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-•-;-►,. " " -Stv-- - I • ( .: .rJlvPulHiJiU " ' ire - ' 9 , 7 ' - ' aire z. THE WHITE HOUSE Uf • ' ( " . 90 NESS ' ■ ita 7uS. »ari» S;)rltt4f« A»««tt», 3ol»i , 0 ,» ' ' ,j ,..B vet re C0V;: e;Ve, v5 -.:■■ , . i 3 - ' . " -- -. nf PANAMA . r [ NCi » ° r c, ■Uj •Uji ' A s, A. ' « X r t-f . i.e cHcr pu CABiMCT PMrncuLtBR SON CXCELLJENCC UC mtSIOBNT B« LA RC UBLIOUK OHAtTl VIA AIR s ° ' co ' » i»to v ► ►A Edltrlce !• Color«d«n 1048, Bolae,Id Lbo,U S«A« H .7 V r 50th Coloradan Associated Students of the Uniuersitv of Colorado Editor— Pat Boecl( Business manager— Rlary Alice Chambers ' midst the conflicts of tiie Universe tliere can be understanding around Eartli. sir " " (PoW V m mmaeem U M I ) .-- ' .-: Sk%«- ' REPUBUlO ' ' o« t .ii.iJ- ' TO- .. D. C " - ' ' en ■ BUCKl NGHAX PA - Sfe . ' ' . - e. ■ o, ' ' , " to °f ■f-o,. ' ° , --ck r«oelpt gf ■ lea:; t tppeiii StRt " ♦ ' ttitKf!? WltTlt Often it is repeated that the way to peace is through our students; that the dissolution of ignorance, intolerance, and misunderstanding will enable us to live in peace and har- mony with all men. Thus, for the college generation today, the value of education is more than just individual security; it means the security of all mankind. Although the hopes and aspirations of youth and of all mankind are obscured by the ominous cloud of suspicion, mistrust, and fear which darkens the world today ; optimism abides with us, as the messages which the nations of the world have contributed to the dedication of this book will indicate. Only through clear understanding of world prob- lems is it possible to obtain enduring peace. It is then the re- sponsibility of each of us to train our minds to attain this end. Si. V ' ■«» •Q . . ..: ' :; ' , - 1-. - ' • . .., ' ' ' j--- 1 EXCELLENCE LE PRESlOrNr PO»T-«y »,INCg ' " AW. ■•». %. 0, - ' = UNK- i 5 PHI " ' ' we wo ' eal»» ' I »«S aSl! ' = f,ai«° .,16UU0» ove " all ' ,r»c ' S-» of »«■ ,rt.ali " " - un4er- rtoi " " ' " - Ottawa, October a, IS47 K« P«t Boeot, Sdltorj Coloradan 1948. OnlvarBlty of Colorado. Boulder, Colorado. U.S-.A. t ar Maosrai ,rl»o m«.t« tc ' • " J ' ;j, ' S:w°L°f.rt. ■so nation can • " ' " ' ij ' J »!tS? Minah national • " J ' ' " tb,,o ands b« Isol.tad .elf f.noe or aorld domination, -f trror « ' ory nation to ra»- iibi? i°lto ' 7r .11 natlona 1. --«J« .-t.tod.n .r.M.. " " ' " • " " • ' " - " - — ,or.«„.,„. • " " -il !.„piracl««. , " plracl«n da u ta,iau . »_ -. Rafael l. Cludad TruJiUo J do noMetora da. 1947, Ki-tt ' ' ' ' " ,u con.- ' - " t. 1: tl« " " ' " f £ S 8 A G E tea„ltee«o«sto P-=i.Hon o, . problem o, « oppor „ea ,or -rM dera nd, , W. do weH .0 " ' " ' " ■ ■« " " — -nd. on u. .. them. c e «_ 0 O votlon to . ' " " " t ' S MbC; ... - ' " ' " sio„ld ov„t e t • ' My 18, 18.48. ■ ik 4 To International Understanding and lUorld Peace— ' - lil • V IdP- f i- y« ' »i : 1W ' 3 - ' . i N " t-t| " •f :- ' - .-i- % r ' fc- i ---?•. W ' ' • -v LVii ' tir ' • w, : ' - i% W ? m : i i ■n . • iS. J yr V I ■- - ■ V f t S r JI r v- % ' - ' Xi S II • -ti y- I ». w " 14 LIFE AT C. U. FALL.... ■ • " i;P i : i llX V..- f-t ' Mmy -- - ' 9 A pm J ' ' - " 1 I T ' I in re4 S«e-Sl mirnKtr 1 1 - ' it m ' m i ■ -K :- ' -ft s M " tS W- %m: !i ■.% - ' t: -.r ' - f ' . %, Wi i . V T ' ' " ' S ¥ H ' K €-y ' J«5 " • ' •kW ■ g«-- -■««■ ■w ff ? ■= A - . l! W - : -n..- • . ,?r • " SF:l ' S» - ' mj 25 rr n I i: r r iims; Athletics 161 Activities 211 Life at C.U 233 Pacesetters 251 Organizations Dormitories . . Fraternity-Sorority Index 261 339 367 450 1 I i p r S f w ( ., K -IF- f-si . - " - dB . i. v ' ' - , ' if kamt ' T» %-r- J% -. ' ,.-.v , HammiMtlciv EDITOR: WAYNE HULITZKY M .-.w m 30 Ol is ROBERT L. STEARNS Robert L. Stearns has been President of the University since 1939, after serv- ing as Dean of the University Law School. He initiated the war program at CU which brought the school wide acclaim. Service in World War II gave Mr. Stearns the opportunity to serve as civilian chief of the Opera- tion Analysis Division of the Twentieth Army Air Force. Mr. Stearns was privileged to work on atomic research along with several University staff members. In 1946 he was awarded the Medal of Freedom. ROY M. CHAPMAN Roy M. Chapman, a native of Colo- rado and a present resident of Boulder, attended Holl-Ross Business College in Grand Junction, and has been in the retail business most of his life. Mr. Chapman served in the 30th and 31st General Assemblies, being the minority floor leader in the 31st Assembly. ROBERT D. CHARLTON A member of the Denver, State and American Bar Associations, Robert D. Charlton of Denver attended the West- minster Law School and received his degree in 1923. Mr. Charlton, a veteran of World War II, participated in Pa- cific and Philippine campaigns, includ- ing the recovery of Bataan. ALBERTA PIKE BOYD Alberta Pike Boyd, Director of pub- lic relations for the Fox Denver Thea- ters, is a former New York City and Denver newspaper woman. Mrs. Boyd received her B.A. degree at Colorado University, and served with the Denver regional office of the Office of War In- formation during the war. RALPH L. CARR Devoting a large part of his time to public interests, Ralph L. Carr, former Governor of Colorado, has been carry- ing on a campaign for the recognition of western people and western states in natural resources. A graduate of the University in 1910, Mr. Carr received the Norlin Recognition medal for out- standing achievement in the field of law. He is now engaged in private law practice in Denver, The Board of Regents, composed of six mem- bers who serve a period of six years, and two who are retired every two years, is the governing body of the University. Members of the Board are elected by the popular vote of the people, except the President of the University, who is auto- matically a member of the Board. The Board is charged with the administrative affairs of the Uni- versity, authorizing all business, making all ap- pointments, and assumes the responsibility of the institution. ROBERT R, KNOWLES Robert R. Knowles, Superintendent Emeritus of the Sterling Public Schools and the Logan County High School sys- tem, is a graduate of Colorado Univer- sity, where he received his M.A. de- gree in Education in 1927. Information concerning Mr. Knowles has been pub- lished in " Who ' s Who in Colorado. " MERRITT H. PERKINS Mcrritt H. Perkins, vice president of the National Association of Governing Boards of State Educational Institu- tions, received his B.A. degree at Colo- rado University, and his Bachelor of Law degree from the Indianapolis Col- lege of Law, At Colorado University, Mr. Perkins was editor of the COLO- RADAN and a staff member of the SILVER and GOLD. Presiflenl loliert L StBarns 32 The Executive Council is the executive committee of the University Senate. It is composed of the President, the Deans of the colleges, and four other faculty members, two of whom are elected each year to serve for two years. The council has no power to enact permanent legislation, but it may formulate regulations which are referred to the Senate. It is a small group which can be called together quickly and easily by the President to decide upon emergency cases which arise at the University. MEMBERS Robert L. Stearns, President, Colorado University Philip G. Worcester, Dean of Graduate School Jacob Van Ek, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences C. L. Eckel, Dean, College of Engineering Edward C. King, Dean of the Law School Charles F. Poe, Dean, College of Pharmacy Rowland W. Dunham, Dean, College of Music Elmore Petersen, Dean, School of Business Mary-Ethel Ball, Dean of Women Harry G. Carlson, Dean of Men Clifford G. Houston, Dean of Students W. F. Dyde, Dean of Faculties, Prof, of Education Clifford A. Fines, Capt. USN, Prof, of Naval Science and Tactics Eugene H. Wilson, Director of Libraries, Director of Summer Quarter J. W. Broxon, Professor of Physics Charles A. Hutchinson, Head of Dept. and Prof, of Engi- neering Math. Earl C. Crockett, Chemistry Dept. and Prof, of Eco- nomics Calvin Grieder, Professor of Education Ralph Prator, Director of Admissions, Prof, of Education Carl W. Borgman, Head of Dept. of Chemical Engineer- ing F. D. Bramhall, Professor of Political Science Wayne S. Beattie, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Standing: Dean Rowland W. Dunham, Dean Charles F. Poe. Captain Clifford A. Fines, Dean Clifford G. Houston, Professor Earl C. Crockett, Eugene Wilson, Ralph Prator, Professor Charles A. Hutchinson, Professor J. W. Broxon, Professor Calvin Grieder. Front row: Dean Elmore Petersen, Dean W. F. Dyde, President Robert L. Stearns, Dean Harry G. Carlson, Dean Edward C. King, Dean C. L, Eckel. 33 Ol MARY-ETHEL BALL Dean of Women All features of women ' s life at the University, such as the welcoming and orientation program for freshman women, the relation of housing and health to the whole scholarship program, are under the general jurisdiction of Dean Mary-Ethel Ball. She is advisor to all major women ' s activities in- cluding the A. W. S., the University Women ' s Club, and the Panhellenic Council, and she is a member of the Committee on Student Organizations and Social Life. HARRY G. CARLSON Dean of Men The office of Dean Harry G. Carlson aids men students in a wide range of areas. Chief among these are part-time employment, the procurement of loans and housing accommodations, participation in extra-curricular activities, and academic counsel- ing. A man of deep understanding. Dean Carlson concerns himself with general student conduct doing much to prevent students from entering diffi- culty, and acts as the individual ' s attorney when- ever such difficulties are encountered. Dean Carl- son is also the Director of Athletics. " 34 " fr ' i ' in ' JM 1 Mioirs CLIFFORD G. HOUSTON Dean oi Students Mr. Houston ' s duties as Dean of Students re- quires a relationship with both the students and the various working bodies of the University. His work is coordinated with the offices of the Dean of Men and Dean of Women. Admissions, Testing, Counseling, Veterans Affairs, Placement, and Student Health. In the past, Mr. Houston has been the Dean of Summer School Quarter. FLORENCE SIMMONS Social Coordinator One of the formulators of the Social Coordi- nating Committee is Mrs. Florence Simmons, Co- ordinator of Social Affairs on campus. In order to give the students a well-rounded social life, social events are registered in her office and printed calendars of social events are published weekly for the purpose of coordinating all social activities at CU. R. FRED CHAMBERS Director of the Placement Bureau The office of Mr. Chambers, Placement Direc- tor, contacts educational institutions and business and industry. By acting as a liaison between the University, Government, and private enterprise, Mr. Chambers thus brings the institutions to- gether for the purpose of placing students in the positions of employment for which their college majors are directed. Incidental to the function of placement, the Bureau promotes a vocational ori- entation program for the students of the Univer- sity from the beginning of their college entrance to their senior year. HUGH E. McMILLEN Band Director Bringing acclaim upon his band and the Uni- versity again this year, Hugh E. McMillen. CU Band Director, has preserved the aggregation which he has developed and led. By coordinating his ability to work with individuals and groups, Mr. McMillen has shown, by the beautiful band displays at football games, that the CU marching band has what it takes. JOHN B. SCHOOLLAND Director oi Counseling Heading the counseling program for registra- tion is Mr. John B. Schoolland, who directs stu- dents to fields best suited for them by coordina- tion of interests and aptitude. Besides his duties of managing power division registration, Mr. Schoolland is interested in promoting ulty relationships. He is also an associate profes- sor in the department of psychology. RALPH L. CROSMAN Director of the College of Journalism Through the tireless efforts of Professor Ralph L. Crosman to improve the School of Journalism, it has since become nationally known. A man hard to equal. Professor Crosman is inspiring in the help which he gives toward the guidance of school publications. He is a man held in high esteem and authority througout the nation, because of his progressiveness and the ability to make success- ful any project which he might undertake. Pro- fessor Crosman is also the national president ot Kappa Tau Alpha, journalism honorary. 35 J. R. CHRISTOPHER Financial Manager of Non-Athletic A.S.U.C. Activities The office of Mr. Christopher supervises the financial activities for all non-athletic A.S.U.C. functions including all publications, and maintains records for these accounts. Mr. Christopher, who serves as a member of the A.S.U.C. Finance Com- mittee and as secretary of the Board of Publica- tions, advises in the preparation of budgets for functions such as Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and CU Days. RALPH PRATOR Director of Admissions Mr. Prator ' s office administers the regulations which govern entrance into the university. Through programs of high school visitation and advance circular information, an incoming stu- dent may become acquainted with the university, courses, and campus activities prior to his en- rollment. Mr. Prater also supervises the record- ing of all student records, and he is the chairman of the following committees: Freshman Week Committee, Committee on Residence, and the Un- dergraduate Scholarship Committee. 36 WILLIAM C. LAM Manager of Athletics " Kayo " Lam, the Business Manager of Athletics at Colorado University, is in charge of the staging of all home contests. His services are largely responsible for the extensive athletic activities on the campus. Upon his graduation from CU, " Kayo " worked with the Dean of Men for three years, and has since been the Athletic Business Manager. The success of the Uni- versity athletic program is largely due to the competence of his office workers and staiT. EUGENE WILSON Library Director Mr. Wilson, director of the Colorado Univer- sity libraries, has the ever important task of or- ganizing library facilities in order to fulfill the requirements of our growing student body. His position, not entirely limited to the campus, in- cludes the extension of library aid to the rural communities of Colorado. BLY E. CURTIS Manager and Chief Dietitian Ely E. Curtis, manager and chief dietitian of University dormitories and board facilities, dis- tinguishes herself and her administration by over- coming the food problems which are always a threat to board tables in the dormitories. Through the successful operation of the wartime Navy mess program at CU, her administration was cited by a Navy letter of Commendation. LEO V. ASPINWALL Director of Social Activities Mr. Aspinwall has the responsibility of form- ing a smooth flowing social calendar for the stu- dent body. He supervises all regulations govern- ing the many social activities on campus. His committee governs many club organizations, such as social, professional, and honorary fraternities and sororities. Mr. Aspinwall is also a member of the City Park and Planning Board, and professor of marketing. W. C. TOEPELMAN Director of Veterans Affairs The proper registration of veterans under the regulations of the University and the Veterans Administration is the duty of Mr. Toepelman. He and his staff provide all of the services enabling the returned veterans to obtain the maximum o7 the benefits given on the G. I. Bill. Mr. Toepel- man, a professor in the geology department, has been serving on two national committees consid- ering veteran problems on all colleg campuses. 37 Jacob Van Ek, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Gordon Alexander, Head of the Department of Biology J. G. Allen, Chairman of the Department of History R. G. Athearn, Instructor of History Isaac Bacon, Instructor of German R. E. Balch, Asst. Prof, of Pbys. Ed. for Men H. A. Bamman, Instructor of English V ' ' G. H. Barker, Asst. Prof, of Sociology Grace Bedell, Asst. in the College of Arts and Sciences Minnie Berueffy, Instructor of History Ruth Blair, Head of the Dept. of Home Economics F. D. Bramhall, Prof, of Political Science E. C. Crockett, Professor of Economics J. W. Broxon, Professor of Physics H. G. Carlson, Head of the Dept. of Pbys. Ed. for Men Paul Carter, Assoc. Prof, of English E. D. Crabb, Professor of Biology R. L. Crosman, Director of the School of Journalism R. A. Davis, Professor of Education P. M. Dean. Head of the Department of Chemistry Karl Dittmer, Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry P. S. Fritz, Asst. Prof, of History F. J. Geek, Assoc. Prof, of Fine Arts F. E. E. Germann, Professor of Chemistry C. B. Goodykoontz, Professor of History P. F. Guenther, Instructor of German Fritz Hoffman, Assoc. Prof, of History Helen B. Hulley Instructor of English R. K. McCombs Instructor of Physics K. K. Hulley Assoc. Prof, of Classics A. F. Mcgrew Head of the Dept. of Fine Arts Harriet Jeffery Asst. Prof, of Philosophy Marie Mehl Instructor of Education W. C. Lam Grad. Mgr. Asst. Prof, of Phys. Ed. for Men Joan Le Fant Instructor of Ro- mance Languages O. C. Lester Henrietta Loughran Professor of Physics Director of the School of Nursing 38 W. B. Pietenpol Frank Potts F. B. Prentup R, J. Rath Head of the Depart- Asst. Dit. of Dept. Asst. Prof, of Phys. Associate Professor went of Physics of Phys. Ed. Ed. for Men of History A thletics 6. G. Lumpkin Instructor of English Marjorie Reyburn Asst. Prof, ol English Department of Fine Arts Alden Megrew Head of Department Elizabeth Whetsel Boydt S. J. Bradley Dorothy Eisenbach Francis Geek Ann Jones Eleanor Lindstrom G. L. Markwart L. O. Merrill Clara Straight F. C. Trucksess Sarah Uffelman Department of Biology Gordon Alexander Head of Department C. R. Bitter Erik Bonde E. D. Crabb M. P. Douglass R. E. Gregg H. A. Harris E. R. Helwig Louise Hering Edna Johnson W. H. Jones-Burdick Margaret Kelsall J. W. Marr J. P. Maslin C. H. Norris R. W. Pennak Karl Raven Archie Roach F. Seydel. Jr. Robert Warner W. A. Weber H. K. Wilson Department of Chemistry Paul M. Dean Head of Department M. J. Arledge Arthur Begoon C. Beitelshees J. A. Biles Mrs. D. Blystad Rebecca Bown W. H. Breen J. B. Bruce Mrs. J. M. Britton Barbara Buchen Liberty Casali J. S. Chambers E. D. Cheney S. J. Cristol V. D. Croy L. Cunningham Dale Denham Karl Dittmer J. R. Douglass K. R. Eilar L. Farrell L. P. Ferris C. E. Fish K. A. Gagos H. J. Gerjovich F. E. E. Germann Goering I. Goodman ]. M. Guild D. L. Harms O. R. Harvey H N. L. Hause R. Heaney M. L. Hopwood L. E. Hummel W. E. Johnson S. Katsura M. Kershaw H. V. Kettering H. J, Klooster I. R. Lacher E. W. Lane K. R. Lea W. E. LeMay M. C. Lyddon H. C. McAfferty C. R. McMullen J. S. Meek C. C. Merrick R. T. Merrow H. W. Miller E. Mincher P. Newmark G. G. Olson J. D. Park B. J. Pearce C. F. Poe J. W. Ragsdale R. Ronald T. J. Schmierer W. G. Sexton C. M. Snow Mrs. C. Snow R. Steach V. Stiehl I. L. Swaync 0. J. Sweeting V. M. Temple S. C. Tobey D. K. Vail H. B. VanValkenburgh A. H. Voight 1. Wagoner G. Wakeham C. Walden H. F. Walton N. P. Witt Marjorie Zciger Department of Classics J. N. Hough K. K. Hulley W. M. Spackman D. Sutherland Department of Economics, Political Sci- ence, Anthropology and Sociology E. C. Crockett Chairman Feme Ammons G. H. Barker F. D. Bramhall Ralph Dakin V. DeLissovoy F. H. Douglas J. E. Dugan H. W. Ehrmann Charles Friday M. E. Garnsey j. H. Greenberg H. H. Higman R. H. Lister C. W. McGuire C. P. Malick W. H. Miernyk Earl Morris C. H. Reed L. C. Riethmayer E. L. Rose S. W. Salisbury F. A. Scholfield 0. C. Stewart G. W. Zinke Department of Education H. R. Douglass Head of Department S. V. Ballou D. C. Bartelma L. E. Belstrom G. R. Carlson E. R. Carr G. Comstock Mrs. B. Copper A. C. Cross R. A. Davis W. F. Dyde R. E. Fox Calvin Grieder C. G. Houston Mrs. I. E. Londen M. A. Mehl H. H. Mills M. Nakosteen A. I. Oliver Mrs. B. Oliver A. Palmer Ralph Prator S. A. Romine D. M. Sherman Huai Chin Sun Ta-Chun Teng L. Trolinger A. Unruh W. C. Wood Department of English Language Francis Wolle Chairman Dorothy Anderson H. A. Bamman William Battrick Mrs. M. BIythin Lucile Brady A. E. Brown Dorothy Brown G. R. Carlsen P. J. Carter J. H. Crouch M. H. Cruver Frances Dorrell D. M. Easton T. B. Fest L. P. Fleming T. A. Hanzo Mr. H. Hulley Mrs. F. Jameson A. H. Jones Marjorie Kimmerle Mrs. R. V. Knoettge A. E. Lambert Leslie Lewis B. G. Lumpkin 1. P. McKeehan W. B. Markward Anne Martin Roy C. Nelson Mrs. D. S. Ogilvy J. D. A. Ogilvy Marjorie Olson LaVonne Palmer R. A. Parry H. J. Pettit R. T. Prendeville R. S. Putney Marjorie Reyburn Margaret Robb F. C. Robinson Edna D. Romig Nan Salerno Elizabeth Spehar W. R. Starr Betty Stocks W. Sweetser E. W. Todd Mabel Van Duzee Robert Wallace Alexander Warner Marie Warner E. J. West W. M. Whitman Dudley Wynn Department of Geology W. Thompson Assistant Head of Department Frances Demuth G. D. Eraser O. Gates A. Goldstein. Jr. M. L. Griffitts H. A. Hoffmeister V. Holbert Z. M. Hunter Tim K. Kelley H. E. Koerner M. I. Loeffler W. W. Longley F. Moore E. W. Ott W. C. Peters C. S. Robinson W. C. Toepelman E. E. Wahlstrom L. A. Warner W. J. Weatherbie Department of History James G. Allen Head of Department Robert G. Athearn Mrs. Minnie G. Berueflfy Percy Buchanan Percy S. Fritz C. B. Goodykoontz Fritz L. Hoffman R. J. Rath Charlotte Stevenson Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thompson Department of Home Economics Ruth Blair Head of Department Hazel Fehlmann E. Josephine Looney Edith Ouine Ura M. Reithmayer J. B. Schoolland Dir. of Counseling Assoc. Prof, of Psych. Glen Wakeham Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry P. G. Schroeder Professor of German R. E. Warner Professor of Ro- mance Languages O. C. Stewart Asst. Professor of Anthropology E. J. West Assoc. Prof, of English Clara Straight Instructor of Fine Arts Therese S. Wester- meier Assoc. Prof, of German F. C. Trucksess Professor of Fine Arts C. G. Vavra Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Ed. for Men N. F. Witt L. R. Wolfe Assoc. Profe ssor of Instructor of Fine Chemistry Arts W. B. Veazie Professor of Philosophy P. G. Worcester Dean of the Grad- uate School A. H. Voight Instructor of Chemistry James Ycager Professor of Phys. Ed. for Men 39 III Department of Journalism Ralph L. Crosman Head oi Department O. M. Carlson Zell F, Mabee F. A. Pruett A. Gayle Waldrop Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Stuart Cuthbertson Head of Department Isaac Bacon Mrs. Miriam Bainer Jacques Baron-Rousseau Mrs. L. Bellamy Augusto Centemo Mary M. Champlain Simon Chavez Luis Cortes Roy A. Cox Paul L. Faye Paul F. Guenther Andre Job Alfred H. Jones Mrs. Kate Kempner Mrs. Joan LeFant Mrs. Jean Loeffter Gerhard Loose Charles Mckinley Pauline Marshall C. Y. Meade R. L. Moloney R. L. Morgenroth Mrs. T. Ostroumova Vaudau P. Pierce J. P. Redick Carlos Robaina G. A. C. Scherer P. G. Schroeder Huai-Chin Sun Bernice Udick Olive Vivian R. E. Warner Mrs. T. S. Westermeier Rosetta B. Wolcott Anne Wuest Department of Mathematics A. J. Kempner Head ol Department Mrs. L. Arnett H. Bartram Mrs. G. Cheney G. A. Culpepper A. B. Farnell B. Hunt Mrs. D. S. Hunt C. Kendall D. V. Kettering H, J. Klooster T. L. Lawrence Mrs. M. Meadoff W. S. Musgrove R. F. Reeves F. Stribic School of Nursing Henrietta Loughran Head oi Department Julia Anderson Pearl Coulter Frances Dunfield Dorothy Knowles Irene Murchison Department of Philosophy W. B. Veazie Head oi Department Joseph Cohen David Hawkins Harriet Jcffery E. J. Machle Bertram Morris Department of Physics W. B. Pietenpol Head of Department D. E. Billings J. M. Blair H. W. Boehmer J. W. Broxon J. M. Cleveland W. L. Erickson Hazel Haynie C. T. Hibdon H. C. Hoyt H. Hunter L. A. Kalal O. C. Lester V. P. Lubovich R. K. McCombs C. F. Mayer W. O. Roberts P. C. Walz Department of Psychology K. F. Muenzinger Head of Department S. Caplan A. W. Heyer T. H. Howells H. H. Kendler Dorothy Martin Mrs. H. M. Nelson L. I. O ' Kelly H. E. Reynolds Dr. J. B. Schoolland Ruth Tupes Department of Physical Education for Men H. G. Carlson Head of Department Roland Balch Paul Bradley F. B. Cox T. G. Kuzma W. C. Lam Dan Partner Frank Potts F. B. Prentup C. G. Vavra James Yeager Department of Physical Education for Women Clare Small Head of Department Frances Bascom Mary Becker Helga Froid Charlotte Irey Katherine Ley Joan Martin. Virginia Rich Peggy Tague Joyce Templin Edna Willis Dorothy Wolfrom Nellie Yeager C. L. Eckel Dean of the College of Engineering C. K. Arnold Instructor of Engi- neering English George Dobbins Asst. Professor of Eng. Drawing J. F. Barker Instructor of Engi- neering English J. R. Britton Assoc. Prof, of Engineering Math. D. L. Barrick Instructor of Engi- neering Math. D. M. Carlson Instructor of Civil Engineering F. S. Bauer Head of the Dept. of Eng. Drawing C. F. Carpenter Instructor of Eng. Drawing L. A. Bingham Prof, of Electrical Engineering F. J. Casey Instructor of Engineering Math. W. O. Birk Head of the Dept. of Eng. English Amy L. Coats Instructor of Engineering Math. 40 Aeronautical Engineering K. D. Wood Head of Department F. P. Durham F. W. Howells Phillip E. Moore Harold W. Sibert Chemical Engineering B. E. Lauer Acting Head ol Department S. R. Crooks Charles H. Prien Martha M. Suarez William W. Wolf Civil and Architectural Engineering Warren Raeder Head ol Department D. M. Carlson Lee W. Crandall W. W. DeLapp R. L. Downing Mrs. Helen Erickson C. C. Klemme, Jr. R. E. Leffel Richard Leonard A. J. McNair Jack Maguire W. L. Menoher L. C. Novak E. T. Punshon R. E. Rathburn R. C. Rautenstraus Cameron Smith W. L. Sutherland W. H. Thoman Terry Triffet Electrical Engineering W. C. DuVall Head oi Department J. H. Andrews L. A. Bingham F. A. Eastom G. E. Gless W. J. Hanna R. D. Isaak J. F. Johnston C. M. McCormick G. J. Maler L. J. Mason H. B. Palmer S. I. Pearson Dorothy Ruddell M. J. Smith H. A. Thompson J. C. Twombly T. E. Usher Piatt Wicks W. G. Worcester Engineering Drawing and Machine Design F. S. Bauer Head ol Department F. R. Berry W. F. Brubaker C. F. Carpenter Richard Crawford G. S. Dobbins L. E. Eaton E. K. Hartzell R. L. Hightower W. F. Jemison R. M. Laughlin R. M. Oliver V. C. Parker J. E. Woodworth Engineering English W. O. Birk Head of Department C. K. Arnold J. F. Barker P. R. Bennett W. W. Graham H. W. Hawk H. H. Kelley R. E. Kilbride W. S. Nyland R. F. Scott Ena B. Shaw P. V. Thompson Helen Trevethick Engineering Experiment Station Frederick A. Rohrman Director L. W. Beattie B. W. Beers T. M. Bickford E. Gibbons G. R. Glaser, Jr. C. A. Hutchinson Laura Jensen R. T. Koenig D. G. Kretsinger William Love, Jr. Dean E. McFeron Carl F. Mayer Gene Noce Eugene Nooker C. H. Prien W. P. Reeves J. K. Sheppard W. B. Strobel Donald Stuewe R. K. Wilson R. E. Woodward Engineering Mathematics Charles A. Hutchinson Head of Department D. L. Barrick G. R. Beck J. R. Britton F. J. Casey Mrs. Amy L, Coats E. H. Eggert F. H. Gades T. L. Gawf R. H. Glass G. W. Gregg E. W. Grigs LeRoy Holubar P. F. Hultquist C. L. Karrass S. M. Kipp, Jr. V. J. Moore W. K. Nelson L. C. Snively M. E. Sperline K. H. Stahl E. P. Tovani W. W. Varncr T. F. Wagner Mrs. L. C. Walters V. O. Walters Mrs. P. W. Wiegand Mechanical Engineering W. S. Beattie Head of Department B. T. Arnberg R. F. Brown A. R. Deschere D. E. McFeron W. F. Mallory Jeanne O ' Neill t. M. Ritter B. H. Spurlock C A. Wagner E. E Weibel ' ■Hi BI HH HEkJ Jill ■■» HBl ll agii W. W. DeLapp Asst. Prof, of Civil Engineering D. E. McFeron Instructor of Me- chanical Engineering C. H. Prien As ' it. Prof, of Chemical Engineering R. L. Downing Prof, of Civil Engineering L. E. Eaton Instructor of Eng. English E. H. Eggert Instructor of Eng. Math. A. J. McNair W. F. Mallory P. F. Moore Assoc. Prof, of Civil Prof, of Mechanical Asst. Prof, of Aero. Engineering Engineering Engineering Warren Raeder Head of the Dept. of Civil Engr. F. A. Rohrman Exec. Director of the Exp. Station H. W. Sibert Prof, of Aeronauti- cal Engineering H. W. Hawk Instructor of Engi- neering English W. K. Nelson Assoc. Prof. Eng. Math. M. E. Sperline Instructor of Engr. Math. P. F. Hultquist H. H. Kelley Instructor of Eng. Asst. Prof, of Eng. Math. English W. S. Nyland V. C. Parker Assoc. Prof, of Eng. Instructor of Eng. English Drawing E. P. Tovani C. A. Wagner Asst. Prof, of Engi- Asst. Prof, of Me- neering Math. chanical Engr. W. J. Love Instructor of Me- chanical Engineering S. I. Pearson Asst. Prof, of Electrical Engr. 41 School of Law Edward C. King Head of Department William Berg, Jr. Lawrence DeMuth W. O. DeSouchet Ben S. Galland J. W. Hawley C. O. Martz A. W. Scott. Jr. F. P. Storke E. C. King Dean ot the Law School B. S. Galland Professor of Law K. D. A. Allen Asst. Prof, of Radiology Dr. Cotter Hirschberg Resident Psycliiatrist A. R. Buchanan W. E. Clapper Prof, of Anatomy Asst. Prof, in the Dept. of Bacteri- ology Dr. Harriet Hunter Frode Jensen Asst. Dir. of Dir. of Off. of Grad. Psychiatric Post Grad. Ed. Liaison Dept. Frank Princi Dir. Dept. of Ind. Medicine Dr. E. A. Schmidt Chief Radiologist Dr. J. V. Coleman Director of Out- patient Department Dr. B. C. Lewis Head of the Dept. of Biochemistry Richard Thompson Head of the Dept. of Bacteriology R. W. Danielson Prof, of Ophthal- mology Dr. J. M. Lyon Director of the Psychiatric Liaison Dept. I. E. Wallin Head of the Dept. of Anatomy Dr. Franklin G. Ebaugh Professor of Psychiatry J. B. McNaught Head of the Dept. of Pathology Dr. J. J. Waring Head of the Dept. of Medicine J. M. Foster. Jr. Professor of Surgery E. R. Mugrage Head of the Clinical Pathology Dept. A. H. Washburn Dir. of Child Re- search Council 42 H. H. Gordon Prof, of Pediatrics R. M. Mulligan Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Pathology R. W. Whitehead Head of the Dept. of Physiology Pharmacy to rnniy Ward Darley Director of the Medical Center Dean of the School of Medicine Faculty Pharmacy )■ Charles F. Poe Dean P. J. Batson Jack N. Bone E. C. Christensen Fred Drommond Edward Grinnell Harold C. Heim J. R. McCowan Ramona Parkinson J. A. Pierce R. F Smith Charles F. Poe Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dr. H. C. Heim Asst. Prof, of Pharmacy Ramona Parkinson Instructor of Pharmacy 43 ri L. V. Aspinwall Assoc. Prof, of Marketing W. B. Franklin Prof, of Business Law V. S. Curry Asst. Prof, of Accounting J. L. Frascona Asst. Prof, of Business Law J. M. Griest F. R. Niehaus Assoc. Prof, of Prof, of Finance Finance M. B. Davies Assoc. Prof, of Statistics C. G. Fullerton Professor of Accounting Maynard Peck Asst. Prof, of Marketing Berton Coffin Asst. Prof, of Music Lawrence Hart - P- Henrich Asst. Prof, of Piano Instructor of Clarinet Gordon Kinney Asst. Prof, of Music Hugh McMillan Assoc. Prof, of Music Mildred Coffin Instructor of Voice Horace Jones Professor of Violin Randall Spicer Asst. Dir. of tlie Band R. W. Dunham Dean of the Music School Faculty Business School Elmore Peterssn Dean of the Business School W. H. Allen W. T. Anderson Lucille Link Otis Lipstreu F. K. Bangs W. L. Paddock D. R. Beeson R. K. Pinschmidt Helen Borland J. W. Reese P. R. Emmett M. F. Schmidt K. H. Foote H. F. Stagner Mrs. C. F. Hoskins Harry E. Steflen W. H. Hyde T. Terrell, Jr. H. W. Kendrick Robert E. Wasley Charles Lawrence W. P. Wesley, Jr. r Music School Storm Bull p. R. McDonnell William Carter Wallace Neill Robert Casey Robert Organ R. B. Coffin Paul Parmelee Dulcie DeVol Howard Waltz Rex E. Fair N. A. Wehrle Alexander Grant Margaret Whitaker E. J. Hilty Max Williamson Warner Imig 44 The Extension Division, directed by A. C. Cross, is an agency of the University which considers the state as its campus. Composed of nine departments, the Division ' s activities reach into every county and most communities in the state. Among the different departments, the Bureau of High School Counseling and Accreditation helps high schools to develop and maintain educational programs sufficiently high to merit official recognition by the University. The Bureau of Correspondence Instruction arranges for consultation courses, conducts spelling exami- nations on the campus, and carries on instruction by mail. The Bureau of Class Instruction and General Adult Education manages off-campus classes, and also conducts non-credit courses. For the approximate two thousand students that are registered in Extension classes, forty-eight full-time extension staff members, in addition to two hundred twenty- five part time instructors, are required to carry on the work of the Division of University Extension. A. C. CROSS Director of the Extension Division 45 The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Colorado has been training college men to serve as reserve officers in the Navy since 1941. During the war, graduates of this unit were commis- sioned and served on active duty with fleet and shore stations. On a peacetime level the students, who elect to join the corps, take their training as a part of their college curriculum. Upon graduation, if the high physical and mental standards set forth by this program are main- tained by the students, they are able to receive a commission in the United States Naval Reserve. OFFICERS Clifford A. Fines, Capt. USN, Commanding Officer Charles G. Kirkpatrick, Commander, USN Lewis W. Chick, Lt. Commander, USN A. P. Colvin, Lt. Commander, USN Robert R. Dupzyk, Lt. Commander, USN John W. Simcock, Lt. Commander, USN William F. Fry, Capt., USMC ENLISTED MEN Clarence R. Barger, CQM, USN Donovan B. Browning, CFC, USN Jack B. Cook, Master Sgt., U SMC Henry E. Dobiesz, COM, USN Luther Dwan, CY, USN Robert J. Freedy, SOMl, USN George E. Lackey, CBM, USN John T. Morrissey, CY, USN Paul E. Papish, CSK, USN Back row, left to right: John T. Morrissey, Robert J. Freedy, Clarence R. Barger, Henry E. Dobiesz. Fifth row: Donovan B. Browning, Jack B. Cook, Luther Dwan, Fourth row: William F. Fry, John W. Simcock. Third row: Robert R. Dupzyk, Lewis W. Chick. Second row: Charles G. Kirkpatrick, A. P. Colvin. Front row: Clifford A. Fines. .i 46 LOU ROVIRA i S, i, I t t With the furthering of the University Memorial Center program as perhaps its major project of the year, the ASUC commission moved through a progressive year in 1947-48. Commission-sponsored committees pushed a successful stu- dent fund campaign which will be highly important to the realization of UMC in the near future. ASUC took another significant step forward through its affiliation with the National Students Association, a nation- wide organization of college student bodies. Other projects included a share-the-ride plan, an honors system correlated with a faculty-rating plan, investigation into the housing sit- uation, and general campus safety conditions, including fire and traffic precautions. Back TOW, left to right: Joan Willis, Virginia Kasdorf, Carol Cox, Bill Maikovich, Jack Hunt, Kenneth Huston, Al Fiedler, Joanne MacFarlane. Middle row: Len Perlmutter, Jane Briscoe, Nancy Lee, Lou Rovira, Helen Bigelow, Jo Holden. Front row: Bob Carr, Lloyd Turner, Bill Eaton, Pete Franklin. 47 L 8. i, I NANCY LEE, AL FIEDLER OFFICERS Lou Rovira President Al Fiedler Vice-president Nancy Lee Secretary COMMISSIONERS Helen Bigelow Al Fiedler Jean Hawkins Jo Holden Ken Houston Jack Hunt Dick Mulhern Joanne McFarland Len Perlmutter Joan Willis John Zisch EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Pete Franklin Lloyd Turner Carol Cox Virginia Kasdorf Jane Briscoe Bud Theis Bill Maikovich Bob Carr George Scott Left to right: Joanne MacFarlane, Nancy Lee. Ken Houston, Len Perlmutter. 48 Back row, left to right: Nancy Lee, Barbara Carlson, Joyce Robinson, Kathy Butto, Joan Willis, Ruth Healer. Caroline Smith, Virginia Wachob. Second row: Jo Holden, Harriet Jeffery, Jane Briscoe, Tracy Westermeier, Nancy Strader, Anne Seyler. Front row: Janet Schemmel, Alice Goalby, Nancy Sabin, Jeanne Berreau. OFFICERS Jane Briscoe President Nancy Strader Vice-president Anne Seyler Secretary Jeanne Berreau Treasurer Mary Ethel Ball, Harriet Jeffery, Theresa Westermeir Sponsors Senate, the executive and judicial body of the Associ- ated Women Students of the University of Colorado, is composed of the elected officers of the AWS and ex-officio members consisting of other wromen ' s campus organiza- tions. From the constitution, power is delegated to the Sen- ate — together with the House of Representatives — to amend and enact the by-laws ; however, not all of the group ' s activities are confined to legislative and judicial actions. With the guidance of faculty women, it governs the social and scholastic activities of each woman student. MEMBERS Barbara Carlson Chairman of Orientations Jo Holden Chairman of Loan Fund Kathy Butto Chairman of Housing Joyce Robinson Chairman of Activities Nancy Lee Social chairman Helen Bigelow Vocational chairman Nancy Sabin Independent representative Caroline Smith Panhellenic president Alice Goalby YWCA president Ruth Bealer Wowen ' s club president Virginia Wachob Spur president Janet Schemmel WAA president JANE BRISCOE, DEAN BALL Back row, left to right: Alice Goalby, Gerry Rubin, Lettybelle Ganatta, Joan Willis. Marianne Killiam, Dona Dryden, Nancy Carroll, and Marjorie Grove. Second row : Patsy Wolf, Barbara Schlesinger, Carol Packard, Nancy Strader, Marilyn Ruddy, Marjorie Pryor, Delores Stutheit, Rena Vassar, and Kay Brownne. Front row: Polly Malovrh, Judy Allen, Kathy Ryan. 49 OFFICERS Nancy Strader Speaker Carol Packard Secretary Marilyn Ruddy Publicity chairman District I Marjorie Grove Barbara Schlesinger District II Carol Packard Jean Fortna Ellie Eakins District III Kathy Ryan Polly Malovrh District IV Nan Carroll Louise Moosdorf Dona Dryden District V Marianne Killian Lettybelle Ganatta Gerry Rubin MEMBERS District VI Ann Coblentz Betsy Wolf Margy Thayer District VII Kay Brownne Judy Allen Dormitory Representatives Alice Goalby Delores Stutheit Cathy Butto Rena Vassar Marilyn Ruddy Joan Willis Marjorie Pryor The House of Representatives is one of the two legis- lative bodies that govern the Associated Women Students of the university. It works in cooperation with the Sen- ate. Delegates are appointed or elected from sororities and independent students in equal numbers from six ap- portioned districts. The legislative function of the House of Representatives is to enact and amend the by-laws in coordination with the Senate. Members of the House, representing their respective groups of women, are re- sponsible for instilling a spirit of honor and loyalty to the ideals of the Associated Women Students and the uni- versity. NANCY STRADER 50 I I I OFFICERS Bill Maikovich President Tony Ray Vice president Bonnie Forsberg Secretary Natalie Coursen Treasurer Lloyd Turner A.S.U.C. Commissioner Ken Huston Publicity Chairman A. J. McNair, B. S. Galland, Gerald Schofield Sponsors BILL MAIKOVICH The Independent Students Association attempts to guide a social and athletic program, which includes all phases of entertainment in student life, for all students who are not affiliated with Greek social organizations. Last fall, the ratification of a new and revised constitution was accomplished, in order that the organization be made more efficient in administrative policy and more flexible in its program for student participation. To further student recreation, establishment of a social activity fee program is under way, in which entertainment amounting up to twenty dollars on a fee card will cost only one dollar per quarter. Left to right: A. J. McNair, Natalie Coursen, Bill Maikovich, Tony Ray, Bonnie Forsberg. 51 JOHN ATWOOD OFFICERS John Atwood President EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jo Schwalbe, Don Eikner, Gene Grieshaber The Combined Engineers is comprised of all students who are enrolled in the College of Engineering. The executive council is made up of four seniors who hold office for a term of one year. The Combined Engineers publishes the " Colorado Engineer " magazine ; meets in the fall at the Applefest; presents in the winter the Engineers ' Ball; and holds Engineers Day every spring. The purpose of this organization is to coordinate the activities of the engineers and to sponsor functions dedicated to their interests. Left to right: Gene Grieshaber, Jo Schwalbe, John Atwood, Don Eikner. V ■ f m. V 52 OFFICERS John Dickinson President John Morrow Vice-president D. J. McCusker Secretary Nancy Lee Treasurer JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Bill Smith, Lloyd Sugaski, Ed Kendig Dean Elmore Petersen Sponsor JOHN DICKINSON The governing body of the School of Business is the Business School board of directors, which is composed of four seniors and three junior representatives. This year the Board revised their constitution to meet with the present activities of the Business school. Besides planning the annual " Fall Frolic " jeans party and spring formal for all business students, the Board holds a spring banquet where the outstanding business man of the year is presented the business award. The Board also schedules planned convocations, featuring prominent businessmen to speak on all phases of business to students of the school. Back row, left to right: Bill Smith, Lloyd Sugaski, John Morrow, Ed Kendig. Front low: D. J. McCusker, Dean Elmore Petersen, Nancy Lee, John Dickinson. EDITOR: PEGGY BROWN • m f 57 28. !« ' ' jloveiiiber ' %. C ' »!J s= « ° ' " - ,,ccd -« r -- " ' s ' ' a " ' ° tuiTJi o- , ' „s are alien- 15 a JVov se ' ' ■ ' 9«7 ■ ' c; " „r the 8. " seieo- ' y,er 0 " „ose llu " ' I ' or " " " X " o " „ t •■ Q ' " ' -e 1 -» led, -P J ' , ' nope d° ,pper s car.p = ' ■ ' J 58 59 ?P-. 60 61 62 l P ' ' ' WT II B ' -i ' r ' % ' ' ' - ' 7Sjm ' - - ' " ' -f lf ' ea EDITOR: ALICE GOALBY 68 TAU BETA PI OFFICERS Frank Spindler President James Hagen - Vice-president Glen Lambertson Corresponding secretary Don Gregg Recording secretary A. R. Deschere Treasurer A. J. McNair Cataloger ADVISORY BOARD Dean C. L. Eckel R. L. Downing F. P. Durham R. F. Brown J. C. Twombly MEMBERS Robert W. Arnett John M. Atwood Marion K. Burk James Chinn William T. Collier Bowman C. Collins Pete Coloff Howard M. Crow Keith H. Dearth J. Gordon Dille G. Sterling Dunbar Edward M. Emery John F. Falkenberg Edgar H. Gibbons Donald B. Gregg Eugene R. Grieshaber Russel F. Groesbeck Cecil E. Gyger James F. Hagen Charles E. Hall Walter R. Hyma Clair H. Iverson Willis B. Johnson David K. Johnston Orvil R. Jones Kenneth W. Jones Glen R. Lambertson Jack Lord Lawrence R. Mann Warren S. Marshall Paul F. Massier Sanford N. McDonnell Ralph W. Merritt Stanley C. Miller, Jr. Russell A. Nidey Melvin E. Norby Arch F. Nuttall Harold S. Oakes, Jr. Richard L. Robb Lloyd R. Rose Robert R. Rose Joseph K. Soldat Francis E. Spindler Edward G. Sprague Eugene E. Strief Donald F. Thompson William K. Vanderwilt Stanley J. Vogelsang, Jr. Claude E. Waddell Robert M. Wood Frederick O. Woodsome, Jr. George F. Woodward Back row, left to right: G. S. Dunbar, W. T. Collier, Pete Coloff, S. J. Vogelsang, K. W. Jones, C. E. Hall, Jack Lord, C. E. Gyger, H. S. Oakes, L. R. Mann, James Chinn, J. G. Dille. Second row: J. K. Soldat, F. O. Woodsome, S. C. Miller, G. F. Woodward, M. K. Burk, W. K. Vanderwilt, R. F. Groesbeck, J. F. Falkenberg, E. H. Gibbons, E. R. Grieshaber, J. M. Atwood, K. H. Dearth. Third row: W. S. Marshall, R. W. Merritt, D. B. Gregg, G. R. Lambertson, F. E. Spindler, J. F. Hagen, H. M. Crow, S. N. McDonnell, W. R. Hyma, O. R. Jones. Front row: A. F. Nuttall, R. M. Wood, E. M. Emery, E. F. Thompson, C. E. Waddell, P. F. Massier, W. B. Johnson, M. E. Norby. f f A 69 PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS Frank E. E. Germann President Claribel Kendall Secretary-treasurer Jack Ogilvy First Vice-president FACULTY MEMBERS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS Vivian M. Bardwell Harlan Bartram Frederick Bramhall Laura Bellamy James W. Broxon Roy Alan Cox Albert E. Brown George Creamer Stanley Cristol James E. Dugan Albert B. Farnell Percy S. Fritz Benjamin S. Galland Frank E. E. Germann Colin B. Goodykoontz Richard Gregg Louis Bering Fritz Hoffman Paul Hultquist Horace Jones Patricia Keeler Claribel Kendall John Lacher Leslie L. Lewis Vernon Loughran Vladimar de Lissovoy Rollin K. McCombe Pauline Marshall John S. Meek Earl Morris Mrs. Helen Nelson Charles H. Norris Jack Ogilvy Mrs. Dorothy S. Ogilvy Joseph F. Redick Marjorie Reyburn Benjamin Robinson Mrs. Edna Davis Romig Paul G. Schroeder Robert L. Stearns Omer C. Stewart Betty Stocks Frederick Storke Donald Sutherland Ida L. Swane Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thomson Helen Trevithick John Paul Trevithick Mabel Van Duzee John F. Wagner Benjamin Robinson Alvin Weinberger Floyd Walters Lawrence A. Warner Edward J. West Patrick Westfelt Francis Wolle Philip G. Worcester Erik Kauffman Bonde David Frederick Bramhall Wilda Underwood Brown Barbara Nell Burns Charles Franklin Damon Vladimir De Lissovoy Shirley Dinner Ruth Alice Hagan Jessamine Padgett Haney Jane Mellor Hardy Norman Lawrence Hause Hazel Thomas Hayne SPRING QUARTER, 1947 Nancy Catharine Holtzman Walter Arnold Huttner Charlotte Leona Johnson Raymond Cobb Johnson William Bret Kelly Nancy Jane King Edith Irene Kissock Jame Emerson Lawson Mary Joan Lillengren Marilyn Jane Love Hariette Ewing Lutz Robert Packard Martin Elaine Bush Merritt Margaret Mae Mills Martha Mae Newell Wendell Clarence Overhults Robert Ward Riley Charles Haynes Robertson Ruth Isabel Robinson Xenia Mae Stanley Harold William Stevenson Dorothy Doris Stoudt Marion Blanche Wood FALL QUARTER, 1948 Phyllis Vanderhoof Alderman James Arthur Bjustrom Eileen Davis Irene Olson Dempsey Richard Fitzhugh Richard Micael Fleming Marcia McWilliams Donald Lloyd Opdyke Irene Watts Smyth Carol Ruth Wenzel Loretta Mae Wirick SENIORS 70 ■ r 4 fc - - T ' fm-- ■ r-- " fl| Rv ■IF m 1 [ z: I V ' .n» " ' ' 1 V n , 1 I I " 1 1 1 |y Hk C 1 -c H I 1 1 1 E Sf " M s 1 1 f 1 B ■ 1 fed 1 ■ r H 1 Ej ' it v 1 Back row, left to right: Nancy Lee, Mary Alice Chambers, Nancy Strader, Helen Bigelow. Front row: Joyce Robinson, Miss Ball, Jane Eroddy, Mrs. Curtis, Miss Emmett. OFFICERS Jane Eroddy President Joyce Robinson Vice-president Carolyn Smith Secretary Nancy Lee Treasurer SPONSORS Dean Mary-Ethel Ball Mrs. Bly E. Curtis Miss Persis Emmett Mrs. Robert L. Stearns || " li H ■ m i Wi lWl P ll—i i ll iM UM i i ii n i MORTAR BOARD I MEMBERS Helen Bigelow Mary Alice Chambers Jane Eroddy Nancy Lee Joyce Robinson Jo Anne Schwalbe Caroline Smith Nancy Strader SENIORS 71 Back row, left to right: Robert Lopci, Maaiicc Reilly. Uiciiard Bcidleman, Albert Fiedler, Harry McMillan, Walter Koelbel. Front row: Donald Cieber, Lou Dods. Val de Lissovoy, Tony Ray, Mr. Franklin, Ralph Merritt. OFFICERS Vladimir de Lissovoy President Lou Dods Vice-president Anthony Ray Secretary-treasurer W. B. Franklin Sponsor MEMBERS Actives Donald Cieber Lou Dods Albert Fiedler Walter Koelbel Robert Loper Harry McMillan Ralph Merritt Anthony Ray Maurice Reilly Graduate Richard Beidleman Nathan Blumberg Vladimir de Lissovoy 72 SENIORS HI ' 4 HHLi: ' ' 1 i H H i 1 9W .--tNlClS dJl H ' n SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jack Elliot President Barbara Ward Vice-president Frank Spindler Secretary Patty Fitz Treasurer Abrassart, Chester P. — Arts and Sciences; Vin- cennes, Indiana : Intra- murals ; Newman Club. Arts and Sciences; Du buque , Iowa; W A A YWCA; Delta Gamma. Searcy, Arkansas; ISA, 23 Club; University Nurses Association. Adams. Barbara Ann — Adams, Mary — Nursing; Adolph. Ruth — i4rfs and Ahlquist, Audrey — Arts Ainbinder, Howard — Arts o r.__ r. . _ _ , t n A Sciences ; Rochester, New and Sciences; Ferdig, and Sciences; Brooklyn, York; Canterbury Club; Montana; ASUC, Secre- New York; Coloradan; University Women ' s tary ; AWS; Creative Hillel, Vice-president; Club; YWCA, Writers ' Club ; CU Days, Ethnic Minorities ; Home- Homecoming ; Hesperia; coming ; IZFA ; S G ; Psi Miss CU ' s Court; S G ; Chi, President; Phi Ep- Social Life, Editor: Uni- silon Phi; Ski Club; Phi versity Women ' s Club. Sigma Delta. Akers, Charles H. — En- Akers, Harold B. — En- Akin, Eunice — Arts and Alexander, Helen — Arts Allen, George E., Jr. — Allison, Margaret Louise gine; Cleveland Heights, gme ; Boulder, Colorado ; Sciences; Phoenix, Ari- and Sciences: Trinidad, Engine: Colorado — 4r(s and Sciences • Pa- it._. yic- -c- . Di... -... o. t - zona; Coloradan. Art Colorado : Phi Chi Delta, Springs, Colorado; onia. Colorado: Univer- StaS ; Equestrian Club; Secretary: University AIEE ; Air National sity Women ' s Club. Delta Phi Delta; Worn- Women ' s Club. Guard: Bonhomme Club; en ' s Club. Newman Club. Ohio; ASCE: Blue Key; Sigma Chi. SAE. • Mr, President " is a fitting title for Jack Elliot, who has added the Presidency of the Senior Class to that of ASCE. Arringdale, Allen J. — Pharmacy; Laramie, Wyoming; Jr.A.Ph.A. Atwood, John M. — Engine; Loveland. Colorado; AICE ; ASUC ; Alpha Chi Sigma: Band; Combined Engineers, President ' ; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Student Personnel Council; Tau Beta Pi ■ Phi Kappa Tau. Bach, Elaine J. — Arts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois; Social Coordinating Committee; Senate Social Committee; Student Personnel Council; Alpha Omicron Pi. Bachmann, Ruth C. — Arts and Sciences; Detroit Lakes, Minne- ?, " •!, C ' ' t ' v Artists Guild; Hiking Club; Spanish Club; Window; Intramurals. Bachus, Ralph E. — Arts and Sciences; Alamosa, Colorado- Ski Club. Baker, Charles ■p. —Engine; Tallahassee, Florida; Phi Kappa Baldwin, Bebe Jean— Music: Kingsdown, Kansas; Girls ' Chorus; University Choir; Alpha Delta Pi. " au belt ' " ' ' ' • " « ' " - Portland, Oregon; ASME; Delta SENIORS Alpert, Theodore Robert — Pharmacy : Westhamp- ton. New York; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; C Club; Varsity Baseball. Anderson, Burton R. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; Colorado Engineer; Eta Kappa Nu ; Intramu- rals; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Anderson, Donald Albert — Engine; Denver, Colo- rado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Intramurals; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Anderson, Richard L. — Engine; Jamestown, New York; AIEE. Anderson, Robert R. — Engine; Haxtun, Colorado. Andrews, Seward L. — Engine; GuJnare, Colorado. Appelbaum, Morton H. — Arts and Sciences ; Brooklyn, New York. Armstrong, Alma Marie — Arts and Sciences; Cam- eron, Illinois ; Inter-Churcb Council; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. Arnett, Eugene V. — Business ; South Pasadena. California ; Colorado Engineer; Dodo; Silver and Gold; Phi Kappa Tau. Arnold, Sarah Esther — Arts and Sciences; Jack sonville, Florida; Kappa Delta. x 73 1 SENIORS 74 Bartholomew, R. Burdett — Arts and Sciences; Lebanon, Nebraska. Bauer, Mary Alice — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Tau Delta. Baughman, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado ; Orchestra ; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; Wesley Foundation. Baumgartner, Richard W. — Business; Scottsbluff, Nebraska; S.A.E. A lasting contribution to campus organiza- tion was made by Barbara Ward as one of the first members of the Social Coordi- nating Committee. Bealer, Ruth Ann — Arts and Sciences; Morrison, Illinois; Physical Education Major Club; Sen- ate ; Student Personnel Council ; University Women ' s Club, President; W.A.A. Bell, Donald M. — Business; Denver, Colorado; C Club; Golf; Pi Kappa Alpha. Bell, Celia — Arts and Sciences; Harrison, Arkan- sas; Home Economics Club; Kappa Phi; W.A.A. ; Alpha Omicron Pi. Bell, Richard E. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Phi Delta Theta. Bell, Shirley — Engine; Casper, Wyoming; AIEE ; French Club; Little Theater Plays; Hiking Club; Phi Chi Delta; Players Club; Pi Mu Epsilon. Bender, Virginia B. — Arts and Sciences; Welling- ton, Colorado; Delta Phi Alpha; French Club; University Women ' s Club ; Valkyrie. Benton, Field Clay — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Sigma Chi. Benzing, Francis E. — Pharmacy; Oswego, New York; Jr. A. Ph. A., Treasurer. Bergman, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado: AWS Vaudeville; CU Days; Panhellenic; S G; Window. Business Manager; YWCA; Kappa Kappa Gamma. President. Bernzen, George Goss — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nut Secretary. Bessol, Peter V. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder. Colorado. Best, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Phoenix. Arizona; Theta Upsilon. Bigelow, Helen Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado; ASUC; AWS House of Representatives and Senate: Coloradan. Editor and Life at CU Head; Hesperia; Miss Re- sponsibility ; Mortar Board ; Pacesetter ; Spur ; Silver and Gold; WAA; Who ' s Who; YWCA. Secretary, Publicity Chairman, Freshman Commission Leader; Delta Gamma. Bird, Barbara Hedden— Engine; Dallas, Texas; ASCE ; Intra- murals; Architectural Forum; Little Theatre Crew; Playen Club; Porpoise; SWE ; WAA. 4 President of Tau Beta Pi, Frank Spindler, has tlie amazing record of a straight 3.00 grade average. Breyfogle, Roger M. — Business: Alton, Illinois; Delta Sigma Phi. Bridal, B. Marcelyn — Arts and Sciences; Seward, Oklahoma. Brink, Edward T. — Engine ; Denver, Colorado. Brinks, James, Jr. — Pharmacy; Boulder, Colorado. Briscoe, Jane Price— Arts and Sciences: Idaho Springs, Colo- rado; AWS. President: ASUC; CU Days; Coloradan; Hes- peria; President ' s Committee: Freshman Dorm, Vice-presi- dent: Student Personnel Council; YWCA; WAA; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Vice-president. Briscoe, William C, Jr. — Engine; Baltimore, Maryland; Speak- ers Congress. Brown, Collier — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado; Home- coming Awards Committee Chairman: Miss Organization: Orchesis, President: Senate: Spur; WAA; University Women s Club, Vice-president; Who ' s Who. Brown, Frances— 4rts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado: Dorm President: House of Representatives; Spur; YWCA Group Leader; Delta Gamma. Bjustrom, James A. — Arts and Sciences: Boulder, Colorado; Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa Tau Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Speakers Cong ress; Unitarian Group, Vice-president; Young Democrats; Sil- ver and Gold; Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer; Honors Union, Senior Representative. Boeck. Pat — Arts and Sciences; Boise, Idaho; CU Days; Dorm Officer; Coloradan, Editor; Foreign Relief Movie Committee Chairman ; Homecom- ing, Assistant General Chairman; Pacesetter: Honors Union; WAA; Delta Gamma, Vice- president. Bohne, Jane — Arts and Sciences ; Blue Island, Illinois: Intramurals; University Women ' s Club. Boltz, Arlene — Business; Dighton. Kansas; Beta Sigma: Coloradan; Kappa Phi; University Women ' s Club; Wesley Group; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi. Boncelet, Charles G. — Arts and Sciences: Union City, New Jersey: Intramurals: Sigma Delta Chi; Window; Delta Sigma Phi. Borgman, Barbara — Arts and Sciences: Grosse Pointe, Michigan: Intramurals; Newman Club; Speakers Congress; WAA. Borrego, Frank T., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Oa land, California ; Spanish Club, President. Brady, Betty C. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder. Colorado: Home Economics Club; Newman Club : University Women ' s Club. Bramson, Pat — Arts and Sciences; Cleveland Heights, Ohio: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Lab The- ater; Intramurals; Phi Sigma; Players Club; Window. Brewbaker, James L. — Arts and Sciences: Long- mont, Colorado ; Ski Club ; Symphony ; Orches- tra: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Tau Omega. SENIORS 75 SENIORS 76 flkk Brown, George Robert — Engine; Minneapolis Kansas; AIEE ; Band. Brown, Janet McMillen — Arts and Sciences; Min neapolis, Kansas. Brown, Joe F. — Arts and Sciences; Enid, Okla- homa. Brown, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences; La Junta, Colorado: Basketball Club; Hockey Club; Physical Education Major Club; WAA. Brown, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado; Coloradan; AWS Vaudeville ; Intramurals; WAA; Window; YWCA; Delta Gamma, Secretary. Brown. William Laur — Arts and Sciences; Birm- ingham, Michigan; Sigma Chi. •- 23 r Homecoming Varsity Nights is only one of Chairman Patty Fitz ' s contributions to CU s musical enjoyment. Brown, William Lees — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Architectural Forum; ASCE ; Bon- homme. Buck, Shirley M. — Arts and Sciences; Streetor, Illinois; Ski Club; Coloradan; CU Days; Intra- murals ; Window. Buerger, Ernestine C. — Music; Denver, Colorado; Delta Omicron; Orchestra, Busse, Vernon Gene — Pharmacy; Pueblo, Colo- rado; Jr.A.Ph.A. Butler, Charles R. — Arts and Sciences; Mason City, Iowa; Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon; Phi Kappa Psi. Buzalsky, Eleanor M. — Arts and Sciences; New England, North Dakota; Physical Education Majors Club; WAA; University Women ' s Club. Calabrese, Lorraine J. — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado; Homecoming; House of Representatives; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; University Women ' s Club. Callahan, Rosemary — Business; Independence. Kansas; WAA; University Women ' s Club; Window; YWCA; Alpha Omicron Pi. Cameron, Betty Randolph — Arts and Sciences: Ft. Collins, Colo- rado: Chi Omega. Campbell, Doris June — Arts and Sciences; North Platte, Ne- braska. Campbell, Edwin D. — Pharmacy: Denver, Colorado: Men ' s Resi- dence Hall Association Council. Capes, Montie — Arts and Sciences: Littleton, Colorado: All School Show; CU Days; Porpoise: Vaudeville: WAA; YWCA; Delta Delta Delta. SENIORS In recognition of John Dickinson ' s abili- ties, Business School elected him as their president. Chubb, Donna F. — Arts and Sciences; Great Bend, Kansas; Iota Sigma Pi. Chrysler, Theodore H. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Homecoming Committee ; Scimitar; Sigma Chi. Cicber, Donald C. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado; CU Days; Heart and Dagger; C Club; Silver and Gold, News Editor, and Editor; Cross Country Track Intramurals; Marine Corps League; Phi Epsilon Phi; Acacia. Clapham, Joseph C. — Engine; Sheridan, Wyoming; Pi Tau Sigma. Clark, C. W. — Business; Longmont, Colorado. Clayton, James E. — Business; Gainesville, Florida; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clement, Cindy S. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; AWS ; CU Days; Coloradan; Dodo Publicity Mgr.; Homecoming; Festival Chorus; Student Union Steering Committee ; Senior Nominating Committee; University Wowen ' s Club; YWCA ; Delta Delta Delta. Clemons, Nancy Elinor — Business; Jackson, Michigan; WAA. 77 Carlson, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; AWS Senate Orientations Chairman; Freshman Week Committee ; Freshman Dorm, President; Homecoming; Student Personnel Council; Spur; YWCA Cabinet and Group Leader; Delta Gamma. Carlson, Loren A. — Engine; Denver, Colorado ASME; Kappa Sigma. Carlson, Ruth M. — Arts and Sciences; Byers, Colorado; ISA; Intramurals; Phi Chi Delta, President: Westminister Foundation, University Women ' s Club. Carroll, Nancy — Business; Frement, Ohio; Por- poise; WAA; Kappa Delta. Castellucci, Ben A. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado ASME; Newman Club. Cathey, Forrest Frank — Arts and Sciences; Man- chester, Michigan; Phi Sigma Iota. Celentano, Orlando J. — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Delta Phi Alpha: Cosmopolitan Club; European Relief Committee. Chambers, Mary Alice — Arts and Sciences; Min- neapolis. Minnesota ; Coloradan, Business Man- ager ; Hesperia; Mortar Board; Spur; Alpha Phi. Chinn, James — Engine; Denver, Colorado; ASCE ; Chi Epsilon; Hiking Club; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Viking. Christolear. Max Dean — Engine ; Lamar, Colo- rado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu. SENIORS 78 Click, L. D, — Business; Denver, Colorado ; Foot- ball, Baseball Varsity; Phi Gamma Delta. Clothier, Sally — Arts and Sciences; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Newman Club; Ohio Club; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. Clow, Elaine L. — Arts and Sciences; Rochester, New York; Intramurals; Stage Crew; Univer- sity Women ' s Club; WAA ; Kappa Delta. Coblentz, Anita H. — Arts and Sciences; El Paso, Texas. Her broad experience made Bonnie Fors- berg a logical choice for Commissioner of Women ' s Welfare on ASUC. Cohen, Marion L. — Arts and Sciences; Henderson, Nevada; Players ' Club; Laboratory Theater; Tau Delta; University Women ' s Club; WAA. Colglazier, Merle L. — Arts and Sciences; Hol- yoke, Colorado ; Marching Band; Viking Club. Collier, William T. — Engine ; Amarillo, Texas; ASCE; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Coloff, Pete — Engine ; Longmont, Colorado ; AS ME; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Colson, Stanley Robert — Engine; Denver, Colo- rado; Colorado Engineer, Editor. Connell, Colleen — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; AS CE ; Architectural Forum; Colorado Engineer; Dodo; Society of Women Engineers; University Women ' s Club; Alpha Omicron Pi. M 1 m Conway, Paul Leslie — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Coons, Mark H. — Business; Riverside, Illinois; Chi Epsilon; ASUC; CU Days; Homecoming ; IPC; Greek Combine; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sumalia ; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Corbit, Sally — Arts and Sciences; South Pasadena, California; AWS; Coloradan; CU Days; Delta Phi Delta; Homecoming; Little Theater; Tau Delta; WAA; Winter Carnival; YWCA ; Delta Delta Delta. Counce, Sheila Jean — Arts and Sciences; Hayes Center, Ne- braska; Ethnic Minorities Commission; Little Theater; Phi Sigma; Players ' Club. Coursen, Natalie R. — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado; AWS; CU Days; Coloradan, Independent Section Head; Homecoming: ISA. Treasurer; Phi Sigma Iota. President; Reeves; Spanish Club; Valkyrie, President: YWCA; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. Courtney, C. J. — Arts and Sciences; Livingston, Texas; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Cox, John B. — Engine: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Alpha Chi Sigma: AICE : Alpha Phi Omega, President: Intramurals; Wesley Foundation. Coyne, Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Fort Madison, Iowa: French Club; Newman Club; Spanish Club; University Women ' s Club: Chi Omega. That Joe Reynolds can take big jobs in his stride is evident from his work as Adver- tising Manager of the Coloradan and Chairman of 1948 CU Days. Darrington, Eldon E. — Business; Crete, Nebraska; Men ' s Glee Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Tau Omega. Daucher, Paul E. — Engine; Buffalo, New York. Davis. Archie J., Ill — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Inttamurals ; Sigma Chi. Dearth, Keith H.— Engine ; Montrose, Colorado; ASCE, Vice- president; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. Delliguadry, Orlando C. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado; Cosmopolitan Club; Newman Club. DeLong. Dean Oliver— Engine ; Fort Morgan. Colorado; ASME ; Intramurals; Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Kappa Alpha. Dever, Kathleen Shirley — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado: Band; Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Valkyrie. Dickinson. John R.— Business,- Denver. Colorado; Coloradan: Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-president; School of Business, Presi- dent; Delta Tau Delta. SENIORS 79 Cozart, William H. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Beta Theta Pi. Craig, Roy P. — Arts and Sciences; Durango, Colo- rado ; Intramurals ; ISA Council ; Ski Club ; Viking Club. Crail, S. J. — Arts and Sciences; LaCrosse, Wis- consin. Cremer, Glynn William — Arts and Sciences; La- Crosse, Wisconsin. Cremer, Sally — Arts and Sciences; LaCrosse. Wis- consin. Croonenbcrghs, Jasper W. — Engine; Durango Colorado; ASCE. Cruse, Sally Ann — Arts and Sciences; Pasadena, California; California Club; Coloradan; Intra- murals; Ski Club; Kappa Alpha Theta. Cummings, Joan — Business; Oakland. California; California Club; YWCA; Bigelow Hall, Secre- tary; Pi Beta Phi. Currier, Phyllis Ann — Arts and Sciences; May- wood, Illinois; Intramurals ; Engine Ball Queen; WAA ; Alpha Phi, Vice-president. Dahm. Norman F. — Engine; Fort Morgan, Colo- rado; ASCE; Intramurals; Wesley Foundation. t SENIORS 80 Dieckman, Annabelle — Arts and Sciences; Moffat, Colorado; Tau Delta; University Women ' s Club; WAA. Dieter, Wesley H. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Coloradan; CU Days; Homecoming; Intra- murals; Ski Club. Dille, J. Gordon — Engine ; Fort Morgan, Colo- rado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Di Mercuric, Cyril — Engine; Pittsburg, Cali- fornia ; ASUC ; CU Days ; Homecoming ; AS ME; Kappa Sigma. Doan, Joyce — Business; Kingsville, Texas. Dodge, Nattalie R. — Arts and Sciences; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dods, Lou — Engine; Salt Lake City, Utah; Alpha Chi Sigma ; CU Days ; Homecoming, General Chairman; Heart and Dagger; Interfraternity Council; Phi Epsilon Phi, President; Pi Mu EpsJlon; Psi Eta Pi; NROTC; S G; Sigma Tau; Sumalia; Star and Sextant; Varsity Ten- nis Team; Winter Carnival; Pi Kappa Alpha, President. Doll. Dorothy E. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado; Canterbury Club; Calico and Boots Club; Tau Delta, Vice-president. )onelan, Lynn E. — Engine; Ovid, Colorado; AI EE; Eta Kappa Nu; 23 Club. )oolen, Mary Ann — Business ; Denver, Colorado; Beta Sigma; Dorm Counselor ; Panhellenic ; Sig- ma Epsilon Sigma; Spur; WAA; Kappa Alpha Theta, President. A.Ji Not only CU but Boulder as a whole has benefited from Ann Doremus ' s leadership of the " Y " Community Service Groups. Doremus, Ann — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado: AWS; Intramurals: Dorm President: Panhellenic: WAA: YWCA; Alpha Chi Omega, President. Dorough, J. H. — Engine: Denver, Colorado: ASME. Downing. Roderick J. — Engine: Boulder, Colorado. Dufour, Rene Frederick — Arts and Sciences: Manitou Springs, Colorado; CU Days; Intramurals; Hiking Club; Homecom- ing; SAE. Dulan, Elva — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado; ISA Coun- cil; Nurse Major Association. Dumler, Fred— Engine; Greeley, Colorado. Duncanson, Fred L. — Business; Winnebago. Minnesota; Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Star and Sextant: Phi Delta Theta Dunfield, Gerald C. — Engine: Emporia. Kansas. SENIORS 81 Dunn, George R. — Engine; Johnstown, Colorado; AIEE. Ebersole, LaRue Kenmore — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu. w» ! ■ A leading debater for Speaker ' s Congress, Bob Polkinghorn has proved himself equally capable as President of Honors Union, Echeverria, Dom — Arts and Sciences; Wicken- buTg, Arizona. Edling, P. R. — Engine; Grand Junction, Colorado; Pi Tau Sigma. Edwards. Ruth Alice — Arts and Sciences; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado; CU Days; Dorm Coun- selor ; ISA ; Phi Sigma Iota ; Porpoise ; Spur, Treasurer; WAA ; University Women ' s Club. Eikner, Donald E. — Engine; San Antonio, Texas; AIEE, Secretary; ASUC ; Eta Kappa Nu, Presi- dent; Coloradan; Colorado Engineer, Assistant Editor; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Sigma Cbi. Elliott, John Paul, Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colo- rado; ASCE, President; Colorado Engineer; Committee of Presidents; Student Personnel Council; Social Chairman of Men ' s Dorm; Pi Kappa Alpha. Emery, Edward M. — Engine; Detroit, Michigan: Alpha Cbi Sigma; AICbE ; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Wesley Foundation. Epstein, Joseph S. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; ASME; Colorado Engineer; Hillel; Pi Mu Ep- silon; Phi Sigma Delta. Erickson, Iowa. Ruth E. — Arts and Sciences; Ogden, Eroddy, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Englewood, Colorado: Colo- radan; CU Days; Dorm President; Hesperia, Secretary: House of Representatives ; Junior Panhellenic ; Miss Person- ality; Mortar Board, President; Orchestra; Panbel Executive Board; Pacesetter: S£G; Spur; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; WAA : Ski Club; Stage Crew; Window; Delta Delta Delta, Presi- dent. Eusterman, Therese — Arts and Sciences; Rochester, Minnesota; ISA ; Newman Club : University Chorus and Choir. Evans, Don — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Delta Tau Delta. Falkenberg, John Frederick — Engine; Denver, Colorado; ASCE ; Architectural Forum; Chi Epsilon: Coloradan: Colorado En- gineer: Interfraternity Council: Newman Club; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Delta Tau Delta, President. Fannin. Dorothy — Arts and Sciences; Phoenix, Arizona: Coun- selling; Intramurals; Laboratory Theater; Ski Club; YWCA. Farney, Marjorie — Business; Denver, Colorado; University Women ' s Club. Fiedler, A. G., Jr.— Business — La Grange Park, Illinois; ASUC : Vice-president: Board of Publications; Bonhomme Club; Delegate, National Student Union Conference; Coloradan: In- tramurals; Heart and Dagger: Homecoming; Illinois Club. President: Student Union Committee, Chairman; SdiG, Ed- itor; S SG Radio Commentator; Pacesetter. Feinberg, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Glencoe, Illinois; Eques- trian Club; Intramurals: Physical Education Major Club; Players ' Club; University Women ' s Club; WAA. SENIORS 82 Fernow, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences; Cedar Rap- ids, Iowa; Dodo; Homecoming; Winter Carni- val; Women ' s Club; Tau Delta; YWCA. Fish, Calvin Pb.A. Eugene — Atwood, Colorado; Jr. A. Fishburn, Edwin Robert — Engine; Denver, Colo- rado; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE ; American Chemical Society; Calico and Boots Club. Failes. Barbara Lynn — Arts and Sciences; Boul- der, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Intrama- rals; Ski Club; University Choir; YWCA. Folsom, Hugh Allen — Engine; Salt Lake City, Utah; AJEE; Phi Epsilon Phi; Psi Eta Pi; Pi Kappa Alpha. Forsberg, Bonnie Jane — Arts and Sciences; Ar- vada, Colorado; Delta Phi Delta; Canterbury Club; ISA, Secretary; Tau Delta; President; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; WAA. Forsling, Margaret Anne — Arts and Sciences; Des Moines, Iowa ; A WS ; Coloradan ; Delta Phi Delta, Secretary; Panhellenic, Secretary ; Tau Delta; YWCA; WAA; Pi Beta Phi, President. Fountain, Patricia Lou — Arts and Sciences; De- troit, Michigan; Alpha O micron Pi. When there is art work to be done, 1947 Coloradan Art Editor Cindy Clement is always on hand. Fowler, Frank Parker, Jr. — Business; Evanston, Illinois; Coloradan ; Knots and Fathoms; Band; Phi Kappa Tau. Fowler, Hugh C. — Business; Evanston, Illinois; Band; Coloradan ; Intramurals ; Knots and Fath- oms; Phi Kappa Tau. Freeman, Clair E., Jr. — Business; Denver. Colorado; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Intramurals; Pentagon; Sigma Chi. French, Wendell Lowell — Arts and Sciences: Strumsburg. Ne- braska; Creek Combine; Honors Union; Intramurals; Male Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Delta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Ski Club; University Choir; Winter Carnival; Sigma Chi, Secretary. Freppel, Robert James — Business; Denver, Colorado. Friddle, Richard M. — Engine; Columbus, Ohio; AIEE. Fryback, Richard E. — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Delta Sigma Pi. Fuller, Quintus Colton, Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Milford. Iowa. Funk, Barbara Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Stephenville. Texas; Creative Artists Guild, Publicity Chairman; Dodo; Homecom- ing; Intramurals; Panhellenic: Texas Club; Ski Club; Win- dow; Zeta Tau Alpha, President. Funk, Lafayette, Jr. — Business; Shirley, Illinois. Bob Carr has worked hard to further the cause of Ethnic Minorities as their presi- dent and representative to ASUC. Goodier, Yvonne — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Crea- tive Artists ' Guild; Coloradan; Intramurals ; University Wom- en ' s Club; WAA ; Zeta Tau Alpha. Goodrich. May L, — Arts and Sciences; Dayton, Ohio; Hiking Club; Valkyrie ; Wesley Foundation. Googe, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Jota Sigma Pi; Dorm Counselor. Grace, Gene Alda — Arts and Sciences; French Club; Band; In- tramurals; Spanish Club; WAA. Graham. Joseph L. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; ASME ; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Gray, Johnnie Rena — Business; Mineral Wells, Texas; Athletic Department, Secretary; Roger Williams Fellowship; Texas Club. Green, Donald A. — Arts and Sciences; Burlington, Jowa. Gregg, Donald N.— Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado; ASME ; Band; Hiking Club. President. SENIORS 83 Gamble, Harry A. — Engine ; Boulder, Colorado ; AIChE; Alpha Chi Sigma; DAV ; VUF; Uni- versity Veterans Council. Garchar, Mary — Arts and Sciences; Dove Creek, Colorado ; Newman Club. Garnier, Marvel W. — Business; Erie, Colorado; ISA Chorus; Rainbow Alums; University Wom- en ' s Club; YWCA. Gibbons, Edgar H. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; AIEE; Band; Eta Kappa Nu; ISA; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Gibbs, Albert Edwin — Engine ; Durango, Colo- rado; ASCE; Chi Epsilon. Giersch, Lauron Raphael — Engine; Boulder. Colo- ,1 rado; Alpha Chi Sigma. President; AIChE; P ' ' American Legion; Alpha Tau Omega. 8 Glen, Edmond J. — Engine ; Chicago. Illinois ; ASME; lUini-Buffs; Intramurals; Pi Tau Sig- ma; Sigma Pi Sigma. Goddard, Harold — Music; Mu Alpha. Boulder, Colorado; Phi Gold water, Charlotte Eisen — Arts and Sciences ; Denver, Colorado: Coloradan; Dodo; Panhel- lenic; Law Wives; YWCA; Sigma Delta Tau. President. Goodbrad, Burgess — Business; Mobile, Alabama. SENIORS 84 Gregg, Muriel — Arts and Sciences; Englewood, Colorado ; Coloradan ; Dorm Counselor ; Intra- mural s ; Players ' Club; University Wowen ' s Club; Window Staff; YWCA; Delta Delta Delta. Grieshaber, Eugene Robert — Engine; Schlitzville, Wisconsin; ASME, President; Colorado Engi- neer, Circulation Manager; CU Days; Phi Ep- silon Phi; NROTC ; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Wisconsin Club; Delta Tau Delta. Griffith, Helen — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City, Missouri ; Coloradan; Dodo; Homecoming; Phi Chi Delta; YWCA; Kappa Alpha Theta. Grimm, Danny — Arts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois; Coloradan; CU Days; Dodo; Porpoise; WAA ; Alpha Phi. Gritzfeld, Esther — Arts and Sciences; Scottsbluff, iNebraska; Intramurals ; Home Economics Club, Vice-president; University Women ' s Club. Groesbeck, Russel F. — Engine; SpringviUe, Utah; Alpha Chi Sigma; Homecoming; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau, President; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Kappa Alpha. Groves, James N. — Engine; Durango, Colorado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu. Guise, Margaret " L. — Business; LaGrange, Illi- nois; Beta Sigma; University Women ' s Club. Guy, Nancy — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illi- nois ; Honors Union ; International Relations Club; Intramurals; Laboratory Theater; Psi Chi; Ski Club; War and Peace Study Group; Alpha Chi Omega. Guzofsky, Harold — Business; Brooklyn, New York; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; CU Days; Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Phi; Psi Chi. rX Betty Lou Nafe has proved her knack for business as Secretary of the S. G. and of Beta Sigma, women ' s business honor- ary. Gyger, Cecil Everett — Engine: Longmont, Colorado; AIEE ; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Hagen, James Franklin — Engine; Cheyenne. Wyoming; ASME; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Tau Omega. Hall, Robert J. — Arts and Sciences; Vallejo, California; Colo- radan; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hallam, Arthur F. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; Sigma Pi Sig- ma; Lambda Chi Alpha. Hallgren, John F. — Business; LaGrange. Illinois: Air Reserve Association; Illinois Club; NRHA, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Halvorson, Earle M. — Business: Kansas City. Missouri. Hamilton, Dean C. — Arts and Sciences; Palisade, Colorado. Hamlin, Betty Robins — Arts and Sciences; Black Hawk, Colo- rado. The development of Alpha Phi Onit-Ka as a leading service organization is due largely to the work of J. B. Cox. SENIORS 85 Haney, Lewis C. — Engine; St. Joseph, Missouri; Architectural Forum, Vice-president. Hanwell, Geraldine M. — Arts and Sciences; Engle- v ood, Colorado ; Hockey Club ; Intramurals ; WAA. Harding, Richard O. — Arts and Sciences; Colorado; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Delta. Hardt, William H. rado. -Business; Rocky Ford, Colo- Harkins, Maia — Arts and Sciences; Westport. Connecticut ; Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; YWCA. Hartman, Caroline — Arts and Sciences; Whitney, Nebraska ; Nurse Majors Association ; Univer- sity Women ' s Club; Kappa Delta. Harvey, Robert D. — Engine; Boise, Idaho. Hawki ns, Martha Jean — Arts and Sciences; Boul- der, Colorado; ASUC; AWS; Little Theater, Business Manager; Freshman Handbook, Edi- tor; Red Cross Council; Pacesetters; Spur; University Women ' s Club. Hayden, Julian Reed — Engine; Estes Park, Colo rado; AIEE ; Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer. Hayward, Carl B. — Engine; Kansas City. Mis souri; ASCE ; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. Heapes, William Earl, Jr. — Business; St. Louis, Missouri; ASUC; Homecoming ; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Sigma. Heffner, Alyce — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; AWS; " C " Book, Associate Editor; Dodo; Coloradan ; CU Days; Pi Lambda Theta; Orcbesis; Senior Nominating Committee; Dorm President; Spur; Si G, Social Life Editor; University Women ' s Club; Window, Secretary; YWCA. NROTC; Phi Helmick, Dick — Business; Minatore, Nebraska; Mu Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. Hepworth, Richard T. — Business; Evanston, Illinois; Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals ; Knots and Fathoms; Star and Sex- tant, Phi Delta Theta. Herald, Helen — Arts and Sciences; Austin. Texas; Hockey Club; Intramurals; Porpoise; S G; Women ' s Geology Club; University Women ' s Club; Alpha Chi Omega. Herigstad, Ellamae — Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. Denver Colorado; Heubner, Allen D. — Engine; Estes Park, Colorado; Chi Psi. Hill, Marjorie L. — Arts and Sciences; San Diego, California. SENIORS 86 Hill, Ralph Douglas — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Coloradan; CU Days; Intramurals; Beta Theta Pi. Himelgrin, Evelyn Paper — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Himelgrin, Gerald — Arts and Sciences ; Denver, Colorado; Phi Sigma Delta. Hinkley, Lester Duane — Engine; Denver, Colo- rado; ASME; Coloradan; Phi Gamma Delta. The prestige of the Women ' s Club has con- tinued to grow under President Ruth Seal- er ' s able direction. Hitchcock, Leahbeth — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado; Alfra; Women ' s Club; YWCA. Hix, Charles F., Jr. — Engine; Estes Park, Colo- rado; Knots and Fathoms; Star and Sextant; US Navy Reserve. Hodges, Mary Emma — Arts and Sciences; Burk- burnett, Texas ; ISA ; 23 Club ; University Nurses Association. Hoefle, Richard C. — Arts and Sciences; Berkeley, California; Alpha Tau Omega. Holden, J. E. — Arts and Sciences; Loveland, Colo- rado; Coloradan; Intramurals; Varsity Shows; Phi Gamma Delta. Holt, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Wisconsin. Hooks, Patrick F. — Arts and Sciences; Townsend, Montana; Band; CU Days; Homecoming ; Knots and Fathoms; Newman Club; Beta Theta Pi. Howard, Edward N.— Engine; Laurel, Maryland; ASME; SAE. Hsieh, Lien-Tsao — I-Shing, Kiangsu, China. Hubbard, Eugene T. — Engine; Glenwood Springs, Colorado; ASChE ; Phi Delta Theta. Huey, H. Robert— En ne; Denver, Colorado; ASME; CU Days; Homecoming ; Sigma Nu. Humphreys, Edwin B., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Raton, New Mexico; Band; Drum Major; Men ' s Glee Club; Rhythm Cir- cus; Varsity Show; Phi Gamma Delta. Hunter, Virginia — Arts and Sciences: Boulder, Colorado: Colo- radan; Ethnic Minorities Club; Forensics; Home Economics Club; Laboratory Theater; Freshmen Orientation Committee; Radio Production; Student Personnel Council; Wesley Foun- dation; YWCA. Hussa, John O., Jr. — Engine: Mount Vernon, Washington; Su- malra; Varsity Track: Phi Delta Theta. President. SENIORS 87 A top man where efficiency and hard work arc required, John Falkenberg has directed his energies toward the Colorado Engineer and the Architectural Forum, James, Loretta Noreen — Arts and Sciences; Dalhart, Texas; Coloradan ; CU Days; Intramurals ; Home Economics Club; Newman Club; Window; Chi Omega. Jean, Mary Kathryn — Business ; Donna, Texas ; Beta Sigma ; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club. Jindra, Robert — Business; Dickey, North Dakota; C Club; IFC ; Intramurals; Knots and Fathoms; Varsity Football and Track; Phi Kappa Tau. Johns, James P. — Business; Roswell, New Mexico; ISA. Johnson, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Salina, Kansas; University Women ' s Club. Johnson. Joanne — Business; Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Alfra; Intramural Manager; ISA; University Women ' s Club; WAA ; YWCA. Johnson. Philip Chester — Arts and Sciences; Fort Morgan, Colo- rado; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Ski Club; University Band; Viking Club. Johnson. Robert Samuel — Arts and Sciences; Lewiston, Idaho. Huston, Elda Marie — Arts and Sciences; Mont- rose, Colorado; Delta Phi Alpha; Iota Sigma Pi ; ISA ; Hiking Club ; Valkyrie ; Wesley Foun- dation. Hutchinson, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Boul- der. Colorado; Pi Beta Phi. Hutchinson, T. Henry — Business; Boulder, Colo- rado; Delta Sigma Pi; IFC, President; Beta Theta Pi, President. lacoponelli. John, Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Speakers Congress; Newman Club; 23 Club. Infield, Elinor Jean — Music ; Colorado Springs, Colorado: University Choir; University Wom- en ' s Club. Inouye, Ted — Arts and Sciences; La Jara, Colo- rado; Bonhomme Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Ethnic Minority; ISA. Irwin, Robert M. — Business; Sheridan, Wyoming; Choir: CU Days; Equestrian Club; Delta Tau Delta. Island, Mildred Joann — Arts and Sciences; Dead- wood, South Dakota; University Women ' s Club. Isaacs, Marian — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Ethnic Minorities: Honors Union; Iota Sigma Pi; Players ' Club; Valkyrie. Jackson, Phyllis — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado: Coloradan; CU Days; Delta Phi Delta; Dodo; University Women ' s Club; Val- kyrie. SENIORS 88 Johnson, Sue — Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas; AWS Vaudeville; CU Days; Texas Club; WAA; Kappa Delta. Johnson, Willis B. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; Chi Epsilon; ASCE ; Hiking Club; Tau Beta Pi. Johnston, Ernest C. — Arts and Sciences; Des Moines, Iowa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jones, A. Frances — Arts and Sciences; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Buffalo Ski Club; YWCA ; Delta Delta Delta. Being A-I Dormitory ' s President was a " first " for Marge Pryor. Jones, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Dodo; Panhellenic, Treasurer ; WAA; YWCA; Delta Gamma, President. Jones, Kenneth W. — Engine; Ogden, Utah: Archi- tectural Forum; ASCE; Hiking Club; Tau Beta Pi. lones, Marjorte N. — Arts and Sciences; Trinidad, Colorado; CU Days; Little Theater: Phi Chi Delta; Phi Sigma Iota; Silver and Gold; Win- ter Carnival; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi. Jones, Orvil Roark — Engine; Douglas, Arizona; AIEE ; Bonhomme Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Intra- murals; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau. Juskiewicz, Francis A. — Arts and Sciences; Boul- der, Colorado; UCHC. Juskiewicz, Janet — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado; UCHC. Kadlec, Nona — Arts and Sciences: Chicago, Illinois; Hiking Club; Newman Club; Nurse Major ' s Association ; 23 Club. Kalish, Simon — Arts and Sciences; Detroit, Michigan ; AVC; Hiking Club; Intramurals ; Ski Club; VUF. Kaplan, Sylvan — Arts and Sciences; University City, Missouri; Adelphi; Hillel; Knots and Fathoms; Phi Sigma Delta: CU Days; Homecoming ; Senior Class Nominating Committee. Karlson, W. L. — Engine; North Hollywood, California; Penta- gon; Homecoming ; Star and Sextant; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Kappa Alpha. Kasdor(, Virginia Mae — Arts and Sciences; Kremmling, Colo- rado; ASUC; Delta Sigma Rho; Dorm Counselor; AVC; AWS; ISA; University Women ' s Club. KatcofT, Martin — Arts and Sciences; Winchester, Massachu- setts; ASUC; Hillel; IZFA : Psi Chi; Student Personnel Council; Phi Sigma Delta. Katz, Nathan— Business; Pueblo, Colorado: Band: ERC; CU Days; Homecoming; Intramurals; Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Sigma Delta. Katz, Robert — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado: Colorado Engineer, ASME; Hillel; Phi Epsilon Phi: Pi Mu Epsilon, President. University Symphony Orchestra : Phi Sigma Delta. Always a hard worker, Russ Groesbeck well deserved the presidency of Sigma Tau. Kendall, Marion — Arts and Sciences; Summit. New Jersey; Orchesis; Ski Club; University Choir; WAA. Kessler, Harold — Arts and Sciences; Passaic, New Jersey. Kilzer, John L. — Business; Boulder, Colorado; Band; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Phi Delta Tbeta. King, John Lee — Bus iness; Greeley, Colorado: Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Tau Delta. SENIORS 89 King. Robert H. — Business; Jackson, Minnesota : Intramurals ; Men ' s Glee Club ; Luther Club ; Phi Kappa Tau. Kinzer, Edward James — Pharmacy ; Longmont. Colorado : Alpha Epsilon Delta; Foreign Relief Activities; Rho Chi; Delta Tau Delta. Klingelhoffer, C. Louis — Arts and Sciences; Mt. Healthy, Ohio; Beta Theta Pi. Knickerbocker, Hugh I. — Engine; Redlands. California; ASCE. Knox, Barbara J. — Arts and Sciences ; Memphis, Tennessee ; Coloradan; Dodo; Si G ; University Women ' s Club; YWCA; Chi Omega. Knox, J. Wallace — Engine; Loveland. Colorado; AIEE : Intra- murals; Varsity Football; Sigma Nu. Knudsen, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Des Moines, Iowa. Koch, Wanda Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Homecoming; Porpoise; WAA; Window; Alpha Phi. Koelbel, Walter Alfred — Business; Muskegon, Michigan; Delta Sigma Pi; " C Club; Ethnic Minorities; Heart and Dagger; Football; S G ; Sumalia, President; Phi Gamma Delta. Konkel, E. Vernon — Engine ; Alpha. Denver, Colorado; Pi Kappa Kinzer, Roberta — Business ; Longmont. Colorado ; Choir; Coloradan; CU Days; Intramurals ; Ski Club; University Women ' s Club. Kirkberg, Bonnie Marie — Arts and Sciences; Fort Dodge, Iowa : Home Economics Club ; Intia- murais; WAA; Alpha Chi Omega. ■ " Klaas, Edith Vivian — Arts and Sciences; Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Kline, John B. — Business; Boulder, Colorado; 23 Club. h- SENIORS 90 Korr, Irving — Pharmacy; Oakland, California ; Cosmopolitan Club ; Bonhomme Club ; Hillel ; jT.APhA; Kappa Kappa Psi, Kosuge, Sai — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado. Kracha, Anne Marie — Arts and Sciences; Two Rivers, Wisconsin ; ISA ; Newman Club ; Senior Women ' s Representative, Kragh, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Longmont, Colo- rado; Campus Club; ISA; YWCA. Kramer, David C. — Engine; Bell, California ASME. Krenzel, Dale B. — Engine; Idaho Springs, Colo- rado; Band; Intramurals; Pi Tau Sigma. lij Kriss, Hannah — Arts and Sciences ; Dallas, Texas; ' ' Delta Phi Epsilon. Kuhnel, Alfred O. — Engine; White Plains, New York. Ladd, Jennette — Arts and Sciences; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; Buffalo Ski Club; Homecom- ing ; Home Economics Club ; University Wo- men ' s Club; Valkyrie. Laff, Seymour G. — Business ; Denver, Colorado; SAG; Phi Sigma Delta. Earning a Phi Beta Kappa key while par- ticipating in campus activities has kept Carol Wenzel busy. La Fosse, Frances Walts — Arts and Sciences ; Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lambertson, Glen Royal — Engine; Delta, Colorado: Historian, Viking Club; ISA; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lang, James A. — Engine: Winnetka, Illinois; ASUC; Home- coming; Ski Club; Varsity Ski Team; Winter Carnival; Sigma Nu. Lanham, Louis D. — Business; Logan, Iowa: Delta Tau Delta. Larson, Fae Oma — Arts and Sciences ; Morrill, Nebraska , Home Economics Club; Iota Sigma Pi; Theta Lambda. Presi- dent : Valkyrie ; Wesley Foundation ; University Women ' i Club. Lassik, Olga E. — Arts and Sciences: Astoria. New York: Nurs ing Majors Club; 23 Club. Layton, Marianne Gibbs — Arts and Sciences: Dover, Delaware Canterbury Club; Equestrian Club; Festival Chorus. Lazell, Adair A. — Arts and Sciences; Huntington. New York Pi Beta Phi. f 1 I Among Don Eikner ' s lengthy list of hon- oraries is Eta Kappa Nu, of which he is president. Locker, Frank George, Jr. — Pharmacy; Greeley, Colorado; APhA. Lohmuller, R. L., Jr. — Business; Clifton, Kansas; Phi Sigma Epsilon. Long, LaVerne — Business; Boulder, Colorado; Intramurals ; Ski Club; Young Republicans; WAA; Alpha Omicron Pi. Lopez, Carlos M. — Business; Mexico City, Mexico; Homecom- ing ; C Club ; Newman Club ; Pan- A merican Club ; Spanish Club: S G; Varsity Tennis; Beta Theta Pi. Lett, Eugene Walter— Engine; Lajolla. California; ASME ; Lotz, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Cleveland, Ohio; University Women ' s Club; WAA. Love, Marilyn J. — Arts and Sciences; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Intra- murals; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon. I well, I. A.— Arts and Sciences; Juneau, Alaska; Ski Club. Lewis, Gwendolyn — Arts and Sciences ; Gros e Pointe, Michigan; Delta Phi Delta; Ski Club: Tau Delta: University Women ' s Club; WAA : Chi Omega. Lewis, Leo H. — Business; Omaha, Nebraska : Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Light, Paul M. — Business ; Denver, Colorado ; Phi Sigma Delta. Lindstrom, Rosemary — Arts and Sciences; Ames, Iowa ; Pi Beta Phi. SENIORS 91 Le Bel, Claude — Arts and Sciences; Rabat, French Morocco. Lee, Chao-Ying — Arts and Sciences; Nanking, China. Lee, Harold F. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado: CU Days; Newman Club; Ski Club; Tau Delta; Window Staff; Pi Kappa Alpha. Lee. Nancy — Business; Pueblo, Colorado; ASUC; A WS : Business School Vice-President ; Beta Sigma; Coloradan; CU Days; Dodo: Intra- murals; Hesperia; House of Representatives; Homecoming : Mortar Board; Pacesetter ; Win- dow : Winter Carnival ; Who ' s Who ; WAA ; YWCA, President : Kappa Kappa Gamma. Leech, Erma V. — Arts and Sciences; Imperial, Nebraska ; Home Economics Club ; University Women ' s Club. Legg, Roderick E. — Arts and Sciences; Peoria, Illinois. I SP SENIORS 92 Lupton, Bradshaw B. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; AIChE; Sigma Tau; Pi Kappa Alpha. Lyddon, James H. — Business; Kansas City. Mis- souri; Men ' s Choir ; Ski Club ; Winter Car- nival, Assistant Business Manager; Beta Theta Pi. Lyon, Tom L. — Engine; Salt Lake City. Utah; Alpha Chi Sigma; Buffalo Ski Club; Ski Team. McAferty, Harold J. — Engine; Gothenburg, Ne- braska; " C " Club; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Varsity Track; Vetsville Council. An outstanding member of Speaker ' s Con- gress, Virginia Kasdorf was chosen to rep- resent this group on ASUC. Mc Arthur, Tate — Arts and Sciences ; Greeley, Colorado; Intramurals; Window; YWCA; Kappa Kappa Gamma. McCarthy, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Intramurals; WAA ; Pi Beta Phi. McCaw, William W. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado: Alpha Epsilon Delta; CU Days; Homecoming ; Newman Club ; A Ipha Tau Omega. McClain, Robert D. — Engine; Manzanola, Colo- rado; AIEE; HKN; Intramurals; Viking Club. McClurg, William M. — Engine; Chicago, Illinois; ASCE. McCluskey, Alice — Arts and Sciences ; Denver, Colorado; Coloradan Section Head; Ski Club; Young Republican Club. McCluskey, James — Arts and Sciences ; La Junta, Colorado; S G ; Speakers ' Congress ; Speakers Union ; Young Repub- licans. McCornack, Richard C. — Arts and Sciences; Elgin, Illinois; Phi Delta Theta. McCulloch, Stephen Robert — Pharmacy; Durango, Colorado: JrAPhA ; Rho Chi. McCusker. Dorothy J. — Business: Denver. Colorado; Business School Secretary: Dodo; Coloradan; Homecoming : Intra- murals; Little Theatre; YWCA; Spur; Kappa Kappa Gamma. McCusker, J. Richard — Engine; Denver, Colorado; Homecom- ing; Chi Psi. McDougal, Erma Marie — Arts and Sciences; Colby. Kansas Band ; Campus Club ; Choir ; Home Economics Club ; Univer sity Women ' s Club; WAA. McElvain, R. E. — Engine: Jerome, Iowa; ASME; Sigma Alphi Epsilon. Mclnnes, Mary Stewart — Arts and Sciences; Boulder. Colo rado; Home Economics Club; Little Theater; SdtG; YWCA Kappa Alpha Theta. — • w 3» SENIORS 93 V d Ted Schmidt ' s likeable personality has carried him through many activities, in- cluding Assistant Editor of the 1948 Colo- radan. Malehorn, Merlin K. — Arts and Sciences; Farmington, New Mexico; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Mu Epsilon; Wesley Foun- dation. Manin, Helen Louise — Arts and Sciences: Hinsdale, Illinois; Porpoise; Ski Club; WAA ; YWCA; Delta Delta Delta. Mann, Lawrence R. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado; ASME ; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; ISA. Marlatt, Lora — Arts and Sciences; Rock Port, Missouri; Cam- pus Club. Marshall, Warren S. — Engine; Denver. Colorado; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Colorado Engineer; Engineers ' Ball; Tau Beta Pi; University Band; Sigma Chi. Martin, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Martin, Edward D. — Business; Greeley, Colorado. Martin, Virginia Hope — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; University Orchestra ; Alpha Omicron Pi. McKeever, Harry A. — Engine; Montrose, Colo- rado; ASME; Phi Delta Theta. McKnight, James H., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Sterling, Colorado. McWilliams, Marcia — Arts and Sciences; Sheri- dan, Wyoming. MacDonald, Jessie — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado ; Hiking Club ; University Women ' s Club; Tri Sigma. Macy, Arthur Warren — Arts and Sciences; Upper Montclair, New Jersey ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Phi Kappa Psi. Maddox, Samuel N. — Business; Drew, Mississippi. Maikovich, William — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado ; ASUC; International Relations Club; ISA, President; Intramurals; NSA Delegate; Presidents ' Club; Russian Club; Steering Com- mittee; Student Personnel Committee. Maize, Brooks — Business; Longmont; MRHA Council; Shakespeare Play; Senior Class Nom- inating Committee. Major, Madelyn Ardell — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado; Kappa Alpha Theta. Major. William Joseph — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado; Kappa Sigma. SENIORS 94 Martz, Dorothy Louise — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; CoJoradan Section Head; Honors Group; CU Days; Homecoming; Pan- hellenic; Silver and Gold; Spur; Players Club; Chi Omega. Maruyame, Joseph — Business; Las Animas, Colo- rado; Theta Xi. Mast, Jean L. — Arts and Sciences; Ordway, Colo- rado; AWS; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club; WAA. Masunaga, John M. — Pharmacy; Brighton, Colo- rado; Cosmopolitan Club; JrAPhA. Mathews, Barbara Jean — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado; Home Economics Club; Delta Delta Delta. Mathews, Ellanore L. — Arts and Sciences; Silver- ton, Colorado; Coloradan; Silver and Gold; Speakers ' Congress; YWCA; Chi Omega. Matson, Joseph T. — Engine; Santa Fe, New Mexico: ASME. May, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Rochelle, Illi- nois; CU Days: Intramurals; Homecoming; Phi Chi Delta; Valkyrie; University Women ' s Club. Mayer, Jack Edward — Wichita, Kansas; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE ; Pi Kappa Alpha. Meffley, Charles F., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado: Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha. The Women ' s Residence Halls have Eve- lyn Rehnberg to than k for the success of their social program this year. Meiches, Nathan — Engine; Ohama, Nebraska. Mellman. Gerald — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; ASUC ; Hillel, President; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Epsilon Phi; Young Republicans; Phi Sigma Delta. Menk, Merlin H. — Business; Staunton, Illinois; Delta Tau Delta. Merrill, Edgar Frank — Engine; Denver, Colorado; AIEE ROTO. Mcrritt, Ralph W. — Engine and Business; Denver. Colorado AIChE; ASUC; Greek Combine; Heart and Dagger; Alph Chi Sigma: Inter Fraternity Council; Sigma Tau; Tau Bet Pi; University Veterans ' Council; Phi Delta Theta, Presi dent. Mertz, James Lawrence — Arts and Sciences; Trinidad, Colorado Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honors Union; Sii ma Phi Epsilon, Meyers — Arts and Sciences: Peoria, Illinois, Michelena, M. Candida — Buffalo, Wyoming; Newman Club. w SENIO RS 95 Despite a rigorous football schedule, Au- brey Allen has maintained a high scholas- tic average and been vice-president of " C Club. Miles, Shirley — Journalism; Price, Utah: Creative Writers ' Club ; Denver Women ' s Press Club Scholarship Award; Mademoiselle College Board; Window, Assistant Editor. Miller, Enid — Arts and Sciences; San Diego, Cali- fornia; California Club; French Club; SiG; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. Miller, Eugenia — Arts Brook, New Jersey, and Sciences ; Bound Miller, Gordon — Music; Ambrose, North Dakota; Board Member of College of Music; Phi Mu Alpha; University Choir. Miller, Mason E. — Arts and Sciences: Fort Col- lins, Colorado: Colorado Alumnus: CU Bands, President: Honors Union; Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Sigma Delta Chi; Colorado Bandsman, Editor, Miller, Miriam — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado: AWS; Jr. Panhellenic; Hillel; S C : Window; Delta Phi Epsilon. Millikan, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Tulsa, Oklahoma; AWS; Homecoming: YWCA: WAA; Pi Beta Phi, Secretary, Mitchum, Allen — Arts and Sciences; San Fran- cisco, California ; Phi Gamma Delta, Montgomery, Harriet E. — Arts and Sciences; Colo- rado Springs, Colorado; Intramurals ; Dorm President; Coloradan; Phi Chi Delta: Univer- sity Women ' s Club; WAA; Westminster Fel- lowship, Moore, Fred E,- Colorado. -Arts and Sciences; Lafayette, Moore, Marilyn Ann — Arts and Sciences; Dalhart, Texas; AWS; CU Days: International Relations Club; Newman Club; Operetta: Orchesis; University Choir; WAA; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi, Morledge, Charles Calvin — Arts and Sciences; Billings, Mon- tana; Congo Club; Honors Council; Little Theater: Phi Ep- silon Phi; Viking Club. Morrell, Rtnee— Arts and Sciences; New York, New York; Pi Gamma Mu; Ski Club. Morrow, John Thomson — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado; - Phi Kappa Psi. Morse, Marjorie Lee — Arts and Sciences ; Mankato, Minnesota: AWS; CU Days; Coloradan; Alpha Chi Omega; Intramurals: University Women ' s Club; WAA. Mueller, Donald B. — Business; Cincinnati, Ohio; CU Opera Company; French Club; Hiking Club; Ski Club; University Choir; University Men ' s Glee Club; Beta Theta Pi. Meuller, Martha— 4rts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois. Mulhern, Richard— £nj-ine; Wichita, Kansas; Phi Gamma Del- ta; Architectural Forum; ASUC ; S G, Businless Manager- Sumalia, •r ' h SENIORS 96 Murray, Eileen — Music; Cheswick, Pennsylvania; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Choir. Murrin, Lois — Business ; Libertyville, Illinois; Newman Club; University Women ' s Club. Musgrove, William S. — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. Myers, Billy Ray — Business; Ft. Morgan, Colo- rado; Counselor Men ' s Dorm. Myers, Joyce — Music; Alliance, Nebraska; Uni- versity Band ; University Choir; Women ' s Club; Delta Gamma. Nafe. Betty Lou — Business; Pueblo, Colorado; ASUC ; Beta Sigma, President ; Coloradan; Sil- ver and Gold; Chi Omega, Vice-president. Nearon, Gloria Barbara — Music : Denver, Colo- rado ; AWS; Engine Ball Attendant; Homecom- ing: Bartered Bride; Robin Hood; Sweethearts ; Madrigal Choir ; University Choir ; Music School Council; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; ISA Vice-president ; University Women ' s Club. Nelson, Paul Tyler — Business; Trinidad, Colo- rado; Freshman Track; Intramurals; Delta Tau Delta. Newhousc, Harold L. — Engine; Arvada, Colorado. Newman, Rodney Lee — Business; Denver, Colo- rado; Phi Delta Theta. As outstanding in the class room as she is on skiis. Bunny Smyth is another deserv- ing Phi Beta Kappa. Nicholas, Ruth — Pharmacy; Casper, Wyoming; Jr.APbA; Uni- versity Women ' s Club. Nicholson, Leiand Wesley— Engine; Boulder, Colorado; ASCE. Niebel, Ruth Constance — Arts and Sciences; Palo Alto, Cali- fornia: California Club; Creative Artist Guild: Ski Club; Young Republicans: WAA : YWCA. Nitta, William S.— Engine; Del Norte, Colorado; ASCE. Nodtvcdt, M. — Business; Tacoma. Washington. Olds, Virginia Todd— i4rrs and Sciences; Tulsa. Oklahoma Delta Delta Delta. Oliver. Mary Jane — Arts Mad Sciences; Cheyenne. Wyoming CU Days: Homecoming; Little Theater: Ski Club; Univei sity Women ' s Club; YWCA. Opdyke. Donald Lloyd — Arts and Sciences: Ocean Grove. Ne Jersey: Canterbury Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Foreign Relit Activities; Honors Union; Interchurch Council; Jnternationt Relations Club. SENIORS The citizens of Vetsville re-elected Ted Rockafellow mayor in recognition of the service he has rendered the village. Palmer, William H. — Engine: Rock Springs, Wyoming; AICbE ; IntramuTaJs; Sigma Nu. Paquette, Agnes Irene — Arts and Sciences; Nathrop, Colorado ; Hockey Club; Newman Club; Physical Education Club; Uni- versity Women ' s Club; WAA. Parker. John Stanford — Engine; Boulder, Colorado; ASCE ; Architectural Forum. Parsons, Stuart Overton — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado ; Football Programs; Psi Chi; Ski Club; Winter Carnival; Sigma Chi. Pasic. John L. — Engine; Crested Butte, Colorado; AIEE ; In- tramurals; Newman Club. Pastoret, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences ; Fargo. North Dakota ; University Women ' s Club. Peery, Herman R. — Engine; Las Animas, Colorado; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu. Peery, Leona B. — Business; Las Animas, Colorado; Beta Sig- ma ; Dames Club. Opdyke, Marion M. — Arts and Sciences; Water- loo. Iowa ;■ Canterbury Club ; Cosmopolitan Club; Foreign Reliei Activities; International Relations Club. O ' Rourkc, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences; Duran- go, Colorado: Concert Band; Home Economics Club; House of Representatives; Marching Band; Ski Club; Tau Beta Sigma; University Women ' s Club. Osborne, Ray E. — Business; Muskegon, Michigan. Oxford, Robert Lyle — Business; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Ozawa, Fumi — Pharmacy ; Denver, Colorado : JrAPhA. Pace, Richard G. — Business; Oakdale. California ; Delta Sigma Pi; Sumalia; Phi Gamma Delta. Pachak, William R. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado; Newman Club. Palmer. Jo Anne — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado; Dodo; Home Economics; Phi Chi Delta, Vice-president ; Woman ' s Club ; West- minster Foundation; YWCA. Palmer, Kenneth S. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; SAE. Palmer, Marjorie Jean — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado. 97 SENIORS 98 Pelz, Robert E. — Arts and Sciences; Bronx, New York. Pepper, Murray M. — Business; Pueblo, Colorado; CU Days; Homecoming ; Victory Council; Phi Sigma Delta. Perlmutter, Leonard — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; ASUC ; Intramurals; S G ; NBA Re- gional Chairman. Perreten, Frank — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Coloradan; Intra- murals; Phi Delta Chi; Ski Club; Delta Tau Delta. Peterson, Clarence Herbert, Jr. — Arts and Sci- ences; Denver, Colorado; Beta Theta Pi. Phillips, Judy M. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Intramurals ; Orchesis ; Porpoise; WAA. Although Society Editor of the S. G., Alyce Heffner has found time to work and keep up with her other activities. Phillips, Richard Finis — Business; Nampa, Idaho; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Alpha Psi ; Delta Sig- ma Pi; ISA; Viking Club. Philpott, Catharine Victoria — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; CU Days; Intramurals; Freshman Dorm Social Chairman; YWCA ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phipps, Beverly — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Intramurals; Hiking Club; Newman Club; ISA Council; Ski Club; University Women ' s Club; WAA; YWCA. Pierce, N. Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Pingel, Betty L. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Place, Clyde E. — Pharmacy; Durango, Colorado; APhA. Polkinghorn, Robert S. — Arts and Sciences; Littleton. Colorado; American Veterans Committee; Delta Sigma Rho; Speakers Congress; Young Democrats. Poor, Jayne — i4 rts and Sciences; Streator. Illinois; Coloradan; CU Days: Homecoming ; Senior Orchesis; Silver and Gold; Ski Club; Chi Omega. Pope, Jack Odell — Arts and Sciences; Johnstown, Colorado: " C " Club; Varsity Track. Popovich, John Daniel — Engine; Silverton, Colorado; Alpha Chi Sigma ; AIChE ; Newman Club. Potter, Margaret Ellen — Arts and Sciences; Casper. Wyoming; Christian Youth Fe llowship; Intramurals; University Wom- en ' s Club; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi. Pratt, Isabelle — Arts and Sciences; Hillsboro, Ohio; Education Club; Honors Union; Ktppa Delta Pi. The Silver and Gold staff will lose an in- valuable editor upon the graduation of Kenneth Whitaker. Race. Jean Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences; Parker, Colorado; Ballad Club; Iota Sigma Pi. Radke, Marilyn Jeanne — Arts and Sciences; Savanna, Illinois; Coloradan; Silver and Gold; University Women ' s Club. SENIORS 99 Preble, Parker E. — Arts and Sciences; Oak Park Illinois; Track and Football; Sigma Nu. Price, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Twin Falls. Idaho; Intramurals ; Orchesis ; Red Cross; Psi Chi; WAA; Alpha Chi Omega. Price, Louis e — Engine; Arvada, Colorado AIChE; SWSAE; Alpha Chi Omega. Price, Ruth Louise — Engine; Arvada, Colorado Colorado Engineer; AIChE; Intramurals; Wom en ' s Club; YWCA; Alpha Chi Omega. Pringlc, John W. — Engine: La Junta. Colorado, AIChE. President; Alpha Chi Sigma; Vice President. Protsman. Alvin L. — Business; Erie, Colorado Pryor, Marjorie Ellen — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado ; Dorm President ; Homecoming ; Little Theater ; Players ' Club ; House of Representa- tives ; Orientations Committee ; Women ' s Wel- fare Committee; Spur; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA. Secretary. Ragle, Logan N. — Engine ; Tau Omega. Ranney, Willet Rodier — Engine; Chicago, Illinois; Rhythm Circus; Delta Tau Delta. Pueblo. Colorado; ASME ; Alpha ASME; Ray, Anthony W. — Music; Boulder. Colorado; Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Choir; Band; Heart and Dagger; ISA. Vice-President ; Cosmopolitan Club; Secretary of Students of College of Mu- sic; Kappa Alpha Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Viking. Ray. George W. — Business; San Bruno. California; VFW ; In- tramurals; Acacia. Reed, Jane Louise — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado: Pi Beta Phi. Reed. Ken — Business; Kiowa, Kansas; Business Honorary; Graduate Club; Kappa Sigma. Quick, Bernard E., Jr. — Music; Morrill, Nebras- ka; Christian Fellowship ; Orchestra; Phi Delta Kappa. Quinby, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Monmouth Illinois; Band; Memorial Student Center Com- mittee ; Ski Club : University Women ' s Club , YWCA; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Quinn. Phyllis Roberta — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado ; AWS, Senate Orientation ; Intra- murals : CU Days ; University Women ' s Cluo President. SENIORS 100 Reese, Harold W. — Engine ; Long Beach. Cali- fornia; ASME ; Coloradan Photographer ; Knots and Fathoms. Reeves. Gladys M. — Arts and Sciences ; Reeds Spring. Missouri; Interchurcb Council; Wesley Foundation. Rehnberg, Evelyn L. — Arts and Sciences ; Chi- cago, Illinois. Reichert, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Filer, Ida- ho; Tau Delta; University Women ' s Club. Reichert, Rose Ann — Arts and Sciences ; Filer, Idaho; University Women ' s Club. Rentfro, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Congo Club; Speakers Congress; University Women ' s Club. lA Reynolds, Joe S. — Business ; Greeley, Colorado ; Beta Alpha Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Colo- radan; Delta Sigma Pi; Council of Greek Stu- dents; IFC; Phi Delta Theta. President. Rhodes, George F. — Arts and Sciences; Salida, Colorado. Rich, Mary Susan — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Choir; Operettas; Phi Sigma Iota; Spur; Delta Delta Delta. Richards, Helen — Arts and Sciences; University City, Missouri. CU has often enjoyed Gloria Nearon s so- prano voice in university opera produc- tions, especially her lead in " Robin Hood. " Richardson, Rita Rae — Arts and Sciences; Summit, New Jersey; Band; Tau Beta Sigma, Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Delta Pi. Richardson. Robert J. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Ricken, Alvin — Journalism; Lajunta, Colorado. Robb, Richard L. — Engine: Englewood, Colorado; AICbE; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Robinson, Charles — Business; Newton, Kansas. Robinson, GeorKe E., Jr. — Pharmacy; Youngstown, Ohio. Robinson, Joyce — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado: AWS : ASUC : Hesperia; Mortar Board; Vice-president ; Pi Mu Ep- silon; Spur; YWCA, Vice-president; Delta Delta Delta. Robinson, Leonard L. — Engine; Denver. Colorado; ASCE ; " C " Club; Golf; Varsity Christian Fellowship. As their president. Dick Phillips has proved an asset to Viking Club. Russell, Harold C. — Arts and Sciences; Canon City, Colorado; Canterbury Club. Ryan, Margaret — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City, Missouri: Intramurals; New Education Club; Newman Club; Delta Gamma. Rymill, Shirley Lois — Arts and Sciences ; Boulder, Colorado ; Home Economics Club; Phi Chi Delta; Westminster Founda- tion; Women ' s Club. St. Clair, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Port Washington, New York; Band; Coloiadan; Delta Phi Delta; House of Repre- sentatives; Spur; Tau Beta Sigma; Tau Delta; YWCA. Sandberg. Lillian A. — Arts and Sciences; Waukegan. Illinois; Players ' Club; Psi Chi; Ski Club; WAA. Sando, Francis A. — Engine; Denver. Colorado; ASME ; Insti- tute of Aeronautical Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Mu Ep- silon. Sass, Andrew M. — Engine; Paterson, New Jersey; ISA; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. Sass. Donna M. — Arts and Sciences; Pampa. Texas; Honors Union; ISA; Shakespeare Club; Sigma Epsilon Sigma. SENIORS 101 Robinson, Opal O. — Business ; Garrison, North Dakota; 23 Club; Women ' s Vets. Rockafellow, Theodore F. — Arts and Sciences ; Alamosa, Colorado; ASUC ; Vetsville Council; VetsviUe Mayor; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Per- sonnel Council; Student Presidents Committee. Rogers, Gardner — Engine; Rosemont. Pennsyl- vania; ASME; Canterbury Club; IFC. Vice- president; Alpha Tau Omega, President. Rold. John Wesley — Arts and Sciences; Salida, Colorado; Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. K Rose, Caroline E. — Arts and Sciences; Denver Colorado ; Players ' Club ; Shakespeare Club : Ski Club ; Alpha Omicron Pi. Rose. R. Russell — Engine; Denver, Colorado; Tau Beta Pi. Rcthstein, Robert N. — Arts and Sciences: New York, New York; CU Days; Homecoming : IFC; Phi Epsilon Phi; S G; Sigma Delta Ch. ; Phi Sigma Delta. Rovira, Lou — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado; ASUC, President; CU Days, Genera! Chairman; Freshman Football: Election Com- mission; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals ; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sumalia; S G : Alpha Tar Omega, House Manager. Rowe. Lois Barbara — Arts and Sciences; River Forest, Illinois; Kappa Phi; Ski Club; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi. Ruddell, Arden K. — Arts and Sciences; Chester, Illinois; C Club; Pentagon Club, President: Sigma Delta Psi; Track. I » « ' SENIORS 102 Schabes, Gloria Phyllis — Arts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois; Choir; Pi Mu Epsilon; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer. Schmidt, Ted G. — Business ; Scottsbluff, Nebras- ka; Phi Delta Theta. Schwa Ibe, Jo Anne — Engine ; Denver, Colorado; ASME; CU Days; Colorado Engineer; Com- bined Engineers ' Council ; Dorm President ; House of Representatives; Hesperia; Mortar Board; Pi Mu Epsilon: Pi Tau Sigma; Miss Versatility; Ski Club; Winter Carnival; Who ' s Who; YWCA; Delta Delta Delta. Schweizer, Helen — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado; Dorm Counselor; Valkyrie. Scilken, Marvin H. — Arts and Sciences; New York. New York. Scott. Ralph K. — Business; Haxtun, Colorado; C Club; Varsity Football. Audrey Ahlquist rates ASUC Secretary for 1946-47 at the top of her list of varied activities. Scott, R. E. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; C Club; ASCE ; Intramurals; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Kappa Alpha. Scruggs, Roy Gene — Business; Hutchinson, Kan- saj. Secrest, John — Arts and Sciences; Dallas. Texas; Free Lance: 23 Club; Texas Club; Wesley Foundation. Selbe, Rexford L. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado; AIChE; SAE. kV Sethman, Marjorie Jean — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado; AWS: Coloradan; Intramurals; Ski Club; University Wom- en ' s Club; WAA; YWCA. Sethman, Mary Frances — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado; AWS; Coloradan; CU Days; French Club; House of Repre- sentatives; Intramurals: Phi Sigma Iota; Homecoming; Ski Club; Spanish Club; University Women ' s Club: WAA; Alpha Chi Omega. Shaner, James H. — Business; Denver, Colorado; Coloradan; Delta Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Chi. Sharp, Joanne J. — Arts and Sciences; Piedmont, California; Alpha Phi. Shaw, William Harry Robert — Arts and Sciences; Aspen. Colo- rado; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Legion; Honors Candidate. Shearer, Eugene M. — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City, Missouri; Pentagon; Sigma Gamma Epsilon: ISA. Sheridan, David S. — Arts and Sciences; Greeley. Colorado: Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon: Sumalia; Varsity Golf; Viking Club. Sherwood. Clifford — Arts and Sciences: Colorado Springs. Colo- rado; Dodo; Newman Club; Ski Club: Sigma Nu. Prominent on campus before entering the service, Bill Vanderwilt has devoted his time to the Dodo since his return. SENIORS 103 Shoemaker, Sara M. — Arts and Sciences; Toledo. Ohio; Intramurals; WAA. Shull, Maxine — Business: Dighton, Kansas: Kappa Phi; Ski Club; YWCA. Shumate, Marjorie Helen — Arts and Sciences: Fort Garland, Colorado; CU Days; Dodo, House of Representatives; Little Theater; Phi Chi Delta: Home Economics Club; Window: University Women ' s Club. Simonsen, Frances — Arts and Sciences; Gtenview, Illinois; Panhellenic; WAA; YWCA; Alpha Phi. Sittig, Eugene A. — Engine; Glencoe, Illinois; ASCE; AWS: Alpha Phi Omega: Illini-Buff Club; Intramurals: Skull and Crescent; Chi Psi. Skavdahl, Howard — Engine: Harrison, Nebraska: ASME; IAS; Intramurals; VFW ; Wesley Foundation. Slonecker, Robert N. — Business; Leadville, Colo- rado; Band; ISA; Viking Club. Smathers, John Hurst — Arts and Sciences; Love- land, Colorado; Ethnic Minorities: Honors Un- ion; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Presi- dent; Wesley Foundation, Smith, Joseph R. — Engine; Phoenix, Arizona; AIChE; Alpha Phi Omega; Ski Club. Smith, Carolyn — Arts and Sciences: Sioux City, Iowa; ASUC; Dorm President; Miss Democ- racy: Mortar Board: Panhellenic, President; Phi Sigma Iota: Senate: Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Spur: Alpha Phi, Secretary, Smith, Lucy Jane — Arts and Sciences: Meeker, Colorado: Intra- murals; Physical Educational Majors Club; WAA; Alpha Chi Omega. Smith. Marie — Arts and Sciences: Greeley, Colorado; ISA; Roger Williams Fellowship ; Valkyrie ; University Women s Club, Smith, Robert Francis — Pharmacy; Ovid, Colorado; JrAPhA. Smyth, Irene W.— i4rts and Sciences: Big Horn, Wyoming; Intramurals; Little Theater: Phi Beta Kappa; Porpoise; Ski Club: Spur; S G; Geography Club, President. Southworth, Phyllis Jane — Arts and Sciences; Cardift-by-the- Sea, California: Coloradan ; CU Days; California Club; FRA ; YWCA: University Women ' s Club. Spangler, Ida — Arts and Sciences; Walfh, Colorado. Spencer, Maralyn M. — Business: Des Moines, Iowa; Beta Sig- ma : University Women ' s Club. Sperry, Don— Business; Los Angeles, California; Dodo; SAE. A SENIORS 104 Spindler, Frank — Engine; Denver, Colorado; AIEE; ASUC: Engine Ball; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau, Vice-president; Newman Club; Tau Beta Pi, President; Student Personnel Council. Sprague, Edward G. — Engine ; Wauwatosa, Wis- consin; Alpha Chi Sigma; AlChE ; Pi Mu Ep- silon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Stanton, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences; Gary, Indi- ana; ASUC; AWS; Coloradan ; S G; Spur; Orchesis; Panhellenic ; YVfCA; WAA ; Kappa Alpha Theta. Stedwell, Marion J, — Engine; Wray. Colorado ; Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE ; Intramuials; 23 Club; VFW. Jgw " h Steph, Harlan J. — Arts and Sciences; Wichita Falls, Texas. Stewart, Pat — Arts and Sciences; Sterling, Colo- rado. S trader, Nancy — Arts and Sciences ; Evanston, Illinois: Alpha Phi. Sullivan, Ann Jeannette — Pharmacy; Meeker, Colorado; JrAPhA; Rx Club. Sundstrom, Gloria — Arts and Sciences; Sioux City, Iowa. Sutter, Anne — Business; Brownsville, Texas; Al- pha Delta Pi ; Intramurals ; University Wom- en ' s Club; WAA. Although a transfer student, Vinita Walker has been active on this campus, being assistant chairman of 1947 CU Days. Sutton. Harold Colson — Engine; Detroit, Michigan; Math Club. AIEE; Swanson, Roy E. — Engine: Cheyenne, Wyoming ; AIEE; Alpha Phi Omega ; ISA ; University Choir. Sytz, Helen Irene — Arts and Sciences; Dyersburg, Tennessee. Tallman, Dorothy Ann — Arts and Sciences; SheJbyville, Illinois; AWS: Coloradan: S G ; Tau Delta; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Tayrten, Dorothy Pauline — Ar ts and Sciences: Bartlesville, Oklahoma: Newman Club; Nurse Majors Organization. -Business; Denver, Colorado: Beta Alpha Psi ; Teasdale. Jay M. Intramurals. Telfcr, James D. — Arts and Sciences: Hillshoro. Illinois. Delta Theta. Phi Tew, Harry F. Sigma. -Engine; Detroit, Michigan; AIChE; Alpha Chi ' -», - «• f ,. Bill Weltner has devoted much time and energy to his main interest, the University Athletic Board. Tomsic, Albert Jack — Arts and Sciences; Walsenburg, Colorado. Toops, John R. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; IFC; Beta Theta Pi. Torbet, Robert P.— Engine; Pueblo, Colorado; ASME; IAS; ISA ; Social Coordinating Committee. Tozcr, Janet Marilyn — Arts and Sciences; Windsor, Colorado; Iota Sigma Pi ; Intramurals ; Sigma Epsilon Sigma ; Spur ; University Women ' s Club; Window; YWCA; Alpha Delta Pi. President. Turnquist, Edwin Clifford — Business; Littleton, Colorado; In- tramurals; Student Union Committee; Delta Tau Delta. Tyree, Frank H. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Unfug, Harry V. — Arts and Sciences; Sterling, Colorado; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Cosmopolitan Club, President. Usher. Dorothy Lane — Arts and Sciences; Oak Park, Illinois; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; Ski Club; University Women ' s Club. SENIORS 105 Thompson, Charles S. — Business; Kansas City Missouri. Thompson, Meredith E. — Arts and Sciences; Chey- enne, Wyoming; Alira, Charter President, Homecoming ; ISA; Intramurals; CU Days, University Women ' s Club. Thompson, Muriel Arlene — Arts and Sciences: Sterling. Colorado; Band; Players ' Club; Tau Beta Sigma; YWCA. Thornburg, Ashley A. — Arts and Sciences; Hot Springs, South Dakota. Thornton, F. A.— Engine; Grand Island, Nebras- ka; Sigma Chi. Tibbs, George I. — Pharmacy; Springfield, Mis- souri. Tillema, John — Arts and Sciences; Arlington. V ginia ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Toll, Roger W., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Denver Colorado. A Tomita, Helen Chizu — Fine Arts; San Mateo California. SENIORS 106 Van ArsdaU. James — Business; Hugo, Colorado; Intramurals ; ISA; Ski Club. Vanderwilt, Christine — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver. Colorado ; Dodo; Stage Crew; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Vanderwilt, William— Engine ; ASUC ; Colo- radan ; Dodo, Editor ; Board of Publications; S G; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; SAE. Van Fradenburg, Jean — Arts and Sciences; Man- assa. Colorado : ISA; University Women ' s Club; Band ; Reeves. Vaughan, Richard L. — Engine ; Gateway, Colo- rado; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma. Vessels, Jerry Edward — Engine; McAllen, Texas. Vezina. Hazel- — Arts and Sciences; Evergreen, Colorado ; University Women ' s Club. Vogler, Harry W. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado: Alpha Chi Sigma; CU Days; Dodo, Editor; Si G; SAE. The high caliber of Pat St. Clair ' s work is evident from her many honoraries — Tau Beta Sigma, Tau Delta and Delta Phi Delta. ■Engine; Westcliffe, Colorado. Wagner, Nonnie — Arts and Sciences ; Pi Beta Phi; ASUC; AWS; CU Days; Coloradan; Life at CU, Editor; Election Commission ; Hesperia ; Si G. Wainscott. Jane F. — Arts and Sciences; Belvidere. Illinois; ISA; Laboratory Theater; University Women ' s Club; YWCA. Waldo. Robert Donald — Engine; Los Angeles. California ; IAS; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Star and Sextant: Kappa Sigma. Walker, James L. — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado; Phi Delta Theta. Walker, Vineta Fern — Arts ttnd Sciences: Enid, Oklahoma, ASUC; CU Days, Assistant Chairman; Honors Union; Pi Gamma Mu. Walseth, Russell M., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Pierre. South Da kota: C Club; Sumalia. Walter, Mary Jane — Arts and Sciences; Uxbridge, Massacbu setts; University Women ' s Club; Valkyrie; YWCA. Walter. William— £nifine; Denver, Colorado; ASME; IAS. Walters. Marguerite D. — Arts and Sciences; Akron. Colorado Phi Sigma. SENIORS n. !Wt 107 Ken Huston ' s chief ambition was realized with his election to ASUC as Commissioner of Men ' s Welfare. West, John M. — Engine; Denver, Colorado; Intramurals; New- man Club; Phi Kappa Tau. Whitaker. Kenneth — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado ; Al- umnus; ISA; Intramurals; S G; Sigma Delta Chi. White, Jacque M. — Business; North Platte. Nebraska. White, Robert Joseph — Business ; Denver, Colorado ; Interna- tional Relations Club; Intramurals ; Newman Club. Whitten, M. Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Saguache. Colorado ; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Hockey Club; University Or- chestra; Ski Club; WAA; University Women ' s Club. Wier, Virginia F. — Arts and Sciences; Beaumont. Texas; Colo- radan; All School Show; CU Days; WAA; YWCA ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Wilder. Doris Emily — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado: Delta Delta Delta. WiUcox. Jean— i4rts and Sciences; Altadena. California; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; YWCA; Alpha Omicron Pi. Ward, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; AWS; Dodo; Coloradan ; Student Personnel Council; Panhel- lenic ; Spur; S G: WAA; University Women ' s Club; Chi Omega. President. Warlick, John G. — Engine; San Diego, California : Eta Kappa Nu ; Homecoming ; IFC ; Pi Mu Ep- silon ; Psi Eta Pi; Sumalia; Varsity Football; Beta Theta Pi. ■% Warren, Jack — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colo- rado; C Club; Varsity Baseball. Wehby, Lavern — Engine ; Longmont, Colorado ; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma. Weimdling. H. Benny — Business; Pueblo. Colo- rado; Dodo; Phi Sigma Delta. Weinberg, Robert J. — Business; Port Chester. New York. Welker. Susan — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City. Missouri; Spanish Club; WAA; YWCA; Kappa Alpha Theta, House President. Weltner, Catharine W. — Arts and Sciences; Still- water, Oklahoma ; University Choir; University Women ' s Club; WAA; YWCA; Delta Delta Delta. Weltner, William H. — Engine; Akron. Ohio; ASME; CU Days; Homecoming ; Intramurals ; Scimitar; University Athletic Board; Varsity Football; Alpha Tau Omega. Wenzel, Carol Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado: CU Days; French Club; Honors Un- ion; Phi Sigma Iota; Orchesis; Sigma Epsilon; University Women ' s Club; Window; WAA; Who ' s Who; Alpha Chi Omega. ■ 5 » SENIORS 108 Williams. Barbara — Business; Lincoln, Nebraska ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Willis, Robert K. — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado ; ASUC ; Homecoming ; Freshman Dance; Senior Week Committee, Chairman. Ji i Wilson, Brooks — Business ; Amarillo, Texas; Beta Alpha Psi ; Dodo; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Nu. Winslow, Warden V. — Arts and Sciences; Palo Alto, California ; Coloradan, Sports Editor ; Homecoming Publicity Chairman; NROTC ; Si G, Sports Editor; Beta Theta Pi. One of the hardest workers in the Univer- sity Women ' s Club is their secretary, Lor- raine Calabrese. Wirth, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences; Oak Park, Illinois; Intramurals; University Women ' s Club; YWCA; Alpha Omicron Pi. Womer, Frank B. — Arts and Sciences; Michigan. Niles, Wood, John Proctor — Business; Hanover, New Hampshire; C Club; Men ' s Residence Halls Association, Vice-president ; Colorado Mountain Club; Ski Club, President: Ski Club, Captain; Winter Carnival, General Chairman; Sigma Chi. Woodruff, Hubert, Jr. — Business ; Scarsdale, New York; CU Days; All-School Show; Homecom- ing; Intramurals ; Varsity Baseball; Alpha Tau Omega. Woodruff, Joe H. — Sentinel, Oklahoma. Woodruff, John Charles — Arts and Sciences; Den- ver, Colorado; ASUC; Greek Combine; IFC, President; Intramurals; Chi Psi, President. Woodsome, Frederic O.. Jr. — Engine: Denver, Colorado; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: SAE. Wright. Rosemary — Arts and Sciences; River Forest. Illinois; AWS: Coloradan: S G; Spur; University Women ' s Club; Window; Chi Omega. Wrighton. Thomas R. — Arts and Sciences: Excelsior, Minne- sota; IFC: Intramurals: Football Manager; NROTC: Psi Chi; Sumalia; Phi Kappa Tau, President. Young. Barbara Maxine — Arts and Sciences: Morenci. Arizona: Education Club; University Women ' s Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Valkyrie. Young, Charles Edward — Engine; Pueblo: Alpha Chi Sigma; AIChE; Kappa Sigma. Young, James R. — Engine ; Fo rt Collins. Colorado ; ASME ; IAS; Riffe Team. Zeitouni, Caesar — Engine; Cairo, Egypt. Zimmer, Charles E. — Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta; Psi Chi. Golden, Colorado ; JUNIORS HESPERIA Honorary Junior Women 109 OFFICERS Janet Schemmel President Alice Goalby Vice-president Kay Brownne Treasurer Dean Mary-Ethel Ball Sponsor MEMBERS Audrey Ahlquist Sue Bergeson Jeanne Bjork Kay Brownne Doris Dice Alice Goalby Margorie Grove Jo Holden Helen Nakagawa Nancy Nightingale Carol Packard Nancy Sabin Janet Schemmel Delores Stutheit Marilyn Walker Back row, left to right: Margorie Grove, Carol Packard, Jo Holden, Kay Brownne. Second row: Dee Dice, Jeanne Bjork, Delores Stutheit, Marilyn Walker. Front row: Audrey Ahlquist, Sue Bergeson, Janet Schemmel, Nancy Sabin, Nancy Nightingale. (fCft ' Sfei JUNIORS 110 SOMALIA Honorary Junior Men OFFICERS Al Hughes President Russ Groesbeck Vice-president Lou Rovira Secretary-treasurer Dean Harry Carlson Sponsor MEMBERS Sam Barnhill Bob Bigelow Bud Crow Lou Dods Russ Groesbeck Dick Hoefle Al Hughes Henry Hutchinson Sylvan Kaplan Dick Morrow Dick Mulhern Bob Peper Lou Rovira Glenn St. Aubyn Dave Sheridan Russ Walseth John Warlick Bob Wise Tom Wrighton Back row, left to right: Dick Hoefle, Glenn St. Aubyn, Lou Dods, Richard Mulhern. Second row: Henry Hutchinson, Dick Morrow, John Warlick, Tom Wrighton, Russ Walseth. Front row: Lou Rovira, Russ Groesbeck, Al Hughes, Bob Wise. JUNIORS Bill Davoren President 111 Adams, Arthur William, Jr. — Business; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Adams, Jean A. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Alcorn, L. Neal — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Alexander, Joan — Arts and Sciences; Webster City, Iowa. Alire, Ila — Arts and Sciences; Monte Vista, Colorado. Allen, Norman Thomson — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Allison, Margaret Rhea — Arts and Sciences; KingsviUe, Texas. Andersen, James G. — Arts and Sciences; Brush, Colorado. Anderson, Thomas B. — Business ; Denver, Colorado. Applequist, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Atkinson, Roy James — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado. Auger, John G. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Babick, Marie Josephine — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Babka, Edward A. — Engine; Columbus, Nebraska. Bail, Anne — Arts and Sciences; Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bailey, James E. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Bain, Martin — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City, Missouri. Baldwin, Nancy — Arts and Sciences; Chicago. Illinois. Ball, Ilah Ann — Arts and Sciences; Twin Falls, Idaho. Ballard, John T. — Arts and Sciences; Telluride, Colorado, Ballenger, William — Engine; Highland Park, Illinois. Ballinger, Bruce Norton — Engine; Greeley, Colorado. Bangs, Gordon — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Barringcr, Paul C. — Arts and Sciences; Lynchburg, Virginia. Barron, William R.—Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Barrow, Juanita — Arts and Sciences; Tulsa. Oklahoma. Barton, Robert E. — Business ; Arvada, Colorado. Baskin, Sue Ann — Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas. Baxeis, Reuben J. A. — Arts and Sciences; Billings, Montana. Beeler, Horace W. — Business; Des Moines, Iowa. Bein, Lois Charlotte — Arts and Sciences; Loveland. Colorado. Benton, Rosalie Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Andover. Massachusetts. Bergstresser, George L. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Bergstresser. Gerald G. — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado. Berkstresser, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Sterling, Colorado. Best, Hugh C. — Business; Byers, Colorado. Bieser. Marilyn C. — Arts and Sciences; Cr aig, Colorado. Bigelow, Guy A., Jr. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Biggs, W. Allen — Arts and Sciences; Brighton, Colorado. Bjork, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois. JUNIORS 112 Blaser, Geraldine — Pharmacy: Columbus, Nebraska. Blickhahn, George Henry. Jr. — Law; Alamosa, Colorado. Boggs, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Bokorney, Janet Ann — Arts and Sciences; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Booth, Robert Arthur McEwan — Arts and Sciences; Spokane and Seattle, Washington. Bradley. Joan H. — Arts and Sciences; Littleton, Colorado. Brill, William J. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Brock, Maurice Rex — Engine; Mitchell, Nebraska. Brodine, Helen — Arts and Brown, Donald W. — Arts Brown. James D. — Engine Brummer, Charlotte — Arts Bruns, Robert L. — Engine Bryan, John Manly — Arts Bryant. Andrew M. — Arts Buchanan, James Aubrey- Sciences ; Casper, Wyoming, and Sciences; Longmont, Colorado. ; Butte, Montana. and Sciences; Fort Lupton, Colorado. ; Lakewood, Colorado. and Sciences; Clarendon, Texas, and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. -Arts and Sciences; Robinson, Illinois. Buchholz, Raymond H. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Buckland, Charles F. — Engine; New York, New York. Bumpus, Harold 0. — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado. Burnham, William A., Jr. — Engine; Seattle, Washington. Burson, Kenneth L. — Business ; Eureka, Kansas. Burson, James C. — Business; Clayton, New Mexico. Burton, Patricia Sue — Arts and Sciences; Honolulu, T. H. Bush, Stanley G. — Arts and Sciences; Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, Dorothy Carpenter Vice-president Butterfield, Albert V. — Business; Indianapolis, Indiana. Callas, George — Pharmacy ; Oak Creek, Colorado. Campbell, James R. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Carder, James Maurice — Engine; Holdenville. Oklahoma. Carlson. Samuel Glenn — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Carlson, John H. — Engine; Ignacio, Colorado. Carlton, Betty — Arts and Sciences; Borger, Texas. Carnali, Claude J. — Engine; New Village, New Jersey. Carpenter, Dorothy W. — Arts and Sciences; Palo Alto, California. Carpenter, James L. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Casotti, Fred J. — Arts and Sciences; Eraser, Iowa. Caton, Joyce Ann — Arts and Sciences; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Clarke, Margaret A. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Clifton, Clell I. — Arts and Sciences; Collbran, Colorado. Coates, Patsy — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Cochran, Dale S. — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. JUNIORS 113 Carol Packard Secretary Colaiano, Shirley Mae — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado Cooke, Marilee — Music; Denver, Colorado. Cooley, Maurice E. — Arts and Sciences: Salina, Kansas Costello, Patricia— i4r(s and Sciences: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Countis. Thomas J. — Engineering; Centerville, Iowa. Craft, Isabelle — Arts and Sciences: Bird City, Kansas. Cramp, Erwin C. — Engine ; Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Creasey, James Gordon — Business; Filer, Idaho. Crockett, Ralph D. — Business; Ballinger, Texas. Cummings, Lynn H. — Arts and Sciences: Boise, Idaho. Daehler, Arden — Engine; Sterling, Illinois. Dall, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences: Libertyville, Illinois. Daniel, William A. — Arts and Sciences: San Diego, California. Davies, Eunice — Arts and Sciences: Erie, Colorado. Day, Mary Frank — Arts and Sciences ; Plainview, Texas. Denning, Luann — Arts and Sciences; Joliet, Illinois. Dice, Doris Mae — Arts and Sciences; Whittier, California. Dillingham, Ruby — Arts and Sciences: Littleton, Colorado. Dinner, Melvin — Arts and Sciences: Greeley, Colorado. Doenges, Dean — Arts and Sciences; La Junta, Colorado. Dora, James E. — Engine: Denver, Colorado. Doromal, Quintin Salas — Business: Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines. Driver, Ray W. — Business; Nocona, Texas. Dudley, Virgil E. — Business; Karval, Colorado. Duncan, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences: Fort Morgan, Colorado. Dunn, Jacqueline L. — Business: Areata, Calilornia. Dunn, L,ouise — Arts and Sciences; San Francisco, California. DuPont, Mary Alice — Arts and Sciences; New Orleans, Louisiana. Eberhart, Perry — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado. Ebner, Keith J. — Engine: Valier, Montana. Eckhardt, Albert — Arts and Sciences; Berthoud, Colorado. Edgar, John M. — Engine; Fort Morgan, Colorado. Einspahr, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences; Odebolt, Iowa. Ellis, Neva Nell — Business: Amarillo, Texas. Ellison, W. Darrell, Jr. — Engine; Dawson, New Mexico, Epstein, Blanche — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. Erlandson, Shirley E. — i4 rts and Sciences: Red Cliff, Colorado, Eubank, Dillard M. — Arts and Sciences; Kansas City, Missouri. Fairvalley, Jay C. — Arts and Sciences; Riverside, Illinois. Falkenberg, William Stevens — Engine; Denver, Colorado. as JUNIORS 114 Fenton. Lawrence L. — Arts and Sciences; Rocky Ford, Colorado. Ferguson, Boyd M. — Arts and Sciences; Lexington, Missouri. Ferguson, Julia — Arts and Sciences; Edwardsville. Illinois. Finesilver, Sherman G. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Fisk, William Jay — Engine; Paonia, Colorado. Flatley, Eileen — Arts and Sciences; Kenosha, Wisconsin. Fliehmann, Wilbur Jack — Engine ; Thermopolis, Wyoming. Foreman, Anson D. — Engine; Amarillo, Texas. Franklin, Walter B., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Frantz, Marcia — Arts and Sciences; Salida Colorado. Franz, Maxine — Arts and Sciences; Daniel. Wyoming. Fricke, Doris — Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Nebraska. Fridge, Richard P. — Arts and Sciences; Painesville, Ohio. Fullerton, Charles P. — Engine; Morrill, Nebraska. Gale, Larry D. — Pharmacy ; Springheld, Colorado. Gaily, David L. — Engine; Pasadena, California. Ganatta, Lettybelle J. — Pharmacy ; Denver, Colorado. Gardner, Eleanore Ann — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Garnett, Thomas H. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Garramone, Gladys — Arts and Sciences; Golden, Colorado. Gasser, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Loveland, Colorado. Gerace. Michael — Arts and Sciences; Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Giberson, Frances Ann — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Gibert, Josephine — Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Gierau, Donna Jean — Music; Cbadron, Nebraska. Gilson, Norma Jean — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Girling, Beryl Lee — Business ; Austin, Colorado. Glassburn, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences; Craig, Colorado. Goedde, Mary — Arts and Sciences; Long Beach, California. Goldfogel, Dorothy — Music; Denver, Colorado. Goodman, Jerry L. — Arts and Sciences; Des Moines, Iowa. Gough, John D. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Grady, George Edward — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Graham, Richard — Engine; Fresno, California. Grant, William G. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Greene, Betty Jo — Arts and Sciences; Midland, Texas Gregg, Raymond F. — Arts and Sciences; Wbeatridge, Colorado. Grinnell. Mary Lawrence — Arts and Sciences; Kalamazoo, Michigan. Grove, Marjorie Faye — Pharmacy ; Pueblo, Colorado. Guyer, Ina — Arts and Sciences; Elmhurst, Illinois. JUNIORS 115 Guzofsky, Vivian — Arts and Sciences: Chicago, Illinois. Hall, Arlin W. — Business ; Dodge City, Kansas. Hall. Nancy Jean — Arts and Sciences; Imlay City, Michigan. Hamill, Robert E. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Harbin, Marylouise — Arts and Sciences; Arkansas City, Kansas. Hardy, Jeane — Arts and Sciences: Denver, Colorado. Hart, Lynne — Arts and Sciences; Los Angeles, California. Hartvigsen, Gerald L. — Engine; Murray. Utah. Haver, Jane — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. Haver, Robert T. — Business: Pueblo, Colorado. Hedberg, Joan Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Heinze, Marian L. — Arts and Sciences; Fort Collins, Colorado. Helsberg, Frederick ]. -—Business; Chicago. Illinois. Henderson, Doris Jean — Arts and Sciences; Boulder. Colorado. Hertha, Kenneth R. — Arts and Sciences: Berthoud. Colorado. Hermach, Charles A. — Engine; Eugene, Oregon. Hoch, Richard A. — Arts and Sciences; Yuma, Colorado. Hogue, Anna Mae Evans — Arts and Sciences; Dodge City, Kansas. Hogue, Robert E. — Arts and Sciences; Dodge City, Kansas. Holden, Joanne — Arts and Sciences: Harbert, Michigan. Holmes, Evelyn M. — Arts and Sciences; Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hondius, Pieter — Business: Estes Park, Colorado. Hoppler, Carroll Keith — Arts and Sciences; Holyoke, Colorado. Horan, Lois — Arts and Sciences; East Cleveland, Ohio. Horner, Raymond G., Jr. — Engine; Evanston, Illinois. Houlton, Edith — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Houston, John S. — Engine; Rushville, Illinois. Howell, Gordon M. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Hudson, Robert K. — Business; Denver, Colorado. Hugins, Richard M. — Business; Littleton, Colorado. Humphrey. Charles James — Business; Sutherland, Nebraska. Hunsuckcr, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Champaign, Illinois, Hunt, Alice Addison — Arts and Sciences; Derby, Colorado. Huston, Kenneth H. — Arts and Sciences; Manzanola, Colorado. Ingalls, Floyd Winton — Pharmacy ; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jackman, Sarah — Arts and Sciences; Corvallis, Oregon. Jamison, Katherine — Arts and Sciences; Julesburg, Colorado. Jann, William K. — Engine; Brooklyn, New York. Johnson, Charles Edwin, Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Johnson, Lucille — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. JUNIORS 116 Joincs, Margaret Ann — Arts and Sciences; Anthony, Kansas. Jones, Betty Joann — Arts and Sciences; Plainview, Texas. Jones, Richard C. — Business ; Denver, Colorado. Kawakami, Bertha — Arts and Sciences; Los Angeles, California. Keim. Shirley Jean — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Keirnes, Lora Dayle — Arts and Sciences; Wellington, Colorado. Kellett, Jeanette — Arts and Sciences; West Plains, Missouri, Kelly, Evelyn — Arts and Sciences; Evanston, Illinois. Kendig, Andrew Edward — Business; Wheatland, Wyoming. Kenney, Colleen — Arts and Sciences; Orlando. Florida. Killian, Marianne — Arts and Sciences; Winnetka, Illinois. Kissler, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences; Ault, Colorado, Kline, Eva Lee — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Knap, James E. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Knolle, Lawrence — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Knudsen, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences; Fort Lupton, Colorado. Krause, Dorothy Ann — Arts and Sciences; Glenview, Illinois. Krehbiel, Karl K. — Engine; Halstead, Kansas. Larson, Donald C. — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lawson, Joan — Arts and Sciences; Kenilworth, Illinois. Lehnen, Harriett — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Lembcke, Anna — Arts and Sciences; Holstein, Iowa. Levine, Morris J. — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Levitt, Phillip R. — Arts and Sciences; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Lewis, Norman — Business ; Bayonne, New Jersey. Lincoln. Henry C. — Arts and Sciences; Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ling, M ildred Jean — Arts and Sciences; Dodge City, Kansas Lockwood, John Hudnut — Arts and Sciences; Poland, Ohio. Longworth, John L. — Pharmacy; Castle Rock, Colorado. Love, Betty Sharon — Business; Taylorville, Illinois. Lundquist, Dolores — Business; Bloomington, Illinois. Lyttle, Richard G. — Arts and Sciences; Meeker, Colorado. McCullough, Elaine C. — Business ; Ovid, Colorado. McFerran, Jack Walter — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado. McKell, Joseph S. — Arts and Sciences; Chillicothe, Ohio. McKibben. Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Moline, Illinois. McKinney, Frank H. — Arts and Sciences; Hutchinson, Kansas. McKnight, Robert T. — Engine; Colorado Springs, Colorado. McSwcen, Janet Alice — Music; Brush, Colorado. Mabee, Barbara — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. JUNIORS 117 MacFarlane, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Pueblo, Colorado. MacLennan, Helen — Arts and Sciences; Fowler, Colorado. MacNeal, Marguerite Louise — Business; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maich, Bert Melvin — Engine; Leadville, Colorado. Maier, Carl Frederick — Arts and Sciences; Longmont, Colorado. Maize, Norinc — Arts and Sciences; Germantown, Tennessee. Matsen, Ralph Stephen — Engine; Seattle, Washington. Matteson, D. Camille — Music; Fort Collins. Colorado. Metzger, Leslie — Arts and Sciences; South Bend, Indiana. Miller, Carolyn — Business; Dodge City, Kansas. Miller, Margaret Louise — Engine; Bloomington, Illinois. Miller, Mary Jane — Aits and Sciences; Collinsville. Illinois. Mobley, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences: Prescott, Arizona. Montgomery, Arnold H. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Moore, Robert J. — Engine; The Dalles, Oregon. Moore, William R. — Engine; Fredonia, Kansas. Morell, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Palo Alto, California. Morris, John Robert — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Morris. Roy E., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Fort Collins. Colorado. Morse, John G. — Engine; Lakewood, Colorado. Moyer, R. Deanne — Arts and Sciences; Minneapolis. Minnesota. Mundcll, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences ; Walsh, Colorado. Murray, Dickson C. — Pharmacy; Newgulf, Texas. Muth, Janet — Arts and Sciences; Altadena, California. Nashem, Norman Ray, Jr. — Law; Yakima, Washington. Neal, Charles R. — Engine; Portland, Oregon. Nelson, Nancy — Arts and Sciences; Maywood, Illinois. Newman, Eleanor Gray — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Nicholson, Douglas Owen — Business; Englewood, Colorado. Nicklos, Peggy Louise — Music; Las Animas, Colorado. Nodtvedt, Donald Paul — Music; Tacoma, Washington. O ' Neill, Luella — Business; Spear sh, South Dakota. Palsgrove, John H. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Parsons, William R. — Engine; Charleston, West Virginia. Peacock, Elwin Merrill — Arts and Sciences; Houston, Texas. Pearcc, Mary E. — Arts and Sciences; Arvada, Colorado. Peck, Virginia — Arts and Sciences; Littleton, Colorado. Peery, Maxine M. — Business; Lamar, Colorado. Penberthy, Marie — Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction, Colorado. Petersen, Katherine Louise — Music; Pueblo, Colorado. JUNIORS 118 Peterson, Wesley H. — Engine : Phippsburg, Colorado. Philpott, Jane — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Philpy, Rosemary — Arts and Sciences; Arlington, Colorado. Pierce, lAcTilyn June— Arts and Sciences ; Golden. Colorado. Plaisance, Delvin E. — Engine; Douglas, North Dakota. Polkinghorn, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Littleton. Colorado. Pozzatti. Rudy O. — Arts and Sciences; Silverton, Colorado. Prager, Frank C. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Pry, Wayne L. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Palis, Jay B., Jr. — Business; Denver. Colorado. Quaintance, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Golden, Colorado. Ragle, David — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. Randle, Jack Crawford — Arts and Sciences; Salem, Oregon. Rawson, Chester — Engine; Laramie, Wyoming. Reich. Charles J. — Engine; Boulder, Colorado. Reynolds, Kenneth Paisley — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rice, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Rice, Suzanne — Arts and Sciences; Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Richardson, R. Stanley — Pharmacy ; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rider, Charles L. — Engine; Longmont, Colorado. Roelfs, LaVere — Arts and Sciences; Hutchinson. Kansas. Rogers, Ruth Marie — Arts and Sciences; Amarillo, Texas. Roland, Elsee Thurston — Pharmacy ; Chicago, Illinois. Roper, Lester V. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Rothschopf, Kenneth — Engine; Parker, Colorado. Rubin, Geraldine H. — Arts and Sciences; Niles. Michigan, Russell, Jean— r(s and Sciences; Sioux City, Iowa. Sabin, Nancy — Business; Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Sampson, Ira N. — Business; Chicago, Illinois. Sato, Amy — Arts and Sciences; Henderson, Colorado. Souser, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences; Otis, Colorado. Savage, Leontina JA.—Arts and Sciences; Columbus, Nebraska. Schemmel, Janet Eleanor — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Schoelzel, Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Schrier, Stanley L. — Arts and Sciences; New York, New York. Schumacker, Suzanne — Arts and Sciences; Wilmette, Illinois. Schwartz, Stanley H. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Scott, Kenneth — Business; John Day, Oregon. Sellers, Patricia — Arts and Sciences; Ogden, Utah. Sellman, C. Frank — Engine; Cape Vincent, New York. r E c! ■J j ' m ' ■ ' ' ' ■ ' - _ -o ' BWi « ' " ' • - ' - JUNIORS 119 Shaw, Dorothy Lea — Business; Wichita Falls, Texas. Sheppard, E. Janice — Arts and Sciences: Monte Vista. Colorado. Shipp, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Shively, Ray V. — Engine ; Denver, Colorado, Shull, James G. — Engine; Kansas City, Missouri. Sierota, Felita — Arts and Sciences; Navojoa, Mexico. Simmons, Jean — Arts and Sciences; Longmont, Colorado. Simonds, Norma Elise — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Sincerbeaux, Marion — Arts and Sciences; New Rochelle, New York. Skibbe, Cornelia — Arts and Sciences; Topeka, Kansas. Slavik, Ruth — Arts and Sciences; Berwyn. Illinois. Small, Maryellen — Arts and Sciences; Menasha, Wisconsin. Smith, Betty Jean — Arts and Sciences; Arkansas City, Kansas. Smith, Harold F. — Arts and Sciences; Eagle, Colorado. Smith, Nancy Jane — Arts and Sciences; Winnetka, Illinois. Smith, Walter D., Jr. — Business ; Lakewood, Colorado. Smith, Wayne A. — Engine; Fowler, Colorado. Smith, William H. — Business; Evanston, Illinois. ' Snyder, Wilfred — Pharmacy ; Carthage, Missouri. Sobey, Marguerite — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Sommers, Herbert — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sorensen, Shirley Ann — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Spurlin, Melvin D. — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Stackhouse, Jacques A. — Business ; Scottsbluff, Nebraska. St. Clair, Barrel G. — Business; Worland, Wyoming. Stailey, Jean — Arts and Sciences; Denver, Colorado. Stapf, Lois — Arts and Sciences; Cristobal, Canal Zone. Starr. Hartley — Engine; Anaheim, California. Stephens, Robert V. — Arts and Sciences; Leadville, Colorado. Steiert, Clarence Joseph — Engine; O ' Fatlon, Missouri. Stines, Kenneth J. — Engine; Pueblo, Colorado. St. John, Carl F. — Engine; DeBeque, Colorado. Stoneman, Richard William — Engine ; Denver, Colorado. Stover, Thomas B., Jr. — Arts and Sciences; Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. Stranahan. Mary Jane — Arts and Sciences; Buena Vista, Colorado. Stratton, Robert L. — Engine; Hastings. Nebraska. Stuart, James B. — Engine; Newton, Kansas. Stunkard, Maribelle — Business ; Crook, Colorado. Stutheit, Delores A. — Arts and Sciences; Ogallala, Nebraska. Sucher, Edward M. — Rii iiness: Estes Park, Colorado. JUNIORS 120 Swanson, Stanley Stewart — Arts and Sciences; Rapid City, South Dakota. Sweeney, Robert M. — Arts and Sciences; Santa Fe, New Mexico. Talcott, Vern Hugh — Law; Weldona, Colorado. Tanner, Hope Elaine — Business; Boulder, Colorado. Teasley, Katherine Van Ausdai — Arts and Sciences; San Diego, California. Tcpley, Lee Raymond — Engine: Denver, Colorado. Thayer, Margaret Harwood — Arts and Sciences; San Marino, California. Thomas, Harold J. — Music; Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Thomas, John Powers — Engine; Shreveport, Louisiana. Thomas, Norma Jeanne — Arts and Sciences; Trinidad, Colorado. Tilton, Ann — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Todd, John S. — Business; Fanwood, New Jersey. Tomlin, Donna — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Travis, Joanne — Arts and Sciences; Fort Morgan, Colorado. Trindle, Joseph — Engine: Liberal, Kansas. Turner, John Edward — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Turner, W. Lloyd — Arts and Sciences; Berthoud, Colorado. Twyman, H. Wayne — Arts and Sciences; Ottawa, Kansas. Urich, Glenn Paul — Arts and Sciences ; Englewood, Colorado. Van De Car, Helen F. — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Van Hoorcbeke, George — Business ; Boulder, Colorado. Volquardsen, Leiand — Engine; San Francisco. California. Voss, Marlyn William — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Walther, D. Jane — Arts and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri. Warren, Mary E. — Arts and Sciences; Amarillo, Texas. Watson, Harry Kern — Engine; Greenville, South Carolina. Watts, Lawrence — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Weeks, Harvey— i4rts and Sciences; New York, New York. Wehner, Barbara Ann — Arts and Sciences; El Paso, Texas. Weiss, Norma Jean — Arts and Sciences; Chicago, Illinois. Welschmeyer, Johanna — Arts and Sciences; Oakland, California. Wennberg, Esther — Arts and Sciences; Lafayette, Colorado. West, Daniel Summers — Business; Pueblo, Colorado. West, Harold O. — Arts and Sciences; La Junta, Colorado. Whalcy, Shelby Lynn — Arts and Sciences; Denver. Colorado. Wheeler, Walter Eugene — Arts and Sciences; Casper. Wyoming. Whelan, Thomas E., Jr. — Engine; Denver, Colorado. Whitson, M. Shelby — Arts and Sciences; Orange, New Jersey. Williams, Jacquelyn Ann — Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Williams, Paul W. — Arts and Sciences; Kingsburg. California. JUNIORS 121 Williamson, Thomas, Jr. — Arts and Sciences: Grand Island. Nebraska. Willis, Donald E. — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs. Colorado. Wilson, Ivan T. — Pharmacy : Williams, Arizona. Wilson, Shirley — Arts and Sciences; El Paso, Texas. Winters. W. Dean — Arts and Sciences: Delta, Colorado. Wood, Norma Elaine — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Woodward, William Donald — Arts and Sciences; Greeley, Colorado. Worley, Frances Marie— Bus ness; Monte Vista, Colorado. Wunderly, LeRoy — Arts and Sciences; Colorado Springs. Colorado, Wylie, Frances Joan — Arts and Sciences; Vicksburg. Mississippi. Yergcy, Virginia G. — Arts and Sciences; Boulder, Colorado. Young, Anne Morrison — Arts and Sciences; St. Louis, Missouri. Yowell, G. Kent — Arts and Sciences; Glencoe, Illinois. Zinck, Louis R. — Engine; Canon City, Colorado. Zisch, John — Law; Johnstown, Colorado. 1 if SOPHOMORES 122 SPUR Honorary Sophomore Women OFFICERS Virginia Wachob President Joan Packard Vice-president Jane Carswell Secretary Kathy Ryan Treasurer Jane Schneberger Editor Miss Marjorie Baron Sponsor Dottie Adams Rita Atwood Nancy Ball Helen Baxter Alice Bennetts Suzanne Brooke Sally Brown Phyllis Bundy Bette Burks Jane Carswell Marjorie Chanak Jennine Chelf Sally Chmelik Elaine Cooper Marjory Cooper Peggy Driscoll Lois Duncan Alice Falardeau MEMBERS Shirley Friel Harriet Froese Betty Gaunt Mary Hegwer Betty Hickle Alice Hunt Kay Hutchison Louise Kingdon Mary B. Little Marilyn Maloney Sue Martin Carol McQuide Marjorie Miller Louise Moosdorf Joan Packard Joan Marie Ramsdell Donna Robinson Kathleen Ryan Jane Schneberger Dodi Sethman Margie L. Smith Mary Ann Squire Beverly Starika Judy Stearns Mary Stoffel Beverley Thomas Carol Thompson Pat Van Hyning Carol Van Law Virginia Wachob Mary Lou Waite Jeanne Weil Esther Williams Virginia Writer Back row, left to right: Carol Van Law, Rita Atwood, Mary Ann Squire, Sally Brown, Marjorie Miller, Betty Gaunt, Alice Bennetts, Jennine Chelf, Lois Duncan, Margie Smith. Second row: Sue Martin, Peggy Driscoll, Esther Williams, Virginia Writer, Mary Little, Marjorie Chanak, Alice Falardeau, Judy Stearns, Shirley Friel, Suzanne Brooke, Beverley Thomas, Beverly Starika, Helen Baxter, Mary Lou Waite. Third row: Carol Thompson, Sally Chmelik, Dottie Adams, Joan Packard, Jane Carswell, Virginia Wachob, Kathy Ryan, Jane Schneberger, Alice Hunt, Dodi Sethman, Nancy Ball. Front row: Carol McQuide, Bette Burks, Donna Robinson, Lou Moosdorf, Elaine Cooper, Kay Hutchinson, Joan Ramsdell. €-1 AfmWPAAo SOPHOMORES " T PHI EPSILON PHI Honorary Sophomore Men OFFICERS John Thomas President Ray Horner, Jr Secretary Melvin Dinner Treasurer 123 MEMBERS Howard Ainbinder Ross Alison Horace Beeler Jack Bell Jack Blackmarr George Blickhahn Russ Broman John Campbell Ralph Clark Richard Cowden Gene Coy Wardner Crockett Richard Cross Philip Dietz Melvin Dinner Donald Enright James B. Fielder William Garten Bill Giltner Bernard Gottlieb Don Gregg Gene Grieshaber Douglas Griffith Richard Griffith Lee Grossman Thomas Guggenheim Kenyon Hook Ray Horner Irwin Horwitz James D. Hutchinson Thomas Hutchinson Leland Huttner Jack Henderson Richard Irion John Jackson Herbert Johnson Robert Johnson William Jude Robert Katz Richard Kenehan Gerald King Keva Levin Morris Levine Phillip Levitt Paul Light Paul Lopatin Robert Manire Ted Mason H. B. McCarty Norbert Mellecker Gene Minzer John Morse Mark Mueller Larry Nye Emory O ' Connell Laurence Paddock Archie Paton Richard Ready William Rosenberg Charles J. Reich Stanley Schrier Stan Schwartz Don Stallings Howard Tavel George Taylor John Thomas Art Tryba Charles Warren Robert Weiner Chester Wigton Thomas Worcester John Yantis Arthur Zinn Back row, left to right: Maurice A. Brull, Larry F. Nye, Norbert J. Mellecker, John H. Campbell, William B. Garten, Robert Rothstein, Douglas Griffith, John Jackson, Bill Beeler, Richard Kenehon, Don Enright, Bill Rosenberg, Robert L. Weiner, Emory O ' Connell, William Lloyd. Fourth row: Jack Henderson, Bill W. Giltner, Phil Levitt, Philip Dietz, Keva Levin, Lee Grossman, Gerald Mellman, Howard Ainbinder, Richard J. Blackmarr, Kenneth G. Neumann. Richard J. Cross, John G. Morse, Kenneth R. Whiting, Irv Horwitz, Herbert Johnson, Robert Hahn. Third row: Thomas S. Hutchinson, James D. Hutchinson, Laurence Paddock, Robert Katz, Bernard L, Gottlieb, Melvin Dinner, John Thomas, Ray Horner, Jr., Wardner B. Crockett, Merle E. Van Den Bos, Kenyon Hook, Chester Wigton. Second row: George E. Taylor, R. F. Irion, R. Sam Johnson, H. B. McCarty, Charles J. Reich. Morris J. Levine, Howard Tavel, John A. Yantis, Paul Lopatin, Tom Worcester. Front row: Dick Cowden, Don Stallings, Russ Broman, G. Marque Coy, Ross Alison, James D. Hutchison, Tom Guggenheim, Ralph Clark, Chuck Warren. SOPHOMORES 124 Aaron, Janyce — Denver, Colorado. Adams, Gordon F. — Shenandoah, Iowa. Adams, Mary Joan — Raton, New Mexico. Akey, Donald E. — Wray, Colorado. Alderson, Waymon — Houston, Texas. Alexander, Dorothy — Arvada, Colorado. Alison, Ross — Beverly Hills, California. Allen, Clarence Owen — Trinidad, Colorado. Allen, Elizabeth Lee — Boulder, Colorado. Allen, Howard E., Jr. — Westport, Connecticut. Allen, Irene — Montrose, Colorado. Allen, Robert G. — Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Altvater, Ella June — Denver, Colorado. Amesbury, Jo Anne — Pasadena, Caliiornia. Amy, Robert D. — Julesburg, Colorado. Anderson, Carrie M. — Hot Springs, South Dakota. Anderson, Linnea — Denver, Colorado. Anderson, Loren E. — Greeley, Colorado. Anderson, Raymond Neil — Boulder, Colorado. Arment, William R. — Louviers, Colorado. Asmus, Virginia — Saint Louis. Missouri. Atwater, Joan — Glendale, Caliiornia. Atwood, Rita — Minneapolis, Minnesota. Auckland, Arthur Glen — Olney Springs, Colorado. Avesian, Reuben — Detroit, Michigan. Bacon, Janet — Erie, Pennsylvania. Banas. Walter Peter — Montreal. Canada. Barbiero, Audrey Marian — Louisville, Colorado. Bashford, Bruce Edward— Wray. Colorado. Beard, Barbar — Dallas, Texas. Beardcn. John N. — Trinidad, Colorado. Becker. Donald Earl— i4( an(ie, Iowa. Bell, Jack N.— Kansas City, Missouri. Bell, Mildred— Beaumont. Texas. Belsan, Charlotte— Cyeve and. Ohio. Bennett, Clayton J.— yuma. Colorado. Bennetts. Alice — Denver, Colorado. Bergheim, Robert M. — Boulder, Colorado, Berry, James L.— Denver, Colorado. Berry, Verne P.—Ptonia. Colorado. 125 Biddlcman. Sue — Webster City, Iowa, Billingsley. Jeanne Marie — Long Beach, California. Blewctt. Mary Lou — Denver. Colorado. Bloom. Beverly — Denver, Colorado. Boltz, Eleanor — Digbton. Kansas. Boslough, Bruce Eugene — Cedar Falls, Iowa. Boulton, Helen Dolores — Denver. Colorado. Bower, Jay — Canon City. Colorado. Bowers, Bruce T. — Ancon. Canal Zone. Brackenbury, Richard John — Fort Collins, Colorado. Brady, Lavonne — Boulder. Colorado. Breitenstcin, Jane — Birmingham, Michigan. Brictson, Robert C. — Chicago, Illinois. Brooks. Melvin O. — Payette, Idaho. Browe, Betty — Calumet City, Illinois. Brown, Arthur W. — Denver, Colorado. Brown. Charles W. — Holyoke, Colorado, Bruin, James L. — Roswell, New Mexico. Bruns, Judd — Lakewood, Colorado. Bruton, Elizabeth Delle — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bryant, Eloise G. — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Bucek, Dolores — Hinsdale, Illinois. Buchanan. Donal Browning — Kobe, Japan. Buchanan, James Tyc — Pueblo, Colorado. Bukles, Vcrn C. — Glenwood Springs. Colorado Burks, Bette — Denver. Colorado. Burris. Helen Margaret — Canon City, Colorado. Butler, Dean L. — Denver. Colorado. Butler, Janet Byrne — Fort Lupton, Colorado. Buttclmann. Carl F., Jr. — Galveston. Texas. Calhoun. Shirley Jeanne — North Platte, Nebraska. Campbell, Neil H. — Denver, Colorado. Cantonwine. Ruth — Salida . Colorado. Cantrell, Richard Bruce — Evanston, Illinois. Carhartt, Wesley K. — Grand Junction, Colorado. Carnahan, Alice — Kiowa, Colorado. Carswell. Jane — Kansas City, Missouri. Carter, Deane M. — Sharon Springs, Kansas. Casey, Clifford G. — Amarillo, Texas. Casper. Mildred L. — Anna. Illinois. Harry Narcisian Vice-president SOPHOMORES 126 Marilyn Maloney Secretary Cauthen, Jeanne — Dolores. Colorado. Chanak, Marjorie Joan — Pueblo. Colorado. Chance. Wiley S. — Denver, Colorado. Chapman, Russell R. — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Charlton, Julia Randolph — Denver, Colorado. Chase, Raymond R. — Denver, Colorado. Chelf, Jennine — Canon City, Colorado. Chemasko, Anthony B. — Chicago. Illinois. Childress, Thomas W. — Durango. Colorado. Chilton, Joseph Emery — Denver. Colorado. Chmelik, Sally — Joliet, Illinois. Claborn, Kenneth D. — Amarillo. Texas. Clark, Marjorie Louise — Media, Pennsylvania. Clohessy, Curtice E. — Farmington, New Mexico. Coats, Charles L. — Willard, Colorado. Coburn. William Earl — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Coffey, Frances — Greeley, Colorado. Cole, Gordon H. — Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Coleman, Glenn Melvin — Saguache, Colorado. Collins, Robert S. — Bronx, New York. Comins. Ethel — New York City, New York. Conrad, Donald Gene — Louviers, Colorado. Conyers, Jeanne A. — La Junta, Colorado. Cooke, Mary Ellen — Boulder. Colorado. Coombs, Verner — Denver, Colorado. Cooper, Elaine — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Copenhavcr, James M. — Polo. Illinois. Coppla, Robert V.—New York, New York. Corash, Joanne — Denver, Colorado. Coughanour, Jeanne — Dallas, Texas. Coy, Gene G. — Fort Collins, Colorado. Cox, Leslie D. — Kirwin, Kansas. Cramer, Harold M. — Denver. Colorado. Crockett, Wardner B. — Pueblo. Colorado. Crooke, Robert W. — Cripple Creek. Colorado. Crom, Howard Bennett — Boulder, Colorado. Crosby, Carol L. — Denver, Colorado. Cross. Richard — Boulder, Colorado. Crosslen, Thomas George — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Crowe, Colleen — Salida. Colorado. 127 Culwell, Gordon J. — Amarillo. Texas. Dahnke, Jack W. — Stratton. Nebraska. Davis, Ann — La Grange, Illinois. Davis, Chcrie — Englewood, Colorado. Davis, Elizabeth Ann — New Orleans, Louisiana. Davis, Richard Everett — Littleton, Colorado. Davis, Robert A. — Littleton. Colorado. Davis, Roger E. — Ottumwa. Iowa. Day, Raymond — Rutherford, New Jersey. Deakins, John W., Jr. — Craig. Colorado. Deffke, Arthur Charles — Greeley, Colorado. Deluise. Rudolph — Denver, Colorado. Dengler, Norma Jean — Rochester, New York. DeRosier, Theodore A. — Cortez, Colorado. Derry, Barbara — Piedmont, California. DeSabato, Shirley — Denver. Colorado. DeWitt, Frank C. — Denver, Colorado. Dickson, Sue — Dallas. Texas. Dietz. Philip C. — Springfield. Massachusetts. Dixon, Kenneth V., Jr. — Denver. Colorado. Dobrovolny. Evelyn — Atkinson, Nebraska. Domenico, Norma — Denver, Colorado. Drake, Maurice Paul — Modesto, California. Dry, Norma — Oak Park. Illinois. DuBow, Thelma — Chicago. Illinois. Duncan, Lois Lee — A vondale, Colorado. Durfee, Kent E. — Phoenix, Arizona. Edwards, Richard — Colorado Springs. Colorado. Ellington. Costella S. — Junction City, Kansas. Ellis, Suzanne — Griswold, Iowa, Elmore, Dorothy — McCracken, Kansas. English, Marietta — Denver, Colorado. Erman, Eileen — Newark. New Jersey. Everett, Harvey, Jr. — Canon City. Colorado. Fairchild, Joey — Florence, Colorado. Falardeau, Alice — New York, New York. Falkenberg, Robert — Kansas City, Missouri. Ferkovich, Alex, Jr. — Walsenburg, Colorado. Feist, Arthur Edwin — Denver. Colorado. Feucht, Miriam — Denver, Colorado. Sally Brown Treasurer M Mik SOPHOMORES 128 t . . Mi, —a .1, ' Finke, Robert G. — Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Fiolkoski, Jean — Broomheld, Colorado. Fishburn, Nancy — Pasadena, California. Fitch, Tom — Garden Grove, California. Fleck, Marilyn — Bismarck, North Dakota. Folley, Barbara — Nonhbrook, Illinois. Ford, Marjorie Lee — Denver, Colorado. Fowler, Jack W. — Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Frankland, George Robert, Jr. — Winnetka, Illinois. Franklin, Margaret Mae — Oregon, Illinois. Friel, Shirley R. — Glastonbury, Connecticut. Froese, Harriet — Denver, Colorado. Funk, Richard C. — Bloomington, Illinois. Gallagher, Donnts — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Galley, Ruth Elaine — Monument, Colorado. Gamble, Marilyn — Boulder, Colorado. Garlinghouse. Margaret Lee — South Pasadena, California. Garnett, Donald Joel — Monte Vista, Colorado. Gatzke, Dolores — Des Plaines, Illinois. Gaunt, Elizabeth Ann — Brighton, Colorado. Center, Juanita — Earlville, Illinois. Gibeau, Ronald P. — Detroit, Michigan. Goldberg, Mildred Ann — Denver, Colorado. Goode, Charles L., Jr. — Kim, Colorado. Gordon, Donald F. — Denver, Colorado. Gould. Virginia — Dayton, Ohio. Gragg, William Henry — Boulder, Colorado. Grant, Charles Edward — Denver, Colorado. Graves, Elizabeth — Wallingford, Connecticut. Green, Mary Lou — Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Gross, Jean — Sheridan, Wyoming. Gross, Lyle James — Longmont, Colorado. Grub, Kenneth L. — La Junta. Colorado. Guggenheim, Thomas — Cincinnati, Ohio. Gunther, Mary Catherine — Denver, Colorado. Haaf, Ruth Anne — Berkeley, California. Hahn. Robert — Windsor. Colorado. Haigwood, Billie Gene — Boulder, Colorado. Halbrook, William T.— Omaha, Nebraska. Hall, Charles— Putf6 o, Colorado. 129 Hall. Dwain M. — Armel, Colorado. Halliday. Thomas C. — Chicago, Illinois. Hammond, Mary — Lakewood, Ohio. Hampton. Orville Winston — Denver, Colorado. Hanley. Marian — Gary, Indiana. Hansen. Connie — Denver, Colorado. Harlowc, William N. — Shreveport, Louisiana. Harre. Nita Jean — Beardstown, Illinois. Harris, Virginia Mae — Denver, Colorado. Harvey, James Lloyd — Birmingham, Michigan. Hatton, William H. — Pueblo. Colorado. Hauswirth. Gerald John — Chicago. Illinois, Hawkins, Shirley — Boulder. Colorado. Haworth. James J. — Loveland, Colorado. Haycraft, Thomas A. — Fowler. Colorado. Hayes. Pamela — Berkeley. California. Heermann, Delores — Holyoke, Colorado. Heffron, Corinne — Denver, Colorado. Hegwcr. Mary — Casper, Wyoming. Heikes, Joanne — Vermillion. South Dakota. Heisterman, Mary Lou — Wheaton, Illinois. Hellis, Rosemary — Santa Ana, California. Hellwig, Frank Otto — Mount Harris, Colorado. Herring, William M. — Meeker, Colorado. Herbst. Clarence A. — Park Ridge, Illinois. Hickle, Betty L. — Fountain. Colorado. Hickle. Marilyn — Denver, Colorado. Hill, Charles D.— Boulder. Colorado. Hinley. Lou Anne — Ogden, Utah. Hinzclman, Peter M. — Greeley, Colorado. Hoffman, Shad J. — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hogelund. Mary — Denver, Colorado. Holzer, Charlotte — Aurora. Colorado. Honey, James W. — La Junta. Colorado. Hopkins, Alyce Maurine — Springfield, Colorado. Horn. Paul — Boulder. Colorado. Hornbeck. Douglas R. — Sidney. Nebraska. Hoskin, Alice Lorraine — Boulder, Colorado. Howells, Mary Elizabeth — Boulder, Colorado. Hoyc, Eileen — Chicago, Illinois. Sh llll ' •v I SOPHOMORES Hull, John K. — San Marino, California. Hurt, Charles R. — La Junta, Colorado. Hutchison, Katherine — Boulder, Colorado. Huttner, Leland S. — Denver, Colorado. Irion, Richard — Denver, Colorado. Iritani, Roy — Denver, Colorado. Ivcrson, Frances Louise — Longmont. Colorado. Jacks, Robert E. — Grand Junction. Colorado. James, MaryBelle — Los Angeles, California. Jantzen, Carrol — Fort Lyon, Colorado. Jayncs, Robert Leland — Canon City, Colorado. Jensen, Curtis L. — Britt, Iowa. Johnson, Edith Louise — Cherokee, Iowa. Johnson, Jack — Boulder, Colorado. Johnson. Jack C. — Decatur, Illinois. Johnson, Norville D. — Alva, Oklahoma. Johnston, Howard E. — Ordway. Colorado. Johnston, Margaret — Long Beach, California. Jorgenson, Andrea — Wilmette, Illinois. Joy, Stanley R. — Denver, Colorado. Jude, William A. — Gilman, Colorado. Kapelke, Theo Jean — Trinidad, Colorado. Kassler, Carol — Santa Monica, California. Kaufman, Emily Louise — Denver, Colorado. Kelly, Donald T.— Elbert, Colorado. Kent, Carolyn — Bloomingtoa, Illinois. Kepferle, Roy C. — Pierce. Colorado. Kcssey, Joyce — Magdalena, New Mexico. Ketcham, Jerrie A. — Kenilworth, Illinois. Kibbey, Irvin I. — Loveland, Colorado. Kilbowine, Robert — Katonah, New Jersey. Kitchen, James — Huntington, West Virginia. Knaur, Marilyn — Denison, Texas. Kohler, Robert B. — Colorado Springs. Colorado. Kohn, Carol Louise — Cleveland. Ohio. Kramer, James L. — Indian Hills. Colorado. Krapf. John E. — Cut Bank, Montana. Kraybill. Paulenc Anne — RiBe. Colorado. Krier, Pauline — Walsenburg, Colorado. Kubik. Jean— L« Grange, Illinois. 131 Lamer. Dora Lou — Hays, Kansas. Lane. James Austin. Jr. — Mitchell, Nebraska. Larsh, Ann — Wichita. Kansas. LaSalle, Dorothy Anne — Louisville, Colorado. Lavington. Charles S. — Denver, Colorado. Lazcrwitz. Charles S- — Gary, Indiana. Lazorchick. Dan C. — McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Lee, James — San Benito, Texas. Lee, Robert N. — Estes Park, Colorado. Lewis. Patricia — Denver, Colorado. Light, Frank M. — Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Lincoln. Robert M. — Wallace. Nebraska. Linner, Joyce — Stillwater, Minnesota. Little, Mary B. — Kalamazoo, Michigan. Livingston, Thomas J. — Hastings, Nebraska. Logan, Howard — Wichita, Kansas. Longworth, Richard Lee — Castle Rock, Colorado. Lorrig, Robert J. — Shawano, Wisconsin. Losher, Beverly — Modesto, California. Lyttle, Elizabeth— MeeAer, Colorado. McCabe, Sheila — Dolores, Colorado. McConnell, Robert Hal — Lafayette, Colorado. McGee, Lucille — Casper. Wyoming. McGinnis, Lois — Tarkio, Missouri. Mcllvaine, Patricia — Denver, Colorado. McKinley, Phyllis — Dodge City, Kansas. McKown, Suzanne Love — Omaha, Nebraska. McManis. Robert J. — Boulder, Colorado. McNeal. Harriet — Highland Park, Illinois. McNeill. Beth— Pueblo, Colorado. McQuide. Carol Joan — Wilmette, Illinois, Macnider, Jane — Bond. Oregon. Madison, Joe Dick — Amarillo. Texas. Madsen. Gerald M. — Denver, Colorado. Malmsten, Carl William — Boulder, Colorado. Mandel, Marjorie — LaGrange, Illinois. Marks, Orin W. — Sterling, Colorado. Marshall, William J. — Soutbington, Connecticut. Marling, Fredric W. — Denver. Colorado. Mauler, Joe E. — Canon City, Colorado. SOPHOMORES 132 Melcher, Frances J. — Denver, Colorado. Mcline, Virginia — Julesburg, Colorado. Mellecker, Mary Lou — Boulder. Colorado. Mellecker, Norbert J. — Boulder, Colorado. Melville, Allen F. Rocky Ford, Colorado. Menage. Leo — Rock Rapids, Jowa. Menary, Robert F. — Evanston, Illinois. Merry, Anne M. — Evanston, Illinois. Messenger. Guy H. — Pueblo. Colorado. Miller, Marilyn LorcU — Wilmette, Illinois. Miller, Marjorie Ann — Denver, Colorado. Mills, Corrine — Gordon, Nebraska. Milner, Robert G. — Rocky River. Ohio. Miner, Frcnd John — Loveland, Colorado. Minges, Nona Ellen — Arvada, Colorado. Mitchell, Bette Lee — Saint Louis, Missouri. Mitchell, Jack L. — Casper, Wyoming. Mollman, Marjorie A. — Belleville, Illinois. Moody, Verna — Wayne, Illinois. Morrill, Ross Dean — Fort Morgan, Colorado. Morrow, Sam M. — Kansas City. Kansas. Mueller, Betty Ann — Denver, Colorado. Mulcahy, Paul R. — Hot Springs. South Dakota, Murphy, Lee Ann — Detroit, Michigan. Musscr, Frank H. — Highland Park, Illinois. Nakamura, Mary E. — Rockford, Illinois. Nelson. Norma E. — Denver. Colorado. Nestler, Loren L. — Grand unction, Colorado. Newman, Joan — Sterling. Colorado. Ninde, Norma — Denver, Colorado. Norling. James — Denver, Colorado. Nussbaum, Jessie A. — Denver, Colorado, Nye, Larry Frank — Osco, Illinois. Oliver, Robert R, — Boulder, Colorado, Olsen, Clarence R. — Kiowa, Colorado. Olson, Violet E. — Chicago, Illinois. Opeka. Barbara — Des Plaines, Illinois. Orleans, Carol — Mount Vernon, New York. Orr, Duncan H. — Denver, Colorado. Otte, Edward J. — Tigard, Oregon, 133 Paddock, Laurence T. — Boulder, Colorado. Pannell, Calvin E. — Denver, Colorado. Parks, Jacqueline — Denver. Colorado. Pasternack, Arline — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Paton, Archie — Rock Springs, Wyoming. Pellegrcn, John J. — Somerville, New Jersey. Penny, Raymond G. — Burlington, Colorado. Pesman, Gerard H. — Denver, Colorado. Petersen, Loren N. — Brush. Colorado. Peterson, Faye — Kim, Colorado. Peterson, Wendell E. — Beresiord, South Dakota. Phipps, Erlene — Denver, Colorado. Pifer, Luella D. — Clifton, Colorado. Pittman, Merle Brown, Jr. — Durango. Colorado. Pollak, Donald J. — Pocatella. Idaho. Pollard, Perry L. — Alliance, Nebraska. Pollard, Richard A. — Alliance, Nebraska. Polosky, James V. — Pierce, Colorado. Porter, Elizabeth J. — Tulsa. Oklahoma. Porter, Mary Lou— Granrf Junction, Colorado. Ramsdell. Joan — Oak Park, Illinois. Ramsey, Ann Marie — Littleton, Colorado. Rauch, Barbara Carol — Wbeaton, Illinois. Ready, Richard Thomas — Berkeley, California. Rcdalia, Roald Rankin — Boulder, Colorado. Reese. William H. — Denver, Colorado. Rcinke, Mildred — Chicago, Illinois. Reitzer, Hanna — Fort Collins, Colorado. Renoux, Louise Christine — Pueblo, Colorado. Resen, Frederick L. — Jersey City, New Jersey. Reynolds, Anne — Glen EUyn, Illinois. Rice, John K. — Akron, Ohio. Rivers, Florence — Goodland, Kansas. Roasberry, William E. — Cedaredge. Colorado. Robb. Jack E. — Central City, Colorado. Roberts. Stanley L. — Lafayette, Colorado. Robinson. Donna — Denver, Colorado. Rock. Frank D. — Dayton, Ohio. Rogers, Mary — Birmingham, Michigan. Rogers, Norma Lee — Denver, Colorado. SOPHOMORES Russell, Henry Allen — Denver, Colorado. Rule, Evelyn Jean — Eagle, Colorado. Sammons, Donald E. — Kim, Colorado. Schafer, Jack W. — Walsenburg, Colorado. Schmittel, Donna Mae — Center, Colorado. Schneberger, Jane — Chicago, Illinois. Schneider, Milton D. — EUinwood, Kansas. Schneider, Robert L. — Canon City, Colorado. Schoen, Kenneth — Denver, Colorado. Scott, Joseph Earle — Denver, Colorado. Sco tt, Edythe Lorene — Center, Colorado. Scott, Loren Paul — Denver, Colorado. Scott, Martha — Little Rock, Arkansas. Seeley, Margaret Elaine — Spearfish, South Dakota. Senser, Rudy M. — Berwyn, Illinois. Sensor, Georgene — San Diego, California. Service, Frankie; Boulder. Colorado. Shakeshaft, Alston J. — Topeka, Kansas. Shasteen. Donald — La Junta, Colorado. Sheelagh, Hanna — San Diego, California. Shepherd, John Morgan — Craig, Colorado. Sherman, Richard F. — Ovid. Colorado. Sherman. William L. — Ovid, Colorado. Shestak, Ted — Gary. Indiana. Shull, Paul — Dighton, Kansas. Shwartz, Nathan Jack — Denver, Colorado. Silvio. Phyllis— Pue6 o, Colorado. Simmons, Richard M. — Denver, Colorado. Simon, Eileen — Gary, Indiana. Simpson, Cecil J. — Cripple Creek, Colorado. Slate, Gloria Dee — Fort Smith, Arkansas. Smathers, Eilcne — Loveland. Colorado. Smith, Douglas H. — Harvey, Illinois. Smith, Doyle G. — Fort Collins. Colorado. Smith. Howard — Pascagoula. Mississippi. Smith, Margie L. — Longmont, Colorado Smith. Virginia M. — Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sosno, Ruth — Denver. Colorado. Spannuth, Ray I. — Berwyn. Illinois. Speck, Joyce L. — Carmel, California. 135 Spencer, Genevieve R. — New York, New York. Starika, Beverly — Pueblo, Colorado. Stearns, Judy — Boulder, Colorado. Stettler, Robert, Jr. — San Diego. California. Stevens, Jo Anne — El Paso, Texas. Stewart, Alaine — Denver, Colorado. Stewart. Henry — Kew Gardens, New York. Stokes, Suzanne — Aberdeen, South Dakota. Stowe, William E. — Penrose, Colorado. Sullivan, Charles H., Jr. — Julesburg, Colorado. Sullivan, Edward — Howard, Kansas. Sumikawa, Henry — Delta. Colorado. Swanfeldt, Patricia — Los Angeles, California. Swanson, Carl Robert — Denver, Colorado. Swetnam, Robert I. — Yuma, Colorado. Sykes, Patricia — Denver, Colorado. Tait, Eleanor — Denver, Colorado. Tallant, Ellis J.— Boise City. Oklahoma. Tansey, John W. — Chicago, Illinois. Tarkoff, Ruth — Denver, Colorado. Tatge, Dayne — Chicago, Illinois. Tautz, LeeRoy H. — Englewood, Colorado. Taylor, George E. — Pueblo, Colorado. Teetzel, Joyia — Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Templar, Joan — Arkansas City, Kansas. Thomas, Elinor Jane — Denver, Colorado. Thomas, Lucile Mae — Trinidad, Colorado. Thompson, Dorothy J. — Lander, Wyoming. Thompson, Lloyal H. — Huron, South Dakota. Thompson. Roy E, — Albuquerque, New Mexico. Timblin, Lloyd, Jr. — Denver, Colorado. Torgerson, Arlene — Denver, Colorado. Torgny, Robert — Buffalo Creek, Colorado. Tower, Norman, Jr. — Denver, Colorado. Traber, William — Nunn, Colorado. Trotter, Elwood F. — Honolulu, Hawaii. Trueblood, Connie — Freeport, Illinois. TuUer, June—Chicago. Illinois. Tumin, David U.— CAicago, Illinois. Turbeville, Jack— Fort Worth, Texas. SOPHOMORES Turner, Larry — Canon City, Colorado. Tutt, Sarah Jean — Hayden, Colorado. Uhrich, Shirley — Loveland. Colorado. UUmann, Claire — River Forest. Illinois. Utlaut, Wilma — Sterling, Colorado. Van Dervort, James R. — Denver, Colorado. Vanderwark, James D.—Fort Collins, Colorado. Van Law, Richard Durbin— Denver, Colorado. Van Shaw, Martha l ee—Amarillo, Texas. Varner, Venice — Denver, Colorado. Vender Haar, Frank J.— Saint Louis, ATissoui-i. Vural, Turan — Konya, Turkey. Wadleigh. Ronald Gale— Monte Vista, Colorado. Wamsley, Walter ¥.— Tulsa, Oklahoma. Warnes, Byron L. — Winnetka, Illinois. Warren, Charles U—Fort Collins. Colorado. Warren, Katherine— BouWer, Colorado. Wears. Marie — Mount Morrison, Colorado. Wells, Delilah M y— Idaho Springs, Colorado. Wheeler, Barbara— Scotts4 uff, Nebraska. Wigton, Chester Mahlon— PuebJo. Colorado. Williams, Esther— Los Angeles. California. Williams, Mary Lou — Limon, Colorado. Wilson, Andrew C— FredericA. Colorado. Wilson, Joanne — Monte Vista, Colorado. Wilson, Madelyn Lois— Pineda e, Wyoming. Wines, James Blaine— £7 0, Nevada. Winfrey, William— De ta, Colorado. Wingo, Thomas D., Jr.— Denver, Colorado, Winningham, Sam— Bur ington. Colorado. Woods, John Phillip— Denver, Colorado. Wilfley, George — Denver, Colorado. Williams, Robert U.— Brighton, Colorado. Woods. Shirley M.—Longmont, Colorado. Work. Hubert II— Denver. Colorado. Writer, Virginia— Denver, Colorado. Wuethrich. Anne— Wi mingfon, Delawtre. Yockers, Eleanor Ann — Salina. Kansas. Young, Richard M.— Marion, Indiana. Zugelder, Vera Jo— Gunnison, Colorado. 137 Abbott. Hugh B. — Western Springs, Illi- nois. Abcnheimcr. Frances — Denver, Colorado. Adams, John T. — Seattle. Washington. Adams, Jozcph — Colorado Springs, Colo- rado. Adams, Sarah — River Forest, Illinois. Alden. Erva Gene — Bird City, Kansas. Allen, Lee Roy — Montrose, Colorado. Allen, Wayne F. — Dillon, Colorado. Allison, Dorlee — Denver. Colorado. Alvarado, Arthur J. — Frederick, Colorado. Anderson. Charles D. — Omaha, Nebraska. Andrus, Katherinc — Denver. Colorado. Appleton, David TenEyck— Sanra Fe. New Mexico. Archer, Phyllis M. — Pueblo, Colorado. Argall, Ann Elaine — Denver, Colorado. Ashcraft, Maxine — Clearwater, Nebraska. Babb, Barbara — Chicago. Illinois. Bacon, Milton E. — Balboa. California. Bailey, Betty — Lamar, Colorado. Balch, Gloria Ann — Lyons, Colorado. Barnhizer, Dorothy — Gary. Indiana. Barham, Olive — Bastrop, Louisiana. Baucum, Leila E. — Vernal, Utah. Bendekovie, Barbara — Denver, Colorado. Berardini. Bernard — Denver. Colorado. Beuttas, Barbara — Wilmette. Illinois. Black. Stanley Algie — Libertyville. Illi- nois. Borik, Joyce I. — Chicago, Illinois. Bowie, Ann — Denver, Colorado. Bowser, Jenny — Dayton, Ohio. Boyd. Charles K.— Boulder. Colorado. Brady, Suzanne — Denver. Colorado. Brandner, H. Joan — Gillette. Wyoming. Bratzler, William — New Castle. Colorado. Brecht, Harold — Crook, Colorado. Breetwor, Helen — Pueblo, Colorado. Breetwor, Lenore — Pueblo. Colorado. Breinholt, Marilyn — Rochester, Minnesota. Brennian, Mariam — Tarrytown, New York. Brickman, Barbara — Chicago. Illinois. Brittenham, Molly Dee — Brady, Nebraska. Brooks, Beverly Joan- — Denver. Colorado. FRESHMEN 138 Joan Shepherd Vice-president Brown, Alta Mae — Boulder, Colorado. Brown, Bruce Richard — Denver. Colorado. Brown, Frank F., Jr. — Breckenridge, Colo- rado. Brown, Mary Louise — Aurora, Colorado. Brummitt, Charles D. — Centerville, Iowa. Brunner, Walter — New York, New York. Burchett, Roger P. — Decatur. Illinois. Burger, Harry. Jr. — Canon City, Colorado. Burgesser, Shirlene — Denver, Colorado. Burgi. Nancy E. — Minneapolis. Minnesota. Burnett, Donald R. — Durango. Colorado. Burt, Morton W. — La Grange, Illinois. Burum, Billie — Panhandle, Texas. Buswell, John Douglas — Florence, Colo- rado. Butcher, Marilee — Tulsa. Oklahoma. Butler, Mary Anne — Denver. Colorado. Calmer, Shirley — Minatare. Nebraska. Carlin, Frederic Paige — Wiley, Colorado. Carlson, Joy — Wheaton, Illinois Carlson. Margie — Oakland, California. Carlson, Phyllis Ann — Johnstown, Colorado. Carnahan, Elsie Mae — Elbert, Colorado. Carroll, Patricia — Schnectady, New York. Cauthen, Mary Patricia — Dolores. Colo- rado. Chapman, Nancy — Casper, Wyoming. Chase, Damaris Jane — Evanston, Illinois. Chelf, Elizabeth — Englewood. Colorado. Chester. Alice E. — Manitou Springs, Colo- rado. Chmelik. Frank B. — Joliet, Illinois. Christopher, Robert Arthur — Audubon, New Jersey, Chuck, Edwin L. — Washington, D. C. Clardy. Lawrence Lafayette. Jr. — Santa Fe. New Mexico. Clark, Carolyn R. — Kalispell. Montana. Clark, Joanne — Shorter Heights, Ohio. Cleary, Robert Mitchell — Beverly Hills. California. Clowes, Elinor M. — Manxanola, Colorado. Coe. Wilma— CAeycnne Wells. Colorado. - Cohig, Jim — Denver, Colorado. Coleman, Charles LeRoy, Jr. — Saquache. Colorado. Collins, Carol — Denver, Colorado. Collopy, Doris — Denver, Colorado. Colniery, Helen — San Benito. Texas. 139 Commer, Richard Harold — Omaha. Nebias- ka. Conrad. Elizabeth — Louviers, Colorado. Coon, R. Duane — Boulder, Colorado. Cooper, Carol — Denver, Colorado. Coplin, Ruth — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Corliss, Donald D. — Kit Carson, Colorado. Cornelius. Nancy Nelle — Monte Vista. Colorado. Cowan, Mary — Idaho Falls, Idaho. CowcU. Jeannine — Denver, Colorado. Cox, Clara Ann — Sweetwater, Texas. Craig. George Herbert — Lakewood, Colo- rado. Crawford. Harry — Broomheld, Colorado. Cruse. James E. — Sigourney. Iowa. Culver, Gene M. — Eads, Colorado. Cumfer, Dionne — Elmhurst, Illinois. Cummings. Donald L. — Wray, Colorado. Curlee. Marjorie — Waukegan. Illinois. Dahlin. Carla — Denver, Colorado. Dalton, Meldon L. — Boulder, Colorado. Dantice. Loris M. — Monte Vista, Colorado. Davenport. Muriel — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Davis, Robert — Greeley. Colorado. De Aragon, Ray — Denver. Colorado. de Bell. Constance Coral — Fanwood, New Jersey. Demarest. Betty — Rocky Ford. Colorado. Dickins. Audrey — Chicago. Illinois. Diffey. May me — Dallas. Texas. Dinwiddie, Sharon Waneita — Hayden, Colo- rado. Downs. Betty Jo — Dallas, Texas. Dray, Marjorie — Tulsa. Oklahoma. Dreith, Charles V .—Berthoud. Colorado. Dreith. Robert — Berthoud. Colorado. DriscoU. Dorothy — La Junta, Colorado. Duke, Eleanor Jeanne — Rockville Centre. New York. Dunn, Patricia Jane — Tulsa. Oklahoma. Earhart. Mary Ellen — Denver, Colorado. Eckelman, Paul F. — Denver, Colorado. Edwards. Edna — Colorado Springs. Colo- rado. Edwards. Richard E. — Durango, Colorado. Eisen, Charles — Denver, Colorado. Elliott, Ruby Darlene — Idalia. Colorado. Farrens. Merle — Fort Collins, Colorado. FRESHMEN 140 1951 Reed Vawter Treasurer Fancher, Marguerite — Atlanta, Georgia. Fenton, Ronald E. — Des Moines, Iowa. Folk. Lois Ann — Plainfield. New Jersey. Follis, Anne — Glendale, California. Fountain, Nancy — Sloan, Iowa. Fox, Martha — Birmingham. Michigan. Foxworthy, John — Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Francis. Joyce — Glen Ellen. California. Frank, Geneva Lucille — Boulder, Colorado. Frodermann, Melba — Hermann. Missouri. Frodin, June — Chicago, Illinois. Froistad, Jack — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Fuller, Helen J.— Buhl, Idaho. Galing, Searcy G. — Goose Creek. Texas. Ganatta, Annamae — Denver, Colorado. Garland. Gwendolyn Ann — Denver, Colo- rado. Garrison, James M., Jr. — Omaha. Nebraska. Garvin, John Arthur — -Denver. Colorado. { Gciger, Genevieve — Denver. Colorado. George, Margaret Joanne — Deerfield. Illi- nois. George, Wilma — Boulder, Colorado. Getts, Max Edwin — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Giacomini, Donald — Sterling, Colorado. Giacomini. Robert — Sterling. Colorado. Goccker, Bettilou — Fort Morgan, Colorado. Goldberg. Norman — Denver, Colorado. Goldfarb, Allan — Irvington. New Jersey. Goley. R. Gene — Enid. Oklahoma. Graves, Charles Dean — Longmont, Colo- rado. Graves, Don D. — Longmont. Colorado. Gray, J. Ellen — Denver. Colorado. Green, Dolores — Denver. Colorado. Green, Fletcher — Levelland, Texas. Grecnberg. Gerald M. — Denver. Colorado. Grimm. Patricia — Evanston. Illinois. Groves, Verl Dale — Denver. Colorado. GuUbcrg. Ann E. — Moline, Illinois. Habel, Miriam — Elmhurst. Illinois. J Hall. Dana — Bismarck. North Dakota. Hall. Sylvia— Mesa Verde National Pari Colorado. Hanks. Mary Jean — Denver, Colorado. Hanson. Helen A. — Walden. Colorado. 141 FRESHMEN Harder. Fred D. — Twin Falls, Idaho. Hart. William — Denver, Colorado. Hartman, Katherine — Beverly Hills, Cali- fornia. Hatcher. Helen Pat — Springfield, Colorado. Hatfield, Robert — Sioux City, Iowa. Hause. Jesse Gilbert — Brighton, Colorado. Hawkins, Mary Lou — Boulder. Colorado. Heck, Mary E. — Rochester, Minnesota. Heidt. Mclvin George — Ordway. Colorado. Heitzler, Lucretia — Lake Charles, Louisi- ana. Henningsen, Tom — Atlantic. Iowa. Heuschkel. Ernestine B. — Glenwood Springs. Colorado. Hickman, Duane — Norton. Kansas. Hilton, Jananne — Denver. Colorado. Hilton, Joan — Sioux City, Iowa. Hirsch. Marilyn L. — Pueblo. Colorado. Hirsch, Marion — Pueblo, Colorado. Hix, George J. — Estes Park. Colorado. Hlawiczka. Louise — Texas City, Texas. Hobbs, Jane F. — Aspen, Colorado. Holdee. Mabel June— i?ocAy Ford, Colo- rado. Holderness, Dorothy — Hayden, Colorado. Hollander, Joan — New York. New York. Holloway, Richard — Sterling, Colorado. Hope, Lorna — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Howard, Anne Allison — Boulder, Colorado. Howell, Janita — Bell Fourche. South Da- kota. Hubbard, Carle ton L. — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Hunsinger, Howard — Boulder, Colorado. Hunt, Beverly Carolyn — Denver, Colorado. Huntington, Barbara — Denver, Colorado. Huston, Shirley — Manzanola. Colorado. Hutchings, Paula — Glenwood Springs, Colo- rado. Inouye. Hisae — Denver, Colorado. Ireland, Collette — Denver. Colorado. Irwin, Richard G. — Twin Falls, Idaho. Isabell. Roy E. — Canon City. Colorado. Isbill, H. C— McGregor. Texas. Jackson. Sue — Boulder, Colorado. Jacobson, Evelyn Jean — Dearborn, Michi- gan. Jaggers, Eva Ruth — Olney Springs, Colo- rado. Jankovsky, James J. — Sedgwick, Colorado. 142 1951 Jensen, Patricia— G en Ellyn. Illinois. Joffee, Thomas F.— Denver. Colorado. Johnson, Hilary U.—CIendale. Arizona. Johnson, Patricia h.—Longmont. Colorado. Jones, Alice— Denver, Colorado. Jones, Betty— Denver, Colorado. Jones, Shirley Louise— Bismarci, North Dakota. Jordan, Walter D.— Tulsa, Oklahoma. J Josselyn, Virginia— Denver, Colorado. Kahn, Edward Joseph— IV nnetta, Illinois. Kallin, Dione— I.OS Angeles. California. Kamlet, Herbert L.— Denver, Colorado. Keating, Bernard -L.—Edgemont. South Da- kota. Keene, Mardell— Denver, Colorado. Keil, Carolyn— Decatur, Illinois. Kelley, Billy G.—Oak Ridge. Tennessee. Klinzing, Robert }.— Tulsa. Oklahoma. Knobel, Lola— Bogota, Columbia. S. A. Koch, Ellen— Denver, Colorado. Kostelecky, Kathreen— D;c nson. North Dakota. Kuball, Edward Donald— amestown. WortA Dakota. Kubin, Rosemary— Wauiegan, Illinois. Lacy, Mildred A.— Lamar, Colorado. Lambert, Frances— Sedalia. Colorado. Lane, Henry— Denver, Colorado. Lauter, Eva Ruth— Toledo. Ohio. Law, Betty — Boulder, Colorado. Leahy, Sally— West Lafayette. Indiana. Lee, Margaret Jean— Roc Springs, Wyo- ming. Leifheit, Dale M.— Loveiand, Colorado. LeMarr, Robert Paul— BouJder, Colorado, Lemich, Mitzie— i?u(A, Nevada. Logan, Leland Leath— Puei o, Colorado. Loomis, Robert— Colorado Springs. Colo- rado. Lovett, John C.—Mancos, Colorado. Lucas, Jeanne— Denver, Colorado. Lynch, Robert E.— Ordway. Colorado. Macpherson, Jean— CAicago, Illinois. McAninch, Evelyn— Tan awa, Oklahoma. McClelland, Helen— Denver, Colorado. McCoy, Herbert L.— Denver, Colorado. McGraw, Jerrlyn }.—Durango. Colorado. 143 warn FRESHMEN McKeon, Joyce — HillsboTOUgb, California. McLaughlin, Barbara — Minneapolis, Min- nesota. McMartin. Nancy — Winnetka, Illinois. McMillin. Marion — Tulsa. Oklahoma. McQuarrie, Nanon Isabel — Denver, Colo- rado, Mackey. Willa Jean — Denver, Colorado. Malm, Peggy — San Diego, California. Maltz, Dolores — Wilmette. Illinois. Mankoff, Lenisse — Denver, Colorado. Manson. Phyllis Jean — St. Frances, Kansas. Marsh, Marilyn — Springfield, Illinois. Mason, Carolyn — Detroit, Michigan. Maurek, Carol — Clinton, Iowa. Mayer, Rudolph E. — Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin. Melville, Ann — La Junta, Colorado. Mendels, Marge — Denver, Colorado. Merlino, George — Canon City, Colorado. Meyer, John DaCosta — Edgewood. Penn- sylvania. Millard, Janet — Newtonville. Massachu- setts. Mills. Holly Y. — Torrington, Wyoming. Minckler, Barbara — Glendale, California. Mitchell, Gene T. — Brush. Colorado, Moberly, John R. — Denver, Colorado. Moe, Thomas S. — Las Animas, Colorado. Molidor, Ruth — Libertyville. Illinois. Montgomery, George Wayne — Canon City. Colorado. Moore, Barbara — Lafayette, Colorado. Moreau, Ruth — Denver, Colorado. Morgan, Patricia R. — Denver, Colorado. Morrill, Ada Nicholson — Highland Park, Illinois. Morris, Thelma — Denver, Colorado. Morrison, Charleen — Denver. Colorado. Muser, Beverly — Denver, Colorado. Myer, Rendle — Denver, Colorado. Nance, Aileen — Denver, Colorado. Neidlinger, Sally — Hanover, New Hamp- shire. Nelson. Martha Louise — Idaho Falls, Ida- ho. Nevels, Philip A. — Littleton, Colorado. Newell, Joyce— Dayton, Ohio. Niethammer. Doris — Casper. Wyoming. Nogg, Donald Irwin — Omaha, Nebraska. Nye, Susan — Denver, Colorado. 144 1951 Olson, Frances — Miami. Florida. PartridRC, Shirley— i?aton. New Mexico. Paynter, Florence — Brush, Colorado. Peterson, Courtland — Denver, Colorado. Peterson, PoUyanne — Loveland, Colorado. Peterson, Robert K.—Tabernash, Colorado. Pike, Robert — Fort Collins. Colorado. Pike, William — Fort Collins, Colorado. Pospahala, Shirley — Monte Vista, Colorado. Potochnik. Amelia— ?oc Springs, Wyo- ming. Potochnik, Frank S.—Rock Springs, Wyo- ming. Pottorf, Fred Duain, Jr. — Kremmling. Colo- rado. Purviance, Grace H.—Palo Alto, California. Quick, Gloria — Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Quinn, Norma — Lewis, Iowa. Ransom, Richard N. — Phoenix, Arizona. Reich, James Francis — Boulder, Colorado. Reich, John Harold — Boulder, Colorado. Rethlefsen, Frank — Monrovia, California. Rhode, Ronald H. — York. Nebraska. Rice, Beverly — Denver, Colorado. Rice, Leo B. — Englewood, Colorado. Rice, Reginald — Wilmette, Illinois. Richards, Robert J. — Golden, Colorado. Ricchers, Bernard — Hillrose, Colorado. Robbins, Willia Bee — Denver, Colorado. Roberts, Duane L. — Walden, Colorado. Roesler, Robert G. — Hazelton, North Da- kota. Rose, John Edward — Denver, Colorado. Rose, Lou Anna — Denver, Colorado. Rose, Robert— OaWand, California. Rosenbaum, S. Pat— Denver, Colorado. Roy, Bette — Denver, Colorado. Roybal, Febronia — Fruita, Colorado. Rumble, }at t— Albuquerque. New Mexico Rush, Robert— Sa ida. Colorado. Rush, William C.—Salida, Colorado. ' Rutledge, Shirley — Loveland, Colorado. Sandberg, Lorraine — Waukegan, Illinois. Satterstrum, Rose— SaMa, Colorado. Sauley, Martha Jean— Love and, Coloradi Schlutius, Barbara Soaiv— Webster Grove: Missouri. 145 Schmcchcl, Ruth — Chadron, Nebraska. Schmecckle, Doris — New Raymer, Colo- rado. Schoeneck, Lois — Kenilwortb, Illinois. Schullcr, Frances — Wilmette, Illinois. Scovillc, Wilber Edwin — Lakewood, Colo- rado. Seebass, Nancy — Greeley, Colorado. Segur, Donald L. — La Grange, Illinois. Selters. Marjoric — Monte Vista, Colorado. Sewell, Clair — Eckley, Colorado. Shattuck, John B. — Trinidad, Colorado. Shaver, Peggy L. — Armel. Colorado. Shearer, Thelma Jane — Denver, Colorado. Sherwood, Marjorie — Lakewood. Ohio. Sitzman, Geraldine — Denver, Colorado. Smigelow, Eleanor Ruth — Raton, New Mex- ico. Smith, Carl Edward — Denver, Colorado. Smith, Jack E. — Boulder. Colorado. Smith, Madge L. — Hamburg, Iowa. Smith, Patricia Jean — Houston. Texas. Smith, Valerie — Oak Park, Illinois. Smith. William Scott — Evanston, Illinois. Snyder. Nancy Elizabeth — Haddon Heights. New Jersey, Spannaus, Audrey Ann — Pueblo, Colorado. Spicer, Walter L. — Newport Beach. Cali- fornia. Spielmann, Beverly — Winnetka, Illinois. Sprague, Shirley — Glendale, California. Stailey, Anne — Denver, Colorado. St. Clair, Julia — Port Washington, New York. Steckel, Lenora Jane — Denver, Colorado. Stephenson, Walter L., Jr. — Enid, Okla- homa. Stewart, Mary — Sterling, Colorado. Sweet, Marilyn —Denver, Colorado. Tapp. Bancroft M. — Kansas City, Missouri. Taylor, Eloise — Alamosa, Colorado. Taylor, Nancy Wentworth — Akron, Ohio. Templeman, Rojean — Oregon. Illinois. Thomas, Robert — Pueblo, Colorado. Tilker, James — Cheyenne, Wyoming. Tobias. Ralph — Berwyn, Illinois. Tozer. James E. — Windsor. Colorado. Tozer. Marcia Lee — Windsor, Colorado. Tripp, John R. — Denver, Colorado. FRESHMEN t i 146 1951 S Ppo Tryba, Ernest J. — Chicago, Illinois. Untiedt, Carol — Chevy Chase, Maryland. Upton. Mary — Lon gmont, Colorado, Vahue. Ray — Amarillo, Texas. Veach, Donna Lou — Cortez, Colorado. Vogeler, Nancy — Jerome, Idaho, Voorhces, Lucicn W. — Twin Falls, Idaho, Walker, Franklin Dewey — Erie. Colorado, Walker, Glenn M. — Ogallala. Nebraska. Wall. Virginia — Glendale, California, Waters, Jane — Colorado Springs. Colorado. Weaver, Marion — Birmingham, Michigan. Weiner, Leonard — Denver, Colorado. Wenzcl. Cherry — Denver. Colorado. Westerwick. Janet — Phoenix. Arizona. White, Margaret — Jerome. Idaho. Whiting, Donna — Belvidere, Illinois. Whitley, Beverly — South Pasadena. Cali- fornia. Wiener. Nan — Highland Park. Illinois. Wilcox, JoAnn C.—DeKalb. Illinois, Wilkinson, Ruth Mary — Enid. Oklahoma. Williams, Dwight L. — Longview, Washing- ton, Williamson, Jane — Sterling. Colorado. Wilson. Jo Anne — El Campo. Texas. Wisccup, Russell J. — Longmont, Colorado. Wood, Frances — Rockford. Illinois. Wood. Margaret — St. Paul, Minnesota, Woodard. Janet Anne — Saguache. Colorado. Woodrow, Marianne — Denver. Colorado. Woolsey, Joyce — Big Timber. Montana. Yanaru. Dorothy — Arvada. Colorado. Young, Barbara — Akron. Ohio. Young. Roberta E. — Walsenburg. Colorado. Zandbergen, Petronella — Oyster Bay. Long Island. New York. Zerobnick. Martin — Denver. Colorado. Zuber, Neill Daniel, Jr. — Ordway. Colo- rado. 147 SCHOOL OF LAW STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION William H. Allen President Ray Scott Vice-president Pat Westfeldt Treasurer Back row, left to right: L. Moore, L. Rector, C. Teaman, A. Lenzini, F. Southworth. Twelfth row: J. Noble. D. Shook, B. Anderson, G. Wollbrinck, R. Haggerty, J. Holmberg, L. Wirick, P. Brown, G. Fonda, E, Gecr, B. Means, P. Harris, G. Petre, F. Ownbey. Eleventh row: F. Mayhoffer, P. Anderson, F. Cheney, K. Gross, B. Theis, J. Anderson, L. Pell, O. Ozman, G. Dyer, W. Horther, J. Mackie. Tenth row: R. Scott, D. Shadrach, J. Hunt, P. Burney, H. Ingebretsen, B. Hobbs, B. Rooney, R. Mortenson, P. Dye, K. Watson, K. Daane, R. MacCracken. Ninth row: T. Bancroft, S. Schneider, W. Blackburn, V, Dudley, D. Anderson, P. Weise, D. McGinty, D. Griffin, D. Warren, A. Weinberger, R. Mason. Eighth row: B. Davis. F. Shackey. J. Todd. A. Winegardner, 0. Buechler, T. Walker, C. Anderson, E. Yaklich, J. Davis, R. Davison. R. Nevens. J. Smoc. W. Rea, T. Rooney, Seventh row: W. Holder. F. March. M. Coker, D. Bennett. J. B. Dean, V. Logan, R. Mortenson, K. Pringle, R. Moore, J. Donart, R. Moch, I. Hessney, R. N. Asher, R. McDermott, T. McMahon. J. McGrath. E. Means. Sixth row: Mrs. W. Holder. M. Panarites, P. Nakagawa. Mrs. M. Meadoff. T. Meadoff, G. Gregg, W. Shaw, G. Dunn, D. Tuthill, O. Wells, R. Bartley, N. Baker, R. McMichael. W. Kettlekamp. C. Handy. D. Butler, H. Fisher, J. Glasser. Fifth row: A, Broadstreet, H, Harward, E. Freienmuth, R. Longnecker, H. Vague, J. Barnard, G. St. Aubyn, J. Zisch. H. Farnham, D. Miller, B. Martin, J. Treece. T. Sandham, L. Williams, K. Krippe. W. Atkinson. C. Kirk. B. Grubbs. Fourth row: J. Parriott. D, Brotzman, W. Crompton, F. Morison, W. Steele, V. Vladyka, R. Stevens, J. Hammond. A. Le Croix. H. Blickhahn. J. Folawn, J. Nutt. R. Mclntyrc, G. Hinds. J. Click. Third row: R. Carr, W. Grelle, E. White. N. Nashem, M. Hjelte, D. Myers, W. Hyde. C. Lewis. K. Kistler, B. Fisher. J. Mott, L. Stewart, R. Rutledge, B. Shapson, J. Pijoan. Second row: J. Seavy, R. Fleming, J. Miklos, R. McCollum, V. Talbot, S. Telep, F. Rehmer, R. Pyle. R. Ryan, W. Kennedy, R. Barton. J. Emery, P. Billhymer, B. Sublett. R. Johnson. Front row: C. Jones, J. Harper. R. Scott, H. Haber. L. Rovira. C. Buescher. F, Allen. J. Hughes, A. Tobin, R. Bowman, L. Teutsch, L. Whistler, 1. Sharks, W. Kastler, W. De Souchet. 148 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lee A. Steele President Joseph A. Gallagher Vice-president Mary Lou Barker Secretary-treasurer STUDENT HONOR COMMITTEE H. Clay Cosand Chairman Kon Wyatt Senior Walter W. Melvin Junior Raymond L. Baird Sophomore Robert B. Melzer Freshman STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL Kon Wyatt, K. William Edmark Senior George B. Lewis, William H. Derry Junior Douglas E. Cameron, Robert L. Jardine Sophomore John M. Wood, Florian R. Rabe Freshman A. S. U. C. Representative George E. Scott Back row, left to right: D. A. Turner, D. Stephenson, C. McCrory, W. Edmark, J. Humphries, O. Irion, R. Bartee, R. Nelson, W. Treat, M. L. Barker, K. Owens, S. A. Castellano, J. Pollock, F. D. Riggs, K. Wyatt, H. Thompson, D. R. Barber, J. Gallagher, R. Carleton, J. Lustig. Third row: P. Yardy, D. Boal, G. Clark, R. MacHaffie, C. Cosand, L. Steele, C. C. Edwards, H. M. Proctor, J. Dumm, D. Clouser. Second row: R. Knox, J. Lovitt, R. Ireland, L. Duman, S. Goodman, J. Bisgrove, D. Perkin, R. Leon, F. Nicoletti, B. Boom, L. Breshlaw, W. Huttner. Front row: M. Lawrence, R. Hanson, J. Tully, F. Stangl, E. McNeil, G. Scott, H. Rupp, D. Burman. 7 V fTVi SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 149 Back row, left to right: J. H. Bechtold, J. S. Kruger, K. J. Lampert, W. C. McKinley, H. R. Boyd, W. M. Gilmore, Jr., J. R. McCarville, N. S. Meyn. G. B. Lewis, J. M. Lampc. V. E. Nelms, E. S. Johnson, W. W. Melvin. R. J. Ridenour, I. M. Wienstein, W. H. Derry, W. A. Willoughby, D. L. Beshorc. Third row: F. L. Garner, W. M. Stuckey, H. F. Williamson, S. D. Zuckerman, R. W. Petersen, W. F. Anderson, K. C. Francis, V. A. Crumbaker, R. I. Haverstock, D. A. Chavez, C. W. Partington. Second row: A. C. Holt, G. W. Thompson, C. W. Streamer, R. L. Thomson, Jr., F. W. Hardy, R. J. Beveridge, L. R. Nagel, R. V. Elliot, R. F. Hood, D. D. Lahey, R. Palmes, P. E. Smith, B. L. Woelbing, R. P. Williams. Front row: T. L. Talbott, E. Heller, J. C. O ' Neil, D. D. Plumb, H. G. E. Nelson, E. F. Chandler, T. M. Loescher, D. I. Smith. J. Varga. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert W. Petersen President Frank L. Garner Vice-president Dorothy Stott Secretary-treas urer 150 Back row, left to right: C. R. Swenson, G. F. Wertz, W. P. Glover, W. R. Gammon. H. D. Padgett. Jr.. H. W. Toll, Jr., K. A. Piatt, J. R. Chamberlin. R. L. Jardine, B. K. Humphrey, C. Langerak, J. H. Cuykendall. C. H. Serfling. C. O. Spencer. Fourth row: C. D. Bloomquist, R. L. Quimby, R. B. McDivitt, A. W. O ' Donnell, W. R. Winter, D. E. Cameron. D. F. Monty, R S. Freeman, J. T. Brown, M. E. Bischofl. Jr., E. J. Zayac. Third row: C. Flaxtr, L. J. Farabaugh, G. T. Heopting, R. W. Moore, B. W. Lerner, M. Meyer, C. D. Lanning, D. Bennallack. R. N. Chisholm, S. E. Neff. Second tow: G. T. Good. G. O. Howe. C. H. Hargreaves, L. C. Lohoff, W. J. Mellinger, C. P. Hopley, Jr., S. I. Hatherley, C. Q. Wilson, C. M. Brewster. D. N. Clader, H. M. Poppick, R. L. Baird, R. E. Herrmann. Front row: B. Fishman. S. M. Weiner. J. C. Redman, A. L. French, Jr., E. G. Meek. C. W. Mahler. T. A. Nicholas, Jr.. D. D, Hanna, A. A. Borski. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Martin E. Bischoff President John R. Chamberlin Vice-president Maryethel Meyer Secretary-treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS William Turner President William M. M. Robinson Vice-president Aileen M. Gordon Secretary-treasurer Back row. left to right: C. M. Dowis, C. D. Johnson. J. H. Boyd, F. R. Rabe. W. F. Blight, E. Irwin, J. G. Price, B. Brown. W. B. Summers, J. F. Hurdle, J. L. Robertson, W. Turner, A. T. Ferguson, L. A. Watts, D. R. Winternitz, J. W. McDonald, E. L. Morgan, H. A. Roth. Third row: R. J. Schmitt, C. H. Robertson, C. W. Wheeler, V. K. Cutshall, R. B. Melzer, W. M. Robinson, W. H. Jackson. J. B. Griffith, T. A. Edwards, W. L. Ingram, R. J. Groeger, J. S. Pollard. Second row: J. C. McCulloch, R. C. Stotler, W. D. Ford, R. M. Fleming, G. D. Calonge, R. K. Carver, W. D. Broxon. D. L. Morris, M. L. Parker, M. C. Googe, A. M. Gordon, G. W. Girvin. M. Isaacs, J. J. Frishman. Front row: R. A. Peterson. H. W. Crawford. L. G. Hammer, P. E. Stearns, R. W. Wilson, J. M. Wood. V. I. Talcott. E. E. Warren, C. F. Dalton. G. N. Mann, R. L. Gouge, G. H. Zuckerman. H. C. Leight, G. D. Girard. 151 r. SCHOOL OF NURSING SENIORS, SECTIONS I AND II Back row, left to right: Elizabeth Bach. Margarita Bausch, Helen Brewer, Jean Christiansen, Patricia Counce, Marjorie Cox, Wilma Finch, Barbara Fisher. Third row: Doris Foster, Katherine Frosheiser, Theo Gabardi, Elaine Gardner, Virginia Greenwood, Evelyn Harman, Clarissa Howard, Constance Jaeger. Second row: Virginia Jones, Maxine Lambrecht. Margaurite Leonard, Eleanor Link, Margaret McPhail, Maxine Nelson, June Pahljina, Deborah Paisley. Front row: Evelyn Patrick, Amy Ruth, Gloria Schultze, Lulu Stephens, Marilyn Stromquist, Barbara Willi, Helen Willman, Patricia Wilson, Shirley Younglund. The student body of the School of Nursing has a membership of 330 students this year, 146 of which are undergraduates and 184 are graduate nurses. The group is organized under two divisions — one on the Boulder campus and the other on the Denver campus. The Nurs- ing Majors Association in each of these divisions is organized to promote the professional interests of the group. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Maxine Swanson President Doris Johnston Vice-president Margaret Fuller Secretary Jeanne Bowden Treasurer Class Senior, Section I Senior, Section II Junior, Section I Junior, Section II Sophomore, Section I Class Representative Virginia Jones Gloria Schultze Margaret Fuller Jeanne Bowden Ellen Marie Drexel Faculty Sponsors Dorothy Putnam Loretta Sharp Alice Ross Eva Schadt Dorothy Day 152 JUNIORS, SECTION I Back row, left to right: Flanders, Swanson, Glanville, Anderson, Johns, Juhl. Front tow: Forth, Sample, Michaels, Fuller, Thomas, Griffin. JUNIORS, SECTION II Back tow. left to right: Percy, Mietzner, Johnston, M. Teeling, P. Teeling, Bowden, Shreffler, Katagiri. Front row: Earle, John, Geimer, Limbach, Hollingshead, Imes. SOPHOMORES, SECTION I Back row. left to right: Drexel, Morgan. Randall, Roberts. Howe, Davenport. Front row: Nakagawa, Mikawa, Williams, White, Corry, Owens, Sakaguchi. BOULDGR Division NURSING MAJORS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Cornelia Skibbe Alice Spencer ... Bel Guber Alice Mikawa ... President Helen Johnson Vice-president Betty Lou Butler Secretary Beatrice Carruth Treasurer Grace Lonn Irene Murchison Sponsor Irene Murchison Margaret Ortner Graduate chairman Martha Bronder Arlene Allen Sophomore chairman Arlene Allen Joan Newman Freshman chairman Doris Haury 153 GRADUATE NURSE STUDENTS h mmmvm Back row, left to right: Butler. Rocque, Brunkhardt. King, Nelson, Carleton. Dickson. White, Heikens, Eyerly, McCloskey, Hill, Trechter, Ortner. Kumagai, Poersch. Shinbaum. Guber. Third row: Palmer. Terranova, Bronder, Welsh, Wakeland. Gutjahr, McElvain. Phillips, Lonn, Larson, Byington, Pollock, Boyle. Carruth, Lassik, Dulan, Hodges. Second row: Bogan, Kadlec, Singleton, Logsdon, Dietz, Helmick. Hughes. Mary Adams. WeckmucUer, Johnson, Range, Howard. E. Allen. Front row: Crystal, Stamm, Medina, McHarg. Woods, Dugger. Broyles, Woodford, Spear, Tarchcr, Skibbe. BASIC STUDENT NURSES Back row, left to right: Aragon. Schmechel, Newman, Hill, Pifer, Rankin. Joanne Smith, Carnahan, Weiss, Warder, McGraw, Heuschkel, Shaver, Canino. Third row: Thomas, Raines, Talmage, Burgesser, Calhoun, Cording. Thornton, Zandbergen. Brown, Manson, Carlson, Zarlengo. Second row: Coverdell. Oliver, Rutledge, Cosslett, Metz, Haury, Poland, Carlson, Battershell, Rieke, Franz, Allen. Front row: Sugano, Yanaru, Ashcraft, Bowser, Ailinger, Hendricks, Goecker, Smith, Untiedt. -—% ■?r - «; ■ . sstA. cif afk( 154 U S. nflVflL R O. T. c. p .{■■■■I m .. . %- ™ — --... _ « 1 - H mmmm " H H ' J f. KK fr u fcj OFFICERS R. L. Alford, J. R. Young Battalion Commanders R. F. Groesbeck Company Commander, First Company L. K. Dods Company Commander, S.cond Com jany r STUDENT OFFICERS AND COLOR GUARD: Back TOW, left to right: J. R. Smith, K. M. Zenkers, W. E. Heapes, W. G. Grigsby. Second row: N. F. Dahm, M. K. Malehorn. F. W. Day. E. F. Merrill, W. T. Collier, R. R. Anderson. Third row: R. F. Groesbeck. L. K. Dods. Fourth row: E. M. Harris, J. G. Auger, J. B. Cox. Front row: J. R. Young. R. L. Alford. Company Number I I :t - 155 CRUISE ON THE USS IOWA One of the world ' s largest, strongest and fastest battleships, the 58,000 ton USS Iowa, was designated as the cruise ship for the 150 men in the NROTC unit. Along with 800 midshipmen, members of the naval reserve officers ' training corps from uni- versities west of the Mississippi, they sailed out of San Francisco to Vancouver, B. C, Long Beach, California, and to Hawaii. The cruise was primarily a training operation, an opportunity to apply our studies in naval science, but it also afforded the experience of liberty in foreign ports. The very size of the Iowa was impressive for her length is just 12 feet shorter than three football fields laid end to end and she stands as high as a 10 story building. Eight steam turbines developing 212,000 horsepower are geared to four propellers and can propell the ship at speeds close to 40 miles an hour. The ship is a complete city in itself with its own stores, bakery shop, churches, schools, libraries, tailor shop, and an eight chair barbershop that turns out 7,400 hair cuts a month. From reveille to taps the day was planned with activities so varied that every part of the ship would become familiar. The class rooms were in the boiler rooms, the engine rooms, in the Combat Information Center, and on the Navigating and Signal bridge. The equipment on board was studied and operated under the direction of the ship ' s personnel. General Quarters was held at least every day during which the fire control system was operated. This training was climaxed in firing the 16 inch and 5 inch guns at the Naval Gunnery Range off San Clemente Island. The night in Vancouver when the University of British Columbia presented the " Nautical Nightmare " will long be remembered. The 750 hand picked beautiful Cana- dian lassies made the stay in Vancouver very pleasant. Leaving the Seniors at San Francisco, the Sophomores sailed on to Hawaii where they studied the Naval Yards and Docks at Honolulu and spent a day aboard a sub- marine. Company Number II 1 5 m9: i Al u 01:19 1 r«ll ' ? i r 1 i p I -11- THE HAIRY APE ■ Wp- Of ' A, °r»o» ' . " . " bn Sophoclcs ING wr f Utidetm EDITOR: DODE WINSLOW 162 F OOTBALL Coach Frank Potts Coach Jim Yeager Coach Frank Prentup The 1947 model of the Golden Buffalo grid ma- chine hit the road late in September after maneuver- ing through test runs on the practice-field turf for several weeks. Pre-season prophets predicted that the Buffs would rank third or fourth in the con- ference standings and that the team would have a rough time with a rugged intersectional schedule. For once the crystal gazers were almost right. Though the war was two years away, the squad was still definitely suffering from " post- war it is. " The highest point of the season was probably Home- coming when the Herd missed dumping the cham- pionship-bound Utah Indians by an eyelash, and the lowest was the following week when Utah State ex- ploded on a muddy field 35-12. There were a number of signs of hope. A corps of fleet, hard-running backs turned up who could strike terror into the hearts of any opposition when they hit their stride. At times the beefy line showed flashes of brilliance. Singing their swan song in Big Seven play, the team hung up a .500 average. They took Brigham Young, Colorado A M and Wyoming, and lost to Utah State, Utah and Denver, the last two in close games. They ended in a tie for third with Utah State. In intersectional competition they beat Iowa State, were thumped by a far superior Army team and lost to Missouri in a hard-battled game. Coach Jim Yeager headed the coaching staff, and was assisted by line coach Frank Potts, backfield coach Frank Prentup, end coach Paul Bradley, freshman coach Tom Kuzma and trainer Roily Balch. The coaches put in the number of long hard hours that it takes to build a football team, and had a right to be pleased with their charges on many occasions. In December coaches Yeager and Bradley resigned to enter private businesses. The resignations were ac- cepted " with deep regret " by Director of Athletics Carlson and President Stearns. Injuries gave the team the usual amount of trouble. Roland Gregory and Harry Narcisian, backfield stars, missed several key games with leg injuries. Tex Reilly hobbled all season. Johnny Strobel, defensive artist, missed the DU game with a separated shoulder. Linemen John Zisch, Bob Wise and Aubrey Allen were on the casualty list for several games. Zisch, Ed Pudlik, Jack Pixler, Walt Koebel, Stan Hendrickson and Harry Robertson did time at ends. Top tackles were Paul Briggs, Aubrey Allen, Doug Nelson, Bill Jones, Jim Allen and Harold Bnggs. Bob Spicer, Bob Wise, Jon Fabling. Don Creese, Grant Frezieres, Bob Clapper and Harry Mcintosh held down the guard spots. At center con- sistent Bill Simons, Ray Jump and Owen Nicholson saw action. Don Evans. Dick Schrepferman and Harry Narcisian played at tailback. Reilly, Jack McEwen and Bob Manire took care of the left-half position, and Art Tanner, Pete Cook and John Downing called signals from right half. Gregory and Tony Delmonico handled fullback chores. Strobel and Malcolm Miller were utility men and both played tailback, left half and fullback on various occasions. Paul Briggs, giant tackle, earned an all-conference berth, and was invited to play for the West in the East-West Shrine game, the second man in CU history to receive the honor. Bob Spicer nailed down an all-conference guard posi- tion, and placekicking ends Ed Pudlik and John Zisch were mentioned on several teams. Varsity football squad: Front row, left to right: Bill Simons, Roland Gregory, Chuck Breinig, Jack Pixler, Maurice Reilly, Malcolm Miller, Harry Narcisian, John Zisch, Bob Wise. Second row: Owen Nicholson, Bob Clapper, Curt Bashor, Carl Robinson, Ray Jump, Jack McEwen, Bob Manire, John Chontos. Berry Weiss. Third row: Stan Hendrick- son, Tony Delmonico, Harry Mcintosh, Harold Briggs, Bill Jones, Perry Eberhardt, John Downing, Don Evans. Art Tanner. Fourth row: Paul Briggs, Don Creese, Sam Winningham, Jim Allen, Grant Frezieres, Dick Schrepferman, John Strobel, Doug Nelson, Harry Robertson. Fifth row: Bruce Lawrence, Aubrey Allen, John Fabling, Pete Honnen, Ed Pudlik, Bob Spicer, Al Udovich, Pete Cook, Walt Koelbel. Top row: John Thomas. Tom Kuzma, Frank Potts, Frank Prentup, Paul Bradley, Polly Balch, Jim Yeager. O .15 5(7. 4Ax 5? r Bj 163 COLORADO 7 IOWA STATE Colorado 1)60311 its 1947 pigskin parade at Ames, Iowa, by squeezing out a 7-0 win over their future Big Six opponents, the Iowa State Cyclones. The Buffs ' season opener showed that the Herd was an improved team over last year ' s aggregation. The Bison ' s lone tally came in the se cond quarter when Dick Schrepferman faded back to his 45 and heaved a long one to end Ed Pudlik, who gathered it in and took the two steps to paydirt. After a slow start the CU front line buckled down in the second half and opened some gaping holes in the Cy- clone forward wall, under the leadership of Paul Briggs and John Zisch. High stepping Harry Narcisian, Schrep- ferman, and Don Evans turned in fine backfield perform- ances on offense and Johnny Strobel did well on defense. In the closing minutes Iowa State moved to the Herd ' s S-yard stripe and had four downs in which to go the dis- tance. The Buffs dug in and held to emerge victorious. Evans boots to Cadets. ARMY 47 COLORADO 164 i The mighty Army football team, undefeated in three years of play, repulsed Colorado ' s invasion of West Point as they sent the Golden Bu£F home tail-between-legs with a 47-0 licking. It was the Cadets thirtieth consecutive win. Rip Rowan, Bobby Jack Stuart, and Joe Steffy led the Black Knights as they tallied on long gainers, line smashes, and passes, and wqn yi ld in t;b e last six minutes to score three touchdown f I MJfJ0 The Buffs were able to roll up 10 first downs to Army ' s 23. In the third quarter they moved to the Army 8 after a long kickoff return by Harry Narcisian, but lost their scoring chance on an intercepted pass. The team described the game as rough, and the Cadet squad as fast and hard-hitting. Their T-magic was very deceptive. Ed Pudlik, Bob Wise, and Bob Spicer all earned special mention from their opponents for their play in the line. Mai Miller turned in some good runs, and Don Evans outkicked the Pointers. f Black Knights ' T-Magic 165 MISSOURI 21 COLORADO Before 13,000 fans on a drab, dismal day at Folsom Field, Colorado ' s Golden Buffaloes dropped their first home game of the seaso n to a well-manned Missouri team The Buffs dominated play in the first half and matched the Tigers in the statistics column. The Bengals only menacing gesture in the first half was their touchdown scored by Bus Entsminger on a 50-yard breakaway gallop. As a whole the Herd ' s line did an exceptionally fine job in the first two quarters with tackle Paul Briggs again deserving special mention. The backs also showed some spasmodic flashes of finesse but lacked the drive to hit paydirt. Missouri took over in the second half, scoring in the third quarter on a 90-yard drive with Entsminger paving the way. Their final TD came in the dying moments of the game on a beautifully executed long pass play. Mai Miller, Dick Schrepferman, and Tony Delmonico all ran well for the Bison, and Johnny Strobel turned in another excellent defensive job. Lemme at ' im. a f . COLORADO 9 BRIGHAM YOUNG 7 166 Colorado had to come from behind in the closing sec- onds of the ball game to take Brigham Young into camp on Folsom Field in what was perhaps the most exciting home game of the year, winning 9-7. The Bison got their touchdown on a long drive at the end of the first quarter with Roland Gregory bucking and Dick Schrepferman turning the ends to move from the CU 26 to the Cougar 26. There Schrepferman shook loose around left end to go over standing up. The conversion sailed wide. Both teams threatened several times but were unable to score until late in the fourth quarter when the Cougars were given the ball on the CU 4 after Johnny Strobel had been called for interference on a questionable play. Os- borne scored and Bushore converted for the Cougars. CU came back with a drive sparked by Malcolm Mil- ler ' s end running, going to the BYU 3. From there Dick Schrepferman twisted into the end zone on a diving play, but officials ruled his forward motion had been stopped on the 1. Schrepferman bucked to the one foot line, and John Zisch applied his golden toes to a field goal attempt which split the uprights with 5 seconds left. Linebackers close in 167 COLORADO 14 COLORADO A M 7 The Herd tagged Colorado A M in Fort Collins to hang up their second conference victory, 14-7. A second quarter spurt by the Bison accounted for the two touch- downs and made fans think the tilt would be a walkaway, but the plucky Aggies came back strong in the second half behind the running of their ace, Eddie Hatina. CU began marching from their 32 with Mai Miller and Roland Gregory doing most of the lugging. Miller scored on an end run from the 18. A few minutes later Dick Schrepferman moved from the Af 46 to the 33, and then again to the 19. A penalty set the Buffs back but Schrep- ferman passed to Art Tanner on the 8. Schrepferman went around right end to score. The Aggies scored in the fourth quarter on a pass from quarterback Walt Payne to Keith Thompson after moving down on passes. An onside kickoff almost gave the Ags another touchdown but Tanner intercepted for a save near the goal line. CU moved down to the Aggie 10 just before the gun sounded. Paul Briggs won lineman of the week honors for his play, and Gregory stood out in the backfield. c o L o Schrep rambles. UTAH 13 COLORADO 7 168 Colorado was all fired up to tip over the applecart of the championship-bound Utah Indians at Homecoming but missed by a fingertip or two in a touch-and-go football game to lose 13-7. A blocked kick and two intercepted passes paved the way for the Redskin eleven, as CU ' s new-look offense slipped in a few spots. The Utes opened the scoring midway in the second period after blocking a kick and recovering on the CU 23. Cannon Parkinson passed to Barnard Hafen for the TD. The Buffs struck just before halftime with Don Evans passing first to Jack McEwen and then to John Zisch on the 23. McEwen and Strobel carried down to the 3 and Schrepferman twisted over. In the fourth quarter an Injun linebacker hauled down Tex Reilly ' s umpire pass on the CU 25 to set the stage for the final touchdown. The Buffs held once, but finally scored on Parkinson ' s pass to Tally Stevens. The Buffs brought out their Sunday play in their des- perate attempt to win. On the Utah 27 Jack Pixler took the ball on an end around and threw to Tex Reilly in the clear. However, the pitch went wild, Utah intercepted, and that was the game. Bison drive. 169 UTAH STATE 35 COLORADO 12 Thanks to a muddy rain-soaked field, fumbles, bad breaks, and a fired-up Utah State team, Colorado missed a chance for a final Big Seven championship before leav- ing the loop. In winning 35-12 the Utags looked at long last like the team many had picked to walk off with the crown. The Utags piled up 28 points in the first half to salt the game away scoring on a 2S-yard run after blocking a punt, a long run by Van Noy on a pass interception, a Caputo pass to Hughes, and an 80-yard romp by Sorenson. Dick Schrepf erman passed to Walt Koelbel for the Herd ' s first score just before half time. The Farmers scored their fifth tally in the second half after intercepting a Buff pass to break up a drive. Bus Williams added his fifth extra point. A long pass-play set up CU ' s second score, Bob Manire heaving to Tony Del- monico. Delmonico bulled the ball over from the 1. The Buffs were anything but up to par, and Bill Simons was singled out by coaches as the only Buff who played his usual brand of ball. _ .- ' - Conversion confusion K ' A _ ISm.- COLOSIADO 21 WYOMING 6 170 Schrep dodges tne ragnme Joes. fl Harry Narcisian Jack McEwen Colorado ' s cleatmen really polished up their Silver and Gold as they laced Wyoming ' s Cowboys 21-6 in Boulder. The lighter Cowpokes splintered the Buff forward wall for the first few moments of play, but later fell hook, line, and sinker for the CU specialty — the screen pass on sev- eral occasions, enough to drop the game. Whip-armed Don Evans cut loose with a brilliant pass- ing exhibition in the last ten minutes of the first half to rack up two CU scores. He lobbed the screen pass to Jack McEwen who went half the field behind good blocking to paydirt. When the Bufis got the ball again he tossed the screen again to Mai Miller and then with the Cowboy line refusing to rush he had plenty of time to throw strikes to Walt Koelbel and Pete Cook, the last one for a TD. In the third quarter the Punchers blocked a kick and drove 30 yards to their touchdown. Harry Narcisian led the last CU drive, throwing twice to Ed Pudlik and run- ning to the one. Mai Miller carried the ball across. Pudlik added his third conversion. 171 DENVER 26 COLORADO 20 Colorado fals w re decidedly blue at half-time in the 1947 big game with Denver. The Pioneers were leading 13-0 and the Buffs hadn ' t shown a thing. A long pass set up the first DU score, made by Andy T avich, and Howard Benham passed to Bob Hazelhurst for th second. It didn ' t take long after half-time for tmt spectators to realize that the Bison were a new team in the second half. With Harry Narcisian in the tailback spot and Tex Reilly calling signals, the Buffs marched to their first TD in 11 plays, going over on a pass from Narcisian to Reilly. The next time they got the ball they drove right to another one, Narcisian flinging to Zisch for the tally, tying the score 13-13. A Pioneer pass, Benham to Bakke, early in the fourth quarter put them ahead 20-13, and then they iced the game when Pavich hauled down one of Don Evan ' s passes and lumbered about 60 yards. CU came back with Evans throwing to Bob Manire and then to Pete Cook who made a one-handed circus catch on the nine. Evans turned the end to score to 26-20. A last-minute CU drive was spoiled by a fumble. Cap- tain Tex Reilly was the standout player in his final game, his sparkling quarterbapking lea ng the am zijig Colo- rado comeback. fe " Zisch snags one . ifli -m ] ( Frosh footballers Team Coach Tom Kuzma Coach Tom Kuzma formed a fighting team from a large group of freshman footballers and won two out of three wild and woolly clashes with them. The frosh unveiled an impressive passing attack in their opener with the Colorado Mines yearlings to win 32-12. Dane Graves, Arlie Beery, and Joe Nix did most of the hurling while Bill Kane made some pretty catches. Beery electri- fied the fans with a 60-yard scoring jaunt. Against the Colorado State frosh, the Baby Buffs took to the air for three TD ' s and then staved off a last quarter rally to win 26-19. Nix starred as he pitched two paydirt tosses to sticky-fingered Kane and snagged another from Beery for the third. The teacher frosh did all their scoring in the final period, twice on passes and once with 30 seconds to go on an interception. About 4,000 fans braved a bitter cold day to watch the frosh get aced out by Colorado A M, 20-19. CU built up a 13-point lead on a 60-yard off-tackle slash by Dane Graves and a pass from Nix to Kane; but the Aggies came back like a house afire to tie it up at halftime. They added another in the third quarter. CU came back with a 70-yard drive to tally, but the Ag linemen broke through to block Beery ' s placement and win. A number of the frosh showed up as promising varsity prospects. By the shoestring Packing the ma John Strobel Jack Pixler John Fabling m 173 Coach Yeager and captain-elect Spicer Most valuable senior Creese and Wilbur Rocchio Stan Hendrickson Tony Delmonico Buck Jones Rhf ' ■yf! " v " « m- H Kj H a I m r 176 I I I I Basketball The varsity basketball squad, coached by Frosty Cox, began the season by grabbing two easy 60-40 wins from Colorado A M, first in Boulder and then in Fort Collins. This play, the first of any CU team under the new Big Seven barmer, gave the team a good rating for the confer- ence tourney in Kansas City. The Buff team, composed with one exception entirely of sophomores and juniors, caught a case of the jitters and dropped all three tourna- ment games to come in eighth out of eight. The annual eastern trip netted a surprising win over Temple, and a loss to the loaded NYU Violets. A slump came with their entry into conference play and six losses preceded the first win. Two games were blown on the home court in the fading minutes. Then came three wins, over Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Missouri, and the loss of a hard-battled overtime game to the touted Oklahoma Aggies. The Buffs dropped two more league games on the road, and finished Big Seven play off with a thumping win over Kansas. Kansas State posted a record of 10 wins and two losses to take the crown, but most of the other teams were lucky to salvage a .500 average. The Buffs, with four wins and eight losses, landed in the dregs of the standings. All the games were closely fought, and being on the home floor proved to be a tremendous advantage to a team. Coach Forrest Cox Bob Rolander won high scoring honors for the Bison quint, by hitting his two-handed fall-away pivot shot with uncanny accuracy. Ken Hills, consistent Les Metzger, and Carr Besemarm followed. Coach Cox shifted his players frequently to meet the varying styles of play used by the opposition. Though senior Sox Walseth, the co-ordinating factor in the CU floor play, will be gone, prospects for next year look fairly good. The team was greatly improved at the end of this season, and the experience gained will be an invaluable factor when the team opens its campaign next winter. Varsity basketball team: left to right, back row: Clancy Ellis, freshman coach, Beattie, Hills, Rolander, Bell, Besemann, Case, Metzger, Coach Cox. Front row: Ley, Klabau, Haase, Walseth, Haring, Fuller, Sweeney. T ■i» " i I If T ■w mm 4 ssvOR% 177 Rolander Stretches After their unimpressive performance in the Big Seven tourney in Kansas City the Buffs went east on their annual trip. On New Year ' s Day they took on the high-scoring Violets of New York University, and while the Buffs kept the pace for a time they faded in the second half when the easterners ' dead-eye shooting began to tell. NYU won 59-46 in the game played in Madison Square Garden. For eight minutes in the early second half the CU quint held the Violets without a field goal. Bob Haring Bill Ley NYU 59 COLORADO 46 COLORADO 50 TEMPLE 45 Ernie Fuller Don Evans Two days later the Bison completely upset the dope- bucket by handing Temple a 50-45 defeat in Philadelphia. The Temple five had beaten the Kentucky Wildcats, tabbed as pre-season national champions earlier in the season. The win finally put an end to the four game Colo- rado losing streak. Waltzin ' on air " ♦ Rolander clears The Golden Buffaloes got off to a slow start in their new Big Seven relations at the conference tournament in Kansas City Dec. 17-18-19 losing three for three to place an undisputed last. Kansas State ' s high-flying team upset the experts ' pre- dictions by waxing all comers including Oklahoma A M, 50-43, in the finals. 178 Bob Sweeney Bell uncoils The Buffs opened in the featured spot the first night against Kansas. The underdog Kansans took advantage of a CU case of first night jitters to lick them 49-39, and the Herd never got its footing after that. The second night Colorado gave Oklahoma a good run for their money but could not quite close the Sooners ' 8-point half time lead and lost 61-56. Iowa State completed the debacle by topping the Buffs 49-40 in the consolation match. 179 Sox Walseth O f%M, % ffU, J Husker control Nebraska came to Boulder Jan. 17 as the Buffs ' first conference opponent and ran wild in the last five minutes to turn a CU 51-45 lead into a 59-55 Cornhusker victory. Walseth, Metzger, and Beattie led the team through the sloppy ball game. Riding on the crest of three straight Big Seven wins, the Colorado team invaded Lincoln Feb. 25 with every in- tention of fighting their way out of the loop cellar. Wal- seth and Metzger picked up cases of food poisoning en route, however, and the weakened Herd fell tothe Huskers 58-53 in a close game. In spite of his weakened condition Metzger played the game out and led the scoring with 14. 180 Bob Kolander Backboarders Rolander and Besemann take over Iowa State ' s Cyclones lived up to their nickname in Boulder Jan. 31 by dumping through nine points in the last two minutes while holding the Bison swishmen score- less to steal what looked like a sure Colorado victory, 39-38. A fieldhouse-full of disappointed fans went home saying it couldn ' t be done. A week later in Ames the Buffs got sweet revenge, but just by the skin of their teeth, in hanging up their first conference win, 33-32. With four minutes to go and CU leading 32-29, Rolander and Hills fouled out. The Herd just outlasted a last second ISC attack. Ken Hills was high man with 11. 181 Kj. Carr Besemann Hills lofts Hills (and ball) A spirited crowd in the fieldhouse roared its approval as Frosty ' s men finally hit their stride and matched shot for shot with Kansas State, the loop pace setters Feb. 2 The Wildcats proved a little too tough for CU and romped off with the win, 50-44. but the fans were encour- aged by Colorado ' s good showing. In an earlier game at Manhattan the Wildcats coasted to a 65-51 triumph after the Buffs had been able to muster only 13 points in the first half. After the mtermission the locals outscored the Cats 38-28 to no avail. 182 Ken Hills $l£.® ikliJM n A All those dirty looks and no basketball The Oklahoma Sooners handed the Coxmen their fourth league defeat in as many starts at Norman Jan. 26, 44-35. The team turned in another chilly performance. Revenge came when Boulder pulled together to hand the favored Sooners a 56 54 setback. Bob Rolander fouled out before the first half was over and Carr Besemann and Ken Hills followed him in the last stanza. The Sooners were coming up fast at the finish, but Red Bell ' s bucket with 35 seconds to go iced the game. Courty of OU was high man with 15, and Les Metzger contributed 13 to the Colorado cause, including 7 for 7 from the free throw line. . 183 Lcs Metzger Kj Gimmee! Missouri was handed an unexpected loss Feb. 23 when the Tigers invaded Boulder and took a 56-48 whipping in a game whose last two minutes of play took fifteen min- utes. The Buffs bounded away to an early lead and were ahead 25-13 at one point. Missouri got hot to make it 26-25, Colorado ' s favor, at halftime. The Buffs moved ahead again in the last half on bril- liant shooting by Rolander and Besemann, but were forced to play a ball control game in the closing minutes after both had fouled out. Amid protest from the Tiger bench and constant fouls by Missouri players the last two min- utes were hectic as the visitors attempted to break Colo- rado ' s control. Besemann led the scoring with 22 markers. At Missouri March 1 the Tigers got revenge, beating CU 47-35. Dan Pippin and Thronton Jenkins led the vic- tors. flfl Hal Beattie 4 .V ili Grabity ! The Buffs ended the season in a blaze of hot shooting March 8 to outrun the Kansas Jayhawkers and win 77-60. The first half was very close, but the Buffs assumed a lead midway in the final period and were never headed. Senior Sox Walseth, playing his last game on the CU hardwood, turned in a pretty exhibition of ball handling. He was everywhere. Ken Hills got hotter than the pro- verbial toy pistol midway in the second half and sewed up the game with three consecutive field goals. Hills totaled 30 points. After Kansas stars Schnellbacher and Eskridge fouled out, the outcome was never in doubt. The Jayhawkers gave the crowd a laugh by running for drags on a portable oxygen set during every time out. The win, their fourth in conference play, guaranteed that the Buffs would do no worse than tie for last place with the Jayhawks in the conference standings. On Jan. 10 Kansas spoiler the CU conference opener by hanging a 57-44 defeat on them at Lawrence. ' % 186 -1947 Coach Frank Potts Veteran track coach Frank Potts guided his gifted 1947 track squad through their final season in the Mountain States conference to win in the loop finals and a good showing in National Collegiate Athletic association finals, proving the Buffs once again kingpins of the Rocky Mountains. For the teams of Potts, one of the best cinder path mentors in the business, it was the eighth consecutive year, and the tenth time in the last eleven years that they had copped the Big Seven crown. At the finals at Salt Lake City they rolled up 90 points, more than twice as many as second place Brigham Young. The two big guns of the CU team were sprinters Don Campbell and Dave Bolen. Campbell recovered from an early-season pulled muscle to win the conference 100 and 220. In the NCAA Campbell came .1 of a sec- ond from a world ' s record when he won his trial heat of the century in 9.5, but pulled a muscle in the 220 trials to prevent him from competing in the finals. Varsity track team: Back row, left to right: Cavender, Mgr. ; Pope, Grigsby, Clark, Lloyd. Hood, Turner, Platts, Kerr, Hammond, Pitchford. Third row, left to right: Keating, Fitzmorris, McKee, Bateman, Leopold, Taylor, B. Chance, Edwards, White, Narcisian, Dey, Leopold. Second row: Creese, McDonnell, Murphy, Blickhahn, Briggs, Coach Potts, McEwen, Hood, Frezieres, Allen, Gregg, Blevins. Front row: Patten, Zeigler, Johnson, Brown, Bolen, W. Chance, Campbell, Wunderly, Goodrich, Jackson, l S M f P.K r .r r :ffm Bateman jackknifes across The horrifying highs Too much cannot be said for Bolen, trans- fer flash from Southern university, who broke the 440 record with a 47.4 effort, and then cap- tured the 880 crown. Before the NCAA he participated in several west coast invitational meets, running away from the best the west could offer in the 440. In the NCAA finals Bolen chased Herb McKenley of Illinois to a new world ' s record, and might easily have won the race if the two speedsters starting posi- tions had been reversed. Bolen was later in- vited to join an American AAU team which toured Greece during the summer. Both Bolen and Campbell are standout prospective Olym- pic team members. SLi 1 m ii B■ l i J a g; K-» --ra;s-arw. ' c. ' H? " 7?P T ' , " . Track-1947 187 Bolen racks up another win Don Creese McEwen flying low Fitzmorris cops the mile Zeigler tickles two-mile tape Other top CU trackmen who participated in the NCAA championships were Warren Bateman, pole vaulter whose best mark was 13 feet, 3 inches, Harold McAferty, high jumper, and Gordon Learned, hurdler. All were Big Seven champions. Other consistent point winners who filled out the nucleus of the squad were Bob Dey, Harvey Platts, and Paul Jackson in the sprints; Bill Grigsby and Wiley Chance in the half mile; John Zeigler, George Fitzmor- ris, Allen Patten, and Dean Johnson in the distances ; Bruce Brown and Chuck Goodrich in the hurdles; Clarence McKee and Tom Pitchford in the pole vault. Chuck Gregg in the high jump; Jack McEwen and Harry Nar- cisian in the broad jump ; McEwen in the deca- Track 1947 188 Two-mile relay: Platts. Griusby, Chance. Bolen Track-1947 n thalon; and Jim Allen, Don Creese, Harold Briggs, Grant Frezieres, and Bill McDonnell in the weights; and Jack Todd in the discus. The spikemen were undefeated in dual competition. Though a no point score was kept in the early season CU indoor invitational the Buffs came through with four wins and two ties. In the Kansas Relays the Buffs grabbed a second in the two-mile relay while Jack McEwen made news by copping the deca- thalon. In the CU Relays the Bison proved poor hosts as they scored 28 points to double the score of Kansas State, their closest rival. Dave Bolen anchored three relay teams and gave the fans a thrill by coming from behind to win them ail. CU Relays draws a good crowd 189 Campbell first as usual 190 I Baseball-1947 When he issued a call for players last spring, Coach Frank Prentup found himself confronted with a turnout of 147 men, all aching to get on the CU baseball squad. After preliminary cuts, Prentup had a squad with a good mixture of former lettermen and up-and-coming newcom- ers. The batsmen opened their campaign on the home grounds with a surprising pair of wins over the Univer- sity of Nebraska, retribution for their two losses in Lin- coln in 1946. The Cornhuskers leaky defense accounted for the 11-1 and 7-6 triumphs as the hitting was evenly divided. Next Colorado Mines found themselves on the short end of an encounter as the Bison bats boomed out a 16-1 win. Wyoming, headed for the eastern division champion- ship, handed them their first defeat, 4-2, in Boulder. Spring rains forced the postponement and cancellation of several games, among them a tilt with the Colorado Aggies which Prentup ' s crew was leading 6-1 at the end of the fourth. One of the big features of CU Days was the hard-fought game between the Buffs and the Denver Pioneers which went 17 innings and was finally called with the score tied 8-8. The tilt lasted four hours and 23 min- utes. CU scored four runs in the eighth to tie the score, and fireman Don Swartz came in in the ninth to pitch the last nine innings. Coach Frank Prentup Shoes for the crowded hot cornermen Eggcrs heads for first. Gragg fights to score. Colorado beat Lowry Field 11-1 in a practice game and then split a doubleheader with the Colorado Aggies, win- ning the opener 10-2 and dropping the nightcap 8-4. Next the squad traveled to Denver to register a clean- cut 2-1 triumph over Denver. They took Regis 11-7 in a sloppy practice game, and traveled north for a final shot at the loop crown against the Wyoming Cowboys. Behind the pitching of Swartz the Bison took the first game 10-5, but Cowboy power at the plate proved too much for them in the second match and they lost 17-8. The final 4-0 win over Denver in a game played under threatening skies all the way, ended their league schedule, and the team finished off the year by traveling to Manhat- tan, Kans., where they suffered twin defeats from Kansas State, 11-9 and 9-3. Don Swartz was the outstanding member of the team. His pitching accounted for most of their wins and his heavy hitting helped out a number of times. Other mem- bers of the pitching staff were Ed Pudlik, Pete Click, Ted Alpert, and Art Gray. After a summer of semi-pro ball Swartz signed with a major league farm club. He was recognized by the ABC as the outstanding sandlot player of the year. Top infielders were Bill Gregg, Jack Warren, Bill Fanning, Frank Pasqua, Bill Vining, Sox Walseth, Del- bert Smalley, and Lynn Neafus. Harry Shendel and Bob Spicer backed up the plate and Bud Crowe, Bill Ley, Jay Piatt, Homer Eggers, and Joe Murphy patrolled the outer pastures. 191 Joe Murphy Don Swartz Bud Crowe 192 wimming Downing half twists Gun up Colorado ' s tankmen found the going rough in the new conference and though they put together a good record in dual meets, their performances dropped below expectations in the loop championships at Lincoln March 6. Iowa State thoroughly dunked all competition to claim the league title, breaking both relay records and piling up 80 points. Nebraska took second with 39, followed by Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Kansas State. Fourths were taken by Colorado ' s top men — Lepman in the 220, Herbst in the breaststroke, and Ready in the backstroke. Downing, undefeated in dual meet diving, scored a fifth. In the 400-yard freestyle relay the CU team took third. In dual competition the Buff finmen lost only to Oklahoma and Nebraska, and registered four wins. They beat Colorado State at Greeley 51-24, Kansas State 56-28, Colorado A M 47-37, and Kansas 52-31. Oklahoma beat them 50-34 and Nebraska licked them 44-40 in a photo finish meet. Keith Hartzell handled the coaching chores for the season. During the season Dick Ready lowered the school backstroke record to 1 :49.6. Dick Lepman and Bill Berger tied for the 100-freestyle record at 57.5 seconds, and the 300-yard medley team marked up a record-setting performance of 3:19.3. Varsity swimming team, left to right, front row: Peterson. Zaitz, Yantis, Berry. Powlowski ; middle row: Coach Hartzell, Telk, Bradt, Downing, Ready; back row: Lepman, Bowers, Herbst, Horine, Berger. 193 Gymnastics Defying the laws of gravity Colorado ' s gymnastics team, coached by Charles Vavra, had a slack season as far as competition is concerned since the new Big Seven does not recognize gymnastics as a regular sport. However, in meets that could be obtained, the Buffs had a fairly successful season. Coach Vavra took four top members of his team to the Northwestern Gym- nastics society meet in Minneapolis Feb. 28, and between them they garnered five first places in class B competition. Gene Shearer scored firsts on the flying rings and the parallel bars. Keith Nesladek won a first on the horizontal bar. Sam Barnhill took a tumbling blue ribbon, and Mel Beckett won a first on the horse. The season was climaxed March 6 in an invitational meet held at Boulder. Nebraska took top honors with 37 points, followed by Colorado with 32. Colo- rado State, Montana State, and Colorado A M finished in that order. In indi- vidual pairings during the meet Colorado defeated Montana State 66-42. In other dual meets the Buffs lost to Nebraska 70-62, beat Colorado A M 431 2-361 2, and lost to Colorado State 55y2-38V2. The team also performed frequently at halftime during basketball games. Gymnastics team: left to rights back row Hughes, Dittman, Karlson. C. Payne. M. Payne, Sittig, Coach Vavra. Middle row: Beckett. Nesladek, Shearer, Bronstein, Norltng, Bennett. Front row: Scherrer, Brock, Themes, Taguchi. Barnhill. The powdered chalk league 194 Wrestling Groan Grunt The University of Oklahoma walked off with the Big Seven wrestling title at the conference championships held here March 6. The Sooners placed five men in the finals and produced three winners in claiming the crown. Nebraska and Iowa State followed closely to take second and third. Kansas State took fourth, and the Colorado team, still in the process of building, came in fifth. CU ' s Rex Sheppard, who gained experience by wrestling in the heavyweight classification for most of the season reached the finals in the 175-pound class. Brinker, Haldeman, Rich, and Hancock reached the semi-finals. During the season the Buff grapplers, coached by William C. (Kayo) Lam, won three meets and dropped five. They stopped the matmen from Colorado Mines twice, 21-9 and 24-8. Colorado College fell 17-11. In other dual meets Oklahoma licked the Buffs 24-5, Colorado A M took them 24-4, Iowa State triumphed 25-8, Nebraska 19-10, and Kansas State 23-3. After a several year break during the war, the grunt and groan squad was revived here last year, and the last two seasons have been spent in gaining much needed mat experience. Varsity wrestlers: left to right, front row: Haldeman, Hughes, Yam, Wamsley, Bussian; middle row: Coombs, Rich, La Bonde, Mott, Lodge, Schrader; top row: Patten, Fox, Scott, Sheppard, Hancock, Mcin- tosh, Nicholson, Coach Lam. ■■■■■ HR ■ " ■ " ■■ B i iWWtlw 1 Pi r M K mBl B si s bi i3i m 195 Cross Country Colorado ' s cross country squad completed a successful season on Thanks- giving Day in Denver by scoring a smashing win over DU, Mines, and Wyoming over a three mile course during halftime of the Big Game. The squad, coached by Prof. Francis Wolle, took the team race with a total of only 19 points. Wyoming was second with 53, Colorado Mines third with 69, and Denver last with 104. Lanky George Fitzmorris came in about 40 yards ahead of teammate Bill Meigs to win the event in 15:52.7. During the season the team won three dual meets, and took one resounding beating from Oklahoma. They opened the year by licking the visiting Nebraska harriers, 13-23. Fitzmorris won the two-mile race and was followed by teammates in the third, fourth, and fifth spots. Bill Meigs At Oklahoma the leatherlungers were rudely received as the Sooners whipped them 15-40, with all five OU men beating the Buffs to the tape and running the two-mile race under 10:12. Colorado Mines fell 20-35, but Vaughn, Mines Little Five one- and two-mile champ, grabbed the blue ribbon, negotiating the 3% mile course in 19:27.2. CU took the next five places. At Fort Collins Fitzmorris had to kick to beat Peterson of the Rams to the tape by eight inches as the Aggies went down 22-37. The CU invitational was snowed out and cancelled. Fitzmorris, Meigs, Patten, Clark and Hood got varsity letters. Coach Francis Wolle Ctoss country team, left to right, front row: Meigs. Johnson. Baker: back row: Fitzmorris. Hood. Clark. Coach WoHc. 196 Tennis John CuUey Dallas Stephens The University of Colorado tennis team, tutored by Dick Gray, opened their defense of the conference championship with five lettermen and several promis- ing racketeers. After winning the first three matches, the Buffs were plagued with the loss of several vital men and a case of inconsistency. They finished the season with a record of five wins, five losses, and third place in the eastern division of the Big Seven. The Buffs opened the season with wins over Colorado Mines, 7-3; Denver, 7-5; and Colorado A M, 9-0. Then they lost to Colorado College, 5-7; and Wyoming, 3-4. They rallied to take Colorado State, 8-2; and then lost twice to Denver, 1-11, and 2-6. The season closed when they lost to Wyoming for the second time, 3-4. At the conferenec tournament held at Fort Collins the Buffs placed third to Denver and Wyoming respectively. Joe Mahon and Lou Dods lost their first round singles matches and the doubles duos of Dods-Fisher and Stephens-Acsell won their first round matches before bowing out in the semi-finals. Letters were awarded to DeMuth, Dods, Fisher, Hunt, Karlson, Mahon, Schwartz, Skeen, and Stephens. 1947 varsity tennis team 197 Team The Buff ski team, directed by Coach Steve Bradley and headed by the vet- eran Jim Griffith, firmly established itself during the season as one of the nation ' s top-notch slat squads. The CU team opened the season during Christmas vacation at the annual Sun Valley intercollegiate invitational, placing sixth in a field of the west ' s most potent college squads. A second CU team finished fourth behind Western State, Denver, and Wisconsin in a meet at Aspen the same weekend. At the Western State meet at Gurmison the darkhorse Buffs finished a heart- breaking second to the highly-favored hosts. Jim Griffith was individual high point man, adding places in jumping and cross coiuitry to his downhill first and slalom second. Wyoming ' s invitational found the Buffs coming third behind Western State and the hosts. Bill Ostrander was CU ' s big gun, placing second in the downhill and slalom. Led by Ernie Gray, who twisted his way to second in the downhill, and Per Aspilin, who copped third in the jumping, CU wound up third in the DU meet Feb. 7, despite hard luck suffered by Griffith in both slalom and downhill. The season was climaxed by the CU invitational meet at Arapahoe Basin Feb. 28 and 29, expected to become a major annual sports event. For the third time during the season the Bison squad finished a hair ' s breadth off the winner ' s pace, this time dropping top honors to DU by four points. Jim Griffith was a member of the victorious Colorado state team participating in the President ' s Cup races at Sun Valley in late January. Towards the end of the season the team appeared arrayed in flashy gray and gold sweaters knitted lovingly for them by Mrs. Bradley and other female followers. A new jump in Boulder Canon aided the team in practicing. Varsity ski team, left to right, back row: Ragnar Carlson, Jim Griffith, Hank Roth, Bill Steele, Tommy Thompson. Per Aspilin, Rick Miller, Coach Steve Bradley. Front row: John Wood, Ernie Gray. George Brewer, Bill Ostrander. Dry run by Griffith 198 Men ' s Intramurals The squeeze is on In spring, 1947, intramurals got off to a fairly good start with a large turnout for Softball and a good deal of interest in tennis, track and golf. Fall found many of the fields previously used for intramurals occupied by new buildings, and a season of almost constant play had to be laid out to satisfy the large number of organizations participating in football. The final touchball game drew a good crowd to the stadium to see a thriller that went to three over- times. Other fall sports were volleyball, water polo, tennis, and golf. Clancy Ellis, new freshman basketball coach, joined veteran intramural director Frosty Cox in running the program. Because of the increased number of men participating intramurals have been very difficult to schedule this year, and much credit should go to the directors for the degree of success they attained. Most of the referees were chosen from the ranks of the off-season varsity athletes. Winter quarter brought a big turnout for basketball, and a considerable crowd paid to see the finals in the boxing and wrestling tournament. Other sports were handball, swimming, and skiing. One lay-up— no fouls Basketeers — runners-up Say uncle? Spring 1947 199 Before new buildings had crowded intra- mural sports into out-of-the-way nooks and crannies, a hard-fought softball season was completed last spring. Vic Champlin, far-and- away the best underhanded chucker on the campus for the past three years, fireballed the Delta Tau Delta team to victory. Other top teams were ASCE, Sparkplugs, SAE, and Phi Gamma Delta, with the SAE ' s taking the run- ner-up spot. Champlin, a truly great performer on the mound, had led an NROTC team to victory the year before almost solely on the strength of his strong right arm. In the intramural track meet held during CU Days, the ISA thinclads led their nearest rivals by almost 20 points, having scored 51 ' z . Kappa Sigma came in second followed by Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Arden Ruddell paced the ISA squad with a first in the 220 low hurdles and a second in the 440. Burt Hoffmeister, Kappa Sig, success- fully defended his 100-yard dash championship but was pushed back to second in the 220. Hoffmeister and Ruddell shared honors as in- dividual high point men, closely followed by Ken Hills, ISA. In spring golf the Phi Taus beat the Delts in the playoffs to take the title. In tennis the Sig Alphs, Pi Kaps, Men ' s Dorm 2, Phi Delts and Phi Gams were the cream of the crop. Un- favorable weather shortened the season, how- ever, and a champ was never crowned. Rowe wins the mile Uhh! 200 Fall Coloradan Distribution Staff Bad weather plagued the intramural foot- ball season, and some of the games toward the end of the season were finished in the near- pitch darkness that closed in about 5:45. Wet grounds held up schedules, but finals were eventually reached and played before an inter- ested crowd in the stadium. Phi Kappa Tau ' s red and yellow raiders beat out the Law School eleven in the third overtime of a bit- terly contested game, 7-0, as Brackett passed to Benewitz for the winning touchdown. The Phi Taus had played four games in three days, including the final. They came through a bruising season unbeaten, scoring 141 points to 18 for their opnonents. The Law School was also unbeaten until the playoff. The Fijis took Phi Delta Theta into camp to win the fraternity volleyball crown. The Delts licked Phi Kappa Psi to claim third place. Fall golf and tennis were not completed be- cause of opposition offered by the weather. In water polo a Cinderella Sigma Nu team put on a stretch drive to move from a tie for second in their league to full possession of the splash crown. Hil Johnson, the Sigma Nu ' s star shotmaker, scored seven points including a throw goal in the fifth overtime to trounce Phi Gamma Delta 10-7 in the final. The Delts beat SAE 11-6 in one overtime to take third place. In the drink 201 Winter Delt basketball champs A talented Delta Tau Delta basketball team proved itself the best of 58 quintets by hauling in the pennant. The Delts lost by two points last year to take runner-up honors, but went all the way this time to take the Baske- teers, 41-38, in the finals. Shorty Dolan, Keith Miller, and Bob Pike paced the Delts. Fred Johnson scored 10 for the Basketeers. Phi Delta Theta, led by freshmen Bob Pickens and Stan Black in the stroke events, swam away with the title. The SAE ' s took second. Pickens won the backstroke. Black won the breaststroke, and the two teamed with Marshall to take the medley relay. I-M cage action 0-freestyle — they finished from left to right In the intramural ski races at Berthoud Jan. 17, Jerry Pesman, Mark Taggart, Fred Steputis, and George Beck, the Big Time Polepushers, took the White Stag trophy from the defending Beta team, a close second. Pesman bashed the giant slalom course in 39 seconds, in spite of a fall at the last gate, and in turning in the unbelievable time he beat second place Dale Krenzel by six seconds and forelofler Johnny Wood by three. Nelson and Kruse beat Wright and Kenz of Phi Kappa Tau to take the handball championship in doubles. Shel- don Zweig took Phi Tau John Weber to win the singles crown. The Delts produced two winners in both boxing and wrestling to make the best showing in the individual physical contact sports. A number of pins and kayos were scored. The winners: Wrestling: 121 lb Lodge Delt 128 lb Karbatsh, Pi Kap 136 lb Candler 145 lb Lawson, Ex-Marine 155 lb Jessen, Delt 165 lb Baldwin, Sigma Chi 175 lb Horace, SAE Heavyweight Sawyer, Phi Gam Boxing: 128 lb Goley, Phi Delt 135 lb O ' Neil 147 lb Santi, Phi Gam 155 lb Gresset 165 lb Russell, independent 175 lb Hughes, Delt Heavyweight Brown, Delt Wilson cuts loose 202 Women ' s Intramurals 4 The intramurals program that was offered to the women students this year was the most extensive one for some years. All through the year teams ran neck and neck because of ability, good sportsmanship, and team work that was displayed by the players. Under the able leadership of Miss Joan Martin, faculty ad- viser of women ' s intramurals, the WAA intramural managers from the various organized houses, sororities, and dormitories made way for an exciting year in sports. The WAA board, headed by Janet Schemmel, has done a splendid job in promot- ing athletics for women. The participation drive put forth by these girls has created more interest in sports and has influ- enced women students to take a more active part in the sports offered. The WAA executive board is composed of 22 members who schedule games and see that their particular sport is carried through in the most efficient way possible. Physical education majors and teachers have cooperated by devoting a large part of their time assisting as referees, umpires, timers, and scorers in the various intramural games during the year. A calendar of various and exciting games is extended each quarter to stim- ulate development in skills and enjoyment in playing. In these intramurals, high ideals of sports are upheld. Sports- manship, friendship, self-control, cooperation, and a love of sports rate high on the field of play. Nancy Lee, WAA intramurals head The WAA heads Miss Joan Martin, faculty sponsor, confers with assistants f AflfVf Action in mixed volleyball finals 203 Ping pong finalists Margaret McCarthy and Joan La Pook Alpha Chi bowling champs Before going home for spring vacation, the girls signed up for spring quarter intramurals. The sports offered were archery, golf, tennis, swimming, and Softball. Many of the girls have shown a great interest in the spring sport golf. Last year ' s tournament was divided into two brackets with many girls taking part, and the divot diggers were in full swing by the middle of the quarter. The greens were dotted with enthusiastic players from all the organized houses, dormitories, and sororities, and the word " fore " was heard ringing on the course. Players in white shorts and blouses were also carrying on a fast game of tennis and swimming was as popular as ever. Spring quarter terminated a wonderful and successful women ' s intramural program. Congratulations to Miss Martin, WAA managers, faculty, and all of the partici- pants for making this year of sports one of the best ever. Little and Carlisle watch the birdie Hint I 204 Fall 1947 Archery champ Prue Walker takes aim The Packard sisters — top net women Ringer-tossers Friel and Alexander " Fifteen — love. " " Your add. " Those were the shouts heard coming from the tennis courts at the beginning of fall quarter. Tennis once again got underway and with it the intramural tournament. There was an excellent turnout, and keen competition was the keynote in the doubles competition. Joan and Carol Packard surged ahead for the KKG ' s while Joyce Speck and Harriet Froese for the ADPi ' s followed in hot pursuit. The sets were very close, 7-5, 3-6, and 6-3, but the Packards, as top net women, captured the crown. Shirley Friel and Joan Alexander took the horseshoe championship for the ADPi ' s. These girls showed exceptional skill in adding ring- ers to top the score and win the tournament. Volleyball was another popular fall sport, with the University Women ' s Club placing first and the ADPi ' s coming in a close second. Several teams participated in the volleyball tournament as well as the tennis tournament. Excitement ran high, scores were close, and stars were singled out. The finalists were the ADPi ' s, the Women ' s Club, Tri Delts, Alpha Chi ' s, and Zeta ' s. During the fall archery also played a promi- nent part in the women ' s intramurals. Again the scores were close, but Prue Walker showed her skill and won the tournament to " cop " the title for the KKG ' s. Women ' s Club volleyball champs 205 Winter Winter Waterland act Sports were again in full swing after the girls re- turned from Christmas vacation. With the winter season came the twenty-first annual aquacade, the Winter Water- land. The winter decorations set the scene for acts given Feb. 19 and 20. Three group numbers, a duet, a sweet- heart waltz, fancy diving, and a clown act constituted the program in which 40 girls participated. The season ' s most exciting games were seen on the basketball hardwoods. The finalists of the tourney were the Armory, Rookies, Kens, Regent, and the Kappas. The Kens played top-notch ball all through the round-robin and took the title with only one defeat on their record. WAA selected the following girls for the all-star team: Joan Packard, Kappa, Barbara Hunsaher, Armory, and Betty Bailey, Regent, forwards; Betty Cameron, Vets, Sally Jeffrey, Alfra, and Corrine Heffron, Alpha Phi, guards. Aquacaders show rhythm and timing Kens and Regent go high for rebound Mixed volleyball drew attention and interest from both boys and girls again this year. The Kappas beat the Women ' s Club 35-24 in the final game of the season. Under the splendid coaching of Mrs. Rich, Barbara Brickman, an outstanding swimmer of the " chlorine kids, " broke the 40-yard freestyle record in the National Tele- graphic Swim meet. Her time, 22.5 seconds, broke the district record for last year, 22.7. Other swimmers were Kay Bondus, Nan Carroll, Posey Roberts, Barbara Babb, Pat Grimm, Nancy Todd, Betty Greengross, and Kay Schmidt. Thetas Mary Little and Jean Carlisle took the badmin- ton championship from Lesterites Grace Purviance and Joan Mueller after a well-played game. The three finalists for the bowling crown were the Alpha Chi ' s, the AOPi ' s, and the Kappas. The Alpha Chi ' s six-girl squad bowled the others over. There was a very good turnout for the ping pong tournament, and slams and well-placed shots won the crown for Joan La Pook of Harding. Margaret McCarthy, also from Harding, was runner-up. Happy smiles from the Kens — basketball champs 206 Golf Lcs Fowler Colorado ' s golfers, led by player- coach Don Bell and freshman comer Norm Smith, chalked up a fairly successful season, dropping only one conference dual meet and placing second to Denver in the eastern division championships. With only a few holes of prac- tice behind them since the previous fall the linksmen went west during spring vacation to tour California. In the south UCLA whipped them 44-10 and USC hung a 37-17 beating on them. Improving all the time, the Buffs were able to take the Uni- versity of California team into camp, and then lost a close match on Stanford ' s tricky links, 1S%- 11 y2. Player-coach Don Bell In conference dual matches the Bison took Aggies 23-4 and 24 y2- 2y2, Wyoming 21-6 and 15-12, Colorado college 25y2-iy2, and split with Denver winning the first 17-10 and losing the second 14y2-12y2. In the eastern division meet DU won with a 965 team score. CU was second with 973 while Aggies and Wyoming trailed far behind. Norm Smith carded a 225 to lose to Babe Lind of DU by two strokes, and Les Fowler and Bell took third and fourth. Bell waxed hot for the NCAA tourney and qualified for match play with a 153. He was beaten in the third round. Fowler also qualified but was beaten in the opening round. Smith and Dave Sheridan also made the trip. Leonard Robin- son and Jack Stirling were the other regular members of the team. Varsity golf team, left to right, back: Dave Sheridan. Leonard Robinson, Jack Stirling, Les Fowler. Front : Don Bell, Norm Smith. S vlft« ' s Si f :. HdwM s EDITOR: CINDI CLEMENT Pat Boeck Z.c f to right: Wayne Hulitzky, Don Willis, Pat VanHyning, Natalie Coursen, Marjorie Grove. Left to right: Nonnie Wagner, Janet Schemmel, Ted Schmidt, Doug Kil- patrick, Alice Goalby. Mary Alice Chambers Left to right: Harriet Stringer. Peggy Brown, Bob Booth, Arlene Sconce, Cindy Clement. Standing, left to right: Joe Reynolds. Dana Hall. Rita Atwood, Tom Gug- genheim. Seated: Jeannine Cowell, Nancy Nightingale. 214 The SILVER AN INDEPENDENT O-f-ficial Publicafion of the Associo-l-ed Fifiy-SiKih Yeor Boulder, Colorado Editorial Staff Don Cicber Summer and Fall Al Fiedler Winter and Spring Donald C. Cieber Editor — Summer and Fall Al Fiedler Editor — Winter and Spring Darwin Olofson Associate editor Al Fiedler News editor Kenneth Whitaker Assistant news editor John Morrow City editor Dode Winslow Sports editor Alyce Heffner Sands Social life reporter Nancy Nightingale Assistant social life reporter Roy Thompson, Bob Olson Cartoonists News assistants Robert Allen, Ellanore Mathews, Judy Jones, Don Heinemann, Ralph Clarke, Frances Potts, Holly Mills. Rewriters Don Linberg, Alice Hunt, Mary Lou Hawkins, Arline Pasternack, Carol Hunter, Frances Worley. Special assignments Joyce McKeon, Ed McNulty, Ina Gurley. News reporters Larry Travis, Don Shasteen, Jim Downing, Rosemary Wright, Bob Torgny, Sally Jackman, Lee King, Dorothy Lang, Elaine Cooper, John Gough, Jennine Chelf, Howard John- ston, Carrie Anderson, Jim Fried- lander, Charles Neale, Sidney Adler. Sports reporters Virginia Wachob, Jim Hicks, Tom Guggenheim, Al Goldfarb, Norman Gelman, Hal Cramer. Social life reporters Nancy Burgi, Betty Burks, Barbara Folley, Marjorie Carroll, Katherine Schmidt, Marilyn Miller, Susan West, Jeane Hardy, Glendene Miles, Harriet Froese, Lynn Radke. Back row, lett to right: D. Lindberg, L. Travis, D. Olofson, J. Hicks, B. Torgny. T. Guggenheim, K. Whitaker, H. Cramer. Middle row: A. Goldfarb, R. Wright, N. Gelman, E. Cooper, H. Mills, C. Anderson, L. Radke, S. Jackman, G. Miles, S. West, J. Hardy, H. Johnston, J. Gough. A. Pasternack, Seated: V. Wachob, A. Hunt, J. Morrow, A. Sands. A. Fiedler, D. Winslow, B. Allen, N. Nightingale, M. L. Hawkins. and GOLD 215 NEWSPAPER Studtn-fs of iKe Universiiy o-f Colorado Thursday Jonudry 1 1946 Volume LYIl, Number 23,Z( Business Staff Richard Mulhern Business manager Dudley Curry Advertising manager Robert Ayers Assistant advertising manager Stew Gooding Bookkeeper and collections manager Robert Bradt Assistant bookkeeper and collections manager Dorothy Martz Office manager Alice Bennetts Assistant office manager Betty Lou Nafe Business secretary June Tuller Circulation manager Mary Lee Paulson Assistant circulation manager C. C. Clark Distribution manager Dusty Woolums Assistant distribution manager Cameron Kirk, Walter Koelbel, John Munger Solicitors Distribution Staff Elizabeth Muenzinger, Bill Rich- ardson, Ken Slawson, W. A. Wills, Carol Kent, Willa Jean Mackey, Mar- ilyn Marsh, Jan Hilton, Anne How- ard, Ed Woolums, Russ Wheeler, Lee Dalquardsen, Art Paton, Chuck Lav- ington, Chuck Martin, Don Giacomini, Paul Williams, Dick Hugins. Richard Mulhern Business Manager. Seated, left to right: Dick Mulhern, June Tuller, Mary Lee Paulson, Dudley Curry. Standing: Dorothy Martz, Alice Bennetts, Bob Bradt, Betty Lou Nafe, Dusty Woolums, Stew Gooding, Bob Ayers. DODO BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Vandcrwilt Editorial Staff: Harry Vogler Editor Bob Booth Assistant editor Neil Loynachan Feature editor Gene Deikman Art editor Alyce Heffner Sands Manuscript Editor Sally Jackman Photography and Makeup Sherli Phillips, Bill Giltner Larry Nye Exchange Staff: Russ Broman, Hal Bumpus, Harlowe, Mary Jane Miller. Ns Mills. Janet Pearce, Jane Reed, Vi Murray, Kay Hartman, Lynn I Ruthanna Jacobs, Frances Olson. B Edwards. Bob Torgny, Martin Ze nick, Bev Lauterbach, Kay Brow Ken Periman, Bill Eaton, Ma Weaver, Marion Fowler Art: Christine Vanderwilt, Bob Ol Danny Grimm, Tom Walker Business Staff: Bill Vanderwilt Business manager Emma Lou Wivell Collection manager Ward Crockett. Ross Alison Advertising managers Cindy Clement Publicity manager Ed Cizek Promotions manager Ken Whiting Distribution manager Staff: Donna Robinson. Betty Bi Bob Fagg. John Talbott. Fred Rob Bob Eastman, Bob Sandival, Funk, Andy Bryant, Jack Andei Leon Stanley. Lynn Whaley, Don S ry, Dick Irion, Russ Broman. Jo Wilcox. Sally Brown. Nancy Nancy Whitman, Dorothy Alcxai Nona Minges Distribution: George Breidenbach, 1 Brown, Russ Cox. Jim Gibson. Ma Moore, Lou Anna Rose, Frank Ritt [erry Stevens. Jan Hilton. John K iian. Margaret Thayer. Dick Rai Dick Kenehan. John Campbell, i loncs. Herb Johnson, Bill Garten. Burling. Chuck Neil. Ward Fishei Porter. Patty Dunn Standing, left to right: Bob B Sally Jackman. Ken Whiting, Bill ner, Dean Butler, Ross Alison, Crockett Seated: Gene Deikman. Alyce He Sands, Ed Cizek, Cindy Clement, ma Lou Wivell BUSINESS MANAGER Tom Guggenheim Editorial Staff: Bob Cook Editor Lee Miles Assistant Editor Miriam Miller, Norman Udevitz Assistants Business Staff: Tom Guggenheim Business Manager Ed McNuIty Advertising Manager Alyce Heffner Sands Office Manager Marilyn Maloney Circulation Manager Phil Dietz Art Editor Writers: George Harry Stine, Arnold Gasson. Lyle Probert, Marjorie Miller. Evelyn Louise Palmer, Mary Jane Mil- ler, Pat McConnell. Pat Rosenbaum. Bill Harlowe, Claudia Anderson, Pat Ediin, Frank D. Rock Business Staff: Dick Barker, Sally Brown, Neil Carleton, Virginia Gould, Jeanc Hardy, Joan Hollander, Ruth- anna Jacobs, Pat Jensen, Henry Laree, Margaret Manchester, Margaret Law- ence, Martin Page, Frances Olson, Jackie Rich, Audrey Spannaus, Susan West, Nan Weiner, Shirley Buck, Leonard Weiner. Jean Carney, Betty Froese, Kay Hutchison, Betty Browe, Marilyn Canin, Donna Lee McCarthy, Sally Neidlinger, Donald Akulin. Laura Ehrenfreund, Ginny Silver, Bob Neal, Dick Pederson, George Breidenbach, Marilyn Pierce, Marion Weaver, Ven- ice Varner, Beverly Wittauer, Noreen lames, Don Gordon, Anna May Ga- natta, Anne Wuethrich, Jean Humph- ries. Margie Shaw. Ruth Sosno, Charles Eisen. Dolores Green, Arvin Heller. Phyllis Archer, Dotty Adams handing. left to right: John Hall, Ar- lold Gassan, Marilyn Maloney ' eated: Mary Ann Miller, Alyce Heff- !cr Sands, Norman Udevitz, Lee Miles w . m Co LoJvcixl enqi ' Fred A. Thornton Business manager Editorial Staff: S. R. Colson Editor Eikner, Francis Davidson Assistant editors F. L. Resen Features Mary Hcgwer Illustrations W. R. Taylor Alumni news Bob Ingwcrsen News briefs Oliver Reed Campus news R. E. Butler Oil can J. F. Falkenberg Engine ear Earl Printz Book reviews Business Staff: F. A. Thornton Business manager Paul Lopatin Denver advertising manager Marvin Stark Boulder advertising manager Pres Minnick Office manager Eugene Grieshaber Circulation Art Bush Pu6 cify Jim ShuU Bookkeeper Tom Hutchinson Statistician Mildred Smith Secretary Bob Katz Property Kenneth Newmann, Bill Jude Art Faculty Advisory Board : L. A. Bingham, H. W. Hawk. A. Deschere, C. L. Eckel, W. S. Nyla H. A. Thompson Editorial staff: Jo Schwalbc, Le ' Gieron, Norman Kreudcr, Melvin C man. Bob Barkhaus, Ann Perriman, R. Brown, Graham Butsche, He Morgan, Dave Carrick. Bill Serat, J. McNamara, Charles Reich, Chi Smith. Carl Goss, Jack Foster, I Ruden. Glen Werth Business staff: Robert Milner. I Berglund, Sam Whitaker, Joe Epsti Bill Clark, Bernic Alberts, Jack Elli Harold Lee, Roger Burchett, Jack Jo son, Jack N. Bell, Bob Falkenb Howard Crow Standing, left to right: Mildred Sm Chuck Smith, Sam Whitaker. Rot Katz. Emel Coleman, Don Ingwers Wilbur Hawley, Bob Falkenberg. ( ver Reed, Jo Schwalbe Sitting: Paul Lopatin, Earl Prii Bob Barkhaus. L. Resen. Don Eikt Bill Serat, G. R. Brown. Glenn We Gene Grieahaber BUSINESS MANAGER William Atkinson since December of 1928 the Rocky Mountain Law Review, one of the orty-four Law Reviews published :hroughout the country, has been pub- ished quarterly by the Law school of :he University of Colorado, to present egal problems encountered in the Rocky Mountain region. The staff is ieiected from students in the Law ichool on the basis of grades and work standards Alvin Weinberger Editor John C. Mott Assistant Editor William Atkinson Business Manager Patrick Westfcldt Business Manager Joseph Hawley Sponsor itaff: James S. Holmberg, William H. Vllen, Thomas R. Anderson, William Jtallings. Kathryn Gerry, Laurence A. Vrdell, Florence H. Southworth, Wil- iam O. DeSouchet. Jr.. Felix Sparks, Villiam L. Paddock, Paul L. Billhy- aer. Mcrritt Warren. William Grelle. Cenncth Geddes ack row: Patrick Westfeldt, William addock, William H. Allen, James folmberg, William W. Atkinson, homas Anderson, Kenneth Geddes. lerritt Warren ront row: Florence Southworth, John lott. Alvin Weinberger, John Hawley. athryn Gerry 220 LITTLE THEATER Spring and fall of 1947 and win- ter of 1948 brought forth many plays and an outstanding show of talent. Of those appearing in major and minor roles, several stand out for their interest and ability: Jack Roeser, engaging in dra- matic work for his second year and a participating member of Players Club, carried the lead in Contact Point and played the leading role of Yank in The Hairy Ape. Bob Loper, president of Players Club and active for several years in Little Theater, played the lead in Springtime for Henry, the male lead in Joan of Lorraine and di- rected Laboratory Theater ' s win- ter production of Oedipus Rex. Lillian Sandberg, a two year par- ticipant in Little Theater activi- ties, played a leading role in Springtime for Henry, appeared in The Hairy Ape and The Man Who Came to Dinner. Charlotte Mertens, a participat- ing member of Players Club, ap- peared in Green Grow the Lilacs, Fumed Oak, Much Ado About Nothing, and had a leading role in The Man Who Came to Dinner. Gordon Hinds, active for several years in dramatic work and a par- ticipating member of Players Club had a leading role in Fumed Oak, played in Much Ado About Noth- ing and reappeared as " the " Sheri- dan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner. SEASON STARS Marie Worsham started her first year at Little Theater work by tak- ing the leading role of Joan in Joan of Lorraine, played the major fem- inine role of Jocasta, the queen in Oedipus Rex, and carried the fe- male lead in Cherry Orchard. STAR SEASON The 1947 spring dramatic season began with a varied evening offering three one-act plays. Contact Point, an original play by Ted Cogsvtrell present- ing a futuristic melodrama on a space ship, was under the direction of Francis Wolle, chairman of the English Depart- ment, and starred Jack Roeser, Norman Udevitz, and Wil- liam Harris. Francis Nielson directed his own play No Comet Seen, a comic fantasy with Dudley Cornish, Jane Wainscott and Conrad White in leading roles. Noel Coward ' s domestic comedy, The Fumed Oak, fea- tured Gordon Hinds, Charlotte Mertens, Bettye Lamb and Marietta English, and was directed by J. H. Crouch, asso- ciate and technical director of the University Theater. Springtime for Henry, by Benn Levy, under Crouch ' s direction, presented Lillian Sandberg, Bob Loper, Bob Allen and Bettye Lamb in major parts. The coming of summer brought Lynn Riggs ' Green Grow the Lilacs to the dramatic stage, presented by Director Ed- ward J. West. Bob Potter, Thelma Ratcliff, Margaret Harri- son and Lewis Hutchison played leading characters in the Oklahoma folk play on which the Broadway hit Oklahoma! was based. Shakespeare ' s delightful Much Ado About Nothing, had Frank Dillon, Charlotte Mertens, Edward Lambert, Gordon Hinds, Glen Johnson, and Hedda Lubin playing the major roles in the large cast, with J. H. Crouch directing the pro- duction. ■-x ' iSLM For the fall season of 1947, the dramatic curtain opened with Maxwell Anderson ' s interpretation of the Jeanne D ' Arc legend. An interesting " play within a play " disclosed the emotions and opinions of actors and technicians behind the scenes as they rehearsed for performance. Joan of Lorraine was directed by Edward J. West and introduced Mane Wor- sham as Joan, Robert Loper in the role of director and a cast including Tom Broderick and Gordon Hinds. The Hairy Ape, Eugene O ' Neil ' s expressionistic tragedy, presented Jack Roeser in the leading role of Yank, Tom Bro- derick, as Paddy, and Bob Allen, as Long. J. H. Crouch di- rected the production, hurdling the possible pitfalls of tech- nical difficulties in staging and lighting. STAR SEASON STAR SEASON The Man Who Came to Dinner, a venture into comedy, gave a rollicking start to the winter ' s dramatic work. With J. H. Crouch directing, Gordon Hinds, Charlotte Mertens, Russell Olin, Tom Broderick, Robert Bergheim and Cynthia Misroch took leading character parts in Kauffman and Hart ' s amusing play. The successful performance broke all Little Theatre attendance records. The second University Theater production offered an in- teresting symbolic comedy. The Cherry Orchard, by Anton Chekhov, which depicted the passing of the old Russian aris- tocracy and tradition. The cast, under Edward J. West ' s di- rection, included Marie Worsham, Tom Broderick, Gary Willoughby, Russell Olin, Frank Dillon, and Laurence Armi- tage. Mtfidkai 224 OPERETTA n The Bartered Bride was the third annual production of the University of Colorado Opera association. It is a Bohe- mian folk opera which includes a cast of about fifty members and a large symphony orchestra. Besides the music depart- ment which sponsored the production, under the direction of W. M. Imig, the opera also included contributions from the Physical education. Art, English, and Dramatic departments. The Bartered Bride was presented with great success twice in Boulder, and once in Denver. THE BARTERED BRIDE Left to right: Bob Potter, Sally Fisher. Dave White Leads: Sally Fisher, Dave White. 225 ARTIST SERIES Committee Charles Norris Chairman Joseph Hawley Storm Bull James Sandoe John Hough Paul Thompson A well-rounded program of solo artists and groups have helped to make this twelfth season of the Artist Series a tre- mendous success. Individual stars included such established musicians as Joseph Szigeti, eminent Hungarian violinist, and Licia Al- banese. Metropolitan Opera lyric soprano; and also two com- parative newcomers to the United States — Ramon Vinay, young Chilean tenor, and Guiomar Novaes, distinguished Brazilian woman pianist. Groups appearing before enthusiastic Macky crowds were the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, playing a return engage- ment in Boulder; the Denver Symphony Orchestra; and the widely acclaimed De Paur Infantry chorus of 35 singing Negro veterans of World War II. Extra productions supplementing these concerts were Ina Claire starring in The Fatal Weakness, and the popular bal- lad singer, Burl Ives. 226 PRESIDENTS COMMITTEE The President ' s committee has been developed from the Social Co-ordinating committee set up last year. The Social Co-ordinating committee was organized by Mrs. Flo Reed Simmons, social co-ordinator, and Jean Haw- kins, commissioner of student organization and social life, to co-ordinate social life of the campus. Enlarging on this committee, the President ' s committee includes the co-or- dination of student organizations as well as that of student social life. Each member of the committee represents a type of student organization forming a link between stu- dents and their government. Lou Rovira and Florence Reed Simmons Lou Rovira ASUC President Jane Briscoe Associated Women Students Joan Willis Women ' s dormitories Frank Spindler Honoraries William Maikovich Independent Students association Walter Franklin Inter-fraternity council Carolyn Smith Panhellenic council Jack Elliot National John Atwood Departmental Bob Brunton Graduate and General activities Martin Katcoff Religious Tom Anderson Men ' s dormitories Ted Rockafellow Veterans Charles Reich Sports and Recreation Ruth Bealer University Women ' s club Back row, left to right: Pete Franklin, Bob Brunton, Chuck Reich, Bill Maikovich. Second row: Martin KatcofE, John Atwood, Frank Spindler, Ted Rockafellow, Tom Anderson. Front row: Jane Briscoe, Carolyn Smith, Ruth Bealer, Joan Willis. 227 University Choir Back row, left to right: B. Ericson, B. Johnson, £. Ardourel, B. Alexander, J. Hurst. Third row: R. Shipp. P. Heuston, D. Biedleman, D. Becker. Second row: D. Jones, P. Fitz, V. Lilleston, P. Lewis. B. Jackson, D. Clapham, B. Luttcrbie. Front row: R. A. Garringer, J. Williamson, S. Fisher, C. Dunstan. L. Hoskins, S. Firman, J. Heikes, C. McQuide. Mr. Walter Imig. Director Back row, left to right: M. Dray, B. Ericson, J. Buchanan, D. Becker. B. Benight. R. Funk. M, Fowler, G. Cole, G. Miller. S. Black. C. Curtis. L. Kronfeld, K. Dunstan. F. Walker. M. Solomon, C. Allison, J. McMahon, D. Buchanan, B. Jackson. D. Tomlin. S. Burtt, E. Shidler. Third row: H. Nickell. B. Baldwin. C. Belsan, J. Williamson. V. Lilleston, B. Hayman, D. Long, B. Lut- terbie, C. Wendell, D. Dckker, W. B. Malcolm. B. Alexander, R. Spannuth, G. Goddard, B. Finke, T. Wooley, P. Heuston, F. Hamilton. B. Hodgson, W. Funke. C. Dunston. B. Berggren, M. Ross. Second row: M. Sobey, B. Frank, R. Morgan, G. Lumlcy, D. Daily, J. Firman, M. Kellcy, D. Youngland, M. Williamson, E. Ardourel, J. Hurst, B. Carl, V. Lebsack, E. Dunklee, D. Beidleman. D. Jones, F. Denckla, R, Shipp, G. Du Pertuis, C. Matteson, M. Heinze. C. Mills, S. Dickson, S. Waymore, E. Murray, D. Azen. Fronf row: R. A. Garringer, P. Fitz, J. Myers. V. Lantz. K. Petersen, M. S. Rich, G. Nearon. M. Diffey, C. De Long, S. Spence, G. Ball. S. Fisher. E. Tucker, P. Lewis. B. Law, 1. Spangler, L. Hoskins, S. Soren- son, J. McSween, S. McKowan, S. Chmelik, J. Heikes, C. McQuide, E. Infield, B. Leslie, D. Green, Mr. Imig. 228 BANDS and ORCHESTRA Director Hugh McMillen Women ' s Marching Band Allison Hubert Schmittel Balch Jackson Scott Ball Jackson Shaver Ballin Jeffrey Sheppard Bennett Kehler Starika Bivans Kimmel St. Clair Browning Klessig Stein Cauthen Laing Swann Coe Machiori Tank Cowan McCabe Tanner Darrington McCartney Taylor Davis McDougal Thiese Dobrovolny McFadden Thompson Duncan Melville Thornton Durward Mergelman Trammel Firth Mills Tupes Froderman Molmen Tutt Gerling Montgomery Viele Green Newell Watson Gordon O ' Rourke Weiss Hatcher Parfet Williams Hensley Plumer Works Holiman Quinby Worstell Holder Reed Young Howells Rice Howe Richardson 3 ■ ■ ■■ pigfeiH " " {■■ ' ■■ —m.—— Men ' s Marching Band Alcorn Gibson Moles Allison Gilliam Moore Alvord Gorrell Moore Ashton Graham Moorman Barker Haeselman Mouffe Bashford Hagerman Neale Bashford Hall Oliver Beals Hall Olson Bennett Harmon Parrott Blackburn Henry Perriman Blackmarr Henson Peterson Brackenbury Hickman Polk Bradfield Hiestand Randall Bray Hiigel Ray Buchanan Hinthorn Richmond Burruss Hornbeck Roemeiser Cavander .ackson Sams Chaffee Jacobson Schoolland Chapman Johnson Schooley Cole Johnson Schultz Coleman Kehn Sellman Collins Keisel Shull Comi Kilzer Slatton Cozens Kissack Sloneckes Cozens Kiser Soarks Crocker Korr Stark Croon Krueder Stein Culver Law Stowe Davis Lawson Symonton Davis Listht Thomas Delaney Logan Todd Failing Martin Turner Fleming Mellecker VanMeter Fowler Messinger Watts Funke Miller Williams Gathers Moe Worcester : W nmb W E 3 m ' : llli 3 m mmt mi msMii msasukuasmmmm m : }!t % Varsity Band — Director Hugh McMillcn 229 Concert Band — Director Hugh McMillen MARCHING BAND: The combined marching band, composed of 116 men and 82 women, is well known for its intricate and entertaining stunts at football game half-times, and makes up one of the largest and finest playing and maneuvering groups in the country. CONCERT BAND: The concert band is composed of 88 members, and is fully orchestrated to present any type of band number. The annual concert given by the band is always eagerly awaited by music lovers on the campus. VARSITY BAND: The varsity band is organized in order to take care of the many players who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take part in such an activity because of the limited number admitted to the con- cert band. It is composed of 74 members, and provides stimulating music for basketball games and other activities where such entertainment is called for. CONCERT ORCHESTRA: The concert orchestra of 75 pieces is made up of two sections, the string or- chestra and the full symphony. The string orchestra is featured at many concerts, as are prominent soloists which appear with the orchestra. The annual tour throughout Colorado brings much attention, and the midwinter concert draws a large crowd. Concert Orchestra — Director Horace Jones 230 SPEAKERS CONGRESS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Donald Davis President Larry Travis Treasurer Roy Nelson Professor Roger Cozens Virginia Kasdorf Blanche Epstein Edward Lambert Professor T. B. Fest Front row, left to right: Silvio, P.; Bucek. D.; Johnson. E. ; Nash. E. Second row: the executive committee of Speakers Congress, sponsors and elected officers : Nelson, Pro- fessor R. ; Cozens, R. ; Travis, L. ; Epstein, B. ; Davis. D. ; Kasdorf. V.; Lambert, E. ; Fest, Professor T. B. Third row: the executive council of Speakers Congress: Willis, M. J.; Harrison. W. ; Briscoe, W. ; Bail, A.; Bjustrom, J.; Eaton, W. ; Kull, R. ; Polkinhorn, R. ; MacFarlane, J.; Andersen, J.; Fox, W. ; Rentfro. B. ; Borgman, B. ; Masterson, J. Back row: Gumbiner, M.; Nightingale, N.; Dotzour, F. ; Sievers, R. ; Thorp, W. ; Starika, B. ; Peterson. C. ; Cruse. J.; Works, J.; Hitchcock. H. ; Logsdon, M. ; Vavda, M.; Polk, L. ; Sainsbury, P.; Heafer, H.: Tumin, D. Mrs. Bertha Bentson, Hostess Mrs. Alice Davis, Hostess No college would be complete without a student union, and every union must have hostesses. We at Colorado are highly privileged in having two affable ladies to look after our needs. It is impossible to evaluate their intrinsic value but we, who use Memorial, know that dear old CU wouldn ' t be the same without Mrs. Alice Davis and Mrs. Bertha Bentson. M. S. U. B. 231 Snack bar, Memorial ie at I .a. EDITOR: NONNIE WAGONER V v Cheek to cheek You are my sunshine— Let me rock you to sleep :3f AKOSK, BKTWEEN ANY OTHER NAME] .• ' « Delores Stutheit Bob Wise Pat Boeck Kent Yowell Lee Robbins Cathy Butto Lou Rovira % A fyiH mmw i ' W ■mnaiii— i iiiiiiiiiine 240 HOMECOMING-1947 Don ' t Fence Us In PAT BOECK Assistant LOU DODS General Chairman JIM BEUHRING Assistant ' S o ' -TI !L- Hoi;-;5f » . » . . ' " ,__ minTGR cflRnivfli JO HOLLAND JJUBj m r 1 1 - mi ELOISE ERICSON « DOROTHY KERN A. W. S. VAUDEVILLE s ,; JUJJ ' y EDITOR: ARLENE SCONCE y s: !S¥r Si:? S e?S5 ? ' 3 5lmS? ■••: ' 252 PACESETTERS Back row. left to right: Helen Bigelow, Barbara Bowers. Al Fiedler, Glen Hedgecock. Nancy Strader, Jane Erody, Jean Hawkins. Front row: Tony Ray. Jane Briscoe. Len Perlmutter. Nancy Lee, Dean Clifford. G. Houston. A new tradition has been started. This year for the first time, the 1948 Pacesetters were selected by last year ' s Pacesetters with the help of Dean Hou- ston, Dean Carlson, and Glen Hedgecock. Imme- diately the above group organized a plan by which the fairest selection possible could be made. The new Pacesetters were chosen on a basis of their leadership, and character. After contacting campus groups and obtaining the names of their most out- standing members, the committee checked on the candidates personal records in the dean ' s office. Their selection was comprehensive and fair. We wish to thank them for their immediate co-operation and efficient work in carrying out this new plan. All eyes are focused on . . . LOU ROVIRA When Lou came out top man last election, we probably got one of the best bets this campus has seen in many a moon. Besides presiding over the ASUC as a true executive, he did a bang-up good job last year as CU Days Chairman and can list as many activi- ties as you ' d ever care to hear. Playing right guard for the Law School Inter- mural football team, he helped keep it undefeated for two years. This ATO, who is personality plus, is keeping the Pacesetter ' s tradition in the family, with his wife, Betty, doing the honors last year. 253 ■ ou Dods There ' s never a dull moment in the busy life of Lou Dods. Dividing his time be- tween his many activities, he still has a spare moment to spend at the Alpha Phi house looking for Muffy. We all extend our congratulations to Lou for the marvelous job he did on our 1947 Homecoming. Presi- dent of Pi Kap, member of Phi Epsilon Phi, Vice-president of Heart and Dagger, and a list of other honoraries too long to mention, prove adequately that Lou is a CU whirlwind. Pat Boeck Ready for service or action is the slogan that follows pretty, blond, blue-eyed Pat Boeck, Editor of the Coloradan. Pat ' s charming manner and extraordinary effici- ency in handling the Chairmanship of CU Days Committee and Assistant General Chairmanship of Homecoming has well proven her to be one of CU ' s most out- standing students of the year. She is also a member of the Honors Union, and Vice- president of Delta Gamma. Delores Stutheit All she needs is the signal " go, " and she has it finished before you can bat an eye ! Delores, who is now President of Harding Hall, has a past record of chairmanships that would amaze anyone, and what ' s even better, she ' s rated superior on every job. Her modest attitude and sincere sweetness are two of her strongest virtues. John Hunt This very tall, very friendly and very handsome SAE, is well known as CU ' s Casa- nova. He is well remembered as CU Days King of ' 46- ' 47. Although he keeps the girls busy, he also manages to find time to be President of his " Frat, " to act on the ASUC Commission and Athletic Board. Jack is a whiz on the tennis court; he played varsity tennis last year and exhib- ited his talent well! John Atwood You ' d think one honor key would satisfy anyone, but not this tall, blond lad. Intelli- gent John is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi Sigma, and Tau Beta Tau. Catch your breath and we ' ll start again. He is a member of ASUC President ' s Commit- tee, the Student Persormel Council and was Chairman of the Engine Ball Committee. He rules as President of Combined Engi- neers and is a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Hats off to this remark- able Junior! Jo Schwalbe You ' ve seen her ready smile and been amazed at the efficiency she ' s exhibited in all fields at CU. Now we present her to you as Jo Schwalbe, rated as tops around cam- pus. Not only does Tri Delt Jo perform well on the ski slopes, but she ' s also done credit to herself by being elected to Pi Tau Sigma, a National Engineering Honorary. Hesperia, Mortar Board and House of Rep- resentatives only hint at her long list of activities. One more honor to add to her list is Miss Versatility, but probably most important of all she, too, is a Who ' s Who-er. Bill Maikovich You ' re sure to find him at Memorial ' most any time you want him. Bill ' s excellent qualities of an all around boy make him especially suited as President of ISA. His impartiality and wonderful personality are only a few of his characteristics. He was recently appointed to the newly formed Na- tional Students Association. Carolyn Smith Carolyn returned to CU tanned and happy after a wonderful winter in Sun Val- ley. Although she has a strenuous activity program, she manages to rule with excel- lence as President of Pan Hell, Secretary of Mortar Board, and Secretary of Alpha Phi. Carolyn is as well on ASUC and Sen- ate. She accepted her title with dignity as " Miss Democracy " in Miss CU ' s Court and steps into the limelight again as a Who ' s Who-er! 254 f ' «K , Jo Holden Gosh! What doesn ' t she do? Well, to name a few activities that can ' t get along without Jo are: Spur, being President last year, Head of AWS Vaudeville, on WAA Board, Hesperia, and Head of Spirit and Morale. She wears the Theta kite and is known for her smooth year-round tans, and the hair style that recalls the picture, " For Whom the Bell Tolls. " Jack C. Randle Born in China of missionary parents. Jack deserves recognition as a true campus leader. Always handy with a new idea and possessing an ability to organize that is re- markable. Jack has done a fine job as Presi- dent of Alpha Phi Omega. He is also a member of the Presidents Club, a represen- tative to the ISA council, and recently joined the NSA. Incidentally Jack is known as J. Crawford — alias, the young man with the magnetic personality. Don Cieber CU was sorry to lose one of its outstand- ing students who left school last quarter. He achieved fame through his political ac- tivities as Head of Greek Combine and his forcible editorials which he wrote as editor of the Silver and Gold. It seems that this would be enough to ' keep him well occupied but Don has many more to add to his list. He was a member of Acacia, Sigma Delta Chi, Heart and Dagger, Phi Epsilon Phi, and was not only interested in, but partici- pated in Varsity athletics. Collier Brown Definitely the Miss Organization around the campus and Vice-president of the Uni- versity Women ' s Club is Collier Brown. Besides neatly fulfilling the Chairmanship of Homecoming Awards this year, this lit- tle brown-haired miss has served on WAA Board, and was President of Orchesis in 1946. This year she topped it all by justly appearing in Who ' s Who. _ 255 John Zisch We all know " Big John " for his most dependable place kicking on the football field. As All-Conference end in 1946, he has also excelled in his work on ASUC. and CU Days Committee. John is now Coun- cilor of the Men ' s Dorm, a member of Sig- ma Nu, and a hard-working Law student. We are all proud of this football hero ! Barbara. Carlson Barbara is one who is well noted around campus for her highly capable work both in activities and academic studies. This cute little Dee Gee is always giving a help- ing hand to everyone. Panhell may well be proud of her as its Chairman of the Execu- tive Committee. It is no wonder that this little blonde was chosen Miss Service when we take a glimpse of her activities. She is Chairman of the Senate Orientations, on the YWCA cabinet, and President of a frosh dorm last year. See what we mean? V ■W Mary Alice Chambers You can ' t deny that " Mac " has something on the ball when her activities are revealed. From a Sophomore on up she easily made her way through Spur, Hesperia and now Mortar Board. Her excellent grades, poise, and bangs identify this Alpha Phi, and " Miss Ability " is her claim to fame in Miss CU ' s Court. Frank Garland This tall, lanky lad is no longer a student at the U. of C. His absence is lamented by one and all for wherever Frank was he dominated the scene. This ambitious young man was instrumental in organizing the Council of Men ' s Residence Halls Associa- tion and was also an able leader of the Greek Combine. His greatest service, how- ever, was his excellent job as Chairman of the Student Memorial Drive. A stickler for doing things in the right way Frank got results — and quick! John Morrow When John Morrow bid us formal adieu last March we lost one lad who gets our vote for an " A " in capability and efficiency. His " nose for news " secured his position as City Editor on the Silver and Gold. He presided over his frat. Phi Psi, and the business honorary. Delta Sigma Pi, with equal ability. He summed up this record with his outstanding work on the Student Memorial Building fall quarter, and dis- played his fine executive ability as Vice- president of the Business school. Kathy Butto Tiny, Pi Phi Kathy Butto, a bundle of energy and vivaciousness is one who never seems to run down. Besides efficiently tak- ing care of the Social Chairmanship of the Women ' s Club, she is the Housing Chair- man, which, incidentally is no small job in a school the size of CU. Kathy always manages to pull through with a grade aver- age that ' s a thing of beauty and for this was chosen " Miss Scholarship " in Miss CU ' s Court. I :s- «. •4 f Natalie Coursen Natalie Coursen is known for her anima- tion and good sportsmanship. Her enthusi- asm and spirit as an Independent have given her great prestige on the CU campus. Her aggressiveness and wide spread interests have made her outstanding in activities. She is Treasurer of ISA, Publicity Chairman of the University Women ' s Club, President of Phi Sigma Iota, and President of Valkyrie. For these and many other accomplishments CU extends its praise to you. Alice Goalby Always a ready smile and a helping hand is Alice. She is known on campus for her businesslike manner which has been shown in an infinite number of ways. She was a member of Spur and now Hesperia. She serves on Senate, House of Representatives and is a Coloradan section head. Alice also manages to be President of Regent Hall and YWCA. It is easy to see she is an ener- getic Miss! 256 Janet Schemmel Janet, better known as " Schemmie, " is well known for her pep and winning smile. A member of Alpha Phi, " Schemmie " also is an able President of both Hesperia and WAA. We are very happy that she is a Junior and will be with us another year. Hailing from Denver, she ' s a Pre-med ma- jor and can also be found in the Senate chambers. Dick Mulhein This dapper young gentleman is quite the man about campus. " Mul " is the skillful Business Manager of our Silver and Gold, an office which he now holds for the second year. He has achieved election to the ASUC and has served it capably in many ways. Suave " Mul " sports a Phi Gam pin; it ' s easy to see he has many other added attractions. Joan Willis Holding down a few positions such as President of all dorm presidents, prominent in Speakers Congress, and terrifically active in ISA, is not a simple job, but then Joan Willis is not a simple person. Her organiz- ing ability is well known o ' er the campus and her knowledge of finances on the ASUC left many a mouth open. Her deep voice with its Eastern accent makes a still greater impression on you. Joyce Robinson Capable Joyce seems to be a perpetual Vice-president, a good sign to be sure. Orchids are definitely in order for her work as Activities Chairman on the AWS, as Vice-president for WAA and Vice-presi- dent of Mortar Board. We might also add Spur, and Hesperia to a growing list. How- ever this Tri Delt still finds time for a certain Beta and was recently chosen Miss Co-operation. Need we say more? 5KV ' ' ■ ' I I s f I F I WESLEY FOUNDATION President ... .... Paljt ALPHA PHI 0«EGa President J P ' « " " l i 09 Sob poii n ijorn I! TFRCHURCH COUNCIL ' " - epp;;-..., ' % ° 6. iVs teli ® Courc en Cl Sl » ' er . ' J. President «0. .s. o 7.-.:«-;.3 ' aUo v9 ' _j ' % .r V. EDITORS: JANET SCHEMMEL NATALIE COURSEN 262 AIChE Cheni Engineers OFFICERS John W. Pringle .- President Marion Stedwell Vice-President Seymour Rose Program Chairman Charles E. Young Secretary Richard L. Robb Treasurer • " ■m Ut John Popovich T. S. Hutchinson R. Harlow M. H. Bradbury R. H. Purcell C. D. Shadinger C. E. Young M. Stedwell R. L. Robb E. Cramp R. R. Rose H. B. Williams R. Wood R. L. Metcalfe G. E. Backman M. D. Martin R. Skarts Jack Hamilton L. Gross J. W. Gold J. E. Chilton Ray Jump T. J. Kirchman W. K. Palmer Morse Cabender J. H. Browne R. E. Arraj D. Wells J. E. Walton John J. Brown Gene Gamier J. O. Francis H. A. King Eugene T. Hubbard MEMBERS Actives Alexander Veletsos Harry Hawkins Raymond Ingels E. Crites C. Herbst Don Conkline Duncan Orr E. Wayne Turner Frank La Belle Jack D. Roberts Jack E. Marrow J. C. Hickle L. E. Wilhite Bob Doremus Seymour Rose D. C. Ashbaugh J. R. Toops E. Sprague Fred Ivey C. G. Knowles Gordon Bangs Tack Drais F. L. Resen M. D. Scneider C. E Holcomb Paul Conway Harry F. Tew John Pringle Bob Fishburn Jim Knap Louis Zinck R. J. Daly Sherburne Hill Norman Tower, Jr. Louis R. Roberts Robert Murray Robert P. Brown Ralph A. Pugh William F. Nickum H. A. Klassen G. E. Pratt B. N. Ballinger Kenneth C. Woods Lauron Giersch Louise Price Alvin Smith Paul Fedde Ed Emery Harry Gamble John Atwood Back row, hit to right: Duncan Orr, James Hickle, Harry Gamble, Monroe Martin, Robert Brown. Fourth row: Louis Wilhite, John Popovich, Robert Hanloim, Joe Smith, Edward Emery, Ralph Merritt, Eugene Hubbard, Paul Fedde. Third row: Harry King, Joseph Chilton, Paul Conway, Lauron Giersch, Gene Garnier, Edwin Fishburn. Second row: Lyle Gross, James Knap, Paul Caplan, Louis Zinck, Ruth Price, Bruce Ballinger, Harry Tew. Front row: Dr. B. E. Lauer, Robert Purcell, Marion J. Stedwell, John Pringle, Richard Robb, Chuck Young, John Atwood, Paul Harley. 263 D. E. Akey R. J. Alcott Charles E. Allen G. E. Allen H. E. Allen J. D. Allen B. R, Anderson D. A. Anderson R. B. Anderson H. J. Angell W. L. Aseniero H. T. Aspinwall E. A. Babka W. B. Bailey ' R. N. Barnard R. F. Barnes W. M. Barnes S. R. Barnhill S. A. Barrett B. E, Bashford C. D. Bell W, M. Bell C. G. Benson G. G. Bernzen D. T. Bishop G. U. Bishop C. R. Bitter D. U. Boesche D. A. Booth D. O. Boyington J. A. Bradley B. C. Brinton R. N. Brooks AIEE Electrical Engineers OFFICERS Orvil R. Jones Chairman H. Rodney Peery Vice-chairman Donald E. Eikner Secretary George E. Allen Treasurer G. R. Brown W . D . Buniger T. G. Byrd W S Cady J. R. Campbell M A. Campbell J. H. Carlson C. J. Carnali T. J- Casey R. L. Cass R. A. Cavanaugh J. A. Cawthon C. W Chapin K. E. Christeson K. D. Claborn C. M Coats M A Condie G. W Conrey B. E. Cowart C. H. Crosby E. L. Cummins F. R. Dallezotte E. C. Davidson H B. DeMuth H P. DeMuth J. L. Devitt D A. Dewey J. G. DiUc J. W. Donahoo L. E. Donelan F. L, Doughty C. O. Douglass MEMBERS Actives J. A. Duffy T. C. Halliday Jack Lord G. R. Dunn Delbert L. Hardy R. J. Lorrig R. S. Dutcher J. R. Hayden W. R. Luebke A. M. Duthie W. F. Hayes W. S. Makush F. A. Eastman S. V. Heath A. F. Melville L. K. Ebersole C. C. Heincck R. B. Metz L. H. Eckes G. G. Hermann R. D. McClain J. M. Edgar J. Hessler A. S. McKee R. R. Edwards A. L. Hill W. D. McKernon D. E. Eikner R. C. Hinsey R. T. McKnight R. T. Ekrem W. A. Hopkins E. J. McQuade T. G. Estes C. B. Howard A. D. Miller D. W. Evans E. C. Houlton J. L. Mitchell P. F, Fago T. C. Hughes O. P. Moore E. E. Faulk G. W. Huckabay R. H. Moore Alex Ferkovich L. W. Huster R. J. Moore W. J. Fisk R. L. Hysom R. T. Morroni G. N. Fitzmorris A. V. Intini J. G. Morse L. J. Flanigan R. A. Jaeger A. G. Mueller C. W. Fleming C. E. Johnson M. G. Mueller Margaret E. Fletcher E. K. Johnson J. H. Newman K. A. Fonda M. W. Johnson Earl Newmyer H. D. Fry W. H. Johnson E. H. Nolte F. F. Fulton E. E. Jones M. E. Norby D. L. Gaily O. R. Jones A. F. Nuttall E. H. Gibbons J. J. Karnes E. L. Keenan W. J. O ' Halloran L. C. Graham E. D. Orth D. B. Gregg E. F. Klein D. P. Palermo V, R. Griep A. Kraus J. D. Peebles H. P. Guerber R. D. Kuehster H. R. Peery R. O. Gunderson C. E. Lankford A. W. Penfield C. E. Gyger R. H. Libbert Marvin Perlman F. M. Perry S. E. Stephenson R. W. Peterman G. B. Storer W H. Peterman E. E. Strief H. E. Petsch R. D. Swanson A. H. Phillips H. W. Swarthout V. L. Phillips C. H. Symons A. E. Piper L. H. Tautz P. M. Porter W D. Tessmer P. P. Prebble V. G. Thomas Richard Radnor D. F. Thompson R. W. Randall R. D. Turley J. T. Robinson M P. Udevitz S. J. Roth H. R. Valas L. A. Santo Domingo W W. Varner M J. Sawyer W H. Vickers I, J. Schecter E. J. Viterise R. Schreiner P. R. Wakefleld B. L. Schwartz R. F. Walker D. L. Scidmore W H. Walker V. V. Scoggan J. W. Wallin E. Selby J. H. Ward ■ R. Sheldon H. K, Watson w . M. Shimer L. M. Watts R. M. Simmons R. B. Wendelken R. A. Smith R. W. Westberg R. L. Snyder A. J. Wetmore R. G. Spann A. C. Wilson F. E. Spindler A M. Woods J. O. Spradley W . R. Woods P. D. Starr G. F. Woodward C. J. Stciert L. E. Yarborough W . F. Stephen G. C. Yule R. J. Downs Back row, left to right: George Woodward, Arch Nuttall, H. S. Revesz. John Grigsby, Leonard Kronfeld, Donald Anderson, Lars Ehnebuske. Seventh row: Edison Davidson, Donald Thompson, Arthur Piper, William Lesser, Paul Wakefield, Wendell Nickcrson, A. Gilbert Mueller, Robert McClain. Thomas Garnett, Melvin Norby. Sixth row: Max Christolear, John Buchen, Robert McDonald, B. R. Anderson. S. J. Roth, Jack Lord, James Groves, Edgar Gibbons, C. E. Johnson. Fifth row : Edgar Merrill, Richard Friddle, Richard Westberg, Donald Evans, Richard Anderson, Morris Flowers, Karl Krehbiel, John Robinson. Fourth row: Ewart O ' Neill, K. D. Claborn, Clark Rose, M. W. Johnson, John Morse, Francis Perry, John Hessler, Ray Lasby, Dick Morroni. Third row: William Hayes, Marion Condie, Aubrey King, W. D. McKernon, D. S. Carrick, John Pasic, Nathan Meiches, J. Gornon Dille, Darl Washburn, Robert Moore. Second row: Julian Hayden, Frank Spindler, George Bernzen, Bruce Bashford, Robert Barnard, Donald Akey, Theodore Leonard, Cecil Gyger, James Read, Lynn Donelan. Front row: H. P. Guerber, Calvin Theiss, Clarence Steiert, Orvil Jones, Herman Peery, Don Eikner. Walter Varner, Margaret Fletcher, Harry Watson, Reuben Schreiner. s N 264 AIR NATIONAL GUARD OFFICERS Captain Calvin M. Hammack First Lieutenant Marion K. Burk Second Lieutenant William C. Wade Back row, left to right: R. Fink, W. Reed, W. W. Hawley, E. G. Olsen, K. Shraughran, R. Christenson, R. L. Martin. V, O. DeCoster, D. C. Cunningham, B. Fox, R. Neal, F. Games. Sixth row: E. C. Arbuckle, D. H. Essington, R. B. Chapman, J. B. Gose, G. E. Bangs, H. L. Behring, C. H. Crosby. F. A. Kloverstrom, C. B. McKinstry, A. Ferkovich, J. A. Davis, J. W. Barton, H. R. Ray, C. R. Bitter, D. R. Clyncke. Fifth row: L. L. Clardy, R. Wilson, M. Robinson, J. Land, M. Gumbiner, M. Rosenberg, D. Nogg, W. F. Bennett, G. H. Blickhahn, M. A. Munoz, E. Houlton, J. Burch, G. Garlinghouse, H. Smith, P. J. Reynolds, T. J. Covington. Fourth row: A. Rosen, A. C. Wilson, J. Lang, C. A. Page, G. F. Woodward, H. E. Carlson, H. C. Best, H. G. Nelson, R. L. Sandquist, W. K. Jann. M. C. Clark, C. P. Crow, H. R. Wadley, J. D. Sucher. G. L. Hudson, R. M. Mann. G. E. Allen. Third row: M. K. Burk, W. C. Wade, J. J. O ' Ryan, W. J. Thornton, D. Cox, R. Nichols. M. Solomon, W. Hayes, B. Hardy. J. R. Sheldon, E. N. Shaskey, M. Walter. Second row: G. Halderman, E. Rocks, R. Armstrong, J. Bergheim, L. Gregory, L. Colhour, B. Thomas, J. Criler. W. Dusenbury. E. Winckel, D. Rutt, B. Ford, D. Sheldon, F. O ' Halloran. Front row: R. Stokes. J. Hitchcock, J. Chavarria, C. Meredith, D. Williamson, J. W. Harrison. R. A. Hall. H. Peterson. J. Hinshaw, D. Dodge. J. Kirkbride, P. Barcroft. 26S S i ' ,-Ji-ii OFFICERS Florence Rivers President Susan Biddleman Vice-president Shirley Keim Secretary Janet Bacon Treasurer Meredith Thompson I.S . Representative Alice Carnahan Publicity director Alfra, an Independent women ' s organization, started under the sponsorship of Valkyrie last year, has progressed and become an organization in its own right. The club was organized to promote the influence of independent students on campus, to provide more entertainment and recreation for independent women, and to encourage interest in campus activities. Membership is by application during the first three weeks of each quarter. MEMBERS Actives Rita Arent Janet Hilferty Faye Peterson Janet Bacon Joanne Johnson Leatrice Reich Betty Bailey Shirley Keim Flo Rivers Jackie Barnholtz Joan Kielser Donna Mae Schmittel Sue Biddleman Joyce King Ruth Slavik Adelle Caffarel Jean Loeffler Meredith Thompson Alice Carnahan Sheila McCabe Leah Watson Jeanne Cauthen Joyce McCartney Johanna Welschmeyer Patricia Cauthen Corrine Mills Phyllis Whitmore Jean Crosier Jessie Nussbaum Kathryn Wilson Back row. left to right: Jean Crosier, Leah Watson. Jackie Barnholtz, Joyce King, Donna Mae Schmittel, Janet Hilferty, Kathryn Wilson, Jeanne Cauthen, Patricia Cauthen. Adelle Caffarel. Second row: Joanne Johnson, Corrine Mills, Joan Kielser, Jessie Nussbaum, Rita Arent. Faye Peterson, Sheila McCabc. Phyllis Whitmore, Leatrice Reich, Joyce McCartney, Johanna Welschmeyer, Front row: Alice Carnahan, Shirley Keim, Mrs. Jean Loeffler, Flo Rivers, Sue Biddleman, Janet Bacon, Meredith Thompson. 266 ALPHA CHI SIGMA Professional Chemical Fraternity i 1 4 OFFICERS Edwin Robert Fishburn Master alchemist John W. Pringle Vice master alchemist William H. R. Shaw Reporter John Popovich Recorder John N. Rosholt, Jr Master of ceremonies John M. Atwood Treasurer John B. Cox Alumni secretary Dr. H. B. Van Valkenburgh Chapter adviser John Atwood Joseph Chilton John Cox Lou Dodds Paul Fedde Bob Fishburn Lauron Giersch John F. Hahn James Hamill John Klemenic Bob Ronald MEMBERS Actives Norman Gulick Jim Knap Tom Lyons Charles Mains Gordon McNeill Ralph Merritt John Popovich Robert Purcell John Pringle John Rosholt William Shaw Richard Robb John Shell Edward Sprague Marion Stedwell Harry Tew Kenneth Wise Charles Young Edward Emery Harry Gamble Russell Groesbeck James Mertz Curtis Snow Back row, left to right: Ralph Merritt, Joseph Chilton, Edward Emery, Marion Stedwell, William Shaw. Third row: John Shell, Robert Purcell, Richard Robb, Charles Young, John Popovich, Gordon McNeill. Second row: James Hamill, Harry Tew, Harry Gamble, Jim Knap, Paul Fedde, Lauron Giersch, Norman Gulick. Front row: John Klemenic, John Rosholt, John Atwood, Bob Fishburn, John Pringle, Kenneth Wise, Dr. Van Valkenburgh. ' ' 12 Ci ' ' A sc nr 1 1 I r . ' ) i ' l wMi 267 ALPHA EPSIION DELTA Pre-Med Honorary m OFFICERS Reuben Bareis President William McCaw Vice-President Fred Barrows Secretary Joan Bradley Treasurer Harry Unfug Historian Marijo Smith Scalpel Representative Dr. Norman Witt Sponsor Shirley Appelby Roy Atkinson Reuben Bareis Fred Barrows Cleland Beitelshees Joan Bradley Pat Bramson Paul Cawley Orlando Celentano Edward Christensen Jack Cook Vern Dunbar Barbara Lynn Foiles Robert Franch John Gill Charles Massion lia Tarmas Massion Gerald Mellman William McCaw Pat Moyer Clarence Peterson Beverly Phipps Robert Ray MEMBERS Actives Janet Schemmel Margaret Hall Sensel Richard Sheldon Marijo Smith Ed Smutney Donald Stein Harry Unfug Eleanor Witsell Arthur Zinn Pledges James Anderson Donald Brown Clifford Buck Howard Cann Marion Carnes Clell Clifton George Davies Lee Grossman Theodore Hiatt David Hills Clarence Harr Harold Kayser Robert Kearney William Keener Hazel Kelly Stanley Kent Robert King Edward Kinzer Seymour Levitt Henry Lincoln Dean McClure Hugh McGee Joseph McKell Jim Mertz Eugene Minzer Frank Perreton Richard Romig Janet Sears Frank Seydel Herbert Sommers Mary Ann Squire William Thulin Russel Watt Frederick Wawrose Back row. left to right: G. Miles Daries. David Hills, Russel Watt, William Keener, James Mertz. C. D. Beitelshees. FUth tow: C. F. Poc, Seymour Levitt. Howard Cann. Ed Kinzer, Frederick Wawrose, C. G. Massion, Bob Ray. Fourth row: John Gill, Stanley Kent, Paul Cawley, Marion Carnes, Donald Stein, R. J. Atkinson, Orlando Celantano. Third row: Robert Kearney, Henry Lincoln, Joseph McKell, Clell Clifton, William Thulin, Clifford Buck, Dean McClure, Pat Bramson. Second row: Mary Ann Squire. Eleanor Witsell. Janet Sears. Pat Moyer. Arleen Kelly. Donald Brown. Richard Romig. Front row: Janet Schemmel. Reuben Bareis. Dr. Norman Witt. Joan Bradley. William McCaw. Harry Unfug. Bill Barrows. Herbert Sommers. 268 OFFICERS Jack Randle President J. B. Cox Vice-President Dick Phillips Secretary Dick Lytlle Treasurer Jack Randle Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity. Being a service fra- ternity, it crosses all lines of honorary, social, and professional fraternities, and members of other campus organizations may also be active in this fra- ternity. Alpha Phi Omega is not in competition with any other campus group, but seeks the cooperation of other organizations to broaden the scope of service. Dick Lyttle E. T. Roland Back row, left to right: Morse Cavender, Ed Metsker. Donald Buchanan. Wayne S. Cavender,- Wm. Jerome Zimmerman. Charles Houston, Bob Allen, Robert Christopher, Charles Grant, John Rose. Third row: M. Soloman, M. Messel, Charles Garnett, Jim Buchanan, Stan Roberts, Walter Clark, Peter Rouse, Jim Harvey, Sam Morrow. Second row: Franklin Walker, Wm. Dunn, Wendell Wickstrom, Roy Swanson, Richard Lytlle, Jack Randle, J. B. Cox, Joe Smith, Harold Smith, T. W. Ray, Wm. Daniel. Front row: Ken Vertrees, Wm. Herring, Merlin Malehorn, Lyle Gross, J. Statton, Jack Bowen. 269 MEMBERS Actives Robert S. Allen Jack C. Randle Donald B. Buchanan Anthony W. Ray Jack M. Bowen E. T. Roland Morse Cavender Peter W. Rouse Wayne S. Cavender Stanley Roberts Robert Christopher John E. Rose Walter A. Clark Joseph R. Smith Nelson B. Copley Harold F. Smith John B. Cox James D. Statton William Daniel William P. Thomas William L. Dunn Kenneth M. Vertrees Melvin Freundlich J. Nollie Watts Thomas H. Garnett Franklin D. Walker Charles Grant Harold West Lyle J. Gross Robert Westerwick James L. Harvey Wendell Wickstrom William Herring Robert M. Wood Charles O. Houston Jerry Zimmerman Marion Johnson Richard G. Lyttle Pledges Louis F. Livingston Merlin Malehorn William C. Haase Edward Metsker Morris J. Levine Samuel M. Morrow Vigdor Pelton Richard Phillips Morton Soloman J. B. Cox Dick Phillips Lyle Gross 270 ASCE Civil Engineers OFFICERS John Elliott, Jr President Keith Dearth Vice president William T. Collier Secretary James M. Hastings Treasurer Warren Raeder, Leo Novak Faculty Advisers Back TOW, left to right: Rolla Rautenstraus, Warren Delapp, Ernest Leffel, Jasper Croonenberg, Alfred Wensley, Hugh Knicker- bocker, Keith Ebner, Walter Chatfield, Gerald Dunfield, George Morton, Albert Gibbs. Seventh row: Gerry Vessels, John Wieben, E. Thomas Punshon, Warren McBirney, Elbert Nelson, Delbert Parker, Robert E. Scott, Lee Huckenpahler, G. D. Younclaus, Stanley Vogelsang, Warren Sparks. Sixth row: Morley Robinson, Marcello Soto, David Stubbe, Robert W. Scott, De Von Carlson, Gordon Smith, R. E. Rathburn, Herbert Johnson, Kenneth Ehlers, Donald Hickok. Filth row: Angelo Siccardi, W. H. Von Ehrenkrook, Carl Swanson, Carl St. John, James Bailey, Pasqual Hester, Edwin Voss, Leland Nicholson, James Maloney, Lewis Haney, George Fong. Fourth row: Glen Harley, Sam Black, Allen Heubner, Christopher Eastin, Winford Probstel, Quentin Rust, Clifton Mortenson, Robert Anderson, Paul Hayward, Rice Hall. Third row: John Falkenberg, Maurice Brock, Richard Simmonds, Donald Cox, William Stebbins, Kenneth Stines, Ralph Asahina, Seward Andrews, George Lebsock, Charles Akers, Arthur McNair. Second row: Warren Marshall, Wilbur Squire, Clayton Giroux, William Grant, Charles Reich, John Houston, Vernon Watkins, James Chinn, Edward Bozek, Robert Des Lauriers, Robert Longcor, Robert Jones. Front row: Corinnc Novak, Ernest Morgan. Robert Goss. Fred Dumler, John Elliott, James Hastings, Keith Dearth, William Collier, Theodore Pollard, Norman Dahm. Fred Ruckhaus, Charles Sutherland. .V - K Vi 4 t.l A " .•£[ 271 ASME Mechanical Engineers Ralph Alvey Benjamin Arnberg William Arnold Leonard Ashcraft Carl Backe Manning Balcom Walter Banas Pierre Barnett John Bauguss Ray Bender John Brereton Edward Brink Daniel Brophy William Burnham Arthur Carlson Richard Carroll Walter Clark St. George Creaghe Howard Crow Ralph Dagenais Francis Davidson Aubrey Davis Donald Davis C. DiMercurio Anton Dobrovolny Joseph Dorough Robert Doubek Dan Driscoll Franklin Durham Joseph Epstein Stanley Ewing William Farris Thomas Francis J. L. Graham Lewis Gieron J. D. Gilmore Charles Glenn Fred Gleoggler Donald Godfrey Donald N. Gregg Donald S. Gregg Eugene Grieshaber John Griffith Donald Grisham Arthur Gross Dwain Hall Stephen Hennrich James Harvey William Hatton Charles Hermach Lester Hinkley Charles Hix Raymond Horner Alexander Ilyin John Isaac Clair Iverson Horace Jeffrey OFFICERS Eugene Grieshaber President John Thomas Vice president Jo Anne Schwalbe Secretary Ed Harris Treasurer H. A. McKeever Program chairman Willet Ranney Publicity chairman B. H. Spurlock Sponsor George Stevens Membership Eleanor Lieberknecht Historian MEMBERS Actives Ernest Johnson Roderick Nell Robert Slobodnik Russell Johnson George Nicholls Joseph Smith Robert Katz Emory O ' Connell Raymond Smith John Kiff Merlin Odegaard Charles Smukler Clarence King Robert Oliver Norman Spickert Gerald King William Parsons Norman Spitzer David Kramer Thomas Pearson Hal Spohn Harold Lasley Loren Peterson Kenneth Stapp Charles Lavington Douglas Phillips Edward Stadler Gleim Lewis David Philp Julius Steger Eleanor Lieberknecht Bonnie Prentice George Stevens Jack Lichty Willet Ranney Robert Strain Thomas Livingston Richard Ready Robert Strasser Eugene Lott Chester Rawson James Studebaker James Malernee Harold Reese Clifford Suer John Mann Gardner Rogers Joseph Szerevo Lawrence Mann Richard Root Richard Thomas Melvin Martin Lloyd Rose George Taylor Paul Massier Ray Sahlberg Thomas Taylor Joseph Matson E. L. Savonen John Thomas Ralph Matsen Bernard Sensel Leo Thompson H. A. McKeever Jo Anne Schwalbe Vernon Timm Frederick McWilliams Stanley Shavel Billy Tippin Lawrence Mitsch Ray Shively Robert Torbet M. R. Moritz Thomas Shuford Dana Trier Russell Morris Derald Skalla Robert Turnbaugh Frank Myers Howard Skardall John Turner Robert Naegele Arne Skretting Gerald Udolf Richard Vaughan Leo Vogel Leland Volqu ardson Lavern Wehby William Wise William Walter William Wright Ellis Williams John Wilson R. G. Wilson R. Q. Winters Robert Woods Frederic Woodsome John Works Gilbert Wozney Robert Yant George Zeigler Ceasar Zeitouni David Hirst Charles Douglas Ervin Fuhrman Wallace Erickson Elmer Hafling Robert Woodworth Pete Coloff Edward Harris Ross Loomis Hans Topik Back row, left to right: Stanley Shavel, Dwain Hall, Daniel Brophy, Julius Steger, L. E. Dedeaux, Frederic Woodsome, Howard Crow, Charles Smukler. Sixth row. Raymond V. Smith, Paul Massier, Robert Katz, Alexander Ilyin, Robert Oliver, Lawrence Mann, Robert Woodworth, Robert Slobodnik. Fifth row: Donald N. Gregg. Ray Shively. Glenn Lewis. Charles Hermach, David Kramer, Walter Clark. Fourth row: Harold Reese, Joseph Matson, J. L. Graham, Horace Jeffrey, Jack Lichty. R. G. Wilson, George Nicholls. William Walter. Third row: George Taylor, Ray Bender, Edward Harris. William Burnham, Leland Volquardsen, Billy Tippin, Raymond Horner. C. E. Smith, Ralph Matsen. Second row: Richard Thomas, James Harvey, Ralph Dagenais, Walter Banas, Frederick McWilliams. Melvin Martin. Ceasar Zeitouni. Front row: D. O. DeLong. Pierre Barnett, Willet Ranney, B. H, Spurlock, Jo Anne Schwalbe, Gene Grieshaber, B. A. Castellucci, H. A. McKeever, John Thomas. 272 BETA ALPHA PSI National Accounting Honorary Fraternity OFFICERS William A. Kruse President Joe Reynolds Vice-President Charles S. Thompson Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Actives W. J. Anderson R. F. Phillips W. H. Carroll J. S. Reynolds J. W. Backman J. I. Terrell R. L. Hetrick H. F. Stagner O. L. Haynie C. S. Thompson C. E. Gohnstrom W. P. Wesley H. Guzofsky B. Wilson W. A. Kruse J. M. White L. D. Moloney J. M. Teasdale C. Lawrence A. A. Volk H. H. Hitchcock Back row, left to right: B. Wilson, J. M. White, C. Lawrence, J. M. Teasdale, H. H. Hitchcock, W. T. Anderson, A. A. Volk. Second row: W. P. Wesley, C. E. Gohnstrom, O. L. Haynie, W. H. Carroll, Rowland Hetrick, L. D. Moloney, R. F. Phillips. Front row: T. J. Terrell, H. Stagner, C. Thompson, W. A. Kruse, Joe Reynolds, H. Guzofsky, J. W. Backman. I 273 BETA SIGMA Women ' s Business Honorary OFFICERS Betty Lou Nafe President Arlene Boltz Vice-president Ray Smith Recording secretary Doris Williams Corresponding secretary Lois Jean Starbuck Treasurer MEMBERS Actives Lois Bennett Rosiland Black Arlene Boltz Jane Dean Persis Emmett Margaret Guise Mary Kathryn Jean Dorothy Joyce Nancy Lee Elaine McCullough Leona Peery Ray Smith Maralyn Spencer Lois Jean Starbuck June Steffen Doris Williams Betty Lou Nafe Back row, left to right: Persis Emmett, Elaine McCullough, Jane Dean. Second row: Arlene Boltz, Margaret Guise, Dorothy Joyce, Ray Smith, Doris Williams, Maralyn Spencer. Front row: Leona Peery, June Steffen. Lois Bennett, Betty Lou Nafe, Nancy Lee, Mary Kathryn Jean, Lois Jean Starbuck. 274 BONHOMME OFFICERS Paul Tillman President Donald Grisham Vice-president Albert La Vigne Treasurer Ted Inouye Secretary Doug Taguchi I.S.A. Representative Mr. Willis G. Worcester Sponsor The Bonhomme Club for Independent men was organized last year to encourage partici- pation in political, social, intellectual, and athletic activities. MEMBERS Actives George F. Allen Orvil Jones William L. Brown Irving Korr Clarence H. Coombs John Land Maurice P. Drake Albert J. La Vigne Clayton Eichelberger Leonard McCain Al G. Fiedler James Reed RoUand B. Flemons RoUa Rissley Earnest Gonzales David Shafer Donald L. Grisham Bernard Shapson Lyle Gross Clark Spence Arne Hedegaard Doug Taguchi Theodore D. Hiatt Paul Tillman Herbert Inouye Jesse A. Wetmore Ted Inouye Back row, leit to right: Albert La Vigne, Maurice Drake, Irving Korr, James Reed. Rolla Rissley, George Allen, Doug Taguchi, Herb Inouye, Ted Inouye. Front row: Jesse Wetmore, Mr. W. G. Worcester, Paul Tillman, David Shafer, Rolland Flemons. William Brown. 275 OFFICERS J. Allen Patten President Aubrey Allen Vice-president Arden K. Ruddell Secretary-treasurer Aubrey Allen Harry Allen James Allen Theodore Alpert Don Bell George Bateman Arlie Beery Donald Brotzman Harold Briggs John D. Blevins Thomas Bock David Bolen Paul Briggs Dexter Brinker Thomas Broyles Bruce Brown Wiley Chance William Chance Donald C. Cieber Donald Campbell Wayne Cavender Robert Clapper Kenneth Classen Walter Clay Lavar Click Richard Cowden Donald Creese Tony Delmonico Howard Demuth Robert Dey Lou Dods Joseph Dorough Frank Eastman John Eaton David Ebaugh William Fanning George Fitzmorris Leslie Fowler John Frezieres Charles Goodrich William Gragg Gerald Greenwood C. Clare Gregg Robert Grieb Elmer Hafling James Hammond Donald Heiderstadt Murl Hendrickson Clarence Herbst MEMBERS Actives Thomas Hood H. T. Huggins John Hughes George Hughes T. Henry Hutchinson Paul Jackson • Victor Jeter Robert Jindra Dean Johnson Williams Jones John Jones Ray Jump Robert Karbatsch Wesley Karlson Walter Koelbel Gordon Learned Richard Lepman Ernest Lewis Bill Ley Tom Lyon Harold McAferty Harry Mcintosh Clarence McKee Richard Meckley William Meigs Bob F. Menary Charles Mott Joseph Murphy Lee Murphy Harry Narcisian Douglas Nelson Keith Nesladek Albert Norbont J. Allen Patten Jack Pixler Jack Pope Robert Powloski Parker Preble Edward Pudlik Carleton Reed Maurice Reilly Archie Roach Harry Robertson Leonard Robinson Thomas Rooney Arden Ruddell Dick Schrepferman Sanford Schwartz Robert E. Scott Ralph Scott Don Sharp Norman Sheppard David Sheridan Bill Somons Robert Speers Robert Spicer John Strobel Don Swartz Eugene Taylor Art Tanner Lewis Taylor Charles Temple William Vining Jack Warren Russel Walseth Dwight Watts Rollin Wilson Robert Wise Harry Wood LeRoy Wunderly Frank Zaitz John Zeigler John Zisch Back row, left to right: D. M. Bell, Bill Gragg. Bill Vining, Joe Murphy, Pete Click, Jack Hunt, Ted Warshaucr, Leonard Robinson. Fifth row: Dick Ready. Dick Lepman, Clare Gregg. Ray Jump, LeRoy Wunderly, Tom Rooney, Jack Hughes, Harold Briggs. Fourth row: Rex Sheppard, Eugene Shearer, Clarence R. McKee, Clarence Herbst, Russell Walseth, Malcolm Miller. Harry Mcintosh. Bob Scott Third row: Ernest Gray. Bruce Brown, Doug Nelson, Rex Jones, Les Metzger, Jim Allen. Jack Pixler, Don Creese. Gerald Greenwood. Second row: Bob Clapper. Al Mott, Vic Jeter, Ernie Lewis, Wes Karlson, Harry Robertson, Lou Dods, John Zisch. Front row: Dan Partner, Bill Chance, Willy Chance, Dave Bolen, Aubrey Allen, Allen Patten, Bob Wise. Bob Karbatsch, Warren Bateman. 276 CALICO AND BOOTS OFFICERS William R. Van Nattan President Norma Simonds Vice-president Stanley G. Bush Secretary Ed Christensen Treasurer Faculty Sponsors Mrs. Frances Bascom Mr. John Twombly Mr. George Dobbins Mrs. Charlotte Irey C. Arlene Allen Rosalie Benton Susan Bergeson Charlotte Brown Eugene Brown Mrs. Eugene Brown Stanley G. Bush Beverly Callihan Leona Carlson Roy Carlson Jo Anne Castleberry Norma Casto Glenn R. Chafee Earl L. Chandler Ed Christensen Dorothy Doll Donald Evans Jean Fiolkoski Kenneth Firebaugh MEMBERS Actives Robert Fishburn Jean Fortna Mabel Fulker Gwen Garland Charles Goodrich Mrs. Charles Goodrich Jean Gregory Edwin H. Higgins Lorna Hope Alexander Katona Margaret Kettering Alma Kitten Roy Krosky Lawrence Lake Helen Leonard Joanne MacFarlane Marian E. Morgan Ralph Peak Frances Potts James Ratliff Martha Reese Delia Mae Richardson Robert Rohwer Fred Ruckhaus Jean Russell Norma Simonds Marguerite Sobey Mel Spurlin Jean Stailey Maxine Standifer Paul E. Stutzmann Audrey Tennant Beverley L. Thomas James G. Tidball Patty Van Duzee William R. Van Nattan David Waddington Kenneth Waneka 277 CHI EPSILON Honorary Civil Engineer OFFICERS Delbert Parker President Keith Dearth Vice-president James Chinn Secretary Warren Marshall Treasurer Paul Hayward ... Associate editor of the " Transit " Faculty C. L. Eckel Warren Raeder Roderick Downing William Thoman Arthur McNair Leo Novak Robert Rathburn Lee Crandall Wade Menoher Warren De Lapp E. Thomas Punshon Roland Rautenstraus Claude Klemme De Von Carlson Jack Maguire Richard Leonard MEMBERS Actives James Chinn William Collier Keith Dearth Gerald Dunfield John Falkenberg Albert Gibbs Clayton Giroux Charles Hall James Hastings Carl Hayward Paul Hayward Willis Johnson Kenneth Jones Paul Lopatin Actives Warren Marshall George Morton Joe Nosky Delbert Parker Charles Reich Fred Ruckhaus Harley Schrader Dick Simmonds Wendell Sivers Jerry Vessels Ralph Virtue Stanley Vogelsang George Youngclaus Back row, left to right: Novak, Punshon, Carlson. Rautenstraus, McNair. Third row: De Lapp, Falkenberg, Youngclaus, Giroux. Ruckhaus. Vogelsang. Second row: Vessels. Gibbs. Dunfield. Reich. Morton. Johnson. Hall. Front row: Hastings. Collier. Dearth, Marshall. Chinn. P. Hayward, Jones. Simmonds. 278 CHINESE CLUB OFFICERS C. W. Huang President H. Y. Kao Vice-president T. C. Ying Secretary Clare Chu Tai Treasurer Philip L. P. Meng Social chairman Dr. Percy Buchanan Sponsor MEMBERS P. N. Huang N. G. Wu T. C. Teng P. T. Wang Robin P. C. Chen Violet Chang Thomas Koo J. Y. Tang C. Y. Tai Clare Chu Tai Philip L. P. Meng Mrs. Meng T. C. Ying H. Y. Kao K. P. Chou C. H. Li L. Y. Sung C. W. Huang R. W. Mok H. C. Sun Z. M. Liu P. T. Wang H. H. Chu Zau Foo C. Y. Lee Alpha C. I. Chiang George K. C. Hsu Stephen Y. K. Li K. K. Woo Goody Wong Back row, left to right: L. Y. Sung. Alpha C. I. Chiang, George K. C. Hsu, Thomas C. P. Koo, N. G. Wu, J. Y. Tang. Second row: Robin P. C. Chen, Stephen Y. K. Li, I. Chu, T. C. Ying, P. T. Wang, H. H. Chu, K. K. Woo, H. Y. Kao. Front row: C. Y. Lee, Philip L. P. Meng. C. Y, Tai, Clare Chu Tai, R. M. Huang, C. W. Huang, K. P. Chou. 279 OFFICERS Richard Shaver President Harry Unfug Vice-president Marion Johnson Corresponding secretary Jane McFadden Recording secretary Richard Simmons Treasurer Mr. Fritz Hoffman, Mr. George Dobbins Sponsors MEMBERS Fall Quarter Dorothy Brose Armando Sanchez-Fortuny James L. Gough Mildred Hybiak Marion Johnson Phyllis Meadows Robert Mulkey Dr. E. A. Moore E. W. Nelson Elsee Roland Richard Shaver Richard Simmons Harry Unfug Charles Varney Bud Waters Yasar Yurdal Quintin S. Doromal Donald Opdyke Marion Opdyke Kun-Kan Woo Lien-Tsao Hsieh Andrew Kraus Ariel Medrano Ethel Comins Lola Knobel Marjorie Taylor Laverne Belstrom Jane McFadden Surendra Amin Turan Vural Ralph Gladstone Ruth Read Jean Hertel Joan Muth Irving Korr Fred Venditti Ann Caldwell Back row, left to right; Quintin Doromal, Yasar Yurdal, Irving Korr, Phyllis Meadows, Marion Opdyke. Donald Opdyke. Second row: James Gough, Turan Vural, Ethel Comins, Lauerne Belstrom, Kun-Kan Woo, Robert Mulkey, Ralph Gladstone, Lien-Tsao Hsieh. Front row: Marian Johnson. Jane McFadden, Richard Simmons, Richard Shaver. Harry Unfug, Fritz Hoffmann. Sponsor, Mildred Hybiak. 280 DELTA PHI ALPHA German Honorary OFFICERS Barbara Mabee President Robert Loper Vice-president Milige Hahn Secretary-treasurer Orlando Celentano Member-at-large Mrs. Therese Westermeier Sponsor MEMBERS Virginia Bender Orlando Celentano Eileen Davis Esther Dodge William Fielder Warren Frank John Hahn Milige Hahn Alda Huston Ann Hylan Robert Loper Barbara Mabee Marcia McWilliams Elvira Schaeffer Eugenie Schneider Faculty Isaac Bacon Miriam Bainer Margaret Champlain Paul Guenther Gerhard Loose Ruth Loose Charles McKinley George Scherer Paul Schroeder Therese Westermeier Alumnae Alice Holubar Marian Orris Back row, left to right: Eileen Davis, Ann Rodeck Schaefer. Mrs. Miriam Bainer, Marcia McWilliams, Charles McKinley, Gerhard Loose, Mrs. Holubar, John Hahn, Paul F. Guenther, Isaac Bacon, Orlando Celentano. Front row: George A. Scherer, Mrs. John Hahn, Barbara Mabee, Eugenia Schneider, Mrs. Therese Stengel Westermeier, Virginia Bender, Miss Orris. 281 r DELTA PHI DELTA Art Honorary OFFICERS Dick Boyt President Bonnie Jane Forsberg Treasurer Jeanne Sackman Corresponding secretary Margaret Ann Forsling Recording secretary Patricia St. Clair Historian Ann Jones Sponsor MEMBERS Lawrence E. Kundis Pat St. Clair Dick Boyt Jeanne Sackman Jack Bice Bonnie Jane Forsberg Libby Whetsel Eunice Aiken Margaret Ann Forsling Back row, left to right: Jack Bice, Jeanne Sackman. Dick Boyt, Pat St. Clair. Lawrence E. Kundis. Frrrt rnw: Ann Jones, Margaret Ann Forsling, Eunice Aiken, Libby Whetsel Boyt, Bonnie Jane Forsberg. %■ l i tyy .- w " • 282 DELTA SIGMA PI National Men ' s Professional Commercial Fraternity OFFICERS John Morrow Head master Ralph Shipp Senior warden Ted Chrysler Junior warden LeRoy Foss Secretary Rowland Hetrick Treasurer Warren Foote Historian John Dickinson Chancellor Robert Wasley Faculty adviser Jack Balch Bob Bigelow Ed Blankenship Douglas Caldwell Bill Carroll Ted Chrysler John Cramer John Dickinson Fred Duncanson Warren Foote LeRoy Foss Clair Freeman Dick Fryback Bill Grigsby Bill Heapes Dick Hepworth Rowland Hetrick Hank Hutchinson Ed Kendig John Kilzer MEMBERS Jack King Paul Lundy Leroy Moloney John Morrow Dick Pace Dan Peterson Dick Phillips Glen Pratt Bill Ramsell Joe Reynolds Jack Routson Ted Schmidt John Schoolland Norton Seeber Jim Shaner Ralph Shipp Bill Smith Lloyd Sugaski Don Wakeman Wendell Wesley Jim Wheeler Jack Yuncker Faculty Dean Elmore Petersen Leo Aspinwall Kenneth Foote Walter Franklin Joseph L. Frascona Greer Fullerton John Griest Hazen Kendrick Fred Niehaus Martin Schmidt Harry Steffen Robert Wasley Henry Moore L. J. Crampon Back row, left to right: John Schoolland, Lloyd Sugaski, Jack Yuncker, Jack King, Norton Seeber, Joe Reynolds, Bill Grigsby, Dick Phillips. Third row: Jack Routson. Dick Hepworth, Fred Duncanson, Don Wakeman, Bill Heapes, Paul Lundy, John Dickinson, Dick Fryback, Ed Blankenship, John M. Griest. Second row: Warren Foote, LeRoy Foss, Ted Chrysler, Robert Wasley, John Morrow, Ralph Shipp, Rowland Hetrick, Joseph L, Frascona. Front row: Ed Kendig, John Cramer, Bill Smith, John Kilzer. 283 EOUESTRIAN ClUB OFFICERS Bob Rathburn Sponsor Emery Chilton President Barbara Horn Vice-president Earl Wilson Secretary Rosy Philpy Treasurer Linda Huckins Reporter MEMBERS John T. Adams Annette Baer George Beck Laurita Bergman Bill R. Betts Jeanne B. Bird Barbara Bromberg Ann Brooks Hal Bumpus Shirlene Burgesser Jinx Burnard Billie Burum Arthur W. Brown Wynne Calonge Mary Van Carpenter Joanne Clark Carolyn Clark Jo Anne Castleberry Frank Chmelik Emery Chilton Jeanne Coughanour Donnie Cumfer Rudy DeLuise Norma Dry Virginia Duce Bud Eubank Joey Fairchild Marilyn Fleck Maxine Franz Marilyn Gamble Pepita Gibert Eleanor Goerl Gene Goley D. S. Gotseff Gini Gould Miriam Habel Nancy Hall Charles W. Hall Rich Hammerstrom Mary Hammond D. W. Hampton James W. Harvey Corinne Heffron Mary Lou Heisterman Jack Henderson Jack Hofmann Pat Holderness Barbara Horn Linda Huckins Dorothy Hudler Dick Irion Susan Irvine Wynema Jones Kathy Keene Robert Kelsey Berta Kirschmer Carol Kohn Barbara Lane Marianne Layton Marvin Lederman Pat Lewis Marjorie Mandel Dolen Mayes Janet McSween Ruth Molidor Pat Nero Larry F. Nye Jo Olsen Betty Peck Harriet Perry Robert Peterson Shirlee Plack Jo Sensor Marian Shawner Betty Sincerbeaux Norton Slatkin Ruth Slavik Valerie Smith Bud Stephenson Mary Lou Steward Harry Stine Dayne Tatge Nancy Taylor J. D. Telfer Richard Tharinger Connie Trueblood Walt Varner Patsy Wagner Blanche Warren Berte Weinberger Jo Whisenant Paul Williams Earl Wilson Newton Wilson Helen Withington Lett to right: Glenn Gray, Norma Dry, Pete Gibert, Dionne Cumfer, Virginia Gould, Robert Peterson, Blanche Warren, Eleanor L. Goerl, Nancy Taylor, Valerie Smith, Patty Dunn. J, Emery Chilton, R. E. Rathburn, Maxine Franz, Pat Lewis, Barbara Lane, Berte A. Weinberger, Connie Trueblood, Dick Tharinger, Marvin Lederman, Carolyn Clark, Billie Burum, Miriam Habel, Linda Huckins, Pistol Ward. ' .iSi ' ' ' if- ' 284 ETA KAPPA NU Honorary Electrical Engineer OFFICERS Don E. Eikner President LaRue K. Ebersole Vice-president E. E. Strief Corresponding secretary George Bernzen Recording secretary Walter W. Varner Bridge correspondent Julian R. Hayden Treasurer MEMBERS Don E. Eikner LaRue K. Ebersole Donald W. Evans Howard Guerber Julian R. Hayden Orvil R. Jones William Lundy Eugene H. Schaefer Ronnie Snyder Francis Spindler S. D. Stephenson Eugene E. Strief Walter W. Varner J. G. Warlick Burton R. Anderson George G. Bernzen Max D. Christolear Marion A. Condie J. Gordon Dille Lynn E. Donelan Thomas H. Garnett James N. Groves Edgar H. Gibbons Cecil E. Gyger David K. Johnston William D. Lesser Robert D. McClain Nathan B. Meiches Melvin E. Norby Herman R. Peery Arthur E. Piper W. D. McKernon Clark Rose Morris Flowers Bill Hayes Harry Watson Lars Ehnebuske Ray Lasby George F. Woodward Aubrey B. King Arch F. Nuttall Karl Krehbiel M. Keith Burk Dave Carrick C. J. Steiert Anson G. Mueller John L. Grigsby M. W. Johnson Donald F. Thompson Sydney J. Roth Jack Lord Dick J. Morroni D. C. Washburn Maynard M. Dye Ted Leonard Donald A. Anderson Robert W. McDonald John Buchen Faculty W. C. DuVall F. A. Eastom H. B. Palmer C. M. McCormick W. J. Hanna George Beck G. E. Gless Leroy Holubar Robert Isaak S. Ivar Pearson T. C. Twombly T. E. Usher Piatt Wicks W. G. Worcester Roy Mason James Andrews Back row, left to right: Max Christolear, Donald Thompson, Art Piper, John Grigsby, William Lesser, Melvin Norby. George Woodward, Anderson. Fifth row: Arch Nuttall, John Buchen, Jack Lord, Anderson, C. J. Steiert, Ray Lasby, Dick Morroni, Herbert McDonald. Fourth row: Keith Burk, Howard Guerber, Bill Hayes, Lars Ehnebuske, Morris Flowers, Nathan B. Meiches. Sydney Roth. Edgar Gibbons. Third row: Don Evans, Anson Mueller, W. D. McKernon. Robert McClain, M. W. Johnson, James Groves, Thomas Garnett, Karl Krehbiel. Second row: Orvil Jones, Aubrey King, Ted Leonard Lynn Donelan, Dave Carrick, Clark Rose, D. C. Washburn, Francis Spindler. Front row: Marion Condie. Herman Peery, Julian Hayden, George Bernzen, Don Eikner. Walter Varner. Cecil Gyger. Gordon Dille, Harry Watson. 285 • ima i ■■■ » ■ « »j in wj w fl » ETHNIC MINORITIES COMMISSION OFFICERS Robert Carr Chairman Marjorie Taylor Recording secretary Ted Inouye Corresponding secretary MEMBERS Norman Blacher Robert Carr Dick Commer Sumner Downing Lesly Emmett Ronald Fenton Mendy Goldstein Barrel Hafling Daniel Hoffman Jerry Hoffman Jean Hertel Stan Hellerstein Ted Inouye Abbot Johnson Pat Keller Shel Plotkin Stan Smith Gerald Mellman Don Newmack Ruth Read Robert Rose Bill Reed Pete Sterling Marjorie Taylor Stanley Talpers John Talbot Katherine Teasley Jane Pijoan Helen Withington Back row, left to right: Jerry Hoffman, Pete Sterling. Gerald Mellman, Peter Hondius, John Talbot. Second row: Ruth Rice, Katherine Teasley, Darrel Hafling. Ronald Fenton, Sumner Downing, Abbey Johnson. Front row: Helen Withington, Marge Taylor, Ted Inouye. Robert Carr, Kitty Carr, Leslie Emmett, Dr. Ehrmann. 286 FENCERS ClUB OFFICERS John H. Giele President Jack Foster Vice-president Thomas W. Sanders Secretary J. Myron Scott, Frank Berry Elected members F. C. Trucksess Faculty advisor MEMBERS Mike Hnatiuk John Giele Claire Bates J. Myron Scott James Knap Thomas W. Sanders David Baker Harold West Irvin Kibbey Clifford Casey Jo Wilcox William B. Garten Dick Bingham Don Kelly Harry A. King Frank Berry Jack B. Foster F. C. Trucksess Jeannette Sanders Back row, left to right: David Baker, James Knap, Irvin Kibbey, Dick Bingham. Front row: Jo Wilcox, F. C. Trucksess, John Giele, Tom Sanders, Claire Bates. 287 OFFICERS Earl Roper President Herb Harris Vice-president Wes Hardin Secretary Bert Stover Treasurer Don Newmark Social chairman Dean Crosier ISA Representative Alex Warner Sponsor Free Lance, an Independent organization for men, in their second year of progress has shown their interest in campus politics by contributing their help in acquainting the ISA candidates in elections. MEMBERS Warren Earner Edgar Burkland Keith Christenson Maurice Cooley Dean Crosier Tom Crosslen David Davis Dan De Santis Gale Duker Westly Hardin Herb Harris Shad Hoffman Quentin Hooley Don Kelly John Klob Larry Malouff Paul McFatridge Don Newmark Loran Peck David Raduziner Earl Roper Bob Schneider Bob Soubert Bert Stover Robert Wilson Herb Young Louis Zinck Back row, left to right: D. Kelly. S. Hoffman, J. Klob. D. Newmark, R. Wilson. W. Cooper. B. Schneider, D. Raduzinger. Second row: W. Earner, B. Soubert, M. Cooley, L. Tepley, T. Crosslen, J. Lamb, L. Zinck, K. Christenson. D. Davis. Q. Hooley. Front row: L, Malouff. B. Crosier, W. Hardin. E. Roper. H. Harris, H. Young. G. Decker. 288 GAMMA DELIA Lutheran Stodents 1 OFFICERS Arden L. Larson President Jean Scheele Secretary L. Clarke Lehl Treasurer Juanita Gold Christian Knowledge Chairman Delores Heermann Christian Service Chairman Marjorie Mollman Social Chairman Frank J. Middledorf Marjorie Mollman Arden L. Larson Jean Scheele Theodore Schabacker Delores Stutheit Larry Bogott Marie Meier Lynne Hart Margaret Hileman Jerrlyn McGraw Virgil Magerfleisch Esther Brunkhardt Ruth Moreau MEMBERS Cornelia Skibbe Emil Eggert Miriam Feucht Louise Renoux Lou Nestler Edith Tuff Bob Roesler Bob Brandt Art Volk Leonard Mues Lawrence Gohr Art Delventhal L. Clarke Lehl Francis Conover Juanita Gold Frederick F. McWilliams Shirley Calhoun Evelyn Drager Margaret Sigler Dwayne Else Delores Heermann Mildred Island Dorothy Kern Marjorie Mandel Roland Rahode Kenneth Rothschopf Jane Walther Back row. left to right: Miriam Feucht, Louise Renoux, Lou Nestler, Edith Tuff, Bob Roesler, Bob Brandt, Art Volk. Leonard Mues, Lawrence Gohr, Art Delventhal. Second row: Marie Meier, Lynne Hart, Margaret Hileman, Jerrlyn McGraw, Virgil Magerfleisch, Esther Brunkhardt, Ruth Moreau, Cornelia Skibbe, Emil Eggert. Front row: Frank J. Middledorf, Marjorie Mollman, Arden L. Larson, Jean Scheele, Theodore Schabacker, Delores Stutheit, Larry Bogott. 289 P " GRADUATE ClUB OFFICERS Bob Brunton President Frances Dotzour Vice-president Marilyn Meadoff Secretary-treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Bob Brunton Frances Dotzour Marilyn Meadoff Fred Howells Dick Beidleman Tom Broyles Howard Zink James Hill Ruth Brunton Gordon Shomaker, Jr. Back row, lett to right: La Vcrne Nelson. Daniel Weinberger, George Beck, Peggie Wiegand, Pat Keller, Adele Bcrrian, Judith Chasin. Consuelo Craven, Alice Matson, Maxine Cornish, Dudley Cornish, Mae Raw. Third row: Glen Phillips, Miriam Alcotn, Myrl Alspack, Katherine Wogec, Louise Hering, Mary Coleman, Eddice Barber, Nancy Herzik, Mary Adams, Mary Weinberger, Grace Norum, Harvey Platts, Irvin Koir. Second row: Betty Viele, Ruth Brunton, James Hill, Marilyn Meadoff, Robert Brunton, Ronald Bashford, Frances Dotzour, Gordon Shomaker, William Dunn, Henry Ehrmann. Front row: Sidney Herzik, W. E. Maakestad, L. E. Belstrom. Fred Morath, Lien-Tsao Hsieh, George K. Chsu, Alpha Chiang, Stephen Li. Z90 HIKING CUB OFFICERS Donald N. Gregg President Lois Horan Vice-president Jim Stuart Manager Bob Morgan Assistant Manager Robert Wheeler Treasurer Eloise Erickson Secretary Rene Dufour, Beverly Phipps, Nancy Mills Members at large Father " Mike " Walters, Phillip Moore, A. J. McNair Sponsors MEMBERS Actives Robert Allen Roland Angel Ruth Bachman Bill Barbour Bob Barnes Betty Barnes Helen Baxter George Beck Shirley Bell Charles Bromley James Chinn Maurice Drake RoUin Dove John Edgar Marietta English Phyllis Fonda Bonnie Gillette Charles Goodrich May Goodrich Worth Gurley Bill Harlowe Jimmy James Mickey James Bud Johnson David Johnston Jack Johnson Betty Jones Frank Juskiewicz Jan Juskiewicz Nona Kadlec Sy Kalish Trudi Kassowitz Lee Kettle Jean Kubick Irmadine Lampman Ann Larsh Helen Leonard Frank Light Roger Loxley Dick Little Orin Marks Lee Marr Bunny Molnar Verna Moody Ross Morrill Lee Murphy John Muenzinger Grace Norum John Peper Ralph Peak Jean Place Ann Ramsey George Raabe Sue Raabe Bruce Schwartz Howard Segal Lee Smith Joe Soldat Jack Twombly Bev Thomas Pat Van Hyning David Waddington Mary Lou Waite John Williams Doris Williams Pledges Al Anderson Mary Lou Aufderheide Bob Barkhaus Alice Battershell Joyce Benson Carol Bivans Art Brown Al Clark Lois Folk Bud Ford Martha Hall Nita Harre Bob Hatfield Duane Hickman Herbert Holm Wes Horner Ernie Johnson Bill Kleis Chuck Leierer Mark Litt Bev Losher Jane McNider Evelyn Norell Bob Oslund Frankie Olson Phil Page Betty Rowley Fred Ruckhaus Dick Russell Bill Scoville Peter Seidel Jean Thorson Ann Tarbox Dave Tuthill Brad Van Diver 291 OFFICERS Gerald Mellman President Carol Orleans Vice-president Annette Miller Secretary Howard Ainbinder Treasurer Rabbi Manuel Laderman Counselor Janycc Aaron Edwin Adler Howard Ainbinder Donald Akulin Robert Appel Cecile ■ Abenheimer Frances Abenheimer Rita Arent Martin Bael Marilyn Baker William Ballenger Jacqueline Barholtz Paul Banan Leonard Basefsky Leon Bass Robert Becker Arthur Begoon Ervin Bell Tamara Benenson Phill BerRcr Robert Binstock Norman Blancher Charlotte Blanke Edwin Blecker Robert Block Beverly Bloom Nathan Blumberg Sophie Boss Maxwell Braverman Helen Breetwor Lenore Breetwor David Brofman Betty Browe William Brewer Walter Brunner Stanley Caplan Gloria Castle David Char von la Marion Cohen Edward Cohn Roger Coleman Richard Commer Charlene Cook Ruth Coplin Joanne Corash Rochelle Covici Harold Cramer Helen Crystal Sanford Demby Phillip Dietz Edwin Diner Ethellee Dinner Mclvin Dinner Arthur Dorfman Thelma DuBow Bernard Dunn Charles Edelson Laura Ehrenfreund Charles Eisen Gerald Engman Blanche Epstein Edmund Epstein Harold Epstein Joseph Epstein Eileen Erman Alan Farn Phil Feingold Henrietta Fine Sherman Finesilver Raymond Fink Leonard Fox Louanne Francis Arthur Frazin Mclvin Freundlich Bernice Friedenthal Donald Frischer Gerald Gardenswartz Norman Gelman Joan Gelsin Herman Gershon Gerald Ginsberg Evelyn Gluck Beverly Goldberg Charlotte Goldberg Mildred Goldberg Norman Goldberg Alfred Goldfarb Dorothy Goldfogel August Goldstein Barbara Goldstein Mendy Goldstein Nona Goldstein Charlotte Goldwater David Goldwater Jerry L. Goodman Jerry S. Goodman Burton Gottesfeld Gerald Greenberg Dan Gross Lee Grossman Paul Guenther Thomas Guggenheim Mark Gumbiner Harold Guzofsky Vivian Guzofsky Lenore Halper Perry Harris Irwin Heller Stanley Hellerstein Saul Hellinger Robert Helb Jack Helf Evelyn Hemclgun Jerome Hoffman Morton Hoffman Joan Hollander Irwin Horwitz Leland Huttner Ernest Isaacs Marilyn Kadish Edward Kahn Simon Kalish Dione Kallin Bernice Kalmans Sylvan Kaolan Chester Karrass MEMBERS Martin Katcoff Nathan Katz Robert Katz Sidney Kaufman Harold Kessler Sidney Kessler Lola Knobel Irving Korr George Krieger Hannah Kriss Sheldon Krone Leonard Kronfeld Edward Lackner Pearle Laff Seymour Laff Randy Lamm Henry Lane Leona Lann Charles Lazerwitz Marvin Lederman Josephine Lerner Keva Levin Morris Levine Phillip Levitt Seymour Levitt Claude Levy Edith Levy Judith Levy Myra Levy Norman Levy Doris Loewenberg Maurice Lohman Robert Loup Shirley Lichtenstein Paul Light Joan Lipman Louis Livingston Jacques Machol Dolores Maltz Theodore Marman Lenisse Mankoff Robert Mann Herbert Marchick Nathan Merches Gerald Mellman Annette Miller Barbara Miller Joseph Miller Miriam Miller Pegpy Miller Cynthia Misroch Robert Moch Marvin Morrison Laurence Mozer Joanna Nathan Nora Jane Nathan Joseph Nesis Donald Negg Peter Nussbaum Carol Orleans Stanley Orlin Joan Orloff Arline Pasternack Philip Pearl Vigdor Pelton Al Pepper Murray Pepper Marvin Perlman Roslyn Perlmutter Leonard Perlmutter Samuel Plaut Sheldon Plotkin Fred Pogust Micki Prizant Dave Radinsky Leatrice Reich Rita Remer Jacqueline Rich Sherman Rich William Rifkin Jack Robinson Stanford Rosenbaum Stanton Rosenbaum Marven Rosenberg Klie Rosenbloom Joyce Rosenthal Leon Rosenzweig Leo Roth Robert Rothstein Marilyn Safran WiUard Salzer Ira Sampson Ilene Sattenstein Irving Schecter Kenneth Schoen Stanley Schrier Glenn Schwartz Jerome Schwartz Stanley Schwartz Howard Segal Tudith Segel Bernard Shapson Frances Shinbaum Edtthann Shore Jerome Shore Nathan Shwartz Felia Sierota Virginia Silver Fred Silverberg Joan Silverman Eileen Simon Laurence Simons Irwin Snyder Joseph Soiffer David Solomon Howard Saloman Henry Solomon Morton Solomon Ruth Sosno Norman Spitzer Marvin Stark Janet Stein Stanley Stein Henry Strauss Carol Strear RoUa Sugarman Stanley Talpers Suzanne Taub Howard Tavel Harold Tenenbaum Vivian Tenenbaum Lee Tepley William Thomas David Tumin Marvin Udevitz Gerald Udolf Rena Vassar Herman Walsky Milton Waxman Robert Weinberg Alvin Weinberger Daniel Weinberger Ben Weindling Tacquelyn Weiner Leonard Weiner Martin Weiner Nan Weiner Robert Weiner Herbert Weinfeld Kenneth Wciser Frances Weiss Shirl Werber Harold West Judy Wezelman Margaret Winter Edward Wynn Robert Zacharius Betty Zak Ronald Zall Marion Zary Eugene Zeitlin Caesar Zeit ouni Martin Zerobnick Arthur Zinn Robert Zinn 292 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Charlotte H. Lovejoy President Esther Gritzfeld Vice-president Fae Larson Secretary Doris Jean Henderson Treasurer Mrs. Hazel Fehlmann Sponsor MEMBERS Barbara Rennicke Marilyn Dall Jane Carney Ida Spangler Shirley Rymill Dorothy Ann La Salle Dana Hall Evelyn Rehnberg Barbara Jean Mathews Alice Binkley Donna Whiting Sue Jackson Patricia Knudsen Marjorie Taylor Erma Luck Jeannette Ladd Mary Ann Shipp Peggy Miller Neva Jackson Fae Larson Charlotte Lovejoy Esther Gritzfeld Doris Henderson Ann Tilton Jane Jackson Erma McDougal Ruth Applequist Barbara Bullis Celia Bell Joyce Kessey Sally Cook Hester Purdy McNulty Betty McSpadden Betty Brady Beny Jo Rose Bonnie Kirkberg Paula Rose Dorothy Lane Usher Peggy MoUman Phyllis Bundy Jean Adams Mary Prebble Norma Jean Thomas Back row, left to right: Barbara Rennicke, Marilyn Dall, Jane Carney, Ida Spangler, Shirley Rymill. Third row: Dorothy Ann La Salle, Dana Hall, Evelyn Rehnberg, Barbara Jean Mathews, Alice Binkley, Donna Whiting. Second row: Sue Jackson, Patricia Knudsen, Marjorie Taylor, Erma Luck, Jeannette Ladd, Mary Ann Shipp. Front row: Peggy Miller, Neva Jackson, Fae Larson, Charlotte Lovejoy, Esther Gritzfeld, Doris Henderson, Ann Tilton. 293 HONORS UNION J ' 4 I _ _ Jri in OFFICERS I «-N Robert Polkinghorn Chairman " " ' flHH Charles Morledge Treasurer » , i ; Hh Mary L. Holt Secretary ' ' ' B James Bjustrom Publicity manager Honors Council : J. W. Cohen, Stuart Cuthbertson, : Irving Goodman, Hugh Hunter, Leslie Lewis, Karl Muenzinger, Donald Sutherland, S. Harrison Thomson, George Zinke Ex-Officio: Jacob Van Ek, Eugene Wilson, W. Farrell Dyde MEMBERS Audrey Ahlquist Irene Dempsey Ruth Lammerzahl Darwin. Olofson Delores Stutheit Roy P. Craig Phyllis Alderman Doris Dice Beverly Lauterbach Edward Olsen Stanley J. Talpers Alice Hunt Esther Bacon Esther Dodge Mary L. Lewis Betty Peck lia M. Tarmas Voncile B. Ralph Anne Bail Robert Duncan Marcia McWilliams Robert Pelz Rex M. Thiese Marilyn E. Logsdon Reuben Bareis Patty Fitz Barbara Mabee Robert Polkinghorn Wayne Thompson Richard R. Carll Richard Bernick Richard Fitzhugh Joanne MacFarlane Isabelle Pratt Gordon P. Tompkins, Jr. Judy Segel Helen Bigelow Robert H. Franch Carl Maier Ross Quinn Larry Travis Jack McFerran Jeanne Bjork Wendell French Merlin Malehorn Selma Rappaport Robert Trefz James Bjustrom Nancy Guy Dorothy L. Martz Andrew Rematore Harry V. Unfug Patricia Boeck Thomas Hall Margaret Mattoon Caroline Rose John D. Vavra Law School Harold Bradshaw John B. Hanson Marie Mehl Donna Sass Vineta Fern Walker Robert Moch Patricia Bramson Harold J. Heafer Gerald Mellman Romaine Saunders, Jr. Aime Warren j .-. -.a winVU- James L. Brewbaker Alyce Heffner Sands James L. Mertz Janet Schemmel Mary Jo Watson i oretia wiricK Donald W. Brown Stanley Hellerstein Marjorie Miller Jane Schneberger Carol Wenzel Dorothy Collier Brown Theodore D. Hiatt Mason Miller Dorothy Sethman Harvey Weeks, Jr. n r rii ,i v Un i Kathryn A. Brownne Evelyn Holmes Richard S. Miller Charles Richard Shaver Robert Winkel meaicai i,cnooi James Buchanan Mary L. Holt Eugene R. Minzer William H. R. Shaw Richard P. WooUey Richard Fleming Helen Burris James D. Hutchinson Raymond Moloney John Smathers Allene Zillman Marian Isaacs Natalie Coursen E. Abbott Johnson Charles Morledge Margie L. Smith Morris J. Levine Wm. M. M. Robii}s9n Norma Jean Davis Stanley Kent Richard Morris Edgar Sniutny Marjorie Bertholf Paul E. Stearns Walter DeMordaunt Roy Kepler Donald Opdyke Patricia St. Clair Lesly Emmett Wm. B. Summers Back row, left to right: Boyd Summers, R. J. Bareis. T. C. Hall, Gerald Mellman, Abbott Johnson, Harold Bradshaw, Robert Pelz, Darwin Olofson, Stanley Kent, R. H. Franch, Carl Maier, Donald W. Brown, James L. Brewbaker, Voncile B. Ralph, Wendell L, French, Donald Opdyke, James A. Buchanan, John H. Smathers, Ross A. Quinn, Wayne Thompson, Harold Heafer, James D. Hutchinson. Third row: Robert Duncan, Mary L. Lewis, Anne Bail, lia Tarmas, Marilyn Logsdon, Isabelle Pratt, Donna Sass, Delores Stutheit, Marjorie Bertholf, Vineta Walker, Robert S. Polkinghorn, Mary Holt, Charles C. Morledge, James A. Bjustrom, Pat Boeck, Marie Mehl, Helen Burris, Morris J. Levine, Mason Miller, Romaine Saunders, Jr., Richard S. Miller, John D. Vavra. Second row; Richard R. Carll, Harry Unfug, Jack McFerran, William Shaw, Richard Bernick, E. H. Wilson, D. Sutherland. Stuart Cuthbertson, J. W. Cohen, K. E. Muenzinger. George W. Zinke, Irving Goodman, Hugh Hunter, Jacob Van Ek, Esther Harriet Bacon, James L. Mertz. Front row: Anne Warren, Pat Bramson, Esther Dodge, Allene Zillmann, Carol Wenzel, Nancy Guy, Dodi Sethman, Alyce Heffner Sands, Dorothy Martz, Dee Dice, Jeanne Bjork, Patty Fitz, Evelyn Holmes. Miwsrrc . s ij, iv .i. 294 INTER-CHURCH COUNCIL .mi OFFICERS Orrel Daniel President Robert Wood Vice-president Gladys Reeves Secretary Marie Harkness Treasurer Mr. Ed Machle Sponsor Dr. Percy Buchanan, Rev. William Trimmel, Rev. Malcolm Haughey Advisors Representatives Wesley Foundation William Smith Gladys Reeves Christian Youth Fellowship Harry McClintock Loren P. Scott Westminster Foundation Robert Wood Marie Harkness Roger Williams Fellowship Orrel Daniel Kenneth Ritchie Luther Club Canterbury Club Roger Burchett Joseph K. Soldat Howard Zettler Donald Opdyke Congo Club John Ziegler Holger Munson Back row, left to right: Howard Zettler, Joseph K. Soldat, William Smith, Reverend Malcolm Haughey, Loren P. Scott, Kenneth Ritchie, Dr. Percy Buchanan, Janice Shephard. Front row: Edward Machle, Robert Wood, Orrel Daniel, Marie Harkness, Gladys Reeves. f .-fv 295 ISA COUNCIL OFFICERS William Maikovich President Tony Ray Vice-president Bonnie Jane Forsberg Secretary Natalie Coursen Treasurer Mr. Gerald Scofield, Mr. B. S. Galland, Mr. Arthur McNair Sponsors ISA Council is the ISA ' s administrative organ. At their meetings, which are open to all interested students, the Council members plan activities primarily for the benefit of Independents. These activities include dances, a men ' s and women ' s athletic program, Homecoming and CU Days participation, etc. ISA Council has done a splendid job of leading " the Sleeping Giant. " MEMBERS James BuehritiK Marjorie Chanak Natalie Coursen Roy Craig Dean Crosier Marjorie Dray Elva Dulan Jo Eeckhout Tess Eusterman Bonnie Jane Forsberg Mary Hogeland Kenneth Huston Ted Inouye Joanne Johnson Jack Kasdorf Anne Kracha Nonie Lann Mildred Ling Evelyn McAninch Margaret McCarthy Beth McNeill William Maikovich Ellen Jean Nash Richard Phillips Jack C. Randle Tony Ray Leatrice Reich Nancy Sabin George Shugar Doug Taguchi Meredith Thompson Lloyd Turner Jane Wainscott Jackie Wiener Back row, left to right: Tess Eusterman, Jackie Wiener, B. Rosenbaum, Beth McNeill, B. Rauch, Marjorie Chanak, Leatrice Reich, P. Knudsen. Ellen jean Nash, Mildred Ling, Jack Kasdorf. Second row: E. Okley, Joanne Johnson, Anne Kracha, Richard Phillips, Meredith Thompson, Jane Wainscott, Nonie Lann, Doug Taguchi, Ted Inouye, Jack Randle. Front row: Roy Craig, Jo Eeckhout, James Buehring, Natalie Coursen, William Maikovich, Tony Ray, Bonnie Jane Forsberg, Arthur McNair, Kenneth Huston, Harjorie Dray. SJ " 296 IOTA SIGMA PI Women ' s Chemistry OFFICERS Miss Ida L. Swayne Sponsor Hester Purdy McNulty President Ruth Robinson Vice-president Donna Chubb Rec. secretary Elnora Townsend Corresponding secretary Marjorie Grove Treasurer Janet Tozer Publicity MEMBERS Jean Bjork Wilda Brown Evelyn Cheney Ruth Googe Elda Huston Virginia Janda Mary Jane Kellogg Dr. Margaret Kelsall Faye Laison Helen McAferty Charmion McMillan Marion Opdyke Jean Race Helen Kelsall Wilson Back row, Mt to right: Jean Bjoik, Helen McAferty, Evelyn D. Cheney. Ruth Googe. Elda Huston, Jean Race, Marion Opdyke, Mary Jane Kellogg. Front row: Elnora F. Townsend, Ruth Robinson, Donna Chubb, Ida L. Swayne, Hester Purdy McNulty. Marjorie Grove. Janet Tozer. 297 JrAPhA Pharmacy Professional OFFICERS George Tibbs President Allen Arringdale Vice-president Lettybelle Ganatta Secretary Frank Benzing Treasurer Miss Parkinson Sponsor Back row, left to right: Don Garber, Irving Korr, Clay Merrick, John DefTabaugh, John Batson, Ken Wanecka. Fourth row: Stephen McCulIoch. Charlotte Lovcjoy. Dale Hubbs, G. Callas, Vern Busse, E. Burgeson, William McDougall. Third row: Eloise Bryant, Charlotte Larson, Wilma Fish, Mardelle Callihan, Eleanor Tait, William Chinn, Marjorie Grove. Second row: Ruthie Rice, John Masunaga, Ruth Nichols, B. Schlutius, Fumi Ozawa. E. Townsend, Miss Parkinson. Front row: Donedwa Roberts, Sharon Dinwiddle, C. E. Fish, Allen Arringdale, Lettybelle Ganatta, George Tibbs, Dorothy Spano, Frank Benzing. 298 KAPPA DELTA PI Honor Society in Edneation OFFICERS Ralph Traxler, Jr. President Kathryn Hoffmann Vice-president Alma B. Thiese Secretary Helen Nelson Treasurer Marie Mehl Faculty sponsor Minnie Berueffy Historian reporter Sister Mary Alexins Carrie Balcomb Marjorie Baron L. E. Belstrom Joyce Brueckel Supt. James Buchanan Grace Burbidge Marilee Cooke Guy Coonrod Dudley Cornish Dr. A. C. Cross Doii Ann Daily Charles E. Davis Vladimir DeLissovoy Frances Dotzour Dr. Harl Douglass Dr. W. D. Dyde Mildred Eggebroten MEMBERS Hazel Fehlmarm Jessie Fitzpatrick Wendell French Paul Gerhard Dr. Calvin Grieder Vermona Harmsen Lou Hickmann Mary Jacobson Lois L. Kiesel Nancy King Homer Knethe Charles Mehrhof Charles Miller Maude Morgan Charlotte Otto Margaret Foley Mae Down Rau Virginia Reeder Mrs. V. N. Rick Blanche Ricketts Elizabeth Ricketts Theodore Rockafellow Alyce H. Sands Mrs. R. Saunders Dr. J. B. Schoolland Mrs. J. B. Schoolland J. H. Schriber Lylah Simmers John Smathers Lena Spano Mrs. R. L. Stearns President R. L. Stearns Betty Taylor Sister Mary Veneranda Ruth Welle Clifford Westermeier Therese Stengel Westermeier 299 KAPPA KAPPA PSI (Men ' s Band Honorary) OFFICERS John Schoolland President Mason Miller Vice-president Edward Collins Secretary William Funke Treasurer MEMBERS Actives Stuart Alvord Earl Bashford Kenneth Bray Edward Collins Dick Culver Howard Davis Charles Fleming William Funke LeRoy Graham Carl Haenselman Robert Henson Lewis Hiigel Phil Johnson John Kilzer Irving Korr Guy Messenger Mason Miller Don Nodtvedt Robert Olson Paul Peterson Donald Sams Frank Schooley John Schoolland Paul Shull Fred Todd Pledges Dick Brackenbury Roger Cozens Wayne Hinthorn Frank Light Larry Romeizer Jim Sparks Wayne Turner Back row, left to right: Larry Romciser, Bruce Bashford, Wayne Htnthorne, Bob Henson, Don Novtvedt, Edward Collins, Phillip Johnson, Louie Hiigel. Second row: Tommie Thomas, James Sparks, Wayne Turner, Howard Davis, Charles Fleming, Mason Miller, Frank Schooley, Frank Light. Third row: Irving Korr, Roger Cozens, Robert Croop, Richard Culver, Bob Olson, LeRoy Graham, Stuart Alvord, Dick Brackenbury, Fred Todd. Front row: Paul Shull, Donald Sams, John Schoolland, John Kilzer, Paul Peterson, Bill Funke, Carl Haenselman, Clayton Blackburn, Earl Bashford, Mr. McMillian. t i-- -yw- ymi M W w i 300 KAPPA PHI Methodist Honorary OFFICERS Paula Rose President Donna Tomlin Vice-president Mary Lou Knudson Treasurer Louise Gibson Recording secretary Pat Moyer Corresponding secretary Norma Jean Davis Chaplain Mary Billington Program Mary Ellen Cooke Membership Elma Case Music Burma Jo Harmon Publicity Joyce Kessey Social Helen Tomita Candle beam Mrs. Lee Perry, Mrs. R. J. Reed Sponsors MEMBERS Mary Billington Janet Bokorney Arlene Boltz Eleanor Boltz Elma Case Mary Ellen Cooke Marjory Cooper Alma Copp Norma Jean Davis Kathleen Dever Lois Lee Duncan Louise Gibson Mary Lou Green Mary Nan Hahs Burma Jo Harmon Edith Harms Bertha Kawakami Aileen Kelly Joyce Kessey Mary Lou Knudsen Sai Kosuge Corinne Mills Helen Morgan Pat Moyer Willa Ruth Nuckolls Paula Rose Lois Rowe Maxine Shull Mary Ann Shipp Marjorie Taylor Donna Tomlin Virginia Whiteside Mary Lou Williams Ann Jean Worstell Back row, left to right: Margaret White, Jean Smith. Mary Ellen Oliver, Lois Duncan, Carol Shurtz, Corrine Mills. Third row: Mary Upton, Betty Burks, Jean Sewell, Marjory Cooper, Marjorie Taylor, Aileen Kelly, Pat Moyer. Second row: Helen Hanson, Phylis Coverdell, Mildred Lacy, Maxine Ashcraft, Virginia Whiteside, Bertha Kawakami, Joyce Kessey. Front row: Elma Case, Donna Tomlin. Paula Rose, Mrs. Bainbridge, Mrs. Tremmel, Mary Lou Knudson, Molly Brittenham. 301 MUSIC SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS Harold Goddard President Ted Zarlengo Vice-president Margaret Kelly Secretary Marion Fowler Treasurer Lewis Hiigel, Lorraine Hoskin, Gloria Nearon, Charles Neale .... Board members Horace Jones Faculty sponsor Back row, left to right: Ted Zarlengo, Lewis Hiigel, Marion Fowler. Front row: Harold Goddard, Lorraine Hosk ' in, Margaret Kelly, Charles Neale. 302 NEWMAN ClUB Catholic OFFICERS Bob Moore President (first quarter) Andy Rematore President (second quarter) John Campbell Vice-president Mary Ann O ' Rourke Corresponding secretary Betty Brody Recording secretary Norbert Melscker Treasurer Ben Castellucci Sergeant-at-arms Joe Adams Paul Albrecht Tom Alexander Arthur Alvorado Mildred Babovick Barbara Bendekovic Rita Boyle Jim Brady Jackie Brakhage Marion Brannan John Brizzolara Margaret Brophy J. C. Bruve Laura Bryan Charles Buckland Phil Burney Foley Calkum Maurice Campbell Don Campion Gene Canino Paul Cawley Betty Conrad Matthew Constantino John Corich Charles Cosgrove Pat Costello Dick Cross John Dailey Leon Dedeaux Don Degani Helen DeLateur Hector DeLuca Dave Dolon Norma Domenico Jack Duno Bob Durso Jose Elfodon Charlene Erkins Mary Ann Farrell Ralph Fausane Jo Ann Firman Eileen Flatley Mary Flower Ben Forbs Shirley Friel Gloria Fulton Ervin Fuhrman Aruiamee Ganatta Lettybelle Ganatta James Gaughan Lee Gentsch Bob Giacomini Don Giacomini John Gosar Grace Gordon Kenneth Gracia Mary Guiteras Blanche Hardin Bud Hauswirth William Hayes Tom Hebel Bob Henning Don Hill MEMBERS Jack Horrell Evelyn Hillham Joanne Heelv Rosemary Horton Bill Huretick Hubert Holm Paula Hutchings Hall Johnson Hillard Tohnson Ed Keating Bob Kearney Richard Kelly Richard Kenehan John Kent John Kissack Audrey Kitten Pauline Klune Thomas Koo Russell Kostraski Anne Kracha James Kreuder Ray Krasovich Rosemary Kubin Jim Law William Lawrence Claude LeBel Charlotte LeFevre Kneeland Light Lawrence Lisot Bob Lorrig Leo Maloney Rosalie Marchiori Carol Maurek Cecelia Moister James Moore Dick Morroni Jim Munro Mary Ellen McAndrews Charles McKinley James Neblich Doris Niethammer Sue Nolde Jody O ' Done Bob O ' Donald Barbara Opeka Nicholas Origer Shirley Origer Joe Orrino Harriett Perry Katherine Petersen Eleanor Pengrey Mary Ann Pleasants Al Polczinski Maxine Pollack Walter Paquoette Frank Potochnik Amelia Potochnik Peter Prato Leo Rademacher Augie Raso James Reich Jack Reich Shirlee Reid Philip Reynolds Robert Tuehle Jerry Savage Francis Scheib B. F. Schmitz Margaret Seeley Helen Seigworth Mary Sherlock Virginia Smith Dorothy Spano Charles Stenicka Lorraine Strell Jack Tansay Dorothy Taysien Paul Toomey Bill Tracy Art Tryba Stanley Tursman Bill Vance Frank Vilfil William Wahler John Wallin Frank Weber J. A. Williams Doris Woodford Gilbert Wozney June Zaitz Shirley Zarlengo Helen Zorichak Pat Sanchez 303 f HOCKEY ClUB Following up their inaugural exhibition game during Winter Carnival, an energetic and aspiring squad of Bison pucksters sched- uled intercollegiate games with more experi- enced Wyoming university and Colorado Col- lege squads. Despite their lack of financial support, the Colorado hockeymen played two out-of-town games, paying their expenses from gate revenue. Two games, one in Boul- der and one in Laramie, were ropped to the Cowboy ice-agers and one was lost in Colo- rado Springs to the Colorado College squad. But Colorado ' s infant hockey team displayed a spirit equal to that of established varsity sports. Back row: Bud Mechling. George Beck, John McArthur, Dee Flair, Terry Kilborne, Rudy Mayer, Bill Gutmann, Phil Pearl, John Fitch. Sitting: Don Larson, Lou Livingston, Chuck Fleming, Bud Leverenz, Jim Funk, Hy Walsky, Joe Horace. Kneeling: Loren Smith, Pete Sterling, Bob Kohler, Bob Nussbaum, Don Boomhower, Bob Murray, Vern Smith. 304 r ORCHESIS Modern Dance Honorary I I I OFFICERS Gloria Castle President Jayne Poor Secretary-treasurer Charlotte York Irey Sponsor MEMBERS Janyce Aaron Sheila Bateman Helen Baxter Alice Bennetts Collier Brown Jane Carney Gloria Castle Marjorie Chanak Margaret Firebaugh Josephine Gilbert Yvonne Goodier Marion Kendall Mary Martin Marilyn Moore Harriet Opdycke Jayne Poor Martha Reese Ruth Schwilke Helen Van de Car Jane Williamson Associate Members Don Evans Marion Fowler Bob Johnson Bob Potter Wayne Jwyman Norman Udevitz Honorary Members Frances Bascom Eunice Veazie 305 PENTAGON ClUB Gymnastics OFFICERS Arden Ruddell President Sam Barnhill Vice-president Melvin Beckett Secretary Keith Nesladek Treasurer MEMBERS Faculty Professor Charles G. Vavra Dean Harry G. Carlson Actives Tom Arnberg Clayton Bennett Harold Brock Sidney Bronstein Melvin Beckett Scott Carpenter David Dittman Lou Dods Kenneth Dunstan Al Hughes Keith Nesladek James Norling J. Allen Patten Clarence Payne Arden Ruddell Philip Scherrer Eugene Shearer Douglas Taguchi Lee Roy Tautz Fred Thornes Fred Thornton Pledges William Haase Gerald King Eugene Sittig Don Toogood Back row, left to right: Phil Scherrer, Russell Groesbeck, Gerald King, Gene Shearer, Kenneth Dunstan, Clarence Payne, Sid Bronstein. Third row: Clayton Bennett, AI Hughes, Scott Carpenter, David Dittman, Lou Dods, Don Toogood, Wes Carlson. Second row : Melvin Beckett, Sam Barnhill, Arden Ruddell, Keith Nesladek, James Norling. Front row: Douglas Taguchi, Bill Haase, Harold Brock. Bill Eubank, Fred Thornes. 306 PHI CHI DELTA National Presbyterian Women J 5 ' OFFICERS Ruth Carlson President Jo Ann Palmer Vice-president Helen Alexander Secretary Ilah Ball Treasurer Mrs. F. R. Mouer, Mrs. L. A. Bingham ... Sponsors Mrs. Melvin S. Worth, Mrs. F. L. Doughty Patronesses Helen Alexander Ilah Ball June Battles Patience Benway Anabel Biggs Rose Booton Charlotte Brown Joan Brandner Monta Cook Nancy Cornelius Rachel Doughty Norma Dry Marian Flatt Maxine Franz Helen Griffith MEMBERS Marie Harkness Carol Hunter Margaret Jenkins Marjorie Jones Helen Leonard Charlotte Lovejoy Jo Ann Mann Marjorie Markley Joanna Miller Lois McGinnis Harriet Montgomery Jane O ' Dell Jo Anne Palmer Shirley Rymill Eunice Sanders Jan Shepoard Dorothy Souser Betty Smith Elizabeth Spence Hope Tanner Nancy Vogeler Janet Westerwick Good Quey Wong Miriam Alice Alcorn Mary Brown Caryl Bivans Alfreda Mann Mary Louise Brown Back row, left to right: Jane O ' Dell, Anabel Biggs, Harriet Montgomery, Caryl Bivans, Janice Sheppard, Janet Westerwick, Charlotte Brown, Nancy Vogeler, Miriam Alice Alcorn, Marie Harkness, Nancy Cornelius, Marjory Markley, Joan Brandner, Joanna Miller, Alfreda Mann, Eunice Sanders. Second row: Monta Cook, Betty Smith, Hope Tanner, Marion Flatt, Mary Brown, June Battles, Mrs. L. A. Bingham, Mrs. Melvin S. Worth, Mrs. F. R. Mouer, Mrs. F. L. Doughty, Lois McGinnis, Maxine Franz, Elizabeth Spence, Carol Hunter, Norma Dry. Front row: Jo Ann Mann, Helen Alexander, Shirley Rymill, Helen Griffith, Jo Anne Palmer, Ruth Carlson, Ilah Ball, Dorothy Souser, Patience Benway, Helen Leonard, Rose Booton, Charlotte Lovejoy. fS I -iii 307 _ . PHI DELTA KAPPA H B. jjy National Professional Education Fraternity __ _ OFFICERS Gerald Scofield President Stephen Romine Vice-president Lloyd Elliott Secretary Stephen Ballou Treasurer Vladimir DeLissovoy Editor Irvin Demmon Historian Calvin Grieder Faculty sponsor MEMBERS Alva Abbott Calvin Grieder Elmore Peterson Stephen Ballou Elmer Grosshauser T. J. Pickens Byron Alexander Robert Hall Ralph Prator Christian Arnold Hubert Helm Glen Phillips Kendrick Bangs A. G. Hedgecock Eric Rackham L. E. Belstrom Alfred Hillberry Christian Recht James Buchanan E. J. Hilty Owen Robinson Thomas Cameron W. M. Houser R. M. Roelfs Edwin Carr Clifford Houston Stephen Romine Simon Chavez Augustus Jackson Lawrence Romeiser Harry Childerston Hobart Jackson Paul Rose Berton Coffin Raymond Kahl Arden Ruddell George Comstock Otis Lipstreu George Saunders George Criswell John Little Gerald Scofield Arthur Cross Paul Losh Doyne Smith Robert Davis Walter Lucas Randall Spicer Frank Day, Jr. Munro McPhetres Harley Stamm Vladimir DeLissovoy Karl Marshall Harlan Steph Irvin Demmon Philip Liang-Po Meng Huai Chin Sun Harl Douglass H. H. Mills R. F. Topp Lloyd Elliott M. V. Nelson Adolph Unruh Wendell French Albert Oliver, Jr. Robert Wasley William Gambill Merle Ogle E. H. Wilson Lyman Glenny Robert Olson Frank Womer George Gregg Albert Palmer Pei Tsu Wang John Green J. Allen Patten Ralph Yohe Back row, left to right: H. Karl Marshall. Adolph Unruh. Paul Rose, Byron Alexander. Merle Ogle, Doyne Smith, John Little. Wendell French. George Gregg, Alfred Hillberry, Thomas Cameron. Fourth row: John Patten, Pei Tsu Wang, A. Glenn Hedgecock, Arden Rudde!!, Robert Roelfs, William Gambill. Albert Oliver. Harlan Steph, Huai Chin Sun, Munro McPhetres, David Bartelma. Glen Phillips. Third row: Bernard Quick, Harry Childerston. W. Clement Wood. Walter Lucas. James Buchanan, George Comstock. Christian Arnold. Robert Hall. Howard Woolum, Simon Chavez, Frank Womer, Eric Rackham. Second row: Raymond Kahl, LaVern Belstrom. Stephen Ballou. Gerald Scofield, Harl Douglass, Calvin Grieder. Stephen Romine, Arthur Cross. Otis Lipstreu, Lloyd Elliott. Albert Palmer. Front row: Elmer Grosshauser, John Green, Robert Olson, Lawrence Romeiser, L. Randall Spicer, F. Kendrick Bangs, Robert Wasley. p ,n rx 308 PHI MU ALPHA Music Honorary OFFICERS Carl Haenselman President Kenneth Firebaugh Vice-president Gordon Miller Secretary David White Treasurer Theodore Zarlengo Historian Kenneth Stone Warden Mr. Berton Coffin National councilman MEMBERS Earl Bashford Roscoe Booth Carrol Butts Bob Butts Robert Carl Mr. Berton Coffin Kenneth Firebaugh Charles Fleming William Funke, Jr. Harold Goddard Carl Haenselman, Jr. Donald Jones Fred Kroll Frank Light Robert Lutterbie Richard Martin Gordon Miller Mason Miller Robert Potter William Race Anthony Ray Paul Shull Ferd Schulmeister Keimeth Stone Fred Todd David White Theodore Zarlengo Bsck row. left to right: Bob Lutterbie, Fred Todd, Roscoe Booth, William Funke, Anthony Ray. Second row: Ferd Schulmeister, Richard Martin, Robert Potter, Frank Light, Bob Butts, Robert Carl. Front row: Miller, Kenneth Firebaugh, Mr. Berton Coffin, Carl Haenselman, David White, Ted Zarlengo. 309 PHI SIGMA IOTA Romance Lan na e Honorary OFFICERS Natalie R. Coursen President Mary Sue Rich Vice-president Carol Wenzel Secretary-treasurer Miss Bernice Udick, Dr. Ralph Warner Sponsors 1 O MEMBERS Forrest Cathey Natalie Coursen Esther Dodge Ruth Edwards Patty Fitz Robert Trefz Marjorie Jones Marcia McWilliams Raymond Moloney Mrs. Raymond Moloney Mary Sue Rich Carolyn Smith Betty Viele Carol Wenzel Back row. lelt to right: Molly Sethman, Forrest Cathey. Raymond Moloney, Esther Dodge, Marcia McWillii Front row: Mrs. Raymond Moloney, Betty Viele. Natalie Coursen, Patricia Fitz. 310 PHYSICAl EDUCATION MAJORS m OFFICERS Virginia Taylor President Ruth Feinberg Vice-president Eleanor Buzalsky Senior class representative Jean Crosier Junior class representative Kathryn Eccker Sophomore class representative Jean Kubik Song leader Seniors Ruth Bealer Margaret Brown Eleanor Buzalsky Lorraine Calabrese Betty Cameron Ruth Feinberg Irene Paquette Rose Ann Reichert Lucy Smith Juniors Joan Berkstresser Adele Caifarel Dorothy Chase Jean Crosier Colleen Dennis Marilyn Newell Martha Reese Jane Walther Marie Wears MEMBERS Sophomores Katherine Andrus Joan Atwater Audrey Barbiero June Battles Katherine Eccker Sarah Jeffrey Shirley Klecker Jean Kubik Ann Ramsey Joyce Reeves Norma Rogers Virginia Taylor Freshmen Mary Lou Aufderheide Betty Bailey Carla Dahlin Edna Edwards Marjorie Freemole Dolores Maltz June Zaitz Pauline Kloon Graduates Lois Kiesel Janice Robertson Distributed major, juniors Lois Riley Horan Harriet Opdycke Back row, lelt to right: Jane Walther, Adelle Caffarel. Rose Ann Reichert, Ruth Bealer, June Battles. Lois Kiesel. Colleen Dennis. Sarah Jeffrey, Betty Cameron. Second row: Lucy Smith. Kathryn Eccker, Jean Crosier, Jean Kubik, Ginny Taylor, Miss Katherine Ley, Ruth Feinbe.g, Eleanor Buzalsky, Lorraine Calabrese. Front row: Edna Edwards, Irene Paquette, Audrey Barbiero, Lois Horan, Dee Maltz, Martha Reese. 311 PI GAMMA Ml Social Science Honorary OFFICERS Ralph Dakin President Elaine Jones Secretary Max Guber Treasurer Howard Higman Sponsor Gordon H. Barker F. D. Bramhall Fredrick A. Bushee Earl C. Crockett James Dugan Morris E. Garnsey Howard H. Higman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hottmann Carl W. McGuire Clay P. Malick Edward L. Rose Omer C. Stewart Jacob Van Ek George Zinke Fred R. Niehaus Joseph Greenburg Seward W. Salisbury Robert Lister Henry W. Ehrmann Mr. Riethmeyer Dr. Carr MEMBERS David A. Henderson Nicholas A. Beadles Wilbur T. Billington Charles Friday William Miernyk Roger Gray Carlton Reed Ralph E. Dakin Vladimir DeLissovoy James Genoff Max Guber Wade Hunsinger Elaine E. Jones Arthur Macy Fred S. March John Ferryman Marshall Quiat Frank Scholfield Mrs. Vineta Nehring John Trevethick Esther Bacon Edward Goldsmith Chrales W. Gray Myrl Aspach Laura Zink Kenneth Pearson Robert L. Brunton Gerald Mellman Renee Morrell Joan Muth LeClair Smith Mason Miller Bruce Kester Norton Seeber Harry E. McAllister Patricia Keller Glenn McCann Wendell French Harry Lawson James Bjustrom Back row, left to right: W. S. Salisbury, James A. Bjustrom, Gerald N. Mellman, Roland Mayne, Norton Seeber, Russell K. Sigler. Second row: Joseph H. Greenberg, Mason E. Miller. Robert L. Bruntan, Glenn C. McCann, Esther Harriet Bacon, Harry E. McAllister. Kenneth C. Pearson, Norman M. Dalton, Edward S. Goldsmith, George W. Zinke. Front row: Myrl Alspach. Laura N. Zink, Vineta F. Walker, Elaine Jones, Howard Higman, Ralph E. Dakin, Max Guber, Renee Morrell, Joan Muth. i i Si.lii lS 312 PI MU EPSIION Math Honorary OFFICERS Robert Katz President Joyce Robinson . Treasurer Joseph Epstein Secretary Dr. J. R. Britton Faculty advisor Actives Bernard Alberts Burton Anderson Shirley Bell Bowman Collins Eldon Darrington Lou Dods Donald Eikner Joseph Epstein Russel Groesbeck James Hagen Paul Jackson Charles Johnson Robert Katz Glen Lambertson Ralph Merritt Mark Mueller Merritt Oldaker Joyce Robinson Gloria Schabes Edward Sprague Walter Varner Edwin Bemis MEMBERS RoUin McCombs Charles Hutchinson Pledges Ervin Bell George Dawson Ruby Dillingham Maynard Dye Donald Gregg David Gudeman Joe Guiteras James Hickle Chester Karrass Fred Kloverstrom Jim Knapp Paul Lopatin Theodore Maiman Jack McFerran Bernard Mulder Charles Neal Clark Rose Willard Salzer Francis Sando Andrew Sail Eugene Savonen Stanley Schrier William Schuh Jo Schwalbe Eugene Strief Lee Tepley Glenn Werth Faculty Dean Jacob Van Ek Dean C. L. Eckel Dean H. S. Evans (Emeritus) Harlan Bartram C. Culpepper A. B. Farnell J. R. Britton C. A. Hutchinson, Sr. Aubrey J. Kempner Claribell Kendell Walter K. Nelson Clifton L. Sively Frances Stribic Ernest P. Tovani Back row, left to right: E. J. Bell, T. Maiman, F. Sando, B. Mulder, P. Jackson, J. Epstein, G. Dawson, P. Lopatin, A. M. Sass. Second row: F. Kloverstrom, J. McFerran, C. E. Johnson, B. R. Anderson. C. R. Neal, M. M. Dye, C. L. Rose, E. L. Savonen, W. E. Schuh, S. Schrier. Front row: W. M. Salzer, L. Tepley, R. Dillingham, D. Eikner, R. Katz, J. Schwalbe, C. Karrass. D. Gudeman. J. J. Guiteras. V A r i B K m )»fJai— J 313 PI TAU SIGMA Mechanical Engineering Honorary OFFICERS Gene Grieshaber .. President Dean DeLong Vice-president Samuel Foster Recording secretary William E. Parker Corresponding secretary Robert F. Brown Treasurer and faculty sponsor MEMBERS Dean Belong Pete Coloff Ralph W. Dagenais Edmond Glen Paul Massier G. Sterling Dunbar J. F. Hagen R. C. Strain S. N. McDonnell Lloyd R. Rose John C. Iver Joseph C. Iver Joseph C. Clapham P. R. Eclhing Lawrence Mann Charles Hermach William Parker Gene Grieshaber Allen Descherg Robert Brown Jo Anne Schwalbe Robert Wood Kenneth Palmer Thomas Pearson R. V. Smith Robert Waldo Harry Warren John Griffith Howard M. Crow Robert W. Arnett Dale Krenzel Robert J. Woodworth Merling D. Odegaard Frederick F. McWilliams Frederic Woodsome Claude Waddell Randall Maydew Back row, left to right: Robert Waldo, Harry Warren, John Griffith, Howard M. Crow. Robert W. Arnett, Dale B. Krenzel, Robert J. Woodworth, Merlin D. Odegaard, Frederick F. McWilliams, Frederic Woodsome, Claude Waddell, Randall C. Maydew. Second row: P. R. Eclhing, Joseph C. Clapham. John C. Iver. Lloyd R. Rose. S. N. McDonnell, R. C. Strain. J. F. Hagen, G. Sterling Dunbar, Pete Coloff, Ralph W. Dagenais, Paul Massier, Edmond Glen. Front row: Lawrence Mann, Charles Hermach, Dean DeLong, William Parker, Gene Grieshaber, Allen Descherg, Robert Brown, JoAnne Schwalbe, Robert Wood, Kenneth Palmer, Thomas Pearson, R. V. Smith. 314 PLAYERS CLUB OFFICERS Robert B. Loper President Robert Potter Vice-president Pat Sammet Secretary-treasurer MEMBERS Participating Robert Allen Lawrence Armitage Pat Bramson Tom Broderick Marian Cohen Sheila Counce Dale Clark Frank Dillon William Haigwood Paul Harris Gordon Hinds Saul Hoffman Richard Hopkins Virginia Hunter Glenn Johnson Robert Loper Hedda Lubin Charlotte Mertens Robert Potter Alan Robison Jack Roeser Caroline Rose Pat Sammet Lillian Sandberg Marvin Udevitz Virginia Whiteside William Woods Associate John Adams Sally Babb Shirley Bell George Bergstresser Gerald Bergstresser Jack Bitman Phyllis Fonda Arnold Gassan Margaret Harrison Gladys Hughes Lewis Hutchison Lou Ellen James Robert Johnson Margaret Kettering Mary Klovstad Carl Maier Corinne Novak Russell Olin Marjorie Pryor Marshall Quiat Thelma Ratcliff Aileen Sasajima Norman Udevitz John Ward Marie Worsham Back row. lelt to right: E. Chilton, L. Sandberg, N. Udevitz, R. S. Johnson, F. Dillon, J. Roeser, G. Johnson. Second row: P. Harris, M. Cohen, L. Clayton, S. Bell, H. Lubin, P. Bramson, S. Hoffman, B. Woods. Front row: D. Martz, D. Hopkins, C. Mertens, R. Loper, P. Sammet, C. Rose. 315 OFFICERS Barbara Mabee President Jeanne Bjork Vice-president Helen Stobie Secretary Susie Mann Treasurer Jackie Williams Publicity manager Mrs. Rich Sponsor Katherine Andrus Rita Atwood Jean Barcus Barbara Beard Jo Berkstresser Norma Betts Jeanne Bjork Kay Bondus Barbara Brickman Nancy Carroll Judy Charlton D. D. Coleman Sally Chmelik Carla Dahlin Alice Falardeau MEMBERS Barbara Fisher Martha Fox Helen Goble Pat Grimm Mary Ann Grometer Karen Handwerg Marion Heinze Jane Hobbs Evelyn Holmes Dorothy Krause Jerrie Ketcham Tulu Kirkpatrick Jean Macpherson Barbara Mabee Helen Mann Carol Maurek Midge Mirfield Sherli Phillips Janet Pearce Joan Ramsdell Joyce Reeves Rosemary Roberts Norma Lee Rogers Lea Parkinson Marjorie Sherwood Beverly Spielman Carolyn Steik Helen Stobie Ginny Taylor Jackie Williams Back row, left to right: Rita Atwood, Kitty Andrus, Virginia Taylor, Norma Betts. Evelyn Holmes, Norma Lee Rogers, Barbara Brickman, Judy Charlton, Tulu Kirkpatrick. Third row: Joan Ramsdell, D. D. Coleman, Nan Carroll, Barbara Beard, Helen Stobie, Jeanne Bjork, Barbara Mabee, Helen Mann, Carol Maurek. Second row: Maryann Grometer, Jackie Williams, Jean Macpherson, Marjorie Sherwood, Mrs. Rich, Dorothy Krause, Midge Mirfield, Jane Hobbs. Kay Bondus. Front row: Karen Handwerg, Posy Roberts, Marty Fox. Jerrie Ketcham. Pat Grimm, Jean Barcus. Joanne Berkstresser. Janet Pearce. Sherli Phillips. 316 ROGER WIllIAMS FEllOWSHIP First Baptist Cliurch OFFICERS Catherine Coakley President Orrel Daniel Vice-president John Little Secretary Quintin Doromal Treasurer Ken Ritchie Inter-church council representative Marie Mclntyre Evangelism commissioner Grace Clark Stewardship commissioner Martha Gressett Fellowship commissioner Bob Seamon Publicity Reverend Malcolm Haughey University pastor Back row, left to right: K. K. Woo, Harold Brock, Dick Sheldon, Tom Wethington, Seth V. Heath, Florence Wakeland, Clara Nelms, Emma Herrell, Joan Remley, Shirley Ann Rutledge, Margaret Cosslett, Bob Bernzen. Third row: Ken Stapp, Lyle Murdock, Phyllis Murdock, Betty Leslee, Fred Marriott, Mary Warren, Bill Aseniero, Charles Barrick, Janice Harenor, Mary Ellen Earhart, Betty Anne Carter, Virginia Miller. Second row: Malcolm E. Haughey, Dorothy Haughey. Maurice Drake, Marig Mclntyre, Orrel Daniel, Cathy Coakley, John Little, Glen Osborne, Quintin Doromal, Dr. Clarence W. Kemper. Front row: Johnnie R. Grey, Phyllis Archer, Glen Dickinson, Keith Eberhardt, Jenncvieve Rieke, Mildred Bell. 317 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Honorary Music OFFICERS Gloria Nearon President Sue Thornton Vice-president Margaret Kelly Secretary Beth Hayman Treasurer Betty Jackson Chaplain X. : X I - Back row, left to right: Margaret Kelly, Lorraine Hoskin, Mary Lou Green, Camille Matteson, Jean Carlisle, Dorothy Goldfogel, Betty Jackson, Elma Case. Front row: Ellen Lee, Ann Browning, Norma Jean Thomas, Anabel Biggs, Florence Goodrich, Jo Zugelder, Gloria Nearon, Sue Thornton. 318 National Men ' s Professional Journalism Fraternity OFFICERS Don Heinemann President Warden Winslow Vice-president Michael Gerace Secretary Jim Bjustrom Treasurer Ralph L. Crosman, A. Gayle Waldrop, Zell F. Mabee, Frederic Pruett Sponsors MEMBERS Samuel Archibald William Bender Jim Bjustrom Nathan Blumberg Charles Boncelot Robert Butz Don Cieber Don Collins Phil Danielson John K. Emery Michael Gerace Alfred Granger Paul Harris Don Heinemann John Hollis Robert Kull Harry Lawson Bob Loper Mason Miller Hyman Mostkoff Robert McVay Bob Nichols Darwin Olofson Ed Olsen Paul Peterson Bob Rothstein Gordon Tompkins Kenneth Whitaker Warden Winslow Harry Wood Ray F. Gregg Harold Meyers Jim Neal Back row, left to right: Kenneth Whitaker, Robert McVay, Mason Miller, Robert Butz, Robert Rothstein, Paul Peterson, Darwin Olofson, Ed Olsen, Phil Danielson. Second row: Gordon Tompkins, John Hollis, Alfred Granger, Nathan Blumberg, Samuel Archibald, James Bjustrom, Robert Kull, Ray Gregg, Harry Wood, John Emery, Don Cieber. Front row: Michael Gerace, Don Heinemann, Wardell Winslow. IJ6SJ ■ f ' f. © t f : 31» SIGMA TAl Honorary Engineering OFFICERS Edgar Gibbons President Frank Spindler Vice-president Glen Lambertson Secretary Professor C. A. Wagner Faculty advisor and treasurer Faculty Prof. Frank S. Bauer Prof. Wayne S. Beattie Prof. Lloyd A. Bingham Prof. W. Otto Birk Mr. W. E. Brockway Prof. W. Clinton DuVall Prof. Frank A. Eastom Prof. C. A. Hutchinson Prof. Harlan B. Palmer Prof. Warren Raeder Prof. William H. Thoman Prof. Charles A. Wagner Prof. Piatt Wicks MEMBERS Actives Robert Arnett James Chinn William Collier Bowman Collins Lou Dods Edward Emery Edward Gibbons Russel Groesbeck Paul Jackson Glen Lambertson Bob Lupton Harold McAferty Ralph Merritt Stanley Miller Francis Spindler William Vanderwild C. L. Rose Pledges Pete Coloff Keith Dearth Don Eikner John Falkenberg Gene Grieshaber David Johnston Orvil Jones Paul Massier Larry Mann Arch Nuttall Russell Nidey Robert M. Wood Eugene Strief Back row. left to right: B, B. Lupton, J. F. Falkenberg, P. L. Jackson, P. Coloff, D. E. Eikner. P. F. Massier, K. H. Dearth. Second row: L. R. Mann, R. A. Nidey, R. M. Wood, H. J. McAferty, C. L. Rose, G. R. Grieshaber, A. F. Nuttall, J. Chinn. Front row: D. K. Johnston, E. M. Emery, G. R. Lambertson, E. Gibbons, F. E. Spindler, O. R. Jones. 320 SRI ClUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Harold David Esther Dodge Fred Dolder Irving Lowell Fritz Nyland Clifton Ohman Bob Powell Charles Reich Nancy Sabin Jo Anne Schwalbe Clifton Snively George Storer Marilyn Walker Back row, left to right: Bob Powell, George Storer, Harold David, Clifton Ohman, Irving Lowell, Jo Anne Schwalbe, Clifton Snively. Front row: Fritz Nyland, Esther Dodge, F.ed Dolder, Charles Reich, Pruc Walker, Nancy Sabin. 321 SPANISH ClUB OFFICERS Frank T. Borrego President Ralph Gladstone Vice-president Doris Daes Secretary Ethel Cumins Treasurer Robert Muckley Reporter Miss Pauline Marshall Sponsor I I . MEMBERS Arturo Alvorado Peter J. Balsells Lauretta Bellamy James Boratgis Betty Ami Carter Simon Chavez Elaine Coyne Colleen Crowe Melba Frodermann Vern Kellenbeck Lola Knobel Mr. and Mrs. Ray Moloney Ariel Medrano Jaime Palacios V. B. Ralph Mae Dowd Rau Bill Rogers Armondo Fortuny Sanchez Sue Saunders Mary Sethman Virginia Smith Frank Thomas Susan Welker Daniel Zeiber Jo Zugelder Back row, left to right: Armando Sanchcz-Fortuny, Sue Saunders, Jo Zugelder. Susan Welker, James P. Boratgis, Melba Frodermann, Betty Anne Carter, Verne A. Kellenbeck. Second row: Ralph Gladstone, Doris Daes, Frank T. Borrego, Ethel Comins, Robert Muckley. Front row: Virginia Smith, Colleen Crowe, Marjorie Jones, Elaine Coyne, Mary Sethman. 322 SOCIETY FOR WOMEN STUDENT ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS I OFFICERS Mildred Smith President Margaret Gillogly Vice-president Marian Place Treasurer MEMBERS Gloria Balch Barbara Bird Nina Bonto Alta Brown Vivian Carter Gladys Connell Audrey Duncan Ada May Durrance Margaret Fletcher Gloria Fulton Margaret Gillogly Mary Alice Hegwer Loretta Heisel Lola Knobel Beatrice Langmade Eleanor Lieberknecht Billie Jean Love Helen Means Charlotte Michener Margaret Miller Helen Morgan Ann Perriman Marian Place Viola Poss Louise Price Barbara Rauch Delia Mae Richardson Jo Anne Schwalbe Peggy Shultz Victoria Skeats Mildred Smith Ruth Trammell Mary Lou Waite Delilah Wells Lora Wilhite Marian Zary Back row. left to right: Gladys Connell, Eleanor Lieberknecht, Andrey Duncan, Gloria Balch, Loretta Heisel, Mary Alice Hegwer, Jo Anne Schwalbe, Margaret Fletcher, Margaret Miller. Front row: Helen Morgan, Delia Mae Richardson, Mary Lou Waite, Margaret W. Gillogly, Mildred Smith, Barbara Bird, Barbara Rauch. ' 1 9fl ■ P ' ' 1 1 fill llii 1 1 ' II 1 ■ 323 SIGMA EPSIION SIGMA Women ' s Scholastic Honorary OFFICERS Joan Bradley President Nancy Sabin Vice-president Lesly Emmett Secretary-treasurer Mary F. Spencer Sponsor Back TOW, left to right: Mary Jane Kellogg, Marjorie Miller, Nancy Sabin, Kay Brownne, Beverly Starika, Kathryn Mehl, Janet Sears. Second row: Norma Jean Davis. Lou Moosdorf, Helen Burris. Joanne MacFarlane, Mary F. Spencer (spon- sor), Rita Winkel. Front tow: Bobbie Rauch, Jeanne Bjork, Lesly Emmett, Joan Bradley, Jane Schneberger, Donna Sass, Phyllis Fonda. Not in picture: Lorraine Hoskin. Janet Schemmel. OFFICERS Bonnie Forsberg President Dorothy Doll Vice-president Sally Corbit Secretary Harold Lee Treasurer Front row, left to right: Mary Belle James, Emma Lou Baird, Mary Bauer. Constance Edsalt, Evelyn Himelgrin. Second row: Lou Anne Hinley, Lorraine Longcor, Margaret Ann Forsling. Joan Illium. Third row: Merrie Hall, Ken Hook, Lucille McGee. Members Not in picture: Marion Cohen, Sally Corbit, Cynthia De Long, Doris Dice, Annabelle Deckman. Dorothy Doll, Dorothy Fernow, Lee King, Harold Lee, Gwen Lewis, Eleanor Oxiey, Barbara Reichart. Barbara Spears, Jane Snyder, Pat St. Clair. Dorothy Tallman, Virginia Ycrgey, Barbara Frank. Robin Amsbary. Nydabelle Hibler, Joyia Tcctzel, Herb Tautz, Barbara Bassett. Jean Meyer. i TAU DELTA Interior Decoration Honorary Ml 324 TAU BETA SIGMA National Band Honorary for Women OFFICERS Ann Browning President Muriel Thompson Vice-president Ruth Sterling Secretary Rex Thiese Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Howells Reporter Beverly Starika Historian Lois Duncan Custodian Miss Martha Newell - Sponsor MEMBERS Actives Ann Browning Elma Case Lois Duncan Mary Lou Green Mary Elizabeth Howells Mary Ann O ' Rourke Rita Richardson Ruth Sterling Donna Schmittell Beverly Starika Rex Thiese Janice Sheppard Muriel Thompson Coryl Bivens Pledges Beverly Firth June Klessig Patricia Williams Honorary Mrs. Hugh E. McMillen Mrs. L. Randall Spicer Mrs. Larry Burt Back row, left to right: Janice Shephard, Elma Case, Rita Richardson, Beverly Firth, June Klessig, Patricia Williams. Caryl Bivans. Front row: Lois Duncan, Mary Elizabeth Howells, Rex Thiese, Muriel Thompson, Ann Browning, Mary Ann O ' Rourke, Mary Lou Green, Donna Schmittel. 325 OFFICERS Jim Lee President Joye Hilty Vice-president Paula Lamar Secretary Virginia Erney Treasurer Marilyn Knaur Publicity Professor Roland E. Balch Adviser Audrey Kitten Rusty Kitten Hannah Kress Paula Latnar Jim Lee Jean Jones Margaret Jenkins Patty Molesworth Judith Nagasaki Nona Nathan Charles Paddock Elvin Peacock Ralph Roy Ruth Rogers Pat Smith Jinny Singleterry Verna Sowell MEMBERS John Secrest Dorothy Shaw Lee Stripling Ellis Williams Barbara Wehner Sid Adler Carl Buttlemann Jack Britton Manly Bryan Travis Covington Morse Cavender Wayne Cavender Mayme Diffey Joe Connelly Harry Cook Clifford Carsey Robert Cox Orrell Daniels Penny Dickenson Virginia Erney Jo Green Fletcher Green Erwin Grimes Johnne Rena Gray Beverly Godlberg Gordon Gaurvell Searcy Gailing Jean Hiatt Helen Herald Don Holt Claire Henley Joye Hilty Mary Heng Marilyn Knaur Back row, left to right: Mayme Diffey, Reavis Whittlesey, Jack Britton, John Green, Audrey Kitten, Alma Kitten, Jim Gaugham. Front row: Sidney Adler, Joye Hilty, James Lee, Wayman Alderson, Carl Buttelmann. Jt " !-. ! - !- 326 UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S ClUB 1 OFFICERS Ruth Bealer President Collier Brown Vice-president Ellen Nash Secretary Audrey Ahlquist Historian Doris Fricke Treasurer Natalie Coursen Publicity Cathy Butto Social Lorraine Calabrese Membership Delores Stutheit Housing Barbara Gavagan Head of relaxation Bonnie Forsberg Head triad Phyllis Quinn Assistant social Back row, lett to right: Lorraine Calabrese, Bonnie Forsberg, Lee Savage, Delores Stutheit, Jessie Jean McDonald, Arlene Johnson, Natalie Coursen, Cathy Butto. Front row: Andrey Ahlquist, Gloria Proskcvec, Ruth Bealer, Collier Brown, Doris Fricke, Barbara Gavagan. 327 OFFICERS Natalie Coursen President Jennette Ladd Vice-president Phyllis Jackson Secretary Jane Snyder Treasurer Mildred Ling ISA Representative Miss Ramona Parkinson Sponsor MEMBERS Josephine Babick Dorothy Baughman Virginia Bender Charlotte Brummer Natalie Coursen Lois Lee Duncan Beverly Firth Bonnie Jane Forsberg Maia Harkins Betty Hensley Edith Houlton Frances Iverson Phyllis Jackson Jennette Ladd Fae Larson Lois Lauenstein Mildred Ling Barbara May Virginia Peck Nell Reed Mary Ann Shipp Margie Smith Marie Smith Jane Snyder Marguerite Sobey Beverly Starika Ruth Sterling Maribelle Stunkard Marjorie Taylor Rex Thiese Betty Viele Mary Jane Walter Doris Williams GoodWong Barbara Young The Valkyries not only take an active part in all school projects, but also manage to be outstanding students. Through their example, they encourage independent participation in campus activities. Also they promote intellectual interest by giving a scholarship to a deserving independent girl each year. Valkyrie ' s primary purpose, however, is social, and it specializes in sponsoring frequent dances, picnics, banquets, teas and parties. Back row. left to right: Marijo Smith, Charlotte Brummer, Fae Larson, Mildred Ling, Josephine Babick, Beverly Firth, Doris Williams, Bonnie Jane Forsberg, Rex Thiese. Third row: Beverly Starika, Mary Ann Shipp, Virginia Bender, Edith Houlton, Maribelle Stunkard, Virginia Peck, Dorothy Baughman, Maia Harkins, Mary Jane Walter, Nell Reed, Lois Lee Duncan. Second row: Betty Viele, Betty Hensley, Barbara May, Jennette Ladd, Natalie Coursen, Phyllis Jackson, Miss Ramona Parkinson, Jane Snyder, Frances Iverson, Margie Smith. Front row : Barbara Young. Good Wong. May Goodrich. Marie Smith, Marjorie Taylor, Lois Lauenstein. 328 OFFICERS Vern Talcott President Don McClain Vice-president James Chinn Secretary Ken Wise Treasurer Roy Craig ISA Representative Each Viking member is a leader; each Viking project is a success. The entire campus has reason to be proud of this progressive group — the first organization to make a sizable contribution to the University Memorial Center Building. Their $500 donation set the pace and en- couraged others to lend their support. Everything the Viking under- take, they do in a big way, as evidenced by their successful all-school dances and their intramural teams. Back row. left to right: Fred Todd, Jack Handle. Bob Barnes, Dick Lines, Tony Ray, Bob Stevens, Dick Rowe, James Chinn, Art Truitt. Second row: Lloyd Turner, Don Frischer, Gordon Wickstrom, Phil Johnson, Bob Slonecker, Bill Turnley, Paul Starr, Ken Huston, Del Sundberg, Donald Stein. Front row: Dick Phillips, Cliff Schmidt, Ken Wise, Vern Talcott, Jim Buchanan, Bob Whitaker, Roy Craig, Gene Schaefer. 329 VIKING Bob Barnes Bemie Bashford Dick Biedleman Jim Buchanan James Buehring Ken Calkins Ray Chase Bill Chinn James Chinn Bob Classen Merle Colglazier Roy Craig Bob Edwards Mel Freundlick Don Frischer Dick Gale Joe Guiteras MEMBERS Pat Hirami Ken Huston Phil Johnson Bob Law Dick Lines Dick Lyttle Bill Maikovich Don Mattivi Don McClain Harry McMillan Roy Morris Dick Phillips Jack Randle Tony Ray Dick Rowe Gene Schaefer Cliff Schmidt Dave Sheridan Wilbur Sinton Bob Slonecker Paul Starr Donald Stein Bob Stevens Bob Strain Del Sundberg Vem Talcott Fred Todd Art Truitt Lloyd Turner Bill Turnley Chuck Van Meter Bob Whitaker Gordon Wickstrom Ken Wise 330 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS DONALD E. PUCREH POST, Number 5181 OFFICERS Ernest Faussone Commander Robert Greene Sr. Vice Commander James Fay Quartermaster Frank Hellwig Adjutant MEMBERS (Not in picture) John Bernzen Wilbur Burtard Thomas Crosslen Lloyd Flanigan Rufus Johnston James Knap Myron Srader Eddie Martin Back row, left to right: Lyell Rose, Howard Skavdahl, Elmer Johnson, Floyd McGinness, William Wright, Lowell Rose, William Jann. Phil Goldhammer, Richard Johnston, George Ray. Front row: Verle Fischer, Frank Hellwig, Ernest Faussone, Robert Greene, James Fay, WAA EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS Janet Schemmel President Joyce Robinson Vice-president Judy Stearns Secretary Jane Briscoe Treasurer Joan Martin Faculty adviser 331 Nancy Lee Head of intramurals Doris Dice Archery and horseshoes Jean Carlisle Badminton Lucy Smith Baseball Joan Packard Basketball Bev Bridge, Shirley Culbertson Bowling Anne Warren Golf Esther Dodge Hockey Gloria Castle, Harriet Opdyke .... Orcbesis representatives Marian Heinze Porpoise representative Virginia Wachob Publicity director Phyllis Bundy Assistant publicity director Molly Sethman Skiing Carol Packard Tennis Jo Holden Volleyball Carol Untiedt, Mary Lou Aufderheide Freshmen representatives Back row, left to right: Joan Packard. Jo Holden, Jean Carlisle, Esther Dodge, Carol Packard, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Virginia Wachob. Second row: Jane Briscoe, Judy Stearns, Janet Schemmel, Miss Joan Martin, Joyce Robinson, Doris Dice. Front row: Molly Sethman, Shirley Culbertson. Carol Untiedt. Not in picture: Lucy Smith. Nancy Lee. Ann Warren. Marian Heinze. Gloria Castle. 332 WESLEY FOUNDATION (Mewist) WESLEY FOUNDATION COUNCIL Palmer Carlin President Norma Jean Davis Personnel chairman Arthur Burns Secretary Howard Skavdahl Treasurer Rev. William C. Tremmel Director Kathleen Dever Worship chairman Dorothy Stahl Recreation chairman James Sparks , Publicity chairman John B. Cox Forum Chairman May Goodrich Deputations chairman Robert Anderson House government chairman Edith Harms Commissary Chairman Paul Shull Music Chairman Nancy Rohwer Literature chairman Nelson Copley Skyline editor Mary Ellen Oliver Clean-up chairman Leonard McCain Financial secretary Paula Rose Kappa Ph i representative Bill Smith, Gladys Reeves .... Inter-church council representatives Back row, left to right: Edward Metsker, Edward Emery, Donna Tomlin, Paula Rose, Kenneth Boyd. Fifth row: Robert Bainbridge, David Righthouse, Doris Haury, Penny Oliver, Carol Shurtz, Charlotte Brummer, Fac Larson, Raymond Thrower, Fourth row: Roy Swanson, Mary Upton, Betty Burk, Norma Rusler, Wilma Utlaut, Mildred Lacy, Lois Duncan, Aileen Kelly, Pat Moyer, Helen Hatcher. Third row: Ronald Brown, Hal Pyle, William Smith, Paige Carlin, Elma Case, Helen Hanson, Phyllis Coverdell, Marjorie Cooper, Louise Hering, Maxine Ashcraft, Virginia Whiteside, Gladys Reaves, Norman Dahm, Jerry Geroski, Robert Boucher, Molly Brittenham, Melvin Frasier, Jack Heckendorn. Second row: Wayne Canender, J. B. Cox, Howard Skavdahl, James Sparks, Director William C. Tremmel, Mrs. Tremmel, Palmer Carlin, Leonard McCain, Robert Anderson, Florence Rivers, Jean Cauthen. Front row: Merlin Malehorn, Charles Houston, Morris Cavender, Mike Tremmel, Jerry Zimmerman, Stephen Davol, John Smith, Calvin Theiss, Arthur Burns. 333 WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP Presbyterian OFFICERS Janice Sheppard President James A. Buchanan Vice-president Patience Benway Secretary Paul Caplan Treasurer Dr. Percy Buchanan Sponsor COMMISSIONERS Duane Hirsch Faith and life Paul Caplan Stewardship Roy Denham Christian fellowship Tom Garnett Christian outreach COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Joanne Mann Social Robert Wood Recreation Janet Westerwick Program Donald Buchanan Worship Dave Tuthill Publicity Harriet Montgomery Intramurals Elizabeth Kellogg Supper John R. Sheppard Music Helen Alexander Budget Roland Angel Relief Jane O ' Dell Mission Eunice Sanders Membership Elizabeth Spence Evangelism Monta Cook New life moment Ilah Ball Leadership training Marie Harkness Deputations James Buchanan Westminster Lamplighter Back row. left to right: Don Garnett, Dan Harris, Richard Bailey, Charles Baker, David Tutthill, Vern Talcott, Ncal Alcorn, Jim Cratty, Edward Glatz, Rose MorriUe. Fourth row: Jack Sheppard, Keith Duncan, Allen Marnyama, John Goodrow, June Battles, Eunice Sanders, Ruth Carlson, Monta Cook, Freida Mann, Marie Harkness, Harriet Montgomery. Third row: Roland Angel, John Douglass, Ken Wise, John Edgar, Carol Bivans, Frank Henderson, Joan Mann. Shirley Brinks, Jim Brinks, Elizabeth Spence, Elsie Carnahan, Larry Lake. Second row: Anne Melville, Tom Garnett, Roy Denham, Paul Caplan, Janice Sheppard, Dr. Percy Buchanan, Patience Benway, James Buchanan, Duane Hirsh, Betty Kelloge, Miriam Alice Alcorn. Front row: Charlotte Brown, Nancy Vogler, Janet Westerwick, Helen Colmery, Gloria Balch, Nancy Cornelius, Nelly Zandbergen, Annabelle Biggs, Lois McGinnis, Pat Martin. 334 Y. W. C. A. COMMUNITY SERVICE Nancy Sabin Big and little sisters Harriet Lehnen Campfire Judy Stearns Camphre assistant Franny Brown Recreation Dorothy Carpenter Recreation Joan Willis Hospital Nancy Nelson Toy loan DISCUSSION GROUPS Cathy Butto Freshman commissions Carol Van Law Fershman commissions assistant Robin Amsbary Music Ruth Rice Philosophy Back row, left to right: Joan Willis, Carol Van Law. Second row: Nancy Sabin, Ruth Rice, Harriet Lehnen, Francis Brown. Front tow: Judy Stearns, Nancy Nelson, Robin Amsbary, Dorothy Carpenter, Cathy Butto. I ..(•• 335 Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Alice Goalby President Joyce Robinson Vice-president Marjorie Pryor Secretary Janet Schemmel Treasurer Ann Doremus Community service Barbara Carlson Discussion Helen Bigelow Publicity chairman Jo Schwalbe Social chairman Delores Stutheit Membership chairman Joyce Robinson Helen Bigelow Marjorie Pryor Jo Schwalbe Janet Schemmel Dee Stutheit Barbara Carlson Ann Doremus WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR ' S i;V 338 tr-- v;,( ' vv. ' .-: --.-vi ' .-.- o ?n 2 EDITOR: PAT VAN HYNIN6 339 340 Back row, left to right: Gloria Fulton, Mary Warren, Eileen Flatlcy, Margaret E. Fletcher, Mildred J. Hybiak, Carol Strear, Elise Norwood. Margaret Wilkinson, Lou Anne Hinley, Mary Frank Day, Juanita Barrow, Colleen Kenney, Margaret Ann Einspahr, Alice Amber Getzin, Pat Sailor, Marty Scott, Carol Kassler. Third row: Margaret Miller, Juanita Center, Claudia Anderson, Norma Domenico, Lois Hill, Marjorie Pryor, R. D. McVay, V. G. McVay, Bunnie Molnar, Donnis Gallagher, Shirley Tucker, Georgia Woelbing, Donna Mae Schmittel. Second row: Ericka Armstrong, Waymon Alderson, Barbara Wheeler, Lois Nelson, Paulene Kraybill, Alice Battershell, Luella D. Pifer, Mary Lou Blewett, Mary Alice DuPont, Carolyn Kent, Gloria Sundstrom. Front row: Bev Hill, Pat Sellers, Isabelle Craft, Barbara Michell, Carrel Jantzen, Barbara Rauch, Miriam Basch. Marian Hanley. HOUSE OFFICERS Mrs. V. G. McVay House mother Marge Pryor House president Bunny Molnar Vice-president Sue Dickson Secretary Dorothy Fernow Social chairman Marg Einspahr, Flossie Buehler Intramurals chairmen Betty Jo Green Scholarship Marguerite Sobey Song leader A-1 The new upperclass women ' s dorm has a song, pep yells and even " A-1 " hats; all this goes together with intramurals, Ank " tea-time, " basketball and football games. They boast proudly of not only a terrific house mother, Mrs. " Mac " Mc- Vay, but a house father, too. Among its activities, the dorm has given a house warming, organized a choir, had mixed singing with the men ' s dorm units and contributed numerous members to campus organizations. Hats off to Marge Pryor, who heads the " A-Wonders " and is also a member of Miss CU ' s court this year. Back row, lelt to right: Eleanor Lieberknecht, Dolores Lundquist, Margaret Ann Joines, Suzanne Rice, Shirley Wilson, Sue Dickson, Mary Lou Green, Flossie Buehler, Peggy Johnston, Leah Adling, Virginia Asmus. Betty Jo Greene, Mary Sue Ristine, Doris Bogan, Betty Mac Spadden, Alice King, Shirley Bastian, Joan Hett. Third row: Marilee Cooke, Dee Slate, Barbara Bromberg, Gloria Sakol, Marge Pryor. Mr. McVay, Mrs. McVay, Ruth Rice, Joan Templer, Emily Rocque, Fran McComish, Joyce King. Secorjd row: Jimmie June Burt, Leora Murphy, Estella Garrison, Woody Fernow, Mary Moblcy, Nancy Hall, Lola Knobel, Ethel Comins, Norma Delph. Front row: Claire Bidau, Myra Lee Levy, Alice Carnahan. 341 ARMORY HOUSE OFFICERS Mrs. Anita Rockett House mother Joan Willis House president Barbara Hunsucker Vice-president Phyllis Brown Secretary-treasurer Betty Smith Social chairman Irene Brophy, Virginia Taylor Intramurals chairmen Julia Ferguson Publicity chairman Wanda DeBent Song leader Jean Wagner Scholarship Betty Sullivan Activities COUNSELORS Norma Casto Betty Peck Betty Wilson Helen MacLennan The Armory started off the Fall quarter by beating A-1 in baseball 9-5 during rush week. The football game will be played off as soon as A-1 decides on a definite date to back up their challenge. The unique theme of balls and chains was presented at the Armory ' s Fall quarter dance, which hit a new high in " bar " entertainment. (Any similarity to existing condi- tions is purely controversial.) Armory women also pecked consistently at chicken wire in helping to decorate the women ' s residence halls float for the Homecoming celebrations. I I I I I Back row. left to right: Marjorie Bryant, Nona Hadlec, Esther Brunkhardt, Barbara Wehncr, Dorothy Kreul, Anne Jean Worstell. Dee Wells, Martie Hannifin, Margaret Ortncr, Sara Ann Tutt, Lucy Wright, Jean Spencer, Olga Lassik, Margaret Ellerhoff. Margaret Hileman, Doris Daes. Ruth Johnson, Rosemary Hellis, Mary Lucas. Norma Rogers, Marilyn Fleck, Harriet Perry, Joan Amesbury, Lynne Hart, Marjorie Clark. Fourth row: Carol Crosby, Jean Miller, Marjorie Mantey, Rosemary Wallace, Sue Jones, Joyia Teetzel, Elaine Burger, Ruth Carlson. June Battles, Margaret Adams, Bcrte Weinberger. Marilyn Logsdon, Jeanne Billingsley, Judy Ferguson, Ann Davis. Mary Hogelund, Dorothy Krause, Lee Gentsch, Audrey Kitten, Rusty Kitten, Laura Bryan. Dorothy Souser, Shirley Rymcr, Agnes Hunyada, Sheelagh Hanna, Mildred Casper. Third row: Miriam Feucht, Janet Holt, Betty Sullivan, Wanda DeBent, Phyllis Brown, Jean Wagner, Betty Smith, Virginia Taylor, Norma Casto, Joan Willis, Helen Schweizer, Barbara Hunsucker, Helen MacLennan, Betty Peck, Irene Brophy, Betty Wilson, Georgia Taylor, Joan Travis. Second row: Mary Lou Holt. Bonnie Schulz, Marsella Dean, Dorothy Shaw, Beryl Girling, Agnes Geeseka, Keeta Browning, Pat Swanfeldt, Pat Martin, Lois McGinnis, Jane Porter, Jackie Price, Sue Williams, Barbara Wait, Cecilc Abenheimer, Mary Lou Williams. Front row: Bertha Swyer, Margaret Loveland, Opal Robinson, Angie Gosak. Nancy Smith, Joan Atwater, Thelma Spear, Eleanor Goerl. Marie Singleton, Helen Alexander. Edith LufE. Maire Meyer, Kay Hatch. 342 F CAMPUS ClUB OFFICERS Miss Beth Carlson House mother JoanMuth , Coordinator Ruth Rice Planning chairman Veramae Selken . , Auditor Ruth Read Socja chairman MEMBERS Marguerite Beeman Norma Betts Stacy Burke Willie Mae Gillis Jean Hertel Katherine Keating Jane Kragh Virginia Lawson Kay Loete Lora Marlatt Phyllis Meadows Joan Muth Leatrice Parkison Ruth Read Ruth Rice Veramae Selker Muriel Thompson Blanche Warren Jacqueline Wiener Jean Wintersteen The co-operative bunch of girls at the Campus club not only live together companionably but work together to make the co-operative housing project a successful undertaking. . Although they do not have an intramural team of their own they have several girls helping the veterans play ball. Besides this athletic participation they find time be- tween studies for parties and picnics; however, their main interest is their house and the new household appliances which are expected any day now. .ow ,eH to n,H,: Joan Mu.h, Blanche Warren. LeatrUe Parkison, S.acy Burke, Marguerite Beeman, Corinne S.eury, Phyllis M ' eadows, Kay Keating, Veramae Selken, Norma Betts. Second row: Lora Marlatt, Ruth Read, Beth Carlson, Ruthie R.ce, J- " = ragh Fronfrow: Jean Wintersteen. Jacquelyn Wiener. Muriel Thompson, Willie Mae Gdhs. WOMEN ' S DORM. 344 Back TOW, left to right: Gloria Ginsberg. Maria r-n- " Woodrow. Doris Collcpy. Damaris Chas=, Helen Breetwo " . Lenore Breetwor, Helen Zorichak, Joanne Healy, Pat Jensen, Margaret Warren, Beverly Whitley, Nancy Long, Ellen Gray, Margaret Sherlock, Barbara Swann, Mary Ann Bousman, Mary Hick, Billie Smith, Joan Endsley. Fourth row: Charlotte Blanke, Ruth Hutch-nson, Elaine Cooper, Ellen Koch, Susan Nye, Pauline Klune. Janet Hilferty, Cecelia Meister, Joan Gelsin, Louanne Francis, Ethelee Dinner, Margaret Winter, Anne Stailey, Aileen Nance, Marjorie Jeffers, Gladys Henshaw, Phyllis Ellington, Marilyn Safran. Third row: Margaret Hoyt, Mary Anne Butler, Betty Jones, Shirley Kimmel, Carol Earley, Ruth Mary Wilkinson, Frances Abenheimer, Helen Siegwarth, Virginia Erney, Marion Brennan, Mary Ellen McAndrews, Peggy Shaver, Ernestine Heuschkel, Manette Rueb, Janice Spangler, Mary Lee Hughey. Second row: Evelyn Drager, Josephine 0 Done. Annamae Ganatta, Charline Miner, Shirley McConnell, Beverly Boothe, Norma Jean Weiss, Reta Son, Shirley Mergelman, Jean MacMillan, Joanne Fundingsland, Harriet Gauss. Front row: Monta Cook, June Zaitz. Sherli Phillips, Sophie Boss, Eva Lauter, Dorothy Barnhizer, Phyllis Manson, Kay Knott, Phyllis Durbin. Some items that made Bigelow Hall outstanding: the original bulletin boards which could not help winning the blue ribbon; the unusual coffee times honoring disabled veterans from Fitzsimmons hospital ; parties held monthly for the birthday girls, ' get-acquainted " cracker and milk " parties held regularly; and meal-time entertainment by the hashers. Girls say there was never a dull moment in Bigelow, BIGEIOW HAll HOUSE OFFICERS Miss Virginia Erney House mother Cathy Butto House president Sally Neidlinger Vice-president Shirlee Reid Secretary-treasurer Mary Hick, Margaret George Intramurals chairmen Phillis Durbin Social chairman Margaret Sherlock .,.i4cfiVytyes, bulletin board, scrapbook Helen Zorichak Scholarship Helen and Lenore Breetwor Song leaders Mary Ellen McAndrews Publicity chairman Leatrice Reich ISA representative Back row, left to right: Carol Cooper, Rose Alice Gerringcr, Marjorie Sellers, Janet Millard, Shirley Partridge, Beverly Beebc, Nancy Taylor, Joan Silverman, Judy Levy, Shirley Huston, Ruth Moreau, Mary Alice Murphy, Dorothy Spano, Donna Whiting, Sandra Shenefelt, Mary Lamb, Suzanne Brady, Marjorie Dray, Ruby Elliott. Fourth row: Margaret White, Mary Scott, Jane Hill, Joan Fickling, Virginia Flower. Ann Bowie, Marjory Markley, Maxine Ashcraft, Louise Springer, Dorothy Holderness, Mary Ellen Earhart, Shirlee Reid, Paula Hutchings, Barbara Naines, Jean Brandner, Rita Sigman, Helen McClelland. Third row: Mary Upton, Helen Hanson, Phyllis Coverdell, Bernice Dobbs, Shirley Brunk, Janice Havenor, Virginia Erney, Shirley Jones, Elinor Clowes, Mary Cowan, Lou Anna Rose, Holly Mills, Alice Jones, Marylyn Rankin, Second row: Merle MacLaren, Eleanor Duke, Mary Ellen Oliver, Pat Cauthen, Beverly Muser, Sally Neidlinger, Jerry McGraw, Peggy George, Betty Downs, Nona Goldstein, Violet Warder, Erva Jean Alden. Front row: Leatrice Reich, Joan Hollander, Dorothy Driscoll, Mary Jane Guiteras, Janet Woodard, Joan Berry, Ruth Jaggcrs, Shirley Charles, Carol Martin, Shirlee Plack. Back row. left to right: Thelma Morris, Mauri Dyer, Barbara Lane, Mary Jean Hanks. Dolores Ritter, Margaret McCarthy, Lois Peterson, Josephine Bailey, Madge Smith. Norma Rusler, Bettilou Goecker. Barbara Blanchard, Muriel Cibull, Nancy Todd, Phyllis Hold. Phyllis Overholt, Janet Miner. Joanne Harvey, Joan Newman, Patricia Smith, Pat Herber, Barbara Best. Third row: Gwen Garland, Joanne Clark, Valeria Smith, Dorothy Hudler. Barbara Parker. Claire Huber, Jane O ' Dell, Barbara Ensz. Mabel June Holder, Beverly Holiman, Marilyn E. Dixon, Louise Palmer, Ann Brooks, Cyndi Walker, Barb Brickman, Genevieve Duce, Adele Kunkel, Barbara MacCornack. Helen Schmid. Margaret Weiler, Marjory Cooper. Second row: Doris Neithammcr, Jane Reed, Nancy Seebass. Frances Wood, Charlccn Morrison, Jean Macpherson, Marilyn Sweet, Mrs. Nettie Clayton, Marcia Tozer, Miriam Habel, Dionne Cumfer, Reavis Dean Whittlesey, Peggy Malm. Ruth Googe, Pat Lewis. Front row: Rosemary Kubin, Carol Maurek. Barbara Huntington, Nancy Chapman, Dana Hall, Mayme DifFey, Marjorie Chanak, Sharon Dinwiddle, Karen Handwerg. Bernice Kalmans, Ruby Hines, Carol Lee Hendricks, Dclores Stutheit. 34S HOUSE OFFICERS Mrs. Nettie Clayton House mother Delores Stutheit President Karen Handwerg Vice-president Marty Fox Secretary-treasurer Jane Rumble Social chairman Lois Peterson Activity chairman Frances Wood, Margery Moore Intramurals Maureen Dyer Scholarship chairman Mayme Diffey Song leader Barbara Blanchard Publicity chairman Margaret McCarthy ISA Their activities and vivacious personalities have made Harding Hall girls outstanding on the calendar this year. Friday afternoon coffee time featured " Casa Hardino " and the formal dances also contributed to the social cycle. In addition Harding is the proud possessor of the scholar- ship plaque. HARDING HALL Back row. leit to right: Evelyn Gluck, Charlotte Landry, Anne Howard, Wilma Burgener, Mary Jackisch, Barbara Bax, Pat Morgan, Patty Dunn, Jean Ache, Nan Wiener, Martha Fox, Barbara Grove, Norma Wood, Joan LaPook, Natalie Diamond, Doris Haury. Third row: Wilma McNabb. Arlowayne Swort, Georgene Hendrickson, Mary Virginia Smith, Josephine Lerner, Jo-An K. Martin, Helen Hubert, LaVonne Molmen, Marian Fuller. Helen Fuller, Loris Dantice, Patricia Dudley. F. Alfreda Mann. Marie Harkness. Shirley Holm, Charlene Cook. Second row: Marjorie Ann Bertholf, Helen Baxter, Patricia Grimm. Joyce Newell. Jean Gregory, Marjorie Talmage, Mrs. Nettie Clayton, Jane Rumble, Virginia Ann Tessler, Martha Jean Saulcy, Nancy Cornelius, Helen Gist. Front row: Mary Swann, Ann Lindstrom, Agnes Brichacck. Susan Irvine, Margery Moore, Wanda Bowen, Dclores Stutheit, Eloise Taylor, Lois Neuschwanger. Lenisse MankofF, Roslyn Perlmutter. 346 Back row, left to right: Ann Melville, Pauline Maiovrh, Marian Eliason, Charlottr Wai . t.,;, j( ;i:! 0:n ' r:, Virginia Lilliston, Venice Varner, Grace Purviance, Willa Jean Mackey, Ann Argall, Patricia Beeley, Sally tleilzler, Mary Little, Barbara Springer, Margaret Brophy. Third row: Billie Burum, Randy Lamm, Rita Remer, Dione Kallin, Suzanne Taub, Carolyn Clark, Kay Bondus, June Frodin, Caryl Reed, Joan Mueller, Mary Lou Aufderheide, Jane Hobbs, Beverly Hunt, Ruth Wierman, Delores Green, Beverly Witthauer, Alice Murray. Second row: Shirley Calmer, Mary Louise Brown, Betty Zak, Ann Gullberg, Katherine Hartman, Lorraine Strell, Mrs. Kadlec, Gloria Crosby, Charlotte LeFevre, Martha Hall, Jo Ann Firman, Elizabeth Davenport. Front row: Patricia Tondre, Phyllis Carlson, Nancy Burgi, Laurelle Errington, Nancy Garn, Gloria Quick, Charlene Erkins, Wanda Ailenger, Doris Kinsinger, Donna Poland. Lester hall ' s social activities made it one of the more outstanding of the Women ' s Dormitories. These social functions included a fashion show featuring the new look, various coffee times of which Circustime and Coffee Time HOUSE OFFICERS for Fitzsimmons were " extra special, " and the formal, rr i. Fantasy in Frost, which was put on jointly by the four Mrs. Kadlec House mother halls. Lester Hall girls also participated in the decoration Marilyn Ruddy House president of the dorm float for homecoming. Ann Gullberg Vice-president Beverly Hunt Secretary-treasurer Mary Bean Publicity chairman ' " ' - ' Mary Lou Aufderheide, Billie Burum Intramurals Delores Green Song leader Barbara Bendekovic Scholarship chairman Nancy Burgi Social chairman Ruth Wierman Activities chairman LESTER HALL Back row, left to right: Evelyn Norell, Mildred Babovich, Barbara Schlutius, Beverly Leutz, Doris Miller, Susan Plumer, Eleanor Smigelow, Violet Olson, Phyllis Archer, Pat Richards, Marion Weaver, Jane Williamson, Judy Wezclman, Elouise Chapin, Betty Hickle. Third row: Mary Ann Farrell, Mary Margaret Ball, Margaret Peterson, Joan Lott, Audrey Dickens, Mary Arn Faudel, Louise Hlawiczka, Carolyn Richard, Sylvia Hall, Shirley Waymire, Clarise Harms, Catherine Metz. June Ankerman, Ada Morrell, Frances Olson. Second row: Mary Hegwer, Nancy Mitchell, Janet Stein, Cynthia Misroch, Mary Bean. Marilyn Ruddy, Mrs. Kadlec, Marilyn Baker, Shirley Lind, Barbara Pitkin, Beth Bolinger, Gloria Allen, Barbara Bendekovic. Front row: Waunita McMahan. Lois Kesler, Blanche Hardin, Evelyn Jacobson, Polly Peterson, Mary Lou Garver, Beverly Jones, Margaret Staats, Betty Chelf, Jo Eeckhout. Back TOW, left to right: Rosalie Marchtori, Shirley Zarlengu, :, Lcnura Steckel, Lois Folk, Joanne Smith, Betty Lucille Hoepner. Joanna Vandcrwilt, Jeanninc Cowell, Joanne McFarland, Elizabeth Allen, Mary Leah Stewart. Barbara 347 McLaughlin, Joyce Benson, Patricia Holderness, Elsie Carnahan, Henrietta Fine, Shirley Rutledge. Fourth row: Lorell Townsend, Catherine Williams, Petronella Zandbergen, Frances R. Lambert, Clarice Van Eman, Mary Lou Howell, Marion McMillin, Marilyn A. Breinholt, Jean Canino, Martha Jayne Leu, Dorothy Helmkamp, Sue Ann Paper, Charlotte McFadden, Charlotte J. Larson, Marion Hirsch, Lois B. Schoeneck, Cornelia Ruth Brown, Frances Jane Schuller, Shirlenc Burgcsser, Mary Van Carpenter, Mary Jean Humphries. Third row: Willa Bee Robbins, Mary Jean Brown, Dorothy Fink, Carolyn Keil, Marjorie Sherwood, Norma Quinn, Ruthanna Jacobs, Marjorie Carlson, Roberta E. Young, Sally Bailey, Jeanne Lucas, Carolyn Howe, Jaqueline Rich, Cherry P. Wenzel, Margaret Jane Cosslett. Second row: Marion Zary, Betty Jo Otto, Nanon 1. McQuarrie, Shirley Pospahala, Helen Colmery, Harriet Sobenheimer, Lorraine Sandberg, Anne Brown, Kathreen Kostelecky, Ann Filler, Jean Frances Gehlert, Marilyn Hirsch, Elizabeth Carter, Melba M. Frodermann. Front row: Margaret Ann Lawrence. Joanna Nathan, Ruth Coplin, Marilee Butcher, Helen Patricia Hatcher, Katherine Kraushaar, Collette Ireland, Mary Jean Morrow, Joy Carlson, Carla Dahlin, Nona Jane Nathan, Beverly Goldberg. McKenna girls started the year off by participating in the dorm fashion show and since then have entered into many campus activities, among them publications, dra- matics and intramurals. Strictly on the dorm side, they have been kept busy with coffee times, the dorm formal and after-game open houses. Even house meetings have been enlivened by the presentation of skits and readings ; Marj Greenwood, house president, can testify to that. The girls ' scholarship standards are high and they are working with the possession of the Scholarship plaque in mind, even with Vaudeville skits and the Winter Carnival coming on. HOUSE OFFICERS Miss B. J. Gillette House mother Marjorie Greenwood House president Mardell Keene Vice-president Ruth Brown Secretary Carol Untiedt, Lorraine Sandberg. .. ntrajnura s chairmen Ann Filler Social chairman Betty Louanne Gayden Activities, bulletin board, scrapbook Jeanne Larson Scholarship Lenora Steckel Song leader Beverly Rice Publicity chairman McKENNA HAll Back row, left to right: Betty Louanne Gayden, Carol Untiedt, Elizabeth Conrad. Betty Jean Shelley, Shirley Rasmussen, Donna Veach, Joan Montgomery, Joan E. Montague, Marjorie Coursey, Jeanne Hill. Anna Lembcke, Elizabeth L. Parfet, Carol Laing, Jean Jones, Margaret Wood, Ruth Thornton, Betty Lou Minor, Evelyn Killham, Judith Stearns. Fourth row: Martha Nelson, Mardell Keene, Jean Larson, Ann Perriman. Julia St. Clair. Margaret Bell, Tamara Benenson. Gloria Pettit, Billie Dean Ozment. Bonnie Jean Gillette. Marjorie Greenwood, Genevieve Geiger. Betty Mae Palmer, Rena Vassar, Carrie Anderson, Suzanne Stokes, Amelia Potochnik, Phyllis Silvio. Dorothy Yanaru, Alice Tanabe. Third row: Dolores Lasnik, Dorothy Meyers, Glenna Bishopp, Nina Joyce Bonto, Angie K. Mavras. Sally Leahy, Beverly Spielmann, Thelma Shearer. Beverly Rice, Jeanne Holmes, Doris R. Loewenberg, Barbara Ann Bartlctt, Mona Hagen, Doris Marilyn Roberts, Ktmie S ugano, Pat Van Hyning. Second row: Laure Ehrenfreund, Colleen Crowe. Marilyn Marsh. Joyce Bovik. Gloria Ann Balch. Fredericka Jean Thorson. Betty Anne Edwards. Marjorie Freemole, Juanita Howell, Evelyn Hood. Coral de Bell. Martha McCabe. Hisae Inouye. Front row: Beverly Rosenbaum, Bette Harlan, Marjorie Mendels, Jeannine Singleterry, Jearecn Sowell, Fcbronia Roybal» Joyce I. Francis, Rosalie Curry, Katherine L. Bowie, Edna Edwards, Marian Elaine Parsons. 348 Dee Stutheit Harding Marge Pryor A-l Cathy Butto Bigelow Marge Greenwood McKenna Marilyn Ruddy Lester MEN ' S DORM. 350 RESIDENCE HAll ASS ' N OFFICERS Elmer Grosshauser Director Tom Anderson President John Wood Vice-president Herbert Aspinwall Secretary John Hallgren Treasurer BOARD OF ADVISORS Stan Hendrickson Bob Waters J im Bradley Carl Carden Paul Briggs Joseph Murphy Dave Mayhoffer The Men ' s dorm, largest of residence hall units on campus, is composed of 1300 men, and is competently run under the direction of Elmer Grosshauser. Recently added to his man troubles are the new Men ' s dorm units, A-2, A-3, and B-2, which are co-ordinated with the original residence hall. Highlighting fall quarter social events at the dorm was the annual Fall Ball, held in Memorial Ballroom. Other activities include a bridge tournament, intramurals, and plans for exchange dinners with the Women ' s dorm. Back row, left to right: Carl Carden. John Ballard, James Bradley, Jerry Hooper, Russell Johnson, Paul Briggs, John Zisch, Horace Huggins, Clarence Ellis, Lavar Click, Leslie Metzger, Front row; Jim Hammond, Bob Waters, Fred Dumler, Bill Myers, Joe Murphy, Stan Hendrickson, Elmer Grosshauser, Jack Godfrey. 351 STUDENT COUNCIL The Council of the Men ' s dorm is its student govern- ment, and much of the dorm personnel work is carried on by these men. They are responsible for dorm recreational activities and the efficient rurming of the governmental organization. Under their able leadership many new ac- tivities have been introduced into the social program. MEMBERS John Wood Tom Anderson Gardner Stoddard Robert Rolander Gerry Thalhammer Jack Vittetoe Art Tryba Guy Hayes Dan Gross Herbert Aspinwall Brooks Maize Lewis Haney John Hallgren Bob Monson Henry Lane William Bell Don Ingwerson Chuck Allison Paul Rous Back row, left to right: Pete Click, Bob Monson, John Hallgren, Russ Johnson, Tom Anderson, Bill Bell, Don Ingwerson, Paul Rous, Bert Aspinwall, Lou Haney. Second row: Carl Carden, Guy Hayes, Dan Gross, Jack Vittetoe, Brooks Maize, Bert Sommers. Front row: Jack Godfrey, Henry Lane, Chuck Allison, John Wood. 352 HUNTER ' S LODGE We ' ll always remember . . . our excursions in the jeep; picnics in Left-hand canyon; swimming at Allen ' s lake; trips to the Launderette; Friday afternoons, the delicious food ; candle-light din- ners ; the crowded porch swings at 10:20; Mrs. Hunter ' s kindness and understanding — all of which have made the past year a wonderful experience. Back row, left to right: Anne Young, Margie Palmer. Second row: Betty Carleton, Martie Mueller, Phyllis McKinley, Neva Ellis, Pat Wolf, Bette Lee Mitchell. Front row: Norma Nelson, Joyce Doan, Mrs. Hunter, Martha Van Shaw. L :? ' x 353 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OFFICERS Patricia Knudsen President Elva Dulan Vice-president Suiko Kumagai Secretary Minnie Hidaka Treasurer Jane Snyder Social chairman Sue Neve House mother The " I " House, which was begun to promote more friendly relations among students of different nationali- ties, is one of only three or four in the United States. Their members are chosen by their interest in the group and its activities. During the year they participate in Homecoming events, hold quarterly parties for other in- ternational students on campus, and have Sunday evening speakers twice a month. Residents are active in various campus organizations such as Rainbow Alumnae, Home Economics, Equestrian, Chinese, Cosmo, Square Dance, and International Relations Clubs. Scholastically they shine with representatives in Tau Delta, Valkyrie, Delta Phi Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Phi Chi Delta. I I I I Back row, leit to right: Suiko Kumagai, Marilyn Ray, Elva Dulan, Jane Snyder, Irmadean Lampman, Minnie Hidaka. Second row: June Matlock, Esther Allen. Sue Neve, Patricia Knudsen, Geraldine Ashley, Betty Woestman. Front row: Roberta Sharpe. Helen Withington, Bertha Murray. Not pictured: Cleo Main, Violet Chang, Goodie Wong, Angela Poersch. 354 MOORE MANOR HOUSE OFFICERS Mrs. Charlotte Stovall House mother Mary Coleman House president Mary Adams Vice-president Esther Hughes Secretary Effie Jean Day Social chairman Moore Manor, possibly more than any other dormitory on the campus, has seen many changes in the last few years. Three years ago it was a freshman women ' s dormi- tory; last year it was inhabited by veterans; this year finds the Manor ' s residents, graduate students and regis- tered nurses. The girls, led by Mary Coleman, their president, hope to make Moore Manor the headquarters of the Graduate club to which most of them belong. The club is at present without a headquarters, and the Manor plans to give a series of Sunday afternoon teas and other functions which will provide the graduates with a definite social program and a place to carry on their various activities. The women are advised and led by their house mother and dietician, Mrs. Charlotte Stovall. Back row. left to right: Grace Norum, Bertha Wade, Janet Caudell. Alice Billings, Mrs. Lylah Simmers. Elizabeth Duggen, Dorothy Seamen. Ruth Brown. Third row: Joan Mahoney, Carol Ann Frase, Charlotte Lovejoy, Katherine Wogec, Adele Berrian, Nell Logan, Jane Titus, Eddice Barber, Velma Woods, Delilah Hohenstein, Dorothy Hughes. Mrs. Isabella M. Edgar. Second row: Kathryn Eschenberg, Ruth Tupes, Janet McCluer, Mary Adams, Mary Coleman, Mrs. Charlotte Stovall, Esther Hughes, Jean Day, Judith Chasin. Muriel Palmer. Front row: Claire Bates, Jean Wilson. Fay Broyles, Liberty Casali. Betty Moore. 355 ROBINSON ' S The people in these pictures have lots of things to remember about " Mom " and " Pop " Robinson ' s inde- pendent student house. There ' s the breakfast bells that always ring too soon, the refreshments Mom serves at house meetings, the bull sessions lasting far into the night, and the " vie " — always going when we should be studying; not to mention the super meals that " Killer " cooks. But most of all it is the spirit of collegiate friend- ship found at 1121 that makes them sure it ' s the " best house on the hill. " Back row, left to right: Pat Evans, Allen Arringdale, Mr. Robinson. Barbara Reichert, Helen Burris. Kay Teel. Mrs. Robinson, Lois Stopf, Anne Tarbox. Helen Sasick, Norma Jean Dengler, Mary Jo Watson, Mrs. W. C. (Killer) Malzahn, Jerry Whisler. Second row: Marie de Beque, Marie Smith, Rochelle Covici, Lois Murrin, Normalee Gilson, Marietta Levis. Rose Ann Reichert. Helen Leonard. David Waddington, Jack Lichty, Laird Crocher. Front row: Joanns Arringdale. Ruschie Adolph Beverly Losher, Vicky Skeats, Bill Muldrow. 356 REGENT HALL HOUSE OFFICERS Mrs. Riley House mother Alice Goalby President Eileen Hoye Vice-president Lois Jean Hannah Secretary Marguerite Fancher Social chairman Betty Bailey, Molly Brittenham Intramurals Rojean Templeman Publicity chairman Ruth Molidor Song leader Barbara Watson Scholarship chairman Nancy Snyder Activities chairman Evelyn McAninch ISA representative 357 REGENT HALL This year Regent Hall was filled to ca- pacity with girls who hailed from every sec- tion of the country. Not to be forgotten in Regent ' s social activities are the ' Sock Hop " and the Satur- day afternoon coffee hours. The girls helped to make the dorm formal a success and also put in many hours of work on the Homecom- ing float. Regent was active in intramurals and did especially well. Back row, Jeit to right: Donna Schroeder, Bette Roy, Florence Paynter, Anne Follis, Barbara Minckler, Shirley Spraguc, Patty Van Duzce, Nancy Fountain, Virginia Wall, Marie Worsham, Marjorie Newton. Vernetta Weiss, Carolyn Crawford, Shirley Thompson, Barbara Fisher, Naomi Burgum, Dorlee Allison, Kathryn Eccker, Frances Coffey, Marjorie Taylor, Virginia Josselyn, Addie Dillon, Joan Shepherd. Fourth row: Margaret Elaine Seeley, Joyce Woolsey, Lois Thompson, Mary Kay Hustad, Barbara Young. Molly Brittenham, Lorna Hope, Mary Joanne Sinks, Alice Elaine Chester, Jo Ann Wilcox, Grace Pritchett, Angelica Nicothodes, Doris Elaine Schmecckle, Patricia Carroll, Barbara Beuttas, Grace Dobson, Susan West. Joan Schroeder, Jo Anne Wilson, Barbara Lines. Third row: Marguerite Fancher, Leila Baucum, Rojean Tcmpleman, Dorothy Fannin, Alice Goalby, Peggy Champlain, Mrs. Bartholomew, Mrs. M. J. Reilly, Peggy MoUman, Edythe Scott, Ruth Molidor, Kathleen A. Mirabelle, Joan Hilton, Jane Waters. Sarah Adams. Second row: Nancy Snyder, Beverly Brooks, Netta Nichols, Joyce McKeon, Janet Westerwick, Audrey Spannaus, Carol Collins, Betty Houghton, Eileen Hoye, Barbara Watson, Mitzie Lemich, Marjorie Curlce. Leatrice Kehler, Lois Jean Hannah. Front row: Dora Lou Lamer, Barbara N. Moore, Nancy Vogeler, Olive Barham, Verna Mae Bristle, Jean Lee. Betty Bailey. Evelyn McAninch. Mildred A. Lacy, Ruth Schmechel. 358 SUTTON ' S They are known as Sutton ' s gluttons, ' Tho none vie as Betty Huttons. Bull sessions by the scores Discovering the whys and wherefores. Frustrated old-maids not they, Just fun-loving gals, happy, gay. Bowling, records, dancing, shows. Washing, ironing, mending clothes Laughing, crying, ups and downs. Midnight parties — oh those pounds! All these things comprise their life — Single today, tomorrow, a wife? Back row, left to right: Shirley Keim, Jacqueline Barnholtz, Margaret Lundberg, Joyce McCartney. Sally Jeffrey. Rita Arent. Front row: Alyce Hopkins, Meredith Thompson. Mrs. Sutton, Eugenia Miller, Jo Welschmeyer. 359 VETSVIllE OFFICERS Ted Rockafellow Mayor Mrs. Nancy Moore Secretary Don Mason Treasurer Burl James University manager The words that start a well-known campus song — " Far below the busy campus, " have taken on a new meaning for some five hundred student veterans and their families, for it now refers to home, home in several forms — trailers, Quonset huts and barrack apartments. All are supplied through the efforts of the University and the federal government. With the establishment of " Vetsville " in November of 1945, many new and old problems came to an already over- burdened university. The solution came when the University willingly placed these problems in the hands of a governing body they helped set up, composed of citizens of the commu- nity. The value of such a move is evidenced by the neatness and cleanliness of the area, the playground units and the free clinic for the four hundred and some children and the facili- ties of a cooperative grocery and a nursery, soon to be added. The manager of the camp, hired by the University, and the council work together in complete unanimity, which has made the camp a pleasant place to live, especially when one thinks of the housing shortage that exists outside. Standing, left to right: Merle Rogers, Albert Snead, Bill Bealer. Sitting : Weller. Harold McAferty, John Hood, Jim Hopper, Ted Rockafellow, Mrs. Nancy Moore, Mrs. Charles Absent when picture was taken: Don Mason. 360 Top row hit to Tight: Audrey Ahlquist, Eunict Akin. Ilah Ann Ball. Dorothy Baughman. Ruth Bealer. Charlotte Bein EitM row Virginia Bender, Marilyn Bieser. Geraldine Janet Bokorney, Collier Brown, Patricia Burton. Seventh row: Lorraine Calabre.e. Joyce Ann Caton, Shirley Mae Colaiano, Natalie Coursen, Eunice Davies, Marjone Farney. Sixth row: Bonnie Jean For.burg, Doris Fricke, Mabel Fulker, Mary Lou Gla.sburn, Loretta Ground Katherine Jamison Filth row: Arlene Johnson, Edith Johnson, Virginia Kasdorf, Jennette Ladd, Erma Leech, Mildred Ling. rourth row: Barbara May, MacDon.ld, Carolyn Miller. Ellen Jean Nash, Gloria Nearon, Martha Mae Newell Third TOW Mary Jane Oliver, Irene Paquette, Jeanne Pastoret, Virginia Peck, Jane Quinby, Phyllis Quinn. Second row: Marilyn Radke, Nancy Sabin, Leontina Savage, Phyllis Southworth, Beverly Thoma., Elean Tucker. Bottorr, row: Jane Wainscott, Elizabeth J. Williams, Barbara Young. UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S CLUB RESIDENT MEMBERS Audrey Ahlquist Eunice Akin Ilah Ann Ball Dorothy Baughman Ruth Bealer Charlott e Bein Virginia Bender Marilyn Bieser Geraldine Blaser Janet Bokorney Rita Borchers Collier Brown Jimmie Jean Burt Patricia Burton Lorraine Calabrese Joyce Ann Caton Shirley Mae Colaiano Natalie Coursen Eunice Davies Marjorie Farney Bonnie Forsburg Doris Fricke Mabel Fulker Mary Lou Glassburn Loretta Ground Katherine Jamison Arlene Johnson Edith Johnson Virginia Kasforf Jenette Ladd Lois Lauenstein Erma Leech Mildred Ling Mary Mark Barbara May Jessie MacDonald Carolyn Miller Ellen Jean Nash Gloria Nearon Martha Mae Newell Mary Jane Oliver Irene Paquette Jeanne Pastoret Virginia Peck Gloria Proskovec Jane Quinby Phyllic Quinn Jean Raber Marilyn Radke Nancy Sabin Patricia Sammet Leontina Savage Phyllis Southworth Ruth Sterling Beverly Thomas Eleanor Tucker Jane Wainscott Dorothy Weston Elizabeth J. Williams Barbara Young 361 University Women ' s CInb HOUSE OFFICERS Dorothy Weston President Mildred Ling Secretary Gloria Nearon Song Leader Phyl Quinn Social Chairman Irene Paquette Intramurals Manager Erma Leech, Hah Ann Ball, Jane Oliver, Shirley Colaiano, Jane Quinby, Charlotte Bein Floor Representatives With the addition of a new wing last spring thirty-four more girls became resident members of the Women ' s Club and activities got into full swing. When Homecoming rolled around the first place participation cup was copped by the " Ladies of the Lake, " as well as third place award for house decorations. An added honor was the choice of Jeanne Pastoret as a member of the Homecoming Queen ' s court. A formal each quarter, Wednesday afternoon " Party-time " (a new feature) and group meetings occupy a large share of the Women ' s clubbers ' time, yet most of them are also engaged in many outside activities. Outstanding among Women ' s Club residents are: Ruth Bealer, Club President, who was extremely busy with the details of managing a member- ship of some 400 girls; Collier Brown, Vice-president, chosen Miss Organi- zation in Miss CU ' s court. Who ' s Who, past Spur, Orchesis, Senate, and Homecoming Awards Chairman ; Nancy Sabin, Hesperia, Senate, past Spur, Homecoming Secretary; Audrey Ahlquist, Hesperia, past ASUC secretary, past social life editor of S G, Miss Thoughtfulness in Miss CU ' s Court and historian for Women ' s Club. 362 ,., , ow lett to right: Jean Mast. Jean Simmons, Ida Spangler, Shirley Barb. Roberta Kinzer, Marie Penberthy ' , Virginia Whitten, Harriet Montgomery. ,,•„•, Lcld row: Sally Clothier, Lynn Clark. Sue Baskin. Mrs. Willis, Ruth Edwards. Mar, K.ssler. Front row; Sara Shoemaker. Barbara Rentfro. WIIUS ' S 1129 13th Street Back row. lett to right: Bob Kelly. Jane Walthe Williams. .- ,. Second row: Joan Mahoney, Carlann Frase. Mary Lou Harbm. Dallas Calhoun Front row: Ruth Nicholas. Therese Eusterman, May Goodrich. r. Marie Wears. Mary Pearce. Martha Fields, Jack Back row left to right: Lucy Krabbe, Marilyn Hickle, Barbara McCuUough. Shirley Klecker. Erie Phipps, Nome Lann. Second row: Jane Crail, S. J. McClurg, Joan Lundberg, Shirley De Sabota, Eakins Front row: Marie Tretcher. Irene Allen. 363 W ' DUZ DOES KVKRYTHING r ■kn. , K i .jtfv VlAnK.S OK THE AKM ' EDITOR: MARJORIE GROVE ' TLi 368 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Walter Franklin President Gardner Rogers Secretary Dean Harry Carlson Advisor MEMBERS Glenn BuUen Acacia Gardner Rogers Alpha Tau Omega Henry Hutchinson Beta Theta Pi William Young Chi Psi Donald Doyle Delta Sigma Phi John Falkenberg Delta Tau Delta Richard Wicks Kappa Sigma Charles Humphrey Lambda Chi Joe Reynolds Phi Delta Theta Walter Franklin Phi Gamma Delta Bill Martin Phi Kappa Tau Kent Yowell Phi Kappa Psi Bob Rothstein Phi Sigma Delta Robert Hamill Pi Kappa Alpha Jack Hunt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nevin Slawson Sigma Chi Bill Davoren Sigma Nu Tom Walker Sigma Phi Epsilon Charles Hopfinger Theta Xi Robert Hilb Zeta Beta Tau Back TOW. left to right: Slawson, Rothstein, Wicks, Reynolds, Hopfinger, Toops. Second row: Hilb, Jindra, Hamill, Tompkins, Young, Smith, Yowell. Front row: Hcdgccock, Hunt. Rogers, Franklin, Dean Carlson, Humphrey. 369 PANHEILENIC COUNCIL " I OFFICERS Carolyn Smith President Carol Cox ! Vice-president Margaret Anne Forsling Secretary Barbara Jones Treasurer Dean Mary Ethel Ball Advisor Alpha Chi Omega Ann Doremus, President; Ann Seyler, Rush captain Alpha Delta Pi Janet Tozer, President ; Marjorie Jones, Rush captain Alpha Omicorn Pi Carol Cox, President; Jean Darrington, Rush captain Alpha Phi Nancy Strader, President; Frances Simonsen, Rush captain Chi Omega Barbara Ward, President; Kay Hutchinson, Rush captain Delta Delta Delta . Jane Eroddy, President; Donna Robinson, Rush captain Delta Gamma Barbara Jones, President ; Marjorie Nitsch, Rush captain Kappa Alpha Theta .Polly Doolen, President; Jeanne Stanton, Rush captain Kappa Delta Mary Hegwer, President; Pat Walter, Rush captain Kappa Kappa Gamma Betty Bergman, President; Virginia Writer, Rush captain Pi Beta Phi Margaret Anne Forsling, President ; Mary Alice Cook, Rush captain Sigma Delta Tau Dorothy Goldfogel, President; Janyce Aaron, Rush captain Zeta Tau Alpha Barbara Funk, President; Sue Shumacher, Rush captain Back row, left to right: Simonsen, Writer, Bergman, Nitsch, Scyler. Dooien. Doremus, Ward. Aaron, Funk. Second row: Darrington, Forsling, Smith, Dean Ball, Cox, B. Jones, Goldfogel. Schumacher. Front row: Tozer, M. Jones, Strader, Eroddy, Kaub, Hutchinson. 370 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ACTIVES Doremus, Ann, Denver. Colo ' 48 Altvater. Ella June, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bittner, Dolores. Denver. Colo _ ' 49 Bragg, Vivian, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bristol. Gayle, Denver, Colo ' 50 Carlisle, Joan, Chicago, 111 ' SO Crowe. Jeanette, Wheatridge, Colo 49 Davis, Cherie, Englewood, Colo ' 50 Derry. Barbara, Piedmont, Calif 50 Dice. Doris, Whittier, Calif ' 49 Edwards, Virginia, Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Ferguson, Helen, Denver Colo _ .... ' 48 Fiolkoski, Jean, Broomfield, Colo ' 50 Fortna. Jean. Denver. Colo ' 49 Guy. Nancy, Chicago. Ill _ ' 48 Herald, Helen, Austin. Tex ' 48 Keirnes. Dayle, Fort Morgan, Colo 49 Kirkberg. Bonnie, Fort Dodge, Iowa 48 Morse. Marjorie, Mankato. Minn. _ ' 4S Nudera, Alice, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 Oliver. Audrey, Glendale, Calif ' 49 Pierce, Merilyn. Golden, Colo ' 49 Porter, Mary Lou, Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 Price, Barbara, Twin Falls. Idaho ' 48 Price. Ruth Louise, Arvada, Colo 48 Putnam. Phyllis, Thensville, Wis ' 50 Sethman, Dodi, Denver, Colo 50 Sethman. Marjorie. Denver, Colo. ' 48 Sethman. Molly, Denver, Colo 48 Seyler. Anne, Denver, Colo ' 49 Smith. Lucy Jane, Meeker, Colo _ 48 Spoon, Ann. Des Moines, Iowa ' 49 Steel, Laurie, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 49 Wenzel, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 48 Williams, Patricia. Rocky Ford. Colo ' 50 PLEDGES Anderson. Linnea, Denver, Colo ' 50 Calhoun. Shirley, North Platte, Neb [50 Corre, Barbara, Boulder, Colo 51 Clowe, Colleen, Sal Ida, Colo. ' 51 Driscoll, Dorothy, La Junta, Colo ' 51 Erlandson, Shirley, Red CUffe, Colo ' 49 Gallagher. Donnis, Glenwood Springs, Colo S0 Geiger, Genevieve, Denver, Colo .V ' 51 Gills, Margaret, Corona, Calif .: . 5( Gu it eras. Mary Jane, Denver, Colo . ' 5( Holde-, Mabel June, Reeky Ford, Colo ;. ' 5 " Howell. Juanita. Belle Fourchc, S. D ' . 5 Lang, Dorothy, Denver. Colo ... ' 5( Law, Betty, Boulder. Colo . 5 Merge Iman. Shirley, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 5 Nelson. Martha. Idaho Springs. Ida. ,. ' 5 Nolde. Sue. Deerfield, 111 . ' 5 Scott, Martha, Little Rock. Ark .,. . ' 5 Shaff, Lynn. Camanche. Iowa y. 5 Sprague. Shirley, Glendale, Calif...., . - ' 5 Thomas. Elinor, Denver, Colo X ' 5 Warren. Mary. Amarillo, Tex. . ' 4 Weathers, Shirley, Denver, Colo. Wood, Norma, Colorado Springs, Colo Light, Audrey, Steamboat Springs, Colo.. Reid, Shirley, Denver, Colo. 371 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega began the year by winning first place in the AWS Vaudeville skit competition with a musical phantasy under the direction of Maureen Kilzer. Working on committees and float and house decorations, the Alpha Chi ' s were well represented in the CU Days activities. During the spring quarter Ruth Hagan and Jesse Haney were elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Chi also placed second in scholarship for the year. The social season, filled with picnics, teas, exchange dinners and tea dances, was highlighted by a dinner dance at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver, and by the spring formal, " Night and Day, " given by the chapter for the seniors. In mid-June Ann Doremus attended the national convention held at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, Canada. During the fall quarter 28 girls were pledged. The Founders ' Day banquet was held in October, and the Pledge Formal given by the active chapter took place on November 22. Active in campus affairs are the following: Carol Wenzel — Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Sigma Iota, WAA, Orchesis, and Secretary of the French club; Molly Sethman — past member of the House of Repre- sentatives, Coloradan, Ski Club, Phi Sigma Iota, WAA board member, French club, and Spanish club; Doris Dice — Hesperia, AWS vaudeville committee, WAA board member. Ski club, Tau Delta, secretary of CU Days, 1947; Ann Seyler — secretary of AWS, Senate, Spur, Geography club, WAA; and Jean Fortna — Spur, House of Representatives, Boots and Calico club. OFFICERS Ann Doremus President Barbara Price Vice-president Carol Wenzel Secretary Helen Herald Treasurer Mrs. E. C. Morgan House mother 372 ALPHA DELTA PI ACTIVES Tozer, Janet, Windsor, Colo ' 48 Baldwin, Bebe, Kingsdown, Kans ' 48 Belsan, Charlotte, Cleveland, Ohio ' 50 Benton, Rosalie, Andover, Mass ' 49 Boltz, Arlene, Dighton, Kans ' 48 Boltz, Eleanor, Dighton, Kans ' 50 Chelf, Jennine, Canon City, Colo ' 50 Cushing, Theo, Louviers, Colo ' 50 Davidson, Joyce, Wilmette. Ill ' 50 Dennis, Colleen, Kit Carson, Colo ' 49 Dillingham, Ruby, Littleton. Colo ' 49 Emmett, Lesly, Denver, Colo ' 49 Froese, Harriet, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gamble, Marilyn, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Grace, Gene, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Hahs, Nan, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Hauth. Peggy, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Holzer, Charlotte, Aurora, Colo ' 50 Johnson, Lou, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Jones, Marjorie, Trinidad, Colo ' 48 Kubik, Jean, La Grange, 111 ' 50 McClintock, Barbara, San Francisco, Calif ' 50 Moore, Marilyn, Dalhart, Tex ' 48 Mueller, Elinor, Davenport, Iowa ' 48 Phillips, Judy, Denver, Colo ' 47 Potter, Margaret, Casper, Wyo ' 48 Reeves, Joyce, Claremont, Calif ' 50 Richardson, Rita, Summit, N. J ' 48 Rowe, Lois, River Forest, 111 ' 48 Schlaefle, Imogene, Denver, Colo ' 49 Shaw, Margie, Greeley, Colo...-- ' 50 Smith, Virginia, Santa Fe, N, Mex ' 5». Speck, Joyce, San Marino, Calif ' 50 Yealy, Jane, Derry, Penn ]49 Zugelder, Vera Jo, Gunnison, Colo ' 50 Friel, Shirley, Glastonbury, Conn ' 50 Hoffman, Jo Ann, Arvada, Colo ' 49 Kikel, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Klovstad, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 50 McGuire, Mickey, Algona, Iowa ' 47 Mihalik, Polly, Riverside, 111 [49 Pearce, Janet, La Junta, Colo ' 50 Schlesinger, Barbara, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Sutter, Anne, Brownsville, Tex ' 47 PLEDGES Alexander, Joan, Webster City, Iowa ]49 Allen, Gloria, Englewood, Colo - ]51 Ankenman, June, Englewood, Colo ' 51 Battershell, Alice, La Grange, 111 ' 50 Bucek, Delores, San Francisco, Calif ' 50 Chelf, Betty, Englewood, Colo - ' SI Cornelius, Nancy, Monta Vista, Colo ' SI Coursey, Marjorie, North Platte, Neb ' 51 Downs, Betty, Evergreen, Colo ' 51 Duke, Eleanor, Rockville Center, N. Y ' 51 Hanks, Mary Jean, Denver, Colo ' 51 Harlan, Bette, Trinidad, Colo ' 51 Hill, Jean, Denver, Colo ' SI Hume, Nancy, Grand Junction, Colo ' 49 Johnson, Pat, Longmont, Colo ' 51 Jones, Beverly, Fort Morgan, Colo... ' 51 Jones, Shirley, Bismarck. N. Dak |51 Lindstrom, Anne, Warsaw, N. Y ' 51 McFadden, Charlotte, Lyoni, Colo.. . ' 51 Mihalik, Ileana, Riverside, 111. ' 51 Owens, Shirley, St. Louis, Mo ' 49 Rutledge, Shirley, Lovelani Colo. ' 51 Saulcy, Martha, Loveland. Colo ' 51 Taylor, Eloise. Alamosa, Colo... ' 51 Tozer, Marcia. Windsor, Colo.. ' 51 Travii, Joan, Ft, Morgan, Colo. ' 4 Warder, Violet, Springer, N. Mex ' S: Wilcox, Jo Ann, De Kalb, 111 % Tessler, Virginia, Blanca. Colo. r .ii.uiii ' t! 373 ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Delt diaries this year were full of exciting events. With the annual Spring Violet dinner-dance and our Founders ' Day celebrations still fresh in our memories, we began the year with a very successful Rush week, resulting in our " biggest ever " pledge class. Our prize-winning float, a pink cash register, complete with human dollars, was a highlight of the fall quarter. Novelty was introduced in the season with the ad- vent of a costume exchange dinner with the hashers — featuring the girls who substituted in the kitchen. A Halloween hayride, tea dances, and picnics rounded out the social schedule. In November, the chapter welcomed the national Alpha Delta Pi officers for their short stay in Colorado while they attended the National Panhellenic Confer- ence. Our fall pledge dance consisted of an imaginary evening at a grand opening of the Central City Opera house. Two Alpha Delts who are outstanding in campus affairs are: Harriet Froese — S G, Coloradan, Window, Intramurals, Greek Combine, Business homecoming committee, plus various other activities; and Charlotte Belsan — Coloradan, choir. Window, Homecoming com- mittee, opera production. OFFICERS Janet Tozer President Imogene Schlaefle Vice-President Margaret Potter Secretary Ruby Dillingham Treasurer Mrs. Nell Butcher House Mother 374 Alpha Omicron Pi ACTIVES Cox, Carol, San Francisco, Calif ' 48 Alexander, Dorothy, Arvada, Colo ' 5fl Applequist, Ruth, Chicago, 111 ' 45 Bach. Elaine, Evanston, 111 ' 4t Bell, Celia, Harriston, Ark ' 4t Bryant, Eloise, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 5C Callahan, Rosemary, Independence, Kans ' 4f Cliff, Lorraine, Littleton, Colo ' 4S Chalmers, Jane, Houston, Tex ' 4( Coleman, Jeanne, Wilmette, 111 ' 4S Conn ell, Colleen, Boulder, Colo ' V Darrington, Jean, Crete, Nebr ,. S( Ferguson, Claire, Tucumcari, New Mex , ' A ' l Flores, Marge, Fort Collins, Colo ' 5( Fountain, Patricia, Detroit, Mich... ' 4( Ganatta, Lettybelle, Denver, Colo ' 4 HoUingworth, Patricia, Granby, Colo „ ' 4! Illium, Joan, Winnetka, 111 ._ - ' 4! Jensen, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 4! King, Lee, Golden, Colo ' ti Lamar, Paula, Houston, Tex ' 4! Long, LaVeme, Boulder, Colo ' 41 Lutz, Beverly, Belle Glade, Fla ' 4! Maize, Norine, Germantown, Tenn ' 4! Major, Dorothy, Wilson, Kans ' 4J Maly, Joan, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 4! Minges, Nona, Arvada, Colo ' 51 Nicklos, Peg, Las Animas, Colo 4! Olson, Betty Jo, Arvada, Colo ' 4! Rose, Caroline, Denver, Colo ' 4: Reese, Martha, Atchinson, Kans ' 4! Tail, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 5i Vanderwilt, Christine, Denver, Colo 4: Willcox, Jean, Atladena, Calif " 4 Wirth, Marilyn, Oak Park, 111 ' 4 Yockers, Eleanor, Salina, Kans ' 5 Adcock, Joyce, Windsor, Colo 5 Hinkle, Joyce, Temple, Tex 5 Spears, Barbara Johnson, Boulder, Colo ' 4 PLEDGES Barnhizer, Dorothy, Gary, Ind ' 5 Baucum, Leila, Vernal, Utah ' 5 Blewett, Mary Lou, Denver, Colo....i:::i ....- ' 5 Franklin, Margaret, Oregon, 111 . , ' 5 Ganatta, Annatnae, Denver, Colo 5 Goecker, Bettilou, Fort Morgan, Colo ' 5 Hedberg, Joan, Chicago, Ill. ..-. - ' h " ' Jones, Alice, Denver, Colo ....} . Va ' a imi " ' 5 Jones, Betty, Denver, Colo — ri - — i Leutz, Beverly. Taylor, N. D ....j.. ' Meline, Virginia, Juleaberg, Colo., i ' . Miller, Mary Jane, Collinsville, 111. ' • Miner, Charline, Denver, Colo. ' Stewart, Alaine, Denver. Colo , ' Weaver, Marion, Birmingham, Mich ,| Weiss, Norma Jean, Chicago, 111 Woodrow, Marianne, Denver, Colo — ' Wuethrich, Anne, Wilmington, Del ' Zandbergen, Petronel la, Long Island, N. Y ' Brennan, Marion, Tarrytown, N. Y — ' Broxon. Patricia. Boulder, Colo. — ii ' Fink, Dorothy, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' t , ' Lowe, Janet, Long Beach, Calif Li, 4 Shelley. Betty Jean, Longmont, Col«.,...,.l| Shepherd, Joan, Denver, Colo Vanderwilt, Joanna. Denver, Colo... .V Van Duzee, Patrici , Hamburg. N. Walker. Cynthia, Chicago, 111 Watson, Barbara, New Orleans, La.. 375 ALPHA OMICRON PI Residing in a traditional English house with a moat rambling through the front yard, the Alpha O ' s returned in September to a remodeled dining room and kitchen to begin another fast-paced year. Among the scheduled events was a formal tea for the new housemother, Mrs. Fay N. McCoy, held October 12. Besides exchange dinners and tea dances, the pledge formal, " Autumn Seranade, " was held October 22. Chi Delta chapter was honored to have as house-guest No- vember 15, 16, and 17, Muriel S. McKinney, national president. Reviewing last year, the AOPi ' s won the intramural participation plaque; Jean Darrington was one of the candidates for CU Day ' s queen; Ellen Gray received honorable mention for Coloradan queen and Jane Hardy was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. In the AWS Vaude- ville, the Chi Deltans portrayed " The Condossacks " singers. Participating in the CU Day ' s song fest, they sang " You ' ll Never Walk Alone " from " Carousel. " The remaining weeks of the spring quarter included another formal, " Dreamtime, " held at the chapter house. Outstanding women are Caroline Rose — Player ' s Club, Honors, Dodo, Shakespeare club, and Women ' s club; Elaine Bach — Student Personnel council. Social coordinating committee, and Senate social committee; Lee King — secretary of Greek Combine, Student Center committee, PanHellenic executive committee, junior nominating committee, S G, Coloradan and Tau Delta honorary. OFFICERS Carol Cox President Joan Jensen . Vice-President Lettybelle Ganatta Secretary La Verne Long Treasurer Mrs. Fay N. McCoy House Mother 37( ALPHA PHI ACTIVES Strader, Nancy, Evanston, III i Adams, Dorothy, Birmingham, Mich ' ; Babington, Lynn, Minneapolis, Minn J Brickham. Virginia, Denver, Colo l Browning, Ann, Denver, Colo i Brownne, Kay, Denver, Colo i Burnard, Jean, Denver, Colo ' Chambers, Mary Alice, Minneapolis, Minn. Cohoe, Gail, Hibbing, Minn ' Currier, Phyllis, May wood. III i Davis, Marion, Gainesville, Tex i Dean, Jane, Denver, Colo ' Everham, Hope, Wilmette. Ill i Fleck, Betty Lou, Bismark, N. D ' i Grimm, Danny, Evanston, 111 i Heffron, Corinne, Denver, Colo i Howells, Mary Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo ' i Ketcham, Jerrie, Kenilworth, Ill._ ' « Koch. Wanda, Denver, Colo ' Lawson, Joan, Kenilworth, 111 ' A Love. Betty, Taylorville, 111 M Merry, Anne, Evanston, 111 ' j Meyer, Jean, Arlington Heights, 111 ' S Miller, Marilyn, Wilmette, 111 5 Nolan, Mary Ann, Casper, Wye ' A Olsen, Joan, Boone, la ' 5 Rolander. Marjorie, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 5 Sharp. Joanne, Piedmont, Calif. ' 4 Simonsen, Frances, Glenview, 111 ' A Smith, Carolyn, Sioux City, la M Smith, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 4 Starbuck, Lois Jean, Greeley, Colo ' A Tatge. Dayne, Chicago, 111 5 Thompson. Carol, Denver, Colo S TuUer, June, Chicago, 111 ' j Van DeCar, Helen. Colorado Springs, Colo M berreau, Jean, Minneapolis, Minn. S Gorder, Pat, Longmont. Colo. 4 Herman, Sheila, Denver, Colo ' 4 Kettle. Marybelle, Westcliff, Colo ' 4 Lauterbach, Beverly, Denver, Colo _ ' 4 Paulson, Mary Lee, Fargo, N. D. ' 4 Peterson, Phyllis, Loveland, Colo ' 4 Quinette, Jean, Houston, Tex 4 Schemmel, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 4 PLEDGES Atwater, Joan, Glendale, Calif ' Si Breitenstein. Jane, Birmingham, Mich 5i Brooks, Ann, Fairmont, Minn 5 Brown. Mary Jane, Winnetka. Ill ' 5 Cowell. Jeannine, Denver, Co1o.,..h,. 5 Fleck, Marilyn, Bismarck, N. D....!JN.. . ' 5 Follis, Ann, Glendale, Calif ,...... 5 Fox, Martha, Birmingharn. Mich. ' . ' 5 Grimm. Patricia, Evanston, 111... ' 5 Hall. Dana, Bismarck. N. D :. ' 5 Hanna. Shcelagh, San Diego, Calif ' 5 Huntington, Barbara, Denver, Colo .. ' 5 Jacobson, Evelyn Jean, Dearborn, Mich. ... ' . ' Jenkins, Margaret, Houston. Tex ' . ' Koch, Ellen, Denver, Colo ' . ' Kostelecky, Kathreen, Dickinson, N. D ' . ' Minckler, Barbara. Glendale, Calif J . ' Morrill, Ada Nicholson, Highland Park, 111. . .:: McGec, Lucille. Casper, Wyo ' . McLaughlin. Barbara, Minneapolis. Minn... ' . Peterson, Pollyanna. Loveland. Colo.. Purviance, Grace. Palo Alto, Calif , Reed. Jaae, Greeley. Colo, .V... Rogers. Mary. Birmingham. Mich.... Seebass, Nancy, Greeley, Colo... Templar, Joan, Arkansas City. Kap Handwerg, Karen. Palo Alto, Jw|Iif.. Irvine, Sue, Iron River, Mich.! Larson, Jeanne, Chicago. Ill Ozment. Billie. Pond Creek. Okla Parker, Barbara, Denver. Colo 377 The Phi ' s majored in winning prizes and started off by capturing first place in the ice sculpturing contest during CU ' s first Winter Carnival, held last year. Dur- ing CU Days, the Phi ' s — not satisfied with one prize — placed in the Song Fest, float, and house decorations, winning second place in the float competition. Spring quarter was climaxed in the late part of May with the spring formal in honor of the seniors. This dinner-dance was held at beautiful Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. A great deal of hilarity was provided by mim- icking juniors at the annual senior breakfast, which was also held in May. Fall quarter started with the Founders ' Day ban- quet in October commemorating Alpha Phi ' s seventy- fifth year. The Alpha Phi ' s varied the traditional tea dances this fall with unusual themes such as a " sur- pressed desire " party and an " after-ski " party. Outstanding Alpha Phi ' s are the Mortar Board members, Carolyn Smith, Mac Chambers, and Nancy Strader. Carolyn is also Panhellenic president, and Nancy is president of Alpha Phi and vice-president of AWS. Mac fills the position of business manager on the Coloradan staff. Hesperia includes two Alpha Phi ' s this year: Janet Schemmel, president, and Kay Brownne. Yes, the Phi ' s have had fun this year and hope the dinners, dances, and days of the future will be as happy. OFFICERS Nancy Strader President Phyllis Currier Vice-president Carolyn Smith Secretary Marybelle Kettle Treasurer Mrs. Frank Streamer House mother 378 CHI OMEGA ACTIVES Ward, Barbara, Boulder, Colo. ' 48 Bennetts, Alice, Denver, Colo 50 Brooke, Suzanne, Oregon, III ' 50 Buck, Shirley, Streator, 111 ' 48 Burling, Ann, Altadena, Calif .W. ' 49 Carney, Jane, Bartlesville, Okla ' 50 Coyne, Elaine, Fort Madison, la _ ' 48 Dall, Marilyn, Libertyville, 111 ' 49 Freemole, Rita. Belle Fourche, S. D ' 49 Gould, Virginia, Dayton, Ohio ' 50 Hall, Merrie, Mesa Verde Nat ' l Park ' 49 Hanset, Connie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Horn, Barbara, Goodland, Kans ' 50 Huckins, Linda, River Forest, III ' 50 Hutchison, Kay. Boulder, Colo. ' 50 James, Noreen, Dalhart, Tex ' 48 Jones, Judy, Hammond, Ind. ' 50 Joslyn, Peggy, Denver, Colo, ' 50 Knox, Barbara, Memphis, Tenn ' 48 Lee, Ellen, Lamar, Colo -. ' 48 Lewis, Gwen, Grosse Point, Mich ' 48 Martz, Dorothy, Denver, Colo _ ' 48 Mathews, Ellanore, Silvcrton, Colo . ' 48 McKelvy, Joanne, Bartlesville, Okla ' 50 Nafe, Betty Lou, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Nero, Patricia, Washington, D. C ' 49 Opdycke, Harriet, Boulder, Colo ...- ' 49 Poor, Jayne. Streator, III 48 Probert, Lyle, Pachuca Hidalgo, Mcx ' 50 Rennicke, Barbara Ann. Downers Grove. Ill ' 49 Reynolds, Ann, Glen Ellyn, 111. ' 50 St. Clair, Patsy, Port Washington, N. Y ' 48 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo _ ' 49 Thayer, Margaret, San Marino, Calif ' 49 Weber. Mary Louise, Hutchinson, Kan..__ ' 49 Welcher, Peggy, Belvidere, 111. ' 50 Anderson, Ruth, Denver, Colo _.„. 50 Carr, Dorothy, Denison, la ' 49 Gill, Dorothy, Decatur, 11! ' 49 Helsel, Joanne, Wichita, Kan ' 48 Jackson, Betty, Denver, Colo. ' 48 Leslie, Mary Elizabeth, Glen Ellyn, 111 ' 49 Moore, Marilyn, Washington, D. C. ' 49 Morgan, Mirian, Denver, Colo ' 50 Smith, Sue, Winnetka, 111 ' 49 Staufenberg, Isabel. Glen Ellyn, 111 ' 49 Wagner, Patricia, Garden City, N. Y ' 50 Wivell, Emma Lou. North Platte, Neb ' 49 Wright, Rosemary, River Forest, III ' 48 PLEDGES Bowser, Jenny. Dayton, Ohio ' 51 Chapman, Nancy. Casper, Yyo ' 51 Comer, Joan, Wichita, Kan. ' 51 Duce, Genevieve, Caripita, Venezuela, S. A ' 51 Fancher, Marguerite, Atlanta, Ga S1 Girling, Beryl Lee, Austin, Colo 49 Habel, Miriam, Elmhurst, III ' 51 Hall, Sylvia, Mesa Verde Nat ' l Parke, Colo ' 51 Hartman, Katie, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 51 Hiblcr, Joan, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Hibler, Nydabelle, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Keil. Carolyn, Decatur, 111 ' 51 MacLaren. Merle, Fort Worth, Tex ' 51 Miller, Jeanne, Lush, Wyo ' 49 Mills, Holly, Torrington. Wyo ' 51 Molidor, Ruth Clare. Libertyville, 111 ' 51 Neithammer, Doris, Casper, Wyo ' 51 Otto, Betty Jo. Denver, Colo ' 51 Partridge. Shirley, Raton, N. M ' 51 Quick, Gloria, Swarthmore. Pa ' 51 Rice, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rose, Lou Anna, Denver, Colo ' 51 Ross, Mareta, Boulder, Colo . . Sl Smith, Betty, Arkansas City. Kan. ' 49 Spannous, Audrey, Pueblo, Colo... ' 51 St. Clair, Julia, Port Washington, N. V ' 51 Talmadge, Marjorie, Fort Collins, Colo ' 51 Wilkenson, Ruth Mary, Enid, Okla. ' 51 Worley, Frances, Monte Vista, Colo ' 49 Freemole, Marjorie, Belle Fourche, S. Da .. ' 51 Gerringer, Rose Alice, Fairplay, Colo ' 51 Laing, Carol, Sauneming, 111. ' 49 Murray, Violet, Denver, Colo ' 51 Phillips. Sherli, Boise. Ida ' 51 Reed. Carol Lee. Monte Vista. Colo ' 51 Thompson, Shirley, Boulder, Colo. ' 51 379 CHI OMEGA Versatility became the by-word of Chi Omega dur- ing the last year as the " X " and Horseshoe entered into top campus and social activities. Also Zeta chapter had the pleasure of meeting Mary Love Collins, national president of Chi Omega, last November when a tea was held in Mrs. Collins ' honor at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver. CU Days last spring is well-remembered with Chi Omega represented as song fest finalist, and Veely Turgeon, queen finalist. Marty Huggins held the pub- licity chairmanship, and the other CU committees were well backed by the Cardinal and Straw. Homecoming this fall brought honorable mention to the Chi Omega float. Pleasant memories are recalled by the fall pledge formal when Chi O ' s and their dates danced literally in " heaven. " Smaller but no less important social functions included skirt and sweater tea dances. Flagstaff picnics and exchange dinners. Chi Omega ' s pledge class sur- prised the actives with two pledge sneaks last fall, one with Phi Gamma Delta and the other with the Sigma Nu pledges. Chi O ' s prominent in campus life include Betty Lou Nafe, president of Beta Sigma and member of the ASUC academic and election committees and Barbara Ward, Greek combine and the Social Coordination committee. Senior Orchesis claims Jayne Poor, Alice Bennetts and Jane Carney. Jayne Poor is well-known for her dance performances during CU Days and Homecoming. Pub- lication staifs list Rosemary Wright and Lonnie Math- ews on the editorial staff of Silver and Gold and Dotty Martz as office manager for the Silver and Gold. Chi Omegas are well-represented in other honoraries and all other campus organizations. OFFICERS Barbara Ward President Betty Lou Nafe Vice-president Barbara Rennicke Secretary Patricia St. Clair Treasurer Mrs. William Venrick House mother 380 DELIA DELTA DELTA ACTIVES Eroddy, Jane, Englewood, Colo. ' 48 Adams, Mary Jo, Raton, N. M ' 50 Berks tresser, Joanne, Sterling, Colo ' 49 Bjork, Jean, Evans ton. 111 49 Burks, Bette, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Calonge, Winifred, La Junta, Colo ' 50 Capes, Montie, Littleton, Colo ' 49 Clement, Cindy, Denver, Colo ' 48 Corbit, Sally, So. Pasadena, Calif ' 48 Gardner, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 49 Garlinghouse, Peggy, So. Pasadena, Calif ' 50 Gaunt, Elizabeth, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Goedde, Mary, Long Beach, Calif 49 Gregg, Muriel, Englewood, Colo ' 48 Hall, Patsy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hayes, Pamela. Berkley, Calif ' 50 Heisterman, Mary Lou, Wheaton, 111 ' 50 Herigstad, EUamae, Denver, Colo ' 48 Jones, Frances, Tulsa, Okla _ _ ' 48 King, Patricia. Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Ktngdon, Louise, Denver, Colo .... ' 50 Krier, Pauline, Walsenburg, Colo ' 50 Leonard, Dorene. Boulder, Colo _ 50 Lindenman, Joan, Twin Falls, Ida ' 48 Mann, Helen, Hinsdale, 111 ' 48 Mathews, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Moosdorf, Louise, Denver, Colo ' 50 Mueller, Betty Ann, Denver, Colo 50 O ' Donnell, Shirley, Denver, Colo. ' 48 Rich, Mary Susan, Denver, Colo 48 Robertson, Virginia, Wichita Falls, Tex ' 50 Robinson, Donna, Denver, Colo ' 50 Robinson, Joyce, Denver, Colo „ ' 48 Rose, Paula, Boulder, Colo 49 Schnebergcr, Jane, Chicago, 111 _ ' 50 Schwalbe, Jo Anne, Denver, Colo 49 Sorensen, Shirley, Denver, Colo „ 49 Steik, Carolyn, Upper Mountclair, N. J 50 Stevens, Jo Anne, El Paso, Tex „ ' 50 Stoffel, Mary, Denver, Colo. „ ' 50 Stranahan, Mary Jane, Buena Vista, Colo ' 49 Torgerson, Arlene, Denver, Colo ' 50 Wilder, Doris, Denver, Colo ' 4fi Williams, Esther, Los Angeles, Calif ' 5C Barcus, Norma Jean, Englewood, Colo. 5Q: Binkley, Alice, Denver, Colo 4S Chavez, Carol, San Juan, Puerto Rico 49 Evans, Marilyn, Oakland. Calif ' 50 Fitz, Patty, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 4? Goalby, Alice, Denver, Colo ' 43 Gresset, Martha, Denver, Colo. ' 49 Henry, Anita Jo, Hutchinson, Kans ' 4? Hunt, Peggy, Denver, Colo. 5C Kaub, Elaine, Denver, Colo 45 Morgan, Betty, Billings, Mont ' 4s Nickel, Helen, Denver, Colo ' 5C Price, Rene, Boulder, Colo 5C Sandmann, Dotty, Loveland, Colo ' 4 Smith, Kathryn, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 4f Van Law, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 5( Wachob, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 5( PLEDGES Chmelik, Sally, Joliet, III ' 5 ' Collopy, Doris, Denver, Colo ' 5 Cowan, Mary, Idaho Falls, Ida ' 5 Fountain, Nancy, Sloan, la ' 5 Humphries, Mary Jean, La Junti, Colo . ' 5 Kesler, Lois, Denver, Colo _ , 5 Lott, Joan, La Junta, Colo _ 5 Mandel, Marjorte, La Grange, III. ' 5 Maurek, Carol, Clinton. la S Nelson, Lois, Kansas City, Mo . ' 4 Paynter, Florence, Brush. Colo „ ' 5 Stewart, Mary, Sterling. Colo « i Waymire, Shirley, Brighton, Colo Ji Wenzel, Cherry, Denver, Colo „, ' f Woodard, Janet, Sagauche, Colo , .i. Eliason, Marian, Denver, Colo -u— . Errington, Laurelle, Raton, N. M Hubbell, Joan, Boulder, Colo ' . McCarthy, Donna Lee, Boulder, Colo ' Palmer, Betty, Denver. Colo Paper, Sue Ann, Longmont, Colo Perriman, Ann, Denver, Colo Richards, Patricia, Englewood, Colo „ ' Sobenhcimer. Harriet, Denver. Colo Ji Townsend, Loreil. Montrose, Colo ;.Y Walkling, Charlotte, Denver, Colo .r? Whitley, Bev, So. Pasadena, Calif ' 381 DELTA DELTA DELTA Looking over the Tri Delt ' s array of cups, one sees two recent additions — the CU Days participation cup and the second place Homecoming participation cup. The Tri Delts have won the CU Days cup for the second consecutive year. Spring of 1947 found the social calendar filled with parties and picnics. Climaxing them all was the unusual spring dinner-dance, " L ' Arte Nouveau. " Navy blue im- pressionistic designs covered the lavender, cerise and chartreuse false walls. Tri Delts were pleasantly surprised on arriving back at school in the fall to find the dining room beauti- fully re-decorated, making a perfect setting for the tea dances and exchange dinners held in the fall. Delta Delta Delta pacesetters include Jane Eroddy, Mortar Board president. Dorm president, YWCA leader; Joyce Robinson, Senate, Mortar Board, vice- president WAA, vice-president YWCA; Alice Goalby, YWCA president. Dorm president, ASUC election chairman, Hesperia; Patty Fitz, Varsity show director, CU Days song fest chairman; Virginia Wachob, Spur president; Cindy Clement, Activities section of Colo- radan. Dodo publicity, chairman of Homecoming mer- chant ' s display; and Jo Schwalbe, Mortar Board, Pi Tau Sigma, Combined Engineer ' s council, and YWCA social chairman. OFFICERS Jane Eroddy President Helen Mann Vice-president Muriel Gregg Secretary Katheyn Smith Treasurer Mrs. Alma Sutherland House mother 382 DELTA GAMMA ACTIVES Jones, Barbara, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa ' 48 Adams, Barbara, Dubuque, la ' 48 Benton, Elinor, Denver, Colo ' 50 Biggs, Elaine, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Boeck, Patricia, Boise, Ida ' 48 Brown, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bigelow, Helen, Denver, Colc.i ' 48 Brown, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 48 Charlton, Judy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Davis, Corliss, Cloquet, Minn ' 49 Driscoll, Harriette, Washington, D. C ' 50 Fay, Marie, Greeley, Colo ' 50 Freeman, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ]48 Gavagan, Barbara, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 50 Holmes, Evelyn, Sioux Falls, S. D ' 49 Kennicott, Jo Marie, Denver, Colo. ' 49 Kettering, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 51 Lehnen, Hariette, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Lomas, Margaret, Red Oak, la ' 49 Mabee, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 49 MacNeal, Marguerite, Philadelphia, Pa ' 49 Morell, Patsy, Palo Alto, Cali£.„; 50 Myers, Joyce, Alliance, Neb ' 48 Niebel, Ruth, Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Nitsch, Marjorie, Denver, Colo .y.. ..... ' 48 Philpott, Jane, Denver, Colo . T.. ;.... ' 49 Philpott, Mary, Denver, Colo - -- i. . ' 49 Ruddy, Marilyn, Webster Groves, Mo.._ ' 49 Ryan, Kathleen, Kansas City, Mo ' 50 Ryan, Margaret, Kansas City, Mo -..., ' 48 Schoelzel, Elaine, Denver, Colo . ....H. ]50 Sconce, Arlene, Omaha, Neb . i . ' 49 Smith, Nancy, Chicago, 111 .„,.t . ' 49 Stringer, Harriet, St. Paul. Minn ' 49 Sytz, Irene, Dyersburg, Tenn ' 48 Von Hoist, Marion, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Brown, Melanie, St. Louis, Mo M8 Carlson, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 48 Greenwood, Marjorie, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Livingston, Sally, Summit, N. J |48 Sigvaldson, Alice, Longmont, Colo ' 48 Squire, Mary Ann, Wheaton, 111 ' 50 Washburn, Sally, St. Paul, Minn ' 47l Willhoite, Joy, Houston, Tex ' 50 PLEDGES Adams, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Baldwin, Nancy, Chicago, 111 _49 Bowie, Ann, Denver, Colo .._ ._,. - . ' 51 Brickman, Barbara, Chicago, Til... . ,M: ....i 51 Brown, Ann, Denver, Colo i 51 Coates, Patsy, Denver, Colo i 49 Ellis, Neva, AmariUo. Tex I ;49 Farrell. Mary Ann, Denver. Colo i 51 Hcaly, Joanne, Denver. Colo | |51 Heck, Mary, Rochester, Minn. 51 Helmkamp, Dorothy, Denver, Colo... - 51 Hinley, Lou Ann, Ogden, Utah S( Howard. Anne. Boulder. Colo 51 Mcllvaine, Patti, Denver, Colo 51 McKeon. Joyce, Burlingame. Calif » 5 Muenzinger, Elizabeth. Boulder, Colo... - 5 Rogers, Norma. Denver. Colo. 51 Roy, Bette, Denver, Colo 5 Sherlock, Margaret, Denver, Colo. 5 Steckel, Lenora, Denver. Colo. 5 Sweet, Marilyn. Denver, Colo. 5 Van Shaw, Martha, Amarillo, Tex . ' . 5 Vaughan, Tommie Lou, Boise, Ida.. r:. .5 Waters, Jane, Colo. Springs. Colo..rff!r 5 Wiesler, Jean, San Diego. Calif 5 Wilson, Jo Ann, EI Campo, Tex ;5 Zorichak. Helen, DenVet,, Colo. 5 Bartlett, Barbara, Denvef, Colo 5 Flower, Virginia. Denver, Colo 5 383 DEITA GAMMA It was a year of interesting accomplishment and widely varied activity for Delta Gamma — socially, aca- demically, and fraternally. The Spring Quarter ended in a flourish of CU Days awards, Coloradan queen hon- ors, and Phi Beta Kappa selections, along with parties, picnics, and the lovely " Lilac-Time Formal " dance. The autumn brought new activities and events, with a visit to Phi chapter by the Council of national officers of Delta Gamma, and entertainment of the entire Utah chapter during Homecoming, highlighting the social agenda. The Pledge class was welcomed to the Diamond horseshoe when Fall formal time came around. Tea dances, exchange dinners and beer busts were scheduled throughout the year. Pat Boeck, as Editor of the Coloradan and Assistant chairman of Homecoming, and Helen Bigelow, as ASUC Commissioner and active Mortar Board member, have led the participation list. Other outstanding DG ' s in- clude Freshman dorm presidents, Marilyn Ruddy and Marge Greenwood. OFFICERS Barbara Jones President Patricia Boeck Vice-president Ruth Niebel Secretary Dorothy Freeman Treasurer Mrs. Phyllis Northrop House mother 384 5p |. 1 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ACTIVES Doolen, Mary Ann, Denver, Colo ' 48 Allen, Betty, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Amsbary, Robin, Champaign, 111 ' 50 At wood, Rita, Minneapolis, Minn 50 Bundy, Phyllis, Santa Monica, Calif S0 Carlisle, Jean, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Carson, Barbara, Denver, Colo 49 Cormack, Carol, Palo Alto, Calif. ' 49 Cruse, Sally, Santa Monica, Calif 50 Culbertson, Shirley, Midland, Tex ' 49 Dick, Winifred, Denver, Colo ' 48 Dunn, Jacqueline. Areata, Calif 49 Falardea, Alice. New York, N. Y ' 50 Fishburn, Nancy, Pasadena, Calif. ' 50 Policy, Bobbie, Nortlrbrook, III 50 Griffith, Helen, Kansas City, Miss ' 48 Grove, Marjorie, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Holden, Jo, Harbert, Mich ' 49 Hunt, Alice, Derby, Colo 49 Jackson. Neva, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Jorgenson, Andrea, Wilrnette, 111 ._.,. ' 50 Kelly, Evelyn, Evanston, 111 vJ- ' 9 Lang, Justine, Denver, Colo . .jrff. ' 49 Luder, Gaye. Canon City, Colo l.}J.. ' 49 Melcher, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 50 Mclnnes, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 48 McKown, Sue. Omaha, Neb ' 50 Nelson, Nancy, May wood. 111 _ 49 Nightingale, Nancy, Minneapolis, Minn ' 49 Shanley, Joanne, Long Beach, Calif ' 50 Smyth, Irene. Big Horn, Wyo ' 48 Spackman, Katherine, San Bernardino, Calif ' 49 UUmann, Claire, River Forest, 111 ' 50 Welker, Sue, Kansas City, Mo ' 48 Wilson, Shirley, El Paso, Tex ' 49 Young, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 49 Cars well, Jane, Kansas City, Mo ' 50 Eddy, Barbara, Hayes, Kan. ' 48 Fisher, Sally, Evanston, 111 ' 50 Holland, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 50 Maloney, Marilyn, Gary, Ind 50 Schmidt, Kay. Hinsdale, 111 ' 50 Stanton, Jeanne, Gary, Ind ' 48 Stearns, Barbara, Grand Island, Neb ' 49 Tomlinson, Dorothy, Ardmore, Okia ' 50 Von Wyl, Margaret, Denver, Colo 48 White, Alice Mary, Evanston, 111 ' 49 PLEDGES Adams, Sarah, River Forest, 111 ' 51 Aufderheide, Mary Lou, Ann Arbor, Mich ' 51 Babb, Barbara. Chicago, 111 ' 51 Beuttas, Barbara, Chicago, III ' 51 Bondus, Kay, Chicago, 111 ' 51 Brady, Suzanne, Denver, Colo ' 51 Burgi, Nancy, Minneapolis. Minn . ' 51 Carroll, Pat, Schenectady, N. Y ' 51 Chase, Nancy, St. Joseph, Miss .vv ' 49 Diffey, Maymc. Dallas, Tex. A.. ' 51 Ellis, Suzanne, Griswold, la ! . ' 50 Grinnell, Mary, Kalamazoo, Mich. ■- ' vV ' ' Hawkins, Mary Lou, Boulder, Colo ! S ... ' 51 Hunt, Beverly, Denver, Colo V51 Jackson. Sue, Boulder. Colo " " . ' SJ Johnston, Margaret, Long Beach, Calif. 50 Kassler, Carol, Santa Monica, Calif ' 50 Kent, Carolyn, Bloomington, 111 ' SO Leahy, Sally. West Lafayette, Ind 5i Little, Mary, Kalamazoo, Mich 50 Mackey, Willa Jean, Denver, Colo ' 51 Mason, Carol, Detroit, Mich ' 51 Rice, Suzanne, Bartlesville, Miss ' 50 Ristine, Mary, Cedar Rapids, la ' 50 Schlutius, Barbara, Webster Groves, Miss ' 51 Smith, Patricia, Houston, Tex ' 51 Spielman, Beverly, Winnetka, 111. ' 51 Whiting, Donna, Belvidere, III ' 51 Williamson, Jane, Middleton, R. I ' 51 Wood, Frances, Rockford, 111 ' 51 Young, Barbara, Akron, Ohio ' 51 Buehler, Florence, Hinsdale, III 51 Mitchell, Bettc, St. Louis, Miss ' 51 Shenefelt, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, Xa ' 51 385 KAPPA ALPHA THETA After coming back this fall and finding their house beautifully redecorated, the Thetas were spurred on to greater heights and began the year by taking cups for first place in house decorations and third place in par- ticipation for Homecoming. The cup the KATs are proudest of is the 1946-1947 scholarship cup, awarded to them at the Denver Panhellenic luncheon, November 15, for the highest grade average of sororities. But it isn ' t all work for the Thetas. The Black and Gold football team trampled the Kappa Eleven, 13-0, in their annual battle of the pigskin and came out with very little injuries despite the Phi Gam " hearse " and the doleful predictions of the few hundred on the sidelines. Numerous tea dances and parties filled the rest of the social calendar and made up a very exciting and enjoyable year. People to be proud of are : Jane Carswell, secretary of Spur and CU cheerleader; Marge Grove, Hesperia, Fraternity-Sorority editor of Coloradan, Iota Sigma Pi, and Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Jo Holden, ASUC commis- sioner of Spirit and Morale; AWS Vaudeville Chair- man, Hesperia; and Nancy Nightingale, Hesperia, assist- ant business manager of the Coloradan, and Silver and Gold. OFFICERS Polly Doolen President Shirley Culbertson Vice-president Alice Mary White Secretary Marjorie Grove Treasurer Mrs. L. H. Springsteen House mother - ' ffl ' firihih ' iil) JlifflhiiYirflAt 386 KAPPA DEIIA ACTIVES Hegwer, Mary Alice, Casper, Wyo ' 50 Boggs, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 50 Carroll, Nancy. Fremont, Ohio ' 48 Clow, Elaine, Rochester, N. Y " 48 Conyers, Jeanne, La Junta, Colo ' 50 Cooper, Elaine, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Dill, Barbara, Grosse Pointe, Mich ' 50 English, Marietta, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hartman, Caroline, Whitney, Neb ' 48 Johnson, Sue, Houston, Tex ' 4f Kline. Eva Lee, Denver, Colo 5C Marr. Robleigh. Brighton, Colo ' 45 O ' Neill, Luella, Spearfish, S. D ' 4 Varner, Venice, Denver, Colo ' 5C Allen, Margaret, Lakewood, Colo ' 4! Cook. Sally. Eau Claire, Wis Grad Raber, Jean, Paonia, Colo Grad Rand, Sally, Craig, Colo ' S« Stewart, Patricia. Sterling. Colo ' 4j Walter, Patricia, Denver. Colo ' 4! PLEDGES Arnold, Esther, Jacksonville, Fla Breinholt, Marilyn. Rochester, Minn.. Lyttle, Elizabeth, Meeker, Colo Parks, Jacqueline, Denver, Colo.. Rankin, Marilyn. Denver, Colo. Duncan, Eleanor, Fort Morgan, Colo. Durbin. Phyllis. Denver, Colo Fundingsland, Joanne, Denver, Colo.... Mikes, Kay. Broomfield. Colo Nichols, Netta, Manitou, Colo O ' Donne, Josephine. Denver, Colo Smith. Joanne. Lakewood. Colo Zundel. Lucy, Denver. Colo 387 KAPPA DELTA In the spring of 1947, the 72nd chapter of Kappa Delta sorority, Beta Xi chapter, made its first appear- ance on the University of Colorado campus. The KD ' s, who were founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897, have come to CU with their colors, olive-green and pearl-white; their pin, a diamond-shaped badge; and their ambitions, to become an active part of campus life. Though only one week old, the chapter entered a small green and white baby carriage float in the CU Days parade — their first contribution to campus festivity. During the summer, the KD lodge was purchased and the redecoration was completed in time for rush week this fall. The 1947-48 school year began with nu- merous activities. Tea dances, open houses. Homecom- ing activity, intramurals participation, and formal in- stallation combined to make Kappa Delt ' s first official quarter on campus an eventful one. OFFICERS Mary Hegwer President Robleigh Marr Vice-president Sally Rand Secretary Patricia Stewart Treasurer Mrs. George Collins House mother 388 Kappa Kappa Gamma ACTIVES Bergman, Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Briscoe, Jane, Idaho Springs, Colo 48 Burns, Barbara Mae, Denver, Colo ' 49 Day, Mary Frank, Plainview, Tex ' 49 Goodwin, Gerry, Sidney, Neb ' 50 Crannell, Eleanore, Denver, Colo ' 50 Lee, Nancy, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 McArthur, Tate, Greeley, Colo ' 48 McCusker, Dorothy, Boulder, Colo ' 48 McNeal, Harriet, Highland Park, 111 ' 50 Maier, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 48 Martin, Sue, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Miller, Marjorie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Muth, Janet, Altadena, Calif ' 49 O ' Neill, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 50 Parkard, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 49 Packard, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 50 Palmer, Phyllis, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Felling, Janet, Evanston, 111 ' 50 Philpott, Catherine Victoria, Denver, Colo ' 48 Porter, Ardith, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Pryor, Marjorie Ellen, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Service, Frankie, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Schabes, Gloria Phyllis, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Sloan, Jean, Bloomington, III _ ' 50 Spore, Vera, Denver, Colo ' 50 Stailey, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Stearns, Judy, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Tallman, Dorothy Ann, Shelbyville, 111 _ ' 48 Waters, Mary Ellen, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Weiler, Mary, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Wheeler, Sue, Great Bend, Kan ' 49 Whitson, Shelby, Orange, N. J ' 49 Wier, Virginia, Beaumont, Tex ' 48 Witsell, Eleanor, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Writer, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bakewell, Cecile, Denver, Colo ' 50 Brainard, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 49 Breckenridge, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Deneke, June, Denver, Colo ' 50 Ducy, Kay, Pueblo, Colo _ ' 50 Jacobson, Colleen, Pueblo, Colo ' 5C Kirkpatrick, Tulu, Tulsa Okla ' 50 Rapalje, Ruth, Pueblo, Colo _-._ ' 49 Schwilke, Ruth, Estes Park, Colo ' 45 Sears, Janet, Fort Logan, Colo ' 4S Walker, Marilyn, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Works, Lyla, Denver, Colo _ ' 48 PLEDGES Argall, Ann, Denver, Colo „ ' 51 Bailey, Sally, Denver, Colo ' SI Butcher, Marilee, Tulsa, Okla ' 51 DuPont, Mary Alice, New Orleans, l, a ' 4! Gray, Ellen, Denver, Colo „ ' S: Guinand, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 5: Heitzler, Sally, Lake Charles, La ' 5 Ireland, Collette, Denver, Colo _ ' 5 Levis, Marietta, Pueblo, Colo _ ' ♦ Lucas, Jeanne, Denver, Colo — 5 MacCornack, Barbara, Boulder City, Nev ' i MacPherson, Jean, Chicago, 111 5 McCabe, Martha, Pueblo, Colo ' 5 McMartin, Nancy, Winnetka. Ill 5 McMillen, Marion, Tulsa, Okla ' 5 Malm, Peggy, San Diego, Calif , ' S Nance, Aileen, Denver, Colo 5 Neidlinger, Sally, Hanover. N. H _ ' 5 Nye, Susan, Denver, Colo . 5 Porter, Janey, Tulsa, Okla _ ' J Rumble, Jane, Albuquerque, N. M.„ 5 Sherwood, Marjorie, Cleveland, Ohio . ' 5 Sincerbeaux, Marion, New Rochelle, N. Y 5 Stailey, Anne. Denver, Colo 5 Weiler, Margaret, Pueblo, Colo. .... ' 5 Wierman, Ruth, Denver, Colo _. y ' ! Ache, Jean, Tulsa, Okla. . ' f Bean, Mary, Los Angeles, Calif „ ' ' Lamb, Mary, Los Angeles, Calif McClelland, Helen. Denver, Colo Nadeau, Joan, Denver, Colo .„._„...._..-. Perry, Harriet, Lincoln, 111 Shevlin, Virginia, Los Angeles, Calif Wilkinson, Margaret, Shreveport, La ' 389 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The spring quarter found the Kappas busily deco- rating for CU Days and for the Midnight Masquerade dance. One of the most hilarious events of the spring was the suppressed-desire dinner at which the hashers were featured. Under the able guidance of President Betts Berg- man and Dr. Virginia Van Meter, new house mother of the chapter, the KKG ' s started off this year with a bang. Homecoming festivities brought second prize for the Kappa house decorations and third prize for their float. The most outstanding award, however, was that won by Tulu Kirkpatrick as Homecoming Queen. The Kappas are also proud to claim Jean McPherson, Dodo c over girl. In spite of the annual Kappa-Theta football colli- sion, the Kappas were still able to carry on with ex- change social functions. These included tea dances, beer busts, picnics and, of course, the quarterly formals. Outstanding girls of the chapter are Jane Briscoe — WAA board, president of AWS; Nancy Lee — ASUC commissioner, member of Mortar Board ; Marge Pryor — president of A-1 and secretary of YWCA. The Kappas were very proud when Janie B. was elected Miss CU and Nancy and Marge were chosen as members of her court. OFFICERS Betty Bergman President Jane Briscoe Vice-president Marjorie Ellen Pryor Secretary Gloria Schabes Treasurer Dr. Virginia Van Meter House mother 390 PI BETA PHI ACTIVES Forsling, Margaret, Des Moines, Iowa ' 48 Allen, Judith, Eagle, Colo ' 49 Anderson, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 49 Ball, Nancy, Montclair, N. J ' 50 Beard. Barbara, Dallas. Texas ' 50 Bridge, Beverly, Pasadena. Calif ' 49 Brown. Carolyn. Rhinelander, Wise 49 Brown, Sarah, Oak Park, 111 ' 50 Bruton, Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Bullis. Barbara, Galesburg, 111 ' 49 Butto, Catherine, Riverside, Calif ' 48 Carpenter, Dorothy, Palo Alto, Calif ' 49 Cummings. Joan. Oakland. Calif ' 48 Heikes, Joanne, Vermillion, S. Dak ' 49 Henderson, Doris. Boulder, Colo 49 Kallgren, Dorothy. Selah. Wash. ' 50 Kenny. Colleen, Orlando. Fla ' 49 Larson. Janet, Galesburg, 111 ' 49 Lindstrom. Rosemary, Ames, Iowa ' 48 McCarthy. Barbara. Denver, Colo ' 48 Manchester, Margaret, St. Louis, Mo ' 50 Millikan, Barbara, Tulsa, Okla ' 48 Newman. Eleanor. Boulder, Colo ' 48 Powell, Lee. Evanston, 111 ' 48 Quaintance. Pat. Golden, Colo ' 49 Reed. Jane. Boulder, Colo ' 48 Sackman, Jeanne, Waukegan, 111 ' 48 Teasley, Katherine, San Diego, Calif ' 49 Wagner, Nonnie. Oakland. Calif ' 48 Wilhelm. Lillie. Houston, Texas ' 49 Wolfe, Shirley, Denver, Colo [50 Allen, Carolyn. Longmont. Colo ' 50 Amberg. Loel. Grosse Point, Mich [50 Bowers, Barbara, Pueblo. Colo ' 48 Clark, Celeste, Denver, Colo [49 Cook, Mary Alice, Denver, Colo [50 Demmon. Dianne. Grand Rapids, Mich ' 50 Dunn. Betty, Long Beach, Calif ' 49 Fenton. Sue, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 49 Hutchinson, Barbara, Boulder, Colo [48 Kunz, Vera Jean, Denver, Colo [49 Love, Deborah, Clayton, Mo - [48 Roberts, Rosemary, Grand Rapids, Mich [50 Rupp, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' SO Shawver, Marion. Ft. Collins. Colo ' 50 Warren. Ann. Ft. Collins, Colo [« Whitman, Nancy. Boulder. Colo [J9 Works, Josephine, Denver, Colo 50 PLEDGES Rceley, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 51 Clarke, Margaret, Denver, Colo. [49 Clowes. Elinor. Manzanola, Colo ' 51 Collins. Carol, Denver. Colo ' 51 Dahlin, Carla, Denver, Colo [51 De Bell, Coral, Fanwood, N. J 51 Dunn, Patty, Tulsa, Okla [511 George, Margaret, Deerfield, 111 50 Haver. Jane. Pueblo, Colo 49 Hilton, Ian, Denver, Colo. 51 Hoye, Eileen, Chicago, 111. 51 Keene, Kathleen. Taft, Colo... ,49 Kellett. Jeanette, West Plains. Mo 49 McQuarrie, Nan, Denver, Colo. 51 Marsh. Marilyn, Springfield, 111. 51 Morrison, Charleen. Denver. Colo. 51 Potts. Francis. Boulder. Colo. ,51 Saylor, Patricia, Denver, Cole. ,50 Danielson, Marjorie, Denver, Colo. 49 Herber, Patricia, Longmont, Colo. ,51 Howell. Mary Lou, Denver, Colo. ,3 ' Jeff ers, Marjorie. Denver. Colo. ,5 ' Long, Nancy, Denver, Colo , ' Peterson, Marilyn, Denver, Colo. ,50 Rudolph, Beverly. Brush, Colo. ,49 Willard, Jean, Denver, Colo " 391 PI BETA PHI The Pi Phi house, this year as usual, has been the center for many activities in the form of picnics, tea dances, formals, and parties. A tea was held in Novem- ber in honor of our new housemother Mrs. Kennedy. In December, the Pi Phi ' s held a " Night Before Christmas " party at the Alps, in place of the usual fall formal. The Pi Phi winter formal was given in honor of the pledge class. Prominent among the wearers of the wine and blue are Doric Carpenter and Mary Lou Howell, who were in the Queen ' s court during Homecoming; Nonnie Wagner — Hesperia, Coloradan, Silver and Gold, ASUC Election committee. Student Union commission; Cathy Butto — House of Representatives, Silver and Gold, Miss Schol- arship, CU Days Committee chairman, YWCA Board ; Barbara Bowers — Spur, Hesperia, Coloradan, Who ' s Who in American colleges and universities, Senate, Ad- vertising manager and business manager of the Silver and Gold. . ' OFFICERS Margaret Ann Forsling President Barbara McCarthy Vice-president Nonnie Wagner Secretary Vera Jean Kunz Treasurer Mrs. Kennedy House mother ' f-H-f i 392 SIGMA DELTA TAl Goldfogel, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 49 Aaron, Janyce, Denver, Colo . ' 50 Castle, Gloria, Denver, Colo ' 49 DuBow, Thelma. Chicago, 111 -. A V ' 50 Erman, Eileen, Newark, N. J _ _ ' 50 Goldberg, Charlotte, Denver, Colo ' 49 Goldwater, Charlotte Eisea, Denver, Colo ' 48 Halper, Ignore, Wilmette, 111 [SO Lipman, Joan, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Miller, Annette, Denver, Colo ' 50 Miller, Barbara, Denver, Colo -,_i [49 Miller, Peggy, Denver, Colo „ |50 Pasternack, Arline, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 50 Rosenthal, Joyce, Denver, Colo..,. [50 Silver, Virginia, Calumet City, lU 50 Simon. Eileen, Gary, Ind , |50 Sugarman, Rolla, Chicago, 111 i 50 Tarkoff, Ruth, Denver, Colo 1 ,50 Wolf, Betsy, Kansas City, |lo».i 49 PLEDGES Abenheimer, Cecile, Denver, Colo [50 Abenheimer, Frances, Denver, Colo 5 ' Bloom. Beverly, Denver, Colo 5° Browe. Betty, Calumet City, 111 .fO Cook, Charlene, Denver, Colo .J ' Corash, Joanne, Denver, Colo .j " Fine, Henrietta, Denver, Colo ,5j Kalian, Dione, Los Angeles, Calif ,J} Lamm, Randy, Chicago, 111 .?} Lowenberg, Doris, Chicago, III ,J} Maltz, Dee, Wilmette, Ill„ ,»} Mendels, Marge, Denver, Colo.... ,J} Perlmutter, Roslyn, Denver, Colo ,= ' Remer, Rita, Chicago, III , ,= ' Sattenstein. Ilene, Chicago, III ,fi Sosno, Ruth, Denver, Colo.... 7 •in Strear. Carol, Pasadena, Calif...... , ' " Wiener. Nan, Highland Park, Ill._ •• - ,»} Zak, Betty, Lauten, Okla...„..... .-- ■ : ,J ' Shore, Edithann. Flushing, N. Y . " 393 :Ml i aMi-t ,,.V : ' ' tMW. ' »5Wi) imfflaj ! L ' SIGMA DELTA TAU Come to the Mardi Gras! With this invitation, ex- tended by 22 pledges to the actives and their escorts, the SDT ' s opened their busy social program for 1947. As the merrymakers unmasked, they looked forward to the second full sorority year on campus. The Alpha Delta chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was formally initiated on the Colorado campus in the Fall of 1946. The sorority is young at CU, but the girls have all entered into activities with enthusiasm. Their float, with the theme " Hats Off to CU, " won an honorable mention in the CU Days parade, and this, added to other achievements, gave them the feeling that they were founding a worthwhile social group. A lively calico and jeans dance was held in the spring, and the evening supplied laughter and fun for all. The Sig Delts won second place in the sale of Mums for Homecoming, 1947, and the girls are now cheering their volley-ball team on to victory in the intramurals tournament. Among their outstanding members are Gloria Castle, president of Senior Orchesis and a member of the WAA board, and Dorothy Goldfogel, the Sig Delt president, who is also a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary music fraternity. OFFICERS Dorothy Goldfogel President Charlotte Eisen Goldwater Vice-president Eileen Erman Secretary Betsy Wolf Treasurer Mrs. Frank Shannon House mother 394 ZETA TAU ALPHA W ACTIVES Funk, Barbara, Stephenvillc. Tex. ! S?J Bassett, Barbara, Anderson, Ind... Bird. Jeanne, Dallas, Tex.. Coughanour, Jeanne. Dallas, Tex.. Dorsey, Carrie, Harrison, Ark Goodier, Yvonne, Denver, Colo...- Kapeike, Theo Jean, Trinidad, Coltf; Miller. Marilyn, Syracuse, N. Y.. Schumakcr, Sue, Wilmettc, 111.. Seefus, Joan. Evanston, Ill._ Simonds, Norma. Denver, Colo Slater. Delma. Greeley, Colo. Woods, Shirley. Longmont, Colo.. Wylie, Joan, Vicksburg, Miss. ., Vorgang. Lila. Jeffersonville, Ind. . PLEDGES Andrus, Kathrine, Denver, Colo Baskin, Sue Ann, Houston, Tex. Carroll. Marjorie, Santa Fe, N. Mex.. Cumfer. Dionne, Elmhurst, III Dodd, Jenny Lou, Denver, Colo Earhart, Mary Ellen, Denver, Colo. i. Fannin, Dorothy, Phoenix, Ariz. ■ Garland, Gwendalyn, Denver, Colo Glidden, Joanne, Evanston, 111. Haaf, Ruth Ann, Berkeley. Calif Hammond, Mary, Littleton, Colo Henley. Claire, Houston, Tex Killian, Marianne, Winnetka, 111 Morris, Thclma Jean, Denver, Colo Oakes. Ruth, Boulder, Colo Pleasants. Mary Ann, Denver, Colo Ramsey, Ann Marie, Littleton, Colo.... Sandberg. Loraine, Waukegan, HI Schoenccke, Lois. Kenilworth, 111 Schuller. Frances, Wilmettc, 111 Sensor, Georgene, San Diego, Calif Simmons, Jean, Longmont, Colo Trueblood, Constance, Freeport, 111 Mines, Ruby, Olathe, Kans Morgan, Patricia, Boulder, Colo Kichardson, Delia Mae, Denver, Colo.. Scheele, Jean, Denver, Colo Waite, Barbara. Deadwood, So. Dftk.„. ■ ' ' 395 ZETA TAU ALPHA One of the new sororities, Gamma Theta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha, was formed at the University of Colo- rado in April, 1947. The Zetas began their first year on CU ' s campus by winning second place in the float con- test during Homecoming. Also their candidate for Homecoming queen, Joanne Glidden, was among the five finalists. A big sister banquet was held by the actives for the pedges in October at Waynes cafe. Founders ' day was celebrated at the chapter house on October 15th. Many tea dances, picnics and exchange dinners were held throughout the remainder of the year. The national officers were guests of the chapter in November. Installation of the Gamma Theta chapter was held at that time, followed by a dinner at the Park Lane hotel in Denver for the members and pledges of the chapter. OFFICERS Barbara Funk President Norma Simonds Vice-president Jeanne Coughanour Secretary Barbara Bassett Treasurer Mrs. Hermine Rocks House mother 396 THETA UPSIION OFFICERS Barbara Best President Pauline Malovrh Vice-president Mary Ellen Cooke Secretary Marjory Cooper Treasurer CU ' s first introduction to the pearl Theta superimposed upon a gold Upsilon came in the fall of 1946 when Elizabeth Brown en- tered CU as a transfer from the University of California. Soon the silver fleur-de-lis made its appearance, and the charter group began its task of colonizing. In the fall of 1947 a co-colonizer was sent from the University of California at Los Angeles, and the group forged ahead, pledg- ing new members and making itself known on the CU campus. Donning jeans and carrying paint, paint brushes and books on interior decoration, the Theta U ' s alter- nated their homework, campus activities and social life by helping to renovate their house which was formally opened in Janu- ary. Theta U ' s prominent in CU ' s activities are Marge Cooper, Spur; Beth Brown, For- eign Relief; Mary Ellen Cooke, Kappa Psi; and Marilee Cooke, University Little The- ater. A PLEDGES Cooke, Marilee, Denver, Colo ' 49 Harbin. Marylou, ' i. Araknsas City, Kan . ' JT Sy 49 Pearce, Mary, Golden. Colo..! 49 Walther, Jane, Clayton. Mo. ' 50 Wears, Marie, Mt. Morrison, Colo... 50 Williams, Jacquelyn, Greeley, Colo.. . ' 49 Burris, Norma, Jolict, III. ' 50 Frank, Geneva, Boulder. Colo 51 Grometer, Marianne, Boulder, Colo... 49 Halfen. Rosemary, Boulder, Colo 50 Itzen, Donna, Palmer, Nebr ' 49 Kersge, Phyllis, Wilmettc, 111 ' 50 Losher, Beverly, Modesto, Calif. ' 50 Malovrh, Pauline, Denver, Colo ' 50 PARTY, PARTY, PARTY---- 398 J P J? il lS fl ' ACACIA ACTIVES -|B BuUen. Glen, Grand Junction. Colo ' 41 Becker. Donald. Atlantic, la. si Bcrgheim, Robert. Boulder, Colo. ' •5( Bradbury. William. Albuquerque, N. M ' 41 Brown. Kenneth, Kimball, Nebr. ' 51 Bruns, Robert L., Lakewood, Colo " " ' 4 ' Cieber, Donald, Boulder, Colo. »4; Clark, Walter, Hemet, Calif »4. Eaton, William, Boulder, Colo " jsi Grant. William. Colorado Springs, Colo " " 4 ' Gray. Robert. Colorado Springs, Colo. 5t Hook. Kenyon, Sacramento, Calif. ' 4 Hughes, Thomas, Denver, Colo " " ...?% Hutchinson, Charles, Boulder, Colo. Grat Hutchinson, James. Boulder. Colo ... h Hutchinson. Thomas. Boulder. Colo „.]. ' 5 Jackson, Eugene. Monmouth. Ill 4 ' Keenan. Eugene, Denver. Colo " ™! 5 Moulton, Wilson, Denver. Colo „L 5 Nichans. Deward, Penrose, Colo. ' 5 Page. Walter, Boulder, Colo 1 5 Petsch, Harold, Denver, Colo. ' 5 Quinn, John, Casper, Wyo.. Gra. Ray, George. Boulder. Colo •4} Romig, Richard. Denver. Colo . ' sj Smith. F. Burton. Denver. Colo. 4 ' Walker, John, Denver, Colo. ' 4 Wright, William, Denver, Colo ' 4 Brunner, Richard. Boulder, Colo. " 4 Davis. Charles E., Liberal, Kans. ' 4; Dunn, Roland W.. Lakewood. Colo. ,. ' 4 Foster. Clyde. Long Beach, Calif ' 4: Orcutt, William. Kimball, Mo 4 Sucher. John. Great Bend. Kans. ' 4 Woodworth. Robert, Alamosa, Colo. ' 4, PLEDGES Alexander, William, Denver, Colo. ' 3 Bowen. Jack. Denver, Colo ' Brull. Maurice, Paris, France ' 4 Burruss. Edward, Denver, Colo 3 Carter, Deanne, Sharon Springs, Kans £ Finke. Robert, Scottsbluft. Nebr. . ... ' i Hake, Richard, Swampscott. Mass. .. ' . ' Hansen, Kenneth. Cleveland Heights, Ohio ; ' .. ' J Harder, Fred, Twin Falls. Ida . ' Hinsey, Robert, Denver, Colo " ' Hoffman, Edgar, Denver, Colo... Holman, Loy Del, Boulder, Colo Irwin, Richard, Kimberly, Ida LeMarr. Robert, Boulder, Colo Lewis, Glenn, Rochester. N. Y. Murray, James, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone McCabe, Fordyce. Boulder, Colo Nicholls, George. Honolulu. T. H ' Purceil. Robert, Los Angeles. Calif _..J[. ' Raasch, Kenneth, Madison. Mo. JT.- Ross, Robert, Boulder, Colo. ' Shaw. Gene, Boulder, Colo. .. Smith. Robert, Denver, Colo. . .- ] Tipton. Gene, Denver, Colo. .. ' Voorhees. Lucien, Twin Falls, Ida. Kline. Norman. Denver, Colo Recher, Roger G.. Cincinnati, Ohio 399 liiJJJ.M-.. ' Acacia started the ball rolling this year with a total of 32 pledges joining the ranks during the fall quarter. Another important addition to the chapter was the new mascot . . . Karloo, an Alaskan huskie. Social activities were as usual, the most entertain- ing being the midnight serenades and vaudeville shows for Regent hall. Spontaneous meetings at the Wishbone and Frenchie ' s came as interesting, but unscheduled events. At present, the chapter is working on an expansion program for additional housing space. ACACIA OFFICERS Glenn Bullen President Robert Bruns Vice-president Wilson Moulton Secretary John Walker House manager Mrs. C. E. Bocock House mother 400 i % iKmL L ' ' - » «al9| ' ALPHA TAU OMEGA ACTIVES Rogers, Gardner S., Rosemont, Pa 48 Anderson, Frederic E., Loveland, Colo ' 50 Barr, Richard S., Colorado Springs, Colo 47 Bashor, Ralph B.. Casper, Wyo ' 49 Berggren, James L., Denver, Colo ' 50 Brewbaker, James L., Longmont, Colo ' 48 Brown, Donald, Longmont, Colo ' 48 Bower, Ralph L., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Byrd, Daniel, Estes Park, C olo ' 48 Chew, Jack W., Seibert, Colo ' 48 Darrington, Eldon E., Crete, Nebr ' 48 Davis, Donald. Longmont, Colo ' 48 Davis, Robert H., San Mateo, Calif ' 50 Dinwiddie, Walter L., Loveland, Colo ' 49 Eck, John W., Denver, Colo ' 49 Frederick, Don L., Dumont, Colo - ' 50 Garnett, Thomas H., Boulder, Colo .. ' 50 Gregg, Donald B., Englewood, Colo . ' 49 Hagen, James F., Cheyenne, Wyo -V Hertnecky, Edwin V., Pueblo, Colo . (T. ' 49 Hickle, James C, Denver, Colo . C.-;!?! ' 49 Hopper, Richard E., Grand Junction, Colo 49 Horton, Paul E., Denver, Colo ' 48 JefFeries, Lloyd G., Casper, Wyo " 49 Kearns, Robert D., Denver, Colo ' 49 Kingsolver, Jarrett. Tulsa, Okla ' 48 Knudsen, Jerry W., Denver, Colo ' 51 Limbocker, Ken, Loveland, Colo ' 49 Lucas, Bob B., Denver, Colo _ ' 50 McCaw, William W., Denver, Colo ' 48 Merritt, Robert T., Denver, Colo ' 48 Meyer, William M., Portland, Ore ' 49 Morton, Eugene H., Denver, Colo ' 50 Mueller, Mark G., Denver, Colo ' 48 Nelson, William O., Lake Stevens, Wash ' 49 Orr, Duncan H., Denver, Colo ' SO Orr, Thomas E., Denver, Colo ' 48 Patterson, James T., Loveland, Colo ' 49 Ragle, Logan N., Pueblo, Colo 48 Reese, William H., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 Robbins, Marlett C, Ogden, Utah ' 50 Rosenlind, Fred J., Oakland, Calif ' 50 Rovira, Luis D., Denver, Colo Grad Sargent, Bob E., Des Moines, la P.G. Sense!, Bernard, Loveland, Colo ....•» ' ' 49 Smith, George S., Grantsville, Utah " 49 Snyder, Ronald L., Carnegie, Pa ' 48 Stoltz, Jack H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Taggart, J. Mark, Denver, Colo ' 49 Walters, William, Loveland, Colo ' 50 Woodruff, Hubert H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Ballenger, William G., Highland Park, 111 ' 49 McKnight, Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo ]49 Newman, Harry J., Denver, Colo ' 50 Nye, Harold R., Denver, Colo ' 50 Pease, Robert M., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 47 Patterson, Stewart E., Loveland, Colo ' 50 Weltner, William H., Akron, Ohio ' 48 Zahn, Donald, Carey, Ohio ' « i PLEDGES Browia, Robert L., Boulder, Colo L ' 51 Chilton, Mary, Amarillo, " Tex..... .m ' 50 Chontos, John, Gary, Ini .» ' 51 Davis, William E., Loveland, Colo m .. ' 51 Day, Robert, Denver, Colo L ' 51 Harrington, Thomas, Colorado Springs, Colo .. ' 50 Kliewer. Viron, D«nver, Colo i—....— s; .. ' 50 Limberg, Ernest E.. Grand Junction, Colo. .. ' 50 Nalty, ThomM_J., Denver, Colo .. ' 50 Nash, Donald S., Highland Parfc. 111...,,,-. ,. ' 51 Parr, William M.. Amarillo, Tex.. rz:...M « ' 50 Power, Edward M., Longmont, Colo . ■......1. ' 51 Rice. Leo, Englewood, Colo . m.....J... ' Sl Taylor. Lewis C, Palisade, Colo. i P ■• ' " West, Maynard R., Denver, Colo .lafm-f- ' ' Wolfe, JameB C, Denver. Colo .a if. . " 51 Carroll, William P., Osage, la ' 50 Gathers. Robert C, Boulder, Colo ' 51 Mercer, W nc, Colorado Spring!, Cola. ' ' " 401 ' w " ' Ti r " r;i WMfliiiiwiiin wii ALPHA TAU OMEGA Colorado Gamma Lambda ' s record of progress this year is evidence that the war-time fraternity slump has been wiped out. The chapter ' s successful activities in- clude the following: first-place, house decorations, CU Days ' 47 ; second-place, CU Days participation ; first- place, float decorations, Homecoming ' 47; third-place. Homecoming participation. The chapter has been sparked by an active pledge class, and the Alpha Tau ' s have presented such outstanding social functions as the " Black and White Formal " in honor of the pledges, the annual Kid Party, and the Spring formal, as well as en- tering many intramural activities. Outstanding Tau ' s on campus include: Lou Rovira — president of ASUC, Phi Epsilon Phi and Sumalia; Gardner Rogers — vice-president and secretary of Inter- fraternity council. Student Affairs committee, and ASME; Bob Pease — vice-president of Greek Combine, chairman of CU Days Float Committee and chairman of Homecoming Alumni welcoming committee; Jim Hagen — Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon; Ronnie Snyder, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi, AIEE; and Ted Patterson — Greek Combine and Homecoming Rally committee. OFFICERS Gardner S. Rogers President William W. McCaw Vice-president William Ballenger Secretary Ronald L. Snyder Treasurer Mrs. Elizabeth C. Beckley House mother I I 402 H - ' H R ( 1 w f i ' p 1 F A B A JBHi BETA THETA PI ACTIVES Toops. John R., Denver, Colo 42 Alexander, W. Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Beckett, Melvin D., Long Beach, Calif ' 50 Bell, Rodney S., Brighton, Colo ' 50 Bowes, Harold R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Coburn, William E., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Cozart, William H., Denver, Colo ' 47 DeWitt, Frank C, Denver, Colo ' 48 Dickson, George R., Denver, Colo. ' 47 Dobos, John E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Downing, Richard, Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 East, Justin G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Fowler, William A., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Grigsby, William G., Sioux Falls, S. D ' 48 Hamilton, John M., Denver, Colo ' 50 Haring, Robert C, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Hartzell, Edson Keith, Bristol, Va . i. Grad. Henderson, David A., Greeley. CoIo..-r:rrryi..Y Grad. Hill, Ralph D., Denver, Colo .■f..... ...Grad. Hooks, Patrick P., Townsend, Mont ' 48 Hoyt, Charles E., Denver. Colo ' 50 Hutchinson, T. Henry, Boulder, Colo. ' 48 Jacobsen, Robert L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Johns, Joseph B., Denver, Colo .. ' 50 Johnston, William V., Casper, Wyo ' 50 Jones, David W., Denver, Colo ' 50 Keely, G. Clayton, Denver, Colo ' 48 Kendig, A. Edward, Wheatland, Wyo ' 49 Kerrigan, Thomas W., Cheyenne, Wyo ' 48 - - --.-.. . _. . , g •50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 •50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 .. ' 49 ' 50 Klinglehofler, C. Louis, Cincinnati, Ohio Kohler, Robert B., Colorado Springs, Colo. Lavington, Charles S., Denver, Colo Lepse, James S., Sioux Falls, S. D. Looms, Peter, Denver, Colo Lopez, Carlos M,, Mexico City, Mexico. . Mason, Ted D., Denver, Colo MacDonald, Hugh C, Long Beach, Calif. McGee, Hugh J., Casper, Wyo Mountjoy, Robert C, Denver, Colo Mueller, Donald R., Cincinnati, Ohio Newton, Charles T., Denver, Colo. Norgren, Leigh H., Denver, Colo.. Paddock. Lawrence T., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Peterson, G. Herbert, Denver, Colo ' 48 Reich, Charles J., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Rhodes, T. Rex, Salida, Colo ' 49 Rosencrans, Harold I., Pensacola, Fl» ' 49 Sheehan, John David, Sioux Falls, S. D _ ' 49 Smedley, Robert W., Denver, Colo. ' SO Tanner, Gareth H., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Tanner, Henry C, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Thompson, Donald M., Littleton, Colo ' 50 Tobey, Robert W., Wichita, Kansas ]48 Vandervort, James, Edgewater, Colo..... ' 50 Warlick, John G., San Diego, Calif ' 47 Wheeler, Walter E., Casper, Wyo ' 48 Winslow, Warden V., Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Yantis, John A., Shelbyville, 111 " 50 Anderson, Gerald P.. Omaha, Neb Grad. Browne. James H., Boulder, Colo [49 Cotton, Earnest K., Denver, Colo ' 49 Crocker, John J., Whittier, Calif [48 East, Marvin R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Fay, William P., Denver, Colo 50 Hart, R. Kirby. Greeley. Colo [49 Honnen, Edward P., Colorado Springs, Colo |47 Johnson, James A., Denver. Colo ' 49 Loukes, Gerald, Cedar Edge, Colo ' 50 Meyer, Carl D., Denver, Colo ' 49 Paynter, Stanley D., Brush, Colo _ ..Grad. Riley. Paul E., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Robinson, Edward. Ames, Iowa Grad. Taylor. Wilmot D., Kansas City, Mo ' 47 PLEDGES Archibald, Robert F., Denver, Colo. Ault, Hebert H., Boulder, Colo Bacon, Milton E., Balboa, Calif Bowman, J. Clinton, Jr., Denver, Colo Brewer, George W., Greeley, Colo Brummitt. Charles D., Centerville, Iowa... Cozart, Van Holt. Denver, Colo Eschenburg. Charles G., Denver, Colo Gardner, Donald F., River Forrest, HI Haver, Robert T., Pueblo. Colo Herber, James F., Longmont, Colo. Johns, Robert F., Denver, Colo. king, James, Colorado Springs, Colo Reich, James F., Boulder, Colo. Reich, John H., Boulder. Colo Ryan, ' Thomas, Denver, Colo. Smith, Jerry L., Sioux City, Iowa Spratlen, John W., Denver, Colo Beery, Arlie E., Denver, Colo ... Carr, Willis L., Boulder, Colo Comer, Stuart, J., Pueblo, Colo Hiner. Arthur Wilbur. Jr., Denver, Colo.. Simons, WillUm S., Boulder, Colo.. ' 51 ' 50 •51 ■50 ... ' 51 . ' 51 ' 50 .. ' 51 .. ' 50 . ' 4« .•51 ..■51 ,.. ' 51 ,.. ' 51 ..•5- ..•5 ... ' 5 ... ' •5 ' 5 ' 5 ' 5 ' 5 403 BETA THETA PI Betas, who lost many from their large post-war roll , call, started the year with a rush week that ended with the pledging of fourteen boys. Informal rushing through the fall quarter enlarged the pledge class to a strong twenty-three. Betas took an active part in campus activities and intramural sports during the year; highlighting their social activities were last spring ' s " Flower Formal " and the fall dance, " Honeymoon Hotel. " An open house was held during Homecoming, and the " Woogs " took first for house decorations. Among the prominent Betas active on CU ' s campus are Rod Bell — varsity basketball ; Charles Reich — presi- dent of Buffalo Ski club, assistant business manager of Homecoming, Phi Epsilon Phi, Student Personnel coun- cil; Edward Kendig — director of Business school ; War- dell Winslow — sports editor of Silver and Gold, Sigma Delta Chi, Coloradan, chairman Homecoming publicity; Robert Haring — varsity basketball. OFFICERS John R. Toops President John E. Dobos Vice-president Walter E. Wheeler Secretary A. Edward Kendig Treasurer Mrs. Evelyn Cunningham House mother 404 CHI PSI ■4- V ACTIVES Boerner, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 5{ Bussian, Robert A., Chicago, III . 4!, Carlson, Herbert B. , Denver, Colo ' 5(i Croke, Kevin C, Denver, Colo ' 5( Davis, Donald G., Denver, Colo ' 5 ' Den Uyl, Robert B., Grosse Point, Mich, Hackstaff, C. A., Jr.. Denver, Colo ' St Hampton, Orville W., Denver, Colo ' 5( Hart. William O., Denver, Colo ' 5 Hays, Stanley R., Denver, Colo _,_ ' 4 Heubner. Allen D., Estes Park, Colo. _ 5t Hix, Frank. Estes Park, Colo y ' T fc ' Jones, Asa Thomas, Greeley, Colo ■.■.dy».HH», ' 5 Kernan. Stephen A.. Hastings, Nebr. .....I ' St McConnell, Jon P.. Decatur. Ill . .-V5 McCusker, Richard, Denver, Colo .„ ' 4l Massell, James, Miami Beach, Fla.. ' 4 ' Nashem, Norman R.. Walla Walla. Wash., . ' 4 ' Palo. Charles D., Great Falls, Mont , .... ' 4 Phillips, Vernon L., Ruedi, Colo. Pulis. Jay B., Denver, Colo Rupp, Thomas C, Chicago. 111. :■ ' ..... . 4 ' ] Sittig. Eugene A., Glencoe, 111 :. . . 4 Smith, Blake, Chicago. Ill y4| Smith, Vernon H., Omaha, Nebr r4i Thomas, Victor C, Limon, Colo ' 5 Todd. John S.. Fanwood, N. J ' 5 Wampler, Wilson W., Denver, Colo. ' 4 Wilfley, George M., Denver, Colo. ' 5 Woodruff, John C, Denver, Colo ' 4 Adler, Sidney, Houston, Tex ' 4 Banning, David C, Denver, Colo. ' 4 Bell. William E., Denver, Colo... ' 4 Bryans, William A., Denver, Colo. " 4 Bussian, John, Chicago, 111 4 Cochran, A. Hale, Palo Alto, Calif. ' 4 Craighead, Wilson, Denver, Colo.- ' 4, ' Dunn, Joseph P., Denver, Colo. ' 41 Francis, Thomas M., Denver, Colo. , 4 Hackstaff, Richard, Denver, Colo. ' 4| Hill, James, Eaton, Colo ' 4 Hoyt, Charles R., Denver, Colo. _ Si Hogue, Robert E., Dodge City, Kan. . ' 5i Jehle. William K.. Pueblo. Colo ' A Johnson, William C, Hanover, N. Hamp. ' 4j Marr. Arthur B., Denver, Colo. ' 5 Mitchell, Rexford, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 4 Morrison, Frank H., Sterling, Colo. 4 Naquin, Thomas, St. Louis, Mo ' € Needham. Charles L., Denver, Colo .H Patterson, James A., Denver, Colo. Powell, Charles L., Denver, Colo Purvis, John A., Estes Park, Colo. Sale, William, Denver, Colo Studebaker, James, Denver, Colo Van Pettcn, Edward, Thermopolis, Wyo Woodworth. Robert, Denver. Colo Young, William S., Dayton, Ohio PLEDGES DeLuise, Rudolph, Denver, Colo Ebaugh, Donald R., Denver, Colo.. iones, Thomas S., Denver. Colo reverenz, Carl E., Chicago. III. Meyer, Rendell, Denver, Colo. Rock. Frank D., Dayton. Ohio . Thomas, John H., Boulder, Colo Bacr, W. Scott, Boise, Ida. Chase, Michael, Denver, Colo Edwards, M. Keith, Kearney, Nebr. .. Fawcett, William, Denver, Colo. Harris, James R., Denver, Colo Haugan, Gordon W., Denver. Colo—. Hcizer, Robert, Denver, Colo Hoff, Don E., Riverside, III. Kintzele, Donald J., Denver, Colo McClure. William, Del Norte, Calif. McKinlay, Calvin, Chicago, 111. Throm, Robert. Denver. Colo Whittaker, Brown, Ft. Collins, Colo. Wilfley, Arthur R., Denver. Colo. Yeros, John, Denver, Colo. - " ! i 405 CHI PSI The Chi Psi ' s arrived at their Lodge on the CU cam- pus this fall in full strength for the first time since pre- war days with a promising outlook for a successful 1947- 48 school year under the able leadership of President Steve Young. The first active post-war year for the Lodgemen wound up with the close of last spring quarter which was marked with a more-than-successful spring formal, the " Garden Dance. " During the high-pitched CU Days celebration the Chi Psi ' s noted their third consecutive triumph over the Betas in the famous traditional grudge battle tug-o ' -war on the banks of Boulder creek. The defeat, though, came only after a titan-like struggle which lasted almost two hours through a heavy rain- storm, the time setting a new record for the 20 odd years the tug has been staged. The Betas acknowledged the victory the following week with the usual keg of beer in a joint beer bust. During the summer months the Lodge was once again opened to women students for living accommoda- tions under the management of one of the brothers, Dave Banning. Return to school this fall was marked by a notice- able step-up in participation in activities by the Chi Psi ' s who co-operated fully in setting up prize-winning house decorations for the Homecoming celebration last fall. In the athletic field, the Lodge turned out well with its football eleven becoming a threat in the intra- mural championship race. At any rate it appears that Chi Psi is now once more beginning to assume its position as one of the outstand- ing fraternities in athletic, social and scholastic activi- ties on the Colorado campus. OFFICERS William S. Young President Wilson Wampler Vice-president Bob Woodworth Secretary Jack Todd Treasurer IPcg-n « -m i ' M 406 DEITA SIGMA PHI ▲ ACTIVES Boncelot, Charles G., Union City, N. J ' 48 ' Brcyfogle. Roger M., Alton, 111 ' 48 1 Daehler. Albert, Jr., Sterling, 111 ' 50 j Durfee Kent, Phoenix, Ariz _ 50 { Fliehmann, Jack W.. Thermopolis, Wyo 50 Fullerton, Charles P., Morrill, Neb ' 49 ; Holm, Herbert W., Denver, Colo ' 51 , Jann, William K., Brooklyn, N. Y ' 49 ; Keating, Bernard L., Edgcmont, S. D ' 51 : Krehbiel, Karl K.. Halstead, Kan ' 49 i Phillips, Robert E., Cedaredge, Colo ' 50 ! Ray, Gordon A., Blackfoot, Ida ' 51 : Rice, James L., Denver, Colo ' 50 ' Thomas, Robert L., Greeley, Colo ' 50] Doyle, Donald R., Minturn, Colo ' 50 j Galing, Searcy G., Goose Creek, Tex ' 51 : Harward. Harold R., Denver, Colo ' 50 I Keating, Edwin L.. Edgemont. S. D ' 50 Shoemaker, John H., Freeport, 111 ' 50 Stinemeyer, William R., Canon City, Colo ' 48 PLEDGES 111.. Armitage, Lawrence C, Chicago, Bear, Robert I., Philadelphia, Pa Ciskowski, Alfred A., Coolidge, Ariz Eckhardt, Albert, Brighton, Colo Harward, Gordon W., Denver, Colo.. Hodgson. Robert. Dacono, Colo Hotchkiss, Roy D., Gering, Neb Plaisance, Delvin E., Douglas, N. D Pollack, Donald J., Pocatello, Ida. Ponce, Paul v., Baytown, Tex Ware, Richard M., Collidge, Ariz Braude, Edwin S., Chicago, 111 Hobbs, Thomas H., Honolulu, T. H. Morgan, Robert, North Girard, Pa. Nixon, Frank A., Delta, Colo Sanders, Maurice K., Olathe, Colo. . Smith. Howard L., Pascagoula, Miss ■50 . ' 50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 . ' 50 .. ' 50 .. ' 49 .. ' 50 .. ' 49 .. ' 51 •$l .•5( ■5( ' « ' 4! ' 5( 407 DELTA SIGMA PHI The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was organized on the Colorado University campus in 1925. The organiza- tion prospered for many years. During the war it be- came dormant but maintained a charter. Immediately after the war a few active members returned. This year, with the aid of our national secretary, alumni and active members returned from the service, a group of 30 men were pledged fall quarter. The new group is now the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. The following pledge offi- cers were selected: Albert Eckhardt, president; Albert Daehler, house manager; John H. Shoemaker, secretary. Don Doyle, an active member recently returned from the service, is chapter advisor. It has been a banner year, and the future is even more promising. Plans have been completed for new interior decoration of the house. We have a very en- thusiastic group of men who have participated in sports and campus activities, and pledging has continued most successfully. OFFICERS Albert Eckhardt President John H. Shoemaker Secretary Albert Daehler Treasurer 408 l tf? i ,o ' ! ItSriill llHi DELTA TAU DELTA ACTIVES Falkenberg, John F., Denver, Colo Anderson, Richard J., Casper, Wyo Balderston, Robert W., Media, Pa Barnctt, Pierre F„ Portland, Ore Boothby, Burton C, Cleghorn, Iowa Brackenbury, Richard J., Ft. Collins, Colo.. Callard, Robert D., Lansing, Mich Carpenter, M. Scott, Boulder, Colo Creighton, James A., Flagler, Colo Cross, Arthur D., Boulder, Colo Cross, Richard J., Boulder, Colo Dickinson, John R., Denver, Colo Dixon, Kenneth V., Jr., Denver, Colo Dukes, Philip, Boulder, Colo Evans, Donald W., Colorado Springs, Colo. Falkenberg, William S., Denver, Colo Faurot, Joseph, Chicago, 111 Fullerton, Donald, Denver, Colo Fulton, Robert N., Estes Park, Colo Goodrich, Charles C, Dayton, Ohio Gragg, William H., Boulder, Colo Gribble, George A., Boulder, Colo Grieb, Robert Van, Downing Town, Pa... .. ' 48 ' 50 .- ' « ' 48 .. ' 48 . ' 50 . ' 48 - ' 49 .. ' 50 .. ' 49 .. ' 50 .. ' 48 .. ' 50 .. ' 48 .. ' 48 .. ' 50 .. ' 48 .. ' 5C .. ' 5C .. ' 48 .. ' 5C ..•5C .. ' 49 Grieshaber, Eugene R., Milwaukee, Wise ' 48 Guinand, Jerome B., Boulder, Colo ' 5C Gwinn, Donald E., Denver, Colo ' 5C Harrington, Ronald E., Casper, Wyo ' 5C Heuston, Philip T., Boulder, Colo ' 5C Hiester, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 4i Hondius, Pieter, Estes Park, Colo ' 45 Howell. Gordon M., Denver, Colo ' 5C Hudson, Robert K., Denver, Colo ' 4! Hughes, Joseph S., Montrose, Colo ' 45 Hulitzky, A. Wayne. Denver. Colo. ;r:r!SK. ' S( Irwin, Robert, Sheridan, Wyo . ' 4( King, John L., Greeley, Colo ' 4i King, Robert W., Greeley, Colo " SC Lanham, Louis D., Logan, Iowa ' 4! Lodge, Allen Kenneth, Denver, Colo ' 5( Mason, William T., Platteville, Colo. ' 4! -- - -- . 1 ' 4 ' 41 •5( •41 ' 5( 41 4 Menk, Merlin H., Staunton, 111. Milek, David R., Omaha, Nebr Miller, C. Keith, Greeley, Colo Narcisian, Harry K., Denver, Colo Nelson, Paul T., Trinidad. Colo Nichols, Thomas C, Jr., Rocky Ford, Colo.. Perreten. Frank A., Denver, Colo Peters, George F., Berwyn, 111. Peters, LeRoy, Greeley, Colo 5i Ranney, Willet R., Chicago, 111 ' 41 Roughton, Curtis M., Monte Vista, Colo ' 5i Smith, William H., Berwyn, 111 _ ' 4 ' Tobin, John J., Ft. Collins, Colo 4- Turner, John E., Denver, Colo y Turnquist, Edwin C, Littleton, Colo ' 4 Warren, Charles L.. Ft. Collins, Colo ' 5 ' Willis, Donald, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 4 ' Willis, Robert K., Colorado Springs, Colo 4 Zick, H. Rolan. Greeley, Colo 5 Atkinson, Horace E., Greeley. Colo _ 5 Barr, Harold A., Port Arthur, Texas 4 Bennett, Donn S., Buffalo, So. Dak ' 4 Bigelow, Robert F., Denver, Colo 4 Carr, Robert F., Denver, Colo 4 Case, William A., Ft. Collins, Colo 5 Cawley, Paul T., Trinidad. Colo J Clark, Ralph M., Omaha, Nebr S Conkling, Donald R., Casper, Wyo S Corbin, David N., Lafayette, Colo 4 Denig, George J., Ft. Collins, Colo 4 Dolan. George B., Pueblo, Colo.. . .4 Moore, Robert E . — Norcross, James W., Greeley. Colo i Parker, Francis T.. Deadwood. So. Dak 4] Poling, Sidney B., Ottomwa, Iowa Jj Randell, Russell R., Denver, Colo ..J Raymond, Rolin A., Jr., Wichita, Kan .« Rinn, Michael M., Boulder, Colo .J| Sandhouse, Charles H., Sterling, Colo ijji Shadinger, Donald Charles, Abilene, Kan u l Shockey, Everett L., Lead, So. Dak ......JJ Taylor. Carson N., Modesto, Calif . ' • Thompson, Peter M., Boulder, Colo i Turner. John C. Colorado Springs, Colo ' Wheeler, James, Glendale, Calif , ' Wylie. Billy C, Kosciusko, Miss , ' Yager, Joseph D., Atwood, Kan ' PLEDGES Bacon, Herbert L., Bird City, Kan Bearden. John N., Trinidad, Colo. Bell, Jack N.. Kansas City, Mo Cantrell, Richard B., Evanston, 111. Cheever. Eugene G., Brookings, So. Dak. Cleary, R. Mitchell, No. Hollywood, Calif. Cohig. James C.. Chicago. Ill Davis, Robert S.. Greeley, Colo Falkenberg. Robert L., Mission, Kan _ Feist. A. Edwin, Denver. Colo Fowler, Jack W.. Eldorado Springs, Colo. Froistad, Jack N., Cheyenne, Wyo Graves. C. Dean, Longmont, Colo Graves, Don Dane, Longmont, Colo Hix, George J., Estes Park, Colo Hughes. Charles P., Montrose, Colo Jordan. Walter D.. Tulsa. Okia Pike. Robert H.. Ft. Collins, Colo Pike. William E.. Ft. Collins. Colo Rethlefsen, Frank Hlllis, Jr., Monrovia, Calif.. Rice, Reginald W., Wilmette, 111. Shattuck, John B., Trinidad, Colo. Spicer, Walter L., Newport Beach, Calif.j: Tapp, Bancroft M., Kansas City. Mo — „ Wamsley. Wlltar F., Tulsa. Okla Bennett. John H.. Greeley, Colo. Brown, N. Eugene, Denver, Colo. Hall, Henry, Denver. Colo Jessen. A. Donald. Tulsa. Okla Lewis. John B Boulder, Colo....... Morris. Roy w.. Fremont, Nebr.. Richey. Myrna A.. Boulder, Colo.. 409 BB DELTA lAU DELIA In 1883 the University of Colorado had one building, twenty students and a faculty of eight professors. On September 30 of that year the Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Tau Delta was granted its charter, making it the only chapter of the fraternity west of Iowa and for many years the only Greek-letter organization in Colorado. Early history was made by athletes, orators and scholars. As the University has expanded and competi- tion become keener, the chapter interests have been more varied, but active representation inspired by traditional Delt spirit has been maintained in intramural and var- sity athletics, scholarship and other student activities. Highlighting the social season at the Delt Shelter this year was the presentation of the fraternity ' s annual winter formal, the " Klondike. " Guests were received by the hostess. Mother Ladd, the Delt ' s charming house mother, who has just completed her twelfth year with them. Many Delts are active participants in varsity ath- letics, student publications and various committees. Among the prominent Delts on the campus are John Dickinson — president of the Business school, Delta Sigma Pi; John Falkenberg — Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Colorado Engineer; Gene Grieshaber — Pi Tau Sigma, president. Executive council of the Com- bined Engineers, Asosciated Students of Mechanical Engineers, president, Colorado Engineer, Circulation manager. Phi Epsilon Phi; and Bill Smith — Business School board of directors, Delta Sigma Pi. OFFICjiRS John F. Falkenberg President William H. Smith Vice-president David R. Milek Secretary Robert W. Balderston Treasurer Mrs. C. H. Ladd House mother I ' ftNfr 410 KAPPA SIGMA ACTIVES Wicks, Dick, Denver, Colo.. ' 48 Andrews, Stan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Atkinson, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bilton, Herb, Detroit, Mich ' 50 Bradfield, Bob, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Brewer, George, Menomonie. Wis 50 Cericola, Frank, Lavallette, N. J ' 50 Chance, Don, Denver, Colo ' 48 Chance, Wiley, Denver, Colo ' 50 Chance, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Cheney, Russ, North Weymouth, Mass ' 49 Cody, Don, Denver, Colo ' 50 Colburn, Paul, Gary, Ind ' 49 Corbridge, Jack, Casper, Wyo ' 49 , Crowe, Bob, Whcatridge, Colo 50 DiMercurio, Cyril, Pittsburg, Calif ' 48 Fairvalley, Jay, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Farmer, Harry, Denver, Colo Grad. Feldman, Bob, Austin, Minn Grad. Goble, Hal, North Platte, Nebr. ' 49 Guinn. Les, Denver, Colo. t , ' 50 Hammond, Frank, Canon City, Coin - ' j _ ' 9 Heapes, Bill, St. Louis, Mo | .... " v ' 8 Heapes, Bob, St. Louis, Mo. Jt. .y ' 5 " Herdman, Eric, Boulder, Colo - l...s ,,, ' 50 Johnson, Seldon, Denver, Colo.. ' ....A ti v.:. ' 50 Lazorchick, Dan, McKeesport, Pa. . trr TT. ' 50 Lebsock, Bill, Ft. Morgan, Colo v J ' 48 Longworth, Jack, Castle Rock, Colo. ' 48 Lundy, Paul, Fowler, Colo ' 48 McCabe, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 50 McCoy, Ric, Denver, Colo „ ' 48 Madden, Jack, Robbinsdalc, Minn ' 50 Maich, Bert, Leadville, Colo ' 49 Maloney, Jim, Gary, Ind 49 Mann, John, Hindale, 111 ' 49 Nicholson, Owen, Englewood, Colo ' 50 ■ Padgett, Bob, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Penny, Jerry, Burlington. Colo ' 50 Porter, Dick, Longmont, Colo ' SO Quimby, Everett, Denver, Colo _.. ...7 v.i.. ' SO I Sahlberg, Ray, Watsonville, Calif JB|fc,.! tX • ' ' • Sheppard, Rex, Denver, Colo ■s Hr ' S ' ' ' - ' ' " ' Steinraetz, Marvin, New Falls, So. UZTz jf. ' 49 Stenicka, Chuck, Omaha, Nebr .- :: ' 50 Waldo, Bob, Los Angeles, Calif ' 48 Watson, Hal, Colorado Springs, Colo S0 West, Dan, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 White, Otis, Colorado Springs, Colo ' SO Wiggins, Jim, Longmont, Colo 50 Winningham, Sam, Burlington. Colo ' 50 Woodward, Chuck, Centralia, Wash ' 50 Zorno, Bob, Elgin, 111 ' 48 Caughrcn, Jim, Albuquerque, N. M ' 48 Davis, Shirl, Denver, Colo ' 49 Evans, Lewy, Houston, Tex ' 50 Evans, Lloyd, Denver, Colo ' 4K Faller, Bernie, Longmont, Colo ' 48 Fox, Wayne, Denver. Colo ' 49 Gressett, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 49 Griffis, Jim, Lake Forest, 111 ' 49 Hedgcock. ' Tommy, Denver, Colo 48 Hedges, George, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Hoffmeister, Bert, Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Jacobson, Bud, Casper, Wyo ' 49 Lundy. Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 48 McCabe. Bob, Denver, Colo Grad. McDaniel, Doug, San Bernardino, Calif ' 50 McGinty, Gene, Great Falls, Mont ' 51 Murphy, Jack, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 ♦Pettct, Locke. Longmont, Colo ' 50 Sampson, Jack, Junction City, Kan ' 50 Scruby, Ralph, Denver, Colo Grad. Smith, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 48 Steffen, Harry, Hibbing, Minn Grad. Swits, Doc, Schenectady, N. Y ' 50 Watts, Nollie, McComb, Miss ' 48 Deceased f PLEDGES Benight, Bill, Denver, Colo Bower, Jay, Canon City, Colo Carlson. Loren, Denver, Colo Crowe, Cliff, Wheatridge, Colo Donaldson, Jay, Milford, la Hagin, Don, finglewood, Colo _ Jaynes, Bob, Canon City. Colo Kane, John, Las Vegas, N. M. Kane, William, Gary, Ind Liggett, Jim, Denver, Colo Lipson, Lynn, Denver, Colo Marshall, Oren, Hayden, Colo. Perkins, George, Wilmette, 111. _J Raso, Augie, Denver, Colo S Shaw, Bob, Mattoon, 111 _ ,} ' Symes, Dick, Orinda. Calit. » Weldon. Don, Wilmette, III Wendell, Dick. Denver, Colo. S Coulson, Hal, Boulder. Colo. » Holloway, Dick, Sterling, Colo... » 411 KAPPA SIGMA At 1100 Pennsylvania the last coeds took a fleeting glance at their summer home as they crossed the moat. They hated to go, but the Kappa Sig ' s were back for another big year. The accomplishments of the past term posed as a challenge to the returning chapter, but the boys had already started toward bigger things by re- turning from the national conclave with the Kappa Sigma national house prize. Homecoming 1947 put still another trophy in the cases when the house produced a winning float. Reviewing the preceding winter and spring quar- ters, the Kappa Sig ' s well remembered their colorful winter formal, the Embassy ball, and the never-to-be- forgotten dinner dance at the Park Hill Country Club last spring. Interspersed were tea dances, picnics, ex- change dinners and hay rides with the many sororities on the hill. The CU Days celebration provided another outlet for Kappa Sig energy. Besides having Bob Crowe reign as king, the choir participated in the Song Fest, the Octette and Brother Hal Goble were principals in the CU Days ' show, and K. S. trackmen were tops among the Greeks. OFFICERS Richard Wicks President Dan West Vice-president Jim Maloney Secretary Paul Lundy House manager Mrs. J. W. Parish House mother 412 lAMBDA CHI ALPHA ACTIVES •V, Humphrfy, Charles J., Sutherland, Nebr..;. ' 49 Ballard, John T., Telluride, Colo ' 49 Buckles, Vern C, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 50 Campbell, Neil H., Denver, Colo ' 51 Daily, Philip M., Brush, Colo ' 50 Dekker, Robert L., Estes Park, Colo ' 50 Dora, James E., Denver, Colo ' 49 Frazee, Robert L., Keokuk, Iowa ' 50 Hallam, Arthur F., Denver, Colo ' 49 Murphy, Thomas A., Mexico City, Mexico ' 49 Nelson, H. John, Montpelier, Ida ' 50 Stack, Robert W., Cut Bank, Mont. ' 49 St arbuck, John G., Denver, Colo 50 St. John, Carl F., De Beque, Colo ' 50 Swanson, C. Robert, Denver, Colo ' SO Timblin, Lloyd O., Denver, Colo ' 50 Wawrose, Frederick E., Englewood, Colo ' 50 Hallam, John S., Denver, Colo ' 50 Hurd, Charles W., El Paso, Tex ' 48 Martine, Eugene O., La Junta, Colo ' 50 Muenzinger, John W., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Nyland, Frederick S., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Sawalish, Robert V., Pendleton, Ore Grad. Sherman, Harvey R., Providence, R. I ' 50 Smith, Le Clair, Buffalo, New York ' 47 i Woitkiewicz, Joseph S., Maynard, Mass ' 50 | PLEDGES Abbott, Hugh B., Western Springs, 111. ' 51 Burt, Morton W., La Grange, 111 ' 51 Ellison, W, Darrell, Tucumcari, N. Mex ' 4! Marting, Fredric W., Denver, Colo. ' 5( Peterson, Douglas P., Albuquerque, N. Mex ' 5 ' Segur, Donald L., La Grange, III _ ' i Short, Paul L., Canon City, Colo _ -ISI Young, Richard M., Marion, Ind J Christopher, Robert A.. Audabon. N. J ' 5 Delavan, Patrick N., Westend, Calif S Koch. John A., Denver, Colo 5 Lasley, Harold D.. Meeker, Colo 5 Randell, Burton W., Denver, Colo . ' 5 Veseth, Raymond C. Malta. Mont ' 5 Walz, Frank C, Boulder, Colo 5 413 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA After a ten-year absence, Lambda Chi returned to the CU campus in grand style in March, 1947. By Sep- tember, the chapter had bought a house and was actively participating in rushing activities. The new house is in an ideal location ; just across the street from the campus, in the center of the so-called " fraternity row. " The house was the center of much activity during rush week, the conclusion of which found the chapter richer by 15 pledges. With the addition of these men. Lambda Chi started out with high hopes for a sterling year. Homecoming found these hopes untarnished. A gala housewarming attended by numerous alumni of the chapter was but one of the many events that made the weekend unforgetable. Throughout the year the Lambda Chi ' s kept up the high-stepping pace they set early in the fall. Many tea dances, parties, hayrack rides, exchange dinners, and an immensely successful spring formal made up a full social schedule. Yet, despite the abundance of extra- curricular activities, the Lambda Chi ' s consistently kept their scholastic record up to an admirable level. Lambda Chi also participated in many intramural contests — including football, basketball, baseball, tennis and others. With regard to the future, the ever-expanding chap- ter is planning bigger and better activities. The Lambda Chi sphere of influence is growing as the chapter in- creases in numbers, but future Lambda Chi ' s will long remember 1548 as the year that Lambda Chi really started rolling. OFFICERS Charles J. Humphrey President Arthur F. Hallam Vice-president C. Robert Swanson Secretary Robert W. Stack Treasurer 414 PHI DEITA THETA ACTIVES Reynolds, Joe S., Greeley, Colo ' 48 Barker, Richard, Boulder, Colo. ' 50 Bell, Richard E., Denver, Colo. ' 48 Bumpus, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bunnell, Sam, Grand Junction, Colo ' 49 Carlson, Glenn, Denver, Colo ' 49 Crockett, Wardner, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Duncanson, Fred, Winnebago, Minn ' 48 Henderson, Jack, Denver, Colo 50 Hepworth, Richard, Evanston, III ' 48 Hubbard, Eugene, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Hugins, Richard. Littleton, Colo. ' 49 Hussa, John, Mount Vernon, Wash ' 48 Irion, Richard, Denver, Colo 50 Johnson, Norville, Alva, Ok la ' 49 Krapf, John, Cutbank, Mont. ' 50 McCornack, Richard, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Marshall, William, Southington, Conn. ' 50 Merritt, Ralph, Denver, Colo ' 48 Moyer, R. Deane, Minneapolis, Minn ' 49 Newman, Rodney Lee, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Olson, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pry, Wayne, Denver, Colo 49 li ' T O ■ - - . ' 50 .. ' 50 ■50 ■48 . ' 50 . ' 50 ■49 Ready, Richard, Berkeley, Calif. Rogers, Richard, Boulder, Colo. Russell, Al, Denver, Col. Schmidt, Ted, Scottsbluff, Nebr. Shasteen. Donald, La Junta, Col ShuU, Paul, Dighton, Kans.. Speck, Richard, Cortez, Colo Telfer, James, Hillsboro, 111 - ' 48 Van Law, Richard, Denver. Colo ' 50 Walker, James, Denver, Colo -.■■..■■ ' 48 Whaley, Lynn, Denver, Colo ' ijJt T ' Williams, James, Kingsburg, Calif ' jfiW ' « Wilson, Earl, Colorado Springs, Colo., ® ' 49 Barnhill, Sam, El Dorado, Kans Grad. Brennan, Jack, Rochelle, 111 ' 50 Briggs, Paul, Grand Junction, Colo. ' 48 Broyles, Thomas, San Angelo, Tex. Grad. Carleton, Neil, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Carrol, Gene, Santa Fe, N. Mex._ ' 49 Clapper, Robert, Billings, Mont ' 48 Clarke, Conway, Glenwood Springs. Colo ' 50 Collins, Earl, Beverly Hills, Calif. ' 50 Commins, Bob, Oakland, Calif ' 50 Corbin, Rex, Red Oak, la ' 50 DeTarr, James, Berkeley, Calif ' 49 Downing, Robert, Boulder, Colo Grad. Eastman, Frank, Oklahoma City, Okla ' 48 Erickson, Dean, Sioux Falls, South Dakota ' 48 Fagg, Robert, Aberdeen, South Dakota ' 49 Faubion, William. Caldwell, Idaho ' 49 Giltner, Bill, Elliott, Iowa ' 50 Haynes, Thomas, San Marino, Calif ' 50 Hayes, William, Rochelle, 111 ' 50 Hirst, Dave, Priest River, Idaho ' 49 Johnson, Sam, Brighton, Colo ]50 Jones, Donald, Wellington, Kans ' 48 Kennedy, Owen. Akron, Ohio ' 49 Kilpatrick, Douglas, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Kilzer, John, Boulder, Colo 48 Malcolm, George, Sturgis, South Dakota ' 49 Marlink, Richard, Aberdeen, South Dakota ' 49 Martin, George, Denver, Colo ' 49 Mayne, Roland, Benicia, Calif Grad. Moore. Oral, Boulder, Colo Grad. Norris, Carroll, Galesburg, 111 ' 49 Ostrander, Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Paddock, David, Clinton, Iowa ' 49 Pickens, Russell, San Francisco, Calif ' 49 Rothschopf, Kenneth, Parker, Colo [49 Siekmeier, Leonard, Sioux Falls, S. D ' 49 Stanley, Kent, Denver, Colo ' 50 Telk, Daniel, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Trier, Dana, Fort Wayne, Ind ' 48 Volker, William, Santa Ana, Calif ' 49 Von Wyl, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 50 Webster, Kent, Amarillo, Texas Grad. Whitehouse, Richard, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Wilson, Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Wise, Robert, Sparks, Nevada ' 48 Wotipka, Jack, El Paso, Texas ' 49 Yant, Robert, Boulder. Colo ' 48 Zerschling, Keith, Pierre, S. D ' 48 PLEDGES Colo. : :: Adams, Bill, Colorado Springs Bailey, James, Amarillo, Tex „.., Black, Stanley, Libertyville, 11 1 Crooke, Robert, Cripple Creek, Colo. Eubank, Dillard, Kansas City, Mo. Funk, Richard. Bloomington, 111 ' Goley, Gene. Enid, Okla Rush, Robert, Salida, Colo ■;, Rush, WillUm, Salida, Colo Simpson, Cecil, Cripple Creek, Colo. Spencer, Donald, Alamosa, Colo Stephenson, Walter. Knid, Okla. Williams. Paul. Kingsburg. Calif. Burton. Johnnie. La Junta. Col Chase, Richard. Denver. Colo Chinn. Earl, Grand Junction, Colo. Doane, Harold, Grand Junction, Colo. Johnson. Alan. La Junta, Colo Johnson, Farnum. Falls Church. Va. Kelsey, Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo. Pickens. Robert, San Francisco, Calif.,... Stark, Edwin, La Junta, Colo ... Stevenson. Jack, Greeley, Colo.. - Stokes. Roger. Boulder, Colo .y. ' 51 Wilson, Newton, Denver, Colo 7 :: 415 PHI DELTA THETA A " Rec " room that only could take place in a Phi Delt dream castle came to life last fall, causing many a wide-eyed rushee to stare as the year ' s activities got off to a pacesetting start. The Phi ' s asserted their leadership on the campus this year by capturing the activity cup during the CU Days celebration and sailed smoothly on as one of the top teams in the intramural football league. The Phi ' s were represented on the gridiron this year by Paul Briggs, Bob Wise, and Bob Clapper, with Tom Broyles ably assisting the coaching of an aggressive freshman team. A few of the prominent Phi ' s seen on the campus are Joe Reynolds, Ralph Merritt, Ted Schmidt, John Hussa, Don Jones, and Ward Crockett. OFFICERS Joe Reynolds President Robert Fagg Vice-president Richard Hugins Secretary Bill Giltner Treasurer Mrs. Pipkin House mother i illll mm 1 ' — r ih ff h i % i ' fl ' . t 1 U ' l wills Jitilki ; 1 ACTIVES Franklin, Pete, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Ayers, Robert, Denver, Colo ' so Bachar. James, Fort Morgan, Colo ' so Bailey, Boyce, Denver, Colo ' 49 Baker, Maurice, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Barber, William, Los Angeles. Calif ' 49 Bartoe, Pete, Coronado, Calif ' 49 Besemann, Carl, Newton, Kan 5o Bradt, Gordon, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Campbell, Donald, Sterling, Colo 50 Carlson, Robert, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Carpenter, James, Denver, Colo 50 Click, Pete, Denver, Colo ' 48 Curry, Harold. Dudley. Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Dick, Gerald, Denver, Colo 49 Downing, John, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Eastman, Robert, Pass-a-Grille, Fla ' 48 Ekrem, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 50 Elliot, Warren, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Evans, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Foley, Dan. Denver. Colo ' 50 Fuller. Ernest. El Segundo. Calif ' 50 Funk, James, Colorado Springs. Colo ' 49 Goebel. Douglas. Denver. Colo ' 50 Goebel. John. Denver, Colo ' 50 Gooding, Stewart, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gray, Ernest, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Griffith, James, Ketchum, Ida ' 49 Haase, Lester, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Heinick, Chester, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hinkley, Lester, Denver, Colo ' 48 Holden, John, Loveland, Colo ' 48 Humphreys, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Humphreys, Edwin, Raton. N. M ' 48 Johnson, Abbott, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Jones, Robert, Brighton. Colo ' 49 Koelbel, Walter, Muskegon, Mich. ' 48 Larsen, Leonard, Denver. Colo - ' 50 Larson. Donald, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Lewis, Jerome. Wichita, Kan _.. . ' 49 Martin, Kenneth, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Mclnnes, John, Boulder, Colo.-- ' 50 McNeill, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 49 Mitchum, Allen, San Francisco. Calif ' 48 Morrison. Collins. Denver. Colo ' 50 Mott, Allen, Denver, Colo ' 50 Mulhern, Richard. Wichita. Kan ' 48 Munger. John. Denver. Colo. 48 Nelson, Douglas, Chicago, III - ' SO Nichols, Robert, Denver, Colo Grad. Niebel. Robert. Palo Alto. Calif ' 49 Pace. Richard, Oakdale, Calif ' 48 Patterson, George, Fort Morgan, Colo. .. ' 50 Pryor, Frank. Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Richardson, William, Coronado, Calif ' 49 Roath, Henry, Denver, Colo 50 Robertson, Harry, St. Louis, Mo ' 49 Russell, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 . Schrepferman, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 50 Starks, Charles Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Sterling, Robert, Canon City. Colo [50 Strobel. John. Denver. Colo ' 50 Struthers. John. Denver. Colo. ' 50 Sugaski. Lloyd. Elyria. Ohio ' 48 Talbott. John. Denver. Colo |48 Tempest. William. Denver. Colo ' [50 Thompson. Thomas. Boulder. Colo ]49 Vining. William. Denver. Colo ' 48 Wallbank. Lincoln. Denver. Colo ' 49 Whiting. Donald. Loveland. Colo ' 49 Wills. W. A.. Pueblo. Colo ]50 Wollenweber. Louis. Denver, Colo ' 48 Chapman, Warren, Colorado Springs, Colo. SP Creaghe, John, Lamar, Colo 48 ■ Deal, John, Craig. Colo. ' 5C Deal. Stanley. Craig. Colo ]40 Downing. Sumner. Denver. Colo 50 Durr. Eugene. Colorado Springs. Colo ]49 Foster. Samuel. Denver. Colo ' 48 Haggerty. Raymond. Denver, Colo Grad. . Hartman, Kenneth, Falls Church, Va [49 Knous, Merle, Denver, Colo [ 5 Loser, Earl, Denver, Colo ' 50 Phelps, Jack, Denver, Colo [W Pudlik, Edward, Denver, Colo. [50 Robbins. Lee. Denver, Colo [48 Ross. Stanley. Houston, Texas ' 51 Rounds, Bill, Wichita, Kan [« Spicer, Robert, Leavenworth, Kan ' 49 Stewart, William, Rockford, 111 ' 48 Temple, Charles, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Theis, Robert, Dodge City, Kan ' 48 Todd, John, Pueblo, Colo Grad. Trent, Michael, Boulder, Colo 48 Warshauer. Ted. Denver. Colo ' 48 Winegardner. Albert. Denver. Colo Grad. PLEDGES Arnold. William. Boulder. Colo ' 51 Breinig. Charles. Holbrook. Neb [50 Brereton. William. Denver. Colo [51 Coombs. Verner, Denver, Colo 51 Deering, Claude, Mt. Pleasant, Utah [50 Farrow, Sim, Denver, Colo [51 Fenton, Ronald, Des Moines, Iowa 51 Giacomini, Donald, Sterling, Colo [51 Giacomini, Robert, Sterling, Colo 51 Goebel, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 51 Hafling, Darrel, Denver, Colo. 5C Hamer, Ronald, Denver, Colo 51 Tones, Malcolm, Denver, Colo 51 koelbel, Harold, Muskegon, Mich..j 51 Lindsley, George, San Marino, Calif..T.!r?lfr: ' !f.?! :; [S] McMurria, Allison, Denver. Colo Martin, Charles, Denver, Colo , 5 Mechling, Martin, Scarsdale, N. Y i Menary, Robert, Evanston, 111 v ' ' Nesladek, Kieth, Denver, Colo ._. . S Nichols, Frank, Denver, Colo .jl 5 Reed. William. Loveland. Colo S - — ■• " loline. Ill - er. Colo enver. Colo lenburg. Colo 0C....U111UC, j»... =. Jenver. Colo , Shakesha t. Jarrett. Topeka. Kan... , i Sinclair, Richard, San Gabriel, Calif ' i Stevens, Richard, Denver, Colo._ 5 Terry. Robert. Pasadena. Calif. _ 5 Tucker. Wayne. San Marino. Calif ' 5 Weirick. Richard. San Marino, Calif ' 5 Wells, Briant, San Marino, Calif ' 5 Wilcoxson. Eugene, Pueblo, Colo ..vS.._4 DeLue. Leonard. Golden. Colo .. ' Hammond. Robert. Denver. Colo ! Klabau. Robert. Newton. Kan ! Mahan. John, Glencoe, 111 • 417 PHI GAMMA DELTA With a greatly improved and renovated " Fiji Barn " from which to operate, 91 actives and 36 pledges this year are carrying on their many activities with enthusi- asm and vigor. Eleven varsity football players, nine of them letter- men, are representing the Phi Gams on the Buff football squad. These gridsters are Walt Koelbel, Ed Pudlik, Harry Robertson, Doug Nelson, Chuck Breinig, Bob Spicer, Sam Foster, Dick Schrepferman, John Downing, Don Evans and John Strob el. The basketball squad is bolstered by six Fijis, Carr Besemann, Hal Beattie, Ernie Fuller, Don Evans, Bob Klabau and Les Haase. Lee Robbins, counted on for heavy duty this season, is now playing professional ball in New York. The Phi Gams have had another busy social program this year. The Spring formal at the Albany hotel, Fiji Island dance and the winter quarter Barn dance were long-to-be-remembered affairs. Fiji-men on the ASUC commission are Dick Mul- hern, who is also business manager of the Silver and Gold, and Pete Franklin, president of the Interfrater- nity council. Lloyd Sugaski is a member of the Business School board of directors. OFFICERS Walter Franklin President Robert Ayers Secretary Lloyd Sugaski Treasurer Donald Campbell Historian Mrs. Abigail Dickey House mother 418 PHI KAPPA PSI ACTIVES Yowell, Kent, Glencoe, III ' 49 Bishop, Click, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bixby, Ned. Santa Barbara, Calif ' 49 Butler, Charles, Mason City, Iowa, ... ' 48 Hornbeck, Douglas, Sidney, Neb _j g ' 50 McAninch, Wayne, Randolph. N. Y .91 ' SO Morrow, John, Colorado Springs. Colo.;.,: ' . ' 48 Oliver, Rex. " Torrington, Wyo ' 50 Olsen, Dale. Salina. Kansas ' 50 Peterson, Wendell, Bercsford, S. Dak ' 51 Thorp. Bill, Paxton, Neb ' 50 Ward, John, New York City, N. Y ' 49 Beach, Merle. Bayfield. Colo ' 50 Beers, Burt. Highland Park. Ill Grad. Grayson, Bob, Crownpoint, Ind ' 49 Hoppler, Keith, Holyoke, Colo ' 49 Macy, Art, Montclair, N. J ' 48 Miller, Myron, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Mimmack, Bill, Denver. Colo ' 50 Olds. Rollin. Los Angeles, Calif ' 50 Roberts, Jack, Brush, Colo ' 49 Timm, Vernon. Denver, Colo ' 48 Varner, Charles, Longmont. Colo ' 48 Wells. Byron, Durango, Colo ' 50 PLEDGES Adams, Gordon, Shenandoah, Iowa .- ' 51 Berardini, Bernie, Denver. Colo ' 51 Clohessy. Curtice. Farmington. N. Mex ' 51 Culwell. Gordon. Amarillo. Texas ' 50 Edwards. Dick. Durango. Colo ' 51 Gaiser. Ro er. Denver, Colo. ]51 Graham. Dick. Fresno. Calif ' 49 O ' Toole. Dennis. Glenco. Ill ' 51 Thorp. Bob. Paxton. Nebraska " 51 Vahue. Ray. Amarillo. Texas . ' 51 Ventuleth. Fred, Patterson. Calif " 49 419 PHI KAPPA PSI Last spring the Phi Psi ' s were awarded the coveted Interfraternity scholarship plaque for the year ' s highest grade average among fraternities on the campus. But all work and no play might even make a Phi Psi a dull boy ; so a " Joker Joe " dance was held in the fall, giving all members a chance to try their practical jokes. The Cop- per Kettle inn was the scene of the chapter ' s fall formal dinner-dance, an affair which everyone agreed was a big success. Among those active in campus activities were John Morrow — city editor. Silver and Gold, Board of Publica- tions member, vice-president of the School of Business, and president of Delta Sigma Pi ; Dennis O ' Toole — pop- ular campus entertainer; Kent Yowell — program com- mittee chairman for Homecoming, 1947, director of the 1947 CU Days all-school show; John Ward — electrician. Little Theater; and Doug Hornbeck — Band and 1947 Varsity Nights show. With the steady growth of the chapter. Phi Psi ' s " might " was felt in intramural sports, with teams par- ticipating in volleyball, golf, tennis, basketball and base- ball. After lots of hard work Colorado Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi is ready to act as host to delegates and alumni from 51 chapters at the fraternity ' s national convention to be held in July at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. OFFICERS Kent Yowell President John Ward - Vice-president Rex Oliver Secretary Bill Mimmack Treasurer 420 PHI KAPPA TAU ACTIVES Jindra, Robert Ray, Dickey, N. D ' 48 Arnett, Eugene Victor, S., Pasadena, Calif ' 49 Atwood, John Miles, Loveland, Colo. ' 48 Baker, Charles Fitzgerald, Tallahassee, Fla. ' 49 Bennett, Clayton James, Yuma. Colo ' 51 Berry, Janies Lyman, Denver, Colo ' 50 Betthauser, Joseph Leo, Denver, Colo ' 50 Brackett, David Earl, West Newton, Mass ' 49 Bryan, John Manly, Clarendon. Texas ' 49 Byouk, Joseph Martin, Crested Butte, Colo ' 49 Cochran, Norbert S„ Ft, Morgan, Colo Crad. Cramp, Erwin Charles, Glenwood Springs, Colo. " 49 Emig, William Arthur, El Paso, Texas ' 49 Fisk, William Jay, Paonia, Colo. ' 50 Fowler, Frank Parker, Evanston, III ' 48 Fowler, Hugh Charles, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Hall, Arlin Wesley, Dodge City, Kan. ' 49 Henry, James Winfield, Delta, Colo ' 50 Hull, John Kenneth, San Marino, Calif... ' 50 Keating, Robert Burton, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 King, Robert Hilton, Jackson, Minn.. ' 48 Kuehster, Robert Donald. Littleton, Colo ' 49 Lanier, Sidney Joseph, Spartanburg, S. C. ' 48 Llewellyn, Windsor, Coronado Is., Calif. ' 49 Mills, Robert, La Grande. Ill ' 49 Nestler, Loren L., Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 Norling, James F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Oechsner. John Godfrey, El Paso, Texas ' 48 Prager, Frank C, Denver, Colo ' 49 Purrington, Franklin Lucas, Wheaton, 111 ' 50 Rice, John Keith, Akron, Ohio ' 50 Rold. John Wesley, Salida, Colo ' 48 Sheaff, Howard Marcus, Oak Park, III ' 50 Stettler, Robert, San Diego, Calif [50 Stowe, William, Penrose, Colo _ 49 Todd, James Farley, El Paso. Texas 49 West. John Milton, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wines, James Blaine, Elco, Nev 50 Wrighton, Thomas Richard, Excelsior, Minn M8 Carlson, Charles Hilding, Eaton, Colo ' 49 Fredrickson, Bruce, Joliet, 111 ,49 Kirk, Fred Eugene, Minneapolis, Kan 50 Reynolds, Louie Jennings, El Paso, Texas ' 49 Robison, Alan E., Boulder, Colo 49 Wolff, Austin L., Manning. S. C « Wood. Edmund Howarth. Methuen, Mass 49 PLEDGES Bennewitz. Don Henry. Longmont. Colo. ' SI Bryant, Carroll Dean, Denver, Colo 51 Casey, Clifford Glen. Amarillo. Texas 50 Coats, Charles Lawrence, Willard. Colo 51 Garrison, James Mitchell, Jr., Omaha. Neb 51 Getts. Max Edwin. Jr., Glenwood Springs, Colo. ' 51 Haase, William Charles, Winnetka, 111 51 Hayes. William Floyd. Brush. Colo. 5) Hubbard, Carleton Llewellyn, Glenwood Springs, Colo 51 Kenz, Raymond, Pasadena, Calif 50 Lindsay, Albert Lovell, Grand Junction. Colo. 5C McCarty. Ronald Lynn, Loveland, Colo .51 Noble, Merle Dean, Hynes, Calif . 51 Ogg, Warren Mills, Springfield. Ill Sf Reed, Robert L., Grand Junction. Colo. 5( Rous, Paul William. Denver. Colo. SI Toomey. Paul Martin. Glenwood Springs. Colo _S( Williams, Robert Neil, Brighton, Colo. 5( Wisecup, Russell John, Longmont, Colo. 5 Heyburn, George, Akron, Ohio 51 Hogan, Thomas, Denver, Colo. 5 Loevenguth, John Carroll, Wichu.i, Kan. 51 Mulkey, Robert James, Jr., Glenwood Springs, Colo S Willoughby, Gary Gene. Denver, Colo S Wunderlich. John Paul, Visalia. Calif . ' J 421 PHI KAPPA TAU During the past year the Phi Taus dined on a well- balanced collegiate diet. They mixed athletics and scholarship into a perfect blend and seasoned the result with a generous portion of social life. Talent which manifested itself at the Grange Hall dances during the spontaneous amateur hours almost led to indigestion. The Valentine Formal of ' 47 served as a delicious frost- ing on the cake of " extra-curricular activities. " Athletically, the Phi Tau ' s cuisine was well-bal- anced with two interfraternity bowling crowns and an intramural handball trophy. Participation in other intra- murals was 100 percent. OFFICERS Robert Jindra President David Brackett Vice-president J. Manly Bryan Secretary Edmund Wood Treasurer Mrs. Rose Owens House mother 422 PHI SIGMA DELTA ACTIVES Rothstein, Robert, New York City, N. Y ' 48 Ainbinder, Edmund, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bell, Ervin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bcrgcr Phill, Denver, Colo _ ' 50 Cramer, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 50 Dietz, Phillip, Springfield, Mass _ ' 50 Dinner, Melvin, Greeley, Colo ' 49 Epstein, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 51 Epstein, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 49 Finesilver, Sherman, Denver, Colo ' 49 Goldfarb, Alfred, Denver, Colo ' 51 Gottesfeld. Burt, Brooklyn. N. Y ' 49 Grossman. Lee, Denver, Colo ' 5C Guggenheim, Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio ' 50 Himelgrin, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 4? Huttner, Lcland, Denver, Colo ' 49 Kaplan, Sylvan, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 Katcoff, Martin, Winchester, Mass ' 4S Katz, Nathan, Pueblo, Colo ' 4f Katz. Robert, Pueblo, Colo ' 4t Lackner, Edward, Denver, Colo. 45 Laff, Seymour, Denver, Colo. ' 4f Levine, Morris, Tuba City, Ariz - " 45 Levitt, Phillip, Cheyenne, Wyo.. ' 4( Light, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 4i Lopatin, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 4 Mellman, Gerald, Denver, Colo. 4t ' Pepper, Murray, Pueblo, Colo ' 4( Ritkin, William, Denver, Colo ' 5(. Schwartz, Stanley, Denver, Colo. ' 4? Toltz, Warren, Denver, Colo. ' 5 Weindling. Benny, Pueblo, Colo ' 4i Epstein, Edmund, Denver, Colo ' 5 Ginsberg. Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 5i Gottlieb, Bernard, Denver Colo ' 5 Horwitz, Irwin, Denver, Colo ' 5 Levin, Kcva. Denver, Colo ' 5 ' Levy, Norman, Denver, Colo 4 Loup. Robert, Denver, Colo ' 5 Minzer. Eugene, Adams City, Colo. 5 Pepper, Albert. Denver, Colo 5 Perlman, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 5 Plant, Sam, Chicago, 111 ' 4 Plotkin, Sheldon, Denver, Colo ' 4 Salzer, Willard, Denver, Colo ]5 Simons, Lawrence, Denver, Colo _ " 5 Stein, Stanley, Denver, Colo. ' 5 Talpers, Stanley, Casper, Wyo ' 4 Tavel, Howard, Denver, Colo. ' 4 Zinn, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 4 PLEDGES Akulin. Donald. Denver, Colo S Eisen, Charles, Denver. Colo ' 5 Feingold. Phil. Denver, Colo i Gardenswartz, Gerald. Denver, Colo 5 Gelman, Norman. Denver, Colo |3 Goldberg, Norman, Denver, Colo [I Goodman. Jerry, Des Moines, Iowa ' Greenberg, Gerald, Denver, Colo [- Heller, Irwin, Denver. Colo ' Hoffman, Morton, Denver, Colo ' ' Kamlet, Herbert. Denver, Colo ■ Lane, Henry, Denver. Colo. -| Lazerwitz, Charles, Gary, Indiana «f Marchick, Herbert, Denver. Colo Robinson, Jack. Denver, Colo ■ Rosenbaum, Pat, Denver, Colo. | Rosenbaum, Stanton, Denver, Colo. ' Sampson, Ira, Chicago, 111 i Schocn, Kenneth, Denver, Colo. -J Schrier, Stanley. New York City. N. Y Shwartz. Nathan Jack, Denver. Colo ' Schwartz, Glenn, Chicago, III. -• Shore, Jerome, Denver, Colo [ Weiner, Leonard, Denver, Colo | Wiener, Robert, Denver, Colo. ' Zerobnick. Martin, Denver, Colo ' Cann, Howard. Denver. Colo....;:. ,„ | Diamond. Irwin, Denver. Colo " - ! Gordon, Donald, Denver. Colo „ ta . Lackner, Hershel, Denver, Co «... Lazerwitz, Charles. Gary, Indiana Radinsky, David, Denver, Colo Thomas, William. Denver. Colo 423 PHI SIGMA DELTA This year marked the best year in the history of Phi Sigma Delta. Not only were the Phi Sigs the recipi- ents of the coveted Interfraternity council participation trophy, but also winners of top honors in Homecoming activities. Theta chapter was host to the national convention of Phi Sigma Delta, held in Denver during the first week of September. The convocation, at which Joe Silverman, past president, was awarded the Leo Greendlinger plaque for being named the outstanding Phi Sig in the nation brought together 150 f raters from twenty chapters located throughout the United States. Theta was voted the outstanding chapter for the third consecutive year, thus entitling the fraternity to the permanent possession of the highest national Phi Sig award, the Leon Brum- mer cup. The Spring garden formal, " Mood Indigo, " was one of the highlights on this year ' s social calendar. The Thanksgiving Promenade held at the Broadmoor Coun- try club during the autumn season will also be remem- bered by every Phi Sig as a great evening in a year filled with many noteworthy events. Most instrumental in campus life during the year were Sylvan Kaplan — business manager of the Home-coming festivities, past president of the Phi Sigma Delta, member of Sumalia and Adelphi honoraries; Bob Rothstein — Phi Sig president, Interfraternity council — Phi Epsilon Phi and Sigma Delta Chi; Tom Guggenheim — window business manager. Silver and Gold assistant sports editor and business manager of Varsity Nights production; Bob Katz — Pi Mu Epsilon president, co-chairman of the Engine Ball, Phi Epsilon Phi and ASME; and Melvin Dinner — Phi Ep- silon Phi treasurer, Psi Chi, and Colo- radan business staff. OFFICERS Robert Rothstein President Stanley Schwartz Vice-president Martin Katcoff Secretary Marvin Perlman Treasurer Mrs. Rose Kreller House mother 424 PI KAPPA ALPHA ACTIVES Hamill, Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Alberts, Bernard J., Radcliffe, la ' 47 Anderson, Howard S., Norcatur, Kans ' 48 Anderson, Raymond Niel, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Anderson, Russell B., LaGrande, Ore ' 47 Barker, Paul H., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Bell, Donald M., Denver, Colo ' 48 Buchholz, Raymond H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Burson, Kenneth L., Eureka, Kans Z... ' ii Coleman, Glenn Melvin, Saguache, Colo ' 50 Crom, Howard Bennett, Pierce, Colo ' 49 Delong, Dean Oliver, Fort Morgan, Colo ' " ' 48 Elliot, John Paul, Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Ethridge, Ralph L., La Junta, Colo ' 49 Folsom, Hugh Allen, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 47 Frehse, William R., Salina, Kans ' 48 Groesbcck, Russell F., Springville, Utah ' 48 ' Hoch, Richard A., Yuma, Colo. ' 49 Karlson, Wesley L., North Hollywood, Calif ' 48 Konkel, Vernon E., Denver, Colo ' 48; Lee, Harold, Boulder, Colo ,. ' 49 Lincoln, Robert M., Denver, Colo ., ' 49 Lupton, Bradshaw B., Denver, Colo ' 47 ' Resen, Fredrick L., Jersey City, N. j ' 50 Roper, Lester V., Denver, Colo ' 49 Scott, Robert E., Denver, Colo J48 Starr, Hartley, Anaheim, Calif.... ' 49 Thomso n, Greig R., Denver, Colo ' 50 Urich, Glenn P., Englewood, Colo ' 50 West, Harold O., La Junta, Colo ' 49 Wolf, Robert Lawrence, Fort Morgan, Colo. ' 49 Work, Hubert, II, Denver, Colo ' 50 Balch, Jack, Burlcy, Ida ' 48 ' Casey, Robert, Los Angeles, Calif ' 49; Cowden, Richard M., Silt, Colo ' 50 Davis, Aubrey, Albuquerque, N. M ' 49 Dods, Lou K., Salt Lake City, Utah ' t. Dunbar, Garnald S., Denver, Colo i tStJaL. ' 48 Erickson, Wallace, Denver, Colo A:.yf . ' 4t Fergson, Ellis, Denver, Colo 1 ..__■_ ' 45 Fielder, James, Denver, Colo 5C Fielder, William E., Denver, Colo _ ' 4f Fightmaster, Herbert, Wheatridge, Colo ' 5( Fitzgerald, Richard S., " Yuma, Colo ' 4t Grimes, Erwin E., Stamford, Tex ' 4( Hobbs, William, Denver, Colo ' 4f Jackson, Robert, Denver, Colo ' Si Konkel, James H., Denver, Colo ' 4 McArthur, John K., New Rochelle, N. Y. ■5( Miguez, Walter S., Port Jefferson, N. Y. ' 4! Mitchell, Eugene D., Elmwood Park, 111 ' SC Mosher, Eric. Washington, D. C ' 4: Nelson, Ralph J., Norcatur, Kans ' 4 Oldaker, Merritt R., Albuquerque, N. M ■4i Olson, Allan, Boulder, Colo ' 4! Rooney, Robert, Boulder, Colo ' 41 Rooney, Thomas J., Boulder, Colo ' 41 Savonen, Eugene, Elmwood Park, 111 ' bi SchroU, Charles, La Junta, Colo ' 4! Shaeffer, John D., Fort Madison, la ' 51 Smith, James A., Denver, Colo ' 41 Stephenson, Stanley E., Ogden, Utah ' 4 Walker, Roger D., Denver, Colo ' 4! Watson, K. Bert, Amarillo, Tex P.G- Wilson, William, Boulder, Colo . ' 41 Woodard, Robert G., Santa Fe, N. M ' 4 ,,m PLEDGES .. Biggs, Allen, Brighton, Colo _ , " S Churchill, Neil C, Bismarck, N. D | . ' 5 Gregg, Raymond F., Denver, Colo ' . . 4 Harlowe, William N., Shreveport, La ' 5 Mulcahy, Paul R., Hot Springs, S. D ' 5 Pederson, Richard Lee, Albuquerque, N. M ' 5 Stanley, Leon R., Granby, Colo ' 5 Ashby, Harvey J., Denver, Colo ' 5 Berggren, Richard, Mancos, Colo i. 5 Berggren, Nelson R., Mancos, Colo A. 5 Beggs, Carol E., Salina, Kans 5 Best, Thomas E., Jr., Denver, Colo . ' ; Blaney, William C, Jr., Denver, Colo . ' . ' Daniels, Robert L., Ironton, Miss A ' Denckla, Fred, Denver, Colo . ' . ' ' Detweiler, William D., Grand Island, Neb..... . ' Dillon, Richard C, Denver, Colo ' ! Downing, James, Denver, Colo ' . ' East, John H., Denver, Colo ' . ' Enright, Donald F., Boulder, Colo ' : Ewy, Howard, Denver, Colo ' ; Harper, Richard K., Evanston, 111 Harrington, Gerald E., Sandoval, N. M Hustead, Donald A., Pueblo, Colo . Karbatsch, James. Denver, Colo Mattson, Fred W., Jr., Denver, Colo McDowell, William J., Pueblo, Colo J O ' Neil, Homer H., Denver, Colo Penney, Frank A., Granby, Colo Rasmussen, Jack E., Grand Island, Neb.. Ray, William E., Colorado Springs, CoWT.. Richard, Gene, Brush. Colo Rosenberg. William T.. Rittm«n, Ohio.. Shultz, John, Glenwood Springs, Colo .««- ' Winslow. George H.. South Hadley Palls. Mass..... ' Younker, Edward, Denver, Colo ' 425 PI KAPPA ALPHA Well, here it is another year and time for another short resume of the Pi Kaps ' activities. The annual festivity, the Barn Dance, was as suc- cessful as usual, with the one and only " Lena the Hyena " making her public appearance midway through the eve- ning. The annual Flower Formal was held at the Lake- wood Country Club in Denver, in conjunction with the Pi Kaps at Denver University, and both fraternities crowned their respective " Dream Girls. " As usual the boys went out on their rendezvous of song beneath the balconies — through rain, sleet, and wind " the music must go through. " Scholastically the grade average stayed up there in spite of the innumerable parties the " party boys " could think up. One of the crowning achievements was the winning of the second place par- ticipation cup for Homecoming. All in all a very successful year was enjoyed by the boys, with each looking forward to more successful years in the future. OFFICERS Bob Hamill President Greig Thomson Vice-president Bob Frehse Secretary Tom Rooney House manager Mrs. Lillian Kemp House mother L 426 Si ma Alpha Epsilon ACTIVES Hunt, John, Denver, Coio 47 Ackers, Charles, Cleveland Heights, Ohio ' 48 Allison, Ross, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 50 Auger, John, Denver, Colo ' 49 Barringer, Paul, Lynchburg, Va ' 50 Baumgartner, Richard, Scottsbluff, Neb ' 48 Bowers, Bruce, Panama Canal Zone ' 50 Broman, Russel, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bruns, Judson, Lakewood, Colo ' 50 Burnett, Wesley, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Coons, Mark, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Cox, Robert, Dallas, Texas ' 50 Coy, Marque, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 50 Cunningham, James, Cherryvale, Kans ' 49 ' Deering, Fred, Arkansas City, Kansas ' 49 Farrand, David, Denver, Colo ' 50 Halgren, John, LaCrange, 111 ' 48; Johnston, Ernest, Des Moines, Iowa ' 49 Karnes, James, Longmont, Colo ' 49 ' Knap, James, Denver, Colo ' 45 Lane, James, Mitchell, Neb ' 5C Lee, William, Denver, Colo ' 4? Matheson, William, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 5C Melville, Allen, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 5( Morgan, David, Sioux City, Iowa ' 4f Selbe, Rexford, Longmont, Colo ' 4f Sperry, Donald, Los Angeles, Calif ' 4i Spurlin, Melvin, Denver, Colo ' 5( Stackhouse, Jacques, Scottsbluff, Neb. ' 4! Vandewark, Harry, Fort Collins, Colo ' 51 Vogler, Harry, Denver, Colo ' 41 Walseth, Russell, Pierre, S. D ' 41 Wunderly, LeRoy, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 5i Abrams, James, Denver, Colo ' 51. Acsell, Raymond, Denver, Colo ' 5i Acsell, Robert, Denver, Colo ' S Anderson, Tom, Denver, Colo ' 5i Anselmi, Rudy, Denver, Colo ' 4 ' Beneventi, Victor, Denver, Colo - ' 4 Burke, Harry, Kansas City, Mo ' 5 ' Burney, Phil, Denver, Colo ' 4 Carrington, George, Encino, Calif ' 4 Cizek, Edward, Hastings, Neb ' 4 Conrad, Daniel, Omaha, Neb ' 5 Cook, Peter, Cheyenne, Wyo 5 Crow, Wayman, Kansas City, Mo ' 4 Daigneault, Charles, Worchester, Mass ]4 Delmonico, Tony, Denver, Colo 5 Downs, Harry, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 5 Duffy, James, Denver, Colo ' 4 Dufour, Rene, Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 4 Ellis, Clarence, Topeka, Kansas ' 4 Ericson, William, New York, N. Y ' 5 Ferrier, John, Tulsa, Okla ' 5 Frary, Richard, Greybull, Wyo 4 Garland, Frank, Denver, Colo |4 Good, Max, Denver, Colo Gorman, Anthony, Los Angeles, Calif 4 Gower, Frank, Denver, Colo Gregg, Clare, Colorado Springs, Colo i Haldeman. Robert, Denver, Colo 4 Hendrickson, Stanley, Casper, Wyo 4 Muggins, Horace, Coffeyville, Kansas 4 Ingebretson, Harold, Ogden, Utah Johnson, Neil, Riverside, 111 Jones, Robert, Maywood, 111 Jorgenson, Roy, Chicago, 111 5 Longnecker. Richard, Arvada, Colo Maclntyre, Thompson, Pueblo, Colo ! Mcintosh, Harry, Denver, Colo S Miller, Jack, Denver, Colo Mitchell, Ronnie, Denver, Colo Murphy, Joseph, Kansas City, Mo , O ' Neil, Alan, Denver, Colo ' Phillips, Jack, Newton, Kans ,• Polowski, Robert, Portland, Ore ' Rolander, Robert, McPherson, Kans _• Rosholt, John, Denver, Colo , ' Sanford, Welbourne, San Luis Obispo, Cal if Schuh, William, Denver, Colo , ' Sceton, Ross, Arvada, Colo , ' Schafer, Craig, Colorado Springs, Colo Smith, Dudley, Denver, Colo Swartz, Don, Lorraine, Ohio Tanner, Arthur, Hollywood, Calif Thomas, Robert, Denver, Colo Tipton, Harry, Denver, Colo Vanderwilt, William, Denver, Colo Weinhart, Jack, Ft. Worth, Texas White, Douglas, Denver, Colo.. ■. Woolums, Albert, Salt Lake City. Ut»h Woolums. Edward, Salt Lake City, Utah Hall, Robert, Vallejo, Calif PLEDGES Frankland, Robert, Winnetka. 111. Kitchen, James, Huntington, W. Va Morrow, Samuel, Kansas City. Kans Schafer, Jack, Denver, Colo...__.... ..... Baumgartner. Jerald. Scottsbluft. Neb Burke. James, Long Beach, Calif Carey, John. Denver. Colo . ... Cunningham, Richard, Denver, Colo DeMuth. Lawrence. Boulder, Colo Horace, Joseph. Chicago 111 Johnston, Gordon, Des Moines. low Lawrence, Earl, Denver. Colo... Satterwhite. William. Denver. Colo Spillanc. Francis. Lakewood. Colo Stastny. Everett. Denver. Colo Wheeler. Russell. Glencoe, 111 427 SIGMA ALPHA EPSIION Minerva ' s sons opened the year with their new and popular house mother, Mrs. Cora Williams, fifteen new pledges and their old spirit for staying at the top. In their program of well-rounded representation in all cam- pus activities, the Sig Alphs led off with chapter presi- dent Jack Hunt in the ASUC commission. Tom Ander- son and John Hallgren followed suit as president and treasurer, respectively, of the Men ' s Residence Halls association. Equally prominent was Frank Garland, president of the Greek combine, who also directed the University Memorial Center campaign last fall. Campus publications were well covered with Harry Vogler set- ting the pace as Dodo editor, ably assisted by Bill Van- derwilt, business manager ; Dusty Woolums handled the Silver and Gold distribution chores. Scholastic honor- aries were attained by Mark Coons, Bill Vanderwilt, Charlie Daigneault and Jack Rosholt — each belonging to at least two honoraries with Bud Crow, Sox Walseth, Art Tanner, Harold Ingebretsen, Ronnie Mitchell, Harry Vogler, Dick Longnecker, John Auger, Phil Bur- ney and Jack Hunt claiming one each. Crow and Garland figured prominently in the ' 47 ASUC elections as the Greek campaign managers. Dusty Woolums, Wes Bur- nett and Garland were ' 47 CU Days chairmen, and Wool- ums was the float boss for this year ' s Homecoming. All sports rosters again carried Sig Alph names, with the following in prominence: football — Art Tanner, Pete Cook, Tony Delmonico and Stan Hendrickson; basket- ball — Sox Walseth and Bob Rolander; wrestling — Bob Haldeman and Harry Mcintosh ; swimming — Bob Pow- loski and Bruce Bowers; tennis — Hunt; track — Clare Gregg and Inky Wunderly; baseball — Joe Murphy, Bud Crow, Sox Walseth and Don Swartz. Receiving challenges from the SAE ' s from Mines and Aggies has always been a pleasure with the local chapter, being undefeated in both basketball and baseball this past year. Socially the " Pink Elephant " was the scene of several very successful dances, including the Pledge formal and a French costume ball, both held fall quarter. Winter quarter the Alps provided rustic atmos- phere for the annual Cowboy and Indian dance, with the Spring formal moving to a country club in Denver. OFFICERS Jack Hunt President Phil Burney Vice-president Wes Burnett Secretary Bob Thomas Treasurer Mrs. Cora Williams House mother IK 1 f r ili 428 SIGMA CHI ACTIVES Slawson, Nevin H., Denver. Colo. ' 45 Akers, Harold B., Boulder, Colo. ' 4f Allen. Robert. Steamboat Springs. Colo. ' 5 Allen. William L., Steamboat Springs, Colo ■4f Ballmer. Jack N.. Denver. Colo. ' 51 Benton. Field. Denver. Colo ' 4j Booth. Robert A. M.. Spokane and Seattle, Wash ' 4S Bruin. James. Roswell. N. M ' si Bryant. Andrew. Boulder. Colo... ' 5c Bush. Arthur H., Denver, Colo -45 Carver, William A.. Los Angeles. Calif. •4i Chrysler, Ted. Denver. Colo " ' 4( Dalvey. Fred. Marshalltown. Iowa " 41 Davis, John. Denver. Colo ' 4( Eberhart. Perry. Denver, Colo •4( Eikner, Donald, Boulder, Colo ' 4( Freeman, Clair, Denver, Colo 4| French. Wendell L., Stromburg, Neb... ' 4| Hatton, William. Pueblo. Colo ' St Ingalls, Floyd W., Colorado Springs, Colo.... ' 5( Keller. Carl. Memphis. Tenn. ' 41 Marshall. Warren. Denver, Colo ' 4i Milner. Robert. Rocky River. Ohio ' 51 Parsons. Stuart. Denver, Colo ' 4) Peacock, Elwin. Houston. Texas ' ¥. Reynolds. Kenneth P.. Colorado Springs, Colo. ' 4 ' Sams. Don, ScottsblufF, Neb 4 ' Shaner. Jim. Denver. Colo ' 4;, Shell, John W., Waxahachie, Texas . ' 4! Shepherd, John, Craig. Colo. S( Thornton, Fred, Grand Island, Neb. ' 4! Wakeman, Donald E., Boise, Idaho ' 4! Warnes, Byron, Winnetka, 111 ' 51 Wood. John, Hanover, N. H ' 41 Bartley, Tom, Pueblo, Colo ' 51 Blatchford, John, Chicago, 111 ' 4! Brenneman. Richard. Roswell, N. M ' 4» Briggs. Leon, Gallup, N. M ' 4 Carnes, Marion, Manitou Springs, Colo ' 4: Dismuke, Thomas, Steamboat Springs, Colo ' 5 Evans. Gerald, Albuquerque, N. M.. ' 4r Fawley, Richard. Denver. Colo...- ' 4 Felin, Jess, Denver, Colo ' 4 Fleming, Charles, La Jolla, Calif ' 4 Garber, Jack, Omaha, Neb ' 4 ' Gutsche, Graham, La Grange. 111.. 4 Hagler. Gene. Twin Falls. Idaho ' 5 Haynie. Howard. Morton Grove, 111. . ' 5 Hillberry, Al, Worland, Wyo ' 5 Hipp, John, Colorado Springs, Colo.. ' 5 Holiman, Edward, Canon City, Colo ' 4 Huber, William, Glenwood Springs. Colo ' 4 Lee. Harold. Denver, Colo ' 4 McClain. Lew. Denver. Colo . ' 4 McElhone. Fritz. Hinsdale, 111 ' 4 Minnick, Preston, Englewood, Colo ' 5 Murphy, Leonard, Chicago, 111 ' 4 Nichoalds, Harry, Detroit, Mich ' 4 Noble, Gene, Denver. Colo ' 4 Parsons. Don, Winnetka, 111 ' 4 Paulsen, Frank, Fort Worth. Texas ' 4 Payne. Mackey, Denver. Colo,. ' 5 Pettygrove. Stan, Twin Falls, Idaho ' 5 Place, William, Evanston, 111 ' 4 Powell, Gerald, Colorado Springs. Colo ' 5 Roberts. Terry. Amarillo, Texas ' 4 Sandoval. Robert. Gallup, N. M ' 4 Seeber, Norton, Chicago, 111 ' 4 Storer, William. Pueblo. Colo ' 4 Tinker. Lloyd, Boulder, Colo 4 Thcbus, Jack, Denver, Colo Wallengren. Delbcrt, Sheridan, Wyo Weber. Donald. Steamboat Springs. Colo Weber. William. Steamboat Springs. Colo ' 4j Wiesler. James. San Diego, Calif ' Yuncker, John, South Bend, Ind ' 4 I PLEDGES Bush, John, Denver, Colo Ebner, Keith, Valier, Mont Fitch , Thomas, Garden Grove. Calif... Henningsen, Thomas, Atlantic, Iowa . Mayer, Rudi. Milwaukee. Wis Metzger. Les. Boulder. Colo. , Robirds. Fred. La Habra. Calif. ShuU, James. Kansas City, Kan Slawson, Kenneth, Denver, Colo Tobias, Ralph, Berwyn, 111... Albrecht, Don, Skokie, III. Allison, Charles, Denver, Colo Baldwin, Bill, Vista, Calif Bierbaum. Robert, Gulf, 111 .. Cerveny, Carl, Denver, Colo Jl.. Clark, Kenneth, Denver, Colo .• Kline, William, Denver, Colo Law, James, Steamboat Springs. Coli Patterson. Robert. Chicago, III. Serat. William, Chicago. Ill Vawter. Read, Denver, Colo 429 SIGMA CHI The Colorado chapter of Sigma Chi has the distinc- tion of having two sweethearts — the traditional local sweetheart, Delta Gamma Bobby Jones, who was crowned last Spring at the annual " Sweetheart " dance held at the Parkhill Country club in Denver, and Helen Van DeCar, who was named Province Sweetheart at a formal dance at the Lakewood Country Club. Although the chapter house was closed for the sum- mer, activities went on with barbecues, hayrack rides, and parties. Fall activities were of the usual sort — in- cluding the South Sea Island Dance and parties cele- brating the football games. Planned for the winter quar- ter was a Miami Triad dance with Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta. BMOC ' s on campus for the Sigs are: John Woods — former Ski Club President, Dorm Council Vice-Presi- dent, Winter Carniv. l Chairman and Captain of the Ski Team; Don Eikner — whose time is spent on the Colo- radan, Colorado Engineer, Tau Beta Pi, and the Com- bined Engineers; Bob Booth — Dodo Feature Editor and Associate Editor, Coloradan Copy Editor, Window writer, Winter Carnival Publicity Chairman, and Little Theater; Dick Brenneman — CU Days King finalist and freshman football star; and Fred Thornton — Business Manager of the Colorado Engineer. Sigma Chi also had representatives in Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Mu Ep- silon, Chi E p s i 1 o n. Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Penta- gon, and ASUC committees. OFFICERS Nevin Slawson President William Allen Vice-president James Bruin Secretary Jack Garber Treasurer Mrs. Katherine Whitman House mother 430 fe «;. " L «r HB %ii l ' ' Mil i i SIGMA NU ACTIVES Davoren. William T., Denver, Colo.. .. ' 49 Asher, Robert H., Great Bend, Kans ' 49 Blackmarr, Richard J., Boulder, Colo ! 49 Blickhahn, George H., Alamosa, Colo ' 48 Bray, Kenneth, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Cochran, Dale S., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Cox, Russell J., Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 ' 49 •49 .. ' 50 ' 50 . ' 49 , ' 50 •50. Culpepper, Warren W., Denver, Colo. Dewey, William E., Farson, Wyo Garten, William B., Des Moines, la,. GrifBth, Douglas A., Alamosa, Colo.. Griffith, Richard E., Alamosa, Colo.. Hahn, Robert, Windsor, Colo Herbst, Clarence A.. Park Ridge, 111 Horner, Raymond G., Evanston, 111 ' 49 Huey, Helms R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Jackson, Paul L., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Johnson, Herbert A., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Johnson, Ralph H., Galesburg. Ill ' 49 Johnston, Richard S., Lund, Utah ' 50 Joseph, Norman R., Walsenburg, Colo ' 48 Jump, Raymond A., Boulder, Colo . ' 50 Kenehan, John C, Oklahoma City, Okla. ' 50 Kenehan. Richard B., Oklahoma City, Okla ' 51 Knox. Wallace J., Loveland, Colo ' 48 Lang, James A., Winnetka, 111 ' 48 Manire, Robert W., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 McClintock, Harry C, Boulder, Colo ' 50 McMillan, Claude, Ada, Okla _ ' 48 Meckley, Richard C, Elyria, Ohio ' 49 Morse, John G., Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Morse, Myron H., Grand Meadow, Minn 49 Neal, Charles R., Portland. Ore ' 49 Neumann, Kenneth G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Palsgrove, John H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Preble, Parker E., Oak Park, 111 ' 48 Potter, Donald M., Torrington, Wyo ' 49 Pyle, Robert L., Boulder, Colo .-. ' 49 Ries, Nick E., Billings, Mont _ ' 50 Ritchey, Frank L., Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Roe, Donald R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Sherwood, Clifford W., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Thomas, John P., Shreveport, La ' 48 Tippin, Billy B., Sedan, Kans ' 48 Tompkins, Gordon P., Amarillo, Tex ' 48 Trindle, Joseph G., Liberal, Kans ' 49 Volquardsen, Leland J., San Francisco, Calif ' 49 Whiting, Kenneth R., Loveland, Colo ' 49 Wigton, Chester M., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Wilson, John R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Wilson, F. Brooks, Amarillo, Tex 48 Worcester, Thomas K., Boulder, Colo ]50 Zisch, John G., Johnstown, Colo ' 48 Anderson, Eric A., Petaluma, Calif ' 49 Beeman, Jack W., Amarillo, Tex ' 48 Campbell, John H., Eugene, Ore ' 49 Gnadinger, John F., Joliet, 111 ' 48 Herkert, Raymond J., Joliet, 111 ,48 Ingles, Robert L., Walsenburg, Colo ' 48 Jackson, John D., Western Springs, 111 ' 50 Kenworthy, Cecil D., Monte Vista, Colo " 48 Miller, Malcolm J., Santa Fe, N. M. ' 50 Ohman, Clifton P., Joliet, 111 ' 49 Porter, Albert N., Pueblo, Colo 50, Sells, John R., Renssalaer, County, N. Y ;....} St. Aubyn, Glenn H., Russell, Kans SO. PLEDGES Beeler, Horace W., Des Moines, la ' 50 Breidenbach, George P., Bartlesville, Okla |51 Brown, Boyd R., Eaton. Colo 51 Chaffee, Harold D., Great Bend, Kans ' 51 Crosby, Charles H., Cranford, N. J 5C Houston, John S., Rushville, 111 _ 51 Johnson, Frederick F., Pueblo, Colo 51 Johnson, Hilary M., Glendale, Ariz 51 Loynachan, Neil, Chicago, III j! Neal, Daniel R., Portland, Ore — 51 Paton, Archie, Rock Springs, 111 51 Pixler, Jack, Montrose, Colo , ' ' Ransom, Richard N., Phoenix. Arir 5; Taylor, George E., Pueblo, Colo SI Vance, Alfred W., Enid, Okla ][ Biggins, James J.. Denver, Colo. S Bruner, Charles, Boulder, Colo 5 Chapman. Jack, Bryan, Tex . .... « Fischer, Ward H., Fort Collins, Colo 5 Gates, William L., Denver. Colo Gibson, James G.. Delta. Colo., ..... .5 Griffith, William S., Beverly Hills, C«hf fi ' Hamilton. William B.. Oak Park, 111 5 Hunter, Clyde L., Espanola, N. M .....4 Hunton. Harry E., Santa Fe. N. M S Krone. Frank W.. Billings, Mont. 8 MacKenzie, Emmett G.. Denver. Colo. » Nicholson. Richard, Boulder, Colo . Nix, Joseph P., Boulder Colo.. » Sletten. Kenneth G.. Billings, Mont S Stevens, Jerry, Littleton, Colo 431 ■jiV ' v ' ;: ' i; ; ' V!i?;; SIGMA NU Sigma Nu, with a chapter roll hovering around ninety throughout the year, romped through a very suc- cessful year scholastically, socially and athletically, under the able leadership of Bill Davoren, president of Sigma Nu. The chapter was happy and proud to work with lovely Mrs. C. C. Crawford in her first complete year as Sigma Nu ' s house mother. The white star was well represented on the gridiron with Ray Jump, John Zisch, Mai Miller, Jack Pixler and Bob Manire sharing the sweet and sour of the 1947 Buffalo football season. Sigma Nu was represented on the basketball court by Bob Sweeney, and by Paul Jack- son of the track team. During the year the brothers were instrumental in circulating the Dodo and giving the Buffs a rousing send-off on away-from-home athletic tussles. During CU Days Sigma Nu once again won the an- nual " Black-foot " fight from the ATO ' s. The annual donkey polo game with the Pi Kaps ended in a tie. Among the leading Sigma Nu men on campus are John Zisch, football and ASUC; Ken Whiting, Dodo circulation manager and ASUC dance committee; John Thomas, Phi Epsilon Phi prexy and football; Bob Mc- Kimmel, general chairman of Senior week; and Jack Egan, Cane-bearer of the senior class and also voted out- standing man of business school. OFFICERS Bill Davoren President John Wilson Vice-president Ray Horner Secretary Dale Cochran Treasurer Mrs. C. C. Crawford House mother .-ij f 432 SIGMA PHI EPSIION ACTIVES j Walker, Thomas R., Denver, Colo ' 45 Anderson, Burton R., Denver, Colo „ 4t Anderson, Donald Albert, Denver, Colo 4t Auckland, Arthur Glen, Olney Springs, Colo 5( Clayton, James E., Gainesville, Fla ' 4t Croft, Harold A., Denver, Colo ' 5t Davidson. Frank J., Niagara Falls, N. Y ' 4 Garber, Donald L., Denver, Colo ' 41 Johnson. Charles E., Denver, Colo ' 4! iohntson, Howard, Ordway. Colo ' 51; :ellogg, Berkshire, San Marino, Calif ' 4 Kettle, Everett Lee, Gary, Ind ' 4! Klassen, Hugh, Phoenix. Ariz ' 41 Kueser. Paul, Denver. Colo ' 51 Lehrman, Philip M., Denver, Colo ' 51 Lambertson, Glen R., Delta, Colo ' 41 Livingston, Thomas, Hastings. Neb ' 4 Lord. Jack, Baggs, Wyo ' 41 Mertz, James, Trinidad, Colo ' 4: Mortenson. Richard. Colorado Springs. Colo ' 51 Neuschaefer. William H., Denver, Colo ' 5 Orris, Edward C, Denver, Colo ' 5i Pollard, Perry L., Alliance. Neb ' 5i Pollard. Richard A.. Alliance. Neb ' 5 ' Pyle, William H., Denver, Colo ' 5 ' Rawson, Chester. Laramie, Wyo ' 4 ' Schreiner. Reuben, Lyman, Neb ' Scott, Joseph E., Denver. Colo ' 5 Sherman, William L., Ovid, Colo ' 5 Springer, Floyd L., Jamestown, N. D ' 5 Stoecker, Lawrence R., Denver, Colo ' 5 Stratton, Robert, Hastings, Neb ' 4 Taylor. Robert W., Denver, Colo ' 5 Van Hoorcbeke, George W., Boulder. Colo ' 4 Weese. Albert, Pocatello, Ida ' 4 Bartlett. Gene Roy, Denver, Colo 5 Pierson. John L.. Denver. Colo |4 Stock, James, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 5 jC . PLEDGES Anderson, Albert. Chadron. Neb Guinn. Richard. El Dorado. Kan. Halbrook. William T., Omaha, Neb.. Kibbey, Irvin, Loveland, Colo Manley, James T., Kansas City, Mo. Richmond. Robert R., Sterling, Colo.. Scott, Robert R.. Denver. Colo Thomas, Richard, Denver, Colo Doty, David, Denver, Colo Dunklee, Ed. Denver. Colo Gieron, Lewis, Baltimore, Md Harrison, Richard, Denver, Colo. Hiestand. Harry E., Pueblo. Colo London, Philip. Sterling. Colo Marden. Ronald E.. Denver, Colo Nance, Harry J., Denver, Colo Olsen, Dean A., Denver, Colo Phair, Walter L., Pittsfield, Mass 433 SIGMA PHI EPSIION Sig Eps wound up their first year since returning to the CU campus in a manner strongly suggesting the days before the war. The highlight of the social year was the Spring formal, given in conjunction with the DU chapter, at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Denver. Colo- rado Alpha played host to a district convention at which chapters from Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Colo- rado were represented. In March the Sig Eps acquired one of their greatest assets, Mother Gray, better known to students and townspeople as " Tommie. " While all this was going on, the Sig Eps managed to keep their grade average up, being second among fraternities re- porting for all three quarters. Prominent men in the fraternity are Glen Lambert- son, Tau Beta Pi — Pi Mu Epsilon secretary; Frank Davidson, assistant editor of Colorado Engineer; Jack Lord, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu; Tom Walker, Phi Alpha Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi; and Burt Anderson, A.I.E.E. and Pi Mu Epsilon. OFFICERS Thomas Walker President John L. Pierson Vice-president Harold A. Croft Secretary Gene Bartlett Treasurer Mrs. Elvira Gray House mother 434 ZETA BETA TAU ACTIVES j Hilb, Robert B., Denver, Colo ' 49 Appel, Robert S., Denver, Colo ' 50 Binstock, Robert A., Denver, Colo ' SOJ Bronstein, Sidney L., Cheyenne, Wye. - ' 50 Fox, Leonard S., Denver, Colo ' 50 ' Frazin, Arthur M., Denver, Colo 50 Harris, Perry M., Denver, Colo ' 50, Kayser, Harold L., Denver, Colo ' SO Machol, Jacques A., Denver, Colo ' 50, Messel, Marvin R., Denver, Colo 49; Moch, Robert B., Denver, Colo ' 49 Nier, Harry K., Denver, Colo ' 49 Orlin, Stanley S., Denver, Colo ' 50 ' 50 ' 5c; ' 49 ' 49 ' SO ' 49 Tucker, Richard B., Denver, Colo Tumin, David U., Chicago, III Viders, Jack R., Denver, Colo Waxman, Milton J., Denver, Colo , Weil, Jack B., Denver, Colo Weiser, Kenneth B., Denver, Colo Diner, Edwin R., Denver, Colo. ' 49 Hausdorff, Donald M., Bronx, N. Y ' 49 Levy, Robert S., Denver, Colo ' 49 A PLEDGES Commer, Richard H., Omaha, Nebr ' 5 Engman, Gerald, Des Moines, Iowa . ' Goldstein, Morton M., Cheyenne, Wyo . ' 5 Hoffman, Daniel S., Rockville Centre, N. Y ' 5 Kahn, Edward J., Winnetka, 111 ' • ' Livingston, Louis F., Estes Park, Colo ' . ' Nogg, Donald I., Omaha, Nebr ' . ' Rose, Robert, Oakland, Calif ' ■ ' Schwartz, Jerome M., Brooklyn, N. Y ' . ' Kreiger, George M., Kew Gardens, N. Y ' . ' Silverberg, Frederick S., Denver, Colo " Rosenberg, Mai-vin, 8a £klyn, N. Y 435 - ZETA BETA TAU At the finish of its first year on campus, Beta Alpha of Zeta Beta Tau showed promise of attaining greater heights scholastically, athletically and socially. The Zetes finished second in the contest for the highest scholastic average for the year 1946-47, and this year first place looms as a goal for every member. The spring of 1947 saw Len Fox working out with the varsity during spring football, while Ted Alpert and Harry Shendell were holding down berths on the varsity baseball squad. Showing great potentialities during 1947-48 were Danny Hoffman on the hardwoods; George Kreiger, fencing and skiing artist, and Sid Bronstein, gymnastics. ZBT ' s social season was in good hands with Dick Tucker hand- ling the planning and Kenny Weiser doing the deco- rating. Among its members prominent in campus affairs are Dave Tumin — Speakers Congress and Alpha Phi Omega; and Sid Bronstein — Pentagon club and the Coloradan. Even though it is yet in its infancy, Zeta Beta Tau is looking forward to a bigger and brighter future. OFFICERS Robert B. Hilb President Harold L. Kayser Vice-president Stanley S. Orlin Secretary Arthur M. Frazin Treasurer Mrs. Ethel Rosetta House mother • 1 438 1898-1948 " We have presented to you the Coloradoan for your amusement. If it is not as good as you may wish, don ' t harshly censure us. It is due to the lack of your witty sug- gestions and humorous contributions. If we have printed anything that will mar the calm serenity of college life, it is needless to say that we regret it. . . . We regret any action that tends to ruffle the peaceful quiet of our Uni- versity. . . . Should any remark arouse your deeply slum- bering passions, call at our office, and we shall humbly beg your pardon for carrying any item so far as to produce that result. . . . " For the invaluable criticism yet to come and for the contributions, advice, and aid which have come to us throughout the year, we owe to many persons our sincere thanks. If this volume pleases you, direct your compli- ments to Mr. Ralph Crosman, for it is through his inspiring guidance that this book is possible. Its timeliness and fine quality are a result of the promptness and willingness of Floyd Walters to put up with an harried staff determined to meet deadlines. My appreciation goes to the section editors, an efficient group which cannot be surpassed; to our artists for superior contributions; and to the many " cogs " listed below. Special credit goes to Rudy Pozzatti for the art plate, to Karl Moehl and to Dave Waters for the division plates. ' The Coloradoan, vol. I, 1898 Pat Boeck EDITORIAL STAFF ADMINISTRATION: Jack Bearden Dick Cross Don Fullerton Delores Green Anne Howard Walt Jordon Carol Mason Chris Merry Liz Muenzinger Da)me Tadge Janie Waters ACTIVITIES: Hugh Fowler Parker Fowler Mary Lou Hawkins Judy Jones Dodi Sethman Jane Schneberger Fred A. Thornton ART: Sally Corbit Carol Crosby Danny Grimm Karl Moehl Rudy Pozzatti Anne Reynolds Donna Robinson DORMITORIES: Phyllis Bundy Elinor Clowes Mary Cowan Marge Curlee Leora Murphy Shirley Partridge Joan Seefus Robert Torgny Gloria Proskovec QUEENS: Dick Brennaman Mary Alice Cook Don Potter CLASS: Carrie Anderson James Bruin Helen Griffith Dayle Kiernes Mary Jaie Oliver Julia St. Clair COPY: Howard B. Crom Alyce Heffner Sally Jackman Ralph Tobias James Williams FRATERNITY-SORORITY : Kenyon Hook Jack Stoltz Bill Johnston Dick Hoyt Dan Doyle Ed Fiest Dan Lazorchick Mort Burt Jack Henderson Abbott Johnson Dick Graham Bob Jindra Henry Lane Dick Pederson Jack Hunt Elwin Peacock Tim Shaner David Doty Hal Johnson Sidney Bronstein Dick Clark Marjorie Sethman Eleanor Boltz Betty Jo Olson Carol Thompson Barbara Rennicke Bette Burks Evelyn Holmes Bev Hunt Sally Cruse Venice Varner Jeanne Lucas Virginia Anderson Thelma DuBow Jean Simmons INDEPENDENTS: Shirley Colaiano Eimice Davies Lois Lauenstein Ellen Jean Nash Marilyn Radke Loretta Ground Marilyn Bieser Hah Bell LIFE AT CU: Dick Cantrell Chirley Culbertson Dick Irion Del Wallengren Gordie Howell Margaret Manchester Bob Starks Jean Pastoret Phyllis Southworth Pete Sterling ORGANIZATIONS: Sally Brown Dorothy Carpenter Sue Dickson Bobbie FoUey Katherine Jamison Carol Kassler Tom Maclntyre Bev O ' Neil Florence Paynter Shirlee Janet Plack Florence Rivers Molly Sethman Vera Spore Mary Lou Stewart Dotty Adams PACESETTERS: Kathy Ryan Ruth Wierman SPORTS: Ralph Beagle Marilyn Breinhalt Jack Chew Ralph Clark Ray Gregg Chuck Lavington Wendell Peterson Ken Slawson Ronnie Zall CENTER SECTION: Bob Fagg Sam Johnson Teresa Schwilke Shirley Wolfe INDEX AND ADS: Dolores Bucek Annamae Ganatta Katie Hartman Joanne Healy Mary Lou Knudsen Joyce McKeon Patsy Morell Jane Philpott Jayne Poor Laurence Paddock Virginia Robertson Roger Toll OFFICE BOY: Walt Wamsley TYPISTS: Arlene Boltz Katie Hartman Juanita Howell Frances M. Worley Jean Humnhries Joan Shepherd Mary Lou Aufderheide Alice Bennetts BUSINESS STAFF Barbara Bullis Charlotte Belson Marjorie Morse Virginia Wier Sue Fenton Carol VanLaw Harriet Froese Marv Perlman Charlotte Goldberg Patti Mcllvaine Evelyn Killham Audry Oliver Eileen Simon Virginia Wall Jack Henderson Joan Maly Joanna Vanderwilt Betty Gaunt Bill Hamilton Shirley Sorague Carol deBell Floyd Ingalls Dottie Kallgren Mary Lynn Beeley Dick Ekrem Nathan Schwartz Jacque Walker Wardner Crockett Eileen Erman Dee Maltz B. A. Mueller Arline Pasternack Edithann Shore Mary Warren John Morse Roz Perlmutter Katherine Teasley Jacqueline Dunn Yvonne Goodier Dorothy Lang Louise Kingdon Jane Breitenitein Jerry Dick Edward Bixby Neva Ellis Al Fiedler Dick Burnick Frances Weiss Mary Ellen Small Roger Postlethwaite Bobbie Folley Dolan Mayes Barbara Eddy Bob Crooke Billy Giltner Nancy Fishburn Joe Whisnant Andrea Jorgenson Frances Melchor Bob Pickens Bill Adams Richard Chase Paul Williami Nancy Ball Bob Grayson Virginia Robertson Mary Stoffel Walt Clark Jane Haver Jeannine Cowell Dana Hall Barbara Carson Norma Weiss Ann Guelberg Jean MacNider Kay Hutchinson Nancy Baldwin Mary Alice Cook Joanne Shanley Ginny Duce Dick Kunk Carolyn Kent Barbara McLaughlin m s . CtiVB AME IN CRE riy ir Kistler ' s lias Jong Dcen cno5en uy leading scnools ana colleges or tne Rocky Mountain area to print tne cnerisnecl scnool Annual. Our extensive ana varied experience quali- lies us to nandle your printing promems witn speed and erriciency, and witn tne greatest amount or saving and satisfaction to you. Fully equipped witn a complete and modern plant, we orrer detailed attention to ALL your printing needs. Let our special- ists make suggestions and quotations. i 1 A , ' t. THE W. H. KISTLER STATIONERY CO., DENVE PRINTERS • ENGRAVERS • LITHOGRAPHERS • BINDERS (jMiiTr. • ARTISTS OTO • STEREOTYPES • DESIGNERS • ELECTROTYPES • PHOTOGRAPHERS • MATS is a reproductive art and is capable of recreating originals rendered either in lines ... or continuou: tones. Quality printing plates is constantly ou goal. nut f rr io y tr ' { ' oHi iaiiy, . » 1424 LAWRENCE ST. • DENVER 2, COI 441 THE SQUIRE SHOP " On the Hill " MEN ' S WEAR Phone 189 RANDALL SHOP THE SMART CO-ED ' S OWN 1309 College GREENMAN ' S • -—mm —— . ., r ...g— ' ■ W .M%k Si m- " T f Hr .,m F t ' ■ « y . ?f» ■■ y SERVING C.U. STUDENTS FOR THE LAST 36 YEARS 1134- 13th DUGOUT CLEANERS The House Of QUALITY AND SERVICE 1211-13th 442 Gregory Murphy Studios PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRAPHY 1947 Official Photographer FOR DENVER UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Photographer of Students for 1948 COLORADAN 1319 COLLEGE PHONE 622 BOULDER, COLO. I do not make pictures that are merely pretty. Instead I strive to picture the glow of personality, the thing that stamps you as an Individual, distinct and different than anybody else in the world. Since I believe In naturalness, my portraits are taken " off guard, " In a fraction of a second. My work has won prizes In 12 countries, all around the world. CHARLES F. SNOW, A.S.P. Conferred Degree Master of PhotograDhy Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain STUDIO ESTABLISHED 1910 443 Valentine Hardware Co. HARDWARE, SPORTING GOODS i M 41 — fl ■.,St nf| L 1. 1 ' ' The Friendly Store ' ' AT BROADWAY and PEARL REINERT ' S Outstanding Clothes for College Men HART, SCHAFFNER and MARX VARSITY TOWN ARROW SHIRTS BROADWAY AND PEARL Robinson ' s Hiland Inn C.U. STUDENTS ARE NEVER STRANGERS HERE 1 r W i iLd " •w M ' M T K ,1 it 155- 13th Owens Sandwich Shop OPEN EVENINGS TILL ELEVEN 13th and college 444 .Ba!l ' ii;j B ! liJWJt4J:ij.i:i W£» !) « K » «)«l HNK«»«(tll«IK«ftlllK p s Community Service In Boulder For More Ilian 60 Years ELECTRICITY: Generating plants, transmission and distribution lines operated by experienced personnel supply low-cost electric power for homes and businesses of this progressive community. Multiple facilities are available to provide dependable service, night and day. Nearby Valmont steam-electric generating plant has a present capacity of 107,500 kilowatts and Boulder Canyon hydro-electric generating plant a capacity of 20,000 kilowatts. TRANSPORTATION; Bus transportation operated by the company is available to all p arts of the city. During 1946, 339,106 passengers were carried — about 2100 passengers per day. NATURAL GAS: Natural gas is distributed by the company for cooking, water heating, and space heating in Boulder. A second pipeline to be built by Colorado-Wyoming Gas Company . amr_ _ „r,r-gri t-im»rm ' vm ' j year will supply additional low-cost natural gas for the large growth in demand which has taken place. Boulder Office TAXES PAID: Taxes paid by the company to the City of Boulder, Boulder County, Boulder County School Districts, and University of Colorado Departments located In Boulder, totalled $179,849.03 during 1946. The Boulder County amount of taxes paid is about 1 6 of the county income from taxes. LONG RANGE PLANNING FOR PRESENT AND FUTURE NEEDS: Detailed studies are made constantly to anticipate load growth and service needs of customers. New construction now in the process or planned will add considerably to facilities as soon as materials can be made available. Every effort of the company is directed to the continued improvement of its services and to the observance of highest standards in supplying dependable low-cost electric power, natural gas, and transportation. S r I %-ffl — ... mmmfimmtmMsma K 1 ■ei ll • ».. ■ II 11 pa Public Service Company of Colorado Valmont Plant FAULKNER • DREWES THE CAMERA BLDG. • 1933 ELEVENTH ST. • PHONE 2801 445 SMART APPAREL FOR EVERY OCCASION NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES JUNIOR AND MISSES DOWNTOWN THE PLACE TO SHOP FOR EVERYTHING IN LOVELY SPORTSWEAR ON THE HILL PHONE 602—1219 PEARL BOULDER DAILY CAMERA fit I B aieii .J iu ilJ ' l asM B». jt. iii»niiiiij ,. ii i .j u V w ' qjBH PUBLISHERS OF THE SILVER AND SOLD AND OTHER UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS BOULDER BOWLING LANES B rt 9 .-f. r ON 13th ACROSS FROM THE COURTKOUSZ " JOHNNIE " D. DEETS 446 BENTLEY ' S ' Boulder ' s Oldest Jewelers ' ' mm JBl ' ' ' ' ' -f fKSKKMIi mli ' - i ' " -...v- -t J HIIHIilH ' 1 J AUTHORIZED DEALERS FOR HAMILTON AND ELGIN WATCHES FOSTORIA GLASSWARE GORHAM STERLING 1211 PEARL PHONE 541 SHOE BOX BOSTONIAN MANSFIELD JOHANSEN JACQUELINE PLAY-TANO STORY BOOK HOOD RUBBER FOOTWEAR KIRKENDALL BOOTS 1311 COLLEGE BROOKS-FAUBER, Inc. FEATURING COLLEGE WEAR FOR THE COLLEGE MISS e=JB R O O R5__ _CAU B E R =i ■• " SAll CAaJtMWtVAIIr U|llll»l»l Congratulations to the Class of 1948 1235 PEARL ANCHORAGE Spend Your Leisure Hours ' ' At the Ank " LUNCHES DINNERS DANCING PARTY-TIME 447 CONRAD ' S MADEMOISELLE SHOP Exclusive Styles DRESSES CAROLE KINS R K COATS and SUITS JUNIOR DEB BONNY LINGERIE LUXITE LOOMCRAFT 1230 PEARL M-»l 7 ' • ' I ■- i Moderately Priced SPORTSWEAR KORET OF CALIFORNIA MAYFAIR COSMETICS BY CHARLES OF THE RITZ CHILDREN ' S WEAR MARGARET O ' BRIEN FAIRY TALE PHONE 1830 COLORADO BOOK STORE PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES BOOKS STATIONERY 1124- 13th Phone 1790 SPORTING GOODS SUPPLIES SKI SHACK MODEL LAUNDRY 1900 BROADWAY I ' • .y li ft ji fi f QUALITY LAUNDERING SERVICE TELEPHONE 339 448 FARES 80c One Way $1.40 Round Trip Call our Depot for Special Charter Service to any Point in Colorado BOULDER BUS DEPOT 1848 Broadway Phone: 305 C. W. O ' Neal Terminal Manager FAST, FREQUENT BUS SERVICE BETWEEN BOULDER AND DENVER 13 TRIPS EACH WAY DAILY 20 ride — 30 day Commutation Book $9.80— No tax (Equivalent to 49c one way) Reasonable Charter Rates for Special Parties, C ' jbs, Fraternities, Sororities, etc. DENVER BUS DEPOT 501 -I 7th Street Phone: KE 2291 D. B. James Vice-President DENVER-BOULDER BUS COMPANY TIP TOP SANDWICH SHOP 1437 Arapahoe Phone 780 CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS OUR SPECIALTY ' ' CHICKEN IN A BASKET ' ' 449 THE ONE STOP GIFT SHOP FOR DISTINCTIVE AND UNUSUAL GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DROP IN AND BROWSE AROUND THE FRIENDLY MOUNTAINEER SHOP 1308 PEARL Congratulations to Graduates of 1948 DARI-FRESH MILK BETTER ICE CREAM ALBA DAIRY CO. 2034 BROADWAY PHONE 1101 Boulder ' s Only Complete Sporting Goods Store PHILCO SPALDING REACH-WRIGHT DITSON SPORTING GOODS — RADIOS — MOTOROLA SIMONS, Inc. 1139 PEARL PHONE 2989 IT ' S A DATE TIMBER TAVERN 450 O anizations Index Acacia, 398 Acknowledgments, 438 Advertisements, 439 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 262 American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 263 American Society of Combined Engineers, 270 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 271 Air National Guard, 264 Alphra, 265 Alpha Chi Omega, 370 Alpha Chi Sigma. 266 Alpha Delta Pi. 372 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 267 Alpha Omicron Pi, 874 Alpha Phi, 376 Alpha Phi Omega, 268 Alpha Tau Omega, 400 Armory, 341 Artist Series, 225 A.8,U.C., 46 A,W.S, Vaudeville, 244 B Bands, 228 Beta Alpha Fsi, 272 Beta Sigma, 273 Beta Theta Pi, 402 Board of Regents, 30 Bonhomme Cluh, 274 Business School Board, 52 c C Club, 276 Calico and Boots, 276 Campus Club, 342 Chi Epsilon, 277 Chi Omega, 378 Chi Psi, 404 Chinese Club. 278 Choir, 227 Coloradan, 212 Colorado Engineer, 218 Cosmopolitan Club, 279 CV Days, 236 D Delta Delta Delta, 380 Delta Gamma, 382 Delta Phi Alpha, 280 Delta Phi Delta, 281 Delta Sigma Phi, 406 Delta Sigma Pi, 282 Delta Tau Delta, 408 Dodo, 216 Eckel ' s, 363 Eleven Twenty-Nine Thirteenth Street, 362 Equestrian Club, 283 Eta Kappa Nu, 284 Ethnic Minorities, 285 Executive Council, 32 Faculty — Arts and Sciences, 37 Business, 43 Extension, 44 Medicine, 42 School of Engineering, 40 School of Law, 41 Fencing Club, 286 Free Lance, 287 Freshman Class, 137 Gamma Delta, 288 Graduate Club, 289 H Heart and Dagger, 71 Hesperia, 109 Hiking Club, 290 Hillel. 291 Hockey Club, 303 Homecoming, 240 Home Economics Club, 292 Honors Union, 293 House of Representatives. 49 Hunter ' s, 352 I Independent Students, 50 Inter-church Council, 294 Interfraternity Council, 368 International House, 353 I.S.A. Council, 295 Iota Sigma Fi, 296 Junior American Pharmaceutical Association, 297 Junior Class, 111 E Kappa Alpha Theta, 384 Kappa Delta, 386 Kappa Delta Pi, 298 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 388 Kappa Kappa Psi, 299 Kappa Phi. 300 Kappa Sigma, 410 L Lambda Chi Alpha, 412 Law Review, 219 Law School, 147 Little Theatre, 220 M Men ' s Dormitories, 349 Moore Manor, 354 Music School Board. 301 N Naval Administration, 45 Newman Club, 302 Orchesis, 304 Orchestra, 229 Pauhellenic Council. 369 Pentagon, 306 Phi Beta Kappa, 69 Phi Chi Delta, 306 Phi Delta Kappa, 307 Phi Delta Theta, 414 Phi Gamma Delta. 416 Phi Kappa Psi. 418 Phi Kappa Tau, 420 Phi Epsilon Phi, 183 Phi Mu Alpha, 308 Phi Sigma Delta, 422 Phi Sigma Iota, 422 Physical Education Majors, 310 Pi Beta Phi, 390 Pi Gamma Mu, 311 Pi Kappa Alpha, 424 Pi Mu Epsilon, 312 Pi Tau Sigma, 313 Player ' s Club, 314 Porpoise Club, 315 Regent Hall, 356 Robinson ' s, 355 Roger Williams Fellowship, 316 School of Medicine, 148 School of Nursing, 151 Senate, 48 Senior Class, 73 Senior Class Officers, 72 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 426 Sigma Alpha Iota, 317 Sigma Chi, 428 Sigma Delta Chi, 318 Sigma Delta Tau, 392 Sigma Epsilon Sigma, 323 Sigma Nu, 428 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 432 Sigma Tau, 319 Silver and Gold, 214 Ski Club, 320 Society of Women Students, 322 Sophomore Class, 124 Spanish Club, 321 Speakers Congress, 230 Spur, 122 Sumalia, 110 Sutton ' s, 368 T Tau Beta Fi, 68 Tau Beta Sigma. 324 Tau Delta. 323 Texas Club, 325 Theta Upsilon, 396 u University Women ' s Club, 326, 360 V Valkyrie, 327 Veterans of Foreign Wars, 330 Vetsville. 359 Viking, 328 w Wesley Foundation. 332 Westminster Foundation. 333 Willis ' s, 362 Window, 217 Winter Carnival. 242 Women ' s Athletic Association, 331 Women ' s Dormitories, 343 Y Y,W.C,A,, 334 z Zeta Beta Tau, 434 Zeta Tau Alpha, 394 Faculty Index Alexander, Gordon, 37, 38 Allen, 1. G., 87, 38, 307 Allen. Wm. H,, 43 Ammons, Feme, 38 Anderson, Dorothy, 38 Anderson, Julia, 39 Anderson, Wilton T,, 43 Andrews, 3. H., 40 Arledge, Mary Jane, 38 Arnberg, B, T,, 40 Arnett, Mrs. Louise, 39 Arnold. C, K., 40, 307 Aspinwall, L. V,, 86, 48, 282 Athearn, Robert G., 87, 38 B Bacon, Isaac, 37, 39, 280 Bainer, Mrs. Miriam. 39. 280 Balch. Roland E,, 37, 39, 162, 163 Ball, Mary-Ethyl, 32, 33, 48, 70, 36! Ballon, Stephen, 38 Bamman, Henry A,, 38 Bangs, F, K., 43 Barger, Clarence, 45 Barker, Gordon H., 37, 38, 311 Barker, John F., 40 Baron, Marjorie R,, 122 Baron-Routseau, Jacques, 89 Barrick, Dennis L., 40 Bartelma, David C, 88 Bartram, Harlan, 36. 69 Bascom, Frances, 39, 276 Batson, P. J., 42 Battrick, William, 38 Bauer, F. S., 40, 319 Seattle, L, W., 40 Beck, George R.. 40 Becker, Mary, 39 Bedell, Grace, 87 Beers, B, W., 40 Beeion, Donald R.. 43 Begoon. Arthur, 38 Beitelihees, C, 38 Bellamy, Mrs. Lauretta, 39, 70 Belitrom, L. E., 88 Bennett, P. R., 40 Bention, Mrs. Bertha, 231 Berg, William, Jr., 41 Berry, F. R., 40 Beruoffy, Minnie, 37, 38, 298 Bickford. J. M., 40 Bilei. J. A.. 88 Billingi. B. E., 38 Blnfham, L. A., 40, 819 Birk, W. 0., 40, 319 Bitter, Charles, 38 Blair, J. M.. 39 Blair. Ruth. 37. 38 BIystad. Mrs. D.. 38 Blythin, Margaret, 38 Boehmer, H, W., 39 Bonde, Eric, 38 Bone, Jack N,, 42 Bergman, Carl, 32 Borland, Helen, 43 Bown, Rebecca, 38 Bradley, James A,, 350 Bradley, Paul. 39. 162. 168 Bradley, Stephen J., 38 Brady, Lucile, 38 Bramhall, F. D,, 32, 37, 38. 69, 211 Breen, W. H., 38 Britton, Mrs. J. M.. 38 Britton. J. R., 40 Brockway, W. E,, 319 Brown, Dorothy, 38 Brown, A, Eugene, 38, 69 Brown, R. F., 40 Browning, Donovan, 46 Broion, J. W., 32, 37, 39, 69 Brubaker, W. F., 40 Bruce, J, B,, 38 Buchanan, Percy, 38, 278, 294, 333 Buchen, Barbara, 38 Bull, Storm, 43, 226 Bushee, Frederick A., 311 Carlson, G. Robert, 38 Carlson, DeVon, 40. 220, 277 Carlson, G, M., 39 Carlson, H, O., 32. 33. 37. 39. 110. 162. 262, 368 Carpenter, C. F., 40 Carr, Edwin R,, 38, 307 Carter, Paul J,, 37. 38 Carter. William. 43 Casali, Liberty, 38 Casey, F, J,, 40 Casey, Robert, 43 Centeno, Augusto, 39 Chambers, John, 38 Chambers, R. Fred, 34 Champlain, Mary M., 39. 280 Chavez, Simon, 89, 307 Cheney, E, D,, 38 Cheney, Mrs, G., 89 Chick, Lewis W,, 46 Chlttam, Mary, 43 Cbrlltensen. Edward C, 42 Christopher, J. R,. 36 Cleveland, J. M., 39 Coats, Mrs, Amy, 40 Coffin, Mildred, 43 Coffin, R, Berton, 43. 307. 308 Cohen. Joseph W., 39, 293 Colvin, Aimer P,, 45 Comstock, George, 38, 307 Cook, Jack, 45 Copper, Mrs, B., 38 Cortes, Luis, 39 Coulter, Pearl, 39 Cox, F, B,. 39 Cox, Roy A,, 39, 69 Crabb, E. D., 37, 38 Crandall. Lee W., 40. 277 Crawford. Richard. 40 Cristol. Stanley. J.. 38, 69 Crockett, Earl C, 32, 37, 38, 311 Crooks, S, R., 40 Crosman, Ralph L,. 35. 37, 39, 318 Cross, Arthur C, 38, 44, 307 Crouch, Jack H., 38 Croy, V. D.. 38 Cruver. M. H.. 88 Culpepper. Gideon A.. 39 Cunningham. L.. 38 Curry, V. 8., 43 Curtis, Mrs. Bly E., 36, 70 Cuthbertson, Stuart, 39, 298 Dakin, Ralph, 38 Da vies, M. B., 43 Davis, Mrs, Alice, 281 Davis, R. A., 37, 38, 307 Dean, Paul M., 37 DeLapp, Warren W,, 40, 41, 277 DeLissovoy, V., 38 DeMuth, L, W,, 38, 41 Denham, Dale L., 38 Deschere, A, R., 40 DeSouchet, William, 41 DeVol, Dulcie, 43 Dittmer. Karl. 37. 38 Dobbins. George. 40. 276. 279 Dobiesz, Henry, 46 Dorrell, Frances. 38 Douglas, Frederic H., 38 Douglass, Harl R., 38, 307 Douglass, John R., 38 Douglass, Martha P,, 38 Downing, R. L.. 40. 41, 68, 277 Drommond, Fred, 42 Dugan. James E,. 38. 69, 311 Dunfield, Frances, 39 Dunham, R, W,, 32, 43 Dupzyk. Robert R., 46 Durham. F, P,, 40 DuVall, W, C, 40, 319 Dwan, Luther, 46 Dyde, W. F., 32, 38, 293 Eastom, F. A,, 40, 319 Easton, D. Mack, 38 Eaton, Lyle E., 40, 41 Eckel, C. L.. 32, 40, 68, 277 Eggert, Emil H., 40, 41 Ehrmann, Henry W., 38 Eilar, K, R,. 38 Eisenbach, Dorothy, 38 Ellis, Clarence W., 426 Emmett, Persis R., 70, 278 Erickson, W, L., 89 Erickson, Mrs, Helen, 40 Fair, Rex, 43 Farnell, A. B,, 39, 69 Farrell, Lawrence, 38 Faye, Paul-Louis, 39 Fehlmann, Hazel, 38, 292 Ferris, Livingston P,, 38 Fest, T, B., 38 Fines, Clifford A,, 32, 46 Fish. Calvin E,, 38 Fleming, Lillian P., 38 Foote, K, H., 43, 282 Fox, Richard E., 38 Franklin, W. B., 43, 71, 164, 282 Frascona, J. L., 43, 282 Eraser, G. D,, 38 Freedy, Robert, 46 Friday, Charles, 38 Fritz, Percy S., 37, 38, 69 Froid, Helga, 39 Fry, William F.. 46 Fullerton. G. G.. 43, 282 Gadcs, Fred H., 40 Gagos, K. A., 38 Galland, B, S., 41, 60, 69. 296 Garnsey. Morris E., 38. 311 Gates, 0,, 38 Gawf, John L,, 40 Oeok, F. J.. 37. 38 Oerjovlch. H. J., 38 Oermann, F, E,, 37, 38. 69 Gibbons, E., 40 I Faculty Index— continued 451 Glaser, G. R., Jr., 40 Gless. G. E.. 40 Goering. H.. 38 Goldstein. Aughust. Jr.. 38 Goodman. Irving. 38. 293 Goodykoontz. C. B.. 37. 38, 69 Graham. W. W., 40 Grant. Alexander. 43 Greenberg. Joseph H.. 38, 311 Gregg, George W.. 40. 307 Gregg, R. E.. 38, 69 Grieder, Calvin, 32, 38, 307 Griest, John M.. 43, 282 Griff itts. Mary L.. 38 Glass, R. H., 40 Grigs, Edgar W.. 40 GrinncU. Edward H., 42 Grosshauser. Elmer A., 307 Guenther. Paul F., 37. 39. 280 Guild. Jean H., 38 H Hall. Robert. 307 Hammack, Calvin M.. 264 Hanna, W. J.. 40 Hanzo. Thomas A., 33 Harms, Donald L.. 38 Harris, Hubert A., 38 Hart, Lawrence. 43 Hartzell, £. K., 40, 402 Harvey. 0. Richard, 88 Hause, N. L., 38 Hawk, H. W.. 40, 41 Hawkins. David. 39 Hawley, J. W., 41. 219. 225 Haynie. Hazel. 39 Heaney. R.. 38 Helm. Harold C, 42 Helwig, Edwin R., 38 Henderson, David. 402 Hendrickson. Murl S.. 350 Henrich. Val P.. 43 Hering, Louise. 38. 67 Heyer, Albert W., 39 Hibdon, C. T,, 39 Hightower, R. L., 40 Higman. Howard H.. 38, 311 Hilty, Everett, 43, 307 Hoffman, Fritz, 37, 38. 69, 279 Hoffmeister, H. A., 38 Holbert, V., 38 Holubar, LeRoy, 40 Hopwood. M. L., 38 Hottman. Henry, 311 Hottman, Mrs. Henry, 311 Hoskins, Mary E.. 43 Hough, John N.. 38. 225 Houston, Clifford G., 32. 34. 38. 262. 307 Howells, Fred W.. 40 Howells, T. H., 39 Hoyt, Harry C. 39 HuUey, Helen B., 38 Hulley, Karl K.. 38 Hultquist, Paul F., 40. 41. 69 Hummel. L. E.. 38 Hunt, Burrowes, 39 Hunt, Mrs. Dudley S., 39 Hunter, H. W.. 39, 293 Hunter, Zena M.. 38 Hutchinson. Charles A.. 32. 40. 319 Hyde, William H., 43 I Imig. Warner, 43 Irey. Charlotte. 39. 276 Isaak, R. D., 40 Jameson, Frances, 38 Jeffry, Harriet, 38, 39. 48 Jemison. William. F.. 40 Jensen, Laura. 40 Job, Andre, 39 Johnson, Edna L.. 38 Johnson, W. E., 38 Johnston. J. F.. 40 Jones, Alfred H.. 39 Jones, Ann, 38 Jones. Horace. 43, 69 Jones-Burdick. W. Harry. 38 E Kalal, L. A., 39 Karrass, C. L., 40 Katsura. 8., 38 Kelley, H. H.. 40. 41 Kelley. Tim K., 38 Kelsall, Margaret, 38. 296 Kempner, A. J.. 39 Kempner, Mrs. Kate, 39 Kendall, Claribel. 39. 69 Kendler, H. H.. 39 Kendrick. Hazen W.. 43, 282 Kershaw, Margaret. 38 Kettering. Donald V.. 39 Kettering. H. V.. 38 Kilbride. R. E.. 40 Kimmerle. Marjorie. 38 King, E. C. 32. 41 Kinney, Gordon. 43 Kirkpatrick. Charles G.. 45 Klemme, C. C, 40, 277 Klooster. Henry J., 38, 39 Knoettge, Rebecca, 38 Koerner, Harold E., 38 Koenif, B. I., 40 Kretsinger, D. 6,, 40 Kuzma. Thomas G., 89, 168, 178 Lacher, J. R., 38. 69 Lackey. George, 45 Lam, W. C, 36. 38. 39 Lambert. A. Edward, 38 Lane, E. W., 38 Lauer, B. E.. 40 Laughlin, R. M., 40 Lawrence, Charles, 43 Lawrence, Jack L., 39 Lea. Kenneth R., 38 LeFant. Mrs. Joan, 38, 39 Leifel, R. E., 40 LeMay, William E., 38 Leonard, Richard. 40, 277 Lester, O. C, 38, 39 Lewis. Leslie L.. 38. 69, 293 Ley, Katherine, 39, 310 Lindstrom, Eleanor, 38 Link, Lucille, 43 Lipstreau. Otis, 43, 307 Lister. Robert, 38, 311 Loeffler, Manuel J., 38 Loeffler, Mrs. Jean, 39, 265 Londen, Mrs. I. E., 38 Longley, W. W., 38 Looney, E. Josephine, 38 Loose, Gerhard, 39, 280 Loose, Ruth, 280 Loughran, Henrietta A., 38, 89 Loughran, Vernon, 69 Love, W. J., 40, 41 Lubovich, V. P., 39 Lumpkin, Ben G.. 38 Lyddon, M. C. 38 Mc McAfferty. H. C, 38 McCombs, R. K.. 38, 39, 69 McCormick. C. M., 40 McCowan, James R., 42 McDonnell, P. R., 43 McFeron, D. E., 40, 41 McGuire, Carl W., 88, 311 McKeehan, Irene P., 38 McKinley, Charles, 39, 280 McMillen, Hugh, 34, 43, 299 McMullen, C. R.. 38 McNair, A. J., 40, 41, 50, 277, 296 M Mabee, Zell F., 39, 318 Machle. Edward J., 39 Maguire, Jack, 40, 277 Maler, G. J.. 40 Malick, Clay P., 38, 311 Mallory, W. F., 40, 41 Markward, W. B., 38 Markwart, Gordon L.. 38 Marr, John W., 38 Marshall, Pauline, 39, 69, 321 Martin, Anne, 38 Martin, Dorothy, 39 Martin, Joan, 39, 331 Martz. Clyde 0., 41 Maslin, J. Paul, 38 Mason, L. J., 40 Mayer, Carl F., 39, 40 Meade. Claude Y., 39 Meadoff, Marilyn, 39 Meek, J. S., 38, 69 Megrew, Alden F., 38 Mehl. Marie Anna, 38, 298 Menoher. Wade L., 40. 277 Merrick. Clay C. 38 Merrill, L. 0., 38 Morrow, R. T., 38 Miernyk. William H., 38 Miller, H. W.. 38 Mills. Hubert H., 38, 307 Mincher, Edwin, 38 Moloney, Raymond L., 39, 309 Moore, F., 38 Moore, P. F., 40, 41 Moore, Vincent J., 40 Morgenroth, Robert L., 39 Morris, Bertram, 39 Morris. Earl, 38, 69 Morrissey, John, 45 Murchison, Irene, 39 Musgrove, William S., 39 Muenzinger, Karl, 39, 293 N Nakosteen, Mehdi, 38 Neill, Wallace, 43 Nelson, Helen, 39, 69, 298 Nelson, Roy C, 38, 230 Nelson. Walter K., 40, 41 Newell. Miss Martha. 324 Newmark. Philip, 38 Niehaus. F. R., 7, 43, 282, 311 Noce, Gene, 40 Norris, Charles H., 38, 69, 225 Novak, Leo C, 40. 270. 277 Nyland, W. S., 40, 41 Ogilvy. Dorothy S.. 38. 69 Ogilvy, J. D. A.. 38, 69 O ' Kelly, Lawrence, 39 O ' Neill, Jeanne, 40 Oliver. Albert I., 88 Oliver, Mrs. B., 38 Oliver, Robert M., 40 Olson, G. G., 38 Olson, Marjorie, 38 Organ, Robert, 43 Ostroumova, Mrs, Tatiana. 39 Ott. Eugene W., 38 Paddock. W. L., 43 Palmer, Albert, 38, 307 Palmer, H. B., 40. 319 Palmer, LaVonne, 38 Papish. Paul. 45 Park, J. D., 38 Parker, V. C, 40, 41 Parkinson, Ramona. 42, 297, 327 Parmelee, Paul, 43 Parry, Richard A., 38 Partner, Dan. 39. 164 Pearce, Betty Jo. 38 Pearson, Sven I,. 40. 41 Feck, Maynard A., 43 Pennak, R. W.. 38 Peters, W. C, 38 Petersen, Elmore. 32. 43. 52. 282. 307 Pettit, Henry J., 38 Pierce, John A., 42 Pierce. Vaudau P., 39 Pietenpol, W. B., 38 Pinschmidt. R. K., 43 Poe, Charles F., 32, 38. 42 Potts, Frank, 38. 39. 162, 186 Prator, Ralph, 32, 35, 307 Prendeville. R. J., 38 Prentup, Frank B., 38, 39. 162 Prion, Charles H., 40, 41 Pruett. F. A., 39, 318 Punshon, E. T., 40. 277 Putney. Rufus D., 38 Quine. Edith. 38 Rackham, Eric N., 307 Raeder, Warren, 41, 270. 277. 319 Ragsdale, J. W.. 38 Rath. R. John. 38 Rathburn, R. E., 40. 220, 277, 283 Rautenstraus, R. C.. 40, 277 Raven, Karl, 38 Redick. Joseph P.. 39, 69 Reed, Carleton H., 38 Reese, James W.. 43 Reeves, Roy F., 39 Reeves. W. P., 40 Relthmeyer, Ura M., 38 Reyburn, Marjorie, 38, 69 Reynolds, Henry Etta, 89 Rich. Virginia N., 39, 315 Richey. Myrna A.. 408 Riethmayer, Leo C, 38 Ritter, T. M., 40 Roach, Archie, 38 Robaina. Carlos, 39 Robb. Mary M., 38 Roberts. W. 0., 39 Robinson, Charles S.. 38 Robinson, Francis C, 38 Rohrman, F. A.. 40. 41 Romig. Edna, 38, 69 Romine. S. A.. 38. 307 Ronald, Robert. 38 Rose, Edward L.. 38. 311 Sandoe, James, 225 Salerno, Nan, 38 Salisbury, Seward W., 38, 311 Scherer, George A.. 39, 280 Schmidt, Martin F.. 43. 282 Schmierer, T. J.. 38 Scholfield, Frank A., 38 Schoolland. John B.. 34. 35, 39 Schroeder, Paul G., 39. 69, 280 Scofield, Gerald. 50. 295 Scott. Austin W.. Jr., 41 Scott, R. F., 40 Sexton, W. G., 38 Seydel. F., Jr.. 38 Shaw. Ena B.. 40 Sherman, D. N., 38 Sheppard, J. K., 40 Sibert. H. W., 40, 41 Simcock, John W., 45 Simmons, Florence, 34 Small, Clare, 39 Smith, Cameron, 40 Smith, M. J., 40 Smith, Robert F.. 42 Snively. L. Clifton, 40. 320 Snow. Curtis M.. 38 Snow. Mrs. C, 38 Spackman, W. M., 38 Spehar. Elizabeth, 38 Spencer. Mary F.. 323 Spicer. Randall. 43. 307 Sperline. M. E., 40, 41 Spurlock, B. H.. 40 Stagner, Harold F., 43 Stahl. K. H.. 40 Starr. W. R., 38 Steach, Ruth, 38 Stearns, Robert L., 30, 31, 32, 6 Stearns. Mrs. Robert L., 70 Stelfen, Harry E.. 43. 282 Stevenson. Charlotte. 38 Stewart. Omer C, 38. 39. 69. 311 Stiehl, Viola, 38 Stocks, Betty, 38. 69 Storke, F. P., 41, 69 Straight. Clara, 38. 39 Stribic, Frances, 39 Strobel. W. B.. 40 Stuewe, Donald, 40 Suarez, Martha M., 40 Sun, Huai-Chin, 39, 307 Sutherland, Donald, 38, 69. 293 Sutherland. William L.. 40 Swayne, Ida L.. 38, 69. 296 Sweetster, W. D., 38 Tague. Peggy. 39 Temple. V. M., 38 Templin. Joyce, 39 Teng. Ta-Chun, 38 Terrell, T.. Jr.. 43 Thoman. W. H.. 40. 279, 319 Thompson, H. A., 40 Thompson, P. V., 40. 225 Thompson, Warren 0.. 38 Thomson, S. H.. 38, 293 Tobey, S. C, 38 Todd. E. W., 38 Toepelman, W. C, 36, 38 Tovani. Ernest P., 40, 41 Trevethick. Helen, 40. 69 Triffet, Terry, 40 Trolinger, Lelia, 38 Truckess, F. C, 38, 39. 286 Twombly, John, 40, 276 u Udick. Bernice, 39. 309 Uffelman. Sarah. 88 Unruh, Adolph, 38, 307 Usher, T. E., 40 Vail. D. K., 38 Van Duzee. M., 38, 69 Van Ek, Jacob, 32, 37, 293, 311 Van Valkenburgh, H. D., 38, 266 Varner. Walter W., 40 Vavra, Charles G., 39 Veazie. Walter B., 40 Vivian, Olive, 39 Voight, A. H., 38, 39 w Wagner, C. A.. 40, 41. 319 Wagner, John F., 40, 69 Wagoner, Irma. 38 Wahlstrom, Ernest E.. 38 Wakeham. Glen, 38, 39 Walden, C, 38 Waldrop, A. Gayle. 39, 318 Wallace, Robert, 38 Walters, Floyd G.. 69 Walters, Mrs. L. C. 40 Walters, Vernon 0., 40 Walton, Harold F., 38 Waltz, Howard O.. 43 Walz, Frank C, 39 Warner, Alexander H., 38. 287 Warner, Lawrence A., 38, 69 Warner. Marie. 38 Warner. Ralph E., 39. 309 Warner, Robert. 38 Wasley. Robert E.. 43. 282. 307 Weatherbie, Wendell J., 38 Weber, William A., 38 Wehrle, N. A., 43 Weibel, E. E., 40 Wesley. W. P.. 43 West. Edward J., 38, 39, 69 Westermeier. Mrs. T. S.. 39. 48, 280 Whetsel. Elizabeth. 38 Whitaker, Margaret. 43 Whitman. W. M., 38 Wicks. Piatt. 40, 319 Wiegand. Mrs. P. W., 40 Williamson. Max, 43 Willis. Edna. 39 Wilson, Eujene H., 32, 36, 293, 307 Wilson, H. K., 38 Wilson. R. K., 40 Witt, Dr. Norman, 38. 39, 267 Wolcott, Mrs. R. B.. 39 Wolf, William W., 40 Wolfe, L. R., 39 Wolfrom, Dorothy. 39 Wolle. Francis. 38, 69, 195 Wood, K. D.. 40 Wood, W. C, 38 Woodward, R. E.. 40 Woodworth. J. E.. 40 Worcester, P. G.. 32. 39. 69 Worcester, W. G.. 40. 274 Wuest, Anne. 39 Wynn, Dudley. 38 Yeager, James, 39, 162, 173 z Zeiger, Marjorie, 38 Zinke. ' Jeorre W., 38, 293, 311 452 School of Medicine-Denver Index Anderson. Walter F., 149 Baird. Raymond L.. 160. 148 Barber, Don B.. 148 Barker. Mary L.. 148 Bartee. Roy A.. 148 Bechtold. Joseph H., 149 Bennallack, Donald A., 150 Beshore. David L., 149 Beveridge, Robert J.. 149 Bischoff. Martin E.. 160 Bisgrove. John G.. 148 Blight. Wendell T.. 160 Bloom, Beatrice T., 148 Bloomquist, Charles D., 150 Boal. Delford H.. 148 Borski, Anthony A., 160 Boyd, Harry K., 149 Boyd, James H,, 150 Breslaw, Leonard, 148 Brewster, Charlotte M., 160 Brown, Bardwell, 160 Brown, James T., 160 Burman, D,, 148 Calo:ige, Guy D„ 160 Cameron, Douglas E.. 148, 150 Carlton. Robert E.. 148 Carver, Robert K,, 150 Castellano, Stephen A,. 148 Chamberlin, John R,, Jr,. 150 Chandler, Eugene F.. 149 Chavez, Demetrio A., 149 Chisholm, Ro»er N,, 150 Clader, Durwood N.. 160 Clark. Glenn M,, 148 Clouser, Doyle W., Jr., 148 Cosand, Henry C, 148 Crawford, Howard W,, 150 Crurabaker, Victor A,, 149 Cutshall, Vincent K., 160 Cuykendall, James H., 160 Dalton, Charles F,, 150 Derry, William H., 148, 149 Dowis, Gaylord, M,, 160 Duman, Louis J,, 148 Dumm, James B,, 148 Edmark, Karl W,, Jr., 148 Edwards, Charles, 148 Edwards, Thomas A,, 160 Elliott, Robert V.. 149 Farabaugh, Leonard J., 150 Ferguson, Albert T,, 160 Fishman, Ben, 160 Flaier, Carl, 150 Fleming, Richard M., 150 Francis, Kenneth C, 149 Freeman, Raymond S,, 150 French, Albert L., 160 Frishman, Jack J,, 150 Gallagher, Joseph A., 148 Gammon, William R,, 160 Garner, Frank L., 149 Gilmore, William M,, 149 Girard, Grant D,, 150 Girvin, George W,, 160 Glover, William P.. 160 Good, Gilbert T., 150 Goodman, Stanley N,, 148 Googe, Mary C, 150 Gordon, Aileen M., 150 Gouge, Ruth L,, 150 Griffith, John B,, 160 Groeger, Raymond J,, 150 Hammer, Loren G,, 150 Hanna, Donald D,, 160 Hanson, George R., 148 Hardy, Frank W,, 149 Hargreaves, Charles H.. 150 Hatherly. Sarah I., 150 Haverstock, Robert I,, 149 Hellor, Eugene, 149 Heppting, George T,, 150 Herrmann, Richard E., 150 Holt, Robert C. 149 Hood. Robert F.. 149 Hopley, Charles P,, Jr,, 150 Howe, George 0.. 160 Humphrey. Ben K., 160 Humphries, Jessie H,, 148 Hurdle, John F,, 150 Huttner, Walter A,, 148 Ingram, William L., 150 Ireland, Roger G., 148 Irion, Oren C, 148 Irwin, Everett, 160 Isaacs, Marian C, 160 Jackson, William H.. 150 Jardine. Robert L.. 148. 160 Johnson. Chalmers D.. 160 Johnson. Edward S.. 149 Knox. William R.. 148 Kugler, Joseph S., 149 Lahey, Duane D,, 149 Lampe, John M,, 149 Lamport, Kenneth J.. 149 Langerak, Clarence, 150 Lanning, Charles D,, " 160 Lawrence, Mills E,, 148 Leight, Harold C, 160 Leon, Robert L,, 148 Lerner, Belden W,, 160 Lewis, George B,, Jr.. 148, 149 Loescher, Thomas McC, 149 Lohoff, Lewis C, 160 Lovitt, John L,, 148 L ustig, Gerald J.. 148 McOarville. John R., 149 McCrory, Charles B,, 148 McCullach, John C, 150 McDivitt, Robert B,. 160 McDonald. John W., 150 McKinley. William W., Jr., 149 McNeil. Elbert D., 148 Machaffie. Reginald A., 148 Mahler. Carl W.. 150 Mann. Gayward N., 150 Meek, Eleanor G,, 150 Mellinger, William J., 160 Melvin. Walter W.. 148. 149 Melzer. Robert B.. 148. 150 Meyer, Mary E,, 160 Meyn, Noel S.. 149 Monty. Donald F.. 160 Morgan. Elmer L.. 160 Morris, Dorothy L.. 160 Nagel. Lester R.. 149 Neff, Samuel E,, 160 Nelms, Vera E., 149 Nelson, Hans G., 149 Nelson, Robert L,, 148 Nicholas, Thomas A,, 150 Nicoletti, Frank A,, 148 O ' Donnell, Arthur W,, 150 O ' Neill, John C, 149 Owens, Kenneth N., 148 Padgett, Harold D.. 160 Palmes. Ruth M., 149 Parker. Mary L.. 150 Partington, Cyrus W., 149 Perkin, Donald K,, 148 Petersen, Robert W., 149 Peterson, Rexford A,, 150 Piatt, Kenneth A., 160 Plumb, Donald D., 149 Pollard, Joseph S., 150 Pollock, James L,, 148 Poppick, Harry M., 150 Price, James G,, 150 Proctor, Hobart M., 148 auimby, Robert L., 160 Rabe, Florian R,, 148, 150 Redman, Jack C, 160 Riddnour, Robert J., 149 Riggs, Frances D., 148 Robertson, Charles H,, 160 Robertson, John L,, 150 Robinson, William M. M., 160 Roth, Henry A,, 150 Rupp, Howard M,, 148 Schmitt, Robert S., 160 Scott, George E,, 148 Serfling, Clarence H,, 160 Smith, Dorothy I., 149 Smith, Phyllis E., 149 Spencer, Charles O., 150 Stangl, Frank F., 148 Stearns, Paul E,, 160 Steele, Lee A,, 148 Stephenson, David J,, 148 Stotler, Raymond C, 160 Stott, Dorothy A., 149 Streamer, Charles W,, 149 Stuckey, Willard M,, 149 Summers, William B.. 150 Swenson, Carl H,, 150 Talbert, Thomas L,, 149 Talcott, Virginia I,, 160 Thompson, Horace E., 148 Thompson, Wilford G.. 149 Toll, Henry W,, 160 Treat, William Albert, 148 Tully, John B,, 148 Turner, Donald A., 148 Turner, William, 150 Varga, Julius, 149 Warren, Edgar E., 160 Watts, Lloyd A,, 160 Weiner, Stanley M,, 160 Weinstein, Irwin N,, 149 Wertz, George F,, 160 Wheeler, Carroll W,, 160 Williams, Ralph P,, 149 Williamson, Hugh F,, 149 Willoughby, William A,, 149 Wilson, Catherine Q., 160 Wilson, Robert W,, 160 Winter, William H., 160 Winternitz, David R.. 150 Woelding. Betty L., 149 Wood, John M,, 148, 160 Wyatt, Kon, Jr,, 148 Yardy, Paul W,, 148 Zayac, Edward J., 160 Zucherman, Sidney D,, 149 Zuckerman, Gerald H,, 160 Student Index Aaron, Janyce L.. 124. 369, 392 Abbott, Alva, 307 Abbott, Hugh B,, 137, 412 Abenheimer, Ceoile A,, 291, 341, 392 Abenheimer, Frances, 137, 291, 344, 392 Abrams, James D., 426 Abrassart. Chester P.. 72 Ache. Jean M.. 346, 388 Acsell, Raymond P,, 426 Adams, Arthur W,, 111, 414 Adams, Barbara A,, 72, 382 Adams, Dorothy J., 122, 217, 376 Adams, Gordon F,, 124, 418 Adams, Jean A.. 111. 292, 382 Adams. John T.. 137. 283 Adams. Joseph H.. 137. 302 Adams. Margaret. 341 Adams, Mary. 72, 364 Adams, Mary Joan, 124, 380 Adams, Sarah N.. 137. 357, 384 Adams. Thomas Lee. 398 Adcock. Joyce A.. 374 Adler, Edwin, 291 Adler, Sidney K., 326, 404 Adling. Leah E.. 340 Adolph, Ruth, 72 Ahlquist, Audrey 0., 72, 102, 109. 293. 3i Aillnger. Wanda L., 346 Ainbinder. Howard, 72, 123, 291, 422 Akers, Charles H,, 72, 270, 426 Akors, Harold B.. 72, 428 Akey. Donald E., 124, 263 Akin, Eunice H,. 72, 281 Akulin. Donald M.. 217. 291, 422 Alberts. Bernard J., 424 Albrecht. Paul F,. 302 Albright. Don. 428 Alcorn, Leroy N.. Ill Alcorn, Miriam A,, 269, 306 Alcott, Russel J., 263 Alden, Mattie E. G.. 137, 344 Alderman, Phyllis A., 69, 293 Alderion, Waymon L,, 124, 340 Alr xander, Byron, S07 Al. xander, Dorothy J.. 124. 216, 374 a;, xander, Helen M., 72, 306, 333, 341 Alr ander, Joan, 111, 372 AUxa-.der, Thomas J., 302 Alexa ; dcr, William J,, 227, 398 Alciaidr. William R., 402 Alford. Ri ' hard L., 164 Allre 111 A 111 AUton, K ' s B., 123. 124, 426 Allen, Auir -j J.. 96. 162, 168, 27. " Allen, Carol n. 390 Alltn, Cathurinr- A., 153, 276 Allen. Charles £., 263 Allen, Clarence C, 124 Allen, Elizabeth L,, 124, 384 Allen, Elizabeth Luella, 347 Allen, Frank, 147 Allen, George E., 72, 263, 264, 274 Allen, Gloria J., 346, 372 Allen, Harry A., 275 Allen, Howard E,, 124, 263 Allen, Irene M.. 124. 363 Allen, James D,, 263, 275 Allen, James E.. 186 Allen, Judith M., 49. 390 Allen. Lee Roy. 137 Allen, Margaret E.. 386 Allen, Norman T,, 111 Allen, Robert G,, 124. 290 Allen. Robert S.. 428 Allen. Wayne F.. 137 Allen, William H., 147. 219 Allen. William L.. 428, 429 Allison, Charles M.. 227, 301. 428 Allison, Irene D,, 137, 367 Allison, Margaret L,, 72 Allison, Margaret R,, 111 Alport, Lorraine, 73 Alpert, Theodore R.. 276, 436 Alspach, Myrl T,, 289 Altvater, Ella June, 124, 370 Alvarado, Arthur J,, 137, 302, 321 Alvey, Ralph J,, 271 Alvord, Leland S,, 299 Amberg, Loel S., 390 Amesbury, Jo Anne, 124, 341 Amin, Surendra R,, 279 Amsbary, Robin, 334, 336, 384 Amy, Robert D., 124 Andersen, Alfred C, 290 Andersen, James G., Ill, 230 Anderson, Albert J,, 432 Anderson, Burton R,, 73, 263, 432, 433 Anderson, Carrie M.. 124. 347 Anderson. Charles D., 137, 147 Anderson, Claudia L., 217, 340 Anderson, Donald A., 73, 263, 432 Anderson, Eric A., 430 Anderson. Frederic E., 400 Anderson, Gerald P,, 402 Anderson, Howard S., 424 Anderson, James R., 147, 267, 408 Anderson, John B,, 216 Anderson, Linnea M., 124, 370 Anderson, Loren E,, 124 Anderson, Parley E., 147 Anderson, Raymond N,, 124, 424 Anderson, Richard L., 73, 263 Anderson, Richard V.. 147 Anderson. Robert R., 78. 164, 270, 332 Anderion, Robert W., 147 Anderson. Russell B.. 424 Anderson, Ruth M.. 378 Anderson, Thomas B., 111. 226. 361. 426, 41:7 Anderson, Thomas R., 219, 360 Anderson, Virginia C, 390 Anderson, Wilton T., 272 Andrews, Seward L., 73, 270 Andrews, Stanley R., 410 Andrus, Katharine E,, 137, 310, 315, 394 Angel, Roland L,, 290, 333 Angell, Harry J,, 263 Ankenman, June E,, 346, 372 Anselmi, Rudy J., 426 Appel, Robert S,, 291, 434 Appelbaum, Morton H.. 73 Appleby. Shirley L., 267 Applequist, Ruth M,, 111, 292, 374 Appleton, David T, E,, 137 Arbuckle, Edward C. 264 Archer, Phyllis M,, 137, 217, 346 Archibald, Robert F,, 402 Archibald, Samuel J,, 318 Ardell, Laurence A., 219 Ardourel, Elwyn F,, 227 Arent, Rita, 265, 291 Argall, Anna E,, 137, 346, 388 Arment, William R,, 124 Armitage, Lawrence C 406 Armstrong, Alma M,, 73 Armstrong, Ericka J,, 340 Armstrong, Ralph S,, 264 Amberg, Benjamin T.. 271 Arnett, Eugene B., 73, 420 Arnett, Robert W., 68, 313, 319 Arnold, Sarah E,, 73, 386 Arnold, William G., 271 Arnold, William Glenn, 416 Arraj, Robert E,, 262 Arringdale, Allen J,, 297 Asahina, Ralph H.. 270 Aseniero, William L., 263 Ashbaugh, Donald C. 262 Ashby. Harvey J., 424 Ashcraft, Leonard J,, 271 Ashcraft, Maude H., 137, 332, 344 Asher, Robert H., 147, 430 Asmus, Virginia C, 124, 340 Aspinwall, Herbert T,, 263, 350. 361 Atkinson, Roy J., Ill, 267, 410 Atkinson, William G,, 147 Atkinson, William W,, 219 Atwater, Joan, 124, 810, 341, 376 Atwood, John M., 67, 68, 73, 226, 263, 262, 266, 420 Atwood, Marguerite W., 122, 124, 213, 315, 384 Auckland, Arthur O,, 124, 432 Aufderheide, Mary Jean, 384 Aufderheide, Mary L., 290, 310, 331, 346 Auger, John G., Ill, 154, 426, 427 Ault, Herbert A,, 402 Avesian, Reuben, 124 Ayers, Robert E,, 216, 414, 416 B Babb, Barbara E,, 137, 384 Babick, Marie J., Ill, 327 Babington, Marilynn L,, 876 Babka, Edward A,, 111, 263 Babovich, Mildred G,, 302, 346 Bach, Elaine J,, 73, 374, 376 Bachar, James R,, 416 Bachman, Joseph W., 272 Bachmann, Ruth C, 78, 290 Bachus, Ralph E,, 78 Backe, Carl, 271 Backman, George E.. 262 Bacon. Esther H.. 293 Bacon, Herbert L.. 408 Bacon. Janet E., 124. 266 Bacon, Milton E,, 137, 402 Bael, Martin B.. 291 Baer, Annette, 283 Baer, Winfield S,, 404 Bail, Anne E,, 111, 230, 293 Bailey, Betty W,, 137, 266, 310, 366, 367 Bailey, Jimmy E,, 111, 270, 414 Bailey, Josephine M,, 346 Bailey, Sally. 347, 388 Bailey, Walter B,, 263, 416 Bain, Martin F,, 111 Bainbridge, Robert W., 332 Baker, Charles F,, 73, 420 Baker, Marilyn L,, 291, 346 Baker, Maurice G,, 416 Bakewell. Cecile M.. 388 Balch. Gloria A., 137, 322, 347 Balch, Jack L,, 282, 424 Balcom, Manning L.. 271 Balderston, Robert W.. 408, 409 Baldwin, Bebe J.. 73, 227, 372 Baldwin, Nancy Lee, 111, 382 Baldwin, William W,, 428 Ball, Ilah A,, 111, 306, 333 Ball, Mary M., 346 Ball, Nancy W,, 122, 216, 390 Ballard, John T,, 111, 356, 422 Ballenger, William O., Ill, 291, 400, 401 Ballinger, Bruce N,, 111, 262 Ballmer, Jack N,, 428 Ballon, Stephen V,, 307 Balsells, Peter J., 321 Banas, Walter P.. 124. 271 Bancroft, Thomas R.. 147 Bangs, Frank K.. 307 Bangs, Gordon E., Ill, 262, 264 Banning, David C, 404 student Index— continued 453 -ber. Eddice B.. 289. 364 •ber. William D., 416 .rbiero. Audrey M., 124, 310 •arbour. William E., 290 i ircroft. P.. 264 Barcus, Norma J., 315, 380 Bardwell, Vivian. 69 Bareis. Reuben J. A.. 267. 293 Barham. Laurie 0.. 137, 367 Barker. Paul H., 424 Barker, Hichard T.. 217. 414 Barkhaus. Robert F., 218, 290 Barnard. John B.. 147 Barnard. Robert N.. 263 Barner. Warren M.. 287 Barnes. Robert F.. 263. 290, 329 Barnes. William M., 263 Barnett, Pierre F., 73. 271, 408 Bamhill. Samuel R., 110, 414, 263 Barnhizer, Dorothy L. V., 137, 344. 374 Barnholtz, Jacqueline A., 266, 291 Barr, Richard S., 400 Barringer, Paul C, 111. 426 Barron, William Reeves. Ill Barrow. Juanita. Ill, 340 Barrows. Fredrick W.. 267 Bartholomew. Rolland B., 74 Bartlett. Barbara Ann. 347, 382 Bartlett. Gene R., 433 Bartley. Robert W., 147 Bartley. Thomas D., 428 Bartoe. Otto E., 416 Barton, James W., 264 Barton, Robert E., Ill Barton, Ross M., 147 Basefsky, Leonard, 291 Bashford, Bernard D,. 329 Bashford. Bruce E.. 124. 263, 299 Bashford. Ronald Lee. 289 Bashford. Walter Earl, 299, 308 Bashor. Ralph B., 400 Baskin. Sue A.. 111. 394 Bass, Leon. 291 Bassett, Barbara. 394, 395 Bastian. Shirley A,. 340 Bateman, George W.. 186, Bates. Claire E., 286. 354 Batson, John P., 297 Battershell. Alice M.. 290. Battles. June A.. 306. 310. Baucum. Leila E.. 137, 357, Bauer. Mary A., 74 Baughman. Dorothy L., 74, 327 Bauguss. John C. 271 Baumgartner. Jerold C, 426 Baumgartner. Richard W., 74, 426 Bax, Barbara J.. 346 Baxeis, Reuben J. A., Ill Baxter. Helen A., 122. 290, 345 Beach. Merle L., 418 48, 74, 86, 226, 310, 326 J,, 369 346, 388 406 R., 124, 315, 390 124, 408 180, 417 289. 290 124, 227, 398 276 340, 372 341 374 Bealer, Ruth A., Bealer. William Bean, Mary A., Bear, Robert I., Beard, Barbara Bearden, John N., Seattle, Harold F., Beck, George R.. Becker. Donald E., Becker, Robert, 291 Beckett, Melvin D,, 402 Beebe, Beverly J., 344 Beeler. Horace W.. Ill, 123, 430 Beeley. Patricia M., 346. 390 Beeman, Jack W., 430 Beeman, Marguerite, 342 Beers, Burton W., 418 Beery, Arlie E., 172, 275, 402 Beggs. Carol E.. 424 Begoon. Arthur. 291 Behring. Harry L., 264 Beidelman, Richard G.. Bein, Lois C, 111 Beitelshees, Cleland D., Bell, Celia G.. 74. 292, Bell, Charles D., 263 Bell, Donald M., 74, 206, 276, Bell. Ervin J.. 291. 422 Bell. Jack N., 123, 124, 408 Bell, Margaret J., 347 Bell. Mildred, 124 Bell, Richard E., 74, 414 Bell, Rodney S., 178, 179. 183, 402, 403 Bell. Shirley A., 74, 290 Bell. William E., 351, 404 Bell. William M., 263 Bellamy, Lauretta M., 321 Belsan. Charlotte M.. 124, 227, 372, 373 Belstrom. La Vere E., 289, 299, 307 Bendekovic. Barbara A., 137. 302, 346 Bender. Bay W.. 271 Bender. Virginia B.. 74, 280, 327 Bender. William. Jr.. 318 Benenson, Tamara. 291. 347 Beneventi. Victor J., 426 Benight, William M., 227, 410 Clayton J,, 124, 420 Donn S., 147 Lois M., 273 Walter F.. 264 Alice J., 122. 124, 215. 278, 379 71, 227. 289, 267 374 424 Bennett. Bennett, Bennett. Bennett. Bennetts, Bennewitz, Don H., 420 Benson, Carl G.. 263 Benson. Joyce. 290, 347 Benton. Elinor K.. 382 Benton. Field C, 74, 428 Benton, Rosalie, 111, 276, 372 Benway, Patience E., 306, 333 Benzing, Francis E,, 74, 297 Berardini. Bernard V., 137, 418 Bergor, Phill R., 291, 422 Bergeson, Susan A., 109, 276 Berggren. Barbara L.. 227 Berggren. James L., 400 Berggren, Nelson R., 424 Bergheim, J., 264 Bergheim. Robert M.. 124, 398 Bergman, Donald J.. 398 Bergman. Elizabeth P., 74, 369, 887, 388 Bergman. Laurita R., 283 Bergstresser, George L. , 111 Bergstresser, Gerald G., Ill Berkstresser. Joanne. 310, 316. 380 Bernick. Richard J., 293 Bernzen, George G., 74, 263 Bernzen. John, 330 Berreau. Jean. 48, 376 Berrian. Mae A.. 289. 354 Berry, Francis R.. Jr., 286 Berry, James L., 124, 420 Berry, Joan L., 344 Berry. Verne P., 124 Bertholf, Marjorie A., 346 Besemann. Wilbur C, 181, 182, 183. 416. 417 Bessol. Peter V., 74 Best, Barbara A., 74, 345, 394, 396 Best, Hugh C, 111, 264 Best, Thomas £,, 424 Betthauser. Joseph L., 420 Betts, Norma E.. 315. 342 Betts. William R., 283 Beuttas, Barbara A., 137, 357, 384 Bice, John A.. 281 Biddleman, Dcrothe S,, 126, 265 Bierbaum, Robert H.. 428 Bieser, Marilyn C, 111 . Bigelow. Guy A., Ill Bigelow. Helen E.. 47, 48, 70. 74, 262, 293. 334. 336. 382, 383 Bigelow, Robert F., 110, 282 Biggins, James J., 430 Biggs, Elaine, 382 Biggs, Thelma A., 306, 317 Biggs, Wellinston A., Ill, 424 Billhymer, Paul L,, 219 Billings, Alice M., 354 Billingsley, Jeanne M.. 125, 341 Billington, Mary K., 300 Bilton. Herbert B., 410 Bingham. Richard L., 280 Binkley. Barbara A., 292, 380 Binstock, Robert A.. 291, 434 Bird, Barbara H., 74, 322 Bird, Jeanne B.. 283. 394 Bishop. Donald J,, 263 Bishop. Glick U., 263, 418 Bishopp, Glenna J,, 347 Bitter, Charles R., Jr., 263, 264 Bittner, Dolores J., 370 Bixby, Edwin C, 418 Bjinstrom, James A,, 69 Bjork, Jeanne E., 109, 111, 293, 296, 316, 323, 380 Bjustrom, James A., 75. 230, 293, 318 Blacher. Norman. 285 Black, Rosalind E., 273 Black. Samuel M., 227. 276 Black, Stanley A.. 137, 414 Blackburn, Darrell C, 299 Blackburn, William G., 147 Blackmarr, Richard J., 123. 430 Blanchard. Barbara A., 345 Blaney. Wm. Clifford, Jr., 424 Blanke. Charlotte J., 291, 344 Blankenship. Townsend E., 282 Blaser, Geraldine E., 112 Blatchford, John K., 428 Blecker, Edwin J., 291 Blevins, John D., 276 Blewett. Mary Lou E.. 125, 340, 374 Blickhahn. George H., 112, 123, 147, 264, 430 Block, Robert I., 291 Bloom, Beverly S., 125, 291, 392 Blumberg. Nathan B., 71, 291, 318 Bock. Thomas F.. 276 Boeck, Fat. 76. 212. 240, 263, 293, 382. 383 Boesche, David U., 263 Began. Doris M., 340 Boggs. Barbara H., 112, 386 Bokorney. Janet A.. 112, 300 Bolen. David B., 186, 187, 188, 276 Bolinger, Elizabeth A., 346 Boltz, Eleanor Louise, 126, 300, 372 Boltz. Francis A., 76, 273, 300, 372 Boncelet, Charles G., 74, 318, 406 Bondus, Kay L., 315, 346, 384 Bonto, Nina J.. 322. 347 Booth, Robert A., 112, 213, 216, 428, 429, 314 Booth, Roscce H.. 308 Boothby. Burton C, 408 Boothe. Beverly J.. 344 Booton. Rose B., 306 Boratgis. James P.. 321 Bergman. Barbara H.. 76. 230 Borrego. Frank T.. 76. 321 Boslough. Bruce E., 125 Boss, Sophie M., 291, 344 Boucher, Robert L., 332 Boulton. Helen D., 125 Bousman, Mary Ann, 344 Bovik, Joyce I,, 137, 347 Bowen. Jack M., 264, 398 Bowen, Wanda D,, 346 Bower, Joseph G,, 125, 410 Bower, Ralph L,, 400 Bowers, Barbara A., 252, 390. 391 Bowers, Bruce T., 126, 426, 427 Bowes, Harold R., 402 Bowie, Ann. 137, 344, 382 Bowie, Katherine L., 347 Bowman, James C, Jr,, 402 Bowman. Richard W., 147 Bowser, Jenny C 137, 378 Boyd, Charles K.. 137, 332 Boyington, Dale 0., 263 Boyle, Rita A.. 302 Boyt. Richard D.. 281 Bozek. Edward A.. 270 Brackenbury. Richard J.. 125, 299. 408 Brackett. Davi d E., Jr., 420, 421 Bradbury, Wm. Herrick, 262. 398 Bradfield. Robert M.. 410 Bradley, James A., 351 Bradley, Joan H.. 112. 267. 323 Bradshaw. Harold. Jr.. 293 Bradt, Gordon E., 416 Brady, Betty C. 75, 292, 302 Brady, James W.. 302 Brady, Lavonne A., 125 Brady, Suzanne. 137, 344. 384 Bragg, Vivian L., 370 Brainerd. Martha J., 388 Brakhage. Jacqueline C, 302 Bramson, Patricia M.. 75. 267. 293 Brandner. H. Joan. 137, 306, 344 Brandt. Robert C. 288 Bratzler. William R., 137 Braude, Edwin, 406 Braverman, Maxwell H., 291 Bray. Kenneth W., 430 Brecht. Harold G., 137 Breckenridge, Joan, 388 Breetwor. Helen F.. 137. 291. 344 Breetwor, Lenore H., 137, 291, 344 Breidenbach, George F.. 216, 217, 430 Breinholt. Marilyn A.. 137, 347, 386 Breinig. Charles, F., Jr., 416, 417 Breitenstein, Jane C, 125, 376 Brennan, John J., 414 Brennan. Marion D.. 137, 312. 344, 374 Brenneman. Richard 0., 428, 429 Brereton, John P., 271 Brereton, William H., 416 Brewbaker. James L.. 76. 293. 400 Brewer. George F., 410 Brewer. George W.. Jr., 291, 402 Breyfogle, Roger M., 75, 406 Brichacek. Agnes E.. 345 Brickham. Virginia, 376 Brickman, Barbara J.. 137, 315, 346, 382 Brictson, Robert C, 126 Bridal, Glenda M., 75 Bridge, Beverly L., 331, 390 Briggs, Albert L.. 428 Briggs, Harold C, 186, 276 Briggs, Paul. 162. 163, 164, 165, 167, 276, 360, 351. 414, 416 Brill, William J.. 112 Brink, Edward T.. 75. 271 Brinker, Dexter M., 276 Brinks, James, Jr., 75 Briscoe, Jane P., 47, 48, 76, 226, 230, 252, 331, 387, 388 Briscoe. William C, Jr., 76 Bristol. Gayle G.. 370 Brittenham. Molly D., 137, 332, 356, 367 Britton. Jack H., 326 Brizzolara. John R., 302 Broadstreet. Allen W.. 147 Brock. Maurice R,, 112, 270 Brodine, Helen L., 112 Brofman, David C, 291 Broman, Paul R., 123, 216, 426 Bromberg, Barbara, 283, 340 Bromley, Charles P., 290 Bronder, Martha W., 153 Bronstein, Sidney L,, 434. 435 Brooke, Susanne, 122, 346, 378 Brooks, Barbara A.. 283, 376 Brooks, Beverly J., 137, 357 Brooks, Melvin O.. 126 Brooks. Robert N., 263 Brophy, Daniel E,, 271 Brophy, Hilda I., 341 Brophy, Margaret M., 302, 346 Brose, Dorothy, 279 Brotzman, Donald G., 147, 276 Browe, Elizabeth R., 126, 217, 291, 392 Brown, Alta M,, 138, 322 Brown, Anne 347, 382 Brown, Arthur W., 125, 283, 290 Brown, Boyd R,, 216, 430 Brown, Bruce B., 138. 186, 276 Brown, Carolyn R., 390 Brown, Charles W.. 126 Brown, Charlotte M., 276, 306 Brown, Cornelia R., 347 Brown, Donald A.. 267 Brown, Donald W., 112. 293. 400 Brown, Dorothy C. 76, 254. 293, 326 Brown, Elizabeth P.. 394, 396 Brown, Eugene C, 276 Brown Frances M.. 76, 334, 335, 382 Brown Frank F., 138 Brown, George R., 76. 218, 263 Brown, James D., 112 Brown, Janet McMillen, 76 Brown, Joe F.. 76 Brown, John J., 262 Brown, Kenneth R., 398 Brown, Margaret Ann, 76, 213, 382 Brown, Margaret Ann, 76, 310 Brown, Mary Jean. 347, 376 Brown, Mary Louise, 138, 346 Brown, Melanie Bilharz, 382 Brown, Miriam Ruth, 306 Brown, Phyllis Jean, 341 Brown, Robert Fahl, 68 Brown, Robert Paul, 147 Brown, Robert Paul, 262 Brown, Robert Walter, 313 Brown, Ronald Karle, 332 Brown, Ruth Kathleen, 347, 354 Brown, Sarah Lee. 122, 127, 216, 217, 390 Brown, Wilda. 296 Brown, William Lees. 76. 274 Browne, James Houston, 262, 402 Browning. Ann Benetta. 317, 324, 376 Browning, Keeta Mary, 341 Brownne, Kathryn Ann, 49, 109, 216, 293, 323, 376, 377 Broxon, Patricia Jane, 374 Broyles, Leda Fay, 364 Broyles, Thomas M., 276, 289, 414, 415 Bruin, James Leo, 126, 428, 429 Brull, Maurice Andre, 398 Brummer, Charlotte E,, 112, 327, 332 Brummitt, Charles Dale, 138, 402 Bruner, Charles C, 430 Bruner, Richard James, 398 Brunk, Shirley Mae, 344 Brunkhardt, Esther E,, 288, 341 Brunner, Walter, 138, 291 Bruns, Judson Le Roy, Jr.. 126. 426 Bruns. Robert Lee, 112, 398, 399 Brunton, Robert L., 226, 289 Brunton, Ruth Carolyn, 289 Bruton, Elizabeth Delle, 126, 390 Bryan, John Manly, 112, 326, 420, 421 Bryan, Mary Laura, 302, 341 Bryans, William A., 404 Bryant, Andrew M., 112, 216, 428 Bryant, Carroll Dean. 420 Bryant, Eloise Gertrude, 126, 297, 374 Bryant, Marjorie Marie, 341 Bucek, Dolores Audrey. 126, 230, 372 Buchanan, Donal B. 227, 268, 333 Buchanan, James Aubrey, 112, 293, 307, 329, 333 Buchanan. James Tye, 126, 227 Buchen, John Francs, 263 Buchholz, Raymond H., 112, 424 Buck. Clifford Paterson. 267 Buck. Shirley Mae, 76, 217, 378 Buckland. Charles F., 112. 302 Buckles. La Verne Carl, 125, 412 Buechler, Gerald Boehm, 147 Buehler, Florence Marie, 340, 384 Buehring, James Alward, 240. 295 Buerger, Ernestine C 76 Buescher. Charles M., 147 Bullen, Glenn Ray, 368, 398. 399 Bullis, Barbara Jean, 292, 390 Bumpus, Harold Graham, 112, 216, 283, 414 Bundy, Phyllis Ann. 122. 292, 331, 384 Buniger. Walter Dee, 263 Bunnell, Sam David, 414 Burch, John Weaver, 264 Burchett, Roger Paul, 138 Burgener, Wilma Emma, 345 Burger. Elaine, 341 Burger, Harry, Jr., 138 Burgeson. Ernest Homer, 297 Burgesser. Shirlene P., 138, 283, 347 Burgi, Nancy Elizebeth. 138. 346, 384 Burgum, Naomi Jane, 357 Burk, Betty Jean, 332 Burk. Marion Keith, 68, 264 Burke. James Clayton, 426 Burke, Stacy C, 342 Burkland, Edgar Rudolph, 287 Burks, Bette Lorraine, 122, 125, 216, 380. Burling. Ann Frances, 216, 378 Burnard, Jean Marie. 283, 376 Burnett, Donald Richard, 138 Burnett, Wesley D., 426, 427 Eurney, Philip Georo-e, 147, 302, 426. 427 Burnham. Wm. A., 112, 271 Burns, Arthur E.. 332 Burns. Barbara Mae, 398 Burris. Helen Margaret, 125, 293, 323 Burris, Norma Joyce, 394 Burruss, Edward Charles, 398 Burson. Kenneth Lee, 112, 424 Burt, Jimmie June, 340 Burt. Morton Willard, 138, 412 Burtard, Wilbur Matthew, 330 Burton, Johnnie Robert, 414 Burton, Patricia Sue, 112 Burtt, Shirley E., 227 Eurum, Billie Grace, 138, 283, 346 Bush, Arthur Herbert, 428 Bush, John Erwin, 428 Bush, Stanley Giltner, 112. 276 Busse. Vernon Gene, 76, 297 Bussian, John Adam, 404 Buswell, John Douglas, 138 Butcher, Marilee, 138, 347, 388 Butler, Betty Lou. 163 Butler. Charles Richard, 76, 418 Butler, David Paul, 147 Butler, Dean Le Roy, 125, 216 Butler, Janet Byrne, 126 Butler, Mary Anne 138. 344 Buttelmann, Carl F., Jr.. 125. 326 ButterSeld. Albert V., 112 Biitto, Margaret C, 48, 49, 251, 326, 334, 335, 344. 348, 390, 391 Butts, Carrol Maxton, 308 Butz, Robert Fred, 308, 318 Buzalsky, Eleanor Maude, 76, 310 Byouk, Joseph M.. 420 Byrd, Daniel H,, 400 Byrd, Thomas G., Jr,, 263 Cabender, Morse, 262 Cady, William S. 263 Caffarel, Mary A,, 265, 310 454 Student Index— continued Calabrese. Lorraine J., 76, 108, 310, S26 Caldwell. Aan, 279 Caldwell, Douglas W., 282 Calhoun, Dalles, 362 Calhoun, Shirley, J., 125, 288, 370 Calkum, John F., 302 Callahan, Rosemary, 76, 374 Callard, Robert D., 408 Callas, George, 112. 297 Callihan, Beverly J., 276 Callihan, Mildred M.. £97 Calmer, Shirley M.. 138. 346 Calonge. Eva W.. 283. 380 Cameron, Betty R., 76 Cameron, Thomas, 307 Campbell, Donald M.. 186, 275, 416, 417 Campbell, Doris J.. 76 Campbell, Edwin D., 76 Campbell, James R., 112 Campbell, John H., 123, 216. 430 Campbell, John R., 263 Campbell, Maurice A., 263, 302 Campbell, Neil H., 125, 412 Campion, Donald E,, 302 Canender, Wayne, 332 Canine, Elma J., 302, 347 Cann, Howard M., 267, 422 Cantonwine. Ruth E., 125 Cantrell, Richard B., 125, 408 Capes, Montie G., 76, 380 Caplan, Paul £., 333 Caplan, Stanley W., 291 Garden, Carl D., 350. 351 Carder, James M., 112 Carey, John W., 426 Carhartt, Wesley K., 126 Carl, Robert E., 227, 308 Carleton, Neil L., 217, 414 Carlin, Frederic. 138. 332 Carlin, Palmer W., 332 Carlisle, Jean L., 317, 331. 384 Carlisle, Joan C, 370 Carlson. Barbara J., 48, 77, 251, 334, 385, 882 Carlson, Charles H., 420 Carlson, DeVon, 270 Carlson, Harold E., 264 Carlson, John H., 112, 263 Carlson, Joy E., 138, 347 Carlson, Leona D., 276 Carlson, Loren A,, 77, 271, 410 Carlson, Marjorie L., 138, 347 Carlson, Phyllis A., 138, 346 Carlson, Robert E., 416 Carlson, Ronald D., 276 Carlson, Ruth M., 77. 306, 341 Carlson, Samuel G.. 112. 414 Carlton, Betty J., 112. 352 Carnahan, Alice E., 125, 265, 340 Carnahan, Elsie H., 138, 347 Carnali, Claudio J., 112 Carnes, Frederick T., 264 Carnes. Marion H., 267, 428 Carney, Jane, 292, 378, 379 Carney, Jean, 217 Carpenter, Dorothy W., 112, 334, 336, 890, 891 Carpenter, James L., 112, 416 Carpenter, Malcolm S., 408 Carpenter, Mary V., 283, 347 Carr, Robert C, 47, 285 Carr, Robert F., 83, 147 Carr, Willis L., 402 Carrick, David S., 263 Carrington, George L., 426 Carroll, Eugene R., 271, 414 Carroll, Marjorie A., 394 Carroll, Nancy B., 49, 77, 315, 386 Carroll, Patricia A., 138, 357, 384 Carroll, William H., 272 Carroll, William P., 282, 400 Carruth, Beatrice F., 153 Cariey, Clifford, 325 Carson, Barbara J., 384 Carswell, Jane Ann, 122, 125, 384, 385 Carter, Betty Anne, 321, 347 Carter, Deanne M.. 125, 398 Carter, Vivian, 322 Carver, William A., 428 Caaali, Liberty, 354 Case, Elma V., 300, 317, 324, 332 Caiey, Clifford G., 125, 286, 420 Casey, Robert E,, 424 Casey. Thomas J., 263 Casotti, Fred, Jr.. 112 Casper, Mildred L., 125, 341 Castellucci, Ben A., 77, 302 Castle, Gloria R,, 291, 331, 392, 893 Castleberry, Jo Anne. 276. 283 Caito, Norma E., 276, 341 Cathey, Forrest F,, 77, 309 Caton, Joyce A., 112 Caudell, Janet R., 854 Cau ghren, James L. . 410 Cauthen, Jeanne E.. 126, 265, 832 Cauthon, Mary P.. 138, 265. 344 Cavanaugh, Ronald A., 263 Cavender, Juan M., 268, 325, 332 Cavender, Wayne S., 268, 275 Cawley, Paul T., 267 Cawthon, John A., 263 C :Ientano, Orlando J., 77, 267, 280 C ' ricola, Frank P., Jr.. 410 Cuvcny, Carl A., 428 Ckaf , Olenn R.. Jr., 276 Chairce, Harold D., 480 Chalmern, Jane, 874 Ohambr,.-,. Mary Alice, 70, 77, 218, 261, 877, 886 Ohamplain. Mary M., 867 dwnak, Marjorie J., 122, 126, 296, 346 Chance, Grady M., 410 Chance, Wiley S.. 126, 186, 188, 275, 410 Chance, William C, 276, 410 Chandler, Earl L., 276 Chang, Violet, 278 Chapin, Elouise F., 346 Chapman, Jack V,, 291, 325. 430 Chapman, Nancy M., 138, 345, 378 Chapman, Robert B., 264 Chapman, Russell R., 126 Chapman, Warren H., 416 Charles. Shirley M., 344 Charlton, Julia R., 126, 315, 382 Charvonia, David A., 291 Chase, Damaris J., 138, 344 Chase, Dorothy E., 310 Chase, Michael J,. 404 Chase, Nancy, 384 Chase, Raymond R., 126 Chase, Richard H., 414 Chasin, Judith B.. 289, 354 Chatfield, Walter A,, 270 Chavarria. James N.. 264 Chavez, Carol T., 380 Chavez, Simon J., 321 Cheever, Eugene G.. 408 Chelf, Elizabeth H., 138, 346, 372 Chelf, Jennine, 122, 126, 372 Chemasko, Anthony B., 126 Chen, Peng Ching, 278 Cheney, Evelyn D., 296 Cheney, Glenn T., 147 Cheney, Russell E., 410 Chester, Alice E.. 138, 357 Chew, Jack W., 400 Chiang. Alpha Chung 1, 278, 289 Childerston, Harry, 307 Childress, Thomas W., 126 Chilton, Joseph E., 126, 262, 266, 288 Chilton, Mark, 400 Chinn. Clarence E., 414 Chinn, James, 68, 77. 270, 277, 290, 319, 329 Chinn, William W,, 297 Chmelik, Frank B., 138. 283 Chmelik, Sally S.. 122, 126, 315, 380 Chontos. John W., 400 Chou, Kuo Ping, 278 Christensen, Edward C. 267, 276 Christeson, Keith E,, 263, 287 Christiansen, R.. 264 Christolear. Max D., 77. 263 Christopher, Robert A., 138, 268, 412 Chrysler, Theodore H., 77, 282, 428 Chsu, George K.. 289 Chu, Hsiu Hsi. 278 Chubb, Donna F,, 77, 296 Chuck, Edwin L., 138 Churchill, Neil C, 424 CibuU, Muriel R.. 345 Cieber, Donald C, 71, 77. 254, 276, 318, 398 Ciskowski, Alfred A., 406 Cizek, Edward J., 216, 426 Claborn, Kenneth D., 126, 263 Clapham, Joseph C, 77, 313 Clapper, Robert A., 276, 414, 415, 762 Ciardy, Lawrence L,, Jr., 138, 264 Clark, Arthur B., 290 Clark, C. H., 71, 268 Clark, Carolyn R,, 138, 283. 346 Clark, Celeste, 216, 390 Clark, Grace, 316 Clark, Joanne, 138, 283, 345 Clark, Kenneth M.. 428 Clark, Marjorie L., 126, 341 Clark, Melvin C, 264 Clark, Ralph M., 123 Clark, Walter A., 268, 271, 398 Clarke, Conway C, 414 Clarke, Margaret A., 112, 390 Classen, Kenneth G.. 276 Classen, Robert E.. 329 Clay, Walter E., 275 Clayton, James E., 77, 432 Cleary, Robert M., 138, 408 Clement, Cynthia 8.. 77, 82, 218, 216, 380, 381 demons, Nancy E., 77 Click, Justin S., Jr., 147 Click, La Var D., 78, 276, 350, 351, 416 Cliff, M. Lorraine, 374 Clifton, Clell I., 112, 267 Clohessy, Curtice E., 126, 418 Clothier, Sally J., 78 Clow, Elaine L., 78, 386 Clowes, Elinor M.. 138, 344, 390 CoakJey, Catherine J.. 316 Coates. Patsy J., 112, 382 Coats, Charles L., 126, 420 Coats, Clarence M., 263 Coblentz, Anita H., 49, 78 Coburn, William E., 126, 402 Cochran, Andrew H., 404 Cochran, Dale S., 112, 430, 481 Cochran, Norbert S.. 420 Cody. Donald J., 410 Coe, Wilma J., 188 Coffey, Frances L., 126, 867 Cohen, Marian L,, 78, 291 Cohig, James C. 138. 408 Cohn. Edward L., 291 Cohoe, Gail D., 876 Coker, Martin C, 147 Colaiano, Shirley M., 113 Colburn, Paul H,, 410 Cole, Gordon H., 126, 227 Coleman, Anita J., 374 Coleman, Charles L, R,, Jr., 188 Coleman, Doris D., 315 Coleman, Glenn H., 126, 424 Coleman, Mary M., 218, 289, 864 Coleman, Roger, 291 Colglazier, Merle L., 78, 829 Colhour, L., 264 Collier, William T.. 68, 78, 164, 270, 277, 319 Collins, Bowman C, 68, 319 Collins, Carol, 138, 367, 390 Collins, Donald K., 318 Collins, Earl R., Jr., 414 Collins, Edward S., 299 Collins, Robert S., 126 CoUopy. Doris J,. 138, 344, 380 Colmery, Helen C, 138, 347 Coloff. Pete, 68, 78, 271, 313, 319 Colson, Stanley R., 78 Comer, Joan, 378 Comer, Stuart J., Jr., 402 Comins, Ethel C, 126, 279, 321, 340 Commer, Richard H.. 139, 286, 291, 434 Condie, Marion A., 263 Conkling. Donald R., 262 Connell, Gladys C, 78, 322, 374 Connelly, Joseph G,, 326 Conover, Francis E.. 288 Conrad. Daniel W,, 426 Conrad, Donald G., 126 Conrad, Elizabeth L., 139, 302. 347 Conrey, George W., 263 Constantino, Mathew C, 302 Conway, Paul L., 78, 262 Conyers, Joanne A.. 126, 386 Cook, Charlene A., 291, 345, 392 Cook, Sarah E., 292, 386 Cook, Harry G., 325 Cook, Jack E., 267 Cook, Mary Alice, 369, 390 Cook, Monta J., 306, 333, 344 Cook, Peter S., 162, 170, 426, 427 Cook, Robert L., 217 Cooke, Marilee V,, 113, 340, 394, 396 Cooke, Mary E., 126. 300, 396 Cooley, Maurice E., 113, 287 Coombs, Clarence H., 274 Coombs, Verner D., 126, 416 Coon, Richard D., 139 Coons, Mark H.. 78. 426, 427 Cooper, Carol. 139, 344 Cooper, Edith E.. 122. 126. 344. 386 Cooper, Marjory A,, 122, 300, 332, 346, 396 Copenhaver, James M., 126 Coplin, Ruth L., 139, 291, 347 Copp, Alma M. W.. 300 Coppla, Robert F., 126 Corash, Joanne S,, 126, 291, 392 Corbin, Rex G.. 414 Corbit, Sally N., 78, 380 Corbridge, John C. 410 Corich, John E.. 302 Corliss. Donald D., 139 Cormack, Carol J., 384 Cornelius, Nancy N., 139, 306, 345, 372 Cornish, Dudley T., 289 Cornish, Maxine, 289 Corre. Elizabeth B., 370 Cosgrove, Charles H., 302 Cosslett, Margaret J,, 347 Costello, Patricia M., 113, 302 Cotton, Ernest K., 402 Coughanour. Nellie J., 126, 283, 394, 396 Coulson, Harry C, 410 Counce, Sheila J., 78 Countis, Thomas J., 113 Coursen. Natalie R., 60, 78, 212, 262, 293, 295. 309. 326. 327 Coursey. Marjorie A., 347, 372 Courtney, Chyde J.. 78 Coverdell. Phyllis G.. 332, 344 Covici. Rochelle S., 291 Covington, Travis J., 264, 325 Cowan, Mary C 139, 344, 380 Cowart, Books E., 263 Cowden, Richard M., 123, 276, 424 Cowell, Jeannine, 139, 213, 347, 376 Cox, Carol Frances, 47, 369, 374, 875 Cox, Clera Ann, 139 Cox, Donald Leroy, 264, 270 Cox, John Burnett, 78. 85, 164, 266, 268, 882 Cox, Leslie Dexter, 126 Cox, Robert William, 326, 426 Cox, Russell James, 216, 430 Coy, Gene Gordon, 123, 126, 426 Coyne, Elaine Elizabeth, 78, 321, 378 Cozart, William Hubbard, 79, 402 Cozart, Van Holt G., 402 Cozens, Roger William, 230, 299 Craft, Isabelle, 113, 340 Craig, George Herbert, 139 Craig, Roy Phillip, 79, 295, 829 Craighead, James Wilson, 404 Crail, Sara Jane, 79, 363 Cramer, Harold Morton, 126, 291, 422 Cramer, John Blakely, 282 Cramp, Erwin Charles, 113, 262, 420 Craven, Consuelo, 289 Crawford, Harry Miles, 139 Creaghe, St. George, 271 Creaghe. John St. George, 416 Creamer, George, 69 Creasey, James Gordon, 113 Creese, Donald Edwin, 162, 173, 186, 187, 275 Creighton, James A., 408 Cremer, Glynn William, 79 Criler, J,, 264 Criswell, George, 307 Crites, Ernest Eugene, 262 Crocker, John Gilbert, 402 Crockett, Ralph D., 118 Crockett, Wardner B., 123, 126, 216, 414, 416 Croft, Harold Albert, 432, 433 Crom, Howard Bennett, 126, 424 Crompton, William John, 147 Crooke, Robert William, 126, 414 Croonenberghs, Jasper W., 79, 270 Croop, Robert Lee, 299 Crosby, Carol Linnea, 126, 341 Crosby, Charles Hiram, 263, 264, 430 Crosby, Gloria Belle, 346 Crosier, Frances Jean, 265 Crosier. Orval Dean. 287, 295 Cross. Arthur Douglas, 408 Cross, Richard John, 123, 126, 302, 408 Crosslen, Thomas George, 126, 287, 330 Crow, Charles P., 264 Crow, Howard M., 68, 271, 313 Crow, Wayman Joseph, 110, 426, 427 Crowe, Agnes Jeanette, 370 Crowe, Clifford Niles, 410 Crowe, Colleen, 126, 321, 370 Crowe, Robert Calhous, 410, 411 Crozier, Jean, 310 Cruse, James Eugene, 139, 230 Cruse. Sally Ann. 79, 384 Crystal, Helen, 291 Culbertson, Shirley M,, 331, 385 Culpepper, William W., 430 Culver, Gene McGregor, 139 Culver, Richard Allan. 299 Culwell, Gordon James, 127, 418 Cumfer, Dionne Ann, 139. 283, 346, 894 Cummings, Donald Lyle. 139 Cummings, Lynn Hugh, 113 Cummings, Ruth Joan, 79, 390 Cummins, Earl Lester. 263 Cunningham, Delbert C, 264 Cunningham, James J.. 426 Cunningham, Richard, Jr., 426 Currier, Phyllis Ann, 179, 376, 377 Curlee, Marjorie Louise, 139 Curry, Harold Dudley, 215, 416 Curry, Rosalie Jane, 347 Gushing, Theodora M.. 372 Daane. Kenneth E.. 147 Daehler. Albert A., Jr., 113, 403, 407 Daes, Doris I,, 321, 341 Dagenais, Ralph W.. 271. 313 Dahlin, Carla, 139, 310, 315, 347, 390 Dahm, Norman F.. 79, 164, 270, 332 Dahnke, Jack W., 127 Daigneault. Charles N., 426, 427 Dailey, John C, 302 Daily, Doii Ann, 227 Daily, Philip M.. 412 Dall, Marilyn, 113, 216, 292, 278 Dallezotte, Frank R,, 263 Dalton, Meldon Lou, 139 Dalvey, Frederick M., 428 Daly, Richard J,, 262 Daniel, Orrel A., 294, 316, 325 Daniel, William A,, 113, 268 Daniels, Robert L., 424 Danielson, Marjorie L., 390 Danielson, Philip A., 318 Dantice, Loris M,, 139, 345 Darrington, Eldon E.. 79, 400 Darrington, Jean F.. 369, 374, 375 Daucher, Paul E,, 79 Davenport, Elizabeth M., 139, 346 David, Harold W,, 320 Davidson, Edison C, 263 Davidson, Francis J,. 271, 482, 433 Davidson, Joyce G.. 372 Davies, Eunice N,, 113 Davies, George M.. 267 Davis, Ann W,, 127, 341 Davis, Archibald J. Ill, 79 Davis, Aubrey N., 271, 424 Davis, Charles E., 398 Davis. Cherie L,, 127, 370 Davis, Corliss A., 382 Davis, David M.. 287 Davis, Donald B,. 230, 400 Davis, Donald G., 271 Davis, Eileen, 69, 280 Davis, Elizabeth A., 127 Davis, Howard C, 299 Davis, Jack E., 264 Davis, Jack E., 264 Davis, John R.. 428 Davis, Joseph P., 147 Davis, Marian V., 376 Davis, Norma J.. 293. 300, 323 Davis, Richard E,, 127 Davis, Robert A,, 127 Davis, Robert H,, 400 Davis, Robert S,, 139, 408 Davis. Roger E., 127 ' Davis. Shirl H.. Jr., 410 Davis, William E., 400 Davis, William Eugene, 137 Davison, Robert P., 147 Davol, Stephen H,, 332 Davoren. Wm, Thurnes, 111, 368, 480, 481 Day, Elfie J,, 354 Day, Frank W., 164, 307 Day, Mary F., 113, 340, 388 Day, Raymond 0., 127 Day, Robert E,, 400 De Aragon, Raymond J,, 139 De Bell. Constance C, 189, 347, 890 De Bent, Wanda D, , 841 De Coster, Victor O,, 264 De Lapp, Warren, 270 Delateur, Helen K,, 302 DeLissovoy, Vladimir, 69, 71, 807 De Long, Dean 0,, 79 student Index— continued 45S De Luca, Hector F., 302 De Lue, Leonard L., 416 De Luise, Rudolph L.. 127, 407 De Mordaunt, Walter J., 293 De Muth, Laurence W., Jr., 426 De Rosier, Theodore A., 127 De Sabato, Shirley, 127, 363 De Santis, Dan N., 287 De Souchet, Wm. Osman, Jr., 819 De Tarr, James A., 414 De Witt, Frank C. 127. 402 Deakins, John W., Jr., 127 Deal, Stanley, 416 Dean, Jane A., 273, 376 Dean, John B., 147 Dean. Marsella. 341 Dearth, Keith H., 68, 79, 270, 277, 319 Dedeaux, Leon E.. Jr.. 302 Deering. Claude E., 416 Deering. Fred A., 426 Deffke, Arthur C, 127 Defibaugh, James W., 297 Degani. Donald, 302 Deikman. Eugene L.. 216 Dekker. David J., 227 Dekker, Robert L.. 412 Delavan, Patrick N., 412 Delliquadri, Orlando C, 79 Delmonico, Anthony J., 162, 165, 169, 173, 275, 426, 427 Delph, Norma J., 340 Delventhal, Arthur C. 288 Demarest. Betty M., 139 Demby, Sanford J., 291 Demmon, Dianne A., 390 Demmon, Irvin, 307 Dempsey, Irene L. Olson, 69, 293 Demuth, Howard B,, 276 Denckla. Frederick R., 424 Deneke, June L., 388 Dengler, Norma J., 127 Denham, Philip R.. Jr., 333 Denning, Luann, 113 Dennis, Colleen, 310, 372 Derry, Barbara J., 127, 370 Des Lauriers, Robert E., 270 Detweiler, William D., 424 Dever. Kathleen S.. 79, 300 Devitt, John L., 263 Dewey, Don A,, 263 Dewey, William E.. 430 Dey, Robert H., 186, 276 Dl Mercuric, Curil. 80, 271, 410 Diamond, Natalie G., 346 Dice, Doris M., 109. 113, 293. 331, 370, 371 Dick, Gerald M., 416 Dick, Winifred A,, 384 Dickens. Audrey J,, 139, 346 Dickenson, Penny, 325 Dickinson. John R., 62, 77, 79, 282, 408, 409 Dickson, George R., 402 Dickson, Sue J.. 127. 340 Dieckman, C. Annabelle, 80 Dieter, Wesley H., 80 Dietz, Philip C, 123, 127, 217. 291, 422 Diffey. Mayme V., 139, 325, 345, 384 Dill, Barbara R., 386 Dille, James G.. 68. 80. 263 Dillingham. Ruby E.. 113, 372, 376 Dillon, Adelaide M,, 357 Dillon, Richard C. 424 Diner, Edwin R., 291, 434 Dinner, Ethellee, 291. 344 Dinner. Melvin, 113. 123. 291. 422. 423 Dinwiddie. Sharon W., 139, 297, 346 Dinwiddle, Walter L.. 400 Dismuke, Thomas D.. 428 Diion, Kenneth V., 127. 408 Dixon, Marilyn E., 345 Doan, Harold R,, 414 Dobbs, Bernice L. . 344 Dobos, John E.. 402. 403 Dobrovolny, Anton D., 271 Dobrovolny, Evelyn F,, 127 Dobson, Grace E.. 357 Dodd, Jenny L.. 394 Dodge, Esther, 280, 293, 309, 320, 331 Dodge, Nattalie R., 80 Dods, Lou K., 71, 80, 110, 240, 253, 266, 276, 319, 424 Doenges, Dean D., 113 Dolan. James D., 302 Doll, Dorothy, E., 80, 276 Domenico, Norma, 127, 302, 340 Donaldson, Jay W., 410 Donart, James B., 147 Donelan, Lynn E., 80, 263 Doolen, Mary A., 80. 369. 384, 385 D ora, James E., 113. 412 Doremus, Constance A., 80, 334, 336, 369, 370, 871 Doremus, Robert H,, 262 Dorfman, Arthur, 291 Doromal, Quintin S., 113, 279, 316 Dorough, Joseph H.. 80, 271, 275 Dorsey, Carrie I., 394 Doty, David A., Jr., 432 Dotzour, Frances M.. 230. 289 Doubek. Robert J., 271 Doughty, Franklin L., 263 Douglas, Charles N., 271 Douglass, Clayton 0., 263 Dove, Rollin M., 290 Downing, James W,, 424 Downing, Richard, Jr,, 402 Downing, Robert R,, 414 Downing, Roderick J., 80, 416, 417 Downing, Sumner, 416. 285 Downs, Betty J,, 139, 344, 372 Downs, Richard J., 263 Doyle, Donald R., 388, 406. 407 Drager, Evelyn R.. 288, 344 Drais, Jack A., 262 Drake, Maurice P., 127. 274. 290 Dray, Mary M., 139, 227, 295, 344 Dreith, Charles W., 139 Dreith, Robert E.. 139 Driscoll, Daniel Hager, 271 Driscoll, Dorothy M.. 139. 344. 370 Driscoll, Harriette M., 122, 382 Driver, Ray W., 113 Dry, Norma G., 127. 283, 306 Dryden, Dona M,, 49 Du Bow, Thelma L., 127. 291. 392 Du Pont, Mary A.. 113. 340. 388 Duce, Genevieve A., 346, 378 Ducy, Kathryn, M., 388 Dudley, Patricia L.. 346 Dudley. Virgil E., 113, 147 Duffy, James A., 263. 426 Dufour, Rene F., 80, 290, 426 Dugger, Elizabeth S.. 354 Duke, Eleanor J., 139, 344, 372 Duker, Gale, 287 Dulan, Elva Lena J., 80, 295 Dumler, Fred. 80. 270. 350 Dunbar, G. Sterling, 68, 313. 424 Dunbar, Vern A., 267 Duncan, Audrey D., 322 Duncan, Eleanor B.. 113. 386 Duncan, Lois L., 122, 127, 300, 324, 327, 332 Duncan, Robert L.. 293 Duncanson. Fred L.. 80. 282, 414 Dunfleld, Gerald C, 80, 270, 277 Dunklee, Edward F,. 227, 432 Dunn, Bernard L.. 291 Dunn, Elizabeth F.. 390 Dunn, George R., 81, 147, 263 Dunn, Jacqueline L.. 113, 384 Dunn, Louise, 113 Dunn, Patricia J., 139, 216, 283, 345, 390 Dunn. Roland W., 398 Dunstan, Catherine O., 227 Dunstan, Kenneth W., 227 Durbin, Phyllis R.. 344. 386 Durfce, Kent E.. 127, 406 Durham, Franklin P., 68, 271 Durrance, Ada M,, 322 Dusenbury, W.. 264 Dutcher, Robert S.. 263 Duthie, Alastair M., 263 Dye, Peter, L., 147 Dyer, Guy B., Jr., 147 Dyer, Maureen E,, 345 Eakins, Eleanor, 363 Earhart, Mary E., 139, 344, 394 Earley, Carol C. 344 East, Jack H.. 424 East, Justin O.. 402 East, Marvin R., 402 Eaatin, Christopher, Jr., 270 Eastman, Frank A., 276, 414 Eastman, Robert L,, 216, 416 Eaton, John M., 276 Eaton, William D., 216, 230, 398 Ebaugh, David C. 275 Ebaugh. Donald R., 404 Eberhart, Wilfred P.. 113 Ebersole. Larue K., 81 Ebner, Keith J., 113. 270, 428 Eccker, Kathryn E., 310, 357 Echeverria Dom, 81 Eck, John W., Jr,, 400 Eckelman Paul F., 139 Eckhardt, Albert, 113, 406, 407 Eddy, Barbara A,, 384 Edelson, Charles, 291 Edgar, John M,, 113. 290 Ediin, Patricia J.. 217 Edling, Porter R.. 81 Edwards, Betty A.. 216. 347 Edwards, Edna L.. 139. 310, 347 Edwards, M. Keith, 404 Edwards, Richard R,, 127, 139, 418 Edwards, Ruth A.. 81. 309 Edwards. Virginia L.. 370 Eeckhout. Margaret J., 296, 346 Egan, John, 431 Eggert, Emil H,. 288 Ehlers, Kenneth D., 270 Ehnebuske. Lars G., 263 Ehrenfreund, Laura 217, 291, 347 Eichelberger, Clayton L.. 274 Eikner, Donald E,, 67, 81, 91, 218, 263, 319, 428, 429 Einspahr, Margaret A.. 113, 340 Eisen, Charles J., 139, 217, 291, 422 Ekrem, Richard T., 416 Elfalan, Jose R,, 302 Eliason, Marian C, 346, 380 Ellerhoff, Margaret C, 341 Ellington, Costella S., 127 Ellington, Phyllis J,, 344 Elliott, John P,, Jr., 73. 81, 226, 270, 424 Elliott, Lloyd H., 307 Elliott, Ruby D., 139, 344 Elliott, Warren G,, 416 Ellis, Neva N., 113, 362, 382 Ellis, Suzanne, 127, 384 Ellison, Walton D., 113. 412 Elmore, Dorothy J., 127 Else, Dwayne W,, 288 Emery, Edward M., 68, 81, 262, 266, 319, 332 Emery, Jack D., 147 Emery, John K,, 318 Emig, William A., 420 Emmett, Lesly D.. 286. 323, 372 Endsley, Elizabeth J., 344 English, Marietta. 127. 290, 386 Engman, Gerald, 291, 434 Enright. Donald F., 123, 424 Ensz, Barbara J., 345 Epstein, Blanche R., 113, 230, 291 Epstein, Edmund L.. 291, 422 Epstein. Harold M., 291, 422 Epstein. Joseph S., 81. 271, 291, 422 Ericksen, Dean M., 414 Erickson, Eloise, 290 Erickson, Ruth E,, 81 Erickson, Wallace D,, 271. 424 Ericson. William B., 426 Ericson, William L., 227 Erman, Eileen, 127, 291, 392. 393 Erney. Virginia N.. 326. 344 Eroddy. Donna J., 70. 81, 262. 369. 380. 381 Errington. Laurelle R.. 346, 380 Eschenberg, Kathryn M.. 354 Eschenburg. Charles G., 402 Essington. Donald H.. 264 Ethridge. Ralph L., 424 Eubank, Dillard M., 113. 414 Eubank, William Y.. 283 Eusterman. Therese. 81. 295. 362 Evans. Donald W., 162, 163, 164. 170, 263, 276, 408, 416. 417 Evans, Gerald L., 81. 428 Evans, Lewy, 410 Evans, Lloyd K.. 410 Evans. Marilyn J.. 380 Everett. Harvey A.. 127 Everham. Hope H.. 376 Ewing. Stanley J., 271 Ewy. Howard W.. 424 Fabling. John Stanley. 162. 173 Fagg. Robert O., 216, 414, 416 Fairchild, Joey, 127, 283 Fairvalley, Jay Charles, 113, 410 Falardeau, Alice E.. 122. 127. 316. 384 Falkenberg. John F., 68. 81. 87. 270. 277, 319, 368, 408, 409 Falkenberg, Robert L., 127, 408 Falkenberg, William S.. 113, 408 Faller, Bernard A.. Jr.. 410 Fancher, Marguerite E.. 140. 356. 357, 378 Fannin, Dorothy Jean, 81, 367, 394 Fanning, William Thomas, 275 Farmer, Harry Leroy, 410 Farney, Marjorie Elaine, 81 Farnham, Harry Jud, 147 Farrand, David William, 426 Farrell, Mary Ann, 302, 346. 382 Farrens. Merle P.. 139 Farris. William Paul. 271 Farrow. Sim Francis. 416 Faubion. William C. 414 Faudel, Mary Ann. 346 Faurot. Joseph Webb. 408 Fausone, Ralph Lee, 302 Faussone, Ernest Joe, 330 Fawcett, William Rardin, 404 Fawley, Richard Martin, 428 Fay, Betty Marie, 382 Fay, James Edward, 330 Fay, William Patrick, 402 Fedde, Paul Andrew, 262, 266 Feinberg, Ruth Ann, 81, 310 Feingold, Philip M.. 291, 422 Feist, Arthur Edwin. 127, 408 Feldman. John Edward. Jr., 410 Felin, Jess William, 428 Fenton, Charlotte L,, 390 Fenton, Lawrence Lyman, 114 Fenton, Ronald Everett, 140, 285, 416 Ferguson, Boyd M.. 114 Ferguson. Ellis Raymond. 424 Ferguson, Helen C 370. 374 Ferguson. Julia Marie. 114. 341 Ferkovich, Alex, Jr., 127, 264 Fernow, Dorothy Evelyn. 82. 340 Ferrier, John Thomas, 124, 426 Feucht, Miriam Ruth, 127, 288, 341 Fickling, Joan, 344 Fiedler, Albert G., Jr.. 47, 71, 81, 262, 274 Field, Martha Jeanne, 362 Fielder, James B., 113, 424 Fielder, William R,, 280, 424 Fightmaster, Herb Henry, 424 Filler, Ann Pauline, 347 Fine, Henrietta, 291, 347, 392 Finesilver, Sherman G.. 114. 291, 422 Fink, Dorothy Marie, 347, 374 Fink, Raymond, 264, 291 Finke, Robert Gene, 128, 227, 398 Fiolkoski, Harriet Jean, 128, 276, 370 Firebaugh, Kenneth L., 276, 308 Firman, Jo Ann, 227, 302, 346 Firth, Beverly Jean. 327 Fischer, Verle Walter, 330 Fischer, Ward Henry, 430 Fish, Calvin E., 82, 297 Fish, Wilma Jean, 297 Fishbum, Edwin Robert, 82, 262, 266, 276 Fishburn, Nancy, 127, 384 Fisher, Barbara Stevens, 316, 367 Fisher, Hugh, 147 Fisher, Robert Andrew, 147 Fisher, Sara Ann, 224, 384 Fisk, William Jay, 114, 420 Fitch, Thomas Leslie 128, 428 Fitz, Patricia Marie, 76, 293, 309, 380, 381 Fitzhugh, Richard, 69, 293 Fitzmorris, George M,, 186, 1S8, 195, 276 Flanigan Lloyd J,, 330 Flatley, Eileen R,, 114, 302, 340 Fleck, Betty Lou, 378 Fleck, Marilyn F., 128, 283, 341, 376 Fleming, Charles Owen, 299 Fleming, Charles S., 308, 428 Fleming, Richard, 69 Fleming, Robert Glen, 147 Flemons, Holland Bell, 274 Fletcher, Margaret E,, 263, 322, 340 Fliehmann, Wilbur Jack, 114, 406 Flores Marjorie Mae, 374 Flower, Mary Virginia, 302, 344,382 Flowers, Morris V., Jr.. 263 Foiles. Barbara Lynn, 82, 267 Poland, Donna Joan. 346 Folawn. John Spencer. 147 Foley. Dan Beacom 416 Folk, Lois Ann, 140, 290, 347 FoUey, Barbara Louise. 128. 384 FoUis, Anne Eleanor, 140, 367, 376 Folsom, Hurt Allen, 82, 424 Fonda, Garret, 147 Fonda, Phyllis Louise, 290, 323 Fong, George Collister, 270 Foo, Zau, 278 Foote. Warren Clarke. 282 Forbes. Benjamin Nelson. 302 Ford, Barton Clair. 264, 290 Ford, Marjorie Lee, 128 Foreman, Anson David, 114 Forsberg, Bonnie Jane, 50. 78. 82. 281. 295. 326. 327 Forsling, Margaret Anne, 82, 281, 369, 390, 391 Fortna, Jean, 49, 276, 370. 371 Foss, Le Roy Freeman, 282 Foster, Clyde Wesley, 398 Foster, Samuel Cochran, 313. 416. 417 Fountain, Nancy, 140, 367, 380 Fountain, Patricia Lou, 82, 374 Fowler, Frank Parker, Jr., 82, 420 Fowler, Hugh Charles. 82, 420 Fowler, Jack William, 128, 408 Fowler, Leslie Ralph, 206, 275 Fowler, Marion Knox, 216, 227. 301 Fowler. William Addison, 402 Fox, Leonard Stanley, 291, 434, 436 Fox, Martha Katherine, 140, 315, 345, 376 Fox, Wayne Odell, 230, 410 Foxworthy, John William, 140 Franch, Robert H., 267, 293 Francis, James Orval, 262 Francis, Joyce Irene, 140, 347 Francis, Louanne, 291, 344 Francis, Thomas Malcom, 271. 404 Frank, Geneva Lucille, 140, 394 Frank, Warren Er.iest, 280 Frankland, George R., Jr., 128, 426 Franklin, Marjaret Mae, 128, 374 Franklin, Walter Byron, 47, 114, 226, 368, 416, 417 Frantz, Marcia Lenore, 114 Franz, Maxine Frances, 114, 283, 306 Frary, Richard Spencer, 426 Erase, Carlann, 364, 362 Frasier, Helvin, 332 Frazee, Robert Louis, 412 Frazin, Arthur Mitchell, 291, 434. 436 Frederick, Don Le Roy, 400 Freeman, Clair Edward, 82, 282, 428 Freeman, Dorothy, 382, 383 Freemole, Marjory Ann, 310, 347, 376 Frehse, William R., 424, 425 Freienmuth, Edward S.. 147 French. Wendell Lo well, 82, 293, 307, 428 Freppel, Robert James, 82 Freundlich, Melvin H.. 291 Frezieres, Grant E.. 162, 186 Frezieres. John William, 275 Fricke, Doris Marie, 114. 326 Friddle, Richard Melvin, 82, 263 Fridge, Richard Paul, 114 Friedenthal, Bernice F., 291 Friel, Shirley Rae, 122, 128, 302, 372 Frischer, Donald, 291, 329 Frodermann, Melba Marie, 140, 321, 347 Frodin, Shirley June, 140, 346 Froese, Harriet Ruth, 122, 128, 217, 372, 373 Froistad, John Newman, 140, 408 Fryback, Richard E., 82, 282 Fuhrman, Ervin John, 271, 302 Fulker, Mabel Helen, 276 Fuller, Ernest Franklin, 416, 417 Fuller, Helen June, 140. 346 Fuller, Marian, 345 Fuller, ftuintus C, Jr., 82 FuUerton, Charles P,, 114. 406 Fullerton, Donald G,, 408 Fulton, Gloria M,, 302, 322. 340 Fulton, Robert N,, 408 Fundingsland, Joanne L.. 344. 386 Funk, Barbara R., 82, 369, 394, 396 Funk, James R. . 416 Funk, Richard C. 128. 216, 227, 414 Funke, William H.. 227, 299, 808 Gaiser, Roger L.. 418 Gale, Larry D., 114 Gale, Richard M., 329 4S6 Student Index— continued Galins, Searcy 6.. 140. 32S. 406 Gallagher, Donnis J., 128, 340, 370 Galley, Ruth £., 128 Gaily, David. 114 Oamhill, William, 807 Gamble, Harry R., 83, 262, 266 Gamble, Marilyn L,, 128. 283. 372 Ganatta, Annamae T., 140. 217, 302, 344, 374 Ganatta, Lettybelle J., 49, 114, 297, 302, 374, 376 Garber, Donald L.. 297, 432 Garber, Jack D.. 428, 429 Garchar, Mary, 83 Gardenswartz, Gerald N., 291, 422 Gardner, Donald F.. 402 Gardner. Eleanore A.. 114, 380 Garland, Frank L,, 251, 426, 427 Garland, Gwendolyn A,, 140, 276, 346, S " 4 Garlinghouse, Grant W., 264 Garlinghouse, Margaret, 128, 380 Gam, Nancy J,, 346 Garnett, Donald 1., 128 Garnett, Thomas H,, 114, 263, 333, 400 Garnier, Gene £,, 262 Gamier, Marvel W,, 83 Garramone, Gladys J,, 114 Garrison, Estella T., 340 Garrison, James M., Jr., 140, 420 Garten, William B., 123, 216, 286, 430 Garver, Mary L., 346 Garvin, John A., 140 Gasser, Joanne I., 114 Gasson, Arnold J.. 217 Gates. William L.. 430 Gathers, Robert C 400 Gatzke, Dolores F., 128 Gaughan, James £., 302 Gaunt, Elizabeth A., 122, 128, 380 Gaurvell, Gordon, 325 Gauss, Harriet E., 344 Gavagan, Barbara A., 326. 382 Gayden, Betty L., 347 Geddes, Kenneth W,, 219 Geer, Edward O., 147 Geeseka. Agnes A., 341 Gehlart, Jean F,, 347 Geiger, Genevieve, 140, 347, 370 Gelman, Norman I,, 291 Gelsin, Joan B,, 291, 344 Genter, Juanita J.. 128. 340 Gentsch, Lee A., 302, 341 George, Margaret J., 140, 344, 390 George, Wilma D,, 140 Gerace, Michael, 114, 318 Gerowski, Carl A.. 332 Gerringer, Rose A,, 344 Gerry, Kathryn E., 219 Gershon, Herman, 291 Getts, Max E,, Jr.. 140, 420 Getzin, Alice A.. 340 Giacomini, Donald L,, 140, 216, 302. 416 Giacomini. Robert W., 140, 302, 416 Gibbons, Edgar H., 68, 83. 263, 319 Gibbs, Albert E,, 83, 270, 277 Gibeau, Ronald F., 128 Giberson, Frances A,, 114 Gibert, Theodora J,, 114, 283 Gibson, James G,, 430 Gibson, James 0., 216 Gibson, Louise V.. 300 Oiele, John H,, 284 Gierau, Donna J,, 114 Gieron, Lewis, 271, 432 Giersch, Lauren R.. 83, 266 Gill, Dorothy J., 378 Gill, John R,, 267 Gillis, Willie M.. 342 Gillogly, Margaret W,, 322 Gills, Margaret J,, 370 Oilmore, Joseph D,, 271 Oilson, Norma L,, 114 Oiltner, Billy W., 123, 216, 414, 416 Ginsberg, Gerald S., 291, 422 Ginsberg, Gloria A., 344 Girling, Beryl L., 114, 341, 378 Giroux, Glayton R., 270 Gist, Helen L., 345 Gladstone, Ralph J,. 29. 321 Glassburn. Hary L.. 114 Glasser, Joseph H., 147 Glen, Edmond J.. 83, 313 Glenn, Chas, C, 271 Glenny, Lyman A., 307 Gleoggler, Fred J., Jr,, 271 Glidden, Joanne F., 394, 395 Gluck, Evelyn £,, 291, 345 Gnadinger, John F,, 430 Ooalby, Alice L.. 48, 49, 109, 212, 252, 384, 366, 867, 380, 381 Ooble, Harold G., 410, 411 Ooble, Helen B., 315 Goddard, Glen, 227 Goddard, Harold, 88, 301, 308 Godfrey, David J., 360, 851 Godfrey, Donald B,, 271 Goebel, Doughlai M., 416 Ooebel, Gordon W., 416 Goebel, John D., 416 Ooecker, Betty L., 140, 846, 374 Ci dde, Mary E., 114, 880 Owrl, Eleanor L., 283, 841 OohnBtrom, E. C, 272 Oohr, Lawrence R., 288 Gold, Joe W., 262 Gold, Juanita H,, 288 Ooldberii, Beverly J., 291, 326, 347 Ooldberg, Charlotte B., 291, 892 Goldberg, Mildred A., 128, 291 OoMbcrf, Norman P., 140, 291, 422 Goldfarb, Alfred I,, 291, 422 Goldfarb, Allan D,, 140 Goldfogel, Dorothy J,, 114, 291, 317, 369, 392, 393 Goldhammer, Philip D., 330 Gold stein, August, Jr,, 291 Goldstein, Barbara S., 291 Goldstein, Morton M.. 291. 286. 434 Goldstein, Nona A.. 291, 344 Goldwater, Charlotte £., 83, 291, 393, 392 Goldwater, David, 291 Goley, Ralph G., 414, 140 Gonzales, Ernest, 274 Good, Byron M., 426 Goodbrad, Burgess, 83 Goode, Charles L.. 128 Goodier, L. Yvonne, 83, 394 Gooding, Stewart L., 216, 416 Goodman, Jerry, 291, 422 Goodman, Jerry L.. 114. 291 Goodrich, Charles C, 186, 275, 276, 290, 408 Goodrich, Florence £., 276, 317 Goodrich, May L.. 83, 290, 362 Goodwin, Gerry, 388 Googe, Ruth, 83, 296, 346 Gorder, Patricia L., 376 Gordon, Donald F,, 128, 217. 422 Gordon. Grace £., 302 Gorman. Anthony W., 426 Gosar, Angela J., 341 Gosar, John J,, 302 Gose, James B,, 264 Goss, Robert C. 270 Gotseff. Dick S., 283 Gottesfeld. Burton H.. 291. 422 Gottlieb. Bernard L., 123, 422 Gough, James L., 279 Gough, John D., 114 Gould, Mary V., 128, 217, 283. 378 Gower, Frank H,, 426 Grace, Gene, 83, 372 Gracia, Kenneth G,, 302 Grady, George £., 114 Gragg, Wm. Henry, 128, 408 Graham, George R,, 114, 418 Graham, Joseph L., 83, 271 Graham, LeRoy C. 299 Granger, Alfred, 318 Grannell, Eleanore J,, 388 Grant, Charles £., 128, 268 Grant, William £., 114, 270, 398 Graves, Charles D.. 140, 408 Graves, Don D., 140, 172, 408 Graves, Elizabeth W., 128 Gray, Ernest £., 416 Gray, Jean £., 140, 344, 375, 388 Gray, Johnnie R., 83. 326 Gray, Robert W., 398 Grayson. Robert C, 418 Green, Dolores, 140, 217, 346 Green, Donald, 83 Green, Fletcher N,, 140, 326 Green, John A., 307 Green, Mary Lou, 128, 300, 317, 324, 340 Green, Robert U., 330 Greenberg, Gerald M., 140, 291, 422 Greene, Betty Jo, 114, 326, 340 Greenwood, Marjorie L., 347, 348. 382, 383 Gregg, Chas. C, 186, 276, 426, 427 Gregg, Donald B., 68, 123, 400 Gregg, Donald N., 83, 271, 290 Gregg, Donald S,, 271 Gregg, Gene £.. 147 Gregg, Muriel 0., 84. 380. 381 Gregg, Raymond F,, 114, 318, 424 Gregory, L,, 264 Gregory, Marjorie J,, 276. 346 Gregory, Roland W., 162, 166, 166, 167 Grelle, William A., 147, 219 Gressett, Martha J,, 316, 380 Gressett, Thomas G., 410 Gribble, Geo. Arthur. 408 Grieb, Robert V., 276, 408 Grieshaber, Eugene R.. 57. 68, 84, 123, 218, 271, 313, 319, 408, 409 Griffin, David £., 147 Griff is, James A., Jr,, 410 Griffith, Douglas A,, 123, 430 Griffith, Helen £., 84, 306, 384 Griffith, James A.. 416 Griffith. John S., 271, 313 Griffith, Richard E., 123, 480 Griffith, William S,, 430 Grigsby, John L., 263 Origsby, William G.. 154. 186. 282. 402 Grimes, Erwin £,, 325, 424 Grimm, Dorothy A., 184, 216, 376 Grimm, Patricia J., 140. 316, 346, 376 Orinnell, Edward H,, 384 Grinnell, Mary L., 114 Grisham, Donald L,, 271, 274 Gritzfeld, Esther J., 84, 292 Oroesbeck, Ruiiel F., 68, 84, 89, 110, 154, 319, 424 Orometer, Maryann £,, 315, 394 Gross, Arthur, 271 Gross, Dan F., 291, 351 Gross, Jean H., 128 Orosi, Kenneth H,, 147 Orois, Lyle J,, 128, 262, 268, 274 Oroilhauser, Elmer A., 360 Oroiiman, Lee A., 123, 267, 291, 422 Grove, Barbara L,, 346 Grove, Marjorie F., 49, 109, 114, 212, 296, 287, 884, 386 Groves, James Nelson, 84, 268 Groves, Verl D,, 140 Grub, Kenneth, 128 GrubbB, William E,, 147 Ouber, Bel, 153 Guenther, Paul F„ 291 Guerber, Howard P., 263 Guggenheim, Thomas S., 123, 128, 213, 217, 291, 422, 423 Guinand, Jerome B., 408 Guinand, Nancy N., 388 Guise, Margaret L., 84, 273 Guinn, C. Richard, 432 Guinn, Samuel L., 410 Guiteras, Mary Jane, 302, 344, 370 Gulick, Norman M.. 2 66 Gullberg, Ann E., 140, 346 Gumbiner, Mark T.. 230, 264, 291 Gunther, Mary C, 128 Gurley, James W., 290 Gutsche, Graham D,, 428 Guy, Nancy, 84, 293, 370 Guyer, Ina A., 114 Guzofsky, Harold, 84. 272. 291 Guzofsky. Vivian C. 116. 291 Gwinn, Donald £., 408 Gyger, Cecil E., 68, 84, 263 H Haaf, Ruth Anne, 128, 394 Haase, Lester Dale, 416. 417 Haase, William Charles, 420 Habel, Miriam Jean, 140, 283, 346, 378 Haber, Herbert L., 147 Hackstaff, Richard A., 404 Hadlec, Nona, 341 Haenselman, Carl F., 299, 308 Hading, Darrel Alden, 286. 416 Hailing. Elmer Roland. 271. 275 Hagan, Ruth. 371 Hagen, James Franklin, 68, 84. 313. 400, 401 Hagen, Mona Leah, 347 Hagerty, Raymond Owen, 147. 416 Hagin, Donald Elmer, 410 Hagler, Gene Dwight, 428 Hahn, John Francis, 266 Hahn, Milege Juhre, 280 Hahn, Robert, 128, 430 Hahs, Mary Nan, 300, 372 Haigwood, Billie Gene, 128 Hake, Richard Robb, 398 Halbrook, William T., 128, 432 Haldeman, Robert Boyd, 426, 427 Halderman, G., 264 Half en, Rosemary B.. 394 Haliman. Edward, 428 Hall, Arlin Wesley, 115, 420 Hall, Charles E,, 68, 128, 277 Hall, Dana, 140. 213. 292. 346. 376 Hall, Dwain Max. 129, 271 Hall, John Kimbrough, 217 Hall, Martha Virginia, 290, 346 Hall, Merrie June, 378 Hall, Nancy Jean, 116, 283. 340 Hall. Patsy Jeanne, 380 Hall, Rice E., 270 Hall, K. A.. 264 Hall, Robert James. 84. 426 Hall, Sylvia Bell. 140. 346. 378 Hall. Thomas Charles. 293 Hallam, Arthur F,, 76, 84, 412, 413 Hallam, John Samuel, 412 Hallgren, John Fridolph, 84, 350, 3£1, 426, 427 Halliday, Thomas C, 129 Halper, Lenore Jetta, 291, 392 Halvorson, Earle M., 84 Hamer, Ronald Nolan, 416 Hamill, James J,, 266 Hamill, Robert Ellis, 115, 368, 424, 426 Hamilton, Dean Clemence, 84 Hamilton, Floyd, 227 Hamilton, Jack Edwin, 262 Hamilton, John Mitchell, 402 Hamilton, William Beye, 430 Hamlin, Betty Robins, 84 Hammerstrom, Richard A., 283 Hammond, Franklin Paul, 410 Hammond, James Guentin, 147. 276. 350 Hammond, Mary Alice, 129. 283, 394 Hammond, Robert Gene, 416 Hampton, 0. Winston, 129 Handwerg, Karen, 316, 346 Handy, Charles Brooks, 147 Haney, Lewis Charles, 86, 270, 361 Haney, Jesse, 371 Hanks, Mary Jean, 140, 345, 372 Hanley, Marian Roberta, 129, 340 Hanna, Sheelagh Pat, 341, 376 Hannah, Lois Jean, 356, 357 Hannifin, Margaret £.. 341 Hansen, Constance Outh, 129, 378 Hansen, Kenneth Elmer, 398 Hanson, Helen Alice, 140, 332, 344 Hanson, John Bernard, 293 Hanson, Robert, 299 Hanwell, Geraldine May, 85 Harbin, Mary Louise, 116, 362, 394 Harder, Frederick D,, 141, 398 Hardin, Blanche Edith. 302, 346 Hardin, Wesley £., 287 Harding, Richard Chas., 86 Hardt, William Hirning, 86 Hardy, Brant Davis, 264 Hardy, Jeane W,, 116, 217 Haring, Robert Clyde, 402, 408 Harkins, Maia, 86, 327 HarknesB, Alma Marie, 294. 306. 333. 346 Harlan. Botte Blair. 347, 372 Harloy, Glen Elden, 270 Harlow. Robert Dean, 262 Harlowe, William Norman, 129, 217, 290, «24 Harmon, Burma Jo, 300 Harms, Clarice Marie, 346 Harms, Edith Maxine, 300 Harper, James Thomas. 147 Harper, Richard K., 424 Harr, Clarence, 267 Harre, Nita Jean, 129, 290 Harrington, Gerald E.. 424 Harrington, Ronald E.. 408 Harrington. Thomas John. 400 Harris, Edward M., 154, 271 Harrie, Herbert E., 287 Harris, James Richard. 404 Harris. Paul Charles. Jr.. 318 Harris, Perry Morton, 291, 434 Harris, Phillip L., 147 Harris, Virginia Mae, 129 Harrison, Dick, 432 Harrison, J. W., 264 Harrison, William R.. 230 Hart, Marilyn Mar;-aret, 115, 288, 341 Hart, Richard Kirby, 402 Hart, William Olson, 141 Hartman, Caroline, 86. 386 Hartman. Katherine Mary. 141. 216. 346. 378 Hartman. Kenneth F., 416 Hartvigsen, Gerald L., 115 Hartzell, Edson K,, Jr., 402 Harvey, James Lloyd, 129, 268, 271, 283 Harvey, Joanne Dean, 345 Harvey, Robert Dallin, 85 Harward, Gordon Wallace, 406 Harward, Harold R,, 147, 406 Hastings, James M.. 270, 277 Hatch, Kathleen Frances, 341 Hatcher, Helen Patricia, 141, 332, 347 Hatfield, Robert Eugene, 141, 290 Hatton, William Henry, 129, 271. 428 Haugen. Gordon Wayne, 404 Haury, Doris Jean, 153, 332, 346 Hausdorff, Donald Mark, 434 Hause, Jesse Gilbert, 141 Hauswirth, Gerald John, 129, 302 Hauth, Margaret, 372 Havener, Janice, 344 Haver, Jane Ruth, 115, 390 Havery, Robert Thompson, 115, 402 Hawkins, Harry Donald, 262 Hawkins, Martha Jean, 47, 86, 252 Hawkins, Mary Lou, 141, 384 Hawkins, Shirley D., 129 Hawley, Wilbur Wayne. 218. 264 Haworth, James Junior. 129 Haycraft, Thomas Allen. 129 Hayden. Julian R.. 85. 263 Hayes, Guy A., 361 Hayes, Pamela P., 129, 380 Hayes, Warren S., 264 Hayes, William F.. 263. 302, 414 Hayman, Beth, 227, 317 Haynie, Donald L., 272 Haynie, Howard E.. 428 Hayward, Carl B., 86, 277 Hayward, Paul V., 270. 277 Heafer. Harold J., 230, 293 Healy, Hoanne M., 302. 344. 382 Heapes, Robert E.. 410 Heapes. William E., 85. 164. 282. 410 Hebel, Thomas E., 302 Heck, Mary E., 139, 141, 344, 382 Hekendorn, James Page, 332 Hedberg, Joan Elizabeth, 115. 374 Hedegaard, Arne Ralph, 274 Hedgcock, Wendell T,, Jr., 410 Hedgecock, Alva G., Jr., 262. 307 Hedges, George M.. 410 Heermann, Delores Leona. 129. 288 Heffner, Alyce Sands, 86, 98, 216, 217, 227. 293 Heffron, Corinne, 129, 283, 372 Hegwer, Mary Alice, 122, 129, 322. 346. 369, 387, 386 Heiderstadt, Donald H.. 275 Heidt, Melvin George, 141 Heikes, Cora Joanne, 129. 390 Heineck, Chester Chas.. 416 Heinemann. Donald Lee, 318 Heinze, Marian Louise, 115, 316, 331 Heisel, Loretta Jeanne, 322 Heisterman, Mary Louise, 129. 283. 380 Heitzler. Lucretia Anne. 141. 346, 388 Heizer, Robert Edward, 404 Heller, Irwin, 217, 291, 422 Hellerstein, Stanley, 286, 291, 293 Hellinger, Saul, 291 Hellis, Rosemary Jordan, 129. 341 Hellwig. Frank Otto, 129, 340 Holm, Hubert, 307 Helmick, Richard Ross, 85 Helmkamp, Dorothy Joan, 347, 382 Helsberg, Frederick J,, 116 Heisel, Patricia Joanne, 378 Henderson, David Allen, 402 Henderson, Doris Jean, 115, 292, 390 Henderson, Jack Douglas, 123. 283, 414 " , Hendricks, Carol Lee, 346 Hendrickson, Oeorgene G,, 346 Hendrickson, Murl S., 162, 173, 276, 351, 426, 427 Henley, Claire, 325, 394 Henning, Robert Louis, 302 Henningsen, Thomas G,, 141, 428 Hennrich, Stephen L., 271 Henry, Anita, 380 Henry, James Winfield, 420 Henshaw, Gladys Mae, 344 Honsley, Betty Lynn, 827 Henson, Robert K,, 299 Hepworth, Richard T,, 86, 282, 414 student Index— continued 457 Herald, Helen Margaret, 85, 326, 370. 371 Herber. James F., 402 Herber, Patricia Ann. 345, 390 Herbst, Clarence August, 129, 262, 275. 430 Herdman, Eric Bertram, 410 Herigstad, EUamae, 85. 380 Hering, Clara Louise. 289, 332 Herkert. Raymond Joseph, 430 Hermach, Charles Alfred, 115, 271, 313 Herring, Wm. Malcolm, 129, 268 Hertel, Jean Eleanor, 279, 285, 342 Hertha, Kenneth Robert, 115 Hertneky, Edwin Vincent, 400 Herzik, Nancy Britton, 289 Herzik, Sidney Warren, 289 Hessler, John, Jr,, 263 Hessney, Francis G,, 147 Hester, Paxqual E,. 270 Hetrick, Rowland Lee, 272, 282 Hett, Joan, 340 Heubner, Allen D., 85, 270 Heuschkel, Ernestine B,, 141, 344 Houston. Philip T., 227, 408 Hiatt, Jean, 326 Hiatt, Theodore Donald, 267, 274. 293 Hibler, Dorothy Joan, 378 Hibler, Nydabelle, 378 Hick, Mary, 344 Hickle, Betty L.. 122. 129. 346 Hickle, James Charles, 262, 400 Hickle, Marilyn Lee, 363 Hickman, Duane A,, 141, 290 Hickok, Donald Ulysses, 270 Hiestano, Harry Eugene, 432 Hiester, Robert Arthur, 408 Higgins, Edwin H., 276 Hiigel, Lewis Edward, 299, 301 Hilb, Robert B,, 368, 434, 435 Hileman, Margaret, 288, 341 Hilferty, Janet Grace. 344, 365 Hill, Beverly Jean, 340 Hill, Charles David, 129 Hill, Donald Leo, 302 Hill, James Donald, 289, 404 Hill, Jeanne Irene, 347, 372 Hill, Lois Helen, 340 Hill, Marjorie Lott, 86 Hill, Muriel Jane, 344 Hill. Ralph Douglas. 86. 402 Hill. Sherburne Palmer. 262 Hillberry. Alfred E.. 307, 428 Hills, David Kendall, 181, 182. 183. 267 Hilton, Jananne Barbara, 141. 215. 126. 390 Hilton. Joan Louise. 141. 367 Hilty. Joye La Verne. 325 Himelgrin. Gerald. 86, 422 Hinds, Gordon D,, 147 Hiner, Arthur Wilbur. 402 Hines. Ruby Maxine. 346, 394 Hinkle. Lovera Joyce. 374 Hinkley. Lester Duane. 86, 271, 416 Hinley, Lou Anne, 129, 340, 382 Hinsey, Robert Charles, 398 Hinshaw, J,, 264 Hinthorn, Wayne Lee. 299 Hinzelman, Peter Max, 129 Hipp, John B., 428 Hirami, Soichiro P., 329 Hirsch. Harry Duane, 333 Hirsch, Marilyn Lucille, 141, 347 Hirsch, Marion Estella, 347 Hirst, David Ralph, 271, 414 Hitchcock, Harold H,. 320, 272 Hitchcock, J., 274 Hitchcock. Leahbeth. 86 Hix, Charles F.. Jr., 86. 271 Hix. George Johnson. 141, 408 Hjelte, Marshall C. 147 Hlawiczka. Louise. 141. 346 Hnatiuk, Michael A., 286 Hobbs, Jane Frances, 141. 316. 346 Hobbs. Thomas Herbert. 406 Hobbs, William F., 147, 424 Hoch, Richard Arthur, 116, 424 Hodges. Mary Emma. 86 Hodgson. Robert Everett, 227, 406 HoeSe, Richard Charles. 86, 110 Hoepner. Betty Lucille. 347 Hoff. Don Edward, 404 Hoffman, Daniel Steven. 285, 434, 436 Hoffman, Edgar Josef, 398 Hoffman, Jerome Herbert, 285, 291 Hoffman, Morton, 291, 422 Hoffman, Shad J., 129, 287 Hoffmeister, Berthold F., 410 Hogelund. Mary Elsbeth. 129. 295. 341 Hogue, Anna Mae Evans, 116 Hohenstein, Delilah I., 354 Holcomb, Charles Edward, 262 Holden, Joanne, 47, 48, 109, 115, 254, 331, 384 385 Holden, John Edwin, 86, 416 Holder, Mabel June, 141, 345, 370 Holder, Wayne B,, 147 Holderness, Dorothy L,, 141, 344 Holderness, Patricia M,, 283, 347 Holiman, Beverly Ann, 345 Holland, Jo Ann. 384 Hollander, Joan Lee, 141, 217, 291, 344 HoUingworth, Patricia, 374 HoUis, John Riley, 318 Holloway, Richard D,, 141, 410 Holm, Herbert William, 290, 302. 406 Holm, Shirley Ann, 345 Holman, Loy Del, 398 Holmberg, James Stanley, 147, 219 Holmes, Evelyn Mary, 116 ' 93, 315. 382 Holmes, Olive Jeanne, 347 Holt, Donald NeU, 326 Holt, Janet Marian, 341 Holt, Mary Louise, 86, 293, 341 Holzer, Charlotte Ann, 129, 342 Hondius. Pieter, 116, 408 Honnen. Edward Peter, 402 Honey. James William, 129 Hood, Evlilun Lidwell, 347 Hood, John Mack, 359 Hood, Thomas Wm., 276 Hook. Kenyon Harper. 398 Hooks. Patrick Francis, 86, 402 Hooley, ftuentin Garold, 287 Hooper, Jerry D., 360 Hope, Lorna Lee, 141, 276, 357 Hopflnger, Charles F,, 368 Hopkins, Alyce Maurine, 129 Hopper, James Claude, Jr,, 369 Hopper, Richard Ellis, 400 Hoppler, Carroll K., 115, 418 Horace. Joseph Otto, 426 Horan, Lois Riley, 115. 290. 310 Horn. Barbara Joan, 283. 378 Horn. Paul Ernest, 129 Hornbeck. Douglas R., 129. 418. 419 Horner, Raymond Guest. 116. 123. 271, 430. 431 Horner, Wesley Pate, 290 Horrell, Zachary, Jr,, 302 Horther, William Conrad, 147 Horton, Paul Ellsworth, 400 Horton, Rosemary, 302 Horwitz, Irwin Jos,, 123, 291, 422 Hoskin, Alice Lorraine. 129, 301, 317, 323 Hotchkiss, Roy Dean, 406 Houghton, Betty Jane, 357 Houlton, Edith Lavinia, 45, 327 Houlton, Edward C, 264 Houser, W, M,, 307 Houston, Charles Oscar, 332, 368 Houston, John Scripps, 115, 270. 432 Houston. Ken, 47 Howard. Anne Allison, 141, 215, 345, 382 Howard, Edward Neil, 86 Howe, Carolyn Morton, 347 Howell, Gordon M,, 115, 408 Howell, Juanita June, 141, 347, 370 Howell, Mary Lou, 347. 390. 391 Howells. Frederick Whan, 289 Howells. Mary Elizabeth. 129. 324. 376 Hoye, Eileen Patricia, 129. 356. 367. 390 Hoyt, Charles Edward, 402 Hoyt, Charles Richard, 404 Hoyt, Margaret Jane, 344 Hsieh, Lien-Tsao, 86, 289 Hsu, Georje Ke Chi, 278 Huang, Chong Wei, 278 Huang, P.. 278 Hubbard, Carleton L,, 141, 420 Hubbard, Eugene Thayer, 86, 262, 414 Hubbell, Joan Margaret, 380 Hubbs, Dale Levon, 297 Huber, Claire Elizabeth, 345 Huber, William Gene, 428 Hubert, Helen Kathleen, 346 Huckenpahler, Lee C, 270 Huckins, Melinda Lou, 283, 378 Hudler, Dorothy Ann, 283, 345 Hudson, Grant Lavelle, 264 Hudson, Robert Keith, 116, 408 Huggins, Horace T,, 175, 350, 426 Huggins, Margaret, 379 Hughes, Charles Posey, 408 Hughes, Dorothy E,, 364 Hughes, George Alfred, 110, 276 Hughes, John Atkinson, 147, 276 Hughes, Joseph Starling, 408 Hughes, Thos, Clement. Jr., 398 Hughey, Mary Lee, 344 Hugins, Richard Morton, 115, 215, 414, 415 Hulitzky, A, Wayne, 212, 408 Hull, John Kenneth, Jr,, 130, 420 Hume, Nancy Lou, 372 Humphrey, Charles J.. 115. 368. 412. 413 Humphreys, Donald Mirt. 416 Humphreys. Edwin B., Jr.. 86. 416 Humphries. Mary Jean. 217. 347. 380 Hunsinger. Howard Dean. 141 Hunsucker. Barbara Ann, 115, 341 Hunt, Alice Addison, 116, 122, 384 Hunt, Beverly Carolyn, 141, 346. 384 Hunt, John Milton, 47, 147, 263, 368, 426, 427 Hunt, Peggy Jean, 380 Hunter, Clyde L., 430 Hunter, Virginia P,, 86 Huntington, Barbara J,, 141, 345, 376 Hunton, Harry Ed.. 430 Hunyada. Margaret Agnes, 341 Hurd. Charles W.. 412 Hurst. James Richard. 227 Hurt. Charles Hershal, 130 Hussa, John Oscar, 86, 414. 415 Hustead. Donald Arthur. 424 Huston, Elda Marie, 87, 280, 296 Huston, Kenneth Harold, 50, 107, 116, 295. Huston. Shirley A., 141. 344 Hutchings. Paula Isabel. 141. 302. 344 Hutchinson, Barbara, 87, 390 Hutchinson, Ruth, 344 Hutchinson, Thos, Henry, 87. 110. 123. 276. 282. 368, 402 Hutchinson, Thos. Sperru. 262, 398 Hutchinson, James D., 123 Hutchinson, James D,, 293, 398 Hutchinson, Katherine V,, 122, 130, 217, 369, 376 Huttner, Leland S,, 123, 130, 291, 422 Hybiak, Mildred Joan, 279, 340 Hyde, William Henry, 147 Bylan, Anne, 280 Hyma, Walter Robert. 68 I lacoponelli. John. Jr., 87 Illium. Joan E.. 374 Ilyin, Alexander 6., 271 InSeld, Elinor J., 87 Ingalls. Floyd W,, 116, 428 Ingebretsen, Harold B,, 147, 426, 427 Ingels, Raymond M,, 262 Ingles, Robert L,, 430 Ingwersen, Donald F,, 218, 351 Inouye, Herbert Hideyo, 274 Inouye, Hisae, 141, 347 Inouye, Ted T., 87. 274. 285. 296 Intini. Anthony V.. Jr., 130 Ireland. Collette, 141, 347, 388 Irion, Richard F,, 123, 130, 216, 283, 414 Irvine, Susan J., 283, 346 Irwin, Richard G,, 141, 398 Irwin, Robert M,. 87, 408 Isaac, John F,, 271 Isaacs, Ernest J,, 291 Isaacs, Marian. 87 Isabell. Roy E.. 141 Isbill, H, B,, 141 Island, Mildred J,, 87, 288 Itzen, Donna Lea. 394 Ivors, John C, 313 Iverson, Clair H., 68, 271 Iverson, Frances L,, 130, 327 Ivey, Fred S., 262 I Jackisch, Mary G,, 345 Jackman, Sarah, 116, 216 Jacks. Robert E.. 130 Jackson. Augustus, 307 Jackson. Betty E.. 227, 317, 378 Jackson, Eugene Sidney, 398 Jackson, Hobart, 307 Jackson, Jane H., 292 Jackson, John D.. Jr.. 123. 430 Jackson, Neva J.. 292, 384 Jackson, Paul L,, 186, 275, 319, 430, 431 Jackson, Phyllis L,, 87, 327 Jackson, Robert D,, 424 Jackson, Shirley Sue, 141, 292, 347 Jacobs, Ruthanna, 216, 217, 347 Jacobsen, Colleen, 388 Jacobsen, Robert L,, 402 Jacobson, Conrad B., 410 Jacobson, Evelyn J,, 141. 346. 376 Jaggers. Eva Ruth. 141, 344 James. John D., 290 James, Loretta N., 87 James, Mary Belle, 130 James, Wathen M., Jr., 290 Jamison. Katherine L,, 115 Janda, Virginia, 296 Jankorsky, James, Jr.. 141 Jann, William K,, 115, 264, 330. 406 Jantzen. Carrol L., 130. 340 Jaynes. Robt. L.. 130. 410 Jean. Mary K.. 87. 273 Jefferies. Lloyd George. 400 Jeffers, Marjorie L., 344. 390 Jeffrey. Horace S.. 271 Jeffrey. Sara E., 310 Jehle. William K., 404 Jenkins, Margaret, 306, 325, 376 Jensen, Curtis, 130 Jensen, Joan L., 374, 375 Jensen, Patricia M,, 142. 217. 344 Jeter, Victor B,, 275 Jindra, Robt. R.. 87, 276, 368, 420, 421 Joffee, Thomas F.. 142 Johns, James P,, 87 Johns, Joseph B., 402 Johns, Robert F., 420 Johnson, Allan L.. 414 Johnson. Charles E.. 116. 263. 482 Johnson. Dean S.. 186. 276 Johnson. Edith L.. 130 Johnson, Elmer K,, 330 Johnson, Ernest A., 230. 286. 290. 293 Johnson, Ernest W,, Jr,, 271 Johnson, Farnum, Jr,, 414 Johnson, Frederick F,. Jr., 430 Johnson. Helen H., 163 Johnson, Herbert Alvin. 123. 216. 480 Johnson, Herbert C, 270 Johnson. Hilary M., 142. 320, 430 Johnson. Howard L.. 432 Johnson, Jack C, 130 Johnson, Jack S,, 130 Johnson, James Arthur, 402 Johnson, Joanne, 87, 266, 295 Johnson, John B,, Sr., 290 Johnson, Lila Sue, 88, 386 Johnson, Lucille H,, 116 Johnson, Melvin W,, 263 Johnson, Neil H., 426 Johnson, Norville D,, 130, 414 Johnson, Patricia L., 142, 372 Johnson, Philip C, 87, 299, 329 Johnson, Ralph H,, 430 Johnson, Raymond C, 147 Johnson. Robert E., 123 Johnson, Robert S,. 87. 414 Johnson, Russell B., 271, 350, 861 Johnson, Ruth Anne, 341 Johnson, Seldon G., 410 Johnson. William C, 404 Johnion, Willis B., 68, 88, 277 Johnston, David K., 68. 290, 319 Johnston, Ernest C, 88. 426 Johnston, Gordon R,, 426 Johnston, Howard E.. 130 Johnston, Margaret L., 130. 340, 384 Johnston, Richard S,, 330, 430 Johnston, Rufus, 330 Johnston, William V,, 420 Joines, Margaret Ann, 116, 340 Jones, Alice N,, 142. 216. 344. 374 Jones. Anne Frances. 88, 281, 380 Jones, Barbara Ann, 88, 369, 382, 383 Jones, Beverly Ann, 346. 372 Jones. Betty Joann, 116. 142. 344 Jones, Cecil R,, 147 Jones, David W., 227. 402 Jones, Elizabeth I., 290, 374 Jones, Elizabeth I.. 290, 374 Jones. Helen S.. 341 Jones, Jean, 326, 347 Jones, John D., 308, 414, 416 Jones, John Robert, 276 Jones, Judith P,, 378 Jones, Kenneth W,, 68, 88. 277 Jones. Malcolm K.. 416 Jones, Marjorie, 88, 306, 309, 321, 369, 372 Jones, Orvil Roark, 68, 88. 173. 263. 274. 319 Jones. Richard C, 116. 426 Jones, Robert Eugene, 116, 270 Jones, Shirley L., 142. 344, 372 Jones, Thomas S., 404 Jones, William R., 275 Jones, Wynema P,, 283 Jordan, Walter D., 142. 408 Jorgensen, Roy L,. 426 Jorgenson, Andrea, 130, 384 Joseph, Norman R,, Jr.. 430 Joslyn. Peggy Lou, 378 Josselyn, Virginia A,, 142, 367 Joy, Stanley R,, 130 Joyce. Dorothy R.. 273 Jude, William A,, 123, 130 Jump, Raymond A.. 162. 262. 275. 430, 431 Juskiewicz, Janet D,, 88, 290 Juskiewicz, Francis A., 88. 290 K Kadish, Marilyn, 291 Kadlec, Nona A.. 88. 290. 346 Kahl. Raymond. 307 Kahn. Edward J., 142. 291, 434 Kalish. Simon, 88. 290. 291 Kallgren. Dorothy L.. 390 Kallin, Dione E., 142, 291, 346, 392 Kalmans, Bernice, 291, 346 Kamlet, Herbert L,, 142, 422 Kane, John, 410 Kane, William F,, 172, 410 Kao, Hung Yeh, 278 Kapelke, Theodore J.. 130. 394 Kaplan, Sylvan, 88, 110, 422, 423 Karbatsch, James E.. 424 Karbatsch. Robert W.. 276 Karlson, Wesley L.. 88. 424 Karnes, James J,, 426 Karrass, Chester L,, 291 Kasdorf, Jack W,, 296 Kasdorf, Virginia M.. 47. 88. 92. 230 Kassler. Mary Carol. 130. 340. 384 Kassowitz. Julia G.. 290 Katcoff, Martin S,, 88, 226, 291, 422, 423 Katona, Alexander. 276 Katz, Nathan P., 88, 291, 422 Katz, Robert N,, 88, 123, 218, 271, 291, 423 Kaub, Elaine R,, 369, 380 Kaufman, Emily Louise, 130 Kaufman, Sidney, 291 Kawakami, Bertha Y., 116. 300 Kayser. Harold L., 267, 434, 485 Kearney, Robert T,, 267, 302 Kearns, Robert D., 400 Keating, Bernard L.. 142. 406 Keating, Edwin L,, 302, 406 Keating. Katherine, 342 Keating, Robert B., 420 Keeler. Patricia. 69 Keely. George C, 402 Keenan. Eugene L.. 398 Keene, Mardell R., 142, 347 Keene, Marilyn K,, 283, 390 Keener, William H,, 267 Kehler, Leatrice L. J.. 357 Keil. Carolyn J., 142, 318, 347 Keim, Shirley J,, 116, 266 Keirnes. Lora D., 116, 370 Kellenbeck, Verne A., 321 Keller, Carl A,, 428 Keller, Patricia W., 286. 289 Kellett. Jeanette, 116, 390 Kelley, Billy G,. 142 Kellogg, Berkshire, 432 Kellogg, Elizabeth A.. 333 Kellogg, Mary Jane, 296. 323 Kelly. Donald T., 130, 286, 287 Kelly, Evelyn J,, 116. 384 Kelly. Hazel A.. 267. 332 Kelly, Margaret M.. 227, 801, 817 Kelly, Robert. 362 Kelsey. Robert L.. 283, 414 Kendall, Marion L.. 89 Kendig, Andrew E.. 62. 116. 282, 402, 403 Kenehan. John C, 216, 430 Kenehan, Richard B.. 123. 216, 302, 430 Kennedy, Leo W., 147 Kennedy, Owt?ii 0., 414 Eenney, Collen M,, 116, 840, 390 Kennicott, Joan Marie, S8t 458 Student Index— continued Kent. Carolyn, 130. 215. 340, 3S4 Kent. John H., 302 Kent. Stanley W.. 267, 293 Kenworthy, Cecil D,, 430 Kenz. Raymond A., 420 Kepferle. Koy C. 130 Kepler, Roy C. 293 Kern. Dorothy M,, 288 Kerrigan, Thomas W,, 402 Kersey, Joyce, 292 Kesler. Lois A,, 310, 346, 380 Kessey, Joyce M., 130, 300 Kessler, Harold A., 89, 291 Kessler, Sidney, 291 Ketcham, Jerrie A,, 130, 366, 376 Kettelkamp, Wesley C, E,, 147 Kettering-, Margaret A., 276, 382 Kettle, Everett L,, 290, 432 Kettle, Marybelle M., 376, 377 Kibhey, Irwin I,, 130, 286, 432 Kiesler, Betty Joan, 266 Kiff, John W,, 271 Kikel, Mary C, 372 Kilhorne, Robert S., 130 Killham, Evelyn S,, 347 Killian, Marianne, 49, 394 Kilpatrick, Douglas S., 212, 414 Kilzer, John L,, 89, 282, 299, 414 Kilzer, Maureen, 371 Kimmel, Shirley J,, 344 King, Alice B,, 340 King, Aubrey B,, 263 King, Clarence W., 271 King, Gerald E., 123, 271 King, Harry A,, 262, 286 King, James B,, 402 King, John L., 89, 282, 374, 408 King, Joyce N,, 266, 340 King, Laurene J., 376 King, Robert H., 89, 420 King, Robert W,, 267, 408 Kingdon, Louise A,, 122, 380 Kingsolver, Jarrett, 400 Kinsinger, Doris L,, 346 Kintzele, Don J,, 404 Kinzer, Edward J,, 89, 267 Kinzer, Roberta L,, 89 Kirchman, Frank J,, 262 Kirk. Cameron, 147, 216 Kirk, Fred E,, 420 Kirkberg, Bonnie M,, 89, 292, 370 Kirkbride, J,, 264 Kirkpatrick, Tuhi, 62, 240, 316, 388, 389 Kirschmcr, Berta M,, 283 Kissack, John W., 302 Kissler, Marjorie M.. 116 Kistler, Kirby F., 147 Kitchen, James H., 130. 426 Kitten, Alma. 276, 325, 241 Kitten, Audrey E,, 302, 341, 325 Klaas, Edith V,, 89 Habau, Robert G,, 416, 417 Klassen, Hugh A,, 262, 432 Klecker, Shirley M.. 310, 363 Kleis, William D,, 290 Klemenic, John, 266 Klessig, June M,, 324 Kliewer, Viron D,, 400 Kline, Evalee, 116, 386 Kline, John B,, 89 Kline, Norman F., 398 Kline, William W,, 428 Klingelhoffer, Calvin, 89, 402 Klinzing, Robert J., 142 Klob, John J,, 287 Kloverstrom, Fred A., 264 Klovstad, Mary L., 372 Klune, Pauline, 302, 310, 344 Knap, James E., 116, 262, 266, 286, 330, 426 Knaur, Marilyn J., 130, 325 Knickerbocker, Hugh I., 89, 270 Knobel, Lola, 142, 291, 299, 321, 322, 340 Knolle, Lawrence M., 116 Knott, Katherine, 344 Knous, Merle R., 416 Knowles, Carlton G., 262 Knox, Barbara J,, 89 Knox, Junior W,, 89, 430 Knudsen, Gerald W,, 400 Knudsen, Mary Lou, 116, 300 Knudsen, Patricia J., 89, 292, 296 Koch, Ellen J., 142, 344, 376 Koch, John A., 412 Koch, Wanda E., 89, 376 Koelbel, Harold M., 416 Koelbel, Walter A., 71, 89, 162, 166, 170, 216, 276, 416, 417 Kohler, Robert B,, 130, 402 Kohn, Carol L., 130, 263 Koir, Irvin, 289 Konkel, Edward V., 89, 424 Konkel, James H,, 424 Koo, Cheng Pang, Thomas, 282, 302 Korr, Irving, 90, 274, 279, 291, 297, 299 Kostelecky, Kathreen, 142, 347. 376 Kostroski, Russell J., 302 Kosuge, Sai, 90, 300 Krabbe, D, Lucy, 868 Kracha, Anne M,, 79, 296, 302 Kragh, Jane, 90, 342 Kramer, David C, 90, 271 Kramer, James L,, 180 KrH,,f. John E., 130, 414 Krahrvich, Raymond L,, 302 Kraus, Andrew, 279 Krausc. Dorothy A,, 116, 816, 341 Krausiiaar. Katheriie H,, 347 KnybiM. Paulcne A,, 130, 340 Krehblel, Karl K,, 116, 268, 406 Xnual, Dale B,, 90, 813 Kresge, Phyllis I,, 394 Kress, Hannah, 325 Kreud er, James C, 302 Kreul, Dorothy D,, 341 Krieger, George M,, 291, 434 Krier, Pauline M,, 130, 380 Kripke, Kenneth N,, 147 Kriss, Hannah, 90, 291 Kroll, Frederick J., 308 Krone, Frank W,, 430 Krone, Sheldon M,, 291 Kronfeld, Leonard E., 227, 263, 291 Kruse, William A,, 272 Kuball, Edward D., 142 Kubik, Jean, 130, 290, 310, 372 Kubin, Rosemary F,, 142, 302, 345 Kueser, Paul E,, 432 Kuhnel, Alfred 0., 90 Kull, Robert R,, 230, 318 Kundis, Lawrence E,, 281 Kunkel, Adele M,, 346 Kunz, Vera J,, 390, 391 La Belle, Frank B,, 262 La Fosse, Frances W,, 90 La Salle, Dorothy Anne, 131, 292 Lackner, Edward J,, 291, 422 Lackner, Hershal L,, 422 Lacy, Mildred A., 142, 332, 367 Ladd, Jennette L,, 90, 292, 327 Laff, Perle K,, 291 Laff, Seymour 6,, 90, 291, 422 Laing, Mary C, 347 Laison, Faye, 296 Lake, Lawrence P,, 276 Lamar Paula F,, 374, 325 Lamb, Mary La Shelle, 344, 338 Lambert, Albert, 230 Lambertson, Glen R,, 68, 90, 319, 432, 433 Lamer, Dora L,, 131, 357 Lamm, Randy E,, 291, 346, 392 Lammerzahl, Ruth, 293 Lampman, Irmadean, 290 Land, John R,, 264, 274 Landry, Charlotte S., 345 Lane, Barbara A., 283, 246 Lane, Henry L,, 142, 291, 361, 422 Lane, James A,, 90, 131, 426 Lang, Dorothy J,, 370 Lang, James A,, 264, 430 Lang, Justine C, 384 Langmade, Beatrice R,, 322 Lanham, Louis D., 90, 408 Lanier, Sidney J,, 420 Lann, Leona M., 291, 295, 363 Larsen, Leonard E,, 416 Larsh, Doris A,, 131, 290 Larson, Arden L,, 288 Larson, Charlotte J,, 297, 347 Larson, Donald C, 116, 416 Larson, Fae 0., 90, 292, 327, 332 Larson, Janet K,, 390 Larson, Jeanne A,, 347 Lasby, Ray O,, 263 Lasley, Harold D., 271, 412 Lasnik, Dolores T.. 347 Lassik. Olga E., 90, 341 Lauenstein, Lois I,i 327 Lauter, Eva Ruth, 344, 142 Lauterbach, Beverly E,, 216, 293, 376 Lavigne, Albert J., 274 Lavington, Charles S,, Jr,, 131, 216, 271, 402 Law, Betty L,, 142, 370 Law, Milton J,, 302, 428 Law, Robert E,, 329 Lawrence, Charles, 272 Lawrence, Earl R,, 426 Lawrence, Margaret A., 217, 347 Lawrence, William L,, 302 Lawson, Harry 0,, 318 Lawson, Joan D,, 116, 376 Lawson, Virginia A,, 342 Layton, Marianne G,, 90, 283 Lazell, Adair A,, 90 Lazerwitz, Charles S,, 131, 291, 422 Lazorchick, Dan C, 131, 410 Le Bel, Claude, 91, 302 Le Fevre, Charlotte M.. 302 Le Marr, Robert P,, 142, 398 Leahy, Sarah E,, 142, 347, 384 Learned, Gordon W,, 186, 276 Lcbsack, Virgil L., 227 Lebsock, Geo, W,, 270, 410 Lederman, Marvin, 283, 291 Lee, Chao-Ying, 91 Lee, Chosheng C, 278 Lee, Ellen, 317, 378 Lee, Harold H,, 424, 428 Lee, James T,, 131, 326 Lee, Margaret J,, 142, 367 Lee, Nancy, 47, 48, 52, 70, 91, 262, 273, 381, 388, 389 Lee, Robt, N,, 181 Lee, William H,, 426 Leffel, R, Ernest, 270 Legg, Roderick E,, 91 Lehl, Leonard C, 288 Lehnen, Harriett L,, 116, 334, 336, 382 Lehrman, Philip M,, 432 Leierer, Charles E,, 290 Loifheit, Dale M,, 142 Lembcke, Anna L,, 116, 347 Lemich, Mildred, 142, 367 Lenzini, Arthur, Jr,, 147 Leonard, Doreno E,, 880 L«on»rd, Helen L., 216, 290, 806 Leonard, Theo H,, 268 Lepman, Richard D., 275 Lepse, James S., 402 Lerner, Josephine B,, 291. 346 Leslie, Mary E,. 378 Lesser, William J,, 263 Leu, Martha J,, 347 Leutz, Beverly G,, 346, 374 Leverenz, Carl E,, 404 Levin, Keva, 123, 291, 422 Levine, Irving, 123 Levine, Morris J,, 116, 269, 291. 422 Levis. Marietta E., 388 Levitt, Phillip R,, 116, 123, 291, 422 Levitt, Seymour H,, 267, 291 Levy, Claude 291 Levy, Edith A,, 291 Levy, Judith R,, 291, 344 Levy, Myra L,, 291, 340 Levy, Norman H,, 291, 422 Levy, Robert S., 434 Lewis, C, J,, 147 Lewis, Ernest C, 276 Lewis, Glenn H,, 271, 398 Lewis, Gwendolyn A., 91, 378 Lewis, Jerome A,, 416 Lewis, Leo H,, 91 Lewis, Mary L,, 293 Lewis, Norman, 116 Lewis, Patricia E,, 131, 283 Lewis, Patricia S,, 345 Ley, William E,, 275 Li, Chun Hui, 278 Li, Stephen Y, K,, 278, 289 Lichtenstein, Shirley S,, 291 Lichty, Jack D,, 271 Lieberknecht, Eleanor F,, 271, 322, 340 Liggett, James McLean, 410 Light, Audrey E,, 370 Light, Frank M,, 131, 290, 299, 308 Light, Kneeland D., 302 Light, Paul M,, 91, 123, 291, 422 Lilleston, Virginia A,, 277, 346 Limberg, Ernest E,, 400 Limbocker, Kenneth D,, 400 Lincoln, Henry C, 116, 267 Lincoln, Robert M,, 131, 424 Lind, Shirley R,, 346 Lindenman, Joan E,, 380 Lindsay, Albert L., 420 Lindsley, George E,, 416 Lindstrom, Anne C, 346, 372 Lindstrom, Rosemary, 91, 390 Lines, Barbara, 357 Lines, Richard L,, 329 Ling, Mildred J,, 116, 295, 327 Linner, Charlotte J,, 131 Lipman, D, Joan, 291, 392 Lipson, Leland L,, 410 Lisot, Oliver L,, 302 Litt, Mark D,, 290 Little, Albert J,, Jr,, 290 Little, John R., 316 Liu, Z, M,, 278 Livingston, Charles F., 271 Livingston, Louis F,, 291, 434 Livingston, Thomas, Jr,, 131, 432 Livingston, Sally B,, 382 Llewellyn, Windsor, Jr,, 420 Locker, Frank G,, 91 Lockwood, John H,, 116 Lodge, Allen K,, 408 Loete, Katherine M,, 342 Loewenberg, Doris R,, 291, 347, 392 Logan, Howard M,, 131 Logan, Leland L,, 142 Logan, Nell E,, 364 Logan, Valentine W., 147 Logsdon, Marilynn E, , 230, 341 Lohman, Maurice A,, 291 LohmuUer, Richard L,, Jr,, 91 Lomas, Margaret A,, 382 London, Philip L,, Jr,. 432 Long, Dewey C. 227 Long. La Verne I.. 91, 374, 376 Long, Nancy, 344, 390 Longcor, Robert V., 270 Longnecker, Richard E., 147, 426, 427 Longworth, John L,, 116, 410 Longworth, Richard L,, 131 Lonn, Grace P,, 153 Loomis, Robert W,, 142 Loomis, Ross R,, 271 Looms, Peter, 402 Lopatin, Paul M,, 218, 277, 422 Loper, Robert B,, 71, 318, 280 Lopez, Carlos H,, 91, 402 Lord, Jack, 68, 263, 432, 433 Lorrig, Robert J,, 131, 302 Losh, Paul T,, 307 Losher, Beverly E,, 131, 290, 894 Lett, Eugene W,, 91, 271 Lott, Joan E,, 846, 380 Lotz, Joanne E., 91 Loucks, Gerald G,, 402 Loup. Robert E,, 291, 422 Love, Betty B,, 116, 376 Love, Billie J,, 822 Lovejoy, Charlotte, 292, 806 Lovejoy. Charlotte Eva. 297. 364 Loveland. Margauret. 341 Lovett, John O., 142 Lowe, La Verne J,, 874 Lowell, Irving A,, 91, 320 Loxley, Roger F,, 290 Loynachan, Neil, 216, 430 Lucas, Bobbie B,, 400 Lucas, Jeanne H,, 142, 347, 388 Lucas, Mary E,, 841 Lucas, Walter A,, 807 Luck, Erma, 292 Luder, Beverly G,, 384 Luff, Edith, 341 Lumley, Gwendolyn H,, 227 Lundberg, Joan C, 363 Lundquist, Dolores E., 116, 340 Lundy, Paul E., 282, 410, 411 Lundy, William M„ 410 Lutterbie, Robert W,, 227, 308 Lutz, Beverly A,, 374 Lyddon, James H., 92 Lynch, Robert E,, 142 Lyon, Tom L,, 92, 266, 275 Lyttle, Elizabeth J,, 131, 386 Lyttle, Richard G,, 116, 268 Mc McAferty, Harold J., 92, 186, 188, 276, 296, 359 McAferty, Helen C, 296 McAndrews, Mary E,, 302, 344 McAninch, Evelyn M,, 142, 295, 366, 357 McAninch, Wayne A., 418 McArthur, Idris T,, 92, 388 McArthur, John K,, 424 McBirney, Warren B,, 270 McCabe, Fordyce G,, 398, 410 McCabe, Jack H,, 410 McCabe, Madeline M., 347. 388 McCabe. Shelia G.. 131. 265 McCain, Leonard H,, 274, 332 McCarthy, Barbara L., 92, 390, 391 McCarthy, Donna L., 217 McCarthy, Margaret A,, 295, 345 McCartney, Joyce E,, 265 McCarty, Howard B,, 123 McCarty, Ronald L., 420 McCaw, William W,, 92, 267, 400, 401 McClain, Lew E,, 428 McCIain, Robert D., 92, 263, 329 McClelland, Helen L,, 142, 344, 388 McClintock, Barbara M,, 372 McCluer, Janet E,. 354 McClure, Cuvier D,, 267 McClure, Shirley J,, 363 McCIuskey, James E., 92 McComish, Frances E,, 340 McConnell, Jon P,, 217 McConnell, Robert H,, 131 McConnell, Shirley J., 344 McCornack, Richard C, 92, 414 McCoy, Herbert L., 142 McCoy, James R,, 410 McCulloch, Barbara L,, 363 McCulloch, Stephen R,, 92, 297 McCullough Elaine C, 62, 116, 321 McCusker, Dorothy J,, 92, 388 McCusker, John R., 92 McDaniel, Ralph D., 410 McDermott, Richard S,, 147 McDonald, Robert W., 263 McDonnell, Sanford N,, 68, 313 McDonnell, William J,, 186 McDougal, Erma M,, 292 McDougall, William D,, 92, 297 McDowell, William F., 424 McElhone, Frederick H., 428 McElvain, Gladys E., 92 McEwen, Jack N,, 162, 168, 170, 186, 188 McFadden, Charlotte M., 347, 372 McFadden, Nancy J,, 299 McFarland, Joanne, 47, 347 McFatridge, Paul E,, 287 McFerran, Jack W., 116 McGee, Hugh J,, 267, 402 McGee, Lucille, 131, 376 McGinnis, Lois M,, 131, 306, 341 McGinty, Denton E,, 147, 410 McGrath, John F,, 147 MoGraw, Jerrlyn J,, 142, 288, 344 McGuire, Marian J., 372 Mcllvaine, Patricia A,, 131, 382 Mclnnes, John D,, 416 Mclnness, Mary S., 92, 384 Mcintosh, Harry O,, 162, 276, 426, 427 Mclntyre, James R,, 147 Mclntyre, Marie, 316 McKee, 186, 275 McKeever, Harry A,, 93, 271 McKell, Joseph S,, 116, 267 McKenley, Herb, 186 McKelvey, Marion J., 378 McKeon, Joyce, 143, 367, 382 McKernon, Wilfred D,, 263 McKibben, Virginia S,, 116 McKimmel, Robert, 431 McKinlay, Calvin, 404 McKinley, Charles A,, 422 McKinley, Phyllis R,, 131, 852 McKinney, Frank H., 116 McKinstry, Charles B., 264 McKnight, James H,, 93 McKnight, Robert T,, 116, 400 f McKown, Suzanne L,, 131, 384 McLaughlin, Barbara J,, 148, 347, 876 McMahan, Waunita M., 345 McMahon, John M,, 227 MoMahon, Tho mas J,, 147 McManis, Robert J,, 131 McMartin, Nancy, 143, 888 McMichaol, Robert L,, 147 McMillan, Charmion, 296 McMillan, Claude, 480 McMillan, Harry A,, 71, 329 HcMillin, Marion K,, 143, 347, 388 MoMurria, Allison O,, 416 XoNtbb, Wllma L., 846 student Index— continued 459 McNair, Arthur, 270, 295 McNeal, Harriet, 131. 388 McNeill, Beth I.. 131. 295 McNeill. Gordon L.. 266, 416 McNuIty, Edward L,, 217 McNulty, Hester P., 292, 296, 389 McPhetres, Munro, 307 Mcftuarrie. Nanon I.. 143, 347, 390 McQuide, Carol J., 122, 131 McSpadden, Betty. 292 McSween. Janet A., 116. 283 McVay, Eohert D., 340, 318 McWilliams, F.. 271, 288 MoWilliams, Marcia, 69, 93, 280, 293, 309 M Maakestad, Walter E.. 289 Mahee, Barhara F., 116, 280, 293, 315, 382 MacCornack, Barbara. 346, 388 MacCracken, Richard T., 147 MacDonald, Hugh C, 402 HacDonald, Jessie M., 93 MacFarlane. Jeanne, 47, 117, 230, 276, 298, 323 Maclntyre, Archibald T., 426 MacKenzie, Emmett G., 430 MacLaren, M.. 344. 378 MacLennan, Helen C, 117, 341 MacMillan. Jean, 344 MacNeal. Marguerite L. , 117, 382 Hacpherson, Jean 0., 142, 315, 345. 388, 389 MacSpadden, Georgia E., 340 Machol, Jacques A., S91. 434 Mackey, Willa J., 143, 215, 346. 384 Mackie, John G., 147 Macnider, Jane D., 131 Macy, Arthur W., 93, 418 Madden, John F. 410 Maddox, Samuel N.. 93 Madison, Joe D,, 131 Madsen. Gerald M., 131 Magerfleisch, Virgil R., 288 Mahan, John W., 416 Mahoney, Joan A., 354. 362 Maich, Bert, 117, 410 Maier, Carl F,, 117. 293 Maier, Margaret, 388 Maikovich, William, 47, 50, 93, 226, 264, 295, 329 Mains, Charles J., 266 Maize, Alice N,, 117, 374 Maize, Brooks R,, 93. 351 Major, Dorothy M,, 374 Major, Madelyn A,, 93 Major, William J.. 93 Malcom, George S., 414 Malcom, William B., 227 Malehorn, Merlin K., 93, 164, 268, 293, 332 Malernee, James K.. 271 Malm. Peggy E.. 143. 345. 388 Malmstein. Carl W., 131 Maloney, James E., 270. 410, 411 Maloney, Leo J., 302 Maloney, Marilyn J.. 122, 126. 217. 384 Malouff, Lawrence N,, 287 Malovrh, Pauline, 49, 346, 394, 396 Maltz, Dolores K.. 143, 291, 310, 392 Maly, Joan E., 374, 217 Manchester, Margaret A., 390 Mandel, Marjorie R., 131, 283, 288, 3S0 Manire, Robert W,, 123, 162, 169, 430, 431 Maniv, Helen L., 93 ManKoif, Lenisse E.. 143. 291. 345 Hanley. James T., 432 Mann, Flora A., 306, 345 Mann, Helen L., 316, 380, 381 Mann, Jo Ann F., 306, 333 Mann, John M., 271, 410 Mann, Lawrence R., 68, 93, 271. 313. 319 Mann, Robert M,, 264, 291 Manson, Phyllis J., 143, 344 Mantey, Marjorie N., 341 March, Fred S., 147 Marchick, Herbert H., 291, 422 Marchiori. Rosalie I., 302, 347 Marden, Ronald E., 432 Markley, Marjory A., 306, 344 Marks, Orin W., 131, 290 Marlatt, Lora L., 93. 342 Marlink, Richard F., 414 Marr, Arthur B., 404 Marr, Robleigh H., 290, 387 Marsh, Marilyn M.. 143. 215, 347, 390 Marshall, Homer K.. 307 Marshall, Oren W,, 410 Marshall, Warren S.. 68, 93, 270, 277, 428 Marshall. William J.. 131, 414 Martin, Carol 4.. 344 Martin, Charles C. 215, 416 Martin, Dorothy, 93 Martin, Edward D,, 93. 330 Martin, George L.. 414 Martin, Joan K., 345 Martin, Kenneth B.. 416 Martin, Melvin L.. 271 Martin, Monroe D.. 262 Martin, Patricia. 341 Martin, Richard S., 308 Martin, Robert L., 264 Martin, Suzanne, 122, 388 Martin, Virginia H., 93 Martin, William R., 147, 368 Martine, Eugene 0., 412 Marting, Fredric W., 131, 412 Martz, Dorothy L., 94. 215, 293. 378, 379 Maruyama, Joseph, 94 Hason, Carolyn F,, 143, 384 Mason, Donald. 359 Mason, Robert D., 147 Mason, Ted D., 123, 402 Mason, William T,, 408 Massier, Paul F., 68, 271, 313, 319 Masston, Charles G., 267 Mast, Jean L,, 94 Masterson, John J,, 230 Masunaga, Rosie M., 94 Matheson, William R., 426 Mathews, Barbara J.. 94. 292. 380 Mathews. Ellanore L., 94, 378, 379 Matsen, Ralph S., 117, 271 Matson, Alice S., 289 Matson, Joseph T.. 94. 271 Matteson. Donna C. 117, 317 Mattivi, Donald V.. 329 Mattoon, Margaret L., 293 Mattson, Fred W.. 424 Mauler, Joe E., 131 Maurek, Carol J., 143, 302, 315, 345, 380 Mavras, Angle K., 347 May, Barbara G.. 94. 327 Mayer, Jack E., 94 Mayer, Rudolph E.. 143, 428 Mayes, Dolen G., 283 Mayhoffer, Frederick D,, 147, 360 Mayne, Roland B.. 414 Meadoif, Marilyn M., 147, 289 Meadows, Phyllis M.. 279, 342 Means, Eldon L., 147 Means, Helen V,, 322 Means. Robert D.. 147 Mechling. Martin W., 416 Meckley. Richard C. 276, 430 Medrano, Ariel, 279, 321 Meffley, Charles F,, 94 Mehl, Marie K., 293, 323 Meiches. Nathan B., 94, 263 Meier, Marie E., 288 Meigs, William G.. 196, 275 Meister, Cecelia A.. 344 Melcher, Frances J., 132, 384 Meline. Viririnia L., 132, 374 Mellecker, May L., 132 Mellecker, Norbert J,, 123. 302 Mellman, Gerald N,, 94, 132. 267, 285. 291, 293 422 Melville, Allen F,, 132, 426 Melville, Ann L., 143, 346 Menage, Leo T.. 132 Menary, Robert F.. 132, 276, 416 Mendels. Marge. 143. 347, 392 Meng, Philip, 278, 307 Meng, Mrs., 278 Menk, Merlin H,, 94 Mercer, Wayne. 400 Meredith. Clyde F., 264 Mergelman. Shirley J.. 344, 370 Merlino, George R., 143 Merrick, Clay C, 297 Merrill, Edgar F.. 94, 164. 263 Merritt, Ralph W.. 68, 71. 94, 266, 319. 414. 415 Merritt, Robert P.. 400 Merry. Anne M.. 132, 376 Mertz, James L.. 94. 266, 267, 293, 432 Messel, Marvin R.. 264. 434 Messenger, Guy H., 132 Metcalfe, Richard L,. 262 Metsker. Ralph E., 268, 332 Metz, Catherine £., 346 Metzger, Andrew L., 117, 180, 183. 350. 428 Meyer, Carl D., 402 Meyer, John D.. 143 Meyer, Maire. 341 Meyer, Rendell. 402 Meyer, William M.. 400 Meyers, Dorothy J., 347 Meyers, Harlod B., 318 Michelena, Maria C, 94 Michell, Barbara J., 340 Michener, Charlotte J., 322 Middledorf. Frank J,, 288 Miguez, Walter S., 424 Mihalik, Pauline M., 372 Mikawa, Helyn H.. 153 Miklos, Joseph W., 147 Milek, David R., 408, 409 Miles, Shirley L., 95, 217 Millard, Janet, 143, 344 Miller, Annette, 291, 392 Miller, Barbara J,, 291, 392 Miller, Carolyn R., 117 Miller, Charles K., 408 Miller, David W,, 147 Miller, Doris L., 346 Miller, Eugenia, 95 Miller, Gordon C, 96, 227, 308 Miller, Jack T., 426 Miller, Joana C, 306 Miller, Joseph P., 291 Miller, Julia J., 341, 378 Miller, Malcolm J,, 162, 164, 165, 166, 167 170, 430, 431 Miller, Marilyn Lorell. 132 Miller, Marilyn Louise. 376 Miller, Marjorie A., 122, 132, 217, 293, 323, 388 Miller, Martha L., 394 Miller, Mary Enid, 95 Miller, Mary Jane, 117, 216, 217, 374 Miller, Mason E,, 96, 293, 299, 308. 318 Miller, Miriam R,, 96, 217, 291 Miller, Peggy, 291, 292, 392 Miller, Philip A,, 398 Miller, Richard S., 293 Miller, Stanley C, 68. 319 Millikan, Barbara. 95. 390 Mills, Corrine, 132, 266, 300 Mills, Holly Y., 143, 344, 378 Mills, Nancy E.. 216. 290 Mills, Robert H., 420 Milner, Robert G.. 132, 428 Mimmack, William E., 418. 419 Minckler. Barbara L.. 143. 357. 376 Miner, Charline R.. 344, 374 Miner, Frend J., 132 Miner, Janet R., 345 Minges. Nona E., 132. 216. 374 Minnick. Prestone, 428 Minor, Betty Lou, 347 Minzer, Eugene R., 123, 267, 293, 422 Mirabelle, Kathleen A., 367 Mirfleld, Marjorie, 315 Misroch. Cynthia. 291. 346 Mitchell, Bette Lee, 132, 362, 384 Mitchell, Eugene D., 424 Mitchell, Gene T,, 143 Mitchell. Jack L., 132 Mitchell, Nancy J., 346 Mitchell, Rex F., 404 Mitchell, Ronald R., 426, 427 Mitchum, Alen, 95, 416 Mitsch, Lawrence J., 271 Mobcrly, John E., 143 Mobley, Mary L., 117, 340 Moch, Robert B., 147. 291. 434 Moe, Thomas S., 143 Mor, R. W., 278 Molesworth, Dorothy P., 325 Molidor, Ruth C, 143, 283, 348, 366, 357 Mollman, Marjorie A., 132. 288, 292, 357 Molmen, LaVonne R.. 345 Molnar, Magda Mary, 290, 340 Moloney, LeRoy D., 272, 282 Moloney, Patricia L. W.. 309, 321 Moloney, Raymond L,, 293, 321 Monson, Robert S., 351 Montague, Joan E., 347 • Montgomery, Arnold H., 117 Montgomery, George W.. 143 Montgomery. Harriet E,, 95, 306, 333 Moody, Vema E., 132, 290 Moore, Barbara L., 143 Moore, Dora E., 364, SS7 Moore, Fred E., 95 Moore, James T., 302 Moore, Loren I., 147 Moore, Margery N., 345 Moore, Marilyn A.. 95. 216, 372, 378 Moore, Oral L,, 414 Moore, Robert J.. 1, 117, 263 Moore, William R., 117 Moosdorf. Louise A,, 49. 122, 323. 380 Morath, Frederic R.. 289 Moreau, Ruth A., 143, 288. 344 Morell, Patricia A., 117, 382 Morgan, Betty A., 380 Morgan, Ernest D., 370 Morgan, Helen F., 300, 322 Morgan, John D., 426 Morgan, Marian E.. 276. 378 Morgan, Patricia R., 143, 345, 394 Morgan, Robert H., 290, 406 Morison, Frank H.. 147 Moritz. Max R., 271 Morledge, Charles C. 96, 293 Morrell, Renee A., 95 Morrill, Ada N., 143, 346, 376 Morrill, Ross D., 132, 290 Morris, John R,, 117 Morris, Richard A., 393 Morris, Roy E., Jr,, 117 Morris, Russell 0., 271 Morris. Thelma J., 143. 346. 394 Morrison, Charleen, 143, 346, 390 Morrison, Frank H., 404 Morrison, James C, 416 Morrison, Marvin L.. 291 Morroni, Dick J., 263, 422 Morrow, John T., 62, 96, 261, 282, 418, 419 Morrow, Mary J. , 347 Morrow, Richard C, 110 Morrow, Samuel M., 132, 426 Morse, John G., 117, 123, 263, 430 Morse, Jarjorie L., 95. 370 Morse, Myron H.. 430 Mortensen, Clifton H., 270 Mortenson, Richard C. 147. 432 Morton, Eugene H., 400 Morton, George R.. 270, 277 Mostkoff, Hyman, 318 Mott, Charles A,, 276, 416 Mott, John Clinton, 147, 219 Moulton, Wilson C, 398. 399 Mountjoy, Robert C, 402 Moyer, Patricia E., 267, 300. 332 Moyer, Robert D., 117, 414 Mozer, Lawrence, 291 Muckley, Robert L., 321 Mueller, Anson G., 263 Mueller, Betty Ann, 132, 380 Mueller, Donald R., 95. 402 Mueller, Elinor L., 372 Mueller, Joan P., 346 Mueller, Mark G.. Jr., 123. 400 Mueller, Martha, 95, 362 Muenzinger, John W., 290. 412 Muenzinger, Lisbet. 215, 382 Mues, Leonard A., 288 Mulcahy, Paul R., 132, 424 Mulhern, Richard E., 47, 95, 110, 216, 262, 416, 417 Mulkey, Robert J., 279 Mundell, Marjorie M.. 117 Hunger, John A., 215. 416 Munoz, Miguel A,, 264 Munson, Holger W,, 294 Munro, James F., 302 Murphy, Jack I., 410 Murphy, Joseph W.. 275. 350, 361, 426, 427 Murphy, Lee M., 276. 290 Murphy, Leonard H.. Jj.. 428 Murphy, Leora A., 132, 340 Murphy, Mary A., 344 Murphy, Thomas A., 412 Murray, Alice A., 346 Murray, Dickson C, 117 Murray, Dorothy E., 96 Murray, James F.. 398 Murray, Robert G,, 262 Murray, Violet L., 216 Murrin, Lois E,, 96 Muser, Beverly L.. 143. 344 Musgrove. William S., 96 Musser, Frank H.. 132 Muth, Janet E.. 117. 388 Muth, Joan M., 279, 342 Myer, Rendle, 143 Myers, Billy R., 96, 350 Myers, Frank C, 271 Myers, Irma J., 96, 382 N Madean, Joan E., 888 Naegele, Robert J., 271 Nafe, Betty L., 84, 98, 216, 273, 378, 379 Nagasaki, Judith, 325 Naines, Barbara M., 344 Nakagawa, Paul M., 147 Nakamura, Mary E.. 132 Nalty, Thomas J.. 400 Nance, Harry J., 432 Nance, Kathryn A., 143, 344, 388 Naquin, Thomas C, 404 Narcisian, Harry K., 162, 163, ' 64, 170, 275, 408, 425 Nash. Donald E., 400 Nash, Ellen J.. 230, 296, 326 Nashem, Norman R., 147, 117 Nathan, Joanna. 291, 347 Nathan. Nona J,. 291, 326, 347 Neal. Charles R.. 117. 430 Neal. Daniel R,, 264, 430 Neal, James M., 318 Neale, Charles £., 301 Nearon, Gloria B,, 96, 100, 317 Neblick, James J., 422 Needham, Charles N,, 404 Neidlinger, Sarah, 143, 217, 344, 388 Nell, Roderick W,, 271 Nelson Elbert, 270 Nelson Douglas E., 167, 275, 416, 417 Nelson. Edwin L., 279 Nelson, Howard J,, 264, 412 Nelson, La Verne W., 289 Nelson, Lois, 340, 380 Nelson, Martha L., 143, 347, 370 Nelson, Nancy L., 117, 335, 384 Nelsou, Norma E., 132, 352 Nelson, Paul T.. 96, 408 Nelson . Ralph j., 424 Nelson, William O,. 400 Nero, Patricia A., 283 Nesis, Joseph J., 291 Nesladek, Keith R.. 275. 416 Nestler, Loren L., 132, 288, 420 Neumann, Kenneth G., 430 Neuschaefer, William H., 432 Neuschwanger, Lois E., 345 Novels, Philip A.. 143 Nevens. Robert W,, 147 Newell, Joyce A,, 143, 346 Newell, Marilyn A., 310 Newhouse, Harold L.. 96 Newman, Eleanor G., 117, 390 Newman, Harry J., 400 Newman, Joan, 132, 153, 346 Newman, Rodney L,, 96, 414 Newmark, Donald R., 285, 287 Newton, Marjorie I.. 357 Newton, Charles T., 402 Nichoalds, Harry W., 428 Nicholas. Ruth M.. 96, 297, 362 Nicholas, George C., 271. 398 Nichols, Frank L., 416 Nichols, Netta R.. 357 Nichols, Robert D., 264, 318, 416 Nichols, Thomas C, 408 Nicholson, Douglass 0.. 117, 162, 410 Nicholson, Leland W.. 96, 270 Nicholson, Richard L., 430 Nickell, Helen M., 227, 380 Nickerson, Wendell R., 263 Nicklos, Peggy L., 117, 374 Nickum, William F., 262 Nicothodes, Angelica S., 367 Nidey, Russell A,, 68, 319 Niebel, Ruth C, 96, 382, 383 Nieble, Robert L., 416 Niehans, Deward R,, 398 Nier, Harry K., 434 Niethammer, Doris A.. 143, 346 Nightingale, Nancy A.. 109, 213, 230, 384, 385 Ninde, Norma, 132 Nitsch, Marjorie, 3C9, 382 Nitta, William S.. !16 Nix, Joe P., 172, 430 Nixon, Frank A.. 406 Noble, Eugene M., 428 Noble, James v., 147 Noble, Merle n.. 420 Nodtvedt. D. ' .ild P., 117, 299 Nodvedt, M i jiius N., 96 Korr, Dona; J I., 143, 264, 434 460 Student Index— continued Nolan, Mary Ann M., 876 Nolde. Sue H., 370, 422 Norbont, Albert A., 276 Norby, Melvin E., 68. 263 Norell, Evelyn F., 290. 346 Norgren, Leigh H., 402 Norling-. James F., 132. 420 Norris, 414 Norum, Grace. 289. 290. 354 Norwood. Elise L.. 340 Nosky, Joseph C. 277 Nuckolls, Willa R.. 300 Nudera. Alice M., 370 Nussbaum, Jessie A.. 132, 265 Nussbaum. Peter J., 291 Nutt. Joseph L., 147 Nuttall. Arch F., 68. 263. 319 Nye. Beatrice S., 143. 344. 388 Nye. Harold R., 400 Nye. Larry F., 132. 216. 283, 123 Nyland, Fred S., 320. 412 Oakes, Ruth, 394 Connell, Emory L.. 123, 271 Dell, Jane E., 306, 333. 346 Done. Josephine, 344, 442 O Donnell, Shirley L., 380 O Halloran, Francis P., 264 Halloran, William J., 263 O Neall, Frederick Alan, 426 Neil, Homer Hamilton, 424 Neill, Beverly Clare, 388 O Neill, Luella M., 386 Kourke, Mary Ann, 97, 302, 324 O Toole, Dennis, 419 Oakes, Harold, 68 Odegaard, Merlin D.. 313 Oechsner, John G., 420 Ogg, Warren M., 420 Ogle, Merle, 307 Ohman, Clifton P., 320, 430 Okley, E., 296 Oldaker, Merritt R.. 424 Olds, Rollin C, 418 Olds, Virginia T.. 96 Oliver, Audrey, 332, 370 Oliver, Mary Ellen, 344 Oliver, Mary Jane, 96 Oliver, Rex Leon, 418, 419 Oliver, Robert R., 132, 271 Olofson, Darwin, 293, 318 Olsen, Clarence, 132 Olsen, Dale. 418 Olsen, Dean A., 432 Olsen, Edward A.. 293. 318 Olsen, Elwood, 264 Olsen, Joan. 376 Olson, Alan, 424 Olson, Betty Jo, 283. 374 Olson, Frances, 144, 216, 217, 346 Olson, Robert C, 216, 414 Olson, Robert H.. 307 Olson, Violet, 132, 346 Opdycke, Harriet. 310, 331. 378 Opdyke, Donald, 69, 96. 293, 294 Opdyke, Marion, 97, 296 Opeka, Barbara, 60, 132 Orcutt, William, 398 Origer, Nicholas, 302 Origer, Shirley, 302 Orleans, Carol, 132. 291 Orloff. Joan, 291, 396 Orr, Duncan, 132 Orr, Jack A., 400 Orr, Thomas E., 400 Orrino, Joseph, 302 Orris, Edward, 432 Orth, Edward D., 263 Ortner, Margaret. 1£3. 341 Osborne. Ray E., 97 Oslund. Robert B., 290 Ostrander, William, 414 Otte, Edward, 132 Otto, Betty Jo, 347, 378 Owen, Shirley. 372 Ownbey, Francis, 147 Oxford, Robert L., 97 Ozman, Oliver, 147 Pachak, William, 97 Packard, Carol, 49, 109. 113. 331. Packard, Joan, 122. 331. 388 Paddock, Charles, 325 Paddock, David, 414 Paddock, Laurence, 123. 133. 402 Paddock, William. 219 Padgett, Robert, 410 Page, Calvin, 264 Page, Walter, 398 Palacios, Jaime, 321 Palermo, Dominic, 263 ' aimer, Betty Mae. 347. 380 I ' .ilmer, Evelyn, 217, 346 Palmf r, Jo Anne, 97, 806 Fa1m«r, Kenneth, 97, 318 Fahn r. Marjorie, 87, 362 Palm.r, Phylllt, 888 Palm. r. William, 97, 262 Palo, Cli rlRS. 404 Fallgrove, John, 117, 430 Panaritei. Mary, 147 Paquette, Agnes. 97, 810 Paquette, Walter, 302 Parker, Barbara, 346, 376 Parker, Francis, 408 Parker, William. 313 Parkison, Leatrice Ann. 316. 342 Parks. Jacqueline. 133 Parr, William, 400 Parriott, James, 147 Parsons, Donald, 428 Parsons, Marian, 347 Parsons, William, 117, 271 Partridge, Shirley, 144. 344. 378 Pasic. John Louis, 97, 263 Pasternack, Arline, 133, 291, 392 Pastoret, Lois Jeanne, 97 Paton, Archie, 123, 133, 216, 430 Patten, John, 186, 196, 276 Patterson, George. 416 Patterson, James, 400 Patterson, Robert, 428 Patterson, Stewart. 400. 401 Paulsen, Frank. 428 Paulson. Mary Lee. 68. 216. 376 Payne. Mac McDowell. 428 Paynter, Florence, 144. 357. 380 Paynter, Stanley. 402 Peacock. Elwin. 117. 325, 428 Peak, Ralph, 276. 290 Pearce. Janet. 216, 316. 372 Pearce. Mary Elizabeth, 117, 362, 394 Pearl. Philip, 291 Pearson, Thomas, 271, 313 Pease, Robert. 400, 401 Peck, Betty, 283. 293. 341 Peck, Virginia, 117, 327 Pederson, Richard, 217, 424 Peebles, John, 263 Peery, Herman, 97, 263 Peery, Leona, 97, 273 Peery, Maxine. 117 Pell. Louis. 147 Pellegren. John. 133 Pelling. Janet. 388 Pelton, Vigdor. 269. 291 Penberthy, Marie, 117 Pelz, Robert, 98, 293 Penfleld, Alvin, 263 Pengrey, Eleanor, 302 Penney, Frank, 424 Penny, Raymond, 132, 410 Peper, John, 110, 290 Pepper, Albert, 291, 422 Pepper, Murray. 98. 291, 422 Periman, Kenneth, 216 Perkins, George, 410 Periman, Marvin, 291, 422, 423 Perlmutter. Leonard, 47. 98. 262. 291 Perreten, Frank, 98, 267. 408 Perriman. Ann. 322, 344, 380 Perry, Francis, 263 Perry. Harriett. 283. 302. 341, 388 Pesman, Gerard, 133 Peterman. Robert. 263 Peters, George, 408 Peters, Leroy, 408 Petersen, Katherine, 117, 302 Petersen, Loren, 133. 271 Petersen, Robert, 283 Pe terson, Clarence H.. Jr.. 98, 267, 402 Peterson, Courtland, 144 Peterson, Daniel, 282 Peterson, Douglas, 412 Peterson, Lois. 345 Peterson. Marilyn, 390 Peterson, Margaret, 346 Peterson, Mary, 376 Peterson, Nila. 133, 266 Peterson, Paul, 299, 318 Peterson, Pollyanne. 144. 346. 376 Peterson, Robert, 144. 281 Peterson, Wendell, 133. 418 Peterson, Wesley, 118, 264 Petre, George. 147 Fetsch, Harold, 263, 398 Pettet, Locke, 410 Pettit, Gloria, 347 Pettygrove. Edward, 428 Phair, Walter, 432 Philip, David, 271 Phillips, Holland, 263 Phillips, Douglas, 271 Phillips, Glenn, 289, 307 Phillips, Jack, 416, 426 Phillips, Judy, 98, 372 Phillips, Richard, 98, 101. 268, 272, 282 296, 329 Phillips, Robert, 406 Phillips, Sherli Ann, 216. 315. 344. 378 Phillips, Vernon, 263, 404 Philpott, Catharine, 98, 388 Philpott, Jane, 118, 382 Philpott, Mary, 382 Philpy, Rosemary, 118, 283 Phipps, Beverly, 98, 267, 290 Pickens, Mark, 414 Pickens, Robert, 414 Pierce, Merilyn, 117, 217, 370 Pierce, Norma, 98 Pierson, John, 432, 433 Pifer, Luella, 133, 340 Pijoan, Jane, 147, 286 Pike, Robert, 144, 408 Pingel, Elizabeth. 98 Piper, Arthur, 263 Pitchford, Tom, 186 Pitkin. Barbara, 346 Pittman, Merle, 133 Fixler, Jack, 162, 168, 173, 276, 430, 431 Place, Clyde, 98 Place, Marian, 290, 322 Place, William, 428 Plack, Shirlee, 283, 344 Plaisance. Delvin, 118, 406 Plotkin, Sheldon. 286, 422 Platts, Harvey, 186, 289 Plaut, Samuel. 291, 422 Pleaseants, Mary Ann, 302, 394 Plumer, Susan, 346 Pogust, Frederick. 291 Polczinski, Alfred. 302 Poling. Sindney, 408 Polk. Leslie, 230 Polkinghorn, Robert, 81, 98. 230, 293 Polkinghorn, Ruth Mary, 118 Pollack, Maxine. 302 Pollak. Donald. 133. 406 Pollard. Perry, 133. 432 Pollard, Richard, 133. 432 Pollard, Theodore, 270 Polosky, James. 133 Ponce. Paul. 406 Poor, Marjorie. 98, 378, 379 Pope Jack. 98, 276 Popovich. John, 98. 262, 266 Porter. Albert. 216, 430 Porter, Ardith. 388 Porter, Elizabeth, 133, 341, 388 Porter, Mary Lou. 133. 370 Porter, Richard M.. 263 Porter, Richard P., 410 Pospahala, Shirley. 144, 347 Poss, Viola, 322 Potochnik, Amelia. 144. 302, 347 Potochnik, Frank, 144, 302 Potter, Margaret, 98, 372,373 Potter, Robert, 224, 308 Pottorf, Fred, 144 Potts, Frances, 276, 390 Powell, Charles, 404 Powell, Dorothy, 390 Powell, Gerald, 428 Powell, Robert, 320 Power, Edward, 400 Powloski, Robert, 275, 427 Pozzatti, Rudolph, 118 Prager, Frank. 118. 420 Prato, Peter, 302 Pratt, Glenn, 262, 282 Pratt, Isabelle, 98, 293 Prebble, Mary, 292 Prebble, Peter, 263 Preble, Parker, 99, 276, 430 Prentice, Bonnie, 271 Price, Barbara, 99, 370, 371 Price, Jacqueline, 341 Price, Rene, 99, 380 Price, Ruth. 99. 322. 370 Pringle, John. 99, 262, 266 Pringle, Kenneth, 147 Printz, Earl. 218 Pritchett. Grace. 367 Prizant, Micki. 291 Probert. Lyle. 217, 378 Proebstel, Winford, 270 Protsman, Alvin, 99 Pry, Wayne, 118, 414 Pryor, Frank, 416 Pryor, Marjorie, 49, 88, 99, 334. 336. 340. 388 389 Pudlik, Edward, 162, 163, 164, 170, 276. 417 Pugh, Ralph, 262 Pulis, Jay, 118, 404 Punshon, Thomas, 270 Purcell, Robert, 262, 266, 398 Purrington, Franklin, 420 Purviance, Grace, 144. 346. 376 Purvis. John. 404 Putnam. Phyllis. 370 Pyle, Robert. 147. 430 Pyle, William, 432 Quaintance, Patricia, 118, 390 Quick, Bernard, 99 Quick, Gloria. 144, 346, 378 Quimby, Everett, 410 Quinby, Elizabeth, 99 Quinette. Jean. 376 Quinn, John, 398 Quinn, Norma, 144, 347 Quinn, Phyllis. 99 Quinn, Ross, 293 Raabe, George, 290 Raabe, Susan, 290 Raasch, Kenneth, 398 Raber, Jean, 386 Race, Jean, 99, 296 Race, William, 308 Rademacher, Leo, 302 Radinsky, Dave, 201, 422 Radke, Marilyn, 99 Radnor, Richard, 263 Raduziner, David, 287 Ragle. Logan. 99, 400 Ragle, Richard. 118 Ralph, Voncile. 293. 321 Ramsdell, Joan, 122, 133, 316 Ramsell, William. 282 Rtmiey, Ann, 188, 880, 110, 88i Rand, Sara, 383, 387 Randall, Burton, 412 Randall, Robert, 263 Randell, Russell, 408 Randle, Jack, 118, 254. 268. 294 Rankin, Marylyn, 344 Ranney, Willet, 99, 271, 408 Ransom, Richard, 144. 216. 430 Rappaport, Selma, 293 Rasmussen, Jack. 424 Rasmussen. Shirley. 347 Raso. Augustine, 302, 410 Rathburn, R. E., 270 Ratliff. James, 276 Rau, Mae, 321 Ranch, Barbara, 133, 295, 322, 323, 340 Rautenstraus, Roland, 270 Raw, Mac. 289 Rawson. Chester, 118, 271, 432 Ray, Anthony, 50, 71, 99, 262. 268. 295, 808 329 Ray, George, 99, 330. 398 Ray, Gordon, 406 Ray, Robert, 267 Ray, William E., 424 Raymond. Rollin, 408 Rea, William, 147 Read, James, 263. 274 Read, Ruth, 279, 282. 342 Ready, Richard, 123, 133. 271. 414 Recher, Roger, 398 Recht, Christian, 307 Rector, Leo, 147 Redalia, Eoald, 133 Reed, Carleton, 276 Keed, Caryl, 346, 378 Reed, Harriet, 327 Reed, Jane, 99, 216. 390 Reed, Kenneth, 99 Reed, Jane, 346, 376 Reed, Oliver, 218 Reed, Robert, 420 Reed, William, 286, 416 Reee, William L., 264 Reese, Harold, 100, 271 Reese, Martha, 276, 310. 374 Reese, William H.. 133. 400 Reeves. Gladys. 100, 294, 332 Rehmer, Fred. 147 Rehnberg, Evelyn, 94, 100, 272 Reich, Charles, 118, 123. 226. 270. 277, S8( 402, 403 Reich, James, 144, 302. 402 Reich, Hohn, 144, 302. 402 Reich, Leatrice, 265. 291. 296. 344 Reichert, Barbara, 100 Reichert, Rose Ann, 100, 310 Reid, Shirlee, 302, 344, 370 Reinke, Mildred, 133 Reitzer, Hanna, 133 Rematore, Andrew, 293. 302 Remer. Rita. 291, 346. 372 Rennicke. Barbara. 292. 329. 378 Renoux. Louise. 133. 288 Rentfro. Barbara, 100, 230 Resen, Frederick, 133, 218. 262. 424 Rethlefsen. Frank. 144. 408 Revesz. 263 Reynolds. Anne, 133 348, Reynolds, Helen, 378 Reynolds, Joe, 79, 100, 213, 272, 282, 86 416, 414, 416 Reynolds, Kenneth, 118. 428 Reynolds, Louie. 420 Reynolds, Philip, 264. 302 Rhode, Ronald, 144 Rhodes, George. 100 Rhodes. Thomas. 402 Rice. Beverly. 144. 347, 378 Rice, James. 406 Rice, John, 133. 420 Rice, Leo. 144. 400 Rice, Reginald. 144. 408 Rice, Ruth. 118. 334. 335. 340 Rice, Ruthie A.. 297. 342 Rice, Suzanne, 118. 340. 384 Rich, Jacqueline, 217, 291, 347 Rich, Mary Susan. 100. 309. 380 Rich. Sherman. 291 Richard. Carolyn, 346 Richard, Donald, 424 Richards, Helen, 100 Richards, Patricia. 346 Richards. Robert. 144 Richardson. Delia Mae. 276, 322, 394 Richardson, Ralph. 118 Richardson, Rita. 100. 324, 372 Ridhardson, Robert. 100 Richardson. W. E., 215. 416 Richmond. Robert, 432 Ricken, Alvin, 100 Rider, Charles, 118 Riechers, Bernard, 144 Ries. Nick, 430 Rlfkin, William, 291, 422 Righthouse, David. 332 Riley, Paul, 402 Rinn, Michael. 408 Rissley, Rolla, 274 Ristine, Mary Sue. 340. 384 Kitchey, Frank, 216, 430 Ritchie, Kenneth. 294, 316 Ritter, Marilyn, 346 Rivers, Florence, 133, 266, 332 Roach, Archie, 276 Roasberry, William, 133 Roath, Carl. 416 Robb, Richard. 68, 100, 262, 266 Bobbin!, Harlett, 400 student Index— continued 461 Robbing, Willa, 144, 347 Roberts, Donedwa, 297 Roberts, Jack, 262, 418 Roberts, Louis, 262 Roberts, Rosemary, 315, 390 Roberts, Stanley, 133, 268 Roberts, Terry, 428 Robertson, Clara, 310 Robertson, Harry, 162, 275, 416, 417 Robertson, Virginia, 380 Robinson, Benjamin, 69 Robinson, Charles, 100 Robinson, Donna I., 122, 133, 216, 369, 380 Robinson, Edward L., 402 Robinson, George E., 100 Robinson, Jack 0., 291, 422 Robinson, John T,, 263 Robinson, Joyce, 70, 100, 252, 331, 334, 336, 380, 381 Robinson, Leonard L,, 100, 206, 279 Robinson, Morley, 264, 270 Robinson, Opal O,, 101. 341 Robinson, Philip D., 416 Robinson, Ruth I., 296 Robinson, William M., 293 Robirds, Fred A., 216. 428 Robison, Alan E., 420 Rock, Frank D., 211, 133, 404 Rockafellow, Theodore, 97, 101, 298, 226, 359 Rocks, Gerhard K., 264 Rocque, Emily, 340 Roe, Donald, 430 Roelfs, Margorie, 118 Roelfs, Robert, 307 Roesler, Robert, 144, 288 Rogers, Fred. 416 Rogers, Gardner, 101, 271, 368, 400, 401 Rogers, Mary, 133, 376 Rogers, Merle, 359 Rogers, Norma Lee, 133, 310, 315, 341, 382 Rogers, Richard, 414 Rogers, Ruth, 118, 325 Rogers, William, 321, 410 Rogert, Eugene, 416 Rolank, Elsee, 118, 279, 268, 269 Rolander, Marjorie, 351, 376 Rolander, Robert, 178, 181, 183, 351, 426 Rold, John, 101, 420 Rold, Phyllis, 345 Romeiser, Lawrence, 299, 307 Romig, Richard, 398, 267 Rooney, Robert, 147, 424 Rooney, Thomas, 147, 275, 424, 426 Root, Richard, 271 Roper, Claude, 287 Roper, Lester, 118, 424 Rose, Beny, 292 Rose, Caroline, 101, 293, 374, 375 Rose, Clark, 263, 319 Rose, John, 144, 269 Rose, Lloyd. 68, 271, 313 Hose, Lou Anna, 144, 216, 344, 378 Rose, Lyell, 330 Rose, Paula, 292, 300, 307, 332, 380 Rose, Robert A., 144, 286, 434 Rose, Robert R., 68, 101. 262 Rose, Seymour, 262 Rosen, Arthur, 264 Rosenbaum, Beverly, 295, 347 Rosenbaum. Stanford. 144. 217. 291, 422 Rosenbaum, Stanton, 291, 422 Rosenberg, Marvin, 291. 264, 434 Rosenberg, William, 123, 424 Rosenbloom, Elie, 291 Rosencrans, Harold, 402 Rosenlind, Fred, 400 Rosenthal, Joyce, 291, 392 Rosenzweig, Leon, 291 Rosholt. John, 266, 426, 427 Ross, Mareta. 227, 378 Ross, Robert E., 398 Ross, Stanley, 416 Roth, Leo, 291 Roth, Sydney. 263 Rothschopf, Kenneth, 118, 288. 414 Rothstein, Robert, 101, 291, 318, 368, 422, 423 Roughton, Curtis, 408 Rous, Paul. 351, 420 Rouse. Peter. 268 Routson. Jack. 282 Rovira, Luis, 101, 110, 147, 252, 226, 347, 400 Rowe, Lois, 101, 300, 372 Howe, Richard. 329 Roy, Bette, 144, 367, 382 Roy, Ralph, 326 Hoybal, Febronia, 144, 347 Rubin, Geraldine, 49, 118 Ruckhaus, Fred, 270, 276, 277, 290 Ruddell, Arden, 101, 276, 807 Ruddy, Marilyn, 49, 346, 348, 382. 383 Rudolph, Beverly, 390 Hueb, Manette. 344 Rule. Evelyn, 134 Rumble, Margaret, 144, 346, 388 Rupp, Thomas, 404 Rush, Robert, 144, 414 Rush, William, 414 Russell, Harold, 101 Russell, Henry, 134 Russell, Jean, 118, 276 Russell, Richard L., 290 Russell, William. 416 Rust, Quentin, 270 Rutledge, Robert. 147 Rutledge. Shirley, 144, 347, 372 Rutt, D,, 264 Ryan, Kathlenn, 49, 122, 382 Ryan, Margaret, 101, 382 Ryan, Rupert, 147 Ryan, Thomas, 402 Rymer, Shirley, 341 Rymill, Shirley, 101, 292, 306 s Sabin, Nancy, 48. 109, 118. 295, 320, 323, 334. 335 Sackman. Jeanne. 281. 390 Safran, Marilyn, 291, 344 Sainsbury, Cleo, 230 Sakol, Gloria. 340 Sale. William. 404 Salomon, Howard, 291 Salzer, Willard, 291, 422 Sammons, Donald, 134 Sampson, Ira, 118, 291. 422 Sampson, Jack, 410 Sams, Donald, 299, 428 Sanchez, Fortuny, 279. 321 Sandberg, Hilma, 144. 347. 394 Sandberg. Lillian. ICl. 347 Sanders, Eunice, 306, 333 Sanders, Jeannette, 286 Sanders, Maurice, 430 Sanders, Thos., 286 Sandham, Thomas, 143 Sandhouse, Charles, 408 Sandmann, Dorothy, 380 Sando, Francis, 101 Sandquist, Robert, 264 Sanford, Welbourne, 426 Santi, Oscar, 416 Santo, Domingo, 263 Sargent, Robert, 400 Sass, Andrew, 101 Sass, Donna, 101, 293, 323 Sato. Amy, 118 Sattcnstein, Ilene, 291, 392 Satterstrum, Clara. 144 Satterwhite, William. 426 Saulcy, Martha, 144, 346, 372 Saunders, George, 307 Saunders, Julia. 321 Saunders, Romaine, 293 Savage, Gerald. 302 Savage. Leontina, 118 Savonen, Eugene, 271, 424 Sawyer, Kenneth, 416 Sawyer, Maurice, 263 Saylor, Patricia, 340, 390 Schabes, Gloria, 102, 388, 389 Schaefer, Eugene, 329 Schaeffer, Elvira. 280 Sohafer, David, 274 Sohafer, John, 134, 426 Scheele. Jean, 288, 394 Scheib, Francis, 302 Schemmel, Janet. 48. 109, 212, 252, 267, 293, 323, 331, 334, 335, 376 Schlaefle, Imogene, 372, 373 Schlesinger, Barbara, 49, 372 Schlutius, Barbara, 144, 297, 346, 384 Schmechel, Ruth, 145 Schmeeckle, Doris. 146, 357 Schmid, Helen, 345 Schmidt. Clifford. 329 Schmidt, Katherine, 384 Schmidt, Theodore, 93, 102, 212, 282. 414. 415 Sohmittel, Donna, 134. 265, 324, 340 Schmitz, Bernard. 302 Schneberger, Mary, 122, 134, 293, 323, 380 Schneider, Eugenia, 280 Schneider, Milton, 134. 262 Schneider, Robert, 134, 287 Schneider, Stanford, 147 Schoelzel, Elaine, 118, 382 Schoen, Kenneth, 134, 291, 422 Schoeneck, Lois, 145, 347, 394 Schoolland, John, 282, 299 Schooley, Frank, 299 Schrader, Harley, 277 Schreincr, Reuben, 263, 432 Schrepfermen, Richard. 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 168, 170, 275. 416, 417 Schrier, Stanley, 118, 123, 291, 422 Schroeder, Donna, 357 Schroeder, Joan, 357 SchroU, Charles, 424 Schuh, William, 426 Schuller, Frances, 145, 347, 394 Schulmeister, Fred C, 308 Schulz, Bonnibel F,, 341 Schumacher, Suzanne A.. 118. 369, 394 Schwalbe, JoAnne, 57, 70, 102, 218, 253, 271, 313. 320, 322, 334, 335, 380. 381 Schwartz. Bruce L., 263, 290 Schwartz, Glenn A., 291, 422 Schwartz, Jerome M., 434 Schwartz, Sanford B., 276 Schwartz, Stanley H., 118, 123, 291, 422, 423 Schweizer, Helen E., 102, 341 Schwilke, Teresa R,, 388 Scidmore. Don L., 263 Scofield, Gerald R., 307 Scoggan, Victor V., 263 Sconce, Arlene A., 213, 382 Scott, Edythe L., 134 Scott, George, 47 Scott, Jeanne M., 286 Scott, Joseph E., 134. 432 Scott, Kenneth D., 118 Scott, Loren P,, 134. 294 Scott, Martha J., 134, 340, 370 Scott, Mary J., 344 Scott, Ralph K,, 102, 275 Scott, Rex H.. 147 Scott, Robert E., 102, 270, 275, 424 Scott, Robert R., 432 Scott, Robert W., 270 Scoville, Wilber E., 146, 290 Scruby, Ralph E., 410 Scruggs, Roy G., 102 Seaman, Dorothy E., 354 Seamon, Ernest R,, 316 Sears, Janet P., 267, 323, 388 Seavy, Jack F., 147 Seccombe, James C, Jr., 416 Secrest, John, 102, 325 Seebass. Nancy S., 146, 346, 376 Seeber, Norton C, 282, 428 Seefus, Joan, 394 Seeley, Margaret E.. 134. 302, 357 Seeton, Ross V., Jr.. 426 Segal, Howard, 290. 291 Segel, Judith M., 291, 293 Segur, Donald L., 145, 412 Seidel, Frederick P., 290 Seigworth, Helen, 303 Selbe. Rexford L., 102, 426 Selby, John E., Jr., 263 Selken, Veramae, 342 Sellers, Patricia R., 118, 340 Sellman, C. Frank, 118 Sells, John R., 430 Belters, Marjorie A., 146, 344 Sensel, Bernard, D,, 271, 400 Sensel, Margaret H., 267 Senser, Rudy H., 134 Sensor, Georgene, 134, 283. 394 Serat, William F., 218, 428 Service, Frankie L., 134, 388 Sethman, Dorothy E., 122, 293, 370 Sethman, Marjorie J,, 102, 370 Sethman. Mary F,, 102, 309, 321, 331, 370, Sewell, Clair, D.. 145 Seydel, Frank, Jr.. 267 Seyler, Anne, 48, 369, 370, 371 Shadinger, Charles D., 216, 408 Shadrach, Danieal P., 147 Shaeffer, John, 424 Shaff, Lynn, 370 Shakeshaft, Alston J., 134. 416 Shaner, James H,, 102, 282, 428 Shanley, JoAnne, 384 Shapson, Bernard, 147, 274, 291 Sharp, Donald W., 276 Sharp, Joanne J., 102, 876 V-. Shaskey, E. W.. 864 Shasteen, Donald E,, 134. 414 ■ Shattuck, John B., 145, 408 Shavel, Stanley E., 271 Shaver, Charles R.. 279. 293 Shaver, Peggy L,, 146. 344 Shaw, Dorothy L., 119, 325, 341 Shaw, Gene L., 398 Shaw, Margie J., 217, 372 Shaw, Russell R., 410 Shaw, William H, R.. 102. 266. 293 Shawver, Marian A,. 283, 390 Sheaf f, Howard M., 420 Shearer, Eugene M.. 102 Shearer, Thelma J.. 145, 347 Sheehan, John D., 402 Sheelagh, Hanna, 134 Shendell, Harry, 436 Sheldon, Douglas P., 262 Sheldon, James R., 263. 264 Sheldon, Richard W.. 267 Shell. John W., 266, 428 Shelley, Betty Jean, 347. 374 Shenefelt, Sandra, 344. 384 Shepherd, Joan C, 138. 357. 384 Shepherd. John M.. 134. 428 Sheppard, Edith J., 119. 306. 324. 333 Sheppard, John R.. 333 Sheppard, Norman R., 275, 410 Sheridan, David S.. 102. 110. 206, 275. Sherlock, Margaret E., 344, 382 Sherlock, Mary, 302 Sherman, Harvey R., 412 Sherman, Richard F., 134 Sherman. William L., 134. 432 Sherwood, Clifford. 102. 430 Sherwood, Marjorie. 145, 315, 347, 388 Shestak, Ted. 134 Shevlin, Virginia M.. 388 Shidler, Elsie B., 227 Shimer, William M.. 263 Shinbaum. Frances B., 291 Shipp, Mary Ann, 119, 292, 300, 327 Shipp, Ralph D.. 282 Shively, Ray V., 119, 271 Shockey, Everett L., 408 Shoemaker, John H.. 406. 407 Shoemaker. Sara M., 102 Shomaker, Gordon A.. 289 Shook. Donald J,, 147 Shore, Edithann, 291, 392 Shore. Jerome F., 291, 422 Short, Paul L., 412 Shraughran, K., 264 Shuford, Thomas L., 271 Shuger, George V. C, 295 ShuU, £. Maxine, 102, 300 Shull, James G., 119, 428 ShuU, Paul E., 134. 299, 414 Shultz, John F., 424 Shultz, Peggy P.. 322 Shumate, Marjorie H.. 102 Shwartz. Nathan. J.. 134, 291. 422 Siccardi, Angelo J., 270 Siegwarth, Helen J., 344 Siekmeier, Leonard S., 414 Sierota, Felia, 119, 291 Sievers, Robert J,, 230 Sigman. Rita J., 344 Sigvaldson, Alice R.. 382 Silver, Virginia J., 127. 291, 392 Silverberg, Fred S., 291, 434 Silverman, Joan B., 344 Silvio, Phyllis M., 134, 230, 347 Simmonds, Richard J.. 270. 277 Simmons, Myrtl e J., 118, 394 Simmons. Richard M.. 134, 263, 279 Simon. Eileen M.. 134. 291. 392 Simonds, Norma E.. 119. 276, 394, 396 Simons, Laurence B., 291. 422 Simons, William S.. 162, 169, 275, 402 Simonsen, Frances M., 102. 369, 376 Simpson, Cecil J., 134, 414 Sincerbeaux, Marion E., 119, 283, 388 Sinclair, Richard C. 416 Singleterry, Lois J., 325. 347 Singleton, Marie E. D., 341 Sinks, Mary J., 357 Sinton, Wilbur G.. 329 Sittig. Eugene A.. 102, 404 Sitzman. Geraldine A., 145 Sivers, Wendell C. 277 Skalla, Derald Z., 271 Skarts. R.. 262 Skavdahl. Howard. 102. 271, 330, 332 Skeats, Victoria M., 322 Skibbe. Cornelia L.. 199. 153, 288 Slate, Gloria D., 134, 340 Slater, Delma Grace, 394 Slatkin. Norton. 283 Slavik, Ruth Virginia. 119, 265, 283 Slawson, Kenneth F., 215. 428 Slawson, Nevin H.. 368. 428, 429 Sletten. Kenneth G.. 430 Sloan. Hazel J.. 388 371 Slobodnik, Robert M., 271 Slonecker, Robert N., 102. 329 Small. Mary E., 119 Smathers, John H., 102. 293 Smathers. Millicent E., 134 Smedley, Robert W., 402 Smigelow. Eleanor R., 146, 346 Smith, Alvin E,. 262 Smith. Bernard N,, 206 Smith, Betty Jane, 306, 378 Smith, Betty Jean, 119, 341 Smith, Billie J., 344 Smith, Blake C. 404 Smith, Carl E.. 146 Smith. Carolyn R., 48, 70, 102, 226, 264, 309, 369, 376, 377 Smith, Charles E., 218 Smith, Douglas H., 134 Smith, Doyle G., 134. 307 Smith, Eileen M., 103 Smith, Feay, B., Jr., 398 Smith, George S., 400 Smith, Gurdon, F., 270, 410 Smith, Harold F., 119, 268, 269 Smith, Harold J., 262 Smith, Howard L.. Jr., 134, 406 Smith, Jack, £., 145 Smith, James A., 424 Smith, Janet L., 376 Smith, Jerry L., 402 Smith, Joanne £., 347, 386 Smith. John E,, 332 Smith, Joseph D., 271 Smith, Joseph R., 103. 164. 268, 269 Smith, Kathryn H.. 380, 381 Smith, LeCIair, 412 Smith, Lucy J., 103, 310, 331, 370 Smith, Madge L., 145, 290, 345 Smith, Margie L., 122. 134, 293, 327 Smith. Marijo E.. 267, 327 Smith, Mary V., 345 Smith, Mildred G.. 218. 322 Smith. Nancy J.. 119. 341. 382 329 Smith. Patricia J.. 145, 326, 345, 384 Smith, Raymond V.. 271. 273 Smith, Robert A., 263. 313 Smith, Robert F.. 103 Smith. Robert L., 398 Smith, Stanley P., 286 Smith, Sue A.. 378 Smith, Valerie S., 145, 283, 346 Smith, Vernon H.. Jr.. 404 Smith, Virginia M., 134, 302, 321, 372 Smith, Walter D., Jr., 119 Smith, Wayne A., 119 Smith, William D., 332, 426 Smith, William H., 52, 119, 282, 408, 409 Smith, William S., 145 Smukler. Charles H., 271 Smutny. Edgar J., 267, 293 Smyth, Irene W., 69, 96, 103. 384 Snead, Albert D., 369 Snow, Curtis M., 266 Snyder. Irwin L., 291 Snyder, Jane L,. 327 Snyder, Nancy E.. 145. 356 Snyder, Ronald L., 263. 400. 401 Snyder. Wilfred. 119 Sobenhimer, Harriet, 347. 380 Sobey. Marguerite L.. 119, 227, 276, 327, 340 Soiffer, Joseph I., 291 Soldat, Joseph K.. 68 ' 90, 291 Solomon, David, 291 Solomon, Henry. 9J 1 Solomon, Marvin. 22 7 Solomon, Morton A.. 262, 269, 291 Sommers, Herb rt M., 119, 267, 351 Son, Reta R.. 344 Sorrensen, Sr iley A., 119, 380 Sosno, Ruth ' ., 134, 217, 891, 398 Soto, Marc-; ) ) H,, 870 462 Student Index— continued Souser, Dorothy E., 118. 341 Southworth, Florence H., 147, 219 Southworth, Phyllis }.. 103 Sowell, Verna J., 326. 347 Spackman, Katharine L., 384 Spangler, Ida Mae. 103. 292 Spangler, Janice J.. 344 Spann, Frank G., Jr.. 263 Spannaus, Audrey A.. 145. 247. 378 Spannuth. Ray I.. 134. 227 Spano, Dorothy E.. 297. 302, 344 Sparks, Charles J.. 299, 332 Sparks, Felix L.. 219 Sparks. Warren 0., 270 Spear, Thelma H.. 341 Spears. Barbara J.. 374 Speck, Joyce L.. 372. 134 Speck. Richard L., 414 Speers. Robert C, 276 Spence, Clark C, 274 Spence, Frances E.. 306. 333 Spencer, Alice J.. 163. 341 Spencer, Donald H., 414 Spencer, Genevieve R., 136 Spencer, Maralyn M.. 103. 273 Sperry. Donald M.. 103. 211. 426 Spicer, Robert, 162. 164. 173. 276, 416, 417 Spicer, Walter L., 146. 408 Spickert, Norman L.. 271 Spielmann. Beverly K.. 146, 316, 347, 384 Spillane, Frank T.. 319. 426 Spindler. Francis E.. 68. 76, 104, 263, 319 Spitzer, Norman B., 271, 291 Spohn. Hal C. 271 Spoon, Eleanor A., 370 Spore, Roy G.. 408 Spore. Vera E.. 388 Spradley, John 0.. 263 Sprague, Edward C.. 68, 104. 262, 266 Sprague, Shirley G., 145, 357, 370 Spratlen, John W., 402 Springer, Barbara A.. 346 Springer, Floyd L., 432 Springer. Louise M.. 344 Spurlin, Melvin D., 119. 376. 436 Squire, Mary A., 122. 267. 382 Squire, Wilbur W.. 270 Srader. Myron, 330 St. Aubyn, Glenn H., 110, 147, 430 St. Clair, Darrel G.. 119 St. Clair. Julia R.. 146, 347. 378 St. Clair, Patricia A., 101. 106, 281, 293. 378, 379 St. John, Carl F., 119. 870. 412 Staats. Margaret E.. 346 Stack, Robert W., 412, 413 Stackhouse. Jacques A., 119, 426 Stadler, Edward G., 271 Stagner, Harold F., 272 Stailey, Elizabeth A., 146. 344. 388 Stailey, Margaret J.. 119. 276, 388 Btallings, Don E., 123 Stallings, William H., 219 Stamm. Harley, 307 Standifer, Maxine, 276 SUnley, Leon R., 216, 424 Stanley, Thomas K.. 267, 414 Stanton, Jeanne L., 104, 369, 384 Stapf, Lois E.. 119 Stapp, Kenneth P., 271 Starbuck. John G., 412 Starbuck, Lois J., 273, 376 Starika, Beverly R., 122, 136, 230, 323, 324, 327 Stark, John E., 414 Stark, Marvin, 291 Starks, Charles R., 416 Starr, Hartley I., 119, 424 Starr, Paul D., 263, 329 Stastny, Everett E., 426 Statton, James D., 268, 269 Staufenberg. Isabel, 378 Stearns, Barbara J., 384 Stearns, Judith P., 122, 135, 331, 334, 336, 347, 388 Steams, Paul E., 293 Stebbins, William F.. 270 Steckel, Lenora J., 145, 347, 382 Stedwell, Marion, 104, 262, 266 Steel, Laurie E.. 370 Steffen, Harry E., 410 Steffen, June M., 273 Steger, Julius G., 271 Steiert, Clarence J., 119, 268 Steik, Carolyn K., 315, 380 Stein, Donald W., 267. 329 Stein, Janet R.. 291. 346 Stein, Stanley I.. 291. 422 Steinmetz. Marvin H., 410 Stenicka. Charles E., 302, 410 Steph, Harlan J., 104, 307 Stephen, Walter F., 268 Stephens, Robert V., 119 Stephenson, John D., 414 Stephenson, Stanley E., 263, 424 Stephenson, Walter L., Jr., 146, 414 Sterling, Robert H., 285, 416 Sterling, Violet R., 324. 827 S ' -ttler, Robert, Jr., 136, 420 S ' ury, Corinne F.. 342 St. vens, Gerald M.. 216, 430 8t :Vf ' ns, Jo Anne, 135, 380 Stev.-nj, Richard B., 416 8tov.jf.». Robert F., 329 Stevcni, Russell L., 147 Steward, Mary L., 283 Stewart, Alaine B., 135, 874 Stewart, H« nry, 136 Stewart, Mary L., 146. 847, 880 Stewart, Patricia R., 104, 386, 387 Stewart. William W., 416 Stine, George H.. 217. 283 Stinemeyer, William R,, 408 Stines, Kenneth J., 119, 270 Stobie, Helen. 316 Stock. James. 432 Stoecker, Lawrence R., 432 Stoffel, Mary F., 122, 380 Stokes, Roger L., 264. 414 Stokes. Suzanne, 135, 347 Stoltz. Jack H., 400 Stone, Kenneth E.. 308 Stoneman. Richard W.. 119 Storer. William L., Jr., 428 Stover, Thomas B., Jr., 119 Stowe. William E., 135. 420 Strader. Nancy J.. 48. 49, 70, 104, 262, 376, 377 Strain, Richard L.. 271 Strain. Robert C. 313. 329 Stranahan. Mary J., 119, 380 Strasser, Robert E., 271 Stratton, Robert L., 119, 432 Strauss, Henry L.. 291 Strear, Carol R., 291, 340, 392 Strell, Lorraine M., 302, 346 Stringer, Harriet D., 213. 382 Stripling. Lee B., 325 Strobel, John R., 162, 163, 165, 166, 168, 275, 416, 417 Struthers, John E., Jr.. 416 Stuart. James B., 119. 290 Stubbe, David G., 270 Studebaker, James B., 271, 404 Stunkard, Maribelle. 119, 327 Stutheit, Delores A., 49, 109, 119. 263. 293, 326, 334, 335. 345. 348 Stutzmann, Paul E., 276 Sucher, Edward M.. 119 Sucher. John D., 264, 398 Sugano, Kimie, 347 Sugarman. Rolla G.. 291. 392 Sugaski. Lloyd J., 52, 282, 416, 417 Sullivan, Ann J., 104 Sullivan, Charles H., Jr., 136 Sullivan, Edward, 135 Sullivan, Elizabeth J., 341 Sumikawa, Henry T,, 136 Summers, Boyd, 293 Summers, William B., 293 Sun, Huai C. 278 Sunchez. Pat. 302 Sundberg. Delbert F., 329 Sundstrom, Gloria M.. 104, 340 Sung, Le Yen, 278 Swanfeldt, Patricia K., 136, 341 Swann, Barbara J.. 344 Swann, Mary L., 345 Swanson, Carl R., 136. 270, 412, 413 Swanson, Roy E., 104, 263, 268, 322 Swanson, Stanley S.. 120 Swarthout. Howard W.. 263 Sweeney, Robert M., 120, 179, 431 Sweet, Marilyn L.. 146. 346, 382 Swetnam, Robert I., 135 Swits, Roswell, 410 Swisher, Carl, 69 Sykes, Patricia A., 135 Symes, Richard M., 410 Symons, Charles H., 263 Sytz, Helen I., 104, 382 Szerwo, Joseph M., 271 Taggart, Mark. 400 Taguchi, Douglas, 274, 296 Tai, Chao Yao, 278 Tai, Clare Chu, 278 Tait, Eleanor, 136, 297, 374 Talbot. John, 216. 286. 416 Talcott, Vernon, 120, 329 Tallant, Ellis, 136 Tallman, Dorothy, 104, 388 Talmage, Marjorie, 346. 378 Talpers, Stanley, 286, 291. 293. 422 Tanabe. Alice. 347 Tang, Ju Yao, 278 Tanner, Arthur, 162, 167, 169, 275, 426, Tanner, Gareth, 402 Tanner, Henry, 402 Tanner, Hope, 120, 306 Tansey. John, 135, 302 Tapp, Bancroft, 145, 408 Tarboi, Shirley, 290 Tarkoff, Ruth, 186, 392 Tarmas, lia, 267, 293 Tatge, Dayne, 136, 283, 376 Taub, Suzanne, 291, 346 Tautz, Leeroy, 135, 263 Tavel, Howard, 123, 291, 422 Taylor, Arthur, 128 Taylor, Carson, 408 Taylor, Eloise, 146, 346, 372 Taylor, Eugene, 276 Taylor, George, 136, 271, 430 Taylor, Georgia, 341 Taylor, Lewis, 276, 400 Taylor, Marjorie, 286, 292, 300, 327, 357 Taylor, Mary, 878 Taylor, Nancy, 146, 283, 344 Taylor, Robert, 482 Taylor, Thomas, 271 Taylor, Vern, 408 Taylor, Virginia, 810, 316, 341 Taylor, Wilmot, 402 Tearnan, Clyde, 147 Teasdale, Jay, 104, 272 Teasley, Katherine, 120, 286, 390 Teetzel, Joyia, 136, 341 Telep, Samuel, 147 Telfer, James, 104, 283, 414 Telk, Louis, 414 Tempest, John, 416 Templar, Joan, 136. 340. 376 Temple. Charles, 275, 416 Templeman, Rojean, 146, 356 Tenenbaum, Harold, 291 Teng, Ta Chun, 278 Tennant, Audrey, 276 Tepley, Lee, 120, 291 Terrell, Thomas, 272 Terry, Robert, 416 369, Tessler, Virginia, 345, 372 Tessmer, Warren, 263 Teutsch, Lyle, 147 Tew, Harry, 104, 262, 266 Thalhamer, Gerald. 361 Tharinger. Richard. 283 Thayer, Margaret. 49, 120, 216, 378 Thebus. John, 428 Theis. Robert, 47. 147. 416 Theiss, Calvin, 263 Thiese, Rex, 293. 324. 327 Thoman, B., 264 173, Thomas, Beverley, 122, 276, 290 Thomas, Elinor, 136, 370 Thomas, Frank, 321 Thomas, Harold, J.. 120 Thomas. John H.. 271, 404 Thomas, John P.. 120, 123, 430, 431 Thomas, Lucile, 135 288, Thomas, Norma, 120, 292, 317 Thomas, Richard, 271 Thomas, Richard R., 432 Thomas. Robert, 146, 427 Thomas, Robert L., 406 Thomas, Robert V.. 426 Thomas, Victor, 404 Thomas, Victor G.. 263 Thomas, William. 269, 291, 422 Thompson, Carol, 122, 376 Thompson, Charles S., 106. 272 Thompson, Donald F.. 68, 263 Thompson, Donald, 402 Thompson, Dorothy, 135 Thompson, Lloyal. 136 Thompson, Lois, 357 Thompson, Meredith, 105, 265, 296 Thompson, Muriel, 106, 324, 342 Thompson, Roy, 135 Thompson, Shirley, 357, 378 Thompson, Thomas. 416 Thompson, Wayne. 293 Thompson, Peter, 408 Thompson, Samuel, 271 Thomson, Harrison, 69 Thomson, Greig, 424, 425 Thornburg. Ashley, 105 Thornton, Fred, 106, 428 Thornton, Ruth, 347 Thornton, Sue, 317 Thornton, Walne, 264 Thorp, Robeft, 418 Thorp, William, 230, 418 Thorson, Fredericka, 290, 347 Throm, Robert, 404 Thrower, Raymond, 332 Thulin, William. 867 Tibbs. George, 106. 297 Tidball. James. 276 Tien-Tsao, H Siah. 279 Tilker, James, 145 Tillema, John, 106 Tillman. Paul. 274 Tilton, Ann, 120. 292 Timblin. Lloyd, 36, 412 Timm, Vernon, 271, 418 Tinker, Lloyd, 428 Tippin, Billy, 271. 430 Tipton, Gene, 398 Tipton, Harry, 426 Titus, Cecilia. 364 Tobey, Robert. 402 Tobias, Ralph, 145. 428 Tobin, John, 147, 408 Todd, Frederick, 299, 308, 329 427 Todd, James, 420 Todd, John C, 416 Todd, John S., 120, 186, 404, 406 Todd, Nancy, 346 Toll, Roger, 106 Toltz, Warren, 422 Tomlin, Donna. 120. 227, 300, 332 Tomlinson, Dorothy, 384 Tompkins, Gordon, 106, 293, 318, 368, 430 Tomsic, Albert, 106 Tondre, Patricia, 346 To omey, Paul, 302, 420 Toops, John, 106, 262, 368, 402 Topp, Robert, 807 Topik. Hans, 271 Torbet, Robert, 106, 271 Torgerson, Mary, 136, 380 Torgney, Robert. 135. 216 Tower, Norman, 135, 262 Townsend, Elnora, 896, 297 Townsend, Lorell, 347, 380 Tozer, James, 146 Tozer, Janet, 105, 296, 369. 372, 373 Tozer, Marcia, 145. 346, 372 Traber, Wm. F.. 136 Tracy, William, S02 Trammell, Margaret, 882 Travis, Joanne, 341, 372, 480 Travis, Larry, 830, 293 Treece, James, 147 Trefz, Robert, 309, 293 Trommel, Dickerson, 332 Trent, Michael, 416 Tretche, Marie, 363 Trevithick. John. 69 Trier, Dana, 271, 414 Trindle. Joseph, 120, 430 Tripp. John. 146 Trotter, Elwood, 136 Trueblood. Constance, 136. 283, 394 Truitt, Arthur, 329 Tryba, Arthur, 123, 302 Tryba, Ernest. 146. 361 Tucker, Richard. 434, 436 Tucker. Shirley. 340 Tucker. Wayne. 416 Tuff, Edith, 288 Tuller, June. 135. 215, 376 Tumin, David. 135, 230. 291. 434, 436 Tupes, Ruth. 364 Turbeville. Jack, 135 Turnbaugh. Robert. 271 Turner, Edward, 262, 299 Turner, John C. 408 Turner, John Edward. 120. 271 Turner, John E., 408 Turner, Robert. 136 Turner. Willis. 47. 60. 120. 295, 329 Turnley, William, 329 Turnquist. Edwin. 106, 408 Tursman. Stanley. 302 Tuthill, David. 147, 290. 333 Tutt. Sarah. 136, 341 Twombly, John, 68, 290 Twyman, Hubert. 120 Tyree, Frank, 106 u Udevitz, Marvin P., 263, 291 Udevitz, Norman G.. 217 Udolph, Gerald A., 271, 291 Uhrich, Shirley J., 136 Ullman. Claire. 136, 384 ITnfug, Harry V., 106, 267, 279, 293 Untiedt, Carol F.. 146, 331. 347 Upton, Mary E.. 146, 332, 344 Urich, Glenn P., 120. 424 Usher. Dorothy L., 106, 292 Utlaut, Wilma R.. 136, 338 Vague, Harold R.. 147 Vahue, Leonard R.. 146, 418 Valas, Harry R.. 263 Van Arsdale. James W.. 106 Van Decar, Helen F., 120. 376, 429 Vandervort, James R., 136, 402 Van Diver, Bradford, 290 Van Duzee, Patricia H., 276, 357, 374 Van Eman, Clarice V., 347 Van Fradenburg, Jean, 106 Van Hoorebeke, George W., 120, 432 Van Hyning. Patricia, 122. 212. 290. 347 Van Law, Carol L., 122, 136, 334, 335, 380 Van Law, Richard D.. 414 Van Meter, Charles 0., 329 Van Nattan, William R.. 276 Van Petten, Edward E., 404 Van Shaw, Martha Lee, 136, 352, 382 Vance, Alfred W.. 802, 430 Vanderwilt. Christine. 106. 216. 374 Vanderwilt. Joanna. 347, 374 Vanderwilt, William K., 68, 106, 216, 426, 427 Vandewark, James D., 136, 426 Varner, Charles E., 279, 418 Varner, Venice E., 136, 217, 3 46, 386 Varner, Walter W., 263. 283 Vassar, Rena Lee, 49. 291. 347 Vaughan, Richard, 106, 108, 271 Vaughan, Tommie Lou, 382 Vavra, John D., 293 Vawter, Wallace R.. 140, 428 Vayda, Michael M.. 230 Veach. Donna L., 146. 347 Veletsos. Alexander, 268 Ventuleth, Frederick E.. 418 Vertrees, Kenneth M., 268, 269 Veseth, Raymond C. 412 Vessels, Jerry E., 106, 270, 277 Vezina, Hazel E., 106 Vickers, William H.. 263 Viders, Jack R.. 434 Viele, Betty D.. 289, 309, 327 Vifll, Frank, 802 Vining, William H.. 275, 416 Virtue, Ralph T.. 277 ; Viteriae, Ernest J.. 263 j- Vittitoo, Jack 0., 301 Vogel, Leo C, 271 Vogeler, Nancy G., 146, 306 Vogelsang, Stanley J., 68, 270, 877 Vogler, Harry W., 106. 216, 426, 427 Volk, Arthur A.. 272, 888 Volker, William W.. 414 Volquardsen, Leland J,, 120. 275, 480 Von Ehrenkrook, William, 270 Von Holit, Marion R., 382 Von Wyl, Margaret J., 384 Von Wyl, Paul H., 414 Vendor Haar, Frank J., 136 student Index— continaed 463 Voorhees, Lucien W.. 146. 398 Vorgang. Lila B., 394 Voss, Edwin H.. 106, 870 Voss. Marlyn W.. 120 Vural, Turan, 136, 279 w Wachob, Virsinia, 48, 122, 331, 380, 381 Waddell, Claude E., 68, 313 Waddington. David, 276, 290 Wade, Bertha Ann, 364 Wade, William C, 264 Wadleigh, Ronald G., 136 Wadley, Harold R., 264 Wagner. Carlene P., 378 Wagner. Jean G., 341 Wagner, Norma R.. 106, 212, 390, 391 Wahler, William A,, 302 Wainscott. Jane F., 106. 296 Wait. Barabra L.. 341. 394 Waite, Mary Lou. 122, 290, 322 WakeSeld. Paul R.. 263 Wakeman, Donald, S32, 428 Waldo, Robert D., 106. 313. 410 Walker. Cynthia R.. 346, 374 Walker. Franklin D.. 146, 227, 269 Walker. Glenn M., 146 Walker. James L., 106. 414 Walker. John G., 398, 399 Walker. Marilyn P.. 320. 388 Walker. Richard F.. 263 Walker, Roger D.. 424 Walker. Thomas R.. 147. 216. 368. 432, 433 Walker, Vineta F.. 104. 106, 293 Walker, William H.. 263 Walkling. Charlotte A., 346 Wall. Virginia E.. 146. 367 Wallace. Rosemary. 341 Wallbank. Lincoln D.. 416 Wallengren, Delbert E., 428 Wallin. John W.. 263, 302 Walseth, Russell M., Jr., 106, 110, 180, 275. 427 Walsky. Herman, 291 Walter, Mary Jane, 106, 327 Walter, M., 264 Walter, Patricia Jean, 369. 386 Walter, William H., 106. 271 Walters. Marguerite D.. 106 Walters. William R.. 361. 400 Walther. D. Jane, 120. 288. 310. 362, 394 Walton. John E.. 262 Walz, Frank C. 412 Wampler. Wilson W., 404. 406 Wamsley. Walter F.. 136. 408 Waneka. Kenneth W.. 276, 297 Wang, Pel Tsu. 278. 307 Ward. Barbara J.. 74, 107, 369, 378, 379 Ward, Pistol, 283 Ward, John H., 263, 418, 419 Warder. Violet M.. 344. 372 Ware. Richard M.. 406 Warlick. John G., 107. 110. 402 Warnes. Byron. 136. 428 Warren. Charles L. C. 123, 136, 408 Warren. Harry A., 313 Warren. Jack L., 107, 276 Warren. Katherine L,, 136 Warren. Margaret, 344 Warren, Mary E.. 120, 340. 370 Warren. Merritt C. 219 Warren. Ruth Anne. 114. 293, 331, 390 Warren. Winnie B.. 283, 342 Warshauer, Theodore F., 416 Washburn. Sally. 382 Waters. Jane F.. 146. 382 Waters, Mary Ellen. 388 Waters, Robert. 360 Waters. Samuel Theodore. 279 Watkins. Vernon L., 270 Watson. Barbara J.. 366, 374 Watson, Harold, 410 Watson, Harry K.. 120, 263 Watson, K. Bert, 147, 424 Watson, Leah C. 265 Watson. Mary Jo. 293 Watt, Russel Hyde, 267 Watts, Dwight B., 276 Watts, James N.. 269. 410 Watts, Lawrence M., 263 Wawrose, Frederick E., 267, 412 Waxman. Milton J.. 291, 434 Waymire. Shirley E., 346, 380 Wears. Marie F.. 136. 310, 362, 394 Weathers. Shirley E.. 370 Weaver. Marion A.. 146, 216. 217, 346, 374 Weber. Donald R., 428 Weber. Frank A., 302 Weber. Mary Louise. 378 Weber. Wm. Frederick. 428 Webster. Harry K.. 414 Weeks, Harvey. 120, 293 Weese, Albert M., Jr.. 432 Webby. Lavern J.. 107. 271 Wehner. Barbara A., 120. 326, 341 Weil. Jack B.. 434 Weil, Jeanne F.. 122 Weiler. Margaret C, 345, 388 Weiler. Mary E,, 388 Weinberg, Robert J.. 107, 291 Weinberger, Alvin L., 69, 147. 219, 291 Weinberger. Berte Alice, 283, 341 Weinberger. Daniel. 289, 291 Weinberger, Mary, 289 Weindling, H. Ben., 107, 291, 422 Weiner. Leonard. 146. 291. 422 Weiner. Robert L., 123. 291. 422 Weinfeld. Herbert, 291 Weinhart. John A., 426 Weirick, Richard Carver, 416 Weiser, Kenneth B., 291, 434, 435 Weiss. Frances, 291 Weiss. Norma J., 120, 344, 374 Weiss, Vernetta M.. 367 Welcher. Marguerite A., 378 Weldon. Donald M.. 410 Welker. Susan J., 107, 321, 384 Wells, Briant H.. 416 Wells, Byron L.. 418 Wells. Delilah M.. 136, 262, 322, 341 Wells. Edwin O., 147 Welschmeyer. Johanna M., 120, 266 Weltner. Catherine W.. 107 Weltner. William H.. 106, 107, 400 Wendelken, R. Ben.. 263 Wendell. Richard M.. 410 Wennberg, Esther E.. 120 Wensley. Alfred W.. 270 Wenzel, Carol R., 69, 90. 107, 293. 309, 370, 371 Wenzel, Cherry, 146. 347, 380 Werber, Shirl L.. 291 Worth. Glenn C. 218 Wesley. Wendell P., 272, 282 West. Daniel S.. 120. 410. 411 West. Harold. 269, 286. 291 West. Harold 0., 120. 424 West. John Milton, 107. 420 West. Maynard R.. 400 West. Susan J.. 217. 357 Westberg. Richard W.. 263 Westerwick. Janet C. 146. 306, 333 Westerwick. Robert A.. 269 Westfeldt, Patrick M., 147, 219 Wetmore, Alfred J., 263, 274 Wezelman. Judith I.. 291, 346 Whaley. Shelby L,. 120. 214. 216 Wheeler, Barbara A.. 136. 140 Wheeler. James E.. 282. 408 Wheeler. Robert W.. 290 Wheeler. Russell N.. 216, 426 Wheeler. Sue. 388 Wheeler. Walter E.. 120. 402. 403 Whelan. Thomas E., 120 Whetsel, Elizabeth, 281 Whilmore. Phyllis. 265 Whisenant. Joe Wayne, 283 Whisler, Lawrence M., 147 Whitaker, Brown, 404 Whitaker, Kenneth. 99. 107, 318 Whitaker. Robert V.. 329 Whitaker, Samuel R.. 218 White, Alice Mary, 384. 385 White. Douglas. 426 White. Edgar. 147 White, Jacque, 107. 272 White, Margaret, 146, 344 White, Otis, 410 White, Robert, 107 White. S. David, 224, 308 Whiteside, Virginia. 300, 332 Whiting. Donald. 416 Whiting, Don na Jean, 146, 292. 344. 384 Whiting. Kenneth. 216. 430, 431 Whitley. Beverly, 146. 344, 380 Whitman, Nancy, 216, 390 Whitson, Martha, 120, 388 Whitten, Virginia, 107 Whittlesey, Reavis, 346 Wicks, Richard, 368. 410, 411 Wickstrom, Gordon. 329 Wickstrom. Wendell. 269 Wieben. John, 270 Wiegand. Peggy. 289 Wiener. Jacquelyn, 295, 342 Wiener. Nan. 146. 217. 346. 392 Wier, Virginia, 107. 388 Wierman, Ruth. 346. 388 Wiesler. James. 428 V Wiesler. Jean. 347. 382 Wiggins. James, 410 Wigton. Chester. 123. 136, 430 Wilcox, Jo Ann, 146, 216, 286, 357, 372 Wilcojtson, Harold. 416 Wilder. Doris. 107, 380 Wilfley, Arthur. 404 Wilfley. George. 136, 404 Wilhelm. Lillie. 390 Wilhite. Lora, 322 Wilhite, Louis. 262 Wilkinson. 66. 340. 388 Wilkinson, Ruth. 146. 344, 378 Willard. Jean, 390 Willed, Jean, 107. 374 Willhoite. Jcy. 382 Williams. Barbara. 108 Williams. Catherine. 347 Williams. Doris. 273, 290. 327, 380 Williams, Dwight. 146 Williams. Ellis. 271, 326 Williams, Esther. 122. 136, 380 Williams, Hubert, 262 Williams, Jacquelyn. 120. 302, 316, 394 WtUiams, James. 362. 414 Williams, John, 290 Williams, Lawrence. 147 Williams. Mary L.. 136. 300, 341 Williams, Mary. 341 Williams. Paul. 120. 215. 283. 414 Williams. Patricia. 324. 370 Williams. Robert, 136. 420 Williamson. Guy. 227 Williamson. Jane, 146, 227, 346, 384 Williamson, Thomas. 121 Willis, Donald. 121. 212. 408 Willis, Joan, 47, 49, 230, 252, 226, 341. 334. 336 Willis. Bobert. 108, 408 WilJoughby, Gary. 420 Wills William. 216. 416 Wilson. Alvin. 263 Wilson. Andrew. 136. 264 Wilson, Betty. 341 Wilson. Brooks. 108. 272. 430 Wilson. Earl. 283. 293. 414 Wilson. Helen. 296 Wilson. Ivan. 121 Wilson. Jean. 364 Wilson. Joanne. 136. 146 Wilson. Joanne. 367. 382 Wilson. John M.. 271 Wilson, John R.. 430, 431 Wilson. Kathryn, 266 Wilson, Madelyn. 136 Wilson. Newton. 283. 414 Wilson. Robert G.. 271 Wilson. Rollin. 276 Wilson. Shirley. I ' l. 340, 384 Winckel, Edgar, 264 Winegardner, Albert, 147, 416 Wines, James. 136, 420 Winfrey. William. 136 Wingo. Thomas. 136 Winkel. Rita. 323 Winkel. Robert. 293 Winningham. Sammy. 136, 410 Winslow. George. 424 Winslow. Warden, 108. 318, 402, 403 Winter. Margaret. 291, 344 Winters. Richard. 271 Winters. Waldo. 121 Wintersteen. Jean, 342 Wirick, Loretta. 69. 147. 293 Wirth. Marilyn. 108, 374 Wise. Kenneth. 266. 329 Wise. Robert. 110. 162. 164. 276, 414, 415 Wise. William. 271 Wisecup. Russell, 146. 420 Withington. Helen. 283. 286 Witsell. Eleanor, 267. 388 Witthauer. Beverly. 217. 346 Wivell. Emma Lou, 216. 378 Woelbing. Georgia. 340 Wogee. Katherine. 289. 364 Woitkiewicz. Joseph. 4 2 Wolf. Betsy. 49. 392. 393 Wolf. Robert. 424 Wolfe. James. 400 Wolfe. Shirley. 390 Wolff. Austin. 420 Wollbrinck. George. 147 Wollenweber. Louis, 416 Womer. Frank, 108, 307 Woo, Kun Kan, 278. 279 Wood. Edmund, 413, 420 Wood. Frances. 146. 346, 384 Wood, Harry, 275, 318 Wood, John. 108, 360, 361, 428, 429 Wood, Margaret, 146 Wood, Norma, 121. 346, 370 Wood, Robert H., 294 Wood, Robert M.. 68. 262, 269, 313. 319 Woodard, Janet, 146, 344, 380 Woodard. William. 121 Woodford, Doris, 302 Woodrow, Marianne. 146. 344. 374 Woodruff, Hubert, 108 Woodruff, Joe, 108 Woodruff, John, 108, 404 Woods, Albert. 263 Woods. John. 136 Woods. Kenneth. 262 Woods. Robert. 271 Woods. Shirley, 136, 394 Woods, Velma May, 364 Woods, William, 263 Woodsome, Frederic, CS, 108, 271, 313 Woodward, Charles, 410 Woodward, George, 68, 2€3, 264 Woodworth, Robert J., 271, 313, 398 Woodworth. Robert 0., 404, 405 Woolley. Richard. 293 Woolley. Thomas, 227 Woolsey. Kathleen, 146 Woolums, Albert, 215, 426, 427 Woolums. Edward. 216, 426 Worcester. Thomas. 123, 430 Work. Hubert, 136, 424 Works, John, 271 Works, Josephine, 340 Works, Lyla, 388 Worley, Frances, 121, 378 Worsham. Marie, 367 Worstell, Ann, 300, 341 Wotipka. John, 414 Wozney, Gilbert, 271, 302 Wright, Lucille, 341 Wright, Rosemary, 108, 378, 879 Wright, William S.. 330. 398 Wright. William W., 271 Wrighton. Thomas. 108, 110. 420 Writer. Virginia, 122, 136, 388. 369 Wu Nin Gan. 217. 278 Wuethrich. Anna, 136, 374 Wunderlich, John, 420 Wunderly. Leroy. 121. 275, 426, 427 Wylie, Billy, 408 Wylie, Frances. 121, 394 ■ Wynn. Edward, 291 Yager. Joseph Daniel, 408 Yaklich, Edward Math, 147 Yanaru, Dorothy Natsuko. 146, 347 Yant. Robert K.. 271. 414 Yantis. John Aubrey. 123. 402 Yarborough. Lawrence E., 263 Yealy. Sara Jane. 372 Yeargey. Virginia Gantz. 121 Yeros, John, 404 Ying, Tao Chen, 278 Yockers, Eleanor Ann, 136, 374 Young, Anne M., 121 Young, Barbara Ann, 146. 362. 367, 384 Young. Barbara Maxine, 108, 327 Young. Charles Edward. 108, 262, 266 Young, Frances Fisher, 384 Young, Herbert N,, 287 Young, James Roland, 108, 164 Young, Richard Marvin. 136, 412 Young, Roberta E., 146 Young. William S., 368, 404, 405 Youngclaus, George D., 270. 277 Younglund. Donald E.. 227 Younker. Edward Charles, 424 Yowell, George Kent, 121, 368, 418, 419 Yule. George Charles. 263 Yuncker. John Meredith. 282, 428 Yurdal, Yasar. 279 Zacharius, Robert M., 291 Zahn, Donald M., 400 Zaitz. Frank Joseph, 276 Zaitz. June Mariam, 302. 310. 344 Zak. Betty Jane. 291. 346. 372 Zall. Ronald Irwin. 291 Zandbergen. Petronella, 146. 347, 374 Zarlengo. Shirley A.. 302. 347 Zarlengo. Theodore G. 301, 308 Zary. Maion, 291. 322 Zeigler. George Edgar. 271 Zeigler, John Milton. 86, 276, 294 Zeitlin, Eugene Louis, 291 Zeitouni, Caesar D., 108, 271, 291 Zenkere, Kenneth Marvin, 154 Zerobnick, Martin Irwin. 146, 216, 291, 422 Zerschling, Keith Lee, 414 Zettler, Howard George. 294 Zick. Herbert Rolan, 408 Zillmann. Allene, 293 Zimmer, Charles E., 108 Zimmerman, William J., 269, 332 Zinck, Louis Richmond, 121, 262, 287 Zink, Howard Earl, 289 Zinn, Arthur Hirsch, 123. 267. 291, 422 Zinn. Robert Leonard. 291 Zisch. John Garnett, 47, 121, 147. 162, 163, 166. 168. 261. 276. 360, 430, 431 Zoriehak. Helen J., 302, 344, 882 Zorno, Robert F., 410 Zuber. Neill Daniel. Jr.. 146 Zugelder. Vera Jo, 136. 317. 321, 372 Zundel, Lucy Anna, 386 1 1- i. ' .rJx-h ' nulHtuac his: t-AT JBOffcjr Sat « »■■■ _ ' % X - . ' ■■ . • " oeok, " US ' narn Sprlne ATvniM, Idaho. ' l9 , 9 ' ■ ' « ' n«e ' . I °- i: r -: _ 4. ?., -£ %. Lc cHir ou cAaiMrr mk«ncuuu« ■OM (XCCLUIMCK 1 PHAalOCKT wm uk RCPUVI.IOUI D ' HAITI VIA AIR BO ' V k " ' CO ' ,«« Nt»tO JV ►A MailMiiviaclle I t % «k, Bdltrice d Color dan 1948, Boise, Idaho, t7«S«A« i

Suggestions in the University of Colorado - Coloradan Yearbook (Boulder, CO) collection:

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