weltman, Albert, Denver, Colo., ' 52 Weltman, Dclbert. Denver. Colo., S2 Zerobnick, Martin. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 ' 51 Berman. David. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 Caspe. Jerrv, Denver, Coto.. ' 52 C«»», Ma er, Paierson, N. J., ' 52 Cohen, Jerry. Syracuse. N. Y.. ' 53 Clyman, Seymour. Pueblo, Coin.. ' 51 Fber, Allan, Denver, Colo., ' 52 Feinitold, Stan. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 PLEDGES Ginsburit. Lee. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Goldman. Norbert, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Ha man, Al, New York, N. Y., 52 Jacobs, Sam, Carlsbad. N. M.. ' 51 Kapilow. Marvin, Bronx, N. Y.. ' 53 Kern. Al, Chicaito, III., ' 53 Levin, Melvin, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 53 Reintold, Elliot, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Robbins. Martin. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Robinson. Jack. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Rubin. M ron. Brooklyn. N. Y.. ' 53 Schpall, Harvc , Denver, Colo,, ' 53 SpieKel, Stanley. Shelbyville, 111.. S3 Winer, Malcolm. Denver, Colo., ' 53 L Pi Kappa Alpha The year 1949 was an titstati(lin ; one for Pi Kappa Alpha. Under the leadership of Jim ( " openhaver. president: Fred Mattson. vice president: J ark Tooley. secretary: and Don F.nri};ht. treasurer, the fraternity made great strides in the varied phases of eanipiis activity. At the conclusion of spring quarter, Mrs. Lillian Kemp, the esteemed housemother of Pi Kappa Alpha retired, leav- ing hehind her a record of over eighteen years if inspiration and service to the fraternity. Mr.-. alter Keed was welcomed as housemother in the fall. Mother Reed has since won the affection of the entire fraternitv with her sympathetic understanding and sparkling personality. I ' i Ka|)pa Alpha fielded traditionally strong intramural teani tlironghoul the year. ith the " 48 foothall champion- ship to their credit, the I ' i K A " s went on to garner the fra- ternity howling trophy three quarters running, and fraternity soflhall title in the spring. Bv the middle of fall quarter " 49. the I ' i Ka[ gridders were again on the way to the final play- offs with five straight wins. Highlights of the social calendar were the traditional spring formal and the renowned Barn Dance. A numher of Pi K A " s are leaders in campus affairs and varsitv sports. Outstanding among these are Larry Resen — President of A.S.U.C., Heart and Dagger. Tau Beta Pi: Mel Coleman Editor of the Colorado Etifiinvcr : and Don F.n- right — Sumalia. OK, Louie, ilro i that liiin! A « in the biihony. doctor " Srxl li ' ssitn tomorrotv Oh, it ' s not so mitrh C.eilini: zero ' Ui V Top rote, trft to right: Arnell. Black. Brictsnn, Butcher, Callcnder, Canficld. C ' oleman, ( ' upcnhaucr. (r mdcn. • Third row: Uevcr. F.nrii(ht. KthriJtfc, Fielder. (]cruin. 1). Hillock, J. Hillock, Hu»lend. IJeler. Srcond roxr: Johns, Laurence, l.indftrt-n, Lo vc. Millard. Kcscn. Rice, Richard. Shirk. • Bottom rote: Sleder, Smith. Siarkovich, Tootey. Wheeler, V ilhain, " ' unko. 445 Pi Kappa Alpha BcritAren, Robin. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Bc r. Tom. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Brict on. Boh, ChicaAo. III.. " 50 Brown. Tom. Hoi Spring . S. D.. ' 52 Butcher. Chuck. Frccport. III.. ' 53 Canheld. Ko . Fort Morjtan. Colo.. " 51 Canfield. Ted. Berkele . Calif.. ' 50 Chapman. ' crn. Crand Nland, Nchr.. ' 52 Coleman. Met. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Coleman. ( ork . Saguache. Colo.. ' 52 Conwa . Bruce. Omaha. Nebr.. ' 52 Copenhaver. Jim. Pnlo. HI.. ' 50 Cowden. Dick. Silt. Colo.. ' 50 Curti«. (iene. (nlbert ville. K .. ' 49 Grad. Davi». Bob, i.n» An cle«. Calif., ' 52 Dcl.auro. I.eo. Denver. Colo.. 52 Detwiller. Bill. (;rand Uland. Nebr.. ' 51 De er. Chuck. (ilenwo«»d Spring . Colo., 52 Enriitht. Don. Boulder. Colo.. " 50 Ethridite. Ralph. La Junta. Colo.. ' 50 Ew . Ho «ard. Denver. Colo., ' 51 ACTIVES Fielder, Jim, Denver. Colo., ' 50 Cutman. Bill. Highland Park. III.. ' 50 Hillock. Jim. Aurora. III.. ' 51 Holkc iad. Don. Dcn cr, Colo.. ' 52 Hu»tead. Don. Pueblo, ( olo., ' 51 kelK. Dick, Fvan«ton, III., ' 51 Lawrence, Bill, (-ornwall, .N. .. " 50 l.inditrcn. John. Chicaito, III., ' 50 Lowe, Ken. Denver, Colo., 52 Matt«on. Fred. Denver. Colo,. ' 51 McClanahan, Don. Fort .Morjtan, Colo., ' 51 NtcDo«ell. Bill, Pueblo. Clo.. ' 51 Millard, Ronnie. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Mitchell. Pete. Bru h. Colo.. ' 51 Morri . Stan. Lakewood. ( olo., ' 50 Mulchav, Paul. Hot Spring , S. D.. ' 50 OhI, Germ. Lo» Anteic . Calif.. ' 52 Olandcr. Bob. Wheat Rid e. Colo., ' 52 Palmer. Dale. Wheat Ridtfc. (Zolo.. ' 52 Pennv. Frank. Grand Lake. Colo.. ' 51 Rav. Rill C. Colorado Sprini(i. Colo.. ' 51 Reed. John, Sterlinif. Colo., ' 50 Re«en, Lam. Jersey Ciiy. N. J., ' 50 Rice, Carroll, Littleton, Colo., ' 52 Richard, Gene. Brush, C-olo., ' 51 Roper. Lc . Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Sanders. Rav. Bcrwvn. III., ' 51 Savoncn, ( cne. Fsie« Park. Colo., 50 Schroll. C!harle«. La Junta, Colo.. 51 Schwalb. Hnnard. Boulder, Colo.. ' ■19 Grad. SheafTcr. John. Fort Madison. Iowa, ' 50 Sitfton, Dick. F ic. Pcnn,. ' 46 itrad. Starkovich, Bob. William . Arix.. ' 51 Toolev. Jack. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Torrisi. Dick. Mt. crnon. N. Y.. ' 52 Watson, ( " arl. Berwvn, 111., ' 51 W ' ellcfikotter. John. Brighton, Colo.. ' 50 Wheeler. John. La Junta, Colo.. ' 52 Whitson. Dudlev. Bismarck, N. D.. ' 50 Williams. CIvdc. Sterlinl Colo.. ' 50 ' onker. Rd.. Denver. Colo., 5I ' unko, Al. Kearnev. Nebr., 5l Arnell. Don. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Black, Bob. Jcrsev Citv. N. J.. " 53 Burite. Harland. Littleton. Colo.. ' 53 Callender. Jim. Arvada. Colo.. ' 53 Cohen. Phil. Boston. Mass.. ' 52 Dunn. Jerrv, Lead. S. D., ' 53 Gcrwin. Bob. Denver. Colo.. " 52 PLEDGES Hillock. Jim, Aurora. III.. ' 52 Johns. Frank. Hot Springs S. D.. ' 53 Kafttler. Paul. Brush. Colo.. 53 Kinji. Dick. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Lavine. Bob. Joliet. III.. ' 51 Link. Bob. Toronto. Ont.. Canada. " 53 O ' Brien. Francis, W ' ilmin|(ton. Del., ' 51 Olander. Harvev. Wheat Ridite. Colo., ' 53 Rademachcr. Paul, Hot SprinC» S. D., ' 53 Shearer. Walt. Hammond. Ind.. ' 52 Shirk. Don. Wheat Ridtfe. Colo.. ' 53 Sleder. Harrv. Salina. Kan.. ' 51 Vclisek. Norm. Inlleside, Calif., ' 52 Smith. Gene, Oraniec, Calif., ' 51 Sigma Alpha Epsilon IJiiriiif; tlip " 48- " 49 school year, the (-olorado ( hi chapter of Si;;ina Alpha Epsilon (-onliiiiit ' il as a learler in caiii[»iis ac- tivities, ' { ' he chaplcr ranic tliroii;:h last fall to win the Home- eoniin : participation cup anil also first place in house decora- tions. This year we won third in the ;rold di ision Honieconi- in float parade. e are alMi proud to announce that our Hoh arner was picked as the most comical character on campus. Our bif: men on campus last year included: Jim Knap, senior class president: Dustv Vt oolums. ASIC, commissioner: Uelta Sifima l i. . " tackhouse, Alison, and C!ox: (iharles Akers. Blue Key: Honors Union, Larry DeMuth: Head (Cheerleader, Mel Spurlin: Silver and Gold distribution manajier. ' W ' es Burn- ett: Do lo business manager. Boss Alison: arsitv athletes representing S A E were: Cook. Delmonico. .Mclntosli, and Eerrier- football: Bolander — basketball: Gregg. ' underlv, and Campbell — track: Acsell — tennis. itii the help of " Mom " illiams and the able guidance of Bill Lee, our president, Joe Horace, treasurer, and es Burnett, vice-president, the men in the pink house are look- ing forward to another great vear. jp ffi f o r u- Tofi mar. irtt to rifkl: Allen, Vli-ton. AndrcMs. Barr . Hillclcr. Brnivn. Burnett, (iarlos. IJirpcnier. (load. • t-ourth rox: ( rich, t o . (;r«»«.s. Drake. H her hard t. h rank! and, Ciill. Hrvifi. ( iriener. (iuhhin». • Third rotr: Harm . Harp. Hartshorn. Mcim. Horace. Ubill, Kravberd. l-awrencc, Lee, Lehman. • Srcond rotr: Liebctian. Lindce. Low den. MatthcHon, Mc( ' lunil. Oldakor. Phillips. Rolander, Sims, Snider. • Bnttom rotr: Spalh. Swartz. andenark. Warner, Watson. W ennerstrum. Wheeler. 447 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ac«ell, Ra mond. Denver. Colo., 59 Akerv. Charles. (ne eland Hcir(ht i, Ohio, Grad. Alison, Rnsf. Be%crU HilU. Calif., ' 50 Andrews. (;erald. Oakwood. III.. ' 51 Rarr , Samuel. Lnnf Reach, ( ' alii.. ' S2 RaumMrtncr. Jerold. Scntisbluff, Nebr.. " 51 Rond. Robert. W innelka. III.. ' 52 Rnwman. Bob. Stoamboat Sprin[(s, Colo.. ' 50 Brown. Robert. Milwaukee. W ii.. 50 Brown. Jim. Denver. Colo.. " 52 Burke. James. Lon Reach. CaliL. 52 Burnett. We le . ( ' olorado Sprin|(ii, ( ' olo.. ' 50 Rurne . Phil. Denver, ( olo.. (irad. Campbell. Donald. Roulder. Colo.. ' 50 Carlos. Don. Houma. La.. " 51 Carpenter. Dean. (•reelc . Colo.. ' 51 Cobb. Allen. Dallas. Tex.. 49 Conre . James. North Plaite. Nebr.. 52 CiMik, Pcier. Cheyenne. W o.. 50 Corfman. Fdwin. Denver. Colo.. " 51 Corich, Hd. CIa ton, N. NL. ' 50 Cov, Marque, Ft. Collins. Colo.. ' 50 Cros«, Mercer. Denver. Colo,. " 52 Cunninitham, Duane. Denver, Colo., ' 52 51 ' 51 50 ACTIVES Cunnini{ham. Richard. Denver, Colo Dcerinit. l- ' red. Vrkansas Cil , Kan.. DeMuth. Lael. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 DeMuth. Lawrence. Boulder. Colo. Kairajzl. Jot ph, Berw n. III., ' 50 Frankland. (ieorite. Fvanston. 111.. Gill, Duane, Mitchell. Nebr.. ' 52 (jood. B ron. Denver. Colo.. " 49 Qrcii. Clare. Colorado Sprints. OIn.. Creiser. John, Western Sprintfit. III.. Crimes, Ross, Dcs Moines, Iowa. " 50 Hamer. Richard. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Harmes. Kenneth, Newton. Kan.. ' 50 Harp. Richard. Rnanoke. a., ' 50 Heim. Robert. Redlands. Calif., " 52 Horace. Joseph. Chicago. III.. ' 50 Isbell. H. C... Mc ;re or. Tex.. 51 lohnson. Neil, Riverside, III.. " 50 Krasbertf. Robert. ( ' ilen iew, III.. ' 52 Lawrence. Karl. Denver. O»lo., " 50 Lee. William. Dem-er, Coin., ' 50 Liebeirau. William. Da ton. Ohio, ' 50 Lindee. Robert, Dcn cr. ( " olo,. " 50 Lowden. James. Forest Park. III., 52 •50 Malhcson. William. Colorado Sprin((». Colo., Morrow. Samuel, Kansas ( it . Kan., ' 49 Ourcn. ail. Harlan. Kan., " 50 Peacock. James. Janesvillc, W i».. ' 51 Phillips. Jack. Newton. Kan., ' SO Pool, Richard. Denser, Colo., ' 50 Renn. W illard. Toledo, Ohio, ' 50 Sanders, Richard. Hsanston. III.. ' 52 Satlerwhite. William, Denser. Colo.. ' 51 Schuh. William. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Shade. Robert. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Sims, Rex. Denser. Colo.. ' 51 Spath. Charles. Pueblo. Colo., ' 52 Spenst. Vubres. Denser. Colo., ' 52 Spillane, Frank, Lakewood. Colo.. ' 52 Sta»ln . Fverclt. Denser. Colo., ' 51 Sssart7.. Donald. Lorain. Ohio. ' 50 Thomas. Robert, Denser, Colo.. ' 49 ' anderwark. James. Fl. Collins. Colo.. ' 50 Warner. Robert, Daslon. Ohio. " 50 Wennerslrum. Scott. Chariton. Iowa, ' 51 Wheeler, Russel, Glcncoe. 111.. ' 51 W tMilums. Fdward, Boulder. Colo., " 51 Wnthi. Harold. Nashville. Tenn., ' 50 ' 50 Allen. Jack. Tulsa. Okla.. ' 5. Ratles. Brad. Denser, t olo.. ' 53 Bertea. Richard, Pasadena. Calif., ' 52 Biltiter. Bud. Fairfield. Iowa. 52 Broman. Ron. Denver. Colo.. ' 5. (;ias. William, rkansas Cits. Kan.. ' 51 Coad. Robert. Dcs .Moines. Iowa, ' 53 Cunningham. James, Denver, Coin.. ' 53 Dalthorp, James. Pierre. S. D.. ' 53 Dickens, Robert. Glenvies . 111.. ' 53 Ebcrhardl. Robert. Denver. Colo.. 52 PLEDGES Eiswnrth. William, ( Sprin|(s, Colo.. Fisher, William. North Platte, Nebr.. ' 53 Ciranberif. Dick, Albuquerque. N. NL. ' 52 Gubbins. Jack, Denver, ( " olo.. ' 52 Hartshorn, James. Fnftlessood. Colo,, ' 53 Huskie, Gene, Ft. Collins. Colo.. ' 52 Joseph. Gars. Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Kellman. Robert, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Kuny. Edwin. Decatur. III.. ' 53 Lambert, Jack. Sacramento. Calif.. ' 51 Lehman. John. Cedar Rapids. Iowa, 53 MeC ' lunjl, Donald. Boulder, (Zolo., ' 53 Milton. John. Los nt(ele9. Calif.. ' 52 Nfsers. Donald. Boulder. Colo., ' 52 Msers. Robert. Roulder, Colo., ' 53 Oldaker, William, Albuquerque, N. M.. Pate, Tom. Denver. Colo.. " 53 Smsthe, Rill. Chula ista, Calif.. ' 52 Stewart, Robert. Aberdeen. S. D.. ' 53 Tilker. James. Chesennc. W ' o., ' 53 Watson. Keith, Loveland, Colo., ' 53 Wilcox. John. Decatur, III.. 53 53 Sigma Chi This vear has marked a tremendous milestone in the his- t ir of Sifinia ( ' hi on the (lolora h ' ani| ns. Tlie initiation of twent -one new actives ailded thi- new Idood and spirit neces- sary to carry the chapter tliroiifxh the year. The completion of our new house lias opened an opportunity for a hri ' :ht fu- ture for Sif:nia hi at Colorado. I his year the chapter has been in the able hands of Jim Bruin, president: Bill Serat, vioe-presiilent: Dick .Vxell. secretary: and Harold i I ' ucky I Lee. treasurer. A ain the chapter has been blessed by havinf; Mrs. Karic II. iiilinan as our hou.semotber. As a whole the chapter has had a successful year. The social calendar was always crannned with various types of [larties that offered a fjood time and fulliiled everybody ' s tastes. The bi;; dance of the year was the annual Sweetheart Dance held at the I ' ark Hill (lountry club in Denver. A hi;; chicken dinner an l fjood dancing were the order for the eve- ninfj. The Fajania Dance, Barn Dance, and ( and)lin . ' I ' arly are examples of the ini ]ue parties held at the house during the vear. In conjunction with I ' hi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi held the first annual Miami Tria l dance, ' e hope that this dance will become a tradition at Colorado Uni- versity. Sigma Chi isn ' t without its share of awards. The chapter won first place in Winter (!arnival participation and second place in the Ice Sculpture in the (iold division. In intramural sports the Sigma Chis shared first place honors in volleyball, basketball, and jiolf. Chuck Mlison won the intramural wres- tling cliaiiipionsliip in the I ' M) pound weight class, i ' lie chapter turneil in creditable performances in all the sports in which tliev participated. . few of our BMO ' " s are Ralph Tobias. Treasurer of the (ireek ( ionibine. ASl(!. and I ' lii Kpsilon I ' hi: and Bob Miliier. who is a big gun on the (Colorado Engi- neer. 448 fnippr r " i? .ofr. i % i ' - ••. " ..liE h-J h " " It CT IT? r_ ' f To ro or. fo rithl: Vddam , Mhrt-cht. VrJourcl. Hicrbuum. K!aich(r)rd. H .«man, !tranh . Mr i,,ks Km in. I ' .iinIi ( hupmun, Oini. • fiUh rotr: Dahh«, Decn, Ditmukc. [)nd «in, Diikcs. KIwimd, Knnis. l ' i ihiT, hitch. Flint, l-raitumini. Manis. • h ' lunh ruu-: Ilcldi-r. HinninitMn. i ' .. Hunter. G. Hunter. Johnson. Kilc . . I.ursen., H. V, Lee. " Third nitc: Nldtfuire. M jrshull. M« er, McDunnnith. Mcl ' drltind. Mcudcm. Meizner, Moulds, Oakley. Panlclla. B. I j ne. M. Pwyne. • Srcnnd row: Pneuwan. Pmtt. Kichdrds. Kiker. Kinchart. Kobird», !Sa er, Schcijtcrt, Schoticid, Scrai, Shepherd. Shull. Bottom row: Singer, Smith, Tajt ert. Tobias, ' an Ornam, Walton, Weber. UelU. eaiter. 449 Mbrecht. Dnn. Chicago. III.. ' 51 cll. Dick. I cn er. f ilo.. ' 52 Bierbjum. Robert. Chicaito. III.. ' 51 Bierbaum. William. ChicaAn. III.. ' 52 Blacktord. Laurence. Chicago. lit., ' 52 Bloom. Tom. Mu«caline. Iowa. ' 52 Bnwman. Kob . San Hietfo. (lalif.. ' 51 Brtitlt . I. eon, 4 iailup. N. M.. 51 Brueilitcmiin. Bud. Rapid Cit . S. I).. Bruin. Jim. Ro well. N. M.. ' 50 Bu«h. John. |)cn er, Colo.. ' 51 CervBn . C ' arl. Denver. Colo.. 51 Clark, ken. Denver. Colo.. 51 Coilc. Jack. W« hini(ton. D. C. ' 50 Dabbs. Charlie. Ro«»ell. N. M.. ' 51 •50 Sigma Chi ACTIVES Di«muket. Dud. Stcimbont Sprini( i, Colo., ' 51 Duke«. Ken Buend Park. C:alif.. ' 51 KII» iod. Witlifln. Boulder. Colo., ' 51 Filch, Tom. (iarden (irove. Calif.. ' 50 Harris. Harold. Crai . Clo.. ' 50 Henninit en. Tom. Atlantic. Iowa. ' 51 Kel en. (Gordon, ( ' ouncil HIurt i. Inwa. ' 50 kile , ( ene. Chicaf(o. III.. ' 52 Law. Jim. Steamboat Sprinil . ( ' oin., ' 51 Lee. Harold. Denver, ( olo.. ' 50 Lee. Peter. Denver. C olo., 52 Maituire. Jim. Homcwood. III., 50 Maver. Rudi. Milwaukee. Wit.. ' 51 McDonouth. ( il. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Oftklev, Gar . Chicaito, III., ' 51 Payne. Mac. Denver, C«lo,. ' 51 Pratt. Steve. Lou Andeleft. CaliL, ' 52 Rikcr, Andv, Manchester, ( ' onn., ' 51 Rohirdv Fred. La Hahra, Calif.. ' 51 Serat. H ill. Chicago. III.. ' 51 Scvdier. Herb, Rellaire. Tex., ' 50 Shepherd. John. Oai|l. Colo.. ' 50 Shull. Jim. kan«a« Cit , Mo., ' 50 Smith. Hawlev. St. Louit. .Mo., ' 52 Taittfarf. Tom. Burlinitame. Calif., ' 52 Tobia«. Ralph. Berwvn. III., ' 51 ' an Ornam. N ' crnon. Superior, Nebr.. ' 51 ' awter, Read. Denver, Colo., " 51 Weber. Don. Steamboat Spring . Colo.. ' 50 Weber, William, Steamboat Sprinitft. Colo., ' 50 Aekerman, Jim, Chicafo, III., ' 55 Adams. Fd. C:hica«o. III.. ' 52 Ardoudel. Joe. Boulder. Colo., 53 Brooks. Bill. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Chapman. Alc . W ' orland. W ' vo., ' 53 Crtm. Jim, F cherville. Iowa. ' 51 Dodson. ( huck. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Ennis. (rhas.. kansas City, Mo.. ' 53 Fisher. Dick. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Flint. Tom. Pocatello, Ida.. ' 53 PLEDGES Haubrook. Cha ., Morrnon. III., ' 53 Helder. (»cori(e. Grand Rapids. Mich.. ' 52 Hunter. Chuck. CThicajto. III.. ' 53 Hunter. Glenn, Gitletlc. Wvo., ' 51 Johnson. Bill. Muscatine, Iowa, ' 53 Lanittrv. Al. Chicai(o. 111.. ' 53 Marshall. Hap. Chicago, III.. ' 51 McFarland, Dick, kansas City, Mo,, ' 53 Meador. John. Glenwood Sprints, Colo.. ' 53 .Meizner. Chuck. Colorado Sprinits, Colo., ' 52 Moulds, Frank. Chicaito, III., ' 52 Paoldla. Joe. Chicago, III.. ' 52 Pa nc, Branson. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Pnewman, Fred. Boulder. Colo.. ' 53 Rhinehart, Bob. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Sa re, Jerr , Glenwood Sprinits, Colo., ' 51 Schofield. Bruce. Buena Park. Calif.. ' 51 Schwei|(ert, .Arnold, Colorado Sprin|(s. Colo., Siniter. keilh. Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 52 WelU. Bill. Riverside. Calif.. ' .52 " ' eafter, Goss. Midland. Tex.. ' 53 •53 J Sigma Nu A deep and genuine fraternal spirit keynotes tlie Gamma Kapfta cliapler of Sif;nia Nu. slio« ii tlii i-ar when tlir mem- bers won l)oth tlie Homecoming: and liou e l i-oralions cups. It makes hite Star parties ami .i li ities a real pleasure fo r every member. Sigma Nu conlribuleil II nun to tin- Hull ar il football squad, seven to the baseball lineup, and on. lo the basketball team. . l the annual pledge bancpiel in September ihe mortgage on the Sigma Nu house was burned, signifying the end of the fralernilv " s la l outstanding debt. Mrs. ( ' .. ( ' .. Crawford. " Mom " in piril as w«dl as wortl. was wtdcomed back in October from her summer vacation in Manila. 1 ' . I. Recognizing duty to their rni ersity as well as to their fralernilv. Sigma Nu men j)ut in a lot of time and work on the campus. Out.staniling were Ray Jump, president of I ' lii Epsilon Phi. and a Homecoming chairman: Frank Krone, chapter commander and president of Star anil Sextant: Doug Griffith. W inter (Carnival chairman; Don Roe, actor and di- rector in fi ' l.ittle Theatre productions: John Thomas, presi- dent of AS-MK: and Jack i ' ixlcr. presiilent of Suniaiia. Bob Shanstrom an l A Porter w ere given awards as out- standing students in the Business school. A Casablanca cabaret was the nuitif used at the fall Green- wich Village dance. The w inter formal at the Vi ellsbire Coun- trv club in Denver an l the bite Rose spring formal are sweet memories for each (ramma Kappa man. In intranuiral sports. Hal Johnson and his water polo team got to the semifinals, and Hank Heinley placeil second in the spring golf tourney. 450 So ' " - ? ' Ihin ' l livl lliv iitiini til llii-sf slum n hill loiilil III ' iinilir ihiil hiil? Siilrniliil! Onh ' Jli uhn hnrii ii hut hr tins iliiitr II I ' ll. II rll. II I ' ll. Our tvtiin •A. " ' i t •k; W T Jnp r.,u. i.-ft to right: Ml, Ml i;. uul IW ,v lit idfnbach. Chiillhurit. Coon. Cox. DcN.u. I , ,.r,l. I M UIiirdC. • Third rou-: Kischcr. J. (iihsi.n. . (hHsmii. (Iraham. (Jrithth. Hansen, Hnlhronk. Hurl, .Ili lo v, .IkIUc. .iMltnn. • Second roic: H. Johnson. H. M. Johnson. P. Johnson. Johnslftn. Jump, J. Kvnchnn, H. Kcnchiin. Kronv. L nn. Manirc. • Bottom row: McLeish. Neumann. Pat ton, P lc. Ransom. Kcvcc, Kost, Siuarf. ancc. Ufiodard. Worcester. 451 Sigma Nu Allen. Roy. Montrose. Colo.. 51 Mien. Norman T.. Denver, (rolo.. " 51 nder on. HImer C. Chicago. III.. ' 51 %htfr. Hohcrt H.. Crest Bend. Kan.. ' 50 Barton. Harlan N., Sterling. Colo., ' 50 Bra . kennelh W .. Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Brcidenhach. (ienrKe V .. Bartletville. OkU.. 51 Burridi(c. Kichard Sf.. (Cincinnati. Ohio. 51 Coon. R. Duane. Boulder, Colo.. ' 51 V.nx. Ru cll J.. Crand Junction. Colo.. ' 50 DcNeice. Daniel J.. PueMo. Colo.. ' 50 Hhin er. Philip A.. Huhhard. Ohio. ' 51 hd ard . Kenneth H.. Chicaitn. III., ' 50 KnAlchardt. Dan T.. Silver Sprind, Md.. ' 51 Fischer. iird II.. Fort ( ' ollin«. Colo.. ' 51 C.ih on. William K.. Santa Fe. N. M.. ' 52 (libson, James (1.. Delta. Colo.. 5I (•raham. Hu(h R.. (Chcvenne. Wyo.. ' 50 (■rilfith. Dnuitlas .. lamosa, Colo.. ' 50 Cnlfith. William S.. Bev erlv Hills. Calif.. ' 52 Hahn. Robert. Windsor, Olo.. " 50 Hall. Bilh (;.. Fllinwood. Kan.. ' 52 ACTIVES Hdmihon. William B.. Rimt Forest. 111.. ' 51 Hansen. R. Rav. Fort (Cnllini, Colo.. ' 51 Hart. W itliam D.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla.. ' 51 Hcrhst. Clarence A.. Park Kidite. III.. ' 50 Houston. John S.. Rushville. 111.. ' 50 Hurt. Jack. Lafavette. (Colo.. ' 52 Jacksitn, John D., Western Sprinits, 111., ' 50 Ja co . Randall F ' .. Alhuguerque. N. M.. ' 51 Jortec. Thomas F.. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Johnson. Frederick F.. Pueblo, Colo.. 51 Johnson, Hilan. M., ( Icndalc, Ariz.. ' 51 Johnson. Pete O.. Abilene. Tex.. ( rad. Johnson. Hal. (iaiesburit. III., ' 50 Johnston. Richard S.. Lund. L ' uh. ' 50 Joli m, Stanlc NL. Lamar. Colo.. ' 50 Jump. Ravmond A.. Boulder. C olo.. 50 Kenehan, John (C. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Kenehan. Richard R.. Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Klaus, (ierald J., Denver. (Znlo., 52 Krone. Frank W ., Billini(s. Mont.. " 50 Manire. Robert W " .. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 50 Mc(Clintock. Harrv C. Hutchinson. Kan.. ' 50 McLeish. Murrav M.. Orlando. Fla.. ' 51 Miller. Malo.lm J.. Santa Fe, N. M.. ' SO Neal. Charles R.. Portland. Ore.. («rad. Neal. I). Robert. Portland. Ore.. ' 51 Neumann. Kenneth (i.. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Palsftrove, John H.. Los Andelet. CaliL, ' 50 Palrtn, Archie. Rock Sprinftn. W o.. ' 50 Pohl. Richard W .. Birmingham, Mich.. ' 52 Pxic. Robert L.. Boulder. Colo.. 50 Ransom. Richard N.. Phoenix, Ariz.. ' 51 Kcece. John D.. Santa Fe. N. M.. ' 51 Ries, Nicholas F.. Billin|(«. Mont.. ' 50 Rost. Richard C. Jancsville. Wis.. ' 51 Shanstrom. Robert 1... Fori Collins, Colo.. ' 51 Sletten. Kenneth (;.. Billinit . Mont.. ' 51 Sluarl. L iuis J.. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 50 TTiarp. Ja . Denver. Colo.. ' 52 ancc. A. William. Fnid. Okla.. ' 51 W ebttcr. Thomas W.. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Woodard, ieorde W ' ., Saituache. Colo., ' 50 Worcester. Thomas K.. Boulder, (-olo., ' 50 Barlow. Lloyd D.. Boulder. Colo., ' 53 Bateman. Robert A., Austin. Minn.. ' 53 Beard. William F.. Ft. Collins. Colo.. ' 53 Beauvais. Lester L., Crand Junction, Colo.. Becrv. Arlic. I)cn er, Colo.. ' 51 RIackmarr. Ned P.. Boulder. Colo.. " 52 Bowser. Jerrv K.. Davton. Ohio. ' 53 Brand. ' ance D.. Lonitmont. Colo.. ' 53 Brindlev, Thomas A.. Toledo, Ohio. ' 53 Bywaters. Theodore W ' .. Dallas. Tct.. 53 Challbur|(. .M. W illiam, Denver, Colo., ' 51 •51 PLEDGES Clark. B. LeRoy. Lov eland. Colo.. ' 53 Conmbs. Charles P.. Kalamazoo. .Mich.. ' 53 Davoren. Peter J.. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Decker. Robert L.. Denver. Colo., ' 53 Green. Robert A., Maniiou Springs. Colo., ' 53 Haiith. J. Richard. Burlini(ame. (CaliL, 53 Hart. F. Henrv . Central Point. Ore.. ' 53 Huichinits. Robert C... Henderson. Colo., ' 52 Killius. Robert A.. Rocky River. Ohio. ' 52 Kind. Charles G.. Lamar, Colo.. ' 53 KnoT. Forrest S.. Loveland. Colo.. ' 53 Larsen. . . Lee. Cozad. Ncbr.. ' 52 Lynn. Conrad D.. Fcrndale. Mich.. ' 52 Richman. William H., Amarilln. Tex., ' 53 Smith. Paul A.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Stokes. Ronald F... Boulder. Coin.. ' 52 Todd. William J.. Austin. Minn.. ' 53 Tormcv. Peter I.. Menlo Park, CaliL. ' 53 Trick. Harold L.. Frankion. Ind.. ' 51 I ' nderhill. Burton C. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Welch, Noel L.. Grand Junction. Colo., ' 53 Winn. Raymond L.. Topcka. Kan.. ' 53 Xisch, Donald E.. Johnstown. Colo., ' 52 Sigma Phi Epsiion Stri in«; upward uikKt the syiiihol of the ( iiliit-n Heart. Sifrma I lii P ' psilon arliieved more proinineiiro in l ' 4 ' than in anv vcar since llie reactivation of the chapter. Heceivinfr tliiril place in tlie Silver Dixision participation ihirin;: inter (iarni%al and first place in the float and men ' s field e ents diirin ; Honiet ' omin}; were the more important honors won durin : the past year. These acconiplishnicnts were attained under the ahle leadership of Dale Hrown. president: John W ehermeier. vice- president; Donald Lindherp, secretary; Robert Wilson, corre- spundiii;; secretarv : and William T ' yle. historian. Our house- nu ther, Mrs. F.hira ( ray. also helped inuneasurahly in a great many aspects of our fraternity activities. Socially, Sip Ep functions were both interesting and varied. Aside from the usual activities, duriuf; the Winter Quarter, the annual Queen of Hearts Kail was held. Following this, spring quarter formal was held in the mountains at Brook Fi re-t Tnn. In the fall piarter. social aclivilies included the annual Handxio Hungalovv party spiuisored hv the pledge class, an d the tri-chapter fornuil held at the Brown I ' alace in Denver. Hounding out the achievements of Sig Eps on the campus, we point to Bill Allen and Bob ilson. varsity football; .Stan Flays, swimming: Harry Nance, wrestling; and Mac Kibbev, fencing, (lourt Peterson, outstanding member of Speakers Congress and Debate team member: Brent Gooder. dorm presi- dent; Dick Harrison, regional vice-president National .Student Association; Dale Brown, president of Alpha Phi Omega. .Sig Ep is well re[)resented in camjuis honoraries bv Ed Babka, Sigma Tau, F ta Kappa Nu, and Tau Beta Pi; Jim Harvey, Pi Tau Sigma; Dick Harrison, Pi Tau Sigma; Al An- derson. Tau Delta: Howard Johnston. Delta Sigma Pi: and Ed Johnson, Pi -Mu Epsilou, Delta Sigma Pi, and Beta Alpha Psi. 452 Q%- i-4 ■. - ' - ' i . { ' A PJ r.q i.-; •o o (Ti a Top mir. tru III rieni : Alien, ndcr- ' ini. Huhka. Hii-I. Ittjkni . Hon en. D. Bro«n. (i. Brown. Rurkhardt. Chamberlin. Cummans. • fourth row: Don. Drew, Fritchman. tinodcr. (ircdor, HnlhrciDk. Marri nn. Httrvc , Ha «. Hick , v.. Johnson. • Third row: I), Johnson. Johnston, Kibhc . Kucscr. I). Lindhcrjt. K. I.tndhcrit. Li ini(s(on. Manlt-%. McRohcri ' .. Metcalf. Morienson. • Srcond row: Nance, Neu«chaefer. ) ' Mallc . Phair. Pier on. P le. Han . Robertson. Schwartz.. Scoit, Stewart. • Bottom row: Slruthcrs, Thodc, Townscnd. N ' anHeb- ber. Wassmann, W ' ebermeier, VV ie e, iUon, idsom. ' oun)t. 453 Sigma Phi Epsiion Allen. William, rvada. Colo., 52 Ander on, Albert. Chadron, Nehr.. ' 50 Babka. Kdward. ( ' olumbus. Nebr., ' 50 Beck. Glen. A»pen. Colo.. ' 52 Brown. Dale. I.onifrnont. Colo., ' 50 Brown, (iaic, t.on|(mont. Colo., ' 52 Chamberlin. Nicholas, Osawatomie. Kan Cla ton. Jame-i, Gainesville, Fla.. ' 51 Crolt, Harold, Boulder. Colo.. 50 Cumman t. John. Boise. Ida.. ' 50 Davidson, Frank, Niagara FalU. N. ., Dot%. David. Denver. Colo.. 51 Fertu9on. William, (ireat Falls. Monl., Fritchman. I.vnn, Rni te. Ida.. ' 50 Greitor. Kenneth. Lincolnwood, III.. ' 52 Halbrook. William. Omaha, Nehr.. 50 Harrison. Dick, Denver, Colo.. ' 51 •50 ACTIVES Harney, James. Btrmini(ham, Mich., 50 Hays, Stanley. Caripiio, N ' cnezucia, S. ., 53 Hicks. Al, Colorado Sprinits. Colo.. ' 51 Johnson, Fdwin. Denver. C ' olo., ' 50 Johnston. Howard. Ordwav. Colo., ' 50 Kibbc . Irwin, l.ovcland, Colo., ' 50 Kucscr. Paul. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 l.ehrman. Phillip. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Lindbcrt Donald. HoKnke, Colo.. ' 50 Livingston. Tom, Hastinifs. Nebr., ' 50 Manlcv, James, Denver. Colo,. ' 51 Mctcall, James. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Mortenson. Dick, ( " olorado Sprinits, Colo., ' 52 Nance. Harrv. Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Neuschaeler. William. Wheat Ridite. Colo., ' 51 Peterson. Courtland. ( Ia ton. Okla., ' 51 Phair. Lawrence. Pitfsfield. Mass.. ' 50 Pierson, Leonard. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Purrinion, William. Pleasanton, Kan., ' 50 P le. William. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Hattv. Donald. San Dicfto, Calil.. 50 Robertson, Hf»nnie, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Sherman, William. Jv id. Colo., ' 51 Stratton. Robert. Hastinifs. Nebr., ' 50 Thodc, Harrv. Arvada. Colo., ' 52 Townscnd. R ' lbcrt. Boulder City, Ncv., ' 51 an Hoorebckc. (icorie. Boulder. Colo., ' 50 Walker. Thomas. Boulder. Colo.. ' .SO Wassman. William. Kankake«. III.. ' 52 ebermeier, John HoKoke, Colo., ' 51 Wiesc. Alvin, Los Antfclcs, Calif,. ' .SO Wilson. Robert. N ' alentine. Nehr.. ' 52 Wisdom. Donald. Boise. Ida.. ' 50 i. Bate. Richard, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Bate. Robert. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Bechtold. Bruce. Denver. Colo.. 52 Riel. Richard. Cnstal Lake. III.. 50 Blaknev. John. ' erona. N. J.. ' 53 Bowen. DwtAht. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Burkhardt. William. Rriithton. Colo.. " 52 Drew, Russel. Diablo Heiithts. Panama Canal Zone, Goodcr. Brent. Casper, Wyo.. ' 53 PLEDGES Hewitt. Richard. Napa. CaliL. ' 53 Jacobs. James. Los Aniteles. CaliL, Johnson, Dale. Denver. Colo., 52 Joncn, David. Lon mont. Colo., 53 Kellv. John. Billings. Mont.. ' 53 Lindbcrif. Richard. HoKoke. Colo.. ' Ohison. Morton. Denver, Colo.. ' 53 O ' Malley. Edmund. Chicago. III.. ' 53 53 53 Scott. Richard. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Schwarz. Donald. Lincoln. Nebr.. 52 Se«r«. Thomas. Denver, Colo.. 53 Stewart, Dair, Aurora, III., ' 52 Struthers, Joseph, C ' olorado Sprinits. Colo., Van Bcbber. Robert. Denver. Colo., ' 53 WoU. Gerald. Denver, Colo., ' 53 Younit. George, Denver. Colo., ' 52 Zorn, Donald. Denver. Colo., ' 53 ' 53 Theta Xi Alpha Eta Chapter of Theta i. under llie able leadership of Bud I ' irkford. looks back on 1949 with pride and the feel- ing of a job well done. ' ith excellent support from Theta Xi alums, fall quarter found ;ill nicnilxT " hard at work rrdccoratinf; tin- liousr, ' ! lie li inf; room, dinirii; room, ami liall;- were beautifully painted, fluorescent li xhtin(: installed, and new drapes added for the fini Iiin ; touches. More plans for the house are scheduled to be put into effect next year. Vi ' inter quarter saw the Theta Xi ' s busy with Winter Cam- i al activities. so ' ials. and their winter dance. Durinf; spring quarter, main iiieiiiher« were a ' ti e on ( .{ l)a s committees. Tlic aniiiKii l(piiiicli-r iLi li:iiiqiict «a liild pril 2 ' ' in Den- ver, and topping off spring activities was the annual spring formal held at the X ellshire ( " ountrv club in Denver. Fall socials iiicliidcil several informal dances, the largest being a barn dance held at the Al|)s Lodge in Hoiilder canon. During the Homecoming festivities, a successful partv was held for alums, parents, and friends of Theta Xi ' s: over one hunilred and seventy-five guests were present. Mrs. Clea Stanley, of Colorado Springs, entered her third year as housemother for Theta Xi. OflTicers for 1949 were Bud Pickford. presiilent: Robert Sievers. secretary: Carl F.klun l, treasurer: ably assisted by Allen Maruvania. Kenneth .Sin- clair, and Frank Helwig. 454 l iri ii r Top rou-. Ifft to right: Kashir. K;ium, BiNscll. Howard. (luwcr , I ' asU-r, I ' lklund, llium-s. • Smind rote: HvllHiit. Imjtrund, Ivanjkcvich, Johnsfin, Killiun, MuruMima. Mnrri . N klrnfn. Hollom row: Ocrtii, l vchlc », I ' icklurd. Kuper. Rose, Sicvcrs. Thomasun, Wimmvll. 455 Theta Xi Ra ihnr. ( ' urt ! .. I.nnitninnt. Colo.. 50 Raum. Paul R.. I)cn%er. Cnln.. ' 50 Renter. Huth. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Ri-nell. Rav C. Denver. Colo.. " 51 Rnifard. Charlei. Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Bowerv Ut x% F.. Delta. Colo.. ' 51 Chri«ten%nn. Keifh. La t Animat, Cote, Hklund. Carl R.. River-tide. 111.. ' SO Feller. Donald L.. Victor. Colo.. 51 Gale . Dan C. Denver. Colo.. ' 50 •SO ACTIVES flreene. Boh, Hartford, Conn., ' 50 Helwiit. Frank. Mt. HarrU, Colo.. ' 50 Ivani ovich. (ieorjte, Denver, (Zolo.. ' 52 Johnson. Ftmcr K.. Kclso, W ' anh.. ' 51 Killian, Wa ne R.. Denver, (! nl i.. ' 50 MLtnixama, Allen. La Animas. Colo., ' 50 Morri . Roy. Ft. Collins. Colo.. ' 51 Nyntrom. Charles M.. Ranitclv. Colo., ' 50 Oertli. Charles, Si. Louis. Mo., ' 52 Penis. Rdwin H.. Denver. Colo., 50 Pickford. Paul J., Denver, Colo.. 50 Roper. Louis. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Rose. Lowell L.. Ml. Harris. Colo.. ' 50 Rose. L le L.. Mt. Harris. Colo., ' 50 Sievcrs. Robert J.. Denver. Colo,. ' 50 Sinclair. Kenneth A.. Midwest, W o.. ' 52 Siine. Harry. Colorado Sprinils, Colo., ' 51 Thomason, Herman, Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Turner, Rod. Custer, S. D., ' 52 Ruiz. Dick L.. RriAhion. Colo.. S2 Haynes. Dick. Puehln. Colo,. 50 HodAkin, Norman. Palo Alto. CaliL, ' 52 PLEDGES Imitrund. Don L. Wadena. Minn.. ' 50 Leonard. Robert J., Entflewood. Colo.. ' 53 Myers, Horace C B uffalo Creek. Colo., ' 51 Peebles. John D., Denver. Colo., ' SO Roby, Rob B.. Montrose. Colo.. ' 53 Wimmell. Art A.. Las Animat. Colo., ' 52 Zeta Beta Tau Zota Beta Tail has made great strides in gaining promi- iK ' iic ' on »-ani|iiis. and this was achieved holli in caiiiim ])ar- tiiipation and athletics last year. ZBT foothall players makin-: the Greek All-Star Team were Dan Hoffman and Lloyd Goldstein. ZBT ' s Hal Kasowitz, a transfer stud ' nt is bein jzroonied for a varsity berth next fall. Other nuinbers are showing promise in varsity golf, base- ball, skiing, and wrestling. . clive ZBT ' s on campus iiu IihIo l.en Fox. hairman of llonieeoniiii Dance ( loinniitlee uikI Hiisines? Manager of ( .ani- pu;. (.best among other thing.-: Honnie ZaII and Fred . iUer- berg, (Campus Chest Committee chairmen: and Jerry Engman, dance ' hairnKin for Vi inter Carni al in 1949. Some of the highlights of this year ' s social were the parties at the Alps, the spring formal at ellshire Conntrv Club in Denver, and various other parties. Pledging an excellent pledge class of fourteen men ZBT is looking forward toward an excellent year under the leader- ship of Honald ZaII the President. Other officers were: Daniel S. Iloffinan. vice-president: Donald 1. Nogg. secretary: Leon- ard S. Fox. treasurer: Fretlerick S. Silverberg. historian. 1 456 Esquire — ing Ill ' s lint his ai n. ' y i lair iivfkinji! TMr tulk }li t n sitnrt ntri ' lini: ' CTlTi » rate. Uft lu riihl: (Ilidpiiiiiii. L. Fuv. i . I ' lix. (iitUklvin. ( iMidmiin, !rulrivk. Hultl. KjIih. Hut loin row: Livini(»i(m, Pepper. Schwari . Tucker. Tumin, Weinshienk. Wu!ff, Zull. 457 Zeta Beta Tau Appcl. Rnhert S.. Denver, Colo., ' 5 2 Bael. Murlin H ron. Mount ' ernon. N. ., " 52 Htn«(ock, Knhcrt Allen. Denver, Colo., 50 Chapman. Jame% Paul. Chicaito IH., ' 52 Enitman, (terald. De« Moines. Inwa. 50 Fox. Leonard Stanle . Denver. Colo.. ' 50 Cjoldimith. Allen Georite, San Anionio. Tex., ' 52 Cjnidslein. Llo d Arnold, Fastpi ri. N. Y., ' 52 (fold«iein. Morion Mend . Chc cnnc. W o.. ' 51 Gondman. Bernard H.. Tucumcari. N. M., ' 52 Green pun. Kichard Jacob. Haltimore. Md., 52 Grotft, Martin Cupples. Cla tun. .Mo., ' 52 Halff, Alexander Hart. San Antonio. Tex., 52 ACTIVES Harris. Perr Morion. Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hoffman. Daniel Steven. Rockvillc Centre. N. Y., ' 51 Kahn. Fdward Joseph, Winnctka, III., ' 51 Kayaer, Harold Locb, Denver, Colo., " SO Kolilz. William Fdward. Denver. Colo., ' 52 Koplowiiz. Gerald Henr . Baltimore, .Md., 51 Lederman. Meyer Sidne , Waterloo. Iowa, 50 Levy. Lawrence Mever. Denver. Colo,. ' 52 Lewin, Edward. Denver, Colo., ' 51 Livinitsion. Louis Freeman. Fstes Park. Colo., ' 51 Locke. Harrv Robert. Philadelphia. Pa.. 53 Machnl. Jacques Alan Jr.. Sail Lake Cil , l tah, ' 52 Melnick. Lawrence Paul. Denver. Colo., " 52 Nicr, Harr Kaufman Jr.. Indianapolis. Ind., ' 50 Noti(. Donald Irwin. Omaha. Nchr.. ' 51 Pepper. Milfnrd Stuart, Denver. Colo.. ' 52 Schloss, Chorlcs Murdock Jr.. Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Schwartz. Jerome Morris, Bronkhn, N. Y.. ' 49 Silverhertf. Frederick Scoii, Den cr. Colo.. ' 51 Solinskv, Bert, Miami Beach, Fla.. ' 52 Stein, Hcnr Bcnn . ( hicajto. III., ' 52 Steinbcrit. Mark Fllioi. I ' niversity Cily. Mo.. ' 51 Tucker. Richard Bruce, Denver, Colo,, ' 50 Tumin. Da id I ' llman. (Thicaitti, 111., ' 50 idcrs. Jock Ralph. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 W olin k . Irv in|[. Chc cnnc, Wyo.. ' 52 ZaII, Ronald Irwin. Denver, Colo., 51 Adelstein, Stanford Mark, Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Danburit, Stanlev G.. Houston, Tcx„ ' 53 Ellis. Jerold Robert, Chicago. III., ' 53 Fox, Philip Murra , Denver, Colo.. ' 52 PLEDGES Gralnek, Donald Stanley. Marshalltown, Iowa, ' 53 Herman. Harrv Hirsch Jr.. Denver, Colo., ' 52 Kasowiiz, Hari ' Id. New Haven. Conn.. ' 52 Miller. Gerald W .. Denver. Colo.. ' 53 Sehaffncr, James Nathan, HiUhland Park. ML. ' 53 Weinshicnk. Hubert Troy. Denver. Colo., ' 53 ciser. Herbert Malcolm, Denver, Colo., ' 53 Wolff, Robert Samuel. Sprini(fteld, III.. ' 53 Alpha Sigma Phi " Th«- Mile High Sigs " are back to stay. Keturniiig to the CV canipus in the spring of " 4 ' ) after an eight year absence Alplia Sigma I ' bi reactivated I ' i chapter, one of it? olih-st. Tlie liapter was originally founded here in 1915 and remained actixe until the beginning of the second Orld ar. Dean ;larence L. Eckel, one of original chapter ft)Uiulers. is the sponsor of the present chapter. The ollicers of new Pi chapter have been: Z. Erol Smith Jr., president: Howaril Brusl. vice-president: Arnold Lietz. Irea.-urer: and Secretaries Alex Sumoski. George Keirns. Although small in number the Alpha Sigs got right into the swing of things by entering the intranuiral program. Don " I ' oints " Rusk, the house sports manager, was selected to play on the Inter-Fraternity All-Star football team, during the sea- son. A conservative rushing policy and high scholarship are the two main foundation stones of the present chapter. TIk ' chap- ter is priniarilv interested in the development of an up-to-date fraternitv program, while remaining on top scliolastically. 458 Tnp ro:c. lejl to n ' eht: VndtT ' .on. .Andrews. Bishop, Brust, Catalano. Hlliolt, Keirns. • Bottom row: I.ietz. Parker, Kusk, Sauccrman, Smith, Sumoski. Traefjer. ACTIVES Brusl. Howard A.. New Ulm, Minn., ' 50 Flliott, Paul C Los Anitetes. Calif.. ' 50 Keirns. Georite H.. Littleton. Colo., ' 52 Lictz, Arnold K., Kushmurc. Minn.. ' 50 Rusk. Donald C. Chicago, III.. 52 Smith. Erol Z.. Chicago. III.. ' 50 Sumoski. Alex W.. Berw n. III.. ' 50 Traefter ' . .Mbert E.. Sprinjtfield. HI., ■50 PLEDGES Andrews. John W., Berwyn. III.. ' 50 Anderson, ' ard L., Chicaito. 111.. ' 52 Bishop. Richard D., Elmhurst. III.. ' 53 Catalans, Kuitcne N., Trail. B. C. Canada. ' 53 , .Milne. Dwijiht K. Jr.. Lockport. 111.. Grad. Parker. James E., Pueblo, Colo., ' 51 Saucerman. Robert NL. Pueblo, Colo.. 53 H ishfiil thinking Hnite force ' Sill- Kiirk il Mill ran : •( i . . ■• 1 Beta Sigma Tau I Ik- UniversitN of ( inlurailn ( li.i|il(r nl ' Hcta Sifinia Tau niaili- its first a| | i-,iraii( ' f on llir i ' .iiii|iii iliiriiit: llic fall iif I ' lfl. Kiirnial iri tallatii ii nl tin- ' lia|ilt ' r a lii-lil in i m-mi- liir itli llir iiatiiiiial i( ' i-|iri i li ' iil a:) :iie!tl. V Innnal iliii- Hit anil ilaiicc fiijlowi-il in lionor of tli - iiccasioii. illi (lie aniliiti(iii. to hcconu- an ai-tixc pari of rani|iiis lift . liS I ' toin- incnrftt iiy carryin}; tiii-ir i-olors of n ' d anil hint- into (!l Davs aftivitii ' s anil intraniiiral iiarticipation. ( )nartiTl fnrniaN. lii ' iT l n.-t , |iirni( . ami lia riiii ' s forninl tiir i iial rali-niiar ilurin ' ; llir mIiooI rar. ( )fliiiT for tin- i-ar wiTf: UrnrN L. Mraii s. |iri-s.: Kilwaril I). SiiiTinan. n irr-pri-s.: Stc »art (f. IIciIImt. srr.. ami |)a icl M Kadii imr. Iri-as. ' o n Top roar. Irft to ri(hl: Cohen. Cruss, Mn . Kadu iru-r. • Mufion inius . Trunk. Wnn . 459 inti thr tlvrr sin s hass. Put Vr thvrv . Mnn tilth. Rucchclc. VV illiiim M.. il cnhurt. C«»Io.. " 51 Chuck. Kdwin. L.. San Francisco. Calif.. ' SI Faust. Rnherl E.. Denver, Colo., (trad. Gros». Daniel F.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 ACTIVES HolUcr. Sicwari ( ' ,.. BuffaU.. N. .. ' 50 Mo . Dnutli. Y.. New ' ork, N. Y.. ' 51 Raduzincr, David M., [)cnver, Colo.. ' 51 Rasiell. Richard I,.. Nc» York. N. Y.. ' SI Sch»arl7. Herbert F.. Denver. Colo.. ' .52 Sherman. Edward D.. Boulder. Colo.. " 50 Sfrau««, Hcnr ' t... Denver. Colo.. ' 51 Won . Daniel W.. Nev. ' ork, N. .. ' 51 PLEDGES Cohen. Mendel. Denver. Colo.. ' . 1 DeLcon. Jose T.. .Mexico. D. F.. Mex.. ' 51 Sloan. James ' .. urora. Colo., ' 53 Trunk. Robert F.. Denver. Colo., ' 51 Tau Kappa Epsilon Perhaps the year ' s outstanding event for Chi Mu Colony wa.« its nfliciiil installation as a rlia[iter of Tail Kappa F.jtsilon Fraternit) last January. At thai time all the nienibers. except the Teke actives who were associated with the colony, were formallv initiateil into Tan Kap|ia Fpsilon. Followiiif: the initiation ami in tallation of (!lii Mu as a Irke chapter, the chapter hail a hanqiiet to celehrate the occasion. Just one year hefore the installation. Chi Mu Colony had been orf;ani .e l on the campus throu !h the efforts of Al Bel- linger. Teke held secretar . ami Fraters Jerry Thomas, Jack Crampon, and John iOkcr. The Colony elected James Tatum as its first president and Gordon Tiillv . ice president. Last fall ic Jeter, mayor of etsville. directed the Col- ony ' s participation in the inter-fraternity football games. Bill Skinner was the Teke representative on the All-star Greek Team. ow that Chi Mu has been installed as a Teke chapter on the campus, its next major objective will be the acquiring of a suitable house for the chapter. I a c O s p -» k i :M Top rt,-u . ifU ! ' ) ti c t h 1.1 hi, 11 11 r rows, Clark. r)fl . Fannin tf. I ' cistcr, !■ r.isin • I htrd m-u (it-sell, (leurrcrs. Hart, Hickman. Hood. Jeter. JuhnMin. • Second row. R. Kcllar, . Kellur. LcitlicaJ. Lundun, .Martin, Mcneflc. Parrish, Ri-ill . • Bottom row: Schnveberft, Scott. Skinner, Talum, Toker, l ' ull , W iJlianib, infri ' . 461 Tau Kappa Epsilon Bailer. John C. Irbana. 111.. 52 Bennett. Harold Jr.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 0 Blaha. Kohert ., Denver. Colo., ' .SO Rriiinn, Jack H,, Trinidad, Colo.. ' 52 Rurronvi. l.c«lio R.. I. a Junta. Coin.. ' .SI Clark, Leonard, Denver, Colo., ' 52 Corbett. Richard J., Rivcrion. Wyo., 52 Da . Ra mond O.. Rutherford. N. J., ' 50 Donohoc. Philip. Philadelphia. Pa.. ' 51 Kanninit. William. Bnulder. Colo., ' 50 FnMcr. 1 homa W . Jr.. Denver. Colo., ' 50 Franco, I)a id. Fnrt Mnr|(an. Colo.. ' 53 Fritby. Donald H.. Kdwardville. 111.. ' 51 Gescll, James M.. La Junta. Colo., ' 51 ACTIVES (;in|rich. H.» I)., BnulJcr, Colo.. ' 52 Guerrero, Julian, Dci Moinc . Iowa. ' 50 Gunn. William T.. Pari . Tex.. ' 52 Hart. J. Richard. Pueblo. Colo.. ' 52 Harl, Raymond L.. Loveland, Colo., 50 Hood. Thomas W,. Lnnitmoni, Colo., ' 50 Howe, Leslie F„ Caxtic Rock. Colo., ' 50 Jeter, ictor B., Dcn er. Colo,. 50 Johnson, Robert F., Memphis, Tenn.. ' 50 Kellar. Robert H.. Boulder. Colo.. ' 51 Kellar, William. Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Leithead. Ru (sell J.. Pueblo, Colo.. 50 London. Jack E.. Boulder. Colo., ' 50 l-owe. James, Denver. Colo., ' 53 Martin. Charles. Pueblo, Colo.. ' 50 Mcnaftc. Lcn T.. Rock Rapids, loua. 51 Reillv. .Martin B.. Chicafto. 111.. ' 50 Scott, Lorcn P.. Dcn cr, Colo,. ' 51 Shefstead, Holmes NL. Craift. Colo.. ' 51 Skinner. William T., Patchoque. N, Y., 50 Stokes, Donald H., Boulder. Colo.. ' 52 Sutter, Frank R.. Peoria, 111,. ' 51 Tatum, James D., Boulder. Colo.. ' 50 Thnrnc. Frederick D.. Tucson. Ariz., ' 52 Toker, John F.. New " ork, N, Y.. ' 50 TulU. Gordon H., Grand Island. Nchr.. ' 52 Williams. Malcolm D.. Menomomie, Wis.. ' 50 Winfrey. William. Delta, Colo,. " 50 isneski, M ron J., Saitinaw, Mich.. ' 50 Ed FeitI Durulhv Kiihinafin •• V,M.dv " W.M.Jv.irJ I Ml- Wiiri- J U .ird ( (icki(t Wait A Minute! As voii rloBP ihe Coloradaii. von are rloeiiip llu- oflicial rorord of the arademir year 1949-50 a llu- t ' iii .rsily .if Colorado. Tlu-sc last fow pap.s rtprosoiit one year of exlra-nirrirular rollepe work . . . Iiaril work on tin- part of many indi idiials witlioul m hose aid this hook soiilil not he in print. Il is lo these peoph- that all rredit is due for helping make possihie whate%er suecess lliis dunie may atluin. I am inilehled lo Ft ' isl for his assistance in ilra »inp and hiyinp onl many papes of the dnmnn ilurin): the smnmiT montlis. W eddins; hells weri ' dinninj: loudly al thai time for Kd. hut he remained unilaunt.d anil fearli ' ss of the impendinf: disaster ... or «as it a diM-rsion ' : ' The seeminplv hopeless tasks of huilpet revising and contract arranpements hreezed hy with ihi- helpful Muidaric-e of Dorothy Hohinson. " If oody " If ooduard. F.llie MrQuiide. and Lisle If aro. I onrroMliil «illi Mrious production proldems. thise four intrepid experts eaperly contrihuted llii ir time and effort, and joineil the ranks of lingernail hiting ,»talT nuiuhers. professional linsim ' ss manager couldn ' t have done more than ffard Crockell. whose in- Icn-I anil elliciency kept Coloradan linances on top. I ' incliing pennies hrought ns through the ■ hick and thin of linancial worries, thanks to Ward. With a loyal husiness staff to hoot. Ward and his people insured the results of a succe ful financial system. Many were the Friday ami Saturday nights when I ' at Ian Hynini: rushed to liir rcMue of a pending deadline. A real " right hand " with an unfaltering interest to see eM-rylliing ihrougli lo the limits, i ' at sacrificed much of her study and leisure hours just for the Coloradan. IImIIm. and the gallons of colTee s!u ' drank . . . n nickels though. Iler conlidiiice in my dec i iMii and lor willingness to carry them out has IruU nirrited a hliic rihhoii. (Carrying the load of the sports section is enough for any Hiia army, liul " Nexersaydie " Hriiminill lasually tossed deadlines aside. (Ihuck did a mairnnolli joli Kt the mu -finger imihod of typing . . . it ' s good copy loo. In taking the di ision page pictures, he -er ed as an aide assist- ant ligliting man. much lo ihe joy of 1 loy.l Wallers. nil thanks to the comhined efforts of a willing sports staff. (!huck ' s copy made the iiresses al the elc culli hour. Floyil if alters. University photographer, put up with demands that oidy a woinlerfnl guy could fulfill. I ' riemlly I ' loyd spent much of his home life in his studio, taking roloraiUin pictures until late liuin.. while iniiiuliliug seemingly m-ci ' ssary curses Im-Iwccu clenched and grinding molars. W ith the e cepliou of the class and lireek section photographs, all pictures in ihis hook are lourtesy of lloyd. though I umst readily admit that he coiddn ' l ha%e had two heller lighting men than Hriimmilt ami myself. Sfdiy Schitre and Glen Sissim. f ' loyd ' s assistants. sa ed many of our days and always appeared happy lo see us. faithful Juney Porter, official ' oh radan chauffeur and " head oflice girl. " pro idi-d an llvning and myself with many good times during our Denver trips lo the printer ami engraMT. Thursdays were C.oloradan ila s. when the three of us would careen down the limdder highway with Janey ' s convertihie loaded li o erllowing. Because of her generosity we had lillle Iroidile meeting deadlines. Dick Cross wrote reams of letters to regents and faeidty memhers. and produced (dumes of ropy ... he even made the final deadline, though no one was particularly worried. Koumling up faculty pictures has always heen a prohlem, hut systematic Dick ami his excellent staff " clicked " ihrougli lo thirty time. sluhhorn diierminalion lo live up lo agreements already inad ' for her class section lirouglil Jidie St. Clair acclaim from the entire staff. . s a result the pictures have cunsidcrahiy improved in cpialily and uniformity, due to Julie ' s contact work with photographers and count- less nights of perfecliim in the office. Farniim Johnson inaiignraled a new UH-thod of selecting the outstanding students on cainjuis this year. Cnnihieting a recommendalion system hy students and faculty, last year ' s Pacesetters were aide lo select this year ' s l{M(»( ' ' s with ease. " tlhecsecake " of the (ioloradan oflice all year was Mary I.oii llaiikins. whose all-roumi elliciency and entlmsiasm saved hours of extra work for an llyniiig ami me. Mary l-on ' s vitality was ast idiug. as well a- her Mhilily lo keep up with class assignments . , . some have it while utlieo diuTt. I guess. The wil ami humor . . . ami I use that with reserve ... of the lioloradaii offices was provided )■ " lip iy " SterLel. had a lerrihc joh in managing an enlarged (,reik section, hnl never- llieless she always had a i hm kh the staff, . ' some of ' s snapshot captions are still puzzling, hut I guess they ' re okav. A radical change in the Life al CV section provided Laurie I ' addock. our hriglit idea hoy. with the joy of composing clever picture identifications. The story pages in ihe section are an inuovalion with the assisiance of Laurie, and his interpretations of pictures that were not nsed mil!-! fiircM-r remain nnpiddished. Loss of the Coloradan ipii en pii lures eiiroute to our judge, i nd W anrig. almo i n uited in a stroke to Joanne lleah. who uffered more aches ami pains than any li -ad on the staff. A much di-grunlled Joanne calmlv passed out when the pictures were safely returned, " " . ' sne the post lillice. " were her last words heforc she Idacked out completely. The nmst difficult section in the book was edited hy Jack Johnson, who managed llie organi- zations systematically and with patience supreme: he had to cope with Imiidreds of campus groups. I ' loyd. and myself ... a task for anyone. The product of his lahors lie in the many picture identifications, copy, and pre-picture arrangements. ' ( Hatcher, wlio asked more questions and answered lliem herself, mil the dormitories deadline vvitli the speed of u veritalde superman. She always made me feel that I knew more than I did . . . sometimes I did! Pat ' s organization of the dorms for picture appoinlmenls and securing opy was an accomplishment . . . " Clark Kent " coiddn ' l have ilom- heller. The tedious joh of recording all names and pictures which appear in the hook was ef- fectively done hy I ' irninia Kohertson and a staff of die-hards. The spirit heliind irgiiiia and her staff produced an index and a thirst for cokes . . . and once again a drain for inv nickels. W e were fortiinulc to secure the execplional talents of Don ITillis in carrying out the ilienie of the hook through his art plule ... it is an inspiration in itself. s art consultant, liohhie Folley produced stacks of sample sketches and cover ideas Iler elforls to aid made it possihie for our Denver artist. Ken Srnit, to transpose her samples into pen and ink dravv ings. Ohuck Brummitt l-l.ivd Walters r- ' ■ Jancy Purler Julie St. Clair Farnuin Johnson i 462 I Miir l.ou Hitnkint Stcckvl i I .l.TIl l ' .lJJ...k Jniinni HcjIv Jdck Johnson f Pm Miltchcr 463 I ' ll.- iiripiiKil I ' li.-iiiN mIihIi a|i|.fttr mi tlir from ami liiirk .-iicl ■.lir -l wi-r.- ci.nii il li Si oU Smillt. .1 J. k. • ll■r. anil a iiiuii nf iiiuii u»li tiiiiliii|i laliin . Vrp. Sinll. lli ' liiialK iiunlf prim liill (.01. A an. I Km JnhiiMiii liaM- .lorn- a 111. ■ l . joli " f lianilliiii: lli.- liriinl .il Miuilini: ami ilUtrihiilinii llir.iiii!li tlnir iilliri . Tliaiiks li Itill ami l(a lln- t .ilura.lan iirnU iin liiKlriliiilinn laiT. To tin- nun who liaxi- loiiiliirli-.l llir lirliinral pliax- of llif I k llill Sii mhuts. luuil of llir i-MMiposini: room ul Ki ll r■ . ami Hfnry ' ickiTk, priMluilinii iiiuii al Hcilill Kii)!ru iii)! riiiii- puny I am (cruli-fiil for llnir iiiiiia»iii(; iiili-rr,»l. itiiiitunrr. aiKiii-. ami .■vprrii-mrwarraiiliil sii|:|£r!itionh. Miir llianks uNo I " iIiom- iiiKlriiitiirs in wlinsr claHi.i r wrri- nirulliil lull failiil In atliinl a.s rr(;iilarl as « • slioiilil lia - . . . nil l» lln ' many stalT iiirnilirro Millniiit hIiom ' work linn- woiilil III ' nil liiiok. »i ' lliailk iin all. ll tl ISI|{.iTI( I iiiii lliiltmi. «ssi |am iililiir. Sliaron ll.liii. Hill aim-. Il l I lark, iiiIm K.... , lar I. on rrrnnoml. Janir.- MaMoii. l»iik Itainr. Don I iiUirton. Jaik lisk. Harl.ara i lilnlins. l.lo il Dariliii. I. una lii.vlr. jo Marliii. l-laiin- Mark. Jam! Miin. I.i-a lo Mnaii, Mar lliillon, I alli- i-rim- ki«. Jiimo Kako, lar Joan Droicr, Jirrv .Il ll■ill, S liil iliiJMiii. (arohii lfillo». I ' alriiia Slarki-r. I ' iixllis t.arrrll. Kil Uomii. Marjiarrl Hiikl.- . Jark mlirs Hils Norris. |{irk llarlli%. Koli S.lialk. 1 ii- Niclr, Joan (lark, 1 rank Man pi.);il. Joan Snyil.r man. Norliirl Colilinan. Man lain. Martin Z.rol.nii k. il.l.- knnkil. llo i-. Marion Krriinan. Mar% Iloopir. I ' at x Killlr. Naiii Mapr . Uarliara Hla liill. John Hawkins. Hoyil .Na- iiion. ( liink (. ' r.niniiU, Kii lian! Hall. SIim- |•olin , H.ol nnoM-. Mar I liil. liiiiMiii. loin Ilriml- lr . I ' al or loii. Itill I ' aiiii ' . ti III iins , , ,, , Jan Slirarir. Itarliara Nliliilin-. Illainli.- Hanliii. I ' al I ' arkir. Kli alolli la lcoi. liul. Hawkins. Itarltara Jo rr. mill TICS J.iik Vmlirson. assislanl, l»aM- l.iii ini, .n I I allinip, ( .liri lliinlrr, Iriil anlioni. Hill rlls. Itill I ' .iswirlli. I.aci DiMiilli. I m Morri-. Nan mlirsoii, Karl.ara Itriikniaii. Dal. W ill ianis. Ti ' il W i-.l. ' iiian. It.. I. Kill. ' f.r iKIIiMIIOKIIS ir lli.pkin-, l ..iial.l M iiiiif:, Mar rluiiiia. Ii.r, Ja. .|ii.l 11 I ' aiilr, liirli IImihi.m, I ' lnllis D.iiiiii, l.r.Iili.ri Koli.rl-on. Marl.ara Sla.k, I ' inl llir.ilil. D.iri- HiioImx. J.iaii H.i-.iol.ilil. (.7. (,S.S ..S Alison. Joi ' r.l. iiri ' l. Harl.ara Nani ( liapniaii. Hiilli llai|:li. Nam Janinnr. l I.aiiclry. Tom Hii.TK. ' ' ■ Sinimons. Ilawlry Sniilli. or) Itarl I ii.l.nian, ..lilor. Jam- kirlow. Marihii, lios.iiiar) -lil.iirii, I .-.■ N.iM. N Hol.l.r. Marjorii- lonrs.y. (.loria Jiff (.rii;sl . Doniiir Hanson. Jam- lliiffrr. III. una Ims. I.ois Jolinson. Jaiiit Kiili. Jolm l.awrrmr. Ha M.Doiialil. Dollir I ' ry. Itol. Ilolorl- son. . lilrlry W riilniaii. MariUii cll.r. H II h.KMT) SOHOHII) Hoi. .ra . llan Joins. Hill l,...lll.r. Hill I K.I al.riisky. Di. k ( anlr.ll. Di. k lloll..wa . I ' aiil liorl. Hoi. row.ll. ltr anl W .lis. I ' at Kami, Joi- IVIIs. Clunk Dixir. Itol. . s| StiM- I ' rall. I.rortu ' iio.lw aril. Turl Itaslior. Mark Slrinl.rri;, Hi.nnir lairiliil.l. Marjory :oiirsi . Donna Mrn rr. Cliarlollr Hanks. K i.- Jarol.son. iin Morrison. Harl.ara ilains. I ' al Tillol .m. 111. Ilr|:w.-r. Jay Kii);iliiiaii. I ' lli.- Miit:.-l..w , ( liarl..!!. ' ( ..rM..ii, Marion II. ...ih. Il.liiia lal.r. i i i: Jran llninpiirirs. riiarlollr alkliiii;, Jiun l.ary.jami llajjin. Jainl liilmy. Jam- ml.r-.iii. Sin- risliirinp. aiii ral.lwrll. Hill W assmanii. Nainy Sniilli. I.rr I ' or.l. Iri-.l Malison. n (I Jtilin J« (Tt ' rsoii. .riir lliitirnrk n«: i i . ni() s Donna Mi-rirr. Sin- Diikson. (,l..ria . lr ainlrr. Kosani..ii.l lallli. . iMiiiiia l.ou .• auiu.l. J..I1M Mirln-ltri-i-. Mam-tli- Kni-li. Joaiini- Kasloy. Carol I ' litii-ill. Mil a Hamllc Harry Hanspoi, Manpii- Coy. ' Kish.rrh.Ks Minor Clowi-s. Marl W .....Iw ar.l. I ' liil 1 .. . ireiuia I i)!lill.iirii. Joan W alli-riiis. l«n ALT) Hnlli Nam-l. Jan Hill. .11. I liarl. 11. .■•laal-. Itol. I a):(:. ) 7.S . " « Kalli.-rim- rliirriii.r. D..r..|li h.lluian. Marjori.- ii.l.r-..u. Maiiiii- llaliil. kalli. riin Mrl.ain. Kh.CHI ' IIOMSIS a .Slirini!i-r. Tom .Si-ars . I.ois (.latins. Nam Hr..wn. Joan Coi lr . I.orrain Kaliii. lirrr l- ' isl i-r. It.-ls Franklin. H. J. Haki-r. Kalliy Hnlinon. Kalpli l..ll. H. . k llarll.y. Mar I iniir)!aii. Hurliara Kliral. SAILS STALL l.olliar asliol . sali-s inana .r. rrn I liapiiiaii. assislanl. un Vrjiall. Ja.k Hill. Sur Hirk, Dalr HIark. John, Jor Iti-llhausir, Kalpli Carli-r. Cathy Chainhrrs. Tim (ainpl.rll. Hol.hin D.i- Dunn. Jarkii- Irwin, Sin- korrn. Dirk MrKarlaml. I ' at IiCarr . I ' al Mitrlnll. iiii Morris. .11. I ' al I ' urkrr, Harl.ara Onaiii. I.yal (. ninl.y. Mary nii Rasinusrn. Naiiry Kiggs. (.nn- .■spiilmaii. I ' al .Swnpc. I ' al Tillilson. Jam-I W hitm-y. ( »( lktisim; ST ill I .-..n Maiilry. inaiiapir, Kiiil Wilson, Jim Fenn. Kenny I. owe. ki-nnrlli (.rcgor. Jim Cnpi-nlia (-r. Itill W infri-y, iruinia Slrri-t, (ii-orgr Brriilonliarh, Mary Marvin. Mary -Ann Soliel. Hi-vrrl l.i-iilz, (Jirisly Hoyl. N.ila Hlark. K.M-lyn Mi-W hortrr, Doll Ilipgins. Harliara (.orinli- . coi i.l.(:ti( s ST ill Juim- H. . " sniilli. managrr, Mary l oii .■ nfili-rli -iilr. assistant. Marn-lla Dian. Ilili-n Tiirnipii«t. nn Tliomp-on. Hiitli llaigli. (.rorgrannr Hiilsr. Marilyn Ilaml. Marpan-I SyKistrr. Carolyn .S-luiin. I...ui«i- Horn. HrrI Holliman. Craig Iliirsl. Hirharil Hryans. Hill Ilakrs. Hurt Ilanrroft. Jark iliwarl . ( arolyn M -ik, Joannr Sii-m-iis. ' S illiain tarpi-nti-r. ii.lri-y Koos. Tom I.iltli-. Itill Giltner, assistant liusinrss manager. Ann Ciillbrrg. ollire manager. Weto Hnrlan. piililicity ilirertor. (iiiit Ihintrr. assistant piililirily ilirertor. The last pirtiire on this page is an explanation in itself. Kveryone knows the pause thai refreslies. anil how often we pauseil. lint it must lie rememliereil that this is a maxim rather than a ehallenge. so hereafter you ean spend your own nirkrls. . . VS '; Hli.itzk F ililor-ineliief V ' iritinia RobcrlM... r II.. I. NNillis Hnhhio i ' .,llcv Scott Smilli r% f Old Failhlul 464 Organizations Index Acftcia. 416 Airrt. 332 AIph» Chi Omes . 388 Alpha Chi Siemi. 264 Alphm Di ' lta Pi. 390 Alpha Di ' lta Thcta. 266 Alpha Epiilon Delta. 265 Alpha Omicron Pi. 392 Alpha Phi. 394 Alpha Phi Oraoga. 292 Alpha Siicma Phi. 4i8 Alpha Tau OmeBa, 420 AmtTican Inatitutr of Chemical Enifineori. 293 American InJtitute of Electrical En(cin--t rinK — Inatitute of Badio Enirii n. 294 American Society of Civil Enrineeri. 296 American Society of Mochmnical Enrineeri. 296 Army Adminiitration. 36 Army R.O.T.C. 126 Arliit Seriei. 223 Aaaociated Alumni. 44 Alaociated Students of the University of Colorado, 36 A.W.S. House of Represontatives. 38 A.W.S. Senate. 39 A W.S. Vaudeville 240 B Bands. 225 Bartram ' s. 363 Berxman ' s. 364 Beta Alpha Psi. 284 Beta Gamma Sifcma. 264 Beta Sivma, 265 Beta Sii ma Tau. 459 Beta Theta Pi. 422 Board of Publications. 40 Board of Repents. 24 Buff Pep Club. 316 Business School Board. 41 C Club. 26T Calico and Boots. 298 Campus Chest. 299 Campus Club. 365 Canterbury Club. 300 Chi Epsilon. 283 Chi Omeica. 396 Chi Psi. 424 Choirs. 226 Coloradan. 208 Colorado Enicineer. 212 Combined Engineers. 46 Cosmopolitan Club. 301 C. U. Days. 248 Deans. 26 DelU Delta Delta. 398 Delta Gamma. 400 Delta Phi Alpha. 285 Delta Phi Delta. 286 Delta Sisma Phi. 426 Delta Siicma Pi. 266 Delta Tau Delta. 428 Dodo. 214 Dormitory Presidents. 352 Equestrian Club, 302 Eta Kappa Nu. 269 Executive Council, 25 Faculty. 28 Fencing Club. 303 Fre« Lance. 304 Freshman Class. 116 Gamma Alpha Chi. 286 H Heart and Dagger. 144 Hcsperia. 147 Hiking Club. 305 Hillol, 306 Homecoming. 238 Home Economics Club, 307 Honors Union. 270 Hunters Lodge, 366 I Illini-Buff Club, 308 Inter-Church Council. 333 Interfraternity Council. 417 Institute of Aeronautical Science. 310 International Relations Club. 311 Independent Student Association. 47 I.S.A. Council. 309 Iota Sigma Pi. 287 Journalism School Board. 48 Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, 267 Junior Class. 96 E Kappa Alpha Theta. 402 Kappa Delta. 404 Kappa Kappa Gamma. 406 Kappa Phi. 312 Kappa Kappa Psi. 271 Kappa Sigma. 430 Lambda Chi Alpha Lab Theater. 313 Law School, 123 Little Theater. 218 L 432 M Medical School. 128 Medical Technicians, 131 Men ' s Co-op House, 380 Men ' s Dormitories. 369 Hen s Glee Club. 324 Mortar Board. 145 Memorial Student Union Building. 227 N Naval Administration. 34 Navy R.O.T.C. 124 Newman Club. 314 Nursing School. 132 OperetU. 222 Orchcsis. 334 Orchestra. 224 Pacesetters. 136 Panhellenic Council. 387 Pentagon Club. 315 Phi Alpha Delta. 274 Phi Beta Kappa. 142 Phi Delta Phi. 272 Phi Delta Theta. 434 Phi Epsilon Phi. 148 Phi Gamma Delta. 436 Phi Kappa Psi. 438 Phi Kappa Tau. 440 Phi Mu Alpha. 273 Phi Sigma. 288 Phi Sigma Delta. 442 Phvsics Club. 317 Pi Beta Phi. 408 Pi Kappa Alpha. 444 Pi Mu Epsilon. 275 Pi Tau Sigma, 276 Player ' s Club. 277 Porpoise. 318 Radio Production Department. 42 Religious Workers Association. 319 Residence Hall Association. 371 Rho Chi, 288 Rhodes ' House. 381 Robinson ' s. 367 Roger Williams Fellowship. 320 Sigma Alpha Iota. 278 Sigma Chi, 448 Sigma Delta Chi, 332 Sigma Delta Tau. 410 Sigma Epsilon Sigma. 289 Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 289 Sigma Nu. 450 Sigma Phi Epsilon. 452 Sigma Pi Sigma. 279 Sigma Tau. 280 Silver and Gold. 210 Ski Club. 297 Society of Women Student Architects and Engineers. 334 Sophomore Class, 108 Spanish Club. 333 Speakers Congress. 217 Spur. 149 Star and Sextant. 281 Student Alumni. 321 Student Council. 370 Sumalia. 146 Tau Beta Pi. 143 Tau Beta Sigma. 282 Tau DelU. 290 Tau Kappa Epsilon. 460 Theta Sigma Phi. 290 Theta Upsilon. 412 Theta Xi. 454 Two Bit Lunch Club. 335 u University Choir, 226 University Women ' s Club. 322 Valkyrie. 326 Vetsville. 382 Viking Club. 326 w 328 Wesley Foundation. 327 Westminster Foundation. Willis ' . 368 Window. 215 Winter Carnival. 244 Women ' s Athletic Association. 329 Women ' s Dormitories. 362 Women ' s Physical Education Club. 335 y.W.C.A.. 330 Senior Class, 52 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 446 Zeta Beta Tau, 456 Zeta Tau Alpha. 414 Faculty Index Abbott. Elizabeth, Associate Professor of Physical Education. 28. Abbott. Thomas D.. Assistant in Voice. 33. Arkrrman. Marvin. Assistant in Chemistry. Aintworth. Cameron, Instructor in Chemistry. Ajello. Peter. Instructor in Philosophy. Albright. Robert, Assistant Professor of Spanish. Alexander. Gordon. Head of Department and Professor of Biology. 25. 288. Allen. Aubrey, Assistant in Physical Education. 26. 155, 156. Allen, James G.. Professor of History. Allen. James. Jr., Graduate Resident Assistant in Physics. Allen. Janet, Instructor in Speech. 28. Allen. Jeremiah H.. Jr., Instructor in Engineering English. Anderson, Dorothy, Associate Professor of Speech. Anderson. W. T.. Instructor in Accounting, 284, Andrews. J. H., Instructor, Electrical Engineering. 269. Annan. Charlen M.. Instructor. Fine Arts. Anthony, John L.. Graduat« Assistant. Physics. Antolne. Josephine. Artist in Residence. College of Music. Applcgatc. Charles L.. Graduate Resident Assistant. Physics. Areniion. H. I.. Assistant Professor. Accounting. 2f4. Arnberg. B. T.. Instructor. Mechanical Engineering. 143. 276. 315. Arnold. Christian K., Instructor, Engineering English. Artman. Neil. Assistant. Chemistry. Aseniero. William L.. Electrical Engineering. Aspinwall, L. V.. Associate Professor, Marketing. 320. Athearn, Robert G-, Assistant Professor. History. Avery. H, James. Instructor. Fine Arts. B Bacon, Isaac, Instructor, German. 295. Baird. Frank, Instructor. Brass, College of Music. 33, 282. Ealch. Roland. Assistant Professor. Physical Education, 28, 315. Ball. Mary Ethel. Dean of Women. 25. 27. 39. 138, 147. 323. 387. Barasch. Werner. Assistant. Chemistry. Barbour. W. Miller. Visiting Lecturer. Sociology. Barker. Gordon H.. Chairman, Social Science. Assistant Professor. Sociology. 334, Barker, John F.. Instructor, Engineering English. Barnes. Harry Elmer. Visiting Lecturer. Sociology. Barnstorff. Henry D.. Assistant. Chemistry. Barrick. Dennis L.. Assistant Professor. Applied Mathematics. Barrick, Paul L.. Assistant Professor. Chemical Engineering. Bartram. John W., Assistant to President. Director of Public Information. 42. Battels. Alva. Social Director. Women ' s Residence Halls, 357. Bascom, Frances. Assistant Professor, Physical Education. Bauer, Frank S.. Professor and Head, Engineering Drawing. 276. Baysdorfer, Lloyd G.. Instructor, German. Beattie, Wayne S.. Professor and Head, Mechanical Engineering. Beatty, Fred. Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering. Beck. George R.. Instructor, Applied Mathematics. 269. Beckstead, Gordon L.. Assistant. Education. Begoon. Arthur, Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Behring. William, Research Assistant. Bensimon. Marc M., Instructor. French. 28. Bentson. M. S.. Instructor, Marketing. Berg. William, Jr.. Professor. Law. 30. 272. Beyer. Jacqueline. Assistant, Journalism. Bice. John A., Graduate Assistant, Fine Arts. Billings. Thomas J.. Assistant, Chemistry. Singham. L, A.. Professor. Electrical Enginet-ring. 30. Birk. W. Otto. Professor and Head. Engineering English. Bitter. Charles, Instructor. Biology. Bjork, Robert. Instructor. Social Science. Black. Wendell. Instructor. Fine Arts. Black. Woodrow W.. Lab Technician. Blair. Julian M., Associate Professor. Physics. Blair. Ruth. Professor and Head, Homo Economics. Elayney. Glenn. Instructor. English. 142. Blythin. Margaret. Instructor. English. Boehmer. Howard W.. Assistant Professor. Physics. Bohmfalk. Barbara. Assistant. Chemistry. Borbas. Laszlo. Instructor, French. Borland. Helen B.. Associate Professor. Business Education. 285. Bradley. Ruth Ann. Assistant. Biology. Brady. James G.. Professor. Navat Science, 34, Ereen, William. Assistant, Chemistry, Briggs, William E.. Instructor. Mathematics. Brittin. Wesley W.. Assistant Professor. Physics. Britton. Jack R.. Professor. Applied Mathematics. 275 Brocha. Joseph. Research Assistant, Physics. Brock. Russell O.. Assistant. History. Brooks. John. Assistant. Chemistry. Brown. Delores. Instructor, Spanish. Brown. Edmund H,, Instructor, Mathematics, 28. Brown, Eugene. Instructor. English, 142. Brown. Harvey, Assistant, Chemistry. Brown. Robert F.. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering. 246. 276, Broxon, James W,. Professor. Physics. 142. Brubaker, William F.. Associate Professor. Engineering Drawing, Brull. Maurice A.. Instructor. Aeronautical Engineering. Bull. Storm. Professor. Music. Burton. Gordon. Instructor. Mathematics. Butler. Charles. Instructor. Spanish. Campbell, Richard C, Instructor. Mathematics. Campbell, W. M., Director, Class Instruction. 33. Campion. Donald E., Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Cannon, Helen. Assistant Professor. Home Economics. Carlsen, G. Robert. Associate Professor. Education and English. Carlson. DeVon M,, Assistant Professor. Civil Engineering. Carlson. Harry G.. Dean of Men, Head, Phvsical Education Department, 26. 153, 315. Carpenter. C. Frank, Instructor. Engineering Drawing. 276. Carr. Edwin R.. Associate Professor. Education. Carson, Deane C, Instructor. Economics. Carswell. David F.. Assistant. Biology. Carter. Paul J.. Associate Professor. English. Carter. William P.. Assistant Professor, Piano. Carter. W. W.. Instructor. Civil Engineering. SOB. Casali. Liberty. Assistant, Chemistry, and Instructor. Mathematics. Casey, Frank J.. Instructor, Applied Mathematics. Chaitman. Arnold. Instructor. Thcorv. Music. 33. 324. Chambers. Fred R.. Director, Placement Bureau. 26. 296. Chambers, John, Instructor, Chemistry. Chen. Tien-Chih. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Cheney. Nancy V., Instructor, Mathematics. Chinn. James. Instructor, Civil Engineering. Christensen. Edward C. Instructor. Pharmacy. 32. 287. Clute. Robert. Assistant, Geography. Cocharo. Grayson. Resident Assistant. Physics. Coffin, R. Berton. Associate Professor. College of Music. 33. Cohen. Joseph W., Professor and Chairman. Philosophy. 28, 270. Colvin. Herbert, Assistant in Piano, Music School. Condren, Patricia. Assistant. Biology. 288, Cook, Mary E.. Assistant Professor, Voice. Cooper. William R., Audio-Visual Instructor. Cortes, Luis. Instructor. Spanish. Cosens. Robert E.. Assistant, Pharmacy. Coulter, Pearl P.. Associate Professor Director of Public Health Nursing. 465 As you stand upon the threshold of your world at mid-century . . . you have the sincere good wishes of Klstler ' s, whose privilege it was to print this Impressive record of your achievements. isil0 ' r ' s 1636 CHAMPA • DENVER PRINTING • STATIONERY • ENGRAVING 466 Counce. Sheila. AMUtanl. Biology Ccx. Forreit B.. 28. Cox. Boy A.. Ai»oci«te ProfMior. Modern Lsnguagrs. 142. Crabb. Edward D.. Profonor. Bioloiy. Craij. EuBenc. Aniltant. Piycholo»y. Crampon. L. J.. Reiident Aitociate. Biifinvsft Re»oarch. Crawford. Richard K.. Imtructor, EnBinierinK Drawing. Cristol. Stanley J.. Aiaociate Proftaior. Chemiitry. 2f. Crockett. Earl C. ProfoMor. Economici. 2S. 28. „ , Croat. Arthur C. Ancciate Profetaor. Education; Dir» ' Ctor Extenaion School, 3S. Crouch. Jack H.. AniBtant Profeiior. Speech. 2». 219. 277. Crowell. J. M.. Inttructor. Bullneaa Law. Croy. Vernon D.. Resident Aliiltant, Chemiitry. Culpepper. Gideon. Instructor. Mathematict. Cumminj.. Lynn H.. Ai.i.lant. Chemiatry. Curry. John G.. Initructar. Soc.ology. Curtit. Bly E.. Manager Dietitian. Relidence Halll. 26. . Curtia John P.. Reiident Atailtant. Phyilci. Cuthbertton. Stuart. Profeaaor. Hc»d of Modern Languagei Literature. FACULTY INDEX Farr. Grant N.. Infttructor. Economics. I ' arrow. Mason L.. AssisUnt. Chemiatry. Faye. Paul-Louis. Professor. Modern Languages. Fehlmann. H. Adam. Assistant. Biology. Fehlmann, Haiel. Assistant Professor. Home Economics. 28. 29, 307. Fest. Thorrel B.. Assistant Professor. Speech. 28. 29, 217. Field. Marshall. Graduate Resident Assistant. Physics. Fishburn. Edwin R.. Graduate Assistant. Physics. 28. 29. Fleher. Walter C. Instructor. Civil Engineering. Fleming. Lillian. Instructor. English. Flower. Lawrence M.. Instructor. Mechanical Engineering Drawing. 276. Fox. Richard E., Associate Professor, Education. Franklin. W. B.. Professor. Business Law. 144. Frascona. J. L., Associate Profeasor. Business Law. 32. 268. Friday. Charles, Instructor. Economics. 142. Fritz. Percy S.. Assistant Professor. History. 142. FuUerton. Al L.. Instructor. Physics. Fullerton. G. G., Professor. Accounting. Daniclson. Phil. News Bureau. 42. It3. Dann. John B.. Resident Assistant, Chemistry. Danson. Edward B.. Assistant Professor. Anthropology. 28. Davies. M. B.. Associate Professor, Statistics. Davis. Elaine N.. Assistant. Psychology. Davis. Jerome. Visitinff Lecturer. Sociology. Davis! Leroy. Instructor. Civil Engineering. Dean. Paul M.. Professor Head of Department. Chemistry, 28. Dearborn. Henry W.. Assistant. Geography. DeCino, Thomas. AssisUnt. Chemistry. Degrurse. Paul E.. Assistant. Biology. DeLipp. Warren W.. Associate Professor, Civil Engineering. 295. DeMuth. Laurence W., Professor. Law. 30. 272. Denham. Dale. Assistant, Chemistry. Derby. Doris A.. Assistant. History. Deschere. Allen R.. Associate Professor. Mechanical Engineering. 142, 276, 296. DeSouchet, William 0.. Associate Prolcssor. Law. 30. 272. DcVol. David. Instructor. Mathematics. Dickison. Walter L.. Instructor. Pharmacy. 32. Diebold. Viola. Graduate Assistant. Physical Education. Diiickman. J. C, Instructor. Accounting 3.1. Dobbins. George 8.. Associate Professor. Engineering Drawing. 276, 298, 306. Domey. Richard G.. Instructor. Education. Douglas. Frederick K., Lecturer, Anthropology, Douglas. Janet. Assistant. Dean of Women. 39. 332. Douglass. Karl R.. Director It Professor. Education. 28. Downing, Roderick L., Professor, Civil Engineering. Drommond. Fred. Instructor. Pharmacy. 32. 288. Ougan. James E.. Assistant Professor. Economics. 142. Dunbar. William R.. Instructor. Electrical Engineering. 269. Dunham. Rowland W.. Dean. College of Music, 2b. 33, Dunn. Bernard L.. Graduate Assistant. Physics. Dunning. Sally. AssisUnt. Dean of Women Durham. Franklin P.. Assistant Professor Aeronautical Engineering. 143. 276. DuVall. W. C. Professor Head, Electrical Engineering. 2i. 30, 269. Dydc. W. F., Professor, Education: Vice President Dean of Faculties, 25. 248 Eastom. F. A.. Professor, Electrical Engineering. 269. Eaton. Lyle E.. Instnictor. Engineering Drawing. Eckel. Clarence L.. Dean, College of Engineering, 25, 30. 143. Effinger. Cecil. Associate Professor. Music. 33. Ehrmann. Henry W.. Associate Professor. Political Science. Einenbach. Dorothy. Associate Professor. Fine Arts, Ellery. John B.. Instructor. Speech. 217, Emory. Edward. Assistant. Chemistry. Erb. Donald S.. Graduate Assistant. Erickson. Willard L.. Instructor. Physics. Escheoberg. Kathryn M.. Instructor. Biology 28. Evans. Donald S.. Professor, Naval Ecionco. NROTC. 24, 26. Evans. Joseph C, Assistant, Geology. Evans. W. Brice. Assistant. Chemistry. F cklur, Juan, Instructor, Home Economics, 88, Fnilor, Clarence, Associate Profeasor. Education. Fair, Rex E.. Instructor. Flute, rarnell, Albert B.. Assistant Professo Mathematics. Oagos. Kenneth. Instructor. Chemistry. Galland. Benjamin S.. Professor, Law. 30, 142. Garnsey. Morris E.. Professor, Economics, 25. Garwood. John D.. Instructor. Economics. Gebura. Stanley E.. Resident Assistant. Geek, F. J.. Associate Professor, Fine Arts, 28. 286. Geister. John. Graduate Assistant. Fine Arts. Gentry. Eugene. AssisUnt, Physical Education. 28, 155, 166, Germann, F. E, E., Professor, Chemistry. 28, 142. Gibb. Jack. Associate Professor. Psychology. Gilbert. Shirely. AssisUnt. Chemistry. Gladstone. William. Instru ctor, French, 28. Glass, Robert H.. Instructor. Applied Mathematics. Gless. G. E.. Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering. 269. Goodall. Merrill R.. Assistant Professor. Political Science. Goodman. John 0.. Instructor, 28. Goodykoontz. C. B.. Professor. History. 142. Grange. Edward L.. Instructor. Mathematics. Grant. Alexander, Professor, Music. Greenberg. Joseph. Assistant Professor. Sociology. Gregg. George W.. Instructor. Education. Gregg. Robert E.. Assistant Professor. Biology, 142. Grieder. Calvin. Professor. Education. Griest. A. L. . Electrical Engineering. Griest. J. M.. Associate Professor. Finance. Griffin. Dale M.. Resident Assistant, Chemistry. Griffitts. Mary 0.. Instructor. Geology. Grigs, Edgar W., Instructor, Applied Mathematics, Grosshauser, Elmer A.. Director. Men ' s Residence Halls. 26, 370. Griidin, Arnold, Instructor, Mathematics. Guiteras, Joseph. Instructor, Physics. Gulliksen. Wesley R., Instructor, English. Gump, Paul V,, Instructor, Psychology. Gutsche. Graham 0., Undergraduate Assistant, Physics. H Hahn. Cornman L.. Colonel. CE. Professor o( Military Sciencn and Tactics. Army ROTC. 25. 35. Hall. Joseph G.. Assistant. Biology. Hamill. James. Assistant. Chemistry. Hammond. Kenneth R.. Assistant Profeasor. Psychology. Hammond. Stanley. Assistant. Chemistry. Hamner. Martin. Assistant. Pharmacy. Handwerg. Marian. Mrs.. Social Director, Women ' s Residence Halls, 354. Hanna. W. J.. Instructor, Electrical Engineering. 269. Hardgrave. Jack. Instructor. Civil Engineering. PT. Harding. Richard C. Assistant. Geology. Hart. Lawrence. Assistant Professor. Piano. 33. Hartzell. E. K«ith. Instructor. Engineering Drawing. Harwood. C. Edwin. Instructor in English. Hascall. O. W.. Assistant Director Division of Veterans ' Affairs. Instructor. Education, 28. 29. Haus«. Norman L.. Resident Assistant, Chemistry. Hawk, Harold W.. Assistant Professor. Engineering English, 40. 142. Hawkins. David, Associate Professor, Philosophy, Hayes. John. Instructor, Geology. Haynie, D. L.. Insttuctor. Accounting. 32. Head, Robert R.. Instructor, Mechanical Engineering, 276. Hebert. Rodolphe Louts, Instructor, French. 28, 29. Heckman, Russet F., Instructor. Chemical Engineering. 30. HedgecDck. Glenn, Assistant, Dean of Men. 148. Helm, Harold C. Associate Professor, Pharmacy. 32, 288. Helmick. R. R.. Instructor. Accounting. 284- Heimreich, Robert. Assistant. Chemistry. Helwig. Edwin R.. Assistant Professor. Biology. 288. 380. Henrich. Val P.. Instructor. Clarinet. Hethmon. Robert, Instructor. Speech. 277. Hightower. Russell L.. Instructor. Engineering Drawing. Hiifman, Howard. Assistant Professor. Sociology. Hill. Harlyn. Assistant. Chemistry. Hilty. Everett Jay. Assistant Professor. Organ. 252. 319. Hoffmeister. H. A., Professor. Geology. Hoffmen. Fritz L.. Associate Professor. History. Holderby. Earl. Lab Mechanic. Chemistry. Holubar ' . LeRoy. Senior Instructor. Applied Mathematics. 269. Holzinger, Ruth. Assistant. Chemistry. Hood. John M.. Instructor. Physics. Hopwood. Stafford L., Assistant. Chemistry. Hough. John N.. Professor and Chairman. Classics. 28. 29. 142. 223, 288. Houston, Clifford G.. Professor. Education. Dean of Students. 25. 26, 138, 227. Howell, J. D.. Instructor. Accounting. Howells, Thomas H.. Professor. Acting Chairman. Psychology. Hulley. Karl K.. Professor. Classics. Hultquist. Paul F., Instructor. Hunt. Burrowos, Instructor. Hunt. Dudley S.. Mrs.. Instructor. Hunter. Zena. Assistant Professor. Geology. Hutchinson. Charles A.. Professor. Head. Applied Mathematics. Hutchinson. T. H.. Instructor, Finance. 32. I ladone. Joseph. Instructor. Double Bass. Imig. Warner. Associate Professor. Music. 222. 223. 226. 238. Irey. Charlotte. Instructor. Physical Education. 298. 334. Irey. Eugene. Instructor. English. Isaak. Robert D.. Instructor, Electrical Engineering, 143, 269. Ito. Jack J.. Resident Assistant, Chemistry. I Jackson. James M., Ass.stant Resident Physicist. Jackson. M. L.. Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering. 293. Jacobson, Raymond. Graduate Assistant. Fine Arts. Jameson. Frances. Assistant Professor. English, 142. Jpffery. Harriet. Associate Professor. Philosophy. 223. Jehle. W. K.. Instructor. Civil Engineering Drawing. Jemison. Wm. F.. Instructor. Engineering Drawing. Jenkins. Ray. Assistant in Football. Physical Education. 28 . 29. 156. 167. Jensen. Glenn S.. Education Administration. Class Instructor. Job. Andre Jean. Instructor. French. Johnson. Donald S-. Jr.. Staff. Hi?h Altitude Observatory. Johnson. Edna L.. Professor. Biology. 288. Johnson. Herbert E., Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Department. 276. Johnson. Willis B.. Instructor. Civil Engineering. 30. 305. Johnston. J. F.. Instriiment Technician. Electrical Engineering. Jones. Alfred H.. Instructor. English. 142. Jones. Ann, Assistant Professor. Fine Arts. 28C. Jones. Burton W., Professor. Mathematics. 28. 29. 142. Jones. Horace. Professor. Music, 33. 142. 224. Joyce. Lucille. Administrative Secretary. Alumni Office, 44. Judd. Morris. Instructor. Philosophy. 142. Karras. Chris. Graduate Assistant. Fine Arts. Katzenberg. Mary J.. Assistant. Voice. 33. Kelley. H. Harold. Assistant Professor, Engineering English. 30. Kelley, Tim K.. Associate Professor. Geography. Kelly. Katherine J.. Associate Professor. Nursing. Kelsall. Margaret. Resident Associate. Biology. Kendall. Claribel. Professor. Mathematics. 142. Kendrick. H. W.. Professor. Accounting. 25. 284. Kengle. Lansford. Assistant. Army ROTC. 35- Kershaw. Margaret. Assistant. Chemistry. Kilbride. Robert E., Instructor. Engineering English. 142. Kilgore. Donna J.. Social Director. Residence Hall 3. 361. Kimmerle. Marjorie. Assistant Professor. English. King. Edward C, Dean Sc Professor. Law. 25. 30. 272. Kinzinger. Didi. Assistant. Fine Arts. Kipp. Samuel M.. Jr.. Instructor. Applied Mathematics. Klemme. C. C Jr.. Instnictor. Civil Engineering. 30. Kline. J. B.. Instructor. Management. Knoettge. Rebecca. Assistant Profeasor. English. Koerner, H. E.. Associate Profeasor. Geology. U2. t Krohn. Lester, Assistant. Chemistry. Kruse. W. A.. Instructor. Accounting. 284. Kablke. Dale L.. Undergraduate Assistant. 28. Lacher. John R.. Associate Professor. Chemistry. 28. 29. 142. Lam. W. C. Assistant Professor. Physical Education. Graduate Manager. 28. 29. 144. 163. I£6. Landry. Leonard. Instructor. English. Lane. Earl W.. Residsnt Assistant Chemistry. Lane. Willa F.. Instructor. Science. 32. Langfeldt. Billy P.. Assistant. Chemistry. Largess. Clifton. Jr.. Lt. U.S.. Assistant Professor, Naval Science. 34. Larsen. Veryl E.. Assistant. Geology. Lauer. B. E.. Professor. Head of Department, Chemical Engineering. 293. Laughlin, Robert N.. Instructor. Engineering! Drawing. Laurer. Robert. Assistant Professor, Fine Arts. 28. 29. Lee. Chosheng Chien. Mrs., Assistant. Education. Lee. Garth L.. Instructor. Chemistry. Le Fant. Joan. Mrs.. Instructor. Romance Languages. Leffel. R. E.. Assistant Professor. Civil Engineering. Lemich. Mildred. Assistant. Pharmacy. Lewis. Leslie L.. Professor. English. 142. Ley. Katherine. Assistant Professor, Physical Education. 335. Liedke, Herbert R.. Visiting Lecturer. German. 268. Lindsay. Katherine, Instructor. English. Lindstrom, Eleanor. Assistant Professor. Fine Arts. 222. Lines. Barbara. Assistant. Biology. Lipstreu, Otis. Assistant Professor, Management. Little. John R., Instructor, Education, and Assistant Director. Admissions. 319. Loeffler, M. John. Instructor, Geology. Logan, Ed an L.. Secretary, Alumni Relation , 44. Long, William G., Assistant. Chemistry. 28. 29. Longlev. W. W., Associate Professor. Geology. 28. 29. 269. Loper. Robert. Instructor. Speech. 220. 28fi. Loughran. Henrietta A.. Mrs., Professor aiU Dean. Nursing. 142. Logan. Vernon F. . Bulletin Editor, Publications, 43. Lovelace. Walter B.. Editor. Public Information, 42, 44. 45. Lubovich, Vladimir P.. Associate Professor. Physics, Lumpkin. Ben G., Instructor, English. Lumpkin, Helen M., Mrs,. Instructor and Law Librarian. 30. Lycan. W ilford. Assistant. Chemistry. Lyon. Brice D.. Instructor. History. j M Mabee. Zell F., Associate Professor, Journalism. 28, 29. Machle. Edward. Assistant Professor. V Philosophy. 319. 333. Maguire. Jack. Instructor, Civil Engineering ' . Maler, G. J.. Instructor. Electrical Engineering. 269. Malick. Clay P.. Professor, Political ScienOt. Mallory. Walter F.. Professor. Mechanical Engineering. 276. Markward. William B.. Instructor. English. Marshall. Pauline, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literature, 142. Martin, Curtis W., Instructor. Politoal Science. Martin. Dorothy. Assistant Professor. Psychology. Martin. George L.. Graduate Assistant. } Physics. Martini, J. George. Assistant. History. Martz. C. 0.. Assistant Professor. Law. 30. 272. Maslin. T. Paul. Assistant Professor. Biology. 288. Mason. L. J.. Instructor. Electrical Engineering. Mass. M. L.. Assistant Professor. Civil Engineering. Master. John A.. Assistant. Geology. McAllister. Louise E.. Secretary to the President. McBrien. Barbara. Secretary. Department ifi Biology. 2«8. McCammon. Hugh. Instructor. Education. McClintock. Henry L.. Lecturer. Law. 30, 271. McCormack. Annette. Instructor. English. McGuire, Carl. Associate Professor. Education. 28. 142. 319. McHalc. Elinor. Assistant, Chemistry. McKenzie, Harvey C. Instructor, Mathematics. . McKnight, Tom. Assistant, Geography. McMillen. Hugh E.. Associate Professor. Music. 26. 33. 225. 238. 271. 282. McNulty. Edward L., Lab Assistant. Social Science. McNulty. Hester P., Instructor. Home Economics. Meadoff. Marilyn. Instructor. Mathematics. Meek, John S.. Assistant Professor. Chemistry. 142. Megrew. Aldon F., Head, Fine Arts Department. Mehl. Marie A.. Assistant Professor. Education. 29. 467 the new new personnel equipment standards of quality and service engraving co KENNETH WAUGHTAL OTTO WOLF HENRY NIEKERK O 1 ■» PICTURED ABOVE are three characters operating the Boldt Engraving Co. who bring 57 years experience to the business. We don ' t know what you call them, but more and more quality-concious buyers of printing plates are calling them at 1424 lowrence st. Im (d liihiki 468 Henard. Albert. AstocUte Profetwr. L«w. 272. 303. Menoher. W. L.. A fiiUnt Profetior, Civil EDf:invering. 330. Merrill. rr«n«i E.. A«ii»t»nt. Education. Merrill. Leilie. Inttructor. Fine Art«. 286. Merrill. Eobert K.. Inttructor. Physics. Merrow. Riymond T.. Resident Assistmt. Chemistry. Miller. Donns M.. Instructor. Physicsl Education. Miller. Lorraine. Social Coordinator. 228. Miller. Philip. Assistant. Pharmacy. Mills. Hubert H.. Professor. Education. 29. Moloney. Raymond L.. Instructor. Spanish, 142. 333. Moore. Henry B.. Professor. Statistics. Moore. Vincent J.. Instructor. Applied Mathematics. Morris. Bertram. Professor, Philosophy. Z» Morris Earl H.. Ltcturor. Anthropology. 142. Muenlinrer. Karl F., Professor It Chairman. Psychology. „ .J ... Muos. Leonard. Graduate Resident Assistant. Murray. H. F.. Assistant. Geology. Musil. Eva. Instructor. Music Education. N Naer«le. B. J.. Instructor. Aeronautical Engineering. Nakosteen, Mehdi. Assistant Professor. Education, 33. Nehring. Vineta, Social Director. Women s Residence Halls. 359. Nelson. Helen. Instructor. Psychology. 142. Nelson. Walter K.. Associate Professor. Applied Mathematics. Nennsberg. Taliana 0.. Instructor, Russian. Nidey. Russell A.. Research AssisUnt. Physics. Niehaus. F. E.. Professor, Finance. Nies Thea M.. Class Instructor. Norris Charles N.. Associate Professor. Biology. 223. 142. Novak. L. C. Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering. 30. 295. Nyland. Waino S.. Associate Professor. Engineering English. Nylander. Harold E., Instructor. Physics. o OFallon. 0- Kenneth. Assistant. Education. Ofcilvy. J. D. A.. Associate Professor. Eniflish. 142. Ohman. Ray J.. Assistant. Chemistry. Oliver. Robert M.. Associate Professor. Eniflish. Olsen. LeRoy C. Instructor. Psychology. Olson. George, Assistant, Chemistry. Onii. Jose de. Associate Professor. Modern Lanfruages and Literatures. 29. Organ. Robert J.. Instructor. Oboe Basso. College of Music. ORourke. Edward P.. Lt. (SCi Assistant Professor. Naval Science. 34. Orth. Mclvin. Instructor. English. OverhuUs. Wendell C.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Palmer. H. B.. Professor. Electrical Engineering. 30, 269. Park. Joseph D.. Associate Professor. Chemistry. Parkvr. Vernon C. Senior Instructor. Drawing. P arkinson. Ramona. Instructor. Pharmacy. 288. 32S. Parmt ' Iee. Paul F.. Instructor. Piano, 224. 273. Patterson. Gloria. Instructor. Mathematics. Prarson. Mary L.. Graduate Assistant, Physical Education. Prarson. S. I.. Assistant Professor. Electrical Engineering. 269. Peck. Betty. Assistant. Psychology. Peck. M. A.. AssisUnt Professor. Marketing. 32. 319. Penfold. Kenneth C, Director. Alumni Relations. 26, 44. Punnak. Robert W.. Professor. Biology. 288, Perryman. John N.. Ansistant Professor. Social Science. 29. Petersen. Elmore. Di-an. Business School, 32, 41. 284. 285. Peterson, Vernon A., M Sgt. SC. Instructor. Army ROTC. 35. Pfttit. Henry J.. Professor. English. Pietenpol. Wm. B., Professor and Head of Department. Physics. 29. Plucker. Orvin L., Assistant, Education. Poo. Charles P.. Dean Pharmacy. Professor. Chemistry. 26, 32. 287. 288. Poole, Randolph 0., Graduate Resident Assistant. Poon. Bing T.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Potts. Frank. Professor. Physical Education. 29. 165. 180. 183. 191. Powell. Lily B., Instructor. Mathematics. Pozzati. Rudy, Graduate Assistant. Fine Arts. Frator. Ralph. Assistant Professor Education. Director of Admissions. 26, 26. 28. 144. Prentup. Frank, Assistant Professor, Physical Education. 29. 156. 156. 184. 185. Prcttyman. Robert L., Instructor, Biology. Price. David E,. Instructor. Education. Price. H. B., Instructor, Marketing. Prtngle. John W., Instructor. Mathematics. Frock, John D.. Graduate Assistant, Physics. Propst. Robert, Graduate Assistant, Fine Arts. 286. Purott. Frederic A., Instructor. Journalism. PuUston, Harry. Assistant, Chemistry. Putney. Rufus D., Professor. English. Quick. Lyman W. Assistant, Pharmacy. FACULTY INDEX Rac ?. Kay Parmclee. Assistant. Piano. Race. William. Instructor. Piano. Rackham. Eric. Assistant Professor. Education. 29, 40. Radey. R. T.. Instructor. Aeronautical Engineering. 276. Raeder. Warren. Professor and Head. Department Civil Engineering. 30. 283. Haimy. Victor C. Associate Professor. Psychology. Rath. R. John. Associate Professor, History, 142. Rathburn. R. C. AssisUnt Professor, Civil Engineering. 143, 334. Rautcnstraus. R. C. Instructor, Civil Engineering. 296. Rcddi r. Carolyn A.. A-V Instructor. Redick. Joseph P., AssisUnt Professor. Modern Languages and Literatures, 142. Reed. Carleton. Instructor. Social Sciences. 29. Reed. Kenneth. Instructor. Management. Reed. Oreene, A-V Instructor. Rcilly. Mary Pauline. Social Director, Regent Hall. 368. Reckert. Robert. Assistant. Chemistry. Rense, Wm. A., Assistant Resident Physicist. Reyburn, Marjorie. Assistant Professor, English. 29. 142. Reynolds. Henry Etta. Assistant Professor. Psychology. Riddles. Willard. Assistant, Education. Riebe. Harland. Assistant. Education. Ricder, Miriam. Assistant Professor. Modern Languages and Literatures. Rii ' thmayer. Leo C. Associate Professor. Political Science. Rigdon. Wm. M.. Instructor. Education. Riley. Mathew. Instructor. German. Ritter. Thomas M.. Senior Instructor. Mechanical Engineering. Robb. Margaret. Assistant Professor. Speech. 39. Robbins. Leslie F.. Purchasing Agent, Business Office, 32. Roberts. Walter Orr. Superintendent. High Altitude Observatory. Robinson. Dorothy. Financial Manager. Student Activities. 26. Robinson. Francis C, Assistant Professor. English. Rockett, Anita. Social Director. Women ' s Residence Halls. 356. Rodeck. Hugo G.. Museum Director, Associate Professor. 288. Romig. Edna. Associate Professor, English, 142. Rose. Edward L.. Assistant Professor, Sociology. Rosenberg, Mary, Secretary. Law School. 30. Rosine. Willard N.. Assistant. Biology. Rosa, Marjorie, R.P.T. Physical Therapy Student. 266. Rtfx B.. Photographer. Rowan, James H.. Assistant, Chemistry. Rowe. Jack. Assistant. Chemistry. Rutland, Leon W.. Jr.. Instructor, Applied Mathematics. Satt niu. Nan. Instructor, English. Sammis. Gretchen. Instructor. Physical Education. 29. 318. Sammons. Robert J., Lt.. Assistant Professor. Naval Science. NROTC. 34. 281. Sanborn. Linda, Class Instructor. Sandoe. James, Order Librarian. 222. Scherer. George A. C. Assistant Professor. Modern Languages and Literatures. 29, 285. Schneer. Richard J., Instructor. Spanish. 29. Schmidt. M. F.. Associate Professor, Management. Schofield, Frank A., Lab Assistant, Social Science. SchooUand. J. B., Director of Counseling, 27. Schoolland. J. V., Instructor, Management. Schroedor, Paul G.. Professor. Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. 142, 266. Scott. Austin W., Jr.. Assistant Professor. Law. 30, 274. Scott, Marjorie. Instructor. French, 142. Scott, Robert F., Instructor, Engineering English. Scruby. Ralph R.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Seeber. Norton C. Instructor. Economics. Seewer. Ray H.. M Sgt. CE. Instructor. Army ROTC. 35. Sheldon, Claire, Resident Assistant. Physics. Shell, John. Assistant. Chemistry. Sherman. Dorothy M.. Assistant Professor, Education. Shushan, Sam, Instructor, Biology. Sibert. H. W., Professor, Acting Head. Aeronautical Engineering. 276. Sikkoma. Stella. M.D.. Physician. Student Health Service, 266. Simons. Wm. S., Instructor. Physics. Slaughter. Betty. Instructor. Physical Education, 329, Small, Clare. Professor. Head. Physical Education for Women. Smercheck. Lillian. Executive Secretary, Arts and Sciences. Smith. Brenton N., Instructor, Moohanical Engineering. Smith, Bruce W., Instructor, Journalism. 286. Smith. C. M., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering. Smith. Donald F.. Graduate Assistant. Physics. Smith, Gerald L.. Lt. (Jg) USN. Assistant Professor. Naval Science. NROTC. 34. Smith. Glade. Instructor. English. Smith. Margaret. Technician. B.S.P. Cancer Foundation. Smith. Maurice. Assistant Professor. Psychology. Smith. Russell H,, Commander. USN. Associate Professor. Naval Science. Snively. L. Clifton. Assistant Professor. Applied Mathematics. Snow, Curtis M., Resident Assistant, Chemistry. Snow. Marcia. Assistant, Chemistry. Snow. Robert W.. Assistant. Chemistry. Spackman. Wm. M.. Assistant Professor. Spehar. Elizabeth M.. Instructor, English. Spence. Clark C. Assistant. History. Sperline. Meredith E,. Instructor. Applied Mathematics. Spiegel. Sidney, Assistant, Geology, 29. Spurlock. Benjamin H., Jr.. Associate Professor. Mechanical Engineering. 30. 276. Stacey. David S.. Assistant Resident Physicist. Stagner. H. F., Instructor, Accounting. Stahl, Karl H., Associate Professor. Applied Mathematics. Staples. Betty. Instructor. Physical Education. 29. Statlcr. Margaret, Instructor. English. Stearns, Robert L.. President of University. 25. 3T, 142. Steffen. H. E.. Instructor. Finance. 284. Stepp. Ellsworth. Radio Director. 27. 42. Stevens. George E.. Sgt.. CE. Instructor. Army ROTC. 35. Stewart. Omer C. Associate Professor. Anihropology, 29, 142. 288. Stewart. Richard B.. Assistant Professor. Meclianical Engineering. Stinton. J. E., Instructor. Finance, 284. Stirling, Charlotte. Instructor. Sociology. Stockman. John F., Instructor, Mathematics. Storke. Frederic P., Professor, Law. 30. 142. 272, Street, John P., Instructor, Pharmacy. 32, 288. Stribic. Frances P., Assistant Professor. Matliematics. Stricklin. Buck. Assistant. Chemistry. Stuart. Frank, Graduate Resident Assistant. Physics. Summers. Geo. W., Instructor. Mathematics. Sutherland, Donald. Associate Professor. Classics, 313. Swayne, Ida L.. Assistant Professor. Chemistry. Sweeney. Wm. M.. Assistant. Chemistry. Sweeting. Orville J.. Associate Professor. Chemistry. Director of Isotopes Lab, 142. Swenson. Lowell E., Assistant to Director. Museum. Swisher. Earl. Associate Professor. History, 25, 142. Taylor. John Martin. Assistant. Education, Temple. Vera, Assistant. Chemistry. Theis, Barbara. Social Director. Women ' s Residence Hall. 360. Thoman, W. H.. Professor. Civil Engineering. Tliomas, Jerry. Assistant. Geography. Thompson. H. A.. Associate Professor. Electrical Engineering. Thompson, Paul V., Professor. Engineering English. 223. Thompson, W, 0.. Head of Department. Professor, Geology, 29. 153. Thomson. Harold A.. Personnel Director. Employee Relations. Thomson, S. Harrison. Professor. Chairman. Department of History. 142. Thornton. Robert D., Assistant Professor. English. Todd, Edward P., Graduate Assistant. Physics. Todd. F. W.. Instructor. English. Toepelman. W. C, Professor. Geology. Director. Veteran ' s Affairs. ■Tomkins, Gervaise W.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Tovani, Ernest P.. Assistant Professor. Applied Mathematics. 334. Tovatt. Anthony L., Assistant. Education. Trapp. Walter B.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Triffet. Terry. Instructor. Civil Engineering. Trolinger. Lelia G., Director, A-V Instructor. 33. Trott. Paul. Assistant. Chemistry. Trucksess, F. C. Professor. Fine Arts. 303. Tulin. Leonard G.. Graduate Assistant. Physics. Tumin, David V., Lab Assistant. Social Sciences. Turman, Delia G.. Director Correspondence. Instructor. Turnley. William. Assistant, Chemistry. u Udell. Isaac. Graduate Assistant, Fine Arts, Udick, Bernice. Assistant Professor. Modern Languages Sc Literatures. Untrauer. R. E.. Instructor. Civil Engineering. Upson. Wm. R., Instructor, Spanish. Uranga, Louis V.. Instructor, Spanish. 29. Utlaut. W. F.. Instructor, Electrical Engineering. 269. Vali. Valter. Graduate Rotidont Assistant. Physics. Vali, Viktor. Resident AssisUnt, Physics. Van Duzec, Mabel, Assistant Professor. English. Van Ek, Jacob, Dean, Arts and Sciences. 28. Van Home, Wm.. Instructor. Physics. Van Valkenburgh. H. B.. Professor, Chemistry. 264. Van Vliet. Cornelius. Associate Professor. Music. Varner. Walter W.. Instructor. Applied Mathematics. 269. Vaughan. Mary S., Director. Women ' s Residence Halls. 27. 289. 353. Vavra, Charles. Associate Professor, Physical Education. 29. 315. Vavra. John. Assistant. Biology. Veazie. Walter B.. Professor, Philosopliy. Voight. Alvin. Instructor. Chemistry. 29, 288. W Waddel. Claude E.. Instructor. Aeronautical Engineering, 276. 310. Wagner. Charles A.. Associate Professor. Mechanical Engineering, 276. Wagner, John F.. Assistant Professor. Applied Mathematics. 142. Wahlstrom. E. E.. Professor, Geology. Wakeham. Glenn. Associate Professor. Chemistry, 29. Waldrop. A. Gayle. Director, Journalism. 27, 29. 40. Walker. Donald, Assistant. Chemistry. Wallen. Keith. Assistant. Pharmacy. J Walseth. R. M.. Assistant. Physical 1 Education. 29. | Walter. Robert I.. Instructor. Chemistry. Walters. Floyd G.. Head. Photographic Department. 27, 142. Walters. George F., Instructor. Education. Walters. Lillie C, Instructor. Applied Matliematics. Walters. Vernon 0.. Instructor, Applied Mathematics. Walton, Harold F.. Assistant Professor. Chemistry. Waltz. Howard. AssisUnt Professor. Piano. Walz. Frank C, Professor, Physics. 317. Wang. C. K., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering. Ward. Dallas. Acting Professor. Head Football Coach. 29, 155. 156. Ward, Loyal F.. Assistant. Chemistry. Ware. Lisle T.. Director of Student Activities. 27, 227. Warner. L. A., Assistant Professor. Geology. 142. Warner. Ralph E.. Professor. Modern Languages Sc Literature. Waxman. Milton, Graduate Assistant. Physics, Weber. William A.. Assistant Professor. Biology. Weibel. E. E.. Professor. Mechanical Engineering. 276. Wells. Marshall. Assistant. Football Coach. 25. 155. 156. Welty. Carol. Assistant, Theory. Wenger. R. A., Graduate Assistant. Physics. West. Edward J.. Associate Professor. English. 142. 277. Westermeier, Therese. Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures, 29. 39. 285. Westerwick. Robert A., Resident Assistant. Physics. Whalen, Paulin K.. Assistant. Classics. Wheater. Stanley. Instructor, Speech. 217. Wheeler. Virginia H., Information Writer, State and Community Service. 286. Whippo. H. M.. Jr.. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering. 276. Whistler. J. M.. Instructor. Management. White. Richard L.. Assistant. Chemistry. Whyte. Martha. Instructor. Speech. Wicks, Piatt. Associate Professor. £Iectric«yi1 Engineering. 30, 269. i W igton. Henry F. H., Instructor, Chemical , Engineering. Wilgus. Donovan R.. Resident Assistant. Chemistry. Williams. Robert J., Instructor. Mechanical Engineering. Willis. Edna. Professor. Physical Education 29. Wilson. Albert E.. Graduate Assistant. Pliysics. Wilson. Eugene H.. Director of Libraries, 25. 27. Wilson. William E.. Professor, English. Wisdom, Nancy Anne. Instructor. German. Wise. Doris, Correspondence Instructor. Wise. Kenneth V.. Assistant. Chemistry. , Witt. Norman F.. Professor. Chemistry. 29,;i 288. Wolf. Wm. W., Assistant Professor. Chemical Engineering. Wolfe. Lynn R., Assistant Professor. Fine Arts. 286. Wolle. Francis. Professor. Chairman. Department of English. 142. 277. Wolle. Muriel. Professor, Fine Arts. 286. Woodmancy, Glenn C. Graduate Assistant. Physics. Woodring, Inez. Social Director. Women ' s Residence Halls. 355. Woods, Samuel, Jr.. Instructor. English. Woodsome. Frederic 0., Instructor. Mechanical Engineering. 276. Worcester. P. G.. Professor, Geology. Dean. Graduate School. 29. 142. . Worcester. W. G.. AssisUnt Professor. i Electrical Engineering. 269. Wroten. Wm. H.. Assistant. History, Wynne. Dudley. Professor, English. 215. SIS. Yohe. Gladys. Instructor, Speech. 29. Young. Raymond J., Instructor. Education. I Zimmerman. John R.. Assistant Professor, Physics. Zinke. George W., Associate Professor, Economics. Zubrow. Reuben A., Assistant Professor. Economics. 469 PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Phone 622 1319 College 470 Student Index Abbatc, Santo Anthony. 296 Abbott. Hu ' h Bradlficld. 96. 317 Abelt. Rmlph William. 108. 379, 435 Abenheimor. Cecils-. 411 Ab«nh«fimer. FranccB. 96. 362 Abies. Barbara Drue. 391 Chc.tfr P.. 289 Achtcnhaifin. Sti-plirn K.. 96. 276. 379. 419 Ackcrmann. Jamc« Wi-lli, 378. 449 Acietl. Raymond Paul. 447 Adair. Geraldinv K.. 357 Adair. Willii Alvin. 62. 276. 310 Adamo. Charlo Anthony. 293 Adamt. Barbara Jane. 401 Adami. Charlei L.. 287 Adami. Dorothy Jane. 52. 395 Adami. Edward S.. 449 Adamt. Jeanne F.. 333. 357 Adami. Gordon F.. 52. 439 Adama. Raymond Kenneth. 317 Adami. Sarah Nell. 403 Adami. Shirley Louiie. 334. 357 Adcock. Joyce Alice. 52. 226. 278. 393 Adclitein. Stanford Mark. 217. 457 Adler. Margaret J.. 401 Arnei. Nicholai Stephen, 427 Ahlbeck. Donald Roy. 326 Ahlbeck. William Harry. 294 Aikin. Donald Lyle. 324 Ailinfer. Wanda Louiie. 325. 360 Aiu. Joieph Kaiikaohu. 375 Akerlow. Jane Helen. 116. 354. 407 Akeri. Byron Lionel. 324. 421 Ak«ri. Charlci Hunter. 447 Akey. Donald Ellii. 269, 294. 381 Albon. Charlel Huih. 52. 302. 429 Alberion. Judith Lee. 313. 356. 389 Albrecht. Donald Hadley. 449 Albrecht. Paul F.. 96. 269. 378 Albrecht. Fhyllii Mae. 116. 355. 391 Alexander. Dorothy Joan. 52. 393 Alexander. Gloria J.. 108. 116. 149. 228. 396. 397 Alexander. Mary Anne. 108. 319. 333. 403 Alexander. Myrna Lee. 116. 358. 411 Alexander, Nancy Janet. 247 Alexander. Thomas James. 378 Alexander. William R.. 272. 423 Alison, Ross Sain, 52. 148, 268. 321 447 Allen. Carolyn. 52. 409 Allen. Clarence Owen. 427 Allen. Colleen. 116. 312. 327. 354 Allen. Elizabeth Lee. 52, 270. 403 Allen. Frank D.. 52. 274 Allen. Hubert Ncal. 374 Allen. Jack William. 116. 294. 372, 447 Allen. James. Jr.. 269 Allen. James Elbert. 180. 183. 436. 437 Allen, Janet. 320 Allen. Lavcrne Duane. 327 Allen. Leu Roy. 96. 451 Allen. Mabel Ruth. 312, 415 Allen. Norman T.. 296, 451 Allen. Patricia. 329. 357 Allen. Robert Sclroeder, 378 Allen, Roger Condon, 96 Allen, Ruth M., 52. 265. 266. 287 Allen. Thomas Sidney. 427 Allen, William Charlel. 453 Alliion. Irene D., 96. 277, 313. 334. 335 Allison, Walter Frank. 271 Allnutt. William F.. 429 Allott. Leonard S., 376 Aim, Gerald Vernon, 264. 326 Almquiit. Marilyn Juno, 116. 156 Alterman, Zelda Phyllis, 411 Altuater. Ella J.. 52. 388 Aluise, Mary Jane. 357 Alvarado. Arthur John. 62. 333 Alword. Leiand S.. 271 Alward. Marcella Jean. 391 Amaya. John, 378 Amen. Charles Richard. 108. 419 Amesbury. Jo Anne. 62. 212. 269. 294. 397 Amos. Clitford James. 296 Amy. Robert Dale. 284 Anderson. Albert James. 463 Anderson. Barbara Anne. 367 Anderson. Ruth Marie. 302 Anderson. Albert James, 290 Anderson. Barbara Jean. 116 Anderson, Barbara Joan, 391 Anderson. Carrie Mae. 39. 48. 52. 139. 145. 290. 366 Anderson. Dean Gustav. 108. 421 Anderson. Earl A.. 268 Anderson. Ellen Bernice, 406 Anderson, Elmer C. 148. 296, 461 Anderson, Fredric Edwin. 63. 417. 421 Anderson. Frederick O.. 424 Anderson. Gladys Myrtle. 63 Anderson, Irvine 0.. 63. 377 Anderson, Jack £.. 424 Anderson. Jack K.. 148. 428. 429 Anderson. James Russell. 108. 287. 421 Anderson, Jane Margaret, 399 Andcrlon, Joe M.. 216 Anderion. Loren Elmo, 264, 293, 320 Anderion, Marilyn M,, 108. 397 Anderion, Marjorie L.. 358. 409 Anderion. Nancy Carol. 401 Anderson. Nancy Safrld. 108. 149. 329. 363 Anderson. Parley E.. 272 Anderson. Patricia Anne. 116. 389 Anderson. Richard Lee. 300 Anderson. Ruth Marie. 53. 397 Anderson. Ward Lyman. ' .94. 488 Anderson. William A.. 63, 295 320 Andrea. Rudolph William. 176 Andrew. Hu(h Samuel. 53, 295 Andrews, Betty Lou, 357 Andrews, Elizabeth Ann. 365. 416 Andrews, Gerald Lane. 447 Andrews. Jack Luther. 194. 308 Andrews. James Braty. 440 Andrews. John Warren. 53 Andrews. John WilUani, 287 Andrews. Robert M.. 379 Andrews. Sunley Robert, 431 Angel, Roland Leon, 305 Angcvine. Jack Merrill. 116 Angove. Rodney William. 210. 226. 429 Ansdell. Carolyn Ann. 357 Antani. Amrishray H.. 295 Anthonv. John L.. 317 Antiita. Bart Anthony, 269, 294. 379 Anton. Kathcrine. 409 Apgar. Sterling Eugene. 366 Apodaca. Ronald E.. 326. 370. 378 Appleton. David T.. 294 Appleton. Martha Jeanne. 357 Apuzzo. Gerald Lawrence. 156. 169, 161, 162. 163. 164 Arapkiles. Vassilis. 53. 276. 296 Archer. Carol A., 108, 389 Archuleta, Harry Manuel. 317 Ardourel, Joe Brooks. 116. 449 Areitio. Ramon Victor. 380 Arendrup. Herluf. 333 Arford. Francis Wendell. 63. 294 Argall. Anna Elaine. 96. 277. 407 Armatas. James Philip. 148. 171, 172, 423 Armentrout. Mary F., 277. 368 Armitage. Carol Frances. 357 Armitage, Lawrence C 53. 277, 313 Armstrong. Ann Frances. 403 Armstrong. Dale Dean, 279 Armstrong, Gladys M.. 116, 366. 395 Armstrong. John Eldredge. 373 Armstrong. Le Roy K., 53 Armstrorig. Richard Wilson. 163 Arndt. Jerome Harrison, 96, 421 Arneal. Gordon Francis. 427 Arnell. Donald R.. 108. 445 Arnold. Charles Oliver. 437 Arnold, Edward Rvan, 437 Arnold. Elizabeth May, 307, 312, 361 Arnold, Gerald Walter, 96 Arnold, Harry H.. 108. 429 Arnold. Hugh Hudson. 272 Arnold. Joan. 403 Arnold. Wm. Glenn, 437 Aronin. Gerard Lee. 148. 443 Aronson. Haskell Harold, 295 Arras. Homero. 96 Arterburn. Larrv Evans. 419 Arthur. David Ramsay. 53. 240. 269. 294. 381 Aschcr. James Martin. 308 Ashburn. Rosemary. 108, 307, 391 Ashby, Elaine J,. 302 Asher, Robert Harrison. 274. 461 Ashford. Mary Catherine. 96. 407 Ashley. Geraldino B.. 53. 287. 369 Ashlock. Robert Howard. 116. 292. 421 Ashton, Ralph William. 184. 326 Askew. Catherine R.. 356 Asmus. Virginia Clara. 290. 369 Aspinwall. Herbert T.. Jr.. 63, 295. 371 Atanasoff. Elsie L.. 63. 276 Atanasoff. Joanne Carol. 397 Atherton. Patricia Ann. 302. 399 Atkinson. Horace £.. 53. 429 Atkinson, Peggy Ann, 116. 415 Atwater. Joan. 396 Atwood. John Miles. 328 Atwood. Marjuerite W.. 318. 329 Aublc. Robert Comlev. 294 Aufderheide. Mary L.. 139, 208. 329, 402. 403 Ault. Herbert A.. 423 Austin. Barbara J.. 308. 327, 365 Avgerinos. Peter C. 54. 302. 429 Axell. Richard Arnold. 96. 263, 295, 324, 449 Axtens. Stephen F.. 283 Ayarbe. Gilbert P.. 295 Ayers. Robert E., 437 B Baars. Ralph E.. 143 Babb. Barbara Elizabeth. 96, 277 Babb. Jack Victor. 64 Babb. Mary Jane. 116. 336. 356 Babcock. Sally Ann, 211, 366. 395 Babington. Marilynn L.. 396 Babka. Edward Alfred. 54. 143. 269. 280. 294. 453 Babovich. Mildred G.. 369 Baca. Arthur Filadelfo, 54. 310 Bach. Herbert Edward, 429 Bachrach. James Robert. 436. 437 Backlund, James Condon. 295 Backlund. Merle Conwell. 376. 423 Bacon. Herbert Lee. 96. 428, 429 Bacon. Janet Elizabeth. 54. 312, 327. 4C4. 405 Bacon. Milton E.. 96. 423 Bael. Matin Byron. 317. 467 Baggott, James P.. 287 Baglcy, Albert Eric. 54. 311. 373 Baier, Gretchen Leo, 116. 367. 403 Bailar. John C, 308. 461 Bailey. Donna Lee. 401 Bailey. Doreon Helen, 360 Bailey, Mary Elizabeth. 116 Bailey. Robert Edward. 274 Bailey. Thomas E., 143. 276. 280, 296 173 Bain. Martin Fred, 214 Bain. Mary Ellen. 96. 364. 395 Baird. Dale Fenton, 271. 376 Baird. Jo Ann Schafar. 64. 212 Bakeman. Jack Scotton. 302 Baker. Barbara Jane. 116. 355. 409 Baker. Bettie La Rue. 116. 354 Baker. Beverly Ann. 116, 357. 391 Baker. Curtis H.. 295. 327. 379 Baker. Elizabeth Barry. 401 Baker. Joan E., 359 Baker. Keefe Leroy. 286, 366 Baker. Mclvin LeBoy. 381 Baker, Robert Lawrance. 54. 333 Baker. Victor George Jr.. 54. 296 Baker. Thomas Carlton. 372 Balcom. Manning L.. 276. 280. 296 Baldwin. George S. Jr.. 64, 293 Ball, Donna Jean, 407 Ball, Mary Margaret. 306. 365 Ball. Nancy W., 54. 409 Ballard. John Theodore. 370. 371. 376 Ballin. Bobra. 302 Balph. Sheila. 403 Balsells. Peter Jofre, 296. 374 Baltes. Bita Geraldine. 359 Banas. Walter Peter. 64. 296. 378 Bancroft, Burton R.. 108. 424 Bancroft. Jelaine. 116. 356 Bandfleld. Harold S.. 108 Bangerd. Jimmie Pierre. 374 Banks. Barbara Frances. 302. 335. 362 Banks. Charlotte. 108. 149. 278. 282. 289. 397 Barbee. Frank E.. 108 Barbee. Frank J., 108 Bard. Irene Ellen. 401 Bardwell. Charline. 401 Eardwell. Conrad Myron. 54. 180. 183 Bardwell. Robert Ormond. 317 Barker. Judy Ann, 358. 395 Barker. Richard T.. 64. 435 Barkley. Barbara Lee. 116. 327. 354, 391 Barlow, Lloyd Donald, 451 Barnard. Robert Nelson. 294 Barnes. Edna Lucile. 355 Barnes. Jack Duane. 108. 270. 298 Barnes. Jack Eugene. 108, 376, 441 Barnes. William Arthur. 431 Barnes. William Martin, 54. 269, 294 Barnett. William F.. Jr.. 379, 421 Barngrover. Marjorie B,. 108, 270, 361 Barnhart. Teddy R.. Jr.. 327 Barnhizer. Dorothy L.. 96, 393 Barnun. Marjory Mae. 360 Barnun, Mary Alice. 360 Baroch. Robert Frank, 64 Barr. Cordelia Marie. 116 Barr. Marian Irene. 307. 312. 327 Barr. Robert Clifton. 64 Barrett. Kathryn Louise. 389 Barrick. Charles. Wra.. 320 Barrit. Donald R.. 287 Barron. Morton Pacey. 443 Barrows. Eugene Carroll, 317 Barrows. Robert Guy. 277 Barry. George Edward, 419 Barry. Samuel Robert. 447 Barry. Virginia Ann. 96. 395 Earth. Paul Owen. 36. 37. 54. 276. 280. 296. 300 Bartheld. Joan C. 334 Bartley. Robert Wayne, 274 Bartling. Mebus. 435 Barton. Harlan N.. Jr.. 451 Bascom. Frances R.. 298 Bashford. Bruce Edward. 271. 378 Bashor. Curtis Dan. 156. 466 Bashor. Ralph Blacke, 54. 421 Basich. Lorraine K.. 308. 360 Eassett. Joann Lora. 335 Bassett. Phyllis Elaine. 357 Bastian, Kenneth Karl. 304. 380 Bastian. Shirley Ann. 307 Bate. Richard Henry. 463 Bate. Robert T.. 463 Bateman. Robert A.. Jr.. 461 ,Batschelet. Beverlev J., 149, 313, 334, 335. 400. 401B Batt. Ira, 317 Battey. Galen Bradford, 372, 447 Baudcr. Don Wayne. 379 Bauer. Charles T.. 437 Bauer, Richard James. 429 Bauknecht. Lyle Ambrose. 143, 269. 294 Bauknecht, Robert Henry. 64. 293 Baum. Marylin Ann. 302 Baum. Paul Burdette Jr.. 64. 455 Baumgartner. Jerold C. 243. 447 Baiter. Helen Alma. 54, 305. 322 Bayer. James Theodore. 272 Eaysdorfer. Lloyd G.. 286 Beale. Mary D.. 311 Bealer. William J., 148 Beals. Eddie R,. 96, 273, 376. 421 Bear. Robert Irving. 427 Beard. Robert M.. 116. 324. 377 Beard. William Edward. 461 Bearden. John Nichols. 429 Bcatty. Richard Whitney. 374 Beauvais. Lester Linton, 451 Bechtold. Bruce Charles, 463 Beck. Glen Alton, 453 Beck. Joseph Vincent, 296 Beck. Rodney Maurer. Jr.. 429 Becker. Claire Allan. 293 Becker, John Richard, 431 Beckett. Mclvin Dean, 815. 423 Beckett. Shirley C. 307 Beckley. Margaret Ann. 116. 403 Beebe. Beverly Jane. 290, 367 Beebe. Walter Scott. 56 Beehler. Mary Elisabeth. 96. 302. 359 Eeeley. Mary Lynn. 409 Beeley. Patricia M.. 409 Beerbower. James R.. 289 Beery. Arlie Edwin. 156. 157. 166. 184. 451 Beidler. Robert Towne. 294 Bekins. Nancy Jame. 407 Balina. Lenore Marie. 116 Bell. Ervin Joseph. 212. 275. 283, 295, 443 Bell. Howard Verner. 287 Bell. Jack Newman. 97. 148. 295, 428 429 Bell. Marian Joan, 333, 363 Bell. Mildred. 362 Eell. Nancy Jean. 356 Bell, Robert Herrick, 116. 429 Bell. Rodney Stanford. 423 Bell. Willson Willard. 374 Bellman. Arthur Burton, 55. 276. 280. 310 Belsan. Charlotte M.. 65. 391 Benk. Lucille H.. 55. 210 Bendar. Jack Arthur. 374 Bender. Eugene Clark. 296 Bender. Ray William. 97. 276. 310 Benedeck. Norma L., 108. 149. 164. 270. 2M. 318. 329. 399 Benedict. Christine M.. 149. 391 Benesch. Clara El. 116. 357 Benjamin. Therra C, 357 Bennett. Bette Jeane, 97, 325. 360 Bennett. Clayton James. 292. 315. 440 Bennett. Dick Dale. 429 Bennett. Donald V.. 436 Bennett. Harold. Jr.. 461 Bennett. John Harley. 429 Bennett. Joseph Dutcher. 376 Bennett. Lucy Gertrude. 318, 335 409 Bennett. Robert Malcolm. 377 Bennett. Sidney. 374 Bennetts. Alice J., 139. 145. 211. 396, 397 Benson, Arnold, 288 Benson. Betil Aaron, 427 Benson. Mary Antoinette. 55. 290 Benson. Paul Robert. 116. 378 Benson. Verity Jean. 108 Benton. Byron Coutney. 287 Benton. Elinor K.. 66. 400. 401 Eenton. Field Clay. 272 Benway. Patience Elizabeth. 328 Benzel. Herbert James. 97, 194. 431 Beranek. Charlene Rose. 55. 405 Berg. Charles William. 378 Berg. Charlotte Jean. 108. 325. 327 Bergendoff. Raymond C, 97, 292. 295 Berger. Hugh E.. 465 Berger. Jerry Jack. Jr.. 97. 215, 268. 440 Berger. Laura Mav, 149. 313. 410 Berger. Phill R . 55. 443 Bergerman. Carole L.. 116. 333. 364 Bergeson. Susan Adeline. 322. 323 Bergheim. Joe Herbert. 108. 219. 236. 423 Berheim. Robert Milton. 66. 277, 419 Berglund. Byrun Neal. 435 Bergman. Burton Stuart. 116. 374 Bergman. Donald Ja.. 55 Bergman. John Edward. 293 Bergman. Ralph Arnold. 311. 379 Bering. Isabel. 108. 318. 403 Berman. David Norman, 443 Bernick, Richard Jess. 36. 40. 139. 214. 270 Berry. Beverly Booth. 55 Berry, Jean Louise. 399 Berry. Keith Wayne. 56 Berry. Robert Earl, 296 Berry. Robert Lyle. 296 Berry. Verne Paul. 97 Bertea. Richard. 447 Bertholf. Marjorie A.. 66. 142, 270 Besemann. Wilbur Carr. 56. 146. 169, 268, 281. 437 Best. Beverly R.. 108 Best. Donald J.. 379 Best, Machrina Pauline. 108. 363 Best. Patricia Louise. 357 Best. Thomas Earle. 445 Betasso. Donna H.. 397 Betterley, Robert L., 305 Betthauser, Joseph Leo. 212, 294. 440 Betz. Evelyn Zola. 55. 285, 361 Betz. Frederick M.. 56 Betzer. Robert Edwin. 375 Beuttas. Barbara Ann, 403 Bever, Lloyd James. 265. 270 Beyeler. John A.. 317 Beymer. Eugene Stoner. 310 Bickley. Ann. 391 Bickley. Charles Thomas. 296 Biddleman. Dorothe Sue, 332, 363 Biel. Richard Gordon. 55. 406. 453 Biel. Shirley Lorraine. 116. 356 Bierbaum. Robert Harold. 108. 449 Bierbaum. William S.. 148. 184. 212. 449 Eieser. Albert Howard. 116. 378 Biggs. Elaine Do Bard. 401 Biggs. Marvin Leroy. 372 Billeter. Beverley Jean, 116. 368. 403 Billeter. Richard E.. 447 Billig. Suzanne Mae. 116. 357. 395 Bilton. Herbert R,. 431 Bingert, Joseph Albert. 284 Bingham. Richard Lloyd, 319. 333, 419 Bmstock, Robert Allen, 467 Bird. Jacqueline Ruth. 108. 401 Birk. Sue. 149. 289. 393 Birkeness. Margaret L.. 364. 397 Bishop. Donald Jack. 269 Bishop. Frederick James. 116. 377 Bishop. Richard Dow. 468 Bissell, Ray Charles, Jr.. 212. 296, 455 Bithan. Charlene Harryette. 356 Bitter. Charles R.. Jr.. 294 Blachly. Robert Gordon. 437 Black. Dale Wesley. 435 Black. Daniel Esker. 284 Black. Noa 0.. 109, 388 Black. Ralph. 148. 180 183. 423 471 WATTS -HARDY DAIRY TO BRING YOU THE BEST WE HAVE INSTALLED $35,000 WORTH OF NEW EQUIPMENT THIS YEAR REINERTS Outstanding Clothes for College Men HART, SCHAFFNER MARX VARSITY TOWN ARROW SHIRTS Broadway and Pearl HOWARD ' S STEAK HOUSE GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES PHONE 18S1 14 12 PEARL BROADWAY LAUNDRY GARMENTS WASHED WITH PERSONAL CARE YOU GET THEM BACK IN GOOD REPAIR SOCKS DARNED BUTTONS REPLACED I 303 Broadway (Basement) 472 STUDENT INDEX Bl»ck. HolMfrt AI»n. 116. 379, 44i Bl»ck. Sally Oliver. 286. 407 Black. Stanley Algie. 146. 148 435 Black. Woodrow Wilion. 294. 317 Blackburn. Antionette. 389 Blacker. Patricia Anne. 116. 389 Blackmarr. Ned Parker. 303 451 Blackitock. Boss H.. 287 Blaha. James Albert. 461 Blair. Robert S.. 55 Blake. Anna Mae. 313 Blakeway. Clayton Eldon. 272 Blakney. John Harold. Jr.. 116 378 4(3 Blanche. Frederick W.. 2»7 Blanke. Dolores Blanche. 210 321 Blashill. Barbara Jane. 97, 893 Blasongame. Richard N.. 158 . 423 Blatchford. Laurence H.. 824 449 Blicke. Judy Ann. 116. 302. 8S6 Block. Burton S.. 295 Bloeser. Patricia Ann, 359 Blom Kenneth Merle. 295 Bloom. Thomas Franklin. 97. 449 Bloomquist. Elmer A.. Jr.. 304 Bloss. Roscoe L.. 55. 279, 817 BlubauKh. Charles T.. 286 Bobson. Betty Lou. 116. 356 Bock. Thomas Frederick. 184 Bocovich. Frank Joe. 296 Eoehm, Evalyn Ann. 369. 393 Boerncr. Robert Ernest. 295. 424 BuKard. Charles Francis. 296 455 Boirgi. Robert O.. 109. 292, 439 BoKKS, Robert Newell, 109 375 Bolen. Betty G.. 286 Bolinicer. Caroline J.. 55, 360 Bolinjer. Elizabeth A.. 389 Bolln. John Joseph. 97. 293 Boltr. Eleanor Louise. 55. 286 293 Bomash. Babette Joy. 357 Boncelet. Charles G.. 427 Bond. Robert Aihins. 447 Bondus. Kay Lucille, 97. 235. 318 403 Bonham. Robert Duane. 320 Booker. Geraldine Mae. 116. 358 Boone. John Phillips. 116. 374. 429 Booth. Marion J.. 109. 412. 413 Booth. Mary Lewis. 407 Boothby. Jancne Cecil. 116. 354 391 Boothroyd. Vincent Earl. 116 391 Boratgis. James Peter. 333 Borowski. John J.. 287 Borland. Donald Wm.. 294, 372 Borsch, James Tilten, 56 276 Borst, Suianne Eleanor, 117. 356. 403 Borys. Julius T.. 293 Bosin. Edmund E.. 268 Boslcy. Richard Dean. 295 440 Boteler. Nancy C. 117. 357 391 Boucher. Bertrand P.. 142 270 Boughter. Barbara Joann. 109. 302 397 Boulton. Helen Dolores. 56 312 322 Boutwell. Cyrus. 425 Bousman. Mary Ann. 97. 270 360 Bovik. Joyce Irmagard. 97 Bowen. Dwijht Archie. 117. 373 453 Bowen. Jack Mahlon. 419 Bower. Joseph Gordon. 56 264 270 431 Bowers. Orvis Eugene. 311. 455 Bowie. Katherine L.. 361 Bowman. Bernadctta. 97 364 407 Bowman. Ralph Robert. Jr. 449 Bowman. Richard D.. 421 Bowman. Robert Walter. 295 447 Bowman. Ronald Ray 373 Bowser. Jerry Edwin. 461 Bo yce. Frank Leonard. 66, 280, 283. 295. 434 Boyd. Alice Mary. 117. 368, 401 Boyd, Thomas Lee 437 Boyle. Charles Thomas. 167 Boyle. John Robertson. 167 Boyle. Lucia Jane. 311 409 Boyt. Christy Ann. 393 Brackenbury. Carolyn S.. 117. 335, 358 409 Br.ckenbury. Richard J., 56, 248. 271 «9 Bradbury. Marjorie Caroline. 359 Braddock. Robert C. 56 294 " ii " }- William A.. i48. 305 Bradfleld. Robert Miles. 431 Bradley Whitney Allen. 289. 371 374 Brady. James Webster. 97 Br a d y. Joseph James, 109, 220, 277, 313, 438. Brady. Kenneth Richard 64 Brady. Robert Francis. 294 Brady. Suzanne 313. 329. 334. 335. 403 Bragg. ViTian Louise. 56. 389 Bramhall. Margaret. 302 Brand. Vance De Voe. 117 451 Brandenberger. Helen E..109. 391 Brandhorst Carolyn A.. 56. 286. 415 Brandner. H. Joan. 97. 266 322 Brannan. Peggy Lu, 117. 357 401 Brassra. Berna Jean. 360 Bray. Benjamin Eddison. 97 281 Bray. Kenneth William. 56 ' 271 4il Breach. Lolita Jeanne. 364 Breckenridge. Audrey L. 117 Breetwor. Helen Frances. 364 Breidenbach. Barbara A.. 117 354 Breidenbach. George F.. 166. 159 437 Breitenstein. Sarah A.. 395 Brenden. Carolyl Erble. 357 Brcnnan. John James. 56. 140. 214 436 Brennan. Marion Dolores. 139 147 277 390 Brennan. R. James. 97. 180. 183 431 Brenner. Arthur. 376 Brewer. George Fred. 431 Brewer. Raymond Hayes. 296 421 Brickel. Robert Joseph. 419 Bricklor. Mary Louise. 367 Brickman. Barbara Jean. 318. 400 401 Brictson. Robert Casper. 445 Bridwell, Htry Anita, 367 Briggs, Albert Leon, 317. 449 Briggs. Jerry Ann. 117. 354. 399 Bright, Lynn Joyce. 117 Bright. Samuel David. 315 Bril. Duane Harold. 294 Brindely. Thomas Arthur, 117. 378 4il Brion, Irene J ennie. 97 Bristow. Alice Love. 313 407 Britt. Frank William. 304. 374 Britlain. Bonnie Lou. 66 Britton. Jack H.. 275. 461 Broaddus. Marilyn. 117. 335. 365 Broberg. Carl Michael. 109. 372 441 Brock. James. William. 300 431 Brockway. Donald D.. 377 Broderson. Neil Lewis. 423 Broin. Thayne Leo. 289 Broman. Ronald Lee. 447 Bronason. William Riley. 429 Bronson. William S. . 148 Brooks. Barbara A.. 396 Brooks. Beverly Joan. 97. 235. 318. 335 363 Brooks. Catherine. 318 400 401 Brooks. Clair William, 449 ' Brooks, James C, 281 Brookshier. Thomas Jefferson. 167 Brosky. Bernard Joseph. 66 Brossia. Carl William 441 Brostoff. Judith. 367 Brothers. William S. . 382 Brown. Aha Mae. 98. 334 Brown. Barbara Anne. 401 Brown. Bruce Richard. 98. 180 183 431 Brown. Cloyde Ira. 117 Brown. Cornelia Ruth. 361 Brown. Dale Irvin. 66, 288, 463 Brown, Edmund Hosmer, 317 Brown, Frank F,. 98. 217 Brown. Gale E.. 109. 292 453 Brown. Gene Curnow. 372 Brown. Gloria Jean. 357 Brown. James S.. Jr.. 109. 295 379 447 Brown. Kristina. 361 Brown. Marcia Ann. 109. 407 Brown. Mary E.. 109. 149, 270. 328 361 Brown. Mary Jo. 98. 395 Broun. Nancy Alice. 56. 403 Brown. Patricia M. . 98 Brown. Paul Arthur. 305 Brown. Phyllis Jean. 360 Brown. Robert Eugene. 66. 370 373 447 Brown. Robert Hodgen. 98 Brown. Robert Paul. 272 Brown. Robert Samuel. 379 Brown. Ronald Karle. 56 Brown. Ronald Miles. 98 327 Br wj; ' Ih ' " " H " - ' ' ■ " ■ " ' !«• 329. 409 Brown. Thomas Spencer. 324 445 Brown. Wallace Harris. 194 ' Brownell. Edith Marion. 117. 302. 333. 355. Broxon. Patricia Jane. 265. 298. 393 Bruce. Robert Vernon. 421 Brueggeman. Alva H.. Jr.. 56 449 Bruin. James Leo. 56. 417 449 Briimitt. William Alonzo. ' se. 143. 279, 280. Brummer. Donna Eileen. 109 Brummitt. Charles Dale. 98 148 209 Brundage. Leonard C, 66 Brunelli. Carol Jane. 98 Brunelli. Kenneth D.. 293 Brunkhorst. Clarence A 117 Brunner. Bonney Marie. ' 40I Brunston. Gustav F.. 300. 311 Brunton. James Ewing. 315 Bruski. Chester Francis. 295 Brust. Howard Albert. 57. 269. 294 458 Bruton. Elizabeth Eelle. 56 409 Bryans. Richard Waldron. 234 424 Bryant. Carroll Dean. 440 Bryant. Eloise Gertrude, 57, 287 288 l l Bryant. Mary Ellen. 366. 405 Brynestad. John Simon. 67 Buchanan. Donald B.. 57. 292 Buchanan. James Tye. 270 439 Buchanan. James Weddle 270 271 l-i Buchholz. Mary Lynn. 117. 35V, 395 Buchler. Alfred, 276, 292, 306, 314 443 Buchmann, Maxine Eva 332 Buckles, La Verne C, 286 Buckley, Thomas Harlon, 57 Bucknam, Dale Brede 324 372 Budge, Marion Trezona, 389 Buechele, Modestus Wm,, 292 459 Bueler, Barbara J., 356 403 ' Buenik. Carol Ann.. 109 393 Buettn.r. Ruth M., 336. 360 Bujarski. Paul Riley. 294 Bullard. Robert Bacon. 379 Sullen. Kathryn Ann. 389 Bumgarner. Frank Edwin. 379 Bumpus. Harold Graham 57 Bundy, Phyllis Ann, 57, 387 402 401 Bunts, John Edward 57 " Burbank, Bruce Warner, 298 Burchard, Peter Meyers, 57 Burge, Harland U,, 446 Burgener, John Ralph, 67, 269 275 294 Burger, Barbara Ann, 117 327 Burger, Harry. 98 Burgeson. George C. 287 Burgess. H. Joann. 98 Burgess. Shirley Anne. 117. 367 406 Burk. Betha Jane. 226. 312. 322 Burke. Dale L. 287 Burke. Edward R.. 180. 183. 437 Burke. Helen M., 397 Burke, James Clayton, 447 Burke, Samuel Edward, 67, 276 310 iu " rt!. ' : S:t ' !;rJnT-35r ' ' ' ' ' " « ' " ' » ' ' Burkhardt, Donald H. 67 Burkhardt. William Charles. 109 453 Burki, Bette Lorraine, 67, 899 Burnard, Jean Mane, 57, 395 Burnett, Donald Richard. 148. 265 435 Burnett. Wesley D.. 67. 211. 275 286 447 Burney. Philip George, 447 Burnham. Billie Barbara. 117. 366 403 Burns. Barbara Mae. 407 Burns. Gerald Neil. 421 Burns. Robert Lee. 423 Burns. Robert W.. Jr.. 98. 292 321 421 Burrell. Robert Leon. 98. 381 Burridge. Richard M.. 148. 381. 461 Burris. Norma Jovce. 412 Burritt. Richard W.. 378 Burroughs. Keota Joy. 407 Burrous. Grace Irene. 311 Burrows. Leslie Raymond. 98. 292 376 461 Burruss. Edward Charles. 98. 228 419 ' Burt. Morton Willard. 98. 276 308 Busby. Raymond Roy. 294 Buscemi. Philip Augustos. 336 Bush. Georgine H.. 399 Bush. John Erwin. 324. 449 Bussian. Robert A.. 424 Buswell. John D.. Jr.. 268 Buthala. Edward Joseph. 67 Butcher. Charles Edward. 109 445 Butler. Charles Robert. 289. 439 Butler. Helen Elizabeth. 320. 333 359 Butler. Janet Byrne. 57. 352 360 Butt. Jo Ann. 117. 336. 356. 397 Buttelmann. Carl F.. Jr.. 57 Butz. Richard Leroy. 445 Byler. Kathryn L.. 358. 409 Byrd. Thomas G.. 57. 294 Bywaters. Theodore W.. 451 Cable. Robert E.. 167. 429 Cadwell. Nancy Lee. 409 Cain. Marilyn Jean. 278. 361 Callahan. Peggy Ann. 391 Callen. Suzanne Marie. 109. 307. 312. 405 Callender. James Monroe. 117. 324 372 445 Callihan. Beverly Jane. 298 Callogy. Harriette R.. 57. 359 Caiman. Eugene. 295 Calmer. Shirley M.. 98 Cambern. Rose Alice. 364 Camerzell. Paul L.. 294 Campbell. Anne K.. 360 Campbell. Carolyn Sue. 302. 311. 328 Campbell. Donald B.. 57. 180. 183 447 Campbell. Donald M.. 180. 183. 436 437 Campbell. Donna Ruth, 117. 356 405 Campbell. Ernest Eugene. 375 Campbell. Jean S.. 117. 365, 403 Campbell. Nancy Ann, 405 Campbell. Neil H.. 57. 333 Campbell. Robert B.. 296. 376 441 Campbell. Timothy L.. 429 ' Campbell. Virginia Lee. 334 403 Canfleld. Roy C. 295. 445 Canfield. Theodore K.. 268. 445 Cann. Howard M.. 57. 226. 265. 270 275 443 Cantonwine. Ruth E.. 36 57 Cantrell. Dick B.. 58. 429 Cantrell. Donald B.. 288 Carey. Allen T.. 117. 429 Carhartt. Wesley. 59. 304 Carl. Robert E.. 222. 226 Carl. Wilminor. 359 Carletti. Charles A.. 58 Carlin. Frederic Paige. 98. 270. 319. 327 333 Carlin. Palmer W.. 279. 294 Carlisle. Mabel R.. 320 Carlos. Don F.. 98. 447 Carlson. Carol S.. 117 Carlson. Dorothy L.. 368 Carlson. Herbert B.. 424 Carlson, Joy Elin. 226. 333. 404 405 Carlson. La Von Jean. 302. 362 Carlson. Lois Margaret. 109 401 Carlson. Phyliss Ann. 98. 359 Carlson. Robert Ernest. 283, 295 437 Carlson, Roberta Mae, 312 Carlson, Ruth Janice, 389 Carlton, Mary Ellen, 117, 358, 389 Carlyle, William F.. 287 Carney. Jane. 58. 307. 397 Carpenter. Dean Everett. 98 294 447 Carpenter. Elizabeth G.. 149, 245 ' , 345 409 Carpenter. James L.. 58. 437 Carpenter. Mary Van. 391 Carpenter. William H.. 424 Carrico. Joyce Leone. 399 Carrigan. Laura Lu. 407 Carrillo. Geraldine. 109. 367 Carroll. Eugene R.. 276. 280 296 Carroll. Helen G.. 312 Carroll. John S.. 36. 58 Carroll. Marjorie A.. 58 Carroll. Patricia A.. 307 403 Carroll. Pauline S.. 403 Carroll. William P.. 295 Carson. John Paul. 68 Carson. Marilynne J.. 117. 356 397 tarstens. Cathryn E.. 312 361 Carswoll. Francos G.. 331 403 Carswell. Jane Ann. 58. 329 336 402 Carter. Betty Anne. 360 Carter. Bobbie Edna. 98. 266. 353 356 Carter. Deane M.. 58, 41 419 Carter, Ralph M.. 98. 228 419 Carter, Warren W,, 295 Casali, Liberty, 287 Case, Elise H,, 302, 357 416 Case. William A., 156, 158, 428 429 Casey, Clifford G,, 58, 324 440 Casey, Virginia Anne, 98, 367 395 Cashman, Claude L,, 288 Caspe, Gerald J,, 109, 148, 443 Catalano, Eugene N,, 468 Cataniaro, Sam J., 166, 163 164 Caughren, James L., 431 Cauthen. Mary P.. 98. 322 332 Ca vender. Alice M.. 109 393 Cavender. Juan M.. 264. 327 Ca vender, Wayne S,, 289, 827 Cavicchi, Earle A,, 296 Cedrone, Gerard T,, 98 Cervene, Bettie J., 391 Cerveny, Carl A,, 98, 449 Chafee, Glenn R,. 68, 296, 298 Chaffee, Mary Louise, 109, 403 Chai, Yun Ching, 296 Chaitman. Thelma D,, 219, 277 Challburg, Martin W,, 68, 451 Chamberlin, Nicholas, 453 Chamberlin, Richard, 429 Chambers, Catherine. 117, 346 366 Chambers, Joan, 358 Chambliss, Luanne R., 117. 356 Champagne. Claire M.. 117. 356 Champion. Roscoe L.. 109 Chance. Wiley S.. 68. 180. 183. 191 481 Chance, William C, 58, 180. 183 240 431 Chandler. Christy. 366 Chandler. Earl L.. 265 Chang. Robert H.. 272 Chapin. Elouise F.. 325. 359 Chapin. Leverett L.. 429 Chapman. Alana J.. 109 Chapman. Alexander B.. 167 449 Chapman. Edward. 261 Chapman. James Paul. 210 457 Chapman. Nancy M.. 98. 331 396 397 Chapman. William J.. 296 Chapman. Vernon R.. 445 Chappell. Edward R.. 294 Charles. Richard J.. 372 Charlton. Julia R.. 318. 400. 401 Charvonia. David A.. 98. 143 276 296 326, 379 Chase, Beatrice, 98 Chase, Damarid J,, 363 Chase, David M,, 143, 317 Chase. Elisabeth. 58. 363. 405 Chase. Michael J.. 424 Chase. Richard H.. 435 Chase. Richard V.. 425 Chase. Sally M.. 109. 409 Chavez, Carol T,, 58, 399 Chehak, Kathrvn A.. 117 403 Chelf. Jennine. " 391 Cheney. Russell E., 58. 431 Cherna. Andrew K. , 366 Cheves. Sarah A.. 109. 359 Chiafalo. Peter P.. 376 Chiappelli. Florido. 68. 296 Chilcott. Robert E.. 280. 283. 295 Childers. Joseph M. . 283. 295 Childers. Milton 0.. 295 Childerston. Willa N.. 58 Childress. James D. . 48. 148 270 437 Chilton. Mark. 98. 126. 421 Chinn. James. 296. 305 Chisholm. Frances M.. 395 Chmelik. Sally S.. 58. 226. 399 Chocas. William. 321. 440 Chontos. John W.. 421 Chornyak. John. 295 Choy. George D.. 293 Chris. Earl J.. 336 Christensen. Edward C. 288 Christensen. Irving A.. 296 Christeson. Keith E.. 294, 455 Christopher, Robert A,, 281 Chronic, William L.. 276 296 Chuck. Edwin L.. 98. 296. 320 459 Cibull. Muriel R.. 266. 285 287 289 Cid. Mary B.. 361 Cieciura. Steven J.. 424 Citty. Dorothy J.. 117. 357. 397 Claborn. Kenneth D.. 58. 376 Clardy. Lawrence L.. 98. 191 431 Clark. Albert F.. 296. 306 Clark, Arthur B,, 58, 295 Clark, Byron L,, 451 Clark, Charles R,, 117, 304 374 Clark, Dale H,, 277 Clark, Elizabeth A,, 109, 395 Clark, Jacqueline J,, 401 Clark, Joan M,, 333 Clark, Joanne, 147, 289, 311. 352. 362 Clark. Kenneth M.. 449 98 Clark. Lee T.. 376 Clark. Lennie L.. 98. 389 Clark. Leonard E.. 109 379 4GI Clark. Ralph M.. 146. 148, 167. 428 429 Clark. Randolph D.. 58 371 Clark. Walter A.. 95. 276. 280 419 Clark. William A.. 265 Clark. William W.. 59 268 284 Clarke. James E.. 295 Class. Charles R.. 375 Classen. Meliassa A.. 364 Clausen. Kathrvn L. 117 397 Clauss Donald A.. 98. 210. 217. 308 441 C ay. Bill J.. 171. 172. 173. 379 447 C ayman. Samuel W.. 371. 372 370 Clayton. Frances E.. 117. 355 Clayton. George C.. 295 Clayton. Henry C. 59. 296 Clayton. James E.. 272 463 Cleland. Yolanda K.. 287. 327 355 Clemens. Janis M.. 320 Cleveland. Arnold L.. 294 Cleveland. John M.. 279 Cleveland. Shirley P.. 278 Clifford. Nathan J.. 287. 288 427 C ine. Mary Ann. 117. 358 389 Cloonan. Clifford B.. 303 Clough. George A.. 289 Clover. Marilyn S.. 109. 211 407 C ow, Jean L,, 77, 357, 409 Clow, John W,, 439 Clowes, Elinor M,, 98, 409 Clyman, Eleanor, 59, 326, 360 294, I 280, 473 FAST, FREQUENT BUS SERVICE BETWEEN BOULDER and DENVER 16 TRIPS EACH WAY DAILY FARES 80c One Way SI. 40 Round Trip Call Our Depot for Special Charter Service to any Point in the U. S. BOULDER BUS DEPOT 1848 Broadway Phone 305 20 Ride — 30 Day Commutalion Book SI 1.20 No Tax (Equivalent to 55c one way) Reasonable Charter Rates for Special Parties. Etc. DENVER BUS DEPOT 501 17th Street Phone KE 2291 C. W. ONEAL Terminal Manager We Sell Tickets Over All Major Bus Lines to Any Point in the U. S. We Make Rail and Air Reservations D. B. JAMES Vice-President DENVER -BOULDER BUS COMPANY , continued, long-ronge building and maintenance schedule to provide ade- quotely for present and future electrical needs of communities served is the basis for the company ' s present 575,000,000 construction program. Planning ahead so that customers will have odequate electric capocity and service ot oil times is typical of utility services founded on American methods of doing business. ©Public Service Company of Colorado® 1 474 Student Index 366 443 354. 411 113, 148. 269 317 27, 355 275. 376 Clyman. Seymour C. 443 Coad. Robert F.. 117. 372. 44. Coats. Charlo L.. 440 Coats. Clarence M.. 294 Cobb. Allen E.. 447 Cody. Donald J.. 69. 294. 431 Cody.