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Gordon •• j;-..-.--.; :-:-ia foreword For the present University of Colorado and for the optimistic plans for the University of the future, the students, both alumni and the undergraduates of today, can well be proud. It has been the combined effort, spirit, and love of school, besides an enviable record of achievement, that have enabled the host of C. U. students of yesterday and today to build their school from the meager but well founded beginnings of sixty years ago to the recognized and rapidly expanding seat of learning that it is today. The University of today, in the first few years of a new age, is looking forward eagerly and courageously to the enlarged and improved school to which the people of the state of Colorado may look with added pride. It is the aim of all concerned with the development of C. U. that she carry on the fine traditions so well begun in the past and maintain the standards on the larger scale to which she will graduate before many months. This book published during the transition period will serve as a tie between the past and the future. So, with firm foundations laid in the past and a bright future ahead, the University makes the most of today. contents page cycloramus 7 cachexia 15 cabinet 25 classes 47 careerists 116 celebrities 123 c.u. of the future 130 campusactions 141 calisthenics 171 collaborations 217 colonies 271 captivators 287 combines 297 congruents 359 TURE STUDENT UNlO Q piza HssocmTGD OTUDGIITS of the UniVGRSITY of V-xOLORflDO editor HGLCn BIGGLOm business manager DOROTHY BGCmfln I WILL LIFT UP MINE EYES 1 DEDICATION • To the future University of Colorado . . . whose planned expansion will further the pursuance of education by the students of tomorrow... this 1947 Coloradan is sincerely and gratefully dedicated. •v 1 . W ,l r ' y 15 achexia The forty-niner scratched his head over Cachexia on this page, But the definition ' s not so hard and it ' s all the campus rage. It ' s a slightly morbid condition of body or of mind, And if you ' ve been a-partying you probably know the kind. Forty-nine years ago, the first Coloradan was born. So we ' re using an old prospec- tor in order to toot our horn. You ' ll find him on each section page so we ' ll introduce him now. Life at C. U. ' s first to come, so with Cachexia he makes his bow. L i Si z M Birds of a feather life at c. u. The power of the press The missing links Getting up in the world Rocks in their heads Lusty Dusty wm ' kiM Making points — Ihcrt is Positively the last time this year That ' s snow iun Honkong Blues That ' s the navy, kiddies life at c. u. When do you hong the pin. Phi Delts? Last night we had a party We ' ve had it life at c. u. Chesty? KAT session Tonsil display F.A.C. Registration blues??? Oh, what you said! life at c. u. No, I don ' t want to qo home ' y . i ' •«. A (SERVE ME UP A COUPLE OF THE SAME) 25 abinet Back in 1849, a bunch of miners bold Left the East and came out west in search of glittering gold, Some found the precious metal and others failed to strike. And even though not all got rich, all had a pleasant hike. Since war has left our campus at Colorado U., Enrollment here has doubled the original pre-war crew. The job of administration has gotten bigger too. But they ' ve done the job effici- ently; we owe much to very few. V - 26 Dean Mary Ethel Ball Dean Harry G. Carlson President Robert L. Stearns 28 regents Front row, left to right: Perkins, Stearns, Boyd, Chapman. Top row: Carr, Knowles, Charlton. Robert L. Stectrns President, University of Colorado Robert R. Knowles Sterling, Colo. Merritt H. Perkins Denver, Colo. Ralph L. Corr Denver, Colo. Roy M. Chapman Boulder, Colo. Alberta Pike Boyd Denver, Colo. Robert D. Charlton Denver, Colo. The Board of Regents is the governing body of the University. It is composed of six members who serve a period of six years each, two being retired each two years. They are elected by popular vote. The President of the University is automatically a member of the Board, which is charged with the administrative affairs of the University, authorizing all business, making all appointments, and assuming the responsibility of the institution. 29 executive council r Front row, left to right: Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Dean Rowland W. Dunham, Dean Elmore Petersen, President Robert L. Stearns, Dean W. F. Dyde, Dean Edward C. King, Dean Clifford G. Houston, Dean C. L. Eckel. Back row: Professor F. D. Bramhall, Professor Wayne S. Beattie, Captain Clifford A. Fines, Dean Harry G. Carlson, Eugene H. Wilson, Professor J. W. Broxon. Robert L. Stearns, President, U. of C. Philip G. V orcester, Dean of Graduate School Jacob Van Ek, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences C. L. Eckel, Dean of College of Engineering Edward C. King, Dean of the Law School Charles F. Poe, Dean, College of Pharmacy- Rowland W. Dunham, Dean of College of Music Elmore Petersen, Dean of School of Business Mary Ethel Ball, Dean of Women Harry G. Carlson, Dean of Men Clifford G. Houston, Dean of Division of Adult Edu- cation W. F. Dyde, Professor of Education, Dean of Uni- versity Clifford A. Fines, Capt. USN, Prof, of Naval Sciences Tactics F. D. Bramhall, Professor of Poltical Science Eugene H. Wilson, Director of Summer Quarter, Di- rector of Libraries Carl W. Bergman, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering J. W. Broxon, Professor of Physics Wayne S. Beattie, Acting Head of Dept. of Me- chanical Engineering The Executive Council is the executive body for the University Senate. It is composed of the President of the University, the deans of the colleges, and four members elected from the University Senate, two of whom are elected each year to serve for two years. They ore not eligible to succeed themselves. Although the Council has no power to enact permanent legislation, it may formulate regulations which are referred to the Senate. It is mainly a small group which con be called together quickly and easily by the President to decide upon emergency cases which arise in the University. 30 student affairs Ralph Prcrtor Director of Admissions His office sets up the regulations which govern the entrance into our Uni- versity. By means of personally di- rected high school visitation programs and circular advance information, the incoming student may become virell ac- quainted prior to his enrollment. He is also chairman of the Freshman Week Committee and supervises the recording of all student records. Gene Wilson Library Director Mr. Wilson, director of Colorado Uni- versity libraries, has the task of orient- ing library facilities to fulfill the re- quirements of an ever growing student body. His position is not limited to the campus proper but spreads out to in- clude the present endeavor of extending library aid to the rural communities of Colorado. William C. Lam Manager oi Athletics As Graduate Manager of Athletics for CU, " Kayo " Lam is the one who gets the big things — and many of the little things — done in the University athletic program. Besides capably holding down his job as Varsity wrest- ling coach, Mr. Lam ' s services are are largely responsible for our ex- tensive athletic activities. Mrs. Geraldine Leigh Auditor oi Student Activities She acts as financial advisor to all student organizations, and also serves in counseling, advising, and auditing accounts. Her reliable assistance in various all-school activities, including C. U. Days and Homecoming has proven to be invaluable. Leo V. Aspinwall Director oi Social Activities A smooth functioning social calendar of our student body is the responsibility of Mr. Aspinwall. He supervises all regulations coordinating the many ac- tivities on our campus. The many organizations such as clubs; social, pro- fessional, and honorary fraternities and sororities are governed by his commit- tee. 31 student affairs W. C. Toepelman Director oi Business Aiiairs With able assistance from a well organized staff, Mr. Toepelman has been more than occupied by the problem of housing the returned veterans on the University of Colorado campus. Ad- mired by all who know his work, Mr. Toepelman has done one of the most outstanding jobs which has been under- taken by the university during the past year. John B. Schoolcmd Director oi Counseling His is the task of directing the stu- dents to fields best suited for them as shown by coordination of aptitude and interest . The problem of student-faculty relationships, the handling of Lower Division Registration, and also being an Associate Professor in Psychology — all combine to make Professor Schooland one of the busiest men on the campus. Bly E. Curtis Manager and Chief Dietitian Bly E. Curtis, Manager and Chief Dietitian of University dormitories and board facilities, again maintained the capable administration which was cited in her Navy Letter of Commendation for operating the wartime Navy mess at CU. The fabulous Mrs. Curtis further distinguished herself last fall when her administration alleviated food shortages and inadequate board tables which had threatened CU students. Hugh E. McMUlan Band Director Hugh E. McMillan, CU Band Director, brought the acclaim of another year upon his band and the University. Famous for his ability to make a little go a long way — and his charming knack for working with his students — Mr. McMillan has preserved the credit- able aggregation which he has de- veloped and led. Ralph L. Crosman Director of CoUecfe oi loumalism Ralph L. Crosman, College of Journal- ism director and guiding hand of stu- dent publications, exercised this year the incessant vigil of a concerned father over CU ' s embryonic journalists. Through Professor Crosman the School of Journalism has risen in fame. 32 naval administration Front row, left to right: Fry, Dupzyk, Kirkpatrick, Fines, Colvin, Simcock, Lawrence. Second row: Ritchie, Lackey, Dwan, Barneburg. Top row: Dobiesy, Wallace, Cook, Popish. CliHord A. Fines, Capt. USN. Commanding Officer officers enlisted Charles C. Kirkpatrick, Cmdr. USN Aimer P. Colvin, Lt. Cmdr. USN Robert R. Dupzyk, Lt. Cmdr. USN John W. Simcock, Lt. Cmdr., USN William F. Fry, Capt. USMC Jack L. Lawrence, Lt. (jg) USNR George E. Lackey, CBM USN Jack B. Cook, M Sgt. USMC Henry E. Dobiesy, CGM USN Edward C. Ritchie, CSM USN Eugene C. Barneburg, COM USN Luther Dwan, CY USN Paul E. Papish, CSK USN Robert G. Wallace, Y2c USN Since 1941 the Nerval Reserve Officer Training Corps unit at the University of Colorado has been training college men to serve as reserve officers in the Navy. During the war, graduates of this unit were commissioned and served on active duty with our fleet and shore stations. On its peacetime basis students who elect to join the corps take their training as part of their regular college curriculum. If they are able to maintain the high physical and mental standards set forth under this program, they receive a commission in the United States Naval Reserve upon graduation. 33 Dean Van Ek Top row, left to right: Abrums, T. E.; Alexander, G.; Balch, R. E.; Barker, G,; Bedell, F. J. Bottom row: Berueffy, M.; Blair, R.; Brace, R.; Bramhall, F. D.; Broxon, J. W. faculty arts and sciences Top row. left to right: Cohen, J.; Crabb, E.; Crockett, E. G.; Crosman, R. L.; Culpepper, G.; Cuthbertson, S.; D ' Arms, E. F.; Davis, R. A. Bottom row: Dean, P.; Douglas, H. R.; Dittmer, K.; Evans, F.; Foster, C. H.; Geek, F. j.; Germann, F. E.; Goodykoontz, C. B. 34 Top row, left to right: Hendrickson, E. H.; Hulley, H.; Hulley, K.; Jeffrey, H.; LeFant, J.; Lester, O. C; LeVeque, N.; Markward, W. B. Bottom row: Meek, J. S.; Mehl, M. A.; McCombs, R. K.; Pietonpol, W. B.; Reybum, M.; Rich, V.; Sherer, A. C; Schooland, J. B. faculty arts and sciences Top row, left to right: Schroeder, R. G.; Sibell, M. V.; Spehar, B.; Stewart, O. C; Straight, C; Templin, J.; Trucksess, F. C; Vavrc, C. G. Second row: Veazie, W. B.; Voight, A. H.; Wakeham, G.; Walker, C. R.; Warner, A. H.; Warner, R. E.; West, E. J.; Weslerraeier, T. S. Bottom row; Witt, N.; Worcester, P. G. 35 faculty arts and sciences department of fine arts James M. Boyle Eniiott A. P. Evans Francis Geek Ann Jones Eleanor I. Lindstrom Qara Straight F. C. Trucksess Muriel V. Sibell Wolle Leslie O. Merrill Gordon Alexander David W. Bishop C. Raymond Bitter Edward D. Crabb Robert E. Gregg Hubert A. Harris John B. Bruce Stanley J. Cristol Paul M. Dean Karl Dittmer Livingston Ferris Kenneth A. Gagos F. E. E. Germann Irving Goodman John N. Hough K. K. HuUey department of biology Edna L. Johnson Norma LeVeque John W. Marr Charles H. Norris Robert W. Pennak William A. Weber deportment of chemistry John R. Lacher John S. Meek Ida L. Swayne Orville J. Sweeting H. B. VanValkenburgh Alvin H. Voight Glen Wakeham Norman F. Witt department of classics William M. Spackman Donald Sutherland department of science. Gordon H. Barker N. A. Beadles Reinhard Bendix Wilbur T. Billington F. D. Bramhall Earl C. Crockett James E. Dugan Morris E. Garnsey Roger Gray economics, political and sociology Howard H. Higmon Henry Hottmann Carl W. McGuire Qay P. Malick William H. Miernyk Leo C. Riethmayer Edward L. Rose Omer C. Stewart George Zinke Robert A. Davis Harl R. Douglass W. F. Dyde Richard E. Fox department of education Calvin Grieder Bertha Handlan Ma rie Anna Mehl Hubert H. Mills department of english Dorothy I. Anderson William Battrick Margaret Blythin Lucile Brady Marie Chay Virgina Copeland Jack H. Crouch Thorrell B. Fest Charles H. Foster James Randlett Fowler Bertha Handlan Thomas A. Hanzo Ernest H. Henrikson Mrs. Helen B. HuUey Mrs. Frances S. Jameson Alfred H. Jones Marjorie Kimmerle Mrs. Rebecca V. Knoettge Leslie L. Lewis Ben Gray Lumpkin Irene P. McKeehan William B. Markward Roy C. Nelson Mrs. Dorothy S. Ogilvy J. D. A. Ogilvy Henry J. Pettit Marjorie Reyburn Margaret Robb Mrs. Edna D. Romig Wendell R. Starr Betty Stocks Wesley D. Sweetser William L. Thompson Edgeley W. Todd Mabel Van Duzee Robert D. Wallace Walter W. Waring Alexander Warren E. J. West Mrs. June West Francis Wolle Miss Marian Cruver James G. Allen Mrs. Minnie G. Berueffy Richard M. Brace James C. Carey Percy F. Fritz department of history C. B. Goodykoontz Fritz L, Hoffman Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thomson department of home economics Florence J. Bedell Ruth Caplan Brunton Ruth Blair Edith S. Ouine Hazel Fehlmann Mrs. Ura M. Riethmayer Ralph L. Crosman Zell F. Mabee department of journalism Frederic A. Pruett A. Gayle Waldrop department of mathematics Georgia Louise Arnett Qaribel Kendall Harlan Bartram Henry J. Klooster W. W. Culpepper W. W. Mitchell, Jr. A. B. Farnell T. R. Poole Werner Herz Francis Stribic Burrowes Hunt Peggie Wiegand A. J. Kempner department of modem foreign languages and literatures Isaac Bacon Mr. Gerhard Loose Mrs. Miriam Bainer Mrs. Gerhard Loose Augusto Centano Pauline Marshall Siraan Chavez Walter Posner David Chow Joseph P. Redick Louis Cortes George A. C. Scherer Roy A. Cox Paul G. Schroeder Stuart Cuthbertson Miss Elena Torres Paul-Louis Faye Ralph E. Warner Ross IngersoU Therese Stengel Westermeier Mrs. Joan LeFant Mrs. Rosetta B. Wolcott Mrs. John Loeffler Anne Wuest Mrs. A. J. Kempner Andre Jean Job school of nursing Mrs. Pearl P. Coulter Irene Murchison Mrs. Henrietta Adams Loughran department of philosophy J. W. Cohen Walter B. Veazie Harriet Jeffery Edwin R. Walker department of physics J. M. Blair V. P. Lubovich J. W. Broxon R. K. McCombs W. L. Erickson W. B. Pietenpol Foster Evans Walter Orr Roberts Carl T. Hibdon J. F. Streib O. C. Lester F. C. Walz department of psychology Mrs. Beatrice A. Haslett K. F. Muenzinger Thomas H. Howells Lawrence O ' Kelly Howard H. Kendler Henry Etta Reynolds Mrs. Tracy Kendler Mrs. Helen M. Nelson Dorothy R. Martin Mr. Riley department of physical education for men Paul Bradley Frank C. Potts Harry G. Carlson Frank Prentup Forrest B. Cox William C. Lam Charles G. Vavra James J. Yeager H. A. Hoffmeister Tim K. Kelly W. W. Longley Mary E. Oswald W. O. Thompson department of geology W. C. Toepelman Ernest E. Vahlstrom Lawrence A. Warner P. G. Worcester department of physical education for women Mrs. Frances Bascom Margaret S. Poley Mrs. Charlote Y. Irey Mrs. Virginia Rich Katherine L. Ley Qare H. Small Joan Martin Joyce Templin Mrs. Marian H. Nightingale Edna Willis 36 Dean C. L. Eckel Top row, left to right: Arnold, C. K.; Barrick, D. L.; Bauer, F. S.; Bingham, L. A.; Birk, W. Bottom row: Boland, H. J.; Britton, J. R.; Carlson, D. M.; Carman, C. C; Carpenter, C. F. faculty engine school Top row, left to righU Casey, F. J.; Dawson, J. H.; Eaton, L. L.; Hull, W. L. Second row: Hullquist, P. P.; Kelley, H. H.; McNair, A. J.; Moore, P. F.; Nelson, W. K.; Nyden, R. C; Nyland, W. S.; Parker, N. A. Third row: Parker, V. C; Pearson, S. I.; Prien, C. H.; Raeder, W.; Soerline. M. E.; Tovani, E. P.; Wagner, C. A.; Worcester, W. G. faculty engineering scliool 37 aeronautical engineeinng Wood, K. D. Shutts, W. Sibert, H. W. chemical engineering Borgman, C. Lauer, B. E. Lof, G. Paxton, R. R. Prien, C. Stepanek, J. chemistry Dean, P. M. Cristol, S. I. Ferris, L. P. Germann, F. E. Goodman, I. Lacher, J. R. Meek, J. S. Swayne, I. L. Sweeting, O. J. Van Valkenburgh, H. B. civil engineering Raeder, W. Bromberg, M. Carlson, H. G. Dawson, J. H. . Downing, R. L. Eckel, C. L. Jensen, L. Klemme, C. C, Jr. McNair, A. J. Menoher, W. L. Novak, L. C. Punshon, E. T. Rathbum, R. E. Rautenstrauss, R. C. Thoman, W. H. Timraer, J. J. economics Billington, W. T. Dugan, J. E. McGuire, C. W. electrical engineering Du Vail, W. C. Bingham, L. A. Eastom, F. A. Gless, G. H. Hanna, W. J. McCormick, C. M. Palmer, H. B. Pearson, S. I. Smith, M. J. Thompson, H. A. Twombly, J. C. Usher, T. E. V icks, P. Worcester, W. G. Maler Mason, L. engineering drawing Bauer, F. S. »Beattie, L. W. Brubaker, W. F. Carpenter, C. F. Dallas, J. W. Dobbins, G. S. Eaton, L. E. Haack, D. C. Hartzell, E. K. Hightower, R. L. Need Nyden, R. C. Parker, V. C. Pepper, W. B. Roberts, J. M. english Birk, W. O. Abrums, T. E. Arnold, C. K. Barker, J. F. Bennett, P. R. Cady, E. A. Graham, W. W. Gundry, C. F. Hawk, H. W. Henrickson, Mrs. N. Kelley, H. H. Lof, Mrs. L. D. McNair, Mrs. F. C. Nyland, W. S. Scott Thompson, P. V. Trevithick, Mrs. H. mathematics Hutchinson, C. A. Barnes, G. Barrick, D. L. Beck, G. Britton, J. R. Casey, F. J. Gillespie, C. M. Glass, R. H. Gregg, G. W. Grigs, E. W. Holubar, L. Hultquist, P. F. Hutchinson, C. A., Jr. Kipp, S. Moore, V. J. Nelson, W. K. Rutland, L. W. Snively, L. C. Sperline, M. E. •Stahl, K. H. Tovani, E. P. Walters, Mrs. L. C. Wiegand, P. mechanical engineering Beattie, W. S. Deschere, A. R. Fisher Hull, W. L. Love, W. J. Mallory, W. F. Morrow, W. J. Ritter, T. M. Spurlock, B. Wagner, C. A. Wright, R. M. Usher, T. E. physics Pietenpol, W. B. Bemis, Mrs. M. Billings Blair, J. M. Broxon, J. W. Cleveland Erickson, W. L. Hibdon, C. T. Hoyt Kalal Lester, O. C. Lubovich, V. P. McCombs, R. K. Sheldon Stacey Streib, J. F. Walz, F. C. ■HH 38 faculty business school faculty H. I. Arenson L. V. Aspinwall F. K. Bangs Helen B. Borland V. S. Curry M. B. Davies K. H. Foote W. B. Franklin J. L. Frascona M. F. Schmidt G. G. FuUerton H. E. Steffen E. G. Gibson R. S. Wasley M. H. Gilchrist John W. Bartram J. M. Griest L. J. Crampon H. W. Kendrick H. B. Moore F. R. Niehaus Grace L. Ochsenschlager M. A. Peck H. B. Price, Jr. Elmore Petersen L. E. McAllister R. K. Pinschmidt L. F. Robbins Dean Elmore Petersen Top row, left to right: Aspinwall, L. V.; Curry, V. S.; Davies, M. B.; Frascona, ]. L.; FuUerton, G. G. Bottom row: Griest, J. M.; McAllister, L. E.; Niehaus, F. R.; Robbins, L. F. faculty music school voice department piano department instnmiental music Alexander Grant Mark Wessel Horace Jones Berton Coffin Dulcie DeVal Gordon Kinney Mildred Coffin Lawrence Hart Hugh McMillen Mary Cook Katherine Kinney Rex Elton Fair Priscilla McDonnell Ramona Kuemmick Andre Mehrle Warner Imig Ruth Ludlow Robert Organ Josephine Sosnowski Randall Spicer Sherman Storr Katherine Wahlstrom Howard Waltz Vol P. Henrick Dean Rowland W. Dunham Top row, left to rlqht: Coffin, B.; Coffin, M.; Cook, M.; Hart, L.; Henrich, V. P. Bottom row: Kinney, G. J.; Kuemmlch, R.; Ludlow, R.; McMillen, H. E.; Sosnowski, J.; Wessel, M. 39 faculty medical school i ■ M MH ft ' 4 -1 M 1 w J w J r " 1 1 r i . V i IKi. 1 r vHPV Darley, Dean Word, M.D. Ebough, Franklin Genford, M.D. Lewis, Robert Curtis, Ph.D. McNcaight, James Bernard, M.D. Mugrage, Edward Rosseter, M.D. Packard, George Byron, Jr., M.D. Thompson, Richard, M.D. Walhn, Ivan E., Sc.D. Waring, James Johnston, M.D. Washburn, Dr. Alfred Hamlin Whitehead, Richard Wilson, M.D. faculty law school Dean Edward C. King Berg, William, Jr. Scott, Austin W. DeMuth, Lawrence W. DeSouchet, William O. Emeritus: Galland, Benjamin S. Arthur, William R Hawley, Joseph W. Reed, Albert A. faculty pharmacy school Dean: Poe, Charles F. Anderson, Beth Biles, John C. Bone, Jack N. Christensen, Edw. C. Dickison, Walter L. Drommond, Fred G. Parkins, Richard Parkinson, Ramona Sexton, Walter G. 40 asuc This year, under the leadership of Bill Grubbs, president, the ASUC commission has sponsored the installation of a snack bar and juke boxes in Me- morial, and has started the first social coordinating committee, composed of representatives from every campus group, to make possible more organized all-school social functions. Several dances, includ- ing a 3-way New Year ' s Eve party, were given by this group. Miss Florence Reed, the first coordinator of student affairs, worked with the commission to make this program successful. The commission has also directed student ad- ministration; one of the most important aspects being in closer contact with the Denver Medical School. These accomplishments were made possible by the impartial nonpartisan way in which the ASUC worked as a group, mindful always of all student welfare. President— Bill Gnibbs Front row, left to right: Breclaw, Merritt, Hawkins, Hylan, Chase. Second row: De Lissovoy, Merritt, Grubbs, Ahlquist, Silverman. Third row: Scott, Phillipson, Mulhern, Robbins, Goodman, Carlisle. Top row: Fiedler, Duncan, Carr, Lonabaugh, Smith. 41 associated students university of Colorado officers President Bill Grubbs Vice President Val De Lissovoy Secretary Audrey Ahlquist commissioners Jean Hawkins Ralph Merritt Bob Phillipson Mary LinendoU Elaine Merritt Cyc Lonabaugh Gordon Smith Lee Robbins Tom Carlisle George Scott Terry Breclcrw ex-officio commissioners Joe Silverman Jerry Goodman Mamie Chase Bob Carr t Ann Hylan Al Fiedler Bob Pepper Vice President — Val De Lissovoy 42 senate sponsors Dean Mary Ethel Ball Mrs. Westermeier Miss Jeffrey members Ann Hylon President Sue Gasser Vice-President Jane Briscoe Secretary Sue Wheeler Treasurer Peg Cushman Chairman of Orientation Mary LinendolL... Chairman of Loan Fund Jo Lang Chairman of Housing Joyce Robinson. ....-Chairman of Activities Nancy Strader Social Chairman Helen Bigelow Chairman of Vocation Collier Brown.. Independent Representative Mamie Chase President Panhellenic Nancy Lee President Y.W.C.A. June Meador President Women ' s Club Jo Holden President SPUR Donna Harbison Representative W.A.A. Terry Breclaw .... Representative A.S.U.C. Ann Hylcm, President The Senate comprises one of the two legislative bodies of the Associated Women Students of the University of Colorado. Its membership is composed of the executive officers of A.W.S. and the chairmen of certain women ' s organizations and com- mittees on the campus. From the constitution power is dele- gated to the Senate, together with the House of Representatives, to enact and amend the by-laws. Not all of the group ' s activities are confined to legislative and judicial actions. Matters of interest to the women of the University not delegated to some other body, are under its jurisdiction. Top row, loft to riqht: Helen Bigelow, Nancy Lee, Jo Holden, Mamie Chase, Donna Harbison, June Meador, Joyce Robinson, Terry Breclaw, Collier Brown. Second row: Sue Wheeler, Jane Briscoe, Dean Ball, Ann Hylan, Sue Gasser, Miss Jeffrey. Front row: Nancy Strader, Peg Cushman, Mary LinendoU. 43 house of representatives Top row, left to right: Marjorie Grove, Harriet Smethills, Pat St. Clair, Patty Fleming, Lorraine Calabrese, Kathy Butto, Caroline Smith. Second row: Skip Newell, Molly Sethman, Sue Gasser, Joanne Macfarlane, Joan Bradley, Barbara Carlson. Front row: Mary Ann O ' Rourke, Jane Williams, Patsy Joffee, Marilyn Ruddy, Delores Stutheit. officers Sue Gasser President Joan Bradley Recording Secretary Lorraine Calabrese Corresponding Secretary DUtrict I District IV Marjorie Grove Lorraine Calabrese Pat Joffee Joan Maly Jane Erranti Jean Mast District 11 District V Mary Ann O ' Rourke Molly Sethman Jane Williams Pat St. Clair Harriet Smethills Maxine Greer District III District VI Louise Johnson Pat Fleming Carol Dunmire Caroline Smith Joan Bradley Kathy Butto Dormitory RepresentatiTes Delores Stutheit Jo Holden Joanne Macfarlane Barbara Carlson Skip Newell Bunny Molnar The second of the two legislative bodies of the A.W.S. is the House of Representatives. Its delegates are appointed or elected from sororities and independent students in equal num- bers from six apportioned districts. Within these districts are the University Womens ' Clubhouse, the Campus Club, Boulder women, sorority houses, and other approved houses for women. The legislative func- tion of the House of Represen- tatives is to enact and amend the by-laws in coordination with the Senate. Members of the House, as Repre- sentatives for their respective groups of women, are respon- sible for arousing a spirit of honor and loyalty to the ideals of the association. Sue Gasser independent students officers Robert K. Peper President Gloria Nearon Vice-President Ann Parsonet Secretary Jim James Treasurer Al Fiedler Publicity Manager Jerry Goodman ASUC Representative Arthur J. McNair Co-Sponsor Francis C. McNair Co-Sponsor Benjamin S. Galland Co-Sponsor Independent Students Association, with an eligible membership of all non-Greek students, this year heaved and stretched to remind CU ' ers of its tremendous po- tentia l strength. Approximately six thousand Barbs look to ISA for their political and social organization. As the nucleus for All-School social functions, the Inde- pendents continue to play their reliable role and pro- vide the backbone for campus activities. Robert Pepper, President Front row, left to right: Fiedler, Peper, James. Second row: Duncan, Phipps, Mrs. McNair, Forsberg, Coblentz, McNair. Top row: Beidleman, Buehrina. Goodman. Turner. 45 combined engineers officers Niels J. Beck President executive council Robert L. Shapiro, Robert B. Eckel, David Clark All students enrolled in the College of Engineering make up the organization known as the Combined Engineers. The executive council is made up of four outstanding seniors, who hold office for a term of one year. For the year nineteen forty-six and forty-seven, John Beck was elected president, and Robert Shapiro, Robert Eckel, and David Clark were elected as the other three members of the executive council. The purpose of this organization is to coordinate the activities of the engineers, and to sponsor functions dedicated to their interest alone. The three main func- tions of the year are the Apple Fest, the Engine Ball, and Engineers Day. Left to right: Beck, Shapiro, Eckel, Clark. 46 business school board officers President William Breuner Vice-President Nancy Lee Secretary Mary Alice Bunting Treasurer Jack Egan Board of Directors.. .John Dickinson, Bob Ingles, Lee Robbins Governing body of the School of Business is the board of directors, composed of four senior officers and three junior representatives. William Breuner has served as president this year, with Nancy Lee, vice-president; Mary Alice Bunting, secretary, and Jack Egan, treasurer. The junior members weTe John Dickinson, Bob Ingles and Lee Robbins. The board schedules monthly convocations for business students, bringing speakers from Denver to talk on all phases of business. It also planned the " Fall Frolic " jeans party, and a winter and spring banquet for all business students. W. A. Patterson, United Air Lines president, was speaker at the winter banquet on Feb. 10 at Wayne ' s. Feature of the spring banquet is the attendance of the man selected by the board as the outstanding CU graduate in business in the U.S., and of the out- standing Colorado business man, picked regardless of whether he is a graduate of the University or not. Seated, left to right: Dean Elmore Petersen, Nancy Lee, Mary Alice Bunting, William Breuner. Standinq: Lee Robbins, Bob Ingles, John Dickinson, Jack Egan. 47 lasses We asked the forty-niner if he liked our big new book. He said he liked it very much and wished for one more look. We told him that the section which follows would be classes. He took one look and decided then that he liked our lads and lasses. He thought the seniors looked quite bright and ready for degrees; He thought the juniors ready too, their caps and gowns to seize. The freshman and the sopho- mores, he said showed promise too. I guess we should be proud of the students at C.U. i I. 48 tau beta pi engineering honorary officers President Harvey Nay Vice-President David Qark Garresponding Secretary George Gleghorn Recording Secretary Lyle Beattie Treasurer Professor Allen Deschere Cataloguer Professor Arthur McNair advisory board Chairman, Professor Piatt Wicks Professor, Roderick Downing Dean Clarence L. Eckel Professor William Hull Professor Joseph Stepanek members Thomas Arnberg John Atwood R. F. Barrel! Byron C. Beach Lyle Beattie N. I. Beck William Behring Larry Bogott Malcolm Boyd Milton Bromberg John Chassell David Clark Peter Cohn B. C. Collins A. H. Cook Harry Daniels R. B. Dunbar Donald Edwards Robert Fleming B. E. Frisch Harold Garbarino George Gleghorn Donald Gregg Russell Groesbeck Kenneth Gruber Robert Grunwald James Hagen Nathan Hurt T. C. Johnson David Johnston James Kastner Robert Klinker P. W. Kocontes G. R. Lambertson Robert Mathias William Martini Ralph Merritt S. C. Miller Harvey Nay Russell Nidey W. D. Nobles John Nommensen J. Otsuki R. Rautenstraus Roy Reeves Richard Robb Robert Roberts Stanley Roelofs Russell Rose Danwin Schmitt Robert Shapiro G. M. Smith Joseph Soldat Francis Spindler Edward Sprague Frank Squier Alden Stout Eugene Strief John Timraer John Tyler J. C. Whecrtley John Van Camp Keith Zerschling Top row, left to right: H. Nay, E. Strief, K. Zerschling, A. Stout, R. Nidey, S. C. Miller, R. Shapiro, T. C. Johnson, R. R. Rose, R. Grunwald, W. D. Nobles, N. Hurt, W. Behring, D, Schmitt. Second row: G. Gleghorn, J. Chassell, R. Mathias, D. Gregg, L. Bogott, S. Roelofs, J. Hagen, N. J, Beck, R. Roberts, D. K. Johnston, P. Cohn, R. Fleming, F. Squier, R. Robb. Third row: Professor A. J. McNair, D. Edwards, J. Timmer, M. Bromberg, J. Atwood, F. Spindler, E. Sprague, G. Lambertson, M. Boyd, H. Garbarino. Front row: T. Arnberg, L. Beattie, J. Soldat, R. Reeves, J. Kastner, J. VanCamp, R. Merritt, J. Tyler, D. Clark, H. Daniels. 49 phi beta kappa scholastic honorary officers President Frank E. E. Germann 1st Vice-President Jack Ogilvy 2nd Vice-President Angeline Figley 3rd Vice-President Charles H. Norris Secretary-Treasurer Claribel Kendall faculty members Harlan Bartram Frederick Bramhall James W. Broxon Stanley Cristol Roy Allen Cox Edward F. D ' Armes James E. Dugan A. B. Fornell Angeline Figley Percy S. Fritz Benjamin S. Gallond Frank E. E. Germann Colin Goodykoontz Richard Gregg Harold Hawk Wener Herz Fritz L. Hoffman Paul Hultquist Alfred Jones Horace Jones Claribell Kendall Rollin K. Koombs John Lacher Leslie L. Lewis Mrs. Vernon Loughran Pauline Marshall Irene McKeehan John Meek Earl Morris Mrs. Helen Nelson Charles H. Norris Jack Ogilvy Mrs. Jack Ogilvy Joseph Redick Marjorie Reyburn Mrs. Edna Davis Romig Paul G. Schroeder Robert L. Stearns Omer C. Stewart Betty Stocks Frederick Storke Donald Sutherland Ida Swoyne Earl Swisher S. Harrison Thompson Helen Trevithick Mabel Van Duzee Floyd Walters John Warner Edward J. West Mrs. Edward J. West Francis Wolle Philip Worcester student members Nathan Lee Baum Mrs. Vivian M. Bardwell George Creamer Kenneth Foote Charles Friday Morris Gelfman Roger Gray Dwain D. Louise Hering Dudley Hutchinson, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Liversay Josiph H. Miller Benjamin Robinson John M. Scryre Fred S. Strieker John Paul Trevithick Alvin Lee Weinberger Patrick Westfeldt november term Florence Elizabeth Hart Masse Charlotte Iwata Barbara McClintock Patricia Ann Martin Floyd L. Pendell Claribel Saunders march term Edwin John Barthold Wilbur T. Billinton Albert E. Brown Evelyn Eileen Dunn Ruthann Hayes Blaine Eugene Mercer Pauline Janette Nelson John Nelson Perryman Elizabeth Pauline Rich Beatrice Sobol 50 heart and da er senior men ' s honorary officers President Maurice (Tex) Reilly Vice-President Bob Phillipson Secretary Fred Dixon advisors Ralph Prater Kayo Lam Glen Hedgecock George Crisswell active members Richard Beidleman Harry McMillan Nate Blumberg Bob Phillipson Fred Dixon Maurice Reilly Ralph Merritt graduate members Vernon Graham Bill Lazorchick Jack Landrum Robert Loper Top row, leit to right: Harry McMillan, Nate Blumberg, Ralph Merritt, Richard Beidleman, George Crisswell. Front row! Tex Reilly, Fred Dixon, Bob Phillipson. 51 mortar board honorary senior women officers President Peggy Cushman Vice-President Charlotte Johnson Secretary Sue Gasser Treasurer Mary Linendoll Social Chairman Mamie Chase Assistant Social Chairman Ann Freeman Publicity Anne Hylan members Honorary Member Dean Mary Ethel Ball Mamie Chase Anne Hylan Peggy Cushman Charlot te Johnson Ann Freeman Mary Linendoll Sue Gasser Mrs. Robert L. Stearns Mrs. Bly Curtis sponsors Mrs. Clifford Westermeier Top row, left to right: A. Hylan, S. Gasser, A. Freeman, M. Linendoll, C. Johnson, M. Chase. Front row: Mrs. Stearns, Dean Ball, P. Cushman, Mrs. Westermeier, Mrs. Curtis. 52 1 9 4 7 Adams, Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Wichita, Kansas. Alberts, Bernard J.— Engine— Pi Kappa Alpha, Suraalia, Psi Eta Pi, AIEE — Radcliffe, Iowa. Alden, Gayle — Arts and Sciences — Viking, Wesley Foundation, Ski Qub — Pasadena, California. AH, John T. — Engine — Sigma Phi Epsilon — Pueblo, Colorado. AUord, Mary — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi — West Orange, New Jersey. Alien, Richard S. — Arts and Sciences — Winterhaven, Florida. Anderson, Beverly M. — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Silver and Gold, Dodo, Window, UWC, Ski Club, Intramurals — Seattle, Washington. Atzenhofier, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences — Victoria, Texas. Austing, Raymond F. — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega, ASME, Newman Club, Rifle Team, Intramurals, NROTC— Dayton, Kentucky. Babcock, Betty — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Tau Delta — Denver, Colorado. Ballou, Barbara — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, WAA Board — Hinsdale, Illinois. Barbour, Richard C. — Business — Delta Sigma Phi, Ski Club — Evanston, Illinois. Barker, Janet EUxabeth— Arts and Sciences— Alpha Delta Pi, AWS, YWCA, WAA, UWC, Intramurals— Modesto, California. Barker, Wes— Engine — Phi Delta Theta, Sumalia, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME — Luray, Missouri. Barnes, AUerton — Arts and Sciences — Players Club — Denver, Colorado. Barnes, Elizabeth Jean — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Junior Orchesis — Fairfax, Oklahoma. B ametl, Barclay — Business — Beta Theta Pi, Varsity Basketball — Portland, Oregon. Bamett, Kendrick — Business — Beta Theta Pi, Varsity Basketball — Portland, Oregon. Becrttie, Lyle W.— Engine— Phi Gamma Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Colorado Engineer, NROTC, ASME, Intramurals — Boulder, Colorado. Bech, Betty— Engine — SWSAE, ASME, IAS, Equestrian Club — Indianapolis, Indiana. fc. j i ' One way to highlight a skylight. 53 Eldorado? Love to. Beecher, MaryboUe — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Kappa Gamma, WAA, Silver and Gold, All School Show, Band — Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Beeman, Dorothy — Business — Pi Beta Phi, Business Manager: Coloradan, Who ' s Who, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Sigma, CU Days Committee, AWS Vaudeville, Collections Manager: Dodo, Silver and Gold, Porpoise, Spur, WAA, Social Chairman: YWCA, Cabinet: YWCA, UWC, Ski Qub— Denver, Colorado. Beers, Burton — Engine — Players Club, Varsity Swimming, CU Days Show — Highland Park, Uinois. Behring, William E. — Engine — Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Nu, Gymnastics, Colorado Engineer — Denver, Colorado. Beidleman, Richard G. — Arts and Sciences — Heart and Dagger, ISA, ASUC, Phi Sigma, Viking, Window, Dodo, Choir, Madrigals, Student Religious Council — Colorado Springs, Colorado. B«ll. Clayton — Business — Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Ski Club — Lamed, Texas. Berven, Rosemary — Arts and Sciences — Watertown, South Dakota. Bevans, Mildred — Arts and Sciences — Valkyrie, Reeves, WAA, UWC, ISA Council, Coloradan, Food Relief Drive — Mt. Morrison, Colorado. Beynon, Mary C. — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Bishop, Maxine — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Bivans, Caryl — Business — Phi Chi Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Tau Beta Sigma, Westminster Foundation, Band — Boulder, Colorado. Bjork, Robert M. — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Silver and Gold, Homecoming Com- mittee, Knots and Fathoms — Denver, Colorado. Blakely, Patricia — Business — Beta Sigma, Band — Boulder, Colorado. Blumberg, Nathan — Arts and Sciences — Phi Sigma Delta, Silver and Gold: Editor, Kappa Tau Alpha, Sigma Delta Chi, Athletic Public Relations, Editor: Football Program — Denver, Colorado. Bogott, Lawrence C. — Engine — Architectural Forum — Boulder, Colorado. Sonde, Erik K. — Arts and Sciences — Cosmopolitan Club, Phi Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, A Cappella Choir — Longmont, Colorado. Boston, Beverly — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, WAA — Denver, Colorado. Bowers, Barbara — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, AWS Senate, Spur, Hesperia, Who ' s Who, WAA Board, YWCA, Business Manager: Silver and Gold, Homecoming Committee — Pueblo, Colorado. Bowman, Ernest D. — Engine — President: Delta Tau Delta, Simitar, Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE, Rhythm Circus — Denver, Colorado. Boyle, leanne Mar ie — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Spur, Hesperia, Chairman: Winter Carnival, Theta Sigma Phi, Silver and Gold, Dormitory Counselor, Senate, House of Representatives, ASUC, Miss Versatility, WAA Board, Ski Club — Los Angeles, California. s e n § 1 r s S4 1 9 4 7 Brandt, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences — UWC — Chicago, Illinois. Breclaw, Terry — Arts and Sciences- -Hesperia, ASUC Commission, Who ' s Who, Treasurer: YWCA, CU Days Commission, Spur, AWS Senate — East Chicago, Illinois. Breuner, William H. — Business — President: Business School, Delta Sigma Pi, California Club — Sacramento, California. Britton, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences — Valkyrie, UWC, Intramurals — Dayton, Ohio. Bromberq, Milton — Engine — Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Combined Engineers, Business Manager: Colorado Engineer, Off Campus Greeks — Englewood, New Jersey. Brown, Beverly — Business — Kappa Kappa Gamma — Denver, Colorado. Brown, Jane — Arts and Sciences — International Relations Club, Triad: UWC, Cosmopolitan Club, Newman Club, Texas Club— Wichita Falls, Texas. Brown, John R.— Engine — ASME, NROTC, Intramurals — Hartley, Texas. Brown, Mary — Arts and Sciences — Phi Chi Delta, UWC, Westminster, Foundation, Intramurals — Boulder, Colorado. Brown, Melanie — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma, Ski Qub — St. Louis, Missouri. Buettner, Jean — Art and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Coloradan, University Dance Committee, UWC, YWCA, Newman Club, Red Cross — Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Bunting, Mary Alice — Business — Alpha Phi, Beta Sigma, Spur, Hesperia — Fort Collins, Colorado. Burgoin, Hope — Arts and Sciences — Chi Omega, Spur, Advertising Manager: Silver and Gold, House of Representatives, Pan-Hellenic, Greek Combine Dmaha, Nebraska. Burnett, Betty — Arts and Sciences — Midland, Texas. Bums, Jack S.— Engine— Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Epsilon Phi, Chi Epsilon, ASCE— Pasadena, Calif. Burruss, Barbara — Arts and Sciences — Hammond, Indiana. Campbell, Donald A. — Arts and Sciences — Delta Tau Delta, Sumalia, Coloradan: Associate Editor, Knots and Fathoms, Intramurals — Cleveland, Ohio. Campbell. Donald D.— Arts and Sciences — Delta Tau Delta, Dodo, Pistol Team, Ski Club — Omaha, Nebr. Carey, Jamei — Arts and Sciences — Bancroft, Nebraska. Carlson, Ruth — Arts and Sciences — Byers, Colorado. Let ' s schuss it. 55 The only Car in Po- dunk Holler. Carswell, Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Coloradan, UWC, Intramurals — Kansas City, Mo. Carswell, Mary Irene — Engine — Alpha Chi Omega, AIEE, IWSAE, Colorado Engineer — Kansas City, Mo. Cathey, Helen H. — Arts and Sciences — Dodo, Window, AWS, Vaudeville, YWCA, Red Cross — Denver, Colorado. Cebulski, Stanley — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega — Pueblo, Colorado. Chambers, Isabelle — Arts and Sciences — Gilmore, Iowa. Chance, Emerson — Business — Alpha Tau Omega, CU Days Committee, Intramurals — Colby, Kansas. Chandler, Anita L. — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, WAA, Fencing Club, Pan-Hellenic, Ski Club — River Forest, Illinois. Chase, Mamie — Business — Delta Delta Delta, President; Pan-Hellenic, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, ASUC, Senate, House of Representatives, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Beta Sigma, YWCA, WAA, Ski Club, UWC La Junta, Colorado. Chassel, John — Engine — Belle Foursche, South Dakota. Cieber, Donald C. — Arts and Sciences — Acacia, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sports Editor, News Editor, Editor: Silver and Gold, CU Days Program Committee, Board of Publications, Publicity Director: Speakers Congress, Track — Boulder, Colorado. Clark, Dale H. — Arts and Sciences — Players Club, Laboratory Theater — Auburn, New York. Clark, David — Engine — Phi Kappa Tau — Clinton, Missouri. Class, Marjorie— Arts and Sciences— Delta Gamma, YWCA, UWC, WAA, Ski Club, Red Cross— Los Angeles, California. Coe, Fred Capron — Business — Kappa Sigma, Interfraternity Council — Grand Junction, Colorado. Cohn, Peter — Engine — New York City, New York. Collins, Claire — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, Intramurals Manager, Dodo, Physical Education, Major Club, CU Days Field Events, Silver and Gold, Homecoming Committee — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Comer, Adrian — Business — Pi Beta Phi, Spur, Hesperia, Vaudeville, YWCA, Window, Intramurals — Pueblo, Colorado. Condon, William — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha, Band, ASCE, Colorado Engineer — Denver, Colorado. Conover, Lois — Arts and Sciences — Mason City, Iowa. Cook, Arnold H. — Engine — Phi Sigma Delta, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Colorado Engineer, AIEE — Denver, Colorado. s e n 1 r s 56 1 9 4 7 Cook, Sally — Arts and Sciences — Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Cooley, Frank G. — Arts and Sciences — Ski Club, Players Club, Forensics, Hiking Club, NROTC — Bronxville, New York. Cooper, Mary Jean — Arts and Sciences — Spur, ISA Council, Interchurch Council, Wesley Foundation. Phi Chi Delta — Aurora, Colorado. Coulter, Elmer — Arts and Sciences — Pueblo, Colorado. Covington, Robert E. — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, CU Days Song Fest Committee, Homecoming Committee — Chicago, Illinois. Cox, Charles — Arts and Sciences — Delta Kappa Epsilon — New Orleans, Louisiana. Crandall, Lois Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Alva, Oklahoma. Crocker, John G. — Engine — Beta Theta Pi — Whittier, California. Crockett, Marian — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma, Players Club, Triad: UWC, Theater Workshop, Messiah — Boulder, Colorado. Cross, Lois Jean — Arts and Sciences — Phi Sigma, Valkyrie — Pueblo, Colorado. Crowe, Raymond — Engine — ASME, IAS — Boulder, Colorado. Crowley, Harold J. — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Nu — Chickasha, Oklahoma. Cubillas, Alberto — Business — Guaymos Son, Mexico. CuUey, John Henry — Engine — Tennis Team, AIChE — Tucson, Arizona. Curtis, Elizabeth— Arts and Sciences— WAA, YWCA, UWC— Sedalia, Colorado. Cushing, Mary Lou — Engine — Alpha Phi, Circulation Manager: Colorado Engineer, Dodo, Spur, AIEE, WAA — Oak Park, Illinois. Daigneoult, Charles — Engine — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Homecoming Committee, Newman Club, Sumalia, CU Days Committee, Football, AIEE — Worcester, Massachusetts. Damon, lanet — Arts and Sciences — Rapid City, South Dakota. Daniels, Harry J.— Engine— Viking, Tau Beta Pi, AIChE, Pi Mu Epsilon— Dayton, Ohio. Darnell, Gladys — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta — Tulsa, Oklahoma. ' t V Snow lob. 57 Open with {our. Davis, Eileen — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Spur, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Window, UWC, Dormitory President, Assistant Advertising Manager: Silver and Gold — Brighton, Colorado. Davis, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences — UWC, Physical Education, Major Club, Ski Club — Creston, Iowa. Davis, Martha — Arts and Sciences — UWC, Physical Education, Major Club, Ski Club — Creston, Iowa. DeLissovoy, Vladimir — Arts and Sciences — ASUC, Forensics, President: Ethnic Minorities Commis- sion, AVC, DAV, Pi Gamma Mu, President: Veterans ' Council, Speakers Congress, VUF, Who ' s Who — Chicago, Illinois. De Luca, ' Viola — Arts and Sciences — Pueblo, Colorado. Demmon, Gloria — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dickman, Mary Pat — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Fellowship, Interchurch Council, YWCA, Intramurals — New Orleans, Louisiana. Dieter, Leslie — Engine — ASCE, Colorado Engineer, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Dietz, Irvinq — Business — Glee Club — Springfield, Massachusetts. Dinner, Shirley — Arts and Sciences — Spur, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Iota Sigma Pi — Greeley, Colorado. Dods, Lou — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi Eta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Star and Sextant, Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia, Varsity Tennis, Rifle Team, Interfraternity Council — Salt Lake City, Utah. Dohner, Gertrude — Arts and Sciences — International Relations Club, California Club — FuUerton, California. Donley, Jean — Business — Phi Chi Delta, Cheerleader, Beta Sigma — Wichita, Kansas. Dukes, Phillip — Engine — Delta Tau Delta — Boulder, Colorado. Dunbar, Robert B.— Engine— AIChE, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau— Denver, Colorado. Dyar, Dorothy lean — Arts and Sciences — Theta Sigma Phi, WAA, Silver and Gold, Dormitory President, Intra- murals — Fort Morgan, Colorado. Eckel, Bob — Engine — Boulder, Colorado. Eddy, Barbara — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta — Hays, Kansas. Egan, John J. — Business — Sigma Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi, Silver and Gold, Treasurer: Business School, Coloradan, Assistant Chairman: Senior Week — Joliet, Illinois. Egbert, Gilbert — Pharmacy — Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Football, Rhythm Circus, Junior Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association, CU Days Committee — Dighton, Kansas. s e n t 1 r s I 58 1 9 4 7 Eqgers, Homer — Engine — Phi Delta Theta — Sumalia, Varsity Football — Farrar, Missouri, Ekleberry, Marion — Buiness — UWC — Charleston, West Virginia. Qlis, Clarence — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Ccffeyville, Kansas. Erickson, Evelyn — Business — Kearney, Nebraska. Evans, Donald— Engine — Delta Tau Delta, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi, AIEE, NROTC, Square Dance Club — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Faden, Chorline K. — Arts and Sciences — UWC, WAA, Physical Education, Major Club — Henderson, Colorado. Farstrup, Helen — Arts and Sciences — Veteran Women ' s Club, ISA Council, Pi Gamma Mu — Exire, Iowa. Fay, Winifred — Music — Sigma Alpha Iota, UWC — Greeley, Colorado. Ferguson, Claire — Pharmacy — Alpha Omicron Pi, Rx Club, Junior American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, Colloidal Suspensions — Tecumcari, New Mexico. FerroU, Michael R. — Arts and Sciences — Phi Delta Theta — Huntington, New York. Fields, Frances — Arts and Sciences — UWC — Greeley, Colorado. Flanagan, Shirley Pat — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Dodo, Circulation Manager: Window, Silver and Gold, House of Representatives, Coloradan, WA A, Homecoming, Dance Committee, AWS Vaudeville, Newman Club, Pan-Hellenic — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fleming, ElUabelh— Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, Dodo, Players Club, Choir, WAA, YWCA, Intra- murals — Pasadena, California. Fletcher, Jane C. — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta, Band — Pueblo, Colorado. Foss, LeRoy F. — Business — Ski Club — Twin Falls, Idaho. Fox, James C. — Engine — Tennis Squad, Cross-country, BSC, UCHC, Chess Club, Colorado Mountain Club — Ham- den, Connecticut. Franke, Paul H. — Engine — Sigma Phi Epsilon, President: Interfraternlty Council, Greek Combine, ASCE, Sigma Pi Sigma, Simitar — Chicago, Illinois. Franklin, William Riley — Arts and Sciences — Phi Gamma Delta, Coloradan, Dodo, Silver and Gold, CU Days Committee, Homecoming Committee — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Freeman, Ann — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, News Editor: Silver and Gold, Triad: UWC, Miss Sociability — Greeley, Colorado. Frenz, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences — YWCA, UWC, International Relations Club, History Club, Modem Dance — Hyde Park, New York. Sheer Ecstacy 59 Nice caiTiage. Friedel, Barbara Ann — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Omicron Pi, Home Economics Qub, International Relations Club — Germantown, Tennessee. Frisher, Donald — Engine — Viking, ASCE — Los Angeles, California. Fulton, Alice — Arts and Sciences — Chi Omega, Theto Sigma Phi, WAA, Silver and Gold — Tulsa, Okla. Furbeck, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Chi Omega, WAA, Coloradan, Silver and Gold, Porpoise, AWS Vaudeville, Intramurals — Boulder, Colorado. Furukawa, Elsie — Pharmacy — Crowley, Colorado. Fyhrie, George — Engine — Delta Tau Delta, Pentagon, Band, AlEE — Spokane, Washington. Gades, Fred H.— Engine— ASME, IAS, VFW— Topeka, Kansas. Gcmeir, Marvel M. — Business — Erie, Colorado. Gorrity, Roy M. — Music — Players Club, Phi Mu Alpha — La Junta, Colorado. Gasser, Suzanne — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, ASUC, AWS, President: WAA, News Editor: Silver and Gold, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board — Pocatello, Idaho. Gates, Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Window, Band, Phi Chi Delta — Loveland, Colorado. Gavagan. Mary Alice — Arts and Sciences — Triad: UWC, Newman Club, Dormitory Counselor — Rocky Ford, Colorado. Genner, Siegfried W. — Business — Detroit, Michigan. Gettman, Lee C. — Engine — AIEE, Colorado Engineer, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Gilhams, Jane — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer: YWCA, Stage Crew, UWC, Red Cross Council, AWS Vaudeville — Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Gilmore, Keith — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha — Ontario, Oregon. Ginsberg. Norman — Arts and Sciences — Phi Sigma Delta, Business Manager: Homecoming, CU Days, Phi Epsilon Phi, Coloradan, Silver and Gold, Greek Combine — Denver, Colorado. Goodwin, LeRoy — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Delta Chi, Ski Club, Coloradan, Free Lance Club — ■ Colorado Springs, Colorado. Googe, Mary — Arts and Sciences — Spur, Dormitory President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, UWC. WAA— Denver, Colorado. s e n f 1 r s 60 1 9 4 7 Gorthy, Anna — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club, Intramurals — St, Francis, Kansas. Griffith, Constance — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, YWCA, Homecoming Dance Committee, CU Days Dance Committee — Denver, Colorado. Grills, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma, Dodo, YWCA, Silver and Gold, WAA, Home- coming Committee — Denver, Colorado. Groesbeck, Russell F. — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha, President: Sigma Tau, Phi Epsilon Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Pentagon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Star and Sextant — Springville, Utah. Grote, Ruth Amelia— Arts and Sciences — Delta Zeta, Arts Staff of Dodo, UWC, Rodeo Club, Ski Club, Ice Carnival, Equestrian Qub — Coral Gables, Florida. Guerber, Howard — Engine — AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Star and Sextant, Alpha Phi Omega, Orchestra — Denver, Colo. Gulick, Norman — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Sigma — Lynwood, California. Gunther, Donald — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha — Denver, Colorado. Haddock, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Kappa Gamma — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hagan, Ruth — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta, President: Tau Delta, Spur, Stage Crew, Phi Beta Kappa — La Grange, Illinois. Hall, Margaret E. — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, Business Manager; Window, Spur, Hesperia, WAA Board, Band, Iota Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, YWCA, UWC— Boone, Iowa. Hamm, Harold — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega, AIEE — Forester, Arkansas. Holdeman, Mary Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta — York, New York. Haney, lessomine — Arts and Sciences — Delta Phi Alpha, Spur, Psi Kappa Psi, WAA, Dormitory Counselor, Gamma Delta, Spanish Club — Center. Colorado. Hansen, Gayle — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Hansen, Howard A. — Engine — Football, Colorado Engineer, Band — LongmonI, Colorado. Harkin, lames — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Sigma, Secretary: Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Delta Chi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Hiking Club, Fencing Club, Dodo, Coloradan — Billings, Mont. Harkness, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences — Downers Grove, Illinois. Harris, May V. — Arts and Sciences — Arts Editor: Coloradan, Dodo, Band, Window, Tau Delta — Dmhurst, Illinois. Hart, Richard — Business — Chi Psi, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Who ' s Tired? 61 A Fella could fall for her. Hayaski, Ruth — Music — Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Sigma, Cosmopolitan Club, Wesley Foundation, Board Member of Music School — Grand Junction, Colorado. Hendrickson, Melvin — Arts and Sciences — Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, IRC, History Club, Bridge Qub — St. Paul, Minnesota. Hendrickson, Murl — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Football — Casper, Wyoming. Herbert, Richard L. — Business — Sigma Chi — Kansas City, Missouri. Heriick, Elaine — Arts and Sciences — Window, Dodo, Silver and Gold, Spur, Band, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, Dormitory Counselor — Boone, Iowa. Herried, Vernon — Business — Delta Tau Delta, President: California Club, Counsellor: Men ' s Dorm— San Bernardino, California. Hiatt, Jean — Arts and Sciences — Amarillo, Texas. Hobbs, Sebren — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega, ASME, Choir, Rifle Team, NROTC, Intramurals — Columbus, Nebraska. Holland, Donald — Business — Pi Kappa Alpha, Track, Silver and Gold, Dodo, Radio Production — Denver, Colorado. Holly, Jane — Arts and Sciences — YWCA, Red Cross, History Club — San Marino, California. Holmes, Robert — Business — Beta Theta Pi — Eureka, Kansas. Holter, Joyce— Business— Silver and Gold, Coloradan, Ski Club, Hiking Club, WAA, Valkyrie, UWC— Valley City, North Dakota. Holtzmcm, Nancy — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, Spur — Rochester, New York. Hook, Royden Keith — Engine — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hoppe, Wilbur — Engine — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASME — Missoula, Montana. Houlihan, Simon J. — Business — NROTC — Detroit, Michigan. Howard, Victor — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Tau Omega, Intramurals — Littleton, Colorado. Hunt, John M. — Engine — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Coloradan, Homecoming Chairman, Varsity Basketball and Tennis, CU Days King, Athletic Board, AIME — Denver, Colorado. Hutton, Richard — Business — Phi Delta Theta — Salida, Colorado. Hylan, Anne — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, President: YWCA, Business Manager: Colo-- radan. President: AWS, Social Chairman Triad: UWC, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Little Theater, Secretary: ASUC, Delta Phi Alpha, Who ' s Who— Boulder, Colorado. . s e n § 1 r s 62 1 mm m 4 7 Irwin, lanet — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, UWC, Coloradan, CU Days Committee — Denver, Colorado. lackson, Alfred — Engine — Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASCE — Rocky Ford, Colorado. Jackson, Betty — Music — Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Madrigal, " Robinhood, " " Sweethearts, " Choir, Messiah — Denver, Colorado. lackson, Paul — Engine — Sigma Nu, Sigma Tau, Phi Epsilon Phi, Star and Sextant, Track — Boulder, Colorado. James, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta — Estes Park, Colorado. Johnson, Beulah — Arts and Sciences — Choir, " Robinhood, " Laboratory Theater — San Angelo, Texas. Johnson, Charlotte- -Arts and Sciences — President: UWC, Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, AWS Senate, ASUC, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, ISA Council, Pacesetter — Gunnison, Colorado. Johnson, George — Engine — Denver, Colorado. Johnson, Joanne — Arts and Sciences — Band — Salina, Kansas. Johnson, Merle — Business — Havelock, lovfa. Johnson, T. Carroll — Engine — Sigma Nu, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Phi, Star and Sextant, Editor Knots and Fathoms, Band, Choir, ASCE, Homecoming Committee — Torrington, Wyo. Johnson, William N.— Engine— Sigma Nu, Football, Track, Phi Epsilon Phi, CU Days Committee, NROTC, Knots and Fathoms — Raymond, Washington. Jones, Charlie Marie—Arts and Sciences — Chi Omega, Spur, Home Economics Club, YWCA, UWC, Coloradan, Silver and Gold, Dodo — Dalhart, Texas. Jones, Ewarl C. — Engine — AIChE — Johnstovim, Colorado. Jones, George W. — Arts and Sciences— -Arvada, Colorado. Kastner, James — Engine — ICA Council, Treasurer, President: AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi — Austin, Texas, Kaylor, Kenneth — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, Star and Sextant, Track, Swimming, Colorado Engineer, Knots and Fathoms — Burbank, California. Kennedy, Eugenia — Arts and Sciences- Band, UWC, Newman Club — Norton, Kansas. Kentigh, Allan — Engine — Denver, Colorado. Keyser, Wanda — Arts and Sciences — Kearney, Nebraska. The K ' s convene. 63 Get oU the grass. Killey, Mary Beth — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, French Club — Western Springs, Illinois. King, Loyal — Engine — ASME — Boulder, Colorado. Kingdon, Bette — Arts and Sciences — Vice-President: Delta Delta Delta, Chairman: ASUC Election Com- mittee, All School Show, Assistant Chairman: Homecoming, Miss Service, Pan-Hellenic Council, Direc- tor: AWS Vaudeville, CU Days Dance Committee — Denver, Colorado. Kissock, Irene — Arts and Sciences— Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, UWC— Fort Collins, Colorado. Knievel, Kenneth — Engine — Phi Gamma Delta — Loveland, Colorado. Knielvel, Maxine — Business — Loveland, Colorado. Krier, Shirley — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta, House of Representatives, Dormitory Counselor, Treas- urer: NeviTman Club, Silver and Gold, YWCA, Orchestra, Orientation Committee, Program and Dance Com- mittee: CU Days — Walsenburg, Colorado. Kubarko, Ray — Engine — AlChE, Speakers Congress — Pueblo, Colorado. Kyes, Dorothy Jean — Arts and Sciences — Theta Sigma Phi, Silver and Gold — San Fernando, Calif. Lancaster, Mildred — Arts and Sciences — Ski Qub, YWCA, California Club — San Marino, Calif. Landrum, Dallas — A.rts and Sciences — Student Religious Council, Westminster Foundation, Cosmopolitan Qub, Religious Interests Committee, History Club — Sterling, Colorado. Langenberg, Rae — Arts and Sciences — Players Club, Fencing Club, UWC — Walthill, Nebraska. Lantz, Patricia — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Low, Florence — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Leaf, Marjorie — Engine — Alpha Chi Omega, Colorado Engineer, Spur, Porpoise, Dormitory Counselor, Sigma Tau Sigma, AIEE, WAA Board, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, AWS Loan Fund — Denver, Colorado. Lee, Randolph — Arts and Sciences — Phi Kappa Tau — Rapid City, South Dakota. Leii, Charles — Arts and Sciences — Phi Sigma Delta, Simitar, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Greek Combine Cheyenne, Wyoming. Leight, Harold — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Leroy, Elaine — Business — Alpha Phi, Spur, President: Beta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma — Denver, Colorado, Levoe, Shirley — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Choir, " Robinhood, " Orchesis, Messiah, YWCA Cabinet, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. s e n § 1 r s 64 1 9 4 7 Lewis, Mildred — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta — Omaha, Nebraska. Lighthall, Lois — Arts and Sciences — Spur, YWCA, Coloradan, Theta Sigma Phi, Intramurals Manager, WAA, Stage Crew, UWC — Denver, Colorado. Lillenqren, Joan — Arts and Sciences — President: Delta Gamma, Cabinet YWCA, WAA, Dodo, Silver and Gold, CU Days and Homecoming Committee, Spur, Pan-Hellenic — Chicago, Illinois. LinendolL Mary — Arts and Sciences — President: Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Chairman: CU Days, ASUC, AWS Senate, YWCA Cabinet, Vice-President: YWCA, California Club, Who ' s Who, Pacesetter, Mortar Board, Pi Mu Epsilon, Chairman: AWS Vaudeville, Dormitory President, Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic, Phi Omega Lambda — Pasadena, California. Linger, Mary — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Littleiohn. Robert Arts and Sciences — Chi Psi — Robinson, Illinois. Logan, Roger--Arts and Sciences — Sigma Nu, NROTC, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Look, Jean M. — Arts and Sciences — Delta Phi Delta, Ski Club — Grand Junction, Colorado. Lorenz, Elsie— Arts and Sciences— Alpha Omicron Pi, Little Theater, UWC, YWCA— Windsor, Calif. Lundy, William M. — Engine — Kappa Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE — Boulder, Colorado. Lyon, Tom — Engine — Vice-President: Ski Club, Viking, Alpha Chi Sigma, ISA Council — Salt Lake City, Utah. McCarty, Frank — Business — Silver and Gold, Phi Gomma Delta — Boulder, Montana. McClain, Marvin — Engine — Phi Delta Theta, Varsity Basketball, Cheerleader, ASME, Phi Epsilon Phi, Intramurals — San Marino, California. McCleary, Edward-Business — Phi Gamma Delta — Wilkesbaree, Pennsylvania. McDaniel, Anne — Music — Alpha Phi, Secretary Sigma Alpha Iota — Ardmore, Oklahoma. McQuire, Morion — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club, UWC, Intramurals — Algona, Iowa. McKerlie, Judy — Arts and Sciences — Dormitory Counselor, ISA Council, Valkyrie, Reeves — Denver, Colorado. McKinnell, Robert — Engine — Sigma Nu--Catonsville, Maryland. McMahon, Charles-Engine — ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Colorado Engineer — Boulder, Colorado. McMillan, Daniel — Engine — Varsity Baseball, Sumclia, AIEE — Omaha, Nebraska. You ' re killing me. 65 WCTU Outing. McMillan, Hcury — Engine — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. McMurrough, lessie J. — Arts and Sciences — ISA Council, Triad UWC, Valkyrie, CU Days Committee, Ski Club, WAA, Dodo— Leadville, Colorado. MacCIellan, Jean — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Kappa Gamma — Chicago, Illinois. Mangan, William — Business — Battle Creek, Michigan. Mantz, Mary — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Sigma Phi, Coloradan — Kansas City, Missouri. Marquand, Kenneth — Engine — Viking, Pi Tau Sigma, President: ASME, CU Days Committee, ISA Council, Reeves — Denver, Colorado. Marshall, Betty—Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, Ski Club, UWC — Ovid, Colorado. Marshall, Jenny — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi, Ski Club, UWC — Ovid, Colorado. Marshall, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Silver and Gold, Society Editor, Theta Sigma Phi, Young Democrats — Flossmoor, Illinois. Martin, Armstead — Engine — Engine Experimental Station, AIChE — Boulder, Colorado. Martin, Lynn — Business — Houston, Missouri. Martini, William R. — Engine — Glendale, California. Mathias. Robert — Engine — Tau Beta Pi, President: Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE — Monte Vista, Colorado. Matthews, Richard H. — Engine — Acacia, Secretary: Eta Kappa Nu, Vice-President: AIEE — Trinidad, Colorado. Mayne, Roland — Arts and Sciences — Phi Delta Theta — Boulder, Colorado. Meador, June— Business— President UWC, ISA Council, AWS, Ski Qub, YWCA, Home Economics Club— Hutchinson, Kansas. Meinig, Richard — Engine — AIEE — Sandy, Oregon. Merritt, Elaine — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, Society Editor of Silver and Gold, Who ' s Who, Pace- setter, Miss Scholarship, Board of Publications, ASUC — Denver, Colorado. Merritt, Robert — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega — Denver, Colorado. Mertz, Wayne — Business — Pueblo, Colorado. s e n 1 r s 66 0 IMS F 1 9 4 7 BQller, David — Engine — Phi Kappa Tau, ASME — Montrose, Colorado. (filler, Joan — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, Coloradan, Window, UWC, YWCA, WAA — Casper, Wyoming. Morelond, Ann — Arts and Sciences — Texas Club, WAA — Amarillo, Texas. Morison, Frank — Arts and Sciences — Chi Psi — Sterling, Colorado. Morris, Donald — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Morris, Phoenix Helen — Arts and Sciences — President: Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary: Pan-Hellenic, Greek Combine, Players Club — Dayton, Ohio. Morse, George — Engine — Phi Delta Theta, Phi Tau Sigma — Trinidad, Colorado. Motika, Robert — Business — Bureau of Statistical Analyst Research — Boulder, Colorado. Myers, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — President: Alpha Delta Pi, Pan-Hellenic, WAA, Speakers Congress, Intramurals, Assistant Chairman: Senior Week — Whittier, California. Nakogowa, Julia — Arts and Sciences — Phi Chi Delta, Cosmopolitan Club, UWC, Home Eco- nomics Club, Intramurals, YWCA, Westminster Foundation — Boulder, Colorado. Narum, Earl — Engine— Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi, AIEE, Ski Club— Bricelyn, Minnesota. Nash, Natalie — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Coloradan, Red Cross, CU Days Committee, Home- coming Committee, Senior Week Committee, UWC, YWCA, Pi Gamma Mu — Denver, Colorado. Nashem, Nornian--Law — Chi Psi, Ski Qub — Yakima, Washington. Nay, Harvey— Engine— Phi Delta Theta, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Sigma Delta Epsilon — LaGrange, Illinois. Neahis, Lynn — Business — Chi Psi — Omaha, Nebraska. Neill, Ora — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, WAA, Intramurals — Evanston, Illinois. Neisler, Helen — Business — Beta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Intramurals — Ault, Colorado. Newell, Martha Mae — Arts and Sciences — Dormitory President, YWCA, Psi Kappa Psi — Arvada, Colo. Newlon, Richard — Arts and Sciences — Pi Kappa Alpha, President: Phi Epsilon Phi, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Newman, Fred — Engine — Pueblo, Colorado. Timber. 67 They just saw their new pledge. Korcross, Gloria — Arts and Sciences — Dormitory President, YWCA, Committee Chairman, President: California Club, Ski Qub, UWC — San Marino, California. Norgren, Carl T. — Engine — Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE, Ski Qub, Kappa Kappa Psi — Denver, Colorado. Norgren, Gene — Business — President: Kappa Alpha Theta, WAA Board, Homecoming and CU Days Committee — Denver, Colorado. Norris, Anne — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, Tau Delta — Spencer, Iowa. Norwood, Orin — Engine — Boulder, Colorado. NoTok, Frank — Business — Star and Sextant, Newman Club — Omaha, Nebraska. Nyquist, Doris Mae — Music — Choir, Band, UWC, AWS Vaudeville, Operetta — Axtell, Nebraska. Ohler, Hazel — Business — Vice-President: Beta Sigma, Players Club, WAA, Orchesis — Denver, Colorado. Otte, Olive Mae — Arts and Sciences — Littleton, Colorado. Ough, Jacqueline — Business — Alpha Omicron Pi, Rodeo Club, YWCA — Benkleman, Nebraska. Overhults, Wendell C. — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon — Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Page, Mildred— Arts and Sciences— President: Pi Beta Phi, Spur, Chairman Song Fest Committee, WAA, AWS, Vaudeville — Denver, Colorado. Parkhill, Morijean — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Kappa Gamma — Pontiac, Illinois. Patty, William Riley — Business — Beta Theta Pi — Denver, Colorado. Pearce, Patricia — Business — President: Alpha Phi, Bookkeeper: Silver and Gold, WAA, Intra- murals — Des Plaines, Illinois. Pearson, Chelsie — Engine — AIChE — Pueblo, Colorado. Pederson, Patricia — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma — AWS Vaudeville, CU Days Song Fest, Messiah — Denver, Colorado. Perkin, Charles E. — Arts and Sciences — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Silver and Gold, Coloradan, Sigma Delta Chi — Denver, Colorado. Perlmutter, Leonard— Arts and Sciences — ASUC Commission, Editor: Silver and Gold, Viking Qub, Pi Mu Epsilon, Who ' s Who, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Phillips, John E. — Business — Marion, Kansas. s e n t 1 r s 68 1 9 4 7 PUlep, Edwin Engine— AlEE, OCG — St. Louis, Missouri. Porter, Anna L. — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, WAA — Jacksonville, Florida. Poth, Leonard — Business — Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball, Baseball — Dayton, Ohio. Presley, Eloise — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Phi, Porpoise, Choir, WAA, Tau Delta, Dodo, Window, Intramurals — Gallup, New Mexico. • Pronske, Nadine — Arts and Sciences — Ski Club, UWC, Intramurals — Linn, Kansas. Quantz, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences — Glade, Kansas. Quimby, Robert — Arts and Sciences — Phi Kappa Tau, Newman Qub — Rifle, Colorado. Raber, Jean — Arts and Sciences — President: UWC, Window, Band, Intramurals — Paonia, California. Read, Luana — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma, YWCA, Intramurals — Chicago, Illinois. Reed, Irwin — Business — Chi Psi — Estes Park, Colorado. Reeves, Roy F. — Engine — Canon City, Colorado. Reinhordt, MargareJ— Arts and Sciences — Vice-President: Alpha Delta Pi, Dormitory President, Spur, Pan- Hellenic, WAA: Treasurer, AWS: Activity Chairman, Silver and Gold, CU Court — Lincoln, Nebraska. Riqgenbach, Shirley— Arts and Sciences— Alpha Phi, WAA, Dodo, Alpha Epsilon Delta, YWCA, Iota Sigma Pi: Secretary, Spur, Red Cross, UWC — Monte Vista, Colorado. Ritcher. Edmond- -Pharmacy — Treasurer: Junior American Pharmaceutical Association — Pueblo, Colo. Roberts, Norma — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Epsilon Delta — Alamosa, Colorado. Roberts, Robert W.— Engine— Tau Beta Pi, Secretary: AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Radio Qub- Alamosa, Colorado. Robertson, Charles H. — Arts and Sciences — Fort Collins, Colorado. Robinson, Carroll S. — Arts and Sciences — Honolulu, Hawaii. Romer, Kathryn- Arts and Sciences— Choir, Wesley Foundation, UWC— Holly, Colorado. Ronan, Valene — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta PI — Gallup, New Mexico. They just saw their new pledge. 69 There ' s one in every crowd. Rook, }ack S. — Business — Beta Theta Pi — Boulder, Colorado. Ruth, H0II7 E. — Arts and Sciences — Ski Club, Newman Club, Tau Delta, Homecoming and CU Days Cora- mittees---Ogden, Utah. St. Aubyn, G. H. — Business — Sigma Nu — Russell, Kansas. Sachter, Lewis — Business — Phi Sigma Delta — Denver, Colorado. Sampson, Milton — Engine — Phi Epsilon Phi, Pentagon — Austin, Minnesota. Sampler, Nanette— Arts and Sciences — Silver and Gold, Cosmopolitan Club, UWC — Fremont, Nebraska. Sandberg, Emanuel — Arts and Sciences — Phi Kappa Tau, International Relations Club, History Club, Colo- radan----Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sargent. Robert E. — Engine — Alpha Tau Omega, ASCE, Track — Des Moines, Iowa. Sarlo, Gary A. — Engine — President; Phi Kappa Tau, ASME, Newman Club, Band, Orchestra, Base- ball, Intramurals — La Junta, Colorado. Scarbeory, Donald — Business — Alpha Tau Omega — Lexington, Illinois. Scheib, Susan Lou — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, WAA Board, Porpoise — Denver, Colo. Schemmel, Joan L. — Arts and Sciences — Silver and Gold, City Editor, CU Days Program Committee Chair- man, Spur, Theta Sigma Phi, " C " Book, Sales Manager, Window, WAA, Coloradan, CU Days Publicity Committee, AWS Vocations Committee, Dodo, UWC, Stage Crew, Red Cross, Silver and Gold Key — Denver, Colorado. Schmidt, Barbara — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, WAA, AV S, YWCA — Hinsdale, Illinois. Schmitt, Darwin — Engine — Boulder. Colorado. Schrickel, Blanche — Arts and Sciences — Arlington, Texas. Secrest, John — Arts and Sciences — Vice-President: Texas Qub, Wesley Foundation, NROTC — Dallas, Texas. Self, Marie — Arts and Sciences — President: Delta Phi Delta, Dormitory President, Dodo, Window, Coloradan, WAA, UWC— Englewood, Colorado. Sells, Janet — Arts and Sciences — Physical Education Club, Porpoise, Intramurals, WAA, Hockey Club, Square Dancing Club, UWC — Troy, New York. Sellers, Kathleen — Music — Monte Vista, Colorado. Seivy, Bulord — Business — Newton, Kansas. s e n f 1 r s § f% m 70 1 9 4 7 ' -: ? It - Shapiro, Robert J.-— Engine— Phi Kappa Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Star and Sextant, Sigma Pi Sigma, Combined Engineers, Commission, ASCE — San Gabriel, California. Shapiro, Robert Lee — Engine — Denver, Colorado. Shaw, Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, Coloradan — Las Animas, Colorado. Shermack, A. Paul— Arts and Sciences — Chi Psi, Little Theater— Denver, Colorado. Shockey, Everett L. — Arts and Sciences — Delta Tau Delta — Lead, South Dakota. Shull, Eloise Jo — Business — Dighton, Kansas. Schultz, Mary Kay — Business — Pi Beta Phi — Shattuck, Oklahoma. Schultz, Peggy— Engineer— Alpha Chi Omega, SWSAE, Colorado Engineer, ASME, IAS, WAA, Vaude- ville, CU Days, Intramurals — Pocohontas, Iowa. Sible, Jeanne — Business — Englewood, Colorado. Sigler, Margaret E. — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Silverman, Joseph — Engine — President; Phi Sigma Delta, President: Interfratemity Council, ASUC, Sumalia, Vet- eran ' s Council, Greek Combine, AlEE, Social Coordinating Committee, Who ' s Who — Providence, Rhode Island. Simpson, Mary Jane — Arts and Sciences — Ski Qub, Little Theater, Players Club, Secretary: UWC, Triad, UWC— Great Falls, Montana. Sirola, Milton — Engine — Carbondale, Colorado. Smalley, O. D. — Engine — Phi Delta Theta — Springfield, Missouri. Smith, Earl Byron — Arts and Sciences — Linton, North Dakota. Smith, Joseph — Engine — Alpha Phi Omega, AIChE, Ski Club — Phoenix, Arizona. Smithberg, John Willard — Business — Stromsberg, Nebraska. Snyder, Ronald — Engine and Business — Alpha Tau Omega, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi, AIEE, Band, NROTC — Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Sommers, Beverly — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Omicron Pi, Dormitory Counselor, Home Eco- i nomics Club, Canterbury Club, YWCA, UWC, Silver and Gold, Coloradan— Denver, Colorado. Don ' t Nancy, you ' ll get a man. 71 Portable bar . . . ber. Sorenson, James Peter — Engine — Phi Kappa Tau, ASME, Intramurals — Mesa, Arizona. Spano, Lena — Arts and Sciences — Dormitory Counselor, Reeves, WAA, UWC, Window, Newman Club, Spanish Club — Arvada, Colorado. StanleY ' , Xenia — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma, Dormitory President, Spur, Hesperia, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Vice-President Phi Sigma Iota, Social Editor Silver and Gold, Winte r Carnival, Pacesetter, Miss Responsibility, YWCA Cabinet — Denver, Colorado. Stanton. Norma leanne — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta, Window, AWS Vaudeville, WAA, Intramurals — Denver, Colorado. Staten, William— Engine — Salt Lake City, Utah. Steen, Ernest — Business — Monroe, Louisiana. Stein, B. M. — Engine — Monroe, Louisiana. Steinmetz, Marrin H. — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Sigma, Intramural Golf, Basketball — Garretson, South Dakota. Stephens, Dallas — Arts and Sciences — Viking Club, Debate, Tennis Team — Greeley, Colorado. Stephenson, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences — Littleton, Colorado. Stephenson, Stanley — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Phi, Intramurals — Ogden, Utah. Stine, Jacqueline — Business — Loveland, Colorado. Stinson, Joan Ann — Arts and Sciences — Oak Park, Illinois. Stone, Martha — Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta — Denver, Colorado. Stoudt, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Delta Pi — Calhan, Colorado. Streltzer, Toby Mae — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Suzuki, Moriko — Beta Sigma, Cosmopolitan Club — Denver, Colorado. Talkington, Maijorie — Arts and Sciences — Belfield, North Dakota. Tanner, Art — Engine — Hollywood, California. Tanner, Morjorie Jean — Arts and Sciences — Valkyrie, WAA — Wichita, Kansas. s e n f 1 r s 72 1 9 4 7 Tenenboiun, Harold — Business — Student Victory Council, Intramural — Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thomas, Wesley — Engine — ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Colorado Engineer, Homecoming Committee — Portland, Ore. Thompson, Gerry — Business — Enid, Oklahoma. Thompson, Vera — Arts and Sciences — Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, Veterans Women ' s Qub, American Legion, ISA, Chorus, Republican Club — Holly, Colorado. Thornton, Hettie Sue — Music — Sigma Alpha Iota — Jonesboro, Arkansas. Tobin, John J. — Law — Delta Tau Delta — Fort Collins, Colorado. Tonelli, Florence — Music — Newman Club, Choir — Pueblo, Colorado. Turgeon, Vera Lee— Arts and Sciences — Chi Omega, YWCA, Coloradan — Topeka, Kansas. Upham, Josephine — Arts and Sciences — Tau Delta — LoGrange, Illinois. Vorian, Edith — Engine— Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Architectural Forum, SWE — Denver, Colorado. Van Comp, John W. — Engine — Sigma Chi President, IFC, ASME, Greek Combine, Silver and Gold, Coloradan, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Intramurals — Portland, Oregon. Venuti, Robert — Engine — Phi Delta Theta — Bayfield, Colorado. Vincent, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Fort Lupton, Colorado. Vining, Marjorie Lee — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi, WAA, YWCA, Dodo, CU Days Committee, Homecoming Committee, Pan-Hellenic Council — Denver, Colorado. Volkmer, Donald — Engine — President Chi Epsilon, Vice-President ASCE, Colorado Engineer, Collection Manager Silver and Gold, Architectural Forum — Jefferson City, Missouri. Waechter, Ruth — Arts and Sciences — Yuma, Colorado. Wallace, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi — Council Bluffs, Iowa. Walter, Richard K. — Engine — Pi Kappa Alpha — Denver, Colorado. Wallher, D. Jane — Arts and Sciences — St. Louis, Missouri. Wancura, Gladys Maxine — Business — Dove Creek, Colorado. Put er there. 73 i m % ' 4r - ' A.A. (Accomplished Alcoholics) meeting. Warden, Bruce — Business — Acacia, Coloradan — Ballantine, Montana. Warner, John Morgan — Engine — Pentagon, Psi Eta Pi, Phi Epsilon Phi — Venice, California. Warner, Margaret — Arts and Sciences — Ski Club — JopUn, Missouri. Warren, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences — Pi Beta Phi — Denver, Colorado. Washburn, Sally — Arts and Sciences — Delta Gamma — St. Paul, Minnesota. Watson, K. B. — Law — Amarillo, Texas. Watts, William L. — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Webber, Marion George — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Weber, Harry A. — Engine — Chi Epsilon — Denver, Colorado. Weber, Jeanne D. — Arts and Sciences — Spur, ISA Council, Newman Club — Denver, Colorado. Wedeberg, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Hyattsville, Maryland. Weirather, Elizabeth Claire — Arts and Sciences — Flagstaff, Arizona. Wells, Dwight — Business — Phi Delta Theta — Tacoma, Washington. Westerwick, Robert A. — Engine — AIEE, Alpha Phi Omega — Phoenix, Arizona. Wetmore, Suzanne — Business — Alpha Chi Omega, National President: Tau Beta Sigma, Beta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Collections Manager: Coloradan, WAA, Band, YWCA, UWC, Ski Club, Collections Manager: Senior Week — Bedford, Iowa. Whalen, Susan— Arts and Sciences — Delta Delta Delta, UWC, Newman Club — Jefferson, Iowa. Wiemann, Hugh — Business — Phi Delta Theta — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wiener, Jacquelyn— Arts and Sciences — WAA, UWC, Reeves, Cosmopolitan Club, Speakers Congress, Intramurals — La Junta, Colorado. Wilkey, Edward — Engine — Phi Delta Theta — Providence, Kentucky. Williams, Clarence M., Jr. — Business — Amarillo, Texas. s e n t I r s 74 1 9 4 7 Williemis, Jane E. — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Chi Omega, Dormitory Counselor, Spur, WAA Board, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Orientations Committee, House of Representatives — Rocky Ford, Colorado. Williams, Keith — Engine— ASME, CU Days, Quarterdeck Club, Knots and Fathoms, Phi Delta Theta — Napa, California. Wilson, Francos — Business — Greeley, Colorado. Wilson, Helen — Arts and Sciences — Iota Sigma Pi, Home Economic Club — Boulder, Colorado. Wilson, Lee — Music — UWC, Band, " Robinhood, " Texas Club, Intramurals, Choir — Wichita, Kansas. Winter, Donald — Business — Denver, Colorado. Winthrop, Arthur — Engine — AIEE, Sigma Pi Sigma — Long Island, New York. Woodhill, Guy — Engine — Viking, Alpha Chi Sigma, AIChE — San Francisco, California. Woodruff, Hugh W. — Business — Scarsdale, Newf York. Woodmff, lohn C. — Arts and Sciences — Denver, Colorado. Woodward, D. G. — Engine — Boulder, Colorado. Wright, Louis D.— Engine — Beta Theta Pi, Psi Eta Pi, Coloradan — Gillette, Wyoming. Yant, Jane Burch — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Yealy, Jane — Arts and Sciences — Alpha Delta Pi — Derry, Pennsylvania. Yeate, Virginia — Arts and Sciences — Boulder, Colorado. Zelinger, Morris — Business — Debate, Phi Sigma Delta, Dodo, Phi Epsilon Phi — Denver, Colorado. ■ What am I bid? 75 hesperia honorary junior women Top row, left to right: N. Lee, B. Boyle, B. Bowers. Second row: H. Bigelow, J. Briscoe, M. Chambers, N. Strader, J. Eroddy. Front row: J. Schyralbe, J. Robinson, T. Breclaw, Dean Ball, M. Hall, M. A. Bunting. officers President Terry Breclaw Vice President Margaret Hall Treasurer Jane Eroddy Sponsor Dean Ball members Helen Bigelow Jane Eroddy Barbara Bowers Margaret Hall Billee Boyle Nancy Lee Terry Breclaw Joyce Robinson Jane Briscoe Jo Schwalbe Mary Alice Bunting . Nancy Strader Mac C hombers 76 sumalia honorary for junior men Top row, left to right: Bernard Alberts, A. A. Peters, Bill Horther, Jack Gnadinger, Charles Daigneault, Bob McKinnel, John Fabling, Leu Dods. Second row: Don Brotzman, Dick Morrow, Dick Pace, Walt Koelbel, John Hussa, Bob Phillipson. Front row: Tom Rooney, Byron Beach, Bill Paddock, Homer Eggers. . officers President Walter Koelbel Vice-President Dick Pace Social Chairman Zip Zimmerman Faculty Advisor Dean Henry Carlson members Bernard Alberts Wes Barker Sam Barnhill Byron Beach Don Brotzman Tom Broyles Don A. Campbell Charles Daigneault Lou Dods Joe Dorough Homer Eggers John Fabling Jadk Gnadinger Lou Hart Bill Horther John Hussa Don King Walt Koelbel E. E. Lattimer Clint McCubbin Bob McKinnel Harry McMillan Paul McMillan Dick Morrow Lynn Neafus Bob Nichols Dick Pace Bill Paddock Frank Pasqua A. A. Peters Bob Phillipson Tom Rooney Jim Schroeder Joe Silverman Keene Smith Art Tanner Jack Timmer Bob Venuti Beno Walker John Warlick Rollin Wilson Zip Zimmerman 77 They ' re What Gen- tlemen Prefer. Adolph, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Rochester, New York Akers. Harold B. — Engine Boulder, Colorado Alexander, Helen — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado Allison, Margaret — Arts and Sciences Paonia, Colorado Allen, Robert C. — Arts and Sciences Columbus, Georgia Anderson, Burton — Engine Denver, Colorado Anderson, Robert R. — Engine Haxtun, Colorado Anderson, Virginia M. — Arts and Sciences.. ._ Montrose, Colorado Amett, Eugene- -Engine South Pasadena, California Arnold, Marylaine — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Aron. Patricia — Arts and Sciences Crete, Nebraska Atwood, John — Engine Loveland, Colorado Auger, Pat — Arts and Sciences , Denver, Colorado Bachmonn, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Baldwin, Bebe Jean — Music. Kingsdown, Kansas Barb, Shirlee P. — Arts and Sciences Golden, Colorado Barklay, Patty — Arts and Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado Bomhill, Sam — Engine Eldorado, Kansas Barteou, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Scarsdale, New York Bashford, Bernard — Music Wray, Colorado Beach, Roberta J. — Arts and Sciences Bayfield, Colorado Bealer, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Morrison, Illinois Beeman, Jack — Business Araarillo, Texas Bell, Celia — Arts and Sciences Harrison, Arkansas Bell. Richard — Business Denver, Colorado Bell, Shirley — Engine Casper, Wyoming Benton, Field — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bergman, Betty — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Bigelow, Helen — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Billington, Ruth — Business Lafayette, Colorado J u n f 1 r s n 1 9 4 8 i gift. Bjustrom, James — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Blaser, Geraldine — Pharmacy Columbus, Nebraska Boltz, Frances A. — Business Denver, Colorado Bowyer, Marge — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Bradshow, Harold — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Briscoe, Jane — Arts and Sciences Idaho Springs, Colorado Brown, Collier — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Brown, Peggy — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bruner, Richard — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Buck, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Streator, Illinois Burtt, Shirley — Music Englewood, Colorado Bufz, Robert — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado Buzalsky, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences New England, South Dakota Cain, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Calabrese, Lorraine — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Carlson, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Carrinqlon, George — Engine San Fernando, California Costellucci, Ben — Engine Pueblo, Colorado Chance, Grady M. — Engine Denver, Colorado Colson, Stanley — Engine Denver, Colorado Connell, Colleen — Engine Boulder, Colorado Corbit, Sally — Arts and Sciences So. Pasadena, California Counce, Sheila — Arts and Sciences Hayes Center, Nebraska Coyne, Elaine — Arts and Sciences Fort Madison, Iowa Gumming, Joan — Arts and Sciences Oakland, California Cizek, Edward J. — Arts and Sciences Hastings, Nebraska Clapper, Robert A. — Engine Billings, Montana Clemons, Nancy E. — Arts and Sciences Jackson, Michigan Cohen, Marian — Arts and Sciences Henderson, Nebraska Collier, William T. — Engine Amarillo, Texas Step ' n ' Stone, 79 Nasty Notes. Dohm, Norman — Engine Fort Morgan, Colorado Dearth, Keith — Engine Montrose, Colorado DeLong, Dean — Engine Fort Morgan, Colorado Dennis, Colleen — Arts and Sciences Kit Carson, Colorado Dickinson, John R. — Business Denver, Colorado Dickson, George R. — Business Denver, Colorado Dieckman, Annabelle — Arts and Sciences Moffat, Colorado Dieter. Wesley — Business Denver, Colorado Dille, I. Gordon — Engine Fort Morgan, Colorado Doan, Joyce — Business Kingsville, Texas Dodge, Nattalie — Arts and Sciences Santa Fe, New Mexico Doll, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Ooolen, Polly — Business Denver, Colorado Doremus, Ann — Arts and Sciences , Denver, Colorado Dukas, Barbara V. — Arts and Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming Duncanson, Fred L. — Business Winnebago, Minnesota Ediin, Pat — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Eisen, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Epstein, Joseph — Engine Denver, Colorado Erickson, Eloise — Arts and Sciences Monte Vista, Colorado Eroddy, Jane — Arts and Sciences Englewood, Colorado Falkenberg, J. F. — Engine : Denver, Colorado Fannin, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Phoenix, Arizona Ferguson, Helen C. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Fernando, Evelyn — Business Los Angeles, California Foreman, Anson D. — Engine Amarillo, Texas Foskett, Betty — Arts and Sciences Phoenix, California Foster, Clyde — Arts and Sciences Long Beach, California Fowler, Frank — Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois Fowler, Hugh — Business Evanston, Illinois I u n f 1 r s 80 1 9 4 8 Fowler, Leslie — Business Memphis, Tennessee Frederic, Robert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado French, Robert E. — Engine Rapid City, South Dakota Funk, James R. — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Gamier, Gene Edgar — Engine Louisville, Colorado Glddes, Gloria — Arts and Sciences Kenilworth, Illinois Goodwyn, Mary Jo — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Goss, Robert C. — Engine La Veto, Colorado Gregg, Donald B. — Engine Englev ood, Colorado Gregg, Muriel — Arts and Sciences Englewood, Colorado Grieshaber, Eugene — Engine Milv aukee, Wisconsin Griffith, Helen — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Grimes, Erwin E. — Arts and Sciences Stamford, Texas Guiberson, Paula — Arts and Sciences Amarillo, Texas Hagen, James Engine Cheyenne, Wyoming Hagler, Gene — Engine Twin Falls, Idaho Hahn, Jack — Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois Hardy, Jane — Arts and Sciences Long Island, New York Hardy, William M.- -Arts and Sciences New York City, New York Horkins, Maia — Arts and Sciences Westport, Connecticut Helsel, loarme-Arts and Sciences Wichita, Kansas Hepworth, Richard T. — Business Evanston, Illinois Herald, Helen — Arts and Sciences Austin, Texas Herigstad, Ellamae — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Herman, Sheila — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Heubner, Allen — Engine Estes Park, Colorado Hightower, Fred — Business Monroe, Louisiana Hill, Ralph Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hlnkley, Lester Engine Denver, Colorado Hiraml. Pat S.-Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pretty steep — huh? 81 A King — A Queen. Hodges, Mary Emma — Arts and Sciences Burkburnell, Texas Hoff, Margaret A. — Arts and Sciences San Francisco, California Howard, Edward — Engine Laurel, Maryland Huggins, Mariha L, — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hunta, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hutchinson, Henry — Business _ Boulder, Colorado Infield, Elinor — Music Colorado Springs, Colorado Ingram, William — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Issacs, Marian- — Arts, and Sciences _ Denver, Colorado Iverson, Clair — Engine Fort Morgan, Colorado lackson, Phyllis — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Jacobson, Mary — Arts and Sciences Fargo, North Dakota James, Madeliene — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado lames, Noreen — Arts and Sciences Dalhart, Texas lindra, Robert — Business Dickey, North Dakota Johnson, Charles — Engine Denver, Colorado Johnson, Lucille — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Johnson, Sue — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Johnston, Ernest — Arts and Sciences Des Moines, Iowa Jones, Elaine — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Jones, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado Karlson, Wes — Engine North Hollywood, California Katz, Nathan — Business Pueblo, Colorado Katx, Robert — Engine Pueblo, Colorado Keay, James — Arts and Sciences Logan, Iowa Keller, Jacqueline — Arts and Sciences Arvada, Colorado Kenworthy, Dean — Engine Monte Vista, Colorado Kilpatrick, Douglas — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Kilzer, John — Business Boulder, Colorado King, John — Business Greeley, Colorado J u n t 1 r s S O 82 1 9 4 8 King, Robert — Business Jackson, Minnesota Knox, Wallie — Engine Loveland, Colorado Konkel, lames — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Ladd, Jennelte— Arts and Sciences Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Lamar, Paula — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Lambertson, Glen — Engine Delta, Colorado Lampman, Irma Jean — Arts and Sciences 5hell, Wyoming Lanier, Sidney — Business Spartanburg, South Carolina Lee, Nancy — Business Pueblo, Colorado Lee, William — Engine Denver, Colorado Levy, Norman — Business Denver, Colorado Levy, Morgan — Business Miami, Florida Lewis, Gwendolyn — Arts and Sciences Grosse Pointe, Michigan Lind, Samuel C. — Arts and Sciences Cleveland, Ohio Lines, Richard — Arts and Sciences Salida, Colorado Locker, Irene— -Arts and Sciences Peoria, Illinois Lopez, Carlos — Business Mexico City, Mexico Lott, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences La Jolla, California Lowe, Rosalie — Arts and Sciences Albuquerque, New Mexico Lynn, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Highland Park, Illinois McCarthy, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado McCluskey, Jim — Arts and Sciences La Junta, Colorado McCusker, Dorothy — Business Denver, Colorado MacDonald, Jessie — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Maize, Norine — Arts and Sciences Germantown, Texas Martin, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Martz, Dorothy- -Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Mason, William — Business Plattevllle, Colorado Mathews, Barbara Jean — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Mathews, Ellanore — Arts and Sciences Silverton, Colorado How ' d that coed get in there? 83 The Latest Thing In a Diess. May, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Rochelle, Illinois Menk, Merlin — Business Staunton, Illinois Meyer, Joan — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Miklos, loseph — Law Pueblo, Colorado Miller, Alan D. — Engine Lafayette, Colorado dler, Mason — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Montgomery, Harriet — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Moore, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Dalhart, Texas Moore, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences Ashland, Kentucky Morrow, John T. — Business Colorado Springs, Colorado Morse, Marjorje — Arts and Sciences Mankato, Minnesota Mueller, Don — Business Cincinnati, Ohio Murphy, Leonard — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Murray, Eileen — Music Cheswick, Pennsylvania Myers, Joyce — Music Alliance, Nebraska Myers, Lloyd — Engine Billings, Montana Naie, Betty Lou — Business Pueblo, Colorado Nelson, Paul T. — Business Trinidad, Colorado Nelson, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Nelson, William H. — Engine Midvale, Utah Newman, Rodney — Business Arkansas City, Kansas Nidey, Russell — Engine Springfield, Colorado Niebel, Robert — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Niebel, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California O ' Donnel l, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Oldaker, Merrill — Engine Albuquerque, New Mexico Olson, Emoqene — Arts and Sciences Boone, Iowa Otto, Jane — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Ozawa, Fumi — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pace, Richard — Business Oakdale, California J U n I r s 84 1 9 4 8 Palmer, locmne — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Parsons, Stuart — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pasloret, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences Fargo, North Daktota Peacock, Elwin M. — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Penney, M. D. — Arts and Sciences Libertyville, Illinois Peppers, Murray — Business Pueblo, Colorado Perstein, Millard — Engine San Francisco, California Peterson, C. Herbert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Petterson, Doris — Arts and Sciences Oakland, California Pettit, William R. — Engine Salem, Oregon Phipps, Beverly — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pickett, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Pollard, loseph S. — Arts and Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado Poor, Jayne — Arts and Sciences Streator, Illinois Popovich, John — Engine Silverton, Colorado Post, Mary Belle — Arts and Sciences Geneva, Illinois Potter, Margaret — Arts and Sciences Casper, Wyoming Powell, Joan — Arts and Sciences Seattle, Washington Pratt, Isabelle — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Proskovec, Gloria — Arts and Sciences Columbus, Nebraska Pulis, Jay — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Quick, Bernard E. — Music Morrill, Nebraska Quinby, Jane -Arts and Sciences Monmouth, Illinois Quinn, Phyllis — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Rabum, Ralph — Arts and Sciences Goodwfell, Oklahoma Raglin, Francis — Engine Denver, Colorado Randall, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado Hay, Anthony — Music Boulder, Colorado Reddy, Melvin — Arts and Sciences Dodge City, Kansas Reynolds, Kenneth — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Denver weekend. 85 Antics in their pantry. Rich, Mary Susan — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Richardson, Rita — Arts and Sciences Summit, New Jersey Robbins, Lee — Business Denver, Colorado Rogers, Gardner — Engine Rosemaont, Colorado Rold, John W. — Arts and Sciences Salida, Colorado Rovira, Luis — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Howe, Lois— Arts and Sciences River Forest, Illinois Russom, Pat — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Ryan, Margaret — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Rymill, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado St. Clair, Patricia — Arts and Sciences Port Washington, New York Sandberg, Lillian — Arts and Sciences Waukegan, Illinois Sandmann, Dorothy — Art s and Sciences Loveland, Colorado Schalses, Gloria — Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois Schwalbe, Jo Ann — Engine Denver, Colorado Seeber, Norton — Business Chicago, Illinois Selbe, Rexiord — Engine Longmont, Colorado Shadinger, Charles — Engine Roswell, New Mexico Shcrw, Doris — Business Meeker, Colorado Show, William — Arts and Sciences Aspen, Colorado Sherwood, Clifford — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Shipman, Margaret — Engine Littleton, Colorado Shipp, Ralph Jr. — Business Boulder, Colorado Sigvaldson, Alice — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Simonsen, Frances — Arts and Sciences _ Glenview, Illinois Sittig, Eugene — Engine Glencoe, Illinois Slayton, Nancy — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Smith, Carolyn — Arts and Sciences Sioux City, Iowa Smith, Vernon — Engine Omaha, Nebraska Smyth, Irene — Arts and Sciences Big Horn, Wyoming ] U n § 1 r s 86 r tar 1 9 4 8 Snyder, Wilfred — Pharmacy Carthage, Missouri Soldat, Joseph — Engine Denver, Colorado Southward, Lois — Arts and Science Rifle, Colorado Sperry, Donald — Business Los Angeles, California Sprague, Edward — Engine Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Stackhouse, A. Jacque — Business Scottsbluff, Nebraska Stanton, Jeanne — Arts and Sciences Gary, Indiana Stanton, Richard — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Starbuck, Lois Jean — Business.... Greeley, Colorado Steams, Paul E. — Arts and Sciences Delta, Colorado Stewart, Patricia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Strauss, Roberta — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Stutheit, Delores — Arts and Sciences Ogallala, Nebraska Sullivan, Ann — Pharmacy Meeker, Colorado Sutter, Anne — Business Brov nsville, Texas Swonson, Roy — Engine Cheyenne, Wyoming Sytz, Helen Irene — Arts and Sciences Dyersburg, Tennessee Tollman, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Shelbyville, Illinois Tanner, Garett — Business Boulder, Colorado Telfer, J. D. — Arts and Sciences Hillsboro, Illinois Thompson, Bertha — Arts and Sciences Santa Barbara, California Thompson, Meredith — Arts and Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming Todd, John C. — Business Pueblo, Colorado Todd, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma Tompkins, Gordon — Arts and Sciences Amarillo, Texas Townsend, Ruth — Arts and Sciences -. Sycamore, Illinois Tozer, Janet — Arts and Sciences Windsor, Colorado Trent, rachael — Engine Boulder, Colorado Turner, John — Business ...Colorado Springs, Colorado Tumquist, Edwin — Business Littleton, Colorado Try Student Directory. 87 Armed to the teeth. Van Fradenburq. Jean — Arts and Sciences Manassa, Colorado Van Vranken, Walter — Business Trinidad, Colorado Vance, Barton — Engine East Jordan, Michigan Vanderwilt, Christine — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Vanderwilt, William — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Vamey, Charles B. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Voqler, Harry — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Vohs, Frances — Arts and Sciences Santa Fe, New Mexico Von Hoist, Marian — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Von Wyl, Margaret — Arts and Sciences _ Denver, Colorado Wagner, Nonnie — Arts and Sciences , Oakland, California Walker, lames L. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Walter, Mary Jane — Arts and Sciences Uxbridge, Massachusetts Watson, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Worland, Wyoming Welker, Susan — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Welly, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Custer, South Dakota White, Sue — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Wier, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Beaumont, Texas Willcox, lean — Arts and Sciences Altadena, California Willis, Robert — Business Colorado Springs, Colorado Wilson, Brooks — Business Amarillo, Texas Wilson, Shipley — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Wirth, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Oak Park, Illinois Wise, Kenneth — Arts and Sciences Fort Morgan, Colorado Wlvell, Emma Lou — Arts and Sciences North Platte, Nebraska Worsley, Margaret — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Wrighton, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Excelsior, Minnesota Young, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Morenci, Arizona Young, Barbara P. — Music Norton, Kansas Young, James R. — Engine Fort Collins, Colorado ] U n § 1 r s L 88 phi epsilon phi men ' s pep organization Front row, left to right: Ohman, Parker, N. Ginsberg, A. Tryba, Mailman, Schwartz, W. Johnson, Tucker, Wilson, Tomkins, Fingado. Second row: Di Lorenzo, Katz, Lopatin, Grieshaber, Jackson, Buchanan, Gray, Karlson, West, Bucholtz, Bartholomew, Hoch. Third row: Greg, Egan, Rothstein, Talcott, Thomas, Dinner, Sare, Rooney, Girvin, Konkel, Dods, Fielder, Burson, Sommers. Top row: Nelson, Groesbeck, Lee, Guzofsky, Stein, Blacknarr, Leight, Dowis, Barr, Falkenberg, Hudson, Scott, Blickhahn, Miller, Ballenger, Beeman, Mueller, Horner, Rovira, Levy. officers President Russ Groesbeck Vice-President Ray Dilorenzo Secretary Earl Narum members actives Richard Barr Wes Carlson Ray Dilorenzo Lou Dodds Sterling Dunbar L. E. Dunn Don Evans George Gleghorn Al Gray Russ Groesbeck Richard Hoch Paul Jackson T. C. Johnson William Johnson Harold Leight Norman Levy William Martini Earl Narum Richard Rov e Milt Sampson V. H. Talcott Hazell Jos. Thomas pledges Bill Ballenger Roland Bartholomew- Jack Beeman Richard Blackmorr Hank Blickhahn Ralph Bower James Buchanan Howard Crom Melvin Dinner Richard Dowis John Egan John Falkenberg William Fielder Henry Fingado George Gerwin Norman Ginsberg Donald Gregg Eugene Grieshaber Harold Guzofsky Raymond Horner Robert Hudson Richard Hugins Charles Kasper Robert Katz James Konkel Richard Lee Paul Lopatin Gerald Mellman James Miller Charles Morledge Mark Mueller William Nelson Clifton Ohman Edward Parker Morton Perrer Frederick Resen Dalton Roberts Robert Rothstein Robert Rooney Luis Rovira Ransom Sare Eugene Savonen Stanley Schwartz Neibert Sommers Donald Stein Donald Strauss John Thomas Gordon Tompkins Robert Tucker Roger Walker Brooks Wilson John Zisch 89 spur honorary sophomore women Front row, left to right: M. Sobey, A. M. Vv ' hite, P. Payne, J. Lawsoii, A. Seyler, D. Wilcoxon, J. Holden, J. Schemmel, B. Lauterbach, B. Rice, R. Gee, J, Carlisle, M. McClure. Second row, left to right: J. Tozer, E. M. Drexel, A. Binkley, A. Goalby, M. Walker, A. Oliver, J. Sears, K. Brownne, A. Browning, J. Fortna, J. Bradley, D. D. Coleman, M. Grove, P. Fonda, M. L. Weber. Top row, left to right: D. Stutheit, B. Janson, B. Rennicke, A. Sconce, S, Whitson, M. MacNeal, B. Bullis, P. Peterson, M. Kettle, D. Dice, N. Kennedy, J. Bjork, G. Ball, N. Sabin, M. Ruddy, J. MacFarlane, H. Nakagawa. officers President Jo Holden Vice-President Joan Lcrwson Secretcnry Jean Carlisle Treasurer Anne Seyler Editor Janet Schemmel members Geneva Ball Alice Binkley Jean Bjork Rose Booton Joan Bradley Ann Browning Kay Brownne Barbara Bullis Jean Carlisle Doris Coleman Dee Dice Ellen Marie Drexel Phyllis Fonda Jean Fortna Rita Gee Alice Goalby Marjorie Grove Jo Holden Bettilou Janson June Kopecky Marybelle Kettle Nancy Kennedy Joan Eawson Bev Lauterbach Marcille McClure Joanne MacFarlane Marguerite MacNeal Helen Nakagawa Audrey Oliver Pat Payne Phyllis Peterson Barbara Rennicke Barbara Rice Marilyn Ruddy Nancy Sabin Janet Schemmel Arlene Sconce Janet Sears Anne Seyler Marguerite Sobey Delores Stutheit Janet Tozer Marilyn Walker M. L. Weber Shelby Whitson A. M. White Donna Wilcoxon 90 1 9 4 9 Acker, Charles B. — Arts and Sciences Ossining, New York Alcorn, LeRoy Neal — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Allen, Billie Jean — Engine Salida, Colorado Allen, Judy — Arts and Sciences Eagle, Colorado Allen, William L. — Arts and Sciences Steamboat Springs, Colorado Anderson, Charles D. — Arts and Sciences Omaha, Nebraska Anderson, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Angell, Victor — Engine Salt Lake City, Utah Applequist, Ruth M. — Arts and Sciences ; Chicago, Illinois Asher, Robert H. — Arts and Sciences Great Bend, Kansas Balderston, Robert W. — Arts and Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ball, Geneva — Arts and Sciences Loveland, Colorado Ball, Hah — Arts and Sciences Twin Falls, Idaho Ballard, John T. — Arts and Sciences Telluride, Colorado Ballenger, William — Engine Highland Park, Illinois Barker, Paul — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Barrows, Frederick — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Bashor, Ralph — Engine Casper, Wyoming Battles, June — Arts and Sciences Decatur, Illinois Beckwith, Frank— Arts and Sciences Loveland, Colorado Bein, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Loveland, Colorado Benson. Marie Frances — Engine Schenectady, New York Benton, Rosalie — Arts and Sciences Andover, Massachusetts Berkstresser, Joanne — Arts and Sciences Sterling, Colorado Berry, Lila Lee — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bieser, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Craig, Colorado Bigelow, Guy A. — Engine Pueblo, Colorado Bingham, Donald S. — Engine Arlington Heights, Illinois Binkley, Alice — Arts and Sciences Wheotridge, Colorado Bittner, Dolores — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado The Serup Team. 91 Nothing Sarong in That. s p h m r e s Bjoik, leanne — Arts and Sciences Evanslon, Illinois Blackmarr. Richard J. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Blauer, Clinton — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Blickhahn, George — Arts and Sciences Alamosa, Colorado Bokorney, lanet — Arts and Sciences Cedar Rapids, Iowa Booton, Rose — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Boretti, Joan — Arts and Sciences Highland Park, Illinois Bowles, Kathleen — Arts and Sciences Glendale, California Breckenridge. loan — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Brett, Vernon — Arts and Sciences Edwards, Colorado Brewster, Robert — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Misso uri Bridge, Beverly — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Brinks, lames — Arts and Sciences Kimball, Nebraska Bronun, Lois Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Brown, Carolyn — Arts and Sciences Rhinelander, Wisconsin Brown, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences Rifle, Colorado Browning, Ann — Music Denver, Colorado Brownne, Kay — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Brownne, Robert H. — Engine Denver, Colorado Brummer, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Fort Lupton, Colorado Bruns. Robert L. — Engine Lakewood, Colorado Bryan, Manly — Arts and Sciences Qarendon, Texas Buchanan, lames — Arts and Sciences Robinson, Illinois Buie, John M. — Engine Houston, Texas Bullis, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bumpus, Harold G. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bums, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Burson, Kenneth — Arts and Sciences Eureka, Kansas Burton, Patricia — Arts and Sciences Honolulu, T.H. Busch, Dolores Louise — Arts and Sciences Bay City, Michigan " QS rm 92 1 9 4 9 Bush, Stanley — Arts and Sciences Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Byouk, Joseph — Arts and Sciences Butte, Colorado Campbell, Rosalee— Enqine Central City, Colorado Carder, James M. — Engine Holdenville, Oklahoma Carlisle, Margaret — Arts and Sciences j Eureka, Kansas Carlson, Charles — Engine Eaton, Colorado Carlson, Leona — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Comes, Marion M. — Arts and Sciences Manitou Springs, Colorado Carpenter, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Carthus, Cindy — Arts and Sciences Alton, Illinois Caughren, James — Engine Albuquerque, New Mexico Chambers, Helen — Arts and Sciences Arkansas City, Kansas Chapin. Jxme — Arts and Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado Chavez, Carol — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Christolear, Max D. — Engine Lamar, Colorado Coblentz, Anita — Arts and Sciences El Paso, Texas Cobum, William E. — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Cochran, Dale S. — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Cohn, Vivian — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Cohoe, Gail — Arts and Sciences Hibbing, Minnesota Colaiano, Shirley Mae — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Colbum, Delores- Arts and Sciences Valentine, Nebraska Colbum, Paul -Arts and Sciences Gary, Indiana Coleman, Doris — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Collier, Douglas — Arts and Sciences Wheatridge, Colorado Cooke, Marilee — Music Denver, Colorado Cooley, Nadine — Music !Sanford, Kansas Cormack, Carol — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Courtney, Clyde — Arts and Sciences Livingston, Texas Cramp, Erwin — Engine Glenwood Springs, Colorado Wheels. 93 Write us for particu- lars. Creosey, James G. — Arts and Sciences Filer, Colorado Crom, Howard B. — Engine Pierce, Colorado Crosier, Frances — Arts and Sciences _ La Verne, California Crowe, Jeonette — Arts and Sciences Wheatridge, Colorado ■■ Culpepper. Warren — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Curry. Dudley — Arts and Sciences Lamar. Colorado Dall, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Libertyville. Illinois Daniel, William — Engine San Diego, California Davidson, Edison — Engine Ravenna, Nebraska Davis, Avis — Arts and Sciences Golden. Colorado Davis, Corliss — Arts and Sciences Cloquet. Minnesota Davis, John A. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Davis, Morion Arts and Sciences Raton. New Mexico DeLoncr, Cynthia — Arts and Sciences Anoka, Minnesota Denning, Luann — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Deter, Marian — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Dever, Kathleen — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Dice, Doris — Arts and Sciences Whittier, Colorado Dillingham, Ruby — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Dinner. Melvin — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Dolberg, Richard — Engine Denver, Colorado Dora. James — Engine Denver, Colorado Dowis, Richard — Arts and Sciences Sterling, Colorado Drexel, Qlen Marie — Arts and Sciences Crawford, Colorado Drydon, Dona — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Dudley, Vergil — Arts and Sciences Honolulu, Hawaii Dunham, Glen — Engine Como, Colorado Dunn, Jacqueline — Arts and Sciences Phillips, Texas Elcrem, Richard — Engine Denver, Colorado Ellison. W. D. — Engine Tecumcari, New Mexico s p h m r e s 94 1 9 4 9 Eminett, Lesly — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Erickson, Lauren — Engine Haxtun, Colorado Erlandson, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Red Cliff, Colorado Estes, Thomas — Engine Longmont, Colorado Evans, Lloyd — Engine Denver, Colorado Evans, Miriam — Arts and Sciences Casper, Wyoming Fogg, Robert — Arts and Sciences Aberdeen, South Dakota Fcirvalley, Jay — Arts and Sciences Riverside, Illinois Farrinqton, Myla — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Fenton, Sue — Arts and Sciences Rocky Ford, Colorado Fielder, William — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Fleck, Belly Lou — Arts and Sciences Bismark, North Dakota Flint, loan — Arts and Sciences De Kalb, Illinois Foster, Charles — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Fowler, Jane — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Franklin, Walter — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Frehse, William — Engine Salina, Kansas Freienmuth, Edward — Arts and Sciences Monte Vista, Colorado Gcde, Richard — Arts and Sciences NewtonvlUe, Massachusetts Garchar, Mary — Arts and Sciences Dove Creek, Cdterado Gardner, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Gamett, Thomas — Engine Boulder, Colorado Garten, William B. — Arts and Sciences Des Moines, low a Gasser, loanne — Arts and Sciences Loveland, Colorado Gee, Heta — Arts and Sciences Lakev ood, Colorado Gemeinhaidt, Louis — Arts and Sciences Detroit, Michigan Ginsberg, Suzanne — Arts and Sciences Detroit, Michigan Goalby, Alice — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Goedde, Mary — Arts and Sciences Long Beach, California Goldberg, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Now Try it on a Slope. 95 Some Feat. Goldiogel, Dorothy—Music Denver, Colorado Goodier, Yvonne — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Goodrich, Jack W. — Engine Fort Collins, Colorado Grace. Gene A. — Arts and Sciences Camp Carson, Colorado Graham, Bobby — Arts and Sciences Happy, Texas Grant, Bill G. — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Gray, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Gray, Erva — Arts and Sciences Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Greenwood, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Estes Park, Colorado Grieb, Bob — Arts and Sciences Downington, Pennsylvania Grometer, Maryann — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Grove, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Guzoisky, Harold — Arts and Sciences Brooklyn, New York Hailing, Darrel — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Hall, Arlin — Arts and Sciences Dodge City, Kansas Hall, Merrie — Arts and Sciences Mancos, Colorado Hamill, Robert E. — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Harbin, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences Arkansas City, Kansas Hardy, Georgia Ann — Engine Corpus Christi, Texas Harp, Ernest — Engine Fcrmington, New Mexico Harrison, Jean — Arts and Sciences Maryville, Missouri Hart, Lynne — Arts and Sciences Los Angeles, Califorrua Hartman, Caroline — Arts and Sciences Whitney, Nebraska Hatton, Vraiiam H. — Engine Pueblo, Colorado Hauth, Peggy — Arts and Sciences Evanston. Illinois Heinze, Marian — Music Fort Collins, Colorado Henley, Claire — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Herdmcm, Eric — Engine Boulder, Colorado Hickle, lames C. — Engine Denver, Colorado Hillberry, Alfred E. — Arts and Sciences Worland, Wyoming s p h m r e s 96 1 9 4 9 Hinsey. Robert C— Engine Denver, Colorado Hirsch, Harry D. Engine Hoxie, Kansas Hoch, Richard— Arts and Sciences Yuma, Arizona Hoffman, lo Ann— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Holden, Joanne- Arts and Sciences Harbert, Michigan Holmes, Evelyn— Arts and Sciences Sioux Falls, South Dakota Hoist, Annikki- -Arts and Sciences Topeka, Kansas Hoorebeke, George — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Hoos. Raymond— Engine Chicago, Illinois Homer. Raymond— Engine Evanston, Illinois Howells, Gordon — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hughes, Joseph— Arts and Sciences Montrose, Colorado Hugins, Richard— Arts and Sciences Littleton, Colorado Humphreys, Donald— Engine Denver, Colorado lUium, Joan—Arts and Sciences Winnetka, Illinois Ingalls, Floyd— Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Jahnke, Robert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Jamison, Katherine — Arts and Sciences Julesberg, Colorado lanson, Betlilou — Arts and Sciences Seattle, Washington Jeffenes, Lloyd— Engine Casper, Wyoming Jensen, Joan— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Johnson, Arlene— Arts and Sciences Gunnison, Colorado Johnson, Norville— Engine Alva, Oklahoma Johnson, Phillip— Arts and Sciences Fort Morgan, Colorado Jones, Asa— Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Jones, Don— Arts and Sciences Wellington, Kansas . Jones, Frances— Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma Jones, John R.— Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Juhre, Milege— Arts and Sciences Dundee, Illinois Kaspar, Charles— Arts and Sciences Long Beach, California Dorm-Belles. 97 An ' in dis cawner. Kastnei, Charlotte — Arts and Sciences Austin, Texas Kelly, Evelyn — Arts and Sciences _ Evanston, Illinois Kemp, Sandy — Arts and Sciences .•. Alhambra, California Kendig, Edward — Arts and Sciences Wheatland, Wyoming Kennicott, Joan Marie — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Kerrigan, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming Ketchem, Jerrie — Arts and Sciences Kenilworth, Illinois Kettle. Mary Belle — Arts and Sciences Littleton, Colorado King, Aubrey — Engine Denver, Colorado Klorstad, Mary Louise — Music Boulder, Colorado Knapp, James — Engine Denver, Colorado KnoUe, Lawrence — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Knudson, May Lou — Arts and Sciences Fort Lupton, Colorado Kopecky, June L. — Arts and Sciences ; Wharton, Kansas Kuehster, Robert — Engine Littleton, Colorado Lane, Marian — Arts and Scien ces Missouri Valley, Iowa Larson, Janet — Arts and Sciences Galesburg, Illinois Lauterbach. Beverly — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Lavington, Charles — Engine Denver, Colorado Lee, Harold H. — Engine Denver, Colorado Lee, Oscar — Engine Brighton, Colorado Lee, Patty Ann — Arts and Sciences Norfolk, Nebraska Lees. Jeannie — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Leslie, Mary Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences Glen Ellyn, Illinois Lewis, Leo — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Livingston, Thomas J. — Engine Hastings, Nebraska Logan. Howard — Engine Wichita, Kansas Lord, Jack — Engine Savery, Wyoming Lott, Eugene — Engine La Jolla, California Loucks, Gerald G. — Engine Cedaredge, Colorado s p h m r e s Si 98 lore, BeMy— Arts and Sciences Taylorville, Illinois Love, Marilyn— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Loyd, Keith— Arts and Sciences St. Francis, Kansas Luder, Gaye — Arts and Sciences Canon City, Colorado Lytlle, Richard— Arts and Sciences Meeker, Colorado McCaw, WiUlam— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado McEIhone, Frederick — Arts and Sciences Hinsdale, Illinois Mcllvaine, Isabelle — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado McKnight. Robert — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Maakestad. Maurice — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Mabee, Barbara— Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado MacForlane, Joanne — Arts and Sciences Pueblo. Colorado MacKenzie, Emmett — Music Denver, Colorado MacNeal, Marguerite — Arts and Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maich, Bert M. — Engine Leadville, Colorado Maier, Carl — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Maly, Joan- Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Morlink, Richard- Arts and Sciences Aberdeen, South Dakota Marriott, Amy — Music Hastings, Nebraska Martin. George L. — Engine Denver, Colorado Martin, Robert L. — Engine Denver, Colorado Mason, Ted— Engine Denver, Colorado Matt, Caroline B.— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Maydew, Marvin — Arts and Sciences Lebanon, Kansas MetBker, Ralph — Engine Englevirood, Colorado Meyer, Carl— Engine Denver, Colorado Meyer, William — Engine Portland, Oregon Mikawa, Alice — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Milek, David— Engine Omaha, Nebraska Miller, James— Arts and Sciences Sarasota, Florida 1 9 4 9 If Bring on the Plow. 99 Ainf I Purty? ( Miller, Robert K. — Arts and Sciences Kansas City, Missouri Millhoii, William — Arts and Sciences Qayton, New Mexico Milyard, Ronald — Engine Alamosa, Colorado ' ' Mitchel. Rex L. — Engine Rocky Ford, Colorado Moch. Robert B. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Molnor, Maqda — Arts and Sciences Santa Monica, California Moore, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Washington, D. C. Morgan, Betty — Arts and Sciences Billings, Montana Morledge, Charles C. — Arts and Sciences Billings, Montana Morrell, Kenneth — Arts and Sciences Beloit, Kansas Morris, John R. — Arts and Sciences ' . Fort Morgan, Colorado Morris, Roy- — Arts and Sciences Fort Morgan, Colorado Moynahan, Donna Lee — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Mueller, Mark — Engine Denver, Colorado Mundell, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Walsh, Colorado Munk, Frances — Arts and Sciences Lakewood, Colorado Mulh, Janet — Arts and Sciences Altadena, California Nakagawa, Helen — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Naquin, Thomas C. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Nelson, Douglas — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Nelson, Louise C. — Arts and Sciences Jordon, Montana Nelson, Merrily — Arts and Sciences Salt Lake City, Utah Nicklos, Peg — Music Las Animas, Colorado Nicholson, Leland Wesley — Engine Boulder, Colorado Nielson, Virginia E. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Nightingale, Nancy — Arts and Sciences Minneapolis, Minnesota Nodvedt, Don — Engine Denver, Colorado Nolan, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences Casper, Wyoming Nosky, Mary — Arts and Sciences North Platte, Nebraska Nuss, Robert — Arts and Sciences Genoa, Colorado s p h m r e s 100 1 9 4 9 O ' Neall, F. Alan — Engine Denver, Colorado Oliver, Audrey — Arts and Sciences Glendale, California Olson, Betty Jo — Arts and Sciences Arvada, Colorado Orcutt, William — Engine Kimball, Nebraska Otey, Ted — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Otzenhoiier, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Oxley, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences Monte Vista, Colorado Parker, Ed — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Payne, Rosemary — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Peorce, Mary — Arts and Sciences Arvada, Colorado Penberthy, Marie — Arts and Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado Perkins, Camille — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Peterson, Betty Lou — Arts and Sciences Bradley, South Dakota Peterson, Herbert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Peterson, Phyllis — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Phillips, Alfred — Engine Boise, Idaho Phillips, Vernon — Engine Ruedi, Colorado Philpott, Jane — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Philpott, Mary — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pollard, Perry — Arts and Sciences Alliance, Nebraska Pollard, Richard — Arts and Sciences Alliance, Nebraska Praqer, Frank — Engine Denver, Colorado Price, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Twin Falls, Idaho Puckett, Delores — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Quinette, Jean — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Quinette, William — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Radke, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Savannah, Illinois Randle, Jack — Arts and Sciences Salem, Oregon Rapalje, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Raughman, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Second Story Man. 101 Wrestle. Read, James— Engine Denver, Colorado Reddy, Melvin— Arts and Sciences Dodge City, Kansas Reese, Martha — Arts and Sciences Atchison, Kansas • ' Reich, Charles — Engine Boulder, Colorado Revesz, Herbert — Engine Chicago, Illinois Rhodes, George — Arts and Sciences Salida, Colorado Rice, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Hitchey, Frank L. — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Roberts, Anne E. — Arts and Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado Rodeck. Anne — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Roeser, Jacob — Arts and Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado RoUnick, Phillip — Arts a nd Sciences Denver, Coloraao Rosenlind, Rick — Engine Denver, Colorado Rosenthal, Godeanne — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Rothschopf, Kenneth — Engine Parker, Colorado Rowe, Richard — Arts and Sciences Sacramento, California Ruddy, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Webster Groves, Missouri Sabin, Nancy — Arts and Sciences Cleveland, Ohio Schemmel, Janet — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Scheider, John — Arts and Sciences Stanberry, Missouri Schneider, Robert — Engine Great Falls, Montana Schoelzel, Elaine — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Schroeder, Shirley — Arts and Sciences San Antonio, Texas Sconce, Arlene — Arts and Sciences Omaha, Nebraska Scott, Nancy — Arts and Sciences San Francisco, California Seyler, Anne — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Sharp, Joanne — Arts and Sciences Peidmont, California Sheai, Howard — Engine Oak Park, Illinois Shell, John — Arts and Sciences Waxahachie, Texas Sheppord, Edith — Arts and Sciences Monte Vista, Colorado s p h m r e s 102 1 9 4 9 Shipp, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Simmons, Jean — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Skeen, Robert— Arts and Sciences Clevis, New Mexico Slavik. Ruth— Arts and Sciences Berwyn, Illinois Smith. Harold F.— Arts and Sciences Eagle, Colorado Smith, Jane- Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Smith, Lucy Jane — Arts and Sciences Meeker, Colorado Smith, William H.— Arts and Sciences Berwyn, Illinois Snook, Jacquelyn — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Sobey, Marguerite — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Souser, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Otis, Colorado Sowards, Kelly — Engine Manassa, Colorado Spackman, Katherine — Arts and Sciences San Bernadino, California Spence, Clark — Arts and Sciences Glenns Ferry, Idaho Spoon, Ann — Arts and Sciences Des Moines, Iowa Stopi, Lois — Arts and Sciences Chrisfobal, Canal Zone Starr, Hartley — Arts and Sciences Anaheim, California Starr, Paul— Engine Wray, Colorado Steams, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Grand Island, Nebraska Stem, Myma — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Stobie, Helen — Arts and Sciences Seattle, Washington Stoltz, Jack- Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Strauss, Don — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Stringer, Harriet — Arts and Sciences St. Paul, Minnesota Sugaski, Lloyd — Arts and Sciences .ElyTla, Ohio Sundlof, Kenneth — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Tavel, Howard — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Taylor, Carson — Arts and Sciences Modesto, California Temple, Pat — Arts and Sciences _ Columbine, Colorado , . Thomas, John — Engine Shreveport, Louisiana Gamorous Gals. 103 Blame It on Richard. Thomas. Robert — Engine Denver, Colorado Thomas, Victor Carl — Arts and Sciences Limon, Colorado Tipley, Lee — Engine Denver, Colorado Tucker, Eleanor — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Van DeCar, Helen — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Van Petten, Edward — Arts and Sciences Thermopolis, Wyoming Vaughn, Tommie Lou — Arts and Sciences Boise, Idaho Vincent, loan — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Von Fradenberg, Jean — Arts and Sciences Manassa, Colorado Wainscott, Jane — Arts and Sciences Belvidere, Illinois Wakeman, Donald — Engine Boise, Idaho Walker, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Winnetka, Illinois Walther, Jane — Arts and Sciences Clayton, Missouri Weber, Mary Louise — Arts and Sciences Hutchinson, Kansas Wehner, Barbara — Arts and Sciences El Paso, Texas Weindling, Ben — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Wellman. Mary Jane — Arts and Sciences East Lansing, Michigan Wennberg, Esther — Arts and Sciences Lafayette, Colorado West, Harold — Arts and Sciences La Junta, Colorado Wheeler, Sue — Arts and Sciences Great Bend, Kansas Whipple, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado While, Sally — Arts and Sciences Wilmette, Illinois White, Sidney — Arts and Sciences Salida, Colorado Whitson, Shelby — Arts and Sciences Orange, New Jersey Wilhoite, Joy — Arts and Sciences Houston, Texas Williams, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Butler, Illinois Williams, John J. — Engine Honolulu, Hav aii Wilson, Earl — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Wilson, Phyllis — Music Denver, Colorado WoUenweber. Louis C. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado s p h m r e s 104 1 9 4 9 WoUums, Albert — Arts and Sciences Salt Lake City, Utah Wylie, Billy C. — Engine Kosciusko, Mississippi Young, Frances — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Yowell, Kent — Arts and Sciences Glencoe, Illinois Yuncker, John — Arts and Sciences South Bend, Indiana Zinck, Louis — Engine Canon City, Colorado Zinn, Arthur — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Dog ' s Life. 105 Sun is hei undoing. Adams, Dorothy Arts and Sciences Birmingham, Michigan Adams, Gordon F.— Engine Shenandoah, Iowa Adams. Mary Jo — Arts and Sciences Raton, New Mexico Alison. Ross — Arts and Sciences Beverly Hills, California Allen. Norman Thomson — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Allen. Robert G. — Arts and Sciences Steamboat Springs, Colorado Andersen, Ruth— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Anderson. Christopher M. — Pharmacy Lovington, New Mexico Anderson, Gretchen — Arts and Sciences Harlan, Iowa Anderson. Linnea — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Atwood, Rita — Arts and Sciences Minneapolis, Minnesota Bobinqlon. Lynn — Arts and Sciences Rapid City, South Dakota Bacon. Janet Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences Erie, Pennsylvania Barnes, Robert F. — Engine Goodland, Kansas Bashiord. Bruce E. — Engine Wray, Colorado Beach. Merl L. — Engine Bayfield, Colorado Beackelt. David E.. Jr. — Arts and Sciences West Newton, Massachusetts Beard, Barbara Rose — Arts and Sciences Dallas, Texas Bearden, John N. — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado Bengal. Bernard E. — Arts and Sciences Blackfoot, Idaho Bentson. Joan — Arts and Sciences Haxtun, Colorado Berggren, James — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Betthauser, Joseph L. — Engine Denver, Colorado Billingsley, Jeonne — Music Long Beach, California Blewett, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Boltz. Eleanor Louise — Arts and Sciences Dighton, Kansas Boulton, Helen Dolores — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bowden. Jeanne — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Brickham. Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Bristol, Gayle — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado r e s h e n mm 106 Browe, Belly — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Brown, Donald W. — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Brown, James — Engine Boulder, Colorado Brooke, Suzanne --Arts and Sciences Oregon, Illinois Bruning, Frances — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Buckles, L. Carl — Arts and Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado Burke, Stacy — Arts and Sciences Cody, Wyoming Burks, William F. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado BoTcus, Jean — Arts and Sciences Englewood, Colorado Butler, Janet — Arts and Sciences Fort Lupton, Colorado Calonge, E. Winifred — Arts and Sciences La Junta, Colorado Campbell, Ina — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Cantonwine, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Salida, Colorado Carlisle, Joan — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Carlson, Ronald — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Carpenter, Dorothy J. — Arts and Sciences Yuma, Arizona Carper, Jacqueline — Arts and Sciences Flagler, Colorado Cartwright, Marii — Arts and Sciences Cuyahgoga Falls, Ohio Casey, Clifford Glen — Arts and Sciences Amarillo, Texas Chance, William — Engine Denver, Colorado Cheli, Jennine — Arts and Sciences Canon City, Colorado Chemasko, Anthony B. — Engine Chicago, Illinois Clark, Marjorie — Arts and Sciences Media, Pennsylvania Clark, Melvin Clay — Engine Denver, Colorado Clark, Ralph Mark — Arts and Sciences Omaha, Nebraska Chmelik, Sally — Music Joliet, Illinois Conklin, June Eleanor — Arts and Sciences Nederland, Colorado Creighton, James A. — Engine Flagler, Colorado Crockett, Wardner B.— Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Crouch, Wallac e— Engine Denver, Colorado 1 9 5 So Round — So Fully Packed. 107 Who ya toten? CxUver, Trudy B. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Cunninqham, Andrew — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Curtis, Gwendolyn A. — Arts and Sciences Sedalia, Colorado Conrad, Daniel W. — Engine Omaha, Nebraska Cooke, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Coppla, Robert — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Corash, loanne — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Cushing, Theodora— Arts and Sciences Oak Park, Illinois Daniel, Orrell A. — Arts and Sciences Perryton, Texas Deluise, Rudolph — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Demmon, Dianne — Arts and Sciences Grand Rapids, Michigan Dixon, Kenneth V.. Jr. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Dolan, George Bumard — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Drexel, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Crawford, Colorado DriscoU, Peggy — Arts and Sciences St. Paul, Minnesota Duncan, Lois Lee — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Dunstan, Robert O. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Ethridge, Ralph Lee — Engine La Junta, Colorado Falardeau, Alice E. — Arts and Sciences New York City, New York FarreU, Mary — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Faus, James — Engine Washington, D. C. Finke, Robert G. — Engine Scottsbluff, Nebraska FUehmann, Wilbur — Engine Thermopolis, Wyoming FoUey, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Northbrook, Illinois Foster, Mary A. — Arts and Sciences Wellman, Iowa Fox, Wayne O. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Franklin, Margaret M. — Arts and Sciences Oregon, Illinois Freis, Leonard — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Froese. Harriet — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Gaddis, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado f r e s h in e n 108 GoUaqher, Donnis — Arts and Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado Galley, Ruth — Arts and Sciences r Monument, Colorado Gardner, Warren Edward — Engine Glenwood Springs, Colorado Garlinghouse, Peggy — Arts and Sciences Pasadena, California Garrett, Hume — Arts and Sciences Gilcrest, Colorado Gates, William L. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Gaunt, Arnold R. — Engine Yuma, Colorado Gaunt, Elizabeth — Arts and Sciences Brighton, Colorado Govagan, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Rocky Ford, Colorado Giltner, Bill — Arts and Sciences Elliot, Iowa Githens, Dorothea E. — Arts and Sciences Fowler, Colorado Glidden, Joanne — Arts and Sciences , Evanston, Illinois Goodwin, Gerry — Arts and Sciences Sidney, Nebraska Gould, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Dayton, Ohio Graham, LeRoy C. — Engine Meeker, Colorado Gray, Robert — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Grannell, Eleanore — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Green, Mary Lou — Music Scottsbluff, Nebraska GremmeU, Ruth — Arts and Sciences Waterloo, Iowa Gribble, George A. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Griffith, Richard E. — Engine Alamosa, Colorado Gross, Lyle J. — Engine Longmont, Colorado Guggenheim, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Cincinnati, Ohio Guinand, Jerry B. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Guinn, S. Lester, Jr. — Engine Denver, Colorado Gutsche, Graham D. — Engine La Grange, Illinois Gwinn, Donald E. — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Hackstafi, Cyrus A. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hahs, Mary Nan — Music Boone, Iowa Halliday, Thomas — Engine Denver, Colorado 1 9 Lay off that Scotch. r Dear Mom — Studyinq Hard. Helper. Lenore — Arts and Sciences Wilmette, Illinois Hampton, Winston — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado ' . Hellwig, Frank — Engine Mt. Harris, Colorado Hellyer, Charles — Music Santa Ysabel, California Henderson. Courlland lames — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Herrinq, William — Arts and Sciences Meeker, Colorado Hipp, John B. — Engine Colorado Springs, Colorado Hogue, Robert E. — Arts and Sciences Dodge City, Kansas Hoist, Kathleen Mae — Arts and Sciences Genoa, Colorado Honaker, Avis — Arts and Sciences Ouincy, Illinois Hopper, Richard — Engine Grand Junction, Colorado Horn, Borbara J. — Arts and Sciences Goodland, Kansas Howells, Mary E. — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Hoye, Eileen — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Hoyt, Chas. R. — Arts and Sciences Portland, Oregon Huckins, Malinda Lou — Arts and Sciences River Forest, Illinois Hulitzky, A. Wayne — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Hutchison, Katherine — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Iverson, Frances — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Irwin, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Kimball, Nebraska Jackson, John D. — Engine Western Springs, Illinois Jantzen, Carrol — Arts and Sciences Fort Lyon, Colorado Johns, Joseph B. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Johnson, Chester — Engine Independence, Missouri Johnson, Herbert A. — Music Pueblo, Colorado Johnson, Oliver W. — Engine Murtaugh, Idaho Johnston, Howard E, — Arts and Sciences Ordway, Colorado Kopelke, Theo Jean — Arts and Sciences Trinidad, Colorado Kindler, Dawn — Arts and Sciences Grand Island, Nebraska Kinney, Edmund Leroy — Engine Denver, Colorado f r e s h in e n no 1 9 5 Klessig, June — Music Broomfield, Colorado Kohler, Robert Bruce — Pharmacy - Colorado Springs, Colorado Koppel, Alfred— Arts and Sciences Brooklyn, New York Krone, Frank William— Arts and Sciences Billings, Montana Kubik, Jean — Arts and Sciences La Grange, Illinois Lasley, Harold D. — Engine Meeker, Colorado La Viqne, Albert J. — Arts and Sciences Lawrence, Massachusetts Lee, Jim — Arts and Sciences Benito, Texas Levenson, Doris — Arts and Sciences Omaha, Nebraska Levitt, Phillip — Arts and Sciences Cheyenne, Wyoming Little. A. John — Arts and Sciences Fruita, Colorado Little, Mary — Arts and Sciences Kalamazoo, Michigan Lodge, Allan — Arts and Sciences Robinson, Illinois Love, Nelson H., Jr. — Engine Denver, Colorado Lowden, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Long Beach, California Lurie, Mildred — Arts and Sciences Fort Dodge, Iowa Lyttle, Betty J. — Arts and Sciences Meeker, Colorado McComish, Jack G. — Engine Denver, Colorado McConnell, Patrick — Arts and Sciences Decatur, Illinois McQuide, Carol — Arts and Sciences Wilmette, Illinois MacHale, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Moloney, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Gary, Indiana Malouff, Lawrence — Arts and Sciences La Junta, Colorado Manire, Robert W. — Engine Pueblo, Colorado Marks, Orin W.— Engine Sterling, Colorado Marr, Arthur B. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Martin, Dorothy R. — Arts and Sciences Sharon, Pennsylvania Martin, Sue — Fine Arts Tulsa, Oklahoma Maser, Shirley Ann — Arts and Sciences Lincoln, Nebraska Mason, Ida Frances — Arts and Sciences Walden, Colorado Reckless Youth. 4 Ill Alpha Chi Bow Legga Mason, lames — Arts and Sciences Creede, Colorado Massell, James — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Mathews, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Kenton, Ohio Meaner, Patricia — Arts and Sciences Dallas, Texas Merry, Anne — Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois Messenger, Guy — Music Pueblo, Colorado Michell, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Strasburg. Colorado Mitchell, Eugene — Engine Elmwood Park, Illinois Miller, Demaris — Arts and Sciences Lusk, Wyoming Miller, Marilyn — Arts and Sciences Utica, New York Mills, Corrine — Music Gordon, Nebraska Mollman, Marjorie Ann — Arts and Sciences Belleville, Illinois Moody, Verna E. — Arts and Sciences Wayne, Illinois Morgan, Marion — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Morgan, Mary — Arts and Sciences Richmond, Virginia Morton, Eugene — Arts and Sciences Palo Alto, California Morton, George — Engine Mitchell, Nebraska Moser, Eric — Arts and Sciences Washington, D. C. Mow, Douglas — Engine Carbondale, Colorado Myers, Dale — Arts and Sciences ' . Mt. Harris, Colorado Nalty, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado NoTcision, Harry — Engine Denver, Colorado Nelson, Howard — Engine Montpelier, Idaho Nelson, Melvin — Engine Wakefield, Nebraska Nestler, Loren — Arts and Scie nces Grand Junction, Colorado Ninde, Norman — Arts and Sciences Dallas, Texas Noland, Madeline — Engine Bains, Louisiana Lynn, Babington — Arts and Sciences Rapid City, South Dakota Nye, Harold — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado O ' Connor, Peter — Arts and Sciences New York, New York f r e s h m e n 112 1 9 5 Oakes, Harold— Engine Denver, Colorado Olds, RoUin — Engine Los Angeles, California Oliver, Robert — Engine Boulder, Colorado Olson, Joan — Arts and Sciences Estes Park, Colorado Paton, Archie— Engine Rock Springs, Wyoming Peals, Ralph F.— Engine Denver, Colorado Felling, Janet— Arts and Sciences Evanston, Illinois Pellish, Barbara— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Pepper, Sidney — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Perlman, Frances — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Peterson, Faye — Arts and Sciences Kim, Colorado Pierce, Alice — Arts and Sciences Canyon, Texas Filer, Luella D.— Arts and Sciences Clifton, Colorado Poling, Sidney— Arts and Sciences Ottumv a, Iowa Polster, Margie — Arts and Sciences Lorain, Ohio Pool, Floyd— Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Porter, Mary Lou— Arts and Sciences Grand Junction, Colorado Probert, Lyle — Arts and Sciences Pachuko, Mexico Purvis, John Alan — Engine Estes Park, Colorado Putnam, Phyllis— Arts and Sciences Thiensville, Wisconsin Ramsdell, Joan— Arts and Sciences Oak Park, Illinois Ramsey, Anne Marie — Arts and Sciences Littleton, Colorado Rand, Sara Alden — Arts and Sciences Craig, Colorado Randall, Russell— Engine Denver, Colorado Reed, Mariorie Arts and Sciences Brighton, Colorado Reese. William H. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Reeves, Joyce — Arts and Sciences Claremont, California Rich, Jackie- Arts and Sciences St. Louis, Missouri Rieke, Jennevieve — Arts and Sciences Padroni, Colorado Ring, Robert— Arts and Sciences " Denver, Colorado A Nice Pet. J 13 Fonncd Resignation. Rivers, Florence — Arts and Sciences Seibert, Colorado Roberts, Stanley — Arts and Sciences Lafayette, Colorado Robertson, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Wichita Falls, Texas Rosa, Avaline — Arts and Sciences Rangely, Colorado Rosenthal, Joyce — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Rule, Evelyn — Arts and Sciences Eagle, Colorado Rupp, Barbara — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Russell, Arthur — Engine Idaho Falls, Idaho Rymill, Walter — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Sams, Don — Engine Scottsbluff, Nebraska Sattenstein, Ilene — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Scheele, Jean — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Schmittel, Donna Mae — Music Center, Colorado Schoen, Kenneth — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Scott, J. Earle — Engine Denver, Colorado Scott, Loren — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Sethman, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Shanley, Joanne — Engine Long Beach, California Shaw, Margie — Arts and Sciences Greeley, Colorado Shawver, Marian — Arts and Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado Sheaifer, John — Engine Fort Madison, lov a Sheehan, John — Engine Sioux Falls, South Dakota Shepherd, John — Arts and Sciences Craig, Colorado Shore, Edithann — Arts and Sciences Flushing, New York Silvio, Phyllis — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Silver, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Simmons, Richard — Engine Denver, Colorado Smedley, Robert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Smith, Margie — Arts and Sciences Longmont, Colorado Smith, B. Norman — Arts and Sciences Seattle, Washington f r e s h in c n IPS | 114 1 9 5 Smythe, Margaret loann — Arts and Sciences Holyoke, Colorado Sonnenberg, Robert — Engine Sterling, Colorado Spano, Dorothy — Pharmacy Arvada, Colorado Speck, Joyce — Arts and Sciences San Marino, California Spurlin, Melvin D. — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Squire, Mary Ann — Arts and Sciences Wheaton, Illinois Stczrika, Beverly — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Stevens, Joanne — Arts and Sciences El Paso, Texas Steward, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences Westcliffe, Colorado Stewart, Alaine — Pharmacy Denver, Colorado Stockhaus, Edward — Engine Denver, Colorado StoUer, Harold — Arts and Sciences Raton, New Mexico Stout, Betty Jean — Arts and Sciences Idledale, Colorado Stowe, William — Arts and Sciences Penrose, Colorado Sugarman. RoIIa — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Surface, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Ellis, Kansas Swcmson, Glen —Engine Idaho Falls, Idaho Taggart, Mark — Engine Denver, Colorado Tatge, Dayne — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Thomas, Lucile — Arts and Sciences Trinidad. Colorado Thompson. Dorothy Jean — Arts and Sciences Lander, Wyoming Thornton, John Engine Boulder, Colorado Tomlinson, Dorothy-Arts and Sciences Ardmore, Oklahoma Toomey, Paul — Arts and Sciences Glenwood Springs, Colorado Torgny, Robert — Arts and Sciences Montrose, Colorado Treichler, Mary — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Trotter, Dwood — Arts and Sciences Honolulu, T. H. Truman, Arnold — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Tuller, June — Arts and Sciences Chicago, Illinois Tutt, Sarah Jane — Arts and Sciences Hayden, Colorado Ma Curtis ' s Chow. 115 Ovemight Bogi. Uhrich. Shirley — Arts and Sciences Johnstown, Colorado UUmann, Claire -Arts and Sciences River Forest, Illinois Van Brunt. Beverly — Arts and Sciences Ft. Myers, Florida Vender Haar, Frank — Arts and Sciences St. Louis, Missouri Wadleigh. Ronald Gale — Engine Monte Vista, Colorado Wagner, Patricia — Arts and Sciences Garden City, New York Wailes, Roberta — Arts and Sciences Eaton, Colorado Walenta, Nancy — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Walker, Doris — Arts and Sciences Pierce, Colorado Walker. Martha — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Wamsley, Walter — Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma Warren, Charles — Arts and Sciences Fort Collins, Colorado Waters, Mary Ellen — Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma Weathers, Shirley — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Weeks, Harvey — Arts and Sciences New York City, New York Welcher, Marguerite — Arts and Sciences Belvidere, Illinois Wells, Byron — Engine Durango, Colorado West, Daniel — Arts and Sciences Pueblo, Colorado Wheeler, leanie — Arts and Sciences Appleton, Wisconsin Wilfley, Gorge — Engine Denver, Colorado Wilhelm, Dorothy — Arts and Sciences Eaton, Colorado Williams, Mary Lou — Arts and Sciences Limon, Colorado Wills, lames — Engine Limon, Colorado Wilson, Joanne — Arts and Sciences Tulsa, Oklahoma Wilson, Kathryn — Arts and Sciences River Grove, Illinois Wood, John — Engine Concord, Massachusetts Wood, Norma — Arts and Sciences Colorado Springs, Colorado Woodworth, Robert — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Worcester, Thomas — Arts and Sciences Boulder, Colorado Worstell, Ann Jean — Arts and Sciences Great Falls, Montana Wright, Richard — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Writer, Virginia — Arts and Sciences Denver, Colorado Yockers, Eleanor Ann — Arts and Sciences Salina, Kansas Zugelder, Vera Jo — Music Gunnison, Colorado i r e s h e n tl6 school of law Front row, left to right: Gerry, Ka thryn; Miklos, Joseph; Hammond, James; Haber, Herbert; Kripke, Norman; Westfeldt, Patrick; Sparks, Felix; Kastler, William; Bowen, Stephen; Allen, William; Foley, Richard; Lee, Billylee; Wilson, Claude; Trainor, Robert; Glasser, Joseph; Hartwell, Ernest; Lee, Willena. Second row: Frienmuth, Edward; Wilkinson, John Joe; Grelle, William; Buescher, Charles; Finesilver, Sherman; Oilman, Stephen; De Souchet, William Jr.; Hughes, John A,; Sandusky, James; Atkinson, William; Folawn, John; Lewis, C. J.; Treece, James L.; Jonick, Leo. Third row: Parker, Francis; Broadstreet, Allen W.; Bowman, Robert; Fonda, Garrett; Paddock, William; Teutsch, Lyle; O ' Fallon, John E.; Catlingborn, James C; Darden, William; Mackie, John; Anderson, Reid; Harris, Phillip H.; Rea, William. Fourth row: March, Fred; Horther, William; Coker, Martin; Harper, James; Mott, John; Hargraves, George; Backlund, Burdette; Mabry, James; Anderson, Bob; Buchanan, Frank; Baird, Robert; Loffswold, Lester; Brown, Robert; Paynter, Richard. Top row: Boren, David; Reid, Leslie; Shapson, Bernard; Brown, Charles; Baum, Nathan; Warren, Donald; Noble, James V.; Nashem, Norman; Sublett, Ben; Whisler, Lawrence; Bennett, Donald; Burger, Jas; Tobin, John; Stewart, Franklin; Reed, Carleton; Anderson, Richard; Talcott, Verne; Baker, E. A. Howard; Sayre, John; Scott, Roy; Gregg, Jean; Fisher, Hugh. student bar association President Frank M. Hockensmith Vice-President Ray Brock Treasurer James Sandusky 117 medieal school senior medics Front row, left to right: F. J. Cozzetto, G. G. Balderston, A. A. Basinaer. L. W. Greene, G. B. Kent, Jr., R. F. Malone, V. C. Slein, E. A. Shelby, R. R. Tipton. Second row: F. J. Williams, H. F. Edwards, M. Gelfman, N. D. Sanborn, W. D. Peterson, W. H. Weidman, D. H. Howry. Third row: S. Rothenberg, J. H. Miller, F. L. Sticker, M. S. Hoffman, J. C. Yockey, G. S. Smith, R. G. Phillips, N. E. Brinkhaus, D. E. Bates. Top row: J. A. Witt, M. R. Alberg, A. T. Waski, W. G. Hopkins, A. R. Olsen, J. E. Strain, C. A. Monroe, J. D. Abrums, W. H. Ryder, R. E. Troy, E. E. Mueller, A. J. Shwayder, R. G. Johnson. I. C. Ivor. W. E. Hovle. G. H. Tardine. R. B. Taylor, D. W. Sinton. senior officers President Arthiir R. Olsen Vice-President Charles R. Greenhalgh, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Doris M. Rowe 118 medieal school junior medics Front row, left to right: M. E. Lawrence, G. R. Hanson, J. B. Tully, F. F. Stangl, E. D. McNeil, G. E. Scott, H. M. Ruep, D. J. Herman. Second row: W. R. Knox, J. L. Levitt, R. G. Ireland, L. J. Duman, S. N. Goodman, J. G. Bisgrove, D. K. Perkin, R. L. Leon, F. A. NichoUeti, L. Breslaw, W. A. Huttner. Third row: P. W. Yardy, D. H. Boal, G. M. Qark, R. A. MacHaiffie, H. C. Cosand, L, A. Steele, C. C. Edwards, H. M. Proctor, B. T. Bloom, J. B. Dumm, D. W. Qouser. Top row: D. A. Turner, D. J. Stephenson, C. B. McCrory, K. W. Edmark, J. H. Humphries, O. C. Irion, R. A. Bartee, R. L. Nelson, W. Treat, M. L. Barker, K. N. Owens, S. A. Castellano, J. L. Pollock, F. D. Riggs, K. Wyatt, Jr., H. E. Thompson, D. R. Barber, J. A. Gallagher, R. E. Cariton, G. J. Lustlg. class officers — junior President Lee A. Steele Vice-President Joseph A. Gallagher Secretary-Treasurer Mary L. Barker class officers — sophomore President Robert J. Beveridge Vice-President Rollin L. Thompson Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy A. Stott 119 medical school freshman medics Front row, left to right: A. A. Borski, B. Fishman, D. F. Monty, J. T. Watson, A. L. French, Jr., G. W. Filler, A. A. Bliss, T. A. Nicholas, Jr., D. D. Hanna, E, G. Meek, C. Q. Wilson. Second row: C. O. Spencer, R. W. Lovette, R. L. Baird, L. J. Farabaugh, D. C. McCreery, Jr., S. M. Weiner, B. W. Lerner, H. D. Poppick, C. Flaxer, M. W. Reynolds, C. D. Bloomquist, S. I. Hatherley, L. Mosey, M. Meyer, C. M. Brewster, J. H. KoU. Third row: J. C. Redman, R. L. Quimby, R. L. Baker, W. R. Gammon, W. P. Glover, G. F. Good, M. E. Bischoff, Jr., J. R. Chamberlain, Jr., R. S. Freeman, W. J. Mellinger, C. P. Hopley, Jr., J. J. Humphrey, S. E. Neff, D. A. Bennallack, R. N. Chisholm, G. T. Heppting. Top row: R. E. Herman, G. O. Howe, C. Hargraves, G. G. Shober, J. H. Cuykendall, R. L. Jardine, H. W. Toll, Jr., C. W. Mahler, C. H. Serfling, G. F. Wertz, C. D. Lanning, E. J. Zayac, L. C. Lohoff, A. W. O ' Donnell, R. W. Moore, D. N. Qader, J. T. Brown, B. K. Humphrey, R. C. Coleman. class officers — freshman President Martin E. Bishoff, Jr. Vice-President John R. Chamberlin Secretcoy-Treasurer Maryethel Meyer student honor committee Chairman George B. Balderston Senior Fred L. Strieker Junior Henry C. Cosand Sophomore Walter A. Melvin Freshman Raymond L. Baird student-facuhy committee Senior Frank J. Cozzetto Junior James Dumm and Kon Wyott Sophomore. —George Lewis, Jr., and William H. Derry Freshman .... Douglas Cameron and Robert L. Jardine 120 ■school of nursing hospital division likJI il SENIORS— SECTION I AND II, CLASS OF 1947 Margaret Barker Qeona Bart Margaret Bick Mary Boozer Margaret Buettel Peggey Dicks Erma Dinsmore Lorrayne Eagles Margaret Green Susie Hirama Mildred Hudson Katheryn Jenkins Esther Kiehna Wanda Koenig Jane Lockhart Helen Marshall Jennie Martin Mary McCord Athaleen McDaniel Elizabeth Nichols Jean Porter Virginia Price Delia Rees Phyllis Robb Gloria Roberts Erna Rueggeberg Rae Smalley Barbara Snow- Jean Spinney Shirley Swan Dawn Thomas Janice Uhrich Alice Van Valkenburgh Ila Walker Martha Woodbury Patricia Collins — No picture Student Association Officers McDcine Lambrecht President Jean Christiansen Vice-President Helen Willman Secretary Katherine Frosheiser Treasurer Class Senior, Section I Senior, Section II Junior, Section I Junior, Section II Sophomore, Section I Sophomore, Section II Class Representotive Martha Woodbury Helen Marshall Helen Willman Jean Christiansen Maxine Swanson Jean Shreffler Facility Sponsors Dorothy Stallmann Arline Farrar F. Carrington Owen Eugenia McClure Alice Ross Elizabeth Harris Nursing Majors Association Officers, Boulder Division Maxine Swanson President Margaret Carlisle Vice-President Helen Nakagawa Secretary Helen Mitchell Treasurer Mrs. H. A. Loughran, Mrs. P. P. Coulter and Miss Irene Murchison Faculty Advisors Mary Emma Hodges Graduate Chairman Louise Benton Sophomore Chairman Marcia Hilliker Freshman Chairman m isehool of nursing hospital division ..: -- .- - .: -: ;: - J C : A A a alaj luniors. Section I and 11 Top row, left to right: Bach, Leonard, Smith, Brower, Wilson, Pahljina, Gabardi, Howard, Patrick, Lambrechl, Cox. Second row: Stephens, Jones, Willman, Paisley, Stromquist, McPhail, Nelson, Frosheiser, Millard, Bausch, Christiansen. Front row: Gardner, Finch, Willi, Link, Schultze, Fisher, Carlton, Jaeger, Younglund, Harmon, Ruth. Sophomores, Section I Top row, left to right: Juhl, Johns, Olson, Glanville, Anderson, Swanson, Richardson. Front row: Flanders, Sample, Forth, Thomas, Michaels, Fuller, Griffin. Sophomores, Section II Top row, left to right: HoUingshead, Johnston, Teeling, Teeling, Bowden, Shreffler, Percy. Front row: Geimer, Imes, Mietzner, John, Limbach, Earle, Katagiri. i s i i i « ' w m 1 :» t, H t 1 " m 122 sehool of nursing boulder division Graduate Nurse Students Front row, left to right: Williams, Kagay, Knoedler, Willis, Carlson, AUfree, Spear, Bartholomew, Johnson, Wilborn, Howard. Second row: Butler, Island, James, Farrington, Dietz, Field, Garcia, Skibbe, Goodwyn, Mitchell, Keyser. Third row: Qay, Bloom, Gustafson, Savage, Rochelle, Nelson, Lonn, Lorenz, Mathias, Wright, GoUer, Fleming, Quint, Kreul, Phillips, Hartman. . Top row: French, Lutz, Brunkhardt, Springer, Payne, Sweney, Tomsic, Campbell, Brier, Krauth, Wyndle, Henriksen, Jaeger, Wigely, Dulan, Daniels, Brink, Poersch. Basic Student Nurses Front row, left to right: Carlisle, Earle, Coffey, Love, Calonze, Conklin, Pifer, Mann, Nakagawa. Second row: Treichler, Boydston, Malone, Lane, Johnston, Mietzner, Shreffler, Randall, Battles, Morgan. Top row: Bowden, Katagiri, Imes, Michell, Corry, Spencer, Cowan, Williams, Souser, Bartz, White, Dalton. 123 elebrities The forty-niner stroked his beard and mumbled to himself, " It ' s harder than it used to be to glorify yourself. " When I was young two six- guns would guarantee your fame. " Now I find celebrities must base their claim on brains. " When you see a lad go hur- rying by, his shoulders bent with care. He probably has a meeting or a report he must prepare. He ' s probably some Pacesetter, a celebrity you can bet. They ' re worthy of the title, ' cause a speedy pace they set. 124 pacesetters 1945-1946 Top row, left to right: Xenia Stanley, Peg Cushman, Mary Linendall, Sue Gasser. Front row: Mamie Chase, Len Perlmutter, Ann Hylan. No less deserving than the campus leaders presented on the following pages are these seven beaming dynamos — Pacesetters of 1945-1946. While they might easily have been included in this year ' s crop of Pacesetters, they graciously stepped out of the limelight in order that new faces and per- sonalities might find their respective ways to the Coloradan ' s gallery of fame. We nevertheless honor these still deserving Pacesetters of 1945-1946. I2 pacesetters! Terry Breclaw What a lovable gal is Terry! A BWOC in many phases, this happy- go-lucky miss is still a favorite of her campus associates. Besides being ASUC Commissioner of Women ' s Welfare, Treasurer of YWCA, a member of Senate, President of Hesperia, and Miss Organization of AWS, Terry was rightly chosen for Who ' s Who. Though we ' d like to keep Terry with us for years to come, but she feels the time has come to obtain her degree. Bill Grubbs If you ' ve seen a little man rushing around as if he were playing whirl- wind, then you ' ve seen Bill Grubbs. Everywhere one looks, this energetic lad seems to dominate the scene. A past leader of many campus organiza- tions, Bill this year has confined his abilities to efficiently leading the ASUC Commission and to keeping his ever- lovin ' grade point " a thing of beauty. " Bob Peper This hunk of refreshment in the form of " Doc " Peper is a campus notable that can ' t be overlooked. Independent students will proudly report that " Doc " is President of ISA and has done a great deal toward furthering their interests on campus. " Doc " also manages to hold the Vice-Presidency of ASCE well in hand, and has been both President and Vice President of the Hiking Club. Note: Wherever you see " Doc, " see thou, too, the pipe! Lee Bobbins Lee is probably best known for his fancy footwork on the basketball floor, but the Phi Gams need not stop their boasting there. As well as serving as ASUC Dance Commissioner, on the Board of Directors for the Business School, as a member of Delta Sigma Pi, as Homecoming Publicity Chairman, and as a member of both the Dodo and Silver and Gold Staffs, this han ' some BWOC has lists and lists of other ac- tivities, past and present. Is it any wonder that Lee is also in Who ' s Who? Helen Bigelow With a Delt pin almost as large as she under her DG badge " little " Helen, the " big " gal of the Coloradan, looks more sweet and demure than an effici- ent editor. But not only has Helen ex- cellently organized this publication, but she has also done herself credit as Secretary of YWCA, as a member of Senate and Hesperia, and, perhaps most important of all, as a Who ' s Who-er. 126 pacesettersi Ralph MeiTitt Ralph is one of those fellows who has more ability an ' brains than is fittin ' for any one lad. Whatever the question, the tall Phi Delt is sure to pop forth with the answer — correct, no less. A Who ' s Who-er, Commis- sioner of Men ' s Welfare, a member of Heart and Dagger, and such a string of honoraries that to repeat them sounds as if one speaks fluent Greek, Ralph still finds plenty of time to devote to his pretty wife. Bette Kingdon To be personable, intelligent, witty, efficient, and attractive at one time, you ' ll find, is not impossible. Tri-Delt " Kingy " is all of that. Contained in Who ' s Who, " Kingy " was also Assis- tant Chairman of Homecoming, Miss Service of AWS, and a recipient of a Mortar Board scholarship. Most of the time you ' ll find " Kingy " with a tall ATO named Lou, to whom she became engaged last quarter. She plans to become Mrs. Lou sometime this summer. Rachael Maddox Although Rachael is a transfer stu- dent to Colorado University, this fact doesn ' t seem to handicap the effer- vescent miss as far as campus activi- ties are concerned. Not only does tall, brunette, Rachael claim fame as ISA representative to ASUC, as ISA Dance Manager, and as a member of ISA Council, but also as Manager of the Little Theater. For these, the spot- light ' s focused on you Rachael. Take a bow. Billee Boyle On first consideration, people often wonder if Billee could be twins, so wide are her activities and so varied are her interests. One might see Billee ' s friendly smile gracing the Silver and Gold office where she is a member of the society staff, or hear — ye gods — that yodel high on the ski slopes since Billee is on the Executive Committee of the Ski Club and a Hiking Club en- thusiast. A member of Kappa Alpha Theta and Hesperia, Billee was also chosen for Miss Versatility of AWS and for Who ' s Who. Nate Blumberg Oh-ho! We ha ve here our very own editor of the Silver and Gold, and to him our hats are off. To read one of Nate ' s subtle editorials, which, inci- dentally, hit home — and hard — , one would imagine all time and energy to be spent thus. But amidst the con- fusion of flying copy paper, Nate some- how finds time to preside over Sigma Delta Chi, to sports edit the Colorado Alumus, and to be a member of Kappa Tau Alpha. pacesetters 127 m -I ' Tony Roy Everyone knows Tony, for he ' s a fellow who has really made a name for himself and placed it before the eyes of every lad and lass on CU ' s campus. A member of the Viking Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, the Cosmopolitan Club, Ethnic Minorities Commission, Band and Choir, and Secretary of Students of the Music School, it would seem that Tony is headed to as great heights when college days are over as he has reached right here. Jean Hawkins A little package but containing plenty of dynamite is a phrase descriptive of hard-working Jean. CU is proud of this Independent young lady as its ASUC Commissioner of Student Organi- zations and Social Life, and as a mem- ber of the ASUC Student Union Com- mittee. These, and having a few fingers in other pies, have made Jean a familiar figure around campus. Joe Silverman If a good story is in the telling, then it ' s a worthwhile bet that Joe is at it again. But narrating is only the be- girming of the likable lad ' s talents. One might just as well find Joe presiding over his fraternity. Phi Sigma Delta, or IPC, or at meetings of the Veteran ' s Council, Sumalia, AIEE, Sigma Phi Sigma, the Social Coordinating Com- mittee, or the IFC Steering Committee. But the most logical place to look for Joe is the back room at Bill ' s. Elaine Merritt The gal with the high IQ, a Pace- setter husband, and a list of activities longer than a day in June is none other than Pi Phi Elaine Merritt. Who ' s Who found Elaine good printing ma- terial, since the energetic blond has chalked up points in her favor as Com- missioner of Publications on ASUC, Miss Scholarship of AWS, Social Life Editor of the Silver and Gold, Vice President of Theta Sigma Phi, and Theta Tau Alpha. Al Fiedler There can be no doubt that this lad is a versatile soul, although Al is per- haps best known for his journalistic contributions to campus publications. But besides serving on the Adminis- trative staff of the Coloradan, as As- sociate Editor of the Silver and Gold, and as ISA Publicity Manager, Al also deserves credit as ISA representative to ASUC, and as a member of the Bonehomme Club and ASUC Student Union Commit ' ee. 128 pacesetters Jane Briscoe She might be tagged — and appropri- ately — as the " pretty little busy-body " of song-title fame — this gal-about-the- campus Janie B. Down to college from the honest-to-gcsh snow country, Kappa Jane has been drawn into almost every line of women ' s activity. Holding posi- tions on the Coloradan, Senate, WAA Board, and Frosh Commissions of YWCA, Janie is also a bell-ringin ' Hes- perian. However, she always finds time for a tall Sigma Chi named Don. Val DeLissovoy And with all these rocking founda- tions, hurricanes, etc., we now give you a stabilizer of campus activities, Val DeLissovoy, the mainstay of ISA and happily a calm, cool, and collected lad. Vol seems to have all the essential ingredients, which when well propor- tioned, produce success, as perhaps can be seen from the silver platter on which we present him. Not only a member of a thousand and one hon- oraries, Vol is the man behind the campus Quarterback Club which proved so popular last fall, and also has done a fine job as ASUC vice president and as chairman of the Ethnic Minorities Commission. Nancy Stradei Chicago-land handed Colorado U. a virtual treasure in the person of viva- cious Nancy. One of those all too rare combinations of beauty plus brains, this green-eyed Alpha Phi has proceeded at a fast pace to make a name for herself in campus doings. Between meetings of Senate, WAA Board, ASUC Social Ccmmittee, and Hesperia, Nancy still finds time for concentration — both in studying to keep that grade p;int shiny and in play to keep up the morale of CU ' s male population. Bob Philipson Even a varsity football hero has time to let romance enter his life — especially when the interest is a blond KKG cutie. But Flip, in spite of added attractions, manages to keep tab on a host of other things too, for this likable lad is not a newcomer to campus activities. Be- sides being number one man on the Greek ticket last year. Flip acted as ASUC Commissioner of Athletics, sec- retary of Heart and Dagger, and is a member of Sumalia and Phi Gamma Delta. Barbara Bowers Probably at one time or another you ' ve had a twinkle plus an eye plus a tall brownette of a girl pass you on campus. T he owner of that twinkle is Barby Bowers, senior from Pueblo. Barby has been an outstanding campus leader for several years. From the positions of Silver and Gold Advertising and Business Manager and WAA Board, she springboarded on to Hesperia and Who ' s Who. You can find her at the Pi Phi house if you ' re interested — and many fellows are. pacesetters 129 Jcme Eroddy That good things come in little pack- ages is an adage that has taken a lot of beating, but ' tis still recognized as true around these hyar parts. For proof of the matter we give you Delta Delta Delta Janie E. For a little girl, Jane has done big things for Colorado U. As President of Bigelow Hall, as a leader of YWCA, and as a member of the House of Representatives she has proved a whiz, and as far as extra- extra-curricular activities are concerned just take a look at that third finger left hand. Harry Lawson In spite of the fact that he must make the long weary treck from " D " to " B " town each day, (which, ' twould seem, should be enough in itself to keep any man more than slightly tearing) Harry nevertheless has proved himself as a campus leader. With his being head of the Combined Subsistance Committee, Associate Editor of the Silver and Gold, and a member of the AVC executive com- mittee, what we want to know is: " Fer gosh sokes, when does he see his wife? " Byron Lipmcm ' lis a neat trick to be able to stir up a hurricane — even a wee one — in what ever you do, but to Byron Lip- man it ' s all in how you look at it or perhaps where you hail from. " By " blew in from the " Windy City " a few years back and has been scudding in and out of campus activities ever since. Almost a trademark of the Silver and Gold feature staff for the past two years, this peppy journalism major also participates actively in the University Veterans ' Council, in AVC as campus chairman, and in ISA politics. A- ' H H HI Nancy Lee If the classy lassy name of Lee eats many more Wheaties this tired old campus just may be found rocking on its heretofore stable foundations. Nancy has pranced her merry KKG way into nearly every campus activity and this year has served as president of YWCA, vice president of the Business School, treasurer of WAA, and as a member of Hesperia. No one con contest Who ' s Who for choosing to publicize such a gal as this. r f r r ' KEY TO PROPOSED STRUCTURES Women ' s Dormitories. Health Center. Possible Chemical Engineering Building. Administration Building. New Chemistry Building, Power Plant Addition. Engineering Additions. Student Union Building. Business Building. Women ' s Club and Addition. Apartments. Gymnasium Additions. Sports Colosseum. Dormitory. Possible New Power Plant. Dormitories (not in ten-year plan). Arts and Science. Service Building. Life Science Building. Possible Engineering Building. Main and Woodbury omitted from chort eX TlNG BVILDIMGS PROPOSED 0UILPIN6S G R. ffl( m9cfti ' ROPOSED HIGHWAY FROM BOULDER TO DENVER ' " -- 5r JNM % U ' - ' Jiii-J " r i 1 ' l « " ' ■ ' ' 11 PERSPECTIVE VIEW SHOWING NORTH AND WEST ELEVATIONS OF STUDENT UNION RED CROSS NURSE CHECKING ON HE FUTURE GUS SHANh :UTT1NGTHEIR 10:00 O ' CLOCKsH ' TIS A PLEASURE TO LIVE IN COLORADO. i 1 1 1 ' 1 -T»- » -J- STEARNS INTERVIEWS A PROSPECTIVE STUDENT •», -.- .. ' . 1. i .i NEW ADDITION OF WOMEN ' S BUILDING VIEW OF APARTMENTS LOOKING NORTH. VIEW OF FUTURE WOMEN ' S DORMITORY LOOKING WEST ■ ' " - .♦ " Ai; -- -■- ' ' sja — T .1 • • • . . ■ • H iSi ' ■ ' . " • ' mjfmm m il ll _l » !£! ' - .■J.,- , ,«, -A »M -5« «•) ■ " « " -»- ' •»• II HrinjS ;i» - 141 ampusaetions When you think of campus ac- tions, activities come to mind, And on the C. U. campus, they ' re not too hard to find. The forty-niner spent his time a ' scratching in the ground. But the wheels at Colorado really get around. For those who like to argue, de- baters have a group. And the Little Theater many a time has made its audience whoop. The junior journalists of the S. and G. keep the limelight burning, And the Coloradan records the year for the students not returning. ( 142 coloradan editorial staff Editor Helen Bigelow Associate Editor Don Campbell Administration Editor Pat Flanagan Activities Editor Janet Schemmel Art Editor Cindy Clement Beauty Queens Editor Arlene Sconce Qass Editor Pat Nero Copy Editor Natalie Nash Dorm Editor Alice Farnsworth Fraternity and Sorority Editor Pat Boeck Independent Editor Dick Lyttle Life at CU Editor Bill Franklin Organizations Editor Mary Mantz Pacesetters Editor Nonnie Wagner Sports Editor Dode Winslow Helen Bigelow Jack Bearden, Mary Goedde, Frank Garland, Ruth Liggett, Marilyn Ruddy, Jim Shaner, Jack Hunt, Al Fiedler, Wayne Hulitsky, Joan Law- son, Dorothy Sethman, Barbara Rice, Harry Vogler, Leroy Goodwin, Stacy Burke, Jean Buettner, Walt Wheeler, Danny Grimm, Sally Corbit, Jim Graham, Don Willis, Ken Newman, John Palsgrove, Anne Reynolds, J. D. Smith, June Tuller, Ruth Andersen, Suzanne Brooke, Beth Brown, Jim Breun, Rita Freemole, Jack Garber, Dorothy Gill, Helen Grace, Helen Griffith, Bill Hatton, Harold Lee, Bev Lutz, Mary Jane Oliver, Jayne Poor, John Shell, Nevin Slawson, Harriet Smethills, Isabelle Staufenberg, Jeanne Tauvek, Vera Lee Turgon, Delby Wallengren, Charlie Marie Jones, Barbara Riches, Virginia Edwards, Mary Lou Steward, Nancy Mills, Alice Fulton, June Johnson, Alice Falardeau, Marilyn Evans, Carol Van Law, Rachel Maddox, Joan Peters, Marjorie Grove, Cherii Davis, Rosalie Benton, Betty Jo Olson, Beverly Lauter- bach, Ellanore Mathews, Anita Jo Henry, Anne Lourie, D. A. Tollman, Nancy Whitman, Ruth Horwitz, Bruce Warden, Ralph Bashor, Bob Tobey, Lou Gemeinhardt, Jack Fleihraan, John Dickinson, Charles Carter, J. R. Bachar, Buzz Sandberg, Melvin Dinner, Scotty Thompson, Gene Perkin, John Van Camp, Richard Griffith, John Morrow, Evelyn Holmes, Harriet Lehne n, LeRoy Graham, Bob Torbet, May Goodrich, Mary Treichler, Harold Ball, Pal Ediin, Doug Kilpatrick, Gordon Howells, Pete Sterling, Maurice Baker, Peggy Brown, Mary Lee Paulson, Virginia Writer, Doris Walker, Patsy Joffee, Frances Melcher, Jane Briscoe, Dorothy Carpenter, Paul Mossier, Bill O. Nelson, Tom Mclntyre. Alice Goalby, Louis Wright, Paul Barron, Jack Foster, Lee Bobbins, Bob Polowski, Phil Danielson, Jim Telfer, Bob Jindra, Jack Weinhart, Lois Stapf, Marge Greenwood, Jean Fiolkoski, Harriet Stringer. 143 coloradan business staff Business Manager Dorothy Beemon Assistant Business Manager Anne Hylan Office Manager Mary Alice Chambers Collections Manager Suzanne Wetmore Assistant Collections Manager Claude McMillan Advertising Manager Sam Foster Assistant Advertising Manager Bob Bigelow Secretary Jo Holden Dorothy Beemon general staff members Delores Stutheit, Rita Atwood, Marguerite MacNeal, Charlotte Eisen, Helyn Mikawa, Richard Longnecker, George Gribble, Jr., Earl Collins, Burt Boothby, Wardner B. Crockett, Merilyn Pierce, Marge Morse, Joan Maly, Walt Wamsley, Barbara Stearns, Barbara Bullis, Marjorie Polster, Jack Egan, Virginia Weir, Tom Guggenheim, Donna Wilcoxson, Sally Livingston, Ralph Hill, Frank Ritchoy, Robin Amsbary, Kay Hutchison, Harriet Froese, Gloria Castle, Dianne Demmon, Helen Chambers, Alice Binkley, Nancy Nightingale, Ginna Brickham, Martha Johnson, Marilyn Walker, Phil Burney, Carol Thompson, Neva Jackson, Jo Ann Stevens, Joan Lcrwson, Harriet McNeal, Sally Brown, Charlotte Belsan, Marjorie Miller, Jackie Dunn, Emogene Olson, Marian Sav ver, Lillie Wilhelm, Jerry Dick, Phyllis Peterson, Joan Wilson, Pat St. Clair, Jean Steinshouer, Phyllis Jackson, Yvonne Gordier. 144 silver and old editorial staff Editor Nathan Blumberc News Editor Don Ciebe: City Editor Joann Schemme Sports Editor Dode Winslov Assistant Sports Editor Darwin Olofsor Social Life Editor Elaine Merrit Assistant Social Life Editors Beverly Anderson, Billee Boyk News Reporters: Roberta Strauss, John Morrow, Jeff Flint, Audrey Ahlquist, A Fiedler, Janet Schemmel, Kenneth Whitaker, Charmion Ruth Liggett, Jin McCluskey, Larry Travis, Nonie Lann, Frank Garland, Irwin Pepper, Elain Cooper, Dick Wiegand, Jayne Poor, Jennine Chelf, Linda Huckins, Lei King, Bruce Poyer, J. K. Emery, Bud Crow. Rewrite: Dick Cunningham, Al Hunt, Donald Lindberg, Jim Downing, Virginic Wachob, Betty Jo Olson, Charles Corliss. News Assistants: Judy Jones, Ralph Clark, Robert S. Allen, Ellanore Mathews Leonard Crowe, Irene Sytz. Nathan Blumbeig Sports Reporters: Tom Guggenheim, Richard Clark, Loren Nestler, Pete Tompkins, Tom Hutton, Bob Dunstan, Henry Fingado, Gene Minzer, Chuck Reich, Janet Schemmel. Society Reporters: Helen Chambers, Elaine Bach, Lola Bennett, Beverly Sommers, Marty Huggins, Joan Templar. Feature Writers: Bob Rothstein, William Bender, Jr., Ed McNulty. Columnists: Sam Archibald, Brian Wodsworth, Marshall Quiat. Cartoonists: Roy Thompson, Pat Evers. Photographers: Floyd Walters, Paul Barron, J. B. Foster. Oiiice Secretary: Marjorie Jones. 145 silver and old business staff Business Manager Richard Mulhern Advertising Manager Frank McCorty Advertising Make-up Jack Phelps Bookkeeper Patricia Ann McCarty Circulation Manager Shirley Mauser Collections Manager Cathy Butto Assistant Collections Manager Blythe Scott Distribution Manager Lee Robbins Office Manager Dorothy Martz Assistant Office Manager John Van Camp Business Secretary Pat Stewart Solicitors Pete Franklin, Qinton Warne Distribution Staff: Bev Bridge, Bill Barber, C. C. Clark, Nancy Cloyd, Mary Cook, Dud Curry, Jackie Dunn, Jack Egan, Phoebe Fitzell, Ben Fox, Bob Rolander, Gene Stoker, Len Vogel, Barbara Stearns, Clinton Warne, Ann Warren, Dusty Woolums, LeRoy Wanderly, John Zisch. 146 dodo staff Editor Marcille McClure Assistant Editor Bob Commins Managing Editor Ted Cogswell Art Editor Don Willis Exchange Editor Ed Wolfe Promotion Manager Lee Robbins Business Manager Mary Laine Arnold Advertising Manager Bill Garten Circulation Manager Bob Ingles and Bob McDonnell Editorial Staff: Ed McNulty, Bob Cook, Chuck Warren, Robert Rieker, Deane Moyer, Paul Tillman, Sid Bronstein, Sid Pepper, Ben Weindling, Alice Hunt, Bobbie Folley, Hal Bumpus, Boyd Summers, Dick Brenneman, Graham Gutsche, Devon Robbins, Bob Kelley, Barbara Eddy, Mary Ellen Pickett, Jeff Flint, Pete Gilbert, Earl Wilson, Eleanor Anderson, Kathy Barrett, Ed Bronstein, Hank McKee, Bob Brownne, Toby Turner. Art Staff: Pat Evers, Ruth Grote, Jack Randle, Ruth Hagan, Rye Payne, Rae Langenberg, Dick Boyt, Marie Self. Kcaj Laine Arnold Marcille McClure Promotion Staff: Marty Brainerd, Pat Fay, Dave Jones, Dorothy Carpenter, Pamela Hayes, Marilyn Walker, D. J. McCusker, Marilyn Miller, Kirby Hart. Business Staff: Carolyn Allen, Don Campbell, Betty Bruton, John Car- son, Martha Huggins, Cliff Sherwood, Helen Grafe, Ken Whiting, Eileen Smathers, Jean Carlisle, Patty Molesworth, Russell Cox, Pete Tompkins, Myrtle Self, Marjory Cartwright, Vivian Bragg, Carol Jantzen, John Kenehan, Marvin Van Winkle, Beverly Lutz, Martha Scott, Marjorie Greenwood, Rena Vassar, Joan Ramsdale, Happy Stringer, Helen Griffith, Susan Welker, Dayne Tatge. 147 the window staff Editor Robert W. Riley Business Manager Eileen Davis Associate Editors John B. Hanson, Melvin S. Mencher Art Editor Connie Fox Makeup Editor Theodore R. Cogswell Circulation Manager Delores Stutheit Advertising Manager Sue Wheeler Editing Secretary Nona Connett Faculty Sponsor Joseph W. Cohen Bleen Davis Robert Riley 148 mmq ■■ 2 m -S H r . r ' " " V jj r k ' • 1 1 Bk L.«.». ' 1 Milt Brombeig Colorado engineer editorial staff Jack Timmer Editor Ml Fleming ( Associate Editors Helen Morgan ( Jim Kastner Campus News Don Eikner Alumni News Carl Goss Illustrations Bill Ahumada Features Bob Ingwersen News Briefs Stan Colson Humor Irene Carswell Articles business staff Milt Bromberg Business Manager L. D. Volkmer Publicity Mary Lou Gushing Circulation Peggy Shultz Boulder Advertising Manager Paul Lopatin Denver Advertising Manager Koe Reddinger : Office Manager Ken Weiser Art general editorial staff general business staff Frank Garland George Raabe Lynn Noland George NichoUs Robert Tobey Roy Reeves John Falkenburg Roger Bock John Gary Walt Varner C. H. Iverson Harry McMillan R. E. Butler C. J. Ray Dick Boyt Roy Thompson Frank Davidovic Ralph Gardner Frederick Resen Mildred Griggs Joe Thomas Eugene Grieshaber Leonard Vogel Phil Barnes Marjorie Leaf Lou Price Ralph Bashor Wesley Thomas Jack Gifford Jack Morse Rudy Myers Dave Milek Bernard Alberts Al Gross Howard Hansen Nevin Slawson Fred Thornton Colleen Connell Mary Higwex Joanne Shanley 149 little theater Mae Dene Ellis, a senior, and the only woman star chosen, ployed her first role in Sorority House. She served as assistant director in the Time of Your Life, and acted in Outward Bound last spring. This year she has appeared in Kind Lady, and Juno and the Paycock. A journalism major, Mae Dene is in the College of Journalism. Robert Loper, president of the Players Club, has played the lead in every play in which he has ap- peared. Beginning with Tovarich, followed by There Shall be no Night, and Here Today, Bob has played in Blind Alley, Inspector General, Major Barbara, the Time of Your Life, Mary of Scotland, and Out- ward Bound. Last summer he worked in stock in Denver on plays which were presented in the Broad- moor theater in Colorado Springs. William Prahl, another excellent star, is a senior majoring in. English literature. He has played in the Time of Your Life, Outward Bound, Juno and the Paycock, and Kind Lady. William is a participating member of the Players Club. A senior in the Business School, Christy Plank has acted in Wings Over Europe; Sorority House in which he had the lead; Mary, Queen of Scots; Time of Your Life; Outward Bound; Henry IV, playing Prince Hall; and Juno and the Paycock. Christy is also a participating member of the Players Club. Robert Loper Mae Dene Ellis Christy Plank Mr. West Mr. Crouch 150 spring and summer quarters Directed with a skillful and smooth blend of fantasy and comedy, " Outward Bound " by Sutton Vane, was successfully presented by Director Edward J. West and an excellent cast of characters. This ploy, presented during the March term, starred Robert Loper as Tom Prior, the disillusioned young drunk; Mae Dene Ellis, the Cockney charwoman; William Harris, the kindly philosopher; and Paul Harris, the Reverend William Duke. Supporting cast included veteran performers Alan Robinson, William Prahl, Christy Plank, and Phyllis Fonda. Another Sandoe success, the presentation of Henry IV, Part I, was given during the summer quarter in the Mary Rippon theater. The oft-quoted Falstaff was portrayed by Robert Dierlam, former technical director of the University theater, in his last University work before leaving for Cornell University to work on his doctorate degree. Perfected staging, cos- tuming, and acting, in addition to the excellent sword play under the direction of Jack Foster, University fencing instructor, proved James Sandoe ' s directing ability. Another fine acting job was given by Christy Plank, as Prince Hal, Robert Potter as Hotspur, Mark Schweitzer as King Henry, and Dale Clark, Corinne Novack, and Nedda Siddin. 151 fall quarter " Kind Lady " by Edward Chodorov, a psycho- logical melodrama involving the efforts of a cold and unrelenting band of criminals to drive a Virealthy spinster insane, was presented during the fall quarter. Mae Dene Ellis, Paul Shermack, William Prahl, Mary Jane Simpson, Robert Potter, Bettye Lamb, Mary Edith Drexel, Saul Hoffman, Paul Harris, Pat Sammet, Mary Ellen Cooke, Jack Roeser, Lee Austin, members of the cast, were excellently directed by J. H. Crouch, associate and technical director of the University theater, assisted by Hedda Lubin. Marion Cohen, Robert Hiester, Dorothy Martz, Pat Sammet, Emery Chilton, Roy Garrity, Stanley Smith, Edwin Ryden, and Jack Bice were responsible for the technical part of the presentation including staging, lighting, costumes, properties, sound, paint- ings, and make-up. I 152 winter quarter Directed by Jack H. Crouch, technical director of the Little Theater, the " Master Builder, " by Henrik Ibsen, starred Robert Loper as Solness, the master builder, who attains success at the cost of happiness. Lillian Sandberg, Charlotte Mortons, Robert Potter, Julian Palby, Norman Udevitz, and Virginia Hunter played the other roles in this first production of the winter quarter. Nominated by Burns Mantle, noted play au- thority, as the best play of 1945-46, the " State of the Union, " a gay comedy and picture of the American political scene, was presented in the latter part of February under the direction of Professor E. J. West. Leading roles were played by Norman Hilmar and Lou Ellen James, as Grant and Mary Mathews. Ex- cellent portrayals of Spike MacManus, newsman, campaign manager, and potential Postmaster General; and Republican boss, James Conover, were turned in by Bill Brahl and Jack Roeser. Other well-managed roles were played by Mae Dene Ellis, William Harris, Dale Clark, Robert Potter, Alan Robinson, Betsy Fleming, John Adams, Emery Chilton, and Jack Vittetoe, Robert Johnson, Howard Haynie, Bruce Ouren, Natalie Wilson, and Leona Bobrecker. 153 operetta " robin hood " The University of Colorado Opera Association ' s production of " Robin Hood " was the second opera sponsored by this organization, and the first to play outside of Boulder. The company, directed by Walter Imig, was received very enthusiastically by audi- ences in Boulder ' s Macky Auditorium May 8 and 9; they played to capacity Denver crowds May 11, in the city auditorium; and Sundcry, May 12, a compli- mentary performance was given for the patients and personnel at Fitzsimons hospital. The shows received splendid reviews in the Fitzsimons paper and Denver Post as well as in the University ' s Silver Gold. The leads were played by Karl Moltmann and David White as Robin Hood, Christy Plank and Robert Potter as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Neil Dearinger and James Vail as Sir Guy of Gisborne, Carl Garden and Fred KroU as Little John, Richard St. John and Jack Olson as Will Scarlett, Carl Malm- sten and Gerald Wheeler as Friar Tuck, Betty Jack- son and Loahna Moore as Alan a Dale, Elaine Wilcoxin and Gloria Nearon as Lady Marian, Bonnie Scott and Mary Louise Weber as Dame Durden, and Mary Sue Rich and Florence Goddard as Annabel. 154 university clioir choir members Warner Imiq, Director Marian Crockett Shirley Levoe Patty Fitz David Dekker S. K. Roelots Irving Dietz Fred Denckla Jim Hutchinson Harriet Hawes Sally Chmelek Sally Fisher Florence Barr Elwyn Ardourel Dick Buddleman Gilbert Du Pertuis Camille Matteson Norma Holbert Virginia Lantz Margaret Kelly Bob Lutterbie David Vaaler Gerald Wheeler Carl Malmsten Nancy Rohwer Gloria Schabes Lorraine Hoskin Pauline Krier Don Becker Arthur Miller Bob Johnson Don Jones Carol McQuide Barbara Rice Eleanor Tucker Geneva Ball James Buchanan Nelson Copley Shirley Sorensen Kay Brownne Ann Flick Gloria Nearon Ouinton Hooley William Ericson Bill Holbert Howard Carey Ida Spongier Gladyce Magnuson Pat Lewis Barbara Young Gwen Lumley Anabel Biggs Joyce Myers B. F. Backlund Paul Fowler Warren Kruse Donna Tomlin Amy Marriott Patsy Bennett Marguerite Sobey Cynthia De Long Bob Wharton Stan Walker George Hilker Lois Zerini Jean Hartwell Jean Evans Bill Mason Phil Heuston Bob Butz Catherine Dunstan Elinor Infield Elcie Shidler Marilyn Wray Lee Wilson Marjorie Ouanz Doris Nyquist John Roe Richard Jones Marion Heinze Eileen Murray Irene Oestrich Mary Sue Rich Elizabeth Hayman Maurine Kilzer Carl Finley Kenneth Stone Betty Jackson Carman Heinle Margery Gerlach Grace Norum Floyd Hamilton Bob Albright Tony Bay Bob Potter Beulah Johnson Rachel Doughty Kay Romer John McMahon .diB IS5 bands concert band men ' s marching band members L. N. Alcorn L. S. Alvord D. E. Akey J. M. Atwood L. C. Askerooth D. L. Baker R. Barker J. A. Barrett W. E. Bashford R. L. Bashford B. Bashford B. E. Bashford R. B. Bashor D. Becker R. J. Blackmarr H. Bremer K. W. Bray D. M. Brinker G. E. Brouse I. A. Buchanan B. A. Carter W. S. Cavender T. W. Childress D. W. Christiansen I. A. Cole E. S. Collins C. E. Corliss R. W. Cozens J. Cozens S. H. Davis H. C. Davis J. DuVall S. E. Deal H. Eccles C. O. Fleming R. G. Finke W. Funke J. D. Garnett L. C. Graham C. F. Haenselman, Jr. D. M. Hall R. M. Hall T. M. Harmon C. H. Harvey R. Henson L. E. Hiigel W. L. Hinthom W. Holbert D. Hombeck H. C. Hoyt E. B. Humphries, Jr. R. J. Jackson J. B. Janson H. Johnson K. R. Johnson P. C. Johnson T. C. Johnson K. A. Kiesel J. L. Kilzer J. A. Kiser I. Korr N. L. Kreuder L. W. Ledbetter, Jr. R. W. Lasham J. T. McCarthy L. H. McCain W. N. Marks J. C. Martin N. J. Mellecker G. H. Messenger J. W. Miklos W. Miguez M. E. Miller W. E. Moorman F. E. Mouffe J. E. Murphy C. E. Neale C. T. Norgren R. R. Oliver W. R. Olson P. V. Peterson R. J. Potter B. E. Quick G. A. Raabe a: W. Ray J. A. Read A. K. Ruddell E. T. Roland D. E. Sams C. F. Sellman J. F. Shultz R. N. Slonecker C. J. Sparks H. C. K. Spears R. L. Snyder J. V. Schoolland J. K. Schneider F. M. Schooley D. W. Stein C. St. John J. Symonton C. M. Theiss A. M. Tibbetts F. Todd A. L. Truitt W. Turner N. Uchida C. B. Vamey T. R. Walker R. G. Weaver G. C. Werth G. F. Woodv ard T. Worcester R. P. Yohe Hugh E. McMillen, Director 156 bands women ' s marching band members Helen Alexander Miriam Bainer Shirley Bastion Ann Benson Joan Bentson Caryl Bivans Patricia Blakely Anne Browning Eloise Bryant Joyce Brueckel Beth Brown Norma Beradi Jeanne Cauthen Elma Case Ruth Carlson Barbara Church Jane Crockett Cherie Davis Colleen Dennis Lois Duncan Catherine Dunstan Louise Durward Kathleen Dever Jean Darrington Shirley Erlandson Marilyn Earle Beverly Firth Mary Foster Rita Freemole Dixie Geimer Gene Grace Marjorie Graney Mary Green Ruth Hayashi Betty Hensley Elizabeth Howells Karyl Hurdle Sally Jeffrey Joanne Johnson Neva Jackson Aileen Kelly Eugenia Kennedy June Klessig Marybelle Kettle Dora Love Catherine Lauby Edith Marlman Erma McDougal Rose McMillen Demaris Miller Corrine Mills Marie Mills Joyce Myers Sheila McCabe Martha Newell Mary O ' Rourke Charlotte Parker Jane Quinby Aileen Read Anne Rodeck Virginia Reeder Rita Richardson Jean Russell Donna Schmittel Lorene Scott Janice Sheppard Margaret Shipman Peggy Sigler Beverly Starika Patricia St. Clair Ruth Sterling Marjorie Sullivan Mary Taylor Joan Templar Rex Thiese Muriel Thompson Maxine Todd Margaret Trammell Connie Trueblood Sarah Tutt Mary Wetmore Patricia Williams Ann Worstell Bonnie Worth Reavis Whittlesey Jo Zugelder VARSITY BAND .Aixn ■■ " " " T ' " " ..: - - -- 157 social coordinating committee For the purpose of coordinating all social activities on this campus, the Social Coordinating Committee was formulated during the fall quarter by Florence Reed, Coordinator of Social Affairs on the campus, and Jean Hawkins, A.S.U.C. Commis- sioner of Student Organizations and Social Life. In doing this the committee made provisions and regulations concerning the registration of social events, printed a weekly calendar of social events, and tried to give the student a well-rounded social life. Essentially this is a representative group in that the cam- pus is divided into seventeen spheres of social activity which have common characteristics. Each of these seventeen groups sends a representative to the Social Coordination Committee with recommendations and suggestions concerning any phase of social life on the campus. rasB Reed Jean Hawkins Top row, left to right: Dean Mary Ethel Ball, Bob Torbet, Jeff Flint, Dick Lyttle, Pat Hirami, Larry Watts, Joyce Brueckel, Burt Broemer, Dean Horry Carlson, Paul Colbum. Second row: A. D. Abbott, Joe Silverman, Jo Schwalbe, Louise Stoeckly, Marjorie Leaf, Howard Crawford, Terry Breclaw, Florence Reed, Ruth Smithberg, Burdett Bartholomew. Front row: Nancy Strader, Joanne MacFarlcme, Collier Brown, June Meador, Barbara Ward, Al Gilbert, William Jann, Delores Stutheit, Jean Hawkins. 158 speakers ' congress Top row, loll to right: Rosemary Payne, Don Collins, Bob Palomo. Front row: Loretta Wirick, Joanne MacFarlane, Marjorie Jones, Barbara Borgman. executive council Barbara Borgman Don Collins Marjorie Jones Joanne MacFarlane Bob Palomo Rosemary Payne Loretta Wirick active members James Anderson Lynne Billow Barbara Borgman Donald Brown Philip Burney Don Collins Roger Cozens Philip Daily Donald Davis Vaughn Davis Vol DeLissovoy Blanche Epstein Dick Farr Wayne Fox Mary Lou Glassbum Michael Gerace Harold Heafer Marjorie Jones Virginia Kasdorf Stuart Kastner Fred Kirk Robert Kull Seymour Levitt Joanne MacFarlane- Wendell Marchant Ellanore Mathews Jim McCluskey Deane Moyer Robert Palomo Edward Parker Rosemary Payne Robert S. Polkinghom Joseph Pollard Robert Pyle Barbara Rentfro Ruth Rice Pete Sainsbury Dick Shaver Bernard Shopson Ruth Slavik Harriet Smethills Irving Smith Beverly Starika Dallas Stephens Delores Stutheit Westley Thomas Larry Travis Jerry Turner Glenn Urich William Waldeck Milton Waxman Dick Wiegand Joan Willis Loretta Wirick Kent Yowell 159 speakers ' congress Top row, left to right: Bob Pyle, Harold Heafer, Seymour Levitt, Don Davis, Jerry Turner, Dick Farr, Larry Travis, Don Brown, Bob Palomo. Third row: Dick Shaver, Milton Waxman, Rosemary Payne, Ruth Slavik, Ruth Rice, Thorrel B. Fest, Director of Forensics, Delores Stutheit, Blanche Epstein, Ellanore Mathews, Marjorie Jones, Wayne Fox. Second row: Virginia Kasdorf, Marion Joan Willis, Loretta Wirick, Roy Nelson, assistant director of Forensics, Don Collins, Vol de Lissovoy, Harriet Smethills, Joanne MacFarlane, Barbara Borgman. Front row: James Anderson, Bob Polkinghorn, Robert Kull, Dallas Stephens, Jim McQuskey, Bernard Shapson, Roger Cozens. Having as its objective the training of students in functional democracy, namely the full and free discussion of current issues, the Speakers Congress program made possible participation by more than seventy-five students in almost three hundred off-campus appearances, intercollegiate events, radio programs, and forum discussions. Students participated in tournaments, assemblies, and conferences held in many sections of the United States, winning both team and individual honors for this University group. Campus forums provided many opportunities for the discussion of immediate problems. The Speakers ' Bureau carried the services of the group to audiences east of the divide. Open to all students. Speakers Congress provides activities for broad participation for many individuals coupled with intensive training in effective expression. 160 artists committee George Lof Chairman Rowland Dunham James Sandoe Charles Norris Paul Thompson Capacity crowds in Macky auditorium shouting for curtain call after curtain call acclaimed this, the eleventh season of the Artist Series, the greatest of them all. Last spring Robert Casadesus and the Minne- apolis Symphony Orchestra made appearances at Macky. Ensembles featured this season were: The Chi- cago Popular Opera Company, Ballet Theater, and the Minneapolis Symphony returned by popular re- quest. Talented individual artists appearing were: Nathan Milstein, distinguished violinist; Mona Paulee, Metropolitan mezzo-soprano; Marina Svetlova, Metro- politan ballerina; Sydney Foster, brilliant young pi- anist; and Paul Robeson, Beloved American baritone. " ■ " vy 161 series In addition, the Artist Series committee arranged for " Hansel and Gretel, " presented by the Chicago Popular Opera company, and two ploys, a rollick- ing comedy, " Life With Father, " and a deeply moving drama, " Anna Lucasta. " Probably the most welcomed production was that of " Hamlet, " portrayed by the unequalled actor, Maurice Evans, in an extra artist series presenta- tion. c. u. days Ipana for the smile ol beauty A iine pair ol mugs 163 m v Iflifi I Quadrupeds out ahead Mike iright Floatacioiu Ever see a broad jump? Caniaqe me home Enqine school faculty • ;• home coming October -1946 a.w.; . V(iu march -1947 168 CMine ball february-1947 D iv . i V «S. :,: - 171 alistheuics When he was young, in search of gold, our grizzled forty-niner Kept himself right in the pink with work done by a miner. At the crack of his back he was out of the sack at work with his shovel or pick. And for twelve or fourteen hours a day he never missed a lick. Since then the scene has changed a bit and instead of dig- ging holes, The modern youth will fracture himself in defense of old school goals. He ' ll run around and throw a ball at a basket in the air, But give him a pick or shovel — he wouldn ' t touch it on a dare. 172 football ' Coach Yeager The 1946 football machine rolled out on the turf of Folsom Field in mid-September with a world of ballyhoo behind it, and a crazy, hectic, post-war season ahead of it. When the smoke had cleared away Thanksgiving Day, the record books showed the Bison had captured five wins, dropped four, and tied one. The team had its ups and its downs, perhaps the best up being the 13-13 tie with DU, and the farthest down being the crippling 76-0 beating absorbed from Texas. A touted line performed some weekends like professionals, other times like a poor high school aggregation. The backs, who were continually juggled all season, finally overcame their fumbling, but never could find a consistent offensive punch. The coaching staff, headed by Jim Yeager, and comprising Frank Potts, Paul Bradley, and Frank Prentup, worked long and hard with the players, many of them vets, and had the pleasure of beating some good teams as well as losing to some poor ones. If there was any individual star for the season, it was Gus Shannon, veteran guard who achieved all-conference recognition, and vfas selected permanent captain by the team. John Zisch, freshman end, was another who made a strong bid for all-Big Seven honors, turning in a whale of a game against DU. Other line stars were Paul Briggs at tackle, J. B, Dean at center, and Bob Wise at guard. Walt Koelbel, Rex Wagner, and Dick Woodward saw a lot of action at the ends. Ox Smith both place kicked and filled a tackle slot, and Aubrey Allen, Ralph Scott, and Doug Nelson broke into the lineup at tackle. John Fabling, Don Creese, and Bob Spicer did guard duty, and Bill Albers backed up Dean at center. Tex Reilly was the key man in the backfield, in spite of a slow start, and did much of the passing and running. Don Evans took the punting chores in stride, and did some tailbacking himself. Bob Phillipson and Mac Tanner divided the signal calling from the blocking back position, im Price and Jack McEwen handled halfback spots. A number of promising freshmen made their appearance this season with Zisch, Ed Pudlik, and Jack Pixler at ends, John Strobel at quarter, Dick Schrepferman and Doug Powers at half- backs, and Bill Simons and Roland Gregory, full backs. They ' ll bear watching in the future. Front row, left to right: Phillipson, Breinig, Jump, Cook, Nicholson, Powers, Ferrier, Simons, Dykstra. Second row: Pixler, Evans, Pudlik, Zisch, Allen, Shannon, Dean, Briggs, Tanner. Third row: " Duke, " Albers, Wagner, Watts, Fulton, Chambers, Creese, Price, McEwen, Hansen. Fourth row: Fabling, Koelbel, Wise, Frezieres, Spicer, Schrepfe rman, Strobel, Reilly, Nelson. Top row: Gregory, Broyles, Balch, Prentup, Bradley, Potts, Yeager, Scott, Smith. 173 football Shall we dance? The 1946 Golden Buffalos with five of the starting men veterans of the 1942 CU fighting eleven, opened the season with a 13-7 victory over the Iowa State Cyclones. With such stars as Briggs, Shannon, Creese and Smith in the forward wall, the visiting Cyclones found it difficult to make yardage all afternoon. Their only score came in the second period. After failing in four downs to score from the six yard line, the Iowa Staters gave the ball to the Buffs only to recover it on the next down when they blocked a CU kick. Then on the second play they scored from the same 6-yard line on a pass into the flat. colorado-lS iowa state-7 Colorado ' s two touchdowns came on short line plunges by Tex Reilly and Roland Gregory after the ball had been brought into scoring territory by the running of Reilly and Don Evans and by the passing of these same two to end John Zisch. Evans ' run back of one kickoff for 76 yards was the longest run of the day. CU ' s highly touted 210 pound line lived up to ex- pectations with Zisch, Shannon, Dean and Scott getting special praise. In the backfield, Evans was the stand- out. lindia romps McEwen on an end-around Tex Reilly 174 football colorado-O texas-76 The Golden Buffalos stepped out of their pas- ture and tried tangling with the mighty Longhoms of Texas. After defeating Iowa State, the CU team went to Texas with the idea of beating Texas for the first time on their home grounds, but came home after a crippling 76-0 walloping. The Texas team, led by Bobby Lane and Ail- American Hub Bechtol proved to the Colorado team that a single wing formation with fast, scampering backs is more than Rocky Mountain teams can compete against. Fumbles, tough breaks, and the inability to hold on to the ball was the cause of the high score that Texas was able to obtain. •ismm L - I OT ii. ». f ' m Loyne strikes again Texas stops Tex To quote the team ' s attitude on this game, " It was just like chasing birds; " for the TU squad had a good passing attack and several boys in the back field that were able to skirt the ends before any of the CU backfield could manage to check them. The Longhorn sports writers all agreed that the Colorado line was good and if the backfield had been faster the game would have been very close. They also picked CU ' s big Bob Wise as the out- standing lineman on either team. Although this was one of the worst defeats in Colorado ' s history, everyone who saw the game agrees that CU played a good hard game, but that the Texas team was just too good and too fast for the Golden Buffaloes. Captain Gus Shannon Ferrier Sweeps 175 football Colorado- 6 Utah state- Evans luqs, Simons blocks into the endzone, running through the whole Buffalo team. The play was called back to the CU 35-yard line where officials ruled he had stepped out of bounds. Fans argued the decision for weeks after- ward. In the last period Utah State succeeded in forcing their way to the CU 18, but there they attempted to pass, and were unsuccessful. Backs Gregory and Bill Simons carried the brunt of the Colorado offense, and the line, led by J. B. Dean, Bob Wise, Gus Shannon, and Ralph Scott, turned in a good performance. Ralph Moughan, center, and Van Noy toted much of the load for the Aggies. Colorado delighted spectators in Boulder by de- feating the Utah Aggies in the first conference game on Folsom Field, 6-0, in a game that belonged to anyone up to the final gun. Rex Wagner took the ball over for the only tally of the day on an end-around from the 11 -yard line early in the second quarter, after Tex Reilly and Roland Gregory had moved it from the CU 20 on a long drive. Jim Price missed the try-for-point. Jay Van Noy, sensational freshman back for the Farmers, almost returned the score shortly after the kickoff when he slanted off tackle with the pigskin and romped 79 yards down the sidelines Waqner corrieB Loose ball? Rex Watrner 176 football A clicking passing attack and the punting of Don Evans combined to carry the Golden Buffaloes to a 20-0 victory over the Wyoming Cowboys on a snow-covered field at Laramie. The Buffs chalked up their second conference win before 4,037 hardy fans, scoring in the first, second and fourth quarters on well-executed pass plays. Tex Reilly hurled two of the payoff tosses, and Evans fired the third. Big Jim Smith cashed in on two extra points. In the first quarter the Bisons drove 60 yards to score, with John Zisch taking the touchdown pitch colorado-20 wyoming-0 I. B. Deem Short qcdner from Reilly on the 12 and going on over. The second tally came after Zisch and Doug Nelson had teamed up to make and recover a Wyoming fumble deep in the Pokes ' territory. Then Evans, on a lateral from Roland Gregory, passed to Jim Price in the end zone. The third quarter v as mainly a kicking duel with Evans cutbooting the Punchers 10 to 20 yards an exchange. A Cowboy threat died early in the fourth quarter when Bob Spicer grabbed a Wyoming pass. Reilly turned the end for a long gain, and shortly afterward faded and tossed the final touch- down pass to Art Tanner who made a nice run for the score. J. B. Dean and Captain Gus Shannon were out- standing in the line, with Dean covering almost the whole field on defense. Wyoming ' s compact de- fensive line opened the way for the CU passing at- tack. Bill Simons Free ball 177 football ' Cougar trouble Reid Neilsen booted a field goal from the 26- yard line with two minutes left to ploy to ring up the Brigham Young Cougars ' first defeat of Colorado in history, 10-7. The Cougars, the spoiler team of the Big Seven this season, got red hot before a crowd of 6,500 cheering homecoming fans in Provo, and their fresh- man backs churned through the touted Buff line for 282 yards gained rushing to score the upset and deal the first blow to CU ' s title hopes. The conquering of the favored Bison, whose meaty line was like a sieve for most of the after- noon, began early in the second quarter when Olson took a pass and traveled from the BYU 25 to the Colorado 28. Three plays later Olson pitched to Reed, who went over untouched from the 16. Colorado 7 brigham young-10 The Golden Herd came back with a rush to show their only real display of offensive power. Tex Reilly aerialed to Rex Wagner once and to John Zisch twice, putting the ball on the BYU 4. Roland Gregory bulled it over from his fullback position, and Jim Smith converted to tie the score at seven-all. In the fourth quarter Colorado made another scoring bid, traveling to the Cougar 15. There on fourth down directly in front of the goal posts they elected to try a screen pass instead of a field goal. The play was broken up, and minutes later the Cougars moved up on the ground to the CU 18, v here Neilsen booted his three-pointer. Dean, Shannon, Briggs, and Zisch turned in the best ploys for the Buffs, and Don Evans once again outkicked his opponents. Ralph Scott Touchdown bound Mac Tanner 178 football colorado-14 new mexlco-13 An SO-yord first quarter touchdown march, led by Freshman John Strobel, on unexpected starter at tailback, brought hopes to Homecoming fans that Colorado ' s long-sought offense had arrived, but after the first few minutes the attack faded, and the Golden Buffaloes were hard pressed to take a 14-13 decision from a surprising New Mexico University team on Folsom Field. After the opening kickoff, Strobel threw a spot pass to Art Tanner who was downed on the New Mexico 46. Then it was Strobel around the ends and Roland Gregory through the line for long gains. Strobel scored from the seven on a right end sweep. Jim Smith converted. Later in the period, the Lobos came back to score as the Bison defense became sloppy. Brock Gregory changes pace Tex turns the end passed to Kelly to the CU 24, and McDonald went over a few plays later on a pass from Cullen. The try-for-point sailed wide. The Buffs tallied again in the second quarter after a long Tex Reilly to Johnny Zisch pitch brought them in striking distance. Reilly threw again to Zisch on the NMU 10, and Zisch lateraled to Ed Pud- lik who went over standing up. Ox Smith ' s de- pendable toe added the all-important extra point. CU threatened again just before halftime, but in the second stanza it was a different story as an unheralded third-string Timberwolf halfback, named Camunez, ran rings around and through the tired Colorado line. Camunez finally went ov r untouched from the 14. Hackett ' s conversion was good, and the ball game ended 14-13. Strobel ' s running, Reilly ' s passing, and Zisch ' s beautiful catches contrasted sharply with the ragged CU blocking and tackling. Bob Phillipson Lobo trouble 179 football Lemme go Clyde Nichols ' 72-Yard touchdown sprint early in the first quarter was the margin of Utah ' s 7-0 homecoming victory over Colorado in Salt Lake City, and put an end to the Thundering Herd ' s title hopes. The Golden Buffs fought the Indians to a virtual standstill for the remaining part of the game, never allowing the Utes inside their 20, but their allergy to end zones prevented them from punching over a tying TD. Nichols, an almost unknown fullback, crossed the goal line with his singleton on the third ploy of the game after punching through right guard on a fake kick, picking up interference in the secondary, and covering the rest of the distance untouched. Ray Peterson came in to add his 19lh extra point in 20 attempts this season. Colorado- Utah university- 7 Colorado couldn ' t make its offense jell within the Utes ' 30-yard line, though the Bison running around mid-field was very good in spots. Pass in- terceptions and fumbles played a big part in the contest with Redskin Frank Nelson hauling down four CU passes, and fumbles stopping the Indians twice when it looked like they were on the march. The Golden Buffs made only one determined bid to tie the score. It came in the third quarter when Don Evans and Roland Gregory did some hard running to move the ball down to the Utah 8, where they stalled a foot short of a first down. Defensively there was nothing wrong with the Herd. The line, led by J. B. Dean, Gus Shannon, and John Zisch, gave the speedy Utah backs a good going over. The Utes held a slight edge in statistics, and Bill Van Sandt, their all-conference end, was a defensive standout. Redskins ramble Ed Pudlik, lohn Stiobel. and Dick Schrepieiman Roland Grec(ory football Colorado- missouri- 21 For the second time this year the University of Colorado left their home tramping grounds and this time played the University of Missouri at Columbia, Missouri. The Golden Buffaloes were met not only by a fast aggressive team, but also by the tradi- tional Missouri rain and mud. The Missouri Tigers led by All-Big Six Les Bowman were able to take advantage of the rain and seemed to have the ability to make ploys work in spite of the rain and mud. After getting off to a slow start, the Tigers were able to roll up a 13-0 lead at half time and were able to get a safety and Football banquet bigwigs another touchdown the second half to lay the Buffs 21-0. During the course of action when Tackles Smith and Briggs were in the game, the gridiron was sup- porting the four heaviest tackles ever assembled on a college classic — a total of 1,055 pounds. Even though Colorado was again defeated by an out of territory team, the team came back realiz- ing that this team had a little more speed and the breaks on fumbles — Colorado played a good, hard gome. End zone huddle lim Smith and Paul Briggs On that ball 181 football Mr. Hazelhuist, meet Mr. Dean An inspired Golden Buffalo team rose to the performance fans had been expecting of them all season for Big Game, and turned in a terrific ba ttle to fight the league-leading Denver Pioneers to a 13-13 stalemate on soggy, sawdust-strewn Folsom Field. Colorado drew first blood in the second quarter. The Buffs first threatened after John Zisch had rushed in to " block that kick " in obliging response to a chant from the stands. CU recovered on the 33 and moved down to the DU 8 before Rezzer swiped a Reilly pass to break up the threat. Reilly was downed at midfield after Rezzer kicked out, and on the next play caught the Pioneers flat-footed with a screen pass to Schrepferman, good to the DU 22. Reilly faded again and pitched a perfect strike to his old running mate, Dick Woodward, who raced the last few yards for the score. Ox Smith ' s at- tempted conversion went wide. colorado-13 denver university-13 Denver came back, and with Hazelhurst and Karamigios pacing the attack drove to tie the score. Browning finally going over on a short pass from Girtin. Miller ' s kick was wide. Hazelhurst powered to the second DU touchdown shortly after the third quarter kickoff. Reed of DU recovered a fumble by Bill Simons on the CU 26, and Hazelhurst plunged the rest of the way in five plunges. Miller converted for 13-6. Three minutes later Bob Phillipson set the stage for the tieing touchdown by plucking down a batted pass on the DU 36. Reilly threw another screen pass to Schrepferman, who traveled 16 yards, and then aerialed to John Zisch on the 3. Behind a crackling block by Zisch, Tex plunged over. Ox Smith lofted the all-important extra-point to tie the game, but later in the final canto barely missed a 40-yard field goal attempt. Zisch was tabbed the outstanding man on the field, far outshining Denver ' s touted end, Greg Brown- mg. Flip intercepts Schrepferman takes the screen pass John Zisch 182 football Colorado- 18 Colorado a. and m.-O The Thundering Herd put an end to a mediocre 1946 season against Colorado A M with an 18-0 win November 28 as students took time out from an impromptu final week to cheer them on. Dick Schrepferman, freshman halfback, was the individual star of the day, and accounted for 12 of the points himself. In the second quarter he cul- minated an 80-yard drive by taking a screen pass from Don Evans and going 34 yards behind beautiful blocking to score. On the first play after the second half kickoff, Schrepferman cut loose with a run like Coach Jim Yeager had been hoping for all season, taking the ball on a left end sweep, picking up a block in the secondary, and leaving the Aggie safety man 15 yards behind as he streaked down the sidelines to score. »y « tfi«-jfe»f. » " t » Timeout — train brealcdown Price convoys Reilly Later in the third quarter Ed Pudlik, freshman end, leaped high in the air between two Rams to spear a pass from Don Evans in the end zone and complete the scoring for the day. Dick Woodward almost added another six-pointer for CU when he took a pass from Tex Reilly and ran down the sidelines to the Aggie goal line. There he was hit by three Ram defenders, and fumbled into the end zone, where they recovered. The Aggies were able to penetrate the CU half of the field once all game, and moved to the 15 where they were stopped on downs. Bob Hainlen, snake-hipped left half, led their attack. For the Rams it was their sixth consecutive loss in a hapless season, and for the pcrydirt-allergic Bison it was the third conference win. Bob Wise Walt Koelbel. lim Price, Don Evans basketball 183 After starting out strong in Big Seven play. Coach Frosty Cox ' s varsity basketball team folded up in the middle of a game at Utah State January 25, and found v inning a conference game for the rest of the season a very rough proposition. They eventually v on two over Colorado A M and nearly dumped Wyoming off the throne one night at Laramie, but aside from that all were losses, and at the end of the season the record book showed the Buffs tied in fourth place with Utah State in conference competition, behind Wyoming, Utah, and Denver in that order. Colorado won five and lost seven. The Bison hoopmen opened the season Dec. 16 with a bad night against the visiting University of San Francisco Dons, losing 34-30. Lee Robbins accounted for 16 of the points, including 10 from the free throw line, and Sox Walseth added 7. Taking a jaunt east to Philadelphia and New York City the Buffs lost two more but turned in good performances. Temple measured them 47-40 in a hard-fought battle, and NYU outdis- tanced them 70-59. Freshman forward Kendall Hills looked especially good in the two games, notching 18 points against Temple, and 12 against the Violets while holding ail-American Art Tannenbaum to 8. Lee Robbins tickled the nets with 22 against NYU. On the way home the team stopped off at Kansas City and measured Kansas 52-50 in an exciting overtime contest. Home again, the team piled up three conference wins in a row, beating Denver, Utah State, and Brigham Young, and then met the Kansas Jayhawkers again in the fieldhouse. The silver and gold quintet turned in a superb performance to win in another overtime, 59-54. Then came the game with the Utags when the team hit the skids, going into one of their cold spells in the closing minutes to lose the first of four successive conference games. Finally they measured Colorado A M at Fort Collins, and repeated ten days later in Boulder, dropping the rest of the Big Seven tilts. Toady Huggins at forward proved to be the most consistent point scorer for the team, keeping them from utter walloping on some bad nights. Lee Robbins hit nicely through the first of the season, but was closely guarded in later games. Hal Beattie, Clancy Ellis, and Sox Walseth each had a few good nights, but none of them played with the consistency they demonstrated last year. Walseth proved to be one of the few men in the conference who could keep Reese of Wyoming in check. A number of freshmen show great promise for the next few years. Ken Hills, Carr Bese- mann, and Bill Allen at forwards. Bob Rolander and Rod Bell at center, and Les Metzger, Don Sharp, and Bob Haring at guards will all definitely be heard from in Big Six play next year. Coach Forrest (Frosty) Cox Varsity basketball team, left to right, bottom row: Trainer Balch, Evans, McClain, Smith, Walseth, Metzger, Coach Cox. Middle row: Robbins, Klabau, Miller, Ellis, Haring, Jeffries, Foote, Sharp. Top row: Aikens, equipment manager, Huggins, Besemann, Rolander, Bell, Hills, Allen, Beattie, Partner, publicity director. 184 basketball colorado-54, 47 denver university-50, 51 Weary of travel and cold-ridden, the Colorado hoopmen, just back from three weeks on the road, put on a whirlwind finish to win their first conference game against Denver in the Pioneer ' s tiny gym, 54-50. The Buffs jumped to an early lead that nar- rowed to 29-27 at the close of the first half. They retained the narrow margin until midway in the second half when the Pioneers pulled ahead, 41-40. The score knotted again at 46 all, and DU ' s Kenny Jastrow matched shots with the Bisons until it stood 50-50. Hal Beattie and Les Metzger then hit the two clincher baskets. Toady Huggins paced Frosty Cox ' s attack, pump- ing through 15 points, and Kendall Hills, rebounding smoothly, notched 13. Jack Hauser and Ken Jastrow each collected 17 for the Denvers. The second game was another four-pointer, the Buffs coming out on the short end this time. Just back from their first league defeat at the hands of Utah State, the team was colder than cold, missed many a shot, and finished fast to close the margin to 51-47, Denver leading. Toady Huggins led the cause with 23 markers, and DU ' s Jastrow put on a brilliant clowning exhibi- tion. Steinke led Denver with 16. Huggins drops one Lee Robbins Pop it! I8S ■basketball Lee leaps colora(lo-56, 34 Utah state-45, 40 Colorado and Utah State, the two teams that eventually tied for fourth place in Big Seven stand- ings, shared their two games on the home-and-home basis, each winning before the local crowd. At Boulder in the first home conference game the Buffs waxed hot, taking the lead in the first fif- teen seconds and never relinquishing it, as they won 56-45 over a Farmer team just back from a tiring eastern tour. Lee Robbins led the swishmen to the comparatively easy win, canning six field goals and seven charity tosses to collect 19 points. Lee Jorgenson of Utah State got 14 and Kendall Hills bucketed 10. Bison ball control was beautiful, al- though shooting was rough in spots. Two weeks later the Farmers came back at Logan to register the win that started Colorado on the downhill road from conference leadership. The Buffs led the first half 20-14, but after the rest period the Utags came back to assume backboard control and dominate the last half, going out in front in the closing minutes to win going away, 40-34. The victory for the unpredictable Aggies followed on the heels of a stunning 50-49 win over Utah. Sox Walseth The irosh tally 186 basketball colorado-56, 36 bripam young-44, 47 Colorado registered a third successive conference win in Boulder Jan. 17, when Lee Robbins and Ken Hills teamed to tally 33 collective points as the Bison beat Brigham Young 56-44. The Cougars jumped to an early lead, but the Buffs came back towards the end of the half to narrow the score to 24-23 at halftime. In the second half the score climbed to 31-31, and Clancy Ellis and Don Sharp connected on long baskets to put CU out in front to stay. The entire squad played, except for Metzger who was injured. Robbins got 17, and Hills 16. The sixth-place Cougars reared up from the depths of the league standings Feb. 21 to wallop the CU team 47-36 and begin a bad weekend in the west. The BYU squad took the lead after a chilly spell by Colorado at the opening of the second half, running the close intermission score to 28-21 before CU began to hit again. Rod Bell, lanky 6-8 center, made his first conference appearance for Colorado against the Cougars, dumping in five points in a short time. Sox Walseth ' s seven points led the feeble CU scoring. Hal Bealtie Net tickler by Beattie 187 basketball Who blew that whistle? colorado-35, 88 utah-49, 57 Before a packed fieldhouse, on January 31, the Buffs matched the Indians point for point for the first half of what promised to be a close match. Veterans Horace Huggins and Lee Robbins led the C.U. of- fense and Huggins tied the score several times with his overhead hook-shot. The half ended at 21-19 with Colorado trailing by two points. In the second half the Buffs went into a slump and were unable to score, while the Utes, led by All-American Guard Arnold Ferrin, and Center Ver- non Gardner romped ahead on a scoring spree which the Buffs were unable to stop despite superb defen- sive ploy. In a vain attempt to find a scoring com- bination. Frosty Cox substituted thirteen players, and in the final minutes of the game he sent in the entire freshman team. Evans and Huggins were high scorers for Colorado with 10 and 7 points respec- tively. Colorado ' s freshman team started in the return game at Salt Lake, with Rod Bell at center, Carl Besseman at forward, with Kendall Hills, and Les Metzger and Don Sharp as guards. The first quar- ter was a rough, fast, exciting game which had the spectators standing continually. Halftime saw the Buffs behind with the score at 22-17. In the second half Colorado went cold again, and were unable to score until the final moments of the game. The In- dians ran the score to 50-23 before Colorado, sparked by Forward Harold Beattie, put on a final spurt which brought the score up to 57-38 at the gun. Blitz kid troubl 188 basketball Colorado- 41, 36 Wyoming- 42, 46 Although the Golden Buffaloes put up tremen- dous battles on both occasions, they were forced to bow twice to the Wyoming Cowboys, piloted by Jimmy Reese, their greased lightning forward. At Laramie it was a one-point heartbreaker, 42-41, and the game at Boulder found the Punchers ten points to the good, 46-36. At Laramie the Bison started out like a house afire, tying up the famous Shelton weave, and grabbing a 29-17 point lead at the half. Wyoming, a great second half team, came back with a surge after Sox Walseth, who had been keeping Reese in check, fouled out, and sank shot after shot while controlling the ball steadily, eventually going into the lead 42-41 with almost four minutes to go. Thev then went into a stall that was nearly successfully broken up by Colorado in the final minute. Les Metz- ger, who was individual star of the game with 17 points, missed two charities with about five seconds to play, and four tip-ups rebounded out of the hoop after that. In Boulder a starting lineup of frosh, aided by several beautiful fallaway spin shots by Bob Ro- lander, jumped to a 17-13 lead in the first 12 min- utes, but were suddenly overtaken when Reese found the range. Wyoming led 26-22 at the half and went on to win handily as Reese pumped through 16 and the Cowboys ' second half stall tactics worked ef- fectively. The scoreboard read 46-36, for Wyoming, at the end of Colorado ' s last Big Seven basketball game. Les Metzqer Laramie tipiest Les for a lay-in 189 basketball ' Colorado- 48, 60 Colorado a. and m.- 45, 87 CU ' s men on the hardwood found the opposi- tion presented by the Colorado Aggies to their liking, and made them the only team in the conference to lose twice to the Buffs this season. In the first contest, played at Fort Collins, the Bison had to come from behind in the last two min- utes of play to break their mid-season losing streak and take the contest 48-45 in the Aggies cramped gym. Toady Huggins led the Colorado cause, bag- ging 17 points including two baskets in the final min- ute when the chips were down. Sox Walseth and Hal Beattie also added clutch baskets. The game was sloppy and listless throughout. At Boulder in the next-to-last home game the CU swishmen found the circumstances more favor- able and went on a scoring spree to take the tilt 60-37. Relaxed Harold Beattie hit 13 points for high honors. Robbins with 10 and Huggins with 9 fol- lowed. Frosh center Bob Rolander started the game and hit eight points before going out with a twisted ankle, and Rod Bell, 6-8 freshman center, came in late to also hit eight and please the fans. The Buffs found themselves after a hopeless first five minutes and played a free-scoring game the rest of the way. V Bob Rolander Clarence Ellis 190 basketball (;olora(lo-52, 59, 39 kansas-50, 54, 51 Coach Frosty Cox had the satisfaction of seeing the Golden Buffaloes win two out of three games from a Kansas Jayhawker team tutored by his old coach of undergraduate days, Phog Allen, this sea- son. The Bison ended its eastern tour in Kansas City on January 2 by squeezing out a 52-50 win over the Jayhawkers in a hard battled overtime game. The regular playing period ended with the score tied up in a 44-44 knot, and the overtime was just as close with Lee Robbins hitting the winning basket on a beautiful twisting shot from the free throw line. In Boulder January 20 the Buffs turned the trick again, tying the game up at 46-46 at the end of the regular period, and going on in a fast and furious overtime to outdistance the tired Kansans 59-54. Lee Robbins and Sox Walseth, held in check during the regulation time, each put in two buckets in the extra period to pace the Buffs ' finale. Hal Beattie gathered 15 points to lead the scoring, and Toady Huggins added 12. Jack Eskridge, a sub-forward, paced Kansas with 12 points. For the screaming fieldhouse crowd it was the most exciting game of the year. CU ended the season at Lawrence March 14 with a 39-51 loss to the KU team. Coach Cox left his seniors at home and played only men who will be eligible next season in the contest. The Buffs tied the tilt up at 21 all early in the second half, but five quick points by one-time all-Americctn Otto Schnellbacher put the Jayhawks out in front to stay. Hal Beattie and Bob Rolander led the CU scoring with 10 and 9 points. Kendall Hills The back of me hand to ya Jump ball 191 Bill Allen Bob Haling Don Shaip Airborne Keene Smith Carr Besemann Don Evans 192 track Quadrangular CU 101 DU 22 Greeley 22 CC 20 Dual CU 73 ' 2 Nebraska U 571 2 Triangular CU 100 CC 38 New Mexico 25 Eastern Divisional Meet CU 137% Colo. A. M 35% Wyoming 331 4 DU 32V4 M. S. I. A. C. CU 89 Utah 48 ' 2 Utah State 31 BYU 30 Colo. A. M 191 2 Wyoming 16 Denver U 6 Kansas Relays 3 firsts 1 second 2 thirds 1 fourth Colorado Relays 30 points — v on all events Rocky Mountain AAU CU- 93 5 6— first place Coach Frank Potts t ' - a- LVf mlr ' ft tj 0 if ' v f " . - ' • ijir r ' r Front row, left to right: Wingate, Meigs, Goodrich, Wunderly, Campbell, Learned, i-_j , ,_;-.-__ii. Bean, Roberts. Second row: Roach, McDonnell, Pitchford, Wise, Allen, McEwen, Hayes, Bateman, McKee, Hofheinz, H. Briggs, Frankland, Lombardi. Third row: Millis, Oakes, E. Hafling, Backer, Hoffmeister, Cavander, Coach Potts, Bailey, D. Hailing, Reigle, Ranes, Angel, Johnson, Blickham. Top row: Pope, Temple, Ball, Murphy, Todd, McWhinney, Greib, Chipman, Menary, McAfferty. 193 track Coach Fraiicis Wolle Loren Creese Coach Frank Potts, who fielded Championship teams during the war when the personnel changed from year to year because of the turnover of Navy students who made up the bulk of the squad, again displayed his remarkable coaching ability this year. He took the large turnout of freshmen and molded them with the stalwarts of past teams to organize a team that bowed to no one in the region during the season. The team even made its position known to intersectional competition. Coach Potts indeed de- serves a " Well Done " for the performance of his squad. Campbell cops the conierence 194 track ..mA For the sixth consecutive year, and the ninth time in the last ten years, the University of Colo- rado thin-clads copped the Rocky Mountain Con- ference Championship. This was but one of the achievements of the squad. They also swrept all six relay events in the Colorado Relay Classic as well as walking away with the Rocky Mountain AAU meet in Denver. Not satisfied with their conference showing, three of the team placed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association meet held in Minne- apolis. Lopsided victories were earned in four regu- lar sectional meets, and a creditable showing was given in the Kansas Relays to round out the season. Two of the most consistent winners in the track events were Sprinter Campbell and Ouarter-Miler Temple. Campbell consistently clipped off the cen- tury under 10 seconds, placing sixth in the NCAA meet to wind up the season. He also led the field of 220 yard sprinters throughout the season. Temple, by running the 440 yard dash under 50 seconds, proved himself the best in that class also. Learned, another boy who was expected to make his name known in the sprints, was hampered all year by a pulled leg muscle. In the field events, Loren Creese, a returned let- terman of 1942, had his way in the weights. Bate- man, ace CU pole vaulter, was hit in the neck with a wildly thrown 16-pound shot in mid-season, but he recovered speedily to obtain a tie ' for first place in the Conference when he skimmed the bar at 13 feet. Boteman up and over Trip time 195 In the middle distance jcmnts, Grieb and Pope could always be counted on for points while Chip- man and Meigs secured many first places in the one and two mile events respectively. Learned, Goodrich and Hofheinz were the boys who took the ten barriers in stride in both the 120 yard highs and the 220 yard low hurdles. Aside from Loren Creese and Jenkins who were masters of the hammer, discus, and shot-put, Don Creese, with Wise and McEwen were also reliable point-getters in the weights. McEwen and Menary led the broad jumpers as well as did McAferty and Wunderley in the high jumping department. The pole vault event was handled by Bateman, McKee, and Pitchford who were all top notch vaulters. They shared a three-way tie for first place in the Rocky Mountain AAU meet and in doing so became co- holders of a new regional record. Also setting new records in the meet were Camp- bell who tied the record for the hundred and broke the 220 yard dash mark, and Loren Creese who set a new shot-put record. While the AAU meet in Denver is usually the climax of the season, Coach Potts took several men whose performance put them in a class with the best in the country, and entered them in the National Collegiate meet. Besides Campbell ' s sixth in the hundred, McAferty obtained a fifth in the high jump and Jenkins won another fifth place in the discus. Coach Potts also received recognition in being elected to head the National Association of Col- legiate Track Coaches last June. The sizzling sprint relay Two-miler Bill Meigs 196 baseball Front row, left to right: McMillan, Serafini, Walseth, O ' Keefe, Warren. Second row: Kinney, Murphy, Gray, Neafus, Smith. Top row: Voss, Crow, Cowden, Coach Prentup. Colorado ' s baseball nine ended a highly suc- cessful season by beating Denver, 4 to 3, to wind up in a tie for first in the conference. Coach Frank Prentup, who had only four returning lettermen, built a hard-hitting ball club which finished with 11 wins and three losses. Led by the tight pitching of Art Gray and Hank Knocke, and the hitting and fielding of O ' Keefe, Murphy, and McMillan, the Buffs lost only one conference game, to Denver, and two non-league tilts, both to Nebraska. The green Colorado team started the season with two tough games with Nebraska, losing both. After this they won five straight before dropping a heart- breaker to Denver, 4 to 2. From then on the Buffs won their last six games, closing with sweet victory over Denver which put Boulder in a first place tie in the Big Seven eastern division. Standouts during the season were Smith at first base, McMillan at second, Walseth, Kinney, Coach Frank Prentup Neaf tallies 197 baseball Season record: CU Opp. Nebraska (at Lincoln) 10 Nebraska (at Lincoln) 3 5 Colorado Mines (at Gol- den) (seven innings) 12 2 Colorado College 12 1 Colorado College IS 9 Colorado Mines 18 1 Colorado Aggies 10 5 Denver (at Denver) 2 4 Wyoming 12 2 Fort Warren 5 Colorado Aggies (at Fort Collins) 9 3 Buckley Field . 19 5 Wyoming (at Laramie) ... 11 5 Denver 4 3 Season standings: Conference — Won 5, lost 1. Non-conference — Won 6, lost 2. Season — Won 11, lost 3. Homer against D. U. and Burke at short, and Neofus at third. In the outfield sluggers Murphy and O ' Keefe vied with Piatt, Crow, Wardrop, and Serafini for the starting lineup. Pitching most of the games were southpaw Artie Gray and Knocke, assisted by Poath and Barrett. Summey and Cowden alternated at the catching post, and Bob Needier managed the team. Merry-go round Smith tags up Where ' s that pellet? O ' Keefe rounds third 198 swimming Swimminq team, left to right, top row: Cady, Ebaugh, Downing, Lepman, Bowers, Herbst, Zaitz. Bottom row: Flower, Polowski, Michaels, Coach Bradley, Bradt, Eastman, Ready. Touch and go With Dick Lepman coming from behind to finish three feet ahead in the crucial four-man relay, Colorado edged out Colorado A M 43-41 February 22, and the Water Buffaloes swam to a tie for eastern slope honors with the Aggies. The finmen, coached by Paul Bradley, turned in a good season, winning sis? meets, and losing once to the Aggies and once to Ne- braska. Opening the season with a lopsided 66-8 win over Colorado State, the mermen went on to thoroughly dunk Denver and Wyoming before losing 33-48 to Nebraska at Lincoln. In the Colorado A S M camp the Rams bested the Buffs 46-38. After another easy win ove Denver, the team hung the two-pointer on the Aggies, and went on to swamp Wyoming 61-23 to cinch their share in the title. During the season school records were cracked right and left, and CU swimmers hung up two new conference records. Dick Ready, Dove Ebaugh, and Frank Zaitz teamed to lower the 300 yard medley relay record to 3:28.4. Keith Gilmore turned in a 25.2 50 yard free- style to claim another record, and Lepman and Ready also lowered school records in the freestyle and backstroke respectively. Lepman was the outstanding swimmer on the team, winning free- style events crt will. Gilmore, Bowers, Zaitz, Eastman, Flower, and Polowski were also worthy freestyle performers. Herbst and Ebaugh in the breastroke and Ready and Alderman in the backstroke pro- vided needed points. 199 gymnastics Gymnastics team, left to right, front row. Wright, Bamhill, Norcross, Arnberg, Bissell, Pelz, Shearer. Middle row: Thornton, Van Diver, Cooch Vavra, Nesladek, Brock. Top row: Ruddell, Ditman, Beckett, Karlson, Williams. Tutored by veteran Charles Vavra, the University of Colorado gymnastics team completed a highly successful 1947 season with an undefeated record in dual meets and a Big Seven eastern division title. Wyoming and the Colorado Aggies, conference competitors, both fell twice to the Buffs, as the teams met on a home-and-home basis. The CU gymnasts also took two intersectional dual meets, beating the Colorado State Bears and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They cli- . maxed the season with a second to the Bears in an intersectional meet held at Greeley, in which Nebraska, Montana State, and Wyo- ming also competed. The Cowboys fell 180-153 and 101 ' 72-96 2 to the Bison, and the .Aggies were taken into camp 94-92 and 110 ' 72-9672. The locals tri- umphed over Nebraska 70-56 and Colorado State 2971 2-28572. Key men on the squad were Keith Nesladek on the high bar and trampoline, Garry Wright on the side horse, Tom Arnberg and Gene Shearer on the parallel bars, Arden Ruddell and Brad Van Diver on the flying rings, and Sam Barnhill and Cliff Bissell on the tumbling mats. 8V2 (or Arnberg 200 wrestling Wrestling team, left to right, bottom row: Haldeman, Brinker, Friese, Hughes. Middle row: Elmer Hafling, Pearson, Scott, Ferrier, Yant. Top row: Patten, Sheppard, Putnam, Nicholson, Darrell Hafling, Coach Lam. Thump that mat, rei Coach William C. (Kayo) Lam ' s wrestlers ended an unhappy sea- son with the match they had long been looking for when they drubbed Colorado College 20-6 March 2 at Colorado Springs. The record books showed this lone win and nine losses. Colorado A M, kingpin team of the Big Seven eastern division, victimized the Buff squad twice, 24-5 and 26-8, and Denver did the same, 25-5 and 24-8. In their first match with Wyoming the teasi came home with a 16-14 win under their belts, but later had it revoked when Allen Patten, 121-pound pin artist and 1942 conference champ, was declared ineligible. The score reverted to 19-11, and Wyoming won by the same margin in the second matching of the two teams. CU also fell to three good intersectional teams, Colorado State 17-15, Kansas State 22-8, and Minnesota 16-14. Besides losing Patten on eligibility, the team suffered a hope-crippling blow when two good grapplers. Bob Yant at 136 pounds and Al Mott at 165, went out on injuries. Scotty Putnam, heavyweight, was the main point-winner for the squad, losing only one conference match. Darrell Hafling, 1 55-pounder, won all but two of his matches. Rex Sheppard, Mott, Yant, and Patten also added a few points to the season ' s meager total. 201 cross country Cross country team, left to right, bottom row: row: Pope, Chance, Fitzmorris, Greib. Romig, Zeigler, Peters, Johnson. Middle row: Rowe, Kerr, Coach Wolle, Anderson. Top Salvaging the only possible glory from a season ruined by snow, the Colorado cross-country team, coached by Prof. Francis Wolle, won the CU invitational meet here November 23 with a total of 34 points. Wyoming finished second with 51, Colorado A M was third with 60, Colorado Mines fourth with 83, and DU last with 137. The first five finishers from each school counted in the scoring with the lowest total winning the meet. Bill Meigs, veteran CU distance man, took individual honors as he covered the rugged 3% mile course in 19:56.5. Peterson and Frau- son of A M took second and third respectively. Vaughan, chunky little runner from Mines, led the last mile but fell as he neared the finish and took fourth place. Other Colorado placers were Rowe, fifth; Fitzmorris, sixth; Pope, tenth; and Peters, twelfth. Romig came in fifteenth and Greib twen- tieth, but their points did not count in the total. The two other meets scheduled for the season, a triangle event at Laramie and a dual meet at Golden, Were both snowed out. Meigs wins the grind 102 tennis Top row: Bob Skeen, Frank Rinaldi, Wesley Karlson, Coach Dick Gray, Nick Beadles, and Merle Ogle. Front row: Dallas Stephens, Carlos Lope2, Ade Butler, and Jack CuUey. Absent, Lou Dods. The Buffs captured their first Big Seven net crown since 1940 this yecrrwhen at the Eastern Division Meet held at Boulder, May 25, they racked up 22 points to Denver ' s 5, Wyoming ' s 2, and Colorado A M ' s one tally. John Culley, a star on Coach Dick Gray ' s team all season, won the singles crown, and Nick Beadles and Ade Butler won the doubles title from two of their own team mates, Merle Ogle and Bob Skeen, who scored an upset by winning from a favored Denver doubles team. The conference title was the climax to a season of undefeated and almost unscored on meets. Lou Dods, Wesley Karlson, Carlos Lopez, Frank Rinaldi and Dallas Stephens, along with the rest, combined to keep their opponents from scoring more than two points at any one meet throughout the season. The Buffs got to a good start when they defeated Colorado College by a score of 5 to 0. Then they put down their traditional rival, Denver, by a score of 10 to 2. At the first meet with Greeley State the Buffs won by a score of 12 to and at the second meet held at Greeley, they repeated the performance by winning 1 1 to 1 . At Ft. Collins the Buffs won by a score of 1 1 to 1 ; and in the final meet with Denver, Colorado won by a score of 13 to 0. Ade Butler and Nick Beadlei 207 ski team Ski team, standing, left to right: Coach Steve Bradley, Bob Look, Tom Lyons. Squatting: John Wood, Ernie Gray, Jim Griffith, and Gale Spence. Colorado ' s varsity ski team, under the tutorship of Coach Steve Bradley, ended the season in a blaze of glory when they took the Western State Intercollegiate meet at Gunnison, and came back the next weekend to win another intercollegiate meet at Laramie. The team turned in a season record of two wins, two thirds, and a fourth, and their top man, Jim Griffith, represented CU at the national slalom and downhill championships at Alta, Utah, in late February. Over the Christmas vacation the team traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho, for their first meet, and came in fourth behind Utah, Washington, and Stanford in the rugged competition. In January they went south to Albuquerque for the New Mexico Invitational, placing third behind Nevada and Western State. At Winter Park early in February the team came in a tenth of a point behind Western State in the DU four-way meet, won by Utah. Then came the cleanup at Gunnison, CU drubbing Wyoming, Western State, Denver, and Colorado A M. Griffith won the downhill by a full ten seconds, and George Brewer took the jumping. At Laramie the Buff slippers snatched second, third, and fourth in the downhill, and Tom Lyons won the slalom. Griffith qualified for the Olympic tryouts at Alta, but was unable to compete any longer after running a pole into his eye. Slalom artist 204 men ' s intramnrals I Lou Dods, Pi Kap dropkicker In a season disrupted by bad weather, unex- pected happenings, and crowded schedules, intra- mural sports found it tough going this year. Heavy snowstorms in the fall quarter and a coal strike pre- vented the completion of touch football, volleyball, tennis, and golf, but in spring and winter play, champions were crowned in ten sports. Led by the pitching of fireman Vic Champlin the NROTC Softball team blasted the Trailer I squad to win the title in the spring of 1946. Champlin, who frequently turned in no-hit, no-run performances, struck out 16 batters in the final game and a rally by his mates in the fourth inning handed the first beating to the Trailer Camp ' s classy pitcher, Klein. The Phi Gams, the Phi Delts, the AVC, and the Phi Taus were in the playoffs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon took top honors in the track meet held during CU Days last spring. ATO, Phi Gam, and Kappa Sigma took second, third and fourth respectively. Ruddell, independent, was high point man of the meet, winning both the hurdle races, and placing I m ?m B h 1 r- ■ll i u ' ni ' ' k m «ll It ' s a hit Vic Champlin, NROTC Shutout Artist 205 men ' s intramurals second in the 220. Chambers, SAE, was another double winner in the shot put and discits, and tied for fifth in the high jump, Hoffmeister, Kappa Sig, ran away with the 100 and 220. Touch football was snowed out for several weeks and then dealt the coup de grace by the coal strike and the consequent early closing of school. The Phi Gams boasted the only undefeated, untied team in fraternity play at the time, but the Beta ' s, Pi Kaps, and Sigma Nu ' s also fielded strong contenders for the crown. In independent play the Trailer Camp and the Law School were outstanding. Volleyball suffered a similar fate, with only the Phi Delts undefeated when play was discontinued. The Pi Kaps ran a close second. In the winter quarter eight sports gave plenty of opportunity for all to participate. In the six divisions of basketball an independent team named the Belly Robbers emerged on top to claim an ornate trophy offered by the Boulder Theater. The Belly Robbers, led by Boyd and Beattie, beat the Delts 31-29 in the final game. Miller, Riley, and Narcissian paced Delt play. The Viking Club, Blues, Haversacks, The Chi Psi ' s rebound Beta Ski Champs: left to ricfht, Hugh McGee. Bill Johnson, Chuck Reich, Kink Barnett, Leigh Norgren Gluq! 206 men ' s intramurals Walt Wamsley and Allen Lodge, Delt wrestling champs Sigma Nu ' s, Chi Psi ' s, and Phi Gamma Delta ' s also participateci in the playoffs. In water polo Beta Theta Pi and Phi Gamma Delta topped their respective leagues with undefeated rec- ords, but no playoff was held. Ed Robinson, Bill Secor, and Bill Simons led the Beta ' s in their eight wins, while Gordon McNeill starred for the rugged Fiji squad. During the Winter Carnival the Beta ' s brought the White Stag Ski trophy back to their house on the moot with a win in the races at Winter Park. Beta Bill Johnson won the combined events and took sec- ond in the downhill to lead the Woog scoring. John Strobel, Phi Gam, won the slalom, and Allen Lodge, Delt, took first place honors in the downhill. George Bickstream ' s and Fred Nyland ' s independent teams took second and third in the meet. The Beta ' s have won the award every year it was given except once. Frank Barry, Jack Foster, and Tom Saunders grabbed titles in the fencing tournament sponsored by the CU Fencers Club. Barry won the epee, Foster the three-weapon tournament, and Saunders the foil and epee events. Gmnt and groan Tom Saunders. Jack Foster, Frank Barry — fencing winners men ' s intramurals 207 Delta Tau Delta and the independents tied in the crown parade in intramural wrestling, each claiming two winners. The champs: 127-lb. — Lodge, Delt; 136-lb.— Gladstone, independent; 145-lb.— Hicks, Pi Kap; 155-lb.— Wamsley, Delt; 165-lb.— Rich, indepen- dent; 175-lb.— Mcintosh, SAE; Heavyweight — Brienig, Phi Gam. The Pi Kaps hung up two wins in the boxing tour- nament to lead the scoring. The champs: 127-lb. — Monii; 135-lb.— Ewing; 147-lb.— Roland; 155-lb.— Brundage; 165-lb. — Stephenson, Pi Kap; 175-lb. — Wilson, Pi Kap; Heavyweight — Brown. The Kappa Sigs bested the Phi Tau ' s two out of three to win the bowling championship. Banning, Chi Psi, registered the high game of the winter with a 243, and Levy, Phi Tau, boasted the highest three- game series with a 558. Bud Hendrickson, Buzz Sandburg. Tom Wricfhton. and Bob lindra. Phi Tau handball champs In handball John Rold, undefeated singles man, provided the margin of victory for the Phi Tau ' s when he bested Keith Miller, Delt, 21-15, 21-15. Jindra and Sandburg took one doubles match for the Phi Tau ' s while the Delts easily took the other. The Betas and the Phi Delts also entered the playoffs. Slugiest warmup Bert Hoiimeister, Paul Lundy, Stan Andrews, Frank Hammond, and Jim Cauqhren, Kappa Sig bowling winners 208 ■women ' s intramurals DG-Theta Volleyball semi-linal Volleyball started off with a bang this year with twenty-nine teams participating in the intramural tournament. Competition was keen and the games were close, but the winners in the five brackets were soon determined. Those teams participating in the final playoffs were: the Thetas, AOPi ' s, DG ' s, Rook- ies, and Armory. The Armory eight, by virtue of their win over the DG ' s took first place honors; the DG ' s followed with a close second, while the Rookies and the Thetas tied for third place. Those girls out- standing in skill and ability elected to the First Team by the various intramural managers were: Irene Bushnell of Armory; Harriet Lehnen and Terry March, DG ' s; Lois Stapf and June Holcombe of the Rookies; Barbara Ballou and Marjorie Scott, Thetas; and Bar- bara Hutchinson, Pi Phi. Those named to the Sec- ond Team were: Dorothy Kreul, Armory; Isabel Mc- Ilvain, DG; Margaret Hays, AOPi; Janet Sells, Wo- men ' s Club; Barbara Bowers, Pi Phi; Helen Mann, Tri Delt; Joan Packard, Regent; Nancy Fishburn, Bigelow I; and Barbara Rennicke, Chi O. Interest ran high in the doubles tennis tourna- ment, although the playoffs were delayed by the snowstorms and John L. until late in January. In the finals, Katie Jean and Lois Stapf defeated Barbara Hutchinson and Nancy King in two straight sets, 6-3 and 6-1. The archery tournament was another highlight in women ' s intramurals during the fall quarter. Sonja Delta Gamma — second place The Armory — Volleyball champs 209 women ' s intramuralsi Koehler, of the Rookies, took top honors by eliminat- ing Paula Vickers by twenty-four points in the final competition. Horseshoe champions, Natalie Dodge and Jane Walthers, tossed a wicked good-luck piece to cap- ture the doubles horseshoe championship, 52-35. Ping-pong was one of the most popular of the intramurals, with ninety girls taking part in the tour- nament. All of the games were fast and interesting. Vivian Cohn and Dorothy Major, winners in the first and second brackets, were pitted against each other in the semi-finals, while Joan Willis and Charline Fadden, winners in the third and four brackets, com- peted in the semi-final playoffs. Vivian Cohn and Joan Willis advanced to the finals, and the latter de- feated her opponent to take the title. The basketball season brought some of the best teams and exciting games to the women ' s gym that have ever been witnessed. Twenty-eight teams en- tered the competition, and the winners in the five brackets provided much excitement and excellent playing during the final games. The Veterans and Lester I tied for first place honors, but the Vets proved their superiority in ability and all around team work by defeating Lester and pushing them into second place. Regent held third place honors, while KAT and the University Women ' s Club tied for fourth place. Colorado University coeds had an opportunity to prove their swimming abilities in the 1946-47 Na- tional Intercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet. Sonia Koehler — Archery champ Horseshoe champions Direct hit 210 iwomen ' s intramurals Got it on the rebound Tryouts were held and the girls picked to swim in the meet practiced almost every day for a month, under the able coaching of Mrs. Virginia Rich. Rosemary Roberts made the best time in the 40 yard crawl — 24.1 seconds; Joanne Lawson did the 40 yard back crawl in 29.8 seconds; Joyce Reeves was 3 seconds faster than her nearest competitor in the 40 yard breast stroke with the time of 30.5 seconds; Rose- mary Roberts did the 100 yard crawl in 1 minute, 20.4 seconds; and Joyce Reeves also swam the 100 yard breast stroke in 1 minute 36.7 seconds, and the indi- vidual medley in 1 minute, 3.5 seconds. Joanne Law- son, Joyce Reeves and Janet Sells teamed up to swim the 75 ya rd medley relay in 50.3 seconds. The 100 yard free style relay was swum in 60.4 seconds by D. D. Coleman, Nancy Carroll, Janet Sells and Rosemary Roberts. In competition with 19 other universities and colleges, C.U. placed eighth with its excellent records. C.U. mermaids also participated actively in the intramural swimming. Two preliminary meets were held prior to the final swim meets on Tuesday, Feb- ruary 18. Kappa Alpha Theta placed first while the Shooters, Rookies, and Kappa Kappa Gamma took second, third and fourth place wins. Three freshman teams, eight sorority teams, and five independent teams competed against each other in the bowling tournament. Alpha Omicron Pi took the championship while Pi Beta Phi and Lester Hall placed second and third respectively. Telegraphic swimming team 2il F?WSS ■FBT HJ FTIX " Tr-:rim:,r: women ' s intrarauralsi The intramural ski meet was held February 8 at Berthoud Pass with six teams participating: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega, and ISA. There were three classes. A, B, and C, and both downhill and slalom races were held. The meet was organized in conjunction with the men ' s intra- mural meet. Top honors were taken by Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta came in second and ISA placed third in the competition. A high point of interest was the badminton tourna- ment. Fifty-two doubles teams played off their matches in rapid succession. In the semi-finals, Bar- bara Dill and Esther Williams of Lester II were de- feated by Joyce Reeves and Joyce Speck of the Shooters; also in the semi-finals, Dorothy Martin and Georgine Sensor of Lester II downed the team of Yvonne Goodier and Beverly Lutz. In the champion- ship match. Reeves and Speck defeated Martin and Sensor to win the tournament for the Shooters. Something new in intramurals was begun this year with the mixed volleyball tournament. Each team consisted of four men and four women, and games were held every Wednesday evening in the Women ' s gym. There was much interest in the games and a large crowd usually turned out to wit- ness them. Competing teams were: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club, Hiking Club, Tri- Delts, and Lester I. The Alpha Omicron Pi team took ■ the championship and the Alpha Delta Pi team fin- ished second. lump ball Walch the birdie Practice ski class .Si-, ' - Riv m am THEIR ROMANCE IS ON THE ROCKS |you name ITJ BEFORE AND AFTER | » 1 fw ni ts 7, ll t ' m 1-5 s ll H Ik S- 3 H ' .fB StSBm w , Mi Pli - ' ««e » m -i ' ■ I Bj W P d|JL|H HIk K K ■ J JhBb I Ik ' ' v ' H k, SJ I H hj K jpi 217 ollaborations Our college here in Boulder has a lot of organizations, We ' ve given them a section and it ' s called collaborations, If your leisure ' s spent in fenc- ing then they have a club for you, Or if you like the snowy slopes then they have a ski club too. They say that if you spend your time in reading books for knowl- edge, And never have a bit of fun then you ' re missing half of college. So to keep hard working stu- dents from finding life too dull. Organizations fill the gap when students find a lull. 218 alpha ehi si ma professional chemical honorary officers President Lauron Giersch Vice-President Bill Martini Recorder John Popovich Reporter Bill Shaw members Guillermo Ahumada John M. Atwood Jack Coates John B. Cox Lou K. Dods Robert Fishburn Russell F. Groesbeck Norman Gulick Jack Hahn Stan Hammond Lauron Giersch August Hempel George Johnston John Leigh Charles J. Mains William Martini Tom Lyon Ralph Merritt Orlin Norwood J. D. Papovich R. S. Parkins Roy E. Peach William H. Shaw Carl Norgren Emerson Radloff Front row, left lo right: Shaw, Hahn, Giersch, Atwood. Second row: Groesbeck, Papovich, Martini, Peach, Kern, Norwood. Top row: Ahumada, Radloff, Mains, Cox. 219 alpha epsilon delta premedical honorary officers President Howard W. Crawford Vice-President Jack Cook Secretary Shirley Dinner Treasurer Margaret Hall Historian Frank Cookinham Faculty Sponsor Norman Witt Scalpel Reporter Mary Googe members Reuben Bareis Fredrick Barrows Pot Bramson Orlando Celentano Douglas Collier Jack Cook Franklin Cookinham Howard Crawford Shirley Dinner George Girvin Mary Googe Elaine Herrick Gerald Left Harold Leight Barbara Lynn June McCobe William McCaw Gerald Mellman Patrick O ' Connell Morton Pepper Beverly Phipps Scotty Robertson Janet Schemmel Marijo Smith Edgar Smutny Eleanor Witsell Evelyn Wyott tti.aamg " ' .. . g- J Front row, left to right: Crawford, Dinner, Witt, Lynn, Moore, Witsell, Poe, McCabe. Second row: .Bareis, Harkin, Robertson, Smutny, Mellman, Girvin, McCan. Top row: Collier, Cookinham, Barrows, Cook, Crobb, Celentano. Leiaht. 220 alpha phi ome a student service fraternity officers President Merlin Malehom Vice-President Tony Ray Secretctry Howard Yates Treasurer Jack Handle Historian Peter Rouse Sergeant-at-Arms John B. Cox members Hurlbart Anderson Morse Cavender Bowman Collins John Cox Roland Johns Richard Lyttle Merlin Malehom William Martini Carl Norgren Jack Randle Tony Ray Elsie Roland Marvin Rotenberg Peter Rouse Joseph Smith Roy Swanson Nollie Watts William Welsby Bob Westerwick Howard Yates Charles Pollack Robert Motika Carl Malmsten Richard Phillips David Tumin Nelson Copley Wayne Cavender William Daniel Burton Buchanan Ralph Metsker William Herring Bill Martin Front row, lait to right: Roland, Johns, Martin, Phillips, Tumin. Second rowj Pollack, Watts, Rouse, Yates, Malehom, Ray, Randle, Copley. Third row: W. Cavender, Welsby, Martin, M. Cavender, Rotenberg, Swanson, Smith, Daniel. Top row: Buchanan, Cox, Metsker, Westerwick, Herrinq. american institute of electrical engineers 221 G. E. Allen, Jr. B. R. Anderson R. L. Anderson W. L. Aseniero R. S. Barr R. F. Barren Shirley Bell Marie Benson G. G. Bernzen C. E. Bissell C. R. Bitter, Jr. L. L. Blackwell M. R. Boyd J. A. Bradley E. A. Bret G. R. Brown L. C. Brown G. F. Caduff D. E. Carpenter G. L. Corrington Irene Carswell S. A. Cebulski, Jr. Chi-Kuang Chien I. A. Christensen M. D. Christolear D. A. Qark M. A. Condie I. C. Connell G. W. Conrey A. H. Cook D. N. Corbin R. D. Cunningham, Jr E. C. Davidson S. J. Demby J. G. Dille L. E. Donelan J. E. Dora J. A. Duffy G. R. Dunn officers President Robert F. Earrell Vice-President Stanley R. Roelofs Secretary Robert Roberts Treasurer James M. Kastner A. M. Duthie F. A. Eastman L. K. Eberscle L. H. Eckes D. E. Eikner W. D. Ellison, Jr. D. Fayman R. B. Flemons Margaret Fletcher Phyllis Ann Fox F. F. Fulton, Jr. G. Fyhrie C. A. Gallagher T. H. Garnett R. J. Garon Pauline Giarratano G. J. Gleghorn, Jr. P. Goldhammer Mildred Grigs J. M. Grouls H, P. Guerber 0. E. Gunther C. E. Gyger H. W. Hamm L L. Hansen J. R. Hayden W. F. Hayes J. Hessler, Jr. members R. C. Hinsey C. B. Howard L. G. Jefferies A. B. Johnson O. R. Jones J. M. Kastner K. K. Kaylor R. C. Keck K. A. Kiesel W. Knox, Jr. P. W. Kocontes R. Koelster G. Kolinski K. Krehbiel J. A. Lang O. R. Lee, Jr. T. H. Leonard W. J. Lesser M. A. Lohman J. Lord J. F. Love T. J. Mahon R. A. Mathias A. L. McLean F. E. McCord R. W. McDonald W. F. McKemon D. P. McMillan H. A. McMillan N. W. Ray vi l R. O. Meinig R. F. Reeves jKtaj l H C. F. Meredith C. R. Ricks H BM A. D. Miller R. W. Roberts jj T. C. Mitchell R. R. Robinson M R. G. Mitchell S. R. Roelofs t R. H. Moore S. J. Roth R. J. Moore T. W. Sanders M. G. Mueller, Jr. J. R. Sheldon E. R. Narum J. B. Schroeder W. H. Neuschaefer B. Schwartz B. L. Vance M. E. Norby C. F. Sellman W. W. Vomer W. J. O ' Halloran W. G. Sinton . W. Vickroy J. A. Orr R. L. Snyder 3. Waddington D. P. Palermo F. E. Spindler . K. Walter J. L. Pasic, Jr. J. O. Spradley -i. F. Wanamaker H. W. Patton, II L. R. Stanley . W. Waring R. W. Peterman A. C. Stout D. C. Washburn W. H. Peterson F. L. Sullivan -. M. Watts E. R. Pillep R. E, Swanson H, F. Weakly G. A. Pillmore C. M. Theiss VI. Weiss A. E. Piper J. A. Thomas-Hazell, Jr. =i. A. Westerwick V. J. Poehls A. W. Thorn ft.. J. Wetmore R. C. Porter J. R. Thorndyke A. C. Wilson P. P. Prebble J. G. Tidball J . R. Wilson G. J. Pritchette R. J. Todd Ar. Winthrop G. A. Raabe H. R. Trufcken C. F. WooUey F. R. Rakestraw M. P. Uderitz H. R. Yates Front row, left to right: Orvil Jones, Tom Garnett, Jim Kastner, Bob Barrell, Bob Roberts, Stanley Roelofs, John Strack, John Pasic, Forrest Fulton. Second row: Richard Meinig, Paul McMillan, Calvin Theiss, C. K. Chien, Don Eikner, Marge Leaf, Bob Boyd, Lawrence Brown, Robert Westerwick, George Fyhrie. Third row: Bill Woods, Bernard Alberts,. E. H. Schaefer, Dave Clark, Ronald Snyder, Mark Mueller, Mildred Grigs, Ed Browne, Arthur Winthrop, John Warlick. Fourth row: James Scott, Kay Kaylor, Charles Bitter, George Pillmore, Francis Spindler, Richard Barr, Richard Robinson, Phil Goldhammer, Lynn Hansen, Earl Narum, K. H. Kiesel. Top row: Howard Guerber, Roy Swanson, Donald Evans, Harold Garbarino, George Bernzen, Eugene Bret, George Gleghom, O. R. Lee, William Hayes, Roy Reeves, Phillip Kocontes. 222 american society of civil engineers officers President C. Conrado Vice-President L. D. Volkmer Secretary G. W. Murphy Treasurer Maurice Reilly W. Raeder D. M. Carlson J. H. Dawson R. L. Dowing C. C. Klerame A. J. McNair faculty W. L. Menoher U. C. Novak E. T. Punshon members R. E. Rathburn W. H. Thoman Dean Eckel J. C. Alexander Billie Allen R. Anderson I. P. Baxter T. E. Berg R. D. Bergman J. S. Beveman L. C. Bogott W. C. Boutwell W. L. Brown R. L. Brunton J. S. Bums R. D. Callard D. Carlson R. W. Casto L. W. Charles W. R. Condon Colleen Connel J. C. Crocker R. L. Cummings N. Dahm K. H. Dearth K. Dever L. Dieter Dona Dryden G. C. Dunfield K. R. Dungan L. E. Dunn V. P. Elliott R. V. Feddersen P. R. Franke W. R. Frehse G. Frezieres D. Frischer W. Gassman C. R. Giroux W. M. Goody T. D. Hanahan C. B. Hoyward P. V. Hayward C. Hohnsons R. K. Hook D. L. Houghton L. Huckenpahler M. W. Hueftle H. M. Hyder K. Jones J. B. Kenney E. C. King H. Knickerbocker Nora Jane Leggett R. V. Longcor J. M. Mann W. M. McClure O. W. Mcintosh C. R. McMahon D. M. Mohler C. H. Mortensen R. A. Mosquera R. E. Mulbem G. W. Murphy E. M. Noble R. Orcutt J. Otsuki J. H. Palsgrove Delbert Parker J. S. Parker R. K. Paper A. W. Phillips R. C. Rautenstraus Tex Reilly R. B. Robb T. S. Roberts L. L. Robinson R. D. Ross R. E. Sargent R. E. Scott V. K. Schulte R. V. Shapiro D. Shipley W. C. Sivers Robert Sloan W. O. Sparks W. W. Squire W. V. Staten M. B. Strain W. A. Thomas V. Thornburgh T. Thorpe A. R. Vacksol E. Varian R. T. Virtue L. D. Volkmer Mary Lou Woite H. Webber W. R. Willcox H. G. Williams L. D. Wright B. C. Wylie K. L. Zerschling Top row, left to right: Hayward, Thoman, Beveman, Downing, Mohler, Kenney, Condon, Sparks, Jones, Robb, Baxter, Dungan. Sixth row: Orcutt, Mcintosh, Rcrthbum, Carlson, Thorpe, Frischer, Noble, Brunton, Feddersen, Burns, Ross. Filth row: Mosquera, Punshon, Anderson, Staten, Freziers, Franke, Virtue, Raeder, Sivers, Menoher. Fourth row: Brown, Novak, Qemme, Parker, Robinson, Longcor, Dunfield, Giroux, Andersen, Shipley, Dean Eckel. Third row: Zerchling, Houghton, Pierce, Dieter, Hamilton, Charles, Dearth, Deiter, Mortensen, Rautenstraus, Timmer. Second row; Webber, Thomas, Pepper, McMahon, Dever, Collier, Goody, Shapiro, Varian, Sloan, Dawson. Front row: Conrado, Volkmer, Murphy, Gassman, Reilly, Dunn, Sargent, Parker, Strain, Hueftle, Johnson. 223 ameriean society of mechanical engineers officers President Kenneth E. Marquond Vice-President Frank D. Squier Secretary Betty Beck Treasurer Richard E. Johnston faculty fm ' i W. S. Beattie K. D. Wood ■k ' W. F. Mallory B. H. Spurlock F. S. Bauer Hfe ' -i student members ■■■■ ■Sca « Wilburn F. Albers Howard Crow Edward Harris Elmer Lattimer Roderick Potter Tom Stalnaker Richard L. Alford Ralph Dagenais Charles Harvey Ross Loomis Leonard Prater George Stevens Charles E. Anderson, Jr. Dean O. DeLong Stephen L. Hennrich Eugene W. Lott John E. Prechtel Robert Stratton Victor L. Angell Lester Dahnes L. D. Hinkley Bert Maich William Raedels James Studebaker Robert W. Amett John V. Duncan Gordon Hoffman Jack T. Martin Francis Raglin Qifford Suer Wilham G. Ballenger Glen M. Dunham Edward P. Honnen Joseph Matson, Jr. Chester S. Rawson William Sullivan Wesley L. Barker H. H. Eastin Wilbur S. Hoppe Howard McAferty Kenneth P. Rice Thomas Taylor Philip Barnes Robert Eckel Raymond G. Homer, Jr. Robert McKinnell Marlett C. Robbins William Taylor Otto Bartoe, Jr. James D. Elliot Edward N. Howard William Morehouse Raymond Rohlfing Vernon Timra John C. Bauguss, Jr. Glenwood Ewald Robert Hurley Marvin Morrison Lloyd Rose John P. Thomas Lyle Beattie Stanley Ewing Nathan Hurt Ludwig Motulsky Carl Rusk Raymond N. Tomlin Betty Beck Charles O. Fleming John Hussa Robert J. Naegele, Jr. Charles W. Russell Hans Topik Niels Beck Bernard Frisch Clair H. Iverson Harvey Nay Norman Rutherford Robert P. Torbet Frank Day Gerald Hartrigsen William Jcnin Harry W. Need Francis Sando John J. Tyler William A. Blakey Fred Gades, Jr. Richard E. Johnston John R. Newell Gary Sarlo John W. Van Camp John R. Brown Neil Gathright William A. Jude Harold Newhouse Darwin Schmitt Richard L. Vaughan Everett R. Butler Donald Gerlach Hung-Yeh Kao Daniel Nobles Jo Schwalbe Leonard Vogel Frank A. Campbell Edmond Glen Robert Katz Qifton P. Ohman Milton Sirola J. Otis Walker Carl D. Carden J. L. Graham Loyal Wallace King James T. Oliver Nevin Slawson Jack C. Watkins William A. Carver Eugene Grieshaber Allen Kintigh Eldon E. O ' Neal James P. Sorensen Lyman Weaver D. F. Carey, Jr. John S. Griffith Alfred Kuhnel Donald W. Orendorff John A. Speeds Edward Wilkey Ben Castellucci Donald L. Grisham Dennison Lanza Kenneth S. Palmer Caesar D. Seitouni Paul Williams John R. Chassell Kenneth Gruber Leonard Kottenstette James R. Young William Crane Howard A. Willis Jack M. Qine Robert Grunwald Robert Yant L. R. Patterson Frank Squier David Woodward Peter Cohn James F. Hagen Fred Lahmet David Philp Edward Stadler Takashi Yamashita Stanley, Colson Clayton Hahn Top row, left to riqhl: Jude, Blakey, King, Squier, Woodwood, Drendorff, Taylor, Patterson. Fifth row: Barker, Hussa, Dunham, Hagen, Young, Cohn, Prechtel, Carey, Newell. Fourth row: Hinkley, Smith, Robbins, Rogers, Crowe, Hartvigson, Gades, Stevens, Walker. Third row: Sorenson, Sirola, Sarlo, Matson, Grunwald, Griffith, Beattie, Willis, Lanza. Second row: Carver, Homer, Dahnes, Raglin, Iverson, Morehouse, Hurt, Rusk. Front row: Day, VanCamp, Vogel, John, Mr. Spurlock, Beck, Marquond, Eckel, Johnston, Seitouni. 224 beta si ma women ' s business honorary officers President Hazel Ohler Vice-President Dorothy Beemon Recording Secretary Jacqueline Stine Corresponding Secretary Kothryn Jean Treasurer Mamie Chase Sponsors: Miss Joy LaRue, Miss Helen Borland, and Mrs. Elmore Petersen. members Carol Bentson Norma Lee Burlingame Hazel Ohler Helen Neisler Mary Alice Bunting Kathaleen Yelonek Dorothy Reed Maxine Wancura Lois Mae Bennett Mary Kathryn Jean Mamie Chase Dorothy Beeman Mary Kohn Vauncille Braddy Mariko Suzuki Arlene Hinds Eloise ShuU Suzie Wetmore Ann Alt Mary Kay Van Horn Elaine Leroy Caryl Bivans Persis Emmett Jacqueline Stine Nancy Lee Gerry Thompson Pot Blakely Jean Donley uh 1 it X 1 ' " " ■ - m I K. Btt ' " K flH m j ' ■_ hk i 1 fKm KJ y ■ tJ V A Top row, left to right: Donley, Yelonek, Bivans, Bunting, Lee, Wetmore, Bennett, Emmett, Reed, Blakely. Second row: Burlingame, Stine, Jean, Chase, Ohler, Beeman, ShuU. Front row: Wancura, Hinds, Suzuki. buffalo ski club 225 officers President John P. Wood Vice-President Tom Lyon Secretary Irene Smyth Treasurer Ada Durrance Pubhcity Chairman Elwood Miller Social Chairman Billie Boyle Racing Manager Jim Lang Transportation Howard Segal, Harold David Historian Ilah Ball Front row. left to right: M. Cavender, Bjork, Bergeson, Kendall, Peters, Miller, Martin, Hauth, Lyon. Second row: Simmons, W. Cavender, Walker, Boyle, Goodwin, Talpers, Ainbinder, Sabin, Stobie, Henderson, Segal, Storer. Third row: Weil, Herbey, Stahl, Benton, Brummer, Barbour, O ' Donnell, Strauss, Edwards, Miller, Harbin, Bayer, Johns, Reich. Top row: Chandler, Marshall, Rowe, Marshall, Revnolds, Jones, Beatty, Motulsky, Giberson. Collier. Gunderson. 226 California club officers President Vernon Herried Secretary Barbara Jean Johnson Treasurer Sally Corbit members George Carrington Bob Carrington Jean Crosier Joan Cummings Lewis Baldwin Jean Billingsley Phyllis Johnson Harry McBeth Jack Hull Don Sperry Peggy Garlinghouse Joyce Spick Jane Johnson Cynthia Temple Rosemary Hellas Marian Siebert Esther Williams Mary Linendoll Don Newmark Marilyn Hart Hugh McDonald Bill Martini Mary Goedde Gertrude Dohner Phyllis Bundy Front row, left to right: Roe, Corbit, Herried, Reeves, Hart, Newmark. Second row: LlnendoU, Doyle, Fleming, McDonald, Martini, Hull, Cummings. Top row: Goedde, Billingsley, Dohner, Garlinghouse, Johnson, Bundy, Williams, Siebert, Crosier. 227 canterbury club episcopal young people officers President Walter Wheeler Vice-President Ellen Jean Nash Secretary Ann Coblentz Treasurer Shirley Burtt Sponsors: Father H. M. Walters, Miss Henry Etta Reynolds, Miss Margaret S. Poley. members Dorothy Doll Virginia Glazer Mildred Ling Claire Seaber Mary Louise Morris Marie DeBeque Dolores Walker Ann Coblentz Ellen Jean Nash Marianne Loyton Jane Snyder Hugh MacDonald Bonnie Forsberg Beverly Sommers John Morris Joan McKaughan Shirley Burtt Dode Winslow Mary Goedde Lois Bennett Gorman Tidball Hank Blickhahn Lyman Blackwell Gardner Rogers Ed Collins John Magee Maxine Standifei Phil Lawrence Walter Wheeler Sid White Bill Grigsby Don Green Front row, left to right: Doll, Glazer, Ling, Seaber, Miss Reynolds, Miss Poley, Morris, DeBeque, Walker, Nash, Layton, Snyder. Second row: MacDonald, Forsberg, -Sommers, Morris, McKaughan, Coblentz, Burtt, Winslow, Goedde, Bennett, Tidball. Top row: Blickhahn, Blackwell, Rogers, Collins, Magee, Standifer, Lawrence Wheeler, White, Grigsby, Green, Father Walters. 228 ehi epsilon civil engineering honorary officers Don Volkmer President Jack Burns Vice-President T. C. Johnson Secretctry Robert Shapiro Treasurer faculty members Warren Raeder John Dawson Roderick Downing Wade Menoher William Thoman Claude Klemme Arthur McNair E. Thomas Punshon Leo Novak C. L. Eckel Robert Rathburn members Ewalt P. Anderson Thaddeus C. Johnson Timmye E. Berg Charles McMahon Milton Bromberg Julius Otsuki Jack Burns Roland C. Rautenstraus Charles Conrado Robert J. Shapiro Robert Doak Donald Smith Donald Houghton John J. Timmer Max W. Hueftle Leo Donald Volkmer pledges DeVon Carlson Louis Wright Edith Vorian Keith Zerschling Ralph Virtue William Staten Wendell Sivers Wesley Thomas Dalbert Parker Keith Dearth Harry Weber Walter Gassman Front row, left to right: Burns, Downing, Volkmer, Eckel, Raeder, Johnson, Shapiro. Second row: Conrado, McMahon, Anderson, Klemme, Varian, Timmer, Gassman, Dearth. Third row: Zerschling, Parker, Houghton, Thomas, Dawson, Hueftle, Virtue. Top row: Novak, Punshon, Sivers, Rathburn, Thomas, Weber, Menoher, Staten, Rautenstraus, Carlson. cosmopolitan club 229 officers President C. K. Chien Vice-President Richard Shaver Corresponding Secretary Clarence Williams Recording Secretary Caesar Oliver Treasurer Jane Chalmers Sponsors: George Dobbins, Joseph Stepcmek, Ed- ward Rose. faculty members Earl Swisher Miss Mabel Van Duzee John W. Marr O. C. Steward Reinhard Bendix Fritz Hoffman Miss Lydia Brown E. A. Moore student members Rosa Abella Guillermo Ahumada Kepoikai Aluli Louise Bartholomew Edith Beckman Helen Becker Lavere Belstrom Clinton Blauer Erik Bonde June Boydston Dorothy Brose David Bolen George Beck Howard Carey David Carrick Orlando Celentano June Crail James Carter Roy Denham Quintin Doromal Costella Ellington Kenneth Firebough Jeraldine Foley Maureen Greer Richard Griffith Jean Grace Thomas Hazell Minnie Hidaka Patrick Hirami C. C. Hsiao Lien Tsao Hsieh Mildred Hybiak Richard Hull Fuad Huwaidi William Holbert Phyllis Handelsman Dorothy Huyano Donald Irish Ted Inouye Elaine Jones Marion Johnson Louise Kagay Roy Kepler Alfred Koppel Tom Kido Quentin Krantz Sai Kosuge Dallas Landrum Neil Leyton Joseph McKill Edward Malin Joanne McKelvy Ariel Medrono Lou Matulsky Dale Migaki Mike Morales William Nye Mary O ' Donnell Edith O ' Rourke Jack Randle Phyllis Roos Anthony Ray Harriet Reed Thomas Stover George Scott Richard Simmons Dorothy Seaman Marjorie Shumate Lois Stapf Kiyo Suyematsu Marjorie Taylor Elena Torres Anne Tarcher Virginia Tyler Harry Unfug Charles Varney Corliss White Madeline Wigely Good Wong K. K. Woo W. G. Waldeck Jeanne Weil Pei Tsu Wang Charles Wessells Front row, left to riqht: Ying, Woo, Celentano, Hayashi, Belstrom, Doromal, Koppel, Johnson. Second row: Abella, Denham, Carrick, Greer, Chien, Stepanek, Dobbins, Dobbins, Oliver, Chalmers, Shaver. Third row: Alexander, Kido, Landrum, Livingston, Taylor, Holbert, Irish, Caldwell, Hybiak, Link, Wilson, Torres, Unfug, Simmons. Top row: Hazell, Smith, Varney, Huwaidi, l!olbert, Muckley, Medrano, Veletsos, McFatridge, Venditti, Irish, Scott, Ahumada. 230 delta phi alpha German honorary officers President lia Tormas Vice-President Jessie Honey Secretary-Treasurer Eileen Davis Social Choirmon Betty Kissler Member-ot-large Erik Bonde Sponsors: Mrs. Therese Westermeier, Mr. George Scherer. John Boe Erik Bonde Orlando Celentono George Chase Eileen Davis Louella Eddy members Jessie Haney Anne Hylan Nancy King Betty Kissler John Loeffler Marcia McWilliams Barbara Mobee Helen Noisier Ann Peschke Norma Roberts Marjorie Scott lia Tarmas Front row, leit to right: Eddy, Kissler, Scott. Second row: Bonde, Davis, Scherer, Haney, Tarmas, Loose. Top row: Celentano, Roberts, King, Bainer, Hylan, Mabee, Orris. 231 delta phi delta national art honorary officers President Marie Self Vice-President Richard Boyt Treasurer Ruth Hagan Recording Secretary Elizabeth Whetsel Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Forsberg Historian Publicity Lawrence Kundis Alumni Qiairman Clara Straight Social Chairman Jean Look actives Marie Self Richard Boyt Elizabeth Whetsel Bonnie Forsberg Lawrence Kundis Qara Straight Jean Look Connie Fo x Rosemary Todd Rosemary Russell Look Pat St. Clair Sponsor: Miss Ann Jones faculty members Francis Geek National Treasurer Muriel Wolle Regional Director F. C. Trucksess Eleanor Lindstrom James Boyle Qara Straight Elliott Evans Top row: Look, Boyt, Wolf, R. Look. Second row: Whetsel, St. Qair, Forsberg, Self. Front row, left to right: Straight, Hogan, Miss Jones, sponsor; Fox. 232 delta si ma pi men ' s business honorary officers Headmaster Fred Zahrn Senior Warden John Dickinson Junior Warden Richard C. Barbour Secretary John T. Morrow Treasurer Lee Robbins Historian LeRoy Foss members Richard Barbour Qayton Bell Bob Bigelow William Breuner Don Brotzman Bob Byerly Bill Carroll Lee Chance Robert Clapper Bill Cook Ted Chrysler Bill Cobb Dave Dennis John Dickinson Peter Dye Jack Egan Warren Foote LeRoy Foss Chauncey Frisbie Malcolm Gilchrist Vernon Greene John Hansen Bill Heapes Rowland Hetrick Bruce Holmes Fred Hough Walt Koelbel Charles Logan Kohler Mclnnis Bruce McBride Ernest Mauro John Morrow Dick Pace Lee Pasley Dan Peterson Rupert Peterson Norman Petrocind Leonard Poth Lee Robbins Jack Routson John Schoolland Dean Schroeder Ralph Shipp Wendell Wesley Jim Wheeler Don Winters Fred Zohrn Front row, left to right: Lee Robbins, LeRoy Foss, John Dickinson, Fred Zahrn, Richard Barbour, John Morrow, Richard Pace. Top row: Norman Petrocine, Dean Schroeder, Charles Logan, William Breuner, Robert Clapper, Kenneth Foote, Harry Steffen, William Cook, Bruce McBride, Malcolm Gilchrist, Bruce Holmes. 233 delta si ma rho debate honorary officers President Marshall Quiat Secretary Nathan Baum Sponsor Thorrel B. Fest student members Nathan Baum Loretta Wirick Don Collins Harriet Smethills Marshall Quiat Stondiag, left to right: Baum, Collins, Quiat. Sitting: Wirick, Fest, Anderson. Smethills. 234 equestrian club sec Eunice Akin Betty Beck Bob Block Pert Boeck Jay Boyer Mary Lou Bradford Stacy Burke DeVon Carlson Nancy Carroll D. D. Coleman Jeanne Coughanour Delores Colbum Lynn Dahl officers President Janet McSween Vice-President Lou Pell Secretary Patty Temple Treasurer Jeanne Coughanour Reporter Cynthia Delong Sponsor Bob Rathburn members Elizabeth Davis Flip Kresge Martha Davis Janet McSween. Cynthia Delong Leigh Marr Ruth Feinberg Mike Morales June Fisher Pat Moncure Ray Frey Virginia Nelson Rich Hammerstrom Iva Newkirk Bud Hampton Jo Olson Jo Hoffman Wanda Pauling Ruth Hutchinson Frances Paulsen Bob Irwin Frances Pearlman Marietta Kelso Lou Pell Barbara Kopp Rosie Philpy Al Ouant Gloria Schabes Carl Schiele Norma Simonds Dana Smith Myrna Sterns Patty Temple Pistol Ward Jackie Williams Phil Watkins 23S eta kappa nu electrieal engineering honorary officers President Robert Mathias Vice-President Orvil Jones Treasurer Julictn Hayden Corresponding Secretctry ..; Phil Kocontes Recording Secretary David Clark Bridge Correspondent Francis Spindler faculty Prof. W. C. DuVall Prof. F. A. Eastom Prof. C. M. McCormick Prof. H. B. Palmer Prof. P. G. Wicks Prof. LeRoy Holubar members J. G. Warlick Neil Leyton Ronnie Snyder George Gleghom Howard Guerber George Pillmore Julian Hayden Orvil Jones S. E. Stephenson William Lundy Robert Barrell Dick Matthews Robert Mathias Phil Kocontes Roger Klingler Earl Narum Arnold Cook David Clark Front row, left to right: Roberts, Jones, Spindler, Kocontes, Clark. Second row: C. K. Chien, Kastner, Roelofs, Eikner, Pillmore, Barrell. Third tirvr: Garbarino, Narum, Warlick, Kaylor, Fleming. Top row: Gleghom, Evans, Guerber, Schaefer, Snyder, Boyd. 236 ethnic minorities commission officers Chairman Val DeLissovoy Vice Chairman Marian Isaacs Corresponding Secretary Elaine Jones Recording Secretary Norma Jean Thomas Treasurer Richard Hull A.S.U.C Robert Carr Robert Phillipson Rosa Abella Ray L. Brock, Jr. Robert Carr James D. Carter John H. Giele William Gladstone William Grigs Stanley Hellerstein Jean Hawkins Richard J. Hull Phyllis Handelsman Marian Isaacs members Elaine Jones Edward C. King Sonja Koehler Val de Lissovoy Benjamin Lucero Peter Nussbaum Jerry Park Jane Woodhouse Pijoan Elsee Roland Bernard Shapson John Smothers David Solomon Frank Ste wart Earl Swisher Norma Jean Thomas Kiyo Suyemcrtsu W. L. Turner W. G. Waldeck Clarence Williams Gordon C. Smith Marion Johnson Marjorie Taylor William J. Smith Harry McClintock Natalie Wilson Pat Hirami Top row, leit to right: Hellerstein, Nussbaum, Taylor, Smith, Rice, Phillipson, Shapson. Second row: Carr, Hull, Thomas, DeLissovoy, Jones, Swisher, King, Stewart. On floor: Turner, Hirami, Solomon. 237 fencing club officers President John H. Giele Vice-President Bruce Snow- Secretary Jack Foster Faculty Advisor F. C. Trucksess active members John Giele Bruce Snow- Jack Foster Ann Livesay Joseph Sharp Peter Dye William Hardy Frances Ownbey William Bender Ed Sucher James Knap John Hoskins Frances Berry Cliff Cosey F. C. Trucksess J. D. A. Ogilvy Tom Sanders Maurice Brull Mack Kibbey provisional members W. R. Van Nattan Roger Walker William Carrol Sheldon Zweig David Baker Pat Payne Helen Carlson Jacqueline Barnholtz Meredith Thompson Ruth Rice Polly Doolen Ann Rodeck Kay Keating Noel Cran Opal Robinson Nana Zdykicki Frances Sessions Mary Hill E. B. Andrews Lea Parkison Ed Anderson Dwight Butson Front row, left to right: Professor Trucksess, Sno-w, Giele, Foster. Second row: Sharp, Sanders, BruU, Hoskins, Dye. Top row: Butson, Kibbe-y, Knap, Sucher, Hardy. 238 amma delta association of lutheran students officers President Bob Miller Vice-President Arden Larson Secretary Jean Scheele Treasurer Qarke Lehl Christian Knowledge Nita Gold Christian Service Delores Heerman Social Director Peggy MoUman members Glover Blinde Lawrence C. Bogott Robert C. Brandt Homer Eggers Edmond Glen Juanita Gold Lawrence Gohr Delores Heermann Mildred Island Jim Keoy Arden Larson Lawrence Lehl Marge Mandel Lillian Martin Leanard A. Mues Frank Middledorf Bob V. Miller Peggy Mollman Lou Nestler Betty Peterson Ray Ramer Louise Renoux Kenneth Rothschopf Theodore Schabacker Jean Scheele Perk Schmelzer Peggy Sigler Raymond Stiggle Warren E.Stults Delores Stutheit Art Volk Front row, left to right: Larson, Stutheit, Gold, Rev. Schabacker, Scheele, Mollman, Gohr. Second row: Island, Renoux, Blinde, Mandel, Sigler, Rothschopf. Top row; Nestler, Bogott, Mues, Ramer, Brandt, Stults, Eggers, Volk. hiking club 239 officers President Gene Grauberger Vice President Billee Boyle Manager Rene Dufour Treasurer Francis Juskiewicz Assistant Manager Elwood Miller Secretory Doris Shaw Sponsors: A. J. McNair, G. S. Dobbins, H. M. Walters Charles Acker Bill Barber Bob Barnes Ivan Baxter Helen Baxter Shirley Bell Bob Betterley Oliva Bishop Billee Boyle Sue Conlon Dee Dice George Dobbins Rene Dufour Eloise Erickson Phillis Fonda Eve Funk May Goodrich members Charles Goodrich Eugene Grauberger Ellen Gray Don Gregg Worth Gurley Elaine Herrick Joyce Holier Lois Horan Wade Hunsinger Dave Johnston Francis Juskiewicz Janet Juskiewicz Sy Kalish Irmadean Lampman Helen Leonard Dick Lyttle Rachel Maddox Elwood Miller Donna Moynahan Mary Morgan Pot Patterson Anne Pepper Bob Pepper Bill Pepper Beverly Phipps Betty Ronolet Doris Show Jo Schwalbe Bruce Schwartz Jerry Turner Toby Turner David Waddington John Williams 240 home economics club officers President Sally Cook Vice-President Dorothy Hoyano Secretary Jeanette Ladd Treasurer Virginia Wedeberg Advisor .• Miss Florence Bedell Ruth Applequist Celia Bell Betty Brady Barbara Bullis Sally Cook Barbara Friedel Esther Gritzfeld Kay Hannifin Doris Henderson JoAnn Hoffman Noreen James Charlie Marie Jones members Bonnie Kirkberg Patricia Knudsen Jeanette Ladd Fae Larson Dorothy LaSalle Mildred Lewis Dorothy Love Charlotte Lovejoy Gladyce Magnuson Erma McDougal Mary Mclnnes Mary Helen Mill Peggy Mitter Janice Muenter Amy Nakcrmura Mary Ann O ' Rourke Jo Anne Palmer Phyllis Palmer Betty Peterson Barbara Rennieke Beny Jo Rose Shirley Rymill Mary Ann Shipp Jacqueline Snook Helen Stobie Morjorie Taylor Norma Jean Thomas Ann Tilton Ruth Townsend Barbara Ward Mary Jane Wellman Virginia Wedeberg Betty Weirather Jean Willcox Helen Kelsall Wilson Dorothy Hayano Front row, left to right: Nakagawa, Thomas, Burruss, Lewis, Knudsen, Bell, Sommers. Second row. Cook, Wedeberg, Brehm, Blair, Ladd, Hayano. Third row: Rymill, Lane, Street, Friedel, Lovejoy, Mclnnes, Hoffman, Stobie, Tilton. Top row: Gritzfeld, Weirather, Earson, Shipp, Palmer, James, Wilson, Jones. iota si ma pi women ' s chemistry honorary 241 officers President Helen McAferty Vice-President June McCabe Corresponding Secretary Shirley Dinner Recording Secretary Shirley Riggenbach Treasurer Muriel Wilson Adviser Miss Ida L. Swayne members Olivia Bishop Betty McKeever Jane Moore Britton Hester Purdy McNalty Wilma Brown Jane Southward Mary Googe Mitsuko Teraski Margaret Hall Helen McAferty Elaine Herrick June McCabe Marian Isaacs Shirley Dinner Margaret Kershaw Shirley Riggenbach March Durea Marlow Muriel Wilson Top row, left-to right: Hall, Googe, Marlow, Wilson, Southward, Herrick. Front row: Britton, Riggenback; ' McAferty, Dinner, Isaacs. 242 kappa delta pi education honorary officers President David Underwood Vice-President Kcrthryn Hoffman Secretary Alma B. Thiese Treasurer Frank E. Day- Faculty Sponsor Marie Mehl Historian Reporter Minnie Beruefly members Marjorie Baron Vauncille Braddy Mary Britton James Buchanan Barbara Burns Mary Cooper Dr. A. C. Cross Charles E. Davis Mrs. Florence Dodge Dr. Harl Douglas Dr. W. D. Dyde Dorothy Ehrenkrook Mrs. Hazel Fehlmann Jessie Fitzpotrick May Goodrich Calvin Grieder Bertha Handlan Jessamine Haney Hazel Hoynie Clifford Hill George Jones Irene Kissock Shirley Levoe Dr. Guy McGrath Miss Ethel Mellow Maude Morgan Helen Nelson Marion Park Margaret Foley Isabelle Pratt Blanche Ricketts Elizabeth Ricketts Mrs. J. B. Schooland Dr. J. B. Schooland J. H. Schriber Susan Scheib Mrs. Robert L. Stearns Pres. Robert L. Steams Dorothy Doris Stond Aliene Hardy Squire Mrs. C. M. Wore Kcrthryn Wahlstram Vladimir de Lissovoy 243 kappa kappa psi band honorary officers Bemie Quick President Kenneth Johnson Vice-President John Kilzer Secretcny Bud Haenselman Treasurer members Atwood, John Murphy, Jack Bashford, Bemie Peterson, Paul Bashford, Earl Quick, Bemie Haenselman, Bud Ray, Tony Johnson, Kenneth Snyder, Ronald Johnson, Philip Truitt, Art Kilzer, John Walker, Tommy Lee, Ira Woodward, George pledges Collins, Ed Miller, Mason Fleming, Charles Schoolland, John Front row, left to riqhh Snyder, Collins, Quick, Haenselman, Johnson, Murphy, Miller, Atwood. Top row: McMillan, Woodward, Lee, Truitt, Peterson, B. Bashford, E. Bashford, Ray, Kilzer, Spicer. 244 music school board students of the college of music music school board President Charles Neale Vice-President Anne McDaniel Secretary Tony Ray Treasurer Gordon Miller Faculty Sponsor Lawrence Hart bocurd members Earl Bashford Ruth Hayashi Patsy Bennett At the piano: McDaniel. Behind the piano: Miller, Bashford, Ray, Neale, Professor Hart, Hayashi, Bennett. newman club catholic youth 245 officers President Charles Daigneault Vice-President Susan Conlon Secretary Delores Busch Treasurer Robert Moore Sergeant-at-arms Frank Novak Public Relations Committee Elizabeth Brady Social Committee Pete Sterling Membership Committee Marie Benson Intramural Athletics Committee: Lee Robbins and Russell Walseth Chaplain Father Charles Forsythe, O.S.B. members Bob Moore Frank Novak Delores Busch Mary Ann O ' Rourke Susan Conlon Chuck Daigneault Leo Bonacci Jack Hughes Thomas Dwyer Carrie Anderson Beverly Starika Mike Kain Mary Lou Blewett James Harvey Jean Fiolkoski John Pasic Eleanor Tail Andrew Dubois Marie Benson Dave McGee Vi DeLuca Pauline Girratano Jo Babick Margaret Hlerhoff Clem Williamson Marian Doylinski Mary Garchar Luann Denning Bill Jann Marion Vogel Jay Bower Lois Stark Eugene Ouaglia Doug White Betty Brady Frank Spindler Candida Nichelena Cecil Wingate Angela Gesar Tom Mathews Danny Koss F. S. Resen Eugenia Kennedy Joe Betthauser Margie Worsley Al Bessol John Popovich John Silengo Loreen James Ed Parker Elaine Coyne W. Rooney Dot Brophy Andrew Ondish Adelle Caffarel Fran Davidson Luella O ' Neill Al Lavigne Irene Pacquette Lewis Gieron Rosita Abella Bill Pachak Johanna Welschmeyer Ben Castellucci Pete Sterling Phyllis Silvio Charles Mauro John Drendel Mary Ellen Small Lloyd Sugaski Norman Kreuder Mary Lou Mellecker Raymond Austing Norman Mellecker Elena Forres Nona Zdybicki Anne Grube Bill Carroll Bette Barb Al Granger Nancy Wolenta Bob Churidis Roy Jorgenson Holly Ruth John Saya Front row. leit to right: Moore, Novak, Busch, O ' Rourke, Father Forsythe, Conlon, Daigneault, Bonacci, Hughes. Second row: Dwyer, Anderson, Starika, Kain, Blewett, Harvey, Fiolkoski, Pasic, Tait, Dubois, Benson, McGee. Third row: DeLuca, Giarratano, Babick, EUerhoff, Williamson, Doylinski, Garchar, Denning, Jann, Vogel, Bower, Stark, Ouaglia. Fourth row: White, Brady, Spindler, Nichelena, Wingate, Gesar, Mathews, Koss, Resen, Kennedy, Betthauser, Worsley, Bessol. Fiith row: Popovich, Silengo, James, Parker, Coyne, Rooney, Lavigne, Paquette, Gieron, Abella, Pachak, Welschmeyer, Castellucci, Sterling. Sixth row: Silvio, Mauro, Drendel, Small, Sugaski, Kreuder, Mellecker, Austing, Mellecker, Forres, Zdybicki, Grube. Top row: Carroll, Barb, Granger, Walentc, Churidis, Jorgenson, Ruth, Saya, Ondish, Caffarel, Davidson, O ' Neill, Brophy. 246 orchesis modern dance honorary officers President Gloria Castle Secretary-Treasurer Jayne Poor members Janyce Aaron Marilyn Moore Shiela Dryden Bateman Margaret Nast Helen Baxter Jayne Poor Alice Bennetts Barbara Price Collier Brown Ruth Schwilke Gloria Castle Helen Van Decor Marjorie Chcmak Carol Wenzel Yvonne Goodier Shelby Whitson Marion Kendall Allen Wilcox Betty McKeever associate members Frances Bascom Eunice Veazie Mary Martin Sponsor Charlotte York Irey Left to liqhU Brown, Poor, Chanak. 247 phi chi delta national presbyterian women officers President Mary Ad Brown Vice-President Caryl Bivans Secretary Marian Flatt Treasurer Margaret Zimpfer Chaplain Shirley Rymill Guard 1 Good Quey Wong Historian Jo Anne Palmer Service Chairman Julia Nakagawa Keeper of the Tithe Elizabeth Spence Sponsor Mrs. Frank R. Mouer Patroness Mrs. Penny Biles members Patsy Bates Anabel Biggs Caryl Bivans Mary Ad Brown Miriam Brown Ruth Carlson Rose Booton Jean Donlcry Marian Flatt Marjorie Jones Marjorie King Helen Leonard Helen Nakagawa Julia Nakagawa Jo Anne Palmer Shirley Rymill Elizabeth Spence Good Quey Wong Margaret Zimpfer Ilah Ball Virginia Wedeberg Roberta Beach Vauncille Braddy Dortha Munson Janice Sheppard Shirley Bell Joan Trego Naomi Schowalter Rachel Doughty Doroth Ehrenkrook Helen Alexander Susan Bane Donna Warner Patience Benway Eunice Sanders June Battles Dorothy Carpenter Helen Griffith Marilyn Zeigler Jo Ann Mann Dorothy Souser Front row, left to riqht: J. Nakagawa, Bane, Sheppard, Munson, Palmer, Wong, Trego, Bell, Booton, H. Nakagawa, Zimpfer. Second row: Carpenter, Souser, Beach, Spence, Ball, Brown, Carlson, Biles, Tanner, Bivans, Ehrenkrook. Top row: Warner, Doughty, Leonard, Flatt, King, Sanders, Wedeberg, Benway, Braddy, Mouer, Griffith, Alexander, Battles, Showalter. Bates Rymill Mann. 248 phi si ma iota honorary romance lan ua es officers President Xenia Stanley- Vice-President Betty Jean Sommer Secretary-Treasurer Marjorie Scott faculty Dr. Ralph E. Warner Sponsor Dr. Roy A. Cox Miss Wolcott Dr. Cuthbertson Mr. Redick Dr. Faye Mr. Cortes Pauline Marshall Ann Wuest members Bishop, Olivia Coursen, Natalie Dodge, Esther Field, Martha Fitz, Patricia Hardy, Jane Jones, Marjorie Lowson, Jane E. Mc Williams, Marcia Rich, Mary Sue Scott, Marjorie Sethmon, Mary Smith, Carolyn Sommer, Betty Jean Stanley, Xenia Wenzel, Carol Front row, left to right: Wenzel, Filz, Rich. Second row: Sethman, Sommer, Stanley, Scott, Jones. Top row: Coursen, Cortes, Redick, Warner, Dodge, Field. 249 physieal education majors officers June Holcombe President Margaret Nast Vice-President Susan Scheib Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Britton Song Leader Mrs. Frances Bascom Sponsor class representatives Martha Davis Senior Class Lucy Smith Junior Class Jane Walther Sophomore Class Jean Kubick Freshman Class members Andrew, Barbara Barbiero, Audrey Bealer, Ruth Ann Britton, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Ann Buzalsky, Eleanor Caffarel, Adelle Calabrese, Lorraine Classen, Barbara Collins, Qaire Cramer, Pauline Crosier, Frances Jean Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Martha Dennis, Colleen Eccker, Kathryn Faden, Charline Feinberg, Ruth Ann Gallagher, Donnis Gasser, Suzanne Holcombe, June Horn, Barbara Klecker, Shirley Kraft, Katherine Kubik, Jean Maize, Norine Mickle, Bettie Nast, Margaret Paquette, Irene Perlman, Frances Ramsey, Ann Marie Reese, Martha Reeves, Joyce Reichert, Rose Ann Scheib, Susan Sells, Janet Smith, Lucy Taylor, Virginia Walther, Jane Wears, Marie Wilson, Lydia Front row, leit to right: L. Davis, M. Davis, Holcombe, Collins, Gasser, Chase, Paquette, Britton, Buzalsky, Brown. Second row: Classen, Reichert, Walther, Reese, Maize, Feinberg, Smith, Mrs. Bascom. Third row: Reeves, Wears, Crosier, Caffarel, Ramsey, Myers, Klecker. Fourth row: Bealer, Faden, Crapier, Kubik, Eccker, Gallagher, Barbiero. Top row: Nast. Calabrese. Dennis, Taylor, Scheib, Sells, Woodring. 250 pi amma mu social science honorary officers President Donald Irish Secretary Elaine Jones Treasurer Max Guber Nicholas Beadles Wilbur Billington John Craven Marian Crockett Ralph Dakin Vladimir De Lissovoy Ernest Eaton Helen Farstrup Paul Fowler Charles Friday Barbara Fullerton James Genoff Roger Gray Max Guber Gordon H. Bark er F. D. Bramhall Earl C. Crockett James E. Dugan Morris E. Garnsey members Mary Jean Gunnarson Melvin Hendrickson Wade Huntzinger Donald Irish Beulah Johnson Elaine E. Jones James Kecry Wynn Kinsley Homer Kuethe Arther Macy Fred March William Miemyk Natalie Jean Nash faculty members Howard H. Higman Henry Hottmann Carl W. McGuire Qoy P. Malick Edward L. Rose Mabel E. Parker Judson Pearson John Perryman Marshall Quiat Corelton Reed Frank Scholfield Daniel Sloan Dallas Stephens Charlotte Stevenson John Trevithick Vineta Walker Maurice Weisberg Charles Woodhouse H. H. Wubbin Omer C. Stewart Jacob Van Ek George Zinke Movnard A. Peck Top row, left to right: H. Kuethe, M. Hendrickson, C. Friday, M. Quiat, Vv " . Miemyk, F. March, J. Keay, E. Eaton, D. Stephens. Second row: J. Pearson, H. H. Wubbin, J. Trevithick, J. Perryman, M. P arker, J. Craven, W. Huntzinger, D. Sloan, R. Gray. Third row: M. Guber, R. Dakin, W. Billington, J. Genoff, Mr. Hov ord, H. Higman, Sponsor, D. Irish, F. Scholfield. Front row: E. Jones, N. J. Nash, B. Jchnson, M. Crockett, H. Farstrup. 251 pi mu epsilon mathematics honorary officers President Walter W. Varner Secretary-Treasurer Bowman C. Collins members Edward Bemis Bowman C. Collins Charles A. Hutchinson, Jr. Rollin K. McCombs Millard Perstein Walter W. Varner faculty members Dean Jacob Van Ek Dean C. L. Eckel Dean H. S. Evans (emeritus) Aubrey J. Kempner Charles A. Hutchinson, Sr. J. R. Britton (Faculty advisor) Claribel Kendall Walter K. Nelson Clifton Snively Frances P. Stibic Ernest P. Tovani G. Culpepper A. B. Famell Harlan Bertram pledges B. R. Anderson James F. Hagen Harry C. Hoyt Paul F. Hultquist Donald B. Gregg Ralph W. Merritt Tom Kido K. K. Koylor Don E. Eikner C. E. Johnson, Jr. Raymond N. Tomlin Marshall J. Field R. F. Groesbeck M. R. Oldaker Robert Katz Joseph S. Epstein Bernard J. Alberts W. R. Martini G. G. Lombertson Joyce Robinson E. G. Sprague Gloria Schabes Shirley Bell P. L. Jackson M. G. Mueller Ed Dorrington Mary Linendoll Front row, left to right: Martini, Groesbeck, Tomlin, Varner, Alberts, Anderson, Oldaker. Second row: Johnson, Mueller, Love, Schabes, Linendoll, Dorrington, Merritt, Lambertson, Katz, Hagen, Field. Top row: lackson. Bell, Robinson, Eikner, Kido, Epstein, Sprague, Kaylor. 252 pi tau si ma mechanical engineering honorary officers President D. W. Schmidt Vice-President Clcrir H. Iverson Recording Secretary Fred H. Gades Corresponding Secretary LeRoy Patterson Sponsor Roy Wright actives B. T. Arnberg W. L. Karlson B. E. Frisch L. M. Flower H. O. May Lyle Beattie W. L. Barker William Houlton N. J. Beck • Elmer Lcrttimer C. E. Waddell LeRoy Patterson J. R. Chassell Robert Venuti D. W. Schmidt pledges Seniors John J. Tyler Dennison Lanza N. H. Hurt Bill Blokey Peter J. Cohn John Van Camp (aero) Frank Squier Fred H. Gades (aero) G. G. Ewald George D. Morse (aero) Ken E. Marquand Robert W. Amett (aero) Juniors James F. Hagen Gerald Dunbar R. E. Grunwald Qair H. Iverson H. S. Jeffrey Top row. left to right: Amett, Lattimer, Grunwald, Blakey, Ewald, Lanza, Marquand, Hagen, Gruber. Second row: Schmidt, Patterson, Beattie, Amberg, Nay, Flower, Chassell. Front row: Tyler, Gades, Iverson, Cohn. players club dramatics honorary 253 officers President Robert Loper Vice-President Chris Plonk participating members Burt Beers Dale Clark Marian Cohen Marian Crockett William Harris Paul Harris Virginia Hunter Glenn Johnson William Prahl Al Robison Marvin Udevitz Paul Shermack William Woods Dorothy Martz Pat Sammet Bettye Lamb MaeDene Ellis Sheila Counce associate members Ruth Feinberg Phyllis Fonda Betsy Fleming Jane Hardy Marian Isaacs Helen Morris Harris Pellish Marjorie Pry or Tony Ray Carolyn Rose Lois Turner Robert Potter William Millhoff Larry Armitage Robert Hiester Ted Cogswell Lee Austin Saul Hoffman Rae Langenberg Pat Bramson Lillian Sandberg Charlotte Mertens Front row, left to right: Ray, Armitage, Potter, Qark, Harris, Shermack. Second row: Langenberg, Martz, Hunter, Crockett, Loper, Plank, Lamb, Prahl. Top r« W! Fonda, Millhoff, Johnson, Cogswell, Harris (Paul), Smutnv. Sammet. Elli. " !. Counce, Cohen, Isaacs, Feinberg. 254 r porpoise women ' s swimming honorary officers President Doris Coleman Secretary Lucy Smith Treasurer Joan Lawson Head of The Aquacade Marian Heinze members Barbara Andrew Elaine Bach Norma Jean Barcus Norma Beradi Jeanne Bjork Marge Cameron Nancy Carroll Sally Chmelik Lucy Coffin Doris Coleman Shirley Culbertson Alice Falardeau Virginia Furbeck Dixie Lee Geimer Dorothy Grimm Maryon Grometer Marian Heinze Helen Herald Patricia Hill Jerrie Ketcham Dorothy Krause Joan Lawson Barbara Mabee Rachel Maddox Helen Mann Shirley Maser Carol McQuide Mary Lou Moore Janet Pearce Lyle Probert Joan Ramsdell Martha Reese Rosemary Roberts Lucy Smith Carolyn Steik Helen Stobie Margaret Thayer Donna Tomlin Jackie Williams Dale Whitaker Corliss White i jH, ' IP B ■J K ' T KIfK J Kt " ' 1 H h - »y y m " M w Hr B NlnO R yS v ' ' ---,M K fl H H k ' ' Front row, left to right: Reese, Herold, Williams, Falardeau, Coleman, Culbertson, White. Second rowi Ramsdell, Maser, Carroll, Chmelick, McOulde, Andrew, Pierce, Smith. Top rows Roberts, Steik, Mann, Tomlin, Mabee, Grometer, Whitaker, Bjork, Heinze, Stobie, Mrs. Rich. 255 si ma alpha iota national professional journalism fraternity officers President Jean Hartwell Vice-President Ernestine Shrader Secretary Carmen Henle Treasurer Norma Jeanne Thomas Editor Anne McDaniel Chaplain Betty Jackson Sponsor Mrs. Priscilla McDonnell members Folly Applewhite Dorothy Goldfogel Kiyo Suyematsu Margaret Kelly Sue Thornton Gloria Nearon Barbara Young Anne McDaniel Margery Gerlach Gloria Appleman June Fay Virginia Reeder Elma Virginia Case Jean Hartwell Betty Jackson Anabel Biggs Joan Lindenman Katherine Parmelee Ernestine Shrader Carol Klooster Carmen Henle Front row, left to right: Suyematsu, Reeder, Case. Second row: -McDaniel, Nearon, Thomas, Hartwell, Shrader, Jackson, Biggs. Top row: Lindenman, Young, Thornton, Kelly, Applewhite, Parmalee, Appleman. 256 si ma delta ehi national professional journalism fraternity officers President Note Blumberg Vice-President Joel Wheeler Treasurer Sam Archibald Secretary Robert Widlund members Le Roy Goodwin . Al Granger Bob Burlingame James Bjustrom Robert Rothstein Kenneth Whitaker Mel Mencher Byron Lipman Michael Gerace Don Heinemann Robert Butz James Kamraeier Gordon Tompkins Harry Lawson Don Collins Wardell Winslow Robert Loper Hyman Mostkoff Sponsor A. Gayle Waldrop Temporary Sponsor Fred Pruett Top row, left to right: Goodwin, Burlingame, Rothstein, Gerace, Winslow, Pruett (Sponsor), Bjustrom, Butz. Front row: Heinemann, Tompkins, Kammeier, Wheeler, Whitaker, Cieber, Collins. Seated front: Nate Blumberg. Seated back row: Widlund, Archibald. 257 si ma tau engineering lionorary officers President Russel Groesbeck Vice-President Harvey Nay Secretary Carroll Johnson Faculty Advisor Mr. Thoman members John Beattie Robert Dunbar Russel Groesbeck Paul Jackson Carroll Johnson Jim Lupton Harvey Nay Don Urich John Wheatley H. G. Williams faculty members Frank S. Bauer Wayne S. Beattie L. A. Bingham W. Otto Birk Carl W. Borgman Waldo E. Brock way Lee Crandall W. C. DuVall D. Mack Easton Wm. L. Hull Charles A. Hutchinson H. B. Palmer Vernon C. Parker Chas. H. Prien Warren Raeder Wm. H. Thoman Chas. A. Wagner Piatt Wicks Front row. leit to right: Paul Jackson, Russel Groesbeck, T. C. Johnson, Julius Otsuki. Top row: R. W. Amett, John C. Wheatley, Robert B. Dunbar, Houston G. Williams, B. B. Lupton. 258 society of women student architects and engineers officers President Marjorie Ann Leaf Vice-President Ada Durronce Secretary Edith Varian Treasurer Dona Dryden Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Warren Raeder, Mr. Carl Borg- mctn seniors Betty Beck Timmye Berg Irene Corswell Pauline Giarratano Marjorie Ann Leaf Louise Price Peggy Shultz Glenora Spooner sophomores Billie Allen Marie Benson Rosalee Campbell Margaret Gillogly Mildred Grigs Abbey Leggett Helen Morgan Dona Dryden luniors Shirley Bell Kit Carter Colleen Connell Ada Durrance Phyllis Fox Ann Hardy Aileen Sasajima Jo Schwalbe Edith Varian freshmen Margaret Fletcher Mary Hegwer Jean Leroy Wanda McCumber Charlotte Michener Madeline Noland Jeanne Place Barbara Rouch Joanne Shonley Vicky Skeats Mary Lou Waite Delilah Wells Front row, left to right: Waite, Varian, Leaf, Beck, Giarratano. Second row: Schultz, Fox, Grigs, Price, Spooner, Place, Allen. Top row: Connell, Campbell, Carswell, Hardy, Ranch, Gillogly. 259 Spanish elub officers President Ray Maloney Vice-President Jaime Palacios Secretary ' . Felia Sarota Treasurer Carolyn Smith Sponsor Mr. Simon Chavez members Natahe Coursen Molly Sethmon Quintin Doramal Bob Muckley Don Shade Andre Job David Ulibarri Elena Torres Rosita Abella David Solomon Frank Borrego Marilyn Walker Delores Busch Elaine Coyne Josephine Gibert Lois Crandall Ruth Edwards Pat Jones Delores Boulton Gloria Domann Joanne Johnson Ariel Medrano Front row, left to right: Sethman, Coyne, Coursen, Johnson, Domann. Second row: Abella, Smith, Palacios, Chavez, Torres, Maloney, Borrego. Top row; Shade, Busch) Edwards, Job, Muckley, Solomon, Medrano, Crandall, Doromal, Ulibarri, Boulton. 260 tau beta si ma national band honorary for women officers President Ruth Sterling Vice-President Ruth Gallegos Secretary Merry Ann O ' Rourke Treasurer Muriel Thompson Reporter Rita Richardson National President Suzanne Wetmore members Caryl Bivens Martha MacNewell Ann Browning Patricia St. Qair Elma Case Ruth Sterling Miriam Bainer Ruth Gallegos Peggy Sigler Mary Ann O ' Rourke Suzanne Wetmore Muriel Thompson Virginia Reeder Rita Richardson Colleen Dennis Ruth Hayashi Rex Thiese honorary members Betty France Mrs. Randall Spicer Mrs. Hugh McMillan Top row, left to right: Richardson, Blvans, Dennis. Second row: Thiese, Browning, St. Qair, Sigler, Geimer, Reeder, Bainer, France, Case. Front row: Dr. Bowling, Thompson, Wetmore, O ' Rourke, Sterling, Hayashi, Newell, McMillan. 261 texas club officers President Bert Broemer Secretary Helen Chambers Treasurer La Vern Hilty Publicity •- Paula Lamar Social Shirley Shroeder Sponsor Ronald E. Balch members Charles Alvey Clint Blauer Jane Brown Wilma Brown Milton Bute Richard Burnett Irene Bushnell Pat Butcher Ginger Chalmers Helen Chambers Bob Coleman Joe Connelly C. J. Courtney Barbara Funk Mary Joe Goodwyn Johnnie Rena Gray Bob Hamm Jane Hargrove Claire Henley Joyce Hinkle Pat Hollingworth Sue Johnson Rusty Kitten Hannah Kriss Otis Lipstreu Joan Mackley Pat Meaner Potty Molesworth Ann Morelond Norma Ninde Dee Puckett Sue Puckett Virginia Robertson Blanche Schrickel John Secrest Jean Stevens Barbara Wehner Lillie Wilhelm Clarence Williams Torz Taylor mm ■ V B fli ■■ W : H 1 1 •V- 3; ,v PF ¥titl ilifP 1 Front row, left to right: Broemer, Chambers, Wilhelm, Moreland, Lamar, Schroeder, Balch, Hilty, Secrest. Second row: Henley, Jean, Schrickel, Mackley, Hargrove, Hinkle, Puckett, Hollingworth, Blauer. Third row: Chalmers, Johnson, Meaner, Ninde, Wehner, Buie. Fourth row: Kitten, Kriss, Gray, Rushnell, Molesworth, Coleman, Connelly. Top row: Alvey, Lipstreu, Robertson, Taylor. 262 university women ' s club i H Top row, left to right: Bealer, Brown, Calabrese, Faden, Gavagan, A. Johnson. Second row: C. Johnson, McMurrough, Meador, Proskovec, Ouinn, Raber. Front row: Romer, Simpson, Southward, Wilson. resident members 1946-47 Melba Scheele Joyce Hatter Mary Jane Simpson Charlotte Johnson Phyllis Quinn Collier Brown Mary Alice Gavagan Gloria Proskovec Mary Linger Agnes Jackson Lorraine Calabrese Ruth Bealer June Meador Jo Anne Helsel Charline Faden Mae Dene Ellis Kay Romer Gloria Nearon Doris Fricke Glenora Spooner Elinor Handley Jessie Jean McMurrough Arlene Johnson Audrey Ahlquist Lee Wilson Jane Southward Jean Raber 263 university women ' s club officers President June Meador Vice-President MaeDene Ellis Secretary Lorraine Calabrese Treasurer Kathryn Romer Social Collier Brown Publicity Jane Otto Membership : Jessie Jean McMurrough Housing Gloria Proskovec Relaxation Teas Eileen Davis Head Triad Ruth Bealer Assistant Social Cathy Butto Assistant Membership Lillian Martin Assistant for Teas Doris Stutheit triads Travel and Recreation Cathy Coakley, June Holcombe, Doris Fricke, Elinor Handley, Chorion Faden three arts Mary Jane Simpson, Mary Linger, Ellen Jean Nash, Gloria Nearon, Bonnie Jean Forsberg fashion and personality Mary Alice Gavagan, Betty McKeever, Jo Anne Hel- sel, Arlene Johnson, Phyllis Quinn co-meds Agnes Jackson, Jane Southward, Ellen Marie Drexel, Helen Nakagawa, Glenora Spooner veterans Ellen Finly, Betty Hutchinson, Kay Keating, Jane BroAAm, Betty Bard Front row, left to right: Romer, Calabrese, Meador, Ellis. Top row: Brown, Davis, Bealer, McMurrough, Proskovec, Otto. 264 veterans of foreign wars officers Commander William K. Jann Senior Vice-Commander Earnest J. Faussone Junior Vice-Commander Robert E. Greene Quartermaster Ben A. Fox Adjutant James E. Fay Officer of the Day Minor S. Shirk Robert Bernzen Frank T. Brocesky Robert L. Burns Wilbur Burtard Melvin Clark Thomas Crosslen Verle W. Fischer Lloyd Flonigan Francis Fowler Phil D. Goldhammer Frank O. Hellwig Elmer Johnson James Heckendorn Richard Johnston members Rufus Johnston Arthur Keswick James E. Knap Melvin Kube Howard Loenshal Floyd McGinnes Edward A. Martin George R. Morton George W. Roy Albert Rice Lowell L. Rose Lyell L. Rose Myron Shrader Howard Skavdahl Dean L. Southworth James J. Sullivan William W. Wright Robert F. Youberg Carl B. Austahl Billie Will Donald L. Moore Thomas A. Nicholas, Jr. James R. Oglevie Leo W. Rector Vergil R. Rowley William M. Ruyle Walter Taylor Jack Theobald lessee M. Valdez Front row, loft to right: Johnston, Crosslen, Goldhammer, Fay, Greene, Jann, Faussone, Fox, Harris, Flanigan. Second row: Knap, Jones, Burtard, Shrader, Wright, Rose, Skavdahl, Heckendorn, Youberg, Fowler. Top row: Martin, Loenshal, Kube, Fischer, McGinnes, Johnston, Bruns, Brocesky, Johnson, Southward. women ' s athletic assoeiation 265 w.a.a. board members President Sue Gasser Secretctry Dona Harbison Treasurer Nancy Lee Publicity Manager Janet Schemmel Recording Secretary Barbara Bowers Orchesis Representative Collier Brown Head of Tennis Gene Norgren Head of Archery Jane Williams Head of Intramurals Nancy Strader Head of Basketball Barbara Hutchinson Head of Skiing Bunny Smyth Head of Golf ' . Jane Briscoe Head of Softball Nancy King Head of Track Terry March Porpoise Representative Dorothy Krause Head of Hockey Susan Scheib Head of Bowling Mary Cook Head of Volleyball Barbara Ballou Freshman Representatives Judy Stearns, Nancy Fishburn Front row, left to right: Schemmel, Stearns, Norgren, Williams. Second row: Hutchinson " ,- Harbison, Gasser, Mi ss Martin, Lee, Strader. Top row: Smyth, Briscoe, King, March, Krause, Scheib, Cook. Ballou. Bowers, Fishburn 266 Wesley foundation methodist youn people officers President Ray Thrower Personnel and Membership Jane Kopecky Secretary Alma Woodson Treasurer John Cox Publicity Chairman Dwayne Copp Recreation Chairman Arthur Burns Worship Chairman Paula Rose Deputations and Social Service Kathleen Dever Forum Chairmen Bob Anderson and Charles Goodrich Music Chairman Myrtle Drexel House Government-Chairman Everett Hayes Literature Chairman Norma Jean Davis Eat-A-Bit Chairman Mary Jean Cooper Kappa Phi Maxine Shull Gayle Alden Bob Bainbridge Dorothy Baughman Bob Bird Arlene Boltz Janet Bekerney Robert Boucher Janis Burke Arthur Burns Jack Burns Charlotte Brummer Palmer Carlin Elma Case Leora Caven Morse Cavender Wayne Cavender Bernice Christian Mary Jean Cooper Marjory Cooper Nelson Copley Dwayne Copp John Cox Norman Dahm C. K. Chien Bowman Collins Jim Corrill Norma Jean Davis Wanda DeBont Kathleen Dever Ellen Marie Drexel Myrtle Drexel Ed Dunn Ed Emery John Dawson Melvin Frasier Mable Fulker May Goodrich Edmond Glen Charles Goodrich Edith Harms Vernona Harmsen Everett Hayes Margaret Hayes Ruth Hayashi Jack Heckendorn Charles Houston Karyl Hurdle Marlyn Hickle Kendall Hills Aileen Kelly Jim James members Pat Keefer Margaret Kelly Mary Lou Knudsen Bob Kuehster June Kopecky Fae Larson Merlin Malehorn Bob Mathias Ed Metzger Louise Moosdorf Pat Meyer Tom McHale Dale Olsen Ted Olsen Bob Park Bob Anderson Mary Billington Floyd Pendell Charles Pollock Howard Pribbino Lola Range Gladys Reeves Nancy Rhower Bob Rhower Kay Romer Paula Rose Bob Shapiro Maxine Shull Howard Skavdahl Ansel Smith Harold Smith John Smith Bill Smi th Jimmie Sparks Dorothy Stahl Otis Teets Calvin Theiss Ray Thrower Annabelle Tomlin Donna Tomlin Jim Heckendorn Glen Pribbino John Starbuck Jerry Zimmerman Alma Woodson Barbara Young Eloise Shull Leonard McCain Charles Milholland Top row, left to right: Secrest, Wood, Hayes, Bird, Emery, Copp, MacHale. Eighth row: Mathias, Cavender, Skavdahl, Bainbridge, Allen, Smith. Seventh row: Tomlin, Baughman, Tomlin, Rose, Worstell, Harmson, Romer, Woodson. Sixth row: Stahl, Rohwer, Kelly, Kelly, Kopecky, Shipp, Shull, Knudsen, Moyer, Hayes, Heckendorn. Fifth row: Chien, Drexel, Thompson, Drexel, Cooper, Hahs, Boltz, Boltz, Hurdle, Case, Billington, Copley. Fourth row: Bums, Young, Smith, Davis, Caven, Harms, Keefer. Third row: Larson, Talkington, Goodrich, Reeves, Taylor, Hayashi, Boucher. Second row: Cox, Dahm, Alden, Smith, Rev. Bartrug, Mrs. Bartrug, Mrs. Bainbridge, Rev. Bainbridge, Sparks, Swink, Theiss, Parks. Front row: Metzger, Anderson, Shipp, Malehorn, Thrower, Houston. 267 Wesley foundation kappa phi officers President Maxine ShuU Vice-President Myrtle Drexel Corresponding Secretary Mary Billington Recording Secretary Norma Jean Davis Tresaurer Paula Rose members Celia Bell Anna Jane Benson Marjorieann Bertholf Mary Billington Janet Bokorney Arlene Boltz Elma Case Natalie Coursen Leona Crabtree Isabelle Craft Norma Jean Davis Kathleen Dever Ellen Marie Drexel Myrtle Drexel Louise Gibson May Goodrich Mary Lou Green Mary Nan Hahs Frances Hansen Burma Jo Harmon Edith Harms Vernona Harmsen Winifred Hartwig Dorothy Hayano Ruth Hoyashi Karyl Hurdle Bertha Kcrwakami Patricia Keefer Aileen Kelly Margaret Kelly Joyce Kessey Mary Lou Knudsen June Kopecky Sai Kosuge Taka Kutsuma Dorothy Major Corrine Mills Helen Morgan Patricia Moyer Frances Munk Amy Nakamura Willa Nuckolls Lola Range Paula Rose Lois Rowe Eloise ShuU Maxine Shull Ida Spongier Marjorie Taylor Vera Thompson Helen Tomita Annabelle Tomlin Donna Tomlin Carol Welch Mary Louise Williams Alma Woodson Ann Jean Worstell Waunda Mae Wyndle Virginia Yeater Top row, left to right: Kopecky, Kelly, Tomlin, Benson, Worstell. Third row: Knudsen, Green, Nuckolls, Moyer, Taylor, Williams, Hahs. Second row: Thompson, Wyndle, Boltz, Harms, Goodrich, Tomita, Coursen. Front row: Woodson, Boltz, Keefer, Case, Hayashi, Kosuge, Hurdle, Yeater, Kelly. Seated: Mrs. Bartrug, Mrs. Bainbridge, Billington, Davis, Drexel, Tomlin, Shull, Rose, Drexel, Harmsen, Mrs. Reed. 2«8 youn women ' s christian association Top row, left to right: Chase, Hylan, Robinson, Otto. Second row: Breclaw, LinendoU, Morr, Lee. Front row: Lillengren, Schwalbe, Bigelow. Front row, left to right: Goalby, Brown, Holden, Carlson. Top row: Butto, March, Doremus, Laws, Briscoe, Schemmel. 269 youn women ' s christian association cabinet President Nancy Lee Vice-President Mary Linendoll Secretary Helen Bigelow Treasurer Terry Breclow Discussions Mamie Chase Community Service Jo Schwolbe Freshman Commissions Joyce Robinson Social Chairman Joan Lillengren Membership Chairman Jane Otto Publicity Chairman Ann Hylan Y. W. C. A. Secretary Mrs. John Marr group leaders Freshman Commissions Jane Briscoe, Ruth Laws Camp Fire Frances Brown Big and Little Sisters.... Ann Doremus, Virginia Nelson Hospital Jo Holden Recreation Jane Williams, Dorrie Carpenter Toy Loan Terry March Book Review Cathy Butto Music , Barbara Carlson Philosophy Skip Newell " Y " Lobby Alice Goolby Personal Relations Janet Schemmel 270 Westminster foundation Presbyterian young people officers President Sam Black Vice-President Janice Sheppard Secretary Julia Nakagawa Treasurer Rosalind Block Program Chairman Dale Clark Social Chairman Jim Buchanan Publicity Chairman Larry Lake Supper Chairman Hah Ball Membership Chairman John Schoolland Editor " Lamplighter " Janice Sheppard Sponsor Rev. Frank Ross Mouer Front row, left to right: Claik, Nakagawa, Lake, Black, Black, Ball, Mouer, Buchanan, Sheppard, Schoolland. Second row: Davis, Tolbert, Goodwin, Benway, Carlson, Giberson, Acker, Lantz, Condon, Andersen, Mann, Briggs. Third row: Bammon, Lindsay, Wood, Talcott, Wise, Flatt, Holsinger, Henderson, Denham. Top row: Nakagawa, Beach, Campbell, Dearth, Straight, Walker, Westerwick, Helmick, Cole, Truman, Hirsch, Sanders, Spence, Lantz. 271 When the Colorado campus was a building here and there, Our rough and rugged miner lived in the open air. He pitched his tent or spread his roll upon the hard cold ground, And slept outdoors beneath the stars with no one else around. Since then the times have swiftly changed and rather than a tent. The students live in giant dorms and even pay a rent. The days of open spaces are gone and won ' t be back; A few wish that they would re- turn for space is what we lack. •» 272 ■■jJ fwStSS. ' . ' armory Top row. left to right: Ruth Slavik, Virginia Kasdorf, Margaret Guise, Janet Holt, Dorothy Dietz, Faye Field, Doroiiicu Diuphy, Ruth Erickson, Marie Vinson, Marjorie Ouanz, Helen Farstrup, Leontina Savage, Mary Knoedler, Pat Walter, Marilyn Radke, Betty Hansbury, March Marlow. Third row: Eva Lee Kline, Belle Patterson, Mary AUfree, Nita Gold, Marian Lane, Barbara Wenner, Dolores Puckett, Betty Lee Highley, Martha Newell, Barbara Adams, Patty Barkley, Marilyn Bieser, Nadine Pronske, Hazel Vezina, Dee Barteau, Helen Michell, Anna Marie Grube, Joan Willis. Second row: Lynne Hart, Roberta Strauss, Mary Lou Holt, Helen Alexander, June Battles, Ruth Carlson, Dorothy Kreul, Blanche Epstein, Wanda Keyser, Dixie Peck, Frances Starrett, Maxine Peery, Virginia Bender, Alice Farnswrorth, Sue Schumacher, Louise Geter. Front row: Leigh Marr, Esther Arnold, Frances LaFosse, Sue White, Pat Burton, Charlotte Bein, Joanne Gasser, Rosalyn Brier, Edith Beck- man, Chic Campbell, Opal Robinson, Carol Hartmon. Those " eager-beavers " at the Armory have carved out a real place for themselves in campus activities. For Homecoming, the cannon in front of the dorm became the U. S. S. Armory, a battleship, and the rest of the military decorations were inspired by the fact that many women Veterans now live there. The Armory has entered all W. A. A. Intramural activities and the Armory 1 team took first place in volleyball. On Halloween the Armory party was one of the most successful on campus and featured " real-live " ghosts, dancing to a three-piece " combo, " games, and the inevitable cider and doughnuts. Every two weeks during the quarter. Hall Council gives pajama parties in the lounge so that everyone can become better acquainted. 273 armory house officers President Skip Newell Vice-President Joan Willis Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Adams Scholarship Wanda Keyser Bulletin Board Dee Barteau Intramurals Norma Wood, Betty Pruitt Social Chairman Mary Lou Glassbum I.S.A. Representatives. .Helen Farstrup, Carol Hartman Social Director Mrs. Anita Rockett 274 bi elow hall Top row, left to right: Doris Levenson, Frances Perlman, Lenore Hapler, Marianne Winter, Ann Davis, Janet Lodge, Mary Jane Kellogg, Arda Nelson, Marilyn Hickle, Wanda DeBont, Bonnie Marshall, Dottie Adams, Jinx Burnard, Frances Bruning, Mary Lou Weir, Shirley Bastion, Betty Sheldon, Nancy Mortenson, Dorothy Kallgren, Helen Nickell, Delma Slater, Joyce King. Sixth row: Nancy Fishbum, Edith Ann Shore, Mary Lou Green, Lois Lauenstein, Betsy Stubbs, Arlene Allen, Marjorie Miller, Dale Whitaker, Vera Spore, Ruth Anderson, Lyle Probert, Joann Smythe, Janet Bacon, Jeanie Wheeler, Mary Googe, Lee Spano, Virginia Vincent, Doris Walker. Fifth row: Midge Woodward, Dottie Lasch, Noreene Hartman, Peggy Horsch, Joan Cummings, Curtiss Kinney, Carol McQuide, Sally Chmelik, Bunny Molnar, Jane Williams, Virginia Glazer, Barbara Beard, Kelley Welch, Stacy Burke, Christie Boppert, Darthea Custer, Marianne Doyle, Joan Lundberg. Fourth row: Jane Norman, Jacqui Walker, Virginia Wachob, Dee Dice, Mary Lou Porter, Peggy Mollman, Margaret Borchers, Bev Van Brunt, Arlys Flick, Ann Tilton, Mary Lou Bradford, " Shirley Woods, Dorothy Spano, Isabelle Craft, Marjorie Browne, Jean Harrison, Eleanore Grannell, Shirley Belle Surface. Third row: Beverly O ' Neill, Mary Alice Cook, Barbara Gaddis, Barby Phillips, Nancy Mills, Roe Langenberg, Jean Mackley, Carolyn A.llen, Alice Hunt, Mary Lou Steward, Ann Marie Ramsey, Harriet Hawes, Rita Atwood, Lois Baldwin. Second row: Betty Ann Mueller, Marian Seibert, Helen Amato, Avaline Rosa, Donnis Gallagher, Elizabeth Atzenhoffer, Ruth Rice, Phyllis Fonda, Pete Gibert, Marilyn Walker, Judy McKerlie. Front row: Bunnie Fulton, Carol Thompson, Dodi Sethman, Betty Jo Breeze, Ginger Watson, Suzanne McKown, Woody Fernow, Charlotte Parker, Sue Jones, Dale Baker. Things not to be forgotten about Bigelow Hall: the huge success of our style show with lovely girls modeling chic clothes; the " suppressed desire " dinner — so many girls with the same desire; " personal responsibility, " which ranged from the t. p. situation to lunch lines; the " woman " — ' nuff said!; Bill and his whistle, which no one ever heard — can ' t fool us — he never blew it!; and of course Jane Williams and her rare and genuine sense of humor — e.g. " There ' s a Time " signs in every suitable spot in the lounge! 275 bi elow hall house officers House Mother Miss Jane Williams President Bunny Molnar Vice-President Sally Chmelik Social Chairman Alice Powers Assistant Social Chairman Skip Lipman Scholarship Chairman Carol McQuide Song Leader Curt Kinney Activities Chairman Ginny Glazer Intramurals Chairman Kelly Welch Publicity Chairman Barbara Beard 276 hardin hall iikii aSitBs;. Top row, left to right: Mary Louise Morris, Jeanne Cauthen, Sheila McCabe, Arline Pastemack, Ruth Tarkoff, Shirley Friel, Kathryn Wilson, Patricia Sykes, Margaret Farrington, Emily Louise Kaufman, June Johnson, Barbara Derry, Connie Trueblood, June Tuller, Carolyn Steik, Sheelagh Hanna, Sue Martin, Marilyn Moloney, Dianne Demmon, Carol Crosby, Joann Holland, Betty Bruton, Kathleen Hatch, Eleanor Kersey. Fourth row: Helen Nowacki, Shirley Svoboda, Miriam Feucht, Shirley Klecker, Barbara Opeka, Erlene Phipps, Joyce Speck, Joyce Reeves, Madeline Noland, Helen Cronin, Mildred Goldberg, Margaret Ellerhoff, Claire Seaber, Willa Ruth Nuckolls, Leora Murphy, Barbara Rauch, Peggy Johnston, Ann Jean Worstell, Delores Stutheit, Delilah Wells. Third row: Ruth Dobrin, Alice Bennetts, Ella June Altvater, Ruth Googe, Audrey Barbiero, Delores Heermann, Shirley Uhrich, Rosemary Roberts, Mrs. Nettie Clayton, Beverly Thomas, Rose Marie McMillen, Lorene Scott, Joan Kiesler, Jane Snyder, Mary Farrell. Second row: Faye Peterson, Marietta English, Betty Lyttle, Gretchen Anderson, Helen Bazter, Shirley DeSabato, Mary Nan Hahs, Eleanor Boltz, Marjorie Ann Bertholf, Trudy Stockder, Dolores Gatzke, Mary Lou Williams, Bonnie Faye Todd, Norma Casto. Front row: Florence Rivers, Helen Sasick, Ruth Sosno, Mary B. Cid, Marjorie Chanak, Bemice Giarratano, Gwendolyn Curtis, Jessie Nussbaun, Jeanne Laurer, Ruth Eberhart, Dolly Heimbecher. Evidence of a v ell-rounded program was apparent in Harding Hall ' s activity calendar. Formal dances — " Moon- mist " and " The Crystal Ball, " as well as Friday socials with the Men ' s Dormitory, highlighted the social schedule. Guest speakers at weekly house meetings provided vocational guidance. Other activities included scholastic dinners, the choir, and intramural sports. 277 hardin hall house officers Resident Delores Stutheit Vice-President Marjorie Chanak Secretary Jo Works Scholcffship Chairman Eleanor Rasola Drives Chairman Eleanor Boltz Social Chairman Marilyn Moloney Assistant Social Chairman Helen Cronin Activities Chairman Eleanor Kersey Assistant Activities Claire Seaber Intramurals Chairman Shirley Friel Assistant Intramurals Joyce Reeves Fire Warden Marilyn Knour Ground Floor Representative Angela Poersch Second Floor Ruth Gooae Second Floor Representative Norma Casto Third Floor Representative . ' Jane Snyder Fourth Floor Representative Pegqv Johnston 278 lester hall Top row, left to right: Ruth Hutchinson, Janet Butler, Bobbie FoUey, Sue Brooks, Ilene Sattenstein, Rolla Sugarman, Mary Ann Squire, Gerry Goodwin, Betty J. Clark, Pat Carlin, Shirley Tucker, Connie Hansen, fCathleen Hoist, Lola Bennett, Margaret Fletcher, Florence Mason, Mary Lou Waite, Pat Williams, Verna Moody, Nancy Love, Betty Rowley, Barbara Harrison. Fifth row: Mary Faudel, Georgia Woelbing, Venice Varner, Betty Corcoran, Maxine Christiansen, Kathleen Ryan, Mary Ellen Waters, Jeanne Weil, Louise Gould, Joyce Stout, Agnes Geeska, Sara Rand, Irene Allen, Anna Jane Benson, Dorothy Carpenter, Jackie Carper, Ilah Ball, Jeanne Herbert, Glendene Miles, Edith Marlman. Fourth row: Lynn Babington, Jeanne Place, Jeanne Ann Conyers, Barbara Berggren, Joyce Linner, Wanda Phillips, Virginia Bowman, Charlotte Plese, Jo Holden, Phyllis Bundy, Esther Williams, Betty Hickle, Mary Little, Jane Carswell, Rose Marie Stone, Alice Falardeau. Third row: Nancy Ball, June Foster, Virginia Meline, Nona Minges, Mary Jo Adams, Jean Barcus, Evelyn Rule, Joanne McKelvey, Elaine Cooper, Margie Smith, Dorothy Martin, Frances Iverson, Barbara Dill, Peggy Lou Joslyn, Marjorie Graney, Audrey Light, Joan Templar, Miss Cathrine Douden. Second row: Carlotte Belsan, Sally Brown, Virginia Gould, Beth McNeill, Marty Huggins, Nancy Sabin, Pauline Cramer, Ilene Wilson, Margaret Franklin, Sally Jeffrey, Alyce Hopkins, Anne Barnard, Georgine Sensor. Front row: Mary Hegwer, Marylou Harbin, Colleen Jacobsen, Rosemary Hellis, Dorothy Thompson, Jean Kubik, Toni Marcato, Helen Leonard, Mary Lynn Beeley, Cherie Davis, Betty Young, Betty Stout. There is hardly an organization at C. U. that Lester girls have passed by. In intermurals they won fame as one of the outstanding volleyball teams of the season. As Hell ' s Belles they presented the never-to-be-forgotten-party THE INFERNO. Proudest of all are they of their skit which received top rating in the A. W. S. Vaudeville Tryouts. Scholastically too, they are holding their own, with time to spare between study hours to dash off original songs and stage impromptu dorm surprise parties. As the inspiration behind their spirit, they take " hats off " to their social director, Catherine Douden, whose understanding and good sportsmanship they ' ll never forget. 279 tester hall house officers President Jo Holden Vice-President Cathy Ryan Secretary-Treasurer Mary Hegwer Scholarship Chairman Janet Butler Scholastic Chairman Alice Falardeau Activities Chairman Jean Barcus Publicity Chairman Margie Smith Song Leader Colleen Jacobsen Drives Chairman Mary Ann Squire Intramurals Esther Williams, Phyllis Bundy Social Director Miss Catherine Douden 280 mckenna hall Top row, left to right: Barbara Flanders, Jean Rennolds, Genneviene Rieke, Jeanne Billingsley, Tulu Kirkpatrick, Jean Berreau, Muffie Miller, Colleen Crowe, Betty Louise Widmer, Pat Meanor, Ina Campbell, Joanne Carash, Thelma DuBam, Janet Pearce, Dorthea Githens, Marjorie Dee Reed, Beth Brown, Ruth Zancanella, Evelyn Rehnberg. Fourth row: Marian Mayan, Joyce Hinkle, Demaris Miller, Peg Garlinghouse, Betty Allen, Suzanne Stoces, Carrie Anderson, Jane Schne- berger, Corrine Mills, Jo Olsen, Mary Treichler, Alice Pierce, Mary Lou Blewitt, Andrea Jorgenson, Janet Pelling, Martha McDonald, Dolores DePry, Nattalie Dodge, Joan Ramsdale, Ruth Ann Wolf. Third row: Marie Self, Marian Heinze, Joyce Kessey, Norma Ninde, Marjorie Clark, JoAnne Stevens, Beth Love, Phyllis Whitmore, Bonnie Gillette, Beverly Starika, June Klessig, Helen Burris, Jennine Chelf, Sarah Jean Kutt, Eileen Erman, Ruth Horwitz, Joanne MacFarlane. Second row: Frances Coffey, Margie Shaw, Sue Biddleman, Eilene Smothers, Barbara Michell, Ruth Galley, Jean Darrington, Dorothy Tom- linson, Marty Scott, Gwen Tucker, Marie de Beque, Norma Dengler, Kathy Mulligan, Jean Sloan, Loretta Ground. Front row: Donna Schmittel, Dorothy Hudler, Luella Pifer, Paulene Kraybill, Phyllis Silvio, Joan Wilson, Pat Swonfeldt, Marilyn Evans, Pamela Hayes, Pat Van Hyning, Avis Honaker, Lois Jean Hannah, Leigh Lord. Not to be forgotten in the spotlight of memories of Mc Kenna Hall days are the Friday afternoon and Sunday evening socials and the dorm formals which brightened the weekends after a week of studies and participation in campus activities. Mc Kenna belles, not backward in helping with the work as well as the fun, spent much time on the dorm Homecoming decorations — " Here Come the Girls " — and likewise cooperated with the other halls in decorating for the dances. Among all their other activities, they also managed to squeeze in time to enter teams in all intra-mural games. 281 mc kenna hall house officers President Joanne MacFarlane Vice-President Anne Merry Secretary-Treasurer Janise Jacobson Social Chairman Jean Beareau Drives Chairman Jane Schneberger Intramurals Chairmen Edith Johnson, Joan Seefus Song Leader Marguerite Sobey Activities Chairman Joan Wilson Scholarship Chairman Marian Morgan 282 recent hall Top row, left to right: Loretta Malone, Barbara Berg, Dorothy Carr, Marie Worsham, Marie Fay, Jenny Dodd, Shirley Craig, Martha Calhoun, Jane Winternitz, Jacqueline Flanders, Donna Robinson, Ruth Slinkard, Mae Belle Shaeffer, Arlene Torgerson, Berta Kirschmer, Joanne Nelson, Barbara Horn, Charlotte Holzer. Fourth row: Mildred Burns, Doris L. Bauer, Ann Larsh, Norma Domenico, Paula Runge, Judy Charlton, Marjorie Carroll, Cecile Bakewell, Beverly Edwards, Eloise Bryant, Jean Fiolkoski, Shirley Weathers, Dolores Lanning, Patricia Wagner, Kathryn Eccker, Marjory Fonda, Theo Jean Kapelke, Alyce J. Spencer. Third row: Joyce Adcock, Jolean Jones, Ellen Marie Drexel, Nancy Walenta, Theo Cushing, Helen Schweizer, Jeanne Bjork, Barbara Rice, Barbara Carlson, Mrs. Maurice J. Reilly, Mrs. Burdette Bartholomew, Barbara Kropp, Kathleen Bowles, Lois Hill, Louise Kingdon, Carol Van Law. Second row: Marian Shawver, Betty Gaunt, Kay Ducy, Ardith Porter, Jeanne Coughanour, Peggy Welcher, Jean Scheele, Linnea Anderson, Joanne Glidden, Kay Mikes, Jean Pember, Betty Robins, Shirley Wolfe, Elinor Thomas, Mary Stoffel, Bette Burks, Frances D. Stanley. Front row: Sally Fisher, Lois Duncan, Eleanor Tait, Virginia Taylor, Patricia Hughes, Mitzi, Jayne Godbe, Joan Packard, Virginia Writer, Virginia Brickham, Corinne Heffron, Gayle Bristol. The atmosphere in the vicinity of 972 Broadway has changed somewhat since the University Faculty Club was turned over to freshmen women in November, 1944. Now Regent is the scene of Friday afternoon socials, exchange dinners, all-night work on homecoming decorations, snow fights, football practice (under the able but fruitless super- vision of male coaches) frantic scurrying on Friday and Saturday nights, and all the other earmarks one finds at a women ' s dorm. The girls are proud of Regent and it will be foremost among their memories of freshman days. ' . i-. 283 recent hall house officers President Barbara Carlson Vice-President Pat Hughes Secretory-Treasurer Carol Van Law Social Chairman Virginia Writer Song Leader Sally Fisher Activities Chairman Corinne Heffron Assistant Activities Chairman Louise Kingdon Intramurals Joan Packard, Virginia Taylor Recreation Room Chairman Gctyle Bristol Bulletin Board Lois Duncan House Mother Mrs. Maurice J. Reilly " I C- «» B V»bf. 284 men ' s residence halls staff Dormitory StaH Top row, left lo right: Lee Robblns, Clarence Ellis, Stan Hendrickson, Paul Briggs, Russ Johnson, Jim Bradley, Hazlett Wubben. Front row: Elmer Grosshauser, Margaret Batson, Louise Fowler, Vern Herried, Jack Godfrey, Jack Egan, Bud Crow. officers President Vic Beneventi Treasurer Dick Stovall Secretary Cass Coleman Resigned President Frank Garland While han dling the burdens of administration for the Men ' s Residence Halls, the Staff provides the nerve center for the operation of CU ' s " Hotel for Men. " With duties which vary from the supervision of maid service to the enforce- ment of quiet hour regulations, staff members are seldom idle. Despite a shorthandedness that sometimes appears to be an insurmountable obstacle to efficient operation, management, under Director Elmer Grosshauser, of the largest housing unit in the Boulder area has been successfully accomplished during the past year. xa ifA- .. i.) " ' . , -;.?■? illtfllSrSSiil li lti ' i hm Mb . ' 285 men ' s dorm Student council oi the Men ' s Residence Halls Association Top row, left to right: Boyde Summers, Ed Campbell, Jim Bradley, Paul Briggs, Dick Stovall, Bud Crow, Hazlett Wubben, Ed Sucher. Front row: Cass Coleman, Jack Elliot, Vic Beneventi, Frank Garland, Al Gilbert, Bill Wood, Bob Clapper. Charged with the governmental responsibilities of the largest student organization at the University, the Student Council of the MRHA has organized its membership of over 800 this year. Since its founding in the Fall Quarter the Association has succeeded in bringing about many Residence Halls improvements and an extensive recreational pro- gram. Under the guidance of Vic Beneventi, the new president, the MRHA may also soon develop into one of the strongest campus organizations. 286 moore manor Top row, left to right: Don C. Gates, George Patterson, Ed Pudlik. Sixth row: Jim Allen, Bill Mason, Phillip Kocontes, Herman Thompson, Bob Ledford, Sam Lustig, Warren Kruse, Paul Baum, Keat C Jones Bill Burkes, Ed Willkie. Fifth row: Dick Coupe, Charles Nystrom, Jim Hutchenson, Ray Stamm, Richard Clark, Lawrence Langdon. Fourth row: Ted Schmidt, Paul Pickford, Don Feller, Jerome Touffler, Dwan Wilt. Third row: Don Fullerton, Bill Silliman, Louis Roper, Ed Pens, Bob Hammond, Curt Basher, Kenneth Kiesel, Wayne Killian. Second row: Abbott Johnson, Dick Schrepferman, Paul Brown, Joe Maruyama, Bob Sievers, Louie Messina, Bob Nuss, Seward Andrews, Clint Bowman. Front row: Bob Anderson, Parley Anderson, Dick Chase, Charles Hopfinger, Roger Walker, Mrs. Charlotte Stovall, Carl van Patten, Orlando Dalliquadri, Demetrio Apodaca, Jack Henderson, Dave Mayhoffer. From Freshman girls to veterans is quite a change for any house to make, but Moore Manor has done just that. Moore Manor, University owned and operated, was formerly a Freshman dormitory, but during the present housing shortage quarters veterans from all branches of the armed services. Looking after the boys, many of whom are married. Is Mrs. Charlotte Stovall, house mother and dietitian for the group. 287 aptivators A lovely girl has always been a thing that made men hustle, Even when they wore long skirts and carried round a bustle, Things are even better than they were in years ago. Skirts are getting shorter and they ' ve let the bustle go. The Colorado campus has its share of queens of beauty. And when we tried to pick the best, we found it rugged duty. We looked around to find some one who had the qualifications, Jon Whitcomb relieved us of our task and solved the situation. 288 the coloradan queen miss pflTRicm Russom 290 miss RATHRYn KCmPGR second place 291 miss flLLGNG miLCOX third place 292 miss GLLGN L. GRAY honorable mention miss SARfl FISHGR honorable mention 293 engine ball queen miss VIVIAN CflRTGR 294 C. U. days queen miss BGTTY BORST 295 homecoming queens Miss Sarah Lou Davis Miss Bertha Thompson Miss Tulu Kirkpatrick Miss Margaret Ryan Miss Anne Warren Miss Joanne MacFarlane Mrs. Fred G. Folsom 297 ombines Our forty-niner came to us and asked us, " What are Betas? " And asked us why some girls are known as Kappas or as Thetas, We told him that the names he heard resulted from Greek letters, He said he didn ' t understand and said we must do better. Fraternities are social groups which have distinctive pins. They call each other brothers but rarely are they kin, They compete in intramurals and scholastically as well. They give their pins to pretty girls but their secrets they won ' t tell. 298 @jw i( ?a Altvater, E.; Anderson, L.; Babcock, B.; Bittner, D.; Boston, B.; Bragg, V.; Bristol, G.; Buettner, J.; Carlisle, J.; Carswell, I. Davis, C.; Davis, E.; Doremus, A.; Edwards, V.; Flanagan, P.; Fortna, J.; Gee, R.; Guy, N.; Hagan, R.; Hardy, A. Hearld, H.; Kirkberg, B.; Leaf, M.; Morse, M.; Nash, N.; Nuedera, A.; Oliver, A.; Pierce, M.; Porter, M.; Randall, M. Riches, B.; Rodek, A.; Saliba, J.; Sethman, D.; Sethman, M. I.; Sethman, M. F.; Seyler, A.; Shultz, P.; Spoon, A.; Smith, L. Street, B.; Weathers, S.; Wenzel, C; Wetmore, S.; Williams, J.; Williams, P. actives Altvater, Ella June, Denver, Colo ' 50 Anderson, Gretchen, Harlan, Iowa ' 50 Auger, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 47 Babcock, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 47 Bittner, Dolores, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bolinger, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 50 Boston, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 47 Buettner, Jean, Wauwatosa, Wise _. ' 47 Carlisle, loan, Palo Alto, Calif ' 50 Carswell, Irene, Kansas City, Mo ' 47 Davis, Eileen, Brighton, Colo ' 48 Derry, Barbara, Piedmont, Calif ' 50 Doremus, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 48 Edwards, Virginia, Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Ferguson, Helen, Denver, Colo ' 48 Flanagan, Shirley, Wauwatosa, Wise ' 47 Fortna, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Giee, Rita, Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Anderson, Linnea, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bragg, Vivian, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bristol, Gale, Denver, Colo ' 50 Crow , Jeannette, Wheatridge, Colo ' 49 Davis, Cherie, Englewood, Colo ' 50 Guy, Nancy, Chicago, III ' 48 Hagan, Ruth, La Grange, 111 ' 47 Herald, Helen, Austin, Tex ' 48 Kilzer, Maurine, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Kirkberg, Bonnie, Ft. Dodge, Iowa ' 48 Koonce, Marguerite, Eagle, Colo ' 47 Leaf, Marjorie, Denver, Colo ' 47 Liggett, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 48 Mazzone, Annette, Walsenburg, Colo ' 47 Morse, Marjorie, Mankato, Minn ' 48 Nash, Natalie, Denver, Colo ' 47 Pierce, Marilyn, Denver, Colo ' 49 Pittenger, Lois Lee, Denver, Colo ' 48 Porter, Mary Lou, Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 Price, Barbara, Twin Falls, Idaho ' 49 Price, Louise, Arvada, Colo ' 47 Oliver, Audrey, Glendale, Calif ' 49 pledges DeWiese, Joan, Detroit, Mich ' 50 Dice, Dee, Whittier, Cahf ' 49 Fiolkoski, Jean, Broomfield, Colo ' 50 Hardy, Ann, Corpus Christi, Texas ,..: ' 49 Nudera, Alice, Palmer Lake, Colo ' 50 Randall, Mary Ellen, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 48 Riches, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 49 Rodeck, Ann, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Saliba, Jacklyn, Walsenburg, Colo ' 47 Sethman, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Sethman, Marjorie, Denver, Colo ' 48 Sethman, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 48 Seyler, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 49 Shultz, Peggy, Rocobarties, lov a ' 47 Smith, Lucy, Meeker, Colo. ' 49 Spoon, Ann, Des Moines, Iowa ' 49 Street, Barbara, Englewood, Colo ' 47 Wenzel, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wetmore, Suzanne, Bedford, Iowa ' 47 Williams, Jane, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 49 WiHiams, Pat, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 50 Putman, Phyliss, Thensville, Wise ' 50 Steel, Laurie, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 49 Thomas, Elinor, Denver, Colo ' 50 Weathers, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 50 Wilson, Ilene, Redeliff, Colo ' 50 alpha ehi ome a 299 officers President •. Pat Auqer Vice-President Jacky Saliba Secretary Natalie Nash Treasurer Margueritte Koonce Rush Chairman Ann Doremus House Mother Mrs. Morgan With the scholarship award and first place in the C.U. Day ' s float competition already to their credit, the Alpha Chis began another exciting year with the installation of the new Gamma Delta Chapter at Denver University. Their social calendar, which was filled with teas, exchange dinners, and tea dances, was highlighted by an Easter dinner dance at the Brown Palace, a Thanksgiving formal given in honor of the new pledges, and the winter quarter dance, Snowflakes and Sweethearts, presented for the actives by the pledge class. Alpha Chi claims two of the co-eds who are representing C. U. in " Who ' s Who " this year, Jane Williams and Carol Wenzel. Jane is a members of A.W.S. House of Representatives, W.A.A. Board, and a " Y " leader. Carol is active in Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Phi Sigma Iota, W.A.A., Orchesis, and secretary of the French club. Other Iyer wearing B.W.O.C. ' s are Eileen Davis who is a member of the Women ' s Club Council, Secretary-treasurer of Delta Phi Alpha, Business Manager of the Window, and Miss Ability in Miss C.U. ' s court; Ruth Hagen is treasurer of Delta Sigma Delta, President of Tau Delta, and co-stage manager of the Little Theater productions; Marjorie Leaf is president of the Women Engineers, and Sigma Pi Sigma, a member of the Colo- rado Engineer staff, and the A.I.E.E.; Suzy Wetmore is a member of Band, W.A.A., Ski Club, Coloradan staff. Beta Sigma, National representative of Psi Kappa Psi, and vice president of Tau Beta Sigma. 300 ■iiiiidiiff f " S Baldwin, B.; Barker, J.; Belson, C; Benton, R.; Beynon, M.; Boltz, A.; Boltz, E.; Carper, J.; Chandler, A.; Gushing, T.; Davidson, J. Dennis, C; Dickman, P.; Dillingham, R.; Emmett, L.; Froese, H.; Gamble, M.; Gorthy, A.; Grace, G.; Hahs, N.; Hoffman, J.; Johnson, L. Jones, M.; Kikel, M.; Kubik, J.; La Chapelle, M.; McDonald, M.; McGuire, M.; Marshall, B.; Miller, P., Moore, M.; Mueller, E.; Myers, V. Nyquist, D.; Peorce, J.; Pemberthy, P.; Potter, M. E.; Reeves, J.; Rheinhart, M.; Richardson, R.; Ronan, V.; Rowe, L.; Schacht, J.; Schaefle, I. Schlesinger, B.; Schowalter, N.; Specht, J.; Sutter, A.; Tozer, J.; Yealy, J.; Zugelder, V. actives Barker, Janet, Modesto, Calif ' 4 Benton, Rosalie, Andover, Mass ' 49 Beynon, Mary Kay, Frederick, Colo ' 48 Chandler, Anita, River Forest, 111 ' 47 Dennis, Colleen, Kit Carson, Colo ' 49 Dickman, Patricia, New Orleans, La ' 47 Dillingham, Ruby, Denver, Colo ' 49 Emmett, Leslie, Denver, Colo 49 Gorthy, Ann, St. Francis, Kans ' 47 Grace, Gene, Camp Carson, Colo ' 48 Hoffman, Jo Ann, Denver, Colo ' 49 Baldwin, Bebe, Kingsdown, Kans ' 48 Belson, Charlotte, Cleveland, O ' 50 Boltz, Arlene, Dighton, Kans ' 48 Boltz, Eleanor, Dighton, Kans ' 50 Carper, Jackie, Flagler, Colo ' 50 Chelf, Jennine, Canon City, Colo ' 50 Crabtree, Leona, Trinidad, Colo ' 48 Cushing, Theo, Louviers, Colo ' 50 Davidson, Joyce, Wilmete, 111 ' 50 Froese, Harriet, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gamble, Marilyn, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Johnson, Lou, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Jones, Margy, Trinidad, Colo ' 48 La Chapelle, Marion, Arvada, Colo ' 49 Marshall, Betty, Ovid, Colo ' 47 Marshall, Jenny, Ovid, Colo ' 47 Mihalik, Polly, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Moore, Marilyn, Dalhart, Tex ' 48 Mueller, Elinor, Davenport, low a ' 47 Myers, Virginia, Whittier, Calif ' 47 Nyquist, Doris, Axtell, Nebr. ' 47 Phillips, Judy, Denver, Colo ' 47 pledges Giberson, Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Hahs, Nan, Boone, Colo ' 50 Houth, Peggy, Evanston, IlL ' 49 Johnson, June, Beverly Hills, Calif ' 50 Kikel, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Klovstad, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Kubik, Jean, La Grange, 111 ' 50 McDonald, Martha, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 McGuire, Mickey, Algona, Iowa ' 47 Miller, Peggy, Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 50 Moore, Mary Lou, Ashland, Ky ' 48 Potter, Margaret, Casper, Wyo ' 48 Rheinhart, Margaret, Lincoln, 111 ' 47 Richardson, Rita, Summit, N. J ' 48 Ronan, Valene, Gallup, N. M ' 47 Rowe, Lois, River Forest, 111 ' 48 Schlaefle, Imogene, Denver, Colo ' 49 Schlesinger, Barbara, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Schroder, Ernestine, Trinidad, Colo Grad. Sutter, Anne, Brownsville, Tex ' 48 Tozer, Janet, Windsor, Colo ' 49 Pearce, Janet, La Junta, Colo ' 50 Pemberthy, Marie, Grand Junction, Colo ' 49 Reeves, Joyce, Claremont, Calif ' 50 Schacht, Joanne, Lincoln, Nebr ' 50 Schowalter, Naomi, Hoisted, Kans ' 50 Shaw, Marge, Greeley, Colo ' 50 Speck, Joyce, San Marino, Calif ' 50 Yealy, lane, Derry, Cahf ' 49 Zugelder, Vera Jo, Gunnison, Colo ' 50 alpha delta pi 301 officers Judy Phillips President Doris Nyquisf Vice-President Lou Johnson Recording Secretary Anne Sutter Treasurer lanet Tozer Rush Chairman Nell Butcher House Mother After a National Convention in July at Estes Park for which they were the hostesses, the Alpha Delts started the year out with a bang with the appearance on campus of " Finnegan, " the A D II Model A. After a very successful Rush Week they started to work in earnest. " All work and no play " , so there were tea dances, baseball games and a hayride with a chile supper at the house afterwards to help round out the social schedule. All the girls participated in Intramurals, too, with many Alpha Delts in W.A.A., and quite a contingent in the Ski Club. They are also well represented in Band, Porpoise, Orchesis, and Y.W.C.A. Several of the girls were married in the summer and although it didn ' t ease the housing shortage any, the Alpha Delts were glad to see them and their husbands living in Boulder again in the Fall. Just before Homecoming, the new " rec " room was initiated and now the Alpha Delts are very proud of their " Circus Room, " complete with Merry-go-round and a Fat lady. At Homecoming weekend the Alpha Delts came through with the second prize for their float " Queens in Review, " and second place for their house decorations depicting the " Lobo Lullabye. " Prominent women in the sorority are: Janet Tozer, Spur, Intramurals, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Window; Marge Jones, Silver and Gold, Phi Chi Delta, Spanish Club, Vice President of Young Republicans; Connie Dennis, Tau Beta Sigma, Spur, Band, Intra- murals. 302 Adcock, I.; Akelbien, J.; Bach, E.; Barrett, K.; Bell, C; Bennett, L.; Bruning, F.; Bryant, E.; Chalmers, I. Chambers, H.; Clark, B.; Cox, C; Darrington, J.; Ferguson, C; Flores, M.; Friedel, B.; Ganatta, L.; Hardy, J. Jensen, J.; Johnson, B.; Juhre, M.; King, L.; Lamar, P.; Long, L.; Lorenz, E.; Maize, N.; Major, D. Maly, J.; Martin, V.; Minges, N.; Morris, H.; Munk, F.; Olson, B.; Ough, J.; Rose, C; Slavik, R. Sommess, B.; Tele, I.; Vanderwilt, C; Walenta, N.; Willcox, J.; Wirth, M.; Yockers, E. actives Bach, Elaine, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Beck, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bell, Celia, Harrison, Ark ' 48 Callahan, Rosemary, Independence, Kans... ' 48 Chambers, Helen, Arkansas City, Kans ' 49 Cliff, Lorraine, Denver, Colo ' 48 Coleman, Jeanne, Wilmette, 111 ' 49 Connell, Colleen, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Cox, Carol, San Francisco, Calif ' 48 Dodge, Esther, Philadelphia, Pa ' 48 Evers, Patricia, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y ' 48 Ferguson, Claire, Tumcumcari, N. M ' 47 Fountain, Patricia, Detroit, Mich ' 48 Freidel, Barbara, Germantown, Tenn ' 47 Ganatta, Lettybelle, Denver, Colo ' 49 Halliwell, Joan, Pocaterllo, Idaho ' 47 Hardy, Jane, Long Island, N. Y ' 48 Hayes, Margaret, Palo Alto, Calif ' 46 Hudson, Mac Beth, Anson, " Tex ' 47 IlUum, Joan, Winnetka, 111 ' 49 Jenson, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Johnson, Barbara, Berkeley, Calif ' 48 Juhre, Milege, Dundee, 111 ' 48 King, Laurene, Golden, Colo ' 49 Lamar, Paula, Houston, Tex ' 49 Long, La Verne, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Lorenz, Elsie, Windsor, Colo ' 47 Major, Dorothy, Wilson, Kans ' 47 Maly, Joan, Colorado Springs, Colo. Martin, Virginia, Denver, Colo Morris, Helen, Evanston, 111 Munk, Frances, Wheatridge, Colo Olson, Betty Jo, Arvada, Colo Ough, Jacqueline, Benkelman, Nebr. Rose, Caroline, Denver, Colo Sommers, Beverly, Denver, Colo " Tole, Jacqelyn, Independence, Kans. Vanderv ilt, Christine, Denver, Colo. Watson, Winifred, Pocatello, Ida Wilcox, Jean, Altadena, Calif. Wilson, Lydia, Woodsville, N. H Wirth, Marilyn, Oak Park, 111 1 Adcock, Joyce, Windsor, Colo ' 50 Bennett, Lola, Ann Arbor, Mich ' 50 Bruing, Frances, Longmont, Colo ' 50 Chalmers, Jane, Houston, Tex ' 49 Clark, Betty Jo, Lakewood, Colo ' 50 Corcoran, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 50 pledges Darrington, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gray, Ellen, Oak Park, 111 ' 49 Hinkle, Joyce, Temple, Tex ' 50 Ho Uing worth, Patricia, Granby, Colo ' 50 Maize, Norene, Germantown, Tenn ' 48 McMillen, Rose Marie, Arapahoe, Colo ' 50 Slavik, Ruth, Berwyn, 111 ' 49 Tait, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 50 Wailes, Roberta, Windsor, Colo ' 50 Walenta, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Yockers, Eleanor, Salina, Kans ' 50 alpha omicron pi 303 officers President Helen Moms Vice-President Patricia Fountain Secretary Frances Munk Treasurer Carol Cox Rush Captain Milege luhre House Mother Miss Vernon April Fool ' s Day backfired on the AOPi ' s when a fire left the chapter house roofless. Despite the extensive damage caused by the fire the AOPi ' s held their " Blossom Time " formal May 11. This fall the social season included a circus formal for the pledges November 9, picnics, beer busts and tea dances. Outstanding in intramurals the Alpha O ' s claim as a mem- ber Lydia Wilson, ace skier on the Buff Ski team and winner of women ' s downhill and slalom races last winter. Prominent women on campus are " Pinky " Hayes, W.A.A., intramurals, and Porpoise; " Tex " Chambers, secretary of the Texas Qub, S G, Coloradan, Women ' s Club, and Ski Club; Elaine Bach, S G, a member of the House of Representatives, Porpoise, and Ski Club; Joan Maly, Coloradan, Newman Qub, University Women ' s Club, a member of the House of Representa- tives; Jane Hardy, University Women ' s Club and Phi Sigma Iota; and Esther Dodge, W.A.A., Intramurals, and Phi Sigma Iota. 304 P MB Adams, D.; Berreau, J.; Bowyer, M.; Brickham, V.; Browning, A.; Brownne, K.; Bunting, M.; Cahoe, G.; Currier, P.; Gushing, M.; Cushman, P. Davis, M.; Dean, J.; Evans, M.; Everham, H.; Fleck, B.; Freeman, A.; Gasser, S.; Giddes, G.; Griffith, C; Grimm, D.; Hall, M. Heffron, C; Herman, S.; Hoist, A.; Howells, M.; lacobson, M.; Janson, B.; Ketcham, J.; Kettle, M.; Killey, M.; Koch, W.; Lauterbach, B. Leroy, E.; Love, B.; McDaniel, A.; Marriott, A.; Merry, A.; Miller, J.; Nolan, M.; Olson, J.; Paulson, M,; Pearce, P.; Peterson, P. Powell, J.; Presley, E.; Ouinette, J.; Riggenbach, S.; Simonson, F.; Smith, C; Starbuck, L.; Strader, N.; Tatge, D.; Thompson, B.; Townsend, R. TuUer, J.; Van Decarr, H.; Vincent, J.; Wellman, M. actives af ♦ Bowyer, Marjorie, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Browning, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 49 Brownne, Kay, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bunting, Mary Alice, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 47 Chambers, Mary Alice, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Currier, Phyllis, Maywood, 111 ' 48 Cushing, Mary Lou, Oak Park, 111 ' 47 Cushman, Peggy, Evanston, 111 ' 47 Davis, Marian, Raton, N, M ' 49 Dean, lane, Denver, Colo ' 49 Evans, Miriam, Casper, Wyo ' 49 Everham, Hope, Wilmette, 111 ' 49 Freeman, Ann, Greeley, Colo ' 47 Gasser, Sue, Pocatello, Ida ' 47 Giddes, Gloria, Kenilworth, 111 _... ' 48 Griffith, Connie, Denver, Colo ' 47 Grimm, Danny, Evanston, 111 .•. ' 47 Hall, Margaret, Boone, Iowa ' 48 Adams, Dorothy, Birmingham, Mich ' 50 Babington, Marilynn Louise, Rapid City, S. D ' 50 Berreau, lean, Minneapolis, Minn ' 50 Borchers, Margaret Louise, Whittier, Calif.. . ' 50 Brickham, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 50 Burnard, Jean Marie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Cahoe, Dorothy Gail, Hibbing, Minn ' 49 Herman, Shelia, Denver, Colo ' 48 Henning, Yvonne, Oak Park, 111 ' 49 Hoist, Nikki, Topeka, Kans ' 49 Jacobson, Mary, Fargo, N. D ' 48 Janson, Bettilou, Seattle, Wash ' 49 Ketcham, Jerry, Kenilworth, 111 ' 49 Kettle, Mary Belle, Littleton, Colo ' 49 Killey, Mary Beth, Western Springs, 111 ' 47 Koch, Wanda, Denver, Colo ' 48 Lauterbach, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 49 Lawson, Joan, Kenilw orth, 111 ' 49 Leroy, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 47 Love, Betty, Taylorville, 111 ' 49 Peterson, Phyllis, Berthoud, Colo ' 49 Mohan, Pat, Glencoe, 111 ' 48 McDaniel, Anne, Ardmore, Okla ' 1 Miller, Joan, Casper, Wyo ' 47 Pearce, Pat, Des Plaines, 111. ' 47 pledges Fleck, Betty Lou, Bismark, N. D ' 49 Gorder, Patricia Louise, Longmont, Colo ' 50 Heffron, Corrine, Denver, Colo ' 50 Howells, Mary Elizabeth, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Leroy, Jean Gillette, Denver, Colo ' 50 Marriott, Amy, Hastings, Nebr ' 50 Merry, Anne, Evanston, 111 ' 50 Miller, Marilyn Lorell, Wilmette, 111 ' 50 Povifell, Joan, Seattle, Wash ' 48 Presley, Eloise, Gallup, N. M ' 47 Quinette, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Riggenbach, Shirley, Monte Vista, Colo ' 47 Simonsen, Frances, Glen view. 111 ' 48 Smith, Carolyn, Sioux City, Iowa ' 48 Smith, Janet L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Starbuck, Lois Jean, Greeley, Colo ' 48 Strader, Nancy, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Townsend, Ruth, Sycamore, IlL ' 48 Thompson, Bertha, Santa Barbara, Calif ' 48 Van DeCar, Helen, Colorado Springs, Colo.. . ' 49 Van Horn, Mary Kay, Manitou Springs, Colo ' M Vincent, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Wellman, Mary Jane, East Lansing, Mich ' 49 Wilcox, AUene, Wichita Falls, Tex ' 49 Nolan, Mary Ann, Casper, Wyo ' 49 Olsen, Joan Quentin, Boone, Iowa ' 50 Paulson, Mary Lee, Fargo, N. D ' 49 Rolander, Marjorie, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 50 Seymour, Marilouise, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Tatge, Dayne, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Thompson, Carol Jean, Denver, Colo ' 50 TuUer, June Brett, Chicago, 111 ' 50 alpha phi 305 officers President Peg Cushman Vice-President Danny Grimm Secretary Mary Alice Chambers Treasurer Ann Freeman Rush Captain Mary Alice Bunting House Mother Mrs. Streamer The " Phi " house, this year as usual, has been the center of many picnics, tea dances, formals, and parties. In March, they held their big spring formal " Gay Parse " for the seniors. The last of May was high-lighted by their traditional senior breakfast where the juniors imitated the seniors. In October, the Phis held their Founder ' s Day Banguet celebrating their seventy-fourth an- niversary. In the 1946 Homecoming they won first place in house decorations with the theme " Lobo Joins the Others. " Tommy Thompson was in the homecoming queen ' s court, and many other Alpha Phis participated on different committees. In November, Alpha Phi held their pledge formal, " Phi Sea " for their twenty-two new pledges. Alpha Phi ' s outstanding BWOC ' s are Peg Cushman, Sue Gasser, and Ann Freeman — Mortar Board; Mac Chambers, Nan Strader, Mary Alice Bunting, and Marg Hall — Hesperia; and Carolyn Smith, president of Lester Hall. Peg is also president of Alpha Phi, president of Mortar Board, Vice-president of Pan- Hellenic, head of convocations for ASUC, an officer in AWS, and chairman of the student union committee. 306 m Anderson, R.; Arnold, M.; Bennetts, A.; Berg, B.; Brooke, S.; Buck, S.; Burgoin, H.; Cartwright, M.; Coyne, E.; Dall, M.; DeLong, C. Freemole, R.; Furbeck, V.; Hanson, C; Harned, A.; Helsel, J.; Hibler, N.; Horn, B.; Huckins, L.; Huggins, M,; Hutchison, K.; Jackson, B. James, N.; Jones, C; Jones, J.; Lee, E.; Leslie, M.; Martz, D.; Mathews, E.; Moore, M.; Nafe, B.; Nast, M.; Nelson, J. Nelson, M.; Newman, J.; Noland, M.; Otto, J.; Payne, P.; Poor, J.; Probert, L.; Rennicke, B.; Smethills, H.; Staufenberg, L; St. Clair, P. Taylor, M.; Thayer, M.; Turgeon, V.; Wagner, P.; Weber, M.; Welcher, M.; Wilson, P.; Wivell, E. actives St Arnold, Marylaine, Denver, Colo ' 48 Burgoin, Hope, Omaha, Nebr ' 47 Burling, Ann, Pasadena, Calif. ' 49 Coyne, Elaine (transfer). Ft. Madison, Iowa ' 48 Freemole, Rita, Belle Fourche, S. D ' 49 Furbeck, Virginia, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Gill, Dorothy, Decatur, 111 ' 49 Grafe, Helen, Los Angeles, Calif ' 48 Harned, Agnes (transfer), State College, Miss ' 47 Huggins, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 48 Jackson, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 47 Jones, Charlie Marie, Dalhart, Tex ' 47 Kennedy, Nancy, Tulsa, Okla ' 49 Lamb, Bettye, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Leslie, Mary Elizabeth, Glen EUyn, 111 ' 49 Lev is, Gwen (transfer), Grosse Pointe, Mich ' 48 Martz, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 48 Moore, Marilyn, Kimball, Nebr ' 48 Nast, Margaret, Milwaukee, Wise ' 47 Nelson, Marilyn, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 48 Nero, Patricia, Roswell, N. M ' 49 Opdycke, Harriet, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Otto, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 47 Payne, Rosemary, Colorado Springs, Colo. .. ' 49 Reddinger, Koe, Big Rapids, Mich ' 47 Reilly, Barbara, Memphis, Tenn ' 48 Rennicke, Barbara, Downers Grove, 111 ' 49 Smethills, Harriet, Denver, Colo ' 47 Smith, Sue, Glencoe, III ' 49 Staufenberg, Isabelle, Glen Ellyn, 111 ' 49 St. Clair, Patricia, Port Washington, N. Y ' 48 Steinshower, Jean, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Taylor, Mary Beth, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Thayer, Margaret, San Marino, Calif ' 49 Tourek, Jeanne, Hinesdale, 111 ' 49 Turgeon, Vera Lee, Topeka, Kans ' 47 Ward, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Weber, Mary Louise, Hutchinson, Kans ' 49 Wilson, Phyllis, Denver, Colo ' 49 Wright, Rosemary, River Forest, 111 ' 48 Andersen, Ruth Marie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bennetts, Alice, Denver, Colo ' 50 Berg, Barbara Jane, Belvidere, 111 ' 50 Brooke, Suzanne, Oregon, IlL ' 50 Buck, Shirley, Streator, 111 ' 48 Carney, Jane, BartlesviUe, Okla ' 50 Carr, Dorothy R., Denison, Iowa ' 50 Cartwright, Marji Anne, Cuyahoga Falls, O... ' 50 Chapman, Coralyn Olivia, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Dall, Marilyn, Libertyville, 111 ' 48 Gould, Mary Virginia, Dayton, O ' 50 pledges Hansen, Constance Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hibler, Nydabelle, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Horn, Barbara, Goodland, Kans ' 50 Huckins, Melinda, River Forest, 111 ' 50 Hutchison, Katherine, Boulder, Colo ' 50 James, Loretta Noreen, Dalhart, Tex ' 49 Lee, Dorothy Ellen, Lamar, Colo ' 48 Lodge, Janet Mae, Robinson, 111 ' 50 De Long, Cynthia, Anoka, Minn ' 49 Mathews, Ellanore Louise, Silverton, Colo... ' 48 Morgan, Marian, Denver, Colo ' 50 McKelvey, Joanne, BartlesviUe, Okla ' 50 Nafe, Betty Lou, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Nelson, Joanne Lee, Colorado Springs, Colo ;50 Newman, Joan, Sterling, Colo ' 50 Noland, Madeline R., Bains, La ' 50 Poor, Jayne, Streator, 111 ' 48 Probert, Lyle, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.... ' 50 Reynolds, Anne Virginia, Glen Ellyn, 111 ' 50 Wagner, Carlene P., Garden City, N. Y 50 Welcher, Marguerite, Belvidede, 111 ' 50 Wivell, Emma Lou, North Platte, Nebr ' 49 chi ome a 307 officers President Barbara Ward Vice-President Rosemary Wright Secretary Barbara Rennicke Treasurer Patsy St. Clair House Mother Mrs. Newton E. Buckley Rush Captain Hope Burgoin Highlighting Chi Omega activities for the past twelve months was Loahna Moore ' s tea in Denver for Zeta Chapter ' s famed Josephine Antoine, Metropolitan Opera star, and to entertain Dr. Florence Sabin, renown scientist and 1932 recipient of Chi Omega ' s annual National Achievement Award. Other red-letter dates were the Rose dinner at Hotel Cosmopolitan in Denver, and the revival of the annual " Pirate Party " for the actives by the pledges. Mid-July found Barbara Ward and Marilyn Mayer at the national Chi Omega convention at Spring Lake, New Jersey, and summer suns also shone on an even dozen " Cardinal and Straw " brides. Came September . . . rushing and pledging, registration lines and studies, tea dances, serenades, and picnics! In the process the ubiquitous Chi O ' s were found in campus organizations far and wide and the entire chapter signed for intramurals. Not to be outdone, the Chi Omega and Phi Gamma Delta pledges, to quote from the S G, " pulled one of the most organized pledge- sneaks in the history of CU. " Examples of Chi O pulchritude and participation in campus life list Pat St. Clair as Engine Ball Queen, Betsy Borst, C. U. Days Queen, and Jackie Anderson, Coloradan Queen. Milii Anderson and Pat Nero rank as class section editors, Colo- radan, while other publications list Marylaine Arnold as busi- ness manager of Dodo; Hope Burgoin, advertising manager, S G, Koe Reddinger, office manager, Colorado Engineer; Marty Hug- gins, secretary of Window. I ffi ID ID ■s 308 Adams, M.; Berkstresser, I.; Capes, M.; Chase, M.; Chavez, C; Clement, C; Corbit, S.; Eddy, L.; Eroddy, J. Gardner, E.; Garlinghouse, P.; Gaunt, E.; Goalby, A.; Goedde, M.; Gregg, M.; Henry, A.; Herigstad, E.; Jones, F. King, P.; Kingdon, B.; Kissock, I.; Krier, S.; Linendall, M.; Lowe, M.; Mann, H.; O ' Donnell, S.; Rich, M. Robertson, V.; Robinson, J.; Sandman, D.; Schwalbe, J.; Stanton, N.; Stevens, J.; Stone, M.; Todd, V.; Whalen, S. Wickizer, H.; Wilson, J. actives Arp, Dorothy, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 47 Berkstresser, Joanne, Sterling, Colo ' 49 Carlson, Donna Rose, Ft. Lupton, Colo ' 46 Chase, Mamie, La Junta, Colo. ' 47 Chavez, Carol, Santa Fe, N. M ' 49 Clement, Cynthia, Denver, Colo ' 48 Corbit, Sally, South Pasadena, Calif ' 48 Crockett, Jane, Olathe, Colo ' 48 Davis, Sarah Lou, El Paso, Tex ' 47 Eddy, Louella, Evanston, 111 ' 47 Edwards, Dorene, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Fitz, Patty, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 48 Frisbie, Cleo, Lovell, Wyo ' 46 Gardener, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 49 Goalby, Alice, Denver, Colo ' 49 Goedde, Mary, Long Beach, Calii ' 49 Gregg, Muriel, Inglewood, Calif ' 48 Henry, Anita Jo, Hutchinson, Kans ' 49 Herigstad, EUamae, Denver, Colo ' 48 Kaub, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 49 King, Patricia, Colorado, Springs, Colo ' 49 Kingdon, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 47 Kissock, Irene, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 47 Krier, Shirley, Walsenburg, -Colo ' 47 Levoe, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 47 Lindemann, Joan, Twin Falls, Ida ' 48 Linendoll, Mary, Pasadena, Calif ' 47 Long, Donna, Guyman, Okla ' 46 Love, Martha, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 47 Mann, Helen, Hinsdale, 111 ' 48 Matthews, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Morgan, Betty, Billings, Mont ' 49 O ' Donnel, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 48 Peyton, Eva Marie, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Rich, Mary Sue, Denver, Colo ' 48 Robinson, Joyce, Denver, Colo ' 48 Rose, Patricia, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Rose, Paula, Boulder, Colo. ' 49 Sandmann, Dottie, Loveland, Colo ' 49 Schwalbe, JoAnn, Denver, Colo ' 48 Smith, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 47 Smith, Kay, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 49 Snook, Jackie, Denver, Colo ' 49 Sorenson, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 49 Stanton, Norma Jean,- Denver, Colo ' 48 Steen, Crete, Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 47 Stone, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 47 Stranahan, Mary Jane, Berthoud, Colo ' 49 Whalen, Susan, Jefferson, Iowa ' 47 Wickhizer, Helen, Tulsa, Okla ' 49 Zanella, Vera, Loveland, Colo ' 47 pledges V Adams, Mary Jo, Raton, N. M ' 50 Barcus, Jean, Englewood, Colo ' 50 Binkley, Alice, Wheatridge, Colo ' 49 Burks, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 50 Calonge, Winifred, La Junta, Colo ' 50 Carlin, Pat, Denver, Colo ' 50 Garlinghouse, Peggy, South Pasadena, Calif ' 50 Gaunt, Betty, Ft. Lupton, Colo ' 50 Hall, Patsy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Heisterman, Mary Lou, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Kingdon, Louise, Denver, Colo ' 50 Krier, Pauline, Walsenburg, Colo ' 50 MeuUer, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 50 Paper, Donna, Longmont, Colo ' 50 Price, Rene, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Robertson, Virginia, Wichita Falls, Tex ' 50 Robinson, Donna, Denver, Colo ' 50 Schneberger, Jane, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Steik, Caroline, Upper Montclair, N. J ' 50 Stevens, JoAnne, El Paso, Tex ' 50 Torgerson, Arlene, Denver, Colo ' 50 Van Law, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 50 Wachob, Virgmia, Denver, Colo ' 50 Wilson, Joan, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 delta delta delta 309 officers President Mary LinendoU Vice-President Betty Kingdon Secretary Sally Corbit, Barbara Mathews Treasurer Potty Fitz Rush Captain Joyce Robinson House Mother Mrs. Sutherland First place winner in the AWS Vaudeville for two consecu- tive years, the Tri-Delts topped off a successful year of activities by winning the coveted C.U. Days Participation cup, and placing second in the Song Fest. Queen material includes Jo Short, who was Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and Sarah Lou Davis, part of the Homecoming Court. Among the outstanding members of Tri-Delt are: Senate proxy Mary LinendoU, Mortar Board, ASUC Commission, Head of AWS Vaudeville, Chairman of C.U. Days, executive in YWCA; Mamie Chase, president of Pan-Hel, Senate, Mortar Board, YWCA Cabinet, ASUC Commission, officer in Business School; Betty Kingdon, in charge of Boulder Buff for CU Days, chairman of elec- tion commission, vice president of Tri-Delt, assistant chairman of Homecoming; Joyce Robinson, Hesperia, Senate, YWCA cabinet, Pan-Hel; Jo Schwalbe, Hesperia, officer in Ski Club, YWCA Cabinet. 310 ptgpi Adams, B.; Agor, A.; Andrew, B.; Benton, E.; Bigelow, H.; Biggs, E,; Boeck, P.; Bonar, A.; Brown, p.; Brown, M.; Brown, P. Carlson, B.; Charlton, J.; Class, M.; Cloyd, N.; Crockett, M.; Deter, M.; DriscoU, P.; Freeman, D.; Gavagan, B.; Greenwood, M.; Grills, M. Holmes, E.; Johnson, J.; Jones, B.; Kemp, S.; Kennicott, J.; Lehnen, H.; Livingston, S.; Lomas, M.; Lourie, A.; Lowden, B.; Mcllvaine, I. MacNeal, M.; Malsee, B.; March, T.; Meyer, J.; Meyers, J.; Neibel, R.; Nitsch, M.; Pedersen, P.; Philpott, M.; Read, L.; Ruddy, M. Russcm, P.; Ryan, K.; Ryan, M.; Schoelzel, E.; Sconce, A.; Sigvaldson, A.; Slayton, N.; Smith, J.; Squire, M.; Stanley, X.; Stringer, H. Sytz, I.; Vcn Hoist, M.; Wilhoite, J. actives Agor, Allene, Aberdeen, S. D ' 47 Bigelow, Helen, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bigqs, Elaine, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Boeck, Patricia, Boise, Idaho ' 48 Bowie, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 49 Brow n, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 48 Brown, Melanie, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 Brown, Peggy, Denver, Colo ' 48 Carlson, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 48 Class, Marjorie, Los Angeles, Calif ' 47 Cloyd, Nancy, Omaha, Nebr ' 49 Crockett, Marian, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Davis, Corliss, Cloquet, Minn ' 49 Deter, Marian, Denver, Colo ' 49 Dunmire, Carol, Lead, S. D ' 47 Andrew , Barbara, Washington, D. C ' 50 Benton, Elinor, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bowman, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bonar, Anne, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Charlton, Judy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Craig, Shirley, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Driscoll, Peggy, St. Paul, Minn ' 50 Engstrom, Janice, Denver, Colo ' 50 Engstrom, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 50 Fulton, Anita, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gavagan, Barbara, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 50 Freeman, Dorothy, Ft. Worth, Tex ' 48 Greenwood, Marjorie, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Grills, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 47 Hinkley, Carolyn, University City, Mo ' 49 Johnson, Joan, Lead, S. D ' 47 Jones, Barbara, Philadelphia, Pa ' 48 Kennicott, Jo Marie, Denver, Colo ' 49 Lehnen, Harriett, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Lillengren, Joan, Chicago, 111 ' 47 Livingston, Sally, Summit, N. J ' 48 Lourie, Anne, Moline, 111 ' 47 March, Theresa, Rapid City, S. D ' 48 Meyer, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 49 Niebel, Ruth, Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Nitsch, Marjoiifi Denver, Colo ' 48 pledges Harrison, Jean, Maryville, Mo ' 49 Holmes, Evelyn, Sioux Falls, S. D ' 49 Kemp, Sandy, Alhambra, CaUf ' 49 Lomas, Margaret, Red Oak, Iowa ' 49 Lowden, Barbara, Long Beach, Calif ' 50 Mabee, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 49 MacNeal, Marguerite, Philadelphia, Pa ' 49 Mcllvaine, Isabelle, Denver, Colo ' 49 Mulligan, Kathleen, Denver, Colo ' 50 Myers, Joyce, Alliance, Nebr ' 48 Philpott, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 49 Pedersen, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 47 Read, Luana, River Forest, 111 ' 47 Ruddy, Marilyn, Webster Groves, Mo ' 49 Russom, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 49 Schoelzel, Elaine, Denver, Colo ' 49 Sconce, Arlene, Omaha, Nebr ' 49 Sigvaldson, Alice, Longmont, Colo ' 47 Sigvaldson, Bernice, Longmont, Colo ' 49 Slayton, Nancy, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Stanley, Xenia, Denver, Colo ' 47 Stringer, Harriet, St. Paul, Minn ' 49 Vick, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Von Hoist, Marion, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Washburn, Sally, St. Paul, Minn ' 47 Philpott, Mary, Denver, Colo ' 49 Pruitt, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 49 Ryan, Kathleen, Kansas City, Mo ' 50 Ryan, Margaret, Kansas City, Mo ' 49 Smith, Jane, Palo Alto, Calif ' 49 Squire, Mary Anne, Wheaton, 111 ' 50 Sytz, Irene, Dyersburg, Tenn ' 48 Van Brunt, Beverly, Ft. Myers, Fla ' 50 Whitaker, Dale, Sacramento, Calif ' 50 Wilhoite. Tov. Houston, Tex ' 50 delta amma 311 officers President Joan Lillengren Vice-President Xenia Stanley Secretary Peggy Brown Treasurer Allene Agor House Mother Mrs. Butcher ' Neath her sails of bronze, pink, and blue. Delta Gamma set down her anchor in Boulder under the leadership of Joanie Lillengren. While Pat Boeck and Joanie were attending the national convention in Pasadena last summer, the chapter house was re- decorated. The new barbeque pit was put into immediate use when social activities started with a party with the Chi Psi ' s after the first football game. In November, the actives gave their formal for the pledges featuring the festive Holiday Inn. Recipro- cally, the pledges presented their dance " A Street of Dreams " in January for the enjoyment of the actives. The installation of the new Delta Gamma chapter at Denver University was held in Boulder in September. The national presi- dent and secretary were guests of Phi chapter for the occasion. The initiation banquet was held at Wayne ' s. Province convention was held at the Phi chapter house in April. Two representatives from each chapter in the territory spent a week-end of work and festivity in Boulder. The D. G. ' s were well represented in C. U. Day ' s activities during the spring quarter. Also, the traditional " Lilac Dance " was held in May. Some of the outstanding Delta Gammas who are well-known on the campus are Helen Bigelow, Pat Boeck, Xenia Stanley and lia Tarmas. 312 IPPPS Allen, B.; Amsbary, R.; Anderson, B.; Atwood, R.; Ballou, B.; Barkley, P.; Barnes, E.; Boyle, B.; Carlile, V.; Carson, B.; Carswell, M.; Carthous, C. Cook, M.; Cormack, C; Darnell, G.; Dick, W.; Doolen, P.; Eddy, B.; Fishburn, N.; Fisher, S.; Folley, B.; Gilhams, Jane; Gilhams, Jean; Grifhty, H. Grove, M.; Hogaboom, A.; Holdeman, M.; Holden, J.; Hunt, A.; Irwin, J.; Jackson, N.; Jacobsen, (.; James, E.; Joffee, P.; Jorgenson, A.; Kelly, E. Lang, J.; Lees, J.; Luder, G.; McClure, M.; Mclnnes, M.; McKown, S.; MocDonald, J.; Maloney, M.; Mantz, M,; Melcher, F.; Moore, M.; Neill, O. Nelson, N.; Norgren, G.; Norris, A.; Porter, A.; Ross, B.; Schmidt, B.; Schroeder, S.; Shanley, I.; Shaw, M.; Smyth, I.; Spackman, K.; Stanton, J. Stearns, B.; Stephenson, M.; Thompson, G.; Tomlinson, D.; Welker, S.; White, A. M.; White, S.; Von Wyl, M.; Young, F. actives f 1 Amsbary, Robin, Champaign, 111 ' 49 Anderson, Beverly, Seattle, Wash ' 47 Ballou, Barbara, Hinsdale, 111 ' 47 Barnes, Elizabeth, Fairfax, Okla ' 47 Boyle, Jeanne Marie, Los Angeles, Calif ' 47 Carthaus, Cindy, Alton, 111 ' 49 Carlile, Vergene, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Carhsle, Jean, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Carswell, Margaret, Kansas City, Mo ' 47 Cook, Mary, El Paso, Tex ' 48 Cormack, Carol, Palo Alto, Calif ' 49 Culbertson, Shirley, Midland, Tex ' 49 Darnell, Gladys, Tulsa, Okla ' 47 Doolen, Polly, Denver, Colo ' 48 Dunn, Jacqueline, Phillips, Tex ' 49 Eddy, Barbara, Hays, Kans ' 47 Gilhams, Jane, Wynnewood, Pa ' 47 Gilhams, Jean, Wynnewood, Pa ' 47 Allen, Betty, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Atwood, Rita, MinneapoHs, Minn ' 50 Carswell, Jane, Kansas City, Mo ' 50 Dick, Winnie, Denver, Colo ' 48 Fisher, Sally, Evanston, 111 ' 50 Fishburn, Nancy, Pasadena, Calif ' 50 Folley, Bobbie Lou, Northbrook, 111 ' 50 Holland, Jo Ann, Denver, Colo ' 49 Hunt, Alice, Derby, Colo ' 49 Grove, Marjorie, Puebio, Colo ' 49 Hogaboom, Anne, Glendale, Calif ' 48 Holdeman, Mary Margaret, York, Nebr ' 47 Holden, Jo, Harbert, Mich ' 49 Irw in, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 47 James, Eleanore, Estes Park, Colo ' 47 Joffee, Patsy, Denver, Colo. ' 48 Kelly, Evelyn, Evanston, 111 ' 49 Lang, Joanne, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Lees, Jeannie, Pueblo, Colo. ' 49 Luder, Gay, Canon City, Colo ' 41 Mantz, Mary, Kansas City, Mo ' 47 McClure, Marcille, Midland, Tex. ' 49 Mclnnes, Mary, Boulder, Colo. ' 48 Moore, Marion, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Moynahan. Donna, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Neill, Ora, Evanston, 111. ' 47 Nelson, Nancy, Maywood, 111. ' 49 pledges Jackson, Neva, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Jacobson, Janise, Denver, Colo ' 50 Jorgenson, Andrea, Wilmette, 111 ' 50 Maloney, Marilyn, Gary, Ind ' 50 McKewn, Sue, Omaha, Nebr. ' 50 Melcher, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pickett, Mary Ellen, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Powers, Alice, Hinsdale, 111 ' 50 Schmidt, Kay, Hinsdale, 111 ' 50 Nightingale, Nancy, Minneapolis, Minn ' 49 Norgren, Gene, Denver, Colo ' 47 Porter, Ann, Jacksonville, Fla ' 47 Purchard, Jane, Denver, Colo ' 47 Ross, Betty, Oakland, Iowa ' 46 Schmidt, Barbara, Hinsdale, 111 M7 Shaw, Margaret, Las Animas, Colo ' 47 Smyth, Irene, Big Horn, Wyo ' 48 Stanton, Jean, Gary, Ind ' 49 Stephenson, Marylyn, Littleton, Colo ' 47 Thompson, Gerry, Enid, Okla ' 46 Todd. Rose Mary, Pueblo, Colo M6 Von Wyl, Margaret, Denver, Colo. ' 48 White, Alice Mary, Evanston, 111 ' 49 White, Sally, Wihnette, 111 ' 49 Winder, Cecille, El Paso, Tex 47 Young, Frances, Denver, Colo ' 49 Shanley, Joanne, Long Beach, Calif ' 5U Schroeder, Shirley, San Antonio, Tex ' 49 Spackman, Katie, San Bernardino, Calif ' 49 Stearns, Barbara, Grand Island, Nebr ' 49 Tomlinson, Dorothy, Ardmore, Okla. ' 50 Ullmann, Claire, River Forest, 111 ' 50 Welker, Sue, Kansas City, Mo ' 48 Whitaker, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 49 V hite, Corliss, Houston, Tex ' 43 kappa alpha theta 313 officers Gene Norgren President Mary Cook Vice-President Barbara Schmidt Secretary Anne Hogaboom Treasurer House Mother Mrs. Cunningham The Thetas, being very active in intramurals this year, took second place in intramurals and had seven members of W.A.A. Board with Jo Lang as vice-president. They won the track meet last spring, and they also won their football game with the Kappas. Besides being active in athletics the Thetas have been active socially. Last May they had their spring formal, the theme of T hich " was Neptune ' s Paradise. In October they had a dance for their pledges and the fall formal was shortly before Thanksgiving. A tea was given for their past housemother, Mrs. Shumaker, and their present one, Mrs. Adams. Also they enjoyed many tea dances, picnics, and other informal parties. Among their outstanding members are Billie Boyle, City Editor of S and G, head of the CU Days Float Committee and of the Homecoming Torchlight and Bonfire Committee, Hesperia, Theta Sigma Phi, secretary of Greek Combine; Jo Holden, Spur proxy. Senate, secretary of Coloradan and of Student Union Building Committee, assistant business manager of Homecoming; Jo Lang, Housing Chairman of Senate, Vice president of W.A.A., secretary-treasurer of freshman lavir class, Orchesis; Jean Carlisle, W.A.A. Board, SAI, secretary of Spur; Mike McClure, editor of the Dodo; Mary Mantz, organizations editor of the Coloradan, Theta Sigma Phi; and Cindy Carthaus, CU Days Queen can- didate. 314 Beecher, M.; Bergman, B.; Breckenridge, J.; Briscoe, J.; Brown, B.; Fleming, P.; Godbe, J.; Goodwin, G.; Grannell, E. Haddock, J.; Hanley, M.; Kirkpatrick, T.; Lee, N.; Lowe, R.; McCusker, D.; MacLellan, J.; Maier, M.; Martin, S. Marshall, B.; Muth, J.; Nelson, V.; Nissen, L.; Packard, C; Packard, J.; Palmer, R.; Parkhill, M.; Pelling, J. Perkins, C; Pryor, M.; Rapalje, R.; Schabes, G.; Scheib, S.; Simson, P.; Sloan, J.; Stailey, J.; Stearns, J. Ouinby, J.; Walker, M.; Waters, M.; Weir, J.; Wheeler, S.; Whitson, S.; Wilcoxson, D.; Works, L.; Writer, V. actives Alexander, Ann, Denver, Colo ' 47 Beecher, Marybelle, Bartlesville, Okla ' 47 Bergman, Betty, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Brainerd, Martha, Denver, Colo ' 49 Briscoe, Jane, Idaho Springs, Colo ' 48 Brow n, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 47 Currigan, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 48 Curry, Sheila, Denver, Colo grad. Eaton, Nancy, San Marino, Calif ' 49 Fleming, Patty, Denver, Colo ' 49 Haddock, Jean, Tulsa, Okla ' 47 Hanley, Marion, Kirkwood, Mo ' 48 Hyde, Nancy, Sioux Falls, S. Dak ' 49 Kemper, Kay, Denver, Colo ' 49 Lee, Nancy, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Lowe, Rosalie, Albuquerque, N. M ' 48 MacLellan, Jean, Chicago, 111 ' 46 Maier, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 48 McCabe, June, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Muth, Janet, Pasadena, Calif ' 49 Nelson, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 48 Nissen, Mary Lou, Denver, Colo ' 48 Palmer, Robin, Sterling, Colo ' 47 Parkhill, Marijean, Pontiac, III ' 47 Perkins, Camille, Denver, Colo ' 49 Philpott, Catherine, Denver, Colo ' 48 Pryor, Marjorie, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Quinby, Jane, Monmouth, 111 ' 48 Rapalje, Ruth, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Schabes, Gloria, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Scheib, Susan, Denver, Colo, ' 47 Sears, Janet, Denver, Colo ' 49 Schalk, Betty, Denver, Colo ' 48 Simson, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 47 Stailey, Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Tallman, Dorothy Ann, Shelbyville, 111 ' 48 VanArsdale, Marjorie, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Watkins, Phyllis, Lincoln, Nebr ' 48 Weiler, Mary, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Wells, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wells, Margaret, Denver, Colo ' 48 West, Caroline, Albuquerque, N. M ' 46 Wier, Virginia, Beaumont, Tex ' 48 Wiggins, Ellen, Larchmont, N. Y. grad. Wilcoxson, Donna, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Witsell, Nell, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Wheeler, Sue, Great Bend, Kons ' 49 Whitson, Shelby, Orange, N. J ' 49 Works, Lyla, Denver, Colo. ' 48 pledges A Bakewell, Cecile, Denver, Colo ' 50 Baldv in, Lois, Denver, Colo ' 50 Breckenridge, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Burns, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 49 Deneke, June, Denver, Colo ' 50 Ducy, Kay, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Godbe, jayne, Denver, Colo ' 50 Goodvrin, Gerry, Sidney, Nebr ' 50 Grannell, Eleanore, Denver, Colo ' 50 Jacobson, Colleen, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Kirkpatrick, Tulu, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 McArthur, Tate, Greeley, Colo ' 48 McCusker, Dorothy Jean, Boulder, Colo ' 48 McNeal, Harriet, Highland Park, 111 ' 50 Martin, Sue, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Miller, Marjorie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Mortenson, Nancy, Fort Morgan, Colo ' 50 O ' Neill, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 50 Packard, Carol, Denver, Colo ' 49 Packard, Joan, Denver, Colo ' 50 Palmer, Phyllis, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Pelling, Janet, Evanston, 111 ' 50 Porter, Ardith, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Service, Frankie, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Sloan, Jean, Bloomington, 111. ' 50 Spore, Vera, Denver, Colo ' 50 Stearns, Judy, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Walker, Martha, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Waters, Mary Ellen, Tulsa, Okla. ' 50 Writer, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 50 kappa kappa amma 315 officers President June McCabe Vice-President Rosalie Lowe Rush Captain Margaret Maier House Mother Mrs. Isabelle Rhoads Secretary Beverly Brown Treasurer Marjorie Ellen Pryor The Kappas welcomed the social activities of the post-war campus by frequent exchange dinners and dances with the fraternities. Homecoming really was what it ought to be this year — not only the welcoming of alums but the boys returning from the service. The Kappa-Theta football game (and it was tackle, too!) proved that although they may not know all the technicalities of playing the game, they certainly have the old drive that goes with it. The formal given in honor of the pledges was enjoyed by all despite the blizzard that threatened to keep everyone at home. KKG ' s missed Mrs. Rhoads, faithful housemother for the last few years, while she was recuperating from an illness during the fall quarter. Active in campus affairs is Nancy Lee who besides being president of the YWCA, vice-president of the Business School, and treasurer of WAA, serves on Senate and is a member of Beta Sigma and Hesperia. Jane Briscoe keeps busy at acting as a Senate officer, YWCA officer, member of the WAA board, and member of Hesperia — to mention a few of her activities. 316 Alford, M.; Allen, C; Allen, J.; Amberg, L.; Anderson, V.; Ball, N.; Beard, B.; Beeley, M.; Beeman, D.; Bowers, B. Bowles, B.; Bridge, B.; Brown, C.; Brown, S.; Bullis, B.; Butto, C; Carpenter, D.; Collins, C; Cook, M.; Cummings, J. Demmon, D.; Demmon, G.; Dumm, L.; Fenton, S.; Fischer, T.; Fleming, B.; Holtzman, N.; Hutchinson, B.; Hylan, A.; Kunz, V. Larson, J.; Laws, R.; McCarthy, B.; Merritt, E.; Norman, J.; Page, M.; Reed, ].; Roberts, R.; Rupp, B.; Ryan, B. Sackman, J.; Schultz, M.; Shawver, M.; Vickers, P.; Vining, M.; Wagner, N.; Wallace, M.; Warren, D.; Whitman, N.; Wilhelm, L. actives Alford, Mary, Orange, N. J ' 47 Beeman, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 47 Bowles, Betty, Glendale, Calif ' 48 Bowers, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Bridge, Beverly, Minneapolis, Minn. ' 49 Brown, Carolyn, Rhinelander, Wis ' 49 Bullis, Barbara, Galesburg, 111 ' 49 Burns, Barbara, Okmulgee, Okla ' 47 Butto, Catherine, Denver, Colo ' 48 Carpenter, Dorothy, Palo Alto, Calif ' 49 Chapin, June, Fort Collins, Colo ' 49 Clark, Celeste, Denver, Colo ' 49 Collins, Claire, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 47 Comer, Adrian, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Coolidge, Courtney, Chicago, 111 ' 47 Davis, Mary, Long Beach, Calif ' 49 Demmon, Gloria, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 47 Dunn, Betty, Long Beach, Calif ' 49 Allen, Carolyn, Longmont, Colo ' 50 Allen, Judy, Eagle, Colo ' 49 Amberg, Loel, Grosse Pointe, Mich ' 53 Anderson, Virginia, Denver, Colo ' 49 Austin, Mary Lee, Dallas, Tex ' 50 Ball, Nancy, Montclair, N. J, ' 50 Bealey, Mary Lynn, Denver, Colo ' 50 Beard, Barbara, Dallas, Tex ' 50 Brown, Sally, Oak Park, 111 ' 50 Bruton, Betty, Colo, Springs, Colo ' 50 Dumm, Laura Jane, Denver, Colo ' 47 Fenton, Sue, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 49 Fitzell, Phoebe, Denver, Colo ' 47 Forsling, Margaret Ann, Sioux City, la ' 48 Gray, Eleanor, Denver, Colo ' 49 Henderson, Doris, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Holtzman, Nancy, Rochester, N. Y ' 47 Hutchinson, Barbara, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Hylan, Anne, Boulder, Colo ' 47 King, Nancy, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Kunz, Vera Jean, Denver, Colo ' 49 Larson, Janet, Galesburg, 111 ' 49 Laws, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 48 Lazorchick, Georgia Meyers, Boulder, Colo.. . ' 49 Love, Deborah, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 McCarthy, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 48 Merritt, Elaine Bush, Boulder, Colo ' 47 pledges Cook, Mary Alice, Denver, Colo ' 50 Demmon, Dianne, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 50 Fischer, Thelmae, Denver, Colo ' 50 Norman, Jane, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Roberts, Rosemary, Grand Rapids, Mich ' 50 Rupp, Barbara, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Sackman, Jean, Waukegan, 111 ' 48 Shawver, Marion, Fort Collins, Colo ' 50 Sessions, Frances, Okmulgee, Okla ' 49 Wilhelm, Lilly, Houston, Tex ' 48 Millikan, Barbara, Tulsa, Okla. ]48 Morrison, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 48 Page, Mildred, Denver, Colo ' 47 Ouaintance, Patricia, Golden, Colo ' 49 Reed, Jane, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Ryan, Betty Ann, Denver, Colo. „ ' 49 Schultz, Mihfred, Denver, Colo. - ' 48 Scott, Blythe, Albuquerque, N. M ' 49 Teasley, Katherine, San Diego, Calif ' 49 Vickers, Paula, Wichita, Kans ' 48 Vining, Marge, Denver, Colo ' 47 Wagner, Nonnie, Oakland, Calif. ' 48 Wallace, Marge, Council Bluffs, la ' 47 Warren, Ann, Fort Collins, Colo ' 49 Westphal, Olive, Houston, Tex ' 48 Whitman, Nancy, Denver, Colo ' 49 Worcester, Mary, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Wolfe, Shirley, Denver, Colo ' 50 Manchester, Margaret, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 TRANSFERS Austin, Charlaine, Letts, Iowa ' 47 Bailey, Patricia, Denver, Colo ' 47 Dunn, Hazel Jean, Denver, Colo ' 47 Schultz, Mary Kay, Shattuck, Okla ' 47 Sleeper, Patty, Dallas, Tex ' 48 Lindstrum, Rosemary, Ames, Iowa ' 48 Warren, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 47 pi beta phi 317 officers President Mildred Page Vice-President Adrian Comer Secretary Nancy King Treasurer Barbara Burns Rush Captain Beverly Bridge House Mother Mrs. Conrad The Pi Phi year started out with a bang in September when the Pi Phi ' s float walked off with the first prize for women ' s floats during C.U. Days, and the house decorations received honorable mention. From the scholastic point of view, the Pi Phi ' s were awarded the Denver Panhellenic scholarship cup for the seventh consecutive year. With the advent of winter came the Pi Phi Winter formal. The house was decorated as a ski chalet, with a roaring fire and snow covered evergreen trees to carry out the theme. Tea dances and exchange dinners filled their calendar until beer busts and picnics took precedence in the spring. Outstanding Pi Phi seniors are: Dorothy Beeman — Business Manager of the Coloradan, Spur, Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice- president of Beta Sigma, Y.W.C.A. group leader, Co-collections manager of Dodo, and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Barbara Bowers — Spur, Hesperia, Coloradan, Home- coming committee chairman, C.U. Day ' s committee. Senate, WAA Board member, Advertising manager and Business manager of Silver and Gold, and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Anne Hylan — Spur, Hesperia, Mortar Board, Publicity chairman and president of YWCA; Business Manager of Colo- radan, Secretary ASUC, President of AWS, Miss CU, and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 318 Aaron, J.; Bloom, B.; Cohn, V.; Corash, J.; Eisen, C; Erman, E.; Ginsburg, S.; Goldblatt, R. Goldfoqel, D.; Halper, L.; Hayutin, N.; Horwitz, R.; Kupetz, M.; Levenson, D.; Lipman, J.; Miller, A, Miller, B.; Miller, P.; Pasternack, A.; Pellish, B.; Perlman, F.; Rollnick, B.; Rosenthal, J.; Sattenstein, I. Segel, J.; Shore, E.; Tarkoff, R.; Wolf, B. Castle, Gloria, Denver, Colo. . Cohn, Vivian, Chicago, 111 Eisen, Charlotte, Denver, Colo. actives 49 Ginsburg, Suzanne, Detroit, Mich ' 49 49 Goldber 9, Charlotte, Denver, Colo ' 49 48 Goldfogel, Dorothy, Denver, Colo ' 49 Miller, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 49 Rosenthal, Godeanne, Denver, Colo ' 49 Simon, Nanette, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wolf, Betsy, Kansas City, Mo ' 49 Aaron, Janyco, .Denver, Colo ' 50 Bloom, Beverly, Denver, Colo ' 50 Corash, Joanne, Denver, Colo ' 50 Erman, Eileen, Newark, N. J ' 50 Goldblatt, Ruth, New York City, N. Y ' 50 Halper, Lenore, Wilmette, III ' 50 Horwitz, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hayutin, Neva, Denver, Colo „ ' 50 Kupetz, Myndel, Denver, Colo ' 50 pledges Lipman, Joan, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Levenson, Doris, Omaha, Nebr „... ' 50 Melnick, Gloria, Denver, Colo ' 50 Miller, Annette, Denver, Colo ' 50 Miller, Peggy, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pasternack, Arlene, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 50 Pellish, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 50 Perlman, Frances, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Rollnick, Barbara, Denver, Colo ' 50 Rosenthal, Joyce, Denver, Colo _. ' 50 Satenstein, Ilene, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Segel, Judy, Atlantic City, N. J ' 50 Shore, Edith Ann, Flushing, N. Y ' 50 Simon, Eileen, Gary, Ind _ ' 50 Tarkoff, Ruth, Denver, Colo ' 50 Winter, Marianne, Denver, Colo ' 50 si ma delta tau 319 officers President Charlotte Eisen Vice-Piesident Godeanne Rosenthal Secretary Suzanne Ginsbtu?, Charlotte Goldberg Treasurer Dorothy Goldfogel Rush Captain Barbara Miller The newest sorority on campus. Alpha Delta chapter of Sigma Delta Tau, was formed at Colorado University in April, 1946. It was originally started in September, 1945, by ten girls who called the group Lambda Phi before the national organiza- tion established it as a pledge chapter. The Sigma Delta Tau sorority was founded at Cornell University in 1917, and at the present time there are twenty-two active chapters plus three pledge chapters throughout the United States. The sorority pin is a golden torch, and cafe-au-lait and blue are its chosen colors. In spite of not having a house at present, the sorority has still actively participated in all college functions. At the end of the last school year, one of its prominent members, Godeanne Rosenthal, was a finalist for C.U. Day queen. This 1946-47 school year was begun with rush parties which resulted in the formation of the first pledge class consisting of nineteen girls. Continuing down the line of activities were combined tea dances, weiner roasts at Chautauqua, and ski trips to Winter Park. The chapter energetically took part in all intramural games and Homecoming events. With such a successful beginning, it is evident that Sigma Delta Tau will enjoy a permanent and happy life at Colorado University. h •. , ■ l .. - 320 panhellenie eouncil Front row, lefi to right: Norgren, Page, Smith, Ball, Chase, Morris, Ward. Second row: Phillips, Eisen, Auger, Juhre, Lillengren, Tozer, Linendoll, Bigelow. Top row: Miller, Bridges, Ross, Doremus, Burgoin, Maier, McCabe. officers President Mamie Chase Vice-President Peg Cushmon Secretary Helen Morris Treasurer Mildred Page Advisor Dean Ball members Alpha Chi Omega - - - President Pat Auger Rush Captain Ann Doremus Alpha Delta Pi - - - - President - Judy Phillips Rush Captain Janet Tozer Alpha Omicron Pi - - - President Helen Morris Rush Captain Milege Juhre Alpha Phi - President Peg Cushman Rush Captain Mary Alice Bunting Chi Omega President Barbara Ward Rush Captain Hope Burgoin Delta Delta Delta - - - - President Mary Linendoll Rush Coptctin Joyce Robinson Delta Gamma President Joan Lillengren Rush Captain Helen Bigelow Kappa Alpha Theta - - - President Betty Ross Rush Captain Gene Norgren Kappa Kappa Gamma - - President Jxme McCabe Rush Captain Margaret Maier Pi Beta Phi President Mildred Page Rush Captain Beverly Bridge Sigma Delta Tau - - - - President Charlotte Eisen Rush Captain Barbara Miller 321 interfraternity council Front row, leit to right: Oliver, Dods, Silverman, Carlson, Hussa. Second row: Edvifards, Anderson, Dickinson, Weil, Van Camp, Walker, lAonovr, Wrighton. Top rowr: Jacobs, Rovira. officers President Joseph Silverman Secretary John Zisch Acting Secretary Lou Dods Advisor Dean Carlson members Acacia — President Richard Brunner Alpha Tau Omega — Representative Louis Rovira Beta Theta Pi — President James Otis Walker Chi Psi — President Rollo Jacobs Delta Sigma Phi — President William Stienmeyer Delta Tau Delta— President George Denig Zeta Beta Tau — President Bob Weil Kappa Sigma — President Don Edwards Phi Delta Theta — President John Hussa Phi Gamma Delta — President Fred Dixon Phi Kappa Tau — President Thomas Wrighton Phi Kappa Psi — President John Morrov Phi Sigma Delta — President Joseph Silverman Pi Kappa Alpha — President Lou Dods Sigma Alpha Epsilon — President Jim Oliver Sigma Chi — President John Van Camp Sigma Phi Epsilon — President ' .•. Paul Frank Sigma Nu — President Dave Long 322 0 sHi ' pHi - » »» » ' M M Bergheim, R.; Bradbury, W.; Brown, K.; Bruner, R.; Cieber, D.; Clark, W.; Eckel, R.; Foster, C. Gatchell, D.; Grant, W.; Gray, R.; Hook, K.; Keenan, E.; Matthews, R.; Orcutt, W.; Page, W. Pollard, J.; Smith, F.; Walker, G.; Warden, B. actives Blakey, William A., WauiAratoso, Wis ' 47 Bonfils, Fred G., Denver, Colo ' 49 Bradbury, William H., Albuquerque, N. M... ' 48 Bruner, Richard J., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Bullen, Glenn R., Alamosa, Colo ' 48 Cieber, Donald C, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Eckel, Robert B., Boulder, Colo ' 47 Foster, Clyde W., Long Beach, Calif ' 48 Garbarino, Harold L., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Gatchell, H. Dale, Arvada, Colo ' 47 Grant, Bill G., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Hinds, Leslie R., Amarillo, Tex Grad. Hook, Kenyon H., Sacramento, Calif ' 50 Lewis, Charles N., Camp Carson, Colo ' 48 Lewis, John F., Denver, Colo ' 47 Matthews, Richard H., Trinidad, Colo ' 49 Pollard, Joseph S., Grand Junction, Colo ' 49 Quinn, John M., Jr., Little Rock, Ark ' 47 Smith, Feay B., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Sucher, John D., Great Bend, Kans ' 49 Tate, James E., Nashville, Tenn ' 49 Walker, John G., Englewood, Colo ' 48 Warden, Bruce R., Ballantine, Mont ' 47 Woodworth, Robert J., Alamosa, Colo ' 48 Wright, William S., Denver, Colo ' 43 Aiken, James R., Denver, Colo ' 50 Alexander, William J., Denver, Colo ' 50 Brown, Kenneth R., Kimball, Nebr ' 50 Bruns, Robert L., Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Bergheim, Robert M., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Clark, Walter A., Hemet, Cahf ' 48 Davis, Charles E., Liberal, Kans ' 49 Dunn, Roland W., Lakewood, Colo ' 49 Gray, Robert W., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 pledges Harrington, Winfield F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Hutchinson, Charles A., Jr., Boulder, Colo, Grad. Hutchinson, James D., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Hutchinson, Thomas S., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Jackson, Eugene S., Monmouth, 111 ' 49 Keenan, Eugene L., Denver, Colo ' 50 Kline, Norman F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Moulton, Wilson C, Denver, Colo ' 50 Niehans, Deward R., Penrose, Colo ' 50 Orcutt, Wilham W., Kimball, Nebr ' 49 Page, Walter H., Chicago, 111 ' 50 Petch, Harold E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Potter, Harold E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Romig, Richard A., Denver, Colo ' 50 Schmidt, James H., Hugoton, Kans ' 50 Thorndyke, John R., Longmont, Colo ' 50 acaeia 323 ofiicers President Richard I. Bnuier Vice-President Robert B. Eckel Secretary Fred G. Boniils House Manager Richard H. Mathews House Mother Mrs. C. E. Bocock The Colorado Chapter of the Acacia Fraternity, one of twenty- five located on selected campuses throughout the United States, was established in 1911 and remained active until 1943, when forced to become locally inactive as a result of the war. Since its reactivation in March, 1946, Acacia has played an important part in fraternity affairs and has a reputation of high ideals and scholastic achievement. Eight men started to reorganize Acacia, and from this nu- cleus, the membership has grown to an even fifty. Outstanding work in reorganizing the group done by John F. Lewis, Richard J. Bmner, John G. Walker and Clyde W. Foster. The Acacians ' man-of-the-year has been Donald C. Cieber, former editor and present news editor of the Silver and Gold, Sigma Delta Chi, Journalism Honorary, Varsity athletics, Member of Board of Pub- lications and Publicity director of the Speakers Congress. 324 gl ' ' ' ' Pf jata HI PpHpHMH ' O ;:: Hi ii l ll l Allen, R.; Austing, R.; Ballenger, W.; Barr, R.; Bashor, R.; Berggren, J.; Bower, R.; Byrd, D.; Cebulski, S.; Chance, E.; Chew, J. Darrington, E.; Davis, R.; Dinwiddle, W.; Eck, J.; Gregg, D.; Hagen, J.; Hamm, H.; Hickle, J.; Hobbs, S.; Hopper, R.; Horton, P. Howard, V.; Jeffries, L.; Kaylor, K.; Kearns, R.; Kingsolver, J.; Lewis, R.; Limbocker, K.; McKnight, R.; Mayden, M.; Meyer, W.; Morton, G. Nalty, T.; Nelson, W. H.; Nelson, W. O.; Nye, R.; Patterson, I.; Ragle, L.; Reese, M.; Robbins, M.; Rogers, G.; Rosenlind, R.; Rovira, L. Sargent, R.; Scarbeary, D.; Sensel, B.; Smith, G,; Snyder, R.; Stoltz, J.; Taggert, M. actives Allen, Robert, Columbus, Ga ' 48 Austing, Raymond, Dayton, Ky ' 47 Ballenger, William, Highland Park, 111 ' 49 Barr, Richard, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 47 Bashor, Ralph, Casper, Wyo ' 49 Brennan, Jerry, O ' Neil, Nebr ' 47 Buie, John Milton, Houston, Tex ' 49 Byrd, Daniel, Estes Park, Colo ' 49 Carlile, Thomas J., Jetmore, Kans ' 48 Chance, Lee, Colby, Kans ' 47 Chew, Jack, Seibert, Colo ' 48 Cebulsky, Stanley, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Dinwiddie, Walter, Lovelond, Colo ' 49 Eck, John W., Denver, Colo ' 49 Fingado, Henry, Alamosa, Colo ' 49 Giersch, Lauron, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Gregg, Donald, Englewood, Colo ' 48 Hamm, Harold, Forrester, Ark ' 47 Havasy, Edward S., Lakewood, O ' 47 Anderson, Fred, Loveland, Colo ' 50 Berggren, James, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bow er, Ralph L., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Clugston, Chester R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Darrington, Elden, Crete, Nebr ' 48 Hertnecky, Edwin, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Hagen, James F., Cheyenne, Wyo ' 48 Hickle, James C, Denver, Colo ' 47 Hicks, Ronald D., Ft. Morgan, Colo Post. Grad. Hobbs, Sebren E., Columbus, Nebr ' 47 Hopper, Richard, Grand Junction, Colo ' 49 Horton, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 48 Howard, Hampton, Littleton, Colo ' 47 Jeffries, Lloyd G., Casper, Wyo. ' 49 Kaylor, Kenneth K., Burbank, Colo ' 47 Kingsolver, Jarrett, Tulsa, Okla ' 48 Limbocker, Ken, Loveland, Colo ' 49 May hew, Marvin, Lebanon, Kans. — : ' 48 Meyer, William, Portland, Ore ' 49 Mueller, Mark G., Denver, Colo ' 49 Merrit, Robert T., Denver, Colo ' 48 McCaw, WiUiam W., Denver, Colo ' 49 McKnight, Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo. .. ' 49 Nelson, William H., Midvale, Utah ' 47 pledges Davis, Robert H., San Mateo, Calif ' 50 Kearns, Robert D., Denver, Colo ' 49 lewis, Ray L., Prove, Utah ' 49 Lucas, Robert B., Denver, Colo ' 50 Morton, Eugene H., Denver, Colo ' 50 Nelson, William O., Lake Stevens, Wash ' 49 Orr, Thomas, Denver, Colo ' 48 Pease, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 48 Patterson, James, Loveland, Colo ' 49 Ragle, Logan N., Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Rogers, Gardner S., Rcsemont, Pa 48 Rovira, Louis P., Denver, Colo ' 47 Sargent, Robert E., Des Moines, Iowa ' 47 Scarbeary, Donald, Lexington, 111 ' 47 Sensel, Bernie, Loveland, Colo ' 49 Smith, George, Grantsville, Utah 49 Snyder, Ronald, Carnegie, Pa 47 Shaw, Edward, Cheyenne, Wyo. ' 49 Stoltz, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 48 Weltner, WiUiam H., Akron, O ' 48 Wallace, Westel, Denver, Colo 1st Law Whiteside, Robinson, Wilmette, 111 ' 49 Woodruff, Hubert, Scarsdale, N. Y ' 48 Nve, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Ragle, Dave, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Reese, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Robbins, Marlett C, Ogden, Utah ' 48 Taggart. Mark J., Denver, Colo ' 49 alpha tau ome a 325 officers President William H. Nelson Vice-President Gardner S. Rogers Secretary Ralph B. Bashor Treasurer Kenneth K. Kaylor Rush Captain George Smith House Mother Mrs. Beckley As the A.T.O. ' s are spending their first post-war year back in the house much of their time has been devoted to redecorating and remodeling. Many men have returned from military service and many members from other chapters are nowr affiliated with Gamma Lambda. One of the outstanding social events of the year was the annual Black and White Formal given in honor of the pledge class. Many other social activities included ex- change dinners, tea dances, hay-rack rides, steak fries, and parties. Outstanding Taus on campus are: Lou Rovira, A.S.U.C. Athletic Board, Chairman of CU Days, Phi Epsilon Phi, Inter- fraternity Council, Greek Combine, Homecoming Committee, and Silver and Gold; Bob Pease, Chairman of Homecoming Float Parade; Tom Carlile, A.S.U.C. Commissioner of Men ' s Welfare and Discipline; Dick Barr, A.I.E.E., Phi Epsilon Phi, and Home- coming Rally Committee; Ronald Snyder, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi, A.I.E.E., and University Band; and Bill H. Nelson, A.S.U.C. Dance Manager, Homecoming Dance Manager, Steering Committee, Collections Manager of Silver and Gold, A.I.E.E., Inter-fraternity Council, Greek Combine, and University Band. 326 Alpert, T.; Appel, R.; Baum, N.; Binstock, R.; Boss, A,; Diner, E.: Fox, L.; Frazin, A. Freedman, H.; Goldberg, S.; Harris, P.; Hilb, R.; Kayser, H.; Levy, R.; Machoi, J.; Moch, R. Nier, H.; Orlin, S.; Shendell, H.; Silversmith, R.; Strauss, D.; Tucker, R.; Tumin, D.; Tuteur, W. Valas, H,; Viders, I.; Waxman, M.; Weil, J.; Weil, R.; Weiser, K. actives Alpert, Theodore, Westhampton, N. Y ' 47 Appel, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Baum, Nathan, Denver, Colo Grad. Binstock, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Boss, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 48 Fox, Leonard, Denver, Colo ' 50 Frazin, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 50 Goldberg, Sol, Boulder, Colo. ' 48 Bernick, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 50 Diner, Edwin, Denver, Colo ' 49 Freedman, Harvey, Jacksonville, Fla ' 49 Hilb, Robert, Denver, Colo Kayser, Harold, Denver, Colo Levy, Robert, Denver, Colo Machoi, Jacques, Denver, Colo Moch, Robert, Denver, Colo Nier, Harry, Denver, Colo Orlin, Stanley, Denver, Colo Shendell, Harry, West Haven, Conn. ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 46 Silversmith, Ralph, Denver, Colo. ... Strauss, Don, Denver, Colo Tucker, Richard, Denver, Colo Tuteur, Wolf, Denver, Colo Viders, Jack, Denver, Colo Waxman, Milton Akron, O ' 50 ' 48 ' SO ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 Weil, Robert, Denver, Colo Grad. pledges Harris, Perry, Denver, Colo Tumin, David, Chicago, 111 ' 50 ' 50 Weil, lack, Denver, Colo Weisfir Kenneth, Denver, Colo ' 50 ' 49 beta tau 327 officers President Robert L. Weil Vice-President Nathan L. Bourn Secretary Robert B. Hilb Treasurer Harold L. Kayser Rush Chairman Stanley S. Orlin Beta Tau can point to a successful and eventful year, even though it is an embryo among the campus fraternities. It was only shortly before the beginning of the Fall Quarter that plans for organizing the group were formulated. On the strength of its asserted endeavor to become associated v ith Zeta Beta Tau, Beta Tau v as admitted as a local fraternity to the Interfraternity Council in October. Later that month Beta Tau v Qs installed as a " colony " chapter of Zeta Beta Tau, and in January its members w ere pledged to the national organization. The goal of the fraternity was to be realized in March with initia- tion into Zeta Beta Tau. Virtually tripling its original number of ten men in less than six months. Beta Tau concentrated its first-year activities on building a strong administrative foundation. Meanwhile, the members entered into the swing of campus activities both as a group and individually. In addition, several social affairs were held, highlighted by a scheduled formal dinner-dance culminating the Zeta Beta Tau initiation ceremony and another dinner-dance at the Alps Lodge in Boulder Canyon. 328 m Anderson, C; Beckett, M.; Bell, R.; Bowes, H.; Bowman, J.; Brewster, R.; Broadhurst, H.; Coburn, W.; Cotton, E.; Cozart, W.; Crocker, J.; Danielson, P. Dicksom, G.; Dobos, J.; Downing, R.; East, I.; Faus, J.; Fay, W.; Fleming, I.; Fowler, W.; Frederic, H,; Gardner, J.; Grigsby, W.; Grund, W. Hamilton, I.; Hart, H.; Hill, R.; Honnen, E.; Hoyt, C; Hutchinson, H.; Jacobsen, R.; Johns, I.; Johnston, W.; Jones, D.; Joyce, R.; Keely, C. Kendig, A.; Kinney, E.; Klinglehoffer, L.; Kohler, R.; Lavington, R.; Lepse, J.; Lopez, C; Loucks, G.; MacDonald, H.; Mason, T.; McGee, H.; Morrow, R, Mountjoy, R.; Mueller, D.; Murphy, J.; Norgren, L.; Nott, H.; Ohmart, W.; O ' Rourke, J.; Paddock, L.; Patty, R.; Paynter, S.; Penney, M.; Price, J. Reich, C; Rook, J.; Rosencrans, H.; Ryan, T.; Sheehan, D.; Tanner, H.; Thompson, D.; Tobey, R.; Toops, J.; Waggener, H.; Warlick, J.; Werlin, O. Wheeler, W.; Winslow, W.; Wooldridge, J.; Wright, L.; Yantis, J. actives Asdinwall, William V., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Barnett, Barclay K., Portland, Ore ' 47 Barnett, Kendrick J., Portland, Ore ' 47 Bowes, Harold R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Brewster, Robert R., Kansas City, Mo ' 49 Broadhurst, Henry P., Denver, Colo ' 48 Browne, James Houston, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Gather, Charles E., Long Beach, Calif. ' 49 Chaney, Ben F., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Clay, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 46 Coburn, William E., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Crocker, John J., Whittier, Calif ' 48 Danielson, Philip A., Denver, Colo ' 48 Dickson, George R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Dobos, John E., Denver, Colo ,.. ' 49 Dudgeon, Richard E., Denver, Colo ' 47 Duthie, Al M., Monte Vista, Colo ' 47 East, Marvin R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Fabling, John S., Pinedole, Wyo ' 47 Fleming, John L., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Fowler, William A., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Frederick, Homer, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gardner, John R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Gerlach, Donald R., Cleveland, O ' 47 Girard, Phil G., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Grund, Walter, Denver, Colo ' 48 Hart, Richard K., Greeley, Colo ' 49 Anderson, Christopher M., Lovington, N. M... ' 50 Ashby, Paul D., Denver, Colo ' 50 Beckett, Melvin D., Long Beach, Calif ' 50 Bell, Rodney S., Jr., Brighton, Colo ' 50 Bowman, J, Clinton, Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 Canepa, Charles F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Carr, James Y., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Cotton, Ernest K., Denver, Colo ' 50 Cozart, William H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Dewitt, Frank C, Denver, Colo ' 48 Downing, Richard, Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 East, Justin G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Fay, William P., Denver, Coio ' bO Hill, Ralph D., Denver, Colo ' 49 Holmes, Robert B., Eureka, Kans ' 47 Hughes, George A., Denver, Colo ' 47 Hutchinson, T, Henry, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Jacobsen, Robert L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Johnson, James A., Denver, Colo ' 49 Johnston, James W., Denver, Colo ' 49 Joyce, G. R., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Kendig, A. Edward, Wheatland, Wyo ' 49 Kerrigan, Thomas, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 48 Kinney, Edmund L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Klinglehoffer, C. Louis, Cincinnati, O ' 48 Lavington, Charles S., Denver, Colo ' 50 Loper, Carlos M., Mexico City, Mexico ' 48 Loucks, Gerald, Cedaredge, Colo ' 50 Lyddon, James H., Kansas City, Mo. ' 47 MacDonald, Hugh C, Long Beach, Cahf ' 49 MacPherson, James R., Arvada, Colo ' 49 Mason, Ted D., Denver, Colo ' 48 Meyer, Carl D., Denver, Colo ' 48 Miller, Robert K., Kansas City, Mo ' 49 Morrow, Richard C, McMinnville, Ore ' 47 Mueller, Donald R,, Cincinnati, O ' 48 Murphy, James D., Burlington, Colo ' 47 Norgren, Leigh M., Denver, Colo ' 50 Norgren, C. Neil, Denver, Colo ' 48 Nott, Hugh, Denver, Colo ' 48 Oakes, Harold S., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 49 pledges Gardner, Donald P., River Forest, 111 ' 50 Grigsby, William G., Sioux Falls, S. D ' 48 Hamilton, John M., Denver, Colo ' 50 Haring, Robert C, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Hatfield, Herbert H., Denver, Colo ' 50 Honnen, Edward P., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 Hoyt, Charles E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Johns, Joseph B., Denver, Colo ' 50 Johnston, William, Casper, Wyo ' 50 Jones, David W.. Denver, Colo ' 50 Kohler, Robert B., Colorado Springs, Colo. .. ' 50 Lepse, James S., Sioux Falls, S. D ' 48 O ' Rourke, James G., Fort Wayne, Ind ' 50 Patty, William Riley, Denver, Colo [47 Paynter, Richard Brown, Brush, Colo ' 47 Paynter, Stanley B., Brush, Colo |49 Penney, Maurice, Libertyville, 111 ' 48 Peterson, C. Herbert, Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Price, James G., Brush, Colo ' 48 Reich, Charles J., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Riley, Paul E., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Robinson, Edward, Ames, Iowa ....Grad. School Rosencrans, Harold I., Pensacola, Fla ' 49 Rook, Jack S., Boulder, Colo ' 47 Smedley, Robert W., Denver, Colo ' 50 Tanner, Gareth H., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Tanner, Henry C, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Tobey, Robert W., Wichita, Kans ' 48 Toops, John R., Denver, Colo ' 42 Verner, Robert J., Denver, Colo ' 47 Waggener, H. Ulric, Denver, Colo ' 47 Walker, I. Otis, Casper, Wyo ' 47 Warlick, John G., San Diego, Calif ' 47 Werlin, Otto H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Wheeler, Walter E., Casper, Wyo ' 48 Winslow, Warden V., Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Woodward, Clark S., Des Moines, Iowa ' 48 Wooldridge, Jay H., Jr., Kansas City, Mo. .. ' 47 Wright, Louis D., Gillette, Wyo ' 47 McDonnell, William J., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 McGee, Hugh J., Casper, Wyo ' 50 Mountjoy, Robert C Denver, Colo ' 50 Ohmart, Walter, Denver, Colo ' 50 Ryan, Thomas V., Denver, Colo ' 50 Sheehan, John D., Sioux Falls, S. D ' 49 Simons, William Sherman, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Struthers, James Rae, Denver, Colo ' 50 Thompson, Donald M., Littleton, Colo ' 50 Yantis, John A., Shelbyville, 111 50 Faus, James Raymond, Washington, D. C ' 50 Chase, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 50 beta theta pi 329 officers President James Otis Walker Vice-President Robert B. Holmes Secretary Carlos M. Loper Treasurer John R. loops Rush Choirman John E. Dobos House Mother Mrs. Edith Carrel Summer quarter found the " Woogs " back in the Beta house after its three year hitch, housing freshmen women. Redecoration was the watchword preceding summer quarter when the interior took on a new lustre at the hands of able Beta painters. In the Fall, new and old faces filled the house to carry the fraternity through its first post-war year. Rush week ended with twenty-eight boys pledging Beta and informal rushing throughout the quarter made the pledge class thirty-six strong. The Betas took an active part in intramural football, volleyball, golf and tennis, throughout the fall quarter. Among the prominent Betas active on C.U. ' s campus are: John Fabling — Varsity football, Sumalia; Richard Marrow — Su- malia, Tau Pi Sigma; Ben Walker — Sumalia, Inter-fraternity Coun- cil, Who ' s Who in American Colleges; John Warlick — Sumalia, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Psi Eta Pi, Star and Sextant; Walter Wheeler — President of Canterbury Club, Inter-church Council, Coloradan; Jiggs Wright — Psi Eta Pi, Star and Sextant; Wandell Winslow — Sports editor of Silver and Gold, Sigma Delta Chi, Coloradan, Knots Fathoms. 330 Amy, K.; Bakewell, H.; Baldwin, B.; Banning, J.; Bell, W.; Boerner, R.; Bryans, W.; Carlson, H.; Cochran, A.; Croke, K.; Davis, D. De Luise, R.; Ebaugh, D.; Flower, L.; Francis, T.; Gaylord, O.; Hackstaff, A.; Hampton, W.; Hart, R.; Hart, W.; Hays, S.; Heubner, A. Hill, J.; Hogue, R.; Jacobson, O.; Jehle, W.; Jones, W.; Kintzelle, D.; Larson, James; Larson, John; Littlejohn, R.; McConnell, P.; McCusker, R. McGorry, L.; Marr, A.; Massell, J.; Mitchell, R.; Morrison, F.; Nashem, N.; Neaius, L.; Needham, C; Palo, D.; Phillips, A.; Phillips, V. Powell, C; Puhs, J.; Purvis, F.; Purvis, H.; Rupp, T.; Rupp, G.; Sears, R.; Shermack, P.; Sittig, E.; Smith, B.; Smith, V. Smith, N.; Studebaker, J.; Sudakoff, C; Thomas, V.; Todd, J.; Van Pettan, E.; Wilfrey, G. actives Amy, Francis V., Montclair, N. J ' 48 Bakewell, Hughes, Denver, Colo ' 46 Banning, John D., Denver, Colo ' 48 Bell, Wilham E., Denver, Colo ' 49 Bryans, William, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bussian, John, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Cochran, Andrew H., Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Ebaugh, Dave C, Denver, Colo ' 48 Flower, Lawrence M., Denver, Colo ' 44 Francis, Thomas M., Denver, Colo ' 49 Gemeinhardt, Louis, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Hackstaff, Richard A., Denver, Colo ' 48 Hammond, Stanley, Denver, Colo ' 46 Hart, Richard O., Denver, Colo ' 46 Hays, Stanley R., Denver, Colo. ' 46 Hill, James D., Eaton, Colo ' 47 Jacobs, Hollo E., Denver, Colo ' 43 Jacobson, Olof H., Denver, Colo ' 43 Jehle, William K., Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Jones, Asa T., Greeley, Colo ' 49 Lacy, Jerry H., Dallas, Tex ' 49 Larson, John L., Denver, Colo ' 43 Littlejohn, Robert, Robinson, 111 ' 46 Massell, James M., Denver, Colo ' 49 Mitchell, Rex L., Rocky Ford, Colo ' 49 Morison, Frank H., Sterling, Colo. „„ ' 47 Naquin, Thomas C., Denver, Colo ' 49 Nashem, Norman, Jr., Yakima, Wash ' 47 Neafus, Lynn J., Omaha, Nebr ' 46 Needham, Charles, Denver, Colo ' 45 Palo, Charles D., Great Falls, Mont ' 46 Patterson, James A., Denver, Colo ' 50 Phillips, Alfred W., Boise, Ida ' 49 Phillips, Vernon L., Ruedi, Colo ' 49 Powell, Charles L., Denver, Colo ' 47 Purvis, Frank R., Estes Park, Colo ' 49 Pulis, Jay, Denver, Colo ' 49 Reed, Irwin B., Estes Park, Colo ' 47 Rupp, George R., Pueblo, Colo ' 43 Rupp, Thomas C, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Sale, William, Denver, Colo ' 48 Shermack, Paul A., Denver, Colo ' 46 Sittig, Eugene A., Glencoe, III ' 47 Smith, Vernon H., Jr., Omaha, Nebr ' 48 Studebaker, James, Denver, Colo ' 45 Stutz, Phillip P., Louisville, Ky ' 48 Todd, John S., Fanwood, N. J ' 49 Van Petten, Hdward, Thermopolis, Wyo ' 49 Woodruff, John C, Denver, Colo ' 45 Young, William S., Dayton, Ohio ' 44 pledges Baldwin, Robert L., Estes Park, Colo ' 50 Boemer, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Carlson, Blair, Denver, Colo ' 50 Craighead, Wilson, Denver, Colo ' 49 Croke, Kevin C, Denver, Colo ' 50 Davis, Donald G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Frey, Raymond, Denver, Colo _ ' 50 Gaylord, Otis, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Hackstaff, Allan, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hampton, Winston, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hart, William O., Denver, Colo ' 50 Heubner, Allan D., Estes Park, Colo ' 47 Hogue, Robert E., Dodge City, Kans ' 50 Hoyt, Charles R., Denver, Colo ' 50 Johnson, William C, Denver, Colo ' 49 Jones, Eugene A., Denver, Colo ' 50 Kintzele, Donald J., Denver, Colo ' 50 Larson, James E., Denver, Colo ' 50 McConnel, Patrick, Decatur, III ' 50 McClure, William F., Englewood, Colo ' 50 McGarry, Loyd L., Denver, Colo ' 50 McKinlay, John, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Marr, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 50 Purvis, John A., Estes Park, Colo ' 50 Sears, Robert F., Denver, Colo ' 49 Smith, Blake, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Smith, Nathan T., Chicago, 111 ' 49 Sudakoff, Carle H., Denver, Colo ' 50 Thomas, Victor C, Limon, Colo ' 49 Throm, Robert, Denver, Colo ]50 Wilfley, George, Denver, Colo |49 Woodworth, Robert, Denver, Colo 50 Yeros, John, Denver, Colo ' 50 33 1 chi psi mmBamBB saam i:jkr$ r: ife,s, ,.T_-.-:sia-j officers President RoUo Jacobs Vice-President Hughes Bakewell Secretary Jerry Lacy Treasurer Lynn Nealus Rush Captain Dave Ebaugh House Mother " Queenie " The return of the Chi Psl ' s to their lodge last summer marked the beginning of a bigger and better year for the LODGEMEN. Under the able leadership of John Woodruff, we began the slow and difficult process of returning the Alpha to its original out- standing position as a top social, athletic, and scholastic fra- ternity on the hill. The athletic progress was a great success. Topping the first division in Softball we went on to get swamped by the Phi Gams for top honors on the campus. Considering the fact that we had only twenty active members, the baseball and basketball tournament was anything but a disaster. Not one of the top ten teams in the country, the football team had the best line and backfield in the league, sporting such stars as Tom Rupp, Jerry Lacy, Rex Mitchell, Bud Thomas, and Phil Stutz to mention only a few. The traditional Fall " Formal " was up to its old standing with Roger outdoing himself in the preparation of venison, duck, pheasant, roast pig, and many other delicacies to entice the palate of all those who attended. The Alpha is also well represented among the scholastic honorary fraternities with RoUo Jacobs in Beta Alpha Psi, Larry Flower in Pi Tau Sigma, Stan Hammond in Alpha Chi Sigma, and Lynn Neafus in Sumalia. Yes, Chi Psi is making her post war appearance in grand style. 332 Breyfogle, R.; Fliehmann, J. actives Barnett, Robert C, Denver, Colo. Bickford, Morton, Denver, Colo. ... Breyfogle, Roger, Alton, 111 ..Grad. Brooks, John, Denver, Colo ..Grad. Cook, Jack, Detroit, Mich ' 48 Fliehmann, Jack, Thermopolis, Wyo, . ' 47 Hcrward, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 48 . ' 47 Hawkins, Victor, Flint, Mich Law . ' 49 Stinemeyer, William, Canon City, Colo Law pledges Clark, William, Denver, Colo. ... Coburn, William, Denver, Colo. . ' 50 Marshall, Owen W,, Hayden, Colo. . ' 48 Mehegan, John, Evanston, Wyo . ' 49 Mitchell, Clyde, Littleton, Colo. . ' 50 Wilson, G. L, Wray, Colo .. ' 50 .. ' 48 delta si ma phi 333 officers President Jack Cook Vice-President Jack FUehmocnn Secretary - Roger Breyioqle House Manager lack Fliehmann Pledge Father Bill Stinemeyer House Mother Mrs. Spence After three years of inactivity during the War the Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was reactivated at the beginning of fall quarter. Nine actives returned to school and pledged several good men to form the nucleus of the reactivated chapter. Due to the small number of men, sports and social functions were of necessity somewhat curtailed. However, an effort was made to field intramurals teams in football and basketball, and our bowling team stood up quite well in competition. Socially the fraternity held a few tea dances and fall and winter formals, the latter being held in Denver at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. After the years of inactivity, close contact was re-established with the national chapter when three men, William Stinemeyer, Ray Harward, and Jack Fleihmann attended the national con- vention of the fraternity held in Chicago early in January. It is the sincere hope and belief of every member of Delta Sigma Phi that in the not too distant future our fraternity will once again take its former position high among the fraternities on this campus. LtJv H j i £H£B KlfP Anderson, R.; Atkinson, H.; Balderston, R.; Beardon, J.; Bigelow, R.; Boothby, B.; Bowman, E.; Carpenter, S.; Clark, R. Conkling, D.; Conway, C; Corbin, D.; Cross, A.; Denig, G.; Dickinson, J.; Dixon, K.; Dolan, G.; FuUerton, D.; Fulton, R.; Fyhrie, G.; Goodrich, C; Gragg, W.; Graham, J.; Gribble, G.; Gw inn, D.; Harrington, R. Harried, V.; Hiester, R.; Hofman, W.; Howell, G.; Hudson, R.; Hughes, J.; Hulitzky, W.; Jenkins, R.; . Lodge, A.; Mason, W.; Menk, M.; Milek, D.; Miller, K.; Miller, J.; Narcisian, H.; Nelson, P.; Norcross, J.; Perreten, F.; Peters, G.; Peters, L. Poling, S.; Randell, R.; Roughton, C; Shadinger, D.; Shockey, E.; Stevens, E.; Tobin, J.; Turnquist, E.; Wamsley, W.; Warren, C; Willis, D.; Wood, T. Wright, R.; Wyhe, B.; Zick, R. Callard, R.; Campbell, D. A.; Campbell, D. D.; Dukes, P.; Evans, D.; Falkenberg, J.; Frisbie, C. Grieb, R.; Grieshaber, E.; Guinand, J.; Jones, J.; King, J.; King, R.; Lind, S. Balderston, Robert W., Media, Pa ' 48 Barnett, Pierre F., Portland, Ore ' 48 Bennett, Donn S., Buffalo, S. D ' 49 Bigelow, Robert F., Denver, Colo ' 48 Boothby, Burton C, Cleghorn, la ' 47 Bowman, Ernest Dexter, Jr., Denver, Colo .... ' 47 Callard, Robert, D., Lansing, Mich ' 48 Campbell, Don A., Cleveland, Ohio ' 47 Campbell, Don D., Omaha, Nebr ' 47 Carr, Robert F., Denver, Colo ' 47 Corbin, David N., Lafayette, Colo ' 48 Croop, Robert L., Denver, Colo ' 47 Cross, Arth ur D., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Denig, George J., Fort Collins, Colo ' 48 Dickinson, John R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Dolan, George B., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Dukes, PhiUip J., Boulder, Colo ' 48 English, Albert L., Wiggins, Colo ' 48 Evans, Donald W., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 48 Falkenberg, John F., Denver, Colo ' 48 Falkenberg, William S., Denver, Colo ' 50 Farnham, Harry J,, Minneapolis, Minn ' 48 Faurot, Joseph W., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Anderson, Richard J., Casper, Wyo ' 50 Atkinson, Horace E., Greeley, Colo ' 50 Bearden, John N., Trinidad, Colo ' 50 Brackenbury, Richard J., Ft. Collins, Colo. .. ' 50 Brown, Norman E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Carlson, Ronald D., Boulder, Colo. ., ' 50 Cawley, Paul T., Trinidad, Colo ' 49 Clark, Ralph M., Longmont, Colo. , ' 50 Conkling, Donald R., Casper, Wyo ' 50 Creighton, James A., Flagler, Colo ' 50 Cross, Richard J., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Dixon, Kenneth V., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 Fullerton, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 50 Fulton, Robert N., Estes Park, Colo ' 50 Garrett, G. Edwin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gragg, William H., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Gribble, George A., Boulder, Colo ' 50 actives Fisher, Hugh, Trinidad, Colo ' 47 Flanigan, James D., Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Freppel, Robert J., Denver, Colo ' 48 Frisbie, Chauncey O. Highland Park, 111 ' 47 Fyhrie, George, Spokane, Wash ' 47 Goodrich, Charles C, Dayton, Ohio ' 48 Graham, James F., Denver, Colo ' 49 Heuston, Robert H., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Hiester, Robert A., Denver, Colo ' 47 Hofman, William J., Montrose, Colo ' 48 Hudson, Robert K., Denver, Colo ' 49 Hughes, John A., Montrose, Colo ' 48 Jones, John R., Longmont, Colo. ' 49 Lanham, Louis D., Logan, Iowa ' 49 Lind, Samuel C, Jr., Cleveland, Ohio ' 48 Martin, William E., Denver, Colo ' 47 Menk, Merlin H., Staunton, 111. ' 48 Milek, David R., Omaha, Nebr ' 49 Miller, James L., Jr., Sarasota, Fla ' 50 Miller, Charles K., Greeley, Colo ' 49 Neader, Robert, Cicero, 111 ' 47 Nelson, Paul T., Trinidad, Colo ' 48 Otey, Ted R., Denver, Colo ' 49 pledges Grieshaber, Eugene R., Milwaukee, Wis ' 48 Guinand, Jerome B., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Gwinn, Donald E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Harrington, Ronald E., Casper, Wyo ' 50 Heuston, Philip T., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Howell, Gordon M., Denver, Colo ' 50 Hughes, Joseph S., Montrose, Colo ' 49 Hulitzky, Alex W., Denver, Colo ' 50 Jenkins, Robert L., Boulder, Colo ' 50 King, John L., Greeley, Colo ' 48 King, Robert W., Greeley, Colo ' 50 Lewis, Stanton K., Longmont, Colo ' 50 Lodge, Allen K., Denver, Colo ' 50 Mason, William T., Plalteville, Colo ' 49 Narcisian, Harry K., Denver, Colo ' 50 Norcross, James W., Greeley, Colo ' 50 Perrott, E, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Parker, Francis T,, Deadwood, S. D ' 48 Perreten, Frank A., Denver, Colo ' 48 Ranney, Willet R., Chicago, 111 ' 48 Rice, Kenneth P., Olympia, Wash ' 47 Riley, Chester A., Denver, Colo ' 47 Rinn, Michael M., Boulder, Colo. ' 48 Ross, Rodney D., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 47 Sandhouse, Charles H., Sterling, Colo ' 48 Shockey, Everett L., Lead, S. D ' 46 Smith, William H., Berwyn, III |49 Stevens, Eugene B., Beatrice, Nebr ' 47 Tobin, John J., Ft. Collins, Colo ' 49 Turner, John C, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Turnquist, Edwin C, Littleton, Colo ' 48 Waddell, James T., Denver, Colo ' 47 Wehrli, Robert E., Casper, Wyo ' 47 Wylie, Billy C, Kosciusko, Miss ' 48 Yager, Joseph D., Atwood, Kans ' 48 Conway, C. D., Nevrton, Kans ' 48 Grieb, Robert V., Downing Town, Pa ' 49 Herried, Vernon D., San Bernardino, Calif ' 47 Hondius, Pieter, Estes Park, Colo ' 49 Randell, Russell R., Denver, Colo ' 49 Peters, George F., Berwyn, 111 ' 49 Peters, LeRoy C, Greeley, Colo ' 50 Poling, Sidney B., Ottomwa, Iowa ' 50 Raymond, Rolin A., Jr., Wichita, Kans ' 50 Roughton, Curtis M., Monte Vista, Colo ' 50 Shadinger, Charles D., Abilene, Kans ' 48 Taylor, Carson N., Modesto, Cahf ]50 Taylor, Vern L., Denver, Colo ' 50 Thompson, Peter M., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Wamsley, Walter F., Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Warren, Charles L, Ft. Collins, Colo ' 50 White, Warren E,, Platteville, Colo ' 50 Willis, Donald E., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Willis, Robert K., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 48 Wood, John C, Concord, Mass ' 50 Wright, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 49 Zick, H. Rolan, Greeley, Colo ' 50 delta tau delta 335 officers President Goorqe Denig Vice-President Burton Boothby Treasurer John J. Tobin Secretary John Turner House Mother Mrs. Ladd The Delts were the first Greeks to arrive on the University of Colorado campus, for their charter was granted on September 30, 1883. Throughout the years, the foremost aim of the Delts has been to maintain a group of men with a variety of interests and activities in which they participated with that typical good old Delt spirit. The high point of the annual social season at the Delt Shelter is the Klondike formal given during winter quar- ter. As always, the perfect hostess at the formal this year was Mother Ladd, who for the past eleven years has been the lovable and well-knov m Delt house mother. Besides social prominence, the Delts are marked by their spirited and cooperative participa- tion in all campus and fraternity activities. On the intramural fields, opponents find the Delts worthy competition and they have proved themselves to be students as well by earning academic honors among the Greek organizations on the hill. Many Delts are active participants in varsity athletics, and others have responsible positions on campus publications. Some of the prominent Delts in campus activities are: Don (Soupy) Campbell, Bob Carr, Bob Bigelow, and Kieth Miller. 336 Andrews, S.; Anderson, A.; Caughren, J.; Chance, D.; Chance, W.; Chance, W.; Cheney, R.; Coe, C; Colburn, P. Evans, L.; Fairvalley, J.; Fox, W.; Goble, H.; Guinn, H.; Hammond, F.; Harkin, J.; Hedgecock, T.; Hoffmeister, B. Jacobson, C; Lazorchick, B.; Lundy, W.; -Maich, B.; Mann, J.; Nicholson, O.; Padgett, B.; Penny, J.; Smith, M. Sleinmetz, M.; Vik, T.; Watts, J.; West, D.; White, O.; Wicks, R.; Wilcox, R.; Woodward, C. actives ▼ Anderson, Al, Wheatridge, Colo ' 47 Andrews, Stan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Atkinson, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 49 Bertoglio, Jim, Medicine Lodge, Kans ' 49 Bradfield, Bob, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Byerrum, Jack, Davenport, Iowa ' 47 Caughren, Jim, Albuquerque, N. M ' 48 Coe, Cape, Grand Junction, Colo ' 47 Colburn, Paul, Gary, Ind ' 49 Cole, Garth, Yampa, Colo. ' 49 Davis, Shirl, Denver, Colo ' 49 Dye, Dick, Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 47 Edwards, Don, Denver, Colo ' 47 Evans, Lewy, Houston, Tex ' 48 Evans, Lloyd, Denver, Colo ' 48 Fairvalley, Jay, Riverside, 111 ' 49 Faller, Bernie, Longmont, Colo ' 48 Finley, Joe, Wheatridge, Colo ' 47 Frank, Homer, Denver, Colo ' 47 Gassman, Walt, San Francisco, Calif ' 47 Hilton, Herb, Detroit, Mich ' 50 Chance, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 50 Chance, Don, Denver, Colo. ,. ' 48 Chance, Wiley, Denver, Colo ' 50 Crowe, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 50 Fox, Wayne, Denver, Colo ' 49 Guinn, Les, Denver, Colo ' 50 Garthwright, Neil, Long Beach, Calif ' 47 Goble, Hal, North Platte, Nebr ' 49 Griffis, Jim, Lake Forest, 111 ' 49 Hammond, Chuck, Albuquerque, N. M. ..Grad. Hammond, Frank, Canon City, Colo ' 49 Heapes, Bill, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 Hedgcock, Tommy, Denver, Colo ' 47 Hedges, George, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Hill, Lee, Denver, Colo ' 47 Hoffmeister, Bert, Lokewood, Colo. ,. ' 49 Hoffmeister, Chuck, Imperial, Nebr ' 49 Jacobson, Conrad B., Casper, Wyo ' 49 Kastner, Stuart, Rawlins, Wyo. ' 48 Lazorchick, Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Lebsock, Bill, Snyder, Colo ' 48 Longworth, Jack, Castle Rock, Colo ' 48 Lundy, Paul, Fowler, Colo ' 48 Lundy, Bill, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Mc k3be, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 47 Maich, Bert, Leadville, Colo ' 49 pledges Lazorchick, Dan, McKeesport, Pa ' 50 McCoy, Jim, Denver, Colo ' 4B Nicholson, Owen, Englewood, Colo ' 50 Padgett, Bob, Colo. S prings, Colo ' 50 Penny, Jerry, Burlington, Colo ' 50 Ouimby, Everett, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Maloney, Jim, Gary, Ind ' 49 Mann, John, Hinsdale, 111 ' 49 Murphy, Jack, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Norbont, Al, Denver, Colo ' 49 Pasqua, Frank, Englewood, Colo Grad. Roup, Norman, Yampa, Colo ' 48 Scruby, Ralph, Denver, Colo Grad. Sloan, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 48 Smith, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 48 Smith, Millard, Trinidad, Colo ' 47 Steinmetz, Marvin, Garretson, S. Dak ' 47 Vik, Trygve, Springfield, Ore Grad. Vinson, Stub, Alamosa, Colo ' 48 Waldo, Bob, Eagle Rock, Calif ' 47 Watts, NoUie, McComb, Miss ' 48 West, Dan, Pueblo, Colo M9 Wicks, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wilcox, Russ, Burlington, Colo ' 49 Young, Chuck, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Zorno, Bob, Elgin, 111 ' 48 Smith, Norm, Seattle, Wash ' 50 Steffen, Harry, Hibbing, Minn Grad. Stenicka, Chuck, Omaha, Nebr ' 50 Watson, Harold, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 White, Otis, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 Winningham, Sam, Burlington, Colo ' 50 kappa si ma 337 officers President Don Edwards Vice-President Norman Roup House Manager Paul Lundy Rush Chairman Bud lacobson Secretary Bemie Poller House Mother Mrs. L. M. Busby Returning happily to their house behind the moat, the Kappa Sigs spent their time last summer making detailed plans to socially recruit replacements for the coeds who formerly called the Kappa Sigma house home. Highlights of social functions during the previous spring quarter included the " Casa de Lopez " dance at Gold Hill and a Rumpus celebration at the Coronado Club in Denver. In the fall, after the CU-DU football game and amid the countless " tall tales " of yore, the K. S. ' s were hosts to the alumni of the chapter, which began a series of alumni r eunions. Also during this sea- son the " Western Dance " highlighted its social calendar, along with tea dances, scavenger hunts, hay-rack rides, parties in the house recreation room (the-basement-with-a-personality), and skiing parties. Kappa Sig ' s basketball team emerged undefeated in greek competition, second in intramural track, and were active in all intramural athletic activity as substantiated by acknowledgement of being second highest in collection of participation points for the year. Outstanding in campus affairs was Bill Lazorchick, A.S.U.C. prexy and " Who ' s Who in American Colleges " ; James Kyle, Tau Beta Pi, and Eta Kappa Nu; Don Morris, named by Collier ' s Weekly as the Most Outstanding Back in the Rocky Mountain Conference; Hal Goble, master of ceremonies at the C. U. Days ' " Boulder Buff " show and Silver and Gold staff; Frank Pasqua and " Snuffy " Smith, varsity baseball; and Don Edwards, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. 338 Barker, Wes; Barnhill, Sam; Bell, Richard; Bumpus, Harold; Clapper, Bob; Collins, Earl; Duncanson, Fred; Eggers, Homer; Fagg, Robert. Ferrell, Michael; Gardner, Warren; Giltner, Bill; Goody, Walter; Hepworth, Richard; Hugins, Richard; Hutton, Richard; Irion, Richard; Johnson, Norville. Jones, Don; Kilpatrick, Doug; Kilzer, John; Marlink, Richard; Martin, George; Mayne, Roland; Merritt, Ralph; Morse, George; Myers, Lloyd. McClain, Marvin; Nay, Harvey; Ready, Richard; Rothschopf, Ken; ShuU, Paul; Smalley, Del; Stanley, J. K.; Sundlof, Kenneth; Teller, Jim. Venuti, Robert; Walker, Lou; Wells, Dwight; Weimann, Hugh; Wilkey, Edward; Williams, James; Williams, Keith; Wilson, EarL actives Albers, W. F., LaGrange, Tex ' 46 Barker, Wesley L., Luray, Miss ' 46 Barnhill, Samuel R., El Dorado, Kans ' 49 Bashor, H. Vernon, Loveland, Colo ' 47 Bell, Richard E., Denver, Colo ' 48 Benham, James, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Briggs, Paul L., Grand Junction, Colo ' 47 Broyles, Thomas M., San Angelo, Tex. ..Grad. Bumpus, Harold G., Denver, Colo ' 49 Carlson, Henry, Jr., Sioux Fall, S. D ' 50 Carter, Charles L., Denver, Colo ' 48 Clapper, Robert, Billings, Mont ' 48 Coates, Jack P., Denver, Colo ' 47 Cox, Thomas E., Cortez, Colo ' 49 Cutshall, Vincent K., Colo. Springs, Colo. .... ' 47 Daane, Kenneth E., Grand Haven, Mich. ..Law DeTarr, James, Berkeley, Calif ' 47 Duncanson, Fred L., Winnebago, Minn ' 48 Downing, Robert R., Durango, Colo ' 48 Dykstra, Lemar A., Grand Junction, Colo. .. ' 48 Eaglen, James A., Denver, Colo ' 49 Eggers, Homer E., Farrar, Mo ' 47 Ferrell, Michael R., Huntington, L. I., N. Y... ' 47 Goody, Walter M., Denver, Colo ' 48 Gould, George R., Dodge City, Kans ' 49 Hepworth, Richard T., Evanston, 111 ' 48 Horther, William C, Durango, Colo Law Hugins, Richard M., Littleton, Colo ' 49 Hussa, John O., Burlington, Wash ' 48 Carleton, Neil L., Brighton, Colo ' 50 Clark, Vernon C, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 Collins, Earl R., Beverly Hills, Calif ' 50 Corbin, Rex G., Elliott, Iowa ' 50 Crockett, Wardner, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Eastman, Frank, Oklahoma City, Okla ' 50 Emrick, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Fagg, Robert O., Aberdeen, S. D ' 49 Gardner, Warren E., Glenwood Spgs., Colo. ' 50 Johnson, Norville D., Alva, Okla ' 49 Jones, Donald, Wellington, Kans ' 48 Kaub, George H., Denver, Colo ' 47 Kilpatrick, Douglass S., Denver, Colo ' 48 Kilzer, John, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Krapf, John E., Cutbank, Mont ' 50 Look, Robert G., Denver, Colo Grad. McClain, Marvin R., San Marino, Calif. .,.... ' 47 Malcolm, George S., Sturgis, S. D ' 49 Manning, Elmer L., Grand Junction, Colo. .. ' 48 Martin, George L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Mayne, Roland, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Merritt, Ralph W., Boulder, Colo ' 48 Meyers, Sandy, Billings, Mont ' 50 Morse, George D., Trinidad, Colo ' 47 Moyer, R. Deane, Minneapolis, Minn ' 49 Myers, Rutherd, St. Louis, Mo ' 50 Nay, Harvey O., Antimony, Utah ' 47 Newman, Rodney L., Ark. City, Kans ' 48 Norris, Carroll L., Galesburg, 111 ' 50 Norris, Kipper, Galesburg, 111. ' 46 Paddock, David S., Clinton, Iowa ' 49 Pitchford, Thomas E., Lafayette, Colo. ..Grad. Putnam, C. Lee, Colo. Springs, Colo. ' 49 Reynolds, Joseph S., Greeley, Colo ' 48 Robinson, Frank, Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 Rothschopf, Kenneth C, Parker, Colo ' 49 Saliba, Maurice, Walsenburg, Colo ' 48 pledges Giltner, William, Elliott, Iowa ' 50 Haines, Thomas, San Marino, Calif ' 50 Henderson, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 50 Homberg, James, Ordway, Colo ' 49 Irion, Richard F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Johnson, R. Sam, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Larson, Fred, Carlock, 111 ' 48 Marlink, Richard F., Aberdeen, S. D ' 49 Neill, Seymour W., Evanston, 111 ' 50 Schmidt, Ted G., Scottsbluif, Nebr. ' 48 Schroeder, James B., Long Beach, Calif ' 46 Shannon, L. Gus, Las Animas, Colo ' 47 Smalley, Del, Springfield, Mo ' 47 Speck, Richard L., Cortez, Colo |49 Stevens, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 47 Sundlof, Kenneth C, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Teller, James D., Hillsboro, 111 ' 49 Telk, Daniel, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Venuti, Robert, Bayfield, Colo ' 46 Volker, William W., Santa Ana, CaUf ' 49 Von Wyle, Paul H,, Denver, Colo ' 50 Walker, Lou, Denver, Colo ' 49 Weimann, Hugh, Milwaukee, Wis ' 47 Wells, Dwight M., Tacoma, Wash ' 48 Whaley, S. Lynn, Denver, Colo ' 50 Whitehouse, Richard W., Colo. Spgs., Colo... ' 48 Wilkey, Edward B., Providence, Ky ' 46 Williams, James, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Williams, Keith D., Napa, Calif ' 47 Wilson, Earl S., Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Wilson, Robert G., Manitou Springs, Colo. . ' 49 Wilson, RoUin K., Grand Junction, Colo. Grad. Wise, Robert A., Sparks, Nev ' 49 Wolf, H. Edward, Grand Junction, Colo ' 48 Yant, Robert K., Grand Junction, Colo ' 48 Zerschling, Keith L., Pierre, S. D ' 48 Zimmerman, Raymond, Bellingham, Wash. ' 48 Ready, Richard, Berkeley, Calif ]50 Russell, Al, Grand Junction, Colo |50 Rogers, Richard, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Shasteen, Donald E., La Junta, Colo 50 Stanley, Kent, Denver, Colo 50 Trier, Stan, Ft. Wayne, Ind ' 48 Turner, Warren, Grand Junction, Colo ,50 Wotipfca, Jack, El Paso, Tex 49 phi delta theta 339 officers President John Hussa Reporter Jack Coates Recorder Richard Hugins Treasurer Joseph Reynolds House Manager David Paddock Kouse Mother Mrs. Pickham Biggest news to the Phi Delts during the year was the return of the house to the fraternity from the university after three long years. Immediately the Phi Delts set about redecorating the house and gave a housewarming party to celebrate. The " Castle Boys " again enjoyed a most successful year. For the second successive year they won the I. F. C. Trophy which is awarded annually to C. U. ' s leading fraternity on a point basis. The chapter was also commended by the national fra- ternity for its fine record. Continuing their athletic leadership, the Phi Delts showed themselves to be " the team to beat " in intramural sports and also had eight members playing varsity football. These men were: Paul Briggs, Gus Shannon, Bob Wise, Lemar Dykstra, Tom Broyles, Bill Albers, Rex Wagner, and Bob Clapper. Phi Delts who are campus leaders include: Ralph Merritt, ASUC Commissioner, Alpha Chi Sigma, 1. F. C, Greek Combine, and Heart and Dagger; John Hussa, track, I. F. C, Sumalia; Ted Schmidt, Dodo editor; Homer Eggers, baseball. Phi Epsilon Phi, Sumalia; Tom Broyles, Sumalia; Wes Barker, Sumalia. 340 Bachar, J.; Bailey, P.; Barber, W.; Breuner, R.; Burkes, W.; Carlson, R.; Davis, V.; Dick, J.; Dixon F. Egbert, W.; Ekrem, R.; Fisher, R.; Franklin, W.; Franklin, Wm.; Frederick, R.; Funk, J.; Gooding, S.; Hinkley, L. Johnson, A.; Knievil, K.; Larson, D.; Lattimer, E.; Ledbetter, L.; McCarty, F.; McCleary, E.; Mclnnes, J.; Martin, K. Mitchum, A.; Mulhern, R.; Nelson, D.; Pace, R.; Robbins, L.; Smith, K.; Sterling, P.; Wallbank, L.; WoUenweber, L. ♦ Ayers, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 49 Beattie, Harold, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Bailey, Boyce, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bartoe, Peter, Coronado, Calif ' 47 Bradt, Gordon, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Bruener, William, Sacramento, Calif. ,. ' 47 Carlson, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 49 Click, Earle, Denver, Colo ' 48 Curry, Dudley, Lamar, Colo ' 49 Deal, John, Craig, Colo ' 49 Dick, Jerry, Denver, Colo ' 49 Dixon, Fred, Pueblo, Colo Grad. Eastman, Robert, Passa Grille, Fla ' 48 Ekrem, Richard, Denver, Colo ' 48 Evans, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Foster, Samuel, Denver, Colo ' 48 Fisher, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 49 Franklin, Peter, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Franklin, William, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 48 Frederic, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 49 Funk, James, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Goebel, Douglas, Denver, Colo ' 48 Goebel, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gooding, Stuart, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bachar, Jim, Fort Morgan, Colo ' 50 Baker, Maurice, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 50 Barber, WiUiam, Los Angeles, Calif ' 50 Besemann, Carr, NeiArton, Kans ' 50 Breining, Charles, Holbrook, Nebr ' 50 Burks, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Campbell, Donald, Sterling, Colo ' 50 Click, Peter, Denver, Colo ' 49 Deal, Stanley, Craig, Colo. ' 50 Downing, Sumner, Denver, Colo ' 50 Foley, Dan, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gray, Ernest, Denver, Colo ' 50 Grunwald, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 50 Hammond, Robert G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Hinkley, Lester, Denver, Colo ' 50 Jenkins, Peter D., Montclair, N. J ' 48 actives Gray, J. Brynt, Denver, Colo ' 48 Griffith, James, Ketcham, Ida ' 48 Hagerty, Raymond, Denver, Colo ' 48 Heineck, Chester, Denver, Colo ' 49 Heppes, Robert, La Grange, 111 ' 49 Houlton, William, Denver, Colo ' 47 Humphreys, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Humphreys, Edwin, Raton, N. M ' 48 Johnson, Abbott, Evanston, III ' 49 Jones, Robert, Brighton, Colo ' 49 Knieval, Kenneth, Loveland, Colo ' 47 Koelbel, Walter, Muskegon, Mich ' 48 Larson, Donald, Colo. Springs, Colo ' 49 Lattimer, Elmer, Algona, Iowa Grad. Ledbetter, Ley, University City, Mo Grad. McCarty, Frank, Boulder, Mont ' 47 McCleary, Edward, Wilkes Barre, Pa. ' 47 McKinnon, Jack, Portland, Ore ' 46 McNeill, Gordon, Denver, Colo ' 48 Mitchum, Allen, San Francisco, Calif ' 49 Mulhern, Richard, Wichita, Kans ' 48 Munger, John, Denver, Colo ' 48 Nichols, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 49 pledges Klabau, Robert, Newton, Kans ' 50 Knous, Merle, Denver, Colo ' 50 Kruger, William, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 48 Lasham, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Lewis, Jerry, Wichita, Kans ' 49 Loser, Earl, Denver, Colo ' 50 Mclnnes, John, Boulder, Colo. ..i».. ' . ' 50 McMurria, Allen, Denver, Colo ' 50 Morrison, Codge, Denver, Colo ' 49 Mott, Charles, Denver, Colo ' 50 Nelson, Douglas, Chicago, 111 ' 50 Niebel, Robert, Palo Alto, Calif ' 48 Patterson, George, Ft. Morgan, Colo. ' 50 Phelps, WiUiam, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Pixler, John, Montrose, Colo ' 50 Pace, Richard, Oakdale, Calit ' 48 Phelps, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 48 Phillipson, Robert, Holbrook, Nebr ' 47 Platts, Harvey, Boulder, Colo Grad. Ray, John, Denver, Colo ' 48 Richardson, William, Coronado, Calif ' 49 Robertson, Harry, St. Louis, Mo ' 48 Robbins, Lee, Denver, Colo ' 48 Rounds, William, Wichita, Kans ' 49 Smith, Keene, Denver, Colo Grad. Sterling, Peter, Canon City, Colo ' 48 Sugaski, Lloyd, Cleveland, Ohio ' 48 Tempest, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 47 Thompson, Thomas, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Todd, John, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Trent, Michael, Boulder, Colo 48 Vining, William, Denver, Colo ' 49 Wallbank, Lincoln, Denver, Colo ' 48 Warshauer, Theodore, Denver, Colo ' 47 Whiting, Donald, Loveland, Colo ' 48 Winegardner, Albert, Denver, Colo ' 48 Wollenw eber, Louis, Denver, Colo ' 48 Woodruff, Thomas, La Junta, Colo ' 46 Pudlick, Eddie, Denver, Colo ' 50 Roath, Carl, Denver, Colo ]50 Russell, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Schrepferman, Richard, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Scott, Ralph, Haxton, Colo |49 Spence, Gale, Denver, Colo. ' 50 Spicer, Robert, Leavenw orth, Kans ' 49 Strobel, John, Denver, Colo ' 50 Struthers, John, Denver, Colo ' 50 Talbott, John, Denver, Colo . 49 Tempest, John, Denver, Colo 50 Theander, Mandly, Denver, Colo ;49 Wilber, Morey, Colo. Springs, Colo ]49 Winegardner, Robert, Denver, Colo 50 Witherspoon, James, Denver, Colo ' phi amma delta 34 r officers Fred Dixon President Oonald Tempest Treasurer ■)ack Phelps Corresponding Secretary Richard Mulhem Recording Secretary Richard Pace Rush Captain Mrs. Dickey House Mother Phi Gamma Delta, having done well in its war existence, is once again enjoying campus life in the Fiji house. The change from war to peace was made in a remarkably short time. In athletics, the Fiji ' s are well represented with thirteen men out for football, eight of whom are playing regular, and with five standouts in basketball, most of whom are likely t o see action. On the cinders, the Phi Gams have a star in Don Camp- bell, a boy who will be very likely to break a few records come track season. On the intramural field the Fiji ' s came out on top in their touch football league. Generally active on the campus are Fred " Beezy " Dixon, Fiji top man, general chairman of C. U, Days, chairman of Homecoming, and vice-president of Heart and Dagger; Lee Rob- bins, basketball letterman. Homecoming committee chairman, and on the Business School Board of Directors; and Bob Phillipson, ASUC commissioner, Sumalia, Heart and Dagger secretary, and football letterman for three years. 342 Beach, M.; Bixby, E.; Butler, C; Hellyer, C; Hornbeck, D.; Miller, M.; Mimmack, W.; Morrow, J. Olds, R.; Oliver, R.; Olsen, D.; Shinn, W.; Timm, V.; Ward, J.; Wells, B.; Yowell, K. Beers, Burt, Highland Park, 111 ' 47 Butler, Charles, Mason City, Iowa ' 48 Dennis, Dave, Bradford, Pa ' 47 Hoppler, Keith, Holyoke, Colo ' 49 Macy, Arthur, Montclair, N. J ' 50 actives Morrow, John, Colo, Springs, Colo ' 48 Shinn, Bill, Bala Cynwyd, Pa. Grad. Sisson, Tom, La Junta, Colo. ' 46 Timm, Vernon, Denver, Colo ' 48 Varner, Charles, Longmont, Colo ' 49 Ward, John, New York City, N. Y ' 49 Wright, George, La Junta, Colo Grad. Yowell, Kent, Glencoe, 111 ' 49 Zahrn, Fred, Boulder, Colo ' 47 pledges Beach, Merle, Bayfield, Colo ' 50 Hornbeck, Douglas, Sidney, Nebr ' 50 Miller, Myron, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Mimmack, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 50 Olds, RoUin, Los Angeles, Calif. ' 50 Oliver, Rex, Torrington, Wyo ' 50 Olsen, Dale, Burlingame, Kans ' 50 Roberts, Jack, Brush, Colo ' 49 Smith, Dan, Louviers, Colo ' 50 Wells, Byron, Durango, Colo. ' 50 Williams, Clarence, Amarillo, T x ' 47 phi kappa psi 343 officers President John Monow Vice-President Kent Yowell Recording Secretary Charles Butler House Manager Burt Beers Rush Chairman Kent Yowell This year finds Phi Psi ' s back on the Hill, located on University Avenue, following a four year absence. The chapter house was originally the home of former Governor Hadley of Missouri. When first occupied last summer, the house underwent considerable re- decoration both inside and out. Entertainment is never lacking what with a ventriloquist and a fine piano player in the chapter ' s ranks. The ventriloquist ' s " better half, " saucy and dapper Dennis O ' Toole, sports a pledge button but to the present dote has experienced difficulty in making his grades. Not to be overlooked also is the entertaining feat, displayed by one of the brothers on special occasions, of con- suming a glass of any available beverage while standing on his head. Often turning to the great outdoors. Phi Psi ' s and guests have enjoyed a number of mountain weekends at the family cabin, near Long ' s Peak Inn belonging to one of the chapter members. The Colorado Alpha chapter is looking forward to playing host to alumni and delegates from 49 other Phi Psi chapters when the national convention is held at Troutdale-in-the-Pines in July of 1948. Those working in campus activities include: Kent Yowell, assistant director, 1946, and director, 1947, of the CU Days all- school show; Fred Zahrn, president of Delta Sigma Pi; John Morrow, ASUC ' s Silver and Gold reporter. Homecoming and CU Days publicity, and Delta Sigma Pi; Burt Beers, technical di- rector of the 1946 CU Days show; and John Ward, Little Theater stage crew. 344 Arnett, E.; Atwood, J.; Bengal, B.; Betthauser, J.; Brackett, D.; Brown, L.; Bryan, M.; Burns, J.; Carlson, C; Clark, D. Cochran, N.; Cramp, E.; Damon, C; Dunn, L.; Fowler, F.; Fowler, H.; Gross, A.; Hahn, J.; Hall, A.; Hendrickson, M. Jindra, R.; Johnson, C; King, R.; Kirk, F.; Lanier, S.; Lee, R.; Levy, M.; Love, W.; Martin, W.; Massion, C. Miller, D.; Prager, F.; Quimby, R.; Reddy, M.; Reynolds, L.; Rold, J.; Sandberg, E.; Shapiro, R.; Sheaff, H.; Sorenson, J. StoUer, H.; Todd, J.; Toomey, P.; Vance, B.; Wood, £.; Wrighton, T. w Arnett, Eugene, Pasadena, Calif ' 48 Atwood, John, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 48 Brackett, David, West Newton, Mass ' 50 Brown, Lenard, Fort Morgan, Colo ' 50 Burns, Jack, Pasadena, Calif ' 47 Byouk, Joseph, Crested Butte, Colo ' 49 Carlson, Charles, Eaton, Colo ' 48 Cich, Gene, Los Angeles, Calif ' 48 Clark, David, Clinton, Mo ' 47 Cramp, Erwin, Glenwood Springs, Colo ' 48 Davis, W. J., Denver, Colo ' 47 Dunn, Edwin, Los Angeles, Calif ' 47 Fowler, Hugh, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Fowler, Parker, Evanston, 111 ' 48 Gross, Alvin, Denver, Colo ' 49 Hahn, John, Evanston, 111 ' 47 Betthauser, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 50 Single, Gus, Blackfoot, Ida ' 50 Bryan, Manly, Clarendon, Tex ' 49 Damon, Charles, Minneapolis, Minn ' 47 actives Hall, ArUn, Dodge City, Kans ' 49 Hendrickson, Melvin, St. Paul, Minn ' 47 Jindra, Robert, Dickey, N. D. ' 48 Johnson, Chester, Independence, Mo ' 49 King, Robert, Jackson, Minn ' 48 Kirk, Frederick, Minneapolis, Kans ' 50 Lanier, Sidney, Spartanburg, S. C ' 47 Lee, Randolph, Rapid City, S. D ' 49 Levy, Morgan, Miami, Fla ' 48 Llewellyn, Windsor, Phoenix, Ariz ' 48 Love, William, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Martin, William, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Massion, C harles, Denver, Colo ' 49 Miller, David, Montrose, Colo ' 47 Prager, Frank, Denver, Colo ' 48 Quimby, Robert, Rifle, Colo ' 47 pledges Fredrickson, Bruce, loliet, 111 ' 49 Hull, Jack, Pasadena, Calif ' 50 Kalagis, Ed, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Miller, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 50 Reddy, Melvin, Dodge City, Kans ' 48 Reynolds, Lou, El Paso, Tex ' 48 Robinson, Alan, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Rold, John, Salida, Colo ' 47 Sandberg, Emanuel, Minneapolis, Minn ' 47 Sarlo, Cary, La Junta, Colo ' 46 Shapiro, Robert, San Gabriel, Calif ' 47 Sorenson, James, Mesa, Ariz ' 47 Stoller, Harold, Raton, N. M ' 49 Thyfault, Vernon, Salina, Kans ' 49 Todd, James, El Paso, Tex ' 49 Tryba, Art, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Vance, Barton, East Jordan, Mich ' 47 Wood, Edmund, Methuen, Mass ]48 Wrighton, Thomas, Excelsior, Minn ' 47 Norling, James, Denver, Colo ' 49 Schaff, Howard, Oak Park, 111 ' 49 Stowe, William, Penrose, Colo ' 50 Wolff, Austin, Manning, S, C ' 50 phi kappa tau 345 officers President Thomas Wrighton Vice-President Fred Kirk Secretary F. P. Fowler Treasurer David Clark Rush Chairman Lou Reynolds House Mother Mrs. Owens The Phi Tau returning to college found plenty to remind him of the college life he ' d always dreamed of. The house was full of the old gang, and the call " Pledge! " echoed down its halls. Things were pretty much as he ' d left them. The Phi Taus were still in the top bracket. His Softball team won the championship in its league. Tea dances and grange parties kept the boys high on the list with the sororities on campus. And those Friday night steak fries in the hills couldn ' t be beat. A Phi Tau would never forget the annual formals. " Bubble Showers " was just that, and a perfect keynote to everything that Spring means in college. And he ' d go a long way to equal " Knight and Dame, " the high point of the Autumn social cal- endar. Knights in armor, swords and shields, and wonderful women. It was a night to remember in a year to remember. 346 aSS Ainburden, H.; Bell, E.; Berger, P.; Cook, A.; Dietz, P.; Dinner, M.; Epstein, J.; Fries, L; Ginsberg, G. Ginsberg, N.; Gottesfeld, B.; Grossman, L.; Guggenheim, T.; Guzofsky, H.; Katcofi, M.; Katz, N.; Katz, R.; Koppel, A. Lackner, E.; Leff, C; Leight, H.; Levin, K.; Levitt, P.; Levy, N.; Lopatin, P.; Madison, E.; Mellman, G. Pepper, L; Pepper, M.; Pepper, S.; Perlman, M.; Perstein, M.; Rifkin, W.; RoUinck, P.; Sachten, L.; Schwartz, S. Shapiro, R.; Silverman, J.; Simons, L.; Weindling, B.; Zelinger, M. actives Ainbinder, Howard, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 49 Alterman, Allan, Denver, Colo ' 49 Barron, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 47 Blumberg, Nathan, Denver, Colo ' 47 Cook, Arnold, Denver, Colo ' 47 Dinner, Melvin, Greeley, Colo ' 49 Dupler, Paul, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 47 Eicove, Seymour, Denver, Colo ' 47 Epstein, Joseph, Denver, Colo ' 48 Finesilver, Sherman, Denver, Colo ' 48 Ginsburg, Norman, Denver, Colo ' 47 Golden, Arthur, Santa Monica, Calif ' 49 Gottesfeld, Burton, Brooklyn, N. Y ' 49 Himelgrin, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Horwitz, Irwin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Kaplan, Sylvan, St. Louis, Mo ' 47 Bell, Ervin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Berger, Phillip, Denver, Colo ' 50 Blecker, Edwin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Fries, Leonard, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gazofsky, Harold, New York, N. Y ' 49 Ginsburg, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 50 Goldman, Phillip. Denver, Colo ' 49 Goldstein, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 50 Katz , Nathan, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Katz, Robert, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Kleiner, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Lackner, Edward, Denver, Colo ' 49 Laff, Seymour, Denver, Colo ' 49 Leff, Charles, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 47 Leight, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 47 Levitt, Phillip, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 50 Levy, Norman, Denver, Colo ' 48 Lifshutz, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 49 Light, Paul, Denver, Colo. .: ' 48 Lopatin, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 49 Madison, Ernest, Denver, Colo ' 49 Mellman, Gerald, Denver, Colo ' 49 Pellish, Harris, Denver, Colo ' 47 Pepper, Morton, Denver, Colo ' 49 pledges Guggenheim, Thomas, Cincinnati, O ' 50 Katcoff, Martin, Denver, Colo ' 48 Karrass, Chester, Brooklyn, N, Y ' 48 Koppel, Albert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Lasky, William, Denver, Colo ' 50 Levin, Keva, Denver, Colo „ ' 50 Minzer, Eugene, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pepper, Irwin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pepper, Murray, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Perstein, Milliard, San Francisco, Calif ' 48 RoUnick, Phillip, Denver, Colo ' 50 Rothstein, Robert, Long Beach, N. Y ' 49 Sachter, Louis, Denver, Colo ' 47 Salzer, Willard, Denver, Colo ' 48 Schwartz, Stanley, Denver, Colo ' 49 Sedalnick, Hershel, Grand Junction, Colo ' 47 Shapiro, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 47 Silverman, Joseph, Providence, R. I ' 47 Talpers, Stanley, Casper, Wyo ' 47 Tenenbaum, Harold, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 47 Weinberger, Alvin, Denver, Colo ' 48 Yoches, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 46 Zelinger, Morris, Denver, Colo ' 47 Pepper, Sidney, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Perlman, Marvin, Denver, Colo ' 50 Rice, Alfred, Casper, Wyo ' 50 Rifkin, WiUiam, Denver, Colo ' 50 Snyder, Irw in, Denver, Colo ' 50 Weindling, Hyman, Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Zi»n, Arthur, Denver, Colo ' 49 phi si ma delta 347 officers President Joseph Silverman Vice-President Burton Gottesfeld Secretary Phillip Levitt Treasurer Hershel Sedalnick Rush Captain Burton Gottesield House Mother Mrs. Kreller This year will stand long in the annals of Theta chapter of Phi Sigma Delta as a markedly important one. The twenty-year dream of a new chapter home was realized with the purchase of the Sigma Chi house early in the year, in time to give warm welcome to a larger number of fraters returning from the service. Intramural athletics and social activity climbed rapidly toward pre-war heights, and a successful year was passed in both. Undisputed in his bid for outstanding frater of the year was cane-bearer Ben Miller, whose mark remained even after his June graduation. Al Weinberger ' s return gave the house a Phi Beta Kappa man and the editor of the Law Review. Al stood with Arnold Cook, Eta Kappa Nu; Millard Perstein, Pi Mu EpsUon; Jerry Leaf and Jerry Mellman, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Joe Si lver- man, Sumalia, AIEE, and Sigma Pi Sigma; and a large number of Phi Eps to give the Phi Sigs noticeable representation in the school ' s honoraries. Frater Silverman, besides serving the chapter as its able president, and crediting it with his scholastic honors, represented it well with his presidency of the Inter-Fratemity Council, his membership in ASUC and his post on the Veteran ' s Council. 348 Alberts, B.; Anderson, R.; Barker, P.; Binqham, D.; Burson, K.; Case, D.; Condon, W.; Crom, H.; DeLong, D.; DiLorenzo, R.; Dods, L. Elliot, J.; Erickson, W.; Ethendge, R.; Fielder, W.; Fitzgerald, R.; Frehse, W,; Gervin, W.; Grimes, E.; Groesbeck, R.; Gunther, D.; Hahs, O. Hamill, R.; Hicks, H.; Holland, D.; Hook, R.; Johnston, D.; Johnston, G.; Karlson, W.; Kasper, C; Konkel, J.; Konkel, V.; Lee, H. Lombardi, M.; McArthur, J.; Miguez, W.; Mitchell, E.; Mosher, E.; Mo unger, W.; Nelson, J.; Newlon, R.; Oldaker, M.; Radloff, F.; Resin, F. Sare, R.; Savonen, E.; Shively, R.; Starr, H,; Stevenson, S.; Thomson, G.; Walter, R.; Watson, K.; West, H. Wilson, W.; Wolf, R.; Woodard, R. actives 8 Alberts, Bernard J., Radcliffe, Iowa ' 47 Anderson, Russell B., Salt Lake City, Utah.. ' 47 Austin, Harold G., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 49 Barker, Paul H., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Bell, Donald M., Denver, Colo ' 48 Bingham, Donald S., Arlington Heights, 111. .. ' 48 Bucholz, Raymond H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Burson, Kenneth L., Eureka, Kans ' 48 Case, Richard A., Orange, Calif ' 48 Condon, William R., Denver, Colo ' 47 David, Aubrey N., Jr., Albuquerque, N. M... ' 48 DeLong, Dean O., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 48 DiLorenzo, Raymond R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Dods, Lou, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 47 Dolberg, Richard C, Denver, Colo ' 49 Dunbar, Garnald S., Denver , Colo ' 48 Fielder, William R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Fitzgerald, Richard S., Yuma, Colo ' 49 Biggs, W. Allen, Brighton, Colo ' 50 Cowden, Richard M., Silt, Colo ' 50 Crom, Hov ard B., Pierce, Colo ' 49 Fielder, James, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gahnstrom, Charles E., Salina, Kans ' 48 Gervin, George W., Flagler, Colo ' 47 Johnston, Dean M., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 48 Freshe, William R,, Salina, Kans ' 48 Gilmore, Keith H., Ontario, Ore ' 46 Grimes, Erwin E., Stamford, Tex ' 48 Groesbeck, Russel F., Springville, Utah ' 48 Gunther, Don R., Denver, Colo ' 46 Hammack, Calvin M., Denver, Colo P.G. Hicks, H. Jay, Boulder, Colo ' 48 Hines, Richard S., Loveland, Colo ' 46 Hoch, Richard A., Yuma, Colo ' 49 Holland, J. Don, Denver, Colo ' 47- Johnston, George F., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 46 Karlson, Wesley L., North Hollywood, Calif.. . ' 48 Kaspar, Charles P., Jr., Long Beach, Calif ' 48 Kintigh, Allen, Norcatur, Kans ' 47 Konkel, Vernon E., Denver, Colo ' 48 Learned, Gordon W., Denver, Colo ' 46 Lombardi, Michael, Denver, Colo ' 47 Meffley, Charles F., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 47 pledges Konkel, James H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Lincoln, Robert M., Denver, Colo ' 49 McArthur, John K., New Rochelle, N. Y ' 50 Mosher, Eric, Washington, D. C ' 46 Resen, Fredrick L., Jersey City, N. J ' 49 Sare, Ransom L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Sawyer, Maurice J., Plainville, Kans ' 49 Miguez, Walter S., Port Jefferson, N. Y ' 48 Mounger, William R., Houston, Tex P.G. Nelson, Ralph J., Norcatur, Kans ,.... ' 49 Oldaker, Merritt R., Albuquerque, N. M ' 48 Prechtel, John E., Denver, Colo ' 46 Radloff, Floyd E., Boulder, Colo ' 45 Rooney, Thomas J., Boulder, Colo ' 46 Scott, Robert E., Denver, Colo ' 48 Shively, Ray V., Denver, Colo |48 Smith, James A., Denver, Colo ' 48 Stephenson, Stanley E., Ogden, Utah ' 47 Thomson, Greig R., Denver, Colo ' 50 Urich, Don L., Englewood, Colo ' 47 Walter, Richard K., Denver, Colo ' 46 Watson, K. Bert, Amarillo, Tex P.G. West, Harold O., La Junta, Colo ' 49 Wolf, Robert L., Ft. Morgan, Colo ' 49 Woodward, Robert G., Ft. Samner, N. M ' 48 Shaeffer, John D., Ft. Madison, Iowa ' 50 Starr, Hartley I., Anaheim, Calif ' 49 Slovall, Richard, Pueblo, Colo ]47 Urich, Glenn P., Englewood, Colo ' 50 Walker, Roger D., Denver, Colo ' 47 Work, Hubert, II, Denver, Colo ' 50 pi kappa alpha 349 officers President Lou Dods Vice-President George F. Johnston Secretary Dean O. DeLong Treasurer Thomas I. Rooney House Mother Mrs. Lillian Kemp The " Pike " express just couldn ' t be stopped this year as in- dicated by the unequaled hilarity of the annual " barn dance " and by the gracious atmosphere of the Flowers Formal. Not being content to merely enjoy their playing, the Pi Kaps ac- complished big things on the intramural field and managed to keep their gradepoint " right up there, " while doing all this. The Country Club Gentlemen found themselves in fine voice all year, giving the girls something to talk about when they would come forth with still another unusual and intriguing ar- rangement under the balconies. It could have been those grand Friday evenings at Panorama that inspired such tunes as, " The Shiek of Arable, " " Dream, " and " High Yaller Gal. " Outstanding men " around the grounds " include: Lou Dods, Pi Kap president. Phi Epsilon Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Psi Eta Pi, Sumalia, Star and Sextant, Pentagon, inter-fraternity council. Com- bine representative, and Varsity Tennis Team. Russ Groesbeck, Phi Epsilon Phi and Sigma Tau president, Tau Beta Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Star and Sextant and Pentagon. Tom Rooney, finals candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship, Varsity football. Scimitar president, and vice president of Sumalia. Gordon Learned, Scimitar, Sigma Delta Psi, All Conference track man and 1941 All American track team. 350 Alison, R.; Brownne, R.; Carrington, G.; Carrington, R.; Cizek, E.; Conrad, D.; Covington, R.; Daignault, C; Dufour, R. Ellis, C; Hendrickson, S.; Hoppe, W.; Hunt, J.; Johnston, E.; Knap, J.; Lee, W.; Lewis, L.; Longnecker, R. Morgan, J.; O ' Neall, A.; Poth, L.; Parkin. E.; Quinette, W.; Raebum, R.; Rouke, R.; Sanford, W.; Selbe. R. Smith, J.; Sperry, D.; Spurlin, M.; Stackhouse, J.; Stroker, E.; Vanderwilt, W.; Vogler, H.; Wollums, A. actives ♦ Allen, William G., Tulsa, Okla ' 47 Auger, John G., Denver, Colo ' 48 Barringer, Paul, Lynchburg, Va ' 49 Beach, Byron C, Jr., La Canada, Calif ' 47 Beck, Niels, Jr., Cruthers, Calif ' 46 Bo vle , James R., Jr., Sioux City, Iowa ' 47 Boyd, BiU, Boulder, Colo ' 47 Bridges, Jack, Goodland, Kans Grad. Brownne, Robert H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Burke, Harry J., Kansas City, Mo ' 48 Burney, Philip G., Denver, Colo ' 50 Carrington, George L., Jr., Encino, Calif ' 49 Chambers, Lloyd C, Boulder, Colo „ ' 47 Cizek, Edward, Hastings, Nebr ' 47 Conrad, Daniel W., Denver, Colo ' 50 Covington, Robert E., Chicago, 111 ' 47 Craig, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 46 Crow, Wayman J., Kansas City, Mo ' 47 Cunningham, James I., Cherryvale, Kans ' 48 Daigneult, Charles N., Worcester, Mass ' 47 Duffy, James A., Denver, Colo ' 49 Dufour, Rene F., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 EUis, Clarence W., Topeka, Kans ' 48 Frary, Richard S., Greybull, Wyo ' 49 Garland, Frank L., Denver, Colo ' 49 Garst, Warren, Douglas, Wyo ' 47 Garst, Joseph, Jr., Douglas, Wyo ' 47 Good, Max, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gower, Frank H., Denver, Colo ' 47 Gruber, Kenneth C, Kansas City, Mo ' 46 HaU, Robert J., Vallejo, Calif ' 48 Hardin, Donald C, Englewood, Colo Grad. Hawley, Robert C, Casper, Wyo Grad. Hendrickson, Stanley, Casper, Wyo ' 47 Hinds, Joseph, Ontario, Calif ' 49 Hooper, Jerry, Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 48 Hoppe, Wilbur S., Missoula, Mont ' 47 Huggins, Horace, Coffeville, Kans ' 47 Hunt, John M., Denver, Colo ' 47 Ingebretsen, Harold B., Ogden, Utah ' 48 Johnston, Ernest C, Des Moines, Iowa ' 49 Kames, James J., Longmont, Colo ' 48 Knap, James E., Denver, Colo ' 49 Lazell, Edward W., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Lee, William H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Lindee, Robert G., Denver, Colo ' 47 Longnecker, Richard E., Arvada, Colo ' 49 Lucket, L. H., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Mcintosh, Harry O., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 MacArthur, Duncan M., Twenty-nine Palms, Cahf ' 47 Maclntyre, Thomas, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Marion, Frank M., Rapid City, S. D ' 48 Michaels, Bernard R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Morgan, David, Sioux City, Iowa ' 48 Murphy, Joseph N., Kansas City, Mo ' 49 O ' Neall, F. Alan, Denver, Colo ' 47 Ogelvie, James R., Arvada, Colo ' 49 Oliver, James T., Portland, Ore ' 47 Palmer, Kenneth S., Denver, Colo ' 48 Pearson, Judson Bruce, Kearney, Nebr ' 46 Perkin, Charles E., Denver, Colo ' 47 Pettit, William, Denver, Colo ' 48 Powloski, Robert, Seattle, Wash ' 47 Quinette, William H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Raebum, Ralph E., Goodwell, Okla ' 49 Roarfc, Richard E., Ft. Worth, Tex ' 47 Rosholt, John N., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 48 Selbe, Rexford L., Longmont, Colo ' 47 Schuh, William E., Denver, Colo ' 49 Smith, J. D., Denver, Colo ' 47 Smith, W. D., Denver, Colo ' 48 Tanner, Arthur, Los Angeles, Calif ' 47 Thomas, Robert C, Denver, Colo ' 48 Todd, Ross J., Denver, Colo ' 48 Vanderwilt, William K., Denver, Colo ' 48 Vogler, Harry W., Denver, Colo ' 48 Walseth, Russel M., Jr., Pierre, S. D ' 48 Weinhart, John A., Dallas, Tex ' 48 Woolums, Albert B., Jr., Salt Lake City, Utah ' 49 Wunderly, LeRoy J. D., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 48 pledges Alison, Ross B., Beverly Hills, Cahf ' 50 Anderson, Thomas B., Adair, Okla ' 49 Anselmi, Rudy John, Arvada, Colo ' 48 Assel, Robert Leonard, Denver, Colo ' 50 Baumgartner, Richard W., Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 49 Bowers, Bruce T., Gorgas Hosp., Ancon, C. Z ' 50 Broman, Paul Russel, Denver, Colo ' 50 Burnett, Wesley D., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Carrington, Robert J., Encino, Calif ' 50 Clark, Philip, Denver, Colo ' 49 Cook, Peter S., II, Cheyenne, Wyo ' 50 Criswell, Chesney H., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 Downs, Harry, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Ericson, William, New York, N. Y ' 50 Ferrier, John, Tulsa, Okla ' 50 Ford, Eugene F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Gillen, George H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Gregg, Charles C., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Haldeman, Robert Boyd, Denver, Colo ' 48 Harris, Albert E., Denver, Colo ' 48 Jankovsky, Clair J., Denver, Colo ' 50 Jeffries, John, Denver, Colo ' 50 Jorgensen, Roy L., Chicago, 111 ' 50 Kroeker, Edwin, Newton, Kans ' 50 Lane, James A., Jr., Mitchell, Nebr ' 50 Livingston, Charles F., Denver, Colo ' 50 Matheson, William R., Colorado Springs, Colo _ ' 50 Martin, Robert, Newton, Kans 50 Metzger, Leslie, Phoenix, Ariz |50 Phillips, Jack, Newton, Kans 50 Ouinn, Thomas, Denver, Colo ' 50 Rolander, Robert, McPherson, Kans |50 Schafer, Craig T., Colorado Springs, Colo...]50 Sperry, Donald M., Los Angeles, Calif ' 48 Schafer, lack W., Walsenburg, Colo ' 50 Spurlin, Melvin D,, Denver, Colo ' 50 Stackhouse, Jacques A., Scottsbluff, Nebr ' 50 Stroker, Eugene W., Arlington Heights, I11...M9 Tipton, Harry B., Denver, Colo ' 50 Vandewark, James D., Fort Collins, Colo 50 White, Douglas L., Denver, Colo ' 48 si ma alpha epsilon 351 officers President Hm Oliver Vice-President Bob Thomas Secretary Bob Covington Treasurer Ed Cizek Rush Captain Charles Daigneault House Mother Mrs. C. L. Brown Sparked by the return of many of the older men in the chapter, Colorado Chi of Sigma Alpha Epsilon reentered their chapter house at the beginning of the Summer Quarter. With the influx of more brothers at the start of the Fall Quarter, ac- commodations in the Chapter House were expanded from twenty- eight to fifty-three. There are about one hundred and twenty-five men in the chapter, including those that are not living in the house. SAE won the activity cup at the CU Days celebration in the spring quarter of 1946, and have been very active in campus activities during the past summer, fall and winter quarters. Art Tanner and Chesty Chambers are a couple of Sig Alphs on the football squad; " Sox " Walseth, Toadie Muggins, and Clancy Ellis are basketball men; John Beck is president of Combined Engineers; Jack Hunt was chairman of Homecoming Days last fall; Jack Timmer is editor of the Colorado Engineer. The chapter obtained the services of a new housemother, Mrs. C. L. Brown. This is the first time that she has served as a housemother on the CU campus. Looking forward, the chapter is planning on many improve- ments. The biggest event along these lines is the expansion or rebuilding of the chapter house when materials become avail- able. 352 H .C7) rj f j ' { 2 Akers, H.; Allen, R.; Allen, W.; Ballmer, J.; Bell, C; Benton, F.; Berrick, W.; Brenneman, R.; Bruin, J.; Bush, A.; Carnes, M. Carver, W.; Chryser, T.; Davis, J.; Dunstan, R.; French, W.; Garber, J.; Gutsche, G.; Hagler, G.; Hatton, W.; Haynie, H.; Herbert, R. Hillberry, A.; Hipp, J.; Huber, W.; Hyde, R.; Ingalls, F.; Keller, C; Lee, I.; Lee, H.; Lonabaugh, E.; Marshall, W.; Mertz, W. Milner, R.; Murphy, L.; Olsen, S.; Ouren, B.; Parsons, S.; Reynolds, K.; Sams, D.; Sandoval, R.; Seeber, N.; Shell, J.; Shepherd, J. Sittig, W.; Skeen, B.; Slawson, N.; Van Camp, J.; Vogel, L.; Wakeman, D.; Wallengren, D.; Warne, C; Wood, J. actives ' Aif Akers, Harold, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Allen, William L., Steamboat Springs, Colo ' 48 Bell, Clayton, Lamed, Kans ' 47 Benton, Field C, Denver, Colo ' 49 Berrick, William H., Merino, Colo ' 49 Blatchford, John K., Chicago, 111 ' 50 Brenneman, Richard O., Roswell, N. M ' 49 Cain, LeRoy R., Pueblo, Colo Grad. Carver, William A., Los Angeles, Calif ' 48 Chrysler, Theodore H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Davis, A, John, Denver, Colo ' 49 Felin, Jess W., Denver, Colo ' 49 Freeman, Clair, Denver, Colo ' 47 French, Wendel, Stromsburg, Nebr ' 48 Garber, Jack D., Omaha, Nebr ' 49 Gassaway, Turner F., Elm Mott, Tex ' 49 Hatton, William, Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Herbert, Richard, Kansas City, Mo ' 46 Hill, Charles F., Sherwood, Ore ' 49 Howland, Melvin, Denver, Colo ' 49 Hyde, Robert, Sioux Falls, S. D ' 49 King, Donald, Denver, Colo ' 47 Klingler, Roger, Denver, Colo ' 47 Lee, Harold H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Lonabaugh, Ellsworth, Sheridan, Wyo ' 49 McDowell, Richard F., Lyons, Nebr ' 50 McElhone, Frederick, Hinsdale, 111 ' 49 Murphy, Leonard, Chicago, 111 ' 49 Olsen, Stanley R., Portland, Ore ' 47 Ouren, Bruce, Harlan, Iowa ' 50 Peacock, Elwin, Houston, Tex ' 48 Reynolds, Kenneth, Colorado Springs, Colo. .. ' 48 Robbins, Devon B., Huntington, Ind ' 47 Sandoval, Robert, Gallup, N. M ' 50 Seeber, Norton, Chicago, 111 ' 48 Seydler, Herbert, Houston Tex ' 47 Shaner, James H., Denver, Colo ' 47 Shell, John, Waxahachie, Tex ' 49 Shuhart, Verne, Dalhart, Tex ' 49 Shaver, Richard, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Skeen, Bobby L., Clovis, N. M ' 49 Sittig, William, Glencoe, 111 M8 Slawson, Nevin, Denver, Colo ' 48 Storer, William, Pueblo, Colo ' 49 Van Camp, John, Portland, Ore M7 Vogel, Leonard, Golden, Colo ' 47 Warnes, Byron L., Winnetka, 111 ' 50 Wood, John P., Hannover, N. H ' 48 Yuncker, John M., South Bend, Ind ' 49 Warne, Clinton, Amherst, Mass M8 Wallengren, Delbert, Sheridan, Wyo ' 49 Beadles, Nick, Asheville, N. C ' 47 Reynolds, Kenneth, Colorado Springs, Colo ;48 Flomming, Charles, Los Angeles, CaUf _49 Ogle, Alexander, Johnstown, Pa 49 Hansen, John, Chicago, 111 ' 43 Bush, Arthur, Denver, Colo 49 Carnes, Marion L., Colorado Springs, Colo... 49 Ballmer, Jack, Denver, Colo ' 50 Bruin, James, Roswell, N. M ' 50 Allen, Robert, Steamboat Springs, Colo ' 50 Dunston, Robert, Denver, Colo ' 50 Dekker, David, Denver, Colo ' 50 Gutsche, Graham, La Grange, 111 ' 50 pledges Haynie, Howard, Morton Grove, III ' 50 Hipp, John, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Hagler, Gene, Twin Falls, Ida ' 50 Ingalls, Floyd, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 50 Keller, Carl, Memphis, Tenn ' 50 Lee, Jack, Boulder, Colo ' 50 Mertz, Wayne, Pueblo, Colo , ' ' Milner, Robert, Cleveland, 50 Shepherd, John, Craig, Colo 50 Roberts, Terry, Amarillo, Tex 49 Thebus, lack, Denver, Colo 50 Wakeman, Don, Boise, Idaho 49 si ma ehi 353 officers President John Van Camp Vice-President Eugene Lonabaugh Secretary Wendell French Treasurer Fredrick McElhone Rush Chairman Nevin Slawson House Mother Mrs. E. H. Whitman The Sig chapter, proving that home is where you hang your hat, moved into their temporary home on Broadway. The social program was inaugurated by selecting a Sigma Chi Sweetheart at the traditional Sweetheart Dance. Another highlight of spring was the annual Sig day celebration held in Denver with the other chapters in the province. Staying active during the summer the chapter took to the hills, specializing in steak frys and campfire serenades. With the return of many service men this fall the chapter returned to normal college routine and put forth strong teams in all intramural competition. Especially promising are the Sig skiiers who hope to retain the coveted White Stag Trophy another year. Outstanding events of the fall were the resumption of the annual South Sea Island Dance and the continuation of the less formal social functions; Friday Afternoon Club at Bill ' s, field trips to Louisville, radio dances at the house, and an occasional beer bust. Among the outstanding men on the campus this year are John Wood, Ski Club President and Captain of the Varsity Ski team; " Cyc " Lonabaugh, A.S.U.C. commissioner; John Van Camp, Inter-Fraternity Council, Greek Combine, Silver and Gold, and Coloradan; Len Vogel, Varsity wrestling, Silver and Gold, Colo- rado Engineer, Ski Club, and Phi Epsilon Phi; Leroy Cain, Tau • Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Phi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. 354 Asher, R.; Beckwith, F.; Beeman, J.; Blackmarr, R.; Blickhahn, G.; Cochran, D.; Cox, R.; Crowley, J.; Cubillas, A.; Culpepper, W.; Davoren W Egan, J.; Garten, W.; Gates, W.; Griffith, D.; Griffith, D.; Hanson, R.; Homer, R.; Huey, H.; Ingles, R.; Jackson, J.; Jackson, P. Johnson, H.; Johnson, R.; Johnson, T.; Johnson, W.; Jump, R.; Keay, J.; Kenehan, J.; Kenworthy, C; Knox, J.; Krone, F.; Logan, R. Manlre, R.; McDonnell, R.; McKimmel, R.; Neumann, K.; Ohman, C; Parker, E.; Pyle, R.; Hies, N.; Ritchey, F.; Roe, D.; Sherwood, C. St. Aubyn, G.; Thomas, J.; Tompkins, G.; Tucker, R.; Vanwinkle, M.; Whiting, K.; Wilson, B.; Wilson, J.; Zisch, J. actives Ahumada, Guillermo R., Mexico City, Mexico ' 47 Asher, Robert H., Great Bend, Kans ' 50 Beckwith, Frank L., Jr., Loveland, Colo ' 49 Blackmarr, Richard J., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Blickhahn, George H., Alamosa, Colo ' 48 Cambell, John H., Eugene, Ore ' 47 Carhart, Herbert G., Washington, D. C...„Grad. Cochran, Dale S., Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Copper, John W., Fresno, Calif ' 46 Cubillas, Alberto, Jr., Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico ' 47 Culpepper, William W., Denver, Colo ' 49 Davoren, William T., Denver, Colo ' 48 Egan, John J., Joliet, 111 ' 47 Gnadinger, John F., Joliet, 111 Grad. Gray, Allan C, San Luis Obispo, Calif ' 47 Griffith, Richard E., Alamosa, Colo ' 49 Allen, James E., Arvada, Colo ' 50 Beeman, Jack W., Amarillo, Tex ' 48 Carson, John P., Denver, Colo ' 50 Cox, Russell J., Grand Junction, Colo ' 50 Croy, Herman H., Denver, Colo ' 49 Doyle, Donald T., Denver, Colo ' 50 Garten, William B., Des Moines, Iowa ' 50 Griffith, Douglas A., Alamosa, Colo ' 50 Hahn, Robert, Windsor, Colo ' 50 Hanson, Raymond G., Jr., Denver, Colo ' 50 Herkert, Raymond J., Joliet, 111 ' 48 Horner, Raymond G., Skokie, 111 ' 49 Huey, Helms R., Denver, Colo ' 48 Ingles, Robert L., Canon City, Colo ' 48 Jackson, Paul L., Boulder, Colo ' 47 Johnson, T. C, Torrington, Wyo ' 47 Johnson, William N., Raymond, Wash ' 47 Joseph, Norman R., Jr., Walsenburg, Colo. .. ' 48 Kenworthy, Cecil D., Monte Vista, Colo ' 48 Knox, J. Wallace, Loveland, Colo ' 48 Lang, James A., Winnetka, 111 ' 48 Logan, Roger L., Denver, Colo ' 47 Long, Carmi D., Guymon, Okla ' 46 McDonnell, Robert E., Mahtomedi, Minn ' 47 McKimmel, Robert L., Baltimore, Md ' 47 McMillan, Claude, Jr., Ada, Okla ' 48 Morse, Jack G., Lakewood, Colo 49 Ohman, Clifton P., Joliet, 111 „ ' 49 pledges Jackson, John D., Jr., Western Springs, I11...50 Johnson, Herbert A., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Jump, Raymond A., Boulder, Colo ' 50 Keay, James W. , Logan, Iowa 47 Kenehan, John C, Denver, Colo ' 50 Krone, Frank W., Billings, Mont ' 50 Manire, Robert W., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Miller, Malcom J., Jr., Santa Fe, N. M ' SO Neumann, Kenneth, Denver, Colo ' 50 Parker, Edward L., Greeley, Colo ' 48 Pyle, Robert L., Boulder, Colo ' 49 Raedels, WilUam R., Buhl, Ida ' 47 Ritchey, Frank L., Pueblo, Colo ' 48 Roe, Donald R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Sherwood, Clifford N., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 47 St. Aubyn, Glenn H., Russell, Kans ' 47 Sykes, David W., Springfield Gardens, N. Y ' 48 Thomas, John P., Shreveport, La ' 48 Trindle, Joseph G., Liberal, Kans ' 49 Tucker, Robert G., Amarillo, Tex ' 47 Whiting, Kenneth R., Loveland, Colo ' 49 Wilson, John R., Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Wilson, Oscar L., South Bend, Ind MB Zisch, John L.,. Johnstown, Colo. ' ' 48 Crowley, James H., Chickasha, Okla ' 47 Pal§grove, John H., Denver, Colo ' 48 Porter, Albert N., Pueblo, Colo ' 50 Ries, Nick E., Billings, Mont ]50 Tompkins, Gordon P., Jr., Amarillo, Tax M3 Vanwinkle, Marvin W., Golden, Colo ' 50 Watson, Albert T., Ada, Okla ' 48 Wigton, Chester M., Pueblo, Colo |5a Wilson, Brooks, Amarillo, Tex |48 Worcester, Thomas K., Boulder, Colo ' 50 si ma nu 355 1 ■k J h If i officers President Glen St. Aiibyn Vice-President Robert Huey Secretary Jack Eagan Treasurer Glenn St. Anbyn Rush Captain Robert McDonnell The Sigma Nus began the year by winning first prize on their Homecoming float, and pledge " Rip " Van Winkle carried away the bacon in the Greased Pig Race. The Social Calendar was filled with many parties, tea dances, exchange dinners, and beer busts. The high point of the social events was the tra- ditional Greenwich Village Costume Ball held at the house on November 23. They entered strong teams in all intramurals and proved they had the winning team for most occasions. Prominent men in the fraternity are John Zisch, football varsity, Greek Combine, Interfraternity Council, Silver and Gold, and Phi Epsilon Phi; T. C. Johnson, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Phi, Star and Sextant, Knots and Fathoms, Bond, Kappa Kappa Psi, and A.S.C.E.; G. R. Ahumada, A.I.C.E., Colorado Engi- neer, Alpha Chi Sigma, Cosmopolitan Club, and Pan American Club; R. L. Ingles, Dodo, A.S.U.C., and Business school board of directors. 356 t Alf, J.; Anderson, B.; Auckland, G.; Bartlett, G.; Croft, H.; Davidson, F.; Forster, B.; Franke, P. Garber, D.; Harris, E.; Jackson, A.; Johnston, H.; Kellogg, B.; Kueser, P.; Lehman, P.; Livingston, T. MacHale, T.; Pepper, B.; Pierson, L.; Pollard, R.; Rawson, C; Reale, J.; Scott, E.; Springer, F. Snowdon, E.; Stearns, P.; Stratton, B.; Stoecker, B.; Taylor, B.; Van Hoorebeke, G.; Weese, A. actives Alf, John, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Anderson, Burt, Denver, Colo ' 48 Anderson, Don, Denver, Colo ' 48 Bartlett, Gene, Denver, Colo ' 50 Brown, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 47 Croft, Harold, Denver, Colo ' 51 Couglas, Charles, Denison, Colo ' 48 Franke, Paul, Chicago, 111 ' 47 Garber, Don, Denver, Colo ' 48 Henderson, Don, Pueblo, Colo ' 47 Hobson, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 49 Hussey, Gordon, Salt Lake City, Utah ' 50 Jackson, Al, Rocky Ford, Colo ' 47 Auckland, Glen, Olney Springs, Colo ' 50 Forester, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 49 Gordon, Bob, South Gate, Calif „ ' 50 Guinn, Dick, Denver, Colo ' 50 Haas, Henry, Denver, Colo ' 50 Love, Nelson, Denver, Colo ' 50 Johnston, Howard, Arlington, Colo ' 51 Kellogg, Berk, San Marino, Calif ' 49 Klassen, Hugh, Phoenix, Ariz ' 48 Kueser, Paul, Denver, Colo ' 51 Lehrman, Phil, Denver, Colo ' 50 Livingston, Tom, Hastings, Nebr ' 50 Lord, Jack, Baggs, Wyo ' 49 McClurg, Chicago, 111 ' 47 McKee, Hank, Boulder, Colo ' 48 McRoberts, John, Denver, Colo ' 50 MacHale, Ton?, White Plains, N. Y ' 50 Miller, Bob, Belmond, Iowa ' 48 Orris, Ed, Denver, Colo ' 51 pledges Maddox, Sam, Drew, Miss ' 49 Neuschaefer, Bill, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pollard, Richard, Alliance, Nebr ' 49 Schreiner, Rube, Lyman, Nebr ' 48 Scott, Earle, Denver, Colo ' 50 Smith, Glenn, Denver, Colo ' 50 Pepper, Bill, Montrose, Colo ' 46 Pollard, Perry, Alliance, Nebr ' 48 Pyle, Bill, Denver, Colo ]49 Pierson, John, Denver, Colo ' 51 Rawson, Chet, Laramie, Wyo ' 50 Reale, Joe, Denver, Colo ' 48 Serafini, Phil, Denver, Colo ' 47 Snowdon, Ed, Denver, Colo ' 51 Stearns, Paul, Delta, Colo : M8 Stoecker, Bud, Denver, Colo ]50 Van Hoorebeke, George, Boulder, Colo ' 49 Walker, Tom, Denver, Colo .... ' 50 Weese, Al, Pocatello, Ida ' 49 Springer, Floyd, Jamestown, N. D ]50 Stock, Jim, Colorado Springs, Colo ' 49 Taylor, Bob, Denver, Colo ' 50 Taylor, C. J., Oklahoma City, Okla ]48 Merrick, Clay, Shadron, Nebr ' 48 si ma phi epsilon 357 officers President Paul Franke Vice-President Don Anderson Secretary Hugh Klassen House Manager Tom MacHale Pledge Captain Joe Reale The Sig Eps are going again full strength on the campus. They were inactive during the war years, carrying on only in the organization of the Off-Campus Greeks. The Sig Eps were reactivated in March of 1946 and they received their house back from the University in June of the same year. Because the coal-shortage caused them to postpone their Fall Quarter formal, the Sig Eps combined their Fall and Winter Quarter formals into an all-out affair. A great deal of effort has been spent the past year in converting the " Post Office " back into its original shape. Colorado Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1903, just two years after the founding of the Fraternity and the chapter since has been an ever-present source of talent, so- cially, athletically and scholastically. American Beauty roses and violets are the fraternity flowers, their colors are purple and dark red. The Sig Ep Heart is black with the Greek letters placed in the center. Among the more prominent Sig Eps are: Paul Stearns, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Alpha Epsilon Delta, honorary premedical, Burt Anderson, Honorary Physics and Honorary Math, and John Alf, A.I.C.H.E. Several Sig Eps are members of A.I.E.E. 359 on ruents The last but certainly not the least in our ' 47 book, Is a section that is new this year and rates a careful look, By including independents we are sure we passed the test, We think we haven ' t missed a thing so now we ' ll take a rest. Our forty-niner slipped away back to the happy land. We thank him very kindly for giving us a hand. We think his job was quite well done, a valuable addition. To this year ' s Coloradan — the forty-ninth edition. V V - 360 C .T O i bonhomme club officers President Ted Hiorti Vice-President Holand Flemons Secretary M. Vem Frodenburg Treasurer Ted Inouye Organized in response to the need for new social clubs for Independent men, the Bonhomme club completed its organization and was formally recognized as a campus organization during the winter quarter. The club got its start following a general meeting of Inde- pendent men sponsored by Viking club during fall quarter. Thir- teen men signed the original charter, thereby becoming charter members, and the membership is now double that number. While it is primarily a social group, its constitution calls for it to take an active part in campus politics through sponsorship of I ndependent candidates for all-school offices. 36r Front row, left to right: Coleman, Anderson, Booton, Tennant, Reed, Jones. Top row: D. Tomlin, A. Tomlin, Lovejoy, Ralston, Autrey, Doll, Culver, Alcorn, Bennett. boulder i n d e p e n d e nl sTu d e ii f s 362 Front row, left to right: Wilson, Seavey, Hopper, Levy, Pamela, Mueller, Kragh, Thompson, Lasch, Parmelee, Rappaport. Top row: Koutnik, personnel chairman; Wiener, auditing chairman; Miss Trainor, Housemother; McDougal, planning chairman; Pinamont, house coordinator; Rice. The purpose of the Campus Club is to maintain a cooperative housing project in order to assist a group of young women to live economically and yet in a wholesome environment with good companionship. Each member of the Club performs her share of the house- hold duties as set up in a schedule posted on the Club bulletin board. Those duties include housework, preparation of meals, washing dishes, and waiting on tables, and they are so divided that each member has specific tasks assigned for each two-week period and so that the work is divided equally among the mem- bers. These household duties usually average one hour daily. 363 Front row, left to right; Goodrich, Smith, Tilton, White, Mrs. H. Jackson, Barbiero, Wheeler, Wainscott, Coursen. Second row: Kruse, Powers, Kinney, Larson, Lovejoy, Belts, M. Shipp, Herrick, B. Holbert, Mayhoffer. Top row: R. Shipp, Brown, Dotzer, Frank, T. Holbert, Kracha, Kragh, Pinamont, Smith. i. s. a. chorus officers Director Mrs. Hobart Jackson President Ralph D. Shipp Publicity Chairman Anne Kracha Program Chairman Warren Kruse Librarians Ann Tilton, Charlotte Lovejoy members Audrey Barbiero Norma Be tts Arthur Brown Nelson Copley J. B. Cox Joey Fairchild Irene Allan Anna Jane Benson William Filliman Lloyd Fox Barbara Frank May Goodrich Delores Heermann Jean Herrick William Holbert Terry Holbert Bob Keating Curtiss Kinney Anne Kracha Jane Kragh Warren Kruse Fae Larson Charlotte Lovejoy Bob Mayhoffer Vern McKonald Erma McDougal Corrine Mills Allan Morrisey Marjorie Pinamont Alice Powers Ruth Rice Harold Smith Marie Smith Mary Ann Shipp Ralph Shipp Ann Tilton Jeonnie Wheeler Sue White Bob Wynne 364 Front row, left to right: Knudsen, Taylor, Suyematsu, Wong. Second row: Morrell, Lampman, Funk, Abella, Miss Neve, Thomas, Hidaka, McKaughan. Top row: Koehler, Larson, Dulan, Patterson, Diehl, Greer. Not in picture: Torres, Allen. international liouse officers House Mother Miss Sue Neve President Norma-Ieonne Thomas Secretary Louise Funk Social Chairman Rosa Abella Publicity Irmadean Lampman ISA Representative Patricia Knudsen The House is composed of girls of many nationalities; there are girls from China, Cuba, and Chile. During the school year the House has participated in intramurals, Homecoming, and has sponsored a series of talks by people on the campus from other countries. Their social life has included a monthly House party, plus a quarterly party for foreign students. The International House is open to all groups interested in any international or national activities for meetings or get-togethers in which inter- racial understanding is dominant. The scholastic average of the House is high; Sigma Alpha Iota, Valkerie, and Chi Epsilon are represented. Many campus groups and clubs are represented in the House. 365 Top row, left to right: Howard Nelson, Dean Crosier. Front row: Larry Simons, Larry Malouff, Wilson Cooper, Bob Schneider. This group of men have found it very convenient to be living across the street from Timber Tavern. Especially on cold stormy nights v hen the w eather doesn ' t permit distant journeys. The only grievance the men have is the distance from the campus. It is quite a hike through Vetsville, Pneumonia Gulch and on up to the campus. All men pictured or mentioned on this page are veterans of World War II. men ' s house 2801! artipahot 366 Front row, left to riqht: Ling, Sakaguchi, A. Mikawa, Nakayema. Second row: McKaughan, Coursen, May, Freed, Nash, Coblentz, H. Mikawa. Third row: Heermann, D. Spano, L. Spano, Grometer, Bruramer, Reed, Weil, Walters, Jackson. Top row: Barbiero, Pelton, Hirami, Van Fradenburg, Solomon, Toffler, Harkins. Reeves is the working organization of I.S.A. It carries out the decisions of the I.S.A. Council, prepar- ing for Independent dances and other activities. officers President Herb Freed Vice-President Bunny Molnar Secretary Barbara May I.S.A. Representative Ellen Nash Mildred Ling Toshi Sakaguchi Alice Mikawa Hideko Nakayema Joan McKaughan Natalie Coursen Barbara May Herbert Freed Ellen Nash Ann Coblentz members Helen Mikawa Delores Heermann Dorothy Spano Lena Spano Mary Ann Grometer Charlotte Brummer Nell Reed Jean Weil Jane Walters Jane Jackson Audrey Barbiero Vic Pelton Pat Hirami Jean Van Fradenburg Mort Solomon Jerry Toffler Maia Harkins Rose Booton Barbara Emery U7 Front row. left to right: Kroeker, Kennedy, Tonelli, Johnson, Adolph, Martin. Second row: Moorman, Young, Malzahn, Seabury, Dessonee, Need, Murrin, R. Reichert, Phillips, Hoase. Top row; Deering, Fox, Oxley, Cook, M. Juhtson, Watson, Clow, B. Reichert, Hall, M. Watson, Upham, Gormley, Mrs. Robinson, house mother, Harkness, Mr. Robinson, house father, Gilson. We Treasure the Memories . . . The one day holidays during Fall Quarter . . . breakfast of fresh doughnuts or sweet rolls served at 10:00 a.m. . . . house meetings made super with popcorn and homemade candy . . . rip-roaring games of " slap " in the living room right after dinner . . . flickering candles during the periods of blown fuses being repaired . . . the third floor paint job — sea foam green and flaming red . . . the fellas claim to the near completion of a tunnel direct to the " Anch " . . . switching dates is always good for a lough and then there are the times Pop challenged us to snowball fights. robinson ' s 368 Front row, left to right: Martin, Tidwell, Varner, C. Smith. Second row: D. Watts, Duncan, L. Watts, Mrs. Smith (housemother), Jordan, Tomita, Graham, Herring. Top row: Mauro, Goddard, Rieber, Ball, Lyttle, Hirami. smith ' s boarding house 1061 12tli street Smith ' s Boarding House got off to a good start last fall, when they won second place in the men ' s division of the Homecoming float parade. Since then they have been reputed as being one of the strongest Independent houses off campus. Smith ' s held an ex- change dinner with Seldom Inn (1040 11th St.) toward the latter part of the fall quarter. During tHe past year, members of Smith ' s Boarding House have entered into various activities on Colorado University ' s campus. 369 Front row, left to light: Larson, Hensley, Smith, Schweizer, Giarratano, Davis, Sterling. Second roTw: Epstein, Co ' den, Bevans, SHgtat, McKerlie, McMurrough, Parkinson, Isaacs, Jones. Third row: Ling, Jackson, May, J. Jackson, Forsberg, Counce, Snyder, Pinamont, Harkins, Dever, Walter, Coursen, Ladd. Top row: Britton, Wong, Terasaki, Mikawa, Booton, Yeater, Tanner, Saunders, Templar, Sobey, Nakagawa. officers President Judy McKerlie K 11 « Vice President lessie Jeanne McMurrough V IT Q I IT J 1 1 O Secretary Doris Shaw K TCllll.yilv Treasurer Iddred Bevans B V Sponsor Miss Ramona Parkinson Valkyrie, an independent women ' s honorary organization, has been very active this school year, with a membership of forty-five girls. Among the campus activities sponsored by Val- kyrie were an orientation tea for all women students, a mas- querade ball, and an all-school dance. Membership is by application and is based upon scholarship, activities, and qualities of leadership. 370 Front row, leit to right: Mrs. Brunton, sponsor, Barnholtz, Thompson, ! utchell, McMurrough. Top row: Curtis, Peterson, Rivers, Farrell, Marcato, Nussbaum, G. Curtis, The Independent Women ' s Organization originally called the Tuesday Night Club has chosen as their official name " Alfra, " meaning the " Elves. " The club was organized to provide more entertainment and recreation for Independent Viroraen on campus. It is nov the largest of the Women ' s Independent organizations es- tablished this year at C.U. and sponsored by ' Valkyrie. The of- ficers of the group are: president. Tommy Thompson; vice-presi- dent, Faye Peterson; secretary, Jean Loure; treasurer, Jessie Nussbaum; I.S.A. representative, Mary Farrell: reporter and his- torian, Shirley Uhrich; and sponsor, Mrs. R. L. Brunton. Fae Lctrson Dolly Heimbecker Jeanne Louer Ruth Eberhart Ramona Corry Marian Spomer Violet Spraitzer Kijo Suyematsu Donna Erickson Connie Trueblood Shirley Uhrich Mary Treichler Leona Bobrecher Carol Orleans Tommy Thompson Jackie Barnholtz Gwen Curtis Mildred Curtis Toni Marcato Florence Rivers Faye Peterson Jessie McMurrough Jessie Nussbaum Mrs. R. L. Brunton Sponsor 371 Wednesday night valkyrie Front row, left to right: Rowley; Kawakami, secretary-treasurer; Worstell, president; Wells Top row: Morris, Cauthen, McCabe, Dieckman, Beach. thursday night valkyrie Front row, left to right: Emery, secretary; Michell, president; Scolt, treasurer. Top row: Cooper, Woods, Walker, Ramsey. I 372 Front row, left to right Jonick, Biering, Van Fossen, Uchida, Polhemus. Top row: Smith, Ballard, Amsden, Solen, Tsukiji. During the fall term many groups of independents felt thai there should be more organizations of the " barb " section of the student body, and one such circle decided to form a small club to help promote the idea of independent voice in university af- fairs, as well as provide social and athletic activities for them- selves. As a result of this resolution the Vanguard Club viras organized with the help of several other campus independent agencies. By the time the club had been ratified, the charter mem- bership had increased to nineteen and subseguent growth has been rapid. In the future the club is planning to greatly expand its activities in order to promote the interests of all the independent students on the campus in conjunction with other independent groups. 373 P« ©- il jgjj H HBiHBH B B H ■- A - [l» i -« K DtN ' ' H Sy JBMPNA i1 i K ry- A pii H ' . P b Kbi ' ' I B PJ ' » " 7 ' - ..«w«i p H Hb " " ' i W pwiift -» - .,, 1 h nnr otAJI ■ ■■li s ' ' J|| p% TMf Hy Front row, leil to right: WUiiama. Lyon, Hicks, Peterson, Colonge, Alden, Ito. Second row: Hummel, Turner, Francis, Starr, Truitt, Talcott, Marquand, Morledge, Mativi. Third row: Niday, Daniels, D. Classen, Orazem, Woodhill, Rowe, B. Qassen, Brandt, Amick, McClain, Sinton, Houston, Lambertoon. Top row: Wise, Miyadi, Schaefer, Malmsten, Frischer, Lines, Beidleman, Sheridan, Colglazier, Von Egidy. officers President Art Truitt Vice-President Paul Starr Secretary Vem Talcott Treasurer Matt Francis The past year has been one of reorganization, but one of considerable success and accomplishment. In addition to par- ticipating in many social, athletic, and scholastic activities, the Vikings have aided in the establishment of two other Indepen- dent men ' s organizations, the Free Lance and Bonhomme clubs. Thirteen new Vikings have been pledged during the year: Bernard Bashford, Roy Craig, Phil Johnson, Willis Jchnson, Bob Law, Warren McClain, Richard Phillips, Jack Randle, Bob Slonecker, Bob Strain, Frederick Todd, Bob Whitaker, and James Zeigler. 374 Front row, left to right: Kawakami, Keim, Miller, Metz, Farney. Top row: Kissler, Cross, Mrs. Sutton, Beach, Welschmeyer, Paquette, Kutsuma. 1052 12th street 375 Front row, left to right: Carroll, Koss, Davies, Zulauf, Paproky, Eusterman, Davenport. Top row: Turner, Wing, Weston, Pearce, Crandall, Stenzel, Sindin, Nelherton, Turecky. 376 Front row, left to right: Kissler, De nning, Mrs. Tospon, Hunter, Sharp. Top row: Spangler, Curtis, Robinson, Taylor, Mundell, Van Fradenburg, Coblentz, Bradley. 1205 College Marj Kissler, Doris Taylor, Ida Spangler, Marge Mun- dell, Mildred Curtis, Luann Denning, Joan Bradley, Janet Sells, Joan Inman, Mrs. Florence Topson — House Mother. 1212 College Virginia Hunter, Jean Van Fradenburg, Joanne Sharp, Ann Coblentz, Ruth Robinson, Doris Peterson, Mrs. C. M. Hunter — House Mother. 377 Front row, left to right: Paulsen, Beck, Kresge, Aiken, Colburn, Temple, Graham, Field. Top row: Wainscott, Armstrong, Weirather, Burris, Zeimet, Cain, Mras, Rosetta. Throughout the school year twenty women lived at Rosetta ' s 1135 Eleventh Street. Their officers, elected during the Septem- ber quarter, were: Betty Beck, president; Frances Paulsen, sec- retary; Eunice Aiken, treasurer; and Jane Wainscott, social chair- man. January 17 they held a weiner roast at Panorama Lodge for their guests. 378 I. S. Naval R.O.T.C. 1» ' I 381 PRINTED BY KISTLER ' S 1636 CHAMPA STREET DENVER, COLORADO PniHtefU - ct c ytcifrAen - ( Mtfiiete 0 Out ittcfU 382 COCKS-CLARK ENGRAVERS E NO RAVI NO CO. ILLUSTRATORS 2200 ARAPAHOE ST.- DENVER 2, COLO. AND ILLUSTRATORS 383 ilGi! liFil STUDIO -U • PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRnPHY PHone 622 1319 coLLece 384 Distinctive Clothes For Men REINERTS Hart, Schaffner Marx Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Friendly Shoes Interwoven Sox Compliments THE SILVER SPRUCE PHARMACY ESTES PARK, COLORADO DUPONT SOLVENTS Better things through better living through chemistry VARSITY CLEANERS 1321 College Phone 78 Prescriptions School Supplies Fountain CAMPUS DRUG STORE 1301 PENN PHONE 162 Congratulations and Best of Luck to the class of ' 47 from THE CASA GRANDE CAFE 1142 13th 385 DON ' S SHOP 1409 Pearl Phone 512J Men ' s Outfitters for the University CAMPUS CAMERA SHOP 1305 Broadway Boulder, Colo. FOR AMATEUR SUPPLIES and PHOTO FINISHING ime tied oLJepenciaoitltu CHARLES F SNOW frlastet of J- ' kotoarapku FRPS Quality Since 1910 Dave Cook Sporting Goods Co. 16th and Larimer Denver, Colo. The Anchorage eruinq HDreaKfail • cJLuncked - JjinnerS 7 a. m.. to 7 p. m. DANCING Friday - Saturday 386 Congratulations to the Senior Class — From THE COLORADO BOOK STORE (L uerutltina or tke L oiteae student 1124 13th ST. PHONE 1790 Stores in Denver — Ft. Morgan — Greeley Englewood — Montrose Conrad ' s Mademoiselle Shops Exclusive Styles — Moderately Priced 1230 Pearl Boulder Phone 1830 BLACKMARRS Complete Home Furnishings — - New and Used 1827-41 Pearl St. Phone 1005 BOULDER KNUDSEN ' S " Say It With Flowers " Broadway at 1st Ave. Let Us Furnish Your VETSVILLE HOUSE MAYBERRY FURNITURE COMPANY Pearl at 16th Boulder, Colo. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 47 From SUNKEN GARDEN (G. U. ' s SINK) Specializing in Fine Foods and Fountain Service 1185 13th STREET 387 JONES DRUG CO. Quality Drugs — Sundries Fountain Service 1242 PEARL ST. BOULDER Congratulations from RANDALL SHOP BOULDER, COLORADO Congratulations to the Senior Class From GREENMAN ' S Drugs— School Supplies Serving CU Students for more than 36 year si CU Students Always Welcome University Hill Grocery 1118 13th ST. 388 BOULDER BOWLING LANES 13th ST. ACROSS FROM COURTHOUSE J4aue a qood tL r ume wkite uou dine at OWEN ' S HILLTOP NEWS STAND 1303 Broadway Boulder MAGAZINES — POCKETBOOKS SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES — LUNCH ITEMS " CONGRATULATIONS " from the TASTY BAKE SHOP on the Hill B. W. Young, Prop. Phone 3192 organizations index 389 Acacia. 322 Alfra. 370 Alpha Chi Omega, 298 Alpha Chi Sigma, 218 Alpha Delta Pi, 300 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 219 Alpha Omicron Pi, 302 Alpha Phi, 304 Alpha Phi Omega, 220 Alpha Tau Omega, 324 American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, 221 American Society of Civil Engineers, 222 American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, 223 Armory. 272 Artist Series, 160 A. S. U. C, 40 B Beta Sigma, 224 Beta Tau, 326 Beta Theta Pi, 328 Bigelow Hall, 274 Bonhomme, 360 Boulder Independent Students, 361 Buff Ski Club, 225 Business School Board, 46 California Cluh, 226 Campus Club, 362 Canterbury Club, 227 Chi Epsilon, 228 Chi Omega. 306 Chi Psi, 330 Combined Engineers, 45 Coloradan. 142 Colorado Engineer, 148 Cosmopolitan Club, 229 Delta Delta Delta. 308 Delta Gamma, 310 Delta Phi Alpha. 230 Delta Phi Delta, 231 Delta Sigma Phi, 332 Delta Sigma Pi, 232 Delta Sigma Rho, 233 Delta Tau Delta, 334 Dodo. 146 Equestrian Club, 234 Eta Kappa Nu, 235 Ethnic Minority Commission, 236 Executive Council, 29 Faculty, 38 Arts and Science, 33 Business School, 38 Engine School, 36 Law School, 39 Medical School, 39 Music School, 38 Pharmacy. 39 Fencers Club, 237 Freshmen Class, ' 105 Gamma Delta, 238 H Hardin? Hall, 276 Heart and Dagger, 50 Hesperia, 75 Hiking Club. 239 Home Economics Club, 240 House of Representatives, 43 Hrist, 371 I Independent Students Association, 44 Independent Students Association Chorus, 383 Interfraternity Council, 321 International House, 364 Iota Sigma Pi, 241 Junior Class. 77 E Kappa Alpha Theta, 312 Kappa Delta Pi, 242 Kappa Kappa Gamma. 314 Kappa Kappa Psi. 243 Kappa Phi. 267 Kappa Sigma. 336 Lester Hall, 278 Little Theater, 149 M HcKenna Hall. 280 Hen ' s Band, 155 Men ' s Residence Halls, 284 Moore Manor, 286 Mortar Board. 51 Music School Board, 244 N Naval Administration, 32 Newman Club, 245 Orchesis, 246 Fan-Hellenic Council, 320 Phi Beta Kappa, 49 Phi Chi Delta, 247 Phi Delta Theta, 338 Phi Epsilon Phi, 88 Phi Gamma Delta, 340 Phi Kappa Psi. 342 Phi Kappa Tau, 344 Phi Sigma Delta, 346 Phi Sigma Iota, 248 Physical Education Majors, 249 Pi Beta Phi, 316 Pi Gamma Mu, 250 Pi Kappa Alpha, 348 Pi Mu Epsilon, 251 Pi Tau Sigma, 252 Players Club. 253 Porpoise, 254 R Seeves, 366 Regents, 28 Regent Hall, 282 Robinsons, 367 School of Law, 116 School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Senate, 42 Senior Class, 52 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 350 Sigma Alpha Iota, 255 Sigma Chi, 352 Sigma Delta Chi, 256 Sigma Delta Tau, 318 Sigma Nu, 354 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 356 Sigma Tau, 257 Silver and Gold, 144 Smith ' s Boarding House, 368 Social Coordinating Committee. 157 Society of Women Students Architects and Engineers. 258 Sophomore Class. 90 Spanish Club, 259 Speakers Congress, 158 Spur, 89 Sumalia, 76 Tau Beta Pi, 48 Tau Beta Sigma, 260 Texas Club, 261 117 120 u University Choir, 154 University Women ' s Club, 262 Valas, 371 Valkyrie, 369 Vanguard, 372 Veterans of Foreign Wars. 264 Vikings, 373 w Wesley Foundation, 266 Westminster Foundation, 270 Window, 147 Women ' s Athletic Association, 265 Women ' s Band. 156 Y. W. C. A., 268 1052 12th St., 374 1129 13th St., 376 1205 College Ave., 376 1212 College Ave., 376 1135 11th St., 377 2303 Arapahoe, 36S administration and faculty index Abrums, Thomas E.. 33, 37 Alexander. Gordon. 33. 35 Allen. James G.. 35 Anderson. Beth. 39 Anderson. Dorothy I.. 35 Arenson. Herman I., 38 Arnett, Louise, 35 Arnold. C. K., 36. 37 Arthur. William K., 39 Aspinwall. Leo V.. 30. 38 Bacon, Isaac, 35 Bainer. Mrs. Miriam, 35 Balch, Roland E., 33. 183. 172. 261 Ball, Mary Ethel. 26. 29, 42, 61, 75 Bangs. F. K., 38 Barker, Gordon H.. 33. 250 Barker. John F., 36. 37 Barnburg. Eugene C. 32 Barnes. George. 37 Baron, Marjorie R.. 242 Barrick. Dennis L.. 36. 37 Bartram. Harlan. 35. 38. 49. 261 Bascom. Mrs. Frances. 35. 246. 249 Battrick. William. 35 Bauer. Frank S., 36, 37, 223. 257 Beadles. Nicholas A.. 36. 202 Beattie. Lyle W.. 37, 223 Beattie. Wayne S., 29, 39. 257 Beck. George. 37 Bedell. Florence. 33. 36 Bemis. Mrs. M., 37 Bendix, Reinhard, 36, 229 Bennett, Paul R.. 37 Berg, William, Jr., 39 Berueffy. Mrs. Minnie G., 33. 35 Biles. John C, 39 Billington. Wilbur T.. 36, 39 Bingham, L. A.. 36, 37, 267 Birk, W. Otto. 36. 37, 257 Bishop, David W.. 36 Bitter, Raymond, 36 Blair, J. M.. 35. 37 Blair. Ruth. 33. 35 Blythin. Mrs. Margaret. 36 Bone, Jack N., 39 Boland. H. J.. 36 Bergman. Carl W., 29, 37, 257, 268 Borland, Helen B.. 36, 224 Boyle, James M.. 35. 231 Brace, Richard M. . 33. 35 Bradley, Paul, 35. 172, 203 Brady, Lucile. 35 Bramhall. F. D.. 29. 33. 35. 49. 250 Britton. Jack R.. 36, 37, 251 Brown. Lydia. 229 Broxon. J. W.. 29, 33, 35, 37, 49 Brubaker. W. F.. 37 Bruce, John B.. 35 Brunton. Mrs. Ruth C, 36, 370 Cady, Earl A.. 37 Carlson, DeVon M., 36 Carlson. Harry G., 26, 29, 35, 37, 76 Carman. C. C 36 Carpenter. Charley F., 86, 37 Carr, Ralph L., 28 Casey. Frank J.. 36, 37 Centano, Augusto, 35 Chapman, Roy M.. 28 Charlton. Robert D.. 28 Chavez. Simon. 36, 269 Chay, Marie, 35 Chow, David, 36 Christensen, Edward C. 39 Cleveland. M.. 37 Coffin, Berton, 38 Coffin, Mrs. Mildred, 38 Cook, Jack B., 32 Cook, Mary E., 38 Copeland, Virginia, 35 Cortes, Louis. 35. 248 Coulter. Pearl Parvin. 35 Cox. Forrest D., 36, 183 Cox. Ray A., 35. 49. 247 Crabb. Edward D., 33. 35 Crampon. L. J.. 38 Craver. Marian, 35 Cristol. Stanley J.. 35, 39, 49 Criswell, George, 50 Crockett, Earl C, 36, 260, 331 Crosman. Ralph L., 31, 33, 36 Cross, Arthur C, 242 Crouh. Jack, 35 Culpepper, Gideon, 33, 36, 251 Curry, Vinton S., 38 Curtis. Bly E.. 61, 31 Cuthbertson, Stuart, 33. 35. 248 Dallas. John W., 37 Darley, Dean Ward, M.D,, 39 D ' Arms, E. F.. 33. 49 Davies. Maurice B., 38 Davis, Robert A., 33, 35 Dawson, John H., 36, 37 Dean. Paul M.. 33. 36. 37 DeMuth. Lawrence. 39 Deschere, Allen R., 37, 48 DeSouohet. William 0.. 39 DeVol, Dulcie. 38 Dickison, Walter L.. 39 Dittmer. Karl. 33. 35 Dobbins, George S.. 37, 229, 239 Dobiesz. Henry E.. 32 Douglas. Harl K., 33, 35. 242 Downing, Roderick L.. 37. 48 Drommond. Fred G.. 39 Dugan. James £.. 35. 37. 49. 250 Dunham, Rowland W.. 29. 38 Dupeyk, Robert R.. 32 DuVall. W. C, 37, 286, 257 Dwan, Luther, 32 Dyde, W. F., 29. 35. 242 Fasten. Frank A., 37, 235 Easton. D. Mack. 257 Eaton. Lyle E., 36. 37 Ebaugh. Franklin Genfoud, M. D,, 39 Eckel. C. L., 29, 36, 37. 48, 251 Erickson. W. L.. 35, 37 Evans. Elliott. 35, 231 Fair, Rex Elton. 38 Farnell, A. B., 35. 49. 251 Farrar. Arline. 120 Faye. Paul-Louis, 35, 248 Fehlman, Mrs. Hazel A.. 35. 242 Ferris, Livingston P., 35, 37 Fest, Thorrel B.. 35, 233 Figley, Angeline, 49 Fines, Clifford A., 29, 32 Foote, Kenneth H.. 38 Forsythe, Father Charles, 245 Foster, Charles H.. 33, 35 Fox, Richard E., 35 Franklin. Walter B., 38 Frascona. Joseph L,, 38 Fritz, Percy S., 35, 49 Fry, William F., 32 Fullerton, Greer G., 38 Gagos, Kenneth A.. 35 Galland. Benjamin S.. 39. 44, 49 Garnsey. Morris E.. 36. 250 Geek. Francis. 33. 35. 231 Germann. Frank E. E.. 33. 36. 37, 49 Gibson, Emmett Glenn, Jr., 38 Gilchrist, Malcolm H., 38 Gillespie. Charles M.. 37 Glass, Robert H., 37 Gless, George A.. 37 Goo dman. Irving, 35, 37 390 administration and faculty index continued Goodjrkoontz. Colin B., 33, 3S, 49 Graham, William W., 37 Grant, Alexander, 38 Gray, Roger, 35 Gregg, Robert E., 35, 37, 49 Grieder, Calvin, 35, 242 Griest, John M., 38 Grigs, Edgar W., 37 Gundig, Charles F., 37 Haack, Donald C, 37 Hadfecock, Glen, 50 Handlan, Bertha, 35, 242 Hanna, William J., 37 Hanzo, Thomas, 35 Harris, Elizabeth, 120 Harris, Hubert A., 35 Hart, Lawrence, 38, 244 Hartzell, Edson K., 37 Haslett, Mrs. Beatrice, 35 Hawk, Harold W., 37, 49 Hawley, Joseph W., 89 Henrich, Val P., 38 Henrickson, Ernest H. , 34, 35 Henrikson, Hrs. Kihla, 37 Herz, Werner, 35, 49 Hibdon, Carl T., 85, 37 Hightower, Bussel L,, 37 Higman, Howard, 35, 250 Hoffman, Fritz L., 36, 49, 229 Hoffmeister, Harold A., 35 Holubar, LeRoy, 37, 235 Hottmann, Henry, 35, 250 Hough, John K., 35 Houston, Clifford G., 29 Howells, Thomas H,, 35 Hull, William L., 36, 37, 48, 257 Hulley, Mrs. Helen B., 34, 35 Hulley, Karl K., 34, 35 Hultquist, Paul F., 36, 87, 49 Hunt, Burrowes, 35 Hutchinson, Charles A,, Sr., 37, 251, 257 Hutchinson, Charles A., Jr., 37 Imig, Warner, 38, 154 Ingersoll, Boss, 35 Irey, Mrs. Charlotte Y.. 35, 246 Jameson, Mrs. Frances S., 35 Jeffrey, Harriet, 84, 35, 42 Jensen, L., 87 Job, Andre Jean, 35, 259 Johnson, Edna L., 35 Jones, Alfred H., 85, 49 Jones, Ann, 35, 231 Jones, Horace, 88, 49 Kelley, H. Harold, 86, 87 Kelly, Tim K., 35 Kempner, Aubrey J., 35, 251 Kempner, Mrs, Kate, 85 Kendall, Claribel, 35, 49, 251 Kendler, Howard H., 35 Kendler, Mrs. Tracy S., 85 Kendrick, Hazen W., 38 Kimmerle, Marjorie. 35 King, Edward C, 29 Kinney, Gordon J., 88 Kinney, Mrs. Katherine, 38 Kipp, Bam, 37 Kirkpatrick, Charles C, 82 Klemme, Claude C, Jr., 37 Klooster, H. J., 86 Knoettge, Mrs. Eebecca V., 35 Knowles, Robert P,, 28 Kuemmich, Mrs. Ramona, 38 Lacher, John R., 85, 37 Lackey, George E., 32 Lun, William C, 80, 86, 50 LaRue, Joy, 224 Lauer, Bryon E., 87 Lawrence, Jack L., 32 LeFant, Mrs. Joan, 34, 35 Leigh. Mrs. Gertrude, 30 Lester, 0. C, 84, 36, 37 LeVeque, Norma, 84, 85 Lewis, Leslie L., 86, 49 Lewis, Robert Curtis, 39 Ley, Katherine L., 35 Lindstrom, Eleanor I., 36, 231 Loeffler, Mrs. Jean, 35 Lof, George O. G., 37 Lof, Laura Davadell, 87 Longley, W, W., 35 Loose, Gerhard, 36 Loose, Mrs. Ruth, 36 Loughran, Henrietta Adams, 85, 49 Love, William J.. 37 Lubovich, V. P., 36, 87 Ludlow, B., 38 Lumpkin, Ben G., 36 McAllister, L. E., 88 McClure, Eugenia, 120 McCombs, R. K., 34, 36. 37 McCormick, C. M., 37, 235 McDonnell, Priscilla R., 88 McGuire, Carl W., 86, 87, 260 HcKeehan, Irene P., 36, 49 McMillen, Hugh E., 31, 38, 166 McNair, Arthur J., 86, 37, 44, 48, 289 McNair, Mrs. Frances C, 37, 44 McNaught, James Bernard, M. D., 39 Mabee, Zell F., 36 Malick, Clay P., 35, 250 Mallory, Walter F., 37, 228 Markward, William B., 34, 35 Marr, John W., 86, 229 Marshall, Pauline, 36, 49, 248 Martin, Dorothy R., 35 Martin, Joan, 36 Mason, L., 37 Meek, John S., 34, 36, 37, 49 Mehl, Marie Anna, 34, 35 Mehrle, Andre, 88 Menoher, Wade L. , 37 Merrill, Leslie 0.. 35 Miernyk, William, 36 Mills, Hubert H., 35 Mitchell, W. W., Jr., 85 Moore, E. A., 229 Moore, Henry B., 88 More, Phillip E., 38 More, Vincent J., 37 Morris, Earl H., 49 Morrow, W. J., 87 Muenzinger, Karl F., 35 Mugrage, Edward Rosseter, M. D., 39 Murchison, Irene, 35 Nelson, Mrs. Helen, 35, 49, 242 Nelson, Roy C, 35 Nelson, Walter K., 36, 87, 261 Niehaus, Fred R,, 38 Nightingale, Mrs. Marian H.. 36 Norris, Charles H., 86, 39 Novak, Leo C, 37 Nyden, Robert C, 86, 87 Nyland, Waino S., 36, 37 Ochsenschlager, Grace L., 38 Ogilvy, Dorothy S., 86, 49 Ogilvy, Jack D. A., 36, 49, 237 0 Kelly, Lawrence, 86 Organ, Robert, 38 Oswald, Mary E., 35 Owen, F. Carrington, 120 Pachard, George Byron, Jr., M. D., 39 Palmer, H. B., 37, 286, 257 Papish, Paul E,, 32 Parker, N, A., 86 Parker, Vernon C, 86, 37, 267 Parkins, Richard, 39 Parkinson, Ramona, 39, 369 Paxton, R. R., 37 Pearson, S., 36, 87 Feck, Maynard A., 38, 250 Pennack, Robert W,, 36 Pepper, William B., 37 Perkins, Merrit K., 28 Petersen, Elmore, 29, 38, 46 Pettit, Henry J. , 85 Pietenpol, W. B., 34, 36, 87 Pinschmidt, Robert K.. 38 Poe, Charles F., 29, 89 Foley, Margaret S., 86, 227, 242 Poole, T. R., 36 Posner, Walter, 36 Potts, Frank C. 85, 172, 192 Prater, Ralph, 30, 60 Prentup, Frank B., 35, 172 Price, H, B., Jr,, 88 Prien, Charles H., 36, 37, 267 Pruett, Frederick, 85, 266 Punshon, E. Thomas, 37 Quine, Edith S,, 36 Raeder, Warren, 36, 37, 228, 267, 268 Rathburn, Robert E., 37, 234 Rautenstraus, Roland C, 37 Redick. Joseph P., 85, 49, 248 Reed, Albert A., 39 Reithmeyer, Mrs. Ura M., 36 Reyburn, Majorie, 34, 35, 49 Reynolds, Henry Etta, 36, 227 Rich, Mrs. Virginia, 34, 85 Riethmeyer, Leo C, 35 Riley, W. A., 86 Ritchie, Edward C, 32 Ritter, Thomas M., 37 Robb, Margaret, 36 Bobbins, L. F., 38 Roberts, John M., 37 Roberts, Walter Orr, 85 Romig, Mrs. Edna D., 36, 49 Rose, Edward L., 36, 229, 250 Ross, Alice, 120 Rutland, Leon W., Jr., 37 Scherer, George A. C, 34, 35 Schmidt, M. P., 88 Schooland, John B., 31. 34. 242, 243, 270 Schroeder, Paul G., 34, 85, 49 Scott, Austin W., 89 Sexton, Walter G., 89 Shutts, William H., 87 Sibell, M. v., 34 Sibert, Harold W., 87 Simcock, John W,, 32 Small, Clare H., 36 Smith, Marion J., 87 Snively, L. Clifton, 37, 261 Sosnowski, Mrs. Josephine. 38 Spackman, William M., 36 Speher, Elizabeth, 34 Sperline, Meredith E., 36, 37 Spicer, Randall, 38 Spurlock, Benjamine H., 87, 228 Stahl, Karl H., 37 Stallman, Dorothy, 120 Starr, Wendell, 36 Stearns, Robert L., 27, 28, 29, 49. 242 Steffen, Harry E. , 38 Stepanek, Joseph E., 37, 48, 229 Stewart, Omer C, 34, 36, 49, 229, 260 Stocks, Betty, 35, 49 Storke, Frederic P., 49 Storr, Sherman, 38 Straight, Clara, 34, 36, 231 Streib, J. F., 35, 37 Btribic, Frances, 36, 261 Sutherland, Donald, 36, 49 Swayne, Ida L., 36, 87, 49 Sweetser, Wesley D., 35 Swisher, Earl, 86, 49, 229 Templin, Joyce, 35, 34 Thoman, Wm. H., 37, 267 Thompson, Harris A., 87 Thompson, Paul V., 37 Thompson, Richard, M. D., 39 Thompson, Warren 0., 35 Thompson, William L., 35 Thompson. S. Harrison, 35, 49 Timmer, John J., 37 Todd, Edgeley W., 35 Toepelman, W. C, 31, 86 Torres, Elena, 35. 229, 259 Tovani, Earnest, 36, 37, 251 Trevithick, Mrs. Helen, 87, 49 Trucksess, Frederick C, 34, 35, 231, 237 Twombly, John C, 37 Usher, Thomas E., 37 Van Duzee. Mable, 35, 49, 229 Van Ek, Jacob, 29, 260, 261 Van Valkenburgh, H. B., 36, 37 Vavra, Charles G., 34, 85 Veazie, Walter B., 84, 35 Voight, Alvin H., 34, 85 Wagner, Charles A., 36, 87, 257 Wahlstrom, E. E., 86, 38 Wakeham, Glen, 34 Waldiop, A. Gayle, 36, 256 Walker, Edwin R., 84. 36 Wallace, Robert G.. 32, 36 Wallin, Ivan E., 39 Walter, Floyd G., 49, 144 Walters, Mrs. Lillie C, 87 Waltz, Howard, 38 Walz, F. C, 35. 37 Waring, James Johnston, M, D., 39 Waring, Walter W., 36 Warner, Alexander H., 34 . Warner, Lawrence A., 84. 35 [ Warner, Ralph E., 35, 248 Warren, Alexander, 85 Washburn, Dr. Alfred Hamlin, 89 Wasley, Robert S., 38 Weber, William A., 85 Wessel, Mark, 38 West. Edward J., 84, 85, 49 West, Mrs. June W., 85. 49 Westermeier, Mrs. Therese Stengel, 34, Whitehead, Richard Wilson, M. D., 39 Wicks, Piatt, 87, 48, 235, 257 Wiegand, Peggie, 86, 37 Willis, Edna, 35 Wilson, Eugene H., 29, 30 Witt. Norma F.. 34. 35, 219 Wolcott, Mrs. Rosetta B., 85, 248 Welle, Francis, 35, 49, 193 WoUe, Mrs. Muriel Sibell, 36, 231 Wood, K. D., 87, 228 Worcester, Philip G., 29, 84, 35, 49 Worcester, Willis G., 36, 37, 260 Wright, Roy M., 37, 262 Wuest. Anne, 36, 268 Yeager, James J., 86, 172 Zinke, George, 85, 260 student index 391 Aaron, Janyce Lynne, 246, 318 Abella, Rosa Margarita, 229, 236, 269, 364 Acker, Charles Burton, 90, 239 Adams, Barbara Ann, 272, 273, 310 Adams, Dorothy Jane, 105, 274, 304 Adams, Gordon Finley, 105 Adams, Margaret Marie, 52 Adams, Mary Joan, 105, 308 Adcock, Joyce Alice, 282, 302 Adolph, Kuth Elizabeth, 77 Agor, Allene Helen, 310 Ahlquist, Audrey Olive, 41, 144, 262 Ahumada. Grimm G. Rene, 148, 229, 354 Aiken, James Russ, 183, 322 Ainbinder, Howard, 346 Akers, Harold Bryan, Jr., 77, 352 Akey, Donald Ellis, 155 Akin, Eunice Harris, 234, 377 Albers, WUbur Frank, 172, 221, 223, 338 Alberts, Bernard Joel, 52, 76, 148, 251, 348 Albright, Robert Wayne, 164 Alcorn, Loroy Neal, 90, 155, 361 Alden, Gayle Stuart, 52, 266, 373 Alexander, Arn, 314 Alexander, H«.len M., 77, 166, 247, 272 Alexander, William J., 322 Alf, John Tochle, 62, 356 Alford, Mary Elizabeth, 62 Alford, Richard Lindsay, 223 Alison, Ross Bain, 106, 350 Allen, Billie Jean, 90, 222, 268 Allen, Carolyn, 274, 316 Allen, Elizabeth Lee, 280, 312 Allen, George Edwin, Jr., 221, 360 Allen, Irene Mildred, 278, 363 Allen, James Elbert, 286, 364 Allen, Judith Marie, 90, 316 Allen, Norman Thomson, 105 Allen, Richard Sanders, 52 Allen, Robert Clayton, 77, 324 Allen, Robert Glassburn, 105, 362 Allen, Robert Schroder. 144 Allen, William Graham, 350 Allen, William Howard, 116 Allen, William L., 90. 352 Allfree, Mary Blanche, 272 Allison, Margaret L., 77 Alt, Ann Elizabeth, 224 Altorman, Allan David, 346 Altvater, Ella June, 276, 298 Aluli, Kepoikai Choy, 229 A ' vey, Charles Robert, 261 Alvord, Leland Stuart, 156 Amato, Helen Catherine, 274 Amberg, Loel Shelby, 316 Amick, Louis Edwin, 373 Amsbury, Robin, 143, 312 Amsden, Forest William, 372 Andersen, Clara R., 246 Andersen, Ruth Marie, 105, 142, 274, 306 Anderson, Beverly M., 62, 144. 312 Anderson, Burton Robert, 77, 221, 261, 356 Anderson, Charles D., 90 Anderson, Charles E,, Jr., 223 Anderson, Christopher, 106, 328 Anderson, Donald Albert, 366 Anderson, Eleanor Inez, 146 Anderson, Ewalt P., Jr., 237, 228 Anderson, Frederic E., 324 Anderson, Gretchen A., 105. 276, 298 Anderson, Hurlburt, Jr., 220 Anderson, James Richard, 158 Anderson, Linnea Marie, 105, 282 Anderson, Parley Eugene, 286 Anderson, Richard, 334 Anderson, Richard L., 221 Anderson, Robert Ray, 77, 222. 286 Anderson, Robert Warren, 266 Anderson, Russell Byron, 348 Anderson, Virginia C. 90, 316 Anderson, Thomas Boston, 350 Anderson, Virginia May, 77 Andrew, Barbara Doris, 249, 254, 310 Andrews, Edward Boyd, 237 Andrews, Seward L., Jr., 286 Andrews. Stanley Robert, 207, 336 Angell, Victor Lamar, 90, 192, 223 Anselmi, Rudy John, 350 Apodaca, Demetrio, 286 Appleman, Gloria Ellen, 265 Applequist, Ruth M., 90, 239 Applewhite. Polly, 256 Archibald, Samuel James, 144, 266 Ardourel, Elwyn Friend, 154 Armitage, Lawrence C, 253 Armstrong, Alma Marie, 377 Arnberg, Benjamin T., 48, 262 Arnett, Eugene Victor, 77, 344 Amett, Robert William, 223, 262 Arnold, Sarah Esther, 272 Arnold, Mary Elaine, 77, 146, 306 Arny, Francis Vinacomb, 330 Aron, Patricia Marie, 77 Arp, Dorothy Marie, 308 Aseniero, William L., 221 Ashby, Paul Duane, 328 Asher, Robert Harrison, 90, 254 Askerooth, Lyle C, 156 Aspinwall, William Van, 328 Assell, Robert Leonard, 350 Beackett, David E., Jr., 106 Atkinson, Horace Edward, 334 Beadles, Nicholas A., 260, 362 Atkinson, William W., 116, 336 Bealcr, Ruth Ann, 77, 249, 262, 263 Atwood, John Miles, 77, 48, 165, 218, 243, 344 Beard, Barbara Rose, 106, 274, 276, 316 340 363, , 308 366 Atwood, Marguerite W., 106. 143, 274, 312 Atzenhoffer, Elizabeth, 62, 274 Auckland, Arthur Glen, 356 Auger, John Gardner, 360 Auger, Marjorie Pat, 77, 298, 320 Austin, Charlaine, 316 Austin, Harold G., Jr., 348 Austin, Mary Lee, 316 Austing, Raymond Frank, 52, 246, 324 Autrey, William C, 361 Ayers, Robert Eugene, 340 B Babcock, Betty Lou, 62, 298 Eabick, Marie Josephine, 246 Babington, Marilynn L., 106, 278, 304 Bach, Elaine Jeanne, 144, 264, 302 Bachar, James Robert, 142, 340 Bachmann, Ruth, 77 Backlund, Burdette F., 154 Bacon, Janet Elizabeth, 106, 274 Bailey, Patricia Jean, 316 Bailey, Walter Boyce, Jr., 192, 340 Bainer, Miriam Anne, 166, 260 Baker, David Lane, 165, 237 Baker, Maurice Glenn, 142, 340 Baker, Virginia Dale. 274 Bakewell, Cecile Marie, 282, 314 Bakewell, Hughes Robert, 330 Balderston, Robert, 90, 334 Baldwin, Bebe Jean, 77, 300 Baldwin, Lewis Lincoln, 226 Baldwin, Lois Annette, 274, 314 Baldwin, Robert Leroy, 330 Ball, Geneva Ann, 89, 90, 164 Ball, Harold Wright, 142, 192, 368 Ball, Ilah Ann, 90, 225. 247, 270, 278 Ball, Nancy W., 278, 316 Ballard, John Theodore, 90, 372 Ballenger, William Gerhard, 88, 90, 223, 324 Ballmer, Jack Norton, 352 Ballon, Barbara Ann, 62, 265, 312 Bane, Mary Susan, 247 Banning, John David, 330 Barb. Bette Annadell, 245 Barb, Shirlee Patricia, 77 Barber, William Dean, 146, 239, Barbiero, Audrey Marian, 249, 276, Barbour, Richard C, 62, 232 Barcus, Norma Jean, 264, 278, 299, Bardwell, Vivian M.. 49 Bareis, Reuben J., 219 Barker, Janet Elizabeth, 62, 300 Barker, Margaret, 120 Barker, Paul Hamilton, 90, 348 Barker, -Richard Moore, 7 Barker, Wesley L., 46, 62, 223, 362, 338 Barkley, Patricia Anne, 77, 272 Barnes, Allerton H., Jr., 52 Barnes, Elizabeth Jean, 52, 312 Barnes, Philip H., 148, 223 Barnes, Robert Franklin, 106, 239 Barnett, Barclay Kay, 62, 328 Barnett, Kendrick Jay, 62, 328 Barnett, Pierre F., 334 Barnett, Robert Charles, 332 Barnhill, Samuel Robert, 76, 77, 338 Barnholtz, Jacqueline A., 237, 370 Barr, Richard Stuart, 88, 221, 324 Barren, Robert Frank, 48, 221, 236 Barrett, James A., 165 Barrett, Kathryn Esther, 146 Barrington, Paul, 149, 360 Barron, Paul David, 142, 144, 346 Barrows, Frederick W., 90, 219 Barry, Frank, 206 Bart, Cleona, 120 Barteau, Dorothy G.. 77. 272, 273 Earthold, Edwin John, 49 Bartholomew, Mabel L., 229 Bartholomew, Rolland B., 88, 167 Bartlett, Gene Roy, 356 Bartoe, Otto Edwin. Jr., 223 Bartz, Lola Belle, 122 Bashford, Bernard Dean. 77, 156, 243 Bashford, Bruce Edward, 105, 156 Bashford, Ronald Lee, 155 Bashford, Walter Earl, 165, 243, 244 Bashor, Curtis Dan, 286 Bashor, Harold Vernon, 338 Bashor, Ralph Blake, 90, 142, 148, 166, 324 Bastian, Shirley Ann, 166, 274 Bateman, George Warren, 192, 194 Bates, Patsy Louise, 247 Battles, June Augusta, 90, 122, 247, 272 Bauer, Doris Lucille, 282 Baughman, Dorothy Lee, 266 Eauguss, John C, 223 Baum, Paul Burdette, Jr., 286 Baumgartner, Richard W. . 360 Baxter, Helen Alma, 246, 276 Baxter, Ivan Pett, 222 Beach, Byron C, 48, 76, 360 Beach, Merle Z,, 106, 342 Beach, Nellie Fenn, 374 Beax!h, Roberta Jane, 77, 247, 371 Bearden, John Nichols, 106, 142, 334 Seattle, Harold Francis, 183, 184, 340 Beattie, Lyle Wayne, 48, 52, 223, 252 Beck, Betty A., 62, 223, 234, 268, 377 Beck, Beverly Jacklyn, 302 Beck, George Richard, 229 Beck, Niels Johannes, 45, 48, 223, 262, 350 Becker, Donald Earl, 154, 155 Becker, Helen, 229 Beckett, Melvin Dean, 328 Beckman, Edith L., 229, 272 Beckwith, Frank Louis, 90, 364 Beecher, Marybelle, 63, 314 Beeley, Mary Lynn, 316 Beeman, Dorothy, 63, 143, 224, 316 Beeman, Jack W.. 77, 88, 364 Beers. Burton Woodward, 62, 253, 342 Behring, William Ernest, 48, 63 Beidleman, Richard G., 44, 60, 63, 154 Bein, Lois Charlotte, 90, 272 Bell, Celia Grace, 77, 240, 267, 302 Bell, Clayton Wilbur, 53, 352 Bell, Donald Manby. 348 Bell, Ervin Joseph. 346 Bell, Richard Edwin. 77. 338 Bell, Rodney Stanford, 183, 189, 328 Bell, Shirley Alice, 77, 221, 239, 247, 251, 258 Bell, William Edward, 330 Belsan, Charlotte M., 143, 278, 300 Belstrom, Lavere Eliot. 229 Bemis, Edwin Arnold, Jr., 251 Bender, Virginia B., 272 Bender, William, Jr., 144, 237 Beneventi, Victor John, 285 Bengal, Bernard F.. 106 Benham, William James, 338 Bennett, Donn Sparks, 334 Bennett, Lois Mae, 224, 227 Bennett, Lola Dawn, 144, 278, 302 Bennett, Patricia Alice, 154, 244 Bennetts, Alice J., 246, 276, 306 Benson, Anna Jane, 156, 267. 278, 363 Benson, Marie Frances, 90, 221, 245, 258 Benton, Elinor K., 310 Benton, Field Clay, 77, 352 Benton, Rosalie V., 90, 142, 300 Bentson, Carol C, 224 Bentson, Joan, 105, 156 Benway, Patience Elizabeth, 247 Beradi, Norma Murrie, 156, 254 Bereman, John Samuel, 222 Berg, Barbara Jane, 280, 306 Berg, Timmye Evelyn, 222, 228, 268 Berger, PhiU R., 346 Berggren, Barbara Lois, 278 Berggren, James Lee, 105, 324 Berghiem, Robert Milton, 322 Bergman, Elizabeth Permelia, 77, 314 Bergman, Raymond David, 222 Berkstresser, Joanne, 90, 308 Bernzen, George Goss, 221 Bernzen, John Robert, 264 Berreau, Jean, 279, 304 Berrick, William Henry, 362 Berry, Lila Lee, 90 Bertholf. Marjorie Ann. 267, 276 Berven, Rosemary Lou, 53 Besemann, Wilbur Carr, 183, 191, 340 Eessol, Alfred, 246 Betterley, Robert L., 239 Betthauser, Joseph Leo, 106, 245, 344 Betts, Norma Elaine. 363. 366 Bevans, Mildred, 63, 369 Beynon, Mary Catherine, 63, 300 Bick, Margaret, 120 Bickford, Jonathan, 332 Biering, Raymond George, 372 Bieser, Marilyn Candace, 90, 272 Bigelow, Guy Arthur, 90 Bigclow, Helen Elizabeth,42, 77, 76, 126, 142, 269, 310, 320 Bigelow, Robert Frank, 143, 334 Biggs, Elaine, 310 Biggs, Thelma Anabel, 164, 247, 266 Biggs, Wellington Allen, 348 Billingsley, Jeanne M.. 106. 226, 280 Billington, Mary K., 266, 267 Billington, Ruth L., 77 Billington, Wilbur, 49, 260 Billow, Lynne, 158 Bilton, Herbert R.. 336 Bingham, Donald Spencer. 90. 348 Binkley, Barbara Alice, 89, 90, 143, 308 Binstock, Robert Allen, 326 Bishop, Maxine Maye, 53 Bishop, Olivia Larson. 239, 248, 241 Bissell, Clifford E.. 221 Bitter, Charles R., Jr., 221 Bittner, Dolores Jeanne, 90, 298 Bivans, Caryl Luna, 63, 156, 224, 247, 260 Bjork, Jeanne E., 89, 91, 264, 282 Bjork, Robert Marshall, 63 Bjustrom, James Arthur, 78, 266 Elackmarr, Richard J., 88, 91, 166, 354 Blackwell, Lyman Lee, 221, 227 Blakely, Patricia Ellen, 53, 156, 224 Blakey, William Austin, 252, 223, 322 Blaser, Geraldine Elise, 78 Blatcbford, John K., 352 Blauer, Climton, E., Jr., 91, 229, 261 Blecker, Edwin Joseph, 346 Blewett, Mary Lou E., 105, 245, 280 Blickhahn, George H., Jr., 88, 91, 192, 227, 364, 294 Block, Robert Irwin, 234 Bloom, Beverly Sue, 318 Blumberg, Nathan B., 63, 60, 126, 144, 266, 346 Bobrecker, Leona S., 370 Boe, Harriet, 230 Boeok, Alta Patricia, 142, 234, 310 Boerner, Robert Ernest, 330 Bogott, Lawrence Carl, 48, 63, 222, 238 Bokorney, Janet Ann, 91, 267 Bolen, David Benjamin, 229 Bolinger, Caroline J., 298 Boltz, Eleanor Louise, 106, 276, 277, 300 Boltz, Francis Arlene, 78, 266, 267, 300 Bonar, Mildred Anne, 310 Bonde, Erik Kauffman, 53, 229, 230 Bonfils, Fred, 322 Boothby. Burton Chas.. 143, 334 Booton, Rose Bernice, 89, 91, 361, 366, 369 Boozer. Mary, 120 Boppert, Christel Emma, 274 Borchers, Margaret L., 274, 304 Boretti, Joan, 91 Bergman, Barbara Helen, 158, 159 Borrcgo, Frank T., Jr., 269 Borst, Betsy, 292 Boss, Arthur Strauss, 326 Boston, Beverly Ann, 63, 298 Boulton, Helen Dolores, 106, 259 Boutwell, Wm. Clarence, 222 Bowden, Jeanne Glen, 106 Bowen, Stephen W., 116 Bower, Joseph Gordon, 246 Bower, Ralph Lance, 88, 324 Bowers, Barbara Ann, 53, 76, 128, 266, 316 Bowers, Bruce Thomas, 350, 366 Bowes, Harold Russell, 328 Bowie, Elaine, 310 Bowler, James Raymond, 360 Bowles, Betty Anne, 316 Bowles, Kathleen Marie, 91, 282 Bowman, Ernest D., Jr., 53. 334 Bowman, James C. Jr., 286, 328 Bowman, Virginia Lee, 278, 310 Bowyer, Marjorie Ann. 77, 304 Boyd, Malcolm Robert, 48, 220 Boyd, William Jasper, 350 Boydston, June Elaine, 182, 229 Boyle, Jeanne Marie, 53, 75, 126, 144, 239, 312 Boyt, Richard Drake. 148, 231 Brackenbury, Richard J., 334 Brackett, David Earl, Jr., 344 Bradbury, Wm. Herrick, 332 Braddy, Vauncille L., 224, 242 Bradfield, Robert Miles, 336 Bradford, Mary Lou, 234, 274 Bradley, James Alfred, 221, 285 Bradley, Joan Hazel, 42, 89, 375 Bradshaw, Harold B., Jr., 78 Bradt, Gordon Edwin, 340 Brady, Betty Clare, 240, 246 Bragg, Vivian Louise, 298 Brainerd, Martha Jean, 314 Bramson, Patricia M., 219, 263 Brandt, Marilyn June, 54 Brandt, Robert Chas., 238, 373 Bray, Kenneth William, 165 Breckenridge, Joan, 91, 314 Breclaw, Teresa K., 41, 42, 54, 76, 126, 167, 269 Breeze, Betty Jo, 274 Breining, Charles F.. Jr., 172, 340 Bremer, Hal Jubert, 156 Brennan, Jerry G., 324 Brenneman, Richard Otis, 146, 352 Bret. Eugene Albert, 221 Brett, Vernon James, 91 Breuner, Wm. Robert, 46. 54, 340 Brewster, Robert R.. 91, 328 Breyfogle, Roger M., 832 Brickham, Virginia, 105, 143, 282, 304 Bridge, Beverly Lee. 91, 145, 316, 320 Bridges, Jack Edgar, 350 Brier, Rosalyn Phyllis, 272 Briggs, Harold C, 192 Briggs, Paul Leonard, 180, 286, 338 Brinker, Dexter Merriam, 155 Brinks, James, Jr., 91 Briscoe, Jane Price, 42, 75, 78, 128, 142, 266, 270, 314 Bristol, Gayle Joanne, 106, 282, 283 Britten, Janie Moore, 241 Britton. Mary Dorothy, 54, 242, 249, 368 Broadhurst. Henry Page, 328 Brocesky. Frank Thomas, 264 Brock, Ray Leonard, Jr., 116, 236 Broemer. Herbert Oliver, 157, 261 Broman, Paul Russell, 350 Bromberg, Milton, 48, 54, 148, 228 Bromm, Louis Charlotte, 91 Bronstein, Edward H., 146 Bronstein, Sidney Louis, 146 Brooke, Suzanne, 106, 142, 278, 306 392 Brooks. John Powell, Jr., 328 Brose, Dorothy, 246, 229 Brotzman, Donald Glenn, 76 Brouse, Gilbert Eugene, 155 Browe, Betty Roselyn, 106 Brown, Albert Eugene, 49 Brown, Arthur William, 363 Brown, Beverly B., 64, 142, 314 Brown, Carolyn Renwick, 91, 316 Brown, Collier, 42, 78, 167, 246, 262, 263, Brown, Donald Wesley, 106 Brown, Elizabeth P., 91, 166, 280 Brown, Frances Kiriam, 269, 310 Brown, George Robert. 221 Brown, James Davis, 106 Brown, Jane F., 64. 261. 263 Brown, John Richard. 64. 228 Brown, Kenneth Ray, 322 Brown, Lawrence Cary, 221 Brown, Leonard Everette, 344 Brown, Margaret Ann, 78, 249, 810 Brown, Mary Adelaide, 54, 247 Brown, Melanie Bilharz, 54, 310 Brown, Miriam Ruth, 247 Brown, Norman Eugene, 334 Brown, Paul, 366 Brown, Sarah Lee, 143, 278, 316 Brown, William Lees, 222 Brown, Wilma J., 841, 261 Browne, James Houston, 328 Browne, Marjorie E., 274 Browning, Anne Benetta, 89, 91, 166, 260, Brownne, Kathryn Ann, 89, 91, 164, 304 Brownne, Robert Henry, 91, 146, 360 Broyles, Thomas M., 76, 172, 338 Brueckel, Joyce Emily, 156, 167 Bruin, James Leo, 142, 362 Brummer, Charlotte E., 91, 266, 366 Bruner, Richard Janes, 322 Bruning, Frances Faye log. 274. 302 Brunner, Richard, 321 Bruns, Robert Lee, 91, 264. 322 Brunton, Robert L., 222 Bruton, Betty Delle, 276, 316 Bryan, John Manly, 91, 344 Bryans, William A., 330 Bryant, Eloise Gertrude, 166. 282 Buchanan, Aubrey Wm.. 202 Buchanan, James Aubrey, 88. 91 Buchholz, Raymond H., 348 Buck. Shirley Mae, 78, 306 Buckles, LaVerne Carl, 106 Buehring, James Alward, 44 Euescher, Charles M., Jr., 116 Buettel, Margaret, 120 Buettner, Jean Alice, 64, 142. 298 Buie, John Milton, 91, 261, 324 Bullen, Glenn Ray, 322 BuUis, Barbara Jean, 89, 91, 143, 246, 316 Bumpus, Harold Graham, 91, 338 Bundy, Phyllis Ann, 278, 279 Bunting, Mary Alice, 46. 64. 75, 224. 304. Burgoin. Hope Lorraine, 54, 306, 320 Burke, Harry John, 350 Burke, Janis Marie, 266 Burke. Stacy Colleen, 106, 142, 234, 274 Burks. Bette Lorraine, 282. 308 Burks. William Fellers, 106, 286, 340 Birling, Ann Frances, 306 Burlingame. Dean Robert. 266 Burlingame, Norma Lee, 224 Burnard, Jean Marie, 274. 304 Burnett. Betty Jean. £4 Burnett. Duane Lloyd, 261 Burnett, Wesley Dean, 360 Burns, Jack Sharpies, 54, 222, 228. 266, 344 Burns. Mildred, 282 Burreau. Jean, 106 Burris, Estella DeVoid, 377 Burruss, Barbara Ann, 54, 280 Purson, Kenneth Lee, 91, 348 Burtard, Wilbur Matthew, 264 Burton, Patricia Sue, 91, 272 Burtt, Shirley E.. 78. 227 Busch, Dolores Louise, 91, 245, 259 Bush, Arthur Herbert, 352 Bush, Stanley Giltner, 92 Bushnell, Irene Grace, 261 Bussian, John Adam, 330 Butcher, Carol Patricia, 261 Butler, Adolph Boyce, 202 Butler, Charles Richard, 349 Butler, Janet Byrne, 106, 278, 279 Butler, Ray Everett, 148, 223 Butson, Dwight Charles, 237 Butto, Margaret C, 43, 145, 263, 269. 316 Butz. Robert Fred, 78, 164, 256 Buzalsky, Eleanor Maude, 78. 249 Byerrum, Jack Bresette, 336 Byouk, Joseph Martin, 92, 344 Byrd, Daniel Hammond, 342 Caduff, Gerald Frank, 221 Caffarel, Mary Adelle, 245, 249 Cahoe, Dorthy Gail, 304 Cain, LeRoy Richard, 362 Cain, Marilyn June, 78. 377 Calabrese, Lorraine J., 42, 78. 249. 262, 263 Calphan, Rosemary, 802 Calhoun, Martha Ives, 282 Callard, Robert Dunbar, 222. 334 Calonge. Eva Winifred, 106, 308 Campbell, Donald Atwood, 64, 76, 142, 334 Campbell, Donald Duane, 64, 834 Campbell, Donald M.. 192. 193. 340 Campbell, Edwin David, 285 (Campbell, Frank A.. 223 Campbell, Ina Margaret, 106, 280 Campbell, John Howard, 354 Campbell, Rosalee D., 92, 258, 272 Canepa, Chas. Frederick, 328 Cantonwine, Ruth E., 106 Garden, Carl Denson, 223 Carder, James Maurice, 92 Carey, Denman Frank, 223 Carey, Howard Bronson, 164, 229 265 Carey, James Charles, 54 Carhart, Herbert G., Jr., 364 Carleton, Neil Lament, 338 Carlile, Thomas J., 324 Carlile, Vergene, 316 Carlin, Patricia Jane, 266, 278, 308 Carlisle, Jean Louise, 89, 106, 312 Carlisle, Joan Carolyn, 298 Carlisle, Margaret Mary, 92 Carlson, Barbara Jeanne, 43, 78, 269, 282, 283, 310 Carlson, Chas. Hilding, 92, 344 Carlson, DeVon McElvin, 222, 228, 234 Carlson, Donna Rose, 308 Carlson, Helen Elizabeth, 237 Carlson, Henry, Jr., 338 Carlson. Leona Dorothey, 92 Carlson, Robert Ernest, 340 Carlson, Ronald Duane, 106. 334 Carlson, Ruth Miriam, 64. 166, 247, 272 Carlson, Wes. 88 Carnes, Marion Martin, 92, 362 304 Carney, Jane, 306 Carpenter, Dean Everett, 221 Carpenter, Dorothey Jean, 278 Carpenter, Dorothey Webb, 92. 102, 269. 316 Carpenter. Jacqueline Fae. 106, 278, 206 Carr, Dorothey Randolph, 282, 306 Carr, James Val, 328 Carr, Robert Clifton, 41, 236 Carr, Robert Frank, 334 Carrick, David Stanley. 229 Carrington, George L., Jr., 78, 221, 226, 360 Carrington, Robert J., 226, 360 Carroll. Marjorie Ann, 282 Carroll, Nancy Belle. 234, 264 Carroll, William Horace, £37 Carson, John Paul, 354 Carswell, Jane Ann, 278, 312 Margaret, £5 Mary Irene, 56, 148, 221, 258 Carter, Bruce A., 155 Carter, Charles Leroy. 142, 338 Carter, James Douglas. 229, 236 Carter, Vivian, 293 Carthaus, Cynthia, 92, 312 Cartwright, Marji Anne, 106, 306 Carver, William A., 223, 363 Cary, John Robert, 148 Case, Elma Virginia, 166, 265, 260. 266, 267 Case, Richard Austin, 348 Casey, Clifford Glen, 106 Castellucci, Len A.. 78, 223 Castle. Gloria Rhoda, 143, 246. 318 Casto. Norma Elaine, 276, 277 Casto, Richard Wayne, 222 Gather, Charles E,, 328 Cathey. Helen Hope, 55 Caughren, James Leonard. 92, 207. 336 Cauthen, Jeanne Ellen, 156. 276, 371 Cavender, Juan Morse, 220, 266 Cavender, Wayne S., 154, 192, 220, 266 Cawley, Paul Thomas, 334 Cebulski, Stanley A.. Jr., 66, 221, 324 Celentano, Orlando J., 219, 229, 230 Chalmers, Jane. 229, 261, 302 Helen Arlene, 92, 143, 144. 261, 164, 242, 270 Carswell Carswell 320 Chambers, 302 Chambers, Chambers, Isabelle, 55 Lloyd Elton, 350 Chambers. Mary Alice. 76. 143. 304 Chanak. Marjorie Joan, 276, 277, 246 Chance, Emerson Lee, 56, 324 Chance, Grady McDonald, 78, 336 Chance. Wi!ey Stephen. 336 Chance. William Cody, 106, 336 Chandler, Anita Lee, 66, 300 Chaney, Benjamin F., 328 Chapin, June Seacrest, 92, 316 Chapman, Carolyn Olivia, 306 Charles, Lloyd Warren, 222 Charlton, Julia R.. 282. 310 Chase. George Holden, 230 Chase, Mamie, 41, 42, 61, 56, 124, 224, 269, 308, 310 Chase, Richard Vincent. 286, 328 Chassell, John Rathbun, 56, 223, 262, 48 Chavez, Carol Trevelyan, 92, 308 Chelf, Jennine, 106, 144, 280, 300 Chemasko, Anthony B., 106 Chew, Jack, 324 Chien, Chi, 221. 229. 266 Childress. Thomas W.. 156 Chelik, Sally S.. 106. 164, 216. 264, 274, 275 Choun, George Louis, 252 Christian, Bernice B., 66 Christensen, Irving A., 221 Christensen, Jean, 120 Christiansen, Donald W.. 156 Christolcar, Max Dean, 92, 221 Chrysler, Theodore H., 352 Chubb, Donna Faye, 261 Church, Barbara Jeanne, 156 Churidis, Robert Peter, 246, 360 Cic, John Edward, 274, 169 Cich, Eugene Leo, 344 Cid, Mary Elandina, 276 Cieber, Donald Cecil, 66, 144. 322 Cizek, Edward James, 78, 360 Clapper, Robert Aubrey, 78 Clapper, Robert Duane, 232, 286, 338 Clark, Betty Jo, 278, 302 Clark, Celeste, 143, 316 Clark, Bale Allen, 55, 253 Clark, Dale Hager, 270 Clark, David Elmer, 46, 48, 56, 221, 236, 344 Clark, Marjorie Louise, 106 Clark, Melvin Clay, 106, 264 Clark, Phillip J., Jr.. 360 Clark, Ralph Mark, 106, 144. 334 Clark, Richard V. T., 286 Clark, Vernon Clyde, Jr.. 360 Clark. Walter Almon, 322 Clark, William Williamson, 332 Class, Marjorie Ann, 66 Classen, Barbara Anne, 249 Classen, Kenneth George, 373 Classen, Robert Eugene, 373 Clay, Robert Earl, 328 Clement, Cynthia Stacey, 142, 308 Clemens, Nancy Elinor, 78 Click, Charles Earle, 340 Click, Peter, 340 Cliff, Margaret L., 302 Cline, Jack Martin,, 223 Cloyd, Nancy Helen, 145. 310 Clugston, Chester R., Jr., 324 Coakley. Catherine Jane, 263 Coates, Jack Preiss, 218, 338 Coblentz. Anita Houston. 44, 92, 227, 366, 376 Coburn, William Carl, 328. 332 Coburn. William Earl, 92 Cochran, Andrew Hale. 330 Cochran, Dale Scot, 92. 354 Coe, Fred Capron, 66 Coffey, Frances Louise. £80 Coffin. Lucy. 264 Cogswell, Theodore Rose, 146, 147, 2£3 Cohen, Marion Lucile, 78, 253 Cohn, Peter J., 55, 2£3 Cohn, Vivian Elaine, 92, 318 Cohoe, Gail Dorothey, 92 Cole. Donald Garth, 336 Colaiana, Shirley Mae, 92 Colburn, Dolores Ann, 92, 234. 377 Colburn. Paul Herbert. 92, 167, 336 Cole, Ira Ansel, 166 Coleman, Charles Cassius. 286 Coleman, Doris Dean, 89, 92, 234. 361 Coleman, Jeanne, 302 Coleman, Robert Oliver, 261 Colglazier, Merle Lee, 373 Collier, Douglas R., Jr., 92, 219 Collier, William T,, 78 Collins, Bowman Chuning, 48, 219, 251 Collins, Claire Aubrey. 56, 249, 316 Collins, Donald King, 168. 159, 233, 256 Collins, Earl Rogers, 143, 338 Collins, Edward Shively, 156, 227, 243 Collins, Patricia. 120 Colson. Stanley Robert. 18. 148, £23 Comer. Adrian, 66, 316 Condie, Marion Asher, 221 Condon. William Richard, 55. 222, 348 Congers, Jeanne Anne, 278 Conklin, June Eleanor, 106 Conkling, Donald Ray. 334 Conlon, Susan Carter, 239, C45 Connell, Gladys Colleen, 18. 148. 222. 268, 302 Connell, Joseph Charles, 221 Connelly, Joseph Glenn, 261 Connett, Wynona June, 147 Conover, Lois Ann, 66 Conrad, Daniel William, 107, 360 Conrado. Charles D., 222, 228 Conrey, George Walter. 221 Conway, Camillus Daniel. 334 Cook, Arnold Herbert, 48, 55, 221. 236, 346 Cook, Bill Bogard, 232 Cook, Jack Earl, 219. 332 Cook, Mary Alice, 274. 316 Cook, Mary Hadyn, 265, 310 Cook. Peter Smith, 360 Cook, Robert Lee, 146 Cook. Sally Elizabeth, 66, 240 Cooke, Marilee Virginia, 92 Cooke. Mary Ellon, 107 Cookingham, Franklin T., 219 Cooley, Frank Gideon, 56 Cooley, Nadine Nan, 92 Coolidge, Courtney, 316 Coombs, Clarence Harley, 360 Cooper, Edith Elaine, 144, 278 Cooper. Marjory Ann. 266 Cooper, Mary Jean. 56, 242, 266 Cooper, Wilson Wayne. 365 Copley. Nelson. 154. 220, 266, 368 Copp, Dwayne Robert, 107, 266 Copper, John Williams. 354 Corash, Joanne Shirley, 107, 318 Corbin, David Nixon, 221, 334 Corbin, Rex Gene, 338 Corbit, Sally Nannette. 78, 142, 226, 308 Corcoran, Betty Jean, 278, 302 Corliss. Charles Edwin, 144, 166 Cormack, Carol Jean, 92, 310 Corry, Doris Ramona, 122, 370 Cotton, Ernest Kuester. 328 Coughanour, Nellie J., 282. 234 Couglas. Charles. 356 Coulter. Elmer Newton, 66 Counce, Sheila Jean, 78, 369 Coursen, Natalie Ruth, 248, 259, 267, 366. 369 Courtney. Clyde Jasper, 92, 261 Covington, Robert E. . 66. 860 Cowden, Richard Merlin, 348 Cowdin, Nova Eileen, 369 Cox, Carol Frances, 302 Cox, Charles Lyn ood, 66 Cox, Charles Burrett, 218. 220. 266 Cox. Russell James. 354 Cox. Thomas Eugene, 338 Coyne, Elaine Elizabeth, 78. 246. 269, 306 Cozart, William Hubbard. 328 Cozens, James W., 155 Cozens. Roger W.. 166, 168, 169 Crabtree, Leona Pauline, 267, 300 Craft, Isabelle, 267, 274 Craig, Jack Lawrence, 350 Craig, Shirley Garland, 282. 310 Craighead. James Wilson. 330 Crail, Sarah Jane, 229 Cramer, Pauline Mae, 249. 278 Cramp. Erwin Charles. 92. 344 Crandall. Lois Virginia, 66, 269, 375 Crane, William Hunter, 223 Craven, John Vincent, 250 Crawford, Howard W.. 157, 219 Creaghe, St. George, 266 Creamer, George Louis, 48 Creasey, James Gordon, 98 Creighton, James A., 106, 334 Criswell, Chesney H.. 360 Crocker. John Gilbert. 56, 222, 328 Crockett, Anita Jane. 166. 308 Crockett. Marian Joy. 66. 164. 250. 263, 310 Crockett, Wardrer B.. 106, 143, 338 Croft, Harold Albert, 356 Croke. Kevin C, 330 Crom, Howard Bennett, 78, 88. 348 Cronin, Helen Marie. 276. 277 Croop, Robert Lee, 334 Crosby. Carol Linnea, 276 Crosier. Frances Jean, 93, 226. 249 Crosier, Orval Dean. 366 Cross, Arthur Douglas, 334 Cross. Lois Jean, 56. 374 Cross. Richard John, 334 Crosslen, Thomas George. 264 Crouch. Wallace Andrew, 106 Crow, Howard Morrison, 223 Crow. Jannet. 300 Crow. Wayman Joseph, 286, 360 Crowe, Agnes Jeanette. 93 Crowe. Leonard Fulton. 144 Crowe. Raymond Clark, 66 Crowe, Robert Calhoun, 333 Crowley, Harold James. 66, 364 Cray, Herman Haskel, 354 Cubillas. Alberto, ,Tr.. 66, 364 Culbertson. Shirley M.. 264. 312 Culley. John Henry. 56, 202 Culpepper, William Warren, 93, 354 Culver, Trudy Bell, 106, 361 Cummings, Richard Lee, 222 Cummings, Ruth Joan, 78, 226, 274 Cunningham, Andrew Dent, 107 Cunningham, James J., 350 Cunningham, Richard. Jr., 144. 221 Currier, Phyllis Ann, 304 Currigan, Nancy Edith, 314 Curry, Harold Dudley, 93, 146. 340 Curry. Sheila. 314 Curtis. Elizabeth Mildred, 66, 370, 375 Curtis, Gwendolyn A.. 107. 276, 370 Gushing, Mary Lou, 56, 148. 304 Gushing. Theodora M.. 107, 282, 300 Cushman, Margaret C, 41, 42, 61, 124, 304, 320 Custer, Darthea Ellen, 274 Cutshall, Vincent Keet. 338 Daane, Kenneth Eugene, 338 Dagenais. Ralph Waldo, 223 Dahm, Norman Franklin, 79. 222 Daigneault, Charles N.. 56. 76, 245, 360 Daily, Phillip Manford, 168 Dakin, Ralph Eugene, 260 Dall. Marilyn. 93. £34, 306 Dalton, Gretchen, 122 Damon, Charles Franklin, 344 Damon, Janet Roberta, 56 Daniel, Orrel Arlan, 107 Daniel, Wm. Arden, 93, 202 Daniels. Harry J.. 48. 66, 373 Danielson, Philip A., 328 Darnell, Gladys, 66, 312 Darrington, Eldon E.. 148. 251. 324 Darrington, Jean F., 156, 280, 302 Davenport. Catherine. 375 David. Aubrey N.. Jr.. 348 David. Harold Walker, 226 Davidovic, Frank Joseph, 148 Davidson, Edison C, 93, 221 Davies. Eunice Noreen, 376 Davis. Ann Wallace, 274 Davis, Archibald J., 352 Davis, Avis Swaney, 93 Davis, Charles Edward, 242, 322 Davis, Cherie Lee, 142, 166, 298 Davis. Corliss Anne, 93, 310 Davis, Donald Baxter, 158, 159 Davis, Donald George. 334 Davis. Eileen. 147. 230. 263, 298, 57 Davis, Elizabeth, 66 Davis, Howard C, 156 Davis. John A., 93 Davis, Lizbeth Jean. 249 Davis, Marian Virginia, 93, 304 Davis. Martha Ann. 67. 234. £49 Davis. Mary, 316 Davis, Norma Jean, 266, 267 Davis. Robert N.. 160, 324 Davis, Sarah Lou, 166. 293. 308 Davis. Shirl. 49, 336 Davis, W. J., 147, 344 393 Day, Frank Ellsworth. 242 Day, Frank William, 223 Deal, John Wallace, 310 Deal, Stanley Edwin, 155, 340 Dean, Jane Anne, 304 Dean, John Bingham, 176, 181 Dearth, Keith Herndron, 79, 228 Deaver, Arthur Wm., 267 DeBeque. Marie, 227, 278 Deeringr. Claude E., 367 Dekker, David John, 154, 352 DeLissovoy, Vladimir, 41, 67, 128, 158, 169, 236, 242, 260 DeLong, Cynthia May, 93, 16 4, 234 DeLong, Dean Oliver, 79, 223 DeLuca, Viola Emilia. 56, 245 DeLuise, Rudolph. 107 Demby. Sanford Jay. 221 Demmon, Dianne, 107, 143, 276, 316 Demmon, Gloria Alton, 57, 316 Deneke, June Lucile, 314 Dengler, Norma Jean, 280 Denham, Roy, 229 Denig, George Jacoh, 148, 321, 334 Denning, Luann, 93. 246. 375 Dennis, Colleen, 77, 156, 249, 260, 300 Dennis, David Wood, 342 Depry, Dolores Dee, 280 Derry, Barbara Jeanne, 276, 298 Desonee, Louise Frances, 367 DeSouchet, William, Jr., 116 DeTarr. James Adrian, 338 Deter, Marion Frances, 93, 310 Dover, Kathleen Shirley, 93, 156, 266, 369 Dover, Keith Leroy, 222 DeWeese, Dianne Joan, 298 DeWitt, Frank Cochrens, 328 Dhanes, Lester Wm,, 266 Dice, Doris Mae, 89, 93, 239, 274 Dick, Gerald Myton, 143, 340 Dick, Winifred Ann, 312 Dickinson, John Ray, 46, 79, 142, 232, 334 Dickman, Mary Patricia, 57 Dickman, Fat, 300 Dicks, Peggy, 120 Dickson, George Richard, 79, 328 Dieckman, Cecil Anna, 79, 371 Diehl, Virginia May, 364 Dieter, Leslie Louis, 57, 222 Dieter, Wesley H., 79 Dietz, Dorothy Margaret, 272 Dietz, Irving Broad, 57, 154 Dill, Barbara K,, 278 Dille, James Gordon. 74, 221 Dillingham, Ruby E,, 93, 300 Dilorenzo, Ray, 88 Diner, Edwin Robert, 326 Dinner, Melvin. 88, 93, 142, 346 Dinner, Shirley, 67, 219, 241 Dinsmore, Erma, 120 Dinwiddle, Walter Lee, 324 Dixon, Fred, 50, 321, 340 Dixon, Kenneth V,, Jr,, 107, 334 Doak, Robert, 228 Doan, Joyce, 79 Dobos, John E., 328 Dobrin, Ruth Selma, 276 Dodge, Esther, 248, 302 Dodge, Nattalie Ruvorn, 79, 280 Dods, Lou King, 67, 76, 88, 218, 321, 348 Dohner, Gertrude Elaine, 57 Dolan, George B., 107, 334 Dolberg, Richard Carl, 93, 348 Doll, Dorothy Esther, 79, 227, 361 Domann, Gloria Jane, 269 Domenico, Norma, 282 Donelan, Lynn E., 221 DonSeld, Gerald C, 222 Donley, Jean, 67, 224, 247 Doolen, Polly, 79, 237, 312 Dora, James Edward, 93, 221 Doremus, Constance Ann, 79, 269, 298, 320 Doromal, Quintin Salas, 229 Dorough, Joseph Henry. 76 Doughty, Edna Rachel, 164, 247 Dowis, Richard Wood, 88, 93 Downing, James William, 144 Downing, Richard, Jr., 328 Downing, Robert Ralph, 338 Downing, Sumner, 340 Downs, Harry B,, 350 Doyle, Donald Thomas, 364 Doyle, Mary Anne, 274 Drake, Maurice Paul, 360 Dreiel, Dorothy L., 107 Drexel, Ellen Marie, 89, 93, 261, 263, 282 Drexel, Myrtle Mae, 266, 267 Driscoll, Peggy, 107, 310 Dryden, Dona M., 93, 222, 268 Dubois, Andrew John, 245 Dudgeon, Richard Ernest, 328 Dudley, Virgil E,, Jr., 93 Ducy, Kay Hay, 282, 310 Duffy, James Albert, 221, 360 Dufour, Rene F., 239, 360 Dukas, Barbara Vivian, 79 Dukes, Phillip James, 57, 834 Dulan, Elva Lena Jones, 364 Dumm, Laura Jane, 316 Dunbar, G. Sterling. 88, 252, 348 Dunbar, Robert Bruce. 48, 67, 267 Duncan. John Vail, 223 Duncan, Joyann Pauline, 368 Dungan, Kenneth Rogers, 222 Duncan, Lois Lee, 107, 166, 282, 283 Duncan, Robert Louis, 44 Duncanson, Fred Lee, 79, 338 Dunham, Glen Martin, 93, 223 Dunmire, Carrol Ruth, 43, 310 Dunn, Elizabeth Frances, 316 Dunn, Evelyn Eileen, 49 Dunn, George Robert, 221 Dunn, Hazel Jean, 316 Dunn, Jacqueline Louise, 93, 143, 146, 312 Dunn, Louis Edwin, 88, 222, 344 Dunn, Roland Walter, 322 Dunstan, Catherine 0.. 164. 166 Dunstan, Robert Owen, 107, 144, 352 DuPertuis, Gilbert L,, 154 Dupler, Paul Arnold, 346 Durrance, Ada May, 226, 268 Durward, Louise A., 156 Duthie, Alastair Milne. 221. 328 DuVall, John Robert, 166 Dwyer, Thomas Kane, 246 Dyar, Dorothy Jean, 57 Dye, Peter Lee, 237 Dye, Richard W., 336 Dykstra, Lemar A., 172, 338 Eaglen, James Albert, 338 Eagles, Lorrayne, 120 Earle, Marilyn J.. 156 East, Justin Gordon, 328 East, Marvin Richard, 328 Eastin, Howard Hartman, 223 Eastman, Frank Allan, 221, 338 Eastman, Robert Liggett, 340 Eaton, Ernest James, 250 Eaton, Nancy Jane, 314 Ebaugh, David Clement, 330 Eberhart, Ruth Neoma, 276, 370 Eccker, Kathryn Eileen, 249, 282 Eccles, Henry Clayton, 156 Eck, John William, Jr., 324 Eckel, Robert Bruce, 46, 57, 223, 322 Eckes, Leroy Howard, 221 Eddy, Barbara Ann, 67, 146, 312 Eddy, Clard Louella, 308, 230 Ediin, Patricia June, 79, 142 Edwards, Beverly Lee, 282 Edwards, Donald Vance, 321, SSff Edwards, Dorene Elaine, 308 Edwards, Ruth Alice, 269 Edwards, Virginia Lee, 142, 298 Egan, John Joseph, 46, 67. 88, 143, 146, 285, 354 Egbert, Dwight Gilbert, 67 Eggers, Homer Edward, 68, 76, 238, 338 Ehrenkrook, Dorothy M.. 242. 247 Eicove, Seymour Hirsch, 346 Eikner, Donald Eugene, 148, 221, 261 Eisen, Charlotte Dee, 79, 143, 318, 320 Ekleberry, Marion V., 68 Ekrem, Richard Thomas, 93. 340 Ellerhoff. Margaret C, 245. 276 Elliott. James Douglas, 223 Elliott, Lloyd, 22 Ellis, Clarence Watson, 58, 183, 189, 360 Ellis, Mae Dene E., 263, 262, 263 Ellison, W. D., 93, 221 Emery, Barbara Jane, 366, 371 Emery, J. K., 144 Emmett, Lesly Dale, 94, 300 Emmett, Persis Ruth, 224 Emrick, John Wm., 338 English, Albert Lyster, 334 English, Marietta, 276 Engstrom, Carol Jean, 310 Engstrom, Janice Rae, 310 Epstein, Blanche Rose, 168, 159, 272, 369 Epstein, Joseph Samuel. 79. 251. 346 Erickson. Donna Marie. 370 Erickson. Eloise, 79, 239 Erickson, Evelyn Ann. 58 Erickson, Lauren Wesley, 94 Erickson, Ruth Elaine, 272 Ericson, Wiliam Louis, 164, 360 Erlandson, Shirley E., 94 Erman, Eileen, 318 Eroddy, Donna Jane, 76, 79, 129 Erranti, Jane, 43 Estes, Thomas Gordon, 94 Ethridge, Ralph Lee, 107 Evans, Donald Francis, 172, 182, 183 Evans, Donald Wilbur, 58, 88, 175, 221 334 340 Evans, Jean Margaret, 154 Evans, Lewy, Jr., 336 Evans. Lloyd Kenneth. 336 Evans, Marilyn Jean, 142, 280 Evans, Miriam Foe. 94, 304 Everham, Hope Helen, 304 Evers, Patricia Anne, 144, 302 Ewald, Glenwood Gustav, 223, 252 Ewing, Stanley James, 223 Fabling, John Stanley, 76, 328 Faden, Charline K., 58, 262, 263 Fagg, Robert Oakley, 94, 238, 249 Fairchild, Joey, 363 Fairvalley, Jay Charles, 94, 336 Falardeau, Alice E., 107, 142, 254, 278, 279 Falawn, John, 116 Falkenberg. John Fred. 79. 148, 334 Falkenberg, William S., 334 Faller, Bernard A., Jr.. 364 Farney, Marjorie Elaine, 374 Farnham, Harry Judd, 334 Farnsworth, Alice Rose, 142, 272 Farr, Richard Scott, 158 Farrell, Mary Frances, 107. 226. 390 Farringtbn, Margaret J., 276 Farrington. Myla Arlene, 94 Farstrup, Helen, 68, 260, 272, 273 Faurot, Joseph Webb. 334 Faus, James Raymond, 107, 328 Fay, Betty Marie, 282 Fay, William Patrick, 328 Fay, Winifred June, 58, 266 Fayman, David Lester, 221 Feddersen, Roy V,, 222 Feinberg, Ruth Ann, 234 Felin. Jess William. 35 Feller, Donald Lee, 286 Fenton, Sue, 94, 316 Ferguson, Helen C, 79, 298 Ferguson, Mary Claire, 58, 302 Fernando, Evelyn Louise, 79 Fernow, Dorothy Evelyn, 274 Ferrell, Michael Rene, 68, 338 Ferrier, John Thomas, 172, 174, 350 Feuoht, Miriam Ruth, 276 Fiedler, Albert George, 41, 44, 127, 142, 144, 360 Field, Faye Evelyn, 272 Field, Marshall James, 250 Field, Martha Jeanne, 248, 317 Fielder, James B., 348 Fielder, William Ridge, 94, 348 Fields, Frances Elizabeth, 58 Finesilver, Sherman G,, 116, 346 Fingado, Henry S., 144, 324 Finke, Robert Gene, 107, 166 Finloy, Carl Straten, 164 Finley, Joe Bufford, 336 Finly, Ellen Elizabeth, 263 Fiolkoski, Harriet Jean, 246, 282 Firebaugh, Kenneth L.. 229 Firth. Beverly Jean, 156 Fischer, Thelma A,, 316 Fischer, Verle Walter, 264 Fishburn, Edwin Robert, 218 Fishburn, Nancy, 265, 274, 312 Fisher, Hugh, 334 Fisher, Robert Wilbur, 340 Fisher, Sara Ann, 154, 282. 283, 312, 292 Fitz, Patricia Marie, 164, 248, 308 Fitzell, Phoebe Chloe, 145, 316 Fitzgerald, Richard S,, 348 Flanagan, Shirley Ann, 68, 142, 298 Flanders, Barbara Ann, 280 Flanders, Jacqueline, 282 Flanigan. James Devine, 334 Flanigan, Lloyd Joseph, 264 Fleck, Betty Lou, 94, 304 Fleming, Charles Owen. 223, 243 Fleming, Charles Scholle, 352 Fleming, Elizabeth, 68 Fleming, Fred Downing, 155 Fleming, John Lighthall, 328 Fleming, Patricia Jean, 43, 314 Fleming, Robert Glen, 48 Fleming, William Noble, 148 Flemons, Roland B.. 221, 360 Fletcher, Jane C, 58 Fletcher, Margaret E., 221, 228, 268 Flick, Arlys Ann, 154 Fliehmann, Wilbur Jack, 107, 274, 332 Flint, Jeff, 144 Flint, Joan, 94, 146 Flower, Lawrence M., 252, 330 Foley, Dan Beacom, 340 Foley, Jeraldine, 229 Foley, Richard Ball, 116 FoUey, Barbara Louise, 107, 146, 278, 312 Fonda, Marjory Louise, 282 Fonda, Fhillis Louise, 89, 239, 253, 274 Foote, Kenneth Harvey, 232 Foote, Warren Clark, 183 Ford, Eugene Frank, 350 Foreman, Anson, 79 Forsberg, Bonnie Jane, 44, 227, 281, 263, 369 Forsling, Margaret Ann, 316 Forster, Bob, 366 Fortna, Jean, 89, 298 Foskett, Betty Jane, 79 Foss, LeRoy Freeman, 232 Foster, Charles Max, 58, 94 Foster, Clyde Wesley, 79, 322 Foster, Jack B., 142, 206, 237 Foster, June, 278 Foster, Mary Arminta, 107, 166 Foster, Samuel Cochran, 143 Fountain, Patricia Lou, 302 Fow. James C, 58 Fowler, Francis Leon, 264 Fowler, Frank Parker, Jr., 79, 344 Fowler, Hugh Charles, 79. 344 Fowler, Jane Ladegard, 94 Fowler, Leslie Ralph, 94 Fowler, Paul Clifton, 154, 250 Fowler, William Addison, 328 Fox, Benjamin Alfred, 145 Fox, Connie Marie, 147, 231, 867 Fox, Leonard Stanley. 326, 363 Fox, Phyllis Ann, 221 Fox, Wayne Odell, 107, 168, 169, S36 Francis, Matthew Louis, 373 Francis, Thomas Malcolm, 330 Frank, Barbara Louise, 363 Frank, Homer Allen, 336 Franke, Paul Richard, Jr., 68, 222, 321 356 Franklin, Margaret Mae, 107, 278 Franklin, Walter B., 94, 146, 340 Franklin. William R.. 58. 142, 340 Frary, Richard Spencer, 360 Frazin, Arthur Mitchell, 326 Frederic, Homer J., 328 Frederic, Robert, 80, 340 Frederickson, Bruce, 344 Freed, Herbert D., 366 Freedman, Harvey Jason, 324 Freeman, Carolyn Ann, 50. 68, 304 Freeman, Clair Edward, 362 Freeman, Dorothy, 310 Freemole, Rita Nell, 142, 166, 306 Freshe, William R.. 94, 348 Freienmuth, Edward S., 94, 116 Freis. Leonard Alvin, 107 French, Robert Edward, 80 French, Wendell Lowell, 352 Frenz, Dorothy Agnes, 68 Freppell, Robert James, 334 Frey, Ray Martyn, 234, 330 Frezieres, Grant Farley, 172, 222 Fricke, Doris Marie, 262, 263 Friday, Charles B., 49, 260 Friedel. Barbara Ann, 59, 240 Friel, Shirley Rae, 276, 277 Fries, Leonard, 346 Frisbie, Chauncey O., 334 Frisbie, Cleo, 223, 308 Fisch, Bernard Edward. 48, 59, 222, 252 Frischer, Donald, 373 Froese, Harriet Ruth. 143, 300 Frosheiser, Kathryn, 120 Fulker, Mabel Helen, 266 Fullerton, Barbara B.. 250 Fullerton. Donald G., 334 Fulton, Alice Catherine, 69, 142, 274 Fulton, Anita Jean, 310 Fulton, Forrest F., 221 Fulton, Robert Norton, 334 Funk, Barbara Ruth. 261 Funk, James Robert, 80, 340 Funk, Louise, 364 Funke, William Henry, 156 Furbeck, Virginia, 59, 264, 306 Furukawa, Elsie Setsuko, 69 Fyhrie, George, 69, 221, 334 Gaddis, Barbara Anne, 107, 274 Gades, Fred Herman, Jr., 69, 223. 252 Gahnstron, Charles E., 348 Gale, Richard Murray, 94 Gallagher, Dennis Johan, 108, 249, 274 Gallagher, Charles A., 221 Gallegos, Edward, Jr., 260 Galley, Ruth Elaine, 108, 280 Gamble, Marilyn Lucille, 300 Ganatta, Lettybelle J., 202 Garbarina, Harold Louis, 48, 221, 322, 330 Garber, Donald Leslie, 366 Garber, Jack Don. 142, 362 Garchar, Mary, 94, 246 Gardner, Donald Francis, 228 Gardner, Eleanor Ann, 94, 308 Gardner, John Reed. 328 Gardner, Ralph Taylor, 148 Gardner, Warren Edward, 108, 338 Garland, Frank Leonard, 142, 144, 148, 286, 350 Garlinghouse, Margaret, 108, 226, 280, 308 Garnett, Donald Joel, 155 Garnett, Thomas H., 94, 221, 360 Garnier, Gene Edgar, 80 Garnier, Marvel W., 59 Garon, Robert J., 221 Garrett, G. Edwin, 334 Garrett, Hume Pender, 108 Garrity, Roy M., 69 Garst. Joseph Horace, 350 Garst, Warren Edward, 360 Garten, William Burton, 94, 146, 364 Gassaway, Turner Ford, 352 Gasser, Joanne Irene, 94, 372 Gasser, Suzanne, 42, 50, 69, 143, 249, 265, 304 Gassman, Walter Francis, 222, 228, 336 Gatchell, H. Dale, 322 Gates, Margaret Edna, 69 Gates, William Louis, 108 Gathright, Neil Clyde, 223 Gatzke, Dolores Frances, 276 Gaunt, Arnold Riley, 108 Gaunt, Elizabeth Ann, 108, 282, 308 Gavagan, Barbara Ann, 108, 310 Gavagan, Mary Alice, 69, 262, 263 Gaylord, Otis Hemingway, 330 Gazofsky, Harold, 346 Gee, Reta Ann, 89, 94, 298 Geeseka, Agnes Addeline, 278 Gelfman, Morris, 49 Geimer, Dixie Lee, 166, 264 Gemeinhardt, Louis B., 94, 142, 330 Genoff, James Edward, 250 Gerlach, Donald Rudolph, 223, 328 Gerlach, Margery Ruth, 154, 265 Germor, Seigfried W,, 59 Gerry, Kathryn Elizabeth, 116 Gerwin, George, 88, 348 Geter, Louise, 272 Gettman, Lee Charles, 69 Giarratano, Bernice J., 246, 276 Giarrantano, Pauline B., 221, 258, 876 Giberson, Frances Ann, 300 Gibert, Theodora J., 274 Gibson, Louise Violet, 267 Giddes, Gloria Adrienne, 80, 304 Giele, John Haskell, 236, 237 Oiersch, Lauron Raphoel, 218, 324 Gifford, Jack Stanford, 148 Gilbert, Albert Joseph, 157, 285 Gilchrist, Malcolm H., 232 Gilhams, Jane Ann, 59, 312 Gilhams, Jean Nan, 59, 312 Gill, Dorothy Jessann, 142, 306 394 Gillen, George Hamilton, 350 Gillogly, Margaret Wolt, 258 Oilman, Stephen Hall, 116 Gilmore, Keith Howard. 69, 348 Giltner, Billy Ward, 108, 338 Ginsberg, Gerald 8.. 346 Ginsberg, Norman Joseph, 69, 88, 348 Ginsburg, Susanne L., 44, 318 Girard, Phil Garret, 328 Giroux, Clayton Kobert, 222 Girvin, George William. 219 Githens, Dorothea E., 108, 260 Gladstone, William Joseph, 236 Glassburn, Mary Lou, 158, 273 Glasser, Joseph Henry, 116 Glazer, Virginia Koslyn, 227, 276 Gleghorn, George Jay, 48, 88, 221, 236 Glen. Edmond Joseph, 123, £38, 266 Glidden, Joanne F., 108, 282 Gnadinger, John Franois, 76, 364 Goalby, Alice Louise. 89, 94, 142, 269, 308 Goble, Harold Glenn, 336 Godbe, Jayne Elizabeth, 282. 314 Goebel, Douglas McNeil, 340 Goebel, John David, 340 Goedde, Mary Elizabeth, 94, 142, 227, 308 Gohr, Lawrence Robert, 238 Gold. Juanita Harriet, 238, 272 Goldberg, Charlotte B., 94, 318 Goldberg, Mildred Ann, 276 Goldberg, Sol Charles, 326 Goldblatt, Euth Ellen, 318 Golden, Arthur David, 346 Goldfogel, Dorothy Jean, 95. 266, 318 Goldhammer, Philip D., 221, 264, 360 Goldman, Phillip, 346 Goldstein, Paul Donald. 346 Good, Byron Maxwell, 350 Goodier, L. Yvonne, 96, 246 Gooding, Stewart Leroy, 340 Goodman, Jerry Stanley, 41, 44 Goodrich, Charles Caldwell, 239, 266, 334 Goodrich, Jack Wayner, 96 Goodrich, May Lizbeth, 142, 239, 242, 266, 267, 363 Goodwin, Gerry Viola, 108, 278, 314 Goodwin, LeHoy Wayne, 59, 142, 266 Goodwyn, Mary Jo, 80, 261 Goody, Walter Marsh, Jr., 222. 338 Googe, Mary Carolyn, 69, 219, 260, 274 Googe, Ruth, 276, 277 Gordon, Patricia Louise, 306 Gordon, Robert Joseph, 356 Gormley, Ann Christine, 367 Gorthy, Ann Daurene, 60, 300 Goss, Carlton Bartlett, 128 Goss, Hobert Clinton, 80 Gottsfeld, Burton H., 346 Gould, George R., 238 Gould, Kathryn Louise, 278 Gould, Mary Virginia, 108, 278, 306 Gower, Frank Herbert, 360 Grace, Gene Alda, 96, 166, 229, 300 Grafe, Helen, 306 Gragg, William Henry, 334 Graham, Bobby Lee, 96, 377 Graham, James Flint, 142, 223. 334 Graham. Leroy Cullen, 108. 142, 166 Graney, Marjorie Grace, 156, 278 Granger, Alfred Peter, 246, 266 Grannell, Eleanor J., 108, 274, 314 Grant, Bill Gene, 96, 322 Grauberger, Eugene Carl. 239 Gray Allen Carroll, S8, 340 Gray, Eleanor Jean, 95, 316 Gray, Ellen Leslie, 239, 292, 302 Gray, Ernest Elias, 203, 340 Gray, Erva Celestia, 96 Gray, Jay Brynt, 340 Gray, Johnnie Kena, 261 Gray, Robert William. 108, 322 Gray, Roger Winks, 49, 250 Green, Donald Austin, 227 Green, Mary Lou, 108, 166, 267 Greenwood, Marjorie Lou, 96, 310 Greer, Maureen Fay, 229, 364 Gregg, Charles Clare, 360 Gregg, Donald Blauvock, SO, 239, 260 Gregg, Donald Nelson, 88, 324 Gregg, Muriel Ottilie, £0, 308 Gregory, Roland Wendell, 172, 178, 179 Grelle, William A., 116 Gremmels, Ruth, 108 Gribble, George Arthur, 108. 143. 334 Greib. Robert Van, 95, 192, 334 Orisehaber, Gene Robert, 80, 88, 148, 334 Oriffls, James A., Jr., 336, 340 Griffith, Constance A,, 60, 304 Griffith, Douglas Allen, 3:4 Griffith, Helen Elma, CO, 247 Griffith, James Albert, 203, 340 Griffith, John Spencer, 223 Griffith. Richard E., 108, 142. 229, 354 Grigs, Mildred Evelyn, 148, 221, 258 Grigs, William Edwards, 235 Grigsby, John L ynn, 323 Grigsby, William G., 227 Grills, Mary Ann, 60, 310 Grimes, Erwin Elwood, 80, 348 Grimm, Danny, 142, 254 Grimm, Dorothy Ann, 304 Orisham, Donald Lee, 2£3, 860 Gritzfeld, Esther Jean, 240 Groesbeck, Russel F., 60, 88, 218, 260, 267, 348 Grometer, Maryan Edith, 95, 264, 366 Gross, Alvin Meredith, 148, 344 Gross, Lyle James, 108, 860 Grote, Ruth Amelia, 60 Ground, Loretta Jean. 280 Grounds. William Bruce. 89. 142 Grove. Marjorie Faye. 43, 95, 306 Grubbs, William Elliott, 41. 126 Gruber, Kenneth Carl. 48, 223, 350 Grunwald, Jack L, K., 340 Grunwald, Rovert Edward, 48, 223, 252 Goober, Max, 250 Guerber, Howard Paul, 60, 221, 235 Guggenheim, Thomas Stix, 108, 143, 144. Guiberson. Paula Jo, 80 Guinand, Jerome Bernard, 108, 334 Guinn, C. Richard. 366 Guinn, Samuel Lester, ICO, 336 Guise, Margaret Louise, 272 Gulick, Norman Martin, 60, 218 Gunnarson, Mary Jean, 250 Gunther, Cecil Elton, 221 Gunther, Donald Rice, 60, 348 Gurley, James Worth, 239 Gutsche, Graham Danto, 146, 362 Guy. Nancy. 298 Guzofsky, Harold, 88, 95 Gwinn, Donald Elmer, 108, 334 H Haas, Henry Joseph, 356 Haber, Herbert L., 116 Hackstaff, Cyrus A., 108, 330 Hackstaff, Richard A., 330 Haddock, Jeanne, 60, 314 Haenselman, Carl F.. Jr.. 243 Hading. Darrell Alden. 95 Hagan, Ruth Alice. 60. 298 Hagen, James Franklin, CO, 118. 223, 251 324 Hagerman, Dwaine, 49 Hagerty, Raymond Owen, 340 Hagler, Gene Dwight, 82, 362 Hahn, Clayton Wm., 223 Hahn, John Francis, 80, 218, 344 Hahn, Robert, 364 Hahs, Mary Nan, 108, 267, 276, 300 Halderman, Robert Boyd, 350 Hall, Arlin Wesley, 96, 344 Hall, Margaret E.. 60. 76, 241, 300 Hall, Mary June, 95, 304 Hall, Patsy Jeanne, 308 Hall, Robert James, 350 Halliday, Thomas C, 108 Halper, Lenore Jetta, 109, 318 Hamill, Kobert E., 96 Hamilton, Floyd, 164 Hamilton, John Mitchell, 328 Hamm, Harold Winfred, 60, 221, 324 Hammack. Calvin Miles. 348 Hammerstrom. Richard A.. 234 Hammond, Chas. C. 286. 336 Hammond. Franklin Paul. 207. 336 Hammond. James Quentin, 116 Hammond, Robert Gene, 340 Hammond, Stanley Earl. 218, 330 Hampton, Ernest Euge:ie, 234 Hampton, O. Winston, 109, 330 Hanahan, Thomas Davant, 222 Handelsman, Phyllis L., £29, 236 Haney, Jessamine Edna, 60, £30, 242 Hanley, Marion Blair, 314 Hanna, Sheelagh Pat, 276 Hannifin, Kathryn R,, 240 Hansbury, Elizabeth, 272 Hensen. Constance Ruth, 278, 306 Hansen, Frances Cline, 267 Hansen, Gayle Elenor, 60 Hansen, Howard Adolph, 60, 148 ' Hansen, Lynn Leroy, 221 Hanson, John Ber.iard, 147, 362 Hanson, Ray Gardiner, Jr,, 354 Harbin, Marylouise, 96 Harbison, Dona Roberta, 42, 266 Hardin, Donald C. 368 Hardy, Georgia Ann, 95 Hardy, Jane Mellor, 80, 247, 268, 302 Hardy, Wm. Merton. 80 Hargrove, Jane, 261 Haring, Louise, 49 Haring, Robert Clyde, 183, 191, 328 Harkee, James Frederick, 60 Harkin, James, 60 Harkins, Maia, 80, 366, 369 Harkness, Mary Ellen, 60 Harmon, Burma Jo, 267 Harms, Edith Maxine, 266, 267 Harmsen, Verona H., 266, 267 Harned, Agnes Beatrice, 306 Harp, Ernest Joseph, 96 Harrington, Ronald E., 334 Harrington, Winfleld F.. 322 Harris. Albert Edward, 3£0 Harris, Edward Maurice, 223 Harris, Mary Virginia, 60 Harris, Paul Chas., Jr., 263 Harris, Perry Morton, 326 Harris, Wm. David, 263 Harrison, Barbara E., 278 Harrison, Jea:i Richmond, 96, 274 Hart, Florence Eliz,, 49 Hart, Louii Ireland, Jr., 76 Hart, Marilyn Margaret, 96, 272 Hart, Richard Kirby, 328 Hart, Richard Olson, 60, 330 Hart, Wm. Olson. 330 Hartman, Caroline. 95. 272. 273 Hartman, Moreene Ellen. 274 Hartrigsen, Gerald L,, 223 Hararard, Harold Ray, 332 Hartwell, Ernest Gordon, 114 Hartwell, Jean Hanmond, 154, 255 Harvey, Chas. Homer, 223 Harvey, James Lloyd, 246 Hatch, Kathleen Frances, 276 Hatfield, Herbert H., 328 Hatton, Wm. Henry, 95, 142, 362 Hauth, Margaret, 95 Havasy, Edward W., 324 Hawes, Harriet, 164. 274 346 Hawkins, Jean, 41, 127, 167, 236 Hawkins, Marion Victor, 332 Hawley, Robert Cross. 350 Hayano, Dorothy Hatsuye, 229, 240, 267 Hayashi, Ruth Fusako, 61, 166, 244, 260, 266, 267 Hayden, Jullian Reed, 221, 236 Hayes, Everett Francis, 266 Hayes, Margaret Ann, 302 Hayes, Pamela Paige, 280 Hayes, Ruthann, 49 Hayes, Wm. Floyd, 221, 360 Hayman, Maude Elizabeth, 154 Haynie, Hazel Henrietta, 242 Haynie, Howard Edward, 352 Hays, Stanley Robert, 330 Hayutin, Neva Jean, 318 Hayward, Carl Burton, 222 Hayward, Paul Victor, 222 Hazell, Thomas, 229 Heafer, Harold John, 168, 169 Heapes, William Earl, Jr,, 336 Heckendorn, James Page, 266 Heokendoun, John W,, 264 Hedegaard, Arne Ralph, 360 Hedgcock, Wendell T. J., 336 252, Hedges, George M., 336 Heermann, Dolores Leora, 238, 274, 366 Heffron, Corinne, 282, 283, 304 Hegwer, Mary Alice, 279 Heimbecher, Dolly Ann, 276, 370 Heinemann, Donald Lee. 266 Heineck, Chester Charles, 340 Heinze, Marion Louise, 95, 154, 254, 280 Heisterman, Mary Louise, 308 Hellerstein. Stanley, 236 Hellis, Rosemary Jordan, 226, 278 Hellwig, Frank Otto, 109, 264 Hellyer, Chas, Wesley, 109 Helsel, Patricia J., 80, 262, 263 Hempel, August Richard, 218 Henderson, Courtman Jo, 109 Henderson, Donald Leroy, 366 Henderson, Doris Jean, 240, 316 Henderson, Jack Douglas, 286, 338 Hendrickson, Melvin C, 60, 207, 360, 344 Hendrickson, Murl S., 285 Hendrickson, Stanley, 350 Henle, Carmen Irene, 255 Henley, Norma Clair, 95, 261 Henning, Yuonne, 304 Hennrich, Stephen Leroy, 223 Henry, Anita Jo, 142, 308 Hensley, Betty Lynn, 166, 369 Heppes, Robert D., 340 Hepworth, Richard T., 80, 338 Herald, Helen M., 88, 264, 298 Herbert, Hallie Jean, 278 Herbert, Richard Lee, 61, 352 Herdman, Eric B., Jr., 95 Herikstad, Ellamae, 80, 308 Herkert, Raymond Joseph, 354 Herman, Shelia, 80, 304 Herrick, Elaine lone, 61, 219, £39, 241 Herried, Vernon V. D., 61, 226, 286, 334 Herring, Wm. Malcolm, 106, 220, 360 Hessley, John, Jr., 221 Heubner, Allen Downing. 80. 330 Houston. Philip Tuttle. 154, 334 Houston, Robert Howard, 334 Hiatt, Jean, 61 Hiatt, Theodore Donald, 360 Hibler, Nyda Belle, 306 Hickle, Betty L., 278 Hickle, James Charles. 96, 324 Hickle, Marilyn Lee, 266 Hicks, Harold Jay, 348 Hicks, Ronald Dale, 324 Hicks, T. J., 373 Hidaka, Minnie Chidori, 229, 364 Hiester, Robert Arthur, 334 Hightower, Fred S.. Jr.. 80 Hiigel, Lewis Edward, 166 Hilb, Robert, 326 Hilker, George F., 164 Hill, Charles Frederick, 352 Hill, Cliff ' ord Clinton, 242 Hill, Harlyn Lee, 336 Hill, James Donald, 330 Hill, Lois Helen, 282 Hill, Mary Rae, 237 Hill, Ralph Douglas, 143, 80 Hillberry, Alfred E,, 95 Hills, David Kendall, 183, 266 Himelgrin, Gerald, 346 Hinds, Arlcne Yvonne, 224 Hinds, Joseph Thomas, 360 Hinds, Leslie R,, 322 Hines, Richard Stanley, 348 Hinkle, Lovera Joyce, 259 Hinkley, Elsie Carolyn, 310 Hinkley, Lester Duane, 80, 223, 340 Hinsey, Robert Charles, 96, 221 Hinthorn, Wayne Lee, 156 Hipp, John Belt, 109, 362 Hirami, Soichiro Pat, 80, 157, 236, 366, 368 Hirsch, Harry Duane, 96, 120, 220 Hobbs, Beburn Elett, 61, 324 Hobson, Richard Monroe, 356 Hoch, Richard Arthur, 88, 96. 348 Hockensmith, Frank M., 116 Hodges. Mary Emma, 81 Hoif. Margaret Arena, 81 Hoffman, Gordon Lee, 223 Hoffman, Saul Arthur, 263 Hoifman, Jo Ann L., 96, 234. 240. 300 Hoifmeister, Berthold F., 207, 336 Hoffmeister. Charles W., 192, 336 Hofmann, William James, 334 Hogaboom, Anne Louise, 312 Hogue, Robert Emmett, 1C9, 330 Holbert, William Thomas, 154, 166, 229, 368 Holcombe, June, 249, 263 Holdeman, Mary Margaret, 60, 312 - Holden, Joanne, 39, 42, 96, 143, 269, 278, 279, 312 Holland, J. Don, 348 Holland, Jo Anne, 276, 312 HoUingworth, Patricia, 261, 302 Holly, Jane, 61 Holmberg, James Everett, 338 Holmes, Evelyn Mary, 96, 142, 310 Holmes, Robert Bruce, 61. 232. 338 Hoist. Annikki Haahti. 96, 304 Hoist, Kathleen Mae, 109, 278 Holt, Janet Marian, 272 Holt, Mary Louise, 272 Holter, Joyce Cleon, 61, 239 Holtzman, Nancy C, 61, 316 Holzer, Charlotte Ann. 282 Honaker. Avis Lorane, 109, 280 Hondias, Pieter, 334 Honnen. Edward Peter, 223, 328 Hook, Kenyon Harper, 322 Hook, Royden Keith, 61, 222 Hooper, Jerry, 350 Hoorebeke, George L,, 96 Hoppler, CaroU Keith, 342 Horan, Lois Riley, 239 Horn, Barbara Joan, 109, 249, 282, 306 Hornbeck, Douglas R., 155 Horner, Raymond Guest. 88, 96, 223 Horsch, Margaret Ann, 274 Horther, William Conrad, 76, 338 Horton, Paul Ellsworth, 346 Horwitz, Ruth Ellen, 142, 280 Hoskin, Alice Lorraine, 164 Hoskins, John, 237 Houghton, Donald Laurie, 228 Houlton, William Graham, 340 Houston, Charles Oscar, 266, 373 Houth, Peggy, 300 Howard, Charles Bernel, 221 Howard, Edward Neil, 81, 223 Howard, Victor Hampton, 324 Howell. Gordon M,, 96, 142, 334 Howells, Mary E., 109, 166, 304 Howland, Melvin C, 362 Hoye, Eileen Patricia, 109 Hoyt, Charles Richard, 109, 330 Hoyt, Harry Charles, 165, 260 Hsiao, Chin-Chun, 229 Hsieh, Lien Tsao, 229 Huckenpahler, Lee Chard, 222 Huckins, Linda, 109, 144, 306 Hudler, Dorothy Ann, 280 Hudson, MacBeth, 302 Hudson, Mildred, 120 Hudson, Robert Keith, 88, 334 Hueftle, Max Weldon, 222, 228 Huey, Holmes Robert, 364 Huff, J. A.. 187 Huggins, Horace G., 183, 184, 360 Huggins, Martha Lou, 81, 144, 306 Hughes, George Alfred, 3£8 Hughes, John Atkinson, 46, 246, 334 Hughes, Joseph Starling, 96, 334 Hughes, Patricia Jeanne, 282, 283 Hugins, Richard Morton, 88, 96, 338 Hulitzky, A. Wayne, 109, 142, 334 Hull, Jack, 344 Hull, John Kenneth, Jr., 226 Hull, Richard James, 229, 236 Hultquist, Paul F,, 250 Hummel, Thomas Franklin, 373 Humphries, Donald Mirt, 340 Humphries, Edwin B., 165, 340 Hunsinger, Wade C, 239 Hunt, Alice Addison, 144, 146, 274, 312 Hunt, John Milton, 61, 142, 350 Hunter, Virginia P.. 81. 263. 376 Hurdle, Karyl M,, 166. 266. 267 Hurley, Robert William, 223 Hurt, Nathan Hampton, Jr., 48 Huss. Barbara, 228 Hussa. John Oscar, 76, 223, 321, 338 Hussey, Gordon E., 366 Hutchinson, Barbara. 266. 316 Hutchinson, Betty, 263 Hutchinson, Charles A.. 261. 322 Hutchinson, Dudley, Jr.. 49 Hutchinson, Ruth, 234, 278 Hutchinson, Thomas S., 322 Hutchinson, Thomas H., 328 Hutchinson, James Bert, 164 Hutchinson, Kathryn V.. 109. 143, 306 Hutton, Richard James, 61 Hutton. William Thomas, 144 Huwaidi, Fuad Said, 229 Hybiak. Mildred Joan. 229 Hyde, Nancy Leigh, 314 Hyde, Robert Todd, 382 Hyder. Hugh Milton. 222 Hylan, Anne, 41. 42, 61, 61, 124, 142, 230, 269, 316 395 Illium, Joan Elizalieth, 96. 302 Infield, Elinor Jean, 81, 154 Ingalls, Floyd Winton, 96. 352 Ingebretsen, Harold Ben, 350 Ingles, Robert Lloyd, 46, 146, 354 Ingram, William Leon, SI Ingwersen, Robert G., 148 Inouye. Ted Tadashi, 229 Irion, Richard Fales. 338 Irish, Donald Paul, 229, 350 Irwin, Bob, £34 Irwin, Ann, 62, 1C9, 212 Isaacs, Marian, 81, 236, 253, 260, 369 Iverson, Clair Holland, 81, 138, 223, 252 Iwata, Masse Charlotte, 49 Jackson Agnes Marion, 262, 263 Jackson. Alfred Ronald, 262, 256 Jackson, Betty Eileen, 62, 154, 255, 306 Jackson, Eugene Sidney, 322 Jackson, Jane Holtman, 366, 369 Jackson, John Daniel, 1G9, 354 Jackson, Neva Joyce, 62, 143, 156, 312 Jackson, Paul Leslie, 62, 81, 88, 192, 251 257, 354 Jackson, Phyllis L., 369 Jackson, Reuben John, 155 Jacobs, Rollo Edwin. Jr., 321, 330, 354 Jacobsen, Colleen, 278, 299, 314 Jacobsen, Robert Lewis, 328 Jacobson, Conrad B., 336 Jacobson, Janise Clair, 281, 312 Jacobson, Mary K., 81. 3C4 Jacobson, Olof, Jr., 330 Jahnke, Robert Le Roy, 96 James, Dorothy, 62 James, Eleanore Ann, 62, 312 James, John, 44 James, Loretta N,, 306 James, Madeliene Mary, 81 James, Noreen, 81 Jamison, Katharine L., 96 Jann, William Kenneth, 157, 223, 245, 350 Janson, Bettilcu, 89, 96, 304 Janson, Joseph Bror, 155 Jantzen, Carrol L., 1C9 Jean, Mary Kathryn, 224 JefFeries, Lloyd George, 96, 221, 324 Jeffrey, Horace S., 252 Jeffrey, Sara E., 278 Jeffries, John Porter, 183, 350 Jehle, William K., 330 Jenkins, Peter Doremus, 340 Jenkins, Robert Luther, 334 Jensen, Joan Lucile, 96, 302 Jindra, Robert Ray, 81, 142, 207. 344 Joffee, Patricia Louise, 43, 142,-312 Johns, Joseph Butell, 109, 328 Johns, Ronald Irving, 220 Johnson, Abbott, 340 Johnson, Arlene June, 96, 262, 263 Johnson, Asay Bardell, 221 Johnson, Beulah Ann, €2, 154, 251 Johnson, Barbara Jeanne, 226, 302 Johnson, Charles Tarald, 81 •Johnson, Charlotte L,, 50, 62, 222 Johnson, Charles Edwin, Jr., 222, 251 Johnson, Chester Lee, 1C9, 344 Johnson, David, 48 Johnson, Edith Louise, 281 Johnson, Elmer Kenneth, 264 Johnson, George, 62 Johnson, Glenn Hayes. Jr., 2E3 Johnson, Herbert Alvin, 1C9, 155, 354 Johnson, James Arthur, 328 Johnson, Joan, 226, 310 Johnson, Jeanne, 62, 156, 259 Johnson, Joanne, 62 Johnson, June Chapman, 142, 276, 300 Johnson, Kenneth R., 155, 243 Johnson, Lila Sue, 81, 261 Johnson, Lucille Helen, 81, 300 Johnson, Marion Roberts, 229, 236 Johnson, Martha Jane, 143 Johnson, Merle Linden, 62 Johnson, Norville David, 96, 338 Johnson, Oliver Warren, 109 Johnson, Philip L,, 96, 155. 243 Johnson, Phyllis Jean, 226 Johnson, Robert Samuel, 338 Johnson, Russell B., 285 Johnson, Thaddeus C, 48, 62, 88, 228. 254 Johnson, William C, 330 Johnson, William Nevison, 62, 88, 354 Johnston, David King, 48, 239 Johnston, Dean Munsell, 348 Johnston, Ernest Clegg, 81, 350 Johnston, George F., 218, 348 Johnston, Howard Ernest, 109, 356 Johnston, James W., 328 Johnston, Margaret B., 276, 277 Johnston, Richard E., 223, 264 Johnston, Rufus A., 264 Johnston, William V., 228 Jones, Asa Thomas, 96. 330 Jones, Barbara Ann, 310 Jones, Charlie Marie, 62. 142, 240, 306 Jones, David Wilkes, 328 Jones, Don, 338 Jones, Elaine Edith, 81, 229, 236, 250 361 369 Jones, Eugene Able, 330 Jones, Ewart Esco. 62 Jones, Frances, 96 Jones, George Wallace, 62, 242 Jones, Helen Sue, 274 Jones, John Donald, 154 Jones, John Robert, 334, 340 Jones, Jolean Buella, 282 Jones, Judith Friscilla. 144 Jones, Keith Claud. 286 Jones, Kenneth Warren, 222 Jones, Marjorie Nell, €1, 144, 158, 159, 247, 248 Jones, Orvil Roark, 221, Z35 Jonick, Leo Francis, 116, 372 Jordan, Garnett Henry, 388 Jorgensen, Andrea, 2£0, 312 Jorgensen, Roy Lawrence, 142, 245, 350 Joseph, Norman R., 354 Joyce, George Raymond, 328 Jude, William Albert, 223 Juhre, Milege Zana. 96, 302 Jump, Raymond Arthur, 172, 354 Juskiewicz, Francis A,, £39 E Kagay. Louise Stuart, 229 Kalagis, Ed. 344 Kalish, Simon, 239 Kallgren, Dorothy, 274 Kammeier, James Roger, 256 Kao, Hung Yeh, 223 Kapelke, Tli eo Jean, 109, 282 Kaplan, Sylvan, 346 Karison, Wesley L., 81, 202, 262, 348 Karnes, James Joseph, 3£0 Karrass, Chester Louis. 346 Kasdorf, Virginia Mae, 168, 169, 272 Kaspar, Charles Philip, 88, 96, 348 Kastler, William Vann, 116 Kastner, Charlotte Ekis. 235 Kastner, James Michael, 48, 62. 148, 221 Kastner, Stuart Paul, 68, 168, 336 KatcofF, Martin Solomon, 346 Katz, Nathan Philip, 81, 346 Katz, Rohert, 88, 223. 261, 346 Kaub, Elaine Ruth. 308 Kaub. George Hubert, 333 Kaufman, Emily Louise, 276 Kawakami, Bertha Yoneko, 267, 371, 374 Kaylor, Kenneth Kay, 62. 221, 261, 324 Kayser, Harold Loeb, 326 Kearns, Robert Dale, 324 Keating, Katherine, 237, 263 Keating, Robert Burton, 363 Keay, James William, 81, 238, 260, 364 Keck, Ramson Clay, 221 Keefcr, Patricia Ruth, 266, 267 Keenan, Eugene Lee, 322 Keim, Shirley Jean, 374 Keller, Carl Albert, 362 Keller, Jacqueline Ann, 81 Kellogg, Berk, 366 Kellogg, Mary Jane, 274 Kelly, Evelyn Jean, 97, 312 Kelly, Hazel Ailcen, 156 Kelly. Margaret May. 164, 265 Kelsall, Helen Louise. 240 Kelso, Marietta, 232 Kemp, Sarah Andiea, 97, 310 Kemper, Kathryn, 314. 290 Kendall, Marion Lois, 233 Kendig, Andrew Edward, 97, 328 Kenehan, John C. 354 Kennedy, Eugenia Irene, 62, 166, 245, 867 Kennedy, Nancy Jean, 89, 306 Kenney, James B., Jr., 222 Kentigh, Allan, 62 Kennicott, Jo Marie, 97, 310 Kenworthy, Cecil Dean, 81, 364 Kepler, Roy Cecil, 229 Kerrigan, Thomas Wayne, 97, 328 Kersey, Eleanor Pearl, 277 Kershaw, Margaret E.. 241 Kessey, Joyce Mae, 267, 280 Keswick, Arthur Lester, 264 Ketcham, Jerrie Ann, 97, 264, 304 Kettle, Marybelle M.. 89, 97, 156, 304 Keyser, Wanda Wauneta, 62. 272, 273 Kido, Koichi Thomas, 229, 261 Kiesel, Keniseth Albert, 266, 221, 286 Kiesler, Betty Joan, 276 Kikel, Mary Christine, 300 Killey, Mary Beth. 63. 3C4 Killian, Wayne Robert. 286 Kilpatrick, Douglas S.. 81. 142. 338 Kilzer, John Lewis, 81, 166, 243, 338 Kilzer, Maurine Bea, 154, 298 Kindler, Dawn Y,, 109 King, Aubrey Bernice, 97 King, Donald Dietrich, 76, 352 King. Erke C, 222 King, John Lee, 81, 334 King, Joyce Nadine, 274 King, Laurence Joyce. 302 King, Loyal Wallace, 63, 223 King, Marjorie Ethelyn, 247 King, Nancy Jane, 230, 266, 316 King, Patricia Louise, 308 King, Robert Hilton, 82, 344 Ki3g, Robert Wesley. 334 Kingdom, Betty Francis. 63. 126, 282, 308 Kingdom, Louise Astrid. 283. 308 Kingsolver. Jarrett, 324 Kinney, Curtis, 274, 275, 363 Kinney, Edmond Leroy, 109, 328 Kinsley, Wynn Chad, 260 Kintigh, Allen Ellis, 223, 348 Kintzele, Donald J., 330 Kirk, Fred Eugene, 168, 344 Kirkbetg. Bonnie Marie. 240. 298 Klrkpatilok, Loucillah, 280, 314 Kiser, Jerry Armond, 155 Kissler, Betty Jane, 230, 374 Kissler, Marjorie Marie, 374 Kissock, Edith Irene, 63, 242, 808 Kitten, Alma, 261 Klabau, Robert George, 183, 340 Klassen, Hugh Allen, 356 Klastner, Charlotte, 97 Klecker, Shirley Marie, 249, 276 Kleiner, Marvin Harold, 346 Klessig, June Margaret, 110, 156, 280 Kline, Evalee, 272 Kline, Norman Frederic, 322 Klingler, Charles Roger, 48, 236, 852 Klingelhopper, Calvin, 328 Klocster, Carol Evelyn. 256 Klovstad, Julia Anne, 300 Klovstad, Mary Louise, 97 Knap, Jame Eli, 264, 360 Knaur, Marilyn Jean, 277 Knickerbocker, Hugh, 222 Knievel, Kenneth Dale, G3, 340 Knivel. Maxine Joan, 63 Knoedler, Mary Lucy, 272 Knolle, Lawrence M., 97 Knous, Merle Ray, 340 Knox, Junior Wallace, 82, 221, 364 Knudsen, Mary Lou, 97, 266, 267, 364 Knudsen, Patricia June, 240 Koch, Wanda Elizabeth, 304 Kocontes, Phillip W., 48, 221, 235, 286 Koehler, Sonya, 236, 364 Koelbel, Walter Alfred, 76, 1S2, 340 Kohler, Robert Bruce, 110, 328 Kohn, Mary Elizabeth, 224 Kolinski, Gecrge Peter, 221 Konkel, Edward Vernon, 348 Konkel, James Harold, 82, 88, 348 Kconce, Mary Marguerite, 298 Kopecky, June Ladell, 89, 97, 266, 267 Koppel. Alfred, 110, 229, 346 Korr, Irving, 156 Koss, Dorothy Ann, 245, 375 Kosuge, Sai, 229, 267 Kottenstette, Leonard A., 223 Koutnick, Jeanice Allene. 362 Kracha, Anne Marie, 363 Kraft, Katherine Louise, 249 Kragh, Jane, 362, 363 Krantz, Quentin Leroy, 229 Krapf, John Evth, 338 Krause, Dorothy Ann, 265 Kraybill, Pauline Anne, 280 Krehbiel, Karl Kermit, 221 Kresge, Phyllis Irene, 234, 377 Kreuder, Norman Lcuis, 156, 246 Kreul, Dorothy Dolores, 272 Krier, Pauline Marjorie, 154. 308 Krier, Shirley Elaine, 63, 308 Kripke. Kenneth Norman, 116 Kriss, Hannah Alba. 261 Kroeker, Elwin Leland, 350, 367 Krone, Frank William, 110, 364 Kropp, Barbara Alice, 282 Krueger, William Glenn, 340 Kruse, Warren Elrcy, 164, 286, 363 Kubarko, Ray Constant, 63 Kube, Melvin Bernard, 264 Kubick, Jean, 110, 249, 278, 300 Kuehster, Robert Donald, 97, 266 Kueser, Paul Edward, 356 Kuethe, Homer Carlyle, 250 Kuhncl, Alfred 0., 223 KuU, Robert Richard, 168, 169 Kundis, Lawrence Edward, 231 Kunz, Vera Jean. 316 Kupetz, Myndel, 318 Kutsuma, Taka. 267, 374 Kyes, Dorothy Jean, 63 La Chapelle, Marion D., 300 La Fosse, Frances Walts, 272 Lackner, Edward Joel, 346 Lacy, Jerry Holcomb, 330 Ladd. Jeannette Louise. 82. 369 Laff, Seymour Gussiel, 346 Lake, Lawrence Pierson, 270 Lamar, Paula Fay. 82. 261, 302 Lamb, Bettye June, 263, 306 Lambertson, Glen Royal, 48, 82, 251, 373 Lambrecht, Maxine, 120 Landrum, Dallas, 229 Lampman, Irmadean, 82. 239, 364 Lancaster, Mildred R.. 63 Land, John Raymond. 360 Landrum. Dallas D,, 63 Landrum, Jack, 50 Lane, James Austin, 360 Lane, Marian Olivia, 97. 272 Lang, James Alan, 221, 225, 854 Lang, Joanne Chloe, 812 Lang, Justine Claire Langdon, Lawrence Robert, 286 Langenberg, Rae, 63. 263. 274 Lanham. Louis David. 334 Lanier, Sidney Joseph. 82, 344 Lann. Leor a Melanie. 144 Lanning, Dolores Jane, 282 Lantz, Patricia Ellen. 63 Lantz, Virginia Rae. 154 Lanza, Dennison. 223, 252 Larsh, Doris Ann. 282 Larson, Arden Lyle, 238 Larson, Donald Claire, 340 Larson, Fae Oma, 363, 370. 240, 266 Larson, James Edward, 330 Larson, Janet Kay, 97, 316 Larson, John Lester, 330 Lasch, Dorothy Estella, 274 Lasham, Robert William 165, ' 340 Lasky, William Alvin, 346 Lasley, Harold Dean, 110 Lattimer, Elmer Eugene, 76, 223, 262, 340 Lauby, Catherine Irene, 156 Lauenstein, Lois Irene, 274 Lauer, Jeanne, 276, 370 Lauterbach, Beverly E., 89, 99, 142, 304 Lavigne, Albert Joseph, 110, 245 Lavington, Charles S., 97, 328 Law, Florence Elizabeth, 63 Lawrence, Philip D., 227 Laws, Ruth Helen, 269, 316 Lawson, Harry Oscar, 129, 256 Lawson, Joan Dayton, 89, 142, 148, 264 Layton, Marianne, 227 tazell, Edward W., 360 Lazorchick, Dan Charles, 336 Lazorchick, William, 60, 336 Leaf, Marjorie Ann, 63, 148, 167, 220, 268, 298 Learned, Gordon W.. 848 Lebsock, George William, 336 Ledbeter, Ley W.. 165, 340 Ledford. James Robert, 286 Lee, Billylee, 116 Lee, Dorothy Ellen, 308 Lee, Harold Francis, 142 Lee, Harold Henry, 97, 352 Lee, Ira D., 243 Lee, Jack Merton. 352 Lee, James T,, HO Leo, Nancy, 41, 46, 76, 82, 129, 224, 265, 269, 314 Lee, 0. R., 97, 221 Lee, Patty Ann, 97 Lee, Randolph, 63 Lee, Richard, 88, 360 Lee, Willena, 116 Lee, William H.. 82, 360 Lees, Jeannie, 97, 312 LefF, Charles, 63. 346 Lehl. Leonard Clarke, 238 Lehnen, Harriett Lu, 142, 310 Lehrman. Philip Milton, 356 Leigh, John K., 218 Leight, Harold Charles, 63, 88, 219, 346 Leonard, Theodore, 221 Leroy, Elaine Marie, 63, 804, 224 Leroy, Jean Gillet, 304 Leslie, Mary Elizabeth, 97, 306 Lesser, William James, 221 Levenson, Doris Louise, 110, 274, 818 Levin, Keva, 346 Levitt, Phillip Russell, 110, 346 Levitt, Seymour Herbert, 168, 159 Levoe, Shirley Marie, 63, 164, 242, 802 Levy, Morgan Irvin, 82, 344 Levy, Norman Harvey, 82, 88, 346 Levy, Robert S,, 326 Lewis, C. J., 116 Lewis, Gwendolyn Ann, 82, 306 Lewis, Jerome Archibald, 840 Lewis, John F., 322 Lewis, Leo Harold, 97 Lewis, Mildred Beasley, 64, 240 Lewis, Patricia Ellen. 154 Lewis. Ray Lyman. 324 Lewis, Stanton, 334 Leyton, Neil, 229, 235 Liggett, Charmion Ruth, 142, 144, 298 Light, Audrey Elaine, 278 Light, Paul Marvin, 846 Lighthall, Lois E., 64 Lifshutz, Harold, 346 Lillengren, Mary Joan, 64, 269, 310, 320 Limbocker, Kenneth D., 324 Lincoln, Robert Martin, 348 Lind, Samuel Connell. 82, 334 Lindberg, Donald Walter, 144 Lindee, Robert Grant, 350 Lindenman. Joan Enid, 265. 308 Linendoll, Mary I., 41, 42, 60, 64, 124, 226, 261, 269, 308. 320 Lines. Richard L., 373, 82 Ling, Mildred Jean, 227, 366, 369 Linger, Mary Elizabeth, 64, 262, 263 Lininer, Charlotte Joyce, 278 Lipman, Byron David. 129, 256 Lipman, Joan, 275, 318 Lipstreu. Otis, 261 Little, Albert John, 110 Little, Mary Barnes, HO, 278 Littlejohn, Robert, 64, 380 Livesay, Elizabeth Ann, 49, 287 Livingston, Charles F.. 350 Livingston, Sally Burr, 143, 310 Livingston, Thomas, 97, 356 Llewellyn, Windsor, 344 Lock, Jean M., 64 Lccker, Irene Marie, 82 Lodge, Allen Kenneth, 110, 206, 334 Lodge. Janet Mae. 274. 306 Loeffler. Manuel John, 280 Loenshal, Howard Knapp, 264 Logan, Howard Martens, 97 Logan, Roger Lee, 64, 364 Lohman, Maurice Anatole, 221 Lomas, Margaret Ann, 310 Lombardi. Michael. 192, 348 Lonabaugh, Ellsworth. 41. 352 Long, Carmi David, 321, 364 Long, Laverne Ida, 802 Long. Mary Donna. 310 Longcor, Robert Vernon, 222 Longnecker, Richard E.. 143, 350 Longworth, John Leon, 336 396 Look, Jean Margaret, 231 Look, Robert Glenn, 203, 333 Look, Rosemary Russell, 231 Loomis, Ross Rutherford, 223 Lopatin, Paul Myron, 88, 148, 346 Lopez, Carlos Manuel, 82, 328, 202 Loper, Robert, 60, 263, 266 Lord, Jack, 97, 221, 366 Lord, Leigh Hazel, 280 Lorenz, Elsie Irene, 64, 802 Loser, Earl George, 840 Lett, Eugene Walter, 97, 223 Lett, Marjorie Lois, 82 Loucks, Gerald Glenn, 97, 328 Lourie, Anne, 142, 310 Love, Betty Sharon, 98, 304 Love, Nora Elizabeth, 156, 240 Love, John Francis, 221 Love, Marilyn Jane, 98 Love, Martha Jane, 308 Love, Nancy Rose, 278 Love, Nelson R., 110, 366 Love. William Burton, 344 Lovejoy, Charlotte, 240, 361, 363 Lowden, Barbara Ayn, 110. 310 Lowe, Rosalie Jean, 82, 314 Loyd, Harland Keith, 98 Lucas, Bobbie Birch, 324 Lucero, Benjamin Joseph, 236 Luckett, L, H.. 360 Luder, Beverly Gaye, 98, 812 Lumley, Gwendolyn, 154 Lundberg, Joan Carolyn, 274 Lundy, Paul Eugene, 207. 336 Lundy, William Marvin, 64, 235, 886 Lurie, Mildred Rosalee, 110 Lustig, Sam, 286 Lutterbie, Robert W., 154 Lutz, Beverly Ann, 142 Lyddon. James Hamilton. 328 Lynn, Barbara Nancy, 82, 218 Lyon, Tom Bouglas, 64. 203, 225, 218, 373 Lyttle, Betty Jane, 110, 276 Lyttle, Richard G., 98, 142, 157, 880, 889, Mc McAferty, Harold J., 192, 228 McAferty, Helen Carol, 241 McArthur, John Kerr, 348 HcArthur, Tate, 314 McBeth, Harry James, 226 McBride, Bruce Robert, 282 McCabe, June, 241 McCabe, Priscilla, 219, 314 McCabe, Robert Thomas, 336 McCabe, Sheila Glynn, 156, 320, 371 McCain, Leonard Hugh, 166, 266 McCarthy, Barbara L.. 82, 316 McCarthy, Joseph T., 166 McCarthy, Frank Patrick, 64, 146, 340 McCaw, William W., Jr., 98, 219, 324 McClain, Marvin Robert, 64. 183, 338 McClearly, Edward R., 64, 340 McClintock, Barbara M,, 49 McClintock, Harry C, 236 McClure, Marion M., 89. 146, 312 McOlure, William F,, 222, 330 McClurg, William M., 356 McCluskey, James Edgar, 82. 144, 158 McCombs, RoUin Koenig, 261 McComish, Jack Gordon, 110 McConnell, Jon Patrick. 110, 330 McCord, Francis Elery, 221 McCoy, James Richard, 336 McCubbin, Clint Merwin, 76 McCumber, Wanda Irene, 268 McCusker, Dorothy J., 80. 314 McDaniel, Anne, 64, 244, 265, 304 McDonald, John Vernon, 363 McDonald, Martha Ruth, 280. 300 McDonald, Robert Weld, 221 McDonnell, Robert £., 146, 354 McDonnell, Sanford N,, 192 McDonnell, William John, 328 McDougal, Erma Marie, 240, 362, 863 McDowell, Richard Fred, 368 McElhone, Frederick H., 352 McEwen, Jack, 173, 192 McGarry, Lloyd Augustan, 330 McGee, David Armstrong, 246 McGee, Hugh J., Jr., 828 McGinneis, Floyd E., 264 McQuire, Charles Shockey, 300 McGuire, Harlan Joan, 64 Mcllvaine, Isabelle, 98, 310 Mclnnes, John D., 840 Mclnnes, Mary Stewart, 240, 312 Mclnnis, Kohler, 340 Mcintosh, Harry 0., Jr., 360 Mclntyre, Tom, 148 McKaughan, Joan M., 827, 864, 866 McKee, Henry C, 146, 356 McKeever, Betty Louise, 232, 241, 868 McKell, Joseph Scott, 889 McKemon, W. F., 221 McKelvey, Marion J., 889 McKerlie, Judith Helena, 64, 874, 369 McKinley, John Joshua, 330 McKinnell, Robert L., 64, 76, 223 McKinnon, John William, 840 McKnight, Robert, 324 McKown, Suzanne Love, 318 McLean, Archibald L., 881 McMahon, Charles Albert, 64. 888 McMahon, John Martin, 164 McMillan, Claude, Jr,, 143, 864 McMillan, Daniel Paul, 64, 76, 880, 281 McMillan, Harry Albert. 60, 68, 66, 76, 148, 821 McMillen, Rose Marie, 166, 876, 302 McMurria. Allison G,, 340 McMurrough, Jessie J., 66, 262, 268, 369, 370 McNeal, Harriet, 143, 314 McNeill, Beth Irene, 278 McNeill, Gordon Lee, 340 McNulty, Edward L., 144, 146 Mcauide. Carol Joan. 110, 164, 254 McRoterts, John, 358 McSween, Janet Alice, 234 McWilliams, Marcia, 230, 248 M Maakestad, Maurice H., 98 Mabee, Barbara Frances, 98, 230, 264, 310 MacArthur, Duncan M., 360 MacClellan, Jean, 66, 314 MacDonald, Hugh C, 328, 227 MacDonald, Jessie Mae, 82 MacFarlane, Joanne, 89, 98, 43, 167, 168, 169 280. 281, 293 MacHale, Thomas. 110, 356 Machol, Jacques Alan, 326 Maclntyre, Archibald, 360 MacKenzie, Emmett G., 98 Mackley. Jean, 261, 274 MacNeal, Marguerite, 89, 98, 143, 310 MacFherson, James Rea, 328 Macy, Arthur Warren, 260, 342 Maddox, Rachel, 126, 142, 239, 264 Maddox, Samuel Nelson, 356 Madison, Ernest Sidney, 346 Madrano, Ariel, 229 Magee, John Joseph, 227 Magnuson, Gladyce Marie, 164, 240 Mahan, Patricia, 304 Mahon, Thomas Joseph, 221 Maich, Bert Melvin, 98, 223, 336 Maier, Carl Frederick, 98 Maier, Margaret, 314, 320 368 Mains, Charles James, 218 Maize, Alice Norine, 82. 247, 302 Major, Dorothy Mae, 267, 302 Malcolm, George Sawyer, 338 Malehorn, Merlin, 220, 266 Malin, Edward, 229 Malmsten, 220. 373 Malone, Loretta Blanche, 122, 282 Maloney, James Edwards, 336 Maloney, Marilyn Jean. 110, 276, 277, 312 Malouff, Lawrence N., 110 Maly, Joan Elizabeth, 43, 98, 302 Manchester, Margaret A,. 316 Mandcl, Marjorie Ruth, 238 Mangan, William F., 65 Manire, Robert Wayne, 110, 354 Mann, Helen Louise, 254, 308 Mann, Jo Ann Frances, 247 Mann. John McGregor. 222, 336 Manning, Elmer Lee, 338 Mantz, Mary Elizabeth, 66, 142, 286, 312 March, Fred Sam, 250 March, Theresa Jane, 265. 269, 310 Marohant, Wendell Ed., 158 Marion, Frank Mott, 360 Marks, Grin Walter, 110 Marks, William Nicholas, 165 Marlink, Richard Floyd, 98, 338 Marlman, Edith Louise, 166, 278 Marlow, March Durea, 241, 272 Marquand, Kenneth Earl, 65, 223, 252, 373 Marr, Arthur Bates, 110, 330 Marr, Robleigh Hulport, 234, 272 Marriott, Amy Jane, 98, 164, 304 Marshall, Betty May, 66, 300 Marshall, Bonnie Jean, 274 Marshall, Jenny C, 66, 300 Marshall, Oren Wheeler, 332 Marshall, Virginia Anne, 65 Martin. Armstead F., 65 Martin, Dorothy Ruth, 110, 278 Martin, Edward David, 264 Martin, George Lee, 98, 338 Martin, Jack Thomas. 223 Martin. James Calvin, 155 Martin, Lillian Vera, 238, 263 Martin, Lynn Wiseman, 65, 368 Martin, Patricia Ann, 49 Martin, Robert Harold, 350 Martin, Robert Lee, 98 Martin, Suzanne, 110, 276, 314 Martin, Virginia Hope, 82, 302 Martin, William, 344 Martin, William E., 88, 334 Martini, William Rogers, 48, 66, 218, 820, 251 Martz, Dorothy Louise, 82, 263, 146, 306 Maruyama, Joseph, 286 Maser, Shirley Ann, 110, 264 Mason, Florence, 278 Mason, Ida Frances, 110 Mason, James Eugene, 111 Mason, Ted Duane, 98. 328 Mason, William Taylor, 82, 164, 286, 334 Massell, James Morris, 111, 330 Hasaier, Paul Ferdinand, 148 Massion, Charles George, 344 Mast, Jean Lucille, 48 Matheson, William Roderick, 860 Mathews, Barbara Jean, 88 Mathews, Dick, 235 Mathews, Willanore L., 82, 142, 144, 168, 169. 306 Mathews, Thomas Edward, 111. 246 Mathias, Robert Addison, 48, 66, 221, 236, 266 Matson, Joseph T., 223 Matt, Caroline Belle, 98 Matteson, Donna Camille, 154 Matthews, Barbara, 308 Matthews, Richard Hyman, 65, 322 Mauro. Charles. 245, 368 May, Barbara Grace, 83, 366 Maydew, Marvin Wayne, 98, 324 Mayhoffer, Frederick D.. 286 Mayne, Roland Benjamine, 65, 338 Mazonne, Annette Mae, 298 Meador, June Eleanor, 42, 66, 167, 262, 263 Meaner, Patricia Ruth, 111, 261, 280 Meffley, Charles F., 348 Mehegan, John Robert, 332 Mehl, Marie Kathryn, 242 Meigs, William George, 192, 195 Meinig, Richard Otto, 66, 221 Melcher, Frances Jane, 142, 312 Meline, Virginia Lee, 278 Mellecker, Mary Lou, 245 Mellecker, Norbert J., 164, 246 Mellman, Gerald Norton, 88, 219, 346 Melnick, Gloria L., 318 Mencher, Melvin Samuel, 147, 256 Menk, Merlin Hugh, 83, 334 Mercer, Blaine Eugene, 49 Meredith, Clyde F., 221 Merrick, Clay Charles, 856 Merritt, Elaine Bush, 41, 65, 127, 144, 316 Merritt, Ralph Wickes, 41, 48, 60, 65, 126 218, 261, 338 Merry, Ann Mead, 111, 281. 304 Mertz, Wayne Herbert, 362 Messenger, Guy Houston, 111. 165 Metsker. Ralph Edward. 93. 220 Metz, Mary Anne, 374 Metzger, Andrew Leslie, 183, 266, 240 Meuller. Betty, 308 Meyer, Carl Duwayne, 98, 328 Meyer, Joan, 83, 310 Meyer. William Martin, 98, 324 Meyers. Sandy, 338 Michaels, Bernard Ross. 350 Michener, Charlotte J., 268 Mickle, Bettie Llomar, 249 Middledorf, Frank John, 238 Miernyk, William Henry, 260 Migues, Walter S., 165, 348 Mihalik, Pauline Margo, 300 Mikawa, Alice Akiko, 98, 366, 369 Mikes, Norma Kathryn, 282 Miklos, Joseph William, 83, 116, 165 Milege, Juhre, 320 Milek, David Richard, 98, 148, 384 Miles, Glendene Helen. 278 Mill, Mary Helen, 240 Miller, Alan Dean, 83, 221 Miller, Arthur Eugene, 154 Miller, Barbara Joy, 318. 320 Miller, Charles Keith, 163. 334 Miller, David Warren, 66, 344 Miller, Demaris Claire, 111, 166, 280 Miller, Elwood Eugene, 885, 239 Miller, Gordon Claire, 244 Miller, James Lyle, Jr.. 88, 98, 334 Miller, Joan Jane, 66, 304 Miller, Joseph, 49 Miller, Malcolm J., Jr., 354 Miller, Marilyn Lorell, 111. 304 Miller, Marjorie Ann, 280 Miller, Mason Edward, 83, 166, 243 Miller, Myron, Jr., 342 Miller, Peggy Marilyn, 300, 318 Miller, Robert Elliott, 344 Miller, Robert James, 346 Miller, Robert Kelsey, 99, 328 Miller, Robert Vance, 238 Miller, Stanley C, Jr., 48 Millhoff, William C, 99, 263 Millikan, Barbara, 312 Millner, Robert, 362 Mills, Corrine, 111, 166, 267, 880, 363 Mills, Nancy Elizabeth, 142, 274 Milyard, Ronald Ray, 99 Mimmack. William Edward, 342 Minges, Nona Ellen, 278 Mlnzer, Eugene Robert, 144, 346 Mitchell, Barbara Jean, 111 Mitchell, Clyde Leon. 334 Mitchell, Helen Marjorie, 272. 371 Mitchell, Rexford Leroy, 99, 380 Mitchell, Robert Gordon, 221 Mitchell, Theodore C, 221 Mitchum, Allen, 340 Miyadi, Dale Yeichi. 373 Moch, Robert B., 99, 326 Mohler, Darrol Marcus, 222 Molesworth, Dorothy P,, 261 Mollman, Marjorie Ann, 111 Molnar, Magda Mary, 43, 99, 274, 276 Moncure, Dorothy Gould, 234 Montgomery, Harriet E,, 83 Moody, Verna Elaine, 111, 878 Moore, Donald Lee, 264 Moore, Marilyn Ann, 83, 99 Moore, Marilyn Ann, 300 Moore, Mary Lou, 83, 264, 300 Moore, Mavion, 812 Moore, Robert Howard, 821, 245 Moore, Robert James, 221 Moorman, Henry Dabney, 367 Moorman, William Edgar, 156 Morales, Abren Miguel, 229, 234 Morehouse, William Lee, 223 Moreland, Milinda Ann, 66. 261 Morgan, Betty Ann, 99, 808 Morgan, Helen Frances. 148, 268. 267 Morgan, John David, 360 Morgan, Marion £., Ill, 881, 306 Morgan, Mary Edith, 889 Morgan, Mary Estelle, 111 Morison, Frank Harold, 66, 330 Morledge, Charles C, 88, 99, 373 Morrell, Kenneth N., 99 Morrell, Renee Ann, 364 Morris, Donald Ira, 66 Morris, Helen, 302, 320 Morris, John Robert, 99. 227 Morris, Mary Louise, 276 Morris, Phoenix Helen, 66 Morris, Roy Edward, 99 Morrisey, Allan Edward. 363 Morrison, Barbara G.. 316 Morrison. Codge. 340 Morrison, Marvin Lee. 223 Morrow, John Thomson, 83, 142, 144, 232, 321, 342 Morrow, Richard C, 70, 828 Morse, George Dodge, 77, 262, 338 Morse, John Gantley, 148, 354 Morse, Marjorie Lee, 83, 298 Mortensen, Clifton H., 222 Mortensen, Nancy Anne, 274. 314 Morton, Eugene Howard. 111. 324 Morton. George Roderick. Ill, 264 Moser, Charles George, 111 Mosher, Eric, 348 Mostkofr. Marion, 256 , Motika. Robert Stephen. 66, 202 Mott. Charles Allen, 340 Motulsky. Ludwig, 223, 229 Mouffe, Frank Emil, 166 Moulton, Wilson C, 322 Mounger, William Robert, 348 Mountjoy. Robert C. 328 Mow. Douglas Farris. Ill Moyer, Patricia Ellen, 867 Meyer. Robert Deane, 146, 158, 338 Moynahan, Donna Lee, 99, 239, 312 Mras, Dolores Isabelle, 377 Muckley, Robert Lee, 269 Mueller, Betty Ann, 274 Mueller, Donald Ralph, 83, 328 Mueller, Elinor Louise. 300 Mueller, Germaine Agnes, 362 Mueller, Mark George, 88, 99, 221, 861, 384 Muenter, Janice, 840 Mues, Leonard August, 238 Mulhern, Richard E., 41, 146, 222. 340 Mulligan. Kathleen Mary. 280. 310 Mundell, Marjorie May, S9, 376 Munger, John Anthony, 340 Munk, Frances Lucille, 99, 267, 302 Munson, Dortha Mae, 247 Murphy, George William, 222 Murphy, Jack Edward, 155. 243 Murphy, James Donald, 328 Murpliy, Joseph William, 350 Murphy, Leonard A., 83, 352 Murphy, Leora Ann, 276 Murray, Dorothy Eilleen, 83, 164 Murrin. Lois Eileen, 367 Muth, Janet, 99 Myers, Dale Colleen, 111 Myers, Ir ma Joyce, 83, 164, 156, 310 Myers. Lloyd Eric. 83 Myers. Rutherd, 148, 338 Myers, Virginia Elizabeth, 66, 800 N Naegele, Robert John, Jr., 223 Nafe, Betty Lou, 83, 306 Nakagawa, Helen, 89, 99, 247, 263, 369 Nakagawa, Julia, 66. 247, 270 Nakamura, Amy, 236. 267 Na Kayema. Hideko. 366 Nalty, Thomas James, Jr.. Ill Naquin. Thomas Clifton. 99, 830 Narcisian, Harry K,, 111, 334 Narum, Earl Rodney, 66, 88, 221. 236 Nash. Ellen Jean, 66, 227. 263. 866 Nash. Natalie Jean, 142, 250. 298 Nashem. Norman Ray, Jr.. 66. 330 Nast, Margaret Ramona, 232, 249, 306 Nay, Harvey Grin, 48, 66, 223, 262. 257, 338 Neader, Robert Albert, 334 Neafus, John Lynn, 66, 76, 330 Neale, Charles Eugene, 156. 244 Nearon, Gloria Barbara, 44, 154. 265, 262, 263 Need, Harry William, 223, 367 Needham, Charles Nelson. 330 Neill, Ora Henrietta, 66, 312 Neill, Seymour Weldon, 388 Nier, Harry, 326 Noisier, Helen Louise, 66, 224, 230 Nelson, Arda Beach, 274 Nelson, Douglas Edward, 99, 340 Nelson, Howard John, 111, 365 Nelson, Joanne Lee, 282, 306 Nelson, Louise C, 99 Nelson, Marilyn May, 306 Kelson, Melvin Clarence, 111 Nelson, Merrily, 99 Nelson, Nancy Lucile, 318 Nelson, Paul Tyler, 83, 384 Nelson, Pauline Janette, 49 Nelson, Ralph James, 848 Nelson, Virginia Ann, 83, 869, 314 Nelson, William Harold, 83, 142, 384 Nelson, William Oliver, 88, 324 Nero, Paricia Ann. 142. 306 Nestler, Loren Lewis, 111, 144, 838 Netherton. Lucy Eileen, 376 Neuschaefer, William Henry. 356. 281 Newell, John Richard, 883 Newell, Martha Mae, 43, 66, 156, 869, 278, 278 397 Newhouse, Harold Leroy, 223 Newlon, Carl Jesse, 66 Newman, Fred Elmer, 66 Newmau, Joan, 306 Newman, Ken, 142, 364 Neuman, Kodney L.. £3. 338 Nichols, Robert Dewitt, 76, 340 Nicholson, Douglass 0., 336 Nicholson, Lcland W., 99 Nickell, Helen Mabel, 274 Nicklos, Peggy Louise, 99 Nidey, Russell Adon, 48, 83, 373 Niebel, Robert Lee, 83, 340 Niebel, Ruth Constance, 83, 310 Niehans, Beward Ray, 322 Nielsen, Virginia E., 99 Nightingale, Nancy Ann, 99, 143, SIZ Ninde, Norma, 111, 261, 286 Nissen, Ilary Lou, 314 Nitsch, lAarjorie, 310 Nobles, Wilbur Daniel, 48, 223 Nodvedt, Don, 99 Nolan, Mary Ann Marie, 99, 304 Noland, Madeline R., Ill, 148, 2S8, 276 Nommensen, John Diem, 48 Norbont, Albert Alex, 336 Norby, Melvin Edward, 221 Norcross, Gloria Ann, 66 Norcross, James Warrack, 334 Norgren, Carl Neil, 66, 155, 218, 220, 320, 328 Norgren, Gene Ellen, 66, 266, 312 Norgren, Leigh Hyatt, 328 Norling, James, 344 Norman, Jerry Jane, 274, 316 Norris, Anne Shafifer, 67 Norris, Carroll Lee, 338 Norris, Kipper, 338 Norwood, Orin Wyatt, 67, 218 Nosky, Mary Helen, 99 Nott, William Hugh, 328 Nowacki, Helen Ruth, 276 Nudera, Alice Marie J., Ill, 298 Nuss, Robert Verne, 99, 286 Nussbaum, Jessie Agneta, 276, 370 Nussbaum, Peter Jacob, 236 Nuth, Janet, 314 Nye, Harold Robert, 111 Nye, Robert Dailey, 324 Nye, William Harvey, 229 Nyquist, Doris Mae, 67, 300 Nystrom, Charles Monroe, 286 O ' Connor, Peter Richard, 111 O ' Donnell, Mary Lou, 229 O ' Donnell, Shirley, 83, 308 O ' Halloran, William J., 221 O ' Neal, Eldon Ellsworth, 223 O ' Neall, Frederick Alan, 100, 360 O ' Neill, Beverly Clare, 274, 314 O ' Neill, Luella Marie, 246 O ' Rourke, Edith Louise, 229 O ' Rourke, James Gilbert, 328 O ' Rourke, Mary Ann, 43, 156, 240, 245, 260 Cakes, Harold S., 112, 328 Oestreich, Irene M., 154 Ogle, Alexander, 362 Ogle, Merle Fletcher, 202 Oglevie, James Richard, 264, 350 Ohler, Hazel Edna, 67, 224 Ohman, Clifton Paul, 223, 364 Ohmart, Walter A., 328 Oldaker, Merritt Rowe, 83, 261, 348 Olds, Rollins Clarke, 112, 342 Oliver, Audrey Marie, 89, 100 Oliver, Caesar, 229 Oliver, James Thomson, 223, 321, 350 Oliver, Mary Jane, 142 Oliver, Rex Leon, 342 Oliver, Robert Russell, 112, 156 Olofson, Darwin Ray, 144 Olsen, Dale Roger, 266, 342 Olsen, Jaon Quentin, 112, 304 Olsen, Stanley Raymond, 362 Olson, Betty Jo, 100, 142, 144, 280, 802 Olson, Emogene Joyce, 83, 143 Olson, Theodore John, 266 Olson, Willis Rollin, 165 Ondish, Andrew, 245 Opeka, Barbara Joan, 276 Orazem, Donald Edward, 373 Orcutt, Robert Raymond. 222 Orcutt, William W., 100, 322 Orendorff, Donald Wayne, 223 Orleans, Carol Dorothy, 370 Orlin, Stanley Seyraore, 326 Orr, Thomas, 324 Orris, Edward Cecil, 366 " Otey, Ted Robert, 100, 334 Otsuki, Julius Akire, 218, 222, 228 Otte, Olive Mae, 67 Otto, Jane Ann, 83, 263, 269, 306 Otzenhoffer, Elizabeth, 100 Ough, Jacqueline, 67, 302 Ouren, Bruce William, 352 Overhults, Wendell C, 67 Oxley, Eleanor Mae, 100 Ozawa, Fumiko, 83 Pace, Richard W,, 76, 83, 232, 340 Pachak, William R,, 246 Packard, Carol, 283, 314 Packard, Joan, 314 Paddock, David S., 338 Paddock, William L,, 76 Padgett, Robert F., 336 Page, Mildred V,, 67, 316, 320 Page, Walter H,, 322 Paine, Pat, 89 Palacios, Jaime, 269 Palermo, Dominic P., 221 Palmer, Jo Anne, 84, 240, 247 Palmer, Kenneth S., 223, 350 Palmer, Phyllis B,, 240, 314 Palmer, Robin Adele, 314 Palo, Charles D,, 330 Palomo, Robert P,, 158, 159 Palsgrove, John H., 142, 222, 364 Paper, Donna Joan, 308 Paproky, William, Jr,, 375 Paquette, Agnes Irene, 246, 249, 374 Park, Jerrold E., 236 Parker, Charlotte, 166, 274 Parker, Delbert, 222, 228 Parker, Edward L,, 88, 100, 158, 246, 364 Parker, Francis T., 334 Parker, John Stanford, 222 Parker, Mabel E,, 250 Parkhill, Marijean E,, 67, 314 Parkins, Robert S., 218 Parkison, Leatrice Ann, Parmelee, Katherine L., 266, 362 Parsonnet, Anne, 44 Parsons, Stuart 0,, 84 Pasic, John L,, Jr., 220, 245 Pastoret, Lois J., 84 Pasternack, Arline, 276, 318 Pasquel, Frank, 76 Pasqua, Frank, Jr,, 336 Paton, Archie, 112 Paterson, Belle, 272 Patterson, George, 340 Patterson, James A,, 330 Patterson, James Thomas, 324 Patterson, Leroy R., Jr,, 223, 252 Patterson, Patricia A., 239 Patton, Henry W., 221 Patty, Riley, 328 Paulsen, Frances E.. 234. 377 Paulson. Mary Lee, 142, 304 Payne, Rosemary, 100, 158, 159, 306 Paynter, Richard B., 328 Paynter, Stanley B., 328 Peacock. Elwin, 362 Peach, Roy C, 218 Pearce, Janet E,, 254, 300, 375 Pearce, Mary, 100 Pearce, Patricia Ann, 67, 304 Pearson, Chelsie, 67 Pearson, Judson B,, 350 Peas, Ralph, 112 Pease, Robert, 324 Peck, Virginia E,, 272 Pedersen, Patricia M., 67, 310 Peery, M. Maxine, 272 Pell, Louis Francis, Jr,, 234 Polling, Janet Ruth, 112, 280, 314 Pellish, Barbara Lee, 318 Pellish, Harris E., 253, 346 Pelton, Vigdor P., 366 Pember, Frances J,, 282 Penberthy, Marie E., 100, 300 Pendell, Floyd, 49, 266 Penney, Maurice D., 84, 328 Penny, Raymond G,, 336 Pens, Edwin H,, 286 Peper, Robert K., 41, 44, 125, 222, 239 Pepper, Irwin, 144, 346 Pepper, Morton L,, 219, 346 Pepper, Sidney A., 112, 146, 346 Pepper, William B., 239, 356 Perkins, Chas, Eugene, 67, 360 Perkins, Camille, 100, 314 Perkins, Eugene Oral, 142 Perlman, Frances E., 112, 249, 276, 318 Perlman, Marvin, 346 Perlmutter, Leonard M., 67, 124 Perreten, Frank Arnold, 334 Perrer, Morton, 88 Perrott, Edwin William, III, 334 Ferryman, John N., 49, 250 Perstein, Millard H.. 84, 260, 346 Peschke, Edna Ann, 230 Fetch, Harold E,, 322 Peterman, Robert W,, 221 Peters, August A., 76 Peters, George F., 334 Peters, Joan D., 142 Peters, LeRoy Chester, 334 Peterson, Betty Lou, 100, 238, 240 Peterson, Clarence H., 84 Peterson, Clarence H,, 328 Petterson, Doris, 84 Peterson, Faye, 112 Peterson, Mary Phyllis, 89, 100, 804 Peterson, Nila Faye, 370 Peterson, Paul Vanard, 166, 243, 373 Peterson, Wesley Helmer, 221 Pettit, William Raymond, 84, 360 Peyton, Eva Marine, 308 Phelps, William lEaton, 340 Phelps, Jack, 340 Phillips, Alfred Walter, 100, 222, 330 Phillips, Barbara J., 274 Phillips, Jack Newkirk, 360, 367 Phillips, John Errett, 67 Phillips, Judy May, 300, 320 Phillips, Richard Finis, 202 Phillips, Vernon L., 100, 330 Phillips, Wanda Blanche, 278 Phillipson, Robert, 41, 60, 76, 128, 172, 178, 236, 340 Philp, David Carl, 223 Philpott, Catharine V,, 314 Philpott, Jane, 100, 310 Philpott, Mary, 100, 310 Philpy, Rosemary, 234 Phipps, Beverly Jane, 44, 84, 219, 239 Phipps, Erlene May, 276 Pickett, Mary Ellen, 84, 146, 312 Pickford, Paul, 286 Pierce, Fannie Alice, 112 Pierce, Merilyn June, 298 Pierson, John Leonard. 356 Pifer, Luella Dean, 112, 280 Pijoan, Jane Woodhouse, 236 Pillep, Edwin Raymond, 68, 221 Pillmore, George Austin, 221, 285 Fillmore, Richard E.. 221 Pinamont. Marjorie L., 362, 363 Piper. Arthur Edelbert. 221 Pitchford, Thomas. 192, 338 Pixler, Jack, 172, 348 Place, Marian Jeanne, 258, 278 Plank, Christy Walker, 263 Platts, Harvey Nixon, 340 Plese, Charlotte M,, 278 Poehls, Vernon John, 221 Poersch, Angela Agnes, 277 Polhemus, Reed Clyde, 372 Poling, Sidney Baker, 112, 334 Polkinghorn, Robert S.. 168. 169 Pollard, Joseph Samuel, 84, 168, 322 Pollard, Perry Leroy, 100, 366 Pollard, Richard Alonzo, 100, 366 Pollock. Charles Bertrand, 220, 266 Polowski, Bob, 147 Polster, Margie Ann, 112, 143 Pool, Floyd Richard, Jr.. 112 Poor, Marjorie Jayne, 84. 142, 144, 246, 306 Pope, Raymond Ralph, 192 Porter, Albert N., 354 Popovich, John Daniel, 84, 218, 245 Porter, Anna Laura. 68, 312 Porter, Ardith Lorene. 282, 314 Porter, Mary Lou, 112, 274, 298 Porter, Raymond C. , 221 Post, Mary Belle, £4 Foth, Leonard August, 68 Potter, Harold Eugene, 322 Potter, Margaret Ellen, 84, 300 Potter, Ralph Woodrow, 263 Potter, Robert John, 154, 155 Potter, Roderick B,, 223 Powell, Charles L,, 330 Powell, Joan Elizabeth, 84, 304 Powloski, Robert F., 350 Poyer, James Bruce, 144 Prager, Frank Cecil. 100, 344 Prahl, William Adolph, 263 Prater, Leonard RoUa, 223 Pratt, Isabelle Vance, 84, 242 Prebble, Peter Pan, 221 Prechtel, John E,, 223, 348 Presley, Elaine, 68, 304 Pribbeno, Howard, Jr.. 266 Price, Barbara Jane, 100. 246, 298 Price, James Gordon, 328 Price, James Loyd, 182 Price, Louise, 298 Price, Rene Louise, 308 Price, Ruth Louise, 258 Pritchett, Shirlee Mae, 221 Probert, Lyle, 112, 264, 274, 306 Pronske, Nadine A., 68, 272 Proskovec, Gloria Marie, 84, 262, 263 Pruitt, Betty Louise, 273, 310 Pryor, Marjorie Ellen, 263, 314 Puckett, Dolores Nadene, 100, 261, 272 Pudlik. Edward Joseph, 172. 179, 340 Pulis, Jay Bowling, Jr.. 84. 330 Purchard, Jane Elizabeth, 312 Purdy, Hester White. 241 Purvis, Frank Reeves, 330 Purvis, John Alan, 112, 330 Putnam, Charles Lee, 338 Putnam, Phyllis Varney, 112, 298 Pyle, Robert Linn, 158, 364 Pyle, William Henry, 356 Pyles, Robert Dewey, 159 Quaglia, Eugene A, 245 Quaintance, Patricia, 316 Quant, Alfred James, 234 Quanz, Marjorie Grace, 68, 154, 272 Quiat, Marshall G., 144, 233, 260 Quick, Bernard Ernest, 84, 165 Quinley, Everett Lyle, 336 Quimby, Robert Louis, 68, 344 Quinby, Elizabeth Jane, 84, 156, 314 Quinette, Jean Louise, 100, 304 Quinette, William Henry, 350, 100 Quinn, John Michael, Jr., 322 Quinn, Phyllis Roberta, 84, 262, 263 Quinn, Thomas Lee, 350 Raabe, George August, 165, 221 Raber, Jean Melody, 86, 262 Raburn, Ralph, 86 Radke, Marilyn, 100, 272 Radloff, Floyd Emerson, 218, 348 Raeburn, Ralph E., 360 Raedels. William Ray, 223, 364 Ragle, Dave, 324 Ragle, Logan, 324 Raglin, Francis, 84, 223 Railsback, Loren, 244 Rakestraw, Forrest, Ross, 221 Ralston, Donald Grant, 361 Ramer, Raymond, 238 Ramsdell, Joan, 264, 280, 112 Ramsey, Anne Marie, 274, 249, 112 Rand, Sara Alden, 278, 112 - Randall, John Hayes, 229 Randall, Mary Ellen, 84, 298 Randall, Russel, 334, 112 Randell, Jack Crawford, 100, 220 Range, Lola, 266 Ranney, Willet, 334 Rapalje, Ruth Marie, 100, 314 Rappaport, Selma Lee, 362 Rasala, Eleanor, 277 Ranch, Barbara Carol, 268, 276 Raughman, Dorothy, 100 Rautenstraus, Ronald, 48, 228 Rawson, Chester, 220, 223, 253, 355 Ray, Anthony, 127, 148, 164, 165, 229, 84 Ray, John, 340 Ray, N. W., 221 Read, James, 101, 155 Read, Luana, 68, 310 Ready, Richard Thomas, 338 Reale, Joe, 366 Rector, Leo W., 264 Reddinger, Koe, 306 Heddy, Melvin, 84, 101, 344 Reed, Charles, 260 Reed, Dorothy Jean, 224 Reed, Florence Louise, 157 Reed, Harriet Nell, 229, 366 Reed, Irwin, 68, 330 Reed, Jane Louise, 316 Reed, Marjory Dee, 280, 112 Reeder, Virginia, 156, 255, 260 Reese, Martha Elizabeth, 100, 249, 264 Reese, William H., 324. 112 Reeves, Gladys, 266 Reeves, Joyce Arline, 248, 276, 300, 112 Reeves, Boy Franklin, 48, 68, 221 Rehnberg, Evelyn, 280 Reich. Charles Joseph. 101. 144, 328 Reichert, Barbara, 361 Reichert, Rose Anne, 249, 367 Reid. Mary Catherine, 806 Eeilly, Maurice Robert, 60, 172, 173, 174, 178, 182, 222 iteinhardt, Margaret J.. 60 Rennicke, Barbara Anne, 89, 240, 306 Rennolds. Jean Marie, 280 Renoux, Louise, 238, 239 Rentfro, Barbara J., 158 Resen, Frederick L., 88, 148, 246, 348 Revesz. Herbert, 101 Reynolds, Anne, 142, 306 Reynolds, Joe Scott, 338 Reynolds, Kenneth P., 84, 362 Reynolds, Lou, 344 Rhodes, George Frederick, 101 Rice, Albert Irwin, 264 Rice, Alfred, 346 Rice, Barbara Ann, 142, 164 Bice, Kenneth, 223, 334 Rice, Ruth Eleanor, 101, 237, 274 Rice, Ruth A., 168. 159, 362 Rich, Elizabeth, 49 Rich, Mary Sue, 247, 303 Rich, Jacqueline, 112 Richardson. Rita, 166, 260, 300 Richardson, William, 340 Riches, Barbara, 142, 298 Ricks, Claron, 221 Richer, Harold, 368 Rieke, Jennevieve, 280, 112 Rieker, Robert, 146 Ries, Nick, 354 Riffln, William, 246 Riggenbach. Shirley, 260, 304 Riley, Chester, 334 Riley, Paul, 328 Sing, Robert John, 112 Rinn, Michael, 334 Ritchey, Frank, 101, 143 Ritchie, Irving, 354 Rivers, Florence, 274, 370 Roach, Archie. 192 Roark, Richard, 350 Roath, Carl Henry, 340 Robb, Richard Lee, 43, 222 Robbins, Devon Burnell, 146, 352 Robbins, Lee Roy, 41, 46, 85, 125, 142, 145, 146, 183, 184, 232, 246, 286, 340 Robbins, Marlett C, 223, 324 Roberts, Anne E., 101 Roberts, Clarence Jack, 342 Roberts, Dalton, 88 Roberts, Norma Patricia, 230 Roberts, Robert William, 48, 220, 221 Roberts, Rosemary Peck, 264, 276, 316 Roberts, Stanley Leon, 113 Roberts, Terry Smith, 222, 352 Robertson, Charles Haynes, 219 Robertson, Harry A., 340 Robertson, Virginia L., 113, 261, 308 Robins, Betty Virginia, 282 Robinson, Alan, 344 Robinson, Benjamin, 49 Robinson, Donna Isabel. 282, 308 Robinson, Edward L., 328 Robinson, Frank A., 338 Robinson, Joyce, 42, 76, 261, 269, 308, 320 Robinson, Leonard Lee, 222 Robinson, Richard R., 221 Robinson, Ruth Isabel, 376 Robison, Alan Edwin, 253 Rodeck, Anne Marie. 101. 166, 237, 298 Roe, Donald Robert, 364 Roe. John Arthur, 154 Roelofs, Stanley R., 48, 164, 220 Roeser, Jacob Ladum, 101 Rogers, Gardner Spencer, 85, 227, 324 398 Eohlflng:, Haymond A., 223 Rohwer, Nancy Jolyn, 154 Roland, Elsee Thurston, lib, 220, 236 Rolander, Marjorie F., 304 Eolander, Ro1)ert Dale, 145, 1£3, 189, 350 Rold, John Wesley, 85, 207, 344 RoUnick, Barbara T.. 318 Rollnick, Phillip J,, 101, 346 Komer, Margaret Kathryn, 154, 262, 263, 266 Romie, Richard Alvin, 322 Ronan, Valene Marie, 300 Rook, Jack Stanford, 328 Rconey, Robert La Rue, 88 Rooney, Thomas James, 76 Roos, Phyllis, 229 Roper, Louis Charles, 286 Rosa, Avaline Colleen, 113, 274 Rose, Beny Jo, 240 Rose, Caroline £., 253, 302 Rose, Lloyd Raymond, 223, 264 Rose, Patricia M., 308 Rose, Paula Jean, 266, 308 Rose, Robert Russell, 48 Rosencrans, Harold I., 328 Eosenlind, Rick, 101 Rosenthal, Godeanne D., 101, 318 Rosenthal, Joyce Ruth, 113, 318 Rosholt, John Nicholas, 358 Ross, Betty Ann, 312, 320 Ross, Rodney Dewey, 222, 334 Rotenberg, Marvin, 220 Roth, Sydney Jefferson, 221 Rothschopf, Kenneth C, 101, 338 Rothstein, Robert Noah, 144, 256, 346 Roughton, Curtis Merle, 334 Rounds, William, 340 Roup, Norman Lewis, 336 Rouse, Peter Winfield, 220 Rovira, Louis Bario, 85, 88, 321, 324 Rowe, James William, 373 Eowe, Lois Barbara, 85, 267, 300 Rowe, Richard Reily, 88, 101 Rowley, Betty Lou, 278, 371 Ruddeli, Arden Kelm, 155 Kuddy, Marilyn Ruth, 42, 89, 101, 142, 310 Rule, Evelyn Jean, 113 Rupp, Barbara Ann, 113, 316 Rupp, George Robert, 330 Rupp, Thomas Charles, 330 Busk, Carl Omer, 223 Russell, Arthur Lews, 113 Russell, Charles William, 2!;3 Russell, Jean Marilyn, 156 Russell, William E., 340 Russom, Patricia Ann, 85, 289, 310 Ruth, Holly Elizabeth, 245 Rutherford, Norman F,, 223 Ruyle, William Mason, 264 Ryan, Elizabeth Anne, 316 Ryan, Kathleen Ann, 278, 279, 310 Ryan, Margaret Mary, 85, 233, 310 Ryan, Thomas Vincent, 328 Rymill, Shirley Lois, 85, 240, 247 Rymill, Walter Lorain, 113 Sabin, Nancy J., 99, 101, 278 Saehter, Lewis S,, 69, 346 Eackman, Jeanne, 316 Sainsbury, Cleo L., 158 Eakaguchi, Toshiye, 366 Sale, William S., 330 Ealiba, Jacklyn J., 298 Ealiba, Maurice, 338 Ealzer, Willard M., 346 Sammett, Patricia L,, 2L3 Sampson, Milton E., 69 fiampter, Nanette, 69 Sams, Donald E,, 113, 155 Samson, Milt, 88 Eandberg, Emanuel, 62, 142, 207, 344 Eandberg, Lillian A., 85, 253 Sanders, Eunice, 247 Sanders, Thomas, 221 Eandhouse, Charles H,, 344 Eandmann, Dorothy, 85, 3C8 Sando, Francis, 223 Sandoval, Robert, 352 Sandusky, James H., 116 Sare, Ransome, 88 SargMt, Robert, 69, 222, 348 Sarlo, Cary A., 69, 223, 344 Easajima, Aileen, 258 Sasick, Helen, 276 Eattenstein, Ilene, 113, 27 9, 318 Eaunders, Claribel, 49 Saunders, Tom, 206 Savage, Leontina, 272 fiavonen, Eugene, 88 Sawyer, Maurice J., 348 Sayre, John M., 49 Scarbeary , Donald L., 69, 324 Schaaf, Duane R., 360 Schaaf, Howard, 344 Schabacker, T. Theo, 238 Schabes, Gloria E., 85, 1E4, 314 Schacht, Joann L,, 250, 300 Bchaefer, Eugene H., 221, 373 Bchalk, Elizibeth, 314 Scheele, Jean E., 113, 238, 282 Echeele, Melba J., 262 Scheib, Susan L., 69. 242, 248, 314 Schemmel, Janet, £9, 101, 142, 144, 265, 269 Schcmmel, Joann, 69, 144 Bchiele, Carl, 234 Schlaefle, Imogene, 3C0 Schlesinger, Barbara, 300 Schmelzcr, Percy, 238 Schmidt, Barbara, 69. 312 Schmidt, James H., 322 Schmidt, Catherine, 312 Schmidt, Thoe, 286, 338 Schmitt, Darwin, 48, 69, 223. 252 Schmittel, Donna, 113, 166. 280 Schneberger, Mary Jane, 280, 308 Schneider, John K., 101, 155 Schneider, Robert L., 101, 366 Schoelzel, Elaine P., 101, 310 Schoen, Kenneth, 113 Schoiield, Frank, 260 Schooley, Frank, 155 Schoolland, John, 165 Schowalter, Naomi, 300 Schrader, Erenestine, 300 Schrienter, Reuben, 356 Schrepferman, Richard, 172, 179, 181, 286, 340 Schrickel, Blanche, 69, 261 Schroeder, Jacob, 232 Schroeder, James, 76, 221, 338 Schroeder, Shirley L., 101, 261, 312 Sohuh, William, 360 Schuhart, Verne, 362 Schulte, V. K., 222 Schultz, Mary, 70, 316 Echultz, Millifred, 316 Schultz, Peggy, 70 Schumacher, Suzanne, 272 Schwalbe, Jo Anne, 76, 84, 157, 223, 281, 236, 258. 269, 308 Schwartz, Bruce, 221, £39 Schwartz, Stanley, 88 Schweizer, Helen, 282 Schwilke, Harry, 369 Schwilke, Teresa, 246 Sconce, Arlene, 89, 101, 142, 310 Scott, Adcle, 146, 316 Scott, Edythe, 276 Scott, Geo., 41, 229 Ecott, James, 221 Scott, Joseph, 113, 366 Scott, Loren, 113, 156 Scott, Marjorie, 230 Scott, Martha J., 248, 280 Scott, Nancy J., 101 Scott, Ralph K., 177, 340 Scott, Robert E., 222, 348 Scott, Warren, 360 Scruby, Ralph, 336 Seaber, Claire, 227, 270, 276 Seabury, Ruth, 367 Seaman, Dorothy, 229 Sears, Janet, 89, 314 Sears, Robert, 330 Eeavey, Dorothy, 362 Secrest. John. 69. 261 Sedalnick, Victor, 346 Seeber, Norton, 86, 362 Seefus, Joan, 281, 346 Eegal, Howard. 226 Segel, Judith, 318 Selbe, Eexford, 86, 350 Self, Marie. 69, £31, 280 Sellman, C, Frank, 155, 221 Sells, Janet. 69, 248, 376 Selters, M. Kathleen, 69 Selvy, Bulord, 69 Sensel, Bernard, 324 Sensor, Georgine, 278 Eeraani, Philip. 196. 356 Service, Frankie, 314 Sessions, Francis, 237, 316 Sethman, Dorothy, 113, 142, 274, 298 Eethman, Marjorie, 43. 259. 298 Sethmen. Mary F., 247, 298 Seydler, Herbert, 298, 352 Seyler, Anne, 89, 101 Seymour, Marilouse, 304 Shade, Donald, 259 Shadinger, Chas., 85. 334 Shaeffer, John D.. 348 Shaeffer, Mae Belle, 282 Shafer, David, 360 Shaner. James, 142, 362 Shanley, Joanne, 113. 258, 312 Shannon, Leonard, 172, 174, 338 Shapiro, Robert, 48, 70, 222, 344 Shapiro, Robert Lee, 45, 70, 228, 265, 346 Shapson, Bernard, 158, 169, 236 Sharp, Donald Wayne, 183, 191 Sharp, Joanne Juanita, 101, 373 Sharp, Joseph Frederick, 234, 237 Shasteen, Donald Eugene, 338 Shaver, Charles Richard, 168, 169, 352 Shaw, Doris Lillian, 85, 239, 369 Shaw, Everett Esward, 324 Shaw, Margaret Helen, 70, 300, 312 Shaw, Hargie Jean, 113 Shaw, Thomas Confare, £18 Shaw, William Harry, 86 Shawver, Marian Aletta. 113, 143, 282, 316 Sheaff, Howard, 101 Sheaffer, John. 113 Sheehan, John David. 113. 328 Sheldon, Elizabeth, 274 Sheldon. James. 227 Shell. John Weldon, 101. 142 Shendell, Harry, 326, 352 Shepherd, John Morgan, 113, 362 Sheppard, Edith Janice, 101, 167, 247, 270 Sheridan, David, 373 Shermack. Albert Paul. 70. 263. 330 Sherwood, Clifford, 85, 364 Shidler, Elsie, 154 Shinn, Bill, 342 Shipley, David, 222 Shipman, Margaret, 86, 156, 245, 278 Shipp, Mary Ann, 102, 240, 363 Shipp. Ralph, 85 Shivoly, Ray, 348 Shockey, Everett, 70, 334 Shore, Edith Ann, 113, 274, 318 Shrader, Ernestine, 255 Shrader, Myron, 264 Shreffler, Jean, 120 Shull, Eloise, 70, 224. 266, 267 ShuU, Maxine, 266, 267 Shultz, John Franklin, 166 Shultz, Peggy, 148. 258, 298 Shumate, Marjorie, 229 Sible, Jeanne, 90 Siebert, Marian, 226 Sievers, Robert, 286 Sigler, Margaret, 70, 156, 238, 260 Sigvaldson, Alice, 86, 310 Sigvaldson, Bernice, 310 Silengo, John. 246 Silliman. William. 286 Silver, Virginia, 113 Silverman, Joseph, 41, 70, 76, 157, 321, 846 Silversmith, Ralph. 127, 326 Silvio, Phyllis, 113, 245, 278 Simmonds, Richard, 229 Simmons, Myrtle, 102 Simmons, Richard, 113 Simon, Eileen, 318 Simon, Nanette Alice, 318 Simonds, Norma E., £34 Simonds, Laurence, 365 Simonds, William Sherman, 172, 176, 176, 328 Simonsen, Frances M., 85, 304 Simpson, Mary Jane, 70, 262 Simson, Ethel M., 314 Simson, Peggy, 70 Sindin, Hedda, 316 Sinton, Wilbur George, 221, 373 Sirola. Mioton Joseph, 70, 223 Sisson, Thomas M., 342 Sittig, Eugene Angell, 85, 330, 362 Sivers, Wendell Cliff, 222, 228 Skavdahl. Howard, 264, 266 Sheats, Victoria May, 258 Skeen, Bobby Leon, 102, 202, 362 Slater, Delma Grace, 274 Slavik, Ruth Virginia, 102, 168, 169, 272, 302 Slawson, Nevin Hugh. 142, 148, 228, 362 Slayton, Nancy, 86, 310 Sleeper, Martha M., 316 Slinkard, Ruth Mae, 282 Sloan, Daniel, 260 Sloan, Hazel Jean, 280, 314 Sloan, Jack Emerson, 336 Sloan, Robert Stanley, 222 Slonecker, Robert N.. 155 Small. Maryellen. 246 Smalley. Omer Delbert, 70, 338 Smathers, John Hurst, 236 Smathers, Millicent E., 280 Smedley, Robert William, 113, 328 Smetana, Adolph Joe, 168, 233. 306 Smethills, Harriet Ruth, 43, 142, 158, 159 Smith, Ansel Marcellus, 266 S mith, Bernard Norman, 113, 336 Smith, Billylee, 330 Smith, Blake Cecil, 330 Smith. Carolyn Ruth, 43. 86. 248. 269, 304 Smith, Charles Ewing, 368 Smith, Dana McMillan. 234 Smith. Daniel Calvin. 342 Smith, Don Kellar, 228 Smith, Earle Byron, 70 Smith, Feay Burton, Jr., 322 Smith, Frances Helen, 308 Smith, George Sherman. 324 Smith. Glenn Merle. 356 Smith. Gordon Claire, 326 Smith, Gordon Myers, 48. 336 Smith. Harold Foster. 102, 363 Smith, Harold Wesley, 266 Smith, Irvin, 158 Smith, Jack Duane, 142, 360 Smith, James Alexander, 348 Smith, James Patrick, 172, 180 Smith, Jane Ruth, 102. 310 Smith, Janet Louise, 304 Smith, John Ernest, 266 Smith. Joseph Donald, 70 Smith, Keene Zurich, 76, 183, 191, 340 Smith, Lucy Jane, 102, 249, 264, 298 Smith, Luther. 279 Smith, Margie Luane, 113, 278 Smith. Marijo Elizabeth. 219 Smith, Millard Joseph, 336 Smith, Nathan Thompson, 330 Smith, Robert Allan, 243 Smith, Sue Ann, 306 Smith, Vernon Henry, Jr., 85, 330 Smith. William D., Jr., 350 Smith, William Huston, 102, 334 Smithberg, John Willard. 70 Smutny, Edgar Josef, 219 Smylie, Dorothy Jane, 266, 312 Smyth, Irene Watts, 86, 226 Smythe, Margaret Joann, 114 Snook, Jacqueline Jean, 102, 240, 308 Enow, Bruce R., 237 Snowdon, Edward Smith. 356 Snyder, Doris Marjorie, 359 Snyder, Eugene Test, 346 Snyder, Erwin Lee, 346 Snyder, Jane Louise. 227, 276, 277 Snyder, Ronald Lynn, 70, 166, 221, 236, 324 Snyder, Wilfred, 86 Soby, Margerite L., S9, 102, 154, 281, 369 Sobol, Beatrice, 49 Soldat, Joseph Kenneth, 48, 86 Solem, Dan Carlos, 372 Soloman, David Joseph, £36, 269 Solomon, Morton Alfred, 366 Sommers, Beverly Marie, 70, 144, 227, 802 Sommers, Herbert Myron, 88 Sonnenberg, Byron Dale, 114 Sorensen, James Peter, 71, 223, 344 Sorenson, Shirley Anne, 154, 308 Sosno, Ruth Charlotte, 276 Souser, Dorothy Ellamae, 102, 122, 247, 260 Southward, Lois Jane, 86 Southworth, Dean Lavernc, 262, 263, 264 Sowards, Kelly, 102, 360 Spackman, Katharine L., 102. 312 Spangler, Ida Mae, 154, 266, 376 Spano, Dorothy Elena, 114, 274, 366 Spano, Lena F., 71, 274. 366 Sparks, Charles James, 155 Sparks, Felix Laurence, 116 Sparks, Warren Orville, 222 Spears, Howard Calvin, 156 Speck, Joyce Lynette, 114, 226, 276, 300 Speck, Richard Lampkin. 338 Speeds. John Anthony, 223 Spence, Clark Christian, 102 Spence, Frances Elizabeth, 241 Spence, Gale Dewitt, 203, 340 Sperry, Donald Monfort, 86, 226 Spicer, Robert, 172, 340 Spindler, Francis E., 48, 221, 236 Spomer. Marian Elizabeth, 370 Spoon, Eleanor Ann, 102, 263, 298 Spooner, Glenora, 262 Spore, Vera Eleanor, 274, 314 Spradley, John Clin, 221 Sprague, Edward Gurney, 48, 86, 260 Spraitzer, Violet Helen, 370 Springer, Floyd Ladean, 366 Spurlin, Melvin David, 114 Squier, Frank Davidson, 48, 2£3, 252 Squire, Mary Ann, 114, 222, 278, 279, 310 St. Aubyn, Glenn Harry. 69, 364 St. Claire, Patricia Ann, 85. 156, £31, 306 St. Claire, Paul Edward, 260 St. John, Carl Freeman. 156 Stackhouse, Jacques A., 86 Stadler, Edward George, 223 Stahl, Dorothy M., 266 Stalnaker, Thomas William, Jr., 223 Stamm, Raymond Leslie, 286 Standifer, Maxine, 227 Stanley, Jean, 314 Stanley, Frances Dealy, 282 Stanley, Leon Ray, 221 Stanley, Thomas Kent, 338 Stanley, Zenia Mae, 71, 124, 248, 310 Stanton; Jeanne Lois, 312 Stanton, Norma Jeanne, 71, 308 Stanton, Richard Warren, 86 Staph, Lois Elizabeth. 102, 144, 229 Starbuck, John Robert, 265 Starbuck, Lois Jean, 86, 304 Staricka, Beverly Rose, 114, 156, 246, 280 Stark, Lois Carpenter, 246 Starr, Hartley Irving, 102, 348 Starr, Paul Dean, 102, 373 Stanten, William Jay, 71, 222, 228 Staufenberg, Isabell, 142, 306. 308 Stearns, Barbara Jean, 102. 143, 146, 312 Stearns, Judith Powell, 265, 314 Stearns, Paul Eugene, 86, 366 Stecn, Crete Gail, 308 Steen, Ernest Milam, 71 Steffen, Harry Edwin, £32, 336 Steik, Carolyn May, 264, 276. 308 Stein, Brooks M., 71 Stein, Donald Winter, 88. 155 . Steinmetz, Marvin H., 71, 336 Steinshouer, Dorothy J., 306 Steinicka. Charles E., 336 Stenzel, Donald Howard, 375 Stephens, Dallas K., 71, 168, 159, 202. 260 Stephenson. Marylyn Ann, 71, 312 Stephenson, Stanley E,, 71, 166, 206, 236, 348 Sterling, Violet Ruth, 260, 369 Sterling, Robert, 142, 246, 340 Stern, Myrna Harriett. 102, £34 Stevens, Eugene B., 334 Stevens, George E, M., Jr.. 2£3 Stevens, Jo Anne, 114, 143, 280 Stevens, Robert, 338 Stevenson, Charlotte A,, 250 Stevenson, Harold William, 274 Steward, Mary Lou, 114, 142 Stewart, Alaine Blanche, 114 Stewart, Franklin R., 236 Stewart, Patricia Ruth, 86, 146 Stine, Jacqueline, 71, 224 Stinemeyer, William Rcy, 221, 332 Stinson, Joan Ann, 71 Stobie, Helen, 102, 240, 256 Stock, James, 366 Stockder, Trudy Ann, 276 Stockhous, Edward Henry, 114 Stcecker. Lawrence Reed. 366 Stoffel, Mary Frances, 282 Stokes, Suzanne, 280 Stoller, Harold Raymond, 114, 344 Stoltz, Jack, 102, 324 Stone, Kenneth Eldon, 154 Stone, Martha Lucile, 71, 308 Stone, Rose Marie, 278 Storer, William L., Jr., 362 Stoudt, Dorothy Doris, 71 Stout, Alden Cardon, 48, 221 Stout, Betty Jean, 114 399 stout, Leona Joyce, 278 Stovall, John Richard, 285, 348 Stover, Thomas B.. Jr., 229 Stowe, William Earl, 114, 344 Strader, Nancy Jane, 42, 128, 304 Strain. Mac Burns, 222 Stranahan, Mary Jane, 308 Stratton, Robert Laverne. 223 Strauss, Con Spivak, 88, 102, 326 Strauss, Roberta Jane, 86, 144 Street, Barbara Louise, £98 Streltzer, Toby Mae, 71 Strickler, Fred S., 49 Strief, Eugere Ellis, 48 Stringer, Harriet D., 102, 310 Strobel, John Robert, 172, 179, 346 Stroker, Eugene William, 145 Struthers, James Rae, 328 Struthers. John E., 340 Stubbs, Ruth Elizabeth, 274 Studebaker, James B., 223, 330 Stults, Warren E,, £38 Stutheit, Dolores A., 43, 86, 89, 143, 147, 167, 168, 169, 263, 276, 277 Stutz, Philip P., 330 Sucher, Edward M., £37, 285 Sucher, John D., 322 Sudakoff, Carle H., 330 Suer, Clifford E., 223 Sugarman, Holla Gene. 114, 278 Sugaski, Lloyd J., 102, 245, 340 Sullivan, Frank L., 221 Sullivan, James Joseph, 264 Sullivan, Marjorie I., 156 Sullivan, William C, 223 Summers, William B., 146, 285 Sundlof, Kenneth C, 102, 338 Surface, Shirley B., 114 Sutter, Margery Anne, 86, 330 Suyematsu, Kiyo, 229, 236, 255, 370 Suzuki, Mariko. 70, 224 Svoboda, Shirley Ann, 226 Swanfeldt, Patricia, 278 Swanson, Glen Keith, 114 Swanson, Maxine, 120 Swanson, Roy Edward, 86, 221 Sykes, David William, 354 Sykes, Patricia Ann, 276 Symonton, Jerome, 155 Sytz, Helen Irene, 86, 144, 310 Taggart, J. Mark, 114, 324 Tait, Eleanor Lcuise, 245, 282, 302 Talbott, John Leroy, 340 Talcott, Raymond James, 373 Talcott, Vernon Hugh, 88, 373 Tallman, Dorothy Ann, 103, 142, 314 Talpers, Stanley Jerome, 346 Tampkins, Gordon P., Jr., 354 Tanner, Arthur McNeil, 76, 172, 177, 360 Tanner, Gareth Hugh, 86, 328 Tanner, Henry Charles, 328 Tanner, Marjorie Jean, 369 Tarcher, Anno S., 229 Tarkoff, Ruth Sylvia, 276, 318 Tarmas, lia Maret, £30 Tate, James Earl, Jr., 322 Tatge, Dayne, 304 Tauvek, Jeanne, 142 Tavel, Howard, 102 Taylor, Carson N., 102, 334 Taylor, Deris Lee, 376 Taylor, Marjorie Isabel, 229, 236, 240, 267 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, 166, 306 Taylor, Thomas Edwin. 223 Taylcr, Vern Loyd, Jr., 334 Taylor, Virginia K., 249, 283 Taylor, Walter Towne, 264 Taylor, William Richard, 223, 261 Teasley, Katherine, 316 Telfer, James Duvall. 86 Tempest, John William. 340 Templar, Joan, 144, 166, 278, 369 Temple, Cynthia T., 226. 377 Temple, Patricia Ann, 102 Tenenbaum, Harold B.. 72, 346 Tennant, Audrey A., 361 Teraski, Mitsuko, 241 Thayer, Margaret H., 254, 306 Theander, N, Franklin, 340 Thebus, John Adam, Jr., 362 Theiss, Calvin Marting, 2, 156, 221, 266 Thiese, Rex Maurine, 156, 260 Thomas, Beverly Lynn, 276 Thomas, Elinor Jane, 282 Thomas, Hazell Joseph A., Jr., 88. 148, 2£1 Thomas, John Powers, 88, 102, 223, 364 Thomas, Lucile Mae, 114 Thomas, Norma Jeanne, £36. 364 Thomas, Robert Vincent, 103, 350 Thomas, Victor Carl, 101, 330 Thomas, Wesley Adrian, 72, 148, 158, 222, 228 Thompson, Bertha C, 86, £93, 304, 370 Thompson, Carol Jean, 143, 274, 304 Thompson, Donald M.. 328 Thompson, Dorothy Jean, 114, 178 Thompson, Gerry Naudain, 72, 224, 312 Thompson, Meredith E., 86. 237 Thompson, Muriel Arlene. 156, 260, 362 Thompson, Peter Mark, 334 Thompson, Roy Everet, 144, 148 Thompson, Vera Viola, 72, 267 Thompson, Greig Ronald, 144, 348 Thorn. Oreman Walter, 221 Thornburgh, Jack M., 222 Thorndyke, John Robert, 221, 322 Thornton, Frederic A., 148 Thornton, Hettie Sue, 72, 265 Thornton, Thomas John, 114 Thorpe, Thurman E., 222 Throm, Robert, 330 Thrower, Raymond B., 266 Thyfault, Vcrncn. 344 Tibbetts, Arnold M., 156 Tidball, James Gorman, 221, 227 Tidwell, Connie A., 368 Tillman, Paul Hayden, 146, 360 Tilton, Ann, 240, 274, 3C3 Timm, Varnon Hugo, 223, 342 Timmer, John Junior, 48, 76, 148, 228 Tipley, Lee, 103 Tobey, Robert Warren, 112, 148, 328 Tobin, John James, 72, 334 Todd, Bonnie Faye, 276 Todd, Frederick James, 155 Todd, James Farley, Jr., 344 Todd, John Clifton, 86 Todd, John Stratton, 330 Todd, Rosemary, 231, 312 Todd, Ross Junior, 221, 360 Todd, Virginia Ann, 86 Toffler. Jerome Edmond, 366 Tole, Jacquelyn. 302 Tomita, Helen Chizu, 267, 368 Tomlin, Annabelle, 266, 267. 361 Tomlin. Donna, 164. 264, 266, 267, 361 Tomlin, Raymond N., 233, 261 Tomlinson, Dorothy M., 114, 280, 312 Tompkins, Gordon P,, Jr.. 88, 144, 256 Tonelli, Florence L., 72, 367 Toomey, Paul Martin, 114 Toops, John Richard, 328 Topik, Hans, 223 Torer, Robert P., Jr., 142, 157, 223 Torgerson, Mary Arlene. 282, 308 Torgny, Robert Bruce, 114 Tourek, Jeanne Elise, 306 Townsend, Ruth Frances, 86, 304 Townsend, Warren W.. 240 Tozer, Janet Marilyn, 86, 89, 300, 320 Trainor, Robert A., 116 Trammell, Margaret Ruth, 166 Travis. Larry Evans, 142, 168, 169 Treece, James Lyle, 116 Trego, Joan De Vee, 247 Treiohler, Mary Edith, 142, 280, 370 Trent, Michael Collins, 86 Trevithick, John Paul, 49 Trichler, Mary, 144 Trier, Dana Stanley, 338 Trindle, Joseph Goodhue, 354 Trotter, Elwood Ferman, 114 Trueblood, Constance M., 166, 276, 370 Truitt, Arthur Leonard, 156, 243, 373 Trukken. H. Richard, 221 Truman. Arnold, 114 Tryba, Art, 344 Tsukiji, Tom Masashi, 372 Tucker, Eleanor Louise, 103, 154 Tucker, Gwen Marie, 280 Tucker, Richard Bruce, 326 Tucker, Robert Gileroy, 354 Tucker, Shirley Elaine, 278 Tuller. June Brett. 114, 142, 276, 304 Tumin, David Ullman, 202, 326 Turecky, Tillie, 375 Turgeon, Vera Lee, 72, 142, 306 Turner, Jerry Bob, 168. 1£9. 239 Turner, John Collier, 86, 334 Turner, Lois Jean, 239, 263 Turner, Warren Lee, 236, 338 Turner, Willis Lloyd, 166, 373 Turnquist, Edwin C. 86, 334 Tutt, Sarah Jean, 114, 156 Tyler, John Joseph, 48, 253, 262 Tyler, Virginia, 229 u Uchida, Noble Noboru. 156. 372 Udevitz, Marvin Philip. 221, 263 Uhrich, Shirley Jane, 276 Ulibarri, Sabino David, 269 Ullman, Claire, 115, 312 Ullrich, Shirley, 116 Uaderwood, David Oren, 242 Unfug, Harry Vories, 229 Upham, Josephine, 72, 357 Urich, Don Lee, 267, 348 Urich, Glenn Paul, 168, 348 Vaaler, David Frederick, 164 Vaidez, Jesse Marie, 264 Van Arsdale, Marjorie. 314 Van Brunt, Beverly K., 116, 274, 310 Van Camp, John Wallis, 48, 72, 144, 145, 223, 262. 321, 362 Van De Car, Helen F.. 1C3, 304 Van Fossen, Hal F.. 372 Van Fradenburg, Jean, 87, 366, 376, 103 Van Fradenburg, Monell, 360 Van Horn, Mary C, 224, 304 Van Hyning, Patricia E., 2E0 Van Law, Carol Louise, 142, 282, 283, 308 Van Patten, Carl Muse, 286 Van Petten, Edward Emil, 103, 330 Van Vrankon, Walter F., 87 Vance, Barton Laverne, 84. 221, 344 Vandorwilt, Christine, 84, 302 Vanderwilt, William, 84, 360 VanWinkle, Marvin, 364 Varian, Edith M., 72, 222, 228, 268 Varner, Charles E., 342 Varner, Venice Eloise, 278 Varner, Walter Wayne, 148, 221, 260, 368 Varney, Charles B., 84, 229 Vaughan, Richard Leroy, 223 Vaughan, Tommio Lou M., 103 Venuti, Robert, 72, 76, 262, 338 Vcrner, Robert John, 328 Vezina. Hazel Emma, 272 Vick, Jean, 310 Vickers, Paula Marie, 316 Vickroy, Joseph Walter, 221 Viders, Jack Ralph, 32 6 Vincent, Jo Ann F., 103, 304 Vincent, Virginia Jean, 72. 274 Vining, Marjorie Lee, 72, 316 Vinson, Callie Marie, 272 Virtue, Ralph Theorn, 222, 228 Vogel, Leo Clement, 146, 223 Vogel, Marion Virginia, 245 Vogler, Harry William, 84, 142, 360 Vohs, Francis Dorothy, 84 Volk, Authur August, 238 Volker, William Wright, 338 Volkmer, Donald, 72, 148, 222, 228 Vender, Haar Frank, 116 Von Hoist, Marion Ruth, 84, 310 Von Wyl, Margaret Jean, 84, 312 Von Wyl, Paul Henry, 338 w Wachob, Virginia. 144, 274, 308 Waddell, Clyde. 252 Waddell, James, 334 Waddington, David, 221, 239 Wadsworth, Brian, 144 Waechter, Ruth, 72 Waggoner, Hubert Ulrich, 328 Wagner, Corlere, 282, 306 Wagner, Norma, 87. 142. 316 Wagner, Rexford, 172, 176 Wailes, Roberta, 302 Wainscott, Jane, 103, 377 Waite, Mary Lou, 268. 278 Wakeman, Donald, 103. 352 Waldeck. William. 158, 229, 236 Waldo, Robert, 336 Walenta, Nancy, 245, 282, 302 Walker, Collan, 154 Walker, Doris, 142, 227, 274 Walker, Jacqueline, 223 Walker, James L., 338 Walker, James 0., 321, 328, 76 Walker, John D., 322 Walker, Marilyn, 1C3, 143, 259, 274 Walker, Martha Ann, 314 Walker, Roger D.. 88. 237, 266, 348 Walker, Thomas R.. 155, 243, 366 Walker, Vineta, 250 Wallace, Marjorie, 72, 316 Wallace, Westel, 324 Wallbank, Lincoln. 340 Wallengren, Delbert. 142. 362 Walseth, Russell, 153, 185. £44, 360 Walter, Mary Jane, 87 Walter, Patricia Jean. 272 Walter. Richard, 72, 221, 348 Walters, Marguerite, 366 Walther, D. Jane, 72, 103, 249 Wamsley, Walt, 143, 206, 334 Wanamaker, Harold, 221 Wancura, Gladys. 72, 224 Wang, Pei Tsu, 229 Ward, Barbara, 157, 240, 206 Ward, John H., 342 Warden, Bruce. 72, 142. 322 Waring. John, 221 Warlick, John, 76. 221, £35. 328 Warne. Clinton Lee, 145, 352 Warner, Donna M., 247 Warner, John Morgan. 73 Warner, Margaret Ellen, 73 Warnes, Byron Lewis. 352 Warren, Charles L. C. 115, 146, 334 Warren, Dorothy Frances, 73, 136 Warren, Ruth Anne, 143 Warshauer, Kurt R.. Jr.. 340 Washburn, Darrell C. 221 Washburn. Sally. 73, 310 Waters, Mary Ellen. 115, 278, 314 Watkins, Jack Clintcn, 223 Watkins, Phillis, 234, 314 Watson, Albert Thomas, 364 Watson, Eloise Virginia, 274 Watson, Harold. 336 Watson, K. Bert, 348 Watson, Marjorie Jane. 87, 867 Watson, Winifred T., 302 Watts. Dwight Bayer. 368 Watts, James Nollie, 336 Watts, Lawrence M.. 167, 368 Watts, William Lamarr, 73 Waxman, Milton Joseph. 168, 169, 326 Weakly, Harold Frank, 221 Wears, Marie Florine, 249 Weathers. Shirley E.. 115, 282, 298 Weaver, Lyman Fred, 223 Weaver, Robert George, 155 Webber, Marion George. 73 Weber, Harry Albert, " 3. 228 Weber, Mary Louise, £9, 103, 1£4. 306 Wedeberg, Va Beatric e. 73, 240, 247 Wecse, Albert Meyer, Jr.. 356 Wehner, Barbara Ann, 103. 261, £72 Wehrli, Robert Elmore. 334 Weil, Jack Baum. 226 Weil, Jeanne Florence, 2£9, 278, 366 Weil, Robert Leonard, 321, 326 Weiler, Mary Elizabeth, 314 Weinberger, Alvin Lee, 49, 348 Weindling, Hyman Benny, 103, 346 Weinfeld, Herbert, 146 Weinhart, John Austin, 142, 360 Weir, Mary Lou, 274 Weir, Virginia, 143 Weirether, Elizabeth C, 73, 240, 377 Weiser, Kenneth Bernard. 148, 326 Weiss, Marvin Sydney, 221 Welch, Carolyn Jean, 267, 274, 276 Welcher, Margurite A.. 116, 282, 806 Welker, Susan Jane, 87, 312 Wellman, Mary Jane, 163, 240, 304 Wells, Byron Lee, 116, 342 Wells, Delilah May, 78, 268, 276 Wells, Dwight Moody, 338 Wells, Joan Louella, 314 Wells, Margaret Ann, 314 Welschmeyer, Johanna M., 245, 373 Weltner, William H., 324 Welty, Charlotte Ann, 87 Wennberg, Esther E.. 103 Wenzel, Carol Ruth, 246, 248, 298 Werlin, Otto Henry, 328 Worth, Glenn Conrad, 165 Wessells, Charles G., 229 West, Caroline, 318 West, Daniel S., 116, 336 West, Harold 0.. 103. 348 Westerwick, Robert A.. 73, 221 Westfeldt. Katherine M., 49, 116 Weston, Dorothy, 375 Westphal, Olive M.. 316 Wetmore, Alfred Jesse, 221, 360 Wetmore, Mary Suzanne, 73, 143, 156, 224, 260, 298 Whalen, Susan K., 73. 308 Whaley, Shelby L.. 338 Wharton, Robert Henry, 154 Wheatley, John Charles, 146, 267 Wheeler, Gerald Clinton, 164 Wheeler, Jeanie Marian, 274, 363, 116 Wheeler, Joel Walton, 266 Wheeler, Sue Ellen, 42, 103, 147, 314 Wheeler, Walter E., 142, 227, 328 Whetscl, Elizabeth M., 231 Whipple. Dorothy Lois, 103 Whitaker, Barbara Anne, 312 Whitaker, Dale, 264, 274, 310 Whitaker, Kenneth, 144. 266 White, Alice Mary, £9. C12 White, Corliss Marilyn, 1:9, 254, 312 White, Douglas L., 246 White, Eva Sue, 87, 272, 363 White, Otis U., 336 White, Sally Ann, 103, 313 White, Sidney John, 103, 227 White, Warren Eugene. 334 Whitehouse. Richard K., 333 Whiteside, Robinson R., 3J4 Whiting, Donald E., 364. 316 Whitman, Nancy Leslie, 142, 316 Whitmore, Phyllis E.. 280 Whitson, Martha Shelby, 89, 103, 246, 314 Whittlesey, Reavis Dean. 156 Wickizer, Helen Louise. 308 Wicks, Richard Malcolm, 306 Widlund, Robert W., 266 Wiegand, Richard, 144. 158 Weimann, Hugh G., 73, 338 Wiener, Jacqueline Diane, 73, 362 Wier. Virginia, 87 Wigely, Madeline C, 229 Wiggims, Frances Ellen, 314 Wigton, Chester M., 364 Wilber, John M., Jr., 340 Wilcox, Allene Clark, 246, 291, 304 Wilcox, Russell Bale, 314. 336 Wilcoxson, Donna Alice, 143 Wilfley, George Mcrrit. 330 Wilhelm, Lillie Ann, 143, 261, 316 Wilhoite, Joy, 103, 310 Wilkey, Edward D., 73, 223, 286, 338 Wilkinson, John Joe, 116 Willcox, Jean Rilla, 87, 302 Williams, Clarence, £36 Williams, Clarence M., 73. 261. 342 Williams, Esther Mac, 226, 278, 279 Williams, Jacqualyn Ann, £34, 266 Williams, James Wilbur, 274. 338 Williams, Jane Ellen, 43, 265, 269 Williams, John Joseph. 103, 239, 338 Williams, Keith Duane, 74, 276 Williams, Mary Louise, 267 Williams, Paul Eugene, 223 Williams, R, Patricia, 166, 278, 298 Williams, Thomas John, 261 Williams, Victor V., 313 Williamson, Clement E.. 246 Willis, Donald E., 146, 334 Willis, Howard Ava, 2£3 Willis, Marion Joan, 168. 169. 272 Willis. Robert Kraft, 87, 334 Willman, Helen, 120 Wilson, Andrew Craw, Jr.. 221 Wilson, Brooks, 87, 88, 364 Wilson, Claude Staley, 116 Wilson, Earl Stanley. 103. 146. 338 Wilson, George Leroy, £98, 332 Wilson, Helen, 74 Wilson, Ilene Grace, 278 Wilson, Joan, 280, 308 Wilson, Joanne, 281 Wilson, John Robert, 221, 364 Wilson, Kathryn L.. 276 Wilson, Lena Lee. 164. 262 Wilson, Lydia Brown, 249, 302 Wilson, Mary Shipley, 87 400 Wilson, Muriel May, 260 Wilson, Natalie, 236 Wilson, Oscar Lee, 354 Wilson, Phyllis Joan, 108, 306 Wilson, Robert Glenn, 338 Wilson, Rollin Keith, 76, 338 Wilson, William, 206 Winder, Cecille, 318 Winegardner, Roticrt E., 340 Winegardner, Albert F., 340 Wing, Judith, 376 Winningham, Sammy Neal, 336 Winslow, Warden V., 142, 144, 287, 866, 328 Winter, Marianne, 274, 318 Winternitz, Harriett J., 882 Winthrop, Arthur Sidney, 74, 221 Wirick, Loretta, 168, 169, 233 Wirth, Marilyn Jean, 87, 302 Wise, Kenneth Virgil, 87 Wise, Robert Abraham, 192, 338 Wise, William Earl. 182, 373 Witherspoon, James H., 340 Witsell, Eleanor Thomas, 219, 314 Witt, Dwan Victor, 286 Wivell, Emma Lou, 87, 306 Wolf, Betsy Rose, 318 Wolf, Howard Edward, 338 Wolf, Robert Lawrence, 348 Wolf, Ruth Ann, 280 Wolfe, George Edward, 146 Wolfe, Shirley Mae, 288, 316 Wolff, Austin Lee, 344 WoUenweber, Louis Carl, 103, 340 Wong, Goodquey, 229, 247, 364, 369 Woo, Kui Kan, 229 Wood, Edmund H., 344 Wood, John C, 334 Wood, John P., 226, 362 Wood, Norma Elaine, 273 Wood, William A., 286 Woodhill, Guy Alan, 74, 373 Woodhouse, Charles E., 250 Woodruff, Hubert W., 74, 324 Woodruff, John Charles, 74, 330 Woods, Shirley Mae, 274 Woods, William R., Jr., 221. 263 Woodson. Alma Margaret. 266. 267 Woodward, David G., 74, 223 Woodward, George F.. 155 Woodward, Madalyn L., 243, 274 Woodward, Robert G., 348 Woodworth, Joseph E., 322, 330 Woodworth, Robert 0., 330 Wooldridge, Jay H.. 328 Woolford, William Allen. 221 Woolums. Albert Bell. 104, 360 Worcester, Mary Ellen, 316 Worcester, Thomas K., 166, 364 Work, Hubert, 348 Works. Josephine. 277 Works, Lyla. 314 Worsley, Margaret Mary, 87, 248 Worstell. Ann Jean, 166, 267, 276, 371 Worth, Bonnie Jean, 156 Wotipka, Frank John, 338 Wright, George Eli, 342 Wright, Louis Dean, 74, 142, 228, 328 Wright, Richard, 334 Wright, Rosemary M.. 306 Wright, William S., 322 Wright, William Wallace, 264 Wrighton, Thomas R,, 207, 321, 344 Writer, Virginia, 142, 282, 283, 314 Wubben, Hazlete Horace, 260. 286 Wunderly. LeRoy J. D.. 146, 192, 350 Wylie, Billy Clifford, 103. 334 Wyndle, Waunda Mae M., 267 Wynne, Robert Hilton, 363 Yager, Joseph Daniel, 334 Yamashita, Takashi, 223 Yant, Robert Kenneth, 74, 223, 338 Yantis, John Aubrey, 328 Yates, Howard Russell. 220, 221 Yealy, Sara Jane, 74, 300 Yeater, Virginia Lenore, 74, 267, 369 Yelonek, Kathaleen M., 2S4 Yeros, John, 330 Yoches, Robert, 346 Yockers, Eleanor Ann, 115, 302 Yohe, Ralph Perry, 166 Youberg, Robert F., 264 Young, Barbara, 84, 87, 266 Young, Barbara Patricia, 84, 87, 164, 265 Young, Charles Edward, 336 Young, Elizabeth Dean, 278 Young, Frances Fisher, 104, 312 Young, James Roland, 84, 87, 223 Young, William Stevenson, 330 Yowell, George Kent, 104. 168, 342 Yuncker, John Meredith. 104, 362 Zahrn, Fred John, 342, £32 Zanella, Vera Anel, 308 Zancanella, Ruth Mae. 280 Zeigler, Marilyn H., 247 Zeimet. Bonnie Grace. 377 Zelinger. Morris G., 74, 346 Zerschling, Keith Lee, 48, 238 Zimmerman, Raymond M., 266, 338 Zimpfer, Margaret Jane, 247 Zinck, Louis Richmond, 104 Zinn, Arthur Hirsch, 104, 346 Zirchlin. Kieth. 228 Zisch, John Garnett, 88, 146, 172, 181, 264, 321 Zcrno, Robert Frank, 336 Zugelder, Vera Jo, 116, 166, 300 Zulauf, Edward Paul, 376 Zweig, Sheldon Stanley, 237 autographs autographs =- -»■■ ' ' i i ' - A '

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