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IT ' ' I yi L, 4 J - n l " ' 1 1 I isfe c? ' • ■ 11 f . TTir ■ iis L iDii WAYNE HULITZKY Managing Editor NANCY NIGHTINGALE Business Manager MARJORIE GROVE Editor-in-Chief ' TIIF ■ 1 n u L im NIIETEEi MiMII FOmi IINE l- redented bu the of me Mniuefiltu of L owfaao iOoutder, L otoraao ™ YWl iGBT SHINE " r " Let your light shine, " the Greek inscription on the official seal of the University of Colorado, is in truth what the University endeavors to teach its students — the aspirants of knowledge and maturity. College is the doorway to the world, and upon graduation the student must show the qualities which he has developed, that is, he will then have the opportunity to " let his light shine. " By means of graphic presentation, the integral parts of campus life at the University of Colorado are expressed through the various sections of this book. By the able hands of the administration and faculty, we attain knowledge within our own grasp. The pace- setters are those of us who are indications of the tangible evidence of meritorious achievement. All students are members of classes, which are, besides the acknowledgment of academic standing, a source of unity that will persist long after smaller groups are forgotten. Activities and organizations are utilized by students to show their creative instincts, their desire to contribute to the work of a group that is powerless without cooperative spirit. Spirit of courage and loyalty to the University is at- tained through athletics, whether or not the participants are in the grand stands or on the playing fields. The col- lective unity and closd association in the dormitories are qualities best developed through the medium of the residence halls for those who have some common interest toward the mutual benefit of all. To cultivate the ideals of friendship, brotherhood, and comradeship is the fundamental aim of fraternities and sororities, which demand the acceptance of responsibilities by their members in order to fulfill this end. Individuals learn that there are times when they must bow to the will of the group. With the brilliance of success looming before us, we cannot but yield to the demands of our University, the path- way of our shining light. As the late President George Norlin once stated, " What the University purposes to be, what it must always strive to be, is represented on its seal, which is stamped on your diplomas — a lamp in the hands of youth. If its light shines not in you and from you, how great is its darkness! " N DEDICATED TOVOU... n m " ; . ,• ■■ ■ i- ¥ $ A The wide-eyed, anticipating freshman; the bold, undaunted sophomore; the activity- minded, satisfied junior; and the decided, thoughtful senior. We present this 51st Coloradan, within whose covers we have tried to enclose the essence of the spirit that is the University of Colorado. Dedicated to you individually and to your futures collectively, we hope that this book will help you to recall the memories of this particular year — that it will hold for the comparison of your future lives. IN MEMORIAM Ralph L. Crosnian, who for more than twenty-five years furnished a combination of ideals, practical knowledge, and inspiration to students of journalism at the Uni- versity of Colorado, died in his home on the evening of May 2, 1948, after a prolongeil illness. He was a friend of the newspapers and the press. Head of the Journalism Department at the University for twenty-seven years. Professor Crosman believed in a responsible press, and in its ultimate emergence in American society. To these beliefs he added an outspoken courage that placed him in the front rank of journalism educators in the country. Having served in the capacity of chairman of the Board of Publications for over twenty years. Professor Crosman was instrumental in establishing editorial freedom as a policy for editors of college publications. In his service to the University of Colorado, to the press, and to the nation, Ralph L. Crosman erected an enduring monument to his memory. ■• P sfs C-ntrance — AJomeni C j f n £n • • nameenn f f S ckooi • ' . ;- l f:? ' IT AND THEN TO THE " ANCH " j cyLavu S ckooi ystrcriiAjau f endezuoui6 J pnna c )pnna cene lA inter ' lA ondefd iatlron anta i J-m kyviayi Jofmitori om lO. n . . ni.i. (= Libi rah cJ ibi ran TABLE OF CONTENTS ifldminisfraffon Paceseffers . Classes . . Athletics . . Activities . . LifeatC.U. . Organizations Royalty . . Dorms . . . Fraternity-Sorority Index ADMINISTRATION EDITOR — BARBARA FOLLEY r WA ' V--::- ' ' 3:- ' »;., m m M- y. ' i -• ' • ' ' i-. V ' ' ,V; f ' mm ' ■- ' .•.■ " ■ ' ' ■.-pt f. ' ■ ' s? ?; PRESIDENT STEARNS President and Mrs. Stearns ... a living example of the faith, under- standing, sincere interest, and mutual aid which govern the administration of the University of Colorado. 30 BOARD of REGEN ALBERTA PIKE BOYD Alberta Pike Boyd, a graduate of the niversity of Colorado, has worked as di- ctor of Public Relations for the Denver 3X Theaters since 1944. During her col- ge career, Mrs. Boyd was an active trticipant in University publications and her extra-curricular activities. Following r graduation she worked on newspapers New York City, Denver, and Walsen- irg, Colo., and served with the Denver gional office of the Office of War Infor- ation during the war. ROBERT D. CHARLTON Robert D. Charlton, a resident of Den- ' . received his Law Degree from the ' " stminster School of Law in 1923, and ; at present a member of the Denver, iite. and American Bar Associations. Mr. ' irlton served in the United States Army World War II. and participated in Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, and Mindanao aligns, and took part in the recovery Bataan. ROY M. CHAPMAN oy M. Chapman, retired Boulder re- sr, is a native of Colorado and has d in Boulder since 1941. Mr. Chapman i Mously lived in Grand Junction, where [ attended the Holl-Ross Business Col- I . During World War I, he saw active I ice in France. Among Mr. Chapman ' s t outstanding achievements is his work the 30th General Assembly and his ice as minority floor leader in the 31st smbly. The Board of Regents is the policy-formulating and general governing body of the University. Six members com- pose the Board. Five of these University officials are elected by popular vote and serve for a period of six years; the presi- dent of the University automatically serves as the sixth mem- ber of the Board. The scope of work covered by the Board includes the policy and the general administrative affairs of the Univer- sity, authorization of a business, appointment of school of- ficials, and the general assumption of University responsi- bility. RALPH L. CARR Ralph L. Carr, graduate of C.U., is at present practicing law in Denver. Mr. Carr ' s political and civil career includes such positions as Ass ' t. Attorney General of Colorado, U. S. Attorney for the Dis- trict of Colorado, and Governor of Colo- rado. In 1933, he received the Horlin rec- ognition medal for outstanding achieve- ment in the field of law. Mr. Carr is the immediate and past president of the Den- ver Bar Association, a member of the Board of Directors of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, and is chairman of the Nat- ural Resources Department of the Federal Government. H. VANCE AUSTIN H. Vance Austin, a native of Colorado and presently practicing law in Sterling, Colorado, was recently elected to the Board of Regents to take office in 1949. Mr. Austin attended the University of Colorado, receiving his A.B. in 1934, and his LL.B. in 1936. A participant in many student affairs as well as an achieved scholar while at college, he was selected from the University student body as a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship. Mr. Austin served in the Navy in World War II, and aside from his present law career, he is active in the American Legion, the Lion ' s Club, and a leader in religious work. ROBERT L. STEARNS Robert L. Stearns was appointed presi- dent of the University in 1939, and has, since that time, brought wide acclaim to the school through his ability as an edu- cator and administrator. Previous to his presidential appointment, Mr. Stearns served as Dean of the University Law School. In 1940, Columbia University con- ferred upon him the honorary degree. Doctor of Laws. President Stearns has served as president of both the Colorado and Denver Bar Association, and has writ- ten extensively for legal and educational journals. Early in World War II, it was through the influence of the President that the Navy located its world-famous Ori- ental Languages School at the University and that the University ' s famed war pro- gram was initiated. Among the projects undertaken by C.U. during this period was a program of atomic research, upon which Dr. Stearns and several other University staff members were chosen to work. One of his greatest services made during the war was President Stearns ' work as civil- ian chief of the Operation Analysis Divi- sion of the Twentieth Army Air Force. In 1946, for all his patriotic efforts during the war. President Stearns was awarded the Medal of Freedom. MERRITT H. PERKINS Merritt H. Perkins, an active alumnus of the University of Colorado, received his B.A. in 1910, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Indianapolis College of Law in 1912. While a student on the Colorado campus Mr. Perkins distinguished himself in student activities as the editor-in-chief of the COLORADAN, a staff member of the SILVER AND GOLD, and in other extra-curricular and curricular interests. Following his graduation from Indian- apolis, Mr. Perkins practiced law for ten years and has since that time served at assistant trust officer of the Colorado Na- tional Bank of Denver. Mr. Perkins is president of the National Association of University Regents and Trustees. 31 tXE Detailed administrative affairs of the colleges and departments of the University are delegated to the Executive Council. The Council is composed of the President of the University, the Deans of the colleges, and four ad- ditional faculty members, two of whom are elected each year to serve for a period of two years. The Council is the executive committee of the University Senate. The work of this official committee does not include the power to enact perman- ent legislation, although the Council may formulate regulations which are referred to the Senate. The determination of University enrollment, ar- rangement of the school calendar, and the formulation of overall policies for each college are examples of the duties undertaken by the Council. The small but representative nature of the group enables the President to easily convene the Council for cases of emergency which may arise at the Univer- sity. MEMBERS Robert L. Stearns, President, University of Colorado Philip G. Worcester, Dean of Graduate School Jacob Van Ek, Dean, College of Arts and Science C. L. Eckel, Dean, College of Engineering Edward C. King, Dean, Law School Charles F. Poe, Dean, College of Pharmacy Rowland W. Dunham, Dean, College of Music Elmore Petersen, Dean, School of Business Mary Ethel Ball, Dean of Women Harry G. Carlson, Dean of Men Clifford G. Houston, Dean of Students W. F. Dyde, Dean of Faculties, Prof, of Education Clifford A. Fines, Capt. USN, Prof, of Naval Science and Tactics Eugene H. Wilson, Director of Libraries, Director of Summer Quarter Lt. Col. C. L. Landaker, J. W. Broxon, Professor of Physics Charles A. Hutchinson, Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Engineering Math. Earl C. Crockett, Chemistry Dept. and Prof, of Economics Calvin Grieder, Professor of Education Ralph Prator, Director of Admissions; Professor of Education 32 Back row left to right: Joe Reynolds (visitor), Dean Charles F. Poe, Dean W. F. Dyde, Dean Harry G. Carlson, Ralph Prator, Professor Earl C. Crockett, Professor Calvin Grieder (visitor). Dean Jacob Van Ek, Captain Clifford A. Fines. Front row: Dean Mary-Ethel Ball, Dean Rowland W. Dunham, Dean W. G. Worcester, President Robert L. Stearns, Dean C. L. Eckel, Dean Elmore Petersen. DEANS MARY-ETHEL BALL Dean of Women The astute interest of Dean Mary-Ethel Ball in the problems and life of University women has in all probability accounted for the vast increase in activities supervised and aided by the Dean of Women. All features of women ' s life at the Uni- versity, including the welcoming and orientation program for freshman women, the relation of hous- ing and health to the scholarship program, facili- tation of and advice regarding student loans and part-time work, are under her general jurisdiction. Dean Ball serves as advisor to all women ' s major activities, including the Associated Women Students, the University Women ' s Club, and the Panhellenic Council, and she is a member of the Committee on Student Organizations and Social Life. Consultation and continuous close contact with fraternity and sorority housemothers enables the enforcement and co-ordination of University regulations, for which the Dean takes great re- sponsibility. 33 So wide is the range of student activities and individual problems covered by the office of Dean Harry G. Carlson, that complete enumeration of the scope of his work is impossible. Of chief con- cern to the Dean are problems of the procurement of loans, part-time employment, and housing ac- commodations for male students of the Univer- sity. Participation in extra-curricular activities has accredited the Dean with work in such areas as the student government of Vetsville, co-spon- sorship of the ASUC commission, advisor to the Inter-fraternity Council, and work with the leaders and activities of the Men ' s Dormitories. Dean Carlson has also furthered his understanding of students through his work as Director of Athletics for men. Virtues of sincerity and understanding have enabled great effectiveness from Dean Carlson ' s academic counselling and his concern with student problems and individual difficulties has aided many students in gaining a clearer perspective of life. HARRY G. CARLSON Dean of Men STUDENT AFFAIRS Men and women introduced in the Student Affairs di- vision of your COLORADAN are selected from the entire faculty of the University of Colorado. Their positions are those which we, as college students, encounter daily. Solu- tion of our personal problems or those regarding curricula may be directly or indirectly facilitated by any one of them. Their esteem affects us as they sponsor, organize, or direct our extra-curricula activities; and, above all, their interest in the curricula and well-being of the student body enables our college education to open for us every opportunity for an intelligent, stable, and successfully well-rounded future life. It is through the following section that we attempt to express our gratitude for and recognition of the work done by these educators toward the betterment of the students, the university, and the country. A. D. ABBOTT Director of Alumni Relations Advisor to Student Social Affairs Head of the Department of Alumni Relations, Mr. A. D. Abbott, acts as liaison between approx- imately 25,000 alumni and the University. It is his duty to keep alumni informed about the uni- versity, and provide programs for sixty C. U. Alumni Clubs located all over the United States. Mr. Abbott was appointed to this post in July, 1946, after 16 years as teacher, coach, and Super- intendent of Schools in several Colorado cities. C. U. presented to him his master ' s degree in 1936 and was the locale of his graduate studies every summer until 1946. In addition to his work as Alumni Director, Mr. Abbott serves in the important capacity of faculty advisor for Homecoming, C. U. Days, and the Winter Carnival. He is active in the afifairs of the Rotary and Masonic organizations, a mem- ber of Phi Gamma Delta, and an ardent supporter of athletics. 34 R. FRED CHAMBERS Director of the Placement Bureau R. Fred Chambers received the post of Director of the Placement Bureau in March, 1946. The Bureau is charged with counseling and advising all students in relation to their academic work, and assisting seniors and alumni to find the best professional position for which they are qualified. In order to find these jobs, and to maintain per- sonal contact with pe rsons placed by the Bureau, Mr. Chambers spends approximately six months yearly traveling throughout the United States. Recognized as an authority in his field, he is, in addition, chairman of the Western College Per- sonnel Association, member of the Foreign Stu- dent Committee, and an active Rotarian. Prior to the war, Mr. Chambers was President of Central College, IIo Ho, Philippine Islands. Returning to the United States in 1946, he re- ceived his present position in the Department of Personnel Service on the Colorado campus. J. R. CHRISTOPHER Financial Manager of Non-Athletic A.S.U.C. Activities Since September, 1946, Mr. J. R. Christopher has held the office of Student Financial Manager, supervising all financial activity of non-athletic organizations. The Artists ' Series, student plays, dances, Homecoming, C. U. Days, and organiza- tional dues are all handled through his office. A. S. U. C. funds and expenditures are also routed through Mr. Christopher ' s desk. Mr. Christopher graduated from the University of Colorado Business School in 1942. Four years in the Army, of which more than one was spent in the C. B. I. theater, and the position of chief accountant for a private firm filled the period be- fore Mr. Christopher returned to the University. Today, aside from his administrative duties as Financial Manager, Mr. Christopher serves as an advisor to all campus student organizations. Un- til recently he held the position of secretary of the Board of Publications. BLY E. CURTIS Manager and Chief Dietitian Mrs. Bly E. Curtis has been operational super- visor of the university residence halls since 1934, when the first hall began operation. Besides di- recting the management of the numerous resi- dences, Mrs. Curtis is chief dietitian, a job in- volving the responsibility of preparing menues for and directing the feeding of approximately 2500 persons daily. Previous to her work at this university, Mrs. Curtis received her B.A. at Kan- sas State, following which she did graduate work at the University of Illinois. Mrs. Curtis grad- uate internship at the Washington University Medical School hospital further qualified her for a career of a complex nature. Upon her arrival at C. U., Mrs. Curtis served the students as a nurse, in addition to her work toward the main- tenance of above-average residential standards. mum ELMEK A GKOSSHAUSER Director oi Men ' s Residence Halls ' Since June of 1946, it has been the job of Elmer A, Grosshauser, in his capacity as Director of Men ' s Residence Halls, to supervise the orienta- tion of hundreds of men students into University and dormitory living. He and his staff of twenty- one counselors and assistant counselors have ably discharged the many duties necessary to the smooth functioning of dormitory living. Mr. Grosshauser, who is now working on his Doctor- ate degree, is a 1933 graduate of C. U. where he received his B.S. in Physical Education. In 1939 he received an M.S. degree in Education from this University, following which study, the U. of Wyoming rewarded him with an Advanced Di- ploma in Education. Prior to his position as Di- rector of Men ' s Residence Halls, he was prin- cipal of a grade school and director of summer school sessions for the city of Cheyenne, Wyo- ming. CLIFFORD G. HOUSTON Dean of Students Numerous are the ofBcial titles and activities of Dean Clifford Houston. As Dean of Students, since May, 1947, Mr. Houston has played an im- portant part in the University ' s student personnel services. His work requires a relationship with both the students and the various working bodies of the University, including the offices of the Dean of Men and Dean of Women, Admissions, Testing, Counseling, Veterans Affairs, Placement, and Student Health. Of similar importance is Mr. Houston ' s work in counseling A.S.U.C, his help in reorganizing the Alumni Association, and rn organizing the News Bureau, Publications de- partment, and the Radio Production department. As chairman of the Planning committee for the University Student Union building, Mr. Houston recognizes the vital need for such a building as a student center, as well as the need for a larger Student Health Center. Mr. Houston received his A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, and studied later at the University of Chicago and Columbia Uni- versity. He served as an officer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel from 1943 to 1946. His return to C. U. gave the University an able and farsighted executive, as well as a nationally known person- ality. The American College Personnel Associa- tion has selected Mr. Houston as their chairman of the Professional Standards and Training com- mittee. Service on the Board of Directors of the Western Personnel Institute is another of his varied activities. RALPH PRATOR Director of Admissions Regulations governing entrance into the Uni- versity, orientation of pre-colle e students, through programs of high school visitation and advance circular information, and supervision of all University student records are the basic duties administered by the Office of Admissions. In ad- dition to his work as director of this office, Mr. Ralph Prator fills a post of similar importance during the summer months as Director of the University School. The irreplaceability of this administrator on the C. U. campus may be illus- trated by mention of his varied positions of Per- sonnel Co-ordinator, Director of Alumni Rela- tions, Acting Director of the Placement Bureau, and his work as chairman of the New Student Week Committee, which plans all Freshman Ori- entation programs. During the war Mr. Prator served as Industrial Relations Officer for the first Naval District. Returning to C. U. in December, 1945, he took over his present job, membership on a total of twenty-three University committees, and a seat on the Executive Council of the Uni- versity. FLORENCE SIMMONS Social Coordinator Social activities at any university create prob- lems of conflict unless regulated by a form of co- ordinating organization. The office of Social Co- ordinator at this University, maintained by Flor- ence Simmons since October, 1946, has made tre- mendous strides in overcoming otherwise un- avoidable difficulties when nine thousand stu- dents attempt to arrange suitable dates for ac- tivities. A master calendar and cooperation of the various organizations working with Mrs. Sim- mons has combined to aid all students and give their affairs a better chance for success. During the war Mrs. Simmons served overseas with the Red Cross. Returning to the University of Colorado as a student, she served as a coun- selor in the Women ' s dormitory until 1946 when she accepted the position of Social Coordinator. In August, 1947, she graduated with a B.A. de- gree. At present, membership on the Central Planning Committee for the University ' s Student Union is an added activity of great interest to Mrs. Simmons. The diligence of this committee is demonstrated by the detailed plans now being completed and the substantial amount of funds which has been raised through extensive drives. JOHN B. SCHOOLLAND Director of Counseling The official work of Mr. John B. SchooUand is to direct students to fields best suited for them by coordinating their interests and aptitudes. Aside from his direction of the counseling pro- gram for registration, Mr. SchooUand also serves as head of the committee on the Masters Degree in Personnel Service. Preparation of the Fresh- man Orientation Program is of further interest to the director because of its direct relation to a well informed and balanced student body. Mr. SchooUand ' s recent leave of absence, taken last fall quarter, was spent in the observance of personnel methods in Universities throughout the country. Meanwhile, his own office in Temporary Building eight has developed in efficiency as it has in number of staff ' advisors and clerks. These officials aid students in any field, from selection of courses and fields to the solution of personal problems. 35 HUGH McMILLEN Band Director Associate Professor of Music, Hugh McMiIlen is the man responsible for the wide acclaim granted the C. U. Music department. Mr. Mc- MiIlen has been in charge of the organization and direction of the many Univers ity bands and the concert orchestra since 1936. During the fall quarter of every year his charge consists of the Men ' s and Women ' s marching bands, and the Homecoming Varsity Nights orchestra. In winter quarter the two marching bands dissolve and two concert-type orchestras are formed and continue through the spring term. During the summer months another band is organized. Mr. McMillen obtained his master ' s degree from the University of Colorado in 1940. Active in the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, the Elks and Rotary Clubs, he is today also a member of Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi and Pi Kappa Lambda, famed music honorary. Mr. McMillen is an officer in the Colorado Music Educators Association and past president of the southwest division of the Music Educators National Confer- ence. In addition, he is at present engaged in work with the High School Relations Committee and the Executive committee of the College of Music. STUDENT AFFAIRS ELLSWORTH STEPP Director of the Department of Radio Production As director of the Department of Radio Pro- duction, Ellsworth Stepp is responsible for the dissemination of information concerning the ac- tivities and various important occurrences within the University. Through the production and di- rection of such programs as " It Happened Here, " which won the American College Public Associ- ated National Award for outstanding college rela- tions. Mr. Stepp effectuates the purpose of the department. As director of Radio Production, he also works with such governmental agencies as the Colorado Resources Development Council. Under the sponsorship of the council he directed the radio presentation " Today ' s Frontier, " which describes the industrial development of Colorado. The operations of the department have contrib- uted greatly toward the development of student talent and interest in radio production. Expe- rience in technical radio work and in radio an- nouncing and acting has been made possible through the many radio programs planned and presented by students volunteering their services to the department. Twenty-four stations and sev- eral network broadcasts were transmitted last year from the department ' s studio in the Univer- sity. Mr. Stepp came to the University in July, 1946. having worked previously with the National Broadcasting Company. A graduate of C. U., he is a past president of the Associated Alumni or- ganization, a present member of the University ' s Board of Directors, and a Kiwanian. Last fall Mr. Stepp devoted a great deal of time to work on the film " Our State University. " W. C. TOEPELMAN Director of Veterans ' Affairs Keeping the veteran informed on what he must do to obtain the benefits provided by the govern- ment under the G. I. bill is only part of the job of the Director of Veterans ' Affairs. Helping the veteran to establish eligibility, registration under Public Laws 346 and 16, authorization of issuance of receipts, books, supplies, and equipment — all of these are ably taken care of by Mr. Toepelman and his competent staff of trained administrators. Mr. Toepelman, who is a professor in the geol- ogy department, also serves on two national committees which consider veteran problems on college campuses throughout the country. A. GAYLE WALDROP Acting Director of the College of Journalism Acting Director of the School of Journalism, chairman of the Board of Publications, president of the American Association of Journalism Teach- ers, and past summer school director of Mountain Recreation are some of the distinctive positions held by A. Gayle Waldrop, C. U. ' s faculty mem- ber since 1922. The School of Journalism came under Mr. Waldrop s management in March, 1948. His capability for such an endeavor has been demonstrated previous to and since his ap- pointment by his success in various undertak- ings, and his writing and speaking ability. Mr. Waldrop has written numerous articles and a complete text on editorial writing and spoke at the National Conference of Editorial Writers in November, 1948. His election in January, 1946, to a six-year term on the Boulder City Council anticipated further a full schedule for the jour- nalist. Recently Mr. Waldrop has been active in re- organization and completion of the curricula for the School of Journalism. The requisition of more social science courses and the addition of several business courses are now included in the schedules of incoming journalism majors. It is the aim of the acting director to graduate stu- dents with a background of education in the many fields and problems outside of the scope of jour- nalism curricula, which they will encounter in their future careers as journalists. EUGENE WILSON Library Director The unique arrangement by which numerous volumes of literature are placed on the shelves of separated divisional rooms in the University Library is all a part of the important organiza- tional task of the University Library Director, Eugene Wilson. His position, not entirely limited to the campus, includes the extension of library aid to the rural communities of Colorado. Mr. Wilson received his B.A. from the Univer- sity of Illinois in 1932, and M.S. in 1933, and his Ph.D. in 1937. C. U. ' s libraries have been under his direction since 1943. Aside from his full-time occupation in library administration, Mr. Wilson is the chairman of the Library committee, the Honorary Degree committee, a member of the Student Health and Research Funds committees and secretary of the University Senate. FLOYD WALTERS Director of the Photographic Department The complex work of the head of the Univer- sity Photographic department covers everything from taking moving pictures of football games to microfilming University records and furnishing photographs for the COLORADAN and S G. Only recently Mr. Walters completed a color and sound movie entitled " Colorado, Our State Uni- versity. " This work depicts the research activi- ties, general life of college students, the services, and the contributions made by this University to the state of Colorado. In effect, so tremendously has this office expanded during the past four years that the work entailed has necessitated the employment of numerous assistants to the di- rector. Mr. Walters received his Master ' s in History from this University in 1936, following which he taught at several junior colleges in Colorado. During the war he supervised CAA ground schools in Kansas and Wyoming and eventually returned to C. U. to instruct students in the V-5. Mr. Walters later taught industrial organization in the School of Engineering and, in 1944, was appointed to his present post as Photographic Director. 36 MARY SPENCER VAUGHN Director of Women ' s Residence Halls Mrs. Vaughn acquired her present position as Director of Women ' s Residence Halls in June, 1946. Her suitability for this type of work was illustrated by her two year ' s experience previ- ously as social director of Regent Hall. Her duties today as director entail the responsibility for the co-ordination and efficiency of all activities and services of the freshman dormitory and Regent Hall. Mrs. Vaughn has served as sponsor of Sigma Epsilon Sigma, freshman honorary society, and participates on those university committees con- cerned with freshman orientation, housing prob- lems, and Freshman Week. ■ACUITY-ARTS S 37 acob Van Ek. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences lobert Albright, Assistant Professor of Speech rordon Alexander, Chairman of the Department of Biology . G. Allen, Chairman of the Department of His- tory !. G. Athearn. Instructor of History saac Bacon, Instructor of German ■rank Baird, Instructor of German i. E. Balch. Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation for men I. A. Bamman, Instructor of English I. H. Barker, Assistant Professor of Sociology ' ranees Bascom, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women rracic Bedell, Assistant in College of Arts and Sciences tuth Blair, Chairman of the Department of Home Economics . W. Broxon, Professor of Physics . B. Bruce, Instructor of Chemistry Jinnie BeruefFy, Instructor of History T. L. Bulter, Secretary, Department of Social Sciences lelcn Cannon, Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics 1. G. Carlson, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education for Men •aul Carter, Associate Professor of English D. Crabb, Professor of Biology C. Crockett, Professor of Economics tuart Cuthbertson, Chairman of the Department of Modern Language A. Davis, Professor of Education M. Dean, Chairman of the Department of Chemistry arl Dittmcr, Associate Professor of Chemistry ' .. R. Douglass, Chairman of the Department of Education ' . F. Dyde, Vice-President and Dean of Faculties W. Ehrmann, Associate Professor of Political Science B. Ellery, Instructor of Speech S. Fritz, Assistant Professor of History J. Geek, Associate Professor of Fine Arts igene Gentry, Assistant in the Department of Physical Education for Men E. E. Germann, Professor of Chemistry iring Goodman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry B. Goodykoontz, Professor of History seph Grecnberg, Assistant Professor of Soci- ology Ivin Grieder, Professor of Education F. Guenther, Instructor of German iU Hoffman, Associate Professor of History len B. Hullcy, Instructor of English K. HuUey, Associate Professor of Classics rriet Jeffery, Assistant Professor of Philosophy W. Jones, Professor of Mathematics K. Kelley, Associate Professor of Geography mi ' . J. R. Lacher, Associate Professor of Chemistry W. C. Lam, Graduate Manager and Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Joan Le FanUlnstructor of Romance Languages O. C. Lester, Professor of Physics B. B. Longwell, Associate Professor of Biochemistry Gerhard Loose, Associate Professor of German Henrietta Loughran, Professor and Director of Nursing B. G. Lumpkin, Instructor of English R. K. McCombs, Instructor of Physics J. S. Meek, Instructor of Chemistry A. F. Megrew, Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts Marie Mehl, Instructor of Education William Musgrove, Instructor of Mathematics E. W. Ott, Assistant in the Department of Geology J. D. Park, Associate Professor of Chemistry R. W. Pennak, Associate Professor of Biology Wm. B. Pietenpol, Chairman of the Department of Physics Frank Potts, Assistant Director of the Department of Physical Education and A thletics F. B. Prentup, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men R. J. Rath, Associate Professor of History Marjorie Reyburn, Assistant Professor of English J. B. Schoolland, Director of Counseling and Associate Professor of Psychology O. C. Stewart, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Clara Straight, Instructor of Fine Arts O. J. Sweeting, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jerry Thomas, Assistant in the Department of Geology W. O. Thompson, Professor and Assistant Chairman of the Department of Geology W. C. Toepelman, Professor of Geology F. C. Trucksess, Professor of Fine Arts C. G. Vavra, Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men W. B. Veazie, Professor of Philosophy A. H. Voight, Instructor of Chemistry Glen Wakeham, Professor of Chemistry R. M. Walseth, Assistant in the Department of Physical Education for Men H. F. Walton, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dallas Ward, Professor and Head Football Coach, Physical Education for Men ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS Alden F. Megrew — Chairman Charles Annan James Avery Wendell Black Dorothy Eisenbach F. J. Geek Ann Jones Eleanor Lindstrom L. O. Merrill Stewart Mong Robert Propst Freda Spaulding F. C. Trucksess Isaac Udell Sara UfFelman Lynn R. Wolfe Mrs. Muriel Wolle DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Gordon Alexander — Chairman Patricia Bramson C. R. Bitter D. F. Carswell E. D. Crabb Sheili Counce Kathleen Dever Edmund Dickey Kathryn Eschenberg Martin Fleck R. E. Gregg H. A. Harris E. R. Helwig E. L. Johnson W. H. Jones-Burdick Margaret Kelsall T, W. Marr T. P. Maslin Jr. R. D. Meader C. H. Norris Donald Opdyke R, W. Pennak W. A. Weber R. A. Wolf DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Paul M. Dean — Chairman John B, Bruce Stanley J. Cristol Karl Dittmer Livingston Ferris Kenneth Gagos F. E. E. Germann Irving Goodman John R. Lacher John S. Meek J. D. Park C. F. Poe Ida Swayne Orville J. Sweeting H. B. Van Valkenburgh Alvin Voight Harold F. Walton Glen Wakeham Norman F. Witt DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS J. N. Hough W. M. Spackman K. K. Hulley D. Sutherland DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION H. R. Douglass — Chairman P. R. Brammell G. R. Carlsen E. R. Carr R. P. Chambers A. C. Cross C. E. Crum R. A. Davis J. W. De Mand W. F. Dyde M. L. Edwards R. E. Fox J. R. Grant G. Gregg C. Grieder O. W. Hascall C. G. Houston C. Jung H. Kloepfer Mrs. I. Londen L. McDonald O. K. O ' Fallon M. A. Mehl H. A. Mills A. Palmer R. Prator H. Riebe S. A. Rominc D. M. Sherman D. Smith R. F. Topp L. Trolinger DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE Francis Wolle — Chairman Robert Albright ianet Allen ►orothy Anderson William Battrick Glenn Blayney Margaret Blythin Eugene Brown G. Robert Carlsen Paul J. Carter iack H. Crouch .eta Perry DiSalvo Frances Dorrel John EUery W. B. Markward Dorothy Ogilvy J. D. A. Ogilvy Henry J. Pettit Rufus D. Putney Marjorie Reyburn George Reynolds Margaret Robb Francis C. Robinson Edna Romig Nan Salerno Elizabeth M. Spehar Wendell R. Starr Thorrel B. Fest Robert Granger Robert Hethmon Helen B. Hulley Eugene Irey Frances Jameson Alfred H. Jones Marjorie Kimmerle Rebecca Knoettge Leonard Landry Leslie L. Lewis Ben G. Lumpkin Irene McKeehan Betty Stocks Parry Stroud E. W. Todd Mabel Van Duzee Robert Wallace Alexander Warner Edward J. West Stanley Wheater William E. Wilson Dudley Wynn Gladys Yohe Martha Whyte DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY P. G. Worcester — Chairman Frances P. Demuth Mary O. Griffitts John R. Hayes H. A. Hoffmeister Virginia Holbert Zena M. Hunter T. K. Kelley H. E. Koerner W. W. Longley John J. Magee Thomas P. McCann H. F. Murray Eugene W. Ott Paul Riley Charles S. Robinson John Rold Eugene M. Shearer Claude Shenkel Jerry Thomas W. O. Thompson W. C. Toepelman E. E. Wahlstrom L. A. Warner Wendell J. Weatherb Mary H. Weber Charles E. Woodwan DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY S. Harrison Thomson — Chairman J. G. Allen Robert G. Athearn Minnie Berueffy Percy S. Fritz C, B. Goodykoontz Fritz Hoffmann John Hough Robert Kress R. John Rath Earl Swisher R. E. Warner, Professor of Romance Languages Mary H. Weber, Assistant in the Department of Geology Marshall Wells, Assistant Instructor of Physical Education for Men E. J. West, Associate Professor of English Therese Westermeier, Assistant Professor of German N. F. Witt, Associate Professor of Chemistry L. R. Wolfe, Instructor of Fine Arts P. G. Worcester, Chairman of the Department of Geology; Dean of the Graduate School Hazel Fehlmann, Instructor of Home Economics Marjorie R. Baron, Department of the Dean of Women Janet Douglas, Advisor to Women, Department of Dean of Women B. L. Dunicz, Research Chemist, Department of Chemistry R. E. Fox, Chairman, Department of Testing and Evaluation Mary O. Griffitts, Instructor, Department of Geology H. A. Hoffmeister, Professor of Geography Zena Hunter, Instructor of Geology Ann Jones, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts H. E. Koerner, Assistant Professor of Geology Irene Londen, Secretary, Department of Education W. W. Longley, Associate Professor of Geology Leslie Merrill, Instructor of Fine Arts Edith Quine, Instructor of Home Economics F. C. Robinson, Assistant Professor of English E. M. Shearer, Assistant, Department of Geology Betty Slaughter, Instructor, Physical Education for Women D. E. Stout, Instructor of Economics E. E. Wahlstrom, Professor of Geology C. A. Woodward, Assistant, Department of Geology Stella Ackley, School of Nursing Aileen Berthiaume, School of Nursing, Denver General Hospital Thelma Casper, School of Nursing, Colorado General Hospital Dorothy Day, School of Nursing, Colorado General Hospital Doris Greene, School of Nursing. Colorado General Hospital Frances McCowen, School of Nursing, Colorado General Hospital 39 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Stuart Cuthbertson — Chairman Isaac Bacon Raymond L. Moloney Robert L. Baker Robert L. Morgenroth Jacques Baron-Rousseau Mrs. T. Nennsberg Mary M. Champlain Vandau P. Pierce Joseph P. Redick Mrs. M. Rieder G. A. C. Scherer P. G. Schroeder Marjorie Scott Huai-Chin Sun Pinard Tafoya Bernice Udick Wm. R. Upson R. E. Warner Mrs. T. Westermeier Anne Wuest I Simon Chavez Luis Cortes Roy A. Cox Paul L. Faye Paul F. Guenther Mrs. B. Hannum Andre Job Mrs. J. LeFant Harold Lionetti Gerhard Loose Mrs. R. Loose Pauline Marshall Claude Y. Meade DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS Ruth Blair — Chairman Kelen Cannon Edith Quine Hazel Fehlmann Ura M. Rietbmayer Hester P. McNulty SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM . Gayle Waldrop — Acting Chairman Us. M. Carlson Fred A. Pruett ell P. Mabee Bruce W. Smith DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS K. J. Kempner — Chairman William Briggs Paul Jackson Gordon Burton B. W. Jones iberty Casali Claribel Kendall Jancy Cheney Harold Kettering Hdeon Culpepper Marilyn Meadoff David DeVol Russell Drumright Mrs. Dudley Hunt Burrowes Hunt William Musgrove Gloria Patterson Roy Reeves John Stockman SCHOOL OF NURSING Henrietta Loughran — Chairman Boulder Division Pearl Coulter Katherine Kelly Alberta Gross Mildred Potts Denver Division Stella Ackley Dorothy Gregg Aileen Berthiaume Alice Haakinson Thelma Casper Frances McCowen Dorothy Day Kay Newell Doris Greene Hilda Segelke DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Bertram Morris — Chairman Joseph W. Cohen Edward Machle David Hawkins Walter B. Veazie Harriet Jeffery DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS W. B. Pietenpol — Chairman Richard Akerib Donald E. Billings J. M. Blair Howard W. Boehmer Wesley E. Brittin J. W. Broxon John M. Cleveland John E. Coolidge W. L. Erickson A. L. Fullerton Leonard A, Kalal O. C. Lester V. P. Lubovich Russell A. Nidey Harold E. Nylander Claire E. Shelden Wm. S. Simons F. C. Walz DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN H. G. Carlson — Chairman Aubrey Allen Frank Potts Roland Balch Forrest B. Cox Eugene Gentry Ray Jenkins William C. Lam Frank Prentup Charles Vavra Russell Walseth Dallas Ward Marshall Wells DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN Clare Small — Chairman Elizabeth Abbott Frances Bascom Helga Froid Charlotte Irey Janet Lawson Katherine Ley DEPARTMENT Karl F. Muenzinger — ' Kenneth Hammond Thomas Howells Helen Nelson Lawrence I. O ' Kelly Victor Raimy Lula Morton Virginia Rich Betty Slaughter Edna Willis Dorothy Wolfrom Nellie Yeager OF PSYCHOLOGY Chairman Henry Etta Rcynoldk John B. Schoollaad Maurice Smith Merle B. Turner DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES E. C. Crockett — Chairman Mrs. Ammons G. H. Barker H. E. Barnes V. Butler V. de Lissovoy F. H. Douglas J. E. Dugan H. Ehrmann C. Friday M. E. Garnsey C. Gray J. H. Greenberg H. H. Higman C. P. Malick C. T. Marsh C. W. Martin G. McCann C. McGuire W. Miernyk J. Pearson C. Reed E. Rose L. C. Ruthmayer N. C. Seeber O. C. Stewert D. Stout G. W. Zinke C. L. Eckel, Dean of the College of Engineering C. K. Arnold, Instructor of Engineering English J. F. Barker, Instructor of Engineering Engish D. L. Barrick, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics Paul Barrick, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering F. S. Bauer, Head of the Department of Engineering Drawing L. A. Bingham, Professor of Electrical Engineering W. O. Birk, Head of the Department of Engineering English J. R. Britton, Associate Professor of Engineering Mathematics D. M. Carlson, Instructor of Civil Engineering C. F. Carpenter, Instructor of Engineering Drawing F. J. Casey, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics Amy L. Coats, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics 40 W. W. DcLapp, Assistant Professor of Civil EngineeriDg George Dobbins, Assistant Professor of Engineering Drawing R. L. Downing, Professor of Civil Engineering L. E. Eaton, Instructor of Engineering English E. H. Eggert, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics H. W. Hawk, Instructor of Engineering English R. F. Heckman, Instructor of Chemical Engineering P. F. Hultquist, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING K. D. Wood — Chairman F. P. Durham H. W. Sibert P. F. Moore C. E. Waddell C. V. Osborne CHEMICAL ENGINEERING B, E. Lauer — Chairman P. L. Barrick F. A. Rohrman R. F. Heckman H. F. Wigton M. L. Jackson W. W. Wolf CIVIL AND ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING W. Raeder — Chairman W. W. DeLapp R, L. Downing C. L. Eckel W. C. Fleher C. C. Klemme, Jr. R. E. LeSel R. C. Leonard J. Maguire M. L, Mass A. J. McNair W. L. Menoher L. C. Novak E. T. Punshon R. C. Rautenstraus W. C. Sivers C. M. Smith W. L. Sutherland W. H. Thoman W L. W. F. G. W. R. G. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING . C. DuVall — Chairman H. Andrews L. J. Mason Beatty H. B. Palmer A. Bingham S, I. Pearson R. Dunbar H. A. Thompson A. Eastom J. C. Twombly E. Gless T. E. Usher J. Hanna W. F. Utlaut D. Issaak P. Wicks J. Maler W. G. Worcester ENGINEERING DRAWING AND MACHINE DESIGN F. S. Bauer — Chairman W. F. Brubaker W. F. Jemison C. F. Carpenter F. J. Kroll R. H. Crawford R. M. Laughlin G. S. Dobbins R. M. Oliver L. E. Eaton V. C. Parker E. K. Haruell R. D. Waldo R. L. Hightower ENGINEERING ENGLISH W. O. Birk — Chairman P. V. Thompson — Acting Chairman J. M. Allen H. H. Kelly C. K. Arnold R. E. Kilbride J. F. Barker W. S. Nyland W. W. Graham R. F. Scott H. W. Hawk ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION Frederick A. Rohrman- -Chairman J. W. Broxon Wm. B. Pietenpol James O. Francis Benjamin Spurlock Frank Germann Donald Stuewe George Gless Wm. H. Thoman R. T. Koenig H. F. Walton Randall Maydew W. G. Worcestor ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS C. A. Hutchinson — Cha rman D. L. Barrick L. W. Rutland G. R. Beck L. C. Snively F. J. Casey M. E. Sperline A. L. Coats K. H. Stahl R. H. Glass G. W. Summers G. W. Gregg E. P. Tovani E. W. Grigs W. W. Varner L. Holubar J. F. Wagner S. M. Kipp L. C. Walters V. J. Moore V. O. Walters W. K. Nelson C. K. Wang J. W. Pringle MECHANICAL ENGINEERING W. S. Beattie — Chairman B. T. Arnberg T. M. Ritter W. F. Boore B. H. Spurlock R. F. Brown R. B. Stewart R. R. Head C. Wagner H. E. Johnson E. E. Weibel W. F. Mallory R. J. Williams ACULTY-SCHOOL Oh L jmamim C. A. Hutchinson, Professor and Head of Department of Engineering Mathematics M. L. Jackson, Professor of Chemical Engineering H. H. KtMey, Assistant Professor of Engineering English B. E. Lauer, Professor and Acting Head of Chemical Engineering W. T. Love, Instructor of Mechanical Engineering D. E. McFeron, Instructor of Mechanical Engineering A. J. McNair, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering W. F. Mallory, Professor of Mechanical Engineering 41 p. F. Moore, Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Engineering V. J. Moore, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics W. K. Nelson, Associate Professor of Engineering Mathematics W. S. Nyland, Associate Professor of Engineering English V. C. Parker, Instructor of Engineering Drawing S. I. Pearson, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering C. H. Prien, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Warren Raeder, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering F. A. Rohrman, Executive Director of the Experimental Station H. W. Sibert, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering M. E. Sperline, Instructor of Engineering Mathematics E. P. Tovani, Assistant Professor of Engi neering Mathematics C. A. Wagner, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering W. W. Wolf, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering G. R. Beck, Instructor of Applied Mathematics G. S. Criswell, Instructor of Engineering English Charles Hutchinson, Resident Assistant, Engineering Experimental Station S. M. Kipp, Instructor of Applied Mathematics LCULTY— SCHOOL OF LAW illiam Berg, Jr., Professor of Law W. DeMuth, Professor of Law O. DeSouchet, Associate Professor of Law S. Galland, Professor of Law C. King, Dean of the School of Law W. Hawley, Assistant Professor of Law O, Martz, Assistant Professor of Law W. Scott, Jr., Assistant Professor of Law William Berg, Jr. L. W. DeMuth W. O. DeSouchet B. S. Galland J. W. Hawley C. O. Martz A. W. Scott E. C. King — Dean rA ULTY-SCHOOLof MEDICINE Dr. Ward Darley. Director of the Medical Center and Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. K. D. A. Allen, Assistant Professor of Radiology Dr. J. W. Berry A. R. Buchanan, Professor of Anatomy Dr. Bush Dr. E. W. Busse. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. J. V. Coleman, Director of Out-patient Department Dr. R. W. Danielson, Professor of Ophthalmology Dr. J. P. Dixon Dr. H. J. Dodi:e, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Dr. F. G. Ebaugh Dr. T. S. Eliot Dr. L. J. Florio Dr. J. M. Foster, Professor of Surgery Dr. E. S. Goldensohn, Assistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology Dr. Cotter Hirschberg, Resident Psychiatrist Dr. J. H. Holmes Dr. Harriet Hunter, Assistant Doctor of Psychiatric Liaison Department Dr. H. M. Kingery Dr. B. C. Lewis, Head of the Department of Biochemistry Dr. J. A. Lichty Dr. P. A. Lief Dr. J. M. Lyon, Director of the Department of Psychiatric Liaison Dr. J. B. McNaught, Head of the Department of Pathology Dr. E. R. Mugage, Head of the Department of Chemical Pathology Dr. R. M. Mulligan, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology Dr. R. T. Neubucrger Dr. O. S. Philpott, Professor of Dermatology Dr. Frank Princi, Director of Industrial Medicine Dr. J. N. Spencer Dr. Henry Swan, II Dr. Richard Thompson, Head of the Department of Bacteriology Dr. I. E. Wallin, Head of the Department of Anatomy Dr. J. J. Waring, Head of the Department of Medicine Dr. A. H. Washburn, Director of Child Research Council Dr. R. W. Whitehead, Head of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacy Charles F. Poc, Dean of the School of Pharmacy E. C. Christensen, Instructor of Pharmacy W. L. Dickison, Instructor of Pharmacy Fred Drommond, Instructor of Pharmacy Robert McCowan, Instructor of Pharmacy Ramona Parkinson, Instructor of Pharmacy SCHOOL OP PHARMACY C. P. Poe — Dean E. C. Christensen W. L. Dickison Fred Drommond Harold C. Heim Robt. McCowan Miss R. Parkinson Elmore Petersen, Dean of the School of Business V. Aspinwall, Associate Professor of Marketing S. Curry, Assistant Professor of Accouriting B. Da vies. Associate Professor of Statistics W. B. Franklin, Professor of Business Law J. L. Frascona, Assistant Professor of Business Law G. G. Fullerton, Professor of Accounting J. M. Griest, Associate Professor of Finance W. H. Hyde, Instructor of Accounting Otis Lipstreu, Assistant Professor of Mangement F. R. Niehaus, Professor of Finance Maynard Peck, Assistant Professor of Marketing SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Elmore Petersen— -Dean D. L. Haynie W. T. Anderson M Hoskins H. I. Arenson T. H. Hutchinson L. V. Aspinwall W H. Hyde K. F. Bangs H. W. Kendrick D. R. Beeson J. B. Kline M. S. Bentson W A. Kruse H. B. Borland C. Lawrence . M. Crowell R. G. Lillibridge . B. Cramer O. Lipstreu V. S. Curry H. B. Moore M. B. Davies F. R. Niehaus P. R. Emmett M A. Peck V. Farley B. Price R. I. Fox K. Reed W. B. Franklin J. W. Reese J. L. Frascona M F. Schmidt G. G. Fullerton H. F. Stagner K. W. Giddes .-. E. Stinton J. M. Griest ;. M. Whistler OFFICE Edythe Giele Lois Hill Margaret Guise Joy La Rue 43 [. W. Dunham, Deaa of tbe School of Music terton Coffin, Assistant Professor of Music lwrence Hart, Assistant Professor of Piano P. Henrich, Instructor of Clarinet [orace Jones, Professor of Violin lary J. Katzenburg, i4ssistant in Voice iugh McMillen, Associate Professor of Music SCHOOL OF MUSIC R. W. Dunham— E Frank Baird Storm Bull William Carter Arnold Chaitman R. B. Coffin Mary E. Cook Cecil Effingcr Rex E. Fair Alexander Grant Lawrence Hart V. P. Henrich E. J. Hilty Warner Imig Horace Jones Walter E. Light Hugh McMillen Charles McNeill Eva Musil Robert Organ Paul Parmelee Cornelius Van Vlict Howard Waltz TENSION DIVISION tUBaKS ; The activities of the Extension Division reach into every county and most communities of the state. Under the direc- tion of A. C. Cross, forty-eight full-time extension staff members and two hundred-twenty-five part-time instructors, carry on the work of the Division ' s nine departments. Among these departments, the Bureau of High School Counseling and Accreditation helps high schools to develop and main- tain educational programs sufficiently to merit official rec- ognition by the University and the North Central Associa- tion of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Bureau of Cor- respondence Instruction arranges for consultation courses, conducts spelling examinations and carries on instruction by mail. A total of five thousand students located in this country and abroad are now taking correspondence courses from the University. Also of great importance is the Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, which rents films and slides to schools and other organizations in the state, and, in addition, serves many instructors on the campus. Through the work of the Bureau of State and Community Service, this agency of the University has provided many valuable services to municipal, county, and state governmental units. As a com- plete unit the functioning of the Extension Division has beneficially affected individuals throughout the world. A. C. CROSS Director of Extension Division 44 NAVAL ADMINISTRATION The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University in 1941 for the purpose of providing a source from which quali- fied officers could be obtained for the Navy and Marine Corps. This ob- jective is accomplished by a four year course of instruction in Naval Sci- ence which becomes an integral part of the college curriculum for those students enrolled in the NROTC program. The Naval Science curricu- lum covers fundamental professional and technical naval subjects. In addition to the three hours of classroom recitation required per week, all NROTC students attend a two-hour laboratory period each week. The corps is composed of two types of NROTC students; regular and contract. The regular students receive tuition, books, and fees at Government expense and, in addition, receive $600 per year as retainer pay. Members of this division are chosen each year as the result of a nation-wide competition. These students, during their college career, are required to make three summer cruises of approximately eight weeks duration. Upon graduation, the regular students spend two years on active duty in the regular Navy as commissioned officers. The contract students are chosen locally each year by the Professor of Naval Science. Their college expenses are not paid by the Government. They pursue the same naval science studies as do the Regular students, but are required to take only one cruise of three weeks duration. Upon graduation they are com- missioned as officers in the U. S. Naval Reserve. CAPTAIN CLIFFORD A. FINES OFFICERS Clifford A. Fines, Capt. USN, Commanding Officer Lewis W. Chick, Lt. Commander, USN William F. Fry, Capt., USMC Edward P. O ' Rourke, Lt. SC, USN Robert J. Sammons, Lt., USN Gerald L. Smith, Lt. JG DL, USNR Russell H. Smith, Commander, USN ENLISTED MEN Clarence R. Barger, CQM, USN Donovan B. Browning, CFC, USN Wishart R. Cowan, PNC, USN James P. Curran, SK3, USN Charles W. Fletcher, SOI, USN Paul E. Papish, CSK, USN Elmer J. Phoenix, Master Sgt., USMC James E. Shane, CGM, USN Back row, hit to right: Clarence R. Barger, Robert J. Freedy, James P. Curran, Charles W. Fletcher. Third row: Wishart R. Cowan, Paul E. Papish, James E. Shane. Elmer J. Phoenix, Donovan B. Browning, Henry E. Dobiesz. Second row: Edward P. O ' Rourke, Lewis W. Chick, William F. Fry, Robert J. Sammons, Gerald L. Smith, Commander Smith. Front row: Clifford A. Fines. 45 II JOE REYNOLDS The Associated Students of the University of Colorado is the student governing body of the University. Officers oi the association are elected in the spring by the entire student body and serve for a period of one year. The functioning of the 1948-49, A. S. U. C. Commissior began early last fall with the commission ' s participation it and direction of Freshman Orientation Week. A special Ac- tivity Night was the main orientation event under A.S.U.C auspices and the Freshman Mixer, also sponsored by the com mission, accomplished its purpose of acquainting freshmar class members and getting their spirits and activities off tc an enthusiastic start. A.S.U.C. student mixers were among the first of the new projects begun by the commission last fall and were contin- ued every Friday night throughout the year. A Campus Chesi was also organized by the commission to replace solicitations which, until this year, had been carried out frequently by th« various individual commissions on A.S.U.C. Further work on the U.M.C. planning committee was on of the most important jobs of A.S.U.C. commissioners anc contributed toward bringing University students closer to th« realization of their goal, the student union building. The com- mission also continued its support of the National Student Association and delegates were sent from the University tc conventions at Madison, Wisconsin, and to numerous meetings in the Rocky Mountain Region. Pep and atmosphere equalling the pre-war college spirit were restored to the C. U. campus this year and can be attrib- uted greatly to the creation of the University Pep Club. A.S U.C. commissioners ' organization of this and other activities has greatly benefitted the students of the University. Each com missioner continually works toward carrying his duties to i successful end in the endeavor to increase the scope and bene- fits of student government. 46 Top row. left to right: Bill Briscoe, Duke Robertson, Pete Franklin, Vern Talcott, Dean Clifford Houston, Bill Eaton, Jim Buchanan, Jack Randle. Second row: Paul Starr, Kent Yowell, Jim Buehring, Joe Reynolds, Bill Davoren, Nancy Nightingale. Front row: Lee King, Janet Schemmel. Marjorie Taylor, Alice Goalby. OFFICERS President Joe Reynolds Vice-President Joan Willis Secretary Jim Buehring Sponsors Dean Harry Carlson, Mrs. Florence Reed Simmons JIM BUEHRING, JOAN WILLIS COMMISSIONERS Academic Affairs Bill Eaton Athletics Pete Franklin Dance Bill Davoren Entertainment and Culture Jim Buchanan Finance Joan Willis Men ' s Welfare Paul Starr Publications Nancy Nightingale Public Relations Jack Randle Spirit and Morale Kent Yowell Student Organization and Social Life Len Perlmutter Women ' s Welfare Janet Schemmel EX-OFFICIO COMMISSIONERS President, Associated Women Students Alice Goalby President, I.S.A Vern Talcott President, Interfraternity Council Rick Rosenlind President, Panhellenic Lee King Representative, Ethnic Minorities Marjorie Taylor Representative, I.S.A Duke Robertson Representative, Men ' s Residence Halls Assoc Jim Fielder Representative, Speakers ' Congress Larry Travis Representative, Student Union Committee Virginia Kasdorf Chairman, National Student Association Peter Bessol Top row, left to right: Bill Eaton, Bill Davoren, Jack Randle, Jim Buchanan. Front row: Len Perlmutter, Kent Yowell, Paul Starr, Nancy Nightingale, Pete Franklin. 47 JPl A. W. S- SENATE i!iM!- ;- g y; ' y,;.-:;ife«-fi ' ALICE GOALBY Senate, the executive and judicial body of the Associated Women Students of the University of Colorado, is composed of the officers, committee chairmen, and an independent wo- men ' s representative. These Senate officials are elected each spring by the entire women ' s student body. As a judicial body, Senate judges cases of infringement of A. W. S. rules and is responsible for establishing the penalties to be imposed upon violators of these regulations. " The major portion of Senate activities is carried on through various committees, which are designed to deal with all phases of women ' s welfare and social activities on the campus. A housing survey, vocational pro- OFFICERS President Alice Goalby Vice-president Janet Schemmel Secretary Carol Van Law Treasurer Lenora Steckel Sponsors.. ..Mary-Ethel Ball, Theresa Westermeier, Margaret Robb MEMBERS Chairman of Orientations Joan Willis Chairman of Loan Fund and Vaudeville Carol Packard Chairman of Housing Virginia Wachob Chairman of Activities Jo Holden Social Chairman Anne Seyler Vocational Chairman Judy Stearns Independent Representative Delores Stutheit Panhellenic President Lee King Y. W. C. A. President Marjorie Greenwood Women ' s Club President Ellen Jean Nash W. A. A. President Carol Packard Spur President Nicki Morrill Resident Halls ' Council President Elaine Cooper gram, and orientation program for residence hall counselors are among the topics studied by the group. Committee mem- bers are selected by the respective chairmen and approved by the Senate body. Highlighting the year ' s social functions are the A. W. S.- sponsored Dessert Party and Vaudeville. The Dessert Party, featuring the presentation of " Miss C. U. " and her court, is planned by the Social Committee. An all-women cast com- poses the A. W. S. Vaudeville, which is held during winter quarter, and a cup is awarded to the group presenting the most outstanding skit. 48 Back row, left to right: Jo Holden, Judy Stearns, Joan Willis, Carol Packard, Nicki Morrill, Lee King. Second row: Carol Van Law, Janet Schemmel, Theresa Westermeie r, Dean Mary-Ethel Ball, Alice Goalby, Lenora Steckel. Front row: Virginia Wachob, Ellen Jean Nash, Elaine Cooper, Anne Seyler. A. W. S. HOUSE of representative: OFFICERS Speaker Janet Schemmel Secretaries Cecile Abenheimer, Phyllis Silvio Publicity Chairman Marjorie Miller Sponsor Charlotte Irey The House of Representatives is the second of the two legislative bodies which govern the Associated Women Students of the University. The House works in cooperation with the Senate, frequently holding joint meetings for the solution of major problems. Members of this body are appointed or elected in equal numbers by sororities and independent students from the six apportioned residential districts of the University. The presidents of each of the women ' s dormitories compose the seventh and final district of the House membership. The legislative function of the House of Representatives is to enact and amend by-laws previously passed by the A. W. S. in coordination with the Senate. Members of the House, representing their respective groups of women, are responsible for instilling a spirit of honor and loyalty to the ideals of the Associated Women Students and the University. JANET SCHEMMEL District I Jimmie June Burt Frances Young District II Lillian Martin Marjorie Miller District III Jessie Nussbaum Shirley Pospahala District IV Beverly Bosley Jane Hobbs District V Jenny Lou Dodd Geraldine Rubin District VI Cecile Abenheimer Mary Belle James MEMBERS District VII Betty Jones Jean Willard Dormitory Representatives Elaine Cooper, Bigelow Phyllis Silvio, McKerma Alice Falardeau, Lester Rena Vassar, Harding Patricia Van Hyning, Northwest Upperclass Martha Gressett, Northeast Upperclass Marion Morgan, Southwest Upperclass Helen MacLennan, Southeast Upperclass Lois Hill, Regent Back TOW, left to right: Shirley Pospahala, Marietta English, Jenny Lou Dodd, Martha Gressett, Frances Young. Third row: Helen MacLennan, Patricia Van Hyning, Elaine Cooper, Alice Falardeau, Lillian Martin, Jessie Nussbaum, Jean Willard. Second row: Lois Hill, Delores Stutheit, Peggy Champlain, Janet Schemmel, Cecile Abenheimer. Front row: Mary Belle James, Rena Vasser, Phyllis Silvio, Ruth Wierman. 49 p BOARD of PUBLICATIONS OFFICERS Chairman Professor A. Gayle Waldrop Secretary J. Richard Christopher Faculty Members ....Professor Calvin Grieder, Assistant Professor Austin W. Scott STUDENT BOARD MEMBERS Nancy Nightingale, Sally Jackman, Ellis Tallant A. GAYLE WALDROP Student publications of the University of Colorado are published for the purpose of representing student interests, opinions, and ideas, and describing college life and the students who make up the University. Although the publications do not repre- sent an official opinion and they are not directly censored, the University does recog- nize a responsibility for the maintenance of the moral decencies and the proprieties of public utterances. This responsibility is maintained through the work of the Board of Publications. The Board is the co-ordinating and guiding body behind every student paper and magazine. One of its greatest responsibilities lies in the yearly selection of editor and business manager of the SILVER AND GOLD student newspaper, the COLO- RADAN yearbook, the DODO, the WINDOW, the COLORADO ENGINEER, and the ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAW REVIEW. Following the selection of these major student officials the council continues its work throughout the year by guiding all changes in the publications and approving the type of material contained within the student issuances. 50 Le t to right: E. J. Tallant, Calvin Grieder, Nancy Nightingale, A. Gayle Waldrop, Sally Jackman, A. W. Scott, Jr., J. Richard Christopher. BUSINESS SC OL BOA OFFICERS President Bill Smith Vice-President Ed Kendig Secretary Mary Weiler Treasurer Bud Bradt JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Don Enright, Bob Ayers, John Hamilton Sponsor Dean Elmore Petersen BILL SMITH Four seniors and three junior representatives from the School of Business com- pose the Board of Directors, student governing body of the Business School. The Board, under the supervision of Dean Elmore Petersen, is responsible for all student activities sponsored by the School of Business. Fall quarter activities include the election of the three junior representatives to the Board and the presentation of the annual " Fall Frolic, " informal dance. Dur- ing the winter the Board interrupts entertainment along the lighter vein for the an- nual presentation of the Winter Banquet which features each year an address by a prominent businessman. The extra-curricular activities of the school year are cli- maxed with the Business School Formal and the annual Spring Banquet, during which awards are made to outstanding businessmen, alumni, and students. Other duties of the board members during the year include supervising the pub- lication of THE BLOTTER, official news organ of the school, and the sponsorship of several convocations which deal with topics of current importance to business students. Back TOW, lelt to right: Don Enright, Bob Ayers, John Hamilton. Front row: Dean Elmore Petersen, Mary Weiler, Bill Smith, Ed Kendig, Bud Bradt. 51 li A. D. Abbott OCIATED ALUMNI ALUMNI OFFICERS Director Alva D. Abbott Assistant Director Margaret D. Arthur Editor, COLORADO ALUMNUS Mary R. Richardson Mrs. Margaret Arthur The alumni are an important part of every university. A university be- comes truly strong when its alumni take an active part in its upbuilding and, through a feeling of pride and devotion, come forward with their sympathy and help. The purpose of the Alumni Association of the University of Colo- rado is to furnish services, aid, and assistance to alumni, students, faculty, and regents. Other realized purposes of the organization are to create and maintain a spirit of fellowship and to promote the welfare and interest of all those associated with the University of Colorado. The duties of Mr. A. D. Abbott, director of the Alumni Association, entail the supervision and effectuation of these purposes, the promotion and organization of alumni clubs, and keeping alive all interest in the Alumni Association. Mr. Ralph Waldo, president of the Association, works together with Mr. Abbott in the direction of the organization ' s functions. 52 Mrs. Eva Mass, Secretary; Mrs. Mary Richardson. Editor, COLORADO ALUMNUS: A. D. Abbott, Director of Alumni Relations ; Mrs. Peg Arthur, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations ; Mrs. Edna T.o an. Secretary. ASSOCIATED ALUMN ■K fiaiBWBMM ASSOCIATED ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Ralph E. Waldo, Jr., ' 38 Vice-President Dr. Frank B. McGlone, ' 34 Secretary Charles R. Corlett, ' 32 First among the functions of the Alumni Office is that of record mainte- nance. Records of the University alumni necessitate three basic files: the master file, the geographic file, and the membership file. Included in the master file are individual cards for every person who has received a degree from the University. In addition to these cards, which number more than 25,000, records are kept for approximately 5,000 persons who did not graduate but who did attend and have shown an interest in the school. Secondly, the geographic file lists the city, county, and state of each recordant whose address is known. Finally, the membership file contains a record of the present members, who pay Association dues. Keeping the records of this third file up to date often entails changing as many as 5000 addresses monthly. Presentation of three publications is another important function of the Office. THE COLORADO ALUMNUS, a magazine which is published ten times a year and sent to all members of the Association, contains such items as news of particular classes which have graduated, information regarding various phases of university activities, and news about the alumni themselves. Four times each year the ALUMNUS NEWSLETTER is sent to all alumni. The letter contains additional news of University activities and often fea- tures articles on some school within the University. Finally, during fall football season members receive the Association ' s third publication, THE COACH ' S LETTER. In addition, the office performs a great service to the university and the state through its practice of lending films and other forms of information about C.U. to various organizations throughout the state and country. Charles R. Corlett S3 COLORADO ALUMNUS iia ? iMBINED ENGlWfERS mmsmsaummsmm OFFICERS President Arch Nuttall EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jim Knap, Chuck Reich, and Bob Wood ARCH NUTTALL The organization of the University ' s engineering students serves the interests of the engineers by coordinating their activities and presenting functions in which they may participate. The student body of the College of Engineering constitutes this organization and it is directed by an executive committee of four seniors. These officers are elected in the spring for a term of one year. Through the guidance and coordination of the executive committee, the Com- bined Engineers sponsor the Apple Fest in the fall, the Engine Ball in the winter, and Engineer ' s Day in the spring. Publication of the COLORADO ENGINEER is also sponsored and directed by the organization. 54 Left to right: Jim Knap, Chuck Reich, Arch Nuttall, Bob Wood. - INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSQCIATIO OFFICERS President Vern Talcott Vice-Bresident Dick Lyttle Secretary Nonie Lann Treasurer Ann Melville A. S. U. C. Representative Duke Robertson Publicity Chairman Dick Gale Sponsors Ramona Parkinson, Arthur J. McNair VERN TALCOTT The Independent Students Association is the governing and social coordinating body for those students of the University who are not affiliated with Greek social organizations. The Council attempts to guide a social and athletic program which includes all phases of entertainment in student life. During fall quarter fourteen hundred students purchased I. S. A. Activity Cards entitling them to numerous In- dependent activities of the quarter. Among these events were Monday night tea dances, free dance instruction, the Barb Formal, " Penguin Promenade, " the Sunday mixed swimming socials. " Club First Nighter, " which featured entertainment, re- freshments, and dancing to three orchestras, was the most popularly attended of all I. S. A. fall activities. The past year has witnessed the opening of the I. S. A.- spon- sored Men ' s Co-operative House, which has supplied rooming and boarding facilities to many University men. A permanent date bureau has also been established to further the success of student activities and to better acquaint students. The Colorado In- dependents Association has been active in the national I. S. A., an organization which C. U. ' s I. S. A. sponsor emeritus, Ben Galland, helped to initiate. Recent reorganiza- tion of the council has provided specific duties for each member, allowing the develop- ment of specialization and greater re sponsibility for efficient performance. Back tow, left to right: Ben Galland, Dick Gale, Ramona Parkinson, Arthur McNair. Front row: Ann Melville, Vern Talcott, Phyllis Archer, Dick Lyttle. 5S a i 11 JOURNALISM OL Ett R OFFICERS President Frank Gregg Vice-President Jim • Hicks Secretary Harriet Kliewer Treasurer Fred Pottorf Sophomore Class Representative Tom Hutton Junior Class Representative Wilbur Fitzgerald Senior Class Representative Charles Rogers Faculty Sponsor A. Gayle Waldrop FRANK GREGG The College of Journalism created this year a student organization designed to fulfill a long-felt need among students and faculty members of the College; the need for a means of bringing the faculty and student body closer together to give greater shape and direction to the desire of all for a universally beneficial free press. Such an organization existed before the war but was primarily a social organization, with- out an articulated policy for the improvement of journalistic standards. This organi- zation, then under the sponsorship of the late Ralph L. Crosman, is now revived under a new and more virile constitution, with A. Gayle Waldrop, acting director of the College, as sponsor. Governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of one member from each class and the executive officers, all elected by the student body, the organization se- lects its own speakers for its monthly convocations, collects and administers all dues and funds, encourages a unity of social and academic spirit among its members, and, above all, seeks to implant in all journalism majors an unswerving determiniation to observe the tenets of ethics and sound journalistic practice. S6 Top row, left to right: Tom Hutton, Charles Rogers, Wilbur Fitzgerald. Front row: Fred Pottorf, Frank Gregg, A. G. Waldrop, Rusty Kliewer. PACESETTERS EDITOR — KATHY RYAN ..-;i »« - " .- ' ' uv ' i W ' ;i5?--jt: Ay» .■■?■ ?-• m) iiC . t«»l i; Back row, left to right: Jack Randle, Jack Hunt, Dean Houston, Glen Hedgccock, John Atwood. Front row: Jo Schwalbe, Janet Schemmel, Alice Goalby, Dean Ball, Delores Stutheit, Jo Holden. PaceMttet This year ' s Pacesetters were selected by last year ' s Pacesetters with the able assistance of Dean Houston, Dean Ball, and Glen Hedgecock. A list of students outstanding in activities was compiled after contacting all campus groups. From this list, the 1948 Pacesetters were chosen for their character, leadership, and their ability to main- tain the school average during their three or four years at the University. We wish to thank this committee for their cooperation and compliment them on their very impartial selection and efficient work. JOE REYNOLDS As President of our student body, Joe has well earned his title with his excellent work in many C. U. activities. Even though he may seem very reserved, Joe has shown his ability to obtain successful results when he was chairman of the 1948 C. U. Days. He is also a member of Heart and Dagger, Delta Sigma Pi, and past president of Phi Delta Theta. Last year Joe was a senior honor student in the business school and is now a freshman in the C. U. Law School, and we are all very glad that he will be with us for two more years. d PAUL STARR Paul Starr well deserves his recognition on campus as a true leader. A senior, majoring in electrical engineering, he is a member of Heart and Dagger, I.S.A. Council. Pep Club, president of Viking Club, and A.S.U.C. commissioner of Men ' s Welfare. In addition to these activities, Paul is a married man with two daughters, and he will tell anyone that he is more proud of this than anything else of which he can boast. MARGE GROVE " Miss Service " in Miss C. U. s Court could not have been more appropriate for Mar e. Even a brief sketch of this Theta ' a services would be of sizeable length so we ' ll have to compromise and say she ' s been in Spur, Hesperia, and Mortar Board, is editor of the Coloradan this year, was publicity chairman of Homecoming in 1948 and awards chairman for 1948 W inter Carnival. In addition to all these this pharmacy major is a member of the phar- macy and women ' s chemistry honoraries. Her extreme efficiency has not only en- abled her to perform all these duties but also to maintain almost a straight A aver- JIM BUCHANAN Robinson, Illinois, as well as the Uni- versity of Colorado are both fortunate enough to claim this up and coming stu- dent in the Arts and Science school who, although only a junior, has proven himself an able worker in many activities. He is a member of the honors union, Phi Delta Kappa, Viking, and is vice-president of the Westminster fellowship. Everyone on the campus looks forward to having Jim back with them for another year. PaceMttCi PAT VAN HYNING The ability to get along with others has made this active junior from Port Chester, New York, an outstanding mem- ber of the C. U. campus. Pat was a fresh- man counselor her sophomore year, this past year has been president of the upper class women ' s dorm which entitled her to a place on the House of Representatives, and was dorm section editor of the 1948 Coloradan. An active girl socially as well as scholastically, Pat is a member of both Spur and Hesperia, publicity chairman of the Pep Club, and organization editor of this year ' s Coloradan. Her major is inter- national relations, and that field will cer- tainly receive a diplomat when Pat gradu- ates. JAMES KNAPP Known by his moustache and long cigar, this distinguished looking S.A.E. is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Mu Ep- silon, Sigma Tau, and Tau Beta Pi. Aside from this long list of engineering honor- aries, Jim finds time to spend his leisure moments presiding as president of the Fencers Club. A coming June graduate we are all very sorry to see Jim leave, but we know that he can look forward to a very bright and successful future. CAROL PACKARD During her four years here at C. U.. KK " has definitely proven she has earned every honor awarded her. This Kappa has climbed from Spur to Hesperia and now Mortar Board. Besides ably presiding as WAA president and chairman of the AWS Vaudeville this year, she has time to make a grade average that is in the two points. Her spirit on campus was well cited when she was chosen " Miss Democracy " in Miss C. U. ' s Court. With these qualities behind her, she ' s bound to go far in her field as a medical technician. 61 II PRUE WALKER Always a smile and a cheery hello for every one — this must certainly be Pruc Walker ' s philosophy — how else could one be chosen the distinctive " Miss Personali- ty. " Prue ' s fame ranges from campus ac- tivities to academic scholarship. Through- out her college years, Prue has taken an active part in the women ' s class honor- aries, culminating this year as Mortar Board prexy. Not only does Kappa Prue perform mighty well on the old hickories, she is also in on the administrative side of C. U. ' s Ski Club. As a junior she was secretary of the club. C. U. will certainly miss this able girl next fall, as Prue is graduating this June with a language major tacked to her diploma. KENT YOWELL " Which one ' s the dummy? " is the classic remark! For where ever we see Kent, Dennis O ' Toole is sure to be with him. C. U. ' s edition of Edgar Bergen has " shown his stuff " in more than entertain- ment lines. In addition to his work as assistant chairman for last C. U. Days, A.S.U.C. Spirit and Morale Commissioner, Sumalia, and Heart and Dagger are also listed among his many activities. We can see the law school is in line for a definite asset next year when this Phi Psi enters. NANCY NIGHTINGALE Well known around campus for her will- ingness to cooperate and her capability in anything she is asked to do, Theta Nancy well deserves the honor given her by being chosen " Miss Versatility " for 1948. As the society editor for the Silver and Gold, A.S.U.C. commissioner of publications, business manager of the 1949 Coloradan, and assistant chairman of publicity for 1948 C. U. Days. Nancy has still found time to be an honor student and a member of Hesperia. Hats oR to this remarkable senior. PaceMttet SHERMAN FINESILVER There ' s never a dull moment in the busy life of Sherm Finesilver, Phi Sig prexy. All those meetings to attend and law school studies — our hats ofF to this very capable boy. This year Sherm has served as president of Interfraternity Council and as an ex-officio member of A.S.U.C. Com- mission. Previous activities include A.S. U.C. Election commissioner. Executive Committee of National Students Associ- ation, C. U. Days and Homecoming Com- mittees. With all this experience Sherm is bound to go places in politics, which is his goal after graduation. 62 JOAN TEMPLAR Music for millions might well be the theme for Joan ' s activities. This enthusi- astic Alpha Phi senior plays the flute and oiccolo, is a member of the marching band, Tau Beta Sigma, woodwind ensemble, and directed the chorus for the C. U. Days show in 1948 as well as the Lester hall group which won the songfest in 1947. Besides her music Joan is interested in outdoor activities and is member of WAA and served on the athletic events com- mittee for Homecoming. Chosen " Miss Dependability " by AWS, Joan will gradu- ate this June leaving the school a little " keyed-up. " VERN TALCOTT Combining among other things the quali- ties of leadership and scholarship, this senior in the law school has made himself a prominent figure on the campus. Vern is a member of Heart and Dagger and the Westminster Fellowship. He belonged to Phi Epsilon Phi, Barb Reeves, and is an cx-officio member of the A.S.U.C. com- mission, besides being president of the Independent students and Viking Club. Despite his intense interest in all of his activities, Vern still claims that his most profitable activity has been washing dishes for over 750 people in the upper class dorm. Hi . .-r LYLE GROSS Hailing from Longmont, Colorado, is Lyle Gross, one of our hard-working juniors. Lyle is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Bonhomme, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, past A. S. U. C. representative of Alpha Phi Omega, and president of this service fraternity. He does them all well, too ! When Lyle isn ' t studying or attending meetings, he may be found walking up Flagstaff, Valmount Butte, or other local hills for pleasure. You have to hand it to a person with that much energy ! MARILYN MALONEY Peppy Theta Marilyn Maloney, better known around the campus as " Mnldoon, " is one who is always ready and willing to cooperate whenever there is a job to be done. Besides being talented in the fields of music and dramatics, acting in Little Theater plays, and singing in both the University and Modern choirs, she has excelled in her academic work, being chosen as a Spur in her sophomore year, and as a member of Hesperia in this her junior year. Amazing as it may seem " Muldoon " still finds time to be business manager of the Window, and active on Homecoming. C. U. Days, and AWS Vaudeville committees. CHARLES REICH Just one look at the many activities and scholastic accomplishments of this Beta will show you he must have many out- standing qualities. Sumalia, Heart and Dagger, and the Ski Club all claim his services, as do three engineering honoraries —Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Ep- silon. The A.S.U.C. president ' s committee. Homecoming publicity committee, and C. U. Days committees may also be added to the growing list. Here ' s one senior who has our vote for versatility and who can ' t help but go far in both civil engineering and business — his two majors. PaceMttei ANN BROWNING We ' ll all remember after graduation the wonderful half-time formations put on by U. ' s esteemed band at football games. One of the people responsible for these performances is Alpha Phi Ann Browning, who helped draw and plan them. Ann has been a very remarkable student in the music school for the past four years. Be- tides her high academic average, she has aarticipated in many extra-curricular ac- tivities in the music field. Ann is a mem- ber of Sigma Alpha Iota, past president )f Tau Beta Sigma, band department ecretary, a member of the concert and narching bands, and of the orchestra. At iresent she is interested in trousseau tlanning and house furnishing. After graduation Ann plans to give private music essons along with her " future husband " vho is a band director. BILL EATON Dividing his time between such extremes as working on the Dodo and being com- missioner of academic affairs. Bill has proven himself one of the most versatile of Pacesetters. Among his many activities may be listed assistant commissioner of finance, delegate to N.S.A. conventions. University choir, intercollegiate debate and discussion, chairman of public information division of Speakers Congress, Ski Club, honors union, Pep Club, Sumalia, general planning committee for the new student union, freshman orientation committee, and Acacia fraternity. This year Bill has been interested in investigating the possibility of installing an honor system at C. U. LEE KING THOMPSON Lee deserves much praise for her won- derful job as president of Panhellenic this last year. As " Miss Sincerity, " Lee has welt earned her title, participating in Junior Prom committees. Student Union Committee, Silver and Gold staff. Delta Phi Delta, and Tau Delta. This AOPi acquired a band around her third finger left hand last summer, and C. U. — along with her husband — can very well be proud of Lee ' s fine record. 63 JUDY STEARNS You like her from the minute you meet her. This Kappa combines enthusiasm and efficiency to make her an asset in any- thing she undertakes. As a dorm counselor and member of Spur last year, she was tops and she ' s upholding her reputation this year as president of Hesperia, a mem- ber of AWS Senate, YWCA secretary, and head of WAA tennis. We ' d say she is one of the most promising juniors and expect great things of Judy in her senior year. ARCH NUTTALL Last March Colorado University bid " adieu " to Arch, when he graduated from the engineering school with a straight three point average! From this he very well gained his membership to Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Beta Kappa Nu, and vice - president of Tau Beta Pi. Arch taught electrical engineering here at C. U. last fall quarter and is also a member of the Combined Engineers Executive Coun- cil. ELLEN JEAN NASH One of the most active misses on the campus is a pert little gal known for her friendly smile and warm sincerity. " E. J., " as she is called by all who know her, has a finger in many of the organizations which can be found at Colorado Univers- ity. As treasurer of her freshman dorm, vice-president of the Canterbury Club, a member of the independent ' s staff of the Coloradan, and secretary of the Women ' s Club in her first two years at C. U., " E. J. " — now a junior — is president of the Women ' s Club and a member of Hesperia. aceAettetA DOROTHY SETHMAN Dodi, as she is more commonly known, has displayed her talent for acting the past three years in Players Club, Lab Theater, and Little Theater. This Alpha Chi has also shown her ability for the office of secretary of the honors union and AWS Vaudeville, besides presiding as president of the Geology Club, geology incidently being her major. Dodi, a very well qualified linguist, is a member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma and Phi Sigma Iota. To tie up this long list of activities we can add Spur and Hesperia, and not hesitate to say that C. U. is very lucky to have Dodi for another year. 64 BOB WOOD Bob is well known around campus for his highly capable ability both in his academic work and extra-curricular ac- tivities. A senior, he is majoring in aero- nautical engineering, and is one of the four combined engineers of C. U. As chair- man of the Institute of Aeronautical Science, a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and correspond- ing secretary of Tau Beta Pi, he has still found time enough to be in both the C. U. band and choir. He well deserves all the honors given to him. KAY HUTCHISON Chi Omega Kay may be found working in the University Placement Bureau when not attending class or scurrying to meet- ings. Kay is known on campus for her business like manner, which she has shown in many ways. She is a past member of Spur and now Hesperia. Homecoming found Kay welcoming alums right and lett as she served as chairman of the Alumni Tea Committee. With all these to her credit, Kay still finds time to pull down a high scholastic average. Since Kay is only a junior, she will be back next year to lengthen her already tremendous list of activities. Keep up the fine wor k, Kay. tmi ' " ' i?i u H CLASSES EDITOR — JIM BRUIN ' £i X, .. .:ic m " r-S i Tt ' . ' - ' r ' V ?- " !: ■ " TAU BETA PI OFFICERS President Charles E. Hall Vice-President Arch F. Nuttall Corresponding Secretary Robert M. Wood Recording Secretary Harold S. Oakes FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Dean Clarence L. Eckel Robert F. Brown Arthur J. McNair Franklin P. Durham Jack C. Twombly Robert E. Rathburn Marion K. Burk William A. Brumitt Marshall J. Field John W. Furneaux Donald B. Gregg John L. Grigsby Charles E. Hall Charles F. Hix, Jr. Walter R. Hyma ACTIVE MEMBERS John C. Ivers Melvin W. Johnson William J. Lesser Dick J. Morroni Anson G. Mueller Melvin E.. Norby Arch F. Nuttall Harold S. Oakes Robert H. Purcell, Jr. James A. Read, Jr. Frederick L. Resen Lloyd R. Rose Robert J. Shore Clarence J. Steiert Charles E. Taylor Lee R. Tepley Robert M. Wood George F. Woodward Edward A. Babka Charles F. Bealey David S. Carrick Joseph E. Chilton Robert H. Doremus Walton D. Ellison, Jr. Jack S. Gifford Floyd Hamilton Lawrence W. Huster Thomas S. Hutchinson James E. Knap PLEDGES Ray O. Lasby Robert W. McDonald Robert L. Martin Lawrence O. Mathis Ralph S. Matsen Lawrence J. Mitsch George R. Morton Richard E. Moss Thomas L. Pearson Vern Poehls, Jr. Richard R. Radnor Charles J. Reich Robert J. Richardson Stanley R. Rouze Fred Ruckhaus Francis J. Scheib Robert M. Slobodnik Don K. Smith William F. Stebbins Frederick J. Trapp Glenn C. Werth Vernon J. Zurick Top row, left to right: Walter R. Hyma. George F. Woodward, Jack S. GifFord, Dick J. Morroni, John L. Grigsby, Anson G. Mueller, Charles F. Hix, Jr., Robert McDonald. Fifth row: Lloyd R. Rose, Melvin W. Johnson, Clarence J. Steiert, Ray O. Lasby, Charles F. Bealey, Robert J. Shore, Marion K. Burk, John C. Ivers. Fourth row: Edward A. Babka, Thomas S. Hutchinson, Lee R. Tepley, Lawrence W. Huster, Robert H. Doremus, Lawrence O. Mathis, Stanley R. Rouze, Ralph S. Matsen. Third row: Robert H. Purcell, Jr., Donald B. Gregg, David S. Carrick, Richard E. Moss, William A. Brumitt, Francis J. Scheib, Vernon J. Turick, Lawrence J. Mitsch. Second row: Robert M. Slobodnik, George R. Morton, Don K. Smith, Charles E. Taylor, Charles J. Reich, Vernon J. Poehls, Richard R. Radnor, James A. Read, Jr., Glenn C. Werth. Front row: James E. Knap, Harold S. Oakes, Jr., Thomas L. Pearson, Robert M. Wood, Arch F. Nuttall, Charles E. Hall, Arthur J. McNair, Jack Twombly, Robert F. Brown. PHI BETA KAPP OFFICERS President Frank E. E. Germann Secretary-Treasurer Claribel Kendall First Vice-President Jack Ogilvy FACULTY MEMBERS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS Vivian M. Bardwell Laura Bellamy Eric Bonde Frederick Bratnhall A. Eugene Brown James W. Broxon Robert S. Burgh Roy Allan Cox George Creamer Stanley Cristol Vladirmi de Lissovoy James E. Dugan Percy S. Fritz Benjamin S. Galland Frank E. E. Germann Colin B. Goodykoontz Richard Gregg Louise Hering Fritz Hoffman Norman L. House Burtan W. Jones Horace Jones Patricia Keller Claribel Kendall John Lacher Leslie L. Lewis Vernon Loughran Pauline Marshall Robert P. Martin John S. Meek Earl Morris Mrs. Helen Nelson Martha M. Newell Charles H. Norris Jack Ogilvy Mrs. Dorothy S. Ogilvy Wendell C. Overhults Floyd Pendell Joseph P. Redick Marjorie Reyburn Benjamin Robinson Mrs. Edna Davis Romig Paul G. Schroeder Marion Sharrah Robert L. Stearns Omer C. Stewart Betty Stocks Frederick Storke Donald Sutherland Ida L. Swayne Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thomson Mabel Van Duzee John F. Wagner Alvin Weinberger Floyd Walters Lawrence A. Warner Edward J. West Patrick Westfelt Francis WoUe Philip G. Worcester SPRING QUARTER, 1948 Lois Bartells M. Catherine Butto Mary Alice Chambers Sheila Jean Counce Roy Phillip Craig Louis J. Duman Robert H. Franch Wendell L. French Thomas C. Hall, Jr. John B. Hanson Mrs. Elaine Jones Holder Conway Edgar Holmes Mrs. Hugh Knickerbocker Lorraine Longcor Robert Bruce Loper Jessie MacDonald Mason Edward Miller Raymond L. Moloney Vineta Walker Nehring Fredrik Charles Norberg Edward A. Olsen Elizabeth L. Pingel James Gordon Price Ross Albers Quinn William M. M. Robinson Mrs. Donna Marie Day Sass Gloria Phyllis Schabes William Harry Robert Shaw Edgar Josef Smutny Patricia Ann St. Clair Gorden Phillip Tompkins, Jr. Dorothy R. Townsend Ruth Ann Wolf Frank B. Womer Charles Emmert Woodhouse Barbara Maxine Young Mrs. Marilyn H. Zeigler FALL QUARTER, 1948 Juanita Barrow Donald Arlington Brown Norma Jean Dairo Lesly Dale Emmett Joanne MacFarlane Janet Patricia Sears Robert Warden Stack Donald Eugene Stout Wayne Edward Thompson 6S MORTAR ROARD OFFICERS President Prudence Walker Vice-President Carol Packard Secretary Delores Stutheit Treasurer Joan Willis SPONSORS Miss Janet Douglas Miss Persis Emmett Mrs. Therese Westermeier MEMBERS Alice Goalby Marjorie Grove Joanne Holden Carol Packard Janet Schemmel Jo Anne Schwalbe Delores Stutheit Prudence Walker Joan Willis 70 Back row, left to right: Jo Anne Schwalbe, Janet Schemmel, Delores Stutheit, Marjorie Grove, Joanne Holden, Alice Goalby. Front row: Miss Douglas, Miss Emmett, Prudence Walker. Carol Packard, Mrs, Westermeier. .7 5iUi. r i EART AND DAGGER OFFICERS President Joe Reynolds Vice-President Fred L. Resen Secretary-Treasurer Paul Starr Sponsor Glenn Hedgecock MEMBERS Earle Prater Charles Reich Fred L. Resen Joe Reynolds Paul Starr Vern Talcott Kent Yowell Back row, lelt to right: Kent Yowell, Vern Talcott, Glenn Hedgecock, Earle Prater, Charles Reich, Presi- dent Stearns. Front row: Paul Starr, Joe Reynolds, Fred Resen. 71 . Abrams, James D. — Engine; Lafayette. Indiana. ASCE ; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Acker, Charles B. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hiking Club; Stamp Club; Twig Benders; Westminster, President. Adler, Sid — Arts and Science; Houston, Texas. Chi Psi. Aitken, Frank — Business; Paterson, New Jersey. Alcott, Russell J. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Alexander, Joan — Arts and Science; Des Moines, Iowa. Alpha Delta Pi; Buff Ski Club; Coloradan; Illini-Buff Club; Intramuials; Women ' s Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Pep Club ; University 72 Jim Knap was elected this year as presi- dent of the senior class. Jim can also be justly proud of his being president of Alpha Chi Sigma. Intramurals; Pi Beta Phi; W.A.A. Allen, Judith — Arts and Science; Eagle, Colorado. A.W.S. House of Representatives; Greek Combine Allen, Charles D., Jr. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.C.E., President of Student Chapter. Allen, Esther L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cosmopolitan Club; Nurse Majors Association. Allen, Margaret — Arts and Science; Lakewood, Colorado. Buff Pep Club Publicity Committee; Buff Ski Club House Manager; University Women ' s Club; W.A.A. Amsbary, Robin — Arts and Science; Champaign. Illinois. Coloradan; Kappa Alpha Theta, House Manager: Pep Club Y.W.C.A., Vice President. Anderson, Virginia C. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; C. U. Days; Homecoming ; Pi Beta Phi, Secretary ; W.A.A Freshman Dormitory Counselor; Window Art Staff; Y.W.C.A. Kappa Delta. Silver and Gold; Tau Delta; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Anderson, Eric A. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Nu. Anderson, Charles D. — Arts and Science: Omaha, Nebraska. Andrews, Edward Boyd — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Angcll, Harry J. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Appleby, Shirley Louise — Arts and Science; Fort Morgan. Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treasurer ; Intramurals ; Stardusters. Applequist, Ruth — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Home Economics Club. Arnett, Eugene V. — Business; Boulder, Colorado, Band; Colorado Engineer; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau ; Silver and Gold, Aron, Patricia — Business; Crete, Nebraska. Women ' s Club. Auger, John Gardner — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. International Relations Club; N.R.O.T.C; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Austin, Harold G., Jr. — Engine: Fort Collins, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Ski Club; University Rille Club. Aydelotte, John Henry — Engine; Huntsville, Texas. Apple Fest; I.A.S. Aydelotte, Leon Eugene — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. Babich, Josephine — i4rts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. French Club; Newman Club; Valkyrie; Y.W.C .A. Bacon, Esther Harriet — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Pi Gamma Mu. 73 Bail, Anne — Arts and Science; Albuquerque, New Mexico. American Newspaper Guild, President; Delta Sigma Rho : Honors Union; Kappa Tau Alpha; Made- moiselle College Board; Silver and Gold; Speakers Congress. Baird, Emma Lou — Arts and Science; Belle Fourcbe, South Dakota. Stardusters; Tau Delta; Women ' s Club. Balderston, Robert W. — Business; Media, Pennsylvania, Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer; Homecoming, 1948 Bus. Manager, Baldwin, Nancy — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Delta Gamma. Ball, Geneva A. — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Operetta, " Robin Hood " ; Spur; University Choir; University Women ' s Club. Ballenger, William G. — Engine; Highland Park, Illinois. A.S.M.E.; Alpha Tau Omega; I.A.S. Ballinger, Bruce N. — Engine; Cheyenne, Wyoming. American Institute ol Chemical Engineers. Bangs, Gordon E. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. A.I.Ch.E.; I.S.A.; Ski Club; Twenty-three Club, Treasurer, Prominent around the campus is Jo Schwalbe. This year she added another activity to her long list of accomplish- ments when she was elected the vice-presi- dent of the senior class. Barber, William Dean — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta. Barker, Paul Hamilton, Jr. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado, Pi Kappa Alpha. Barnhill, Samuel Robert — Engine; El Dorado, Kansas. Phi Delta Theta. Barnholtz, Jacqueline Ann — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alfra; Buff Ski Club; Fencing Club; Homecoming Committee ; Pep Club; University Women ' s Club; Winter Carnival Committee; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Barr. Leon N. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. , j Barron, William Vt..—Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado, International Relations Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Students for Democratic Action; United World Federalists. „,, . Barrow, Juanita — Arts and Science; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Equestrian Club; French Club; Phi Sigma Iota, Vice-president; Spanish Clu Bashor, Oliver L. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Bauer, Doris L. — Business; Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Business School Blotter Staff; I.S.A.; Luther Club; Ski Club; Twenty-three Club; Tennis Intramurals. Bealey. Charles F. — Engine; Wheatland, Wyoming. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Corresponding Secretary ; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Beeler, Horace W, — Business; Des Moines, Iowa. Sigma Nu. Bein, Charlotte — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Homecoming Committee ; Intramurals ; Little Theatre Stage Crew; University Women ' s Club, House President; Y.W.C.A. Bell, William M. — Engine; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Freshman Boxing Club; Chairman of M.R.H.A. Welfare Com. and War Orphan Com.; Founder and Director of P.M.C. Engineers Club; A.I.E.E.; Buff Ski Club; Dorm Dance Committee; Men ' s Glee Club; Radar Project; Secretary-Treasurer of M.R.H.A. ; Dorm A-2 Representative; Speakers Congress Radio Discussion Group; Special Writer to School Paper; Vice-president of Sophomore Class; Viking Club. Bennett, Walter F. — Business; Lewisville, Arkansas. 74 The titles of secretary of the senior class and president of Eta Kappa Nu are held by one Keith Burk. Bergman, Laurita R. — Arts and Science; Lamoni. Iowa. Bergeson. Susan — Arts and Science ; Belvidere, Illinois. Buff Ski Club. Treasurer: Calico and Boots; Pep Club; Stage Crew; W.A.A. Berglund, Donald A. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Intramurals: Colorado Engineer Business Staff. Bergstresser, George L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Congo Club : Players Club Bergstresser, Gerald G. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Congo Club; Players Club. Berkstresser, Joanne — Arts and Science; Sterling, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Basketball Club; Delta Delta Delta; Intramural Chairman; Physical Education Major Club; Porpoise; W.A.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Best, Hugh C. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Coloradan ; M.R.H. Council; Air National Guard. Bieser, Marilyn C. — Arts and Science; Craig, Colorado. U.W.C. Historian: W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. Philosophy Group. Bigelow, Guy Arthur, Jr. — Engine-Business ; Pueblo, Colorado. Biggs, W. Allen — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Coloradan Staff; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi. Billington, Mary — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Kappa Phi; Wesley Foundation. Binkley, Alice — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan: Concert Band; Delta Delta Delta; Fencing Club; Y.W.C.A. Home Economics Club; Spur; W.A.A.; Bittner, Dolores Jeanne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado, Alpha Chi Omega; Creative Artists ' Guild; W.A.A. Bjork, Jeanne — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. Delta Delta Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Honors Union; Hesperia; Porpoise; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Spur. Blackmarr, Jack — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Sigma Nu. Blickhahn, G. Henry — Law; Boulder, Colorado. Canterbury Club; Interchurch Council; Intramurals; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Rocky Mountain Law Review Board of Editors; Sigma Nu; Speakers Congress; Varsity Track. Blubaugh, Charlotte Lovejoy — Pharmacy ; Boulder, Colorado. Jr. A. Ph. A.; Phi Chi Delta; Rx Club; University Women ' s Club. Bogan. Doris — Arts and Science; San Diego, California. Buff Pep Club; Congo Club, Treasurer; I.S.A. Dorm Rep.; Nurse Major ' s Assoc; Twenty-three Club, Social Chairman ; W.A.A. ; Women ' s Club. Boggs, Barbara M. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Delta; Newman Club; Ski Club. Boomhower. Donald C. — Engine; Alhambra, California. A.S.C.E.: Buff Pep Club; Delta Tau Delta; Hockey Club; Intramurals; Ski Club. 75 Booth, Robert — Arts and Science; American Lake, Washington. American Newspaper Guild; ASUC Publications Committe ; Coloradan, Copy Editor; C. U. Days Buff Show, Publicity Chairman ; Dodo, Editor ; Laboratory Theatre ; Player ' s Club, Social Chairman ; Publicity Committe, N.S.A.; Sigma Chi; Students for Stassen, Director of Publicity; Window Writer; Winter Carnival, ' 49 Asst. General Chairman; Winter Carnival, ' 48 Publicity Chairman. Booton, Rose Bernice — Arts and Science; Boulder Colorado. Home Economics Club; Intramurals; I.S.A. Chorus; Phi Chi Delta; Reeves; Spur; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Borgen, Paul Chr. — Business; Stabekk, Norway. Boucher, Robert Lee — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Interchurch Council; Square Dancing; Wesley Foundation. Bower, Ralph L. — Business ; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bowman, Lillian E. — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Bowman, Richard W. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Air National Guard. Braudt, Bill W. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. A.I.E.E.; Wesley Foundation. Bradt, Gordon Edwin — Business; Evanston, Illinois. Business School Board of Directors, Treasurer ; C-Club ; Coloradan ; C. U. Days; Homecoming ; Junior Prom; Phi Gamma Delta; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Gold Circulation Manager; Varsity Swimming Team; Winter Carnival. Breckenridge, Joan — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Intramurals; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President; Panhellenic, Treasurer; Pep Club; W.A.A.; Winter Carnival Committee; Y.W.C.A. Briggs, Harold C. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. C-Club; Football, 1946-1947 ; Track. 1945-46-47. Brill, William J.—-Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Buff Ski Club; Dormitory Councilor. Briscoe, William C, Jr. — Engine; Baltimore, Maryland. A.S.U.C. Commission; Delta Sigma Rho; Equestrian Club; Speakers Congress, Executive Committee. Brinker, Dexter M. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. C-Club; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Wrestling. Brislawn. Ferdinand L. — Arts and Science; Casper, Wyoming. Honors Union; Westminster Fellowship. Brod, Henry L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Cosmopolitan Club; French Club; Polyglot Society; Ski Club. Charles Hall capably holds down the jobs of treasurer of the senior class and presi- dent of Tau Beta Pi. E N I R S Brophy, Dan E. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.M.E., Publicity Committee ; Roger Williams Fellowship. Brown, James D. — Engine; Butte, Montana. A.S.C.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon. Browne, James H. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. American Chemical Society; American Institute of Chemical Engineers ; Beta Theta Pi; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club. Browning, Ann — Music; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Phi; Band; Band Staff; Orchestra ; Secretary of Band Department; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spur; Tau Beta Sigma. Brownne, Kay — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Phi; Coloradan Business Staff; C. U. Days; Dodo; Hesperia, Treasurer ; Homecoming ; House of Representatives; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Ski Club; Spur; University Choir; W.A.A. Broyles, Fay — Arts and Science; Morristown, Tennessee. 76 Well renowned for his stage-acting ability Bob Booth was also editor of the Dodo. Brummer, Charlotte — Arts and Science; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Intramurals; Buff Ski Club; Reeves; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; W.A.A. ; Wesley Foun- dation. Brumitt, William A. — Engine; Hays, Kansas. A. I. P.; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Bruns, Robert Lee — Business; Lakewood, Colorado. Acacia, Vice-president ; Architectural Forum; Engine Ball Decorating Committee ; Homecoming Float Parade Worker; Intramurals; University Post V.F.W. Bryan, John Manly — Arts and Science; Clarendon. Texas. Buff Pep Club; Inter fraternity Council, Rushing and Social Committees; Phi Kappa Tau, President and Secretary. Bryans, William A. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Chi Psi; Pep Club. Buchanan, James Aubrey — Arts and Science; Robinson, Illinois. Alpha Phi Omega ; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Entertainment and Culture ; Bartered Bride Opera Chorus; C. U. Days All-school Show Music Committee ; Honors Union; Interchurch Council; March- ing Band; M.R.H. Upper Classman Counselor ; Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; University Choir; Viking Club, Secretary ; Westminster Fellowship, President. Bullis, Barbara — Arts and Science; Galesburg, Illinois. C. U. Days; Coloradan; Dodo Circulation; Panhellenic, Vice-president; Pi Beta Phi, President; Pi Lambda Theta; Spur; Stage Crew; Theta Lambda. President; Y.W.C.A. Burch, Hadley Keys — Arts and Science; New York City, New York. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U.S.N.R. , Burgener, Charles R. — Engine; Loveland, Colorado. Band. Burk, M. Keith — Engine; Torrington, Wyoming. A.J.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu. President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Burch, Frank C. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Burnham, William A., Jr. — Engine; Seattle, Washington. Air Reserve; A.S.M.E.; Ski Club. Burris, Norma — Arts and Science; Joliet, Illinois. Theta Upsilon, President Burris, Russell W. — Arts and Science; Wellington. Kansas. Burt, Jimmie June — Arts and Science; La Junta, Colorado. A.W.S. House of Representatives; Dodo: C. U. Days; Homecoming, Asst Gold; University Women ' s Club Council; Winter Carnival Bush. Arthur Herbert, Jr. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Architectural Forum; A.S.C.E.; Colorado Engineer; Engineer ' s Ball Cbi ; Winter Carnival. Bush, D. K. — Engine : Auburn, West Virginia. A.I.A.S.; Phi Kappa Tau. Bush, Stanley Giltner — Arts and Science; Green Mountain Falls, Buff Pep Club; Announcer, Radio Production Department Foundation, Recreation Director. Butterfield, Albert Veloris — Business : Indianapolis, Indiana. Butler, R. Everett — Engine; Keota. Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Colorado Engineer. Chairman; Silver and Intramurals; Pep Club; Sigma Colorado. : Calico and Boots, President; Wesley 77 Byouk, Joseph M. — Arts and Science; Crested Butte, Colorado. Intramurals ; Phi Kappa Tau; Ski Club. Caffarel, Adelle — Arts and Science; Dallas, Texas. ALFRA ; Newman Club; Physical Education Major Club; W.A.A. Cain, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado, Equestrian Club; Club New Yorker. Calkins, Kenneth W. — Engine; Loveland, Colorado. A.I.Cb.E.. Vice-president; Alpha Chi Sigma; Viking Club. Callas, George — Pharmacy; Oak Creek, Colorado. Jr. A.Ph.A. Campbell, John H. — Business; Eugene, Oregon; Coloradan Distribution; Dodo Distribution ; Intramurals; Newman Club. Vice-president ; N.S.A. Committee ; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Nu; Silver and Gold Distribution. Carder, J. M. — Engine; Holdenville, Oklahoma. Carlisle, Jean — Music; Evanston. Illinois. Kappa Alpha Theta. Vice-president of Gamma Delta, Bud Bradt, finds a great deal of enjoyment in his favorite winter sport of skiing. Carlson, Charles H. — Engine-Business ; Pierce. Colorado. I.A.S. Carmack, Jacqulynn Ann— Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; Intramurals; Square Dancing. Carson, Barbara Jean — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; C. U. Days; Intramurals; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ski Club; Y.W.C.A. Casey, Edward F. — Engine; Weedham, Massachusetts. Castle, Gloria — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. A.W.S. Activities Committee; Buff Show; Coloradan Business Staff; Christmas Play: Mortarboard Fashion Show; Orchesis, President; Pep Club; Sigma Delta Tau; W.A.A. Board; Y.W.C.A. Caton, Joyce Ann — Arts and Science; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Creative Artists Guild; Spirit and Morale Committee ; University Women ' s Club. Caughren, James L. — Arts and Science; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kappa Sigma. Cavender, J, Morse — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; A.I.Ch.E.; A.C.S.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pep Club; Ski Club; Student Personnel Council- Texas Club; Wesley Foundation. E N I R S Cavender, Wayne S. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Buff Pep Club; Buff Ski Club; C-Club; Intramurals; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Texas Club; Varsity Track; Wesley Foundation. Cavness, Ragon C. — Engine; Aurora, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Chaffee, Harold D. — Business ; Great Bend, Kansas. Chapman, John Wilbur — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Physics Club. Chapman, Robert Bruce — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Band; National Guard; Orchestra. Chilton, Joseph E. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.Ch.E.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Equestrian Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Players Club; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. 78 Kay Brownne is quite efficient in the things she undertakes including staff mem ber of the Dodo. Chinn, William W. — Pharmacy ; Pueblo, Colorado. Jr.A.Ph.A.; Viking Club. Cich, Eugene L. — Engine; Los Angeles, California. A.S.C.E.; Phi Kappa Tau. Clapper, Robert A. — Engine; Billings, Montana. Football. ' 46-47-48; C-Club ; A.S.M.E.; Phi Delta Theta. Classen, Robert E. — Engine-Business ; Hastings, Nebraska. Marching Band; Men ' s Band; Viking Club; Intramurals. Clark, Ellen Hylan — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Cheerleader ; Pi Beta Phi; Spur. Clark, Michael — Arts and Science; Comanche, Oklahoma. Hiking Club ; Silver and Gold. Clark, William Arthur — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. Band. Cliff, M. Lorraine — Music; Denver, Colorado. Alpha O micron Pi. Coates, Patsy Jane — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Delta Gamma, Vice-president ; Homecoming: Honors Union; Intramurals; Junior Nominating Com ' mittee ; Junior Prom Committee ; Orchestra; Psi Chi; Y.W.C.A. Group Leader; Miss Thoughtfulness. Coburn, William Earl — Engine; Limon, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Beta Theta Pi; Intramurals; Pep Club; C. U. Days Committee ; Homecoming Committee. Cochran, Dale S. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Sigma Nu. Cohoz, Gail — Arts and Science; Hibbing, Minnesot a. Alpha Phi. Colaiano, Shirley Mae — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Coloradan; C. U. Days: Homecoming : Tau Delta; University Women ' s Club. Conklin, Mary Jean — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado, Ballad Club; Buff Pep Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Gamma Mu. Conklin. William — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Ballad Club, Treasurer; Buff Pep Club; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Delta Kappa. Conkling, Anne Reynolds — Arts and Science; Glen Ellyn. Illinois. Chi Omega; Coloradan Art Stall; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Conkling, Donald Ray — Engine; Casper. Wyoming. A.I.Ch.E.; Assn. House Man. Delta Tau Delta. Coombs, Clarence H. — Engine; Derby, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Architectural Forum; Bonhomme. Cormack, Carol Jean — Arts and Science; Palo Alto, California. Kappa Alpha Theta; Y.W.C.A. Council. Costello, Patricia Marie — Arts and Science; Beaver Dam. Wisconsin. Coloradan; I.S.A.: Kappa Delta; N.S.A.; Newman Club; Winter Carnival Committee. 79 Coulter, Richard K. — Engine; Iowa City, Iowa. Institute oi Aeronautical Sciences. Countis, Thomas J. — Engine; Centerville, Iowa. Physics Club, President. Cooper, Gerald N. — Business; Muskegon, Michigan. Intramurals ; Phi Kappa Tau; Ski Club; Window Circulation Staff. Coyle, Wilbur Thomas — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; V.F.W.; Wesley Foundation. Coyne, Elaine Elizabeth — Arts and Science; Fort Madison, Iowa. Chi Omega; French Club; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Speakers ' Congress; U.W.C. Cozens, Roger William — Arts and Science; Littleton. Colorado. Bands, Marching and Concert; Delta Sigma Rho; Honors Union; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Speakers ' Con- gress; Young Democrats. Craddock, Alfred Z. — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado. Cramp, Erwin Charles — Engine; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A.I.Ch.E.; Pep Club; Phi Kappa Tau. Great interest in women ' s athletics kee s Charlotte Grummer busy participating in intramurals. Cratty, James R. — Business; Coleraine, Minnesota. Creasy, James Gordon — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Roger Williams Fellowship. Cristiano, Eugene — Arts and Science: Pueblo, Colorado. Crocker, Laird K. — Engine; Eldorado, Kansas. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Colorado Engineer; Hiking Club. Crockett, Ralph Douglas — Business; Ballinger, Texas. I.S.A. Cross, Arthur D. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. C. U. Days Float Parade Committee; C. U. Days Float Parade Chairman; Delta Tau Delta: Home- coming Float Parade Committee ; Homecoming Float Parade Co-Chairman ; General Chairman, Home- coming. Crow, Charles P. — Pharmacy ; Boulder, Colorado. Culpepper, William Warren — Business; Denver, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Dance Committee; C. If. Days; Homecoming; Intramurals; Sigma Nu; Student-Faculty Student Union Control Board; University Memorial Center Committee. Cummings, Lynn H. — Arts and Science; Boise, Idaho. Alpha Phi Omega: Bu£f Pep Club; American Chemical Society. Curry, H. Dudley — Arts and Science; Lamar, Colorado. A.S.U.C. " Whip " ; C. U. Days; Intramurals; N.S.A.; Phi Gamma Delta: Silver and Gold, Business Manager. Curtis, Donald Robert — Engine; Chicago, Illinois. Freshman Basketball ; Intramurals. Curtis, Margaret E. — Arts and Science; Kansas City, Missouri. I.S.A. Council; Phi Sigma Iota; Spanish Club. Dall, Lynn — Arts and Science; Libertyville, Illinois. Chi Omega; Coloradan Business Staff; Dodo, Publicity Manager, Circulation, Advertising ; Equestrian Club; Home Economics Club: Illinois Club; Intramurals; Theta Lambda; W.A.A.; Winter Carnival. Daniel, William Arden — Arts and Science; San Diego, California. Alpha Phi Omega; Roger Williams Fellowship; Ski Club; Pep Club. 80 An outstanding member of W.A.A., Jean Carlisle has done much to further success of the organization. Danielson, Marjorie Louis — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; C. U. Days; International Relations Club; lunior Prom Committee; Pep Club; Pi Beta Phi; Polyglot Players; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Women ' s Welfare Committee; Y.W.C.A. Darden, Lloyd — Arts and Science; Sacramento, California. Davies, Eunice — Arts and Science: Erie, Colorado. Coloradan; C. U. Days; Freshman Dorm Secretary; Homecoming ; U.W.C., Vice-president ; W.A,A.; Women ' s Welfare Committee : Intramurals. Davis, Norma Jean — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Kappa Phi; Valkyrie; Wesley Foundation. Dean, Jane A. — Business ; Denver, Colorado, Alpha Phi. Demoret, Robert B. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Apple Fest; I.A.S. Demuth, Hal P. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Disabled American Vets; Eta Kappa Nu: Rifle Club. Demuth, Howard B. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; C-Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Denning, Luann — Arts and Science; loliet, Illinois. Newman Club; Stardusters ; University Women ' s Club. DeRose, Albert G. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Deshell, Joseph Franklyn — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Newman Club. Dexter, Robert B. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Sigma Nu. Varsity Tennis. Dice, Doris Mae — Arts and Science; Whittier, California. Alpha Chi Omega, President; A.W.S. Vaudeville Committee; Buff Show, Secretary; C. U. Days, Gen- eral Secretary; Delta Phi Delta; Dorm Counselor; Hesperia; Hiking Club; Homecoming; Honors Union; I.S.A. Council; Miss Cooperation; Panhellenic Board; Ski Club; Spur; Student Personnel Comm.; W.A.A. Board. Dieckman, John C. — Business ; Durango, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi. Dieter, Alice Hunt — Arts and Science; Derby, Colorado. C. U. Days Committee; Dodo; Geography Club; Homecoming Committee; Honors Union; Intramu- rals; Kappa Alpha Theta; S.S.A.G.; Silver and Gold; Y.W.C.A. Dillingham, Ruby — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer; Calico and Boots; Pep Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. Dilworth, Raymond F. — Business; Dalhart, Texas. Beta Gamma Sigma; Eta Alpha Phi; I.S.A. Dinner, Melvin — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; Coloradan; C. U. Days; Hillel; Homecoming; Jr. Class Nominating Committee ; Nat ' l Students Ass ' n. Committee ; Phi Epsilon Phi, Treasurer ; Phi Sigma Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Psi Chi; Silver and Gold; Window; Winter Carnival. Dittman, David O. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Boulder Lens Club; Pentagon Club; Varsity Gymnastics. Doak, Harold W. — Business; Rocky Ford, Colorado. 81 Dodd, William Gerald — Engine; Yakima, Washington. A.S.C.E. Dora. Jim — Business; Denver, Colorado. Lambda Chi Alpha. Doromal, Quintin Salas — Business; Dumangas. Iloilo, Philippines. Committee on Foreign Student Affairs; Cosmopolitan Club, President; Foreign Relief Activities; Roger Williams Fellowship. Treasurer ; Varsity Christian Fellowship. Douglas, Jean — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Buff Pep Club. Dowis, Colleen D. — Arts and Science; Kit Carson, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi; Band; Calico and Boots; Intramurals ; Orchestra ; Porpoise ; Spur; Tau Beta Sigma; W.A.A.; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Dowis, Richard W. — Business; Sterling, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals ; Pi Kappa Alpha. Downs, Richard J. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. R.O.H. Drais, Jack Arthur — Engine; Findlay, Ohio. A.I.Ch.E., President; Alpha Chi Sigma. Dryden, Dona M. — Arts and Science ; Loveland. Colorado. Campus Interest Committee ; I.S.A. Council; House of Representatives; Tau Delta; University Worn en ' s Club. Dudley, Virgil E. — Business; Karval, Colorado. Dugger, Elizabeth S. — Arts and Science; Bloomheld, Indiana. Nurse Majors ' Association. Duncan. John V. — Engine; Akron, Colorado. Viking Club. Dunham, Glen — Engineering ; Boulder, Colorado. Dunn. Jacqueline — Business ; Phillips, Texas. Beta Sigma; Coloradan ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Silver and Gold. Dunn, Roland W. — Business ; Lakewood, Colorado. DuPont, Mary Alice — Arts and Science; New Orleans, Louisiana. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pep Club; Porpoise; W.A.A. The modern dancing performed by Gloria Castle in the Orchesis Winter Concert has been enjoyed by many. fj N (f R S 82 Durrance, Ada May — Engine ; Spring£eld, Vermont. Ecckcr, Paul L. — Arts and Science; Black Hawk, Colorado. Echols, Elizabeth A. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cosmopolitan Club; Nurse Majors Association. Eck, John W. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; C. U. Days; Winter Carnival; Homecoming All School Show. Edgar. John M. — Engine; Fort Morgan, Colora o. Band; Hiking Club; I.A.S.; Westminster Foundation. Edwards, Robert P. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; A.S.U.C. Election Chairman; C. U. Days Show; First Nighter; I.S.A. Council; Ski Club; Viking. Y.W.C A. Music Group leader is only one of Patsy Coates ' contributions to C. U. Edwards, Virginia Lee — Arts and Science; Lakewood, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; Coloradan ; C. U. Days Show; Panhellenic; Ski Club; W.A.A.; Window. Eichelberger, Clayton — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Bonhomme ; Buff Pep Club; Men ' s Glee Club. Ellis, Neva — Business ; AmariUo, Texas. Beta Sigma; C. U. Days; Intramurals; Delta Gamma. Emig, William A. — Business; El Paso, Texas. Pep Club ; Phi Kappa Tau. Emmett, Lesly Dale — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Honors Union; Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Treasurer ; Y.W.C.A. Epstein. Blanche — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado. Hillel, I.Z.F.A.; Speakers ' Congress, Secretary; Intercollegiate Debate Chairman; Delta Sigma Rho ; Pi Gamma Mu; Student Alumni Association. Erickson, Curtis Reid — Engine; Portland, Oregon. A.S.M.E.; Gymnastics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sumalia. Erickson, Lauren W. — Engine; Haxton, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Architectural Forum. Erickson, Christine — Arts and Sicence ; Whiting, Indiana. Erickson. William L. — Music; Fort Collins, Colorado. Modern Choir; Orchestra ; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; University Choir; University Opera Productions. Etenburn, Charles M. — Pharmacy; Grand Junction, Colorado. Jr.A.Ph.A.; Mason, Eubank. Dillard M. — Arts and Science; Raytown. Missouri. Bridge Club; Equestrian Club; Phi Delta Theta ; Silver and Gold; Ski Club. Everham, Hope — Business; Wilmette, Illinois. Alpha Phi, Fagg, Robert O. — Arts and Science; Aberdeen, South Dakota. Coloradan; C. U. Days; Dodo; Intramurals; Phi Delta Theta ; Winter Carnival. Fairvalley, Jay C. — Arts and Science; Riverside. Illinois. C. U. Days Committee Head; Kappa Sigma. Farris, William P. — Engine; Kansas City, Missouri. A.S.M.E. Faubion, William C. — Business: Caldwell, Idaho. Intramurals; Phi Delta Theta. Faulk, Ernest — Engine; Independence, Kansas. A.I.E.E. Faussone, Ernest J. — Engine; Montrose, Coloralo. A.I.E.E.: Veterans of Foregin Wars Commander. Fay, James E. — Business ; Denver, Colorado. 83 Fenton, Charlotte — Arts and Science; Rocky Ford. Colorado. Coloradan, C. U. Days Show; Pi Beta Phi. Vice-presiaent : Window; Y.W.C.A. Ferguson, Julia — Arts and Science; Edwardsville, Illinois. University Women ' s Club; W.A.A. Fichter, Rosemary — Arts and Science; Randolph, Iowa. Fink, Raymond — Engine; West Orange, New Jersey. Finney, Raymond M. — Business; Mountain View, California. Fish, Wilma Jean — Pharmacy ; Dearborn, Michigan. Iota Sigma Pi; Jr.A.Ph.A.; Rho Chi. Fishburn, Edwin Robert — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; American Institute of Chem-cal Engineers; Calico and Boots; Festival Chorus. Fisk, Alan Wallace — Arts and Science; De Kalb, Illinois. The Silver and Gold will lose an invalu- able business manager on the graduation of Dudley Curry. Fisk, William Jay — Engine; Paonia. Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Buff Ski Club; Phi Kappa Tau. Fitzgerald, Richard S. — Business; Yuma. Colorado. C. U. Days Show; Delta Sigma Pi; Homecoming Queen Committee ; Pi Kappa Alpha. Flair, Darrell G. — Business; Lyons. Illinois. Ice Hockey; Intramurals. Flatley, Eileen — Arts and Science; Kenosha. Wisconsin. Kappa Delta; Newman Club. Flemons, RoUand B. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Florey, Quentin L. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. Foreman, Anson D. — Engine ; Boulder, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Fortna, Jean — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; A.W.S. House of Representatives; A.W.S. Vaudeville Committee; Calico and Boots; C. U. Days Show; Creative Artists Guild; Delta Phi Delta; Freshman Dorm, Vice-president ; Honors Union; Little Theater, Stage Crew; Panhellenic Executive Board; Spur. i N I R S 84 Foster, Charles Max — Arts and Science: Little River, Arkansas. Fox, Lloyd O. — Business ; Towner, Colorado. Fox. Wayne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Sigma ; Speakers Congress. Franklin, Walter B., Jr. — Business; Boulder. Colorado. A.S.U.C. Athletic Commissioner; Athletic Board; Buff Pep Club; Intramurals; Memorial Building Planning Committee ; Phi Gamma Delta; Student Personnel Council; Winter Carnival. Frantz, Marcta — Arts and Science ; Salida, Colorado. Coloradan; Calico and Boots; Kappa Delta; Tau Delta: Women ' s Club; Young Republicans. Frederickson, Charles Bruce — Engine; Joliet, Illinois. Phi Kappa Tau. Assuming duties as vice-president of the University Women ' s Club keeps Eunice Davies quite busy. Friedlander, James M. — Arts and Science; New York City. New York. A.V.C.; Club New Yorker; Free Lance Club. I.S.A. Rep.; I.S.A. Commissioner of Campus Publica- tions; The Independent Editor; Jazz Club; Men ' s Cooperative House; N.S.A.; Publicity Chairman, Club First Nighter ; S.D.A.; Speakers Congress; Silver and Gold; Window Special Assignment Edi- tor; American Newspaper Guild. Freienmuth, Edward S. — Law; Monte Vista, Colorado. Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer; Student Union Committee; Theta Chi; Twenty-three Club, President. Frobish, Robert L. — Engine; Joliet. Illinois. A.S.C.E. Fulker, Mabel — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Calico and Boots; Intramurals: University Women ' s Club; W.A.A. Fullerton, Charles P. — Engine; Morrill, Nebraska. A.I.Ch.E.: Buff Pep Club; Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals. Funk, James R. — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta. Fusilier, Henry L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Gallegos, Edward, Jr. — Pharmacy ; Pueblo, Colorado. Jr. A.Ph.A. Gaily, David L. — Engine; Pasadena, California. A.S.M.E. Gardner, Eleanore — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta; Phi Chi Delta. Garramone, Gladys Jean — Arts and Science; Golden, Colorado. Independent House President; Intramurals; Pep Club; Stardusters. Garrigan, Frank A., Jr. — Arts and Science; Belvidere, Illinois. Intramurals; Sigma Chi. — i Gasser, Joanne — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. University Women ' s Club. Center, Juanita Jean — Arts and Science; Earlville, Illinois. Gheen, Jesse M. — Arts and Science; Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Pi Kappa Alpha; Ski Club. Giberson, Frances Ann — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Festival Chorus; Intercharch Council; Intramurals; Ski Club; Square Dance Club; W.A.A.; West- minster Fellowship ; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Gilbert, Josephine — Arts and Science ; Greeley, Colorado. C. U. Days; Dodo; Equestrian Club; French Club; Intramurals; Junior Orcbesis; Senior Orcbesis; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A.; Phi Sigma Iota. Gieron. Lewis — Engine; Baltimore, Maryland. A.S.M.E.; Colorado Engineer; Intramurals; Newman Club; S.A.E.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gill, Dorothy — Arts and Science; Decatur, Illinois. Chi Omega, Secretary; Coloradan; Dodo; C. U. Days Publicity; Freshman Dorm Secretary; Intra ' murals; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. Gilmorc, Gordon G. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado. I.S.A. 85 Girling, Beryl Lee — Business; Austin, Colorado. Band; Canterbury Club; Chi Omega; Homecoming ; Junior Orcbesis; Rainbow Alums, Vice-president : Y.W.C.A. Glassburn, Mary Lou — Arts and Science; Craig, Colorado. I.S.A. Council; University Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Goalby. Alice — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta. Goedde, Mary — Arts and Science; Long Beach, California. A.W.S. Housing Committee ; A.W.S. Vocations Committee ; California Club; Coloradan; C. U. Days Alumni Committee ; Canterbury Club; Dodo Exchange Editor; Delta Delta Delta; W.A.A.; Women ' s Club. Goerl, Eleanor Louise — Arts and Science; Little River, Kansas. Goldberg, Charlotte Betty — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan ; C. U. Days Dance Committee; Hillel; Homecoming Alum Welcoming Committee; Intra- murals; Junior Prom Dance Committee ; Panhellenic ; Sigma Delta Tau, Rush Captian; W.A.A. Goldfogel, Dorothy — Music; Denver, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Election Commission; Big and Little Sisters; Buff Pep Club; Hillel. President ; Homecoming Committees ; Junior Prom Committee ; Panhellenic ; Sigma Iota; Sigma Delta Tau, President. Goldhammer, Philip D. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Apple Fest; Boulder Amateur Radio Club; Lab Theatre; University V.F.W. Post. Goode, Charles L., Jr. — Arts and Science; Kim, Colorado. Gooding, Stewart L. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Architectural Forum; Phi Gamma Delta; Silver and Gold Collections Manager and Book- keeper. Goodman, Jerry L. — Arts and Science; Des Moines, Iowa. C. U. Days Buff Show Production Chairman; Phi Sigma Delta. Gonzales, Ernest — Pharmacy ; Ordway, Colorado. Bonhomme Club; Jr.A.Ph.A.; Ski Club. Gosar, Angela Jennie — Arts and Science; Rock Springs, Wyoming. ALFRA; Newman Club; W.A.A. ; Women ' s Club. Gottesfeld, Burt — Arts and Science; Brooklyn, New York. Intramurals ; Phi Sigma Delta, Vice-president ; Univ. Choir. Grafe, Helen — Arts and Science; Los Angeles, California. Coloradan; Chi Omega: Dodo Business Staff; Delta Phi Delta; Little Theatre Stage Crew; Home coming Committee ; C. U. Days Show; Tau Delta; W.A.A. Grant, Bill G. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Acacia; Associated Society of Civil Engineers; Colorado Engineer; Hiking Club; Ski Club. rrOutstanding in. makes Norma Jc n, of her Phi Beta Kappa key, the classroom Davis well and out deserving fj N f) S Gravelle, Russell Earl — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Gray, Ellen — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Grayson, Robert C. — Engine; Crown Point, Indiana. Phi Kappa Psi. Grcenberg, S. Rhita — Arts and Science; Jersey City, New Jersey. Forensics; Pi Gamma Mu; United World Federalists, President, Corresponding Secretary. Greene, Betty Jo — Arts and Science; Midland, Texas. Greenleaf, Clayton L. — Engine; Royal Oak, Michigan. Architectural Forum; A.S.C.E.; C. U. Stamp Club; Wesley Foundation. 86 i His broad experience made Bill Davoren a logical choice for A.S.U.C. Dance Com- missoner. Gregg, Raymond F. — Arts and Science; Wheatridge, Colorado. Pi Kappa Alpha. Gressett, Martha — Arts and Science ; Denver, Colorado. Delta Delta Delta; Dormitory Counselor; Dormitory President; House of Representatives; Roger Williams Fellowship, Vice-president ; Scholarship Chairman, Freshman Dorm. Griff is, James A., Jr. — Engine; Lake Forest, Illinois. A.S.C.E.; Kappa Sigma. Grimes, Erwin Elwood — Arts and Science; Avoca, Texas. Intramurals : Pi Kappa Alpha. Grisham, Donald Lee — Engine; Model, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Bonhomme Club; Ski Club; Intramurals; Camera Club. Gross, Jean — Business; Sheridan, Wyoming. Grove, Marjorie F. — Pharmacy ; Pueblo, Colorado. Editor 1949 Coloraaan; Homecoming Publicity Chairman; C. U. Days Assistant Publicity Chairman; Winter Carnival Awards Chairman; Rho Chi; Iota Sigma Pi; Mortar Board; Hesperia; Spur; Miss Service; Kappa Alpha Theta. Guyer, Ina — Arts and Science; Elmburst, Illinois. Pi Beta Phi. Gudeman, David J. — Engine-Business ; Wichita, Kansas. Assistant Counselor Men ' s Dormitory ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Intramurals ; Men ' s Residence Halls Councils; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Phi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Society of Automotive Engineers ; Pi Tau Sigma. Hafling, Darrel A. — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. C-CIub; Ethnic Minorities; Phi Gamma Delta; Pbys. Ed. Club; Student Union Committee; Track; Wrestling. Hafling. Elmer Roland — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; C-Club. Hafling. Helen — Arts and Science; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dames Club; Equestrian Club; Ethnic Minorities ; International House. HH ' H Haff, Arlin Wesley — Business; Dodge City. Kansas. Blotter. Ass ' t. Editor; Buff Ski Club; Dodo; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau. Hagin, E. J. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Halbur, George — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega. Hall, Charles E. — Engine; Easton, Illinois. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Hall, Nancy Jean — Journalism ; Almont, Michigan. Equestrian Club; Intramurals ; Women ' s Club. Hallett, Robert — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Hallis, John — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. A.N.G.; Intramurals; Secretary S.D.X.; Silver and Gold. Halvarson, James L. — Arts and Science; Las Animas, Colorado. Freshman Football; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Tau; Physical Education Majors Club; Varsity Football, 87 Hamburg, G. Robert — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. Hamill, James J. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Vice Master Alchemist of Alpha Chi Sigma. Hamilton, Floyd — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu. Hammond, Mary Ann — Business; Littleton, Colorado. Zeta Tau Alpha. Hampton, Ernest E. — Arts and Science; Palisade, Colorado. Hancy, Donald — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. Haney, William A. — Engine; St. Joseph, Missouri. A.I.Ch.E. Hanks, Glen William — Engine; Meeker, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma. Delta Phi Delta Art Honorary has made a move in the right direction by initiating " Dee " Dice into its fold. Hannelly, Mary Rae — Arts and Science; Phoenix, Arizona. Alpha Mu Gamma; Swimming Assistant; University Women ' s Club. Harbin, Marylouise — Arts and Science; Arkansas City, Kansas. Counselor. Women ' s Dorm; Ski Club; Theta Upsilon, Social Chairman; Women ' s Baton Twirler: Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Hardy, Jeane W. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Intramurals; RiSe Club; Silver and Gold; Window Staff; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Harms, Edith Maxine — Business; Haxtun, Colorado. I.S.A.; Kappa Phi; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; Wesley Foundation. Harmon, Burma Jo—Arts and Science; Louisville, Colorado. Festival Chorus; Band; Silver and Gold. Harp, Ernest — Engine; Farmington. New Mexico. A.S.M.E. Harp, Ross Donald — Engine; Grand Junction, Colorado. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Harrison, Roberta — Arts and Science; Charleston, West Virginia. Buff Ski Club; Players Club; University Women ' s Club. Hausdorff, Don — Arts and Science; New York City, New York. Hauth, Peg — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. Alpha Delta Pi; A.W.S.; Buff Ski Club; Illini-Buff Club; Ski Team; W.A.A.; Winter Carnival. Hayden, Charles W. — Engine; South Bend, Indiana. Hayes, William Floyd — Engine; Brush, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineering ; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Tau. Hedberg, Joan E. — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Alpha Omicron Pi; C. U. Days Alumni Committee: Homecoming Alumni Welcoming Committee; Carletonian; C. U. Days Carnival Committee; Chapel Choir; Mardi Gras Decoration Committee; C. U. Days Publicity Committee ; Sociology Club; C. U. Days Songfest Committee ; Spirit and Morale Com- mittee; Y.W.C.A. Hospital Group. Heiny, Leonard W. — Arts and Science ; Grand Junction, Colorado. Roger Williams Fellowship; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 88 A top man where hard work is concerned, Pete Franklin justly serves as A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Athletics. Heinze, Marian — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Freshman Women ' s Dorm Counsellor ; Porpoise; University Choir; W.A.A. Board; Helsberg, Frederick J. — Business; Chicago, Illinois. Beta Alpha Psi. Hemmcrle, Lee Gentsch — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. A.S.U.C; International Relations Club; Newman Club; Ski Club. Hendrickson, Paul E. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. ' ' o A.I.E.E. ' ' Hertha. Kenneth — Arts and Science; Berthoud, Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; Delta Sigma Phi; Physics Club. Heuschkel, Margaret L. — Arts and Science; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I.S.A.; University Women ' s Club. Women ' s Club, Hiatt, Theodore D. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Bonhomme Club; Creative Writers; Cross Country. Hilb, Robert B. — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. C. U. Days; Interfraternity Council; Winter Carnival; Zeta Beta Tau, President. Hickok, Donald — Arts and Science; Ulysses, Kansas. Tau Delta, President. Higbee, Keith M. — Pharmacy; Simla, Colorado. Jr. A. Ph. A. Highley, Betty Lee — Arts and Science; Lyman, Nebraska. Nursirig Majors Association, Hill, Lois — Arts and Science; Park Ridge, Illinois. A.W.S. House of Representatives; Dorm Counselor and President; University Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A, » Hinsey, Robert Charles — Engine; Denver. Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Acacia; Intramurals; Junior Prom Committee. Hirami, S. Pat — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Ethnic Minorities Commission; Hiking Club; Independent Students Association ; Intramural Sports; Reeves; Viking, President. Hix, Charles F., jr. — Engine; Estes Park, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Committee: A.I.E.E.; A.S.M.E.; Chi Psi, Vice-president; Eta Kappa Nu; N.R.O.T.C.; Pi Tau Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi. Hoagland, William R. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu. Hogue, Anna Mae — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hohnstein, Morris W. — Engine; Brighton, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; I.S.A.; Intramurals ; Westminster Foundation. Holden, Joanne — Arts and Science; Harbert. Michigan. Spur, President; Hesperia; Mortar Board; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Spirit and Morale; A.W.S. Vaudeville Chairman; A.W.S. Activities Chairman; W.A.A. Board; Kappa Alpha Theta, President; Pacesetter: Buff Pep Club; Dorm President; Y.W.C.A. Group Leader; N.S.A. Holloway, John Power — Arts and Science: Montclair, New Jersey. International Relations Club; Pre-Law Club; Sigma Chi. 89 Holmes. Evelyn Mary — Arts and Science; Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Coloradan Staff; Honors Union; Delta Gamma: Iota Sigma Pi; Porpoise; W.A.A.; Pep Club; Buff Ski Club. Hondius, Picter — Business; Estes Park, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Tau Delta: Ethnic Minorities Commission; N.R.O.T.C. Pistol Team; Ski Club. Hooley, Quentin G. — Pharmacy; Cassa, Wyoming. Free Lance Club, Secretary ; American Pharmaceutical Association; University Choir; Wesley Foun- dation. van Hoorebeke, George — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Newman Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Horan, Lois — Arts and Science; East Cleveland, Ohio. Hiking Club ; Newman Club. Horner. Raymond G. — Engine; Evanston, Illinois. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Phi Epsilon Phi ; Sigma Nu; Society of Automotive Engineers. Housman, Rebecca Wigton — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado, Houston, Charles O. — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Buff Pep Club; Intramurals; Wesley Foundation. Howard. Dorothy E. — Arts and Science; Fruita, Colorado. Hoza. Albert David — Pharmacy; Boulder, Colorado. Newman Club. Hudson, Robert K. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Delta Tau Delta. Hugins. Richard Morton — Business ; Littleton, Colorado. Intramurals ; Phi Delta Theta: Phi Epsilon Phi; Secretary, Silver and Gold. Hull, Charles J., Jr. — Engine; Westminster, Maryland. Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Humphrey. Charles J. — Business; Sutherland, Nebraska. Lambda Chi Alpha. Humphrey, Robert B. — Engine; Methuen, Massachusetts. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Hunter, Clyde L. — Business ; Espanola, New Mexico. Sigma Nu. A deserving Phi Beta Kappa, Wendell French made a lasting contribution to campus organization as the first president of the Men ' s Glee Club. if S Hutchinson. Ruth — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Buff Pep Club: Dormitory Counselor; W.A.A. Board; Women ' s Club. Illium, Joan — Arts and Science ; Winnetka, Illinois. Alpha Omicron Pi; Tau Delta. Ingalls, Floyd W. — Pharmacy; Colorado Springs. Colorado. Sigma Chi. Jackson, Jane Holtman — Arts and Science; Fort Lyon, Colorado. Home Economics Club; Ski Club; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Jaggcr, Herbert F. — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Intramurals ; Newman Club. Jamison, Katherine — Arts and Science; Julesburg, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Women ' s Welfare Committee; A.S.U.C. Nominating Committee Chairman ; A.W.S. Housing Survey Committee; Coloradan ; C. U. Days; Homecoming ; Pep Club; Silver and Gold; Triad; Uni- versity Women ' s Club Membership Chairman ; Window; Y.W.C.A. 90 Readers of the Silver and Gold have seen many worthwhile editorials and articles by iim Friedlander, publicity chairman of .S.A. James, W. M. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Johnson, James Arthur — Business; Denver. Colorado. Beta Theta Pi; Intramurals; Ski Team Coach. Jamison, John R. — Arts and Science; Crook, Colorado. Intramurals; Janda, Robert — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Jann, William K. — Engine; Brooklyn, New York. American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Colorado Air National Guard; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Veterans of Foreign Wars. Jester, Royal F., Jr. — Arts and Science; Kearney, Nebraska. Johnson, Sue — i4rfs and Science; Houston, Texas. A.W.S. Vaudeville General Committee; C. U. Days All School Show Committee; Kappa Delta, Corre- sponding Secretary and Social Chairman; Stardusters; Mortar Board Fashion Show; W.A.A. ; Winter Carnival Dance Decorations. Johnson, E. Abbott — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. Phi Gamma Delta. Johnson, Arlcnc — Arts and Science; Gunnison, Colorado. C. U. Days Show; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A, Johnson. L. E. — Engine; Detroit, Michigan. Johnson, Lou — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois, Alpha Delta Pi. Johnson, Francis W. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E. hnson, Oliver W. — Business; Murtaugh. Idaho. ines. Margaret Ann — Arts and Science; Anthony. Kansas. nes, Clyde — Arts and Science; Maywood, Illinois. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. nes, Daniel W. B. — Engine; Evanston, Illinois. Architectural Forum; A.S.C.E.; Beta Theta Pi; Little Theater; Phi Mu Alpha; Rhythm Circus nes. Don — Music ; Wellington, Kansas. Modern Choir; Opera — Robin Hood, Bartered Bride, The Mikado; Phi Delta Theta, president; Pep Club; Phi Mu Alpha; Sumalia; University Choir, Varsity Nights Show. nes. Elbert E. — Engine; Galesburg, Illinois. rdan, Garnett H.. Jr. — Arts and Science; La Junta, Colorado. seph. Norman R., Jr. — Arts and Science; Walsenburg, Colorado. Sigma Nu. landyk, Joseph L. — Engine; Chicago, Illinois. A.I.E.E. imback, Elmer L. — Engine; Yankton, South Dakota. )A.S.M.E.; I.A.S. rnes, James Joseph — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. ' A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Tau. ufman. Sid — Business; Denver, Colorado. Bridge Club; Hillel ; Intramurals; Ski Club. m, Shirley Jean — Journalism; Denver, Colorado. AHra. secretary and president; A.S.U.C. Dance Committee; C. U. Days; Homecoming ; Junior Prom Committee; University Women ' s Club; Ski Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. rnes. Dayle — Arts and Science; Wellington, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; Campus Chest Collection Chairman; Coloradan ; Council of Creek Students Elec- tion Committee; Geography Club; Homecoming Dance and Alumni Welcoming; Intramurals; Silver and Cold; Ski Club; Student Memorial Committee; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Radio Groups. ■ lett, Jeanette — Arts and Science; West Plains, Missouri. Homecoming Dance Decorations Committee; Intramurals; Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Club. ' logg. Elizabeth A lice — Arts and Science; San Francisco, California. : Dormitory Counselor; International Relations; Phi Chi Delta; Players Club; Stage Crew; U.WC ■ W.A.A.; Westminster Fellowship. 91 Dorothy Goldfogel has worked hard on the A.S.U.C. Election Commission for two years. ' JJt Evelyn Jeanne — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. A.WS Orientations Committee; Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta; Silver and Gold, Ass ' t City Editor. i y, Margaret — Music; Holyoke, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Iota; University Choir. -iy. Hazel Aileen — Arts and Science; Holyoke, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Band; Honors Union; Iota Sigma Pi; Kappa Phi; University Women ' s Club ■ Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. ' ley. Colleen — Arts and Science; Orlando, Florida. C. U. Days; Homecoming; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Winter Carnival. 1 iicott. Joan Marie — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. BuB Ski Club; Bug Pep Club; Delta Gamma; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. ' an, Marianne — Arts and Science; Winnetka, Illinois. House of Representatives ; Illinois Club; Little Theatre; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; Y.W.C A ■ Zeta , lau Alpha, House Manager. ' . ' ■ ■ Georgia — Arts and Science; Cincinnati, Ohio. • ' ! . Patricia — Journalism ; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Oelta Delta Delta. King, Laurene Joyce — Arts and Science; Golden. Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi; Delta Phi Delta; Honors Union; Miss C. U. ' s Court; Panhellenic President ; Tau Delta. Kirkpatrick, Lawrence — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Kitchen, James — Arts and Science; Huntington, West Virginia. Coloradan ; Dodo Business Staff ; Homecoming ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Silver and Gold Staff; Ski Club. King, Harry Alden — Engine; Ketchikan, Alaska. A.I.Ch.E.; Fencer ' s Club. Klein, Edmund F. — Engine; Iowa City, Iowa. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Newman Club. Kissler, Marjorie — Arts and Science; Ault. Colorado. Zeta Tau Alpha. 92 The prestige and success of the " Y " Serv- ice Groups have grown under the able presidency of Marge Greenwood. Klemenic, John — Engine; Cameo. Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Kline, Eva Lee — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Intramurals; Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman. Knap, James E. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Alpha Chi Sigma; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Combined Engineers ; Fencer ' s Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; President, Senior Class. Knaur, Marilyn Jean — Business; Dallas, Texas. Beta Sigma; Freshman Dorm Council; Intramurals; I.S.A.; Texas Club, Publicity Chairman, Knebel, Donald W. — Engine; Buffalo, Wyoming. Pi Tau Sigma. Knoedler, Mary — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Nursing Majors Association ; University Women ' s Club. I Konkel, James H. — Engine; La Junta, Colorado. A.I.Ch.E.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Epsilon Phi. Kottenstette, Leonard — Engine; Aurora, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Newman Club. Kramer, Milton Alfred — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Kramer, Dorothy Rose — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Kreul, Dorothy — Arts and Science; Mondoui, Wisconsin. Buff Pep Club; Intramural Manager for Dorm; Newman Club; Nurse Majors AssociMtion; Twenty- three Club; University Women ' s Club; W.A.A. Kuerston, Richard D. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. I Kull, Robert Richard — Arts and Science; Curtis, Nebraska. Alumnus Magazine ; Community Players; Kappa Tau Alpha; Reader in Journalism ; Sigma Delta Chi, President; Silver and Gold; Speakers Congress. Kunz, Vera Jean — Business ; Denver, Colorado. A.W.S.; C. U. Days; Homecoming; Intramurals; Panhellenic ; Silver and Gold; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. La Belle, Frank — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. La Bonde. Harry C. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Lake, Lawrence P. — Arts and Science; Penrose, Colorado, Calico and Boots; Men ' s Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship ; Speakers Congress. Lakey, Lester L. — Pharmacy; Simla, Colorado. Jr.A.Ph.A. Lamar, Paula Faye — Arts and Science; Houston, Texas. Alpha Omicron Pi; Geography Club; Ski Club; Texas Club. Langmade, Beatrice Rogers — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona. 93 Langmade, Robert Harrison — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona. Lann, Nonie — Arts and Science; White Plains, New York. A.S.U.C. Dance Committee, chairman ; Creative Writing Club, secretary ; C tee; Homecoming Dance Committee, co-chairman ; I.S.A. Council, secretary ; Club; Phi Sigma Iota. Lantz, Virginia — Music; Boulder, Colorado. Choir; Opera; Women ' s Club. Larson, Arden L. — Engine; Lanesboro, Minnesota. Am. Sac. C. E.; Architectural Forum; Inter-Church Council; Gamma Delta, President. Lasby, Ray O. — Engine; Willmar, Minnesota. A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu ; Tau Beta Pi. Lauterbach, Beverly — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Coloradan; Dodo ; Homecoming Committee ; Silver and Gold ; Ski Club ; Spur ; W.A.A Y.W.C.A. Law, Robert E. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Band; C. U. Days shows; Intramurals Manager; Men ' s Glee Club; Little Theater Plays; Viking Club Lawson. Virginia — Arts and Science; White Bear Lake. Minnesota. U. Days Dance Commit- Silver and Gold; Spanish Window ; An active member of the Ski Club, Peg Hauth has been chairman of the Enter- tainment Committee for two years. Lebsock, George William — Engine; Ft. Morgan, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Lee, Oscar Richard — Engine; Brighton, Colorado. Lee, William H. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Colorado Engineer; C. U, Days All School Show; Homecoming ; Silver and Gold. Leech, Erma — Arts and Science; Imperial, Nebraska. Home Economics Club, Vice-President; University Women ' s Club. Lehnen, Harriett — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Coloradan; Delta Gamma, Secretary; Jr. Prom Committee ; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A., group leader. Lepman. Richard D. — Business; Glencoe, Illinois. C-Club ; C. U. Days; Homecoming General Committee ; Pep-Club ; Ski Club; Swimming team, co-cap- tain. Leonard, Dorene Elaine — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Honors union; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta. Levis, Marietta — Business ; Pueblo. Colorado. Levitt, Phillip R. — Arts and Science ; Cheyenne. Wyoming. C. U. Days committee; Homecoming Committee ; Inter fraternity Council; Pep Club; Phi Epsilon Phi, Treasurer. Lewis, Norman — Business ; Bayonne, New Jersey. Beta Alpha Psi ; D.A.V.; University Veterans Council. Lewis, Mary — Arts and Science; Ault, Colorado. Honors: International Relations; Newman Club; Pi Gamma Mu ; Spanish Club; Women ' s Club. Lichty, Jack D. — Engine; Milwaukie. Oregon. Ligeros, Mike G — Engine; Erie. Colorado. Lincoln. Robert M. — Business; Wallace, Nebraska. 94 Marian Heinze climaxed four years in Por- poise by serving as president of the or- ganization this year. Lindenman, Joan Enid — Arts and Science; Twin FaHs, Idaho. A.W.S.; Choir; Coloradan; C. U. Days; Dorm President; House of Representatives; " Messiah " ; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spur; " Sweethearts " ; Y.W.C.A. Ling, Mildred — Arts and Science; Dodge City. Kansas. Home Economics Club, Treasurer ; I.S.A. Council; Valkyrie representative ; Barb Reeves; University Women ' s Club, Secretary; Valkyrie, Vice-President ; W.A.A. Lister, Arthur W. — Engine; Pueblo. Colorado. Lohman, Maurice Anatole — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. A.I.E.E.: Bonhomme ; Math Club. Lopatin, Paul M. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E. ; Chi Epsilon ; Colorado Engineer, Business Manager ; Phi Epsilon Phi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Tau. Lonn, Grace P. — Nursing; Atlanta, Nebraska. Nurse Majors Association, Treasurer. Love, Betty Sharon — Business; Taylorville. Illinois. Lovejoy, Charlotte — Arts and Science; San Diego. California. Home Economics Club ; University Women ' s Club. Lowell, Wayne Roberto — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Luder, Gaye — Business; Canon City. Colorado. Intramurals; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. Lundquist, Dolores Ellen — Business; Bloomington. Illinois. Beta Sigma ; Buff Pep Club ; Congo Club ; French Club ; Intramurals. Lutz, Maribelle S. — Business ; Boulder. Colorado. Luttcrbie, Robert Wilson — Music; Flint. Michigan. , University Choir; Modern Choir; Opera Ass ' n; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Lyttlc, Dick — Arts and Science; Meeker, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President, Treasurer; Coloradan; Hiking Club; Pep Club; Publicity Commit- tees, C. U. Days and Homecoming ; Reeves; Social Coordinating Committee ; Student Personnel Com- mittee; Vice-President I.S.A.; Viking Club. MacFarlane, Joanne — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Academic Affairs Committee, Entertainment, Culture; Debate; Dormitory President; Speaker ' s Congress. Vice-President. Chairman. Radio Committee ; A.W.S. House of Repre- sentatives; President ' s Committee on Personnel ; Social Chairman, W.R.H.; Social Coordinating Com- mittee; Freshman Orientation Committee ; U. N. week, student co-chairman ; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Spur; Hesperia; Pi Gamma Mu; Engine Ball Queen — 1948. MacKenzie, Emmett G. — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Stardusters ; Texas Club; Women ' s Club. Mackley, Jean — Arts and Science ; Minot, North Dakota. MacLennan, Helen — Arts and Science; Fowler, Colorado. A.W.S. House of Representatives; Dodo; Dormitory Counsellor ; Dormitory Hall President ; Rx Club; Valkyrie. MacMurray, Roger J. Jr. — Arts and Science; Wichita. Kansas. McCammon, Thomas J. — Business ; Indianola, Nebraska. Beta Alpha Psi ; RiBe Club, 95 McCarthy, Robert W. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. McCuUough, Elaine C. — Business ; Ovid, Colorado. Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Pi Omega Pi; Spur; University Women ' s Club. McCormick, Jacquie — Arts and Science; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. McDonald, Robert W. — Engine; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A.I.E.E.. Secretary; H.K.N. , Treasurer; Sigma Tau. McElvain, Gladys Ellen — Arts and Science; Mound City. Kansas. American Legion, Glen Miller Post; Nurse Majors Ass ' n. McGee, David A. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Newman Club. McGinness, Floyd E. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. McGrew, R. M. — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona. A.S.C.E.; Ski Club. Lois Hill ' s capabilities were expressed very well in her terms as dorm counselor and president. Mcllroy, Homer — Business; Dallas, Texas. Mcintosh, Harry Otis Jr. — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. C Club; Football; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Wrestling. McKell. Joseph S. — Arts and Science; Chillicothe. Ohio. Alpha Epsilon Delta: Honors Union; Ski Club. McKnight, Robert T. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. A.J.E.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon. McLaughlin, James B. — Pharmacy ; Edgewater, Colorado. Intramurals ; Jr.A.Ph.A. McSween. Janet Alice — Music; Brush, Colorado. Equestrian Club; University Choir; University Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Mabee, Barbara — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Delta Phi Alpha, President; Honors Union; Intramurals; Pep Club; Porpoise President; Ski Club; W.A.A. Mackay, Harry Malcolm — Business : Denver, Colorado. Mackley, Ernest Albert — Engine; Grand Junction, Colorado, Intramurals; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Maicr, Carl — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Kappa Delta Pi; Player ' s Club. Malone, Ted — Business ; Mansfield, Ohio. Delta Tau Delta: Buff Pep Club; Newman Club. Malovrh, Pauline — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Theta Upsilon; Foreign Relief; House of Representatives ; Panbellenic ; Spanish Club. Mangus, Raymond Virgil — Engine; Frederick, Colorado. A.I.E.E, Martin, Lowell B, — Engine; Hotchkiss, Colorado. A.S.M.E. 96 Participation committees for both Home- coming and Winter Carnival were greatly assisted by the able work of Kathy Jami- son. Martin, George L., Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Phi Delta Theta; American Institute of Physics; Physics Club. Martin, Robert Lee — Engine; Denver, Colorado. AJ.E.E.; C. U. Days Program; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Martin, Lillian V. — Pharmacy ; Greeley, Colorado. Buff Ski Club; District Representative ; Jr.A.Ph.A.; Rx Club; Associate Editor of Pharmacy Paper; Women ' s Club. Martin. William S. — Engine; Golden, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Phi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Matsen. Ralph S. — Engine; Seattle, Washington. Phi Tau Sigma. Corresponding Secretary ; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Matthews, Mary Jane — Pharmacy ; Rock Springs, Wyoming. Iota Sigma Pi; Jr.A.Ph.A.; Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Mayer, Alvin A. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon. Messel, Marvin Robert — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Silver and Gold; Speakers Congress. Maich, Bert Melvin — Engine; Leadville, Colorado. Kappa Sigma; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Band; Newman Club; Sports — Intramurals. Meckley. Richard C. — Arts and Science; Blyria. Ohio. Sigma Nu; " C " Club; Sigma Nu President ; Varsity Football. Merriheld. Jacques V. — Business ; Maywood, Illinois. Beta Alpha Psi ; Delta Sigma Pi. Messenger, Guy H. — Music; Pueblo, Colorado. Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Mu Alpha; University Band; University Orchestra. Metsker, Ralph Edward — Engine; Englewood, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega: Buff Pep Club; Calico and Boots; Chess Club; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Jnter-Church Council; Society of Automotive Engineers; Wesley Foundation. Miklebost. Stan — Engine; Denver, Colorado. • Pi Kappa Alpha. Milek, David R. — Arts and Science; Omaha. Nebraska. Delta Tau Delta; Colorado Engineer; C. U. Days Committee; C. U. Days Business Manager ' s Com- mittee ; Homecoming Finance Committee ; Newman Club. Miller. Carolyn — Business; Dodge City, Kansas. University Women ' s Club; Buff Ski Club. Miller, Richard S. — Arts and Science ; Pasadena. California. Chairman of Honors Union. Miller, J. Jeanne — Arts and Science. Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Chi Omega, Songleader ; Colorado Woman ' s College; C. U. Buff Hello Show; Episcopal Church Choir; Festival Chorus; Stardusters; Winter Carnival Publicity Committee ; Woman ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Hospital Group. Miller, Arthur E. — Business; New Rochelle, New York. Beta Alpha Psi ; Delta Sigma Pi; Junior Warden; Publicity Manager; S-1, 2Srd Composite Squadron, U. S. Air Force Reserve. Minzer, Eugene R. — Arts and Science ; Adams City, Colorado. Phi Sigma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Buff Pep Club; Honors Council, Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sophomore Representative on Honors Council; Speakers Congress; Joint Honor Scholarship; Junior Senior Scholarship. 97 Molnar, Magda M. — Arts and Science; Santa Monica, California. A.S.U.C. Student Union Committee ; A.W.S. House of Representatives; Counselor ; Dorm President; Hiking Club; Intramurals ; Pep Club; Vice-president A-1; Vice-president of Reeves; W.A.A. Monson, Robert S. — Business ; La Grange, Illinois. Air Reserve 2S3rd Composite Squadron; Illini-Buffs Club; Intramurals; M.R.H.A. Council. Montgomery, Arnold H. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Moore, William R. — Engine; Fredonia, Kansas. Phi Tau Sigma. Moore, Oral P. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas A.S.C.E.; Architectural Forum; Psi Epsilon. Moirell, Kenneth — Pharmacy ; Beloit, Kansas. Jr.A.Ph.A. Morell, Patricia — Arts and Science; Palo Alto, California. Delta Gamma Social Chairman ; Coloradan ; Pep Club. Morris. Roy E., Jr. — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Intramurals; I.S.A.; Ski Club; Westminster Fellowship; Viking Club. Morris, John Robert — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. American Veterans Committee ; Campus Religious Council ; I.S.A. Election Committee ; Pi Gamma Mu : Reeves ; Wallace Club ; Young Democrats. Morris, Russell O. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Morrison, Marvin Lee — Engine; Chicago, Illinois. Football; Intramural Football; Intramural Basketball: Illini Buff Club; " 23 " Club; M.R.H. Coun- selor; A.S.M.E.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Moyer, R. Deane — Arts and Science; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Phi Delta Theta. Moyer, Patricia — Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honors Union; Iota Sigma Pi; Kappa Phi; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A, Mueller, Anson Gilbert — Engine; Denver, Colorado. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Muhovich. W. H. — Engine; Monte Vista, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau. Mulder. Bernard A. — Engine; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; A.S.M.E. Outstanding in tnter-coUegiate debate, Ed Kendig has proved himself equally capable as vice-president of the Business School. Mundcll, Marjorie — Journalism ; Walsh, Colorado. Murphy, Joseph W. — Business; Kansas City, Missouri. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Advisory Board Student Council; Baseball; Dorm Councilor, Murrfiy, Dickson C. — Arts and Science; Newgulf, Texas. Muth, Janet — Arts and Science; Altadena, California. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Coloradan ; Window; Intramurals; W.A.A.; Pep Club, Morse, Myron H. — Business ; Grand Meadow, Minnesota. Sigma Nu. Neal, Charles R. — Engine-Business ; Portland, Oregon. Sigma Nu; A.I.E.E.; Dodo Distribution; C. U. Days Float Committee; Phi Mu Epsilon; Rifle Team. 98 Paul Lopatin has directed his energies to- ward business manager of the Colorado Engineer. Neff, Mary Ann — Arts and Science; Burmingham, Michigan. Nelson, Arda — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. Nelson, Louise C. — Arts and Science; Sand Springs, Montana. U.W.C.; Nurses Majors Association, Social Chairman; American Legion. Nelson, Nancy — Arts and Science; Maywood, Illinois. Kappa Alpha Theta ; Intramurals; Pan Hellenic; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A., Social Chairman. Newell, Marilyn Aileen — Arts and Science ; Woodward, Iowa. Newlon, Carl Jesse — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. NichoUs. George Carton — Engine; Honolulu, Hawaii. Acacia; A.S.U.C. Academic Affairs Committee ; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma. Nichols, Peg — Music; Las Animas, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi; University String Orchestra; University Symphony Orchestra; Festival Chorus; Sigma Alpha Iota. Nicholson. Douglas Owen — Business; Englewood, Colorado. Kappa Sigma ; Football ; Wrestling. Nicholson, I. Jean — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Intramurals; Track. Nieble, Robert — Arts and Science; Palo Alto, California. Phi Gamma Delta; C. U. Days; Ethnic Minorities; Intramurals; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; United World Federalists; Window. Nightingale, Nancy — Arts and Science; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kappa Alpha Theta; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Publications; Coloradan Business Manager; Hesperia; Silver and Gold, Social Life Editor; " S and G on the Air, " Pacesetter. Nodtvcdt, Donald Paul — Music; Tacoma. Washington. Bands, Manager; Kappa Kappa Psi. treasurer; Lutber Club; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha. Norris, James W. — Business; Agra, Oklahoma. N.R.O.T.C; Beta Alpha Psi. Norris, William P. — Arts and Science; Durango, Colorado. Nosky, Joseph C. — Engine; Omaha, Nebraska. A.S.C.E.; Chi EpsHon, president; Sigma Tau. Nussbaum, Peter J. — Arts and Science; New York City, New York. Delta Phi Alpha; Hillel; Pep Club; Ski Club; J.S.A. Nuttall, Arch F. — Engine; Steger. Illinois. A.I.E.E.; Combined Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi, president. Nye, William — Arts and Science: Charleston. West Virginia. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Delta Phi Alpha; Orchestra. O ' Donnell, Mary — Arts and Science; Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 99 Ohman, Clifton P. — Business-Engine ; Joliet, Illinois. Air National Guard; A.S.M.E.; Air Reserve; Ski Club; Winter Carnival. Olofson, Darwin Roy — Journalism ; Los Angeles, California. Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Tau Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Silver and Gold, editor; Phi Alpha Theta. Olds, Rollin Clarke — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Phi Kappa Psi. Olson, Betty Jo — Arts and Science; Arvada, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi, president; Coloradan : Silver and Gold; Theta Sigma Phi. O ' Neill, Luclla — Business; Spear6sh, South Dakota. Beta Sigma; W.A.A.; Kappa Delta, treasurer; Women ' s ClUb; Pep Club; Newman Club; Y.W.C.A. Ortner. Margaret — Arts and Science; Holyoke, Colorado. Nurse Majors, assistant president. Owen, Raymond R. — Business; Burwell, Nebraska. A.S.C.E. Oxley, Eleanor — Arts and Science; Monta Vista. Colorado. I.S.A.; Intramurals; Tau Delta. A leading member of APO Service Organ- ization, Dick Lyttle, also leads as vice- president of I.S.A. Ozman, Dale D. — Arts and Science; Holyoke, Colorado. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Packard, Carol — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Hesperia; House of Representatives; Iota Sigma Pi; Junior Class secretary; Mortar Board; Senate; Spur; W.A.A.. president. Parsons, William R. — Engine; Charleston, West Virginia. Paschke, Rex — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Peacock, Elwin Merrill — Arts and Science; Houston, Texas. Sigma Chi. Pearce, Mary Elizabeth — Arts and Science; Arvada, Colorado. Pep Club; Festival Choir; Theta Upsilon, house manager; Women ' s Club. Pearson, Thomas Lloyd — Engine; Roswell, New Mexico. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Peery, M. Maxine. — Arts and Science; Lamar. Colorado. Women ' s Club. k3 E N I R S Peck, Virginia — Arts and Science; Littleton, Colorado. Women ' s Club. Pcnberthy, Marie — Arts and Science ; Grand Junction, Colorado. Intramurals ; Silver and Gold business staff; W.A.A. Persson, Burton Ellis — Arts and Science; Ogden, Utah. American Legion; Pep Club; Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Epsilon Phi; Rhythm Circus. Petersen. Katherine Louise — Music; Pueblo, Colorado. Delta Psi Omega; Newman Club and Choir; Stardusters; University Choir, Messiah. Mikado. Peterson. Lucy W. — Music; Pasadena, California. Peterson, Mary Phyllis — Arts and Science; Berthoud. Colorado. Alpha Phi, secretary; Coloradan; Delta Phi Alpha; Intramurals; Silver and Gold; Spur; Window, advertising manager. 100 Outstandings in swimming, Barbara Mabee is past president of Porpoise. Peterson. Joseph Torrance — Business; Pasadena, California. Peterson, Wesley H. — Engine ; Phippsburg, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Petticrew, Janis Louise — Arts and Science; Sptingheld, Ohio, Chi Omega; Ski Club. Phillips, Holland — Engine; Cincinnati, Ohio. A.I.E.E.; Ski Club. Pickens, Russ — Business ; Richmond, California. Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Theta. Pittroff, Lettybelle G. — Pharmacy; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Omicron Pi, secretary; House of Representatives; Jr.A.Ph.A., secretary; Newman Club; Rx Club, president; Intramurals; Window Staff. Plaisance, Delvin E. — Engine; Douglas, North Dakota. A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. Plate, William L. — Engine; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Poehls, Vernon J. — Engine; Billings, Montana. A.I.E.E.; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Poslusny, Jeanne — Arts and Science; Berwyn, Illinois, Dorm Secretary ; Gamma Delta; Illinois Club. Potestio, Charles M. — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Potts, Patricia Jean — Arts and Science; Cordon, Nebraska. Nurse Majors ' Association, Pozzatti, Rudy O. — Arts and Science; Silverton, Colorado. Creative Artists ' Guild; Delta Phi Delta. President; Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Phi. Pragcr, Frank Cecil — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.Ch.E.; Intramurals; Pep Club; Phi Kappa Tau. Prebblc, Mary E. — Arts and Science; Richmond, Virginia. Dames Club; Home Economics Club. Prebble, Peter P. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Prentice, Bonnie Glenn — Engine; Buena Vista, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma. Price, Jacqueline — Arts and Science; Chicago Heights. Illinois. Transfer. Miami U., Oxford, Ohio; Beta Pi Theta; Ski Club. Pry, Wayne L. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Phi Delta Theta. Pryor, Frank L. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Intramurals: Phi Gamma Delta. 101 Pugh, Ralph A. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.I.Ch.E.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. Pulis, Jay B. — Business; Denver. Colorado. Student Grievances Committee ; Intramurals ; Stage Crew — C. U. Days; Chi Psi. Purccll, Robert — Engine; Los Angeles, California. Acacia; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E.; C. U. Days Committees; Tau Beta Pi. Quaintance, Patricia — Arts and Science ; Golden. Colorado. Pi Beta Phi. Quillen, Charles H. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.M.E. Quinette, William H. — Business ; Denver, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rapp, Doii Ann Daily — Music; Boulder, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer; Civic Band; C. U. Days Director. Writer, Producer; Festival Choir; Hiking Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Lab Theater; Pi Lambda Theta; Song Fest; Sigma Alpha Iota; Star- dusters ' Choir; University Choir; Window; Women ' s Club. Radey, Ross T. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Air Reserve; I.A.S.; Pi Tau Sigma. Ragle, R. David — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Randle, J. Crawford — Journalism ; Salem. Oregon. Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.U.C. Commission; Buff Pep Club; Cosmopolitan Club; C. U. Days; I.S.A. Council; Jr. Prom Committee; Marching Band; Omicron Delta Kappa; Roger Williams Fellowship; Spirit and Morale Committee ; Viking. Read, James A , Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Engine Ball Committee ; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; University Bands. Reaume, Donald H. — Engine; Lafayette, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Reed, Harriet Nell — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Cosmopolitan Club; Valkyrie; Intramurals; Reeves; Ski Club; Tri Sigma; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Reed, James F. — Engine; Garden City, Kansas. Apple Fest; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau. Reese, Martha — Arts and Science; Atchison, Kansas. Alpha Omicron Pi; Calico and Boots; Homecoming ; Intramurals; Orchesis; Physical Education Major Club; Roger Williams; W.A.A. Reich. Charles J. — Engine-Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Beta Theta Pi; Combined Engineers Council; Student Personal Council; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sumalia ; Heart and Dagger; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Colorado Engineer staff; Winter Car- nival; Homecoming ; Ski Club; Head of Rocky Mountain Rescue. Lillian Martin, outstanding in Pharmacy School and pharmacy honoraries, is also assistant editor of the Colloidal Suspen- sion. Retzer, Howard Earl — Arts and Science; Rochester, Pennsylvania. Rice, James S. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Rice, Ruthie A. — Pharmacy ; Denver, Colorado. Band; HiJlel, President; I.Z.F.A., Treasurer; Jr.A.Ph.A.; Rx. Rice, Ruth — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Dorm Counselor; Geography Club; Y.W.C.A. Rice, Suzanne — Arts and Science ; Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Kappa Alpha Theta. Rider, Charles L. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Sigma Tau; Intramurals, wrestling. 102 Among his many other activities, Don Nodtvedt can be proud of his work as manager of the University Band. i i V, Roberts, Clarence — Arts and Science; Brush, Colorado. Pep Club; Phi Kappa Psi. Roberts, Louis R. — Engine; Wray, Colorado. Roberts, Sue B. — Arts and Science ; Wray, Colorado. Zeta Tau Alpha. Robertson, Harry A., Jr. — Business; St. Louis, Missouri. Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling. Robinson, John T. — Engine; Casper, Wyoming. A.I.E.E.; University Band. Rogers, Ruth Marie — Arts and Science; Amarillo, Texas. Festival Chorus: Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. I Roiz, Alphonse — Pharmacy ; Rio Hondo, Texas. Jr.A.Ph.A.; Rho Chi. Rooney, Martin J. — Engine; Schenectady, New York. A.S.M.E. Rose, Bcny Jo — Arts and Science; Mountainair, New Mexico. Home Economies Club; Kappa Delta Pi. Rose, Lloyd R. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Rose, Paula Jean — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Home Economics Club; Kappa Phi; Pep Club; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A, Roth, Leo — Engine ; New York City, New York. A.l.Cb.E. Rennicke, Barbara Ann — Arts and Science; Downers Grove, Illinois. Chi Omega, vice-president; Coloradan. secretary; C. U. Days Committee; Home Economics Club; House of Representatives; Intramurals; Pi Lambda Theta ; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; W.A.A.; Window. Rothschope, Kenneth C. — Business; Parker, Colorado. Pep Club; Ski Club; Gamma Delta; Intramurals; Phi Delta Theta. Roaze, Stanley Ruple — Engine; Sterling, Colorado. Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma, president; Sigma Tau. Rowe, James W. — Arts and Science; Bloomheld, New Jersey. Rowe, Richard R. — Arts and Science; Sacramento, California. A.S.U.C. Election Committee; Head Cheerleader; Crosscountry; Varsity Track; Viking Club; Phi Epsilon Phi. Rubin, Jerry — Arts and Science; Niles. Michigan. House of Representatives ; Coloradan ; Ski Club. Ruckhaus, Fred — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Calico and Boots; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Rutherford, Norman F. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; C. U. Days; Fr ee Lance; Intramurals. 103 Rymer, Shirley — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Home Economics Club. Sabin, Nancy — Business; Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A.W.S. Senate; Beta Sigma, treasurer; C-Book; Hesperia; Homecoming, secretary; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Ski Club; Spur; University Women ' s Club; W.A.A.; Winter Carnival, secretary; Y.W.C.A. Sampson, Ira N. — Business; Chicago, Illinois. Phi Sigma Delta. Sapp, Jack Lee — Engine; Minden, Louisiana. A.I.E.E. Savage, Leontina M. — Nursing; Columbus, Nebraska. University Women ' s Club. Sauer, Charles F. — Business ; Denver, Colorado. Sawyer, Maurice J. — Engine; Plainville, Kansas. A.I.E.E.; Intramurals. Sayre, Leslie L., Jr. — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. International Relations Club; Intramurals. Barbara Rennicke has been kept on her toes as secretary of the Coloradan. Schaefer. George, Jr. — Business; Sterling, Colorado. Schemmel, Janet Eleanor — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Phi; Delta Phi Alpha; Hesperia, president; Mortar Board, editor; Spur, editor; Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Schilt, Alfred A. — i4r(s and Science; Denver, Colorado. Schlaefle, Imogene — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Delta Pi; Festival Choir; Intramurals; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; W.A.A.; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Schmidt, Clifford F. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Men ' s Welfare Committee ; Student Planning Committee ; University Veterans ' Council ; Viking Club. Schmidt, John W., Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Pi Tau Sigma ; Sigma Tau. Schreuder, John — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Schroeder, Stanley H. — Engine; Riverside, California. A.S.C.E.; I.S.A. 104 Schumacher, Suzanne A. — Arts and Science; Wilmette, Illinois. Counselor — Women ' s Dorm; Ski Club; W.A.A. Intrtmurals; Y.W.C.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha — rush chair- man. Schwalbe, Jo Anne — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E. Secretary; Buff Pep Club; Buffalo Ski Club — Entertainment Chairman; Colorado Engineer Staff; Combined Engineer ' s Council; Freshman Dorm President; President and Scholarship Chairman of all dorms; Hesperia; House of Representatives ; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences — Secretary ; Miss Versatility on Miss C. U. ' s Court; Mortar Board; Pacesetters; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Tau Sigma, secre- tary; Who ' s Who among American colleges and Universities; Winter Carnival Secretary; Y.W.C.A., Social Chairman, Community Service Chairman. Schwartz, Bruce — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Hiking Club. Schweighardt. Robert J. — Engine; Los Angeles, California. Pi Mu Epsilon. Scoles, Phyllis Ann — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Buffalo Ski Club; Coloradan; C. U. Days; Homecoming; Kappa Delta; Porpoise; Silver and Gold; U.W.C.; W.A.A. Sconce, Arlene — Arts and Science; Omaha, Nebraska. Spur; Editor of Beauty Queen ' s Section of Coloradan; Editor of Pacesetters Section; Editor of Activi- ties Section of Coloradan. Campus leader Dick Rowe was head cheer leader in 1945 and 1946 and A.S.U.C. Election Committee member in the spring of 1948. Scott, Robert W. — Business; Palisade, Colorado. Sears. Janet — Arts and Science; Fort Logan, Colorado. Spur; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; W.A.A. ; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Iota Sigma Pi. Segal, Howard — Engine-Business; New York. New York. Bridge Club ; Hiking Club ; Ski Club ; Two Bit Lunch Club. Sellers, Patricia — Arts and Science; Ogden, Utah. Architectural Forum; Dorm Council; Bulletin Board Chairman; Ski Club; Tau Delta; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Sensel, Bernard D. — Engine; Loveland, Colorado. A.S.M.E. Seylcr, Anne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. A.W.S. Vaudeville ; A.W.S. Senate; Secretary and Social Chairman; Alpha Chi Omega. Rush Chair- man and Secretary ; C. U. Days Show, Dance director; Coloradan; Geography Club; Intramurals; Pan- hellenic Board; Red Cross; Ski Club; Spur, treasurer; W.A.A.; U.W.C; Y.W.C.A. Shadboldt, Charles L. — Engine; Lakewood, Colorado, Etta Kappa Nu. Shade. Donald — Arts and Science; Norfolk, Nebraska. Phi Sigma Iota. Shade, Jeanne — Arts and Science; Miami, Florida. Shakeshaft, Alston J. — Arts and Science; Topeka, Kansas. C. U. Days Committee ; Executive Committee. Honors Union; Homecoming Committee; International Relations Club; Phi Alpha Theta. Shapson, Bernard — Law; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A.V.C., Debate Squad; Delta Sigma Rho; Festival Chorus; Hillel; I.Z.F.A.; Rocky Mountain Law Review; Speakers Congress ; Students for Democratic Action. Sharp, Donald W. — Business; Las Animas, Colorado. Basketball. Shaw, Dorothy — Business: Wichita Falls, Texas. Sheehan. John D. — Engine; Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. Sheehy, James C. — Business; Butte, Montana. Shell, John W. — Arts and Science; Waxahachie, Texas. Alpha Chi Sigma: American Chemical Society; Coloradan; Intramurals; Physics Club; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; Winter Carnival; Sigma Chi. Sheppard, Edith Janice — Arts and Science; Monta Vista, Colorado. AUra; University Concert Band; University Women ' s Marching Band; Inter-church Council, presi- dent; Phi Chi Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; Westminster Fellowship, president. Shipman, Margaret — Arts and Science; Littleton, Colorado. Band; BuS Ski Club; Dodo; U.W.C; Wesley Foundation. Shipp, Mary Ann — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Home Economics Club, president; Kappa Phi; Valkyrie, secretary; Tbeta Lambda. Shipp, Ralph D. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; University Choir. 105 Shore, Joyce Watson — Business ; San Francisco, California. Shore, Robert James — Engine; San Francisco, California. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Shuford, Thomas L. — Business; Shreveport, Louisiana. Sierota, Felia — Arts and Science; Vavajoa, Sonora, Mexico. Silvasy, Frank A. — Engine; Torrington, Wyoming. Simmons, Jean— Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. A.W.S.; Vaudeville Committee; Coloradan; C. U. Days Committee; Homecoming Committee; Intra- murals; Silver and Gold; U.W.C; W.A.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president. Simpson, Irwin — Engine; Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Sincerbeaux. Marion Elizabeth — Arts and Science ; New Rochelle, New York. Delta Phi Delta; Riding Club; Ski Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Medical Technology major Marilyn Ruddy still finds time to " cheer " by being a mem- ber of Buff Pep Club. Singleton, James L. — Engine; Jackson Heights, New York. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Sinton, Wilbur G. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Intramurals; I.S.A.; Radio Club; Sigma Tau; Sipple, Irene — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Slobodnik, Robert M. — Engine; Crested Butte, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Smetana, Adolph J. — Business; Medford, Oklahoma. Smith, Alan — Engine; Mitchell. South Dakota. Smith, Ansel — Business; Wauneta, Nebraska. Smith, Charles E. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Colorado Engineer. Viking Club. Smith, Cornelia S. — Arts and Science; Topeka, Kansas. U.W.C.; Nurse Majors Association. Smith, Harold F. — Arts and Science; Eagle, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega; Cosmopolitan Club; Delta Phi Delta. Smith, Harold J. — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Smith, Gurdon Frederick — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. C. U. Days; Freshman Football; Interiraternity Council; Newman Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Kappa Sigma, Vice-president. Smith, Janet Louise — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Dodo; Spur; Stage Crew; W.A.A.; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Smith, Mildred G. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. American Society of Civil Engineers; Alpha Gamma Delta; Architectural Forum; Colorado Engineer Staff; Society of Women Engineers. 106 Talented in dance, Anne Seyler s talent is also exposed in her position as A.W.S. social chairman. Smith, Walter D., Jr. — Business; Lakewood. Colorado. Smith, William H. — Business; Evanston, Illinois. Buff Pep Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Sumalia ; President of Business School. Smoot, Russell D. — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Phi Alpha Theta; Honors Union; Pi Gamma Mu. Smukler, Charles H. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Institute of Aeronautical Science; Colorado Engineer. Snyder, Jane Louise — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. University Women ' s Club. Snyder, Wilfred — Pharmacy; Carthage, Missouri. Sobey, Marguerite Lucienne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Dodo Exchange Staff; Dormitory Counselor; Little Theater Players Club; Operettas, 1946 and 194S; Reeves; Spur; University Orchestra; University Choir; U.W.C.; Valkyrie. Sohl, Eugene Irving — Engine; Brooklyn, New York. A.S.M.E. Solomon. David — Engine; Union City. New Jersey. Solomon, Henry — Engine; Cleveland. Ohio. Sorenson, Shirley Anne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. University Choir; W.A.A. Soto, Marcello H. — Engine; Miami, Arizona. A.S.C.E. Sowards, Kelly — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Spence. Elizabeth — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Phi Chi Delta, treasurer; Westminster Fellowship. Spoon, Eleanor Ann — Arts and Science; Des Moines, Iowa. Spurlin, Melvin D. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Calico and Boots Club; Cheerleader; C. U. Days All-School Show; Homecoming Rally committee; Pep Club Senate: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Stackhouse, Jacques A. — Business; Scottsbluff. Nebraska. Coloradan; Delta Sigma Pi; C. U. Days Song-Fest; C. ness Staff; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, secretary ; Ski Club; Business Staff. Stahl. Dorothy M. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; I.S.A.; Kappa Phi; U.W.C; Wesley Foundation; Stailey, Jean — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Big and Little Sisters; Calico and Boots Club; Coloradan Advertising Staff; Intramurals; Queen Committee, C. U. Days; Queen Committee, Homecoming ; Pep Club; W.A.A.; Window distribution staff: Y.W.C.A. Stamm, Raymond L — Engine; Canon City, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. U. Days Ticket Committee ; Homecoming Busi- Silver and Gold Distribution; Winter Carnival W.A.A. 107 Starr, Hartley — Engine; Anaheim, California. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Intramurals. Starr. Paul D. — Engine; Wray, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; A.S.U.C. Commission; Campus Chest Steering Committee: Central Planning Committee for Memorial Building; Election Committee ; I.S.A.; Viking Club. St. Clair, Darrel — Business; Worland, Wyoming. Steger, Julius Gordon — Engine; Covington. Kentucky. American Institute of Mechanical Engineers; Roger Williams Fellowship. Steiert, C. J. — Engine; O ' Fallon, Missouri. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Newman Club: Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Sterling, Robert H. — Arts and Science ; Canon City, Colorado. Coloradan, Life at C. U.; C. U. Days, assistant chairman of Men ' s Athletics; Ethnic Minorities; Foot- ball: Hockey Club ; Homecoming, assistant chairman Alumni Welcoming Committee : Homecoming, chairman Awards; Newman Club, social director; Winter Carnival, assistant general chairman; Wrestling. Stincs, Kenneth J. — Engine: Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.C.E.; Architectural Forum. St. John. Carl F. — Engine; De Beque, Colorado. A.S.C.E. Stobie, Helen — Arts and Science; Seattle. Washington. Home Ec Club; Porpoise, secretary; Ski Club. Stoelzel, Carl Leon — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. University Bridge Club, secretary-treasurer ; 569th TOE Reserve Unit Air Corps; Ski Club. Stover, Thomas B., Jr. — Business; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Stowe, William E. — Business; Penrose, Colorado. Business School " Blotter, " Editor; Intramurals. Strain, Maryann Grometer — Arts and Science: Boulder, Colorado. Junior Orchesis; Little Theater; Porpoise. Strain, Robert C. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Pi Tau Sigma : Sigma Tau : Viking Club. Stuart, James Birch — Engine: Newton, Kansas. Stutheit. Delores Amalia — Arts and Science; Ogallala. Nebraska. A.S.U.C. Social Committee; Coloradan Office Manager; C. U. Days, secretary; Hesperia; Homecom- ing Alumni Tea, chairman and assistant general chairman: Freshman Dorm President; Gamma Delta; Honors Union; House of Representatives; Independent Representative to A.W.S. Senate; Miss Effi- ciency; Mortar Board, secretary: Pacesetter ; Psi Chi; Spur; University Women ' s Club, housing chair- man; Y.W.C.A., membership chairman. John Shell ' s prominence on campus and the high caliber of his work are evident from his many honoraries, including Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Mu Epsilon, and American Chemical Society. Sucher. Edward M. — Business; Estes Park, Colorado. Beta Alpha Psi ; Fencers Club; M.RM.A. Council. Sundberg, Delbert F. — Arts and Science: Johnstown, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Colorado Air National Guard; Pi Gamma Mu; Nationa l Social Science Honorary; Viking. Sutton, James R. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; I.A.S. Suyematsu, Kiyo — Music; Casper, Wyoming. Alfra; Canterbury Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Ethnic Minorities Commission; I.S.A. Chorus; later- national House; Sigma Alpha Iota, treasurer. Swanson, Stanley Stewart — Arts and Science; Rapid City, South Dakota. University Stamp Club. Swanson, John G. — Business; Black Hawk, South Dakota. 108 With her many activities, Jane Snyder still finds time to do a leading job as president of Valkyrie. Sweeney, Robert M. — Arts and Science; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Basketball ; " C " Club; Newman Club; Physical Education Major Club, vice-president ; Track. Swyer, Bertha — Arts and Science; Albany, New York. Geography Club; I.S.A. ; First Nighter. decorations chairman; New York Club; University Women ' s Club ; Players Club. Talovich, Peter — Arts and Science; Donora, Pennsylvania. Tanner, Elaine Hope — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. A.W.S.; University Women ' s Club; Women ' s Band; Phi Chi Delta; Westminster Foundation; Intra- mural s. Tautz, Herbert E. — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Tau Delta. Tavel, Howard S. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Sigma Delta. Taylor, Betty Leola — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta. Taylor, Harry Robert — Business ; Pueblo, Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals. Taylor, Mary Beth — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Chi Omega; Coloradan ; Homecoming; C. U. Days; Silver and Gold; University Women ' s Club; Winter Carnival Style Show. Teasley, Katherine Van Ausdal — Arts and Science; San Diego, California. Pi Beta Phi; Coloradan; C. U. Days; Ethnics Minorities Commission; Homecoming; Intramurals; International Relations Club, secretary; Mademoiselle College Board; Secretary. Pi Beta Phi; Silver and Gold; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. Telk, Louis Dan. Jr. — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. " C " Club; Physical Education Major Club; Phi Delta Theta; Swimming. Templar, Joan — Arts and Science; Arkansas City, Kansas. Alpha Phi; C. U. Days; C. U. Band Days; Dorm Counselor; Homecoming; Silver and Gold; Tau Beta Sigma; W.A.A. Tepley, Lee — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Free Lance Club; Intramurals; Physics Club; Pi Mu Epsiloa, secretary: Sigma Pi Sigma, secretary; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Thayer, Margaret Harwood — Arts and Science ; San Marino, California. A.W.S. House of Representatives; Canterbury Club; Porpoise; U.W.C.; W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A. Theimer, William C, Jr. — Arts and Science; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kappa Delta Pi. Theiss. Calvin Martin — Engine; Kahoka, Missouri. A.I.E.E.; Boulder Amateur Radio Club; Wesley Foundation; Men ' s Co-op; Marching Band. Thiese, Rex — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Thomas, John Powers — Engine; Shreveport, Louisiana. A.S.M.E.; I.S.A.; Phi EpsiJon Phi. Thomas, Norma Jeanne — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. Ethnic Minorities Committee ; Home Economics Club; International House; International Relations Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; U.W.C.; I.S.A. council. Thompson, Thomas L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Ski Club; Ski Team; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 109 Thompson, Wayne E. — Arts and Science; Hunter, Kansas. Honors Union; International Relations Club; Pi Gamma Nu; S.D.A. Thornburg, David W. — Engine; Martinsburg, West Virginia. A.I.Ch.E. Tilton, Ann — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tobey, Robert W. — Engine-Business ; Wichita, Kansas. Delta Sigma Pi; Silver and Gold Business Staff. Todd, Frederick — Arts and Science; Alliance, Nebraska. Band; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Phi Mu Alpha; Viking Club. Todd, Jack — Business; Fanwood, New Jersey. " C " Club; Varsity Track; Ski Club. Toffler, Jerome — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Torgny, Robert Bruce — Arts and Science; Porterville. Califor nia. Coloradan ; Dodo; Silver and Gold; Window, advertising manager. Margie Thayer ' s outstanding work in A.W. S. is at the top of her list of varied activi- ties. Towlc, Robert D. — Business; Denver, Colorado. American Legion Glenn Miller Post: Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Ski Club; I.S.A. Travis, Joanne — Arts and Science; Fort Morgan, Colorado. Buff Pep Club; Intramurals ; U.W.C.; W.A.A.; Silver and Gold Distribution Staff. Trefr, Robert Omar — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Foreign Relief; French Club; Honors: Phi Sigma Iota; Polyglot Players. Tucker, Eleanor L. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. University Choir; Little Theatre Make-up Crew; U.W.C. secret songleader. head triad; Homecoming Dance Committee: Coloradan Staff: Chairman of U.W.C. ffoat; Y.W.C.A. Twyman, Wayne — Arts and Science; Ottawa, Kansas. Glee Club; Honors Union; Orchesis. Van De Car, Helen F. — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado; A.W.S. ; Dodo; Orchesis; Pep Club; U.W.C; Y.W.C.A. Vassar, Rena — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. A.S.U.C. Academic Affairs Committee; A.W.S. House of Representatives; Dormitory President; Honors Union; Pi Lambda Tbeta, corresponding secretary. Van Shaw. Martha Lee — Arts and Science; Amarillo. Texas. 110 Villa, Fred J. — Engine; Fort Hancock, Texas. AJ.E.E. Volquardsen, Leland — Engine; San Francsico, California. A.S.M.E.; Sigma Nu; Silver and Gold; Ski Club. Wadley, Harold Robert — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. A.I.E.E. Wahl, Irer William — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Wait, Barbara — Arts and Science; Deadwood, South Dakota. Wakefield, Paul Raymond — Engine-Business ; Brush, Colorado. A.I.E.E.; Sigma Tau. Obtaining two degrees in engineering, John Thomas is well qualified to be acting president of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers on campus. Walker, John G. — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Scimitar; Silver and Gold. Walker, Marilyn Prudence — Arts and Science; Winnetka, Illinois. Hesperia ; Mortar Board, president; Spur: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Walker, Richard F. — Engine; Alliance, Nebraska. A.I.E.E.; Ski Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. Walthcr, D. Jane — Arts and Science; St. Louis, Missouri. Basketball Club; P. E. Major Club; Gamma Delta; Hockey Club; Upsilon, secretary ; Women ' s Club. Walter, Pat — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Wandel, Paul L. — Engine-Business ; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pi Tau Sigma; I.S.A. Intramural Manager; Theta Ward, John Hayden — Engine; New York City, New York. Phi Kappa Psi ; A.I.E.E.; Buff Show Crew; Little Theater; Players Club. Warren, Anne — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Greek Combine; Junior Class Treasurer; Silver and Gold; W.A.A. Board; Pi Beta Phi Washburn, Darl C. — Engine; Greeley, Colorado. Waxman, Milt — Engine; Akron, Colorado. Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club. Weakly, H. F. — Engine-Business ; Winheld, Kansas, Weaver, Fred L. — Arts and Science; Buffalo. New York. Shuss Gazette Editor; Ski Club. Weaver, Lyman Fred — Engine; Theodore. Alabama. Phi Kappa Psi ; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Intramurals ; Society of Automotive Engineers. Weckmueller, Kathleen — Arts and Science: Milwaukee. Wisconsin. Nurse Majors ' Association; Festival Chorus. Weeks, Harvey, Jr. — Arts and Science; Jfew York, New York. Cosmopolitan Club; Honors Union; International Relations Club; Speakers Congress; Roger Williams Fellowship; Varsity Church Fellowship. Wehner, Barbara — Arts and Science; El Paso. Texas. We-iler, Mary — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pep Club; Business School, secretary; W.A.A. Weiss, Norma — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Alpha Omicron Pi, treasurer; Canterbury Club; Delta Phi Alpha, social chairman; Homecomi ng. Welsby, William James — Engine; Walsenburg, Colorado. Alpha Phi Omega, president; A.S.M.E. Wennberg, Esther — Arts and Science ; Lafayette, Colorado. Rainbow Alums; Stardusters. Ill Werth, Glenn — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Colorado Engineer, editorial staff ; Pi Mu Epsilon. president; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Westfall. Herbert C. — Engine; Aberdeen, Idaho. A.S.C.E. Weston, Dorothy — Music; Manassa. Colorado. University Women ' s Club; Festival Chorus; University Women ' s Club Council; Sigma Alpha Iota. Whaley, Shelby L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Phi Delta Theta. Wheeler, Bernice — Arts and Science; Glencoe. Illinois. Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Dorm Social Chairman; Pep Club; Silver and Gold, secretary: Alum Welcoming Committee; All School Show; Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chairman ; Porpoise; Little Theater Costumes; Orientations Committee; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. Wheeler, Walter E. — Arts and Science; Casper. Wyoming. Beta Theta Pi; Coloradan. Whitaker, Samuel R. — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. White, Shirley Burtt — Music; Englewood, Colorado. Sigma Alpha Iota; Canterbury Club; University Choir. Dorothy Weston, whose piano playing has delighted many an ear, is an active member of the University Women ' s Club Councli. White, Sidney John — Business; Salida. Colorado. Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club; Men ' s Dormitory Counselor; Ski Club. Whiting, Donald E. — Arts and Science ; Loveland, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta. Whiting, Kenneth Russell — Business; Loveland. Colorado. Sigma Nu; All School Show; A.S.U.C. Dance Commission ; Dodo. Circulations Manager; C. U. Days Committees; Homecoming Committees; Phi Epsilon Phi; Winter Carnival. Whitmore, Phyllis — Business; Burlington. Colorado. Alfra; Dodo staff; Ski Club. Whitson, Shelby — Arts and Science; Orange. New Jersey. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Orchesis; Pep Club; Spur; Vaudeville; W.A.A.; Window; Y.W.C.A. Widger, Calvin R. — Arts and Science; Imperial, Nebraska. Wiener, Martin S. — Arts and Science; Newark, New Jersey. Wicsler, James B. — Business; San Diego, California. Sigma Chi; A.S.U.C. Assistant Commissioner of Finance; C. U. Days All-School Show; Dodo, business staff; Delta Sigma Pi ; Winter Carnival, Assistant Business Manager. k3 E N I R S Wight, Robert DeHaan — Engine; Riverside, Calilornia. A.S.C.E. Wight, Willard R. — Arts and Science; Las Animas, Colorado. Wilcoxson, Clayton B., Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E. Wiley, Otis E. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E. Willard, Jean Carolyn — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Pi Beta Phi; A.W.S. House ot Respresentatives ; Homecoming Float Committee; Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. Williams, Jacquelyn Ann — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Theta Upsilon; Equestrian ; Porpoise; Women ' s Club; Ski Club; Y.W.C.A. 112 Promotion manager of the Silver and Gold, Budge Whiting, has also been active on many university committees. Williams, James Wilbur — Arts and Science; Kingsburg, California. Phi Delta Theta; Alumni Committee; Boulder Ski Patrol; BuB Ski Club; Coloradan; C. U. Days; Homecoming ; International Relations Club; Pep Club; Winter Carnival. Williams, John J. — Engine; Honolulu, T.H. A.S.M.E.; Hiking Club. Williams, Paul — Arts and Science; Kingsburg, CalHornia. Phi Delta Theta. Williamson, Thomas, Jr. — Arts and Science; Grand Island, Nebraska. Wills, William A. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Phi Gamma Delta. Wilson, Ivan T., Jr. — Pharmacy ; Williams, Arizona, Wilson, John R. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sigma Nu; Scimitar; Homecoming committee chairman; C. U. Days Show; Sigma Nu, treasurer and vice-president Wilson, Shirley — Arts and Science; El Paso, Texas. Kappa Alpha Theta. Winters, W. Dean — Arts and Science; Delta, Colorado. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Wise, Robert — Arts and Science; Reno, Nevada. Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; C. U. Days general committee. Wivell, Emma Lou — Arts and Science; North Platte, Nebraska. Chi Omega; Dodo; Phi Theta Kappa; Pi Lambda Theta; Speakers ' Congress; Y.W.C.A. Woelbing, Georgia — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Wocstman, Betty — i4rfs and Science; River Range, Michigan. Wood, Edmund H. — Business; Lawrence, Massachusetts. Phi Kappa Tau. Wood. Norma Elaine — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alpha Chi Omega; A.S.U.C. Memorial Student Union Committee; A.W.S. Orientation Committee; C. U. Days; Dormitory Counselor ; Homecoming ; Intramurals; Pep Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Wood, Robert E. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. A.I.Cb.E. Wood, Robert McLane — Engine; Little Falls, New York. Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Boulder Bird Club; Institute of Aer- onautical Sciences; Inter-Church Council; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau Society of Automotive Engi- neers; Tau Beta Pi; University Men ' s Marching Band; University Westminster Fellowship. Wood, Shirley June — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. French Club ; Roger Williams Fellowship. Woodward, Charles E. — Arts and Science: Centralia, Washington. Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.P.G.; Assistant in Geography Department ; Geography Club, vice-president; Ski Club; Kappa Sigma. Woodward, George F. — Engine; Adams, Oregon. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Radio Engineers; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Woodard, William Donald — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Worley, Frances — Business ; Monte Vista, Colorado. Chi Omega; Coloradan; Rainbow Alumni Group; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; University Women ' s Club. Worstell. Ann Jean — Arts and Science; Great Falls, Montana. Band. Wozney, Gilbert Paul — Engine; Denver, Colorado. A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; Pi Tau Sigma. Wuethrich, Anne — Arts and Science ; Wilmington, Delaware. Alpha O micron Pi. Wylic, Frances Joan — Arts and Science; Vicksburg, Mississippi. Zeta Tau Alpha. Yealy, Jane — Arts and Science; Derry, Pennsylvania. Alpha Delta Pi; Intramurals; Pep Club; Porpoise; Ski Club; W.A.A. Young, Frances F. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. House of Representatives ; Kappa Alpha Theta. recording secretary : Freshman Dorm, Social Chairman Winter Carnival Decorations Committee ; Young Republican Club. 113 Yowell, George Kent — Arts and Science; Glencoe, Illinois. Phi Kappa Psi; A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Spirit and Morale; C. U. Days, assistant general chairman; C. U. Days Show.director and assistant director; Heart and Dagger; Pep Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Sumalia ; Homecoming, Program chairman. Zeigler, George E. — Engine; Clearfield. Pennsylvania. Zinck, Louis Richmond — Engine; Canon City, Colorado. A.I.C.E.; Buff Pep Club. Zinn, Arthur H. — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Phi Sigma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Member of Student Organizations and Social Life Commission. Zirkle, Winifred R. — Arts and Science; Bluff ton. Indiana. Zomo, Robert F. — Arts and Science; Elgin, Illinois. Kappa Sigma. Zurick, Vernon Joseph — Engine; Louisville. Colorado. Pi Mu Epsilon; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma, treasurer; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi Bashor, Ralph B. — Engine; Casper, Wyoming. Alpha Tau Omega; Band; Buff Pep Club; Coloradan; Colorado Engineer. k) E N I R S Frederick, Don LeRoy — Engine; Dumont, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.E.E. Garnett, Thomas H. — Engine; Boulder. Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega. Gregg, Donald B. — Engine; Englewood, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Buff Pep Club; C. U. Days All School Show; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Hickle, James Charles — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.C.E.; Intramurals ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau. Jacks, Robert E. — Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado. Kettle, Marybelle M. — Business; Littleton, Colorado. Alpha Phi, treasurer ; Band; Silver and Gold; Spur; Women ' s Club. 114 Mueller, Mark G., Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; A.I.E.E.; Phi Mu Epsilon; Phi Epsilon Phi; Intramurals. Roberts, Donedwa — Pharmacy; Wray, Colorado. Rho Chi. Rogers, Gardner Spencer — Engine; Evanston, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega, president: A.I.M.E.; Canterbury Club; Freshman Orientation Committee; C. U. Days. Alumni Committee ; Homecoming; Interiraternity Council; Sumalia; Student Personnel Com- mittee; Pep Club. Stoltz, Jack H. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Alpha Tau Omega; Pep Club; Coloradan ; Student- Alumni, president; University Men ' s Glee Club, president. OFFICERS President Judy Stearns Secretary Carol Van Law Treasurer Marjorie Chanak Sponsor Dean Ball Marjorie Chanak Alice Falardeau Mary Hegwer Kay Hutchison Marilyn Maloney MEMBERS Marilyn Miller Lou Moosdorf Ellen Jean Nash Dorothy Sethman Beverly Starika Judy Stearns Mary Stoffel Pat Van Hyning Carol Van Law Virginia Wachob Back row. left to right: Pat Van Hyning, Lou Moosdorf, Dean Ball, Mary Hegwer. Second row: Virginia Wachob, Kay Hutchinson, Dorothy Sethman, Beverly Starika. Front row: Ellen Jean Nash, Marjorie Chanak, Alice Falardeau, Marilyn Miller, Judy Stearns. ! lis w ■cr? " =? " OFFICERS President John Ferrier Vice-President Don Enright Secretary-Treasurer Bill Eaton Don Campbell Bill Davoren Bill Eaton Don Enright John Ferrier MEMBERS Tom Guggenheim Kendall Hills John Jones George McLachlan Charles Reich Gardner Rogers Dick Schrepferman Paul Shull Bill Smith Kent Yowell 116 Back row, left to right: Tom Guggenheim, Kent Yowell. Second row: Dick Schrepferman, Charles Reich, Kendall Hills, Paul Shull. Front row: Bill Davoren, Bill Smith, Don Enright, John Ferrier, Bill Katon, Don Jones. Abbate. Santo Anthony — Engine: Pueblo. Colorado. Adams, Arthur W. — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Adams, Gordon F. — Engine-Business; Shenandoah. Iowa. Akcy, Donald Ellis — Engine; Wray. Colorado. Alison, Ross — Business; Beverly Hills, California. Allen. Betty — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Allen, Clarence Owen — Engine; Trinidad, Colorado. Allen, Ruth — Arts and Science; Wichita. Kansas. Amesbury, Jo Anne — Arts and Science; Arcadia, California. Anderson, Albert J. — Arts and Science; Chadron. Nebraska. Anderson. Carrie M. — Arts and Science; Medford. Oregon. Anderson. Earl A. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Anderson. Irving O. — Engine; Chicago, Illinois. Aspelin, Per — Business; Oslo. Norway. AtanasofF. Elsie — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Atwood, Rita — Arts and Science; Minneapolis. Minnesota. Bacon, Janet Elizabeth — Arts and Science: Erie. Pennsylvania. Banas, Walter — Engine: Montreal, Canada. Barham, Laurie Olive — Arts and Science; Bastrop, Louisiana. Barker, Richard T. — Business; Boulder. Colorado. Barringer, Paul C. — Arts and Science; Lynchburg, Virginia. Barton. Harlan — Arts and Science; Sterling, Colorado. Bashford, Bruce Edward — Engine; Wray. Colorado. Bastian, Kenneth K. — Engine; Madison, South Dakota. Battershell, Alice — Nursing: La Grange. Illinois. Baxter, Helen A. — Arts and Science; Golden, Colorado. Belsan. Charlotte — Arts and Science; Cleveland, Ohio. Benson, Mary — Arts and Science; Virginia, Minnesota. Benzel, Herb J. — Engine; Berwyn. Illinois. Beranek, Charlene — Business; Hollywood, Illinois. Berggren. James L., Jr. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Bergheim, Robert M. — Music: Boulder, Colorado. Betz, Evelyn — Business; Billings, Montana. Biel. Richard G. — Arts and Science; Crystal Lake, Illinois. BiUingsley, Jeanne Marie — Music; Long Beach, California. Bissell. Ray C. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Boltz, Eleanor Louise — Arts and Science; Dighton, Kansas. Boulton, Dolores — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Bower, J. B. — Arts and Science; Canon City, Colorado. Bowers, Bruce T. — Arts and Science; A neon. Canal Zone. 117 118 Brandhorst. Carolyn — Arts and Science; Little Rock, Arkansas. Brandhorst, George — Engine; Little Rock, Arkanssa. Bray. Kenneth — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Breitenstein, Jane — Arts and Science; Birmingham, Michigan. Brennan, Jack — Arts and Science; Rochelle, Illinois. Brown, Dale I. — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Brown, Kenneth Ray — Arts and Science; Kimball, Nebraska. Brown, Sally — Arts and Science; Oak Park, Illinois. Buchanan, Donald Browning — Arts and Science: Kobe, Japan. Bruin, James L. — Bixsiness ; Roswell, New Mexico. Bruski. Chester F. — Engine; Beach, North Dakota. Brust, Howard A. — Engine; New Ulm, Minnesota. Bryant, Eloise — Pharmacy ; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Bundy, Phyllis Ann — Arts and Science; Santa Monica, California. Burks, Bette — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Bush, Miriam — Arts and Science; Fort Madison, Iowa. Butler, Dean L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Butler, Janet Byrne — Arts and Science; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Byrd, Thomas G., Jr. — Engine; El Dorado. Arkansas. Cabibi, Phillip J. — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Cady, William Stevens — Engine; darksdale, Arizona. Callogy, Harriette — Arts and Sciences; Redwood City. California. Campbell. Neil H. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Campbell, Rosa Lee — Arts and Science; Central City, Colorado. Canfield, Ted — Arts and Science; Berkeley, California. Cann, Howard — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cantonwine, Ruth — Business; Salida, Colorado. Carey, John M. — Arts and Science; Lawrence, Massachusetts. Carlisle, Joan C. — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. Carter, Deane — Arts and Science; Sharon Springs, Kansas. Casey, Clifford Glen — Arts and Science; Amarillo, Texas. Chafee, Glenn Robert, Jr. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chance. W. C. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Chance. Wiley S. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Charbonnet, Carl — Engine; New Orleans, Louisiana. Chanak, Marjorie Joan — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Chmelik, Sally — Music; Joliet, Illinois. Christeson, Keith Elwood — Engine; Las Animas, Colorado. Claborn, K. D. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Clohessy, Curtice E. — Arts and Science; Farmington, New Mexico. Cloonan. Clifford B. — Engine: Agate. Colorado. Cobb, Allen B. — Business; Dallas, Texas. Coffee, Margaret — Arts and Science; Amarillo, Texas. Coleman, Melvin — Engine; Saguache. Colorado. Collins, Earl R. — Arts and Science; Beverly Hills, California, Cooke, Mary Ellen — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Cooper, Elaine — Arts and Science; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cooper, Marjory — Business; Aurora, Colorado. Copenhavcr, James M. — Business; Polo, Illinois. Corbin, Rex — Arts and Science; Red Oak, Iowa. Cotton, Ernest K. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cowden, Richard M. — Business; Silt. Colorado. Coy, Gene G. — Business; Fort Collins, Colorado. Creighton, James A. — Engine; Flagler, Colorado. Crockett, Wardner B. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Dalton. John — Business; Denver, Colorado. Daly, Richard John — Engine, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Danielson, Carol — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Davidson, Barbara — Arts and Science; San Marino, California. Davis, Ann — Arts and Science; La Grange, Illinois. Davis, Chcric — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Debbrecht, Fred — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Dedeaux. Leon E., Jr. — Engine — Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone. DeNiece, Daniel James — Arts and Science ; Pueblo, Colorado, Derry, Barbara — Arts and Science; Piedmont, California. Dickson, Sue — Arts and Science; Dallas, Texas. Dinner, Albert J. — Business; Greeley, Colorado. Dismuke, Thomas D. — Engine; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Dixon, Kenneth V., Jr. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado, Dodd, Jenny Lou — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Domenico, Norma — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Drake, Maurice P. — Arts and Science; Modesto, California. Drake, Hugh H. — Engine; Greeley, Colorado. Dray, Marjorie — Music; Tulsa, Oklahoma. DriscoU, Dottie — Arts and Science; La Junta. Colorado. Duncan, Lois Lee — Music; Avondale, Colorado. Dunn, Donald W. — Arts and Science; Sioux City, Iowa. Duvatl, George L. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Earhart, Mary Ellen — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Eaton. William D. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. 119 S ?%2ati ' 120 ERge, Merle Thomas — Business; Garreuon, South Dakota. Ekrem, Richard T. — Engine: Denver, Colorado. EUerhoff, Margaret — Arts and Science; Sperry, Iowa. Eillington, Costella S. — Arts and Science; Junction City, Kansas. Ellis, Suzanne — Business; Eraser, Colorado. Enright, Donald Frank — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Estes, Thomas G. — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Ethridge, Ralph L. — Business; La Junta, Colorado. Eubank, William Y. — Arts and Science; Kansas City, Missouri. Falardeau, Alice E. — i4rts and Science; New York City. N. Y. Palkenberg, Robert Lawrence — Engine; Mission, Kansas. Farrens, Robert Don — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Ferrier, John — Arts and Science ; Boulder, Colorado. Ferrier. Tula K. — Arts and Science; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fielder, James B. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Fingado, Henry S. — Arts and Science; Alamosa, Colorado. Finke, Robert G. — Business; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Firnhaber, Roma — Arts and Science; Shelbyville, Illinois. Flint, Joan — Arts and Science; Dekalb, Illinois. Fishburn, Nancy — Arts and Science; Pasadena, Claifornia. Fitch, Thomas L. — Business; Garden Grove, California. Folley, Barbara — i4r(s and Science; Northbrook, Illinois. Fonda. Kenneth A. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado. Ford, Dean Q. — Engine; Downers Grove, Illinois. Forney, Dorothea Mae — Arts and Science; Hutchinson, Kansas. Fowler, Marion — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Franz, Gerald J. — Engine; Hess City, Kansas. Friel, Shirley R. — Arts and Science; Glastonbury, Connecticut. Froese, Harriet — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Gaiser, Roger L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Gallagher, Donnis — i4rts and Science; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Gamble, Marilyn L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Gardner, Marjorie — Arts and Science; Munster, Indiana. Garlinghouse, Peggy — Arts and Science; South Pasadena. California. Garrett, Hume II — Arts and Science; Celerest, Colorado. Gatzke, Dolores — Arts and Science; Des Plaines, Illinois, Gaunt. Elizabeth Ann — Business; Brighton, Colorado. Giinther, Margaret — Arts and Science; Casper, Wyoming. Gills, Margaret Jean — Arts and Science; Corona, California. Gilsenan. Jean — Arts and Science; Berwyn, Illinois. Ginsberg, Louise — Arts and Science: Des Moines, Iowa. Graham, Dick — Engine; Fresno. California. Grinstead, Thomas H. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Gross, Lyle J. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado. Gunther, Mary C. — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Hagerman, Prather S. — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Hahn, Robert — Arts and Science; Windsor. Colorado. Hake, R. R. — Engine; Sv ampscott, Massachusetts. Halbrook, William T. — Arts and Science; Omaha. Nebraska. Hancock, Eugene — Business; Long Beach, California. Hand, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Sidney, Nebraska. Hansen, Sherry — Arts and Science; Grand Island, Nebraska. Hansen, Thckia Vihlein — Arts and Science: Milwaukee. Wisconsin. Harms. Kenneth L. — Business; Newton. Kansas. Harp. Richard Coleman — Arts and Science; Roanoke, Virginia. Harris, Harold — Engine; Craig, Colorado. Harris, Joan — Arts and Science; Chadron, Nebraska. Harris, Virginia Mae — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Hawkins. Kenneth Ira, Jr. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Haworth, James J. — Business ; Loveland, Colorado. Haworth, Robert Dale — Business; Loveland, Colorado. Hayward, Robert D. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Hedegaard, Ame — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. Hedges, Robert H. — Arts and Science; Akron, Colorado. Heikes, Joanne — Music; Vermillion, South Dakota. Hellis. Rosemary — Arts and Science; Santa Ana, California. Hellwig, Frank O. — Engine; Mt. Harris, Colorado. Hessler, John — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Hickle, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Hill, Beverly — Arts and Science; Charleston, Illinois. Hill, Donald — Engine; Steamboat Springs. Colorado. Hill, Sherburne Palmer — Engine; Port Washington, New York. Hillock, Jim — Engine; Aurora, Illinois. Hinley, Lou Anne — Arts and Science; Ogden, Utah. Hinzelman, Peter M. — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Hoagland, Myrna — Arts and Science; Rosemead. California. Hoel, Jean — Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado. Hogelund, H. Lorraine — Arts and Science; Los Angeles. California. Hogelund, Mary — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Holeman, Richard A. — Arts and Sicence ; Richland, Washington. 121 % ' Holmes, Claire — Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado. Holsinger, Paul D. — Arts and Science; Blue Lake, California. Holzer, Charlotte — Arts and Science; Aurora. Colorado. Hopkins, Alyce — Arts and Science; Springfield, Colorado. Howell, Jerry — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona. Howells. Mary Elizabeth — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hoye, Eileen — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois, Huber, William — Pharmacy; Grand Junction, Colorado. Hubert. Donald J. — Engine; Montrose. Colorado. Hull, John Kenneth, Jr. — Arts and Science; San Marino, California. Hulse, Georganne — Arts and Science; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Huster, G. B. — Engine; Williams, Arizona. Huster, Lawrence W. — Engine; Williams, Arizona. Hutchison, Katherine — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hybiak, Mildred — Arts and Science; Sterling, Colorado. Hysom, Rollo L. — Engine; Fowler, Colorado. Imbt, Mary Margaret — Music; Fort Worth, Texas. Irion. Richard F. — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Isaac. John — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Isc, Mary E. — Business; Greeley, Colorado. James, Marybelle — Arts and Science; San Bernardino, California. Jancic, Mirko — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Jaynes, Robert L. — Business; Canon City, Colorado. Johnson, Charles Edwin, Jr. — Business; l)enver, Colorado. Johnson, Dean S. — Arts and Science; Batavia, Illinois. Johnson. Donald T. — Engine; Trinidad, Colorado. Johnson, Hal — Arts and Science; Galesburg, Illinois. Johnson, J. C. — Engine; Decatur, Illinois. Johnson. Melvin O. — Engine ; Denver, Colorado. Johnson, Norville — Engine; Alva, Oklahoma. Johnston, Howard E. — Business; Ordway, Colorado. Jorgensen, Jacquiline Ruth — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Jorgenson. Andrea — Arts and Science ; Wilmette, Illinois. Joslyn, Peggy Lou — Music; Denver, Colorado. Josselyn, Richard L. — Arts and Science, Denver, Colorado. Joy, Stanley R. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Judc, William Albert — Engine; Gilman, Colorado. Kapelke. Theo Jean — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. Kearney. Robert T. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Keating, Edwin L. — Arts and Science; Edgemont, South Dakota. KelloKg, Berkshire — Business; Sta Mtrino, CtlilornU. Kelly, Donald T. — Arts and Science; Elbert, Colorado. Kohler. Robert — Pharmacy; New York City, New York. Kennedy, Owen — Arts and Science; Akron. Ohio. Kent, Carolyn — Arts and Science; Bloomington, Illinois. Kepferle, Roy C. — Arts and Science; Pierce, Colorado. Ketcham, Jerrie Ann — Arts and Science; Kenilworth, Illinois. Kilborne, Robert Stewart — Arts and Science; Kaionati. New York. Kirkham, Neal — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Kliewer, Harriet — Arts and Science; Manitou Springs, Colorado. Kraybill, Paulene — Arts and Science; RiSe, Colorado. Kubik, Jean — Arts and Science; La Grange, Illinois. Kudreiko, Mike — Arts and Science; Hamtramck, Micbifan. Laete, Katherine — Arts and Science; St. Charles, Illinois. Lasley, Harold — Engine; Meeker, Colorado. Law, Milton J. — Arts and Science; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Lawrence. William L. — Engine; Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. Lazerwitz, Charles — Arts and Science; Gary, Indiana. Lazorchick, Dan C. — Arts and Science; McKeesport, Peaasylvania. Lee, James T. — Arts and Science; San Benito, Texas. Lee, Robert N. — Pharmacy; Estes Park, Colorado. Lehrman, Philip Milton — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Leiercr, Charles — Arts and Science; Capulin, New Mexico. Lemesany, William Louis — Arts and Science; Calhan, Colorado. Lcafdale. Norris — Arts and Science; Harrisburg, Nebraska. Levitt, Seymour H. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Lietz, Arnold — Engine; Rushmore, Minnesota. Light, Frank M. — Music; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Little, Mary B. — Arts and Science; Kalamazoo, Michigan. Lindgren, John — Business; Chicago, Illinois. Logan, Howard — Arts and Science; Wichita, Kansas. Londen, William Howard — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Longworth, Lee — Engine; Castle Rock, Colorado. Losher, Beverly — Arts and Science ; Modesto, Caliiornia. Loucks, Gerald G. — Arts and Science; Bay City, Oregon. Lucas, Bob — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Luedke, Robert G. — Arts and Science; North Platte, Nebraska. Lyttle, Betty — Arts and Science; Meeker, Colorado. McCartney, Joyce — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. McConnell, Hal — Business; Lafayette, Colorado. 123 124 McGinnis, Lois — Arts and Science; Taikio, Missouri. McMillan, Bruce H., ir.— Engine: Twin Falls. Idaho. McMullcn, James F. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. McQuide, Carol — Arts and Science; Wilmette, Illinois. Macnider. Jane — Pharmacy ; Bend, Oregon. Maguire, James — Arts and Science; Homewood. Illinois. Maloney, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Gary, Indiana, Mandel, Marge — Arts and Science; La Grange, Illinois. Marsh, Lynn — Arts and Science; Springfield, Illinois. Marting, Fredric W. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Masunaga. Rosiz — Arts and Science; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Matsuda, Tetsu — Pharmacy; Palo Alto, Calilornia. Mehl, Marie Katherine — Arts and Science; North Platte, Nebraska, Meline, Virginia Lee — Music; Julesburg, Colorado, Mellecker, Norbert J. — Business; Boulder, Colorado, Menage, Leo — Arts and Science; Rock Rapids, Iowa, Mendenhall, Lolita — Arts and Science; Ulysses, Kansas. Merry, Ann — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois, Miller, James — Business; Fort Collins, Colorado. Miller, Margaret Louise — Engine; Bloomington, Illinois, Miller, Philip Alan — Pharmacy; Homewood, Illinois, Mills, Joan — Arts and Science; Mountain Lake, New Jersey, Milner, Robert J. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado, Milner, Linnea A. — Business; Denver, Colorado, Ninde, Norma — Arts and Science: Wheatridge, Colorado, Minges, Nana Ellen — Arts and Science; Arvada, Colorado, Mitchell, Eugene D. — Engine: Elmwood Park, Illinois, Mitchell, Jack L. — Engine; Casper, Wyoming, Moody, Verna Elaine — 4rts and Science; Wayne, Illinois, Morgan, Marion — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Morley, Patricia Ann — Arts and Science; Scarsdale, New York. Moore, Frank L. — Engine ; Gunnison, Colorado. Morris, Stan N. — Business: Lakewood, Colorado. Morrison, Maureen — Arts and Science; Wichita Falls, Texas. Morrill, Ross — Engine: Denver, Colorado. Morroni, Dick James — Engine; Denver, Colorado, Mulcahy, Paul R. — Engine; Hot Springs, South Dakota. Muldrow, William F. — Engine; Visalia, Calilornia, Murata, Carole — Pharmacy : Brighton, Colorado. Murphy, John Edward — Business: La Junta, Colorado, Myrmel, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Western Springs, Illinois. Nadeau, Joan — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Nielsen, Marilyn — Arts and Sicence : Park Ridge. Illinois. Nehring, Charles A.. Jr. — Business: Boulder, Colorado. Nelson, Howard John — Arts and Science: Montpelier, Idaho. Nestler, Loren L. — Arts and Science; Grand Junction. Colorado. Nickell, Helen Mabel— lrts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Nixon, Frank Albert— Engine; Delta. Colorado. Noble, Merle D. — Arts and Science; BellBower. Calilornia. Norling. James F. — Arts and Science: Denver Colorado. Nowell, Bruce A., Jr. — Business: Danville, Virginia. Nussbaum, Jessie — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Nye, Larry Frank — Arts and Science; Osco, Illinois. Olsen, Clarence R. — Business; Kiowa, Colorado. Olson, Rosemary Carolyn — Music; Independence, Missouri. Overton, David M. — Engine ; Wichita, Kansas. Owen. Shirley — Arts and Science; St. Louis, Missouri. Paddock, Laurence T. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Padgett, Bob — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Panian, Robert W. — Business; Lewistown, Montana. Pannell, Calvin E. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Pasternack, Arline — Aits and Science, Cheyenne, Wyo. Paton, Archie — Engine: Rock Springs, Wyoming. Patterson. Wallace N. — Engine, Phoenix, Arizona. Periman, Kenneth — Music; Durango, Colorado. Petersen. Blaine B. — Business; Twin Falls, Idaho. Peterson, Faye — Arts and Science: Kim, Colorado. Phillips, Eleanor E. — Arts and Science: Havre, Montana. Pinkerton, Richard C. — Arts and Science: Ferndale, Washington. Pinkham, Samuel H. — Engine; Santa Barbara, California. Pitcher, Jo — Arts and Science: Los Angeles, Caliiornia. Poling, Sidney — Business: Ottumwa, Iowa. Porter, Jane — Arts and Science; Tulsa. Oklahoma. Potochnik, Frank S. — Engine ; Rock Springs. Wyoming. Puleo, Joseph — Engine: St. Louis, Missouri. Quedens, Lori — Arts and Science: Park Ridge, Illinois. Raduziner, David M. — Engine-Business ; Denver, Colorado. Rademacher, Leo E. — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Rahm, Ruth — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Ramey, Thomas M. — Business : El Paso. Texas. K Kk 125 Ramsdell, Joan — Arts and Science; Oak Park, Illinois. Ramsey, Ann Marie — Arts and Science; Littleton, Colorado. Ranch, Barbara — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Ransom, Charles C. — Business; Winnetka, Illinois. Ready, Richard T. — Engine; Berkeley, California. Reed, Marjorie Dec — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Reed. Robert S. — Engine: Grand Junction. Colorado. Reese, James N. — Engine; Denver. Colorado. Reisher, Roger L. — Business; Arvada, Colorado, Reynolds, L. J., Jr. — Engine; El Paso, Texas. Rhode, Delorcs — Arts and Science; Holyoke, Colorado. Rice, James Loren — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Rice, John K. — Arts and Science; Akron, Ohio. Richardson. R. Stanley — Pharmacy ; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ristine, Mary Sue — Arts and Science; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Roberts. Gerald Roland — Pharmacy; Alamosa, Colorado. Roberts, Stanley — Arts and Science; Lafayette, Colorado. Robertson. T. E. — Arts and Sicence; Brush, Colorado. Robertson, Virginia — Arts and Science ; Wichita Falls, Texas. Robinson. Donna — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Roemer, John L. — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Roiz. Ralph — Pharmacy; Rio Hondo, Texas. Rolander, Bob — Business; McPherson, Kansas. Rosendahl. Paul — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Ross. Robert E. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Rounds, Dwight — Business; Wichita, Kansas. Rudich, Richard A. — Engine; Chicago, Illinois. Rule. Evelyn Jean — Arts and Science; Eagle. Colorado. Rupp. Barbara — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Sanchez-Fortuny. Armando — Arts and Science; Santa Clara, Republic of Cub Sanders, Raymond Lawrence — Engine; Berwyn, Illinois. Saros, Chris Michael — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Schini,pf, Henry Dale — Engine; Windsor, Colorado. Schneider. Robert — Arts and Science; Canon City, Colorado. Schmittel. Donna Mae — Music; Center, Colorado. Schneberger, Jane — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Schneider. Milton David — Engine; Ellinwood, Kansas. Schoon. Lois Marthine — Arts and Science; Holland, Michigan. Schoder. Marjorie — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Scott, Edythe Lorene — Pharmacy; Center, Colorado. 126 Scott, Loren — Business; Whettridge. Colorado. Scott, Marty — Arts and Science; Little Rock, Arkansas. Seamon, Ernest R. — Arts and Science; Las Animas, Colorado. Sceley, Margaret — Arts and Science; Speartish, South Dakota. Seibel, Patricia — Music; Centralia, Illinois. Service, Frankie — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Shasteen, Donald E. — Arts and Science; La Junta, Colorado, Shawver, Marian — Business; Fort Collins, Colorado. Shearer, Jan — Arts and Science ; Hebron, Nebraska, Shepherd, John Morgan — Arts and Science-Business; Craig, Colorado. Sheppard, John Robert — Engine; Monte Vista, Colorado. Sheridan, Freddy Jean — Engine; Wray, Colorado, Sherman, Richard F. — Engine; Ovid, Colorado, Sherman, William L. — Arts and Science; Ovid, Colorado, Shimer, William M. — Engine; Lockport, New York, Short, Paul L. — Engine; Canon City, Colorado. ShuU, Paul — Music; Digbton, Kansas. Shwartz, Nathan J. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado, Silvio, Phyllis — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Simmons, Richard — Engine ; Boulder, Colorado. Sirhan, Awad — Pharmacy; Palestine. Skinner, William T. — Arts and Science; Patcboque, New York, Slater, Delma G. — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Sloan, Jean — Arts and Science; Bloomington, Illinois. Smallin, Roy L. — Engine; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Smith, Bernard C. — Engine; Fresno, California. Smith, Bruce H. — Engine; White Cloud, Michigan, Smith, Dolores — Arts and Science; Grand Junction, Colorado. Smith, Don K. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Smith, Mary Virginia — Arts and Science; Washington, D. C, Smith, Nancy Jane — Arts and Science; Winnetka, Illinois. Smith, Robert Dale — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Smyth, Samuel J. — Engine; Los Angeles, California. Snyder, Richard A. — Engine; Fort Collins, Colorado, Solomon, Morton A. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Spann, Frank G., Jr. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Spano, Dorothy — Pharmacy; Arvada, Colorado. Stokes. Suzanne — Arts and Science: Aberdeen, South Dakota. Squire, Mary Ann — Arts and Science; Wheaton, Illinois. Starbuck, John G. — Engine; Denver, Colorado, 127 128 Starika, Beverly — Arts and Science: Pueblo, Colorado. Stearns, Judith Powell — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Steele, Albert W. — Engine; Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. Stone, Sylvia — Arts and Science: Boulder, Colorado. Sullivan, Charles Harold, Jr. — Engine: Julesburg, Colorado. Sumikawa, Henry — Pharmacy: Delta, Colorado. Sweeney, Julia A. — Arts and Science; Oak Park, Illinois. Taylor, Marjorie — Arts and Science: Grand Junction, Colorado. Taylor, Norman E. — Engine: Denver, Colorado. Tebbs. R. Barton — Arts and Science; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Templeton, Barbara — Business; Denver. Colorado. Templeton, James F. — Engine; Honolulu, T. H. Thompson, Lloyal H. — Arts and Sicence; Huron, South Dakota. Thompson, Roy E. — Arts and Science; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tippet, Janet — Arts and Science ; Green Bay, Wisconsin. Toliver, Ruth J. — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Tomlinson, Dorothy — Arts and Science; Ardmore, Oklahoma. Trego, Joan D. — Arts and Science; Dubois, Wyoming. Trotter, Elwood Ferman — Business; Honolulu, T. H. Trueblood, Constance Margaret — Arts and Science; Freeport, Illinois. Tuff, Edith M.— Nursing; Rugdy, North Dakota. Tutt, Sarah Jean — Arts and Science; Hayden, Colorado. Uhrich, Shirley Jane — Arts and Science; Johnstown, Colorado. Van Dervort, James R. — Arts and Science; Edgewater, Colorado, Vanderwilt, Mary — Arts and Science; Algona, Iowa. Van Hyning, Patricia — Arts and Science: Port Chester. New York. Van Law, Richard Durbin — Engine: Denver. Colorado. Vayda, Michael M. — Engine: Fox Chapel, Pa. Von Ehrenkrook, Grace — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Von Ehrenkrook, Hurley — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Wachob, Virginia — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. Wallen, Malcolm Keith — Pharmacy ; Chicago, Illinois. Waneka, Ken H. — Pharmacy ; Lafayette. Colorado. Warner, Robert H. — Arts and Science: Dayton, Ohio. Warren. Alva T. — Arts and Science; Fleming, Colorado. Wasem, Henry — Business ; Fort Dodge, Iowa. Waters, Mary Ellen — Arts and Science ; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Watson, E. Virginia — Arts and Science: Hinsdale, Illinois. Watson, Frank — Engine; Berwyn, Illinois. Watt. Russel H. — Arts and Science; Batavia, Illinois. Watts, Dwight B. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Wawrosc, Frederick Eugene — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Wears, Marie — Arts and Science: Mt. Morrison. Colorado. Weaver, Robert G. — Engine; Littleton, Colorado. Weber, William F. — Engine; Steamboat Springs. Colorado. Webster, Irene — Arts and Science; Galesburg, Illinois. Wehc, Elizabeth Ann — Arts and Science; Smith Center, Colorado. Welch, Carolyn — Business; Denver, Colorado. Wendzel, Frank — Engine; Erie, Colorado. Westermann, E. J. — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Whelan, Thomas E. — Engine-Business ; Denver, Colorado. Whitaker, Dale — Arts and Science; Sacramento, California. Whitman, Nancy — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Whittlesey, Rcavis Dean — Pharmacy ; Denver, Colorado. Williams, Clyde Leonard — Business; Sterling, Colorado. Williams, Ester — Arts and Science; Los Angeles, California. Williams, Mary Lou — Arts and Science; Limon. Colorado. Williams, James P. — Arts and Science; Douglas, Wyoming. Williams. Robert N. — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Wilson, Glenn F. — Arts and Science; Greeley, Colorado. Wilson, Joanne — Arts and Science; Monte Vista, Colorado. Wilson, Kathryn — Arts and Science; River Grove, Illinois, Wines, James Blaine, Jr. — Engine; Elko, Nevada. Wolfe, Austin L. — Engine; Manning, South Carolina. Wolff, Dorothy Muriel — Business; Haynesville, Louisiana. Wood, Shirley — Arts and Science; Fulton, Missouri. Work, Hubert — Business ; Denver, Colorado. Writer, Virginia — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Yantis, John A. — Arts and Science; Shelbyville. Illinois. Yockcrs, Eleanor A. — Arts and Science; Salina, Kansas. Zillman. Allene — Arts and Science; Douglaston, New York. Zundel, Lucy — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Anderson, Frederic Edwin — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Chilton, Mark — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Reese, William Henry, Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Rivers, Florence — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. 129 par OFFICERS President Ada Morrill Vice-President Carol Untiedt Secretary Amelia Potochnik Treasurer Nancy Guinand Editor Evelyn Jacobson Sponsor Miss Marjorie Baron Mary Lou Aufderheide Jenny Bowser Marion Brennan Barbara Brickman Marilyn Cain Joanne Castleberry Carolyn Clark Joanne Clark Jeanine Cowell Pat Dudley Melba Frodermann Nancy Guinand Miriam Habel Mona Hagen Dana Hall Helen Pat Hatcher Mary Lou Hawkins MEMBERS Joanne Healy Dorothy Holderness Carolyn Howe Jean Humphries Evelyn Jacobson Dorothy Kern Barbara Lane Betty Leslie Arme Lindstrom Willa Jean Mackey B. J. McLaughlin Nancy McMartin Ann Melville Cynthia Misroch Ada Morrill Sally Neidlinger Sue Nolde Ann Perriman Polly Peterson Amelia Potochnik Frances Potts Doris Roberts Mareta Ross Virginia Shevlin Shirley Spence Julia St. Clair Lee Steckel Janet Stein Carol Untiedt Joanna Vanderwilt Jane Williamson Beverly Witthauer 130 Back row, left to right: Jean Humphries, Frances Potts, Doris Roberts, Joanne Vanderwilt, Dorothy Kern, Helen Pat Hatcher, Barbara Lane, Mary Lou Hawkins, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Nancy McMartin, Sally Neidlinger, Mareta Ross, Shirley Spence. Third row: Ann Melville, Melba Frodermann, Beverly Witthauer, Pat Dudley. Mona Hagen, Carolyn Howe, Joanne Clark, Joanne Healy, Polly Peterson, Marilyn Cain, Barbara Brickman, Lee Steckel, Joanne Castleberry. Second row: Carolyn Clark, Janet Stein, Evelyn Jacobson, Nancy Guinand, Ada Morrill. Miss Baron, Molly Potochnik, Carolyn Untiedt, Jenny Bowser, Marion Brennan, Dorothy Holderness. Front row: Betty Leslie, Sue Nolde, Ann Perriman, Miriam Habel, Julie St. Clair, B. J. McLaughlin, Jeanine Cowell. v. ' A imi W V Jfe OFFICERS President Ray Jump Vice-President Tom Guggenheim Secretary Tom Worcester Treasurer Phil Levitt Faculty Advisor Glen Hedgecock ACTIVES Ross Alison Bill Bealer Jack Bell Jack Blackmarr Russ Broman Chuck Brummitt John Campbell Ralph Clark Gene Coy Wardner Crockett Dick Cross Don Enright Jim Fielder Hank Fingado Bill Giltner Dick Griffith Doug Griffith Lee Grossman Tom Guggenheim Bob Hahn Jack Henderson Ray Horner Jim Hutchinson Dick Irion John Jackson Bob Johnson Bill Jude Ray Jump Gerry King Keva Levin Phil Levitt Ted Mason Norbert Mellecker Gene Minzer Larry Nye Laurie Paddock Archie Paton Dick R eady Don Stallings Howard Tavel John Thomas Chuck Warren Jim Williams Tom Worcester John Yantis Arthur Zinn PLEDGES Stanley Black William Braddock Walter Brunner Don Burnett Dick Burridge Ed Burruss Glenn Coleman Bud Davis Larry De Muth William Detweiler Charles Eschenburg Howard Ewy Gerry Gardenswartz Norm Gelman Ralph Goley Bill Hamilton Tom Joffee Robert Johns Hilary Johnson Farnum Johnson Herb Kamlet Jay Lutz Herb Marchick Fred Mattson Rendle Myer Dick Oldfather Joseph Pells Bob Pike Dick Ransom Jack Rasmussen Reg Rice Stanford Rosenbaum Stanton Rosenbaum Bill Satterwhite Bob Shanstrom John Shattuck Terry Smith Bob Smith Walter Spicer Roy Spore William Thomas Ray Vahue Bill Vance Leonard Weiner Ronnie Zail Back row, left to right: Bill Vance. Tom Joffee, Hilary Johnson, S. D. Rosenbaum, Tom Worcester, Lawrence De Muth, Ross Alison, Ralph Clark. Fourth row: Bill Hamilton, Ronnie Zall, Ray Jump, Phil Levitt, Tom Guggenheim, Jim Hutchinson, Ward Crockett, Reg Rice, John Shattuck. Third row: Rendle Myer. Walter Spicer, Bob Johns, Chuck Brummitt, Jerry Smith, John Yantis, Dick Ready, John Thomas, Bill Giltner. Second row: Bill Thomas, Joe Pells, Phil Dietz, Ed Burruss, Art Zinn, Farnum Johnson. Don Burnett, Larry Nye, Archie Paton. Front row: Keva Levin, Herb Kamlet, Len Weiner, Norm Gelman, Pat Rosenbaum, Bob Smith, Ray Vahue, Lee Grossman, Herb Marchick. 131 r « j%- Abbott. Hugh B. — Engine: Western Springs, Illinois. Abenheimcr, Frances — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado, Allen, Roy — Arts and Science; Montrose, Colorado. Allison, Dorlce — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. Anderson, Elmer — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Anderson, Mary Louise — Arts and Science; Springfield, Illinois. Andree, R. W. — Engine; Littleton, Colorado. Apodaca, Ronald — Arts and Science; Aguilar, Colorado. Archer, Fred Curtis — Engine; Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Archer, Phyllis — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Argall, Ann — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Arnold, Gerald W. — Arts and Science; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Aronin, Gerard Lee — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Ashcraft, Maxine — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Bacon, Milton E. — Arts and Science; Balboa, California. Bailey, Betty — Arts and Science; Bristol, Colorado. Bailey, Josephine M, — Arts and Science; Danielson, Connecticut. Baker, Curtis H. — Engine; Safford, Alabama. Baker, Virginia Dale — Arts and Science; Mead, Colorado. Banchor. Gordon Harwood- — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Barker, Earl A. — Arts and Science; Durango, Colorado. Barnhizer, Dorothy — Arts and Science; Crown Point. Indiana. Bartlett, Barbara — Arts and Science ; Denver. Colorado. Baucum, Leila — Arts and Science; Vernal, Utah. Baumgartner, Jerry — Arts and Science; Scottsbluff. Nebraska. Beede, Wayne Edward — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Bell, Jack N. — Engine; Kansas City, Missouri. Bell. Margaret Joan — Arts and Science; Bethesda, Maryland. Bender, Eugene C. — Engine; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bender, Ray W. — Engine; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bennett, Bctte Jeane — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Berge, Bonnie Anita — Arts and Science; Wagner, South Dakota. Bergendoff, Raymond C. — Engine; Kansas City, Missouri. Berger, Jerry J., Jr. — Arts and Science; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Berry, Verne P. — Arts and Science; Paonia, Colorado. Bingham, Richard L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Bissell, Marie L. — Arts and Science; Sewanee, Tennessee. Blanchard, Barbara — Arts and Science; Los Angeles. California. Bolinger, Elizabeth — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Bolln, John J. — Engine; Douglas, Wyoming. 132 Bondus, Kay — Arts and Science ; Chicago, Illinois. Bousman, Mary Ann — Arts and Science; Los Altos. California. Bowers, Orvis E. — Arts and Science: Delta, Colorado. Bowser, Jenny — Arts and Science: Dayton. Ohio. Boyd, C. Kenneth — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Brandner. Joan — Arts and Science: Gillette. Wyoming. Brcetwor, Lenorc — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado. Breidenbach, George F. — Arts and Science; Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Brennan, Marion Delores — Arts and Science; Tuckahoe. New York. Brennan, R. James — Arts and Science: Butte. Nebraska. Brooks, Beverly — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Brown, Alta Mae — Engine; Boulder. Colorado. Brown, Bruce R. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Brown, Frank P., Jr. — Arts and Science; Breckenridge. Colorado. Brown, Mary Jo — Arts and Science; Longmont. Colorado. Brown, Patricia — Arts and Science; Long Beach. California. Burger, Harry, Jr. — Pharmacy ; Canon City. Colorado. Burgesser. Shirlene Patsy — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. Burgi, Nancy — Arts and Science; Minneapolis. Minnesota. Burrows. Leslie R. — Arts and Science; La Junta, Colorado. Burt. Morton W. — Engine; La Grange, Illinois. Burum, Billie — Arts and Science; Panhandle, Texas. Buswcll, John Douglas, Jr. — Arts and Science; Florence, Colorado. Cain, Marilyn — Music; Longmont, Colorado. Callihan. Beverly — Arts and Science; Lafayette. Colorado. Capen, Ann — Arts and Science; Bloomington, Illinois. Carlin, Frederic Paige — Arts and Science; Wiley. Colorado. Carlson, Joy Elin — Arts and Science; Wheaton, Illinois. Carlson. Phyllis Ann — Arts and Science; Johnstown, Colorado. Carnahan. Elsie Mac — Arts and Science; Elbert, Colorado. Carter, Betty Anne — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado. Carter, Martha — Arts and Science; Corpus Christi, Texas. Carter, Ralph — Arts and Science; Sharon Springs, Kansas. Castlebcrry. Jo Anne — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cauthen, Mary Patricia — Arts and Science; Dolores. Colorado. Chapman, Nancy — Arts and Science; Casper, Wyoming. Charvonia, David Alan — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Chase, Damaris — Arts and Science; Evanston, Illinois. Chase, Richard H. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Cibull, Muriel Rac — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. 133 Clardy, Lawrence Lafayette — Arts and Science; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Clark, Albert F., Jr. — Arts and Science; Los Angeles, California. Clark, Carolyn Roberta — Arts and Science; Kalispell, Montana. Clark, Lennie Lee — Arts and Science; Fort Worth, Texas. Clowes, Elinor M. — Arts and Science; Manzanola, Colorado. Colmcry, Helen — Arts and Science; San Benito, Texas. Cook, Monta J. — Arts and Science; Boise. Idaho. Coon, R. Duane — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Cornelius, Nancy — Arts and Science; Monte Vista. Colorado. Corre, Barbara — Arts and Science; Canon City, Colorado. Courscy, Marjorie — Arts and Science; North Platte, Nebras ka. Crain, Nancy — Arts and Science; Evergreen, Colorado. Crockett, Carol Marianne — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado Dabbs, Charles L. — Arts and Science; Roswell, New Mexico. Davenport, Elizabeth Muriel — Arts and Science; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Decker, Millard Gale — Arts and Science; Florence, Colorado. Demarest, Betty M. — Arts and Science: Boulder, Colorado. Detweiler, Bill — Arts and Science; Grand Island. Nebraska. Diffey, Mayme Virginia — Music: Dallas. Texas Dinwiddie, Sharon W. — Pharmacy ; Hayden, Colorado. Dixon, Marilyn E. — Arts and Science; Canon City, Colorado. Dollerschell, Raymond Lewis — Arts and Science; Stoneham, Colorado. Downs. Betty Jo — Arts and Science; Evergreen. Colorado. Dreith. Charles W. — Arts and Science; Berthoud, Colorado. Duke, Eleanor Jeanne — Arts and Science; RockviJle. New York. Dunklee, Ed — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Edwards. Edna — i4rts and Science; Colorado Springs. Colorado. Eeckhout, M. Jo — Arts and Science; Julesburg, Colorado. Egerton, George L. — Arts and Science; Summit, New Jersey. Ehrenfreund. Laura — Arts and Science; Peekskill, New York. Eisen, Charles — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Elliott, Ruby E. Darlene — Arts and Science; Idalia. Colorado. Ensz. Barbara Jean — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Epstein. Jerome — Arts and Science; Kansas City, Missouri. Evans, Gerald Lance — Engine; Hutchinson, Kansas. Evans, Jean — Arts and Science; Moab, Utah. Fain, Alan Leornard — Arts and Science; Brookline, Massachusetts. Farber, Irene — Arts and Science; Washington, D. C. Farrens, Merle P. — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Febronia. Roybal — Arts and Science; Fruita, Colorado. 134 Fcingold, Phil— y4rfs and Science: Denver, Colorado. Fine, Henrietta — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Fletcher. Maxine — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. FoUis, Anne— Arts and Science: Glendale. California. Foraker, Sally Ann— Arts and Science: Laguna Beach, California. Foster. Donald I.— v4ffs and Science: Canon City, Colorado. Fountain, Nancy — Music: Sloan. Iowa. Frank. Geneva — Arts and Science: Boulder, Colorado. Frodermann, Melba — Arts and Science: Hermann, Missouri. Galbasini. Gene — Pharmacy: Boulder, Colorado. Galles, Wilma — Arts and Science; Casper, Wyoming. Garlinghouse, Ralph S. — Arts and Science: Lihue, Kauai, T. H. Gam, Nancy Jean — Arts and Science: South Bend. Indiana. Garver, Mary Louise — Arts and Science: Denver, Colorado. Garvin, John Arthur — Engine: San Diego. California. Gates. Philip E. — Engine: Medford, Oregon. Gauss, Harriet — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Geiger, Genevieve — Music; Denver, Colorado. George. Peggy Jo — Arts and Science; Deerfield. Illinois. George, Wilma — Arts and Science: Longmont, Colorado. Gesell, James M. — Arts and Science; La Junta, Colorado. Gctts, Max Edwin. Jr. — Arts and Science; Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Glick, Susan — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. Gloyer, Donald C. — Arts and Science; Scottsblu0, Nebraska. Goecker. Betty Lou — Arts and Science; Fort Morgan, Colorado. Goettsch. Robert — Pharmacy: Elliott. Iowa. Goley. R. Gene — Engine: Enid, Oklahoma. Green, William Paul — Arts and Science; Crowley, Louisiana. Greengross, Betty J. — Arts and Science; Brookline, Massachusetts. Groves, Vcrl Dale — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Guinand. Nancy — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. GuUberg, Anne E. — Arts and Science; Moline, Illinois. Gunther, Katherine — Arts and Science: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Habel. Miriam — Arts and Science; Elmhurst, Illinois. Hagen, Mona Leah — Arts and Science; Red Lodge, Montana. Hackman, Richard — Engine; Ilion, New York. Hall. Sylvia — Arts and Science; Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Hanchey. Oba — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Hanihan, Merle James — Pharmacy ; Riverdale, Illinois. Hanson, Helen — Arts and Science: Walden. Colorado n 1 1 ui ! 1 1 ikii 1 1 1 !« :hl 135 Hansen, Corrinc A. — Arts and Science; Greenleaf, Kansas. Hansen, Jacqueline — Arts and Science; Omaha, Nebraska. Hansen, R. Ray — Arts and Science; Fort Collins, Colorado. Harder. Fred D. — Arts and Science; Twin Falls. Idaho. Hardin, Blanche — Arts and Science; Englewood, Colorado. Harkness, A. Marie — Arts and Science; Lamar. Colorado. Harlan, Bette Blair — Arts and Science; Trinidad, Colorado. Harmon. Derold — Engine; Louisville, Colorado. Harper, Lorren — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Hatasaka, Harry H. — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Hatcher, Helen Patricia — Arts and Science; Springfield, Colorado. Havran, Adolph Norland — Engine; Cortez, Colorado. Hawkins, Mary Lou — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Heath, Olive K. — Arts and Science; Salina, Kansas. Heath, Richard R. — Arts and Science; Topeka, Kansas. Heck, Mary E. — Arts and Science: Rochester. Minnesota. Heckart, Charles Lawrence — Engine; Santa Ana, California. Heidt, Melvin George — Arts and Science; Ordway, Colorado. Heine, Richard — Engine; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hickman, Duane — Arts and Science; Norton, Kansas. Hill, Lowell — Arts and Science; San Jose, California. Hill, Woodrow S. — Pharmacy; Boulder. Colorado. Hilton, Joan — Arts and Science; Sioux City. Iowa. Hirsch, Marilyn — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Hirsch, Marion — Arts and Science; Pueblo. Colorado. Inouye, Hisae — Pharmacy; Denver. Colorado. Hix, George J. — Arts and Science; Estes Park, Colorado. Hoagland, Ben H., Jr. — Music; Indianola, Nebraska. Hoepner, Betty — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Hogan. Thomas — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Holder, Mabel — Music; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Holderness, Dorothy L. — Pharmacy; Hayden. Colorado. Holderness, Pat — Arts and Science; Hayden, Colorado. Hope. Lorna — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs. Colorado. Howard, Anne — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Howe, Carolyn M. — Arts and Scienec ; Golden, Colorado. Hunsinger, Howard — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hubbell. Joan — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Hubert, Helen Kathleen — Music; Montrose. Colorado. Huitt, Raymond E. — Arts and Science; Pierce. Colorado. 136 Hunt. Beverly — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Hunter, Carol — Arts and Science; Madison, South Dakota. Hutchings, Paula — i4rfs and Science; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Irish, Bill — Arts and Science; Las Vegas, New Mexico. Irvine, Susan — Arts and Science; Iron River, Michigan. Ives. Cleo Carol — Arts and Science; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jackisch. Marv — Arts and Science; Silverton. Colorado. Jackson, Sue — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Jacobs, George M. — Arts and Science: Arvada. Colorado. Jacobson, Evelyn — Arts and Science; Dearborn, Michigan. Jacobson, Ralph Henry — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Jaycox, Randall E., Jr. — Arts and Science; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jensen, Gene R. — Arts and Science; Flagler, Colorado. Joffee. Thomas F. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Johnson, Elmer K. — Engine; Greeley, Colorado. Johnson, Farnum — Arts and Science; Falls Church, Virginia. Johnson, Patricia L. — Arts and Science ; Longmont, Colorado. Johnson, Ruth Anne — Arts and Science; Bethesda, Maryland. Jones, Betty Joann — Arts and Science; Plainview, Texas. Jones, Beverly A. — Arts and Science; Brush, Colorado. Jones, Bobby T. — Arts and Science; Julesburg, Colorado. Jones, David L. — Engine; Oakland, California. Jordan, Walter D. — Arts and Science; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Joseph, Ali — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. iosselyn, Virginia — Arts and Science ; Denver, Coloado. lahn, Edward Joseph — Arts and Science; Winnetka. Illinois. Kahre, John A. — Arts and Science; Arvada, Colorado. Kamlet, Herbert L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Katona, Alexander — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Keating, Bernard L. — Engine; Edgemont, South Dakota. Kearney, Adrian — Arts and Science; Spokane, Washington. Keil, Carolyn Jean — Arts and Science; Decatur, Illinois. Kellar, Robert H. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Keller, Richard — Engine; San Antonio, Texas. Khoursheed, Farced — Engine; Jaffa, Palestine. Kilton, Roger M. — Arts and Science; Sullivan, Illinois. Kimmel, Shirley Jean — Arts and Science; Arapahoe, Colorado. Kinsinger, Doris Louise — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Kissack, John W. — Arts and Science; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Knowlton, David C. — Arts and Science; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 137 Koopman, Janifred — Arts and Science; Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Koplowitz. Gerald H. — Arts and Science; Baltimore. Maryland. Kornemann, Weston William — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Kuball, Edward Donald — Engine; Jamestown. North Dakota. Kubin, Rosemary — Arts and Science; Waukegan, Illinois. Lamberson. Andy — Arts and Science ; Florence. Colorado. Lane. Barbara A. — Arts and Science; Oak Park. Illinois. Lapham, Patricia — Arts and Science; La Grange, Illinois. Larson, Charlotte Jane — Arts and Science; Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Lasnik, Dolores — Arts and Science; Louisville, Colorado. Lauter, Eve — Arts and Science; Toledo, Ohio. Lawrence, Earl R. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Leahy, Sally — Arts and Science ; West Lafayette. Indiana. Lembcke, Anna — Arts and Science; Holstein, Iowa. Lemich, Mitzie — Pharmacy ; Ruth, Nevada. Liebtrau. William H., Jr. — Arts and Science; Dayton. Ohio Lindborg. Edith Ellen — Arts and Science; Wellshoro. Indiana. Litt, Mark D. — Engine; Pleasant Valley, New York. Logan. Leland Leath — Music; Pueblo, Colorado. Long, Georgia M. — Arts and Science; Stockton. Kansas. Lott, Joan — Arts and Science ; La Junta, Colorado. Lynch, Robert E. — Arts and Science; Ordway, Colorado. Lynn, Conrad Dale — Engine; Ferndale, Michigan. MacCornack, Barbara — Arts and Science; Boulder City, Nevada. MacLaren, Merle — Arts and Science; Fort Worth. Texas. MacMillan. Jean — Arts and Science; Hingham, Massachusetts. McAndrews. Mary Ellen — Arts and Science ; Denver, Colorado. McClcllan, Dorothy — Arts and Science; Gruver. Texas. McTammany, Ruth — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. McGraw, Jerrlyn — Arts and Science; Durango. Colorado. McKeon, Joyce — Arts and Science; Hillsborough, California. ec. M. Jo - - ■ McKee Joni — Business; Boulder, Colorado. McQuarrie, Nanon Isabel — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Maltz, Dolores — Arts and Science; Wilmette. Illinois. Mann, Flora Alfreda — Arts and Science; Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Manson, Phyllis Jean — Arts and Science; St. Francis, Kansas. Martin, Jo-an Kathryn — Arts and Science: Trinidad. Colorado. Martin. Kenneth B. — Engine; West Henrietta, New York. Martin, Warren — Arts and Science; Joes, Colorado. Maruyama. Allen — Engine; Las Animas, Colorado. 138 Mason, Carolyn F. — Arts and Science; Detroit, Michigan. Maxwell, Donna — Arts and Science: Boise, Idaho. Melville, Ann — Arts and Science; La Junta. Colorado. Hurlburt. Mercyl — Arts and Science: Akron. Colorado. Millard, Janet — Arts and Science: NewtonviUe, Massachusetts. Miller, Howard Earl — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Miller, John C. — Arts and Science; Okmulgee. Oklahoma. Mills, Holly Y. — Arts and Science: Toirington. Wyoming. Miner, Charline — Arts and Science: Denver. Colorado. Mitchell, Gene T. — Engine; Brush, Colorado. Misroch, Cynthia — Arts and Science: New Jersey. Molidor, Ruth — Arts and Science; Libertyville. Illinois. Moorg, Barbara — Arts and Science; Lafayette. Colorado. Moreau. Ruth — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Morgan, Patricia — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Morris, Roy W. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Morrow, Mary Jean — Arts and Science; Arlington Heights. Il linois. Morton, Richard N. — Engine: Mitchell, Nebraska. Motoyama. William Henry — Pharmacy ; Arvada. Colorado. Mueller, Joan — Arts and Science; Palo Alto. California. Muirhead, Joyce — Music; Dresden, Kansas. Murphy, Marian Francis — Arts and Science: De Kalb, Wyoming. Nakano, William T. — Engine; Cheyenne. Wyoming. Nelson, Barbara Jean — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Nelson, Glenn Burton — Arts and Science: Longmont, Colorado. Nolde, Sue Mary — Arts and Science: DeerBeld. Illinois, Otto, Betty Jo — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Oliver, Mary E. — Arts and Science; Torrington, Wyoming, Panek. Pat — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Penney, Frank A. — Engine; Grand Lake, Colorado. Orrino, Joseph — Music; Anaconda, Montana. Paper, Sue — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Parks, Mary Louise — Arts and Science; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Peterson, Robert K. — Engine: Tabernash. Colorado. Peterson, Polly — Arts and Science; Loveland. Colorado. Piccoli, Joseph G. — Arts and Science; Durango. Colorado. Pickens, Robert Millar — Arts and Science; Richmond. California. Plaul, Glenn L. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Poling. Shirley J, — Arts and Science: Estes Park, Colorado. Polk, Leslie D. — Arts and Science; Williston, North Dakota, 139 Pospahala. Shirley Joan — Arts and Science; Monte Vista, Colorado. Potochnik, Molly — Arts and Science; Rock Springs. Wyoming. Pottorf, Fred Duain, Jr. — Arts and Science; Kremmling. Colorado. Powell, Jack G. — Arts and Science; Las Animas, Colorado. Pratt, Patricia Irene — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Quick, Gloria — Arts and Science; Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Radichel, Joyce — Arts and Science; Mankato, Minnesota. Ransom. Richard — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona. Rasmussen, Jack E. — Arts and Science; Grand Island, Nebraska. Reed, Dwight — Arts and Science; Compton, California. Reed, Jane — Arts and Science: Greeley, Colorado. Reich, Leatrice — Arts and Science; Peekskill, New York. Recce, John D. — Engine; Santa Fe. New Mexico. Reid. Janet — Arts and Science; Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Rhode, Ronald — Arts and Science; Boulder. Colorado. Richman, Russell B. — Engine; Wellington, Colorado. Rice, Beverly — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Rice. Reginald — Arts and Science; Wilmette, Illinois. Richard, Donald E. — Engine; Brush, Colorado. Riffel, Yvonne — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Riggs, Nancy — Arts and Scienec ; Highland Park. Illinois. Rinehart, Tom — Arts and Science; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Robertson, Charles Ellis — Arts and Science; Amarillo, Texas. Robertson, Robert B. — Arts and Science; Durango, Colorado. Rodgers, Joanne — Arts and Science; Ulysses, Kansas. Roper, Keith M. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Roquet, Jerry A. — Arts and Science; Morrill, Nebraska. Rose, Louanna — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Roy, Bette Elva — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Rumsey, Richard — Pharmacy ; St. Anthony, Idaho. Rush, Robert P. — Arts and Science; Salida. Colorado. Russell, Richard L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado, Sack, Marie — Music; Beatrice, Nebraska. Satterwhite, W. B. — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Saulcy, Martha — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Savage, Gerald J. — Engine; Columbus, Nebraska. Schlutius, Barbara Joan — Pharmacy ; Webster Groves, Missouri. Schoeneck, Lois B. — Arts and Science; Kenilwortb, Illinois. Schuller, Frances — Arts and Science; Wilmette, Illinois. Schure, John F. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. 140 Scoville, Wilber E. — Arts and Science: Lakewood, Colorado. Seaman. Joan — Arts and Science; Loveland, Colorado. Selters, Marjorie — Arts and Science; Monta Vista. Colorado. Sewell. Clair — Arts and Science: Eckley, Colorado. Sharpe, Roberta — Arts and Science; Piainheld. New Jersey. Shattuck, John B. — Arts and Science: Trinidad, Colorado. Shaver, Peggy — Arts and Science; Armel. Colorado. Shenefelt, Sandra — Arts and Science; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Shepherd, Joan Clare — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Sherwood, Marjorie — Arts and Science; Lakewood, Colorado. Shestak, Ted — Arts and Science; Gary, Indiana. Sletten. Ken G. — Engine; Billings, Montana. Smigelow, Eleanor Ruth — Arts and Science ; Raton, New Mexico. Smith, Billic — Arts and Science; Pierce, Colorado. Smith, Eugene — Engine: Orange, California. Smith, Jack E. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Smith, William Scott — Arts and Science; Evanston. Illinois. Snell, Edgar, Jr. — Arts and Science; Schenectady, New York, Sowell, Jeareen — Arts and Science; Hereford, Texas. Spangler, Janice J. — Music; Walsh, Colorado. Specht, Eddie G. — Pharmacy ; Loveland, Colorado. Spence, Shirley Maxine — Music; Boulder, Colorado. Spencer, Donald H. — Engine: Alamosa, Colorado. Sptelmann, Beverly — Arts and Sc ' ence : Winnetka, Illinois. Stowe, John E. — Music; Penrose, Colorado. Sprague. Shirley — Arts and Science: Glendale, California. Stark, John E. — Arts and Science: La Junta, Colorado. Statton, James — Arts and Science; Limon, Colorado. Stephenson, Walter L. — Arts and Science; Enid, Oklahoma. Stewart. John Forbes — Engine: BloomBeld Hills, Michigan. Stewart, Mary Leah — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Strain, Sheila O ' Malley — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Sugano. Kimie — Arts and Science: Rock Springs, Wyoming. Swalley, John R. — Engine; Toledo, Ohio. Swann, Barbara — Arts and Science; Dedbam, Massachusetts. Swann, Mary — Music; Dedham, Massachusetts. Taggart. Donna L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Tank, Wynona F. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Tapp, Bancroft — Arts and Science: Kansas City, Missouri. Taylor, Eloise — Music; Alamosa, Colorado. 141 142 Thornton, Ruth Evelyn — Arts and Science; Denver, Colorado. Todd. Edwin K.— Engine ; La Salle, Colorado. Tondrc, Patricia M. — Arts and Science; Los Lunas. New Mexico. Tozer, Marcia Lee — Arts and Science ; Windsor. Colorado. Tryba, Ernest J. — Arts and Science; Chicago. Illinois. Uppendahl, Donald L. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Upton, Mary — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Valentine, Jane — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Vance, Alfred W. — Engine; Enid, Oklahoma. Van Gundy, Donald A. — Engine; Sterling, Colorado. Venohr, William A. — Arts and Science; Sterling. Colorado. VoKclcr, Nancy — Arts and Science; Elko, Nevada. Vural, Turan — Engine; Turkey. Wade, Ted — Engine; Sylvania, Ohio. Walker, Franklin D. — Arts and Science; Erie. Colorado. Walker, Les — Arts and Science; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Walz, Frank C, Jr. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Waymire, Shirley — Music; Brighton, Colorado. Wellenkotter, John H. — Arts and Science; Brighton, Colorado. Westerwick, Janet — Arts and Science; Phoenix, Arizona. Wezelman, Judith — Arts and Science; Chicago, Illinois. Whistler, Jane O. — Arts and Science; Boulder, Colorado. Whiting, Donna — Arts and Science; Belvidere, Illinois. Wilcox, Jo Ann — Arts and Science; DeKalb, Illinois. Wildgcn, Helen — Arts and Science; Canon City. Colorado. Wilkinson, Ruth Mary — Arts and Science; Enid, Oklahoma. Williams, Catherine — Arts and Science; Sedalia, Colorado. Williamson, Jane Hamil — Arts and Science; Sterling, Colorado. Witters, Robert D. — Arts and Science; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Wolach, Bernard — Arts and Science; Pueblo, Colorado. Woodard Janet Anne — Arts and Science; Saguache. Colorado. Woodrow, Marianne — Arts and Science; Denver. Colorado. Woolley, Beth — Arts and Science; Pocatello, Idaho. Woolley, Thomas Charles — Arts and Science; Longmont, Colorado. Wormwood, Dorothy Ann — Music; Gillette. Wyoming. Workman, E. Duane — Arts and Science; Yuma, Colorado. Yanaru, Dorothy N. — Arts and Science; Arvada, Colorado. Young, Barbara Ann — Arts and Science; Akron. Ohio. Young, Roberta E. — Arts and Science; Walsenbur . Colorado. Zabrusky, Edward J. — Arts and Science; Canon City, Colorado. Zuber. Neill Daniel, Jr. — Arts and Science; Ordway, Colorado. ■ TiT 0 143 Abelt. Ralph W. — Denver, Colorado. Abrams, Barbara — Chicago, Illinois. Adlcr, Margaret J. — Houston, Texas. Alexander, Gloria — Boulder, Colorado. Alexander, Mary Anne — Boulder, Colorado. Allnutt. William F. — Greeley. Colorado. Alper, Rita L. — Detroit, Michigan. Amato, Ann Gertrude — Denver, Colorado. Anderson, Betty Lou — Evanston, Illinois. Anderson, Jack Kent — Lakewood, Colorado. Anderson, Marilyn Marie — Denver, Colorado. Anderson, Mary Louise — Detroit, Michigan. Anderson, Nancy — Akron, Ohio. Andrews, James Beatty — Amarillo, Texas. Armstrong. Ann — Hinsdale, Illinois. Arnold, Elizabeth — Calumet City, Illinois. Arnold, Harry H. — Denver, Colorado. Artcrburn, Larry E. — Denver, Colorado. Ashburn, Rosemary — Louviers, Colorado. Ball, Donna Jean — Boulder, Colorado. Bard, Irene Ellen — Detroit. Michigan. Barnes, Jack — Boise City. Oklahoma. Barnes, Jack Duane — Pueblo, Colorado. Barnett, Delores — Denver, Colorado. Barngrover. Margie — Hugo, Colorado. Barron, Morton P. — Denver, Colorado. Bartling. Mebus — Kansas City, Kansas, Becker, Richard J. — Wheaton. Illinois. Bell. Willson " W.—Limon, Colorado. Benedeck, Norma— G enwood, Colorado. Benedict, Christine M. — Denver, Colorado. Bennett, Lucy — Wichita. Kansas. Berger, Leba Mae — Denver, Colorado. Bergheim, Joe H. — Boulder, Colorado. Berging, Isabel — Decatur, Illinois. Berry, Jean — Denver, Colorado. Bcrtea, Richard — Van Nuys, Califdrnia. Berve, Nancy — Denver, Colorado. Bickley. Ann — New York City, New York. Birk, Sue — University City, Missouri. Bittle, Ray — Center, Colorado. Black, Nola — Palo Alto, California. Blackburn, Antoinette — Glendale, California. Blake, Ann — Dolores, Colorado. Hlankc, Dolores — Boulder. Colorado. Bond, Robert — Winnetka, Illinois. Boner, Clarence — Jerseyville. Illinois. Booth, Marion Jane — Enid, Oklahoma. Boyer, Margaret — Charlottesville, Virginia. Boyle, Lucia — Denver, Colorado. Bradstreet, Mary Elizabeth — San Marino, California. Brady, Joseph — Denver, Colorado. Bramberg, Jane Ann — River Forest. Illinois. Brassea, Berna Jean — Florence, Colorado. Broadwell, Howard C. — Oberlin, Ohio. Broberg, Carl — Pueblo, Colorado. Brooks, Catherine — Boise, Idaho. Brown, Gale E. — Longmont, Colorado. Brown, Jean — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Brown, Mary — Columbus, Nebraska. Brown, Robert Grant — Ft. Collins, Colorado. Brunner, Bonney Marie — Midland. Texas. Buenik, Carol — River Forest, Illinois. Burkett, Yvonne — Breckenridge, Colorado. Burt, LaRoy — Blackfoot. Idaho. Butcher, Charles — Freeport, Illinois. Butler, Helen E. — Brighton, Colorado. By rum, Warner — Winnetka, Illinois. Carpenter, Elizabeth — Palo Alto. California. Carr, Jerry — Denver, Colorado. Carroll, Pauline — Denver, Colorado. Carstens, Cathryn — Grand Island, Nebraska. Carswell. Frances — Kansas City, Missouri. Carver, James — Dallas, Oregon. Cator, Gwen — Gruver, Texas. Cavender, Alice — Batavia, Illinois. Chace, Joan K. — Pilger, Nebraska. ChafFcc, Mary Louise — El Paso, Texas. Chapin, Leverett Lamson — Denver. Colorado. Chase, Betty Rae — Glenwood Springs. Colorado. Chase. Sally — Denver, Colorado. Childress, James D. — Durango, Colorado. Chisholm, Frances — Boulder, Colorado. Christiansen, Shirley — Princeton, Illinois. Christiansen, Phyllis — Longview, Washington. Clark, Elizabeth — Hemet, California. Clark, Jacqueline — Denver, Colorado. Clark, Shirley— W cAita Falls, Texas. Classen, Ann — Redwood City, California. Clauss, Donald A. — Melrose Park, Illinois. Cogburn. Gwen — Lakewood, Colorado. Cohen, Berta Jean — Los Angeles, California. Cohen, Matanah — Forest Hills. New York. Cohn, Geraldine — Omaha, Nebraska. Cole, Katherine Joann — Long Beach, California. Colony, Robert — Grand Junction, Colorado. Conklin, Janis — Rockford, Illinois. Cook, William F. — Manzanola, Colorado. Cooke, Jean — Los Angeles, California. Cooley, Joan — Aberdeen, South Dakota. Coon, Marvin L. — Boulder, Colorado. Corfield, Pamela — Weston, Colorado. Coughlin, Jo Ann — Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Cross, Mosley Mercer — Denver, Colorado. Crouse, Patricia Mae — Burlington, Colorado. Crysler, Barbara — Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Dahnke, George H. — Stratton, Nebraska. Dair, James Stewart — Rockford, Illinois. Davis, Joan Gertrude — Denver, Colorado. Davis, Leslie F. — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dearborn, Martha — Glencoe, Illinois. Deem, M. Jane — Denver. Colorado. Deem, Mildred E. — Denver. Colorado. Dempsey. Carol — Winnetka, Illinois. Dempsey, Joseph — Chicago. Illinois. Dever, Charles David — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Dibble, Edwin T. — Ottumwa, Iowa. Dickroeger, Nancy — Webster Groves, Missouri. Dillingham, Tom — Enid, Oklahoma. Dillon, Dicksie — Boulder, Colorado. Doty, Eleanor F. — Wheatridge, Colorado. Dozier, Diane — Wichita, Kansas. Drake, Roberta — Monte Vista, Colorado. Drechsler, Ouida Lou — Glenwood, Illinois. Driver, Charles — Rapid City, South Dakota. Duckworth, Jane — Nashville, Illinois. Duncan, Carl Mack — Avondale, Colorado. Dykes, Martha Ann — Los Angeles, California. Easley, Joanne — Boulder, Colorado. Eastom, Jo Ann — Boulder, Colorado. Eddy, Howard L.. Jr. — Ft. Morgan, Colorado. Eddy. Wilma Jean — Forest Park, Illinois. Edwards, Christine — Monte Vista. Colorado. Ehrat, Barbara — Evanston, Illinois. Elliott. Margaret — Denver, Colorado. 146 Ellmorc, Joanne — Winnetka, Illinois. Elser, Ann — Malibu Beach, California. Engelmann, Jcannette — Magna. Utah. Eicher, Esther — Brewster, Kansas. Ettelson. S. Jean — Wilmette, Illinois. Evans, Samuel Frederick — Enid, Oklahoma. Fairchild, Bonnie — Denver, Colorado. Falk, Anne — Boise, Idaho. Federhart, Robert L. — Sioux City, Iowa. Felsen, Eilene — Denver, Colorado. Fertig, Patricia — Golden, Colorado. Fiala, Joan A. — Boulder, Colorado. Finley, Wallace — Wiley, Colorado. Finnegan, Mary — Placerville, Colorado. Fisher, Marcella — Glendale. California. Fishering, Suzanne — Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fochtman, Shirley — Denver, Colorado. Ford, Artha Lee — Boise City, Oklahoma. Fort. Ann — Waco. Texas. Foster, Daniel F. — Uravan, Colorado. Fox, Patricia A. — Iron Mountain, Michigan. Fox, Philip — Denver, Colorado. Frank, John Barber — Trinidad, Colorado. Franklin, Elizabeth — Denver, Colorado. Frei, Janet — Kenilworth, Illinois. French, Anne Elizabeth — Weston, Massachusetts. Frcng, Alice Lillian — Palo Alto, California. Friedman, Jacqueline — Kansas City. Mi ssouri. Frost, Jack M. — Pueblo, Colorado. Garin, Joan — Denver, Colorado. Gary. Ellen Phelps — Wheaton, Illinois. Gerling, Pat — Pueblo, Colorado. Gibson. William Knowlton — Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gicse, Mary Joan — Ames, Iowa. Gilinsky, Janice L, — Omaha, Nebraska. Gilkey, Charles Roy — Brighton, Colorado. Gill, Duane — Mitchell, Nebraska. Glasser, Charlotte — Oak Park. Illinois. Glavins, Lois Jean — Denver, Colorado. Gloor, Daniel O. — Columbus, Nebraska. Gooch, Charmayne — Loveland, Colorado. Goodman, Bernard H. — Tucumcari, New Mexico. Goodson, Bob Miller — Amarillo, Texas. Gordon. Joan — Chicago. Illinois. Gorom, Joan — Loveland, Colorado. 147 Grauer, Edward C. — Denver, Colorado. Green, Margaret Alice — Eureka, Kansas. Greene, Jerome — Denver, Colorado. Grodinsky, Baylamae — Omaha, Nebraska. Gross, Ann — Trinidad, Colorado. Guild, Susan — Denver, Colorado. Gullett, Donald D.—Scottsbluff. Nebraska. Gunstream, Dorothy Sue — Dallas. Texas. Gurley, Mary — Newport Beach, California. Haake. Harriet Jane — San Marino, California. Haakenson, Mary — La Junta, Colorado. Hachtmann. Carol — Libertyville, Illinois. Hadley, Nadine — Gunnison, Colorado. Hagen. Janet — Red Lodge, Montana. Hagan. Nancy — La Grange. Illinois. Haigh, Ruth Elizabeth — Homewood. Illinois. Haley. Joan — Sturgis, South Dakota. Hallen, Gloria — Denver. Colorado. Hammans, Jo Ann — Denver, Colorado. Hammer, William — Boulder, Colorado. Hammond. Don — Wilmette, Illinois. Handal, Emilio Ruben — Bethlehem, Palestine. Handel, John — Chicago. Illinois. Hanson, Carol — Benkelman, Nebraska. Hanson, Dagne — Denver, Colorado. Hamrick, William Raymond — Denver, Colorado. Harper, Robin Louise — Schenectady, New York. Harris. Louise — Peoria, Illinois. Hartley, Rebecca S. — Muncie, Indiana. Hartman. Mildred L. — Pueblo, Colorado. Haughter, Mary Louise — Duncan, Oklahoma Hawkins, Sally — Yampa, Colorado. Hart, James Richard — Pueblo, Colorado. Helder, George — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Helm, Sharon — Boulder, Colorado. Henrie, Anita Jewell — Center. Colorado. Henry. Mary — Denver. Colorado. Higgs. Roger Allen — Detroit, Michigan. Hill. Cecelia — Denver, Colorado. Holme, Ruth Anne — Salinas, California. Hopkins. Donald — Las Animas, Colorado. Hopkins, Jean — Hollywoodlands, California Hough, Ethel — Rifle. Colorado. Howard, Sara — Boulder. Colorado. Huddleson, Ernest P. — Corning, California 148 Huffcr. Jane — Hibbing. Minnesota. Hughcy, Mary Lee — Walsenburg. Colorado. Huising, Don L. — Lockport, Illinois. Hunter, Charles — Highland Park, Illinois. Ingwersen, Nancy — Jackson, Michigan. Iverson, Barbara M. — Sioux City, Iowa. Ives, Donna — Oklahoma City. Oklahoma, Jaffe, Irene — Detroit, Michigan. Jaggers, Barbara — Denver, Colorado. arman, James Peter — Port Chester, New York. efferson, Joan — San Diego, California. Johnson, verlita — Reno, Nevada. Jones. Jacquelyn H. — Havana. Illinois. Judge, Jane — Denver, Colorado. Kahn, Frederick Sanford — Boulder, Colorado. Kahn, Lorain — Denver, Colorado. Keenan, George — Akron, Colorado. Kellar, William James — Boulder, Colorado. Kennedy, Mary K. — Rochester, New York. Kent, Constance — Bloomington, Illinois. Kidd, Louann — Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Kester, Mary Ann — Denver, Colorado. Kiefer, Charlotte — Rocky Ford. Colorado. Kildow, Betty — Arapahoe Ranch, Thermopolis, Wyoming. Kiley, Gene — Highland Park, Illinois. Killefer, Robert — Newport Beach. California. Kilpatrick, Jo Lee — Champion, Nebraska. Kimble, Donald — Limon. Colorado. Kirkham, Louise — Omaha. Nebraska. Kirschner, Allen — Port Washington, New York. Klausner, Charlene — Denver, Colorado. Klein, Virginia — Denver, Colorado. Knotts, Francis W. — Norfolk. Virginia. K notz, Jane — Hastings, Minnesota. Kohn, Joanne — Chicago, Illinois. Kosmalski, Fern — Chicago. Illinois. Kraemcr, Sue — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Krasberg, Robert W. — Glenview. Illinois. Kraybill, Connie — RiSe, Colorado. Kunse, Joan — Denver, Colorado. Kvitek, Arietta Ann — River Grove, Illinois. Lacy, Joe — Pueblo. Colorado. Lamb. William E. — Denver, Colorado. Lambert, Dorothy — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lasley. Sidney William — Arlington Heights, Illinois. L-L_i 149 Latham, Sheldon — Grand Junction, Colorado. Levitt, Arlcne — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Levy, Carol — Winnetka, Illinois. Lewis, Fern Elizabeth — Higgins, Texas. Lewis, Mary Katherine — Higgins, Texas. Lintner, Normajune — Homewood, Illinois. Liston, Mary Louise — Elmhurst, Illinois. Littler, William Eugene — Boulder City, Nevada. Lockhart, Ann — Boulder, Colorado. Lockhart, George A. — Boulder, Colorado. Long, Clifford C. — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Lowe, Virginia — Denver. Colorado. Ludeman, Barton — Denver, Colorado. Luscombe, Ann — Denver, Colorado. Madsen, Else — Denver, Colorado. Mahoney, Bettc Lou — Mondamin. Iowa. Maier, Clara Jane — Longmont, Colorado. Manley, Elmer E. — Wahiawa. Oahu. T. H. Markham, Annette D. — Denver, Colorado. Mann. Doris — Trinidad, Colorado. Markle. Mary — Denver, Colorado. Marvin, Mary — St. Charles, Illinois. Massey, Leon — Grand Island, Nebraska. Mast, Marcia — Fort Wayne, Indiana. Masters, Beverly Diane — North Platte, Nebraska. Mayer. Helene Barbara — Glencoe, Illinois. McAlpine, Marilyn — Columbia, Utah. McCall, Maxine— Co orado Springs, Colorado. McClelland, Betty — Powell. Wyoming. McCIughan, George W. — Taylorville, Illinois, McCullough, Eleanor — Ovid. Colorado. McDowell, Lois — Colorado Springs. Colorado. McEIwain, Mary — Brighton, Colorado. McGinn, Lou Ann — Denver, Colorado. McKee, Jeanie — La Grange, Illinois. McKibben, Mary Jesse — 2 enver, Colorado. McMillen, Patricia — Greeley, Colorado. McWhorter, Evelyne — Fort Arthur. Texas. Mecherle, Georgia — Bloomington, Illinois. Melville, Patricia — Denver, Colorado. Mersnik, Diana M. — Euclid, Ohio. Metz, Zelda — Denver, Colorado. Miller, Lois Rae — Sioux City. Iowa. Mills. Basil E. — Borger, Texas. Milner, Jerold F.— San Carlos, California. 150 Miner. Richard W. — BloomHeld Hills, Michigan. Miskowiec, Wanda G. — Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Mitchell, Patricia Lee — Denver, Colorado. Mitchell, Patricia Ruth — Clearmont, Wyoming, Morris, Ruth L. — Stelton, New Jersey. Mosher, Charles Edward — Hinsdale, Illinois. Mossman, Lea — Belvidere, Illinois. Moore, Carrie — Houston, Texas. Moncrieff, Barbara — Denver, Colorado. Moran, Mary Anne — Slootsburg, New York. Morroni, Catherine — Denver, Colorado. Morrow, Nancy — Houston, Texas. Mueller, Darline — Chicago, Illinois. Musgrove, Ida May — Kittredge, Colorado. Nedow, Sylvia — Odessa, Texas. Nelson, Barbara Scott — Mavwood. Illinois. Nelson, Joan — DeKalb, Illinois. Norris, Betsy — Glencoe, Illinois. Oehldcrs, Robert R. — Brighton, Colorado. Oertli, Charles W. — University City, Missouri. O ' Kclly, Suzanne M. — Woodbury. New Jersey. Olsen, Royal Warner — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. O ' Mclia, Frances — Rawlins, Wyoming. Onorati, Lucille — Las Animas, Colorado. Otava, Norma — Longmont, Colorado. Over, Gene L. — Rittman, Ohio. Pabst, Bertha Jean — Brush, Colorado. Packard, Sally — Somerset, Kentucky. Page, Rodney D. — Pueblo, Colorado. Paidar, Shirley — Kenilworth, Illinois. Palmer, Ann — Boulder, Colorado. Palmer, Sally — Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pankoff, Mary — Denver, Colorado. Paper, Esther Ann — Denver, Colorado. Parsons, Adele — BurUngame, California. Pastor, Kenneth Richard — Fort Collins, Colorado. Parton, Garland Wayne — Limon, Colorado. Paulsen. Jerdia — Gering, Nebraska. Payne, Charles William — Denver, Colorado. Pennington, Pat — Denver, Colorado. Permut, Ilene — Denver, Colorado. Perry, Stephen — Jefferson, Ohio. Peterson, Kathleen — Louviers, Colorado. Plush, Lola — Frazier Park, California. Pohl, Richard Walter — Birmingham, Michigan. ' HL A ik. wK 151 Poole, Joanne — Sterling, Colorado. Postel, Barbara — Chicago, Illinois. Potter, Barbara H. — Great Lakes, Illinois. Powell, George Witham — Las Animas, Colorado. Pratt, Meredith Stephen — Los Angeles, California. Pretti, Bradford J. — Glenwood Springs. Colorado. Price, Billy Joe— Tulia, Texas. Probe, Marilyn — Clayton, Missouri. Pry, Dottie — Denver, Colorado. Pumphrey, Pattie — Gainesville, Florida. Raben. Gilbert — Rapid City, South Dakota. Randolph, Robert H. — Las Animas, Colorado. Reddish, James — Jerseyville, Illinois. Redmon, Katherine — Kenilworth, Illinois. Reid, William L. — Glendale, California. Reimer, Mary Jean — Golden, Colorado. Reiva, John — Redvale. Colorado. Reynolds, Doris Lec—Swink, Colorado. Richardson, Elsie — Grand Valley. Colorado. Riker,III, Andrew Lawrence — Manchester. Connecticut. Ripps, Phyllis Gladys — Denver. Colorado. Roberts, John — Denver, Colorado. Robertson, Carolyn — Wichita Falls, Texas. Robertson, George Gordon — Raton, New Mexico. Ronnquist, Shirley — Moline, Illinois. Roos, Audrey F. — Decatur, Illinois. Rose, Shirley Joan — Boulder, Colorado. Rosendahl, Joan — Evanston, Illinois. Roth, Mary C. — Middletown, Connecticut. Rothman, Bertram J. — Brooklyn. New York. Ruddy, Joanne — Webster Groves, Missouri. Rusho. Wilbur L. — Denver, Colorado. Russell, Rosemary — Evanston, Illinois. Ryan. Lucille Arlene — Del Norte. Colorado. Safran, Hubert — Denver, Colorado. Sailer, Violet — Denver, Colorado. Salyards, Don — Eaton, Colorado. Saulcy, Virginia Louise — Loveland, Colorado. Saunders, Florilyn — Denver, Colorado. Schaar, Jean — Chicago, Illinois. Schrenk, Donald Ray — Boulder, Colorado. Schroeder, Sally — Kirkland, Washington. Schneider, Jo Ann — Auburn, Nebraska. Scholten, Donna — Sterling, Colorado. Scholten, Kenneth Lee — Sterling, Colorado. Wt f 152 Schroeder, Ellen Suzanne — White Plains, New York, Schwartz. Herbert F. — Denver, Colorado. Seasholtz, Joyce — Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Sevier, Jack Donald — Denver, Colorado. Shampaine, Martin — Clayton, Missouri. Shearer, Walter W. — Hammond, Indiana. Sherdahl, Susan — Fargo, North Dakota. Siegel, Alice — Monee, Illinois. Sill. Helen — Lincoln. Nebraska. Silver, Joan Lee — Calumet City. Illinois. Simms, Rex B. — Buffalo, Wyoming. Sincerbeaux, Robert — New Rochelle, New York. Skillman, John A. — Denver. Colorado. Skinner. Kenneth Leroy — Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Slason, Martha Jane — Mission, Kansas. Small, Shirley — Kansas City, Missouri. Smith, Dixie Ann — New Orleans, Louisiana. Smith, Hawley — St. Louis, Missouri. Smith, Lee — San Marino, California. Smith, Paul Allen — Boulder, Colorado. Smith, Sondra J. — Longmont, Colorado. Soper, Joy Lee — North Platte, Nebraska. Spath, Charles — Pueblo, Colorado. Sptelman, Eugene B. — Los Altos, California. Spiker, James L. — Bushnell, Illinois. Stam, Louise — Lincoln, Nebraska. Stein, Mary Jane — Jackson, Tennessee. Stark, Marilyn — Hobbs, New Mexico. Starks, Jeannctte — Denver, Colorado. Steere, Barbara — Whittier. California. Steers, Georgia W. — Ree Heights, South Dakota. Steinhauer, Eugenie — Denver, Colorado. Stern, Sue — Los Angeles, California. Stine, Barbara Rhea — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Stoll, Alfred L. — Greeley, Colorado. Storke, Frederic Putnem. Jr. — Boulder, Colorado. Street. John Richard — Sante Fe, New Mexico. Streicker, Mitchell B. — Chicago, Illinois. Strick, Jacqueline — Palo Alto, California. Striker, Babette — Denver, Colorado. Strimling, Sharon — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Stephens, Donald — Pueblo. Colorado. Sullivan, Jean — Boulder, Colorado. Sundberg, Donald L. — Johnstown, Colorado. Sunshine, Philip — Denver, Colorado. i£ ff 153 Sweet. Carla — Topeka, Kansas. Swope, Pat — Loveland, Colorado. Tanner, Wallace — Boulder, Colorado. Taylor, Volney M. — Denver, Colorado. Taylor, Anne S. — Lake Bluff, Illinois. Tcnenson, Jean Marie — Omaha, Nebraska. Thcotokatos, Thomas L. — Salida. Colorado. Thompson, Pearl — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tillotson, Patricia — Denver. Colorado. Tonkel, Mickey — Lakeland, Florida. Troxell, Richard C. Jr. — Longmont, Colorado. TuUy, Gordon E. — Grand Island. Nebraska. Turnquist, Helen Elaine — Denver, Colorado. Uhrich, Nona Vonne — Loveland, Colorado. Ulrich, Donald A. — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Unfug, Laura Lee — Walsenburg, Colorado. Usher, Marilyn — M onte Vista. Colorado. Vandcrvort, Theresa Lee — Evanston, Illinois. Van Ert, Willard Lee — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Van Nostrand, Andy — Monte Vista, Colorado. Vasholz, Lothar A. — Denver. Colorado. Vasterling, Carole — Park Ridge, Illinois. Varga, Henry J. — Cleveland, Ohio. Vaughn, Barbara Jean — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Vaughn, Joan Elizabeth — Estes Park, Colorado. Velte, Barbara — Boulder. Colorado. Verdon, Margaret — Richland. Michigan. Volzkc, Gwen — Denver. Colorado. Vonier, Joan — Denver, Colorado. Wade, Gloria — Georgetown. Colorado. Wahlmeier, Geraldine — Denver, Colorado. Waldbaum, Lyllian — Denver, Colorado. Wallerius, Joan- — Sacramento, California. Walsh, Jo Ann — Denver, Colorado. Ward, Arline — Hinsdale. Illinois. Ward, Barbara — San Francisco, California. Ward, Barbara Jean — San Diego, California. Wassmann, Bill — Kankakee, Illinois. Watkins, Dale O.—Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Watts, Lois — Denver, Colorado. Weber, Marilyn — Boulder, Colorado. Weingartner, Jean — Rockford. Illinois. Wells, Sally — Evanston. Illinois. Wenziker, Shirley Ann — Boulder, Colorado. Wertheim, Bernice — Cincinnati, Ohio. ' sip m 154 Wcrtz, Ronald Duanc — Fort Collins, Colorado. Whitehouse, Joan — Ottumwa, Iowa. Whiteside, Donna — Delta, Colorado. Wichman, Carol — Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wilkins, Joyce — Boulder, Colorado. Wilkinson, Don D. — Lakewood, Colorado. Wilkinson, Gordon B. — Lakewood, Colorado. Williams, Barbara Ann — Tatum, New Mexico. Williams, Dwight L. — Longview, Washington. Williams, Richard Dale — Golden, Colorado. Willson, Jane — Limon, Colorado. Wilson, Lois — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wiltberger, Gretchen — Evanston, Illinois. Wimp, Marguerite — Kress, Texas. Winans, Jo Ann — Denver, Colorado. Winner, Frances — Burlingame, California. Wimmell, Arthur C. — Las Animas, Colorado. Wingo, Eleanor — Craig, Colorado. Wiley, Joan — Pagosa Springs. Colorado. Wolcott, Maryann — Elgin, Illinois. Wolgast, Carol — Denver, Colorado. Ward, Kathryn — Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Wuethrich, Barbara — Wilmington, Delaware. Wulfekuhler, Albert F,—Naaleku, Hawaii, T. H. Wade, Gloria — Georgetown, Colorado. Yensen, Marilyn — Homedale. Idaho. Young, Harriett Anne — San Diego, California. Zisch, Richard L. — Johnstown, Colorado. Davidson, Hugh Calvin — Grant, Nebraska. Hatchings, Herbert Dean — Loveland, Colorado. Jones, Allen C, Jr. — Rose, Nebraska. Mitcheltree, John R., Jr. — Shaker Heights. Ohio. Paddock, Stephen Palmer — Wilmette, Illinois. Taub, Patricia — Los Angeles, California. SCHOOL oi LAW Back row, lelt to right: G. Leih. R. Chang, R. Linscott, J. Shakeshaft, H. Arnold, R. LeCroix, F. Benton. Fourteenth row: W. Seibel, G. Floyd, D. James, J. Clayton, R. Swetnam, J. Wendt, F. Cooley, F. Mayhoffer, J. Mack. Thirteenth row: G. Ward, J. Turk. E. Moore, W. Van Orman, R. Sanderson, E. Spangler, R. Palmes, M. Quiat, C. Schaetzel. Twelfth row: C. Lewis, R. McGrath, D. Griffin, J. Law, J. Smith. Eleventh row: W. Wallace, J. Reynolds, M. Richert, R. Knight, H. McCarty, W. Kettlekamp, F. Morrison, R. Asher, N. Nashem, R. McEntyre, F. Buchanan. Tenth row: A. Tomsic, W. McClearn, E. Fergeson, N. Halfpap, W. Grubbs, L. Martinez, E. Hayman, B. Davis, M. Hjelte. Ninth row: G. Zoellner, W. Waldeck, R. Nussbaum, R. Hagerty, R. Morris, W. Stinemeyer, W. Davis, H. Meadoff, F. McMahon, B. Dunn, G. Cheney, P. Dupler, K. Gross, J. Dillard. Eighth row: F. Allen, Jr., B. Backlund, J. Todd, G. Wollbrink, W. Grelle, T. Elder, D. Myers, R. Theis, H. Fisher. Seventh row: S. Finesilver, R. Brown, J. Sullivan, J. Zisch, D. Bratzman, L. Rovira, H. Blickhahn, I. Mason. D. Bennett. Sixth row: F. March, D. Shook, E. Lonabaugh, E. White, H. Ingebretsen, C. Cox, R. Johnson, E. Raldnmuth, E. Freienmuth, D. Miller, J. Michela, S. Jones. Filth row: R. Scott, S. Schneider, P. Burney, M. Hawkins, R. Ryan, H. Hutchinson, W. Rea, F. Kuhlman, R. Alsup. Fourth row: G. Buechler, D. Shadrach, L, Kennedy, W. Hobbs, R. Bartley, K. Watson, R. MacCracken, C. Miller, L. Bonato, J. Wilkinson, R. Anderson, J. Vento, P. Anderson. Third row: J. Barnard, C. Kirk, O. Wells, H. Vague, W. Hyde, R. McDermott, V. Vladyka, B. Pyle, D. Lonnecker, R. Rutledge, M. Warren, C. Absmeier, C. Jones. Second row: J. Hammond, J. Scavy, H, Famham, R. Fleming, F. Rehmer, R. Bailey. Front row: B. Shapson, E. Means. H. Nier, A. Winegardner, E. Butler, J. Harper, H. Williams, G. Dyer. R. Duthie, J. Gerard, J. Emery, R. Barton, V. Talcott, T. Pell, S. Telep, A. Broadstreet, G. Fonda, W. Steele, M. Ponnarites. 155 STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION President Garrett Fonda Vice-President David Goldwater Treasurer Walter Steele Secretary Hugh Fisher J, rARlFR. CO. PERMANENT STAFF Col. C. L. Landaker Captain L. F. Kengle First Sgt. V. A. Peterson M. Sgt. R. H. Seewer Sgt. G. E. Stevens 156 Permanent Staff Company Officers Back row, left to right: R. G. Gutru, G. R. Chafee, William Parr, M. L. Wiley, D. C. McCarter. Second row: M. Chilton, R. G. Nelson, E. R. Lemkin, J. J. Pellegren. Front row: Plans and Training Officer Captain L. F. Kengle. - ' mmmm- The Army Reserve Officers ' Training Corps was organized in the fall of 1948 as the first engineering R. O. T. C. on the campus under the direction of Lt. Col. Chester L. Landaker, Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, and Captain Lansford F. Kengle, Plans and Training Officer. The principle mission of the unit is to train the cadets to a degree that they are qualified upon graduation to assume the re- sponsibilities of Commissioned Officers in the Corps of Engineers Reserve, or in the Regular Army. While the strength of the unit this year was but one company, several activities were started. A rifle team was organized consist- ing of eleven men. This team competed in the Fifth Army Rifle Matches and also in the Hearst Trophy Match. A basketball team was also organized and played intrumural teams on the campus. Social functions included a combined Army and Navy dance held in the winter quarter and the Military Ball climaxing the spring quarter. During this summer, members of the Advanced Class will attend a summer camp at Fort Lewis, Washington, for a period of six weeks. Here training will be given in many of the practical problems confronting the Army Engineer such as the construction of military bridges, military roads, and obstacles. Cadets will also have the opportunity to work with and operate most of the tools and equipment with which engineer units are normally equipped. Their summer course will include the handling of en- gineer weapons, and demolitions, as well as the handling of units in the execution of tactical problems. While at camp, all activities will not be limited to military duty. Entertainment in the nature of camp shows, guided tours, hops and week-end leaves to the cities of Tacoma and Seattle are platmed. Plans for the future are being completed. Time will see the unit with far better facilities to accommodate its growing enroll- ment. Thus, in just one year, when the first group graduates and receives their commissions, the University of Color ado further increases its part in strengthening the nation ' s military position. 157 Corrpnry A U. S. NAVAL R. 0. T. C. OFFICERS Battalion Commander R. R. Helmick Company Commander, First Company J. B. Stuart Company Commander, Second Company C. R. Neal COLOR GUARD Left to right: E. B. Spielman. W. D. Jordan, O. W. Hampton, A, E, Hawkins. 158 Company Number I ' 1T fL " f: f If ■■! 1 1 I . • « 01 I. S. NAVAL R. 0. T. C. LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE " Life on the ocean wave " is not just a phrase to our students in the NROTC Unit at C. U.; for when the summer breezes blow, these embryo officers are off on their annual cruise as part of their Navy scholarship college training program. Each year they board a differ- ent type ship — battleship, aircraft carrier, or cruiser — and visit dif- ferent ports of call. Most of the time, however, is spent at sea where first hand knowledge is gained of the fleet tactics, gunnery, naviga- tion, seamanship, and engineering subjects which have been taught in the classroom during the preceding academic months. Formal school- ing is not forsaken, though, since regular classes are held on ship- board every day. In addition, the midshipmen stand regular sea watches and perform such shipboard duties as they have been trained for. All the above plus the daily contact with and observance of the officers and men of the ship ' s company are designed to make our mid- dies at home " on the ocean wave. " Last summer one group sailed in the carrier BOXER as part of a carrier task group. Departing from San Francisco, they sailed to Pearl Harbor, then back to the San Diego area. During the time at sea, they saw and learned air operations from A to Z and later par- ticipated in amphibious operations. During the same period another group of middies embarked in the " largest, strongest, and fastest " battleship, the IOWA, visited the gray-green seas off Puget Sound (with liberty in Seattle), thence pro- ceeded to Honolulu by way of Long Beach, California. After a pleas- ant stay in the cobalt waters of Hawaii, the group got underway for the Southern California area for amphibious and gunnery training. The above cruises were made by the regular NROTC students who are attending college under a Navy scholarship and who make a cruise each summer. Another category of NROTC student, makes only one cruise while at college. Last summer this cruise was aboard the light cruiser DULUTH which visited Victoria, B. C, Long Beach, and the Southern California area. All in all the cruises were extremely instructive and (if mal de mer did not set in) very enjoyable. And the liberty ports? They ' ll never be forgotten. 159 Company Number II HOOl of MEDICINE ,iis Bsmssmsmsmm m 160 Top row, left to right: J. H. Cuykendall, C. W. Mahler, D. E. McCreery, W. R. Gammon, A. L. French, Jr., D. E. Cameron, L. J. Farabaugh, C. H. Serfling, R. A. Roback, C. R. Swenson, F. Kruse, Jr. Third row: H. D. Padgett, Jr., A. M. Donnell, Jr., R. S. Freeman, J. A. Golden, W. P. Glover, L. C. Lo- hoff, M. E. Bischoff, Jr., G. T. Good, C. D. Bloomquist. Second row: C. Flaxer, C. H. Hargreaves, B. W. Lerner, R. W. Moore, R. L. Baird, E. G. Meek, W. J. Mellinger, R. N. Chisholm, G. R. Heppting, G. O. Howe. Front row: B. Fishman, R. L. Jardine, J. C. Redman, S. M. Weiner, S. I. Hatherley, A. A. Borski, D. D. Hanna, C. P. Hopley, R. E. Herrman, C. W. Anthony, D. A. Bennallack JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Charles D. Bloomquist Vice-President Henry W. Toll, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor G. Meek STUDENT HONOR COMMITTEE Chairman Walter W. Melvin Senior John M. Lampe Junior Martin E. Bischoff, Jr. Sophomore Perry W. Ford Freshman Robert H. Franch STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Senior George B. Lewis, William H. Derry Junior Douglas E. Cameron, Samuel E. Neff Sophomore Rexford A. Peterson, Vincent K.Cutshall Freshman Sidney L. DeBriere, Reuben J. Bareis A.S.U.C. Representative Irwin M. Weinstein SCHOOL of MEDICINE Top row, left to right: D. Rosendale, C. W. Wheeler. R. C. Stotler, C. Johnson, R. B. Melzer, E. L, Mor- gan, J. F. Hurdle, W. T. Blight, J. L. Robertson, D. R. Collier, Jr., W. D. Broxon, W. L. Ingram. Third row: R. K. Carver, P. W. Ford, G. D. Calonge, R. C. Coleman, J. G. Price, G. M. Dowis, F. R. Rabe, W. Turner, J. M. Wood, C. H. Robertson, J. C. McCulloch, R. A. Peterson, M. C. Googe, M. C. Isaacs. Second row: R. J. Schmitt, W. H. Jackson, J. S. Pollard, P. E. Stearns, G. D. Girard, G. W. Girvin, J. H. Boyd, D. R. Winternitz, J. B. Griffith, T. A. Edwards, C. F. Dalton, J. H. Koll, R. L. Gouge, V. I. Tal- cott, J. W. McDonald. Front row: G. H. Zuckerman, W. M. Robinson, L. A. Watts, H. W. Crawford, R. M. Fleming, A. T. Fer- guson, V. K. Cutshall, R. J. Groeger, R. W. Wilson, Jr., W. B. Summers, J. J. Frishman, A. M. Gordon, D. L. Morris, H. C. Leight. 161 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Richard M. Fleming Vice-President Florian R. Rabe Secretary-Treasurer Aileen M. Gordon SCHOOL or MEDICINE 162 Top row, left to right: R. Johnson, L. Lincoln. H. Von Fumetti. D. Stein, W. MacKestad, R. Haycraft, J, Norton, H. Hepner, F. Potestio, J. Pearse, B. Keener, L. Olsen, M. Smith, D. Strong, L, Tillquist, V. Ash, T. Moore, D. Nilson. Third row: R. Waggener. B. McCoy, E. Kinser. J. King. M. Blakely, J. Gill, McClure, M. Westerlund, P. Preeble, M. Hupp, C. Oba, K, Roehrig, S. Dienst, Heller, S. Foster. Second row: F. Seydel, R. Bareis, G. Hurley, J. Cook. R. Franch, J. Farrington, J. Gibson. G. Freeman, W. Fielder, D. Brown, A. Gillis, C. Hansman, J. Berry, B. McCow, B. Weiner. Front row: M. Ferrell, W. Lee, M. Carnes, M. Copeland, R. Currie, S. DeBriere, J. Alderman, F. Kimzey, A. Billings, E. Fyke, C. Clifton, S. Hellerstein, J. Shpall, D. Morris. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President O. John King, Jr. Vice-President John A. Ash Secretary-Treasurer Alice M. Billings MEDICAL TECHNICIANS ■ mmmmmm Back row, left to right: Marguerite Walters, Juanita Lestina, lia Mission. Jean Race, JoAnn Stoecker, Joan Bradley, Rosetnary Gallon. Second row: Amy Sato, Minnie Hidaka, Doris Reed. Margaret Ramey, Ann Coblentz. Front row: Virginia Whiteside. Bertha Kawakami, Barbara Smith, Phyllis Dedman, Yvonne Goodicr, Eleanor Witsell. 163 REPRESENTATIVES: Eleanor Witsell Joan Bradley SPONSOR: Dr. Mugrage V; ,. ;t t: ' of NURSING ■BSIH 164 Back TOW, left to right: Ada Mae Anderson, Elaine Anderson, Jeanne Bowden, Marilyn Earle, Gwendolyn Eisenmann, Jo Ann Flanders, Laura Forth. Third row: Margaret Fuller, Dixie Lee Gimer, Barbara Glanville, Phyllis Griffin, Mildred HoUingshead, Mae Lou Imes, Jerie John. Second row: Barbara Johns, Doris Johnston, Mildred Juhl, Fumi Katagiri, Virginia Michaels, Ardith Mietzner, Lucy Percy. Front row: Marjorie Sample, Jean Shreffler, Maxine Swanson, Mary Teeling, Patricia Teeling. The School of Nursing student body, which, during the year, had a membership of approximately 185 undergraduate degree students and 220 graduate nurse students, is organized under two divisions — one on the Boulder campus and one on the Denver campus. The Nursing Majors Asso- ciation in each of these divisions is organized to promote the professional nursing interests of the group. Class Senior Sophomore.. Freshman.... DENVER GENERAL HOSPITAL DIVISION Class Representative Faculty Sponsor Student Assoication Officers .Anna Norris Catherine Voetsch ..Joyce Albin Clara Bain .Fay Twist Audrey Schmid President Gwendolyn Cain Vice-President Sachie Watanabe Secretary Marilyn Hine Treasurer Wilma Robertson Class Senior, Section I Senior, Section II Junior, Section I Sophomore, Section I. UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS DIVISION Class Representative Faculty Sponsors Student Association Officers .Marjorie Sample Doris Greene Jerie John Eva Schadt Anne Roberts Dorothy Gregg ..Beverly Thomas Dorothy Day President Mary Ellen Randall Vice-President Anne Roberts Secretary Helen Nakagawa Treasurer Dorothy Williams ROSPITAl DIVISION JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES Back row, left to right: Thomas, Coffey, Williams, Howe, Drexel, Roberts, Randall. Second row: Souser, Spencer, Cording, Corry, White, Mikawa, Nakagawa. Front row: Pifcr, Allen, Bocttger, Stubbs, Morgan, Rutan, Sakaguchi. SOPHOMORES Back row, left to right: Ligler, Rivera, Crowley, Koch, O ' Donnell, Johnson, Robertson, Fraser, Hine, Brown, Bertholf, Orndorff, Thompson, Doermann. Front row: Edwards, Dill, Fisher, Rainey, Everett, Hoover, Wood, Creger, Barry, Berrick, Munoz, Albin, Brockert. FRESHMEN Back row, left to right : Schneckloth, Kuchler, Crews, Pridgeon. Second row : Crawford, Wolfenbarger, Gallegos, Johnston, Searle, Rios, Myers. Front row: Wetgen, Klar, Twist, Card, McMillin, Perkins, Sullivan. 165 i - NURSING MAJORS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Margaret Ortner Vice-President Doris Shoop Secretary Amelia Alire Treasurer Grace Lonn Faculty Advisors Mrs. H. A. Loughran and Miss Katherine Kelly Institutional Graduate Chairman Edith Tuff Public Health Graduate Chairman Carol James Sophomore Chairman Ruth Thornton Freshman Chairman Pat Crouse GRADUATE NURSE STUDENTS Back row, lelt to right: Kyle, McClaskey. Mathias, Goerl, Hughes, Knoedler, Broyles, Williams, Crytsal, Kadlec, Fitzgerald, Hill. Third row: Lonn, McElrain, Salisbary, O ' Kane, Echols, Bender, Hoyelund, Kreul, Thomas, Wakeland, Began. Anderson, Whitcomb, Swanson. Second row: Pagels, Etheridge, Shoop. Kelly, Ortner, Alire, Tuff, Weckmueller. Front row: Wiest, Carozza, Hansen, Dugger, Woods, Adams, Whitmore. 166 Back row, left to right: Haury, Goecker, Purviancc, McGraw, Jones. Larson. Colmery, McKelvy, Altaffer, Hageman. Mee, Seasholtz, Surprenant. Third row: Booth, Hagen, Talmage, Smith, Chace. Edwards, Whitchouse, Allred, Kinzie, Carstens, Par- sons, Fochtman. Second row: Thompson, Musgrove. Thornton. Kelly, Bowser, Schroeder, Hawkins, Olsen, Weiss. Front row: Salsbury, Prokcp, Yanaru, Sugano. Ashcraft, Hendricks, Chapman. BASIC STUDENT NURSES NO SMOKING AH-H-H OH-H-H EVERYWHERE IS EYEBALLS 169 ACK! HMN-N-N ATHLETICS EDITOR ED FEIST : ■ ' A " - m Ws ' - r.-: , W. ITHLETICS HARRY G. CARLSON Director of Athletics Harry G. Carlson, director of athletics and dean of men, has been a leading figure in athletic and academic activities on the campus since he joined the staff in 1926. As one of the nation ' s leading figures in intercollegiate athletics. Dean Carlson spon- sored and developed the sound policy of faculty control of C. U. ' s varsity snorts program which requires all participants to be bona fide students and amateur athletes. Dean Carlson was born 51 years ago in Jamestown, N. Y. He attended Jamestown high school and graduated from East high school, Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Springfield, Massachusetts, College in 1920 and received his master of arts degree from Clark University in 1924. The Dean was head coach of baseball at C. U. from 1927 through the 1945 season and won numerous championships. He was an outstanding pitcher and spent several years in the major leagues, but, as a sports activity now, he ardently pursues golfing and fishing. WILLIAM C. LAM Graduate Business Manager of Athletics William C. " Kayo " Lam was one of the greatest grid stars of the University ' s history. During his college career, he had the honor of being the first Buff player to be selected to play in an East-West football game. Lam, who was one of the most colorful athletes ever to don the silver and gold of C. U., was the nation ' s leading ground gainer in 1935 and the unanimous choice for all-star quarterback in the Rocky Mountain Confer- ence. He also won letters in track and wrestling. In 1937, the year after his graduation, he began his service to the University as assistant dean of men and assistant coach. Soon after he became wrestling coach and also assisted in the coaching of the freshman footballers. In 1941 he took over the duties of graduate business manager of athletics along with assistant professor of physical education. During the war he served as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. He is married and the father of three children. With the entry of C. U. in the new Big Seven conference and the installation of a new football coaching staff, Buffalo sports fans and athletes entered the 1948-49 athletic year with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Another factor which did a great deal to fire up the engines of the Buffalo rooters was the formation of the Buff Pep Club. This organization was respon- sible for getting an organized cheering section at football and basketball games, a new and enlarged cheerleading squad, and more all-school rallies. The Spirit and Morale committee of the ASUC successfully tried something new this year in introducing the under-publicized minor sports teams to the fans at halftime of the basketball games this winter. Enthusiastic and spirited crowds eagerly flocked to the gym and train station to cheer the arriving or departing teams. The results of all these heretofore mentioned innovations was an overall in- crease in the school spirit, which greatly aided in helping the varisty teams face their toughest competition in the history of the University. 172 mmm Athletics DAN PARTNER Director of Sports ' Publicity Dan Partner, director of the University News Bureau and also director of C. U. ' s sports ' publicity, came to the University of Colorado in June, 1946. He graduated from El Dorado, Kansas, High School in 1931 and received his B.S. degree in journalism at Kansas State Col- lege in 1936. The year following his graduation he was sports editor and telegraph editor of the Manhattan Mercury in Manhattan, Kan- sas. In 1937 he returned to Kansas State College as director of sports publicity, but quit the following year to become a sports writer for the Kansas City Star in Kansas City, Missouri. During the war he served as a lieutenant commander in the public relations division of the Navy. After his discharge in October, 1945, he returned to the sports staff of the Star where he worked until coming to Colorado in 1946. Mr. Partner is married and the father of three children. WARREN O. THOMPSON Acting Faculty Representative Professor Warren O. Thompson was appointed acting faculty representative of athletics this year in the absence of Professor Walter B. Franklin. Professor Thompson, who is the assistant head of the geology department, started his service at the Uni- versity in 1926. Previous to that he was a geology instructor at Washington University in St. Louis, 1922-25 and was connected with the Midwest Refining Company, 1923-26. He has done re- search work in the fields of sedimentary and oil geology and has written several articles for science publications. Professor Thompson received his B.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Colorado in 1922 and his Ph.D. from Stanford Uni- versity in 1935. His interests include athletics, hunting and fishing, and in his spare time he does geological work with oil companies. He is a member of Sigma Xi, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Geological Society of America, the Rocky Moun- tain Association of Geologists, and the Geophysical Union. The Professor is married and the father of three children. CHEERLEADERS Hail, the cheerleaders! To better accommodate the increasing attendance at basketball and football games, last year ' s squad of five cheerleaders was increased to ten members this year. They were chosen for their ability and interest at try- outs held with a representative group of the student body, the Buff Pep Club, as their judges. The group includes Mel Spurlin, Barbara Brickman, Bill Reese, Bill Haase, Lucy McGee, Ron Johnson, Joyce McKeon, Glenn Cambor, Chuck Newton, and Marybelle James. Working in conjunction with the Buff Pep Club, the cheerleaders worked out new yells and presented them to the student body at rallies and games. The gold and gray clad yell-leaders were a familiar sight at all home games, making use of every opportunity to bring the audience to their feet and urge the Thundering Herd on. The student body, faculty, coaches, and varsity athletes take this opportunity to extend their many heartfelt thanks and, again — hail, the cheerleaders! 173 r-„ " kMM ite Football DALLAS WARD - - - NEW GRIDIRON COACH We are happy to welcome Coach Dal Ward to the University this year. Ward, a former Oregon State star, was backfield coach and top assistant to Coach Bernie Bierman at the University of Minnesota. He couldn ' t ignore the opportunities offered at Colo- rado. Bringing a brilliant background, an aggressive spirit and a marked aversion to being a loser when he arrived in Boulder, he became the fourteenth football coach at Colorado since the sport began in 1890. Ward ' s nine years in the Western Conference, toughest league of them all, under Bierman, one of the all-time coaching greats, equipped him well for the task confronting him at Colorado. Ward found that Colorado, like Minnesota, demanded that its athletes be bona fide students and amateurs, and he would have it no other way. The new boss of the Buffaloes wasted no time in getting under way. He assembled a staff of the best men available, toured the state urging the citizens to " keep Colorado athletes in Colorado " and reminding them that the state ' s leading educational institution deserved their support. The results of his efforts can be seen in the way the squad performed against its tougher, heavier conference competition. The final tally of 2 wins and 3 losses for a fourth place tie with Nebraska did not nearly indicate the hard fought attack of Ward ' s Buffaloes. 174 Football Coach Eugene Gentry Coach Frank Prentup Colorado University with its newly acquired membership in the Big Seven Conference opened its eyes on the dawn of a new foot- ball season to greet the arrival of a new coaching staff headed by Dallas Ward. Following graduation from Oregon State in 1927, Ward became head coach at Marshall High School, Minneapolis. In 1928 he developed four city championship teams before joining the Minnesota staff for the 1936 season. When joining this staff. Ward served as freshman coach and scout until joining the Navy for three years in 1942. Upon his return to Minnesota for the 1945 season, he became backfield tutor. Soon after the new coaching staff had arrived and been as- sembled on the Colorado campus, head coach Dal Ward sent out the call for spring football practice. The job of putting the linemen through their paces was taken over by Marshall Wells, former Minnesota grid star. During his undergraduate years. Wells made numerous all-conference teams, was second-team All-America and played in the 1933 East-West game at San Francisco and the 1933 World ' s Fair East-West game in Chicago. The 36 year old mentor served four years as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program during the war. During the 1942 season, while stationed at the Iowa Pre-Flight school. Wells played tackle on the Seahawk ' s team, coached by Lt. Col. Bernie Bierman. He served as line coach at Yale, Iowa State, and Ham- line and head coach at Sioux Falls College, whence he came to join the C. U. faculty. Eugene " Bus " Gentry, who was summoned from St. Paul by Dallas Ward to become C. U. ' s new end coach, was also graduated from the University of Minnesota. He was a star player on the Gopher ' s championship baseball team and a member of the football squad. Following graduation, Gentry produced two championship football teams in his two years of coaching at Colome, South Da- kota, high school and another championship season followed at Willmar, Minnesota. He then moved to Yankton, South Dakota, where his success continued. From Yankton, Gentry went to Cen- tral high school in Minneapolis where his team won the city title. Following three years of service in the Army ' s Special Services Division as a major, he coached Monroe High School in St. Paul until joining the Buff staff. Frank Prentup, backfield coach and head baseball coach, joined the C. U. faculty in 1941. He was the regular quarterback for Coach " Bo " McMillin ' s Kansas State Wildcats for three seasons and also lettered in boxing, swimming, and baseball before grad- uating in 1932. Prentup ' s coaching career includes championship teams at Geneseo, Frankfort, Beloit and Manhattan, Kansas high schools. During the war he served two years as an officer in the Navy ' s physical fitness program. Other members of the staff are Frank Potts, who is chief scout for the Buff team in addition to his other duties of head track coach and assistant director of athletics ; and Aubrey Allen, who is the team ' s trainer. End of the season statistics showed the Golden Buffaloes win- ning three and losing six of their games. The team scored 168 points against its opposition this year, the highest since 1944. Set- ting a new attendance record, 91,000 Colorado football fans saw the Thundering Herd play in five home games. Back row, left to right: Lazell, Hogan, Allen, Gentry, Ward, Wells, Prentup, Greenberg, Coon. Fourth row: Kiefer, Davis, McDonnell, Wellenkotter, Winningham, Manire, Gump, Lawrence, Delmonico. Raso. Third row: Graves, Pike, Clapper, Evans, Bashor, Reece, Hancock, Ferrier, Thomas. Second row: Nix. De Neice, Case, Mcintosh, Jones, Stevens, Jump, Brenneman, Krone, Beery. Front row: Thompson, Cook, Pudlik, Breinig, Strobel, Spicer (captain), Simons, Miller, Narcisian, Hagin. Coach Marshall Wells " 3 1 - i - " o. - Trainer Aubrey Allen 17S » - Wm =3t , ' ».r •■ " - ■ ' 1 - ' ' » - - ' •■ ' s y !J " f5 New Mexico University downed the Colorado Buffaloes in the season opener of 1948 in Folsom Stadium, 9-6. The invading Loboes paid no atten- tion to pre-game dopesters, who rated them as un- derdogs, and so sent 16,000 fans home a little dis- appointed on September 25th. Late in the second quarter, trailing 7-0, Colo- rado carved out a six-pointer on a sustained drive of 87 yards. Malcolm Miller gathered in the New Mexico kick-off, following their touchdown, on the 13-yard line. Cutting to his right, he almost broke into the clear, but Lobo Center Virgil Boteler pulled the elusive right-halfback down on the 46. Sparked by Harry Narcisian, familiar number 20, the Buffs marched the distance with sophomore Don Hagin plunging over for the score. Ed Pud- lik ' s place-kick was partially blocked and low. Throughout the first quarter the inauguration of the " new look " for C. U. football appeared to fore- cast victory as the Buff line consistently outcharged their opponents. However, midway in the second period the Border Conference team managed to shake loose scatback Bill Rocke who galloped 56 yards before crossing the double stripe. Jerry Mc- Kown ' s boot split the uprights to send the New Mexicans ahead, 7-0, a lead which they never re- linquished. Late in the final period C. U. was trying des- perately to uncork a long run to bring themselves out of the red. But Arlie Beery was trapped in the Colorado end-zone by a determined Lobo forward wall for a two-point safety. That put the New Mexi- cans out in front, 9-6. Less than three minutes re- mained in the fourth quarter and the Buffs were unable to get under way again. Outstanding performers for Coach Dallas Ward in the first game of C. U. football directed by him were Guard and Captain Bob Spicer and Tackle Doug Nelson in the line, while Harry Narcisian stood out among the ball-toters. yith the stinging defeat by New Mexico Uni- versity at their backs, the Golden Buffaloes of Colo- rado journeyed to Lawrence, Kansas, on October 2 to meet the highly-touted jayhawkers of Kansas University For the first twenty-three minutes of the first half the Golden Buffs of Colorado displayed a brand of first-rate football that KU could not match. Kansas was outplayed, outfought, and out- scored throughout this first and second quarter surge by the Herd. Colorado, early in the first period, drove the length of the field, scoring on Miller ' s three yard sweep around left end. Zisch added the placement to put the Buffs in the lead 7-0. This drive was highlighted by a 30-yard gain on a lateral involving Narcisian, Pudlik, and Zisch. With seven minutes remaining in the first half the Buffs were still in command. At this point in the game, however, Kan- sas suddenly came to life. Dick Gilman, Kansas- prospective all-conference quarterback, filled the air with deadly accurate passes. His passes ac- counted for three rapid-fire touchdowns in the Short time of seven minutes, leaving the Buffs two touchdowns behind the pace at half-time • I t Jayhawks came out for the second half with the same fire that they had shown in the final minutes of the first half, for they marched ninety yards to a touchdown early in the third quarter. Another six-pointer in the third quarter plus a fourth quarter tally completed the Kansas scoring making the final score, 40-7. The team showed a definite improvement over their performance of the previous week when they were upset by the Lobos of New Mexico. The blocking and tackling were much sharper and much PnH ' fil, l ' rV° " " " " ' " " st°°d ° " t. while Pudhk, Zisch, Krone, and Thompson proved to be the stalwarts on defense. J: ■.ArVifmiu Bill Simons Ray Jump Griffith roaring through. 178 Buffs go for six. Doug Nelson Don Hagin Miller hits paydirt. The first conference game of the present Big Seven ever to be played on the turf of Folsom Field proved to be a brilliant home league debut for a Colorado eleven that defeated three-touch- down favorite Nebraska, 19-6. The Scarlet of Nebraska found a rude recep- tion from the high-spirited Buffaloes who took the opening kickoff and marched to the one-foot line before relinquishing the ball. Then again Colorado was stopped short of a score deep in Husker terri- tory; but not to be denied the Bisonmen scored on their next offensive effort with Don Hagin, sopho- more fullback, plunging for the touchdown. Nebraska tied the count late in the second quar- ter, but C. U. came roaring back to score on the last play of the first half. In one of the prettiest offensive maneuvers seen in Boulder during the ' 48 season, Harry Narcisian, the individual star of the game, passed to Ed Pudlik for a 40-yard scor- ing play. When John Zisch converted it made the score 13-6. Actually that meant the ball game, but a pass from Narcisian to Malcolm Miller in the second half of play added to the Buff tally. A large crowd of 21,000 fans, including over 1,000 Nebraska students and Governor Val Peter- son of the Cornhusker state, attended the game and all had nothing but praise for the Silver and Gold performers. As Coach Dallas Ward stated in the post-game jubilation that prevailed in the Buff dressing room, " Each man on the team accomp- lished a ' job well done. ' " Norman tips. Cook misses, Halbert catches 179 IOWA STATE Although Colorado scored on the first play of the game, the Buffaloes found themselves caught in the Cyclone of Iowa State, 18 to 7, on Home- coming Day at Ames, Iowa. It was a cold, cloudy day for football and many plays, including one that went for an Iowa touch- down, were disputed. The Ames linemen played their best game of the season against Colorado with the result being that John Zisch, Don Hagin, and Malcolm Miller, Colorado stars, were injured to the extent that none of the trio was able to play the next weekend in Colorado ' s own Homecoming against Kansas State. Some 15,000 spectators barely found their seats before Colorado scored in the first 15 seconds of the game. Zisch kicked off to the Iowa State team and Don Ferguson, Cardinal and Gold quarterback fumbled. Ed Pudlik pounced on the ball in the end zone to put Colorado in the lead. Dick Brennaman «° " verted to make it 7 to 0. With Webb Halbert and Bill Chauncey carrying the mail, Iowa State closed the gap to 7-6 by halftime. Then in the third quarter the Cyclones scored on a 60-yard run m which the Iowa State team defin- itely committed an illegal forward lateral. When Laptam Bob Spicer complained, the official slapped J 7 ■ Penalty on Colorado for the ensuing kick- oft. Movies taken of the game showed that C. U was justified in the complaint. A ' u ' " J ' ' Buffalo never showed its horns and the home team scored again before the final gun. Iowa State missed all three tries for extra point. Mai Miller Dick Brenneman Halbert intercepts. }i jL, Ed Pudlik That ' s piling it pretty high Homecoming, 1948, at Colorado University was a joyous affair with the Thundering Herd runmng all over the Wildcats of Kansas State, 51-7. Coach Dallas Ward ' s charges scored the first time they touched the ball, while the K-Staters found it difficult to advance the pigskm It wasn t until the waning moments of the game that the m- vaders from Manhattan were able to gain a conso- lation touchdown. A large crowd barely made their way to the seats in Folsom Stadium before flashy Harry Narcisian gathered in a ' Cat punt and raced all the way to ' ' Vhe Buffs kicked off to the Kansas crew, and then Colorado took over on downs. On the next play from scrimmage " Roaring twenties " Narcisian again outdistanced the Kansas defense to make the score 14-0. From there on out, the game was all Colorado ' s. , . , • rr Both teams were using the smgle-wing offense, but while the Buff line opened up holes for the backs, the Manhattan team found it difficult to elude Buff linemen Harry Robertson, Bill Simons, and Harry Mcintosh. , . . ■ r c Harry Narcisian put on an exhibition ot tine running as he scored four touchdowns in the first half before retiring in the last half to watch the second-stringers run up the score. Sophomore Dane Graves, from Longmont, shared honors with " Lighthorse Harry " by galloping to three touchdowns on long runs. Tony Delmonico who prepped at Manual High in Denver, substituted at fullback in the starting lineup and aided th« Thundering Herd in the stampede. With the score 51-0 and Colorado ' s third anc fourth string playing, Kansas State scored on a pass play that came with only 20 seconds to play. The Buffalo stampede in the land of the Indians at Salt Lake City was stopped short as Utah Uni- versity eked out a 14-12 victory over Colorado. The game was an even contest most of the way with both schools scoring two touchdowns, but the Utes made both conversions good while Colorado missed on each try. That spelled the difference be- tween victory and defeat. Colorado was forced to make sustained drives for each Buff touchdown while the Redskin scores came on lightning pass thrusts. The Boulder eleven scored first in the second period as the Herd drove from their own 32 with Tony Delmonico finally going over. Cannon Parkin- son, the Ute star of the day, then passed to Bob Mathews to put Utah ahead at halftime, 7-6. Al- though Utah led at halftime by a point, it was the Coloradans who carried the play. Neither team crossed paydirt in the third pe- riod, but Utah just about settled the issue early in the last stanza with the ever-present Mr. Parkinson passing to Bernard Hafen to make it 14-6. But the 17,000 fans at Utah ' s Homecoming game saw the Buff team come driving right back. The Buffs marched the length of the field with Harry Narcisian going over for the tally. Pudlik missed the kick and Colorado never was able to gain pos- session of the pigskin again before the final gun went off. For the two-touchdown underdog Bisonmen, Narcisian once again looked good as did Lineman Harry Mcintosh. Utah could well credit their vic- tory to the passing of Quarterback Cannon Parkin- son and the line-shattering plunges of Fullback Bob Summerhays. Redskins on the Warpath 182 Buffalo Dynaflow. Frank Krone Harry Robertson Dippy gets his kicks. For three quarters of play, Utah State seemed on its way to an upset over Colorado ; but the Buffs retaliated in the last quarter to score three touch- downs and win, 28-14. Jay Van Noy, the big gun on the Utag team, thrilled the crowd in Folsom Stadium by bulling his way 52 yards to a score with only 50 seconds gone in the game. Colorado came back late in the first half when Don Hagin, fullback, scored from the one-foot line. A successful conversion made it 7-7 at halftime. In the third quarter of play Ev Sorenson crossed paydirt and the Aggies led, 14-7. Only 13 minutes remained to play and fans in attendance were sens- ing an upset, but Harry Narcisian started romping to pull C. U. to victory. " Narc " carried the ball from his own 39 to the Utah 26, and then turned his left end to the 16. On the very next play, the Wheatridge speedster scored, and the score was 14-14. Minutes later Colorado drew into the lead when Ed Pudlik, all-conference end, caught a bullet pass in the end zone. " Poochie " then converted to make the tally, 21-14. Arlie Beery was the guiding light in setting up the final T.D. which came in the last minute of play. Berry carried the ball to the five and Nar- cisian made the score. Ray Jump looked good in the Bison line during the afternoon, while the Buff scoring was divided with Narcisian making 12 points, Pudlik 10, and Don Hagin the other 6. COLORADO MISSOURI ■ Colorado met the highly-rated Tigers of Mis- souri at Columbia and led the Bengals at halftime before falling, 27-13. Although losing the game, the Buffs performed brilliantly against the Tigers, a team which later performed in a New Year Day bowl game. In the first period of play, back Harry Narcisian passed to Ed Pudlik in the end zone and C. U. led, 7-0. For the remainder of the first half, Colorado dominated the play. In the second period the Buffs marched to the six-inch line before being halted. Minutes later " Checkers " Pudlik attempted a field goal from the 20 yardline, but the kick was wide. The husky Missouri eleven, outweighing Colo- rado 15 pounds a man, came out in the third canto and showed the vaunted power that led to 1948 wins over Navy and Southern Methodist. All-conference quarterback Bus Entsminger led the way as the Bengal clawed its way to two touch- downs in the third period and two more in the last quarter. Colorado, always in the game, scored a last-half counter on a Malcolm Miller to Ed Pudlik pass. The largest crowd ever to watch a Colorado- Missouri game, 22,550, was in Memorial stadium on the Missouri campus to see the contest. The game finished C. U. ' s conference slate and gave the Buffs a two-and-three record in the first year that the Boulder school played in the Big Seven. Ed Pudlik was the best man on the field in the Mizzou meeting, while sophomore tackle Pete Thompson proved a bulwark on defense. Tony Delmonico " Poochie " shows the ' show-me ' s. ' 184 And only on one leg. too. Pete Thompson John Zisch Oh, how I ' d like to grab you. Entering the game as an underdog, the Aggies of Colorado A M defeated Colorado University for the first time in 15 years, 29-25, in the final game of the 1948 season. Colorado, not playing the sharp brand of ball exhibited in previous weeks, committed numerous miscues and the Plow-jockeys took advantage of the Buff errors. Bob Hainlen, the field general of the Aggie eleven, set a new record by kicking three field goals in the one afternoon for the winning team. A M scored early in the first quarter after blocking Don Evans ' punt on the Buffalo 42. The ball was carried to the 13 and Pat Green made the touchdown. A passing combination that clicked many times during the year, Harry Narcisian to Ed Pudlik, worked in the first quarter for Colorado and the Buffs trailed only, 7-6. An 88-yard punt return by Aggie Jack Christen- son followed by another quick Aggie tally made it 20-6. By halftime Aggies led 23-6 when Hainlen made good his first field goal. The picture looked dark for Colorado as the teams returned to the field for the last half. The Bisonmen played improved ball in the second half but couldn ' t overcome the commanding lead that the Aggie eleven had piled up. Narcisian, Don Hagin, and John Strobel scored the 19 points that C. U. made in the second half, while two field goals by Hainlen provided the six points by A M and insured the Orange and Green triumph. Hainlen and Hanna played good backfield ball for A M, while big Thurman McGraw, tackle, was the outstanding Collins lineman. 21 ' - 15 " f Hiii • ' ' ■ ■p lBBkH Back TOW, left to right: Villarreal, Rich, Dean, Cook, McKinley, KiUefer, Dunning. Corsi, Mosher. Zisch, Edwards, Pretti, Grecnberg, Ottcrson, Mack. Jenkins (Head Freshman coach). Third row: Telk, Brown, Velisek, Rosenthal, Flores, Catanzaro, Berry, Jorgenson, Hutchings, Pulger, Demetrovich, Smith, Allen, Bartling. Second row: Huddleston, Willis. W. Lynch, Bertea, Wall. Kokos, Klaus. Lynch, Dansky, Lyons, Vaughan, O ' Dell. Front row: Rudy, Hannah. Carp, Pitcher, Hulse, Hodel. Armatas, Pohl, Apuzzo, Tourville, Dempsey, Davidson. One hundred men reported to Coach Ray Jenkins on October 2. following the call to all Freshman gridiron aspirants. The genial Freshman football coach returned to Colo- rado University last fall after two years coaching duties at Colorado School of Mines. Jenkins graduated from C. U. in 1942 following a colorful athletic career, earning three letters in football and two apiece in wrestling and track. He gained all-conference recog- nition at fullback in 1939; was conference discus champion in 1940 and 1941; wrestled to the eastern division heavyweight in 1942. A four-year Navy hitch began in the spring of 1942 preventing him from track competition that year. Upon discharge in the summer of 1946, he registered for summer school, promptly went to the NCAA Track Meet, and captured fifth place in the discus throw. Then came his two year stay at Mines. Ater three weeks of intensive drill the Buffmen encountered the Colorado A and M first-year men, the first of two scheduled opponents in accordance with Big Seven Con- ference regulations. The Yearlings traveled to Fort Collins on October 22nd for the game. Coming from behind in the second half, they carved out a 7-7 tie. On Saturday, October 30th, the Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Junior College team invaded Folsom Stadium but were outcharged, outfought, and outscored, 21-6. In addition to the two scheduled opponents the Freshman Squad played three scrim- mage games. The first one. November 5th, pitted transfer students ineligible for either varsity or freshman competition against the Freshmen. The transfer eleven won. 6-0. On November 12th, the squad members from western United States edged their mates, 14-6, in the first of two East-West games. Ten days later the East turned the tables, 33-7. Outstanding performers and potential varsity material for next fall include Merv Hodel, a 205 pound fullback from Rockford, Illinois. Hodel, who is a high-hurdler in track season, is very fast, a vicious blocker, and a hard tackier. Jerry Apuzzo, a left- halfback, will bolster Coach Ward ' s passing department. In the line and captain of the Frosh last fall, is Charles Mosher. pass-snatching specialist. Russ Gorman, a transfer student from Omaha. Nebraska, is the best center prospect at C. U. in a long time. Coach Ray Jenkins 185 Basketball Freshman Coach Russell Walseth Coach Forrest Cox Without a senior on the squad, Colorado ' s varsity basketball team failed to live up to the pre-season prognostications which had the Buffs tabbed as a Big Seven title contender. Colorado did have some big nights, but on the whole the season proved disappointing to the followers of Buffalo basketball fortunes. The 1949 all-over record was 6 wins and 12 losses. In 1948 Colo- rado compiled a 7-14 record, making ' 48 and ' 49 the worst seasons since Coach Forrest " Frosty " Cox came to Boulder in 1936. In any event it was a far cry from the 1937 to 1946 seasons when a ram- paging Buffalo won 107 games against only 36 losses. 186 Back row, lelt to right: Cox (Head Coach), Hills, Tucker, Lindsley, Bell, Rolander, Besemann, Pjesky, Allen (Trainer). Front row: Walseth (Freshman Coach), Ley, Haase, Rogers, Sinclair, Froistad, Stokes, Akins (Equip- ment Manager), Basketbali The season was Colorado ' s second in the Big Seven conference, with the Golden Buffaloes compiling a 4-8 league record, good enough for fifth place ahead of Kansas and Iowa State. Ne- braska and Oklahoma tied for the cham- pionship with Kansas State third and Missouri fourth. In 1948 Colorado also had a 4-8 accomplishment, but then it was only good enough for a last place tie. For the second straight year, six-foot, five-inch Bob Rolander, Colorado cen- ter, led the Buff scoring parade. Ro- lander was named to several of the all- Big Seven teams, making him the first Bison eager to earn an all-conference rating in the new " Big Seven. " Bill Ley, the playmaker; Kendall Hills, defensive star; and newcomer Wayne Tucker all started each of Colorado ' s 18 games with Gene Rogers, Carr Besemann, and Fred Johnson alternating as the fifth starter. The season opened on December 17 with Michigan University visiting the Boulder field house for the first time. The Missouri Waltz 187 Bob Rolander I IK 188 The Ann Arbor Wolverines, defending Big Nine champions, found the early going rough and the first half gun found CU leading, 17-11. The big Maize and Blue came back with a set-shot exhibi- tion in the second half to pull away to a hard-earned 47-38 decision. In the year ' s second outing, Colorado participated in a real stemwinder against Temple on December 22 in Philadelphia ' s Co nvention Hall. The previous season the Coloradans had upset the strong Owls, 50-45, and the Herd now appeared on the way to a second straight win over the eastern quintet. For 39 minutes of play, Colo- rado was on the long end of the score, Kendall Hills Bill Ley Basketbai but a last minute Temple long shot con- nected and an apparent victory for Colo- rado was turned into a 51-50 loss. Hungry for a win, the next night Colorado moved into Madison Square Garden in New York City to match baskets with the heralded Violets of New York University. The past year NYU had rung up a 16-2 record plus a 59-46 win over CU. Carr Besemann, playing his best game of the season, hit 17 points and Colorado left the metro- politan city with a 63-60 upset win. Moving westward, Colorado had mixed success in the Big Seven pre- season tournament in Kansas City, De- cember 27-30. Going up against even- tual tournament winner Oklahoma in the opener, the Buffmen fell, 56-45. In the second tournament game, the Thundering Herd really sharpened their horns to wallop the tourney ' s non- conference guest. Harvard University. Colorado could do no wrong in racking up an 81-48 triumph over the famous Crimson quintet. Hitting half of their shots, the Buff first stringers rolled up Into The Air. Junior Birdmen! 189 Eagle! Wayne Tucker 190 a 40-17 halftime margin, letting the re- serves take over in the second half. The game set a new record in scoring for Colorado University as well as a new record for the K. C. tournament. In the tournament consolation finals, Colorado and Missouri traded baskets evenly most of the way with Mizzou eking out a 48-44 triumph. The contest marked the end of CU ' s pre-season play with the rest of the Buff schedule made up of regular conference games. To the Sooners of Oklahoma Univer- sity went the role of both opening Colo- rado ' s conference slate, at Boulder, and later closing the Buff ' s season, at Nor- man. Carr Besemann Gene Rogers Basketbal? Playing host to Oklahoma in the con- ference curtain raiser, Colorado lost to the Okies, 43-40. The biggest margin of lead enjoyed by either team in the game came in the opening period when CU was ahead, 10-4. Big Bob Rolander turned in an outstanding performance, being a defensive bulwark as well as hooping 18 markers. A tired Colorado squad again fell vic- tim to the sharp Sooners in the season ' s finale, this time by eleven points. Coach Cox ' s charges split a brace of games with the Wildcats of Kansas State, defending conference champions. The small confines of Nichols Gym- nasium in Manhattan was the site of K- State ' s 48-43 early season triumph over CU. The first half was all Colorado ' s, and the middle of the third period found the Buffs ahead by nine points, but the Staters took advantage of every scoring chance to rally for the 48-43 win. Kansas State played a return visit to Boulder on February 29, running into a razor-sharp Buffalo team. Before the game was six minutes old, the score- Aerial Warfare 191 Rod Bell 192 board read Colorado ahead, 11-1. At halftime it was 25-15, and Colorado kept pace in the second half to win the con- test, 48-41. Bill Ley and Wayne Tucker, each chipping in with 14 points, led the Buffalo charge. Against Kansas University, the Bison- men lived up to the early season pre- dictions of the sportswriting fraternity. Two of Colorado ' s four conference wins came at the expense of Dr. Phog Allen ' s Kansans. The Buffs stressed a well-knit de- fense when they invaded Lawrence field- house on January 17. Never letting the Jayhawks get out of line, Colorado ad- vanced to a 42-30 win. Jack Froistad Fred Johnson Basketball The second Buffalo-Jayhawker clash marked the last home game of the year for Colorado University. Boulder fans cheered on as Ken Hills, a native Boul- derite, connected for 19 points in lead- ing CU to a 50-43 decision. Iowa State enjoyed its first league win of the year with Colorado the vic- tim, but later, when the teams met in Boulder, CU took revenge out on the Cyclones in large doses. January 24 was the date when the Cyclones, roosting in the conference cellar, pulled an upset over the hornless Herd, 40-31. When the Amesmen came to the Colo- rado campus on February 11, Colorado was playing the best ball of the season. Right from the opening tipofi, the Buffs took turns swishing the nets with the final score reading 63-48 for Colorado. Nebraska had the goat ' s sign on CU during the season and the Huskers won both ' 49 meetings between the two teams. Playing at Lincoln, Colorado sur- prised press row by holding the high- Ley Hangs On 193 Roger Stokes to K I 194 scoring Cornhuskers to a 25-25 first half tie. The contest remained nip-and-tuck throughout the final half, with the Scar- let and Cream edging through to treat the homefolk to a 45-43 win. A near riot came near the end of the game with each team having a player ejected from the floor. A record Boulder crowd of 7,751 fans attended the Buff-Husker meeting on February 26, a game that featured the league ' s front-running Nebraskans against the Colorado five. The fast- breaking visitors were content with a 26-21 halftime lead; but with all-confer- ence Claude Retherford leading the way NU went ahead 51-34 with only seven minutes to go. Colorado closed the final gap to 56-45. Arnold Pjesky Les Haase Basketball la .i a ' .Ljiiaijy.iatc aiBaas;: -] During mid-season when Colorado was on a winning streak, Missouri came to Bouldertown and set the Buffmen back with a one-point heartbreaker. Later, playing in Missouri, the Tigers won by a more convincing margin. Colorado seemed to have the game sewed away on February 19. Leading from the outset, CU was ahead 47-41 with only two minutes and 20 seconds left to play. With only a minute remain- ing in the game, the Buffs still were in the lead. Then, 43 seconds remained when Mizzou ' s Don McMillen stole a Buff pass and dunked a clinching set-up to give Missouri the 48-47 victory. The February 19 loss seemed to break the back of the Colorado team, and Cox and Company never seemed in the game when they visited Columbia on March 5. Hitting long set shots, Missouri forged ahead at half time, 27-17. Briefly in the second half Colorado narrowed the count to 27-32, but then the Tiger showed its fangs and Missouri pulled away to a 49-34 triumph. Rogers Takes Off I 195 COACH FRANK POTTS Much of the credit for Colorado ' s fine showing in national, invitational, and conference meets last year goes to veteran track coach Frank Potts. Aside from his duties as chief scout for the Buff football staff and assistant director of athletics, he has con- sistently managed to develop individual stars and outstanding squads to achieve the respect of all of his opponents, squadmen and coaches alike. Coach Potts, a 1926 graduate of the University of Okla- homa where he was a star halfback and champion pole vaulter, came to the University of Colorado in 1927. He has served as line coach for several sea- sons and was head football coach in 1940-44 and 1945 in addition to his track coaching duties. Dave Bolen became the first University of Colo- rado man ever to qualify for the American Olympic team. Bolen, a strong middle-distance man, made the squad on the basis of placing second in the Olympic try-outs in Evanston, Illinois last July. Other Buff stars that competed in the try-outs were Warren Bateman, pole vaulter, and Don Campbell, sprinter. Bateman qualified for the Olympic try- outs by tying for first place in the N.C.A.A. track meet in Minneapolis last June. His winning vault of fourteen feet was the highest mark ever made by a Colorado man and set a new school record. Pre- viously Bateman had placed first in the Big Seven and in the dual meet with the Southwest Confer- ence. Don Campbell placed third in the 100 meter dash and fifth in the 200 meter dash in the same meet to also qualify for the try-outs. Colorado wrapped up ninth place in the national meet which was highest they have ever placed. 196 Back row, left to right: Todd, Pope, D. Johnson, Baker, Hannum, Bateman, Bardwell. Third row: Huston, Campbell, A. Johnson. Temple, Narcisian, Gregg, Wolle, Ass ' t. coach. Second row: Cavender, Mgr. ; McEwen, Briggs, Allen, Fitzmorris, Bolen, B. Chance, Mgr. Front row: Brown, Wunderly, W. Chance, Roemer. Dave Bolen qualified for the try-outs by running fifth in the 800 meter dash and racking up the sec- ond fastest time in the preliminaries for the 400 meter dash in the A.A.U. meet held in Milwaukee last year. Coach Frank Potts took his three-man squad to Evanston for the Olympic trials late in July. Bolen finished second behind Mai Whitfield of Ohio State in the 400 meter dash and earned his place on the American Olympic squad. He scratched the 800 meter event in order to concentrate on the shorter distance. Warren Bateman placed sixth in the pole vault with a mark of 13 feet, 8 inches. Don Campbell ran a close second to Barney Ewell in the 100 meter pre-lims with a time of 9.5 seconds, but placed only fifth in the finals which failed to qualify him for the trip. In the preliminary to the 200 meter dash, Campbell placed fourth and failed to qualify for the final event. The Buffs made their first showing on the cinder paths of the Big Seven Conference at the annual invitational indoor meet held at Kansas City. Colo- rado came out of this meet in the cellar, but they showed their true strength soon after at the seventh annual Colorado invitational indoor meet held in the University ' s field house in which eighteen teams, the largest participation in years, competed. One existing record was broken by Warren Bate- man who pole vaulted 13 feet, 5% inches. Arizona State and Denver University were second and third respectively. Colorado continued to look good against Okla- homa A and M, but the loss of Campbell on the 100 and 200 yard dashes, due to a leg injury, caused the Herd to lose by a score of 7314 to 36ii . In the Kansas relays the Buffs made a very good showing for themselves by taking one first, two second, a third, and several sixth and seventh places. Bate- man tied for a first with a jump of 13 feet, 5 inches, and Todd set a new Colorado record by tossing the javelin 194 feet, 3 inches, also taking a second place. The Buffs 440 and 880 yard relay teams com- posed of Temple, Brown, Narcisian and Campbell finished second in the quarter mile and third in the half mile. Temple running up the score. Wunderly shows form. 197 Narcisian leaves Denver behind. McEwen takes flight. 198 Bateman up and over. In an exhibition race at the Colorado relays, which were held in the field house due to bad weather conditions Dave Bolen beat Herb McKen- ley, a member of the Jamaican Olympic team, in the 440 yard dash. Colorado was well represented in all the events and won the meet unofficially. The Thundering Herd annexed another win to its streak by totalling more than seventy per cent of the possible points in a triangular meet held with Colorado College and the School of Mines at Colorado Springs. The Nebraska Cornhuskers took advantage of our weakness in the sprints and handed the Buffs a 76 to 55 setback the following week. Colorado again showed its strength and power in the Rocky Mountain area by winning the Rocky Mountain Regional AAU track meet, in which sev- eral meet records were broken, two by Colorado men. The Golden Buffs led the field by a wide mar- gin, the second and third spots going to Denver University and Wyoming University respectively. Meet records were broken by George Fitzmorris who ran the two mile in 10.16.6, and Claire Gregg and Warren Bateman, both of whom pole vaulted 13 feet. Herb McKenley, the Jamaican flash, ran the 440 in the excellent time of 46.9 seconds to also set a new meet record. To wind up the season the Buffalo team traveled to Lincoln to participate in the Big Seven outdoor meet. Putting on the pressure the majority of the Temple edges the field. The Herd runs wild. squadmen came through with their best times of the season and also fifth place in the conference stand- ings. As the result of their excellent showing throughout the season and at this outdoor meet, four Colorado track men were selected as members of the All-Big Seven track squad, and were sent with Coach Frank Potts to Dallas to compete in the All-Big Seven — All-Southwestern conference meet. Those participating were Warren Bateman and Claire Gregg, pole vaulters ; Jack Todd, jave- lin; and George Fitzmorris, two-mile distance man. Representing Colorado in several invitational meets throughout the country and being selected a member of the United States Olympic team are just a few of the honors that have been paid to Dave Bolen, middle distance flash at the Univer- sity. Bolen, who has given thrills to track fans all over the country in his exhibition races with Herb McKenley, came in fourth in the 400 meter dash at the 1948 Olympiad in London. Throw in the making. Jamaica meets Colorado. 199 Fitzmorris comes home alone. COACH FRANK PRENTUP The 1948 baseball season was especially significan t for C. U. ; it was Colorado ' s first season in the new Big Seven Conference, the old Big Six Conference. Despite the fact that nine letter- men returned from the previous season. Coach Frank Prentup had nothing but a pessimistic outlook for the long, nineteen-game schedule which included a lot of tough teams. The predicted order of the league finish was Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa State, and Coach Prentup warned, " we ' ll be lucky if we don ' t end up in the cellar this year. " The season opened in Golden against the Colorado School of Mines. The Buffs looked like anything but a cellar-dwelling team as they scored the amazing total of 30 runs in the two-game series and beat the Miners 16 to 8 and 14 to 1. The team then went on to down the Regis Rang- ers of Denver 9 to 4. The three victories were in large part due to lead-off man Hugh Graham who, in the three games, hit a homer and three triples and was boasting a batting average of .777. Jack Pixler, playing center field was hitting .368. The Bisons broke loose against Colorado Aggies in their fourth and fifth games and de- feated them 13 to 1 and 11 to 8 to extend their victory streak to five games. In the first game. Bob Manire came in to relieve Bill Fanning who had pitched seven innings of three-hit ball. The big test for the Buffaloes followed when the team journeyed to Norman, Oklahoma to take on Oklahoma University, their first conference opponent and the defending champions of the Big Six. To dispell any thoughts that brother members of the league had of pushing around the new arrival, the Buffs slapped the Sooners in both games, 12 to 10 and 10 to 8. Bill Fanning received credit for both wins. After their successful debut in the conference, the Buffs went out of the league again to take on the New Mexico Loboes. Big Ed Pudlik took the mound in the first game and pitched the Silver and Gold to its eighth straight win in a resounding 15 to 4 victory. The following day, with Pete Click on the hill, the Buffs made it nine straight by nipping the Loboes 5 to 4 in a ten inning game. Click went the route and was credited with the win. The Buffs faced their second Big Seven opponent in Kansas State at Boulder. Coach Prentup nominated Fanning to pitch the first game and the Herd nipped the Wildcats 4 to 3 for Fanning ' s fifth straight win and the tenth straight victory for the team. The next day, the Wildcats handed the Buffs their first defeat of the season, 6 to 4. For eleven games, the Buffalo bats had boomed long and loud and had kept the fences rattling. Hugh Graham was still the leading hitter with a tremendous .560 average, followed by Bill Ley, .444; Bill Fanning, .348; George Knoblock, .350; and Sox Walseth, .323. In the Bison hurling department. Bob Manire boasted 17 strikeouts in 12 innings and Bill Fanning 32 whiffs in 33 innings. Attempting to forget their lose to Kansas State, the team, leading the league, traveled to Ames to face Iowa State, still with hopes of coming up with a championship their first year in the Big Seven. The props went out and the wails came down; however, and despite a fine show of pitching by the Herd hurlers, Iowa State took two games, 3 to 2 and 4 to 2. In the second 200 Top row, left to right: Pudlik, Bolton, Cox, Manire, Oreskovich, Spicer, Click. Second row: Ley, Knoblock, Pixler, Bock, Gragg, Brouse, Barber. Front row: Voss (Frosh coach), Evans, Walseth, Graham, Cowden, Fanning, Prentup (Coach). Get out of my way. Nice going, Hugh. PufF! PufF! game Fanning pitched his usual Bne game and allowed only three hits. The Buffs went right out of the frying pan and into the fire of Nebraska ' s league- leading Cornhuskers and lost two more games, 10 to 8 and 6 to to make it five straight. To add injury to insult, in the first game, star third baseman Bill Ley broke his foot and was put out of action for the rest of the season. After Ley ' s injury. Coach Prentup put Hugh Graham at third and the lineup was: catcher, Bob Spicer; first base, Don Evans; second base. Tom Bock; shortstop, Russell Walseth ; third base, Hugh Graham. In the outfield were George Knoblock, Jack Pixler, and Dick Cowden. The Buffs returned home hoping to get into the win column but only managed to add another game to the streak by losing to Regis College 4 to 1. The following day, the Buffs met the Rangers again and bowed 8 to 2. That made it two out ot three for the Denver team during the season and along with the victory, the Rangers also took with them the first annual Connie Mack Award. The Buffaloes opened their last series of the year against the Missouri Tigers at Boulder. In the first game, the Buffs looked like the team that had won ten straight at the beginning of the season and pounded out a 5 to 4 victory to end the long drought. George Knoblock was the hero of the game. Knoblock, who had been mak- ing sensational catches in the outfield all day, drove in Bill Barber with the winning run in the last half of the tenth. In the final game of the season, the Tigers bounced back to blank the Buffs, 6 to 0. After the dust settled, the Buffs found themselves in fourth place with a record of four wins and six loses. The non-conference record, however, was much more im- pressive with seven wins against only two loses. It was Nebraska ' s hustling Huskers who ended up with the championship, their first in a great many years. Their rec- ord : 14 victories, 3 defeats. Missouri was second with an 11 to 5 record and Kansas State third with 7 wins and 8 defeats. For the Buffaloes. Hugh Graham was the man with the big stick. His batting average, a healthy .455, included two homers, five triples and four doubles. Lew, who missed the last five games, was runner-up to Graham with an average of .394. Wal- seth was third with .346. Bill Fanning was the leading pitcher on the staff with a record of six wins against two loses. His league record of 4 and 1 placed him among the top four hurlers of the conference. Bill also played right field, second base, shortstop, and third base in the course of the season and had a batting average of .301. Dippy Evans, playing at first base for the first time in his baseball career, was the only other player to finish above the .300 mark with .301. Bock sneaks back. Fanning winds up. Pitcher helps own cause. 201 Sox winds up Buff career. Swimming. m ' rl r: ' ' - - :w ' ii-:Mt: fiir; ' miiWP } ' fSii Third Time Down! Former Buff trainer Roland Balch took over the new duty of swimming coach in 1949. Beginning the season with the loss of four lettermen, Coach Balch found that he was up against two of the toughest teams in the country, Iowa State and Oklahoma. During the season the team posted a record of only one victory against six defeats in dual meets, but with a crew of only five men, the team splashed its way into a surprise fourth place in the Big Seven conference meet at Lincoln early in March. Iowa State won the championship followed by Oklahoma and Nebraska. On February 5, the Cyclones swept tnto Boulder for a dual meet with the Buffs. Although Iowa State won the meet, new school records were set by Stan Black in the 200-yard breast stroke, by Dick Ready in the 150-yard back stroke and by Black, Ready and Hugh Berger in the 300 yard medley. Berger, who was captain of the team, also tied the school record in the 100- yard free style in the meet. Mermen Jim Berry, Dick Symes, Tom Duesterberg, and Tom Guggenheim also demonstrated their aquatic feats in Big Seven conference competi tion last season. The best job of the season was turned in by the 300-yard medley team which was defeated only once by Oklahoma, during the season, and finished second, behind Oklahoma, in the con- ference meet. Coach Roland Balch 202 Top row, left to right: Black. Baumgartner, Smith, Herbst, Hawkins (manager). Second row: Coach Roland Balch, Bingham, Timberlakc, Ready (captain), Damon. Berger, Berry. Front row: Symes, Horine, Pickens, Duesterberg, Guggenheim. Coach Ray Jenkins The University wrestling squad finished a stormy season by placing fifth in the Big Seven Conference tournament at Lincoln last March 5. In dual meets, the matmen won four and lost five. A powerful Nebraska squad dominated the tournament by chalk- ing up 32 points. Tallying 24 points, Oklahoma ' s defending cham- pions finished second with Iowa State a close third. Kansas State copped fourth with 18 points to nose out Colorado with 16. In their first match of the year, the Buffs soundly trounced Colorado Mines, 29 to 3. The championship Nebraska squad then pasted a 19 to 9 defeat on the University wrestlers, and Min- nesota followed up with a 22 to 6 victory. Hafling digs in. On a prolonged trip to Iowa, the Buffs whitewashed Grinnell, 30 to 0, and then lost to Iowa State, 20 to 8. The invading Kansas State Wildcats edged out the Buffs, 14 to 11, and Colorado State upset them to the tune of 18 to 6. In a return match with Mines, the University again walked away with a 22 to 7 decision. Closing the season with their finest performance the Herd upset the de- fending champions by rolling up 16 points to Oklahoma ' s 14. The Outstanding man on the squad was captain-elect Rex Sheppard who won seven of nine dual meets and finished second in the conference tournament. Colorado ' s other second place winner in the tournament was Bill Arnold in the 165 pound class. Jim and Bob Karbatsch, and Barrel Hafling each took a third place in their respective weight classes. Don Jessen, an out- standinng performer, ended the season with six wins and one loss. A shoulder separation kept Al Mott from finishing the season. Coach Ray Jenkins did an excellent job throughout the season, taking the green, inexperienced squad and rapidly shaping them into a better than expected power. Losing only two seniors, Colo- rado will be a strong contender for the title next year. Top row, left to right: Arnold, Nicholson, DeLue. Sheppard (Captain), Ray Jenkins (Coach), Breinig, DeNiece, Robertson. Second row: Nance, Jessen, Wamsley, Lawson, Hafling, Mott. Front row: Philips, Matayama, Karbatsch, McGuire, Jordan, Jones, Hayes. 203 I UA i LMBli»l l tllMaB..A».lLiML« YMNASTICS Captain Marvel? Coach Charles Vavra The 1949 edition of the Buff Gymnastics team, lead by high scoring Bill Haase, Sam Barnhill, and Al Hughes, had a fairly successful season. In each meet that they participated in, the team more than held their own. Coach Vavra ' s boys broke better than even in dual meets, winning three out of five. The dual meet with Colorado State at Boulder was one of the high spots of the season. The Herd came out on the long end of a 52 to 28 score. Taking first place in five of the six events, the team rolled up their most impressive score of the season. After being beaten twice by the Comhuskers last year, once in a dual meet and the other time in the Colorado Invitational, the dual meet with them this year was probably the most gratifying for the team. The final standings found the Colorado team edging 204 out the Comhuskers by a score of 49 to 46. After having been second best for most of the meet, the Buffs came through with strong showing in the last two events to win. The Colorado team placed third in the Colorado Invitational at Lincoln with but five points separating them from the winning Colorado State squad. The Nebraska squad took second in this meet. The team also performed before an enthusiastic audience dur- ing the halftime of last season ' s basketball games. Top men in each event are Brock, Hughes, and Nesladek on the rings; Branhill, Haase and Villano on the mats; Beckett, Conroy and Scherrer on the horse; Eubank, Haase and Thornes on the parallel bars ; Hughes, Nesladek and Dittman on the hori- zontal bar; and Haase, Nesladek and Twogood on the trampoline. Back row, left to right: Beckett, Dittman, Twogood, Schultz, Hughes. Second row; Noble, Scherrer, Dunstan, Norling, Taguchi. Front row: Coach Vavra, Eubank, Haase, Villano, Barnhill, Thornes, Brock, Shearer, Assistant Coach. ' ' Fitz " does it again. Coach Frank Potts Competing as a member of the Big Seven Conference this year for the first time, Colorado ' s cross country team finished the season in fourth place. Although dual matches are scheduled and run, the basis for the season ' s conference standings depends solely on the results of the conference meet. Coach Pott ' s out- standing cross country man, George Fitzmorris, led the team in this conference meet by finishing in eighth place. He was fol- lowed by Chance, who was sixteenth; Johnson, seventeenth; and Dubach, nineteenth. In dual meet competition Colorado had an even split, win- ning two and losing two. On October 9, Nebraska ' s red-clad men came to Boulder and received an 11-28 defeat at the hands of C.U. Fitzmorris, running a good early season race, won with a time of 10:05.9. On October 16, Colorado journeyed to Iowa State at Ames, dropping a 19-18 heartbreaker to the Cyclones. Shave of Iowa State had a winning time of 10:40 on a course that was slightly over the customary two miles. Fitzmorris again led C.U. by placing second. On October 30, at Lawrence, Kansas, the Jay- hawks won a decisive victory by the score of 12-24. Karnes and Hinchie of K.U., who placed one and three in the conference meet, tied for first place in this dual with an excellent time of 9:35.5. Fitzmorris also running a very good race was third with a time of 9:45.5. In the final dual meet of the year C.U. avenged a pre- vious year ' s defeat by scoring a 16-20 victory over the Okie Sooners. This meet was held in Boulder on November 6. In a thrilling finish Jawbs of Oklahoma won first with a time of 10:07.8. George Fitzmorris was second with a time that was only two- tenths seconds off the winning pace. Coach Frank Potts awarded letters to George Fitzmorris, Dean Johnson, Wiley Chance, Dave Dubach, and Milt Wiley. Back row, left to right: Temple, Baker, Coach Potts, Brennan, Crosson. Front row: Wiley, Johnson, W. Chance, Dubach. 205 - i iii . I ' d Like To Have That Swing In My Back Yard. Highlighting their inauguration into Big Seven competition by placing third in the annual conference tournament, the Buffalo golfing squad, under the able leadership of player-coach Les Fowler, had a very successful season. In Rocky Mountain competition, the Buffs garnered all laurels available, with the exception of the Broadmoor Invitational tournament in which they placed second behind Denver University. Starting off on the right foot, the divot-diggers humbled Colorado College 2354 to S14 in the opening match. Included on the victory skein was a triangular match win over Regis College and Colorado College, the respective totals being 295 , 21, and 3% points. In further play the linksmen carved out a double victory series over Regis, 25-2 and 26-1 ; two additional triumphs over C.C., 165 -54 and 24-3; and a convincing 19% to 7% conquest over the School of Mines. In the limited conference play, in which two of the four scheduled games were cancelled, the Buffs did not fare out so well, losing to Kansas by a 1254 to 554 margin and to Nebraska, 1354 to 454- However, they avenged the Jayhawk defeat somewhat by finishing 22 strokes ahead of the Kansans in the tournament held at Lincoln, Nebraska. If there were any individual stars to be singled out among the team, this honor would fall to Norm Smith and Les Sheridan, both of whom consistently battered par during the season. These two stalwarts, along with Les Fowler, Len Robinson, Don Heiderstadt, and Sid Poling all earned their golden " C " . Don Koogle, Les Hinkley, and Jack Dalton comprised the rest of the nine-man contingent. Les Fowler 206 Left to right: Barrie Weiss, Bill Detweiler, Sid Poling. Bill Forbes, Les Fowler. Backhand form Coach Dick Gray The University of Colorado racketeers, under the direction of Coach Dick Gray, made their debut into Big Seven Conference play by placing third in the conference tournament at Lincoln, Nebraska last May. Lou Dods became the first Colorado man to win a conference championship when he finished first in the number three singles post. Sandy Schwartz also placed high in tournament standings by copping second place in the number five post. The other members of the travelling squad, Bob Spears, Howard DeMuth, and Bob Acsell, were eliminated in the first or second rounds. In the doubles division. Spear and DeMuth advanced to the semi finals before being eliminated. In dual-meet play, the Buifs finished with a record of three wins and one loss. They defeated Colorado Mines, 7 to 3; Colorado College, 8 to 3; and Nebraska, 4 to 3 ; while losing only to Kansas, 1 to 6. Final standings in the conference tournament showed Kansas in first place followed by Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Nebraska in that order. Front row, left to right: Rutledge, Demuth, Spears, Crozier. Baci row: Acsell, Smith, Rice, Fruchter, Gray (Coach). 207 Did you ever see a Buffalo ski? -into the wild blue yonder. 208 Completing the winter season with a record of two fourth places and one fifth in major skiing meets, the Buff slatsmen, coached by Jim Johnson, showed to very good advantage in national competition. A hard blow was dealt the team early in January when Jim Griffith left school to accept a position at Sun Valley as instructor. Griffith, who had been the bulwark of the previous year ' s squad, had been counted on for heavy duty this year. The first meet of the season was the National Inter-Collegiate championships held at Aspen. The Buffs, after racking up a terrific 98.92 in the downhill event, faltered and finished fifth behind Middlebury, Vermont, Western State, Utah, and Denver. Klaus Dahl, who was the squad ' s out- standing performer, finished thirteenth in a field of 52. Showing surprising strength in the cross-country and slalom events, the Silver and Gold finished fourth in the University of Utah meet with an overall point total of 1015.4 compared to Denver ' s winning total of 1119.1. Dahl and Tommy Thompson finished 9th and 10th respectively in individual scoring to pace the Colorado team to their best showing of the year, a well-earned fourth spot at the Uni- versity of Denver meet. Bill Steele, George Brewer, and Jim Johnson all did their best skiing of the year to end the season out on a successful note. Back row, left to right: J, Johnson (manager-coach), Steele, Jackson, Brewer, Dahl. Front row: Gray, R. Johnson, Thompson. Hockey mmmm •syja».iK x ' : - Maybe Next Time Around Coach Ray Osborne Playing under such handicaps as lack of proper equipment, adequate funds, and sufficient practice area, the University of Colorado hockey team made a very fine showing against their better equipped opposition this year. Starting the season with $1,000 they borrowed from the University and some sticks and pants which were donated by an unknown benefactor, the CU puckmen dropped two games to the University of Wyoming, 12-6 and 5-1. These defeats did not dampen their spirit as they traveled south to overpower the Colorado Springs All-Stars, 4-3 and 3-2, at the Broadmoor Ice Palace. The team then lost two more to the powerful Cowboys at their home rink in Laramie. The Buffs had another taste of bad luck by losing to the Reed Auto Sales team from Denver. 10-1, in their season-closing game at Evergreen. Colorado. Outstanding players on the team coached by Ray Osborne were Bob Kohler, center; Wally Makush, right wing; Jack Andrews, left wing; Doug Jardine (Cap- tain), left defense; Hy Walsky, right defense; and Don Boomhower, goal. Other members of the hockey squad arc Bob Brennan, Wally Brown, Harold Knudsen, Jim Funk, Herb Benzel. Dee Flair, and Pete Crighton. Officers of the Hockey Club this year are Makush, president; Jardine, vice- president; Boomhower, secretary; and Lowry Smith, treasurer. Due to the eager enthusiasm of fans and the realization that a hockey team is a definite asset to the school ' s athletic program, plans are now being made to make hockey an ac- cepted University sport next year; and also to enlarge the present rink for games and recreational skating. 209 Top row: Benzel. Second row: Coach Osborne, Robichaud, Kohler, Smith, Crighton, Knudsen. Front row: Boomhower, Makush, Flair, Jardine( Cap- tain). Pearl. Andrews. I Men ' s Intramurals Softball again proved to be the main sport of Spring quarter, 1948. Many teams, Independent and Greek alike, eagerly turned out to make their bid for the crown. The CU Days track meet provided the fans with many exciting minutes as campus organizations again battled it out for the title. Golf and tennis allowed the amateur divot-diggers and netmen to get out and compete against their respective op- ponents. Fall sports were highlighted by many rough and rugged touch football games. The gym ' s natatorium was the playing field for the water polo matches. Volleyball and tennis com- pleted the list. When winter came the intramurals moved indoor, and basketball again reigned king of them all in participation and excitement. The several divisions were completely filled as they battled for the coveted crown. Winter sports en- thusiasts put another coat of wax on their skiis and merrily schussed the slopes of Winter Park to cross the finish line in the annual I-M meet. Boxing and wrestling finalists matched their skills before a thrilled audience, with handball and bowling completing the quarter ' s sports activities. The major factor in the smooth operation of the Univer- sity ' s intramural program is its director, " Frosty " Cox and his assistant " Sox " Walseth. It is their responsibility to schedule and supervise all intramural competition, which is a vital part of the school ' s recreational program. Top Left: Delt Softball champs. Second Left: Ugh! Third Left: Dclt net champs. Lower Lett: Pi Kap football champs. Lower Right: Delt 1949 I-M basketball victors. Wr -. ' SPRING 1948 Another tough and hard-fought intramural Softball season was brought to a close last spring, only after teams representing organi- zations from all over the campus had played many close and exciting battles. Sparked by excellent coaching and flawless teamwork, Delta Tau Delta won the coveted title for the second consecutive year. The Independent champions, Hellems Hall, were the runner-ups in this contest, losing by a score of 8 to 5 to the Delts in a thrill-packed eight-inning game. Phi Delta Theta made a sweeping victory of the intramural track meet held C. U. Days, amassing a total of Syi points, with Sigma Alpha Epsilon taking second place with 145 points. Neil Carleton of the Phi Delt squad was the individual high scorer with 14% points. Winners in this meet were as follows: Pole vault — Funk, Phi Gam (IT 6 " ) High jump — Case, Delt; Carleton, Phi Delt; Hjelte and Weaver, Ind. (5 ' 9 " tie) Shot put — Houston, Viking Club (39 ' lO ' A " ) 100-yd. dash — Carleton, Phi Delt (10.3) Low hurdles — Martin, SAE (27.0) Broad jump — Pettygrove, Sigma Chi (20 ' 6 " ) High hurdles — Martin. SAE (15.3) Mile run — Rowe, Viking Club (5-10.6) 440-yd. dash — Chapman, Phi Gam (53.6) 880-yd. run — Bailey, Ind. (2-10.8) 220-yd. dash — Anderson, Beta (23.0) 8E0-yd. relay — Phi Delt (Olson, Henderson, Telfer, and Johnson) (1-37.9) Bill Hayes and Jack Brennan of Phi Delta Theta annexed the intramural doubles golf crown by defeating Ulrich and Hobbs of Pi Kappa Alpha by a score of 3 and 2. Hayes led the scoring with a scorching three under par, 65, for the eighteen holes. For the singles golf championship, Bill Detweiler of Pi Kappa Alpha beat Fred Kirk of the Phi Tau team. In tennis George Heyburn and Ray Kenz of Phi Kappa Tau defeated the Beta team of Dave Knowlton and Stew Comer for the dou- bles title, 6-4, 6-4. The singles crown was cap- tured by Jerry Thalhamer of the Independ- ents, after defeating John Works, also of the Independent men. 211 Carleton, Phi Delt, breaks the tape. Spring is in the air. Hayes. Detweiler. and Brennan. Spring golf champs. Delts vs. Hellems Hall in championship battle. ,- ' I ;.-, rALL 1948 In a replay of the last eight minutes of a previous game which was protested because of the referee ' s misdecision. Pi Kappa Alpha won the coveted Intramural football crown from the tough Law School team. It looked as if the game would end in a punting battle, when the Pi Kaps intercepted a desperation pass of the Lawyers in the final 30 seconds of play to sew up the championship. This was the third time in recent years that the Independent champs had gone to the finals. In water polo, Phi Gamma Delta trounced the rugged Sigma Nu team, 6-2, to capture the title. Bill Russell and Pete Bartoe scored the winning points for the Fijis, while Hal John- son made free throws for both Sigma Nu tallies. Pi Kappa Alpha won from Kappa Sigma in three straight games to take the Wednesday afternoon bowling league championship, while Phi Kappa Tau defeated Chi Psi also, 3-0, to win the Monday afternoon bowling league title. Delta Tau Delta captured the fall quarter tennis crown with Scotty Smith winning the singles and Walt Spicer, Dick Brackenbury, Carl Lathrop and Reg Rice doing honors in the doubles. The Phi Gams again gained distinction by defeating the Betas in the intramural volley- ball tourney, 15-1 and 15-2. Anybody thirsty? 212 LicoiKc leluiiiij! Wha ' dya ace ? WINIER 1949 • ■ ■- JJB ' iBgaa ' iHg gafc ' -- mmmi Delts trounce Basketcers for I-M crown. The Basketcers, Independent champions. % Successfully defending their title, Delta Tau Delta defeated the Basketeers to again win the intramural basketball champion- ship. Playing before a large crowd, the two teams pitted their skills in a tough basket-for-basket ball game until the last quar- ter, when the Delts edged ahead to win, 32-28. The Newman Club defeated Zeta Beta Tau, 2-1, to win this quarter ' s National Intercollegiate Bowling League title. Beta Theta Pi, Chi Psi, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon took honors respectively at the annual Winter Carnival intramural ski meet held at Winter Park this year. Individual awards went to Horace, jumping, and Martinson, downhill and slalom. In the handball tourney. Bob Den Uyl, Chi Psi, defeated D. Krenzel, Independent, 21-6, 22-20, for the title. Intramural boxing and wrestling again provided many thrills for fight fans. He ' s had it! THE WINNERSi ' Boxing; 118 lb., Lee, Ind. ; 127 lb., Enochs, Delt; 135 lb.. Sunshine, Fhi Sig; 147 lb., Hawthorne, NROTC; 155 lb., Lindgren, Pi Kap; 165 lb., Grimes, Sig Alph; 175 lb. Wilscn, Pi Kap; Heavyweight. Fowler, Delt. Wrestling: 121 lb.. Lynn, Sigma Nu; 128 lb., Orster, Ind.; 136 lb., Allison, Sigma Chi; 145 lb., French, Phi Gam; 155 lb., Nance, Sig Ep ; 165 lb., Horace, SAE; 175 lb.. Skinner, Ind.; Heavyweight, Dometrovich, Kappa Sig. 213 Camera shy? Women ' Intramurals Nice in there? V t If l-- ' - 1 11 Women ' s Gym. Eager participation and stiff competition both contributed to make this year ' s women ' s intramural athletic program the most exciting and thrill-packed one that the University has yet seen. There were many hundreds of women from the sororities, dormitories and independent houses who made the participation total go up and up. Miss Joan Martin, faculty adviser of women ' s intramurals, and her able assistance from the WAA board worked on a program where all University women students could find interest in at least one sport. This planning proved to be very successful and resulted in a tremendous increase in the member- ship of the WAA. Through the guidance of the physical education majors and instructors, skill has been emphasized. Both these groups took time and patience in assisting the girls during the games as offi- cials and pointing out how their games could improve. Thanks to everyone who made this past year of intramurals an excellent one. May they always continue as such. 214 Up-Up-and Over! The " Board " Look w hat Dunn done! The spring sports got off in a big way. Archery, golf, swinuning, shuffieboard, tennis, and Softball found many eager participants. Each of the activities had a tourna- ment, and the winners were proudly acclaimed. The young Robin Hood of the archery range was Alice Falardeau of Kappa Alpha Theta. Golf found its Babe Zaharias in Ruth Bealer, representing the University Gamma in the singles, while the doubles found two stars in Betty Dunn and Vera Jean Kunz, both of Pi Beta Phi. The shuffieboard doubles winners were Sue Biddleman and June Murray of Alfra. The annual swimming meet was won by Harding Hall. The Women ' s Club was the Softball winner. Porpoise, the swimming organization, put on a splendid exhibition of precision swimming and diving to the delight of the Broadmoor Hotel guests and the Colorado Springs citizens. This group of 35 made the journey to the Springs for one perform- ance. It was under the capable leadership of Mrs. Virginia Rich. With all this activity, the spring intramurals, under the sponsorship of Miss Jean Martin, the heads of various sports, the team managers, and the players made it a very successful quarter. Twang! 215 1 Shurtiing along. Spring golf champ. She ' s found her beau. 216 ADPi musclemen. Heavy horseshoe? Tennis was once again predominant in the fall intramural program. The Pi Beta Phi ' s found two of their members. Vera Jean Kunz and Betty Dunn winning top honors in this sport, with Virginia Taylor and Sally Jeffrey of Southeast taking runner-up honors. The competition was again keen in the volleyball tourney. The Alpha Delta Pi soror- ity came out champions after having taken their bracket, and then won from the winners in the other five brackets. The finalists in the other brackets were Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Northeast. After these winners were found, an elimination tourna- ment was run off. Alpha Delta Pi was the win- ner, with Kappa Kappa Gamma as runner-up. Zeta Tau Alpha was winner in the losers ' bracket. The sound of steel on steel was the horse- shoe enthusiasts making those ringers. Marge Ellerhoff and Mabel Funkier were crowned queens of the horseshoes as they conquered all comers. They represented the University Women ' s Club. The runners-up were last year ' s winners, Jo Alexander and Shirley Friel of Alpha Delta Pi. Jan Koopman was named top archer of the archery range, according to her opponents. Close and thrilling matches were common, but this Kappa Delta came out on the first step of the winner ' s ladder, beating out Bigelow ' s Jan Ramage. Mermaids representing organizations from all over the campus turned in some very ex- citing and beautiful performances of aquatics in the fall quarter intramural swimming meet. In team competition Kappa Alpha Theta and McKenna Hall tied for first place, with Delta Gamma second, Lester Hall third, and Alpha Delta Pi third. In the individual competition Joyce Reeves of Alpha Delta Pi tallied the most points to take an undisputed first place, while Norma Benedeck of Bigelow Hall cap- tured second. A three way tie was the result for third place. Kay Bondus and Bev Spiel- mann of Kappa Alpha Theta and Barbara Brickman of Delta Gamma shared this honor. Ann Wadley, representing McKenna Hall, took fourth. Orchids and thanks go to Miss Betty Slaughter of the women ' s physical education department for making the intramural pro- gram move so smoothly. Miss Slaughter took over the job of sponsoring intramurals this quarter and has done a splendid job. Ho-ping to win. This quarter was filled with excitement for both spectator and player alike. Porpoise, the swimming group, delighted two large audiences with their excellent swimming and fancy diving. Con- gratulations to Mrs. Virginia Rich, their sponsor, and the members of the group. Orchesis gave the spectators a thrilling exhibition of modern dance. The dances were unique and performed expertly. Their sponsor, Mrs. Charlotte Irey, did a fine job as director and dancer. The athletic program was off to a fine start with many sports offered. Basketball, reigning as king found its queen in Northwest dorm, which edged out UWC in the finals. The other winners of their bracket who went into the finals were : Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bigelow II, Kens, and Kappa Alpha Theta. The men on the campus were also part of the program as mixed volleyball was offered. The finals were played off by the winners of the four brackets: the Kappa ' s, Harding II, Delta Gamma, the Theta ' s. Kappa Kappa Gamma was first with Kappa Alpha Theta a close second. Bowling found Alpha Chi Omega the winners followed by the Kappa ' s, Kens, and Rock ' s Boarding House. Individual sports also had their day. Virginia Wachob and Esther Williams of Tri Delt found themselves on the top of the badminton ladder, beating out Southwest ' s Pat Dudley and Joanne Mueller. Jane Walther was a worthy match for Margaret McCarthy, Southwest, but Margaret won the table tennis tourney in a close struggle. 217 - l_J Champion Bird-batters. The Globetrotters. ACTIVITIES EDITOR — ARLENE SCONCE 5-if ' KnTtott Hj . ' ? « a KrertUing, (nliRl ' ' ■ ' . ' fii Bt Hfeommigslcti ijxj T M HHl MikL! ' M H V wS H V OT I H H • H nUi fI g5?y ■1. frr...o -A ' - fc • _ fV iiisis ' ' — -si t ■• ' «iR « - _ MANAGING EDITOR « — y Wayne Hulitzky EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marge Grove COLORADAN EDITORIAL STAFF EditoT-in-Chief Marge Grove Managing Editor Wayne Hulitzky Administrations Barbara Folley Activities Arlene Sconce Art Allie Falardeau Dorms Carolyn Clark Queens Mary Alice Cook Class Jim Bruin Copy Farnum Johnson Life at C. U Budge Whiting Organizations Pat Van Hyning Pacesetters Kathy Ryan Photography Dick Stevens Sports Ed Feist Index Laurence Paddock 99fl Secretary Barbara Rennicke 0£Sce Boy Walt Wamsley Back row, left to right: Farnum Johnson, Carolyn Clark, Sam Johnson. Ed Feist, Kathy Ryan, Bobbie Folley, Jim Bruin. Barbara Rennicke. Front row: Alice Falardeau, Don Whiting, Arlene Sconce. Pat Van Hyning. 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Elaine Cooper, Marian Parsons, Marjorie Coursey, Laura Ehrenfreud, Betty Lyttle, Myra Lee Levy, Marilyn Nittler, Marjorie Thompson, Sue Dickson. Allene Zillman. Mike Clark. Second row: Donna Hope Betasso, Barbara Blanchard. Sally Jackman. Ruth Slinkard. Virginia Writer. Jane Rumble. Mary Joan Katzenberg, Roma Firnhaber, Kathy Ward, Donna Jean Ball, Maxine Buchmann. Susan Guild. Front row: John Gough. Dodi Sethman. Nancy Nightingale, Don Shasteen. John Hollis, Bob Kull, Tom Guggenheim. Harriet Froese, John Shepherd. SILVER AND GOLD BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager — Summer and Fall Dudley Curry Business Manager — Winter and Spring R. E. Ayers Advertising Manager R. E. Ayers Advertising Assistants ... 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Rich Hammerstrom, Marilyn Stark Circulation Manager Dick Heath Advertising Manager John Hamilton Office Manager Lee Murphy Circulation Assistants Dick Johnston, Ruth Knopf, Martha Hall, Gordon Har- gen, Shirley Paidar, Betsy Norris, Mary Lou Aufder- heide, Carol Buenik, Ella June Altvater, Harriet Soben- hiemer, Marilyn Probert. Advertising Assistants Jerry Gardenswartz, Henry Lane, S. H. Ross, Will Russell, Andrey Spannaus. Faculty Advisor Dudley Wynn Left to right: Nelson, Hamilton, Rothermel. Blanchard, Stine, Maloney. 227 EDITOR John Barnard Editor-in-Chief John Barnard Associate Editor-in-Chief Houston Williams Business Manager James Holmberg STAFF William Blackburn, Rex McEntire, Henry Blickhahn, Robert Moch, Donald Brotzman, Robert Nevens, Robert Davison, Rex Scott, Edward Devoe, Bernard Shapson, William Grelle, Walter Steele, Raymond Johnson, Russell Stevens, Arthur LeCroix, Merritt Warren 228 Back row, left to right: Moch, Blackburn, Blickhahn, Johnson, Williams, Shapson, Scott. Davison. Front row: Warren, Mclntyre, Holmberg. Barnard, Le Croix, Brotzman. Steele. Roger Cozens EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Roger Cozens Vice-President Ed Kendig Secretary Beverly Starika Treasurer Phyllis Silvio Radio Anne Bail Off Campus Court Peterson Inter-collegiate Blanche Epstein Forums Don Davis Publicity Leslie Polk Membership Bob Sievers Social Marjorie Bertholf Sponsors Thorrel Fest, Stanley Wheater, John Ellery SPEAKER ' S CONGRESS =3Sfl-. •},C : - LvSSS r tii Sh Back row, left to right: John EUcry, Duane Hirsch, Harold Frye, Richard Ott, Robert Rose, Joe Brady, Robert Duthie, Mr. Stanley Wheater. Second row : Roy Wingate, Lynn Fritchman, Richard Heath, James Herber, Caroline Richard, Donald Davis, Cecil Davis, Roy Rothermel, Ralph Tobias, Glenn Groenwold, Carl Duncan, James Cozens, Jack Turbeville, Don Clauss. Front row: William Briscoe, Robert Sievers, Edward Kendig, Phyllis Silvio, Roger Cozens, Leslie Polk, Anne Bail, Blanche Epstein, Beverly Starika, Courtland Peterson, Mr. Thorrel Fest. 229 r. fWrf H : " m This year Jack H. Ciouch replaced Edward J. West as director of Little Theater productions. He received many plaudits for the excellence of his work. The vacancy of associate and technical di- rector was most ably filled by Robert Hethmon who came here from study at Cornell. LITTLE THEATER Phyllis Fonda, vice-president of the Players ' Club and major in psychology , gleamed almost as bright as Dick Hopkins with outstanding performances in Out Town, Night Must Fall, Shad- ow and Subtsance, and Winterset. Dick Hopkins was named as the leading star of the Little Theater season of spring and fall of 1948 and winter of 1949. He began his theatrical work here in 1940. This year he had roles in Pray For Me, Shadow and Substance, The Tempest, and Winterset, yet he will probably be best remembered here by his great success in the acting of the lead part in Oedipus Rex and his direction of the Laboratory Theater ' s winter production of Jean-Paul Sartre ' s centrally staged, existentialist drama, No Exit. 230 Paul Harris, president of Players ' Club, received laim for his many and varied roles in The Girl the Golden West, The Tempest, Night Must Fall, nterset, and the radio show, Fall of the City. Charlotte Mertens, last Year ' s only repeater, fol- lowed with her roles in The Tempest, Night Must Fall, R.U.R., and Fall of the City and assistant di- rection of Boulder ' s Saturday ' s Children. Norm Udevitz arrived this year by his fine worl in Our Town. Winterset. and R.U.R. and assistan direction of the experimental radio show, Fall of tht City. Out Town, Thorton Wilder ' s popular play of everyday American life, was well received in. the spring of 1948. The unique method of staging without sets placed the success entirely upon the performance of the huge cast, principally Robert Loper, Anne Argall, Norm Ude- vitz, Phyllis Fonda, John Adams, David Long, William Edlund, Caro- line Rose, Barbara Babb, Don Spencer, Robert Allen, and Saul Hoff- man, and the direction of Jack H. Crouch. The Irish drama dealing with the fundamental questions of re- ligious faith. Shadow and Substance by Paul Vincent Carroll, was the last production of the school year. This difficult play was directed by J. H. Crouch and was the final performance of last year ' s star, Bob Loper, and technical director, R. J. Prendeville. The cast also con- sisted of Phyllis Fonda, Richard Hopkins, William Prahl, Glenn Johnson, Dodi Sethman, Tom Broderick, Corrine Novak, Donald Roe, and Marjorie Jones. 231 LITTLE THEATER The fall season of 1948 opened with the production of Emlyn Williams ' Night Must Fall, a crime melodrama based on a British murder trial. The play, a study of character and suspense, was di- rected by J. H. Crouch and displayed Robert Hethmon ' s well con- ceived settings for the first time. Robert Potter was superb as Danny and was ably supported by Charlotte Mertens, Phyllis Fonda, Paul Harris, Charlotte McFadden, Judy Wezelman, Carl Maier, and Dodi Sethman. The next University theatre production brought Maxwell Ander- son ' s most successful play, Winterset, to our stage. This compelling modern drama which is said to be based on the controversial Sacco- Vanzetti case was directed by J. H. Crouch and staged by Robert Hethmon. The fire and poetry of the story were beautifully enacted by Dick Hopkins, Ann Argall, Norm Udevitz, Tom Broderick, Paul Harris, Bob Barrow, Frank Sullivan, Pat Wood, Don Roe, Phyllis Fonda, Dale Clark and Larry Armitage. 232 Three Men on a Horse by John Holm and George Abbot pre- sented Carl Maier in the leading role of Erwin. This outstanding comedy of the American theatre which finds a greeting card verse writer picking winners for race-track experts gave Robert Hethmon his first directing job on the campus and the successful results indi- cated many fine and interesting productions in the future. The audi- ence also enjoyed the performances of Tcm Broderick, Pat Wood, Jackie Jones, Pat Seibel, Stafford Thomas, James Reich, Larry Armi- tage, Donald Moynihan, Robert Bergheim, Gordon Banchor, Jean Humphries, Maxine Buchanan, and Donald Roe. Rossum ' s Universal Robots, or commonly known as R.U.R., is Karel Capek ' s melodrama of the past which Jack Crouch, the direc- tor, moved into the future giving an entertaining, yet thoughtful, satire on man ' s present technical progress. The resulting dramatic fantasy was exciting as man struggled against robots who challenged his place in the world after they had been made technically superior to him, both physically and mentally, yet possessing no soul. Robert Hethmon ' s modernistic sets were well designed and the lighting was most effective. The cast was: Charlotte Mertens, Robert Barrows, Carl Maier, Norman Udevitz, Don Ulrick, Don Moynihan, Jackie Jones and Burton Gray. 233 Sally Fisher, David Dekker 234 Marion Fowler, Sally Fisher, Bavid Dekker «SBfr 4SiSia«y i3V ' - M. ' Wa»«affl -«A:i«2i 4 »J 3iBla OPERETTA - !fg-r -ia witii»)S ' - The Mikado, the fourth annual production of the University of Colorado opera association, was presented twice with great suc- cess in Macky auditorium under the direction of Warner Imig. The opera, which had a cast of about fifty members and a symphony or- chestra, was a satire on government with a Japanese locale. The de- partments and instructors whose talents combined to help make pos- sible the outstanding success of the Mikado were: Warner Imig, director; James Sandoe, orchestra; Ann Jones, designer; Frank Sullivan, technical director. The leads were Robert Johnson, David Dekker, Marion Fowler, Gordon Wickstrom, Don Jones, Sally Fisher, Betty Leslie, Charlotte Belsan, Catherine Dunstan. The story of the opera consists of the many hilarious repercus- sions when the Mikado of Japan sends out an edict reminding every town that at least one execution must occur annually. It so happens that the Lord High executioner of Tipipu, Ko-Ko, has no such crim- inals on hand. As he ponders the situation the disguised son of the Mikado walks in only to fall in love with Ko-Ko ' s bride-to-be. The outcome of these circumstances combined with beautiful Japanese costumes, effective lighting, sound effects, dancing, make-up, an exciting stage setting, singing and music, resulted in an evening of wonderful entertainment for many people. Betty Leslie, Sally Fisher, Charlotte Belsan .X r 4 %m COMMITTEE Chairman: Charles H. Norris PROFESSORS Storm Bull John Hough Paul V. Thompson Paul-Louis Faye James Sandoe Dudley Wynn A. S. U. C. MEMBER Charles Neale The best in the field of fine entertair this year to help make the thirteenth se The program for this year included Elmo, leading contralto who last year ; Opera season; Vasa Pi ilimlimnternati sova, one of the outstandiapTvllis Colorado Symphony, directe Parisian pianist making his fin of the Metropolitan Opera C Group productions were for the second consecutive s conducting the Minneapolis Sy before enthusiastic crowds in Bould tion of Margaret Webster, brilliant t was brought to Macky Auditorium again of iJ e Artist Series a huge success. shed individual musicians as Cloe the sensations of the Metropolitan nowned Czech violinist ; Raya Garbou- assisted_ by our own University of _ ancois, remarkable young nard Warren, leading baritone tour Infantry Chorus, returning fmand; Dimitri Mitropoulos playing a return engagement r s " Macbeth " under the direc- Ss, " author, and director. 235 CONCERT BAND Director Hugh McMillen The fully orchestrated concert band, composed of 95 members, presents various types of band numbers. The annual concert given by the band is always eagerly awaited by music enthusiasts on campus. Concert Band — Director Hugh McMillen CONCERT ORCHESTRA Seventy-two members make up the two sections of the concert orchestra, the string orchestra and the full sym- phony. The string orchestra is featured at many concerts, as are prominent soloists which appear with the symphony. Much attention is drawn by the orchestra ' s annual tour throughout Colorado. 236 Concert Orchestra — Director Horace Jones Marching Band — Director Hugh McMillen MARCHING BAND One of the largest, finest playing and maneuvering groups in the country is the popularly-known marching band, which is composed of 122 men and 72 women. The band is well-known for its intricate and entertaining stunts at football game half-times. MEN ' S MARCHING BAND LeMarr. Graham. Orrino. Price, Finley, Robertson, Jackson, Trimble. Duncan, Childress, Alvord, Kramer, Jones, Gorrell, Barker, Kemper, Watts, Hiigel, Ellis, Graves, Stowe, Zimmerman, Stewart, Shultz, Webster, Garlinghouse, Bashford. B., Schooley, Ratliff, Dotson, Bauknecht, Herring, Moore, Lieb, Rosen. Heath. Collins, Bray, Blackmarr, Bandfield, Moe, Buchanan, Light, Henry, Moles. Hiestand, Wyant. Garrett, Sickafus, Hurdle, Brackenbury, Kissack, Perriman, Kahn, Riffenburg, Grant, Ostwald, Hurt, De Lauro, Hutchings, Burt, Dannhauser. Wells, Sincerbeaux, Burrus. Hilmar, Hornbeck, Hinthorn, Oliver, Monroney, Richmond, Polk, Law, Burrows, Alcorn, West, Bradfield, Shull, Vesey, Piserchio, Mitchell, Givson, Over, Beals, Fowler, Downing, Gathers, Marshall, Sparks, Cozens, J., DeMuth, Nicholas, Sams, Logan, Spath, Funke, Read, Kliever, Allison, Nix, Roesler, Culver, Todd, Cozens, R., Hagerman, Krim, Norris, Lanzendorf, Hickman, Messenger, Henson, Cole, Spiker, Olsen, Harmon, Chaffee, Van Meter, Owens, Turner, Hildyard, Dennis, Horn, Taggart, Ward, Worcester. WOMEN S MARCHING BAND Holder, Davis, Helm, Barngrover, Morgan, Jackson, Buckel, Browning. Dune Cowen. Hoyt, Ballin, Taylor, Saunders, Holm. WoHord, Barrett, Gordon. Ba Collins, Ellington, Schnieder, Froderman, Coe, Brandner. Foley, Stein, R Thompson, Kimmell, Taguchi, Shaver, Salisbury, Usher, Dixon, St. Clair, Bar Hubert, Durward, Williams, Ross, Onorati, Balch, Hensley, Tutt, Bla Mahoney, Worstell, Starika, Wormwood, Swann, Hatcher, Brown, Laing, Fui Muirhead, Woods, Whiteside, Theise, Hazard, Works, Erndes, Temp Schmittel, Haakenson, Meyers, Fay, Howells, Stein, Basttan, Dinwiddle, Coh Rahrich, Reynolds, Melville, Pickett. 22 Because of the limited membership of bands on campus, the varsity band is organized to accommodate the many players who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take part in such an activity. It is composed of 75 members, and provides stimulating music for basketball games and other campus activities. VARSITY BAND Varsity Band- -Director Hugh McMillen iPBPi T Ti BBil s il IfirtiJ H . T ' ' f -4 ' y JB j _. J? -? s w ' H HP ii H r! 7 f- 3 Warner Imig 238 MODERN I. null. Top row, left to right: R. Carl, J. Gentry, C. Plank, P. Heuston, B. Hoagland, S. Black, G. Cole, B. Alexander, Second row: B. Lutterbie, R. Ship, D. Jones, P. Lewis, B. Jackson, L. Hoskin, B. Ericson, J. Sparks, F. Marriott. Front row: R. A. Gerringer, C. McQuide, D. Scott, M. Diffey, B. Iverson, S. Spence, D. Nelson, B. Leslie. UNIVERSITY CHOIR Top row, left to right: W. Wampler, B. Benight, D. Irwin, B. Alexander, G. Cole, H. Cann, P. Heuston, R. Angove, B. Hoagland, T. Wolle, F. Walker, A. Chavez, B. Carl, B. Finke, D. Wendell, J. Sparks, F. Denckla. Third row: B. Lutterbie, A. Englert, B. Musil, B. Ericson, D. Funk, E. Thompson, D. Dek- ker, B. McKinley, J. Gentry, V. Lebsack, B. Woods, R. Adams, B. Funke, C. Allison, D. Jones, R. Ship, P. Harriot. Second row: K. Petersen, P. Krier, V. Lantz, I. Wake, S. Spence, G. Lunnley, B. Haymen, S. White, C. Belsan, S. Dickson, S. Waymire, M. Kelley, N. Fountain, S. Schmelik, C. McQuide, J. Heikes, M. Ross, B. Wheeler. Front row: P. Walker, R. A. Gerringer, B. Williams, S. Poquette, D. Nelson, D. Scott, M. Diffey, B. Iverson, A. N. Palmer, B. Jackson, P. Lewis, L. Hoskin, B. Velte, B. Law, S. Sorensen, P, Williams, B. Graves, B. Robertson, B. Leslie. Lett to right: Tom Mason, announcing; Jack Rice, engineer. The Radio Production Department is ever becoming an increas- ingly important and busy hub of campus activities. Under the able direction of Ellsworth Stepp, the department has become the most vital campus center for the creation and dissemina- tion of public information. Mr. Stepp was on the administrative staff of KOA in Denver for ten years before coming to Colorado Uni- versity. Mrs. Nancy Harris and William Bender complete the staff of the department. Almost every day and every hour you can find student actors rehearsing lines and cues for dramatic programs, faculty members transcribing talks for future broadcasts, student engineers checking equipment and sound effects in the control room, or journalists from the Silver and Gold on the air with news programs. The primary function of the department lies in the field of public relations, which means publicizing those services which the Univer- sity provides to the state. Here students are also trained for the wide variety of work that goes into the building of programs. Ellsworth Stepp Left to tight: Steve Polkinghorn, Larry Hudson (background), Bernard Shapson, Mr. EUery, Cecil Jones, Beverly Starika, Carolyn Richard, 239 Since its completion in 1930, the Memorial Student Union Building has been the center of the extracurricular activities on the campus. Built at the cost of $200,000, the building was designed for the purpose of furnishing a meeting place for students, faculty, and campus organiza- tions, and was dedicated to the former students who gave their lives in World War I. As a further memorial the 240 Mrs. Bertha Bentson northwest entrance was made entirely of marble and the names of the soldiers are found on the walls. The Memorial building has been functioning quite efficiently up to the last few years, but because of the in- crease in enrollment the snack bar, lounge, and office space are very inadequate. In 1945 plans for a new Memorial building were drawn up. So, until it becomes a reality, the old MSUB carries on. Mrs. S. Alice Davis i 7 „iv - • . T I I ! I 1 1 ¥ Elaborate plans for the new Memorial Building have been made to meet the demands of the growing student body. The cost is estimated at $2,500,000, and this building is going to be dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives in both World Wars. Carrying out the Rural Italian style architecture, the five story structure will be located east of Arts and north of the music school. Among the new features are twenty-eight guest rooms for parents and alums, a ping-pong and billiard room, and eight bowl- ing alleys. The regular enlarged rooms include a dining room, a banquet room for 1200, a ballroom for 2,000, lounges, snack bar and soda fountain, and meeting and publication rooms. Sufficient funds have been raised to begin the construction so that we will soon be able to see the beginning of tomorrow ' s center of campus activities for a greater Colorado University. 241 " Breaking the ground. LIFE AT C. U. EDITOR — BUDGE WHITING vSH p-irf e? " - i m .. M ' ■ . • ' ' v -SL •■ ' . ' . -- ' ■. - ' ■•■ ' ' ' ' —••■ ' ■ . ' ■ ■ ' •- - - £ :f m-- ■ " •ij-s " ' C • ■ ■ ■ 7 ' ■ H - ' m ,., - ' ' im S asJt ' IflStSsiS ' 1 ■ I VODKA VOLLEYS AT THE END OF THE LINE MRS. SUTHERLAND ' S ROCKETTES SNAPPY ON THE JOB NEXT WEEK— GRAVES IN THE PI PHI SHOWERS SWEATER SYMPHONY gmw i i ' i s ' ' m i . ' :ijtp oann M- wen - J ' » ' fc»3 - | DICK CUNNINGHAM J f , » ( ■=% evi TILT IT A LITTLE HIGHER, PLEASE HOW IMPORTANT CAN YOU GET? JM- NEXT TIME, TRY MURPHY 261 N %- ■ ' A ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR — PAT VAN HYNING fl OFFICERS President Robert M. Wood Vice-President C. H. Smukler Secretary Eleanor Lieberknecht Treasurer Maurice BruU Sponsor Philip F. Moore AIAS has developed this year from the small organization of years past to a very active and influential group among the engineering profes- sional organizations. It is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior aero- nautical engineers. Its purposes are the advancement of knowledge of the theory and practice of the aeronautical sciences, the provision to students of the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the AIAS, and the encouragement of professional consciousness and fel- lowship. AIAS has progressed socially also, as evidenced by presentation of the winning skit at this year ' s Apple Fest. MEMBERS W. A. Adair J. G. Connelly D. R. Haskell D. L. Loving J. A. Stark J. H. Aydellotte R. K. Coulter C. L. Heckart R. C. Maydew J. D. Sutliff E. L. Baker H. A. Croft J. H. Jacoby H. V. Means J. R. Sutton W. G. Ballenger R. E. Davis J. C. Johnson S. M. Miklebost J. P. Thomas O. L. Bashor R. B. Demoret " D. P. Joy M. L. Miller T. S. Tileston W. M. Barrett R. J. Doubek E. L. Kambach R. J. Naegele R. P. Torbet A. B. Bellman M. J. Duffy R. Kellar J. G. Nelson J. E. Turner R. W. Bender A. M. Durrance M. R. Keller C. L. Norris C. E. Varner E. S. Beymer G. C. Durall . . S. Knaur C. V. Osborne C. E. Waddell R. B. Broere J. M. Edgar D. B. Krenzel R. W. Palmer R. D. Waldo M. A. Brull D. L. Elder F. J. Kroll J. F. Reed D. M. Wallace S. E. Burke J. R. Elfalan E. D. Kuball G. J. Savage P. L. Wandel D. K. Bush J. D. Elliott R. E. Law J. Schwalbe L. F. Weaver C. H. Carlson G. G. Gilmore G. H. Lewis F. A. Silvasy C. F. White M. S. Carpenter L. G. Harper E. F. Lieberknecht C. H. Smukler R. M. Wood C. S. Cherry 268 Top row, Mt to right: Roger Davis, E. L. Kamback, Robert Naegele, John Aydelotte. Fourth row: Charles Heckart, J. C. Johnson, Stanley Miklebost, O. L. Bashor, J. I. Starr, J. R. Sutton, Charles Varner, R. B. Demoret. Third row: Lorren Harper, Richard Coulter, Gordon Gilmore, Robert Doubek, George Duvall, James Reed, W. C. Cass, D. K. Bush. Second row: Paul Wandel, Ross Radey, Ed Metsker, J. G. ShuU, John Thomas, Donald Elder, Frank Silvasy, Charles Carlson. Front row: John Edgar, Jo Schwalbe, R. M. Wood, C. H. Smukler, William Ballenger, Eleanor Lieber- knecht, Maurice Brull, Philip Moore. OFFICERS President Jack Drais Vice-President Kenneth Calkins Secretary Dee Wells Treasurer Alan O ' Neall Program Chairman Jim Knap The American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides for its some 115 members a professional as well as a social outlook. The " Institute, " at its bi-weekly meetings, presents speakers, movies, and student talks on subjects of interest to Chem. engi- neers. In the fall and spring quarters, AIChE sponsors a picnic for the members of the department, during which faculty and students associate without the stiffness of the classroom. Combined meeting with the DU chapter and the Denver pro- fessional chapter help members realize the national scope of the organization. Loren Anderson Ed Arbuckle Bill Atkinson Bruce Ballinger Gordon Bangs Robert Banknecht Charles Boyd George Brandhorst James Browne Ken Brunelli Morse Cavender Joe Chilton, Jr. George Choy Paul Combs D. R. Conkling Bob Courtney Erwin Cramp Richard Daly Fred Debbrecht Dave Dittman Fred Dolan Tony Donado Don Donaven J. E. Easter Jon Eberle Paul Fedde Ray Fink Jim Francis Charles Fullerton Bill Gaide John Geer Jim Gibson L. J. Gross Gene Gunter J. E. Gwyn George Halbur J. S. Hallam Bill Haney James Harkee Clarence Herbst Jim Hickle Sherburne Hill R. B. Hoag G. R. Hocker Chuck Holcomb Chuck Hall Tom Hutchinson Harry King MEMBERS John Klemenic Viron Kliewer R. D. Kuerston Dominic Lanza Mark Litt H. R. MacPherson Orin Marks Hugh Martin Monroe Martin Gordon McNeill Dick Metcalfe F. J. Miner James Moe Bob Murray Jim Neblick Bill Nickum Duke Orr Richard Partee Ralph Peak Frank Potochnik Frank Prager Bill Prindible Joseph Puleo Bob Purcell Ralph Pugh J. A. Purvis John Pyskach F. L. Resen G. L. Richardson Russ Richman Pete Roberts Leo Roth Frank Rubinson William Russell Bill Sale Paul Schauer F. J. Scheib Wally Schultz Richard Sherman Fred Siedenstrano Al. E. Smith J. E. Smith Robert Steach James Stuart H. G. Swenson Edward Thomas David Thornburg Ray Thrower J. H. Tipton Bill Traber J. G. Trindle R. E. Troeltzsch E. W. Turner J. E. Walton G. J. Webster T. S. Whitsel Louis Wilhite Lora Wilhite James Willbum Robert Wood Louis Zinck T.? ' ' , ° - ' ' ' ' " " Sht: Joseph Chilton, Jim Tipton, Larry Resen, Fred Debbrecht, M. L. Jackson, William Wolf, J. A. Geer, R. B. Thrower. Fifth row: Gordon McNeill, Charles Fullerton, Louis Roberts, Robert Wood, John Smith, Gordon Bangs. Bruce Ballinger, Laird Crocker, Viron Kliewer. Fourth row: William Haney, William Mickum, Robert Murrey, Richard Kuerston. Don Conkling. Louis Wilhite, Bill Traber. Jim Hickle, Russ Richman. Third row: Sherburne Hill, John Klemenic. Charles Taylor, Orin Marks. George Halbur, Lee Roth. Morse Cavender. Ray Fink. Second row: Lewis Zinck. Harry King, Robert Purcell, Ralph Pugh, Charles Hull, Ralph Peak, Lyle Gross, Francis Scheib. Joseph Puleo. Front row: Norman Tower. Dave Thornburg. Jim Knap. Alan O ' Neall, Jack Drais, Kenneth Calkins, Lora Wilhite, Richard Sherman. 269 OFFICERS Chairman John Furneaux Vice-chairman Paul Hendrickson Secretary Bob McDonald Treasurer Kenneth Fonda The campus organization of AIEE is a student branch of the professional society for Electrical Engineers. The purpose of the group is to acquaint the students with practical work in Electrical Ingineering by presenting new and interesting developments in the field and showing the various phases of practice, thus providing a correlation between school work and actual practice. Typical pro- grams this year have included student papers on various technical topics, speakers from Denver on television, and participation in the various training programs offered by the larger Electrical Manu- facturers, such as Sales Engineering, Public Utility Operation, Telephone Dial Mechanisms, and Wire and Cable Industry. This branch of the national organization was especially fortunate in having been able to participate with the Denver section in a joint meeting during the visit of the national president, Mr. E. S. Lee of of the General Electric Company, to Denver. C. O. Allen Harry J. Angell W. L. Aseniero H. T. Aspinwall Edward A. Babka Don L. Baker Samuel R. Barnhill Lyle Bauknecht William Bell 0. N. Bennett Joseph Betthauser C. R. Bitter, Jr. L. L. Blackwell D. U. Boesche W. W. Braudt Duane H. Bril Robert N. Brooks H. A. Brust W. D. Buniger M. Keith Burk Paul E. Burke W. S. Cady 1. D. Campbell James Campbell John H. Carlson D. E. Carpenter K. E. Christeson Helvin Coleman K. D. Claborn George Conrey R. E. Cowdery Charles H. Crosby L. A. DeLatuer D. A. Dewey F. L. Doughty John Dreith A. G. Dunbar J. W. Duncan P. S. DuPont W. E. DuVall Dick Ekrem A. J. Eldrid ge Paul C. Elliott Walter Ewanus P. F. Fago E. E. Faulk E. Faussone W. J. Fick C. W. Fleming R. B. Flemons Kenneth Fonda J. W. Foxworthy R. S. Frary Don L. Frederick William Fredericks Walter Fritz F. F. Fulton John W. Furneaux J. P. Garvin Thomas H. Garnett Floyd A. Gates L. H. Gauss, Jr. Jack S. Gifford P. D. Goldhammer K. M. Gorrell E. H. Graham W. R. Graham Victor Griep J. L. Grigsby C. E. Gunther R. E. Hagerott Donald D. Hagg Floyd Hamilton D. L. Hardy J. D. Havell A. N. Havran William F. Hayes L. H. Heikkinen Paul Hendrickson John Hessler A. L. Hill C. W. Hinrichs R. C. Hinsey William R. Hoaglund MEMBERS J. A.- Holmes Joseph N. Honer T. C. Hughes Lawrence Huster Rollo L. Hysom E. E. Jones C. L. Johnson F. W. Johnson W. H. Johnson J. J. Karnes R. C. Keck E. L. Keenan C. E. T. Kelsey Jarrett Kingsolver Edmund F. Klein J. A. Kobe J. W. Kuretich R. O. Lasby George Leahy Robert S. Levy R. H. Libbert Robert J. Lorrig W. R. Luebke Kenneth Mallett W. S. Makush R. V. Mangus Robert L. Martin Allen Maruyama Alvin Mayer H. L. McCoy R. W. McDonald D. A. McGee W. D. McKernon K. K. McLeod Allen F. Melville J. L. Mitchell E. V. Monaco C. J. Montcra A. H. Montgomery D. J. Morroni J. A. Moulton A. G. Mueller L. C. Murphy Glenn B. Nelson W. R. Nickerson B. E. Nies, Jr. A. F. Nuttall Edward D. Orth J. E. Parker Wallace Patterson John Peebles H. E. Petsch Vernon Phillips R. A. Pierson P. P. Prebble Fred B. Pogust Harold Pyle R. R. Radnor D. M. Raduziner E. A. Rafert Donald H. Reaume Roy F. Reeves D. E. Richard Robert J. Richardson C. L. Rider G. W. Robertson J. H. Roelker C. G. Rogers M. J. Sawyer R. M. Schumaker Don LeRoy Scidmore W. M. Shimer R. M. Simmons James A. Smith L. M. Smith Don Stallings C. J. Steiert Walter F. Stephen C. H. Sullivan, Jr. Louis W. Supancic Charles H. Symons C. M. Theiss J. H. Thomas O. W. Thorn W. E. Thorp E. E. Todd J. E. Toffler Art Trevithick H. D. Trimmer H. R. Trukken W. D. Tyler M. P. Udevitz K. F. Uffelman W. H. Vickers J. W. Vickroy F. J. Villa H. R. Wadley P. R. Wakefield R. F . Walker W. H. Walker J. H. Ward D. C. Washburn H. K. Watson Paul E. Werner J. H. Willis James F. Wilson W. R. Woods Tom Yanagi Boyd W. Young Henry Zuber 270 Top row, left to right: George Woodward, William Lesser, Francis Johnson, Wilbur Sinton, Ernest Faus- sone, Don Reaume, Wesley Peterson, Lloyd Evans, Philip Goldhammer. Sixth row: Paul Hendrickson, Lennard Smith, Charles Hinrichs, Raymond Mangus, Walter S. Makush, Richard Walker, Jack Sapp, Charles Bealey, Kenneth Fonda, Dick Morroni, William Hayes. Maurice J. Sawyer. Fifth row: Edward Amonette, Howard Brust, Frank L. Moore, Wallace Patterson, Jerry Howell, Howard Demuth, Edmund F. Klein, Darl Washburn, Clarence Steiert, Hal Demuth, Don A. Dewey, John Kuretich. Fourth row: Arch Nuttall, Jim Read, Robert Shore, David Raduziner, Louis Supancic, William M. Bell, George Huster, Lawrence Huster, Donald L. Baker, Harry K. Watson, Keith M. Burk, Clarence O. Allen. Third row: John Garvin, Donald J. Hubert, Alvin Mayer, Fred Villa, Charles D. Bell, Jerome Toffler, Oreman Thorn, Robert Richardson, Fred Pogust, William Woods, John H. Ward, Harold Wadley, Thomas Garnett. Second row: Don Stallings, Don Scidmore, William Braudt, John Hessler, Ransom Moore, Robert Hinsey. Eugene Keenan, Peter Prebble, Charles Rider, Arnold Montgomery, Duane H. Bril, Wilbur DuVall, Don L. Frederick, William Shimer. Front row: Calvin Theiss, Edward Orth, Melvin Coleman, Rollo Hysom, Walter Buniger, John Furneaux, William Vickers, R. W. McDonald, Vernon Poehls. Ernest Faulk, Ray Lasby, Harry Angell, Glenn B. Nelson. OFFICERS Major John R. Mack Commanding OScer 1st Lt. Marion K. Burk Executive Officei 1st Lt. William A. Burnham, Jr. 1st Lt. Donald L. Cox 1st Lt. George P. Forscyth 1st Lt. Robert E. Jacks 1st Lt. Brant D. Hardy 1st Lt. Clifton P. Ohman 1st Lt. Ewart O ' Neill 1st Lt. James O. Richards 1st Lt. Holger R. Trukken 2nd Lt. John F. Allemon 2nd Lt. Richard B. Broere 2nd Lt. Jack B. Cannon 2nd Lt. Donald D. Dishon 2nd Lt. Maurice P. Drake 2nd Lt. Warren S. Hayes 2nd Lt. John J. O ' Ryan 2nd Lt. Walne J. Thornton 2nd Lt. William C. Wade The 139th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron was acti- vated and federally recognized as an integral unit of the Colorado Air National Guard on January 15,1948 with an authorized strength of 26 officers and 379 men. The unit has been greatly assisted by the university and the community of Boulder and has grown from a small cadre which was formed at the first regular meeting in 1947 to an organization of more than 200 members. The purpose of the group is to train and maintain a Tactical Air Defense Center for the control and direction of offensive and defensive aircraft by means of radar and electronic equipment, as a part of the U.S. M- day force, and to be available as part of the Colorado State Militia in cases of emergency. The two week summer encampment in 1948 and the State Military Ball will be among memories of this year, and the 1949 maneuvers and the completion of the new $60,000 Armory on North Broadway are included in expectations for the coming year. i? Top row, left to right: Robert Le Marr, Dave Grometer, Marvin Rotenberg, Everett Stastny, Robert Grieb, Kent Teall, F. J. Miner. Ivan Wilson, Carroll Bryant, Kent Rogers, P. R. Broman, Robert Throm, Henry Pohl. Charles Meizner, Joseph Roper, Augie Raso, Gerald Apuzzo, William Bucket, Authur Daman, David Chase, Duane Hickman, Sheldon Fruchter, Philip Pearl, H. W. Lloyd, George Van Hoorebeke, Louis Wolfe. Seventh row: E. A. Thompson, C. H. Hargrave, James Kreuder, A. D. Walker, Earl Lawrence, R. J. Katz, D. P. DeBanico, G. Schwartz, Richard Strong, Melvin Spurlin, Charles Hansen, H. M. Cann, Richard Durand, Bertram Gold, Jack Walford, David Crosson, Larry Nye, Oscar Zesch, Dick Chase, E. V. Krog- meier, Jack Matalon, Leonard Krim, Jack Cooley, Charles Parker, Stanley Johnson, Francis Knotts. Sixth row: Charles Barrick, B. H. Riftenburgh, M. L. Myers, H. B. Dunning, R. E. Troeltzsch, L. R. Bur- rows, J. A. Osborne, D. R. Ehrenkrook, B, G. Fox, John Wilcox, William Thomas, Jack Fuler, L. C. Lan- ham, R. C. Cornell. W. P. Bancroft, James Allen, R. D. White, William McCaffrey, R. I. Zall, T. P. Smith, E. Lewin, Reginald Rice, D. W. Farrand, Philip Merlino, L. F. Livingston, J. A. Machol, Warren Martin. Fifth row: J. D. Notis, C. J. Hannah, James Kelly, Charles Amen, G. E. Blackner, Ivan Faucon, John Arm- strong, R. M. Wendell, W. M. Benight, W. D. DeVeny, Elmer Manley, Dick Yamanashi, Gene King, Wal- lace Dusenbury, R. L, Colhour, E. F. Hockett, Richard Bowman, Mark Litt, Joe Bcrgheim, Russell Kreider. Fourth row: Walter Bennett, Douglas Sheldon, Robert Robertson, Earl Banker, Dallas Hampton, J. L. Bailey. Philip Reynolds, Charles Crosby, Edward Houlton, George Halderman, Oba Hanchey, William Starr, Erik Bocks, C. R. Bitter, Billy Fox, Don Clyncke, Don Shade, Jon Sucher, C. W. Matthews, F. R. Wadley, W. H. Vickers, M. P. Udevitz, Third row: Marion Burk, Melvin Clark, Robert Chapman, William Hemmerle, John Thrailkill, Richard Williams, Harrison Ford, John Land, Eugene Palni, John Coryell, William Venohr, Robert Rose, Kenneth Straughn, Harold Peterson, Delbert Sundberg, Francis Halloran, Grant Hudson, Marshall Kratz, Herbert Hutchings. Second row: Bangs, Harold Foddy, Hugh Martin, I. C. Sanderson, C. A. Ross, J. B. Poyer, Hans Borm, W. C. McClearn, A. L. Toedtli, A. L. Schell, M. R. Richardson, E. C. Arbuckle, Lee Stripling, William Eaton, Jack Marshall, Robert Wilcox. Hugh Best. Front row: Ray Finney, John Collins, Warren Dowler, Delbert Cunningham, John Spikes, J. R. Sheldon, G. F. Woodward, M. W. Noe. 271 mt i 1 ill mm 1 1 rj « iiE ' " s " ' .% % f % f f l mi ' i»f»m. , pf 1 j f, ' :t- t 1 ' . ■4 •5 ' ■0-: f ; I ' t ' f 1 1 1 " r : ' A V» .t!- ' »l A n . f OFFICERS President Shirley Keim Vice-President Ritsu Yanagi Secretary Manette Rueb Treasurer Marjorie Selters Alfra was formed as a social organization for independent women in the fall of 1946. From less than a dozen charter members it has grown to 46 members who are kept busy from the first weenie roast of the fall quar- ter to the spring formal dinner dance, working on floats, filling Thanks- giving baskets and Christmas stockings, and attending tea dances with in- dependent men ' s groups. Peggy Ball Joan Bell S ue Biddleman Joan Brandner Pat Cauthen Phyllis Coverdell Betty Demarest Dorothy Drexel Jean Douglas Laura Ehrenfreund Margaret Giinther Angie Gosar Helen Hanson Janet Hilferty Alyce Hopkins Mildred Hybiak MEMBERS Kathy Jamison Shirley Keim Shirley Kimmel Joyce King Dolores Lasnik Rosie Masunaga Sheila McCabe Joyce McCartney Jerrlyn McGraw Helyn Mikawa Janet Millard Corrine Mills Ruth Moreau Carole Murata Jessie Nussbaum Penny Oliver Faye Peterson Joan Philipsen Florence Rivers Ellen Rogers Manette Rueb Marjorie Selters Vickie Skeats Jeareen Sowell Lucile Thomas Marjorie Thompson Helen True Mary Upton Phyllis Whitmore Kay Wilson Ritsu Yanagi 272 Top row, left to right: Betty Demarest, Margaret Giinther, Joyce McCartney, Shirley Kimmel, Lucile Thomas, Angela Gosar, Alyce Hopkins. Third row: Joan Bell, Janet Millard, Joyce King, Helen Hanson, Mary Upton, Helen True, Ellen Rogers, Jerrlyn McGraw, Kathy Jamison, Sheila McCabe, Phyllis Whitmore, Mildred Hybiak, Flo Rivers. Second row: Joan Philipsen, Kathryn Wilson, Marjorie Selters, Jean Douglas, Shirley Keim, Ritsu Yanagi, Manette Rueb, Jessie Nussbaum, Jan Hilferty. Front row: Ruth Moreau, Vickie Skeats, Helyn Mikawa, Dorothy Drexel, Sue Biddleman, Carole Murata, Rosie Masunaga. Si -- " r.-.-.ft .iismmii wrTy ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS President Ken Wise Vice-President James Hamill Recorder Robert Purcell Master of Ceremonies Charles Hull Reporter James Knap Treasurer John Shell Alumni Secretary J. E. Chilton Chapter Advisor Mr. J. B. Bruce Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, national professional chemistry fra- ternity, was chartered at the University of Colorado in 1908. Since then it has been active on the campus, carrying out the various activities of the organization. The fraternity consists of two branches, a collegiate and a pro- fessional branch. The campus group strives for the advancement of chem- istry both as a science and as a profession. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS ON CAMPUS: Dr. Paul M. Dean Dr H. B. Van Valkenburgh Dr. Frank E. E. Germann Dr Glen Wakeham Dr. J. R. Lacher Dr P. G. Worcester Dr. B. E. Lauer ■ J. B. Bruce Dr. J. S. Meek - ' I Alvin Voight Dr. Charles F. Poe f William W., Wolf. J , MEMBERS - ;■; • ■ ■ -• ■ Actives: Charles Hull Robert Purcell Charles-Helcomb Cleland Beitelshees Raymond Jump Robert Rekers Viron Klfe ' wer Joseph Bower John Klemenic John Shell Orin Marks Kenneth Calkins James Knap Richard Sherman Robert McManis Joseph Chilton Wilford Lycan Raymond Thrower .oseph Puleo Jack Drais Willette Lyons Kenneth Wise Jack Roberts Paul Fedde Gordon McNeill Pledges: Francis Schieb Robert Fishburn Monroe Martin Loren Anderson John Smith James Hamill William Mimmack Morse Cavender Wayne Snyder Kenneth Hertha Frend Miner Richard Daly Edward Turner James Hickle Frederick O ' Neall Hector De Luca Thomas Hutchinson Ralph Pugh Kenneth Hawkins Top row, Mt to right: John Klemenic, Eugene Lyons. Thomas Hutchinson, Alvin Voight, C. D. Beitel- shees. Kenneth Calkins. Third row: J. Shell, Monroe D. Martin, Ralph A. Pugh, Robert G. Rexers. Edward Emery, R. B. Thrower, Richard Sherman. Second row: Wilford Lycan, Alan 0 Neall, Bob Fishburn. F. J. Miner, Kenneth Hertha, John Atwood, James Hickle. Front row: John Bruce, Charles Hull, Robert Purcell, Ken Wise, Jim Knap, Jim Hamill, Emery Chilton. 273 OFFICERS: President Kendall Hills Vice-President John Vavra Secretary Harold Kayser Treasurer Shirley Appleby Historian James Richie Corresponding Secretary Marjorie Chanak Scapel Reports Robert Kearney Sponsor Dr. Witt Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national premedical honor society whose ob- ject is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education, to promote co- operation and contact between medical and pre-medical educators and stu- dents in developing an adequate program, and to bind together similarly interested students. This organization is the only national honor society for pre-medical students, and there are 47 active chapters in colleges and universities throughout the United States. Members are selected for high scholarship from the pre-med and medi- cal technology classes, and must have completed five quarters of college work. Aside from its regular meeting and programs, the local chapter spon- sors a pre-med orientation meeting in the fall and a trip through the Denver Medical school each spring. MEMBERS Shirley Appleby Cleland Beitelshees Patricia Bramson Howard Cann Orlando Clentaus Marjorie Chanak Edward Christensen Curtice Clohessy Nelson Copley Stephen Davol Vern Dunbar William Eubank Beverly Firth Melvin Freundliche Lee Grossman Theodore Hiatt Kendall Hills Clarence Horr Harold Kayser Robert Kearney Hazel Kelly Robert King Seymour Levitt Henry Lincoln Hugh McGee Joseph McKell James McKnight John McMahon Henry Mendrek Eugene Minzer John A. Moore Patricia Moyer William Nye Carol Packard Eino Pekkarine Clarence Peterson Leo Rademacker James Richie Richard Romig Janet Schemmel Stanley Schrier Janet Sears Mary Ann Squire Stanley Stein Henry Strauss Yutaka D. Taguchi Stanley Talpers William Thulin Harry Tipton John Vavra Russell Watt Frederick Wawrose Robert H. Wood Arthur Zinn 274 Top row, left to right: Mel Freundliche, Stephen Davol, Stephen McCuUoch, Curtice Clohessy. Frederick Wawrose, Leo Rademacher, Seymour Levitt, Dick Romig, John Moore. Third row: Henry Mendrek, Bill Nye, Henry Strauss. Bill Thulin. Russell Watt, Ed Crabbe, Nelson Copley, Clarence Petersen, Orlando Celantano. Second row: Robert Wood, Douglas Taguchi, Henry Lincoln, Joe McKell. Beverly Firth, Aileen Kelly. Pat Moyer, Albert Horr. Front row: Norman Witt, Bob Kearney, John Vavra, Kendall Hills, Harold Kayser, James Richie, Marjorie Chanak. OFFICERS President Charles Allen Vice-President Ragon Cavness lif K ■ ■■■■■i Secretary Paul Chuvarsky Treasurer Paul Lopatin Faculty Advisor Professor L. C. Novak The University of Colorado student chapter of the American The students gain experience in preparing, presenting, and Society of Civil Engineers is one of the many student chapters of discussing papers, making appraisals of men from their writings, the national society. The student chapter is established to afford and forming judgments as to the practical aspects of projects the beginnings of professional associations. These associations IS r i r Z r ' Z: : i mclude makmg friends with others m one s own field and becom- making reports to the national society afford the initial contacts ing acquainted with technical magazines and engineering societies. that will prove beneficial upon graduation. MEMBERS J. D. Abrams A. H. Bush W. L. Ensign Mary Hegwer Robert Klinker Kenneth Neumann Reynold Seibel Charles Allen E. F. Casey Lauren Erickson Richard Heine Edward Konkel William Nisbet Frank Seller William Anderson R. C. Cavness D. L. Evans Ben Heinze Harry LaBonde Roy Norton Richard Sharp Robert Arraj W. A. Chatfield Joey Fairchild Robert Henning Alfred Laiminger J. C. Nosky J. D. Sheehan Romero Arras Robert Chilcott John Feller T. G. Henningsen Don Lambert Robert O ' Donnell J. R. Sheppard ' Richard Axell J. M. Childers Harry Fletter Earl Heyrman Robert Lamison Oscar Olson Vincent Sheridan Harold Austin Paul Chuvarsky W. J. Fliehmann Garth Hill A. L. Larson John O ' Ryan Angelo Siccardi L. E. Aydelotte Eugene Cich Roy Fors Tim Hillock Thomas Larson John Owens L. B. Simons i Jim Bailey Arthur Clark Sidney Forteath M. A. Hnatiuk George Lebsock Herbert Paloff G. R. Simpson I Curtis Baker William Coburn Richard Frank Sam Hobbs Robert LeFevre Walter Paquette Irwin Simpson Harold Barr Narayan Contractor Charles Fredrickson Kenneth Hoffman John Loevenguth Rex Paschke Alan Smith ; Don Bauder Clarence Coombs Robert Frobish M. W. Hohnstein Richard Longworth Archie Paton Bernard Smith Robert Beattie Donald Cox Hugh Gardner J. S. Houston P. M. Lopatin James Patterson Bruce Smith George Beauchamp Wilbur Coyle B, L. Gephart Joseph Hrvatin George Loudis James Peacock Wayne Smith Ervin Bell Jack Culp Ted Gerbaz L. C. Huckenpahler Gordon Lugar Phillip Pearl David Solomon Raymond Bergendoff John Daly Stewart Gooding James Hutchison Hugh MacDonald Donald Peper M. H. Soto i Samuel Black Arvin Daum G. R. Graham Walt Hyma W. A. McAninch G. H. Pesman Kelly Sowards Kenneth Blom H. C. Davis B. G. Grant H. G. Isbill R. M. McGrew D. E. Plaisance Donald Spencer Robert Boerner Richard Deam R. C Grayson Robert Janda Bruce McMillan Ted Pollard Raymond Stamm Richard Bosley Ernest Dean W. E. Greenewald Herbert Clarke Johnson A. K. Magennis Ralph Potter William Stebbins Harold Bowes Robert K. Dickerson C. L. Greenleaf Dan Jones J. E. Maloney Earl Printz Stanley Stekel ; Edward Bozek Bacile Doyle J. A. Griffis David L. Jones Charles Marchese Patrick Rand R. F. Stevens O. N. Bribach Eugene Drake C. E. Hall Lester Jorgenson J. H. Marr Barbara Ranch William Stewart Harold Brock Marvin East R E. Hall Bernard Keeler Harry Marshall Wilson Redinger K. Stines J. D. Brown George Eberhardt Charles Ham Leslie Ketcheson D. T. Johnson Virgil Reed Carl St. John Virgril Brown Robert Eden Glen Harley Farced Khoursheed Oren Marshall Elroy Reep David Stubbe Chester Bruski John Ellis Harold Harris Louis Kisseleff Robert Mason Charles Reich Don Suddarth Ted Mason Irvine Roy Ritter Robert Sundell Top row, left to right: Professor DeLapp, Mr. Maguire. Norton, Wight, Carlson. Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Christian Mathews Morley Robinson Carl Swanson Punshon, Professor Novak, Professor Leffel, Mr. Rautenstraus, Pesman. Lawrence Mathis Enrique Rodriguez James Templeton Eighth row: Ehrenkrook, Siccardi, Swanson, Sharp, Paschke, Weller, Twogood, Tanaka, Professor Me- Kermit Matthews A. B. Rogers Gene Tipton honer. Professor Mass, Mr. Fleher. John Meenan John Robert Donald Twogood Seventh row: Stamm, Rusk, Dickerson, Bergendoff, Bruski, McGrew, Simons, Bell, Cox, Hohnstein, Mr. Anthony Mehelich P. W. Rouse Eugene Van Camp Sivers, Professor Thoman. Evan Leslie Melton Herman Rubenstein Merle Van Der Bos Sixth row: Matthews, Blombcrg, Sanders, Seller, Hillock, Templeton, Norton. Fliehmann, Hegwer, Steb- David Messinger Fred Ruckhaus William Von Ehrenkrook bins, Bozek, Warner, Stevens. Charlotte Michener Harley Rusk William Wahler Fifth row: Owen, Coyle, Brown, Dean, Casey, Abrams, Chatfield, Cich, Frobish, McMillan, Kawakami, Oral Moore Allen Russell Samuel Warner Warner. E. D. Morgan Mark Safford Jack Webb Fourth row: Burch, Morgan, Nosky, Barr, Meigs, Jones, Stines, Dutta. Hobbs, Neuman, Paton, Houston. Helen Morgan Maurice Sanders Robert George Weigang Third row: Hall, Morton, Longworth, Sowards, Mathis, Wieland, Grayson, Schroeder, Paquette, Bailey, G. R. Morton William Saunderson C. R. Weller Mason, Bowes. William Muhovich Robert Scavarda Herbert Westfall Second row: Sheridan, Magennis, Rodriguez, Safford, Reich, Ruckhaus, Peacock, Greenwald, Schneider, Paul Mulcahy P. F. Scherrer Carl Wieland Peterson, Erickson, Melton, Van Camp. Thomas Murphy Robert Schneider Robert Wight Front row: Rogert, Mahovich, Solomon, Pollard, Lopatin, Chuvarsky, Allen, Cavness, Ranch, Ensign, Stev- Horace Myers Harley Schrader Robert L. Wilson ens, Bosley. Lloyd Myers Stanley Schoeder Richard Young ,,. . , . . 275 tm OFFICERS President Lyle J. Gross First Vice-President Charles Huston Second Vice-President Richard G. Lyttle Secretary William Daniel Treasurer Dale Olsen Historian Ewart O ' Neill Sergeant at Arms R. H. McConnell ADVISORY COMMITTEE: J. F. Wagner, chairman C. G. Houston E. J. Hilty E. C. Christensen Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was established on the campus in 1941. Being a service fraternity, it crosses all lines of honorary, social, and professional fraternities, and members of other campus organi- zations may also be active in this group. Alpha Phi Omega is not in com- petition with any other campus group, but seeks the cooperation of other organizations to broaden the scope of service. The membership is made up of former Scouts who have a desire to render service to their fellow men. The organization sponsors the annual Turkey Strut, a March of Dimes dance, ushers at Artist Series concerts, assists with freshman orientation, helps conduct student elections, and participates actively in the Pep Club and other campus organizations. Last spring they designated the sidewalk from the President ' s house over Varsity Bridge, the " Howdy Walk, " to promote friendship on the campus. ACTIVE MEMBERS: Bob Allen Hurlbut Anderson Clayton Bennett Donald Buchanan Jim Buchanan Morse Cavender Wayne Cavender Nels Copley Hugh Cununings Bill Daniel Mel Freundlich Tom Garnett Max Getts Lyle Gross Bill Haase Bill Herring Conrad Horine Chuck Houston Jack Hull Don Johnson Henry Lane Dick Lyttle Hal McConnell Ed Metsger Dale Olsen Ewart O ' Neill Jack Randle Tony Ray Marvin Rottenberg Pete Rouse Bill Scoville Dick Simmons Harold Smith Joe Smith Franklin Walker Bob Wood Jerome Zimmerman 276 Back TOW, left to right: Henry Lane, Conrad Horine, James Buchanan, Melvin Freundlich, Ralph Metsker, Richard Simmons. Third row: Joseph Smith, William Zimmerman, Robert Wood, John Hull, Marvin Rotenberg, Peter Rouse, Hurlburt Anderson, Don Johnson, Wayne Cavender, Nelson Copley. Second r ow: Dale Olsen, Charles Houston, Lyle Gross, Richard Lyttle, William Daniel, Morse Cavender, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Hilty. Front row: Lynn Cummings, Max Getts, Wilbur Scoville, Clayton Bennett, Harold Smith. David Arthur Ray Bergendoif Dale Brown Alfred Buchler Leslie Burrows Gordon Cole Robert Fishburn Hobart Hildyard Norman Humphrey PLEDGES Bemie Kettman Mike Kubota James Lee Robert Luebke John Metsker Walter Rappaport Jack Reich John Rice James Robbins Duke Robertson Ray Rothermel William Skinner Richard Thompson Carter Trimble Thomas Woolley Charles Vick Wylie Young Ronald Zimmerman Top row, lelt to right: Walter Rappaport. John Rice, Robert Luedke. Norman Humphrey, William Skinner, Charles Houston, George Kettman, Richard Thompson, Raymond Bergendoff, Thomas Robertson, Ronald Zimmerman. Second row: Gordon Cole. Raymond Rothermel, Carter Trimble, Dale Brown, Thomas Woolley. Boyd Young. Hobart Hildyard. Charles Vick, James Robbins. Front row: Robert Fishburn, Alfred Buchler. James Lee, Leslie Burrows. Mike Kubota. John Metsker, John Reich. 277 OFFICERS President Ralph Dagenais Secretary Eleanor Lieberknecht Treasurer Charles E. Smith ASME has been a leader among the professional societies of the engineering school for many years. It draws its large mem- bership from both mechanical and aeronautical engineering stu- dents, and has programs of interest to both branches. Its objectives are to broaden the students acquaintance with the practical side of the practice of mechanical engineering, to develop the students ' initiative and ability to speak in public, and to enable the student to establish fraternal contact with his fel- low students in engineering both at his alma mater and at other colleges. Interesting speakers this year included Dr. John Evans of Climax Observatory, Mr. Lloyd E. Johnson of the Caterpillar Tractor Company, and Mr. T. A. Boyd of General Motors Cor- poration. MEMBERS Samuel Allen Eric Anderson Howard R. Anderson Irving Anderson James Anderson Fred Archer Manning Balcom Paul Barth Kenneth Bastian Paul Beard Stanley Belnap Francis Berry Guy Bigelow Arthur Blystad John Brereton Ray Bissell William Brill Daniel Brophy William Buckel William Burnham Domingo Calzacorta James Carder Glen Chafee Yun-Ching Chai Ray Cheedle Irving Christensen Henry Clayton Joseph Connelly Monte Craig William Crane Donald Curtis Ralph Dagenais George Danly Darold Davidson Frank Davidson Donald G. Davis Leon Dedeaux Robert Dexter Joseph Dove Glen Dunham Robert P. Edwards Charles Elder Curtis Erickson William Farris James Fink David Gaily Arthur Gilliam Joseph Gilmorc Joseph Goglio Byron Good Juan Green Donald Gregg Donald Grisham Donald Groves Eugene Grubin Fikret Guncaldi Ronald Gutru Richard Hackman Elmer Hafling William Hall William Hamilton Glen Hanks Kenneth Hansen Richard Hansen Ernest Harp Charles Harvey James Harvey Eric Herdman Harry Hiestand Charles Hix Raymond Horner Robert Humphrey Alexander Ilyin John Isaac John Ivers William Jann Douglas Jardine Asay Johnson Leslie Johnson Roswell Jones William Jude Elmer Kamback George Keller Eugene Kindig Clarence King Leonard Kottenstette John Lavoie Wayne Law Marvin Lederman William Lee Edward Lewin Jack Lichty Eleanor Lieberknecht Arnold Lietz Arthur Lister William Loftin William Lowrey Bernard Lunkwicz Bert Maich William Marks Lowell Martin William Martin Ralph Matsen Kenneth Meeks Alfred Metz Ronald Millard Eugene Mitchell Lawrence Mitsch William Moore Russell Morris Marvin Morrison William Muldrow George Munzing William Nakano Keith Nesladek George Nicholls Donald Norden Thomas Pearson Henry Pohl Earle Prater Bonnie Prentice Frank Price Charles Qu ' llen Chester Rawson Rollin Raymond Jerry Roguet Martin Rooney Lloyd Rose John Rund Chris Saros Phillip Schmitten JoAnne Schwalbe Bernard Sensel Stanley Shaw Ray Shively S. E. Shovel Robert Slack Robert Slobodnik Charles Smith Donald Smith Charles Smukler Eugene Sohl Henry Solomon Kenneth Stapp Hartley Starr Peter Steele Julius Steger John Stewart Robert Strasser Robert Straiten Lee Stripling James Sutton John Thomas Victor Tomsic Charles Traylor Robert Troxell Robert Turnbaugh John Turner David Vondy Tames Wadge Harold Weakly Charles Webber Barrie Weiss William Welsby Clayton Wilcoxson Otis Wiley John Williams John Wilson Donald Wisdom William Wise Russell Wisecup Gilbert Wozney John Yakich George Zeigler Eugene Zeitlin Lewis Zimmerman 278 Top row, left to right: Darold Davidson, Elmer Kamback, Francis Davidson, John Stewart, William Brill, Elmer Hafling, Charles Webber, Henry Salomon, Howard Anderson, John Williams, Arnold Lietz. Seventh tow: Asay Johnson, Robert P. Edwards, William Hamilton, Leon Dedeaux, William Nakano, Guy Bigelow, Leslie Johnson, John Isaac, Charles Hix, Eugene Sahl, Joseph Dove. Sixth row: Lloyd Rose, Charles Elder, Arthur Gilliam, Kenneth Bastian, Irving Anderson, Jerry Roguet, Arthur Lister, Jay Donaldson, Otto Bartoe, Russell Morris, Wayne Law. Fifth tow: Robert Slobodnik, Bernard Mulder. William Wekby, William Crane, Alexander Ilyin, Lawrence Mitsch, James Anderson, Otis Wiley, Clayton Wilcoxson, Leonard Kottenstette, Martin Rooney. Fourth tow: Ralph Matsen, Thomas Pearson, Gilbert Wozney, Don K. Smith, William Farris, Robert Strasser, Marvin Morrison, Lowell Martin, Charles Quillen, Julius Steger, Glen Hanks. Third tow: Lee Stripling, Bonnie Prentice, Stanley Shavel, Marvin Lederman, Bernard Lunkwicz, Curtis Archer, William Muldrow, Bill Jude, Bert Maich, William N. Marks, William Martin. Second low : William Moore, John Mann, James Harvey, David Gaily, Robert Humphrey, Jo Schwalbe, James Sutton. Chester Pawson, Yun-Ching Chai, Manning Balcom. FTont tow: Joseph Goglio, Kenneth Meeks, Eric Herdman, Lewis Gieron, Robert Stratton, Eleanor Lieber- knecht, Charles Smukler, Charles Smith, Ralph Dagenais, Raymond Horner, John Ivers, George Nicholls, Chris Saros. OFFICERS President Ken Burson Permanent Vice President .... Prof. G. G. Fullerton Regular Vice President Dick Helmick Secretary-Treasurer Charles S. Thompson. Beta Alpha Psi, national honorary accounting fraternity, is represented on the campus of the University of Colorado by the Nu Chapter. The fraternity conducts meetings twice each month which are devoted to the fulfillment of the aims and ideals set forth in the Constitution. Pro- grams range from reports by active members and group discussions con- cerning current accounting developments, to addresses by practicing ac- countants, and joint meetings with professional groups. Membership in the fraternity is by invitation, which may be extended to male undergraduates and graduates who are majoring in accounting and who have maintained a satisfactory scholastic average. W. T. Anderson H. I. Arenson C. M. Baier FACULTY MEMBERS G. G. Fullerton D. L. Haynie H. W. Kendrick C. E. Lawrence J. E. Moreland Elmore Petersen H. F. Stagner D. E. Black R. M. Breyfogle C. W. Brown R. D. Crockett J. C. Dieckman Q. S. Doromal MEMBERS R. M. Finney R. R. Helmick F. J. Helsberg H. H. Hitchcock H. Y. Kao W. E. Kruse T. J. McCammon J. V. Merrifield A. E. Miller J. R. Morris C. R. Olsen R. W. Panian E. M. Sucher Top row, left to right: Charles Brown, James Norris, Donald Haynie, Harold Stagner. Second row: John Dieckman, Fred Helsberg, Edward Sucher, Raymond Dilworth, Quintin Doromal, Charles Lawrence, Roy Finney, Jacques MerriBeld. Front row: Arthur Miller, Clarence Olsen, Ken Burson, Bob Panian, Roger Breyfogle, Ralph Crockett, Professor G. G. Fullerton. Members not present: Charles S. Thompson, Richard Helmick, Norman Lewis, Mr. Herman Arenson, Mr. Anderson, Professor H. W. Kendrick. Sam Matsuumoto, Thomas J. McCammon, Daniel E. Black, Hung- Yeh Kao, Mr. William Kruse, Dean Elmore Peterson. 279 OFFICERS President Elaine McCullough Vice-President Luella O ' Neill Recording Secretary Neva Ellis Corresponding Secretary Jacqueline Dunn Treasurer Nancy Sabin SPONSORS Miss Joy LaRue Miss Helen Borland FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Persis Emmett Beta Sigma, business women ' s honorary, has been active as a service organization on the C. U. campus, in addition to its work in furthering high scholastic standards. The members help in conducting all Business School elections, in decorating for annual Business School parties, and execute od d jobs which the Board of the Business School needs completed. MEMBERS President Elaine McCullough Nancy Sabin Doris Bauer Neva Ellis Dorothy Cady Jane Anne Dean Dorothy Finlayson Jacqueline Dunn Marilyn Knaur Luella O ' Neill Marietta Levis Dolores Lundquist 280 Top row, left to right: Marietta Levis, Marilyn Knaur, Jane Anne Dean, Doris Bauer, Dolores Lundquist. Front row: Neva Ellis, Nancy Sabin, Joy LaRue. Elaine McCullough, Luella O ' Neill. Persis Emmett. Jacqueline Dunn. President Fred R. Niehaus Secretary-Treasurer Leo V. Aspinwall Beta Gamma Sigma, national business honorary, was formed " to en- courage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business " among college students, and to further advancement in the science of busi- ness. It is designed to bring about closer cooperation between students and faculty, and to foster high ideals of honesty and integrity in business practice. L. V. Aspinwall Helen B. Borland E. H. Cramer Persis R. Emmett W. B. Franklin FACULTY AND GRADUATE STUDENTS G. G. Fullerton J. M. Griest D. L. Haynie Dorothy Reed H. W. Kendrick Carol Bentson Waugh Charles Lawrence H. B. Moore F. R. Niehaus Elmore Petersen Marian Riley Reilly Joe Reynolds L. F. Robbins M. F. Schmidt Norton Seeber J. E. Stinton Lois Bennett Roger Breyfogle Arthur Grove Kathryn Jean SPRING QUARTER 1948 Frank Kozak Elaine McCullough Betty Lou Nafe Leona Peery Albert Porter Charles Robinson Katherine Smith FALL QUARTER 1949 Raymond Dilworth Top row. left to right: Martin F. Schmidt, Donald L. Haynie. Second row: Henry B. Moore, Elaine C McCollough, Persis Emmett, Raymond Dilworth. Front row: Leslie F. Robbins, John E. Stinton, Leo V. Aspinwall, Fred R. Niehaus, Elmore Peterson, Joe Reynolds, Albert Porter. 281 ™ ■■ ■H OFFICERS President Douglas Taguchi Vice President Donald Grishatn Secretary Arne Hedegaard Treasurer Albert LaVigne Bonhomme Club for men was first formed under the auspices of the Independent Student Association in the fall of 1946. This club for inde- pendent male students has offered an opportunity for all interested students to participate in and enjoy all intellectual, political, social, and athletic enterprises and activities of the university. Since its organization, its aim has been to establish lasting bonds of fellowship, as the name " Bonhomme " signifies, and to perpetuate ideals of friendship, truth, and honor. Some of the social activities of the club this year have been tea dances, smokers, dinners, hay rides, picnics, and beer busts, all enjoyed bv the entire membership . Kenneth Bastian Arthur Brenner William Brokaw Seth Compton Clarence Coombs Edwin Dibble Maurice Drake Clayton Eichelberger Ernest Gonzales Donald Grishatn Maurice Haynie Arne Hedegaard Bill Hynnes MEMBERS Richard Holeman RoUo Hysom Herbert Inouye John Kahre Albert LaVigne Maurice Lohman Warren Martin Roger May Leonard McCain James Poyer James Reich David Shafer Bernard Shapson Thomas Smith Clark Spence Douglas Taguchi Spencer Thomas Roy Thompson James Tipton Gordon Tully Robert Turnbaugh Charles Vick Jesse Wetmore Robin Winks 282 Top row, left to right: Clark Spence, William Hynnes, Clarence Coombs, Al Kahre, Bill Curtis. Second row: Rollo Hysom, Maurice Lohman, Warren Martin, Dave Shafer, Roy Thompson, Dick Hole- man, Maurice Drake, Seth Compton, Ernest Gonzales. Front row: Jesse Wetmore, Arne Hedegaard, Albert LaVigne, Douglas Taguchi, Donald Grisham, James Reich, Clayton Eichelberger. President Secretary Treasurer Vice-President, Vice-President, Vice-President, Vice-President, ASUC Advisor, Sponsors M Ralph Clark Polly Peterson Mel Freundlich Membership Jo Schwalbe Pep Rallies Lee Steckel Card Section Lee Grossman Publicity Pat Van Hyning Spirit and Morale Kent Yowell r. Warner Imig, Mr. Val deLissovoy Organized during Fall Quarter by the ASUC Spirit and Morale Com- mittee to fill a definite need for a pep organization on this campus, the Buff Pep Club has made amazing progress toward becoming the all-school or- ganization it hopes to be. The original membership of the club consisted of members of the six class honoraries, Spur, Phi Epsilon Phi, Hesperia, Sumalia, Mortarboard, and Heart and Dagger, and Alpha Phi Omega, Men ' s Service Fraternity. From this nucleus of about 150, the club membership increased to about 750 within three months. During the football season the huge, white-shirted, gold-hatted Pep section behind the band gave out with enough noise and enthusiasm to draw comment from many visiting teams, and the card displays presented between quarters, honoring both teams, brought forth expressions of delight and amazement at their timeliness and ingenuity. In addition to starting a card section, the club also has jurisdiction over the cheerleaders, and during the fall instituted a new rotational system whereby there will always be ten cheerleaders, five junior and five senior, enough to lead the cheers of the entire student body. The Pep Club is governed by the officers listed who are elected in spring quarter, and has big plans for next year, including an increased membership, more and better pep rallies, and a bigger card section. 283 OFFICERS President Al Mott Vice-President John Strobel Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Brown Dick Schrepferman Jim Griffith EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wiley Chance Don Campbell Sumner Downing Robert Acsell John Alderman Bill Allen Tom Arnberg Lloyd Baker Sam Barnhill Warren Bateman Harold Beattie Melvin Beckett Rodney Bell Hugh Berger Jim Berry Carr Besemann John Blevins Tom Bock The " C " Club, after a lapse of activity during the war years, has once again become a unified and strong student organization. With over one hundred active members and forty inactive members, the club has reached its pre-war strength. The members of the club are all lettermen of the University whose purpose is to support all school athletic functions. The club encourages all athletes to come to the University — not by subsidizing, but by aiding the men in obtaining work in and about the school. The " C " Club is endeavoring to reach and talk to every desirable athlete in the state and some of those out of state, in order that Colorado may uphold its outstanding athletic record. Dave Bolen Bruce Bowers Gordon Bradt George Brewer Harold Briggs Dexter Brinker Harold Brock Sidney Bronstein Bruce Brown Don Campbell Ragner Carlson Wiley Chance William Chance Robert Clapper Pete Cook Richard Cowden John Dean Tony Delmonico Howard Demuth Dave Dittman Sumner Downing Dave Ebaugh Robert Edwards Donald Evans Bill Fanning George Fitzmorris Lawrence Flower Hugh Graham MEMBERS Ernest Gray Clare Gregg Roland Gregory James Griffith Bill Grigsby Darrel Hafling Robert Haring Clarence Herbst Kendell Hills Conrad Horine Jack Hunt Abbott Johnson Dean Johnson William Jones NEW INITIATES Ray Jump Wesley Karlson George Knoblock Richard Lepman William Ley Harry Mclntoch Robert Manire Robert Menary Andrew Metzger Malcolm Miller Charles Mott Harry Narcisian Doug Nelson Keith Nesladek Jack Pixler Sidney Poling Jack Pope Ed Pudlik Harry Robertson Bob Rolander Dick Schrepferman Sanford Schwartz Don Sharp Gene Shearer Rex Sheppard Bill Simons Robert Speers Robert Spicer Arlie Beery Charles Breinig Dick Breimeman John Ferrier Bill Case Dane Graves Don Hagin Tom Hancock Fred Johnson Frank Krone Joe Nix John Reece Dick Stevens Victor Thomas Bill Steele John Strobel Don Swartz Robert Sweeney Eugene Taylor L. C. Taylor Dan Telk Chuck Temple Tommy Thompson Walt Wamsley Dwight Watts Robert Wise Leroy Wunderly John Zisch Pete Thompson Sam Winningham 284 Top row, left to right: Jim Allen, Al Hughes, Ed Pudlik, Rex Sheppard. Fifth row: Abbot Johnson, Lloyd Baker, Wayne Cavender, Carr Besemann, Kendall Hills, Bob Sweeney, Les Metzer, Don Sharp, Mel Beckett, Dick Cowden, Dave Dittman. Fourth row: Charles Temple, Victor Jeter, Don Evans, Ray Jump, Dick Meckley, Tom Bock, Bud Demuth, Harold Briggs, Jack Todd, Bob Menary, Dwight Watts. Clare Gregg. Third row: Bill Steele, Dave Bolen, Pete Cook, Harold Brock, Keith Nesladek, Bud Bradt, Clancy Herbst, Dick Ready, Bob Manire, Merle Ogle, Warren Bateman, Walt Wamsley. Second row: David Hafling, George Brewer, Jim Berry, Bruce Bowers, Hugh Berger, Dick Schrepferman, Sumner Downing, Wiley Chance, Bill Chance, Bob Grieb. Don Swartz, Dan Telk. Front row: Ernie Gray, Dexter Brinker. George Fitzmorris, Conrad Horine, John Strobel, Al Mott, Bruce Brown, Don Campbell, Dean Johnson, Sam Barnhill, Harry Narcisian, LeRoy Wunderly. ■CALICO IPbOO™ OFFICERS President Stanley Bush Vice-President Glenn Chafee Secretary Beverly Callihan Treasurer Joy Reeves Assistant Treasurer Kathleen Fay Chairman of Traveling Teams Lawrence Lake The Calico and Boots Club offers encouragement to all persons inter- ested in the square and round dances that constitute the American folk dancing common to this region. Members of the group frequently travel to other towns for exhibition purposes and where ever square dancers gather, on or off the campus, members of this club will be found participat- ing in the fun. MEMBERS NOT PRESENT IN PICTURE Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brown Roy Carlson Jo Anne Castleberry Earl Chandler Edward Christensen Donald Evans Robert Fishburn Virginia Mae Harris Elizabeth Haselton Winifred Hauff Mrs. Charlotte Irey Ray Krosky Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Firebaugh Lawrence Lake Joanne Mac Farlane Mary Lou Mellecker Marian Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peak Fred Ruckhaus Martha Reese Roy Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohwer Norma Simonds Melvin Spurlin Bill Van Nattan David Waddington Beryl Wallace Top row, left to right: Edwin Higgins, Glenn Chafee, Bob Collier, Doyle Smith, George Dobbins, Paul Stutzmann, Jerry Pcsman, Jack Twombly, Bruce Burbank, Stanley Bush, Ken Waneka, Alexander Katona, Fred Ruckhaus, Jim Ratcliff. Second row: Charlotte Brown, Mabel Fulker, Beverly Callihan, Lois Haverland, Sue Bergeson, Pat Van Duzee, Joan Shepherd, Marcia Frantz, Kathleen Fay, Ruby Dillingham, Norma Caste, Phyllis Brandel. Front row: Jean Feolkoki, Frances Bascom, Frances Potts, Pat Broxon, Penny Oliver, Phyllis Coverdell, 285 OFFICERS President Joseph Nosky Vice-President George Morton Secretary Fred Ruckhaus Treasurer Paul Lopatin Faculty Advisor Professor Warren Raeder Chi Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for civil and architectural engineers. Its members are selected on a basis of scholarship, sociability, practicality, and character. Prof. Warren DeLapp Roderick L. Downing Dean C. L. Eckel FACULTY MEMBERS Claude Klemme Jack Maguire Marvin Mass Arthur J. McNair Wade L. Menoher Leo C. Novak Thomas Punshon Warren Raeder Robert E. Rathburn Roland Rautenstraus William H. Thoman ACTIVE MEMBERS James Abrams Leon Aydelotte Ervin Bell Robert Carlson Walter Chatfield Robert Dickerson William Von Ehrenkrook William Ensign Charles Hall Sam Hobbs John Houston Robert Klinker Paul Lopatin Laurence Mathis Christian Matthews Robert Meigs Oral Moore Ernest Morgan George Morton William Muhovich Joseph Nosky Gerard Pesman Barbara Rauch Charles Reich Fred Ruckhaus Harley Rusk Maurice Sanders Harley Schrader Albert Schumacher Frank Seiler John Sheehan Irwin Simpson David Solomon Carl Swanson Herbert Tanaka 286 Top row: Gerard Pesman. Fourth row, left to right: Carl Swanson, William Von Ehrenkrook, Ernest Morgan, Robert Meigs. Robert Dickerson, Harley Rusk, James Abrams. Third row : Oral Moore, Frank Seiler, Robert Carlson, Maurice Sanders, Christian Matthews, Walter Chatfield, Herbert Tanaka. Second row: Charles Hall, William Muhovich, Charles Reich, Barbara Rauch, Laurence Mathis. John Houston, Sam Hobbs. Albert Schumacher. Front row: William Ensign. David Solomon, Paul Lopatin, Joseph Nosky, George Morten, Fred Ruchhaus, Ervin Bell. OFFICERS President Quintin Salas Doromal Vice-President Rammohanroy Y. Nayudu Recording Secretary LeRoy Hampton Corresponding Secretary Ethel Comins Treasurer Harry Hatasaka Sponsors Eric Rackham Edward Rose Myron Messenheimer " Above All Nations Is Humanity " A better understanding among the peoples of the World and the fostering of a tolerant spirit, cooperation, and universal brotherhood among college and university students of all nationali- ties and races, are the aims of the Cosmopolitan Club. Founded in December, 1922, by Mr. Fred Aden, former regis- trar of the University, the Cosmopolitan Club has been active on the campus for the past 26 years. It is composed of men and women from all parts of the World representing 33 different countries: the Philippines, Iraq, Mexico, Norway, India, Spain, France, Canada, China, El Salvador, Panama, Italy, Palestine, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Honduras, Turkey, British Guiana, Iran, Hyderabad, Siam, Cuba, Nicaragua, Sweden, Greece, Yugoslavia, Israel, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, United States and Hawaii. Thus, through its membership and through discus- sions held at meetings, the Cosmo Club travels all over the World. MEMBERS Mrs. Fred Aden Veramae Allen Syed Azim Peter J. Balsells Frank E. Barbee Jr. Henry P. Berrman Binkie Bissell Dolores Dee Boulton Arthur Brenner Peter M. Burchard Orlando J. Celentano Yun Ching Chai Tsai Tien Chao Hunan Chu Robert M. Cochrane Matanah Cohen Ethel Comins Lewis Corey Avinoam Dafni Marjorie Danielson Jacqueline Deitch Quintin Doromal Elizabeth A. Echols Laura Ehrenfreund Neil C. Ekberg Marti Eldredge Henry Eng Natalie Entwistle Clemente V. Espejo lona Flint Charles Fordon Charles Furr M. E. Gan Betty L. Gayden Charlotte Glasser Willie Mae Gillis Eleanor L. Goerl Jim Go ugh Oliver Simmons Gough F. E. Guncaldi Mandi Habib Georges Halpern Janine Halpern LeRoy Hampton Mrs. Barbata Hannum Jimmie Hatakeyama Harry Hatasaka Eugene Hayman Lowell Hill Pat Hirami Hideo Hirose Lotte Hirsch Sumner Hixon Joan Hollander Meheen Homayoun Hisae Inouye Kiyoshi Ito Surendra Kumar Jain Fareed Khoursheed Lola Knobel Mike Kubota Sadaichi Kubota Yutaro R. Kusao Charles Lazerwitz Chosheng Chien Lee Florence B. Lennox Tao Liu Alfred Lu Joe Mallory Rosie Masunaga Phyllis Meadows Margaret Messenheimer Myron Messenheimer Helen Meyer Zygmunt Miczynski Dr. E. A. Moore Omer Steward Ion Sucher Kimie Sugano Huai Chin Sun Doug Taguchi Takako Taguchi Marjorie Taylor Y. T. Tsui Charles B. Varney Lalpet Venkatesan Marilyn Vissenberg Turan Vural Blanche Warren John Weeks, Jr. Harvey Weeks, Jr. Robin Winks Lucky Yamaga Takashi Yamashita Tom Yanagi Dorothy Yanaru Metin Yenisey Foo Zan Emtlio Handal Robert L. Muckley Helen McDowell Top row. left to right: Lowell Hill, Metin Yenisey, Kalani Schutte, Jacc ueline Deitch. Thelma Samson, Syed Azim, Surendra Jain, Lalpet Venkatesan, Binkie Bissell, Miczynske Zygmunt, Donna Taggart, Robin Winks, Eugene Hayman, Mary Roth, Fareed Khoursheed, Ahdul Abujebin, Dhirendra N. Dutta, Orlando Celentano. Third row: Betty Gayden, Hisae Inouye, Angela Razo Zanala, Kimie Sugano, Dorothy Yanaru, Helen Chiang, Mrs. Elizabeth Sun, T. Y. Liu, Eleanor L. Goerl, Martha Eldredge, Tsai Tien Chao, Maxine Buch- mann, Geraldine Carrillo, Barbara Hannum, Charles Furr, Pat Hirami, Emilio Handal. Second row: Werner Raap, Dori Ann Raap, Marji Danielson, Armahdo Sanchez Fortury, Clememte V. Espejo, Sofia Abada, Donald Van Gundy, Myron G. Messenheimer, Rammohanroy Y. Nayudu, Quintin Salas Doromal, Eric Rackman. LeRoy Hampton, Jeanie Brod. Henry Brod. Robert Muckley, Lui Pao, Joe Meheen. Front row: Sue Nicholls, Annie Nakamura, Takaho Taguchi, Bertha Murray, Marjorie Taylor, Laura Ehrenfreund. Howard Svihan. Tam Benenson, Anna Hamm, Helen McDowell, Geraldine Ashley, B. Y. Loh, M. Salakshana, Simmons Gough. Martha Newell William Nichols • Fred Nilsen Rammohandroy Y. Nayudu Doii Ann Raap Werver Raap Eric N. Rackham Angela Razo Russ Richman Tom Robertson Edward Rose Evelyn Rose Maneevana Salakshana Thelma Samson Veramae Selken Richard Simmons Howard Sirhan Mary Ann Shipp Harold Smith Ken Stapp 287 OFFICERS President Henry Strauss Vice-President Peter Nussbaum Secretary-Treasurer Anne Schaefer Social Chairman Norma Weiss Sponsor Professor Isaac Bacon Membership Chairman Paul Guenther Delta Phi Alpha exists primarily to extend recognition for outstanding work in the German language. Another one of its functions is to encourage study and understanding of German culture, literature, and folkways. Delta Phi Alpha also promotes closer cooperation between the faculty and stu- dents of the German Department. Socially, it is quite active; a warm spirit of fellowship exists, and the past year saw many enjoyable functions, the high spot of the season being a Christmas party. The honorary also sponsors the renowned German song fest. During the past year the C. U. chapter has grown in strength and spirit and expects to continue its growth in the future. Dr. Isaac Bacon Mary Margaret Champlain Paul Guenther HONORARY MEMBERS (FACULTY) Dr. Garhard Loose Mrs. Ruth Loose Charles McKinley Mrs. Elvira Oswald Dr. George Scherer Dr. Paul Schroeder Mrs. Therese Westermeier MEMBERS Orlando Celentano Mary Margaret Champlain Murial Cibull Kenneth Coder William Conklin Donavan Johnson Theo Kapelke Charles McKinley Barbara Mabee Fred Morath Herbert Morgan Peter Nussbaum William Nye Elvira Oswald Phyllis Peterson Hanna Reitzer Ann Riley Anne Schaefer Janet Schemmel Eugenica Schneider John H. Schultz Henry Strauss Norma Weiss Marion Zary 288 Top row, left to right: John Schultz, Ann Riley, Orlando Celentano, Barbara Mabee, Phyllis Peterson, Eugenie Schneider, Theo Kapelke, Herbert Morgan, William Conklin, Third row: Gerhard Loose, Ruth Loose, Bill Nye, Donavan Johnson, Fred Morath, Mrs. Clifford Wester- meier, Marion Zary, Alice Holubar, Miss Champlain, Muriel Cibull. Second row: Paul G. Schroeder, Isaac Bacon, Peter Nussbaum, Henry Strauss, Anne Schaefer, Norma Weiss, Paul F. Guenther. Front row: George Scherer, Hanna Reitzer, Ken Coder, Charles A. McKinley, OFFICERS Head Master John Cramer Senior Warden Pieter Hondius Chancellor Robert Hudson Junior Warden Arthur Miller Scribe Wardner Crockett Leo Aspinwall L. J. Crampon Walter Franklin FACULTY Joseph Frascona Greer Fullerton John Griest Hazen Kendrick Henry Moore Fred Niehaus Dean Elmore Peterson Martin Schmidt Since it is the purpose of Delta Sigma Pi to foster better relations between students of commerce and the commercial world, it is the policy of the group to have guest speakers from different branches of business and industry speak to them. Occasionally the organization takes field trips to various manufacturing companies to inspect policies in actual practice. The fraternity takes an active part in Business School activities. Sev- eral members make up the Junior Board of the school. The group strives to promote the social and academic aspects of the School of Business in all its activities. MEMBERS Bill Adams Ross Alison Earl Anderson Bob Ayers Russ Broman Jim Copenhaver Mark Coy John Cramer Ward Crockett Richard Dowis Don Enright Chuck Erickson Ronald Fenton Dick Fitzgerald Dick Funk Bill Giltner Bob Grieb Pieter Hondius Bob Hudson Ed Kendig Paul Lundy Al Porter Art Miller Holger Munson Bob Panian Russ Pickens Al Porter Rex Rhodes Harold Rosencrans Bill Smith Jack Stackhouse Leon Stanley Bob Taylor Fred Thornes Bob Tobey Bob Towle Bob Webber Dan West Sid White Jim Wiesler Hubert Work Top row, left to right: Richard Dowis. Rex Rhodes, James Wiesler, Don Enright, Leon Stanley, Robert Grieb, Earl Anderson. Fourth row: Richard Funk, Bill Adams, Sidney White, Robert Panian, Paul Lundy. Daniel West, Bill Giltner. Third row: Robert Webber, Edward Kendig, Bob Towle, Robert Taylor. Charles Erickson, Jack Corbridge. Second row: Fred Thornes, Marque Coy, Hubert Work, James Copenhaver, Ross Alison, Dick Fitzgerald, Jacques Stackhouse, Robert Tobey. Front row: William Smith, Paul Broman, Harold Rosencrans, Wardner Crockett, Robert Hudson, Pieter Hondius, John Cramer, Arthur Miller, Jacques Merrifield. S; S:S?=c: 289 OFFICERS President Carolyn Clark Vice-President Bob Peterson Secretary Dean Girard Treasurer Nancy Taylor Reporter Bill Briscoe The Equestrian club is an organization of students who enjoy horse- manship, whether they are flatlands tenderfeet or accomplished cowpokes. Activities include weekend trips, all day and moonlight rides, steak fries, and hayrack parties. The club also sponsors an annual horseshow in the spring, attracting many spectators and entrants from the university and townspeople. Dorothy Abel Peggy Adler Dick Albert Dean Anderson Ruth Andersen Barbara Babb Juanita Barrow Marilyn Baum Mary Elizabeth Bradstreet George Brandhorst Judy Branson Bill Briscoe Shirlene Burgesser DuVoid Burris Billie Burum Marilyn Cain William Carpenter Emery Chilton Frank Chmelik Carolyn Clark Joanne Clark Matanah Cohen Sally Coren Claus Dahl Art Deaver Jane Deem Mildred Deem Ed Dibble Ginny Duce Mickey Dyson Don R. Ebaugh Joan Edgar Arthur Eldridge Bonnie Fairchild Betty French Ellen Gary Dean Girard Gini Gould Margaret Green Joan Guala Miriam Habel Bud Hampton Pat Harris Dick Heine MEMBERS Mary Lou Heisterman Robert Heizer Lotte Hirsch Claire Huber Linda Huckins Jack Jorgenson Carolyn Keil Harrison Kepner Ezra Kessel Neal Kirkham Luan Knecht Sue Kraemer Edward Kuball Sibyl Kuhnle Sally Lamb Bob Linbery Lindy Lindborg Thomas Little Kay Lupton Georgia Lynes Howard Manning Helene Mayer Dorothe McCulloch Marcie McElhirmey Georgia Mecherle Jane Moorman Paul Morris Nancy Morrow Christopher Martinsen Marie Mosby Gene Mulligan John Ness Doris Newberry Sally Packard Dave Palo Bob Peterson Peg Powell Patty Pratt Charles Rock Shirley Ronnquist Mary Roth Gerry Savage Chloe Schultz Jo Sensor Shirley Small Lee Smith Val Smith Carla Sorensen Fred Staehle Dan Stewart Mary Stewart Joyce Swartz Judy Taylor Nancy Taylor Dick Tharinger Frank Thomas Walt Varner Margaret Verdon Bruce Wallace Josephine Warkins Ginger Watson Nancy Watson Mickey Weise Sally Wells Susan Zierk 290 OFFICERS President M. Keith Burk Corresponding Secretary Charles F. Bealey Treasurer R. W. McDonald Bridge Correspondent A. F. Nuttall Sponsor George E. Gless Rho Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engineering honor society, was originally founded in 1922 so that those students studying the profession of electrical engineering, who by their at- tainments in college have shown a deep interest and a marked ability in their chosen life work, could be brought into closer union whereby mutual benefits might be derived. It has been towards this end that Eta Kappa Nu has been striving ever since. Professor W. C. DuVall Professor F. A. Eastom Professor H. B. Palmer Professor S. I. Pearson Professor P. Wicks Professor W. G. Worcester Mr. J. H. Andrews Mr. G. Beck FACULTY Mr. W. R. Dunbar Mr. W. E. Gless, Jr. Mr. W. J. Hanna Mr. L. Holubar Mr. R. D. Isaak Mr. L. J. Mason Mr. J. C. Twombly Mr. T. E. Usher Mr. W. F. Utlaut Mr. W. W. Vamer Keith Burk Charles Bealey David Carrick James Chavarria Howard Demuth Lars Ehnebuske David Farrand Morris Flowers Kenneth Fonda John Furneaux Thomas Garnett Jack Gifford Donald Gregg John Grigsby Floyd Hamilton William Hayes Melvin Johnson ACTIVES Ray Lasby William Lesser Robert McDonald Wilfred McKernon Robert Martin Alvin Mayer Jack Mitchell Dick Morroni Anson Mueller Melvin Norby Arch Nuttall Harold Oakes Norman Orr Vernon Poehls James Read James O. Reed Norman Sheppard Robert Shore Clarence Steiert Richard Walker Darl Washburn Donald Watson Harry Watson George Woodward Donald Akey James Allen Edward Babka James Campbell Hal DeMuth Walter Fritz Forrest Fulton LeRoy Graham Elbert Hagin James Hamlin John Hessler Charles Hix PLEDGES William Hoagland George Huster Lawrence Huster James Karnes Floyd McGinness Raymond Mangus Richard Moss Richard Radnor Robert Richardson Robert Sanborn Don Scidmore Charles Shadbolt Marvin Udevitz Charles Vail William Vickers Edgar Williams Virgil Wright Top row, left to right: Jack L. Mitchell, James D. Allen, Lawrence W. Huster, Richard F. Walker, Elbert J. Hagin, Raymond V. Mangus. Fourth row: Alvin A. Mayer, William R. Hoagland. David W. Farrand, V. Lester Wright, Hal. P. De- muth, Howard B. Demuth, George B. Huster. Third row: W. Fritz. D. J. Morroni, A. G. Mueller, K, A. Fonda, D. B. Gregg, J. S. Gifford. Second row: Don L. Scidmore. Harry Kern Watson, Jim Read, Bob Shore, Ray O. Lasby, Vernon J. Poehls, Charles L. Shadbolt. Front row: R. W. McDonald. A. F. Nuttall, M. Keith Burk, George E. Gless, Charles F. Bealey, Clarence J. Steiert. OFFICERS President James Knap Vice-President Robert Reed Secretary-Treasurer I ' win Kibbey Board Members Harold West, Vincent Sheridan Sponsor Professor F. C. Trucksess Because fencing is not a recognized minor sport in the Big Seven or at the University, all campus fencing centers around the Fencers ' Club. The members do the teaching of classes and compete as a club team with other colleges. The club is affiliated with the Amateur Fencers ' League of America and forms the heart of the Colorado division of that league. Annual events include team competition and individual matches with Denver University. Thomas Best Maurice Brull Clifford Cloonan MEMBERS John Giele Michel Hnatiuk Irwin Kibbey James Knap George Krieger Harry King Robert Parkinson Robert Reed Vincent Sheridan Harold West Gary Willoughby 292 Top row, left to right: Ir yin Kibbey, Vincent Sheridan, Clifford Cloonan, Harry King. Front row: James Knap, Robert Reed, John Giele, Robert Parkinson. Not shown in picture: Maurice Brull, Thomas Best, Michael Hnatiuk, George Krieger, Harold West, Gary Willoughby. OFFICERS President Maurice Cooley Vice-President Paul McFatridge Secretary Quentin Hooley Treasurer Dave Raduziner ISA Representative Jim Friedlander This past year the Free Lance Club has strived to attain the high standards set by its founders in 1946. Through numerous social events, in- cluding dances, hayrides, picnics, and an annual dinner dance, through active participation in intramural sports, and through cooperation in student government activities of benefit to all students, the Free Lancers have come to know the benefits of good fellowship among the Independent Students of the University of Colorado. MEMBERS John Barkowski Warren Barner Kenneth Bastian Allan Becker Kenneth Beech Donald Bender Maurice Cooley Charles Cosgrove Stephen Davol George Duvall Jim Friedlander Edward Gay Glatz Dan Gross Harry Herman Quentin Hooley Myron Horn Steve Jurca Paul McFatridge Ernie Martin Donald Mason David Messinger Herb Paloff Harvey Prace David Raduziner Norman Rutherford Stuart Scheyer Bob Schneider Ross Smernoff Hal Smith Art Stankovich Barton Tebbs Lloyal Thompson Michael Vayda Charles Vick Bill Wells Back row, left to right: Edward Gay Glatz, Kenneth Bastian, Norman Rutherford. Dan Gross, Myron Horn. Second row: Stuart Scheyer, David Raduziner, Maurice Cooley, Quentin Hooley, David Messinger, Donald Mason. Front row: George Duvall, Ross Smernoff. Warren Barner. 293 OFFICERS President Arden Larson Vice-President Robert Brandt Secretary Marie Meier Treasurer Robert Roesler Social Chairman Dorothy Kern Christian Service Chairman Arthur Delventhal Christian Knowledge Chairman .... Delores Stutheit ES. ifL Mm " WJ ' i ■ ir % r : HCV " X ' ssm i l Ki Gamma Delta is the International Association of Lutheran college and university students. It is sponsored by the Student Service Commission of the Missouri Synod and is governed by Lutheran students of the Synodical Conference. Membership to Gamma Delta is open to all Christian students who are in sympathy with the Scriptural philosophy of living. Specific objects of Gamma Delta are : to foster thorough study of the Bible, to dis- seminate the scriptural philosophy of life, to train Lutheran students for Christian service in the church and in the world, to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship, to maintain and increase Lutheran consciousness, and to establish fraternal relations with Lutheran students of other colleges and universities. MEMBERS Gladys Anderson Vivian Bender Robert Brandt Shirley Calhoun Lorraine Cliff Robert Klinker Francis Conover Harold Contois Art Delventhal Miriam Feucht Norman Halfpap Corrine Hansen Kay Hatch Robert Helmreich Gladys Johnson Steve Jurca Dorothy Kern Janet Koch Arden Larson Gordon Leben Clark Lehl John Lehman Lillian Martin Marie Meier Virgil Magerfleish Frank Middledorf Peg Mollman Leonard Mues Lou Nestler Kenneth Pirk Jean Poslusny Carl Prenzlow Louise Renoux Ralph Ritter Robert Roesler Kenneth Rothschopf Rev. T. T. Schabacker Leona Schultz Delores Stutheit Helen Thomas Edith Tuff Lester Wall Bud Westermann Daniel Wong 294 Top row, left to right: E. J. Westermann, Miriam Feucht, Leonard C. Lehl, Leonard A. Mues, Edith M. Tuff, Louise Renoux, Kay Hatch. Second row: Arthur Delventhal, Ralph Ritter, Norman Halfpap, Kenneth Rothschope, Harold Contois, Robert Helmreich, Gladys Johnson, Kenneth Pirk. Front row: Robert Roesler, Robert Brandt, Marie Meier, Rev. Theo. Schabacker, Dorothy Kern, Arden Larson, Delores Stutheit. Absentees: Jeanne Poslusny, Frank Middledorf, Janet Koch, Helen Thomas, Vivian Bender, John Lehman, Bob Klinker, Gladys Anderson, Francis Conover. OFFICERS President Jim Stuart Vice-President Lois Horan Secretary Evelyn Norell Treasurer Bruce Schwartz Manager Bob Morgan Assistant Manager Al Clark " No Hikes Postponed On Account of Weather. " Thus reads the motto of the University of Colorado Hiking Club. This organization consists of those students who enjoy the outdoors and the fellowship of a hearty, whole- some group. Hiking is not confined to the vicinity of Boulder alone, for trips to the higher peaks of the back-country are a regular part of the mountaineering schedule. All university students are cordially invited to become acquainted with this organization and its customs. Come out with the hikers and learn the meaning of that quaint phrase — " Only a half mile more. " MEMBERS Bob Allen Al Anderson Roland Angel Helen Baxter George Beck Bob Betterley Bill Braddock Judy Branson Art Brown Chuck Bromley Al Clark Jack Duane Ronny Dove Johnny Edgar Caryl Edgar Phyllis Fonda Bud Ford Donald Gregg Worth Gurley Bob Hatfield Duane Hickman Ben Hoagland, Jr. Wes Horner Lois Horan Jim James Mickey James Bud Johnson Nona Kadlec Wm. Kleis Flora Kleis Jean Kubik Chuck Leierer Nita Leierer Mark Litt Beverly Losher Jane Macnider Orin Marks Ed Mixa Bob Morgan Verna Moody Phil Moore Ross Morrill Mary Morrow Lee Murphy Evelyn Norell Frankie Olson Johnny Peper Trudy Peper Ralph Peak Ann Peak Jeanne Place Howard Segal Bruce Schwartz John Shoemaker Jim Stuart 295 EXECUTIVE BOARD President Ruthie Rice Vice-President Alfred Buchler Secretary Jack Weil Treasurer Henrietta Fine Publicity Chairman Gerald Koplowitz and Norman Gelman Cultural Chairman Stanton Rosenbaum Social Chairman Cynthia Misroch Religious Chairman Melvin Freundlich Counselor Rabbi Benzion Kaganoff Campus Sponsor Mr. Paul Guenther Hillel at Boulder, lacking a building of its own, tries to pro- vide a social and cultural home for the Jewish student. The fact that its members come from various parts of the United States further enhances the possibility of exchanging ideas and integrat- ing all Jewish personalities. Today, especially, every Jew, and especially the culturally-minded college man and woman, should do all in his power to form a creative association with his people. Hillel tries to provide that type of stimulating association, and with the help of its membership may some time be able to have a building of its own. MEMBERS Cecile Abenheimer Zelda Alterman Marilyn Altman Jerry Aronin Joan Berry Gerard Blaufarb Al Buchler Muriel Cibull Ave Dafni Phil Dietz Ethellee Dinner Chuck Eisen Ed Epstein Harold Epstein Ruth Estrin Al Fain Henrietta Fine Mel Freundlich Jerry Gardenswartz Robert Gershenow Janice Gilinsky Florence Gold Mildred Goldberg Norman Goldberg Dorothy Goldfogel Myra Greenwald Marcille Grossman Hy Guchon Tom Guggenheim Mary Lou Isaacson Bobby Karsh Charlene Klausner Joanne Kohn Gerald Koplowitz Leonard Kren Chuck Lazerwitz Sid Lederman Phil Levitt Liz Lichtenberg Dee Maltz Herb Marchick Zelda Metz Naomi Minner Judy Morton Sylvia Nedow Peter Nussbaum Joan Orloff Esther Paper Joe Pells Celeste Pollock Marilyn Probe Ruth Rice Sidney Rosen Stanton Rosenbaum Leo Roth Herman Rubenstein Dick Rudich Mai Samuelson Bernard Shapson William Sheffman Ruth Sosno Marilyn Stark Henry Strauss Mitchell Streicker Sharon Stromberg Richard Teeb Jack Tengy Warren Toltz Dick Tucker Jack Weil Nan Weiner 296 Top row, left to right: Gerald Koplowitz, Stanton Rosenbaum, Cynthia Misroch, Norman Gelman, Melvin Freundlich. Front row: Jack Weil, Ruthie Rice, Henrietta Fine, Alfred Buchler. OFFICERS President Mary Ann Shipp Vice-President Erma Leech Secretary Ann Tilton Treasurer Millie Ling Publicity Chairman Barbara Rennicke Historian Jane Carney Faculty Sponsor Mrs. H. Fehlmann The Home Economics Club is an activity organized and directed within the college home economics department to provide opportunity for personal development of the members, service to the school and community, and for active participation in programs for improving home and family living. The objectives of the club are to develop professional attitudes in college home economics students; to further inter-group and international under- standing, particularly in fields touching family life; to increase interest and knowledge of careers in the many fields of home economics; to build pro- fessional ties between students and home economists; and to recruit for the profession. Club activities during the past year have included the sale of Christmas cards for China Relief, sending Christmas boxes overseas, and the senior banquet, held at Blanchard ' s Lodge. Members of the club also served as hostesses for the 12th Province Workshop, which includes clubs from Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado ; and attended the State Home Economics Association Meeting in Colorado Springs. MEMBERS Wanda Ailinger Ruth Applequist Betty Arnold Shirley Bastian Alice Binkley Rose Booton Judith Brostoff Barbara Bullis Betty Bush Betty Capps Jane Carney Evelyn Crowe Marilyn Dall Bonnie Fairchild Goldie Harmsen Jo Anne Henderson Claire Holmes Mary Lee Hughey Jane Jackson Joan Jefferson Shirley Kimmel Doris Kinsinger Pauline Krier Erma Leech Mildred Ling Charlotte Lovejoy Mary Markle Rosie Masunaga Peggy Mollman Ruth Morris Marian Murphy Barbara Naines Margaret Oldaker Barbara Rennicke Louise Renoux Olive Rinne Beny Jo Rose Frances Russell Shirley Rymer Mary Ann Shipp Eileen Smathers Ruby Stephens Helen Stobie Norma Jean Thomas Ann Tilton Janet Tippet Jean Weingartner Sylvia Weiss Top row, left to right: Doris Kinsinger, Helen Stobie, Doris Henderson, Beny Jo Rose, Paula Rose, Jane Carney, Betty Bush, Charlotte Lovejoy, Mary Markle, Jo Anne Henderson, Marge Taylor. Second row: Claire Holmes, Erma Leech, Millie Ling, Mrs. Fehlmann, Mary Ann Shipp, Ann Tilton, Alice Binkley. Front row: Rose Booton, Betty Capps, Sylvia Weiss, Barbara Rennicke, Peggy Mollman, Shirley Rymer. 297 OFFICERS President Gerry Thalhamer Vice-President Dick Rudich Secretary Carole Vasterling Treasurer Jean Kubik Social Chairman Bill Johnson Publicity Chairman Bill Lasley The Illini-Buff Club, the largest out-of-state club on campus, is open to residents or former residents of the state of Illinois, and was established for the purpose of fostering friendship between all students at the University of Colorado ; therefore it is primarily a social organization. The club boasts of a paid membership of more than one hundred, and has achieved wide-scale publicity in one of Chicago ' s largest papers. New this year is the distribution of membership cards which are symbolic of Illinois and the Buffaloes. The year ' s big- gest social event is the annual Christmas party held near Chicago. Hugh Abbott Barbara Adams To Alexander Tom Alexander Ward Anderson iack Andrews larry Armitage John Bailar Charlene Beranek Donald Bergeson Cappy Black Jane Bramberg Betty Browe Carol Buenik Morton Burt Lois Carlson Shirley Christiansen Don Clauss Lewis Collosky Jay Counihan Joe Fajrajzl Don Feeney Don Gardner Bob Gershenow Joan Gordon Bill Goss Carol Hachtmann Ruth Haigh John Handel Merle Hanihan Harold Heinrich Jim Hillock Ted Holliday Stewart Hollyer George Home Kay Home MEMBERS Bill Jacob Bill Johnson Steve Jurca Roger Kilton Bill Koch Jean Kubik Arietta Kvitek Bill Lasley Dick Lavaty Dick Lepman Polly Liston Katherine Loete Doric Loewenberg James Maguire Charles Melle Ileana Mihalik Philip Miller Lea Mossman Darlene Mueller Robert Munson Marian Murphy Barbara Naines Frank Osborn Steve Paddock Jeanne Poslusny Barbara Postel Kathy Redmon Vera Robb Joan Rosendahl Ray Rothermel Dick Rudich Jean Schaar Bob Schmidtt Jim Sheldon Wally Slack Beverly Spielmann Alex Sumoski Judy Taylor Everett Thalhamer Gerry Thalhamer Don Tracy Albert Traeger Ernie Tryba Carole Vasterling Norman Velisek Bill Wassmann Irene Webster Marguerite White Carl A. Wieland Betty Williams Maryann Wolcott Kent Yowell Ed Zmudka 298 Top row, left to right: Barbara Abrams, Frank E. Osborn, Harold Heinrich, Jim Spiker, Ward Anderson. Jay Counihan. Ray Spannuth. Rudy Senser. Everett Thalhamer, Jim Hillock. Matt Rodenkirch, Jim Shel- don, Larry Armitage, Bob Laughlin. Ted Holliday. R. A. Munson, Glenn Coulter. Don Hammond, Ray McGavin, Bill Wassmann. Fourth row: Jackie Irwin, Jo Wilcox, Hugh Abbott, Norman Velisek, Henry Stein, John Handel, Don Feeney, Lew Collosky, Bob Schwartz, Bill Koch, Joe Fajrajzl, Jack Andrews, Alex Sumoski, Dick Lavaty. Joseph Kalandyk. Third row: Ruth Haigh. Mary Ann Wolcott, Alice Cavender, Carole Vasterling, Judy Taylor, Lea Moss- man, Barbara Templeton. Ray Rothermel, Don Clauss. Steve Jurca, Roger Kilton, Edwin M. Zmudka, Philip A. Miller. Jim Maguire, Merle Hanihan, Dick Rudich, Second row: Norma June Lintner, Kay Home, Jean Schaar, Natali Goldberg, Judy Weinstein, Barbara Crysler. Bill Lasley, Chuck Mott, Ileana Mihalik, Jo Alexander, Jean Kubik, Alice Battershell, Peg Hauth, Sally Brown, Fern Kosmalski, Marita Hayes, Gerry Thalhamer. Front row: Joanne Kohn, Adele Turek, Jeanne Poslusny, Arietta Kvitek, Morton Burt, Ann Armstrong, Mary Louise Liston. Barbara Postel, Bob Gershenow, Fred Staehle, Carol Hachtmann, Shirley Christian- sen, Carol Buenik. OFFICERS President Janice Sheppard Vice-President Walter Wheeler Secretary Loren Scott Treasurer Maxine Ashcraft Sponsor Rev. Malcolm Haughey MEMBERS AND GROUPS REPRESENTED ON INTER-CHURCH COUNCIL Don Sullenger Christian Youth Fellowship Loren Scott Christian Youth Fellowship Paul Barth Canterbury Club Walter Wheeler Canterbury Club Bill Thorp Lutheran Club Loren Petersen Lutheran Club Maurice Drake Roger Williams Fellowship Tom Wethington Roger Williams Fellowship Maxine Ashcraft Wesley Foundation Robert Boucher Wesley Foundation Jim Buchanan Westminister Fellowship Janice Sheppard Westminister Fellowship Jerry Zimmerman Westminister Fellowship PURPOSES OF THE INTER-CHURCH COUNCIL The purposes of the Inter-Church Council are: (1) To provide unity and cooperation among all student church groups who are desirous of joining in such work by coordinating their activities, planning programs, and exchanging ideas. (2) To develop better religious understanding among the groups partici- pating in order that a more enthusiastic approach may be made to an over-all campus religious effort. (3) To encourage Christian organization and work on campus to show other students the Christian way of life. Top row, left to right: Maurice Drake, Loren Peterson, Robert Boucher, Paul Barth, Jim Buchanan. Second row: Loren Scott, Maxine Ashcraft, Rev, Malcolm Haughey, Janice Sheppard, Walter Wheeler. Front row: Tom Wethington, Bill Thorp, Jerry Zimmerman. 299 t OFFICERS President David Tumin Vice-President Jack HoUoway Secretary-Treasurer Putzey Teasley Sponsor Henry Ehrmann, Associate Professor The International Relations Club is one of the outstanding organiza- tions created for the purpose of bringing to the attention of the students the necessity of understanding world affairs. By presenting outstanding speakers on specific world problems, the members obtain a variety of view- points which help them in forming their own answers to international ques- tions. The club is sponsored nationally by the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, and this organization supplied many of the speakers. Colorado university ' s chapter of some 110 members takes pride in the in- formality and enthusiasm of its members in their dealings with the problems which involve our very existence. MEMBERS Abdul Abujebin Glen Auhland William Barron David Brofman William Brokaw Frank Brown Maxine Buchmann James Buehring Gerry Carrillo Russell Cheney Joanne Clark Maurice Cooley Leslie Cox Aubrey Davis Marsella Dean Ed Diner Dhiten Dutta Maureen Dyer Neil Ekberg Gerald Engman Irene Farber Lawrence Fenton Don Ferrens Jim Fisk Hank Fingado Charles Furr Allen Goldsmith Lloyd Goldstein Bernard Goodman John Gough Martin Grorr Kathleen Hamilton Thekla Hansen Bette Harlan Jim Herber Daniel Hoffman Roy Howard Dorothy Hudler Kay Hutchison Jack Jackson Fred Kahn Harold Kayser Betty Kellogg Warren Larkin A. LaVigne William Lemesany Margel Lewis John Lockwood John McCall B. McCullough John McGinn Bob Mershon Larry Milneck Lee Murphy Don Newmark Donald Nogg R. Octen Ed Otte R. Oxley Jo Pitcher Chris Plank George Rainsford J. Shakeshaft Fred Silverberg Art Stankovich Peter Talovich Wayne Thompson Richard Tucker Akhar Tzad Malcolm Wallen Ted Weiton J. Williams Paul Williams Marvin Wilson Irv Wolinsky William Wrigg Marsella Zekman Ann Zolvinski 300 Top row, left to right: J. W. Williams, Daniel Hoffman, Jerry Shakeshaft, Lawrence Fenton, George Rainsford. Fourth row: John McGinn, Martin Gross, Hal Kayser, Bernard H. Goodman, Irving Wolinsky, Alan W. Fisk. Third row: Paul W. Williams, Lloyd Goldstein, Maurice E. Cooley, Ed Otte, Don Farrens, Jerry Engman, Russell E. Cheney, James Herber. Second row: Richard Tucker, Geraldine Carrillo, Marsella Dean, Bette Harlan, Lee Murphy, Maxine Buchmann. Front row: Wayne Thompson, Glen Auckland, Jack Holloway, Henry Ehrmann, Katherine Teasley, David Tumin, Donald Uppendahl, Hank Fingado. MwdHjip OFFICERS President Vern Talcott Vice-President Dick Lyttle Secretary Nonie Lann Treasurer Ann Melville ASUC Representative Duke Robertson Social Coordinator Dan Gross Dance Manager Edward Roszel Men ' s Athletics Lou Johancen Date Bureau Betty Greengross 1948-1949 may be described as ISA ' s most successful school year. Besides expanding its social program in both size and quality, the independent organization embarked on a broad student welfare campaign directed toward reducing the campus cost of living and establishing a campus infirmary. It inaugurated dance classes for beginners and a comprehensive athletic program including intra- mural sports and evening use of the gym; organized a co-operative for those men students willing to do their own housework in an effort to reduce living costs; and was active in spearheading a drive for a campus hospital and improved health facilities. Colorado ISA publicity was spread far and wide with the featuring of an editorial in the Denver Post which through the facilities of the National Independent Students Association was circulated through-out the nation. In its weekly radio program on KBOL rings out the new ISA slogan: " ISA leads the way every day. " WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Position Representing Dick Gale Publicity Margaret Curtis Campus Chest S.E. Dormitory Mildred Pottebaum National ISA Senior Women Phyllis Archer Reeves N.W. Dormitory Ross Blackstock Commissioner of Elections Senior Men Georgia Long S.W. Dormitory Marjory Cooper Freshman Orientations Junior Women Bill Scoville Applications Dorm A-1 Richard Pinkerton Special Activities Junior Men Dick Rudich ASUC Welfare Dorm B-2 Jane O ' Dell Asst. Elections Sophomore Women Robert Edwards Personal Viking Club Robert Peterson Awards Sohomore Men Beverly Starika C. U. Days Valkyrie Mary Lou Parks Applications Freshmen Women Corrine Mills Historian Alfra Stuart Scheyer Freshmen Men Jim Friedlander Publications Free Lance Marje Bradbury ASUC Welfare Bigelow Hall Ken Stapp ASUC Welfare Cosmopolitan Club Kay Home Asst. Inventory Lester Hall Leatrice Reich Activity Cards Women ' s Club Mary Secord Date Bureau Regent Hall Ruth Thornton Asst. Co-op Campus Club Marguerite Wimp Date Bureau Harding Hall John Warren Cooperatives Men ' s Coop. Claire Huber Campus Chest N.E. Dormitory Harvey Everett Inventory Men ' s Dorm Faculty Sponsors; Ratnona Parkinson, Arthur J. McNair Top row, left to right: Bob Jones, Lloyal Thompson, Bob Peterson, Bill Scoville, Francis O ' Brien. Harvey Everett, Dan Gross, Stewart Scheyer, Dick Ankerton, Ken Stapp. Third row: Bob Schneider, Mary Secord, Marjory Cooper, Janet Stein, Betty Greengross, Marguerite Wimp, Angie Nicholas, Margaret Curtis, Georgia Long, Molly Potochnik, Joan Trego, Henry Helgen. Second row: Jane O ' Dell, Ben Galland, Ramona Parkinson, Arthur McNair, Vern Talcott, Nonie Lann, Duke Robertson, Ann Melville, Dick Lyttle. Front row: Phyllis Archer, Bob Brown, Corrine Mills, Lea Reich, Mel Freundlich, Jim Friedlander, Bob Edwards, Ross Blackstock. 301 OFFICERS President - Jeanne Bjork Vice-President Elda Huston Corr. Sec Aileen Kelly Rec. Sec Pat Moyer Treasurer Ruth Googe Sponsor Ida Swayne Iota Sigma Pi, national Chenniistry honorary, installed the Tungsten chapter at the University of Colorado in 1918. Since that time the organiza- tion has served to recognize outstanding women in chemistry. Its main purpose has been to promote an interest in chemistry among women students and to stimulate personal accomplishment in the chemical fields. MEMBERS Pat Bramson Jane Britton Liberty Casali Marjorie Chanak Beverly Firth Wilma Jean Fish Joan Fraiser Ruth Googe Marjorie Grove Evelyn Holmes Edna Huston Virginia Janda Aileen Kelly Mary Jane Matthews Tess McNulty Pat Moyer Marion Opdyke Carol Packard Belle Patterson Jane Schneberger Janet Sears Suzanne Stokes Jo Watson 302 Top TOW, left to right: Evelyn Holmes, Elda Huston, Ruth Googe, Beverly Firth, Hester McNulty. Front row: Mary Jane Matthews, Ida Loyd Swayne, Jeanne Bjork, Pat Moyer, Aileen Kelly. Absentees: Carol Packard, Janet Sears, Belle Patterson, Liberty Casali, Janie Britton, Marian Opdyke. OFFICERS President Lewis Hiigel Vice-President Stuart Alvord Secretary Ed Collins Corresponding Secretary Roger Cozens Treasurer Don Nodtvedt Advisor Hugh McMillen Kappa Kappa Psi is the men ' s national honorary band fraternity, its members being selected on the basis of musical, scholastic, and personal qualifications. The purpose of this organization is to promote the general welfare of the college band by honoring outstanding bandsmen and giving them an opportunity to make their services to the college more effective by means of co-operation and directed effort. Hugh McMillen FACULTY ADVISORS L. Randall Spicer Prank Baird MEMBERS Lewis Hiigel Stewart Alvord Ed Collins Wayne Hinthorn James Sparks Carol Butts Richard Brackenbury Frank Light Wayne Turner Guy Finke Don Sams Paul Shull Don Nodtvedt Bruce Bashford Harold Thomas Walt Allison Kenny Bray Fred Todd Roger Cozens Frank Schooley Richard Culver Bob Henson Top row. left to right: Donald Nodtvedt, Wayne Hinthorn, Lewis Hiigel, Wayne Turner, Frank Light, Dick Culver. Front row: Guy Messenger, Roger Cozens, Stuart Alvord, Tommy Thomas, Frank Baird. 303 OFFICERS and CABINET Acting sponsor: Mrs. R. J. Reed Patronesses: Mrs. Warren Bainbridge, Mrs. Mildred Parr, Mrs. Lee Perry, Mrs. Wm. E. Tremmel. President Norma Jean Davis Vice-President Paula Rose Treasurer Goldie Harmsen Recording Secretary Edith Harms Corresponding Secretary Nancy Rohwer Program Chairman Molly Brittenham Historian Janet Bacon Music Chairman Aileen Kelly Chaplain Penny Oliver Invitation Chairman Betty Burk Art Chairman Helen Hanson Social Chairman Dorothy Stahl Membership Chairman Kathy Dever Publicity Chairman Mary Billington Kappa Phi is the national Methodist girls ' club which now has thirty-five chapters on college campuses throughout the country. Its aim is to make every Methodist college woman of today a leader in the church of tomorrow. The local chapter initiated two groups of girls this year, had its own choir, participated in the W.S.C.S. bazaar, and carried on projects of both domestic and foreign relief service in addition to its traditional functions: the Meal in the Upper Room, the Sweet- heart Dance, and the Senior Banquet. The theme for the year was " Let your light so shine. . . . " . It was carried out through programs concerned with personality, the church, and world affairs. MEMBERS Ruth Allen Maxine Ashcraft Janet Bacon Marian Barr Christine Benedict Bonnie Berge Marjorie Bertholf Mary Billington Eleanor Boltz Delores Boulton Molly Brittenham Betha Burk Suzanne Callen Roberta Carlson Willa Ruth Childerson Norma Chritton Alice Coats Mary Ellen Cooke Norma Jean Davis Kathleen Dever Sharon Dinwiddle Eleanor Duke Edna Edwards Jerry Geroske Ann Gross Janet Hagen Mona Hagen Helen Hanson Edith Harms Goldie Harmsen Doris Haury Carol Lee Hendricks Aileen Kelly Shirley Kimmel Mary Lewis Genevieve Mayberry Joan Mayberry Pat Moyer Helen O ' Kane Peggy Piper Phyllis Pyle Phyliss Riggenbach Florence Rivers Nancy Rohwer Paula Rose Shirley Rose Marjorie Schoder Mary Ann Shipp Dorothy Stahl Mary Upton Lila Lee VoUintine 304 Top row, left to right: Sharon Dinwiddic, Pat Meyer, Lila Lee Vollintine, Christine Benedict, Carol Lee Hendricks, Peggy Piper, Marjorie Schoder, Shirley Kimmel, Phyllis Carlson, Roberta Pyle, June Moore, Joan Mayberry, Flo Rivers, Phyliss Riggenbach. Third row: Mary Ellen Cooke, Carol Shurtz, Helen Hanson. Aileen Kelly, Kathy Dever, Dorothy Stahl, Bonnie Berge, Suzanne Callen, Pat Bainbridge, Marie Kathryn Mehl, Janet Hagen, Helen O ' Kane, Mary Upton, Shirley Holm, Ruth Alen, Ann Gross. Second row: Nancy Rohwer, Edith Harms. Goldie Harmsen, Mary Bilington, Mrs. Mildred Parr, Mrs. Warren Bainbridge, Mrs. R. J. Reed, Mrs. W. C. Tremmel, Norma Jean Davis, Paula Rose, Molly Brit- terham, Penny Oliver. Front row: Mona Hagen, Edna Edwards, Dee Boulton, Shirley Joan Rose, Marian Barr, Genevieve May- berry, Betha Burk, Mary K. Lewis. OFFICERS — FALL Co-ordinatoT Douglas Y. Taguchi Planning Chairman Bill Hancock Duty Chairman Louis Johancen Finance Dick Gale Secretary Joe Salmon I.S.A. Representative Dick Gale OFFICERS — WINTER AND SPRING Co-ordinatoT Joe Salmon Planning Chairman Joe DeBanico Duty Chairman . ' . Andy Johnson Finance Bob Lemkin Secretary Bernie Shapson I.S.A. Representative Dick Gale The idea of starting a post-war Men ' s Cooperative House was first con- ceived in the spring of 1947. A hand-full of students interested in the project took up the task of forming the organization. Having found a house, applications for membership were called for and many men were interviewed; new members were selected on the basis of their ability to do such things as cooking or carpentry, their willingness to learn, and their willingness to work. With the aid of the Campus Club, the women ' s co- operative, and many others, the house was finally ready to operate in the fall of 1948. During the week-ends and holidays of the fall quarter, plus the week preceding registration, the members washed, painted, repaired, rebuilt, and generally worked hard to establish a homey atmosphere in the co- op house. Since its organization, the men of the co-op have planned, prepared and served all meals, shared all expenses, and gained valu able experience in living together. The success of this venture is entirely due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the members, and the faculty sponsor and " house-father, " IJr. Edwin Helwig, who also lives at the house. MEMBERS Marvin D. Allen Harold R. Brock Donald De Banico James Friedlander Richard Gale Robert F. Hancock William A. Hancock Louis E. Johancen Andrew Johnson E. Robert Lemkin James Mason Kenneth Periman Joe Salmon, Jr. Bernard Shapson Douglas Y. Taguchi Calvin M. Theiss Michael Valentine John D. Warren Top row, left to right: Marvin D. Allen, Kenneth Periman, James Mason, E. Robert Lemkin. Andrew John- son, Bernard Shapson, Michael Valentine. Second row: Calvin M. Theiss, Louis E. Johancen, Richard Gale, Dr. Edwin R. Helwig, Douglas Y. Ta- guchi, Donald De Banico. Front row: John D. Warren, Harold R. Brock, Robert F. Hancock, William A. Hancock, Joe Salmon, Jr., James Friedlander. 305 OFFICERS President Wendell L. French Vice-President Wayne Twyman Secretary-Treasurer Tom Surguine Librarian Hawley Smith Director Arnold Chaitman The University Men ' s Glee Club was organized last year with the purpose of providing C. U. with a singing group comparable to the Glee Clubs of other outstanding colleges and universities. Now in its second year, the Glee Club is rapidly becoming an outstanding vocal group. Mem- bership is open to all men students and selection of members is based on try-outs which are held at various announced times during the school year. All types of music are sung by the group, and concerts are given during the year. This year the organization sponsored an all-campus song writing con- test to further school spirit and to make available a repetoire of C. U. campus songs. MEMBERS Byron Akers Dean Anderson Fred Anderson Robert Boggs Whitney Bradley George Breidenbach John Buswell Paige Carlin Deane Carter Ralph Carter Jim Childress Mark Chilton Kelly Collins Claus Dahl Jack Dwyer Clarence Eddleblute Clayton Eichelberger Ward Fischer Wendell French Reuben Gablehouse George Helder Don Hill Ernie Huddleson Bill Irish Roswell Jones Harold Knudsen Bill Lamb Bob Law Don Lewis Bill McDowell John Mitcheltree Bob Musil Glenn Nelson Bill Newman Harry Newman Bob O ' Dell Dick Olson Mark Olson Chuck Pierce Steve Pratt Bill Reese Bob Sage Bill Serat Hawley Smith Doug Stewart Jack Stoltz Richard Street Tom Surguine Wayne Twyman Bill Weber Bud Westermann Don Zisch 306 Top row, left to right: Donald Zisch, Kelly Collins, Richard Street, William Irish, Roswell Jones, Douglas Stewart, Bill Lamb, Don Lewis, Bill Mc Dowell, John Buswell. Third row: Bob O ' Dell, Jack Dwyer, Donald Hill, William Weber, Whitney Bradley, Chuck Pierce, Clay- ton Eichelberger, Ward Fischer, George Breidenbach, Robert Law. Second row: Bud Westermann, Hawley Smith, Tom Surguine, Arnold Chaitman, Wayne Twyman. Wendell French, Bill Serat, Reuben Gablehouse. Front row: Ernest Huddleson, Mark Olson. Byron Akers, Jack Stoltz, John Mitcheltree, Harry Newman, Bill Reese, Frederic Anderson, Mark Chilton. H j OFFICERS President Clement E. Williamson Vice-President John J. Pellegren Treasurer Leo Maloney Corresponding Secretary Eleanor Tait Recording Secretary Mary Lou Mellecker Historian Gerald Savage Sergeant at Arms Robert M. Sweeney Faculty Sponsors Prof. William Berg Prof. Ernest Tovani Chaplain Rev. Father Charles Forsyth The activities of the Newman Club are both educational and spiritual, including Communion Breakfast, Evening Rosary, Daily Mass, and study groups. The study groups, both philosophical and informational, include discussions on the Bible, the History of the Church, Capitol and Labor, and Marriage. The club also sponsors both formal and informal dances, picnics, and card parties, and participates in university activities. An outdoor display every Christmas of the Nativity scene and annual Easter services are projects of the club, as is a charity program for the needy. Top row, left to right: Vernon Zurick, Bernard Keating, John Saya, Charles Reich, Marlys Mortensen, Eleanor Tait, Norbert Mellecker. Ninth row: Tom Marcarenaz, John Kissack, Art Deaver, J. W. Kuretich, Don Imgrund, Leon Dedeaux, Jr., Robert Henning, William Brecn, Frank O ' Halloran, Lewis Giercn, Frank Light, Margaret Ortner, Mary Janssen, Janet Harmon, Mary Lou Mellecker, Carrie Anderson. Eighth row: E. A. Heyrman, John Reich, Leona Fredericks, W. Fredericks, Bob Sweeney, Bill Robichaud, Dick Remiyac, Billy Joe Price, Francis Davidson, Mary Louise Parks, Joe Harvatiis, Tom Nalty, Hank Fingado, Edwin Keating, John Borkowski, Jerry Savage. Seventh row: Fred Debbrecht, Bill Stubler, John Yakich, Jim Rutherford, Henry Zuber, Bill Byrne, An- thony Mehelich, Jane Knotz, Marguerite Luchini, Mary Roth, Jane Huflfer, Elaine Coyne, MaryEllen Small, Jean Perrigo, Charles O ' Brien, Leo Maloney. Sixth row: Kay Petersell, John Spradley, Mary Ann Pleasants. Shirley Origer, Eddy Zabrusky, Emilio Handal, Nathan Clifford, Margaret Ellerhoff, Henry Varga, Adrian Hill, Ernest Vitcrise, John Campbell, Betty Rose Salzman, Lucille Onorati, Mildred Pottebaum, Clem Williamson. Fifth row: Duane Bril, John Cleary, Elizabeth Pagels. Jacquie McCormick, Arthur Anselmo, Betsey Isola. Gerry Burgess, Jack Mulliken. Leonard Napolitan, Jo Ann Coughlin, Bob Hagerott, William Jann, Charles Dougherty. Fourth row: Arthur Alvarado, Annette Graham, Edward de Celle, Diana Mersnik, Paul Smith, Joan Do- menico, Jim Donelan, Barbara Jean Smith, Paul Marsh, Mary Kay Ashford, Fred Gehring, Louis De- lateur. Third row: Forrest Fulton Jr., Jerry Lyons, Joe Lacy, Helen Wildgen, Raymond McGavin, Martha Moro- ney, John McGinn, Keefe Baker, Joan Fabrizio, Lois Glavins, Tom O ' Brien, John Pellegren. Second row: Bernard Beausang, Isaac Ruybal, Norbert Eggering, Dorothy Fawkes, Margaret McCormack, Febronia Roybal, Ursel Cooley, Mary Lacey, Mary Finnegan, Wilma Weingardt, Bill Hastings, Sally King, Peter Bessol. Front row: Paul Fago, C. J. Loetscher, Marita Hayes, A. J. Charron, Patricia Melville, Juan E. Green, Margaret Elliott, Thomas J. Duesterberg, Ann Amato, Gloria Shabouh, Father Charles T. Forsyth, O.S.B. 307 OFFICERS President Marjorie Chanak Secretary-Treasurer Josephine Gibert Sponsor Charlotte York Irey Orchesis is solely for the advancement and enjoyment of modern dance at the University. Throughout the year Orchesis holds meetings each Wednesday evening during which presentations are planned and perfected, and the business of the organization is dealt with. Each year, usually during winter quarter, the group has a dance recital for the general public. All choreography of the recital is done by Charlotte Irey and members of the organizations. The group has brought celebrated modern dancers such as Merce Cunningham and Charles Weidman to give master lessons to anyone on campus interested in modern dance, and this year has been invited to dance in Loveland and Denver. Dorlee Allison Beverly Batschelet Collier Brown Suzanne Brady Jane Carney MEMBERS Gloria Castle Marjorie Chanak Pat Eckert Don Evans Elzy Faulk Marion Fowler Josephine Gibert Bob Johnson Phyllis Ongley Bob Potter Martha Reese Wayne Twyman Jane Williamson HONORARY MEMBERS Frances Bascom Eunice Veazie 308 Top TOW, left to right: Marion Fowler, Bob Potter, Wayne Twyman, Elzy Faulk, Don Evans. Second row: Dorlee Allison, Gloria Castle, Martha Reese, Marge Chanak, Josephine Gibert, Beverly Bat- schelet, Pat Eckert. Front row: Sue Brady, Jane Williamson, Jane Carney, Phyllis Ongley. 9 OFFICERS President Harold Brock Vice-President William Eubank Secretary Keith Nesladek Treasurer Douglas Taguchi The Pentagon is an honorary organization of gymnasts on the campus, organized to promote gymnastics in the University of Colorado, the State of Colorado, and the Schools of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. One of the prime purposes of the club is to give recognition to the abilities of the gymnasts who have worked diligently, but are not able to represent the University on the regular team. The Pentagon, with the cooperation of the gymnastics team, provides the show during half-time at the basketball games, gives exhibitions at high schools and various other institutions, and helps sponsor the State High School Gymnastics Meet held annually in Boulder. FACULTY Charle s Vavra Roland Balch Dean Harry Carlson Benjamin Arnberg Samuel Barnhill Melvin Beckett Clayton Bennett Harold Brock David Dittman Kenneth Dunstan William Eubank MEMBERS William Haase George Hughes Gerald King Walter Miguez Keith Nesladek James Norling Allen Patten Mac McDowell Payne Arden Ruddell Philip Scherrer Eugene Shearer Douglas Taguchi Fred Thornes Donald Twogood PLEDGES Sam Bright Donal Buchanan C. E. Dorrell Merle Noble James Vavra Roy White Top row, left to right: Melvin Beckett, Samuel Barnhill. Third row: Fred Thornes, David Dittman, Lee Roy Tautz, Eugene Shearer. Second row: Kenneth Dunstan, George Hughes, William Haase, Clayton Bennett, Donald Twogood. Front row: Philip Scherrer, Douglas Taguchi, Keith Nesladek, Harold Brock, William Eubank, James Norling. 309 ■ r « - . ' OFFICERS i jgr K ' " ' ' ' - A. Justice Rex Scott lltf HH H K iJ B K «ji Kice Justice Robert Hartley BP Hfe B riHl Ssw fc. " SJ tfTj Marshal Jack Seavy i P — -C " H H kJ Bii ' WH Bg Secretary Ord Wells C erA Lou Pell Treasurer Guy Dyer Sponsor Austin W. Scott, Jr., Assist. Professor Phi Alpha Delta, national legal fraternity, was reactivated on the Colo- rado campus in 1946, and last year removed the discriminatory clause in both the local and national constitutions. The purpose of the organization is to forward legal education. During the past year many interesting speakers have been heard at regular meetings, including Justice Burke, recently retired Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, and Hatfield Chilsen, former District At- torney. The fraternity usually holds three luncheons each quarter, at which •; the speakers are local judges or attorneys. MEMBERS Carl Absmier Robert Carr Garrett Fonda John Kuhlman Eugene Perkins Vernon Talcott Frank Allen William Calvert John Gnadinger Richard Lonnecker Richard Proud John Todd William Amam Justin Click James Genoff Fred March Robert Pyle James Treece Richard Anderson William Crompton David Goldwater Rex McEntire Marshall Quiat Joseph Vento Robert Asher Robert Davison William Grelle Eldon L. Means Jacob Roeser Thomas Walker Burdette Backlund J. B. Dean David Griffin Ronald Mitchell Louis Rovira Welsel Wallace Robert Bailey Junius Dillard Raymond Hagerty Charles Miller Rupert Ryan Edwin Wells John Barnard John Drendel James Harper David Miller Robert Rutledge Houston Williams Robert Bartley Donald Dufford Phillip Harris Robert Moch Rex Scott Albert Winegardner Ross Barton William Dunbar Francis Hessney Harry Nier Stanford Schneider John Wilkinson William Blackburn Guy Dyer James Holmberg Bernard O ' Leary Jack Seavy George Wollbrinck Allen Broadstreet Jack Emery James Howard James Parriott Daniel Shadrach William Waldeck Gerald Buechler Harry Farnham Harold Ingebretsen Stanley Paynter Donald Shook Edward Yaklich Phillip Burney Hugh Fisher Raymond Johnson Louis Pell Louis Stewart John Zisch Edwin Butler Robert Fleming Leo Kennedy PLEDGES Richard McDermott Sam Telep Top row, left to right: John Todd, Ross Barton, Jim Holmberg, John Gradinger, Bill Waldeck, Jim Treece, Junius Dillard. Fifth row: Harry Nier, Rupert Ryan, Edward Yaklich, John Wilkinson, Jack Roeser, Lou Rovira, Bob Bartley, Bill Kennedy, Ray Haggerty. Fourth row: Ray Johnson, Fred March, Jack Emery, Al Wingardner, Burdette Backlund, Dick Proud, Bill Blackburn. Third row: J. B. Dean, Ted Butler, Jack Seavy, Lou Pell, Dan Shadrack, Jerry Buechler, Bob Asher, Don Shook, Rex McEntire. Second row: James Parriott, Al Broadstreet, Ord Wells, Louis Stewart, Dick Lonnecker, Hugh Fisher, 310 Houston Williams. Front row: Dave Griffin, Jim Howard, Ronnie Mitchell, Bob Pyle, Harry Farnham, John O ' Leary, Eldon Means, Guy Dyer, Bob Moch, Jim Harper. i • • i . tM i J :v: . OFFICERS President Don Brotztnan Secretary Henry Blickhahn Treasurer Edward Freienmuth The Inn of Phi Delta Phi located at the Law School is Thomas Inn. Although friendships are fostered by the activities of Thomas Inn, its primary goal is to enhance the legal preparation and edu- cation of its members while in law school and to aid them in later years as members of the legal profession. Many outstanding mem- bers of the Colorado Bar have spoken to the fraternity during the past year at its informal meetings and quarterly dinners. Contact is established for many Phi Delta Phi members with practicing attorneys by its placement service, and it aids them in many other ways in becoming the lawyers of tomorrow. Robert Alsup Parley Anderson Donn Bennett Henry Blickhahn Donald Brotzman Robert Paul Brown Frank Buchanan Thomas Cornish Webster Bancroft Davis Robert Duthie Peter Dye Thomas Elder Edward Freienmuth MEMBERS Kenneth Gross Ray Harward Clarence Hayne Marshall Hjelte William Hyde Cameron Kirk Arthur LeCroix C. J. Lewis James Martin Irvin Mason Thomas McMahon Robert McMichael Richard McCracken Robert Means Frank Morrison James Noble Robert Nevens William Rea Walter Steele Robert Thomas Jack Tobin Harold Vaghe Val Valdyka Merrit Warren Tex Watson Top row, left to right: Seward Jones, Don Myers, Merritt Warren, Jim Martin, Marshal Hjelte, William Rea, James Hammond, Kenneth Gross, George Floyd. Fourth row; McCracken, Jim Noble, Clarence Hayne, Parley Anderson, Bob McMichael, Bob Means, Bob Nevens, Don Bennett. Third row: Tom Elder, Jack Tobin, Webster Davis, Vahl Vladyka, Peter Dye, Frank Morrison, Bill Steele, Tom McMahon. Second row: Ray Harward, Art Lecrouix, Frank Buchanan, Harold Vaghe, William Hyde, C. J. Lewis, Paul Brown, R obert Duthie. Front row: Cameron Kirk, Professor Lawrence De Muth, Ed Freienmuth, Don Brotzman, Henry Blick- hahn, Joseph Hawley, Dean Edward C. King, Assistant Professor O. De Souchet. 311 OFFICERS President Thomas J. Countis Vice-President Stanley R. Rouze Secretary William Brumitt Treasurer Vernon J. Zurick Sponsor Professor Frank C. Walz The Physics Club of the University was organized in 1948. The purpose of the organization is to afford students majoring in physics the same op- portunities that other University engineering societies enjoy. The Physics Club has become recognized as a member of the Combined Engineers of the University and work is underway to set up a national organization. MEMBERS John L. Anthony Harry Archuleta Martin Bael Eugene Barrows Roscoe L. Bloss Albert Briggs Dexter Brinker William A. Brummitt John W. Chapman Theodore J. Counas Thomas J. Countis Jack W. Dahnke Donald E. Dein Thomas D. Dismuke Robert H. Doherty Walton D. Ellison Harold M. Epstein William B. Ericson Marshall J. Field Quentin L. Florey Gerald J. Franz Joseph J. Guiteras Richard R. Hake Robert D. Harrington Kenneth R. Hertha Norman B. Humphrey Lloyd A. Johnson Bernard L. Keating Philip L. London George L. Martin Raymond E. McGavin Ritchie P. Mikesell Martha J. Moroney Richard N. Morton Christy A. Mosco Douglas Y. Moy Wendell E. Peterson Paul V. Ponce Gerald W. Powell Stan T. Rouze Charles F. Saunders Lilburn E. Shaw Edgar W. Snell Alan J. Talbert Lee R. Tepley Robert C. Thomas Richard R. Thomassen Lloyd O. Timblin Milton Waxman Glen C. Werth John H. Whitmore Vernon J. Zurich 312 Top row, left to right: Quentin L. Florey, Raymond E. McGavin, Thomas D. Dismuke, John H. Whitmore. Third row: Martin Bael, Jack W. Dahnke, Walton D. Ellison, Professor Frank C. Walz. Dexter M. Brinker, Charles F. Saunders, Theodore J. Counas. Second row: Harold Epstein, William B. Ericson, Thomas J. Countis, John W. Chapman, Martha Moro- ney, Stanley R. Rouze, Lloyd O. Timblin, Jr., Robert Bardwell, Gerald J. Franz, Lloyd A. Johnson, Lil- burn E. Shaw. Front row: W. A. Brumitt. R. N. Morton, J. W. Shell, Leon Briggs, Jerry Powell, D. Y. Moy, Harry M. Archuleta, Lee Tepley. OFFICERS President Norma Jean Davis Vice-President Ad le Berrian Recording Secretary Virginia Erney Corresponding Secretary Rena Vassar Treasurer Emilie Hammermeister Sponsor Miss Marie Mehl Pi Lambda Theta is a National Honorary Educational Soror- ity, a sister group to the Men ' s Educational Honorary, Phi Delta Kappa. Alpha Rho chapter of Pi Lambda Theta rece ived its chart- er from the national organization at an impressive ceremony in the music room of the library on August 24, 1948. Since that time the group has held an initiation of new members each quarter and has continued with its service project of teacher recruitment. This project was begun in 1947 when the group was known as the Edu- cation Club. Members spoke to seniors in neighboring high schools about the teaching profession and culminated the project with a tea on campus for those high school students previously con- tacted. MEMBERS Helen Anderson Adele Berrian Marjorie Ann Bertholf Marylin Bieser Barbara Bullis Norma Jean Davis Kathleen Dever Rosemary Fichter Judith Goodman Colleen Jacobsen Dorothy James Evelyn Kelly Carolyn Kent Chosheng Chien Lee Dorene Leonard Marjorie Mollman Martha Newell Doii Ann Raap Barbara Rennicke Phyllis Silvio Dorothy Stahl Isabell Sta ufenberg Mary Jane Turner Rena Vassar Mary Warren Esther Wennberg Emma Lou Wivell GRADUATE MEMBERS Marian Goodman Grace Platts Barbara Ricks Betty Taylor Joan Weeks FACULTY MEMBERS Frances Bascom Helen Borland Ruth narrower Eleanor Lindstrom Marie Mehl - Sponsor Dorothy Sherman Top row, left to right: Mrs. Kee (Choshing Chien), Evelyn Kelly, Mrs. Dorene Leonard, Jane Snyder, Dorothy Sherman, Ruth Harrower. Second row: Virginia Erney, Emilie Hammermeister, Marie Mehl, Adele Berrian, Norma Jean Davis, Rena Vassar. Front row: Betty Taylor, Joan Weeks, Barbara Rennicke, Emma Lou Wivell. 313 I Mil EPSIION M V! W iiliaSil iilif Sf llf ' ! ' Cfi:-r ' . ' ' i? fi OFFICERS President Glenn C. Werth Vice-President James C. Hickle Corresponding Secretary Lee Tepley Recording Secretary Kenneth Fonda Treasurer Joseph E. Chilton Ervin J. Bell Arthur William Brown James D. Brown Alfred Buchler M. Keith Burk Wesley D. Burnett Joseph E. Chilton Ruby E. Dillingham Robert H. Doremus Joseph S. Epstein Kenneth A. Fonda Morton Burt Howard M. Cann Mel Coleman Theodore A. DeRosier Walton D. Ellison Pi Mu Epsilon is the National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity. The membership is composed of students who have completed calculus with a satisfactory grade average, and have a keen interest in mathematics. New members are taken in twice a year, usually during the fall and spring quarters. The meetings are, in general, talks of a semi-technical nature on some phase of pure or applied mathematics, and are open to those interested. The aim of the fraternity is to promote and develop an interest in new and unique branches of mathematics, with a goal of more complete under- standing and utilization of the fundamental science. Shirley Rae Friel Jack S. Gifford Donald S. Gregg Lyle J. Gross David J. Gudeman Joseph J. Guiteras Graham D. Gutsche James C. Hickle John Mack Hood Charles E. Johnson Harold M. Epstein Paul F. Fago Gerald J. Franz Walter Fritz Victor R. Griep ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert J. Klinker Fred A. Kloverstrom James E. Knap Robert T. McKnight Theodore H. Maiman Alvin A. Mayer Mark G. Mueller Thomas A. Murphy Charles Neal Arch F. Nuttall PLEDGES Richard Hake Alexander G. Ilyin Lloyd A. Johnson Viron Kliewer Frederick A. O ' Neall Gerard H. Pesman Robert L. Powell Charles J. Reich Stanley R. Rouze Francis J. Scheib Stanley L. Schrier Robert J. Schweighardt Jo Schwalbe Lee Stripling Dale Krenzel Bernard P. Lunkwicz Ralph A. Pugh James L. Rodgers Robert Swanson Paul E. Taylor Lee Tepley Lloyd D. Timblin Wayne Turner Darl C. Washburn Glenn C. Werth Joseph S. Woitkiewicz George F. Woodward Vernon J. Zurick Lilburn E. Shaw Alex W. Sumoski James Wilson Kathryn L. Wilson 314 Top row, left to right: Francis Scheib, Robert McKnight, Lyle Gross, Don Brown, Alvin Mayer, Stanley Schrier, James Knap, Stanley Rouze, Ted Maiman, Alfred Buchler, Alex Sumoski, Arthur Brown, Ervin Bell, Joseph Epstein. Third row: Charles Reich, C. E. Johnson, R. L. Powell, Paul Lopatin, Robert Doremus, Lloyd Timblin, Robert Swanson, Graham Gutsche, Wayne Turner, Joseph Woitkiewicz, Fred Kloverstrom, Robert Schweighardt, Vernon Zurick, Melvin Coleman, James Brown, Arch Nuttall, Bernard Lunkwicz. Second row: David Gudeman, Ralph Pugh, Thomas Murphy, James Hickle, Vice-President ; Kenneth Fonda, Secretary; Glenn Werth, President; Lee Tepley, Corresponding Secretary; Joseph Chilton, Treas- ure!; Karl Stahl, Sponsor; Gerard Pesman, Wesley Burnett. Front row: Lee Stripling, Charles Neal, Shirley Friel, Ruby Dillingham, Jo Schwalbe, Keith Burk, Don Stallings, Jack Gifford, Walter Varner. ' OFFICERS President John C. Ivers Vice-President Robert C. Strain Recording Secretary JoAnne Schwalbe Corresponding Secretary Ralph S. Matsen Treasurer Robert F. Brown Faculty Advisor Robert F. Brown Colorado Mu is the local chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, National Mechanical Engineering Honorary. New members are elected during the fall and spring quarters, at which times a formal initiation and banquet are held. Selection of members is based on character and personality, as well as scholastic record. Currently Colorado Mu is working to establish Pi Tau Sigma on the campuses of more colleges and universities in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast regions. MEMBERS James P. Anderson Emerson L. Baker Manning L. Balcolm Otto E. Bartoe James T. Borsch Walter A. Clark Ralph W. Dagenais Joseph A. Dove Donald L. Elder Samuel C. Foster David J. Gudeman Glen W. Hanks James L. Harvey Charles F. Hix, Jr. Robert B. Humphrey Alex G. Ilyin John F. Isaacs John D. Ivers Narville D. Johnson Russell B. Johnson Dean P. Joy Donald W. Knebel Dale B. Krenzel Bernard P. Lunkwicz William S. Martin Ralph S. Matsen John P. McNelly Kenneth N. Meeks Stanley R. Mitick Lawrence J. Mitsch William R. Moore Russell O. Morris Bernard A. Mulder William F. Muldrow George C. Nicholls Leigh H. Norgren Thomas L. Pearson Bonnie G. Prentice Ross T. Radey James F. Reed Houston W. Rice Lloyd R. Rose John W. Schmidt, Jr. JoAnne Schwalbe Robert M. Slobodnik Donald K. Smith Robert C. Strain Frederick J. Trapp, C. E. Varner Paul L. Wandel John L. Weber Gilbert P. Wozney Jr. B. T. Arnberg F. S. Bauer W. S. Beattie R. F. Brown C. F. Carpenter A. R. Deschere G. S. Dobbins F. P. Durham FACULTY MEMBERS L. M. Flower F. H. Gades, Jr. R. R. Head H. E. Johnson W. S. Mallory P. F. Moore H. W. Sibert B. H. Spurlock R. B. Stewart C. E. Waddell C. A. Wagner E. E. Weibel K. D. Wood F. O. Woodsome Top row, left to right: John Isaac, Joe Dove, Thomas Pearson, Donald Elder, Walter Clark, David Gude- man, Otto Bartoe. Fourth row: Manning Balcom, James Harvey, A, G. Ilyin, Paul Wandel, Donald Knebel, John McNelly, Charles Hix, Charles Varner, Ross Radey, Glen Hanks. Third row: William Muldrow, Lloyd Rose, James Anderson, Stanley Mitick, Bernard Mulder, James Borsch, Houston Rice, Dale Krenzel, Russell Morris. Second row: Robert Slobodnik, Gilbert Wozney, Don Smith, Bernard Lunkwicz, George Nicholls, Kenneth Meeks, Dean Joy, Bonnie Prentice, Robert Humphrey, Lawrence Mitsch. Front row: Ralph Dagenais, Robert Wood, William Moore, James Reed, John Ivers, Jo Schwalbe, Ralph Matsen, Robert Strain, William Martin, Robert Brown. 31S OFFICERS President Paul Harris Vice-President Phyllis Fonda Secretary Tom Broderick The Player ' s Club, senior campus producing organization, has been presenting plays to literally thousands of playgoers for over thirty years. Sponsored by the University Board of Dramatics, the Player ' s Club is an extra-curricular activity. The organization produces two plays a quarter ; and offers its annual Shakespeare show each summer quarter in the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theater. A student is made a member of the Player ' s Club under the point sys- tem, and one must work on production in some phase to be accredited with points. Tryouts for acting in a pro duction are open to anyone, and the faculty director chooses his cast from the students giving the best com- petitive readings. Crew work is entirely voluntary. MEMBERS Ann Argall Robert Bergheim George Bergstresser Gerald Bergstresser Bob Booth Tom Broderick Emery Chilton Dale Clark Dan Eklar Phyllis Fonda Paul Harris Saul Hoffman Charlotte McFadden Carl Maier Norman Melevity Charlotte Mertens Marian Morgan Ed Otte Jean Perrigo Robert Potter Alan Robison Jack Roeser Dodi Sethman Marvin Udevitz Jeanne Weil Bill Woods 316 Top row. left to right: Norman Melevity, Robert Potter, Saul Hoffman, George Bergstresser, Gerald Berg- stresser, Carl Maier, Jack Roeser, Dan Sklar, Bill Woods, Marvin Udevitz. Second row: Emery Chilton, Marian Morgan, Alan Robison, Paul Harris, Charlotte Mertens, Dodi Seth- man, Robert Bergheim, Ed Otte. Front row: Ann Argall, Jean Perrigo, Bob Booth, Charlotte McFadden, Dale Clark, Jeanne Weil. OFFICERS President Marian Heinze Vice-President Barbara Brickman Secretary Joan Ramsdell Treasurer Kay Bondus WAA Representative Rita Atwood Porpoise, Women ' s Swimming Honorary, is composed of en- thusiastic girls who have shown an interest and a certain proficien- cy in swimming and diving. Try-outs for membership are held once a year, and those girls who execute the basic strokes and diving techniques most efficiently are chosen. During the winter quarter the Porpoise girls present their annual Aquacade, which is one of the most popular events of the season. This year ' s Aquacade was based on the theme, ' Swimphony. " Rita Atwood Norma Benedeck Lucy Bennett Isabel Bering Jo Berkstresser Jean Bjork Kay Bondus Barbara Brickman Beverly Brooks Judy Charlton Colleen Dowis Mary Alice Du Pont Alice Falardeau Ellen Gary Mary Giese Joan Gordon Pat Grimm MEMBERS Carol Hachtmann Sylvia Hall Karen Handwerg Marion Heinze Evelyn Holmes Ruth Ann Johnson Jerrie Ketcham Barbara Mabee Marion Murphy Barbara McLaughlin Susan McMaster Norma Ninde Shirley Paidar Shirli Phillips Joan Pitcher Francis Potts Pat Pumphrey Joan Ramsdell Mary Helen Ricketts Norma Lee Rogers Audrey Roos Joan Rosendahl Ellen Sue Schroeder Beverly Spielmann Jeannette Starks Pat Swope Dorothy Thorne Carol Untiedt Pat Van Hyning Ann Wadley Donna Whiting Dale Whitaker Ruth Whyte Jacky Williams Top row, left to right: Rita Atwood, Carol Hachtmann, Sylvia Hall. Norma Ninde, Marian Heinze. Fourth row: Joan Ramsdell, Jeanette Starks, Ann Wadley, Marian Murphy, Barbara Brickman, Bev Spiel- mann, Norma Lee Rogers, Judy Charlton. Third row: Sue Schroeder, Babs Mabee, Ruth Johnson, Mary Ann Strain. Jean Bjork, Jo Pitcher, Bev Brooks. Second row: Ruth Whyte, Kay Bondus, Mary Helen Ricketts, Carol Untiedt, Sherli Phillips, AUie Falar- deau, Jackie Williams, Pat Grimm, Ann Capen, Joyce Reeves, Dorothy Thorne. Colleen Dowis. Front row: Jerrie Ketcham, Donna Whiting, Shirley Paidar. Joan Rosendahl, Ellen Gary, Joan Gordon, Joanne Berkstresser, Pat Swope, Mary Jo Giese, Isabel Berging, Audrey Roos. 317 i OFFICERS President Steve McCulloch Vice-President Bob McCowan Secretary Marjorie Grove Treasurer Harold Heim Sponsor Dean Charles F. Poe Rho Chi is an honorary fraternity, electing to its membership outstanding students of pharmacy. Membership of the organiza- tion is open to both men and women. To be eligible, juniors must have a grade point average of 2.5 and be in the upper five per cent of the class, and seniors must have a grade point average of 2.0 and be in the upper 20 per cent of their class. Outstanding graduate students and newly appointed members of the faculty of the College of Pharmacy are also eli- gible for membership. In addition to high scholastic standards, personality, interest in pharmacy, and character are essential qualifications. ACTIVES PLEDGES Edward C. Christensen Walter L. Dickison Fred G. Drommond Vern A. Dunbar Wilma Jean Fish Marjorie Grove Harold C. Heim Byron Lighty Bob McCowan Stephen McCulloch Ramona Parkinson Dean Charles F. Poe Edgar Prine Walter Sexton Robert Francis Smith Alvin Voight Norman Witt John A. Biles Claude Cashman William Chinn Travis Covington Dale Denham Harry Faber Warren Isberg Raymond Julius Kahl Paul Kampfe Mary Jane Matthews William Nakaoka Oscar Otto Belle Patterson Donedwa Roberts Alphonse Roiz 318 Top row, left to right: Mr. Fred Drommond, Walter Sexton, Mr. Alvin Voight, Dean C. Norman Witt. Second row: Mr. E. C. Christinsen, Bob Smith, Miss Ramona Parkinson, Byron Lighty. Front row: Bob McCowan, Dr. Heim, Stephen McCulloch, Marge Grove, Walter Dickison. F. Poe. Dr. 06ER WIllIA FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS State President Richard Holeman President Maurice Drake Treasurer Quintin Doromal The Roger Williams Fellowship is the Baptist Student or- ganization of the University of Colorado. It cooperates with the college and university program of the Northern Baptist Conven- tion, as well as with local, national and worldwide student activi- ties. The Fellowship meets at the First Baptist Church of Boulder, and is a part of its program. The programs of the evening fellow- ship meetings and the social program are planned by four com- missions; Devotional Life, Evangelism, Fellowship, and Steward- ship. Each student is invited to be on one of these commissions. The total program is coordinated by the cabinet. " Gospel teams " from the Fellowship go out to establish and strengthen youth groups, hold services, and in various ways help near-by churches and institutions. The Fellowship works with the Inter-Church Council for Interdenominational projects. MEMBERS Sofia Abada Janet Allen Bill Anderson Phyllis Archer Mr. and Mrs. William Aseniero Mr. and Mrs. Manning Balcom Charles Barrick Robert Bonham Harold Brock John Buswell Helen Butler Betty Carter Joan Chace Edwin Chuck Catherine Coakley Margaret Coffee Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Colvin Mary Ellen Cooke Margaret Cosslett Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Creasey Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Croy Orrel Daniel Glen Dickison Quentin Doromal Maurice Drake Jacqueline Dunn Keith Eberhardt Charles Eppinger Clemente Espejo Harvey Everett Mr. and Mrs. David Foreman Hume Garrett Robert Grant Martha Gressett John Hallam Bill Hunt Ed Higgins Ellis Hillmar Dick Holeman Don Hopkins Jerry Howell Donna Ives Donald Kimble Betty Leslie Marjorie Loomis Virginia Lowe Martha Reese Lee Reichstein Mr. and Mrs. Colvin Reid Yvonne Riffel Dick Sheldon Ken Stapp Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Steger Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacPhersonMary Jane Stein Norene Maize Fred Marriott Fred Maxted Vivian McGettrick Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mills John Miner Bruce Moody Patricia Morgan Bill Nakano Palmer Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stover Ruth Toliver Florence Wakeland Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Walden Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warden Harvey Weeks John West Tom Wethington Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Whitaker Laveta Wirtz Shirley Wood Top row, left to right: Colvin Reid, David Warriner, Marie Stover, Don Kimble, Richard Holeman, Ellis Hillmar, Fred Marriott, Mary Jane Stein, Janet Allen, Joyce Foreman. Orrel Daniel, Leonard Heiny. A. D. Foreman, Fred Chambers, Bob Grant, Randy Whitaker. Third row: Hazel Croy, Bert Stover, Vernon Croy, Gordon Steger, Vivian Steger, Herbert Colvin, Mryla Colvin, Mary Ellen Cooke. Hume Garrett, Marion Booth, Bill Anderson, Laueta Wirtz, Donald Hopkins, John Buswell, Bill Asniers, Margaret Whitaker. Second row: Robert Banham, Janis demons, Clemente Espejo, Betty Leslie, Tom Wethington, Betty Anne Carter, Maurice Drake, Margaret Cosslett, Quintin Doromal, Martha Reese, Harvey Everett, Laura Bag- ley. Front row: Lee Reichstein, Dolores Blanke, Jerry Howell, Marjorie Loomis, Charles Barrick, Helen But- ler, William Nakano, Donna Mae Ives. 319 OFFICERS President Stan Rouze Vice-President Frank Stuart Secretary Lee Tepley Treasurer Vernon Zurick Sponsor Prof. Frank Walz Sigma Pi Sigma, inactive during the war, was re-activated in the fall quarter of 1948, and since that time has become one of the most prominent honorary organizations on campus. Open meetings, featuring talks by Drs. F. A. Rohrman, H. W. Boehmer, and E. E. Weibel, in addition to several banquets and informal get-togethers, highlighted the school year. The organization, one of the few honoraries on campus active during the summer quarter, held several picnics, and sponsored an all school movie of the first public showing of official army films on the V-2 Rocket. During the fall quarter the films were again shown because of the demand, and a large open meeting was held featuring a talk by John Coolidge about his cosmic-ray telescope. By bringing new developments in the physics field into prominent focus, the physics honorary, Sigma Pi Sigma, hopes to per- form a service to the university. MEMBERS Dale Armstrong Donald E. Billings Dexter Brinker Wesley E. Brittin James W. Broxon William Brumitt Palmer W. Carlin John M. Cleveland John E. Coolidge Walton Ellison Willard Erickson Quentin Florey Robert Graebner David Gudeman LeRoy Holubar Robert D. Isaak Paul L. Jackson Leonard A. Kalal William Kleis Fred Kloverstrom Oliver C. Lester Ted Maiman Russell Nidey Hal E. Nylandr William B. Pietenpol John Raish Claire Sheldon William Simons David S. Stacey Frank Stuart Milton Waxman Glenn Werth Albert Wilson 320 Top row, left to right: William Kleis, Fred Kloverstrom, Glenn Werth, Quentin Florey. Second row: Dexter Brinker, William Brumitt, Albert Wilson, Walton Ellison, Robert Graebner. Front row: Frank Stuart, Stan Rouze, Lee Tepley, Vernon Zurick, F. C. Walz. OFFICERS President Charles J. Reich Vice-President Charles E. Taylor Secretary Thomas L. Pearson Advisor and Treasurer Charles A. Wagner Sigma Tau was founded February 22, 1904, by a group of up- perclassmen at the University of Nebraska. These men did not at that time realize that within a few years the fraternity would at- tain nationwide scope and recognition. Iota chapter of Sigma Tau was founded at the University of Colorado in 1914. Members are selected twice a year from among the upper- classmen of the College of Engineering on the basis of scholar- ship, practicality, and sociability; all men eligible scholastically are considered equally on the basis of the latter. Sigma Tau recognizes individual achievement in the fields of engineering and citizenship. MEMBERS James P. Anderson William G. Atkinson William A. Brumitt Joseph E. Chilton Ralph W. Dagenais Richard J. Daly Walton D. Ellison, Jr John L. Fletcher Jack S. Gifford Donald B. Gregg Lyle J. Gross Dav id J. Gudeman Elbert J. Hagin Charles E. Hall James C. Hickle Robert B. Humphrey Russell B. Johnson James J. Karnes William J. Lesser Paul M. Lopatin Bernard P. Lunkwicz Theodore H. Maiman William S. Martin L. O. Mathis Robert W. McDonald William R. Moore E. D. Morgan Russell O. Morris Dick J. Morroni Anson G. Mueller William H. Muhovich Vernon J. Poehls Robert L. Powell James A. Read, Jr. James F. Reed Frederick L. Resen Charles L. Rider Francis J. Scheib John W. Schmidt Wilbur G. Simon Alvin E. Smith Don K. Smith Marvin P. Udevitz Paul R. Wakefield Richard R. Walker Glenn C. Werth Gilbert P. Wozney Marion K. Burk David S. Carrick John W. Furneaux John L. Grigsby John C. Ivers James E. Knap Dale B. Krenzel Frederick B. Lindsay Ralph S. Matsen Gordon L. McNeill Richard L. Metcalfe George R. Morton Joseph C. Nosky Arch F. Nuttall Harold S. Oakes, Jr. Thomas L. Pearson Glen E. Pratt Charles J. Reich Lloyd R. Rose Stanley R. Rouze Harley A. Schrader Robert M. Slobonik Robert C. Speers Clarence J. Steiert Robert C. Strain Charles E. Taylor Lee R. Tepley Charles E. Varner Robert M. Wood George F. Woodward Vernon J. Zurick FACULTY MEMBERS Frank S. Bauer Wayne S. Beattie Lloyd A. Bingham W. Otto Birk W. E. Brockway Warren W. DeLapp Frank P. Durham W. Clinton DuVall Frank A. Eastom C. A. Hutchinson LeRoy J. Mason Harlan B. Palmer Warren N. Raeder Robert E. Rathburn Fred A. Rohrman William L. Sutherland William H. Thoman Harris A. Thompson Jack C. Twombly Charles A. Wagner Piatt Wicks Top row, left to right: Robert W. McDonald, Cha rles E. Rider, William G. Atkinson, Wilbur G. Sinton, Richard F. Walker, Elbert J. Hagin, Don K. Smith. Fourth row: Joseph E. Chilton, Lee Tepley, Russ Johnson, Jim Knap, Jim Hickle, R. M. Slobodnik. Third row: W. H. Muhovich, B. P. Lunkwicz, Clarence J. Steiert, W. S. Martin, W. A. Brumitt, G. P. Wozney. J. S. Gifford. Second row: Arch Nuttall, Vernon J. Poehls, D. J. Morroni, A. G. Mueller, Jim Read, Dale Krenzel, John W. Schmidt. Front row: Larry O. Mathis. J. C. Nosky, T. L. Pearson, C. J. Reich, C. E. Taylor, Keith Burk, D. B. Gregg. 321 OFFICERS President Bob Powell Vice-President Jerry Bowser Secretary Nancy Sabin Treasurer Sue Bergeson Racing Manager Jack Kelly Historian Sue Stokes Faculty Advisor Clifton Snively The Executive Board, the governing body of the ski club, is composed of the officers and the committee chairmen, and plans and directs all Ski Club activities. This year ' s activities included the purchase of a new ski lodge at Georgetown, a " learn to ski week " for beginners, provision of transportation to ski areas, participation in ski meets, and the publication of the official paper, Schuss Gazette. Aside from skiing activities, the club held steak fries, hayrack rides, dances, and parties for its members. 322 Top row, left to right: Brad Geisler, Jim Johnson, Dale Smith, Phyllis Scoles, Peg Hauth, John Houston, Chuck Reich, George Schreiber, Fritz Weaver. Front row: Clifton Snively, Jack Kelly, Jerry Bowser, Bob Powell, Nancy Sabin, Sue Bergeson, Sue Stokes. OFFICERS President William Funke Vice-President Kenneth Stone Secretary Robert Lutterbie Treasurer Robert Carl Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia of America is a national honorary professional fraternity for students of music and individuals interested in music. Beta Chi Chapter at the University of Colorado was activated in 1937, and since then has been an important part of the life of many students. Membership is open to any who show interest and participation in campus musical activities. Phi Mu Alpha attempts to further the cause of good music by serving the School of Music, participating in its recitals, assisting in community musical affairs, and encouraging its members to share their talent by per- formance. Stuart Alvord Edward Beals Robert Bergheim Richard Brackenbury Verne Brooks James Buchanan Carrol Butts Robert Carl William Carter Edward Collins Richard Culver MEMBERS David Dekker William Ericson Eugene Fowler William Funke Lewis Hiigel Ben Hoagland Kenneth Johnson Don Jones Lloyd Jones Frank Light Robert Lutterbie Harry McNees Guy Messenger Bob Monroney Paul Parmelee Christy Plank William Race Paul Shull Jim Sparks John Stowe Kenneth Stone Fred Todd Top row, left to right: Stuart Alvord. Eddie Beals, Donald Nodtvedt. Edward Collins. Lewis Hiigel, Verne Brooks, Robert Monroney, Lloyd Jones, John E. Stowe. Second row: Frank Light, Kenneth Stone, Robert Lutterbie, William Funke, Paul Shull, Robert Carl. Front row: Robert Bergheim, Harry McNees, William Ericson, James Sparks, Don Jones, Eugene Fowler. 323 OFFICERS President Eugene Martine Vice-President Arthur Alvarado Secretary Sue Saunders Treasurer Febronia Roybal Reporter Frank Thomas Co-Sponsors Raymond Moloney and Robert Upson The Spanish Club is organized to further understanding of the Spanish speaking peoples, their customs, their language, and their mode of living. The meetings are held every other Thursday of each month and are conducted in Spanish. Each meeting consists of a short business procedure and a program which consists of dancing, singing, music, talks, or movies. Members of the club participate each year in the production of a Spanish play. Fall quarter " Sueno de una Noche de Agosto " was produced. Acosta, George Alavarado, Arthur Balsells, Jofre Pedro Barrow, Juanita Borrego, Frank Curtis, Mary Donado, Antonio Danielson, Marji Duncan, Carl Freeman, Lyle Gough, Jim Gibert, Josephine Homero, Arras MEMBERS Hulley, Elizabeth Jorgenson, Jacqueline Kalummeiel, Jacque Kruse, Warren Lane, Henry Lucero, Ben Marrow, Nancy Martine, Eugene Moore, Carie Morris, Rae Muckley, Robert Palacios, Jaime Rodriguez, Henry Roemer, Bob Roybal, Febronia Salamanca, Hugo Sanchez, Armando Saunders, Sue Shanstrem, Robert Smith, Virginia Thomas, Frank Velasquez, Isabel Warren, Mary Wehe, Elizabeth Wilder, Dick Zugelder, Jo 324 Top row, left to right: Bob Roemer, Bob Shanstrom, Ben Lucero, Warren E. K ruse, Hank Rodriguez. Ralph Gladstone, Robert Duncan. Carl Muckley. Second row: Jose De Leon, George Acosta, Mar(ti Danielson, Mary Warren, Elizabeth Ann Wehe, Jacque- line Jorgensen, Elizabeth Anne Hulley. Hugo A. Salamania. Jim Gough, Frank Borrego, Jr. Front row: Virginia Smith, Arthur Alvarado, Febronia Roybal, Eugene Martine, Sue Saunders, Frank Thomas, Peter Balsells, R. L. Moloney, Antonio Donado. " ' r e ' n. ' ' ' ■ ' ■HM ' ' m f « . -1 1 ,M 1 k% ' It I B ' W ' OFFICERS President Margaret Gillogly Vice-President Mildred Smith Secretary Jeanne Place Treasurer Dee Wells The Society of Women Student Architects and Engineers futhers the interests of women engineers through a definite orienta- tion plan for Freshmen Women and transfer students, engagement of speakers educated in the field of engineering, investigation of opportunities for women in engineering, and through close contact with our alumnae and their work. MEMBERS Gloria Ann Balch Alta Mae Brown Joan Charlotte Ada May Durrance Mary Theresa Foley Gloria Fulton Patricia Ann Gerling Betty Jo Gililland Janice Lee Gilinsky Margaret Wolf Gillogly Mary Alice Hegwer Loretta Heisel Jane Judge Beatrice Langmade Eleanor Lieberknecht Billie Jean Love Virginia Means Charlotte Michener Margaret Miller Helen Morgan Ann Elaine Perriman Jeanne Place Barbara Helene Potter Barbara Carol Rauch Jo Anne Schwalbe Victoria May Skeats Mildred Grigs Smith Carla Sweet Delilah May Wells Lora Wilhite Top row. left to right: Carla Sweet, Gloria Fultcn, Dec Wells, Jane Judge. Helen Morgan. Second row: Barbara Potter, Virginia Means, Margaret McCormack, Eleanor Lieberknecht, Jo Schwalbe. Bobbie Rauch. Janice Gilnsky. Front row: Gloria Balch, Mary Foley, Margaret Gillogly, Mildred Smith, Jeanne Place, Margaret Miller. Pat Gerling, Vickie Skeats. 325 STARDUSTERS CLUR OFFICERS President Helen Hubert Vice-President Mary Lou Mellecker Secretary Arline Pasternack Treasurer Paulene Kraybill The Stardusters Choral Organization is a musical group composed of University of Colorado co-eds. The fundamental aim of the group is to present the best of light classic and modern music. They provide the musical entertainment for many university and civic programs, and also sing at veterans ' hospitals. Their membership varies between forty and eighty persons. Any co-ed who enjoys singing may join, and freshmen girls are always cordially invited to attend. MEMBERS Zelda Alterman Marilyn Altman Mary Anderson Shirley Appleby Norma Benedeck Verity Jean Benson Bonnie Berg;e Dolores Blanke Agnes Brichacek Yvonne Burkett Lois Carlson Betty Anne Carter Betsy Clark Lorraine Cliff Charlene Cook Pam Corfield Muriel Davenport Helen DeLateur Luann Denning Connie Edsall Phyllis Ellington Jean Ettelson Frances Fricke Melba Frodermann Gladys Garramone Janice Gilinsky Jane Gillis Janet Gore Charlotte Govro Billie Grodinsky Sue Guild Mary Gyger Lota Hatch Ruth Ann Holme Helen Hubert Dorothy Hudler Nancy Huse Jackie Irwin Mary Lou Isaacson Mary Jackisch Sue Johnson Barbara Karsh Ethel Kent Betty Kildow Beverly Kinman Louise Kirkham Charlene Klausner Kay Knott Connie Kraybill Paulene Kraybill Dolores Lasnik Norma June Lintner Polly Listen Jean Mackley Marcia Mast Helene Mayer Virginia Meline Mary Lou Mellecker Dorothy Meyers Jeanne Miller Doris Miller Lea Mossman Lou McGinn Helen O ' Kane Jean Pabst Ann Nell Palmer Arline Pasternack Ilene Permut Joan Philipsen Phyllis Riggenbach Marjorie Schoder Miriam Schulman Leona Schultz Sally Sedalnick LaVonne Shawcroft Mary Smith Ruth Sorber Jeareen Sowell Sue Stokes Harriet Stone Babette Striker Sharon Strimling Barbara Velte Carole Vasterling Gloria Wade Esther Wennberg Fifi Williams 326 Top row, left to right: Lea Mossman, Ruth Ann Holme, Ethel Doris Kent, Verity Jean Benson, Marjorie Schoder, Helen O ' Kane, Ruth Sorber, Jane Gillis, Gladys Garramone, Nancy House, Jeanne Miller, Yvonne Burkett, Gloria Wade, Leona Schultz, Mary Jackisch, Rita Dotts, Mary Virginia Smith, Kay Knott. Third row: Joe Areno, Jean Mackley, Luann Denning. Rocky Stone, Bertha Jean Pabst, Mary Louise An- derson, Connie Edsall, Helen De Lateur, Joan Philipsen, Dorothy Hudler, Jackwyn Thompson, Betty Car- ter, Connie Draybill, Shirley Appleby, Melba Froderman, Muriel Davenport, Doris Miller. Second row: Phyllis Ellington, Mary Lou Isaacson, Betty Kildow, Dolores Blanke, Charlotte Govro. Doii Ann Rapp, Esther Weinberg, Mrs. Hibler, Helen Hubert, Bonnie Berge, Beverly Kinman, Barbara Velte, Ann Nell Palmer. Front row: Sue Johnson, Norma Benedeck. Paulene Kraybill, Louise Kirkham, La Vonne Shawcroft, Lota Hatch. Mary Lou Mellecker, Sue Guild. A SIG OFFICERS President Mary Elizabeth Howells Vice-President Lois Lee Duncan Secretary Beverly Starika Treasurer Donna Mae Schmittel Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary for bandwomen, was formed on this campus in 1946 and is active in activities held by and for the C. U. Bands. The members are chosen on a basis of musicianship, attitude, cooperation, and scholarship. This year Tau Beta Sigma worked with Kappa Kappa Psi, (men ' s honorary) and the entire band in the organization and pres- entation of the sixth annual Band Day, held at the C. U.-New Mexico game, for the high school bands in Colorado and the sur- rounding states. They also helped in sponsoring the annual Kick- Off Dance, a smoker for the Colorado A M Band, and a reception for visiting high school band directors. MEMBERS Bobra Ballin Arme Browning Lois Lee Duncan Beverly Firth Melba Frodermann Grace Gordon Mabel June Holder Mary Elizabeth Howells Margaret Hoyt Helen Hubert Ann Melville Julia St. Clair Donna Mae Schmittel Beverly Starika Janet Stein Joan Templar Rex Thiese Patricia Williams Top row, left to light: Rex Thiese, Joan Templar, Margaret Hoyt, Julia St. Clair, Helen Hubert, An.n Melville, Patricia Williams, Melba Frodermann, Mabel June I-Tolder, Grace Gordon. Front row: Janet Stein, Donna Mae Schmittel, Beverly Starika, Mary Elizabeth Howells, Lois Lee Dun- can, Beverly Firth, Bobra Ballin. 327 328 Top TOW, left to Tight: Nash, Baxter. Bein, Bieser. Brummer, Burt. Caton, Chanak, Colaiano. Second tow: Colmery. Davis, Dryden, Edwards. Ellerhoff, Faudel, Ferguson, Fulker. ThiTd tow: Gasser, Glassburn, Hanson, Heikes, Holmes, Hopkins, Hunter, James, Jamison, Johnson. Fourth tow: Keim, Lane. Lauter, Leech, Lembckc, Ling. Lovejoy, McGraw, Melville, Miller, Moreau. Fifth tow: Peck, Reich, Roybal. Sabin, Selters. Snyder, Stokes, Stutheit, Tucker, Walker, Weston. RESIDENT MEMBERS Ilah Ball Mabel Fulker Mildred Ling Helen Baxter Joanne Gasser Charlotte Lovejoy Charlotte Bein Rose Alice Gerringer Jerrlyn McGraw Marilyn Bieser Mary Lou Glassburn Ann Melville Charlotte Brummer Helen Hanson Carolyn Miller Betty Burk Joanne Heikes Ruth Moreau Jimmy June Burt Claire Holmes Ellen Jean Nash oyce Caton Alyce Hopkins Virginia Peck Marjorie Chanak Carol Hunter Leatrice Reich Shirley Colaiano Mary Belle James Febronia Roybal Helen Colmery Kathy Jamison Nancy Sabin Eunice Davies Arlene Johnson Marjorie Selters Ann Davis Edith Johnson Jane Snyder Dona Dryden Shirley Keim Suzanne Stokes Edna Edwards Barbara Lane Delores Stutheit Margaret Ellerhoff Lois Lauenstein Eleanor Tucker Mary Ann Faudel Eve Lauter Jacqueline Walker Julia Ferguson Erma Leech Dorothy Weston Doris Fricke Ann Lembeke President Ellen Jean Nash Vice-President Eunice Davies Secretary Mildred Ling Treasurer Doris Fricke Publicity Jimmy June Burt Social Nancy Sabin Membership Kathy Jamison Housing Delores Stutheit Head of Relaxation Teas Dorothy Weston Head Triad Arlene Johnson Historian Marilyn Bieser Head Triads Mabel Fulker, Carolyn Miller, Eleanor Tucker Located in the center of campus, facing Varsity Lake, the University Women ' s Club is well-known as an organization which provides social activities for both Greek and independent women. Club activities include a formal each quarter, Wednesday afternoon party-times, Women ' s Club nights, and the newly organized Play Nights for both men and women. The club affords living accommodations for fifty-seven girls who are governed by their own house officers. The whole club including resident and non- resident members is governed by the Club Council consisting of ten girls. The purpose of the University Women ' s Club is to promote friendliness and democracy on the campus. Top row, left to right: Ellen Jean Nash, Kathy Jamison, Eleanor Tucker, Mabel Fulker, Mrs. Westcrmeier, Eunice Davies, Carolyn Miller, Arlene Johnson. Front row: Jimmy June Burt, Nancy Sabin, Doris Fricke, Mildred Ling, Delores Stutheit, Marilyn Bieser, Dorothy Weston. 329 OFFICERS President Jane Snyder Vice-President Mildred King Secretary Mary Ann Shipp Treasurer Betty Hensley Social Director Beverly Firth I.S.A. Representative Beverly Starika Valkyrie, Independent Women ' s Honorary, has been on this campus since 1934. Its members must be at least first quarter sophomores and have an average of 1.5. The organization has come to serve many purposes. As a subsidiary to the Independent Student ' s Association it promotes unity and furtherance of the Independent student ' s welfare. This year Valkyrie is making Christmas cards for ISA and will sponsor an all-independent caroling which, it is hoped, will become an annual event. Each girl who belongs to Valkyrie is an outstanding leader in her own right. This women ' s group encourages the scholarship and fellowship which leads to the perfect college life. MEMBERS Josephine Babich Charlotte Brummer Rose Booton Ruth Cantonwine Marjory Cooper Norma Jean Davis Beverly Firth Mildred Goldberg Edith Harms Betty Hensley Edith Houlton Mildred Ling Ann Melville Mary Lou Parks Amelia Potochnik Nell Reed Donna Mae Schmittel Lorene Scott Mary Ann Shipp Jane Snyder Beverly Starika Janet Stein Suzanne Stokes Rex Thiese Ruth Thornton Ann Jean Worstell 330 Top row, left to right: Harriet Nell Reed, Charlotte Brummer, Ann Melville, Josephine Babich, Donna Mac Schmittel, Ann Jean Worstell, Lorene Scott, Mildred Goldberg, Edith Houlton, Ruth Thornton, Ruth Cantonwine, Mary Louise Parks, Suzanne Stokes. Second row: Beverly Firth, Betty Hensley, Mildred King, Jane Snyder, Mary Ann Shipp, Beverly Starika, Janet Stein. Front tow: Rose Booton, Norma Jean Davis, Edith Harms, Marjory Cooper, Molly Potochnik. " • ' OFFICERS President Pat Hirami Vice-President Jack Randle Secretary James Buchanan Treasurer Richard Rowe The Viking Club, Independent men ' s honorary, was established in 1934 to promote closer understanding and fellowship among Independent stu- dents. In addition to fulfilling this underlying purpose, the club has become prominent in political, scholastic, and social activities. Four Vikings are A. S. U. C. commissioners, three are I. S. A. officers, and many others hold key positions on campus. Music and sports, as well as the promotion of better interschool relations, also rate high in the Norsemen ' s agenda. MEMBERS Gerald Aim Ralph Ashton William Bell Jim Buehring Jim Buchanan Kenneth Calkins Paige Carlin David Charvonia Raymond R. Chase, Jr. William Chinn Sylvester Devereaux Don Dishon Robert Doremus Bob Edwards Harvey Everett, Jr. Mel Freundlich Joe Guiteras Charles Hall Pat Hirami Raymond Johnson Mike Kubota James Leithead Frank Light Richard Lyttle Norbert J. Mellecker Henry Mendrek Jim Moore Roy E. Morris Bill Motoyama Robert Peterson Jack Randle Dick Rowe Tony Ray Edward Roszel Cliff Schmidt John Sheppard Wilbur Sinton William Skiiuier Dave Glaser Delbert Sundberg Vern Talcott Arthur Taylor Wrenn Timberlake Bob Turnbaugh Russel Watt Gordon Wickstrom Kenneth Wise Gilbert Wozney Top row, left to right: William W. Chinn, Henry Mendrek, Sylvester Devereaux, William Skinner, Dave Carvonia, William Bell, Russell Watt, James Leithead, David Glaser, Charles Hall, Ralph Ashton, Wil- liam Motoyama. Third row: Wrenn Timberlake, James Buehring, Ray Chase, Cliff Schmidt, Gerald Aim, Harvey Everett, Bob Edwards, Joe Guiteras, Dick Lyttle, Wilbur Sinton, Arthur Taylor, Paige Carlin. Second row: Vern Talcott, Roy Morris, Richard Rowe, James Buchanan, Pat Hirami, Jack Randle, Ray- mond Johnson, Robert Peterson, Bob Turnbaugh, James E. Moore. Front row: Mike Kubota. Norbert Mellecker, Jr., Mel Freundlich, Del Sundberg, Duke Robertson, John Sheppard, Frank Light. Robert Doremus, Gilbert P. Wozney. 331 9 HESF $ i IP r m ll t " m i yW MMW 4 myt Jir SSOCIATION BOAR OFFICERS EXECUTIVE BOARD President Carol Packard Vice-President Jean Carlisle Secretary Virginia Writer Treasurer Janet Schemmel Advisor Miss Slaughter HEADS OF SPORTS Head of Intramurals Jo Holden Volleyball Jane Carswell Horseshoes Norma Benedeck Tennis Judy Stearns Archery Prue Walker Basketball Ginny Taylor Bowling Esther Williams Badminton Virginia Wachob Skiing Donnis Gallagher Softball Sally Brown Porpoise Representative Rita Atwood Orchesis Representative Marge Chanak ShufBeboard Mary Lou Aufderheide Publicity Carol Untiedt Golf Ruth Hutchinson The Women ' s Athletic Association is governed by the WAA Board, composed of twenty-one members. The members of the board include the executive officers, a girl representing each sport offered in Women ' s intra- murals, and the faculty advisor. These girls are responsible for drawing up the brackets and running the tournaments of their respective sports. The various sports organizations, such as Hockey Club, Orchesis, and Porpoise, are also represented on the board. The members are responsible for any inter- school womens athletic event, and the Colorado University WAA is repre- sented by a delegate at the regional meetings of the Athletic Federation of College Women. 332 Top TOW, left to right: Judy Stearns, Ruth Hutchinson, Esther Williams, Prue Walker, Sally Brown. Second low: Miss Slaughter, Virginia Wachob, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Jo Holden, Norma Benedeck, Donnis Gallagher. Front row: Carol Untiedt, Jean Carlisle, Carol Packard, Virginia Writer, Janet Schemmel, Marge Chanak, Virginia Taylor. President Leonard McCain Vice-President -.. Penny Oliver Secretary Art Burns Treasurer _ Phyllis Coverdell Finance Secretary •. Kenneth Boyd Literature Molly Brittenham Commissary Ronald Brown Forums Palmer Carlin Athletic Director Wayne Cavender Kappa Phi Representative Norma Jean Davis Clean-up - Steve Da vol Recreation Stan Bush Interchurch Council Representative Maxine Ashcraft Publicity Paige Carlin Deputations Bill Smith Worship Dorothy Stahl House Government Calvin Theiss Music _ James Sparks Fellowship Ray Thrower The Wesley Foundation presents religion on the level and in the lan- guage of the university student. All students are invited to enter into the program of the Foundation and reap the rich harvest of fellowship, learn- ing, and worship which is an integral part of this relationship. The 250 active or semi-active members of Wesley Foundation have as their fundamental aim the achievement of the Christian ideal of life, an achievement they believe possible for all interested students. MEMBERS Mary Adams Maxine Ashcraft Janet Bacon Bob Bainbridge Curtis Baker Gordon Bangs Marian Barr Don Bauder Christine Benedict Charlotte Berg Mary Billington Bob Bird Robert Boucher Dolores Boulton Kenneth Boyd William Braudt Molly Brittenham Ronald Brown Charlotte Brummer Betha Burk Betty Burk Art Burns Billie Burum Stan Bush Paige Carlin Palmer Carlin Morse Cavender Wayne Cavender Jeanne Cauthen Wilma Jean Coe Suzanne Callen Mary Ellen Cooke Maurice Cooley Marjory Cooper Nelson Copley Alma Copp Dwayne Copp Phyllis Coverdell N. F. Dahm Norma Jean Davis Steve Davol Charles DeLaney Kathleen Dever Katy Drexel Eleanor Duke Sharon Dinwiddie Carl Duncan Lois Lee Duncan Ken Egan Ed Emery Barbara Emery Wallace Finley Melvin Frasier Harriet Gauss Jerry Geroski Rose Alice Gerringer Donna Gierau Don Godfry Janet Hagen Mona Hagen Helen Hanson Burma Jo Harmon Clarice Harms Edith Harms Helen Hatcher Doris Jean Haury Pearl Hazard Roger Heath Jack Heckendorn John R. Hilliard Kendall Hills Shirley Holm Charles Houston Jean Humphries Chester Hurdle Roswell Jones Aileen Kelly Tom Kelly Mary Lewis Marilyn Logsdon Leonard Matoush Fred Maxted Genevieve Mayberry Joan Mayberry Leonard H. McCain Ronald McCarty Dale Metzger Ed Metzker Herbert Miller Joan Montgomery Jim Moulton Pat Moyer Robert Musil Marjorie Newton Merle Noble Helen G ' Kane Mary Oliver Mary Orth Ed Orth Robert Parkinson Floyd Pendell Peggy Piper Joanne Poole Hall Pyle David Righthouse Florence Rivers Nancy Rohwer Paula Rose Don Ruden Peggy Shaver Paul Shull Carol Shurtz Eilene Smathers John Smith William Smith Joann Smythe James Sparks Leo Sprinkle Tom Starkey Dorothy Stahl Volney Taylor Calvin Theiss Ray Thrower Charlotte True Carter Trimble Mary Upton Wilma Utlaut Bennie Wade Vernetta Weiss Margaret White Jean Wintersteen Tom WooUey Ronald Zimmerman Top row, left to right: Raymond Thrower, Chester Hurdle, Don Kinney, Fred Maxted, Taylor Volney, Jimmy Herrmann, Wayne Cavender, Arthur Burns, William Smith, Jim Sparks. Fifth row: Curtis Baker, Ronald Zimmerman, Don Ruden, Stanley Bush, Ed Metsker, Morse Cavender, Chuck Houston, Bob Boucher, Leonard McCain, Carl Duncan, Ronald Brown, Palmer Carlin, Howard Pribbens , Robert Parkinson, Wallace Finley, Norman Dahm, Calvin Theiss, Orie Cheatham. Fourth row: Norma Jean Davis, Pat Moyer, Kathy Dever, Roger Heath, Steve Davol, Bill Brandt, George Dalmke, Maurice Cooley, Hildyard Hobart, Boyd Young, Kenneth Boyd, Tommy Woolley, Maynard Skin- ner, Paige Carlin, Phyliss Riggenback, Peggy Piper. Third row: Genevieve Mayberry, Charlotte Brummer, Katy Drexel, Charlotte Banks, Paula Rose, Shirley Rose, Aileen Kelly, Pat Bainbridge, June Moore. Second row: Gladys Dahm, Joan Mayberry, Mary Lewis, Dorothy Stahl, Edith Harms, Molly Brittenham, Harriet Gauss, Phyllis Manson, Helen Hansen, Penny Oliver, Flo Rivers, Sharon Dinwiddie, Mary Ann Sherron. Front row: Mary Billington, Dolores Boulton, Mrs. Warren Bainbridge, Rev. Warren Bainbridge, Rev. Williaw C. Tremmel, Michael Tremmel. Jim Tremmel. Mrs. William C. Tremmel, Carol Shurtz, Marian Barr. 333 OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE HEADS President Marjorie Greenwood Vice-President Robin Amsbary Secretary Judith Stearns Treasurer Mrs. Dorothy Miller Social Chairman Nancy Nelson Membership Chairman Edith Scott Publicity Chairman Carol McQuide Marjorie Greenwood The Y. W. C. A. organizatioii is composed of a large body of women students who are governed by the Council, consisting of four elected officers and three committee heads. The Council handles all business affairs and program planning for the student chapter. They are guided by the Executive Director, Mrs. John W. Marr, and the Assistant Director, Miss Martha Mae Newell. 334 Robin Amsbary Nancy Nelson Judy Stearns Edith Scott Mrs. Dorothy Miller Carol McQuide COMMUNITY SERVICE GROUPS Big and Little Sisters Sally Brown Toy Loan Jane Carney Recreation Marion Shawver Hospital Carolyn Howe, Polly Peterson Y-Teens Robin Amsbary CampSre Anne Howard DISCUSSION GROUPS Personal Relations Carolyn Richard Music Patsy Coates Philosophy Marilyn Bieser Radio Carol Cormack The Y. W. C. A. program is divided into three divisions of activity : community service, discussion groups, and service committees. The group leaders are chosen from applications presented to the Council following the election of officers in the spring. Back row, left to right: Marilyn Bieser, Carolyn Richard, Carolyn Howe, Anne Howard, Jane Carney. Front row: Patsy Coates, Pamela Hayes, Marian Shawver, Sally Brown. Carol Cormack, Polly Peterson. 335 OFFICERS President James Buchanan Vice-President Thomas Garnett Secretary Patience Benway Treasurer Roland Angel COMMISSIONERS Faith and Life Commissioner Alfreda Mann Fellowship Commissioner Elizabeth Spence Outreach Commissioner Jerome Zimmerman Stewardship Commissioner Janice Sheppard Interim Advisor Mr. Lloyd A. Bingham The members of the Westminster Fellowship, the Presbyterian Student Organization, strive to further their Christian ideals by working with others of like purpose and inviting them to join in building a Christian World. They desire to acquire a dynamic faith through Christian experience, worship, and study. MEMBERS Byron Ackers Roger Allen Roland Angel John Atwood Gloria Batch Bud Banchor Eddie Beals Bill Bender Louise Benton Patience Benway Dick Bingham Ann Booton Rose Booton Fred Brislawn Charlotte Brown Donal Buchanan James A. Buchanan Ruth Cantonwine Elsie Carnahan Alana Chapman Jim Childress Helen Colmery Monta Cook Bean Crockett George Dalgleish Lloyd Darden Jean Douglas John Douglass Teddy Downie Shirley Drake Caryl Edgar John Edgar Christine Edwards Joey Endres Judy Ferguson Martha Fritz Mable Fulker Don Garnett Tom Garnett Cliff George Edward Glatz Gene Goley Bill Goodrow Ruth Googe Burdctte Graves Joe Hall Marjorie Hall Thekla Hansen Marie Harkness Lorren Harper Dick Haynes Frank Henderson Marjorie Hill Sumner Hixon Duane Hirsch Paul Holsinger Becke Housman Charles Housman Bob Hunt Jane Jackson Gladys Keane Bill Kellar Bob Kellar Betty Kellogg Betty Kemmele Owen Kennedy David Kesler Paul Koch Connie Kraybill Mike Kubota Larry Lake Barbara Lewis Hank Lincoln Roger Loxley Dick Madison Freda Mann Allen Maruyama Pat Means Ann Melville Merlin Menk John Metsker Eldora McBride Davis McCurdy Bob McKenzie Jim Mitchell Roy Morris Bill Muldrow Jim Muldrow Don Murray Merle Noble Bob O ' Dell Jane O ' Dell Ann Nell Palmer Wallace Patterson Blaine Petersen Jim Petersen Joan Philipsen Peg Piper Fred Pottorf Tack Powell Nell Reed Charles Reid, Jr. Gordon Robertson Bob Rose Gus Santcrre Marjorie Selters Mary Ann Sherron Jack Sheppard Janice Sheppard Mary Jane Siems Kenneth Sinclair Elizabeth Spence Shirley Spence Bud Stephenson Dale Sutliff Jack Swiatoviak Vern Talcott Pearl Thompson Larry Tripp Andy Van Nostrand Corder Wattenbarger Shirley Wenziker Bob Westerwick Janet Westerwick Catherine Williams Art Wimmell Laveta Wirtz Ken Wise Robert Wood Bobby Young Wesley Young Mary Zavislan Jerry Zimmerman Ronald Zimmerman Rev. Ellis M. Steen, Interim Pastor 336 Top row, left to right: Edward Gay Glatz, Fred Pottorf, Corder Wattenbarger, John Sheppard, Duane Hirsch, Donald Garnett, Mary Jane Siems, John Atwood, Davis McCurdy. David Kesler, Bob O ' dell, Joann Endres. Third row: Pearl Thompson, Jack Swiatoviak, Donal Buchanan, Paul Holsinger. Ann Melville, James Muldrow, Lloyd Darden, Frank Henderson, Jo Anne Henderson, Elsie Carnahan, Shirley Wenziker, Helen Colmery, Gloria Balch. Second row: John Douglas. Alfreda Mann. Jerome Zimmerman, Patience Benway, James Buchanan, Janice Sheppard, Thomas Garnett, Elizabeth Spence, Roland Angel. Front row: Jim Petersen, Allen Maruyama, Wallace Patterson, Gordon Robertson. .. i: i 5 fcljp OFFICERS President Ross Cheney Vice-President Dorothy Holderness Secretary Eleanor Tait Treasurer Ivan Wilson Top TOW. left to right: William Chinn, Willie Mikuni, Sam Tcrasaki, George Callas, Robert Elefant, Charles Etenburn, Stephen McCuUoch, Donald Windsor, John Dumbauld, Wilfred Snyder, Bill Langfeldt, James McLaughlin. Roger Higgs, William Cartwright, Sherman Rich. Sharon Dinwiddle. Third row: Ernest Mowder, Leonard Napolitan, Bill Nakaoka, Edward Gallegos. Vince Hefti, Robert Goettsch, Bertram Rothman, Al Roiz. George Keenan. Ivan Wilson. Dorothy Holderness. Eleanor Tait, Ross Cheney, Richard Pylc. Lester Lakey. Paul Kampfe, Charlotte Blubaugh, Wilma Fish. Mary Matth- ews. Marjorie Bryant. Second row: Tetsu Matsuda. Ken Waneka. Lillian Martin. Dorothy Spano. Fred Drummond. John Bruce, Alvin Voight. Charles Poe. Harold Heim. Ramona Parkinson. Mary Johnson. Lorene Scott. Carole Murata, Barbara Schlutius. Front row: Dickson Murray. Ernest Gonzales, Kenneth Morrell. Keith Higbee. Richard Josselyn. Wayne Winslow. Ross Blackstock. Howard Bell. Marion Quesenberry. Richard Rumsey. Quentin Hooley. Harry Galbastni. The junior branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Jr. A. Ph. A., is a professional organization whose object is to advance pharmaceutical learning. On the University of Colorado ' s campus, the activities of the group have included window displays for various occa- sions ; a pharmacy banquet at which awards for the year were given; movies and colored slides of the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii shown by Mr. Fine, the oldest pharma- cist in the state of Colorado; talks on the various fields of pharmacy ; and several dances and parties for the students of Pharmacy. The Rx club is an honorary composed of the women pharmacists of the university. New members are tapped each quarter according to scholarship, interest in their profession, and activities on campus. The activities of the club include both social functions and activities which will further the members ' knowledge of their profession. During fall quarter, members made a tour through the dispensing and manufacturing pharmacies of Fitzsimmons Hospital. Plans are being made to go through a wholesale drug company in Denver in the future. The club also assembled a box of toys for the orphans at the Queen of Heaven Orphanage in Denver for Christmas. Future plans include speakers in the field to talk to the group and field trips designed to inform the members of opportunities in pharmacy for women. 337 Top row, left to right: Sharon Dinwiddie, Caroline Richard. Jane HufFer, Mary Jo Saunders, Eloise Bryant, Charlotte Blubaugh, Lillian Martin. Mary Johnson. Marjorie Bryant, Mitzi Lemich. Second row: Eleanor Tait, Carole Murata, Lorene Scott, Ramona Parkinson, Dorot hy Holderness. Front row: Mary Jane Matthews, Hisae Inouye, Dorothy Spano, Ruth Rice. OFFICERS President Lorene Scott Vice-President Carole Murata Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Holderness Membership Chairman Eleanor Tait Sponsor Miss Ramona Parkinson m ■ m n)ElTA PHI delta " m m OFFICERS President Rudy Pozzatti Vice-President Elaine Schoelzel Secretary Jean Fortna Treasurer Jean Quinette Corresponding Secretary Harold Smith Sponsor Miss Anne Jones Top row, left to right: Dee Dice, Betty Sincerbeaux, Raymond Jacobson, Leslie Merrill, Jane Snyder, Lee Thompson, Virginia Ycrgey, Rita Winkel. Front row: Anne Jones, Rudy Pozzatti, Jean Quinette, Jean Fortna, Elaine Schoelzel, Harold Smith, Mr. Lynn R. Wolfe. Absentee: Bob Winkel. Rho Chapter is the representative on this campus of Delta Phi Delta, National Art Honorary. The present group includes seventeen active members counseled by Miss Ann Jones, faculty advisor. Delta Phi Delta sponsors the Beaux Arts Ball, an- nually held on the campus, as well as the newly established Student Poster Service. The Poster Service is for the benefit of students who would like to earn a little money, and at the same time gain experience in the field of com- mercial art. Nationally, Delta Phi Delta is represented on the campus by Mr. Francis Geek, National Vice Presi- dent ; Mr. Lynn Wolfe, National Secretary ; and Mrs. Muriel Sibell Wolle, Regional counselor. The purpose of Tau Delta is to further the interest of interior decoration on the campus. Special speakers on the subject are guests at meetings. The organization is 338 Top row, left to right: Don Hickok, Jane Snyder, Herb Tautze. Second row: Mr. Geek, Doris Dice, Marcia Frantz, Joyia Teetzel, Eleanor Oxley. Front row: Dona Dryden, Pat Sellers, MaryBelle James, Connie Edsall, Emma Lou Baird. Sot in picture: Robin Amsbary, Shirley Caliano, Helen Grafe, Merrie Hall, Nydabelle Hibler, Joan II- lium, Laurence Thompson, Joy Watson. now building up a reference library for practical use for those interested in this field. OFFICERS President Donald Hickok Vice-President Emma Lou Baird Treasurer Jane Snyder Recording Secretary Eleanor Oxley Corresponding Secretary Dona Dryden OFFICERS President Harold Austin Vice-President Ted Sanderson Secretary Mary Markle Treasurer Paul Morris Top row, left to right: Rex Sims, Bruce Whitlock, Lloyd Goldstein, Theodore Sanderson. Second row: L. A. Hiteman, William Stoneman, Ralph Peak, Bob Collier, Paul Morris. Front row: Harold Austin, Robert Miller, Jane Gerard, Jeane Hardy, Mary Markle, John Speeds. Although in its first year of existence on this campus, the Rifle Club is fast becoming an integral part of uni- versity life. Members may be found any Sunday afternoon on the club ' s range in the men ' s fieldhouse trying their skill with rifles and pistols. This range is fifty feet, and the club will sell ammunition to those who desire it. The group has recently been accepted into the National Rifle Association and its five-man team will enter competition with other college teams and with the Naval Reserve. Sigma Epsilon Sigma, freshman women ' s honorary, was estab- lished on this campus in 1929. The purpose of the organization is to promote good scholarship; and to achieve this end, Sigma Epsilon Sigma has given scholarships and recognized the sopho- more girls who made an average of 2.5 during their freshman year. Tapping for Sigma Epsilon Sigma traditionally occurs at the AWS Dessert Party held in the fall, at which time scholarships are awarded. 339 Back row, left to right: Mary Morrow, Barbara Watson, Betty Jean Thomas, Nancy Guinand, Muriel Cibull, Virginia Van Scoy, Rita Winkcl, Molly Potochnik. Front row: Elizabeth Allen, Lorraine Hoskin, Dodi Sethman, Beverly Starika, Lou Moosdorf. Jane Schneberger. OFFICERS President Beverly Starika Vice-President Dodi Sethman Secretary Lou Moosdorf ENS PHYSICA Education Cicb OFFICERS President George Rich Vice-President Bob Sweeney Secretary-Treasurer Vic Jeter Advisor Charles Vavra Advisor Roland Balch Top row, left to right: Harold Briggs, Bill Hannum, George Knoblock, Duane Workman, Merle Noble. Third row: Duane Coon, Bob Dreith, Harry Mcintosh, Paul Eccker. Second row: Dan Telk, Lloyal Thompson, Gordon Jones, Bert Hoffmeister, James McMullen. Front row: Roland Balch, William Colley, Jim Halvarson, Bob Sweeney, George Rich, Vic Jeter, Charles Dreith, C. G. Vavra. The Men ' s Physical Education Club was organized to further the standing of physical education as a profes- sion in comparison to the other major fields. It promotes and maintains interest in the field by giving the men a chance to get together with others in their same profession. The club also conducts county track meets and encourages co-operation between the student and faculty in the field of physical education. The Women ' s Physical Education Club is a professional and social organization which promotes good fellowship among the physical education majors, furthers the interests and ideals of the profession, and brings faculty and majors into closer contact. Meetings are held regularly each month with programs con- sisting largely of lectures and discussions on special and related fields of physical education and recreation. In addition to recep- tions, teas, parties, dances and playdays ; traditional activities of the club are grudge games between the faculty and majors each quarter, a yearly house party at a winter resort, and a formal din- ner in the spring for graduating seniors. 340 Top row, left to right: Helen Hanson, Arlene Levitt, Mrs. Wolfrom, Katherine Eccker, Grace von Ehren- krook, Virginia Taylor, Sally Jeffrey. Second row: Dorothy Carlson, Edna Edwards. Joyce McCartney, Dorothy Dutt, Joyce Reeves, Jean Kubik, Ann Davis. Front row: Audrey Barbiero, Colleen Dowis, Joanne Berkstresser, Adelle Caffarel, Ann Ramsey, Shirley Wood. OFFICERS President Dorothy Chase Vice-President Sally Jeffrey Secretary Helen Hanson Treasurer Sue Brady Publicity Chairman Adelle Caffarel Song Leader Jane Carswell Faculty Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Wolfrom CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior Joanne Berkstresser Junior Sue Click Sophomore Ruth White Freshman Arlene Levitt OMEN ' S PHYSICAI Education Club Top row, left to right: Bud Rusho, Charles Stenicka, Roy Howard, Chuck Pierce. Donald Garnett, William Lemesany, Stanley Isenberg. Third row : Jim Maguire, Fred Silverberg, Ronnie Zall, Herbert Archer, Robert S. Brown, Leonard H. McCain, Ed Sullivan, Glenn Beck, Albert Zack, James Bruin. Second row: Eddie Marchiondo, jack Dwyer, John Henricks, Edward King, Milford Pepper, Philip Fox, Herb Marchick, Stan Rosenbaum, Joseph Deshell. Front row: Ed Otte. Bob Moore, Bob Lynch, Bob Eberhardt, John Holloway, Glenn Grocnewold, Jo Ann Wilcox, Peter Hinzelman. PRE-LAW ClUB ,.... ■:,,. ,.«M 9 nr::.r , ,...:: .: OFFICERS President James Bruin Vice-President Dan Sklar Secretary-Treasurer Judy McConkey ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE James Bruin, Chairman Jim Maguire Bud Rusho Chuck Pierce John Hewicker John Holloway Dan Sklar Bob Lynch The Pre-Law Club was organized on the campus this year for the purpose of acquainting future law students with the difficulties to be en- countered in Law School, to enable the group to hear speakers on subjects of interest to them, and to provide a means of meeting fellow pre-law stu- dents. Sponsored by Dean King of the Law School, the club has heard several speakers during the year. A program of social activities is also being planned, and it is hoped that the club may expand its activities next year. Sigma Gamma Epsilon has as its objectives the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of its members, the betterment of relations between the universities and scientific schools with recognized standings in the United States and Canada, and the advancement of the Earth Sciences. Activities for 1948-49 included Friday departmental coffee hours, a three day spring departmental field trip, guest speakers for the department, and the annual spring picnic. The fraternity also assisted at the Geological Society of America ' s regional convention in Denver in April. Sigma Gamma Epsilon cooperates closely with the women ' s honorary, Sigma Sigma Sigma, whose members are also in the picture. 341 Top row, left to right: Cleo Sainsbury, Eugene Shearer, Robert Stack, Thomas Thompson, Gerald Loucks, David Sheridan, Clarence McKee. Third row: Charles Butler, W. Dean Winters, Basil Dean, Harrison Murray, Fred Howells, Thomas Mc- Cann, Wayne Cavender. Second row: Charles Robinson, Richard Harding, Edward Horan, Paul Riley, John Rold, Leonard Heiny, Dale Ozman, Don Whitebread. Front row: Gwen Orr, Doris Wilder, Mary Weber, Nell Reed. Also included in this picture are members of Sigma Sigma Sigma, local honorary for women geologists. OFFICERS President Paul E. Riley Vice-President Clarence McKee Secretary-Treasurer Veryl E. Larsen Corresponding Secretary Richard C. Harding Bfsssfr ' . TTvSTP yr ' r f ' s . " ' iIGMA GAMMA EPSIION ROYALTY EDITOR — MARY ALICE COOK mm m mWfm m m f f ■ ' M Stf- W ' ' «!- ' ' .; m . vm .-r, . : .i I Dan! »ej_ = 0 - ' • - - ' - " " JJ. , ' . 344 w ■r Second j- lace 346 ¥■ ' kim J- la ace 347 =- ' S- f It y4onorable iflenL iss Inn Mvinsli .y o norabie frlenL ion 348 C nqlne ya i ueen C U. Jjaui (oji ueen C U. UjauS JKlri 351 fotnecomtng Ke ueen 352 ( ) ,4 f Vwinter L arniuat (c t ueen 3S3 DORMS EDITOR — CAROLYN CLARK % :wJKC - S-x=- " . -}- 356 Top row, left to right: Mary Ellen Small, Gloria L. Barrett, Helen Wildgen, Mariolive Zarislan, Effie Mamoulides, Joye Hilty , Sheila McCabe, Phyllis Whitmore, Faye Peterson, Betsey Isola, Jacquie Mc- Cormick, BufHe Graves, Kay Wilson, Elaine Coyne. Second row: Mrs. E. G. Bartram, Helen Morgan, Sue Biddleman, Joan Bell, Rhita Greenberg, Ellen B. Rogers, Louise L. Ginsberg, Mr. E. G. Bartram. Front row: Jean Perrigo, Madge Smith, Beverly Holiman, Nancy Grain, Mary Hogelund. The little white house at 1134 Pleasant Street has had a busy year. Although no one in particular can be found who knows just what the girls at Bartram ' s are being busy about, everyone in general, by just observing one riotous day there, is agreed this must be so. More specifically, the house does boast several skiers and many ardent bowlers. But, off the record, the eating faction is not only more numerous but twice as enthusiastic — the girls sometimes wonder if the social advantage of having male boarders isn ' t overshadowed by the tremendous portions of Mrs. Bartram ' s delicious food. Oh, well, we have a good time in spite of the three-helpings- a-meal limit. RESIDENTS Gloria L. Barrett Joan Bell Sue Biddleman Montie Capes Elaine Coyne Nancy Crain Louise L. Ginsberg Buffie Graves Rhita Greenberg Joye Hilty Lorraine Hogelund Mary Hogelund Beverly Holiman Betsey Isola Effie Mamoulides Helen Morgan Sheila McCabe Jacquie McCormick Jean Perrigo Faye Peterson Ellen B. Rogers Mary Ellen Small Madge Smith Phyllis Whitmore Helen Wildgen Kay Wilson Shipley Wilson Shirley Wood Mariolive Zarislan Top row, left to right: Hisae Inouye, Arda Nelson, Shirley Kimmel, Eva Cohen, Helen Wilson, Althea Creswell, Mary Jane Matthews, Blanche Warren, Veramae Selken. Second row: Ruth Read, Marguerite Becman, Margaret Trainor, Joan Trego, Beth Carlson. Front row: Goldie Harmsen, Jean Prokop, Ruth Thornton, Gwenn Orr , Lola Knobel. 357 MANAGING COMMITTEE Coordinator Marguerite Beeman Planning Chairman Ruth Read Personnel Chairman Joan Trego Auditor Beth Carlson House Mother Margaret Trainor B ampJTTlu The Campus Club is a non-profit co-operative organized for the purpose of promoting a spirit of friendliness and democracy, and providing inexpensive, homelike living for college women. It is managed by an elected committee of members which consists of Coordinator, Planning Chairman, Auditor, and Personnel Chairman. Members perform all household duties, including meal planning and preparation. This year the club consists of 22 members who are selected by popular vote. The Campus Club actively participates in scholarship and sports activities. MEMBERS Marguerite Beeman Beth Carlson Eva Cohen Althea Creswell Estella Garrison Willie Mae Gillis Goldie Harmsen Hisae Inouye Shirley Kimmel Lola Knobel Mary Jane Matthews Arda Nelson Gwerm Orr Jean Prokop Ruth Read Veramae Selken Ruth Thornton Margaret Trainor Joan Trego Blanche Warren Jackie Wiener Helen Wilson 358 Top row, left to right: Theodora Downie, Ruth Holzinger, Mary Ellen Davis, Virginia Keehan. Charlene Mike, Virginia Wolf, Charlotte Schaetzel, Kay Eschenberg, Margaret Mariniak, Dorothy Hughes. Third row: Adelaide Fox, Grace Steven, Eleanor Phillips, Frances White, Eleanor Morton, Sheila Counce. Elizabeth Dugger, Grace Lonn, Winifred Zirkle, Martha Brandenburg, Marjorie Browning, Delilah Hohen- stein, Gladys Keane. Second row: Kathleen Weckmueller, Mrs. Stone, Fay Broyles, Helen Lingelbach. Adele Berrian, Betty Moore, Velma Woods, Jane Moorman. Front row: Helen Chaing, Betty Slaughter, Jane Titus, Susan Littell, Mary Adams, Marie Mosby. NO HOUSE OFFICERS President Adele Berrian Vice-President Helen Lingelbach Secretary Betty Moore Treasurer Velma Woods Social Chairmen Jane Moorman Fay Broyles House Mother Mrs. Charlotte Stovall The Graduate House, as Moore Manor is often called, accom- modates 33 graduate women as well as graduate nurses who are working toward degrees. This year 16 states, one territory, and one foreign country are represented. Because of its small member- ship, the house, apart from " get-togethers " for its residents, spon- sors few activities during the year. Most of its members, however, are active in various social, professional, and honorary campus organizations. MEMBERS Sofia Abada Mary Adams Mary Alfalt Adele Berrian Martha Brandenburg Sanchia Brooks Marjorie Browning Fay Broyles Helen Chiang Sheila Counce Mary Ellen Davis Theodora Downie Elizabeth Dugger Nell Eckert Kathryn Eschenberg Adelaide Fox Delilah Hohenstein Ruth Holzinger Dorothy Hughes Gladys Keane Virginia Keehan Helen Lingelbach Suzanne Littell Grace Lonn Margaret Mariniak Charlene Mike Elizabeth Moore Jane Moorman Eleanor Morton Marie Mosby Belle Patterson Eleanor Phillips Peggy Reed Betty Remmele Charlotte Schaetzel Betty Slaughter Freda Spaulding Grace Stephen Ada Stone Jane Titus Betha Wade Kathleen Weckmueller Francis White Virginia Wolf Velma Woods Winifred Zirkle Top row, left to right: Dick Oxley, Mrs. Malzahn, " Pop " Robinson, " Mom " Robinson. Lois Stapf. Joan Hollander, Jean Gilsenan, Marscha Zekman, Jack Lichty, Carole Murata, Jerry Whistler, Ritsu Yanagi, Louroy Elder. Second row: Ann Larsh, Jo Ann Allen, Annette Martin, Norma Jean Dcnp ler, Marie De Beque, Vicki Dahlstrom. Front row: Patricia Field, Marilyn Maclntyre, Mary Vanderwilt, Beverly Bosley, Joan Flint. 359 College days will be more full of bright memories for the people in these pictures, for having had the opportunity to be a part of " eleven twenty-one. " We ' re proud of our house ; and we ' ll always remember the sweet people who made it a real home for us — " Mom " and " Pop, " who are constantly doing the little things that count ; " Killer, " whose pies are strictly out of this world ; the hash- ers, who try sleepily to turn out eggs as ordered (over easy six times and stomped on), and are not averse to escorting six or eight of us two doors down to the Anch on Friday after- noons. Nor does anyone seem to mind when we guzzle a half dozen pots of coffee per night of burning the midnight oil; when we leave the water running in the laundry tubs and flood the basement; or come running to Mom and Pop for advice on everything from dress patterns to term papers. It ' s the little things that count; and we won ' t forget . . . MEMBERS Jo Anne Allen Beverly Bosley Marilyn Cain Anna Victoria Dahlstrom Marie De Beque Norma Dengler Louroy Elder Patricia Field Joan Flint Dolores Gatzke Jean Gilsenan Jean Harbison Joan Hollander Ann Larsh Jack Lichty Marilyn Maclntyre Annette Martin Richard Oxley Lois Stapf Mary Vanderwilt Mary Jo Watson Jerry Whistler Marscha Zekman 360 Top row. left to right: Lyman Blackwell, Robert Boucher, Patricia Temple, Peggy Horsch, Edith Tuff, Colleen Kenney, Dorothy Carlson, Carolyn Douglass, David Boesche. Second row: Mary Mae:rath, Jean Gross, Mrs. Willis, Mrs. Jackson, Janet Koch, Dorothy Krause. Front row: Virginia Glazer, Jacqueline Price, Barbara Griffiths, Barbara McCulloch, One of the more popular houses on " the hill, " Willis ' s, is known for beauty, brains, and good cooking; Mrs. Willis presides over this dynamic combination, maintaining a happy medium. Parties, skiing weekends, and 30 pounds of coffee during final week are all part of the routine. Trite but true, " It ' s a home away from home. " MEMBERS Lyman Blackwell David Boesche Robert Boucher Dorothy Carlson Carolyn Douglass Virginia Glazer Barbara Griffiths Jean Gross Margaret Ann Horsch Colleen Kenney Shirley Klecker Janet Koch Dorothy Krause Mary Magrath Barbara McCulloch Jaqueline Price Gloria Sundstrom Pat Temple Edith Tuff !». ' m - Top row, left to right: Otis Church, Art Bellman, Bill Reichenbach, Tim Robertson. Front row: Sherman Snively, Robert Waldo, Ace Johnson, Bob Munson. OFFICERS University Manager Roland Mayne Secretary Bill Reichenbach Treasurer Otis Church Mayor Ace Johnson UNCTP November 1948 was the third anniversary of Vetsville. Since November 1945 the project has grown from a camp of 198 trailers to its present size of over 500 units. Those units that have been added are in the form of Quonset huts and barrack apartments. The project now has a population just short of 1500 people. Since the opening of the project in 1945 the camp has developed into a small town with a mayor and council, a cooperative store, a baby clinic, and a supervised nursery. This has been accomplished through the efforts of a well or- ganized council and a cooperative group of veterans residing in Vetsville. The council consists of ten members elected from different dis- tricts into which Vetsville is divided. The mayor is elected by the people from the members of the council. Each councilman serves a term of one calendar year. The mayor serves a term of six months, but he is then eligible for re-election. The duties of mayor and his council are many. Working in conjunction with the University Project Manager they iron out the many difficulties that arise in a community the size of Vets- ville. Sports have been emphasized and stimulated through the spon- sorship of basketball, softball, and touchball teams. These teams have made favorable records in intramural and city leagues. Along with these sports, a men ' s and women ' s traveling league has been organized for the winter months. Art Bellman Otis Church Joe Goglio MEMBERS Ace Johnson Bob Kilbride Bob Munson Bill Reichenbach Tim Robertson Sherman Snively Robert Waldo 361 WOMEN ' S DORMS mmmmm jlSjgglgljglJS gljjjjj Top row, left to right: Alice Ingwerson, Jean Levenson, Lois McDowell, Frances O ' Meila, Barbara Wueth- rich, Nan Cadwell, Lucia Moore, Jonny Lindou, Mary Armentrout, Chandra Chambers, Kitty Jo Cole, Mickey Dyson, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Marilyn Vissenberg, Carla Wiebenson, Shirley Drake, Janet Ram- age, Mary Foley, Jean Cooke, Bertha Jean Pabst. Third row: Luan Knecht, Cathie Dondanville, Jerdia Paulsen, Beverly MacSpadden, Jo Ann Schneider, Beverly Salina, Helen Jeanne Proctor, Ruth Miles, Jean Salsbury, Eleanor McCullough, Georgia Mecherle, Sally Packard, Betsy Norris, Betty Kildow, Caroline Drabing, Pat Bigelow, Jane Bramberg, June Moore, Shirley Stoehr, Barbara Stine, Marilyn Probe. Second row: Emilyn Luttrell, Carol Hachtmann, Mary Elizabeth Bradstreet, Joan Rinker, Martha Dykes, Pat Lewis, Helen McDowell, Elaine Cooper, Barbara Stebbins, Mary Hannelly, Ruth Hutchinson, Marilyn Stark, Barbara Ward, Joan Domenico. Front row: Carolyn Meyer, Geraldine Cohn, Catherine Morroni, Ann Amato, Jane Knotz, Barbara Abrams, Joanne Kohn, Jo Ann Flanders, Dcen Hadley, Joan Gordon, Lynn Hart, Marjorie Bradbury. The girls in Bigelow have taken an active part in campus ac- tivities this year. Among their activities are dramatics and publi- cations. The hall has made an excellent showing with its bulletin boards. It is the present holder of the activities cup and is working to win it again this year. The Bigelow girls have also participated in intra- murals. The hall has worked on the float for Homecoming and has helped make the dorm formals a success. Dorm life has been made more interesting by the numerous " birthday parties " and " cracker- and-milk spreads. " The Friday afternoon Coffee Times have proved to be entertaining besides helping students become acquainted. Va- rious skits and group singing have enlivened house meetings. Top row, left to right: Barbara Crysler, Dottie Pry, Marilyn Anderson, Donna Jean Scott, Joan Cooley, Shirley Clark. Sally Lamb. Alana Chapman, Joanne Poole, Donna Scholten, Ilene Permut, Helene Mayer, Lila VoUintine, Peggy Oldaker, Virginia Klein, Alice Freng, Virginia LaShell, Jeanie von Dctten, Grace Dunn. Third row: Robin Harper, Marguerite Luchini, Jo Ann Coughlin. Ethel Hough. Margaret Sandusky, Marilyn Nittler, Jeanne Ely, Evelyn Boehm, Jane Waters, Harriet Haake, Lynn Yensen, Jeannette Starks, Bette Lou Mahoney, Pat Ranspot, Miriam Schulman, Rita Alper. Second row: Charlotte Glasser, Pat Koehler, Louise Kirkham, Betty Rae Chase, Dorothy Lambert, Norma Benedeck, Mary McKibben, Gwen Cogburn, Betty Greengross, Baylamae Grodinsky, Anne Falk, Judy Morton, Geraldine Carrillo, Wilma Eddy. Front row: Annette Graham, Shirley Christiansen, Carolyn Robertson, Betty Lou Anderson, Eleanor Doty, Mary Louise Slaughter, Helen Sill, Ouida Lou Drechsler, Lee Smith, Joan Brandner, Martha Slason. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. Grace Flor President Elaine Cooper Vice-President Martha Dykes Secretary Helen Sill Social Chairman Mary Elizabeth Bradstreet Intramurals Chairmen ...Arlene Levitt, Lynn Yensen Publicity Chairman Barbara Ward Song Leader Helen McDowell Scrap Book Chairman Mary Gurley Bulletin Board Chairman Carol Hachtmann Scholarship Chairman Joan Rinker . S. A. Reporter Marjorie Bradbury A. S. U. C. Representative Janet Ramage 363 A Top row, left to right: Carol Wollgast, Adele Parsons, Shirley Fochtman, Norma Morrow, Jean McKee, Callie Maier, Doris Rehder, Janet Hagen, Gwen Speece, Marilyn Clover, Marilyn McMullen, Ann Dowell, Mickey Tonkel, Doreen Bailey, Janis Conklin, Kay Brooks. Third row: Marion Booth. Pat Tillotson, Nancy Hagan, Phyliss Riggenbach, Carla Sweet, Betty Deline, Jo Ann Presler, Georganna Backel, Jean Berry, Pat Swope, Jackie Clark, Marguerite Wimp, Jean Reimer, Doris Reynolds, Bobbie Moncrieff, Jackie Strick. Second row: Bernice Wertheim, Cecelia Hill, Dolores Jones, Wanda Miskowiec, Connie Peck, Molly Po- tochnik, Janet Stein, Mrs. Rockett, Rena Vassar, Dotty Holderness, Manette Rueb, Elizabeth Toner, Dagne Hanson, Sylvia Nedow. Front row: Nola Black, Doris Weaver, Betty French, Natali Goldberg, Carol Levy, Norma Otava, Pat McMillen. Pat Meadows, Lucille Onorati, Matanah Cohen. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. Anita Rockett President Rena Vassar Vice-President Pat Crouse Secretary Jackie Clark Social Chairman Bess Toner Intramurals Chairmen Virginia Saulcy Shirley Paidar Publicity Chairman Dagne Hanson Song Leader Ruth Kidder Scrapbook Chairman Joan Silver Bulletin Board Chairman Marilyn McMullen Scholarship Chairman Esther Paper I.S.A. Reporter Marguerite Wimp A.S.U.C. Representative Mary Lou Chaffee 364 m L Another year has come and gone, and with it a full year of dormitory and campus activities for the girls of Harding Hall. Personality and looks placed some in the Dodo cover- girl contest finals and the Y.W.C.A. fashion show. Coffee hours, dormitory formals, monthly birthday dinners, and dorm parties contributed to the social cycle also. And the scholarship plaque for the freshman halls proudly adorned the mantel of Harding again. Top row, left to right: Ruth Kerst, Glenna Brookshire, Frances Williams, Lucille Ryan, Gret- chen Wiltberger, Barbara Floyd, Anita Wade, Mary Jane Stein, Thelma Samson, Roberta Kitzmiller, Verity Jean Benson. Third row: Anita Henrie, Sondra Smith, Mary Elizabeth Barnes, Jackie Muth, Betsy Hughes, Pat Gasser, Alice Siegel, Joan Gorom, Christy Boyt, Georgia Lynes, Janet Frei. Second row: Esther Paper, Eilene Felsen, Babette Striker, Jean Ettelson, Marilyn Kaitz, Lyllian Waldbaum, Delores Barnett, Leba Mae Berger, Barbara Croft, Laura Lee Unfug. Front row: Eleanor Wingo, Mary Lacey, Joan Vaughn, Jo Ann Winans, Shirley Paidar, Mary Lou Chaffee, Sue Fishering, Barbara Jean Ward. W: ' vC » 7 op low, left to right: Evelyn Towbin, Susan Guild, Bette Harlan. Miriam AUred, Ann Atkinson, Ruth Home, Josephine Warkins, Audrey Roos, Isabel Bering, Harriett Young, Joann Boughter, Joan Nelson, Margaret Verdon, Phyllis Flagler, Dorothy Gunstream, Elizabeth Arnold, Gladys Diamond. Third row: Joanne Ellmore, Marjorie Gross, Shirley Bickmore, Mary Martin, Jane Willson, Betsy Ross, Sally Sedalnick, Edna Cole, Shirley Small, Ruth Haigh, Elizabeth Clark, Betty Davis, Elinor Anderson, Evelyn Golden, Wilma Sweat, Cathryn Carstens. Second row: Virginia Kinzie, Jane Judge, Anne Taylor, Margaret Whittle, Mary Marvin, Doris Houry, Mrs. Kadlec, Jo Ann Endres, Charmagne Gooch, Myra Elser, Patricia Fertig, Geraldine Wahlmeier, Arline Ward. Front row: Joan Wiley, Patricia Gerling, Sharon Strimling, Eleanor Schwartz, Christine Edwards, Carolyn Clark, Nancy Berve, Florilyn Saunders, Joan Guala, Myra Greenwald, Mary Pankoff. : " -r3: " ?3 - " i ' ' .T v Lester has been prominent in many activities, such as coffee hour featuring " Devil ' s Inferno, " a scholarship dinner with Presi- dent Stearns as speaker; surprise birthday parties; birthday din- ners — the latest featured " Kadlec ' s Cattle Ranch " ; Peter Rabbit as the theme for the formal; hostess hall to the " Dodo " contest; a Christmas dinner with Mrs. Bly Curtis as guest; and a Christmas pageant. Lester won third in intramural swimming; a first and second on its bulletin board; and the I.S.A. First Nighter queen and two models in the Y.W.C.A. fashion show were Lester girls. Lester is also sponsoring a war refugee from Holland. Top row. left to right: Mary McElwain, Joan Chace, Mary Markle, Marcille Grossman, Zelda Alterman, Joanne Ruddy, Barbara Nelson, Margaret Adler, Patricia Ferguson, Suzanne Stern, Renee Orton, Marjorie Thompson, Nancy Jones, Joyce Swartz. Third row: Helen Butler, Annette Markham, Mary Wolcott, Helen Pat Hatcher, Ann Bickley, Ellen Gary, Carol Dempsey, Martha Dearborn, Katerine Redmon, Virginia Corzine, Berta Cohen, Joan Failmezger, Berna Brassea, Venice Varner, Mary Moran. Second row: Rosemary Ashburn, Lou Ann McGinn, Jacqueline Irwin, Normajune Lintner, Alice Falardeau, Mrs. Kadlec, Suzanne O ' Kelly, Alice Cavender, Carla Sorensen, Dorothy Uyenishi Marilyn Altman. Front row: Harriet Stone, Patricia Buck, Jean Schaar, Zelda Mitz, Bonney Brunner, Patricia Mitchell, Jean Hamilton, Mary Winslow. LESTER HOUSE OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. Nell B. Kadlec President Alice Falardeau Vice-President Martha Dearborn Secretary Ann Elser Social Chairman Judy Branson Scholarship Chairman Jo Ann Endres Song Leader Mary Marvin Scrapbook Chairman Pat Taub Bulletin Board Chairman Sue O ' Kelley Intramural Chairmen Charmagne Gooch Pat Fertig Publicity Mary Moran Treasurer Joan Wiley Piano Nancy Berve A.S.U.C. Representative Carole Vasterling I.S.A. Reporter Kay Home 365 Top Towjeit to light: Pamela Corfield, Connie Kraybill, Sue Nicholls, Lois Wilson, Mary Alice Gysier, Artha Lee Ford, Kay Peterson, Marilyn McAlpia , Rogene Best, Marcia Mast, Charlotte Meyers, Jessie Maxson, Shirley Streater, Shirley Glaue, Ann Wasley, Pat Pennington, Virginia Lowe, Sue Schroeder, Mary Macfadden. Sue Sherdahl. Third tow: Judy Weinstein, Dale Thompson, Carol Buenik, Ida Musgrove, Naomi Minner, Elaine Turn- quist, Glordia Wade, Peggy Callahan, Leona Schultz, Sue Kraemer, Joan Jefferson, Kay Lupton, Nanette Kemp, Arietta Kvitek, Betty Jane Moore, Jacquelyn Jones, Bobbie Carpenter, Ruth Anne Holme. Second row: Dorothy Evans, Susie McMaster, Cecile Rottman, Connie Kent, Jean Hopkins, Margaret Elliott, Mrs. Solez, Phyllis Silvio, Lorene Scott, Pattie Cook, Sally Palmer, Bonnie Fairchild, Joan Wal- lerius, Marjie Barngrover, Mary Brown, Mary Joan Giese. Front tow: Bonnie Bonebrake, Phyllis Squires, Lee Steckel, Betty Allen, Melba Frodermann, Carolyn Howe, Betty Anne Carter, Barbara Bendekovic, Mary Morrow, Peggy Powell, Joan Vonier, Polly Carroll. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. Gertrude Solez President Phyllis Silvio Vice-President Margaret Elliott Secretary Pauline Carroll Social Chairman Pat Cook Intramurals Chairmen Jean Davis Patsy Shannon Publicity Chairman Joan MacDonald Song Leader Chris Benedict Scrapbook Chairman Patricia Fox Bulletin Board Chairman Betty Carpenter Scholarship Chairman Naomi Minner Treasurer Dottie Evans I.S.A. Reporter Pat Rundquist A.S.U.C. Representative Pat Eckert 366 McKenna Hall: the place where originality, talent, and ability prevails. The girls were mighty proud of the first place honor in the swimming meet, the beautiful Cinderella formal, and the many girls who participated in the Y.W.C.A. fashion show. The art talent of McKenna can be seen on the original bulletin board arrangements, and the Thanksgiving design was awarded a first place with the Upperclass Women ' s Hall. The Christmas spirit was exhibited by the beautiful caroling of the hall choir. By means of signs, pictures, souveniers, weekly parties, and a friendly atmosphere, McKenna Hall was changed from a typical dorm to a home for 175 girls. Top row, left to right: Jane Duckworth, Jane Anderson, Florence Gold. Else Madsen. Machrina Best, Barbara Potter, Lorna Sadie, Janice Rittenbaum, Ita Korn, Helen Burke, Helen Repplier, Donna Ives. Charlene Klausner, Barbara Steerc, Sally Wells, Joy Lee Soper, Maxine Shore, Lucia Boyle, Beverly Masters, Annie Nakamura. Third row: Beverly Dunlap, Elaine Strauch, Anita Sherlock. Pearl Thompson, Mary Louise Anderson, Joyce Seasholtz, Mary Haakenson. Susan Zierk, Donna Whiteside. Betty Rose Salzman. Mary Henry, Violet Sailer, Phyllis Henderson, Jean Davis, Joan Davis, Norma Jeanne Jackson, Renee Lucke, Doris Hendrix, Connie Luntz, Nancy Davis. Second row: Irene Bard, Barbara Adams, Marty Woodward. Ruth Nagel. Christine Benedict. Charlotte Banks, Kalani Schutte, Takako Taguchi, Lorraine Chappell, Lucy Bennett. Ruth Morris, Jean Weingartner, Ann Elasser, Lu-Gray Hulburd, Mary Lou Isaacson. Front row: Jeanne Foreman, Louise Stam, Faith Young, JoAnn Craighead. Laura May Berger. Carol Wichman. Beverly Batschelet, Joan MacDonald, Nancy Groves, Pat Pumphrey, Norma Chritton. Top row, left to right: Carol Thompson, Carol McGregor, Bonita Brown, Dianne Starrett, Glennys Potts, Betty Sherba, Willmenia Olson, Donna Brummer, Betty Adamson, Owen Cator, Dorothy Hanke, Joanne Hollinger, Cora Van Schaack. Third row: Marjorie Taylor, Caryl Fox, Jacqueline Glauber, Norma Vogt, Sally Bailey, Yvonne Buckett, Fern Lewis, Betha Burk, Sue Birk, Margaret Boyer, Arden Henning, Nona Vonnc Uhrich, Darline Mueller, Second row: Winifred Sadahird, Paula Kenney, Lois Jean Hannah, Elinore Gurley, Peggy Enes, Suzanne Teasdale, Mrs. M. J, Reilly, Magda Molnar, Mary Lewis, Mary Secord. Front row: Marilyn Usher, Janet Gore, Velma Gleue, Gloria Shabouh, Nedra Nasser, Betty Ruberson, When Regent Hall opened its doors for the fall quarter, 89 enthusiastic freshmen bounded in. This enthusiasm has been extended into every field of activity that makes dorm life a memorable phase of every girl ' s college experience: the traditional coffee hours, the formals, intramurals, exchange dinners, all night gab fests, to say nothing of burning the midnite oil on the eve of a big exam. Hail Regent Hall ! Hail the life of Reilly! Top row, left to right: Nan Ehret, Pat Mitchell, Mildred Hartman, Beverly Kinman, Mary Sharp, Barbara Williams, Ann Fort, Mary Lou Abbott, Helen Ford, Etta Lee Osber. Third row: Lorain Kahn, Carol Hanson, Gladys Rylee, Mary Finnegan, Phyllis Mendenhall, Joan Garin, La Vonne Shawcroft, Gwen Volzke, Wilma Weingardt, Constance Porter, Olive Rinne, Frances Fricke. Second row: Lois Glavins, Bebe Ehrat, June Norem, Lois Hill, Mrs. M. J. Reilley, Ina Guyer, Lois Watts, Maxine McCall, Kathryn Ward. Front row: Eloise Starr, Betty Morrison, Peggy Mollman, Ema Wolfard, Jo Ann Walsh, Doris Mann, Jo Lee Kilpatrick. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Director Mrs. M. J. Reilly President Lois Hill Vice-President Lois Watts Secretary Mary Lewis Social Chairman Katheryn Ward Intramurals Bonita Brown, Barbara Ehrat Publicity Maxine McCall Song Leader Elinore Gurley Scholarship Donna Brummer Estelle Neuman I.S.A. Representative Mary Secord 367 0£LM Top row, left to right: Elouise Chapin, Adele Kunkel, Mary Kay Ashford, Lois Thompson, Dorothy Trous- dale, Ila Alire, Blanche Hardin, Carol McQuide, Lynn Donnell, Jeanne Poslusny, Phyllis Christianson, Margaret Scllcy, Phillis Carlson, Janet Millard, Marsella Dean, Virginia Dale Baker, Beverly Short. Third row: Carol Lee Hendricks, Mona Hagen, Joann Bassett, Mildred Goldberg, Mary Helen Ricketts. ioyce Hanna, Margaret Hammond, Doris Shoop, Lucille Wright, Betty Jo Greene, Barbara Davidson, larjorie Reed, Phyllis Fonda, Joan Hilton, Mildred Lemich, Pat Tondre. Second row: Joanne Harvey. Betty Shuttleworth, Betty Gayden, Jo Eeckhout, Elaine McCullough, Mrs. Larson, Martha Gressett, Virginia Asmus, Margaret Joines, Marie Sack, Joan Simons, Bertie Swyer. Front row: Cecelia Meister, Rosie Masunaga, Dorothy Spano, Nona Nathan, Joanna Nathan, Beverly Goldberg, Lola Plush, Marjorie Bertholf, Ruth Allen. ■ NORTHEAST HA HOUSE OFFICERS Social Directors Mr. and Mrs. Dave Larson President Martha Gressett Vice-President Dotty Shoop Secretary Jeanne Poslusny Social Chairman Carol Crosby Intramurals Chairmen Barbara Davidson Beverly Short Publicity Chairman Adele Kunkel Song Leader Carol McQuide Scholarship Chairman Mona Hagen Activities Chairman Blanche Hardin I.S.A. Reporter Claire Huber A.S.U.C. Representative Janet Millard 368 Winning the Homecoming participation award is among the achievements of the Northeast dorm. We also entered the intra- mural finals during fall quarter. Social events included a Christmas party, roller-skating, and snowball fights. Elected officers and floor representatives served as the govern- ing body throughout the year, under the leadership of the social director, Mrs. Charles Nehring. Top row. left to right: Mildred Boone, Irene Farber, Elizabeth Hansen, Joyce Bovic, Barbara Young, Marilyn Hickle, Joan Lundberg, Sue Beebe, Rosemary Wallace, Margaret Einspahr. Front row: Joan Simons, Pat Johnson, Mrs. Nehring, Mr. Nehring, Dorothy Ellman. Joan Hett, Marcia Greenwood. v., ' f ' iv k Top row. le t to right: Mary Knoedler, Duvoid Burris, Dorothy Shaw, Maxine Calmer. Barbara Wehncr. Margaret Warren, Mary Ann Bulter, Marie Meier, Marjorie O ' Bryant, Evelyn Pogue, Mary Virginia Smith, Pauline Smith, Vernctta Weiss, Dorlee Allison, Celeste Pollock, Joan Berry Third row: Kimie Susano, Dorothy Yanaru, Shirley Appleby, Marilyn Myrmel, Carrie Anderson, Molly Brittenham, Elsie Carnahan, Betty Hoepner, Lois Folk, Joyce Benson, Pat Holderness, Joan Orloff, Bertha Murray, Marjorie Bryant. Second row: Mary Ann Bousman, Barbara Swann. Josephine Bailey, Wanda Ailinger, Bettc Bennett, Doris Kinsinger, Mrs. William Rea, Bobbie Carter, Doris Miller, Donna Mae Schmittel, Chris Ericson. Sharon Dinwiddle. Front row: Nancy Sue Watson, Jean Canino, Rosalie Marchiori, Shirley Zarlengo, Marion Hirsch, Marilyn Hirsch, Pat Tuttle, Mary Lee Hughey, Mary Ring. The girls of the Northwest wing of the new dorm have been very active this year. Much of their time was spent in organization of a comprehensive social program for the whole building, in co- operation with the other halls. In addition to their contribution to the building of the dorm float, which was one of the finalists for Homecoming, they have had a record dance with A-1. a " come-as- you-are party " which turned out to be mostly pajamas, and a Christmas party witii the Northeast wing as guests. They also parti- cipated in the " Inner Eye, " first all-dormitory dance to be held in the residence halls, with surrealism holding full sway in the weird decorations. Their first annual winter formal was also a great success. Top row. left to right: Agnes Geeseka, Jeanne Goodrich. Janet Tippet, Barbara Temp ' etcn .lo Anne Castleberry, Margaret Hoyt, Margaret Cosslett, Charlotte Larson, Jane Gerard, Susan West, Pat Potts. Janet Harmon, Jeane Hardy, Trudi Van Eerde, Joan Mills Third row: Gloria Balch. Margie Carlson. Joan Edgar. Betty Bailey. Geneva Ball. Margaret Heuschkel. Dorothy Krasovich. Mary Lou Williams. Eleanor Goerl. Keeta Browning Sue Jones. Jacquelme Quick. Annamae Ganatta. Pat Cauthen, Donna Schroeder. Vera Paque ' tte Second row: Chloe Schultz. Carolyn Welch. Jean Thorson. Phyllis Scoles, Mrs. William Rea. Pat Van Hyning. Pat Sellers. Hedwig Linnenbruegge, Mildred Washburn Front row.- Muriel Davenport, Roberta Sharpe. Shirley Uhrich. Juanita Genter. Phyllis Archer. Martha Eldredge. Nancy Taylor. . HOUSE OFFICERS Social Directors Mr. and Mrs. William Rea President Pat Van Hyning Vice-President Phyllis Scoles Secretary Shirley Urich Social Chairman Janet Harmon Intramurals Chairmen Carlyn Welch Hedwig Linnenbreugge Publicity Chairman Nancy Taylor Song Leader Jean Thorson Scholarship Chairman Bobbie Carter Activities and Bulletin Board Chairmen Mary Ann Bousman, Pat Sellers A.S.U.C. Reporter Roberta Sharpe I.S.A. Representative Phyllis Archer 369 Top row, left to right: Muriel Cibull, Catherine Williams, Roberta Young, Billie Burum, Margaret Curtis, Janet Wester wick, Shirley Thoren, Ann Jean Worstell, Thekla Hansen, Elizabeth Lichtenburg, Leona Bobrecker, Beverly Witthauer. Third row: Gladys Anderson, Phyllis Manson, Jo Babick, Judy Wezelman, Laura Ehrenfreund, Georgia King, Doris Bauer, Mary Ellen Oliver, Phyllis Coverdell, Rosemary Wood, Janice Sheppard, Monta Cook. Second row: Rosemary Hellis, Elaine McCleary, Eleanor Smigelow, Nancy Garn, Martha Hall, John Kil- gore, Mrs. John Kilgore, Ruth Brown, Lorraine Olsen, Sarah Tutt, Virginia Harris. Front row: Margaret Hill, Ruth Sorber, Georgia MacSpadden, Mary George, Doris Roberts, Lottie Kitt- redge, Ericka Armstrong, Rita Pieper, Ann Armstrong. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Directors Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kilgore President Helen MacLennan Vice-President Barbara Blanchard Secretary Rickie Armstrong Intramurals Chairmen Monta Cook Sally Jeffrey Social Chairman Jan Westerwick Bulletin Board Mary Cid Scrapbook Rojean Templeman Scholarship Laura Ehrenfreund Song Leader Julie Sweeney Publicity Chairman Barbara Postel A.S.U.C. Representative Georganne Hulse I.S.A. Reporter Margaret Curtis 370 Homecoming gave Southeast hall the chance to show its parti- cipation in university activities. Eager float crewmen, committee- men, and tug-of-warring sophomores brought home the first trophy for their new hall — a cup for second place in participation. During the quarter, Southeasters were active in intramurals, after-game coffee hours and hall and floor parties. They climaxed the quarter ' s activities with the upperclass dorm ' s surrealistic " Inner Eye dance. Top row, left to right: Mary Lou O ' Donnell, Georganne Hulse, Martha Carter, Barbara Blanchard, Karen Handwerg, Pat Stoll, Betty Lane, Mary Jane Pittenger, Jackwyn Thompson, Juanita Barrow, Josephine Gibert. Third row: Pat Brown, Barbara Ensz, Mary Cid, Donna Veach. Annabelle Marcato, Rojean Templeman, Mary Lutz, Camille King, Gloria Fulton, Eileen Flat ley, Sally Jeffrey, Loris Danttce. Second row: Sue Dickson, Barbara Wheeler, Maureen Morrison, Lois McGinnis, Jean Gehlert, John Kilgore, Mrs. John Kilgore, Helen MacLennan, Carol Martenson, Barbara Postel, Janifred Koopman. Front row: Beverly Brooks, Virginia Josselyn, Jo An Martin, Adele Turek, Rosemary Kubin, Lois Miller, Lenore Breetwor, Pollf Listen, Geraldine Ingamells, Anna Hamm. Top row, lett to right: Mary Lou Parks, Mildred Lemmcl, Margaret Winter, Joanne Fundingsland. Billie Smith, Sibyl Kuhnle, Donna Maxwell, Mary Lou Garver, Nancy Hall, Miriam Bush, Joan Mueller, Joan Ramsdell, Jean MacMillan, Charlene Beranek. Third row: Joyce McCartney, Lois Neuschwanger, Janet McSween, Pat Jensen, Mildred Hybiak, Pat Dudley, Mary Brown, Margaret Staats, Jackie Thayer, Beverly Beebe, Jacqueline Barnholtz, Tam Benen- son. Second row: Joan Pitcher, Joyia Teetzel, Dorothy Wolff, Mrs. Crow, Marian Morgan, Betty Kellogg, Jane Jackson. Helen Hubert, Doris Bogan. Front row: Georgia Long, Maxine Peery, Evelyn Norell, Jane O ' Dell, Mary Margaret Imbt, Maxine Ash- craft, Marjory Markley. Southwest Hall is represented in nearly every group on cam- pus. Religion, art, sports, publication, music, drama, scholarship organizations draw members from here. The intramural achieve- ments were in horseshoes, in which the team was eliminated only in the semi-finals, and in volleyball which placed Southwest second in its bracket. Fall quarter found the girls busy with coffee hours, the dorm dance, " The Inner Eye, " and the scholarship dinner with Mr. Ehrman speaking on foreign affairs. Top row, left to right: Nancy Riggs, Susan Plumer, Wilma Burgener, Janet Hilferty, Peggy Ball, Elizabeth Wehe, Charlotte Landry, Margaret McCarthy, Mary Swann, Dolores Ritter, Barbara Michell, Georgia Woelbing, Shirley Bastian, Dolores Lundquist. Third row: Mary Jackisch, Jane Gillis, Valerie Smith, Dorothy Hudler, Pat Suprenant, Jo Anne Hoye, Audrey Barbiero, Ruth Rice, Myra Levy, Angela Gosar, Joan Ennsley, Elaine Shipman, Joanne Clark. Second row: Joyce Radichel, Damaris Chase, Dolores Smith, Janet Butler, Marian Morgan, Mrs. Crow, Shirley Tucker, Dorothy Kreul, Cynthia Misroch. Front row: Lotte Hirsch, Dolores Boulton, Gloria Domann. Marian Parsons, Katherine Bowie, Shirley Wood, Frances Abenheimer. HOUSE OFFICERS Social Directors Mr. and Mrs. Wayman Crow President Marian Morgan Vice-President Elizabeth Kellogg Secretary Jo Pitcher Social Chairman Mary Margaret Imbt Intramurals Chairmen Dorothy Kreul Joan Mueller Publicity Chairmen Audrey Barbiero Francis Abenheimer Song Leader Helen Hubert Scholarship Chairman M ary Brown Activities Chairman Pat Dudley I.S.A. Reporter Georgia Long A.S.U.C. Representative Jane O ' Dell Drives Chairman Nancy Riggs Bulletin Board Joyia Teetzel 371 ELAINE COOPER Bigelow Hall RENA VASSAR Harding Hall ALICE FALARDEAU Lester Hall PHYLLIS SILVIO McKenna Hall DQRM P RESIDENT LOIS HILL Regent Hall 372 The House President ' s Council of the Women ' s Residence Halls is made up of the hall presidents from the five freshmen women ' s dorms and the four upper- class halls. It is presided over by a president, appointed by the Orientations Committee, and sponsored by Mrs. Mary S. Vaughan, Director of Dormitories. The dorm house president is the student leader of her hall, conducting house meetings, receiving cor- respondence and being responsible for seeing that the dormitory organization functions smoothly and is vtrell represented in campus affairs. She works closely with her social director in planning programs and super- vising and advising the elected officers within the hall, and in the general counseling program. Hall Presi- dents are appointed by the Orientations Committee through applications submitted in the spring, and re- ceive a scholarship covering state tuition. HELEN McCLELLAN Southeast Hall MARTHA GKESSETT Northeast Hall PAT VAN HYNING Northwest Hall MARION MORGAN Southwest Hall MEN ' S DORMS » «-, li i 81 i h Wp if- « .-.-5p M " ENCE HALL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Director Elmer Grosshauser President Henry Haas Vice-President Steve Achtenhagen Secretary Henry Lane Treasurer John Carey BOARD OF ADVISORS Dave Farrand Horace Huggins Dave Mayhoffer Joe Murphy John Ballard Ralph Bower J. B. Dean Clarence Ellis The Men ' s dorm, largest men ' s housing unit on or off campus, is operated under the able administration of Elmer Grosshauser, assisted by the board of advisors. In addition to the main dorm, Mr. Grosshauser presides over the new housing units, A-1, A-2, A-3, and B-2. The big event in the fall social calendar was the Halloween Fantasy dance, held in Memorial ballroom. Scholarly tasks were also lightened by exchange dinners with the Women ' s dorm. Other activities included intramurals, Christmas caroling, and tourna- ments in bridge, bowling, pingpong, pool, tennis and golf. MEMBERS Stuart Alvord Edward Beals Robert Bergheim Richard Brackenbury Verne Brooks James Buchanan Carrol Butts Robert Carl William Carter Edward Collins Richard Culver David Dekker William Ericson Eugene Fowler William Funke Lewis Hiigel Ben Hoagland Kenneth Johnson Don Jones Lloyd Jones Frank Light Robert Lutterbie Harry McNees Guy Messenger Bob Monroney Paul Parmelee Christy Plank William Race Paul Shull Jim Sparks John Stowe Kenneth Stone Fred Todd 374 IT Top row, left to right: Hal Ingebretsen, John Ballard, Walter Fritz, Russel Johnson, Bob Rolander, Sid White, Les Metzger, Joe Yannacito, Elmer Grosshauser. Second row: Jim Fielder, Al Russell, Joe Murphy, Clancy Ellis, J. B. Dean, Horace Huggins, Bob Waters, Dave Farrand. _ , -. . , Front row: Ralph Bower, James Hammond, David Gudeman, John Tillema, George McLachlan, David Mayhoffer. STUDENT COUNCIL The Council of the Men ' s dorms is composed of residents of the dorm elected to the council by popular vote. On these men falls the responsibility of guiding and introducing new activities into the social program as well as presiding over recreational activities and dorm personnel work. MEMBERS Steve Achtenhagen William Bell Bob Brown John Carey Walter dayman Joseph Connelly Leonard Crowe Phil Fox Henry Haas Guy Hayes Tom Hogan Mike Kubota Henry Lane Ed Macy Hal McConnell Robert Mourning Chris Saros John Schultz Mike Vayda Henry Zuber Top row, left to right: John Carey, Guy Hayes, Joe Connelly, John Schultz, Steve Achtenhagen, Hal Mc- Connell, William Bell, Chris Saros, Phillip Fox, Tom Hogan. Second row: Dave Farrand, J. B. Dean, Horace Huggins, Joe Murphy, Henry Haas, Clarence Ellis, AI Russel, John Ballard, Ralph Bower. Front row: Bob Brown, Bob Mourning, Ed Macy, Mike Kubota, Henry Lane, Henry Zuber, Leonard Crowe, Walt dayman, Mike Vayda. 37S FRATERNITY-SORORin EDITOR — SAM JOHNSON ' e? iix " " ... SjSS ' " ■«. ■ ' ' Z ' .K -; ftv;. i ' i ••-% ' » -riw ■ ♦ • ' ■iii ' T?W£- 378 Back row, left to right: Thayer, Johnson, Philpott, Binkley, Writer, Hutchison, Love, Holden, Nelson, Burris, Dice. Mikes. Kline Edwards. Second row: Minges, Cook, Mrs. Pietenpol, Breckenridge, Brown, Thompson, BulHs, Biggs, Sensor, Rob inson. Olson. Front row: Kapeike, Miller, Goldberg, Malovrh, Miller, B. PANHEllENIC COUNCIL j ii iia ji ' iSuUiai LM i . yMi - iiii i-:: OFFICERS President Lee King Thompson Vice-President Barbara Bullis Secretary Elaine Biggs Treasurer Joan Breckenridge Executive Secretary Mrs. Pietenpol MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Dee Dice, President Virginia Edwards, Rush Captain Alpha Delta Pi Lou Johnson, President Harriet Froese, Rush Captain Alpha Omicron Pi Betty Jo Olson, President Nona Minges, Rush Captain Alpha Phi Betty Love, President Marilyn Miller, Rush Captain Chi Omega Margaret Thayer, President Nancy Chapman, Rush Captain Delta Delta Delta Alice Binkley, President Ann Perriman, Rush Captain Delta Gamma Elaine Biggs, President Mary Philpott, Rush Captain Kappa Alpha Theta Jo Holden, President Nancy Nelson, Rush Captain Kappa Delta Kay Mikes, President Eva Lee Kline, Rush Captain Kappa Kappa Gamma..Joan Breckenridge, President Virginia Writer, Rush Captain Pi Beta Phi Barbara Bullis, President Jan Hilton, Rush Captain Sigma Delta Tau Barbara Miller, President Charlotte Goldberg, Rush Captain Theta Upsilon Norma Burris, President Pauline Malovrh, Rush Captain Zeta Tau Alpha Jo Sensor, President Mary Ann Pleasants, Rush Captain Top TOW, Jeft to right: Anderson, Brackett, Akers, Maloncy, Jones, Heineck, Pierson, Den Uyl, Clark, Graham. Second row: Fielder, Hedgecock, Tobey, Finesilver, Diner, French. Front row: Poling, Meckley, Frazec, Durfee. 379 OFFICERS President Sherman Finesilver Secretary Robert W. Tobey MEMBERS Walter Clark Acacia Fred Anderson Alpha Tau Omega Robert Tobey Beta Theta Pi h ,l " Michael Phillips Chi Psi Kent Durfee Delta Sigma Phi Sid Poling Delta Tau Delta Jim Maloney Kappa Sigma _ Robert Frazee Lambda Chi Alpha fl ' Don Jones Phi Delta Theta Chet Heineck Phi Gamma Delta Dick Graham Phi Kappa Psi Manly Bryan Phi Kappa Tau Sherman Finesilver Phi Sigma Delta fK! Jim Fielder Pi Kappa Alpha Chuck Akers Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wendell French Sigma Chi Dick Meckley Sigma Nu Howard Johnston Sigma Phi Epsilon Ray Bissell Theta Xi Ed Diner Zeta Beta Tau ' %Si M ' . OFFICERS President Doris Dice Vice-President Jean Fortna Secretary Anne Seyler Treasurer Jean Fiolkoski House Mother Mrs. E. C. Morgan 380 A year full of interesting activities ranging from campus and school achievements to social party-time for Alpha Chi ' s was sparked in the winter quarter by skit par- ticipation in the AWS Vaudeville, a winter formal with a " Suppressed Desire " theme, and first-place award for the Alpha Chi ski team in intramurals. Wearers of the golden lyre proved their scholarship ability when Carol Wenzel and Eileen Davis were tapped for Phi Beta Kappa in the spring quarter; while social functions featured a dinner dance at Lakewood Country Club, a traditional senior breakfast (formals and fried chicken in the early morning hours) and weekly coffee hours, tea dances, and exchange dinners. C. U. Days festivities were highlighted for Alpha Chi ' s by singing their " Lullaby Medley " in the annual Song Fest. A return to school in fall brought forth congratulations to Lois Peterson, elected " Queen of Lakeside " for 1948, and another Alpha Chi beauty candidate was Dora Jane Oliver, Window cover girl. Besides scheduling numerous social events such as the Halloween grange party and the much publicized housewarming party at the annex, Alpha Chis found time to engage in many Homecoming functions and win third place in participation points. Cogs in the campus activity wheel include: Dee Dice — Alpha Chi president, Hes- peria. Delta Phi Delta, Tau Delta, general secretary of 1948 C. U. Days; Dayle Keirnes — Council of Greek Students, Coloradan, Student Union committee; Sue Nolde — Spur, Coloradan, Dodo; Donnis Gallagher — WAA Board; Jean Fortna — Delta Phi Delta, Honors Union; Cherie Davis — head twirler; Mabel June Holder — drum major- ette, Tau Beta Sigma; Pat Williams — Tau Beta Sigma; Mary Warren and Mary Jane Guiteras — Phi Sigma Iota; Norma Wood — ASUC Student Union committee; Ann Seyler— AWS Senate; Dodi Sethmen — Spur, Hesperia, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. S G assistant society editor, Players Club, president of Geography Club, 1948 Homecom- ing general secretary. I Top row: Dice, Bailey, Barrett. Bittner, Black, Blackburn, Bolinger, Bragg, Brown, Calhoun. Second row: Carlisle, Clark, Corre, Crowe, Davis, J. Deem, M. Deem, Derry, Driscoll. Third row: Edwards. Floyd, Fortna, Gallagher, Geiger, Gills, Hagan, Hansen, Hill, Howell, Hull. 381 Judge. Fourth row: Kemp, Law, Mason, Moncrieff, Nolde, Oliver, Quedens, Parsons, Potter, Scott, Sethman, Seyler, Fifth row: Soper, Spellman, Spoon, Thomas, Wall, Warren. Weathers, Wells, Whistler, F. Williams, P. Williams, Wood. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Colo, Colo Colo Altvater, Ella June Denver, Bittner, Delores Denver, Bolinger, Carol Denver, Bolinger, Elizabeth Denver, Bragg, Vivian Denver, Brown, Phyllis Phoenij Calhoun, Shirley North Platti Carlisle, Joan Evanst Corre, Barbara Canon City Crowe, Colleen Salid; Crowe, Jeannettc Denver Davis, Cherie Englewood Derry, Barbara Piedmont Dice, Doris Whittier, Driscoll, Dorothy La Junta Bailey, Betty _ Bristol Bailey, Doreen Santa Barbara lalif. Barrett, Kathryn Denver i olo. Black, Nola Palo Alto lalif. Blackburn, Toni _ Glendale )alif. Bonebrake, Bonnie Denve IIolo. Chapman, Alana WorlandPRVyo. Clark, Lennie Lee Fort Worth, Tex. Deem, Margaret Jane Lakewood, Colo., Deem, Mildred Lakewood, Colo., ACTIVES ' 50 Edwards, Virginia Denver, ' 49 Fiolkoski, Jean Broomfield, ' 50 Fortna, Jean Denver, uaiiagn D nis Glenwood SpJBIgs. eve Q pver ona, 5ettj Jean Hnver yenver arian abel J anita..... .Belle Fourcl ayle ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 •50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 •51 Highland Pa La Granf Grand Island, Denver, Denver, ■San Marino, CaVf., ' 52 Colo., Colo., C olo., -olo., :alif., olo., olo., iana, l olo., kota, !!olo., lolo., no is, kota, ' 49 •50 •49 - Denver, Kemp, Nanette Denver, Colo., ' 52 Mason, Patricia Detroit, Mich., ' 50 Moncrieff, Barbara „ Denver, Colo., ' 52 % Putnam, Phyllis Thiensville, Wisconsin, ' 50 Quedens, Lorraine Park Ridge, Illinois, ' 51 Reynolds . Ann Whittier, Calif., 50 " SetRmS k Dorothy Denver, Colo., ' 50 Seyler, Sne . Denver, Colo., ' 49 Spoon, Vi Des Moines, la., ' 49 Spragueflhirley L.-.t Glendale, Calif., ' 51 Thomas Blinor .,. . Denver, Colo., ' 50 Wall, Vfcinia 1 Glendale, Calif., ' 51 Warren, Hfary Amarillo, Tex., ' 49 WeatherH Shirley Denver, Colo., ' 50 WhistleBjane Boulder, Colo., ' 50 WilliamMPatricia Rocky Ford, Colo., ' 50 WilmartB Ann El Paso, Tex. ' 48 Wood, iB-ma Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 50 Oliver, Bbra Jane Rawlins, Wyo., ' 52 Parsons, dele Burlingame, Calif., ' 52 Potter, Barbara Great Lakes. 111., ' 52 Ranspo Patricia Denver, Colo., ' 52 Scott, ilartha Little Rock, Ark., ' 50 Shannnn, Patricia Denver, Colo., 52 Sope Ioy Lee North Platte, Nebr., ' 52 Spellman, Heidi Denver, Colo., ' 52 Wells, Sally Evanston, 111., ' 52 Williams. Frances. Rocky Ford, Colo., ' 52 OFFICERS President Lou Johnson Vice-President Joyce Reeves Secretary Joyce Speck Treasurer Shirley Friel House Mother Mrs. Willis A. Pipkin 382 Zestful Alpha Delts returned to the campus last fall, prepared for a fun-filled year. Upon arrival at our beautifully redecorated house, we were greeted by Mrs. Willis A. Pipkin, our new house- mother. During the early weeks of fall quarter, Charlotte McFadden co-starred in a movie on campus life which was shown to alumni groups throughout the state. Our Homecoming float, a huge pink and blue baby buggy, measured up to all prize-winning expectations, and we added the second place award in class A float competition to our trophy case. The colorful " Big Top Hop " offered a night of gala entertain- ment at our fall formal which honored a pledge class of 36. While memories of a marvelous dinner-dance held last April at the Lake- wood Country Club in Denver lingered, we looked forward to our spring formal this year. Last year ' s second place participation award in the WAA intra- mural program inspired us to vigorous action in this year ' s contest. In the limelight of last summer ' s activities, the ninety-seventh national convention of Alpha Delta Pi drew much attention from Harriet Froese, Jane Yealy, and Marjorie Jones, who traveled to Spring Lake, N.J., for five days of business and pleasure. I Top row: Johnson, Alexander, Ashburn, Battershell, Bclsan, Benedict, Berve, Bickley. Bigelow, Hlake. Second row: Boltz, Callahan, Cornelius, Coursey, E. Davis. J. E. Davis, Dillingham, Downs, Duke. Third row: Finnegan, Froese, Friel, Gamble, Gooch. Harlan, Harper, Hart, Hauth, Holzer, P. Johnson. Fourth row: B. Jones. S. Jones, Kiefer, Kosmalski, Kubik, Lindstrom, McFadden, McTammany. Mihalik. 0 KclIy, Pankoff, Plush. Fifth row: Reeves. Rutledge, Sailer, M. Saulcy. V. Saulcy, Saunders, Schlaefle. Shaw, Smith. Speck, Steere. Stein. Sixth row: Taylor, Thompson, Thome, Tozer. Turnquist, Travis, Vaughn, Winner, Ycaly, Zugelder, Davis. Harlan. 383 ALPHA DELTA PI Alexander, Joan Webster City, la., ' 49 Battershell, Alice La Grange, 111., ' 51 Belsan, Charlotte Cleveland Heights, O., ' 50 Boltz, Eleanor riitlil mi. Jirill . " III Cornelius, Nancy Monte Vista, flolo., ' 51 Coursey, Marjorie North Platte, Davis, Ann New Orleai Dillingham, Ruby Knglewood, Downs, Betty Evergreen, Duke, Eleanor Rockville Center . Y., Friel, Shirley South Glastonbury, Allred, Linda Great Falls, AUred, Miriam Great Falls, Ashburn, Rosemary Louviers, Benedict. Christine Denver, Berve, Nancy „ Denver, Bickley, Ann New York City l.Y., Bigelow, Patricia Denver, olo., Blake, Anna Mae Dolores, olo., Callahan, Peggy Louisville, olo., Davis, Jean Denver, Colo., Davis, Joan Denver, Colo., Finnegan, Mary Placerville, Colo., ACTIVES Froese, Harriet Denver, Colo. Gamble, Marilyn Boulder, Colo, Harlan, Bette Trinidad, Colo -TtSmB ggy .ML Evanst Holzer, arlotte Aurora, C Chicago, Brush, C J.. .Bismarck, N La Grange, ..Warsaw, Riverside, Longmont, O ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 Harper, Hart, L] Kiefer, ( Kosmals Luscomb McTammany, " enver, C- Ldyeland, Sue allas, turgis, Schenktady, Walla wTlla, W; Rocky Ford, C( F Chicago, A -;- DeiLer. C ' utn Wfflver, Cola O ' Kelly, Sue Woodbury, N.J Pankoif, Mary Denver, Colo., Reeves, Joyce Claremont, Calif., ' 50 Rutledge, Shirley Loveland, Colo., ' 51 Saulcy, Martha Loveland, Colo.. ' 51 4rtT|B|4)er Imogene Denver, Colo., ' 49 ShaH Margie Greeley, Colo., ' 50 SmiH Virginia Santa Fe, N.M. ' 50 SpeH Joyce San Marino, Calif., ' 50 TozH Marcia Windsor, Colo., ' 51 TraH, Joanne Fort Morgan, Colo., ' 49 Ye l Jane Derry, Pa., ' 49 Zus Per, Vera Jo Gunnison, Colo., ' 50 Calif., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Calif., ' 52 Tenn., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Calif., ' 50 Colo., ' 52 Colo., ' 52 Calif., ' 52 Plu l Lola Ventura, Sai H Violet Denver, Sau v, Virginia Loveland, Sau Bsrs, Florilyn Denver, Sm l Sandra Hygiene, Ste K Barbara Whittier, Ste l Mary Jane Jackson, Th( B)Son, Ann Denver, Th pe, Dorothy Victorville, " Turnquist, Elaine Denver, Vaughn, Barbara Joan.... Colorado Springs, Winner, Frances Burlingame, OFFICERS President Betty Jo Olson Vice-President Eleanor Tait Secretary Eloise Bryant Treasurer Norma Weiss House Mother Mrs. Harold Van Bergen After a very successful rush week at which time we were honored with a visit from our district supervisor, Mrs. Queenie Rosendahl, the AOPis are again hard at work. In October we entertained at a formal tea given in honor of our new housemother, Mrs. Harold Van Bergen. Besides tea dances, exchange dinners and other social functions, the main attraction of the fall quarter was the formal, " Harbor Lights, " given in honor of the pledges. A backward glance at last winter and spring brings to memory the spring formal, " Blue Champagne. " At about that time Barbara Watson was honored at " the Pan-Hellenic dinner for having the high- est grade average among freshman sorority women. Joan Shepherd was elected vice president of the Freshman Class. Other outstanding AOPis include: Lee King Thompson — Presi- dent of Pan-Hellenic, ASUC, AWS, Delta Phi Delta, and Miss Sincer- ity in Miss C. U. ' s court; Peg Nicklos — National Music Honorary, Sigma Alpha Iota; Norma Weiss — German Honorary; Phyllis Silvio — President of McKenna Hall, Speakers Congress, Honors Union, AWS Housing Committee. Marion Brennan and Joan Shepherd were active on C. U. days and Homecoming committees. Membership in Spur includes: Pat Hatcher, Marion Brennan and Joanna Vanderwilt. HFSi cfwrmmi Top row: Olson, Alexander, Applequist, Barnhizer, Bendekovic, Boyt, Brennan, Broxon, Bryant, Buenik. Second row: Burgesses, Chace, Cliff, Davis, DeFries, Dixon, Dutt, Fink, Flores. Third row: Fort, Gardner. GoecUer, Hatcher, Hedberg, Hollingsworth, Hutchings. Illium, Jones, King, Klein. Fourth row: Kunse, Lamar, Leutz, Lowe, Lutz, McAlpine, McElwain, McMullen, Maize. Meline, Mercer, Miner. Fifth J row: Minges, Miskowiec. Mueller. Murphy, Nicklos, Paulsen, Pittroff. Reese, Rosendahl, Shepherd, Silvio, Stine. Sixth row: Strick, Templeton, Vanderwilt, VanDuzce, Watson, Weaver, Weiss, Woodrow, A. Wucthrich, B. Wuethrich, Yenson, Yochers. AlPHA OMICRON PI Alexander, Dorothy Arvada, Colo., ' 50 Applequist, Ruth Chicago, III., ' 49 Barnhizer, Dorothy Crown Point, Ind., ' 51 Bendekovic, Barbara Denver. Colo., ' 51 Brennan, Marion Tuckabrae, NJf Sl Broxon, Patricia Boulder fffT r " Bryant, Eloise Glenwood Springd olo., ' SO Cliff, Lorraine Denvei Kolo., ' 49 Dixon, Marilyn Canon Citj BColo., 51 Fink, Dorothy Colorado Spring tolo., ' 51 Flores. Marjorie Ft. Collin fcolo., ' 50 Gardner, Marjorie Munst H_Ind., ' 50 Goecker, Bettilou Ft. Morgai fcolo.. ' 52 Hatcher, Patricia SpringRel( Kolo.. ' 51 Hedberg. Joan ChicaM 111.. ' 49 Hollingsworth, Patricia ....Granbj Bilolo., ' 50 Boehm, Evalyn Denve ttolo 52 Boyt. Christy Des Moine fcrwan " " ?? " Buenik, Carol River For l 111., ' 52 Burgessor, Shirlene Denve Eolo.. ' 51 Chace, Joan Pilger Bebr., 52 Croft, Barbara Denver tolo., 52 Davis. Betty Hinsd [ 111., 52 DcFries. Loretta GoodlanoTKan., ' 51 Dutt, Dorothy Great Falls, Mont., ' 50 Fort. Ann Waco, Tex., ' 52 HoUinger, Joan Long Beach, Calif., ' 52 ACTIVES Illium, Joan Winnetka, III Jones. Betty I Denver, Colo. Lamar, Paula Houston, Tex Leu Martha Denver, Colo •■ " ' ' ' " ach -Mi Hutchin J BBSS, Jones, Kiddei Klein, Kunse, McAlpi gs, Cl Isa, 0| ana, oo. Ml er, cl er, C| ,, bia, McEIwain, Mary Brighton, Colo., McMullen, Marilyn Denver, Colo., Miskowiec, Wanda Pagosa Springs, Colo., Mueller, Darline Chicago, 111., Murphy, Marion Dekalb, 111., ' 49 ' 51 •49 •51 Pitroff, Lettybelle G Boulder, Reese, Martha Atchison, Shepherd, Joan Denver, Silvio, Phyllis Pueblo, T|y £i£|inor Denver, K )son, Laurene K Boulder, Tod Nancy Pontiac, Var Wa Wa We, We Wo, Wu Yoc wilt, Joanna Denver, Colo., r, Cyndi Chicago, 111., n, Barbara New Orleans, La., r, Marion Birmingham, Mich., Norma Chicago, 111., ow, Marianne Denver, Colo., rich, Anne Wilmington, Del., :s, Eleanor Salina, Kan., Pau n, Jerre Gering, Nebr., Ros lahl, Joan Evanston, 111., Sch im, Bonnie Chicago, 111., Sch I, Lois Holland, Mich., Stir Barbara Colorado Springs, Colo., Stri Jaqueline Palo Alto, Calif., " TeniPleton, Barbara Danville, 111., Waage, Jean Boulder, Colo., Wade, Anita Sterling, Colo., Wuethrich, Barbara Wilmington, Del., Yensen, Marilyn Homedale, 111., •49 •49 •51 •50 •50 •49 •51 ' 51 •51 ' 51 •51 •51 •49 ' 51 •49 ' 50 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •50 •52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 OFFICERS President Betty Love Vice-Presidents Jane Dean, Hope Everham Secretary Phillis Peterson Treasurer Jean Meyer House Mother Mrs. Dean Hill 386 Alpha Phi memories are filled with last year ' s activities, sere- nades, dances, parties, and, of course, studies! The first big date circled on the calendar for the Phis last spring quarter was our annual dinner dance which was again held at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. An Alpha Phi took another coveted honor last C. U. Days when Janet Schemmel was tapped for Mortar Board during the song fest. Marilyn Miller was initiated into Hesperia; Spur claimed six of our sophomores with Ada Morrill elected as its president. Last summer found the Phis assembled at Glenwood Springs, Colorado for our convention. Beta Gamma chapter was awarded the scholarship improvement trophy. We all came back for fall quarter full of enthusiasm and spirit, plunged into rush week and emerged with a top-notch pledge class. " Never a dull minute " was the cry at the Phi house when our pledge ' s sneak was discovered and a frightened horse was found on second floor in the middle of the night. " Black Magic " was the theme of our fall formal with primitive African decorations transforming the house into a mystic jungle. Another year has passed swiftly by and we are remembering the past with an anticipation of an even greater future. Top row: Love, Adams. Albaugh, Babington, Breitenstein, Brooks, Browning, Brown, Brownnc, Burnard. Second row: Chisholm, Clark. Cohoe, Cowell, Davis, Dean, Evreham, B. Fleck, M. Fleck. Third row: Fox, Galley, Gorom, Graves, Grimm, Hall, Hanna, Heffron, Helm, Hoagland, Howells. Fourth row: Irvine, Jacobson, Jaggers, Jenkins, Ketcham, Kettle, Koch, Kostelecky, Lauterbach, Lawson, Loechner. FUtb row: Macfadden, McGee, McLaughlin, Merry, Meyer, Miller, Minchler, Morrill, Morrow, Olsen, Oldaker. Sixth row: Parker, M. Peterson, P. Peterson, Purriance, Quinette, Radichel, Riggs, Rogers, Rolander, Seaman, Sherdahl. Seventh row: Slasson, Tatge, Templar, Thompson, Van de Car, Vandcrvort, Wahlmeier, Wiehman, Young, Zolvinski. 387 ALPHA PHI ACTIVES Adams, Dorothy Birmingham, Mich., Babington, Lyn Deadwood, S.D., Breitenstein, Jane Bloomfield Hills, Mich,, Brooks, Ann Fairmont, Minn., Brown, Mary Jean Winnetka, 111., Brownne, Kay Denver, Colo., Burnard, Jean Denver, Colo., Cohoe, Gail Hibbing, Minn., Cowell, Jeannine Denver, Colo., Davis, Marian Gainesville, Tex., Dean. Jane Denver, Colo., Everham, Hope Wilmette, 111., Fleck. Marilyn Bismarck. N.D., FoUis, Anne Glendale, Calif., Fox, Martha Birmingham, Mich., Galley, Ruth Monument, Colo., Gorder, Patricia Longmont, Colo., Grimm, Patricia Evanston, 111., Albaugh, Constance Berwyn, 111., Ballinger, Shirley Denver, Colo., Brown, Mary Jo Longmont, Colo., Chisholm, Frances Boulder, Colo., Clark, Betsy Hemet, Calif., CoUender, Mary Evanston, 111., Courtney, Camille Downers Grove, 111., Eckert, Patricia Council Bluffs, Iowa, Gorom, Joan Loveland, Colo., Graves, Nancy Duluth, M inn., ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 Hall, Dana Hanna, Sheelagh Heffron, Corinne. Howells. Mary. Irvine. Susan... ..Bismarck. N. D.. ..San Diego, Calif., ...Denver, Colo., ..Boulder, olo.. Jacobson, Evelyn.. .| Jenkins, Margaret. Ketcham, Jerrie.... Kettle, Marybelle.. Koch, Ellen Kostelecky, Kathre Lanning, Delores... Larson, Jeanne Lauterbach, Bever! Lawson, Joan Love, Betty McGee, Lucille McLaughlin, Barbi Hanlf«i nnrnthji Helm, Sharon Hoagland, Myrna.. Jaggers. Barbara.. , Lawrence. Marge.. Loechner. Shirley.. Macfadden. Mary. Morrow. Norma Oldaker. Margaret Radichel. Joyce ..Denver. -Boulder, ..Minneapolis, A Houston. Tex.. ..Albuquerque. N.M., Mankato. Minn.. Merry, Anne Evanston, 111., Meyer, Jean Arlington Heights, 111., Miller, Marilyn Wilmette, 111., Minchler, Barbara Glendale. Calif., Morrill, Ada Highland Park, 111., Olsen, Joan Boone, Iowa, Parker, Barbara Denver, Colo., Peterson, Phyllis Berthoud, Colo., Purviance, Grace Palo Alto. Calif.. Quinette. Jean Denver. Colo., Rogers, Mary Birmingham, Mich., Rolander, Marjorie Rocky Ford, Colo., Schemmel, Janet Denver, Colo., Smith, Janet Denver. Colo., Tatge, Dayne Chicago. 111.. Templar. Joan Arkansas City, Kan., Thompson, Carol Denver, Colo., Van De Car, Helen Colorado Springs, Colo., } Riggs, Nancy Highland Park, 111., Seaman, Joan Loveland, Colo., Sherdahl, Susan Fargo, N.D., Slason, Martha Mission, Kan., Vandervort, Theresa Evanston. 111., Vaughn, Joan Estes Park, Colo., Wahlmeier, Geraldine Denver, Colo., Wiehman, Carol Minneapolis, Minn., Young, Harriet San Diego, Calif.. Zolvinski, Ann Naperville, 111., ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 •49 •50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 •49 •50 •49 ' 51 •51 •52 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 49 I l»r J i OFFICERS President Margaret Thayer Vice-President Barbara Rennicke Secretary Dorothy Gill Treasurer Alice Bennetts House Mother Mrs. Gladys Lazear 388 Last fall brought the new look not only to the Chi Omegas but also to their house. They returned to find a beautifully redecorated downstairs and a large recreation room and kitchen in a new addition. C. U. Days festivities last spring showed the Chi O ' s on top in all the various activities. They won the Song Fest and took second place in the participation award. The Chi O ' s were well represented on C. U. Days committees. Jo Helsel was chairman of decorations, Jane Poor was in charge of choreography for the stage production, and many others served on various committees. Social life in the Spring Quarter was never lacking. The Chi O ' s enjoyed many tea dances, exchange dinners. Flagstaff picnics and pledge sneaks. The spring also brought academic accomplishments as the Chi Omega ' s won second place in the scholarship competition. Outstanding Chi O ' s on campus include six Spur members — Julia St. Clair, Miriam Habel, Jenny Bowser, Marita Ross, Betty Leslie and Barbara Lane. Kay Hutchinson is in Hesperia, while Propoise claims Sylvia Hall and Sherli Phillips. Barbara Rennicke is a member of the House of Representatives and is secretary of the Coloradan Staff. Jane Carney is in charge of the Y.M.C.A. Toy Loan Committee, and Lynn Dall is publicity chairman of the Dodo. »■ - -% l PS §Bcm Top row: Thayer, Alexander, Amesbury, R. Anderson, M. Anderson. Banks, Betasso, Bennetts, Bowser, Brooke. Second row: Carney, Chapman, Conkling, Coughlin, Coyne, Dall, Drabing, Duce, Easton. Third row: Flager, Gill, Girling, Grafe, Guild, Gurley, Habel, Hall, Hallen, C. Hansen, J. Hansen. Fourth row: Henry. Holme, Horn, Hutchison, J. Jones, N. Jones, Joslyn, Keil, Kraemer, Laing, Lane. Fifth row: Leslie, MacLaren, Markham, Mast, McKelvey, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Morgan, Mossman, Nelson. Sixth row: Otto, Peck, Phillips. Rennicke. Rice. Rose, Ross, St. Clair, Schiermer. Spannaus, Starrett. Seventh row: Talmadge, Taylor, Usher, Ward, Welcher, Wilkinson, Wilson. Wivell, Worley. 389 CHI OMEGA Amesbury, Joanne Arcadia, Calif., ' 51 Andersen, Ruth Denver, Colo., ' 50 Bennetts, Alice Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Bowser, Jenny Dayton, Ohio, ' 51 Brooke, Suzanne Oregon, 111., ' 50 Horn, Barbara.. Carney, Jane Bartlesville, Okla., ' fc Huckins, Melinj Chapman, Nancy Casper, Wyo., ' S Hutchison, KajJ Conkling, Anne Boulder, Colo., ' 50 Jones, Judy.. Dall, Marilyn Wilmette, 111., ' 49 Joslyn, PeggyJ Duce, Genevieve Laramie, Wyo., 51 Keil. Carolyn Freeman, Lyle Boulder, Colo., ' 50 Laing, Carof Freemole, Margorie Belle Fourche, S.D., ' 51 Leslie, Betq Freemole, Rita Belle Fourche, S.D., ' 49 MacLaren, Gill, Dorothy Decatur, 111.. ' 49 WcKelvey. Girling, Beryl Austin, Colo., ' 49 V ' chener, Gould, Virginia Dayton, Ohio, ' 50 ikiller, ji Grafe, Helen Los Angeles, Calif., ' 49 Mills, I Habel, Miriam Elmhurst, 111., ' 51 MoU-g .i Hall, Merrie Mesa Verde Nafl Park, Colo., ' 49 Alexander, Gloria Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Anderson, Marilyn Denver, Colo., 52 Banks, Charlotte Delta, Colo., ' 52 Betasso, Donna Hope Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Boughter, Joann „ Decatur, 111., ' 52 Breach, Jeanne Rogers City, Mich., ' 52 Burke, Helen _ Casper, Wyo., ' 52 Coughlin, Jo Ann Belle Fourche, S. D., ' 52 Drabing, Caroline Denver, Colo., ' 52 Eastom, Jo Ann Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Endres, Joann Lansing, 111., ' 52 ACTIVES Hall, Sylvia Mesa Verde Nat ' l Park, Colo., Hansen, Constance Denver, Colo., Hartman, Katie Beverly Hills, Calif., Hibler, Nydabelle Boulder, Colo., ' ' tOT ' " ' " " «•:.... ' Chicago, 111., iBoulder, Colo., Salle, Mich., ..Denver, Colo., ■....Decatur, 111.. ISaunemin, 111., LBoulder, Colo., h Worth, Tex., Itlesville, Okla., |. Boulder, Colo., ..Lusk, Wye, rington, Wyo., ..Denver. Colo.. PLEDGI Phyllis .iBSummit, N. J., Susan 5. Denver, Colo., Mary Newpoi Beach, Calif., . Kloria . Denver, Colo., Jlton, Jean enver, Colo., Sen, feckie.... ' •maha. Neb., Henry, Mary Denver, Colo., Holme. Ruth Anne Salinas. Calif., Ingamells, Gerre St. Francis, Kans., Jones, Nancy LaSalle, Mich., Kraemer, Sue Colo. Spgs., Colo., Lane, Barbara Oak Park, 111., Murray. Violet Denver. Colo.. Otto. Betty Jo Denver, Colo.. Reed. Carol Lee Monte Vista, Colo., Rennicke, Barbara Downers Grove, 111., Rice, Beverly Denver, Colo., Rose, Lou Anna Denver, Colo.. I Ross. Mareta Boulder. Colo., Spannaus. Audrey Pueblo, Colo.. Phillips. Sherli Boise. Ida., Staufenberg, Isabell Glen Ellyn, 111., St. Clair, Julia Fort Washi ngton, N. Y.. Talmage. Marjorie Lake City. Colo.. Taylor, Mary Beth Boulder, Colo.. Thayer. Margaret San Marino. Calif., Welcher, Peggy Belvidere. III., Wilkinson, Ruth Mary Enid, Okla., Wivell, Emma Lou North Platte, Neb., Wilson, Joanne Monte Vista. Colo.. Worley, Frances ....Monte Vista. Colo., Markham. Annette Denver. Colo., Mast, Marcia Fort Wayne, Ind., Mitchell, Pat Denver, Colo., Mossman, Lea Belvidere, 111., Nelson, Joan DeKalb, 111., Peck, Connie Denver, Colo.. Probert, Marilyn Oakland, Calif., Schiermer, Catherine Moline. 111., Starrett, Diane Glen Ellyn, 111., Usher, Marilyn Monte Vista, Colo., Ward, Kathryn Sioux Falls, S. D., •5! ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 •51 •51 ' 51 ' 49 •51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 ■50 ' 51 •49 ' SO •49 •52 •52 ' 52 ' 52 •52 •52 ' 52 •52 •52 •52 •52 ' • ' ?;« ' EITA DEITA DELTA OFFICERS President Alice Binkley Vice-President Jean Bjork Secretary Bette Burks Treasurer Betty Gaunt House Mother Mrs. Alma Sutherland 390 Back for another year of studies, school activities, and fun, the Tri Delts have behind them another " over-the-top " year. Welcome additions to the new trophy case are cups for the win- ning Vaudeville skit, first place in C. U. Days participation (for the third consecutive year), first place in the C. U. Days Carnival, and first in scholarship for the entire 1947-48 school year. On the social side, Tri Delts participated with the fraternities in many tea dances, picnics, dinners, a hayrack ride, and a waffle sup- per. Highlights of the year were the winter Valentine dance, the spring formal " Delta Nights, " and the 1948 pledge formal, " Autumn Nocturne " in honor of 29 new pledges. Much-honored T. D. ' s include Alice Goalby, A.W.S. president, pacesetter. Mortar Board, dorm president. Miss C. U. ; Jo Schwalbe, Pi Tau Sigma (engineering honorary). Mortar Board, Pep club vice president. Miss C. U. ' s court; Virginia Wachob, past Spur president, national Spur officer. Senate, Hesperia. With this record behind them, the Tri Delt spirit remains high in anticipation of another equally successful school year. Top row: Binkley, Bcrkstresser, Berry, Bjork, Burks, Bush. Chase, Chmelik, Collopy, Dillen. Second row: Eliason, Elser, Fisher. Ford, Foun- tain, Freng, Gardner, Garlinghouse, Gaunt. Third row: Giese, Goedde. Gressett, Haakenson, Hall, Hayes, Hubbell. Humphries. King, Kingdon, Krier. Fourth row: Leonard, Lott, Mandel, Marwin. Maurek, Moosdorf, Nickel!, Palmer, Paper, Perriman, Pitcher. Fifth row: Pratt. Pry, C. Robertson, V. Robertson, Robinson, P. Rose, S. Rose, Schwalbe, Schneberger, Sill, Sorenson. Sixth row: Stewart, Townsend, Unfug, Wachob, Waymire, Whitley, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Winans, Witthauer, Woodard. 391 DELTA DELTA DELTA Berkstresser, Joanne Sterling, Colo., Binkley, Alice Wheatridge, Colo., Bjork, Jeanne Evanston, 111., Burks. Bctte _ Denver, Colo., Chavez, Carol San Juan, Puerto Rico, Chmelik, Sally Jolict, 111., Collopy, Doris Denver, Colo., Cowan, Mary Idaho Falls, Ida., Eliason, Marian Denver, Colo., Evans, Marilyn Oakland, Calif., Fountain, Nancy Sloan, Iowa, Gardner, Eleanore Denver, Colo., Garlinghouse, Peggy South Pasadena, Calif.. Gaunt. Betty Brighton, Colo Goedde. Mary Long Beach, Calif Gressett, Martha Denver. Colo Hall, Patsy Denver, Colt Hayes. Pamela Berkeley, Calij Anderson, Jane La Grange Berry, Jean Denver, Bickmore, Shirley Wheatridge, Bunker, Ann Boulder. Bush, Georgtne Denver, Hlo. Chase, Betty Rae Glenwood Spgs., KUa Dillon, Dicksie Boulder. Colo., Klser. Ann Malibu, Calif., Fisher, Sally Glendale, Calif., Ford. Artha Lee Boise City, Okla., ACTIVES Heisterman, Mary Lou Wheaton, III., Hubbell. Joan Boulder, Colo., Humphries, Mary Jean Lajunta. Colo.. King, Pat Kingdon, Louise. JCrier, Pauline... eonard. Libby. ott, Joan " andel, Marjorie. urek. Carol , osdorf. Louise. Ni kell, Helen Pafcier, Betty. Periinian, Ann. Riclkrds, Pat Robq[tson, Virgin Robiwon, Donna. Rose. Paula Freng, Giese, Mary Haakinsoa, M Ltndou. Jpha Marvin, Morriioni Fort Morgan, Colo.. Denver, Colo.. Walsenburg, Colo., -Boulder, Colo., La Junta, Colo., La Grange, 111., ...Clinton, Iowa, ....Denver, Colo., Boulder, Colo., Denver, Colo., Denver, Colo., lewood. C0I0.J a Falls. Texl Dcnver, Col ulder, Col 52 H, ' 52 ■52 Jlo., ' 52 Jill.. ' 52 Itnln I ' 81 Pitcher, Jo Los Angeles, Colo., ' 50 Pratt, Patty Denver, Colo., ' 51 Pry. Dorothy Denver. Colo., ' 52 Robertson, Carolyn Wichita Falls, Tex., 52 Schneberger, Jane Chicago, 111., Schwalbe, Jo Denver, Colo., Sobenhimer, Harriet Denver, Colo., Sorensen, Shirley Denver, Colo., Steik. Carolyn Upper Montclair. N. J.. Stevens. Jo Anne El Paso. Tex., Stewart, Mary Denver, Colo.. Btoffel. Mary Denver, Colo., tranahan, Mary Jane Buena Vista, Colo., pwnsend, Lorell Montrose, Colo., Qtiedt, Carol Chevy Chase. Md.. Vm Law, Carol Denver, Colo.. W hob, Virginia Denver, Colo., Wa kling, Charlotte Denver. Colo., Wajkmire, Shirley. .-. Brighton. Colo., WhiUey, Beverly South Pasadena. Calif,. Willlanis, Esther Los Angeles, Calif., Woo( rd, Janet Saguache, Colo., Rose, irley Boulder, Colo., SanduskV Margaret Greeley, Colo., Scott, Awry Clinton, Iowa, Sill. Helln Lincoln, Neb., Unfug, Laura Lee Walsenburg, Colo., Williini) loyce Boulder, Colo., Wilson. Lois Tulsa. Okla., Winans, Jo Ann Denver. Colo., Winslow, Mary Lou Wheatridge, Colo., Witthauer, Beverly Denver, Colo., ' 50 •49 •51 ' 49 ' SO ' 50 •51 ■50 •49 ' 51 •51 ' 50 •50 ' 51 •51 •51 ' 50 ' 51 •52 •52 •51 •52 ' 52 •52 ' 52 •52 •52 ' 51 OFFICERS President Elaine Biggs Vice-President Patsy Coates Secretary Harriett Lehnen Treasurer Marguerite Mac Neal House Mother Mrs. Vance Roberts 392 It was smooth sailing for the D. G. Dreamboat this year — the anchor has dipped into fun and festivities on the campus, and found success in every port. Beauty Maggie Ryan reigned as queen of C. U. Days; brains Pat Boeck and Burr Livingston were graduated with honors; and, best of all, we all enjoyed Colorado in the Springtime. This Fall we congratulated ourselves on a terrific pledge class, and set out to make it a big year in activities, chapter life, and social life. Picnics, Softball games, treasure hunts, costume parties, and formal dances filled our weeks and week-ends. " Paradise Valley " was the new and different theme for the Fall Formal honoring the pledge class; and Winter brought an equally sensational formal presented for the actives. We also welcomed Mrs. Vance Roberts as our new hostess this year, and already she has become a vital and inspiring part of the chapter. Representing Delta Gamma in campus activities were Marj Greenwood — President of Y.W.C.A., and member of Senate; Lee Steckel — Treasurer of A.W.S., Vice-president of Pep Club, and Dorm Counselor; Arlene Sconce — three times a Section Editor of the Coloradan; Patsy Coates — General Secretary of 1948 Homecoming, Y.W.C.A. Music group leader, and Miss Thoughtfulness on the court of Miss C. U. ; and Barbara Brickman — Cheerleader and outstanding swimmer and diver. fe IKQc f Top row, left to right: Biggs, Adams, Adier, Bailey, Baldwin, Bardwell, Bartlett, Benton, Berger, Brickman. Second row: Brooks, Brunner, Charlton, Clark, Coates, Cook, Dondanville, Farrell, Fay. Third row: Fletcher, Franklin, Gavagan, Greenwood, Gulberg, Haigh, Hamilton, Healy, Heck, Helkamp, Hinley. Fourth row: Holmes, A. Howard, S. Howard, Imbt, Irwin, Kennicott, Lehnen, McKibben, McCullough, Maclntyre, McKeon. Fifth row: Mabee, Melville, Moore, Morell, Morris, Nagel, Panek, J. Philpott, M. Philpott, Rogers, Roy. Sixth row: J. Ruddy, M. Ruddy, Ryan, Schoelzel, Sconce, Slaughter, Smith, Squire, Starks, StaufFer, Stone. Seventh row: Stringer, Sweet, Swope, Van Shaw, Vaughn, Wallerius, Whitaker, Woodward, Zorichak. 393 Bailey. Donna Ellsworth, Kans., Baldwin, Nancy Chicago, 111., Bartlett, Barbara Denver, Colo., 9enton, Elinor Denver, Colo., Biggs, Elaine Chicago, 111., Brickman, Barbara Chicago, 111., Brown, Barbara Ann Denver, Colo., Charlton, Judy Denver, Colo., Coates, Patsy Denver, Colo., fllis, Neva Amarillo, Tex., arrell, Mary Ann Denver, Colo.. Pay, Marie Greeley, Colo., Gavagan, Barbara Rocky Ford, Colo., Greenwood, Marjorie Boulder, Colo., Gulberg, Ann. ._ Moline, 111., Healy, Joanne...;, Denver, Colo., Heck, Mary . . Rochester, Minn., Adams, Barbara Jane. .: Evanston, 111., Adler, Margaret— :..;... Houston, Tex., Anderson, Nancy _ t..Denver, Colo., Bardwell, Charline.... ......-..-.-...-Denver, Colo., Batschelet, ' Beverly ..«,. -J-....-. -Denver, Colo., Berger, Laura May .i;., .Denver, Colo., Brooks, Catherine „„, i--„.;.Boise, Ida-, Brunner, Bonney .Sj-.-. ' Midlarid, Tex-, Carlson, Lois Chicago, 111., Clark, Jackie Denver, Colo., Cook, Patricia Denver, Colo., Dondanville, Catherine Moline, 111-, Fletcher. Maxine Denver, Colo., Franklin, Betsy Denver, Colo., ' 50 ' 49 •51 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' SO ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' SO ' SO ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 •51 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 •51 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •51 ' 52 DELIA GAMMA ACTIVES Helmkamp, Dorothy Denver, Colo., Hinley, Lou Ann Ogden, Utah, Holmes, Evelyn Sioux Falls, S. D., Howard, Anne Boulder, Colo., Kennicott, Jo Marie Denver, Colo., Lehnen, H Uett ■■rtinfrr CulU., Lomas. j raaret R HOak, Iowa, Mabee, l Mhara Hlder, Colo., Mac Ne r Mirguerite Phi Jelphia, Pa., McKeonflyoycV Burli Kme, Calif., More lU Ba trie Pal lto, Calif., Muenz Ver, Lkbet Hlder, Colo., PhilpQ V Jane... V Biver. Colo., Philp B Mary-.V -... Kver, Colo., Rog( V Norma Lee Biver, Colo., Roy Bette .1. ver, Colo., LEDGES |h, Ruth Y HMewood, 111., hilton, Kathleen.-V - Viver, Colo., hderson, Phyllis. ..V Hiver, Colo., iward, Sally 1. Hlder. Colo., nbt, Mary Margaretl. Ft Vorth, Tex., . Jacqueline .V I Hsmoor, 111., ilcCullough, Martha. ....V Albuq Kue, N. M., tcKib ben. Mary .Y Biver, Colo., ■MJLUuilJld, Judii ?. BRiver , Colo., Maclntyre, Marilyn Denver, Colo., Melville, Patricia Denver, Colo., Moore, June Denver, Colo., Moore, Lucia La JoUa, Calif., ■%•■ ' 51 Ruddy, Marilyn Webster Groves, Mo., ' 49 ' SO Ryan, Kathleen Kansas City, Mo., ' SO ' 49 Schoelzel, Elaine.,: . Denver, Colo., ' 49 ' 51 Sconce, Arlene ..?£..: Omaha, Neb-, ' 49 ' 49 Sherlock, Margaret..! Denver, Colo., ' 51 " 9— TBgmith, Nancy Winnetka, 111., ' 49 ' 49 Kteckel, Lenora Denver, Colo., ' 51 ' 49 BStone, Sylvia Boulder, Colo., ' 49 ' 49 Stringer, Harriet St. Paul, Minn., ' 49 ' 51 Squire, Mary Ann Wheaton, 111., ' 50 ' 49 Sweet, Marilyn Denver, Colo., •SI •51 Van Shaw, Martha Amarillo, Tex., ' 49 ' SO Vaughn, Tommie Lou Boise, Ida., ' 49 ' 49 Waters, Jane Colo. Spgs., Colo., ' 51 ' 50 Whitaker, Dale Sacramento, Calif., ' SO ' 51 Wilson, Jo Ann El Campo, Tex-, ' 51 Zorichak, Helen _ Denver, Colo., ' 51 ' 52 Morris, Sarah Colo. Spgs., Colo., ' 52 ' 51 Muenzinger, Gretel Boulder, Colo., ' 52 ' 52 Nagel, Ruth Denver, Colo., ' 52 ' 52 Panek, Pat Denver, Colo., ' 51 ' 51 Pittenger, Mary Jane Aberdeen, S. D., ' 52 ' 52 Ruddy, Joanne Webster Groves, Mo., ' 52 ' 51 Slaughter, Mary I ouise Duncan, Okla., ' 52 ' 52 Speece, Gwen Denver, Colo., ' 52 ' 52 Starks, Jenny Denver, Colo., ' 52 ' 50 Stauffer, Patricia Bronxville, N. Y., ' 51 ' 52 Swope, Patsy Loveland, Colo., ' 52 ' 52 Wallerius, Joan Sacramento, Calif., ' 52 ' 52 Walsh, Jo Ann Denver, Colo., ' 52 Woodward, Martha Denver, Colo., ' 52 I OFFICERS President Jo Holden Vice-President Jean Carlisle Secretary Claire UUmann Treasurer Mary Little House Mother Mrs. Frances Durand 394 ALPHA THETA The Thetas came back from Convention and summer play filled with determination and ambition. Proof of this were their outstand- ing activities during Homecoming. Their Roaring Twenties float marched to a third place win in keeping with the theme of the festi- vities. Nancy Burgi was honored as Homecoming Queen, and the KAT ' s took the second place Participation cup. Spring quarter the Thetas gained their biggest asset in the per- person of Mrs. Frances Durand as housemother. " Mamma D. " has won the hearts of all who know her, and the Thetas can well be proud of such a fine person. Already the KAT ' s social calendar has been filled with many exciting parties. Probably the most imusual was the post-election party given by the hashers, which featured a live donkey as guest of honor. The fall pledge formal, the Black Kat Kabaret, was also a huge success. The Thetas are looking forward to another year full of fun and frolic — besides a little work. Outstanding Thetas include : Marge Grove-editor of the Colora- dan. Mortar Board, chairman of Homecoming publicity, secretary, Rho Chi; Nancy Nightingale business manager, Coloradan, S G society editor, Hesperia, ASUC chairman of publications; Jo Holden- AWS Senate, chairman, AWS activities committee, chairman, alum welcoming committee for Homecoming, Mortar Board, vice pres. W.A.A. ; Bobbie Folley-Greek Combine, assistant chairman Winter Carnival, S G staff, NSA executive committee; and Marilyn Maloney-business manager. Window, Hesperia, Greek Combine, the University choir and modern choir, and popular entertainer. Marge Nancy, and Jo were given the titles of Miss Service, Miss Versatility, and Miss Activity in Miss C. U. ' s court Top row: Holden, Adams. Alexander, Allen, Amsbary, Armstrong, Arnold, Atwood, Aufderheide, Bering, Beuttas, Bondus. Second row : Brady, Bundy, Burgi, Capen, Carlisle, Carroll, Carson, Chaffee, Cooley, Cormack, Crain. Third row: Dempsey, Diekroeger, Diffey, Dunn, Ellis, Ellmore, Falardeau, Fishburn, Fochtman, Folley, Grove, Haake, Harris. Fourth row: Hartley, Hawkins, Hopkins, Howell, Hunt, Ingwerson, Iverson, Jackson, Johnston, Jorgenson, Kassler, Kelly, Carolyn Kent. Filth row: Constance Kent, Leahy. Little, Luder, McMillen, McWhorter, Mack, Mackey, Maloney, Mason, B. Nelson, N. Nelson, Nielsen. Sixth row: Nightingale, Norris, Packard, Paider, Palmer, Rice, Ristine, Roos, Schlutius, Schroeder, Shenefelt, Smith, Spielman. Seventh row: Strain, Sweet, Tillotson, Tomlinson, Verdon, Ward, Wheeler, Whiting, Williamson, Wilson, Wollgast, Young. 395 KAPPA AlPHA THETA Adams. Sarah River Forest, 111., Allen, Betty Boulder, Colo., Amsbary, Robin Champaign, 111., Atwood, Rita Minneapolis, Minn., Aufderheide, Mary Lou Ann Arbor, Mich., Beuttas, Barbara Wilmette, 111., Bondus, Kay Chic o. III., Brady, Suzanne Denve Buehler, Florence Hinsc Bundy, Phyllis Santa Monic; Burgi, Nancy Minneapoli: Capen, Ann Blooming i, Carlisle, Jean Evans Carson, Barbara Denve Carswell, Jane Kansas C Chase, Nancy Santa Barbar: Cormack, Carol Palo Alt Crain, Nancy Evergree Cruse, Sally Pasadene Diffey, Mayme Dalli Alexander, Ann Bould Armstrong, Ann Hinsi Arnold, Joan Dall Bering, Isabel Dec; Black, Nancy Portlai Brown, Nancy Kansas C Carroll, Polly Denv. Carswell, Frances Kansas C Chaffee, Mary Lou El Paso, Tex Cooley, Joan Aberdeen, S. D Dempsey, Carol Winnetka, III, Diekroeger, Nancy Webster Groves, Mo Ellmore, Joanne Winnetka, 111. ACTIVES Dunn, Jacqueline Amarillo, Tex., Ellis, Suzanne Frazier, Colo., Falardeau, Alice New York City, N. Y., Fishburn, Nancy Pasadena, Calif., Folley, Barbara Northbrook, III., Grove, Marjorie Pueblo, Colo., Hawkins, Mary Lou Boulder, Colo., Holden, Jo. .. r Hwbert, Jttrtrr, Holland Jo Inn D ' 49 •50 ■50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 •51 ..Holly loq ..Los AnB ancy Ja Iverson, Barbara Sioux City, Iowa. Kent. Constance Bloomington, 111., McWhorter, Evelyne Port Arthur, Tex., McMillen, Pat Greeley, Colo., Mack, Helen Birmingham, Mich., Nelson, Barbara May wood. 111., Mackey, Willa Jean Denver, Colo., Maloney, Marilyn Gary, Ind., Mason, Carol Detroit, Mich., Nelson, Nancy May wood. 111., Nielsen, Marilyn Park Ridge, III., Nightingale, Nancy Minneapolis, Minn., Rice, Suzanne Bart lesvi lie, Okla., Rijli w Mary Sue Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Schluti k Barbara Webster Groves, Mo., Joanne Long Beach, Calif., Sandra Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Speilmi Beverly Winnetka III., Dorothy Ardmore, Okla., ;iaire Oak Park, 111, Bernice Glencoe, 111., Donna Belvidere, 111., ian )n, Jane Middletown, R. I., hirley El Paso, Tex., ranees Rockford, III., ranees Denver, Colo., etsy Glencoe, 111., Sally Somerset, Ky., hirley Kenilworth, 111., Palmer Jally Minneapolis, Minn., drey _ Decatur, III., Sally Kirkland, Wash., _ , hirley Lee San Gabriel, Calif., .. tcaia Sheila Denver, Colo., Sweet, Carla Topeka, Kans., Tillotson, Pat Denver, Colo., Verdon, Margaret Richland, Mich., Ward, Arline Hinsdale, 111., Wollgast, Carol Denver, Colo., ' 51 ' 50 •51 •49 •50 •49 •49 •50 ' 51 •50 •51 •51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •52 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •52 •52 OFFICERS President Kay Mikes Vice-President Mary Hegwer Secretary Lucy Zundel Treasurer Luella O ' Neill House Mother Mrs. George Collins 396 Their first year having been successfully completed, the Kappa Deltas got off to a grand start in their second year by winning first place in the Silver division for participation in Homecoming. There were many social activities, and the Kappa Delta house fairly hummed with activity. A highlight of the Fall quarter was a tea given by the pledges in honor of the pledges of the other sororities. The annual Fall formal honoring the pledges was held at the Alps. Kappa Deltas to be proud of include: Joy Carlson — A.S.U.C. dance committee, member of S G and Coloradan staff, Dodo make- up editor, and K.D. song leader. An outstanding member of Chi Epsilon is Bobbie Rauch, member of Sigma Epsilon Sigma and Colorado Engineer. Elaine Cooper is president of the dorms and an active S G staff member. In all, the K.D ' s. have worked hard and had a great deal of fun in their first two years on campus. Top tow: Mikes, Allen, Bacon. Beranek, Boggs, Carlson, Clark, Cooper. Second row: Costello, Doty, Flatley, Flint, Frantz. Gary. Hegwer. Tbitd row: Hendrix. Hughey. S. Johnson. V. Johnson. Kline, Knott. Koopman, Kraybill. Lucke. Fourth row: Lyttle. Masters, Miles, Morrison, Murphy. O ' Neill, Pennington, Rauch, Ross. Fiitb row: Scoles, Smith, Walter, Whiteside, Zillmann, Zierk, Zundel. 397 KAPPA DEITA Allen, Margaret Lakewood, Colo., ' 49 Bacon, Janet „ Erie, Pa., 50 Beranek, Charlene Hollywood, 111., ' 50 Boggs. Barbara Denver, Colo., ' 49 Carlson, Joy Wheaton, 111., ' 51 Chase, Elizabeth Mentor, Ohio, 49 Cooper, Elaine Tulsa, Okla., ' 50 Costello, Patricia Beaver Dam, Wise, ' 49 Ellington, Phyllis Delta, Colo., ' 51 English, Marietta Denver, Colo., 50 Christiansen, Shirley Princeton, 111., S2 Clark, Carolyn Kalispell, Mont., ' 51 Doty, Eleanor Wheat Ridge. Colo., ' 52 Flint. Joan Dekalb, III.. 50 Fundingsland, Joanne Denver, Colo., ' 51 Gary, Ellen Wheaton, 111., ' 52 Geeseka, Agnes Scott City, Kans., ' 50 Hendrix, Doris „ Denver, Colo., ' 52 Horsch, Peg Wheaton, 111.. ' 50 ACTIVES I Flatley, Eileen . .. Kenosha, Folk, Lois .. Plainfield, Frantz, Marcia.yr. Salida, Hegwer, Mary Casper, I Hughey. MarwLee WalsenburgJ I Johnson, Suj Houston Kline. Eva Lee De Knott, Ka . _ Dell Lyttle, gttty Meek J Mason. lorence Waldf I MikesJrKay Broomfi PLEDGES fihnson. Verlita ho, Ne Craybill. Pauline - Ve. Colo., amb, Sally MiddJ vn, Ohio. eke. Renee rver, Colo., MaSi " . Mary Ellen Wheat Bdgc. Colo., MastSi . Beverly North Ktte, Nebr., McElhiSoey. Marcy Ro Hand, Calif.. ' Mee. Anir MonterreP t.— i, M giiii Miles, Glendine Denver, Colo., ' 50 O ' Neill, Luella Spearfish, S. D., ' 49 Rauch. Barbara _ Wheaton, 111., ' 50 Richard, Carolyn. Hinsdale. 111.. ' 51 Smith. Dorothy Denver, Colo., Grad. Teetzel, Joyia Crosse Point, Mich., ' 49 Walter. Patricia Denver, Colo., ' 49 Woodcock, Barbara Denver. Colo., Grad. Zillmann. Allene Douglaston, N. Y., ' 51 Zundel, Lucy Denver, Colo., ' 50 Miles, Ruth Denver, Colo., ' 52 Morrison, Reen Wichita Falls, Tex., ' 50 Murphy, Lee Detroit, Mich., ' 50 ennington, Patricia Denver, Colo.. 52 inker, Joan Denver, Colo.. ' 52 ,oss. Betsy Ames, Iowa, ' 52 oles, Phyllis Denver, Colo., ' SO Skith. Dixie Ann New Orleans, La., ' 52 Whiteside, Donna Lee Delta, Colo., ' 52 Bfffi?Wiii =T»4 - KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA r. int M.i »v|-i«.wiaiiairTm |1|(( Tr- --™T - ' r " ' q ' TTmvl»rKfl»BT»;i- ' ' . " n a. j-aic- ' . ' . . OFFICERS President Joan Breckenridge Vice-President Janet Muth Secretary Janet Sears Treasurer Marietta Levis House Mother Mrs. C. E. Wampler 398 With thirty-seven pledges added to the list of Kappa ' s this fall, we find them already associated with the various activities on campus, two of them, Carol Danielson and Camille King, being finalists in the Dodo contest. Joanie Breckenridge, with her wonderful leadership and guid- ance, and Mrs. Wampler, tops on the Kappa ' s list of housemothers, ably plotted the course which the KKG ' s followed during the year. Fun was had by all the girls of the blue and blue at the various social functions and especially at the annual dances, the " Bowery Ball " given winter quarter, and " Harbor Lights " presented by the pledges to the actives in the spring. Kappa Kappa Gamma had its share of honors, winning Intra- mural awards last spring, and placing two finalists in the Homecoming queen contest, Nancy McMartin and Midge Sherwood, in the fall. Outstanding girls to note wearing the golden key are: Carol Packard — president of WAA, Mortar Board, Senate, secretary of junior class; Prue Walker — president of Mortar Board, WAA Board; Judy Stearns — WAA Board, Senate, president of Hesperia, secretary of YWCA. Top tow: Breckenridge, Argall, Ball, Black, Booth. Brainerd, Burns, Clark, Crysler. Second row: Danielson, Dearborn, DuPont, Elliott, Engelmann, Foraker, Fox, Frei. Third row: Grannell, Gray, Guinand, Hoal, Isc, Joyce, Kidd, King, LaShell, Levis. Fourth row: Lucas, Lutz, MacCornack, Mercherlc, Middlckamp, Muth, Nadeau, O ' Neill, Packard, Porter. Fifth row: Redfield, Redman, Rumble, Sears, Service, Sher- wood, Sincerbeaux, Sloan, Spore, Stailey, Stearns. Sixth row: Taylor, Thomas, Valentine, Vasterling, Vanier, Walker, Waters, Weiler, White- law, Whitson, Writer. 399 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Argall, Ann Denver, Colo., Bean, Mary S. Pasadena, Calif., Breckenridge. Joan Denver, Colo., Burns, Barbara Denver, Cole, Butcher, Marilee - Tulsa, kla., Ducy, Kay Pueblo, Bolo., DuPont. Mary Alice New OrleanHLa., Grannell, Eleanore Denver, Hole, Gray, Ellen Denver, Hole, Guinand, Nancy Boulder, Holo., Heitzler, Sally Lake CharleHLa., Ireland. CoUette Denver, Holo., Jacobsen, Colleen Pueblo, Bolo., Joyce, Barbara Boulder, Holo., Lapham, Patricia LaGrang lIIl., Levis, Marietta Pueblo, k 1o., Lucas, Jeanne Denver, B lo., Ashford. Mary Kay Omaha Ball, Donna Jean Boulder, Black. Sally Corning B k., Booth, Lewis Birmingham, Burroughs, Keota Denver, |old Clark. Shirley Wichita Fallsl Clover. Marilyn Tulsa, kcla., Crysler, Barbara Mt. ProspecH HI-. Danielson, Carol Denver, Colo., Dearborn, Martha Glencoe, 111., Dowell, Anne Tulsa, Okla., Drum, Susan Omaha. Neb., M ' 50 •52 ' 52 ' 50 ACTIVES MacCornack, Barbara Boulder City, Nev., ' 51 Macpherson, Jean Chicago, III., ' 51 McCabe, Martha Pueblo, Colo., ' 51 McClelland, Helen Denver, Colo., ' 51 Mc Mart in, Nancy Winnetka __Il ' Muth, JaRt jl| Altad ' Nadeau. oat H _D ver, Hlo. Nance,y ilee H I fnver, Hlo. NeidHnger, S v Hanover, |H. Nye Susan.... H. Denver, Hlo. O ' i ill, Bev H y .. Denver, |lo. ckard, Cat H yT,... Denver, " Porter, Ardit H . . Pueblo, Hlo. Porter, Janey H yT. " Tulsa, Hla Pryor, Marjo H Pueblo, Hlo. Rumble, Jan . ..Albuquerque, HEDGES Elliott, Mar Ht.y Denver, Hlo., ' 52 Engelmann, J urette Salt Lake City, Hah, ' 52 Foraker, Sall K. Laguna Beach, Hif., ' 51 Fox, Patricia KV. Iron Mountain, H h., ' 52 Frei, Janet- . B.. Kenilwort Hll., ' 52 Kidd, Lou AH.....V Bartlesville, Hla., ' 52 King, Camill H. X. Phoenix Hiz., ' 51 La Shell, Giflir Denver,Milo., ' 52 Lutz, Mary Roswrell, N. M.. ' 51 Mecherle, Georgia Bloomington, 111., ' 52 Mtddelkamp, Jeannie Pueblo, Colo., ' 52 Redfield, Janice Omaha, Neb., ' 51 Redmon, Kathy Kenilworth, 111., ' 52 Sears, Janet Fort Logan, Colo., Service, Frankie Boulder, Colo., Sherwood, Marjorie Lakewood, O., Shevlin, Virginia Los Angeles, Calif., fm abeaux, Betty New Rochelle, N. Y., loanTjBan Bloomington, 111., Spore, ra Denver, Colo., StailejV ean Denver, Colo., Stearns, Judy Boulder, Colo., Van SchaaclE, Cora Denver, Colo., Walker, Marilyn Winnetka, 111., Waters, Mary Ellen Tulsa, Okla., Weiler, Margaret Pueblo, Colo., Weiler, Mary Pueblo, Colo., Whitson, Shelby Orange, N. J., Wierman, Ruth Denver, Colo., Writer, Virginia Denver, Colo., Repplier, Helen Boulder, Colo., Simson, Emy Lu Denver, Colo., Smith, Valerie Oak Park, 111., Taylor, Anne Lake Bluff, 111., Thomas, Dorothy Ann Denver, Colo., Trousdale, Dorothy Jane Newton, Kans., Valentine, Jane Boulder, Colo., Vasterling, Carole Park Ridge, 111 , Vonier, Joan Denver, Colo., Whitelaw, Nancy Birmington, Mich., Whittle, Margaret Beverly Hills, Calif., Wilfley, Jane Denver, Colo., ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 •50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 •52 •50 •51 •52 •51 ' 50 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 50 ' 52 ' 50 PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President Barbara Bullis Vice-President Sue Fenton Secretary Virginia Anderson Treasurer Marian Shawver House Mother Mrs. F. X. Shumacker 400 This year has indeed been an eventful one for the wearers of the wine and blue. The Pi Phis returned in September to find a beautifully remodeled living room and sun room. Spurred on by this and recent memories of the National Convention held at French Lick Springs, Indiana, the Pi Phis began the year by pledging their " biggest and best " pledge class. Among the events that colored the year was a tea honoring our new housemother, Mrs. Shumacker. In November our chapter was honored to have as a house guest for a few days, Mrs. Junge, the province president. The formal honoring of the pledge class was held December fourth. Numerous exchange dinners, tea dances and pic- nics filled the remainder of the social calender making the days of ' 48 and ' 49 pass very rapidly. The Pi Phi pledges surprised the actives with several very successful sneaks — one with the Sigma Nu pledges and one with the Phi Gamma Delta pledges. Luminaries among the wearers of the wine and gold include: Barbara Bullis — Pan-Hellenic vice president, Spur, Phi Lambda Theta; Sally Brown — President of Pan-Hellenic, Spur, WAA board member, YWCA group leader; Judy Allen — Greek Combine, House of Representatives; and Ann Warren — Greek Combine, Senate, C. U. Days. Top row; Bullis, Allen, Anderson, Ball, Boyle, Brown, Bruton, Cad well, Carpenter, Chase. Second row: Classen, Clowes, Collins, Cook, Crockett, Danielson, Davis, Dozier, Dunn. Third row: Easley, Ehrat, Fenton, Fishering, George, Guycr, Henderson, Herber, Hoye, Jefferson, Keene. Fourth row: Kellett, Kenney, Kester, Kunz, Lambert, McKee, McQuarrie, Marsh, Mooney, Moore, Morley. Fifth row: Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Nelson, Potts, Quaintance, Rupp, Russell, Shawver, Smigelow, Steinhauer. Sixth row: Teasley, VonDetten, Warren, Whitman, Wiebcnson, Willard, Wiltbcrgcr, Woolley, Works. 401 PI BETA PHI Allen, Carolyn _ Longmont, Colo., Allen, Judith Eagl e, Colo., Anderson, Virginia DenverT Ball, Nancy Montclair. Beeley, Pat Denver, Brown, Sally Oak Park, Bruton, Betty Colo. Spgs., C Bullis, Barbara Galesburg.J Clark, Celeste Denver, Clowes. Elinor Hanzanola. Collins, Carol Denver, Cook, Mary Alice Denver, Danielson, Marjorie Denver, Abbott, Mary Lou Denver, Bennett, Lucy Wichita, Kj Best, Machrina Phoenix, Boyle, Lucia Denver, Cadwell, Nancy La Grange. I Carpenter, Elizabeth Palo Alto, Cj Chase, Sally Denver, Cl Classen, Ann Redwood City, Cj Crockett, Marianne Pueblo, Curtis, Joan Boulder. Davis, Ann Washington. D. C, Dozier, Diane Wichita, Kans., ACTIVES de Bell, Coral Fanwood, N. J., Dun o, Be tt y Long Beach. Calif., — - - G J ..Bd LaWBert. DSWhiyr. " ulsa. Okia., McKcc. Jean La Grange, 111., Mooney, Pat Kenilworth, III.. Moore, Carrie Houston, Tex., Marsh, Marilyn Colo. Spgs., Colo., McQuarrie, Nan Denver, Colo., Morrison, Charleen Denver, Colo., Nelson, Barbara Chicago, 111., Potts, Frances Boulder, Colo., Quaintance, Pat Golden, Colo., Rupp, Barbara Pueblo, Colo., Shawver, Marian Fort Collins, Colo., Teasley, Katherine San Diego, Calif., Warren, Anne Fort Collins. Colo., Whitman. Nancy Denver, Colo., Willard, Jean Denver, Colo., Works, Josephine Denver, Colo., Betty Arvada, Colo., Sorris, fiae Denver, Colo., Morris,Buth Stelton, N. J., Morrow B ancy Houston, Tex., Russell Rosemary Evanston, 111., Smigel F, Eleanor Raton. N. M., SlClIlllauer, Genie Denver, Colo., Von Detten, Jean Denver, Colo., Wadley, Ann Denver, Colo., Wiebenson, Carla Mount Morrison, Colo., Wiltberger, Gretchen Evanston, 111., Woolley, Beth Pocatello, Ida., •51 •51 •51 •51 •51 •49 •50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 •50 •49 ' 50 •52 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 I OFFICERS President Barbara Miller Vice-President Henrietta Fine Secretary Charlene Cook Treasurer Ruth Sosno House Mother Mrs. F. Shannon 402 In November the actives of S.D.T. held a " Suppressed Desire " dance for the pledges, and in return, the actives reciprocated with a sleigh ride in December. A reception for parents and alums, tea dances, and beer busts helped to make the social calender complete. Participation in Homecoming committees, intramurals, and vari- ous campus activities kept the girls on their toes. Combining beauty with brains, Loretta Young selected three of our girls for finalist in the C. U. Days Queen contest. Among the outstanding seniors are Dorothy Goldfogel — A.S.U.C. election committee, past Hillel president, S.A.I, social chairman and editor. Pep Club; Barbara Miller — Panhellenic social chairman. Homecoming float committee, W.A.A. ; Gloria Castle — past president of Orchesis, A.W.S. activities committee, Panhellenic standards com- mittee; and Charlotte Goldberg — Panhellenic. Top row: Miller, C. Abenheimer, F. Abenheimer, Alterman, Altman, Baker, Browe. Second row: Castle, Cohn, Cook, Falk, Fine, Friedman. Third row : Gilinsky, Ginsberg, Goldberg, Goldfogel, Kalmans, Loewenberg, Karsh, Klausner. Fourth row: Maltz, Mendels, Metz, Miller, 403 Nedow, Orloff, Pasternack, Perlmutter. FiHb row: Permut, Remer, Sedalnick, Silver, Stam, Strimling, Tarkolf, Tenenson. r » SIGMA DELTA TAU ACTIVES Abenheimer, Cecile Denver, Colo., 50 Abenheimer, Frances Denverj Baker, Marilyn Kansas Cit: Browe, Betty Calumet Cit; Castle, Gloria Denver, Cook, Charlene Denver, Corash, Joanne Denver, Fine, Henrietta Denver, Ginsberg, Louise Des Moines. Alterman, Zelda Denver, Colo., Altman, Marilyn Denver, Colo., Brostoff, Judy Pittsburgh, Pa.j Cohn. Geraldine Omaha. Ne brJ Colbert, Carol Cleveland Heights. C W Z Falk, Anne Boise, IpKl£2. Friedman, Jacqueline Kansas City, Mo., ' 52 Gilinsky, Janice Omaha, Ncbr., 52 Goldfogel, Dorothy Denver, Colo.. ' 49 -tfirtTTBrnj Bernice m. Houston, ua.. ' 81 i Loewei H-g, Doris - mX Chicago, 111., ' 51 [ Maltz. He U " Wilmette, 111., ' 51 Mendels, Marge V - Denver, Colo., 51 I Miller, Annette M...,. Denver, Colo.. ' 50 I Miller, Barbara - m- Denver, Colo., ' 49 [ Misroch, Cynthia - m- . Jersey City, N. J., ' 51 f Glazer, VirginjMf Chestnuft Hill, Mass., 50 Grossman, M Vle Denver, Colo. , 52 Harris. L,o iis M iPeoria. 111., S2 Karsh, arbs H DAiver, Colo., ' 52 KlausnH Cl Wene Deftver, Colo., 52 .AiO UJisMk T » nm ha Nebr., ' 52 | Metz, Zelda Denver, Colo., ' 52 Morton, Judy Detroit, Mich., ' 52 Nedow, Sylvia __ Odessa, Tex., ' 52 OrlofF, Joan Denver, Colo., S1 rBslLiiiatk, Arline Cheyenne, Wyo.. ' SO Perlmutter, Roslyn Denver, Colo., 5l Remer, Rita Chicago, 111., 51 Sattenstein, Ilene Chicago, 111., ' 51 Shore, Edith Ann Flushing, N. Y., ' 50 Silver, Virginia Calumet City, III., ' 50 Sosno, Ruth Denver, Colo., ' 50 Tarkoff, Ruth Denver, Colo., ' 50 Ornsten, Charlotte Great Neck, N. Y., 52 Permut. Ilene Denver. Colo., ' 52 Rittenbaum, Janice Birmingham, Ala., ' 52 Sedalnick, Sally Grand Junction, Colo., ' 52 Silver, Joan Calumet City, 111., ' 52 Stam, Louise Lincoln, Nebr., 52 Strimling, Sharon Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 52 Werthcim, Bernice Cincinnati, O., ' 52 OFFICERS President Norma Burris Vice-President Jackie Williams Secretary Jane Walther Treasurer Mary Pearce House Mother Mrs. Flossie O. Pierce 404 Though the pearl Theta superimposed upon the gold Upsilon has been on the C. U. campus less than two years, the sorority is steadily growing and has found its place in campus life. Now that redecoration of the chapter house is complete, the well-worn books on interior decorating have been exchanged for the more standard English, history and German texts. The Theta Upsilons manage to find time also for the ever-present pledge sneaks, exchange dinners and sorority dances — all of which leave such wonderful memories. All of the charter members will be gone after this year, but the excellent pledge class will form the nucleus for a stronger and better chapter of the future. Top row: Burris, Bell, Billingsley, Booth. Brown, Donnell. Second row: Frank, Harbin, Harmon, Holderness, Kraushaar. Third row: Linner, Losher, McClelland, McKec, Malovrh, Markle, Pcarce. Fourth row: Pospahala, Smith, Walther, Wears, Williams. 405 THETA UPSIION Billingsley, Jeanne Long Beach, Calif., ' 50 Brown, Beth Rifle, Cole, ' 49 Burris. Norma „ _ Joliet, 111., ' 49 Donnell, Lynn Gibsonburg, O., 50 Harbin, Mary Lou Arkansas City, Kans., ' 49 Bell, Joan Bethesda, Md., ' 51 Booth, Marion Enid, Okla., 52 Frank, Geneva Boulder, Colo., ' S 1 ;tives Itzen, Donna Lea, | Palmer, Hr., ' 49 Kraushaar, Kathie H Waukegai Hl., ' 51 Linner, Joyce H. Stillwater, Hi., ' 50 Malovrh, Polly Denver, Ho., 49 .EDGES Holderness, Dotti H Hayden, Ho., ' 51 Losher, Beverly.... P Modesto, Bf-. ' 50 ,M ,i,i. « — . . r- Denver, Mo., ' 52 Pearce, Mary Golden, Colo., Pospahala, Shirley Monte Vista, Colo., Walther, Jane Clayton, Mo., Wears, Marie Morrison, Colo., Williams, Jackie Greeley, Colo., McClelland, Betty Powell, Wyo., McKee, Joni Boulder, Colo., Smith, Madge Hamburg, Iowa, I OFFICERS President Georgene Sensor Vice-President Jean Simmons Secretary Delma Slater Treasurer Joan Wylie House Mother Mrs. Ruby Houghland 406 Gamma Theta of Zeta Tau Alpha concluded their first year on the campus with a Spring formal held at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. Following the theme of Carnival for C. U. Days the en- tered a float of simulated cotton candy. Many tea dances and picnics were held in the remainder of the spring quarter. In the fall the Zeta returned to their new house and with a pledge class of 24 looked forward to a successful year. During Homecoming the idea of the " Roaring Twenties " was carried out in a monstrous gold fish which was in the float finals. Zetas also won second in par- ticipation for Homecoming. The pledges had a sneak with the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity which was a tremendous success. Zeta partici- pated actively in intramurals throughout the year. Active in the political circles of the Associated Students of the University of Colorado are Theo Kapelke and Jean Simmons. Theo was also elected to the German honorary, Delta Phi Alpha. Top row: Sensor. Amato, Baker, Brandhorst, Carroll, Dodd, Fertig. Second row: Fiala, Hammond, Hawkins, Hope, Kapeike. Killian. Third row: Ivindborg, Lintner, Lockhart, Maier. Morgan, Muirhead, Newberry, Penberthy. Fourth row: Ramsey, Roberts, Schoeneck, SchuUer, 407 Schultz, Schumacher, Simmons, Simonds. Fifth row: Slater, Steers, Trueblood, Tuttle, Vogler, Wenziker, Wirtz, Wylie. ZETA TAU ALPHA Carroll, Marjorie Colo. Spgs., Colo., Dodd, Jenny Lou Idledale, Colo., Feucht, Miriam Denver, Colo., Hammond, Mary Littleton, Colo., Kapeike, Thco Trinidad, Colo., Killian, Marianne _ Winnetka, 111., Kissler, Marjorie Ault, Colo., Amato, Ann Denver, Colo., Baker, Dale Mead, Coloj Brandhorst, Carolyn Little Rock, Ark Fertig, Pat Golden, Cojf Fiala, Joan Boulder, Cq Goodrich, Joanne Jackson. Hammans, Jo Ann Denver, Hawkins, Sally Yampa, ' 52 AC1 PJ nts, Mary Ann.. ey, Ann iTerts, Sue ndberg, Lorraine thoeneck, Lois 5chuller, Francis rSchumacher, Sue PLI Hope, Lorna Lindborg, Lindy Lintner. Norma June.. Lockhart, Ann Maier, Collie Morgan, Pat Muirhead, Joyce t)fi£U Doris Denver, ..Littleton, Boulder ...Waukeg; ..Kenilwor Wilmet Wilmet JES ..Colo. Spgs. Wellsbon Homewool Boulder, ....Longmont, Pueblo. Dresden, ....Milwaukee, Seefus, J Hi Evanston, III., Sensor, H San Diego., Calif., Simmons fean Longmont, Colo., Simonds forma Denver, Colo., Slater, I Kna Greeley, Colo., Truebloo |Constance Freeport, 111., Wylie, J Vickaburg, Miss., Rosenbai H Bev Louisville, Colo., Schultz, Hloe Denver, Colo., . •••Mii— Hley Longmont, Colo., Steers, ( B-gia Red Heights, S. D., Tuttle. 1. Chicago, III., Vogeler, ftncy Jerome, Ida., Wenzike BShirley Boulder, Colo., Wirtz, I Beta Amarillo, Tex., ' 50 •50 •49 ' 49 ' 50 •50 ' 49 •51 •52 •52 ' 52 •SI •SI •S2 •51 : v-. ' .V tJ ONE CAM I .Vr, YKJU MET OUR HOUSEMOTHER? X v- ' " • • • .w g P . .?1 Wi 5S%.H« •ae SNOWRABBITS? J KAPPA SIG STILL v ' ' ilk Mpni -m " TO iK uu:-.. 408 CROWING KKG ' s SfcSSL . : - m OT m jM. A NY O ' CLO C K, ROC K Y j MOUNTAIN STANDARD I EYEBALL TIME 409 I ACACIA OFFICERS President Walter Clark Vice-President Eugene Keenan Secretary Robert Purcell Treasurer Gilbert Walker House Mother Mrs. C. E. Bocock 410 Ntf( The Acacia fraternity began another year on the Colorado Uni- versity campus by pledging 22 new men to bring the total member- ship of the chapter to 66 members. The activities of the early part of the year were d ominated by the fall formal held at the Shirley- Savoy Hotel in Denver. This " Symphony in Black and Gold " was a combined formal with the Denver University chapter of Acacia. Last spring the Colorado University Acacians were instrumental in installing the new Acacia chapter at Denver University. Periodical snow-ball fights with the girls in neighboring Regent Hall, skating parties, tea dances, radio dances and coffee-time at Totten ' s were other features of Acacia ' s 1948-49 social season. Win- ter quarter brought with it the annual " Nut Party " given by the pledge class. Acacians prominent in University activities include: Bill Eaton — A. S. U. C. Commissioner of Academic Affairs; Bob Purcell — Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, C. U. Days Committee; Walt Clark— Pi Tau Sigma, committee member on C. U. Days and the Junior Prom. Top row: Clark, Alexander, Arterburn, Bingham. Bergheim, Brown (deceased), Bowen, Bruns, Bullen, Burruss. Second row: D. Carter, R. Carter, Condit, Eaton, Finke, Frost, Graham, Grant, Gray. Third row: Gloyer, Gullett, Hake, Hansen, Harder, Hinsey, Hoffman, Holman, J. Hutchinson, T. Hutchinson, Hughes. Fourth row: Imel, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Keenan, Le Marr, Lewis, McCabe, Moulton, Murray, NichoIIs. Fifth row: Niehans, Norris, Page, Petsch, Polk, Purcell, Raasch, Riffenburgh, Roemer, Romig. Shaw. Sixth row: B. Smith. R. Smith, W. Smith, Statton, Tipton, Voorhees, Walker, Watkins. 411 ACACIA Alexander, William Denver, Colo., ' 51 Bowen, Jack K- . KUrt BT Calif., 49 Brown, Kenn HR - K " ! ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' Bruns, Rober H P° B Colo., 50 Bullen, Gleni H. Gran( Hin Bn, Colo., ' 50 Burruss, Ed i H C P! H ' ' - ° o- ' Carter, Deane H Sha l S H- Kans., ' 50 Clark, Walte B F V- Calif., ' 50 Eaton, Willia lD V° H ' ' - Colo., ' 50 Finke, Rober H SHts K, Nebr., ' 50 Grant, Bill CH CH ft., Colo., ' 49 Cray, Robert K. CH V-. Colo., ' 50 Hake, Richar R SwHp K, Mass., ' 50 Hansen, Kernel E Kl Hand, O., ' 51 Anderson, Lo JE!rT!!!!T!!r!!!!!!!! Kr By, Colo., ' 50 Arterburn, L V E ■P V ' ' ' Colo., ' 52 Bingham, Ri H-d L V ' . K ' ' ' Colo., ' 51 Carter, Ralp M. Sha l K., Kans., ' 52 Coffey, Gera K V w:- Colo., ' 52 Condit, Lero VT .lir.HMl Xala..-U2 Frost, Robert T Denver, Colo., ' 51 ACTIVES Harder, Frederick D Twin Falls, Ida., ITiii Tli ii " — BmiH] rtln., HoflflTn, Edgar J.... ..... H. Denver, Colo., Ho Hn, Loy D - ft— - B Boulder, Colo., Hu Hs. Thomas C., H,... H. Denver, Colo., Hu Bnson, James H— - H Boulder, Colo., Hu Bnson, Thomas |.-- B Boulder, Colo., Ir»H Richard G - l Kimberly, Ida., Jac Hn, Eugene S.- H.... . H Monmouth, 111., Ke Bi, Eugene L... H.... H Denver, Colo., Le Br, Robert P.... B.... H Boulder, Colo., Le H Glenn H ■....H. Rochester, N. Y., Mc H e, Fordyce G. B.-. H Boulder, Colo., Mo B n, Wilson B— - H Denver, Colo., Mu Kr, James F |.. B Canal Zone, Ni( |ls, George C...H....H Honolulu, T. H., lES Ga JtI Roy " TTrr B.... B.Fort Collins, Colo., GlcH, Donald C.....H....H...Scottsbluff, Nebr., Gr Hn, Leroy C H - B Meeker, Colo., GuHl, Donald D... B.... B..Scottsblu(f, Nebr., Im lRay C B.... . Boulder, Colo., -JonHn, Dean S JBi..... W b»»«. ntniiiiii Til., Norris, G. William Denver, Colo., Niehans, Deward R Penrose, Colo., 41iam JUMNHmvHHMMH JCimball, Nebr., V, Walter UK . «|ulder, Colo., Ich, Harold K Jr Henver, Colo., lell, RobertH, Jr Los fteles, Calif., pch, Kennet HV Sogers, Ark., ner, John 1 Hllder, Colo., lig, Richar K Knver, Colo., Gene L l Bllder, Colo., |h, Feay B B Knver, Colo., Ih, Robert | E " ' Colo., ler, Jon D H Gre kend, Kans., Ion, Gene H. Knver, Colo., hees, Luci BV 1 ' H Falls, Ida., leer, J. GiH-t Ei ood, Colo., |, Leslie D tZZTTZZZTZ Bston, N. D., Jack S... l Hbing, Minn., lenburgh, Rc B-t H Fo Hollins, Colo., Ip, Norman H . Holder, Colo., a. Willian . Bulder, Colo., imon, Colo., Watkins, Dale O Scottsblulf, Nebr., ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 OFFICERS President Frederic Anderson Vice-President Donald Nash Secretary Viron Kliewer Treasurer Mark Taggart House Mother Mrs. Rebecca B. Jones 412 The " Hang-Together " Taus were all out for progress this year in every phase of fraternity life. From rush week to June finals, Gamma Lambda men have worked and played together in fraternity and university events. Homecoming, Winter Carnival and C. U. Days were all participated in by the ATO ' s, and our Homecoming house- decoration placed in the finals. Three ATO ' s — Gardner Rogers, Rick Rosenlind and Jack Stoltz — were instrumental in the writing and publishing of the Interfraternity Pledge Manual. Social events were highlighted last year by the " Swiss Serenade, " a week-end party held at Brook Forest Inn. This year our " Western Party, " " Black and White Formal, " Winter Party and Spring Formal have kept us so- cially active. We joined with Delta Delta Delta sorority again this year to present the second annual A. T. O. — Tri-Delt Christmas Program at the Episcopal church. Outstanding Taus on campus include: Gardner Rogers — former vice-president of I. F. C, member of Student Personnel Committee, Sumalia, Pep Club Membership Committee, Freshman Orientation Committee, Canterbury Club, and A. S. M. E. ; Don Gregg — Pep Club, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, and Tau Beta Pi; Jim Hickle —Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., Pi Mu Epsilon and Sig- ma Tau; and Bud Davis — last year ' s Freshman Class president, and member of Greek Combine, Pep Club and Phi Epsilon Phi. h £m 1 V HH l ihj. ' «=: i mm lii l Vw-ga: J J Top row; P. Anderson, Akers, D. Anderson, J. Anderson, Bashor, Berggren, Bowman, Brown, Chew, Chilton, Chontis. Second row: Couper, Davidson, Davis, Day, DeMordaunt, Dinwiddie, Dunning, Eck, E. Erickson, R. Erickson. Third row: Fingado, Frederick, Garnett, Gathers, Gregg, Guffy, Harrington, Henrickson, Hertneky, Herber, Hickle, Hopper. Fourth row: Huddleson, Hutchings, Jewett, Jones, Kilton, Kingsolver, Kliewer, Limberg, Lucas, Mercer, Mitcheltree, Morris. Fifth row: Moss, Mueller, Naity, Nash, B. Newman, H. Newman, Nye. Olson, Orr, Paddock, Parr, J. Patterson. Sixth row: S. Patterson, Power, Reese, Rice, Rogers. Rumsey, Russell, Sage, Santerre, Schelling. Shestak, Stoltz. Seventh row: Sutliff, Taggart, Tracy, Uppendahl, Walters, Washburn, West, Wolf. 413 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Anderson, Frederic E Loveland, Colo., ' 50 Bashor, Ralph B Casper, Wyo., ' 49 Berggren, James L Denver, Col o., ' 50 Chilton, Mark Amarillo, gSfT W " Chontis, John Gary Kd., Davis, William E Loveland, Blo., Day, Robert E Denver, Hlo., Dinwiddie, Walter L Loveland, Hlo., Eck, John W Denver, Blo., Fingado, Henry S Denver, Hlo., Frederick, Don L Dumont, Hlo., Garnett, Thomas H Boulder, Hlo., Gathers, Robert Boulder, Hlo., Gregg, Donald B Englewood, Hlo., Harrington, Thomas J Colo. Spgs., Hlo., Akers, Bryon L Colorado Springs, hIo., ' 52 Anderson, Dean G Loveland, Hlo., 52 Anderson, James R. OgallaIa, Mhii«M£ Bowman, Richard D Western Spring HlL, ' 51 Brown, Gene Idaho Springs, |lo., ' 49 Couper, Colin C „ Denver, Hlo., 52 Davidson, Hugh C Grant Heb., ' 52 De Mordaunt, Walter J Pueblo. Mlo., ' 49 Dunning, Harold B Loveland, Wlo., ' 52 Erickson, Edward D Lakewood, Colo., ' 52 Erickson, Raymond C, Jr Lakewood, Colo., ' 52 ACTIVES Hertneky, Edwin V Pueblo, Colo., Hickle, James C Denver, Colo., Hopper, Richard E Grand Junction, Colo., Kliewe firon D . H. Denver, Limber Eilbert K H-and Junction, Blo., Lucas, H B H Denver, Blo., Mercer, yne H. Denver, Bl - Meyer, Hlliani M H Portland l Mueller jHark G B Boulder, Blo., Nalty, ' Hmas J H Denver, Blo., Nash, r Kld E ■.Highland Par Kll., Newmai Hlarry J H Denver, Blo., Nye, H ld R H Denver,Hlo., PLEKES Guffey, K-land C H Sutherland,Heb., Henriks( | Charles A H. Loveland, Blo., Jii dlM I Ernest P B Corning, Bif., HuIseT B E., Jr . 1 Denver, Blo., Hutchin l Herbert D 1 Loveland, Vlo., Jewett, Hies H K Denver, lo., Jones, Hi C, Jr ■. Rose Ne Mitchelt B John R., Jr.. Biaker Heights, 0|] Morris, Wll M . ? Neosho, Moss, Thurle E Denver, Colo., ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 •48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 49 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 Orr, Duncan H Denver, Colo., Parr, William M Boulder, Colo., Patters on, James T Loveland. Colo., T RWn Stewart E Loveland, Colo., Power, jMward M Longmont, Colo., Reese, Bliam H., Jr Denver, Colo., Rice, L l B Englewood, Colo., Rogers, Hrdner S Evanston, 111., Stoltz, . Bc H Denver, Colo., Taggart |. Mark Denver, Colo., Taylor, Hwis C Palisade, Colo., Uppend H Donald L Boulder, Colo., Walters william Loveland, Colo., West, |nard R Denver, Colo., Wolf, jHes C Denver, Colo., Newmat n illiam F Denver, Colo., Olson, vk D Denver, Colo., PaddockMtephen P Wilmette, 111., Rumsey,H(i chard E St. Anthony, Ida., Russell, pohn R Arcadia, Calif., Sage, RJoert E Longmont, Colo., Schelli g, Ronald G Loveland, Colo., Shestafc, Ted Gary, Ind., Sutlil John D San Diego, Calif., Tracy, Donald R Chicago, 111., Washburn, Dale F Greeley Colo., ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' SO ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •52 ' 51 ' 51 ' 52 ' 52 f lM THETA PI Ba vB-iiatrtsnEssaiiPia ' mism miamsBm WBsmmsa ii£. OFFICERS President Robert W. Tobey Vice-President Ted D. Mason Secretary Milton E. Bacon Treasurer Robert L. Jacobsen House Mother Mrs. Evelyn Cunningham 414 The Beta House swelled its ranks fall quarter with the pledg- ing of 32 men during rush week. With the men pledged last spring and informal rushing throughout the fall, the pledge class now stands at 40. The returning active chapter numbered 64, and a great year is expected by all actives and pledges of the fraternity. The doors of the Beta house stood open to welcome the alumni to a festive open house at Homecoming. Throughout the year, our housemother, Mrs. Cunningham, has ably assisted in the planning of after-game buffets and week-end social functions. The traditional fall formal, " Honeymoon Hotel, " was an outstanding success. Intramural sports have taken the limelight throughout the year, with Beta football and volleyball teams bringing home many victories. Also, this year finds the " Sons of Wooglin " in varied campus activ- ities and varsity sports. E (f I pifl K - ' M MBfr Iff m mS} u» tr Top row: Tobey, Anderson, Armatas, Ault, Bacon, Beckett, Bell, Bergheim, Black, Blasongame, Bowes, Browne. Second row; Brummitt, Butler, Chaney, Coburn, Comer, Cotton, Cozart, Dobos, Downing, DufFord, Duthie. Third row: East, English, Eschenburg, Fortuny, Gardner, Gentry, Goss, Hamilton, Heyer, Hiner, Johns, Johnson, Johnston. Fourth row: Kearney, Kendig, King, Knowlton, Kohler, Koubsky, Lang, Larson, Lee, Lepman, Lincoln, Loeffler, Looms. Filth row: Loucks, MacDonald, McGee, Madelen, Maier, Mason, Mathews, Meyer, Mountjoy, Nash, Newton, Oakes, O ' Donnell. Sixth row: Paddock, Parlapiano, Pulger, G. Rhodes, R. Rhodes, C. Reich, J. Reich, Rosencrans, Ross, Schieman, Sheehan, J. Smith, L. Smith. Seventh row: Spratlen, Storke, Thompson, Tucker, Van Dervort, Walker, Warner, Wheeler, Wiede- mann, Wills, Yantis. 415 Alexander, Robert W Denver, Colo., ' 50 Anderson, Christopher M Lovington, N. M., ' 50 Anderson, Gerald P Omaha, Nebr., Grad Ault, Herbert A Boulder, Colo., ' 50 Bacon, Milton E Balboa, Calif., ' 51 Beckett, Melvin D Long Beach, Calif., ' 50 Bell, Rodney S Brighton. Colo., ' 50 Bowman, J. Clinton Denver, Colo., ' 50 Brewer, George W Greeley,« ?Wr 9T " Browncj James H Boulder ilo., ' 50 Brummitt, Charles D Centervi la., ' 51 Chaney, Ben F Boulder, ilo., ' 50 Coburn, William E Limon, lo., ' 49 Comer, Stuart J Pueblo, ilo., ' 51 Cotton, Ernest K Denver, lo., ' 49 Cozart, Van Holt Denver, lo., ' 50 Dobos, John E _ Denver, lo., ' 50 Downing, Richard Denver, lo., ' 50 Duthie, Robert C Boulder, ( ., Grad East, Marvin R Denver, lo., ' 49 English, Stamejr Hutchinson, an., ' 49 Armatas, James P... ..Denver, 1 , ' J2_ Bergheim, Joe H Boulder, lo., ' 52 Black, Ralph Sterlin III., ' 52 Blasongame, Richard N Loveland, lo., ' 52 Broderson, Neil L Rochester, Y., ' 52 Butler, William C Bloomingto [11., ' 52 Dufford, Philip G Grand Junction, WW!! " 9 Gentry, James H _ Loveland, Colo., ' 52 Gorman, Russell D Omaha, Nebr., 50 Goss, William R Glencoe, 111., ' SO Hancock, Eugene S Long Beach, Calif., ' 50 Kearney, Adrian A Spokane, Wash., ' 51 Kearney, John S Spokane, Wash., ' 52 BETA THETA PI ACTIVES Eschenburg, Charles G Denver, Colo., ' 51 Gardner, Donald F River Forest, 111., ' 50 Hamilton, John M Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hartzell, Edson K Wichita, Kan., Grad Heyer, James W Denver, Colo., ' SO Hiner, Arthur W Denver, Colo., ' 51 Jacobsen, Robert L Denver, Colo., ' 49 Joh ns, Robert F Denver, Colo., ' 51 Johnst Wi m V CMer, WM ' SO Kendig pwH A WheaKid, WH ' 49 Kerrig HTI s W CheyeiH Wyo Brad King, . ■es H Colo. SpHes. C M ' 51 Klingel Ker Houis C Cinc Eti, O M ' 48 Kohler, B b HB Colo. Sp Ks, Co l ' 50 Laving ! ( Bles S D(Her, Co | ' SO Looms, Bte H.. D Her, Co H 49 Lopez, Vlo Hl Mexico ( M, Mex Hrad Loucks Her H G Ceda Ke, Cc B ' 50 MacDo n, Kh Long Kh, Ca B ' 49 Mason, Hd M. D Ber, Co H ' 49 Mathe |GlH. BoHer, CcS ' 50 PLEDGES KoubS Ra ftnd J O Ha, Ne H SO Lang, Bal B Bloon Kton, H ' 52 Larson. y B _ D Ber, Cc l ' 52 Lee, DHId H DHer, C H ' 52 Lepmaj Kic HdD . ncoe, H ' 49 ■ timTBfrJame !! S Plnver, C K ' 52 Loeffler, Wilfred J Denver, Colo., ' 52 Madelen, George C Omaha, Nebr., ' 50 Maier, Julian Denver, Colo., ' 52 McDonnell, William J _ Pueblo, Colo., ' 50 Nash, Franklin M _ Denver, Colo., ' 52 Oakes, Wallace M Denver, Colo., ' 52 O ' Donnell, Canton Denver, Colo., ' 52 McGee, Hugh J Casper, Wyo., ' SO Meyer, Carl D Denver, Colo., ' 49 Mountjoy, Robert C Denver, Colo., ' 50 Newton, Charles T Denver, Colo., ' 50 Paddock, Laurence T Boulder, Colo., ' 50 Peterson, Clarence H Denver, Colo., Grad Reich, Charles J Boulder, Colo., ' 49 Reich, Joh n H Boulder, Colo., ' 51 " WnMBT George F Salida, Colo., Grad Rh B, T. Rex Salida, Colo., ' 49 Ro Hrans, Harold E Pensacola, Fla., ' 49 SinHi, William S Boulder, Colo., ' SO Sm H Jerry L Sioux City, la., ' 51 Spi Kn, John W Denver, Colo., ' 50 Th( Bson, Donald W Littleton, Colo., ' 50 TolH Robert W Wichita, Kan., ' 49 Va Hrvort, James Edgewater, Colo., ' 50 Wa B-, Dunham Kansas City, Kan., ' SO Wl fcr, Walter E Casper, Wyo., ' 49 Wc Hrd, Clark Dcs Moines, Iowa, ' 49 Ya B John A Shelbyville, 111., ' 50 Pa Bano, David C Pueblo, Colo., ' 52 Pu H, Richard M Denver, Colo., ' 52 Ro »?obert E Boulder, Colo., ' SO Sai Hn, Frederick A Wayzata, Minn., ' 52 Sai Hz. Armando Cabaiguan, Cuba, ' 50 Scl Hian, Lisle H Denver, Colo., ' 51 SmUBf Lowry St. Paul, Minn., ' 51 Storke, Fredrick P Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Tucker, Richard C Denver, Colo., ' 52 Voorhis, Peter A. H New York, N. Y., ' 52 Warner, Richard H Denver, Colo., 52 Wiedemann, Theodore W Burlingame, Calif., ' 52 Wills, Lee R Pueblo, Colo., ' 52 I WMmm: CHI PSI OFFICERS President Robert Den Uyl Vice-President Charles Hix Secretary Robert Mclnroy House Manager Robert Woodworth 416 Chi Psi ' s first post-war year at full strength came to an end last spring quarter, and was marked by a successful " Founder ' s Day Dance " at The Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. During the high-pitched C. U. Days celebration the Chi Psi ' s again met the Beta ' s in a tug-o ' -war across Boulder Creek. For the fourth year in a row the Lodgemen proved victorious in this traditional battle and won the usual keg of beer. The Chi Psi ' s started this year very well by obtaining an ex- cellent pledge class. It soon became evident that the Lodgemen would continue to be leaders on the campus when they won the Mor- tar Board Trophy at Homecoming and became a definite threat in the intramural football race. Individual participation in activities has improved, and now Chi Psi ' s are active in most major doings. Under the fine leadership of Bob Den Uyl, Chi Psi is assuming its rightful position among the outstanding fraternities in social,, athletic, scholastic, and all activities on the C. U. Campus. Top row: Phillips, Adler, Boerner, Bryans. Carpenter, Craighead, Croke, Dahl, deLuise. Second row; Den Uyl, Ebaugh, Edwards, Kricson, Francis, Hackstaff, Hampton, Hart. Third row: Hix, Hoff, Hoffman, Haugen, Hoyt, Jones, Jorgenson, Kempner, Kernan, Kintzele. Fourth row: Kirkham, C. Leverenz, J. Leverenz, Lindbery, Little, Martinsen, Mitchell, Mulligan, Mulvihill, Myer. Fifth row: Naquin, Nashem, Ness, O ' Fallon, Oldfather, Palo, Pinkham, Pulis, Purvis, Rock. Sixth row: Rothwell, B. Smith, J. Smith, V. Smith, Thomas, Todd, Van Petten, Whitaker, Wilfley, Woodworth. 417 CHI PSI Adler, Sidney Houston, Tex., ' 48 Banning, David C Denver, Colo., ' 48 Boerner, Robert E Denver, Colo., ' 50 Bryans, William A i Denver, Colo., ' 49 Bussian, Robert A Chicago, 111., ' 48 Carlson, Herbert B Denver, Colo., ' 50 Cochrane, Andrew H Palo Alto, Calif., ' 46 Croke, Kevin C Denver, Colo., ' 50 Davis, Donald G Denver, Colo., ' 50 Deluise, Rudolph Denver, Colo., ' 50 Den Uyl, Robert Grosse Point, Mich., ' 49 Edwards, M. Keith Kearney, Nebr., ' 51 Francis, Thomas M Denver, Colo., ' 49 Hackstaff, Cyrus A Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hampton, O. Winston Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hart, William O Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hix, Charles F., Jr Estes Park, Colo., ' 47 Carpenter, William Milwaukee, Wis., ' 51 Dahl, Claus Oslo, Norway, ' 50 Ebaugh, Donald Denver, Colo., ' 51 Ericson. Eric Brooklyn, N. Y., ' 51 Hancock, Thomas Greeley, Colo., ' 51 Haugen, Gordon Denver, Colo., ' 51 Heizer, Robert E., Jr Denver, Colo., ' 50 Hoffman, Shad Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 50 Jorgenson, Jack Wilmette, 111., ' 52 ACTIVES Hoff, Donald E Riverside, III., Hogue, Robert E Boulder, Colo., Hoyt, Charles R JB)enver, CI Jones, Asa T - K ' eeley, CI ernan, Stephen A.- Ktings, Nc Kintzele, Donald J. K)ulder, C| |verenz, Carl E.. . vChicago, Cerenz, Jacque . Mchicago, |sell. James.... . Benver, Cl nroy. Robert V . Benver, Cl hell, Rexfo e L R K Ford, Cl lihill, Johrf . Benver, cl M: Rendle . Wenver, C| Na . Tho as C M. Louis, Nasl , Norfnan R IMkima, Wj O ' Fd fc, lifirtin ■)enver, C| PLEDGES Kepner, H-rison ...Llenver, Kirkha , Bpil Atherton, CJ Lindb y. bert Santa Barbara, Ca. Litle ThdMs Wyzata, Mj Martinsen. ftristopher Oslo, No MulTigan, m ne Denver, Ness, John Englewood, Colo., Palo, David Great Falls, Mont., Oldfather, Richard Kearney. Nebr., ' SI Patterson, James Denver, Colo., 50 illips, Vernon L Ruedi, Colo., ' 49 lis. Jay B Denver, Colo., ' 49 rvis, John A Englewood, Colo., ' 50 ck, Frank D Dayton, Ohio, ' 50 ith, Blake C Chicago, III., ' 49 ith, Vernon H., Jr Omaha, Nebr., ' 48 mners, William Denver, Colo., ' 51 omas, John H Boulder, Colo., ' 51 omas, Victor C Boulder, Colo., ' 50 dd, John S Fanwood, N. J., ' 49 n Petten, Edward Thermopolis, Wyo., ' 49 ampler, VVilson W Denver, Colo., ' 49 hitaker. Brown Fort Collins, Colo., ' 51 ilfley, George M Boulder. Colo., ' 49 oodworth, Robert O Denver, Colo., ' 50 ark, John. Denver, Colo., 52 Peters, John Wilmette, 111., ' 52 Pinkham, Samuel Santa Barbara, Calif., ' 52 Rock, Charles S Dayton, Ohio, ' 52 Rothwell, Robert Santa Barbara, Calif., ' 52 Smith, James H Denver, Colo., ' 51 Throm, Robert Denver, Colo., ' 50 Wallace, Bruce Denver, Colo., ' 52 Wilfley, Arthur Boulder, Colo., ' 50 I OFFICERS President ► Kent Durfee Vice-President Edward Otte Secretary Gordon Ray Treasurer Robert Phillips 418 ♦ ♦ ' ' ♦ This fall marked the completion of the first active postwar year for Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. Under the leadership of President Kent Durfee, the returning actives and pledges im- mediately laid plans to make this a banner year for the rapidly ex- panding chapter. An extensive rushing campaign and a complete redecoration and refurnishing of the house interior have started off activities for the current year. A review of the past year shows the Delta Sigs were active participants in all major intramural sports and campus activities. Foremost among its successes were the honors of receiving third place for the Delta Sig float entry in the C. U. Days parade and fourth place on a like entry for Homecoming. The year ' s social calendar was highlighted by the annual " Sailor ' s Ball, " presented amidst a significant " South Sea Island " setting at the Alps Lodge in Boulder Canyon. Supporting social events through- out the year included the " Stocking Stampede, " " Hobgobblin Holi- day, " and various tea dances, picnics, exchange dinners and hay rides with sororities. Top row: Durfee, Bear, Boncelet, Breyfogle, Dole, Doyle, C. Dreith, R. Dreith. Second row: Eddleblute, Fithian, Fullerton, Galing, Hagaman, Harper, Hcckart. Third row: Hertha, Hinshaw, Holm, Jann, B. Keating, E. Keating, Keithly, Logan, Luedke. Fourth row: McGrew, Magerfleisch, Manning, Mixon, Morgan, Musser, Otte, Phillips. Polczinski. Fifth row: Ray. Rice, Sanders, Schwartz. Shoemaker, Specht. Thomas. 419 DELTA SIGMA PHI Bear, Robert _.. Philadelphia, Penn., Boncelet, Charles Union City, N. J., Breyfogle, Roger Alton, 111., Doyle, Donald Mintum, Colo., Dreith, Charles Berthoud, Colo., Dreith, Robert Berthoud, Colo., Durfee, Kent Phoenix, Ariz., Eddleblute, Clarence Denver, Colo., Fithian, James Denver, Colo.. Fullerton, Charles Morrill, NebrJ Galing, Searcy Baytown, Tex Dole, James San Bruno. CaJ Roster, Daniel Uravan. C Gump, James Phoenix, Hinshaw, Thomas Boulder, L CTIVES M agaman, Harry L Denver, Colo., |rper, Lorren. .. . Denver, Colo., Hirward, Harold.. . Englewood, Colo., HAkart, Charles... Santa Ana, Calif., Hesha, Kenneth. ... Berthoud, Colo., HolVi, Herbert Denver, Colo., Janil William . . Brooklyn, N. Y., KeatVg, Bernard ! Edgemont, S. D., Keatifcg, Edwin - A- Edgemont, S. D., Logail Howard 1 Wichita. Kan., McGre , Robert - k- Phoenix, Ariz., pi Lges Jones, ftavid . Hl Oakland, Bf., Keithly, Lawrence - f- Boise, Leavitt, Thomas - m- Gardner, Luedke, Robert - m- North Plflk, Manning, idney..... K Grand BI B, Mich., |MagerfIeisch, Virgil Fort Morgan, Colo., Morgan, Robert North Girard, Penn., iMusser, Frank Highland Park, 111., )tte, Edward Tigard, Ore., ■Phillips, Robert Cedaredge, Colo., IPolczinski, Alfred Pulaski, Wise, ■Ray, Gordon Blackfoot, Idaho, ■Rice, James „ Denver, Colo., ■Sanders, Maurice Olathe, Colo., IShoemaker, John Freeport, 111., |Thomas, Robert Greeley, Colo., ■Nixon, l Bik Delta, Colo., lOrton, E ftell Phoenix, Ariz., ISchwart Bruce. Denver, Colo., Bdie Loveland, Colo., ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 •51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' SO ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 I . • s ' iin OFFICERS President Sidney B. Poling Vice-President Donald E. Willis Secretary Walter D. Jordan Treasurer Herbert Bacon House Mother Mrs. C. Haven Ladd 420 Looking back on the 65 years of its active representation on the University of Colorado campus, Beta Kappa of Delta Tau Delta notes with great pride its many distinctions and accomplishments in social life, intramural and varsity athletics, scholarship, and stu- dent activities. Reviewing the preceding winter and spring quarters, the chap- ter well remembers its four " firsts " in intramural basketball, wrest- ling, boxing, and softball. During C. U. Days the Delts came through with their " human cannon-ball " float to capture another first. Formals, exchange dinners, tea dances, and serenades all con- tributed to the fraternity ' s social program for the year. Highly suc- cessful was " Heaven and Hell, " theme of the fall formal given in honor of the pledge class. Mother Ladd, in her 13 years as house mother, remains ever- gracious and charming as the most popular resident of the shelter. Among prominent Delts on the campus are: Harry Narcisian, Dane Graves, Pete Thompson, and Bill Case — on the varsity foot- ball team; Bill Smith — President of the business school; Ralph Clark — Buff Pep Club president; Art Cross — general chairman of 1948 Homecoming; and Wayne Hulitzky — managing editor of the Coloradan. WIS i Top row: Poling. Allnutt, K. Anderson, J. Anderson, R. Anderson, Angove, Arnold, Atkinson, Bacon, Balderston, Bauer, Bearden. Second row: Beck, Bell, Boomhowe,, Brackenbury, Bronson. Brown, Cantrell, Carpenter, Case, Chapin, Conkling. Third row: Creighton, A. Cross, R. Cross, Davis, Dixon, Duthie, Enochs, R. Falkenberg, W. Falkenberg, Feist, Fenn, Fowler, Froistad. Fourth row: Fullerton, Gam, Gragg, C. Graves, D. Graves, Gribble, Grieb, Guinand, Gwinn, Harrington, Hawkins, Heuston, Hix. Fifth row: Hondius, Hudson, Hulitzky, Jordan, Kiefer, Killefer, Kir.g, Lathrop, Lewis, Lodge, Malone, Manley, Marty. Sixth row: Menk, Merrill, Milek, Miller, Miner, Morris, Munday, Narcisian, Nichols, Paine, G. Peters, L. Peters, Pike. Seventh row: Reed, Reno, Rethlefsen, Rice, Roughton, Sevier, Shattuck, Skillman, Simons, Sincerbeaux, U. Smith, W. Smith, S. Smith. Eighth row: Spicer, Spore, Tapp, Troxell, Ulrich, Wamsley, Warren, Wicklund, D. Willis, R. Willis, Winfrey, Wulfekuhler, Zick. 421 Colo, Colo, Anderson, Richard Casper, Wyo Atkinson, Horace Greeley, Colo, Bacon. Herbert Grand Junction, Colo, Balderston, Robert Media. Pa, Barr, Harold Port Arthur, Tex Bearden. John Trinidad, Colo, Bell, Jack Kansas City, Mo, Bennett. Donn Boulder. Colo., Bennett, John Greeley. Colo, Boomhower. Donald Alhambra, Calif, Brackenbury, Richard Fort Collins. Colo. Cantrell, Richard Evanston, 111, Carlson, Ronald Boulder, Colo. Carpenter, Scott Jamestown, Colo. Case, William Fort Collins, Colo. Clark, Ralph Longmont, Cohig. James.. Denver, Conkling, Donald Boulder, Creighton, James Flagler, Cross, Arthur Boulder, Cross, Richard Boulder, Denig, George Fort Collins, Dixon. Kenneth Denver, Dolan, George Pueblo. Falkenberg, Robert Mission, Falkenberg, William Denver, Allnutt. William Greeley. Anderson, Herman Yorba Linda, Anderson, Jack Lakewood. Angove, Rodney Loveland, Arnold, Bud Denver, ' Bauer. Richard Highland Park. Ill.i Beck. Rodney Wichita. Kan., Bronson. Bill Denver, Colo., Brown, Robert Fort Collins, Colo., Chapin. Leverett Denver. Colo., Davis. Martin Kansas City, Mo., De Pontes, James Honolulu. T. H., Duthie. Richard Monte Vista, Colo., Enochs, Robert Glendale. Calif., Fenn, James Sioux Falls, S. D., DELTA TAU DELTA ACTIVES Farnham. Harry Boulder, Colo., Feist, Edwin Denver, Colo. Fisher, Hugh Trinidad, Colo., Fowler, Jack Eldorado Springs, Colo. Froistad, John Cheyenne, Wyo. Fullerton, Donald Denver, Colo. Gragg, William Boulder, Colo, Graves, Dean Longmont, Graves, Dane Longmont, Gribble, Geo rge Boulde r, Grieb, Roberf ■uinand, Jerome winn, Donald all, Henry_ arrington, Ronald.. uston, Philip , George dius, Pieter Robert tzky, Wayne ' n, Donald Jordln, Walter King! Robert LewiA John Lewism Stanton LodgeA Allen Malonei Theodore Colo Colo. Colo. SWWHn wn, Pa. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Casper, Wyo. Boulder, Colo. -Estes Park, Colo. ..Estes Park, Denver, Denver, Tulsa, Tulsa, Greeley, Coloi Boulder, Coh ..Longmont, Col] Denver, Co ..Mansfleld, O PLEBES South Fork. Evanston, John H. Lakewood, nk B Berkeley, obert. ..; Balboa, ' 52 Lathrop, Carl Cheyenne, Wyo. ' 52 Manley, Elmer Wahiawa, Oahu, T. H. ' 52 Marty, John Trinidad, Colo., ' 52 McCartney Edward Greeley, Colo. ' 52 Merrill, Henry Evanston, lU.i ' 52 Miner, Richard Bloomfield Hills, Mich., ' 52 Moore, Ramon Greeley Colo , ' 52 Munday, Walter Glendale, Calif.. ' 50 Paine, George Evanston, 111. 52 Reed, Dwight Compton, Calif., Colo, Colo, Colo Okla Okla Menk, Merlin Staunton, 111., ' 48 Milek, David Omaha, Nebr., ' 49 Miller, Keith Greeley, Colo., Grad Morris, Roy Denver, Colo., ' 51 Narcisian, Harry Denver, Colo., ' 50 Nichols, Thomas Rocky Ford, Colo., ' 50 Peters, George Berwyn, III., ' 49 Peters, LeRoy Greeley, Colo., ' 50 Pike, Robert Fort Collins, Colo., Poling, Sidney Ottumwa, Iowa, Raymond, Rollin Boulder, Colo., Rethlefsen, Frank Monrovia, Calif., Rice, Reginald Wilmette, 111., oughton, Curtis Monte Vista, Colo., hattuck, John Trinidad, Colo., ith, William H Evanston, 111., ith, William S Evanston, 111., Slicer, Walter Newport Beach, Calif., Spcrc, Roy Denver, Colo., TaVp, Bancroft Kansas City, Mo., Thknpson, Peter Boulder, Colo., Tur er, John Denver, Colo., WaAsley, Walter Tulsa, Okla., Warfcn, Charles Ft. Collins, Colo., Willi , Donald Colorado Springs, Colo., Zick, VRolan Greeley, Colo., ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 49 •50 •50 •50 ' 50 Richey, y yrna Boulder, Colo., 52 Rodie, Melvin Denver, Colo., 52 Rudy, Efcler Denver, Colo., ' 52 Sevier, J ck Denver, Colo., ' 52 ilBlOllJi. Bick Sioux Falls. S. D., ' 52 Sincerbeaux. Robert New Rochelle, N. Y., ' 52 Skillman, John Denver, Colo., ' 52 Smith, Dean Glendale, Calif., ' 52 Tobin, William Casper, Wyo., ' 52 Troxell, Richard Longmont, Colo., ' 52 Ulrich, Donald Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 52 Wickland, Eldon Oak Park, 111., ' 52 Willis, Richard Evanston, 111., ' 52 Winfrey, Robley Ames, Iowa, ' 52 Wulfekuhler, Albert Naalehu, T. H., ' 52 OFFICERS President James E. Maloney Vice-President. .John M. Mann, Ralph D. McDaniel Secretary Sam N. Winningham Treasurer John C. Corbridge House Mother Mrs. J. W. Parish 422 The usually " dead " winter quarter was jolted back to life by Kappa Sigma when the K-Sigs held their picturesque " Casa de Lopez " winter formal. Chapter activities rolled to a new high in the spring quarter when Kappa Sigma combined forces with Sigma Nu and Phi Delta Theta to instigate a new and clever spring street dance, turn- ing the 1100 block on Pennsylvania into a gay " Mardi Gras. " This affair was enjoyed by so many of the participants that is 1949 version is eagerly anticipated. The C. U. Days celebration found the Kappa Sigs bringing smiles to the faces of both students and townsfolk. The grins were wrought with a " human atom smasher, " a log-rolling scramble, and a ridiculous photography concession at the great carnival. Rush week found the Kappa Sig house winning laurels for hos- pitality and fellowship. This was proven by the strong and capable pledge class choosing Kappa Sigma as their future home. Teamwork was the key word in the success of the K-Sigs in fall intramurals. The water polo and bowling teams each won their respective crowns, while the football and volleyball teams were barely squeezed out of a tie for first place. With the annual Kappa Sigma formal, based on a nightclub motif, the quarter ended with the K-Sigs planning bigger and better things in their traditional manner. ly . • » fc fc - V ) 1% (al i§i Top row: Maloney, Becker. Benight. Benzel. Bower. BradBeld. Brewer. Brown, Burger. Caughren, Second row: W. C. Chance, W. S. Chance, Cheney, Clardy, Cody, Corbridge, Crowe, Dometrovitch, Donaldson. Third row: Ellis, Fairvalley, Farrens, Fox, Futera, Grayson, Gressett, Griffis, Guinn, Hall, Halloway. Fourth row: Herdman, Ingwersen, Jaynes, Johnson, Jones, Kane, Lazorchick, Lebsock, Lipson, Lundy, McMannis. Fifth row: Maich. D. Mann, J. Mann, Mitchell, Mount, Nath, Nicholson, O ' Brien, Overton, Padgett, Pepperell. Sixth row: Riley, Rudwall, Saegert. Sampson, Sandfort. Shaw. Sheppard. Smith. Stenicka. Symes, Zorno. Seventh row: Tower, Watson, Weldon, Wendell, West, Whelan, White, Wingate, Winningham, Woodward. 423 KAPPA SIGMA Benight, William M Denver, Colo., " SI Hilton, Herb R Detroit, Mich., ' SO Bower, Jay G. Canon City. Colo., ' 50 Bradfield. Robert M Boulder. Colo.. ' 49 Brewer. George F Menomanie, Wise, ' 50 burger, Harry, Jr Canon City. Cole. ' 51 Caughren, James H Albuquerque, N. M., ' 49 Chance, Wiley S Denver, Colo., ' 50 Chance. William C Denver, Colo., ' 50 Cheney. Russell E. Boston, Mass., ' 50 Cody, Donald J Denver, Colo.. ' 50 Crowe. Clifford N Denver, Colo., ' 50 Donaldson, Jay W Denver, Colo., ' 44 Evans, Louis Houston, Tex.. ' 5J Evans. Lloyd Denver. Colo.. ' 4| Faber. Lee Grand Junction. Colo.. ' 4a Fairvalley, Jay C Riverside 111., ' 4l Farrens, Merle P San Bernadino, Calif., ' 51 Futera, Anthony J Cicero, III.. ' 59 Gressett, Thomas O _ Denver, Colo., ' sJ Griffis, James A l,ake Forest, III., ' 4 Becker, J. Richard Wheaton, III., Benzel, Herb J Cicero, 111., Brock, James W Denver. Colo., Brown. Bruce R Denver, Colo., Davis, Leslie F Colo. Spgs., Colo.. Dometrovich, Frank J Denver, Colo.. Ellis. Clifton A Tulsa. Okla.. Funk. Stanton Panama Canal Zone. Grayson. Richard E Pasadena. Calif.. ACTIVES Guinn, S. Lester Denver, Colo., ' 48 Hammond, Franklin P Canon City, Colo.. ' 49 Heapes, Robert E St. Louis, Mo., ' 50 Herdman, Eric B Boulder, Colo., ' 49 Hill, Lee Boulder, Colo., Grad Hoffmeister, Bert Denver, Colo., ' 49 Holloway, Richard D Sterling, Colo., ' 51 Ingwerson, Don F Denver, Colo., ' 51 Tacobson, Conrad Casper, Wyo., 49 Jaynes, Robert L Canon City, Colo., ' 50 Jones, Bobby T Julesburg, Colo., ' 51 Kane, John W Albuquerque, N. M., ' 50 Lazorchick. Dan C.y. J mXttv v VaH Pan ' 6 Lebsock. G. Williafa F Morgan. Colo.. ' 50 Lipson. Leland . benver, Colo.. 50 Lundy. Paul E . . •owler, Colo., ' 49 Maich, Bert MT. l Hville, Colo., ' 49 Major, Williami - H ver, Colo., ' 49 Marshall, O in W Kiver, Colo., ' SO McCoy, Jaiftes R Aver, Colo., ' 50 McManisyCharles R kthens. O., ' 51 Metzineyf James Bc r, Colo., ' 49 PLEDGES in. Arthur F Colo. Sp Colo., ' 52 -larpring, L. Richard Ci , III., ' 51 ' Hodgson, Paul S OgdjHtytah, ' 52 Johnson, Harry C Denve HColo., ' 50 Mann. Douglas B Hinsd V III.. ' 50 litchell. James W Sterli Colo.. ' 52 (ount. Robert G Wl Ki. III., ' 51 Srien, Richard B Council Bs, Iowa, ' 51 OvVton, David M Wi H, Kans.. ' 50 Nath, John H San Diego, Calif.. Nicholson, Douglas O Englewood, Colo., Padgett. Bob F Colo. Spgs., Colo., Perkins, George P Wilmette, 111.. Raso. Augie Denver, Colo., Sampson. Jack P Junction City, Kans., Shaw, Russell R Mattoon, III., Sheppard, N. Rex Denver, Colo., Smith, Gurdon F -..Denver, Colo.. Steinmetz, Marvin H Sioux Falls, S. D., Stenicka, Charles E Omaha, Nebr., Symes, Richard M Orinda, Calif.. I Tower, Norman Denver, Colo.. Watson. Harold Colo. Spgs., Colo., Weldon, Donald M Wilmette, III., Wendell, Richard M Denver, Colo., West, Daniel S Pueblo, Colo.. White, Otis U Colo. Spgs., Colo., Woodward, Charles E Centralia, Wash., Young, Charles E Pueblo, Colo., Zorno, Robert F Elgin, III., Pepperell, Jim D Huntington Park, Calif., Riley, Joseph E Cicero, III., Rudwall, John C Cicero, III., Saegart, Bill E Denver, Colo., Sandfort, Fred F Wichita, Kans., Stevens, Richard L Denver, Colo., IStupp, Robert P St. Louis. Mo., Whelan, Thomas E Denver, Colo., Wingate, Monroe J Albuqij rque, N. M.. ' SO ' 49 ' SO ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 48 ' 46 ' 50 ' SI ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 •49 •49 •49 lAMBDA CHI AlPHA OFFICERS Presideot Robert L. Frazee Vice-President James E. Dora Secretary Morton W. Burt Treasurer Charles W. Hurd 424 The second year of reactivation finds the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity boasting of an expanding pledge class and a very capable active chapter. A full social calendar added to the advancement of the chapter in campus so- ciety. Among the outstanding social events of the year were the pledge dance, given in honor of the actives, and the big Halloween " Hay Hop, " for which the house was adequately decorated in true harvest style. At Homecoming Lambda Chi Alpha presented " Flapper Fanny " as its contribu- tion to the " Roaring Twenties " theme. The dancer, doing a modified version of the fan-dance, was the cause of much speculation among the alumni. In intramural sports. Lambda Chi participated in football, volley-ball, tennis, basketball and others. These activities, plus the many other social events of the year, in no way hampered the high scholastic standing that the chapter has managed to maintain during the past two years. The prestige of the chapter has been increased by an active representation in various campus activities. Gene Martine was elected president of the Spanish Club last fall. As a member of the Polyglot Players Club, he had the male lead in a Spanish play, Sueno de una Noche de Agosto. In the field of campus publications, John Nelson was active on the editorial staff of the Window. Chuck Hurd was re- sponsible for the reorganization of the University ' s Camera Club and served as presi- dent. An outstanding skier, Fred Nyland, was active in the Ski Club and was a member of the Ski Patrol at Aspen, Colorado. Top row: Prazee, Abbott, Bender, Brady, R. Bright, S. Bright, Brown, Bryant, Burt. Second row: Butterfield, Campbell, Catterson, Clark, Dickinson, Dora, Goodson, Hallam. Third row: Hills, Humphrey, Hurd, D. Johnson, M. Johnson, Lasley, Lestoque, Martin, Martine, Marling. Fourth row: Muenzinger, Murphy, Nelson. Nyland, Orzalli. Peterson, Rinehart, Russell, Scribner, Segur. Fiith row: Short, St. John, Swanson, Timblin, Telk, Veseth, Wawrose, Walz, Wilson, Woitkiewicz. 425 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Abbott, Hugh B Western Springs, 111., Bender, R. William Johnstown, Colo., Brown, Frank F Breckenridge, Colo., Bryant, Floyd H Little Rock, Ark., Burt, Morton W. La Grange, 111., Campbell, Neill H Denver, Colo., Christopher, Robert A Audubon, N. J., Clark, Albert F., Jr Los Angeles, Calif.. Dora, James E Denver, Colo., Frazee, Robert L Keokuk, Iowa J Hallam, John S Denver, C0I0.J Allen, Wayne F Dillon, Cq Bright, Robert Y. Rochester, N. Bright, Samuel D Rochester, Nj Butterfield, Duane E Omaha, Catterson, A. Duane Denver, Degani, Donald I Durango, Dickinson, Milan A Waban, ACTIVES I Hurd, Charles . El B so Kx., ' 49 asley, Harolo . MeAer, H Io., ' SO Aartine, Euget . La Junta Blo., ' 50 parting, Fredri w Djmver. Klo., ' 50 luenzinger. Jol w B ulder, B lo. lurphy, Thomas Me City, Nllson, H. John. M ntpelie Hda. NJUand, Frederic Boulder H)lo. Peterson, Douglas AlbuDuerque, H M RinVhart, Tom E...) Ocla. City. ftla Rus ell, Arthur L... aho Fall Bda. Dudle Doyte C Dillon, Io., ' 52 GoodsoV. Bob M L- Amarill( Bex j 52 Hills, Hrederic A -... BVest Newton, ?? " ?? Johnson, Donald T J K Trinidad, Klo., ' SO Johnson, Melvin O A h Denver plo., ' SO Johnson, IRobert G - --- Omaha. Hbr., ' 52 Scribn BKenneth J San Diego, Calif.. Segur, Biald L La Grange, 111., Short, Hl L Canon City, Colo., Starbuc Hohn G Denver, Colo., St. Joh tarl F De Beque, Colo., Swanso H:. Robert Denver, Colo., Timblin Kloyd O Denver, Colo., Walz, Bik C Boulder, Colo., Wawro HFrederic E Englewood, Colo., Wiotki Hz, Joseph S Maynard, Mass., Young, Khard M Marion, Ind., Lestoqu HWalter P Denver, Colo., Lewisf Hrshall D Los Angeles, Calif., UrereBT Karles W Omaha, Nebr., OrzalIi, Bhn B Yuba City, Calif., Telk, (H-Ies L Telluride, Colo., Veseth, Kymond C Banning, Calif., Wilson, H;nry F., Jr Indianapolis, Ind., ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 54 •50 ' SO ' SO ' 52 ' 52 ' 52 •52 ' 52 •52 •52 I LIST OF OFFICERS AND HOUSE MOTHER President Don Jones Vice-President Ward Crockett Secretary Jack Henderson Treasurer Bill Giltner House Mother Mrs. Louise Bell 426 PHI DELTA THETA - i v a ' f, i-aM : iv. i : ' .iiiLi i.J i itI:u. ' : li ... Phi Delta Theta started its 46th successful year on the University of Colorado campus by pledging 38 men who whole-heartedly supported the many fraternity activities. Colorado Alpha was represented by 16 members at the Centennial Convention of Phi Delta Theta held last summer at Oxford, Ohio. This convention, celebrating Phi Delta Theta ' s 100th year as an international fraternity, with representatives from its 108 chapters, laid plans for another century of leadership and progress. One of the outstanding events of the year was the return of Mother Bell to the " Phi " house after a four year absence. Mother Bell soon won over the hearts of all to whom she was new and renewed old friends ' affection for her. We predict a long reign for Mother Bell at the Phi Delta " castle. " Climaxing the spring quarter, and for the second consecutive year. Phi Delta Theta copped the C. U. Days Participation Cup plus first place in the Songfest and track meet. The popular bi-annual Woodchoppers ' Ball topped our social activities for the fall quarter and was, as usual, the outstanding dance on the campus. Many Phi Delts are active participants in varsity athletics, student publications, and various committees. Among the most prominent Phi ' s on the campus arc Joe Reynolds — President of A.S.U.C, Heart and Dagger, outstanding business senior; Ralph Merritt — Heart and Dagger, outstanding engineering senior; Ward Crockett — president of the Greek Combine; and Paul Shull and Don Jones — Sumalia. Phi Delta Theta looks with confidence into the future with plans for continuing our leadership and participation in campus activities. 1 " vyii fH??jp ' P ' ' Top row: Jones, Adams, Bailey, Barker, Barnhill, BartHng, Bennett, Black, Boyce, Brennan, Bumpus. Second row: Burnett, Cambor, Carleton, Catanzaro, Chase, Clapper, Clarke, Collins, Corbin, Crockett. Third row: Crooke. Crumpacker, Dillingham, Egge, Evans, D. Eubank. W. Eubank, Fagg, Faubion. Funk, Gelvin, Giltncr. Fourth row: Goley, K. Hayes, W. Hayes, Henderson, Huggins, Irion, F. Johnson, H. Johnson, N. Johnson, R, Johnson, W. Johnson, Kelsey. Fifth row: Kilborne, Knollc, Krapf, Lewis, Ludeman, Lueck, McCarty, Majesky, Malcolm, Marlink, Marriott, Martin. Sixth row: Mosher, Moyer, Ocamb, Paddock, R. T. Pickens, R. Pickens, Powell, Pry, Pugh, Ready, Robertson, Rogers. Seventh row: Rothschopf, R. Rush, W. Rush, Shasteen, Shull, Simpson, Spielman, Stanley, Stark, Stephenson, Telk, Theotokatos, Thornes. Eighth row: Ungemach, Von Wyl, Wasem, Webber, Webster, Whaley, Wilson, Wise, Wotipka, J. P. Williams, J. W. Williams, P. Williams, Wright. 427 PHI DELTA THETA Adams, Arthur W., Jr Colo. Spgs., Colo., Back, Bill Belleville, 111., Bailey, Jim Amarillo, Tex., Barker, Dick Boulder, Colo., Barnhill, Sam El Dorado, Kans., Black, Stanley Loveland, Colo., Boyce, Frank Sioux Falls, S. D., Brennan, Jack Rochelle, III., Burnett, Don Durango., Colo., Cambor, Glenn Denver, Colo., Carleton, Neil Sterling, Colo., Carroll. Gene Santa Fe, N. M., Clapper, Robert Billings, Mont., Clarke, Conway Glenwood Spgs., Colo., Collins, Earl Beverly Hills, Calif., Corbin, Rex Red Oak, la., Crockett, Ward Denver, Colo., Crooke, Robert Cripple Creek, Colo., Crumpacker, Wilson Enid, Okla., Donley, Robert Dallas, Tex., Egge, Merle Garretson, S. D., Eubank, Dillard M Raytown, Mo., Eubank, William Kansas Citv Fagg, Robert Aberdeen ' D Bartling, Mebus Kansas City Bennett, Don Denvei lo., Brown, Kenneth Brighton, Catanzaro, Sam Chicago, 111., Chase, Richard Denver, Colo., Cook, Jack Council Bluffs, la., Dillingham, Tom Enid, Okla., Eissler, George Argentina, S. A., Evans, Sam Enid, Okla., Hayes, Ken Rochelle, III., Hodel, Merwin Rockford, 111., Hodel, Ronald Rockford, III., Johnson, Wayne Brighton, Colo., ACTIVES Faubion, Bill Caldwell, Ida., Funk, Richard Shirley, III., Gelvin, Tom Topeka, Kans., Giltner, Bill Elliott, la., Goley, Gene Enid, Okla., Hayes, William Rochelle, III., Henderson, Jack Denver, Colo., Irion, Richard Colo. Spgs., Colo., Johnson, Alan mm La Junta, 4oti Johnson, Famum . V ... Falls Churc " Johnson, Howard - V— Longmon| Johnson, Norville. Johnson, Sam. Jones, Don Kelsey, Bob.... Kennedy, Owen. Krapf, John Malcolm, George. Marlink, Richard. Martin, George. Moe, Bud Moyer, Dean. Larry r ' lCkei Robi Kilbor«Terd KnoU rrj V. D%nve| Dona H Grosse I%int| S2 H Ludeman, B Hn Delvef ' 52 1 Lueck, Dic l y. De v er 51 Majesky, JaH RWJSWT ' Rves, ' 52 Marriott, Fred Boulder, Colo., ' 51 McCarty, Pat Brush, Colo., ' 52 Mosher, Charles Hinsdale, III., ' 52 Ocamb, Harold Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Paddock, Mark Clinton, la., ' 50 Pitcher, Donald Ft. Collins, Colo., ' 52 ' 49 Pickens, Russ Richmond, Calif., ' 50 Pry, Wayne Denver, Colo., ' 51 Ready, Dick Berkeley, Calif., ' SO Roberts, Sun Lafayette, Colo., ' 51 Rogers, Dick Boulder, Colo., ' 51 Rothschopf, Kenneth Parker, Colo., ■50 Rush, Bill Salida, Colo., ' 50 Rush, Robert Salida, Colo., flm lt y i, Don La Junta, Colo., Shull, kul Dighton, Kans., Simpso Cecil Cripple Creek, Colo., Stanlej Kent _ Denver, Colo., Stark, H La Junta, Colo., Stephe fc, Bud Enid, Okla., Van L l Richard Denver, Colo., Von W B Paul Denver, Colo., Webbe p?obert Memphis, Tenn., Webst(MKent Amarillo, Tex., Whale ».ynn Denver, Colo., WilliaiH Jim Kingsburg, Calif., Willia B Paul Kingsburg, Calif., Wilsoi Karl Colo. Spgs., Colo., Wise, Hb Sparks, Nev., WotipHJack El Paso, Te Powell Kobert Denver, Colo., Pugh, sell Loveland, Colo., Robert ! Robert Durango, Colo., Spenc BDonald Alamosa, Colo., Spicln r Gene Los Altos, Calif., SWWSr Rodger Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Theotokatos, Tom Salida, Colo , ' 52 Thornes, Fred Ft. William, Ont., Can., •52 Tubbs. Ronald Claredon Hill, III., ' 52 Ungemach, Charles Denver, Colo., ' 52 Utley, Edward Michigan City, Ind., ' 52 Wasem, Henry Fort Dodge, la., Wright, Francis Brighton, Colo., ' 49 ' 49 ' SO ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 •50 ■51 ' 50 •51 ' 51 •51 •50 •50 •51 ' 49 ■49 •49 ■50 ■49 ' 50 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 51 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 ' 50 ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 50 ' 52 ■: " ' -f ■ Sm -x GAMMA DELTA v:aaMstatBMi a;m!i . =ajg:: yM«ii ; . ,r:=ixm OFFICERS President Chester C. Heineck Secretary Donald M. Campbell Historian Leonard E. Larsen Treasurer William A. Wills, Jr. House Mother Mrs. Marjorie Kennedy 428 Early this year Phi Gamma Delta suffered the loss of their esteemed house mother, Mrs. Abigail Dickey, who retired alter a decade of faithful service. Mrs. Dickey will always be remembered for her ceaseless efJorts in administration, her sincere interests in every member of the fraternity, her dynamic personality, and as one in whose heart dwells a love for Phi Gamma Delta which shall never be sur- passed. Mrs. Marjorie Kennedy, the Phi Gams ' new house mother, was welcomed by the chapter at a fire-light serenade at which time she was presented with the Fijis jew- eled " sweetheart pin, ' and later in the season the winter formal was held in her honor. With a captivating personality, and the loyal support of the fraternity at her command, Mrs. Kennedy is ready for a long and successful reign at the Phi Gamma Delta house. In the field of sports — it is needless to enumerate the names of the myriad " Star Fiji " athletes whose names, when heard, are automatically associated with the Uni- versity ' s " greats " in athletic feats. Whether it be on the football field in October, the basketball court or slalom runs in winter, the cinder track or baseball diamond in spring, Phi Gamma Delta will always be well represented, and will always be on top throughout the eons of time. Activities? Yes, activities plus ! ! Participation was the raw material which, when processed by the potentialities of the Fiji men, materialized the qualities neces- sary to capture the competitive awards offered throughout the year. This Fiji spirit was rewarded with the winning of the most coveted cup on the campus, the Inter- fraternity Council Participation Award. Phi Gamma Delta acknowledges the keen competition of others, but manages to conquer each barrier set before her; with each victory Delta is spurred on to greater heights, and to new horizons where the welcoming sun skips rope with cirrus stream- ers. It is here that Delta rests, but only for a second, then out into the peaceful tranquility of the outer cosmos — guided by her Great White Star. Top row: Heineck, Allen, Arnold, Ayers, Bachar. Bailey, Baker. Bartoe. Bauer, Besemann, Bradt. Second row : Brcinig, CampbeH M. Carlson. R. Carlson, Carpenter, Childress, Curry, Deering, DeLue, Dempsey. Third row: Douglas, Downing, Ekrem, Elliott, Fenton, Forbes, Foster, Franklin, French, Funk, D. Giacomini, R. Giacomini. Fourth row: D. Goebel, G. Goebel, Gooding, Gray, Green. Haase, Hafling, Haller, Hinkley, Johnson, Johnstone, Jones. Fifth row: Larsen, LcFevre, Lindsley, Lynch, Mclnnes, Mechling, Menary, Mott, Munger, Nesladek, Nichels, Niebel. Sixth row: Platts. Ranson, Reed, Reid, Robertson. Robinson, E. Rogers, W. Rogers, Ross, Rounds. Russell. Sawyer. Seventh r ow: Seccombe. Shakeshaft, Sinclair, Smith, Starks, Sterling. Stevens, Struthers, Terry, Thompson, Tucker, Vaughan. Eighth row: Watts, Weirick, Wells, Whiting, Wilcoxson, Willard, Wills, Wilson. Wollcnweber, Woodward, Gamble. 429 PHI GAMMA DEITA Arnold, William Boulder, Co4o., Ayers, Robert Denver, Colo., Bachar, James Fort Morgan, Colo., Bailey, Walter Denver, Colo., Baker, Maurice Colorado Springs, Colo., Bartoe, Otto Coronado, Calif., Besemann, Carr Dodge City, Kan., Bradt, Gordon Evanston, 111., Breinig, Charles Holbrook, Nebr., Brown, Virgil Des Moines, Iowa, Campbell, Donald Sterling, Colo., Carlson, Robert Denver, Colo., Carpenter, James Denver, Colo., Curry, Dudley Lamar, Colo., Deering, Claude Durango, Colo., DeLue. Leonard Englewood, Colo., Downing, Sumner Denver, Colo., Ekrem, Richard Denver, Colo., Elliott, Warren _ Pueblo, Colo., Evans, Donald Denver, Colo., Fenton, Ronald Des Moines, Iowa, Franklin, Walter Boulder, Colo., Funk, James Colorado Springs. Giacomini, Donald Sterling, Giacomini, Robert Sterling, Blo., Goebel, Douglas Denver, Blo., Allen, James Arvada, Colo., Bauer, Charles Denver, Colo., Brennan, Edward New Haven, Conn., Carlson, Milton Denver, Colo., Childress, James Durango, Colo., Dempsey, Joseph Winnetka, 111., Douglas, Burt Denver, Colo., Forbes, William Greeley, Colo., French, William Denver, Colo., Gamble, James Denver, Colo., •50 ' 52 ■51 ' 52 •52 ' 52 ' 52 ' 50 •50 ' 52 ACTIVES Geobel, Gordon Denver, Colo., ' 51 Geobel, John Denver, Colo., ' 49 Gooding, Stewart Denver, Colo., ' 49 Gray, Ernest Denver, Colo., ' 50 Greene, Harold Auburn, Calif., ' 51 Griffith, James Ketchum, Ida., ' 50 Haase, Lester Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 51 Heineck, Che ster Denv er. Colo., ' 50 I Hinkley, LesW| TT TTWf!nBM Colo., Grad. J Johnson, Abb H E Hton, 111., ' 49 I Jones, Robert H BoHer, Colo., ' 501 Knous, Merle H. Denver, Colo., ' 41 Larsen, Leon H Denver, Colo., Mclnnes, Joh H Boulder, Colo., Mechling, Ma H Scarsdale, N. Y., Menary, Rob H Evanston, 111., Mott, Charles H. Denver, Colo., Munger, John H Denver, Colo., Nelson, Dou H. Chicago, 111. Nesladek, Ke H Denver, Colo BO I Nichols, Franks Denver, Colc Bl I Niebel, Robei B. Palo Alto, Cali »49 dwa H Denver, Co V50 I Reed, Bfiai H Loveland, Co V ' 51 Roberts(HH H. St. Louis, I V ' 49 I Robinso HPh H Moline, H ' 51 I Rogers, H ' H Newton, I B, ' 51 I PLEDGES I Hagin, Donal H..: Englewood, Ho., ' 51 Haller, Georg H Denver, BloM 52 ' Johnstone, JamfS Boone Wwr " W " LeFerve, Harry Denver, Colo., ' 52 Lindsley, George San Marino, Calif., ' 51 Lynch, Will Denver, Colo.. ' 52 Mahan, John Highland Park Mich., ' 51 Platts, Robert Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Ransom, Charles Winnetka, 111., ' 52 Ross, Stanley Houston, Tex. Rounds, Dwight. Wichita, Kan. Rounds, Ralph Wichita, Kan. Russell, William Denver, Colo, Santi, Donald Walsenburg, Colo. Sawyer, Kenneth Denver, Colo. Schrepferman, Richard Denver, Colo. Shakeshaft, Alston Topeka, Kan. L Sinclair, Richard San Gabriel, Calif, ISpicer, Robert Leavenworth, Kan, tarks, Robert Denver, Colo. Sterling, Robert Canon City, Colo. Stevens, Richard Denver, Colo, robel, John Denver, Colo, SVuthers, John Denver, Colo, TLbott, John Denver, Colo, T ry, Robert Pasadena, Calif, Thlmpson, Thomas Boulder, Colo, WaMbank, Lincoln Denver, Colo, Wewick, Richard San Marino, Calif, Welfc, Briant San Marino, Calif, WhiAig, Donald Loveland, Colo, WilcAtson, Harold Pueblo, Colo, Wills, William Pueblo, Colo, WilsoA Bertram Rochester, N. Y, Wollerw eber, Louis Denver, Colo, Reid, Wvliam Glendale, Calif, Rogers, William Denver, Colo. SgLLUlllUe, ' James Denver, Colo, Smith, Douglas Harvey 111, Starbuck, Clyde Greeley, Colo, Tucker, Wayne San Marino, Calif, Vaughan, Douglas Evanston, 111, Watts, Dwight Miltonvale, Kan, Willard, Robert Denver, Colo, Woodward, Dan Boulder, Colo, ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 •50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 •51 •50 •50 •49 ' 51 ' 49 •49 •51 •51 •49 •49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 49 ■52 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 ' 49 ' 52 •52 Sr« ' ' -: r S ' ?;; ' ' 3s»!rr!aKB!!5sswwre»5 s-w. OFFICERS President Dick Graham Vice-President Ned Bixby Secretary Curt Clohessy Treasurer Bill Mimmack 430 PHI KAPPA PSI The past year has seen Phi Psi at Colorado grow with seemingly no bounds. With old and new members alike taking part in intra- murals and other campus activities, Phi Psi is quickly regaining its old, time-tired prestige. Kent Yowell set the activity and scholarship pace for the chap- ter by bagging honors in Heart and Dagger, Sumalia, Pi Gamma Mu, and Commissioner of Spirit and Morale. Others participating in campus activities were E. J. Tallant — Board of Publications, Silver and Gold Staff, and Coloradan Business Staff ; Charles Butler — Sigma Gamma; Bill Mimmack — Alpha Phi Omega and Physics Club; Jim Buchanan — Symphonium, Band, C. U. Days and Homecoming shows; Doug Hornbeck — Musical Director C. U. Days Buff Show, Club First Nighter Chairman and Varsity Show. The fall social season was sparked by a salty frolic, SS Phi Psi " Naughty Nautical. " Sunrise breakfasts, picnics, and post football game parties in Estes Park rounded out a full social calendar. With members cooling their heels on sleigh rides and skating parties dur- ing winter quarter, the chapter rang in the spring quarter with a formal in Denver. Rock ' em, sock ' em Phi Psi intramural teams carried chapter laurels in football, volleyball, basketball, swimming and baseball. With plenty of height and fight, the basketball team led the chapter ' s intramurals sports program. ..V, JA? . li Top lovi: Graham, Adams, Beach, Bergendoff, Bishop, Bixby, Hoggs. Buchanan. Second row: Butler, Clohessy. Degenhardt. Fraser. Gaiser, Grayson, Hayworth. Third row: Hornbeck, Humphrey. Law. McAninch, Oliver, Dale Olsen, Dick Olson, Ray Olson, Peterson. Fourth row: Prinzing. Roberts, Rusk. Schmitt. Schumacher, Swalley. Tallant, Thompson, R. Thorp. Fifth row: W. Thorp. Vahue. Wade. Ward Weaver. Wright. Yowell. y, e . . , . 431 PHI KAPPA PSI Adams, Gordon ...Shenandoah. Iowa. ' 51 Beach, Merle Bayfield, Colo., ' 50 Bishop, Glick Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Bixby. Ned Santa Barbara. Calif., ' 49 Buchanan, Jim Pueblo, Colo.. ' 50 Bulter, Charles Mason City, Iowa, ' 49 Clohessy, Curt Farmington, N. M.. ' 50 Gaiser, Roger Denver, Colo.. ' 51 Graham, Dick Fresno, Calif., ' 50 Grayson, Bob Crown Point, Ind., ' 49 Bergendoff, Ray Kansas CitI Boggs, Bob Pasadena, Degenhardt, John St. Charles Fraser. Don Pasadena. Calif.. ' 51 Hayworth, Jim Loveland. Colo., ' SO ACTIVES iHornbeck, D( Has Sitfney, |br.. I Humphrey, B Kr Wichi f Falls. I McAninch, W He Rlhidolph, H Y., I Miller. Myrot H. . .Boulder, Blo., I Mimmack. Bi H -Vr.....Denver, Blo., I Olds, RolIin H JJbs Angeles, Vif., I Oliver, Rex... H yr...Torrington, I Olsen, Dale. . H V. Salina J I Olson, Dick H y.. Littleton, Blo.. I Peterson, We Hl .Y.. Beresford, 1 D.. I Prinzing, Fre | Y. Denver, B)lo., PLEDGES Law, B -; H - Colorado Springs, Colo.. I McCo no|« H... Lafayette, Colo., y. . H - Littleton, Colo.. Rusk, Brian H .V- Amarillo, Tex., Roberts. Bck Brush, Colo.. ' 49 Schmitt,Mob _ Rockford, 111., ' 50 Tallant.M J Clayton, N. M., ' 50 Thorp, B Paxton, Nebr.. ' 51 Thorp, B Paxton, Nebr., ' 51 Vahue, Hy Amarillo, Tex., ' 51 Ward, jH New York, N. Y., ' 50 Weaver Hud Theodore, Ala., ' 49 Wells. Hon Durango, Colo., ' 50 Yowell, ■ent Glencoe, III., ' 49 Schumacher, Marvin Pasadena, Calif., ' 51 Swalley, John Toledo, Ohio, ' 51 Thompson, Dick Amarillo, Tex., ' 52 Wade. Ted Sylvania, Ohio, ' 51 Wright, Tom Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 50 OFFICERS President J. Manly Bryan Vice-President David E. Brackett, Jr. Secretary Charles B. Frederickson Treasurer Arlin W. Hall House Mother Mrs. Rose E. Owens 432 The Phi Taus were a leading contender in intramural athletics during the year. They won the all-school football championship in the fall, captured the runner-up spot in fraternity basketball, won the all-school doubles championship in tennis, wound up in first place in bowling and fraternity handball, and were runners-up in golf. Three formal dances played a large part in Phi Tau social activities. The Fall Formal was a reprint of the " Roaring Twenties, " the annual Sweetheart formal was held in the winter quarter, and the spring formal, with a theme accenting various types of springs, was staged at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver. Another impor- tant function was the Grange Party, an informal dance held in a Grange hall outside of Boulder. Phi Tau held up its position in scholarship and entered into its share of campus activities during the year also. Among those active in campus activities were: James Norling — A. S. U. C. Memorial Building Committee, Pentagon Club, Window and Dodo Staffs, Alpha Phi Omega, and Homecoming, C. U. Days, and Winter Carnival Committees; Ray Rothermel — Lead in " Buff-Hello " show. Speaker ' s Congress Pub- licity Committee, finalist in the Klinger Oratorical Contest, Alpha Phi Omega, Win- dow and S. G., C. U. Days, Homecoming, and A. S. U. C. Academic Affairs Com- mittees ; Max Getts — Dodo Distribution Manager, Window Assistant Circulation Manager, Coloradan Staff, Alpha Phi Omega, and A. S. U. C. Public Relations and Election Committees. Top row: Bryan, Andrews, Arnett, Berger, Berry, Brackett, Bryant, Byouk, Casey. Second row: Coats, Cramp. Emig, Fisk, Fredrickson, Getts, Gushee, Haase. Third row: Hall, Halvarson, Hammer, Hayes, Heath, Hogan, Hull, Ingalls, E. Kenz, R. Kenz. Fourth row: Kirschner, Kirk, Lee, Long, McCarty, McKinley, Milner, Mills, Nelson, Nestler. Fifth row: Norling, Prager, Reed, Reynolds, Rice, Richman, Rold, Rothermel, Rous, Rusho. Sixth row: Scwcll, Sheaff, Stoehr, Stowe, Toomey, Trimble, Williams, Wines, Wisecup, Wolff, Wood. 433 PHI KAPPA TAU At wood, John Boulder, Colo., Grad Bennett, Clayton Yuma, Colo., ' 50 Berry, James Denver, Colo., 50 Bctthauser, Joseph Denver, Colo., ' 51 Brackett, David West Newton, Mass., ' 49 Bryan, John Clarendon, Tex., 49 Bryant, Carroll Denver, Colo., ' 51 Byouk, Joseph Roseville, Calif., ' 49 Casey, Clifford Amarillo, Tex., ' 51 Coats, Charles Willard, Colo., ' 50 Cramp, Erwin... Glenwood Springs, Colo., ' 49 Emig, William El Paso. Tex., ' 49 Fisk, William Paonia, Colo., ' 49 Fredrickson, Charles Joliet, 111., ' 49 Garrison, James Omaha, Nebr., ' 51 Getts, Max Glenwood Springs, Colo., ' 51 Haase, William _Winnetka, 111., ' 51 Hall, Arlin Dodge City. Halvarson, James Richland. l Kir7 49 Hayes, William Brush,M)lo., ' 49 Andrews, James Amarillcn tex., ' 52 Berger, Jerry Cheyenne, Bosley, Richard Callaway, Nebr., ' 51 Brookshire, Jack Salida, Colo., ' 53 Cooper, Gerald Muskegon, Mich., ' 49 Davis, Richard Littleton, Colo.. ' 51 Davis, Robert Littleton, Colo., ' 51 Gushee, Oliver Denver, Colo., ' 51 Hammer, William Boulder, Colo., ' 52 Henry. James Hey burn, George Hogan, Thomas... Hull, John Kenz, Raymoi Kirk, Fred Lee. James... Loevenguth, Lyng, Roger Martin, Will McKinley, C Mehos, Bill Nelson, Glen; Nestler, Lorel Noble, Merle. " orling, Jam Warren ACTIVES Delta, Colo., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Denver, Colo., San Marina, r,r, Pasadafia, Calif., Minneapolis, Kan., San enito, Tex., in .Jffichita, Kan., L fe Mills, Iowa, Colorac] Springs, Colo., Rogers, Ark., IN pgg. I Prager, ' ohn Salida, Colo Longmont, Colo, ■rand Junction, BellHower, Denver, ....Springfeld, 111 Arvada, Colo Denver, Colo Colo., Calif., Colo., I Heath. piaH. . . Topeka, Kan., Palo Alto, Calif., Cenz, Edwar B. V. Pasadena, Calif., Cirk, AddisoJB - Honolulu, T. H., Kirschner, Allen Port Washington, N. Y., Long, Clifford Glenwood Springs, Colo., McCarty, Ronald Loveland, Colo., Mills, Basil Borger, Tex., Milner, Jerold San Carlos, Calif., ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ;ia- ■49 ■49 ' 50 ■49 ■49 ' 50 ■50 ■51 •52 •50 ' 50 •50 •50 I •51 ' 49 •51 •52 I ' 52 ' 51 I •52 ' 53 ' 51 ' 52 ' 52 Rand, Noyes El Paso, Tex., ' 50 Raymond, Russell Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 50 Reed, Robert Grand Junction, Colo., ' 51 P ' -- ' J " " Akron, Ohio, ' 50 I Rold, " John. Salida, Colo., Grad Rothermel, John Millton. Wise, ' 51 Rous, Paul Denver, Colo., ' 5L Sheaff, Howard Oak Park, 111., ' 50 Stettler, Robert San Diego, Calif., ' 49 Stoehr, Raymond Dubois, Ida., ' 51 Stowe, William Penrose, Colo., ' 49 Tibbetts, Arnold Tulsa, Okla., ' 49 Toomey, Paul- Glenwood Springs, Colo., ' 50 Turrentine, Robert El Paso, Tex., ' 50 I West, J ohn Denver, Colo., Grad Williams, Robert Brighton, Colo., ' 51 Willoughby, Gary Denver, Colo., ' 51 Wines, James Elko, Nev., ' 50 ' Wisecup, Russell Longmont, Colo., ' 51 Wolff, Austin Manning, S. C, ■49 Mourning, Donald Pueblo, Colo., 51 Newton, George Pueblo, Colo., ' 50 Ranspot, Harry Denver, Colo., ' 52 Richman, Russell Wellington, Colo., ' 51 Rusho, Wilbur Denver, Colo., ' 52 Sewell, Clair _ Eckley, Colo., ' 51 Smith, Henry Palo Alto, Calif., 52 Trimble, Donald Mead, Colo., 50 Van Meter, Charles Eckley, Colo., •SO OFFICERS President Sherman Finesilver Vice-President Phillip Levitt Secretary Norman Gelman Treasurer Ira Sampson House Mother Mrs. Rose Kreller 434 The year that has just passed will be remembered in the history of Phi Sigma Delta. The Phi Sigs were the recipients of the Brum- Cup, denoting the outstanding chapter of Phi Sigma Delta The Interfraternity Council scholarship by the Phi Sigs. In addition to these awards, p for the Interfraternity Council participa- mer throughout the nation, plaque was also capturr the chapter was runne: ■ tion cup. The spring of 1948 was highlighted by a spring formal given by the Phi Sigs at Wellshire Country Club in Denver. The " Gold Rush " was the theme of a dance in the fall, held in honor of Phi Sig ' s pledges, who came to the chapter after a successful rush week. Among the outstanding men on the campus and in the fraternity are Sherman Finesilver, the chapter ' s president and also president of the Interfraternity Council and chairman of the A. S. U. C. elec- tion commission. Tom Guggenheim ' s varied activities include sports editor of the Silver and Gold, vice-president of the Council of Greek Students, and a member of Sumalia. The Phi Sigs are also represented in the college of engineering by Paul Lopatin, who is business man- ager of the Colorado Engineer, treasurer of the Civil Engineering Society, and a member of Sigma Tau. Having a large number of members in Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Epsilon Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Buff Pep Club, the Ski Club, and many other organizations, the Phi Sigs are noticeably represented in C. U. ' s activities. Top row: Finesilvcr. Aronin, Barron, Cann, Carr. Dictz, M. Dinner. Secimd row: A. Dinner, Eisen. Epstein, Feingold, Goldberg, Goldfarb. Third row: Goodman, Gottesfeld, Guggenheim, Kamlet, Karier, Keene, Lazerwitz, Levin. Fourth row: Levine, Levitt, Lopatin, Lutz, Marchick, Minzer. Pells, Pepper, Rtfkin. Fifth row: Rudich. Sampson, G. Schwartz, N. Schwartz. Streicker, Tavcl. Toltz, Weiner, Zinn. 435 PHI SIGMA DELTA Bell, Ervin Denver, Colo., ' 50 Berger , Phill Denver. Colo., ' 50 Buchler, Alfred Shanghai. China. 48 Cann. Howard Denver, Colo., ' 50 Dietz, Philip Springfield, Mass., 50 Dinner. Albert Greeley, Colo.. ' 50 Dinner, Melvin Greeley, Colo., ' 49 Eisen, Charles Denver, Colo., 51 Epstein, Edmund Denver, Colo., ' 51 Epstein. Harold .....Denver, Colo., ' 50 Fain, Alan Brookline. Mass., ' 51 Feingold, Phillip Denver, Colo.. 5l Finesilver. Sherman Denver, Colo., Grad Gardenswartz, Gerald Denver. Colo., ' 51 Gelman, Norman Denver, Colo., 51 Goldberg. Norman Denver, Cq " Goldfarb, Alfred Denver, Wa ' 51 Aronin, Jerry Chtcagt ll., ' 51 Barron, Morton Denver, Carr, Jerry ....Denver, Colo., S2 Epstein, Jerry Kansas City, Mo., ' 51 Gray, Burton Reading, Pa., ' 52 Greenberg. Jerry Denver, Colo., 51 Greene, Jerry Denver. Colo., ' 52 ACTIVES Goodman, Jerry Des Moines, Iowa, ' 49 I Gottesfeld, BiMMpTrrrrr ?f?r??©fw|tan, N. Y., ' 49, iGrossman, Le D Kr, Colo., ' 50J IGuggenheim, l us Cinci Hti, Ohio, ' 50 iKamlet, Herbe . Denver, Colo., ' 51 iLackner, Edwar Denver, Colo.. ' 4j I Lane, Henry ■ ' Denver, Colo., I Lazerwitz, Charl A. Gary, Ind., I Levin, Keva - Denver, Colo., iLevitt, Phillip - k- Cheyenne. Wyo., I Lopatin, Paul - Denver, Colo... I Loup. Robert - - Denver, Colo.,i ■ Marchick, Herbert... . Denver, Colo. j I Minzer. Eugene - L Adams City, Colo H9 |Pells, Joseph . Denver, CoIcMsi Albert Denver. Col V51 PI GES llsenberg tftanley Pat F. Newton Center, M H. 52 Mse ■ - South Bend, m.. ' 51 iKeene, Irving - K- DelflM, I H., ' 52 ILapides, Richard. . K. Kansa Bty Vo., ' 50 ■Levine, Phillip . -p -smmpmiwimBjBlr, Pwi- ' " Lewenberg, Richard Newton Center, Mass., ' 52 Lutz, Jay Denver, Colo., ' 51 Plaut, Samuel Chicago, 111., , Rifkin, William Denver, Colo., IRosenbaum, S. Pat Denver, Colo., osenbaum, Stanton Denver, Colo., |ampson, Ira Chicago, 111., chrier, Stanley Denver, Colo., thwartz, Glenn Chicago, 111., SK en, Kenneth Denver, Colo., Slwartz, Nathan Denver, Colo., Simons, Larry Denver, Colo., SteVl, Stanley Denver, Colo., StrAcker, Mitchell Chicago, III., TavS, Howard Denver, Colo., ThoriUs, William Denver, Colo., Toltzl Warren Denver, Colo., Wein . Leonard Denver, Colo., Zinn, Vrthur Denver, Colo., Mandleblrg, Louis Alliance, Nebr., Mosko, A-nold Denver, Colo., Rosenthal! Jerry Denver, Colo., Rudich, Mchard Chicago, 111., Ouliuil, Ili bert Denver, Colo., Siegal, Harold Denver, Colo., Sunshine. Philip Denver, Colo., ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 50 ' SO ' SO •50 ' 52 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 •SI •50 •52 •52 ' 52 ' SO ' 52 ' 52 •52 OFFICERS President Stanley Miklebost Vice-President Jim Fielder Secretary Howard Miller Treasurer Jack Rasmussen House Mother Mrs. L. C. Kemp 436 ll KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha kept the wheels of activity turning during 1948, highlighting the spring quarter with the annual Flower Formal to which each member took his respective Dream Girl of PiKA. Moving from the social register to athletic competition, PiKA fielded on the better intramural Softball teams. The team lost only one game all season and that one game was in the final playoffs. The summer session saw the chapter inactive; however, mem- bers attending the session kept the Garnet and Gold spirit alive with numerous parties containing the PiKA flavor. Fall quarter was a milestone in Beta Upsilon ' s history. For a pledge class of thirty-two, which soon swelled to thirty-seven, the active chapter did the entertaining honors with the annual Barn Dance. Again the dance was a gala success with everyone sliding to the time of their lives. After twenty-four games, the PiKA football team took home the intramural championship plaque, beating a most determined Law School team 10-6 and 7-6 in two controversial championship games. For the third consecutive quarter, PiKA keglers brought home the intramural bowling trophy. The volleyball team also came through for honors with second place. Mrs. Lillian Kemp began her eighteenth year as PiKA house mother. In addition to being a perennial PiKA inspiration. Mother Kemp is the dean of campus house mothers by virtue of her seniority. I f«. 4M| m tglk t fll B .1-4 ' Cj " " r ' t ' ' ' Top row: Miklebost, Barker, Biggs, Brictson, Brown, Butcher, Campbell, R. Canfield, T. Canfield. Second row: Charbonnet, Coleman. Copenhaver, Cowden, Dalton, Davis, DeLauro, Detweiler. Third row: Dcver, Enright, Ethridge, Fielder, Fitzgerald, Gheen, Gregg, Grimes, Gutmann, Kelly. Fourth row: Konkel, Lamberson, Lavine, Lawrence, Lincoln, Lindgren, Massey, Miller, E. Mitchell, G. Mitchell. Fifth row: Morris, Mulcahy, Penney, Rasmussen, Reed, Resen, Richard, Roper, Sanders, Savonen, Smith. Sixth row: Shultz, Stanley, Starr, Tevebaugh, Vincent. Waters, Watson, Wellenkotter, Winslow, Whitson, Work. 437 PI KAPPA AlPHA Barker, Paul H. Jr. Denver, Colo., Best, Tom Denver, Colo., Brictson, Robert ChicagQa Campbell, Charles Orlando, Casey, Robert Denver, C Copenhaver, Jim Polo, Coleman, Mel Boulder, C i Cowden, Dick Silt. Co Detweiler, Bill Grand Island, Ne Ethridge, Ralph La Junta, Co Ewy, Howard Denver, Co Fielder, Jim Denver, Co Gregg, Frank Denver, Co Harper, Dick Evanston, Brown, Tom Hot Springs, S. Butcher, Charley Freeport, Canfield, Roy Fort Morgan, Col Chapman, Vern Grand Island. Nef Charbonnet, Carl New Orleans, Dalton, John Denver, Col DeLauro. Leo Denver, Col Dever. Charles Glenwood Springs. Col Flightmaster, Lynn Wheatridge, Col Fishburn, Bob Denver, Colo •49 51 ACTIVES Hightower, Fred Monroe, La., Hustcad, Don Pueblo, Colo., Denver. Q D ver, iver, ' llacel enverj Puebl Wra, Denver Denvei Bouldei Grand Island Ohl. Gerrit Denver! Highland Paf Evanst r ChicaJ Florencd Denveii Grand Island! Denveq Brush olo., ebr., olo., olo., olo., olo., olo., olo., ebr., lolc, llll., I 111., J Ail., ■olo.. ■olo., lebr., lolo., lolo.. Los Angeles, Calif., ' SI Ray, Bill Colorado Springs, Colo., •51 Reed, J. H Sterling, Colo., ' " p — -, T y Jersey City, N. J., Richaf kDonald E Brush, Colo., Penney vank Grand Lake, Colo., Savone pene Estes Park, Colo., Sheaff Hfohn Fort Madison, Iowa, Smith, Kes A Denver, Colo., Stanley Heon Boulder, Colo., Wilson Bill Nederland, Colo., Winslo BCeorge South Hadley Falls, Mass., Work, Bbert Denver, Colo., Younk Edward Denver, Colo., Anders B Howard Norcatur, Kan.. Roper, Bth Denver, Colo., Sander Hay Berwyn, 111., Smith, B e Orange, Calif., Tt WrtB H, Ken Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 50 Torrisi Bck Mount Vernon, N. Y., ' 52 Vincen Bob Lakewood, Colo., ' 52 Watsoi Hrank Berwyn, III., ' 52 Wellen Her, John Brighton, Colo., ' 52 Wheele Tohn La Junta, Colo., ' 52 Whitson, Dudley Bismarck, N. D., ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 •50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 •52 •50 ' 50 •51 •51 •49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 49 •50 •49 ■50 •50 ' 51 ' SO •50 ' 49 •51 ' 51 •51 •51 •52 ' 52 •50 •50 •52 •SO President Charles H. Akers Vice-President John G. Auger Secretary Jacques A. Stackhouse Treasurer John A. Weinhart House Mother Mrs. Cora Williams 438 THn W Colorado Chi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon continued as a campus leader in school activities this past year. Socially, in activities, and athletically, we contributed to a very successful school year at C. U.; an important one too, in that it was our first year in the Big Seven conference. Representation in campus activities was very adequate and re- sulted in our winning first in the C. U. Days Carnival, second in the track meet, a finalist in the Songfest, and then coming through royally by winning the Homecoming house decorations and also copping the cup for total participation in Homecoming activities. Our main point-getters around the campus include: John Fer- rier — sophomore class president ; Jim Knap — Fencing Club presi- dent; Mel Spurlin — head cheerleader; Dick Cunningham — assistant Homecoming chairman; Jim Knap — Combined Engine Council; Gene Coy, Jack Hunt, Jacques Stackhouse, Jim Kitchen — Coloradan; Dusty Woolums, Wes Burnett, Larry De Muth, Bob Frankland — Silver Gold; Ross Alison, Jim Kitchen, Bob Frankland, Sam Mor- row, Gene Coy — Dodo. We held our four annual dances: the Apache dance, the Cowboy and Indian dance, the spring formal, and the pledge formal. One of the elite social occurrences of the season was held in the Pink Ele- phant when the Honorable Harold Stassen, a brother, was entertained by members of the chapter at a tea that was attended by outstand- ing notables of the state and University. Varsity athletes included: Pete Cook, Tony Delmonico, John Ferrier, Harry Mcintosh — football; Bob Rolander — basketball; Sox Walseth — baseball; Bob Acsell — tennis; Clare Gregg, Leroy Wun- derly — track; Harry Mcintosh — wrestling; Bruce Bowers, Bob Polowski — swimming; Jim Knap — fencing. With a fine new pledge class and plenty of spirit, the Sig Alphb are looking forward to another good year. Top row: Akers, Abrams, R. P. Acsell, R. L. Acsell, Alison, Aspelin, Auger, Barringer, Baumgartner, Bertea. Second row: Bond, Bowers, Broman, Burnett, Burney, Byrum, Campbell, Cobb, Coy. Third row: Cross, L. S. De Muth, L. W. DeMuth, Drake, Fajrajzl, Frankland, Gill, Granberg, Hallgren, Hamer, Hammond. Fourth row: Harms, Harp, Hunt, Johnston, Jones, Karnes, Kitchen, Knap, Krasberg, Lawrence, Lee. Fifth row: Liebtrau, Lindee, Morrow, Murphy, Ottesen, Peacock, Phillips, Quinette, Richter, Rolander, Satterwhite. Sixth row: Sims, Spath, Spenst, Spurlin, Stackhouse, Stastny, Vandewark, Warner, Wunderly. 439 SIGMA ALPHA EPSIION Abrams, James Denver, Colo., ' 49 Acsell, Raymond Denver, Colo., 50 Acsell, Robert Denver , Colo., 50 Akers, Charles Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Grad Alison. Ross Beverly Hills, Calif., ' 50 Auger, John Denver, Colo., 48 Barringer, Paul Lynchbi ,V,ai .,J4 Baumgartner, Jerold Scottsbluffj BebrT l Bowers, Bruce Ancon, Cana Hone, 50 . Bowman, Ralph Steamboat SpringsJ lo., ' 50 ' Broman, Paul Denver, V o., 48 . Burke, James Long Beach, H[(-t ' 50 Burnett, Wesley Colorado Springs, | B- 50 Burney, Philip Denver, C ' 49 Carey, John Denver, ( 51 Cobb, Allen Dallas, T K ' 49 Cook, Peter Cheyenne, Wj ft ' 50 Cox, Robert Dallas, Tc 49 Coy. Gene Fort Collins, Col 9 Cunningham, James Cherry ville, Kan H|9 Deering, Fred Arkansas City, Kan. l Delmonico, Anthony Denver, Col De Muth, Laurence Boulder, Colo., Aspelin, Per Vinderen, Norwa yj Berry, Samuel Long Beach, CaliJ HZ Bertea, Richard Van Nuys, CaU V52 Bond, Robert Winnetka, K Byrum, Warner Evanston, 111., ' 52 Campbell, Donald Sterling, Colo., ' 50 Conrey, James North Platte, Nebr., ' 50 Corbett, Vincent Denver, Colo., ' 52 Coulter, Glen Glenview, 111., ' 52 Cross, Mercer Denver, Colo., ' 52 Cunningham. Richard Denver, Colo., ' 50 Cunningham, Kenneth Wheat Ridge, Colo., ' 52 ACTIVES Drake. Hugh Greeley, Colo., ' 49 Fajrajzl. Joseph Berwyn. 111.. 50 Farrand. David Denver, Colo., ' 49 Ferrier, John Tulsa, Okla., ' 50 Frankland. George Evanston, 111., ' 50 Good. Byron Denver, Colo., ' 49 f " - " " ] ' ' rnl»r-H,. gnrin»Wjr,ln ' n ..Western _ Grimes, Ross Des Moines, loMra, ' 50 Hamer, Richard Denver, Colo., ' 52 Hammond, Donald Wilmette, III. Harp, Richard _ Roanoke, Va. Hatfield, Robert Sioux City, Iowa Heim, Robert Redlands, Calif. Johnston, Gordon Des Moines, Iowa 52 ' 50 ' 51 •52 ' 51 Ouren. Gail Harlan, Iowa, ' 50 Peacock, James Janesville, Wise, ' 51 Phillips, Jack Newton, Kan., ' 50 Pughe, James Craig, Colo., ' 51 Quinette, William Denver, Colo., ' 49 Rolander, Robert McPherson, Kan., ' 50 t attiTwhi te. William Denver, Colo., ' 51 ?{iuT, William Denver, Colo., ' 50 Spillane, Frank Lakewood, Colo., ' 51 Spurlin, Melvin Denver, Colo., ' 50 Stackhouse, Jacques Scottsbluff, Nebr., ' 49 Stastny, Everett Denver, Colo., ' 51 Swartz, Donald Lorain, Ohio, ' 49 Thomas, Robert Denver, Colo., ' 49 Tipton, Harry Denver, Colo., ' 50 Vandewark, James Fort Collins, Colo., ' 50 Walseth, Russel Pierre, S. D., Grad Warner, Robert Dayton, Ohio, ' 50 Weinhart, John Grand Prairie, Tex., ' 49 Wheeler, Russel Glencoe, 111., ' 51 Woolums, Albert Salt Lake City, Utah, ' 50 Woolums, Edward Tucson, Ariz., ' SI Wunderly, Leroy Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 49 Krasberg, Robert Glenview, HI., ' 52 Liebtrau, William Dayton, Ohio, ' 51 Lowden, James Forest Park, III., ' 52 J3 £££j _Frank Fort Lupton, Colo., ' 52 Pjesky, Arnold Moundridge, Kan., ' 51 Richter, Dwaine Hammond, Ind., ' 52 Sander s, Richard Wilmette, 111., ' 52 Shade, Robert Denver, Colo., ' 52 Sims, Thomas Denver, Colo., ' 52 Slingsby, Jack Hammond, Ind., ' 52 Spath, Charles Pueblo, Colo., ' 52 Spenst, Albert Denver, Colo., ' 52 OFFICERS President Wendell French Vice-President James Bruin Secretary John Blatchford Treasurer John Garber House Mother Mrs. Earl H. Whitman r t •1 m Hk I W tri mM " r jlh - g|ijtf J pH fm I 1 ! M|i W wt «V " v ; ffl V ■3Ik« ' m TJiA ' ' WV Bft HI 5 jPI H ' E " L Pi K Jfei r Vi lp€ " " • S 1 mm k f ' u M m I hI v mV - b A mI |ri j H I I HI ' ' 1 Hm This year marked the beginning of a new era in the life and history of Sigma Chi on the C. U. campus. After patiently waiting for more than three long years, the dream, which so often seemed to be only a dream, finally became a reality as construction began on the new Beta Mu chapter home at Fairview and Aurora Streets. The new structure, which is expected to be completed this summer, will cost approximately one hundred thousand dollars and will accommodate fifty men. The beginning of the school year found the Sigs with a great deal of work to be done. Having lost over thirty men through graduation and inactivity, sixty actives and twenty two pledges set upon the task of carrying on the fine tradition of Sigma Chi. The Province Sweetheart dance set held at the Lakewood Country Club, the annual Sweetheart Dance held at Wellshire Country Club, and the unforgettable and unique South Sea Island dance were the outstanding events of the year. Homecom- ing, the Winter Carnival, and C. U. Days brought enthusiastic participation from the Sigs. Of course the not-to-be-forgottcn tea dances, picnics, beer busts, exchange dinners, and grudge fights provided fun and laughter when daily assignments and tests did not interfere. Intramurals, an important pastime in fraternity life, saw the blue and gold rank high in every sport. The Sigs were not without their B.M.O.C. ' s. Among the most prominent arc Windy French — president of the chapter, president of the men ' s glee club, vice- president of Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Beta Ka,ppa, and many more; Jim Bruin — vice- president of the chapter. Dodo advertising manager, class section editor of the Colo- radan, organizer of the Prelaw club; Bob Booth — editor of the Dodo, Little theatre, and various committees. Dick Brenneman and Les Metzger were our representatives in the Beld of athletics. Top row: French, Allison, Axell, Baldwin, R. Bierbaum, W. Bierbaum, Blatchford, Bloom, Bowman, Briggs. Second row: Bruggeman, Bruin, A. Bush, J. Bush, Cerveny, Clark, Dabbs. Devine, Dismuke. Third row: Dukes, EUwood, Evans, Fitch, Ford, Garber, Goe, Harris, Hatton, Henningsen, Holloway. Fourth row: Huber, Hunter, Ingalls, Johnson, Kiley. Law, H. Lee, P. Lee, Lonabaugh, McDonough, Maguire, Mayer. Fi£tb row: Minnick, Oakley, Parsons, Payne. Peacock, Place, Powell, Pratt, Riker, Robirds, Sams, Serat. Sixth row: Seydler, Shell, Shull, Shepherd, Slawson, Smith, Taggart, Tobias, Vawter. D. Weber, W. Weber, Wiesler. 441 SIGMA CHI Albrecht, Don Chicago, 111., Allison, Charles Denver, Colo., Axell, Dick Denver, Colo., Baldwin, Bill Vista, Calif., Hartley, Tom Pueblo, Colo., Bierbaum, Bob Golf, 111., Blatchford, John i Chicago, 111.. Booth, Bob Seattle, Wash., Briggs, Leon..._ Gallup, N. M., Bruin, Jim Roswell, N. M., Bush. Art Denver, Colo., Bush, John Denver, Colo., Cerveny, Carl Denver, Colo., Clark, Kenneth Denver, Colo., Devine, Art Las Vegas, N. M., Dismuke, Dudley Steamboat Springs, Colo., Ellwood, Bill Boulder, Colo., Evans, Gerald Albuquerque, N. M., Bierbaum, Bill Golf, 111., Blatchford, Laurie Chicago, 111., Bowman, Roby San Diego, Calif., Dabbs. Charles Roswell, N. M., Dukes, Ken Buena Park, Calif., ACTIVES Fitch, Tom Garden Grove, Calif., Ford, Dean Downers Grove, 111., ■pTCTiehT-WnrfoHr: ™ |H " burg, Nebr., Garber. Jack . H Hatton. Bill ■■ Henningsen. Tom . . lantic. Iowa. ,Holloway. Jack Upfi uber. Bill Grand galls. Floyd Colorado hnson, Ron Harold abaugh. Ellsworth Shefl er. Rudi Milwail enough, Gil De3 ger, Les Phoe k, Pres Engle Pi s, Don KenilwS Pa Mac Denvd PLEDGES Go pon Denver, i r, Chuck Highland Par Gene m Highland Pa Jim . H Steamboat Spring, CI at—,mmmmmmM. Denv?r, Cd Peacock, Elwin Houston, Tex., Place, Bill Evanston. 111., Powell, Jerry Inglewood, Calif., Roberts, Terry Amarillo, Tex., Robirds, Fred La Habra, Calif., Sams, Don Scottsbluff, Nebr., Serat, Bill Chicago, III., Seydler, Herb Bellaire, Tex., Shell, John Waxahachie. Tex.. Shepherd, John Craig. Colo., Shull, Jim- Kansas City, Kan., Slawson, Ken Denver, Colo., Tobias, Ralph Berwyn, III., Vawter, Read Denver, Colo.. Warnes, Byron Winnetka, III., Weber, Don Steamboat Springs, Colo., Weber, Bill Steamboat Springs, Colo., Wiesler, Jim San Diego, Calif., Maguire, Jim Homewood, III., Pratt, Steve . Los Angeles, Calif., Riker, Andy Manchester, Conn., Smith, Hawley St. Louis, Mo., Taggart, Tom Burlingame. Calif.. •49 ' 49 •50 ' 49 •50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ■50 ' 49 ' 49 ' SO ' 52 ' 52 ' 51 ' 52 •52 OFFICERS President Dick Meckley Vice-President Ray Jump Secretary Ward Fischer Treasurer Russell Cox House Mother Mrs. C. C. Crawford 442 The Knights of the White Star can again look back on a highly successful year, one which also presages a successful future. A spirited pledge class, enthusiastic participation in all its athletic and social undertakings, and a firm foundation of scholarship indicate that Sigma Nu will continue to be a potent force on the hill. The incomparable Greenwich Village dance, the winter formal at the Wellshire Country Club, and the Flower Formal highlighted the year ' s social activities. Arlie Beery, John Zisch, Dan DeNeice, Fred Johnson, Ray Jump, Frank Krone, Bob Manire, Mai Miller, Joe Nix, and Jack Pixler were Sigma Nu ' s gridiron representatives in the Buffs ' spirited entry in the Big Seven competition. Hugh Graham, Russ Cox, Jack Pixler, and Bob Manire swung heavy bats for the baseball nine in the spring. The intramural water polo team emerged champions from a hotly-contested league, and both the football and basketball teams were top-notch competitors. During C. U. Days the A. T. O. ' s were again defeated in the annual " blackfoot fight " which saw both teams make an astonishing change of color in an amazingly short time. Our indispensable " Sigma Nu girl, " Mom Crawford, completed another year with us, endearing herself to every man in the chapter. Sigma Nu ' s contribution to the A. S. U. C., Bill Davoren, and C. U. Days dance committee chairman, Hal Johnson, led the parade of Sigma Nus in positions of campus prominence. t- M te lrir: j55iifeL ._ L i ' yn J -1 )!!1 ' Top row: Meckley, N. Allen. R. Allen, Anderson, Asher, Barton, Beeler, Bender, J. Blackmarr, N. Blackmarr, Bray. Second row : Breidenbach, Broadwell, Burridge, Campbell, Cochran, Cox, Culpepper, Davoren, DeNeice, Dewey. Third row: Dugan, Edwards, Englehardt, Fischer, J. Gibson, W. Gibson, Graham, D. Griffith, R. Griffith, W. Griffith, Hahn, Hall. Fourth row: Hamilton, Hannah, Hansen, Heinly, Herbst, Holbrook, Horner, Houston, Hunter, Jackson, Jaycox, Joffee. Fifth row: F. Johnson, H. Johnson, H. A. Johnson, H. M. Johnson, Johnston, Joseph, Jump, Klaus, Krone, Krummrich, Larsen, Lloyd. Sixth row: Lynn, MacKenzie, McKinlay, Manire, Michie, Morse, C. Neal, D. Neal, Neumann, Nix, Palsgrovc, Paton. Seventh row: Pohl, Pyle, Ransom, Ries, Ritchey, Roe, Sells, Shelly, Sletten, Smith, Stuart, Thomas. Eighth row: Van Winkle, Vance, Webster, Wilson, Woodard, Yeagle, D. Zisch, R. Zisch. 443 Asher, Robert Great Bend, Kan., ' Beeler, Horace Des Moines, Iowa, Blackmarr, Richard Boulder, Cole, ' Bray, Kenneth Boulder, Colo., Breidenbach, George Bartlesville, Okla., Campbell, John Eugene, Ore., Cochran, Dale Pueblo, Colo., Cox, Russell Grand Junction, Colo., Culpepper, Warren Denver, Colo., Dewey, William Farson, Wyo., Fischer, Ward Fort Collins. Colo.. Gibson, James Delta, Colo., Graham, Hugh Cheyenne, Wyo., Griffith, Douglas Alamosa, Colo., Griffith, Richard Alamosa, Colo., Griffith. William Beverly Hills, Calif., Hahn, Robert Windsor, Colo., Hamilton. William Oak Park, 111., Hansen, Ray Fort Collins, Colo., Heinly, Henry Chicago, 111., Herbst, Clarence Park Ridge, 111., Holbrook. Frederick Brattleboro, Vt., Allen, Lee Roy Montrose, Colo., Allen, Norman Denver, Colo., Anderson, Elmer Chicago, 111., Barton, Harlan Sterling, Colo., Beery, Arlie Denver, Colo., Bender, Eugene Johnstown. Colo., Blackmarr, Ned Boulder, Colo., Broadwell, Howard Oberlin, Ohio, Burridge, Richard Cincinnati, Ohio, Davoren, Peter Denver, Colo., DeNeice, Daniel Pueblo, Colo., Dugan. Peter _ Slipery Rock, Ar k., SIGMA NU ACTIVES Horner, Raymond Evanston, 111., Houston, John Rush vi lie. 111., Hunter, Clyde Espanola, N. M., Jackson, John Western Springs, 111., Joffee, Thomas Denver, Colo., Johnson, Herbert Pueblo, Colo., Johnson, Hilary Glendale, Ariz., Johnston, Richa Jump, Raymond. Kenehan, John . Okl; " enehan, Richard Okla| rone, Frank " anire, Robert ac Kenzie, Emmett Clintock, Harry. Kinley, Archibald. kley, Richard. Billy. r, Malcolm. e. Myron Gra: Charles. Daniel art, Daniel S , William Billy nah, Carl. unton, Harry Santa Fc, N. M., Hurt, Jack Lafayette, Colo., Jaycox, Randall Albuquerque, N. M.. iohnson, Frederick Pueblo, Colo., ;iaus, Gerald _ Denver, Colo., Larsen, Arthur. — Cozad, Nebr., Lloyd, Harry _ Pueblo, Colo., Neumann, Kenneth Denver, Colo., Nix, Joe Boulder, Colo., Palsgrove, J[ohn Denver, Colo., Paton, Archie Rock Springs, Wyo., Pixler, Jack Montrose, Colo., Potter, Donald Torrington, Wyo., Pyle, Robert Boulder, Colo., I Ransom, Richard Phoenix, Ariz., I Ries, Nick Billings, Mont., I Ritchey, Frank Pueblo, Colo., I Roe, Donald Colorado Springs, Colo., I Sells, John Cross River, N. Y., I Shelly, Lawrence San Antonio, Tex., I Sletten, Kenneth Billings, Mont., I Stuart, Louis Pueblo, Colo., ■ Thomas, John Shreveport, La., I Vance, Alfred Enid, Okla., JVolquardson, Leland San Francisco, Calif., IWhiting, Kenneth Loveland, Colo., Iwilson, John Colorado Springs, Colo., IWorchester, Thomas Boulder, Colo., I Zisch, John Johnstown, Colo., iLynn, Conrad Ferndale, Mich., iMeloche, Donald Phoenix, Ariz., ■ Pohl, Richard Birmingham, Mich., iReece, John Santa, Fe, N. M., IShanstrom, Robert Fort Collins, Colo., Smith, Paul Boulder, Colo., Tharp. Jay Denver, Colo., Underbill, Burton Lakewood, Colo., Webster, Thomas Denver, Colo., Woodard, George Saguache, Colo., Yeagle, John Cleveland, Ohio, Zisch, Donald Johnstown, Colo., •50 •51 ' 50 •50 •50 •49 •50 •51 •50 •49 ' 49 •51 •49 •51 •50 •49 •51 •49 ' 49 •49 •50 •49 •51 •51 •52 •51 •51 •52 •52 •52 •51 £0 •52 •52 T 1 OFFICERS President John L. Pierson Vice-President James L. Harvey Secretary Charles E. Johnson, Jr. Treasurer Albert J. Anderson House Mother Mrs. Elvira Gray 444 The traditional " Queen of Hearts " ball was the outstanding event on the Sig Ep ' s winter calendar. The queen who was chosen by the chaperones was presented with a tiara and a cup as emblems of her position. In a less formal vein the spring dance, " A Pineland Interlude, " was held in the Evergreen area. Sig Eps and their dates enjoyed an afternoon of games which was climaxed by a steak fry. The day was completed by an informal dance at the Graystone Lodge. Sigma Phi Epsilon started its third post-war year with one of the best pledge classes on the hill. The pledges, showing much in- dividuality, planned several well-timed sneaks, as many of the road- worn actives can testify. An intensive " meet the alumni " campaign was instituted in the spring quarter, and, by virtue of this campaign, a most successful Homecoming was celebrated by Sigma Phi Epsilon and over 200 alumni who returned for the festivities. The fall social season was highlighted by two dances — an in- formal Hallowe ' en dance given by the pledges, and the annual pledge formal given by the active chapter honoring the pledge class. Outs tanding Sig Eps during the past year are : Glenn Lambert- son — Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, and Pi Mu Epsilon; Jack Lord — Tau Beta Pi. Eta Kappa Nu; Burt Anderson — Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Pi Sigma; Ed Babka — Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. 4 mS .V s» rl • ■%. Top row; Pierson, Anderson. Allen. Auckland, Babka, Chamberlain, Clayton, Croft, Cummins. Second row: Davidson, Doty, Drager, Dunklee, Fink, Fritchman, Ferguson, Gieron. Third row: Gregor, Halbrook, Harrison, Harvey, Johnson, Johnston, Kellogg, Kibbey, Kueser, Lehrman. Fourth row: Lindberg, McRoberts, Nance, Neuschaefer, Orris, Peterson, Purinton, Pyle, Ratty, Rawson. Fifth row: Richmond, Stratton, Taylor, Thode, Thompson, Van Hoorebeke, Walker, Webermeier, Wilson. Wisdom. 445 SIGMA PHI EPSIION Anderson, Albert Chadron, Auckland, Arthur « Olney Springs, Babka, Edward „ Columbus, N| Chamberlain, NicholaB Osawatomie, Clayton, James Gainesville, Fl Croft, Harold Denver, Cofl Davidson, Francis Niagara Falls, N. Doty. David Denver, Colol Dunklee, Edward Denver, Colo.) Gieron, Lewis Baltimore, Md., Halbrook, William „... Omaha, Nebr., Harrison, Dick Denver, Colo., Harvey, James Birmingham, Mich., Allen. William Arvada, Colo., Brown, Gale Longmont, Colo., Cummans, John Boise, Ida., Drager, Kenneth Ft. Collins, Colo Ferguson, William Great Falls, Moi 1ACT arles Johnston, Howard Kellogg, Gladstone Kibbey, Irvin Kueser, Paul Lehrman, Philip Lindberg, Donald Manley, James McRoberts, John Nance Harry Neuschaefer, William, Orris, Edward Peterson, Courtl. PLE Fink, James. Fritchman, L| Gregor, unk Marshall, Back _Thode,_ y... o., ' 50 o., ' 50 if., ' 49 o., ' 50 o., ' 50 o., ' 50 o., ' 50 o., ' 51 o., ' 50 o., ' 51 o., ' 50 o.. ' 50 a., ' 51 f., ' 52 51 11., ' 52 51 52 iS» Phair, Walter Pittsfield, Mass., Pieraon, John Denver, Colo., Purinton, William Pleasanton, Kan., Pyle, William Denver, Colo., Ratty, Donald San Diego, Calif., Rawson, Chester Laramie, Wyo., Reale, Joe Denver, Colo., Richmond, Robert Sterling, Colo., Stratton, Robert Hastings Nebr., Taylor, Robert Denver, Colo., Van Hoorebeke, George Boulder, Colo., Walker, Thomas Denver, Colo., Webermeier, John Holyoke, Colo., Thompson, James Newman, Calif., Watson, Lorence Denver, Colo., Wiese, Alvin Los Angeles, Calif., Wilson, Robert Valentine, Nebr., J jj jjj J)onald Boise, Ida., ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 52 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 •49 ' 50 ' 51 i THETA XI 1 OFFICERS President Ray C. Bissell Executive Secretary Wayne R. Killian Secretary Stanley E. Gray Treasurer Lowell L. Rose House Mother Mrs. Clea Stanley 446 It ' s been a busy but successful time for the Alpha Eta chapter of Theta Xi fraternity since it was re-activated on the campus in January of 1948. One of the first things the newly reorganized chapter did was to buy its present house at 1706 Athens street. The interior of the house has been remodeled and redecorated throughout. Carrying out the traditions of the fraternity when it was on the campus before the war, Theta Xi held its annual spring formal at the Park Hill Country Club in Denver last May. This fall the fra- ternity began a new tradition — the annual Masque Ball — which was held in the ranch style recreation room in the basement of the fra- ternity house. Theta Xi was awarded first place for class B homecoming house decorations this fall, and also captured first place participation plaque in the silver division. Mrs. Clea Stanley of Colorado Springs became house mother of Theta Xi fraternity in fall quarter 1948. Theta Xi activity in campus activities centers largely around the field of letters. Harry Stine, co-editor of The Window, has on his staff Rich Hammerstrom, Charles Christeson, and Jim Snyder. Bob Torgny is on the staff of Silver and Gold, and he and Jim Snyder work on the Coloradan. Bob Sievers is a member of Speakers ' Congress. Curt Bashor plays var- sity football, and Hugh Berger, secretary of the C club, is on the varsity swimming team. ffT W : « f-. J rp- f f d. y c i J ! l ' D»i-1 ' Top row; Bissell, Bashor, Baum, Bergcr, Christeson, Eklund, Feller. Second row: Gray, Greene, Hammerstrom, Hellwig, Hopfinger, Johnson. Third row: Jones, Killian, La Force, Lyon, Maruyama, Moss, Nystrom, Oertli. Fourth row: Pickford, Rogert. Roper, Rose, Ryan, Seamon, 447 Sievers, Sinclair. Fifth row: Snyder, Stine, Thomason, Torgny, Turner, Whalen, Wimmcll, Witt, Yarborough. ■•■•« THETA XI Bashor, Curtis :..Longmont, Colo., Baum, Paul Boulder, Colo., Berger, Hugh Denver, Colo., Bissell, Ray Denver, Colo., Feller, Donald Victor, Colo., Gray, Stanley Bellvue, Colo., Greene, Robert Boulder, Colo., Hammerstrom, Richard Billings, Mont., Bikos, George Gary, Ind., Christeson, Keith Las Animas, Colo., Eklund, Carl Riverside, 111., Hellwig, Prank Boulder, Colo., Johnson, Elmer Rocklin, Calif., 511 ' sol ; " l ' sol ' sol ' S2| ' 521 ' SO ' Sll ' soT ' SO HopRnger, Charle: Jones, Keith Karjanis, John Killian. Wayne Maruyama, Allen.. Pickford, Paul.. Roper, Louis.... Robert, John Rose, Lowell La Forrei rnester Lyon, Eugene... Nystrom, Charles. Oertli. Charles. CTIVES Leadville, Colo., ' 49 Greeley, Colo., ' SO Cheyenne, Wyo., ' SI Denver, Colo., ' 50 Las Animas, Colo., ' 51 Denver, Colo., ' 50 Denver, Colo., ' 50 Boulder, Colo., ' 50 Mt. Harris, Colo., ' 50 LEDGES HugoTon faSr SB Memphis, Tenn., ' 49 Rangely, Colo., ' SI University City, Mo., ' S2 Seamon, Earnest Las Animas, Colo., Sievers, Robert Denver, Colo., Snyder, Jim East Peoria, 111., Stinc, George Colorado Springs, Colo., Thomason, Herman Boulder, Colo., Torgny, Robert Porterville, Calif., Witt, Dwan Denver, Colo., Yarborough, Lawrence Pass Christian, Miss., Ryan, Donald Longmont, Colo., Sager, William Custer, S. D., Sinclair, Kenneth Midwest, Wyo., Turner, George Custer, S. D., Whalen, Wallace Chicago, 111., ' 50 ' SO ' 51 ' 50 ' SO ' 4» ' 51 ' 5L •S2 •52 •SZ ' 52 ' 52 f ' - ' ' j r ' WXt -, ' ? tLTXi . .verrfji " jtVf ' »i ' rr ■ ZETA BETA TAU JUMiiitUrCtiSii-U. ' a.- ' ' £il Ljii.} Li: . iSUJ ■• . ' J. i . , u-!- U uJ ' A. ' -r; k Lii V£.t ' ' OFFICERS President Edwin R. Diner Vice-President Richard B. Tucker Secretary Robert S. Appel House Mother Mrs. George Meinecke 448 Zeta Beta Tau, which is still in its infancy on the Colorado Uni- versity campus, has made tremendous strides this year. The chapter pledged 16 men in the fall quarter, who represent every section of the country. Besides pledging several men giving promise of high scholarship, Z. B. T. has affiliated several outstanding basketball and baseball prospects. This year ' s activity has been highlighted by an extensive social program. Hayrack rides, sorority tea dances, fraternity beer busts, and house dances were all highly successful. A double pledge-class dance with Kappa Sigma was outstanding among these affairs. In scholarship, Z. B. T. ranked fourth among the 20 fraternities. Several men were accepted in various honoraries on campus. Zeta Beta Tau won its first trophy by winning second place in the C. U. Days parade; it was an 18-foot-high elephant that won the chapter this recognition. Zeta Beta Tau has been greatly indebted to its president, Ed Diner, who has guided it through such a successful year on the C. U. campus. I Top row. Diner. Appel. Binstock, Brofman, Engman, Fox, Frazin. Second row: Goldsmith, Goodman, Gross, Halff, Harris, Hilb. Third row: Hoflfman, E. Kahn, F. Kahn, Kolitz, Koplowitz, Ledcrman, Levy, Lewin. Fourth row: Livingston, Machol. Messel, Moch, Nier, Nogg, Rich, Schloss. Fifth row: Schwartz, Silverberg, Tucker, Viders, Waxman, Weil, Zall. 449 ZETA BETA TAU AppeU Robert _ Denver, Colo., Binstock, Robert Denver, Colo., Diner, Edwin Denver, Colo., Engman, Gerald Des Moines, Iowa, Fox, Leonard Denver, Colo.. Harris, Perry Denver, Colo., Hausdorff, Donald New York, N. Y., Hilb, Robert Denver, Colo., Hoffman, Daniel Rockville Centre, N. Y., Kahn, Edward Winnetka, 111., Bael, Martin Mount Vernon, N, Brofman, David Denver, Coj Chapman, James Chicago, Cohen, Philip Boston, Elefant. Robert. San Francisco, Goldsmith, Allen San Antonii Goldstein, Lloyd Eastport. TT, Haro itz, Edwa ' ngston, thol, Jacq ' essel. Mar iller, Irwin och, Rober Nier, Harry, Goodman, B Gross, Marti Halff, Alexai Harris, Paul. Kahn. Frcdei Kolitz, Willi ACTIVES D Ber, Colo., d BalH re, Md., D Ber, Colo., Estes H k, Colo., DHer, Colo., DHer, Colo., D ler, Colo., D Br, Colo., ago, 111., PLEDGES i i.ii BiH-i wwHggri, N. M., on. Mo., San A Hiio, Tex., New ■c, N. Y., BoHer, Colo., er, Colo., ' 50 I ' 51 •51 I ' 51 1 ' 50 I ' 49 I ' 51 [ ' 49 I ' 49 I ' 521 ' 52 1 ' 521 ' 52 I ' 52 I ' 52 1 Nogg, Donald Omaha, Nebr., Rosenberg, Marvin Brooklyn, N. Y., Schwartz, Jerome Brooklyn, N. Y., Silverberg, Frederick Denver, Colo., Tucker, Richard Denver, Colo., Tumin, David Chicago, III., Viders, Jack Denver, Colo., Waxman, Milton Denver, Colo., Weil, Jack Denver, Colo., Zall, Ronald Denver, Colo., Lederman, Sidney..! Waterloo, Iowa, Levy, Larry Denver, Colo., Melnick, Larry Denver, Colo., Rich, Sherman St. Joseph, Mo., Schloss, Charles Denver, Colo., Stein, Henry Chicago, 111., Wolinsky, Irving Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 51 ' 50 ■49 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 •50 •48 •SO •51 = chnowiedaemen i f We have tried to make the 1949 Coloradan, as nearly as possible, a reflection of the personality and ' student life at the University of Colorado. Dedicated to you, the students, we have aimed to make it a record of the school year, rather than a mere catalog of students and student organizations. If we have attained this to some degree, then our efforts were not entirely in vain. Should there appear any errors or shortcomings, we apologize, for this book represents the best combined efforts of the staff, and we ask your kind consideration. Now that the last form has been corrected and the chatter and clatter of office routine has ceased, it is a bit difficult to realize that the book is closed. And yet it would not be in your hands, were it not for the assistance and cooperation of numerous individuals and groups. To the section editors, the artists, and the staffs listed below, and to their unsurpassed spirit of cooperation belongs the credit for this volume. To them I am deeply indebted. I am grateful to the business staffs for their contributions in the preparation of this book. Their alertness and willingness to conduct an effective sales campaign, to provide posters, and to solicit ads insured the wonderful results which we have had. My sincere appreciation goes to Mr. A. Gayle Waldrop, chairman of the board of publications, for his thoughtful assistance and guidance. For his promptness in helping us to meet deadlines, and for the fine quality of his photographic work, special mention is deserving of Floyd Walters. My heartfelt thanks to AUie Falardeau for her beautiful work on the art plate and the division pages. Last, but not least, hats off to Wa}me Hulitzky, who not only managed the book, but who always took an active interest in the editorial work as well. No editor ever had a more loyal manager. MARGE GROVE, EditoT-in-chief EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF ADMINISTRATION Mary Lou Aufderheide Janet Butler Dick Brackenbury Dick Cross Don Fullerton Marge Freemole Marianne Crockett Joanne Clark Jerry Epstein Walt Jordan Carolyn Kent Jean Thorson ACTIVITIES Sally Brown Mary Ise Judy Jones Ted Mason ART Dorothy Krause Bob Lucas ATHLETICS Herman Anderson £arl Anderson Chuck Brummitt Bud Davis Don Dunn Lou Anne Hinley DORMITORIES Nancy Anderson Mary Ellen Cooper Henry Lane CLASSES Nancy Fountain Jack Stackhouse Laura Berger Dolores Gatzke Dayle Keirnes Ted Shestak Pattie Pumphrey Audrey Spannaus Mary Bradstreet Julia St. Clair Nancy Chapman COPY Coral de Bell Mercer Cross Robert E. Jacks June Moore Bart Ludeman Carol Mason Lea Mossman Jean McKee Howard Johnston Jack Stoltz Nan Rose Dayne Tadge Donna Whiting Frances Wood Else Madsen Sally Packard Patsy Morrell Phyllis Peterson Walt Wheeler Helen Zorichak Karl Moehl Dorothy Tomlinson Herb Kamlet Bob Killefer Bill Lashley Dee Maltz Fritz Wulfekuhler Bill Nakaoka Lois Peterson Sue Brooke Hawley Smith Fred Robirds Harold Harris Don Albrecht Marge Chanak Jenny Geiger Betty Law Ross Allison Mary Lutz Charles Dabbs Mary Finnegaa Pat Mitchell John Lawrence Eleanor Smigelow Marianne Crockett FRATERNITY-SORORITY Marjorie Coursey Beverly Leutz Jane Breitenstein Carol Van Law £velyn Holmes Beverly Hunt Marcia Frantz Jeanne Lucas Virginia Anderson Lindy Lindborg Violet Murray Sue Nolde Kathy Kraushaar Arline Pasternack Bob Krasberg Tom Joffee Larry KnoUe Allan Jones Lee Wills Rendle Myer Ed Otte Jack Bearden Arlin Hall Tom Fitch Jim Carpenter Tom Gressett Robert LeMarr Allen Biggs Robert Torgny Marvin Schumacher Norman Goldberg Dick Harrison Chuck Hurd Lou Livingston Jim Williams INDEX Nancy Black Barbara Corre Marque Coy Lois Folk Mary George Cecelia Meister LIFE AT CU Marjorie Danielson Jim Childress Jean Kubik Doris Roberts Carolyn Robertson Virginia Robertson Lowry Smith Dorothy Spano Margaret Sandusky Lee Roy Wills ORGANIZATIONS Adele Parsons Connie Kent Phylis Scoles Joanne Easley Jack Johnson Carol Untiedt Sue Nicholls PACESETTERS Bette Burks Joanne Healy PHOTO Stuart Silverberg Bill Carpenter ROYALTY Lou Anne Hilton Lou Anne Hinley Mary Lou Stewart TYPISTS Helen Grafe Donna Hope Betasso Marion Brennan Ruth Sosno Suzanne Stokes Pat Ferguson Dorothy Adams Carrie Anderson Carol Kassler Eva Lauter Jean Hopkins Ruth Wierman Chuck Stenicka Mary Ann Farrell Peggy Jo George Sue Pishering Dona Hall Mareta Ross Ann K. Thompson SALES STAFF Mary Lou Aufderheide Sue Birk Kay Bondus Rusty Calaiano Ralph Carter Mary Ann Crockett Carol Dempsey Merle Egge Betsy Franklin Dick Irion Mary Little Dick Lueck Bob Powell Kathy Redmon Gene Speilman Pat Swope Barbara Templeton Hank Wasem Larry Nye ADVERTISING STAFF Virginia Robertson Bob Ross Ray Rothermel Sandra Shenefelt Leon Stanley Donna Whiting Shirley Ballinger Dana Hall Bette Harlan Dayle Keirnes Sue Nolde Bob Powell Marilyn Probe GENERAL BUSINESS STAFF Nancy Ball Barbara Moncrieff Char Bardwell Cathy Schiermer Gerry Cohn Louise Stam Pat Costello Marty Woodward Dick Doolen COLLECTION STAFF Peggy Adler Beverly Batschelet Nancy Black Toni Blackburn Carol Buenik Jerry Carr Sally Chase Ann Classen Nancy Cornelius Marge Coursey Betty Davis Mildred Deem Eleanor Duke Jackie Friedman Peggy George Dorothy Hanke Joanne Hollinger Anne Howard Stanley Isenberg Shirley Jones Ruth Knopf Bob Lindbery Helen Mack Joan MacDonald Louie Mandelberg Mary McKibben Sue O ' Kelly David Palo Samuel Pinkham Jim Smith Jim Snyder Marilyn Stark Ann Thompson Elaine Turnquist Jane Valentine Geraldine Wahlmeier Bruce Wallace Nancy Whitelaw 450 ay this book, printed ly Kistler ' s, symbolize the riches beyond gold you ' 49ers will find in the exciting careers that lie ahead for you . . . stationery j printing I engraving MAIN 5161 ' 636 CHAMPA DENVER, COLORADO 451 THE TAIBNT TO ORIGINATC -THf SKILl TO PRODUCe- - 1 na uimna and ecAo ft mn MiMt , ncc TELEPHONE KEySTONE 6238 • 1424 LAWRENiS ET A. DENVER 2, COLORA1M 4S2 453 Let us solve your transportation problems Boulder ' s only extensive taxi service SAFE DEPENDABLE 24-HOUR SERVICE Denver - Louisville - Estes Park - Longmont, Etc. For An Evening of Fun CLOSE BY Wagon Wheel Inn Louisville. Colorado Phone 139 DINING DANCING REINERT ' S Outstanding Clothes for College Men 4 VJi, " HART, SCHAFFNER, MARX VARSITY TOWN ARROW SHIRTS Broadway and Pearl COLLEGE SANDWICH SHOP " We Have What You Want ' ' STEAKS SANDWICHES CHOPS MALTS SOFT DRINKS 1340 College 454 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE MAN ' S STORE ON THE HILL THE SQUIRE SHOP SHOE BOX BOSTONIAN MANSFIELD JARMAN RAND JOHANSEN TONI-DRAKE DEBS AIR STEP BALLET and THEATRICAL FOOTWEAR JUMPING JACKS HOOD RUBBER FOOTWEAR ■ KIRKENDALL BOOTS 1311 College BLANCHARD LODGE 4 MILES UP BOULDER CANYON Make Reservations for Banquets and Parties MRS. J. C. DOHERTY Phone 1463 OWENS SANDWICH SHOP OPEN EVENINGS TILL ELEVEN 13th and College 45S coobo)t O ua os 1107 -13lh New — Modernistic WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL • Phone 3S60 B SMART APPAREL FOR EVERY OCCASION NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES JUNIOR AND MISSES DOWNTOWN THE PLACE TO SHOP FOR EVERYTHING IN LOVELY SPORTSWEAR ON THE HILL Phone 602 — 1219 Pearl COLORADO ' S OLDEST CAFE tne widki? e wishbone Featuring COLORADO ' S TASTIEST SANDWICHES CHEESES • MEAT • DELICATESSEN SERVED IN THE CONGENIAL ATMOSPHERE OF THE FOX-HOLE DINING ROOM 4S6 The Picturesque WAGON WHEEL LODGE We cater to parties and banquets Unique Cabins — Modern Rooms Reservations by Phone 1693 21 2 Miles Up Boulder Canyon ne Kyne- top -fi-ft S nop For Distinctive And Unusual GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Browsing Here Is Fun and Free MOUNTAINEER SHOP 1308 Pearl Dugout Cleaners STOROGE ' tj«,s ,„ ' JS„ The House of QUALITY AND SERVICE 1211 - 13th " Where your food is prepared especially for you " Mr. and Mrs. A. Pagh Phone Lyons 32-Rl On Hi-way 66 — 4 Miles Above Lyons, Colorado 457 FARES 80c One Way $1.40 Round Trip Call our Depot for Special Charter Service to any Point in Colorado BOULDER BUS DEPOT 1848 Broadway Phone: 305 C. W. O ' NEAL Terminal Manager FAST, FREQUENT BUS SERVICE BETWEEN BOULDER and DENVER 16 TRIPS EACH WAY DAILY 20 ride — 30 day Commutation Book $9.80 — No tax (Equivalent to 49c one way) Reasonable Charter Rotes for Special Parties, Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, etc. DENVER BUS DEPOT 501 - 17th Street Phone: KE 2291 D. B. JAMES Vice-President DENVER -BOULDER BUS COMPANY Mm itplig Mos PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRAPHY 1948 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING PHOTOGRAPHER OF STUDENTS FOR I 949 COLORADAN 1319 College Phone 622 BOULDER, COLORADO 458 THE SUNKEN GARDEN C. U. ' S " SINK " Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners Fountain Service CROWDER ' S FOR THE FINEST IN DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVER AND JEWELRY YOUR DEPENDABLE JEWELERS CROWDER ' S BOULDER ' S LARGEST AND FINEST 1215 Pearl Phone 646 GREENMAN ' S Serving C.U. Students For the Last 36 Years 1134 -13th BROOKS FAUBER, Inc. FEATURING COLLEGE WEAR FOR THE COLLEGE MISS Congratulations to the Class of 1949 1235 PEARL 459 S peuhlna of yo ueend! WE PRESENT . . . MISS SHARON HELM " Alpha Phi " photography by faulkner The Camera BIdg. Boulder, Colo. Telephone 2801 BY POPULAR VOTE THE STUDENTS ' STORE BOOKS A N D SUPPLIES FILMS S P o R T EVERYTHING STUDENTS WANT AND NEED COLORADO BOOK STORE " The Friendly Store " ON THE HILL 460 HoUister Motor Co. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 1127 Walnut MODEL LAUNDRY ervice 1900 Broadway Phone 339 GAME LINES, INC. Boulder ' s Only Complete SPORTING GOODS STORE SPALDING REMINGTON HOOD SPLITKEIN PHILCO RADIOS AND OTHERS ilDAll SHIP THE SMART CO-ED ' S OWN 1309 College 461 OLSON ' S HARDWARE LINOLEUM ASPHALT RUBBER TILE 1515 Pearl PAiNT vmllhaper Glass Phone 1245 LAFAYETTE No Farther Than Louisville hinm Dine and Dance at Our Beautiful SILVER AND GOLD LOUNGE SPORTSMAN ' S INN Call for banquet reservations at Lafayette TIME TRIED DEPENDABILITY SINCE 1910 CHARLES F. SNOW, A. S. P. Conferred Degree Master of Photography Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain BROADWAY LAUNDRY GARMENTS WASHED WITH PERSONAL CARE YOU GET THEM BACK IN GOOD REPAIR SOCKS DARNED BUTTONS REPLACED I 303 Broadway (Basement) 462 BOULDER TRAVEL AGENCY Air — Rail — Steamship — Tours — Hotel 1318 Pearl Phone 690 IT ' S PARTYTIME AT LAFAYETTE DANCING AT THE BlUEBIRD CAFE lOlME CONGRATULATIONS to GRADUATING SENIORS BOULDER CITY BAKERY 2026 BROADWAY STUDENT ACCOUNTS INVITED SPECIAL CHECKS FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BOULDER Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 463 ClecMcitif a bargain in living . . . helps add to the happiness of your honne. More new services are o:t the way with nnore conveniences and pleasures in store tor the electric-honne of today and tomorrow. Public Service Company of Colorado (D lAJattd - J ardi PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM FANCY ICE CREAM PRIVATE BRAND BUTTER 13th 6c Walnut Phone 401 MORRIS CANDY SHOP Better Homemade Candies MADE ON THE SPOT 5 lb. Boxes FRESH NUTS 1416 Pearl A SPECIALTY GIFTS Phone 1348 464 Organizations Index Acacia, 410 Air National Guard. 271 Alfra, 278 Alpha Cni Omega, 380 Alpha Chi Sigma. 273 Alpha Delta Pi. 382 Alpha Epsilon Delta. 274 Alpha Omicron Fi. 384 Alpha Fhi. 386 Alpha Phi Omega. 412 American Institute of Aeronautical Science. 268 American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 269 American Society of Civil Engineers. 276 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 278 Army R.O.T.C, 166 Artist Series, 236 Associated Alumni, 62 A.S.U.C, 46 A.W.S. House or Representatives, 49 A.W.S. Senate, 48 A.W.S. Vaudville, 268 B Bands, 236 Bartram ' s, 366 Beta Alpha Fsi, 279 Beta Gamma Sigma, 281 Beta Sigma, 280 Beta Theta Fi, 414 Board of Puhlicationa, 50 Board of Regents, 31 Bonhomme, 282 Buff Pep Cluh, 283 Business School Board, 61 C. Club. 284 Calico and Boots, 286 Campus Club, 367 Chi Omega, 388 Chi Psi, 416 Chi Sigma, 286 Choir, 238 Coloradan, 220 Colorado Engineer. 224 Combined Engineers, 54 Cosmopolitan Club, 287 C. V. Days, 262 Deans, 33 Delta Delta Delta, 390 Delta Gamma, 392 Delta Phi Alpha, 288 Delta Phi Delta, 338 Delta Sigma Fhi, 418 Delta Sigma Fi. 289 Delta Tau Delta, 420 Dodo, 226 Dormitory Presidents, 372 Equestrian Club. 290 Eta Kappa Nu, 291 Executive Council. 32 Extension Division, 44 Faculty, 37 Fencing Club, 292 Free Lance. 287 Freshman Class. 143 Gamma Delta. 294 H Heart and Dag g:er, 71 Hesperia, 115 Hiking Club, 295 Hillel. 296 Homecoming:, 254 Home Economics Club, 297 I Illinois Club, 298 Interchurch Council, 299 Interfraternity Council, 879 International Relations Club, 800 Independent Student Association, 55 I.S.A. Council, 301 Iota Sigma Fi, 802 Journalism School Board, 56 Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, 337 Junior Class, 118 K 394 Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Delta, 396 Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Kappa Psi, 303 Kappa Fhi, 304 Kappa Sigma, 410 Lambda CM Alpha, 424 Lab Theater, 323 Law Review, 147 Law School, 156 Little Theater, 230 M Medical School, 160 Medical Technicians School, 163 Men ' s Co-op House, 305 Men ' s Dormitories, 373 Men ' s Glee Club, 306 Men ' s Physical Education Club. 340 Moore Manor, 358 Mortar Board, 70 M.S.U.B., 240 N Naval Administration, 45 Navy R.O.T.C. 168 Newman Club, 307 Nursing School, 164 Operetta, 234 Orchesis, 308 Orchestra, 287 Pacesetters, 60 Fanhellenic Council, 378 Pentagon Club, 309 Phi Alpha Delta. 310 Phi Beta Kappa. 69 Phi Delta Phi. 311 Fhi Delta Theta, 426 Phi Epsilon Phi, 131 Fhi Gamma Delta, 428 Phi Kappa Psi, 430 Fhi Kappa Tau, 432 Fhi Sigma Delta, 434 Physics Club, 312 Pi Beta Phi, 400 Fi Kappa Alpha, 436 Pi Lambda Theta, 313 Pi Hu Epsilon, 314 Fi Tau Sigma, 316 Player ' s Club, 316 Porpoise. 317 Pre-Law Club, 341 Radio Production Department, 239 Residence Hall Association, 374 Rho Chi, 318 RiSe Club, 339 Robinson ' s, 369 Roger Williams Fellowship, 319 Rx Club, 337 Senior Class, 72 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 438 Sigma Chi, 440 Sigma Delta Tau, 402 Sigma Epsilon Sigma, 339 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 341 Sigma Nu, 442 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 444 Sigma Fi Sigma, 320 Sigma Tau. 321 Silver and Gold, 222 Ski Club, 322 Society of Women Student Architects and Engineers, 326 Sophomore Class. 132 Spanish Club. 234 Speakers Congress. 229 Spur. 130 Stardusters Choir. 326 Student Council. 376 Sumalia, 116 Tau Beta Fi. 68 Tau Beta Sigma. 327 Tau Delta, 338 Theta Upsilon. 404 u University Women ' s Club, 328 V Valkyrie, 330 Vetsville, 361 Viking, 331 w Wesley Foundation, 333 Westminister Foundation, 336 Willis ' s. 360 Window. 227 Winter Carnival. 256 Women ' s Athletic Association. 332 Women ' s Dormitories, 362 Women ' s Physical Education Club, 340 Y.W.C.A., 334 Zeta Beta Tau, 448 Zeta Tau Alpha, 406 Faculty Index Abbott, A. D., 34, 52 Abbott, Elizabeth, 39 Ackley, Stella, 39 Akerib, Richard, 39 Albright. Robert. 37. 38 Alexander. Gordon. 37, 38 Allen, Aubrey, 89, 176 Allen, James G,, 37, 38 Allen, Janet, 38, 319 Allen, Jeremiah M., Jr., 40 Allen, Dr. K. D. A., 42 Ammons, Mrs. Feme, 39 Anderson, Dorothy, 38 Anderson, W. T., 43. 279 Andrews. J. H., 40, 291 Annan, Charles. 38 Arenson, Herman I.. 43, 279 Arnberg. B. T.. 40. 316 Arnold. Christian K., 40 Arthur, Hrs. Margaret, 52 Aspinwall, Leo V,, 43, 281, 289 Athearn, Robert G., 37, 38 Aubrey Allen, 178 Austin. H. Vance. 31 Avery. James. 38 Bacon, Isaac, 37, 39, 288 Bain, Clara, 164 Baird, Frank, 37, 38, 43, 303 Baker, Robert L.. 39 Balch. Roland, 37, 39, 202. 309. 340 Ball, Mary-Ethel, 32, 33, 48, 60, 115 Bangs. F. Kendrick, 43 Barger. Clarence. 45 Barker. Gordon H.. 37, 38, 39 Barker, John F,, 40 Barnes, Harry £., 39 Baron, Marjorie R., 39, 130 Baron-Rousseau, Jacques, 39 Barrick, Dennis L., 40 Barrick, Paul L.. 40 Bascom. Mrs. Frances. 37. 39. 286. 313 Battrick. William. 38 Bauer. Frank S., 40, 316, 321 Beattie, Wayne S., 40, 316, 321 Beatty, F.. 40 Beck, George R.. 40, 41, 291 Bedell, Gracie, 37 Beeson, Donald R.. 43 Bender. William. Jr.. 239 Bentson. Mark S.. 43 Berg. William. Jr.. 41, 807 Berry, Dr. J. W.. 42 Berthiaume. Aileen. 39 Berueffy, Minnie, 37, 38 Bingham, L. A.. 40. 226. 321. 336 Birk. W. Otto. 40, 321 Bitter, Charles, 38 Black, Wendell, 38 Blair, Julian, 39 Blair, Ruth, 37, 38, 39 Blayney, Glenn, 38 Blythin, Mrs. Margaret. 38 Boehmer. Howard W.. 39, 320, 326 Boore, William F.. 40 Borland, Helen B.. 43. 280, 281, SIS Boyd, Alberta Pike, 31 Bramhall, Frederick, 69 Bramman, H. A., 37 Brammell, P. Roy, 38 Bramson. Patricia. 38 Briggs. William E.. 39 Brittin. Wesley E.. 39. 321 Britton, J. R.. 40. 302 Brockway. W. E., 321 Brown, Eugene, 38, 69, 285 Brown, Robert F., 40. 68, 316 Browning, Donovan B., 46 Broxon, James W., 32, 37, 38, 39, 40, 69 Brubaker, William F., 40 Bruce, John B., 37, 38, 273, 337 Buchanan, A. R., 42 Bull. Storm. 43. 235 Burgh. Robert F.. 69 Burton. Gordon L.. 39 Bush. Dr., 42 Brusse. Dr. E. W., 42 Butler, Mrs. Vivien, 37, 38, 89 Cannon. Helen. 37, 39 Carlson, G. Robert. S8 Carlson. D, A.. 40 Carlson. Mrs. Georgene M.. 39 Carlson. Harry G.. 32, 33, 37, 39, 47, 172, 309 Carpenter, C. Frank, 40. 316 Carr. Edwin R.. 38 Carr, Ralph L., 31 Carswell. David F.. 38 Carter. Paul J.. 37. 38 Carter, William, 43, 323 Casali, Liberty. 39 Casey, Frank J., 40 Casper, Thelma, 39 Chaitman, Arnold, 43 Chambers. Fred R.. 34. 38 Champlain, Mary M., 39. 288 Chapman. Roy M.. 31 Charlton. Robert D., 31 Chavez, Simon, 39 Cheney, Mrs. Nancy, 39 Chick. Lewis W.. 46 Chittim, Mary C. 43 Christensen, Edward C, 42. 276, 286, 318 Christopher. J. Richard, 34, 50 Cleveland, John M.. 39 Coats, Amy L., 40 Coffin, Berton L., 43 Cohen, Joseph W.. 39 Coleman, Dr, J. V., 42 Coolidge, John E., 39, 320 Cortes, Luis, 39 Coulter, Mrs. Pearl F.. 39 Counce, Shelia, 38 Cowan, Wishart F... 45 Cox. Forrest B.. 39. 186 Cox. Hoy A.. 39. 69 Orabb. Edward D.. 37. 38, 274 Cramer, John B.. 43 Crampon. L. J.. 289 Crawford. Richard H.. 40 Cristol. Stanley J., 38, 69 Criswell, George S., 41 Crockett, Earl C, 32. 37, 39 Cross, Arthur C, 38, 44 Crouch, Jack H.. 38, 230, 232, 233 Crow, Mrs. Evelyn, 371 Crow, Wayman. 371 Crowell, Joseph M.. 43 Crum. Clyde E., 38 Culpepper, Gideon, 39 Curran, James P., 46 Curry, Vinton S., 43 Curtis. Mrs. Bly E., 34 Cuthbertson, Stuart, 37, 39 Danielson, Dr. R. W., 42 Darley, Dr. Ward. 42 Davies. Maurice B., 43 Davis, Robert A., 32, 38 Davis. Hrs. S. Alice, 240 Day, Dorothy, 39 Dean, Paul M., 37, 38, 275 DeLapp, Warren W., 40, 275, 286, 321 doLissovoy, Vladimir, 39, 69, 283 DeMand, J. W., 38 Demuth, Mrs. Frances. 38 DeMuth. Lawrence W.. 41, 811 Deschere, Allen R., 316 DeSouchet, William O., 41, 811 Faeulty Index-continued 46! Dever, Kathleen, 38 DeVol. David, 39 Dickey, Edmund, 38 Dickison. Walter L., 42, 318 DiSalvo, Hrs, Leta P., 38 Dittmer, Karl, 87, 38 Dixon, Dr, J, P., 42 Dobbins. George S., 40 285, 316 Dodpi, Dr. H. J., 42 Dorrell, Mrs. Frances E.. 38 Douglas. F. H., 39 Douglas. Janet. 39. 70 Douglass. Harl R., 37, 38 Downing, Roderick L., 40. 286 Drommond. Fred G., 42. 318 Drumright. Russel G.. 39 Dugan. James E., 39, 69 Dunbar, W, R.. 40. 291 Dunham. Rowland W., 32, 43 Dunicz. B. L.. 39 Durham. Franklin P.. 40, 68, 315, 321 DuVall, W. C, 40, 291, 321 Dyde, W. F., 32, 37. 38 Eastern. Frank A.. 40. 291. 321 Eatoi, Lyle E.. 40 E ' ;. h. Dr, F, G,, 42 Eciij. Clarence L., 32, 40, 68, 225. 286 Edwards. Melvin L.. 38 Efflnger, Cecil. 43 Eggert. Emil H,, 40 Ehrmarn, H, W.. 37, 39, 300 Eisentach, Dorothy, 38 Eliot, .-!•. T, S,. 42 Ellery. John. 87, 38, 229 Emmeft, Persia R.. 43. 70. 280. 281 Erickson. Willard L.. 39 Eschenberg. Kathryn. 38 Evans. .John W., 278 Fair, Rex E.. 43 Farley, Virginia, 43 Faye, Paul-Louis, 39, 235 Fehlmsnn, Hazel, 39. 297 Ferris. Livingston P.. 38 Fest. I orrel B., 38. 229 Fines. Clifford A., 38. 45 Flaska. Frank D., 41 Fleck. Martin W., 38 Fleher. Walter C, 40. 275 Tletcher, Charles W.. 45 riorio, Dr, L. J., 42 riower, Lawrence M., 315 roster, Dr. J. K., 42 ' owler. Leslie. 206 Fox, Richard E.. 38. 39 Fox, Ruth I.. 43 £ . .icis. James 0., 40 f i -nklin, Walter B.. 43. 281. 289 rrascona. Joseph L.. 43. 289 Friday. Charles. 39 Fritz. Percy. 37. 38. 69 Froid. Helga. 39 Fry, William F,, 46 Fullerton, Albert L.. 39 FuUerton. G. G., 43, 279, 281, 289 Bades, Fred H., 315 agos. Kenneth. 38 alland. Bi-njamin S.. 41, 69, 301 Garnaey, Morris E,, 39 Geek. Frr.ois J.. 37. 38. 338 Gentry. Lugene. 37, 39, 175 Germanu, F, E. E., 37, 38, 40, 69, 273 Giddes. K. W., 43 Ciele. Edythe. 43 Glass. Robert H.. 40 Gless. G. E.. 40, 291 jjldenshon. Dr, E, S., 42 roodman, Irving, 37, 38 hwdykoontz. Colin B., 37, 38, 69 }nham. William W.. 40 Granger. Robert. 38 hunt, Alexander. 43 }rant, John R.. 88 Gray. Charles. 39 Breenberg. Joseph, 37, 39 Breene, Doris, 39 Bregg, Dorothy, 39 Bregg, George, 39. 40 Bregg, Robert E., 38 Brieder, Calvin. 32. 37. 38. 50 Giiest, John M,, 43, 281, 289 Iriffitts, Mary 0., 38, 39 rigs, Edgar W., 40 l-.jSS, Mrs. Alberta L., 89 rosshauser. Elmer A., 85, 374 enther, Paul F.. 37, 39, 288, 296 uise, Margaret. 43 laakinson, Alice, 39 Hammond, Kenneth. 39 Kanna. W. J., 40, 291 :annum. Mrs. Barbara, 39, 287 ;arris. Hubert A., 38 arris, Nancy, 239 narrower, Ruth, 313 Hart, Lawrence, 43 Har zell, E, Keith, 40, 415 HasciJl. 0. W.. 38 Hawk, Harold W., 40, 225 Hawkins, David, 39 Hawley, Joseph W,, 41 Hayes, John R., 38 Hayes, Warren, 271 Kayni :. Donald L,, 43, 281, 289 Head, Robert R,, 40, 31? Heckman, Huf sell F., 40 Hedgecock, Glenn, 60. 71. 379 Heim. Harold C. 42, 318, 337 Helwig, Edwin R., 38 Henrich, Val, 43 Hethmon, Robert, 38, 230. 231. 232. 233 Hightower. Russell L. . 40 Higman. Howard H.. 39 Hill. Lois. 43 Hilty. Everett J.. 43, 276 Hirschberg. Dr. Cotter. 42 Hoffman. Fritz. 37. 38, 69 Hoffmeister. Harold A., 38. 39 Holbert. Virginia. 38 Holmer. Dr. J. H.. 42 Holubar. LeRoy. 40. 291 Hoskins. Mary £.. 43 Hough, John N., 38, 235 Houston, Clifford G., 32, 35, 38. 47. 60. 276 Howells. T. H.. 39 HuUey. Mrs. Helen B., 37, 38 Hulley. Karl K.. 37, 38 Hultquist, P. F,. 40 Hunt, Barrowes, 39 Hunt, Mrs. Dudley L., 39 Hunter, Dr. Harriet, 42 Hunter, Zona M.. 38.39 Huston. Elda M.. 302 Hutchinson. Charles A., 32, 40, 41, 321 Hutchinson. Charles. 41 Hutchinson. T. Henry, 43 Hyde, William H., 43 I Imig, Warner, 48. 234, 238, 283 Irey, Mrs. Charlotte, 39, 285 Irey. Eugene, 38 Isaak, R, D.. 40, 291 I Jackson, Paul L., 39 Jackson. H, L., 40. 41 Jameson, Mrs. Frances, 38 Jeffery, Harriet, 37, 39 Jemison, William F., 40 Jenkins, Ray, 39, 185, 203 Job, Andre J., 39 Johnson, Edna L., 38 Johnson, Herbert E.. 40, 315 Jones, Alfred H.. 38 Jones, Ann. 38, 39, 234. 338 Jones-Burdick, W. Harry, 37, 38 Jones, Burtan W., 39, 69 Jones, Horace. 43, 69, 236 Jung, Christian, 38 K Kadlec, Mrs. Nell, 365 Kalal, Leonard A., 39 Katzenburg:, Mary Joan, 43 Kelley, Tim K., 37, 36 Kelly. H. Harold. 40, 41 Jf Kelly, Katherine, 39, 166 Kelsall, Margaret, 38 Kempner. Aubrey J., 39 Kendall, Claribel, 39. 69 Kendrick, H. W., 43, 279, 281, 289 Kengle. Lansford F., Jr., 156 Kettering, Harold, 39 Kilbride, Robert E., 40 Kilgore, Mrs. Jane, 370 Kimmerle, Marjorie„ 38 King, Edward C, 32, 41, 311, 341 Kingery, Dr. H. M., 42 Kipp, Samuel M., Jr., 40, 41 Klemme, C. C, Jr., 40, 286 Kline, John B., 43 Kloepfer, Herman J., 38 Knoettge, Mrs, Rebecca, 38 Koenig, Roman T., 40 Koerner, Harold E., 37, 38 Korscyth, George R., 271 Kress, Robert, 38 Kroll, Frederick J., 40 Kruse, W. A., 48. 279 Lacher. John R., 38, 69, 173 Lam, William C, 38, 89, 178 Landaker, Chester L., 32, 156 Landry, Leonard, 38 Larson, Mrs. Martha, 368 La Rue, Joy, 43, 280 Lauer, B. £., 40, 273 Laughlin, Robert M., 40, 41 Lawrence, Charles, 43, 281 Lawson, Mrs, Janet, 39 LeFant, Mrs. Joan, 38, 39 Leffel. R. £., 40, 225, 275 Leonard, Richard C, 40 Lester. Oliver C, 38, 39, 320 Lewis, Dr, B. C., 42 Lewis, Leslie L., 38. 69 Ley, Katherine, 39 Licht. Dr. J. A., 42 Lief. P. A., 42 Light. Walter E.. 43 Lillibridge, Robert G.. 43 Lindstrom, Eleanor, 38, 313 Lionetti, Harold, 39 Lipstreu, Otis, 43 London, Mrs. Irene E., 38, 39 Longley, W. Warren, 38 Longwell, B. B., 38 Loose, Gerhard, 38, 39. 288 Loose, Mrs. Ruth, 39, 288 Loughran, Mrs. Henrietta, 38, 39, 166 Loughran, Vernon F., 69 Love, W, J., 41 Lubovich, Vladimir P., 39 Lumpkin. Ben G., 38 Lumpkin, Mrs. Helen, 41 Lyon, Dr. J. M., 42 Mc McCann. Glenn. 39 McCann. Thomas. 38 McCombs. R. K.. 38 McCowen, Frances. 39 McCowen. Robert. 42, 318 McDonald, Lora, 38 McDowell, Helen. 363 McFeron. D. E., 41 McGuire. Carl. 39 McKeehan. Irene, 38 McMillen, Hugh, 36, 43. 236. 237. 303 McNair, Arthur J., 40, 41. 66. 68, 286, 303 McNaught, Dr. J. B.. 42 McNeill. Charles. 43 McNulty. Mrs. Hester P,, 39 M Mabee, Zell F.. 39 Machle. Edward J.. 39 Magee. John J.. 38 Maguire. Jack, 40, 275. 286 Maler. G. J.. 40 Malick, Clay P.. 39 Mallory. Walter F.. 40. 41, 315 Markward. W. B.. 38 Marr, Mrs. John W., 334 Marr. John W., 38 Marsh, Charles T., 39 Marshall, Pauline, 39, 69 Martin, Curtis W.. 39 Martz, Clyde 0,, 41 Maslin, T, Paul, Jr., 38 Mason, L. J., 40, 291, 321 Mass. Marvin L.. 40. 275 Maydew. Randall. 40 Mayne. Roland. 361 Meade. Claude Y., 39 Mea er, R. D., 38 Meadoff. Mrs. Marilyn, 39 Meek, John S.. 38, 69. 273 Mefrew. Alden F.. 38 Mehl. Marie A.. 38, 313 Menoher. Wade L.. 40. 275. 286 Merrill. Leslie, 38, 39, 338 Messenheimer, Myron, 287 Miernyk, William. 39 Mills, Hubert H., 38 Moloney. Raymond, 39, 324 Mong, Stuart, 38 Moore. Henry B., 43, 281, 289 Moore, Philip F.. 40, 41, 268, 315 Moore, Vincent J., 40, 41 Moreland, John E., 279 Morgenroth, Robert L., 39 Morris, Bertram, 39 Morris, Earl, 69 Morton. Lula. 39 Muenzinger. Karl F., 39 Mugage. Dr. E. R.. 42. 163 Mulligan. Dr. K. M.. 42 Murrary. Harrison F., 38 Musgrove, William Jr., 38, 39 Musil, Mrs, Eva, 43 N Nehring, Mrs. Vineta. 368 Nelson. Helen, 39, 69 Nelson, Walter K., 40, 41 Neubuerger. Dr. R. T.. 42 Newell. Katherine. 39 Nidey. Russel A., 39 Niehaus. Fred R.. 40. 281, 289 Norris, Charles H., 38, 69, 235 Novak. Leo C, 40, 276, 286 Nyland, Waino S., 40, 41 Nylander, Harold E., 39 O ' Fallon, 0. Kenneth, 38 Ogilvy, Mrs, Dorothy. 38. ( Ogilvy. J. D. A., 38, 69 Ogle, Merle, 284 0 ' Kelly, Lawrence I., 39 Oliver, Robert M., 40, 225 Opdyke. Donald. 38 Organ. Robert. 43 O ' Rourke, E. P,, 45 Osborne, Carrol V., 40 Osborne, Raymond, 209 Ostroumova, Mrs. Tatiana, 39 Oswald, Mrs. Elvira. 288 Ott, Eugene W.. 38 Palmer. Albert. 38 Palmer. H. B.. 40, 291, 321 Papish, Paul E., 46 Park, Joseph D,, 38 Parker, Vernon C. 40. 41 Parkinson. Ramona. 42. 301, 818, 387 Parmelee, Paul. 43 Partner. Dan. 173 Patterson. Mrs. Gloria. 39 Pearson. Judson. 39 Pearson. S. I.. 40. 41, 225, 291 Peck, Maynard, 43 Pennak, Robert W,, 38 Perkins, Merritt H., 31 Peterson, Elmore, 32, 43, 61, 279 281, 289, 381 Peterson, Vernon A., 156 Pettit, Henry J., 38 Philpott, Dr.. 0. S.. 42 Phoenix. Robert E., 45 Pierce, Vaudau P.. 39 Pietenpol. William B., 38, 39, 40, 320 Pietenpol, Mrs. William B., 378 Poe. Charles F.. 32. 38, 42, 273 318 337 Potts, Frank, 38, 39, 176, 196, 205 Potts, Mrs. Mildred A., 39 Prator, Ralph, 32, 36, 38 Prendeville. R. J., 231 Prentup. Frank. 38. 39. 175, 200 Price, H, B., Jr., 43 Prien, C, H.. 41 Prinoi. Dr. Frank. 42 Pringle. John W.. 40 Propst. Robert, 38 Pruett. Frederic A.. 39 Punshon. E. T.. 40. 275, 286 Putney, Refus D., 38 Quine. Edith, 39 R Rackham, Eric, 287 Raeder, Warren, 40, 41, 286, 321 Raimy, Victor C, 39 Rath, R. John. 38 Hathburn. Robert E.. 68, 286. 321 Rautenstraus. R. C. 40. 276. 286 Rea. Mrs. Catherine. 369 Redick. Joseph P.. 39. 69 Reed. Carleton. 39 Reed, Kenneth. 43 Reese, James W.. 43 Reeves. Franklin R.. 39 Reilly. Mrs. Pauline. 367 Reyburn. Marjorie. 38. 69 Reynolds. George F.. 38 Reynolds. Henry Etta. 39 Rich. Virginia. 39 Richardson. Mary. 62 Riebe, Harlan, 38 Rieder, Mrs. Miriam. 39 Riethmayer, Leo C, 39 Riethmayer, Mrs. Ura. 39 Riley, Paul. 38 Ritter, Thomas M., 40 Robb, Mary Margaret, 38, 48 Robbins, Leslie F., 281 Robinson, Charles S.. 38 Robinson. Francis C, 38. 39 Rockett. Mrs. Anita. 364 Rohrman, Frederick, 40, 41, 320 321 Rold, John, 38 Romig, Mrs. Edna. 38. 69 Romine. Stephen. 38 Rose. Edward. 39. 287 Rutland, Leon W., Jr., 40 Salerno. Nan, 38 Sammons. Robert J.. 45 Sandoe. James. 234, 235 Scherer, George, 39, 288 Schmid, Audrey. 164 Schmidt. Martin F.. 43, 281. 289 Schoolland. John B.. 36. 38. 39 Schroeder. Paul G., 39. 69, 288 Scott. Austin W.. 41. 60, 310 Scott, Marjorie, 39 Scott, Robert F.. 40 Seeber. Norton C. 39. 281 Seewer. Ray H., 156 Segelke. Hilda. 39 Shane, James E.. 45 Shearer. Eugene M.. 88, 39 Sheldon. Claire E., 39 Shenkel, Claude, 38 Sherman, Dorothy M.. 38, 313 Sibert, H. W.. 40. 41, 315 Simmons. Mrs. Flo R.. 35, 47 Simons. William S.. 39 466 Faculty Index-continued Bivert. Wendell C, 40, !76 Slaughter, Elizabeth, 39, 358 Small, Clare, 39 Smith, Bruce W., 89 Smith, Cameron U., 40 Smith, Coyne K., 38 Smith, Gerald, 45 Smith, Maurice P., tO Smith, Robert F., 318 Smith, Rutsell. H., 4S Snively, L. Clifton, 40, 322 Solez, Mrs. Gertrude. 366 Spackman, W. M., 38 Bpaulding, Freda, 38 Spehar, Elizabeth M., 38 Spencer, J. N., 42 Sperline. Meredith E., 40, 41 Spicer, t,. Randall, 303 Spurlock, Benjamin H., Jr., 40, 315 Stagner, H. F., 43, 279 BUhl, Karl H., 40 Starr, Wendell K., 38 Stearns, Robert L., 30, 31, 32, 69, 71 Stepp, Ellsworth, 36, 239 Stevens, G. £., 156 Stewart, Omer C, 38, 39. 69 Stewart, Richard B., 40, 316 Stinton, John E., 43. 281 Stockman, John F., 39 Stocks. Betty, 36, 69 Storke, Frederic P., 41, 69 Stout, Donald, 39 Stovall, Mrs. Charlotte, 358 Straight, Clara, 38 Stroud. Parry, 88 Stuewe, D. A., 40 Summers, George W., 40 Bun, Huai-Chin, 39, 287 Sutherland, Donald, 38, 69 Sutherland, W. L., 40, 275, 321 Swan, Dr, Henry, 42 Swayne, Ida L., 38, 69, 302 Sweeting, Orville J.. 38 Swisher. Earl. 38, 69 Tafoya, Finard, 39 Thoman, William H., 40, 275, 286, 321 Thomas, Jerry. 88 Thompson, H. A.. 40, 321 Thompson, Paul V.. 40. 235 Thompson. Dr. Richard. 42 Thomson, Warren O.. 38, 173 Tlomson, S. Harrison, 38, 69 Todd. Edgley W., 38 Toepelman, Walter C, 36. 38 Topp. R. F., 38 Tovani, Ernest P., 40, 41, 307 Trolinger. Lelia. 33 Trucksess. F. C, 38, 292 Turner, Merle B.. 39 Twombly, J, C, 40. 68, 285, 291, 321 u Udell, Issac, 38 Udick, Bernice, 39 TTffelman, Sara, 38 Upson, William R., 39. 324 Usher. T. E., 40. 291 Utlaut, W. F., 40, 291 Van Duzee, Mabel, 38, 69 Van Ek, Jacob, 32, 37 Van Valkenburgh, H. B.. 38, 273 Van Vliet. Cornelius, 43 Varner, Walter W.. 40. 291 Vaughn, Mrs. Mary S. . 36 Vavra, Charles, 38, 39. 204. 309. 340 Veazie. Walter B.. 38, 39 Voetsch, Catherine. 164 Voight. Alvin, 38. 273. 318. 337 w Waddell. Claude E.. 40. 315 Wagner, Charles. 40, 41. 316. 321 Wagner, John F.. 40. 69, 276 Wahlstrom. Ernest E.. 38, 39 Wakeham, Glen. 38, 273 Waldo. Robert D., 40. 361 Waldrop. A. Gayle. 36, 39, 50, 56 Wallace. Robert. 38 Wallin. I. E., 42 Walseth, Russell, 38. 39. 200 Walters. Floyd. 36, 69 Walters, Mrs. Lillie C, 40 Walters. Vernon O., 40 Walton, Harold F.. 38, 40 Waltz, Howard, 43 Walz, Frank C. 39. 312. 320 Wang, Chu-Kai. 40 Ward. Barbara. 363 Ward, Dallas, 38, 39, 174, 176, 176, 178, 186 Waring, Dr. J. J., 42 Warner. Alexander H.. 38 Warner. Lawrence A.. 38, 69 Warner, Ralph E.. 39 Washburn. Dr. A. H., 42 Weatherbie. Wendell J.. 38 Waber, Mary H., 38. 39 Weber, William A., 38 Weibel, E. E., 40, 315. 320 Wells. Marshall. 39. 175 West. Edward J., 38. 39, 69, 230 Westermeier, Therese. 39, 48, 70, 288 Wheater. Stanley. 38. 229 Whistler. John M., 43 Whitehead. Dr. R. W.. 42 Whyte. Mrs. Martha. 38 Wicks. Piatt. 40, 291, 321 Wigton, H. F.. 40 Williams. Robert J., 40 Willis, Edna, 39 Wilson, Eugene H.. 32. 36 Wilson, William E., 38 Witt, Norman. 38. 39, 274, 318 Wolf, Ruth Ann, 38 Wolf, William W.. 40. 41, 273 Wolfe. Lynn. 38, 39. 338 Wolfrom, Dorothy. 39, 340 WoUe, Francis. 38. 69. 196 Wolle. Muriel S., 38. 338 Wood. K. D.. 40. 315 Woodsome. Frederic C, 315 Woodward. Charles E,, 38, 39 Worcester, P. G., 32, 38, 39, 69, 273, 291 Worcester, W, G., 40, 282 Wuest, Anne, 39 Wynn, Dudley, 38, 227, 235 Yeager, Mrs. Nellie. 39 Yensen. Lynn, 363 Yohe, Mrs, Gladys, 38 Zlnk . George W., 39 Student Index Abada, Sofia, 287, 319, 358 Abbate, Santo Anthony, 117 Abbott, Hugh Bradsfield, 132, 298, 426 Abbot, Mary Louise, 367, 401 Abel, Dorothy, 290 Abelt, Ralph William, 143 Abenheimer, Cecile A.. 49, 296, 403 Abenheimer, Frances, 132, 226, 371, 403 Abrams. Barbara R.. 143. 298 Abrams. James D., 275, 286, 439 Absmeier, Carl J., 155, 310 Abujebln, Abdul S.. 287, 300 Achtenhagen, Stephen H., 374. 375 Acker, Charles B., 72 Acosca, George, 324 Acsell, Raymond P., 439 Acsell, Robert L., 207, 284, 438. 439 Adair. Willis A., 268 Adams, Arthur W., 117, 427 Adams, Barbara J., 298, 366, 393 Adams, Dorothy J,, 381 Adams, Gordon F., 117, 431 Adams, John, 231 Adams. Mary. 166. 333. 358 Adams, Raymond K.. 238 Adams. Sarah N., 395 Adams. William H.. 289 Adamson, Betty J., 367 Aden, Mrs. Fred, 287 Adler, Margaret J., 290, 365, 393 Adler, Sidney K., 72, 417 Ailinger. Wanda L., 297, 369 Aitken, Francis E., 72 Akers, Byron L., 306. 366. 413 Akers. Charles H., 379, 438, 439 Akey, Donald E., 117. 291 Alban, Bill O., 222 Albaugh, Constance J.. 223. 387 Albert. Richard, 290 Albin, Joyce M.. 164. 165 Albrecht, Donald H.. 441 Alcott. Russel J., 72 Alderman, John E., 162, 284 Alexander, Dorothy J.. 386 Alexander. Gloria J., 143, 389 Alexander, Joan, 72, 298, 383 Alexander, Mary A., 143, 396 Alexander, Thomas J., 298 Alexander, William R., 416 Alexander, William, 238, 411 Alfalt. Mary, 358 Alire, Ila A,, 166, 226, 368 Alison, Ross B., 117, 131, 226, 289, 439 Alleman, John F., 271 Allen, Aubrey J.. 175, 186 Allen, Carolyn, 401 Allen, Catherine A.. 166 Allen, Charles D., 72. 276 Allen, Clarence 0., 117, 270 Allen, Elizabeth Lee, 117, 396 Allen, Elizabeth L., 366 Allen, Esther L,, 72 Allen, Frank D., 165, 310 Allen, James D., 284, 291 Allen, James £., 271, 429 Allen, Janet, 319 Allen, Jo A., 369 Allen. Judith M., 72, 400, 401 Allen, Lee R., 132, 448 Allen, Mabel R., 117 Allen, Margaret E., 72, 227, 397 Allen, Norman T., 443 Allen, Robert S.. 231. 276, 295 Allen. Roger C. 336 Allen, Ruth, 304 Allen, Samuel B.. 278 Allen, Veramae, 287 Allen, Wayne F.. 425 Allen. William C, 185, 445 Allen, William L.. 196. 284 Allison. Charles M.. 238. 441 Allison. Irene D., 132, 369 Allison, Walter F.. 303 AUnutt. William F., 143, 421 Allred, Linda M., 383 Allred, Miriam L.. 166. 366, 383 Aim, Gerald V., 331 Alper, Rita L., 143, 363 Alsup, Robert E.. 165, 311 Altaffer, Mary A.. 166 Alterman. Zelda P., 296. 326. 366, 403 Altman, Marilyn A.. 296. 326. 365. 403 Altvater. Ella J., 226, 227, 381 Alvarado, Arthur J., 307, 324 Alvord, Leiand S., 303, 323 Aman, William R., 310 Amato, Ann G.. 143. 307. 363, 407 Amen, Charles R., 271 Amesbury, Jo A,. 117, 389 Amsbary, Robin, 72, 334, 338, 396 Andersen. Ruth M., 290, 389 Anderson, Ada M.. 164 Anderson. Albert J., 117. 296, 444, 446 Anderson. Petty L.. 143. 363 Anderson, Carrie M.. 117, 222, 307. 369 Anderson. Charles D., 72 Anderson, Christopher M.. 416 Anderson, Dean G.. 290, 306. 413 Anderson. E. Elaine. 164 Anderson. Earl A.. 117. 289, 450 Anderson, Elinor A,, 366 Anderson, Elmer C. 132. 443 Anderson, Eric A., 72, 278 Anderson, Frederic E., 129, 306, 379, 412, Anderson, Gerald P., 416 Anderson, Gladys M., 294. 370 Anderson. Helen B.. 313 Anderson, Herman, 421, 460 Anderson. Howard R., 278 Anderson. Howard S., 437 Anderson. Hurlburt. 276 Anderson. Irvins O.. 117. 278 Anderson, Jack K.. 143. 421 Anderson. James R.. 278. 321. 421 Anderson, James R.. 413 Anderson. Jane M., 226. 366, 391 Anderson. Loren E.. 269, 273, 411 Anderson, Marilyn M., 143, 363. 389 Anderson, Mary L.. 142. 326. 366 Anderson, Mary L., 132 Anderson, Nancy C, 393. 450 Anderson, Nancy 8.. 143 Anderson. Parley E.. 166, 311 Anderson, Richard V,, 155, 310 Anderson, Virginia C, 72, 400, 401 Anderson, Ward L.. 298 Anderson. William A., 276, 819 Andree. Rudolph W., 132 Andrews, Edward B.. 72 Andrews, James B.. 143. 433 Andrews. John W., 298 Angel, Roland L., 296, 336 Angell, Harry J., 270 413 Angove, Rodney W., 235, 421 Anselmo. Arthur 0., 307 Anthony, Catherine W., 160 Anthony. John L., 312 Appcl. Robert S.. 448, 449 Appleby. Shirley L., 72, 274, 326, 369 Applequist, Ruth M., 72. 297, 325 Apuzzo. Gerald L.. 186, 271 Arbuckle. Edward C. 271 Arbuckle. Francis E., 269 Archer, Fred C, 132. 278 Archer. Herbert C, 341 Archer, Phyllis M.. 66. 132, 301, 319. 369 Archuleta, Harry M., 312 Argall. Anna E.. 132. 226. 231, 232, 316. 399 Armatas. James P.. 186, 415 Armentrout. Mary F., 363 Armitage. Lawrence C. 232, 233, 298 Armstrong, Ann F., 143, 298. 370. 396 Armstrong, Erlcba J., 370 Armstrong. Francis D., 320 Armstrong, John E., 271 Arnberg. Benjamin T.. 284. 309 Arnett. Eusene V.. 73 Arnold. Elizabeth M.. 143, 297, 365 Arnold. Gerald W.. 132 Arnold. Harry H.. 143. 165. 421 Arnold. Joan, 396 Arnold, William G., 203 Arnold. William G., 203, 429 Aron. Patricia M.. 73 Aronin. Gerard L.. 132, 296, 435 Arraj, Robert E.. 275 Arras. Homero, 276. 324 Arterburn. Larry E.. 143. 411 Arthur. David R.. 277 Aseniero. William L., 270, 319 Ash, John A.. 162 Ashburn. Rosemary. 143. 366. 383 Ashcraft. Maude M., 132, 166. 299. 333, 371 Asher. Robert H.. 156, 310, 443 Ashford, Mary C. 307, 368, 399 Ashley, Geraldine B., 287 " v Ashton. Ralph W.. 331 Asmus, Virginia C, 368 Aspelin. Per G.. 117, 439 Aspinwall, Herbert T.. 270 Atanasoff, Elsie L., 117 Atkinson. Ann L.. 365 Atkinson. Horace E.. 421 Atkinson. William G., 269, 321 Atwood. John M.. 60. 273. 336. 433 Atwood. Marguerite W., 117. 317, 332, 395 Auckland. Arthur 6.. 300, 436 Aufderheide, Mary L., 130. 227. 332, 895, 460 Auger, John O., 73. 438. 439 Ault, Herbert A., 416 Austin. Harold G., 73. 275, 339 Axell, Richard A., 275, 441 Aydelotte, John H., 268 Aydelotte, Leon E., 73. 275, 286 Ayers, Robert E., 223, 289, 429 Ayres, Robert S, , 57 Azim, Syed A., 287 B Babb. Barbara E.. 231, 290 Babick, Marie J., 73. 330. 370 Babington. Marilynn L.. 387 Babka. Edward A., 68, 270, 291, 444, 445 Bachar, James R., 429 Pack. William, 427 Backel. Georgianna, 364 Backlund, Burdette F., 165, 310 Bacon, Esther H., 73 Bacon. Herbert L.. 420, 421 Bacon, Janet E., 117. 304. 333, 397 Bacon. Milton E., 227. 414, 415 Bader. Robert L., 132 Bael, Martin B.. 312. 499 Bail. Anne E.. 73. 222. 229 Bailar. John C, 298 Bailey. Betty W.. 132. 381 Bailey. Donna L.. 393 Bailey. Doreen H.. 364. 381 Bailey. Jimmy E.. 276. 427 Bailey. Josephine M.. 132. 369 Bailey, Robert E., 156, 310 Bailey, Sally, 226. 367 Bailey. Walter B., 429 Bainbridge, Patricia J., 304 Bainbridge. Robert W.. 333 Baird. Emma L.. 73. 338 Baird. Raymond L.. 160 Baker, Curtis H., 132. 276, 333 Baker. Donald L., 270 Baker, Emerson L.. 315 Baker. Keefe L.. 268. 307 Baker. Lloyd E.. 196. 284 Baker. Marilyn L.. 403 Baker. Maurice G., 429 Baker. Virginia D.. 132. 368. 407 Balch. Gloria A., 325. 336. 369 Balcom. Manning L., 278. 315. 319 Balderston. Robert W.. 73. 421 Baldwin. Nancy L.. 73. 393 Baldwin. William W., 441 Ball. Donna J.. 143. 222, 226, 399 Ball. Geneva A.. 73. 369 Ball. Ilah A.. 328 Ball. Mary M.. 272. 371 Ball. Nancy W., 401 Ballard. John T., 374. 376 Ballenger. William G., 73, 268 Eallin, Bobra, 327 Ballinger. Bruce N., 73, 269 Ballinger. Shirley B.. 226. 387 Balsells. Peter J.. 287, 324 Banas. Walter P.. 117 Banchor. Gordon H.. 132, 336 Bangs, Gordon E.. 73. 269, 271. 333 Banknecht. Robert. 269 Banks. Charlotte. 366. 389 Banning. John D., 417 Barbee. Frank E.. 287 Barber. William D., 73. 200 Barbiero, Audrey M.. 340. 371 Bard, Irene E., 143, 366 Bardwell. Charline, 893 Bardwell, George E., 196 Bardwell. Vivian, 69 Bareis. Reuben J., 160, 162 Barham, Laurie 0.. 117 Barker, Earl A.. 182 Barker. Paul H., 73. 437 Barker, Richard T., 117, 427 Barkowski. John. 293 Barnard. John B.. 166. 228, 310 Barner. Warren M.. 298 Barnes, Jack D., 143, 226 Barnes, Jack E.. 143 Barnes. Mary E., 364 Barnett, Dolores M. , 148, 864 Barngrover, Marjorie B., 143, 366 student Index-continued 46 ' B»;nnill. Samuel E., 78, 204. 270, 284, 309, 427 Barnhizer, Dorothy L,, 132, 326 Barnholtz, Jacqueline A., 73, 311 Barr, Harold A., 276, 421 Barr, Leon N., 73, 341 Barr, Marian I., 304, 333 Barrett. Gloria L., 366 Barrett, Kathryn L., 381 J ' . ,?, Warren M.. 268, Charles W.. 271. 319 Ba::Infv r. Paul C, 117, 439 B«.-i.on. Morton P., 143, 222. 436 B. n. William R.. 73. 300 Bic. w, Juanita, 69, 73, 290, 324, 370 Bo. vs, Eugene C, 312 Ba. ITS, Robert G., 232, 233 B f Samuel R.. 439 Ba . Theresa A.. 166 Bai ' fils. Lois, 69 BartI;, Paul 0,, 278, 299 T!«. Jieid, Joan C, 326 it, t ■. ' . . Barbara A.. 132. 226. 393 Bar:.?y, Robert W., 166, 310 Bai. ' p.y, Thomas D., 441 Ba. ilipg. Mebus, 143, 186, 427 Ba.-t.- . Otto E., 315, 429 Ba--. . ' ., Harlan N., 117. 443 Ba!;..T Ross M.. 156. 310 Bas ' .T. i.-d, Bruce E.. 117. 303 B3«.-.cj-, Curtis D., 176. 446. 447 ■ »?, ;.-. Oliver L.. 73. 268 h r. Ralph B.. 113. 413 it ... Kenneth K.. 117. 278, 282. 293 E :. Shirley A.. 297. 371 Bi- .n. Georse W.. 196. 198. 284 Ba nelet. Beverley J.. 366. 393 Bal srshell. Alice M.. 117, 293. 383 Ba, Leila £,, 132 Bat- lor, Don W.. 276. 333 Bauer. Charles T.. 429, Doris L., 74. 280. 370 Bauer, Richard J.. 421 Bauknecht. Lyle A., 270 Baum. Marylin A., 290 Baum, Paul B., 447 Baumgartner, Jerold C. 132. 202. 439 Baxter, Helen A., 295, 328 Beach, Merle L., 431 Beale-, William J.. 131 Be.i..,y. Charles F., 68, 76, 291 Ee s, Eddie R.. 336 B. t Mary A., 399 Bea: Robert I., 419 B - Paul M,, 278 P.ei A n, John N.. 421 Bea ' r.e. Harold P.. 284 Be ' .- -:e, Robert C. 275 Bea. r ' bamp. George E.. 276 Bei-.-a-;?, Bernard 0.. 307 Bec ' ii Gt.irge R., 296 Be.l.. GijTin A.. 341 Beri ; odney M.. 421 Be.; ■ ' ■. Claire A., 293 Ber. ., John R,. 143. 423 Be.- ' ■. Robert, 226 P.e.-... n, Melvin D., 204. 284, 309, 415 Bef:; ' . Beverly J., 368, 371 Betcr . Kenneth L.. 293 Boefle. Wayne E.. 132 Beeler. Horace W.. 443 Becley. Patricia M.. 401 Beoman. Marguerite. 357 Beer ' oower, James R.. 341 Beei-y. Arlie E.. 175. 176, 182, 284, 442, 443 Boin, Lois C. 73. 328 Beiteishees, Cleland D., 273, 274 Bell.-uny, Lauretta, 69 Bell. Charles D., 224 Bell. Tirvin J., 225, 275, 286, 435 Bi 1 Howard V.. 337 . Jack N.. 131. 132. 225. 421 . Margaret J.. 132. 405 l.rj.. Marian J., 272. 366 Bell, Rodney S.. 186. 191. 284. 415 Bell. William M., 74, 270, 331, 375 Bel! Willson W.. 143 Bellman. Arthur B., 268, 361 Eel ' ii.p, Stanley W., 278 Belpi.n. Charlotte M.. 117, 234, 238, 3f3 Be. --ekovic, Barbara A., 226, 385 Be-i-.!(:r, Eugene C, 132. 443 Benii r. Ray W.. 132. 268, 336. 426 Bei-..!(r. Vivian M.. 166. 294 Be,i.d=ok. Norma L.. 143. 317, 326. 332. 363 B»iieiiict. Christine M.. 143. 304, 333. 366. 383 Be.Vijict. Daniel B., 162 :nson. Tamara. 226. 287. 371 Eeiii-{ht. William M.. 238. 271, 423 Ber .illack, Donald A., 160 Bf I [. Bette J.. 132. 369 Bennett. Clayton J.. 276. 309. 433 Bennett. Donald V., 427 Bennett, Donn S,, 156. 311, 421 Bennett, John H., 421 Bennett, Lois, 281 Bennett, Lucy G., 143, 317, 366, 401 Bennett, Orville N., 270 Bennett, Walter F,, 74, 271 Bennetts, Alice J,, 223, 388, 389 Benson, Joyce, 369 Benson, Mary A,, 117 Benson, Verity J., 326, 364 Benton, Elinor K,, 393 Benton, Field C. 166 Benton, Norma L., 336 Benway, Patience E., 336 Benzel, Herbert J.. 117. 209, 423 Beranek, Charlene R,. H7, 298, 371, 397 Berg, Charlotte J., 333 Berge, Bonnie A., 132. 304. 326 Bergendoff, Raymond C, 130. 276. 277, 299, 431 Berger, Hugh E., 284. 446. 447 Berger. Jerry J., 132. 226. 433 Berger. Laura M.. 364. 366, 393, 460 Berger, Leba M., 143 Berger, Phill R., 435 Bergeson, Donald E., 298 Bergeson, Susan A., 74, 286, 322 Berggren, James L., 117, 413 Bergheim, Joe H.. 143, 226, 271. 415 Bergheim. Robert M.. 117, 233, 316, 323, 411 Berglund, Donald A.. 74 Bergman. Laurita R.. 74 Bergstresser. George L., 74, 316 Bergstresser, Gerald G., 316 Bering, Isabel, 317, 365, 395 Berkstresser, Joanne. 74. 317. 340. 391 Berrian. Mae A.. 313. 368 Berrick, Sarah E., 165 Berry, Francis R.. 278 Berry. James L., 204, 284, 433 Berry, J., 162 Berry, Jean L,, 143. 364. 391 Berry, Joan L.. 226. 296. 369 Berry. Verne P., 132. 186 Bertea. Richard. 143. 186. 439 Bertholf. Doris J.. 166, 2S9 Bertholf. Marjorie A., 313. 368 Berve. Nancy M.. 143. 366. 383 Besemann. Wilbur C, 186. 190. 284, 429 Bessol. Peter V., 47. 307 Best. Beverly R.. 366 Best, Hugh C. 74. 271 Best, Machrina P,, 366, 401 Best. Thomas E.. 292. 437 Betasso. Donna H.. 222. 384 Betterley. Robert L.. 296 Betthauser. Joseph L.. 224, 226, 270, 433 Betz, Evelyn Z,, 117 Betz, Frederick M.. 226 Beuttas. Barbara A., 395 Beymer, Eugene S., 268 Bickley, Ann., 143, 366, 383 Bickmore, Shirley M., 366, 391 Eiddleman, Dorothe S.. 272, 366 Biel, Richard 6., 117 Bierbaum, Robert H., 441 Bierbaum, William S. . 441 Bieser, Marilyn C. 74. 313. 328, 329, 355 Bigelo-w, Guy A., 74, 278 Bigelow, Patricia J.. 363. 383 Biggs, Elaine D., 378 392, 393 Biggs. Wellinston A.. 74 Bikos. George D., 447 Biles, John A., 318 Billings. Alice M.. 162 P.illingsley. Jeanne M.. 117. 405 Billington. Mary K.. 74. 304. 333 Bilton. Herbert R.. 423 Bingham. Richard L.. 132. 202, 336, 411 Binkley, Barbara A.. 74. 297, 378, 390, 391 Binstock. Robert A.. 449 Bird. Robert F.. 333 Birk. Sue. 143. 367 Bischoff. Martin E., 160 Bishop. Glick U., 431 Bissell. Marie L.. 132. 287 Eissell, Ray C, 117, 226. 278, 287. 379. 446. 447 Bitter. Charles R.. 270, 271 Bittle. Ray F.. 143 Bittner. Dolores J.. 76. 381 Biiby. Edwin C, 430. 431 Bjork. Jeanne E., 74. 302. 317. 390. 391 Black. Daniel E., 279 Black, Nancy J.. 223. 396 Black. Nola 0.. 143, 364, 381 Black. Ralph. 298. 415 Black. Sally 0.. 238. 399 Black. Samuel M., 275 Elack. Stanley A.. 131. 202. 427 Blackburn. Antoinette. 143. 226. 381 Blackburn. William G.. 228. 310 Blackmarr. Ned P.. 443 Blackmarr. Richard J.. 76. 131. 443 B ' ackstock. Ross H.. 301. 339 Blackwell. Lyman L.. 270. 360 Blake. Anna M.. 143. 383 Blakely. Maurice W.. 162 Blanchard, Barbara A.. 132. 222. 226. 227 370 Blanke. Dolores E., 143. 326 Blasongame. Richard N.. 416 Blatchford. John K..440, 441 Blatchford. Laurence H.. 441 Blaufarb. Gerard A., 296 Blevins. John D., 284 Blickhahn, George H.. 76. 155, 228, 311 Blight. Wendell T.. 161 Blom. Kenneth M.. 276 Bloomquist. Charles D., 160 Bloss, Roscoe L.. 312 P.lubaugh. Charlotte L.. 75, 337 Blystad, Arthur E,, 278 Bobrecker, Leona S.. 370 Bock. Thomas F.. 200, 201, 284 Boeok, A.. Pat, 392 Boehm, Evalyn A,, 363, 386 Boerner, Robert E., 276, 417 Boesche, David tJ., 270, 360 Boettger, Eva A,, 166 Began, Doris M., 76, 166, 871 Boggs, Barbara M., 76, 397 Eoggs, Robert G., 431 Boggs, Robert N., 306 Bolen. David B., 196, 284 Bolinger, Caroline J,, 381 Bolinger, Elizabeth A., 132, 381 Bolln, John J.. 132 Bolton. Richard 0.. 200 Boltz. Eleanor L., 117. 226, 383 Bona to, Louis N., 165 Boncelet. Charles G.. 419 Bond, Robert A.. 144, 438 Eonde. Erih K., 69 Bondus. Kay L.. 133. 317. 396 Bonebrake. Bonnie R.. 366, 381 Boner. Clarence E., 144 Bonham, Robert D,, 319 Boomhower, Donald C, 75, 209, 421 Boone, Mildred, 368 Booth. Marion J.. 144. 364. 406 Booth. Mary L., 166, 223, 399 Booth, Richard C, 75 , Booth, Robert A,, 76. 226, 316, 441, 448 • Booton, Anna M., 336 Booton. Rose B., 75, 297, 330, 336 Borkowski, John J,, 307 Borgen, Paul C, 75 Borm. Hans C 271 Borrego, Frank T., 324 Borsch, James T.. 315 Borski. Anthony A., 160 Bosley, Beverly J,, 49, 369 Bosley, Richard D., 275, 433 Boucher, Robert L,, 75, 299, 333, 360 Boughter, Barbara J.. 365. 389 Boulton, Helen D., 117, 133, 304, 333, 371 Bousman, Mary A., 226, 369 Bovic, Joyce. 368 Bowden. Jeanne G.. 164 Bowen. Jack M., 411 Bower, Joseph G., 117, 273. 423 Bower, Ralph L,, 75, 374, 375 Bowers, Bruce T., 117, 284, 438, 439 Bowers. Orvis E.. 133 Bowes. Harold R., 276 Bowie. Katherine L.. 371 Bowman. James C. 415 Bowman. Lillian E., 75 Bowman. Ralph R.. 439 Bowman, Richard D., 413 Bowman, Richard W.. 76. 271 Bowman. Robert W. , 441 Bowser. Jenny C. 130, 133, 166, 388, 389 Bowser, Jerry E.. 322 Boyce. Frank L.. 427 Eoyd. Charles K.. 133, 269, 333 Boyd, James H., 161 Boyer, Margaret V., 144, 367 Boyle, Lucia J., 144. 366. 401 Boyt. Christy A., 364. 386 Bozek. Edward A.. 275 Brackenbury, Richard J.. 303, 323, 421, 450 Brackett, David E.. 379. 432. 433 Bradbury, Marjorie C, 301, 363 Braddock, William A.. 131. 295 BradSeld. Robert M.. 423 Bradley. Joan H., 163 Bradley, Whitney A,, 306 Bradstreet, Mary E,, 144, 290, 363, 450 Bradt, Gordon E,, 51, 75, 76, 284, 429 Brady, Joseph J.. 144. 229 Brady. Suzanne. 340. 395 Bragg, Vivian L., 381 Bramberg, Jane A.. 144. 298, 363 Bramson, Patricia M., 274, 302 Brandel, Phyllis, 286 Brandenburg, Martha 0., 368 Brandhorst, Carolyn, 118. 407 Brandhorst. George E.. 118. 269, 290 Brandner, H, Joan, 133, 272, 363 Brandt, Robert C, 294 Branson. Judy J., 290, 294, 365 Brassea, Berna J., 144, 366 Braudt. William W.. 270. 333 Bray. Kenneth W., 118, 303, 443 Breach, Lolita J., 389 Breckenridge. Joan, 76, 378, 398, 399 Breen, William H,, 307 Ereetwor, Lenore H.. 133. 370 Breidenbach. George F.. 133. 306. 443 Breining. Charles F., 175, 183, 284, 429 Breitenstein, Jane C. 117, 387 Brennan, Edward H,, 429 Brennan, John J.. 118. 427 Brennan, Marion D., 130, 133, 226, 384, 386 Brennan, Robert J.. 133 Brenneman, Richard 0., 175, 179, 284, 440 Brenner, Arthur, 282, 287 Brereton, John P., 278 Brewer, George F.. 284, 423 Ereyfogle, Ro er M.. 279, 281, 419 Bribach, Oscar N., 275 Brichacek, Ajnes E,, 326 Brickman, Barbara J., 130. 317. 392. 393 Brictson. Robert C. 437 Briggs, Alburt L., 312, 441 Briggs, Harold C, 76, 196, 284, 289, 340 Bright, Robert Y,, 425 Bright. Samuel D.. 309. 425 Bril. Duane H.. 270. 307 Brill. William J.. 75. 278 Erinker, Dexter M., 75, 284, 312, 320 Briscoe, William C, 46, 76, 229, 290 Brislawn, Ferdinand L.. 336 Brittenham, Molly D.. 304. 333. 369 Broadstreet. Allen W., 165, 310 Broadwell, Howard C, 144, 443 Broberg. Carl M., 144 Brock. Harold R., 204, 275, 284, 309, 319 Brock, James W., 423 Brockert. Myrtle L.. 166 Erod. Henry L.. 75. 287 Brod. Jeannie, 287 Broderick, Thomas H.. 227, 231, 232, 316 Broderson, Neil L., 222, 415 Broere, Richard B., 268, 271 Brofman, David C 300, 449 Brokaw, William H., 282, 300 Broman, Paul R,, 131, 271, 289, 489 Bromley, Charles P,, 295 Bronstein, Sidney L. , 284 Brooke, Susanne, 222, 389, 460 Brooks, Barbara A., 226, 387 Brooks, Beverly J., 133, 317 Brooks, Catherine, 144, 364, 393 Brooks, Robert N., 270 Brooks, Verne, 323 Brookshire, Glenna M., 364 Brookshire, Jack L., 433 Brophy, Daniel E., 76, 278 Brostoff. Judith. 397, 403 Brotzman, Donald G., 228, 311 Brouse, Gilbert E,, 200 Erowe, Elizabeth R., 298, 403 Brown, Alta M., 133, 325 Brown, Arthur W,, 295 Brown, Bette K., 166 Brown, Bonita R., 367 Brown, Bruce R., 133. 196. 284, 423 Brown, Charles W., 279 Brown, Charlotte M,, 285 Brown, Cornelia, 370 Erown, Dale I,, 118, 277 Brown, Donald W.. 162 Brown. Elizabeth P.. 378. 405 Brown, Frank F., 133, 300, 425 Brown, Gale E., 144, 446 Brown, Gene C, 226 Brown, James D.. 76, 275 Brown, Kenneth D.. 427 Brown, Kenneth R.. 118, 411 Brown, Mary E.. 144, 366 Brown, Mary J,, 387 Brown, Mary Jo.. 133, 371 Erown, Mary L,, 371 Brown, Nancy A., 395 Brown, Patricia M., 133, 370 Brown, Phyllis J., 381 Brown, Phyllis J.. 144 Brown. Robert G., 144. 421 Brown. Robert P., 155. 311. 341 Brown. Robert S.. 341, 375 Brown. Ronald K.. 333 Brown. Sarah L., 118, 298, 332, 334, 400, 401, 460 Brown, Thomas S,, 437 Brown, Virsil D., 276, 429 Browne, James H., 76, 269, 416 Browning, Ann B., 63. 76, 327 Browning, Keeta M.. 369 Browning, Marhorie I., 368 Brownne. Kathryn A., 76, 387 Broxon, Patricia J., 286, 385 ' Broxon, William D.. 161 Broyles. Leda F.. 76, 166, 358 Bruin. James L., 66, 118, 220, 226. 341. 440 BruU. Maurice A.. 268, 292 Brumitt, William A,, 68, 76, 320, 321 Erummer, Charlotte E.. 76, 78, 328, 330, 333 . Brummer, Donna E.. 367 Erummitt. Charles D., 131. 312. 415, 460 Brunelli. Kenneth D., 269 Brunner, Bonny M., 144, 366, 393 Bruns, Robert L.. 76. 411 Bruski. Chester F., 118, 276 Brust, Howard A.. 118, 270 Bruton. Elizabeth D., 401 Bryan. John M.. 76, 379, 432, 433 Bryana, William A.. 76. 417 Bryant. Carroll D., 271. 433 Bryant. Eloise G.. 118. 337. 384, 385 Bryant. Marjorie M., 337, 369 Buchanan, Donal B., 118, 309, 336 Buchanan, Frank A., 155, 311 Buchanan, James A., 61, 76, 276, 294, 331 336 Buchanan, James T., 430. 431 Buchanan. James W., 323 Buchanan. Shirley M.. 233 Buohler. Alfred. 277. 279. 296. 435 Buchmann. Maxine E., 222, 287, 300 Buck. Patricia J.. 366 Euckel, William L., 271. 278 Buckett. Cleta Y.. 144. 326. 367 Buechler. Gerald E.. 165, 310 Euehler, Florence M,, 396 Buehring, James A., 46, 47, 331 Buenik. Carol A.. 144, 227, 298, 366, 385 Bullis, Barbara J., 297, 313, 378, 400, 401 Bundy, Phyllis A., 118, 395 Buniger, Walter D,, 270 Eunker, Ann E.. 391 Burbank. Bruce W., 285 Burch. Frank C, 76 Burch. Hadley K.. 76 Burchard. Peter M.. 287 Burgener. Charles R.. 76 Burgener, Wilma E., 371 Burger, Harry, 133, 423 Burgess, Gerald F., 307 Burgi. Nancy E.. 133, 394 Burk. Eerta J.. 304. 333. 367 Burk. Betty J.. 304. 328. 333 Burk. Marion K.. 68, 291, 270, 271, 321 Burke, Helen M., 226, 366 Burke, James C, 439 Burke, Paul E., 270 Burke, Samuel E., 268 Burks, Bette L.. 118, 390, 391 Burnard, Jean M.. 387 Burnett, Donald R,, 131, 427 Burnett, Wesley D.. 438. 439 Burney. Philip G., 165, 310, 439 Burnham, William A,, 76, 271, 278 Burns, Arthur, 333 468 Student Index-continued rs. 404. 4oe 22«, 339 133. 271. 277 131. 411 279 49. 328. 329 Burni, Barbara M.. 399 Burridge. Richard M.. 131. 443 Burria. Eatella D.. 290. " " " Burris, Norma J.. Burroughs, Keota J.. Burrows. Leslie R.. Burruss, Edward C, Burson, Kenneth L.. Burt, Jimmie June, Burt. La Roy. 144 Burt. Morton W.. 298, 426 Burum. Billie 6.. 133. 290. 333. 370 Bush. Arthur H., 77, 276. 441 Bush, Betty J.. 297 Bush. Dallace K., 77, 268 Bush, Georgine H.. 391 Bush, John E., 441 Bush, Miriam, 118, 371 Bush, Stanley, 77, 286, 333 Bussian, Robert A,, 417 Buswell. John D., 133. 306. 319 Butcher, Charles E.. 144, 437 Butcher, Marilee, 399 Butler, Charles R., 341. 430 Butler. Sean L., 118, 221 Butler, Edwin W,, 156, 310 Butler, Helen E., 144. 319. 366 Butler. Janet B., 118, 371 Butler. Mary A,, 369 Butler, Ray E., 77, 224 Butler, William C. 223, 416 ButterSeld. Albert V,, 77 Butterlleld, Duane E,, 426 Butto, Margaret C, 69 Butts, Carrol M., 303, 3S3 Byouk, Joseph M.. 77. 433 Byrd, Thomas G., 118 Bryne, William J.. 307 Eryum, Warner L., 144, 439 Cabibi, Philip J,, 118 Cadwell, Nancy L., 363, 401 Cady. Dorothy V,, 280 Cady. William 8., 118, 270 Caifarel, Mary A,, 77, 340 Cain, Gwendolyn N., 164 Cain. Marilyn J.. 77. 290. 369 Cain. Marilyn Jean. 130, 133 Calhoun. Shirley J.. 226, 294, 381 Calkins, Kenneth W., 77, 273, 331 Callahan, Pegjy Ann. 366, 383 Callaa, Georre, 177, 337 Callen, Suzanne M,, 304, 333 Callihan, Beverly J., 133, 286 Callogy, Harriette R,, 118 Calmer, Shirley M,, 369 Calonge, Eva W., 161 Calvert, William M,, 310 Calzacorta, Domingo A., 278 Cambor. Charles G., 427 Cameron, Douglas £,, 160 Campbell, Charles P., 437 Campbell. Donald B., 199, 439 Campbell, Donald M., 116, 196, 284, 428, 429 Campbell, Ivan D„ 270 Campbell, James R., 270, 291 Campbell, John H,. 77. 131, 307, 443 Campbell, Neil H., 118, 425 Campbell. Rosalee D., 118 Canfield, Boy C, 437 Canfleld. The odore K.. 118 Canine. Elma J., 369 Cann, Howard M,, 118, 238, 271, 274, 436 Cannon, Jack B.. 271 Cantonwine, Ruth E., 118, 330, 336 Cantrell, Richard B,. 421 Capen, Ann, 133, 317, 396 Capes, Montie G., 366 Capps, Betty J., 297 Card, Dorothy J,, 166 Carder, James M., 77, 278 Carey, John M.. 118, 374, 376 Carey, John W., 439 Carl, Robert E,, 238, 323 Carleton. Neil L,. 427 Carlin, Frederic P., 133, 306, 331, 333 Carlin, Palmer W,, 320, 333 Carlisle. Jean L., 77, 80, 332, 394, 396 Carlisle, Joan C, 118, 381 Carlson, Beth, 357 Carlson, Charles H,, 77, 268 Carlson, Dorothy L., 340, 360 Carlson, Herbert B,, 417 Carlson, John H,, 276 Carlson, Joy E,, 133, 222. 226. 299, 397 Carlson, Lois M,, 298, 326, 393 Carlson, Marjorie L,, 269 Carlson, Milton, 429 Carlson. Phyllis A,. 133, 304, 368 Carlson, Ragner, 284 Carlson, Robert E., 286, 429 Carlson, Roy, 285 Carmack, Jacqulynn A., 77 Carnahan, Elsie M,, 138, 386, 369 Cames, Marlon M., 162 Carney, Jane, 297, 335, 388, 889 Carp, Stanley, 185 Carpenter, Dean E,, 270 Carpenter, Elizabeth O,, 144, 366, 401 Carpenter, James L., 429 Carpenter, M, Scott, 268, 421 Carpenter, William H., 290, 417 Carr, Jerry L., 144, 436 Carr, Robert F,, 310 Carrick, David S,, 68, 291, 821 Carrillo, Oeraldine J., 287, 800, 368 Carroll, Eugene R., 427 Carroll, Marjorie A,, 407 Carroll, Pauline S,, 144, 366, 396 Carrozza, Virginia J,, 166 Carson, Barbara J,, 77, 395 Carstens, Cathryn E,, 144, 166, 366 Carswell, Frances G., 144. 396 Carswell, Jane A., 332, 340, 396 Carter, Betty A,, 133, 319, 326 Carter, Bobbie E,, 369 Carter, Deane M., 118, 306, 411 Carter. Martha E., 1 33, 370 Carter. Ralph M,, 133, 306, 411 Cartwright. William G., 337 Carver, James W., Jr,, 144 Carver, Robert K., 161 Carvonla, David. 331 Casali, Liberty. 302 Case, William A., 176. 284. 420, 421 Casey, Clifford 6,, 118, 433 Casey, Edward F,, 77, 275 Casey, Robert E,, 437 Cashman, Claude L., 318 Cass, William C, 268 Castle, Gloria R,, 77, 80, 402, 403 Castleberry, Jo Anne, 130, 133. 286, 369 Caste, Norma £,, 286 Catanzaro, Sam J,, 185, 427 Caton, Joyce A,, 77, 328 Cator, Gwendolyn F,, 144, 367 Catterson, Allen D., 425 Caughren, James L., 77, 423 Cauthen, Jeanne, 333 Cauthen, Mary P,. 133, 272, 369 Cavender, Alice M., 144, 298, 365 Cavender, J, Morse, 77, 269, 273, 276. 333 Cavender, Wayne S., 78. 196, 276, 284, 333, 341 Cavaess, Ragon C, 78, 275 Celentano, Orlando J,, 274, 287, 288 Cerveny, Carl A.. 226. 441 Chace, Joan K,. 144. 166. 319. 366. 385 Chafee. Glenn R.. 118. 156, 278, 285 Chaffee, Harold D,, 78 Chaffee, Mary L., 144. 226, 364, 396 Chai, Yun Ching, 278, 281 Chamberlin, Nicholas J., 445 Chambers. Chandra A., 363 Chambers, Mary M., 69 Chanak, Marjorie J., 116, 118, 274, 302, 328, 333 Chance, Wiley S,, 118, 196, 206, 284, 423 Chance, William C. 196. 284, 423 Chandler, Earl L,, 285 Chaney, Benjamin F., 416 Chang, Robert H, K., 166 Chao, Tsai Tien. 287 Chapin. Elouise F.. 368 Chapin, Leverett L,, 144. 421 Chapman, Alana J,, 336, 363, 381 Chapman, James P., 449 Chapman, John W,, 78, 312 Chapman, Nancy M,, 133, 389, 460 Chapman, Robert B. , 78, 271 Chapman, Vernon R,, 437 Chappell, Lorraine B., 166, 366 Charbonnet, Carl D.. 118. 437 Charlton, Julia R., 317, 393 Charron, Albert J., 307 Charvonia, David A,, 133, 331 Chase, Betty R., 144. 363. 391 Chase, Damaris J., 133. 371 Chase, David M.. 271 Chase, Dorothy E., 340 Chase, Elizabeth, 397 Chase, George H,. 341 Chase, Nancy, 395 Chase, Raymond R,, 331 Chase, Richard H,. 133, 271, 427 Chase, Sally M,, 144, 401 Chatfleld, Walter A., 276, 286 Chavarria, James N., 291 Chavez, Al, 238 Chavez, Carol T., 391 Cheedle, Ray W.. 278 Cheney. Glenn T.. 165 Cheney. Ross. 337 Cheney, Russell E,, 300, 423 Cherry, Clyde S., 268 Chiang, Helen, 287, 368 Chilcott, Robert E., 275 Childers, Joseph M,, 275 Childress. James D., 144, 222, 306, 336, 429 Chilton, Joseph E,, 69, 78, 269, 273, 290, 316, 321 Chilton, Mark, 129, 166, 306, 413 Chinn, William W., 78, 318, 331, 337 Chisholm, Frances M,, 144, 226, 387 Chisholm, Ro?er N,, 160 Chmelik, Frank B,, 118, 238, 290 Chmelik, Sally S., 391 Chontos, John W., 413 Choy, George D,. 269 Christensen, Edward C, 274 Christensen, Irving A,, 278 Christeson, Keith E,, 118, 270. 447 Christiansen. Shirley L.. 144, 298, 363, 397 Christiansen, Mary P,, 144, 368 Christopher, Robert A,, 426 Chrltton, Norma A,, 366 Chu, Hu Nan. 287 Chuck, Edwin L,, 319 Church, Otis T,, 361 Chuvarsky, Paul, 276 Cibull, Murial R,, 133. 288, 296, 370 Cich, Eugene L,, 78, 276 Cid, Mary S,, 370 Claborn, Kenneth D., 118, 270 Clapper, Robert A,, 78, 175, 284, 427 Clardy, Lawrence L., 134 Clark, Albert F,, 134, 294, 426 Clark, Arthur B,, 276 Clark, Carolyn H, 134, 220, 290, 354, 366, 397 Clark, Celeste, 401 Clark, Dale H,, 232, 316 Clark, Elizabeth A., 144, 326, 366, 387 Clark, Ellen H,, 78 Clark, Jacqueline J., 144, 364, 393 Clark, Joanne, 130, 290, 300, 371, 460 Clark, Kenneth M,, 441 Clark, Lennie L,, 381 Clark, Leonard E,, 134 Clark, Marjorie L., 226 Clark, Michael H., 78, 222 Clark, Ralph M,, 131, 283, 420, 421 Clark. Richard V. T,, 222 Clark. Shirley B.. 144. 363, 399 Clark, Walter A., 316, 379, 410, 411 Clark. William A., 78 Clarke, Conway C, 427 Classen, Melissa A,, 144, 401 Classen, Robert F,, 78 Clauss, Donald A,, 144, 229, 298 Clayman, Samuel W., 376 Clayton, Henry C, 278 Clayton. James E., 156, 445 Cleary, John F.. 307 Cleveland, John M., 320 Clewes, Thomas W.. 200 Click. Justin S., 310 Cliff, M. Lorraine, 78, 294, 326. 386 Clifford, Nathan J., 307 Clifton, Clell I.. 162 Clohessy, Curtice E., 118, 274, 430, 431 Cloonan, Clifford B.. 119. 292 Clover. Marilyn S., 364. 399 Clowes, Elinor M.. 134, 401 Coakley, Cathe:in " J,, 319 Coash, John R,. 341 Coates, Patsy ,, 78, 82, 336, 392 393 Coats, Charles L,, 433 Cobb, Allen B., 119, 439 Coblentz, Anita H,. 163 Coburn. William E,, 78, 276, 416 Cooley, Jack S,. 271 Cooley, Joan C, 146, 363, 395 Cooley, Maurice E., 293, 300, 333 Cooley, Ursel B,, 307 Coolidge, John E,, 320 Coombs, Clarence H,, 79, 275, 282 Coon, Marvin L., 145 Coon, Richard D., 134, 176, 340 Cooper, Carol, 226 Cooper, Edith E,, 48, 49, 119, 222, 363, 372, 396, 397 Cooper, Gerald N,, 79, 433 Cooper, Marjory A,, 119, 301, 330, 333 Cooper, Mary E., 450 Copeland, McCagne B., 162 Copenhaver, James M., 119, 289, 437 Copley, Nelson B,, 274, 276, 333 Copp, Dwayne R,, 333 Corash, Joanne S,, 403 Conrey, George W,, 270 Conrey, James R., 439 Conroy, Lewis E., 204 Constable, Mark H,, 227 Contois, Harold L,, 294 Contractor, Narayan R,, 276 Cook, Charlene A., 326, 402, 403 Ccok, Jack E,, 162 Cook, John L,, 185, 427 Cook, Mary A,, 220, 342, 378, 401 Cook, Monta J., 134, 370 Cook, Patricia J.. 223, 366, 393 Cook, Peter S., 175, 179, 284, 438, 439 Cook, William F,, 145 Cooke, Jean C, 145, 363 Cooke, Mary E,. 117, 304, 319, 333 Cooley. Frank G.. 166 Collosky. Lewis M., 298 Colmery, Helen C, 134, 166, 328, 336 Colony, Robert E,, 146 Colvin, Otis H,, 319 Combs, Luther P,, 269 Comer, Stuart J,, 415 Comins, Ethel C, 287 Compton, Seth W,, 282 Condit, Leroy L., 411 Conklin, Janis A,, 145, 364 Conklin, Mary J,, 79 Conklin, William, 79, 288 Conkling, Anne R,, 79, 389 Conkling, Donald R,, 79, 269, 421 Connelly, Joseph G., 268. 278, 375 Conover. Francis E., 294 Colaiano, Shirley M., 79, 328, 338 Colbert, Carol J,, 403 Cole, Edna J,, 366 Cole, Gordon H,. 238. 277 Cole, Katherine J,, 146, 363 Coleman, Glenn M,, 119, 131, 224, 270, 437 Coleman, R, C, 161 Collender, Mary A., 387 Colley, William A,. 340 Collier. Douglas R., 161 Collier. Robert, 285, 339 Collins, Dorothy C, 401 Collins, Earl R,, 119, 427 Collins, Edward S., 223, 808 Collins, Kelly, 306 Collopy, Doris J,, 391 Cochran, A, Hale, 417 Cochran, Dale S,, 78, 443 Cochrane, Robert M., 287 Coder, Kenneth S,, 288 Cody, Donald J,, 423 Coe. Wilma J., 333 Coffee. Mare-aret M., 119, 319 Coffey, Frances L,, 166 Coffey, Gerald E,, 411 Cogburn, Gwendolyn L., 146, 363 Cohen, Berta J., 146, 365 Cohen, Eva H., 367 Cohen, Matanah, 145, 287, 290, 364 Cohen, Philip E.. 449 Cohig. James C, 421 Cohn. Geraldine A.. 145, 363, 403 Cohoe, Gail D.. 78, 387- Corbett, Vincent H., 439 Corbin, Rex G., 119. 427 Corbridge. John C, 289. 422 Cording, Dorothy N,, 165 Coren, Sally J,, 290 Corey, Lewis C. 222, 287 Corfleld, Pamela K., 146, 326, 366 Cormack, Carol J,, 79, 336, 396 Cornelius, Nancy N,, 134, 383 Cornish, Thomas G., 311 Corre, E, Barbara, 134, 381 Corry, Doris R,, 165 Corsi, Manuel, 185 Coryell, John W,, 271 Corzine, Virginia, 366 Cosgrove, Charles H.. 293 Cosslett, Margaret J,, 319, 369 Costello, Patricia M., 79, 397 Cotton, Ernest K., 119, 416 Coughlin, Jo Ann, 146, 307, 363, 389 Coulter, Glenn G., 226, 298, 439 Coulter, Richard K., 79, 268 Counas, Theodore, 312 Counce, Sheila J., 69, 368 Coimihan, Jay H.. 298 Countis, Thomas J., 79, 812 Couper, Colin C, 413 Coursey, Marjorie A., 134, 222, 383 Courtney, Jean C 387 Courtney, Robert E,, 269 Coverdell, Phyllis G., 272, 285, 333, 370 Covington, Travis J,, 318 Cowan, Mary C. , 391 Cowden, Richard M,, 119, 200, 284, 437 Cowdery, Robert E., 270 Cowell, Jeannine, 130, 387 Cox, Charles E,, 156 Cox, Donald L,, 271, 276 Cox, Leslie D,, 300 Cox, Robert W., 439 Cox, Russell J.. 442, 443 Coy, Gene 6., 119, 131, 226, 289, 438, 439 Coyle, Wilbur T., 79, 275 Coyne, Elaine E., 79, 307, 366 C. ;Tart, Van H., 416 Cozens, James W,, 229 Cozens, Roeer W,, 79, 229, 303 Craddock, Alfred Z,. 79 Craig. Monte L.. 278 Craig. Koy P., 69 Craighead, Jo Ann, 366 Grain, Nancy, 134, 366, 395 Cramer, John B., 289 Cramp, Erwin C, 79, 269, 433 Crane, William H., 278 Cratty, James R., 79 Crawford, Carol R,, 166 Crawford, Howard W., 161 Creamer. George. 69 Creasey. James G,, 79, 319 Creger, Norma J., 166 Creighton, James A,, 119, 209. 421 Creswell. Althea H., 367 Crews, Donna J., 165 Cristiano, Eufene E., 79 Crocker, Laird K,, 79 Crockett, Carol M,, 134, 336, 401 Crockett, Ralph D., 79, 279 Crockett, Wardner B,, 119, 131, 221, 226, 289 426, 427 Croft, Harold A,, 268, 446 Croft. Barbara M., 364, 385 Croke, Kevin C, 417 Crompton, William J,, 310 Crooke, Robert W,, 427 Crosby, Carol L,, 368 Crosby, Charles H., 270, 271 Cross, Arthur D,, 79, 420, 421 Cross, Mosley M,, 145, 439 Cross, Richard J,, 131, 421, 460 Crosson, David L,, 271 Crouse, Patricia M,, 145, 166, 364 Crow, Charles P,, 79 Crow, Evelyn R,, 297 Crowe, Agnes J,, 381 Crowe, Clifford N., 401 Crowe, Colleen, 381 Crowe, Leonard F,, 375 Crowley, Gertrude E,, 166 Croy, Vernon D,, 319 Crumpacker, David W,, 427 Cruse, Sally A., 396 Crysler, Barbara A., 145, 298. 363. 399 Crystal. Helen. 166 Culp. Jack, 276 Culpepper, William W,, 79, 443 Culver, Richard A., 303, 323 Cummans, John E,, 445 Cummings, Lynn H,, 80, 276 Cunningham, Delbert C, 271 Cunningham, James J,, 439 Cunningham, Kenneth D., 439 Cunningham, Richard, 438, 439 Currie, Robert E,, 162 Curry, Harold D,, 80, 82, 223, 429 Curtis, Donald R,, 80, 278 Curtis, George W,, 282 Curtis, Joan, 401 Curtis, Margaret E,, 80, 301, 370 Curtis, Mary, 324 Cutshall, Vincent K,, 160, 161 Cuykendall, James H,, 160 student Index-eontinued 46) Di ' - ' -s, Charles J... 134, 441 Safni. Avinoam. 287, 296 De enais. Ralph W., 278, 315, 321 Dahl. C. Claus, 290, 306, 417 Dahlstrom, Anna V., 359 ra ' im. Norman F., 333 Dahnke, George H., 145 Dahnke, Jack W.. 312 Daii, John S.. 145 Dal« ' leish, George H., 336 | Dai. Marilyn, 80, 226, 297. 388, 389 ' Dal on, Charles F., 161 Dalti.u, John, 119. 206, 437 Dalv, John E., 224, 275 Daly, Richard J., 119, 224, 269, 273, 321 Da;nan, Arthur C, 202, 271 Daniel. Orrel A., 319 Daniel, William A., 80, 276 Danielson. Carol L., 119. 398. 399 Danielson. Marjorie L., 80, 287, 324, 401 Danly, George I., 278 Dansky, Marvin, 185 Dantice. Loris M., 370 Darden, Lloyd N., 80, 336 Daum. Richard 0,, 275 Davenport, Elizabeth M., 326, 369 Davidson, Barbar» M., 119. 368 Davidson. Darold j. 278 Davidson, Francis J., 278, 307, 445 Davidson, Hu-h C. 164, 186, 413 Davies, Eunice N,, 80. 84. 328, 329 Davis, Ann W.. 119, 328. 340 Davis, Anne C, 401 Davis. Aubrey N., 316 Davis. Cherie L.. 119. 380, 381 . Davis, Cecil. 229 Davis, Donald B., 229 Davis, Donald G., 278, 417 Davis, Elizabeth A., 383 Davie. Elizabeth S., 365, 385 Davis, Howard C, 275 Davis, Jean E., 366, 383 Davis, Joan 6.. 145, 366, 3 3 Davis, Joseph P., 155 Da- ' i?. Leslie F.. 145. 42? Dav s, Marian V.. 387 Dav-i. Martin E., 421 Dav ■,, Mary E.. 358 Davis, Nancy. 366 Davis. Norma J.. 69. 80. 84, 304, 313, 330. 33S Davis, Richard E.. 433 Davis. Robert A., 433 Davis, Rogrer E., 268 Davis, Webster B.. 155. 311 1 Davis. William E.. 222, 413 Davis. William Eugene. 412 Davison. Robert P., 228, 310 Davol. Stephen H., 274, 293. 333 Davoren, William T,, 46, 47, 86, 116, 442 Day, Robert E,, 413 Deam, Richard J., 275 Dean, Basil G.. 341 Dean. Ernest E., 275 Dean. Jane A., 80. 280. 386. 387 Dean. John B., 185, 284. 310, 374, 375 Dean. Marsella. 300. 368 Dearborn, Martha J.. 146. 365, 399 Deaver, Arthur W.. 290. 307 DeBanico. Donald P.. 271 Debbrocht. Fred J., 119, 269. 307 DeBell. Constance C. 401 DeBricre, Sidney L., 160, 162 DeCellc. Edward A., 307 Decker, Millard G., 134 Dedccix, Leon E., 119, 278, 307 DeD " Ci ., Marie A., 359 Dedman, Phyllis J., 163 Deem, Margaret J., 145. 290, 381 Deem Mildred E.. 290. 381 Deere Don U.. 341 Deer; ' .g, Claude E., 429 Deering. Fred A.. 439 DeFontes, James, 421 DeFric3, Catherine L.. 385 Decani, Donald, 425 TJegfuhardt. John L., 431 Dein, Donald E,, 312 Deitcli, M. Jacqueli:ie, 287 Dekk.;r, David J.. 234. 238. 323 Dela our. Helen K., 326 Del teur, Louis A., 270, 307 DeLr :iro, Leo J., 437 DeLcon, Joseph T.. 324 Deline. Betty M.. 364 Delmonico, Anthcny J., 175, 180, 181, 183, 284, 438, 439 DeLuoa, Hector F.. 273 DeLue Leonard L., t03, 429 aeLvis.:, Rudolph L., 417 Vel- ' tal, Arthur C, 294 Denr-; -,t, Betty M., 134, 222. 272 I .; ' .aunt. Walter J., 413 ■r el, Robert B., 80, 268 Do.. ty, Carol D.. 145, 223, 365, 395 ' Dempsey, Joseph E.. 146, 186. 429 P?muth. Hal P., 80, 291 Demuth, Howard B., 80, 207, 284, 291 DeHuth, Lael S., 222. 439 DeKuth. Laurence W., 131, 222, 438, 439 Denckla, Frederick R,, 238 DeNeice, Daniel J,, 119, 176, 203, 442. 443 Jengler, Norma J.. 359 Benham, Dale L.. 318 Denig, George J., 421 Denning. Luann. 80, 326 Denuyl. Robert D.. 379, 416, 417 SeRoae, Albert 0,, 80 Derry, Barbara J., 119, 381 Derry, William H., 160 Deshell, Joseph F., 80, 341 Detweiler, William D., 131. 134. 206, 437 DeVeny, Willis D., 271 Dever, Charles D.. 145, 226, 437 Dever, Kathleen S.. 304, 313. 333 Devereaux. Sylvester D., 331 Devine, Arthur T.. 441 Dewey. Don A.. 270 Dewey. William E.. 443 Dexter. Robert B.. 80. 278 Diamond. Gladys, 365 Dibble, Edwin T.. 146, 282, 290 Dice. Doris M.. 81, 86, 278. 338. 378, 3?D. 381 Dickerson, Robert K., 276, 286 Dickinson. Milan A., 426 Dickison. Walter L.. 318 Dickison. Glen L.. 319 Dickson. Sue J.. 119. 222, S38, 3V0 Dieckman. John C, 81. 279 Diekroeger. Nancy, 145. 395 Dienst. Stanley G.. 162 Dieter, Alice H.. 81 Dietz. Vhilip C. 227. 296. 436 Jiffey. Mayme V.. 134. 238, 395 Dill, Ramona F.. 166 Dillard, Junius E., 156. 310 Dillingham. Ruby E., 81, 286, 383 Dillingham, Tom B,, 145, 427 Dillon. Dicksie J.. 145. 391 Dilworth, Raymon.: F.. 81. 279. 281 Diner, Edwin R., 300. 379, 448, 449 Dinner, Albert J., 119. 435 Dinner, Ethellee, 296 Dinner, Melvin, ol. 135 Dinwiddi», Sharer. V, ' ,. 134, ;04, 333, 337, 369 Dinwiddle, Wilto.r L., 413 Dishon. Don H C, 271, 331 Disrjukc, Thuinas D., 119. 312, 4 ' ' U Dittman, David 0.. 81, 204. 269, 284, 309 Dixon. Kenneth V.. 119, 421 Dixon, Marilyn £.. 134. 385 Doak, Harold W.. 81 Dobos, John E., 416 Dodd, Jenny L., 49, 119. 407 Dodd. William G.. 81 Dods. Lou K.. 207 Doermann. Anita L., 165 Do).erty, Robert H,, 312 Dolan, Fred .T., 269 Dolan, George B.. 421 Dole. James G.. 419 Dollerschell. Raymond L. , 134 Domann, Gloria J.. 371 Domenico. Joan E., 307. 363 Domenico. Norma, 119 Dometrovich, Frank J,, 423 Donado. Antonio L., 269, 324 Donaldson, Jay W., 423 Donaven. Donald J., 269 Dondanville. Catherine. 363, 393 Donelan, James M., 307 Donley, Robert V.. 427 DoTi..ell, Alonzo M,, 160 Darnell, Lillian C. 368. 406 Doolen, Deane R., 222 Dora. James E.. 81. 424. 425 Doremus. Robert H., 68. 331 Doromal. Ouintin S.. 81, 279, 287, 317, 319 Dorrell. Carter E., 309 Doty, David A,, 446 Doty, Eleanor F.. 146, 363, 397 Doubek, Robert J,, 268 Dougherty, Charles H., 307 Doughty, Franklin L., 270 Douglas, Burton A., 429 Douglas, Jean. 81, 272, 336 Douglass, Carolyn R,, 360 Douglass, John R,, 336 Dove, Joseph A., 278, 316 Dove, Rollin M., 295 Dowell, Anne E.. 364. 399 Dowis, Colleen, 81, 317. 340 Dowis, Gaylord M.. 161 Dowis. Richard W., 81, 2S9 Dowler, Warren L,, 271 Downie, Theodora V.. 336. 368 Downing. Richard, 415 Downing, Sumner, 284, 429 Downs, Betty J.. 134. 383 Downs, Richard J,, 81 Doyle, Bacile D. R., 276 Doyle, Donald R.. 419 Dozier. Diane C, 145. 401 Drabing, Caroline H.. 363. 389 Drager. Kenneth W.. 445 Drais, Jack A,, 81, 273 Drake, Eugene E., 275 Drake, Hugh H,, 119. 439 Drake, Maurice P,, 119, 271, 282, 299, 319 Drake, Roberta L.. 145 Drake. Shirley J.. 336. 363 Dray. Marjorie. 119 Drechsler. Ouida L., 146, 363 Dreith, Charles W.. 134, 340. 419 Dreith. John P., 270 Dreith, Robert E.. 340. 419 Drendel, John S., 310 Drexel, Ellen M.. 166 Drexel. Kathryn B.. 333 DriscoU, Dorothy M.. 119, 381 Driver, Charles H., 145 Drum, Susan, 399 Dryden, Dona M., 81, 328. 338 Duane, Jack T,, 295 Dubach, David C, 206 Duoe, Genevieve A,, 290, 389 Duckworth, Jane, 145, 366 Ducy, Kathleen M,, 398 Dudley, Doyte C, 425 Dudley. Patricia L.. 130. 371 Dudley. Virgil E., 81 Duesterberg, Thomas J,, 202, 307 DufTord. Donald J.. 310 Dufford. Phillip G.. 416 Duffy. Michael J., 268 Dugan, Peter. 443 Dugger. Elizabeth S.. 81. 166, 368 Duke, Eleanor J.. 134. 333. 383 Dukes, Kenneth W,. 441 Duman. Louis J., 69 Dumbauld. John E.. 337 Dunbar, Alpheus G,. 270 Dunbar, Vern A,, 274. 318 Dunbar. William R.. 310 Duncan, Carl M,, 145. 229. 333 Duncan. James W.. 270 Duncan, John V.. 81 Duncan. Lois L.. 119, 327, 333 Dunham, Glen M.. 81. 278 Dunklee. Edward F.. 134. 446 Dunlap, Beverly R., 366 Dunn, Bernard L.. 166 Dunn, Donald W.. 119, 460 Dunn, Elizabeth F., 401 Dunn, Grace H,, 363, 401 Dunn, Jacqueline L,, 81, 280, 319, 395 Dunn, Roland W., 81 Dunning, Harold B,. 185, 271, 413 Dunstan, Catherine, 234 Dunstan, Kenneth W., 204, 309 Dupler, Paul A., 155 DuPont, Mary A,, 81, 317, 399 DuPont, Preston S., 270 Durall, George L,, 119, 268 Durand, Richard L., 271 Durfee, Kent E., 379, 418, 419 Durrance, Ada M., 82, 268, 326 Dusenberry, Samuel A.. 271 Duthie, Richard G.. 165, 229, 311, 421 Duthie. Robert C, 416 Dutt, Dorthy J,, 340, 386 Dutta, Dhirendra N., 287, 300 Duvall, George L., 268 DuVall. Wilbur E., 270 Dwyer, Jack H.. 306. 341 Dye. Peter L., 311 Dyer, Guy B., 166. 310 Dyer, Maureen E,, 300 Dykes, Martha Ann, 145, 363 Dyson, Mildred C, 290, 363 Earhart, Mary E., 119 Earle. Marilyn J., 164 Easley, M. Joanne, 145. 226, 401 East, Marvin R,, 275. 416 Easter. Joseph E.. 269 Eastern, JoAnn. 146, 389 Eaton, William D., 46, 47, 63, 116, 119, 410, 411 Ebaugh, Donald R.. 284. 290. 417 Eberhardt, George K., 319. 275 Eberhardt, Robert S.. 341 Eberle, Jon R.. 269 Eccker, Kathryn E.. 340 Eccker. Paul L., 82, 340 Echols. Elizabeth A.. 82, 166, 287 Eck, John W., 82, 413 Eckert, Nell M,, 368 Eckort, Patricia C, 366. 387 Eddleblute. Clarence E., 306, 419 Eddy. Howard L., 145 Eddy, Wilma J., 145, 363 Eden, Robert A,, 276 Edgar, Caryl, 296, 336 Edgar, Joan B., 290, 367 Edgar, John M,, 82, 268, 295, 336 Edlund, William, 231 Edsall, Constance A,, 326, 338 Edwards, Christine R.. 146, 336, 366 Edwards, Edna L., 134. 304. 328, 340 Edwards, Irene C. 166 Edwards. Kenneth E.. 443 Edwards. M. Keith, 185, 417 Edwards, Rober t L., 284, 331 Edwards, Robert P.. 82. 278. 301. 331 Edwards, Thomas A., 161 Edwards. Virginia L., 82, 378, 381 Eeckhout, Margaret J,. 134. 368 Egan, Kenneth C. 333 Egerton, George L.. 134 Egge. Merle T., 120. 427 Eggering, Norbert A.. 307 Ehnebuske. Lars G., 291 Ehrat, Barbara J., 146. 367. 401 Ehrenfreund. Laura. 134, 222, 272, 287, Ehret, Nanette R,, 367 Eichelberger, Clayton L,, 82, 282, 306 Eicher, Esther M., 146 Einspah, Margaret A.. 368 Eisen, Charles J., 134. 296, 435 Eisenmann, Gwendolyn, 164 Eissler, Francis G., 427 Ekberg, Neil C, 287, 300 Eklar, Dan, 316 Eklund, Carl B., 447 Ekrem, Richard T.. 120. 270. 429 Elder. Charles S.. 278 Elder. Donald L., 268, 315 Elder, Tom E., 165, 311 Eldredge, Martha C, 287. 369 Eldridge. Arthur J., 270. 290 Elefant, Robert B., 337. 449 Elfalan. Jcse R., 268 Eliason, Marian C, 391 EUcrhoif, Margaret C, 120, 307, 328 EUery, John E., 229 Ellington. Costella S.. 120 Ellington. Phyllis J.. 326, 397 Elliott, James D., 268 Elliott, Margaret M., 145, 307, 366, 399 Elliott. Paul C. 270 Elliott. Ruby D., 134 Elliott, Warren G., 429 Ellis, Clarence W.. 374, 375 Ellis, Clifton A. 423 Ellis, John D., 275 Ellis, Neva N,, 82, 280, 393 Ellis, Suzanne, 120, 396 Ellison, Walton D., 68, 312, 320, 321 Ellman, Dorothy, 368 EUmore, Joarne M.. 146, 365, 395 Ellwood, Williai W., 441 riser, Myra A.. 146, 365, 391 Ely, Jeanne M. . 363 Emery. Barbara J.. 333 Emery, Edward M., 273, 333 Emery, Jack D,, 155, 310 Emig, William A., 82, 433 Emmett, Lesly D,, 69, 82 Endres, JoAnn K.. 336, 366, 389 Endsley, Elizabeth J,, 371 Enes, Margaret I., 367 Eng, Henry K., 287 Engelmann, Jeanette B., 146, 399 Englehardt, Don T,, 443 Englert, Andrew L., 238 English, C, Stamey, 415 English. Marietta, 226, 227, 397 Engman, Gerald, 300, 449 Enochs, Robert D., 421 Enright, Donald F., 61, 116, 120, 131, 821, 269 Ensign, William L.. 275, 286 . Ensz, Barbara J.. 134. 370 Entwistle, Natalie M., 287 Ep])inger, Charles E., 319 Epstein. Blanche R., 82, 229 Epstein, Edmund L.. 296, 435 Epstein, Harold M., 226, 296, 312, 435 Epstein, Jerome I,, 134, 436, 450 Erickson, Charles E., 289 Erickson, Curtis R.. 82, 278 Eriokson. Edward D., 413 Erickson. Lauren W., 82, 275, 320 Erickson, Raymond C, , 413 Erickson. Wilfred M., 238 Ericson, Elsie C, 82, 369 Ericson, Eric K., 417 Ericson, William B.. 312 Ericson. William L.. 82, 323 Erney, Virginia N., 313 Eschenberg. Kathryn M.. 358 Eschenburg. Charles G.. 131, 416 Espcjo, Clemente V.. 287, 319 Estes, Thomas G.. 120 Estrin. Ruth C, 296 Etenburn, Charles M.. 82, 337 271 Etheridge, Kate L., 166 Ethridge, Ralph L., 120, 437 Ettelson, Sara J.. 146. 326, 364 Eubank, Dillard M., 82, 427 Eubank, William Y.. 120, 204, 274, 309, 427 Evans. Delbert L., 275 Evans, Donald F.. 176. 182. 184, 200, 284, 429 Evans, Donald W,, 285 Evans, Dorothy C, 366, 401 Evans, Gerald L., 134, 441 Evans, Jean, 134 Evans, Lloyd K,, 423 Evans, Marilyn J,, 391 Evans, Samuel F., 146, 427 Everett, Harvey A,, 301, 319, 331 Everett, Oreta, 165 Everham, Hope H., 83, 386, 387 Ewanus, Walter, 270 Ewy, Howard W., 131, 437 Faber. Harry L., 318, 423 Fabrizio, Joan H,, 307 Fagg, Robert 0., 83, 427 Fago, Paul F., 270, 307 Failmezger, Joan C., 365 Fain, Alan L., 134. 296, 435 Fairchild, Bonnie J.. 146, 290, 297, 366 Fairchild, Joey, 276 Fairvalley, Jay C, 83. 423 Fajrajzl, Joseph C, 298, 439 Falardeau. Alice E.. 116. 120. 220. 317, 366, 372, 396 Falk. Anne, 146, 363, 403 Falkenberg, Robert L., 120, 226, 421 ,,. Falkenberg. William S., 421 ■ " " Faller. Bernard A.. 341 Fanning. William T.. 200. 201, 284 Farber, Irene. 134, 300, 268 Fardbaugh, Leonard J., 160 Farnham, Harry J,, 155, 310, 421 Farrand, David W,, 271, 291, 374, 376, 489 Farrell, Mary A., 393 Farrens, Merle P,, 134. 423 Farrens. R. Don. 120. 300 Farrington. John F.. 162 Farris. William P., 83. 278 Faubion. William C. 83. 427 Faucon. Ivan V., 271 Faudel. Mary A., 328 Faulk, Ernest E., 83. 270 Faussone. Earnest J.. 83, 270 Favier, Victor E.. 307 Fay, Betty M., 393 Fay, James E., 83 Fay, Kathleen M., 285 Fealler, Phyllis, 226 Fedde, Paul A,, 273, 268 470 Student Index-continued Tederhart. Robert L., 148 Feeney, Donald J.. 298 Feingold, Philip H., 135, 4SS Feist, A. Edwin, 170, 220, 481 Feller, Donald L., 447 Feller, John L.. 276 Felsen. Eilene S., 146. 364 Fenn, James W., 421 Fenton, Charlotte L., 83. 400, 401 Fenton, Lawrence L., 300 Fenton, Ronald E., 289, 429 Ferguson, Albert T., 161 Ferguson, Ellis R., 155 Ferguson, Julia M., 83, 227, 328, 336 Ferguson, Patricia M., 365 Ferguson, William F., 445 Ferrell, Michael R., 120. 162. 176, 439 Ferrier, John T., 116, 884, 438 Ferrier, Tulu K., 120 Fertig, Patricia L., 146. 366, 407 Feucht, Miriam R.. 294. 407 Fiala. Joan A., 146, 407 Fichter, Rosemary, 83, 313 Fick, W. S., 270 Field, Marshall J., 68, 312 Field. Patricia L., 859 Fielder, James S.. 47, 120, 131, 374, 379, 436 Fielder. William R.. 162 Fightmaster, Lynn L.. 437 Fine, Henrietta, 136, 296, 402, 403 FinesiWer, Sherman G., 62. 166. 379, 434. 436 Fingado, Henry S., 121, 131, 300, 307, 413 Fink, Dorothy M.. 385 Fink, James E., 83, 278, 300, 446 Fink, Raymond, 269 Finke, Robert G., 180, 238. 303, 411 Finlayson, Dorothy L., 280 Finley, Wallace D., 146, 333 Finnegan, Mary K., 146, 307, 367, 383 Finney, Raymond M , 83. 271. 279 Fiolkoski. Harriet J.. 286, 380, 381 Firebaugh, Kenneth L., 286 Firebaugh, Margaret K.. 285 Firnhaber, Roma J., 120, 222 Firth, Beverly J., 874, 302, 327, 330 Fischer, Ward H., 306, 442, 443 Fischer, William A.. 341 Fish, Wilma J., 83, 302, 318, 337 Fishburn, Edwin R., 83, 277, 286 Fishburn, Nancy, 120, 395 Fishburn. Robert L., 273, 277, 437 Fisher, Hugh, 155, 310, 421 Fisher, Jeannette, 165 Fisher, Marcella, 146, 234, 391 Fishering. Suzanne, 146, 364, 401 Fishman, Ben, 160 Fisk, Alan W., 83, 300 Fisk, William J., 83. 433 Fitch. Thomas L., 120, 223, 441 Fithian, James B., 4X9 Fitzgerald, Irene C, 166 Fitzgerald, Richard S., 83, 889 Fitzgerald, Wilbur R., 66 Fitzmorris. George M.. 196. 199. 205, 884 Flagler, Phyllis L., 366, 369 Flair, Darrell G., 83, 209 Flanders, Jo Ann, 164, 363 Flares, Marjorie M., 385 Flatley, Eileen R., 83, 370, 379 Flaxer, Carl, 160 Fleck, Marilyn F., 387 Fleming, Clarence W., 270 Fleming, Richard M., 161 Fleming. Robert G., 155, 310 Flemons, Rolland B., 83 Fletcher, John L.. 321 Fletcher, Mazine £.. 135, 393 Fletter, Harry F., 275 Fliehmann, Wilbur J., 276 Flint, lona E., 287 Flint. Joan, 120, 359, 397 Flores, Marjorie M.. 186 Florey. Quentin L., 83, 312, 320 Flower, Lawrence M., 284 Flowers. Morris V.. 291 Floyd, Barbara E., 364, 381 Floyd, George W., 166, 311 Fochtman, Shirley B., 148. 166. 364, 396. Foddy, Harold W.. 271 Foley, Mary T.. 325, 363 Folk, Lois Ann, 369, 397 Folley, Barbara L., 28, 120, 220, 394, 396 Follis, Anne E., 135, 387 Fonda. Garrett, 155, 310 Fonda, Kenneth A.. 120, 270, 291 Fonda, Phyllis L., 230, 231, 232, 233, 296, 316, Foraker, Sally A., 136, 399 Forbes, William R., 206, 429 Ford, Artha L., 146, 286, 366, 391 Ford, Dean Q., 180, 441 Ford, Harrison, 271, 296 Ford, Helen M., 367 Ford, James M., 421 Ford, Perry W., 160, 161 Foreman, Anson D., 83, 319 Foreman, Jeanne M., 366 Forney, Dorothea M., 120, 826 Fors, Roy E,, 276 Fort, Elizabeth A., 146, 886, 367, 886 Forteath, Sidney B.. 875 Forth, Laura M., 164 Fortna, Jean, 83, 380, 381 Foiter, Charles M., 84 Foster, Daniel F., 146, 419 Foster, Donald I., Foster, Samuel C. 136 316 Foster, Sydney, 162 Fountain, Nancy, 135, 238, 391, 450 Fowler, Eugene C, 823 Fowler, Jack W.. 421 Fowler, Leslie R., 206 Fowler, Marion K., 120, 234 Fox, Adelaide R., 868 Fox, Billy G., 271 Fox, Caryl B., 226, 867 Fox, John K., 823 Fox, Leonard S., 449 Fox, Lloyd 0.. 84 Fox. Martha K.. 387 Fox. Patricia A.. 146, 366, 399 Fox, Philip M., 146, 841, 375 Fox, Wayne 0.. 84 Foxworthy. John W., 270 Fraiser, Joan, 302 Fraiser, Melvin, 333 Franch, Robert H., 69, 160, 162 Francis, James 0., 269 Francis, Thomas M., 417 Frank, Geneva L., 136, 405 Frank. John B., 146 Frank, Richard J., 275 Frankland, George R., 438, 439 Franklin. Elizabeth R.. 146, 393 Franklin, Walter B., 46, 47, 84, 88, 429 Frantz, Marcia L., 84, 286, 338, 397 Franz, Gerald J., 120, 312 Frary, Richard S., 270 Fraser, Donald J., 431 Fraser, Geore-e D.. 341 Fraser, Teresa L.. 165 Frazee. Robert L., 379, 424, 425 Frederick, Don L., 112, 270, 413 Fredericks, Leona. 307 Fredericks. William. 870, 307 Frederickson, Charles B., 84. 875, 438, 433 Freeman, Gordon R., 162 Freeman, Lyle P., 384, 389 Freeman, Raymond S., 160 Freemole, Marjory A., 389, 460 Freemole, Rita N., 389 Frei, Janet B., 146, 364, 399 Freienmuth, Edward S., 84, 166, 811 French, Albert L.. 160 French, Anne £.. 146, 290 French, Harvey F., 341 French, Wendell L., 69, 88, 306. 379, 440, 441 French, Betty, 364 French, William C, 429 Freng, Alice L.. 146, 363, 391 Freundlich. Melvin H., 274, 276, 283, 296, 301. 331 Fricke, Doris M., 328. 329 Fricke. Frances M.. 326, 367 Friedlander, James M., 84, 90, 222, 293. 301 Friedman, Jacqueline S., 146, 4C3 Friel, Shirley R., 120, 382, 383 Frishman, Jack J.. 161 Fritohman, Lynn V.. 829, 446 Fritz, Martha A., 336 Fritz, Walter, 270, 291, 374 Frobish, Robert L., 84, 276 Frodermann, Melba M., 130, 136, 326, 327, 866 Froese, Harriet R.. 120, 221, 288, 388, 388 Froistad, John N.. 186. 192. 421 Frost, Jack M.. 146. 222 Frost, Robert T., 411 Fruchter, Sheldon R., 271 Frye, Harold E., 229 Fulker, Mabel H., 84, 286, 328, 329 Fuller, Margaret A., 164 FuUerton, Charles P., 84, 269, 419 Fullerton, Donald O., 481. 460 Fulton, Forrest F,. 270, 291, 307 Fulton, Gloria M., 325, 370 Fundingsland, Joanne L.. 371. 397 Funk. James R.. 84. 429 Funk, Richard C, 221, £38, 2E9. 427 Funk, Stanton C, 423 Funke, William H., 238, 323 Furneaui, John W., 68, 870, 291. 321 Furr. Charles K., 287, 300 Fusilier. Henry L., 84 Futera, Anthony J., 423 Fyke, Edgar D,, 168 Gablehouse, Reuben H., 306 Gaide, William C. 269 Gaiser, Roger L., 120, 431 Galbasini, Harry E., 136, 337 Gale, Richard M., 66, 301 Gating, Searcy G., 419 Gallagher, Donnis J., 120, 332, 380, 381 Gallegos, Edward, 84, 331 Gallegos, Mary D., 165 Galles, Wilma L., 135, 226 Galley, Ruth E., 387 Gallon. Rosemary D., 163 Gaily. David L., 84, 278 Gamble. James O., 429 Gamble. Marilyn L., 120, 883 Gammon, William R., 160 Gan, Maurice E. C, 887 Ganatta, Annamae T., 369 Oarber, Jack D.. 440. 441 Oardenswartz, Gerald N., 131, 223, 227, 296 485 Gardner, Donald F.. 226, 298, 416 Gardner, Eleanore A., 84, 391 Gardner, Hugh G., 275 Gardner, Marjorie M,, 120, 386 Garin, Joan P., 146, 367 Garlinghouse, Margaret, 120, 391 Garlinghouse, Ralph S., 135 Garn, Foster N., 421 Gam, Nancy J., 185, 870 Qarnett, Donald J,, 836, 341 Garnett, Thomas H.. 112. 270, 291, 336, 413 Garramone, Gladys J.. 84. 326 Garrett. Hume P.. 120, 319 Garrett, Roy S., 411 Garrjjan, Frank A., 84 Garrison, Estella T., 357 Garrison, James H.. 224. 433 Garver. Mary L., 136, 371 Garvin. John A., 136, 270 Gary. Ellen P., 146, 890, 317, 366. 897 Gasser, Joanne I.. 85. 3 ' ' :8 Gasser, Patricia A , 361 Gates, Floyd A.. 870 Gates. Olcott, 341 Gates. Philip £.. 136 Gathers, Robert C, 413 Gatzke. Dolorc. ' i F,, 120, 369. 450 Gaunt. Ellzab»th A., 120. 890, 391 Gauss Harriet E., 136, 838 Gauss. Lo ' iis ' . 270 Cavr. " la. Barbarc. A.. S ' J8 Ga -., .1. Betty L.. 81. 368 Ge». , Kihu A . ' ' f9 Geeseka. Arf . A., 369, 397 Gehljrt, Jeai F., 370 Gehrinc, Fred " VT., 307 Gei ' , r. Genevieve, 135, 226, »E; Go,l r, Cirlyls B., 328 Gcman, Norman I., 131. 296. 434. 135 Gel tin. Thomas A.. 427 Genoif, James E.. flO Genter, Juanita J., 66. u69 Gentry. James H., 288, 416 George, Clifford H.. 336 George, Margaret J., 135, 401 George. Mary H . 226. 370 George, Wilma D., 136 Gephart Burke L.. 276 Gerard. H Jane. 165. 339, 369 Gerbaz. Alice T., 275 Gerling, Patricia A,, 146, 326, 866 Geroski, " .at A., 333 Gerringer. Rosi A., 2;-8, 128, 333 Gershenow, Roocrt N. , 896, 298 Gesell, James M., 135 Getts, Max E,. 135, 826 2.6, 432 433 ' Iteen. Jesse J .. ,15 Ciacomini. Donald L.. 4.y Giacomini. ' rhert V.., 429 Giberson. F -auccs a., 35 Gibert, Theodora J., 85, t!. ' 4, 370 Gibso " Jam»8 D., 162 Gibst.,-, James G. 4 ' !! Gibson, James 0., 269 Gibson. William K., 146. 443 Giele. John H., ,792 Gieray. Donna, 333 Gieron, Lewis, 86, 307, i46 Giese, Mary J., 146, 317, 366, 39 " Gifford, Jack S., 68, 270. 291, 321 Giinther, Margaret J., 120, 272 Gililland, Betty J., 386 Gilinsky, Janice L., 146, 296, 325, 326, 403 Gilkey, Charles R.. 146 Gill. Dorothy J.. 85, 388. .i.) Gill, Duane T., 146, 439 Gill, John R., 162 Gilliam, Arthur W., 278 Gillis, Albert D., 162 Gillis, Florence J., SJ6, 871 Gillis, Willie M., 287, 357 Gillogly. Margaret W., 325 Gills. Margaret J.. 120. 381 Gilmore, Gordon G.. 86. 268 Gilmore, Joseph D., 278 Gilsenan, Jean M., 120, 359 Giltner, Billy W., 131, 221, 226, 289, 426. 427 Gimer, Dixie L.. 164 Ginsberg, Louise L., 121, 856, 408 Girard, Dean L., 290 Girard, Grant D., 161 Girardot, Betty J., 381 Girling. Beryl L., 86, 389 Girvin, George W., 161 Gladstone, Ralph J.. 324 Glanville, Barbara J.. 164 Glaser, David L., 331 Glassburn, Mary L., 85, 328 Glasser, Charlotte, 146, 287, 836, 363 Glatz, Edward G., 293, 336 Glauber, Jacqueline C, 367 Glaue. Shirley J., 366 Glavins, Lois J., 146, 307, 367, 888 Glazer, Virsinia R., 360, 403 Gleue, Velma I., 367 Click, Mary S., 136, 340 Gloor, Daniel 0., 146 Glover, William P., 160 Gloyer, Donald C, 136, 411 Gnadinger, John F. . 310 Goalby, Alice L., 46, 47. 48, 60, 70, 86, 390 Godfrey, Donald R., 333 Goe, Donald K., 441 Goebel, Douglas M., 429 Goebel, Gordon W., 429 Goebel, John D., 489 Goecker, Betty L., 136, 166, 386 Ooedde, Mary E., 85, 391 Goerl, Eleanor L.. 86, 166, 887. 369 Goes, Elliot, 227 Goettsch, Robert W.. 136. 337 Goglio, Joseph R., 278, 361 Gold, Bertram, 271 Gold, Florence E., 227, 296, 366 Goldberg, Beverly J., 368 Goldberg, Charlotte B., 86, 378, 402 Goldberg, Mildred A., 296, 330, 368 Goldberg, Natali R., 298. 364 Goldberg, Norman P., 225, 296, 486 Golden, Evelyn A,, 866 Golden, Jerome A., 160 Goldfarb. Alfrer I., 222, 435 Goldfogel. Dorothy J., 85, 90, 296, 402, 403 Goldhammer, Philip D.. 86. 270 Goldsmith, Allen G., 300. 449 Goldstein. Lloyd A., 300. 339. 449 Goldwater. David. 155, 310 Goley. Ralph G., 131, 136, 336. 427 Gonzales. Ernest, 86, 282, 337 Gooch. Charmayne J., 146, 365. 383 Good, Byron M.. 278, 439 Good, Gilbert T., 160 Goode, Charles L., 85 Goodier, L. Yvonne, 163 Gooding, Stewart L.. 86, 276, 429 Goodman, Bernard H.. 146. 300, 449 Goodman, Jerry L., 86. 435 G odman. Judith S., if 3 Goodman, Marion S. , 313 ' Goodrich, Joanne L., 369, 407 Goodrow, William E.. 336 Goodson, Bob M., 146, 426 Googe, Mary C. 161 Googe, Ruth, 302, 336 Gorder, Patricia L., 387 Gordon, Aileen M.. 161 Gordon. Grace E.. 387 Gordon. Joan M.. 146. 298, 317, 363 Gore, Janet L.. 326, 367 Gornlan, Russell D.. 186. 416 Gorom. Gletha J., 146. 364, 387 Gorrell, Kenneth M., 270 Gosar, Angela J., 86, 272, 371 Goss, Carlton B., 224 Goss, William R., 298, 415 Gottesfeld, Burton H., 85, 436 Gouge, Ruth L., 161 Gough, James L.. 324 Gcugh, John D , 222, 800 Gough, Oliver S., 287 Gould, Mary V,, 290, 389 Govro, Charlotte M., 326 Graebner, Robert J.. 320 Grafe. Helen. 86. 338. 389 Gragg, William H., 800, 421 Graham, Annette M.. 307. 363, 395 Graham, Edwin H., 270 Graham. George R.. 121. 276. 379. 430, 431 Graham, Hugh R.. 200. 284. 442, 443 Graham, Le Roy C. 291, 411 Grah jn, William R., 270 Granberg, Richard M,, 439 Grannell, Eleanore J.. 399 Grant. Bill G.. 86, 226, 276. 411 Grant, Robert L., 319 Grauer. Edward C. 164 Gravelle, Russell E., 86 Graves, Burdette 0., 238, 336 Graves, Charles D., 481 Graves, Don D., 175, 180, 884. 420, 421 Graves, Elizabeth W.. 356 Graves. Nance L., 366. 387 Gray, Burton B., 233, 436 Gray, Ernest E., 226, 284, 429 Gray, Jean E., 86, 99 Gray, Richard, 207 Gray, Robert W., 411 Gray. Stanley E., 446, 447 Grayson, Richard E,, 423. 431 Grayson, Robert C, 86, 276 Green, Juan E., 878, 307 Green, Margaret A., 154, 222, 290 Green, William P., 135 Greenbcrg, Gerald M.. 176, 186, 436 Greenberg, S. Rhita, 86. 356 Greene, Betty J,, 86, 368 Greene, Harold E., 429 Greene, Jerome Y., 154, 436 Greene, Robert E., 447 Greenewald, William, 276 Greengross. Betty J., 135, 301, 363 Greenleaf, Clayton L.. 86. 875 Greenwald, Myra R.. 296, 366 Greenwood, Marcia, 36r Greenwood, Marjorie L., 48. 92. 334. 392. 39 Gregg. Charles C. 196. 284, 438, 439 Gregg, Donald B.. 68, 891, 321, 412, 418 Gregg, Donald N., 118. 278. 296 Gregg. Raymond F., 66, 86, 437 Gregg. Richard. 69 Gregor, Frank K.. 446 Gregory, Roland W., 284 Grelle. William A., 166, 310, 228 Gressett, Martha J., 49, 86, 319, 368, 378, 3 Gressett, Thomas G,, 401 Gribble, George A., 421 Grieb, Robert V., 271, 884, 289. 421 Griep. Victor R., 270 Grieser, John R., 886, 439 Griffin, David E., 166, 310 Griffin. Phyllis A.. 164 Griffis, James A., 86, 276, 423 Griffith, Douglas A.. 131. 443 Griffith, James A.. 284, 429 Griffith, John B.. 161 Griffith. Richard E., 131, 443 Griffith, William S., 443 Griffiths, Barbara, 360 Grigsby, John L., 268, 270, 291, 821 Grigsby, William G.. 284 Grimes. Erwin E., 86 Grimes, Ross F., 439 Grimm, Patricia J., 317, 387 Grinstead, Thomas H., 121 Grisham. Donald L., 86. 278. 282 Grodinsky. Baylamae, 154, 326, 368 Groeger, Raymond J., 161 Groenewold, Glenn W., 229, 341 Gross, Arthur, 281 Gross, Dan F,, 293, 301 student Index-continued 471 Gross, Jean M., 86, 360 Gross, Kenneth H., 166, 311 Gross, Lyle J., 63; 121, 269, 276, 321 Gross. Marjorie A.. 164, 304, 365 Gross, Mar ' a C, 300, 449 Grossman, A., 274, 283, 436 Oro8sn an, Harcille, 296, 366, 403 Grove, Marjorie F,, 61, 70, 86, 220, 302, 318, 392, 394, 396 Oroved. Donald L., 278 Groves. Verl D., 135 Grubbs, William E,, 166. 278 Guala. Joan R,, 290. 365 Guderian. David J 86. 316, 320, 321, 374 Ouentner. Paul F,, 288 Guffey, Uarland b.. 413 Guggenheim, Thomas S., 116. 131, 202, 222. 296, 434, 436 Guild, Susan E.. 164, 22% 326, 365, 389 Guinand. Jerome B., ' 421 Guinand, Nanoey N.. 130, 136, 399 Guinn, Samuel L., 423 Guiteras. Joseph J.. 312, 331 Guiteras, Mary J., 380, 381 GuUberg, Ann E., 136, 221. 393 Gullett. ■Oonald D.. 164. 411 Gump. James H.. 176, 419 Guncaldi, Fikret E., 278. 287 Gunstream, Dorothy S., 164, 365, 383 Gunter, Chester G., 269 Gunther, Cecil E., 270 Gunther, Katherine A., 135 Gunther, Mary C, 121 Gur ' .sy, Elinore C, 367 Gurijy, James W.. 296 Gurle-, Mary A., 164. 363, 389 Gusl ' v-, Oliver W., 433 Gulmann, William C. 437 Gutru, Konald G,, 166, 278 Gutsche. Graham ii., 224 Guyerm, Ina A., 86, 367 Gwinn, Donald E., 421 Gwyn. John E., 269 Gyger. Mary A., 326, 366 H Haake, Harriet J., IE-:, 363, 395 Haakenson. Mary. 164. 166, 391 Haas. Henry J.. 374. 376 Haase. Lester D.. 186. 194, 429 Haase. William C, 204. S09. 433 Habil, Miriam J.. 130, 136, 290. 388. 389 Habib. Mahdi, 287 Hachtmann, Carol H., 154, 298. 317. 363 Hackman, Richard L., 136. 278 Heckstafr. Cyrus A.. S21, 417 Hadley, Bernice N.. 164. 363 Haff. Arlin W., 87 Hafling. Darrel A.. 86. 203. 284 Hafling. Elmer R., 86, 278 Hafling, Helen W., 86 Hagaman. Harry T.. 419 Hagan. Nancy E., 164, 166. 381 Hag ' man. Margaret S., 166 Hagon, Janet K.. 164, 304, 333, 364 Hagen, Mona L., 130. 136, 304, 333. 368 Hagerman. Prather S.. 121 Hagerott. Robert E.. 270, 307 Hagcrty. Raymond O., 166, 310 Hagg. Donald D., 270 Hagin, Donald E., 176, 176. 178. 179, 182, 134, 284, 429 Hagin, Elbert J., 87, 291, 321 Hahn, Robert, 121, 131, 443 Haigh, Ruth E.. 154. 226, 298, 366, 393 Hake, Richard R., 121, 312, 411 Halbrook, William T.. 121, 446 Halour, George W.. 87, 269 Haley, ' jan I.. 164, 383 Halff, .Jeiander H.. 449 Halfpap. Norman A., 166. 294 Hall. Arlin W., 87. 432. 433 Hall. Arthur F., 226, 23 Hall, Billy G.. 443 Hall. Charles E., 68, 74, 87, 269, 27B, 286, 321, 331 Hall, Dana, 130, 387 Hall, Henry C. 421 Hall. Joseph G.. 336 Hall. Marjorie A., 336 Hall, Martha V., 227, 370 Hall. Merrie J., 338, 389 Hall, Nancy J.. 87, 371 Hall, Patsy J., 391 Hall. Rice £.. 276 Hall. Sylvia B., 136, 317, 388, 389 Hall, Thomas C, 69 Hall. William O., 278 Hallam, John S.. 269. 319. 426 Hallen, Gloria E.. 154. 226, 389 Haller. George J.. 429 Hallett. Robert K.. 87 Hallgren, John F.. 439 Halpem, Georges E., 287 Halpem, Janine R.. 287 Halvarson. James L., 87, 340. 433 Ham. Charles K., 275 Hamburg, George R., 87 Hamer. Richard D., 439 Hamill, James J.. 87. 273 Hamilton. Doris J.. 366. 389 Hamilton, Floyd, 68, 87, 270, 291 Hamilton, John M., 61, 227, 416 Hamilton, Kathleen, 300, 393 Hamilton, William B.. 131. 278. 443 Hamlin, James E., 291 :Hnnra, Anna B., 287, 378 Hammans, Jo A., 164, 407 Hammer, William R., 164, 222, 433 Hammermeister, Emilie E., 313 Hammerstrom, Richard A., 227, 446, 447 .{ammond, Donald B.. 164, 226, 2Uli, 439 Hanmond, Franklin P., 423 Hurmond, James Q., 165, 311. 374 Hammond. Margaret E., 368 Hammond, M iry A., 87, 407 Hampton, Jjaila- M.. 271 Hampton, Ernes; E., 67, 841 Hampton, leroy, 158, 287 , Hampton, 0. ' ., 290. 417 Hamrick, William E.. 154 ' Hanchey. Oba J., ISi, 271 Hancock. Eufcue .. 121. 416 Hancock Ton ' C, 175. S84. 417 Hand. Marilyn J.. 121 Har.dal, Emilio R., 154. 287, 307o H-ndel, John E., 898 - ' ■, Handwerg, Karen, 317, 170 ._j; ,, Haney, Donald A., 87 ' . r» .I3 ' , r ' ■ Haney, vViliiam A., 87, 26 1 ; ■, i ■,e J Hanihan, Merle J.. 136, 39l - : . - ,. Hanke, Dorothy J., 226, 367, !, „,, Hanks, Glen W., 37, 276, 316 , Hanle,: ' , Ma ' iac R., 381 Hanna. Doaain U.. 160 . ' " oj, Har- .. Joyt. ' : .. i ' -t:. ' -,) -r ' Harr, .. Shee ' igU l ' ..,l,.7 Han.iah. C. 1 J., 165 . ' 71, 14S ' i innah. T.ois T . . ' J67 ., aanu.- ' .ly, Mar? R., ff, Mh Hacauti. Prbira W,, 287 Hannum, WilUam H. 196, 340 HansOT Oharies W,, a71 Han- " i Constance R.. 166, S«9 Hi en. Lorrine A.. 136, 294 He.iv -.. Dori,ie S., 121, 381 Han- ' .11, Ei;;;abeth. 368 Hansen. Jacqueline C . l?d. yf:. ' Hansen, Kenneth E.. 27f , ' 1.. ; ansen, Richard P... ll ' 44!: : j Hansen. Richard T., :24priT ' j. Hansen, Thekla 0. ISll W-j, Ui, .S70 Hansman, Charlotte i,. ktJ2 Hanson, Carti.L., If4 67 ;- , , I Hanson. Dagne, 15 ' t " .i . i ; , Hanson. John B., 69 n?i- , . " . .o Hanson, Helen .. 135, r-1U H, . ' ■Hit , 333, S»o Harbin, M-.rvl- ' :se, SV, ' ' OiT ,- ■ j Harbison, Jean A., SK.f Hardar. FerJerick " . 16. 4H . ,;, Hardin. Blanche E. xSt.iWa, 3S8 ,-, Harding. Ri-,hard 0., 24 1 Hardy. B:int 1., 27.1 Hardy, Delbert L.. IJT Hardy. -Jesne ' ?, ' , • rii. S39, 369 Hargravc, Chn: • i. H,, 2Ti Hargreavep, iCha.les H., 160 Haring. PcUrt ' H., 201 Harkee, F. 26J Harkness. Alma M.. 136, 336 Harlan. Bette E.. 13d, SOO, 366, 3E3 Harley, Glen E.. .i ' ' Harmon. Burma J ' .s " , 333 Harmon, Derold E.. S6 Harmon. Janet ,. i. . 369 Harms. Edith M., 87, 304, 330, 333 Harms, Kenneth L.. 121, 439 Harms. n, Goldie J , 297, 504, 867 Harp, Ernest J.. 87, 278 Harp. Richard C. 121. 439 Harp. Ross D., 87 Harper. James T.. 156. 310 Harper. Lorren G.. 136. 263. 336, 419 Harper, Richard K.. 437 Harper. Robin L., 164, 363, 3E3 Karpring, Lawrence K., 423 Harrington. Robert D.. 312 Harrington. Ronald E., 421 Harrington, Thomas J., 413 Harris, Harold E.. 121. 276. 460 Harris, Joan, 121. 396 Harris. Louise S.. 164. 403 Harris. Patricia J.. 290 Harris. Paul C, 222. 230, £32, 316 Harris, Paul D.. 449 Harris. Pjrry M.. 449 Harris. Phillip L.. 310 Harris. Virjinia M.. ISl, 286, 370 Harrison, Dick. 445 Harrison. Roberta L., 87 narrower. Ruth L.. 313 Hart. Chloe L., 363. 383 Hart. James R.. 164 Hart, William a.. 417 Hartley. Rebecca S.. 164. 396 Hartman, Katherine M.. 389 Kartman, Mildred L.. 164. 367 Hartzell. Edson K.. 416 Harvatis. Joseph, 307 Harvey. Charles H., 278 Harvey, James L., 278. 316, 444, 446 Harvey, Joanne D., 368 Harward. Harold R., 311. 419 Haselton. Elizabeth M., 286 Haskell. Dwight R.. 268 Hastings. William J., 307 Hatakeyama, James S.. 287 Hatasaka. Harry H.. 136, 287 Hataska, Henry T., 287 Hatch, Kathleen F.. 294 Hatch. Lota V., 326 Hatcher. Helen P.. 130, 333, 366, 384, 386 Hatfield, Robert E., 296. 439 Hatherley. Sarah 1.. 160 Hatton. William H.. 441 Haugen. Gordon, 227, 417 Haury, Doris J.. 166, 333, 365 Hausdorff, Donald H,, 88, 419 Hause, Norman L.. 69 Hauth. Margaret, 88, 285, 298, 322, 383 Haver, Ann L.. 401 Haverland. Lois S., 286 Havran, Adolph N., 136, 270 Hawkins, Albert E., 168 Hawkins. John V.. 202, 421 Hawkins, Kenneth I., 121, 202 Hawkins, Marion V., 156 Hawkins. Mary L.. 130, 166, 395 Hawkins. Sally. 164, 407 Hav ley, Joseph, 311 Haworth, James J., 121, 431 JIaworth, Robert D., 121 Hi craft, Rexford G.. 162 Hayden. Charles W., 88 Hayes, Guy A., 375 Hayes, John R., 341 Hayes, Kenneth J., 427 Hayes. Marita A., 298, 307 Hayes, Pamela P.. 335. 391 Hayes, William F., 88, 270. 291 Hayes. William F.. 427 Hayman. Eugene J., 155, 287 Hayman, Maude E., 238 Hayne, Clarence W., 311 Haynes. Richard L.. 336 Haynie. Donald L.. 279 Haynie. Maurice D.. 282 Hayward. Robert D., 121 Hazard, Rebie P., 333 Healy, Joanne M.. 130, 393 Heapes, Robert E.. 423 Heath, Olive K., 136 Heath, Richard R.. 136, 227, 229, 433 Heath, Roger C. 333 Heck. Mary E.. 136, 393 Heckart. Charles L.. 136, 268, 419 Heckendorn, John, 333 Hedberg. Joan E.. 88, 386 Hedegaard. Arne R., 121, 282 Heffron, Corinne. 387 Hefti. Vincent M., 337 Hegwer. Mary A.. 224. 276, 325, 396, 397 Heiderstadt, Donald H., 206 Heidt. Melvin G.. 136 Heikes. Cora J.. 121. 238, 328 Heikkinen, Leo H., 270 Heim. Harold C. 318. 337 Heim. Robert S.. 223, 439 Heine, Richard, 136, 276. 290 Heineck. Chester C, 379, 428, 429 Heinly. Henry A.. 443 Heinrich. Harold E., 298 Heiny, Leonard W.. 88, 341 Heinze. Benjamin B., 275 Heinze, Marian L., 44, 88. 317 Heisel. Loretta J., 326 Heisterman, Mary L.. 290. 391 Heitzler. Lucretia A.. 399 Heizer, Robert E., 290, 417 Helder, George K.. 164. 306 Helgen. Henry M.. 301 Heller. Sidney J.. 162 Hellerstein. Stanley, 162 Hellis, Rosemary J.. 121. 370 Hellwig. Frank 0., 121. 447 Helm, Sharon I.. 164. 387 Helmick. Richard R., 158, 279 Helmkamp. Dorothy J.. 393 Helmreich. Robert F.. 294 Helsberg. Frederick J.. 88, 279 Heisel, Patricia J.. 288 Hemmerle, Lee G.. 88 Hemmerle. William J., 271 Henderson. Doris J., 297, 401 Henderson. Jack D., 131, 426, 427 Henderson, Joan C, 401 Henderson, JoAnne M.. 297. 366 Henderson, Phyllis M., 366, 393 Hendricks, Carol L., 166, 304, 368 Hendrickson, Paul E.. 88, 270 Hendrix. Doris L.. 226. 227. 366 Hennig, Arden J,, 367 Henning, Robert L., 276, 307 Henningsen, Thomas G., 275, 441 Henricke, John, 341 Henrie, Anita J., 164. 364 Henrickson. Charles A.. 413 Henry. James W., 433 Henry, Mary T.. 154. 366, 389 Hensley. Betty L.. 330 Henson. Robert K., 3C3 Hepner, Harold J.. 162 Heppting. George T.. 160 Herber. James F., 229. 300 Herber, Patricia A., 401 Herbst, Clarence A.. 269, 284, 443 Herdman, Eric B., 278, 423 Hering, Clara L.. 69 Herman, Harry H.. 224. £93 Herrmann. Richard E., 160 Hertha. Kenneth R., 88. 273. 312. 419 Hertneky, Edwin V.. 413 Hessler, John, 121, 270. 291 Hessney. Francis G.. 310 Hett. Joan. 368 Heuschkel. Margaret L., 88. 369 Houston. Philip T.. 238. 421 Hewicker, John A., 341 Heyburn, George W.. 433 Heyer, James W., 415 Heyrman, Earl A., 276, 307 Hiatt, Theodore D.. 88. 274 Hibler, Nydabelle, 338, 3f9 Hickle. James C, 112, 269, 273, 321, 412, 413 Hickle, Marilyn L.. 121. 368 Hickman. Duane A., 271, 296 Hickok. Donald U., 88. 338 Hicks. Harold J., 66 Kidaka, Minnie C 163 Hiestand, Harry £., 278 Higbee, Keith M., 88, 337 Higgins, Edwin H.. 286. 319 Higgs, Roger A.. 164, 337 Highley, Betty L., 88 Hightower, Fred S., 437 Hiigel. Lewis £., 223, 303 Hilb, Robert B., 88, 448, 449 Hildyard, Hobart R,, 277 Hilferty, Janet G., 272, 871 Hill, Adrian L., 270, 307 Hill, Beverly J., 121 Hill, Cecelia J,, 164, 364, 381 Hill, Donald L., 121, 306 Hill, Garth H., 275 Hill, Harlyn L., 423 Hill, Lois H.. 49, 88, 94, 367, 372 Hill, Lowell H., 136, 287 Hill, Margaret L., 336, 370 Hill, Sherburne P., 121, 269 Hill, Woodrow S., 136 Hilliard. John R., 333 Hillmar, Ellis D., 319 Hillock, James I., 121, 275, 398 Hills, D. Kendall, 116, 186, 188, 194, 271, 281, 833 Hills, Frederic A., 425 Hilton, Jananne B., 401 Hilton, Joan L., 136, 368 Hilty, Joye L., 356 Hine. Marilyn M.. 164. 165 Hiner, Arthur W., 416 Hinkley, Lester D., 206, 429 Hinley, Lou Anne, 121, 393, 460 Hinrichs, Charles W., 270 Hinsey, Robert C, 89, 270, 411 Hinshaw, Thomas J,, 419 Hinthorn, Wayne L,, 303 Hinzelman. Peter M.. 121, 341 Hirami, Soichiro P., 89, 287, 331 Hirose, Hided, 287 Hirsch, Harry D., 229, 336, 376 Hirsch. Lotte, 287, 290, 371 Hirsch, Marilyn L.. 136. 369 Hirsch, Marion E.. 136, 369 Hitchcock, Harold H., 279 Hiteman, LaVere A.. 339 Hii. Charles F., 68, 89, 278, 291, 316, 416. 417 Hix. George J.. 136, 421 Hixon, Sumner B.. 287. 336 HJelte. Marshall C, 156. 311 Hnatiuk, Michael A.. 276, 282 Hoag. Ronald B., 267 Hoagland, Benjamin H., 136. 235. 296. 323 Hoagland, Myrna L., 121, 387 Hoagland, William R., 89, 270, 291 Hobbs. Jane F., 49 Hobbs, Sam H., 276, 286 Hobbs, William P.. 156 Hockett. Edward F., 269. 271 Hodel. Merwin L.. 186. 427 Hodgson. Paul S., 423 Hoel, Jean F.. 121 Hoepner, Betty L., 136, 369 Hoif, Don E.. 417 Hoffman. Daniel S.. 300, 449 Hoffman, Edgar J., 411 Hoffman, Kenneth G.. 276 Hoffman. Saul A., 231, 316 Hoffman. Shad J,, 340, 417 Hoffmeister. Berthold F., 340, 423 Hogan, Gordon M., 176 Hogan, Thomas E., 136, 376, 433 Hogelund, H. Lorraine. 121. 176, 366 Hogelund, Mary E.. 121. 366 Hogue, Anna M., 89 Hogue, Robert E., 417 Hohenstein, Delilah I.. 358 Hohnstein, Morris W.. 89. 276 Holbrook, Frederick, 443 Holcomb, Charles E.. 269. 273 Holden, Joanne, 48, 60, 70, 89, 332, 378, 391, 395 Holder, Elaine J., 69 Holder, Mabel J., 136. 327. 380. 381 Holderness, Dorothy L., 130. 136. 337. 361. 106 Holderness. Patricia M., 136, 369 Holeman, Richard A., 121, 282, 319 Holkestad, Donald M.. 437 Holiman. Beverly A., 366 Holland, Jo Ann, 395 Hollander, Joan L., 287, 359 Holliday, Theodore E., 298 Hollinger, Joanne C, 367, 385 Hollingshead, Millie E., 164 Hollingsworth, Patricia, 385 Hollis, John R., 87, 222 Holloway, John P., 89, 300, 341, 441 Holloway, Richard D., 423 HoUyer. Stewart G., 298 Holm, Herbert W., 419 Holm, Shirley A., 304, 333 Holman. Loy Del, 411 Holmberg, James S., 228, 310 Holme, Ruth A.. 154, 326, 366, 389 Holmes, Claire, 122, 328 Holmes, Evelyn M., 89, 297, 302, 317, 398 Holmes, John A,, 270 Holsinger, Paul D., 122, 336 Holubar, Alice, 288 Holzer, Charlotte A., 122, 388 Hondius, Pieter, 89, 289, 421 Honer, Joseph N., 270 Hood, Evelyn L., 227 Hooley, Quentin G., 89, 298, 337 Hoover, Vivian L. , 166 Hope, Lorna L., 136, 107 472 Student Index-continued Hop nger. Charlei F.. 447 Hopkins, Aljrce M.. 122. 272. 328 Hopkins, Donald E.. 164. 319 Hopkins. Jean, 366, 395 Hopkins, Richard A., 230, 231, 232 Hopley, Charles P,, 160 Hopper, Richard E,, 413 Horace, Joseph 0,, 439 Horan. Lois R.. 89, 296 Horine, Conrad S., 202. 276, 284 Horn, Barbara J,, 226, 389 Horn. Myron K.. 293 Hornbeck, Douflas R,, 298, 430, 431 Home, Ruth K., 298, 301, 365 Horner, Raymond G,, 89, 131, 878, 443 Horner, Wesley P.. 296 Horr. Clarence A.. 274 Horsch. Margaret A.. 360, 397 Hoskin. Alice L., 238 Hough. Flora E., 164 Koulton, Edith L,, 330 Houlton, Edward C, 271 Housman, Charles. 336 Housman. Rebecca W., 89, 336 Houston, Charles O.. 89, 276. 277, 833 Houston, John S.. 275, 286, 322, 443 Howard, Anne A,, 136, 336, 393 Howard, James H,, 310 Howard, Dorothy E,, 89 Howard, Roy F., 300, 341 Howard. Sara R.. 154. 393 Howe. Carolyn M., 130, 136, 335 Howe, George 0,, 160 Howe, Linnie A., 165 Howell, Jane B., 395 Howell, Jerry D,, 122, 224, 319 Howell, Juanita J., 381 Howells, Fred W., 341 Howells, Mary E,, 122, 327, 387 Hoye, Eileen F,, 122, 401 Hoye, Jo Anne M., 371 Hoyt, Charles R., 417 Hoyt, Margaret J., 327, 369 Hoza, Albert D., 89 Hrratin, Joseph F., 276 Hubbell, Joan M., 136, 391 Huber, Claire E,, 290, 301, 368 Huber, William G., 122, 441 Hubert. Donald J., 122 Hubert, Helen K., 326, 327, 371 Huckenpahler, Lee C, 276 Huckins, Melinda L., 290, 389 Huddleson, Earnest P., 154. 186. 306, 413 Hudler, Dorothy A., 300, 326, 371 Hudson, Grant L,, 271 Hudson, Robert K., 89, 289, 421 Huffer, Jane C, 148, 307, 337 Huggins, Horace T.. 374, 376 Hughes, Betsy, 364 Hughes, Dorothy E., 166, 368 Hughes, Elizabeth M.. 381 Hughes, George A,, 204, 284, 309 Hughes, Thomas C, 270, 411 Hughey. Mary L., 148, 297, 369, 397 Hugins, Richard M., 89 Huising, Don L,, 148 Huitt, Raymond E,, 136 Hulburd. Lu G., 366 Hulitzky, A. Wayne, 2, 220, 420, 421 Hull, Caroline. 381 Hull, Charles J,, 89, 273, 276 Hull. John K., 122, 433 Hulse, Oeorganne, 122, 370 Hulse, Paul F., 186, 413 Humphrey, Charles J,, 89 Humphrey, Norman B., 89. 277, 312 Humphrey, Robert B,, 278, 316, 321 Humphries, Mary J., 130. 233, 333. 391 Hunsinger, Howard D,, 136 Hunt. Beverly C, 137, 226. 395 Hunt, John M., 60, 284, 438, 439 Hunt, Harold W,, 319 Hunt, Robert J., 336 Hunter, Carol L., 137, 328 Hunter, Charles P., 148, 441 Hunter, Clyde L., 89, 443 Hunton, Harry E., 443 Hupp, Marion W,, 162 Hurd, Charles W,, 424, 426 Hurdle, Chester B,. 333 Hurdle, John F., 161 Hurlburt, M, Merle, 139, 222 Hurley, Grant W., 162 Hurt, Jack, 443 Huse, Nancy C, 326 Hustead, Donald A,, 437 Huster, George B., 122, 291 Huster, Lawrence W,, 68, 122, 270, 291 Huston, Kenneth K., 196 Hutchings, Herbert D,, 164, 186, 271, 413 Hutchings. Paula I,, 137, 386 Hutchinson, James D,, 131, 411 Hutchinson, Ruth, 90, 332, 363 Hutchinson, T. Henry. 155 Hutchinson. Thomas S., 68, 269, 273, 411 Hutchison, James B., 275 Hutchison, Katherine T,, 64, 122, 300, 388, 389 Hutton, William T,, 66, 222 Hybiak, Mildred J,, 122, 272, 371 Hyde, William H,, 165, 311 Hyma, Walter R., 68, 276 Hynnes, William J., 282 Hyiom, Hollo L., 224, 270, 282 I Ibes, Ettie, 226 Illium, Joan E,, 90, 388, 386 Ilyin, Alexander 0., 278, SU Imbt. Mary M., 122, 371, 393 Imel, Ray C, 411 Imes, Mary Lou, 164 Imgrund, Donald F,, 307 Ingalls, Floyd W,, 90, 441 Ingalls, James M,, 433 Ingamells, Geraldine D,, 370, 389 Ingram, Walter L., 161 Ingwersen, Alice T., 363 Ingwersen, Donald F., 223, 423 Ingwersen, Nancy M.. 148, 395 Inouye, Herbert H,, 282 Inouye, Hisae, 136, 287, 337, 357 Insley, Robert H,, 341 Ireland, Collette, 399 Irion, Richard F., 122, 131, 226, 427 Irish, William O,, 137, 306 Irvine, Susan J,, 137, 387 Irwin, Jacqueline M., 298, 326, 365 Irwin, Richard G., 238, 411 Isaac, John F,, 122, 278, 315 Isaacs, Marian C 161 Isaacson, Mary Lou. 296. 326, 366 Isaak, Robert D,, 320 Isberg, Warren C, 318 Isbill, H. G., 276 Ise, Mary E,, 122, 450 Isenberg, Stanley S,, 341, 436 Isola, Betsey M., 307, 366 Ito, Kiyoshi, 287 Itzen, Donna Lea, 406 Ivers, John C, 68, 278, 316, 321 Iverson, Barbara M,, 148, 238, 395 Ives, Cleo C, 137 Ives, Donna Mae, 148, 319, 366 Jackisch, Mary G,, 137, 326, 371 Jackman, Sarah, 50, 222, 226 Jacks, Robert E., 112, 271 Jackson, Betty E,, 238 Jackson, Eugene S., 411 Jackson, Jane H,, 90, 297, 336, 371 Jackson, John B,, 300 Jackson, John D., 131, 443 Jackson, Norma J., 366 Jackson, Paul L,, 320 Jackson, Shirley Sue, 137. 395 Jackson, William H., 161 Jacob, William H.. 298 Jacobs. George M., 137 Jacobsen. Colleen, 313, 399 Jacobsen, Robert L, , 414, 415 Jacobson, Conrad B., 423 Jacobson. Evelyn J., 130, 137, 226, 387 Jacobson, Ralph H,, 137, 223 Jacoby, James H,, 268 JafTe, Irene, 148 Jagger, Herbert F,, 90 Jaggers, Barbara J,, 148, 387 Jain, Surendra K., 287 James, Carol K., 166 James, Charles F,, 156 James, Dorothy, 313 James, John D., 296 James, Mary B:C., 49, 122, 296, 328, 338 James, Wilfred M,, 90 Jamison, John R., 90 Jamison, Katherine L., 90, 96, 272, 328, 329 Jancic, Mirko, 122 Janda, Robert, 90, 275 Janda, Virginia, 302 Jann, William K,, 90, 278, 307, 419 Janssen, Mary C, 307 Jarman, James P., 148 Jardine, Douglas M.. 207. 278 Jardine, Robert L., 160 Jaycox, Randall E., 137, 443 Jaynes, Robert L,, 122, 423 Jefferson, Joan K,, 148, 297, 366, 401 Jeffrey, Sara E,, 340, 370 Jenkins, Margaret, 387 Jensen, Gene R,, 137 Jensen, Patricia M,, 226, 371 Jessen, Arthur D., 203, 421 Jester, Royal F,, 90 Jeter, Victor B., 284, 340 Jewett. James H., 413 Joffee, Thomas F,, 131. 137, 443 Johancen, Louis E., 301 John, Geraldine, 164 Johns, Barbara Ann, 164 Johns, Robert F,, 131, 416 Johnson, Arlene J,, 90, 328, 329 Johnson, Asay B,, 278, 361 Johnson, Carl L., 270 Johnson, Chalmers D,, 161 Johnson, Charles E., 122, 444, 445 Johnson, Dean S.. 122, 196, 284, 411 Johnson, Donald T., 122, 275, 276, 426 Johnson, Donaven R., 288 Johnson, Dorthea E,, 166 Johnson, Edith L,, 328 Johnson, Elmer K,, 137, 447 Johnson, Earnest A., 90, 196, 284, 429 Johnson, Francis W,, 90, 271 Johnson. Frederick D., 186, 284 Johnson, Frederick F,, 192, 442, 443 Johnson, Gladys E,, 294 Johnson, Glenn H,, 281 Johnson, Harry C, 428 Johnson, Herbert A,, 443 Johnson, Herbert C, 275 Johnson, Hilary M., 131, 443 Johnson, Howard L,, 222, 427 Johnson, Jack C, 122, 268 Johnson, James A,, 427 Johnson, J mes Arthur, 90, 322, 416 Johnson, Kenneth R,, 323 Johnson, Lee F., 131, 137, 220, 427 Johnson, Leslie E,, 90, 278 Johnson, Lila Sue, 90, 227, 397 Johnson, Lloyd A,, 312 Johnson, Lucille H., 90, 378, 382, 383 Johnson, Mary E,. 337 Johnson. Melvin 0.. 122, 426 Johnson. Melvin W,, 68, 291 Johnson, Norville D., 122, 316, 427 Johnson, Oliver W,, 91 Johnson, Patricia Ann, 368 Johnson, Patricia L., 137, 383 Johnson, Ralph H,, 122, 442, 443 Johnson, Raymond C, 166, 228, 310, 331 Johnson, Robert E,, 131 Johnson, Robert F,, 234 Johnson, Robert G., 426 Johnson, Robert S,, 220, 376. 427 Johnson. Ronald E., 441 Johnson, Roy T., 162 Johnson, Russell B,, 315, 321, 371 Johnson, Ruth Anne, 137, 317 Johnson, Sarah J,, 3126 Johnson, Stanley 0., 271 Johnson, Verlita L,, 148, 397 Johnson. Wayne £., 427 Johnson, William H., 298 Johnson, Willis B., 296 Johnston, Doris Ann, 164 Johnston, Gordon R., 439 Johnston, Howard E., 379, 446, 460 Johnston, Margaret L., 396 Johnston, Marilyn Beth, 165 Johnston, Richard S,, 227, 443 Johnston, William V., 416 Johnstone, James E,, 429 Joines, Margaret Ann, 91, 368 Jones, Allan C, 164, 413 Jones, Asa T,, 417 Jones, Betty J,, 49, 137 Jones, Beverly Ann, 137, 383 Jones, Bobby T,, 137, 423 Jones, Cecil R,, 165 Jones, Clyde £., 91, 439 Jones, Daniel W, B,, 91, 276 Jones, David Lee, 137, 276, 419 Jones, Dolores L. D,, 226, 364, 386 Jones, Elbert £., 91, 270 Jones, Gordon P,, 340 Jones, Harryette E,, 160 Jones, Jacquelyn H,, 148, 366, 385 Jones, John D,, 91, 116, 234, 323, 426, 427 Jones, Judith P., 389, 460 Jones, Keith C, 447 Jones, Lloyd W., 323 Jones, Marjorie, 231, 382 Jones, Mary E,, 363 Jones, Nancy E,, 366, 389 Jones, Robert E,, 301, 429 Jones, Roswell, 278, 306, 333 Jones, Seward W,, 156, 311 Jones, Shirley L,, 383 Jones, William Rex, 175, 180, 284 Jordan, Garnett H,, 91 Jordan, Walter D., 137, 168, 420, 421, 450 Jorgensen, Jacquiline, 122, 329 Jorgensen, Lester 0,, 276 Jorgensen, Andrea, 122 Jorgensen, John, 185, 290, 395, 417 Joseph, Norman R,, 91 Joslyn, Peggy Lou, 122, 389 Josselyn, Richard Lee, 122, 337 Josselyn, Virginia Ann, 137, 370 Joy, Dean P., 268, 316 Joy, Stanley R., 122 Joyce, Barbara L,, 399 Jude, William A.. 122, 131, 226, 278 Judge, Dorothy J., 148, 325, 366, 381 Juhl. Mildred M.. 164 Jump, Raymond R,, 131, 176, 177, 182, 273, 284, 442, 443 Jurca, Stephen R,, 293, 294, 298 K Kadlec. Nona Anna. 166. 295 Kahl. Raymond T., 318 Kahn, Edward Joseph, 137, 449 Kahn. Frederick S., 148, 300, 449 Kahn, Lorain R,, 148, 367 Kahre, John A,, 137, 282 Kaitz. Marilyn. 364 Kalal, Leonard A., 320 Kalandyk, Joseph L., 91, 298 Kallgren, Dorothy L., 401 Kalmans. Bernice, 403 Kamback. Elmer L.. 91. 268, 278 Kamlet, Herbert L., 131, 137, 222, 436, 4t0 Kampfe, Paul E,, 318, 337 Kane, John W., 423 Kao, Hung Yen, 279 Kapelke, Theo Jean, 122, 288, 378, 406, 407 Karbatsch, James E., 203, 437 Karbatsch, Robert W.. 203 Karjanis, John C, 447 Karler, Jesse K,, 436 Karly, Phillip M., 284 Karnes, James J., 91, 270, 291, 361 Karsh, Barbara J., 296, 326, 403 Kasdorf, Virginia Mae, 47 Kassler, Mary Carol, 396 Katagiri, Fumi, 164 Katona, Alexander, 137, 886 Katz, Richard J,, 271 Katzenberg, Mary J,, 222 Kaufman, Sidney, 91 K»wtk»mi, Btrtba Y., K Kayser, Harold L,, 274, 300, 449 Keane, Gladys M., 336, 368 Kearney, Adrian A., 137, 415 Kearney, John S,, 415 Kearney, Robert T., 122, 274 Keating, Bernard L., 137, 307, 312, 419 Keating. Edwin L., 122, 307, 419 Keck, Ranson C, 270 Kehan, Virginia R,, 358 Keeler, Bernard R,, 276 Keenan, Eugene L,, 270, 410, 411 Keenan, Geore-e F., 148, 337 Keene, Irvin F., 227, 436 Keene, Marilyn K,, 401 Keener, William H., 162 Keil, Carolyn J., 137, 290, 389 Keim, Shirley J., 91, 272, 328 Keirnes, Lora D., 91, 380, 381 450 Keithly, Lawrence B., 419 Kellar, Robert H., 137. 268. 336 Kellar. William J,, 148, 336 Keller, George E., 278 Keller, Melvin R., 268 Keller, Patricia W., 69 Keller, Richard D,, 137 Kellett, Jeanette, 91, 401 Kellogg, Elizabeth A., 91, 300. 336, 371 Kellogg, Gladstone B., 123, 446 Kelly, Donald T,, 123, 333 Kelly, Evelyn J., 91, 313, 396 Kelly, Hazel A,, 91, 274, 302, 333 Kelly, Jack W., 322 Kelly, James P,, 271 Kelly, Jodie R., 166 Kelly, Margaret M,, 91, 238 Kelly, Richard H.. 437 Kelsey. Clarence E, T,, 270 Kelsey. Robert L,, 427 Kemp, Nanette S., 366, 381 Kendig, Andrew E,, 61, 96, 229, 289 Kenehan, Richard B., 443 Kennedy, Leo W,, 166, 310 Kennedy, Mary K., 148 Kennedy, Owen 0,, 123, 336, 427 Kennedy, Paula L,, 367 Kennedy, Colleen M., 91, 360 Kennicott, Joan M., 91, 393 Kent, Carolyn, 123, 221, 313, 460 Kent, Constance, 148, 366, 396 Kent, Ethel D., 326 Kenz, Edward J.. 433 Kenz, Raymond A,, 433 Kepferle, Roy C, 123 Kepner, Harrison F,, 290, 417 Kern, Dorothy M.. 130. 294 Kernan. Stephen A,, 417 Kerrigan, Thomas W,, 416 Kerst, Naomi R,, 364 Kesler, David A,, 336 Kessel, Ezra, 290 Kester, Mary Ann, 148, 401 Ketcham, Jerrie Ann, 123, 317, 387 Ketcheson, Leslie R.. 276 Kettlekamp, Weslie C. E,, 156 Kettle, Marybelle M,, 112, 387 Kettman, George B,, 277 Khoursheed, Fareed S,. 137. 276. 287 Kibbey. Irwin I.. 292. 446 Kidd. Louann, 148, 399 Kidder, Ruth Anne, 364, 385 Kiefer, Charlotte A., 148, 386 Kiefer, Frank W,, 176, 421 Kilborne, Robert S., 123, 427 Kilbride, Robert, 361 Kildow, Betty Lou, 148, 326, 363 Kiley, Eugene J., 148, 441 Kilgore, John E,, 370 Killefer, Robert, 148, 185, 421, 460 Killian, Marianne, 191, 407 Killian. Wayne R,, 446, 447, 449 Kilpatrick, Jo Lee. 148, 367 Kilton, Roger M., 137, 298 Kimble, Donald L., 148, 319 Kimmel, Shirley J,, 137, 272, 297, 304, 867 Kimzey, Fred A., 16 Kindig, Eugene Bruce, 278 King, Camille J., 370, 398, 399 King, Clarence W,, 278 King, Georgia, 91, 370 King, Harry A,, 92, 269, 292 King, James B,, 221, 416 King, Joyce N.. 272 King. Julius B,, 162 King, Patricia L,, 91, 391 King, Robert W,, 274, 421 King, Sally C, 307 Kingdon, Louise A., 391 Kingsolver, Jarrett, 278, 413 Kinman, Beverly J,, 326, 367 Kinsinger, Doris L,, 137, 297, 369 Kintzele, Don J., 417 Kinzer, Edward J., 162 Kinzie, Virginia L,, 365 Kirk, Addison E,, 433 Kirk, Cameron, 156. 228, 311 Kirk, Fred E,, 433 Kirkham, Mildred L., 148, 326, 363 Kirkham, Neal P,, 123, 290, 420 Kirkpatrick, Lawernce A., 92 Kirschner, Allen R,, 148, 433 Kissack, John W., 137, 307 KisselefF, Louis G.. 276 Kissler, Marjorie M., 92, 407 Kitchen, James H., 92, 226, 438, 439 Kittredge, Lottie M., 226, 370 Kitzmiller, Roberta L,, 364 Klar, Hazel M,, 166 Klaus, Gerald J., 185. 443 Klausner. Charlene J,, 148, 296, 326, 408 Xlookler, Bhlrlejr M., 360 student Index-continued 47 K iin, Edmund F., 92. 270 Kl-iin, Virginia L., 148, 363, 385 K ' sis, William D,, 295, 320 B MS. Flora. 295 K)jl. lie, Johr 92, 269, 273 KUewer Harriet M., 66. 1J3 Kowt , Viron D., 269, 278, 412. 41. ' Kline, Eva Lee, 92, 378, 397 KlinBdlhoffer, Calvin, 415 Klinker, Robert J., 275, 286, 294 Kl-jerstrom, Fred A,, 320 Knap. James E,, 64, 61, 68. 72. 92. 273. 292 321. 438. 439 Knaur, John S.. 268 K:iagr, Marilyn J,. 92, 280 Kn-. el. Donald W., 92, 315 Kne ht, Luisa A,, 290, 363 Kniokenljocker, Hugh I. Mrs., 69 Knigl.t, Robert J,, 155 Knobel, Lola, 287, 357 Knoblock, George E.. 200, 284, 340 Knoedler. Mary L., 92, 166, 369 Knolle, Lawrence M.. 427 Kaopf, Martha R., 227 Knott. Katherine, 326. 397 Knotts. Francis W., 148, 271 Knotz, Lois J., 148, 307, 363 Knous. Merle R.. 429 Knowlton, David C, 137. 416 Knudsen. Harold W,, 209. 306 Koabsky. Laymond J,, 415 Kobe, John A., 270 Koch, Esther R.. 166 Ellen J., 387 KC ' Janet B.. 294, 360 Kou-. Paul J., 336 Ko.;l.. William H.. 298 Koehler, Patricia Ann, 363 Koh:er, Robert B., 123, 209, 416 Kohn. Joanne R,, 148, 296, 298. 363 Kok.i. Steve C. 185 Kolitz. William E., 449 Koll. Jane H., 161 Konkel, Edward V,, 276, 437 Konkel, Jame H., 92, 437 Koogie. Donald F., 206 Koopman, Janifred N., 138, 370 Kopi vitz, Gerald H., 222, 296, 449 Korn, Ita, 366 Kori emann, Weston W., 138 Korsv, Ray, 286 Kosmalski, Fern E,, 148, 298, 383 Kostelecky, Kathreen. 387 Kottenstette. Leonard A.. 92, 278 Kozak, Frank G., 281 Kraemer, Sue J,. 148. 290, 366, 389 Kramer, Dorothy R., 92 Kramer, Milton A., 92 Krapf, John E., 427 Krasberg, Robert W,, 148, 439 Krasovicti, Dorothy L., 369 Kratz, Marshall L.. 271 Krause. Dorothy Ann. 360. 460 Kraushaar, Katherine H., 405 Kraybill, Constance L,, 148, 326. 336, 366 Kre;bill, Paulene A., 123, 397 Kren, Leonard. 296 Krenzel. Dale B.. 268. 315. 321 Kreuder. James C, 271 Krejl, Dorothy D., 92, 166, 371 Krieeer. George M,, 292 Krier, Pauline M., 238. 297, 391 Krim, Leonard F.. 271 Krogmeier. Eugene., 271 Kroll, Frederick J., 268 Krone, Frank W,, 176, 182, 284, 442, 443 Kruse, Francis, 160 Kruse, Warren E., 279. 324 Kuball. Edward D.. 138. 268. 290 Kubif.. Jean. 123, 296, 298, 340. 383 Kubin Rosemary F.. 138. 370 KubotH Mike Y.. 287. 336 Kubotu, Sadiachi, 277, 331, 376 Kuchlcr, Clara Ann, 165 Kudreiko, Mike. 123 Kuerston, Richard D., 92. 269 Kueier. Paul E., 446 Kuhlman, John,, 310 Kuhlman, Marion D., 155 Kuhnle, Sibyl L., 290, 371 Kull, Robert R,, 93, 222 Kunkel. Adele M., 368 Kunss Joan C, 148, 386 Kunz. Vera J., 93, 401 Kuretich. John W,, 270, 307 Kusao, Yutaro R., 287 Kvitek. Arietta Ann, 148, 298, 366 Kyle. Monte E., 166 LaBelle, Frank B., 93 LaBonde, Harry C 93. 276 Lacey, Mary H., 307, 364 Lackner, Edward J,, 435 .Lacy, Joseph M., 148, 307 LaForce, Chester C, 447 Laete, Katherine, 123 Lalminger, Alfred S., 275 Laing, Mary C, 389 Lake, Lawrence P., 93. 285, 336 Lakey, Lester L., 93, 337 Lamar, Paula F., 93, 386 LaMarr, Robert P., 271. 411 Lamb, Sally. 290. 363. 397 Lamb, William E., 148, 306 Lamberson. Andrew G.. 138, 437 Lambert, Donald W., 276 Lambtrt, Dorothy Ann, liS, 863, 401 Lambertson, Glen R., 444 Lamison, Robert M., 276 Lampe, John M,, 160 Land, John R., 271 L nd. Frank, 226 Landry. Charlotte S,, 371 Lane, Barbara A., 138, 226, 329. 388, 389 i ne, Elizebeth L.. 370 Lane Henry L,, 222, 227, 276, 324, 374. 375 436, 460 Lang, Gerald L., 416 Langfeldt. Biliy P.. 337 Langmade, Beatrice R., 93. 325 Langmade, Robert H,, 93 Lanham. Lawrence C. 271 Lann. Leona M., 55. 93, 301 Lanning, Dolores J.. 387 Lantz, Virginia a,. 238 Lanza. Dominic F.. 93, 269 Lapham. Patricia, 138, 399 Lapides, Richard, 435 Larkin, Warren C, 300 Larsen, Arthur L., 443 Larsen. Leonard E.. 428. 429 Larsen, Veryl E,, 341 Larsh, Doris Ann, 369 Larson, Arden L., 93, 276. 294 Larson, Charlotte J., 138, 369 Larson, Dayl A., 415 Larson, Elmer D., 368 Larson, Jeanne Ann, 387 Larson, Shirley 0,, 166 Larson, Thomas J., 276 Lasby, Ray 0., 68, 93, 270. 291 LaShell. Leona V., 363, 399 Lashley, William, 450 Lasley, Harold D., 123. 426 Lasley. Sidney W., 148. 298 Lasnik. Dolores T.. 138. 272, 326 Latham, Sheldon W., 149 Lathrop. Carl Lee, 421 Lauenstein, Lois I., 328 Laughlin. Robert M,. 298 Lauter. Eva R., 138, 328 Lauterbach, Beverly E., 93, 226, 387 Lavaty, Richard T., 298 Lavigne, Albert J., 282, 300 Lavington. Charles S.. 416 Lavoie. John L., 278 Law, Betty L.. 226. 238, 381 Law, David F., 431 Lav , Milton J,, 123, 441 Law, Robert E., 93, 268. 306 Law, Ws.yne E,, 278 Lawrence. Bruce R., 175 Lawrence. Charles, 279 Lawrence, Earl R., 138, 271. 439 Lawrence, Margaret Ann, 226, 387 Lawrence, William L,. 123 Lawson. Harry 0.. 222 Lawson, Joan D., 387 Lawson. Virginia Ann. 93 Lazell. Edward W., 176 Lazerwitz, Charles S., 123, 287, 296 Lazorchich. Dan C. 123. 423 Leafdale. Norris G.. 123 Leahy, George F., 270 Leahy, Sarah E., 138, 396 Leavitt. Thomas P.. 419 Leben. Gordan L,, 294 Lebsack, Virgil L,, 238 Lebsock, Geo. W, M.. 93. 276, 423 LcCroix, Arthur M., 156, 228, 311 Lederman, Meyer S.. 278. 296, 449 Lee. Chosheng C, 287, 313 Lee. Donald K., 415 Lee, Harold H.. 441 Lee. James T., 123, 277, 433 Lee, Oscar R., 93 Lee, Peter C, 441 Lee, Robert N.. 123 Lee, Walter B.. 162 Lee, William H.. 93. 278, 439 Leech, Erma V,, 93, 297, 328 Leery, Leona, 281 Le Fevre, Harry W., 429 Le Fevre, Robert C, 275 Lehl, Leonard C, 294 Lehman. John E,, 294 Lehnen, Harriet L,, 93, 392, 393 Lehrman, Philip M,, 123, 446 Leierer, Charles E., 123, 296 Leight, Harold C. 161 Leih, George G,, 155 Leines, Nita, 295 Leithead, Russell J., 313, 331 Lembcke, Anna L., 138, 328 Lemesany, William L., 300, 341 Lemich, Mildred, 138, 337, 368 Lemkin, Edward R.. 166 Lemmel, Mildred I.. 371 Lennox. Barbara. 287 Leonard, Dorene E,, 313 Leonard, Elizebeth 6., 391 Lepman, Richard D., 93, 284, 298, 415 Lerner, Belden W., 160 Leslie, EettT C. 130, 234. 238. 319. 388, 389 Lesser, William J., 168, 291, 321 Lestina, Juanita, 163 Lestoque, Walter P., 425 Leu, Martha J., 385 Leutz, Beverly G,, 386 Levenson, Jean M,, 363. 403 Leverenz, Carl E., 417 Leverenz, Jacques T., 417 Levin, Keva, 131. 436 Levine. Phillip P., 435 Levis, Marietta E., 93, 280. 398, 399 Levitt, Arlene R.. 149, 340, 363 Levitt, Phillip B., 84, 131, 296, 434, 486 Levitt, Seymour H.. 123, 274 Levy, Carol L., 149, 364 Levy, Larry M.. 449 Levy, Myra Lee, 222, 371 Levy, Rcbert S.. 270 Lewenberg, Richard H., 435 Lewin, Edward, 271, 278, 449 Lewis. Barbara J., 336 Lewis, C. J., 156. 311 Lewis. Donald A., 306, 427 l Lewis, Fern E., 149, 367 " W-. Lewis, George B., 160 Lewis, Glenn H., 268, 411 Lewis, John B., 421 Lewis, Marshall D., 300, 426 Lewis, Mary K., 149, 304, 367 Lewis. Mary L., 94, 333 Lewis, Norman, 94, 279 Lewis, Patricia E., 238, 363 Ley, William E., 186, 188, 193, 200, 284 LUbert, Robert H., 270 Lichtenberg. E. Ann, 296. 370 Lichty, Jack D., 94, 278, 3i9 Lieberknecht, Eleanor F.. 268. 278, 325 Liebetrau, William H., 138, 439 Lietz. Arnold R., 1S3, 278 Logeros, Mike G,, 94 Light. Frank M.. 123, 303, 307, 323, 331 Lighty, Byron K., 318 Ligler, Marion Ann, 166 Limberg, Gilbert E,, 413 Lincoln. Cicero Lee. 162 Lincoln, Henry C, 274, 336 Lincoln, James F., 415 Lincoln, Robert M., 94. 427 Lindberg, Donald W., 222, 446 Lindbery, John R,. 290, 417 Lindborg, Edithellen, 138, 290, 407 Lindee. Robert G.. 226. 439 Lindenman, Joan £,. 94 Lindgren. John, 123, 437 Lindou, Johanna E., 363, 391 Lindsay, Frederick B., 321 Lindsley, George E.. 186. 429 Lindstrom. Anne C. 130, 383 Ling, Mildred J.. 94, 297, 328. 329, 330 Lingelbach, Helen A., 358 Linnenbruegge, Hedwig M., 369 Linner, Charlotte J., 40. Linscott. Richard E., 156 Lintner. Norma J., 149. 298, 326, 366, 407 Lipson, Leiand L., 4£3 Lister, Arthur W,, 94, 278 Listen, Dean C, 370 Listen. Mary L.. 149, 298, 326 Litt, Mark D.. 138. 269. 271, 298 Littell, Suzanne D., 368 Little, Marv, 123 Little, Thomas. ?90, 4! " Littler, William E,, 149 Liu, Tao Y.. 287 Livingston, I-cuis F., 271, 449 Livingston. Sally h., 392 Lloyd. Hany i ' .. 271, 443 Lockhart. Ann. 149. 407 Lockhart. George A., 149 Lockwood, John H., 300 Lodge. Allei ' . K., 421 Loechner, Shirley Anne, 387 Loeffler. Wilfred J,, 415 Loete. Katherine M.. 298 Loetscher, Casimir J.. 307 Loevenguth, John C, 275, 433 Loewenberg, Doris R,, 298, 403 Loftin, William G., 278 Logan, Howard M.. 123, 419 Logan. Leiand L.. 138 Logsdan. Marilyn E., 333 Loh, Bei Yei, 287 Lohman. Maurice A., 94, 282 Lohoff. Lewis C, 160 Lomas. Margaret Ann, 393 Lonabaugh. Ellsworth £.. 156, 441 London, William H., 123 London, Phillip L., 312 Long, Clifford C, 149, 433 Long, David, 231 Long, Georgia M, K., 138, 226, 301, 371 Long, Nancy. 401 Loncor. Lorraine M.. 69 Longworth. Richard L.. 123, 276 Lonn. Grace P.. 94. 166. 368 Lonnecker, Richard E., 155, 310 Loomis. Marjorie Ann. 319 Looms, Peter. 416 Lopatin. Paul M.. 94, 98, 225. 275. 286. 321, 434, 435 Loper, Robert B.. 69. 231 Lopez, Carlos M., 415 Lorrig, Robert J,, 270 Losher, Beverly E.. 123. 295, 405 Lett, Joan E., 138, 391 Loucks. Gerald G., 123, 341, 415 Loudis, George A., 275 Loup, Robert E., 436 Love, Betty S., 94, 223, 318. 386. 387 Love, Bille J.. 325 Lovejoy, Charlotte. 94, 297, 328 Loving, Donald L., 268 Lowden. James W.. 439 Lowe. Anna V.. 149, 319. 366 Lowe, Kenneth R.. 437 Lowe. La Verne J., 385 Lowell, Wayne R.. 94 Lowrey. William E.. 278 Lu, Alfred D., 287 Lucas, Bobbie B., 123. 413. 460 Lucas. Jeanne M.. 399 Lucero. Benjamin J,, 324 Luohini, Marguerite K., 807, 368 Lucke, Renne L., 366, 397 Ludeman, Barton L., 149. 427 Luder. Beverly G., 94, 395 Luebke, William R., 270, 277 Lueck, Dean R,. 427 Luedke. Robert 6., 123, 419 Lugar, Gordon G., 276 Lundberg, Joan C, 368 Lundquist, Dolores E., 94, 280, 371 Lundstrom. Robert C, 224 Lundy, Paul E., 2S9, 423 Lunkwicz, Bernard P., 224, 278, 316, 321 Lunnley, Gwen. 238 Luntz, Constance F., 366 Lupton, Kathleen M., 290, 366 Luscombe, Ann, 149, 383 Lutterbie, Robert W.. 96. 238, 823 Luttrell. Emilyn B.. 363 Lutz, Beverly A., 131, 385 Lutz, Jay E,, 435 Lutz, Maribelle S.. 94 Lutz, Mary J,, 390, 399 Lycan, Wilford K., 273 Lynch, Daniel F., 185 Lynch, Robert E., 138, 341 Lynch, Will T.. 185. 429 Lynes. Georgia. 290. 364 Lyng. Roger D., 433 Lynn, Conrad D.. 138. 443 Lyon, Willette E., 273, 447 Lyons, Edwin M,, 185 Lyons, Gerald F.. 307 Lyttle. Elizabeth J., 123, 397 Lyttle, Richard G., 66, 96, 98, 276, 301, 331 M Haakestad. Walter E., 162 Mabee, Barbara F., 96. 100, 288, 317, 393 MacCornack. Barbara. 138. 399 MacCracken. Richard T., 165, 311 MacDonald, Hu?h C, 275. 415 MacDonald. Joan. 366. 393 MacDonald. Jessie M.. 69 MacFadden, Mary L.. 366. 387 MacFarlane, Joanne. 69, 95. 286 Machol, Jacques A.. 271, 449 Maclntyre, Archibald T., 439 Maclntyre. Marilyn J., 359, 393 Mack, Glenn R.. 185 Mack, Helen, 223. 395 Mack, John R.. 166. 271 Mackay, Harry M., 96 MacKenzie, Emmett G., 95, 443 Mackey, Willa J., 130. 395 MacLaren. Merle, 138, 389 MacLennan, Helen C. 49, 96. 370 Mackley. Ernest A.. 96 Mackley, Jean, 96. 326 MacMillan. Jean, 138, 371 MacMurray. Roger J.. 96 MacNeal. Marguerite L.. 392. 393 MacNider. Jane D,, 124. 295 MacPherson, Hugh R., 269, 319 MacPherson, Jean 0., 223, 399 MacSpadden. Georgia E., 370 MacSpadden, Beverly A., 363 Macy, Edwin L., 376 Madelen. Georp-e C 415 Madison. Joe D., 336 Madsen, Else W,, 149, 366, 460 Magennis, Arthur K.. 275 Magerfleisch. Virgil R.. 294, 419 Magrath, Mary C, 360 Maguire, James F.. 124, 298, 341, 441 Mahan, John W.. 429 Mahler. Carl W.. 160 Mahoney, Bette L., 363, 149 Maich, Bert. 96. 278. 423 Maier. Clara J., 149. 364. 407 Maier. Carl F.. 96, 232, 233, 316 Maier, Frank J., 416 Maiman, Theodore H.. 320, 321 Maize, Alice N.. 319, 386 Majesky. John D.. 427 Major. William J., 423 Makush, Walter S., 209, 270 Malcolm, George S., 427 Mallett. Kenne ' th D., 270 Mallory, Jo C. 287 Malone. Theodore E., 96. 421 Maloney, James E., 276, 379. 422 Maloney, Leo J., 307 Maloney, Marilyn J., 63, 116. 124. 227. 394 396 Malovrh. Pauline. 96. 278, 378, 405 Maltz, Dolores H.. 138, 296, 403, 460 Maly. Joan E.. 386 Mamonlides. Effie. 366 Mandel. Marjorie R., 124. 391 Mandelberg. Louis A., 435 Mangus, Raymond V., 96, 270, 291 Manire, Robert W,, 175, 200. 284, 442, 443 Manley, Elmer E,. 149. 271, 421 Manley, James T., 445 Mann. Doris E., 149. 367 Mann. Douglas. 423 Mann. Flora A.. 336. 138 Mann, John M., 422 Manning, Howard F., 290 Manning, Sidney N., 419 Manson, Phyllis J., 138, 370 Marcato. Annabelle. 370 March. Fred S,. 165, 310 Marchese, Charles. 275 Marchick, Herbert H., 131, 296, 341. 435 Marchiondo. Eddie, 341 Marchiori, Rosalie I,, 369 Hariniak, Marearet T., 368 474 Student Index-continued Markham, Annette D., 365, 389 Markle. Mary H.. 149. 339, 366, 397. 406 Harkley. Marjory A.. 371 Marks. Orin W.. 269. 273, 296 Marks, William N.. 278 Marlink. Richard F., 427 Marr. John H.. 276 Marriott. Frederick J., 238, 319, 427 Marsh, Marilyn M., 124, 401 Marsh. Paul A.. 307 Marshall. Harry G., 276 Marshall, Tack S,, 271, 446 Marshall, Oren W.. 275. 423 Martenson, Carol J,, 370 Martin, Annette L., 369 Martin, Charles W,, 426 Martin, Ernest L.. 293 Martin. George L., 96, 312, 427 Martin, Hu-h J.. 269. 271 Martin. James G., 311 Martin, Jo An K.. 138. 370 Martin. Kenneth E., 138 Martin. Lillian V., 49, 96, 100, 294, 337 Martin, Lowell B., 96, 278 Martin, Mary E.. 366. 397 Martin. Monroe D.. 269, 273 Martin. Robert L.. 68. 96. 270, £91 Martin, Warren 0., 138, 271. 282 Martin, William R,, 278, 433 Martin. William S., 96. 315. 321 Martine. Eugene O., 324, 424, 426 Martinex, Levi. 165 Marting. Fredric W.. 124. 426 Martinsen. Christopher, 290, 417 Marty, John R., 421 Maruyama, Allen, 138, 270. 336, 447 Marvin. Mary K.. 366. 391 Mascarenaz. Thomas A.. 307 Mason. Carolyn F., 139, 396, 450 Mason, Donald J.. 226, 293 Mason. Florence, 397 Mason, Irvin L., 165, 311 Mason, Patricia A,, 381 Mason, Robert D,, 276 Mason, Ted D., 131, 239, 414, 416, 460 Massell, James M,, 417 Massey, Leon H., 149, 437 Mast. Marcia A.. 149. 326. 366, 389 Masters, Beverly D.. 149, 366, 397 Masunaga. Rosie M,, 124, 272, 287, 297, 368 Matalon. Jack, 271 Matheson, William R., 439 Mathews, Glenn E,. 415 Mathias, Phyllis Y.. 166 Mathis. Lawrence 0., 68, 286, 276, 321 Matoush, Leonard G., 333 Matsen, Ralph S.. 68, 96, 278, 316, 321 Matsuda. Tetsu, 124, 337 Matsumoto. Sam Y., 279 Matthews. Charles W., 271 Matthews. Christian W.. 276, 286 Matthews, Kermit D.. 276 Matthews. Mary J., 96, 302, 318, 337, 367 Mattson, Fred W,, 131, 437 Maurek, Carol J,, 391 Maxson, Jessie M., 366 Maxted. Fred H., 319. 333 Maxwell. Donna R.. 139, 371 May. Roger E.. 282 Mayberry, Genevieve. 304, 333 Mayberry, Joan F., 304, 388 Maydew, Randall C, 268 Mayer, Alvin A.. 96, 270. 291 Mayer, Helene B., 290, 326, 363 Mayer, Rudolph E.. 441 Mayhoffer. Frederick D., 166, 374 McAlpine, Marilyn E,, 149, 366, 386 McAndrews, Mary E., 138 McAninch. Wayne A.. 276. 431 McBride. Eldora F., 336 McCabe, Fordyce G,, 411 McCabe, Madeline M,. 399 McCabe, Sheila G., 272. 366 McCain. Leonard H., 282. 333, 341 McCall. John W., 300 McCall, Maxine, 149, 367 McCammon, Thomas J., 95. 279 McCann, Thomas P., 341 McCarter, Donald C, 166 McCarthy, Margaret A., 371 McCarthy, Robert W., 95 McCartney, E. Joyce. 123. 272, 340, 371 McCartney. Edward J., 421 McCarty, Howard B., 166 McCarty. Patrick F,, 427 McCarty, Ronald L.. 333, 433 McCaw, William W.. 162 McClearn. William C, 155, 271 McCleary, Elaine W,, 370 McClellan, Dorothy A,, 188 McClelland, Betty L.. 149. 406 McClelland, Helen L,, 372, 399 McClintock, Harry C, 448 McCloskey, Annie E,, 166 McClughan, George W.. 149 McClure. Cuvier D., 162 McConkey. Judy J.. 341 McConnell. Robert H., 123, 276, 376, 431 McCormack, Margaret B., 307, 826 McCormick, Jacquelyn M., 96, 307, 366 McCoy, Herbert L., 270 McCoy, James R,, 423 McCoy, Melville R., 341 McCreery, Donald C, 160 McCulloch, Barbara L., 360 McCulloch, Dorothe C, 290 MoCulloch, John C, 161 McCulloch, Stephen R., 274, 318, 837 McCullough, Billy H.. 300 McCuUourb, £Uine C, ii, 280, 281, 168 McCullough, Eleanor R., 149, 363 McCullough, Martha L.. 393 McCurdy. Davis W.. 336 McDaniel. Ralph D., 422 McDermott. Richard S., 166, 310 McDonald. John W., 161 McDonald. Raymond W., 270 McDonald. Robert W., 68, 96, 291, 321 McDonnell, William J,. 176. 415 McDonough. Gilbert L., 226, 441 McDowell, Helen, 287, 368 McDowell, Lois £., 149. 363 McDowell. William F., 306, 437 McElhinney, Marceleet, 290, 897 McElvain, Gladys E., 95, 166 McElwain, Mary E., 149, 366, 385 McEntire, Rex L,, 156, 228, 310 McEwen, Jack N,. 196, 198 McFadden, Charlotte M., 316, 382. 383 McFatridge. Paul E.. 293 McGavin. Ravmond E., 298, 307, 312 McGee, David A., 95, 270 McGee, Hujh J., 274. 415 McGee. Lucille. 387 McGettrick, Vivian L.. 319 McGinn. John R.. 300. 307 McGinn. Lou A.. 149, 226. 326, 365 McGinness, Floyd E.. 95, 291 McGinnis, Lois M,, 124, 370 McGrath, Richard L,, 165 McGraw, Jerrlyn J,, 138. 166, 272, 328 McGregor, Carol J., 367 McGrew, Robert M,, 95, 276. 419 Mcllroy. Homer C, 96 Mclnnes, John D., 429 Mclnroy. Robert V.. 416, 417 Mcintosh. Harry O., 96, 176, 180, 181, 284, 340, 438, 439 Mclntyre. Shirley. 228 McKee. Clarence R.. 341 McKee, Jean, 49, 138. 364. 450 McKee, Marcia J., 138, 406 McKell, Joseph S,, 96, 274 McKelvy, Carol D.. 166 McKenzie. Robert A., 336 McKeon, Joyce, 138, 393 McKernon, Wilfred D., 270 McKerson, Richard C. 291 McKibben, Mary J., 149. 363, 393 McKinlay, Archibald. 443 McKinley, Charles A., 288 McKinley, Charles R.. 238. 437 McKinley. Charles W,, 185, 226, 433 McKnight. James H., 274 McKnight. Robert T,, 96 McLachlan, George J., 116, 374 McLaughlin, Barbara J,, 130. 317, 387 McLaughlin, James, B., 95, 337 McLeod, Kenneth K,, 270 McMahon, John, M., 274 McMahon, Thomas J.. 166. 311 McManis, Charles R.. 423 McManis, Robert J.. 273 McMartin. Nancy. 130, 222. 398, 399 McMaster, Susanne, 317, 366 McMichael, Robert L,, 311 McMillan, Bruce H., 124, 276 McMillen, Patricia A.. 364, 395 McMillin, Margaret V.. 165 McMullen, James F,. 124. 340 McMullen, Marilyn J.. 226, 364, 386 McNees, Harry E., 323 McNeill, Gordon L.. 269. 273, 321 McNelly, John P,, 316 McNulty, Hester P., 302 McQuarrie, Nanon I., 138, 401 McQuide, Carol J,, 124, 238, 334, 368 HcBoberts, John C, 445 McSween, Janet A., 96, 371 McTammany, Ruth E,, 138, 383 McWhorter, Evelyne L., 149, 395 Meadoff, Harold L., 166 Meadows, Patricia L., 364 Meadows, Phyllis M,, 287 Means, Eldon L.. 156, 310 Means, Helen V., 268, 326 Means, Patricia J., 336 Means, Robert D,, 311 Mecherle, Georgia L,, 149, 290, 363, 399 Mcchling, Martin W,, 429 Meckley, Richard C, 96, 284, 379, 442, 443 Mee, Ann S., 166, 397 Meek, Eleanor G., 160 Meeks, Kenneth N,, 278, 315 Meenan, John R,, 276 Meheen, Homayoun, 287 Mehelich, Anthony M,, 276, 307 Mehl, Marie K., 304, 313 Mehos, Bill, 433 Meier, Marie E.. 294, 369 Meigs, Robert W„ 286 Meister, Cecelia A., 368 Meizner, Charles A.. 271 Meline. Virginia L.. 184, 326, 386 Melle, Charles F., 298 Mellecker, Mary L,, 286, 807, 326 Mellecker, Norbert J,. 124, 131, 307, 331 Mellinger, William J,, 160 Melnick, Larry P., 448 Meloche, Donald L., 448 Melton, Evan L,, 276 Melville, Allen F,, 270 Melville. Ann L., 55, 130, 139, 301, 327, 328, 330, 336 Melville, Patricia J.. 149, 307, 393 Melvin, Walter W., 160 Melzer, Robert B., 161 Menage. Leo T., 124 Menary. Robert F., 284, 429 Mendell, Marge, i08 Mendenhall. Lolita. 124 Mendenhall. Phyllis E., 367 Mendrek, Henry H.. 274. 331 Menk. Merlin H.. 331. 336 Mercer, Donna M., 226, 385 Mercer. Wayne. 413 Merrifield. Jacques V.. 96. 279, 289 Merrill, Henry A., 421 Merritt, Ralph W., 426 Merry, Anne M.. 124, 387 Mershon, Robert J., 300 Mersnik, Diana M., 149, 307 Mertens, Donna C, 222, 230, 232, 233, 316 Messel, Marvin R,. 96, 449 Messenger, Guy H,, 96, 303, 323 Messinger, David L., 276, 293 Metcalfe, Richard L., 269. 321 Metsker, John B., 277, 336 Metsker, Ralph £.. 97, 268, 276, 333 Metz, Alfred C. 278 Metz, Zelda B., 149, 296, 366. 403 Metzger, Andrew L.. 278. 284, 440, 441 Metzger, Dale R., 333, 374 Metziner, Jim P., 423 Meyer, Carl D., 416 Meyer, Carolyn M.. 363 Meyer. Jean H., 287, 386. 387 Meyer. William M.. 413 Meyers, Charlotte C, 366 Meyers. Dorothy J.. 326 Michaels. Virginia B., 164 Michela, Joseph C, 155 Michell, Barbara J., 371 Michener, Charlotte J., 276, 326 Michener, Lois J., 389 Michie, Billy E., 222. 443 Miczynski, Zygmunt J.. 287 Middelkamp. Marguerite J.. 399 Middledorf. Frank J., 294 Mietzner. Ardith E,, 164 Miguez, Walter S., 309 Mihalik, Ileana J., 383. 398 Mikawa, Alice A.. 165 Mikawa, Helyn H,, 272 Mike, Charlene A,, 368 Mikes, Norma K., 378, 396. 397 Mikesell. Ritchie P., 312 Miklebost, Stanley M., 97, 268, 436, 437 Mikuni. Willie T., 337 Milek. David R., 97, 421 Milek, Margaret R., 392 Miles, Glendene H., 397 Miles. Ruth C. 363. 397 Millard. Janet. 139, 272, 368 Millard, Ronald E., 278, 437 Miller, Annette, 378, 403 Miller, Arthur E,, 97, 279. 289 Miller. Barbara J., 378, 402, 403 Miller, Carolyn R., 97, 328, 329 Miller, Charles K., 165, 310, 421 Miller, David W,, 166, 310 Miller, Doris L., 326, 369 Miller, Dorothy C, 334 Miller, Howard E,, 139, 436, 437 Miller, Hubert, 333 Miller, Irwin, H., 449, 499 Miller, James H,, 124 Miller, John C, 139 Miller, Julia J,, 97, 326. 389 Miller, Lois R., 149, 370 Miller, Malcolm J., 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 183, 284, 442, 443 Miller, Margaret L., 124, 268, 326 Miller, Marjorie A., 49 Miller, Marilyn L., 116, 386, 387 Miller, Mason E., 69 Miller, Myron, 431 Miller, Philip A., 124, 298 Miller, Richard S,, 87 Miller, Robert A., 339 Mills, Basil E.. 149, 222, 319. 433 Mills, Corrine, 272, 301 Mills, Holly Y., 139, 389 Mills, Joan L., 124, 222, 369 Milneck, Lawrence, 300 Milner, Jerold F,, 149, 226, 226, 433 Milner, Linnea A., 124 Milner, Robert G,, 124, 226 Mimmack, William E,, 273, 430, 431 Minckler, Barbara L., 387 Miner, Charline R,, 139, 386 Miner, Frend J,, 269, 271, 273, 319 Miner, Richard W., 160, 421 Minges, Nona E.. 124, 378, 385 Minner, Naomi C, 296, 366 Minnick, Fres E,, 224, 441 Minzer, Eugene R,, 97, 131, 274, 436 Miskowiec, Wanda G,, 150, 364, 386 Misroch, Cynthia, 130, 139, 22 6, 296, 371, 403 Mission, lia, 163 Mitchell, Eugene D,, 278 Mitchell, Gene T., 139, 437 Mitchell, Jack L., 124, 270, 291 Mitchell, James W., 336, 423 Mitchell, Patricia L., 160, 365. 389 Mitchell, Patricia R.. 150, 367 Mitchell, Rexford L., 417 Mitchell, Ronald R., 310 Mitcheltree, John B.. 164. 306, 413 Mitick, Stanley R., 315 Mitsch, Lawrence J., 68, 278, 316 Mixa, Sigel E., 296 Moch, Robert B., 228, 310, 449 Moe, James M., 269 Moe, Virgil C, 427 Moehl, Karl, 450 Molidor, Ruth C, 139 MoUman, Marjorie A., 294, 297, SIS, 367 Molnar, Magda M., 97, 367 Molon«7, Bkymond L,, 68 Monaco, Elmer V,, 270 Moncrieff, Barbara J., 160, 367, 381 Monroney, Robert B., 323 « Monson, Robert S., 97 Montera, Carlo J,, 270 Montgomery, Arnold H., 97, 270 Montgomery, Gwenith E., 333 Moody, RoUen B., 319 Moody, Verna E,, 124, 296 Mooney, Katharine P., 401 Moore, Barbara, 139 Moore, Betty J., 366 Moore. Carrie L.. 160, 324, 401 Moore, Dora E., 358 Moore, Franklin L,, 124 Moore, Isaac E,, 166 Moore, James E.. 222. 331 Moore. John A., 274 Moore, June A.. 304 Moore. June M.. 363. 393 Moore. Lucia M.. 223, 363, 393 Moore, 0-aI P,. 97, 276, 286, 296 Moore, Ramon C, 421 Moore, Robert E., 341 Moore, Robert M,, 341 Moore Robert W., 160 Moore, Thomas W., 162 Moore, William R., 97, 278. 316, 321 Moorman. Jan? D.. 290, 368 Moosdorf. Louine A., 116, 839, 891 Moran. Mary A.. 150, 365 Morath, Frederic R., 288 Moreau. Ruth A., 139, 272, 328 Morell, Patricia A., 97, 393, 460 Morgan, Elmer L.. 161 Morgan, Ernest D., 275. 286. 321 Morgan, Helen F.. 224, 275, 325, 356 Morgan, Herbert L., 288 Morgan, Marian E., 49, 286, 316, 371 372, 389 Morgan, Marjorie D,, 166, 319 Morgan, Patricia A., 124, 139, 407 Morgan, Robert H.. 295, 419 Moritz, Elizabeth, 401 Morley, Patricia A,. 124 Moroney, Martha J., 307, 312 Morrell. Kenneth N., 97, 337 Morrill, Ada N., 48, 130, 386, 387 Morrill, Ross D., 124, 296 Morris, Donald I., 162 Morris Dorothy L.. 161 Morris. John R.. 97, 279 Morris, Lillian R., 401 Morris, Paul M., 290, 339, 413 Morris, Roy E,, 97, 166. 331. 336 Morris, Roy W.. 139. 421 Morris, Russell 0., 97, 278, 316, 321 Morris, Ruth L., 160, 222, 227, 366, 401 Morris, Sarah E., 393 Morris, Stanley N.. 124 Morrison. Betty J.. 367 Morrison, Charleen, 401 Morrison, ; rank, 311 Morrison, James D., 155 Morrison, Marvin L., 97, 278 Morrison, Mary A,, 391 Morrison, Maureen E,, 124, 370, 397 Morroni, Catherine C, 150, 279, 363 Morroni, Dick J., 68, 124. 291. 321 Morrow. Mary J.. 139, 296, 366 Morrow, Nancy W., 150, 290, 324, 401 Morrow, Norma G,, 364. 387 Morrow, Samuel ' ' ,. 226, 438, 439 Morse, Myron H,, 98, 443 Mortensen, Marlys M., 307 Morton, Eleanor Z., 368 Morton, George R., 68, 276, 286. 321 Morton, Judith M., 296, 363, 408 Morton, Richard N., 138, 312 Mosby, L, Marie, 290, 368 Mosco, Christy A.. 312 Mosher. Charles E., 150, 185, 427 Mosko, Arnold Z., 435 Moss, Richard E,, 68. 291 Moss, Thurle E., 413 Mossman, Elizabeth L,, 160, 298, 326 389 450 ' Motoyama, William H., 139, 203, 331 Mott, Charles A,, 203, 284, 298, 429 Moulton, James A,, 270, 333 Moulton, Wilson C, 411 Mount. Robert G.. 423 Mount joy, Robert C, 416 Mourning, Donald B., 433 Mourning. Robert P.. 375 Mowder, Ernest B., 337 Moy. Douglas Y,, 312 Moyer, Patricia E., 97, 274, 302 333 Moyer, Robert D,, 97, 427 Moynihan, Dan, 233 Muckley, Robert L., 287, 324 Mueller, Anson G., 68, 97. 270 291 321 Mueller, Darline E., 160, 298, ' 367, ' 386 Mueller, Joan P,, 139, 371 Mueller, Mark G,, 112, 413 Muenzinger, Gretel, 393 Muenzinger. John W., 426 Muenzinger, Lisbet, 393 Mues, Leonard A., 294 Muhovich, William H., 97, 276, 286 321 Muirhead, Joyce D.. 139. 407 Mulcahy, Paul R,. 124, 275, 437 Mulder, Bernard A,, 97, 316 Muldrow, Jammie J., 336 Muldrow, William F.. 124, 278, 315 336 Mulkey, Robert J.. 336 Mulligan, Gene J., 290, 417 Mulliken, John C, 307 Mulvihill, John C, 417 Kundty, Walter £„ iSl student Index-continued 4: Mundell. Marjorie M., 98 Hunger John A.. 223, 429 Munoz, Jessie G., 165 Mm. son. Holger W.. 289 Munson. Robert A.. 298. 361 Munzin , George E., 278 Hurata, Shizuye C, 124, 272, 337 Murphv, John E., 124 Murphy, Joseph W., 98, 374, 376, 439 Murphy, Leo C. 270 Murphy, Leora A., 227. 295, 800, 397 Murphy, Murphy, Murphy. Murray, Murr. ' .y. Mui a-. Murra; Marian F.. Thomas A Thomas J. Bertha N., Dicksor. C. Donald W. Harrison F., 341 139, 297, 298, 425 276 287, 369 98, 337 317, 385 Murray, James F., 411 Murray, Hobert G., 269 Murray, Violet L., 226, 389 Musgrove, Ida M,, 150, 166, 366 Musil, Robert W.. 238. 306. 333 Musser, Frank H., 419 Muth, Jaoquelyn A., 364 Muth, Janet E., 98, 398, 389 Myer, Rendle. 131, 417 Myers, Donald J., 165, 311 Myors, Frances A., 165 ■ Myp - Horace C, 275 Myrs. Lloyd E,, 275 My -;. Melvin L., 271 My. o:l. Marilyn J,, 125, 369 N Nadt. Joan E., 125. 399 Nae?e.;3. Robert J., 268 Nafe. Betty L.. 281 Nagei Carol R.. 393 Nagel, Ruth C, 366 Naines, Barbara M., 297, 298, 385 Kakagawa, Helen, 166 Nakamura, Annie S., 287, 366 Nakan,-. William T., 139, 278, 319 Hakaoka, William T.. 318, 337, 4E0 Nalty, Thomas J.. 307, 413 Nan.e, Harry J., 203, 445 Nanti. llathryn A., 399 Napolran, Leonarn L., 307, 337 Naquii;, Thomas C, 417 Narci! an, Harry K., 174, 175, 180. 4? I Na. Ifas., Nash Nasi. Nassi- Nath. Nath. Nathf Na ' i- N Ntii Nea ' Nebl 181, 182, 183, 184, 196, 176, 177, 178, 197, 284, 420, Donald E,, 412, 413 rilen J., 48, 64, 116, 338, 329 .- ' ranklin M,, 416 Norman R., 166, 417 I Nedra L,. 367 hn H,, 423 Joanna, 368 Nona J., 368 , Y. Rammohanroy, 287 Charles R., 98, 168, 443 Daniel R.. 443 i, Charles £ . 222, 227, 236 •k, James J,, 269 Nedc. Sylvia D., 1,50, 296, 364, 403 Need ' .ijm, Charles N,, 341 Neff, Mary A,, 98 Neff, Samuel E,, 160 Neh.-; ; , Charles A.. 125, 3 ' Nehring. Vineta W., 69 Neid " , nger, Sarah, 130, 399 Nelson, Arda B., 98, 367 Nelson, Barbara J., 1 ' 9. 378, 401 Nelson, Barbara S., 160, 223, 366, 395 Nelson, Doris I., 238 Nelson, Douglas E,, 176, 178, 284, 429 Nelson, Glenn B.. 129, 2-0, 306, 433 Nelson, Howard J.. 126. 424. 426 Nelson, James G., 268, 437 Nelson, Joan H,, 160, 227, 366, 389 Nelson, Louise C, 98 Nelson. Nancy L., 98, 334, 378, 395 Nelson, Roger H,. U6 Nesladek, Keith R.. 204. 278, 284, 309. 429 Ness. John R., 290, 417 Nestler, Loren L,, 125, 226, 294, 433 Neuman. Estelle A,, 367 Neumann, Kenneth G,, 276, 443 Neuschaefer, William H,, 446 Neuschwanger, Lois E,, 371 Nevels, Philip A.. 224 Nevens, Robert W,, 228, 311 Newberry, Doris E., 290, 407 Newell, Marilyn A,, 98 Newell, Martha M.. 69, 287, 313, 334 Newlon, Carl J., 98 Newman, Harry J.. 306. 413 Newman, William F., 306, 413 Newmark, Donald R,, 300 Newton, Charles T,, 416 Newton, Geort-e E,, 433 Newton, Marjorie I., 333 Nicholls, Georse C, 98, 278, 316, 411 Nioholls, Sue A,, 287, 366 Nichols, Frank L,, 429 Nichols, Thomas C, 421 Nichols, William L,, 287 Nicholson, Douglass 0,, 98, 203, 423 Nicholson, I. Jean, 98 Nickell, Helen M.. 125, 391 Nickerson. Wendell R., 270 Nicklos, Peggy L,, 98, 384, 386 Nickum, William F.. 269 Nidey, Russell A,, 320 Nieble, Robert L., 98, 429 Niehans, Deward R., 411 HitUen, Marilyn }., 1X6, 385 449 363 443 126, 419 311 125, 204, 309, 333, 336, 340, Nielsen, Nathan, 222 Nier, Harry K,, 166, 310, Nies, Bert E,, 270 Nightingale, Nancy A., 46, 47, 62, 98, 221, 222, 260. 394, 395 Nilsson, Richard H., 162 Ninde, Norma, 141, 317 Nisbet, William D., ?75 Nittler, Mairlyn M,, 222, Nix. Joe P.. 176, 284, 442, Nixon, Frank A. Noble, James V., Noble. Merle D. 433 Nodtvedt, Donald P,, 99, 102, 303, 323 Noe, Melvin W., 271 Nogg, Donald I,, 300, 449 Nolde, Sue M.. 130, 139, 226, 380, 381 Norberg, Fredrick C, 69 Norby, Melvin E., 68, 291 Norden, Donald E,, 278 Norell, Evelyn F,, 295, 371 Norem, June G,, 367 Norgren, Leigh H., 315 Norling, James F,, 126, 204. 309, 432, 433 Norris. Anna E,, 164 Norris, Betsy B., ).60. 227, 363, 396 Norris, Carroll L., 268 Norris, Gerald W., 411 Norris, James W., 99, 279 Norris, William P,, 99 Norton, John B,, 162 Norton, Roy W., 276 Nosky, Joseph C, 99, 276, 286, 321 Notis, Jerry D,, 271 Novak, Corinne A., 231 Nowell, Bruce A,, 126 Nussbaum, Jessi A,, 49, 126, 272 Nussbaum, Peter J.. 99, 281, 296 Nussbaum, Robert E.. 155 Nuttall, Arch F., 64, 64, 68, 99, 270, 291, 321 Nye, Beatrice S,, 399 Nye, Harold R,, 413 Nye, Larry F,, 125, 131, 226, 271, 427 Nye, William H., 99, 274, 288 Nyland, Fred S., 424, 425 Nylander. Harold E,, 320 Nystrom, Charles M., 447 Oakes, Harold S.. 68, 291, 321 Oakes. Wallace M.. 415 Oba. Calvin M.. 162 O ' Brien, Charles J,, 307 O ' Biien, Francis T., 301 O ' Brien, Richard B., 423 O ' Brien. Thomas J., 307 O ' Bryant, Blanche M,, 369 Ocamb, Harold D., 427 O ' Dell, Jane E., 301, 336, 371 O ' Dell, Robert A,, 186, 222, 306, 336 O ' Donnell, Canton, 415 O ' Donnell, Florence, 165 O ' Donnell. Mary L., 99. 226. 370 O ' Donnell, Hobert J., 275 Oehlker». Rol -rt B., 160 Oertl ' ., Chailes W,, 160, 447 O ' Fallon, Martin J., 417 Ogg, Warren M., 433 O ' Halloran, Francis P,, 307 OhI, Garrit, 437 Ohman. Clifton P., 99, 271 O ' Kans, Helen L., :S8, 304, 326, 333 O ' Kelly, Suzanne M., 160. 366, 383 .Oldaker. Margaret J.. 297. 363. 387 Oldfather, Rich ird H.. 131, 417 Olds, Rollin C. 99, 431 O ' Leary. Bernard, 310 Oliver, Dora J., 220, 380, 381 Oliver, Mary E., 139, 272, 304, 333, 370, 386 Oliver, Hex L., 481 Olofson, Darwin i,, 99, 222 Olsen, Clarence R., 126, 279 Olsen, Dale R., 276, 431 Olsen, Edward A.. 69 Olsen. Joan Q., 166. 387 Olsen. Lorraine L., 370 Olsen, Leon A,, 162 Olsen, Royal W.. 160 Olson, Betty J., 99. 378, 384, 385 Olson, Frances E., 226, 296 Olson, Mark D., 306, 416 Olson, Oscar E,, 275 Olson, Raymond L., 431 Olson, Richard E., 306, 431 Olson, Rosemary C, 126 Olson, Willmenia H., 367 O ' Melia, Frances C, 160, 363 O ' Neall, Frederick A,, 273 O ' Neill, Beverly C. 399 O ' Neill, Ewart, 271, 276 O ' Neill, Luella M,, 99, 280, 396, 397 Onorati, Lucille M., 160, 307, 364 Opdyke, Marion M.. 302 Orcutt, William W.. 411 Origer, Nicholas J.. 307 Orloff, Joan G., 226, 296. 369, 4C3 Orndorff, Yvonne E., 166 Ornsten, Charlotte P., 403 Orr, Duncan H., 269, 413 Orr, Margaret G., 341, 367 Orr, Norman C, 291 Orrino. Joseph V,, 139 Orris, Edward C, 446 Orten, Russel S.. 419 Orth, Edward D., 270, 333 Orth, Mary C, 333 Ortner, Margaret E., 99, 166, 307 341, 418. 419 Orton, Renee A.. 365 O ' Ryan, John J., 276 Orzalli. John B., 425 Osber. Etta L.. 367 Osborn, Frank E., 298 Osborne, Carrol V., 268 Oswald, Elvira F.. 288 Otava. Norma J., 150, 226, 364 Otte, Edward J,, 226, 300, 316, Otterson, Glenn W., 185 Otteson, Frank G.. 439 Otto. Betty J., 139, 389 Otto, Oscar O., 318 Ouren, Gail F., 439 Over, Eugene L., 150 Overhults, Wendell C. 69 Overton. David M., 126, 428 Owen, Raymond R., 99 Owen. Shirley J,, 125 Owens, John R., 275, 433 Oxley, Eleanor M,, 99, 338 Oxley, Richard W,, 300, 369 Ozman, Dale D,, 99, 341 Pabst, Bertha J.. 150, 326, 363 Packard, Carol, 48, 61, 70, 99, 274, 302, 332, 398, 399 Packard, Sally M,, 150, 290, 363, 396, 460 Paddock, Laurence T., 126, 131, 220, 221 416 Paddock. Markley W., 427 Paddock, Stephen P., 154, 298, 413 Padgett. Harold D., 160 Padgett. Robert F., 126, 423 Page. Rodney D., 160 Page, Walter H., 411 Pagels, Elizabeth A,, 166, 307 Paidar, Shirley J., 160, 226, 227, 317, 364, 395 Paine, George W., 421 Palacios, Jaime, 324 Palm. Eugene C, 271 Palmer, Ann N., 150. £38. 326, 336 Palmer, Betty M., 391 Palmer, Richard W,, 268 Palmer, Sally M., 150. 366. 396 Palmes. Robert B., 166 Palo, David B,, 290, 417 Paloff, Herbert, 278, 293 Palsgrove, John H., 443 Panek, Patricia A., 139, 393 , 126, 279, 289 150, 366, 383 126 Panian, Robert W, Pankoir, Mary L.. Pannell, Calvin E, Pao, Liu, 287 Paper, Esther A.. 160. 296, 364 Paper. Sue A., 139 Paquette, ' Vera P., 238, 369 Paquette, Walter J,, 275 Park, John L,, 417 Parker, Barbara, 387 Parker, Charles R,, 271 Parker, James, 270 Parkinson, Robert W.. 292, 333 Parks, Mary L,, 139, 301, 307, 330, 371 Farlapiano, David C. 415 Parmelee. Paul F., 323 Parr, William M.. 166. 413 Parriott, James D., 310 Parsons. Donald B., 441 Parsons. Marian E.. 166. 222. 371 Parsons. Mary A., 160, 364, 381 Parsons. William R., 99 Partee. Richard, 269 Parton, Wayne G., 160 Paschke, Rex A., 99, 276 Pasternack, Arline, 126, 326, 403 Pastor, Kenneth R., 160 Paton, Archie, 126, 131, 226, 276, 443 Patten, John A., 309 Patterson, Belle, 302, 318, 368 Patterson, E. Palmer, 319 Patterson, James A., 275, 417 Patterson, James T., 413 Patterson, Stewart E., 413 Patterson, Wallace N,, 126, 270, 336 Paulsen, Jerdia, 150, 227, 363, 386 Payne, Charles W,, 160 Payne, Mac M., 441 Paynter, Stanley B., 310 Peacock, Elwin M., 99, 441 Peacock, James H., 275, 439 Peak, Ralph F., 269, 286, 295, 339 Pearce, Mary E., 99. 404, 405 Pearl, Philip R., 209, 271, 275 Pearse, Jack H., 162 Pearson. Thomas L., 68, 99, 278, 316, 321 Peck, Conroy E., 364. 389 Peck. Virginia E., 100, 328 Peebles, John D., 270 Peery. M, Maxine, 99, 371 Pekkarine, E, Walter, 274 Pell. Louis F., 166, 310 Pellegren, John J.. 166. 307 Pells, Joseph F,, 131, 296, 436 Penberthy, Marie E.. 100 Pendell, Floyd I., 69. 333 Penington, Patricia G.. 150, 366, 397 Penney, Frank A., 139, 437 Peper, Donald L,, 275 Peper, Gertrude J, K., 295 Peper, John J., 296 Pepper, Al E,, 436 Pepper, Milford S.. 341 Pepperell, James D.. 423 Percy. Lucy G.. 164 Periman, Kenneth I,, 126, 222, 226 Perkins, £u|:ene 0,, 310 176. 421 126, 301 126, 417 ' " 336 Perkins, George P,, 423 Perkins, Haywood A., 319 Perkins, Mary E., 165 Perlmutter, Leonard M,, 47 Perlmutter. Roslyn, 403 Permut, Ilene R.. 150, 326, 363, 403 Perrigo, Jean, 307, 316, 366 Perriman, Ann E,, 130, 326, 391 Perry, Stephen F.. 160 Persson, Burton E., 100 Pesman, Gerard H,, 276, 286, 286 Peters, George F., 421 Peters, John J., 417 Peters, Leroy C, 421 Petersen, Katherine L,, 100. 238, 307 Petersen, Blaine B,, 126, 336 Petersen, James E., 336 Petersen, Loren N.. 299 Peterson, Clarence H.. 274, 416 Peterson, Courtland H,, 229, 445 Peterson, Doue-las P, 426 Peterson. Joseph T.. 100 Peterson, Kathleen I,, 160, 366 Peterson, Lois M.. 380. 381, 450 Peterson, Lucy W., 100 Peterson, Mary P,, 100, 288, 386, 387, 450 Peterson, Nila F.. 126. 272. 366 Peterson, Pollyanne, 130, 139. 283, 387 Peterson Hexford A., 160, 161 Peterson, Robert K.. 139. 290. 301. 331 Peterson, Wendell E,, 312, 431 Peterson, Wesley H,, 100 Petsch, Harold E,, 270, 411 Petticrew, Janis L., 100 Phair, Walter L.. 446 Philipsen, Joan A., 272. 326, 336 Phillips, A. Holland, 100 Phillips, Eleanor E,. 126, 358 Phillips, Jack N,, 439 Phillips, Robert E., 418 Phillips, Robert W., 419 Phillips, Sherli A,, 226, 317, 388, 389 Phillips. Vernon L,, 270, 417 Philpott, E, Jane, 393 Philpott, Mary E., 378, 393 Piccoli, Joseph G., 139 Pickens, Mark R,, ICO, 289, 427 Pickens. Robert M.. 139. 202, 427 Pickford, Paul J., 227, 447 Pieper, Rita A,, 370 Pierce, Charles D,. 306, 341 Pierson, John L,, 379, 444, 445 Pierson, Roy A,, 270 Pifer, Luella D., 165 Pike, Robert H.. 131. Pinkerton. Richard C, Pinkham, Samuel H,, Piper, Peggy J.. 304. Pirk. Kenneth E., 294 Pitcher, Harry D,, 185. 427 Pitcher, Joan K., 125. 300, 317, 371, 391 Pittenger, Mary J.. 370. 393 Pittroff. Lettybelle G., 100. 385 Pixler. Jack. 200, 284. 442, 443 P.iesky. Arnold G., 186, 194, 439 Place, Marian J.. 296. 326 Place. William 0., 441 Plaisance, Delvin E,, 100, 276 Plank, Christy W., 200, 238, 323 Plate, William L., 100 Platts, Robert H., 429 Platts, Grace, 313 Plaul, Glenn L,, 139 Plaut, Samuel M., 436 Pleasants, Mary A,, 307, 407 Plumer, Susan, 371 Plush, Lola M,, 160, 383 Poehls, Vernon J,, 68. 100. 291, 321 Pogue, Evelyn E., 369 Pogust. Frederick B., 270 Pohl, Henry A,, 271. 278 Pohl. Richard W.. 160, 186, 443 Polczinski, Alfred E,, 419 Poling, Shirley J,. 139 Poling, Sidney B.. 126. 206. 284, 379, 420, 421 Polk, Leslie D,, 139, 222, 229, 411 Pollard, Bernard E., 276 Pollard, Joseph S., 161 Pollock, Celeste A., 296, 369 Polowski, Robert. 438 Ponce, Paul V., 312 Poole, Joanne, 151. 333. 363 Poor. M. Jayne, 388 Pope, Jack 0,, 196, 284 Pope, Kermit R,, 196 Porter, Albert N., 289, 381 Porter, Ardith L., 399 Porter, Constance E., 266. 367 Porter. Elizabeth J., 126, 399 Poslusny, Jeanne A., 100, 294, £98, 368 Pospahala, Shirley J,, 49, 140, 406 Postel, Barbara J., 161, 298, 370 Potestio, Charles M,, 100 Potestio, Frank S., 162 Potochnik, Amelia, 130, 140, 301, 330, 364 Potochnik, Frank S., 125, 269 Pottebaum, Mildred, 301, 307 Potter, Barbara H., 161, 226, 326, 366. 381 Potter, Donald M., 443 Potter, Ralph W., 275 Potter, Robert J., 232, 316 Potter, Roderick B,, 224 Pottorf, Fred D,, 66, 140, 222, 336 Potts, Frances L,, 130, 317, 286, 401 Potts, Glennys E,, 367 Potts, Patricia J„ 100, 369 476 Student Index-continued Powell. George W., 151 Powell, Gerald W., 312. 441 Powell. Jack G., 140. 336 Powell. Margiuerite W.. 290. 366 Powell. Robert L.. 321 322 Powell. Eobert R.. 427 Power. Edward M.. 413 Poyer. James B.. 271. 282 Pozzatti. Rudolph O.. 101 Prace, Harvey D.. 293 Prager. Frank C. 101. 269. 433 Prahl, William. 231 ' Prater. Earle F.. 71. 278 Pratt. Glenn E.. 321 Pratt. Meredith S.. 151. 306. 441 Pratt. Patricia I.. 140. 290. 391 Prebble. Mary E.. 101 Prebble. Peter P., 101. 270 Preble. Parker E.. 162 Prentice. Bonnie G.. 101. 278. 315 Prenzlow. Carl F.. 294 Presler. Donna J.. 364 Pretti. Bradford J.. Ifl. 186. 226 Price. Billy J.. 151. 307 Price Frank N., 278 Price. Jacqueline. 101. 360 Price. James G.. 69. 161 Pridgeon. Barbara J.. 165 Prine. Edgar K.. 318 Prindible. William M.. 269 Printz. Earl J.. 224, 275 Prinzing. Josef F.. 431 Probe. Marilyn D.. 161. 296 Probert, Marilyn L.. 227, 389 Proctor, Helen J.. 363 Prokop. Betty J.. 166. 357 Proud. Richard F.. 310 .Pry. Dorothy L.. 161. 363. 391 Pry. Wayr.e L.. 101. 427 Pryor. Frank L.. 101 Pryor. Marjorie E., 399 Pudlick. Edward J.. 174. 175. 176. 177. 179. 180. 181. 182, 183. 184, 200, 284, Pugh. Ralph A.. 101. 269, 273 Pugh. Russell S.. 427 Fughe. James M.. 439 Puleo. Joseph. 126. 269. 273 Pulger. Richard M.. 186. 415 Pulis, Jay B.. 101. 417 Pumphrey. Pattie E., 151. 317. 366 Purcell, Robert H.. 68, 101. 269. 273. 411 Purinton. William B., 445 Purviance, Grace H., 166, 387 Purvis, John A., 269, 417 Putnam, Phyllis V.. 381 Pyle. Harold W.. 270. 333 Pyle. Phyllis, 304 Pyle, Richard L.. 310. 337 Pyle. Robert I.. 155. 443 Pyle. William H.. 446 Pyskach, John, 269 Quaintance. Patricia, 101, 401 Quedens. Lorraine J.. 125. 381 Quesenberry. Marion P.. 337 Quiat, Marshall. 165. 310 Quick. Gloria S.. 140 Quick. Jacqueline. 369 Quillen. Charles H.. 101. 278 Quinette. Jean L., 387 Quinette. William H.. 101. 439 Quinn. Norma C. 226 Quinn, Ross A., 69 Raap. Werver. 287 Raasch. Kenneth W., 411 Rabe. Florian R.. 161 Raben. Gilbert O.. 151 Race. Jean E.. 163 Race, William C. 323 Rademacher, Leo E., 126, 274 Radey. Ross T., 101. 315 Radichel. Joyce J.. 140, 371. 387 Radnor. Richard R.. 68, 270. 291 Raduziner. David M., 125, 224, 270. 293 Raeser, Jack. 316 Rafert. Evreet A.. 270 Ragle. Richard D. , 101 Rahder, Robert L.. 222 Rahm, Ruth M., 125 Rainey, Peggy A.. 166 Rainsford. George N.. 300 Raish. John F., 320 Ramage, Janet A., 363 Ramey, Margaret J., 163 Ramey, Thomas M., 125 Ramsdell. Joan M.. 126. 317. 371 Ramsey. Ann M., 126. 340. 407 Ranch. Barbara, 126 Rand. Noyes P., 276, 433 Randell, Mary E., 165 Randle. Jack C, 46. 47, 60. 101. 331 Randolph. Robert H.. ICl Ransom. Charles C, 126. 429 Ransom. Richard N., 131, 140, 443 Ranspot. Henry W.. 433 Ranspot, Patricia J., 226. 363, 881 Rappaport, Walter. 277 Rasmussen, Jack E.. 131, 140. 436. 487 Raso. Augustine, 175. 271, 423 Ratliff, Jamea C, tii Ratty. Donald K., 445 Ranch. Barbara C, 225, 275, 286. 326. 396. 397 Rawson. Chester S.. 278, 445 Ray, Anthony W.. 331 Ray, Gordon A., 418, 419 Ray. William E., 437 Raymond, RoliKM.. 278, 421 Raymond. Rusieir D., 433 Razo. Andela Z., 287 Rea, William J.. 165. 311 Read. James A., 68. 101 291. 321 Read. Ruth C. 367 Ready. Richard T., 126. 131. 202. 284. 427 Reale. Joe F.. 445 Rcaume. Donald H.. 101. 270 Reddish. James H., 151 RedAeld. Janice L.. 399 Hedinger, Wilson H.. 275 Redman, Jack C, 160 Eedmon. Katherine C, Itl. 298. 366, 399 Reece, John D.. 140. 176, 284. 443 Seed. Caryl L. 389 Reed. Doris, i ' - ' Reed. Dwight C. 140. 421 Reed, Harriet N.. 101, 330, 336. 341 Reed. James F.. 101. 268, 315, 321 Reed. James O., 291 Reed. John M., 437 Peed. L. Jane. 140 Reed, Marjorie D.. 126. 368 Reed. Peggy 0.. 358 Reed. Robert S.. 126, 292, 433 Reed, Viriril E., 276 Reed, Wifliam H.. 429 Reep, Elroy F.. 275 Reese. James N., 126 Reese. Martha E.. 101. 286. 319. 385 Reese. William H.. 129. 306. 413 Reeves. Joyce A., 286, 317. 382, 383 Reeves. Roy F.. 270 178. Rehder, Doris J., 364 429 Rehmer. Fred, 166 Reich. Charles J,. 64. 63. 68. 71. 101. 116. 224, 276. 286. 307. 321. 322. 416 Reich. James F., 233, 282 Reich, John H.. 217. 277. 307. 416 Reich, Leatrice J., 140, 301. 328 Reichenbach. William f),, 361 Reichstein. Donald X... 319 410. Reid. Charles H.. 336 Reid, Colvin. 319 Reid, Janet K.. 140 Reid. William L.. 161. 429 Reimer. Mary J.. 151. 364 Reisher. Roger L., 1?6 Reitzer. Hanna M., 288 Reiva. John G., 161 Rekers, Robert G.. 273 Remer. Rita L. 22:1 403 Remiyac. Richcrd J., 07 Remmele. Betty ■ " . , 3 3 Rennicke. Barbam 4., 1)2, 103, 220. 297. 313. 388, 389 Reno, William F.. 421 Renoui. Louise C, 204. 294. 297 Repplier. Helen E.. 366. 399 Resen, Frederick L., 68, 71, 224, 269, 321, 437 Bethlefsen, Frank H., 421 Retzer. Howard E.. 102 Reynolds. Helen A., 381 Reynolds, Doris L.. 151, 364 Reynolds, Joe S., 32, 46, 47, 60, 71, 156, 281, 381. 426 Reynolds, Louis J,, 126 Reynolds, Philip J,, 271 Rhode, Delores H., 126 Rhode, Ronald H.. 140 Rhodes, George F., 416 Rhodes. T. Rex, 289, 419 Rice, Beverly J.. 140. 389 Rice. Houston W.. 315 Rice, Jack S.. 224. 239, 411 Rice, James L.. 126, 419 Rice, Jame-: S., 102 Rice. John K.. 126, 277, 433 Rice. Leo B., 413 Rice, Reginald W., 131, 140, 223, 271, 421 Rice. Ruth E., 102, 371 Rice. Ruthie A.. 296. 337 Rice, Suzanne. 102. 395 Rich, George Q.. 186. 340 Rich, Sherman I., 337. 449 Richard. Carolyn. 229. 336. 397 Richard. Donald E.. 140. 224. 270, 437 Richards. Ethel C. 337 Richards. James 0.. 271 Richards. Patricia J., 391 Richardson. Elsie. 151 Richardson. Gerald L., 269 Richardson, James W.. 222 Richardson. Marcus R., 271 Richardson, Ralph S.. 126 Richardson, Robert J., 68, 270, 291 Richert. Milton. 155 Richie. James L., 274 Richman, Russell B., 140. 269, 287. 433 Richmond. Robert R., 445 Richter. Dwaine R., 439 Ricketts, Mary H.. 317, 368 Rider, Charles L., 102, 270, 321 Ries, Nick E., 443 Riifel. Yvonne M.. 140. 319 Riffenburgh. Robert H., 271, 411 Rifkin, William B., 436 Rlggenbach, Fhyliss A., 304, 326. 364 Rosenlind, Richard. 47, 412 Rosenthal, Jerry A., 186, 435 Rigga. Nancy B.. 140, 371. 387 Righthouse, David L., 333 Riker. Andrew L.. 151, 441 Riley, Joseph E., 423 Riley. Paul E.. 341 Rinehart. Tom E., 140, 425 Ring. Mary E.. 869 Rinker. Joan S.. 363, 397 Rinn, Michael M,, 297 Rinne. Olive M.. 367 Rios. Encarnacion, 165 Ripps, Phyllis G.. 151 Ristine, Mary S., 126, 395 Ritchey. Frank L.. 443 R ttenbaum, Janice W., 366, 403 Ritter, Irving R.. 275 Ritter. Marilyn D., 371 Ritter. Ralph J., 294 Rivera. Delfina Y.. 166 Rivers. Florence M., 129. 272. 304. 333 Roback. Robert A,. 160 Robb, Vera I., 298 Robbins, James G.. 277 Roberts, Anne E., 166 Roberts. Clarence J., 102. 431 Roberts, Donedwa A.. 112, 318 Roberts, Doris M., 130, 226, 370 Roberts, Gerald R., 126 Roberts. Jack 0.. 273 Roberts, John K., 151 Roberts, Louis R., 102 Roberts, Stanley L., 126, 427 Roberts, Sue B.. 102. 407 Roberts. Terry S., 441 Robertsc. Walter W., 269 Robertson, Barbara Y., 238 Robertson, Carolyn D.. 161. 363. 391 Robertson. Charles E.. 140 Robertson, Charles H., 161 Robertson, Georp-e G.. 151 Robertson. Gordon W., 270, 336 Robertson, Harry A., 102. 180. 182, 203, 284, 429 Robertson, John L., 161 Robertson, Robert B.. 140, 271, 427 Robertson, Thomas E., 46, 47, 126. 277, 287, 301, 331 Robertson, Virginia L.. 126, 391 Robertson, Wilma J.. 164. 166 Robichaud. William T.. 209. 307 Robinson. Benjamin E.. 69 Robinson. Charles S.. 281. 341 Robinson, Donna I.. 126, 278. 391 Robinson, John T., 102 Robinson. Merely. 275 Robinson. Philip D.. 429 Robinson. William M.. 69, 161 Robirds, Fred A., 441 Robison. Alan E.. 222. 316 Rock. Charles S., 290, 417 Rock. Frank D.. 417 Rocks. Erik P.. 271 Rodenkirch. Mathew E.. 298 Rodgers. Barbara J.. 140 Rodie. Melvin G.. 421 Rodriguez. Enrique. 275. 324 Roe, Donald R., 231, 232, 233, 443 Roehrig. Karl F.. 162 Roelker. James H.. 270 Roemer. John L.. 126, 196. 411 Roemer. Robert L.. 324 Roeser. Jacob L., 310 Roesler. Robert G.. 294 Rogers. Allan B., 275 Rogers. Charles M., 56 Rogers. Claude G., 270 Rogers. Ellen B.. 272. 356 Rogers. Eugene D.. 186. 190. 195, 429 Rogers, Gardner S.. 112. 116. 412, 413 Rogers. Kent R., 271 Rogers. Mary. 387 Rogers. Norma L.. 317. 393 Rogers. Richard A.. 427 Rogers. Ruth M.. 102 Rogers. William P., 226. 429 Rogert. John E.. 275. 447 Roguet. Jerry A.. 278 Rohwer. Nancy J.. 304. 333 Roiz. Alphonse. 102, 318. 337 Roiz. Ralph, 126 Rolander, Marjorie F.. 387 Rolander. Robert D., 126, 186, 187, 284, 374, 438 439 Rold. ' john W., 341, 433 Romig, Richard A,, 274 Romquist, Shirley A., 161, 290 Rooney. Martin J,. 102, 278 Roes, Audrey F,, 149. 317. 365, 396 Roper, George J.. 271 Roper. Keith M., 140. 437 Roper. Louis C. 447 Rose. Beny J.. 102. 297 Rose. Lloyd R.. 68. 102. 278. 316. 321 Rose, Lou A.. 140. 389 Rose. Lowell L.. 446, 447 Rose, Nancy. 460 Rose. Paula J.. 297. 304. 333 Rose, Robert E., 102, 222, 229. 271, 336, 391 Rose. Shirley J.. 161, 304, 391 Rosen. Sidney R.. 296 Rosenbaum. Beverly A.. 407 Rosenbaum, Stanford P., 131, 227, 341, 435 Rosenbaum, Stanton D.. 131. 296, 341. 436 Rosenberg, Marvin L., 449 Rosencrans. Harold I., 223. 289. 415 Rosendahl. Joan, 151, 298, 317, 385 Rosendahl, Paul A,, 126 Rosendale, David, 161 Sou, Charles A„ 2t6, VI Ross, Elizabeth A., 366, 397 Ross. Mareta J., 130. 238, 388. 389 Ross. Robert E.. 126. 415 Ross. Stanley H.. 227. 429 Roszel. Edward F.. 301. 331 Rotenberg. Marvin. 271. 276 Roth, Leo, 102, 269, 296 Roth, Mary C. 151. 287, 290. 307 Rothermel. John R., 222, 227, 229, 277. 298 432. 433 Rothman. Bertram J.. 151, 337 Rothschope. Kenneth C, 103, 294, 427 Hothwell, Robert A., 417 Rottman. Cecile F.. 366 Rouch, Barbara. 224 Roughton. Curtis M., 421 Rounds. Dwight M.. 126. 429 Rounds. Ralph C. 429 Rous. Paul W., 226. 433 Rouse. Peter W., 276. 276 Rouze. Stanley R.. 68, 103. 312. 320. 321 Rovira. Luis D.. 166. 223, 310 Rowe. James W., 103 Rowe. Richard R.. 103. 104. 331 Roy. Betty E.. 104. 393 Roybal, Febronia A.. 307. 324. 328 Rubenstein. Herman, 275, 296 Rubenson. Betty L., 367 Rubin. Geraldine H.. 49, 103 Pubinson, Frank. 269 Ruckhaus. Fred, 68. 103, 276. 286. 286 Ruddell, Arden. 309 Ruddy. Joanne E.. 151, 366. 393 Ruddy, Marilyn R.. 104. 393 Ruden. Donald W.. 333 Rudich. Richard A.. 126. 296. 298. 301. 4S5 Rudwall. John C. 423 Rudy. Elmer C. 185. 421 Rueb, Manette H.. 272, 364 Rule. Evelyn J.. 126 Rumble, Mare-aret J,, 222, 399 Rumsey, Richard E,. 140. 337. 413 Bund. John C. 278 Rundquist. Patricia J.. 366 Rupp. Barbara A.. 126. 401 Rush. Robert P.. 140. 427 Bush. William C. 427 Rusho. Wilbur L.. 151. 222. 341. 433 Rusk. Brian A., 431 Rusk. Harley C. 275, 286 Russell. Arthur L.. 426 Russell. Frances B.. 297 Russell, Henry A.. 275. 374, 375 Russell. John R.. 413 Russell. Richard L.. 140 Russell. Rosemary J.. 151. 401 Russell. William E.. 226. 227. 429 Russell. William F.. 269 Rutan. Catherine D.. 165 Rutherford, August J.. 307 Rutherford, Norman F., 103. 293 Rutledge. Robert S,, 155. 310 Rutledge. Shirley A.. 383 Ruybal. Isaac C. 307 Ryan. Donald E.. 447 Ryan. Kathleen A.. 58. 220. 393 Ryan, Lucille A., 161. 364 Ryan. Rupert M.. 166. 310 Rylee, Gladys M.. 367 Rymer. Shirley R., 103, 297 Sabin. Nancy J., 103, 280, 322. 328. 329 Sack, Marie E.. 140. 368 Sadahiro. Margaret W., 367 Fadie. Lorna S., 366 Saegart, William E.. 423 Safford. Mark C. 275 Safran. Hubert M.. 161. 435 Sage. Robert E., 306. 413 Sager, William E.. 447 Sailer. Violet M.. 151. 366, 383 Sainsbury. Cleo L.. 341 Sakaguchi. Gayeko. 166 Salaksha a. Maneevana. 287 Sale. William S.. 269 Salina. Beverly D., 363 Salisbary, Bessie M.. 166 Salsbury. Jean. 363 Salyards. Donald G.. 161 Falzman. Betty R.. 307. 366 Sample. Marjorie E.. 164 Sampson. Ira N., 103. 434, 436 Sampson, Jack P., 423 Sams. Donald E., 303. 441 Samson. Thelma M.. 287. 364 Sanborn, Frederick A.. 415 Sanborn, Robert H.. 291 Sanchez. Fortuny A.. 126. 287. 324, 415 Sandberg, Hilma L.. 407 Sanders. Maurice K.. 275. 286, 419 Sanders, Raymond L.. 126. 437 Sanders. Richard K.. 439 Sanderson. Theodore C. 156. 339 Sandfort. Frederick F.. 423 Sando. Marvin M., 226 Sandusky. Margaret E., 363. 391 Santerre. Gus L.. 336 Santi. Oscar D.. 429 Sapp. Jack L.. 103 Saros. Chris. 126, 278, 376 Sass. Donna M.. 69 Sato. Amy. 163. 403 Satterwhite, William B.. 131. 140. 439 Sauer. Charles F., 103 Saulcy. Martha J., 140, 383 Sauloy, Virginia L., 1(1, 864, 888 student Index-continued 477 Sau: ders, Charles F., 312 Saunders, Florilyn, 161, 366. 383 Saunders, Julia S., 324 Saunders, Mary J., 337 Saunderson, W-lliam M., 276 Savage, Gerald J,, 140, 268, 290, 307 Savai e, Leontina M., 103 Savonen, Eucene L., 437 Sawyer, Kenneth C, 429 Sawyer, Maurice J,, 103, 270 Saya, John T., 307 Saylor, Patricia A., 223 Sayra, Leslie L,, 103 Scavarda, . ,:beri L.. 276 Schaar. Jean, 1 ' 298, 365 Schabes, Gloria . ' -., 69 Schaefer, Anna S,. 288 Schaefer, Georg ' . 103 Schaetzel. Charioite, 166, 358 Schauer, Paul C, 269 Scheib, Francis J., 68. 269, 273, 321 Schelling, Ronald G,. 413 Schemmel, Janet E., 46. 47, 48, 60. 70. 103, 274, 288, 332. 386. 387 Scherrer. Philip F., 204, 276. 309 Scheyer, Stuart R., 293, 301 Schiemnn, H. Lisle. 415 Sohier ' -er, Catherine M., 266. 389 Schilt, . " iifred A,, 103 Schimpi ' , Henry D., 126 Schlaeile. Imogene L., 103, 383 Schloss, Charles M., 449 Sohl it;us, Barbara J., 140, 337, 396 Sohmik, Clifford F., 105, 331 Schmidt. John W., 315. 321 Robert F,, 298, 431 Schn-tt, Robert J., 161 Schn -Ttel, Donna M., 126. 327, 330, 369 Sohmicten, Phillip F,, 278 Schneberger, Mary J., 126. 302, 391 Schniicklcth, Jo Anne, 165 Schneider, Eugenia H., 288 Schneider. Jo Ann. 161, 363 Schneider, Milton D,, 126 Schneider, Robert L., 126. 227. 293, 301 Schneider, Robert Louis, 275 Schneider. Stanford S,. 166. 310 Schoder, Marjorie E., 166. 304. 326 Schcelzel, Elaine P.. 393 Schoen, Kenneth C 435 Schoeneck, Lois B,, 140, 407 Scholten, Donna L.. 161. 363 Scholten, Kenneth L.. 161 Schooley, Frank M.. 303 Sohoon. Lois M., 126. 386 Schrader, Harlcy A., 276, 286, 321 Schreiber, George F.. 322 Schrenk. Donald R., Schrepfermen. Richard L., 116, 284, 429 Schreuder. John M., 103 Schrier, Stanley L.. 274. 436 Schroeder, Donna L.. 369 Schroeder, Ellen S.. 152. 317. 366 Schroeder, Sally. 161, 396 Schrt-rder, Stanley H,. 103, 276 Schuh, William E.. 439 Schuham. Donna L.. 386 Schuller, Francis J.. 140. 407 Miriam. 326, 363 Schultz, Chloe M., 290, 369, 407 Schult?., John H., 288, 376 Schultz Leona R,, 294, 326, 366 Schultz, Wallace L.. 269 Schumacher, Albert E., 386 Schumacher, Marvin L,, 431 Schum: Cher, Suzanne A,, 104, 407 Schumaker, Roy M.. 270 Schure. John F., 140 Schutt - Kalani H., 287. 366 Schwalbe. Jo Anne. 60. 70. 72, 104, 224, 268, 278, 2f3, 315, 325, 390. 391 Sch . ' r:, Bruce L., 104. 295, 419 Schwartz, Eleanor, 365 Sch»a-tz. Glenn A.. 271. 436 Schvs. ' -!, Herbert F,, 152 Schwartz, Jerome M.. 449 Schwartz, Robert E., 298 Schwartz, Sanford B.. 284 Schweighardt. Robert J., 104 Scidmore, Don L., 270, 291 Scol.s. Phyllis A,, 104, 322, 369, 397 Scone-. Arlene A., 104, 218. 220, 392, 393 Scott. Donna J., 238, 363 Scott Sdythe L,, 126. 330, 334. 366 Scott Loren P., 127, 299. 337 Scott. Martha J., 127, 381 Scott, Mary J,, 391 Scott Rex H., 165, 228, 310 Scott, Robert W.. 104 Scoville, Wilbur E., 141, 276, 301 Scribner, Kenneth J., 426 Seaman, Joan, 141, 387 Seamon, Ernest R,. 127, 447 Searle, Virginia A.. 166 Sears, Janet P,, 69, 104, 274, 302. 398, 399 Seasholtz, Joyce L., 162, 166, 366 Seavy, Jack F.. 166, 310 Seccombe, James C, 429 Seccid. Mary J,, 301, 367 Sedalnick, Sally D,, 326, 366, 403 Seefus. Joan, 407 Seeley. Margaret E., 127 Segal, Howard M., 104. 296 Segur, Donald L,, 425 Seibel, Patricia J., 127. 233 Seibel. Reynold, 276 Seibel, William H,, 156 Seller, Frank C, 276, 286 Selken, Veramae, 287, 367 Sellers, Patricia R., i»l, 338, 369 Sells, John R., 443 Selters, Marjorie A., 141. 272. 328, 336 Sensel. Bernard D., 104, 278 Senser. Rudy M,, 298 Sensor, Goorgene, 290, 378. 406, 407 Serat William F., ? " 4, 30C 441 Serfling, Clarence H , 160 Service, Frankie L., 127, 399 Sethman, Dorothy E,, ' •,. 116, 222, £31, 232, 316, 339, 380, 381 Sevier, Jack D , 162, 421 , Sewell, Clair 71., 141. 433 Sexton, Walter G,, 318 Seydel, Frank, 162 Seydler, Herbert M., 226, 441 Seyler, Anne, 48, 104, 106, ZHO, 381 Shabouh, Gloria M,, 307, 367 Shadbolt, Charles L,. 104, 291 Shade, Donald A., 104, 271 Shade. Jeanne F.. 104 Shade, Robert A.. 226. 439 Shadrach. Daniel P., 156, 310 Shafer, David L.. 282 Shakeshaft, Alston J.. 104. 300, 429 Shakeshaft. Richard D., 166 Shampaine, Martin E., 162 Shanley, Joanne, 395 Shannon, Patricia A., 366, 381 Shanstrom, Robert L,, 131, 324. 443 Shapson. Bernard, 104, 156, 228, : 82, 296 Sharp, Donald W., 104. 284 Sharp, Mary E., 367 Sharp, Richard L., 275 Sharpe, Roberta R,, 141, 369 Sharrah, Marion L., 69 Shasteen, Donald E,, 127. 222. 427 Shattuck, John E., 131, 141, 421 Shaver, Peggy L,. 141, 333 Shaw, Dorothy L., 106, 369 Shaw. Gene L., 411 Shaw, Lilburn E,, 312 Shaw, Margie J.. 383 Shaw, Russell R,. 423 Shaw. Stanley B.. 278 Shaw. William H. R., 69 Shaw-roft. La Vonne. 326, 367 Shawver, Marian A., 127, 336, 400, 401 Sheaff, Howard M., 433 Sheaffer, John D.. 437 Shearer. Eugene M.. 284. 309. 341 Shearer. Janet J,, 127 Shearer, Walter W.. 162 Sheehan. John D., 105, 276, 286 Sheehy, James C. 106 Shelden. Claire E., 320 Sheldon, Douglas P.. 271 Sheldon, James S., 298 Shell, John W., 104, 106. 273, 441 Shelly, Lawrence G., 443 Shenefelt, Sandra, 141, 395 Shenkel. Claude W.. 341 Shepherd. John C, 141, 222, 226, 227, 285, 384, 385 Shepherd, John M., 127, 222, 226, 441 Sheppard, Edith J,, 106, 299, 336, 370 Sheppard, John R,, 127, 276. 331. 336 Sheppard. Norman R,, 203, 284. £91. 423 Sherba, Betty M., 307 Sherdahl, Susan L., 152, 287, 366 Sheridan, David S., 341 Sheridan. Freddy J., 127 Sheridan, Vincent G.. 276, 292 Sherlock, Margaret E., 366, 393 Sherman, Richard F., 127, 269, 273 Sherman, William L., 127 Sherron, Mary A., 336 Sherwood. Margorie. 141. 398, 399 Shestak, Te,d, 141, 413 Shevlin, Virginia M., 130, 399 Shimer, William M., 127. 270 Shipman. Margaret E., 106. 371 Shipp. Mary A., 105. 287. 297, 330 Shipp, Ralph D., 106, 238 Shively, Ray V,, 278 Shoemaker, John H., 296. 419 Shook, Donald J., 166. 310 Shoop. Doris E,, 166, 368 Shore, Edithann, 403 Shore, Joyce W., 105 Shore, Maxine, 366 Shore, Robert J,, 68, 105, 291 Short, Beverly J.. 368 Short. Paul L.. 127. 426 Shpall, Gerald A.. 162 Shreffler, Jean, 164 Shuford, Thomas L., 106 ShuU, James G., 226. 268. 441 Shull. Paul E., 116, 127, 303, 323, 333, 426, 427 Shurtz, Carol L,, 304, 333 Shuttleworth, Betty, 368 Shwartz, Nathan J,, 127, 221, 436 Siccardi. Angelo J., 275 Siedenstrang, Fred A,, 269 Siegel, Alice L,, 152, 364, 436 Siems, Mary J,, 336 Sierota, Felia, 106 Sievers, Robert J., 289, 446, 447 Sill, Helen E,, 162, 363. 391 Silvasy. Frank A., 105, 268 Silver, Joan L.. 152, 364 Silver, Virginia J., 403 Silverberg, Fred S., 300, 341, 449 Silvio. Phyllis M.. 49. 127, 229, 299, 313, 366 372, 384, 385 Simmons, Myrtle J,, 105, 406, 407 Simmons, Richard M., 127, 270, 276, 287 Simms, Rex B,, 152 Simonds, Norma £., 285, 407 Simons, Laurence B.. 226, 275, 435 Simons. Richard P., 421 Simons, William S., 175. 176, 177, 180, 416 Simons, William Sherwood. 284 Simpson, Cecil J.. 320, 427 . Simpson, Glen R,, 276 Simpson, Irwin, 105, 275, 286 Sims, Thomas R., 339. 439 . . Simson, Emily L., 399 -ijt. Sincerbeaux, Marion E.. 105, 399 Si-icerbeaux, Robert G., 152, 421 Sinclair, Kenneth A,, 336, 447 Sir.clair, Richard C, ' 86, 429 Singleton, James L,, 106 Sinton, Wilbur G,, lOf, 321, 331 SiRple, Irene H., 105 Sirhan, Awad A,, 127, 287 Skeats, Victoria M,, 272, 325 Skillrr.a John A., Ii2, 421 Skinner, William T,. 127, 277, 331 Skipp. Norman G., 4P. Sklar, Daniel. 227. ail Slack, Robert E.. 278 Slack, Walter v., 298 Slason, Martha J., 162, 363, So, Slater, Delma G,. 127. 222, 406, 407 Slaughter, Mary L., 164, 323, 363 Slawson, Kenneth F.. 441 Sletten, Kenneth G.. 141, 443 SlrJBsby, Jack W. 439 Sliukard, Ruth M., 222 Slocn, Hazel J,, 127, 399 Slobodnik, Robert M., 68, 106, 278, 315, 321 Small, Mary E., 307, 356 Small, Shirley J., 152, 290, 365 Smallin, Roy L., 127 Smathers, Millicent E.. 297, 333 Smernoff, Bernard R.. 293 Smetana, Adolph J,, 106 Smigelow, Eleanor R,, 141, 370, 401 Smith, Alan R., 106, 275 Smith, Alvin E,, 321 Smith, Ansel H,, 105 Smith, Barbara, 163 Smith, Barbara J,, 307 Smith, Bernard C. 127, 206, 275 Smith, Billie J.. 141. 226. 371 Smith, Blake C, 417 Smith, Bruce H., 127, ■ ■• Smith, Charles E,, IOC, ' -. ' i Smith, Cornelia S., 108 Smith. Dean A.. 421 Smith, Dixie A., 162, 397 Smith, Dclores W., 127, 371 S mith, Don K,, 63, 127. 278, 316, 321 Smith, Dorothy M.. 397 Smith, Douglas H. . 429 Smith. Doyle G.. 285 Smith, Eugene N,, HI 437 Smith, Feay B,, 411 Smith, Gurdov F,, 106, . " . ' ■■■ Smith, Harolr. ?., 106 Smith. Harold J., 276, ' ' li ,BB3 Smith, Henry P., 433 ■■ - - ' Smith, Jack E., 141, Itt Smith, James A., 270, 4!s ' Smith, James H, , 417 Smith, Janet L., 106, 387 Smith, Jerry L., 131, 416 Smith, John E., 269, 273, 333 Smith, Joseph R.. 276 Smith, Lennard M., 270 Smith, Loren E,, 290 Smith, Lowry, 209, 415 Smith, Madge L., 3£6, 405 Smith, Mary V., 127. 326. 369 Smith. Mildred G., 106. 226. 326 Smith. M. Hawley, 162, 306, 441 Smith, Millard J., 162 Smith, Nancy J,. 127, 393 Smith, Paul A., 162, 307, 443 Smith, Pauline M,, 369 Smith, Robert D., 127, 322 Smith, Robert L,, 411 Smith. Robert T., 282 Smith. Shirley C. 407 Smith, Shirley L,, 162, 363, 396 Smith. Sondra J., 152, 364 Smith, Theoren P.. 271 Smith. Valerie S., 290, 371, 399 Smith, Vernon H., 417 Smith, Virginia M., 324, 383 Smith, Walter D., 106 Smith, Wayne A., 276 Smith, William H., 61, 106, 289, 421 Smith. William R.. 411 Smith, William S., 141, 420, 421 Smoot, Russell D., 106 Smukler, Charles H,, 106, 225, 268, 278 Smutney, Edgar J,. 69 Smyth, Samuel J., 127 Snell, Edgar W., 141, 312 Snively, Sherman M,, 361 Snyder, Jane L., 106. 108, 227, 313. 328. 338 Snyder. Richard A.. 127 Snyder, Jim E., 227, 446, 447 Snyder, Wayne A,, 273 Snyder, Wilfred, 106, 337 Sobenhimer, Harriet, 227, 391 Sobey, Marguerite L., 106, 226 Sohl, Eugene I.. 106. 278 Solomon. David. 106, 275, 286 Solomon, Henry, 106, 278 Solomon, Morton A., 127 Soper, Joy L., 162, 366, 381 Sorber, Ruth, 326, 370 Sorensen, Carla J,, 290. 366 Sorensen, Shirley A., 106, 238, 391 Sosno, Ruth C, 296, 402, 403 Soto, Marcello H., 106, 275 Souser, Dorothy E., 165 Sowards, Kelly, 107, 276 Sowell, Verna J,, 141, 272, 326 Spangler, Edwain L., 166 Spangler, Janice J., 141 Spann, Frank C, 127 Spannaus. Audrey A,, 227, 389 Spannuth, Ray I., 298 Spano. Dorothy E., 127. 337, 368 Sparks, Charles J,. 238, 303, 323, 333 Spath, Charles L,, 162, 226, 439 Spaulding, Freda N., 358 Specht, Eddie F., 141, 419 Speck, Joyce L,, 382, 383 Speece, Gwen E,, 364. 393 Speeds, John A,, 339 Speers, Robert C, 284, 321 Spellman, Heidi H., 381 Spence, Clark C, 282 Spence, Frances E,, 107, 336 Spence, Shirley M., 130, 141, 238, 336 Spencer, Alice J.. 165 Spencer, Donald H., 141, 231, 275, 427 Spenst, Albert A,, 439 Spicer, Robert, 175, 176, 179, 200, 284, 429 Spicer, Walter L,, 131. 421 Spielman. Eu»ene B.. 152, 168, 427 Spielman, Beverly K.. 141. 298. 317, 396 Spiker, James L., 152, 298 Spillane, Frank T,, 439 Spoon, Eleanor A,. 107, 381 Spore, Roy G., 141, 225, 421 Spore, Vera E., 399 Spradley, John 0,, 307 Sprague, Shirley G., 141, 381 Spratlcn, John W,, 415 Sprinkle, Ronald L,. 333 Spurlin, Melvin D,, 107, 271, 286, 438, 439 Squire, Mary A,, 127, 274, 393 Squires. Phyllis E.. 366 Staats, Margaret E., 371 Stacey, David S.. 320 Stack, Robert W., 69. 341 Stackhouse, Jacques A., 107, 289, 438, 439 Staehle, Frederick W., 290, 298 Stayner, Harold F., 279 Stahl, Dorothy M,, 107, 304, 313, 333 Stailey. Margaret J,, 107. 399 Stallings. Don E.. 131. 224, 270 Stam, Louise, 162. 366, 403 Stamm, Raymond L.. 107, 275 Stankovich, Arthur S.. 293, 300 Stanley, Leon R,, 289, 437 Stanley, Thomas K., 427 Stapf, Lois E,, 359 Stapp, Kenneth P,, 278. 287. 301. 319 Starbuck. Clyde G., 222, 429 Starbuck, John G., 127, 327, 426 Etarika, Beverly R., 116, 128, 229, 301, 330, 339 Stark, James A,, 268 Stark. John E., 141. 427 Stark. Marilyn M.. 162. 227, 296, 363 Starks. Charles R.. 429 Starks. Jeannette. 162, 317, 363, 393 Starkey, Thomas W.. 333 Starr, Hartley I., 107, 268, 278 Starr, Paul D.. 46, 47, 61, 71, 107 Starr, Shirley E.. 367 Starr. William E., 271 Starrett, Diane L,, 226 , 367. 389 Stastny, Everett E,. 271. 439 Statton, James D.. 141, 411 Staufenberg, Isabell, 313. 389 Stauffer, Patricia M., 393 St, Clair, Darell G.. 107 St. Clair, Julia R,, 130, 327. 388. 389 St. Clair. Patricia A.. 69 Steach, Robert H,, 269 Stearns, Judith P., 48, 64, 115, 128. 332. 334, 398. 399 Stearns. Paul E.. 161 Stebbins, Barbara E.. 363 Stebbins. William F., 68, 275 Steckel. Lenora J,. 48, 130, 283. 366, 392, 393 Steele, Albert W., 128, 384 Steele. Howard W.. 284, 311 Steele. Peter J.. 278 Steele, Walter A., 166, 228, 311 Steere, Barbara E., 162, 366 S ' eers, Georfia W, , 162, 407 Steger, Julius G,, 107, 278, 319 Steiert, Clarence J,, 68, 107, 270, 291, 321 Steik, Carolyn M., 291 Stein. Donald W., 162 Stein, Henry B.. 298, 449 Stein, Janet R.. 130, 301, 327, 330, 364 Stein, Mary J,, 162. 319. 364 Stein. Stanley I,, 274, 436 Steinhauer, Eugenie M,, 162, 401 Steinmetz, Marvin H.. 423 Stekel, Stanley L,. 276 Stenicka, Charles E,. 223, 341, 423 Stephen. Grace M., 358 Stephen, Walter F., 270 Stephens, Donald D., 162 Stephens, Ruby, 297 Stephenson, Walter L., 141, 336, 427 Sterling, Robert H., 107, 429 Stern, Suzanne, 162, 366 Stettler, Robert, 433 Stevens, Richard B,, 175. 223. 284. 429 Stevens, Richard L., 220, 221, 423 Stevens, Robert F., 276 Stevens, Russell L., 228 Stewart, Douglas, 306 Stewart, John F,, 141, 278 478 Student Index-continued Stewart, Mary L., 141. 290 Stewart. William W.. 275 Stine, Barbara R., 152. 227. 363, 385 Stine. Georje H.. 227. 446, 447 Stinemeyer, William R.. 155 Stines, Kenneth. 107, 276 St. John, Carl F.. 107. 276, 425 Stobie. Helen, 107. 297 Stoecker. Jo Ann. 163 Stoehr. Raymond E.. 433 Stochr. Shirley R.. 363 Stcelzel. Carl L., 107 Stotfel. Mary F.. 115. 391 Stokes. Roger L., 186, 190, 193, 427 Stokes. Suzanne, 128, 302, 322, 326. 328. 330 Stoll. Alfred L.. U2 Stoll. Patricia H., 370 Stoltz. Jack H.. 112, 222. 306. 412. 413. 450 Stone, Ada B., 358 Stone, Harriet R., 326, 365 Stone, Kenneth E,, 323 Stone, Sylvia G,, 128, 393 Stoneman, William R,, 339 Stcrke, Frederic P,, 162, 222, 416 Stotler, Raymond C, 161 Stout, Donald E,, 69 Stover, Thomas E., 107. 319 Stowe. John E., 141, 323 Stowe, William E., 107, 433 Strain, Maryann G., 107, 317 Strain, Robert C, 107, 315, 321 Strain, Sheila O,, 141, 396 Stranahan, Mary J,, 391 Strasser, Robert E,, 278 Stratton, Robert L., 278, 445 Strauch, Lucy E,, 366 Strauss, Henry I... 274. 288, 296 Streater, Shirley L., 366 Street, John R., 152. 306 Streicker. Mitchell B.. 152. 296, 486 Strick, Jacqueline F., 152, 226, 3S4, 385 Striker, Babette, 152, 326, 364 Strimling, Sharon B.. 152. 315. 326. 403 Stringer. Harriet D., 393 Stripling. Lee B., 271, 278 Strobel, John R., 176, 184, 284, 429 Struthers, John E,, 429 Stuart, Frank E.. 320 Stuart. James B., 107, 168, 269, £95 Stuart, Louis J., 443 Stubbe, David G., 276 Stubbs. Ruth E., 165 Stubler, William R,, 307 Stupp, Robert P., 423 Stutheit, Delores A., 48. 60, 70, 107, 294, 328, 329 Stutzmann, Paul E., 286 Sucher, Edward M.. 108, 279 Sucher, Jon D,, 271, 287, 411 Suddarth, Donald R.. 275 Sugano. Kimie, 141, 166, 287, 369 Sullenger, Don B., 299 Sullivan, Arazola C, 165 Sullivan, Charles H., 128, 270 Sullivan, Edward, 341 Sullivan, Frank L., 232, 234 Sullivan, Jean C, 152 Sullivan, John J., 166 Sumikawa, Henry T., 128 Su mmers, William B., 161 Sumners, William G,, 417 Sumoski, Alez; W,, 298 Sun, Hui Chin, 287 Sundberg, Delbert F., 108, 271, 331 Sundberg, Donald L., 152 Sundstrom, Gloria M,, 300 Sunshine, Philip, 162, 435 Supancic, Louis W., 270 Surguine. Thomas R.. 306 Surprenant. Patricia H., 166. 371 Sutliff, John D., 268, 336, 413 Sutton, James R.. 108, 268, 278 Suyematsu, Kiyo, 108 Swalley, John R.. 141. 431 Swann. Barbara J.. 141. 369 Swann. Mary L.. 141. 371 Swanson. Carl R., 275, 286, 426 Swanson, Dorothy J,, 166 Swanson, John G., 108 Swanson, Maxine M., 164 Swanson. Stanley S.. 108 Swartz. Donald F., 284, 439 Swartz, Joyce A,, 290 Sweat, Wilma E,, 366 Sweeney, Julia A,, 127, 370 Sweeney, Robert M.. 108. 284. 307, 340 Sweet, Carla, 153, 296, 325, 364 Sweet, Marilyn L,, 393 Swenson, Carl R,, 160 Swenson, Hilding S., 269 Swetnam, Robert I.. 166 Swiatoviak, Jack H., 336 Swope, Patsy J,, 163, 317, 364, 393 Swyer, Bertha, 108, 368 Symes Richard M.. 202. 423 Bymons, Charles H., 370 Taggart, Donna L.. 141, 287 Taggert, J, Mark, 412, 413 Taggert, Thomas L., 441 Taguchi, Takako, 287, 366 Taguchi, y, Douglas, 274, 282, 287, 309 Tait. Eleanor L,, 226, 307, 331, 337, 384, 386 Talbert, Alan J,, 312 Talbott, John L,, 429 Talcott, Vernon H., 46, 47, 56, 62, 71, 166, 301, 310, 331, 336 Talcott, Viriinia I., 161 Tallant, Ellis J., 60, 221, 222, 430, 431 Talmage, Marjorie B.. 166, 389 Talovich, Peter, 108, 300 Talpers, Stanley J., 274 Tanaka, Herbert Y,, 275, 286 Tank, Wynona F.. 141 Tanner, Hope E.. 108 Tanner. Wallace L., 153 Tapp. Bancroft M., 141, 421 Tarkolf, Ruth S., 403 Tatge, Dayne, 387, 460 Taub, Patricia R.. 164. 366 Tautz. Herbert E., 108, 338 Tavel. Howard S,, 108, 131, 435 Taylor Anne S., 365, 399 Taylor, Arthur G., 331 Taylor, Betty L,, 108, 297, 313 Taylor, Charles E.. 68, 321 Taylor, Eloise A., 141 ' Taylor, Eugene M.. 284 Taylor, Harry R.. 108 Taylor. Judith C, 290, 298 Taylor, Lewis C, 284, 413 Taylor, Marjorie 1., 46, 47, 128, 287, 367 Taylor, Mary E., 108, 389 Taylor, Nancy W., 290, 369 Taylor, Norman E., 128 Taylor, Robert W., 289, 435 Taylor, Virginia K., 332, 340 Taylor, Volney M,. 153, 333 Teall, Kent A.. 271 Teasdale. Suzanne F.. 367 Teasley. Katherine V.. 108. 300, 401 Tebbs. Robert B.. 128. 293 Teeling, Mary M., 164 Teeling, Patricia A., 164 Teetzel, Joyia F.. 226, 338, 371. 397 Telep. Samuel S.. 166. 310 Telk. Charles L., 426 Telk, Louis D., 108. 185. 284. 340 Templar. Joan L., 62, 108, 327, 387 Temple, Charles A.. 196. 197. 198. £84 Temple. Patricia A.. 360 Templeman. Rojean J.. 370 Templeton. Barbara J.. 128. 226. 298. 369. 386 Templeton. James F., 128 Teneson, Jean M., 153 Tepley, Lee R.. 69. 109, 312, 320, 321 Terasaki, Sam S., 337 Terry, Robert M., 429 Tevebaugh, Kenneth P., 437 Thalhamer, Everett C, 298 Thalhamer, Gerald E., 298 Tharinger. Richard W., 290 Tharp. Jay, 443 Thayer, Jackie D., 371 Thayer, Margaret H., 108. lO " ) -t.. ::?», 3£9 Theimer, William C, 109 Theis, Robert W., 166 , Theiss, Calvin M., 109, 270, 333 Theotokatos, Thomas L,, 153, -x ' U Thiese, Rei M.. 109. 327, 330 Thode, Harry F.. 445 Thoman. William H.. 271 Thomas. Beverley L.. 166 Thomas, Dorothy A., 223, 399 Thomas, Edward D., 269 Thomas, Elinor J., 381 Thomas, Frank J.. 290, 324 Thomas, Harold J., 303 Thomas. Helen M.. 294 Thomas, Jerald W., 268 Thomas, John H.. 270. 417 Thomas, John P., 109, 110, 131, 176, 268, 278, 443 Thomas, Lucile M., 272 Thomas, Norma J . 1C9, 297 Thomas, Eobert C, 312 Thomas, Robert L., 311. 419 Thomas. Robert V., 439 Thomas, Spencer F., 2S2 Thomas, Stafford H,, 226, £33 Thomas, Victor C, 417 Thomas, Victor G.. 284 Thomas. William P.. 131. 436 Thomason, Heriran B., 447 Thomassen, Richard R.. 312 Thompson, Carol J., 367, 387 Thompson, Charles S., 279 Thompson, Donald M., 416 Thompson, Edgar A., 238, 271 Thompson, Emily P., 163. 336 Thompson, Jackwyn C, 370 Thompson, James E., 445 Thompson, Laurence G.. 338 Thompson, Laurene K., 46, 47, 48, 63, 92, 338, 378, 384, 385 Thompson, Lloyal H., 128, 298, 801, 340 Thompson, Lois A., 368 Thompson, Lois C. 165 Thompson, Marie D., 366 Thompson, Marjorie L.. 222. 272. 365 Thompson, Peter M., 175, 177, 183, 184, 420, 421 Thompson, Richard A., 277, 431 Thompson, Roy £.. 128, 222, 282 Thompson, Thomas L., 109, 284, 341, 429 Thoren, Shirley A., 370 Thorn, Oreman W., 270 Thornburg, David W., 109, 269 Thome, Dorothy J., 226, 317 Thornes, Frederick, G., 204, 289, 309, 427 Thornton, Ruth E., 142, 166, 330, 367 Thornton, Walne J., 271 Thorp. Robert K., 431 Thorp, William E,, 299, 431 Thorson, Fredericka J,, 369 Thrailkill, John V,, 271 Ihrom, Robert H,, 271, 417 Thrower, Raymond B,, 269, 273, 333 Thulin, William J., 274 Tibbetts, Arnold M,, 433 Tileston, Thomas S., 268 Tillema, John A.. 341. 374 TillotsoTi, Patricia A,. 163, 364, 396 Tillquist, Julius L.. 162 Tilton. Ann. 109, 297 Timberlake, Edward W., 202, 331 Timblin, Lloyd O., 312, 425 Tippet, Janet, 128, 297, 369 Tipton, Gene E.. 275. 411 Tipton. Harry B.. 274. 439 Tipton. James H., 269, 282 Titus, Cecilia J.. 368 Tobey. Robert W., 109, 223, 289, 379, 414, 415 Tobias, Ralph W,, 229, 441 Tobin, John J.. 311 Tobin. William F., 421 Todd, Edwin E.. 142, 270 Todd, Frederick J., 109, 303, 328 Todd, John C. 166. 310 Todd, John S.. 109. 196, 284, 417 Todd, Nancy T., 885 Toffler, Jerome E.. 109. 270 Toliver. Ruth J.. 128, 319 Toll, Henry W.. 160 Toltz. Warren M., 296, 435 Tomlinson, Dorothy M., 128, S96, 460 Tomsic, Albert J.. 165 Tomsic, Victor J,, 278 Tondre, Patricia M,, 142, 868 Toner. Elizabeth A,, 364 Tonkel, Miohla R., 163, 364 Tooley, Jack W.. 226 Toomey. Paul M., 488 Torbet. Robert P., 868 Tcrgny, Roberl B., 109, 23S, 446, 447 Torrisi. Piohard M., 432 Tourville, Gerald, 185 Towbin, Evelyn L., 366 Tower, Norm_an, 423 Towle, Robert D., 109, 2fa Townsend, Dorothy R. . 69 Townsend, Lorell H,, 391 Tozer, Marcia L., 142, 383 Traber, William F., 269 Tracy, Donald R,, 298, 413 Traeger, Albert E.. 298 Trainor. Margaret M.. 357 Trapp. Frederick J., 68, 315 Travis, Joanne, 383 Travis. Larry E., 47 Traylor, Charles O., 278 Treece, James L., 310 Trefz, Robert C, 109 Trego, John D.. 128. 301, 367 Trevithick, John A,, 270 Trimble, Carter H., 277, 333 Trimble, Donald F., 277, 433 Trimmer, Howard D.. 270 Trindle. Joseph G.. 269 Tripp. Larry C, 336 Troeltzsch. Robert E.. 269, 271 Trotter, Elwood F.. 128 Trousdale. Dorothy J., 368, 399 Troiell, Richard C, 153, 421 Troxell, Robert L.. 278 True. Helen C, 272, 333 Trueblood, Constance M.. 128, 407 Trukken, Holger R., 270, 271 Tryba, Ernest J., 142, 298 Tsui, Yaw Tzong, 287 Tubbs, Ronald E., 427 Tucker. Eleanor L., 109. 328. 329 Tucker, Richard B., 296, 300, 448, 449 Tucker, Richard C, 416 Tucker, Shirley E., 371 Tucker, Wayne 0,, 186, 189, 192, 429 Tuff, Edith M.. 128. 166. 294, 360 Tully, Gordon E., 163, 282 Tumin, David U., 300, 449 Turbeville, Jack R., 229 Turek, Adele J., 298, 370 Turk, James E., 156 Turnbaugh, Robert L.. 278. £82. 303 Turner, Edward W., 269, 273, 303 Turner, George W.. 447 Turner, John E., 268, 278, 421 Turner, Mary N,, 313 Turner, William, 161 Turnquist, Helen E., 153, 366, 383 Turrentine, Robert E,, 433 Tutt, Sarah J.. 128, 370 Tuttle, Patricia A., 369, 407 Twist, Fay I.. 164. 166 Twogood. Donald A.. 204, 276, 309 Twyman, Hubert W., 109, 806 Tyler, Willard D., 270 Utley. Edward H., 427 Uyenishi, Dorothy T,, 365 V Udevitz, Marvin P., 270, 271, 291. 316. 321 Udevitz, Norman 6., 227, 230, 231, 232, 233 Uffelman, Karl F,, 270 Uhrioh, Nona V., 163, 867 Uhrich, Shirley J,, 128, 869 Ullman, Claire, 394, 395 Ulrich, Donald A,, 153, 283, 421 Underbill, Burton C, 448 Unfug, Laura L,, 158, 364, 391 Ungemach, Charles J., 427 Untiedt, Carol F,, 130, 222, 317, 332, 391 Uppendahl, Donald L., 140, 300, 413 ITpton, Mary B,, 140, 272, 304, 383 Usher, Marilyn L,, 153, 367, 889 Utlaut, Wilma B.. 333 Vague, Harold R., 166, 311 Vahue, Leonard R., 131, 431 Vail, Charles D., 291 Valentine, Jane P., 142, 399 Van Camp, Eugene J., 275 Vance, Alfred W., 131 142, 443 Van De Car, Helen F., 109, 387 Van Den Bos, Merle E., 275 Van Dervort, James R., 128, 415 Vandervort, Theresa L., 153, 387 Vanderwilt, Joanna, 130, 384, 385 Vanderwilt, Mary M., 128. 3E9 Vandewark. James D., 439 Van Duzee, Patricia H.. 385 Van Eerde, Gertrude, 226, 369 Van Ert, Willard L.. If 3 Van Gundy. Donald A.. 142. 287 Van Hoorebeke. George W., 89, 271, ' 445 Van Hyning, Patricia E,, 49, 61, 116, 128, 220, 226, 283, 317, 369, 372 Van Law, Carol L., 48, 116, 222, 391 Van Law, Richard D,, 128, 427 Van Meter, Charles 0.. 433 Van Natten. William R., 286 Van Nostrand. Andy C, 1£3, 336 Van Orman, William T., 155 Van Petten. Edward E.. 417 Van Schaack. Cora R.. 367. 399 Van Shaw. Martha L., 109. 393 Varga, Henry J.. 163. 307 Varner, Charles E.. 268, 316, 321 Varner, Venice E., 366 Varner, Walter W., £90 Varney, Charles E., 287 Vasholz, Lothar A,, 163 Vassar, Rena L., 49, 109, 313, 364. 872 Vasterling. Carole J.. 163, 298, 326, 365. 899 Vaughan, Douglass, R., 186, 429 Vaughan, Tommie L., 393 Vaughn, Barbara J., 153, 364, 388 Vaughn, Joan E., 163, 387 Vavra, James J.. 309 Vavra. John D.. 274 Vawter, Wallace R., 441 Vayda, Michael M., 128, 293, 375 Veach, Donna L. , 370 Velisek, Norman A., 186, 238, 298, 326 Velte, Barbara J.. 153 Venkatesan. Lalpet, 287 Venohr, William A., 142, 271 Vento, Joseph A., 156, 310 Verdon, Margaret R., 153, 290, 366, 395 Veseth, Raymond C, 425 Vick, Charles 6.. ?77, 282. 293 Vickers, William H., 270, 271, 291 Vickroy, Joseph W., 270 Viders, Jack R., 449 Villa, Fred J.. 110, 270 Villano, Paul C, 204 Villarreal. Victor S., 186 Vincent. Robert M., 437 Vissenberg, Marilyn, 222, 287, 363 Viterise, Ernest J., 307 Vladyka, V ahl A., 1E6, 311 Vogeler, Nancy G.. 142, 226, 407 Vogt, Norma J.. 367 Vollintine. Lila L., 304, 363 Volquardsen, Leiand J., 110, 443 Volzke, Gwendolyn J.. 163. 367 Vondy, David R., 278 Von Detten. Jean M.. 363. 401 Von Ehrenkrook, Grace E., 128, 275 Von Ehrenkrook, William, 128, 275, 28S, 340 Von Fumetti, Hans, 162 Vonier, Joan M., 153, 366, 399 Von Wyl, Paul H., 427 Voorhees. Lucien W,, 411 Voorhis. Peter A. H.. 415 Vural, Turan, 142, 387 w Waage, Jean A,. 385 Wachob, Virginia. 48. 115, 128, 332, 39fi 391 Waddell, Claude E., 268 Wade, Anita R., 364, 385 Wade, Betha A., 868 Wade, Gloria M., 163, 164, 826, 366 Wade, Ted B. F., 142. 333, 431 Wade, William C, 271 Wadge. James C, 278 Wadley, Ann, 317, 401 Wadley, Harold R., 110, 270, 271 Wadsworth, Brian 0., 222 Waggoner, Hubert U., 162 Wahl, Iver, W., 110 Wahler, William A.. 275 Wahlmeier, Geraldine M,, 153, 365, 387 Wait, Barbara L., 110 Wake, Irene, 238 Wakefield, Paul R., 110, 270, 321 Wakeland, Florence S., 166. 819 Waldbaum, Lyllian, 1£3, 364 Waldeck, William 6.. 166, 310 Walden, Clyde H., 319 Waldo, Robert D., 268 Walford, Jack F,, 271 Walker, Andrew D., 271, 416 student Index-continued 479 W. iker. Cynthia R. 238. 385 Walker, Franklin D.. 142, iSf. 238 Walker, Jacqueline L., J£9 W!lker. John G., 110, 410, 4.1 W.lker, Les R., 142 ■Wilker, Marilyn P., 62, 70, UO, 332, 399 Walker, Richard F., 110. 270, 291, 321 Walker, Thomas R., 310, 448 Walker, William H.. 270 Walkling. Charlotte A.. 391 Wall, Lester 0., 186, 294 W ' l!, Virginia R., 381 Wa.I ce, Bruce T., 290, 417 Wa. ' .ace, Kosemary, 368 Wa.iace, Wustel B,, 165, 310 Wallbank, Lincoln S., 429 Wallen, Malcolm K,. 128, 300 Wallerius. Joan. 163, 366, 393 Walseth, Russell M., 186. 200, 438, 439 Walsh, Jo A,, 153, 226, 367, 393 Walter, Patricia J,, 110, 897 Walters, Marguerite D., 163 Walters, William R., 413 Walther, Jane D., 110, 404, 406 Walton, John E., 269 Waltz, Frank C, 142, 426 Wampler, Wilson W,, 238. 417 Wamsley, Walter F., 203. 220, 284, 421 Wfndel, Paul L., 110, 268, 316 Waneka, Kenneth W,, 128, 285, 337 Ward, Arline S.. 163, 366, 395 Ward. Barbara, 363 Ward, Barbara J., 163, 364 Ward, George B., 156 Wa-d. John H., 110, 220, 431 Ward, Kathryn J.. 164. 222, 367. 389 Warden, Robert R.. 319 Warkins. Josephine M.. 290, 366 Wai.ier, Richard H.. 416 Warner, Robert H.. 128, 439 Wari,£.r, Samuel J., 275 Warnes, Byron L., 441 Warren, Alva T.. 128 Warren, Charles L. C, 131, 421 Warrei, John D., 301 Warren. Margaret, 369 Warren. Mary E.. 313. 324. 380. 381 Warren, Merritt C. 155. 228. 311 Warrou, Ruth A., 110. 400. 401 Warre i. Winnie E., 287, 267 Wasem, Henry M., 128, 427 Washburn, Dale F., 418 Washburn, Darl C, 110, 270, 291 Washburn, Mildred J., 369 Wassmann. William F., 153, 298 Watanabe. Sachie, 164 WstPTS. Jane F., 363, 393 Wcters, Mary E.. 128. 399 W. prs. Robert D., 374 Wat.-iiii. Dale 0., 163, 411 Wat so .1. Barbara J.. 384, 385 Wats,n, Donald E.. 291 Watson. E. V.. 128. 290 Watson, Frank C, 128, 437 Watson, Harold. 423 Watson. Harry K.. 270, 291 Wars; n, Joy W.. 338 Watson, K. Bert. 166, 311 Watso ' i. Lorance L.. 445 Watson. Mary J.. 302. 3£9 Watson, Nancy S.. 290. 369 Watt Russell H.. 128, 274. 331 Wattenbarger, Corder W,, 336 Watts, Dwirht B.. 129. 284. 429 Watts, Lloyd A.. 161 Watts, Lois N,, 153, 367 Wa»rose, Frederick E., 129, 274, 425 War nan, Milon J., 110, 300, 312, 449 Wa,- .lire, Shirley E., 142, 238, 391 We. -iy, Harold F.. 110. 278 Weav Marie F.. 129. 406 Weat.ers. Shirley E,, 381 Weaver, Doris A., 364 Weaver, Frederick L., 110, 322 Weaver, Lyman F., Ill, 268 Weaver, Marion A,, 386 Weaver, Robert G., 129 Webb, Jack, 275 Webber, Charles R,, 278 Webber, Robert A., 289, 427 Weber, Donald R., 441 Weber, John L., 315 Weber, Mary H.. 341 Webtr. Marilyn I.. 163 Weber. William F.. 129, 306, 441 Webermeier, John C, 445 Webster, Florence I., 129, 298 Webster, George J., 269 Webster, Harry K., 427 Webster. Thomas W.. 443 Weckmueller. Kathleen, 111, 166, 368 Weeks, Harvey. Ill, 287, 319 Weeks, Joan, 297, 313 Wehe, Elizabeth A,, 129 Wehner, Barbara A,, 111, 324, 369, 371 Weigang, Robert G., 275 Weil, Jack B., 296, 449 Weil, Jeanne F,, 316 Weiler, Margaret C, 399 Weiler, Mary E., 61. Ill, 399 Weinberger, Alvin L,, 69 Weiner, Leonard, 131, 435 Weiner, Robert L,, 162 Weiner, Stanley M,, 160 Weingardt, Wilma M,, 307, 367 Weingartner, Jean L., 153, 297, 366 Weinhart, John A., 438, 439 Weinstein, Irwin M.. 160 Weinstein, Judith, 298, 366 Weirick, Richard C, 429 Weir.s, Barrie L.. 206. 278 Weiss. Norma J.. 111. 288, 384, 386 Weiss. Sylvia M.. 297 Weiss, Vernetta M., 333. 369 398, Welch, Carolyn J.. 129, 369 Wtlcher, Marguerite A., 389 Weldon, Donald M,, 423 Wellenkotter, H., 142, 176, 437 Weiler, Charles- 1 ' .., 275 Wells, Bria t K., 429 Wells. Byro!. L.. 431 Weils, Deiilah M.. 325 Wells, Edwin O., 156, 310 Wells, Sally A., 163, 222, 290, 366, 381 Wells, Williair T., 293 Welsby, William J.. 111. 278 Welton. Ted L., 300 Wendell, Richard M., 238, 271, 423 Wendt, John A., 166 Wendzel, Frank, 129 Wennberg, Esther E.. HI, 313, 326 Wenzel, Carol R.. 380 Wenziker. Shirley A., 153, 336, 407 Werner, Paul E., 270 Worth. Glenn C, 68, 111, 224, 312, 320, 321 Wertheim, Bemice, itS, 864, 403 Wertz, Ronald D,, 164 West, Daniel P , 289, 423 West, Harold, " : «. E92 West, Jchn M , 319, 533 West, Kaynani S., 413 West, SusE . .T , SCO Westerlund. Slarp-arf t E.. 162 Westermat)-:, Ern-t J., 129, !9i . " 06 Westerwich, .T antif ( ' : . 112, 336. MO Westerwick. U-b(-.l.A., 3?.. Westfall. He- here V. HI. 27!. Weston. Di.fhy. iO. HI. 328 T or as L , 2S9, 319 Wetmoro, Alfred ' ., £82 Wetoen, Feme J.. ;.83 Wezelman. Judith . 142, . ' i!82, 370 Whalen, Wall ' ., n ,r 447 ' ' !ialey, Sile; ' :•y- . IH, 427 WTioeler, Bai aii. A., 3?C Wheeler, Beniice 111, 238, 396 VTheele;. Csrro " ■A ' ., 131 W.- f;iIer, John ' .i., 4S? Wheel-ir, .HussoU N,, 439 Wheeler, Walter " 3., Ill, 299, 416, 450 Whelan, T-iomas £., 129, 423 Whisler, Jerome V., 369 Whistler. Jan. -, 142, 381 Whitaker, Brown, 417 Whitaker, Dale, 129, 317, 393 Whitaker Samuel R,, HI. 319 Whitcom , Virginia L,, 166 White, Carroll F., 268 White, Edgar W,, 166 White, Eva S,, 166 White, Frances E., 368 White, Marguerite L., 298, 333 White, Otis V., 423 White, Roy G,, 309 White, Shirley B.. HI, 238 White, Sidney J., Ill, 289. 374 Whitebread, Donald H,, 341 Whitehouse, , ' ' " oan, 164, 166 Whitelaw, Nancy L,, 399 Whiteside, Donna L., 366, 397 Whiteside, Virginia J., 163 Whiting, Donald E., Ill, 112, 220, 223, 242. 429 Whiting. Donna J., 142, 317, 396, 460 Whiting, Kenneth R., 111. 443 Whitley. Beverly J., 391 Whitlock, Bruce N., 339 Whitman, Nancy L,, 129, 401 Whitmore, Faith D,, 166 Whitmore, John H,, 312 Whitmore, Phyllis E., Ill, 272, 366 Whitsel, Travis S,, 269 Whitson, Dudley B,, 437 Whitson, Martha S,, 111, 399 Whittle, Margaret E., 366, 399 Whittlesey, Reavis D., 129 Whyte, James P., 317 Wichman, Carol H.. 154. 366, 387 Wicklund, Eldon J,, 421 Wickstrom, Gordon M., 231, 234 Widger, Calvin R,, 111 Wiebenson. Carla A., 363, 401 Wiedemann, Theodore W,, 415 Wieland, Carl A., 275, 298 Wiener, Jacquelyn D.. 357 Wiener. Martin S.. Ill Wierman. Ruth. 399 Wiese. Alvin 0., 445 Wiesler. James B., 111. 289, 441 Wiest, Ruth E,, 166 Wight, Robert D., 112, 276 Wight, Willard R., 112 Wilcox, Jo Ann C. 142, 298, 341 Wilcox, John T., 271 Wilcox, Robert Earl, 271 Wilcoxson, Clayton B., 112, 278 Wilooxson, Harold E., 421 Wilder, Doris E., 841 Wilder, Richard F., 222, 324 Wildgen, Helen J,, 142, 307, 366 Wiley, Joan E., 164, 366 Wiley, Milton L., 166, 206 Wiley, Otis E,, 112, 278 Wilfley, Arthur R,, 417 Wilfley, Betty J., 226, 399 Wilfley, George M., 417 Wilhite, Lora W,, 269, 326 Wilhite, Louis E,, 269 Wilkins, Joyce E,, 154, 391 Wilkinson, Don D., 164 Wilkinson, Gordon B,, 164 Wilkinson, John J., 166, 310 Wilkinson, Ruth M., 142. 389 Willard, Jean C, 49, 112, 401 Wi ' lard, Robert W., 429 Willburn. James 0., 269 Williams. Arthur M.. 238 Williams. Barbara A., 154. 367 Williams. Betty J., 298 Williams, Catherine H., 142, 336, 370 Williams, Clyde L., 129 Williams. Dorothy A.. 166 Williams. Dwight L., 164 Williams, Edgar E,, 291 Williams, Esther M., 129, 166, 332, 391 Williams, Frances M,, 326, 364, 381 Williams, Houston G., 166, 228, 310 Williams, Jacquelyn A., 112, 317, 404, 405 Williams, James P., 129 Williams, James W,, 112, 131, 300, 427 Williams, John J,, 112. 278 Williams. Mary L.. 129, 369 Williams, Paul W., 112, 300, 427 Wiiiiami ' , R. Patricia, 238, 327, 380, 381 v -.; : ms, Richard D., 167, 271 Wi ' .. ,-.•■,., Robert N., 129, 226, 433 Wiiiiamion. Clement E.. 307 Williarasor. Jane H., 130, 212, 396 Williamson. Thomas. 112 Willis. Donald E., 420. 421 Willis, Marion J.. 47. 48, 70 Willis, Richard W,, 185, 421, Gary G,, 292, 433 Wi.:.. j ' ames H., 270 Wills, Lee R., 416 Wills, William A., 112, 428, 429 Willson, Jane E.. 157. 366 Wilmarth. Ann R.. 381 Wilson. Albert E.. 320 Wilson. Asil T.. 437 V ilson, Bertram E.. 429 Wilson, Earl S., 427 Wilson, Glenn F,, 129 Wilion, Helen W,, 367 W ' i. ' .on, Henry F., 426 Wilson, Ivan T,, 112, 271, 337 Wilson, James F,, 270 Wilson, Jo Anre D., 393 Wilson, Jeanne, 129, 389 Wilson, John R,, 112, 278, 443 Wilson, Kathryn L., 129, 272, 366 Wilson, Lois, 366, 391 Wilson, Marvin E.. 300 Wilson, Mary S.. 356 Wilson, Rob ' rt C, 446 Wilson, K ' ■ t L,, 276 Wilson, ».•..• w., 161 Wilson, 3 •• ' v.. 112. 396 Wiltbertc etchen, 164. 364, 401 Wimmell, - lur A., 154. 336 Wimp. Mar .rorite. 164, 301, 364 Winans, Jo Ann, 154, 226, 364, 391 Windsor, Donald L., 331 Winegardner, Albert F., 166, 310 Wines, James E,, 129, 433 Winfrey, Robley, 421 Wingate, Munrce J., 423 Wingate, Boy S., 229 Wingo, Eleanor F,, 164, 364 Winks, Robin W., 227, 282, 287 Winner, Frances A., 154, 383 Winningham, Sammy N,, 176, 284, 422 Winslow, George H., 437 Winslow, Mary L,, 366, 391 Winslow, Wayne F., 337 Winter, Margaret, 371 Winternitz, David R.. 161 Winters. Waldo D.. 112. 341 Wintersteen. Jean P.. 333 Wirtz. Laveta F., 319, 336, 407 Wisdom, Donald D., 278, 446 Wise, Kenneth V., 273, 331, 336 Wise, Robert A., 112, 427 Wise, William E., 278, 284 Wisecup, Russell J., 226, 278, 433 Witsell, Eleanor T., 163 Witt, Dwan V,, 447 Witters, Robert D., 142 Witthauer, Beverly J., 130, 370. 391 Wivell, Emma L.. 112, 313, 389 Woelbing, Georgia A., 112, 371 Wcestman, Betty J., 113 Woitkiewicz, Joseph S., 425 Wolach, Bernard L., 142 Wolcctt, Maryann, 164, 298, 365 Wolf, Louis I,, 271 Wolf, Ruth A., 69 Wolf, Virginia, 358 Wolfard, Ema L,, 164, 367 Wolfe, James C, 413 Wolfenbarger, Patricia, 166 Wolff, Austin L.. 129. 433 Wolff, Dorothy M., 129 Wolinsky, Irving, 300, 449 Wollbrinck, George A., 166, 310 Wollenweber, Louis C, 429 Wollgast, Carol A,, 164, 364, 896 Womer, Frank B., 69 Wong, Daniel W,, 294 Wood, Barbara L., 166 Wood, Edmund H., 113 Wood, Frances E,, 222, 226, 395, 460 Wood, John M., 161 Wood, Norma E,, 113, 380, 381 Wood, Patricia, 232, 233 Wood, Robert E., 113, 336 Wood, Robert H., 274 Wood, Robert M., 64, 64, 68, 113, 268, 269, 321 Wood, Hoaemary, 870 Wood, Shirley A,, 129, 340, 371 Wood, Shirley J., 113, 319, 366 Woodard, George W., 448 Woodard. 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Kent, 46, 47, 62, 71, 116, 283, 298, 430, 431 Zabrusky, Edward J,, 142, 307 Zack, Albert L., 341 Zad, Akbar, 300 Zall, Ronald I.. 131. 271. 341. 449 Zarlengo. Shirley A., 369 Zary, Marion, 288 Zau, Foo, 287 Zavislan, Mariolive, 336, 366 Zeigler, George E,, 113, 278 Zeigler, Helen W,, 226 Zeigler, Marilyn H., 69 Zeitlin, Eugene L,, 278 Zekma-i, Marscha, 300, 369 Ze sch, 0, William, 271 Zick, Herbert R.. 421 Zierk. Susan B.. 290. 366 Zillmann, Allene, 129, 222, 397 Zimmerman, Lewis G.. 278 Zimmerman. Ronald W., 277, 333, 336 Zimmerman. William J.. 276, 299. 336 Zinck. Louis R., 113, 269 Zinn, Arthur H., 113, 131, 274, 435 Zirkle, Winifred B., 113, 368 Zisch. 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