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mi mmm .? -.■ •v ■ • " ••r " «Ji M " v ' m i - ' i . rilSiE - 1 L ■ KV ' - ly » »■ ■ .ILiU l t HI ' i ' 1 1 IjM - ' tC - • ' •V «i ' r! ' ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PRESENT THE P 1 If I :: If yy VOLUME 43 PUBLISHED AT THE CAMPUS BOULDER, COLORADO MAY 20, 1941 Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM ILIYA JOVANOVICH Business Manager JOHN H. CRAVESTOCK LTHOUCH the distinction between University k students and laymen is not as severe as it was a century ago, when Matthew Arnold characterized the first, " Children of Light " and the second, " Philistines, " even in 1941 but few people have a clear conception of what constitutes student life at the American college campus. To por- tray student life in all phases has been the dominant purpose in the compilation of this volume. We be- lieve that this portrayal is significant, for it must be recognized that students comprise a defined repre- sentation of the entire social order. The American state university draws its population from all classes and all races; it reflects the culture of the nation with commensurate universality. It is our hope that this book may become a contemporary comment on learn- ing and living at the American campus. : • P: DAYS OF OUR YEAR We have indicated that the leading purpose of this volume is to broaden the scope of the college year- book. In accord with this purpose, the Editor has devoted a fifth of the 1941 COLORADAN to a picture and word portrayal of the " Days of Our Year. " Yearbooks are produced for student readers; their treatment of subject matter is determined by stu- dent wants and interests. Recognizing this fact, we have included no detailed material on the organiza- tion of the University: the Semester Catalogue will suffice. None will turn to the 1941 COLORADAN to discover what is taught in the University of Colorado, but some may seek to discover here the student way of life at Colorado in 1941. We earn- estly believe, as we stated in the Introduction, that this life is significant beyond its restricted grounds, that its portrayal has a permanent and sustained interest. Thus, while we have avoided any formal- ization of subject matter, we have at the same time attempted to create something more than the tem- porary appeal of familiar student names and faces. On this basis the " Snapshot " section in THE COLORADAN of the past ten years has been dis- continued as inadequate. It is the editor ' s hope that the " Days of Our Year " will be a new creation rather than a substitute. The arrangement of the section is direct and simple. In chronological order the most important events of the past nine months have been depicted. The accompanying text, com- prising some seven thousand words, is intended to explain the various elements which characterize university life. Credit for " Days of Our Year " must go to numerous staff members and advisors. Chief among these are Misses Maryanna Quaintance and Catherine Pres- ton, and Messrs. Everett Sears, David Proffitt, and Reed Johnson. Responsibility for any comments in the text is taken by the editor, who has revised the original. WILLIAM ILIYA JOVANOVICH, Editor. COLORADO UNIVERSITY ' S MOST TRADITIONAL SCENE In the last weeks of September over four thousand people drove, walked, and hitch-hiked their way up University Hill, signalizing the opening of another nine-month year at Colorado University. In the Dorms, in Creek houses, and in scores of boarding houses, they shook hands, talked about Califor- nia and Iowa, and loosened up to that old familiar business about, " Remember last winter when . . . " Among the indomitable 4,000 seeking education and otherwise in the state ' s biggest institution were 962 new faces, according to a ten- page edition of Colorado ' s bi- weekly, THE SILVER AND COLD. More important news on the open- ing of school was the announce- ment by President Stearns that Colorado was making plans to pre- pare over a thousand men for the national defense program. OUR LARGEST REGISTRATION ... IN THE FIELD HOUSE ALPHA PHIS WELCOME ALPHI PHIS BACK FOR THE TERM— A LAST CHILLY PLUNGE IN THE OLD SWIMMING HOLE — STREAMER AND BURROWS, PI PHIS . . . HOW NOT TO DRESS FOR CLASS ARTS STUDENTS SHOOT " CHIN MUSIC " —AMY STEARNS AND TED REED; IT DE- VELOPED INTO NOTHING BLOMGREN AND LITTELL— FRESHMAN ELAINES PERENNIAL KAPPA PALS— BETTY LOU AUSTIN AND D. J. REED Already the fact of October 1 6, day of the big draft, was beginning to worry and encourage Colorado mea Despite such s Sant news students blithely prepared for rush week, that week which most nearly represents the cmema im- pression of college What rush week is, few know; those who do, won ' t tell. The intrigues, the hasty midnight meetings and th mysterious personality rating-charts make this week a college fantasy of play-acting. Back-slapping is endorsed more out of custom than expediency. FERREL, PECK, AND TOEPELMAN GREET CHASE FRESHMEN EXUDING UNSPOILED CHARM LAURA NAUGLE AND JOAN FITZGERALD— NEW PI PHIS TEN MINUTES FOR FAGS AND GAGS Rush week girls wear long dresses, drink tea; boys plan steak fries and drink beer, when they are not es- corting droves of rushees to the theatre. Girls must have a " pull " to get into a sorority. As a result, there are too many good girls; some are lost in the scramble. Smart rushees play Pi Phis against Kappas, DCs against Pi Phis and Thetas against all three — and get what they want. Many girls are disappointed, think they ' ll never be the same. » » This week emotions rule. Alum interference proves, especially among women, that Creek organizations consti- tute one of the most lasting inter- ests in University life. » » The girls who " make " a sorority find corsages, telegrams, and lots of smiling faces on an eventful Satur- day afternoon. This is a big event for a coed. D. G. ' S TELL THEIR NEW SISTERS BED- TIME STORIES BETAS, SANS TULIPS — " YOU WOULDN ' T HAVE LIKED THE PHI GAMS ANYWAY " — OH! GOD! MY HAND! FUTURE PHI GAM PLEDGE AMONG CHI PSI GLADHAND BOYS — MAY CO. BASE- MENT ON DISPLAY nil THAT LAST DESPERATE HOUR— WOLVES IN FOREGROUND Our coed is immediately introduced to " eligible " men on the campus by her where the stags are four rows deep. That night she has her first mtroduction where students drink beer and dance. This is supposedly her first date at L. during rush week. Sororities think that men might influence their rushees. at the Men ' s Gym, a necessity which becomes an unorganized not; nobody dered Freshmen, befuddled Sophomores, distressed Juniors and distraught be practice is for students to see their counselors make and unmake schedules. PI PHIS, POISED FOR THE RUSH WEEK KILL] new sisters at an uncomfortable tea dance to Canon Park, two miles up Boulder canon, U. She has not been allowed to see any men » » Following rush week is registration knows where to go, or what to do. Bewil- ,niors — all are in the wrong lines. Common BOB DOLL, HEAP BIG HOOP MAN BEER, MIRTH, AND GUSTO LEAKIE MYSTICAL EYE BALLS- -AS OF DUDIE MacKENZIE BETAS AT GOOD ODDS GRINDS PREPARE FOR " ALL OUT " ACADEMIC OFFENSE SEE ENLARGEMENT, PAGE 39 DUNCAN CLARK AND THE TABLOID During the one-day registration there are a dozen things to sign one ' s name to — church preference, Artists ' Series, Little Theatre, and that $1.50 per quarter subscription to the COLORADAn! From the fieldhouse students go to Macky to have their pictures taken (convict style with numbers), and pay their fees. Getting acquainted with new roommates, finding keys to closed closets, and looking up prospective dates occupy what is left of the crowded opening days of school. ENGINEERS DO HAVE NECKTIES SPUR TREATS WYOMING FOOTBALLERS BARBARIAN CHAPTER ROOM WATCH THAT PROPELLER! KAPPAS DARN FOR EUROPEAN REFUGEES, BRITISH SOLDIERS In the early part of the year it was becoming evident that Colorado students were not overly interested m national defense as a body. Few signed up for the voluntary military training program. However on two other fronts the work of defense was gaining favor, these being the CAA flying program for men and the Red Cross knittmg and nursrg program for women. Firlt enrollment in the CAA totaled 30 men and later increased rapidly. Evidence of pro- British support was the knitting school, which produced many a sock and cap for RAh fliers. HELL! IT CAN ' T EVEN JUMP THE FENCE ENGINEERS LEARN HOW TO BE DRAFTED BY INDUSTRY C. A. A. PILOT TWO, PLEASE October 16, 1940, was the day of the first peace-time draft for America and an irregular holiday for C. U. students. Twelve hundred and fifty draftees from the Univer- sity lined up in the Men ' s gymna- sium to declare their existence; few were conscientious objectors, and evidently none evaded the call. Anti-war handbills in the vicinity of the gymnasium deterred none. What the draft in this year of 1 940 meant to Colorado men is unpre- dictable from a personal stand- point. As on other questions, cam- pus discussion is rarely political, despite the numerous and un- founded allegations of Communist activity. To some the draft means an escape; to others, a disruption of plans, and to still others, the nasty culmination of a world prob- lem which World War I succeeded only in aggravating. DRAFT REGISTRATION . . . MUCH GLOOM DR. FRITZ, SELECTIVE SERVICE OFFICIAL —MORTON MORTGAGES HIS LIFE — DK. ALEXANDER, OFFICIAL FROSTY COX IS SAFE . . HE HAS A FAMILY — POOR WATTS ... NO FLAT FEET, PAST 21, WEIGHS OVER 105 AND IS OVER FIVE FEET TALL LEO THE LION RAMBLES WHERE ' S YOUR COAT AND TIE, PUNCHES? Fall Quarter features football games with accompanying rallies where Spur, the Sophomore women ' s " honorary, and Ph, Eds Ion Phi whose boys wear yellow jackets and have D. U. counterparts, make brave ,f not always successfu , attempts to lead the student Sy in spirit. Rallies sometimes have swing bands, sometirries bonfires Prominent players, coache Ind professors gr Prize gridiron humorists were Marty Brill and John Pudhk, both of whom convulsed th,s year ' s rally crowd. CHRISTMAN, M. U. ALL-AMERICAN MARTY BRILL— C. U. ' S HORATIO ALGER j qaIN— FOUR INCHES KAYO LAM, GRADUATE MANAGER m MRIOTISM— FRESHMAN AND OLD MAIN ' S BELL CHEE! Prize campus tradition is the ringing of Old Main ' s bell by Freshmen after a football victory. The terrified look on the Freshmen snapped by the COLORADAN is unexplained. Maybe his motTier was frightened by a bell. » » This year found Colorado backing an old friend and a new football coach, Frank Potts. Early season successes brought hopes of a conference championship, but a defeat by Utah and a tie with Denver resulted in a tie for second place with the city college. Current heroes were Leo Stasica and Paul McClung, alternating tailbacks. Consolation for the annual gridiron grind is the football banqu et — with steaks. [AC— HIS NEW ARMY SUIT QUICK! THROW HIM A FISH! UDLIK AT PEP RALLY— PUBLIC SPEAKING IMPRESARIO WHO BUT THE SHERIFF WOULD TURN HIS BACK ON ERNIE? NOTE THE HOODLUM WITH THE SNIPE !•• m fi. • GRIDDERS STUFF THEIR FAT FACES " ' tXY, POTTS, " POSS ' FRANKLIh Come October the race for president, or at least what was thought in some circles to be a race, was stirring some interest on Colorado ' s campus. Wilikie posters flooded the institution, and Governor Carr came to the old Alma Mater to explain how voting for Wilikie and being intelligently informed were synonymous. Betas were urged by their national chapter to organize Greeks in the holy cause for their brother — they did little organizing. The COLORADAN, skeptical but in- terested, sought the aid of Dr. Bernard and his Bureau of Social Research to discover just what percentage of silent Roosevelt supporters trod their way daily on the campus. FOLK DANCERS— NIFTY, HUH? O ' l- ' A. W. S. EPICUREAN LEAGUE MORE BOX ARTS DANCER ADMINISTRATION w_ H — ' " f? ' I I I mf W Bit r i K 1 w ROBERT L. STEARNS, President of the University of Colorado, first knew the University as his own Alma Mater, from which he received his B.A. degree in 1914. His LL.B. he obtained at Colum- bia University in 1916. In 1917, he enlisted in the U. S. army, and rose to the rank of captain in four months. Later he practiced law in Denver, and was head of the Colorado Bar Association, and the Denver Bar Association for four years. As a result of a campaign he led to uncover defects in the system of selecting judges, reforms were inaugurated throughout the nation. In 1935, he became Dean of the C. U. Law School, and in 1939 was honored with the presi- dency of the University. Board of Regents Left to right: Frank D. Allen, Akron; Eugene A. Bond, Leadville; E. Roy Campbell, Denver; Vol B. Fischer, Boulder; President Robert L. Stearns; Carl D. McKinley, Greeley; Clifford W. Mills, Denver; Lawrence W. Cole, Boulder. Missing from the group is Dr. Martin D. Currigan, Denver Members of the Board of Regents are elected by popular vote in the State every two years to serve six- year terms. The board formulates policies, authorizes all business, makes all appointments, and assumes the responsibility of the institution. Executive Council Standing: Rowland W. Dunham, Dean of College of Music; Professor Gordon Alexander, Head of Biology; Professor G. G. Fullerton, Business School, Acting Head; O. C. Lester, Dean of the Graduate School; Professor Carl Borgmon, Head of Chemical Engineering Seated in bock row: Harl R. Douglass, Director of College of Education; Edward C. King, Dean of Low School; Horry G. Carlson, Dean of Men; Warren Roeder, Professor of Civil Engineering; H. S. Evans, Dean of the College of Engineering; H. C. Washburn, Dean of College of Pharmacy Seated in front row: Jacob Van Ek, Dean of Arts and Sciences; Lydio L. Brown, Dean of Women; President Robert L. Stearns. Missing from picture: Maurice H. Rees, Dean of Medical School; Elmore Peterson, Dean of School of Business; Clifford Houston, Dean of Summer Quarter The Council is composed of the President of the University, the deans of the colleges, and four members elected from the University Senate, they are not eligible to succeed themselves. It deals with emergency problems, formulates and enforces temporary regulations. UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION FRED E. ADEN Mr. Aden has been registrar and counsellor at Colorado since 1929. He keeps ell academic records of students entering and enrolled in the University. General University correspondence, publication of catalogues and bulletins, statistics on classes and students ore all handled through his department. Mr. Aden is especially interested in religious work and is active in the Wesley Foundation. ROWLAND W. DUNHAM Mr. Dunham, Dean of the College of Music, come to the University in 1927. He was graduated from the New Eng- land Conservatory of Music, and attended Ohio Wesleyan University. He is an authority on Church music and Asso- ciate Editor of THE AMERICAN ORGANIST. During the summer he is guest professor at Boston University. Bridge, baseball, and billiards ore his hobbies. RALPH L. CROSM As Head of the Scl has succeeded in e| that it is gaining also Director of student advisor and ciate Alumni, he-has will of the Uni ' enjoys golf and bill lism. Professor Crosman improving the School so nition. Mr. Crosman is ,cations. As a travelling Secretary of the Asso- n in spreading the good In his spare time, he JACOB VAN EK Dr. Van Ek, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has the rare gift of remembering names and faces among the thousands who hove passed under his tutelage at Colorado. His B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees were obtained from the University of Iowa. In 1928-29 he was awarded the Albert Kohn Fellowship, and observed governments and customs in sixteen countries. Dr. Von Ek has gained statewide reputation for his ability to analyze political and sociol problems. EDWARD C. KING m ' Mr. King this year became Dean of the Law School, suc- ceeding President Robert L. Stearns. He received his train- ing at Denver University, there obtaining his A.B. and LL.B. degrees. Taxation, trusts, and legal ethics are his particular interests in the field of law; he is well acquainted with both the practical and pedagogical problems of the profession. Dean King may be found playing tennis or golf when he is not figure-skating. V • 20 HARL R. DOUGLASS Dr. Douglass is Director of Education and Head of the department of Psychology. Recently he was appointed a member of a notional committee of the Association of Deans and Heads of the Departments of Education to study new types of graduate degrees to be offered in colleges and universities throughout the country. Dr. Douglass has just published a series of mothematical textbooks for junior high schools, mode more interesting by including problems of incomes, budgeting, home economics, and business. O. C. LESTER Dr. Lester, a noted physicist, is Head of the Graduate School. He received his A.B. and A.M. degrees from Central Col- lege, and his Ph.D. from Yale. His book, THE INTEGRALS OF MECHANICS, 1909, is well known. For recreation, when he isn ' t playing golf or fishing, he is raising roses in his garden, which is one of the lovliest in the region. Lester Is a member of Sigma Xi, Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi Sigma, and Sigma Pi Sigma. ELMORE PETERSEN Mr. Petersen, Dean of the School of Business and professor of marketing, took his A.B. as well as his B.Com. in 1911 at the University of South Dakota and followed these degrees with his M.A. at the University of Illinois in 1920. For 26 years he has been a leading figure in marketing and busi- ness organizations, but still has found time for relaxation by his hobbies of drawing and painting. HOMER C. WASHBURN Dr. Washburn has been Dean of the College of Pharmacy since 1913. He took his B.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. PHARMACOGNOSY AND MATERIA MEDI- CA ond BEGINNING PHARMACY ore two textbooks of which he is the author. He is careful to weed out un- promising students in his college, and consequently his graduates ore very likely to receive jobs immediately. Dean Washburn likes unique art objects, collects war relics, travels, cooks breakfast, and plays a guitar. RALPH E. ELLSWORTH Dr. Ellsworth, director of C. U. libraries, obtained his A.B. degree at Oberlin, his B.S. in Library Science at Western Reserve, and his Ph.D. at Chicago University. Over a ten- year period Mr. Ellsworth hopes to clear up the new library, making it as useful as a library should be. He is especially interested in extending library facilities in rural communities of Colorado. For recreotion he enjoys trout fishing. 21 • UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION MAURICE H. REES Dr. Rees, Dean and Superintendent of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Hospitals, took his A.B. at Monmouth College in Illinois, A.M. ot University of Illinois, Ph.D. at University of Chicago, and M.D. at Wash- ington University. He also teaches physiology and pharma- cology, and does research work in endocrine organs, and pituitary extracts and their physiological action. His lovely garden at his home in Denver shows the result of his interest in gardening. CLARA LOUISE KIENINGER Miss Kieninger has been the Director of the School of Nurs- ing at C. U. since 1926. Among her achievements since graduating from the Lutheran Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, are a citation from the British government for 26 months of overseas service, fellowships from the Rockefeller Founda- tion in 1921 and 1929, active work in founding modern nursing, and in founding Public Health Nursing in Brazil. HERBERT S. EV, Dr. Evans came to Co ' Dean of the School versify of Nebraska, in 1898, and his Ph rience as an engineeVj the General Electric organizations, he ha engineering journal sity in 1905, and became in 1919. From the Uni- r, he received his B.S. ' gained practical expe- Q. Railroad, and with ber of many engineering s articles published in HARRY CARLSON Mr. Carlson, Dean of Men, finds his interests in the field of athletics. He was director of Athletics at Melford School, and director of Physical Education at Homline University before he became baseball coach fifteen years ago. He received his B.P.E. from Springfield College, and his M.A. from Clark University. Besides baseball, he likes fishing, handball, and tennis. He takes great pleasure in reading. LYDIA L. BROWN Miss Brown, Dean of Women, is a graduate of Vassar Col- lege, and received her M.A. at Wisconsin University, from which she received a scholorship to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. She is very much interested in interior decorating, OS shown not only in her home, but in her help in planning the construction and equipment of Memorial, the dormi- tories, the Women ' s Club and the Faculty Club. As sponsor of many campus groups. Miss Brown has the opportunity of frequently indulging in her favorite recreation, meeting people. • 22 AUBREY J. KEMPNER Dr. Kempner is Head of the department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences. He gained his interest in mathmetics at George-August University, Gottingen, Ger- many. Here, too, he received his Ph.D. The University, founded in 1734 by the English King George II is famous for the high quality of its teaching, for its library, zoological, ethnographical, and mineralogicol collections, and for its Society of Sciences. CLARENCE L ECKEL Mr. Eckel obtained his B.S. in 1914, and his C.E. in 1921 at the University of Colorado. Since then he has been active on the faculty as Head of the Civil Engineering department, Chairman of the Athletic Committee, and Faculty Repre- sentative in the Mountain States Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Advanced work in structures holds his scholas- tic interest, besides his evident interest in othletics. GEORGE F. REYNOLDS Dr. Reynolds is Head of the combined departments of English Language and Literature. He obtained his A.B. and LL.D. from the University of Kansas, and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, in a book on the Elizabethan theater. Dr. Reynolds is throwing many old theories out the window, and discovering some amazing facts. The development of the theater, and the writers of the later Victorian period are especially interesting to him, too. He enjoys learning more about English backgrounds; end he likes gardening. R. G. GUSTAVSON Mr. Gustovson became Head of the department of Chemis- try in 1937, having taught previously at Denver Univer- sity, where he had also obtained his B.A. and M.A. de- grees. He has gained International fame in the field of biochemistry, especially concerning the glands of internal secretion. In 1930 he was a delegate to the second inter- national congress for glandular research in London. Among the awards he has received are the Phi Lambda Upsilon prize in analytical chemistry, and the Melzer Award in research. WALTER B.VEAZ IE Dr. Veazie, Head of the department of Philosophy, obtained his A.B. and Ph.D. degrees at Columbia University. His Interests lie in the realm of higher thought — philosophy and science. Ontology, the philosophic theory of reality. Is his favorite field. Further, he enjoys studying the history of science. His subject can Interest only those select few who can follow and at least partially understand abstract thought. 23 • UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM B. PIETENPOL Dr. Pietenpol, Head of the Physics department, entertains his classes with an amusing supply of " tricks " ! Perhaps he gathered them while traveling, or while studying at the University of Leyden, Holland, or while obtaining his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. But he has more serious interests, too — in research, application of physics to arts and industry, in which he particularly engaged in the West- ern Electric Company. For recreation, he enjoys tennis. EARL C. CROCKETT Dr. Crockett is Chairman of the Executive Committee, De- partment of Social Science. The University of California is his alma mater, from which he obtained his Ph.D. Under- graduates know him as the chairman of the committee on scholarships. He is particularly interested in public finance, and has done much research on the subject. In the fishing season he joins the ranks of the fishermen. He also enjoys traveling and reading. WILLIAM C. " Kayo " Lam, the G his B.A. degree_f i player for the AlrrlJ Dean of Men, Lai alumni alike. er of Athletics, received Uftyersity. As star football t)rv33-35 and as Assistant universally by students and CARL W. BORCMANN Dr. Borgmann, Head of the department of Chemical Engineer- ing, received his doctorate from Cambridge University in England after having received his earlier degrees (B.S. and Ch.E.) from the University of Colorado. His special interest in the field at one time was corrosion, although now he is devoting his time to unit operations in engineering. Mr. and Mrs. Borgmann are often seen at formols, and it is rumored that they are expert at folk dancing. CLIFFORD C. HOUSTON Dr. Houston enjoys a variety of activities as Dean of the summer quarter. Director of the Extension Division, and professor of education. From our own Colorado University he received his A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. degrees, and did graduate and post-doctoral study at Columbia University His scholastic interests include the development of interest patterns in children, vocational interest patterns of youth, guidance and personnel work, school curricula with reference to society ' s needs. He enjoys instrumental music and almost all sports. • 24 Associated Students oF the University of Colorado 1940 ' s Associated Students of the University of Colorado Commis- sion entered into office after two elections and a general con- fusion which resulted from the actual or supposed chicanery of political factions. Under the present constitution, drawn up by the old commission led by Byron White in 1937, political parties were encouraged in the same spirit that characterizes local and notional government. That this spirit has been misunderstood at times must be admitted, but on the whole the A.S.U.C. has been both representative and efficient. This has been especially true of the 1940 Commission, led by able Bill Hitchcock, who has carried on a successful program and has mode steps for a better organized and more equitable election system in the Spring of 1941. Standing: CALDERWOOD, DODSON Seated: NILSSON, HITCHCOCK, KELSO This year the A.S.U sibility of publicati ' Graduate Manager Men. In close coo] mission has successf ' priced eating unit Present members athletic functions versify Motion Pi the establishment problem of aid t left to individual reorganized, removing the respon- non thletic activities from the stu|Ht appeal to the Dean of stu2BtJ3ublications, the Com- d several fjians, notably the low- ij 2i« sP ol foi " student use. — i student spirit at St Series and Uni- e Alumni office in the campus. The dtWiy and in essence GREGORY, MERCER, MORTON, LOCKARD, BRAY, WESTFALL jh flk xj 3H m . . WESTFALL, MERCER, DODSON, BOATRIGHT, MORTON, CALDERWOOD DODSON, HITCHCOCK 25 • A. S. U. C. GRAVESTOCK, GRIGGS, BARTRAM, DE MOTT, FLANDERS WILLIAM HITCHCOCK .... Senior Representative, Arts and Sciences VERNE LOCKARD Junior Representative, Arts and Sciences SARA FLANDERS .... Sophomore Representative, Arts and Sciences STANLEY DODSON Senior Class Representative STAN CALDERWOOD Junior Class Representative GLENN HEDGECOCK Sophomore Class Representative LYLE BRAY Senior Representotive, Engineering MILLARD WESTFALL Junior Representative, Engineering MAX MORTON Business School Representative ROBERT BOATWRIGHT Pharmacy School Representative MILDRED MERCER Music School Representative ROBERT DE MOTT Law School Representative ALAN SHAND Medical School Representative HENRY GREGORY .... President of Independent Students Association LORRAINE KELSO Independent Representative BETTY NILSSON Associated Women Students Representative CHARLOTTE GRIGGS Panhellenic Representative JACK GRAVESTOCK Inter-Fraternity Representative JOHN BARTRAM Dance Commissioner OFFICERS WILLIAM HITCHCOCK STANLEY DODSON . LORRAINE KELSO . BETTY NILSSON LYLE BRAY VERNON LOCKARD J ROBERT DE MOTT MAX MORTON HENRY GREGORY CHARLOTTE GRIGGS ROBERT BOATWRf! JOHN GRAVESTOC GLENN HEDGECOC JOHN BARTRAM MILDRED MERCER STANFORD CALDEFMO ' MILLARD WESTFALL STANLEY DODSON ] SARA FLANDERS J. LORRAINE KELSO J JAMES ALAN SHAND . . President Vice-President Secretary Commissioners of Publications Treasurer rnr issioners of Finance r of Organization and Honorories iners of Athletics £|nt isioner of Dances of Entertainment iioner of Welfare and Employment Commissioner of Pep and Traditions . Commissioners of Forensics Commissioner of Medical Interests WESTFALL, HEDGECOCK, LOCKARD SI Bl i iP@Ki 1 M s fSi L-M Mr H f K SmJ Ui Sj fl B Sm mtm B FLANDERS, HEUocCOCK, DE MOTT MERCER, BOATWRIGHT • 26 SENATE BETTY NILSSON President LORRAINE KELSO Vice-President CAROLINE PROUTY Secretory SARA FLANDERS Treasurer CATHERINE PRESTON NANCY NASH EDNA FALK ALMA MAE GRAVES LUCKY KNOWLES MARGARET SPRINGSTEAD GERALDINE SERAFINI BETTY ANN GREIM JEAN MILLS BETTY HUTCHINSON MARGARET GARDNER MARGARET TODD FACULTY ADVISORS MISS LYDIA L. BROWN MISS THERESE STENGEL MISS HENRY ETTA REYNOLDS FLANDERS, KELSO, NILSSON, PROUTY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES LORRAINE KELSO . . . iFr Speaker VERNA ROSE HAIR ERMA RUTH CALLA DOROTHY KEPPELER JACQUELINE ZEUQ MARIE FENN PHYLLIS SELLS VIRGINIA STOVER LEINAD LIEN PATRICIA DANIELS MARTHA QUIGLEY REGINA BOSS VIRGINIA LEE WALKER MARJORIE ANDERSON LEE HANDELMAN , ' )CUTT1NG DREWS U-EN )ERWOOD ILDLAND ARDING HRISTENSEN BETTY CRIPPEN DOT JO BAKER LEATHA MAY HARRIS ENGLUND, SERAFINI, PRESTON, KNOWLES FALK, GARDNER, MILLS - ' ' B Back row: Hording, Keppeler, Andrews, Cutting, Handelman, Oldland, Calloway, Underwood Seotod on floor: Boss, Hair, Allen, Anderson Bock row: Lien, Kelso, Stover, Daniels, Bloke, Crippen, Quigley, Sells Seated on floor: Fenn, Baker, Walker, Christensen 27 • Barb] The Independent Students Association works for the benefit of the non-Creeks on the Campus. It directs a number of social activities, tea dances, quarterly formals, informal parties, as well as intramural par- ticipations. Other matters pertaining to the life of these students are considered by the Association. The four major officers are selected by general election, and the rest of the council is selected by these offi- cers from letters of application. ANDERSON, GREGORY, NASH, GALLAND Independent Student Organization OFFICERS HENRY GREGORY - ■ B President STANLEY PROFFITT -J J Vice-President MARJORIE ANDERSOh ' . . Jk Secretary NANCY NASH . H . . • .... Treasurer HENRY GREGORY STANLEY PROFF MARJORIE ANDEl 01 NANCY NASH LORRAINE KELSO RUTH ENGLUND MICHAEL BAIER CATHERINE BURNHAM MARJORIE McKEE CLAUDE MANNING ELBA WINBURN INOR COON ■ROSE PAONESSA ROBERT SOWERS JEAN HOLM CARL LINER BETTY SANBORN EMERSON CURTIS EDMUND BREIER ENGLUND, MANNING, KELSO, SANBORN Standing: COON, HOLM, SOWERS Sitting: McKEE, BAIER Standing: WINBURN, OGILVY, BURNHAM, PAONESSA Sitting: LINER, CURTIS • 28 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Combined Engineers JACOBSEN, Vice-President; DEVALON, Treasurer; REED, President Business School MORTON, A.S.U.C; DIVISEK, Secretary; WATTS, President; MOSLEY, Treasurer; MARKEL, Vice-President 29 LITTLE THEATRE ACTRESSES AND ACTORS " LACKEYS OF THE M00N " -VAMP1RES Culture comes to Colorado students at a cut-rate price, 1 6 cents per impresario and 21 cents for drama. The Artist Series, formerly under the direction of President Robert L. Stearns and now under Dr. Davison, has become a campus tradition. Among this year ' s contributions to culture were Alexander Kipnis and the Trapp Family. The question of whether or not culture permeates these Western parts is seriously bothering Dr. Davison, who reports a slump m attendance. Our suggestion that Greenman ' s and Quine ' s be closed on such occasions has not been too well received. ; TRAPP FAMILY— AUSTRIAN REFUGEES AT ARTIST SERIES PROGRAM APPLAUSE FOR AMATEUR ACTORS C. C. HERO-HEROINE ENGLISH LITS " BIG THREE i I ' renowned chess expert— neat neck lines, too KIPNIS — ARTIST SERIES BARITONE Replacing the old Library rail, upon which it was estimated that each Colorado student leaned 3,500 times in his college career, a new $70,000 theatre was constructed by remodeling the old library in 1940. Proud father of the idea of a new theatre was Dr. George Reynolds, head of the English literature department, who is said to have at one time planned an Elizabethan stage for the campus. For a small nominal sum students may watch six productions a year and drink coffee in the Green Room. Prize hit of the 1941 season was Noel Coward ' s HAY FEVER, a play whose appeal, if not quality, is unquestioned by the English lit. critics. » » The Little Theatre has had a wayfaring career, moving from its former building to Old Chapel before becoming established in the renovated library. Gem of its opening ceremonies was Dr. Davison ' s inaugural ode. ORINK TO ME WITH ONLY THINE EYES " ;A. S. U. C. TEA DANCE PROMPTER ' S NIGHTMARE WHY DIDN ' T THEY KILL THE COUNT? BENNETT AND BIG NAMES PI PHI ' S HOMECOMING HOUSE DECORATIONS JUSTICE WAS BLINI " Mums " and alums characterize Homecoming Day, which, with rush week and C. U. Day, constitutes one of the biggest events in the campus year. 1940 saw the SILVER AND GOLD commemorating its fiftieth anniversary and the twenty- seventh annual University Homecoming. » » Bane to Freshmen are the Creek house decorations and floats which help convert Boulder into an alumni paradise for two days. Floats are usually run-of-the-mill types, dwelling tor the last two years largely on the " blessings of peaceful sport, " as contrasted with the European war. YIPP ' LOOK AT THAT BLOND HUNK OF HEAVEN SOPt-is GET DUNKED IN TUG-OF-WAR BUDDY MALEVILLE ' S BAND PLAYS AT HOMECOMING RALL AND THE BAND PLAYED 01 IfifT ' WELCDME ALUI HOMECOMING QUEENS MANNING, HAM, SWEARNS PRATOR, ALUM SECRETARY, I DON ' T GET IT! CROWNS HOMECOMING QUEEN Delta Gammas blossomed out with a plaster-of-paris statue of a " blind justice " to take first place in house decorations, while Pi Phi Garnet Swearns was crowned Homecoming Queen with a gardenia corsage by C. U. ' s handsome new alumni director, Ralph Prater. Only legitimate bonfire of the year occurred on the night before the big game; hilarious alums joined in. This year a fast and tricky Utah U. team broke Colorado ' s winning streak. DELT HOUSE PARDON ME, IS THAT YOUR HAIR IN MY MOUTH? BAND ON COLORADO STATE ' S FIELC In an attempt to strengthen what are often rather distant relations between former students and the University, Alumni Secretary Ralph Prator has this year made strenuous efforts to engage alumni in activities on the campus Besides Home- coming the big day for the 1,800 members of the Alumni Association is Alumni Day, which occurs Saturday before Commencement Ten months of the year there emanates from Prator ' s Woodbury office the ALUMNUS magazine, which records the activities of the twenty-one state branches. » » The 1941 class appointed Max Morton its per- manent secretary to keep track of stray graduates. Prize joy of hungry graduates this year was the Buffalo Barbecue, at which one unfortunate buffalo provided 300 steaks. WOLF — WHISTLING AT CHI O. TILLARD MORTON, WINSOME AND BALD THE CENSOR GOT THE OTHER HAL SELF-MADE CARICATURES AT GAM AGENTS FOR LEVI STRAUS ' PETE ' ENSLIN, DEE GEE Campusology is the study of those distinctive and sometimes imitative modes of speech and dress associated with the university of today. Such modes at Colorado are often suspiciously sugges- tive of " local color " and Eastern styles; but as in most colleges, C. U. largely follows the dress of its more advanced students. Ori this page are both typical and representative examples of dress modes as they appear daily on the walks and in the houses of Boulder. LIZ ALLEN, PI PHI CLOTHES HORSE SAM THOMPSON, SIX-YEAR SHIEK JOHN HINSHAW, SIG BOY GROTTO BAR— DEN OF LOW GRADE BEER WHITE, REILLY, MANNING, BRILl Traditional dress on the campus are saddle shoes Levis (blue den, m work clothes), sweaters and skirts, and slacks. Informality is cultivated assiduously by sloppy clothes. Hairdos are simple, unmolested, and becoming. Men wear Heinie hakcTTts gi Is usually follow long bobs. Delta Gammas are distinctive; they wear " brush " cuts on top and a blondine streak down the cenWr Dyeing is the exception rather than the rule. Exploded fallacies are that Ch. Psis wear high- water pants " and Pi Phis, snowshoes. CANON DANCERS— STUPIDLY POISED FOR THE NEXT ONSLAUGHT PI PHIS PLAY PINOCHLE SHE WENT TO BRUSH HER TEETH GET IN THE LITTLE BOY ' S ROOM, CUNNIMGHAMJ GREENMAN ' S -WHERE THE REGULAR FELLERS AND GIRLS HANG OU ' Ht • PICTURE OF SUCCESS — DICK WRIGHT GIVE HER A HYPO— ALSO PUFFER ARE YOUR TEETH DINGY?— WORN TO A NUB The lawyers are generally recognized as C. U. ' s most diligent students. They alone take finals in that much over-rated spring quarter of senior year. The sole relaxation of one hundred lawyers is lounging on the back steps and commenting on female passers- by. The Law Ball, occurring Spring Quarter, is known for its aban- don, among other things. Science short: baldness is prevalent in Guggenheim Hall. THROW THEM A FISH WAYNE FERGUSON, DODO BOSS GRAVESTOCK MINDS HIS BUSINESS . ' T THEY ' RE REALLY NOT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF EL SAYRE HOW TO BLEMISH SHINS Dogs find the campus a haven. Most of them attend classes and are always well-behaved. Famous now on the campus is the Seeing-Eye dog who leads his blind master safely to and from classes. Other dog heroes Include Mr. Chips, who wallows in mud puddles and C. U. ' s unique irrigation ditches, and Chief, alias Romeo, who terrifies men by being at- tracted to the seat of their pants. CHECK IT — BETTER YET, FORGET IT WHAT SEARS WONT DO FOR PUBLICITY! PEDAGOGUE ' S PARADISE SO I SAID TO ' IM: " I ' LL GIVE YOU JUST 25 MINUTES! ' T— " aiii 1 1 1——— ' " " ■■■iiiiilillM TT LEAVE MY HONOR, BASIL! DORM FROSH SHOVELING IT— LITERALLY Campus characters are abundant and unmistakable. " Flagstaff Phil " is perennial; he stalks when he walks, stands when he drinks, and wears a " Rough-Rider " hat. His cokes are made of plain water and no ice. Marian Rosetta is known by her boots, which know no season. Tommy Tucker, dorm night-watchman, is known by over two thousand women. Whether or not he has a little black book, we have no way of knowing. NEAT REVERSIBLE COUPE CHEM LAB . . . " OPEN THE WINDOW, I BEEN SICK " AFTER THIS ONE, ONLY ONE KAPPA TO A PAGE— WE PROMISE CI ass o f ' 41 SUSANNE HAUCHEY ALLEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; Silver and Gold; Coloradan; Dodo; Window; Dormitory Counssllor. ARNOLD B. ALPERT Denver Business; Phi Sigma Delta; Phj Epsilon Phi; Player ' s Club; U. M. T. C. ERNEST H. ANDERSQN Arts and Sciences; Wil BETTY ROSS AN Arts and Sciences; ish Club; U. W. Wesley Foundati BETTY JANE AR Arts and Science: BETTY LOU A Arts and Sciences; Kapfeq kappa Yuma Colorado Springs French Club; Span- Co-ed Counsellor; Trinidad Denver W. C. A.; W. A. A. ROBERT CLAY AYER Lead, South Dakota Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Sigma Chi President at University of Washington; Inter-Fraternity Council. R. R. BAINS . . . . Engineering; A. I. Ch. E. Bay Town, Texas DOT JO BAKER Denver Arts and Sciences; President of Bigelow Hall; Dance Triad; U. W. C; Secretary Religious Interests Committee; House of Represent- atives; Orchesis. GEORGE G. BALDERSTON Paonia Arts and Sciences; Barb Reeves; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pentagon, JACQUELINE MARIE BARR .... Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; U. W. C, President; Triad; Silver and Gold; Harding Hall Council. DONALD S. BARRY Cedar Rapids, Iowa Engineering; University of Illinois; Pi Kappa Alpha; Colorado Engineer. Cedar Rapids, Iowa PATRICIA BARRY Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. BARBARA BARTELS Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Porpoise; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; University Chapel Committee; Colorado U. Day Com- mittee; Rhythm Circus; Intramurals. JACK E. BARTH Denver Engineering; A. S. M. E. FREDO. BARTIMUS Colorado Springs Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi. • 40 CI ass o f ' 41 JOHN W. BARTRAM Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Chi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Silver and Gold, Associate Editor; A. S. U. C. Dance Commissioner; Sophomore Prom Chairman; Rhythm Circus Board; Colorado U. Day Committee. BONNIE BELLE BASINCER La Junta Arts and Sciences; Barb Reeves; f igma Epsilon Sigma; W. A. A.; Player ' s Club; Wesley Foundati] Chorus; Concert Band; Universit HOWARD BEABER Engineering. LEWIS BECK . Engineering; P Nu. RONALD E. BEC Arts and Sciences, LOUIS F. BEIN Business; Beta Theta University Choir; Women ' s rcShestra. Cortez Denver imitar; Eta Kappa f Colorado Springs Berthoud EDWINA. BEMIS Littleton Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus; Little Theater; Civilian Pilot Training Program. CHARLES E. BENNETT Denver Law 2; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Alpha Nu; Glee Club; Silver and Gold; Colorodon; Dodo; Varsity Club; Rhythm Circus. ROSS BENSON Colorado Springs Engineering; Chi Psi; A. I. Ch. E.; Little Theater; Golf Team. ALBERTO. B I EGEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Ski Club; Silver and Gold; Coloradan. MARY FRANCES BIRK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Alpha; Spur; U. W. C; Porpoise; Congo Club; Cockrell Natural History Club, Vice-President; Player ' s Club; Little Theater; Little Theater Honors. JACK N. BONE Montrose Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha; Mortar and Pestle; Forestry Club. ERIE BOORMAN Springville, Utah Business; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President; Scimi- tar, Vice-President; Sumalia; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice-President; Sigma Delta Chi; " C " Club; Track. ELEANOR BOWEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Randolph Macon; Y. W. C. A.; Willard History Club; Coloradan; Peace Council. WALTER A. BOWLES Denver Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle, Treasurer; Baseball. BERLIN BOYD Bismarck, North Dakota Engineering; Delta Tou Delta; Tou Beta Pi, President; Sigma Tau; Scimitar; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Gold; Chapel Committee; Colorado U. Day Committee; An- nouncer at Student Broadcasts. 41 CI ass o f ' 41 DAVID MILTON BOYD St. Louis, Missouri Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E.; Rifle Club, Presi- dent. RICHARD L. BOYD Boulder Engineering; Etc Kappa Nu; Signaa Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E. CHRISTY LOU BRAINARD Arts and Sciences; ARTHUR BRAINERI Engineering; Chi Pi Circus; Junior Promi DOUGLAS BRAW Engineering; Sig LYLE BRAY . . Engineering; Bi Ch. E., President; C U. C. Commission RALPH C. BRENDLE .... Engineering; A. S. Ch. E.; Wrestling. ()rr aha, Nebraska Denver Ch. E.; Rhythm Golden olorado Springs " Chi Sigma; A. I. Publications; A. S. n Track. Dallas, Texas LE ELLA MARGERY BROAD Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Colorado State; Phi Sigma Iota; Delta Phi Alpha; French Club; Spanish Club; German Club. WILLARD BROCKWAY Boulder Engineering; Sigma Chi. WILBUR C. BROWN Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon; A. 1. E. E., Presi- dent; Colorado Engineer; Euclidean Club; Hiking Club; Junior Prom Committee; Little Theater. HOWARD C. BRYAN Denver Engineering; A. S. C. E. ROBERT BRYANT . . . : Denver Arts and Sciences. ALICE BUCKINGHAM Leadville Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; Dormitory Council; Co-ed Counsellor; History Club; Newmon Club; W. A. A.; Window. CATHERINE BURNHAM Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spur; Theta Sigma Phi; Barb Publicity Chair- man; U. W. C. Social Chairman; Coloradan; Colorado U. Day Committee. JUNE BURRELL Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Wyoming University; Player ' s Club; U. W. C; Rhythm Circus. ELVIN E. BUSHNELL Engineering. Fort Collins • 42 Class of 41 VIRGINIA BUTTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Mortar Board, President; Iota Sigma Pi, President; Hesperia; Spur; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Colo- radon; Rhythm Circus; Executive Board, Chapel Committee; Uni- versity Broadcasts; Junior Prom Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee; Little Theater. MAURICE R. CALDWELL • ]L ■ ■ ■ Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phj otorodon; Track. AGNES B. CAMPBELUj fc -jST . . Boulder ANNA l ' UE ' lt 5%I B| ■ ' ' Alamosa LEONARD MARTI iMajBLIg feBBr . • • Denver ALICE CARBUTt " . f ' ' Jl " " ' - • • Romeo Arts and Sciences; Y. Wi A.; U. V iuxJWesley Foundation Council. ELMER CARLSON Nucia Business. DOUGLAS CASE Fraser Engineering; Phi Koppo Alpha; A. S. C. E. f i ' ii CORABELLE CHADBOURNE Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. ROBERT BRUCE CHAMBERLIN Denver Engineering; Hiking, Manager-President. DONALD E. CLARK Birmingham. Michigan Engineering; Alpha Tou Omega; Scimitar; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Golf; Camera Club; Colorodan; Freshman Football; Flight Train- ing; Intramurals. DOROTHY GLAUS Sioux Falls, South Dakota Business; Kappa Alpha Theto; Spur; Beta Sigma; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus. LESLIE A. CLAYTON Cedaredge Engineering; Sigma Tau; A. S. C. E.; Chi Epsilon. DOROTHY CLIFFORD Wichita Falls, Texas Arts and Sciences. GERALDINECLINGMAN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club; French Club; U. W. C; Glee Club. HARRY GOE Springfield, Illinois Business; Phi Gamma Delta. 43 • CI ass o f ' 41 BARBARA COFFIN Tulsa, Oklahoma Music, Oberlin; Alpha Delta Pi; University Concert Band; Uni- versity Choir; University String Orchestra. HAROLD DOUGLASS COLLINS Arts and Sciences. JAY E, COMBS Engineering; Phi Delta Thetaj g S. M. E.; Iriterfraternity Council; " C " Club; Varsity Foo|ball. WILLIAM R. CONi Engineering; Alpj Window. WILLIAM HERB Engineering; T( HAROLD COOK Engineering essay contest; Sigma fraternity Council; Co Longmont Rosepine, Louisiana f Casper, Wyoming Phi; A. I. Ch. E.; Geneva, New York ( lub; Band. . . Denver ta Pi, winner of Mu Epsilon; Inter- MARJORIE CORNELIUS Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Chorus. SYLVIA S. CORSKE Denver Music; Sigmo Alpha Iota, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; Cosmo- politan Club; Glee Club; Choir; Orchestra; Band. HERBERT M. COULSON, JR Tulsa, Oklahoma Engineering; Acacia; A. I. E. E. RICHARD TOILLION COUNLEY Sterling Business; Beta Theto Pi; Silver and Gold; Coloradan; Band; Swimming. JAMES H. COWDEN Silt Arts end Sciences; PI Kappa Alpha, Vice-President; Delta Phi Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Coloradan; Window; Rhythm Circus; Baseball. LEE COX Brush Business; Window; Glee Club. BETTY CRIPPEN Denver Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY CROWELL Colorado Springs Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle; Rx Club. JOHN G.CUMING Brooklyn, New York Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. WILLIAM K. DAVISSON Monte Vista Business; Sigma Nu; Beta Alpha Psi; Ticker Tape; Intramurals. • 44 I Class of 41 HHHHH EARLE W. DEVALON, JR Denver f ■ " ' Engineering; Sigma Chi; Scimitar; Sumalia; Class President, f t m ' ,, Sophomore and Junior years; Sigma Tau, President; Alpha Chi ,; Sigma; Silver and Gold, Sports Editor. 1 — M ROBERT H. DEWEY Fruita ' SALLY DICKINSON . . ' .1 , . if . . . Denver Arts and Sciences; AWic jiij« hon G £ A. W. S.; Vaude- JO ANNE Dl VISE Kiij j| .j| » . . • • Denver Business; Pi Beta jfjIVj W -S ii ByS ' g ' a President; jk , . Business School, Seyql y jM Ke] Silver and Gold, MtM Business Staff. ' C ' K? : ' . If d f f K ' ' EUGENE W. DOCTftSWyip QrSyeybull, Wyoming JOHN M. DORSEY . v]L . . FTj . Urbana, Illinois Engineering; Sigma AlpHa Epsilon; ColorSoatEngineer. ADELE CATHERINE DOSTAL Cascade fl ft? Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; U. W. C; Home Economics Club; Newman Club; Rhythm Circus; Choir. i fB ' I EARL EDWARD DOTY Walsh ' ' " Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle; Roger Williams Fellowship; Band. _ KfL J JOHN CLARKSON DOWLING . . . Taos, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; Player ' s Club; Spanish Club, President; French Club; Window. -y -f JEAN LU I SE DUDGEON Denver 11 V If ' ' ■ ' " " Sciences; Alpha Phi; W. A. A.; Porpoise; Co-ed Coun- II ■ f H J seller; Silver and Gold; Coloradan. af f BEN K. DUFFY Denver " " -- Engineering; M. I. T. 1940; Delta Tau Delta. . J PAUL C. DUKES Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Pi Tau Sigma; " D " Club Wrestling. JANE EASTMAN Belvidere, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; U. W. C; Silver and Gold; A. W. S.; " HK I Vaudeville. LYLE ELMER EATON Boulder Engineering. RAYMOND A. EATON Denver Engineering; A. I. E. E. " f BETTIECARRECKHARDT Boulder Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Pi; Porpoise, President; W. A. A.; Council of U. W. C; Home Eco- nomics Club. 45 • Class oF 41 CHARLES ECHTERNACHT Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsllon Phi; Viking Club; International Relations. LENAIREECKMAN Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Epsilon Phi; Wesley Foundation, President. ROBERT T. EDMUNDSON Business; Beta Theta, Associate Editor; rsr ROBERT L EICI Arts and Science; RALPH ELY Graduate. Denver i Varsity Golf Team. Greeley xander, Pennsylvania Erie CHARLES J. ELZ Engineering; Delta Tau Sigma. MARY ELLEN ENGEL St. Joseph, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. JAMES S. ENGLUND Denver Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Band. WOODROW A. ERICKSON Boulder Engineering. CRETCHEN ETTER Loveland Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto. NANCY LI LA EVANS Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. GEORGE E. EVERHART . Las Animas Arts and Sciences. EDNA M. FALK Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Spur, President; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; A. W. S. Vaudeville Chairman; Housing; Window; Editor; Little Theater. MARGARET E. FICKEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; W. A. A.; Rhythm Circus; Vaude- ville. BILL FIMPLE Pueblo Arts ond Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta. MILTON FIRTH Pueblo Engineering; A. I. E. E. • 46 CI ass o f ' 41 STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS Arvada Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Colorado Engineer; Assistant Editor; A. I. E. E.; Radio Club; Rhythm Circus. JOHN FLEMING Limon Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Alpka Chi Sigma, President; Sigma Tau; A. I. Ch. E. MARY FRANCES FORESTE Arts and Sciences; JOHN L. FORNE -; Arts and Science; Epsilon Phi; Alphi WARD E. FOSTE Arts end Science: IRVIN A. FRIESB4 Pharmacy. Correctionville, Iowa Glenwood Springs nt; Scimitar; Phi Portland, Oregon Boulder EMILY JANE FRITCH Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Spur; House of Repre- sentatives; Co-ed Counsellor; Y. W. C. A.; Peace Council, Secre- tary; Coloradon; Rhythm Circus; A. W. S. Vaudeville. WAYNE FULLER Henderson Arts and Scinces; Alpha Sigma Phi; Interfraternlty Council; Football. CLARE PORTER FUNK Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; W. A. A.; U. W. C; Window; Dodo; Reading Choir. WILLIAM J. GARDINER .... Long Beach. California Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MARGARET JEANNE GARDNER . . Kinbrae, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, President; Mortar Board; House of Representatives; Senate; Dormitory Hall President; Home Eco- nomics Club; U. W. C. Council; Attendant to Miss C. U. JOHN PROCTOR GEIGER La Junta Businss; Phi Gamma Delta; Coloradon; Silver and Gold; Dodo; Business Blotter; C. U. Day Committee; intramurols. LEONARD E. GEMMILL Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Colorado Engineer; A. I. Ch. E. LOIS MARIE GERMANN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Iota; Koppo Delta Pi; Spur; U. W. C; Little Theater; String Symphony Orchestra; A. W. S. Vaudeville; Rhythm Circus. JEAN ELIZABETH GILLETT . . . Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President; Spur; Hesperia; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Women ' s Essay Club; Y. W. C. A.; Window; Rhythm Circus. RAYMOND GIRARDO Boulder Arts and Sciences; Bond, Vice-President; intramurols. 47 • CI ass o f ' 41 WILLIAM C. GOOD IN Casper, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi. ANN GOODING Steamboat Springs Little Theater Honors; Player ' s Club; Porpoise; W. A. A. HUGH SUMMERS GRAHAM Engineering; Kappa Sigma; PI Chi Sigma; Rhythm Circus; ALMA MAE GRAY Arts and Sciences Porpoise; W. A Freshman Prom G Circus Committee; MARGARET MA Arts and Scieni . .,. . Denver silon Phi; igma Tau; Alpha ' Choir. . . Grand Junction ur; Mortar Board; President; Senate; oloradan; Rhythm Estes Park JOHN H. GRAVP5te yCf ' » " ' ' i ' ' " ' KV— . . . Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi .Woppo Tou, Pfcsimerit; Phi Epsilon Phi; Alpha Nu; InterfraterrytvKCouncil, Pr«Cra t; A. S. U. C. Com- mission; Board of Athletics; Colorodon, Business Manager; Dodo; Little Theater. BARBARA GRAY Maryville, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Honors Union; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Dorm Counsellor. CHARLES E. GREEN Tungsten Engineering; A. S. M. E. WILLIAM GRIFFITH Denver Engineering; Beta Theto Pi. CHARLOTTE GRIGGS Davenport, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto, President; Spur; Pi Gamma Mu; A. S. U. C. Commission; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic; Uni- versity Choir; Religious Emphasis Week Committee. CARMEN CROMER Center Business; Beta Sigma; Dormitory Council. JOE L GULINSON Denver Engineering; Adelphi; A. I. E. E.; Colorado Engineer; Intramurals. A. TOMGURMATAKIS Boulder Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scimitar; Sumalia; Heart and Dagger; Sigma Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; Intramurals. CHARLOTTE CUSTAVSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Pi; Home Economics Club, President; Religious Interests Committee; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; University Chapel Committee; Silver and Gold. WERTH C. HAGE Denver Engineering; Eta Kappo Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Gamma Delta; A. I. E. E.; Radio Club. HAL HOWES HAGUE Boulder Engineering; Sigma Nu; Band. 48 Class of 41 ELIZABETH GRANGER HAMM Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Silver and Gold; Red Cross. ANNA LOUISE HANSEN Casper, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Delta Delto Delta; Barb Reeves; U. W, C; Homecoming Committee. MARGARET HARBAUGH Music; Delta Gamma; K Glee Club. GARRY HARRIS Ji.ii5 Arts and Sciences] Dramatics. tZ ' I ' B- LEATHA MAY H ' Arts and Scieni Hellenic, Presidei resentatives; Si I HAL HARRISON Engineering; Pi Kappi hillipsburg, Kansas University Women ' s Boulder le Club; U. W. C. Colorado Springs ent; Spur; Pan- rio.ffev House of Rep- nhmittee. La Junta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Rhythm Circus; University Quartet; Bond. EARL HARTER Denver Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Colorado Engineer; A. I. E. E. BERNICEHAUCK Valley Falls. Kansas Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; W. A. A.; Kansas University. EARL L. HECKMAN Rocky Ford Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; University Band. HELEN HENDERSON Denver Arts and Sciences. HELEN C. HERTHA Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Nu. Berthoud JOHN HESTER Washington, D. C. Engineering. GERALD RYAN HILLYARD Denver Business; Chi Psi; Scimitar; Little Theater; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Gold. WILLIAM K. HITCHCOCK Wray Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Sumalia; Business Manager of Sohomore Prom; Chairman of Junior Prom; Business Manager of Rhythm Circus; President Associated Students; Coloradon; Home- coming Committee; Colorado U. Day; Religious Interests. JOET. HOBBS, JR Colorado Springs Engineering School; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; Colorado Engineer. WALTER ROBERT HOCUE Boulder Engineering; Pi Mu Epsilon; Chi Epsilon; A, S. C. E. 49 CI ass o f ' 41 EUGENE GORTON HOLLAND lola, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota; French Club; Spanish Club; Assistant Editor of the Dodo. JEAN HOLM Arlington Arts and Sciences; Barb Council; Theto Sigma Phi; Co-ed Counsellor; Barb Reeves; Silver cmd Gold; Dodo; Window; Player ' s Club; Little Theater. DORSEY EMIL HOLTKAMP Arts and Sciences. SAM S. HOOVER Business; Phi Gam Track; " C " Club; MARY ELEANOR Arts and Scieno Cross Group; jnti BETTY HUTCH Arts and Sciences; P A. A.; President, Y. University Women ' s CI f. . Botkins, Ohio Denver n; Silver and Gold; aton, New Mexico iW. C. A.; Jr. Red Boulder Panhellenic; W. ed Cross Chairman; ise of Representatives. FRANCES MADELEINE HUTTON Boulder Phi Chi Delta; Inter-Church Council. PATRICIA INGALLS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spur; Freshman Cabinet; University Women ' s Club; Co-ed Counsellor; Red Cross; Silver and Gold. MARjORIE INGERSOLL Denver Alpha Phi; Silver and Gold; Coloradon; Vaudeville; Intramurals; Rhythm Circus. DON IRISH Glen Ellyn, Illinois Arts and Sciences. OSCAR B. JACOBSON Grand Junction Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon, President; Sigma Tau; Heart and Dagger; Combined Engineers, Vice-Presi- dent; Football; Track. JEAN ELLEN JENS Wheaton, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Porpoise; Rhythm Circus; Intra- murals. NORMAN JENSEN Billings, Montana Engineering; Sigma Nu; Interfraternity Council; A. S. M. E. CHARLES P. JOHNSON Casper, Wyoming Engineering School; Alpha Sigma Phi. BARBARA JOHNSTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Carleton College; Home Economics. MAURINE JONES Boulder Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Home Economics Club; Y. W. C. A. 50 Class of 41 _ CAROLYN JONES Denver T f Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Dodo; Coloradan; House J k n - • of Representatives; W. A. A. " ' WILLIAM I. JOVANOVICH Denver - .. " • %., Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta P i; Phi Beta Kappa; Heart and P SMiI ' M m Dagger; Editor of Coloradan; Dc o. H T % ' ' KBk. JUANITA I. KAHLER . . M . • • Elkhart, Kansas Ij k f Arts and Sciences. - , 1, V- iP - W f GILES E. KEITHL Y |, ,«j||!.U . j : . Peoria, Illinois — ' jf Low 1; Kappa Sign Jji?i j5| | en ' g ' | dja Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Intramurals. % FRED A. KELSALl|p_ jf SP Klfil - ■ - Boulder Engineering; A. MARYVIRCINI ]K|| QRfla2EJ W ' i rshalltown, Iowa Arts end Sciences; KATHERINE KEMPTON Syracuse, New York J Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Spur; Dodo; Coloradan; W|PNM%, 1 Little Theoter; Glee Club. ■ » f CLYDE B. KENNEDY Las Animas S - J • • -s Business; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Tau; Buffalo Trader; i yH Jiar B Band. 1 V WILLIAM KISLER Denver Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Baseball. LUCKY KNOWLES Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A. W. S. S2nate; Hes- peria, President; Spur; Y. W. C. A.; C. U. Day Committee. NATALIE KOEHLER Durango 4 _ Pharmacy; Alpha Delta Pi; Mortar and Pestle; Rx Club; W. A. A. RITA ANNE KOHL Denver " Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; U. W. C.; Nawman Club; • ' m W. A. A.; Dodo; Rhythm Circus. -i rs mr - CAROLINE KROHN La Grange, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta; Physical Education Club, Presi- dent; U. W. C; Dormitory Hall Council. PHYLLIS LAMBETH Grand Junction Business; Coloradan; Rhythm Circus. „ HAROLD L. LAWLER La junta " Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; Camera Club; Colorado Engineer. ROBERT LAWLER Fowler ' Engineering. 51 • CI ass o f ' 41 MARCUS LEH Sterling Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Forensics; Chess Club. AUBREY C. LEONARD Boulder Engineering; A. S. C. E.; VarsityiSwimming; " C " Club. BERNARD B. LEVITT Engineering; Tau Bet ELIZABETH JEAN L Arts and Sciences; Epsilon. lege. CARL ALFRED LI Business; Beta Alpl ETHEL JEAN LIK Arts and Sciences; U House of Representatives, Denver . Snow Mass Weldona Boulder Co-ed Counsellor; DONALD A. LITTLEJOHN Grand Junction Engineering. VERNON L LONG Boulder Arts and Sciences; Player ' s Club; French Club; University Chorus. ARTHUR LOOK Denver Pharmacy; Pharmacy Club; Cosmopolitan; North Dakota Agri- cultural College. CHALMERS A. LOUGHRIDGE . . . Gallup, New Mexico Engineering; Phi Chi Psi; A. I. Ch. E., Vice-President; Tennis. JOHN A. LOVETT Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Delta Tou Delta; intramurols. E. MARJORIE LUKROFKA .... Casper, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; U. W. C; Vocational Guidance Committee; Window, Publicity Manager; Rhythm Circus. MEREDITH MacDONALD . Business. SUE McCAMANT . . . Arts and Sciences. South Bend, Indiana El Paso, Texas MILDRED JUNE McCOLL Granby Arts and Sciences. ROLLIN McCOMBS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. 52 Class of 41 EDWIN McCRILLIS Denver Engineering; Buffalo Ski Club, President; A. 1. Ch. E. FRANCES McELVEEN Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C.; Home Economics Club; Silver and Gold. HARRY M. McCRAYEL . . . . , : . . . Denver Business; Sigma Alpha Psil KK ' elta. Sigm Pi; Honors Group; Little Theater; Dormitipry Pr giSmnhVttg rnlnrnHnn ANNE COOPER • ' J Jrl ' g " ity, Oregon Pharmacy; Alpha ' aJ jKilioitto «Be.tle; Rx Club, Presi- RUBY LEE McMllifej ' W j B Rjf . . Estes Park MARY JANE McrfjjJQf j j| ' J B£;)X . . Trinidad Arts and Scienca r, ' CuT iBAjuO; Playe Wdb; Little Theater. E. K. McQUERY Sterling Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Pi Gumma Mu; Young Democrats, Vice-President; Debate; A. S. U. C; Honors, Executive Councils. EDNA MAINS Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Delta Phi Alpha; House of Representatives. t WARREN M. MALLORY Boulder Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau, President; Tau Beta Pi; Sumalia; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.; Colorado Engineer; Editor; Radio Club, President; Engineers ' Day Committee. CARL MARKEL Pueblo Business. ANNIE BOBS MARSHALL Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; U. W. C; Co-ed Counsellor; Rhythm Circus; Dodo; Coloradan. HOMER MARSHALL Longmont Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. JOAN L MARTIN Monmouth, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W. A. A.; Porpoise. GEORGE Y. MASUNAGA Brighton Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle; Cosmopolitan Club; Buff Ski Club; Alpine Ski Club; Baseball; Intramurals. ADOLPH MAYER Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi; Manager of Athletics; Base- ball Manager; Football Statistician; Silver and Gold; Dodo; Colo- radan Athletic Manager. JOHN DONALD MAYER Denver Engineering; Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau. 53 • CI ass o f " 41 EDWARD J. MEIKEL. JR Kersey Engineering; Acacia; Alpha Chi Sigma. ANNA MARIE MENTER .... Las Banes, California Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club; U. W. C; Red Cross. MILDRED MERCER Music. „ WILLIAM HENR jW Arts and Sciences; Jlitti MARILYN BETH Business; Alpha of Representatives! Committee. ROSEMARY MILCER Arts and Sciences; Kappi AJ. W. C; House sineijs School Social Denver . C. A.; Red Cross. A. HOWARD MILNE Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Chi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; intramurols. DOROTHE MILZER Denver Arts and Sciences. LELAND E. MODESITT Denver Law, 4; Beta Theta Pi; " C " Club; Dodo, Associate Editor; Colo- radon, Associate Editor; Silver and Gold, Columnist; Rhythm Circus, Director; Junior Prom Committee; Golf Team. MAX T. MORTON Pueblo Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Sumolia; Heart and Dagger, Presi- dent; Silver and Gold; Dodo; Window; A. S. U. C. Commission; Junior Prom Committee; C. U. Day Committee. GEORGE ALFRED MOSLEY Colorado Springs Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Congo Club; A. S. C. E.; Business School Board of Directors; Treasurer of Business School; Blotter, Editor-in-Chief; Ticker Tape; Buffalo Trader; Business Day Committee; Freshman Football; intramurols. EUTHAN V. MULLINS Areata, California Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Pi Tou Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Football. MARY JANE MUNSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Delta, President; Home Economics Club; U. W. C; Player ' s Club. KATHLEEN MYERS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club; U. W. C; Red Cross. PAUL NAKACAWA Boulder Law School, 1 . HENRY R. NASH Honolulu, T. H. Engineering; Kappa Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Phi Epsilon Phi. • 54 CI ass o f ' 41 GEORGE NELSON Bedford, Iowa Engineering. LOIS MARGARET NELSON . . . Schenectady, New York Arts and Sciences; Chi Onnega; Spur; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A., Board; U. W. C; Porpoise, President; Home Economics Club; Pan-Hellenic; Window. JOSEPHINE NEWTON . Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Window. % WILLIAM A. NIES Arts and Sci ences; Dei Council. AA Colorado Springs us CfCib; Little Theater; Erie i; Interfraternity Denver Mortar Board; nomics Club; ' S. U. C. ohn Committee; Denver BETTY NILSSON . Arts and Sciences; Hesperia; Spur; A Dormitory Vice-Pre; Commission, Publici Junior Prom Quee; RICHARD NILSSON Arts and Sciences; Chi P i, ' president; Interfraternity Council- Little Theater; Rhythm Circus; Intramural Sports. VIRGINIA NORD Raton, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Window. EARL NORRIS, JR Abingdon, Illinois Business; Phi Delta Theta. YVONNE NORTHCUTT Denver Arts and Sciences; Koppa Kappa Gamma, President; Spur; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic, Secretary. JAMES P. O ' HARA Deadwood, South Dakota Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Chi Epsilon, President; A. S. C. E.; Interfraternity Council; Interfraternity Dance Committee. DOROTHY MAE OKKERSE Trinidad Business; Beta Sigma. NEIL WOODROW OLSON Colorado Springs Business School; PI Kappa Alpha; Debate; Extension Speaking. MARJORIE OSTRANDER Boulder Business; Alpha Chi Omega. M. ALLEN PALMER Norwood Arts and Sciences. JOHN O. PARKER . Denver Business; Phi Kappa Psi; International Relations Club; University Band. EDWARD F. PEARSON Pueblo Engineering. 55 • CI ass o f ' 41 KENNETH PERSONS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Student-Faculty Pep Committee; Cheer Leader; Sophomore Prom Committee; Colo- radan; Rhythm Circus; University Choir. SIDNEY C. PETERS Denver Arts and Sciences; Window, As ciate Editor; Artists ' Series, Stu- dent Manager. MAURICE E. PETERSEN Engineering; Kappa Si ma; A. S. M. E.; U JAMESPHILPOTtJI Engineering; Beta Bw " i Committee; ColorJByllR % WALTER R. PLE Business; Beta ROSE MARIE Pi Arts and Sciences; Ne ish Club. LongmonI a Tau; Pi Tau Sig- Denver t; Sophomore Prom hm Circus. Denver ' i_ . Denver French Club; Span- MARVIN H. POPE Pueblo • Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; A. S. M. E.; Colorado Engineer. SHIRLEY LEIGHTON PORTER . . Western Springs, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A., Vice-President; Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Spur; W. A. A.; Little Theater; Coloradan. MARY HELEN POTHAST Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; Coloradan. MIRIAM LOUISE PRICE Grand Junction Arts end Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; U. W. C; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus. DAVID C. PROFFITT Washington, D. C. Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Photo Editor Silver and Gold and Dodo; Secretary Sigma Delta Chi; Coloradan. STANLEY H. PROFFITT Washington, D. C. Engineering; Phi Epsilon Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Adelphi; 1. S. A., Vice-President; Viking Club; Colorado Engineers; Barb Reeves. FRANKLIN PROUT Hot Springs, Arkansas Arts end Sciences; Theta Xi; Gymnastics; " C " Club. ALICE MAY RANDALL Glenwood Springs Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Iota Sigma Pi; Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY JANE REED Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gemma; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. TED H. REED Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scimitar; Sumalia; Heart and Dagger; Sigma Tou; Etc Kappa Nu; Combined Engineers, Presi- dent; Vorsity Tennis. • 56 Class of 41 DORIS REMBER Hailey, Idaho Arts and Sciences; University of Idaho; Delta Phi Delta. WILLIAM F. REYNARD Fort Morgan Arts and Sciences. LAURA E. RICE . . . Jr ■ ' • • .• • • Denver Arts and Sciences; Iota Sigma Si W. A. A Home Economics Club; Little Theater; Woman ' s us. JOHN D. RICH, JR. { j P " ' Of- ' ' ' Business; Delta ' ' °«JjB| « sillen L sjj nd Gold; Rhythm FRED RIECHERS ' S m B Kd ■ ■ ■ Boulder DOROTHY C. Jfgffja ' MjV - ' ' ' ® " ' ' Arts and SciencW -oPil KjlP fef a HBjfliWT- Mortar Board; ■ ' «-- ' Silver and Gold, Societyr tor; Dodo; Repalous Interest Com- • ' - " ' ERNEST ROMANS Louisville Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi; Homecoming Committee; " C " Club; Baseball. S. PAUL ROSE Arlington „ . Business. » J " ' ■ ■ ' ■ J. ROBERT ROSEN KRANS Wray ' " ■• Engineering; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Tou Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; A. S. M. E., President; Engineers ' _ Ball Committee; Engineers ' Applefest Committee, Chairman; Wjk -. W Freshman Football. ' " BETTY JANE ROST Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omego. ss J. MARIE ROST Boulder , Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; B. Y. P. U.; Campus Club; Cosmo- Jf politan Club. H HjjA ROBERT C.ROTEN Fort Collins Aj l Business; Sigma Nu; Silver and Gold; Blotter; Intramurals. L ; GORDON H. ROWE, JR Trinidad _ Law, 4; Trinidad Junior College; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi. HAROLD E. ROWE Sioux Rapids, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Band; Wesley Foundation. 1 ROY M. RUDDELL Nev Castle, Indiana y Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. J WILMA RUDEEN Pocatello, Idaho Arts and Sciences; U. W. C. 57 CI ass o f ' 41 WILLIAM A, SACKMAN Denver Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Coloradan; Dodo; Blotter. YVONNE WYVETTE SALIBA Walsenburg Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Hesperia; Spur; Iota Sigma Pi; Coloradan; Silver and Gold, ciety Editor; Co-ed Counsellor; Dormitory Council; Home Econorn Ql ib; Rhythm Circus, Dance Director. [ JAMES L SAMUEL . . Engineering; WesteJ! President; Colora y If HENRY A. SCHAEIiffife ; Business. EVERETT SEARS Arts and Sciences, C. U. Day Commi ' MARY ELIZABETFTS ' Business; Lindenwood Beta Sigma; Blotter, Edit( radan; Silver and Gold. Rocky Ford E. j .; Radio Club, Leadville . . Walsenburg iJ ' iColoradan; Dodo; 1; Freshman Football. Abilene, Kansas eta Gamma Sigma; ed Counsellor; Colo- WILLIAM ELDON SHOWALTER Loveland Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; University Rifle Team; Gymnastics Squad. WILLIAM SLICKERMAN Colorado Springs Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Epsilon Phi; Player ' s Club; Little Theater Honors; Blotter; Ticker Tape; Coloradan. BILL SLOBODNIK Crested Butte Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Intramurals, Team Manager. BETTY JANE SMITH Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Coloradan; Window. HERBERT ROY SMITH Sterling Business; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Buffalo Trader; Blotter; Business School Day Committee; Varsity Basketball, Man- ager; Freshman Football, Manager. EDITH ELEANOR SMITH Hayden Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Chi Delta; W. Y. C. A.; Presbyterian Union. CURTIS J. SOMMER Peoria. Illinois Engineering; Purdue University; Phi Kappa Psi. HAROLD A. SPANCLER Denver Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Freshman Prom Committee. MARGARET SPRINGSTEAD Bristol Arts and Sciences; Hesperia; Spur; W. A. A., President; A. W. S. Senate; Physical Education Club, Vice-President. CLARENCE M. STAFFORD, JR Denver Engineering; Radio Club. 58 Class of 41 KENNETH W. STALKER Kirk Arts and Sciences; Williard History Club; Interchurch Council; Gymnastics Team. WILLIAM DAVID STANCIL Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; A (ljfa Epsilon Delta; Phi Delta Chi; Dodo; Intramurals. CERALDINE STANSBURY Arts and Sciences. ' DONALD B. STE Arts and Sciences; REUBEN ARTHUR Pharmacy; Phi Delj Club. CARROLL L. STOE ' Engineering; Sigma Pn Tau; Pi Tau Sigma, Presi . . La Veta Aurora, Nebraska Colorado Springs ' Mortar and Pestle Denver Beta Pi; Sigma CHARLES M. STONE Trinidad Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; Intramurals. BARBARA STORER Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Kappo Kappa Gamma, House President; U. W. C; W. A. A.; Freshman Prom Committee; Rhythm Circus; Red Cross. NINA STROUD Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club. DALE STUART Pueblo Business; Beta Alpha Psi; Presbyterian Union. MARGARET ANN SULLIVAN . . . . Casper, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; French Club; Rhythm Circus. JACK SUTTLE Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scimitar; Alpha Chi Sigma; Camera Club; Coloradan; Track; Tennis. EUGENE DUDLEY TABER Denver Business; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Bond. SIEGLINDE HALLERTALBOTT Boulder Arts and Sciences: Iota Sigma Pi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Porpoise; W. A. A.; U. W. C; Coloradan; Honors Union Council. SAM W. TAMMINGA Denver Engineering; Chi Psi. TOM TEN EYCK Denver Engineering; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President; Scimitar, President; A. S. C. E.; Coloradan; Football. 59 • CI ass o f41 FREDTEPLEY Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Barb Reeves; Camera Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Track. RICHARD THOMAN Lamar Arts and Sciences; Little Theater; Library Staff. WILLIAM R.THOMAS Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi EDITH CATHEI N Arts and Science; . President; WomaA ji| C. ROBERT TO Engineering; A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT TRAI Arts and Sciences; tSarp j[,ounc " San Antonio, Texas ' . Colorado Springs ent; Campus Club, Mitchell, Nebraska lion Phi; Bond; Ordway liib; Newman Club. RENE TROY Raton, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Spanish Club; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; Peace Council; Little Theater. VIRGINIA GREENWOOD TRUE Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Little Theater; Home Economics, Social Chairmen. DEANE B. VALENTINE Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Camera Club. LOUISE CORWIN VAN DEVENTER . Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A. Detroit, Michigan Evanston, Illinois GLORIAVANSLYCK Dallas, Texas Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. HELEN JANE VARNER Ord, Nebraska Business. RICHARD BIGELOWVERTREES Castle Rock Business; Sigma Chi; Beta Alpha Psi, President; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Epsilon Phi. RAYMOND J. VOLLUZ Denver Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tou Sigma; A. S. M. A.; Colorado Engineer. OLGA VON WEDELSTADT Arts and Sciences. Long Beach, California MARILYN WALKER Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President; Delta Phi Delta; Co-ed Counsellor, Vice-President; Coiorodan, Art Editor; Window Staff; Engineers ' Ball Queen; Beaux Arts Ball, Chairman; Women ' s Chorus. 60 Class of 41 RICHARD WARREN, JR Grand Junction Business; Beta Theta Pi. EDWARD BARTLETT WATSON . . . Colorado Springs - ' " v Arts and Sciences; Signna Nu. B B JEAN WASHBURN . . • • • ■ y ' - ' ■ ■ Denver Pharmacy; Barb Reeves; Mort §j id Pestle; A. W. S. Senate; CHARLES WARD W4|5»J I ' v! Sx ' • • La Salle - Business; Beta ThetiLpjytMfcey,, B»feident; Delta Sigma Pi; Sumalia; Silver aovj JBB pl tf Dodo. EVELYN WEDEL KK F k HnF rt Madison, Iowa Business; Porpoise;KK 0.7|yBj ' flr o r; Intramurals. LEONARD R. WE+? a i7 il L ■ Rolla. Kansas Business; Delta Sigma Pi Viking Club; lltrlrWurals. GORDON A. WELLER Denver Engineering; Phi Epsilon Phi, President; Viking Club; Colorado U. Day Committee; Homecoming Committee. PAUL WERNER Denver Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Colorado Engineer. ROBERT H. WEST Denver ». " H Engineering; Sigma Chi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Colorado Engineer. 1 I k ' C CAROLINE WHITMAN Leadville ' Hh . V I ' ° ' " Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; ■ 1 B Coloradan, Assistant BETTY WHITESTINE El Dorado, Kansas " vW Arts and Sciences. :, » JEAN WIGTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, President; Hesperia; Pan-Hellenic; ' Silver and Gold; Coloradan, Associate Business Manager; Rhythm . Circus. £ ' f TJ ' " LOUISE C. WIGTON Beverly Hills, California p Wjl OT V Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary; Kappa J - - g ' ■, — , Delta Pi; Orchesis. ' - DAVID FRANKLIN WILLIAMS Denver Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Phi Epsilon Phi; A. I. Ch. E. WILLIAM E. WILLIAMS .... New Wi I lard, Texas Engineering; A. I. Ch. E. BETTY EVELYN WILSON Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; W. A. A. 61 Class of 41 JOHN R. WILSON Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Newman Club, President; Colorado Engineer, Assistant Editor. PAUL H.WILSON Seattle, Washington Engineering. HAROLD SYDNEY WINOC D ,. .f ' . . . Greeley ' Engineering; A. I. Ch.xf .; Et J f pa Nu _, JACK WINTON . ' Ppt . ' WT.f . . . .Denver Business; Delta Sjpiwa%w eslely ojfl on; Bond. GEORGE A. W0C| fllC% 5Hv . Cheyenne Wells MARSHALL K. 3nm SSm ' mjJy ■ ■ ■ Boulder KAY WRIGHT Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Spur; A. S. U. C; Co-ed Coun- sellor; Coloradan. VICTOR E. YEAGER Longmont Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle Club; Baseball; Intra- murals. HARRY L YOUNGKIN Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Interfroternity Council; Buff Ski Club; Little Theater; Tennis. 67. H onors Syst em The College of Arts and Sciences grants honors to Senior graduates in three grades: Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude, on the basis of special honors work rather than on the basis of scholastic average. The requirements for honors are two kinds — departmental and general. The departmental includes reading intended to correlate the work done in class, individually directed study for honors students, and a com- prehensive examination towards the close of the senior year. The work for general honors is of a similar nature, but is designed to round out the student ' s knowledge of the realms of thought beyond his major field and to give an idea of the relationship among various fields of learning. Honors Students SENIORS Special DUNCAN CLARK VIRGINIA DOBBINS BARBARA CRAY GLENN BARNEY BONNIE BELLE BASINGER JAMES COWDEN ELIZABETH CRIPPEN JOHN DOWLINC JEAN GILLETT DEAN HOWARD HOWELL DONALD IRISH ELTON McQUERY DOROTHY RIGGS A. MARCELLE ROBBINS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES ESTHER BABS PHILIP BERNSTEIN ARTHUR BRONSTEIN HERBERT BRONSTEIN DOROTHY BROSE ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY DOUGLAS CH I TWOOD JANET CUTTING CAROL DUTHIE JANE EVANS ROBBINS FISCHER JOSEPHINE FRANKLE NOREEN GREENAWALT DALE GRIFFIN BABETTE HEIL FLORENCE HELBURG ALBERT HEYER DAVID JAN I SON DOROTHY LARSON ANNA RUTH LOPATIN WILLIAM MORGAN LEONARD NORTON WILLIAM RENTFRO JOHN RICHARDSON BERNARD ROSENBERG EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER ROBERT VAN SCOY SALLY ANN BARBER ALAN BASINGER NATHAN LEE BAUM LUCILLE HELEN BECKER IDA JOYCE BERADI LOUIS BONATO ALDON BRUCE, JR. DONALD CARSON PAUL CLARK SARA FLANDERS JAMES FOWLER MORTON GROSS HARRY GROVES ERNEST HAGLER VERNA ROSE HAIR HERBERT HERSHEY MARSHALL HODGSON JAMES KAISER FRANK KARSH HAROLD KETTERING RAY KIRK VIOLET LAGER JOHN LIGHTBURN JUSTIN LOCKE MARY ELIZABETH McDONALD MARTHA MANN KENNETH MUNDT WILLIAM PIETENPOL MARSHALL QUI AT STANLEY RASMUSSEN J I MM IE SAGUCHI JOHN SAYRE CLARK SHIMEALL GLADYS SILVERBERC FLORENCE TAYLOR MARGARET TRAINOR JOHN TREVITHICK JOAN TURNER ROBERT TURNER RUTH WILLIAMS Phi Beta Kappa OFFICERS PROFESSOR PHILIP C. WORCESTER President - PROFESSOR EDWARD J. WEST Vice-President MISS JANET LEWIS Second Vice-President MR. ROY ALAN COX Third Vice-President PROFESSOR CLARI BEL KENDALL . . . Secretary-Treasurer ' MEMBERS ELECTED FALL 1940 Betty Andrews John W. Bartram Virginia Dobbins John C. Dowling Edna M. Falk William Jovanovich Edna Mains Dorothy Riggs JANE BALLANTINE ROBERT BERUEFFY GEORGE BINKS JEAN BOVARD DELMAR CARLSON HOPE CASSELL MARY LOUISE COLE NANCY ELLZEY CHARLINE FREDERICK SUZANNE CILLIS Members Elected Spring 1940 JOSEPH GROSS ROBERT HALL ELIZABETH HARPEL MARGARET ANNE HENDERSON FRED HINE THOMAS KARNES JOAN KENDRICK URLESS LANHAM SAMUEL LEVINE MARGARET ANN MAST LAURETTA MOLONEY DONALD OLSON ROBERT PATTERSON ROBERT POLITTE MAYFORD ROAR K MABEL ROLLER JULIA SANDOE MARIAN THOMPSON MARJORIE UNDERHILL MIRIAM WHALEY Faculty Members and Members in the Graduate School CECELIA ABRAHAMS WILLIAM BLOOM FREDERICK BRAMHALL JAMES W. BROXON HOPE BRUNER ROBERT D. CAMPBELL J. W. COHEN MARION COOK ROY ALAN COX WARD DARLEY THOMAS E. DEVANEY CARL C. ECKHARDT JOHN B. EKELEY ANGELINE FIGLEY PERCY S. FRITZ BENJAMIN CALLAND DORIS B. CAREY F. E, E. CERMANN COLIN GOODYKOONTZ FRITZ L. HOFFMAN FRANCES JAMESON CLARI BEL KENDALL HUGH KINGERY IRENE McKEEHAN PAULINE MARSHALL HERMAN NAUL GEORGE NORLIN CHARLES H. NORRIS JACK OGILVY DOROTHY OGILVY LEOTA PEKRUL RALPH POLITTE FRANCIS RAMALEY CHARLES REGER MARJORIE REYBURN GEORGE REYNOLDS EDNA REYNOLDS WINIFRED RIGGS EDNA ROMIG LENEA ROSETTA PAUL SCHROEDER MARION SHEETS E. GRACE SMITH ROBERT L. STEARNS FREDERICK STORKE IDA SWAYNE EARL SWISHER HARRISON S. THOMSON ROBERT TRUSCOTT MABLE VAN DUZEE EDWARD J. WEST R. M. WHALEY MARJORIE WHELDON ANNA W, WILLIAMS FRANCIS WOLLE PHILIP WORCESTER • 64 Tau Beta Pi OFFICERS BERLIN BOYD, JR President STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS Vice-President J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS .... Corresponding Secretary ELMER D. SCHERRER Secretary WAYNE S. BEATTIE Treasurer ARTHUR J. McNAIR Cataloguer Faculty NORMAN D. BALL FRANK S. BAUER WAYNES. BEATTIE WILLIAM F. BRUBAKER RODERICK L DOWNING W. CLINTON DUVALL FRANK A. EASTOM CLARENCE L. ECKEL HERBERT S. EVANS WILLIAM J. HAZARD LE ROY HOLUBAR WILLIAM L. HULL CHAS. A. HUTCHINSON OLIVER C. LESTER W. F. MALLORY ARTHUR J. McNAIR WALTER K. NELSON LEO C. NOVAK HARLAN B. PALMER NORMAN A. PARKER WARREN RAEDER JAMES R. ROMANS L. CLIFTON SNIVELY Advisory Board C. A. N. A. PARKER WARREN RAEDER C. W. BORCMANN HUTCHINSON, Chairman BERLIN BOYD, JR. STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS BERLIN BOYD, JR. JOHN D. BRAWNER LYLE BRAY HERBERT W. CONN HAROLD V. COOK JOHN C. CUMING MORTON M. DAVID, JR. EARLE W. DEVALON, JR. IRA J. DILTS STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS JOHN J, FLEMING Members EVERETT GILBERT HENRY D. GREGORY HAL M. HARRISON OSCAR B. JACOBSON ROBERT W. LAUTH MARCUS LEH, JR. BERNARD B. LEVITT DONALD A. LITTLEJOHN WARREN M. MALLORY MAURICE E. PETERSEN FRANK F. PRIEST STANLEY H. PROFFITT TED H. REED NORMAN P. ROCKWELL J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS ELMER D. SCHERRER RICHARD B. SNODGRASS CARROLL L. STOECKER SAMUEL W. TAMMINGA RAYMOND J. VOLLUZ JOHN R. WILSON PAUL H. WILSON LEEH. ALDEN BRUCE R. CHAMBERLIN SHERIDAN R. CROOKS ROBERT N. CUNNINGHAM JAMES B. DAVIS Pledges ROGER H. FRICKE LLOYD H. GARDNER HUGH S. GRAHAM BENJAMIN T, GRIFFITH EARL L HECKMAN GORDON P. HUNGERFORD JOHN D. MAYER J. VICTOR MILLER E. TOMMY PUNSHON JACK L. SANDERS RUSSELL K. SCHLOSSER 65 • Heart and Dagger COLORADO HONORARY FOR SENIOR MEN OFFICERS MAX MORTON President TED REED . Vice-President CARL MARKEL Secretary GEORGE H. LIGHT Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS WALTER B. FRANKLIN ROBERT L. STEARNS COLIN B. GOODYKOONTZ FRANK H. WOLCOTT WILLIAM C. LAM MEMBERSHIP TOM GURMATAKIS CARL MARKEL OSCAR JACOBSON MAX MORTON WILLIAM jOVANOVICH TED REED Markel, Jacobson, Morton, Jovanovich, Gurmatakis, Reed • 66 Mortar Board NATIONAL HONORARY FOR SENIOR WOMEN OFFICERS VIRGINIA BUTTON President DOROTHY Rices Vice-President MARGARET GARDNER Secretary BETTYNILSSON Treasurer ALMA MAE GRAVES Corres ponding Secretary LORRAINE KELSO Study Chairman ELISE MONTANDON SCHULTE Social Chairman NANCY NASH Historian EDNA FALK ........ Alumnae Activity Chairman FACULTY DEAN LYDIA BROWN MISS CLARIBEL KENDALL MISS DOROTHY MARTIN MEMBERS VIRGINIA BUTTON EDNA FALK MARGARET GARDNER ALMA MAE GRAVES LORRAINE KELSO MISS IRENE McKEEHAN MISS FRANCES STRIBIC MRS. GEORGE NORLIN, Honorary Adviser NANCY NASH BETTY NILSSON DOROTHY RIGGS ELISE MONTANDON SCHULTE Front row: Elise Schulte, Edna Folk Bock row: Lorraine Kelso, Dorothy Riggs, Alma Mae Graves, Virginia Button, Nancy Nash, Margaret Gardner, Betty Nilsson 67 • Class of M2 MARIANNE ALDENDIFER Lincoln, Illinois Music; Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; University Choir; Property Crew for Plays. ELIZABETH ALLEN North Platte, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Silver and Gold; Window; Colo- radan; Intramurols; A. W. S. Vaudeville. JOHN ALLEN Engineering; Beta Theta MOZELLE AMON Arts and Scienq MARJORIE AH Arts and SGi( pendent Stu of Represent! Denver Denver . Boulder urer; Inde- ouse lUNE H. ARMSTRONG . ' . . . Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A.; Young Democrat ' s League. PETER J. AULINSKIS Kewanee, Illinois Engineering; Sigma Epsilon; V. M. T. C; Rhythm Circus. BETTY BABCOCK Denver Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Silver and Gold. CORANELLE BARRETT Boulder Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; U. W. C; Cosmopolitan Club; Co-ed Counsellor; Congo Club; Costumes Committee for Little Theater; Inter-Church Council. MARTHA CAROLINE BARTELS . Lyons Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Chi Delta; U. W. C; Reading Choir. HARRY BASHORE Washington, D. C. Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ESTHER BATES Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Newman Club; Little Theater. ROBERT Q, BEKINS Dallas, Texas Business. MARYANNA BELL Golden Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Ponhellenic; French Club; intramurols. BEN W. BENNION Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; C. U. Day Committee; Track. FLORENCE BERMBACH Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. • 68 Class of 42 JANE BEST Saguache Music; Sigma Alpha Iota. VIRCINIAA. BIXLER Harrison, Nebraska Arts and Sciences. VENUS BLAKE Arts and Sciences; Delfl Phi AlMoj French Club; U. W. C, W. A. A.; House of Rsd SBt tiv ' RICHARD BOYLE . Arts and Scieni ROBERT F. Dp Engineering A. S. M. E Haxtun Denver ■ .? ,7. ■ • Denver l i Tau Sigma; CLARICE BRAINERD Music; Alpha Chi Omega; University Choir; Ski Club. Denver PRISCILLAG. BRAYTON . . . Fall River, Massachusetts Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Tennis Club; Ski Club. WILLIAM BRESEE Gloversvilie, New York Arts and Sciences; Bond. DICK BRIDENBAUGH Billings, Montana Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Football. RACHEL BRITTELL Brush Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; U. W, C; Silver and Gold; Colo- radan; University Choir; Red Cross; Intramurals. HERBERT M. BRONSTEIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club; Little Theater; Window, Editor; University Film Committee. BARBARA IRENE BROWN Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; French Club; Dormitory Counsellor; Intramurals. WILMA JEAN BRYAN Hutchinson, Kansas Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; University Choir. WALDEN EVERETTE BUSH Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. JOE L. BYRNE Denver Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President; Sigma Tou; Pi Tou Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. S. M. E. STANFORD CALDERWOOD Sterling Arts and Sciences; Junior Class President; A. S. U. C. Com- mission; Barb Council; Silver and Gold, City Editor. 69 • CI ass o f ' 42 ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Spur; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Cosmopolitan Club; Inter- Church Council, President; Religious Interests Committee; Wesley Foundation Council; Die Deutscher Verein; Honors Union Execu- tive Council; House of Representatives. DOUGLAS E. CAMERON Craig Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma; Amer- ican Chemical Society. PAT CAMERON . . M -X - - . Evanston, Illinois ' Arts and Sci Theater. PHYLLIS K. CARi Arts and Sci WILLIAM CH. Engineering;; dan; Dodo; Little ca City, Oklahoma Denver JANET ADELE CARRINCTON M • • • • Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Betift Phi; sfpna Epsilon Sigma; Co-ed Counsellor; Y. W. C. A.; U. vV. C.; Women ' s League of Voters; Office Manager of Dodo; Coloradan; Silver and Gold; Window. ELIZABETH CARTER Monte Vista Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto; Y. W. C. A.; Coloradan; Window. MARGARET CASE Rocky River, Ohio Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Barb Reeves; Hiker ' s Club; W. A. A.; U. W. C; Colorado Mountain Club; University Rifle Club. DARLEENECHRISTENSEN . Denver Arts and Sciences; Spur; American Chemical Society; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; President, Harding Hall. J. RICHARD CHRISTOPHER ....... Boulder Business; Delta Tau Delta. EUGENE CHURCH Lamar Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau. EMMA JOE CLARK Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A. MARCIA CLARKE Jackson, Michigan Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. JANE CLELAND Delta Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Porpoise; Dormitory Counsellor. JACK M. CLINE Billings, Montana Engineering; Sigma Nu; Intramurals. JOE CLUTTER Pueblo Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Bond. 70 Class of 42 ELAINE COLVIN Greeley Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Hesperia; Spur; Dylectia; Orchesis; Varsity Debate; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A.; House of Representatives; Panhellenic; Silver and Gold; Dormitory Counsellor; Red Cross; intromurals. GLENN H. COOPER Vernal, Utah Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle Club. ANNE COPELAND Arts and Sciences; MARION CORS Arts and Scieno W. A. A.; Dofl DORIS CROSS ' Business. . Richmond, Virginia Denver Pi; U. V . C; LEV IS WILLIAM CRUMLE Engineering; Transfer Pueblo Junior College. HARRY CUMMINGS Business; Sigma Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon. LOUIS W. CUNNINGHAM . . Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. Fort Collins Colorado Springs ROBERT CUNNINGHAM . . . . Engineering; A. I. E. E.; Sigma Kappa Nu. Crover LOIS CURTIS St. Anthony, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Choir. ADELE CUSTANCE Denver Business; Pi Beta Phi; Coloradan; Rhythm Circus; A. W. S. Vaude- ville; Intromurals; University Choir. JANET CUTTING Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; House of .Representatives; Porpoise; U. W. C. DANIEL DAVIDSON Boulder Engineering; Acacia. REES DAVIES Sopris Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; A. I. E. E. Hannibal, Missouri BETTY JANE DAVIS Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. ROBERT DECKER Denver Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Board of Directors; Dodo; Coloradan; Rhythm Circus. 71 • Class of 42 HARRY DENTON Springfield, Missouri Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta. BETTY DIMMITT Denver Business; Alpha Phi; Spur; W. A. A.; Porpoise; Colorodon. Boulder Denver EARL MARTIN DONN Engineering; Sigma Nu PAUL DOUDEN Arts and Scienl ZANNA D0|| Arts and Scii ELMORE W, EASTER . Engineering; Hiking Club WILLIAM D. EDMUNDSON Greeley Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Chi; Track. CARROL WALTER EHLERS .... Kimball, Nebraska Business; Adelphi; Phi Epsilon Phi; University Choir. DICK EMERY Arriba Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau. STANLEY ELI EMESON Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; American Chemical Society. RUTH ENCLUND Denver Arts and Sciences; Iota Sigma Pi; I. S. A. Council; Dormitory Council; A. W. S. Senate; U. W. C; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Interchurch Council; Intramurols. VAUGHN ENSLIN St. Louis, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Player ' s Club; Rhythm Circus; Relay Queen, 1940. BEVERLY SUE EPPINGER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. DWAIN ERVIN Glenwood Springs Arts and Sciences. MARY ELIZABETH ESHELMAN . . Waxahachie, Texas Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Women ' s Chorus. LUCIA EVANS Normal, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Koppo Gamma. ■A ' I • 72 Class of 42 VIRGINIA FARLEY Eveleth, Minnesota Business; Pi Beta Phi; Porpoise; Dodo; Little Theater; Intromurals. WILLIS HENRY FASSETT Monte Vista Business; Delta Tou Delta. LILLIAN MARIE FENN Carson, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Chi W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A Senate Committee; Unive WAYNE FERGUSON Arts and Sciences; S of Dodo. ROBERT G. FL Engineering;! ' Nu; A. I. E. MARGARET MAE FLOYD Epsilon Sigma; Spur; ouse of Representatives; . S. Vaudeville. Longmont Business Manager Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Player ' s Club; Colo- radan; Associate Editor of Window; Song Fest Committee. CLENNA FULKER Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Orchesis, President; W. A. A., Vice-President; Congo Club. JACKSON FULLER Denver Ergireering; Scimitar; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu. ALBERT GALLEGOS Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Rhythm Circus; Buff Fest; University Concert Band; Religious Interests Committee. NORRISGESAS Idaho Falls, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RUTH GIBSON Julesburg Business; Alpha Chi Omega. ELLIS GILCHRIST Silver City, New Mexico Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; A. I. E. E. RUTH GLEISSNER Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; W. A. A.; Hiking Club; U. W. C; Window; Coloradan. GLEN GODDARD Music. Boulder JANE GODDARD Grand junction Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Porpoise; U. W. C; Intromurals. JUNE GOOCH Estes Park Arts and Sciences. 73 • CI ass o f ' 42 DONALD L. GOOD Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Pi; Cosmopolitan Club. JEANNE GORSUCH Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. MARY ELLEN GRANT Arts and Sciences; W. MYRLE IRENE GRAN Arts and Sciences, Cross. NOREEN GREE Arts and S ' Counsellor;;-. Peace Couni IRENE GREER . . . Music; U. W. C; Universit Denver Manitoba, Canada lub; German Club; Red E! Paso, Texas ident; Co-ed 4t a, President; t Houston, Texas omen ' s Chorus. HENRY GREGORY Denver Engineering; Barb President; Barb Council; A. S. U. C. Commis- sion; Phi Epsilon Phi; Viking Club, Treasurer BENJAMIN T. GRIFFITH Durango Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Bond. WILLIAM E. GRIGS Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Epsilon Phi; Coloradan. BELVA GROVES Longmont Arts and Sciences. ALICE HARRYETTE HAGNY Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C. WILLIAM C. HALBACK Dallas, Texas Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi LEE HALL Loveland Engineering; Barb Reeves; A. S. M. E. LARITA HALLORAN Audubon, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. VIOLET HANEY Pueblo Arts and Sciences. MARY ANN HANSEN . Business; Delta Delta Delta. Plainview, Texas • 74 Class of ' 42 ROBERT FLOYD HARDING Engineering; A. S. M. E. EMILY ANNE HARPER . Arts and Sciences. BENJAMIN B. HARRIS Business; Adelphi; Phi Blotter. ANABEL HARRISON Pharmacy; Alpl . . . Delta Moline, Illinois VIRGINIA HA Arts and Sa ' ii Y. W. C. A MARY FRANCES HARRY Arts and Sciences; U. W. C ' Colorado Springs rb Reeves; Viking Club; Eldon, Missouri , . Buford ffl Counsellor; Lafayette BABETTE HEIL El Paso, Texas Phi Sigma Iota; U. W. C; Player ' s Club; Spanish Club; Women ' s Essay Club; Little Theater; University Film Committee; Religious Interests Committee; Window. JAMES HICKMAN Boulder Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Silver and Gold; Dodo; Rhythm Circus. JOHN HINSHAW . . Business; Sigma Chi; Golf. Gering, Nebraska y hm wL RUTH W. HOUSTON Warwick, New York Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta; Barb Dance Committee. DOUGLASS HOWRY Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi. GORDON PARRY HUNGERFORD Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Sigma Tou Freshman Award; Colorado Engi- neer; A. I. Ch. E.; Colorado U. Day Committee; Rhythm Circus; Intramurols. DOROTHY HUNTINGTON Urbana, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Player ' s Club; W. A. A. WILLIAM HENRY HYDE Boulder Business; Phi Delta Theta. GEORGENE ILES Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Co-ed Counsellor; Dormitory Counsellor; Sophomore Prom Committee; Coloradan. ALVERTA A. ITZEN Kenesaw, Nebraska Music. 75 • Class of M2 LeROY JOHNSON Longmont Business; Phi Delta Theta; Band; Lutheran Student Association. DOROTHY ELIZABETH JONES . . . Plainview, Texas Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Porpoise; W. A. A. PATRICIA JEAN JONES Arts and Sciences; U. RUBYDONNA JOSEP Arts and Sciences Senate Comm ville Committi . . Boulder lub; Dodo; Rhythm Circus. Lamar ouse of Representatives; W. C; A. W. S. Vaude- hoir. HARVEY A., Arts and Sc ' ,-_ Gold; Dodcf ALBERT KAFF . . Arts and Sciences; Sigma ELAINE KELLEAM . . . Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. fl . Boulder ' hi; Silver and Atchison, Kansas Ion Phi; Silver and Gold. Amarillo, Texas RICHARD WEBSTER KELLOGG . Rock Springs, Wyoming Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. DAN KINCAID La Veta Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Coloradan; Window. RUTH CORA KUEHNL .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin Arts and Sciences; U. W. C. BETTY JO LAMB Brush Music; Chi Omega; Spur; University String Symphony; University Symphony Orchestra. DOROTHY JEAN LAVINCTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Red Cross; Coloradan; Intramurals. FRANKLIN H. LAYHER Business; Phi Kappa Psi. CORDON W. LEARNED Otis Denver Arts and Scienes; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scimitar; Sigma Delta Chi; Track. DOROTHY LEVINE Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Epsilon. LEWELLYN LEWIS Pueblo Business; Delta Tau Delta • 76 Class of 42 LEINADLIEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; House of Representatives; Dodo. EUGENE LIGHT Idaho Springs Engineering; Acacia; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Colorado Engineer. ELIZABETH LIKES Arts and Sciences; Kapi ALVIN F. LIST Engineering; B Freshman Prom Lamar chenectady, New York E.; Chairman of ming Team. VERNON LOC Arts and Sciei A. S. U. C. Commission; Fo HARRIET LOFQU I ST . ' t . 7 . . Kirkwood, Missouri Business; Delta Delta Delta; U. W. C. MARY JO LOMAS Red Oak, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. WARREN LONG Denver Engineering; Colorado Engineer; Barb Council. ANNE LOPATIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon Sigma, Vice-President; French Club; Player ' s Club; U. W. C.; Little Theater; Foreign Film Com- mittee; Window. FRANCES LUDLOW Longmont Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; U. W. C; Dodo; Coloradan; Homecoming Operetta. JEANNE LYFORD Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Little Theater; Coloradan; Window. DIXIE MAE McCarthy Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A.; Window; Pan- hellenic; Senate. BETTY McCLELLAN Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Spur; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; House of Representatives; Pan- hellenic; Red Cross; Co-ed Counsellor; Coloradan; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus; Colorado U. Day Committee; Intramurals. MARY E. McCLURKIN Fort Morgan Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY McCRILLIS Grand Junction Arts and Sciences. RUTH E. McDonald Pasadena, California Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Iota; Home Economics Club; U. W. C. 77 • Class of ' 42 ELIZABETH McKENNY King City, Missouri Arts and Sciences. RICHARD M. McNAMARA Greeley Engineering. HELEN ROSE MACHIN Business. LAWRENCE MACK Business; Beta COOPER MALI Business; tf Committee; Universi MARY ELIZABETH MEf] Arts and Sciences; U. W. C. Boulder Pueblo r. New Mexico h Homecoming Monte Vista LOIS MILLAR Belvidere, Kansas Business. BETTY LOU MILLER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Coloradan; Rhythm Circus. J. VICTOR MILLER Boulder Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu. JEAN MILLS Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Hesperia; Delta Phi Alpha; Senate;- Co-ed Counsellor; Dormitory Council; U. W. C; University Choir. WILLIAM Vv . MORGAN ..... Glenwood Springs Arts and Sciences. MARGARET MULLEN IX Boulder Arts and Sciences; University Choir. MILDRED RUTH MURRY Arts and Sciences. San Antonio, Texas ELOISE NORTHRUP Lamar Arts and Sciences. BETTIE JAYNE OLIVER Boulder Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Chi Omega; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Counsellor; Window. JANET BOSWORTH ORR Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Little Theater. • 78 Class of 42 ROSE PAONESSA Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Junior Representative on Barj Council; Barb Reeves; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club; U. W. C; Dodo; Coloradan; Religious Interests. NANCY PASLAY . . . Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. GEORGE BARR Business; Sigma CARLPERKO . Engineering; JAMES WILLI «| Engineering;-: ' EDMUND PRE Arts and Scie Manitou Springs Denver cck Springs, Wyoming Park, Illinois Colorado Springs an Club; Rhythm Circus. CATHERINE PRESTON Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Hesperio; A. W. S. Senate; W. A. A.; Coloradan. CAROLINE PROUTY Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Iota Sigma Pi; Hesperio; Spur; Senate; A. W. 5. Treasurer and Secretary; W. A. A.; Silver and Gold. MARYANNA QUAINTANCE Golden Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Hesperio; Orchesis; Silver and Gold; W. A. A. Board. CHARLES H. QUEARY Denvsr Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Silver ond Gold. ROBERT RAMSEY South Park Engineering; Kappa Kappa Psi; A. I. Ch. E.; Bond. BARBARA JANE RARIG . . . Minneapolis, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Hiker ' s Club. R. DALE RECTOR Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tou Omega, Vice-President; Phi Epsilon Phi; Scimitar; Band. WILLIAM E. RENTFRO Kimball, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Debate; Wesley Foundation; Young Democrats. WILLIAM A. RICHARDS .... Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Colorado Engineer. RICHARD ROBINSON Engineering; Chi Psi. Wheat Ridge Phoenix, Arizona 79 • CI ass o f ' 42 NORMAN ROCKWELL Denver Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Tou Beta Pi; Tau Beta Phi Freshman Award; Sigma Pi Sigma Associate; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sophomore Prom Committee; Engineer ' s Apple Fest Committee; Stage Crew; Rhythm Circus; Coloradan. BERNARD L. ROSENBERG Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Delta; Adelphi; Peace Council, President; Religious Interests Committee; Chapel Committee; Forensics; Debate Manager; International Relations Club. FRED ROWE Arts and Scie AARON S. RU Arts and Sc dent; Honors LAURA JUN| Arts and Sci HELEN RAE RUTLEDCE Silver Plume Fort Collins ilon Delta, Presi- Fort Collins Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; W. A. A.; U. W. C; Red Cross; Rhythm Circus Committee; C. U. Day Committee. JEAN SCHAFER Homewood, Illinois Arts and Sciences; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C. Dallas, Texas MARY KATHRYN SCHNEIDER Arts and Sciences. LESLIE SCHOBE Denver Business; Sigma Chi; Phi Epsilon Phi. HERBERT H. SCHWEIZER Golde n Engineering; Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau; A. I. E. E. DOROTHY EVELYN SCOTT Denver Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Home Economics Club; Little Theater. EDGAR G. SEEMAN Denver Business; Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Rhythm Circus. EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER Castle Rock Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu; Adelphi; Oxford Essoy Society; Silver and Gold; Coloradan; Dodo. GERALDINE SERAFINI Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Hesperia; Spur; Senote; Chairman of A. W. S. Vaudeville; Rhythm Circus Dance Director; U. W. C; Newman Club. ROBERT G. SETTERCREN Denver Engineering; A. S. C. E. MARGE SICKENBERGER Grand Junction Alpha Chi Omega; University Choir; Women ' s Choir; Social Di- rector of Lester Holl. 80 Class of ' 42 MILTON SIROLA Boulder Engineering. VIRGINIA SKEEN Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C. EARL CLARK SKINNER Arts and Sciences; Phi CO- BETH SMITH PETE, Arts and Sciences; Wi murals; W. A NANCY MARfl Arts and Scre VIRGINIA SN Arts and Sciences; Chi Om Hockey Club; Dodo Collbran Grand Junction Hockey Club; Intrc- inson, Kansas ake City, Utah W. A. A.; U. W. C; TYBE SOLOMON Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C. HELEN SOWERS . Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; U. W. C; Congo Club: Colorado Mountain Club; Coloradon. ROBERT M. SOWERS Boulder Business; Phi Epsilon Phi; Adelphi; Barb Council; Congo Club; Band. ELIZABETH STEIK Upper Montclair, New jersey Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Club; Little Theater. BARBARA STEINHOFF Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; Lutheran Students; Dormitory Council. M. ANNE STOFFEL Boulder Arts and Sciences; Technology Club; Tennis Club. OTTO STONER Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club; Rhythm Circus. BRITTON A. STOREY Fountain Business. DOROTHY ANN STOTT ...... Cripple Creek Arts and Sciences. ). HAROLD STOUT Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Colorado Engineer; String Symphony. 81 Class oF 42 CARL W. STRAIN Lamar Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Coloradan; Silver and Gold. MARTHA STREAMER Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; U. W. C; Dormitory Council. CARLYLE SULLIVAN Engineering. JAMES R. SUMMER Engineering; Beta Thj Advertising Mai R. BEN TAND Engineering.;.- LEONA TEM l! Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Rhythm Circus; A. W. S. Vd ' Boulder Denver E.; Colorado Engineer; ramurals. catello, Idaho Golden , Y. W. C. A.; Red Cross; lorodan. JOHN M. THOMAS Telluride Arts and Sciences. BETTY THOMPSON River Forest, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; W. A. A.; Home Economics Club; U. W. C; Co-ed Counsellor; Intramurals. VERNON H. TIMM Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Colorado Engineer. LLOYD TINKER Boulder Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Head Student Athletic Manager. EVALYN ALIDATOMLIN Boulder Arts and Sciences; U. W. C; Junior Art Guild; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Chorus. ARTHUR PIKE VALITON ..... Twin Falls, Idaho Engineering; Acacia; Phi Epsilon Phi; Ski Club; Rhythm Circus. BRUCE VAN DRUFF . . Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. Council Bluffs, Iowa RALPH VEAZIE Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. Boulder HOVv ' ARD VINEY Denver Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Football. DON SMOOT WALSH Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Chi Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E. 82 Class of M2 ALVIN LEE WEINBERGER Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Delta; Rhythm Circus. BENITA JANET WELTY Berthoud Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A. Board. MARJORIE ELAINE WE Arts and Sciences; Alpha Club; Y. W. C. A.; Little EDWARD A. WHITAK, Arts and Scienc Palisade nch Club; Cosmopolitan JANE WHITAI Arts and Sciej MARGARET WICKS Arts and Sciences; Chi Om JOHN R. WIGTON Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. JAMES P. WILLIAMS Douglas, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Coloradan; Silver and Gold. LESLIE ANN WOLF Plainfleld. New Jersey Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Porpoise; W. A. A.; Dodo; Window; Y. W. C. A.; U. W. C; Intramurols. DORIS H. WOLFF Scarsdale, New York Arts and Sciences; Christian Science Organization. KENNETH WOLFORD Boulder Business. MARJORIE L. WOODARD Saguache Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Hesperia, President; Spur; W. A. A. Board; Sophomore Prom; Homecoming Committee; Rhythm Circus. FRANK WOODBURY Kansas City, Missouri Business; Sigma Chi; Phi Epsilon Phi. WILLIAM R. WRIGHT Lakewood Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. GENEVIEVE YODER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dodo; Coloradan; Little Theater. REX ALEXANDER YOUNG Denver Engineering; Chi Psi; Scimitar; Ski Club. 83 • School of Law To equip men and women for the practice of law, to give them a broad and deep foundation for life in the world of business, or to prepare them for public careers with a consciousness of the need for con- stant law development of society — these are the aims and purposes of the Law School of the Univer- sity of Colorado. Established in 1892 by the late Federal Judge Moses Hallett, it has continuously kept its place among the leading law schools of the nation. The school is not large; its emphasis is not upon size and numbers, but quality and character. It is concerned with scholarship rather than smart- ness, with training and skill rather than cleverness and astuteness. It endeavors to produce graduates who are not merely trained technicians of the law, but men and women well grounded in the principles of their profession, informed of its rich inheritance, and aware of their responsibilities as enlightened citizens In a world community. Top row: Truswell, Prince, Martyn, Peyton, Snydal, Enochs Second row: Day, Spiegleman, Thompson, O ' Brien, DeMott, Pryor, Smith Third row: Fox, York, Hutchinson, Wright, Sobel, Schwartz, Rosenbaum Fourth row: Duke, Tinsley, Cobobi, Pile, Mendenholl, Kelly, Duponte Fifth row: Golden, Lichtenstein, Griffith, Thurston, Schollenberger, Federici STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION OFFICERS RICHARD WRIGHT President ROBERT FOX Vice-President HORACE HOLMES . . . Secretary-Treasurer CLASS PRESIDENTS KENNETH YORK . . . Senior Class President HORACE HOLMES . . . Junior Class President LEONARD CAMPBELL Freshman Class President ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAW REVIEW DUDLEY HUTCHINSON ALVIN ROSENBAUM . HOWARD PHILLIPS HOMER SOBEL PHILIP ROUSE . . . . Editor Business Manager ROBERT DRISCOLL KENNETH YORK MORRIS EVANSON MANSUR TINSLEY • 84 School of Law Top row: Holmes, Condon, Motisher, Shaw, Saunders, Driscoll Second row; Paulantis, Darden, Bliss, Emeson, Geyser, J. Williams Third row: Phillips, Goldstein, Tuliis, M. J. Williams, Bennett, Kelton T WS. " Top row: Barngrover, Inman, Madsen, Lloyd, Logan Second row: Bonhom, Hawley, Kiethley, Vote, Campbell Third row: Hartley, Rowe, Hockensmith, Cafky, Shreve Fourth row: Stallings, Nakagoua, Atkinson, Ashby, Johns 85 • Associated Nursing Students The University of Colorado School of Nursing was established in 1898 in connection with the School of Medicine and the University Hospital in Boulder, Colorado. The aim of the School of Nursing is to prepare carefully selected students for general nursing practice in any of the main fields of nurs- ing. Certain objectives have been taken into con- sideration in planning the curriculum. These are to give a sound scientific basis for nursing practice; to integrate mental hygiene and the public health point of view with the study of sciences; to de- velop those technical skills which constitute the art of nursing; to prepare the nurse for functioning in the community both as a trained scientific worker and as a citizen; to develop a well adjusted individual who will have a joyous sense of achieve- ment in her work, and a continuous interest in scientific, social, and educational developments. OFFICERS AGNES HANSEN President LUCILLE HENDRICKSON Vice-President MILDRED BAUGHMAN Secretary MARY ERICKSON Treasurer JANE TURNER Third year Class Representative ELEANOR HOBLIT .... Second year Class Representative DOROTHY GREGG .... First year Class Representative Top row: Ann Boilers, Jonis Bortley, Margaret Mahood, Velmo Wagner, Mory Margaret Barker Bottom row: Helen O ' Connell, Jane Turner, Beth McNiven, Agnes Hansen • 86 Associated Nursing Students CLASS OF 1942 Bock row: Hoblit, Erickson, Baughmon, Bier, Hendrickson Front row: Rogon, Chose, Kurochi CLASS OF 1943 Bock row: Howard, Voil, Spitzmiller, Gregg, Augustine, Reilly, Rorie Middle row: Woodhouse, Porkison, Hordie, Denhom Front row: Anderson, Hollister, Londers, Kopushion, Ostberg, Higgs, Graf, Devendorf 87 CI ass o f ' 43 HOUSTON ALEXANDER HELEN ALFORD MARGIE ALLEN ALBERTA ANDERSON DUANE WAb ROBERT BALLEISEN SALLY BARBER MARIAN BARTRAM BERNIECE BEARD LUCILLE BECKER Q%m:M m li iMm,i !Mm ! JEAN BEERY MARGARET JANE BEIN DOROTHY BLACKBURN SYLVIA BOCKSTEIN JOHN V. BOEHM REGINA BOSS BENJAMIN C. BOUTCHER EMMA F. BOWEN JOEL BRADSHAW BARBARA BROWN ALDON BRUCE BETTY LENOR BURKE ABE H. BURNSTEIN MAE GARDEN JOSEPHINE CARM05IN0 TOMMY CARR 88 CI ass o f ' 43 WILLIAM F. CARROLL SHIRLEY CHARTIER BOB CHURIDIS DOROTHY COCHRAN ELEANOR COHAN NAN rober: BETTY CRILEY JOHN BUFORD CROSS GWEN CROSSWHITE SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM GLENN E. CURTIS ILENE DAVIDSON JANICE DAVIS ORIN D. DAVIS PHYLLIS DAVIS MARGARETTE DAY MANON DEFFENBAUGH MARY DELLINGER DAVID F. DIXON JEAN DIXON ROBERT DRESSLER WARREN DU BOIS FRANKLIN DURHAM ROY EDWARDS ■ ' ROBERT ELLIOTT ■ ' i BETTY JEAN EWING CHARLES E. FAUBER 89 CI ass o f ' 43 DOROTHY JEAN FAY HOPE FIELDS ROBERT FINCH ROBERT G. FISCHER RUSSELL H. FISH SARA»fL, JOS£ ERY HELEN FUNK NORMA GARCIA GORDON C. GARLAND MAURICE WM. GIBONEY AGNES GIBSON JOHN HASKELL GIELE VIRGINIA GILLIS MARGARET GILMOUR DORIS GORDON DOROTHY MAE GOSS HAMLIN GRAHAM ROBERT STUART GRAHAM ROBERT GRAUL SHIRLEY E. GRAY BETTY ANN GREIM MARY GROSS MARJORIE HAGGARD VERNA ROSE HAIR DALE W. HANSEN HOWARD HANSEN RUTH HELEN HARRIS • 90 CI ass o f ' 43 CLAYTON HARVEY CATHERINE HASENAUER BETTY JEAN HATCH BETTY LOVE HAWES ROBERT CROSS HA CKS MAR I LYNN HOSTETTER LOUIS U. HOWLETT ROBERT E. HOVv LETT EUGENE T. HUBBARD BERNICE M. HUPPE ROBERT HYSON J. J. IRWIN VIRGINIA L. JAGGERS AILEEN JEV ELL EDGAR JOHNSON R. REED JOHNSON BARBARA M. JONES CATHERINE KELL HARRIETT KELLEAM MARGUERITE KELLERMAN jAYNE KELSO HAROLD KETTERING MARTHA JANE KLINE ROBERT KNOWLES CARL H, LAMB JOHN W. LANDRUM f l CI ass o f ' 43 FRANCES LANGDON FABYAN LAP IN RUTH LAUCK PAUL H. LEECH JOHNNY LENTZ PHY. YMAN BARBARA McKAY PAT McKINNEY BARBARA McNERNEY MARY KAY McDOUGALL EARL MADDOX K. K. MAMMEL CLAUDE MANNING VIRGINIA MARIS DOROTHY MARSHALL BETTY JANE MARTIN JAY J. MARTIN PATRICIA MERRILL KEITH MILLEN GORDON C. MILLER HARRIET MILLER LOIS JEAN MILLER HOWARD MORRIS EDWARD MUELLER LOIS KAY NELSON EDYTHE J. NICOLETTI FRANCES OGIER • 92 CI ass o f ' 43 MARILYN OLDLAND ROBERT C. PEACHEY DEAN PEARSON lEANNE PEDERSEN JOHN PERRYMAN WILL.h PAULA QUARNBERC MARSHALL C. QUI AT MARTHA FRANCES QUICLEY PATRICIA REED BETTY REESE HARRY RICHARDS ARCHIE ROACH ADREA ROBBINS CAROLINE M.RUBIN ROWE RUDOLPH GEORGE R. RUPP DAVID F. RUSK FRANK SAKALEY ARLENESALIBA FLOYD F. SALIMAN LEONARD SCOTT WILLIAM T. SECOR MARY LEE SEMRAD PHILIP SERAFINI ELEANOR SHEESLEY FLORENCE SHELTON 93 • CI ass o f43 CLARK SHIMEALL IRVING]. SHWAYDER WILLIAM P. SIMMONS NORMA I. SMITH DOROTHY jO SMYTH IRVI ROB£ TAAB )ARD DEAN STRAIN RUTH STRAUSS CLEDITH STURDEVANT IRMA JEAN STURTEVANT GARNET SWEARNS PATRICIA SWEET GLORIA TALPERS GENE I. TEPPER NEEL THOMPSON HELEN TILLARD LLOYD TINKER MARGARET TRAI NOR HAROLD A. TURNER EDITH UHL JACK ULLSTROM BETTY VAN VLEET MARY BESS VARIEL DICK VOICHT HUGO WAGNER RUTH WAITE MARCIA WARNER • 94 CI ass o f ' 43 EMMALENE WEICHSE, FRA RUTH ' HARRY WRIGHT 95 CI ass o F 44 . ¥ HOWARD E. ABBOTT CAROL ACRE DORIS ADAMS AL ANDERSON ROBERT K VFRCI BET MARIAN BARNES RBARA BENNETT DONN BENNETT BETTEBERCIN ALFRED KEITH BERRYMAN BETTY BEST WILBUR BILLINGTON BARBARA BLACK T. EDWARD BLANKENSHIP ELAINE BLOMGREN HENRY BOSCO BARBARA BRACKENBURY WILLIAM W. BRADLEY SHELDON BRANDT MARY KAY BRISTOL RUTH ARLETTE BRODERICK ANTOINETTE BRONCUCIO BRUCE BROWER BARBARA BROWN LOIS JEAN BROWN JIM BURGER ZELTA BURROWS 96 CI ass o f ' 44 DAN H. BYRD, )R. WAYNE CALDERWOOD LOLA CALVERLEY ELIZABETH CAMPBELL SUE CARLSQ ROBE e iftpOLL LARK RBERT S.COCHRAN WANDA COLBURN EVELYN COMBS ERIC E. CONN RAYMOND COSTELLO Hv A j jm JmSM GEORGE COWDERY EDWIN CRYSLER SHIRLEY JEAN CURTIS MAXINE E. DAVIS RICHARD A, DEAM MARSHALL E. DEAN FRANCES DE BEUKELAER MARY E. DELANEY BARBARA DENCKLA GEORGE DENIG MARY FRANCES DIXON W. THOMAS DOAR, JR. NORMA JEAN DYCUS HOWARD EASTIN RICHARD T. ECKLES BETTY FERANDO 97 • CI ass o f ' 44 GLADYS FLiERL ESTHER FRANK KATHRYN FREED SARALIE F R MAN GREEN ROBERT CUSTAVSON CLENWYN V. HAFFNER ELEANOR JEAN HALL STANLEY HAMMOND HOWARD HAMPTON BRANT DAVIS HARDY MALCOLM HARRIS VIRGINIA HARV OOD JEAN HASSINGER THOMAS HEDGCOCK MILDRED HEISER GERALD HELLER KATHLEEN HIGBY DON HILL PATRICIA HILL JUNE HILLYER JEANNE HIRSCH MELVIN CLINTON HODGSON BRUCE HOLMES THELMA LEE HOUSLEY BEVERLY HOVER • 98 CI ass o f ' 44 BARBARA HUBBARD EDWIN HUMPHREYS EL VERA HUTCHINSON EDITH IRELAND CLAIR HOLI : BAR JONES Patricia A. iordan BARBARA KEARNEY BETSY KEITH MARIETTA KELSO TOM KERRIGAN WINIFRED KILMURRAY CLARK KISTLER MAR! LYNN KOHL CAROL KRIER MAXINE MARIE LARSEN KENNETH W. LLOYD, JR. MARGUERITE LOEFFLER BETTY LUETHI ISOBEL LUTHER MARGARET A. MacKENZIE JEAN McCAULEY JOHN L. McCLOUD III FRANCES McCOMISH BARBARA McCORMICK ROBERT McGOVERN ROBERT McKELL 99 • it ™ — ' mM CI ass o f44 BARBARA McKUNE CERALDINE L. McWHORTER CALL IE MAASS DON D. MABRAY MURIEL MA, D©g0 BER MAYNE IZABETH MEETH LENORE MEISEL JAMES RICHARD MERRILL NANCY MEYER JANE MIDDLEMiST JEANNE MIESSE BOYD K. MOCK TOM MOON DAVID MORGAN JANE MORGAN SHIRLEY MORRISON JOHN THOMSON MORROW EMMA I. MULLENIX MADONNA MURPHY LAURA NAUGLE ALICE NELSON HELEN NELSON NORINNE NELDA NELSON BETTY NEWELL ZOE NEWMAN IRMA L NIEMOLLER • 100 CI ass o f ' 44 JUNE NORFLEET ANN NOWELL JACK R. O ' BRIEN SALLY O ' CONNELL NORMA OL DQM ONNIE J. PICKELL DOROTHY PLACE FREDERICK K. PLATTS VIRGINIA PLATTS GLENN PRATT MARTHA PROCKTER I LA MAE PURCELL RAYMOND PURINTON. JR. JANE PYLES FRANK E. RAGLIN ORA RAMSEY SALLY RANKIN • ' LOUISE REED ELAINE REESE MARGARET RICHARDSON MARY JANE RICHIE JANET A. ROBINSON JAMES ROMER EMMY LOU ROSS ROBERT ROWLAND CHARLES SANDHOUSE 101 • CI ass o f ' 44 THANET SCHUREMAN JEAN ANNE SCOCIN PAT SHAN LEY LEONARD SHANNON BETTY )EAN Brai. JUN NETTE SPORE HUGH STARKS TOM STAVELY KATHRYN STEIK MARGIE STEIN JEAN MARIE STEPHENS SHIRLEY STERLING KATHARINE A. STOCKTON HAROLD R. STOLLER PATRICIA STONE NANCY STORY ROBERT E. STRASSER MILDRED STURDEVANT ROSAMOND ANN SULLIVAN MARY JANE SWEDLUND JACQUELINE K. SWENSON MARY LOUISE TANDY CHARLES TAPPAN STANLEY TEPPER MILDRED THAYER ELEANOR THOMAS • 102 Class of 44 JOANNE THOMPSON DOROTHY THURMAN DOUGLAS C. TREGO JOHN TREKELL JOHN M. UR NORM. THET MS ANNA WILLIAMS BETTY ANNE WILSON LUCRETIA WILSON CORA MAE YOUNG MERNA BELLE YOUNG JUNEZEIGLER RUTH ZIMMERMAN 103 Results of the COLORADAN poll showed pro-Willkie 54.5%; pro- Roosevelt, 34.3%, with the re- mainder disinterested or busy. All colleges but two (gradua te school and pharmacy) were for Willkie; even NYA students showed their preference for the Hoosier hero. Many an aspiring radical was floored by the assumption that we are bourgeois after all. Prominent election loser was one Dick Bridenbaugh who directed noonday traffic in shorts and boots. The League for Decency slipped up on this one. Bitter irony was the failure to remove those dynamic posters on University Hill: " What ' s a Democracy, Daddy? " — trenchant answer: " It ' s America with Will- kie. " BRIDENBAUGH SANS PANTS AND SANS WILLKIE; HE MIGHT HAVE KNOWN WRONG ANSWER; WE VOTED FOR HIM — DAMN IT! TURN ' EM UP SAM, LIKE IT OR NOT CARR TELLS THE BOYS HOW TO VOTE- WELCOME GOVERNOR— TO THE ALMA MATER! THETAS LOOKING SHARP PARADES ARE FOOLISH Colorado University ' s enrollment, like its buildings, has grown steadily in the last decade. At present over 4,200 students are enrolled on the Boulder and Denver campuses. The fact that " Whizzer " White has been the largest single personal attraction to the University in recent times indicates that athletics comprises one of the University ' s best advertisements. Of these 4,000 and more, one-third of the men and women belong to the thirty Creek fraternities on the campus. The installation of the dormitories has not materially decreased the percentage of Creeks. JANE LAMSON, HINSDALE BALL OF CHARM NOMA, WHO STILL CARRIES A TORCH FOR AMERICA JIM WILLCOXON ALL- ZEUCH AND FREDERICK, BARING THEIR FANGS WHIF, NAN, KAY, MARTY THE BOUNCING BLONDE THE BRIGHTON 80MBER_M,SS SALLY BARBER, ' A r ' ' TlVAy ' ' wVh ThT ' f ACE " ' ' uving ' coTts aTcolo ' r ' ado ' as in other American State Universities, are relatively small. Students who do not have schoU r hin and take lab courses pay about $100 per year for tuition; those without lab courses pay about $75. Board and ? " or: ' uns about $25 a r o a student cooperative. $35 in a boarding house, and $50 in a Creek letter house. Fra- ternity and sorority dues range from $5 to $1 1 per month ; house notes are the rule rather than the exception. NOT all PEOPLE IGNORE CHAPERONES y,.jy q I TOW— BETTY ECKHARDT DICK PEARSE, WHOM SQUIRRELIE BOOSTER gQX ARTS PUBLICITY SEEKERS FLIPPED DURING SPRING VACATION WEDNrSDAY. JIM 15 Reynolds 7:30 OloChapeIl The New York Pla UU Driurn J Of) YS li III i nr irrn luusTRATED Talk on Architecture JOURN. CONVOCATIOM 4:00 M.S.U.B. A.E.D. 7:30 M.S.U.B.20G, S iG Mfl E p . S l t - ffl a -.M W.S.U.B. ZpT S.S.S.L. 3:00 i RTS HE F. WESSELis Soi.0 Class 5:0o UR.rCONVOCATION • ' ' 1te 11:00 MAC(Y Lib. FAMILIAR REMINDER AT EVERY TURN PINNED DOWN JOY GIRLS GRIN JEAN AMIS AND ERNIE EATON The number of self-supporting students at C. U. is surprisingly large. " Hashers " — waiters — are employed in all eating houses; the NYA employs over 200 students with a ratio of 2-1 in favor of men. Most lucrative jobs on the campus are those held by the four big editors and business managers of publications. Note: We know. PHIL JONES AND PAT SHANLEY- JOAN THOMPSON AND FRIENDS -HOT FROM CALIFORNIA WIGTON AND KELLY— HE STRUCK OUT BARBARA PUFFER, KKG ARISTOCRAT USE A SOUP BOWL The first citizen of Colorado University is President Emeritus George Norlin. In November, 1940, the publication of Dr Norlin ' s book of essays, THINGS IN THE SADDLE, was the culmination of his decade-long fight against the spread of anti-democratic ideas in education and literature. Most familiar of his words to students is the inscription on Colo- rado ' s new one-half-million-dollar library: " Who Knows Only His Own Generation Remains Always a Child. THE SIGS GIVE OUT WITH A SERENADE DG ' S — POLITELY LISTENING ONE MISSES THE SERENADE KAPPAS AND THEIR SERENADE BALCONY Often feared and much exagger- ated by freshmen are fraternity pre-initiation practices. Common- ly known as " hell week, " the week before Creek initiations is com- prised of sometimes significant, but usually ridiculous, routines in which upper classmen are said to " haze " neophytes. Although the University has largely eradicated the more barbaric elements of " hell week " in men ' s fraternities, some forms of freshman torment still exist. Excursions into the night on trivial missions and paddling are the rule. In recent times, serious consequences have been unknown. Sorority pledges are forced to do little more than pass out cigarettes and gum in the week before initia- tion. In contradiction to the stand- ard opinion, " hell week " is cher- ished by freshmen as one of the ■ last vestiges of that hey-day of col- lege life in the ' 20s. SIG ALPHS SWAT FLIES DURING HELL f WEEK JOHNNIE WALKER IN THE LAB— SPEED GRINS— PIPE THE FACIAL EXPRESSION; , ON THE DOG, WE MEAN SEEN ON THE HILL AND ELSEWHERE— A SENIOR TOOK FINE ART 5 u. d-MT e ise£ SPIT IT OUT, SHORTY! BARBECUE BUFFALO, TASTY AND TOUGH Big day of fall quarter at C. U. is " Turkey Day " when Buffaloes meet their traditional Denver University rivals. After a two-day build-up of radio programs and rallies, the campus migrates to the City College stadium for the most important football game of the year. In 1940, the teams locked in a 3-3 tie after both teams scored touchdowns ruled invalid by much-berated referees. Celebrators of " Turkey Day " usually danced that night at the " Victory Dance " held in one of Denver ' s hotels. Colorado ' s rivalry with Denver dates back to the nineties, when the two universities were of nearly equal prowess. TAKE IT, MR. STEARNS! A. W. S. BANQUET; PUT IT AWAY GIRLS CALDERWOOD IS 19 CORBIN OF THE SIGMA NUS FOUL AT THE SMOKER— KICK HIM! THE WINNAH! THAN WELLER, DDD — BLOMGREN, RYDER, DAGWOOD; THE LATTER FAWNING IN HIS OWN INIM- ITABLE MANNER Important dances of the year are the Sophomore Prom in the Fall, Freshman Prom and Engineers ' Ball in the Winter, and junior Prom in the Spring. Most C. U. dates cost from 1 cents for coking, $1.50 for dancing, $1.00 for Sun- day night theatre. WELLER AND PRINCE WELLS FROSH PROM CANDIDATES FOR PRIN- CESS AND PRINCE im I THE HERD STAPLER AND CLAUS, THETAS, LOVELY AND BUXOM Th nrP« ire on dating at C U is stronger on women than on men. Practical rule of the thumb is: no dates per week IpdirobTJon threTdatIs socia? succels. Dread fear of all women is that sudden lack of attention ,n the,r second year AND COLD slaff membS To our kn ' owledge the only time fraternity houses have ever been closed was m 1917- 1918 when they served as rather unconventional barracks. SOME ATTEND CONVOCATIONS; I ALWAYS STAY AWAY . . ,.,r AK,r-c MORE GOONS AT CONVOCATION GEIGER, KRIER, SACKMAN-IN ATTENDANCE RICHARD JACKSON, A MAN WITH REAL COURAGE THEY ALWAYS LEAVE CONFUSED ' Iff " f - r ' ?5« JENS AND QUIGLEY AND TEETH WIGTON AND ALPHA PHI BUDDY-BUDDIES SIGMA NU SCRIPTORIUM A long-felt need at C. U. has been a cooperative dining hail for needy students. To over one hundred such students the announce- ment on February 4th that low-cost meals would be provided in the renovated Cold Room of Memorial was welcome news. Not so welcome to the University pro-British supporters was the Peace Council ' s 2 to 1 vote against aid to Britain, and Dr. Bernard ' s report that 55 per cent of the students opposed the Lend-Lease bill. HANK GREGORY, BARB PREXY BROWN LOOKS IT OVER— WHAT ' S THAT THING IN THE MIDDLE? PRESIDENT STEARNS UNDER THE MIGHTY EMB LEM — CELEBRITIES; STEARNS AND CARR ALUMNI BEAM AT THE FOOTBALL BANQUET Represented on this page are scenes from the annual alumni football banquet, held January 31st in Denver. Present were state and University officials, over 600 University alumni, and the 1940 football squad. High- lights of the evening were Presi- dent Stearns ' pointed remarks on the University ' s financial needs, and the presentation of 31 -year-old Jim Yeager, Colo- rado ' s new football mentor. DR BARTHOLOMEW, SURROUNDED— MANNING, BRILL, CARD AND Mc- CLUNG, ALSO PRESENT Replacing Macky as the dominant building on the campus, Colorado ' s new Library is increasingly becom- ing a center of student activity. Familiar is the locked front door and the sign, " Use Side Entrance. " The " World Fair Lighting System, " encased in tubes, is bright, but buzzes. The shelves are open read what you like where you like, but remember that the door at- tendant checks your exit. In the Friends ' Room friends grope about in a blue haze, but " It Satisfies. " in the fourth floor music room where tea is served for " a nickel a shot " every afternoon, there is re- finement, culture, and a complete Carnegie record album to be played for the asking. Venerated guardian of this aesthetic cloister is Dr. Paul- Louis Faye, philologist, linguist, and critic. THETA FORMAL AT THE BROWN; A CC PERSONALITY KID, BREATHLESS ADMIR- ERS, AND CU ' S FORLORN BILL PUETT (BY THE POLE) AGAPETUS FROM THE " BIG TEN " BARB BIGGIE Th. n aioritv of C. U students are unaffiliated with Greek --■•■«; -, ,-, ,, -7: - :t,ri ,e?n?; ' ?iJnreLr„Te,r?rin ' K on ' ; to the Creek fold. TRUE AFFECTION BY THE ARMORY— HOW DULL SPURS GET AROUND, IT ' S PLAIN TO SHE BIG ROCCIO AND FEMALE FRIENC University life is three-fourths cur- riculum and one-fourth campus. Of student time, classes occupy four hours per day in the Art School and six hours in the Engine School. Because of the large enroll- ment most classes are too large for personal relationship with the pro- fessors; as a result, pedagogy and learning are made more difficult. Most difficult problem for fresh- men is the adjustment to the ne- cessity of student self-reliance in classes. Students must pass nine hours to remain in school; those who fail are judged upon by the University Re-Admittance Boards. Eight o ' clock classes are the chief anathema of the sleepy students. " Doodling " and other signs of boredom are occasionally evident, especially in Spring quarter; but most Colorado students use their tuition. SUNDAY NIGHT ROUTINE AT THE BOUL- DER . . . THE WEEK ' S COSTLIEST DATE WOOLLEY RECUPERATES — CLICK THINKS — WHAT ' S SHE DOING? SIG ALPHS RIDICULE KAY WRIGHT ' S BE- TRAYAL OF WOOLEY FOR DELT- HOCKENSMITH WOOLLE ■ DELT OUT CONVOCATION IN MACKY MEANS A FREE CUT ,n a. eiio. to combat the apparent apathy of Colorado students f l 7 ' :; ::::t t and to enlist the educational processes of the University m a more substant-l " " e , P all-University dents, a Defense Education Program was planned by ' ' ' ' ' of World War II and the Amer- convocations, the program presented noted speakers and student forums m a discussion or ican foreign policy. THEY DIDN ' T GO TO GREENMAN ' S FOR BRIDGE IF ONLY IT WEREN ' T REQUIRED FOR ENGLISH THEME " HUTCH " EILEEN DAVISON AND THE CARBINE IDA AND FRIEND WHO LOOKS FRUSTRATED First speaker of the convocations series was beloved Dr. Eckhardt, head of Colorado ' s History Department. Dr. Eckhardt ' s concern was the preservation of Western civilization; his chief argument was that the defeat of Herr Hitler was not the sole means of that preservation. To maintain a fair discussion, the University also brought Frederick Libby, a life-long pacifist, who urged a peace negotiation with Nazi Europe. Students were impressed by his argument that war is not the way to save democracy. BEA AND BOB; AND IT GOES ON AND ON PUBLICITY STILL FOR CAA — THE GEORGE HAMBURG — " DADDY LONG LEGS " EDITOR ' S SLIPPING r JOVANOVICH Coioradan Editorial Next to religious miracles nothing is more astound- ing and seemingly impossible than the production of a college year-book. The last eight months have been a continuous nightmare of typists who don ' t show, of section editors who don ' t know a halftone from a pica, and of that inevitable underclassman who wants to know how to get his picture in the class section. Deepest appreciation goes to ail those nameless Freshmen who applied last fall. And to Kay, Ev, Mac, Peggy, Franny, and Blind Bob my apologies for being so irascible. BILL. WALKER, EDMUNDSON, CUSTANCE, McCLELLAN EDITORIAL STAFF WILLIAM JOVANOVICH Editor ROBERT EDMUNDSON Associate Editor ASSISTANT EVERETT SEARS KAY WRIGHT PEGGY CHASE VIRGIN I A,JOt LESLIE NEL S!i;££ll)ENSTICKER ►J RANCES LUDLOW y McCLELLAN J I VINGTON " cUSTANCE Virginia HcrriHn, !hon XlarUIS on i ' ffneron, Howard Abbott, Paulo Quorenberg, SalH-?leming|l «}th Ireland, Annie Bobs Marshall, Marjorie Hoaliard, Margaret Floyd, Leona Temple, Wayne Van Arsdole, Robert Decker, Georgene lies, Barbara Brockenbury, Virginia Joggers, Herbert Hershey, Wil- liam Sockmon, Sara Flanders, Zoe Newman, Albert Walter, Anne Ferril, Dove Proffitt, Bob Carter, Day Carman, Willis Fossett, Gladys Silverberg, Robert Wolfe, Kenneth Lloyd, Dejay McKnight, Leonard Morrison, Garnet Swearns, Elaine Blomgren, Dean Strain, Ruth Strauss, Elizabeth Griffith, Kothrin Pool, Martho Nowell, Marion Wheldon CHASE, SEARS, MORRISON, SEIDENSTICKER Coloradan B oioradan Dusiness Starting out with a financial reform in tfie reduc- tion of class section dues, the business staff of this year ' s book has cooperated with the editor in mak- ing the COLORADAN a full buy for the two thou- sand who buy and the four thousand who read the book every year. Installed in new offices, the staff has yet to reach its peak at the time of this writing; reports have it that the book is on the press — our only hope is that we can pay for it and still stay in town May 20. STEWART GRAVESTOCK BUSINESS STAFF JACK GRAVESTOCK . . . Business Manager ROBERT STEWART WILLIAM GRIGGS BUD MAYER . . AILEEN JEWELL GEORGE YOUN e Manager n Manager tising Manager s Manager ss Manager Marjorie more, BeYtyi|7i rup, Margery Hickey, Wl Henry Tanner, Edith Ba illiam Gil- loise North- Janice Davis, man, Thanet Schureman, STEWART, MAYER, GRIGGS Marjorie Erickson, Sheldon Brandt, Henrietta Thoesen, Jane Bein, Dorothy Blackburn, Francis White, Francis De Beukelaer, Nancy Storey, Nor- bert Cochran, Henry Schall, Winifred Kilmurray, Howard Morris. CLARK Silver and Gold Editorial Sage Duncan Clark has been known as the " publi- cation ' s hermit, " coming forth twice a week with some of the best thoughts expressed in the supe- rior SILVER AND GOLD. Some of the fruits of the socially-conscious Silver and Cold efforts are the student cafeteria, increased A. S. U. C. activity, and successful cooperation between students and the University administration. This has been a banner year for the bi-weekly; two enthusiasts are Bar- tram and Boyd, names associated successfully with the paper constantly for four years. CALDERWOOD, SEIDENSTICKER, SALIBA, RIGGS, DEVALON EDITORIAL STAFF DUNCAN CLARK . JOHN BARTRAM . DOROTHY RICCS { YVONNE SALIBA) EARL DEVALON . STANFORD CALDER ' DAVID JANISON PHILIP BERNST, ED SEIDENS ARLENE MAYF . . . Editor Associate Editor ty Editors orts Editor City Editor ws Editors Assistants oiumnist Paul Clark7|pai i5i«i 3frtilS Je SStburn, Mar- shall Quiat, Walter ' " AppJ| H % w iershey, Kath- ryn Peabody, Kathleeh ' Emerson, John Quimby, Dorothy Brose, Richard Arnold, Ed Oisen, Betty Ringwalt, Belle Sommer, Rosalie Wertheimer, Katherine Schneider, Esther Devalon, Jacquelin Zeuch, Al Kaff, Frank Karsh, Nathan Blumberg, Boyd Mock, Don Tempest, Jeanne Corsuch, Allan Richards. BERNSTEIN, SOLOMON, BARTRAM, BOYD, JANISON Silver and Gold Business Under two-time manager, Charlie Watts, THE SILVER AND COLD has reached new levels of business perfection. The 50th Edition special was indisputably a work of advertising splendor, al- though later editions are reported to have suffered. Trim and ever-happy Watts has made efficiency the creed of his new office during those five days each week when business hums. He even makes his secretary wear suits in case Denver advertisers should drop in — we have no record of their coming as yet. BROWN, PUFFER, WOODRUFF WATTS BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES WATTS JIM HICKMAN . . Assi JOANNE DIVISEK . Boul CAROLINE PROUTY. LAWRENCE MAC CEORCE CLEM EROS ' Business Manager Busifws Manager Manager is|ng Assistant Manager Manager [©culation HICKMAN, DIVISEK, MACK Max Brown, Ralph VeaBe, Robert McCammon, Leonard Tripp, Kate Taylor, Lois Jean Miller, Clyde Doyle, Adolph Mayer, Richard Newman, John Wiley, Bill Paddock, Tyson Woodruff, Carl Strain, Betty McCiellan, Jim Aspinwall, Phil Lockwood. MAYER Dod. FERGUSON Head of the Journalism Students and good-will agent on all publications is the genial and talented " Big Bud " Mayer, whose work on the Dodo has never lacked energy and a sense of humor. As Carrie Nation of the campus, Mayer has succeeded in fostering the kind of spirit that makes for fellowship. No. 1 business man on the seven-times-a-year Dodo is Wayne Ferguson. Besides being immune to the humor that per- meates the office, Ferguson has kept the books in the black and the hair on his head. esE:?:. ' 5s«w; EDITORIAL STAFF BUD MAYER Editor DOROTHY Rices DUNCAN CLARK [ . . . Assistant Editors EUGENE HOLLAND J Departmental Editors PAT JONES, MAX MORTON, BOB HAWLEY, ELAINE BLOMCREN, ED SEIDENSTICKER, DAVID PROFFITT. DONALD LETHBRIDGE, CHARLES WATTS, FRANK MASSARD, BOB BARNETT, KAY KEMPTON, JANET CARRINCTON BUSINESS STAFF WAYNE FERGUSON . . . Business Manager JIM HICKMAN . . . Assistant Business Manager FRANCES ARMSTRONG Secretary PAUL DOUDEN .... Circulation Manager ROSE PAONESSA . Associate Circulation Manager LEINAD LIEN . . . Assistant Circulation Manager BOB DECKER .... Advertising Manager GENERAL STAFF Betty Jane Irey, Garnet Swearns, Marjorie Erickson, Gwen Crosswhite, Marjorie Haggard, Rita Kohl, Virginia Snider, Cora Mae Young, Pat Hill, Helen Galley, Mae Garden, Margaret Leary, Bob McMil- len, Genevieve Yoder, Betty Jean Ewing, Betty Bar- bour, Zinette Spore, Charia Thomson, Virginia Jag- gers, Rita Ryan, Dick McKasker, Dick Merrill, Bruce Tidwell, Dunbar Jones, Bill Kindel, Natalie Storer, Virginia Farley, Bud Young, Dick McCracken, Gladys Silverberg, Carol Krier, Mary McDougal, Priscilla Rodman. • 126 Wind ow BRONSTEIN MALONE Through the interest and foresight of Editor Bronstein and Manager Malone, the WINDOW this year sought to reorganize its contents and policy in an effort to stave off a poverty of material which has characterized the magazine over a period of years. Financially capable, the WINDOW now seeks the interest and ability of Colorado Students in this attempt to make the magazine representative of student feeling and opinion. EDITORIAL STAFF HERBERT BRONSTEIN Editor CHARLES BURSIEL { HARRY WARD J • ■ MARGARET MAE FLOYD ( ANNA RUTH LOPATIN Associate Editors Assistant Editors GENERAL STAFF ARLENE SOLOMON PHILIP BERNSTEIN TED COGSWELL VIRGINIA BROOK ELIZABETH CARTER EDNA FALK ELIZABETH ALLEN BUSINESS STAFF COOPER MALONE .... Business Manager JEAN AMIS Advertising Manager MARjORIE LUKROFKA . . Publicity Chairman DIXIE MAE McCarthy . . circulation Manager JEWELL KRIER Secretary STAFF Barbara Graf, Brant Hardy, Joan Turner, jerry Bron- fin, Shirley Buester, Erma Ruth Calloway, Helen Counter, Joe Fulton, John Geiger, Gene Coalstone, Catherine Ann Hasenauer, Babette Heil, Dan Kin- caid, Jane Middlemist, Lois Nelson, Betty Oliver, Katy Schneider, Sharle Thompson, John Woodward 127 Colorado Engineer MALLORY COOK Four times a year the COLORADO ENGINEER appears to the enlightment of both engineers and the un- initiated on the campus. Replete with informative articles, the quarterly has excelled this year in both technical, and editorial material under the able guidance of Warren Mallory and Harold Cook. Financially stable and editorially sound, the COLORADO ENGINEER is an able representative of the engineering fourth of Colorado U. EDITORIAL STAFF WARREN MALLORY .... Editor STANLEY FITZMORRIS DON LITTLEJOHN EARL HARTER JOHN WILSON RAY VOLLUZ TED KUNTZ AUGUST ETCHEVERRY MORTON DAVID DOUGLAS BRAWNER WALTER SHAW SHERIDAN CROOKS Assistant Editors Sub- Editors Assistant Business Managers BUSINESS STAFF HAROLD COOK Business Manager HAROLD LAWLER] MARVIN POPE PAUL WERNER PAULSALIMAN VITHA BOWERS BERNARD LEVITT JOE GULINSON GENE LIGHT DANIEL DAVIDSON BERT KARPEL BEN BLOOM ZELIEBERENBAUM Sub-Managers • 128 D rama When the old Library Building was vacated a year ago, work was begun almost at once to convert the building into a Little Theatre. It is hard to realize that this year, in the same building where students once studied over algebra and chemistry, a talented campus group now prepares and presents some of the world ' s greatest drama. Aside from the theatre itself, which seats 706 per- sons, there are numerous dressing rooms, practice rooms, and offices, which the average person never sees. There is also a " Green Room " where coffee is served after performances, and audiences are given an opportunity to mingle with the actors. Thanks to Professors Wolle, West and Reynolds and numerous others, the Players Club of the University has at last a permanent home where they may work and present their productions. Congratulations for what has been done, and best wishes for the future of the drama at the University of Colorado. MRS. REYNOLDS AND WILLIAM FISCHER DR. REYNOLDS AND PROFESSOR WOLLE PROFESSOR WEST AND DOROTHY HUNTINGTON r NEW LITTLE THEATRE 129 Spring Quarter Old Main, 1940 . . . three one-acts of high entertainment value. EL PENITENTE, by Herbert BrCriyljeyiQisQibsorbing drama of a comparatively unknown section .ol Aiiitiicarn tains his work almost to the iro; many of thei . . . Mary Ellen Winn portro good character role. M LABOURS WON, directed b; speore ' s amours . . . gay especiolly deserving of manners of Jules Block ( PASSAGE, directed by M ment. John Cowley plo lie. Bronstein sus- _ Ttnes were powerful KGVie Bible was in a ■ irably. LOVE ' S all about Shake- e by Garth Hite sh makeup and sing. BIRDS OF n eye for move- chelor with ease SHOEMAKER ' S HOLIDAY and adroitness. Jean K fmbrOugFv B WWffiTTIl ' ife, gave warmth and skill to her role . A. WWhark 3is{ em substituting as the hus- band, almost stole tlTfi BlH terlfi iri;m omptLliirateness Tuesday night. All three plfys iSJ| i ()pd an(l executed for grand entertainment. SHOEMAKER ' S HOLCXvti t iMiM n for the whole campus on May 26th ond JuneTthCv ' . ' 4Tye M-ale of a shoemaker, Simon Eyre (Bob Ward) raised in rank to Lord Mayor of London, who declares a holiday for his merry shoemakers. Bob Larson as Firk was the center of mirth . . , love complications ably carried out by Leo Rosenthal as the disguised Lacy, enamoured of the Mayor ' s daughter. Rose (Jean Kimbrough). Mr. West, the director, broke down the " old fourth wall tradition " and established direct contact between the audience and actors. SHOEMAKER ' S HOLIDAY SHOEMAKER ' S HOLIDAY NELLIE ON THE TRACKS LOVE ' S LABOURS WON 130 H omecoming The New Theatre opened its season with three one-act plays obly directed by Wolle, Reynolds, and West. LACKEYS OF THE MOON presented a beautiful spectacle ' vi3)K3HiitEl Q oker and Don Carson giving capable performances castic Ficino. An elaborate . built by Bill Fisher and his ct BOX AND COX, with Thoman as the unknown na and the sar- Miss Sibell and inserted a farce, [OUarson and Dick ,ded by Jane Dyde )t background de- ' . West presented cture of Russian inter gave their on dramatic busi- ss and impression- November 28th nd fantastic plot dsworth, realistic the inextricable mbermaid; Anne Ferril as the hard-boiled chorus girl; and Tony Larson as Diamond received most of the audience laughs. Fast pace and terrific sus- pense made this play a welcome relief from the newspaper head- lines . . . laurels to Mr. West for his superb handling of Alec Coppel ' s ingenious ploy. Setting designed by Mr. West and exe- cuted by Fisher and stage crew. Outstanding in color, arrange- ment, and compactness. as Mrs. Bouncer. Rathe signed by Bill Fisher Chekov ' s ON THE h tragedy . . . Lorry V usual hearty performoi ness. The set was most istic mood . . . desi I KILLED THE COU and 29th . . . myste: about a murdered co| as the blunt and pi situation; Anna Ma ON THE HIGH ROAD LACKEYS OF THE MOON KILLED THE CJLNl I KILLED THE COUNT 131 • Winter Quarter THE FIREBRAND November 7th and 8th. The Little Theater welcomed student players of Cploradp Cp leae in Mayer ' s romantic comedy of Cellini. David r %fp(- gXifpVf ' ' .nniii-|lfT; Fairbanks " swashbuckle to the role of t great lover BJpwenuto; Jenny Lou Cox, very pretty, insipid; «nJ(| la; l»ffb«htyQ3uchess, portrayed by Mary Alice Gibbs. Larg sf ' ult iBJdSt ®is the too-youthful characterizations of the venuto ... on whole, |,i ' pleased with Mr. Sharp ' s effective, especially the gi HAY FEVER, Noe January 30, 31 . . family. Edna Folk, Garth Hite, as Davi Hopkins as Simeon, genues. The bewil charming family werl Sandy; Margaret May •Duchess, and Ben- itppstick. Audience efforts. Scenery palace. y, was presented fe of a screwball ndid performance; portrayal; Richard oyed the frank in- e turmoil of this the naive athlete, Tcated Myra; Don Carson THE FIREBRAND loyd as as the genteel Mr. Breatham; and Sally Barber capably acted her role of the " sweet young thing. " Dialogue was crisp. Orchids to Mr. West for giving a professional flavor to this drawing room drama. An appropriate stage set designed by Mr. West and exe- cuted by W. Fisher and the stage crew ... on the whole the most entertaining play of the season. THE FIREBRAND I KILLED THE COUNT HAY FEVER HAY FEVER • 132 Winter Quarter February 27, 28 Three one-act plays presented by Messrs. West, Wolle, and Fisher . scene of pathos and humor underdog, Amanda, with proved his value by his ex ' her make-up table and ting of a London jouni . . . lighted street windo ' characters exited from successful production . edy . . . audience puz . . . Jane Dyde as H Larry Wadsworth wi farm-hands . . . C ' atmosphere . . . gi character ' s antics in the backwoods Anne Mane B|U mb, " simple little ElWe played the petite pder jeSs . . . Don Carson _ Paulo Pickett left llbtterization . . . set- gned by Mr. West isting silhouettes as . . on the whole a ring hill-billy com- ing, but enjoyed it Iportrclfal ... Ed Rost and musi g OS the uncultured ffective to the raw ying space for the 3f American mores er snapshot of social pretensions . . . Garth Hite played the reforming thief with finished sarcasm . . . Margaret Floyd gave another smooth characterization . . . this was Bill Fisher ' s first job of direction this year ... he has succeeded in putting a sophisticated dash into this play . . . aud- ience liked it . . . set not as effective as the others . . . but satiric flavor of action very good. HAY FEVER OP-0-ME-THUMB SHAM M IF M H r h m H Hj r%m fN H p mM I B F " RECKLESS 133 • Top; McQuery, Hartwell, Bourn, Mundt (Chr. Varsity Squad), Collins, Light, Quiat. Middle; Light, Cutting, Robbins, Coach Easton, Coach Harrington, Hart- well, Quiat, Rentfro (Jr. Debate Manager), McQuery. Bottom: Cutting, Robbins, Fischer, Harrington, Rosenberg, Rentfro Adreo Robbins, Secy. Varsity Squad; Bernard L. Rosen- berg, Senior Debate Monoger. orensics During the past year, the University of Colorado debote squads, ably directed by coaches Easton, Harrington, and Murphy, hove continued to follow the modern changes in forensics by which the emphosis is on the development of ideas rather than on the old necessity for winning. High point of the year was the Rocky Mountain Forensic League Conference held Foil Quarter at Bozeman, Montana. This was o mock congress de- liberating on various notionol problems, at which C. U. wos responsible for the passage of much of the legislation. Other major events were the two debate conferences of the Colorado-Wyoming Leogue. Last spring, at the junior meet in Ft. Collins, debaters argued the topic, " Resolved, That the United States Government should own and operate all roilroads; " and in February, the more seasoned squad members fought on the issue, " Resolved, That the nations of the Western Hemisphere should form a permanent union. " Rounding out the confer- ence progroms were events in oratory and in extempor- aneous and after-dinner speaking. Of great interest were several compus debotes with visiting Wyoming and Kansas State teams, and the twenty-six extension trips mode throughout the year by small groups of student speakers to farm granges, service clubs, church groups, schools, and other organizations on such topics as the Third Term, United States Foreign Policy, National De- fense, and many others. In addition, the forensics group sponsored several campus forums on Aid to England and Notional Defense. Among the participants were Boum, Clark, Collins, Cut- ting, Fischer, Greenawolt, Groves, Hartwell, Hodgson, McQuery, Mundt, Nickelson, Quiat, Rentfro, Robbins, Rosenberg, Shrimpton, Wolfson, and Zeuch, and many others who were used for occasional extension trips. In- cluded in the plans for Spring Quarter of 1941 are the sending of four delegotes to the greot Biennial Notional Congress of Delto Sigma Rho in Chicago, as well as heavy participation in regional conferences, forums, and ex- tension trips. Forensics has a busy program. • 134 1 m, •W STASICA McCLUNb LOCKAkD COACH POTTS 1940 in Pigskin With dissension a thing of the past and a new head coach, genial Frank Potts, long-time track mentor, fifty-two gridders reported for the 1940 season intent upon keeping the conference title. Among these were eighteen lettermen, including such standouts as Leo Stasica, John Pudlik, Vern Miller, all Big Seven choices in 1939, and Marty Brill and Orvill Nuttall, Cotton Bowl veterans who didn ' t play last year. The team with ten regulars from the " 39 " champs was awarded the September Championship by every sports writer in the region, and " loping " Leo Stasica was boosted for Ail-American honors. In the strenuous nine-game schedule which followed, the " Buffs " failed to live up to expectations and ended the season with a record of five wins, three losses and one tie. Against the toughest non-conference opposition ever played by a Colorado team, the Golden Herd won over Kansas State and lost to Texas and Missouri. In con- ference play the Buffalos won four, lost to the cham- pion, Utah Redskins, and tied with their traditional rival, Denver, to end up in a second place tie with the Pioneers for conference honors. Oliver, Stasica, scoring champ with sixty points, and McClung were named to All-Conference posts with the latter voted the circuit ' s outstanding back. Frank Potts, who had filled in so admirably, turned the reins over to Jim Yeager and returned to his first love, track. Of the lettermen. Brill, Card, Flinn, Graham, Jacobson, Nuttall, Pudlik, H. Punches, M. Punches, and Stasica will graduate, while Yeager, coming here from Iowa State, will have Adams, Barnes, Belders, Bridenbaugh, Caranci, Click, Haney, Hedgecock, Jenkins, Lentz, Lockard, McClung, Miller, Oliver, Scott, Woodward, Brotzman and Eaton from which to form a nucleus for the " 41 " team. 1940 SQUAD Back row: McClung, Woodward, Brotzman, Scott, Crompton, Rogers, H. Punches, Oliver, Lockard, Hedgecock, Jacobson, Hawley Third row: Dunn (manager), Shelton (trainer), Grubin, Caranci, Moynihan, Hammond, Adams, Carver, Lentz, La Rocco, Shovlin, Creaghe, Bartlett (end coach) Second row: Potts (coach), Knowles, Graham, Bridenbaugh, Barris, Brill, Jenkins, M. Punches, Miller, Flinn, Clow, Eaton, Belders, Sayre (line coach) Front row; Lam (backfield coach), Barnes, Nuttall, Pitchford, Gardner, Marshal, Rost, Scheuermann, Stasica, Pudlik, Money, Click " ' «?f Jr3 •.■: .■ " . iwwj y-- . ' - : !s e? 60:; 27 56 T 52 »fi ' -t 3b2. 1 Z % W f Colorado 7, Texas 39 In the first game of the season, the " Golden Herd " traveled to Austin, Texas, where they met Dana X. Bible ' s Tex fTTonghorns and " Cowboy " Jack Grain. T e} 6fc, ' ®P Grain bottled and Leo Stas the individu al star «th€ second yards ever, aide4 and bet ter-cdrici i ' f iori ' i% ' § ' ' 4i!ir ned ' ' been for forty minutes a good ball game into a rout with the " Lone Star " team scoring twenty-seven points in the last twenty minutes. RAY JENKINS Jt- -.m ' CLICK MISSED CARVER IN THE AIR STASICA SCORES THE LONGHORNS ON THE MARCH 137 • Colorado 1 , Kan. State 6 On a rain-soaked field, the Buffaloes broke into the win column by defeating the Kan- sas State Wildcats. The tlfird started fast, and on a play of forty a lateral from McCk asas Jenkins took ■i crossed the ijtfOTwn null!- second ica__to ' l iller, Sta e ond- Yt »e the , ... - ,._-,__ ,„fensive ball the-secDnd ' naf ' fi Hie " the ' ' i imans, led by Fair Duwe and We iner started rolling. In the third period. Fair raced fifty-six yards to score. Three goal line stands in the final frame insured Colorado victory. goal line only to h, fied. Colorado sci quarjter j Q B SCSF Sf who ou ar winning point„....The Bl JAKE ON AN END AROUND END OF PLAY BROTZMAN CLOSING IN NO GAIN 138 REVERSE AGAINST KANSAS STATE IT 0 f -jf fim -.j TiM y fii r ' ' i ' i iimrr«r iiwf tiiTiiM Colo. 26, Utah State An intercepted lateral by Harvey Click, which he carried over for a jDuchdown, en- abled the Golden Herd to ence schedule with a vjd ter went to the Lo; only play. Th ' ra The Buff st r seared orfC off tackle jaunt and ' ima ' a ' e ' ano.thBiilpinety- yard run w hich was called back. McClung was given good support by Click, Stasica, Miller, and the whole line, especially Max Punches, Pudlik, Oliver, Brill and Flinn. MILLER, CLICK, JENKINS, STASICA PASS DEFENSE FROM " POLE " TO " POLE " HOLD THAT LINE STOPPED 139 • Colorado 33,Colo.St.14 Reaching their peak the Buffs, led by Stasica, who accounted for three touch- downs and 225 yards outcli d Aggies. jacobson recovered an then took a pass rado ' s first score piling made _j _ a y arcTTPmr retL deep i n Aggie.litfiPjfjJIgr,; ; Stasica produced ther■■ ' ii■e 3nd " seof! 43Aggies then scored but Stasica took the next kick- off and raced 98 yards to tally. Leo scored again and Woodward added the last touch- down, galloping 45 yards with a stolen pass. LEO ' S LOOSE AGGIES HOLD WHO ' LL CATCH IT? JAKE SCORES FIRST • 140 HANEY MOPS UP FOR " MAC " ' i m % Colo. 62, Wyoming Establishing a new conference scoring rec- ord of 62 points the Colorado Buffaloes ran roughshod over the Cowbo jtt». it was Colo- rado all the way with Jenkins, Miller and Log attack. Offensively jm nowhere against the inpr ward wall. The minUi eMri lisp McClung, king the uld get ff for- _ playeW only eigmeen 9| PotVfw ldxthe ' " ' " Bgers.cwiifey led ' " dner, kepl the scoring::;| ,r de.,J mercy crushed the ' ' h " apt ' S ' ' T6wBio § Final figures showed the Herd to have amassed nine touchdowns, eight conversions, 578 yards and twenty first downs. game ove by ira« THREE ON KNOWLES W " PILE-UP ROLL UP A MIGHTY SCORE LOCKARD SHOWS HIS HEELS TOUCHDOV N! 141 Colorado 13, Utah 21 Out of the west came Utah ' s rampant Red- skins and after the smoke of battle had cleared away, it was found Jtat the Indians had added another seal stick. Colorado roarecLr largely through th who with the aid Miller, fought atfjy all Crim ' Cea brotj s, u ashed a p Trrg ljHl which completely,,,. baffi ' ei ' ' ' ' W i ' :iipy,ercon and netted the Utes three touchdowns. Colorado came back, but too late, and 1 6,000 Homecoming fans saw the favored Herd suffer its only conference loss. their coupe i early lead ifypSUcClung, lynches and to keep) the h withjS for, i delt FIGHT C. U. DOWN THE FIELD PRAISE ALLAH NECKTIE HIT THAT LINE • 142 HOMECOMING AGAINST UTAH V ' A " , » ♦ - f Kii Colorado 6, Missouri 21 Paul Christman and company invaded Nor- lin Stadium and the All-American quarter- the end of the third quarter, due to the punting of McClung, Miller and Lockard. In the last period Christman pitched the Tigers to two more tallies. ' «» v,o ' fc A % ? 4 -- McCLUNG COMES UP THE FIELD ' WHERE YOU G0IN7 ' TWIST THAT TIGER ' S TAIL ' PITCHIN ' " PAUL CHRISTMAN AND HE GOT AWAY 143 • Colorado 25, B.y.U. 2 The vaunted Cougars from Provo met the Herd in a game which promised to be a rock-em sock-em battle, if e Cougars got two points and almost sdigi.O ' next kick off. At this i9dj|gQffl|, Stasica and Lockard proceMed ©— thgstage and M tfe; SD rt | [Dporrvthey-T| mped play of the garrJil viiieiGCurrecr quarter when Vern Lockard, the Kansas Flyer, fooled the entire B. Y. U. team with a bootleg play and sprinted 37 yards to the goal line. IT WAS GOOD LOOKING FOR A HOLE A CAGED COUGAR HE ' S DOWN • 144 LOOK OUT FOR LOCKARD Colorado 3 Denver 3 The annual Turkey Day clash with Denver U. saw the favored Buffs held to a tie by the Pioneers. Denver sta Jl with a bang. Bob Riddell lateraled tc 46 yards, only to ha back. The seconc hal? Stasic Pun ! into actU Cli _ score on the sea a;;ft;:;.|fjc)s,t d ' spi play. Stasica took the ball into Denver territory and then Ray Jenkins kicked a field goal from the 32-yard line. Walsmith booted Denver ' s three points to climax a game which left 22,075 spectators breathless. FLINN WONT LET GO STAS BEAT DENVER A COLLISION STOP THOSE PIONEERS 145 • CO-CAPTAINS " HAM " and " PETE " COACH " FROSTY " COX Basketball 1940-41 This year ' s basketball season was a remarkable one for the Golden Buffs. It was not remarkable in that for the first time since the Big Seven was inaugurated Colorado failed to take the crown; not remarkable in that Leason " Pete " McCloud scored 225 points to become the region ' s best scorer; not remarkable in that for the first time Colorado lost a conference game in the fieldhouse, but remarkable in that Coach " Frosty " Cox took a squad containing only one regular from last year and one other letterman, and injected them with enough of his cage magic to make them finish third in the conference standings, behind Wyoming and Utah. Gone from last year ' s conference and Madison Square Garden champions were All-American and all-confer- ence Jack Harvey, Don Thurman, and Don Hendricks, both all-conference men, and declared ineligible was Bob Doll, last year ' s outstanding player in the Madison Square Garden tournament. Coach Cox had a squad of four juniors and seven sophomores led by co-captains George Hamburg and Leason McCloud with which to build a team. That he succeeded can be attested by the fact that the Buffs won four of five non-confer- ence games, had a conference record of seven wins and five losses, were a threat all the way, and that fans and students backed them just as strongly as any previous year. Hamburg, McCloud, Strain, Trotsky, Oldham, Schmidt, Kirchner, Shakeshaft, Putman, and Hannon lettered. McCloud was the outstanding player in the league and was scoring champ with 156 points. Both he and Hamburg were all-conference choices. BASKETBALL SQUAD 1940-41 Shelton (trainer), Trotsky, Hannon, Schmidt, Hamburg, Putnam, Kirchner, Shakeshaft, Strain, McCloud, Oldham, Cox (Coach) n m % u ' ' ' »M ' ' ' ' » I tf ' i •M « U %J%i % i i m I Colorado 4 Colorado - - o regon Harvey, Thu couldn ' t quite the alumni al last second period. Mc played a good " Slats " Gill ' s champs of t tories over rado Stat Alumni 42 - 38, 42 29, 41 nd Boatwright tHjl l-esent team and =a er by McCloud ' s tond overtime [and Hamburg I year ' s cagers. frs, defending earned vic- and Colo- the Boulder fieldhouse McG ipud caged 1 " Jl oiHi s and Ham- burg starred de nsively to beat the " Beavers. The second game was a much closer affair. The Beavers threatened all the way and it was Martin Trotsky ' s free throw in the last twenty seconds that decided the outcome. Shaw of Oregon State, rated the best guard on the Pacific Coast, tried to stop McCloud, but the Kansas Whirlwind made 19 points for scoring honors. LEASON McCLOUD A WILD ONE- BARNEY TRIES A LONG ONE COMING DOWN THE FLOOR THE FIELD HOUSE FULL FOR OREGON STATE 147 • Colorado 45 t. Joseph 49 Colorado 41, -.St. John 42 GEORGE HAMBURG In Philadelphia tl and with McClou as though they w; ning ways Joseph started to 30 lead. with Larry St. Joseph ' s Unbeaten St for the first h, in for its sec d stMeRt de 27 to 1 t inwmission. George hrambur led a comeb be one of thevpost thrilling vfi Cftrden history Lanky George iiink three straight Buckets to tie the score at 29 all. Putnam continued the rally with four baskets. Kirchner, with 16 points, and McCloud then carried C. U. on to victory. White let St. John ' s with 19 points. to a fast start oints it looked nue their win- remaining, St. e Colorado ' s 39 Vhe onrush and skets to give e beaten, e Garden and Colorado was ffs trailed second half proved to tft sec :k That i JUMPING (?) GEORGE IT ' S THROUGH! ABOVE THE WORLD SO HIGH • 148 COLORADO WINS AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN — (Fein, N. Y. Herald-Tribune) Colorado 41 tali State 34 Col ora ah State 32 Utah plains in the by the Buffs. n any previous e their shots e throughout. games while gain scoring doubt as the nexperienced The Logan Farme game at Boulder ' Colorado showed, contest. They count, and pi. Strain and Ok McCloud droB honors. The ut Buffs played Farmers. In Logan th€ was mucl- ?bser . halftime ore The Farmers brfl ' then Colorado leTfgthened their lead. Hot-shoot- ing Leason McCloud racked up 14 counters. He was closely followed by Trotsky with 12 and Hamburg with 10. For the Aggies, Baugh, Read- ing and Mayne were outstanding with 7 points. The win gave Colorado a record of three wins and three losses. Colorado ' S up tb A game which i icated. The h State 12. riight the scorS up ffi 18-20. but le? fs MARTIN TROTSKY HOW DOES HE DO IT? PETE ' S HOT GET THAT BALL! SCRAMBLE UNDER THE BASKET 149 • -J If » Colorado 3 B.y. U. 31 Colorado 5v,%6. Y. U. 45 were met and me was rather visitors failing l etball they are point lead at the second half d the winners and Kirchner plin made 12 PAUL SCHMIDT B. Y. U. ' s high defeated in the ff slow from start tj to display the fj noted for. Tl the half and to win the with 13 poi with 6 also points for th In the retu gan at Prov(i WarWn Trotsky and Paul Schmdt br e into the lijnelfcht, the latter scoring 12 po ts to tie Me loi for scoring honors. Hambulfe and Tro tsky played outstanding floor games and showed the passing finesse that the Buffs had lacked up to this time, while Schmidt sparked the scoring and directed the team attack. This game moved the Buffs into undisputed possession of third place. JUMP BALL NICE SHOT FOLLOW 150 KIRCHNER PARTS THE STRINGS Mm Colorado 3 Denver 52 Colorado 43; )Denver 35 Miracles will ha first time since Tramway Tech worst defeat fered. McCIo ' to a good sta half. In the did their best Hogan and couldn ' t be h when for the lad cagers of fs. It was the has ever suf- t the Buffs off to 19 at the and Oldham ver aided by prising that Revenge is sjveet cflG $6 it wss heBon the home floor the lUffs turned the tabl« ofllD. U. ' s Pio- neers. Black-h fed " Pete " Cl d was the fair-haired boy en he rang up 24 points to per- sonally conduct the victory march. The Buffs took the lead from the start and it seemed that McCloud couldn ' t miss. They rolled up a for- midable lead but eased off toward the last. Hamburg, Trotsky, Schmidt and Kirchner also shone. BOB KIRCHNER WHOA CHORUS GIRL BARGER THEY CAN ' T STOP GEORGE WE TAKE THE BALL FROM TRAMWAY TECH 151 • Colorado 39 olo. State 41 Colorado 3 A C lo.StateSS Opening the co against the Aggie a defeat. It was them since th half was a ni playing a gi Colorado b scoring 1 5 poi the Buffs bl at Fort Collins s were handed es had beaten rted. The first ith both teams fhe second half with McCloud aning minutes agaTn, invaded the d. WThe half time tes remaining BARNEY OLDHAM The Aggies fieldhous Jbnly score wain 7 all na wi Aggies grabb ' a 32-31 Iq«8 . IMcCloud gave Colorado a one " |!)oint margin. WitPi a minute and a half to go the score was again tied. There was one minute remaining and the lead had changed hands seven times when Bob Kirchner took it upon himself to give Colorado the final lead. FREE THROW TIP-OFF TROTSKY TAKES OFF • 152 HEY REF. DON ' T SWALLOW THE WHISTLE Colorado Colorado Before a capacit closing minutes downed the to second pi hospital bed, to lead the B start to finis lead in the c on the floor, ner played goi The Utah g e pennant h i Utah 32 Utah 37 t wild in the meback kids ns to advance ising from a up 1 8 points thriller from tecting their was a flash and Kirch- the Buffs ' , _; D, vho«ageH 12 points, helped the herd4ff to an early fz to 7 lead. The score due to BerWion, with 13 counters. Smith, and Johnson was tied at 14 all. Colorado forged ahead at the half, but in the last half the herd collapsed and the Utes overwhelmed them to grab second place in the league. This left the Bison in third position. DEAN STRAIN WE SCALPED THE UTES WHO DID IT? HUDDLE LEGGO MY ARM ! ! X @ Z 153 • WARREN PUTMAN Colorado Wyo. 49 Colorado ltjWyo. 44 On the wind-swi was the vict The punchers and hog-tied them only leading 26 half George mates in a sh man stopped The last g . was the (ime led by Wyomijrtg ' s governor, |J ls ft. the fieldhouse to see Colorado n amie, Colorado tling Cowboys. :re court roped loes, allowing first half and In the second re and led his gan and Roth- dies to victory. nst Wyoming [and spectators Smith, filled conference defeat there. Previously the Buffs had lost only once in the fieldhouse — to Okla- homa. Trotsky, C. U. ' s star, made the first bucket. From then on Wyoming led until in the second half Colorado forged ahead 28 to 25. Rothman, Strannigan, and Gowdy exploded and never again were the Champion Cowboys threatened. THEY DIDN ' T HOG-TIE " HAM " GOV. SMITH DID NOT START AT CENTER WYOMING CAME AND . . 154 McCLOUD SCORES AGAIN AND AGAIN mmi ' -1 - Colorado Coaches DEAN HARRY CARLSON, B.P.E., Springfield College, M.A., Clark University . . . baseball star in college . . . played with Cincinnati Reds . . . came to Colorado 1926 . . . now Dean of Men and baseball coach. WILLIAM " KAYO " LAM, A.B. at Colorado . . . All-Conference football player and holder of Intercollegiate ground-gaining record . . . played in East-West ganne . . . was Canebearer . . . Graduate manager. JAMES YEACER, B.S., KansasState, M.A., Iowa U., football and track star . . . became moulder of men at Fort Hayes and Iowa State . . . our new football coach. FRANK POTTS. B.A., Oklahoma U. . . . All-conference football player three years . . . tied for national title in pole vault . . . has coached everything in football . . . head coach in 1940 . . . head track coach since 1927. CHARLES VAVRA, B.P.E., George Williams College . . . been at Colorado since 1920 . . . heads all required gym work ... as gymnastics coach has brought C. U. four champion- ships. R. E. " BOB " SHELTON, B.S., Murray State College . . . M.A., L. S. U. . . . his ankle wrapping makes him famil- iar to more athletes than anyone else . . . has taught at school for deaf and knows sign language . . . head trainer and swimming coach. FRANK PRENTUP, B.S., M.A., Kan- sas State . . . played football, basketball, and baseball . . . mighty handy with his dukes as middleweight champ . . . coached C. U. stars Harvey and Hamburg in high school . . . assistant in football, basketball, and intramurals. FORREST " FROSTY " COX, A.B., Kansas U producer of champions, three conference and one national . . . played basketball under Phog Allen and was all-Big Six football and basketball star . . . basketball coach and intramural director. 155 • COACH POTTS Track 1940 Undefeated in dual meets, the 1940 Colorado tracksters proved to be the strongest all-around team the school has ever had. The fourteenth year of Coach Potts ' regime showed the Buffs winning their fourth straight conference championshi fourteen years the Buffs have onal titles. They regained the and Paul Cope, stellar hurdler. yer Colorado Mines in points to lead the ' s for the day ' s won four conference and eleven Colorado Relay title from broke a world ' s record. The season started with an indoor meet at Golden scorers and Creese outstanding mark In the third annufoi Invitat team championships we places to rule the do the mile in 4:35.4 record of 5.6 in Oklahoma A.- ' jW; Missafchn ZalfeJ Sampj j featuring a string bean high jumper, Boydston, invcided i|he fieldhcilse, only to be defeated 57 to 47. Cope ran the fifty-yara high hurqles in 6.1 seconds to clip one-tenth of a second from the existing world ' s record. Bristol, Creese, and Barnes were other outstanding performers. t Boulder, though no captured all but two first " 1 :58.8 and Heiderstodt Cope w(Jn both hurdles and set a Top, COPE; Bottom, CREESE • 156 TRACK LETTERMEN Back row: Jenkins, Punches, Creese, Idler Third row: Shelton (Trainer), Cope, Miller, Honkins, Carr, Hobbs, Potts (Coach) Second row: Heiderstodt, Learned, Puett, Barnes, Arnold, McSweeney Bottom row: Boormon, Bristol, Hoddon, Hoover, Bennion, Veach wwn. Top, JACOBSON; Bottom, PUETT Track 1940 Ten cindermen journeyed to Lawrence for the Konsos Relays, where the four-mile relay team of Heiderstadt, Hobbs, Haddon, and Bristol took third. In the of the compete discus; Cope th fourth in the sh Colorado again Hackney, to re relay team set a new teams won f Hankins, the javelin. Winning fourteen Greeley and Cope ' s 14.7 dred, Crees 1 98 foot 7 C. U. ' s next opponent. New Mexico, was di ' ushed 111 to 19 at Albu- querque. Cope smashed all former New Mexico high hurdle records with a 14.8 flight, and Jenkins did the same in the discus with a 148 foot heave. do placed as many as any the shot and third in the the high hurdles; Jenkins mp. Kansas State, despite distance medley and mile relay 100; Cope, the highs; vault; Moynihon, the f fs scored 1 1 4 to 30 for ious in a triangular meet. ■ man Learned ' s 9.9 hun- le discus, and Moynihan ' s nding marks. Top, CARR CLEARING THE BAR Bottom, JACOBSON and McSWEENEY COPE LEADING IN THE HIGH HURDLES AT THE COLORADO RELAYS 157 • TWO-MILERS ENTERING THE STRETCH Track 1940 Since 1926 the Buffs have never finished lower than second in the Eastern Division, and since 1934 they have won the title. 1940 was no exception. Colorado with 129 points had a higher total than Aggies, Denver and Wyoming combined. Learned won both sprints and garnerei iteen points for scoring honors. Cope won both hurdles. ference record, and Bristol ran Barnes, Jenkins, and the Creese put the shot 50 feet 5 1:57.7 half. Jacobson, Ho! mile relay team were other At the M. S. I. A. C. m school enter the Big S B. Y. U. team by thirty closed his collegiate co Hobbs with a 4:2 i| , Jacob in the shot put, and Jenkins in thie disciis were Cope, Creese, and Jenkins were named to the oll-American honor roll. Barnes, Boormon, Punches, Moynihan, Learned, Jenkins, Bennion, Hoddon, and Hoover are letter winners who return to fight off B. Y. U. ' s threat. yrecord of never letting another ey beat out the second place luffs scored 86 points, and Cope jrdles in 14.4 for a new record. derstodt in the two-mile, Creese erence champs. Top, IDLER; Bottom, JENKINS 158 LEARNED ABOUT TO BREAK THE TAPE IN THE HUNDRED aJ " % % f ?3m - BIG " JOHN PUDLIK ,.,- • Baseball 1940 1940 was a year of championships for Colorado, football, basketball, track, swimming, gymnastics, golf, tennis all were won, but in no sport were the Buffs so all-conquering as in Carlson ' s diamondeers roared through defeat and on all occasions proved baseball. Coach H sixteen games with themselves the mile-high count Led by pitcher both all-coi of Denver Colorado tl ing in thre Blasters we| Again the hitless innir Another Denve Hartmon, Me, champions i nc I udmg- ' ivfi.orner, produced in the Pincy " Hendler, bbed West High Mele and Fein turn- outing a homerun the Top: Sluggers Romans, Hendler, McClung Bottom: Joe Romans picks up a war club Ik pitched seven ng-time brilliance. t5-2. With the Denver prep Tma th ree for four -tonTfe wds " hev3 in doubt. The Buffs opened tVieir Big Seven Conference season at Fort Collins against Colorado State. Cowden, Kisler, Johnson, Trotsky, Romano, Romans, Hendler, Hennessy and McClung turned in good games. BASEBALL SQUAD, 1940 Back row: Romano, Hendler, Kisler, Johnson, Brafford, Hennessy, Ellis, Mele, Yengar, Hartman, Masunogo, Cowden Front row: Trotsky, McClung, Romans, Carlson (Coach), McDonald (Mgr.), Bowles, Pappos 159 V ' ' Top: Romano, Trotsky, Hamburg Bottom: Safe at First SLIDE, KELLY, SLIDE The pitching staff continued its winning ways end the Aggies were beaten 1 1 to 4 and 1 3 to 2! Wyoming ' s powerful Cowboys were next met and vanquished. The first game proved to be one of the toughest of the year and with Johnson and Kisler teaming up to score the Buffs ' onl y run, Pudiik was forced to pitch nine innings of three hit boll in order to win I to 0. Sophomore Ed Mele allowed only four hits while the bjA% whaled the ball to gain a I 4 to 1 tri- umph in the sejflna ' oupled with two he Buffs to beat Three hit pitc double ploys a Regis 19 to Pudiik, Ro, Denver 8 Hall from In ten Paul McCI a winning run beaten 4 to Denver was, up, ta ipt- in a re " 1 ' ie ' f ' ' Tote- whMi were other highlights. The third title In a row already won didn ' t stop the Buffs ' win ning ways. Wyoming was beaten 11 to 6 with McClung hit ting a circuit clout. _g Jlttt ' ' i ig beat in chasing George P foot homer by Hennessey, and tch. Aggies were . ce flag was sewed r-om.geMilf N ii i li non the gome ' tsky ' s fielding and McClung ' s homer • 160 THE REGION ' S BEST: YEAGER, FEIN, MELE, HARTMAN, PUDLIK, AND COWDEN - e ' ' Wf ' PINCY " AT BAT The last conference game was against Denver and with " Big John " Pudlik striking out seventeen betters for a new Big Seven record, the rival Pioneers were defeated 7 to 3. Traveling to Lincoln, the Buffs met Nebraska. The first game lasted until the tenth runs to win 9 to 5. the win. The se ' beating the " CornI Pudlik, as he f gomes in foui; season. Colorado don lik and Meied and Hendler team batting pionship with a with .485. Pyi wins and in ' king WiiW fd y.: Cowden, Hortmon, Hendler, Hennessey, Johnson, Kisler, Mc- Clung, Mele, Pudlik, Romano and Trotsky lettered. This year virtually the some team strengthened by Atkins will fight off Denver ' s challenge. when C. U. exploded with four who relieved Mele, got credit for ,d its season by ous ending for winning three one during the y placing Pud- Romano at third Jie Buffs won the fielding chom- fe batting chomp ' virtrrips with six lung was homerun Top: BILL KISLER; Bottom: Jim Cowden COMING DOWN TO FIRST 161 B i T ifcl CYM SQUAD First row: Hearst, Balderston, Holt Second row: Fager, Mason, Prout, Stalker, Evans Third row: Shultz, Landrum, Connett, Coach Vavra Fourth row: Belders, Boise, Showolter Gymnastics 1941 Under the guidance of Coach Charles Vavra, the Golden Herd walked off with another Eastern Divi- sion championship. AoBarently, Colorado ' s men of muscle experienced t jtrouble whatsoever in dis- posing of all conferer opposition and lost only to a powerful Big SixJ gregation from the Uni- versity of Nebraska Starting off the season win over the Colorado defeated a surprising to 192 ' 2. Then, with ' i Colorado was in excel annihilate the powe to 130. Colorado then jou lost a close match t 194 to 210. Five d turned the Buffs ' visiti defeated the Herd In the annual champs place- the Buffs closed most decisive 210 to 144 1 2 ggies, the Buffs next n=y State team 207 ' i o Jconsecutive victories, " condition to literally lorado Staters 192 2 Lincoln, where they raska Cornhuskers, he Nebraskans re- lose, exciting match points. Eastern Division d Greeley State. Thus, ccessful season and re- tained their dominating position in the Big Seven. Letter winners were: George Balderston, Archie Connett, George Fager, jack Landrum, Frank Prout, Jack Shultz, William Showalter and Ken Stalker. CONNETT ON THE HORSE FAGER ON THE RINGS J CONNETT, FAGER, SHULTZ, PROUT UP AND OVER 162 SWIMMING SQUAD 1941 Back row: Wagner, Blakey, Shelton (coach), Bauer, Garland, List Front row: Clark, Rogers, Robinson, Underwood, Merrifield, Bigum Swimming 1941 For the first time in Big Seven history Colorado was shorn of its swim title. Tragedy in the death of George Caypless and ineligibility caused the Buffs to drop to second in the conference. Coach Robert Shelton ' s swimmers started the sea- son by winning every event but one and beating Wyoming 52 to 26. Rogers and Merrifield showed that they would be outstanding. In the next meet Colorado won five firsts to three for Aggies, but because of a dispute in scoring lost 43 to 41. do 79 to 46, while Mines pts in a triangular meet. rd of 56 seconds lorac Wye Kansas State finished third . i tb Yeo of Kans in the hu Paced by yard free] ley beat fifty tl¥3iJ.:5 secon ference record In the Eastern Division meet Colorado took second, Merrifield won the 220 and 440 yard free styles, Wagner took the diving, and the 440 relay team set a new record of four minutes. Nebraska beat C. U. 49 to 30 in the last meet. Bauer, Bigum, Clark, List, Merrifield, Robinson, Rogers, Underwood, and Wagner won " C ' s " . who won the fi Bl hundred both meets, Colorado Daw Gree- omlng 49 to 33. Aggies 34. Rogers swam the second off the con- ROGERS HITS THE WATER BIGUM DOES A BACK DIVE MERRIFIELD TAKES OFF BAUER IN THE BACKSTROKE 163 • r-r. ,k WRESTLING SQUAD 1941 Back row: Sayre (Coach), Dukes, Jenkins, Hedgecock, Hanson, Schauer- man, Peterson, Beers Front row: Patten, Lowrey, Bliss, Konesiro, Woodward, Sclimon, Motoyainc Wrestling 1941 Finishing third in the Eastern Division of the Big Seven, Coach Elvin Sayre ' s grapplers won three and lost three matches in seasonal competition. Iowa State, with three Big Six champs, crushed the Buffs 28 to 6 in the first encounter of the season at Boulder. Bright spots for C. U. were the decisions won by Patten and Dukes. A victory was gained at the expense of Greeley State when Patten, Skeen, and )enkins pinned their opponents and Dukes won a decision to give Colo- rado a 23 to 1 5 triumph. Colorado Mines was f rr two when the Buffs defeated the Orediggers ins pinned Jordan ver Denver. Dukes (n the 1 55 -pound Wyoming Cow- their first con- journeyed to Colder 1 9 to 1 1 . Ray " Earthquake to give Colorado . maintained his u| class. Coming down froa boys hog-tied th ference setback Aggies next conquerec regular season for C. U. In the conference tournament at Fort Collins, Dukes at 1 55 pounds, Skeen in the 1 65-pound class, Hedgecock at 175 pounds, and Jenkins heavyweight reached the finals. All were defeated in their last matches and Colorado finished third behind Aggies and Wyoming. Bliss, Dukes, Hedgecock, Jenkins, Patten, Peterson, Schauerman and Skeen were awarded letters. eS olorado 20 115 6 to end the FLYING MARE HOW CHUMMY HEDGECOCK ' S ON TOP EARTHQUAKE McGOON 164 TENNIS SQUAD 1940 Back row: Loughridge, Suttle, Younkin, Reed, Bashore, Fricke, Slaton (Coach) Front row: Mozer, Talpers, Hagler, Irwin, Rudolph, Gray Tennis 1940 Led by Ted Reed, conference singles champ, Coach Bill Slaton ' s racqueteers won their second successive conference title in the Eastern Division. Hanging up a seasonal record of eight wins, two defeats, and one tie, the Colorado net- men got in shape for the Eastern Division Buffs started with an ex- =st. They tied lost 7 to to ]stin, journeyed the measure of ' 31 and then lost 6 to 1 the Aggies 1 4 to 1 . e Herd trounced Greeley State 1 2 and Colorado State Buffs bent the tournament, tensive tour the Texas Ag: the Texas Lo to Waco, wheri the Baylor Bears to Oklahoma at At Fort Collins the On their home cC Colorado College 11 toO, Pueblo J. C. 3 td 13 to 0. At DenveLJ Pioneers 7 to 5, withT ay DuBois beating Reed for his first regional defeat. The Pio- neer sophomore again duplicated the feat at Boulder, but the Herd took the contest 9 to 3. In the Division meet Colorado scored 23 points to win the title. Reed beat DuBois 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 to win the singles crown, and teamed with Loughridge to win the doubles from Bashore and Stevens 6-3, 6-4, 6-2. Letter winners were: Bashore, David, Ellis, Heft, Loughridge, Reed, Shutts, Stevens, Suttle, and Tillotson. TED REED ' BABE " LOUGHRIDGE HARRY BASHORE JACK SUTTLE 165 BILL DAY (COACH FOR 1941) LEO STASICA JOHN HINSHAW ROYAL DONNEN GOLF SQUAD 1940 Bock row: Prockter, Retry, Shreiber (Coach) , Saunders, Stasica Front row: Hinshaw, Donnen, Sanders, Curlee Golf 1940 For the eighth straight year the Colorado golfers won the Eastern Division title. Coach Shreiber ' s linksmen bowed to our jinx, the U. of Texas, 6 to at Austin, at College Station they tied Texas A. and M. 3 to 3. The Oklahoma Sooners beat them 17 to 1 at Norman in the last Southern match. In Denver, Col 181 2 to 21 2 beaten 1 Miners was beaten 1 6 t tied 3 to 3. At De the Pioneers 61 5 ti the regular season match in which C. College 854, and D. In the conference try Club, Colora score of 834 to Wyoming. Ha,.. Colorado was at es was defeated do College was ulder course the 18 to 3. Denver New Mexico was e Buffs outstroked nd then finished ning a triangular ed 850, Colorado 62. Lakewood Coun- irst with a team nver and 982 for k " Saunders of from his perch as two-time conference champ by Medalist Bob Hogan of Denver, who defeated " Monk " 6-5 in a thirty-six-hole match. Team score for the Buffs was Saunders 161, Stasica 165, Hinshaw 166, Donnen 166, Sanders 176. Letter winners were: Curlee, Donnen, Hin- shaw, Petry, Prockter, Sanders, Saunders, and Stasica. This year Bill Day is in charge of the divot diggers, who stand a good chance of grab- bing another title. • 166 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD, 1940 Back row: Driscoll (Coach), Ferriter, Smith, Richards, Martinson, Edwards, Griffith, Shannon, Day, Voorhees Front row: Unger, Walk, Roso, Walker, Stearns, Malcolm, Pobst, Morgan, Kinkade, Brown, Hill, Wolover Freshman Athletics From freshman squads come varsity stars of the future. Therefore, each afternoon countless green-clad hopefuls are seen cavorting about the greensward. This is Walter " Buck " DriscoH ' s freshman football team. This year Bruce Edwards, Stan Hendrickson, Cus Shannon, and Jim Smith were line standouts, while Carl Stearns and Dale Wolaver were backfield stars. Others worthy of merit were: Robert Brown, Scott Day, Robert Ferriter, Jack Griffith, Don Hill, Jack Kinkade, Richard Lines, Burt Malcolm, Keith Morgan, Merle Pobst, John Richards, Sollie Raso, Bill Russell, Dan Voorhees, Guy Walk, and Reuben Martinson. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD, 1941 Back row: Doll (Coach), Gottula, E., Shwoyer, Robbins, Fisher, Schroeder, Doar, Hendrickson, Cox (Coach) Second row: Russell, Anderson, Johnson, Braddock, Cello, Gottula, R., Dunn Front row: Stirling, Putmon, (Mgr.) Milliken, Furois 167 DOAR, ANDERSON, A. GOTTULA, STIRLING, MILLIKIN, ROBBINS, PUTMAN FRESHMAN ATHLETICS Of this year ' s freshman basketball team Coaches Cox and Doll believe that Heathe Nuckolls, Don Putman, Jack Stirling, Jack Braddock, Bill Millikin, Lee Robbins, and Stan Hendrickson will be capable of carrying on Colorado ' s championship tradition. Other promising players were: Ray Cottula, Ernie Cottula, jack Cella, George Swerer, Rolland Furois, Hugh Fisher, Bob Klawahn, and Dick Ekies. »- SMITH SHANNON STEARNS • 168 Men s Intramurals Under the supervision of Coach " Frosty " Cox, this year ' s intramural athletic program was very success- ful. A greater participation in the activities was found, and the minor sport events were stressed more. Again touch-football, basketball, and baseball led the parade in interest and competition. Skiing came into its own, while golf and tennis pairings were revamped with only single representatives from each organization participating. Handball was also played in the same manner. A quantity of good athletic ability was shown in the track and swim- ming meets. Of great interest was the keen rivalry which flared in the water-polo play. Excellent competition in boxing and wrestling created great interest, nearly 4,000 spectators witnessed the tournament finals. Winner of the intramural cup in 1939-40 was Phi Gamma Delta, followed closely by Beta Theta Pi. Assisting Cox with intramurals next year will be assistant football coach, Frank Prentrup. Yearly the intramurals program is being expanded in a hope to engage a larger percentage of students in athletics. Greatest competition is to be found among frater- nities, which urge entire participation in intramural sports. MEN ' S GYMNASIUM 169 • VOLLEYBALL IN THE FALL Beta Theta Pi continued to maintain its undefeated record In winning its second successive touchball championship. Sparked by Jim Philpott, with the aid of a strong line led by Thad Walker, the champions checked the smooth-working Baker Hall outfit in the final contest, 14-9. " In gaining the fraternity title, the Beta ' s downed the Kappa Sig ' s, 7-0, and stopped the Sigma Chi ' s, winner over Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the other semi-finalists, 14-0. After tying two overtime games with the Lordsdoy Lilies, independ- ent kingpins, the Greeks eked out a 6-0 victory in their third overtime fracas. Advancing into the school finals along with Baker Hall, the Beta ' s grabbed the title by coming from behind in the final period scoring two touchdowns. Among the outstonding players were: Reilly and Wood, Baker Hall; Jerry Glaze, Sig Ep; Bob Lalich, Independent; Dudgeon and Summers, Beta; Bert Bass, Kappa Sig, and Brennan McClelland, Sig Alph. Delta Tou Delta won its second consecutive volley-ball championship by defeating Phi Gamma Delta, semi-final winner over Pi Kappa Alpha, 21-9, 21-8, and the other semifinalist, Beta Theta Pi, 21-6, 21-8. The winners hod no trouble in co pping the title, never being extended to over two gomes in any contest. Hawley, John Rich, and Paul Rich were the Delt standouts; Boyle of Phi Gam, Naugle of Beta, and Wolleson of Pi Kap were also out- standing. m -j rf UDGEON, PHILPOTT AND SUMMERS, BETA ALL-INTRAMURAL STARS " TEX " REILLY, THE LEAGUE ' S OUTSTANDING PLAYER MACK SCORES TO PROVE YOU CAN RUN IN TOUCHBALL • 170 BOXED IN Led by hot-shooting Orin Davis, Sigma Phi Epsilon annexed the school bas- ketball championship by romping over Kappa Sigma and Phi Gamma Delta in the Greek playoffs, ond by trimming the Viking Club, 36-29, in the finals. Tom Gurmatakis was also outstanding on the championship club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon raced to victory in the intramural track meet held Colorado U. day. John Musgrove was the main cog in the well-rounded Sig Alph crew, with Scott, Dorsey and Garst also aiding the winners. Paced by Al Rogers, Phi Gamma Delta copped the swimming crown, massing total of 34 points followed by Baker Hall with 27 markers. Bill Bigum won the diving event with Garland of Pi Kappa Alpha gaining the runnerup honor. Tom Cooper of Beta Theto Pi easily defended his school handball title by marching through the fraternity bracket with little difficulty. In the finals against Bob Decker of Phi Gomma Delta, Cooper won by a 21-5, 21-14 count. Edward Kenney, Fleming hall, copped the dormitory singles diadem as Wallace and Barber of Hellems hall won the doubles championship. BASKETBALL CAPTAINS ORIN DAVIS, SIG EP AND BARNEY McCLUSKEY, PHI GAM AL ROGERS, PHI GAM SWIMMING STAR WHO AMASSED THIRTY POINTS IN THE INTRAMURAL SWIMMING MEET JOHN DORSEY, SIG ALPH, 100 and 220 YARD DASH WINNER CREAGHE SHOOTS A FREE THROW SIG ALPH ' S 1940 TRACK CHAMPS Back row: DORSEY, SCOTT, BIEGAL, MUSGROVE Front row: GEMMILL, LAY, GARST 171 • ALLEY OOP Unquestionobly acclaimed as the outstanding fighter in the boxing and wrestling tournament was diminutive Charlie Rust as he topped the porade of newly crowned intramural champions. Winners of the respective weights were: BOXING 121 pound Frank McDonald 1 55 pound Larry Mack 1 26 pound Harold McKeever 165 pound Brad Prince 1 35 pound John Manley 1 75 pound Robert Ward 145 pound Charles Rust Heavyweight Rollo Jacobs WRESTLING 1 28 pound Vernon Lowery 1 65 pound Dan Spivak 135 pound Robert Decker 175 pound Fred Hanson 145 pound John Tobin Heavyweight Jack Creaghe 155 pound Richard Skeen The superb pitching of Jack Davis gave an unseeded Hellems hall Softball team the all-school championship. After swamping the independent win- ners by a large margin in the semi-finals, the dormitory boys grabbed the title by easily upsetting the Greek champions, Sigma Phi Epsilon. In the water-polo standings, after moving through their division with rela- tive ease. Phi Gamma Delta stopped the other division winner. Beta Theta Pi, 8-3, in the championship scrap. McCleary, Creaghe, and Word were the top men for the Phi Gams, while Moyers, Shattuck, and Knowles starred for the Betas. JACK DAVIES, HELLEMS HALL PITCHING SENSATION JACK CREAGHE, PHI GAM MUSCLE MAN AND HEAVYWEIGF WRESTLING CHAMP DON HARDIN GETS A HIT FOR THE HELLEMS CHAMPS GLUB, GLUB, WATER POLO • 172 Playing superb par golf, Don Bell of Pi Koppc Alpho downed Fred Hocken- smith of Delta Tau Delta, 2 and 1 to win the fraternity golf championship after defeating Frank Gardiner, Beta Theta Pi, 7 and 5, in the semifinal round. Hockensmith had previously eliminated Bill Fimple, Phi Gam, by a one hole margin. Robinson and Eichberg, independents, paired up to win the partner ' s championship. The fraternity tennis honors were grabbed by Phi Gamma Delta as Dick Gray set back Rowe Rudolph, 6-2, 6-4, in winning the court title. Groy advanced into the finals by ousting Jim Root, Chi Psi, while Rudolph had previously de- feated Hershey, Phi Sig. Bob Decker and Bud Pietenpol completed the monop- oly for the Phi Gams by bagging the doubles title. Beta Theta Pi captured its second successive skiing championship as Bill Pad- dock, Olin Woodbury, Bill Griffith, and Ira Tanner compiled enough points to overcome the lead of top-scoring Gates Gooding of Sigma Chi. Ray Allen, SAE, was second to Gooding in the individual honors. GATES GOODING, SIGMA CHI ' S GIFT TO THE SKI WORLD DICK GRAY, TENNIS CHAMP DECKER AND PIETENPOL, PHI GAM DOUBLES CHAMPS ' -yfliw S wrl.. 1 VWlIm ■ _ 1-. ROBINSON AND EICHBERG, BARB GOLF CHAMPS DON BELL, INTRAMURAL GOLF CHAMPION 173 • Women ' s Intramurals The University of Colorado offers to every regularly registered woman student the chance to participate in the sports in which she is most interested. It is the opinion of the Women ' s Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Autrey, that intra- murals comprise one of the most beneficial activ- ities in college. This year girls were urged by Margaret Springstead, president of W. A. A.; Clenna Fulker, vice-president; Carolyn Jones, secre- tary, and Betty Jane Oliver, treasurer, to get ac- quainted with other girls through the medium of an active sport. Participation does not depend upon excellence nor skill, but rather on the girl ' s interest and enthusiasm in the sport. The Intramural program extends throughout the entire school year. The tournaments are composed of teams from each of the eleven sororities and the U. W. C, a number of Barb teams, teams repre- senting the four halls in the dormitory. The Women ' s Athletic Association initiates in the spring of every year the girls who have actively par- ticipated in intramurals for two quarters. To retain her membership a girl must be active for at least two quarters out of three each year, and must attend at least two out of three general meeings. A " C " is awarded at the end of the third year of active participation. The ultimate goal of every girl interested in the club is the final emblem " C Club, " which is awarded a Senior for Athletic Accomplish- ment, Service, Spirit, and Scholarship. W. A. A. not only sponsors intramural competition but also sponsors the W. A. A. Open House held every Friday night in the Women ' s Gym. All Uni- versity students are invited to dance, swim, and play games, or cards. The High School Conference composed of the Colo- rado State League of High School Girls Athletic As- sociations have their convention at Boulder under the guidance and work of the University of Colo- rado ' s Women ' s Athletic Association. 174 THE BIG PLUNGE 1 i ' T " lait pit MMHMMMI L fe ' 2t 9ilB rna mSSm UmSm l j R n Attracting many fans and participants, volleyball opened the women ' s in- tramural year as the fall quarter team sport. Caroline Prouty, head of volleyball, announced that more than one hundred fifty girls turned out for the sport. Delta Gamma team emerged victorious after a season of superior playing. Also played off fall quarter, the tennis doubles this year were won by Betty Hutchinson and Virginia Bradt, representing Phi Beta Phi. Edith Uhl, head of tennis, said the competition was keen and plentiful this year. A final swimming meet was held fall quorter for only those teams taking a first or second place in the numerous primary meets held prior to this event. After spectacular racing and diving, Settle Eckhardt awarded the laurel- wreath to the Barb team, " The Collegiotes. " The girls best at making the " shoe fit the peg " early in the fall were Mary Hill and Dorothy Woodis, winners in the women ' s horseshoe doubles, repre- senting the Independent women on the Snubbers team. Maryonna Quaint- ance made out the brackets for more masculine sport. Merna Young, pingpong head, awarded Betty Greenawalt of Delta Gamma the title of champ ping-pongist. WHITELEY AND RATHJE AFTER THE MEET A SMASHING RETURN OF THE BIRDIE " CHAMPS " WAITING FOR A COURT THEY CAN MAKE THE SHOE FIT SWIMMING RELAYS IN COLD WATER 175 • Winter quarter intramurals offer to participants the favorite team sport of the year for the University women — Basketball. With almost as many spectators as players attending the tournament games during the season the Scampers defeated all other contestants and were dubbed " champs " by Joan Martin, head of basketball. Gaining more and more fovor ot C. U. is the exciting gome of Badminton. Hard and conscientious practice made Betty F enn and Dorothy Toeplemon, Kappa Kappa Gamma, the winners in Pat Hill ' s 1941 Badminton tournament. Although bod weather prevailed for the first two and a half weeks of spring quarter, over two hundred girls went into training so they might become " Babe Ruths " in the baseball tournament directed by Betty Wise. The winners in the sport were undecided as this goes to press. One of the newer sports included in the spring intramural program is golf. Morjorie Woodard, head of golf, says the links, just a short walk from campus, are full of future women golf champs. MARTIN FOLLOWS THROUGH TIP-OFF AND THE GAME GETS UNDER WAY THREE " RAHS " AFTER THE GAME NICE BACKHAND BY WARNER • 176 GREENAWALT WIELDS THE PADDLE Winter quarter is the shortest term of the year, ten weeks long and packed with events. The aver- age student with activities finds he has too much work, too little time. Number 1 sport at Colorado is ski- ing, as the campus is situated next door to " America ' s best Ski-land. " Closest skiing ground is the hi extending from Varsity Lake to Macky, farthest is Aspen, 200 miles west. A favorite week-end for Colorado skiers is a trip to Win- ter Park, via the Rollinsvilie rail- way. Ice-skating and tobogganing are not as popular at C. U. because the winters are mild and snow melts quickly. Last winter featured a large toll on skiing — sprained an- kles and knees were common evi- dence. MEN ' S DORMITORY BEFORE THE SNOW-POWDERED FLATIRONS Of all the seasons, none is more pleasant than the long " Indian Summer " at Boulder. From September to November, Colorado students tread the campus without wraps, make their way to Flagstaff and Boulder Canon for steakfries. C. U. s winter occurs In February and March, when the Flatirons at night are strikingly outlined against a clear sky. MARCIA AND DICK ON A WINTER MORN SYMPHONY ON ICE ' % Winter quarter features the largest single student spon- sored event of the year, the annual Rhythm Circus, which is two months in prep- aration and one night In presentation. Held in Macky Auditorium, this heterogen- eous vaudeville, musical comedy, and operetta drew in 1940 2500 paying cus- tomers, and added $600 to the Student Loan Fund. The Rhythm Circus provides the most comprehensive activity for students: composers, singers, dancers, and come- dians hove a chance to per- form. Stars of the circus are campus celebrities for the rest of the quarter. Partici- pants find their grades suf- fer. PEAKE AND BLOMGREN SELL 2500 TICKETS " I BEEN SICK " — VALSE VIEN AS OF THE R. C. ART VALITON . . . " MISS C. U. " — NUNAMAKER . . . " I ' LL CRACK THAT BROADWAY RIGHT OPEN! " LEG ART IN THE RC ABOVE AVERAGE MALEMUD CAN-CANNERS . . . NOW WE KNOW RANDALL AND CHRISTOPHER; BRENDA AND COBINA This year ' s show, the tenth annual one, was whimsically called " Strictly on the Q. T. " It featured " atmosphere scenes, " out- standing of which was the Valse Vien, Hit of the show Bizarre Dudie McKenzie, Delta Gamma ' s gift to eccentricity, restrained Harem dance brought the house down. THE TURKS HAD GRAND FINALE " COLORADO BUFFS " A NAME FOR IT BETTY ANN ABEL SHAKES IT WHILE BUT IT WAS CENSORED BETTY LOU MILLER FILES HER NAILS DUDIE DOES THE ARABESQUE TO JAZZ GREENAWALT, MILLER, AND ENSLIN, CU ' S BEST TRIO Coordinator and brain of the show was C. U. ' s hard working and talented Nunamaker, who began his search for talent early in Fall quarter. Starring for the second successive year, Betty Lou Miller introduced " Colorado Buffaloes, " the best C. U. song in many a day. Commendable also were the songs of Tom Cooper, editor of the 1940 COLORADAN. Rhythm Circus ' s biggest stumbling block is comedy; few college students are naturally funny. THE MILITARY TAP ... 32 LEGS MADE A HIT CHIEF LADY OF THE HAREM . . . YIPEI BEGINNING OF THE CAN-CAN ... WE LOVED IT! JO CARMOSINO IN DISGUISE WHEN PETE ENSLIN DYED HER HAIR SHE LOST A MULTITUDE OF FANS FALK AND JONES, RC HAMS Between classes C. U. students fag in the halls and in the front of buildings. Palpitating females anticipate males and vice versa. Any excuse for a " cut " will do; a " cut " is the avoidance of a class in session for quick cokes and bridge games at some local hangout. Students are allowed as many " cuts " as hours in a class per week, after which they must make " C " on the final; more than double the number of hours in cuts is an automatic failure. BETTY LOU MILLER DIRECTS THE RC CHORUS BARTRAM IS CALM AN UNBECOMING PHOTO OF JERRY HILLIARD BEHIND THE HAND IS DOTTY SMITH, WHO IS A VERY FASCINATING GIRL f .« .» ¥• i U w ' " f W my MX " ■ ■ f A RABID FANS AT THE UTAH GAME ' i X r If Colorado excels in any one sport it is basketball. Three-time winner of the Big Seven Conference, and in 1940 AII- American champions, Colorado basketball players are among the best in the nation. Basketball is also No. 1 spec- tator sport at C. U. Weekly throughout Winter quarter most Colorado students watch fast games in the Fieldhouse. Female fans dress up in veils and fur coats, wear perfume. The games are always crowded, never dull. TO THE UNENLIGHTENED— -THIS OCCURS REGULARLY IN OUR LIBRARY i S MISSED THE GAME— ATE TOO MUCH LUNCH TEN EYCK, ENGINE BALL BIG GUN, CHEWS HIS CUD PAT SWEET ACCEPTS CORSAGE FROM WILL BROWN Of all the C U. students, the 800 Engineers as a class are the least socially minded. Notorious for their Levis and sweat shirts Engine boys on one occasion of the year don tuxes and court coeds. This is the Engineers Ball, the only school dance out of the pale of the A. S. U. C. Dance Commissioner. The 1941 ball came late; the committee explained the delay by reports of negotiation with Glenn Miller. They were not taken seriously. DUCATS AT $3.50 " ROCKFACE " LIST, NOW HUNG TO LUCIA EVANS DOES YOUR SLIP SHOW? FOR RENT— SEE JOE ALPERT ' S BASEMENT TRI DELT WINTER HAREM . . NOTE BUD KIRK ' S BALD PATE PI KAP RADIO RUB RYDER, BRIGODE ' S BLONDE, BRIGODE . . . ENGINE BALL MUSICIANS High lights of the Ball were presentation of two bands at once, and infra-red lamps which gave dancers a ghoulish appearance. Handsome Ball Chairman Tom TenEyck presented Theta ' s Pat Sweet as Engineers ' Sweetheart. C. U. has three all-student bands which are employed quarterly for some 25 formals. Students delight in " name " bands and will pay as much as $5 for a bid to proms. FISHER AND FERRIS AND BOORISH WOLF . . . UNIDENTIFIED COUNTING BALLOTS TO SELECT ENGINE BALL QUEEN ATO JUVENILE ' S JIVE ' - z i- ' H ' r% 7 ] ADAMS DISPLAYS HIS BOWLING WARES BEFORE INNUMERABLE BETAS BOBBY SUE ABOUT TO FIRE ONE DOWN THE ALLEY Students find professors dear to their hearts; sometimes otherwise. Many a C. U. student inas been inspired to change hsSd of study by the personality of a faculty member. The " Chem " department has its ' Dr. Gus with h,s hormones and Itf rals f ' ine ecL es and powerful sincerity. English Lit has its Dr. Reynolds, an authority on the Shakespearean stage whose enthusiasm is contagious. A SHYSTER RELAXES ' BAG EYES " EVERETT, BOB WARHOVER AND FLOYD PLEASANT ARMITAGE, WHO HELPED KAKI POOLE SACK THE LIBRARY ' , 1 Si 1 1 CULTURE AT COLORADO: THE UNIVERSITY CONCERT " Profs " students remember are Francis Wolle, who is at once temperamental and enlightening; William Bernard (Dr. B.) who is sensational but puts his point across; and Dr. Veazie, whose lectures are difficult to comprehend at first hearing but who probably does the most subtle and organized thinking on C. U. ' s faculty. Summer School is probably the most over-exaggerated of the year ' s four terms. Exaggerated, to our notion, are the charms of Texas women and summer nights on the campus. A large number of Winter students spend the Summer in the hope of regaining flunked hours — or for other hopes. MRS. OGILVY SINGS WHILE MR. OGILVY— OH WELL! WALT FRANKLIN, A GOOD MAN BEN GALLAND AND SIS ■ ' ■v ON AND ON THEY COME— NOW ' S THE TIME FOR EVERY GOOD MAN . . JEWELL AND GEIGER DON ' T BELIEVE IN SIGNS A social phenomenon comparable to the migration of races is the group movement from classes to cokmg jomts on the campus which students make regularly throughout the school day. As a result of some social law or another, different groups frequent different hangouts. Long venerated and patronized on the Hill is Creenman s University Store, where Betas Kappas, Phi Gams, Pi Phis, and Thetas can be found between and during classes.. CUSSY TURNS ON THE HEAT HOW REPULSIVE! PHI PSISTAKE IT EASY BEEN SKIING OR WAS IT A MANHOLE? CLAUS AND " HE WHO KNOWS ONLY The " Sink " harbors freshmen; Delta Gammas, Sigma Nus and Delts hold out at Quine ' s. As a rule, fraternities occupy anything and everything which contains females. When the fairer sex retires, or at least goes home, men may be found at Timber Town, the Grotto, and Martins, seeking further sustenance and excite- ment. The average C. U. student drinks a " coke " a day; some imbibe as many as six or eight. SIG BOYS CAN READ CARDS ALSO LOSE AT THEM SLEIGHT OF HAND AT CANON ARE YOU BILIOUS ' RUN DOWN ' PAT ' S BOY FRIEND TAKES A PULL AT . . . MARIJUANA (?) TURNED TABLES— IN FRONT OF THE BETA HOUSE- LASSIES OGLE THE LADDIES Government of women on the campus is self -directed. A. W. S., the Associate Women Students, metes out rules for girls and is generally obeyed without ill feeling. Few serious misdemeanors occur. Headed by a Senate of 19 girls and three faculty advisors and backed by a House of Representatives, the machinery of Colorado ' s councils ranks the A. W. S. as one of the best women ' s governing organizations in any U. S. university. ' MOUTHPIECE " NOT-SO-NAIVE PI PHI " PEEPS " BILL NIES, DELTA SIG JUGGERNAUT STINKY DAVIS SITS HIMSELF IN ON A HAND AT GREENMAN ' S THE SINK CATERS TO ONE OF OUR 9,763 CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS Prominent personalities on the campus include publication editors, well-known social bugs, A. S. U. C. officers, and activity boys and girls. They set mores, make standards. Lots of prestige accrues to office holders, and it pays to know at least one " big shot. " Athletic stars shine in glory, sometirhes reflected. Girls would rather date a second-time ath- lete than a first-time brain. Strange as it may seem, the people that have the most to do make the best scholastic aver- ages — often are Phi Betes. FRAN AND GRIF TOOTHSOME ENGLE SIG ALPHS IN SERIOUS THOUGHT THE ONLY TROPHY IN THE HOUSE AS EVER, PHONEBOOTH CHARM IS SUPERFLUOUS s % ) TWO DAMNED FINE GENTLEMEN— " GENTLEMAN JIM " YEAGER, NEW GRID COACH, AND FRANK POTTS, TRACK MENTOR Steak fries occupy student time when the weather is even vaguely respectable. Some few hearty souls swim at Baseline Lake when the first primrose rears its head. Spring quarter finds cars parked at Chautauqua, a summer resort, and on Flagstaff, Boulder ' s own mountain. Common phenomena is for couples to go steady and hang fraternity pins. Spring is the time when nature rules supreme, schoolwork suffers, and classes are overcut. I DON ' T LIKE MY TOPCOAT EITHER JAN AND JAKE USED TO MAKE A FINE COUPLE BIG MEN IN THE PHI SIG CIRCLE t-.,-J ii ll ■a ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS H. lesperia HONORARY SOCIETY FOR JUNIOR WOMEN OFFICERS MARJORIE WOODARD BETTY WISE . MARYANNA QUAI CATHERINE PRES JEAN AMIS MARJORIE ANDERSON ELAINE COLVIN lEAN MILLS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer EVVA BELLE PEABODY CATHERINE PRESTON CAROLINE PROUTY MARYANNA QUAINTANCE BETTY RINGWALT GERALDINE SERAFINI BETTY WISE MARJORIE WOODARD Left to right: Marjorie Woodard, Betty Ringwalt, Caroline Prouty, Marjorie Anderson, Catherine Preston, Geroldine Serofini, Betty Wise, Maryonna Quaintonce, and Jean Mills ORGANIZATIONS Sumalia HONORARY SOCIETY FOR JUNIOR MEN CARL MARKEL JUSTIN CARD ROBERT EDM JOHN PATTE ERIE BOORMAN DALE BRISTOL JUSTIN CARD EARLE DEVALON ROBERT EDMUNDSON OFFICERS »X1 TOM GURMATAKIS ALBERT HANKINS BILL HITCHCOCK SAMUEL HOOVER WARREN MALLORY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CARL MARKEL JOHN PATTERSON TED REED FOSTER STURDEVANT CHARLES WATTS Back row: Wotts, Mallory, Hitchcock, Gurmatakis, Reed, Sturdevant, Boormon Front row: Edmundson, Hoover, Card, Markel, Hankins, D valon, Patterson ORGANIZATIONS Sp ur HONORARY FOR SOPHOMORE WOMEN OFFICERS BETTY ANN CREIM RUTH JANE SCOTT MARY DELLINCER MARCIA WARNER NORMA JEANNE SMrT ' MARGIE ALLEN MARIAN BARTRAM JANE BEIN SHIRLIE BUESTER BETTY BURKE JO CARMOSINO LOUISE CARROLL BETTY CRILEY GWEN CROSSWHITE PAT DANIELS MARY DELLINCER ESTHER DEVALON SARA FLANDERS DORIS GORDON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor BET MAP RUi BEl Roe VI Al DOROTHY KEPPELER LOUISE LYMAN MARjORIE McKEE CHARLEEN MULVAY MARILYN OLDLAND RITA RYAN BETTY SANBORN RUTH JANE SCOTT KAY SCRUBY PHYLLIS SELLS NORMA JEANNE SMITH RUTH STRAUSS GARNET SWEARNS PAT SWEET DOROTHY TOEPELMAN MARGARET TRAINOR JOAN TURNER EDITH UHL MARCIA WARNER RUTH WILLIAMS MELBA WINBURN JACQUELINE ZEUCH Begin at back of " S " , work forward. Toepelman, Uhl, Sanborn, Williams, Joggers, Burke, Oldlond, Dellinger, Flanders, Jewell, Scruby, Crosswhite, Devalon, Trainor, Turner, Mulvay, Harris, Haggard, McKee, Howenstine, Lyman, Carmosino, Strauss, Criley, Kep- peler, Allen, Ryan, Sells, Zeuch, Gordon, Bartram, Greim, Scott, Bein, Swearns, Warner, Daniels, Buester ORGANIZATIONS Scimitar HONORARY SOPHOMORE MEN OFFICERS ALLAN ROGERS EMMERSON C CLAUDE MA HOUSTON ALEXANDER CLINTON BASINCER EMMERSON CURTIS ORIN DAVIS ROY EDWARDS BRUCE FULLERTON REED HANNON ROBERT JORDAN FRANK KARSH ?EE •AUDF ' M) MURRAY MELLICKER GEORGE OHLER WILLIAM PADDOCK WILLIAM PIETENPOL CARROLL PUSARD BEN RICHARDS WILLIAM ROBERTS President Vice-President Secretary ALLAN ROGERS CLARK SHIMEALL WILLIAM SIMMONS ROBERT STETSON WAYNE VAN ARSDALE GILBERT WALKER WILLIAM WEHRLIE JOHN WOODWARD JAMES WYER Front row: Shimeall, Woodward, Bosinger, Manning, Curtis, Rogers, Fullerton, Davis, Korsh, Roberts Back row: Simmons, Wyer, Pietenpol, Paddock, Walker, Pusard, Richards, Ohier, Von Arsdale, Alexander, Stetson, Mellicker I . I ..T ' ORGANIZATIONS Phi Epsilon Phi MEN ' S PEP ORGANIZATION OFFICERS PAUL DOUDEN . . . ALBERT KAFF . . fl ROBERT SOWERS % ; BENJAMIN HARRIste ED BAIN MARTIN BAKER jOE BRINKLEY MINOR COON EMMERSON CURTIS MORT ON DAVID BILL DOBBS CHARLES ECHTERNACHT CARROL EHLERS REX ELLINGTON CHARLES ELZI JOHNSOr GILES KEITHLEY CLAUDE MANNING JAY MELNICK KENNETH NEVIOUS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer GEORGE OHLER BILL ROBERTS DAN ROCHE EZRA SCHAEFER EDGAR SEEMAN MONROE SULLIVAN JACK SVv EGART HOWARD WALKER JOHN WILLIAMS DOUGLAS WOOD FRANK WOODBURY Front row: Roberts, Fowler, Emeson, Swegort, Sullivan, Roche, Goalstone, Weller, Curtis Second row: Haddon, Ellington, Walker, Boin, Dobbs, Kaff, Douden, Harris, Melnick, Seeman Third row: Coon, Woodbury, Rosenkrans, Graham, EIzi, Proffitt, Prommel, Manning, Baker, G. EIzi Fourth row: Ehlers, Echternacht, David, Gregory, Wood, Ohier, Hodge, Johnson, Keithley ORGANIZATIONS University of Colorado Band OFFICERS HUGH E. McMILLEN Director KENNETH JOHNSON President RAYMOND CIRARDO Vice-President MAX ELLIOTT Secretary-Treasurer LESTER KUENTZEI . - - i||- ■ • • Manager LOCKE LESCH J 4 y jf Assistant Manager :MBERS CAROL ACRE HOWARD ANDERSON OLIVE ANDREW EDWARD BAIN RONALD BASHFORD EDWIN BERGMAN KEITH BERRYMAN JAMES BERWICK MORTON BICKFORD LEO BONACCI BEN BOUTCHER EMMA FRANCES BOWEN WILLIAM BRESEE FRANK BROCESKY GEORGE BROWN JO CARMOSINO FRANK CARPENTER JOHN CARY BILL CHAPMAN GRACE CHAPMAN GEORGIA CHURCHES LAURENCE CLARKE MERLE COLGLAZIER WILLIAM CONDON JAMES CONLEY SYLVIA CORSKE ROBERT COUNCE GEORGE COWOq HOMER COWEh FRANK COZZETp ALICE CURRIER JAMES DIEZ EARL DONNEN FRANKLIN DURH| BILL DUTCHER GERALDINE EDMC GENE ELAND MAX ELLIOTT GEORGE ELZI BONNIE ENDERUD JACK ESGAR ALLEN FAILING ELTON FRY ED GARLINGTON ARMIN GERBER ROBERT GIBBENS RAYMOND GIRARDO GEORGE GLASER CHARLES GLENN GLEN GODDARD HAMLIN GRAHAM DALE GRIFFIN MARTIN HAMBRIGHT FRANKLIN HAMILTON GEORGE HANEY MALCOLM HARRIS HAL HARRISON WILliiiAM HARRISO ARTE HARTMAN CL « ON HARVEY JIM SIS ALB|I f ERl J g HI BRUCE HOLMES JOHN HUGHES ARVID HULT EDWIN HUMPHREYS JAMES HURLEY ERWIN INGEBRETSON DON IRBY DON IRISH LE ROY JACOX KENNETH JOHNSON LE ROY JOHNSON BETTY KAUTZMAN WALLACE KELLOGG HOWARD KELSALL JAYNE KELSO RICHARD KIRBY CLAUDE KLEMME GH KRENZEL D KRUPOTICH L LINCOLN LOVELACE LUEDKE N LUTZ MABRAY RT MqcKAY MAIER D ' EYO McCULLOUGH BOB MERTZ BILL MEYER RONALD MILLER LINDO MORANDI JOHN MORROW CHARLEEN MULVAY JACK MURPHY JACK NOBLE EMERSON OZMENT JACK PATTERSON DICK PEASE CHARLES PHILLIPS ELAINE PIPPIN EUGENE PIRTLE ORA RAMSEY ROBERT RAMSEY ROBERT RICE BILLY ROBINSON MARY MARGARET ROOSA HAROLD ROWE CHARLES RUSSELL FRED SCHUELER HARRY SCURR ROBERT SHELBY NORMAN SMITH HUGH STARKS ROBERT STETSON HAROLD STOLLER JOHN STONG IRMA JEAN STURTEVANT ROSEMOND SULLIVAN IRWIN SUNSHINE JACK SWEGART WILLIAM SWEGART EUGENE TABER WARREN TILTON DOUGLAS TREGO WILLIAM UTLAUT ROBERT VAN SCOY LEONARD VOGEL LEO WAGNER JOHN WORCESTER WILBUR WRIGHT WILLIAM WRIGHT ROBERT YORK ■i m m ' m ' ORGANIZATIONS University Choir MEMBERS MARIANNE ALDENDIFER LUELLA ALLEN BONNIE BASINCER JANE BEIN CLARICE BRAINARD RUTH BRODERICK SHIRLIE BUESTER BETTY BURKE DIXIE CARTER HARRY COE BARBARA COFFIN SYLVIA CORSKE FLORENCE COWCILL SHIRLEY CURTIS PATRICIA DANIELS ROBERT DAVIS ADELE DOSTAL CARROL EHLERS EARL FLANAGAN IRENE GREEN r I FAN MILLS ZOE NEWMAN JUNE NORFLEET RICHARD PEARSE GEORGE PRICE STANLEY RASMUSSEN ALICE RUSLETVEDT DURLAND SKINNER NORMA JEAN SMITH DAN SPIVAK RODNEY STEVENS NANCY STORY GARNET SWEARNS MARY JANE SV EDLUND DOROTHY THURMAN RUTH THURSTON STANLEY WALKER MARY WALKUP ROBERT WARD ROSALIE WERTHEIMER EMMA WHEELER LUE ADAH WIGHAM MARY BETH VAR I EL Front row; Curtis, Wighcm, Heiser, Marley, Johnson, Mr. Imig, Krier, Newman, Thurman, Carr, Corske Second row: Smith, Kane, Wheeler, Bein, Rustlevedt, Howes, Toepelman, Swedlund, Wertheimer, Sweorns, Green Third row: Brainord, Home, Aldendeifer, McColm, Broderick, Coesorio, Davis, Baker, Ludlow, Basinger, Carter Fourth row: Kelso, Mills, Walkup, Buester, Flanagan, Ward, Price, Coe, Lloyd, Rosmussen, Stevens, Walker, Cook Fifth row: Burke, Joynson, Story, Taylor, Pearse, Holloway, Eckhout, Long, Inmon, Idler, McFarling, Spivak, Ehlers, Mercer, Voriel • 200 ORGANIZATIONS American Society of Civil Engineers OFFICERS SAMUEL TAMMINCA LESLIE A. CLAYTON . MARGARET CASE . HOWARD C. BEABi LEE ALDEN WALTER APPEL DON BARRY CLINTON BASINCER HOWARD BEABER JOHN BECKER ROBERT BONER EMMA FRANCES BOWEN DOUGLAS BRAWNER RALPH BRENDLE HOWARD BRYAN HOWARD BUNGER DOUGLAS CASE MARGARET CASE LESLIE CLAYTON WALTON COLWELL GEORGE CURTIS JACQUES CURWEN RAY DE CLUE EUGENE DOCTER CHARLES DWYER WILLIAM ERICKSON WOODROW ERICKSON r J EARL FAUBEF , JOE FOUNT HARRY FRY EN GILLET1 ALCOLM Gd AROIlD HADDC AL TEVI RAYMS ROBEF AF OSCAR JACOBSON FRED KELSALL RAYMOND KING ELWYN KIPLINGER THEODORE KUNTZ JOHN EARL LAKE AUBREY LEONARD SHELLY McMILLIN JOHN McNeill JOSEPH McQUAID JOHN MARSHALL JOHN MAYER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THOMAS MURPHY GEORGE NELSON LEONARD NORDEEN GORDON POTTER TOMMY PUNSHON HOWARD PUTNAM ROY RUDDELL ROBERT SETTERGREN OLIVER SHERIDAN JESSE SIMMONS CARL SMITH HOWARD SMITH WILLIAM SMITH SAMUEL TAMMINGA THOMAS TEN EYCK MARSHALL WARD KENNETH WHITE NORMAN WHYTE NOLAN WILLIAMS RAY WINGER WESTON WOLCOTT WILLIAM WRIGHT ALLEN ZIEGELMEIER 201 • ORCANIZATrONS American Institute of Electrical Engineers OFFICERS WILBUR C. BROWN ROBERT C. FLEMING JOHN R. WILSON IRA J. DILTS . . HARLAN B. PALMER ' W. C. DuVALL F. A. EASTOM JOHN T. ALLEN, JR. LAWRENCE D. BROWN WILBUR C. BROWN JAMES E. CARSON CHARLES W. CHAPMAN HERBERT W. CONN ROBERT CUNNINGHAM REES H. DAVIES DANIEL DAVIS IRA J. DILTS RAYMOND EATON CHARLES R. EMIGH MILTON J. FIRTH STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS ROBERT G. FLEMING JACKSON F. FULLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser HAMM EARL HARTER JOHN H. HESTER, JR. HUGH F. JENNINGS DONALD E. KOTAS ROBERT LAUTH MARCUS C. LEH, JR. E. EUGENE LIGHT DONALD A. LITTLEJOHN JOHN W. LOWE C. M. McCORMICK H. B. PALMER WARREN M. MALLORY HUGH H. MARTIN, JR. GERALD MOREHOUSE FRANK PRIEST RAY D. ROBERTSON RUSSELL K. SCHLOSSER, JR. HERBERT SCHWEIZER PAUL J. SNYDER JOHN SPANO C. M. STAFFORD, JR. ' R. BEN TANDY R. H. WEST JOHN R. WILSON HAROLD S. WINOGRAD PAULYEWELL REX A. YOUNG • 202 I 4 ORGANIZATIONS American Institute of Chemical Engineers OFFICERS LYLE BRAY President CHALMERS LOUCHRIDGE Vice-President ARTHUR BRAINERD Treasurer JIM SUMMER . . • ■ ■ Secretary DICK DAWSON .JU • • A- Wf- Sc fcmore Representative _ FACUm DR. C. W. BORGtlANN DR G. 0. Ifif KSK N. A. AGAPETUS :MBER HAROLD AMMANN w m}Gt W|il||yflHH|vxi ROBERT RAMSEY ROSS BENSON t RFRT IiBllP| IfSi 1 1 ROBERT RICE BEN RALPH BLOOM ambBERTIHOLMAlf !( H | f-f JACK ROBINSON DAVID BOYD WKi|HNiifiiPKlhJSs 8p jf ' NORMAN ROCKWELL ARTHUR BRAINERD GORDON HUNGERFORD GEORGE RUPP LYLE BRAY WILLIAM JORDAN PAUL SALIMAN ELVIN BUSHNELL HAROLD LAWLER ELMER SCHERRER ROBERT CHAMBERLIN WILLIAM LEWIS WILLIAM SHOWALTER ALAN COBURN CHALMERS LOUCHRIDGE JAMES SUMMER MORTON DAVID ROBERT LUND WARREN WATROUS JAMES DAVIS EDWIN McCRILLIS RICHARD WAUGH DICK DAVISON EDWARD MEIKEL DAVID WILLIAMS V ILLIAM DOBBS ELBERT MICHAEL JOHN WILLIAMS BENJAMIN DONSKY ARTHUR MILLER WILLIAM WILLIAMS JOHN FLEMING PAUL WILSON 203 • ORGANIZATIONS American Society oF Mechanical Engineers OFFICERS j. ROBERT ROSENKRANS President MELVIN R. SCHUSTER Vice-President JAMES S. ENCLUND • • • , Secretary MAURICE E. PETERS£LI • Wk ■ 1M . . Faculty Advisor PROFESSOR FRANK S. PROFESSOR GEORGE S. WAYNE A. ALFORD EDWARD BAIN JACK EDWARD BARTH KENNETH S. BENNETT ROBERT FLOYD BRACE WILLARD W. BROCKWAY JOE L. BYRNE DONALD ERNEST CLARK LEWIS WILLIAM CRUMLEY EARL MARTIN DONNEN PAUL C. DUKES HARRISON DUNLAVY LYLE EATON CHARLES J. ELZI JAMES S. ENCLUND ANTHONY FLASCO LLOYD GARDNER R WARTEN F. MALLORY OR NORMAN A. PARKER llARRATAt GREEN m iALL JOHN F. HARDESTY EARL HECKMAN NORMAN JENSEN CHARLES JOHNSON RICHARD KELLOGG HENRY LEE ALVIN LIST JAMES McDonald RICHARD McNAMARA EUTHAN MULLINS CARL PERKO MAURICE E. PETERSEN RALPH E. PORTERFIELD STANLEY H. PROFFITT WILLIAM A. RICHARDS J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS MELVIN R. SCHUSTER WILLIAM SLOBODNIK RICHARD SNODGRASS CARROLL L. STOECKER CHARLES REESE THOMPSON DEANE B. VALENTINE RAYMOND J. VOLLUZ ELIJAH R. WAGNER ORRIN E. WATSON SIDNEY WEST ROBERT WILLIAM WRIGHT • 204 Adelphi MEN ' S DEBATE ORGANIZATIONS D. MACK EASTON RICHARD BARTLETT NATHAN BAUM EDMUND BREIER ROBERT BRYANT DELMAR CARLSON PAUL CLARK WILLIAM DOBBS CARROL EHLERS FACULTY ADVISORS AeRT hJAR GTQtfc 1ERBFRT fflERSHE BRET KELLEY BOYD McDonald ELTON McQUERY RICHARD MURPHY STANLEY PROFFITT MARSHALL QUI AT WILLIAM RENTFRO ALLAN RICHARDS BERNARD ROSENBERG WORTH SHRIMPTON ROBERT SOWERS ROBERT YAW Top row: Gulinson, Hershey, Baum, McDonald, Proffitt, Fischer, Quiet Second row: Shrimpton, Kelley, McQuery, K. Ehlers, Hartwell, Rosenberg, C. Ehlers, Harris Third row: Claris, Rentfro, Sowers, Murphy 205 • ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Epsilon Delta PRE-MEDICAL HONORARY OFFICERS AARON RUMLEY CHARLES CABELMAN GEORGE BALDERS JACK HIPPS . JOE CLUTTER . DR. E. D. CRABB DR. P. M. DEAN HOUSTON ALEXANDER GEORGE BALDERSTON ALBERT BIECEL MARTIN BISCHOFF RICHARD BRIDENBAUGH DOUGLAS CAMERON JOSEPH CLUTTER VERNELL CURRY WILLIAM EDMUNDSON JOHN FORNEY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian- Reporter DR. GLEN WAKEHAM DR. N. F. WITT CHARLES JOSEPHIN VIRGINIA CHARLES MURIEL HARPER ELLIOTT HARRIS HERBERT HERSHEY JACK HIPPS KENAZ HUFFMAN THOMAS INMON EED JOHNSON ON LOCKARD cMEEL GERY MABERRY EDNA MAINS EUGENE MAUL HOWARD MILNE DOROTHE MILZER JAMES HADDON PECK DOROTHY PROEMMEL IMOGENE REINKE AARON RUMLEY HELEN SCHLICHTING ROBERT SHELBY WILLIAM STANCIL JAMESTAGUCHI FRED TEPLEY FREDTILLOTSCN FREDWATKINS JAMES WOOD Front row: Rumley, Wotkins, Clutter, Balderston, HIpps Second row: Harper, Harding, Proemmel, Reinke, Schlichting, Mains Third row: Johnston, McMeel, Bischoff, Hershey, Bridenbaugh, Gabelman, Edmundson Fourth row: Maul, Lockard, Taguchi, Inmon, Wood, Alexander, Hargreaves, Harris 206 ORGANIZATIONS Beta Alpha Psi ACCOUNTING OFFICERS CARL MARKEL G. C. FULLERTON ERIE BOORMAN DALE STUART, C. C. FULLERT H. W. KENDRI HERBERT L MOl MICHAEL BAIER HERMAN BERGMAN ERIE BOORMAN WILLIAM CAMPBELL WILLIAM DAVISSON WILBUR GRABOW President Permanent Vice-President Vice-President Sec re ta ry-Treasu re r robert grum william hyde carl liner carl markel paulneiheisel ' RE PETERSEN . SLATON WOLCOTT DONALD ROMBERG WILLIAM SACKMANN PAUL SCHMIDT DALE STUART RICHARD VERTREES ROBERT WASLEY Front row, left to right: Professor Kendrick, Boier, Dovisson, Wasley, Hyde, Professor Fullerton Second row: Grum, Stuart, Vertrees, Campbell, Bergman, Schmidt Third row: Markel, Professor Morris, Boormon, Liner 207 ORGANIZATIONS Chi Epsilon NATIONAL HONORARY CIVIL AND ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY OSCAR JACOBSON LESLIE CLAYTON GEORGE NELSON SAM TAMMINCA DOUGLAS BRAWNE LEE ALDEN PETER AULINSKIS DOUGLAS BRAWNER LESLIE CLAYTON JOHN DeCLUE CHARLES DWYER OSCAR JACOBSON GEORGE NELSON FELIX O ' HARA TOMMY PUNSHON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer tor of the " Transit " ROY RUDDELL JESSE SIMMONS SAM TAMMINCA NOLAN V ILLIAMS DOUGLAS WOOD BILL Vv RIGHT Front row: O ' Hara, Alden, Nelson, Williams, Iseminger, DeClue Second row: Simmons, Browner, Clayton, Hogue, Ruddell Back row: Punshon, Wood, Dwyer, Jacobson • 208 ORGANIZATIONS Co -Ed Counsellors OFFICERS JEAN MILLS . BETTY RUTH OSB RUBYDONNA CEORCENE IL MARJORIE ANDERSON CORANELLE BARRETT ALICE BUCKINGHAM JANET CARRINCTON RUTH ENGLUND EMILY JANE FRITCH President Secretary if curtesy Committee man of the Parties REEi RGINii N: GEORCENE ILES RUBYDONNA JOSEPH BETTY McCLELLAN BETTY RUTH OSBORN EVVA BELLE PEABODY MARY E. SHANNON BETTY THOMPSON MARILYN WALKER Back row: lies, McClellon, Holm, Buckingham, Joseph, Anderson, Shannon, Englund Second row: Greenawalt, Peobody, Osborn, Fritch Front row: Corrington, Mills, Borrett, Thompson 209 • ORGANIZATIONS Cosmopolitan Club OFFICERS GEORGE MASUNAGA President HARRY GROVES Vice-President ERMA RUTH CALLAVv ' AY Recording Secretary CORANELLE BARRETT . . . . _. . . Social Secretary JIMMIE TAGUCHI DR. AND MRS. NORji PRESI DENT AND M MR. AND MRS. ADEN MR. FACU DR. AND MRS. BERNARD MISS GRACE BLACK DEAN BROWN DR. AND MRS. BROXON DR. AND MRS. ECKHARDT MRS. HAZEL FE DR. AND MRS DR. AND MRS. G MR, AND MRS. K MR. AND MRS ADELINE ADAMKEWECH CORANELLE BARRETT MARY BOATRIGHT HASSO BREDOW DOROTHY BROSE ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY TUN YIN CHANG LOIS CHASE YAO CHIANG JOSEPH CHINN GRACE COOK LAWRENCE COOK CATHERINE COOPER SYLVIA CORSKE ALFRED DECESARO GORO DEEB CARMEN DELLIQUADRl WENDA DELLAQUADRI DOROTHY DOUGLASS KATHRYN DREXEL GIFFORD EECKH OUT DORA ELIASON SIDNEY EMESON DON GOOD ROBERT GRAY HARRY GROVES JAMES GROVES HARRY HAYASHI NDMRS. NDMRS. Treasurer KEMPNER BUSHEE MR. AND MRS. RACKHAM LE ;que MRi gffilON LOUGHRAN 3R: E: A. ' MOORE DR. MARY NEW R. AND MRS. NYLAND TMAN - MR. ANDMRS. OGILVY MR. ANDMRS. SOLIN MISS THERESE STENGEL DR. AND MRS. SWISHER MRS. KATHERINE TEPLEY ■(ELBI HE ON, qVKLD IRIS EVERETT IRISH WILBURT JAMISON MELINDA JOHNSON WILHELMINA JUCHEM EIJIRO KANESHIRO TAMI KOSUGE WING CHING LAM HENRY LEE ARTHUR LOOK GEORGE MASUNAGA BARBARA McKAY ELLIOTT MILLER WILLIAM MIZERA PAUL NAKAGAWA SEIKEN NAKAYOMA KISA NOGUCHI TROODA ODA BETTY OSBORN JEANNE OSBORN DEMOSTHENES PAPPAS WILLIAM REYNARD FRANK SAKALEY HELEN SCHLICHTING TOSH I YE SERA ROBERT SHELBY MARYLOU SIEGFRIED MAN MOHAN SINGH HELEN SOLIN EMMA TAGLIENTE JIMMIE TAGUCHI FRED TEPLEY CLARA THOMAN CLEMENS THOMAN EVELYN THOMAN GEORGE UYEMURA DAVID WANG MARJORIE WEST HARRY WRIGHT II ROBERT YAW First row: Shelby, Barrett, Eeckhout, R. Groves, Toguchi, Mosunogo, Wright, Lorn, Calloway, Sakoley, Chinn, H. Groves Second row: Cooper, B. Osborn, Siegfried, Drexel, Juchem, McKay, Bootright, Mrs. Dobbins, Sera, Kosugi, Odo Third row: Look, Stroud, Corske, Singh, Brose, Rost, Schlichting, Adomkewech, Tepley, Togliente, West, Bredow, Johnson, Emeson Fourth row: Lee, D. Irish, J. Osborn, E. Irish, Koneshiro, Nokagawo, Chang, Gray, Poppas, Uyemura, Hayashi, Nakoyomo, Miller, Mr. Dobbins • 210 Dialectia WOMEN ' S DEBATE ORGANIZATIONS OFFICERS NOREEN CREENAHILT JACQUELINE ZE MARGARET ANN COLLINS ELAINE COLVIN NOREEN GREENAWALT President Secretary ROSALEE NICKELSON ADREA ROBBINS JACQUELINE ZEUCH ELEANOR COHAN EMILY JANE FRITCH ADELE HOPFINGER FRANCES KOSTER SPONSORS MR. AND MRS. RICHARD MURPHY On parapet: Margaret Ann Collins, Rosalee Nickelson, Adele Hopfinger, Noreen Greenawalt, Jacqueline Zeuch, Mary Griffin On steps: Eleanor Cohan, Adrea Robbins, Emily Jane Fritch, Betty Jean Light, Frances Koster 211 ORGANIZATIONS Delta Phi Delta NATIONAL HONORARY ART FRATERNITY OFFICERS JAMES COWDEN MARILYN WALKER KISA NOCUCHI . JEAN AMIS . . MURIEL SI JEAN AMIS MARY ANN BLANCHARD MARY KAY BOATMAN LEE CHESNEY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer LORRAINE KELSO JOSEPHINE NEWTON KISA NOCUCHI MARILYN WALKER PLEDGES VIRGINIA KEMLER FRANCES NIEWEC KATHLEEN O ' DONNELL DORIS REMBER WILMA RUDEEN ANITA SHULTZ Front row: Kemler, Copeland, Noguchi, Walker, Kelso Second row: Amis, Nieweg, Eliason, Rudeen, Boatman Third row: Rember, Geek, Cowden, Chesnev • 212 ORGANIZATIONS Delta Sigma Pi PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY OFFICERS RICHARD VERTREES ERIE BOORMAN . WILLIAM SACK WILBUR CRABO LEONARD W ELMORE PETERSEN LEO V. ASPINWALL E. H. CRAMER WALTER B. FRANKLIN FRED BARTIMUS ERIE BOORMAN MARTY BRILL LARRY CREACHE STANLEY CROWE ROBERT DECKER ROBERT EDMUNDSON LOVILO FAGAN PAUL GARDNER WILBUR GRABOW NN .FACyLTY MEMBERS G. G. FULLERTOC FRED MAP Wll President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian HEr JOF WILLIAM INGWERSEN COOPER MALONE GALE McARTHUR HARRY McGRAYEL MAX MORTON GEORGE MOSLEY PAUL RICH DON C. SOWERS H. W. KENDRICK HERBERT L MORRIS ROBERT S. WASLEY DONALD ROMBERG WILLIAM SACKMANN PAUL SCHMIDT HERBERT SMITH ROBERT STARKE CARL STRAIN EUGENE TABER RICHARD VERTREES CHARLES WATTS LEONARD WEITZEL Front row: Bortimus, Vertrees, McGrayel, Sockmann, Decker, McArthur Second row: Gardner, Creaghe, Schmidt, Boorman, Smith, Heitzler Third row: Fagon, Starke, Romberg, Molone, Mosley, Watts, Edmundson 213 ORGANIZATIONS Delta Sigma Rho HONORARY DEBATE FRATERNITY MAYFORD ROARK MARY GRIFFITH KENNETH YORK D. MACK EASTON ROBBINS W. FISCHER NOREEN GREENAWALT MARY GRIFFITH STUDENT MEMBERS ELTON McQUERY WILLIAM RENTFRO MAYFORD ROARK President Vice-President Historian RICHARD MURPHY ALVIN ROSENBAUM BERNARD ROSENBERG KENNETH YORK Front row: McQuery, Fischer, Rentfro Back row: Roark, Greenawalt, York, Rosenberg, Harrington, Murphy, Easton • 214 ORGANIZATIONS Eta Kappa Nu NATIONAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HONORARY FRATERNITY OFFICERS D. A. LITTLEJOHN S. R. FITZMORRI R. K. SCHLOSSER H. W. CONN HAROLD WIN WERTH HAG C. M. McCOR JOHN MARTIN CAGE WILLET CLINTON DuVALL LEWIS ALFRED BECK RICHARD LADD BOYD LAWRENCE D. BROWN HERBERT WILLIAM CONN ROBERT N. CUNNINGHAM IRA JAY DILTS STANLEY R. FITZMORRIS President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary spending Secretary dge Correspondent Faculty Advisor ACUIy Y MEMBERS ] ankI mos eastok i RBEf g SILA S EVANS i ROY%ETOBAR MEMBERS ROBERT GLEN FLEMING ROGER HENRY FRICKE EVERETT ALFORD GILBERT HENRY DUVAL GREGORY WERTH CARL HAGE MARCUS CALVIN LEH DONALD A. LITTLEJOHN WARREN M. MALLORY CHARLES M. McCORMICK HARLAN BALDWIN PALMER JAMES VICTOR MILLER FRANK F. PRIEST TED HARRY REED RAYMOND D. ROBERTSON RUSSELL K. SCHLOSSER JOHN ROBERT WILSON HAROLD S. WINOGRAD Seated: Mallcry, Leh, Miller, LIttlejohn, Winograd, Wilson, M. M. Boring, Brown, C. M. McCormick, Fitzmorris Standing: Gregory, Fleming, Fricke, Gilbert, Cunningham, Boyd, Robertson, Dilts, Priest, Hage, Eastom, Conn, Schlosser, Palmer, Holubar 215 • ORGANIZATIONS Hiking Club OFFICERS BRUCE CHAMBERLIN ELEANOR ANGEL . MARGARET CASE HERBERT CONN . WALTON COLWELL THOMAS HEDLUNiy REV. H. M. WALTERS DORIS ADAMS ELEANOR ANGEL KENNETH BENNETT DORIS BRICKER CHARLES CARMAN LOUISE CARROLL JAMES CARSON MARGARET CASE BRUCE CHAMBERLIN WALTON COLWELL HERBERT CONN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Manager Assistant Manager Advisor GRAUBSRCER THOMAS HEDLUND EL VERA HUTCHINSON ELLEN ITALIA WILLIAM JUDD MARGUERITE LOEFFLER LOUISE LYMAN BEVERLY McMAHON ARTHUR McNAIR ARTHUR MILLER LEE NEUMER HOWARD PUTNAM MAURICE ROASBERRY FLORENCE TAYLOR DR. GLENN WAKEHAM REV. H. M. WALTERS Front row: Judd, Hedlund, Conn Second row: Dobbins, Chamberlin, Carman, Case, Erickson, Easter, Taylc- Third row: Adams, Lyman, W. Delliquadri, Blanchard, Angel, Gleissner, Bricker, Bennett, Coiwell Fourth row: C. Delliquadri, Blosdel, Newell, Loeffler, Idelson, Andrew, Curtis, Keppeler, Hutchinson, Miller Fifth row: Carson, Egbert, Tooker, O ' Connell, Criley, Clarke, Rarig, Eshelman, DeClue, Grauberger 216 ORGANIZATIONS H ome tconomics Club OFFICERS CHARLOTTE CUSTAVSON President SHIRLEY PORTER Vice-President BERNICE HOOKER Secretary BETTY RUTH OSBORN Treasurer VIRGINIA TRUE Social Chairman OLGA von V EDEL EDT . .j . Scholarship Chairman CtY ADVISORSlJI MISS ANNA V ILLIAMJt »Mf?S. ' HKZEL FEHLMAN MISS FLORENCE BEDELL LORENA ABBOTT EDITH BACHMAN VICKY BARNES SARAH JANE BELL FERNE BERCREN RECINA BOSS DOROTHY COCHRAN MANON DEFFENBAUGH ESTHER DEVALON BETTIE ECKHARDT DOROTHA EMERY RUTH ENGLUND LUCIA EVANS JOAN FI|rapRi LD SARALIE iECK CHARLOTrajlllSTAi MARJOR !p|cGA VIRGINI |f|MRRISO BARBAR PlMES ,, BERNICE HiKER= BARBARA JOHNSTON JUANITA KAHLER KATHERINE KEMPTON JOANNA LAGER MARIAN LA TORRA LORRAINE LITTLER i LAh N|v)El irfT|R IgZ N V MAN BETTY NILSSON SALLY O ' CONNELL MARILYN OLDLAND BETTY RUTH OSBORN THELMA PICKETT SHIRLEY PORTER EDITH QUINE LOUISE REPPERT LAURA RICE MAXINE RUSSELL FANNIE RUTHERFORD KATHERINE SCRUBY ANN SNAIR JEAN STEPHENS BETTY THOMPSON VIRGINIA TRUE VON V EDELSTAEDT RUTH WAITE VIRGINIA LEE V ALKER BETTY YOUNG First row: Mary Dixon, Lorroine Littler, Laura Rice, Esther Devalon, Regina Boss, Maurine Jones, Anna Marie Menter, Barbara John- ston, Joan Fitzgerald, Yvonne Saliba, Ruth McDonald Second row: Olgo von Wedelstaedt, Virginio Lee Walker, Bunny Hooker, Joanna Lager, Ruth Lauck, Feme Bergren, Manon Deffen- bough, Beatrice Lewis, Zoe Newman, Shirley Porter, Anno Campbell, Louise Reppert Third row: Ruth Englund, Mrs. Fehlmon, Jean Stephens, Melbo Winburn Fourth row: Betty Thompson, Edith Quine, Marilyn Oldland, Solly O ' Connell Fifth row: Juanita Kohler, Betty Ann Glossburn, Morjorie Haggard, Maxine Russell, Marion La Torro, Betty Ruth Osborn, Dorothy Scott Sixth row: Fannie Rutherford, Wilda Underwood, Jean Molernee, Betty Nilsson, Bettie Eckhordt, Barbara McKune 217 • ORGANIZATIONS Iota Sigma Pi HONORARY CHEMICAL FOR WOMEN OFFICERS VIRGINIA BUTTON ANNA CAMPBELL JEAN CILLETT . VIRGINIA PATTER EDNA MAINS IDA L SWAIN HAZEL FEK IDAL. SVv ' , VIRGINIA BUTTON ANNA CAMPBELL MARION CORSON RUTH ENGLUND JEAN GILLETT CHARLOTTE GUSTAVSON EDNA MAINS President Vice-President i i Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor DNA JOHNSON NNA WILLIAMS DOROTHY PALMER RAMONA PARKINSON VIRGINIA PATTERSON LEOTA PEKRUL CAROLYN PROUTY ALICE MAE RANDALL IMOCENE REINKE LAURA RICE YVONNE SALIBA NORABELLE THOMPSON SALLY WHITMAN MARJORY WOODARD Front row: Campbell, Patterson, Woodord, Prouty, Saliba Second row: Mrs. Fehlmann, Rice, Englund, Palmer, Gustavson ORGANIZATIONS Kappa Delta Pi HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY OFFICERS DR. W. FARRELL DYDE Counsellor MRS. HERMAN FEHLMANN President MRS. LEO NOVAK Vice-President MISS EDITH E. SMITH Secretary MISS RUBY LEE MULLEN . ■ . Assistant Secretary MRS. GLEN ROSE KR rA ■ W ■ W ■ ■ ■ Treasurer KA,cc c-rLJc. K ..| € EjtHiltiif • • Historian EVELYN ANDERSON MARY ELLEN BALL MRS. MINNIE BERUEFFY LUCILE BOVv ' MAN ALICE BUCKINGHAM ANNA CAMPBELL LEONARD CAMPBELL DELMAR CARLSON HELEN CARPENTER MARIAN L. COOK SYLVIA CORSKE MRS. VERA K. CRISPIN CHARLES E. DAVIS CARMEN DELLIQUADRI WENDA DELLIQUADRI MRS. FLORENCE DODGE DR. HARL DOUGLASS JOHN C. DOV LING DR. W. F. DYDE BETTIE CA DR. C. C. El FLOYD H. MRS. HER LOIS FERM JESSIE FITZ CATHRYN ALLIENEH EDNA HAR LILLIAN HA HELEN HERTHA NORMA LeVEQUE EMORY K. LINDQUIST BETTY McCLELLAN RUBY LEE McMILLEN MRS. ARTHUR McNAIR MARIE MEHL ETHEL MELLOVy HUBERT H. MILLS fCME HdKETTS ' ARTHUR RIDGEWAY MRS. ARTHUR RIDGEWAY MRS. GLEN ROSENBERGER GEORGE J. SAUNDERS EDDIE SCHODT DR. JOHN B. SCHOOLLAND JOHN K. SCHULTE MRS. JOHN K. SCHULTE MARIAN SHEETS J. R. SHRIBER ANITA SMITH EDITH E. SMITH MRS. ROBERT L. STEARNS THERESE STENGEL RODNEY STEVENS LINDLEY STILES EARLSTRIKWERDA NORABELLE THOMPSON LAURA THOMSON V INIFRED THOMSON HARRIET TOWER JOHN C. UNGER DOROTHY R. VAN EMAN GERTRUDE VAN LOON MRS. HELEN C. WALTERS C. M. WARE ROBERT WHEATLEY LOUISE GARY WIGTON EDNA WILLIS Front row: Smith, McMillen, Schoolland, Fehlmann Second row: Van Eman, Cook, Rosenberger, Shriber Third row: Eckhardt, Schulte, Corske, Hardy, Dyde Fourth row: Hatton, Wilson, LIndquist, McLaughlin, Dowling, Strikwerda 219 ORGANIZATIONS Kappa Kappa Psi NATIONAL HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY OFFICERS DALE M. GRIFFIN, JR ROBERT F. NOBLE ROBERT B. RAMSE C. WILLIAM CH A. LeROY JOHNSTPN; HUGH McMILLEN C, HOUSTON ALEXANDER EDWARD M. BAIN C. WILLIAM CHAPMAN FRANKLIN P. DURHAM JAMES S. ENGLUND H. ELTON FRY HAMLIN GRAHAM DALE M. GRIFFIN, JR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor HORACE A. JONES ?RT HE DONALD P. IRISH A. LeROY JOHNSTON RICHARD A. KIRBY JACK E. MURPHY ROBERT F. NOBLE CHARLES R. PHILLIPS ROBERT B. RAMSEY, JR. W. NORMAN SMITH ROBERT E. STETSON EUGENE DUDLEY TABER ROBERT W. VAN SCOY LEO A. WAGNER ROBERT W. YORK Front row: Phillips, Bain Bock row: Kirby, Durham, Irish, Fry, Wagner, Taber, Stetson, Murphy, Heyer • 220 ORGANIZATIONS Mortar and Pestle Pharmacy Club OFFICERS DALE C. PETERS President GLENN H. COOPER Vice-President PAUL C. TADDIKEN Secretary JOE P. LA ROCCA Treasurer MAURICE W. CIBONEY Publicity MARY ACNES BASS CHARLES F. BITTER FRED C. DROMMOND THEODORE R. ALPERT JULIUS J. BALTCH RAYMOND BARELA HELEN R. BASS CHARLES D. BLOOMQUIST ROBERT B. BOATWRIGHT JACK N. BONE WALTER A. BOWLES JOEL C. BRADSHAW MYRON L. BROWN LEROY BULLOCK FRANK J. BUSKIRK EDWIN D. CAMPBELL ARNOLD D. CATLIN EDWARD C. CHRISTENSEN GLENN H. COOPER HARVEY CORSKE DOROTHY C. CROWELL RAY D. DAME HARRY DONALD DENTON HAROLD DAVID CHARLE mekSers MApiftJ,f HMIDT JOSEPH B. SRaV LS CLEN WAKEf M GERALD L EARL E. DO ENID B. EATi VIRGINIA BE D. GILBERT GEORGE R. E MELVIN J. E FRANCIS E. IRVIN A. FRI O. GLORIA G OSCAR O. HANSON CHARLES H. HARGREAVES M. ANABEL HARRISON MILTON E. HENRIKSON DONALD E. HERTEL CHARES F. HOPFINGER DELBERT H. HORSTMAN MARIAN L. HUELSKEMPER QUENTIN E. IDLER BASIL INDERMILL CREIGHTON B. ISRAEL JOHN M. GEORGE J EDWARD M. NATAU SHIRLEY V. L LER NAGA JyyiBS l ' McELFJDY ANNE CjMcLEAN RUTH E. MUNRO DOROTHY A. NIXON GEORGE I. OFFDENKAMP ARTHUR P. PACHECO RAMONA E. PARKINSON DALE C. PETERS MARJORIE N. PICKETT EVELYN M. PILON ROGER G. POSTLETHWAITE VERNE C. RAMSEIER EDWARD S. RICHARDSON HOMER C. WASHBURN NORMAN F. V ITT EDMOND F. RITCHER PHILIP P. ROSS MARK J. ROUP TOSHIYE ALMA SERA RALPH ALVIN SHERMAN HERBERT SIMON CATHERINE M. SIMON JOHN SMUELES, JR. EUGENE S. SPIVAK HARRY L. STARBURG REUBEN A. STEVENSON PAUL G. TADDIKEN EMMA C. TAGLIENTE ROBERT L. TOON BILLY P. TOWNE RALPH L. VAN GORDON MYRAN H. VOCKEL MATIE JEAN WASHBURN MARION G. WEBBER VICTOR E. YEAGER Front row: Giboney, Keeler, Gillespie, Bass, Cooper, Pickett, La Rocco, Toon, Peters Second row; Huelskemper, Simon, Togliente, Harrison, Mosunoga, Bone, Idler, Dome, Pacheco, Israel Third row: Dome, Friesen, Brown, Bowles, Brodshaw Fourth row: Roup, Christensen, Look, Webber, Smueles, Washburn, Toddiken, McElroy, Voigt, Dr. O ' Day, Heim 221 • ORGANIZATIONS N ewman Club OFFICERS JOHN WILSON . RENE TROY ESTHER BATES . MARGARET COLLI BILL RICHARDSON CHARLES McCORMI, OTTO STONER ADELINE ADAMKEWECH MERLIN ANDERSON JAMES GLENN ARCHIBALD JUNE ARMSTRONG PETER AULINSKIS MICHAEL BAIER GEORGE BAROCH ESTHER BATES LUCILLE BECKER ROBERT BERRY LEO BONACCI LOUIS BONATO ALICE BUCKINGHAM JOHN BRODIE LEONARD CAMPBELL TOMMY CARR WILLIAM CARROLL JACK CLINE MARGARET ANN COLLINS JAMES CONL EY ROBERT CORBO MARY CORLETT FRANK COZZETTO EDWARD CRUZ FRANCES EILEEN D, ALFRED DECESSARO GERALD DOME MARK ELICH WILLIAM FEDERICI HUGH FISHER JERRY FLANAGAN GLADYS FLIERL NORMAN FYLER CHARLES GABELMA ELEANOR GERHARD MARY GRANT NOREEN GREENAWALT ADELE HOPFINGER DONALD HARDIN RAYMOND HARTMANN DONALD HARTQUIST HAROLD HERDER ICHARD LINSENMAIER MARGUERITE LOEFFLER CHARLES McCORMICK BYRON McDonald FRANKLIN McDONALD JAMES McDonald WILLIAM MIERNYK President Vice-President Recording Secretary orresponding Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Social Chairman WILLIAM MORGAN JOSEPH MORRIS LEE MURPHY JOSEPH NASTRI BOB NEVANS SALLY O ' CONNELL ARTHUR PACHECO ROSE PAONESSA JOSEPH PAPPALARDO JOSEPH PARLAPIANO ED PRENDERGAST WILLIAM RICHARDSON JOSEPH ROMANO PAT ROSS RUPERT RYAN ARLENE SALIBA JEANNA SCARAFIOTTI ELMER SCHERRER JOSEPH SCHERRER MARY SHANAHAN CATHERINE SIMON MILTON SIROLA FRANCIS SLAVIN OTTO STONER THOMAS SULLIVAN EDWIN SUPPLE WILLIAM SUPPLE EMMA TAGLIENTE JOHN THOMAS JACK TOBIN MARGARET TRAINOR RENE TROY JANE TUCKER FRED VENDITTI JOSEPH VERGILIO MARION VOGEL GRACE WAGNER LEO WAGNER RUTH WILLIAMS JOHN WILSON EDWARD ZAYAC Front row: Peter Aulinskis, Michael Baier, Arthur P. Pacheco, Joseph Pappalardo, Franklin McDonald, Jack Tobin, Bill Richardson Second row: Bill Morgan, Lucille Becker, Mary Koonce, Alice Buckingham, John M. Thomas, Grace Wagner, Esther Bates Third row: Jane Tucker, Gladys Flierl, Margaret Collins, June Armstrong, Emmaline Kavenaugh, Adele Hapfinger Fourth row: George Baroch, John Wilson, Alfred Decessaro, Joe Kearney, Noreen Greenawolt, Rene Troy, Catherine Simon, Jack Cline Fifth row: Mike Lenzini, Tom Sullivan, Harold Herder, Pogy Stoner, Blackei Couz Sixth row: Elmer Scherrer, Leo Barrocci, James Wathen, Joseph Vergilio, C. Gabelmon Seventh row: Joe Scherrer, Hugh Fisher, Pat Ross, L. Wagner, Milton Sirola, Edmond Prendergast Eighth row: James McDonald, Charles McCormick, Herbert Jagger, John Wilson • 222 ORGANIZATIONS Phi Delta Chi HONORARY PHARMACY AND CHEMICAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS VICTOR E. YEACE CHARLES H, HAR ALVIN H. vol WILLIAM T. E CHARLES R. BITTER FRED C. DROMMOND REUBEN G. CUSTAVSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer NORMAN F. VyiTT HAROLD C. HEIM JOSEPH B. SPROWLS CHARLES D. BLOOMQUIST RAYMOND N. CASTLE EDVv ARD C. CHRISTENSEN GLENN H. COOPER MEMBERS WILLIAM T. EDMUNDSON CHARLES G. GABELMAN, JR. CHARLES H. HARGREAVES WALTER A. HENSON REUBEN A. STEVENSON ALVIN H. VOIGHT VICTOR E. YEAGER Front row: Hargreaves, O ' Doy, Cooper, Henson Second row: Christensen, Stevenson, Witt, Heim, Stock Third row: Castle, Sprowls, Voight, Yeoger 223 • ORGANIZATIONS Phi Sigma Iota HONORARY ROMANCE LANGUAGE FRATERNITY OFFICERS BETTY ANDREWS . JOHN DOWLINC . MARGARET McCLAN MARGERY BROAD RALPH E. WARNER m pi ROY A. COX STUART CUTHBERTSON PAUL-LOUIS FAYE BETTY ANDREWS FLORENCE BERMBACH MARGERY BROAD ROBERT BRYANT JOHN DOWLING President Vice-President Secretary Program Chairman esponding Secretary E| Hei ' L ' h( ■RICIA JONES ROSETTA B. WOLCOTT PAULINE MARSHALL JOSEPH REDICK VERNON LONG MARGARET McCLANAHAN CATHERINE PLAYER ROSE MARIE POMPON 10 : MARGARET B IRK EMILIE FENAUX GRADUATE MEMBERS EDNA FURNESS HAZEL MESSIMORE HARRY MILLER HELEN SOLIN First row: Florence Bermbach, Patricio Jones, Bobette Heil, Margaret McClanchan Second row: Rose Marie Pomponio, Margery Broad, Betty Andrews, Jane Evans Third row: John Dowling, Vernon Long, Eugene Holland, Bob Bryant • 224 ORGANIZATIONS Pi Mu Epsilon NATIONAL HONORARY MATHEMATICS FRATERNITY OFFICERS DOUGLAS BRAWNER President ELMER SCHERRER Vice-President BERNARD LEVITTU . . . «| . . . . Secretary WERTH HACE - l- J. if jt. ip ' ■ ■ • Treasurer PROFESSOR JAC fb jriMii t n - Faculty Advisor BERLIN BOYD DOUGLAS BRAWNER WESLEY BRITTIN LAWRENCE BROWN JOE BRYCE MARTIN BUFFO ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY JAMES CARSON HERBERT CONN HAROLD COOK SHERIDAN CROOKS ROBERT CUNNINGHAM MORTON DAVID JAMES DAVIS JOHN DECLUE IRA DILTS HARLES EMI TAN LEY FITZMORRI OBEI T FLEMI OGE HENj BENJ WERl EUf jOE HOBBS ROBERT HOGUE GORDON HUNGERFORD RICHARD KELLOGG MARCUS LEH BERNARD LEVITT EUGENE LIGHT ROLLIN McCOMBS ENGENE NEGRO FRANK PRIEST JOHN RICHARDSON RAY ROBERTSON NORMAN ROCKWELL ELMER SCHERRER MELVIN SCHUSTER CARROLL STOECKER SIEGLINDE TALBOTT SAM TAMMINGA DON WALSH ORRIN WATSON ROBERT WEST JOHN WILSON MARJORIE WOODARD Back row (left to right): Wilson, Leh, Cook, Levitt, Hobbs, Crooks, David, Gregory Third row; Fitzmorris, Priest, Conn, Schuster, Watson, Stoecker, Buffo, Tamminga, Hogue, Negro Second row: Richardson, Rockwell, Robertson, Light, De Clue, Browner, Talbott, Calloway, Brown First row: R. Fleming, Hungerford, Emigh, Scherrer, Hage, Fricke 225 • ORGANIZATIONS Pi Tau Sigma HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY OFFICERS CARROLL L. STOECKER MAURICE PETER JAMES S. ENGLU MELVIN R. SCH PROFESSOR F. S PROFESSOR W. S PROFESSOR C. S. PROFESSOR W. F ROBERT BRACE JOE BYRNE HAROLD COOK JOHN CUMING PAUL DUKES CHARLES ELZI JAMES ENGLUND . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer FESSOR N. A. PARKER E. E. O ' CONNELL C. A. WAGNER R. W, LAUTH JEN CRM RICHARD KELLOGG BERNARD LEVITT EUTHAN MULLINS MAURICE PETERSEN STANLEY PROFFITT ROBERT ROSENKRANS MELVIN SCHUSTER RICHARD SNODGRASS CARROLL STOECKER RAYMOND VOLLUZ ORRIN WATSON Front row: Richard Kellogg, Carroll Stoecker, Ray Volluz, Robert Rosenkrans Second row: Euthan Mullins, Bernard Levitt, James Englund, Stanley Proffitt Third row: Lloyd Gardner, Orrip Watson, Harold Cook, Melvin Schuster Fourth row: Ben Griffith, Paul Dukes, Maurice Petersen, John Cuming Fifth row: Robert Brace, Charles EIzi, Joe Byrne, Richard Snodgrass 226 ORGANIZATIONS Porpoise HONORARY WOMEN ' S SWIMMING OFFICERS BETTIE ECKHARDT President BETTY WHITEiJB . 4. tt. A . Secretary-Treasurer ELAINE BLOMCREN BARBARA BRACKENBURY MARY KAY BRISTOL BARBARA BROWN MAE GARDEN SUE CARLSON PEGGY CHASE MARCIA CLARKE WANDA COLBURN FRANCIS DEBEUKELAER BARBARA DENCKLA BETTY DIMMIT DOROTHY DOUGLASS JOAN DRINKWATER »A.t MARILYNN JOHNSON BARBARA JONES DOROTHY JONES BETSY KEITH PEGGY KELLERMAN FRANCES LANGDON LOUISA LINDOW JEAN McCAULEY LOIS NELSON ZOE NEWMAN SALLY O ' CONNELL LOIS OWENS BETTY PECK SALLY RANKIN LOUISE REED BETTY STE IK RUTH STRAUSS SIEGLINDE TALBOTT FRANCES WHITE Front row: June Holmes, Morcia Clarke, Barbara Brown Second row: Frances White, Dorothy Jones, Betty Jane Peck, Wanda Colburn Third row: Marilynn Johnson, Mary Kay Bristol, Sally O ' Connell, Peggy Kellerman Fourth row: Jane Goddard, Lois Nelson, Agnes Gibson, Sue Carlson Fifth row: Betty Whiteley, Peggy Chase, Barbara Brackenbury, Penny Hall, Betty Dimmit Sixth row: Barbara De Beukelaer, Sieglinde Talbott, Jean Dudgeon, Dorothy Douglass, Betty Farley, Betsy Keith, Bettie Eckhordt Seventh row: Louisa Lindow, Barbara Jones, Saralie Furbeck, La Vergne Eatinger, Ruth Strauss, Steik, Elaine Blomgren, Virginia Louise Reed, Sally Rankin 227 • ORGANIZATIONS Players Club OFFICERS DOROTHY VAN EMAN : . President FRANCES BIRK Vice-President CHRISTIAN ARNOLD . . . | . m, . . . Secretary Participating Membersp CHRISTIAN ARNOLD BURT BEERS FRANCES BIRK ARTHUR BRAINERD DON CARSON CATHERINE JO COOP JOHN DOWLINC EDNA FALK MARGARET MAE FLO ANN GOODING RUTH HOOKER DOROTHY HUNTING ROBERT LAWSON PAULA PICKETT RICHARD THOMAN DOROTHY VAN EMAN LARRY V ADSWORTH ROBERT V ARD MANDELL Vv ' INTER Members BASINGER ARIE BIBLE ENNAN RELL HASE PELAND RRIL GABLEMAN HEIL Mlil VIN HELLERSTEIN ITE _ LM VERNON LONG VIRGINIA McMILLIN MARY JANE McNAUGHTON MARY JANE MUNSON JOHN PERRYMAN WILLIAM PUETT CLINTON RANDALL First row: Von Eman, Holm, Heil, Bible, Burrell Second row; Larson, Chose, Copelond, Lopotin, McNoughton, Brennon Third row: Word, Floyd, Huntington, Birk, Gooding, Thoman Top row: Winter, Carson, Perryman, Wadsworth, Long, Dowling • 228 ORGANIZATIONS Sigma Alpha lota HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS GERTRUDE MARL SLYVIA CORSKE MARGARET O LUE ADAH Wl -UELIB ALLEN [BE1 jDA-ff|PEl ToiSGERMANN JEWEL KRIER BETTY jO LAMB MARY EVELYN LEGLER BETTY REESE KATHRYN REYNOLDS MARCIA WARNER . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Left to right; Gertrude Marley, Sylvia Corske, Margaret Olson, Lue Adah Wighom, Betty Bauer, Kathryn Reynolds, Marcia Warner, Ida Copelond, Luella Allen, Lois Germonn, Mary Evelyn Legler, Betty Burke, Betty Reese, Betty Jo Lamb, Jewel Krier 229 • ORGANIZATIONS Sigma Delta Chi PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY WAYNE FERGUSON PAUL GERHARD DAVID PROFFITT m ADOLPH MAYER kp A. GAYLE WALDRoT WILLIAM CHI DOUGLAS CHI WAYNE FERCU PAUL GERHAR TOM GILLIGAN ROBERT HOFFMANN HARVEY KADISH ADOLPH MAYER DICK MERRILL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor N MOSTKOFF D OLSEN ALLEN PALMER PROFFITT HAROLD PROMMELL EVERETT SEARS ATILIO TOFFOLI JACK WESSELLS ROBERT WIDLUND Standing: Merrill, Palmer, Sears, Prommell, Ferguson, Gerhard, Chitwood, Proffitt, Mostkoff, Mayer, Olsen, Widlund, Kadish Seated: Toffoli, Hoffmann 230 ORGANIZATIONS Si igma lamma Epsil on HONORARY GEOLOGY FRATERNITY OFFICERS OTTO J. CROSS President RICHARD D. RUBRIGHT Vice-President OLWIN WOODB r ' . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM GARdJBr - A - V - J»orresponding Secretary WALTER M%Ejtmm mmi ■ ■ ■ ' ' s ° ' ' ' " DR. W. C. J M§m MSE ma mM . Faculty Advisor P. G. WORCE W. C. TOEPE R. D. GEORGE L. O. QUAM H. A. HOFFMEI VIRGIL BAKER BERT BASS WARD FOSTER WILLIAM GARDINER THOMPSON WILSON LONGLEY RUBR ' GHT GRAIN WALTER HAMILTON RICHARD RUBRIGHT CHARLES SCOGGIN OLWIN WOODBURY DONALD GRANGE RUSSELL McLELLAN PLEDGES WILLIAM PETERSEN STANLEY SMITH Front row: Gardiner, Woodbury, Grange, Petersen Middle row; Toepelman, Foster, McLellan Bock row: Cross, Baker, Wilson, Bass 231 • ORGANIZATIONS Sigma Tau HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY OFFICERS EARLE DEVALON TED REED . . . OSCAR JACOBSON LEWIS BECK BERLIN BOYD DOUGLAS BRAWNER LYLE BRAY jOE BYRNE LESLIE CLAYTON HAROLD COOK MORTON DAVID EARLE DEVALON JAMES ENGLUND STANLEY F I TZ MORRIS ROBERT FLEMING JOHN FLEMING RICHARD KELLOGG MARCUS LEH DONALD LITTLEJOHN V ARREN MALLORY President Secretary Treasurer JOHN MAYER MAURICE PETERSEN STANLEY PROFFITT ELMER PUNSHON TED REED NORMAN ROCKWELL ROBER T ROSENKRANS ELMER SCHERRER HERBERT SCHWEIZER SAMUEL TAMMINCA RAY VOLLUZ ROBERT WEST JOHN WILSON Front row: Leh, Griffith, Wilson, Gardner, Devclon, S. Proffitt Second row: Fitzmorris, Rosenkrans, Harrison, Boyd, J. Fleming, Schweizer Third row: Englund, Jacobson, Petersen, Cook, Mayer Fourth row: Clayton, Stocker, Gilbert, David, Fleming, West Fifth row: Kellogg, Browner, Tomminga, Mallory, Wilson Sixth row: Volluz, Gregory, Byrne, Littlejohn • 232 ORGANIZATIONS Buffalo Ski Club OFFICERS EDWIN McCRILLIS MARJORIE ZEICER PRISCILLA BRAYT REX YOUNG . MARIAN BART RAY ALLEN . MR. HUGO RO »J.Jt KENNETH CLARICE BRj HASSO BRE[ BARBARA Bf JOE CHINN HOMER COWEN LOIS CURTIS GEORGE DOBBINS OWEN FRANCE GATES GOODING LEALAND KNAPP JOE HAWLEY President Secretary-Treasurer Entertainment Chairman sportatlon Chairman Publicity Chairman n of the Ski Team Faculty Sponsor CORNACK lARLAND ELEY lERBEl O ' HANLON FRANK RICHARDS BARBARA SCHOMBERG ED SEEMAN FRANK TRUE JACK WORCESTER WILLIAM YOUNG REX YOUNG Front row: Lealond Knopp, Stanley McFcrland, Priscillc Brayton, Rex Young, Clarice Brainerd, Fabyan Lapin, Owen France Second row: Richard MacCornack, Herbert O ' Hanlon, Marion Bortram, Marjorie Zeiger, Hugo Rodeck Third row: Edwin McCrillis, Frank True, Joe Howley, Kenneth Bennett, Jack Worcester, Roy Allen 233 • ORGANIZATIONS Varsity Club OFFICERS HARRIETTE CALANTIERE MARY CORLETT . MISS JANE CRAW Jd BETTY JANE A JOSEPHINE AR ANN ATKEISOI ANNA MARIE B DORIS BRICKER MILDRED CHRI BETTY COOK MARY CORLET PAULINE DYKM HARRIETTE CALANTIERE VIRCINtA HARDINC ELINOR HOLLISTER President Secretary Housemother RCERY MABERRY ROTHY McCRILLIS ILEEN MULVIHILL CILLE NIERMAN ARCARET NORLIN LLY POINTON ARY HELEN POIRIER OCENE REINKE LUCILLE SHAFER AUGUSTA SHEATS LOIS WEBBER EDNA WILLIAMS Front row: Anna Marie Bible, Pauline Dykman, Lucille Nierman, Virginia Harding, Dolly Pointon Second row: Eileen Mulvihill, Edna Williams, Elinor Hollister, Miss Crawford, Mary Corlett, Josephine Arnold Standing: Mildred Christian, Margery Maberry, Imogene Reinke, Harriette Galantiere, Lois Webber, Ann Atkeison, Margaret Norlin, Betty Jane Armstrong 234 ORGANIZATIONS Viking Club OFFICERS CHUCK WALKER W. M. CUE HENRY GREGORY HOWARD ANDERSON MARTIN BAKER ED BREIER LARRY BROWN C. W. CHAPMAN JOE CHINN MINOR COON LARRY DHANES EVERETT GILBERT HENRY GREGORY tl M MBERS . M. CUE AROLD HARGREA ' OB ISAAK ARL BOB OYD McDonald CHUCK McKEEVER BILL MICHAEL CORDON POTTER HOWARD E. PUTNAM President Secretary Treasurer FRED ROWE FRANK SAKALEY OLIVER SHERIDAN JOHN THOMAS ROBERT TURNER CHUCK WALKER LEONARD WEITZEL JOHN WILSON DOUGLAS WOOD BILL WRIGHT Front row: Weitzel, Michael, Chapman, Dhones, Harris, Balderston Second row: Proffitt, Fergus, Putnam, Walker, Liner, Gue, Baker, Wood Third row: McDonald, Anderson, Echternacht, Curtis, Manning, Gilbert, Prommel, McKeever, Turner, Wilson 235 • ORGANIZATIONS Women s Athletic Association EXECUTIVE BOARD MARGARET SPRINCSTEAD CLENNA FULKER CAROLYN JONES BETTY OLIVER ELIZABETH AUTR " BETTY BRUNT( BETTIE ECKHAI PATRICIA HILI JOAN MARTIN CAROLINE PROUTY MARYANNA QUAINTANCE THOMPSON ' tDITH UHL JANET WELTY ETTY WISE MARJORIE WOODARD CORA MAE YOUNG Ex-Officio— BETTY HUTCHINSON Front row: Betty Thompson, Miss Autrey, Margaret Springstead, Carolyn Prouty, Betty Brunton Second row: Maryanna Quaintonce, Carolyn Jones, Bettie Eckhardt, Cora Mae Young, Mcrjorie Woodard, Janet Welty Third row: Betty Wise, Pat Hill, Betty Hutchinson, Joan Martin, Gl enna Fulker • 236 ORGANIZATIONS Wesley Foundation OFFICERS LeNAIRE ECKMAN President GLENN BARNEY Vice-President RUTH IRISH Secretary VIRGINIA CHAPM J|. . . . . . . Treasurer HAROLD CARVER JP. 4 A . V . V. . V esiey Class DON BILLINGS AGNES HARTM IRENE GREER BILL DAVIS . BETTY BENNETT HAROLD NICKO PAULA PICKETT RICHARD STWA DON IRISH . . ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY LeNAIRE ECKMAN Forum Chairman usic Chairman iai Chairman tion Chairman ime Chairman tions Chairman atics Chairman icity Chairman ion Chairman Representative to Colorado Council of Methodist Youth Representative to Interchurch Council Front row: Richard Stwalley, Agnes Hortmon, Donald Billings, Betty Bennett, Donald Irish, Ruth Irish, Rev. Leonard J. Smoot, LeNaire Eckman, Virginia Chapman, Glenn Barney, Irene Greer, Harold Carver, Paula Pickett, Leslie Pampel Second row: Sybil Stephenson, Gloria Gillespie, Betty Oliver, Helen Honey, Catherine Kell, Jane Evans, Grace Cook, Betty Andrews, Lue Adah Wighom, Bonnie Basinger, Mary Jane Richie, Morylee Copeland, Jeanette Eyerly, Zinetta Young, Jean Hassinger, Mary Edith Delaney, Mrs. L, J. Smoot Third row: Mrs. R. C. Baker, Eva Sporkman, Arthur Copley, Joe Wilcox, Lloyd Roosa, John Grothius, Ned Weills, Evalyn Tomlin, Ber- nice Beard, Phyllis Triplehorn, Esther Frank, Mary E. McDonald, Vera Livingston Fourth row: Ellsworth Eoston, Elvin Bushnell, Edwin Boothroyd, Durlond Skinner, Luella Allen, Jack Vittetoe, Fronk Smits, Dorothy Shimpfky, Bill Eicher, Agnes Atkinson Fifth row; Dr. R. C. Baker, Owen Cockle, Allen Zeiglemeier, Thomas Robbins, Earl Lake, Mary Greeson, Shirley Gray, Mary Margaret Roosa, Frances Iford, Josephine Biznett, James Staley, Warren Cross, Everett Irish, Marion Armstrong, Clifford Fritchle 237 • ORGANIZATIONS University Women s Club COUNCIL NANCY NASH President JACQUELINE BARR Vice-President VENUS BLAKE Secretary MARJORIE ANDERSON . • . - • • ■ • Treasurer CATHERINE BURNHAM . . Socid|«nairmJ BsE GRIFFIN EDNA FALK .... Membershi|B)airr»I!f WklE ECKHARDT CORANELLE BARRETT Tr ROSE PAONESSA MARILYN OLDL VIRGINIA JAGG DOT JO BAKER MILDRED MERGE ADREA ROBBINS DOROTHY SCOTT PATRICIA INGALLS SARAH JANE BELL BETTY BURKE ARET GARDNER Publicity Chairman Housing Chairman Personnel Chairman a and Literature Group Personality Group Art and Fashion Group Dance Group Music Group S roup ETTER Art and Fashion Group BEATRICE LEWIS Dance Group ERMA RUTH CALLAWAY Music Group RUBYDONNA JOSEPH AILEEN JEWELL PAT MERRILL ROBERTA HOWENSTINE BETTY WHITESTINE IDA COPELAND Back row: Marilyn Oldland, Venus Blake, Bettie Eckhardt, Mildred Mercer, Catherine Burnham, Virginia Jaggers, Margaret Gardner Second row: Edna Folk, Nancy Nash, Miss Vaille, Jacqueline Barr, Marjorie Anderson, Coranelle Barrett Front row: Dot Jo Baker, Louise Griffin, Rose Paonessa • 238 ORGANIZATIONS y. W. C. A. OFFICERS ALMA MAE CR, SHIRLEY PO JEAN AMIS VIVIAN LI PR ISC I LLA WICKS EMILY JANE CEORGENE I BETTY HUTCl« g)N ERMA RUTH C WAYfF BETTY RUTH WLrN »A1 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Secretary rciai Service Group Booster Group Red Cross Group ve Religions Group n ' s and Women ' s Croup LUCKY KNOWLES . . . • Freshman Group PHYLLIS SELLS ...... Assistant for Freshman Group EVVA BELLE PEABODY Publicity Chairman Left to right: Vivian Lindsay, Emily Jane Fritch, Shirley Porter, Betty Hutchinson, Phyllis Sells, Georgene lies, Jean Amis, Alma Mae Graves 239 • NAN REILLY, DG. A RATHER MISLEADING SHOT OF LUCKY KNOWLES TRI DELT POWERHOUSE, BETTY NILSSO Spring quarter came with a rejuvenated fieldhouse registration. At last people know where they ' re supposed to go, and when. Photostatic grade reports eliminate complaints of false marks and for the first time in years a person can register in less than an hour. The campus blossoms — people pop out in pastels, only to be thwarted by early spring snow storms. The Junior Prom is the big three-day event of the year; most students go, but many must scrimp for corsages, incidentals; Jan Savitt swung the baton with couples dancing until one — wooing until two. PUDGE ASHBY— A FUGITIVE FROM LOUIE ' S M. WALKER, OF THE THREE " D ' S " CLUB, A GEM IN THE MUCK RYDER SLIPPED ME A TWO-DOLLAR BILI TO RUN THIS ONI Track and baseball vie for crowds during Spring quarter; both lack the appeal for Western fans that makes football and bas- ketball top sports at C. U. As sports center of the State, Colorado draws yearly over four hundred track men from high schools to the Colorado Relays; it is a big day for the younger participants and for eagle-eyed Frank Potts. Colorado has good track teams, but has not produced national winners since two-time Decathlon Champion Dick Kearns and high -jumper Gil Cruter. THE PREP SCHOOL BOYS CUT A CAPER AT THE RELAYS RELAY QUEENS — V HO BOUGHT THEIR OWN CORSAGES KANSAS STATE ' S ELMER HACKNEY HONORS OUR RAY JENKINS WYOMING UNIVERSITY ' S NEW ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH, WHO KNEW CURLEY OAKES » QUITE WELL REMEMBER ELLERMAN— ALPHA PHI FUSELAGE GIRL? SELF EXPLANATORY On C. U. Day the campus fetes itself. Many students arise at five a.m. to engage in traditional contests. Kwaffen-hauffen plays baseball while drinking beer. New Spurs feed old at a notorious breakfast on Flagstaff. The afternoon is free; often good-natured professors excuse their morning classes. In the afternoon women engage in unconventional contests such as leap-frog, shoe-kicking and sack-racing. At night, well-practiced choruses sing in the traditional song-fest at the sta- dium. Heart and Dagger, senior men ' s honorary, announces neophytes; Mortar-Board, women ' s counterpart, goes into the crowd to tap their choices. After the Song Fest, singing, torch-bearing students converge on the Library. Flickering torches impress the most blase students. THE RESULTS OF A KAPPA ' S NIGHTMARE " BUGS " GARRIGAN LAYS A DELT DOWN WITH LITTLE CEREMONY A MEAGER CROWD ATTENDS THE U. OF C. RELAYS f THEIR .JUICE ■-NIC 5 I ' M USE OCLTA g , :i mm ( m FRESH ■DINTHEIRTO S 2ilP -DE-DMIsli TO SKATING CONTEST MY GOD! AND IT ' S ALIVE THESE PI PHIS BEAT A dance on the tennis courts winds up C. U. Day activities and students dance ' til one. People go home too tired to study for their next day ' s classes. C. U. Day has been an institution since the days of hobble skirts and celluloid collars — is used now to advertise the University and to culminate the year ' s activities. Seniors go away happy. The torchlight procession began three years ago when Dr. George Norlin was feted in a night ceremony before Arts. THESE THETAS IN EGG-ROLLING CONTEST PHI EPS PREPARE TORCHES FO AT C. U. WE ARE EVER DIGNIFIED " EVER POPULAR " TORCHLIGHT PARAC SHIRLEY AND THE ROCK YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHO SIT ON THE DAMP GRASS Religion on Colorado ' s campus is sometimes active but often lax. Boulder churches make yearly appeals for attendance, but few students are consistent. A University chapel was established last year in the Music Room of the Library. It has proven successful, but its directors often labor under the illusion that laymen can speak on theological subjects. NEAT LIMBS— FOR A TREE LONG WINDED PROTEGE OF FRANK POTTS AN UNUSUAL PHOTO OF WILL OSBORNE " CORNY " COBB, CANTANKEROUS AT 1940 JUNIOR PROM EQUALLY UNUSUAL— " HUTCH " CAMPUS CROONER The visitor approaching Boulder is usually impressed with the absolute harmony of Colorado buildings to the mountainous surroundings. A large majority of th e twenty-six major buildings on the campus are built with red slab sandstone from nearby University-owned quarries. Rough- finished and red-roofed, the buildings are designed in a style of Italian Villatic arch tecture, common to the hills of northern Italy. Wise regents, some twenty years ago, sanctioned the present architecture in preference to an over-used Gothic. SMOKEY AND PAT, THE LATTER HAVING JUST LOST THE ALL-COLLEGE HOP-SCOTCH CHAMPIONSHIP • K Jp l NEAR BETA AND LARRY MACK TOM GURMATAKIS AND KAY WRIGHT— BIG SENiORS Activities at C. U. are numerous and varied; some 125 of them engage about 3,000 Colorado students. Publications: COLO- RADAN, SILVER AND COLD, DODO, WINDOW, and COLORADO ENGINEER, lead all activities in popularity; editors and business managers have coveted jobs. Honoraries at Colorado are prolific and misused; few have any real signif- icance on the campus. Rejuvenated activity of 1941 was the Peace Council, which undertook to explain a way out of war to apprehensive Colorado students. Tri Delts and Delts are typical activity hustlers on the campus. MORE OF THE ARTS CROWD MORTON READS DECKER A TIP FROM " THE BREEDERS ' GUIDE " VICKERS TELLS EVVABELL HE BURNS FOR WELL, YOU MADE THE BOOK, KIDS, HER. SHE RECIPROCATES BUT I DON ' T KNOW WHY HEY, HERSCHEL! HERE ' S PITCHING — FARMGIRLS ' DELIGHT— THE PLACE TO GO BERSERK! HORSESHOES Macky Auditorium is the stage for the A. W. S. Vaudeville, tradi- tionally for women only and for disguised and be-rouged males. 1941 saw a dance following the vaudeville; the campus favorite- male-among-females was crowned queen. Colorado goes in for this kind of business with gusto; women are far more active on the campus than men. TWO AMAZONS AND PAT JONES CHARMING LITTLE FIXTURE PRESENTING: U. OF C. ' S RANKING SWEATER GIRLS It YEAkLiinus — THE KIND THAT MAKES MANKIND STAY HOME MAC, GEORGINE, D. J., LUCIA, AND BEANER Concise expression of Colorado ' s status is a statement by President Stearns in the thirty-second Biennial Regents ' Report: " The University is young, as such institutions go, but is favorably known. It has, however, tremendous potentialities. It can, if it be permitted, become more favorably known — indeed outstanding. Its physical plant is being developed to the point of adequacy. Its faculties are intellectually and professionally competent. Its administrators are enthusiastic and eager. " TWO BRIGHTS AND ONE DIM I VANT TO MAKE ROMANTICS, TONY DR. GUS ESCAPES FOR FRESH AIR 4- 5 ,■ : ' ■ THE RACKET IS AN EXCUSE TO GET OUT INTO CIRCULATION BURGHER, PAYNTER AND IRELAND HELP BLOCK THE ARTS DOORWAY One of those combinations of the ridiculous and the significant is the " moot court " procedure in Colorado ' s Law School. Throughout the year, its 100 students, under the grim judicial eye of " P. I. " Folsom, debate the legality of trumped-up campus cases. Most serious case of the year was a libel suit waged by the DODO ' S editor, " Bud " Mayer, known to his mother as Adolph. A November 20th newspaper pointedly remarked the fact that Mayer ' s prohibition issue of the DODO and the burning of the Canyon Park bar were coincidental, if not instigated by the same man. GREIM, REESE, WARNER IN THE SUN BARTRAM, WELLER, SUDS FONDLE A THOROUGHBRED COON DOG LITTLE MISS APPLECHEEKS AND BLONDE COMPANION— BESIDE BIGELOW SWINEHART AND HERRICK GIVE THE PREMATURE SPRING WEATHER A FITTING POTENTIAL MISTRESSES OF THE CULINARY ARTS WHAT WILL THE NU ' S DO WHEN BIG HITCH IS GONE? Mayer, the plaintiff, fearing the outcome of the suit, later dramatically admitted his arson, testily saying that he did it in the cause of sober humanity. How one becomes a B. M. O. C. (Big Man on the Campus) at Colorado no one knows; there are no formulas for success on the campus, although it is suggested that buying cokes and lending cigarettes help. Most characteristic term to describe social and scholastic successes at C. U. is; " He ' s got something on the ball. " As elsewhere, some of C. U. ' s B. M. O. C. are prize flops on graduation. IF THE GIRLS COULD ONLY COMPREHEND MENTAL TELEPATHY! CONANT— t E KNEW WHIZZER WHITE THERE ' S SOMETHING TOUCHING ABOUT THIS ONE For the college student no event is more significant than the day of Commencement. In the month of June each year over six hundred graduates make their way from the Library to the Fieldhouse, where they receive the final rites. In the yellow-tinted light of the after- noon sun these six hundred sit — worrying about their tassels, trying to listen to speakers, and anxiously waiting their turns to shake the President ' s hand and grasp the sheepskin. And then there is no more. They walk out of the Field- house, have their pictures taken, smile and talk, greet professors, and plan parties — and all the time there is that gnawing feeling of having lost something irreparable. SOFT-VOICED DEAN CARLSON, BASEBALL COACH, GLOATS AS THE BUFFS TRIM NEBRASKA U. 27-2 ROCKY QUELLS AN INSURRECTION JIM HICKEY DOORMAN AT THE KAPPA HOUSE SCOTTY PUTNAM, WHO HAS THYROID TROUBLES MILLER AND LATORRA— THE BEATING OF HEARTS AND ALL THAT SORT OF ROT ONE OF TED ' S PASSING FAWNCIES COME LATE SPRING — " HEY, MABEL!! ' WHITMAN AND BUTTON, MAKING SCENERY FOR THE BIG BOYS ion kes is comparable to the envy of underclassmen as they study for finals, or to the regret of seniors when they realize they are no longer in the running. SENIOR WEEK — ONE PESO FIFTY- LEGITIMATE VICE -SHOT TO HELL MORE OF SENIOR WEEK— WHAT ARE WE ' FOURTH GRADERS? CULMINATION DAY AND " SO LONG! " i -W ' yl ' Colorado Graduate Students CECELIA P. ABRAHAMS JOHN L.ALLISON JOHN D. ANDERSON JOHN G. ANDERSON LAINA J, ANDERSON LISETTE M. ANDERSON VERNON E. ANDERSON LOUISE B. ANDREW EDWARD C. ATTANE LOIS R. BADGER SILVIA R. BAGLEY ELIZABETH A. BAKER VIRGIL R. BAKER JAMES 0. BALL NORMAN D. BALL EMORY BANCROFT HAROLD W. BARRETT DENNIS L. BARRICK LOUISE H. BEATTIE RONALD E. BECK FLORENCE J. BEDELL HERMAN N. BENIAMS FRED W. BENNION M. JACK BERNSTEIN DONALD E. BILLINGS JULIUS BOONSHAFT DONALD E. BOOTHROYD LEON M. BOWER JAMES M. BOYLE JUNE 0. BOYLE GRETCHEN E. BRADLEY ROBERT L. BRANDT WILLIAM R. BROOKES GEORGE E. BROWN JANET L. BROWNLEE JOHN M. CAGE ROBERT D. CAMPBELL DELMAR R. CARLSON HENRY A. CARLSON AGNES E. CASSIDY RAYMOND N. CASTLE JOHN M. CATTERMOLE JOHN S. CHAMBERS YAO CHIANG WILLIAM E. CLAPPER S. COLBY CLEVELAND ALLAN R. COFFMAN LEO B. COHENOUR HUBERT A. COIT JOHN O. COLE ROBERT C. COLEMAN CLARA M. COLLINS LAWRENCE H. COOK MARIAN L. COOK WILLIAM B. COOK CATHERINE J. COOPER JOHN A. CORRINGTON CLARK NIXON GRAIN ROBERT L. CRISPIN OTTO J. CROSS FREDERICK E. CULVERN VERNELL W. CURRY ALICE F. DAVIS RUSSELL F. DAVIS MILLICENT M. DEBELLE BETTY W. DEFFEBACH CARMEN L. DELLIQUARDI THOMAS E. DEVANEY LOUISA G. DILLARD GEORGES. DOBBINS NORMAN W. DONDELINGER KNUTE E. DORNSTREICH WALTER S. DRISKILL FREDERICK G. DROMMOND VERLIN R. EASTERLING FRANCES A. ELLISON RALPH L. ELY, JR. MARY D. EVANS LOUIS FEIN EMILIE A. FENAUX VERNON 0. FEY HOWARD J. FISHER MARIE FLEKKE RUTH C. FLOWERS GEORGE H. FOSTER JACK J. FOX HORACE O. FRANCE EUGENE V. FRIEDRICH MELVIN 0. FULLER OSMUNDT. FUNDINGSLAND EDNA L. FURNESS EDWARD V. GARNETT HAYWARD D. CATCH LOUISE N. CATCH VIRGIL A. GEIGER ROBERT C. GEORGE RICHARD P. GERMANN CHARLES L. GIBSON JOHN C. GILBERT IRVING GOODMAN GARY GORDON SILAS E. GOULD MARION C. HACKSTAFF WILBUR C. HALLDORSON LOYD W. HAMILTON LUELLA HAMILTON WALTER F. HAMILTON LAWRENCE E. HART LESLIE E. HARTLEY LILLIAN E. HATHAWAY HOWARD T. HATTON ESTHER E. HECKMAN RICHARD A. HEIDBREDER HAROLD C. HEIM OREN G. HENDERSON WALTER A. HENSON JOHN L. HOERNER LEROY HOLUBAR MILDRED L. HUNSINGER FRANK R. ISAAC HARRIET JEFFERY ALFRED C. JENSEN ELIZABETH C. JOHNSON LLOYD G. JOHNSON RALPH A. JOHNSON ALFRED H. JONES MARGARET A. KELSALL MARJORIE M. KIMMERLE ROBERT T. KIRK WILLIAM A. KLINE LESTER E. KUENTZEL GEORGE I. KURITA WILLIAM C. LAM AUGUSTINE E. LAMARCHE JAN I US LARSEN CLYDE M. LEATHERS VIOLET B. LEFANT DOROTHY E, LEHMANN JACK W. LEWIS MARTHA E. LEWIS EMORY K. LINDQUIST CORNELIUS F, LOEHR VELDON 0. LONG JOHN H. LUDWIC - ■ MARY L. LYDA HAROLD W. LYNCH MARY J. McCORMICK • CLYDE A. McDANIEL JOSEPH F. McGUIRE JAMES W. McKENNA MERLYN McLaughlin CHARLES W. McLENATHEN HUGH E. McMillan FRANCES C. McNAIR RICHARD J. MacCORNACK VERNA M. MACE MERLE R. MAHONE BURTON E. MARTIN RALPH I, MEEKER HAZEL M. MESSIMORE PETER P. MICKELSON HARRY A. MILLER ROENE A. MORRIS WILLIS S. MOSS EVA M. MUSIL PHILLIPINA M. NAUDE LOUISE A. NEAL JENNIE L. NEAL ILHAN NEW FRANCES E. NIEWEG PERRY E. NUSSBAUM ORVILLET. NUTTALL CORABELLE OBERHOLTZER DOROTHY S. OGILVY HOWARD D. OLSON RAYMOND E. OLSON JAMES R. ORRIS LYLEA. OTTERNESS MARCIANO B. PARUNCO MARY V. PATTERSON LAURA PAYNE WINFIELD S. PAYNE LEOTA F. PEKRUL WILLIAM G. PHILP ELEANOR B. PLACE RALPH H. POLITTE ROBERT G. PORTER STUART M, PORTER ELLEN H. POSNER LOIS S. PRATOR CAROLINE E. PRESTON CECIL PUCKETT RUTH A. PYCHE MARTHA C. QUAM IVA J. RAGSDALE DALE H. REA JOSEPH P. REDICK ALLEN R. RICHARDS F. ATHERTON RIEDEL MAYFORD L. ROARK GUY T. ROBBINS KATHERINE H. ROGERS JAMES R. ROMANS LENEA K. ROSETTA PAUL F. ROSSELL RICHARD D. RUBRIGHT RAYMOND D, SAMPLE ELVINC. SAYRE LOLA H. SAYRE RICHARD SCHLEGEL, JR. EDDIE W. SCHODT JOHN K. SCHULTE MARION L. SHEETS ANNA O. SHEPARD ROBERT M. SHREWSBURY LUCY SIMMONS MANMOHAN SINGH CAROLYN C. SLATON WILLIAM H. SLATON JOSEPH O. SMITH MILDRED C, SMITH FRANK SMITS BRUCE R. SNOW EDWARD J. SPECHT JOSEPH B. SPROWLS MERTON STEIN THERESE C. STENGEL BERNARD R. STOCK EARL U. STRIKWERDA . THOMAS A. SULLIVAN JOHN F. SUTTLE IDA L. SWAYNE FRED L. SYMONDS BRADFORD A. TAYLOR HAZEL E. TAYLOR CLEMENS B. THOMAN GEORGE W. THOMAS BERNARD H. THOMPSON DOROTHY J. THOMPSON NORABELLE THOMPSON MARLIN O. THURSTON AYLEENE E. TOLLEUS EUGENE J. TOWBIN PHYLLIS TRIPPLEHORN BESS M. TURNER GEORGE W. TWIEC HELEN B. UDICK GEORGE E. UHRICH HERMAN W. VAN LOO MARGARET F. VICKERS ALVIN H. VOIGHT ROBERT S. WASLEY RICHARD C. WAUGH, JR. THOMAS D. WAUGH NORMAN E. WEIR EDWIN J. WESTERMANN MARjORIE M. WHELDON ROBERT F. WHITCOMB PRISCILLA R. WICKS KATHERINE E. WILLIAMS CHARLES H, WINKLER GERTRUDE B. WOLCOTT 253 • • ' «j;v:-v« • Colorado Women For years we have clandestinely envied those some- times famous and artistic judges who are drafted by American yearbooks to choose " Beauty Queens. " Because we recognized the obvious euphemism of the term and because we earnestly considered our- selves as capable as the Interfraternity Council of Northwestern or Mr. George Petty or Mr. Tyrone Power, our first impulse was to make the choices completely personal. A storm of adverse comment drove us to the Faculty, an august body which daily watches beauty in action in Colorado classrooms. Friendly victims of our whimsy were Messrs. Reyn- olds, Faye, Folsom, and Boyle and Miss Henry Etta Reynolds. Unbiased and perhaps uninterested, they ail voted for different women. • 254 BETTY NILSSON JUNIOR PROM QUEEN 255 • JO CARMOSINO PEGGY FICKEL • 256 BETTY LEE CREENAWALT 257 • BETTY PLATT C ' PATRICIA SWEET ENGINEERS ' BALL QUEEN Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1888 as a musical society, Nu chapter in- stalled at the University of Colorado in 1907. The sorority has shown its inde- pendence and its refusal to follow blind- ly in paths thus loftily laid by producing no songfest winners in many a year. Other sorority accomplishments include the rather doubtful one of attracting marauding B-B shooters by some unre- vealed species of magnetism. Seve -al windows in the chapter house thus met their doom during the year just past. Alpha Chi ' s big guns on the campus in- clude Yvonne (Terry) Saliba, SILVER AND COLD society editor, Rhythm Circus dance co-director, Spur, and Hesperia; Betty Ringwalt, SILVER AND COLD society reporter. Spur, and Hesperia. • 262 OFFICERS ALICE MAY RANDALL President MARIAN BASSETT Vice-President ALICE BUCKINGHAM Secretary GENEVIEVE PETERSON Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS HELEN DUCGAN LILLIAN SMERCHECK ACTIVES Olive Andrew, ' 43 Marian Bassett, ' 42 . Maryanna Bell, ' 42 Clarice Brainerd, ' 42 Alice Buckingham, ' 41 Anne Copeland, ' 42 Ruth Gibson, ' 42 . . Doris Gordon, ' 43 Jeanne Gowdy, ' 43 Verna Rose Hair, ' 43 Betty Jean Harbert, ' 43 Katherine Home, ' 42 Virginia Jaggers, ' 43 . Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Golden, Colorado Denver, Colorado Leadville, Colorado Richmond, Viriginia Julesburg, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Grand Junction, Colorado Denver, Colorado Limon, Colorado Mary Marguerite Koonce, ' 43 . Eagle, Colorado Elizabeth Jean Light, ' 41 . Snow Mass, Colorado Edith McHugh, ' 43 Grand Junction, Colorado Jean Mclntyre, ' 43 . . . Estes Park, Colorado Anne McLean, ' 41 ... Oregon City, Oregon Lois Nelson, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Betty Osborn, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Genevieve Peterson, ' 42 Berthoud, Colorado Mary Helen Pothast, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Miriam Price, ' 41 Grand Junction, Colorado Alice M. Randall, ' 41 . Glenwood Springs, Colorado Mary Elizabeth Ringwalt, ' 42 . Sterling, Colorado Yvonne Saliba, ' 41 Walsenburg, Colorado Florence Shelton, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Charlotte Smith, ' 43 . . . Valparaiso, Indiana Edith van de Steeg, ' 41 . Webster Groves, Missouri Jane Von Wedel, ' 43 . Oklahoma City, Oklahoma PLEDGES Elizabeth Best, ' 44 . . . Indianapolis, Indiana Betty Louise Carlson, ' 43 Fort Lupton, Colorado Maxine Davis, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Alice Hagny, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Melinda Johnson, ' 43 .... Chicago, Illinois Marilynn Kohl, ' 44 Anita, Iowa Dawn Logan, ' 43 . . . Donna McTaggart, ' 43 Evelyn Miller, ' 44 . . Marjorie Ostrander, ' 42 Margaret Richardson, ' 44 Marge L. Sickenberger, ' 42 Sarasota, Florida Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Manitou Springs, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. June Sparke, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Rosamond Sullivan, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Mary E. Variei, ' 42 . . Los Angeles, California Marjorie Vy est, ' 43 .... Palisade, Colorado Top row: Bassett, Bell, Best, Broinerd, Buckinghom Second row; Carlson, Copeland, Davis, Gibson, Gordon Third row: Gowdy, Hagny, Hair, Jaggers, Johnson Fourth row: Kohl, Koonce, Light, Logon, McHugh Fifth row: McLean, Nelson, Osborn, Ostrander, Pothast Sixth row: Price, Randall, Richardson, Ringwalt, Saliba Seventh row: Shelton, Sickenberger, Smith, Sparke, Sullivan Eighth row: Van de Steeg, Variei, West 263 • Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi boasts several claims to fame. Of all national sororities having chapters on the campus of the Univer- sity of Colorado, Alpha Delta is the oldest — 1851 it was. And then, the chapter house is the farthest Creek point down the hill, nearest to Timbertown and Tip-Top, chief points of interest for the thirsty. There may or may not be an advantage in this. Closing note: A D Pis are nice girls; ask them. Stellar chapter members include Erma Ruth Calloway, YWCA, Spur, Religious Interests Committee, and Youth Com- mittee Against War; and Betty Thomp- son, Rhythm Circus and one of the 1 940 COLORADAN beauty queens. • 264 OFFICERS BARBARA COFFIN BETTY THOMPSON ELAINE BLAIN President Vice-President Secretary GEORGIA BEAMER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER GRACE CRAVEN ACTIVES Martha Bartels, ' 42 .... Lyons, Colorado Georgia Beamer, ' 42 .... Golden, Colorado Elaine Blain, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Louise Burley, ' 42 Erma R. Callaway, ' 42 Barbara Coffin, ' 41 Beryl Davis, ' 42 . . Dorothy Davis, ' 43 . Genevieve Dergance, ' 43 Anabel Harrison, ' 42 Wilheimina Juchem, ' 42 Natalie Koehier, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Tulsa, Oklahoma Lake Forest, Illinois Pueblo, Colorado Denver, Colorado Eldon, Missouri Arvada, Colorado Durango, Colorado Marilyn Miller, ' 41 . . Colorado Springs, Colorado Margrett Mitchell, ' 42 . Towoac, Colorado Rita Ryan, ' 43 Berkeley, California Genevieve Skeen, ' 43 . Denver, Colorado Kathryn Tallant, ' 41 . . . Estes Park, Colorado Betty Thompson, ' 42 River Forest, Illinois Virginia Williams, ' 42 Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Barbara Black, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Lois Jean Brown, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Doris Carr, ' 43 Park Ridge, Illinois Barbara Jones, ' 44 Aline Luedke, ' 44 Harriet Miller, ' 43 . . Nancy Phillips, ' 44 Maryiou Siegfried, ' 42 Edith Sperry, ' 44 . . Gertrude Wictum, ' 43 Elizabeth, Colorado Oak Creek, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Denver, Colorado Palo Alto, California Colorado Springs, Colorado Denver, Colorado Top row; Bartels, Beamer, Block, Blain Second row: Brown, Colloway, Carr, Coffin Third row: Davis, Dergance, Harrison, Jones Fourth row: Juchem, Koehier, Luedke, H. Miller Fifth row: M. Miller, Mitchell, Phillips, Ryan Sixth row: Siegfried, Skeen, Sperry, Tallant Seventh row: Thompson, Wictum, Williams 265 • Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi ' s castle-like chapter house is one of the largest on the hill, and interesting for its unusual archi- tecture as well as for other reasons no less compelling. A second asset lies in the possession of a sector of Boulder ' s far-famed irrigation ditch, which runs through the front yard and lends another touch of the medieval to the AOPi-manor. The moat also forms an effective deterrent against would-be Saturday-night serenaders. Outstanding AOPi ' s include Leatha May Harris, ex-president of the Panhellenic council, President of McKenna Hall, and ex-president of the chapter; and Noreen Creenawalt, Spur, varsity de- bater, and president of Dialectica. • 266 OFFrCERS SHARLE THOMPSON President NOREEN CREENAWALT . . . Vice-President RUTH GLEISSNER Treasurer DOROTHY KEPPELER Secretary ACTrVES Millicent deBell, Crad. . . Coalinga, California Helen FrankI, 41 Algona, Iowa Ruth Gleissner, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Noreen Creenawalt, ' 42 ... El Paso, Texas Leatha M. Harris, ' 41 . Colorado Springs, Colorado Catherine Hecker, ' 41 . . . Sterling, Colorado Jane Hubbard, ' 42 .... Raton, New Mexico Adele Jones, ' 42 Eagle, Colorado Dorothy Keppeler, ' 43 .... Ewa, Hawaii Ginger McFadden, ' 41 . . . Omaha, Nebraska Dene Miller, ' 41 Greeley, Colorado Betty Lou Reynolds, ' 42 Raton, New Mexico Julie Southwell, ' 41 Frances Templeton, ' 43 Doris Thompson, ' 42 Sharle Thompson, ' 42 Rene Troy, ' 41 . . . Peggy Westerman, ' 42 Jeannette Wilkinson, ' 41 Raton, New Mexico Monterey, California Clencoe, Illinois Glencoe, Illinois Raton, New Mexico Bennett, Colorado Omaha, Nebraska Top row: Miss Maclntyre, Clark, Cox, Gleissner Second row: Greenowalt, Harris, Hubbard, Keppeler Third row: Nelson, Park-Hamilton, D. Thompson, J. Thompson Fourth row: S. Thompson, Troy, Westerman PLEDGES Christine Clark, ' 44 Menio Park, California Esther Cox, ' 44 El Paso, Texas Hellen Galley, ' 44 Nucia, Colorado Norinne Nelson, ' 44 . Lutsen, Minnesota Jean Park-Hamilton, ' 44 . Beverly Hills, California Joanne Thompson, ' 44 Glencoe, Illinois 267 • Alpha Phi The Alpha Phis live up Thirteenth street in a house said by the imaginative to resemble a medieval battlement. There are a lot of Phi interests in Life at C. U., one being a turn for the melodious. The Alpha Phi quartet has starred in two editions of the Rhythm Circus, is re- ported by those who know as one of the best such organizations in circulation. Pulchritude is also said to be rampant in the Phi chapter; also politics. Members of the sorority who have made numerals in activities include Jean Wig- ton, Spur, Hesperia, COLORADAN; Elaine Colvin, Spur, Hesperia, debate; and jean Mills, chairman of the Coed Counsellors, Spur, and Hesperia. 268 OFFICERS JEAN WICTON President NANCY EVANS Vice-President SALLY DICKINSON .- Secretary RACHEL BRITTELL ' . treasurer FACULTY MEMBER LEUTA PEKRUL ACTIVE MEMBERS Suzanne Haughey Allen, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Jane Austin, ' 42 Riverside, Illinois Rachel Brittell, ' 42 . . Marcia Clarke, ' 42 Margaret Ann Collins, ' 43 Elaine Colvin, ' 42 Sally Dickinson, ' 41 Betty Dimmitt, ' 42 . Jean Dudgeon, ' 41 Jane Eastman, ' 41 Nancy Evans, ' 41 Agnes Gibson, ' 43 Nancy Gierhart, ' 43 Marjorie Haggard, ' 43 Ruth Harris, ' 43 . . Eleanor Humphreys, ' 41 Marjorie Ingersoli, ' 41 Aiieen Jewell, ' 43 Annie Bobs Marshall, ' 4 Betty Martin, ' 43 Jean Mills, ' 42 . . Nancy Paslay, ' 42 . Betty Reese, ' 43 . . Betty Rodolf, ' 42 . . Betty Selby, ' 42 . . Ann Snair, ' 41 . . Helen Sowers, ' 42 Suzanne Stewart, ' 43 . Helen Tillard, ' 43 Brush, Colorado Jackson, Michigan Denver, Colorado Greeley, Colorado . Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Belvidere, Illinois Denver, Colorado Rocky Ford, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Oak Park, Illinois Oak Park, Illinois Raton, New Mexico Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Manitou Springs, Colorado Denver, Colorado Tulsa, Oklahoma North Platte, Nebraska Denver, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Salida, Colorado Douglas, Wyoming Jean Wigton, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Betty Young, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jacqueline Zeuch, ' 43 ... Chicago, Illinois PLEDGES Edith Bachman, ' 44 . . Frances Barnes, ' 44 . Marjorie Barnes, ' 43 . . Dorothy Blackburn, ' 44 . Betty Jane Davis, ' 43 . Frances De Beukelaer, ' 44 jane Coddard, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Rocky Ford, Colorado Omaha, Nebraska . Boulder, Colorado Hannibal, Missouri . Chicago, Illinois Grand Junction, Colorado Mary Gross, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Barbara Holmes, ' 43 Winifred Kilmurray, ' 44 Maxine Larsen, ' 44 Betti Lawrence, ' 44 Beulah McDougal, ' 43 Barbara Schomberg, ' 44 Ruth Stillson, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Raton, New Mexico Thermopolis, Wyoming Denver, Colorado Atwood, Kansas Evanston, Illinois Denver, Colorado Nancy Story, ' 44 Chicago, Illinois Frances White, ' 43 Casper, Wyoming Top row: Allen, Austin, Bachman, Barnes, Blackburn Second row: Brittell, Clarke, Collins, Colvin, Davis Third row: De Beukelaer, Dickinson, Dimmitt, Dudgeon, Eastman Fourth row: Evans, Gibson, Gierhart, Goddard, Gross Fifth row: Haggard, Hall, Harris, Humphreys, Ingersoli Sixth row: Jewell, Kilmurray, Larsen, Lawrence, McDougol Seventh row: Marshall, Martin, Mills, Paslay, Rorig Eighth row: Reese, Rodolf, Schomberg, Selby, Snoir Ninth row: Sowers, Stewart, Story, Tillard Tenth row: White, Wigton, Zeuch 269 • Chi Omega Chi Omega seems of late to have spe- cialized in floats, much to the disgust of hashers, whose duties in Greek letter houses include building such unwieldly objects. Three cups in as many contests are the Chi O ' s pride. Their graveyard house decoration in 1940 was respect- able, but on the morbid side, and is said (in highly reliable quarters) to have put the stymie for some time on Chi Omega social aspirations. - , Chi Omega has a lot of Big Women ; wit- ness Geraldine Serafini, Spur, Hesperia, AWS vaudeville chairman, and Rhythm Circus Dance Head; and Margaret Gard- ner chapter president and Mortar Board secretary. 270 OFFICERS MARGARET JEANNE GARDNER BETTY JANE ROST . . . . RUBYDONNA JOSEPH . . . MARIE FENN FACULTY MEMBER NORMA LE VEQUE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ACTIVES Patricia Barry, ' 41 ... . Cedar Rapids, Iowa June Beamer, ' 43 .... Boulder, Colorado Florence Bermbach, ' 42 . Denver, Colorado Betty Jo Bond, ' 41 .... Tulsa, Oklahoma Christy Lou Brainard, ' 41 Omaha, Nebraska Jane Cleland, ' 42 Delta, Colorado Marjorie Cornelius, ' 41 . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma Geraidine Edmondson, ' 42 . Akron, Colorado Marie Fenn, ' 42 Carson, Iowa Clare Funk, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Helen Funk, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Margaret Jeanne Gardner, ' 41 . Kimbrae, Minnesota Betty Anne Glassburn, ' 42 Craig, Colorado Gary Harris, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Rubydonna Joseph, ' 42 . Lamar, Colorado Betty Jo Lamb, ' 42 Brush, Colorado Lois Nelson, ' 41 . Schenectady, New York Bettie Oliver, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Rosemary Pardun, ' 42 Omaha, Nebraska Betty Jane Rost, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Geraidine Serafini, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Mary Margaret Shanahan, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Mary Elizabeth Shannon, ' 41 Abilene, Kansas Virginia Snyder, ' 42 . Salt Lake City, Utah Sally Stout, ' 42 .... Buena Vista, Colorado Margaret Wicks, ' 42 ... . Pueblo, Colorado PLEDGES Grace Chapman, ' 43 . Colorado Springs, Colorado Betty Criley, ' 43 . . . Georgetown, Colorado Norma Jean Dycus, ' 44 . Colorado Springs. Colorado Marian Farnan, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Esther Frank, ' 44 Dallas, Texas Saralie Furbeck, ' 44 . . . Glenn Ellyn, Illinois Virginia Harwood, ' 44 Colorado Springs, Colorado Denver, Colorado Plainview, Texas Sterling, Colorado Glencoe, Illinois Denver, Colorado Olita Lloyd, ' 44 Cincinnati, Ohio Betty Luethi, ' 44 Brush, Colorado Mildred Heiser, ' 44 Dorothy Jones, ' 42 Patricia Jordan, ' 44 . Barbara Kearney, ' 44 Louisa Lindow, ' 44 Peggy McColm, ' 44 Phyllis McConkie, ' 43 Patricia McKinney, ' 43 . Nancy Meyer, ' 44 Emma Jean Mullenix, ' 44 Charleen Mulvey, ' 43 Sally O ' Connell, ' 44 . . Dorothy Perkins, ' 44 . I la Mae Purcell, ' 44 Phoenix, Arizona Carroll, Iowa Spencer, Iowa Kansas City, Missouri Boulder, Colorado Pueblo, Colorado Homewood, Illinois Mitchell, Nebraska Eaton, Colorado Esme Sprod, ' 43 Meeker, Colorado Deane Walkup, ' 43 . . . Pipestone, Minnesota Ruth Williams, ' 43 ... . Lamar, Colorado Ruth Zimmerman, ' 44 . San Francisco, California Top row: Barry, Beamer, Bermbach, Bond, Brainard Second row: Cleland, Cornelius, Dycus, Edmondson, Farnan Third row: Fenn, Frank, C. Funk, H, Funk, Furbeck Fourth row: Gardner, Glassburn, Harris, Harwood, Heiser Fifth row: Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Kearney, Lamb Sixth row: Lloyd, Luethi, McColm, McConkie, McKinney Seventh row: Meyer, Mullenix, Mulvay, Nelson, O ' Connell Eighth row: Oliver, Pardun, Perkins, Purcell, Rost Ninth row: Serafini, Shannon, Snyder, Sprod, Stout Tenth row: Walkup, Wicks, Williams, Zimmerman 271 • Delta Delta Delta As any member of the chapter will tell you, Tri Delt possesses that mysterious quality, call it beauty or personality or what you will, that makes for popular- ity. Harboring within one year a Junior Prom queen, an Engine Ball queen, a Colorado U. Day queen, and a Freshman Prom princess, 1025 Fifteenth St. is in- deed becoming a regal dwelling. The proximity of Phi Cams and the per- sistence of Sig Alphs may have some- thing to do with it. In addition to the above-mentioned queens and princess, who are respec- tively Betty Nilsson, Marilyn Walker, Jewell Krier, and Than Weller, tri-Delta prides itself on Dorothy Riggs, chapter president, SILVER AND COLD society editor, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kap- pa; Edna Falk, ex-Window editor, ac- tress. Phi Beta Kappa, and Mortar Board; Betty Nilsson, AWS prexy and Mortar Board. • 272 OFFICERS DOROTHY Rices President MARILYN WALKER .... Vice-President KAY KEMPTON Secretary MARJORIE WOODARD Treasurer FACULTY MERBERS LYDIA L BROWN MABEL C. KANOUSE ACTIVES Jeanne Albert, ' 41 Eleanor Bowen, ' 41 Helen Pat Carrico, ' 43 Esther Devaion, ' 43 Adele Dostal, ' 41 . . . Fort Collins, Colorado Denver, Colorado Lamar, Colorado Denver, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Edna Falk, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado ' 41 Anna Louise Hansen Roberta Harper, ' 42 Catherine Ann Hasenauer Betty Johnson, ' 42 Barbara Johnston, ' 41 Carolyn Jones, ' 41 Virginia Kemler, ' 41 Katherine Kempton, ' 41 Rita Kohl, ' 41 . . . Jewel Krier, ' 42 Winifred Lake, ' 43 . . Ebolee LeVeque, ' 43 Marjorie Lurofka, ' 41 Dixie Mae McCarthy, Anne McGowan, ' 43 Corrine Miller, ' 41 Jean Miller, ' 43 . . Betty Nilsson, ' 41 Shirley Porter, ' 41 . . Dorothy Riggs, ' 41 Mary Kay Schneider, ' 42 Ruth Jane Scott, ' 43 . Katherine Scruby, ' 43 Peggy Sells, ' 41 . . . Phyllis Sells Betty Steik, ' 43 Constance Stoddard, ' 43 Marilyn Walker, ' 41 Janet Welty, ' 42 . . Leslie Wolf, ' 42 . . Marjorie Woodard, ' 42 Casper, Wyoming Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Cheyenne, Wyoming Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Marshalltown, Iowa Syracuse, New York Denver, Colorado Walsenburg, Colorado Denver, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Casper, Wyoming Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado St. Francis, Kansas Fort Morgan, Colorado Denver, Colorado Western Springs, Illinois Denver, Colorado Dallas, Te xas Denver, Colorado Longmont, Colorado Pleasantville, New York 43 Denver, Colorado 42 . . Upper Montclair, New Jersey 42 Craig, Colorado Kansas City, Missouri Berthoud, Colorado Piainfield, New Jersey Saguache, Colorado PLEDGES Betty Barbour, ' 44 .... Evanston, Illinois Mary Louise Barker, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Shirley Curtis, ' 44 .... Saguache, Colorado Judy Gates, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Barbara Graf, ' 44 .... Boulder, Colorado Penny Hall, ' 44 Trinidad, Colorado Mary Ann Hansen, ' 42 Marilyn Johnson, ' 44 Carol Krier, ' 44 Barbara McKune, ' 44 Helen Nelson, ' 44 Dorothy Lou Place, ' 44 Plainview, Texas Boulder, Colorado Walsenburg, Colorado Lakewood, Colorado Denver, Colorado Evanston, Illinois Jean Scogin, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Kathryn Steik, ' 44 . Upper Montclair, New Jersey Mildred Thayer, ' 44 . . Kansas City, Missouri Henrietta Thoesen, ' 44 . ' • ' ■. Boulder, Colorado Theta Ann Weller, ' 44 . . . Denver, Colorado Cora Mae Young, ' 44 . Fort Morgan, Colorado Top row: Albert, Barbour, Barker, Bowen, Carrico Second row: Curtis, Devaion, Dostal, Folk, Gates Third row: Graf, Hall, A. Hansen, M. A. Hansen, Harper Fourth row: Hasenauer, B. Johnson, M. Johnson, Johnston, Jones Fifth row: Kemler, Kempton, Kohl, C. Krier, J. Krier Sixth row: Lake, Lofquist, McCarthy, McGowan, McKune Seventh row: Miller, Nelson Nilsson, Place, Porter Eighth row: Riggs, Schneider, Scogin, Scott, Scruby Ninth row: E. Steik, K. Steik, Stoddord, Thayer, Thoesen Tenth row: Walker, Weller, Welty, Woodard, Yourg 273 • Delta Gamma Delta Gamma began the year with a newly decorated living room and a third win in succession for the usual cold-blue Homecoming decorations. There are believed to be at least a dozen Delt pins in t he house, although the Betas are gaining fast; latest figures were not available at the time of publication. Delta Gamma has also accomplished noteworthy feats in the field of music, monopolizing the Rhythm Circus with a host of stars and starring in the Song- fest. It is also said to have a profes- sional trio. D. G. leaders include Virginia Button, prexy of Mortar Board; Kay Wright, chapter prexy, ex-ASUC commissioner, and assistant editor of the COLO- RADAN; and Sara Flanders, one of the two Creek ticket candidates elected to the ASUC, and newly chosen president of Panhellenic. MM • 274 lf S»S» . - «•- •. OFFICERS KATHERINE WRIGHT President HELEN NIETHAMMER . . . Vice-President ELIZABETH BOWIE Secretary VIRGINIA BUTTON Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS HENRY ETTA REYNOLDS KATHERINE M. RUSSELL ACTIVES Ann Abel, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Marjorie Allen, ' 43 .... Akron, Colorado Mozelle Amonette, ' 42 . . Denver, Colorado Jane Bein, ' 43 Berthoud, Colorado Priscilla Bosin, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado Elizabeth Bowie, ' 41 ... . Bowie, Colorado Beverly Brokaw, ' 43 . Pasadena, California Betty Bryant, ' 41 . Hastings, Nebraska Virginia Button, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Shirley Chartier, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Mary Louise Conway, ' 42 . Las Vegas, N. M. Marian Corson, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Phyllis Davis, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jane Donnen, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Dorotha Emery, ' 41 . . Scottsbluff, Nebraska Mary Ellen Engel, ' 41 . . St. Joseph, Missouri Vaughn Enslin, ' 42 Sappington, Missouri Marjorie Erickson, ' 43 . . . Denver, Colorado Sara Flanders, ' 43 .... Longmont, Colorado Jayne Frankland, ' 41 ... Winnetka, Illinois Betty Lee Greenawalt, ' 42 . Sterling, Colorado Helen Henderson, ' 41 ... Denver, Colorado Dorothy Huntington, ' 42 . Boulder, Colorado Virginia Jolley, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Suzann Kindall, ' 41 ... Oakland, California Phyllis Lambeth, ' 41 Grand Junction, Colorado Margaret Leary, ' 42 .... Boulder, Colorado Vivian Lindsay, ' 43 .... Sterling, Colorado Patricia Marshall, ' 41 ... Denver, Colorado Margaret McClanahan, ' 41 . . Boulder, Colorado Barbara McNerney, ' 43 . . . Des Moines, Iowa Betty Lou Miller, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Helen Niethammer, ' 41 Casper, Wyoming Jeanne Pederson, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Patricia Phillips, ' 43 . . . Des Moines, Iowa Josephine Rathje, ' 43 .... Chicago, Illinois Virginia Stover, ' 43 ... . Boulder, Colorado Margaret Wingate, ' 42 . . . Amarillo, Texas Betty Wise, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Katherine Wright, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Marianne Aldendifer, ' 42 Lincoln, Illinois Mary Beach, ' 42 Ecu Claire, Wisconsin Elaine Blomgren, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Ruth Bowie, ' 44 Bowie, Colorado Jean Brown, ' 42 Sterling, Illinois Genevieve Dunn, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Beverly Eppinger, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Margaret Harbaugh, ' 41 Phillipsburg, Kansas Jo Anne Hastings, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Emma Jean Hinley, ' 43 Ogden, Utah Gertrude Hochboum, ' 44 Washington, D. C. Barbara Hubbard, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Elaine Kelleam, ' 43 Amarillo, Texas Mary Jo Lomas, ' 42 Red Oak, Iowa Margaret Ann MacKenzie, ' 44 .... Des Moines, Iowa Shirley Morrison, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Dorothy Ostenberg, ' 43 Scottsbluff, Nebraska Paula Quornberg, ' 43 .... Rapid City, South Dakota Louise Reed, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Elaine Reese, ' 43 Des Moines, Iowa Anne Reilly, ' 42 Baytown, Texas Patricia Stone, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Mary Jane Swedlund, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Charlotte Windle, ' 42 Falls City, Nebraska IPSiP t Top row: Aldendifer, Allen, Amonette, Beach, Bein, Blomgren Second row: E. Bowie, R. Bowie, Brown, Brokaw, Bryant, Button Third row: Chartier, Corson, Davis, Donnen, Dunn, Emery Fourth row: Enslin, Eppinger, Erickson, Flanders, Frankland, Greenawalt Fifth row: Harbaugh, Hastings, Henderson, Hinley, Hochboum, Hubbard Sixth row: Jolley, Kelleam, Kindall, Lambeth, Leory, Lindsay Seventh row: Lomas, McClanahan, McNerney, MacKenzie, Marshall, Miller Eighth row: Morrison, Niethammer, Pederson, Phillips, Quornberg, Reed Ninth row: Reese, Reilly, Stone, Stover, Swedlund, Windle Tenth row: Wingate, Wise, Wright 275 • Kappa Alpha Theta i ' i?;;:;?»lrle3Wt B.i-ii«v 51 ' - " ;-iSSK9H»i5e s ■ t RjS !:ffif ug ' -;..;:Kt ' -av-ssatgaBBa»Eaati Kappa Alpha Theta became party to the deal of the year when they finally came out from behind their shrubbery and traded houses with the ATO ' s. Motives for the swap are slightly on the obscure side, but it is certain that the Thetas have at last moved to a house where they have to draw their shades like other law-abiding citizens. Whether or not they can bear being thus subjected to the public gaze remains to be seen, but it is rumored that the new house is temporary only. Among the prominent wearers of the kite are Jean Cillett, Alpha Epsilon Delta, lota Sigma Pi, Spur, and Hes- peria; Jean Amis, YWCA and Rhythm Circus, and 1940 COLORADAN beauty queen; and Charlotte Griggs, Theta president and ASUC commissioner. • 276 OFFICERS CHARLOTTE GRIGGS President JEAN GILLETT Vice-President EMILY JANE FRITCH Treasurer LEI NAD LIEN Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS Frances Armstrong, ' 42 Topeka, Kansas Margaret Beard, ' 41 . . Kansas City, Missouri Shiriie Buester, ' 43 .... Boulder, Colorado Betty Burke, ' 43 Craig, Colorado Patricia Cameron, ' 42 Evanston, Illinois Dorothy Jean Glaus, ' 41 . Sioux Falls, South Dakota Helen Jean Clements, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Caroline Cogdell, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Gwendolyn Crosswhite, ' 43 . . Sterling, Colorado Mary Dellinger, ' 43 Dallas, Texas Virginia Essig, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Gretchen Etter, ' 41 ... . Loveland, Colorado Emily Jane Fritch, ' 41 . Colorado Springs, Colorado Jean Gillett, ' 41 ... . Kansas City, Missouri Charlotte Griggs, ' 41 ... . Davenport, Iowa Betty Hamm, ' 41 . . . . . Denver, Colorado Virginia Harrison, ' 42 . . Buford, Colorado Jayne Kelso, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Marion La Torra, ' 42 . . . . Boulder, Colorado Leinad Lien, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Sue McCamant, ' 41 El Paso, Texas Rosemary Miller, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Josephine Pace, ' 42 ... . Riverside, Illinois Beverly Rodewald, ' 43 . . . Brighton, Colorado Betty Jane Stabler, ' 41 . . Long Beach, California Nancy Stone, ' 42 Fort Scott, Kansas Margaret Ann Stryker, ' 42 . . Boulder, Colorado Patricia Sweet, ' 43 Topeka, Kansas Joan Turner, ' 43 ... . Canon City, Colorado Cecilia Vandewart, ' 43 . . Roswell, New Mexico Genevieve Yoder, ' 42 Roswell, New Mexico PLEDGES Patsy Armstrong, ' 44 . Berkeley, California Elisabeth Carter, ' 42 Monte Vista, Colorado Emma Joe Clark, ' 42 . . Kansas City, Missouri Barbara Denckia, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Pauline Garden, ' 43 . . . Hutchinson, Kansas Eva Jeanne Gorsuch, ' 42 .... Leoti, Kansas Jane Hill, ' 44 . . . Newtonville, Massachusetts Barbara Anne Johnson, ' 44 . Denver, Colorado Phyllis Jones, ' 44 . . . Long Beach, California Mary Ruth Leekley, ' 44 . . Milwaukee, Vv ' isconsin Marietta Kelso, ' 44 ... . Boulder, Colorado Nancy Loynachan, ' 44 . . . Evanston, Illinois Barbara McCormick, ' 44 Topeka, Kansas Mary McDougall, ' 43 . . . Longmont, Colorado Jeanne Miesse, ' 44 ... . Mattoon, Illinois June Norfleet, ' 44 ... . Boulder, Colorado Alice Pearson, ' 44 Evanston, Illinois Priscilla Rodman, ' 44 . . . . Denver, Colorado Emmy Lou Ross, ' 44 ... . Wichita, Kansas Patricia Shanley, ' 44 . . Long Beach, California Virginia Skeen, ' 43 . . Colorado Springs, Colorado Eleanor Louise Thomas, ' 44 . Canon City, Colorado Mildred White, ' 42 ... . Kewanee, Illinois Top row: Amis, Armstrong, Beard, Buester, Burke i Second row: Cameron, Carter, Clark, Claus, Clements Third row: Cogdell, Crosswhite, Dellinger, Denckia, Etter Fourth row: Fritch, Garden, Gillett, Gorsuch, Griggs Fifth row: Homm, Harrison, Hill, Johnson, Jones Sixth row: J. Kelso, M. Kelso, Leekley, Lien, Loynachan Seventh row: McCamant, McCormick, McDougall, Miesse, Miller Eighth row: Norfleet, Pace, Pearson, Rodewald, Rodman Ninth row: Ross, Shanley, Skeen, Stabler, Stone Tenth row: Stryker, Sweet, Turner, Vandewart, Von Slyck Eleventh row: White, Yoder 277 • Kappa Kappa vjamma Kappas live in a cold colonial mansion, take life easy in Creenman ' s and at wed- dings; the latter seem to be a Kappa failing since the present senior class has been greatly depleted by trips to the altar. Friendly rivalry, so we hear, exists between sedate Pi Phis and Kap- pas. Newest Kappa project is an attempt to warm up the reception room. Famil- iar are Puffer ' s cigarettes and raccoon coats; also numerous budding brain- trusts. Among those who get around with the stellar lights are Lucky Knowles, associate chairman for YWCA, AWS bigwig, and Mortar Board; Alma Mae Craves, prexy of YWCA and Mortar Board; and Peggy Chase and Frances Ludlow, assistant editors of the COLO- RADAN. • 278 OFFICERS YVONNE NORTHCUTT President JEAN INCWERSEN Secretary ELOISE FERRIS Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DOROTHY MARTIN IRENE McKEEHAN ACTIVES Betty Lou Austin, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Sally Barber, ' 43 Brighton, Colorado Barbara Bartels, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Margery Bell, ' 43 . . Colorado Springs, Colorado Peggy Chase, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Betty Ann Christy, ' 43 . . Denver, Colorado Barbara Clatworthy, ' 43 . . Estes Park, Colorado Patricia Daniels, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Jane Dyde, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Bettie Eckhardt, ' 41 . . . . Boulder, Colorado Betty Fenn, ' 43 Chicago, Illinois Anne Ferril, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Eloise Ferris, ' 42 . . Upper Montclair, New Jersey Margaret Mae Floyd, ' 42 . . Trinidad, Colorado Alma Mae Graves, ' 42 Grand Junction, Colorado Beatrice Hickey, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jean Ingwersen, ' 41 .... Denver, Colorado Betty Irey, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Mary Keely, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Lucky Knowles, ' 41 . . Colorado Springs, Colorado Ida Frances Ludlow, ' 42 . . Longmont, Colorado Jeanne Lyford, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Catherine Lynch, ' 42 .... Omaha, Nebraska Katherine Manning, ' 41 . Los Angeles, California Joan Martin, ' 41 Monmouth, Illinois Eileen McBride, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Marie McGovern, ' 42 .... Pueblo, Colorado Yvonne Northcutt, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Evva Belle Peabody, ' 42 . . . Denver, Colorado Betty Jane Peck, ' 43 . . . .St. Francis, Kansas Betty Piatt, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Barbara Puffer, ' 41 . . Colorado Springs, Colorado Dorothy Jane Reed, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Suzanne Ritter, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Barbara Storer, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado Margaret Ann Sullivan, ' 41 . . Casper, Wyoming Dorothy Toepelman, ' 43 . . . Boulder, Colorado Betty Van VIeet, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Marcia Warner, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Mary Ellen Winn, ' 43 . Boulder, Colorado PLEDGES Barbara Bennett, ' 44 Memphis, Tennessee Betty Cunningham, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Ida Dexter, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Lucia Evans, ' 42 Normal, Illinois Kothryn Freed, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Margie Hickey, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Patricia Hill, ' 44 San Marino, California Edith Ireland, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Frances Langdon, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Elizabeth Likes, ' 42 Lamar, Colorado Peggy Moynihan, ' 43 Montrose, Colorado Zee Newman, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Kathryn Peabody, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Virginia Platts, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Thonet Schureman, ' 44 Fort Collins, Colorado Zinette Spore, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Amy Stearns, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Natalie Storer, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Kate Taylor, ' 43 Columbus, Nebraska Dorothy Thurmon, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Top row: Austin, Barber, Bartels, Bell, Bennett Second row: Chase, Christy, Clatworthy, Cunningham, Daniels • ' Third row: Dexter, Dyde, Eckhardt, Evans, Ferril _ ■ Fourth row: Ferris, Floyd, Freed, Graves, B, Hickey Fifth row: M. Hickey, Hill, Ireland, Keely, Knowles Sixth row: Langdon, Likes, Ludlow, Lyford, Manning Seventh row: Martin, Moynihan, Newman, E. Peabody, K. Peabody Eighth row: Platts, Reed, Ri tter, Schureman, Spore Ninth row: Stearns, B. Storer, N. Storer, Sullivan, Taylor Tenth row: Thurman, Toepelman, Van VIeet, Warner, Winn 279 • Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi occupies an enviable posi- tion with unlimited advantages in that it possesses the house nearest Flagstaff Mountain, well-known Boulder amuse- ment park. This convenient feature is somewhat balanced by the fact that the wearers of the arrow are also the near- est of all Greeks to a church. Thus Sat- urday night and Sunday morning are taken care of with no need of venturing far from the fraternal doorstep. If only the campus were a little nearer . . . The Pi Phis boast famed sisters in Jo Anne Divisek, secretary of the school of business and advertising manager of the SILVER AND COLD; Elise Schulte, Mortar Board; Caroline Prouty, t reas- urer of the chapter and of the AWS; Betty Hutchinson, president of Pan- hellenic; and Betty McClellan, assistant editor of the COLORADAN. h% 280 OFFICERS MARY ELLEN BALL President JO ANNE DIVISEK Vice-President BETTY JANE SMITH Secretary CAROLINE WHITMAN Treasurer FACULTY REBECCA W. VAILLE IDA L. SWAYNE MEMBERS Helen Alford, ' 43 . Fort Collins, Colorado Elizabeth Allen, ' 42 . . North Platte, Nebraska Jean Anderson, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Mary Ellen Bail, ' 41 ... Loveland, Colorado Coranell Barrett, ' 42 .... Boulder, Colorado Marian Bartram, ' 43 .... Tulsa, Oklahoma Virginia Bradt, ' 43 .... Evanston, Illinois Prisciila Brayton, ' 41 Boston, Massachusetts Janet Carrington, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Corabelle Chadbourne, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Helen Counter, ' 42 .... Brighton, Colorado Shirley Cunningham, ' 43 Houston, Texas Adele Custance, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jo Anne Divisek, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Zonna Douglass, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado Joan Drinkwater, ' 43 . . Pasadena, California Gladys Egan, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Margaret Fickel, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Sally Fleming, ' 42 Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland Esther Green, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Charlotte Gustavson, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Betty Love Hawes, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Betty Hutchinson, ' 41 . . . Boulder, Colorado Georgene lies, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jean Ellen Jens, ' 41 ... . Wheaton, Illinois Marguerite Kellerman, ' 43 Honolulu, Hawaii Dorothy jean Lavington, ' 42 . . Denver, Colorado Lorraine Lavington, ' 41 . . Denver, Colorado Catherine Linck, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Betty McClellan, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jane Ellen McConley, ' 42 Sterling, Colorado Catherine Preston, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Caroline Prouty, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Maryanna Quaintance, ' 42 . Golden, Colorado Martha Quigley, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Helen Rae Rutledge, ' 42 . . . Denver, Colorado Betty Jane Smith, ' 41 . . . . Denver, Colorado Dorothy Smith, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Nancy Snyder, ' 42 .... Manhattan, Kansas Garnet Swearns, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Leona Ruth Temple, ' 42 . . . Denver, Colorado Helen Thompson, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Caroline Whitman, ' 41 . . Leadville, Colorado Betty Wigton, ' 43 ... . Boulder, Colorado Louise Wigton, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado PLEDGES Barbara Brackenberry, ' 44 .... Fort Collins, Colorado Zelto Burrows, ' 44 Los Angeles, California Sue Carlson, ' 44 Aurora, Illinois Kathleen Colter, ' 42 Springville, Arizona Joan Fitzgerald, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Virginia Gillis, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Beverly Hover, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Elaine Littell, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Jean McCauley, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Jane Middlemist, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Laura Naugle, ' 44 Sterling, Colorado Ann Nowell, ' 44 Evanston, Illinois Barbara Owen, ' 44 Arvada, Colorado Kathrine Pool, ' 44 Evanston, Illinois Martha Streamer, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Marion Wheldon, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Lucretio Wilson, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Top row: Alford, Allen, Boll, Barrett, Bartram Second row: Brockenbury, Bradt, Brayton, Burrows, Carlson Third row: Carrington, Chadbourne, Cunningham, Custance, Divisek Fourth row: Douglass, Drinkwater, Fickel, Fitzgerald, Fleming Fifth row: Gillis, Green, Gustavson, Howes, Hover Sixth row: Hutchinson, lies, Jens, Kellerman, D. Lavington Seventh row: L. Lavington, Linck, Littell, McCauley, McClellan Eighth row: Middlemist, Naugle, Nowell, Owen, Pool Ninth row: Preston, Prouty, Quaintance, Quigley, Rutledge Tenth row: Smith, Snyder, Streamer, Swearns, Temple Eleventh row: Thompson, Whitman, Wiqton, Wilson 281 • Panhellenic Panhellenic Council, the official govsrnin-; body for Creek women, is composed of the president and rush captain of each of the eleven sororities, with Dean Lydia Brown serving as faculty adviser. The council meets once every two weeks to dis- cuss problems relevant to the sorority system, such as deferred pledging, the repledging of broken pledges, and the infraction of rushing rules. The organization provides common ground for the formulation of Creek policies among the women of the campus, and for a closer co-operation be- tween sororities and the University. Specifically, the council this year promoted con- viviality among sorority women through a Pan- hellenic tea, aided the Red Cross, and formulated rules regulating rushing in Denver. OFFICERS BETTY HUTCHINSON President KAY WRICHT Vice-President BONNIE NORTHCUTT Secretary MARCARET CARDNER Treasurer MEMBERS Presidents DOROTHY RICCS JEAN WICTON CHARLOTTE CRICCS TYBE SOLOMON BARBARA COFFIN SHARLE THOMPSON ALICE MAY RANDALL MARCARET CARDNER BONNIE NORTHCUTT KAY WRICHT MARY ELLEN BALL Rush Captains DIXIE McCarthy ELAINE COLVIN )EAN AMIS ADREA ROBBINS VIRCINIA WILLIAMS MARYANNA BELL )ANE HUBBARD LOIS NELSON EILEEN McBRIDE BETTY LOU MILLER BETTY McCLELLAN Standing: Dorothy Levine, Tybe Solomon, Jane Hubbard, Virginia Essig, Betty Hutchinson, Barbara Coffin, Dorothy Riggs, Alice May Randall, Maryanna Bell, Jeanne Pederson Sitting: Anne McGowan, Betty Lou Miller, Betty McClellan, Mary Ellen Ball, Jean Wigton, Dean Lydia L. Brown, Rita Ryan, Eileen McBride, Bonnie Northcutt, Aileen Jewell, Margaret Gardner, Sharle Thompson 282 Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council comprises the repre- sentatives of the nineteen Colorado fraternities. In general, this body discusses those problems which arise from fraternity activities; in particular, rush- ing rules are set forth, intramurals regulated, activi- ties rated, awards given for activities and athletics, and scholarship funds established. The council this year voted a tuition scholarship to be awarded to one Colorado high school graduate, moved the traditional Spring quarter inter-frater- nity dance to Winter quarter, and further showed its reforming zeal by revising the activity point system. Eric N. Rackham, Assistant Dean of Men, served as secretary of the council for the first time this year, taking the place of Dean of Men, Harry Carlson. Both Inter-Fraternity Council and Panhellenic are represented in the A. S. U. C. by one representative each. OFFICERS JOHN GRAVESTOCK President HAROLD COOK Vice-President ERIC N. RACKHAM . . . Secretary-Treasurer Acacia JESSE WILSON Alpha Sigma Phi WAYNE FULLER Alpha Tau Omega . . . WILLIAM CONKLING BetaThetaPi JAMES PHI LPOTT Chi Psi RICHARD NILSSON Delta Sigma Phi WILLIAM NIES Delta Tau Delta JOHN RICH Kappa Sigma BERT BASS Phi Delta Theta JOHN FORNEY Phi Gamma Delta SAM HOOVER Phi Kappa Psi PAUL DUKES Phi Kappa Tau . . . . JOHN GRAVESTOCK Phi Sigma Delta HAROLD COOK Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT BRYANT Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . HARRY YOUNGKIN Sigma Chi . . . . . . . EVERETT SEARS Sigma Nu NORMAN JENSEN Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . WARREN HENRI KSON Theta Xi FRANK PROUT Top row: Rich, Nies, Fuller, Grabow, J. Combs, Wilson, Hoover, Dukes Second row: Conkling, Sears, Condon, Philpott, Prout, Youngclous, Jensen, Bass Seated: Cook, Grovestock, Rackham 283 • A cacia Acacia has a new house, a new house- mother, a dachshund, and a high scho- lastic average. The house was com- pleted last year, and is the first on the hill to go completely modernistic. The housemother is said to be quite a globe trotter. The dachshund, carefully wrapped between two loaves of bread, won a prize at the C. U. Day dog show. The scholastic average, unbroken for countless quarters, is the Chapter ' s pride and the envy of many rivals. Important Acacias include Edward Meikel, Alpha Chi Sigma ; Bob York and Bob Noble, Kappa Kappa Psi; Herman Bergman, Beta Alpha Psi ; Willard Rusk, Phi Alpha Delta; and Eugene Light, Pi Mu Epsilon and COLORADO ENGI- NEER. • 284 OFFICERS JESSE A. WILSON President RALPH W. COOKE Vice-President EDWARD J. MEIKEL Secretary R. HERMAN BERGMAN Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS WILLIAM R. ARTHUR HAMILTON I. BARNARD JOHNS S. BOUSLOC RALPH W. DANIELSON PAUL M. DEAN Ml LOG. DERHAM RODERICK L, DOWNING FRED G. DRUMMOND CLARENCE L. ECKEL ALEXANDER GRANT WILLIAM L. HULL HORACE A. JONES ROBERT C. LEWIS HUGH E. McMILLEN EDWARD R. MUGRAGE NORMAN A. PARKER CHARLES F. POE WILLIAM H. THOMAN CHARLES A. WAGNER HOMER C. WASHBURN RICHARD W. WHITEHEAD NORMAN WITT ACTIVES R. Herman Bergma n, ' 42 Red Cliff, Colorado Richard L. Boyd, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado Ralph W. Cooke, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Herbert M. Coulson, ' 41 . . Tulsa, Oklahoma J. Daniel Davidson, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado William J. Hanna, ' 43 Berthoud, Colorado John F. Lewis, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Roy B. Lewis, ' 41 Denver, Colorado E. Eugene Light, ' 42 Idaho Springs, Colorado Edward J. Meikel, ' 41 ... . Kersey, Colorado Robert F. Noble, ' 42 Longmont, Colorado Carroll R. Pusard, ' 43 . . Englewood, Colorado David F. Rusk, ' 43 Amarillo, Texas Arthur P. Valiton, ' 42 . . . . Twin Falls, Idaho J. Gilbert Walker, ' 43 . . Englewood, Colorado Jesse A. Wilson, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado William A. Wilson. ' 42 . . . Salida, Colorado Robert W. York, ' 42 Boise, Idaho PLEDGES William A. Blakey, ' 43 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Joseph M. Choun, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Donald W. Harder, ' 42 . . . Twin Falls, Idaho Richard C. Harder, ' 42 . Twin Falls, Idaho James M. Hurley, ' 44 . Alamosa, Colorado J. Earl Lake, ' 43 .... Englewood, Colorado Elbert D. McNeil, ' 44 ... . Satanta, Kansas WillardW. Rusk, ' 42 .... Amarillo, Texas William 5. Wright, ' 44 . . . Denver, Colorado C Top row: Bergman, Blakey, Boyd, Choun Second row: Cooke, Coulson, Davidson, Hanna Third row: D. Harder, R. Harder, Lake, J. Lewis Fourth row: R. Lewis, Light, McNeil, Meikel Fifth row: Rusk, Valiton, J. Wilson, W. Wilson Sixth row: Wright, York 285 • Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi has shown the Univer- sity ' s greatest wanderlust, occupying three houses in as many years. That it will soon settle down to a nice, quiet domestic life is the hope of many a re- former who sees in such migrations evidence of the breakdown of home I ife. All Alpha Sig time, however, has not been occupied in moving. They finished runners-up for the inter-fraternity ac- tivity trophy last year, and this year managed to beat out studious Acacia for a fall-quarter first scholastically. Big-wigs among the Alpha Sigs are Packy Romans, baseball, Ski Club, Homecoming committee. Phi Delta Kappa; Lloyd Tinker, football manager Joe McQuaid, COLORADO ENGINEER Earl Harter, COLORADO ENGINEER Wayne Fuller, Phi Delta Kappa. • 286 ♦ OFFICERS WAYNE FULLER President ERNEST ROMANS Vice-President CHARLES JOHNSON Secretary EARL HARTER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS WILLIAM S. BERNARD RODERICK L DOWNING FRANK A. EASTOM CLARENCE L ECKEL H. W. KENDRICK ZELL F. MABEE W. F. MALLORY WARREN RAEDER ELVIN C. SAYRE Top row: Fuller, Harter, Homan, Romans Second row: Schcefer, Tinker , ACTIVE MEMBERS Fred Douglas, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Wayne Fuller, ' 41 ... Henderson, Colorado Earl Harter, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Charles Johnson, ' 41 ... . Casper, Wyoming Henry Johnson, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado Joseph McQuaid, ' 41 . . . . Denver, Colorado Stanley Perry, ' 41 ... . Brighton, Colorado Ernest Romans, ' 41 ... Louisville, Colorado Ezra Schaefer, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Lee Homan, ' 43 Brighton, Colorado Byron McDonald, ' 42 .... Pueblo, Colorado Lloyd Tinker, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado 287 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega this year moved into the hermitage abandoned by the Thetas, who abdicated to the ATO corner resi- dence. Both seem entirely satisfied — one with new-found freedom, and the other with the opportunities for a re- turn to nature offered by the forest primeval. ATO has a radio station, from which plaintive melodies may be heard feebly emerging almost any night; the group also has a reputation for bizarre election bets. Well-known ATO ' s are Mark Huss, var- sity debater; Jack Bartram, associate editor of SI LVER AND COLD and mem- ber of Rhythm Circus Board; Walter Appel. SILVER AND COLD reporter. n • 288 OFFICERS BILL CONKLINC President WALTER APPEL Vice-President HAROLD HOFFMAN Secretary ED RITCHER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEWEY SAMPLE WILLIAM D. FISHER ACTIVES Walter Appel, ' 43 ... . Denver, Colorado Jack Bartram, ' 41 Tulsa, Oklahoma Don Clark, ' 41 ... . Birmingham, Michigan Joseph Clutter, ' 42 ... . Pueblo, Colorado Bill Conkling, ' 41 Casper, Wyoming Joseph Crum, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado Bill Curtis, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Charles Ford, ' 42 ..... . Carlisle, Iowa John Hester, ' 41 Washington, D. C. Harold Hoffman, ' 42 ... . Pueblo, Colorado MarkHuss. ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Ford Kennedy, ' 41 .... Boulder, Colorado Walter Mack, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado James O ' Hara, ' 41 . . Deadwood, South Dakota Bert Prince, ' 41 . . . . Espanola, New Mexico Dale Rector, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Howard Reddish, ' 42 . . . Orpan, South Dakota Edmond Ritcher, ' 42 ... . Pueblo, Colorado Howard Rossman, ' 41 ... Denver, Colorado Ralph Sherman, ' 41 ... . Alamosa, Colorado Maurice Shields, ' 42 . . Montevideo, Uruguay Bill Slickerman, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado BobTowse, ' 41 Mitchell, Nebraska George Von Gundy, ' 42 . . . Pueblo, Colorado John Wiley, ' 41 .... Del Norte, Colorado Curtis Wise, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado Tim Wilkinson, ' 43 ... . Denver, Colorado PLEDGES James Barber, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Tony Crum, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Roy Edwards, ' 43 Laurel, Montana Gene Gibbens, ' 43 . . Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Morris James, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Jack Knox, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Howard Mann, ' 43 . . . Fort Morgan, Colorado George Marshall, ' 43 ... . Pueblo, Colorado Clayton Musick, ' 43 ... . Denver, Colorado Al Reeves, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Archie Roach, ' 43 ... . St. Francis, Kansas Bill Tappan, " 44 Pueblo, Colorado Westal Wallace, ' 44 ... . Denver, Colorado Bob Wilkinson, ' 44 ... . Denver, Colorado Joe Wright, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado ei " H " % Top row: Mrs. Hart, Appel, Barber, Bartram Second row: Clark, Clutter, Conkling, Crum " Third row: Curtis, Durham, Edwards, Gibbens Fourth row: Hoffman, Huss, James, Knox Fifth row: Marshall, O ' Hara, Rector, Reddish Sixth row: Ritcher, Roach, Sherman, Shields Seventh row: Slickerman, Towse, Von Gundy, Wallace Eighth row: R. Wilkinson, T. Wilkinson, Wright 289 • Beta Theta Pi xeamsmsmEsm ii - ' iis ' -? " ' ' mfimsX ' iK-. Beta Theta Pi is famous for any number of things — for producing winning intra- mural teams, for a row of whistlers which inspire many a coed to make tracks toward home away from 1 1 ] 1 Broadway, for loving tulips, and for haunting Dean Carlson ' s office. Betas are paradoxically the " gentlemen " of the campus who raise hell in general. They are often associated with Delta Gammas, more often with Kappas. Fa- miliar are the Greeley " Success Boys, " the East High Joes, and Manual Hermits. Prominent Betas are Charlie Watts, prexy of Business School and two-time business manager of the SILVER AND GOLD; Bill Jovanovich, Phi Beta Kappa, Editor of the COLORADAN, and mem- ber of Heart and Dagger; Bob Edmund- son, track, associate editor of the COLO- RADAN. • 290 OFFICERS JAMES PHILPOTT President THOMAS TEN EYCK .... Vice-President JACK HiPPS Secretary WILLIAM PAYNTER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERT STEARNS FRANK H. WOLCOTT DONALD GRAHAM LEO ASPINWALL , FREDRIC STORKE m ' 1| i ACTIVES John T. Allen, ' 42 Denver, Colorodo Gerald Ashby, MI Denver, Colorado Walter Bliss, ' 43 Greeley, Colorado Richard Bridenbaugh, ' 42 Billings, Montana Donald Brotzman, ' 43 Merino, Colorado Thomas Cooper, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Richard Counley, ' 41 Sterling, Colorado Louis Cunningham, ' 42 Colorado Springs, Colorado Wayne Curlee, ' 42 Sterling, Colorado James Deffke, ' 41 Eaton, Colorado Dave Dixon, ' 43 New Orleans, Louisiana Richord Dudgeon, ' 43 Denver, Colorado George Eckhardt, ' 41 . .Boulder, Colorado Robert Edmundson, ' 41 Greeley, Colorado William Edmundson, ' 42 Greeley, Colorado Karl Farr, ' 43 Greeley, Colorado Robert Fenner, ' 43 Evonston, Illinois William Griffith, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Reed Honnon, ' 43 Denver, Colorado William Heath, ' 42 Webster Groves, Missouri Edward Heft, ' 41 Oak Pork, Illinois Jack C. Hipps, ' 42 Lovelond, Colorado William Jovanovich, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Robert Knowles, ' 43 Sterling, Colorado Jock Londen, ' 43 Omaha, Nebraska John T. Liggett, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado William Light, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Alvin List, ' 42 Schenectady, New York Lawrence Mack, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Stewart McCullom, ' 41 Ardmore, Oklahoma Edward Mele, ' 42 Brooklyn, New York Leonard Morrison, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Jack Moyers, ' 42 Denver, Colorodo William Naugle, Law Sterling, Colorado Jock O ' Ryon, ' 43 Denver, Colorado William Paddock, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado William Paynter, ' 42 Brush, Colorado William Peyton, Low Fort Morgan, Colorado James Philpott, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Walter Plettner, ' 41 Denver, Colorado William Schulte, ' 43 Denver, Colorado William Secor, ' 43 Longmont, Colorado James Summer, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Ira Tanner, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Thomas Ten Eyck, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Sam Thompson, Low Cheyenne, Wyoming Arthur Underwood, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Bruce Van Druff, ' 42 Council Bluffs, Iowa Thad Walker, ' 41 Casper, Wyoming Richard Warren, ' 41 Grand Junction, Colorado Charles Watts, ' 41 La Salle, Colorado Richard Weber, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Olwin Woodbury, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Richard Wright, Law Rawlins, Wyoming PLEDGES James Aspinwoll, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Jack Berry, ' 44 Fort Smith, Arkansas Frederick Bucholz, ' 44 Omaha, Nebraska James Burger, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Harold Carver, ' 43 Loveland, Colorado Autrey Croke, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Daune DeKalb, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Thomas Doar, ' 44 New Richmond, Wisconsin Robert Doll. ' 42 Boufder, Colorado Steve Everist, ' 44 Sioux City, Iowa Frank Gardiner, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Hugh Gardner, ' 43 River Forest, Illinois Jock Griffith, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Louis Hart, ' 44 Greeley, Colorado Bruce Holmes, ' 44 Eureka, Kansas Robert Hover, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Dan Jones, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Tom Kerrigan, ' 44 Cheyenne, Wyoming Jack Ktnkade, ' 44 Kersey, Colorado Richard MacCrocken, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Gale McArthur, ' 42 Greeley, Colorado Robert McGovern, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Jack O ' Brien, ' 44 Council Bluffs, Iowa Robert Peugh, ' 43 Hutchinson, Kansas Robert Peyton, ' 44 Fort Morgan, Colorado Lee Robbins, ' 44 Leadville, Colorado Henry Tanner, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Richard Voight, ' 43 ... Denver, Colorado Dale Wolaver, ' 44 Loveland, Colorado q 0: Top row: Allen, Bein, Bennett, Bridenbaugh, Brotzman Second row: Bucholz, Burger, Counley, Cunningham, Curlee Third row: Doar, Dudgeon, R. Edmundson, W. Edmundson, Gardiner Fourth row: Griffith, Hart, Heath, Hipps, Holmes Fifth row: Jovanovich, Kerrigan, Kinkade, Knowles, Londen Sixth row: Liggett, Light, List, McArthur, McGovern Seventh row: Mock, Morrison, Moyers, O ' Brien, O ' Ryon Eighth row: Paddock, Paynter, Peugh, Philpott, Plettner Ninth row: Schulte, Secor, Summer, Ten Eyck, Von Druff Tenth row: Voight, Walker, Warren, Watts, Weber 291 • Chi Psi The brothers of the C. P. Lodge spent another year sedately holding court be- hind the eight white pillars of their venerable, alum-donated mansion. Most of their activities can be found in the scandal sheet. It is a truism that the Chi Psis are not as reticent as they ap- pear. It is also becoming evident that rumors about rolled-up pants and Cadil- lacs are unfortunately not too accurate. Seen about the manor on 14th are Pete Cleland, Rhythm Circus; Art Brainerd, Business manager of the Little Theater and Players ' Club; Ty Patterson, Su- malia, Rhythm Circus; Paul Douden, Prexyof PEP; James Harpel, Little Thea- tre; Clay Shelton, newly-elected chair- man of the Junior Prom. • 292 OFFICERS DICK NILSSON President TY PATTERSON Vice-President ROLLO JACOBS Secretary CHARLES VAN SICKLE Treasurer ACTIVES William Argall, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Elbert Baker, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Edwin Bemis, ' 41 ... . Littleton, Colorado Ross Benson, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado Art Brainerd, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Clem Brown, ' 43 . Colorado Springs, Colorado Peter Cleiand, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Dona! Clow, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Paul Douden, ' 42 Denver, Colorado John Creenwell, ' 43 .... Honolulu, Hawaii Jack Cromer, ' 43 Denver, Colorado James Harpel, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Frank Hayes, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Richard Hicks, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Gerald Hillyard, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Douglass Howry, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Ivy Hunt, ' 42 Littleton, Colorado John Huppuch, ' 42 Saratoga, New York William Ingwersen, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Rollo Jacobs, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Olof Jacobson, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jack Larson, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Carl Lindblad, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Robert McCee, ' 41 .... Denver, Colorado Richard Nilsson, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado John Patterson, ' 41 .... Denver, Colorado Dave Robinson, ' 43 .... Honolulu. Hawaii George Rupp, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Clay Shelton, ' 42 .... Mayfield, Kentucky Sam Tamminga, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Jack Todhunter, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Wayne Van Arsdale, ' 43 . . . Pueblo, Colorado Charles Van Sickle, ' 42 . . . Denver, Colorado William Wafer, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado John Walker, ' 43 Denver, Colorado King Whitaker, ' 42 . Fort Collins, Colorado John Williams, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado James Wyer, ' 43 .... Wayzata, Minnesota Rex Young, ' 42 Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Robert Carter, ' 44 .... Marshall, Missouri John Flower, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Stan Hammond, ' 44 . Englewood, Colorado Howard Heise, ' 44 Lamar, Colorado Harleigh Holmes, ' 44 . . Littleton. Colorado Dunbar Jones, ' 44 Wichita, Kansas William Kindel, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Kenneth Lloyd, ' 44 . . Johnstown, Colorado Lloyd Mattson, ' 44 ... . Omaha, Nebraska Richard McCusker, ' 44 . Denver, Colorado Richard Merrill, ' 44 .... Sioux City, Iowa Tom Moon, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Maurice Reilly, ' 44 Matador, Texas Frank Richards, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Richard Robinson, ' 44 . . . Phoenix, Arizona James Root, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Robert Rowland, ' 44 Colorado Springs, Colorado Bruce Tidwell, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Robert Wolfe, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Osgood Young, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Top row: Bemis, Benson, Brainerd, Corter, Cleiand Second row: Douden, Douglass, Dunbar, Flower, Greenwell Third row: Gromer, Hammond, Harpel, Hicks, Holmes Fourth row: Hunt, Jacobson, Kindel, Larson, Lloyd Fifth row: McCusker, Mattson, Merrill, Moon, Nilsson Sixth row: Patterson, Richards, Robinson, Root, Rowland Seventh row: Rupp, Tamminga, Van Arsdale, Van Sickle, Whitaker Eighth row: Williams, Wolf?, Wyer, R. Young, W. Young 293 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi, like several other fra- ternities, lives on University Avenue, and like several other fraternities, re- ports that University Avenue is a very fine place to live. Because they are right across the street from the campus. Delta Sigs can sleep five minutes longer than ordinary people and still make their eight o ' clocks — that is, if they feel in the mood. Such is the life of the dwellers in the Delta Sig House. These boys are well known and admired for their photography and parties. Here are some of the Delta Sigs who have shone in extra-curricular activities: Charles EIzi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Phi Epsilon Phi, and Rifle Club; Robert Barnett, Hiking Club, Cosmopolitan Club, and Cockerell Natural History Club; David C. Proffitt, photographer for SILVER AND COLD, DODO, and COLORADAN; and Dale Peters, presi- dent of Mortar and Pestle. • 294 OFFICERS WILLIAM A. NIES President JACK M. WINTON Vice-President WILLIAM A. CAMPBELL Secretary DALE C. PETERS Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLES P. BITTER JULIAN M. BLAIR CHARLES A. HUTCHINSON DAVID W.O ' DAY WALTER C. TOPELMAN HAROLD A. HOFFMEISTER ACTIVES Robert C. Barnett, ' 41 . James C. Beavers, ' 41 Wm. A. Campbell, ' 42 . Charles J. EIzi, ' 41 . . Maurice W. Giboney, ' 43 Donald L. Good, ' 42 . . Cordon J. Hansen, ' 42 Fred R. Hanson, ' 43 . . Oscar O. Hanson, ' 41 Leonard J. Loose, ' 42 . Frank E. Massard, ' 41 William A. Nies, ' 41 . . Dale C. Peters, ' 41 . . David C. Proffitt, ' 41 John L. Schmalzried, ' 42 Niel C. Threlkeld, ' 41 . Jack M. Winton, ' 41 . . . New York, New York . Hugo, Colorado Steamboat Springs, Colo. . Erie, Colorado Hayden, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado . Denver, Colorado Salida, Colorado . Erie, Colorado . Charleston, Illinois Washington, D. C. Victor, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado . Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Nick Bakarich, ' 44 Erie, Colorado Donald Doyle, ' 44 Oilman, Colorado Warren Du Bois, ' 43 Santa Fe, New Mexico George EIzi, ' 43 Erie, Colorado Henry Frause, ' 41 . - . Louisville, Colorado Kenneth Johnson, ' 42 . Scottsbluff, Nebraska Robert Lewis, ' 43 ... . Boulder, Colorado David Philp, ' 44 Erie, Colorado William Sweeney, ' 43 . . Boulder, Colorado Ralph Van Gordon, ' 43 . . . Littleton, Colorado William Ward, ' 43 . . Westminster, Colorado Top row: Barnett, Beach, Campbell, Doyle Second row: C. EIzi, G. EIzi, Giboney, Good Third row: G. Hansen, F. Hanson, O. Hanson, Lewis Fourth row: Loose, Nies, Peters, Proffitt Fifth row: Shelton, Sweeney, Threlkeld Sixth row: Ward, Winton 295 • Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta claim the governor is a Delt, but they still have to rush. Lots of Delts can be seen on the football field; some of them are all-conference stuff. It ' s an old Delt custom to have a large chapter with football players and D. G. socialites. Another custom which is threatened with disruption is the beer-bust with Phi Gamma Delta, who are said to be high-hatting the " brawny, odorous " life they once so proudly led. Famous among the Delts are Vern Lock- ard, up and coming BMOC for next year who is student, footballer, and commis- sioner; Leo Stasica, all-conference foot- ball ; Oscar Jacobsen, Heart and Dagger, Tau Beta Pi, 440-yard conference champ; and Lloyd Oliver, all-conference in football. • 296 OFFICERS JOHN RICH President LAWRENCE REILLY .... Vice-President RODNEY STEVENS Secretary ROBERT VOTE Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS CARL C. ECKHARDT LOUIS O. QUAM VAL B. FISCHER ROBERT RATHBURN WARREN 0. THOMPSON ACTIVES James Aldendifer, ' 42 Lincoln, Illinois James Glenn Archibald, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado David Gates Atkinson, ' 40 Ft. Collins, Colorado Frank Flanagan Bacheller, ' 43 Casper, Wyoming Donald Fredrick Barris, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Ben Wimmer Bennion, ' 42 Butte, Montana Robert Brant Boatwright, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Albert Thomas Boost, ' 43 .... . Moline, Illinois Berlin Boyd, Jr., ' 41 Bismarck, North Dakota William Francis Carroll, ' 43 .... Crown Point, Indiana J. Richard Christopher, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Alan Atherton Coburn, ' 43 . . . Deadwood, South Dakota Stanley Reed Crowe, ' 42 Amarillo, Texas John Edward Curtan, ' 41 Louisville, Colorado John Ray Dickinson, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Ben K. Duffy, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Kern Wesley Hogg, ' 42 Park Ridge, Illinois Robert William Hawley, ' 43 Trinidad, Colorado William Curtis Heuston, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Robert Arthur Hiester, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Frank Marshall Hockensmith, ' 41 . . Bartlesville, Oklahoma Robert James Johnson Ft. Collins, Colorado Lloyd Elmer Kindoll, ' 43 Oakland, California William G. Kisler, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Robert Lee Knous, ' 41 Denver, Colorado William James Lesser, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Llewellyn Albert Lewis, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Vernon Miller Lockard, ' 42 St. Francis, Kansas John Albert Lovett, ' 41 Trinidad, Colorado James Robert McHugh, ' 41 . . . Grand Junction, Colorado Joseph Arthur McMeel, Jr., ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jay Joseph Martin, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Eugene Mierly Maul, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Frank Dale Moynihan, ' 42 Montrose, Colorado Robert John Nagodo, ' 42 Chicago, Illinois Lloyd George Oliver, ' 42 Greeley, Colorado Lawrence Joseph Reilly, ' 41 Baytown, Texas John Dillon Rich, Jr., ' 41 . . Simsbury, Connecticut Paul Butler Rich, ' 42 Simsbury, Connecticut Gordon Henry Rowe, Jr., ' 42 Trinidad, Colorado Richard William Spongier, ' 42 .... Salt Lake City, Utah Leo Walter Stosico, ' 42 Rockford, Illinois Rodney David Stevens, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Allan Vickers, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Robert Moulton Vote, ' 40 Montrose, Colorado Frank Henry Weinle, ' 41 . . Grand Lake, Colorado Robert LeRoy White, ' 42 Ft. Collins, Colorado Grant Hull Willson, ' 42 Greeley, Colorado PLEDGES John Becker, ' 43 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Donn Bennett, ' 44 Buffalo, South Dakota Royce Bowers, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Dexter Bowman, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Ted Brantly, ' 43 Scarsdale, New York L. M. Busby, ' 44 Brownwood, Texas Robert Corr, ' 44 Denver, Colorado George Carroll, ' 44 Crown Point, Indiana John Crondall, ' 44 Fort Collins, Colorado George Denig, ' 44 Fort Collins, Colorado Donn Dunn, ' 42 Dodge City, Kansas Richard Eckles, ' 44 Monte Visto, Colorado William Fossett, ' 42 Monte Vista, Colorado Don Hill, ' 43 Greeley, Colorado Richard Hill, ' 44 Chicago, Illinois William Hofmann, ' 44 Montrose, Colorado Jack Hughes, ' 44 Montrose, Colorado Charles Kisler, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Phil Lockwood, ' 44 Denver, Colorado William McCormick, ' 42 Emden, Illinois John McMillin, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Richard Merrill, ' 42 Colorodo Springs, Colorado John Norton, ' 44 Fort Collins, Colorado Don Olson, ' 44 Mead, Colorodo Charles Sondhouse, ' 44 Sterling, Colorado Leonard Tripp, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Jack, Tobin, ' 44 Greeley, Colorado Alfred Wells, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Dick Winters, ' 42 Tulsa, Oklahoma k rife Mm M m fT). r I : 1 J Top row: Bacheller, Barris, Bennett, Bennion, Boost Second row: Bowers, Bowman, Boyd, Brantly, Busby Third row: Carr, G. Carroll, W. Carroll, Christopher, Coburn Fourth row: Crondall, Crowe, Denig, Dickinson, Duffy Fifth row: Eckles, Fassett, Hawley, Heuston, Hiester Sixth row: D. Hill, R. Hill, Hockensmith, Hofmann, Hughes Seventh row: C. Kisler, W. Kisler, Lewis, Lockard, Lovett Eighth row: McCormick, McMeel, McMillin, Martin, Maul Ninth row: Merrill, Olson, J. Rich, P. Rich, Rowe Tenth row: Sandhouse, Spongier, Tripp, Vote, Weinle Eleventh row: Wells, White, Willson, Winters 297 • Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma has a moat, a bay window, and a new house mother. Other fixtures of note include a touchball team that got to the fraternity play-offs and a scholastic average that tended to vary inversely with chapter athletic prowess. A wild-western costume brawl winter quarter highlighted the social season with a barroom that some vile calumni- ators have asserted not entirely make- believe. Among Kappa Sig laurel winners are Maurice Petersen, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, and Pi Tau Sigma; Melvin Schuster, Sigma Tau and Pi Tau Sigma; and Ed Seidensticker, COLORADAN assistant editor, DODO columnist, and SILVER AND COLD staff member. 298 OFFICERS BERT BASS President GILES KEITHLEY Vice-President EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER .... Secretary MAURICE PETERSEN Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS CLARK N. CRAIN WILLIAM DUNN DR. LAWRENCE HOLDEN CLIFFORD G. HOUSTON WILLIAM H. SLATON DON C. SOWERS WILLIS UNDERWOOD HOMER C. WASHBURN RICHARD WAUGH ACTIVES Bert Bass, ' 41 Eaton, Colorodo George Bragg, ' 41 Longmont, Colorado Dale Bristol, ' 41 Custer, South Dakota Garth Cole, ' 43 Yampa, Colorado Loren Creese, ' 41 Longmont, Colorado Miles Fraizer, ' 42 Oak Park, Illinois Hugh Graham, ' 41 Denver, Colorodo Barry Greenwood, ' 42 Yampa, Colorado Hugh Hyder, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Giles Keithley, ' 41 Peoria, Illinois Clyde Kelly, ' 42 Englewood, Colorado Lowell LeMoine, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado James McElroy, ' 43 Orlando, Florida Henry Nash, ' 41 Honolulu, Hawaii Lewis Newcomb, ' 41 Melba, Idaho Maurice Petersen, ' 41 Longmont, Colorado Daniel Roche, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Mark Roup, ' 42 Yampa, Colorado Russell Schlosser, ' 41 Gerry, Nebraska Melvin Schuster, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Edward Seidensticker, ' 42 Castle Rock, Colorado William Seidensticker, ' 42 Castle Rock, Colorado Jock Sloan, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Laurance Trulove, ' 41 Amorillo, Texas Leo Wagner, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Hugh Welter, ' 43 Wilmette, Illinois David Williams, ' 41 Cheyenne, Wyoming Robert Williams, ' 41 Chicago, Illinois Hal Woodworth, ' 42 Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Earl Carr, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado William Crane, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Kirk Crowner, ' 44 Yampa, Colorado Joe Finley, ' 44 Wheatridge, Colorado Harold Haddon, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Thomas Hedgcock, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Steve Hennrich, ' 43 Colorado Springs, Colorado Jerry Hodge, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Bret Kelly, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Corwin Likins, ' 43 Monte Vista, Colorado Stuart Mocdonold, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Bert Malcolm, ' 44 Raton, New Mexico Robert McCabe, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Emerson Ozment, ' 42 Wheatridge, Colorado Dean Pearson, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Charles Toppon, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Ed Thomas, ' 44 Raton, New Mexico Floyd Towns, ' 41 Grand Junction, Colorado Jock Ullstrom, ' 43 La Jora, Colorado Dan Voorhees, ' 44 Raton, New Mexico George Warder, ' 44 Raton, New Mexico Top row: Bass, Bragg, Bristol, Cole Second row: Crowner, Finley, Graham, Greenwood Third row: Hennrich, Hodge, Hyder, Keithley Fourth row: Kelly, Likins, McCabe, McElroy Fifth row: Malcolm, Nash, Newcomb, Ozment Sixth row: Pearson, Petersen, Roche, Roup Seventh row: E. Seidensticker, W. Seidensticker, Sloan, Tappan Eighth row: Thomas, Ullstrom, Voorhees, Wagner Ninth row: Warder, Welter, Williams 299 Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta had a busy year; the brawls with other members of the Miami Triad took place as usual with Beta pledges carrying the annual Home- coming rotten-egg fight to the Phi Delt doorstep this year. Other epoch-making events not so traditional included the adoption of a housemother with a Southern accent and the winning of the 1940 Songfest. Both items have added no little amount of prestige to the wear- ers of the shield and dagger. Among Phi Delts prominently present are Erie Boorman, track man, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Sumalia; Bud Griffith, Kappa Kappa Psi, Sigma Tau; John Eaton and Jack Holmes, football ; John Forney, Oar and Chain, Scimitar, Phi Epsilon Phi. • 300 OFFICERS |AY COMBS President HERBERT R. SMITH Secretary ERIE V. BOORMAN .... House Manager FACULTY MEMBERS LIVINGSTONE FERRIS HOWARD FISHER DEAN MAURICE H. REES FRANK POTTS ACTIVES Richard AdIer, ' 42 Joliet, Illinois Jack Ball, ' 41 Denver, Colorado William Barbour, ' 43 . . Evanston, Illinois Sylvester Beers, ' 43 .... Evanston, Illinois Erie Boorman, ' 41 Springville, Utah Jay Combs, ' 41 Rosepine, Louisiana Wallace deBeque, ' 43 . . Carbondale, Colorado Robert Downing, ' 42 . . Durango, Colorado John Eaton, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Wilson Emery, ' 41 Findlay, Ohio John Forney, ' 41 . . Clenwood Springs, Colorado Ellis Gilchrist, ' 41 Silver City, New Mexico Benjamin Griffith, ' 42 . . . Durango, Colorado Richard Hodges, ' 43 .... Topeka, Kansas Richard Hutton, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado William Hyde, ' 42 .... Boulder, Colorado Jack Landrum, ' 43 .... Sterling, Colorado Marcus Leh, ' 41 Sterling, Colorado Michael Lenzini, ' 43 Walsenburg, Colorado John Lescher, ' 41 Elgin, Illinois John Lowe, ' 41 . . . Grand Junction, Colorado Jack Maier, ' 41 . Longmont, Colorado Howard Milne, ' 41 . Grand Junction, Colorado William Milne, ' 42 .... Pueblo, Colorado Merlin Mills, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Earl Norris, ' 41 Abingdon, Illinois Jacob Sax, ' 41 . Grand Junction, Colorado Fred Siebott, ' 42 . . Grand Junction, Colorado Herbert Smith, ' 41 ... . Sterling, Colorado John Wood, ' 41 Connellsville, Pennsylvania John Woodward, ' 43 .... Tulsa, Oklahoma PLEDGES Harry Beerbohm, ' 44 .... Topeka, Kansas Harry Denton, ' 42 . . Springfield, Missouri Jack Emery, ' 44 Findlay, Ohio Earl Fauber, ' 44 .... Montrose, Colorado James Gilliland, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado George Haney, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Wathen James, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Leroy Johnson, ' 42 . Longmont, Colorado William Jones, ' 44 Longmont, Colorado Atwell Lincoln, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Robert Manley, ' 43 ... . Pueblo, Colorado Glen McCann, ' 44 .... Placita, Colorado Richard McCornack, ' 44 .... Elgin, Illinois Joe Rumburg, ' 44 .... Mancos, Colorado Sunny Rupp, ' 44 Tulsa, Oklahoma Gus Shannon, ' 44 Las Animas, Colorado Earl Skinner, ' 42 .... Collbran, Colorado Guy Walk, ' 44 Grand Junction, Colorado Winston Wood, ' 43 . . . Tyronza, Arkansas Top row: Beerbohm, Boorman, Combs, deBeque, Danton Second row: Downing, J. Emery, W. Emery, Fouber, Forney Third row: Gilchrist, Griffith, Honey, Hutton, Hyde Fourth row: James, Johnson, Kramer, Landrum, Leh Fifth row: McConn, McCornack, H. Milne, W. Milne, Norris Sixth row: Rumburg, Shannon, Siebott, Skinner, Smith Seventh row: Walk, Wetzig, Wigton, Williams Eighth row: J. Wood, W. Wood, Woodward 301 PhiG amma Delt Phi Gamma Delta leads a merry exist- ence, in spite of a few mishaps such as the Homecoming Day mix-up on house decorations. Seen about the old house are Marty Brill, who isn ' t in school once more, and " Baldy " Morton, everybody ' s best man. Men of such kind helped make last winter ' s barn dance one of the best social events on the hill. Be- sides having varsity football members, the Phi Cams try hard at that " smooth " business. Bright lights are the aforesaid Morton, A.S.U.C. commissioner; Paul McClung, football all-conference; Norm Rockwell, Tau Beta Pi, Engine Ball Committee; Click. Card, and Brill, football. • 302 OFFICERS SAM HOOVER President JUSTIN CARD Treasurer JOHN GEICER Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS DR. CHARLES F. POE LESLIE F. ROBBINS DR. STUART CUTHBERTSON KARL K. HULLEY WALTER B. FRANKLIN DR. FRANK R. SPENCER DR. O. M. GILBERT ACTIVES John Adams, ' 42 Trinidad, Colorado Richard Boyle, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Robert Bonham, ' 40 Denver, Colorado Marty Brill, ' 41 Trinidad, Colorado Thomas Brinton, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Justin Card, ' 41 Mission, Texas Harry Coe, ' 41 Springfield, Illinois Harvey Click, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Jack Creaghe, ' 43 Lamar, Colorado Lorry Creaghe, ' 42 Lamar, Colorado Bill Crompton, ' 43 Fort Collins, Colorado Bob Decker, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Jim Dyde, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Russel Ephlond, ' 43 Billings, Montana Bill Fimple, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado Robert Gates, ' 39 Denver, Colorado John Geiger, ' 41 La Junta, Colorado Richard Gray, ' 43 Greeley, Colorado Henry Heitzler, ' 42 Grand Junction, Colorado Jim Hickman, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Robert Hill, ' 39 Denver, Colorado Sam Hoover, ' 41 Denver, Colorado James Irwin, ' 43 Casper, Wyoming Robert Kirchner, ' 43 Topeka, Kansas Dick Klett, ' 41 Las Animas, Colorado Dick Kramer, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Dan Macey, ' 42 Denver, Colorado George Modsen, ' 40 Denver, Colorado George Mason, 42 Denver, Colorado Roy McCleary, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Paul McClung, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Robert McCluskey, ' 42 La Junta, Colorado Ross Miller, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Max Morton, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado Dick Nev man, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Scott Poyne, ' 39 Denver, Colorado Hoddon Peck, ' 42 St. Francis, Kansas Jack Phillips, ' 43 Denver, Colorado William Pietenpol, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Wilbur Pryor, ' 39 Pueblo, Colorado Art Rotcliffe, ' 40 Terre Haute, Indiana Normon Rockwell, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Allan Rogers, ' 43 Honolulu, Hawaii Rudolph Rowe, ' 43 Denver, Colorado William Sockmann, ' 41 Denver, Colorado William Sanders, ' 42 Denver, Colorado John Soyre, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Richard Shakeshoft, ' 43 Topeka, Kansas Carl Strain, ' 42 Lamar, Colorado Dean Strain, ' 43 La Junta, Colorado Don Tempest, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Howard Viney, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Robert Vining, ' 43 Pueblo, Colorado Robert Ward, ' 42 Omaha, Nebraska Tom Woodruff, ' 42 La Junta, Colorado PLEDGES Sheldon Brandt, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Lee Chesrey. ' 42 Omaha, Nebraska Jock Cobb, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Bert Cox, ' 43 Billings, Montana James Dumm, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Vernon Edgar, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Jack Finlayson, ' 43 Omaho, Nebraska Robert Heppes, ' 44 La Grange, Illinois Edwin Humphreys, ' 44 Raton, New Mexico Norlin Jankovsky. ' 44 Denver, Colorado Kenneth Jones, ' 44 . . . Denver, Colorado Royce Kelley, ' 44 Lockhart, Texas Carlton Knowles, ' 42 Omaha, Nebraska Bruce McBride, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Harry Perry, ' 44 Topeka, Kansas Glenn Pratt, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Edward Price, ' 42 La Grange, Illinois Warren Rossman, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Don Rymer, ' 44 Moplewood, New Jersey Paul Stephens, ' 43 Topeka, Kansas Jack Stirling, ' 44 Denver, Colorodo Robert Van Schaack, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Denny Wright, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Top row: Adams, Boyle, Brandt, Brinton, Chesney, Cobb Second row: Cox, J. Creaghe, L. Creaghe, Compton, Decker, Dumm Third row: Edgar, Ephlond, Fimple, Finlayson, Fish, Geiger Fourth row: Gray, Hall, Heitzler, Heppes, Hickman, Hoover Fifth row: Humphreys, Irwin, Jankovsky, Jones, Kirchner, Klett Sixth row: Knowles, McBride, McCleary, McCluskey, Mason, Miller Seventh row: Morton, Peck, Perry, Phillips, Pietenpol, Pratt Eighth row: Price, Rockwell, Rogers, Rudolph, Rymer, Sockmann Ninth row: Sayre, Shakeshoft, Stephens, Stirling, C. Strain, D. Strain Tenth row: Tempest, Van Schaack, Viney, Vining, Woodruff, Wright 303 • Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi so fixed its middle house of fraternity row that it won a trophy for thisyear ' s Homecomingdecorations. Buffalo defeat indicated that they showed more artistry than prophetic power. Phi Psis are sometimes Kansans, otherwise from Wyoming. They have had a good year in intra-murals, again drawing on Kansan athletes. When they are not watching the road to the Dorm, they are denying that they intend to move. Straight dope is: they are staying on Univ. Avenue as of the past. Phi Psis we know well are Paul Dukes, wrestling letterman; Curt Sommer, COLOR ADAN photographer; and Leslie Nelson, sub-editor of activities on the COLORADAN. ilm 304 OFFICERS PAUL C. DUKES President FRANKLIN H. LAYHER . . . Vice-President JOHN O. PARKER Jreasurer FACULTY MEMBER ROBERT ROMANS ' " 5 ACTIVES ,. Charles Allum, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Everette Bush, ' 42 . . •. . Denver, Colorado William E. Cohenour, ' 43 Albuquerque, N. M. John G. Cuming, ' 41 . . . Brooklyn, New York William F. Dobbs, ' 43 . . . Louviers, Colorado Paul C. Dukes, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Robert J. Enochs, Law Mescalero, New Mexico Russell Evans, ' 43 Emerson, Iowa William J. Gardiner, ' 41 . Long Beach, California Charles M. George, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Wilbur Halldorson, ' 40 . . . Boulder, Colorado William M. Kincaid, ' 42 . . La Veta, Colorado Leaiand M. Knapp, ' 43 . . . Casper, Wyoming Richard D. Law, ' 41 . Colorado Springs, Colorado Franklin H. Layher, ' 42 ... . Otis, Colorado E. V. Mullins, ' 41 ... . Areata, California Leslie Nelson, ' 42 ... . Powell, Wyoming S. Philip O ' Rourke, ' 42 . . . Durango, Colorado John O. Parker, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Howard J. Piper, ' 41 .... Greeley, Colorado Marvin H. Pope, ' 41 ... . Pueblo, Colorado Paul Schmidt, ' 42 Newton, Kansas Thomas M. Sisson, ' 43 . . . La Junta, Colorado William R. Sisson, ' 41 (Med) . La Junta, Colorado William W. Sloan, Jr., ' 41 . . Hayden, Colorado Curtis J. Sommer, ' 41 ... . Peoria, Illinois Vernon H. Timm, ' 42 . . . Denver, Colorado Weston Wolcott, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado George E. Wright, ' 42 . . . La Junta, Colorado PLEDGES Burton Beers, ' 43 . . . Highland Park, Illinois Robert Bekins, ' 42 Dallas, Texas Walter P. Brandt, ' 43 . . Corpus Christi, Texas James G. Bridgens, ' 44 . . Kansas City, Kansas Bruce M. Brower, ' 44 Dayton, Ohio William Gates, ' 41 .... Hutchinson, Kansas BenGillett, ' 42 .... Sante Fe, New Mexico William Halback, ' 42 Dallas, Texas Arthur W. Macy, ' 43 . . Montclair, New jersey Leason H. McCloud, ' 42 . . . Newton, Kansas Charles McCormick, ' 41 . . Boulder, Colorado Edward Mueller, ' 43 . Hot Springs, South Dakota Howard A. Parker, ' 44 . . . Denver, Colorado E. T. Prendergast, ' 42 Colo. Springs, Colorado Hugh Starks, ' 44 ... . Midland, Michigan Jack Stong, ' 43 Alamosa, Colorado W. Robinson Thomas, ' 41 . . San Antonio, Texas Ralph Veazie, ' 43 ... . Boulder, Colorado r mKlkmmUt mk Top row: Allum, Beers, Bridgens, Brower Second row; Bush, Cohenour, Cuming, Dobbs Third row: Dukes, Enochs, Evans, Gardiner Fourth row: George, Halback, KIncald, Knapp Fifth row: Law, Layher, Macy, Mueller Sixth row: Mullins, Nelson, O ' Rourke, H. Porker Seventh row: J. Parker, Pope, Prendergast, Sisson Eighth row: Sommer, Starks, Thomas, TImm Ninth row: Veazie, Wright 305 Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau has harbored on College Avenue two COLORADAN managers in three years, conceding last year to an Alpha Phi who dated Phi Taus, as Alpha Phis sometimes do. Phi Taus seem to be mostly engineers, judging from their registration, that is. Thus it was that in both engineering and business managing, the boys excelled this year. However, there are reports that the business managers are growing extinct — like paleolithics — in the Phi Tau house. We only said reports. Included in the Phi Tau gatherings are Wilbur Brown, Pres. of A. I.E.E., Engine Ball Committee, and Junior Prom Com- mittee; Jack Cravestock, Pres. of Inter- Fraternity Council, A.S.U.C. Commis- sioner, and Business Manager of the COLORADAN. • 306 OFFICERS GEORGE YOUNCCLAUS President BILL BRADLEY Vice-President DONALD WALSH Secretary CLYDE KENNEDY Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS N. A. AGAPETUS VERNON FEY ROBERT CRISPIN ACTIVE MEMBERS N. A. Agapetus, ' 41 .... Boulder, Colorado William Bradley, ' 41 ... . Chicago, Illinois Wilbur Brown, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Carson Clark, ' 41 . . . Los Angeles, California Bert Colt, Grad. . . Columbia, South Carolina Robert Crispin, Grad. . Boulder, Colorado Dick Emery, ' 43 Arriba, Colorado Fred Fenger, ' 43 Chicago, Illinois Vernon Fey, ' 41 Craig, Colorado Jack Gravestock, ' 41 .... Denver, Colorado Bill Grigs, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Clyde Kennedy, ' 41 . Las Animas, Colorado Bob Lawler, ' 41 Fowler, Colorado Ed O ' Connell, ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado John Putman, ' 42 .... Ardmore, Oklahoma Rupert Ryan, ' 42 .... Kansas City, Kansas Jerome Turner, ' 42 Nunn, Colorado Donald Walsh, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Jim Wood, ' 42 Granada, Colorado George Youngclaus, ' 42 . . Boulder, Colorado Gordon Youngclaus, ' 41 . . Boulder, Colorado Ed Zayac, ' 41 Pueblo, Colorado PLEDGES A! Anderson, ' 44 . . Wheatridge, Colorado Robert Barnes, ' 43 .... La Junta, Colorado Gene Church, ' 43 Lamar, Colorado Norbert Cochran, ' 44 . Fort Morgan, Colorado Bill Corning, ' 42 Lamar, Colorado Don Horn, ' 44 Lamar, Colorado Gene Howard, ' 43 .... Ordway, Colorado Hugh Jennings, 42 ... . Denver, Colorado Bill McConnell, ' 43 ... . Denver, Colorado Kenneth Nevius, ' 43 .... Lamar, Colorado Dick Peterson, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Delmar Robb, ' 44 Flagler, Colorado Henry Schail, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Harold Stoller, ' 44 .... Raton, New Mexico Will Taylor, ' 43 La Junta, Colorado Top row: Agapetus, Anderson, Bradley, Brown Second row: Church, Cochran, Emery, Fey Third row: Gravestock, Grigs, Howard, Jennings Fourth row; Kennedy, Nevius, Putman, Robb Fifth row: Ryan, Schail, Stoller, Walsh Sixth row: Youngclaus, Zayac 307 • Phi Sisma Delta Phi Sigma Deltas drive battered jalop- pies, date Delta Phis, and join Adelphi. They are also believed to own a huge brown and white dog answering to the name of Romeo, who may be found al- most any day disturbing the peace in front of the law building. Phi Sigs rank above average in scholarship, and count several three - pointers among their members. Loquacity seems also to be the general rule, as the fraternity pos- sesses far more than its share of varsity debaters and members of the venerable Adelphi. Members who have made their mark in extra-curricular activities include Bernard Rosenberg, President Peace Council, varsity debater; Marshall Quiat, debater and SILVER AND COLD staff member; Martin Trotsky, regular in basketball; Irwin Hendler, all-confer- ence baseball player; and Harvey Kadish, DODO and SILVER AND COLD staff member. • 308 OFFICERS HAROLD V. COOK President ZELIE BERENBAUM Vice-President FRANK KARSH Secretary ARNOLD ALPERT Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. GERALD M. FRUMESS DR. REUBEN C. CUSTAVSON DR. HERMAN L. LAFF DR. WILLIAM L. LERBER ACTIVES Arnold Alpert, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Zelie Berenbaum, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Abraham Berenbeim, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Ben Bloom, ' 42 La Junta, Colorado Harold Victor Cook, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Sidney A. Emeson, Law . Denver, Colorado Stanley E. Emeson, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Gene Coalstone, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Gilbert Goldstein, Law . . Denver, Colorado Arthur Hayutin, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Marvin Hellerstein, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Irwin Hendler, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Herbert Hershey, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Harvey Kadish, ' 41 . . Boulder, Colorado Frank Karsh, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jack Lerner, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Harold Leventhal, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Edward Levine, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Alvin David Lichtenstein, Law . Alamosa, Colorado Murray Mellicker, ' 43 . Denver, Colorado Jay Melnick, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jack Perlmutter, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Marshall Quiat, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Bernard L. Rosenberg, ' 42 . Denver, Colorado Robert Rothberg, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Paul Sachter, ' 42 Pueblo, Colorado Floyd Saliman, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Maurice Saliman, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Paul Saliman, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Edgar Seeman, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado William Silver, ' 42 . Hutchinson, Kansas Gene X. Tepper, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Martin Trotsky, ' 42 . . Westhaven, Connecticut Alvin Weinberger, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Albert Wolfson, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Robert Horwitz, ' 44 . Norman Jacobs, ' 43 Bertram Karpel, ' 44 . Martin Katcoff, ' 44 Richard Milstein, ' 44 . Marvin Mosko, ' 43 Irvin Rubin, ' 44 . . Irving Shwayder, ' 43 . Morton Silverman, ' 44 Bennett Sukonick, ' 43 Irwin Sunshine, ' 44 . Morris Zelinger, ' 44 . Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Boston, Massachusetts . Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Raton, New Mexico Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado . Denver, Colorado mrM P Top row: Alpert, Berenbeim, Berenbaum, Bloom, Boutcher Second row: Cook, Dupler, Emeson, Goalstone, Gordon Third row: Goldstein, Hayutin, Hellerstein, Hershey, Horwitz Fourth row: Jacobs, Kadish, Karpel, Lerner, Leventhal Fifth row: Levine, Lichtenstein, Melnick, AAilstein, Mosko Sixth row: Pluss, Quiot, Rosenberg, Rubin, Sachter Seventh row: F. Saliman, M. Saliman, P. Saliman, Seeman, Shwayder Eighth row: Silver, Silverman, Sukonick, Tepper Ninth row: Trotsky, Tyor, Weinberger Tenth row: Wolfson, Zelinger 309 • Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha lives off toward Base- line Lake and is reported to pay taxes to the town of Marshall, although this is unconfirmed. Pi Kaps have a nice living room and the Punches brothers to add luster to their house and name, besides a string of activity men including that Quartet which has its days. This sec- tion ' s manager is yet unable to find what sorority house harbors Pi Kap social men; maybe they turn to greener fields. Viri clari of the Pi Kap aggregation are Stan Dodson, A.S.U.C. ; Bob Inman, C. U. Day Committee and Rhythm Circus; Max and Harold Punches, football; Bar- ney Oldham, basketball; Cordon Learn- ed, all-conference track; Jim Cowden, baseball and Delta Phi Delta. • 310 OFFICERS BOB BRYANT President JAMES COWDEN Vice-President GLEN HEDCECOCK Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS E. H. CRAMER E. E. WAHLSTROM MARTIN F. SCHMIDT V. 0. LONG ACTIVES John Alderman, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Don Barry, ' 41 Cedar Rapids, lowo Lewis Beck, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Don Bell, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Mart Bischoff, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Bob Bowman, Law Lovell, Wyoming Bob Bryant, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Joe Byrne, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Douglas Cose, ' 41 Fraser, Colorado J. P. Collier, ' 41 Roswell, New Mexico Jack Condon, Law Leadville, Colorado Jim Cowden, ' 41 Silt, Colorado Stanley Dodson, ' 41 Silt, Colorado Paul Dunn, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Rex Ellington, ' 43 Gunnison, Colorado Lovilo Fagon, ' 41 Berthoud, Colorado John Folown, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Paul Gardner, ' 42 Yuma, Colorado Gordon Garland, ' 43 Holyoke, Colorado Dick Garwood, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Cal Hammock, ' 42 Denver, Colorado John Hordesty, ' 42 Berthoud, Colorado Hal Harrison, ' 41 Lo Junta, Colorado Glen Hedgecock, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Joe Hobbs, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado Bob Holman, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Bob Howlett, ' 43 Golden, Colorado Louis Howlett, ' 43 Golden, Colorado Bob Inman, Law La Junta, Colorado Don Irby, ' 43 La Junta, Colorado Lloyd Johnson, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Jarrord Jones, Law Basin, Wyoming Bob Jordan, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Bill Kastler, Law Raton, New Mexico Gordon Learned, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jim Lombardi, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Jim Paulontis, Law Albuquerque, New Mexico Harold Punches, ' 41 Wymore, Nebraska Max Punches, ' 41 Wymore, Nebraska Randolph Reese, Law Roswell, New Mexico Bill Roberts, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Wilbi;r Rocchio, Low Denver, Colorado Ed Rost, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Aaron Rumley, ' 42 Fort Collins, Colorado Art Schauermonn, ' 43 Fort Morgan, Colorado Hal Spongier, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Bob Starke, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Arnold Steele, Law Boulder, Colorado Paul Toddiken, ' 42 Hawthorne, New York Charles Woynick, Low Denver, Colorado PLEDG ES Merlin Anderson, ' 44 Denver, Colorodo Jim Berwick. ' 44 Colorado Sorings, Colorado Lourence Clarke, ' 44 Fort Morgan, Colorado Bill Condon, ' 44 Leadville, Colorado Scott Doy, ' 44 La Junta, Colorado Bill DeSouchet, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Bud Bonner, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Gordon Garland, ' 43 Holyoke, Colorado Bill Gilmore, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Martin Hambright, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Earl Harrington, ' 44 Los Angeles, California Don Holland, ' 44 Loke Charles, Louisiana John Kerr. ' 44 Colorado Springs, Colorado Earl Maddox, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Franklin McDonald, ' 44 Leadville, Colorado Bill Paul, ' 44 Montrose, Colorado Burton Persson, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Bob Peyton, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado John Prechtel, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Woyne Steele, ' 43 Jennings. Kansas Jack Tobin, ' 44 Montrose, Colorado Harry Wright, ' 43 Mexico D. F. f « Top row: Alderman, Anderson, Barry, Bartinus, Beck, Berwick Second row: Bischoff, Bonner, Bryant, Byrne, Cose, Clarke Third row: Condon, Cowden, Day, DeSouchet, Dodson, Dunn Fourth row: Ellington, Fagon, Folown, Gardner, Garland, Hambright Fifth row: Hammock, Hordesty, Harrington, Harrison, Hobbs, Holland Sixth row: Holman, L. Howlett, R. Howlett, Irby, Jordan, Learned Seventh row: Lepplo, Lombardi, McDonald, Maddox, Olson, Paul Eighth row: Persson, Payton, Prechtel, H. Punches, M. Punches, Roberts Ninth row: Rumley, Schouermann, Spongier, Starke, Steele, Toddiken Tenth row: Waynick, Werner, Williams, Wolleson, Wright 31 1 • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Upwards of seventy athletes and other people give Sigma Alpha Epsilon one of the largest chapters at the University. The perennial feud with Amazon-like Hesperians over a priceless (for senti- mental reasons) bell this year climaxed in a moot-court case when the SigAlphs, no longer able to stand the periodic raids, decided to seek recourse at law. The result was the number one court battle of the year. Interesting note: all those boys who moved out last winter are back this — and the Dean breathes easy again. Campus big-shots who claim member- ship in the noble order include Ted Reed, president of the Combined En- gineers, conference tennis champion, Heart and Dagger, and Tau Beta Pi ; Ray Jenkins, letterman in football, wrest- ling, and track; Douglas Brawner, presi- dent of Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau and Chi Epsilon; and Bob Hawley, DODO columnist and COLO- RADAN sports editor. • 312 OFFICERS HARRY YOUNGKIN President ROSS SEETON Vice-President KENNETH WOOLLEY Secretary HARRY McCRAYEL . . Treasurer or Manager FACULTY MEMBERS FOREST COX LAURENCE DE MUTH EDWARD KING WILLIAM C. LAM ELMORE PETERSON PAUL VERN THOMPSON FRANCIS WOLLE ACTIVES Ray Allen, ' 43 New York, New York Dick Bortlett, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Harry Bashore, ' 42 Washington, D. C. Albert Biegel, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Wyatt Blokemore, ' 42 Bedford, Iowa David Boyd, ' 41 St. Louis, Missouri Douglas Browner, ' 41 Golden, Colorado Kirby Brown, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Joseph Bucknom, ' 41 Sedolio, Colorado Rupert Butterfield, ' 42 Sedolio, Colorado Bill Darden, 2 Low Denver, Colorado John Dorsey, ' 41 Urbano, Illinois James Downing, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado David Dunklee, Law Denver, Colorado Bill Dyrenforth, ' 43 Denver, Colorado James Fenex, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Robert Fischer, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Willard Flinn, ' 41 Lo Junta, Colorado Scott Frank, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Leonard Gemmill, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Malcolm Gordon, ' 42 Meeker, Colorado Wilbur Grabow, ' 42 Denver, Colorado William Honks, ' 42 Craig, Colorado Don Hardin, ' 43 Fort Warren, Wyoming Robert Hawley, ' 43 Douglas, Wyomi ng Gordon Hungerford, ' 42 Denver, Colorodo Victor Jeep, ' 42 Tekamoh, Nebraska Ray Jenkins, ' 42 Cherow, Colorado George Johnson, ' 41 Grand Island, Nebraska William Lambert, ' 43 Sedolio, Colorado Gene Low, ' 43 Steomboot Springs, Colorado Harry McGroyel, ' 41 Denver, Colorodo Robert McKee, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Carl Roy, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Ted Reed, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Ross Seeton, ' 42 Wheatridge, Colorado Otto Stoner, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Harold Stout, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Jock Suttle, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Larry Wodsworth, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Dick Woodword, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Kenneth Wool ley, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Horry Youngkin, ' 41 Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Dale Atkins, ' 43 Paonia, Colorado Robert Boner, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Day Carman, ' 44 Laguna Beach, California Warren Croin, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Malbert Davis, ' 43 Delta, Colorado Gerald Dome, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado John Gallogher, ' 43 Denver, Colorado John Geiger, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Norris Gesas, ' 42 Idaho Falls, Idaho Dick Gibb, ' 43 Denver, Colorado George Hamburg, ' 42 Beloit, Kansos Carl Hauptmann, ' 43 Harrisburg, Illinois Stan Hendrtckson, ' 44 . . Casper, Wyoming Don Mabray, ' 44 Sterling, Colorado Dean Mobry, ' 44 Trinidad, Colorado Brennan McClelland, ' 42 Laguna Beach, California Robert McClelland, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Roland Morod, ' 44 Casper, Wyoming Gene Noce, ' 43 Newton, Kansas Robert Powloski, ' 44 New York, New York Ray Purinton, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Hoyt Wilcoxon, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Top row: Atkins, Boshore, Biegel, Boyd, Browner Second row: Brown, Bucknom, Butterfield, Carmen, Croin Third row: Dorsey, Dyrenforth, Gallagher, Geiger, Gemmill Fourth row: Gesos, Gibb, Gordon, Grabow, Gustovson Fifth row: Hanks, Hardin, Hauptmann, Hawley, Hendrickson Sixth row: Hungerford, R. Jeep, V. Jeep, Lambert, Low Seventh row: McClellond, McGroyel, McKee, Mobroy, Purinton Eighth row: Roy, Reed, Scott, Seeton, Stoner Ninth row: Stout, Sumner, Suttle, Wilcoxon Tenth row: Woolley, Youngkin 313 • Sigma Chi Third member of the Miami Triad is Sigma Chi, whose year has been a good one with a fine intramural football squad and a raucous winter formal. Led by patriotic Sears, who has tried to sabo- tage the COLORADAN with Sigma Chi pics, the Sig boys have made their pres- ence felt in many spots on the campus. With their sweetheart and rah-rah, they have that old spirit and are said reliably to be still cherishing that old illusion of a Triad Dance. Noted in passing are Ev Sears, assistant editor of the COLORADAN, prexy of the chapter; Earl Devalon, SILVER AND COLD sports editor and president of Sigma Tau; Dick Vertrees, president of Delta Sigma Pi. • 314 OFFICERS EVERETT SEARS President FLOYD PLEASANT Vice-President DICK VERTREES Secretary JIM NORRIS Historian FACULTY MEMBER WALDO E. BROCKV AY ACTIVES Rodney Ahlberg, ' 43 Denver, Colorado C. Houston Alexander, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Bob Ayer, ' 41 Lead, South Dakota Ivan Beck, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado Col Bosin, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Will Brockway, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Jim Campbell, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Terrel Clarke, ' 42 LaGrange, Illinois Terry Coghlan, ' 42 Whitehall, Montana Glenn Cooper, ' 42 Vernal, Utah Mel Crites, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Harry Cummings, ' 42 Ft. Collins, Colorado Vernell Bob Curry, Grad Brush, Colorado Dick Dawson, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Earl Devolon, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Royal Donnen, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Jim Dorris, Special Norfolk, Nebraska Vincent Ellwood, ' 42 Boulder, Colorado Don Everett, ' 43 Montoursville, Pennsylvania Bob Fleming, ' 43 Golden, Colorado Ed Ford, ' 42 Denver, Colorado John Frederick, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Frank Garrigon, ' 43 Belvidere, Illinois Gates Gooding, ' 43 .... Steamboat Springs, Colorado Julius Herrick, ' 42 Craig, Colorado John Hinshaw, ' 42 Gering, Nebraska Bud Holmes, Lew Highland Park, California John Hopkins, ' 42 Douglas, Arizona Albert Kaff, ' 42 Atchison, Kansas John Mayer, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Kieth Millen, ' 43 Brighton, Colorado Jim Norris, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Bill O ' Grady, ' 42 River Forest, Illinois Dick Pearse, ' 43 Denver, Colorado George Peet, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Floyd Pleasant, ' 42 Craig, Colorado Les Schobe, ' 42 Denver, Colorado Herb Schweizer, ' 42 Golden, Colorado Everett Sears, ' 42 Wolsenburg, Colorado Bill Stancil, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Bob Stetson, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Gene Taber, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Ed Thorne, ' 42 Cowdrey, Colorado Dick Vertrees, ' 41 Castle Rock, Colorado Bob West, ' 41 Denver, Colorado Frank Woodbury, ' 42 Kansas City, Missouri PLEDGES Howard Abbott, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Bob Anderson, ' 44 Joliet, Illinois Max Baker, ' 44 Winnetka, Illinois Ted Chrysler, ' 44 Englewood, Colorado Gene Eland, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Neil Hamilton, ' 44 Denver, Colorado John Hcdde, ' 43 Logansport, Indiana Jim Kennedy, ' 44 Sterling, Colorado Herb Kennison, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Bob Mcllhenny, ' 44 Conway Springs, Nebraska Boyd Mock, ' 44 Steamboat Springs, Colorado Jerry Montgomery, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Heath Nuckolls, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Jim Renolde, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Harry Richards, ' 43 Kansas City, Missouri Jim Smith, ' 44 Pueblo, Colorado Stan Smith, ' 43 Hoyden, Colorado Carle Stearns, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Barrett Stebbings, ' 44 Evanston, Illinois Bob Swinehart, ' 44 Steomboat Springs, Colorado Clinton Worne, ' 44 Amherst, Massachusetts Karl Warren, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Jack Whitaker, ' 44 Creede, Colorado E 2 O i ' ik ihS 4) Top row: Woodbury, Whitaker, West, Warren, Warne Second row: Vertrees, Taber, Stetson, Stebbings, Stearns Third row: Smith, Stancil, Sears, Schweizer, Schobe Fourth row: Richards, Renalde, Peet, Pearse, O ' Grady Fifth row: Norris, Montgomery, Mock, Millen, Mayer Sixth row: Mackoy, Mcllhenny, Kennison, Kennedy, Kaff Seventh row: Hopkins, Hinshaw, Herrick, Gooding, Frederick Eighth row: Ford, Fleming, Eland, Dorris, Devolon Ninth row: Dawson, Cummings, Crites, Cooper, Clarke Tenth row: Chrysler, Brockway, Baker, Ayer, Anderson Eleventh row; Alexander, Ahlberg, Abbott, Mrs. Wicks 315 Sigma Nu The Sigma Nus, still comprising a small fraternity, continue on the " socially conscious " group plan, and occasionally report their progress, in the sage words of those apostles Hitchcock and Hig- man. High points in the Sigma Nu year were the Voodoo Frolic, the Sunday " mush " nights, and bowling parties. There is a rumor that each Sigma Nu decorates his room as he sees fit — or un- fit, and that he who follows him must either suffer somebody else ' s taste or tear down the partitions. But of course THEY own their house. Big Sigma Nus are Hitchock, President of A.S.U.C. and Junior Prom Chairman; Richard Suddath, Publicity chairman of Rhythm Circus and Chairman of C. U. Day; Cooper Malone, business manager of the WINDOW; and Robert Stewart, business manager of the Rhythm Cir- cus and office manager of the COLO- RADAN. • 316 OFFICERS NORMAN JENSEN President WILLIAM HITCHCOCK . . . Vice-President EDWARD WATSON Secretary BLAKE WARNER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS OLIVER C. LESTER . MALCOLM C. HYLAN " EUGENE BOND LAWRENCE COLE ACTIVES Douglas Chitwood, ' 42 . . Canon City, Colorado George Clark, ' 42 . . . Torrington, Wyoming Warren Corbin, ' 42 .... Eaton, Colorado William Davisson, ' 41 . Monte Vista, Colorado Robert Dexter, ' 42 .... Boulder, Colorado William Donnen, ' 42 Fort Morgan, Colorado Ernest Eaton, ' 41 Eaton, Colorado Calvin Evans, ' 41 . • . . . Boulder, Colorado Edward Graham, ' 42 . . Fort Collins, Colorado Harold Hague, ' 42 .... Boulder, Colorado James Hickey, ' 41 ... Canon City, Colorado Howard Higman, Grad. . Boulder, Colorado William Hitchcock, ' 41 . . . Wray, Colorado Norman Jensen, ' 41 .... Billings, Montana Dan Kincaid, ' 42 La Veta, Colorado Leighton Kirkpatrick, ' 42 . Walsenburg, Colorado Jack Lewis, Law Salida, Colorado Cooper Malone, ' 42 . . Lake Arthur, N. M. Homer Marshall, ' 41 . Longmont, Colorado Harry Miller, Grad Boulder, Colorado George Mosley, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado Warner Patterson, ' 41 . Fort Morgan, Colorado Charles Queary, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Robert Roten, ' 41 . . . Fort Collins, Colorado Clark Shimeall, ' 43 ... . Goodland, Kansas William Simmons, ' 43 . Denver, Colorado Kay Stark, ' 41 Boulder, Colorado Robert Stewart, ' 42 .... Salida, Colorado Richard Suddath, ' 42 . . Jacksonville, Florida Mansur Tinsley, Law Boulder, Colorado Rex Tomlinson, ' 41 . Fort Morgan, Colorado Blake Warner, ' 42 .... Fowler, Colorado Edward Watson, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colorado Kenneth White, ' 41 Fort Morgan, Colorado PLEDGES John Boehm, " 44 . . William Bradley, ' 44 Jack Cline, ' 42 . . Gene Dreckman, ' 43 Robert Elliott, ' 43 . Miguel Espinosa, ' 44 Jerome Golden, ' 44 Dale Gowdy, ' 44 . . Brandt Hardy, ' 44 . Francis Herr, ' 43 Richards Johnston, ' 43 K. K. Mammel, ' 44 . Leo Neal, ' 44 . . . Robert Overfelt, ' 42 George Swerer, ' 44 Jack Worcester, ' 44 . Hutchinson, Kansas Littleton, Colorado Billings, Montana Long Beach, California Denver, Colorado . Mexico City, Mexico Goodland, Kansas Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado . Kankakee, Illinois Denver, Colorado Wichita, Kansas Colorado Springs, Colorado . Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado . Boulder, Colorado ♦• f T a en Top row: Boehm, Bradley, Cline, Corbin Second row: Davisson, Dexter, Donnen, Dreckman Third row: Elliott, Gowdy, Graham, Hardy Fourth row: Hitchcock, Jensen, Johnson, Johnston Fifth row: Kincaid, Malone, Mammel, Marshall Sixth row: Mosley, Necl, Queary, Roten Seventh row: Shimeall, Simmons, Stark, Stewart Eighth row: Suddath, Swerer, Warner Ninth row: Watson, White 317 Sigma Phi Epsilon The Sig Eps are hospitable lads, holding annually a near-pronn formal to which most the campus treks; on such oc- casions, brothers are rare. But the brothers of Sigma Eparenotrareatother bright places in this vicinity, and if it can be said of any group, they have con- centrated on the spirit that makes the campus tick almost to a man. Leaders in such concentration have been that Brooklyn trio. Glaze, Johnson, and one as yet unidentified. The proximity of Chi Omegas has been said to affect the Sig Eps, but we tend to doubt it. Among those who have brought glory to the Creek name are Tom Curmatakis, Heart and Dagger; Ray Volluz, Tau Beta Pi; Burton Peake, Rhythm Circus; Warren Mallory, Tau Beta Pi and Editor of the COLORADO ENCINEER; and Harold Stoecker, Tau Beta Pi. • 318 OFFICERS WARREN HENRI KSON President CARROLL STOECKER .... Vice-President WILLIAM JOHNSON Secretary PAUL BROWN Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS R. C. CUSTAVSON WILLIAM REED ARTHUR PAUL DEAN ACTIVES Paul Brown, ' 42 Denver, Colorado John Carr, ' 41 Del Norte, Colorado William Chick, ' 41 .... Windsor, Colorado Orin Davis, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Robert Fowler, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Bruce Fullerton, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado William Calliton, ' 41 . . Denver, Colorado Leigh Cibby, ' 41 Durango, Colorado Gerald Glaze, ' 42 . Sioux Falls, South Dakota Thomas Curmatakis, ' 41 . . Boulder, Colorado Fred Hempt, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Warren Henrikson, ' 41 Loveland, Colorado Paul Hoelsher, ' 41 Dayton, Ohio William Johnson, ' 42 . . Rocky Ford, Colorado Bertal Lund, ' 41 Redcliff, Colorado Warren Mallory. ' 41 ... . Boulder, Colorado Cover Mendenhall, Law Rocky Ford, Colorado Norman Meyer, ' 41 . . . . Gardner, Colorado Robert Munro, ' 42 .... Billings, Montana Walter O ' Brien, Law . . . Leadville, Colorado Phillip Serafini, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Thomas Shallenberger, ' 42 . Long Beach, California Theodore Shreve, ' 41 . Boulder, Colorado Max Snydal, Law .... East Lake, Colorado Carroll Stoecker, ' 41 ... . Denver, Colorado Raymond Swedlund, ' 41 . Fleming, Colorado Raymond Volluz, ' 41 . . . Denver, Colorado Cordon Williamson, ' 41 . . . Pueblo, Colorado Raymond Winger, ' 41 .... Brush, Colorado PLEDGES Robert Dale, ' 43 Boulder, Colorado Rees Davies, ' 41 Sopris, Colorado Chester Ferguson, ' 44 . . Boulder, Colorado Dick Franke, ' 44 . . Zion National Park, Utah Lou Cagen, ' 44 Denver, Colorado William Green, ' 43 .... Denver, Colorado Alfred Jackson, ' 44 . . Rocky Ford, Colorado Wallace Kellogg, ' 44 ... . Denver, Colorado John Lentz, ' 43 Lockhart, Texas John Linendoll, ' 44 .... Denver, Colorado Henry McKee, ' 44 ... . Boulder. Co ' orado Kenneth McNatt, ' 44 . . . Loveland, Colorado Burton Peake, ' 44 ... . Boulder, Colorado John Peyton, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Fred Platts, ' 44 Boulder, Colorado Hubert Shovlin, ' 43 ... . Denver, Colorado Warren Spradling, ' 42 . . . Trinidad, Colorado Theodore Swan, ' 44 ... . Denver, Colorado Harry Viner, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Top row: Brown, Carr, Davies, Davis Second row: Fowler, Franke, Fullerton, Gurmatakis Third row: Hempt, Jackson, Johnson, Kellogg Fourth row: Lentz, Linendoll, Lund, McKee Fifth row: Mallory, Munro, Peake, Peyton Sixth row: Platts, Serafini, Shreve, Spradling Seventh row: Stanley, Stoecker, Viner, Volluz Eighth row: Williamson, Winger 319 Theta Xi Theta Xi moved into a new house far up on the hill last year, a change which the COLORADAN discovered too late to prevent a good deal of wasted paste and a good many superimposed house prints. Members of the fraternity became re- spectable citizens this year when they surrendered to the demands of propriety and the Dean by getting a house mother. Among those whose names grace the role and thereby add glory to the chap- ter are Frank Prout, varsity gymnastics letterman; Art Evans, also on the gym- nastics team; John Richardson, a mem- ber of Pi Mu Epsilon; and Bob Munson, a fledgling pilot under the University ' s CAA program. • 320 OFFICERS FRANKLIN PROUT President JOHN RICHARDSON .... Vice-President WILLIAM COODIN Treasurer ROBERT CRAY Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS FRANCIS J. CECK ALLEN S. McMASTER WALTER K. NELSON ACTIVES William Coodin, ' 41 .... Casper, Wyoming Robert Cray, ' 43 Denver, Colorado Charles Hopfinger, ' 43 . Leadville, Colorado Clair Iverson, ' 44 Ovid, Colorado John McCloud, ' 44 . . Dearborn, Michigan William Miernyk, ' 42 Durango, Colorado Robert Munson, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Franklin Prout, ' 41 . Hot Springs, Arkansas John Richardson, ' 42 .... Denver, Colorado Stanton Selby, ' 43 Denver, Colorado PLEDGES Marvin Becktell, ' 43 . . . Earlin Busch, ' 44 ... . Arthur Evans, ' 43 Donald Good, ' 44 . . . Edward Lindquist, ' 44 Wallace Miller, ' 44 . Burlinj Eugene Pilz, ' 43 ... . Robert Rollo, ' 44 ... Dan Tameresis, ' 44 Denver, Colorado Walsenburg, Colorado . Denver, Colorado . Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado ;ton Junction, Missouri Elmwood Park, Illinois Detroit, Michigan Denver, Colorado " iff! . f HI mM ' Mfm ijiii t a - ' .y Top row: Mrs. Eoston, Busch, Good, Goodin Second row: Gray, Hopfinger, Iverson, Lindquist Third row: McCloud, Miernyk, Miller, Munson Fourth row: Selby, Prout 321 D en veR fiOACH PH • 323 n°i ime CHARLES F. SNOW, A. S. P. Master Photographer • 324 GREGORY MURPHY J 1 U LJi (PoTitTialU bi (PWotoc napkij FRATERNITY AND SORORITY PHOTOGRAPHERS tor COLORADO UNIVERSITY BOULDER TEXAS UNIVERSITY AUSTIN UTAH UNIVERSITY SALT LAKE CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY BERKELEY KANSAS UNIVERSITY LAWRENCE NEVADA UNIVERSITY RENO NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY ALBUQUERQUE OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY NORMAN 1319 COLLEGE, BOULDER CRANE PIPE VALVES FITTINGS FOR WATER. STEAM. CAS AND OIL PLUMBING AND HEATING MATERIAL WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS WATER-WORKS SUPPLIES WATER SOFTENERS SEPTIC TANKS CRANE - OTALLON CO. DENVER, COLORADO PUEBLO, COLORADO • EL PASO, TEXAS • CASPER, WYOMING GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO • ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO SCOTTSBLUFF, NEBRASKA Crane Branches in All Principal Cities 325 RECORDAK service is available WE PHOTOGRAPH EVERY CHECK YOU DEPOSIT EVERY CHECK Vv E PAY AGAINST YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST NATIONAL BANK Boulder, Colorado V E SERVE AS EXECUTOR AND ADMINISTRATOR MILK BUTTER ICE CREAM C ?0 13th and V alnut Phone 401 io you ; . who will grddudtG and to you M who are proiroted V lay the plans you have made, and the dreams you have dreamed, become realities of success and happiness. Your Electrical Servant Public Service Company of Colorado • 326 You ' ve Been " Owen " Us a Visit and We ' ve Been " Owen " You a • GOOD TIME • PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS • FINE FOODS— SANDWICHES— SOFT DRINKS Sandiuich CWCNI ' X Shoppe 1100 13th Street Phone 2689 Connpliments of ARNOLD MOTOR CO. GREENMAN ' S Where your parents used to shop 1134 13th St. Phone 5 The Answer to a Girl ' s Prayer in an Individual Hairdress Co-Ed Beauty Shop 1137 13th St. Call 1249 BOOKS - SUPPLIES - SPORTING GOODS COLORADO BOOK STORE 1124 13th St. Phone 1790 University Stylist BERGHEIM ' S y RELIABLE DRY CLEANERS 1211 13th St. BOULDER • 327 GRADUATION GREETINGS! THE DENVER SEWER PIPE CLAY CO. Face Brick — Common Brick Flue Lining — Hollow Tile Graduation Greetings! PICK-A-RIB BARBECUES 2 Locations Only 3100 E. COLFAX AT ST. PAUL 7TH 8, BROADWAY AT SPEER BLVD. DENVER TABOR 7181 BROADWAY AT CURTIS ■ DENVER Graduation Greetings Happy Home Bakery Bakers of Fine Bread and Cakes GRADUATION GREETINGS to the Class of 1941 A. P. ARDOUREL Denver GRADUATION GREETINGS to the Class of 1941 MORSE BROS. MACHINERY CO. Denver • P.O. Box 1708 2900 Broadway Graduation Greetings HT -ac ROSE BOWL FLORAL E. 8th Ave. and Colorado Blvd. ' " ' Srado EMerson 3828 University _ Medical Denver School Graduation Greetings! THE SACHS-LAWLOR CO. RUBBER STAMPS, STENCILS, SEALS, BADGES, BRONZE TABLETS 1622 Stout St. 1543 Larimer St. Denver M. L Foss, Inc. Jobbers STEEL - BRASS - COPPER Industrial and Automotive Equipment Mechanical Supplies • DELTA TOOLS - SOUTH BEND LATHES • KEystone5151 1901-9 Arapahoe St. Denver GRADUATION GREETINGS! DENVER-CHICAGO TRUCKING CO. Daily Direct Service between Denver and Chicago — Denver and St. Louis — Connections for oil points 2501 Blake St. KEystone 7261 Denver GRADUATION GREETINGS! E. M. Carpenter H, C. Hibbard CARPENTER-HIBBARD OPTICAL CO. Opticians and Optometrists 1 628 WELTON ST. MAin 2065 Denver Graduation Greetings! Merchants Fire Insurance Co. " Cold Cash for Hot Ashes " KEystonc 1201 Gas Electric Bldg. Denver • 328 (Tune: Cornell) . Far below the busy campus Toward the east of town V Stands o little old log cabin, J Known as TIMBER TOWN. Lift your voices, [ Fill your glasses. Drink another down. Hail to thee, our alma mater! Hail to TIMBER TOWN. Roxy ' s Timber Tavern 24TH AND ARAPAHOE For Thoughtful Expression with Flowers SEE STURTZCOPELAND 1 500 Arapahoe St. Phone 2300 Compliments of Mercantile Bank and Trust Co. PEG ' S PANTRY FOOD OF DISTINCTION Hor ' s D ' Oeuvres - Smorgasbord On the Hill 1313 College Phone 1203 | 1 PHOTOGRAPHS of DISTINCTION THE PALACE STUDIOS 1223 Penn. 1911 12th St. CHEVROLET The World Leader in Value and Sales PIKE CHEVROLET CO. TIT Boulder, Colo. Phone 42 THE HOWE MORTUARY Church Funeral Home Ambulance Service Spruce Street at Eleventh • 329 KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE CO. J. T. Allen, Manager COLORADO— WYOMING— MONTANA 1034 Gas Electric BIdg. MAin 2291 Denver Graduation Greetings! BLUE GOOSE CAFE 1658 7th St. KEystone9202 DENVER Good Luck, C. U. E. C. HORNE MACHINERY CO. 315E. C. Building TAbor7015 Denver GRADUATION GREETINGS! Pat Patience and Western Auto Supply Co. Denver DICKINSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 1441 WELTON STREET KEYSTONE 1448 DENVER Day or Evening Classes Placement Service Secretarial and Business Courses for High School Graduates and College Students GRADUATION GREETINGS DIETER BOOKBINDING CO. Better Bindings for Library and School Books 1 130 23RD ST. MAIN 3054 DENVER Graduation Greetings to the Class of 1941 MEAT CUTTERS LOCAL No. 634 J. A. Bonnell, Jr. INSURANCE BLDG. DENVER Graduation Greetings THE MERCHANTS BISCUIT COMPANY Graduation Congratulations! MERRIT D. VONDY 404 Denver Theatre Bldg. MAin 1037 Denver " Your Supreme Bakers " Denver Graduation Greetings! C.A.CROSTA, INC. Fenestra Steel Windows — Mueller Warm Air Heating Air Conditioning Equipment 1830 MARKET ST. KEYSTONE 4227 DENVER If you have not visited the SENATE LOUNGE You Hove Missed Something Already Famous from Coast to Coast Located in the Argonaut Hotel Denver • 330 V roohd ' jruuber . . . The . . . Boulder Green Houses Our Service Has Given Satisfaction for More Than Thirty Years Twelfth at First Avenue Phone 555 ART IN FOOTWEAR FOR MEN and WOMEN 2026 Twelfth For Quality Products oulder City Bakery Phone 955 or 954 1 Where College Men Trade REINERT ' S Varsity Town and Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes Happy Jack ' s Oasis Boulder ' s Newest Drive- In Hamburgers " SO DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT " They ' re Fried In Butter 12th and Pearl Streets 1719 12th St. HaVQ you tried firestone CHIC-IN THE NU-WAY AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORES TIRES BAI IbRIES • SPARK PLUGS RIB PLAZA BARBECUE » 1 f BRAKE LINING • AUTO SUPPLIES 1600 12th St. 1 753 13th Opposite Court House Boulder, Colorado • 331 Graduation Greetings! ELK COAL CO. All Grades of Soft and Hard Coals MAin 5335 Denver COMPLIMENTS OF W. A. McCREW C. W. CAMPBELL Suite 1117, Security Building DENVER, COLORADO PATRONIZE COLORADAN ADVERTISERS Graduation Greetings to C. U. and Alumni THOMAS A. DINES Denver THE BALDWIN PIANO CO. Baldwin Acrosonic Hamilton-Howard Denver ' s O nly Exclusive Piano Store 1623 California St., Denver MAin 2285 Graduation Greetings Inter-State Radio Supply Co. " Everything in Radio " Denver ' s Pioneer Radio Distributor 1639 Tremont, Denver TAbor 5347 Graduation Greetings! E. B. Clayton Plumbing and Heating Established 1901 REPAIRING OUR SPECIALTY ESTIMATES ON ALL WORK Nites: EAst 0298 EAst 5000 2408 E. Colfax, Denver Greetings to C. U. and Alumni Otis Elevator Co. . y- l. PP Sii i Insuring the title against disputes is rapidly be- coming established cus- tom among owners of real estate. 1540 Cleveland Place MAin 0696 DENVER The TITLE GUARANTY Co. Denver, Colo. • Home of Landon Abstracts • 332 Hoskins-Beatty Oldsmobile Co. CHerry 5475 1 1 47 Broadway Denver i GRADUATION GREETINGS HAMILTON GLEASON CO. PREMIXED OIL PAVEMENTS WAREHOUSE AND GARAGE FLOORS TAbor 8622 505 Tramway BIdg. Denver " When you can MEASURE what you are speaking about you KNOW something about it. " — Lord Kelvin HATHAWAY INSTRUMENT COMPANY SPECIAL DEVELOPMENTS CONSULTING Specialists in Develooment, Design, Manufacture and Ap- plication of Instruments and Devices for ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS INDUSTRIAL PROCESS CONTROL Office: 1315 S. Clarkson Ph. SPruce 9086 Denver JULIUS VON TOBEL Certified Public Accountant Chamber of Commerce Building KEystone 2780 DENVER BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1941 SECURITY LIFE AND ACCIDENT CO. LIFE, ACCIDENT, HEALTH IN- SURANCE HOSPITALIZATION This is the company that insures the organized athletics of the University of Colorado against accident Continental Oil BIdg. KEystone 721 1 DENVER Best Wishes from FRANK McLaughlin Referee in Bankruptcy Symes Bldg. Denver READY MIXED CONCRETE COMPANY Specification Concrete for Every Day in the Year National Carloading Corp. A. H. KRAFT • 1901 16th St. MAin3258 Denver L. S. PRANNAN F. P. SPRATI FN, JR. 4800 Brighton Blvd. KEystone 6444 Denver ARTHUR L. BALDWIN Certified Public Accountant Fontius Building Denver WM. AINSWORTH SONS, INC. Manufacturers of Analytical and Assay Balances and Weights Engineering and Scientific Instruments 2151 LAWRENCE ST. DENVER, COLO. 7) COLORADAN ADVERTISING T r MEANS Mmf ' NATIONAL 2| RECOGNITION Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 Justice B. C. Hilliard DENVER • 333 HE PUBLISHERS PRESS ROOM BINDERY COMPANY § We greatly appreciate receiving the order for printing and binding the 1941 COLORADAN DENVER COLORADO . !► ■•■ r: 7Wmi m -s rj ' Afmt ' t » -s ry if-mt iW »:Tyj ' ifim . " 334 FACULTY INDEX Agapetus, N. A., 203, 307 Alexander, Gordon, 19 Allen, Frank D., 19 Arden, Fred E., 20, 210 Arthur, William R., 285, 319 Aspinwall, Leo V., 213 B Barnard, H. R., 285 Bass, M. A., 221 Bauer, F. S., 204 Bauer, W. S., 226 Beattie, W. S., 226 Bedell, Florence, 217 Bernard, W,, 210, 285 Bitter, C. R., 221, 295 Black, Grace, 210 Blair, Julian, 295 Bond, Eugene A., 19, 317 Borgmann, Carl W., 19, 24, 203 Bouslog, J., 285 Brown, Lydia M., 19, 22, 27, 210, 273, 282 Broxon, James W., 2 1 Bushee, 210 Cage, John M., 215 Campbell, E. R., 19 Carlson, Harry, 19, 22 Cole, Lawrence W., 19, 317 Cox, Forrest, 3 1 3 Cox, Roy A., 224 Cramer, E. H., 213, 311 Crane, C. N., 299 Craven, Grace, 265 Crispin, R., 307 Crockett, Earl M., 24 C osman, Ralph L., 20 Cuthbertson, Stewart, 224, 303 D Donlelson, R. W., 285 Dean, P. M., 285, 319 DeMuth, L., 313 Derham, M. G., 285 Dobbins, George S., 204, 210, 226 Douglass, Harl R., 19, 21 Downing, R. L., 285, 287 Drommond, Fred G., 221, 285 Duggan, Helen, 263 Dunham, Rowland W., 19, 20 Dunn, William, 299 DuVall, W. C, 215 Eostom, Frank A., 215, 287 Easton, D. Mack, 205, 214 Eckel, Clarence L., 23, 285, 287 Eckhardt, Carl C, 210, 297 Ellsworth, Ralph E., 221 Evans, Herbert, 19, 22, 215 Foye, Paul-Louis, 224 Fehlmann, Hazel, 210, 217, 218 Fey, Vernon O., 307 Fischer, Vol B., 19, 210, 297 Fisher, Howard J., 301 Fisher, William D., 289 Franklin, W. B., 213, 303 Frumess, Gerald, 309 Fullerton, G. G., 19, 207, 213 Furis, Livingston, 301 Geek, F., 212, 312 Germann, Frank E., 210 Gilbert, O. M., 303 Graham, Donald, 291 Grant, Alexander, 285 Gustavson, R. G., 223, 319 H Hall, William, 285 Harrington, E. W., 205, 214 Hawley, C. K., 303 Heim, Harold C, 221 Hoffmeister, Harold, 295 Holden, Dr., 299 Holubar, LeRoy, 215 Houston, Clifford, 24, 299 Hutchinson, Charles, 295 Hylan, M. C, 210, 217 J Johnson, Edna, 218 Jones, H. A., 220, 285 Kempner, Aubrey J., 23, 210 Kendrick, H, W., 207, 213, 287 Keininger, Clara Louise, 22 King, Edward C, 19, 20, 313 Knows, Mabel, 273 Kuentzel, L. E., 220 Loff, H. I., 309 Lam, William C, 24, 313 Louth, R. W., 226 Leh, L. L, 210 Lester, O. C, 19, 21, 317 Lewis, R. C, 285 LeVeque, Ebolee, 210 LeVeque, Norma, 271 Lof, G. O., 203 Long, V. O., 311 Loughran, Vernon, 210 M McCormick, C. M., 215 McKeehan, Irene, 279 McKinley, Carl D., 19 McMaster, A. S., 321 McMillan, Hugh E., 220, 285 Mabee, Zell, 287 Mollory, W. F., 226, 264, 287 Marshall, Pauline, 224 Martin, Dorothy, 279 Mills, Clifford, W., 19 Moore, E. A., 210 Morris, H. L., 207, 213 Mugrage, E. R., 285 Murphy, Richard, 205, 214 N Nelson, W. K., 321 Niehaus, F. R., 213 Norlin, Dr. George, 210 Nyland, W. S., 210 o O ' Connell, E. E., 226 O ' Doy, David, 221, 295 Ogiivy, Jack D., 210 Poulmer, H. M., 215 Parker, N. A., 204, 226, 285 Pekrul, Leota, 269 Peterson, Elmore, 21, 207, 213 Pietenpol, W. B., 24 Poe, C. C, 221, 285, 303 Pons, Frank, 301 Quam, Q Louis, 297 Raeder, Warren, 19, Rackhom, Eric, 210 Redick, J., 224 287 Rees, Maurice H., 22, 301 Reynolds, George F., 23 Reynolds, Henry Etta, 275 Rieder, Miriam, 224 Robbins, Leslie F., 303 Romanes, R., 305 Russell, Katherine, 275 Sample, Dewey, 289 Sayre, E., 287 Schmidt, M. F., 211,213, 221 Sibell, M., 212 Sloton, W. H., 207, 213,299 Smercheck, Lillian, 263 Solin, 210 Sowers, Don C, 213, 299 Spencer, F. R., 303 Sprowls, J. B., 227 Stearns, R. L., 19, 210, 291 Stengel, Therese K., 210 Storke, Fred, 291 Swain, Ida, 218, 281 Swisher, Earl, 210 Tepley, K., 210 Thomon, W. H., 285 Thompson, P. V., 311 Thompson, W., 297 Toepelman, W. C, 295 Troutman, Nellie, 210 u Udick, Bernice, 224 Underwood, Willis O., 299 Voille, Rebecca W., 281 Van Ek, Jacob, 19, 20 Veozie, Walter B., 23 w Wagner, C. A., 226, 285 Wohlstrom, E. E., 31 1 Wakeham, Glen, 221 Warner, Ralph E., 224 Washburn, Homer C, 19, 21, 221, 285, 299 Wasley, R. S., 213 Wough, R., 299 Wheldon, Marjorie, 224 Whitehead, R. W., 285 Williams, Anno, 217, 218 Witt, N. F., 221, 285 Wolcott, F. H., 207, 291 Wolcott, R. B. Mrs., 224 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Howard Edwin, 96, 315 Abbott, Lorena, 217 Abel, Ann Elizabeth, 275 Aborn, Foye Byron Abrahams, Cecelia Peria, 64 Acre, Carol, 96, 1 99 Adamkewech, Adeline Marie, 210, 222 Adams, Doris Bernice, 96, 216 Adams, John Easton, 303 Adier, Richard Leedy, 301 Agapetus, N. A., 307 Ahlberg, Rodney Alfred, 315 Albert, Jeanne, 273 Alde n, Lee Halbert, 201, 208 Aldendifer, James Collins, 297 Aldendifer, Marianne Burgess, 68, 200 Alderman, John Edward, 311 Alexander, C. Houston, 88, 197, 206, 220, 315 Alford, Helen Jeanette, 88, 281 Alford, Wayne Alexander, 204 Allen, Elizabeth, 68, 281 Allen, John Thomos, Jr., 68, 202, 291 Allen, Luello Lone, 200, 229 Allen, Margaret Louise, 88, 196, 275 Allen, Raymond Christopher, 313 Allen, Susonne Gene Haughey, 40, 269 Allum, Charles Edward, 305 Alpert, Arnold Burton, 40, 309 Alpert, Theodore Robert, 221 Amis, Jean Torian, 194, 212, 239, 276, 277, 282 Ammonn, Harold Hildreth, 203 Amonette, Mozelle Fannie, 68 Anderson, Alberta Shirley, 88 Anderson, Alvon J., 96, 307 Anderson, Duane Frederick, 88 Anderson, Ernie Harvey, 40 Anderson, Howard Alexander, 199, 235 Anderson, Marjorie Moe, 68, 194, 209, 238 Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, 87 Anderson, Merlin Russell, 31 1 Anderson, Richard LaVerne, 88 And erson, Robert Kerwood, 96, 315 Andrew, Olive Louise, 88, 199, 263 Andrews, Betty Ross, 40, 64, 224 Angel, Eleanor Louise, 216 Anno, Paul Lawrence, 88 Appel, Walter Michael, 88, 201, 288, 289 Archibald, James Glenn, 297 Argall, William W., 293 Armitage, Virginia, 96 Armstrong, Betty Jane, 40, 234 Armstrong, June Harriet, 68 Armstrong, Patricio, 277 Armstrong, Sue Frances, 277 Arnold, Christian Kieffer, 228 Arnold, Josephine Marie, 234 Arnold, Richard Carlton, 1 56 Ashby, Gerald Joseph, 85, 291 Aspinwall, James Walter, 291 Atkeison, Agnes Ann, 88, 234 Atkins, Dale Morell, 313 Atkinson, David Gates, 85, 297 Aulinskis, Peter Joseph, 68 Austin, Betty Lou, 40, 279 Austin, Jane, 269 Augustine, Mattie Lois, 87 Ayer, Robert Clay, 40, 315 B Babcock, Elizabeth May, 68 Bacheller, Frank Flanagan, 297 Bochmon, Edith Alice, 96, 217, 269 Boier, Clement Michael, 207 Bain, Edward McNoir, 88, 198, 199, 204, 220 Bains, Robert Reese, 40 Bakorich, Nickie, 295 Baker, Dorothy Josephine, 40, 238 Baker, Elbert E., 293 Baker, Elizabeth, 96 Baker, Martin W., 198, 235 Baker, Maxwell Reed, 315 Baker, Virgin Raymond, 231 Bolderston, George Glen, 206 Boll, Jock Wadsworth, 301 Ball, Mary Ellen, 219, 281, 282 Bolleison, Robert Norman William, 88 Boltch, Julius Joseph, 221 Barber, James Wilford, 289 Barber, Sally Ann, 63, 88, 279 Borbour, Elizabeth May, 96, 273 335 • Barbour, William Ernest, 301 Barela, Raymond, 221 Barker, Mary Louise, 96, 273 Barnes, Frances Marian, 96, 269 Barnes, Marjorie MyrI, 269 Barnes, Robert Earle, 156, 307 Barnett, Robert Charles, 294, 295 Barney, Glenn Horvey, 63, 237 Borngrover, Robert Glen, 85 Baroch, George Frank, 222 Borr, Joqueline Marie, 40, 238 Barrett, Coronelle Campbell, 68, 209, 210, 238, 281 Barris, Don Frederick Von, 297 Barry, Donald Sheoron, 40, 201, 31 1 Barry, Patricia, 40, 271 Bartels, Barbara, 40, 279 Bartels, Martha Caroline, 68, 265 Barth, Jock Edward, 40, 204 Bortimus, Fred O ' Neil, 40, 213 Bartlett, Richard Adorns, 205, 313 Bartram, John Webster, 41, 64, 124, 288, 289 Bartram, Marian Louise, 88, 196, 281 Boshford, Ronald Lee, 199 Bashore, Harry William, 68, 313 Basinger, Alan Alvorde, 63 Bosinger, Bonnie Belle, 41, 63, 200 Basinger, Clinton Cloire, 197, 201 Boss, Bert Lee, 231, 283, 299 Boss, Helen Ruth, 22) Bassett, Morion Gould, 263 Botes, Esther Virginia, 68, 222 Bauer, Gerald, 229 Boughmon, Mildred, 86, 87 Baum, Nathan Lee, 63, 205 Beober, Howard Charles, 41, 201 Beach, Mary Bundy, 275 Beomer, Georgia Marguerite, 265 Beomer, June Louise, 271 Beard, Berniece Marie, 88 Beard, Margaret Jane, 277 Beavers, James Clifford, 295 Beck, Ivan Grover, Jr., 313 Beck, Lewis Alfred, 41, 215, 232, 3H Beck, Ronald Eugene, 41 Becker, John Joseph, 201 297 Becker, Lucille Helen, 63, 88, 222 Becktell, Marvin Jock, 321 Beerbohm, Horry Seery, 301 Beers, Burton Woodward, 228 305 Beers, Sylvester Piper, 301 Beery, Jean Louise, 88 Bein, Margaret Jane, 41, 88 196, 200, 275 Bekins, Robert, 68, 305 Bell, Donald Manby, 31 1 Bell, Margery Nixon, 279 Bell, Maryanno, 68, 263, 282 Bell, Sarah Jane, 217, 238 Bemis, Edwin Arnold, Jr. 41 293 Bennett, Barbara, 96, 279 Bennett, Betty Dolores, 237 Bennett, Charles, 41, 85 Bennett, Don Sparks, 96, 297 Bennett, Kenneth Stephen, 204, 216, 233 Bennion, Ben Wimmer, 68 156, 297 Benson, Henry Ross, 41, 203 Berardi, Ida Joyce, 63 Bercin, Bette Jane, 96 Berenboum, Zelie A., 309 Berenbeim, Abraham Lincoln 309 • 336 Bergman, Edwin Andrew, 199 Bergman, Robert Herman, 207, 284, 285 Bergren, Feme Eloise, 217 Bermboch, Florence Louise, 68, 224, 271 Bernstein, Phillip Maurice, 63, 124 Berry, John Champion, 291 Berry, Robert Gerald, 222 Berrymon, Alfred Keith, 96, 197 Eerueffy, Robert Ryan, 64 Berwick, James Dougles, 199, 31 I Best, Elizabeth Dean, 96, 263 Best, Jane Hazard, 69 Bible, Anno Marie, 234 Bickford, Jonathan Morton, 199 Biegle, Albert Cisler, 41, 206, 313, Regino R., 87 Billings, Donald Eorl, 237 Billington, Wilbur Theodore, 96 Birk, Mary Frances, 41, 228 Bischoff, Mortin Earl, 206, 311 Bixler, Virginia Audry, 69 Black, Barbara Luanne, 96, 265 Blackburn, Dorothy Virginia, 88, 269 Blaine, Elaine E., 265 Bloke, Venus Ruth, 69, 233 Blokemoor, Wyott D., 313 Blakey, William Austin, 285 Blanchard, Mary Ann, 212 Blonkenship, Townsend Edward, 96 Bliss, Wolter Ernest, 85, 291 Blomgren, Dorothy Elaine, 96, 227, 275 Bloom, Ben Ralph, 203, 309 Bloomquist, Charles David, 221, 223 Boatman, Mary Kotherine, 212 Bootright, Mary Ester, 210 Bootwright, Robert Brant, 221, 297 Bockstein, Sylvia, 88 Boehm, John Vance, 88, 317 Bohocci, Leo Guido, 199, 223 Bonoto, Louis Nicholas, 63, 222 Bond, Betty Joe, 271 Bone, Jock Norman, 41, 221 Boner, Robert Edgar, 201, 313 Bonham, Robert Guyer, 85, 303 Boormon, Erie Von, 41, 156, 157, 195, 207, 213, 300, 301 Boost, Albert Thomas, 297 Bosco, Henry Alvin, 96 Bosin, Calvin Stewort, 315 Bosin, Priscillo Ann, 275 Boss, Regina, 88, 217 Boutcher, Benjamin Clarence, 88, 199 Bowen, Alice Eleanor, 41, 273 Bowen, Emma Frances, 88, 199, 201 Bowers, Royce Lee, 297 Bowie, Elizabeth, 275 Bowie, Ruth Justine, 275 Bowies, Walter A., 41, 221 Bowman, Ernest Dexter, 297 Bowman, Robert Bruce, 311 Boyd, Berlin, Jr., 41, 65, 124 225, 232, 297 Boyd, Richard L., 42, 215, 285 Boyle, Richard Earle, 69, 303 Brace, Robert Floyd, 69, 204, 226 Brackenbury, Barbara Belle, 96, 227, 281 Bradley, Roland Frederick, 317 Bradley, William Newell, 307 Bradley, William Whitney, 96 Brodshaw, Joel C. Ill, 88, 221 Bradt, Virginia Helen, 281 Bragg, George Scott, 299 Brainord, Christy Lou, 42, 271 Broinerd, Arthur Edward, 42, 203, 228, 292 Broinerd, Clarice Arlene, 69, 200, 233, 263 Brandt, Mourice Sheldon, 303 Brandt, Sheldon, 96 Rro.nt, Walter P., 305 Brontly, Theodore Lee, Jr., 297 Browner, John Douglas, 42, 65, 201, 208, 225, 232, 312, 313 Bray, Lyie, 42, 65, 200, 232 Broyton, Priscillo Gifford, 69, 281 Bredow, Hosso Graf Von, 210, 233 Breier, Edmund Fred, 205, 235 Brendle, Ralph C, 42, 201 Breesee, William Nelson, 69, 199 Bricken, Doris G., 216, 234 Bridenbough, Richord Boird, 69, 206, 291 Bridgens, James Getty, 305 Brill, J. Marty, 213, 302, 303 Brinkley, Joseph Wilhelm, 198 Brinton, William Thomas, 303 Bristol, Mary Kay, 96, 227 Bristol, Roy Dale, 156, 195, 299 Brittell, Rachel Mae, 69, 269 Brittin, Wesley Emil, 225 Brogd, Le Ella Margery, 42, 224 Brocesky, Frank Thomas, 1 99 Brockwoy, Willard Waldo, 42, 204, 315 Broderick, Ruth Arlette, 96, 200 Brodie, John Cameron, 222 Brokaw, Beverly Gibson, 275 Broncucio, Antoinette Rose, 96 Bronstein, Arthur Leonard, 63 Bronstein, Herbert Martin, 63, 69, 127 Brose, Dorothy Louise, 63, 210 Brotzmon, Donold Glen, 291 Brower, Bruce Morton, 96, 305 Brown, Barbara, 88, 96, 227, 233 Brown, Barbara Irene, 69 Brown, Clement McKune, 125, 293 Brown, Douglas Kirby, 313 Brown, George Edward, 1 99 Brown, Jean, 275 Brown, Lawrence Dillord, 202, 215, 225, 235 Brown, Lois Jean, 96, 265 Brown, Myron Lewis, 221 Brown, Robert Paul Bruce, 319 Brown, Wilbur Clyde, 42, 306, 307 Bruce, Aldon, Jr., 63, 88 Brunton, Betty June, 236 Bryan, Howard Criffield, 42, 201 Bryan, Wilma Jean, 69 Bryant, Betty Anne, 275 Bryant, Robert Edman, 42, 205, 283, 31 1 Bryce, Joe, 225 Bucholz, Frederick Towie, 291 Buckingham, Alice Morgoret, 42, 209, 219, 263 Bucknom, Joseph, 313 Buester, Shirley Durand, 196, 200, 277 Buffo, Martin Andy, 225 Bullock, LeRoy, 221 Bunger, Howard, 201 Burger, James Maxwell, 96, 291 Burke, Betty Lenor, 88, 196, 200, 229, 238, 277 Burley, Gertrude Louise, 265 Burnham, Catherine Mary, 42, 238 Burnstein, Abraham Harold, 88 Burred, June Marie, 42 Boyd, David, 42, 203, 313 Burrows, Zelto, 96, 281 Busby, L. Mino, 297 Busch, Earlin, LeRoy, 321 Bush, Walden Everette, 69, 305 Bushnell, Elvin Emery, 42, 203 Buskirk, Frank Joseph, 221 Butterfield, Rupert Benwoy, 313 Button, Virginia Arvillo, 42, 67, 218, 275 Byrd, Doniel Hammond, 97 Byrne, Joe Lemuel, 69, 204, 226, 232, 31 1 Cobibi, Sobio, 84 Cofky, William Morris, 85 Colderwood, Stanford Matson, 69, 124 Colderwood, Wayne Dixon, 97 Coldwell, Maurice Reed, 43 Callaway, Ermo Ruth, 40, 63, 70, 225, 237, 238, 239, 264, 265 Calverley, Lola May, 97 Cameron, Douglas Edmund, 70, 206 Cameron, Patricia Ann, 70, 277 Compbell, Agnes Blanche, 43 Campbell, Anno Marguerite, 43, 218, 219 Campbell, Edwin David, 221 Campbell, Elizabeth Frances, 97 Campbell, Leonard Martin, 43, 85, 219, 222 Campbell, William Arthur, 207, 295 Corbutt, Alice Botes, 43 Card, Justin R., 195, 302, 303 Garden, Anno Mae, 88, 227 Carlson, Betty Louise, 263 Corlson, Delmon Richard, 64, 205, 219 Carlson, Elmer G., 43 Carlson, Suzanne, 97, 227, 281 Corman, Curtis Charles, 216 Carman, Ernest Day, 97, 313 Cormosino, Jo, 88, 196, 199 Carpenter, Frank, 199 Carpenter, Helen, 219 Carpenter, Phyllis Kotherine, 70 Carpenter, William Charles, 70 Corr, Doris Lowler, 265 Corr, John Eorl, 156, 157, 299 Corr, John Winfield, 319 Corr, Kotherine Lydo, 97 Corr, Robert Frank, 297 Carr, Tommy, 88, 222 Carrico, Helen Patricio, 273 Carrington, Janet Adele, 70, 209, 281 Carroll, Adoh Louise, 196, 216 Carroll, George Lenz, 97, 297 Carroll, William Francis, 89, 222, 297 Carson, Donald Edward, 63 Carson, James Edward, 202, 216, 225 Carter, Dixie Ella Louise, 200 Carter, Elisabeth Gene, 70, 277 Carter, Robert Page, 97. 293 Carver, Harold Eorl, 237, 291 Cory, John Robert, 199 Cose, Douglas, 43, 201, 311 Case, Margaret, 70, 201, 216 Castle, Raymond W., 223 Gates, William C, 305 Cotlin, Arnold D., 221 Chadbourne, Corobelle Living- ston, 43, 281 Chamberlain, Robert Bruce, 43, 65, 216 Chang, Tun Yin, 210 Chapman, Charles William, 199, 202, 220, 235 Chapman, Grace Elizabeth, 199, 271 Chapman, Virgina, 237 Chartier, Shirley Pearl, 89, 275 Chase, Peggy Dawson, I 22, 227, 228, 278, 279 Chose, Mortho, 87 Chesney, Lee Roy, 303 Chiang, Yoo, 210 Chick, William S., 230, 319 Chinn, Joseph Yeow, 210, 233, 235 Chitwood, Douglas Charles, 63, 230, 317 Choun, Joseph Mile, 285 Christensen, Darlene Helen, 70 Christensen, Edward C, 221, 223 Christian, Mildred Alice, 234 Christopher, J. Richard, 70, 297 Christy, Betty Ann, 279 Chrysler, Theodore Hershey, 315 Church, Eugene, 70, 307 Churches, Georgia Mae, 199 Churidis, Robert Peter, 89 Clark, Christine, 97, 267 Clark, Donald Ernest, 43, 204, 289 Clark, Duncan, 63, 124 Clark, Emma Josephine, 70, 277 Clark, George Morgan, 317 Clark, Horry, Jr., 97 Clark, Paul Gordon, 63, 205 Clarke, Laurence Gordon, 199, 311 Clarke, Marcio Elizabeth, 70, 227, 269 Clarke, Terrel Edward, 315 Clatworthy, Barbara Louise, 279 Claus, Dorothy Jean, 43, 277 Clayton, Leslie Allison, 43, 201, 207, 232 Cleland, Jane, 70, 271 Cleland, Peter Emery, 292, 293 Clements, Helen Jeanne, 277 Click, Marion Harvey, 302, 303 Clifford, Dorothy Bell, 43 Cline, Jack Martin, 70, 222, 317 Clingmon, Geraldine Ruth, 43 Clow, Donol Bruce, 293 Clutter, Joseph Sullivan, 70, 206, 289 Cobb, James Everett, 303 Coburn, Alan Atherton, 203, 297 Cochran, Dorothy Viola, 89, 217 Cochran, Norbert Steele, 97, 307 Coe, Harry Edwin, 43, 200, 303 Coffin, Barbara Ann, 44, 200, 265, 282 Cogdell, Carolyn Evelyn, 277 Coghlon, Terry James, 315 Cohan, Eleanor Reevo, 89 Cohenour, William Edward, 305 Coit, Hubert Arthur, 307 Colburn, Wanda Lenore, 97, 227 Cole, Donald Garth, 299 Colglozier, Merle Lee, 199 Colley, Nancy Belle, 89 Collier, J. P., 311 Collins, Harold Douglass, 44 Collins, Margaret Ann, 89, 21 1, 221, 269 Colter, Kathleen Sue, 281 Colvin, Elaine P., 70, 194, 21 1, 268, 269, 282 Colwell, Walton Byron, 201 216 Combs, Evelyn Margueritte, 97 Combs, Jay Everett, 44, 301 Condon, John Vincent, 85, 31 1 Condon, William Richard, 31 1 Conkling, William Ralph, 44, 283, 289 Conley, James Junior, 199, 221 Conn, Eric Edward, 97 Conn, Herbert William, 44, 65, 202, 215, 216, 225 Conway, Mary Louise, 275 Cook, Betty Marie, 334 Cook, Groce Spencer, 210 Cook, Harold Victor, 44, 65, 128, 225, 226, 232, 283, 309 Cook, Lawrence Hugh, 210 Cook, Morion Louise, 64, 219 Cooke, Ralph W., 285 Coon, Minor J., 89, 198, 235 Cooper, Catherine Josephine, 210, 228 Cooper, Glenn Hill, 70, 221, 223, 315 Cooper, Thomas Hamilton, 291 Cope, Paul, 156, 157 Copelond, Anne, 70, 228, 263 Copelond, Ido Ann, 229, 238 Corbin, Warren Luther, 317 Corbo, Robert Louis, 89, 221 Corlett, Mary Edith, 221, 234 Cornelius, Morjorie Ann, 44, 271 Corning, William Creoghe, 307 Corske, Harvey, 221 Corske, Sylvia Simo, 44, 199, 200, 210, 219 Corson, Marion Hazle, 70, 218, 275 Costello, Raymond Fredrick, 97 Coulson, Herbert Murray, 44, 285 Counce, Robert Earnest, 199 Counley, Richard Toillion, 44, 291 Counter, Helen Marguerite, 281 Cowden, James Harp, 44, 63, 211, 310, 311 Cowdery, George Sabin, Jr., 97, 199 Cowen, Homer Charles, 199, 233 Cowgill, Florence Ellen, 89, 200 Cox, Bert George, 303 Cox, Esther Lorraine, 267 Cozzetto, Frank Joseph, 89, 199, 221 Grain, Warren Richards, 313 Crondall, John Chester, 297 Crane, William Hunter, 299 Creoghe, John St. George, 303 Creoghe, Lawrence Bundick, 213, 303 Creese, J. Loren, 156, 299 Criley, Mary Elizabeth, 89, 196, 216, 271 Crippen, Elizabeth Frances, 44, 63 Crispin, Robert LeRoy, 307 Crites, Melvin Vivian, 315 Croke, Autrey Raymond, 291 Crompton, William John, 303 Crooks, Sheridan Russell, 65, 225 Cross, John Buford, 89 Cross, Otto Joy, 231 Crosswhite, Doris Ruth, 70 Crosswhite, Gwen, 89, 1 96, 277 Crowe, Stanley Reed, 213, 297 Crowell, Dorothy, 44, 221 Crowner, Kirk Morse, 299 Crum, Anthony Christian, 289 Crum, Morris Joseph, 289 Crumley, Lewis William, 70 Cruz, Edward Orlando, 222 Crysler, Edwin Walter, Jr., 97 Cumings, John Gerald, 44, 65, 70, 226, 305 Cunningham, Betty Louise, 279 Cunningham, Louis Wyborn, 70, 291 Cunningham, Robert Neil, 65, 70, 200, 215, 225 Cunningham, Shirley, 89, 281 Curlee, Wayne Sterling, 291 Currier, Alice Beatrice, 199 Curry, Vernell White, 206, 315 Curtan, John Edward, 297 Curtis, Doris, 233 Curtis, George William, 201, 289 Curtis, Glenn Emerson, 89, 197, 198 Curtis, Lois Louise, 70, 216 Curtis, Shirley Jean, 97, 200, 273 Curwen, Jacques William, 201 Custonce, Adele Louise, 70, 122, 281 Cutting, Janet Eileen, 63, 70 Dole, Frances Eileen, 222 Dole, Robert, 319 Dome, Roy David, 221 Daniels, Patricia Doris, 196, 200 Dorden, William Henry, 85, 313 David, Morton Morris, 65, 198, 203, 224, 232 Davidson, llene, 89 Davidson, John Daniel, 71, 285 Dovies, Rees Howell, 71, 202, 319 Davis, Betty Jane, 71, 269 Davis, Betty Louise, 263 Davis, Charles, 219 Davis, Daniels, 202 Davis, James Bradley, 203, 225 Davis, Janice Virginia, 89 Davis, Molbert Cody, 3 1 3 Davis, Maxine Elizabeth, 97 Davis, Orin Daniel, 89, 197, 319 Davis, Phyllis Anne, 89, 275 Davis, Robert Sawin, 200 Davis, William Dole, 237 Davisson, William Kennedy, 44, 207, 317 Dawson, Dick, 203, 3 1 5 Day, James Barker, 84 Day, Margaret Wells, 89 Day, Scott, Jr., 311 Deom, Richard Alan, 97 Dean, Marshall Eugene, 97 de Bell, Millicent, 267 de Beque, Wallace A., 301 de Beukelaer, Frances Jeanne, 97, 227, 269 Decesaro, Alfred Michele, 210, 222 Decker, Robert Bruce, 71, 213, 303 Decive, John Raphael, 201, 208, 216, 225 Deeb, Goro A., 210 Deffenbough, Monon Lee, 89, 217 Deffke, James Robert, 291 DeKolb, Duane, 291 Delaney, Mary Edith, 97 Dellinger, Mary Edwino, 89, 277 Deli.qucdfi, Carmen i_eonard, 210, 219 Delliquodri, Wendo Anne, 210, 219 DeMott, Robert Earl, 84 Denckia, Barbara, 97, 227, 277 Denham, Francie, 87 Denig, George Jacob, 97, 297 Denton, Harry Donald, 72, 221, 301 DeSouchet, William Osman, 311 Devalon, Eorle Waldo, 45, 65, 124, 232, 295, 314, 315 Devalon, Esther Doretta, 196, 217, 273 Devendorf, Dorothy, 87 Dewey, Robert Hastings, 45 Dexter, Ida Carolyn, 279 Dexter, Robert Burns, 317 Dhanes, Lawrence Hugh, 235 Dickinson, John Ray, 297 Dickinson, Sarah Lenore, 45, 269 Diez, James Adrian, 199 Dilts, Ira Joy, 65, 202, 215, 225 Dimmitt, Betty, 72, 269, 227 Divisek, Jo Anne, 45, 123, 125, 281 Dixon, Jean, 89 Dixon, David Frank, 89, 291 Dixon, Mary Frances, 97 Door, William Thomas, Jr., 97, 291 Dobbs, William Fisher, 198, 203, 205, 305 Dobbins, George Spillane, 216, 233 Dobbins, Virginia Maud, 63, 64 Docter, Eugene Wilson, 45, 201 Dodson, Stanley Leroy, 3 1 0, 311 Doll, Robert William, 291 Dome, Gerald Leon, 221, 222, 313 Donnen, Earl Martin, 72, 199, 204 Donnen, Jane Elizabeth, 275 Donnen, Royal Charles, 315 Donnen, William, 317 Donsky, Benjamin, 203 Dorris, James McMillan, 315 Dorsey, John M., 45, 313 Dostol, Adele Catherine, 45, 200, 273 Doty, Don Daniel, 221 Doty, Earl Edward, 45 Douden, Paul Alfred, Jr., 72, 292, 293 Douglass, Dorothy Ann, 210, 227 Douglass, Fred David, 287 Douglass, Zanna Marion, 72, 281 Dowling, John Clarkson, 45, 63, 64, 219, 224, 228 Downing, Robert Ralph, 301 Doyle, Donald Richard, 295 Dreckman, Harold Gene, 317 Dressier, Robert Lyie, 89 Drexel, Kothryn Francis, 210 Drinkwoter, Joan, 27, 281 Driscoll, Robert Edward, Jr., 85 Dubois, Warren Harding, 89, 295 Dudgeon, Jean Louise, 45, 227, 269 Dudgeon, Richard Ernest, 291 Duffy, Ben King, 45, 297 Duke, Dick Harding, 84 Dukes, Paul Clifton, 45, 204, 226, 283, 304, 305 Dumm, James Byron, 303 Dunlavy, Harrison Allen, 204 Dunn, Donn Emerson, 297 Dunn, Genevieve Emma, 275 Dunn, Paul Joseph, 31 1 Duponte, Harold, 84 Durham, Franklin Potton, 89, 199, 220 Dutcher, Bill, 199 Duthie, Carol, 63 Dwyer, Charles Francis, 201, 208 Dycus, Norma Jean, 97, 271 Dyde, James Farrell, 303 Dyde, Jane Christiana, 279 Dykman, Pauline Lenora, 234 Dyrenforth, William Phillip, 313 Easter, Elmore Worth, 72, 216 Eostin, Howard Hortmon, 97 Eastman, Jane, 45, 269 Eotinger, LaVergne Florence, 227 Eaton, Enid Beulah, 221 Eaton, Ernest James, 317 Eaton, John More, 300, 301 Eaton, LyIe Elmer, 45, 204 Eaton, Raymond Austin, 45, 202 337 • Eaton, Virginia Beth, 221 Eckhardt, Bettie Corr, 45, 217, 219, 236, 238, 279 Eckhardt, George Conrad, 291 Echternacht, Charles, 46, 197 Eckles, Dick Theodore, 97, 297 Eckman, Lenaire Richard, 46, 237 Edgar, Ralph Vernon, 303 Edmondson, Geraldine Louise, 199, 271 Edmundson, Robert Taylor, 122, 195, 213, 290, 291 Edmundson, William Thomas, 72, 206, 223, 291 Edwards, Roy William, 89, 197, 289 Eeckhout, Gifford Van, 210 Egan, Gladys Cinq-Mars, 281 Egbert, D. Gilbert, 251 Eh lers, Carrol Walter, 72, 198, 199, 205 Ehlers, Kenneth Warren, 205 Eichberg, Robert Levy, 46 Eland, Gene D., 199, 315 Eliason, Dora Madeline, 210, 212 Elich, Mark A., 222 Ellington, Rex Truesdale, 198, 311 Elliot, Max Burwyn, 199 Elliott, Robert Vincent, 89, 317 Ellwood, Vincent, 315 Ely, Ralph Lawrence, Jr., 46 EIzi, Charles Joseph, 46, 198, 204, 226, 294, 295 EIzi, George Otis, 199, 295 Emery, Dick Hugh, 72, 307 Emery, Dorotha May, 2 1 7, 275 Emery, Jack Dow, 301 Emery, Wilson Barton, 301 Emeson, Sidney Aaron, 85, 210, 309 Emeson, Stanley Eli, 72, 309 Emigh, Charles Robert, 202, 225 Enderud, Bonnie Vinona, 1 99 Endicott, George Raymond, 221 Engel, Mary Ellen, 46, 275 England, James Stanley, 46, 204, 220, 226, 232 England, Ruth Emmelene, 72, 209, 217, 218 Enochs, Robert John, 84, 305 Enslin, Vaughn, 72, 275 Ephlond, Russell Kron, 303 Eppinger, Beverly Sue, 72, 275 Erickson, Marjorie Lillian, 275 Erickson, Mary, 86, 87 Erickson, Melvin John, 221 Erickson, William Gardner, 201, 216 Erickson, Woodrow A., 46, 201 Ervin, Dwoin Thurston, 72 Esgar, Jack Bernard, 199 Eshelmon, Mary Elizabeth, 72 Espinosa, Miguel, 317 Essig, Virginia, 277 Etter, Gretchen, 46, 277 Evans, Calvin Edmond, 317 Evans, Jane Owen, 63, 224 Evans, Lucia Bernadine, 72, 217, 279 Evans, Nancy Lila, 46, 269 Everett, Don Ward, 315 Everhort, George Elmer, 46 Everist, Thomas Stephen, 291 Ewing, Betty Jean, 89 Fagon, Lovilo Holmes, 213, 311 Failing, Allen Edwin, 199 Folk, Edna Moor, 46, 64, 67, 228, 238, 273 Farley, Virginia Anne, 73, 227 Fornan, Morion Gertrude, 271 Forr, Karl William, 291 Fossett, Willis Henry, Jr., 73, 297 Fouber, Charles Earl, 89, 201, 301 Fay, Dorothy Jean, 89 Federici, William Richard, 84, 222 Fenet, James Edward, 313 Fenger, Fred, 307 Fenn, Elizabeth Wallace, 279 Fenn, Lillian Marie, 93, 271 Fenner, Robert Maunsell, 291 Ferondo, Betty Elaine, 97 Ferguson, Chester Elwood, 319 Ferguson, Wayne C, 73, 126, 230 Fermonn, Lois, 219 Ferril, Anne Milroy, 279 Ferris, Eloise Elizabeth, 227, 279 Fey, Vernon, 307 Fickel, Margaret Elaine, 46, 281 Fields, Vivian Hope, 90 Figley, Angeline, 64 Fimple, Frank Billman, 46, 303 Finch, Robert Philip, 90 Finlayson, John C, 303 Finley, Joe Buferd, 299 Firth, John Milton, 46, 202 Fischer, Robbins Warren, 63, 205, 214 Fischer, Robert Glen, 90 Fish, Russell Hamilton, 90 Fisher, Hugh, 222 Fisher, James Robert, 313 Fitzgerald, Joan Marie, 217, 281 Fitzmorris, Stanley R., 47, 65, 202, 215, 225, 232 Fitzpatrick, Jessie, 219 Flanagan, Earl Banks, Jr., 200 Flanagan, Jerome Leo, 222 Flanders, Sara Ross, 63, 90, 196, 275 Flonnery, William Aldebert, 90 Fiasco, Anthony Nickolas, 204 Fleming, David Edward, 73 Fleming, John Joseph, 47, 65, 203, 232 Fleming, Robert Glen, 202, 215, 225, 232, 315 Fleming, Sally Meigs, 281 Flierl, Gladys May, 98, 222 Flinn, Willard Leroy, 313 Flower, John Sebastian, 293 Floyd, Margaret Mae, 73, 228, 279 Folown, John Spencer, 31 1 Ford, Charles, 289 Ford, Edmund J., 315 Frester, Mary Frances, 47 Forney, John, 47, 206, 283, 301 Foster, Gilbert Carroll, 90 Foster, Ward Elmer, 47, 231 Fountain, Joe William, 201 Fowler, James Rondlett, 63 Fewler, William Robert, 198, 319 Fox, Robert E., 84 Frazier, Miles, 299 France, Horace Owen, 233 Frank, Esther Louise, 98, 271 Frank, Lorenz Scott, 313 Franke, Paul Richard, 319 Fronkl, Helen, 267 Fronkland, Jayne Miller, 275 Frankle, Josephine, 63, 90 Frause, Henry John, 295 Frazier, Francis Elliott, 221 Frederick, John Morgan, 315 Freed, Kathryn Louise, 98, 279 Fricke, Roger Henry, 215, 225 Friesen, Irvin A., 47, 221 Fritch, Emily Jane, 47, 209, 211, 239 Fritz, Percy S., 64 Fry, Harry Elton, 90, 199, 201, 220 Fulker, Gienna Rosalie, 73, 236 Fuller, Jackson Flowers, 73, 202 Fuller, Wayne Edison, 47, 283, 287 Fullerton, William Bruce, 90, 197, 319 Fulton, W. Josef, 98 Funk, Clare Porter, 47, 271 Funk, Helen, 90, 271 Furbeck, Saralie, 98, 217, 227, 271 Fyler, Norman F., 222 Gobelmon, Charles Grover, 206, 222, 223 Gagon, Lewis James, 319 Golontiere, Harriette Ann, 234 Gallagher, John Thomas, 313 Gollegos, Albert A., 73 Galley, Helen Margaret, 267 Galliton, William, 319 Garcia, Norma Juonita, 90 Garden, Pauline Marie, 277 Gardiner, Frank, 291 Gardiner, Wiiliom John, 47, 231, 305 Gardner, Hugh Gordon, 291 Gardner, Lloyd Holberg, 65, 204, 226, 232 Gardner, Margaret Jeanne, 47, 67,238, 270,271,282 Gardner, Paul William, 213, 311 Garland, Gordon Charles, 90, 311 Gorlington, Edward Lee, 199 Garrigan, Frank Andrew, Jr., 315 Garwood, Richard, 311 Gates, Marjorie Judith, 273 Gates, Robert Taylor, 303 Goylord, Leslie MacGregor, 98 Geiger, John Proctor, 47, 303 Geiger, John Wilber, Jr., 98, 313 Gemmill, Leonard Eichoitt, 47, 313 George, Charles Maurice, 204, 305 Gerber, John Armin, 199 Gerhard, Eleanor Patricia, 222 Gerhard, Paul Frederick, 230 Germann, Lois Marie, 47, 229 Gesos, Norris Garrett, 73, 313 Getman, Robert Wayne, 98 Giarratano, Pete Philip, 204 Gibbens, Robert Jean, 1 99, 289 Gibby, Leigh Thomas, 319 Giboney, Maurice William, 90, 295 Gibson, Agnes Marie, 90, 227, 269 Gibson, Ruth Virginia, 73, 263 Giele, John Haskell, 90 Gierhart, Nancy Mae, 269 Gilbert, Everett, 65, 215, 232, 235 Gilchrist, Ellis, 202, 301 Gillespie, Olive Gloria, 221 Gillett, Ben T., 201, 305 Gillett, Jean Elizabeth, 47, 63, 218, 276, 277 Gilligan, Thomas James, 230 Gillilond, James Cowden, 301 Gillis, Virginia Mae, 90, 281 Gilmore, William Moynord, 31 1 Gilmour, Margaret Ann, 90 Girardo, Raymond Benny, 47, 199 Glaser, George Roy, Jr., 199 Glassburn, Betty Ann, 271 Glaze, Gerald Adrian, 3 1 8, 3 1 9 Gleissner, Ruth Henrietta, 73, 267 Glenn, Charles Clarence, 199 Goalstone, Eugene David, 198, 309 Goddord, Glen, 73, 1 99 Goddord, Jane Elizabeth, 73, 227, 269 Golden, Jerry Atchely, 3 1 7 Goldin, Roy O., 84 Goldstein, Gilbert, 85, 309 Gooch, June Elizabeth, 73 Good, Donald Ellsworth, 74, 210, 321 Good, Donold Leroy, 295 Goodin, Wiiliom Charles, 48, 321 Gooding, Addison Gates, 233, 315 Gooding, Ann Adele, 48, 228 Gordon, Doris Lucille, 90, 196, 263 Gsrdon, Malcolm Lane, 201, 313 Gorsuch, Eva Jeanne, 74, 277 Goss, Dorothy Mae, 90 Gowdy, Jeanne, 263 Gowdy, Roland Dale, 98, 317 Grobow, Wilbur A., 207, 213, 313 Graf, Barbara Blair, 273 Graf, Elizabeth, 87 Graham, Betty Ellen, 216 Graham, Edward Earl, 98, 317 Graham, Hamlin, 199, 220 Graham, Hugh Summers, 48, 65, 198, 203, 232, 299 Graham, Robert Stuart, 90 Grant, Mary Ellen, 74, 222 Grant, Myrle Irene, 74 Grouberger, Eugene Carl, 216 Graves, Alma Mae Frances, 48, 67, 239, 278, 279 Graves, Margaret Mary, 48 Grovestock, John Henry, 48, 123, 283, 306, 307 Gray, Barbara Dixon, 48, 63 Gray, Richard Charles, 303 Gray, Robert Hamilton, 210, 321 Gray, Shirley Evalyn, 90 Green, Charles, 48, 204 Green, Irene, 200 Green, Esther Louise, 281 Green, Tom Burr, 98, 204 Green, William Weatherly, 319 Greenawolt, Betty Lee, 275 Greenowolt, Jean Noreen, 63, 74, 209, 214, 222, 266,267 Greenwell, John Leonard, 293 Greenwood, Richard Barry, 299 Greer, Edward Archie, 204 Greer, Gladys Irene, 74, 237 Gregg, Dorothy, 86, 87 Gregory, Henry Duval, 65, 74, 198, 202, 215, 225, 232, 235 Greim, Betty Ann, 90, 196 Griffin, Dole Miller, 63, 199, 220 Griffin, Ida Louise, 238 Griffith, Benjamin Twombly, 74, 204, 220, 225, 22 6, 232, 300, 301 Griffith, Mary Cornwall, 84, 211, 214 Griffith, William Gene, 48, 291 Griggs, Charlotte Rockwell, 48, 276, 277, 282 Grigs, William Edward, 74, 123, 207 Gromer, Carmen, 48 Gromer, John Newton, 293 Gross, Mary Francis, 90, 269 Gross, Morton, 63 Groves, Belva May, 74 Groves, Horry Edward, 63, 210 Groves, James Rudolph, 210 Grum, Robert Matthew, 207 Gue, Willey Merrill, 202, 235 Gulinson, Joe Lewis, 48, 202, 205 Gurmatakis, Angelo Tom, 48, 66, 195, 218, 219, 232 Gustavson, Carl Robert, 98 Gustavson, Charlotte Marie, 48, 217, 218, 281 H Hamilton, Franklin Joy, 199 Hamilton, Neil J., 315 Hamilton, Walter Frederick, 231 Hamm, Elizabeth Granger, 49, 277 Hammock, Calvin Miles, 202, 311 Hammond, Stanley Earl, 98, 293 Hampton, Howard, 98 Honey, George Ira, 199, 301 Honey, Violet Ruth, 74 Hankins, Albert Donald, 156, 195 Hanks, Virginia Cathryn, 219 • 338 Hanks, William Eugene, 313 Hanna, William J., 285 Honnon, Reed R., 197, 291 Hansen, Agnes O., 86 Hansen, Anna Louise, 49, 273 Hansen, Dale Walter, 90 Hansen, Gordon John, 295 Hansen, Howard Adolph, 90 Hansen, Mary Ann, 74, 273 Hanson, Oscar Olaf, 221, 295 Harbaugh, Margaret Louise, 49, 275 Harbert, Betty Jean, 263 Harder, Donald William, 285 Harder, Richard Calvin, 285 Hardesty, John Francis, 204, 311 Hardin, Donald Carson, Jr., 222, 313 Harding, Robert Floyd, 75 Harding, Virginia Lee, 206, 234 Hardie, Ailene, 87 Hardy, Alliene, 219 Hardy, Brant Davis, 98, 317 Hargreaves, Charles Henry, 206, 221, 223 Hargreaves, Harold Arthur, 235 Harkins, Edna, 219 Harpel, James Correy, 292, 293 Harper, Emily Anne, 75 Harper, Muriel Marie, 206 Harper, Roberta Grace, 273 Harrington, Earl George, 311 Harris, Benjomin Burke, 75, 205 Harris, Elliott Stanley, 206 Harris, Garry Kenner, 49, 271 Harris, Leatha May, 49, 266, 267 Harris, Malcolm Henery, 98, 199, 232 Harris, Ruth Helen, 90, 196, 269 Harrison, Hal McDougall, 49, 65, 199, 311 Harrison, Mary Anabel, 75, 221, 265 Harrison, Virginia Wilson, 75, 209, 217, 277 Harry, Mary Frances, 75 Hart, Louis Ireland, 291 Horter, Earl, 49, 202, 286, 287 Hartley, Earl Edward, 85 Hartman, Agnes Ruth, 237 Hartmann, Raymond Francis, 191, 222 Hartquist, Donald E., 222 Hortwell, Ernest Gordon, 205 Horvey, Clayton Porkhill, 91, 199 Harwood, Virginia Mary, 98, 271 Hosenauer, Catherine Ann, 91, 273 Hassinger, Jean, 98 Hastings, Jo Anne, 275 Hatch, Betty Jean, 91 Hathaway, Lillian Elizabeth, 219 Hatton, Howard Timothy, 1 99 Hauck, Bernice Irene, 49 Hauptmann, Carl Joseph, 313 Howes, Betty Love, 91, 196, 200, 281 Hawkins, George Lucille, 199 Hawley, Joseph Wayne, 233 Hawley, Robert Cross, 85,91, 312, 313 Hawley, Robert William, 91, 203, 297 Hayashi, Harry H., 210 Hays, Frank Lozmer, 293 Hayutin, Arthur Benjamin, 200, 309 Head, Marjorie Alice, 91 Heath, William Robert, 291 Heckor, Catherine, 267 Heckmon, Earl Landis, 49, 204 Hedde, John Ernest, 315 Hedgecock, Wendell Thomas, Jr., 299 Hedgecock, Glenn Alva, 98, 311 Hedlund, Thomas Charles, 216 Heft, Edward Frank, 291 Heil, Babette Springer, 63, 75, 224 Heise, Howard Arno, 293 Heiser, Mildred Helene, 98, 271 Heitzler, A. Henry, 213, 303 Helburg, Florence Mary, 63 210 Heller, Gerald, 98 Hellerstein, Marvin Harold, 309 Hemple, Hugh, 208 Hempt, Fred Edward, 319 Henderson, Helen, 49, 275 Hendler, Irwin, 308, 309 Hendrickson, Helen, 86, 87 Hendrickson, Murl Stanley, 313 Hennrich, Steve Lee Roy, 201, 299 Henrikson, Milton Emmett, 221 Henrikson, Warren, 283 Henrikson, Warren P., 319 Henson, Walter A., 223 Heppes, Robert Drackert, 308 Herder, Harold Jerome, 222 Herr, Francis Viateur, 222, 317 Herrick, Julius Finley, 315 Herron, Mary Eloise, 210 Hershey, Herbert Marvin, 63, 205, 206 Hertha, Helen Catherine, 49, 219, 225 Hester, John Hutchinson, 49, 202, 289 Heuston, William Curtis, 297 Heyer, Albert William, 63, 199, 220 Hickey, Beatrice Elaine, 279 Hickey, James Dole, 317 Hickey, Margery Jane, 279 Hickman, James Oliver, 75, 125, 303 Hicks, Richard Clayton, 91, 293 Hiester, Robert Arthur, 297 Higby, Mary Kathleen, 98 Higgs, Virginia, 87 Higman, Howard, 317 Hill, Donald Milford, 98, 297 Hill, James Donald, 199 Hill, Jane, 277 Hill, Patricio, 98, 236, 279 Hill, Raymond Eugene, 201 Hill, Richard Sheridan, 297 Hill, Robert Cowdery, 303 Hillyard, Gerald Ryan, 49, 293 Hillyer, Mary June, 98 Hinley, Emma Jean, 91, 275 Hinshaw, John M., 75, 213, 315 Hipps, Chauncey Jack, 206, 291 Hirsch, Jeanne Evelyn, 98 Hitchcock, William Kenneth, 49, 316, 317 Hobbs, Joseph Thomas, Jr., 49, 156, 225, 311 Hochboum, Gertrude Matilda, 275 Hockensmith, Frank Marshall, 85, 297 Hodge, Gerald P., 91, 198, 299 Hodges, Richard Howard, 301 Hofmann, William James, 297 Hodgson, Marshall Goodwin, 63 Hodgson, Melvin Clinton, 98 Hoelsher, Paul Kenneth, 319 Hoffman, Harold Carlton, 289 Hoffmann, Robert Lee, 222, 230 Hogue, Walter Robert, 49, 201, 208, 225 Hollond, Charles Michael, 222 Holland, Eugene Gorton, 50, 224 Holland, John Don, 31 1 Hollister, Elinor Opal, 234 Hollister, Marjorie, 87 Hollowoy, Lawrence MacKinly, 200 Holm, Jean Elizabeth, 50, 209 Holmon, Robert Edward, 203, 311 Holmes, Barbara Ann, 217, 269 Holmes, Harleigh Randall, 293 Holmes, Horace Burbonk, 17, 85, 315 Holmes, June, 227 Holmes, Robert Bruce, 98, 199, 291 Holtkomp, Dorsey Emil, 50 Homon, Lee Warren, 91, 287 Hooker, Bernice, 217 Hooker, Ruth Evelyn, 228 Hoover, Samuel Stohr, 50, 1 56, 195, 283, 303 Hopfinger, Adele Mary, 21 1 Hopfinger, Charles Francis, 221, 321 Hopkins, John Marken, 203, 315 Horn, Raymond Donald, 307 Home, Kotherine Eleanor, 200, 263 Horstmon, Delbert Henry, 221 Horwitz, Robert Donald, 309 Hostetter, Marilynn Olivia, 91 Housley, Thema Lee, 98 Houston, Ruth Whiting, 75 Hover, Beverly Ann 98, 281 Hover, Robert Lewis, 291 Howard, Clarissa, 87 Howell, Dean Howard, 63 Howenstine, Roberta Jean, 196, 238 Howlett, Lewis U., 91, 31 1 Howlett, Robert Eugene, 91, 311 Howry, Douglass Hamilton, 75, 293 Hubbard, Barbara Brewster, 99, 275 Hubbard, Eugene Thayer, 91 Hubbard, Jane Claire, 267, 282 Huelskemper, Morion Louise, 221 Huffman, Kenoz, Jr., 206 Hughes, John Atkinson, 199, 222, 297 Hult, Arvid C, 199 Humphreys, Edwin Bejamin, 99, 199, 303 Humphreys, Mary Eleanor, 50, 269 Hungerford, Gordon Parry, 75, 203, 225, 232, 313 Huntington, Dorothy Allison, 75, 228, 275 Huppe, Bernice Marie, 91 Hurley, James McKin, 199 Huss, Mark Crondoll, 288, 289 Hutchinson, Betty, 50, 239, 280, 281, 282 Hutchinson, Dudley, 84 Hutchinson Elvero June, 99, 216 Hutton, Frances Madeline, 50 Hutton, Richard James, 301 Hyde, William Henry, 75, 207, 301 Hyder, Hugh M., 299 Hyson, Robert Dorrington, 91 Ireland, Edith Alice, 279 Ireland, Betty, 99 Irey, Elizabeth Jane, 279 Irish, Donald Paul, 50, 63, 199, 210, 220, 237 Irish, Everett Roland, 210 Irish, Ruth Eorlene, 237 Irwin, John James, 91, 303 Isaok, Robert Deets, 235 Iseminger, Harold Francis, 201, 208 Israel, Creighton Borah, 221 Italia, Ellen, 216 Iverson, Clair Hollond, 99, 321 ) Jackson, Alfred Ronald, 99, 319 Jacobs, Norman, 309 Jacobs, Rollo Edwin, 293 Jocobson, Olof Hildebrand, 293 Jocobson, Oscar Bayard, 50, 65, 66, 157, 201, 208 Jacox, Leroy Calvin, 199 Jacques, Jock Eugene, 1 99 Joggers, Virginia Loraine, 91, 196, 238, 263 James, Morris, 289 James, John M., 99, 221 James, Wathen McLean, 301 Jamison, Wilbert Chauncey, 210 Jonison, David Eli, 63, 124 Jankovsky, Norlin Adolph, 303 Jarvis, Bonito LoVonne, 99 Jeep, Victor I., 313 Jenkins, Raymond Leslie, 156, 157, 313 Jennings, Hugh Frederick, 202 Jens, Jean Ellen, 50, 281 Jensen, Norman William, 50, 204, 283, 317 Jewell, Aileen Anne, 91, 196, 238, 269 Johnson, Barbara Anne, 99, 277 Johnson, Charles Philip, 50, 287 Johnson, Edgar L., 91 Johnson, Elizabeth Coffmon, 200, 273 Johnson, Henry, 287 Johnson, Kenneth Raymond, 199, 295 Johnson, Leroy Meredith, 76, 199, 220, 301 Johnson, Lloyd Goode, 311 Johnson, Maryilynn, 227 Johnson, Melinda Elizabeth, 210, 263 Johnson, Phyllis Marilynn, 273 Johnson, Robert James, 297 Johnson, Robert Reed, 91, 198, 206 Johnson, George, 313 Johnson, William Dudley, 319 Johnston, Barbara, 50, 217, 273 Johnston, Richards Harvey, 317 Jolley, Virginia Dove, 275 Jones, Adele, 267 Jones, Barbara Marian, 91, 227, 265 Jones, Carolyn Elizabeth, 51, 273 Jones, Daniel Wesley Brown, 291 Jones, Dorothy Elizabeth, 76, 227, 271 Jones, Dunbar, 99, 293 Jones, Jorrord, 31 1 Jones, Kenneth Moritz, 303 Jones, Maurine, 50 Jones, Patricio Jean, 224 Jones, Phyllis Lee, 277 Jones, William Rex, 301 Jordan, Patricia Ann, 99, 271 Jordan, Robert William, 197, 311 Jordan, William E., 203 Joseph, Rubydonna, 76, 200, 209, 238, 271 Jovanovich, William lliya, 51, 64, 66, 122, 291 Joynson, Barbara May, 200 Juchem, Wilhelmina May, 210, 265 Judd, William Robert, 216 Jurgensen, George, 221 Kodish, Harvey Arnold, 76, 230, 308, 309 Kaff, Albert Ernest, 76, 198, 315 Kohler, Juanita Isabel, 51, 217 Kaiser, James Cunningham, 63 Kalcevic, Victor John, 232 Koneshiro, Eijiro, 210 Karpel, Bertram Louis, 309 339 • Karsh, Frank Lloyd, 63, 197, 309 Kastler, William Vann, 31 I Katcoff, Martin Solomon, 309 Kautzman, Betty Yvonne, 1 99 Kearney, Barbara Jean, 99, 271 Kearney, Joseph William, 222 Keely, Mory Morrison, 279 Keith, Betty Northrup, 99, 227 Keithley, Giles E., 51, 198, 299 Kell, Catherine Nettie, 91 Kelleam, Elaine, 76, 91, 275 Kellerman, Morguerite Marie, 91, 227, 281 Kelley, Bret, 205 Kelley, Jesse Royce, 303 Kellogg, Richard Webster, 76, 204, 225, 226, 232 Kellogg, Wallace Ralph, 199, 319 Kelly, Bret, 299 Kelly, Clyde, 299 Kelsoll, Charles Howard, 199 Kelsall, Fred Anderson, 51, 201 Kelso, Jayne Inez, 91, 199, 277 Kelso, Lorraine Rebecca, 67, 212 Kelso, Marietta, 99, 200, 277 Kemler, Mary Virginia, 51, 212, 273 Kempton, Katherine Arms, 51, 217, 273 Kennedy, Clyde Brockman, 51, 307 Kennedy, Ford, 289 Kennedy, James Roland, 315 Kenney, Edward J., 221 Kennison, Herbert Berkley, 315 Ke- noler, Dorothy Louise, 196, 267 Kerr, John Harold, 200, 31 1 Kerrigan, Tom Wayne, 99, 291 Kessenger, Kenneth Robert, 222 Kettering, Harold Vernon, 63, 91 Kilmurray, Winifred Ellen, 99, 269 Kincaid, Robert Dan, 76, 317 Kincaid, William Murphy, Jr., 305 Kindall, Lee, 197 Kindall, Lloyd Elmer, 297 Kindall, Suzann Hall, 275 Kindel, Bill Harvey, 293 King, Raymond Jesse, Jr., 201 Kinkade, Jack Henry, 291 Kiplinger, Elwyn Milo, 201 Kirby, Melvin Joseph, 222 Kirby, Richard Alfred, 199, 220 Kirchner, Robert Marvin, 303 Kirk, Roy Orval, 63 Kirkpatrick, Leighton Daniel 317 Kisler, Charles Eugene, 297 Kisler, G. William, 51, 297 Kistler, Clark Clemmons, 99 Klemme, Claude Chase, Jr., 199 Klett, Richard Charles, 303 Kline, Martha Jane, 91 Knapp, Lealand Morley, 233, 305 Knous, Robert Lee, 297 Knowles, Carlt on Griffith, 303 Knowles, Lucky, 51, 278, 279 Knowles, Robert Reilly, Jr., 91, 291 Knox, James William, 289 Koehler, M. Natalie, 51, 221 Kohl, Morilynn, 99, 263 Kohl, Rita Anne, 51, 273 Koonce, Mary Marguerite, 222 263 Koster, Frances Henrietta, 21 1 Kosuge, Tami Jeanne, 210 Kotos, Donald Edward, 202 Kramer, Richard Lane, 303 Krenzel, Hugh Moulton, 199 Krier, Fern Carol, 99, 273 • 340 Krier, Jewel Marguerite, 200, 229, 272, 273 Krohn, Caroline Marie, 51 Krupotich, Edward, 199 KuehnI, Ruth Cora, 76 Krentzel, Lester Everette, 199 Kuntz, Guy Theodore, 201 Lacy, Shirley Virginia, 221 Laser, Violet Joanna, 63, 217 Lake, John Earl, 201, 285 Lake, Winifred Marjorie, 273 Lam, Wing Ching, 210 Lamb, Betty Jo, 76, 271 Lamb, Carl Howard, 91 Lambert, William Thompson, 31 3 Lambeth, Phyllis Lee, 51, 275 Landen, John Louis, 291 Londrum, John William, 91, 301 Longdon, Frances Ellen, 92, 227, 279 Lanza, Dennison, 222 Lapin, Fobyan Frances, 92 Larsen, Maxine Marie, 96, 269 Larson, Dorothy, 63 Larson, John Lester, 293 Larson, Robert Orin, 228 LoTorra, Marian Louise, 217, 277 Lauck, Ruth Helen, 92 Louth, Robert Warren, 65, 202 Lovington, Dorothy Jean, 76, 281 Lovington, Lorraine Dixon, 281 Law, Richard David, 205 Law, Walter Eugene, 313 Lowler, Harold LeRoy, 51, 203 Lawler, Robert Warren, 51, 307 Lawrence, Betti, 269 Loyher, Franklin Herman, 76, 305 Learned, Gordon Winthrop, 76, 156, 157, 310, 311 Leary, Morgoret, 275 Lee, Henry Woifoon, 204, 210 Leech, Paul Horter, 92 Leekley, Mary Ruth, 277 Legler, Mory Evelyn, 200 Leh, Marcus Calvin, 52, 65, 202, 215, 225, 301 LeMoine, Lowell H., 299 Lentz, John Willie, 92, 319 Lenzini, Michael George, 222, 301 Leonard, Aubrey Glen, 52, 201 Lerner, Jacob, 309 Lescher, John Hammond, 301 Lesser, William James, 297 Leventhol, H arold Elliot, 309 LeVeque, Ebolee Roberts, 273 Levine, Dorothy Helen, 76 Levine, Edward Harold, 309 Levins, Frank Joseph, 222 Levitt, Bernard Barclay, 52, 65, 225, 226 Lewis, Beatrice Adien, 217, 238 Lewis, Jack William, 317 Lewis, John F., 285 Lewis, Lewellyn Albert, 76, 297 Lewis, Robert Miner, 295 Lewis, Roy Bradley, 285 Lewis, William Arvil, 203 Lichtenstein. Alvin David, 309 Lien, Leinad Elizabeth, 77, 277 Liggett, John Tedford, 291 Light, E. Eugene, 76, 202, 225, 284, 285 Light, Elizabeth Jean, 52, 21 1, 263 Light, William Craig, 92, 291 Lightburn, John Luther, 63 Likes, Elizabeth Graham, 77, 279 Likins, Corwin Hole, 299 Linck, Catherine Jean, 281 Lincoln, Atwell Ryall, 199, 301 Lindblad, Carl John, 293 Lindow, Louisa Rose, 227, 271 Lindquist, Edward Mouldwyn, 321 Lindquist, Emory Kempton, 219 Lindsay, Vivian Nadine, 275 Linendoll, John Alexander, 319 Liner, Carl Alfred, 52, 207 Linklette r, Ethel Jean, 52, 238 Linsenmoier, Dick Frederick, 222 List, Alvin Frederick, Jr., 77, 204, 291 Littell, Margaret Elaine, 281 Littiejohn, Donald Albert, 52, 65, 202, 215 Littler, Ezra Lorraine, 217 Lloyd, Kenneth Watson, 99, 200, 293 Lloyd, Olito, 271 Lockord, Vernon Miller, 77, 206, 296, 297 Locke, Justin Nathaniel, 63 Lockwood, Phillip Carl, 297 Loeffler, Manuel John, 99, 222 Loeffler, Marguerite Mary, 216 Lofquist, Harriet Opal, 77 Logon, R. Dawn, 92, 263 Lomos, Mory Jo, 77, 275 Lombard!, James Carl, 31 1 Long, Vernon LeRoy, 52, 224, 228 Long, Warren Winifred, 77 Look, Arthur Hup, 52, 210, 221 Loose, Leonard Jack, 295 Lopotin, Anna Ruth, 63, 77 Loughridge, Chalmers Albert, 52, 203 Lovelace, Alice Kothryn, 199 Lovett, John Albert, 52, 297 Lowe, John Wesley, 202, 301 Loynochan, Nancy Jean, 277 Ludlow, Ida Frances, 77, 278, 279 Ludlow, Ruth Louise, 200 Luedke, Alin e Margaret, 199, 221, 265 Luethi, Betty Loroine, 99, 271 Lukrofko, Marjorie Eleanor, 52, 273 Lund, Bertil, 319 Lund, Robert E., 203 Luther, Isobel Ruth, 99 Lutz, Julian Jay, 199 Lyford, Jeanne Lorraine, 77, 279 Lyman, Louise Mary, 92, 196, 216 Lynch, Catherine Ann, 279 Mc McArthur, Edward Gale, 213, 291 McBride, Bruce Robert, 303 McBride, Eileen Kathryn, 279, 282 McCabe, Robert Thomas, 299 McComont, Anno Sue, 277 McCann, Glenn Crocker, 301 McCarthy, Dixie Mae, 77, 273, 282 McCouley, Jean Christy, 99, 227, 281 McClonohon, Margaret Lindsey, 224, 275 McClellon, Mary Elizabeth, 77, 122, 209, 219, 280, 281, 282 McClelland, Brennan Thomas, 313 McClelland, James Robert, 313 McCloud, John Lansford, 99, 321 McCloud, Leason Horton, 305 McClung, Paul Vernon, 302, 303 McClurkin, Mary Ellen, 77 McCluskey, Robert Reeves, 303 McColl, Mildred June, 52 McCullom, Stewart, 291 McColm, Peggy Elizabeth, 200, 271 McCombs, Roll in Koenig, 52, 225 McComish, Frances Elaine, 99 McConkie, Phylis Lucille, 92, 271 McConley, Jane Ellen, 281 McConnell, Bill, 307 McCormick, Barbara Anne 99, 277 McCormick, Charles Joseph 222, 305 McCormick, William, 297 McCornock, Richard Carlton, 233, 301 McCrillis, Dorothy Muriel, 77, 234 McCrillis, Edwin, 53, 203, 233 McCullough, Deyo Dole, 92, 199 McCusker, John Richard, 293 McDonald, Boyd R., 205, 235 McDonald, Byron Aloysius, 222, 287 McDonald, Franklin Joseph, 22, 311 McDonald, James George, 222 McDonald, Mary Elizabeth, 63 McDonald, Ruth Emily, 77 McDougal, Beuloh Rose, 217, 269 McDougoll, Mary Katherine, 92, 277 McElroy, James Newton, 221, 299 McElveen, Frances Willord, 53, 217 McFadden, Ginger, 267 McForlond, Stanley Curtis, 233 McFarling, Floyd LaVerne, 200 McFeeley, Fromin, 233 McGee, Robert Leon, 293 McGovern, Marie Elizabeth, 279 McGovern, Robert John, 99, 291 McGowen, Anne Martin, 92, 273, 282 McGroyel, Harry Michael, 53, 213, 313 McHugh, Edith Leona, 263 McHugh, James Robert, 297 Mcllhenny, Bob Carrol, 315 Mclntyre, Jean, 263 McKay, Barbara Lucile, 92, 210 McKee, Chorles Robert, 31 3 McKee, Henry Clark, 319 McKee, Marjorie May, 196 McKeever, Charles Allen, 235 McKell, Robert, 99 McKenny, Elizabeth, 78 McKinney, Patricia Ellen, 92, 271 McKune, Barbara Janet, 100, 273 McLean, Anne Cooper, 53, 221, 263 McLellon, Russell Robert, 231 McMohon, Beverly Edith, 216 McMeel, Joseph Arthur, Jr., 206, 297 McMillen, Ruby Lee, 53, 219 McMillin, John Stroud, 297 McMillin, Shelly Stroud, 201 McMillin, Virginia Sarah, 228 McNoir, Arthur, 216 McNomora, Richard Miles, 78, 204 McNott, Kenneth, 319 McNoughton, Mary Jane, 53, 228 McNeil, Elbert Daniel, 285 McNeill, John L., 201 McNerney, Barbara Anne, 92, 275 McQuaid, Daniel Joseph, Jr., 201, 286 McQuery, Elton Koepler, 53, 63, 205, 214 McToggort, Donna Lenore, 263 McWhorter, Geraldine Loretta, 100 M Maass, Callie Louise, 100 Mabray, Don, 1 00, 313 Mabray, Margery Ann, 234 Maberry, Margery, 206 Mabray, Don, 199 Mabry, Dean Caldwell, 313 Machin, Helen Rose, 78 Mack, Lawrence Frank, 78, 125, 291 Mack, Walter, 289 MacCracken, Richard Thomp- son, 291 MacDonald, Charles Stuart, 291 Mack enzie, Margaret A., 99 Kay, William Robert, 199 MacKenzie, Margaret Ann, 275 Macy, Arthur Warren, 305 Maddock, Muriel Louise, 100 Maddox, Dorothy Ann, 1 00 Maddox, Earl Clay, 82, 3 1 1 Madsen, George Wessell, 303 Maier, John Edward, 199, 301 Mains, Edna Effie, 53, 64, 206, 218 Major, Esther Jeanne, 100 Malcolm, Gilbert Carol, 299 Malernee, Jean Eileen, 217 Mallory, Warren Merrill, 53, 65, 127, 195, 201, 215, 232, 318, 319 Malone, Screven Cooper, 78, 127, 213, 316, 317 Mammel, Clayton K. K., 92, 317 Manley, John Robert, 301 Mann, Howard, 289 Mann, Martha Eleanor, 63 Manning, Claude Webb, 92, 197, 198 Manning, Katherine Avis, 279 Maris, Virginia May, 92 Mark, Mary Eleanor, 100 Markel, Carl Glenn, 53, 66, 195, 210 Markley, Gertrude Alice, 200 Marshall, Annie Bobs, 53, 269 Marshall, Dorothy Lorena, 92 Marshall, George Leo, 289 Marshall, Homer Clayton, 53, 317 Marshall, John Stanley, 201 Marshall, Mary Evelyn, 229 Marshall, Pauline, 224 Martin, Elizabeth Jane, 92, 269 Martin, Hugh Harvey, Jr., 202 Martin, Jay Joseph, 92 Martin, Joan Louise, 43, 236, 279 Mason, Bernice, 100 Mason, George Thomas, 303 Mossord, Frank Edward, 295 Mast, Margaret Ann, 64 Masunago, George Yoshito, 53, 210, 221 Mattson, Lloyd Henry, Jr., 100 Maul, Eugene Mierly, 206, 297 Mayer, Adolph, Jr., 53, 123, 126, 230 Mayer, John Donald, 53, 65, 201, 232, 313 Mayne, Roland Benjamin, 100 Meeth, Elizabeth Ann, 100 Meikel, Edward John, Jr., 54, 203, 284, 285 Meisel, Lenore, 1 00 Mele, Edward Victor, 291 Mellicker, J. Murray, 197, 309 Melnick, Jay, 198, 309 Mendenholl, Cover, 319 Menter, Ann Marie, 54 Mercer, Mildred Gwendolyn, 54, 200, 238 Merrill, James Richard, 100, 293 Merrill, Patricia Katherine, 92, 238 Merrill, Richard Norton, 230, 297 Mertz, Robert David, 199 Metz, Mary Elizabeth, 78 Meyer, Bill, 199 Meyer, Norman, 319 Meyer, Nancy Lee, 100, 271 Michael, Elbert Owen, 203 Michael, Bill, 235 ddlemist, Jane Virginia, 100, 281 ernyk, William Henry, 54, 222, 321 esse, Jeanne Burgoon, 100, 277 Mar, Lois, 78 Her, Charles Keith, 92, 315 Her, Arthur Robert, Jr., 203, 216 Her, Her, Her, 282 Her, Dale, Jr., 78 Dene, 267 Elizabeth Louise, 275, Miller, Elliot Melvin, 210 Miller, Evelyn Marie, 263 Miller, Gordon Clare, 92 Miller, Harriet Gail, 92, 265 Miller, Harry, 317 Miller, J. Victor, 65, 78, 215 Miller, Lois Jean, 89, 273 Miller, Marilyn Beth, 265 Miller Roy Corrine, 273 Miller, Ronald Miller, 199 Miller, Rosemary, 54, 277 Miller, Ross Duncan, 303 Miller, Wallace Eugene, 321 Mills, Jean, 78, 194, 200, 268, 269 Mills, Merlin Hubert, 301 Milne, A. Howard, 54, 206, 301 Milne, William Theodore J., 301 Milstein, Richard Franklin, 309 Milzer, Dorothe A. E., 54, 206 Minter, Anne, 2 1 7 Mitchell, Mary Margaret, 265 Mizero, John William, 210 Mock, Boyd Kendall, 100, 315 Modesitt, Leiand Exton, 54 Moloney, Lauretta, 64 Montgomery, Gerald Emile, 314 Moon, Tom Stanley, 100, 293 Morad, Roland Dean, 313 Morandi, Lindo, 199 Morehouse, Gerald D., 202 Morgan, Jane Toms, 100 Morgan, John David, 100 Morgan, William Walter, 63, 78, 222 Morris, Howord Leslie, 92 Morris, Joe A., 222 Morrison, Leonard Edward, 122, 291 Morrison, Shirley Jane, 100, 275 Morrow, John Thomson, 100, 199 Morton, Max Thomas, 54, 66, 213, 302, 303 Mosko, Marvin Theodore, 309 Mosley, George Alfred, 54, 213, 317 Mostkoff, Hyman, 230 Moynihan, Frank Dale, 297 Moynihan, Peggy, 279 Mueller, Edward Eldon, 92, 305 Mullenix, Emma Jean, 78, 100, 271 Mullins, Euthan Vane, 54, 204, 226, 305 Mulvay, Chorleen Tilton, 196, 199, 271 Mulvihill, Eileen Marie, 234 Munro, Robert John, 319 Munroe, Ruth Elizabeth, 218, 221 Munson, Mary Jane, 54, 228 Munson, Robert Minor, 320, 321 Murphy, Jock Edward, 199, 220 Murphy, Lee Maurice, Jr., 222 Murphy, Madonna Louise, 100 Murphy, Thomas Joseph, 201 Murry, Mildred Ruth, 78 Musick, Clayton Crews, 289 Myers, Kathleen Boles, 54 N Nagodo, Robert J., 297 Nokogawa, Paul M., 54, 210 Nakayoma, Seiken, 210 Nash, Henry Ronsome, 54, 299 Nash, Nancy Combs, 67, 238 Nastri, Joseph William, 22 Naugle, Laura Meto, 100, 281 Naugle, William Boeck, 291 Neal, Leo Gene, 317 Negro, Eugene, 225 Neil, Jennie Leannette, 219 Nelson, Alice Almira, 100 Nelson, George James, 201, 208 Nelson, Helen Dorothy, 100, 273 Nelson, Lois Kathryn, 92, 227, 263 Nelson, Lois Margaret, 55, 271, 282 Nelson, Norinne Nelda, 100, 267 Nelson, Paul Leslie, 304, 305 Neumer, Lee, 21 6 Nevans, Robert Vincent, 222 Nevious, Kenneth, 1 93 Nevius, Kennetii Hubbell, 307 Newcomb, Lewis, E., 299 Newell, Betty Jane, 100 Newman, Richard Edwin, 303 Newman, Zoe Winifred, 100, 200, 217, 227, 279 Newton, Josephine Elvira, 55, 212 Nickelson, Rosalee Josephine, 21 1 Nickols, Harold, 237 Nicoletti, Edythe Josephine, 92 Neimoller, Edith Irma, 100 Nierman, Lucille Ruth, 234 Nies, William Albert, 55, 283, 295 Niethammer, Helen Marie, 275 Nieweg, Frances Elizabeth, 212 Nilsson, Beatrice Elizabeth, 55, 219, 272, 273 Nilsson, Betty, 67, 217 Nilsson, Richard Hamilton, 283, 293 Nixon, Dorothy Anne, 221 Noble, Jock Lawrence, 199 Noble, Robert Flanders, 220, 284, 285 Noce, Gene William, 313 Noguchi, Kisa, 210, 212 Nord, Virginia Louise, 55 Nordeen, Leonard Oliver, 201 Norfleet, June Winchester, 101, 200, 277 Norlin, Margaret Florence, 234 Norris, Earl J., 55, 301 Norris, James Woodrow, 315 Northcutt, Yvonne Elizabeth, 55, 279, 282 Northrup, Eloise Mce, 78 Norton, John B., 297 Norton, Leonard Sherman, 63 Nowell, Martha Ann, 101, 281 Nuckolls, Heath Botchelder, 315 O ' Brien, Jack Roland, 101, 291 O ' Brien, Walter Francis, Jr., 319 O ' Connell, Ed, 307 O ' Connell, Sally Ruth, 101 217, 222, 227, 271 O ' Donnell, Kathleen Roberts, 212 Offdenkamp, George Irvin, 221 Ogier, Frances Gorman, 92 Ogiivy, Jack, 64 Ogiivy, Dorothy Stanley, 64 O ' Grody, William Edward, 315 O ' Honlon, Herbert, 233 O ' Hara, Felix, 208 O ' Hora, James Phelps, 55, 289 Okkerse, Dorothy Mae, 55 Ohier, George Edward, 197, 198 Oldham, John Jackson, 310, 31 1 Oldland, Marilyn, 93, 196, 217, 238 Oliver, Bettie Jayne, 78, 271 Oliver, Lloyd George, 296, 297 Olmsteod, Norma Lorene, 101 Olsen, Edward Albert, 230 Olson, Don George, 101, 297 Olson, Margaret Louise, 229 Olson, Neil Woodrow, 55 O ' Rourke, Sinon Philip, 305 Orr, Janet Bosworth, 78 O ' Ryan, John James, 291 Osborn, Betty Ruth, 209, 210, 217, 239, 263 Osborn, Eleanor Jeanne, 210 Ostenberg, Dorothy, 275 Ostronder, Marjorie Belle, 55, 263 Overfelt, Robert Chellis, 317 Owen, Barbara Grace, 101, 281 Owens, John Marion, 101 Owens, Lois Ruth, 227 Ozment, Emerson Lee, 199, 299 Pace, Josephine Viola, 277 Pacheco, Arthur Paul, 221 Paddock, William Lucius, 199, 291 Palmer, Dorothy Louise, 218, 219 Palmer, Myron Allen, 55, 230 Paonessa, Rose Del, 79, 222, 238 Pappalardo, Joseph Anthony, 222 Poppas, Demosthenes Konstan- tine, 270 Parker, Howard Alvin, 305 Parker, John O., 55, 305 Park-Hamilton, Jean Constance, 101 Parkinson, Ramona Elizabeth, 218, 221 Parlopiono, Joe Frank, 222 Pardun, Rosemary, 271 Posley, Nancy Lou, 79, 269 Pate, Ruth Ann, 101 Patterson, George Warner, 3 1 7 Patterson, Jock Vern, 199 Patterson, John W., 195, 291, 292 Patterson, Mary Virginia, 218 Paul, William Edward, 31 1 Paulantis, James Theo, 311 Payne, Winifred Scott, 303 Paynter, William Brown, Jr., 291 Peobody, Evva Belle, 209, 239, 279 Peobody, Kathryn Anne, 279 Peochley, Robert George, 93 Peake, Burton Tracy, 318, 319 Pearse, John Richard, 199, 200, 315 Pearson, Alice Winifred, 277 Pearson, Dean Alfred, 93, 299 Pearson, Edward Frank, 55 Peck, Betty Jane, 227, 279 Peck, James Haddon, 206, 303 Pedersen, Jeanne Elizab eth, 93, 275 Peet, George Barr, 79, 315 Pekrul, Leota Frances, 64, 218 Perkins, Dorothy Louise, 101, 271 Perko, Carl John, 79, 204 Perlmutter, Jack H., 309 Penny, Charles Stanley, 287 Penny, Amos, 303 Perryman, John Nelson, 93, 228 Persons, Kenneth, 56 Persson, Burton, 3 1 1 Peters, Dole Curtis, 221, 294, 295 Peters, Sidney Clarence, 56 Petersen, William Arthur, 231 Peterson, Dick, 307 Peterson, Genevieve, 263 Peterson, Maurice Edward, 56, 65, 204, 226, 232, 298, 299 Peugh, Robert Leslie, 93, 291 Peyton, John Armstrong, 93, 319 Peyton, Robert, 291 Peyton, Thomas Robert, 3 1 1 Peyton, William John, Jr., 291 Phillip, David, 295 Phillips, Charles Ray, 199, 220 Phillips, Jack Boyd, 303 341 • Phillips, Nancy Jane, 265 Phillips, Patricia Jeanne, 98, 275 Philpott, James Angus, 56, 283, 291 Pickell, Bonnie Jean, 101 Pickett, Elisabeth Pauline, 228, 237 Pickett, Marjorie Nell, 221 Pickett, Thelma Tolliver, 217 Pietenpol, William John, 63, 93, 192, 303 Pilon, Evelyn Marguerite, 93 Piiz, Eugene Frank, 321 Piper, Howard Jones, 305 Pippin, Elaine, 199 Pirtle, Eugene Claude, 1 99 Place, Dorothy Lou, 101, 273 Piatt, Betty Brannon, 279 Platts, Frederick Klingler, 101, 319 Platts, Virginia Case, 101, 279 Player, Catherine Cajorl, 224 Pleasant, Floyd Marion, 315 Plettner, Walter Ross, 56, 291 Pointon, Dolly Amy, 234 Poirier, Mary Helen, 234 Politte, Ralph Henry, 64 Pomponio, Rose Marie, 56, 224 Pool, Kathrine Cook, 281 Pope, Marvin Heodden, 56, 305 Porter, Shirley Leighton, 56, 217, 239, 273 Porterfield, Ralph E., 204 Postlethwaite, Roger Germen, 221 Pothost, Mary Helen, 56, 263 Potter, Gordon Cooper, 210, 235 Powloski, Robert Francis, 313 Pratt, Glenn Edwards, 101, 303 Pray, Lucile Avis, 93 Preble, James William, 79 Prechtel, John Edward, 31 1 Prendergast, Edmund Thomas, Jr., 79, 222, 305 Preston, Catherine Janet, 79, 194, 281 Price, George Edward, 200, 303 Price, Miriam Louise, 56, 263 Priest, Frank F., 65, 202, 215, 225 Prince, Bertrand Bradford, 289 Prockter, Martha Florence, 101 Proemmel, Dorothy Dale, 206 Proffitt, David C, 56, 230 Proffitt, Stanley Harris, 56, 65, 204, 205, 226, 232, 294, 295 Prommel, Harold Howland, 230 Prout, Franklin Sinclair, 56, 283, 320, 321 Prouty, Caroline, 79, 194 218 236, 281 Pryor, Wilbur Myron, Jr., 303 Puett, William Leslie, 228 Puffer, Barbara, 125, 279 Punches, Harold D., 310, 311 Punches, Max Glen, 31 1 Punshon, E. Tommy, 65, 201 208, 232 Purcell, lla Mae, 101, 271 Purinton, Raymond Foote Jr 101, 313 Pusard, Carroll Ralph, 197 285 Putmon, John, 307 Putnam, Howard Edward, 201 216, 235 Pyles, Jane, 101 Quaintance, Maryanna, 79 194, 236, 281 Quarnberg, Paula, 93, 275 Queory, Charles Herman, Jr., 79, 317 Quiat, Marsholl, 63, 93, 205, 309 Quine, Edith Shirley, 217 Quigley, Martha Frances, 93, 281 Rackhom, Eric N., 283 Roglin, Frances Emerson, 101 Ramseier, Verne Clarke, 221 Ramsey, Oro De Baun, 101, 199 Ramsey, Robert Berthol, Jr., 79, 199, 203, 220 Randall, Alice May, 56, 218, 263, 282 Randall, Clinton Bates, 228 Rankin, Sally, 101, 227 Rarig, Barbara Jane, 79 Rosmussen, Stanley Wheeler, 63, 200 Ratcliffe, Arthur Templeton, 303 Rothje, Josephine, 275 Roy, Carl James 11, 313 Rector, Richard Dale, 79, 289 Reddish, Howard E., 289 Reed, Dorothy Jane, 56, 279 Reed, Louise Love, 101, 275, 327 Reed, Ted Horry, 56, 65, 66, 195, 215, 232, 312, 313 Reed, Patricio, 93 Reese, Elaine, 101, 275 Reese, Mary Elizabeth, 93, 229 269 Reese, Norman Randolph, 311 Reeves, Al, 289 Reilly, Anne Elizabeth, 275 Reilly, Lawrence Joseph, 297 Reilly, Maurice Robert, 293 Reinke, Imogene Lois, 206, 218, 234 Rember, Doris Helen, 57, 212 219 Renaldo, James Leslie, 315 Rentfro, William Ell, 63, 79, 205, 214 Reppert, Elinor Louise, 217 Reynard, William F., 57, 210 Reynolds, Betty Lou, 267 Reynolds, Nell Kathryn, 229 Rice, Laura Elizabeth, 57, 217 218 Rice, Robert N., 199, 203 Rich, John Dillon, Jr., 57, 283, 297 Rich, Paul Butler, 213, 297 Richards, Alan Rene, 205 Richards, Benness Melvin, 197 Richards, Frank Eastman, 233, 293 Richards, Harry Roger, 93, 315 Richards, William Arthur, 79, 204 Richardson, Edward Sam, 221 Richardson, John Marshall 63 225, 320, 321 Richardson, Margaret Louise 101, 263 Richardson, William Chester, 222 Richie, Mary Jane, 101 Riechers, Benjamin Fred, 57 Riggs, Dorothy Getchell, 57, 63, 64, 67, 124, 273, 282 Ringwolt, Mary Elizabeth, 194 262, 263 Pitcher, Edmond Francis, 221 289 Ritter, Suzanne, 279 Roach, Archie Wilson, 93, 289 Roark, Mayford Lynn, 214 Robb, Delmor Floyd, 307 Robbins, Adrea Morcelle, 63 93, 21 1, 238, 282 Robbins, Howard Lee, 291 Roberts, William J., 197 198 311 Robertson, Raymond David 202, 215, 225 Robinson, Billy Paul, 199 Robinson, David Keith, 293 Robinson, Jack Myron, 203 Robinson, Janet Adeline, 101 Robinson, Richard Raymond, ' 79, 293 Rocchio, Wilbur Ernest, 311 Roche, Daniel Maurice, 198, 299 Rockwell, Norman P., 65, 80, 203, 225, 232, 302, 303 Rodewold, Beverly Jane, 277 Rodman, Priscillo Jean, 277 Rodolf, Mary Elizabeth, 269 Rogers, Allan Kennicott, 197, 303 Rollo, Robert Joseph, 321 Roloff, Edith Marie, 222 Romano, Joseph Lewis, 222 Romans, Ernest Pasquale, 57, 286, 287 Romberg, Donald Fred, 207, 213 Romer, James Charles, 101 Roosa, Mary Margaret, 199 Root, James Compton Evans, 293 Rose, Stewart Paul, 57 Rosenboum, Alvin Leonard, 214 Rosenberg, Bernard L., 63, 80, 214, 295, 308, 309 Rosenkrons, J. Robert, 57, 65, 204, 226, 232 Ross, Emmy Lou, 101 Ross, Philip Patrick, 221, 222 Rossman, Howard, 289 Rossman, Warren William, 303 Rost, Betty Jane, 57, 271 Rost, Edward Elmer, 311 Rost, Marie Katherine, 57 Roten, Robert George, 57, 317 Rothberg, Robert, 309 Roup, Mark Jackson, 221, 299 Rowe, Frederick G., 80, 235 Rowe, Gordon Henry, 57, 297 Rowe, Harold Evers, 57, 199 Rowland, Robert Richard, 101, 293 Rubin, Caroline Mary, 93 Rubin, Irvin, 309 Rubright, Richard Dickson, 231 Ruddell, Toy Mogor, 57, 201, 208 Rudeen, Wilma Lucile, 57, 212 Rudolph, Rowe, 93, 303 Rumburg, Joe Clyde, 301 Rumley, Aaron Spanner, 80, 206, 31 1 Runge, Laura June, 80 Rupp, George Robert, 93, 203, 293 Rusk, David Frances, 93, 285 Rusk, Willard Weaver, 284, 285 Rustlevedt, Alice Irene, 200 Russell, Charles William, 199 Russell, Moxine Emma, 217 Rutherford, Fannie Elizabeth, 217 Rutledge, Helen Roe, 80, 281 Ryan, Rita Elizabeth, 196, 265 Ryan, Rupert Myron, 22, 307 Rymer, Donald Bohn, 303 s Sachter, Paul David, 309 Sackman, William Arthur, 58, 207, 213, 303 Sakaley, Frank Edward, 93, 210, 235 Soliba, Arlene Anno, 93, 222 Soliba, Yvonne Wyvette, 58, 124, 218, 262, 263 Soliman, Floyd F,, 93, 309 Saliman, Maurice, 309 Soliman, Paul Melvin, 203 Samuel, James Lester, 58 Sanborn, Elizabeth Webb, 196 Sanders, Jack LeRoy, 65 Sanders, William Holmes, 303 Sondhouse, Charles Herman, 101, 297 Sax, Jacob Alfred, 301 Sayre, John Marshall, 63, 303 Scorafiotti, Jeonna Louise, 222 Schaefer, Ezra Edward, 198, 287 Schaefer, Henry Adolph, 58 Schafer, Jean Ellyn, 80 Schall, Horry B., Jr., 307 Schauermann, Arthur Edwin, 311 Scherrer, Elmer Dillon, 65, 203, 222, 225, 232 Scherrer, Joseph William, 222 Schlichting, Helen Ruth, 206, 210 Schlosser, Russell Knight, 65, 202, 215 Schmolzried, John Leroy, 295 Schmidt, Paul, 207, 213, 305 Schneider, Mary Katherine, 80, 273 Schobe, Leslie Scott, 80, 315 Schodt, Eddie William, 219 Schomberg, Barbara Carter, 233, 269 Schueler, Fred, 199 Schulte, Elise Montandon, 67, 219, 280, 281 Schulte, John Kindel, 219 Schulte, William Frank, 291 Schureman, Lucile Thanet, 102, 279 Schuster, Melvin Robert, 204, 225, 226, 298, 299 Schweizer, Herbert H., 80, 202, 232, 315 Scoggin, Charles Romaine, 231 Scogin, Jean Anne, 102, 273 Scott, Dorothy Evelyn, 80, 238 Scott, Leonard, 93 Scott, Ruth Jane, 196, 273 Scruby, Frankie Katherine, 196, 217, 273 Scurr, Harry Arthur, 199 Sears, Everett Lee, 58, 122, 230, 283, 314, 315 Secor, William Topliff, 93, 291 Seeman, Edgar George, 80, 198, 233, 309 Seeton, Ross Victor, 3 1 3 Seidensticker, Edward George, 63, 122, 123, 298, 299 Seidensticker, William Dillon, 80, 299 Selby, Corwin Stanton, 321 Selby, Lois Betty, 269 Sells, Myra-Lee, 273 Sells, Phyllis Claire, 196, 239, 273 Semrod, Mary Lee, 93 Sera, Toshiye Alma, 210, 221 Serafini, Geraldine Catherine, 80, 93, 194, 270, 271 Serafini, Philip George, 319 Settergren, Robert George, 80, 201 Shafer, Lucile Floy, 234 Shakeshaft, Richard Dona, 303 Shallenberger, Francis Lee, 319 Shanahon, Mary Margaret, 222, 271 Shonley, Patricia, 102, 277 Shannon, Leonard Gus, 102, 301 Shannon, Mary Elizabeth, 58, 209, 271 Sheots, Augusta Frances, 234 Sheesley, Eleanor Louise, 93 Sheets, Morion Louise, 219 Shelby, Robert Bliss, 199, 206, 210 Shelton, Florence Louise, 93, 263 Shelton, H. Cloy, Jr., 292, 293 Sheridan, J. Oliver, 201, 235 Shermon, Ralph Alvin, 221, 289 Shields, Lorn Maurice, 289 Shimeoll, Clark McMillan, 63, 94, 197, 317 Shovlin, Hubert, 319 Showalter, William Eldon, 58, 203 Shreve, Theodore Norris, 3 1 9 Shrimpton, Worth Freeman, Jr., 205 Shultz, Anita Priscillo, 212 • 342 Shwayder, Irving Joseph, 94, 309 Sickenberger, Marge Lee, 80 Siebott, Fred Walter, 301 Siegfried, Marylou, 210, 265 Silver William R., 309 Silverberg, Gladys Barbara, 63 Silverman, Morton Sidney, 309 Simmons, Jesse Jackson, 201, 208 Simmons, William Peter, Jr., 94, 197, 317 Simon, Catherine Mary, 221, 222 Simpson, Betty Jean, 102 Singh, Man Mohan, 210 Sirokman, Bette, 102 Sirola, Milton Joseph, 81, 222 Sisson, Thomas McMurray, 305 Sisson, William R., 305 Skeen, Marguerite Genevieve, 265 Skeen, Virginia Elizabeth, 81, 277 Skinner, Durland Lewis, 200 Skinner, Earl Clark, 81, 301 Slovin, Francis Donald, 102, 222 Slickerman, William J., 58, 289 Sloan, Jack E., 299 Sloan, William Wesley, Jr., 305 Slobodnik, William, 58, 204 Smith, Betty Jane, 58, 281 Smith, Carl F., 261 Smith, Charlotte Lola, 263 Smith, Dorothy Louise, 281 Smith, Edith Eleanor, 58, 219 Smith, Herbert Roy, 58, 213, 301 Smith, Howard Folsom, 201 Smith, Jock Allister, 102 Smith, James Dale, 315 Smith, Norma Jeanne, 94, 196, 200 Smith, Stanley Lawrence, 231, 315 Smith, Walter Norman, 199, 220 Smith, William M., 201 Smithpeter, Co-Beth, 81 Smueles, John, Jr., 221 Smytn, Dorothy Jo, 94 Snair, Charlotta Ann, 217, 269 Snodgrass, Richard Barron, 65, 204, 226 Snydal, Maxwell, 319 Snyder, Nancy Marie, 81, 281 Snyder, Paul J., 202 Snyder, Virginia Louise, 81, 271 Sofen, Irving Arnold, 94 Solin, Helen, 210, 224 Solomon, Arlene Marie, 1 24 Solomon, Tybe Shirley, 81 Sommer, Curtis J., 58, 304, 305 Southwell, Julia, 264 Sowers, Helen Catherine, 81, 238, 269 Sowers, Robert Moulton, 81, 205 Spongier, Harold Alfred, 58, 311 Spongier, Richard William, 297 Spono, John A., 202 Sporke, June Bennett, 102, 263 Spencer, William Herbert, 102 Sperry, Edith Elliott, 102, 265 Spivak, Dan Charles, 200 Spivak, Eugene Samuel, 221 Spore, Zinette, 102, 279 Sprodling, Warren Elmer, 319 Springstead, Margaret Earlo, 57, 236 Sprod, Esme Mary, 94, 271 Staab, Naomi Grace, 94 Stabler, Betty Jane, 277 Stafford, Clarence M., 58, 202 Stalker, Kenneth Walter, 59 Standi, William David, 59, 206, 315 Stonsbury, Geraldine Leola, 59 Storburg, Harry Leonard, 221 Stork, Kay Fred, 317 Starke, Robert Charles, 213, 311 Storks, Hugh Adrionce, 102, 199, 305 Stasica, Leo Walter, 297 Stavely, Thomas Bayard, Jr., 102 Stearns, Amy Pitkin, 279 Stearns, Carle Woodruff, 315 Stebbings, Barrett Masters, 315 Steele, Arnold Odium, 31 1 Steele, Wayne Clifford, 311 Steenburg, Donald Benjamin, 59 Steik, Elizabeth Beatrice, 81, 227, 273 Steik, Kathryn Anne, 102, 273 Stein, Margie Ann, 102 Steinhoff, Barbara Elizabeth, 81 Stephens, Jean Marie, 102, 217 Stephens, Paul Ramsey, 303 Sterling, Shirley May, 102 Stetson, Robert Edward, 94, 197, 199, 220, 315 Stevens, Rodney David, 200 219, 297 Stevenson, Reuben Arthur, 59, 221, 223 Stewart, Robert Edward, 123, 316, 317 Stewart, Suzanne Winifred, 94, 269 Stillson, Ruth Elizabeth, 269 Stirling, John Hamilton, 303 Stockton, Katharine Ann, 1 02 Stoddard, Constance Ann, 94, 273 Stoecker, Carroll Lee, 59, 65, 204, 225, 226, 318, 319 Stoffel, Margaret Anne, 81 Stoller, Harold Raymond, Jr., 102, 199, 307 Stone, Charles Milton, 59 Stone, Nancy Morgan, 277 Stone, Patricia Lucette, 1 02, 275 Stoner, Otto L., 81, 222, 313 Stong, John Elliott, 199 Storer, Barbara May, 59, 279 Storer, Natalie, 27 Storey, Britton A., 81 Story, Nancy Jane, 102, 200, • 269 Stott, Dorothy Ann, 81 Stout, J. Harold, 81, 303 Stout, Sally M., 271 Stover, Virginia Devereoux, 275 Strain, Carl Warren, 82, 213, 303 Strain, Dean Beavers, 94, 303 Strosser, Robert Edward, 1 02 Strauss, Ruth, 94, 196, 227 Streamer, Mary Martha, 82, 281 Strong, Jack, 305 Stroud, Nina, 59 Stryker, Margaret Anne, 277 Stuart, Mohlon Dole, 59, 207 Sturdevant, Cledith Marie, 94 Sturdevant, Foster O., 1 95 Sturdevant, Mildred Francis, 102 Sturtevant, Irma Jean, 94, 199 Stwolley, Richard Charles, 237 Suddath, Richard Harvey, 316, 317 Sukonick, Bennett Joy, 309 Sullivan, Joseph Monroe, 198 Sullivan, Morgoret Ann, 59, 279 Sullivan, Rosamo-id Ann, 102, 199, 263 Sullivan, Thomas Anthonez, 222 Sullivan, W. Carlyle, 82 Summer, James R., 82, 203, 291 Sunshine, Irwin Phillip, 199, 309 Supple, M. Edwin, 222 Supple, William Richard, 222 Suttle, John Francis, 59, 313 Swan, Theodore Claire, 319 Sweorns, Garnet Audrey, 94, 196, 200, 281 Swedlund, Mary Jane, 102, 200, 275 Sweeney, William Jerry, 295 Sweet, Patricio Jean, 94, 196, 277 Swegart, Jock Eugene, 198, 199 Swegort, William Frederick, 199 Swenson, Jacqueline Kotherine, 102 Swerer, George Heber, 317 Swinehort, Charles Marvin, 315 Tober, Eugene Dudley, 59, 199, 213, 220, 315 Taddiken, Paul Gerald, 221, 311 Togliente, Emma Christine, 210, 221, 222 Toguchi, Jimmie Totsuo, 210 Tolbott, Sieglinde Holler, 59, 225, 227 Tallant, Kathryn Louise, 265 Talpers, Gloria Lynn, 94 Tamminga, Samuel William, 59, 65, 201, 208, 225, 232, 293 Tomeresis, Don, 321 Tandy, Mary Louise, 82, 102 Tandy, Riley Ben, 202 Tanner, Henry Charles, 291 Tanner, Ira Elbert, Jr., 291 Toppon, Charles William, 102, 299 Toppon, Robert William, 289 Taylor, Florence Gertrude, 63, 216 Taylor, Kate, 279 Taylor, William Crawford, 307 Tempest, Donald, 303 Temple, Leono Ruth, 82, 281 Templeton, Frances, 267 Ten Eyck, Thomas Willard, 59, 201, 291 Tepley, Fred Hellems, 60, 206, 210 Tepper, Gene, 94, 309 Tepper, Stanley, 1 02 Thayer, Mildred Matilda, 102, 273 Thoeson, Henrietta Wilson, 273 Thoman, Cloro Louise, 210 Thoman, Clemens Bernard, 210 Thoman, Evelyn Butler, 210 Thoman, Richard Samuel, 60 Thomas, Edward Bennie, 299 Thomas, Eleanor Louise, 102, 277 Thomas, John Melvin, 82, 222, 235 Thomos, William Robinson, 305 Thompson, Betty Ruth, 82, 209, 217, 236, 264, 265 Thompson, Charles Reese, 204 Thompson, Doris Dorothy Eugenia, 267 Thompson, Helen Aubury, 281 Thompson, Jane Shorle, 267, 282 Thompson, Joanne, 267 Thompson, Neel, ' 94 Thompson, Norobelle, 218, 219 Thompson, Sam McAfee, 291 Thome, Edward Raymond, 315 Threlkeld, Neil Clarence, 295 Thurmon, Dorothy Jane, 200, 279 Thurston, Ruth Eleanor, 200 Tidwell, Bruce Alfred, 293 Tillard, Helen Angeline, 94, 269 Tillotson, Fred, 206 Tilton, Edith Catherine, 60 Tilton, Warren DeBlois, 199 Timm, Vernon H., 82, 305 Tinker, Lloyd Arthur, 32, 94, 286, 287 Tinsley, Mansor, 317 Tobin, John Francis, 222, 311 Tobin, John James, 297 Todhunter, Lewis Jackson, 293 Toepelman, Dorothy Marion, 196, 279 Toffoli, Atilio, 230 Tomlin, Evelyn Alida, 82 Tomlinson, Rex Dorrell, 317 Toon, Robert Lewis, 221 Towne, Billy Priestly, 221 Towns, Floyd Alonzo, 299 Towse, C. Robert, 60, 289 Trainor, Margaret Morion, 63, 94, 196, 222 Trainor, Robert Ambrose, 60 Trego, Douglas Grant, 199 Trevithick, John Paul, 63 Tripp, Leonard Donald, 297 Trotsky, Martin, 308, 309 Troy, Mary Rene, 267 Troy, Richard Earl, 60, 222 True, Frank Eaton, 233 True, Virginia, 60, 217 Trulove, Louronce Alexander, 299 Turner, Harold Adair, 94 Turner, Joan Lee, 63, 196, 277 Turner, Robert William, 63, 235 u Uhl, Edith Allen, 94, 196, 236 Ullstrom, John Albert, 94, 299 Underwood, Arthur Kennord, Jr., 291 Urner, John Milton, 219 Utlout, William Frederick, 199 Uyemuro, George Haruo, 210 Valenfine, Deone B., 204 Valiton, Arthur P., 82, 285 Van Arsdole, Wayne Alcott, 197, 293 Von de Steeg, Edith Margaret, 263 Van Deventer, Louise C, 60 Vondewort, Cecelia Jean, 277 Van Druff, Bruce H., 82, 291 Von Emon, Dorothy Ruth, 219 Van Fleet, Betty Vera, 94, 279 Von Gorden, Ralph Lawson, 221, 295 Van Loon, Gertrude, 2 ' 9 Von Schoock, Robert C, 303 Van Scoy, Robert Worrer, 63, 199, 220 Von Sickle, Charles Lofland, 293 Van Slyck, Gloria AHene, 60 Voriel, Mary Elizabeth, 94, 263 Vomer, Helen Jane, 60 Veozie, Ralph Edward. 82, 305 Venditti, Fred P., 222 Vergilio, Joseph Henry, 222 Vertrees, Richard Bigelow, 60, 207, 213, 314, 315 Vickers, Arthur Allan, Jr., 297 Viner, Horry William, 319 Viney, Howard Edward, 82, 303 Vining, Robert Jackson, 303 Vockel, Myran Henderson, 221 Vogel, Leonard Carl, 199, 222 Voight, Alvin Henry, 223 Voight, Richard M., 94, 291 Volluz, Raymond Julius, 60, 65, 204, 232, 318, 319 Von Gundy, George Paul, 289 Von Wedel, Jane, 263 Von Wedelstoedt, Olga, 60 Voorhees, Daniel Baldwin, 299 Vote, Robert Moulton, 297 w Wodsworth, Lawrence Word, 228, 313 Wagner, Elijah Rudolph, 204 Wagner, Helena Grace, 222 Wagner, Hugo Henry, 94 343 • Wagner, Leo Anthony, 1 99, 220, 222, 299 Waite, Ruth Mary, 94, 217 Walk, Guy Linzer, 301 Walker, Charles, 235 Walker, Collan Stanley, 200 Walker, Gilbert, 197 Walker, Howard James, 193 Walker, John Dickson, Jr., 293 Walker, John Gilbert, 285 Walker, Marilyn Marjorie, 60, 209, 212, 272, 273 Walker, Thoddeus H., 291 Walker, Virginia Lee, 122, 217 Walkup, Mary Dean, 200, 271 Wallace, Westel Bruce, 289 Walsh, Don Smoot, 82, 225, 307 Wang, David, 210 Ward, Bill Gilbert, 295 Ward, Marshall, 201 Ward, Robert Roy, 200, 228, 303 Warder, George Roy, 299 Warne, Clinton Lee, 315 Warner, David Blake, 317 Warner, Marcia Eleanor, 94, 196, 229, 279 Warren, Karl Scoville, 315 Warren, Richard, Jr., 61, 291 Washburn, Matie Jean, 61, 221 Wasley, Robert Sechrist, 207 Watkins, Frederick William, 206 Watrous, Warren Mossman, 203 Watson, Edward Bortlett, 61 317 Watson, Orrin Edwin, 204, 225, 226 Watts, Charles Ward, 61, 125, 213 Watts, Charles Ward, 195, 290, 291 Waugh, Richard C, 203 Waynick, Charles Haywood, 3 1 1 Webber, Lois Elaine, 234 Webber, Marion George, 22 1 Weber, Richard Baxter, 291 Wedel, Evelyn M., 61 Wehrlie, William Bruce, 197 Weichsel, Emmalene, 95 Weinberger, Alvin Lee, 83, 309 Weinle, Frank Henry, 297 Weitzel, Leonard Russell, 61, 213, 235 Weller, Gordon Axline, 61 Weller, Theta Anne, 103, 272 Wells, Alfred Arthur, 297 Welter, Hugh J., 299 Welty, Benita Janet, 83, 236, 273 Werner, Paul Emil, 61 Wertheimer, Rosalie May, 200 Wessells, John Howard, Jr., 230 West, Marjorie Elaine, 83, 210, 263 West, Robert Harry, 61, 202, 225, 232, 315 West, Sidney Smith, 204 Westerman, Mary Margaret, 267 Wheeler, Emma Jean, 103, 200 Wheldon, Marian Jean, 281 Whitoker, Jack Dawson, 83, 315 Whitaker, King, 293 Whitoker, Jane Margaret, 83 White, Frances H., 95, 227, 269 White, Kenneth Ray, 201, 317 White, Mildred Joan, 277 White, Robert Leroy, 297 Whitestine, Betty Rose, 61, 238 Whitemon, Caroline Sally, 61, 218, 281 Whyte, Norman James, 201 Wich, Harold Charles, 95 Wicks, Margaret Elizabeth, 83, 271 Wicks, Priscilla Ruth, 239 Wictum, Gertrude Mae, 265 Widlund, Robert Woodrow, 230 Wigham, Lue Adah Margaret, 200 Wigton, Betty Jane, 281 Wigton, Jean, 61, 269 Wigton, John Ramsey, 83 Wigton, Louise Cory, 281 Wilcoxon, Hoyt Edgar, Jr., 95, 313 Wiley, John Clinton, 289 Wilkinson, Mary Jeannette, 267 Wilkinson, Robert Neil, 289 Wilkinson, Thomas Edward, 289 Williams, Charlotte Jean, 103 Williams, David Franklin, 61, 203, 299 Williams, Edna Marie, 234 Williams, Jack Wayne, 198, 203 Williams, James Powers, 83 Williams, John Edgar, 293 Williams, Margaret Anna, 103 Williams, Nolan Harold, 201, 208 Williams, Robert, 299 Williams, Ruth Kothryn, 63, 95, 271 Williams, Virginia Mable, 265, 282 Williams, William, 203 Williams, William Edgar, 61 Williamson, Gordon, 319 Willson, Grant Hull, 297 Wilson, Betty Evelyn, 61 Wilson, Betty Anne, 103 Wilson, Jesse Allen, 283, 285 Wilson, John Franklin, 222, 225, 232, 235 Wilson, John Robert, 62, 65, 202, 215 Wilson, Lucretia Palmer, 103, 281 Wilson, Paul Homer, 62, 65, 203 Wilson, William Allison, 285 Winburn, Melba Ruth, 95, 196 Windle, Mary Charlotte, 275 Wingote, Margaret West, 275 Winger, Roy John, 201, 319 Winn, Mary Ellen, 279 Winograd, Harold Sydney, 62, 202, 215 Winter, Mandell Sheflon, 228 Winters, Richard Q., 297 Winton, Jack Mead, 62, 295 Wintz, Howard Anthony, 222 Wise, Betty Agnes, 275 Wise, Curtis Bollard, 289 Wolover, Harold Dale, 291 Wolcott, Wayne Weston, 305 Wolf, Leslie Ann, 83, 273 Wolfe, Robert H., 293 Wolff, Doris Helen, 83 Wolford, Kenneth James, 83 Wolfson, Albert, 309 Woodruff, Tyson, 125 Woolbrinck, George Archie, 62 Wood, Douglas Purdue, 198 208, 235 Wood, James Robert, 307 Wood, John William, 301 Wood, Marshall K., 62 Wood, Wallace Winston, 95, 301 Woodord, John, 197 Woodard, Marjorie Louise, 83, 194, 218, 225, 236, 273 Woodbury, Frank Huntington, 83, 198, 315 Woodbury, Homer Olwin, 231, 291 Woodruff, Thomas Tyson, 303 Woodward, John Allison, 301 Woodward, Richard Elmer, 313 Woodworth, Harold Raymond, 299 Woolley, Williom Kenneth, 313 Worcester, John Byron, 317 Wright, George Edward, 305 Wright, Harry II, 95, 31 1 Wright, Joseph Hodge, 289 Wright, Katherine Adele, 62, 275, 282 Wright, Ralph Denny, 303 Wright, Richard Walton, 291 Wright, Robert William, 83 Wright, Wilbur Mason, 199 Wright, William Scott, 285 Wyer, James Ingersol, 293 Yaw, Robert Horton, 205, 210 Yeoger, Victor Elmer, 62, 221, 223 Yewell, Paul Gordon, 202 Yoder, Genevieve, 83, 277 York, Kenneth Henry, 214 York, Robert William, 199, 220, 284, 285 Young, Cora Moe, 103, 236, 273 Young, Mary Elizabeth, 269 Young, Merna Belle, 103 Young, Rex, 83, 202, 233 Young, William Osgood, 233, 293 Youngclaus, Gordon, 307 Youngclaus, George D., 307 Youngkin, Harry L., 62, 283, 313 Z Zayac, Edward, 222, 307 Zeiger, Marjorie Douglass, 233 Zeigler, June Elizabeth, 103 Zelinger, Morris, 309 Zeuch, Jacqueline, 196, 211, 269 Ziegelmeier, Milton Allen, 201 Zimmerman, Ruth Elizabeth, 103, 271 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Acacia, 284 Adelphi, 205 A. L C. E., 203 A. I. E. E., 202 A. S. C. E., 201 A. S. M, E., 204 Alpha Chi Omega, 262 Alpha Delto Pi, 264 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 206 Alpha Omicron Pi, 266 Alpha Phi, 268 Alpha Sigma Phi, 286 Alpha Tau Omega, 288 B Band, 199 Beta Alpha Psi, 207 Beta Theto Pi, 290 Boord of Regents, 19 c Chi Epsilon, 208 Chi Omega, 270 Chi Psi, 292 Choir, 200 Coed Counsellors, 209 Cosmopoliton Club, 210 Delta Delta Delta, 272 Delta Gamma, 274 Delta Phi Delta, 212 Delta Sigma Phi, 294 Delta Sigma Pi, 213 Delta Sigmo Rho, 214 Delta Tau Delta, 296 Dialectia, 21 1 Eta Kappa Nu, 215 H Heart and Dagger, 66 Hesperia, 194 Hik ing Club, 216 Home Economics, 217 Interfraternity Council, 283 Iota Sigma Pi, 218 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 276 Kappa Delta Pi, 219 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 278 Kappa Kappa Psi, 220 Kappa Sigma, 298 M Mortar Board, 67 Mortar and Pestle, 221 N Newman Club, 222 Panhellenic, 282 Phi Beta Kappa, 64 Phi D- ta Chi, 223 Phi Delta Theta, 300 Phi Epsilon Phi, 198 Phi Gamma Delta, 302 Phi Kappa Tau, 306 Phi Sigma Delta, 308 Phi Sigma Iota, 224 Pi Beta Phi, 280 Pi Kappa Alpha, 310 Pi Kappa Psi, 304 Pi Mu Epsilon, 225 Pi Tau Sigma, 226 Players Club, 228 Porpoise, 227 s Scimitar, 195 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 312 Sigma Alpha Iota, 229 Sigma Chi, 3 1 4 Sigma Delta Chi, 230 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 231 Sigma Nu, 3 1 6 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 318 Sigma Tau, 232 Ski Club, 233 Spur, 196 Sumalia, 195 Tau Beta Phi, 65 Theta Xi, 320 u University Women ' s Club, 238 V Varsity Club, 234 Viking Club, 235 w Wesley Foundotion, 237 Y Y. W. C. A., 239 • 344 v.

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