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A V. : kv 0 ' K A ' 1 1 X w i ' a jy .L. J ' di ' l . ■ ' - .0-j J- . ' - i ■U • ■v ' „ V-! l - y S, ' j COLOItADAN ■;Ff?JS ' SK5M ? • - M P ' M Ui. " -: »- » S . 1 ' JiUr ' --f!l »i Iff s .. " ,«i«W» ' .-» ,,.,- ) ' , ' rf -4 . " m [5 (o)MLl2 BR ■ :5)rb !L co). FOR.EWOR.D To students of today the COLORADAN is presented with un- assuming mien. For those who have attempted it, the futility of engraving on paper the deep but vivacious tenor of our college life, is fully realized. By word and picture, the COLORADAN be- comes an outline; — a graphic study of life on the campus in 1938-9. Twenty years hence, it is hoped that this volume will be a flash of remembrance, illumining memory-outlines which you will be able to color vividly with reminiscence. CONTENTS Administration Classes Fraternities and Sororities Features Activities Athletics nm L DEDICATION The above was made from a charcoal sketch, drawn by M. Taher, a junior in the College of Engineering. Mr. Taher sketched Dr. Norlin from life, and has presented the portrait to the University. The COLORADAN ex- presses its appreciation to Mr. Taher for being permit- ted to present this reproduction of his sketch. .. Dr. Norlln Many a dark midnight, sickened and dismayed By these destroying years, men sit alone Brooding on earth ' s confusions and despairs. Each in himself afraid Even of the certitudes his soul has known. So much has failed or fainted of our faith. So many hopes, compassions, dreams and prayers Been vain and suffered each its little death We feel ourselves betrayed. Then to the stars the cry Ascendeth bitterly — How long. O Lord, how long Must right i icld unto might And the battle go to the strong? How long, O Lord, how long? So I, once, sitting heartsick and perplexed Counting my rags of certitude — v hich next Would fall away? — looked from my porch at night And saw, not stars, but one small window ' s light Shining across the silent street, and knew Why suddenly my mood was calmed, and who Had kept his faith with life as few had strength to do. In these opprobious days of hate and fear Great is that man who knows his ship to steer Unharmed between the clashing rocks; who keeps The course his soul has charted through the deeps Ever before him, though the gods do wrong. The Cyclops ' rage, the Sirens ' pining song Distract him not; the helm obeys his hand. The lodestar gleams, and he shall win to land, Some Ithaca of the heart that long ago Glimmered for him in Homer, lying low Between the sunset and the wine dark sea. Let those who closest know him, even we, Honour his name tonight, for he is ours As are the mountains and the mountain flowers, The lakes, the aspen forests, everything That lives serene and gracious in the Spring, Bright Colorado! Let them find his flaws who can. They have not loved the friend or known the man. Gentle and just, compassionate and kind. In whom some high humility combined The Christian spirit and the Classic mind. —EDWARD DAVISON. ' BBBixBiBam fiiB ii m f mpmm mS ' »aa«)CTW«HWBWOfl« Wff n wriWW i V ii i|HHi|nqp|ini( i Bf | f | i u i ftAR B R ||JW I|||||llllillllll|i||||||||||i|l|lll|l|lll ll llllll| l | tt MqoW0 9(W ri Administration i ,■ ■ u - : -: •rr T- - ' BMMgB waMMoewflM flMaaaaag) WWWWWWI M 60M a0600pflWWBff Faculty r ■.:J ' i VI .» ' ' .U ikO llllMiMII ,lM«t " ' President Norlln ' It stirs in me an emotion, which I cannot define even to myself, to have it brought home to me that this is my last appearance in the University of Colo- rado year book. I do not in the least resent the coming separation, v hich is, I know, to the best in- terest of the University and of myself. Yet I have for so long a time — forty-one years to be precise — gone to and fro on this campus in the active service of the University that even now I begin to have a lost feeling when I have time to think that this ser- vice is so soon to end. It might almost be said that I have grown up with the University. When I came here, students could not express their sacred personalities by tramping down the grass, for there were no lawns. Nor were there paved walks for them to spurn. Of buildings, there were few. Some, like Old Main, still stand, though not too firmly. Other structures have served their time and been retired. All the students were comfortably contained on the ground f ' oor of the CSiapel, now the Little Theater, in Old Main, and all the professors could find room to sit with dignity on the platform of the Chapel. Those were the days of small things, but despise them not. They were the days of hopefulness and adventure and the glory of the unfinished. I cher- ish the University of two score years ago quite as much as I have pride in the greater University of today. Roughly, my years here have been about evenly divided between teaching and administration. The teaching days were the best days, for then I was associated daily with students. Since then, my ex- ecutive duties have been so pressing that I have had little direct contact with the students, and this has been painful to me. During my twenty years as President, I have had, of course, my satisfactions, but the greatest satisfac- tion that I have had is the unbroken loyalty of the students and the whole University population. This has sustained me and helped me over many a rough place, and I am most grateful for it. GEORGE NORLIN. Page 16 Board of Regents In the Board of Regents is vested all au- thority over the University, to formulate policies, authorize all business, and as- sume the responsibility for its general and stipulated welfare. The President of the University, as executive of the institution, is a member of the Board. There are stand- ing committees on auditmg, buildings and grounds, finance, the library, faculty rela- tions and legislation, and medical educa- tion and control of the hospital, which are appointed by the President at the first meeting of the year after general elections. i MEMBERS PRESIDENT GEORGE NORLIN Chairman MR. EUGENE A. BOND Denver MR. E. RAY CAMPBELL Denver DR. LAWRENCE W. COLE Boulder DR. V. B. FISCHER Boulder MR. CARL D. McKlNLEY Greeley MR. CLIFFORD W. MILLS Denver Bond, McKinley, Fischer, MUls, Norlin. Wolcotl Page 17 Executive Courted Once a month the Executive Council, the executive committee of the University Sen- ate, meets to deal with student discipline and attendance, or to formulate temporary- regulations for the University. This Coun- cil is responsible to the University Senate and reports to it regularly. The Deans of each school or college are members of the Executive Council, in addition to four mem- bers elected from the Senate. Although the Council has no power to enact permanent legislation, it may enforce temporary regu- lations, which are referred to the Senate immediately after their proposal. MEMBERS PRESIDENT GEORGE NORLIN, Chairman DEAN ROBERT L. STEARNS DEAN O. C. LESTER DEAN ELMORE PETERSEN DR. MAURICE H. REES DEAN JACOB VAN EK DR. HAROLD BENJAMIN DEAN HERBERT S. EVANS DEAN HOMER WASHBURN DEAN LYDIA L. BROWN DEAN HARRY CARLSON PROFESSOR W. F. DYDE PROFESSOR P. G. WORCESTER PROFESSOR W. OTTO BIRK Benjamin, Brown, Burke, Carlson, Dunham, Dyde, Evans Lester, Norlin, Petersen, Stearns, Van Ek, Washburn Worcester Page 18 A Registrar As Registrar ana i- ouiiseioi, Ivli. Fred E. Aden main- tains keen supervision over each student in the Uni- versity, recording his entire academic record, and counsehng and guiding him throughout his college career. Dean of Men For information concerniiivj any scholastic, extra- curricular, employment or housing problem, all men students of the University may seek the aid of Dean Harry Carlson. Arts and Sciences Under the supervision of Dean Jacob Van Ek, the College of Arts and Sciences now offers, in a new system, a Lower Division providing a general cvil- tural education, and an Upper Division providing for specialization. Dean of Women To maintain the welfare of every woman student of the University is the desire and responsibility of Dean Lydia L. Brown, through friendly guidance in personal matters or school problems. Page 29 F College of Education In addition to the theory and history of education, the College of Education offers unusual training for prospective teachers and educators, with additional guidance from its director. Dr. Harold Benjamin. College of Engineering Dean Herbert S. Evans has carried forth a program for the College of Engineering uniting all branches of the profession by providing close supervision of each step in preparation. School of Law As a member ot the Association of American Law- Schools, and led by Dean Robert L. Stearns, the law school is well qualified to offer a legal education to prospective attorneys. School of Business To develop a curriculum which successfuli ' y trains students for any business career, with an under- standing of the complexities of modern business, is the responsibility of Dean Elmore Petersen. Page 20 taaam m College of Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy issues a degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and by the highest educa- tional and ethical standards maintained by Dean Homer C. Washburn, meets the need of pharmacist and technician. College of Journalism For background and training in journalism, the Col- lege of Journalism offers technical training and in- struction in such progressive courses as news broad- casting and photography, supervised by Professor Ralph L. Crosman. Graduate School Dean O. C. Lester is head of the Graduate School, in which are enrolled all students taking advanced work in any department of the University, with an emphasis on a comprehensive view of a subject. College of Music Dean Rowland W. Dunham has developed a Col- lege of Music giving both training for professional careers and opportunity for musical culture by par- ticipation in orchestra, glee club, and band for all students. Page 21 r School of Medicine The degree of Doctor of Medicine sends students into all fields of medicine, as general practitioners or in preparation for specialization, by direction and consultation of the Dean, Dr. Maurice H. Rees, at the School of Medicine. Sckoot of Nursing Under the direction of Miss Louise Kieninger, Super- intendent of the School of Nursing, a student com- pleting two years of college work may have in- struction and practical experience in nursing, in addition to instruction in basic sciences. Page 22 Student Government 1 i " ; James Lear, David Gambill, Nan Kretschmer XI • » The A. S. U. C. Council of nineteen stu- dents elected by popular vote comprises the governing body of the Associated Stu- dents of the University of Colorado, to for- mulate policies and head commissions concerning student body welfare. The present Council is the first to be elected under the new system initiated a year ago, the members being elected as representa- tives of the various schools and classes in which they are enrolled. Cooper, Criswell, Davis, Devolon, Harvey, Herzborgsr, Hill Page 24 , ' iud OFFICERS JAMES LEAR n. .. , DAVID GAMBILL at NAN KRETSCHMER Secretary COMMISSIONERS GEORGE CRISWELL Publications DAVID GAMBILL Finance JAMES LEAR Athletics NAN KRETSCHMER Scholarship and Activities REEL DAVIS Dances WARREN KENNISON Entertainment LEX OUARNBERG Welfare and Employment RAY HILL Pep and Tradition ED SCHEUNEMANN Forensics BILL DE BAKER Medical Interests RUTH PLANK Publications ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY Music Interests JACK STRICKLAND Intrafratemity Council TOM COOPER RETTA HERZBERGER JACK HARVEY BILL JOVANOVICH EARL DEVALON CORDER SMITH Baclt Row — Kennison, Javonovich. Plank, Kretschmer, Lear, Hill, Strickland. Harvey, Scheunemann, Criswell. fron( flow — Smith. Ouamberg, Gombill, Cooper. Davis. Poge 25 Senate The chief governing body of the Associated Women Students is the Senate, in directing the social and scholastic activities of all women students by disci- plinary measures or by sponsored entertainment. Senate is composed of the executive officers elected by the popular vote of all women students on the campus, in addition to the presidents of the leading women ' s organizations of the University. RUTH PLANK RUTH PLANK . . . MARION HACKSTAFF NANCY ELLZEY . . LUCKY KNOWLES . . CLARA BARNES . . DORIS SANTO . Chairman of Housing Committee EVALYN PROUTY Chairman of Social Committee ELEANOR CHRISTY . . . Chairman of A. W. S. Loan Fund OFFICERS President of A. W. S. Vice-President of A. W. S. Secretary of A. W. S. Treasurer of A. W. S. Chairman of Point System MARJORIE DRAKE Chairman of Coed Counsellors BEVERLEY SMITH . . . President of University Women ' s Club RETTA HERZBERGER . President of Y. W. C. A. LOUISE HOFFMAN . . President of W. A. A. EDNA FALK President of Spur CHARLOTTE SPENGLER President of Panhellenic MIGNON WARDELL Independent Representative FACULTY ADVISERS DEAN LYDIA L. BROWN MISS THERESE STENGEL MISS HENRY ETTA REYNOLDS Standing — Prouty, Barnes, Miss Stengel, Herzberger, Christy, Knowles, Wcrdell, Miss Reynolds, Hoffman, Spengler, Drake, Santo, Smith, Folk. Sea(ed— Ellzey, Plank, Hackslaff. Page 26 House of Representatives In co-operation with Senate, the House of Represent- atives, the second legislative body of the Associated Women Students, reports violations of rules, and arouses spirit and loyalty, in attempting to unify the women students of the University. This body consists of one representative from each sorority, an equal number of representatives from the non-sorority groups, and the four hall presidents of the dormitory. MARION HACKSTAFF OFFICERS MARION HACKSTAFF Speaker JEAN HANCOCK Chi Omega MARGARET BIRK Independent CARMEN BILLINGTON . . Alpha Omicron Pi JEAN BOVARD . . President of Bigelow Hall BETTY IRELAND . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma PATRICIA KENNEDY . . . Alpha Chi Omega HELEN GRIEVE . . President of Harding Hall JEAN HAGGART Independent BETTY HUTCHINSON .... Pi Beta Phi DOROTHY JENKINS Alpha Phi MARGUERITE JOHNSON . . . Delta Gamma CAROLYN JONES .... Delta Delta Delta LORRAINE KELSO Independent JOSEPHINE MORRISON Independent NANCY NASH ... Independent CAROLYN RANNY . . Independent WILMA RENEAU Independent MARGUERITE SCHLESSINGER . Alpha Delta Pi BARBARA SMITH President of McKenna Hall AILEEN SOUDER Independent VICTORIA TELANDER Kappa Alpha Theta ESTHER WALTER Independent MURIEL WARNER . . President of Lester Hall GERALDINE WARSHAUER . . . Independent CAROLINE WOLFF Independent Standing — Kennedy, Warner, Hancock, Ireland, Hutchinson, Hackslaff, Grieve, Warshouer. Sealed — Bovard, Souder, Birk, Telander, Morrison, Ranney, Kelso. Fron( Row — Haggart, Johnson, Schlessinger, Wolff, Nash. Page 27 III Derryberry, Brittell, Hunts-, Whitslaw School of Business OFFICERS HOWARD BRITTELL . CHESTER WHITELAW MOLLY HUNTER . . WILLIAM DERRYBERRY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Combined. Engineers OFFICERS NORMAN SCHULTZ President CARL WOOD Vice-President JOHN ANDERSON Secretary MERRILL TEATS Treasurer Teats, Schultz, Wood, Anderson Page 28 Kf Barb Organizaiion In a program of social and athletic events, the Barb organization promotes friendliness and sportsmanship among more than fifty per cent of the students of the University in their largest single group which is non-Greek. At the head of the or- ganization is a Council, consisting of sev- enteen members, selected to represent all the classes and residence halls. Recently a semi-legislative body, the Barb Reeves, has been organized. Dorothy Stanley and Benjamin Galland are sponsors of this organization. OFFICERS J. CORDER SMITH President DORIS SANTO . Vice-President lEAN HAGGART . . Secretary BILL BAUER Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES RICHARD McMULLEN Senior DOROTHY JANE PETERSEN Senior AILEEN SOUDER Junior CHARLES WALKER Junior LORRAINE KELSO Sophomore LYLE BRAY Sophomore MARJORIE ANDERSON Freshman HENRY GREGORY Freshman GERTRUDE WYATT . Dormitory WARREN LONG Dormitory CLIFFORD COLMAN Athletic Manager LOUISE ARMSTRONG Publicity Manager LAURENCE FLANDERS Dance Manager Standing — McMullen. Flanders, Bauer, Armstrong, Smith, Colman. Sealed — Petersen, Miss Stanley, Long, Souder, Santo. Front Row — Walker, Kelso, Bray, Haggort, Mr. Galland. Page 29 Hit Mrutorfam DR. WILLIAM F. BAUR DR. ROSS C. WHITMAN NASON DAY CAREY JOHN BOYNTON HUMES SIMMIE EDNA STILES CHARLES E. CUMMINGS CI ' ( ; " " " • " ' " ■W HW fl P ' ' WB!H¥ . ..L; tdmmmmtm ri- ■-.j j..- j jy U ll|||l|l||i| HU iyuuuw BWffVWKi; CWNil N ll ' K i M WlffV J ° tf gaeeejmjuutfuuuuiiiij iiiniiiiii m " innf W fitn fin W B w tTrar w i 1 1 ' rnT ' Class of ' 39 Class of ' 40 s ' v r) Class of ' 39 BETTY C. ALLEN Akron Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Journalism; Theta Sigma Phi; COLORADAN; Silver and Gold; Dodo; A. W. S. Vaudeville; Rhythm Circus; Co-ed Counsellor. DONALD E. ALLEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Epsilon Phi; Glee Club; Phi Mu Alpha; Little Theatre; Players Club; Rhythm Circus; C. U. Day; COLORADAN. JOHN CLAYTON ALMOND Littleton Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle. CORNELIA L. ANDERSON Boulder Music; Sigma Alpha Iota. ELEANOR ANDERSON Boulder Arts and Sciences. JOHN A. ANDERSON Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau, president; Combined Engineers, secretary; A. I. E. E. NELLIE MARGARET ARCHIBALD Boulder Music; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Women ' s Club; Sigma Alpha Iota, president. ANN ARMSTRONG Rawlins, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; W. A. A.; COLORADAN. LOUISE ARMSTRONG Paonia Arts and Sciences; U. W. C, treasurer and vice-president; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; Barb Council; Spur; Wind ow; Silver and Cold: Peace Council. MARION ARMSTRONG Saline, Kansas Business; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rhythm Circus; Beta Sigma; Board of Directors of Business School; Panhellenic; W. A. A. Cabinet; Spur. LEWIS ASHBAUGH Denver Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E.; Colorado Engineer. TOM ATKINSON Greeley Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Swimming. JULIA MAY AVERY Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. THOMAS WICK BAIRD Denver Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Freshman Baseball; Golf; Accounting Club. MARK W. BAKER Colorado Springs Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Pi Sigma; Rhythm Circus; Phi Epsilon Phi; Colorado Engineer; Applefesl; Swimming; Siiver and GoH. DICK BANCROFT Canon City Pharmacy; Presbyterian Union. Pago 36 class of ' 39 MARY ELIZABETH BARBER Greeley Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; COLORADAN; W. A. A. NORMAN BARTUNG Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega: Player ' s Club; Little Theatre. WILUAM CHARLES BAUER Boulder Enqineerinq; Barb Orqanlzation. Treasurer; Colorado Engineer, editor; Tau Beta Pi: Siqma Tau: Kappa Kappa Psi; A. I. Ch. E.. vice-presi- dent; Band. JOHN BAUGH Center Enqineerinq; Phi Delta Theta; A. S. C. E.; Track; " C " Club. JACK W. BELL Denver Enqineerinq; Siqma Alpha Epsilon. CARL M. BENNETT Yorkshire, Ohio Enqineerinq; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; A. S. C. E. CHARLES EDWARD BENNETT Denver Law 1; Beta Theta Pi; Dodo; COLORADAN; Camera Club; Glee Club; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Cold. STANLEY E. BERGER Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Mesa College. CHARLES BERRY Denver Enqineerinq; Chi Psi. SARAHELEN BEST Buena Vista Business; Alpha Delta Pi; Beta Sigma; Women ' s Club. MARTHA BEVERSTOCK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Home Economics Club. ARNOLD BIELLA Louisville Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Player ' s Club; Adelphi: Kappa Delta Pi; Little Theatre; French Oub; Campus Peace Council. FREDERICK GATES BLAKEY Milwaukee, Wisconsin Enqineerinq and Business; Acacia, secretary; Pi Tau Siqma; Pi Mu Epsilon: A. S. M. E.: Colorado Engineer. JOHN MICHAEL BOBEL . . . Astoria, L. I., New York Pharmacy; Delta Siqma Phi; Newman Club; Mortar and Pestle. BARBARA LEE BOEHM Hutchinson, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Utile Theatre; Player ' s Club; Sliver and GoJd; Porpoise; Thela Sigma Phi. THEODORE BOERSTLER Business; Chi Psi; " C " Club; Tennis; Rhythm Circus. Denver Page 37 :m class of ' 39 THOMAS S. BOHMAN Denver Law 1; Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Pi, officer; Phi Delta Phi; Board of Directors of Business School. EDITH BOWN St. Louis, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Rhythm Circus; A. W. S. Vaudeville. LAURETTA BOYD Golden Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi. MELVIN J. BRADLEY Hoyden Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Boxing Champion 1938; Freshman Football; Buffalo Trader. WILLIAM JAMES BRADY Boulder Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, president; Track; Glee Club; Viking Club; Band; Adelphi; Rhythm Circus. GEORGE S. BRANDT Boulder Engineering; Glee Club; A. S. C. E.; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. VIRGINIA BREWER Camarilla, California Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. ERNEST B. BREWSTER .... Kansas City, Missouri Business; Beta Theta Pi; Chairman Board of Publications of Business School; Business School Executive Council; Beta Alpha Psi; Editor of Buffalo Trader HOWARD E. BRITTELL Brush Business; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi, president; Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Club; President of Business School; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Oar and Chain. BURTON P. BROWN Denver Engineering; Radio Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma. DONN BROWN Dayton, Ohio Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FLOYD DONALD BROWN Boulder Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Wesley Foundation. JEANETTE BROWN Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; COLORADAN; Women ' s Club. ROBERTA BROWN Ophir Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. BARBARA BRUNTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, treasurer; COLORADAN; Dodo; Glee Club; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Rhythm Circus. LOIS BULSON Trinidad Business; Chi Omega; Dodo; W. A. A.; Hiking Club; Alpha Nu; Beta Sigma; Cosmopolitan Club. Page 38 class of ' 39 WILLIAM J. BURKHARDT Denver Business; Sigma Alpha EpsUon; Tennis; " C " Club; Accounling Gub; COLORADAN. RITA BURNS Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Sigma EpsU ■-■-. " perla; Panhellenlc, secretary; Alpha Phi, p: BERT B. BUTCHER Denver Business; Sigma Chi; Sumolla, president. JEAN CAMPBELL Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta PI; ' " ' : Phi; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Sigma Iota; Sigma Epsilon Sigm : itan Qub; Women ' s Club. MILDRED CARD McAllen, Texas Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. FRANK A. CARDMAN Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Mesa Junior College. VIRGINIA CARGO Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Women ' s Club; COLORADAN; W. A. A.; Rhythm Circus. CHARLES CARPENTER Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; A. S. M. E. SELMAN CASADY Byers Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dodo. RICHARD FREEMAN CASPER . Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Business; Barb Reeves; Camera Club; Viking Club; Bucknell Univer- sity. HUGH CHASTAIN Cortez Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Bond; Symphonic Orchestra; Glee Club; Boxing; Baseball; A. S. U., treasurer. ELEANOR LOUISE CHRISTY Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Prom Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Rhythm Circus; Colorado U. Day Committee; A. W. S. Loan Fund; Senate; W. A. A.; High School Conferences; Women ' s League Vaudeville; Orchesls. RUTH COBURN Deadwood, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; R M. C. C; Cockrell Nahiral History Qub; Chi Delta Phi. HUBERT A. COIT .... Columbia, South Carolina Engineering. ERMA CONNELL LaSalle Arts and Sciences; Alpha Pht- Theta Sigma Phi; COLORADAN; Women ' s Qub; Y. W. C. A.; Cabinet; Sliver and GoW. ELIZABETH COPELAND Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. Grand Junction Page 39 r Class of ' 39 EMMA M. COTTRELL Center Arts and Sciences; Congo Club, treasurer; Intramural Manager; Barb Reeves; W. A. A.; Little Theatre; Women ' s Club. VIRGIL E. COWEN Salida Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; B. Y. P. U. MILDRED IRENE COX Fort Morgan Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; W. A. A.; Porpoise Club; Rhythm Circus; Glee Club. ROBERTA COX Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, president; COLORADAN; Delta Phi Delta; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic. VERNON E. CREESE Longmont Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Little Theatre; Player ' s Club; COLORADAN; Dodo; Junior Prom Committee. ROBERT CRISPIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau, president; Delta Phi Alpha, presi- dent; Interfraternity Council. GEORGE STUART CRISWELL Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dodo, editor; Silver and Gold: Senior Class Commissioner; Sigma Delta Chi; Heart and Dag- ger; Board of Publications. THEODORE M. CURTIS Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau, president; COLORADAN, business manager; Rhythm Circus; Adelphi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Player ' s Club; C. U. Radio Player ' s Club; Glee Club; Sophomore Prom Committee; Freshman Debate Award; Little Theatre; Interfraternity Council, Chairman Scholarship Committee. WILLIAM HENRY DARDEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; Cockerell Natural History Club, president. JAMES LOWELL DAUGHERTY .... Ogden, Utah Enginsering; A. I. Ch. E.; Alpha Chi Sigma. KENT T. DAVIS Boulder Business; Theta Xi; Phi Epsilon Phi. REEL C. DAVIS Peoria, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Freshman Prom; Sophomore Prom; Demonstration Committee; Homecoming Committee; Phi Epsilon Phi, vice-president; A. S. U. C. Dance Commissioner. WILLIAM RAYMOND DAY Edgewater Arts and Sciences; Dodo; Sigma Delta Chi; Baseball. LOUIS DEGEN Aurora Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; Adelphi; A. I. Ch. E.; Engineer ' s Ball Committee; Phi Kappa Tau, vice-president. LUCILLE DI GIACOMO Lafayette Music; Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Iota. MARY KATHRYN DOLAN " Boulder Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Women ' s Club; COLORADAN. Page 40 Class of ' 39 MARY K. DOLL Boulder Arts and Sciences. FRANCES DORAN T Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Iota Sigma PI; Home Econc : Club. HARVEY B. DOWLEN Brush Business; Phi Epsilon Phi; Bullalo Trader. MARY LOU DREFFEIN Oak Park, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha : i, treasurer; lunior Artist League; Co-Ed Couns- VERNON DUNBAR H ■•■ Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ALLEN DUNN Garden City, Kansas Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Little Theatre. WILLIAM DUTTON Boulder Engineering; A. L E. E.; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Band; Orchestra; Rhythm Circus. MARY-ELLEN EDWARDS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Alpha Nu. FRANK ELMORE Denver Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi: Business School Blotter. GEORGE EVANS Denver Engineering; Phi Epsilon Phi; A. S. C. E. RALPH EUGENE FABER Colorado Springs Engineering. WILLIAM B. FANT Garden City, Kansas Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Blotter. COLORADAN; Dodo. DON W. FAWCETT Brush Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. VERNON O. FEY Craig Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.. treas- urer: Pi Mu Epsilon; Colorado Engineer. LILLIAN IRENE FISCHER Springfield Arts and Sciences: Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Club; Archeology Qub. LAURENCE B. FLANDERS, JR Longmont Law; Phi Alpha Delta, vice-president; GoU; " C " Club: Exe Council: Student Bar Association, treasurer- Barb Dance Ma:. : Barb Council. Page 41 class of ' 39 DAVID M. FLITNER Denver Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM FRANK Pueblo Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Little Theatre; Rhythm Circus; Pueblo Junior College. JOAN FOGG Boulder Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. JACK JAY FOX Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta; American Student Union. ROBERT E. FOX Lamar Law 1; Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Western State College. J. E. FULLER Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. S. M. E. HAROLD GARDENSWARTZ Denver Business; Phi Sigma Delta. KATHERINE ANN GARDINER . . . Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences. ROBERT COULTAS GASEN . . . Winchester, Illinois Law 2; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Lambda; B. S. University of Illinois; Northwestern University. RICHARD P. GERMANN Boulder Arts and Sciences; A. Ch. S.; Stamp Club; American Meteorological Society. WILLIAM H. T. GLENN Crawford Law 3; Viking Club; Debating; Band. MYRON A. GOLDBERG . . . New York City, New York Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Hiking Club; Little Theatre; Freshman Tennis; Fraternity Handball Doubles Champ- ion. MARIAN GOODMAN Durango Arts and Sciences; Orchesis; President of Physical Department. MARY ANN GRABOW Ouray Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. THOMAS H. GREEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Band; Rhythm Circus; Freshman Track. CHARLES R. GREENHALGH Craig Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle; Sigma Chi. Page 42 class of ' 39 ALBERT R. GREGG . prings Enginoering; Pi Sigma Tou; Pi Mu EpsUon; A. S. M. £.; HU ui 3 Club: Band; Wesley Foundation. HELEN DOROTHY GRIEVE Toulon, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Hi: • Harding Hall Council; Barb Reeve Council; V. Triad of Women ' s Club; Delta Phi Alpha, secretai 1 1 ,, . FRANCIS A. GUNTHER Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Slgi: ut. BRUCE GUSTIN Boulder Arts and Sciences; PI Kappa Alpha, president; Alpha Chi Sigma, presi- dent; Adelphi, secretary; A. I. Ch. E.; American Chemical Society; Phi EpsUon Phi; Colorado Engineer; Inlerfratemity Council. A. EDWIN HAAK Colorado Springs Engineering; Phi Kappa Tou; Sigma Tau; Chi EpsUon, secretary; Phi Epsilon Phi; A. S. C. E., president; Colorado Engineer. MARION C. HACKSTAFF Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, vice-president; A. W. S., vice-president; Mortar Board: Hesperia, president; Dodo, Associate Editor; Silver and Gold; Y. W. C. A., cabinet. JEAN HAGGART Boulder Music; Spur; House of Representatives; Secretary of Barb Orgoniza- Uon; Sigma Alpha Iota, secretary; Women ' s Club Council; Rhythm Circus. ARVID HANSON Walden Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Chi EpsUon; Interfratemity Coundl; A. S. C. E. UGI HARADA Rocky Ford Business. LUQLLE HARDY Sidney. Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Dodo; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Rhythm Circus. DONALD HARVEY Denver Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma, treasurer; Colorado Engineer, assistant business manager; A. I. Ch. E. TIM HATTON Model Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Operetta. WINIFRED LENORE HAUFF Boulder Arts and Sciences; Cosmopolitan Club; Women ' s Club. FREDERIC W. HAWKINSON, JR Otis Business; Kappa Sigma; Scimitar. EVA HEIMER Englewood Arts and Sciences; Porpoise; Iota Sigma Pi. ELEANORE KATHRYN HENDERSON .... Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club, vice-president; French Club; Women ' s Club. Page 43 Class of ' 39 BERNARD S. HENDLER Denver Business; Baseball; " C " Club; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Siqma Delta. CARMEN HENNEBACH Leadville Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. CLIFFORD A. HENRY Denver Engineering: Acacia; A, S. C. E.; Inter-Fraternity Council. HENRIETTA HERZBERGER Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A., president; Window; Rhythm Circus; Honors Union; Silver and Gold; Peace Council; Delta Phi Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Mortar Board; ASUC Com- mission. MARCELINE HEYER Steamboat Springs Arts and Sciences; Concert Band; French Club; Cap and Gown Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Phi Sigma Iota. JOHN E. HICKMAN Denver Business; Delta Tau Delta; Sumalia; Kappa Kappa Psi; COLORADAN; Colorado U. Day Committee; Silver and Gold; Band; Rhythm Circus. KAY HICKMAN Boulder Arts and Sciences; French Club, vice-president; Alpha Phi; Spur; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus. GENEVA RUTH HIER Castle Rock Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Window; A. W. S. Loan Fund Committee. RAY RIEDEL HILL Denver Business; Beta Theta Pi, president; A. S. U. C. Commission; Commis- sioner of Pep and Traditions; Homecoming Day Committee; Colorado U. Day Committee; Scimitar; Sumalia; Heart and Dagger. EUGENE J. HILLIGOSS Manitou Springs Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Orchestra; Concert Band; Viking Club; Barb Council; Rhythm Circus; Barb Men ' s Chorus; Uni- versity Choir; Secretary of Senior Class; Men ' s Glee Club. MAXINE GRACE HINSHAW .... Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Orchesis; Women ' s Club; W. A. A.; Little Theatre. RUSSELL E. HOAGLAND Littleton Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle Club; Oar and Chain. LOUISE HOFFMAN Fort Collins Pharmacy; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A., president; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Senate; Mortar and Pestle Club. DONALD HOLDRIDGE Tulsa, Oklahoma Law; Phi Gamma Delta; Adelphi; Glee Club. MAXINE HOLLOWELL Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; COLORADAN; Glee Club; Home Economics Club; Women ' s Club, president. HORACE B. HOLMES Arcadia, California Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Swimming; Sumalia; Pi Gamma Mu; Inter-Fraternity Council; Rhythm Circus; COLORADAN; Dodo. Page 44 class of ' 39 ILADEILE HOLTSLANDER Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club; Women ' s Club. HUGOETTA MARGARET HOMSHER .... Craig Arts and Sciences: Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A.; Dodo; Player ' s Club: Glee Club; Rhythm Circus. PEGGY HORNE P- - Business; Alpha Chi Omega; Orchesls; W. A. A. SARAH JANE HOUTZ Sioux City, Iowa Arts and Sciences: W. A. A.: Porpoise. WILLIAM ADGATE HOVER, II Denver Business; Beta Thota Pi; Baseball; Colorado U. Day. WILFRED EARL HOWE Pueblo Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle. BARBARA ANN HOYLAND . . . Kansas City, Missouri Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Beta Sigma. ANNABELLE HUBBELL Havre, Montana Arts and Sciences. ELEANOR HUCBCEBY Denver Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club; Debating: Women ' s Club. JEANETTE HUMPHREY Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, president; COLORADAN; Dodo; Players ' Club: Reading Choir; Spur; Pan-Hellenic; Women ' s Qub: Y. W. C. A. CAROLYN E. HUNT Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Nu, national executive; Pi Mu Epsllon, sec- retary; Women ' s Club, Triad. MOLLY AILENE HUNTER Denver Business; Delta Delta Delta, secretary; COLORADAN; Dodo; Window; Silver and Gold; Blotter, editor; Bullalo Trader: Secretary of Business School; Business Day Comm ittee; Ticker Tape; Women ' s Club. MARK C. HUSS Mendota, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Adelphi, vice-president; Delta Sigma Rho, secretary; Phi Epsilon Phi; Gamma Delta: A. S. U. C; Campus Peace Council, treasurer; Forensic, Debate Manager; Extem- poraneous Speaking. GEORGE C. IMRIE, JR Tracy, California Engineering: Alpha Sigma Phi; Chi Sigma; A. S. C. E. ROBERT T. JOHNSEN .... Las Vegas, New Mexico Business; Sigma Nu. CARL JOHNSON Boone Business; Pueblo Junior College. e y Page 45 E class of ' 39 DOROTHY JOHNSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Nu; Women ' s Club; Kappa Delia Pi. ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON Brighton Business; Kappa Alpha Thela; Rhythm Circus; Women ' s League Vaudeville; Dodo; Beta Sigma, president; Social Committee of Busi- ness School. JULIUS JOHNSON Denver Arts and Sciences; COLORADAN. MABLE EVELYN JOHNSON Brighton Business; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Rhythm Circus; Glee Club; Spur; Dodo; Beta Sigma; Women ' s League Vaudeville. OKLA JOHNSON Loveland Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle; University of Tennessee; Kappa Psi. PAUL JOHNSON Denver Engineering; A. I. E. E.; Radio Club. MARGARET KELSALL Boulder Arts and Sciences; Cockerell Natural History Club; Archaeology Club; Wesley Foundation. WILLIAM F. KELTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Adelphi; Siiver and Gold. ANN KENDALL Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi. MACK KENNEDY . . ■ Denver Law 1; Chi Psi. FRANCIS W. KENNEY Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Sigma; Track; Freshman Track. WARREN L. KENNISON Denver Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Delta Chi, president; A. S. U. C. Com- mission; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Oar and Chain. RICHARD CARPENTER KERR Boulder Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Band; Phi Epsilon Phi; COLORADAN. PAUL H. KIMMEL Arapahoe Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu, treasurer; A. I. E. E.; Pi Mu Epsilon, vice-president; Sigma Pi Sigma, vice-president. GEORGE KINDEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; COLORADAN, associate editor; Silver and Cold; Rhythm Circus; University Choir; Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma. LILLIAN ALICE KNAPP Hinsdale, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Alpha; Hiking Qub; Camera Club. Page 46 class of ' 39 ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY ..... Lamar Music; Delta Delta Del ' . : • - ,],g pj. Univer- sity String Orchestra; A NAN JUSTINE KRETSCHMER Denver Arts and Sciences; Kapp i " i: r i Gamma, president; A ' " ' " " -■ retary; Commissioner C 3 and Honoraries; ; caUons; COLORADAN, ; iitor; Y. W. C. A Little Theatre Honors; Hespeiia, treasurer; Spur; Hellenic; W. A. A.: Freshman Prom Chairman Committee; Peace Council; Women ' s League VauJovUlu; Representatives. WILLIAM TRAVERS KRIEGHOFF Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan Engineering; A. S. C. E. MARGARET KUNTZ Denver Arts and Sciences; Siiver and GoJd; Women ' s Club. BERTHA LACKNER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, president; COLORADAN; A. W. S.; House of Representatives; Spur; Hesperia; Pan-Hellenic; Rhythm Circus; W. A. A.; Glee Club; A. W. S. Vaudeville. ESTHER ISABEL LAFFERTY Estes Park Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Spur; Rhythm Circus; PI Gamma Mu; Pan-Hellenic. JAMES M. LANE, JR Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E.; Alpha Chi Sigma, vice-president; University Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. LaNELLE LALLIER Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Iota Sigma Pi, vice-president; Silver and Gold; Campus Peace Council; A. W. S. Vaudeville. RUTH LANTZ Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rhythm Circus; Women ' s Club; Orchesis; A. W. S. VaudevUle. DOROTHY EVELYN LaPOINT Akron Arts and Sciences; Barb Reeves; Gamma Delta Xi, vice-president. RUTH HARRIETTE LaPOINT Akron Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta Xi, secretary; French Club; Spanish Qub. JAMES HOWARD LEAR Fort Collins Engineering; Sigma Nu, president; A. S. U. C, president; Heart and Dagger, president; Tou Beta Pi. vice-president; Sigma Tau, vice-presi- dent; Chi Epsilon; Sumalia; Scimitar; Student Athletic Commissioner; Sophomore Prom Chairman; Engine Ball Committee; 1939 Pacemaker; Track. ANNE LEAVITT Miles City, Montana Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; COLORADAN; Rhythm Circus. GERALDINE LEE Boulder Arts and Sciences. LEONARD E. LEFF Cheyenne, Wyommg Business; Phi Sigma Delta; Glee Oub: Athletic Manager. CAROL ANN LEISENRING Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Women ' s Cluh; Dodo. Page 47 r Class of ' 39 MARTHA JANE LEPPER Topeka, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Thela. WILLIAM LEWIS Denver Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Tau; Mortar and Pestle, president; Alpha Nu. IDA THELMA LIBERT Denver Arts and Sciences; Theta Sigma Phi; Silver and Gold; Dodo. ALVIN DAVID LICHTENSTEIN Alamosa Law 1; Phi Sigma Delta; Inter-Fraternity Council; Honors; Players ' Club; Little Theatre; Adelphi, secretary; Committee on Religious In- terests. HELEN LINK Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; W. A. A. Board; Home Economics Club, vice-presi- dent; Women ' s Club. ROBERT LITTLEJOHN Grand Junction Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu, corresponding secretary; A. I. E. E., treasurer. CHARLES ROBERT LONGSTREET Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Scimitar; Baseball. PORTIA LUBCHENCO Sterling Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Hiking Club; Cosmopolitan Qub. MAXINE E. LUTHER Lakewood Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Spur; Dodo; Window. RICHARD LUXFORD . _ Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi; Baseball. PEGGY LYNCH Salina, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gam m a. JOSEPH LEROY LYNTON Durango Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle; Newman Club; Cosmo- politan Club; Camera Club. MARY JANE McCORMICK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; COLORADAN; Home Economics Club; Rhythm Circus. RALPH G. McFANN, JR Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Adelphi; Debate; Klingler Ora- torical Finalist. JUNE McINTIRE Armel Arts and Sciences; Kappa Tau Alpha. RICHARD McMULLEN - Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Sliver and Gold, editor-in-chief; Dodo, associate editor; Sumalia; Heart and Dagger; Barb Council; Senior Week Com- mittee; Junior Prom Committee; C. U. Day Committee, chairman; Kwoffenhoffen. Page 48 HBUJ class of ' 39 FRASER McNEIL San Diego, California Business: Kappa Sigma. HARRIETT McSWEEN Brush Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; COLORADAN; Sliver and Gold: Delta Phi Delta; Junior Artists Guild. ELOINE McWILLIAMS .... . Roulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Por;. W. A. A. Board. LUQLE MACGREGOR Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Delta Deli ur; W. A SHIRLEY HELEN MANN Longmont Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Delta; Glee Club; Barb Chorus. WAYNE K. MANN Edwards Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E. PAUL MARASCO Grand Junction Arts and Sciences. MICHAEL S. MARCH Haswell Arts and Sciences; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Oar and Chain; Forensic. MAXINE MARLIN Oklahoma City Arts and Sciences. RICHARD C. MARMADUKE . . . Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MURIEL MAY Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Gamma Mu; Orchesis; Rhythm Circus; Y. W. C. A.; A. W. S. VoudeviUe; W. A. A. COVER MENDENHALL Rocky Ford Law 1: Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Vice-President of Business School; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NORMAN MEYER Gardner Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Hikers Club; Glee Club; University Chorus. MARY BEA MINER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. WAYNE GLEN MOCK Denver Arts and Sciences; Viking Qub; Football. HARRY H. MOLL, JR Denver Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Pi. Page 43 class of ' 39 JANE MOORHEAD Belvidere, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Club; Little Theatre; Dodo; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE MARIAN MORRIS Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; COLORADAN; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. MARY MUNDELL Walsh Arts and Sciences. ANDREW EVANS MURRAY Denver Arts and Sciences. CHARLES MURRAY Denver Engineering: Radio Club; A. I. E. E. CLYDE NEARY Lead, South Dakota Engineering; A. S. M. E. GENE HELEN NELSON Boulder Business; Alpha Chi Omega; Rhythm Circus; Women ' s Club; Si ' iver and Gold. STEWART NELSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Adelphl, president; Religious Interest Committee, secretary; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Oxford Essay Society; Forensic. WENDELL A. NELSON . . . Schenectady, New York Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Bultalo Tiader; Alpine Ski Club. PHILIP NICE .... ' .... Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta. DOROTHY MAY NORTHCUTT Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; COLORADAN; Pan-Hel- lenic; Rhythm Circus; Y. W. C. A. FRANCES G. NO YES Glenns Ferry, Idaho Arts and Sciences. MARJORIE O ' BRIEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Archeology Club. MARY LOUISE OLSON Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. RAYMOND ORTEZ La Jara Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Wrestling. JESSIE JUNE OTT Fort Morgan Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Delta Phi Delta; W. A. A.; Junior Artists Guild; Dodo; A. W. S. Point System; Porpoise; Dormitory President. Page 50 class of ' 39 BENSON F. PALMER Cedaredge Enqineerlnq; A. S. M. E. MILES PALMER r ' Business; Delta Sigma Pi. LESLIE C. PAMPEL Boulder Engineering; A. S. C. E.,- Colorado Engir. ndallon. LELAND W. PARRISH Boulder Engineering: A. S. M. E. RICHARD MAXWELL PEARL .... Detroit. Michigan Arts and Sciences; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. LEOTA F. PEKRUL Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi. treasurer; Mortar Board, vice-president: Honors Union; Silver and Gold; Iota Sigma PI; Spur; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; C. U. Day, General Chairman. MARY ELIZABETH PENDLETON Hillrose Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi. HOWARD M. PERRY Colorado Springs Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Colorado Engineer: Engineers ' Apple- fest, chairman; A. I. E. E., president; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. DOROTHY lANE PETERSEN Brush Music: Sigma Alpha Iota; University Choir; Women ' s Club. EVAN PETERSON Colorado Springs Alts and Sciences; Forum Speaking. HELEN PHELPS Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. JOHN PHILPOTT Greeley Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Tau, treasurer; Pi Tau Sigma; Colorado Engineer, business manager; A. S. M. E. HOWARD A. PIERCE Boulder Engineering. ELEANOR PITTENGER Longmont Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. RUTH PLANK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Barb Council; W. W. C. Council; A. W. S. Senate; A. S. U. C; Rhythm Circus, assistant director; Freshman Prom Com- mittee; Sophomore Prom Committee; President of Sophomore Class; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi: Spur: Hesperia: Mortar Board: A. W. S. Vaudeville Committee; Miss C. U : A. W, S.. president. ROBERT REX POMEROY .... Colorado Springs Engineering; Chi Epsilon, vice-president; Sigma Tau; A. S. C. E., secretary. Poge 51 r class of ' 39 HARVEY PROCTOR Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Band; Silver and Gold; Colorado Engi- neer; Interfratemity Council. DEAN PROSSER, JR Cheyenne, Wyoming Business; Beta Theta Pi. RALPH FRANK PTACEK Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Nu; Hiking Club; Viking Club. MARGARET ELIZABETH PUFFER Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; COLORADAN; SiJver and GoW; Glee Club; W. A. A. ELEANOR REESE Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; SiJver and Gold; COLORADAN; Women ' s Club; Vf. A. A. FRANCIS DANIEL REIBSCHEID . . . Colorado Springs Law; Phi Sigma Delta. MARVIN REMKE .... Republican City, Nebraska Engineering; Sigma Tau; A. S. M. E.; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Barb Committee. WILMA LOIS RENEAU Lamar Arts and Sciences; Campus Club; Business Manager; SiJver and Gold; House of Representatives; Cosmopolitan Club; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; League for Women Voters, president. MARJORIE HELEN RICE Leadville Arts and Sciences; PI Beta Phi; SiJver and GoJd; Rhythm Circus; Y. W. C. A. ALLAN R. RICHARDS Denver Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Extension Debate; Little Theatre. JOHN RICHERT La Junta Business; Phi Kappa Tau; Band; Glee Club; Accounting Club. LESTER A. ROBB Flagler Engineering; A. S. C. E. CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Tau Sigma, president; Pi Mu Epsilon, corresponding secretary; Sigma Tau, secretary; A. S. M. E., treasurer; Tau Beta Pi. ELLEN ROEMER Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Window, editor; W. A. A.; Chi Delta Phi, vice-president; Theta Sigma Phi, president; Co-ed Counsel- lor; Y. W. C. A.; Kappa Tau Alpha. EDITH ROSENFELD Denver Music; Players ' Club; LitUe Theatre; Orchesis; Sigma Alpha Iota; Kappa Delta Pi. DOROTHY ROST Denver Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, president; Spur; Hesperia, secretary; Dormitory President; House of Representatives; Delta Phi Alpha; Co-ed Counsellor; W. A. A.; COLORADAN; Window. Page 52 class of ' 39 WILLIAM H. ROUSE Engineering; Camera Cluh, president; A. I. E. E.; Barb iuimai Com- mittee; Barb Tea Dances Committee. GEORGE C. ROWLAND Lodi, Ohio Business; Sigma Nu. ELEANOR RUFF Boulder Arts and Sdences; Women ' s Club; Y. W .0. A. THOMAS D. RYAN Boulder Arts and Sciences; PI Kappa Alpha. EMMETT RYDER Fort Collins Arts and Sciences. HOWARD E. P. SARIN Denver Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; Colorado Engineer. OLGA SALIBA Walsenburg Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Rhythm Circus; Spun Hesperta: A. W. S. Vaudeville, chairman; Window; COLORADAN; Senate; Orchesls; A. W. S. Loan Fund; Operetta Revue. MARTHA SANDOR Walsenburg Arts and Sciences; Orchesls; W. A. A.; Women ' s Club. MARTHA JEANNE SCHAFER Fort Collins Business; Alpha Chi Omega; COLORADAN. LESTER SCHRAMM Cedoredge Engineering; A. L Ch. E., president; Alpha Chi Sigma; Band. JUNE L. SCHROEDER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Spur; Players ' Club; Little Theatre; Dodo. NORMAN R. SCHULTZ Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; President of Combined Engineers; Heart and Dagger, vice-president; Tau Beta PI, secretary; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; A. 1. E. E., vice-president; Engineers ' Day Committee: Freshman Tau Beta PI Award. MYRA JANE SEARS Canon City Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club. ALICE SELDIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Mathematics Club; Women ' s Club; Little TheaUe. HELEN MARGARET SELTERS Monte Vista Arts and Sciences; Camera Club; Homo Economics Club; Women ' s Qub; Y. W. C. A. ROLIN SHAW Meeker Engineering. Page 53 class of ' 39 LOWELL G. SHEARER Steamboat Springs Engineering; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma, treasurer; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. S. M. E., secretary; Alpine Ski Club, president. MARIORIE SHERIDAN Wray Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club; Congo Club. MAYME SHERIDAN Holyoke Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; W. A. A.; Congo Club. JAMES C. SHY Albuquerque, New Mexico Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle; Little Theatre. ROBERT EDWARD SIMMERING Boulder Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Coiorado Engineer; A. S. M. E. DOROTHY SLAUGHTER Rocky Ford Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; COLORADAN, editor; Mortar Board; Hesperia; Spur; Honors; Dodo, associate editor; Junior Prom Committee; Rhythm Circus; Debate; Siiver and Gold. BEVERLY BROOKS SMITH Golden Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club, president; Mortar Board; Peace Council; House of Representatives; Senate; Spur; Pi Gamma Mu; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Honors. LATHAN H. SMITH Boulder Business; Spanish Club. MARIAN I. SMITH .... Rapid City, South Dakota Business; Alpha Phi; Spur; Senate; Hesperia, vice-president; House of Representatives; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Goid; Women ' s Club; A. W. S. Loan Fund Committee; Social Chairman of Business School; Winner of Adelphi Debate Tournament 1935. SIDNEY SMITH .... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Business; Alpha Omega Pi; Beta Sigma, treasurer; COLORADAN; Pan-Hellenic; Rhythm Circus; Women ' s Club. AGNES SNEDDON Bowie Business; Delta Gamma; Dodo; Porpoise; W. A. A.; Rhythm Circus; Bullalo Trader. EDWARD PAUL SNYDER Denver Engineering; Phi Sigma Delta; A. S. C. E. EDWARD SODERBERG Lakewood Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Viking Club. DONALD E. SPARN Grand Junction Engineering; A. 1. E. E.; Newman Club; Radio Club. JOHN ROBERT SPENCER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, president; Alpha Chi Sigma; Scimitar; Point System Committee. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SPENGLER .... Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Pan-Hellenic, president; Spur; Hesperia, Mortar Board, treasurer; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Silver and Gold, Women ' s Club; House of Representatives; Senate; Coed Counsellor; Junior Prom Committee; C. U. Day Committee. Page 54 Class of ' 39 JAMES LEE SPICER La lunta Pharmacy; Phi Delia Chi; Morto: isuter. ELIZABETH STAFFORD . . . Omaha, Nebraska Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bot:i JLORADAN. JANE STAFFORD Omaha, Nebraska BEN F. STAPLETON, JR Denver Business: Chi Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psl; Phi EpsUon Phi; Junior Prom Committee; Rhythm Circus; COLORADAN: Little Theatre; Colorado U. Day. MILO STAPP Denver Engineering. GEORGE STEELE Boulder Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Nu, secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma; Debating; Adelphi. J. E. STEPANEK Denver Engineering; Cosmopolitan Club; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Wesley Foundation. ROBERTA RUTH STEWART .... GDlorado Springs Business; Chi Omega. DEAN STOECKER Denver Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN L. STORER, JR Denver Business; Kappa Sigma. HAROLD A. STOREY Fountain Business; Little Theatre; Beta Alpha PsL JOHN THORPE STRICKLAND Denver Engineering; Chi Psi; Track; A. S. M. E.; Rhythm Circus; Interfratemlty Council, president; A. S. U. C; Scimitar; Freshman Week Committee; Homecoming Committee. WILLLA.M STRYKER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Alpha EpsUon Delta; Phi Epsilon Phi. BARBARA MAY SULLIVAN . . . Great Falls, Montana Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma- Woman ' s Club; Dodo. WILLLAM N. TAPP Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. JOSEPH TASHMA .... New York City, New York Arts and Sciences; Camera Qub. Poge 55 Class of ' 39 MORRIS FENTON TAYLOR . . . Warsaw, New York Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Players ' Club. VICTORIA TELANDER Sheridan, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Dormitory President; House of Representatives; Y. W. C. A.; Cabinet Member, vice-president; Dodo; Women ' s Club. GALEN C. THOMAS Menlo, Kansas Engineering; A. I. E. E.; A. S. M. E.; Glee Club; Band; Barb Glee Club. LORAIN E. TINNES Colorado Springs Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; Cosmopolitan Club. WILLIAM VAN PATTEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. IDABELLE VARNEY Idaho Springs Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Spanish Club, president; W. A. A. JOSEPH F. VOLLMER Colorado Springs Engineering; Sigma Nu; A. S. C. E., treasurer; Phi Epsilon Phi; Apple- fest Committee. RALPH EMERSON WALDO Denver Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Window, advertising manager; Fresh- man Football. FRED JOHN WALSEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi, treasurer; Dodo, business man- ager; Rhythm Circus; Ticker Tape; Homecoming Day; C. U. Songbook Committee; Window. GERTRUDE WALTER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Women ' s Club. DARLIEN WAMSLEY Denver Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Spanish Club; Porpoise. MIGNON WARDELL Denver Arts and Sciences; A. W. S. Senate; Women ' s Club, secretary; Co-ed Counsellor. WILLARD A. WARNOCK Loveland Business; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Scimitar; Sumalia; Track; " C " Club. ARTHUR F. WEERS Peoria, Illinois Arts and Sciences; A. 1. E. E. WILLARD A. WEISS Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences. PAUL W. WELCH, JR Milliken Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, secretary; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Page 56 saa class of ' 39 WILLIAM DOYLE WELTER Law. F.v,..f.i ia, Illinois na: Window; Ski Club. Greeley LOIS WESCOTT . . Arts and Sciences; Kappa JOHN WHEELER . . Business; Sigma Nu; P Commltlee. FRANCES MANETTE WHITE .... Denver Arts and Sciences; Delia Delta Delta; Orchesls; Phi; Women ' s Club; Window, associate editor. CHESTER W. WHITELAW .... Kingman, Kansas Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-President of Business School; Little Theatre. JAMES R. WILUAMS Durango Engineering; Kappa Sigma; A. S. M. E. ADRIAN EARL WILLIAMSON Austin Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Viking Club; Boxing. CARL WOOD Denver Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, president; PI Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Vice-President Combined Engineers. EVERARD MEADE WOODSON . . . Colorado Springs Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Football. GORDON XANDER Springfield, Ohio Arts and Sciences. ALMA YARBERRY Boulder Arts and Sciences. SALLY ZIMMERHACKEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Rhythm Circus; Spur; Hesperla. , CHARLES L. ZITNICK Wiggins Business; Barb Reeves; Viking Club. HOWARD ZOOK Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Boosters Club; Hiking Club; Adolphl; Independent President; Y. M. C. A., cabinet, vice-president; Band; Colorado Can- aries; Wesley Foundation. Page 57 Q, J. Class of ' 40 BEN ALLISON, JR Denver Engineering; Sigma Chi; Band. GLADYS ROBERTA ALTHOUSE Fountain Business; Women ' s Club. ROBERT M. ANCELL Denver Engineering; Theta Xi; A. S. M. E.; Phi Epsilon Phi; Colorado Engi- neer. ROBERT G. ANDERSON Adain, Illinois Engineering; A. I. E. E.; Camera Club. WILLIAM A. ANDERSON Denver Business; Phi Kappa Tau; Junior Prom Committee; COLORADAN. STANLEY APPLEGATE Arriba Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Colorado Engineer; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ROBERT H. AUSTIN Niwot Business; Sigma Nu. JANE BALLANTINE Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Women ' s Club; Dodo. CLARA BARNES Trinidad Engineering; Chi Omega; Senate; Spur; Hesperia; Colorado Engineer: Women ' s Club Triad; A. S. C. E.; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Engineer ' s Ball Queen; COLORADAN; Silver and Gold. ROY BEACH Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Sciences; Homecoming Play; University Chorus. E. R. BERGLUND Holyoke Pharmacy. CARMEN BILLINGTON Arlington, Virginia Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; House of Representatives. MARGARET BIRK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club Social Chairman; President of French Club; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Sigma Iota. WALTER BLISS Greeley Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. JULES N. BLOCH Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; Plays. JEAN BOVARD Tionesta, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, vice-president; President of Bigelowr Hall; Silver and Gold; Porpoise; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; President of House of Representatives; Spur; Hesperia; W. A. A. Board. Page 58 class of ' 40 MARION BOYLE Mfornia Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Tho ' .a; Oichcsia; In ' .:a::iaijl5i Pro- fessor WoUe ' s Musical Review. BILL BRADFORD Denver Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta PI; Scimitar; Phi EpsUon Phi; Rhythm Circus; Cheerleader; Freshman Basoball. WILLIAM N. BRADLEY Chicago. Illinois Arts and Sciences. JOAN ELIZABETH BRANNAMAN .... Lakewood Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Spur; Hesperla: Silver and Gold; Window, associate editor. MARTY BRILL Trinidad Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Football; Basketball; Delta Sigma PI; " C " Club. WILBUR C. BROWN Boulder Engineering. SIDNEY C. BRUCE Durango Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; A. S. E. E. VERNON RAE BRYANT Berthoud Business JOHN BUCHANAN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi; Silver and Gold. WENDA ANNE BULLEN .... Hibbing, Minnesota Arts and Sciences; W. A. A.; Hiking Club; Porpoise; Women ' s Club; Honors Union. LAWRENCE S. BURT Denver Engineering; Theta Xi; A. S. M. E.; Colorado Engineer. FLOYD BUSCH Walsenburg Engineering; Theta Xi; Presbyterian Union; Eta Kappa Nu. CLIEVE CARMICHAEL Ridgway Business; Phi Mu Alpha. VESTA CARPENTER Hotchkiss Arts and Sciences. MARLIN CHENBURG Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; COLORADAN; Sliver and Gold; Tennis; " C " Club. GEORGE M. CLARK Kingman, Arizona Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; COLORADAN, assistant editor; Little Theatre; SiJver and Gold: Glee Club; University Choir. Page 59 class of ' 40 HARRY F. CLAUSSEN Carbondale Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Epsilon Phi; Williard History- Club. MARY LOUISE COLE Boulder Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Freshman Prom Committee; Spur; Hesperia, president; Rhythm Circus, costuming; Silver and Gold: Women ' s Club, Triad, Council; Co-ed Counsellor. CLIFFORD WINFIELD COLMAN Denver Engineering; Sigma Tau; Barb Council; Barb Reeves; Viking Club; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. CAROLINE JANE COMBS . . Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. Long Beach, California THOMAS COOPER Denver Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Freshman Prom Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Colorado U. Day Committee; COLORADAN, class editor; Silver and Gold; Board of Publications; Junior Commissioner Engineer- ing School; Point System Committee; Sumalia. SIDNEY CRAFORD Onawa, Iowa Arts and Sciences. CATHERINE CRAMER Pueblo Arts and Sciences. FRANCES HARRIET CRAMER Denver Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Sigma; Rhythm Circus; Women ' s League Vaudeville; W. A. A.; Orchesis. HAROLD L. CRISPELL Dodge City, Kansas Engineering; A. 1. E. E.; Radio Club; CoJorado Engineer; Band, Con- cert and First Regimental; Viking Club. DOROTHY CROWELL ..... Colorado Springs Pharmacy. SAYRE E. CULTRA La Grange, Illinois Business; Sigma Chi. THOMAS E. DALBY Wellington Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon. JENNINGS DAVID Borger, Texas Engineering. ELAINE DAVIDSON Boulder Arts and Sciences. MARY HOPE DEAVENPORT Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Dodo; Y. W. C. A. MERRILL WILLIAM DICKS Boulder Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Camera Club; Viking Club; Mortar and Pestle; Barb Council. Page 60 Class of ' 40 SAMUEL DOWNS Boulder Pharmacy: Vlklnq Club; Camara Club: Mortar and Pestle. DOUGLAS E. DREIER Fleming Encjineering. SHIRLEY DUFF D® " ® Arts and Sciences: COLORADAN: Glee Club: Homo Economics Club: French Club: Women ' s Gub: Sophomore Counsellor at Dormitory. JOHN F. DUKES ® " ® ' Arts and Sciences: Phi Kappa Psl. VIRGINIA ROSE DUNN Denver Arts and Sciences. MARGUERITE DUTEAU Denver Arts and Sciences: Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Oub: Newman Qub. MIFFAN EATON ' ° " Arts and Sciences: Freshman Prom Committee; COLORADAN: Win- dow; Y. W. C. A.: Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Women s Club Triad; Co-ed CounseUor. IMOGENE EDWARDS Brighton Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; Glee Club; Women ' s Club. NANCY ELLZEY Roswell New Mexico Arts and Sciences: Pi Beta Phi; Spur; Hesperia; Dormitory President; A. W. S. Secretary; Senate; Siiver and GoJd. GEORGE ENDICOTT Canon City Pharmacy: Band: Mortar and Pestle. ARCHIE I. ESTES 0° ' ®® Engineering; A. S. M. E. LEE EVANS • ° ' ° Business. I. MARCINE FAUNCE Julesburg Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi; YW.C A. Women ' s Qub: Beauty Queen; Dormitory CounseUor: Dodo; COLORADAN. DOROTHY MAE FESLER Boulder Arts and Sciences: Delta Phi Delta; Barb Reeves: Women ' s Qub. J. MILTON FIRTH ' ' ° Engineering; A. I. E. E.. ROBERT RALPH FISHEL Denver Engineering- Phi Gamma Delta: Freshman Track; Track; Tau Beta PI; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu: Sigma Tau; Wrestling, conference champ. Page 61 mj M Ctass of ' 40 HELEN FRANKL Algona, Iowa Arts and Sciences. ELLEN FRARY Humboldt, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Window; Chi Delta Phi; Hik- ing Club; Y. W. C. A.; Spur; Sliver and Goid; Dodo; Delta Phi Delta; Hesperia; Women ' s Club; Co-ed Counsellor; Loan Fund Committee. HAZEL ESTELLE FRIX Denver Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Reading Choir; Window; Campus Club; Social Chairman. DON A. GARRETT Pueblo Arts and Sciences. MELVIN GELWICKS Boulder Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; A. S. C. E.; Colorado Engineer; American Road Builders. FRANCES GILLEN Denver Music; Glee Club; Little Theatre; Campus Qub. JAMES M. GLASS, JR Estes Park Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Swimming; SiJver and Goid. ANTHONY GONZALES Colorado Springs Engineering; Theta Xi. WILLIAM GRANT Pueblo Arts and Sciences. EDNA ELLEN GRAY Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLES GUMPRECHT Denver Engineering. LAWRENCE M. GWINN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROBERT F. HALL Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Wrestling; Scimitar; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta; Phi Delta Chi. JACOUES N. HAMPTON Denver Arts and Sciences. KAREN HANSEN Granada Arts and Sciences; Spur; W. A. A.; Women ' s Club Council; Cosmo- politan Club; Co-ed Counsellor. CHARLES H. HARGREAVES Hdyoke Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle. Page 62 MBVKkH class of ' 40 DOLORES HARRIS t Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. ROBERT BLYNN HARRIS Greeley Englneerinq; A. S. C. E.; Ba; ;o Engineer: Chi Epsllon. CLYDE HARTMAN Pueblo Engineering: A. I. E. E.; Radio Club; Track; Wesley Foundation. JACK HARVEY Frankfort, Kansos Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha E; ' ., .. , . COLORADAN; Junior Class Represenlav C. LOLO JANE HATCH Boulder Arts and Sciences; Co-ed Counsellor; Symphonic Orchestra; Stiver and Gold; Home Economics Club. Social Chairman. DOROTHY JUNE HAWKINS . . Highmore, South Dakota Business; Triad, Women ' s Club; Silver and Gold: Dodo: Barb Re«ve. WILLARD G. HAYES Wray Engineering; Camera Club; Radio Club; Little Theatre. MARGARET ANNE HENDERSON Denver Arts and Sciences; Secretary, Lester Hall. JOHN A. HODGE Denver Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Colorado Engineer: Phi Epsllon Phi; Freshman manager. FRANCES HODGES Shreveport, Louisiana Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. VERNON HOGSETT Longmont Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. EVELYN HOTCHKISS Grand Junction Arls and Sciences. GWENDOLYN HOTCHKISS Grand Junction Arts and Sciences. EVERYL HUMPHREYS . . . Sissonsville, West Virginia Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Dodo; COLORADAN. JOHN IMMEL .... Engineering. RUTH C. INABU . . . Arts and Sciences; Intercollegiate Cosmopolitan Club, Secretary; Ur.. Denver Crowley 1 s Debate Society; Til; Far East Com- Page 63 5 Ciass of ' 40 GEORGE E. JOHNSON . . . Grand Island, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LLOYD JOHNSON Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scimitar; Athletic manager. LYCURGUS W. JOHNSON Ouray Pharmacy; Acacia; Mortar and Pestle. MARGUERITE JOHNSON .... Hastings, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Spur; Hesperia; Rhythm Circus committee; COLORADAN; Sliver and Gold; Little Theatre Plays; Wo- men ' s League Vaudeville; Co-ed Counsellor; House of Representa- tives. ROBERT LEROY JOHNSON Arriba Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Mortar and Pestle Club. VINCENT S. JOHNSON Sedgwick Business. JOSEPH L. JONES Denver Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; A. S. C. E.; Colorado Engineer; Chi Epsilon. RALPH F. JONES Springer, New Mexico Arts and Sciences. MARY ANN KELLEY Akron Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club; French Club; Women ' s Club. GEORGE A. KELLOGG . . . Rock Springs, Wyoming Engineering. CLYDE BROCKMAN KENNEDY .... Las Animas Business; Band. PATRICIA KENNEDY Sterling Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Spur; Hesperia; Sophomore Prom Committee; COLORADAN; SiJver and GoJd; Window; House of Representatives; Panhellenic; Co-ed Counsellor. BARBARA ELLEN KINSLEY .... Evanston, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Qub. ROBERT M. KITTLE Douglas, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Freshman Basketball; Scimitar. VIRGINIA M. KNOX Loveland Business; Chi Omega. PATRICIA LANAGAN Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; COLORADAN; Women ' s Club. Pago 64 L I H cl ass of ' 40 NEWTON P. LARRICK Lamar Arts and Scienoos; Chi Psl. ROBERT W. LAUTH Swink Engineering; Coiorado Engineer; A. S. M. E.,- A. I. E. E.; Pi Mu Epel- Ion. KATHRYN LETFORD Longmont Arts and Sciences: Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Qub. MAIORIE LEVIS New York, New York Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Y .W. C. A.; Ski Club. SAM LEVY Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; Baseball. MARTHA ELIZABETH LEWIS Boulder Arts and Sciences. JAMES C. LIVESAY Denver Engineering; Kappa Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Radio Club. ELVA LOOMIS Longmont Arts and Sciences. GEORGE LOVERING Denver Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Epsilon Phi; Scimitar; Freshman Gym Team; COLORADAN. BETTY NELL LOW Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Porpoise; Spur; Hesperia; A. W. S.; Loan Fund Committee; A. W. S. Vaudeville. ROBERT E. LUNN Denver Engineering; Sigma Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Epsilon Phi; A. I. Ch. E. ANNABELLE LUTZ Denver Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Qub; Home Economics Club; Inter- Church Council. EDSON McCLUSKEY Sterling Business; Beta Theta PI; Rhythm Circus; Swimming; " C " Club. RAWSON McCOTTER Omaha, Nebraska Business; Beta Theta Pi; " C " Club; Swimming; Rhythm Circus. FRANCES McELVEEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Home Economics Club. DOROTHY McKAY Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. Page 65 class of ' 40 WALTER W. MACK Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Scimitar. MARION ELINOR MAHN Denver Arts and Sciences; Operetta Revue; Homecoming Day Play. E. J. MALONEY Littleton Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. ANNIE BOBS MARSHALL Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; COLORADAN; Co-ed Counsellor; Women ' s Club; Rhythm Circus; Dodo. ETHELMAE MARTIN Platteville Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta; Player ' s Club. ROBERT MAUGHAN Golden Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Freshman Basket- ball; A. 1. Ch. E.; Sigma Tau; Scimitar. HARRY MAYOR Louisville Engineering. JEAN E. MINCER Boulder Arts and Sciences; French Club; Women ' s Club. LAURETTA MOLONEY Monte Vista Arts and Sciences; COLORADAN; Dodo; Silver and Gold: Spanish Club; Barb Reeves; Little Theatre; Player ' s Club; Phi Sigma Iota. LAURENCE ELIZABETH MONNINGER . . . Durongo Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Dodo. BETTY MOORE Hinsdale, Illinois Arts and Scienes; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dodo; W. A. A. MARTHA LOU MUNDAY Dayton, Ohio Arts and Sciences; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Club. LOREN MYERS Greeley Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delia. WILLIAM NAUGLE Sterling Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. LEOTA E. NELSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. WILLIAM NELSON Grand Junction Arts and Sciences. Page 66 Class of ' 40 RICHARD R. NEVIUS Lamar Engineering; A. I. Ch. E.; Coloiado Engineer. CHRIS O ' BRIEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRED O ' DAY Erie Arts and Sciences. BETTY ORME Lincoln, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Fi Beta Phi; Porpoise. BETTY RAE PADFIELD Dacono Music; Alpha Delta Pi; Spur; Hesperia; W. ub: Orchestra; Choir. PETE PARKER Rock Springs, Wyoming Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: " hi; American Chemistry Affiliate; Mortar and Pestle. THOMAS PARKER .... Deadwood, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Silver and Gold. MARY PATTEN Marshall, Minnesota Business: COLORADAN; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Little Theatre; Player ' s Club; Honors. EDWARD PEARSON Pueblo Engineering. MARGARET PELTIER Denver Business: Delta Gamma; Glee Club; Rhythm Circus: Cl ' " LEROY PERKINS Phoenix, Arizona Engineering. FRANCES POE Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Club; W. A. A.; Home Economics Club; Y. W. C. A. ROBERT PORTER Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Band. AUDREY PRATT Oahu, T. H. Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Women c ' ' ' " ■ A. EVALYN PROUTY Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Spur; Hesperia; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; A. W. S., treasurer; Senate; Delta Phi Delta; Sigma Al- ( pha Iota. ( LARRY PROUTY Denver [ Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Chairman Junior Prom; Colorado U. Day Committee; Silver and Gold: Alpha Epsilon Delta. Poge 67 class of ' 40 WILLIAM PUETT Mancos Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Delta Chi; Track. JOHN L. PUGH Eoulder Arts and Sciences; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Symphonic Band. LEX QUARNBERG .... Rapid City, South Dakota Business; Delta Tau Delta; Football; Phi Gamma Mu; Sumalia; A. S. U. C, Commissioner of Welfare and Employment; Basketball. CAROLYN RANNEY Lander, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Head Triad, Women ' s Club; Barb Reeves; Alpha Nu; W. A. A.; Dodo: Little Theatre; House of Representatives. DONNA REDMOND Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. PAUL REEVES Golden Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi; Freshman Football; Football; Baseball. WILLIAM REEVES Denver Engineering; A. S. C. E. LUCILLE REIMER Holyoke Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; U. W. C; Y. W. C. A. BETTY JANE RICHARDS Salina, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A. GEORGE W. RIENKS, JR. Denver Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. S. M. E. FRED G. ROBINSON Gilman Engineering; Theta Xi; A. S. M. E. PAULINE RODMAN Kimball, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. KATHERINE ROGERS .... Las Vegas, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. DONALD C. ROSE Scottsbluff, Nebraska Engineering; Theta Xi; A. 1. Ch. E.; Dance Drama. MORGAN RYAN Kingston, New York Arts and Sciences. NAT S. SACHTER Pueblo Engineering; Phi Sigma Delta; Silver and Gold: A. S. C. E. Page 68 class of ' 40 DORIS LOUISE SANTO .... ..der Arts and Sciences; Senate: A. W. S tee; Barb Reeves. Vice-president; Wo::. Treasurer; Junior Prom Committee: Sigma tpsiloii Sigma. Hi Mu tpai Ion. MELVILLE SAUNDERS Arts and Sciences. CHARLES SCHEUERMAN . . . Denver Arts and Sciences. CARMEN SCHULTZ Denver Arts cmd Sciences: W : ; Utile Theatre. DOROTHY SCHUREMAN Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rhythm Circus; Porpoise; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. LOIS MAY SEARS Canon City Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Women ' s Club. JEANNE SELLMAN Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; COLORADAN; Women ' s Club. CHARLOTTE JUNE SEYDEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Porpoise, president: W. A. A. Board; Dormitory Counselor; COLORADAN. FRANCES SHIPMAN Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. ELEANOR SKAGGS Calhan Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Little Theatre. BARBARA HALEY SMITH Sterling Arts and Sciences; Freshman Vice-president; Sophomore Prom; Spur; French Club; French Play; Little Theatre; Social Committee; A. W. S.; Dormitory Counselor. WAYNE LEROY SMITH Berlhoud Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Co orado Engineer. MARIE AILEEN SOUDER . . . North Platte, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Head Triad of Women ' s Club; Junior Representa- tive Barb Council: Home Economics Club; Peace Council; House of Representatives. ELMER E. SOWERS Mack Engineering; A. S. C. E. JAMES R. SPARKMAN Prilchett Business. ELIZABETH SPECHT Boulder Arts and Sciences; Barb Reeves; University Choir; Women ' s Club. Page 69 class of ' 40 RUTH STEPHENSON Littleton Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Cabinet; Co-ed Counselor; Cap and Gown Club. REUBEN ARTHUR STEVENSON . . . Colorado Springs Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle. R. J. SWAIN Belle Fourche, South Dakota Business. BEN SWAN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Epsilon Phi. KATHRYN SWEARINGEN Aledo, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W. A. A. MAHMOOD K. TAHER Teheran, Iran Engineering; A. S. C. E.; French Club; Cosmopolitan. MILDRED TEPPER Arvada Business; Spur; Barb Reeves; Co-ed Counselor; Dodo; Window; Women ' s Club; Cosmopolitan Club. NORMA THOMPSON River Forest, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Hiker ' s Club; Women ' s Club. DOROTHY THOMSEN Amarillo, Texas Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. DONALD THURMAN Boulder Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Board of Directors of Business School; Basketball. FRANCES GERTRUDE TRACY Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Spanish Club. TOMMY TROLLOPE Casper, Wyoming Business; Delta Tau Delta; Dodo; Rhythm Circus. MARJORIE UNDERHILL Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. DEANE B. VALENTINE Detroit, Michigan Engineering; A. S. M. E. VINCE VALLERO Denver Engineering; A. S. M. E. RAYMOND VANDERPOOL Lovfeland Pharmacy; Swimming; Alpha Sigma Phi; Mortar and Pestle; Phi Delta Chi. Page 70 Class of ' 40 GEORGE ALLAN WALDRIFF Pueblo Arts and Sciences. ROBERT WHEATLEY Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Adelphi. HOWARD WHEELER Avondale Arts and Sciences; Mortar and Pestle; Archeology. JAMES WILLCOXON Coffeyville, Kansas h, Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Basketball; Sumalia. JOE WILLIAMS Loveland Arts and Sciences; Chi Psi; Little Theatre. s. A. f. ALFRED S. WILLUMSEN Colorado Springs Engineering; Sigma Tau. RAYMOND E. WILSON .... Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences. CAROLINE WOLFF Yuma Arts and Sciences; House of Representatives; Triad of Women ' s Club; Alpha Nu. GERTRUDE WYATT Denver Arts and Sciences; Silver and Gold; Barb Council; Co-ed Counsellor. MARGARET YATES Boulder Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Qub; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Qub. Wim Page 71 " And before I could collect myself, he just " Marge, Eva, and Corky giving that Pi Phi snarl Good bread, good meat, good, let ' s eat One little, two little, Three ' s Big! Railbirds, Mark and Humphreys Looks like summer school " See, I got ' im " " 1 didn ' t mean to do it. Professor Duvall Jim Lear, Sigma Nu, and Peggy Smith, Theta, " Hold Tight. " Just a quiet evenmg. Beer baron Jim Marshall still single Go away, buddy Mugwump McClus- key, Beta That arm looks familiar Loves labor lost, Stapleton? Polly Hunt, Pi Phi, " You did, huh? " Dormitory stuff Tongue ' s coated. Marge Jake Jitterbug Ward Harriet McSween and Betty Hutchinson, Pi Phi ' s, " Oh, look at the worm " Roy Goldin eyes soft shoulder George Cris- well, Sig Alph, in full cry. Bette Mclvor, Kappa, " What a cute photographer " Melody Lang-ers on Dot Smith, Pi Phi, Her tale is told Bunny Duck, Alpha Phi, forgot to duck Get your feet wet, Frances Public enemy 33 and henchwoman, Margaret Leary, Delta Gamma " Grandma Called it Carnal " We ' ve seen you upstairs Peggy almost Baer Slugger Hickman rides again Just off the ice. Class of ' 41 Class o Law f ' 42 Class of ' 41 JOHN E. ADAMS JEANNE ALBERT lONE ELIZABETH ALLEN JERRY ALLEN BETTY ANDREWS BUD ARNOLD - f ' l i ' .fi.U - (e .j ) GERALD ASHBY R. ASPINWALL BETTY LOU AUSTIN ELEANOR BAAB - ' - ' ' " ' - (T - d i , - JACK BALL MARY ELLEN BALL - (i-aw GLENN HARVEY BARNEY JACQUELINE BARR - ' - " J ■ JACK BARTH JOHN BARTRAM - Wc??. ' BERT BASS JAMES BEACH MARGARET BEARD - i; il- LENA BECK JOHN BEEM LOUIS BEIN EDWIN BEMIS ROSS H. BENSON REGINA BIER FRANCES BIRK " = JACK BONE PRISCILLA BOSIN HAROLD R. BOWSER CHRISTINE BRADDOCK DOUGLAS BRAWNER DORIS BRICKER • 2. Page 76 »w«. Class of ' 41 DALE BRISTOL JOHN P. BROOKS ALICE BUCKINGHAM - ' vf ' ct JOE BUCKNAM JOHN BUTLER VIRGINIA BUTTON - v . t - AGNES CAMPBELL DOUGLAS CASE CHARLES CHECK FA YE CHRYSLER ' « » U.. . 4 . " 5% . T ' , DOROTHY CLAUS - C . . 4 A.4 ! D. CLIFFORD BARBARA COFFIN ROXANA COON BETTY CRIPPEN - W.w ' PATRICIA CROKE MARY JO DEARSTYNE - » « i ■ ' . JAMES ROBERT DEFFKE - ' " l U ' " " ' ' EARL DEVALON - " ' V.,.. . JO ANNE DIVISEK JOE DOLAN ADELE DOSTAL - ' ' " " • EARL EDWARD DOTY JAMES DOUGLAS FRED DOUGLASS JEAN DUDGEON " ' •f ' -- JOHN L. DUGGAN PAUL DUKES TSCHUDY DUNGAN JANE EASTMAN - c » ' ■ " ' •• ' ERNEST EATON - S cU- C. ECHTERNACHT wm I L i t t H.x. Page 77 N ' " Class of ' 41 miSA l » ' .. .. " v " BETTIE ECKHARDT - A ec ., LE NAIRE R. ECKMAN ROBERT EDMUNDSON EDITH ELLIS LEAH LAUREEN ERKENBRACK NANCY EVANS - L. c i; GEORGE E. EVERHART EDNA FALK - i }) WAYNE FERGUSON MARGARET FICKEL - 3. f. JOHN FORNEY WM. J. GARDINER MARGARET GARDNER - P h r DOROTHY GAST KENNETH GAY JOHN P. GEIGER CHARLES M. GEORGE COLLISUTS L. GRILLEN MARGARET GILLESPIE JEAN GILLETT- " a. V BETTY ANN GLASSBURN RUTHANN GLASSBURN - M.c« £.. . ' GEORGE GLEASON ROSE GLOVER - T i-.r. cv LESLIE GODLEY GERALDINE GODSEY EUNICE GOLDBERG — v ' ANN GOODING - - ' " ot.. Ok y c i. . ' ALMA MAE GRAVES - »• c «• t JOHN GRAVESTOCK - «. .. t U - QL e„y . ' BARBARA GRAY C. GRIGGS - F-r , i Page 78 class of ' 41 CARMEN GROMER LA ROUX GROVES DON GUNNING C. GUSTAVSON lEANNE HANSEN FRANCIS HARE SUSANNE HAUGHEY - JOE HAWLEY ANNA BELLE HEARTZ JOHN BARCLAY HENSHAW WILLIAM K. HITCHCOCK JOE HOBBS - f,. ., ELEANOR HOBLIT FRANK MARSHALL HOCHENSMITH KENDALL HOLMES MARYJOEL HULME MARY HUMMEL MARY ELEANOR HUMPHREYS BARBARA HUSS B. HUTCHINSON PATRiaA INGALLS MARJORIE INGERSOLL " " cV?. ROBERT INMAN - A,,. - .1 GEORGE INOUYE BETTY IRELAND " « i t l ct ALLENE JACOBS - ff. tk. FRANCES JAMES K. JANKOVSKY CLAUDINE JEFFRIES ■ •S « » t . -r- ' NORMAN JENSEN BETTY LOUISE JOHNSON DAVID KELLY MT r t t No w Page 79 class of ' 41 LORRAINE KELSO KATHERINE KEMPTON MARTHA KENNEDY SUZANN KINDALL - (5. T. JOHN KIRKPATRICK sk LUCKY KNOWLES - (rs RITA KOHL MARGARET LAMB - m f LORRAINE LAVINGTON - y o . t j ROBERT LAW GWENDOLEN LAWHEAD HAROLD LAWLER ROBERT LAWLER ELIZABETH LEE LOWELL LE MOINE JOHN LESHER DOROTHY LESSER .. „ .„ CARL LINER - ' -- J " ' - ' ' " ' WARREN LONG WM. E. LONG JOHN LOVETT JOHN LOWE CHARLES LUPTON E. J. McCLURKIN SAM McCREARY JACK McGARRY i,5 W BETTY McIVOR " ? = - r- ' ' ARCHIE McKEEVER JAMES H. McKENNA S. CASPER MALONE LOUISE S. MARSHALL - ' - " " ' ■ GEORGE MASTEN Page 80 class of ' 41 GEORGE MASUNAGA HELEN MATTHEWS EDWARD MEIKEL MARY F. MEISTER MARY METZ WALTER METZ ANNE MILLER ROSEMARY MILLER ELISE MONTANDON - S L.fc. A« (o)w,., «.o) GEORGE MOSLEY - ».ty , c f w » , j. GEORGE MOTTER HENRY NASH KENNETH NELSON DOROTHY OKKERSE WINIFRED OUDERKIRK DORIS PATE -OK lO PATRICIA PEABODY MAURICE EDWARD PETERSEN HOWARD PIPER MARVIN H. POPE MARY HELEN POTHAST MARGARET PRICE WALTER PROCKTER DAVID PROFFITT JOSEPHINE PYLE " • " ' ; HAROLD M. OUIAT - l « «• ►) FRANK RADFORD ALICE RANDALL DANTE RASO ARLENE RAY DOROTHY JANE REED - o. . WM. REYNARD A - ■ " f V Jt 9 • i I ' i I. t[k£k . _ o. . Page 81 Ctass of ' 41 1 - t - D -St,., t v c ROBERT RIEDEL VIRGINIA ROGERS - ferry- J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS BETTY JANE ROST - 6. H. GORDON ROWE JAMES F. RYAN " c. t , , , __ WILLIAM SACKMAN - - " - - .- YVONNE SALIBA - , c t HENRY SCHAEFER PHYLLIS SCHOOLS - y j ►. A - JOHN K. SCHULTE MELVIN SCHUSTER - ....i. I ' W « vc V f ' i ' t. ALVIN SCHWARZ ROSS V. SEETON, JR. NORMA SHAW EUGENE SILVA CAROL SIMPSON ., ,}j b,))- WILLIAM SLICKERMAN I ' .cc - a. . a, t. BEATRICE SMITH HERBERT SMITH - A i c c PATRICIA SMITH - (y»- » i -- ) PEGGY SMITH - V . c LELA FLORENCE SPEER - fd h. BETTY STABLER - a - • - WILLIAM STANCIL VIRGINIA STENZEL - w.v,Js. A- ' . GEORGE STEVENS R. A. STEVENSON SIMMIE EDNA STILES • , BARBARA STORER - ' J m . BILL STRANNIGAN - W • - ' ' M. SULLIVAN - 0. r , ,r. » V ' Page 82 class of ' 41 RAYMOND LEE SWEDLUND EUGENE TABER AMERIGO TENEDINI HELEN THOMPSON - » c c « _ NEIL C. THRELKELD VIRGINIA TRUE MAXINE TUNNELL LEONARD UDICK JANE VON WEDEL OLGA VON WEDELSTAEDT CLIFFORD VAGNEUR - o t OWEN VANDEVENTER -Or. ,- Q HELEN JANE VARNER - tf,o y _ MARILYN WALKER RICHARD WARREN T.= 01 ti . « c Y " • J«,.. t k - A ' - S. N. Co. „«. ED WATSON - 3t (i-.,j .,,_ V. ' T. . . ' CHARLES WATTS j BETTY JANE WEBBER i. L. R. WEITZEL i.| • I. £ GORDON WELLER JEAN WIGTON - 1 " ' ■ ' y VIRGINIA WILKERSON DAVID WILLIAMS HAROLD WINOGRAD EUGENE WISEMAN - HU K. Kt NEW ELL WOOD OLWIN WOODBURY KATHERINE WRIGHT - c . 1 c MARIE ZARINA - ' •••ii THELMA ZEITLER Cf. i. Page 83 class of ' 42 ANN ABEL ELIZABETH ALLEN JOHN T. ALLEN CHARLES ALLUM JEAN AMIS A.„ .. . MOZELLE AMONETTE - C c c. JEAN ANDERSON - y . « H. ANGELOVIC i WILLIAM W. ARGALL BETTY BABCOCK wi..t d— i, MARGARET BAGULEY - • . _t.. w u.« GUS C. BAHN JOAN BAKER - " " " ' " . .» x . c - CORANELLE BARRETT MARJORIE BARTOW MARIAN BASSETT DAVID BATCHELOR GERALD BAUER MARYANNA BELL A. M. BEREMAN VENUS BLAKE GEORGE BOOKHOUT ROGERS BOWMAN ROBERT F. BRACE TED C. BRADFIELD WILLIAM RAYMOND BRAGG SUSAN BROWN fit CC BILL BURFORD jf , • BETTY A. BURGESS AL O. BURKHARDT HELEN LUCILLE BUTTERS - r«« • E. R. CALLAWAY - -•„ Page 84 fie H Class of ' 42 DOUGLAS E. CAMERON WILLIAM A. CAMPBELL JANET CARRINGTON G. CARSON - C . k MARGARET CASE - fitrt St.i) t- „ . PEGGY CHASE - » . . t A , c - LEE CHESNEY - A • c , . L c J. R. CHRISTOPHER BETTY JANE CLAYTON JANE CLELAND HELEN JEANNE CLEMENTS ALBERT CONOVER MARY LOUISE CONWAY O.C - Fo BETTY LOU COOK ANNE COPELAND - ,. i I. , o, M. H. CORSON HELEN COUNTER — f « - i e t t , MERL ELIZABETH CRARY ANN CRAWFORD PEGGY L. CROSBY ROLFE CROWLEY - t ai, ' A.« - ,. ! F. WAYNE CURLEE DORIS JEAN CUSTER ADELE CUSTANCE DANIEL DAVIDSON THOMAS A. DAVIS PATRICIA DAVITT Notu JOHN DEAKINS ROBERT DECKER DOLORES DIECKHOFF BETTY DIMMITT EARL DONNEN Page 85 class of ' 42 JANE E. DONNEN - A ' ,, c PAUL A. DOUDEN, JR. DOROTHY DOUGLAS JCcc BETTY DOUGLASS «c) DORCAS DUNKLEE - PiJ ' , Ale ' DON DUNN CHARLES DWYER MARYNELL DYATT - SHIRLEY EDELSTEIN - " = - GERALDINE EDMONDSON GLADYS EGAN C,- " J ' U QKj.,. KARL FALCH ELOISE FERRIS BARBARA FISHEL EARL FLANAGAN ROBT. G. FLEMING SALLY FLEMING - J " i-t-f 1 kc » - - RICHARD FRAHM MILES FRAIZER PATRICIA GAINES - F " ij • WILLIAM S. GAIN ES ,t JOE H. GARST MARYDELL GAYLORD ELLA J. GEIGER -at cc. ' ♦• ELLIS GILCHRIST GLEN GODDARD ALICE GOULD ' ••i ' ' -- " ■ ' " ' EDWARD GRAHAM ESTHER GREEN - ' -- " ■ NOREEN GREENWALT DOROTHY E. GREGG DALE GRIFFIN r.e Page 8B i Hi class of ' 42 JACQUELINE GUTHRIE - Ac e , HAROLD G. HADDON LEE HALL STAN HALL GEORGE HALSEY MARIETTA HAM VIRGINIA HANIGAN CATHRYN HANKS WILLIAM E. HANKS VIRGINIA LEE HANS ROBERTA GRACE HARPER BEN B. HARRIS FRANCES HARRY HORACE M. HAWKINS ROBERT H. HENRY JULIUS F. HERRICK JANE HESSELBINE H. A. HETHCOTE JIM HICKMAN BEATRICE HICKEY GENNE HINKLEY - ' V . t s . L . t - MARY BETH HOFFMEISTER HERB HOMSHER, JR. JESSIE HONEYWELL KATHERINE HORNE , MARGUERITE HORTON - 7,11- N.t LUCILLE HOUGHTON - DOUGLASS HOWEY JANE HUBBARD GORDAN HUNGERFORD DOROTHY HUNTINGTON JANICE JENNINGS Page 87 fi m •( fc,i ?l (; Pi . nj pii class of ' 42 JUNE JETT ADELE R. JONES RUBYDONNA JOSEPH W. JUCHEM Oiv ' « ALBERT KAFF CATHERINE N. KELL BETH KELLAM LEON G. KENNEDY RHOBIE ANNE KIDNEY -j ci) r,- .,t DAN KINCAID WILLIAM KINCAID - N . c L. KIRKPATRICK - i r,. . DONALD EDWARD KOTAS JEWEL KRIER - S e e t - ELWYN KYELINGER BETTY JO LAMB MARY LAMBERTON JAMES H. LARRICK, JR. MARIAN LA TORRA - ' c c C. LAVENDER DOROTHY JEAN LAVINGTON PEGGY LAYNE - BETTIE LEDBETTER " " l, BARBARA LEE ; , PHILL LEHMER (i., JAMIE LEVISTER t F. Pin n t V- • BEATRICE LEWIS r l . a » L A. LEWIS c -. e - H-, LEINAD LIEN JANICE LINDSAY - P ' y, ' ' •■ ALVIN LIST WM. LOCKMAN -- Page 88 class of ' 42 JAMES C. LOMBARDI CAROLYN LUCKETT FRANCES LUDLOW CATHERINE LYNCH ROZEENE LYON EILEEN McBRIDE LUCILE McCALLUM D. M. McCarthy BETTY McCLELLAN brennan McClelland STANLEY McFARLAND D. b. McLean MILES McNAMARA DON MAC ARTHUR HELEN ROSE MACHIN LAWRENCE MACK JACK H. MANB ECK ELIZABETH MARTIN SYLVIA MASON ELBERT MICHAEL BETTY LOU MILLER FRANK MILLER JEAN MILLS - w - d - M. MITCHELL RAE L. MONBERG INEZ MONTGOMERY " ' ' " ■ LEONARD MORRISON HARRIET MOYER MARY JANE MUNSON FLOYD MURR EDGAR NASH CHARLES W. NEFF ai2m if T Q Pago 89 class of ' 42 PHYLLIS ANN NELSON MARJORIE NESBIT - N,t , c. t. i .y ; WILLIAM NICHOLSON ROBERT NOBLE MARY O ' CONNELL DON L. OELSCHLAGER WILLIAM E. O ' GRADY LOUISE OLDLAND BETTIE JAYNE OLIVER - ir - » - - C . . ' JANET ORR JANE OTTO LOIS OWENS " cc JOSEPH M. PARRIOTT NANCY LOU PASLAY - P - ' r- JEAN PAULOS EVVA B. PEABODY GRACE PETERSEN -O.K. ( ' ' ke r) GENEVIEVE PETERSON - G: « LUCILLE PRAY JAMES PREBLE i- CATHERINE PRESTON - f - « ■ • - cV CAROLINE PROUTY - - HOWARD E. PUTMAN M. OUAINTANCE - C - . - e EDNA RAMSEIER . ROBERT B. RAMSEY, JR. JOE REBEL LOUISE REPPERT ' ' JOE RICCI JOHN MARSHALL RICHARDSON BETTY RING WALT ' A ' " « R. ROBERTS, JR. Page 90 Class of ' 42 LOUISE ROCKAFELLOW DOROTHY ROCKENBACH NORMAN ROCKWELL EDITH ROLOFF ELOUISE ROPER s ,.tk - V ii C i. , . CHARLES ROTH - x • . k. t i. - . - ' ' y , cc AARON RUMLEY LAURA I. RUNGE HELEN RAE RUTLEDGE WILLIAM SAYRE WILLIAM SCHNEBERG M. K. SCHNEIDER DOROTHY SCOTT LESLIE SCHOBE WILLIAM SEIDENSTICKER ARLIS M. SEIVER - ?wfv) BETTY SELBY GERALDINE SERAFINI MARY SHANAHAN MAURICE SHIELDS RICHARD SILLS GENEVIEVE SKEEN DICK SMITH DORCAS SMITH DOROTHY SMITH - c t c ELEANOR M. SMITH JOSEPH N. SNOWDON VIRGINIA SNYDER HENRY SOLOMON HELEN SOWERS ROBERT SOWERS B. A. STAREY I 1 n. t Page 91 Ctass of ' 42 MARIAN STEARNS ELIZABETH STEIK " « " - «- " J ' .) ROBERT E. STEWART BETTY STIVERS ROBERT STOTLER ik . i ' -, ' i- c.u. Wc»- c . oknc . L co. ' f ;. t HAROLD STOUT « ' » c,c«t - s-j c-- tc .t " ■ ■ CARL STRAIN C. C. STRATTON, JR. RICHARD STROUP LINDA SULTAN MARY LOU SWEET FRANK SWIFT - i I ' - 1 IRA E. TANNER, JR. LEONA TEMPLE DOROTHY C. THARP WILBUR THOMAS OLIVE THOMPSON - ' ' " ' " " VERNON TIMM MARGARET TODD EVALYN TOMLIN VALERIE VARNEY TONY VELASOUEZ LARRY WADSWORTH Y. WAHLMEIER VIRGINIA WALKER MARTHA JEAN WAMPLER BLAKE WARNER JANET WELTY LEE WENNER MARY MARGARET WESTERMAN EDWARD A. WHITAKER KEN. WHITAKER ... i i " ' . Page 92 class of ' 42 HUGH WHITCOMB WAYNE WILCOXEN EDWARD LEWIS WILKINS, JR. JAMES WILLIAMS VIRGINIA MABLE WILLIAMS JEANNE WILLIAMSON MARJORY WILLSON BETTY WISE LESLIE ANN WOLF JAMES WOOD MARGUERITE WOODALL MARJORIE L. WOODARD FRANK WOODBURY TYSON WOODRUFF BETTY WORSLEY GEORGE WRIGHT REX YOUNG GEORGE D. YOUNGCLAUS IDA MAE ZURICK Page 93 Sc ioo of Law To equip men and women for the prac- The school is not large; its emphasis is tice of the law, to give them a broad and not upon size and numbers, but quality- deep foundation for life in the world of and character. It is concerned with schol- business, or to prepare them for public ca- arship rather than smartness; with training reers with a consciousness of the need for and skill rather than cleverness and astute- constant law development in order to keep ness. It endeavors to produce graduates apace with the demands of society — these who are not merely trained technicians of are the aims and purposes of the Law the law, but men and women well ground- School of the University of Colorado. Es- ed in the principles of their profession, in- tablished in 1892 by the late Federal Judge formed of its rich inheritance, and aware Moses Hallett, it has continuously kept its of their responsibilities as enlightened citi- place among the leading law schools of the zens in a world community, nation. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION OFFICERS F. EDWARD LITTLE President WILLIAM K. RIS Vice-President KENNETH YORK Secretary LAWRENCE FLANDERS Treasurer LAW REVIEW BOARD EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN Editor-in-Chief DOUGLAS HUDSON, ]R Business Manager PHILIP HORNBEIN, JR. WILLIAM K. RIS LAWRENCE FLANDERS BERT GOLDWATER KENNETH YORK ROBERT SABIN Page 94 CLASS PRESIDENTS DOUGLAS HUDSON, JR Senior Class ROBERT A. SABIN Junior Qass JOHN WOODSON RAILEY .... Freshman Class President RICHARD WRIGHT Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer J. ' 11 t, , a iy f(r it .. t — a a Ji Z H i i i tffiti l» t • ■- « t I n t ' t Wt I K - t vx« • Page 95 Give her the tight lip They look like thugs Looks like John Griffin, Phi Tau, but who knows News!! S. A. E. ' s being chased " Wib Pryor and Phyllis Brinton, K. K. G., Phi Gam ' s aren ' t camera-shy The college of Journalism makes ' em look that way How ' d you get in here? Dorothy Jenkins, Alpha Phi, practicing personality Gutter rats and escorts Regimentation We ' ll take the one in the middle. leepers Creepers in Varsity Lake They say Bennett drinks his own bath water P l Vetting, one lawyer that ' s quiet Prof. Galland, Legal light and Barb sponsor " The Navy needs you! " " Pop " Arthur probs a ponderous P ' " ® ' Sam Hoover, Phi Gam, smiles over the body of O ' Brien who is buried in law books Two souls with but a single thought " Sis " Sherwood, Law Librarian, and ghost writer for Moot Court attorneys. Mac Folsom, Beta, and Kay Cooper, Pi Phi, it goes on and on Dorothy Luther, Tri Delt, songbird and personality gal Docile Patty Mason, and startled Rita Burns, Alpha Phis " Is that a face? " Maybe it ' s not the style, Jean Joe Brady, smoked out of Greenmans A quiet evening at home, as usual Emmett Ryder — acutely camera shy maestro Lee Gaines, skirts are getting short- er Walt Plettner wearing down the Beta lawn Snipe hunting? Fraternities Sororities " " " " " " ■■■■■■ »»M««««»»»»«»nn..mi m immMutmm j o« m m m. «m »xm Kmm mimm mm m amiiuimm. ' » " °° WWBB«WWWBBBB»WWWBi » aao mfl fli Bwwewwwwi ' ftrjinrWiWftraviMuinniMuuw Pankellenlc Association Twenty women students representing the ten campus sororities confer twice a month, striving to elevate interfraternity re- lationships to the highest plane and to ad- just rules to the demands of the times. The president of each national sorority is the active member on Panhellenic, while the rush captain serves as the silent dele- gate. Dean of women, Lydia Brovm, ad- vises the group. The role of the sorority in college life and the interchange of service between the sorority and the individual member has re- ceived major emphasis in this year ' s pro- gram. Also, work on a new rush system will culminate in the introduction of a re- vised plan for next year. CHARLOTTE SPENGLER OFFICERS President BETTY HEFFERNAN Secretary -Treasurer RUTH COBURN . . JUNE KLEIWER . . BETTY HEFFERNAN . CHARLOTTE SPENGLER DOROTHY ROST . . MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega ROBERTA COX . Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Omicron Pi . . Alpha Phi Chi Omega BERTHA LACKNER . MARION ARMSTRONG NAN KRETSCHMER . JEANETTE HUMPHREY . Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi Front Row — Price, Cobum, Humphreys, Kretschmer, Splenger, Armstrong, Muqrage. Back flow — Lafferty. Rest, Heffernan, Dean Brown, Phelps. Smith, Northcutt, Drinkwater, Klelwer, Kimbrough. Page 103 Alpka CliL Omega Scarlet and olive-green are the colors of Alpha Chi Omega. These colors are fur- ther carried out in the flowers of the na- tional organization, the red carnation and smilax. This sorority was founded October 15, 1888, at DePauw University. Nu chap- ter was installed on this campus in 1907. Important members are: Ellen Frary, Y. W. C. A. council, WINDOW, DODO, Spur, Delta Phi Delta, and Hesperia; Virginia Rogers, Betty Fawkes, Yvonne Saliba, and Louise Marshall in Spur; Yvonne Saliba, Alice Bucking, and Louise Marshall on dor- mitory council. Top Row — Allen, Baab, Babcock, Bassett, Bell, Bier, Bown, Bradshaw, Buckingham Second flow — Cassell. Coburn, Cook, Copeland, Crawford, Crosby, Frary, i -- " i —- - Third flow — Godsey, Grabow, Hardesty, K. Home, P. Heme. Horton. Kellc ier. Fourth Row — Lynch, Marshall, McKay, MeLean. Nelson. Peterson, Polhast. . . :. j.alt. Filth flow — Rogers, O. Soliba, Y. Saliba, Schafer, Stivers, van de Steeg. Van Thuyne, van Wodel, V. OFFICERS RUTH COBURN President MARTHA JEANNE SCHAFER . . . Secretary OLGA SALIBA Vice-President MARGARET HORNE Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER HELEN DUGGAN ACTIVES lone Allen, ' 41 Johnstown, Colo. Margaret Home, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Jane Benton, ' 41 Peoria, 111. Patricia Kennedy, ' 40 Sterling, Colo. Margaret Benton, ' 41 Peoria, 111. LaNelle Lollier, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Regina Bier, ' 41 Greeley, Colo. Ruth Lindsey, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Edith Bown, ' 39 St. Louis, Mo. Mildred Lynch, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Jeanne Bradshaw, ' 40 Burlington, Colo. Dorothy Lee McKay, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Alice Buckingham, ' 41 Leadville, Colo. Anne McLean, ' 41 Oregon City, Ore. Hope Cassell, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Gene Nelson, ' 39 Boulder, Colo. Ruth Coburn, ' 39 Deadwood, S. Dak. Mary Helen Pothast, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Ruth Fisher, ' 41 Barflesville, Okla. Virginia Rogers, ' 41 Dallas, Texas Ellen Frary, ' 40 Humboldt, Iowa Olga Saliba, ' 39 Walsenburg, Colo. Dorothy Gast, ' 41 Rapid City, S. Dak. Martha Jeanne Schafer, ' 39 Ft. Collins, Colo. Margaret Gillespie, ' 41 Las Animas, Colo. Katharine Stover, ' 41 LaGrange, 111. Mary Grabow, ' 39 Ouray, Colo. Lois Van Thuyne, ' 40 Longmont, Colo. Marian Hardesty, ' 41 Berlhoud, Colo. PLEDGES Eleanor Babb, ' 41 Greeley, Colo. Peggy Crosby. ' 42 Der.vor, Cc.o. Genevieve Peterson, ' 42 B?- o. Betty Babcock, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Geraldine Godsey, ' 41 Eckley. Colo. Alice May Randall, ' 41 G. rings, Colo. Marian Bassett. ' 42 Boulder, Colo. A ' " i ' 42 Des Moines. Iowa Mary E. RIngwall, ' 42 Sterling. . .o. Lena Beck, ' 41 Colby, Kan. : rne, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Yvonne Saliba, ' 41 Walsenburg. Colo. Maryanna Bell, ' 42 Golden, Colo. Morton. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Mary E. Stivers, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Betty Lou Cook. ' 42 Denver. Colo. r . ' 42 Torrington, Wyo. Edith van de Steeg, ' 41 Webster Groves, Mo. Anne Copeland, ' 42 Richmond, Va. L r.all, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Jane von Wedel. ' 41 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ann Crawford. ' 42 Golden, Colo. Betty Jane ' Webber, ' 41 Gunnison. Colo. II Page JOS Alpha Delta Pi The representative colors selected by the members of Alpha Delta Pi sorority are blue and white, and its chosen flower is the violet. Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College in 1851. The Alpha Alpha chapter was installed at the Uni- versity of Colorado in 1913. Prominent members are Irma Ruth Gallo- way, Y. W. C. A., Women ' s Club, and Cos- mopolitan Club; Donna Owen, Woman ' s Club, Spur, and Y. W. C. A. cabinet; Betty Rae Padfield, Spur, Hesperia, University Symphony Orchestra, University Choir, and W. A. A. Board. Top Row — Best, Blain, Callaway. Coffin, Doron, Dutsau, Hardendor;;, . Second Row — Johnson, Juchen, Kleiwor, Miller, Munk, Owen, Padfield. floKom Row — Pi-icp SrhWs?inaAr Skeon. Smith, Tallant, White. OFFICERS Page 107 JUNE KLEIWER . . President FRANCES DORAN Secretary MILDRED WRAY . . Vice-President MARGUERITE SCHLESSINGER . . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER GRACE CRAVEN ACTIVES Sarahelen Best, ' 39 Buena Vista, Colo. Mary Munk, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Elaine Blain, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Ruth Nelson, ' 40 Longmont, Colo. Frances Doran, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Donna Owen, ' 41 Golden, Colo. Jean Hardendorff, ' 39 Golden, Colo. Betty Rae Padfield, ' 40 Dacona, Colo. Joyce Johnson, ' 39 Delta, Colo. Dorothy Price, ' 39 Deertrail, Colo. Geraldine Kirk, ' 39 Monte Vista, Colo. M. Schlessinger, ' 40 Denver, Colo. June Kleiwer, ' 39 Flagler, Colo. Mildred Wray, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Marilyn Miller, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. PLEDGES Erma Ruth Calloway, ' 42 Colorado Springs, Colo. Genevieve Skeen, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Barbara Coffin, ' 41 Tulsa, Okla. Beatrice Smith, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Marguerite Duteau, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Kathryn Tallant, ' 40 Estes Park, Colo. Geane Hinkley, ' 42 Colorado Springs, Colo. Norma Thompson, ' 40 River Forest, 111. Wilhelmina Juchem, ' 42 Arvada, Colo. Virginia Williams, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Helen White, ' 42 Padroni. Colo. t Alpha Omlcron Pi iT " . " The national organization of Alpha Omi- cron Pi was founded at Columbia Univer- sity in the year 1897. The Chi Delta chap- ter was installed on the University of Colo- rado campus on May 14, 1927. The flower is the deep red Jacqueminot Rose, and the chosen color is cardinal. Outstanding members are: Leatha Mae Harris, Spur, SILVER AND GOLD, Society Staff Columnist, and W. A. A.; Sidney Smith, Rhythm Circus, Homecoming Play, COLORADAN Sales Manager, and DODO; Dorothy Krapf, Rhythm Circus, Co-ed Coun- cilor, W. A. A., and Spur. m Top Row — Billington, Brothers. Frankl. Greenwail. Hirris, H°ffprnan, Hubbard, lones. Second flow — ICendall, Krapi. McFadden, Nix ■ ' Smiih. BETTY HEFFERNAN MARJORIE BROTHERS OFFICERS . President DOROTHY KRAPF Secretary Vice-President MARY NIXON Treasurer ACTI VES Carmen Billington, ' 40 Marjorie Brothers, ' 39 Ruth Gleissner, ' 41 Catherine Hecker, ' 40 Betty Heffeman, ' 39 Ann Kendall, ' 39 Arlington, Va. Cripple Creek, Colo. Washington, D. C. Sterling, Colo. Sedalia, Mo. Pueblo, Colo. Dorothy Krapf, ' 40 Dene Miller, ' 41 Mary Nixon, ' 39 Eleanor Reese, ' 39 Evelyn Schlatter, ' 40 Sidney Smith, ' 39 Cut Bank, Mont. Denver, Colo. Pocatello, Ida. Denver, Colo. Deadwood, S. Dak. Philadelphia, Pa. PLEDGES Millicent De Belle, Grad. Noreen Greenawalt, ' 42 Leatha Mae Harris, ' 41 lane Hubbard, ' 42 Adele Jones, ' 42 Doalinga, Calif. El Paso, Tex. Colorado Springs, Colo. Raton, N. Mex. Eagle, Colo. Francine McFadden, ' 40 Ginger McFadden, ' 41 Marnie Morgan, ' 40 Betty Lou Reynolds, ' 42 Julia Southwell, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Green River, Wyo. Raton, N. Mex. Raton, N. Mex. Page 109 Alpka Pki Bk [p . -- 4 iJill ' . ' ' ' Jk ' . i. i: ' t The national chapter of Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University in 1872. The local chapter was installed on the Uni- versity of Colorado campus in 1924. The official flowers of Alpha Phi are the Forget- me-not and the Lily of the Valley. The col- ors are Silver and Bordeaux. Prominent members are: Leota Pekrul, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board; Charlotte Spengler, member of Senate, society editor of SILVER AND GOLD, and Junior Prom Committee; Charline Frederick, Joan Ken- drick in Hesperia; Rachael Brittell, Dorothy Jenkins, and Peggy McNamara in Spur. i 22Sij tmmi Page 111 Top Row- Armstrong. . -., arns. Bartow , Connell, Cox. Croke, Davilt, Dickinson, Dimmitt. Second Row — Douglass. Downs. Dreffein, Dudgeon Eastman, Evans, Faunce, Frederick. Haughey. Hennebach. Third Row — Hesselbine, Hickman, Hinshaw, Humphreys, IngersoU, Jenkins, Jennings, Jc shnson. Lindsay. Luckett. Fourth Flow — Luther. Mark. Marshall, Mason, Mattson, McNamara, Mugrage, Ott, Paslay, Pekrul. FUlh Row — Pendleton, Puffer, Roper, Seydel, Smith, Spengler, Wahlmeier, Wiglon. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE SPENGLER President JESSIE JUNE OTT . . Secretary CARMEN HENNEBACH Vice-President LEOTA PEKRUL . . Treasurer ACTIVES Ann Armstrong, ' 39 Rawlins, Wyo. Dorothy Jenkins, ' 41 Oakland, Colo. Carolee Becker, ' -10 Denver, Colo. Doris Johnson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Rita Bums, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Joan Kendrick, ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. Olivia Christiansen, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Maxine Luther, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Erma Connell, ' 39 La Salle, Colo. Peggy McNamara, ' 41 Oakland, Calif. Mildred Cox, ' 39 Fort Morgan, Colo. Betty Mark, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Patricia Croke, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Annie Bobs Marshall, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Lois Downs, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Jane Mattson, ' 40 Omaha, Nebr. Mary Lou Dreffein, ' 39 Oak Park, 111. Helen Maxwell, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Jean Dudgeon, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Margaret Mugrage, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Jane Eastman, ' 41 Belvidere, 111. Jessie June Ott, ' 39 Fort Morgan, Colo. Nancy Evans, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Leota Pekrul, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Marcine Faunce, ' 40 Julesburg, Colo. Mary E. Pendleton, ' 39 Brush, Colo. Charline Frederick, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Margaret Puffer, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Susan Gene Haughey, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Marian Smith, ' 39 Rapid City, S. Dak. Carmen Hennebach, ' 39 Leadville, Colo. Charlotte Spengler, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mary Kay Hickman, ' 39 Boulder, Colo. Erma Warren, ' 39 Wichita, Kan. Maxine Hinshaw, ' 39 Grand Junction, Col o. Jean Wigtorv ' 41 Denver, Colo. Marjorie IngersoU, ' 41 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Marjorie Bartow, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Janice Jennings, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Elaine Colvin, ' 42 Greeley, Colo. Janet Lindsay, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Patricia Davitt, ' 42 Colorado Springs, Colo. Caroline Luckett, ' 42 Tulsa, Okla. Sally Dickinson, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Silvia Mason, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Betty Dimmitt, ' 42 Fort Collins, Colo. Nancy Pasley, ' 42 Manitou Springs, Colo. Dorothy Douglass, ' 42 Fort Wayne, Ind. Elouise Roper, ' 42 Long Beach, Calif. Jane Hesselbine, ' 42 Denver, Colo. June Seydel, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Barbara Holmes, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Yvette Wohlmeier, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Eleanor Humphreys, ' 41 Raton, N. M. Chi Omega The colors chosen by Chi Omega are pale yellow, and deep cardinal. The flower se- lected is the white carnation. Chi Omega, as a national organization, was founded in 1895 at Fayettesville, Arkansas. The Zeta chapter made its debut on the University of Colorado campus in the year 1906. Chi Omega captured first place for their float in the Homecoming parade. Out- standing members include Clara Barnes, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and Hesperia. Jo- sephine Pyle, secretary of Y. W. C. A.; and Mary Mildred Brown, 1938 COLOR AD AN Beauty Queen. " iJsy r Q ' MSL m Top flow — Archibald, Ashlon. Basel. Barnss, Blake. Baquley. Boltomlsy, Bovard, Bulson. Second Row— CUland, Dolon. Edmondson, Edwards. Flatt. Funk, Gardner. Gaylord. B. Glassburn. Third Row — R. Glassburn. Gullard, Hanrock. Hodqes, Huss. Knox, Lamb. Lpisenring. Levister. Fourlh Row— Mathews, Nelson. Oliver. Pittengar. Phelps, Pyle. Rodman, B. Rost. Fitlh Row — D. Rost. L. Seers. M. Saars, Sellman, Simpson, Stewart. Thcrp. OFFICERS DOROTHY ROST . President ELEANOR PITTENGER .... Secretary JEAN BOVARD Vice-President LOIS BULSON . . FACULTY MEMBERS Treasurer NORMA LEVEOUE MRS. DRU BLALOCK ACTIVES NelUe Margaret Archibald, ' 39 Boulder. Colo. Ruth Flatt. ' 4C Billings, Mont. Carol Leisenring, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Leila Ashton. ' 41 Salt Lake City. Utah Clare Funk, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Ruth Munro. ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. Clara Barnes. ' 40 Trinidad. Colo. Margaret Jean Gardner, ' 41 Kinbrae. Minn. Lois Nelson, ' 41 Schenectady, N. Y. Mary Bent, ' 39 Oshkosh. Wis. Betty Ann Glassburn, ' 41 Craig. Colo. Helen Phelps. ' 39 Trinidad. Colo. Bette Boltomlay. ' 39 Kansas City. Kan. Ruthann Glassburn, ' 41 Craig. Colo. Eleanor Piltenger, ' 39 Longmont, Colo Jean Bovard. ' 40 Tionesta, Pa. Geraldine Gradick, ' 40 Jacksonville. Fla. Josephine Pyle. ' 41 Wray, Colo. Mary Mildred Brown. ' 39 Lead, S. D. Athlene Gullard, ' 40 Billings. Mont. Betty Jane Rost, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Lois Bulson. ' 39 Trinidad. Colo. Jeanne Hancock. ' 40 Lacon, 111. Dorothy Rost, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mary Katherine E)olan. ' 39 Boulder. Colo. Gary Harris. ' 41 Boulder. Colo. Myra Jane Sears, ' 39 Canon City. Colo. Patricia Eckel. ' 40 Boulder. Colo. Frances HodgeSj ' 40 Shreveport. La. Lois Sears, ' 40 Canon City, Colo. Imoqene Edwards, ' 40 Brighton. Colo. Virginia Know, ' ' 40 PLEDGES Loveland, Colo. Roberta Stewart, ' 39 Colorado Springs Margaret Baguley, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Geraldine Edn._: ;.. 12 Akron, Colo. Barbara Poulson, ' 41 Ignacio, Colo. Joan Baker, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Mary Dell Gaylord, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Billie Rodin, ' 42 Lingley, Wyo. Carol Bentson. ' 42 Boulder. Colo. Barbara Huss, ' 42 Tulsa. Okla. Pauline Rodman, ' 40 Klmbal, Nebr. Florence Bermbach. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Betty Jo I.amb. ' 42 Brush. Colo. Jeanne Sellman, ' 42 Trinidad. Colo. Venus Blake, ' 42 Haxtun. Colo. Jamie Levister. ' 42 Brighton. Colo. Carol Simpson, ' 41 Thray. Colo. Jane Cleland, ' 42 Delta. Colo. Helen Matthews. ' 41 Little Rock. Ark. Sally Stout, ' 42 Buena Vista. Colo. Ernestine Dimond. ' 42 Oil City. Pa. Mary Matthews, ' 41 Little Rock. Ark. Dorothy Tharp, ' 42 Palisade, Colo. Gertrude Economy. ' 41 Denver. Cola. Betty Oliver. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Margaret V icks, ' 42 Pueblo. Colo. Page 113 Delta Delta Delta V The national organization of Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1888, at Boston Uni- versity. In April of 1910, the Theta Beta Chapter was installed at the University of Colorado. Delta Delta Delta has for its col- ors silver, gold, and blue, and the pansy is the flower of the sorority. Outstanding on the campus are: Ellen Roemer, secretary of Co-ed Councilors, and Phi Beta Kappa; Margaret Homsher, advertising manager DODO, and Rhythm Circus; Molly Hunter, Business School and editor BLOTTER; and Frances Shipman, president of Dormitory Hall. Rtni Top Row — Albert, Boehm. Brannamcn, Cox, Dearstyne, Doslal, Douglas, Duvali, Grai. Second Row — Hallowell, Hansen, Hardy, Harper, Hoffman, Homsher, Hunter, lones, Kennedy. Third Row — Kempton, Knuckey, Kohl, Krier, Lafferty, Lavender, Letford, McCarty, McGregor. Fourth Row — Meister, Moorhead, Ouderkirk, Poe, Riggs, Roemer, Schneider, Schroeder. Filth Row — Shipman, Stephens, Stuart, Walker, Welty, White, Wolf. OFFICERS ROBERTA COX .... President MOLLY HUNTER Secretary BARBARA BOEHM . . . Vice-President LOUISE HOFFMAN Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN BROWN ASSISTANT DEAN KANOUSE ACTIVES Jeanne Albert, ' 41 Fort Collins, Colo, Janet Johnson, 41 Denver, Colo. Winifred Ouderkirk, ' 41 Honolulu. T. H. Barbara Boehm, ' 39 Hutchinson, Kan. Carolyn Jones, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Jean Pace, ' 40 Longmont. Colo. Joan Brannaman, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Katherine Kempton, ' 41 Syracuse. N. Y. Frances Poe, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Betty Lee Cason, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. Alma Louise Knuckey. ' 39 Lamar, Colo. Shirley Porter, ' 41 Western Springs, 111. Roberta Cox, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Esther Lafferty. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Dorothy Riggs, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Mary Jo Dearstyne, ' 41 Denver, Colo, Kathryn Letford, ' 40 Longmont. Colo. Ellen Roemer. ' 39 Fort Collins. Colo. Adele Dostal, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Dorothy Luther, ' 41 Boulder. Colo. Gertrude Rogers. ' 39 Honolulu, T. H. Lucille Hardy, ' 39 Sidney, Nebr. Lucile MacGregor. ' 39 Fort Collins. Colo. Peggy Sells. ' 41 Pleasantville, N. Y. Louise Hoffman, ' 39 Fort Collins, Colo. Virginia McMillin. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Frances Shipman, ' 40 Aurora. Colo. Maxine HoUowell, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Rae Corrine Miller. ' 4r- Denver, Colo. Ruth Vicks, ' 39 Ogden. Utah Margaret Homsher, ' 39 Craig, Colo. Jane Mae Moorhead, ' 39 Chicago, 111. Frances White, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Molly Hunter. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Belly Nilsson. ; Denver. Colo. Eulcma Wolcotl. ' 39 Boulder. Colo. PLEDGES Belly Douglass. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Rita Kohl. ' 41 Denver. Coir. Jimmie Lee Stephens. ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Betty Jeane Duvali. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Jewel Krier, ' 42 Walsenburg. Colo. Ruth Stuart. ' 41 Plainviewr. Texas Betty Graf, ' 42 Boulder. Colo. Carolyn Lavender, ' 42 Douglas. Ariz. Marilyn Walker, ' 41 Kansas City, Mo. Jeanne Hansen, ' 41 Plainview, Texas Mary Frances Meister. ' 41 Mount Pulaski. 111. Janet Wetty. ' 42 Berthoud, Colo. Roberta Harper. ' 42 Boulder. Colo. Dixie Mae McCarthy. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Leslie Wolf. ' 42 Uew Haven. Conn. Martha Kennedy, ' 41 Bonham. Texas Lucille Reimer, ' 40 Mary Catherine Schneider. Holyoke, Colo. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Mariorie Woodard, ' 42 Saguache, Colo. ge JJ5 Delta Gamma The national chapter of Delia Gamma was founded at Oxford, Mississippi, in 1874. The local chapter of Delta Gamma, Phi, was installed on the University of Colo- rado campus in 1886. The official colors of Delta Gamma are bronze, pink, and blue. The sorority flower is the pearl-white rose. Delta Gamma began the year by winning Homecoming House decorations. Out- standing members are Dorothy Slaughter, Mortar Board, and editor COLORADAN; Marguerite Johnson, Hesperia, COLO- RADAN and Rhythm Circus Committee; Virginia Button, Sigma Epsilon Sigma, and Spur. f . : ca Top Row — Abel, Allen, Amonette, Ashton, Bennett, Bosin. J. Brown. S. Brown, Brunton. Second Row — Button, Cargo, Conway, Copeland, Corson. Donnen, Freer. Haefliger. Humphreys. Third Row — Huntington. Jacobs. Johnson, Lackner, Lanagan. Layne. Leery, Leavitt, Lee. Fourth Row — McClanahan, Miller, Miner, Niethammar, Olson. Peltier. Pratt, Rogers. Slaughter. Botlom Row — Sneddon. Stafford, Sullivan, Sultan. Wompler. Wise. Wright, Zurick. OFFICERS BERTHA LACKNER . . . . President VIRGINIA CAR( SO .... Secretary MARY OLSON Vice-President BARBARA BRUNTON Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER HENRY ETT.- i-,Lv;;.jLDS ACTIVES Betty C. Allen. ' 39 Akron, Colo. Helen Gitlings. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mary Bea Miner, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Rosemary Aley, ' 39 Colorado Springs, Colo. Helen Henderson. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Mary Olson. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Priscilla Bosin, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Everyl Humphreys. ' 40 Casper. Wyo. Audrey Pratt. ' 40 Hawaii Elizabeth Bowie, ' 41 Bowie. Colo. AUene Jacobs. ' 41 Denver. Colo. Margaret Peltier, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Jeanetle Brown, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Marguerite Johnson, ' 40 Hastings. Nebr. Katherine Rogers. ' 40 Las Vegas. New Mex. Barbara Brunton, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Jean Kimbrough. ' 40 Denver. Colo. Dorothy Slaughter, ' 39 Rocky Ford. Colo. Virginia Button. ' 41 Denver. Colo. Bertha Lackner. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Agnes Sneddon. ' 39 Bowie, Colo. Virginia Cargo. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Anne Leavitt. ' 39 Miles City, Mont. Mary Jo Stafford. ' 39 Scottsbluff, Nebr. Elizabeth Copeland, ' 39 Grand Junction, Colo. Deborah Leavitt. ' 41 Miles City. Mont. Barbara Sullivan. ' 39 Great Falls. Mont. Marion George. ' 39 Boulder, Colo. Jean Maitland. ' 41 aara McKenna. ' 40 ' ' Kansas City. Mo. Boulder, Colo. Katherine Wright, ' 41 Denver. Colo. PLEDGES Ann Abel. ' 42 Pueblo. Colo. Jane Donnen. r::t Morgan. Colo. Margaret McClanahan, ' 41 Boulder. Colo. Mozelle Amonette. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Penny Freer, ' 42 Pasadena. Calif. Katherine McElroy, ' 42 Greeley. Colo. Betty Ashton, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Maxine Haefliger, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Betty Lou Miller, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Betty Bennett. ' 42 Boulder. Colo. Dorothy Huntington, ' 42 Urbana. 111. Helen Niethammer, ' 41 Casper, Wyo. Susie Brown, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Patricia Lanagan. ' 40 Denver. Colo. Linda Sultan, ' 42 Fort Logan, Colo. Mary Louise Conway. ' 42 Las Vegas. New Mex. Peggy Jean Lane. ' 42 Long Beach. Calif. Martha Jean Wompler, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Marion Corson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Barbara Lee. ' 42 Rock Springs. Wyo. Betty Wise, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Elizabeth Danforth, ' 42 Onawa. Iowa Ida Mae Zurick, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Page 117 Kappa Alpha Theta ♦ Black and Gold are the colors selected by Kappa Alpha Theta, and their flower is the black and gold pansy. The fraternity was founded in 1890 on the campus of Depauw University. Thirty-one years later the Beta Iota Chapter was installed at the Univer- sity of Colorado. Theta won the Song Fest and Colorado U. Day float parade. Prominent members in- clude Vera Becker, president Pi Gamma Mu; Gene Gillett, Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Vickie Telander, vice-president Y. W. C. A., and House of Representatives, and Bebe Johnson, president Beta Sigma. omn Top Row — Amis, Armstrong, Beard, Boyle, Brewer, Browning, Claus. Clemments. Second Row — Combs, Etter, Forbes, Fritch, Gillett, Griggs, Horsting, E. Johnson. Third Row — P. Johnson, Kinsley, La Torra, Lepper, Lien, McMillen, Miller, Moore. Bottom Row — Richards, Smith, Stabler, Stephenson, Sweet, Telander, Trimble. OFFICERS MARION ARMSTRONG President PHYLLIS GARDINER . Secretary- PEG JOHNSON Vice-President JEAN GILLETT . . . Treasurer brf J 1 A 4 1 »imr m » FACULTY MEMBER MRS. SYBIL STERLING ACTIVES Marion Armstrong, ' 39 Salina, Kan. Charlotte Griggs, ' 41 Davenport, Iowa Margaret Beard, ' 41 Kansas City, Mo. Elizabeth Johnson, ' 39 Brighton, Colo. Vera Becker, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. Peg Johnson, ' 3d Brighton, Colo. Suzanne Biossat, ' 39 Chicago, 111. Barbara Kinsley, ' 40 Evanston, 111. Betty Boerstler, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Martha Jane Lepper, ' 39 Topeka, Kan. Marion Boyle, ' 40 Los Angeles, Calif. Ruth Macmillan, ' 40 Los Angeles, Calif. Virginia Brewer, ' 39 Camarillo, Calif. Betty Moore, ' 40 Hinsdale, 111. Ernestine Browning, ' 40 Tulsa, Okla. Eva Moore, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Dorothy Jean Claus, ' 41 Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Betty Jane Richards, ' 40 Salina, Kan. Caroline Combs, ' 40 Long Beach, Calif. Esther Riede, ' 39 Depue, 111. Jean Ann Cowton, ' 39 Grand Island, Nebr. Betty Stabler, ' 41 Long Beach, Calif. Gretchen Etter, ' 41 Loveland, Colo. Ruth Stephenson, ' 40 Littleton, Colo. Mary Forbes, ' 40 Long Beach, Calif. Margaret Ann Stryker, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Emily Jane Fritch, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. - Marjorie Stockwell, ' 40 Los Angeles, Calif. Phyllis Gardiner, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Victoria Telander, ' 39 Sheridan, Wyo. Virginia Garwood, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Janice Trimble, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. Jean Gillett, ' 41 Kansas City, Mo. PLEDGES Jean Amis, ' 42 Roswell, N. M. Marian LaTorra, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Margaret Bear, ' 41 Evanston, 111. Leinad Lien, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Helen Jean Clements, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Rosemary Miller, ' 41 Omaha, Nebr. Virginia Essig, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Mildred Perkins, ' 40 Denever, Colo. Harriett Freeland, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Margaret Smith, ' 41 Dallas, Texas Margaret Horsting, ' 42 Wilmette, 111. Mary Lou Sweet, ' 42 Topeka, Kan. Page 119 Kappa Kappa Gamma A At Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870, the national organization of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded. The instal- lation of the Beta Mu Chapter at the Uni- versity of Colorado took place in 1910. The flower is the fleur-de-lis, and the colors are dark and light blue. Prominent Kappas include Nan Kretchmer, secretary A. S. U. C, Players Club, assist- ant editor COLORADAN, and Freshman Week Commissioner; and Henrietta Herz- berger, president Y. W. C. A., secretary Peace Council, SILVER AND GOLD, A. W. S., and Mortar Board. rMM]Mc " AWiMim Tcp F.Q ' .:- Austin, Baiiar. ' .ine, Baiber, Enqgs. Chase, Christy, Cramer, Dalziel, DuBois, Dunklee. Second flow — Eckhardt, Ellis, Ferris, Graves, Gray, Groves, Hannigan, Herzberger, Holliday, Hoyland. Third Row — Ireland, Knowles, Kretchmer, Lantz, Low, Ludlow, Lyford, Lynch, May, McBride. Fourth flow — Mclvor, Montgomery, Moyer, Northcutt, E. Peabody, P. Peabody, Reed, Schureman. Stafford, F. Stearns. Filth flow — M. Stearns, Storer, Sullivan, Swearinger, Thompson, Varney, Wagner, Wescott, Winn. NAN KRETSCHMER President BARBARA STORER .... Secretary MURIEL MAY Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DOROTHY MARTIN IRENE P. McKEEHAN ACTIVES Betty Lou Austin, •41 Denver, Colo. Helen Hay, -iu Lawrence, Kan. Bette Mclvor, ' 41 Cheyenne, Wyo. Jane Ballantine, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Henrietta Herzberger, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Dorothy M. Northcutt, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mary Elizabeth Barber, , ' 39 Greeley. Colo. Marcia Lee Holliday, ' 39 Houston, Texas Yvonne Northcutt, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Phyllis Brinton, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Barbara Hoyland, ' 40 Kansas City, Mo. Josephine Peabody, ' 39 Cleveland Heights, Ohio Eleanor Christy, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Betty Ireland, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Barbara Puffer, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Mary Cole, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Jeanne January, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Dorothy Jane Reed, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Frances Cramer, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Adele Knowles, ' 41 Colorado Springs Dorothy Schureman, ' 40 Ft. Collins, Colo. Kirby Dalziel. ' 39 Ft. Collins, Colo. Nan Kretschraer, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Elizabeth Stafford, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. Dora Dubois, ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. Ruth Lantz, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Barbara Storer, ' 41 Pueblo, Colo. Bettie Eckhardt, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Dorothy May Lawson, ' 39 Kansas City, Mo. Margaret A. Sullivan, ' 41Casper, Wyo. Edna Ellen Gray, ' 40 Bainbridge, Ga. Elizabeth Lee, ' 41 Shreveport, La. Vera Thompson, ' 39 Casper, Wyo. La Roux Groves. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Betty Nell Low, ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. Lois Wescott, ' 39 Rockford, 111. Elizabeth Hanna. ' 39 Lawrence, Kan. Peggy Lynch, ' 39 Muriel May, ' 39 Salina, Kan. Denver, Colo. Sarah Jane Winn, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. PLEDGES lane Bomgardner, ' 41 Scottsbluff, Nebr. Virginia Hanigan, 42 Denver, Colo. Harriet Moyer, ' 42 Montrose, Colo. Miriam Briggs, 42 Denver. Colo. Beatrice Hickey, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Evabelle Peabody, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Dorothy Carver, ' 42 San Marino. Calif. Frances Ludlow, ' 42 Longmont. Colo. Anne Phillips, ' 40 San Diego, Calif. Peggy Chase, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Jean Lyford, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Marion Steams, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Dorcus Dunklee, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Catherine Lynch, ' 42 Omaha, Nebr. Jane Taylor, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Eloise Ferris, ' 42 Upper Montdair, N. J. Eileen McBride. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Valerie Varney, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Margaret Mae Floyd. ' ■ 42 Trinidad. Colo. Peggy Monroe, ' 42 Inez Montgomery, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Joan Wagner, ' 40 Julesburg, Colo. Page 121 Pi Beta Phi The national organization of Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois, on April 28, 1867. Seven- teen years later, on October 15, 1884, Colo- rado Alpha chapter was established on the University of Colorado campus. The col- ors of the fraternity are wine and blue. Pi Phi, active in campus activities, is led by Marion Hackstaff, assistant editor DODO, senior adviser Y. W. C. A., Mortar Board, vice-president A. W. S. ; and Evelyn Prouty, Y. W. C. A. cabinet, W. A. A., Sigma Alpha Iota, Delta Phi Delta, Senate and Hesperia. n IEXiQlPm ' t fmi ■i ' js jiwt mfi lop rl::;- -Alien. Anderson. Ba.l. tarreu. buiUn. Jaiiingtcn. Cooper, Counter, Custance, Divisek. Second flow — Drake, Drinkwater. Egan, EUzey, Fickel, Fishel, Fleming, Gillis. Green, Greqg. Third flow — Gustavson, Guthrie, Hackstaff, Karpel, Humphrey, Hutchinson, Lavington, McClellan, McSween, Monlandon. Fourth flow — Morris, Orme, Preston, C. Prouty, E. Prouty, J. Ouaintance. M. Ouaintance, Reybold, Rice, Rutledge. Fillh flow — B. Smith, D. Smith, Temple. Thompson, Tunnell, Whitman, Williamson, Zimmerhackle. OFFICERS JEANETTE HUMPHREY . . President iiARRIET McSWEEN Secretary- MARION HACKSTAFF . Vice-President EVALYN PROUTY Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS REBECCA W. VAILLE IDA L. SWAYNE ACTIVES Mary Ellen Ball, ' 41 Loveland, Colo. Isabel Greenway, ' 39 Boulder. Colo. Jean Ouaintance, ' 40 Hollywood, Calif Beverly Barton, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Charlotte Gustavson, ' 41 Boulder. Colo. Shirley Reybold, ' 40 Denver, Colo. CoraboUe Chadboume, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Marion Hackstaff, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mariorie Helen Rice, ' 39 Leadville, Colo. Catherine Cooper, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Jeanatle Humphrey, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mrs. James Sandoe, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Jo Anne Divisek, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Betty Hutchinson, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Betty Jane Smith, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Mariorie Drake, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Helen Jones, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Janet Smith, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Ruth Drinkwater, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Lorraine Lavington, ' 41 Flagler, Colo. Helen Thompson, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Palsy Egan, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Harriet McSween, ' 39 Brush, Colo. Maxlne Tunnell, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Nancy Ellzey, ' 40 Roswell, N. M. Elise Montandon, ' 41 Brighton, Colo. Virginia WiUiams, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Peggy Fickel. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Mariorie Morris. ' 39 Evalyn Prouty, ' 40 - Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Sally Zimmerhackel, ' 39 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Elizabeth Allen. ' 42 North Platte. Nebr. Sally Fleming, h ' Washington, D. C. Catherine Preston, ' 42 Pueblo, Colo. Jean Anderson. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Suzanne Gillis. ' 40 Denver, Colo. Caroline Prouty, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Corcnelle Barrett, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Esther Green, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Maryanna Ouaintance, ' 42 Golden, Colo. Janet Carrington, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Jackie Guthrie. ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Helen Rae Rutledge, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Helen Counter, ' 42 Brighton, Colo. Betsy Harpel. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Dorothy Smith, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Adele Custance, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Dorothy Jean Lavington. ' 42 Flagler, Colo. Leona Temple, ' 42 Golden, Colo. Gladys Egan, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Betty Mcaellan. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Sally Whitman, ' 41 Leadville, Colo. Barbara Fishel, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Jean Williamson, ' 42 Chicago, 111. Page 123 Acacia - .. O The official colors of Acacia fraternity are Old Gold and Black, and the fraternity- flower is the Acacia. The national organi- zation of the Acacia fraternity was formed in 1904 on the campus of the University of Michigan. In 1911 the chapter at the Uni- versity of Colorado was installed. Acacia was founded by a group of Masons The fraternity, in the past few years, has stood at or near the top of the fraternity list in scholarship. Prominent members in- elude Clifford Henry, president of the chap- ter; and Frederick Blakely, member of A. S. M. E. and Pi Tau Sigma. Top Row — Beem, H. Bergman, R. Bergman. Blakey, Cooke, Henry, Johnson. Kelley. Second flow — Le Moine. R. Lewis. I. Lewis, Long. McConnell. MeikeL Third flow — Moore, Wheeler. Wilson. OFFICERS CLIFFORD HENRY President WILLIAM H. McCONNELL JOHN F. LEWIS Vice-President FREDERICK BLAKEY . , Secretary Treasurer WILLIAM R. ARTHUR HAMILTON I. BARNARD JOHN S. BOUSLOG LAWRENCE C. COLE RALPH W. DANIELSON PAUL M. DEAN MILO G. DERHAM FACULTY MEMBERS RODERICK L. DOWNING FRED G. DRUMMOND CLARENCE L. ECKEL ALEXANDER GRANT HORACE A. JONES ROBERT C. LEWIS HUGH E. McMILLEN EDWARD R. MUGRAGE NORMAN A. PARKER CHARLES F. POE WILLIAM H. THOMAN CHARLES A. WAGNER HOMER C. WASHBURN RICHARD W. WHITEHEAD NORMAN WITT Roy Bergman, ' 41 Frederick Blakey, ' 39 Ronald Davies, ' 39 Qiiford Henry, ' 39 Andrew Johnson, ' 39 James Kelly, ' 39 Qarence LeMoine, ' 39 Red Cliff, Colo. Milwaukee, Wis. Louisville, Colo. Denver, Colo. Fairbanks, Alaska Boulder, Colo. Harma, Wyo. ACTIVES John F. Lewis, ' 39 Roy B. Lewis, ' 41 Charles Long, ' 41 William McConnell, Edward Meikel, ' 41 Ralph Moore, ' 40 ' 39 Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Paonia, Colo. Hayden, Colo. Kersey, Colo. Red Cliff, Colo. PLEDGES John R. Beem, ' 41 Robert Bergman, ' 42 Richard Boyd, ' 41 Edgar Carver, ' 41 Ralph Cooke, ' 42 Greeley, Colo. Red Cliff, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Berthoud, Colo. Denver, Colo. Lycurgus Johnson, ' 40 Jack Prince, ' 41 Harold Rowe, ' 41 Howard Wheeler, ' 40 Jesse Wilson, ' 42 Ouray, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Avondale, Colo. Denver, Colo. Page 125 Alpha Sigma Phi p:- i . f L. m, s- - ----T Cardinal and Stone are the chosen colors of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, and the fraternity flower is the Cardinal Rose. The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity was founded at Yale University on December 6, 1845. The Pi chapter was established in 1915 at the University of Colorado. The Alpha Sigs are active on the campus. Among the most prominent men are Arvid Hanson, treasurer of Chi Epsilon, and George Imrie and Joseph Jones as mem- bers. George Glass is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and Sigma Tau, while Robert Christy is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma. " E Top Row — Alsxander, Bauer, Christy, Gless, Griswold, Hannci, Hanson, Harter. Second Row — Hodge, Howsam, Imrie, Johnson, Jones, Knievel, Lochtrog. Third Row — Mahone, McCormick, McQuaid, Romans, Schaefer, Sills. Fourth Row — Stivers, Thorne, Roley, Vandeventer, Walters. ARVID HANSON . . THOMAS McCORMICK OFFICERS . President STANLEY PERRY Secretary Vice-President ROBERT CHRISTY Treasurer WILLIAM S. BERNARD EDMUND CHAPMAN FRANK A. EASTON CLARENCE L. ECKEL Robert Alexander, ' 40 Orville Beam, Low Robert Christy, ' 40 Fred Douglas, ' 41 Wayne Fuller, ' 41 Warren Gallagher, ' 41 Arvid Hanson, ' 39 Earl Harter. ' 41 Salida, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Alamosa, Colo. Denver, Colo. Henderson, Colo. New Holland. 111. Walden, Colo. Denver, Colo, FACULTY MEMBERS RODERICK R. DOWNING H. W. KENDRICK ZELL F. MABEE ACTIVES Robert Howsan, -iu George Imrie, ' 39 Henry Johnson, ' 41 Joseph Jones, ' 40 Thomas McCormick, ' 39 James McDonald, ' 40 Merle Mahone, ' 40 La jara, s oio. Tracy, Calif. Boulder, Colo. Denver Colo. Denver Colo. Pueblo, Colo, Denver, Colo. WALTER F. MALLORY BERNARD F. OAKES WARREN RAEDER ELVIN C. SAYER Stanley Perry, ' 40 Charles Reibold. ' 41 Vaughn Roley. ' 40 John Stivers, Low Raymond Vandopool. Owen Vanderventer. Howard Walters. ' 40 Kenneth White, ' 40 Brighton. Colo. St. Francis, Kan. Denver, Colo. Montrose, Colo. ' 40 Loveland. Colo. ' 41 Loveland, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Homelake. Colo. PLEDGES Don Adamson, ' 41 Gerald Bauer, ' 42 John Bresee, ' 42 Hudson Boue. ' 42 Edward Cannon. ' 41 Charles Gableman. ' 42 William Gasser, ' 42 George Gless, ' 42 Keith Gorder, ' 42 Goodland, Kan. Denver, Colo. Alamosa, Colo. Denver. Colo. Loveland. Colo. Denver, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Goodland. Kan. Longmont. Colo. Floyd Greaqor. ' 42 John Griswold. ' 42 Robert Hanna. ' 41 John Hodge. ' 40 James Johnson. ' 42 Glenn Jones. ' 42 RoHert Kessenger, ' 42 Jack Knievel. ' 42 Donald Lochtrog. ' 42 Byron McDonald, ' 42 Norwood, Colo. Henderson. Colo. Goodland, Colo. Denver. Colo. Maywood, 111. Loveland, Colo. Goodland, Kan. Loveland, Colo. Ogden, Utah Pueblo. Colo, Packy Romans, ' 40 Ezra Shafer, ' 42 Norman Simcoe, ' 42 Dick Sills, ' 42 Grant Smith, ' 42 Ban Tandy, ' 42 Ed Thome. ' 42 Lloyd Tinker, ' 42 Wilbur Thomas, ' 42 Louisville, Colo. Denver, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Denver, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Ault, Colo. Cowdrey Colo. Ault, Colo. Geneva, Iowa Page 127 Alpha Tau Omega The national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. The local chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was installed on the University of Colorado campus in 1901. The official colors are Blue and Gold. The fraternity flower is the White Tea Rose. Prominent members are Jack McAleer, president Phi Epsilon Phi; Mark Huss, De- bate Manager, vice-president Adelphi, secretary Delta Sigma Rho, and Phi Epsi- lon Phi; Jack Knox, Rhythm Circus, and Phi Epsilon Phi; Art Unger, captain foot- ball, and very active in all sports. 9Q Top Row— Allen. Bahn, Bartling, Barlrams, Brooks. Clark. Conkling. Gaines. Second Row — Halsey, Hile, Howe, Huss. Kelley, Knox. Mack. Third Row — Moloney, McAleer, Nye, OHara, Pearson, Reeves. Fourth Row — Rossman, Shields, Slickerman, Towse. OFFICERS ALAN NYE .... President PENNEY PEARSON Secretary WILFRED HOWE . . Vice-President HOWARD ROSSMAN . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER DEWFv ?F ' N ' IPLE ACTIVES •Donald E. Allen, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Edward Moloney, ' 40 Littleton, Colo. Donald D. Baker, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. Thomas Martin, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Norman E. Bartling, ' 39 Casper, Wyo. Jack McAleer, ' 40 Denver, Colo. John Bar tram, ' 41 Casper, Wyo. Robert McCreary, Law Fort Collins, Colo. John Brooks, ' 41 Pueblo, Colo. Alan Nye, ' 41 Ogden, Utah Matthew Calverts, ' 4 1 Laurel, Mont. Robert O ' Brien, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. Donald Clark, ' 41 Birmingham, Mich. Phelps O ' Hara, ' 41 Deadwood, S. Dak. William Conkling, ' 41 Casper, Wyo. Penney Pearson, ' 40 Monte Vista, Colo. Joe Crum, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. Bertrand Prince, Law Espanola, N. M. Alonzo Emigh, ' 39 Durango, Colo. Howard Rossman, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Henry Franch, ' 39 Casper, Wyo. i Jack Shotwell, ' 40 Little Rock, Ark. William Hage, ' 40 Denver, Colo. - ' William Slickerman, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Olaf Hage, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Louis Smith, ' 39 Denver, Colo. William Hoskins, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Robert Towse, ' 41 Mitchell, Nebr. Wilfred Howe, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. Arthur Unger, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Ford Kennedy, Law houlder, Colo. John Wiley, ' 41 Del Norte, Colo. • Jack La Torra, ' 39 BouMei, Colo. Anthony Wilmer, ' 40 Bayfield, Colo. Fred MacDonald, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Curtis Wise, ' 41 Pueblo, Colo. Walter Mack, ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. PLEDGES Gus C. Bahn, ' 42 New Orleans, La. Mark Huss, ' 39 Chicago, 111. Hubert Elrod, ' 39 Westminister, N. C. Dave Kelley, ' 41 Greeley, Colo. William Gaines, 42 Greeley, Colo. Jack Knox, ' 42 Denver, Colo. La Verne Gormly, ' 42 Brighton, Colo. Glen Lewis, ' 40 Ogden, Utah George Halsey, ' 42 La Junta, Colo. Alfred Reeves, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Roy Harris, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Edward Ritcher, ' 42 Pueblo, Colo. Frank Heyer, ' 42 Rock Port, Mo. Maurice L. Shields, ' 42 Montevideo, Urug., S. A. William Hile, ' 42 Loveland, Colo. Ray Winchester, ' 40 Greeley, Colo. Porge 129 Beta Theta PI The national chapter of Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on August 6, 1839. The local chapter of Beta Theta Pi was installed on the Uni- versity of Colorado campus in 1900. The official colors of the fraternity are Pink and Blue. The fraternity flower is the rose. Leading Beta athletes are Dick Kearns, de- cathlon champion; Ed McCluskey, confer- ence diving champion; and Bob Edmund- son, 440 man. Other outstanding men are Ray Hill, Heart and Dagger, A. S. U. C; Tom Cooper, COLORADAN, Sumalia, A. S. U. C. I VI err ' ft CI- T ' l Top flow- Adams, Allen, Ashby, Aspinwail, Eein. Bennetl, Bliss, Bradiord, Brewsler. Second Row — Cooper, Deffke, Eckhardt, Edmundson, Glass, Griffith, Hill, Hover, Jovonovich. Third fiow — Kerr, List, Mack, McCluskey, McCotter, Mprrifield, Morrison, Naugle, Nelson. Fourth Fow — Parriolt, Philpott, Plettner, Prosser, Simon, Summer, Tanner, Ten Eyck. Filth Row — Thompson, Tremmel, Walker, Warren, Watts, Woodbury. RAY HILL . . RICHARD WRIGHT LEO ASPINWALL OFFICERS . President WILLIAM JOVANOVICH Vice-President WALTER BLISS . . Secretary- Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS FRANK WOLCOTT FREDERIC STORKE ROBERT L. STEARNS ACTIVES Gerald Ashby. ' 41 Richard Aspinwail, ' 41 Sam Beckley. ' 41 Louis Bein, ' 41 Walter Bliss, ' 40 William Bradford, ' 41 Tom Cooper, ' 40 Richard Counley, ' 41 •Barnes Deffke, ' 41 y Gaorqe Eckhardt, ' 41 Robert Edmundson, ' 41 Robert Ellis, Law Tom Evans, ' 39 John Adams. ' 42 Jack Allen, ' 42 Charles Clark, ' 41 William Edmundson, ' 42 Macgregor Folsom, ' 41 lack Hipps, ' 42 Lee Kearns- ' 41 Denver. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Oakland, Calif. Berthoud, Colo. Greeley, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Sterling, Colo. Eaton, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Greeley, Colo. Denver, Colo. Charlotte, N. C. Wayzata, Minn, Denver, Colo. Wilmette. 111. Greeley, Colo. Denver, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Wray, Colo. Karl Farr, ' 41 James Glass, ' 40 William Griffith, ' 41 Ray Hill, ' 39 William Hover, ' 39 Otto Janus, ' 41 William Jovanovich, ' 41 Richard Kearns, ' 39 Richard Kerr, ' 39 Edson McCluskey, ' 40 Rawson McCotter, _ ' 40 .- Teland Modesitt, LaVf William Naugle. ' 41 James Philpott, ' 41 Greeley, Colo. Estes Park, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Indianapolis, Ind. Denver, Colo. Wray, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Sterling, Colo. Omaha, Nebr. Denver, Colo. Sterling. Colo. Denver. Colo. Walter Plettner, ' 41 Dean Prosser, ' 39 Robert Sabin, Law Walter Simon, ' 40 Tom Ten Eyck. ' 41 Sam Thompson, ' 39 Dickerson Tremmel, ' 39 Richard Warren, ' 41 Charles Watts, ' 41 Edward H. Wood, ' 41 John Woode, ' 40 Olwin Woodbury, ' 41 Richard Wright, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Cheyenne, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Cheyenne, Wyo. Boulder, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. La Salle, Colo. Omaha, Nebr. Binghamton, N. Y. Boulder, Colo. Casper, Wyo. PLEDGES Alvin List, ' 42 Lawrence Mack, ' 42 l amsTon Merrifield, ' 41 Grant McCandless, ' 42 Stuart McCoUom. ' 39 Leonard Morrison, ' 42 Schenectady, N. Y. Pueblo, Colo. Rocky Ford, Colo. Craig, Colo. Ardmore, Okla. Denver, Colo. Jack Moyers, ' 42 Kenneth Nelson, ' 41 Joseph Parriott, ' 42 Robert Rudin, ' 42 James Summer, ' 42 Ira Tanner, ' 42 Thad Walker. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Alton, 111. Denver. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Casper, Wyo. Page 131 Ckl PSL The official colors of Chi Psi fraternity are Purple and Gold. The national chapter of the Chi Psi fraternity was founded at Union College on May 20, 1841. The local chapter, Alpha Psi Delta, located at the University of Colorado, was established in 1921. Prominent Chi Psis are: Benjamin Staple- ton, Delta Sigma Pi, and Beta Alpha Psi; Jack Strickland, president of the interfra- ternity council. Rhythm Circus, and varsity track man; Blake Heister, manager of the Little Theatre; James Brown, Delta Sigma Pi, and all-intramural touchball player. Top Row — Able, Ackard, Akolt. ArgoU, Bemis, Benson, Boersller, Brainerd, Brown, Berry. Second Row — Clelland, Cunninqham, Douden, Frink, Gates, Hackstaff. Hiester, Hillyard, Hunt, Huppuch. Third Row — Ingwersen, James, B. Kennedy, M. Kennedy, Kolb, J. Larrick, N Larrick, Latcham, Lindblad, Lowen. Fourth Row — Luxford, Nilsson, Patterson, Sayre, Schulte, Scott, Shelton, Stapleton, Strickland, Thomas. Filth Row — Van Sickle. Wenner, Whitaker, Williams, Wilson. Young. WILLIAM ACKARD JAMES BROWN OFFICERS . President EDWIN BEMIS Secretary Vice-President LYTTLETON WILSON Manager FACULTY MEMBER JOHN McLUCAS ACTIVES Charles Able, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Peter Hanford, Law Colorado Springs, Colo. Richard Luxford. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Edward Able, ' 39 Denver, Colo. C. Blake Hiester, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Robert McGee. ' 41 Denver. Colo. William Ackard, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Gerald Hillyard, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Richard Nilsson, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Edwin Bemis, ' 41 Littleton, Colo. William Ingwersen. ' 40 Denver, Colo. John Patterson, ' 41 Denver. Colo. 1 - . Ross Benson, ' 41 Colorado Springs J. Colin James, Jr., Law Denver, Colo. Robert Shaffer, ' 39 Colorado Springs Charles Berry, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Mack Kennedy, Law Denver, Colo. •benjamin Stapleton. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Theodore Boersller, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Herbert Kolb, ' 40 Denver. Colo. John Steams. ' 40 Evanston. 111. Arthur Brainerd, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Newton Larrick, ' 40 Lamar, Colo. John Strickland. ' 39 Denver. Colo. James Brown. ' 40 Holdrege, Nebr. Fred Latcham, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Wallace Thomas. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Peter Cleland, ' 41 Denver, Colo. James Lemen, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Joseph Williams. ' 40 Loveland, Colo. Robert Frink, ' 40 Denver, Colo. •»-Robert Lowen, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Lyttleton Wilson. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Philip Gates, ' 41 Denver, Colo. ' l H ' X. - ' George Works, ' 40 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES John Akolt, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Ivy Hunt ' 42 Littleton. Colo. Marion Scott, ' 42 Denver. Colo. William Argall, ' 42 Denver, Colo. f ohn Huppuch, ' 42 Saratoga Springs. N. Y. Clay Shelton, ' 42 Mayfield. Ky. Western Cunningham, ' 41 Piedmont, Calif. Leon Kennedy, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Charles Van Sickle. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Paul Douden, ' 42 • Howard Hackstaff, ' 42 Denver, Colo. James Larrick. ' 42 Lamar, Colo. Lee Wanner, ' 42 Elgin. HI. Denver, Colo. Carl Lindblad, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Edward Whitaker, ' 42 Ft. Collins. Colo. Douglas, Howry, ' 42 Denver, Colo. William Sayre, ' 42 John Schulte, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Denver. Colo. Rex Young. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Page J 33 9) Delta Sigina Pki Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the Col- lege of the City of New York in 1899. The Alpha Rho chapter was installed on the University of Colorado campus in 1924. The official colors of Delta Sigma Phi are white and nile green. The fraternity flow- er is the white carnation. Delta Sigma Phi is active in social and extra-curricular activities. Among the most outstanding men are Fred O ' Day, member of Phi Epsilon Phi and Inter-fraternity Council and Phi Delta Phi; and Ralph Ptacek, Sigma Pi Sigma and Alpha Nu. As.- y. i mm Top Bow — Barnolt. Bobel, Compbell, Chastain, Kellogg, Lipner, Mancini, Massard. Second Roiv— Njfs O ' Day, Proffill, P. Ptacok, R. Placek, Thrillceld, WUton. OFFICERS FRED T. ODAY President WILLIAM NIES Secretary CARL LIPNER Vice-President PAUL PTACEK Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLES P. BITTER CHARLES A. HUTCHINSON WALTER C. TOEPELMAN JULIAN M. BLAIR DAVID W. O ' DAY HAROLD A. HOFFMEISTER ACTIVES Robert C. Bamett, ' 41 New York, N. Y. William Nies, ' 41 Erie, Colo. Jack Brooks, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Fred T. O ' Day, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Hugh Chastian, ' 39 Cortez, Colo. i avid C. Proffitt, ' 41 Washington, D. C. Robert M. Kellogg, ' 41 Steamboat Springs, Colo. Paul Ptacek, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Carl Lipner, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Verl Stuart, ' 39 Boulder, Colo. Carl Lusty, ' 39 Evanston, Wyo. Neil Threlkeld, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Francis Mancini, ' 40 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES John Bobel, ' 39 Astoria, L. I. Frank Massard, ' 41 Salida, Colo. William Campbell, ' 42 Steamboat Springs, Colo. Willford McDonough, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Lennaire Eckman, ' 41 Peoria, Colo. Ralph Ptacek, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Charles Elzi, ' 41 Erie, Colo. John Schmalzried, ' 42 Colorado Springs, Colo. Oscar Hanson, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Jack Win ton, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Leonard Loose, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Page 135 Delta Tau Delta fl I UUttl ' M M K,„iJk. LL !-U 1 i The national fraternity of Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College in 1859. The local chapter, Beta Kappa, was organ- ized in 1883, and was the first fraternity on the University of Colorado campus. The official colors are Purple, White, and Gold. The fraternity flower is the Pansy. Prominent Delts include football lettermen Jack Broody, Ray Thomson, and Lex Ouarnberg. Quarnberg is also winner of Sumalia ' s Sophomore Cup, and A. S. U. C. Commissioner. Lawrence Prouty is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and was Chairman of the Junior Prom Committee. 11 m JIM SANDERS LOREN MYERS Top flow — Bennion, Boland, Cabibi, Curtan, Dolan, Dunn, Hail, Harsch. Second Row — Hawley, Hickman, Hockenstnith, Lewis, Lovett, McFarland, Myers, Parker. Third Row — Prouty, Qucrnberg. Reeves, Rowe, Seelye, Schwar , Stevens. Bottom flow — Swain, Trollope, Weinle, Whitcomb, Willson. OFFICERS President LEX OUARNBERG Secretary Vice-President FRANK WEINLE Treasurer CARL C. ECKHARDT JOSEPH WHALLEY FACULTY MEMBERS VAL. B. FISCHER ROBERT RATHBURN LOUIS O. OUAM WARREN O. THOMPSON JOHN M. BYRNE ACTIVES David Atkinson, ' 40 Ray Baker, ' 41 John Boland, ' 40 Berlin Boyd, ' 40 Robert Boyd, ' 40 • ack Broady. ' 40 PhUip Cabibi, ' 38 i verelt Chesney, Law Merrill Chrislensen, ' 40 William Clouqh. ' 39 Jack Curtan, ' 39 i ack Dovitt, ' 40 Robert Dutcher, ' 41 Robert Frederick, Law Ferrin Harsch. ' 39 Robert Hall, ' 41 lames Atkinson, ' 41 Don Barris, ' 42 Frank Bernzen, ' 41 Dick Christopher, ' 42 Joseph Dolan, ' 41 Donald Dunn. ' 42 Kern Hagg, ' 42 John Hammond, ' 42 Mervin Hammond, ' 41 Robert Hedblom, ' 42 Fort Collins, Colo. Denver, Colo. Rapid City, S. Dak. Casper, Wyo. Casper, Wyo. Grand Junction, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Scolts Bluff, Nebr. Denver, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Louisville, Ky. Montrose, Colo. Fort Dodge, Iowa Johnstown, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Dodge City, Kan. Park Ridge, III. Montrose, Colo. Montrose. Colo. Colorado Springs, Colo. Joe Hawley, ' 40 Harrison HCTWthorne, Law John Hickman, ' 39 Allen Hiester, ' 39 Fred Holmes, r.. ' 39 Don Hopkin, ' 41 Dudley Hutchinson, Law Oscar Jacobson, ' 41 William Kisler, ' 41 William Knous, Law Geo. Lesser. ' 39 Robert Martyn, ' 39 Robert Maul, ' 41 James McHugh, ' 39 Tyler Miller, ' 39 Loren Myers, ' 39 Thomas Parker. ' 40 Trinidad, Colo. Canyon City, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Deer Trail, Colo. Denver. Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. Lyman, Nebr. Greeley, Colo. Deadwood. S. Dak. PLEDGES Frank Hockensmith, ' 41 Robert Knous, ' 41 Eugene LaVelle, ' 42 Llewellyn Lewis, ' 42 John Lovett, ' 41 John Lutin, ' 41 Eugene Maul, ' 42 Stanley McFarland, ' 42 Robert Parmelee, ' 41 John Pickett, ' 42 Lawrence Reilly, ' 40 Bartlesville, Okla. Denver, Colo. Casper, Wyo. Pueblo, Colo. Trinidad. Colo. Sterling, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Houston. Tex. George Perry, ' 40 ' Lawrence Prouty, ' 40 1 — Lex Ouarnberg, ' 40 John Rice, ' 39 William Reeves, ' 39 James Sanders, ' 39 Alvin Schwarz, ' 41 Stewart Seelye, ' 40 Robert Stevens, ' 41 Ray Thompson, ' 40 • ' -Thomas Trollope, ' 40 Robert Tvler, Law Allan Vickers. ' 39 Robert Vote, ' 40 Frank Weinle, ' 40 Grant Willson, ' 41 Freeman Robblns, ' 40 Gordon Rowe, ' 41 t-iSwson Schmidt, ' 42 Robert Shaub, ' 42 w-Eeb Stasica, ' 41 Rodney Stevens, ' 42 R. J. Swain, ' 40 Carlton Wilkins. ' 41 Dick Winters. ' 42 Hugh Whitcomb, ' 42 Sheridan. Wyo. Denver, Colo. Rapid City. S. Dak. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Amarillo, Texas Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Whittier, Calif. Pueblo, Colo. Casper, Wyo. Delta, Colo. Denver, Colo. Montrose. Colo. Grand Lake, Colo. Greeley, Colo. Greeley, Colo. Trinidad. Colo. Des Moines, Iowa Monte Vista, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Rapid City. S. Dak. Casper, Wyo. Tulsa, Okla. Sterling, Colo. Page 137 Kappa Sigma w Kappa Sigma was founded at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1869. The Gamma Tau chapter was organized on the campus in 1916 when a local fraternity, Gamma Chi, became affiliated with Kappa Sigma. Scarlet, green, and white are the official colors, and the Lily of the Valley is the flower. Prominent Kappa Sigs are Merrill Teats, Sigma Tau, Alpha Chi Sigma, secretary A. 1. Ch. E., and treasurer Combined Engi- neers; Carl Wood, president Tau Beta Pi, vice-president Combined Engineers, Phi Tau Sigma; George Bragg, Alpha Epsilon Delta; and Vernon Creese, COLORADAN. ih . Top Row — Bass, Bragg, Bristol, Colo, Cornelius, Creese, Frazier, Greenwood. Second flow — Haddon, Hawkinson, Higinbotham, Lowell, Livesay, Long, McKenna, McNeiU. Third flow — Nash, Newcomb, Petersen, Roup, Storer, Stroup, Sweet. flotlom flow — D. Williams, I. Williams, R. Williams, Wood. OFFICERS OUINCY CORNELIUS . President LEWIS NEWCOMB Secretary FRASER McNEIL . . Vice-President ARL WOOD . . . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS CLIFFORD G. HOUSTON HAROLD BENJAMIN WILLIAM H. SLATON DON C. SOWERS HOMER C. WASHBURN ACTIVES Bert Bass, ' 41 Eaton, Colo. Lowell LeMoine, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. George Bragg, ' 40 Longmont, Colo. James Livesay, ' 49 Denver, Colo. Dale Bristol, ' 41 Custer, S. Dak. Harold McKenna, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Willard Caton, Law Denver, Colo. Fraser McNeil, ' 39 San Diego, Calif. Dominic Cesario, ' 40 Trinidad, Colo. Henry Nash, ' 41 Honolulu, T. H. Ouincy Cornelius, ' 39 Monte Vista, Colo. Lewis Newcomb, ' 40 Melba, Ida. William Cowan, ' 41 Bismarck, N. Dak. Maurice Petersen, ' 41 Longmont, Colo. t emon Creese, ' 39 Longmont, Colo. Merrill Teats, ' 39 Denver, Colo. William Hawkinson, ' 39 Otis, Colo. Harold Wharton, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Robert Headlee, ' 40 Monte Vista, Colo. James Williams, ' 39 Durango, Colo. Henry Hobbs, ' 40 Longmont, Colo. Carl Wood, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Wayne Justis, ' 39 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Garth Cole, ' 42 Yampa, Colo. Dante Raso, ' 41 Grand Junction, Colo. Loren Creese, ' 41 Longmont, Colo. William Roche, ' 42 Denver, Colo. George Evans, ' 42 Berkeley, Calif. Mark Roup, ' 42 Yampa, Colo. Miles Fraizier, ' 42 Oak Park, 111. Edward Seidensticker, ' 42 Castle Rock, Colo. Barry Greenwood, ' 42 Yampa, Colo. Clyde Swett, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Robert Hancock, ' 42 Springfield, Colo. Richard Stroup, ' 42 Alamosa, Colo. Ivan Higinbotham, ' 41 Akron, Colo. Lawrence Trulove, ' 41 Amarillo, Tex. Clarence Long, ' 40 Monte Vista, Colo. David Williams, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Edgar Nash, ' 42 Honolulu, T. H. Robert Williams, ' 40 Chicago, III. Page 139 Phi Delta Theta ilTf . PWrv.if ' 1 1 -.i i f i S The official colors of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity are Azure and Argent. The offi- cial fraternity flower is the White Carna- tion. The national chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity was founded in 1848 at Miami University and the local chapter of Colorado Alpha was installed in 1902. Outstanding Phi Delts on campus are Jack Ball, Phi Epsilon Phi, Alpha Sigma Delta, and Delta Mu Gamma; Howard Brittell, president Business School, president Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Oar and Chain, and Scimitar; and Willard Warnock, Scim- itar, Sumalia, and Delta Sigma Pi. ■Ik ' 1 ' - ' - ' ■ Top flow — Adams. Allison, Anderson, Arnold, Ball, Barlow, Braugh, Beatlle, Beers. Second flow — Boorman, Britlell, Bruce, Carlin, Combs, Downing, Draper, Duggan, Fawcetl. Third flow — Garbanali, Kellon, Lescher, Leh, Lambert. Lockman, Lowe, Maier, McFann. Fourth Row — McKeever, Puett, Sax, Smith, Stewart, Sylvester, Thomas, Vagneur, Wallrich. Bodom flow — Walz, Warnock, Wear, Weigand, Wood, Youll, Young. HOWARD E. BRITTELL . DONALD W. FAWCETT LIVINGSTONE FERRIS OFFICERS President V ILLARD A. WARNOCH Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS HOWARD FISHER FRANK POTTS Webster C. Allison, ' 41 Christian K. Arnold, ' 41 lack W. Ball, ' 41 John L. Baugh, ' 39 Sylvester P. Baers, ' 41 Erie V, Boorman, ' 41 Richard Boorman, ' 40 w oward E. Brittell, ' 39 Henry A. Brown, ' 41 Sidney C. Bruce, ' 40 Harry F. Claussen, -40 Jay E. Combs. ' 41 Colo. Monte Vista, Denver. Colo. Denver, Colo. Center, Colo. Evanston, III. Springville, Utah Springville, Utah Brush. Colo. Lander, Wyo. Durango, Colo. Carbondale. Colo. Dodge City, Kan. ACTIVES Eaton H. Draper, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Wilson B. Emery, ' 41 Donald W. Fawcett, ' 39 Howard Fisher. Grad. F. Richard Hite, Law Galen L. Helmke. ' 41 W. Kendall Holmes, ' 41 Denver, Colo. W. Francis Kelton, ' 39 Denver, Colo. H. James Lambert, ' 41 Marcus C. Leh, ' 41 David L. Lonsdale, , ' 4 1 John E. Maier, ' 41 Ralph G. McFanr ■ ° Casper, Wyo. Brush, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Longmont, Colo. Delta, Colo. Cheyenne. Wyo. Sterling, Colo. Denver, Colo. Longmont, Colo. ' -nver, Colo. Robert R. Adams. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Marvin J. Anderson. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Robert L. Barlow. ' 42 Paul E. Beattie. ' 42 Rodney D. Bohrer. ' 40 Charles J. Carlin, ' 40 Robert R. Downing, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. El Dorado, Kan. Joliet. 111. Durango, Colo. PLEDGES John L. Duggan, ' 41 Durango, Colo. William Garbanali. ' 42 Du rango, Colo. Lewis N. Harry. ' 42 lola. Kan. William H. Hyde, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. John H. Lescher, ' 41 Elgin. 111. William T. Lockman. " 42 Ft. Collins, Colo. A. Howard Milne, ' 41 Robert F. Potter, ' 39 Charles Primmer, ' 40 William L. Puett, ' 41 l,.+rerb€rt R. Smith, ' 41 Charles H. Stewart, ' 41 wTolin D. Sylvester. ' 41 Charles W. Thomas, ' 41 William J. Wallrich, ' 41 Jack E. Warde, Sp. Bus. Willard A. Warnoch, ' 39 Roy E. Wiegand, ' 41 John W. Lowe, ' 41 H. Archie McKeever, ' 41 Jacob A. Sax, ' 41 i Cfflford B. Vagneur, ' 41 William H. Wear. ' 42 G. Newell Wood, " 41 Richard C. Youll, ' 42 Grand Junction, Colo. Wheatridge. Colo. Windsor. Colo. Mancos. Colo. Sterling. Colo. Denver. Colo. Center. Colo. Lander. Wyo. Alamosa. Colo. Denver, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Albuquerque. N. M. Grand Junction, Colo. Norwood, Colo. Grand Junction, Colo. Woody Creek. Colo. Denver. Colo. Palo Alto. Calif. Denver. Colo. Page 141 Phi Gamina Delta The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was founded in 1848 at Washington and Jeffer- son University, and in 1912 the Beta Kappa Chapter was installed on the University of Colorado campus. The color chosen is royal purple, the same color as the frater- nity flower, which is the purple clematis. Outstanding Phi Gams are Bob Spencer, Phi Beta Kappa, and president of Alpha Epsilon Delta; Bill Derryberry, treasurer of Business School, and Sumalia; Scott Payne, COLORADAN, and WINDOW; Woody Railey, president Law School freshmen. 14 i ik M £ Mki Top Row -AUjn. AJa:ns. bohinan, Bonharr.. BnU. Card. Ch=nburg, Cope, Cunningham, Davies. Second Row — Decker, Derryberry, Fishel, Fimple, F uller, Geiger, Gunning, J. Hall, S. Hall, Hickman. Third Row — Hill, Holdridge, Hoover, Jelfers, Levy, Madsen, McKee, Metz, Moll, Moore. Fourlh flow — Morion, Nellis, Payne, Peck, Petry, Pryor, Rockwell, Sackman, Smith, Spencer. Fi (ii Row — Standley, C. Strain. G. Strain, Thurman, Van Vleet, Wilson, Woodruff. JERRY CUNNINGHAM WILBUR PRYOR . . PRES. GEORGE NORLIN DR. MILO G. DERHAM DR. RUSSEL D. GEORGE Jerry Allen, ' 41 Malcolm Anderson, ' 39 Thomas Bohman, Law Robert Bonham, ' 41 iy any Brill, ' 40 Justin Card, ' 41 Marlin Chenberg, ' 40 Paul Cope, ' 40 j ferry Cunningham, ' 39 Spencer Davies, ' 39 Stanton Davies, ' 40 Morgan DeKalb, ' 41 William D?rryberry, ' 41 Thomas Dixon, ' 39 ► ' Tillman Fimple, ' 39 Robert Fishel, ' 40 Joe Fuller, ' 42 John Adams, ' 41 Richard Boyle, ' 42 Thomas Brinton, ' 42 i arvey Click, ' 42 Robert Decker, ' 42 James Dyde, ' 42 Stanley Hall, ' 42 Charles Haney, ' 42 Henry Heitzler, ' 42 James Hickman, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Lovington, N. M. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Trinidad. Colo. Mission. Texas Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Dallas. Texas Denver. Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Denver. Colo. Trinidad, Colo. Trinidad, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Colorado Springs Boulder. Colo. Trinidad. Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder. Colo. OFFICERS . President .V ' lLLIAM DERRYBERRY .... Secretary Vice-President JUSTIN CARD Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. CHARLES F. POL DR. STUART CUTHBERTSON WALTER B. FRANKLIN KARL K. HULLEY ACTIVES I ' hn Geiger, ' 42 John Griffin, ' 41 John Hall, ' 40 Wesley Hall, ' 40 Elmer Harner, ' 40 Robert Hill, ' 41 Don Holdridge, Law Sam Hoover, ' 41 Sam Levy, ' 40 Kenneth Linscott ' 39 " Edward Little, Law George Madsen, ' 40 Walter Metz, ' 41 Harry Moll, ' 39 John Moore, ' 41 , Max Morton, ' 41 Norman Nee!, La-. ' . ' La Junta, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Tulsa, Okla. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Denver, Colo. Colorado Springs Denver. Colo. Denvar. Colo. Denver. Colo. Trinidad, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Sinta Fe, N. M. PLEDGES A Frank Johnson, i ack Lighthall, ' 42 Paul McClung. ' 42 John McKee, ' 40 Dan Macey. ' 42 George Mason, ' 42 Karl Metz, ' 42 Richard Newman. ' 42 Haddon Peck, ' 42 enver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Denver. Colo. Las Vegas, N. M. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Denver, Colo. St. Francis, Kan. FRANK R. SPENCER, M. D. LESLIE F. ROBBINS O. M. GILBERT, M. D. GUbert NeUis. ' 42 Scott Payne, ' 39 Nicholas Petry, ' 41 t -Wilbur Pryor, Law , -}Ohn Pudlik, ' 41 Matt Railey, ' 41 Woodson Railey, Low George Rice, Law Walter Ruddy, ' 41 " ' William Sackman, ' 41 .,-©bn Smith, ' 41 Robert Spencer, ' 39 Stewart Standley, ' 39 f tSeorge Strain, Law Don Thurman, ' 40 Wayne Van Fleet, ' 41 Jack Yeager, Law William Radencic, ' 42 Travis Railey, ' 42 Arthur Ratcliffe, ' 40 Norman Rockwell, ' 42 William Schneberg, ' 42 Richard Smith, ' 42 » xirl Strain, ' 42 Howard Viney, ' 42 Thomas Woodruff, ' 42 Robert Yeager, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Kansas City, Kan. Denver, Colo. Terre Haute, Ind. Denver. Colo. Trinidad, Colo. Tulsa, Okla. Lamar, Colo. Denver, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Denver, Colo. Page 143 PfiL Kappa PsL o F f I iTfrvr i? - ,. ' . ■ ' : " . ttiuft-a:-! " . Ci ■at ' tS ' m-T H The national organization of Phi Kappa Psi was founded at Jefferson College in 1852, in Washington, Pennsylvania. The Colo- rado Alpha chapter was installed Decem- ber 4, 1914. The fraternity colors are Car- dinal Red and Hunter ' s Green as exempli- fied by the fraternity flower, the Jacgue- minot Rose. Outstanding are Stanley Cross, business manager SILVER AND GOLD, Sumalia; John Philpott, business manager COLO- RADO ENGINEER, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma; Morgan Davidson, track and foot- ball letterman; Gene Grove and John Ra- venscroft, varsity basketball. r p R :v — A.i;i;;i. Appiega ' .e, Bradley, Carponlpr, J. Dukos, P. Dukes, Enoc.:s, Gaidiner. Second Row — Gelwicks, George, HoUdorson, Hardin, Holt, Humes. Kincaid, Long. Third Row — Lupton, Nelson, Philpott, Pope, Procter, Rogers, Simmering. BoKom Row — Sisson, Sloan, Smith, Timm, Wright. JOHN PHILPOTT OFFICERS . . . . President PAUL DUKES . . CLAUDE GERBASE .... Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER WALLACE S. CASSELL ' Stanley Applegate, ' 40 Melvin J. Bradley, ' 39 Walter M. Carlson, Grad. Charles Carpenter, ' 40 P. Stanley Cross. Law Morgan W. Davidson, ' 40 John F. Dukes, ' 41 Paul C. Dukes. ' 41 C. Shelton Enochs. Low Robert J. Enochs. Low Charles R. Flower. ' 40 William J. Gardiner, 11, ' 41 Charles E. AUum, ' 42 W. Everelte Bush. ' 42 Jack A. Crutchiield. ' 42 Roy L. Dobbs, ' 42 Robert P. Emmett. ' 42 Richard J. Guiney, ' 42 Arriba. Colo. Hayden, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Cheyenne, Wyo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Mescalero. N. M. Mescalero. N. M. Boulder, Colo. Long Beach. Calif. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Louviers, Colo. Akron, Ohio Denver, Colo. ACTIVES Melvin G. Gelwicks, ' 41 Charles George, ' 41 Claude Gerbase, ' 40 Gene J. Grove, ' 41 Douglas L. Hardin, ' 40 Herbert W. Hoover, ' 41 John B. Humes, ' 40 i fiichard D. Law, ' 41 William E. Long, Jr., ' 41 Charles T. Lupton, ' 41 Wendell A. Nelsoh, ' 39 Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo. Hutchinson. Kan. Baldwin. Colo. Greeley, Colo. LongmonI, Colo. Colorado Springs Chicago, 111. Denver, Colo. Schenectady, N. Y. PLEDGES Wilbur C. Halldorson, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Beverly I. Hedemark. ' 42 Honolulu, T. H. Charles Heeb, ' 41 Wiggins, Colo. Horace H. Holt. ' 42 Akron. Colo. i William M. Kincaid. ' 42 La Veto, Colo. Charles J. McCormick. ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Euthon V. Mullins, ' 41 Areata, Calif. S. Philip O ' Rourke, ' 41 John O. Parker, ' 42 John A. Philpott, ' 39 Marvin H. Pope, ' 41 Harvey A. Proctor, ' 39 Tim J. Rogers, ' 39 Robert E. Simmering, ' 39 William R. Sisson. ' 41 William W. Sloan, ' 41 G. Wendell Smith, ' 39 W. Wayne Tarbell, Law W. Weston Wolcott, ' 40 Durango, Colo. Denver, Colo. Greeley, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Denver, Colo. Colorado Springs Boulder, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Hayden, Colo. Hayden, Colo. Saguache, Colo. Denver, Colo. John M. Ravenscroft, ' 41 Newton, Kan. Paul Schmidt, ' 42 David M. Smith, ' 42 Vernon H. Timm, ' 42 George E. Wright, ' 42 Roy R. Wright, ' 41 Newton, Kan. Pasadena, Calif. Denver, Colo. La Junta, Colo. Lamar, Colo. Page 14S Phi Kappa Tau w wkk The national chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University, on March 17, 1906. The local chapter was in- stalled on the University campus in Febru- ary, 1924. The colors of the fraternity are Harvard Red and Old Gold. The fraternity flower is the carnation. Outstanding men in campus activities are Ted Curtis, Business Manager of COLO- RADAN; Jack Gravestock, Collection Man- ager of COLOR AD AN; Norman Schultz, president Combined Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, and Eta Kappa Nu; Warren Kennison, president Phi Delta Chi. TO f lAiZi lop Ho:; ' - Anderson, Agapelus, Biella, Brewer, Grossman, Crispin, Curtis, D£gen. Second flow — Edwards, F=y, Flemming, Frank, Gardiner, Gravestock, Haak, Hawkins. Third flow — Kennison, Lawler, Lewis, Opperman, Perry, Rockel, Richardson. Fourth flow — Richerl, Ryan, Schultz, Turner, Wright, Youngclass. f! f I OFFICERS ROBERT CRISPIN . . President A. EDWIN HAAK . . Secrptnrv THEODORE CURTIS . Vice-President WARREN KENNISON . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS N. A. AGAPETUS WALTER DRISCOLL EDISON O ' CONNELL FRED P. GIBBS ACTIVES Arnold Biella, ' 39 Louisville, Colo. William Lewis, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Floyd Brown, ' 41 La Junta, Colo. Howard Perry, ' 39 Colorado Springs, Colo, William Qark, ' 39 La Junta, Colo. John Rackaway, ' 39 Mt. Vernon, 111. Edmund Cressman, ' 40 Denver, Colo. John Richert, ' 39 La Junta, Colo. Robert Crispin, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Rupert Ryan, ' 40 Goodland, Kan. 1,, ' l eodore Curtis, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Norman Schultz, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Louis Degen, ' 39 Aurora, Colo. Earl Spencer, Bus. Pueblo, Colo. Vernon Fey, ' 39 Craig, Colo. Jerry Turner, ' 40 Nunn, Colo. William Frank, ' 39 Pueblo, Colo. ussell Turner, ' 40 Nunn, Colo. i ohn Gravestock, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Gorden Youngclaus, ' 41 Sedalia, Colo. A. Edwin Haak, ' 39 Colorado Springs, Colo. Paul Youngclaus, ' 41 Sedalia, Colo. Norman Hotchkiss, Law Grand Junction, Colo. Edward Zayac, ' 41 Pueblo, Colo. Wurren Kennison, 39 Denver, Colo. Orlin Wood, ' 40 Wheatridge, Colo. PLEDGES William Anderson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. i-.obert Lawler, ' 41 Fowler, Colo. Bruce Appleton, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Frank Messenger, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Robert Barnes, ' 41 La Junta, Colo. Orville Opperman, ' 42 Fairplay, Colo. Merle Brewer, ' 42 Denver, Colo. William Richardson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Robert Coulter, ' 42 Florence, Colo. Clifford Rockel, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Robert Cuillard, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Floyd Whitlock, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Ralph Edwards, ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. Raymond Wright, ' 40 Grand Junction, Colo. James Gardiner, ' 41 Colorado Springs, Colo. Paul Yewell, ' 42 Fowler, Colo. William Grigs, ' 42 Denver, Colo. George Youngclaus, ' 42 Sedalia, Colo. Horace Hawkins, ' 42 Sedalia, Colo. Poge 147 PliL Sigma Delta The national fraternity of Phi Sigma Delta was founded at Columbia University, 1909. The Colorado Theta chapter was installed on the University of Colorado campus in 1919. The official colors of Phi Sigma Delta are Purple and White. The fraternity flower is the Violet. Phi Sigma Delta began the year by win- ning division championship in touch- ball, and finishing in second place in vol- leyball. Prominent men on the campus are Nat Sachter, sports reporter of SILVER AND GOLD; Sidney Dinner, advertising manager of COLORADO ENGINEER. i! I " 5 " jf5 " ' - n, 1 ( f f , ' n r i Tltk ikkMM Top Re:;- 3c. ' ur.i,aum. Bloom, Cook, Dinner, Dubin. S. A. Emcson, S. F.. Emeson, Feldman. Second Row — Gardenswartz, Goldburg, Goldstein, B. Hendler. I. Hendler, Kadish, Kurland. Third How — Leff, Lichtenslein. Perlmutter, Reibscheid, Rosinberg, Rosenbloom. Bottom Row — N. Sachtsr, P Sachter, Silver, Snyder. OFFICERS ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN Pr©siaent JACK PERLMUTTER Secretary rf T A 1 irf A Xta AAA b A i A mi A A 1 EDWARD SNYDER » • • • A A «w " VA V A 4 I Vice-President HAROLD GARDENSWART • • • • ■ ,F %„ ' A i I V 4A Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. GERALD M. FRUMESS DR. HERMAN J. LAFF DR. RUEBAN GUSTAVSON DR. WILLIAM E i. LORBER ACTIVES Harold Cook, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Leonard Leff, ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. Sidney Dinner, ' 40 Greeley, Colo. Alvin Lichtenstein, Law Fr. Alamosa, Colo. Frank Dubin, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Jack Perlmutter, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Sidney Emeson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Francis Reibscheid, Law Fr. Colorado Springs, Colo. Harold Gardenswartz, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Gerald Rosenblum, ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. Myron Goldberg, ' 39 New York, N. Y. Nat Sachter, ' 40 Pueblo, Colo. Gilbert Goldstein, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Joe Simon, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Bernard Hendler, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Edward Snyder, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Philip Hombein, Low Sen. Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Zelie Berenbaum, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Harvey Kadish, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Stanley Emeson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Anthony Kurland, ' 41 San Antonio, Tex. Sam Feld, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Milton Mozer, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Herman Feldman, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Bernard Rosenberg, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Irwin Hendler, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Paul Sachter, ' 42 Pueblo, Colo. Marvin Herman, ' 41 Joplin, Mo. William Silver, ' 42 Hutchinson, Kan. Page J 49 Pl Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the Uni- versity of Virginia in March, 1868. The Beta Upsilon chapter was organized on the University campus in 1922 when Omega Psi became affiliated with the national fra- ternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. The color is gar- net, and the flower is lily of the valley. Outstanding members are Donn Hendricks, basketball; Jack Rooney, football; Arnold Bodine, varsity pitcher in baseball; and Wilbur Rocchio, varsity football and base- ball. The Pi Kaps won the fraternity bas- ketball championship. 1 ►■ «? ' ' • mm 1 - r r ' - ft JiJtm i::TEESKlS Top Row — Beck, Bischaii, Bowman, Brown, Case, Claycomb, Ciine, Collier, C. Condon, J. Condon, Conover. Second flow — Cowden, Dodson, B. Dunbar, L. Dunbar, Elmore, plant, Felix, Finch, Gleason, P. Gardner, R. Gardner. Third Row — S. Gray, R. Gray, Green, Grum, Gustin, Hammock, Harrison, Harvey, Herzberqer, Henshaw, Hobbs. Fourth flow — Inman, Johnson. Leonard. Lombard, Levering, Olson, Powell, Prockter, Radiord, J. Ryan, T. Ryan. Fitib flow — Smith, Starke, Taylor, Waynick, Watson, Werner Williams, Wiseman, White, WoUeson. OFFICERS BRUCE GUSTIN President ROBERT BOWMAN . . . Secretary MORRIS TAYLOR . . . Vice-President STANLEY DODSON . . . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS EDSON CRAMER EARNEST V ' AiiLdih ' M MARTIN F. SCHMIDT ACTIVES Robert Anderson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Allan Felix, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Jarrard Jones, Law Basin, Wyo. Delmar Atwood, ' 39 Basin, Wyo. Tudoe Finch, Grad. Colorado Springs George Lovering, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Fred Bartimus, ' 40 Colorado Springs Paul Gardner, ' 41 Yuma, Colo. i eil Olson, ' 41 Colorado Springs ' Lewis Beck, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Richard Gardner, ' 40 Glenwood Springs Lawrence Pick, ' 40 Colorado Springs L,- tobert Bowman. ' 41 Lovell, V yo. Bruce Gustin, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Walter Prockter. ' 41 Denver, Colo. Don Brown, ' 39 Dayton, Wyo. Calvin Hammock, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Frank Radiord. ' 41 Haxton. Colo. Douglas Case, ' 41 Fraser, Colo. Hal Harrison. ' 41 La Junta. Colo. Reese Randolph, Law Roswell, N, M. Ben Qark, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Donald Harvey, ' 39 Denver, Colo, WUbur Rocchio. ' 41 Denver. Colo. WUliam Cllne, ' 40 Denver, Colo. v onn Hendricks. ' 40 Colorado Springs lohn Rooney. Law Hot Springs. S. Dak. I. P. Collier, ' 40 Roswell, N. M. John Henshaw, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Thomas Ryan. ' 39 Boulder. Colo. Charles Condon. ' 40 LeadvUle, Colo. James Herzberger, ' 40 Denver, Colo. David Shaw. ' 39 Boulder. Colo. John Condon, ' 40 LeadvUle, Colo. ,,, seph Hobbs, ' 41 Colorado Springs Arnold Steele. Law Boulder. Colo. James Cowden, ' 41 SUt, Colo. Robart Inman, ' 41 La Junta. Colo. Morris Taylor. ' 39 Warsaw. N. Y. Stanley Dodson, ' 40 SUt, Colo. Henry Johnson, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Joe Watson, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Franklyn Elmore, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Lloyd Johnson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Charles Waynick, Law Denver, Colo. William Fant, ' 39 Garden City. Kan. Paul Werner, ' 41 Denver. Colo. PLEDGES Martin Bischoff, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Roger Gray. Az v. a;osKa, 111. Wayne Smith, ' 40 Berlhoud. Colo. Donald Qaycomb, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Stephen Gray, ' 42 Wateska. 111. Robert Starke. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Albert Conover, ' 42 Englewood, Colo. Robert Grum, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Samuel Van Arsdale, ■42 Cody, Wyo. Boyd Dunbar, ' 40 Haxton, Colo. Raymond Green. ' 42 Craig, Colo. John White. ' 40 Denver, Colo. Lloyd Dunbar, ' 40 Haxton, Colo. Gordon Learned, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Gsne Wiseman, ' 41 Bennett, Colo. „ James Garrett, ' 42 Denver, Colo. James Lombard, ' 42 Denver. Colo. George Williams, ' 42 Denver, Colo. George Gleason, ' 41 Montrose, Colo. Robert PoweU. ' 42 Fredrick Ryan, ' 42 Glenrock. Wyo. Boulder, Colo. Gibson WoUeson. ' 42 Denver. Colo. rf. mr, Page 151 ' A V Sigma Alpha Eps ' don The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded in 1856 at the University of Ala- bama. The chapter at Colorado University was the first chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon to be installed west of the Mississippi — in 1891. The colors are Purple and Gold, and their flower is the violet. Outstanding in campus activities are Jim Wilcoxon, Jack Harvey, and Bill Stranigan in varsity basketball; Bill Burkhardt and Ted Reed, varsity tennis. George Criswell is senior class president, editor of DODO, associate editor SILVER AND GOLD, Heart and Dagger. Top Row — Bell, BUz, Biegel, Browner, Buckman, A. Burkhardt, V . Burkhardt, Criswell, Darden, Fisher, Flitner. Second Row — Frank, Gcrst, Gemmill. Greene, Hamburg, Hanks. Harvey, Hinds, Hogsett, Hungerford, Johnson. Third fiow — Jones, Lane, Lay, Masten, Maubeck, McGrayel, McKee, Musgrove, Naylor, Newlin, Parker. Fourth Row — Reed, Rienks, Roth, Scheunerman, Seeton, Stout, Stevens, Stoner, Strannigan, Suttle, Tillotson. Fi7(h Row — Udick, Wadsworth, Waldo, Wilcoxon, Williams, Wheatley, Youngkin. OFFICERS ROBERT LONGSTREET . . President GEORGE JOHNSON .... Secretory JAMES LANE Vice-President FACULTY JACK HARVEY MEMBERS Treasurer ELMORE PETERSON LAWRENCE DE MUTH WILLIAM LAM FRANCIS WOLLE FORREST COX PAUL THOMPSON ACTIVES Jack Bell, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Jack Harvey, ' 40 Frankfort, Kan. Fred Poole, Law Ames, Iowa Albert Biegel, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Vernon Hogsett, ' 40 Longmont. Colo. Ted Reed, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Douglas Browner. ' 41 Golden, Colo. George Johnson. ' 40 Grand Island, Nebr. Jesse Roe, ' 39 Laird. Colo. Kirby Brown, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Robert Jones. ' 40 Denver. Colo. Charles Scheuerman, ' 40 Denver. Colo. William Burkhardt, 39 Denver. Colo. James Lane. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Ross Seeton, ' 41 Wheatridge, Colo. George Criswell. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Herbert LeFevre. ' 39 Niwot, Colo. Don Sidwell, ' 39 Winfield, Kan. William Darden. ' 39 Raton. N. M. Robert Longslreet. ' 39 Denver, Colo. Seldon Simpson, Law Amarillo, Texas t, Allen Dunn, ' 39 Garden City, Kan. Woodrow Martin, ' 39 Denver, Colo. George Stevens, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Charles Fischer, ' 40 Denver. Colo. George Masten, ' 41 Denver, Colo. William Strannigan, ' 41 Rock Springs, Wyo. Bud Flinn. ' 41 La Junta, Colo. Harry McGrayel, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Jack Suttle, ' 39 Denver. Colo. i avid Flitner, ' 39 Denver. Colo. u obert McKee, ' 41 Denver. Colo. Fred Tillotson, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Scott Frank, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Edward Mitchell, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Ralph Waldo, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Kenneth Gay. ' 41 Denver. Colo. Richard Mitchell, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Robert Wheatley, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Leonard Gemmill, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Edward Naylor, ' 40 Denver, Colo. i -fomes WiUcoxon, ' 40 Coffeeville, Kan. Thomas Green, ' 39 Denver. Colo. Calvin Newlin, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Jack Williams, ' 39 Denver, Colo. James Gutshall. ' 39 Denver. Colo. Wallace Ott, ' 40 Pete Parker, ' 39 Colorado Springs Rock Springs. Wyo. Harry Youngkin, ' 41 Denver, Colo. PLEDGES Charles BUz, ' 40 Denver. Colo. Alex Grant, ' 41 !. Logan. Colo. Chris O ' Brien, ' 40 Shreveport, La. Robert Boner. ' 41 Denver. Colo. George Hamburg, h Beloit. Kan. Denver Pyle, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. Edward Bradtke. ' 42 Denver. Colo. William Hanks, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Carl Ray, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Joseph Bucknam, ' 41 Castle Rock. Colo. J. T. Hinds. ' 42 Delta, Colo. William Richardson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Alfred Burkhardt. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Gordon Hungerford, ' 42 Denver. Colo. v harles Roth, ' 42 Denver, Colo. ' ' ' • ' Bud Butterfield. ' 42 Castle Rock, Colo. Victor Jeep. ' 42 Tekamah. Nebr. Otto Stoner, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Olen Daniels. ' 41 Denver. Colo. Raymond Jenkins, ' 42 Cheraw, Colo. •Harold Stout, ' 42 Portland, Ind. ' ■• ' ' ' Eugene Dye. ' 42 Kansas City. Kan. Harry Lay, ' 42 Denver. Colo. Leonard Udick, ' 41 Raton, N. M. ' - " - James Fenex, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Jack Manbeck. ' 42 Denver, Colo. Larry Wadsworth, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Joseph Garst. ' 42 Douglas. Wyo. John Musgrove. ' 42 Beardstov n, 111. Robert Warner, ' 42 Delta, Colo. WUbur Grabow. ' 42 Denver. Colo. Kenneth Woolley, ' 42 Denver, Colo. I ' ,..J I Poge J S3 Sigma Cki On June 28, 1855, the Sigma Chi fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The Beta Mu chapter at the Univer- sity of Colorado was installed in 1914. The colors of the fraternity are blue and gold; the flower is the white rose. The badge is the white cross. Sigma Chi began the year by winning the all-school touchball championship. Out- standing members are Harold Saunders, varsity football. Big Seven golf champion; Horace Holmes, Sumalia; Ed Miller, varsity baseball; and Earl Devalon, Paul Phillips, Bob Klindworth, in Scimitar. H ' rt t. Top Row — Allison, Ayer, Bosin. Brockwav. Butcher. Conqili, Cul ' .ra, Devalon, Drescher. Second flow — East, Edwards, Ellwood, Fredricks, Greenhalgh, Gwinn, Halchett, Hedde, Higby. Third flow — Hindes, Holnies, Ingles, Kaf(, Little, Malcolm, Ivlayer, McClure, Miller. Fourth flow — Moorhead, Mustain, Neff, Phillips, Pleasant, Schobe, Sears, Sherwood. BoKom flow — Stancil, Taber, Vertrees, Whiteman, Wing, Woodbury. HORACE HOLMES ROBERT AYER OFFICERS President BEN ALLISON Secretary Vice-President JACK HATCHETT Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER WALDO BROCKWAY ACTIVES Beniamln Allison, ' 40 Robert Ayer, ' 40 William Brockway, ' 41 Calvin Bosin, ' 40 Bert Butcher, ' 39 Duncan Cameron, ' 40 • arl Devalon. ' 41 William Drescher, ' 40 Albert Dumell, ' 39 Vincent Ellwood, ' 41 Rodney Ahlberg, ' 41 David Cowgill, ' 42 Joe Cowgill. ' 41 Sayer, Cultra, ' 40 John East. ' 40 Robert Etter, ' 42 Donald Everett. ' 41 Eddie Edwards, ' 41 John Frederick, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Lead, S. Dak. Boulder, Colo. Omaha, Nebr. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Craig, Colo. Denver, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder, Colo. La Grange, 111. Trinidad, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Williamsport, Pa. Somerset, Colo. Denver, Colo. Lawrence Gwinn, ' 40 John Hatchett, ' 39 Charles Hindes, ' 39 i orace Holmes, ' 39 Douglas Hudson. Law James Ingles. ' 40 Robert Klindworth, ' 41 John Little, ' 40 John Mayer. ' 41 Edward Miller, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Walsenburg, Colo. Pasadena, Calif. Ft. Scott, Kan. Tioga. Colo. Denver. Colo. Evanston, 111. Denver. Colo. Pueblo, Colo. PLEDGES Edwin Goudge, 42 Boulder, Colo. Charles Greenahalgh. ' 39 Craig. Colo. George Hulac. ' 41 John Hedde. ' 42 Earl Hurd. ' 42 Albert Kaff. ' 42 John Malcolm. ' 42 Kenneth Moorehead, ' 42 WiUiam McClure, ' 40 Noriolk, Nebr. Logansport, Ind. Omaha, Nebr. Atchison, Kan. Louisville, Colo. Belvidere, 111. Pueblo, Colo. Charles Mustain, ' 40 Roger Postelthwaite, John Phillips, Grad. Carlton Reed, Law 1,,,- illiam Roe. ' 40 Harvey Sams. ' 41 William Stancil. ' 41 Richard Vertrees. ' 41 William Wing, ' 40 George Wright, ' 41 Omaha, Nebr. 40 Pueblo, Colo. Peru, Ind. Denver, Colo. Colorado Springs Scottsbluff, Nebr. Denver, Colo. Castle Rock, Colo. Colorado Springs Denver. Colo. Charles Neff, ' 42 Paul Phillips, ' 41 Floyd Pleasant, ' 42 Leslie Schobe, ' 42 Everett Sears, ' 40 Eugene Taber, ' 41 Robert Warhover, ' 42 Lowell Whiteman, ' 40 Frank Woodbury, ' 42 Scottsbluff. Nebr. Boulder, Colo. Craig, Colo. Denver, Colo. Walsenburg, Colo. Denver Colo. Denver, Colo. Hayden, Colo. Kansas City, Mo. Page J 55 Sigma Nu pr The Sigma Nu national fraternity was founded at the Virginia Mihtary Institute in 1869, and the Gamma Kappa chapter was installed on the University of Colorado campus in 1902. The colors of Sigma Nu are black, white, and gold, and the flower is the white rose. Sigma Nu captured the Homecoming Float prize. Among the prominent members are: James Lear, president of A. S. U. C. and Heart and Dagger; George Kindel, associ- ate editor of the COLOR AD AN; William Dukes, editor of the WINDOW; and James Hickey and Rex Tomlinson, varsity sports. i 4Hl2k 1l ' i fop flow — Angelovic. Atkinson, Austin, Batchelcr, Cartwright, Clark, Cole, Cortia, Davis r.. Second Row — Davis, Dextsr, Donnen, Eaton, Evans, Graham, Hague, Hayes, Hickey. Third flow — Hitchcock, Hughes, Jensen, Johnsen, Kindel, Kincaid, Kirkpatrick, Lear, Lehmer. fourth flow — Lewis, Lunn, Marshal!, Malone, Mclntyre, Miller, Moseley, Rowland, Shoults. Bodom flow — Stewart, Stryker, VanPatten, Vollmer, Warner, Watson, Wheeler, White. Whitelaw. C« fn t - lAMES H. LEAR JAMES HICKEY OFFICERS President RICHARD SIMMONS Secretary Vice-President JOHN WHEELER Treasurer O. C. LESTER FACULTY MEMBERS J. vv. _i nn.i MALCOLM HIGHLAND M. E. GARNSEY ACTIVES Robert Austin, ' 40 Thomas Atkinson, ' 40 George Clark, ' 40 William Davisson, ' 41 »-- illiam Dukes, ' 39 j rnest Eaton, ' 41 Edwin Ellis, ' 40 Calvin Evans. ' 40 Charles Davlin. ' 39 Harlan Frankl, ' 41 Byron Hart. ' 41 John Hart, ' 39 Edward Hayes, ' 41 Howard Angelovic, ' 42 Wallace Asbury. ' 42 David Batchelor, ' 42 Burton Cartwright. ' 42 Vincent Cole, ' 42 Warren Corbin, ' 42 Tom Davis. ' 42 Niwot. Colo. Greeley. Colo. Kingman. Ariz. Monte Vista, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Eaton. Colo. Monitou. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Alamosa. Colo. Algona. Iowa AUensoark. Colo. Allenspark. Colo. Torrington, Wyo. " Barnes Hickey, ' 40 i oward Higman, Grad. William Hitchcock, ' 41 William Hughs, ' 39 i orman Jensen, ' 41 Dwight Johnson, ' 39 Robert Johnson, ' 39 George Kindel, ' 39 John Labagh, ' 41 i ames Lear, ' 39 John Lewis, ' 40 Homer Marshall, ' 41 • feeorge Mosley, ' 40 Wamar Patterson, ' 40 Canyon City, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Wray, Colo. Fort Morgan. Colo. Billings. Mont. Eaton. Colo. Las Vegas. N. M. Denver. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Fort Collins, Colo. Salida. Colo. Longmont, Colo. Colorado Springs Fort Morgan, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder. Colo. Canyon City, Colo. Boulder. Colo. Boulder. Colo. Eaton, Colo. Portland, Ore. PLEDGES Robert Dexter. ' 42 BUI Donnen. ' 42 Edward Graham, ' 42 Harold Hague, ' 42 William Headley, ' 42 Dan Kincaid. ' 42 Leighton Kirkpatrick, Boulder, Colo. Fort Morgan. Colo. Fort Collins. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. La Veto. Colo. 42 Walsenburg, Colo. Robert Roten. ' 41 •George Rowland, ' 39 Brown Shoults. ' 41 Richard Simmons. ' 39 Gerald Stack, Law David Thomas, ' 39 William Tobin, ' 40 Rex Tomlinson. ' 40 V illiam Von Patten, ' 39 Joseph Vollmer, ' 39 •--€3 ward Watson, ' 41 John Wheeler, ' 39 " -Kenneth White, ' 41 PhiU Uhmer, ' 42 Cooper Malone, ' 42 Frank Miller, ' 42 Vem Miller, ' 42 Robert Overfelt, ' 42 Robert Stewart, ' 42 Blake Warner, ' 42 Fort Collins. Colo. Lodi. Ohio Enid. Okla. Billings. Mont. Lander, Wyo. Denver, Colo. Greeley, Colo. Fort Morgan. Colo. Boulder, Colo. Colorado Springs j Colorado Springs » . „, , . Greeley. Colo. » . i. _ , Fort Morgan. Colo. Torrington. Wyo. Lake Arthur, N. M. Fort Collins, Colo. Akron, Ohio Boulder, Colo. Salida, Colo. Fowler, Colo. Poge J 57 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon has for its colors, purple and red. The flowers of the fraternity are the American Beauty Rose and the Violet. The National Chapter was founded in 1901 at the University of Richmond in Virginia. The Colorado Alpha Chapter was installed on the University campus m 1904. Included among the prominent Sig Eps on the campus are: Cover Mendenhall, Max Snydal, and Walter O ' Brien, Phi Delta Phi; Robert Long, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau; Rob- ert Maughan, Sigma Tau, Alpha Chi Sig- ma; and Thomas Baird, who played as a memiber of the varsity golf team. TT C: Top Bow — Baird, Bradfield, D. Brawn. P. Brown, Can, Ccsady, Christiansen, Christmas, Gallitan. Second Row — Garrison, Gibbey, Gurmatakis, Henrikson, Herschler, Hunter, Ince, Jorgenson, Lang. Third Row — Mallory, Maughan, Mendenhall, Meyer, O ' Brien, Rebel, Reese, Shallenberger. Bottom Row — Shreve, C. Sloecker, D. Stoecker, Swedlund, VoUuz, Williamson, Woodruff. ED HERSCHLER ROBERT WOODRUFF OFFICERS . President SELMAN CASADY Vice-President COVER MENDENHALL Secretary House Manager WILLIAM REED ARTHUR FACULTY MEMBERS PAUL DEAN R. G. GUSTAVSON ACTIVES Thomas Baird, ' 39 Leslie Bereman, ' 39 Donn Brown, ' 39 Selman Casady, ' 39 Milton Chapman, ' 40 ,„-William Chick, ' 40 Charles Christmas, ' 39 Louis Cummings, ' 40 Peter Deisch, ' 40 Leigh Gibby, ' 40 Thomas Gurmatakis, ' 41 Warren Henrikson, ' 40 Ed Herschler, ' 39 Paul Hoelsher, ' 40 Delmer Hunter, ' 40 William Jorgensen, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Holyoke, Colo. Dayton, Ohio Byers, Colo. Fort Morgan, Colo. Windsor, Colo. Kemmerer, Wyo. Leadville, Colo. Denver, Colo. Frederick, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Fontenelle, Wyo. Dayton, Ohio Manzanola, Colo. Flagler, Colo. Robert Long, ' 40 Bert Lund, ' ' ' .O Warren Mallory, ' 41 Robert Maughan, ' 40 j over Mendenhall, ' 39 Norman Meyer, ' 39 Walter O ' Brien, Law Jack Pohlenz, ' 39 Jacob Schanhals, ' 40 Ted Shreve, ' 41 Max Snydel, Law Carrol Stoecker, ' 41 Dean Stoecker, ' 39 Gordon Williamson, ' 41 Tim Williamson, ' 39 Robert Woodruff, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Red Cliff, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Golden, Colo. Rocky Ford, Colo. Gardner, Colo. Leadville, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Windsor, Colo. Boulder, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Pueblo, Colo. Long Beach, Calif. PLEDGES Bob Bacon, ' 41 Ted Bradfield, ' 42 Paul Brown, ' 42 Bill Burrford, ' 42 John Carr, ' 41 Ivan Christiansen, Bill Gallitan, ' 41 Robert Garrison, Jerry Glaze, ' 42 James Ince, ' 41 Bill Johnson, ' 42 Dayton, Ohio Alhambra, Calif. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Del Norte, Colo. ' 42 Akron, Colo. Denver, Colo. 42 Goodland, Kan. Rapid City, S. Dak. Boulder, Colo. Rocky Ford, Colo. Jack NichoUs, ' 42 William Moore, ' 41 Joe Rebel, ' 42 James Reese, ' 42 LeRoy Rhoten, ' 41 Keith Robinson, ' 41 Charles Shaffer, ' 42 Tom Shallenberger, Tom Steward, ' 41 Robert Vaughan, ' 41 Ray Volluz, ' 41 42 Loveland, Colo. Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo. Akron, Colo. Loveland, Colo. Colorado Springs, Colo. Windsor, Colo. Long Beach, Calif. Chicago, 111. Louisville, Colo. Denver, Colo. Page 159 Tketa Xl m The national organization of Theta Xi was founded at Rensselear Polytechnic Insti- tute in 1864. The Alpha Eta chapter of the Theta Xi fraternity was installed on the University of Colorado campus in 1929. The official fraternity colors are blue and white. Prominent on campus are Robert Ancell, COLORADO ENGINEER, Phi Epsilon, and A. S. M. E.; Lawrence Burt, COLORADO ENGINEER, and H. S. M. E.; Paul Reeves, varsity football; Marlin Thurston, president Alpha Nu; Harold Tuck, Homecoming Play, and Mortar and Pestle. Top Row — Bowmen. Burt, Busch. Czarnowsky, Daily, Davis, Gonzales, Loclcard. Second Row — Menser, Prout, Reeves, Richardson, Robinson. Rose, Thurston, Tuck. OFFICERS VERNON DAILY . . President FRANKLIN PROUT . Secreta LAWRENCE BURT . . Vice-President FACULTY DONALD ROSE MEMBERS Treasur NORMAN D. DALY ALAN S. McMASTER WALTER K. NELSON FRANCIS J. GECK WAINO S. NYLAND ACTIVES Robert Ancell, ' 40 Denver, Colo. Franklin Prout, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Lawrence Burt, ' 39 Denver, Colo. Paul Reeves, ' 41 Golden, Colo. Vernon Daily, ' 40 Hillrose, Colo. Donald Rose, ' 40 Scottsbluff, Nebr. Kent Davis, ' 40 Boulder, Colo. Marlin Thurston, ' 41 Boulder, Colo. Robert Dierlam, Grad. Boulder, Colo. Harold Tuck, ' 41 Granada, Colo. t John Fairchild, Low Boise, Ida. Paul Vetting, Grad. Arvada, Colo. PLEDGES Rogers Bowman, ' 42 Grand Junction, Colo. Gordon Lockard, ' 40 Grand Junction, Colo, Floyd Busch, ' 40 Walsenburg, Colo. Robert Munson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Albert Czarnowsky, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Donald Oelschlager, ' 42 Ovid, Colo. Anthony Gonzales, ' 40 Colorado Springs, Colo. Fred Robinson, ' 40 Gilman, Colo. William Iford, ' 42 Boulder, Colo. John Flichordson, ' 42 Denver, Colo. Aubrey Leonard, ' 41 Oakland, Calif. Stanley White, ' 41 Denver, Colo. Page i6] Inter fraternity Council The Interfraternity council is an organi- zation composed of the presidents of the nineteen social fraternities on the campus. The council, which maintains its headquar- ters in Dean Carlson ' s office, works with the Dean and with Kayo Lam on matters concerning fraternities. The council makes rules governing rushing, intramural ath- letics, scholarship, and various other phases of fraternity life. This year the council has formulated a plan of intra- mural insurance for injuries occurring dur- ing fraternity athletic competition, and has rearranged the point system for the Partici- pation trophy. Each spring the council sponsors an all- fraternity dance from which funds are raised to pay the expenses incurred during the year. JOHN T. STRICKLAND OFFICERS President DEAN HARRY G. CARLSON Secretary MEMBERS CLIFFORD A. HENRY Acacia ARVID HANSON .... Alpha Sigma Phi ALAN NYE Alpha Tau Omega RAY HILL Beta Theta Pi JOHN T. STRICKLAND Chi Psi FRED T. O ' DAY .... Delta Sigma Phi JAMES SANDERS .... Delta Tau Delta OUINCY CORNELIUS .... Kappa Sigma HOWARD E. BRITTELL ... Phi Delta Theta JERRY CUNNINGHAM . . Phi Gamma Delta SHELTON ENOCHS .... Phi Kappa Psi ROBERT L. CRISPIN .... Phi Kappa Tau ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN ... Phi Sigma Delta BRUCE GUSTIN, Jr Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT LONGSTREET . Sigma Alpha Epsilon HORACE HOLMES Sigma Chi JAMES LEAR Sigma Nu ED HERSCHLER .... Sigma Phi Epsilon VERNON DAILY Theta Xi Front Row — Herschler, Holmes, Strickland, Longstreet, Cunningham. Back Row — O ' Day, Henry, Hanson, Hill, Cornelius, Lear, Enochs, Gustin, Haase. Page 162 Ruth Stephenson washing windows A " NU " way of apple-polishing Not a coke, Lucky " Fierce fellows, aren ' t they! " " I think you have dandruff Doris Santo cuts the glare both ways Shot on Ellis Island Need a hanky, Jean? Tommy Bohman, Phi Gam, pretending Frisky Frosh Grim reality The man the WPA forgot Toby Tyler, Delt, does research for Wolle ' s course Sue Gillis, Pi Phi, laughing first Professor Weihofen Proffing Three little (?) pigs. Four scouts and a cowgirl about to spit between her fingers Meter men, Murray, Anderson, and Brown Could we accuse you of being camera conscious, Le Nair? Out of the whole crowd, guess who ' s looking at the camera Spontaneous combustion Dunked Back again? Hayseed Allen, D. G Paul Cope and Sam Levy, Phi Gams, " What, no mustard? " Walt O ' Brien and Donn Brown, Sig Eps in Greenman ' s reading room " You can ' t tell the- brothers without a program. " Gil Nellis, Phi Gam Sour Sappas " Foo Juice! " " He loves me, he loves me not " Something Amis, Jean? Betty Bennett, and Bob Bryant, " Pardon my pajama top. " Fee Gees hold ' in hands Look behind you, Bauer! Typical Spur enthusi- " Stuffy people studying " Don ' t say gum, say nuts " Any luck, girls? ..... Marion Hackstaff, Pi Phi, and Walt Carlson, Phi Psi, Orchids and Onions " 2 ° man? " Ben Stapleton, Chi Psi, a traitor to Kwafenhauffen Good hunting, Dixie? Hold tight! Dick Tremmel, Beta, Soap suds and Schubert ... And six couples got up to dance Jane Otto, Many a slip ' twixt the calf and the hip It stood on end Pray as you enter. Two ex-football hangovers trespassing again Alvin McCall and Abe Levine, beef trust on parade Jeanette Humphrey, Pi Phi, " Lead kindly light " " Then I sez ' to him " And in this corner, ' Ugh! ' " Looks green to me " Olson, Wright, and Haefliger, " Did you see that cute man? " It ' s a rackfet Puzzle — Find the diamond Granniss McFeely, " What? No fish? " They like dorm food Someone oughta warn Santa. Features ■HiJ ' yii i« -■ - r r% a i. ' ■ L k iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iinnnnfiiifiifiiii iiiiiiiiiinii i nnrninnnnnnnnnrnnnnronnn i 1 1 ii 1 1 iniivii ' ii ' ifi ' i w i " r [rnrrir nririninnrrnnrnifiiiiin i iiiiiiiii i iiiii i iiiiiii i iiiinrinnn ft fiiiiiMn f iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM nrTmr-niinninnwiMH ■YtiHi f MnMnnnr i n nnnnimnnnr n nnnn mi w ii m i iiiiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiiiiiii 1 1 1 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwniiiiiniinnnnnnwiwnnniinniiniiiiniiniiMwiiniiiiiiiw THE COLORADAN is indebted to McClelland Barclay, internationally- famous artist, who consented to select this year ' s beauty queen. We believe you have chosen well, Mr. Barclay, and we thank you. J iX ' BEAUTY QUEEN ::Aiaxu foiL £.i. Kappa Alpha Theta " in : mm n BEAUTY QUEEN ATTENDANT Q sia ZJnomJ2i.on Kappa Kappa Gamma ' i ■ I r .. I BEAUTY QUEEN ATTENDANT aiu kanahan Independent ikivBHtaLN r v ■= ' ' ■■ til ENGINEERS ' BALL QUEEN lJ- £aau JLauns. Delta Gamma ' I r i JUNIOR PROM QUEEN dzf utfi [j xinkuratsi Pi Beta Phi PACEMAKER£.i. u-£.ax Sigma Nu - 1(A 1 .-. - U ' a ' : I ?KW T PACEMAKER Pi Beta Phi 4 HATS OFF TO cZauraxd cliEunsmann Scholar, Gentleman, Law Review Editor t ! F ' HATS OFF TO -7 ' Ct xancsi. L xamsx For Scholarship, Personality, and Initiative HATS OFF TO Q-uLLui. lomii-on Chemist Supreme and Candid Cameraman L HATS OFF TO ' utk JL£.iaL£.x Talented Artist with Matchless Energy HATS OFF TO An Outstanding Undergraduate Archeologist " irrvrvv s;. 1 Eureka! Donn Brown, Sig Ep, " Kiss me, Peggy " .... Ed Herschler, Sig Ep, relaxing Jim Lear and Howard Higman, Sigma Nus, No wonder the girls won ' t show their faces .... Priscilla Bosin, D. G., " Ecstasy! " .... Betty Graf, snow blind Cash and Carry Everyl Humphreys, D. G., and Tommy Trollope, Delt, Two minds without a single thought .... Me for a man Helen Bishop trucking on down at the Coloradan dance " But I did pass the course " Jean, Janet, and Jean, Pi Phis, See no evil " Another sucker! " Notice the drawn faces Best portrait of Prouty, Delt " S ' matter? Scared? " .... Strictly personal. Jim Dixon, Phi Gam, and Ruth Lantz, Kappa. He must smell like a Phi Gam Prof. Hoffmeister, " I ' ll getcha home " Last row in Econ. 4A 7:59 ' 2 A. M All arrangements made They ' re not really triplets " Where ' s Bergen? " , Ted Curtis, Phi Tau Four Kappas, one fur coat The clutching hand Three turret tops Deep in a dream., of you " Well, I swdn! " One of them modern conveniences Chuck Bilz, Sig Alph, and Sidney Smith, A. O. Pi, " Until the real thing comes along. " You ' re yellow Mortar Board MEW session The way to an imposing figure Icky Hickey, Sigma Nu " Who ' s he? " The foreground is censored " But we can ' t afford three dollars " Dam these one o ' clocks " No- squirm Undies " Abe Levine, " But I did play football " Marion Hackstaff, Pi Phi, and George Clark, Sigma Nu, " Oh, yeah? " Noma Burgner, " Oh, why did I say no? " First row in Econ. 4A Eleanor Lam, " Wait till I tell Kayo! " Where ' s Ives? ] i JRMIJ ■ " • " - J ' " ■vH V ' :1 11 A. T. O. shutter-tender The Dies committee should investigate that goose-step Sidewalk solicitor, or the sunken baron Drummer with trap shut The pause that redresses A. T. O. assistant shutter-tenders Stop jeeping, Betty The smile is so broad we can ' t see you " Weasel " Thiele Pensive Without the fag, Hubert Elrod, A. T. O., would be Skeezix. Fred Schwartz with a real law student Pat Lanagen, D. G., directing traffic " I ' ll drop mine if you ' ll drop yours " Brunton and Humphreys, D. G. ' s, every day is Easter Mil Cox and Body Pendleton, Alpha Phis. Nice furniture you got there " Never was I so shocked in my life, dearie " Sneakin ' in Gene Moore, Phi Psi, high finance footballer Marge Summ.ers, steppin ' high and haughty like Priscilla Bosin lightly treads the academic walk " Skinny " Wilcoxen and Noma Burgner before the battle. r-y ?x9 Cow session Only make believe " I don ' t get it " " Fix it quick be- fore the Prof, sees it " " What ' s a four letter word that starts with L? " Ma- chine age, or older? From left to right, 29, 45, etc Paul McClung, Phi Gam, " I ' ll make ' em forget Whizzer " Bats .400 in the Kappa league George Madsen, and Punchy Wilson, Phi Gams, Snapper snapped " Now, boys ' and girls " Olga Saliba, Alpha Chi, How does it stay up? Name, Address, Phone? Looks suspicious, Jean. " I Wooster ' d go away " Chubby Durnell, Little boy blue, sans horn George Strain, Phi Gam, " I bubble over " Earl Dupree, sans soda fountain Dot ' s Dot " Carry your books? " Dwight Johnson and Olivia Christianson, she ' s sewed up, Loren Brittell tramples the flags, — get the Legion! Sure it ' ll break " I ' ll mow ya down! " Scotly Frank gets the drift. Now just back up and you ' ll be home, Hover Westerberg, Beta, really packs a " paunch " Claudine Jeffries cuts a darn nice figure Too late. Bob, Deb Leavitt saw you Kappa Koking Koyly Guess what this means " Puffer " -izing the man across the table Caroline Wolff, " Now it ' s your turn to cry over me " Two fur bearing animals, Sneddon and Peltier, in native habitat She didn ' t pass the posture test The A. A. A. should plow him under. i The Brooklyn cowboy, drugstore vaiiety " Germs is bad things " D. J. Reed and La Roux Groves, Kappas, step out Carry your bags, Mr. Gutshall? " I get along without you very well. Kayo " Very nice. Punchy. You were built for a pipe Imagine pitching woo with that guy Stool pigeon Ross Hibbard and gyp joint " We ' re just playin ' football ' till Capone gets out " " Dad " Walton, a good egg Dottie Luther, Tri Delt, she ' s got rocks. Get Hot! Beverly Smith, " Third door to the left " " Sit down, woman! " Hell ' s half acre A rose between two thorns Slip sticks What ' re ya BENT-ON mister? Bob Hill, Phi Gam, and eye Mari-etta Ham. She doesn ' t look it Grandstand handstand Pusses and corner Polly Hunt, Pi Phi, " Hi, yourself! " The good old days. Butcher and Drake Grazing? " Number 21, Number 21, please " Hunker and Hite et al. keep- ing a weather eye open from the lawyer ' s crow ' s nest Duck, or Drake? Has-been Railey, Phi Gam, struts again Countin ' olives? Bringing up the rear A back-to-nature movement Spur would pick on an Austin Grade maniac Plank at the grindstone " Stem " education Rock hounds at bay Truckin ' Gee, don ' t your face get tired? Picking up the remains " Oh, I get it " A dash of Wildroot might help there " Shux! Ain ' t he dead? " Two C ' s and a B Stormy weather! W ' ' 5W!i . f Jack Broady, Delt, geared for battle Kay Rogers, D. G., follows the straight and narrow Did you steal sister ' s tricycle? Edna Folk won ' t mention it, but there ' s a strap showing Don ' t get excited, girls. Kelly doesn ' t own it Marian Aley, D. G., " Not today, thanks " No go-juice, no go Bill Bauer, at the cross-roads Mary Ellen Ball, Fi Phi, the human centipede Pretty sloppy Dog days for McMullen and Hurst Small fry. Ray Hill, Beta, looks awful innocent Don Thurman just picked up the Phi Gam scent The glares of fellow Phi Delts, Draper? Howard Rossman, ATO, a slinger Bad night, last night Jovanovich, Plettner, and Walker, Beta ' s, at the unveiling Camera hoggette " O-o-o, la-la! " No dogs BARRED Punchy Wilson, Phi Gam, Dot Smith, Pi Phi, and Marge Morris, Pi Phi chaperone Things are looking up — mostly Retta. Eavesdropper Sing, you sinner " Stop, you ' re killing us " Synco- pated smiles It ' s the wolf in Grandma ' s wig, so watch it, sister Checking out, kids? He looks the worst way Mamma said to be home by nine " Somebody hold the instrument, I got some dice " S ' matter, need a change, Jackie? Nice reach, you got there, fella Hope you got better power over women than dogs, Roy Heil Hitler, alias Bennett Shades of Dracula or Monday morning Marlin Chenburg, Phi Gam, doin ' nothing as usual Just flunked a test It must be the moon " Dimples " and a nose thumber. Jolly! (D. G.) Very Jolly Not so Jolly (Hank Johnson) Marty Brill, Phi Gam, after the kill Notice: summer school propaganda Hank Heitzler, Phi Gam, What, water? Just Mr. Josephine Pyle Kitchy, Kitchy, Koo Marguerite Johnson, Delta G. prexy, " Why, that dirty,! ! " Mac Kennedy, Chi Psi, " Boy, am I sloppy! " A soft young thing with a stiff shirt Economics is a hard thing to teach in a coed college Kay McElroy, D. G., " Don ' t you dare, I hope " Blanket party, safe style Moselle Amonette, D. G., " Here comes Kenny! " All hands on deck. Commodore Mutt and Jeff Betty C. Allen, " Wheresh da Delta Gamma housch? " That thing ' s always slipping Betty Ann Molin and devotee Patricia Eckel, and Shirley Duff out sunning " Yeah, ain ' t it the truth " Refreshing as a drink of mountain water Richard McMuUen, Politician and Legionaire baiter Gertrude Wyatt, got that way from working on the S. G " G ' wan away, I ' m plenty bashful " Eleanor Christy, Kappa, busy as usual " What, not sober, Jack. " The morning after, (what) One ' s enhghtened, the other ' s,—? " You ' re so sweet " One of the few good things about the University, (man ' s point of view) Danger! soft shoulders " I bet you can ' t do this " Entertainment a-la-A. T. O Arrested development. ,, 1 Two prisses, two screwballs, the Navy, and the Army Fred Walsen, Joker in the Dodo financial pack Randall and Hutchinson, resting on their lau rels From left to right, Hamm, more hams, two scrambled eggs, and some hair Lansing and Bradford, two sideline athletes Police line-up Only authentic photo of study on the hoof Even the photographer was surprised at the way this came out. .! John Philpott gets a break Look out, the lions ' U spit on you Skirts are shorter this year Sweet and simple What big eyes you have, Grandma Where ' s a shde rule? " Unhand me, villain " " Hey! The pillow slipped " Alpha Phi ' s, smiling for a change. Sib Bowie, D. G., tickled, or a hangover? Pickles for desert Anacronistic, at least passe Overhearing a Phi Tau tete-a-tete Students of the spring variety. (I ' ll take summer school) Proposition of some sort Another plu- maged plumber A design for a living Hover, Evans, and " Itchy, " They like the body by Fisher. " Uh, huh " Why so sad, Sams Big noise Mimi Briggs, Kappa, and Walt Bliss, Beta, " Aw, come on, Mimi ' Maxine Haefliger, Delta Gamma, Stop the car (or the clock) Sib Bowie, deep stuff Be calm, little jughead Corabelle Chadbourne, Pi Phi, Got whiskers on your forehead. Corky Squeaky. ' T7 -. a A- vtaet -. au d i i . r t ■• ' u. ' j K ' ■■ ' ■■ . ' ' iJ . , Kfv .nil. M J H ,i ' _ ; _. ■_ ' (I — " ' f ' Stanford ' s gift to the Beta chapter, Sam Beckley Only a book to hug What a long face to wear with those sox Lola Hatch scratches a small one Pat Reed, Are you a ' lifer ' on this campus? Morrison and Rudin, Woogs, It ' s a hard life First tailored horse blanket She really likes to walk Huddled in a bomb shelter Excuse me, did 1 bump your elbow? Phyllis Brinton and Eleanor Christy, Kappas, the ultra sour and sweet of it. Mimi plus wide open spaces Walter Mack, A. T. O., Rasputin ' s double " Hello, mom, ' twas a tuf fight, but I won " Peggy Layne, D. G " Sym " Hickey and the Prom group Bud Spicer, concerned kibitzer Tuck in them teeth Preview of an after-life Bert Prince plus Indian blanket Mack Kennedy, Chi Psi, Little man, you ' ve had a busy day See what Wheaties can do Lee Modesitt, Beta, It ' s a fancy smile for Nancy. Note the pin-hungry look Sit down, Spur, we want to see the game Tokin ' up squatter ' s rights The sipping circle My dear, I never do my own wash- ing Heh, heh, the joke ' s on who? This picture has no place here " Now where was that Petty drawing? " The monster just walked in The Chi Psi ' s in their better moments Shhhh! Buck ' s trying to think. MJtk. Tommy Evans and hog-caller, Betas From bed to we ' ve-seen-worse High- jacket Merle Mahone, Alpha Sig, riding the " bronx " He ' s got the right " hatitude. " Maul and someone we ' d rather know Mary E. Pendleton, Alpha Phi, It ' s not that funny Monk Saunders, Sigma Chi, " Hove only you " The good earth gets its iace lifted Get a wiggle on Ride, mister? lis- Coy, but definitely Franny " Butch " Shallenberger Mary Kay Schneider fighting off Sigma Chis " And right over there " Engineers on the loose June Ott, Alpha Phi, just swallowed a goldfish Watchful scientists Cute tongue She just paid for the coke Chores in the dawn Chick Clark, Woog, antique pledge, now initiated. East wing of the Men ' s Dorm with flatirons in the distance Snow fohage, an over- head menace to pedestrians Greenmountain ' s stone armour above the desert- ed stadium A warm haven (right) and a winter night Autumn shot of the Library Moonhght and mountains Winter ' s leaves reflected in Varsity Lake Bowed heads and dry feet, look around, it ' s not bad Museum, mum- mies, mammals, musty. Hey, hey— hands, a health diet Just a lot of bell-waiters Spur watches Freshman gargle (or gargoyle) Who plays the two big horns? What would your mamas say? Whittling while taking a pipe course ' Overflow from the Women ' s Dorm. Jacobs looks pampered, and is Aley, the shoemaker — I ' ll bet they still don ' t fit Betty C. Allen, Miles of smiles Kay Rogers, D. G. — The optimist Mary Bea Miner — " Oh, slips don ' t count " Snuffy Sneddon smiles for Bill Derry- berry. Phi Gam More A. T. O. children Dear Elizabeth, so sweet! " Are there any questions? I wonder what ' s become of Sally? Emily Jane Fritch proves Schrieber has a sense of humor. Betty Wise, Wilhelmina Tell Rex Tomlinson, Sigma Nu, a ladies man Dudgeon " trudgeon " " Come walk with me " Don Smith without his theater Fickle, Fickle This was a dance band Psychologist getting broad- ened Boss Reed and ward heelers Strange bedmates. Trollope, books, and professors Bob Bcnham, Phi Gam, drooping Resolution, doubled and redoubled. Activities V. ' -T _ - « . J m ■ " . ' . ' cflW0W 9m ' p iw™qgw ' ptfWW«ww " ' ' « «J " tiiJuvifvifinii n ii i i i ii i i i i i|| [| i iii i ii i iii nft[MiiJ i ofiiinmn aiuinniiiuuiiuwi — nnwnnnmrrn ' u ii i iiii ii iiii i iiiiiiiiiiiii i iiii i iii i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnfifinnminfin n n iiiiiiiini iiiiiiiiiii uyi iii w ii i i M ii ii [mnimmnnnnminiiii uMuy i uuuuimiuLiiiuiin iniMMniuuiMiiimn w mm i iniinnnf i nninn i yuumi uuuuiiiuiiii imnr ■ -. xxx w- Publications and Debate DOROTHY SLAUGHTER Coloradan Part memory book, part reference book, the COLORADAN often finds it difficult to co-ordinate its two purposes effectively. Seeking to follow a theme of informality of picture and write-up, the book is presented to the students with the opti- mistic hope that it will be welcomed and enjoyed. DOROTHY SLAUGHTER GEORGE KINDEL . . TOM COOPER . . . NAN KRETSCHMER . . MARGUERITE JOHNSON WILLIAM JOVANOVICH JACK HARVEY . . . SCOT PAYNE . . . VERNON CREESE . . EDITORIAL Editor Associate Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Administration Drama Editor GEORGE MADSEN . . STAFF BETTY IRELAND . . ROBERT EDMUNDSON RICHARD KERR . . KATHERINE WRIGHT . SUSANNE HAUGHEY CARROLL WILSON . EVERYL HUMPHREYS MAXINE TUNNELL JULIUS JOHNSON . , Assistant Photographer Debate Editor Honoraries Editor Cliibs and Societies Assistant Club Editor Professionals Editor Assistant Professionals Publications Editor Women ' s Athletic Editor Photographer Cooper, Creese, Harvey, Johnson, Jovanovich Kindel, Kretschmer, Payne Page 224 Coloradan The business staff of the COLORADAN has at- tempted to co-operate with the editorial staff in making the book financially, as well as editori- ally successful. Through the efforts of a hard- working staff, we feel that this ambition has been fulfilled. ;L CURTIS BUSINESS STAFF TED CURTIS . . . JOHN E. HICKMAN . MARGARET MUGRAGE MARLIN CHENBURG . JACK GRAVESTOCK . SIDNEY SMITH . . SUSANNE HAUGHEY EVA BELLE PEABODY Business Manager Associate Manager Office Manager Advertising Manager Collections Manager Sales Manager Sales Assistant Sales Assistant RODNEY STEVENS JEAN WIGTON MARY ELLEN BALL ORLIN WOOD . PEGGY SMITH BETTY RINGWALT ROBERT STEWART ROBERT CUILLARD Sales Assistant Assistant Office Manager Chief Accountant Auditor Reseach Director Personnel Director Circulation Manager Filing Clerk Ball, Chenberg, Graveslock, Haughey, Hickman Mugrage, Smith, Smith Page 225 I Coloradan MOZELLE AMONETTE JEAN ANDERSON JOAN BAKER BERT BASS BETTY BAUER CHARLES BENNETT RICHARD BOYLE MIRIAM BRIGGS SUSIE BROWN PEGGY CHASE ADELE CUSTANCE PATRICIA DAVITT ROBERT DECKER JOHN DUGGAN DORCAS DUNKLEE BARBARA FISHEL CHARLES GABLEMAN JOHN GEIGER FREDERICK GERHARD ASSISTANT EDITORIAL STAFF SUZANNE GILLIS LA ROUX GROVES GEORGE HALSEY JOE REBEL BETTY C. ALLEN GEORGE CRISWELL LEE MODESITT BEVERLY HEDEMARK ALLENE JACOBS JANET JOHNSON JULIUS JOHNSON ALBERT KAFF DAN KINCAID LEINAD LIEN ANNA LOPATIN DANIEL MACEY GEORGE MADSEN JEAN MAITLAND BETTY LOU MILLER MARILYN MILLER LEONARD MORRISON KENNETH NELSON RICHARD NEWMAN BETTY OSBORN SIDNEY PETERS CATHERINE PRESTON CAROLYN PROUTY MARGARET PUFFER WILLIAM RADENCIE HERBERT ROOK WILLIAM SACKMAN JEANNE SELLMAN EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER ROBERT STEWART FOSTER STURDEVANT SEIGLINDE TALBOTT TOM TEN EYCK CHARLES VAN SICKLE JAMES WILLIAMS Page 22i b Coloradan ASSISTANT STAFF WILLIAM ANDERSON MIRIAM BRIGGS ERNESTINE BROWNING MARY COLE HELEN COUNTER Oiiice Staff BETTY DIMMITT SUZANNE GILLIS CHARLOTTE GRIGGS JACOUELINE GUTHRIE BEATRICE HICKEY ANNIE BOBS MARSHALL MARY HELEN POTHAST LEONA TEMPLE RUSSELL TURNER LOIS VAN THUYNE JANE CLELAND BETTY JANE DUVALL Sales Staii MARGARET HORSTINGS DIXIE MAE MacCARTHY JOHN MOORE LOUISE MARSHALL Collections Staff PATRICIA KENNEDY TOM BRINTON WESTERN CUNNINGHAM Advertising Staff PENELOPE FREER ELMER HARNER HAROLD OUIAT GERALDINE WARSHAUER Page 227 ; 1 i Silver and Gold Existing to reflect campus life and student opin- ion, the SILVER AND GOLD fills its pages with anonymous columns, pointed editorials, signifi- cant news, and political controversy. RICHARD McMULLEN EDITORIAL STAFF RICHARD McMULLEN Editor GEORGE CRISWELL Associate Editor LEOTA PEKRUL ' . News Editor JOHN BUCHANAN City Editor CARL NEUMANN Sports Editor CHARLOTTE SPENGLER Society Editor HERBERT HOOVER Assistant News Editor NANCY ELLZEY ) m a ■ . . „„„„„„ „ ,.„,, „„ y News Assistants GERTRUDE WYATT Criswell, EUzey, Hertzberger. Pekrul, Spengler, Wyatt Page 228 silver and Gold Publishing and selling the SILVER AND GOLD is a business, and above all, a good business. This year ' s staff, small and expedient, has made the best of it — and like it. The figures look good, the merchants are satisfied, the university not dis- pleased, and so to bed. BU SINESS STAFF STANLEY CROSS Business Manager CHARLES WATTS Assistant Business Manager TOM PARKER Boulder Advertising ALAN NYE National Advertising JACQUELINE GUTHRIE ) xt .• , aj .■ • a • . . BETTY McCLELLAN ' ' ' National Advertising Assistants ETHEL JEAN LINKLETTER Classified Advertising JOAN DIVISEK ) A .■ • a • 4 , CAROLINE PROUTY [ Advertising Assistants HENRY THIELE CirculaUon CHARLES McCORMICK Carrier PAT KENNEDY Filing Secretary PAT DAVITT ] LOUISE MARSHALL ' ,.... Filing Secretary Assistants PEGGY MONROE | BOB McCAMMON Medical School Representative MARY JANE McCORMICK Secretary WILMARENEAU Office Assistants PHIL DAVIS Divisek, Inqwers ' " ' " ! " r J ' C B 4 Paije 229 Silver and Gold ASSISTANT STAFF News Staff JOHN BARTRAM GLADYS JOHNSON JOHN GOLDSMITH BERLIN BOYD LAURETTA MOLONEY ARLENE SOLOMON DUNCAN CLARK IRVING JOHNS DAVID JANISON JOSEPHINE PYLE STRANFORD CALDERWOOD WILLIAM PATRICK PAUL TULL ROBERT VOTE Sports PHILLIP BERNSTEIN NAT SACHTER BURTON PEAKE MAX MORTON HARVEY KADISH GLENN IRBY GERTRUDE ROGERS EARLE DEVALON Columnists MILES FRAIZER LUTHER STRINGHAM BARBARA BOEHM Society MOLLY HUNTER CHARLINE FREDERICK DOROTHY JENKINS MARY K. SCHNEIDER DOROTHY RIGGS YVONNE SALIBA DOROTHY RIGGS Secretarial Board ELIZABETH ALLEN MARY COLE MARGUERITE JOHNSON ELISE MONTANDON BARBARA PUFFER DOROTHY CAST JEANNE JANUARY HENRIETTA HERZBERGER Art Medical School Exchange DAVID POLHEMUS TED GARCIA PRISCILLA BOSIN AMY CALLS TO Cl tonoeo.«i»NfOtB fCj r »Blt»NCh 107 J , a1 Page 230 Order of Scroll FACULTY MEMBERS COUN B. GOODYKOONTZ ZELL F. MABEE STUDENT MEMBERS RICHARD McMULLEN LEOTA PEKRUL CHARLOTTE SPENGLER The Order of the Scroll was founded in 1907 and is conferred upon SILVER AND GOLD members of the editorial staff who have served satisfactorily for three years. At the recommendation of the editor, a gold scroll key is awarded to these members by the Board of Publications. Page 231 Dodo Sponsored by Sigma Delta Chi, the DODO con- cerns itself chiefly with pin exchanges, fashions, and satires. Alleged to be the campus humor magazine, the DODO furnishes enough amuse- ment to justify a large number of three-nickel in- vestors. GEORGE CRISWELL EDITORIAL STAFF GEORGE S. CRISWELL, Editor MARION HACKSTAFF Assistant Editors g_ MOREHEAD Associate Editors DOROTHY SLAUGHTER RICHARD McMULLEN LEE MODESITT DAN NIDESS Departmental Editors RUTH ZEIGLER Art IDA LIBERT ) SALLY ZIMMERHACKEL ) " i-eatures LOIS BULSON Exchange BILL DAY Sports CATHRYN CRAMER Fashions CHARLES BENNETT Photography EVERYL HUMPHFIEYS Office Manager Baker, Briggs, Creese, Hackstaff, Homsher, Humphries, Libert McMuUen, Merrifield, Moore, Morehead, Morehead, Slaughter = • -V w x " i 4 -P ' x Pago 232 tA Dodo We have tried to sell the DODO to C. U. on the pre-supposition that it was a humor magazine. C. U. either agrees with us or pities us, for cir- culation in the past year has advanced measur- ably. An excellent staff and growing student support has made this manager ' s year a happy one — there will be no turning over in the grave. FRED WALSEN BUSINESS STAFF FRED JOHN WALSEN Business Manager CAMERON MERRIFIELD .... Assistant Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF PEGGY HOMSHER Manager FRANCES JAMES LORRAINE KELSO JUNE SCHROEDER HENRY JOHNSON KAY KEMPTON GORDON SNOW CIRCULATION STAFF MIRIAM BRIGGS Circulation Manager BETTY MOOFIE Associate Circulation Manager JOHN PICKETT Assistant Circulation Manager Page 233 wind ow WILLIAM DUKES WILLIAM DUKES . . FRANCES WHITE . . W. SCOTT PAYNE . . SIDNEY PETERS . . EDNA FALK . . . KATHERINE McELROY , MAURICE SHIELDS ) VIRGINIA McMILLIN I ELIZABETH DANFORTH | SUSANNE HAUGHEY I VINCENT COLE f ' New and revised CAMPUS WINDOW this year gained a great many more subscribers by making its contents campus-conscious. It now offers an outlet for student expression on any issue. EDITORIAL STAFF . . Editor MABEL ROLLER i Associate Editor LOUISE MARSHALL I Poetry Associate Editor ESTHER WISE | Assistant Editor ELLEN FRARY i Assistant Editor MARJORIE OWENS I Art RUTH ZEIGLER ■ • Articles WILLIAM ROUSE Photographs Fiction MANAGERIAL STAFF , , ,. PHILL LEHMER Advertising Circulation Falk, Cast, Kennedy, Most, Payne White, Wilson " • _- - _ AM Page 234 Wind. ow The WINDOW ' S efforts to gain a larger student audience have been happily rewarded in larger figures (black) in the books. We feel that this year has been successful, not only because this is the customary place to say so, but also, and more important, because we believe it. MARGARET MAST BUSINESS STAFF MARGARET MAST JAMES M. WILSON DOROTHY lOSEPHINE BAKER HELEN CHAPMAN KATHERINE ZEHNER BEATRICE E. NILSSON CHARLENE BRADLEY Manager Circulation Manager Circulation Staff PATRICIA KENNEDY . DOROTHY CAST ( ALICE BUCKINGHAM ( " LOIS WESCOTT Advertising Manager Advertising Staff Publicity Page 235 WILLIAM BAUER Colorado Engineer COLORADO ENGINEER, trade journal for slide- rulers, rests enviably secure among campus pub- lications with one hundred per cent subscription. Its columns contain articles of interest to engi- neers, news of activities in the College, and occasional humor. EDITORIAL STAFF WILLIAM BAUER Editor WILLIAM LeFEVRE Assistant Editor HOWARD SABIN Assistant Editor ROLLIN SHAW Assistant Editor ROBERT SIMMERING Assistant Editor STANLEY APPLEGATE Campus News Editor JOHN HODGE News Briefs Editor CLARA BARNES Alumnews Editor ROBERT HARRIS Art Editor JACK DAVITT Feature Editor ROBERT ANCELL Oil Can Editor Pampel. Sabin, Wilson, Simmering Pffll Page 236 Colorado Engineer Engineers of the university this year bought the COLORADO ENGINEER. They paid for it, and enjoyed it. We made profits, and enjoyed them. There is little more to be said, except that it was fun — we mean, of course, publishing the ENGI- NEER. JOHN PHILPOTT BUSINESS STAFF JOHN PHILPOTT Business Manager DONALD HARVEY Assistant Business Banager LESLIE PAMPEL Assistant Business Manager MELVIN GELWICKS Circulation Manager MARVIN POPE Assistant Circulation Manager SIDNEY DINNER Advertising Manager FREDERIC LUHNOW Advertising Manager PAUL WERNER Advertising Manager Page 237 Debate Easton, Harrington, Murphy Intercollegiate conferences, extension speaking, campus debates, forensic forums, and contests con- stituted the full program of Colorado University de- baters during the 1938-39 season. The debaters comprise a group of men and women interested in national and international af- fairs and questions pertinent to the problems of stu- dents. They have competed with other such groups from neighboring universities and colleges, and have led discussions before labor groups, business men ' s clubs, interested students and faculty mem- bers. The debaters hove been coached by E. W. Harrington, Richard Murphy, and D. M. Easton. Last spring three speaking contests were conduc- ted under the sponsorship of the two debate honor- aries. Emanuel Fuchs, speaking on " Which Tradi- tion? " , a plea for greater democracy, won the an- nual Klinger Oratorical contest. First place for the Delta Sigma Rho Extemporan- eous Contest went this year to Bernard Rosenberg who considered the problem of Spain and her rela- tion to the future of the world, and second place went to Ruth Inabu. In the Impromptu Speaking Contest, sponsored by Adelphi, Mark Huss, who had only one half hour to prepare for his subject, " Is Surrealism Dead? " , was presented the cup. Mayford Roark took second place. The Rocky Mountain Forensic League held at Laramie, Wyoming, October 27-29, opened fall quar- ter activities. The question considered was the prob- able critical state of world affairs during the next few years and upon what principles should the poli- tical thinking and action of an American citizen be based in 1938 and 1940. Our orator was Mayford Roark and our extempo- raneous speaker was Mark Huss who spoke on the Munich Pact. C.U. delegates present were Delmar Carlson, Mark Huss, Ruth Inabu, Mayford Roark, Edith Rosenfeld, George Steele, and Otho Wood. The Colorado- Wyoming Junior Conference held at Boulder on December 2 debated the question, Re- solved: " That the federal government should cease expenditure of funds including credit for the purpose of stimulating business. " Noreen Greenawalt and Bernard Rosenberg, our extemporaneous speakers, discussed " The Problem of College Athletics. " C. U. participants were: Ber- nard Rosenberg, William P. Walker, Michael March, Clemens Thoman, William Paynter, Edward Seiden- sticker, Maurice Shields, Myra Jenkins, Noreen Greenawalt, Eleanor Huckeby, Lillian M. Slinger- land, Morjorie Woodard. The Rocky Mountain Speech Conference held in Denver, February 9, 10, 11, considered in panel dis- cussions " Control of the Business Cycle " . Delegates from Colorado were Michael March and Clemens Thoman. Page 238 Debate Colorado-Wyoming Senior Conference held at Laramie, February 24, 25, debated: " That institu- tions of higher learning should record no other mark than pass or failure " . Bernard Rosenberg and Noreen Greenawalt, ex- temporaneous speakers, discussed the topic: Prob- lem of College Athletics. The oratory for Colorado University was, " We Cultural Hybrids " delivered by Ruth Inabu. Participants from Colorado: Bernard Rosenberg, Robert Berry, Philip Rouse, Neil Olson, Lillian Mary Slingerland, Ruth Inabu, Noreen Greenav alt, and Elaine Colvin. Extension speaking, an interesting feature of the forensic program, is important in that it is good train- ing for the debaters and provides a good speaking situation. Topics for discussions are chosen in ac- cordance with the interests of the group to which the discussion is carried. Speakers were sent to Granges, Longmont Lions Club, North Side Community Center, Adult Educa- tion Class, Y.M.C.A.. Denver, and missions and churches. A third form of activity participated in is a group of debates on the campus. On January 5, the University of California argued against " Collective Security " . Mark Huss and May ford Roark presented the affirmative side for Colorado. The question of government spending was argued by the South Da- kota School of Mines and Colorado. Both sides of the question were presented by Colorado. Speakers for the affirmative were Michael March and Clemens Thoman, and those for the negative were William P. Walker, and Bernard Rosenberg. The question was also argued with McMurrcry College. The Forensic Forum, sponsored by the Debating Association, holds discussions on current questions as suitable occasions arise. In the fall quarter a panel was held on the " Munich Pact " , and in the winter quarter a forum on President Roosevelt ' s armament program. In the forums, students and faculty members appear together, and discussion is elicited from the members of the audience. The Women ' s Debating Association participates in forensic events in which they are eligible, and in addition has a program of events distinctive to women. The women debated the men of Adelphi on the question: " Eleanor should succeed Franklin D. as President " , and were awarded the judge ' s deci- sion. Ruth Inabu and Mary Griffith debated for the women; Mark Huss and Robert Sowers for Adelphi. In a program of dual debates the women had such engagements as a debate before a required assem- bly at Greeley, in which Edith Rosenfeld and Ruth Inabu argued the affirmative of the question on grades. The officers of the organization are Mary Griffith, president; Ruth Inabu, secretary. Members include Lucille Allen, Mary Slingerland, Elaine Colvin, Edith Rosenfeld, Jane Goodman, Myra Jenkins, Erma Call- away, Margaret Chance, Marjorie Woodard, Rosalie Nickelson, Helene Monberg, Marilyn Miller, Noreen Greenawalt, Eleanor Huckeby. Huss, Inabu, Griffith, Parrett, Rosenfeld Page 239 Debate Squad RICHARD MURPHY FACULTY ADVISERS MACK EASTON ELBERT HARRINGTON ROBERT G. BERRY JULIAN BRADSHER DELMAR CARLSON ROBERT C. GASEN ROY GOLDIN MARK HUSS CLINTON E. JENCKS CLEMENT MARKERT MICHAEL S. MARCH STEWART NELSON NEIL OLSON WILLIAM B. PAYNTER, JR. MEMBERS OF SPEECH GROUP LEWIS M. PARRETT EVAN PETERSON ROSCOE PILE ALLAN RICHARDS MAYFORD ROARK PHILIP ROUSE BERNARD L. ROSENBERG ED. SCHEUNEMANN EDWARD SEIDENSTICKER MAURICE SHIELDS GEORGE STEELE CLEMENS THOMAN WILLIAM P. WALKER OTHO WOOD GARLAND BEARDEN LUTHER STRINGHAM DANIEL NIDESS RALPH McFANN JACK WILLIAMS KENNETH YORK EDITH ROSENFELD RUTH INABU MARY GRIFFITH Back Row — Steele, Peterson, Carlson, Harrington, Huss, Easton, Roark, Gasen, March, Richards, Rosenberg. Fmnl Row — Monberq, Huckeby, Nelson, Parrelt, Chance, Rosenield, Griffith, Woodard, Weintraub, Inabu. Page 240 ■ r« Adeiphi OFFICERS STEWART NELSON President MARK HUSS Vice-President BRUCE GUSTIN Secretary DANIEL NIDESS Treasurer D. MACK EASTON Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS ELBERT W. HARRINGTON RICHARD MURPHY MEMBERS D. MACK EASTON CLINTON JENCKS VITO ROMANS ARNOLD BIELLA FRANCIS KELTON ALVIN ROSENBAUM STANLEY CROSS ALVIN LICHENSTEIN FRED SCHWARTZ THEODORE CURTIS LEWIS PARRETT GEORGE STRAIN LOUIS DEGEN ALLAN RICHARDS ROBERT SPIEGLEMAN SDNEY EMESON WILLIAM STRYKER Front Row — Rev. Cotton, Harrington, Easton, Kelton, Parrett, Nidess, Richards, Emeson. Bacl: Row — Nelson, Huss, Gustin, Strain Jencks, Lichenstein, Curtis. Page 241 Delta Sigma Rho OFFICERS KENNETH YORK President LUTHER STRINGHAM Vice-President MARK HUSS Secretary LEWIS PARRETT Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS MACK EASTON ELBERT HARRINGTON RICHARD MURPHY KENNETH YORK EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN LEWIS PARRETT LUTHER STRINGHAM ROBERT TYLER MARK HUSS ALVIN ROSENBAUM Page 242 Honoraries ■ -mii Pkl Beta Kappa OFFICERS ROBERT L. STEARNS BENJAMIN S. GALLAND . IDA L. SWAYNE . . . COLIN B. GOODYKOONTZ CLARIBEL KENDALL . . President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Secretcay -Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS AND MEMBERS IN GRADUATE SCHOOL W. DAVID BEMMELS HAROLD BENJAMIN FREDERICK D. BRAMHALL JAMES W. BROXON FREDERICK A. BUSHEE RAYMOND C. CARLSON PAUL M. CLARK CHARLES H. CUNKLE THOMAS DEVANEY CARL C. ECKHARDT PERCY S. FRITZ BENJAMIN S. GALLAND DORIS B. GAREY F. E. E. GERMANN HELEN GIBBON RAYBURNE W. GOEN GORDAN GOERNER JOHN GROOTHUIS COLIN B. GOODYKOONTZ ROBERT J. HANNELLY FRANCES JAMESON MYRA ELLEN JENKINS LOUISE JOHNSON CLARIBEL KENDALL HUGH M. KINGERY LEONARD L. LEH PAULINE MARSHALL HERMAN S. MAUL R. WAYNE MOODY THOMAS E. MOORE GEORGE NORLIN JACK D. OGILVY FRANCIS RAMALEY MARJORIE REYBURN EDNA M. REYNOLDS WINIFRED RIGGS EDNA D. ROMIG PAUL G. SHROEDER EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN DOROTHY STANLEY ROBERT L. STEARNS FREDERIC STORKE FRANCES P. STRIBIC IDA L. SWAYNE ROBERT TYLER MABEL VAN DUZEE MAUDE C. WHITING ANNA C. WILLIAMS FRANCIS WOLLE PHILIP G. WORCHESTER KENNETH YORK HAROLD C. BALLARD ELY E. BELL ROBERT D. CAMPBELL PARDO F. DELLIOUADRI EMMANUEL R. FUCHS M. ETHEL HAINES DUDLEY I. HUTCHINSON, JR. ALDULA R. JOHNSON LAURA K. LAWRENCE MEMBERS ELECTED SPRING 1938 HERMAN S. MAUL R. WAYNE MOODY EDWARD R. MULVIHILL WILLIAM D. MUNRO MARGARET R. OSWALD MARY ELLEN PALANO CARLEN OUARNBERG CARRIE C. ROMANS NORMA RUTH SCHENLER MARGARET MARR STARLA LUTHER W. STRINGHAM, JR. CRISTOL E. TIGER DWIGHT E. WARD RANDALL M. WHALEY MARJORIE M. WHELDON HELEN D. WOODLING WILLIAM D. WRIGHT III JEAN E. CAMPBELL LOUISE MARION COOK MEMBERS ELECTED FALL 1938 MICHAL S. MARCH LEWIS M. PARRETT LEOTA F. PEKRUL CATHERINE ELLEN ROEMER JOHN ROBERT SPENCER Page 244 Tau Beta Pi National Honorary Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS CARL O. WOOD President JAMES H. LEAR Vice-President CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL . Conesponding Secretary NORMAN R. SCHULTZ . . . Recording Secretary WAYNE S. BEATTIE Treasurer ARTHUR J. McNAIR Cataloguer FRANK S. BAUER WAYNE S. BEATTIE WILLIAM F. BRUBAKER WALLACE L. CASSELL FRED W. COOPER RODERICK L. DOWNING W. CLINTON DUVALL FRANK A. EASTOM FACULTY MEMBERS CLARENJL L. LvJKLL HERBERT S. EVANS WILLIAM I. HAZARD LE ROY HOLUBAR CHARLES A. HUTCHINSON OLIVER C. LESTER W. F. MALLORY ARTHUR J. McNAIR WALTER K. NELSON LEO C. NOVAK EDISON E. O ' CONNELL HARLAN B. PALMER NORMAN A. PARKER WARREN RAEDER S. L. SIMMERING L. CLIFTON SNIVELY JOHN A. ANDERSON WILLIAM C. BAUER GEORGE S. BRANDT WALTER M. CARLSON WILLIAM C. DUTTON BEN F. FISHER J. EMMETT FULLER MEMBERS ROBERT R. LANG JAMES H. LEAR ROBERT O. LITTLEJOHN CHARLES R. LONGSTREET ROBERT E. LUNN HOWARD M. PERRY JOHN A. PHILPOTT MARVIN A. REMKE CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL NORMAN R. SCHULTZ ROBERT E. SIMMERING PAUL W. WELCH CARL O. WOOD WILLIS G. WORCESTER Front flow, Irom lell (o right — Rockel, Schultz, Lear, PhilpotI, Wood. Second Row — Anderson, Dutton, Longstreet. Fuller, Lang. Third flow — LitUeiohn, Brandt, Lunn, Simmering, Worcester. Fourth Row — Perry, Welch, Bauer, Remke, Fisher. Page 245 Heart and Dagger Honorary Society for Senior Men OFFICERS JAMES LEAR President NORMAN SCHULTZ Vice-President RAY HILL Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS WALTER B. FRANKLIN DR. GEORGE H. LIGHT MEMBERS GEORGE CRISWELL RAY HILL NORMAN SCHULTZ JAMES LEAR Second Row — Norman Schultz, Jim Lear, Richard McMuUen, Walt Franklin. First Row — George Criswell, Dr. George H. Light, Ray Hill. f Page 246 Mortar Board National Honorary for Senior Women OFFICERS BEVERLEY SMITH President LEOTA PEKRUL Vice-President LOUISE ARMSTRONG . . . Recording Secretary RUTH PLANK .... Corresponding Secretary CHARLOTTE SPENGLER Treasurer HENRIETTA HERZBERGER Historian DOROTHY SLAUGHTER Editor MARION HACKSTAFF .... Social Chairman DEAN LYDIA BROWN MISS CLARIBEL KENDALL FACULTY MEMBERS MISS DOROTHY MARTIN MISS IRENE McKEEHAN MISS FRANCES STRIBIC MRS. GEORGE NORLIN, Honorary Adviser LOUISE ARMSTRONG MARION HACKSTAFF HENRIETTA HERZBERGER MEMBERS LEOTA PEKRUL RUTH PLANK THERESE STENGEL— Honorary Member DOROTHY SLAUGHTER BEVERLEY SMITH CHARLOTTE SPENGLER Third Row — Marion Hackstaff, Henrietta Herzberger, Ruth Plank. Second How — Dorothy Slaughter. First Row — Louise Armstrong, Leota Pekrul, Beverley Smith, Charlotte Spengler. . 1 1 1 Page 247 Sumaita Honorary Society for Junior Men OFFICERS BERT B. BUTCHER . . RICHARD F. McMULLEN PHILIP STANLEY CROSS President Vice-President Secretary BERT B. BUTCHER PHILIP STANLEY CROSS WILLIAM C. DERRYBERRY ROYAL W. DOW DAVE) GAMBILL MEMBERS JOHN HICKMAN RAY R. HILL HORACE B. HOLMES RICHARD K. KEARNS JAMES H. LEAR CHARLES LOWEN RICHARD F. McMULLEN DON SMITH WILLARD A. WARNOCK JAMES C. WILLCOXON Standing — Wamock, Smith, Holmes, Lear, Gambill, Hill. Seated — Derryberry, Butcher, Hickman. Page 248 Hesperla Honorary Society for Junior Women OFFICERS MARY COLE President MARGUERITE JOHNSON .... Vice-President EVALYN PROUTY Secretary DORIS SANTO Treasurer CLARA M. BARNES JEAN S. BOVARD MARY L. COLE NANCY M. ELLZEY ELLEN FRARY MEMBERS CHARLINE FREDERICK MARGUERITE E. JOHNSON JOAN V. KENDRICK PATRICIA E. KENNEDY BETTY NELL LOW BETTY RAE PADFIELD EVALYN PROUTY DORIS L. SANTO GERALDINE A. WARSHAUER Third Row — Fredrick, Kennedy, Frary, Barnes. Second flow — Cole, Santo, Low, Warshauer, Kendrick. First Row — Prouty, Johnson, Ellzey. Poge 249 ScLmltar CHRISTIAN ARNOLD DAVID ATKINSON LEWIS BECK ERIE BOORMAN BERLIN BOYD WILLIAM BRADFORD LYLE BRAY DALE BRISTOL DONALD CLARK JAMES COULTER LOREN CREESE TSCHUDY DUNGAN PAUL DUKES EARLE DEVALON CHARLES FISHER MEMBERS JOHN FORNEY GENE GROVE TOM GURMATAKIS WILLIAM HAGE ROBERT HALL JACK HARVEY WILLIAM HEADLEY WARREN HENRIKSON JAMES HICKEY GERALD HILLYARD HENRY HOBBS LLOYD JOHNSON ROBERT KLINDWORTH GEORGE LOVERING ROBERT MAUL WALTER MACK ROBERT MAUGHAN JOHN PATTERSON PAUL PHILLIPS JAMES PHILPOTT LEX OUARNBERG FRANK RADFORD TED REED WILLIAM SLOAN JOHN STEARNS WILLIAM STRANNIGAN FOSTER STURDEVANT REX TOMLINSON THOMAS TEN EYCK WILLIAM WALLRICH GEORGE WRIGHT First Bow — Hall, Radford, Johnson, Her.rikson. Second fiow — Mack, Dukes, Sloan, Hickey. Third flow — Phillips, Forney, Boorman, Tomlinson. Fourth Row — Devalon, Arnold, Levering, Gurmatakis, Fi (h Row — Wallrich, Beck, Grove, Maughan. Page 250 Spur OFFICERS EDNA MOOR FALK President BETTY HUTCHINSON Vice-President ELISE MONTANDON Treasurer NANCY NASH Secretary ALMA MAE GRAVES Reporter MEMBERS MARGARET JANE BEARD MARY FRANCES BIRK CATHERINE MARY BURNHAM VIRGINIA A. BUTTON DOROTHY JEAN CLAUS ELIZABETH FRANCES CRIPPEN EDNA MOOR FALK EMILY JANE FRITCH LOIS MARIE GERMANN JEAN ELIZABETH GILLETT ALMA MAE GRAVES CHARLOTTE ROCKWELL GRIGGS LEATHA MAE HARRIS VELORA ANNETTE HILLS RUTH EVELYN HOOKER BETTY HUTCHINSON PATRICIA G. INGALLS ELIZABETH IRELAND DOROTHY MARIE JENKINS LORRAINE R. KELSO KATHERINE A. KEMPTON LUCKEY KNOWLES MARGARET E. McNAMARA LOUISE STUART MARSHALL ELISE M. MONTANDON NANCY COMBS NASH BEATRICE E. NILSSON LOIS MARGARET NELSON YVONNE E. NORTHCUTT DONNA REBECCA OWEN SHIRLEY L. PORTER JOSEPHINE SARAH PYLE DOROTHY G. RIGGS VIRGINIA ROGERS YVONNE SALIBA MARGARET E. SPRINGSTEAD VIRGINIA MAE STENZEL MAXINE LILLIAN TUNNELL MATIE JEAN WASHBURN KATHERINE ADELE WRIGHT Leit to Right — Bumham, Washburn, Griogs, Porter. Birk. Springstead, Northcutt, Knowles, Graves, Ireland, Crippen, Kelso, Marshall, Montandon, Hills. Hutchinson, Claus, Ingalls, Falk, Rogers, Button, Germann, Hooker, Porter, Riggs, McNomara, Tunnell, Jenkins, Nelson, Beard, Nilsson. Page 25 i Phi Epsllon Phi OFFICERS JACK McALEER President CHARLES McCORMICK .... Vice-President MAURICE CALDWELL Secretary GAYLORD HOLMES Treasurer } DONALD ALLEN JOHN ANDERSON JACK BALL JOHN BARTRAM RONALD BECK JULES BLOCH MAURICE CALDWELL HARRY CLAUSSEN WILLIAM CONKLING JAMES COWDEN STANLEY CROSS THEODORE CURTIS REEL DAVIS HARVEY DOWLEN JIM DRYDEN LENAIRE ECKMAN SIDNEY EMESON MEMBERS JOHN FORNEY PETE FRANCOS ALBERT FRENCH MYRON GOLDBERG JOHN GRAVESTOCK BRUCE GUSTIN WILLIAM HAGE EDWARD W. HAYES JOHN HODGE GAYLORD HOLMES MARK HUSS JACK KNOX JAMES LAMBERT GEORGE LOVERING ROBERT LUNN JACK McALEER CHARLES McCORMICK STEWART NELSON DANIEL NIDESS ALAN NYE FRED O ' DAY GEORGE PETERSON ROBERT ROSENKRANS WILLIAM SLICKERMAN ROBERT SPIEGELMAN BENJAMIN SWAN CLIFFORD VAGNEUR JOE VOLLMER CHARLES WALKER GORDON WELLER DAVID WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILLIAMSON EUGENE WISEMAN JOHN WITT Fiont Bow — Emeson, Knox, Cross, Slickerman, Caldwell, Swan, Eckman, Hodge. Second flow — Goldberg, Forney, Bartram, Conkling, Claussen, Dryden, Dowlen, Hayes. Third Row — Allen, McAleer, Weller, Williams, Vagneur, Spiegelman. Fo urth Row — Garrett, Cowden, Bloch, Gravestock, Witt, Lunn, Lambert, Ball, Walker, Holmes. Filth Row — McCormick, Huss, Rosenkrans, Peterson, Midess. •rf 11 ir Page 2b2 Kappa Kappa Psl National Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS WILLIAM DUTTON President JOHN PUGH Vice-President J. FRED JOHNSON, JR Secretary HOWARD BRITTELL Secretary JOSEPH WRIGHT Editor HUGH McMillan Director LESTER KUENTZEL Manager HONORARY MEMBERS HORACE JONES HUGH McMILLAN ACTIVE MEMBERS HOWARD BRITTELL LESTER KUENTZEL JOHN PUGH WILLIAM DUTTON WALTER LAWRENCE CORDER SMITH J. FRED JOHNSON, JR. MERLE MAHONE JOSEPH WRIGHT PLEDGES WILLIAM BAUER ROBERT HARRIS RICHARD KERR DIXON BENSTER EDWARD KEHN WALLACE NEILL WILLIAM CHAPMAN JOHN RICHERT Second flow Dulton, Puqh, Smith, Kuentzel, Lawrence. First Row — McMillan, Johnson, Mahono, Wright. . - v " " ■ VJT _ _ 1 Page 253 Sigma Tan OFFICERS JOHN A. ANDERSON President JAMES H. LEAR Vice-President CARL M. BENNETT Historian CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL Secretary JOHN A. PHILPOTT Treasurer JOHN A. ANDERSON STANLEY APPLEGATE WILLIAM C. BAUER CARL M. BENNETT BURTON P. BROWN SIDNEY C. BRUCE WALTER M. CARLSON CLIFFORD W. COLMAN THOMAS E. DALBY WILLIAM C. DUTTON JOHN T. FALLON VERNON O. FEY ROBERT R. FISHEL BENJAMIN F. FISHER MEMBERS JAMES E. FULLER GEORGE E. GLESS, JR. A. EDWIN HAAK JOHN A. HODGE, JR. ROBERT B. JOHNSON, JR. ROBERT R. LANG JAMES H. LEAR ROBERT O. LITTLEJOHN C. ROBERT LONGSTREET ROBERT E. LUNN WILLIAM A. MARSHALL ROBERT F. MAUGHAN HARRY A. MAYOR EDWARD G. NAYLOR HOWARD M. PERRY JOHN A. PHILPOTT ROBERT R. POMEROY MARVIN A. REMKE CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL NORMAN R. SCHULTZ LOWELL G. SHEARER MILO A. STAPP MERRILL C. TEATS DICKERSON H. TREMMEL PAUL W. WELCH CARL O. WOOD ALFRED S. WILLUMSEN EARL C. ZEITLER Fiith Row — Welch, Haak, Stapp, Brown, Perry, Bauer, Rerake, Fallon. Fourth Row — Willumsen, Lunn, Fey, Johnson, Fisher, Lang, Applegate, Naylor. Third Row — Teats, Zeitler, Gless, Marshall, Schultz, Llttlejohn, Colman. Second Row — Wood, Hodge, Fishel, Shearer, Dutton, Longstreet, Mayor, Dolby First Row — Anderson, Philpott, Lear, Fuller, Bennett, Pomeroy, Rockel. Page 254 Eta Kappa Nu National Electrical Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS ROBERT LONGSTREET WILLIAM DUTTON ROBERT LITTLEIOHN BURTON BROWN President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary PAUL H. KIMMEL Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS PROFESSOR WALLACE L. CASSELL MR. FRED W. COOPER PROFESSOR FRANK A. EASTOM DEAN HERBERT S. EVANS MR. LEROY HOLUBAR PROFESSOR C. M. McCORMICK MEMBERS JOHN A. ANDERSON BURTON P. BROWN WILLIAM C. DUTTON SIDNEY C. BRUCE FLOYD H. BUSCH CLIFFORD W. COLMAN PAUL H. KIMMEL HOWARD M. PERRY ROBERT O. LITTLEIOHN NORMAN R. SCHULTZ C. ROBERT LONGSTREET WILLIS G. WORCESTER PLEDGES ROBERT R. FISHEL ROBERT R. LANG GEORGE E. GLESS BILL R. SHEPHARD CLYDE C. SWETT Back flow — Sydney Bruce, Burton Brown, Prot. Cassell, Paul Kimmel, Prof. Easlom. Second flow — Prof. DuVall, Clifford Colman, Bill Shephard, Howard Perry, Floyd Busch, Willis Worcester. Prof. McCormick. Firsf flow — Mr. Cooper, Robert Lang, John Anderson, Norman Schultz, Robert Longstreet, George Gless, Robert Liltlejohn, Robert Fishel. Page 255 Chi Epsdon National Honorary Civil and Architectural Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS CARL M. BENNETT President ROBERT R. POMEROY Vice-President A. EDWIN HAAK Secretary J. ARVID HANSON Treasurer GEORGE S. BRANDT . . Associate Editor of Transit FACULTY MEMBERS RODERIC L. DOWNING ARTHUR J. McNAIR L. B. SUTHERLAND CLARENCE L. ECKEL WARREN RAEDER WILLIAM H. THOMAN HONORARY MEMBERS R. T. CASS R. C. GOWDY J. T. SAVAGE H. S. CROCK A. O. RIDGEWAY R. L. TIPTON MEMBERS LEWIS E. ASHBAUGH A. EDWIN HAAK GEORGE C. IMRIE CARL M. BENNETT J. ARVID HANSON JAMES H. LEAR GEORGE S. BRANDT ROBERT R. POMEROY PLEDGES JAMES S. ANDERSON DOUGLAS E. DREIER LEO ROSENTHAL PAUL K. BOCK ROBERT B. HARRIS ROBERT E. SCHERRER THOMAS E. DALBY JOSEPH L. JONES ROLIN H. SHAW Fourth fiow — Rosenthal, Bennett, Ashbaugh, Haak, Bock. Third Row — Dreier, Lear, Anderson, Imrie. Second flow — Harris, Scherrer, Hanson, Dalby. Fkst Row — Pomeroy, Brandt, Shaw, Jones. Page 256 Pl Tau Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS CLIFFORD ROCKEL President JAMES FULLER Vice-President PAUL WELCH Secretary LOWELL SHEARER Treasurer N. A. PARKER Faculty Adviser F. S. BAUER W. S. BEATTIE G. S. DOBBINS FACULTY MEMBERS W. F. MALLOHY E. O ' CONNELL N. A. PARKER S. L. SIMMERING C. A. WAGNER FREDERICK G. BLAKEY JOHN T. FALLON BENJAMIN F. FISHER JAMES E. FULLER ALBERT R. GREGG MEMBERS HARRY A. MAYOR PHILIP F. MOORE EDWARD G. NAYLOR JOHN A. PHILPOTT MARVIN A. REMKE CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL LOW ELL G. SHEARER ROBERT E. SIMMERING DICKERSON H. TREMMEL PAUL W. WELCH CARL O. WOOD Third Row — Remke, Fallon, Gregg. Second Row — Naylor, Fuller, Fisher, Wood. First Row — Rockel, Shearer. Moore. Page 257 Pkl Delta Chi Honorary Pharmacy and Chemistry Fraternity OFFICERS WARREN KENNISON President JAMES HOLMES Vice-President WILFRED HOWE Secretary JAMES SHY Treasurer DAVID W. O ' DAY Adviser CHARLES POE Adviser CHARLES BITTER FRED DROMMOND REUBEN G. GUSTAVSON JOHN C. ALMOND DONALD A. ARNDT GEORGE S. BRAGG FREDERICK H. BRANDENBURG ROBERT G. BURGE MERRILL W. DICKS CHARLES R. GREENAHALGH THOMAS M. BOYD ROBERT F. HALL ROBERT E. HEADLEE FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE P. HAGER DAVID O ' DAY CHARLES POE JOSEPH SPROWLS ACTIVE MEMBERS RUSSELL E. HOAGLAND JAMES B. HOLMES WILFRED E. HOWE RAYMOND J. KAHL WARREN S. KENNISON PETE T. PARKER PLEDGES ROBERT L. JOHNSON LE ROY J. LYNTON ELVIN J. McCLURKIN HOMER C. WASHBURN BRIGGS WHITE NORMAN WITT KEITH M. ROBINSON JAMES C. SHY RICHARD W. SIMMONS JAMES L. SPICER ARTHUR STEVENSON KENDALL B. VAUGHAN ALVIN VOIGHT JACK M. ROBINSON FRED W. TILLOTSON RAYMOND O. VANDAPOOL Fourth Row — Hall, Greenahalgh, Burge, Lynton, Kennison, Vandopool, Stevenson, McClurkin. Third Row — Shy, Hoagland, Boyd, Parker, Johnson, Vaughan, Headlee, Brandenburg. Second Row — Holmes, Robinson, Tillotson, Howe, Spicer, Dicks, Arndt. First Row — Almond, Sprowls, Bitter, O ' Day, Witt, Hager, Voight. Pag© 258 Alpha Epsdon Delta Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity OFFICERS CHARLES POE . Grand President and Faculty Adviser ROBERT SPENCER President RICHARD KERR . . . Vice-President and Editor RICHARD SIMMONS Secretary PHILIP STUMM Treasurer MARY OLSON Historian T. D. A. COCKERELL E. D. CRABB PAUL M. DEAN JOHN CLAYTON ALMOND GEORGE S. BRAGG FRED BRANDENBURG ROBERT G. BURGE VERN A. DUNBAR HOWARD J. FISHER lACK JAY FOX PETE G. FRANCOS LAWRENCE M. GWINN, JR. FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN b. EKLLLY REUBEN G. GUSTAVSON OLIVER LESTER CHARLES F. POE MEMBERS ROBERT F. HALL ROBERT F. HEADLEE RUSSELL E. HOAGLAND LOUISE HOFFMAN WARREN S. KENNISON RICHARD C. KERR CHARLES ANDREW MONROE PHILIP O. NICE GLEN WAKEHAM HOWARD FISHER NORMAN F. WITT MARY L. OLSON LAWRENCE PROUTY JESSE E. ROE JAMES C. SHY RICHARD SIMMONS JOHN ROBERT SPENCER REUBEN A. STEVENSON PHILIP W. STUMM FRED TILLOTSON Third Row — TUlotson. Monroe, Almond, Spencer, Brandenburg. Second Row — Stumm. Nice, Dr. Poe. Dunbar. First Row — Shy, Gwinn. Hall, Frangos, Kennison. ■ a li dki ■ v. A B f H Ba l B EiT Page 259 Pl Gamma Mu National Social Science Fraternity OFFICERS VERA BECKER President MICHAEL MARCH Vice-President HENRIETTA HERZBERGER Secretary I W. S. BERNARD FACULTY MEMBERS F. D. BRAMHALL E. C. CROCKETT F. A. BUSHEE VERA BECKER GEORGE CLEMENTS HENRIETTA HERZBERGER HORACE HOLMES CLINTON JENCKS MEMBERS ESTHER LAFFERTY MICHAEL MARCH MURIEL MAY STEWART NELSON LEWIS PARRETT RALPH POLITTE LEX QUARNBERG BEVERLEY SMITH HOMER SOBEL CLEMENS THOMAN JOHN WELLS BRINTON HOWARD HIGMAN GRADUATE MEMBERS HAROLD MEFFORD CHARLES OMER CARLETON REED LUTHER STR INGHAM I Page 260 lota Sigma Pi Women ' s National Honorary Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS LEOTA F. PEKRUL President LA NELLE F. LALLIER Vice-President HELEN GIBBON .... Conesponding Secretary EVA HEIMER . Recording Secretary and Treasurer MRS. HAZEL A. FEHLMANN . . Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS MRS. HAZEL A. FEHLMANN HELEN GIBBON EVA HEIMER DR. EDNA JOHNSON LA NELLE F. LALLIER LEOTA F. PEKRUL IDA SWAYNE ANNA WILLIAMS MRS. PAUL M. DEAN HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. JOHN B. EKELEY MRS. R. G. GUSTAVSON Back flow — Lallier, Mrs. Fehlmann. Miss Gibbon. Miss Williams. FronI flow — Pekrul, Heimer, Miss Swayne. Page 261 Phi Slgnia lota Honorary Rorr.ance Language Fraternity OFFICERS MARY ALICE MURPHY President MARCELINE HEYER Vice-President HOPE CASSELL Secretary-Treasurer LAURETTA MALONEY . . . Program Chairman DR. RALPH WARNER . . Corresponding Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS DR. ROY COX MR. WELDON LITSEY DR. RALPH WARNER DR. STUART CUTHBERTSON MRS. MIRIAM RIEDER MRS. ROSETTA WOLCOTT DR. PAUL LOUIS FAYE MISS BERNICE UDICK MISS SALLY PEEBLES MEMBERS FLORENCE BEATTY HOPE CASSELL WILLIAM MACKEY MARGARET BIRK MARCELINE HEYER LAURETTA MALONEY JEAN CAMPBELL MAXINE HOWARD MARY ALICE MURPHY LOUISE LEE GRADUATES LORENE BAKER LOUISE NEWBOLD MYRA YANCEY Second Row — Moloney, Cox, Cuthbertson, Litsey, Mackey, Warner, Faye. Heyer. First Row — Beatty, Yancey, Howard, Campbell, Murphy, Birk, ' " asf o]!, ' ' ' n li " " ' - " - - ' Page 262 Delta Phi Delta Honorary Art Fraternity OFFICERS RUTH ZEIGLER . . JESSIE JUNE OTT . EVALYN PROUTY . MARY LOU DREFFEIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MURIEL SIBELL DOROTHY EISENBACH FACULTY MEMBERS FRANCIS GECK JAMES BOYLE NORMAN DAILY FREDERICK TRUCKSESS ROBERTA COX MARY LOU DREFFEIN DOROTHY FESLER MARTHA LEPPER ACTIVE MEMBERS JESSIE JUNE OTT MARJORIE OWENS EVALYN PROUTY HARRIET McSWEEN RHODA WECHSLER ELLEN FRARY RUTH ZEIGLER Back Row — Cox, McSween, Frary. Front Row — Dreffein, Prouty, Zeigler, Ott. Page 263 Boys hashing girls D ' yct see me in here? Max Morton, Phi Gam, " Now here ' s a good number, Drake, 1415 " Jim Willcoxon, Sig Alph, in the lap of Mor- pheus alias Scot Payne, Phi Gam We have to make these eight o ' clocks somehow Phi Tau wit Turning on the heat We give up, who is he? " So I gave him a right to the jaw " Salvation Army sleep walking Showing us her itchings Dorothy May Northcutt, Kappa, with a 30 mile smile Even your best friends won ' t tell you, Joan Yes, Bonnie, a camera A lighthouse, a moon, and some vultures Showing up in sweaters. Jean Dudgeon, silo bound You ' re out of step, Sally Duffke, stooge, and trailer Pretty flagstones La Roux Groves, Kappa, " I always brush my teeth this way " Fred Latcham, Chi Psi, asleep, don ' t let the paper fool you Betty Mclvor, Kappa, " Damn these cinders " Determination at eight o ' clock Jane Eastman plus clogs Jim Gutshall, Sig Alph, " Wanna make sumth ' in of it? " Portrait of a lady. - W II— 1- - Wl M , _ p ' ft b M l " ! fW9 f u Damn white Eric or a dead body in the foreground? Three men not on a horse Ev. Chesney, Delt, " See food! mama! " G ' wan, spit it out, Scotty " Beta or no Beta, I ' ve got my GLASSes on " La Roux must have a Payne " We want the body! " This should be investigated by the Dies committee Clara Barnes, Chi Omega, " Oh! Imagine being a marked woman " Slap happy Alpha Chi, Ginger Rogers Brinton the Wibtickler H ' m, dot don ' t look like Dixon ' s Moll The first D. G. cold shoulder ' Twould take a referee to unscramble this mess The Alpha Chi wedding ceremony. Prof essiona Is American Institute of Chemical Engineers MERRILL CHARY TEATS . WILLIAM CHARLES BAUER OFFICERS . President JOSEPH EDWARD STEPANEK Vice-President VERNON OTTO FEY . . Secretary Treasurer C. W. BORGMANN CARL M. AIKELE WAYNE ALEXANDER ALFORD BEN ALLISON STANLEY APPLEGATE ROBERT REESE BAINES ANTHONY JOSEPH BARNISH WILLIAM CHARLES BAUER HENRY ROSS BENSON ARTHUR EDWARD BRAINERD LYLE BRAY PAUL CANONICA WILLIAM FRANKLIN CLOUGH HUBERT ARTHUR COIT WILLIAM RALPH CONKLING VIRGIL COWEN JAMES LOWELL DAUGHERTY LOUIS DEGEN ARTHUR FATTOR FACULTY ADVISERS MEMBERS VERNON OTTO FEY RICHARD PHILIP FOX WILLIAM FAGAN GROSS BRUCE ALBERT GUSTIN WILLIAM BIRCH HARRIS CHARLES A. HINDES JOSEPH THOMAS HOBBS JOHN AUSTIN HODGE ARTHUR EARLE HOWERTON JAKE KAMMERZELL FRANK N. LAMMERMAN HAROLD LEROY LAWLER CHALMERS LOUGHRIDGE EDWIN McCRILLIS JAMES HAROLD McKENNA WAYNE KENNETH MANN LENTTON MEYERS RICHARD RANKIN NEVIUS LAWRENCE JOSEPH REILLY N. A. AGAPETUS DONALD CORWIN ROSE FRANK RUBINSON HOWARD EDWIN SARIN DAN JOSEPH SANTO DORAN R. SMITH MILO ATKINSON STAPP JOSEPH EDWARD STEPANEK MARION STUDEBAKER MERRILL CRARY TEATS LORRAIN E. TINNES FERRELL VON FROTHA JOHN G. WARNER JORDAN WEILLS DAVID FRANKLIN WILLIAMS PAUL HOMER WILSON GEORGE ALBERT WORKS ROY RUSSEL WRIGHT ROBERT CARLTON ZIEGLER Front Row — Harris, N. A. Agapetus, Stepanek, Fey, Teats, C. W. Borgmann, Mann, Lammerman, Howerton, Clough Second Row — Ziegler, McCrillis, Degen, Lawler, Bray, Hodge, Wilson, Nevius, Fisher, Fox, Warner. Third Row — Gross, Sabin, Conkling, Towse, Lunn, Williams, Santo, Barnish. Fourth Row — Kammerzell, Harvey, Gustin, Daugherty, Bains, Applegate, Works, Coit, Stapp. Rear Row -Carlson. Page 268 AmerLcan Society of Clvd Engineers ALBERT EDWIN HAAK CARL MELVIN BENNETT C. L. OFFICERS . . . President ROBERT REX POMEROY . Vice-President ROLLIN HOWARD SHAW ECKEL Faculty Adviser Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS JAMES S. ANDERSON LEWIS E. ASHBAUGH CLARA M. BARNES JOHN LOUIS BAUGH HOWARD C. BEABER CARL MELVIN BENNETT RAYMOND D. BERGMAN PAUL KENNETH BOCK GEORGE S. BRANDT THEODORE F. BUIRGY LESLIE A. CLAYTON CHARLES CONRADO OUINCY C. CORNELIUS THOMAS E. DALBY WILFRED H. DEVORE SIDNEY E. DINNER STANLEY L. DODSON FRED D. DOUGLASS DOUGLAS E. DREIER WILLIAM I. DRESCHER EUGENE R. EAST ABE EMESON GEORGE EVANS CHARLES W. FISCHER HUGO B. FOLLUM JOE W. FOUNTAIN WILLIAM F. FRANK JOSEPH H. FREEDMAN MELVIN G. GELWICKS ALBERT EDWIN HAAK GEORGE F. HANKS JOHN ARVID HANSON ROBERT BLYNN HARRIS CLIFFORD A. HENRY CHARLES E. HIKES GEORGE C. IMRIE jAMiiiS M. INGLES JOSEPH LEE JONES FRED A. KELSALL RUSSELL F. KIMBALL FRANK C. KING WILLIAM T. KRIEGHOFF JAMES HOWARD LEAR WILLIAM F. LEFEVRE WILLIAM A. McCLURE SAMUEL E. McCREARY EDWARD J. MALONEY JOHN DONALD MAYER ISADORE MULIAS RAYMOND ORTEZ LESLIE C. PAMPEL MILTON R. PARRISH ROBERT REX POMEROY WILLIAM O. REEVES LESTER ARTHUR ROBB TIM J. ROGERS LEO ROSENTHAL NAT S. SACHTER ROBERT E. SCHERRER HARRY PAUL SHAW ROLLIN H. SHAW EDWARD P. SNYDER ELMER E. SOWERS MAHMOOD K. TAHER R. J. A. THOMSON JOSEPH F. VOLLMER HAROLD V. WILLIAMS RAY JOHN WINGER WARREN K. WOODIS ERARD M. WOODSON DEWEY S. WRIGHT RAYMOND D. WRIGHT Front flow — Scherrer, Robb, Emeson, LeFevre, East, Bergman, Henry, Gardner, Gleason, Freedman. Second flow — R. L. Downing, Harris, Rosenthal, DeVore, A. J. Mc fair, Dodson, Barnes, Winger, Jones, Beaber, Bennett, Wright. Third flow — Woodis, Ortez, Lear, Pomeroy, Evans, Bock, Anderson, Buirgy, Pampel, Kelsall, Shaw. Fourth Row — Brandt, Hanks, Petersen, Gelwicks, McOuaid, Ingles, Drescher, Roley, Taher, Thomson. Sowers, Cornelius. Filth flow — Snyder, Shaw, Baugh, Erickson, Dreier, Williams, Case, Wilson, Murphy, McCreary, Wolcotl. Sixth flow— W. Raeder, Whisler, O ' Hara, Parrish, Krieghoff, R. E. Ralhburn, Reeves, Powell, C. L. Eckel. Seventh flow — Moloney, Dinner, McNeill, Prater, Frank, Haak, Kimball, Mulias, W. H. Thoman, VoUmer. Last Row — Ashbaugh, TenEyck, Walker, McQure, Woodson, Rogers, Imrie, Hanson. Pago 269 American Institute of Electrical Engineers OFFICERS HOWARD MILTON PERRY President NORMAN RUDOLPH SCHULTZ . . Vice-President WILLIAM CORYDON DUTTON . . . Secretary ROBERT ORVAL LITTLEJOHN .... Treasurer H. B. PALMER Faculty Adviser W. L. CASSELL F. W. COOPER HERMAN F. ALVORD GEORGE H. ANDERSON JOHN A. ANDERSON ROBERT G. ANDERSON MARK WINFIELD BAKER JACK WILLIAM BELL ROBERT CLARK BOYD BURTON P. BROWN WILBUR C. BROWN SIDNEY CLYDE BRUCE CHARLES W. BURRELL WM. A. BURZLANDER FLOYD H. BUSCH ROBERT L. CARBREY WM. C. CARPENTER CHARLES W. CHAPMAN FACULTY MEMBERS W. C. DUVALL H. S. EVANS MEMBERS WILLIAM H. CLARK CLIFFORD W. COLMAN JOHN FRANCIS COYLE HAROLD L. CRISP ELL HAROLD S. DAVIS WILLIAM C. DUTTON RALPH EUGENE FABER ROBERT RALPH FISHEL WILLIAM H. FISHER EDWARD C. GESSERT GEORGE E. GLESS F. CHAS. GUMPHRECHT CLYDE EARL HARTMAN PAUL H. JOHNSON ROBERT E. JONES PAUL H. KIMMEL ROBERT R. LANG WALTER D. LAWRENCE ROBERT O. LITTLEJOHN JAMES C. LIVESAY CHAS. R. LONGSTREET ALBERT LUSIC FRED JAS. MacDONALD STANLEY E. McELROY ROBERT WM. MELLISH GORDON R. MESMER CHARLES H. MURRAY D. W. PATTERSON HOWARD M. PERRY LAWRENCE A. PICK F. A. EASTOM C. M. McCORMICK HOWARD ALVA PIERCE RUSSELL LEE RAMSAY HOWARD C. ROSSMAN NORMAN R. SCHULTZ BILLY R. SHEPARD WAYNE LEROY SMITH DONALD E. SPARN R. ELMO STEPHENSON CLYDE C. SWETT ROBERT F. TSCHANNEN PLATT WICKS IVAN A. WILLIAMS ALFRED S. WILLUMSEN WILLIS G. WORCESTER RAYMOND D. WRIGHT IRVING ZAMBAKIAN Front Row — Brown, Zambakian, Weers, Murray, Dutton, Longstreet, Anderson, Hartman. Second Row — Fitzmorris, Silver, Spam, Johnson, Littlejohn, Crispell, V right. Third Row — Schultz, Perry, Rouse, Shepard, Compton, Williams, Fisher. Fourfh Row — Bruce, Brown, Kimmel, Worcester, Livesay, Baker, C. M. McCormick, Lang. Last Row — Firth, Hage. Page 270 American Society of Meckanical Engineers OFFICERS ROBERT EDWARD SIMMERING . . . President JAMES EMMETT FULLER .... Vice-President LOWELL G. SHEARER Secretary CLIFFORD M. ROCKEL Treasurer W. S. BEATTIE Faculty Adviser JOHN R. ACKERMANN WILLIAM R. ALLAN ROBERT M. ANCELL FREDRICK GATES BLAKEY LAWRENCE STRITE BURT CHARLES LOUIS CARPENTER JOHN B. CASTLE DELACROIX DAVIS ROYAL W. DOW PAUL CLIFTON DUKES LYLE ELMER EATON CHARLES J. ELZI ARCHIE J. ESTES JOHN T. FALLON BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FISHER JAMES EMMETT FULLER MEMBERS ALFRED WILLIAM GIACOMINI EDWARD H. GODDARD ANTHONY JOSEPH GONZALES ALBERT RAYMOND GREGG JOHN RICHARD IMMEL ROBERT B. JOHNSON ROBERT WARREN LAUTH WILLIAM AUSTIN MARSHALL ARCHIE MELLON KENNETH CLARK METCALFE PHILIP FOSDICK MOORE EDWARD G. NAYLOR CLYDE THOMAS NEARY BENSON F. PALMER LELAND WALTER PARRISH MAURICE E. PETERSEN JOHN ARTHUR PHILPOTT MARVIN HEADDEN POPE MARVIN ARTHER REMKE FRED G. ROBINSON CLIFFORD MERRILL ROCKEL J. ROBERT ROSENKRANS WALTER BARTLETT SCOTT LOWELL G. SHEARER ROBERT EDWARD SIMMERING WILLIAM SLOBODNIK EDWARD HAROLD SODERBERG SAM D. STAHLEY GALEN C. THOMAS DEANE B. VALENTINE MAYNARD J. WARNEKE PAUL WARD WELCH CARL O. WOOD front flow — Moore, Shearer, Williams, lustis, Gonzales, Burt, Allan. Second flow — Marshall, Valentine, Soderberg, Simmering, George, Philpott. Dukes, Pope, Mullins. Third Row — Ancell, Neary, Mellon, Welch, Parrish, Gregg, Scott. Los( Row — S. L. Simmering, N. A. Parker, W. S. Beattie, Thomas, Fuller. Page 271 Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity OFFICERS HOWARD EUGENE BRITTELL .... President HARRY HERMAN MOLL .... Vice-President JOHN R. P. WHEELER Secretary WILLARD ANGOVE WARNOCK . . . Treasurer E. PETERSEN Faculty Adviser L. V. ASPINWALL F. A. BUSHEE FACULTY MEMBERS E. H. CRAMER W. B. FRANKLIN F. R. NIEHAUS W. H. SLATON THOMAS SPARE BOHMAN ROBERT GUYER BONHAM JOHN MARTY BRILL HOWARD EUGENE BRITTELL JAMES NATHAN BROWN BENJAMIN THURLBY CLARK WILLIAM CHAS. DERRYBERRY THOMAS ARTHUR DIXON DAVID JAMES DRYDEN MEMBERS FRANK CHARLES ELMORE WILLIAM B. FANT FERRIN GILBERT HARSCH JACK FRANCIS LATORRA COVER MENDENHALL HARRY HERMAN MOLL ALLEN LEROY NYE WALTER O ' BRIEN MILES LEAVITT PALMER WILBUR MYRON PRYOR ARTHUR T. RATCLIFFE BENJAMIN F. STAPLETON DONALD THURMAN WILLARD ANGOVE WARNOCK JOHN R. P. WHEELER CHESTER W. WHITELAW ADRIAN EARL WILLIAMSON CAR ROLL JAMES WILSON Front Row — Moll, Ratcliffe, F. R. Niehaus, L. V. Aspinwall, E. Petersen, Brittell, W. B. Franklin, Dixon. Second Row — Thurman, Derryberry, Warnock, Fant. Clark, Dryden. Last Row — Wilson, E. H. Cramer, Palmer, Williamson, Elmore, Bonham, Whitelaw. Page 272 Alpha CtiL Sigma National Professional Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS BRUCE ALBERT GUSTIN President JAMES MURRAY LANE .... Vice-President JACK WILLIAM LEWIS Secretary DONALD LLOYD HARVEY Treasurer A. R. RONZIO Faculty Adviser N. A. AGAPETUS C. W. BORGMANN R. E. CARLSON P. M. DEAN FACULTY MEMBERS J. B. EKELY F. E. GERMANN E. HUFFMAN O. C. LESTER C. F. POE H. A. POTRATZ A. R. RONZIO H. B. VANVALKENBURGH G. WAKEHAM JOHN ALFRED ANDERSON WILLIAM CHARLES BAUER W. IVAN BLOSSER ROBERT RALPH CHRISTY WILLIAM FRANK C LOUGH WILLIAM JOHN DAVITT LOUIS DEGEN VERNON OTTO FEY WILLIAM FAGAN GROSS MEMBERS FRANCIS ALAN GUNTHER BRUCE ALBERT GUSTIN DONALD LLOYD HARVEY FRANCIS W. KENNEY JAMES MURRAY LANE FREDRICK WILSON LEAVER JACK WILLIAM LEWIS ROBERT EUGENE LUNN WAYNE KENNETH MANN ROBERT FRANKLIN MAUGHAN JOHN E. MEANS JACK POHLENZ MICHAEL SCERBA LESTER WILLIAM SCHRAMM JOSEPH EDWARD STEPANEK WILLIAM STRYKER MERRILL CRARY TEATS JOHN TOWNLEY Front Row — Stewart, Harvey, Davitt, Degen, A. R. Ronzio, N. A. Agapelus. Second Row — Clough, Scerba, Mann, Fey, Lunn, Maughan, Lewis, Dougherty. Last flow — Blosser, Kenney, Gunther, Leaver, Gross. Christy, Bauer, Lane, Gustin. Page 273 P ' l Mu Epsdon National Mathematical Honorary Society OFFICERS PHILIP FOSDICK MOORE President PAUL H. KIMMELL Vice-President CAROLYN ELIZABETH HUNT .... Secretary LOWELL G. SHEARER Treasurer FREDRICK GATES BLAKEY THOMAS E. DALBY WILLIAM CORYDON DUTTON VERNON OTTO FEY ROBERT RALPH FISHEL JAMES EMMETT FULLER W. LAWRENCE GLENDENING ALBERT RAYMOND GREGG JOHN AUSTIN HODGE MEMBERS CAROLYN ELIZABETH HUNT ALICE JEAN JACOBSON DOROTHY MARINA JOHNSON WAYNE PALMER JUSTIS PAUL H. KIMMELL ROBERT RAYMOND LANG ROBERT WARREN LAUTH GARVER LIGHT PHILIP FOSDICK MOORE CLIFFORD MERRILL ROCKEL DORIS LOUISE SANTO ROBERT ELMER SCHERRER DONALD METCALFE SEARCY LOWELL G. SHEARER GEORGE FLOYD STEELE PAUL WARD WELCH CARL OWEN WOOD WILLIS GEORGE WORCESTER EARL CHARLES ZEITHER Front Row — Moore, Searcy, Santo, Jacobson, Johnson, Hunt. Last flow—Fey, Welch, Scherrer, Blakey, Dalby, ? rr].- S . r-r, Light, Rockel. Page 274 Sigma Delta Ckl Professional Journalism Society for Men OFFICERS DOLPH MERVIN CHANEY President JOHN BERVARD MOREHEAD . . . Vice-President GEORGE STUART CRISWELL .... Secretary FRED JOHN WALSEN Treasurer A. G. WALDROP Faculty Adviser RALPH L. CROSMAN FACULTY MEMBERS ZELL F. MABEE JOHN WILLIAM BUCHANAN DOLPH MERVIN CHANEY GEORGE STUART CRISWELL WILLIAM RAYMOND DAY ROY CHAUNCEY ELDER MEMBERS herbert winslow hoover walter beresford lovelace •Richard f. McMullen VERNON C. MATHES NORMAN FRANKLIN MEYER JOHN BERVARD MOREHEAD ANDREW ROBERT NICHOLS WILLIAM LESLIE PUETT RODERICK H. REID ATILIO TOFFOLI FRED JOHN WALSEN Front Row — Mathes, Morehead, Walsen. Rear fiow — Buchanan, Criswell, Elder, Meyer. Page 275 Alpha Nu Honorary Astronomical Fraternity OFFICERS MARLIN OAKES THURSTON .... President CAROLYN ELIZABETH HUNT . . . Vice-President GEORGE FLOYD STEELE Secretary WILLIAM BEN LEWIS Treasurer ]. M. BLAIR Faculty Adviser ELY EUGENE BELL LOIS AMY BULSON ALLEN OWEN FELIX JOHN HENRY GRAVESTOCK CAROLYN ELIZABETH HUNT MEMBERS DOROTHY MARINA JOHNSON WILLIAM BEN LEWIS CAROLYN PAULETTE RANNEY GEORGE FLOYD STEELE MARLIN OAKES THURSTON VICTOR JEROME TURNER RANDALL McVAY WHALEY IVAN AARON WILLIAMS CAROLINE LOUISE WOLFF Fioni Row — Edwards, Gravestock, Lewis, Hunt, Johnson, Wolff. Last fiow — Thurston, Steele, Petersen, Bulson, Lindblad, Santo, lacobson. Page 276 Earl Spencer, Phi Tau, " Fill ' er up with kerosene " Display of chins " 1 don ' t get it " A walking shadow The " Hart " of A T O Max a nice picture, No? No! Him or her? Miles of smiles After the ball went over Donn Brown, Sig Ep, and Bud Harner, Phi Gam, getting their college edu- cation Walt O ' Brien, Sig Ep, observing Jerry Cunningham, Phi Gam, All the nude that ' s fit to squint. " So I said to him " Well, anyhow, legs Gentlemen, give the lady your seat, if you can stand up Picture of a head so dirty that something is growing in it This isn ' t the Beta house. It has electric lights Jeanette Humphrey, Pi Phi, We hope that ' s an open book quiz you ' r taking Engine Ball Queen getting told. Drama Little Women The first Players ' Club presentation of the year, " Little Women, " a three-act ploy of Civil War days, opened production on Tuesday evening, November 29, and ran for five consecutive nights in the Main Chapel. James Sandoe, director of the production, chose to produce this dramatization which is based on the successful radio adaptation of the play broadcast over WEEI in Boston during the spring of 1934. Mr. Sandoe added one scene to the script. The entire action, with the exception of one scene in the library of Mr. Laurence, takes place in the sitting-room of the March home, which is a masterpiece in stage construction, considering the inadequacy of the theatre. The " Little Women " — headed by Jo, being played by Edna Folk, are very well cast. Meg is played by Dorcas Dunklee, Amy by Joan Wagner, and Beth by Marguerite Johnson. Ethelmae Martin as Marmie shared honors with the " Little Women " in acting. Jack McGuire gave a very spontaneous and effective characterization of Laurie, while as his father, Mr. Laurence, Lowell Whiteman did a fine piece of character portrayal. In fact, the entire cast surpassed the somewhat mediocre play, the informal at- mosphere of which, however, was very well suited to the small size of the chapel. 1. Marmie reads a letter from father to her Little Women — Beth, Jo, Amy, and Meg. In real life, we would say that Ethelmae Martin is reading a property to Marguerite Johnson, Edna Folk, Joan Wagner, and Dorcas Dunklee. 2. Marguerite Johnson, as Beth, tells Edna Folk, Jo, that she is not afraid to die. 3. Jack McGuire proposes to Edna Folk (Jo and Laurie) and is rejected, so — 4. he proposes to Joan Wagner (Amy) who accepts him and reads him her will. Mr. Wolle ' s Operetta Revue On Homecoming Day, November 5, 1939, honoring Pro- fessor Francis Wolle but at the same time calling on him for a tremendous amount of work, the Little Theatre pre- sented " The Operetta Revue " conceived and directed by Francis Wolle in celebration of his twenty-fifth year on the campus. Professor Wolle ' s review of the operettas he has presented to the campus in his twenty-five years of work on the stage was a masterpiece in precision of dancing form. The most beautiful and effective dance was done by the male ensemble in a frieze of the Egyptian slaves. This dance was done in silhouette against a blue back drop. John Cowley as the Master of Ceremonies was respons- ible for the remarkable continuity of the show. Perhaps the standout of the entire extravaganza, however, was Professor Wolle himself, who did the New Yorker in the breath-taking finale, to outshine the entire chorus. On the same program, Mr. Sandoe presented a noisy comment upon human nature by Leonid Andreyev, " Love of One ' s Neighbor. " 1. Silhouetted against a blue back drop the male ensemble fonns a frieze of Egyptian slaves. 2. The spirit of the gay nineties is revived in this bar room dance by Katherine Wright, Annie Bobs Marshall, Jean Quointance, Betty Stabler, Emily Jane Fritch and Marion Boyle. 3. Eleanor Christy and lerry Cunningham lead the storm dance and then dance together throughout the show. 4. John Cowley as the Master of Ceremonies is aided in one number by Julia Sandoe. The Doctor ' s Dllemnna George Bernard Shaw returned to the campus for the second time within a year when his " Doctor ' s Dilemma " became the winter quarter feature presentation. Typical G. B. S. satire (this time on medicine), the plot centered around an eminent physician, Sir Calenso Rid- geon, who was faced with a decision as to which of two lives to save — that of a Casanova-like artist or that of an almost useless but none the less honorable men Der of his own profession. Acting honors in this play went to the men, especially to Lowell Whiteman as the perplexed Sir Calenso whose performance was rivaled only by that of Robert Dierlam as the " eminent " Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington. A well-chosen supporting cast was headed by Virginia McMillin and John Cawley who played the parts of a no-good artist and his love. In smaller roles as doctors, Arnold Biella and Norman Bartling gave very interesting and convincing characterizations. Mr. Stuart Hardman was in charge of the staging, and did a remarkable piece of work under the difficulties pre- sented by the stage in Old Main. 1. Emmy, the char, (Marian Mahn) tells Sir Patrick CuUen (Frank Burt) what she thinks of the situation. 2. John Cawley as Louis Dubedat dies beautifully for his wife, Jennifer, played by Virginia McMillin, and Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington, as Herbert Dierlam portrays the part. 3. Virginia McMillin ignores Lowell Whiteman in the art gallery. (Jennifer Dubedat and Sir Colenso Ridgeon.) 4. " I didn ' t know he was married! " the Maid, Mary Jo Dearstyne, tells the doctors, Frank Burt, Norman Bartling, and Arnold Biella. Gloria Mundi First of the winter cpiorter one-act ploys war " ' ' i Mundi " , a story of the insane, directed by Robert , The play concerned itself with an insane asylum nurse flDorcas Dunklee) who was heading rapidly toward in- sanity, a doctor (Arnold Biella) who : forcing her in that direction, and a nu:.. - . w. ...w ,, .3 who quite reasonably believed themselves perfectly sane. The Maker of Laws In contrast to " Gloria Mundi " was a comedy of ancient Egypt, " The Maker of Laws, " directed by Francis WoUe. The tale of a Pharaoh (George Ward) who wished to ex- ecute his wife but found his laws amazing weapons against himself in the hands of the crafty queen (Julia Sandoe), " The Maker of Laws " was far the most preten- tious of the three plays, although it trailed in dramatic appeal. My Chosen. People Winner in the annual one-act play contest was Daniel Nidess ' s " My Chosen People, " a powerful drama of the German Jews directed by James Sandoe. Action centered around the love of Ansell, a Nazi, played by Lawson Schmidt, for a young Jewess named Esther, portrayed by Edith Rosenfeld, the discovery of their love by other Nazis, and the subsequent killing of Ansell and Esther ' s brother David, who was played by the author-actor, Daniel Nidess. 1. The Wasserman family — Daniel Nidess, Edith Rosenfeld. Frank Burl, and Nora Weintroub — talk over the German persecution. 2. Esther Wasserman (Edith Rosenfeld) is affronted by a black shirt (William Soyre) as her family (Nora Weintraub, Frank Burt, and Daniel Nidess) looks on. 3. Dorcas Dunklee and Elhelmae Martin keep us guessing who is in- sane. 4. The Maker of Laws, Paynozem the Groat, King of Egypt (Robert Ward) listens to his (Jueen. Sitra. (lulia Sandoe) interpret these laws in front of the king ' s mistress (Betty Jean Martin) and his chancellor (Harold Storey.) Spring Quarter One Acts During spring quarter, 1938, the Little Theatre presented two programs of one act plays. The first was a special " dividend " performance on April 7 and 8, of four one- act ploys written by students in the University for the one act play contest sponsored each year by the Depart- ment of English Literature. The opening play on this bill was a farcical melodrama, " Murder in Various Media, " written by Ruth Zeigler, which gave Fred Schwartz an opportunity to portray to perfection the part of a would- be-murderer inebriate. " Topsoil " , written by Ralph Brad- ley, was proclaimed the best play of this series. This timely folk drama of the dust bowl showed a deep feel- ing and knowledge of the subject and characters on the part of the author. Frank Hockensmith and Mary Patten as the farmer Biezely and his wife, turned in credible performances. " Nicholas O ' More, " a tragic drama of the life of a truck driver, by Julius Hopkins, was probably the slowest moving play on the program, and was kept moving only by the fine characterizations of Lula O ' More by Joan Kendrick and of Tim by Daniel Nidess. The prize play was written by Robert Richards and was called " Winds are for Sailing Ships. " In this play, Walter Sa- wicki as Karl, a baker, was the standout. On April 21 and 22, the second bill of one acts was presented, and included another of the play contest plays, " Source: Mother Goose, " a musical extravaganza by June Morris. This satirical fairy tale, which possessed a special mad brightness, was a very colorful production, 1. Stella and Toby Cartwright (Julia Sandoe and John Cowley) receive guests in their bedroom. Besides the butler, Alvin Lichtenstein, the guests are Norman Bartling, Marshe Axler, and Jeanette Humphrey. 2. Karl the baker. Walter Sawicki, listens to Ted Curtis tell Barbara Boehm that " winds are for sailing ships. " 3. The members of this down-and-out Biezely family are Frank Hocken- smith, Mary Jo Dearstyne, Jack Silcott, and Mary Patten. 4. The source is Mother Goose. High. Tor and was done as only Professor Wolle could do it. Mr. Sandoe directed Maxwell Anderson ' s play of the Russian revolution, " Second Overature. " This dramatic piece, which was laid in a cellar in a border town east of Moscow on an evening in 1917, was one of the most powerful plays to be presented all season. From Noel Coward ' s " Tonight at 8:30, " Mr. Head directed the play- let, " Ways and Means. " Julia Ann Sandoe and John Cowley, as Stella and Toby Cartwright, gave two of the most entertaining and convincing characterizations that were seen all season in the theatre. Under the direction of James Sandoe, a veteran cast presented a neat version of Maxwell Anderson ' s " High Tor " on May 26 and 27, and then repeated the play for the commencement audience on June 10. In this comedy, Mr. Anderson contrived a merry, faintly philosophic muddle of ghosts and gangsters, and pinned two perspir- ing thieves to the sky in a steam shovel which was a very convincing piece of engineering. Noteworthy char- acterizations were turned in by Julia Sandoe, playing the lovely ghost, Lisa, who fell in love with Van Van Dorn, played by Vito Romans, who was in love with Judith, portrayed by Perie Lilley. The comedy roles of the two thieves who were stranded in the steam shovel presented by Wallace Brovm and Alvin Lichtenstein almost stole the show. Hyman Chester, as the head ghost, also took comedy honors. Lighting and sound effects for this mountain-top setting were unusual in beauty and appro- priateness. 1. Vito Romans and Perie Lilley. as Van Van Dorn and Judith, listen to the philosophy of Arnold Biella, who portrays an old Indian who is spending his last days on High Tor. 2. Two thieves, Wallace Brown and Alvin Lichtenstein, ore stranded in a steam shovel and terrorized by the head ghost, Hyman Chester. 3. Van (Vito Romans) makes love to the beautiful ghost, Lisa (lulia Sandoe). 4. (On bottom of High Tor panel) Wounded Nicholas O ' More is com- forted by his wife, Mary, and Tim and Lula watch. The parts are played by Roderick Reid, Edna Folk, Daniel Nidess, and Joan Ken- drick. Players Club OFFICERS ARNOLD BIELLA . JERRY WARSHAUER President Secretary DONALD ALLEN NORMAN BARTLING ARNOLD BIELLA PEGGY HOMSHER JEANETTE HUMPHREY MACK KENNEDY PARTICIPATING MEMBERS NAN KRETSCHMER HERBERT LE FEVRE ALVIN LICHENSTEIN LAURETTA MOLONEY MARY PATTEN EDITH ROSENFELD LEO ROSENTHAL JULIA SANDOE FRED SCHWARTZ MORRIS TAYLOR JERRY WARSHAUER JOANNE BLACKMER BARBARA BOEHM JOHN CAWLEY VERNON CREESE MARY JO DEARSTYNE EDNA FALK CHARLENE FREDERICK ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ROBERT FRINK FRANCES GILLEN ANN GOODING FRANK HOCKENSMITH JOAN KENDRICK DOROTHY McKAY CLARA McKENNA HAROLD MEFFORD DANIEL NIDESS MARJORIE OWENS JEAN PACE ANN RAYNER JUNE SCHROEDER WILLIAM SLICKERMAN DOROTHY VAN EMAN Back Row — Allen, Bartling, Biella, Creese, Slickennan, Schwartz, Kennedy. Middle Row — Rosenfeld, Patten, Homsher, Folk, Rayner, Warshauer, Nidess, Van Eman. Bottom Row — Moloney, Smith, Gooding, Gillen, Rosenthal. Page 286 ibiJ Clubs and Societies UniversLty of Colorado Band HUGH E. McMILLEN Director LESTER E. KUENTZEL JOE WRIGHT OFFICERS President JOHN WALTER LAWRENCE . . . PUGH .... Secretary-Treasurer Manager Vice-President PERSONNEL Drum Maiors JAMES HAWKINS NORMAN SMITH HAL HARRISON GLENN COOPER Beli Lyra TIM HATTON RALPH MOORE Trombone GLENN PETTY ROBERT SHELBY ROBERT NOBLE CHARLES NEFF ROBERT BROWN JACK WINTON LARRY HAMMAN ROBERT KELLOGG Baritone WALTER GARRETSON DONALD IRISH HAROLD HOFFMAN Horn RALPH GORDON GENE CHURCH ROBERT RAMSEY JOHN AIKELE HERMAN BERGMAN Bass WALTER LAWRENCE JOHN PUGH BILL CHAPMAN GEORGE ENDICOTT MELVIN REEVES FRANK ARNOLD WILBUR THOMAS ALVIN SAUER Drums MERLE MAHONE JOHN DUGGAN JOHN PARKER ROBERT SOWERS HENRY SOLOMON RICHARD SILLS BILL SELLERS HARVEY KELLNER EARL DOTY GEORG E GIBSON Cornel DIXON BENSTER EUGENE TABER JOE WRIGHT WALLACE NEILL TOMMY PUNSHON MAYFORD ROARK EARL HECKMAN JACK MAIER WILLIAM KELLY GEORGE VONGUNDY GLEN GODDARD EMERSON OZMENT GRANT SMITH CARL HAUPTMANN ROBERT SIMON Clarinet EDWARD KEHN RAYMOND GIRARDO ARVID HULT CLARENCE STEWART JOHN RICHERT ROBERT HARRIS HAROLD ROWE JOHN HUMES BILL SISSON ROBERT TOWSE JACK MURPHY ALEX GRANT HAROLD CRISPELL RAYMOND ROBERTSON DALE GRIFFEN PAUL WILSON GEORGE WOLLBRINCK JAMES BEAVERS RICHARD STROUP ROBERT PORTER DONALD SPILLMAN BENJAMIN GRIFFITH Bass Clarinet FRED JOHNSON Saxophone EDWARD HOFFMAN BERT GALLEGOS EDWARD GODDARD ROY LEWIS PENNY PEARSON DWIGHT ALSEIKE JAMES DIEZ DOMINIC CESARIO Flu e-Piccofo RICHARD KERR BOB YORK HOWARD WALTERS Oboe ROBERT HEDBLOM AJ(er;ia(es HERBERT HOMSHER ALBERT GREGG JAMES ENGLUND WARREN GRAVES WILLIAM EDMONDSON ROBERT PTOLEMY ALBERT KAFF JOHN KIKEL EARL DONNEN JOE CLUTTER LEROY JOHNSON GEORGE WRIGHT DONALD BOND CALVIN BEABER Page 288 Wesley Foundation REVEREND J. GRAYDON WILSON . Director EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MARYLEE COPELAND President CLIFTON FRITSCHLE Treasurer ANN MOORE Vice-President DONALD IRISH .... President of Forum EVELYN ROBINSON Secretary PONNIE BASINGER . President of Epworth League COUNCIL GLENN BARNEY RALPH COSS DOROTHY PALMER VIRGINIA CHAPMAN GERTRUDE MORLEY JORDAN WEILLS SPONSORS MR. FRED E. ADEN MR. WILLIAM G. GAMBILL PROFESSOR H. H. MILLS MR. F. A. BOGGESS DR. FRED NIEHAUS MEMBERS LUELLA ALLEN LAWRENCE HART DOROTHY PALMER GLENN BARNEY AGNES HARTMAN EVELYN ROBINSON BONNIE BASINGER EARL HECKMAN MAXINE RUSSELL DONALD BILLINGS JEAN HOLM CARMEL SCHMITT VIRGINIA CHAPMAN BERNICE HOOKER ELLIS SKINNER ROBERT CONARD FRANCES IFORD JOSEPH STEPANEK MARYLEE COPELAND DONALD IRISH ERVA SU LLIVAN RALPH COSS LISBETH KAUFFMAN EVALYN TOMLIN CLIFTON FRITSCHLE FRANK KELSALL MAXiNE TOOKER ALBERT GREGG HAZYL LESCH JORDAN WEILLS EDWARD GODDARD BEVERLY LYON NORA WEINTRAUB JOHN GROOTHUIS ROSALEE NICKELSON JACK WINTON MILDRED HARRIS LESLIE PAMPEL HOWARD ZOOK Sixth flow — Jones, Stepanek, Fritschle. Bayne. Fith flow— Winton, Smith, Pampel. Kauffman, Irish, Zook, Gregg, Kelsall, Groothuis, Lawson, Goddard, Lesch. Fourth Row — Coss, Heckman, Barney, Conard, Weintraub, Iford, Billings, Skinner, looker. Third flow — Allen. Nickelson, Johnson, Schmitt, Harris, Palmer. Second flow— Dr. R. C. Baker, Weills, Tomlin. Hooker, Russell, Holm, Basinger, Mrs. Wilson, Reverend Wilson. First flow — Chapman, Hartman, Copeland. Page 289 Young Womerts ChrLstlan Association OFFICERS HENRIETTA HERZBERGER President VICTORIA TELANDER Vice-President JOSEPHINE PYLE Secretary JEAN PACE Treasurer Freshman DOROTHY SCHUREMAN .... Chairman BETTY WILSON Vice-Chairman Sophomore RUTH STEPHENSON Chairman BETTY NELL LOW . . . Junior-Senior PEGGY HOMSHER Chairman LOIS VANTHUYNE . . . Social Service MIFFAN EATON Chairman ETHEL JEAN LINKLETTER . Social JEAN GILLETT Chairman MARGARET BEARD . . . Vespers ELLEN FRARY Chairman WINIFRED OUDERKIRK . . Membership VICTORIA TELANDER .... Chairman YVONNE NORTHCUTT . . Publicity JOSEPHINE PYLE Chairman Finance JEAN PACE Chairman ELISE MONTANDON . . Music DONNA OWEN Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Vice-Chairman Front Row, lelt (o right — Homsher, Herzberger, Pyle, Pace. Second Row — Ouderkirk, Nilsson, Beard, Frary, Stephenson, Schuroman, Owen. Page 290 University Women ' s Club OFFICERS BEVERLEY SMITH LOUISE ARMSTRONG MIGNON WARDELL DORIS SANTO . . Presidenl Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COUNCIL MARGARET BIRK .... Social Choinnun MARY COLE Head Triad EDNA FALK Publicity Chairman GROUP Art and Hondicrcdt FRANCES POE— Head Triad JACQUELINE BARR ANNE BELLE HUBBELL ETHEL lEAN LINKLETTER Drama and Literature CAROLYN RANNEY--Head Triad LAURETTA MALONEY MILDRED TEPPER MURIEL WARNER MEMBERS HLlcN DOROTHY GRIEVE Personnel Chairman JEAN HAGGART . . . Housing Chairman KAREN HANSEN . . Membership Chairman TRIADS Dance DOROTHY JUNE HAWKINS— Head Triad CAROLYN HUNT JOSEPHINE MORRISON CAROLINE WOLFF Music AILEEN SOUDER— Head Triad CLARA BARNES DONNA OWEN NORMA SHAW MIFF AN EATON DEAN LYDIA LAWRENCE BROWN Personality CHARLOTTE GUSTAVSON . . Head Triad BETTY HUTCHINSON COUNCIL SPONSORS MRS. ROBERT L. STEARNS NANCY NASH MISS REBECCA VAILLE Hostess and Manager MRS. C. HENRY SMITH On F7oor — Haggard, Grieve, Hansen, Falk. Seated — Cole, Birk, Miss Brown, Armstrong, Smith, Mrs. Steams. Standing — Santo, Wardell. Pago 29J Home Economics Club OFFICERS MAXINE HOLLOWELL President HELEN LINK Vice-President CHARLOTTE GUSTAVSON Secretary JUNE DUNHAM Treasurer LOLA HATCH Social Chairman lONE ALLEN MARTHA BEVERSTOCK ANNA CAMPBELL LOUISE DAUM MARY DOLL FRANCES DORAN ADELE DOSTAL SHIRLEY DUFF JUNE DUNHAM PATRICIA ECKEL BETTIE ECKHARDT KATHERINE GEORGE CHARLOTTE GUSTAVSON LOLA HATCH MEMBERS MAXINE HOLLOWELL ILADELLE HOLTSLANDER ELEANOR HUCKEBY JULIA HUMES KATHERINE KEMPTON VERA MAE KNIGHT PEGGY LAYNE MARIAN LATORRA BARBARA LEE HELEN LINK MAXINE LUTHER ANNABELLE LUTZ FRANCES McELVEEN ANNA MILLER KATHLEEN MYERS MARJORIE NESBIT BETTY NILSSON BETTY ' RUTH OSBORN FRANCES POE VIRGINIA ROGERS LOIS SEARS HELEN SELTERS AILEEN SOUDER MARGARET ANNE STRYKER NORMA THOMPSON OLGA VONWEDELSTAEDT MARJORY WILLSON MARIE ZARINA Front Row, left (o right — Sellers, Hollowell, Dostal, Link, Osborn, Campbell. Secorid fiow — vonWedelstaedt, Layne, Rogars, Dunham, Zcirina, Nesbit. Third Row — Mason. George, Miss Lewis, Eckhardt, Doll, Doran, Hatch, Miller. Fourth Row — Huckeby, Porter, Miss Bedell, Nilsson, (Cempton, Thompson, Holtslander, Humes. Fifth Row — Jeffries, McElveen, Gustavson, Williams, Strycker, Poe. Page 292 Co-ed Counsellors OFFICERS MARIORIE DRAKE President ELLEN ROEMER Secretary ELLEN FRARY . Chairman of the Courtesy Committee ETHEL JEAN LINKLETTER . . Chairman of the Teas DOROTHY JEAN CLAUS MARY COLE BETTY CRIPPEN MARY LOU DREFFEIN MARIORIE DRAKE ELLEN FRARY JEAN HAGGART PATRICIA INGALLS MARGUERITE JOHNSON LORRAINE KELSO MEMBERS PATRICIA KENNEDY DOROTHY KRAPF ETHEL JEAN LINKLETTER PEGGY MAST RUTH MUNRO MARY MUNK RUTH NELSON MARY NIXON MARGARET PELTIER JOSEPHINE PYLE DOROTHY RIGGS ELLEN ROEMER YVONNE SALIBA DOROTHY SCHUREMAN AILEEN SOUDER RUTH STEPHENSON MIGNON WARDELL MURIEL WARNER JEAN WIGTON GERTRUDE WYATT Third flow — Linklelter, Ingalls, Frary. Clous. Second Row — Shuremon, Crippen, Siouder, Warner, Kennedy, Saliba, Wiglon, Stephenson. first Row — Nixon, Kelso, Drake, Pyle, Mast Page 293 Newman Club OFFICERS BILL BRADY President HAKOLD McKENNA Treasurer JULIE SOUTHWELL ... .... Vice-President JAMES McDONALD Sergeant 3t-Arms ROENE ABRUMS Recording Secretary REV. MATTHEW CONNELLY. O. S. B Chaplain LAURETTA MOLONEY .... Corresponding Secretary MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS J. GECK . Faculty Sponsors ROENE ABRUMS BEN ALLEN PAUL ANNA CORNELIA ANDERSON FRANK ANSELMO NELLIE ARCHIBALD BETTY AUSTIN CLEMENT BAIER STELLA BAIMA DOROTHY JO BAKER EUGENE BIGELOW PAULINE BIGELOW JOHN BOBEL JAMES BOYLE WILLIAM BRADY JOSEPH BUSKIRK PHILIP CABIBI RALPH CALABRESE BETH CARLSON DOMINIC CESARIO RICHARD COUNLEY VINCENT CRISTIANO ROBERT DALE WILLIAM DAMERON CARMEN DELLIOUADRI JOSEPH DILISIO JOSEPH DOLAN MARY K. DOLAN GERALD DOME ADELE DOSTAL JOHN DUGGAN CHARLES ELZI CURTIS ERDMEN EDNA FALK MARIAN FARNAN ARTHUR FATTOR • ' DAN FICCO l . ■ V.) JIM FITZPATRICK PAUL FLADUNG MAGDALENNE FLADUNG HARLAN FRANKL HELEN FRANKL MARY GARGAN MARY ELLEN GRANT MEMBERS JOSEPH GUIRY OLAF HAGE ROBERT HALL ALFRED HAMBURGER JOHN HANSEN EDWARD HENNESSEY BLAKE HIESTER PAUL HODGES HERBERT JAGGER FRANCES KALCEVIC HARVEY KELLNER JAMES KELLY ROBERT KESSENGER LEIGHTON KIRKPATRICK RITA KOHL FRANK LAMMERMAN JACK LATORRA MARIAN LATORRA JOHN LESCHER ALVIN LIST MARTHA McCAMMON CHARLES McCORMICK MARY JANE McCORMICK JAMES McDONALD HAROLD McKENNA JOSEPH McMEEL JOHN McNEIL MALCOLM MacDONALD ELIZABETH MERLINO LAURETTA MOLONEY EVA MONTES NORA MONTEZ LINDO MORANDI JOSEPHINE MORRISON ROBERT NAGODA CLYDE NEARY JOHN NEVILLE CHRIS O ' BRIEN FLORENCE OLSON PHILIP O ' ROURKE LEOTA PEKRUL PAUL PHILLIPS RALPH POLITTE ROSE POMPONIO ALFRED REEVES WILLIAM ROCHE JACK ROONEY LENA RUFFINl MORGAN RYAN DAN SANTO MIKE SCERBA ELMER SCHERRER ROBERT SCHERRER JOHN SCHMALZRIED GERALDINE SERAFINI BILL SISSON WESLEY SNIVELY JULIE SOUTHWELL HELEN TISONE AMERICO TENEDINI ROBERT TRAINOR HELEN UDICK LEONARD UDICK LOIS VAN THUYNE JOSEPH VOLLMER EVELYN WEDEL JOSEPH WRIGHT Fiisl flow Bill Brady, Eva Montes, Alfred Reeves, Joseph Buskirk, John Lescher, James McDonald, Marian LaTorra, Mary K. Dolan, Mary McCormick. Second Row — Lena Ruffini, Beth Carlson, Evelyn Wedel, Mary Gargan, Lindo Morandi, C. M. Baier. Third Row — Mary Grant, Leonard Udick, Joseph Morris, Alvin List, Robert Kessenger, Leighton Kirkpatrick. fourth Row — Bill Sisson, Phil O ' Rourke, William Dameron, Joseph McMeel. Filth Row — Joe Dolan, Dick Counley, Robert Dale, Charles McCormick, Bob Trainor, John Duggan, Malcolm MacDonald, Bob Nagoda. Page 294 Presbyterian Student Union OFFICERS CLYDE GILLAM President CORDER SMITH Vice-President PATRICIA HUTTON Secretary NORRIS YODER Treasurer SHIRLEY MANN Representative to Church Council EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Music Refreshments EUZABETH SPECHT RALPH MOORE ROBERTA BIVANS LILLIAN FISCHER Recreation Athletics Fries GENE HURST DICK BANCROFT WILLIAM BAUER WILLIS WORCESTER Social SHIRLEY MANN FLOYD BUSCH Page 295 Sigma Alpha lota OFFICERS NELLIE MARGARET ARCHIBALD CORNELIA ANDERSON . . JEAN HAGGART .... VIVIAN DUTTON .... President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CORNELIA ANDERSON ACTIVE MEMBERS JEAN HAGGART NELLIE MARGARET ARCHIBALD ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY MARYLEE COPELAND LUCILLE DIGIACOMO VIVIAN DUTTON BERTIE LACEY JEAN MILLER DOROTHY JANE PETERSEN EVALYN PROUTY EDITH ROSENFELD MAXINE TUNNELL BETTY WALLACE MARGARET YATES SYLVIA CORSKE PLEDGES JULIE SOUTHWELL Sealed — Lacey, Haggart, Anderson. Standing — Rosenfeld, Prouty, Tunnell, Wallace, DiGiacomo, Dutton, Miller, Corske, Knuckey, Yates. Page 296 Viking Club Association of Independent Men OFFICERS LENTTON MEYER President WILLIAM GLENN Vice-President J. FRED JOHNSON Secretary CHARLES WALKER Treasurer WILLIAM BRADY WILLIAM CHAPMAN CLIFFORD COLMAN PAUL COMBS MERRILL DICKS SAM DOWNS JOHN FLEMING MEMBERS DAVID GAMBILL EUGENE HILLIGOSS MARION HUTCHISON MITCHELL JOHNS WILLIAM LEFEVRE WILLIAM MADDOCK WAYNE MOCK FRANCIS ROYAL EDWARD SODERBERG HAL SP ANGLER FLOYD TRACHSEL ADRIAN WILLIAMSON CHARLES ZITNICK Front Row— Johns, Glenn, Johnson, Meyer, Walker, Soderberg. Second flow— Dicks, Trachsel, Williamson, LeFevre, Brady, Colman. Back Row — Chapman, Downs, Gambill, Mock, Zitnick, Fleming. Page 297 Mortar and. Pestle Pharmacy Club OFFICERS WILLIAM LEWIS President JAMES SHY Vice-President JEAN WASHBURN Secretary JAMES SPICER Treasurer DEAN HOMER C. WASHBURN . . Faculty Adviser ACTIVE FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLES RAYMOND BITTER G. P. HAGER DR. CHARLES F. POE DR. EDWARD D. CRABB PROF. DAVID W. O ' DAY JOSEPH SPROWLS FRED G. DROMMOND WILLIAM G. PHILP DR. NORMAN F. WITT JOHN C. ALMOND MARY BASS LOUIS BERGER EVERETT R. BERGLUND ROBERT BOATWRIGHT JOHN BOBEL DONALD BOND JACK BONE CLARENCE BURSON JOHN BUTLER GLEN H. COOPER CLYDE H. COULSON DOROTHY C. CROWELL MERRILL DICKS RUSSELL W. DILLEY GERALD DOME EARL E. DOTY S. NEWTON DOWNS GEORGE ENDICOTT I. T. ESTEP JIM FRAZIER GLORIA GILLESPIE MARIAM GOODWIN JEANNE GOWDY DON GRAUBERGER WARREN GRAVES CHARLES GREENAHALGH CHARLES HARGREAVES ANABEL HARRISON KEITH D. HARRYMAN DON HERTEL EVELYN M. HILL RUSSELL HOAGLAND LOUISE HOFFMAN J. B. HOLMES W. E, HOWE, JR. EUGENE IDLER BASIL INDERMILL CREIGHTON ISRAEL JOHN M. JAMES L. W. JOHNSON MEMBERS OKLA JOHNSON ROBERT L. JOHNSON WARREN S. KENNISON NATALIE KOEHLER JOE LAROCCA WILLIAM LEWIS LEROY LYNTON ELVIN McCLURKIN FRANCES McFADDEN ANNE McLEAN DOROTHY McLEAN DON MacARTHUR GEORGE MASUNAGA KUMI MATSUSAKI CARL MORITA HELEN MURPHY SUGI NOGUCHI ORVILLE OPPERMAN PETE PARKER DALE PETERS ELMO PETERS MARJORIE N. PICKETT VERNE RAMSEIER E. F. RITCHER JACK ROBINSON KEITH ROBINSON MARK ROUP RALPH A. SHERMAN JAMES SHY JAMES LEE SPICER CHESTER SULLIVAN PAUL TADDIKEN HAROLD TUCK RAYMOND VANDAPOOL ALVIN VOIGHT JEAN WASHBURN HOWARD WM. WHEELER WAYNE WILCOXEN VICTOR YEAGER GORDON YOUNGCLAUS THELMA ZEITLER Fourth Row — Peters, Bone, Voight, Berglund, Johnson, Butler, Downs, Anderson, Sherman, Prof. O ' Day, Dean Washburn. Third Row — Ritcher, Ramseier, Opperman, Robinson, K. Robinson. Doty, Coulson, Dicks, Sullivan, Dr. Poe. Second Row— Wilcoxen, Idler, Dilley, Morita, Bond, Estep, McLean, Bass, McLean, Pickett, Crowell, Hill. Front Row — Spicer, Kennison, Israel, Harryman, Greenahalgh, Howe, McFaidi=n, Noquchi. Matsusaki, Zeitler, Koehler, Washburn, Lewis. I t ' y ' B ' W WfL ,. — Page 298 The Ohio madman . . . " Heck! There ' s no keyhole, Peggy " Man, standing Dick Hite, Phi Delt, " Stand up and fight " Girls without background Where ' s Saliba? Four Kappas, still one fur coat Virginia Cargo, D. G. She can ' t write straight on a page yet, but she ' s young Steady, boy Helen Henderson, D. G. " But I really was sick. Mat " We do too have students in the University. Everyl Humphreys, D. G. walking home All ruffled up The smile fooled us, it ' s Joan Kendrick, Alpha Phi Briggs and Wright, what a sight! Marion Hackstaff, Pi Phi, " Give me that bottle, Howard " Two unknowns Just call 2582 Al Dunn, Sig Alph, Idiot ' s delight Red riding hood and the wolves " Millions for defense, but not cne cent for foo " " But if you can ' t write " " Here comes Seabiscuit! " Cooking up a mess Ruth Drink- water, Pi Phi, and Larry Prouty, Delt, Poor girl! We don ' t like the food either Yvonne Sahba, " I say it ' s sulphur " Dean Evans sporting a grim outlook for Engineers " What? Me kiss you, Beverly? " Sunk Kappa Hideout, Post No Bills Bob Bonham ' s a real gentle- man Dick Tremmel, Beta, " Hmmm, Off .000001 " Dying swan plus ges- tures Frannie Cramer and Dottie Schureman, Kappas, " Did he turn you down again, Dottie? " How ' d Enochs get in? " I only heard, but " How- ard Fisher, Phi Delt, " Leave your name, telephone number, and address here, please. " i ■A ' J i La Torra and portable fly catcher Zounds! I ' m undone! Seating ar- rangements courtesy WPA Look behind you, Corky ' s reading your love letter over your shoulder Kay Wright, D. G. Nice architecture " G ' wan away, you bad boy " Jean Ouaintance, Pi Phi, a fugitive from a steam shovel A cold blooded crew Sumalia, Drake, Orchid, and Prouty. Athletics •i innFBftiwnftfinftflO(.oofiwww.winiiimHniiwnn ffnnftiwffnfnir iTOiniwwwwwaattflooQQOonM nnnnBfwwnnnffnf mnrmnnniinnnffWFni ' Coaches Bernard F. " B unny " Oakes is Colorado ' s head man in foot- ball. " Bunny " played football for Illinois University when he was an undergraduate there. He came to Colorado from Montana University, where he was head football coach for five years. Coach Oakes is recognized as an authority on line-play throughout the country. His teams have finished at or near the top in conference standings all four years since Bunny has been at Colorado. Forrest B. Cox is head coach of basketball and an assistant coach of football at Colorado. " Frosty " came to C. U. from the University of Kansas, where he was an all-Big Six star in both football and basketball. Colorado ' s basketball fortunes have been looking up since Coach Cox took over his duties. In three out of the four seasons that Cox has coached, his teams hove either finished in a tie for first-place honors or in undisputed possession of the championship. Cox is also di- rector of Intramurals and coaches freshman basketball. Frank Potts is track coach and assistant football coach. His reign as track coach has brought many trophies to the University. He has coached many championship teams, and many of his men have gained national recognition for their ability. Coach Potts came to C. U. with a very remark- able record. He was all-Missouri Valley halfback at Okla- homa University, was mentioned on Grantlcfnd Rice ' s all- American team of 1926 and was also track captain at Okla- homa in 1927. BERNARD F. OAKES FORREST B. COX -p.ANK POTTS Page 307 Coach. HARRY G. CARLSON es Harry Carlson, Dean of Men, completed another year as baseball coach and head of the Department of Physical Edu- cation last season. His team finished the 1938 season in a three-way tie. Ccach Carlson is recognized as one of the foremost diamond mentors in the Big Seven Conference due to his ability and long experience in coaching baseball. He is vitally interested in all kinds of athletics and is responsible for a large part of Colorado ' s athletic program. r , CHARLES G. VAVRA Charles Vavra is coach of Colorado University ' s gym- nastic squad and Assistant Professor of Physical Education. He is the one man who takes his men as they come and de- velops them into fine performers on the parallel bars, rings, and mats. Coach Vavra is also to be complimented on his splendid work in the corrective gym. Howard " Doc " Waite is swimming coach and trainer here at C. U. To " Doc " falls the job of keeping all the athletes in condition. This is his second year as swimming coach; and he has a hundred per cent average for championship teams. His teams have dominated the conference for the last two years. Coach Waite graduated from the University of Illinois and came to the University from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. " Doc " is one of the most popular men in the athletic department. HOWARD E. WArrE Page 308 Coach es Elvin Sayre finished his second year as wrestling coach and assistant football coach for the Buffs. Sayre was gradu- ated from Illinois, where he was all-Big Ten football center. In his first year as wrestling coach at C. U. his team won the conference wrestling championship. " El " will be back for his third year as a member of the Colorado coaching staff. Walter " Buck " Driskill, freshman and assistant football coach, is a graduate of Colorado University. Driskill was an all-conference choice for tackle when he was a member of the Buff teams of 1934 and 1935. " Buck " reports the best freshman football prospects for the 1940 season that he has ever coached. Mark Schreiber, golf coach and assistant graduate man- ager at Colorado, is a graduate of this University. His golf teams have won two golf championships since Mark be- came coach. He will be back again next year. ELVIN C. SAYhE WALTER S. DRISKILL . MARK SCHREIBER Page 309 Atkletlc Managers Walter Franklin, graduate manager of athletics, is respon- sible for much of the success of Colorado University athletics. All affairs pertaining to athletics must pass through his office and receive his personal attention. Mr. Franklin is a gradu- ate of Colorado University and was a top-notch athlete in his undergraduate days. He was an all-conference end in foot- ball and was a very good boxer. Under his hand Colorado has come to be a power in athletic circles; C. U. has one of the best athletic plants in this part of the country as well as a financially successful one. Mr. Franklin has shown real genius in operating this athletic plant and cannot be given too much credit for his work. WALTER B. FRANKLIN JOHN DUNN Head Manager SYLVESTER BEERS Football and Wrestling HERBERT SMITH Basketball JOHN LESCHER Track GERALD BAUER Swimming GEORGE INOUYE Gymnastics Back Row — Smith, BasketbaU; Lescher, Track; Beers, Football and Wrestling. Fron( Row — Dunn, Head Manager; Inouye, Gymnastics; Bduer, Swimming. Page 310 Football uik fS r ' H i ' ADAMSON BRILL BROADY CREESE DAVIDSON Football Colorado ' s football team closed its 1938 season with a record of three wins, four losses, and a tie. The Buffs ended up in a three-way tie with Denver University and Brigham Young University for second place in the Rocky Mountain Conference. Utah ' s powerful Redskins annexed the champion- ship, the only blemish on their record be- ing the tie-game with Colorado. The Buffs lacked veteran football men at the start of the season, and it looked for a time as if Colorado was to be the doormat for the rest of the conference schools. They started out by dropping a 14-7 decision to Missouri ' s Tigers. Colorado took a 7-0 lead in the second period when Unger took a pass from Tomlinson over the goal line and Creese kicked the extra point. Missouri ■t U .rTi ju ' - M Page 314 ROONrV SAUNDERS SMART SMITH somcH came back with a 17-point barrage in the third and fourth periods to cinch the game. Utah State, the Buffs ' first conference foe, staged an upset which left Colorado on the short end of a 20-0 score. The CU outfit muffed scoring chances early in the game and could not click on its running plays. The next week-end saw the Buffs take an- other beating; this time the George Wash- ington Colonials performed the trick, 13-0. After these three straight setbacks the Bisons found the victory spark. They roared over the Colorado Aggies 31-6; Kearns, Broody and Tomlinson took turns holding down the tailback position, each of them doing effective work. The work of Quarnberg and Saunders at ends was especially good; Davidson, Smart and Page 315 HALLOCK HAMMOND HEEB HILL JACOBSON Punches looked good at the guard posts for Colorado. Wyoming fell before the Silver and Gold gridders by a 20-6 count as the Buff team began to look more and more like a con- tender for the championship. The game was a close battle throughout; both Colo- rado ' s running and passing attacks were improved over previous games, but she had to work to protect her lead over the Wyoming Cowboys. Homecoming the Herd met the highly- touted Utah University Indians on a snowy, slippery field. Against the Utes the Herd played its best defensive ball of the sea- son. Snow and Swan, star ball-luggers for Page 316 PUDLIK H. PUNCHES M PUNCHES OUARNBERG the Indians, failed to penetrate the Colo- rado defense. The Redskins went home with a 0-0 tie as a result of this game. Colo- rado, because it did no more than tie the Utes, was knocked out of a chance for the football championship. Ouarnberg and Max Punches looked good in the line for Colorado, while Jack Broody starred in the backfield. The game was a punting duel from start to finish, both teams hoping for a fumble or a break which might mean the game. Brigham Young ' s Cougars came over the mountains for a crack at the Buffs; they went back after an 8-0 pasting by the Herd. Colorado failed on three different occa- sions to punch over touchdowns from short distances from the goal line. If the Herd Page 317 DeKALB FLINN FULLER GIBBS GRAHAM had shown a better punch against the Cou- gars ' goal-line stands, the score would have been much larger. Colorado ' s de- fense worked well against BYU, as the ends and tackles crossed up the Cougar running plays. Thanksgiving Day saw the Bison tangle with the Pioneers from Tramway Tech and take a 19-12 defeat. Denver scored its vic- tory via the airways and through the ball- carrying of Maio, Denver back. Colorado had a 52-yard run called back because of a holding penalty. This setback, coupled with a 60-yard sprint for a DU touchdown, seemed to stop the Buffs pretty well for the rest of the game. Dick Kearns, substitute Page 318 KEARNS LEVINE LILEY MAUL McCALL at tailback late in the final quarter, pro- vided one of the best runs of the 1938 sea- son when he ran back an intercepted pass for 102 yards and a CU touchdown. Max Punches, Marty Brill, and Jack Broody received first-team all-conference ratings on various picked teams as a re- sult of their season ' s stellar play. Punches was regarded as the most improved player in the league; he made the all-conference teams of several sports writers during this, his first season of varsity competition. Al- though the win and loss columns for the season did not show a bright record, the outlook for the 1939 season is very favor- able. Even Head Coach B. F. Oakes is op- timistic concerning the prospects for foot- ball in 1939. Only nine men will be lost Ik. ■ ' - - Page 319 STRANNIGAN THOMPSON y TOMLINSON " 5! .. f ir - TRACHSEL UNGER URBAN through graduation from the squad of 25 letter men. In addition to the veterans, Colorado has a promising bunch of fresh- men who will be eligible for next fall ' s games. Credit for the success of the sea- son is due the players themselves and the staff of five coaches: B. F. Oakes, Frank Potts, Forrest Cox, Walter Driskill, and El- vin Sayre. They coached the Buffaloes this season and will all return next year. The men who won letters in football are Saunders, Quarnberg, Pudlik, Liley, Brill, H. Punches, Levine, Smith, Creese, Gibbs, Davidson, Smart, M. Punches, Trachsel, Flinn, Thompson, linger. Broody, Rooney, Hallock, Hill, Tomlinson, McCall, Kearns, and Heeb. Page 320 Basketball TKURMAN WILLCOXON HARVEY Basketball Colorado, boasting one of the greatest teams in its history, won the Big Seven basketball championship for the second consecutive year with a conference record of ten wins against two losses. The Buffs were recognized by sports fans and writers alike as one of the best teams in the nation. Coach Forrest B. Cox combined a system of set plays and a fast break with a tight man-for-man defense to give Colorado the best offensive record and the best defensive record of all the teams in the conference. Colorado moved eastward to play three inter- sectional contests with Eastern universities. St. Joseph ' s College of Philadelphia was the first oppo- nent on the trip. The game was played in Co n- vention Hall in Philadelphia and found Colorado the winner after a last-minute rally gave the Buffs a five-point lead. Grove played good ball for the Coloradans as did Don Thurman. From Philadel- phia the Buffs moved to New York, where they met the Redmen from St. John ' s College of Brooklyn in Page 322 oli vV cLL 5ROVE : .-iANN:GAW Madison Square Garden. The Silver and Gold cagers lost to St. John ' s 39-37. Pennsylvania State was the third foe of the Buffs; the Buffs solved the Penn State zone defense early in the second half and scored a 39-36 victory at Hershey, Pennsylvania. Strannigan and Unger led the Coloradans. The eastern trip resulted in tv o wins and one loss for the Bison and gained for them favorable notice by sports authorities in the East. Colorado opened its conference season at Fort Collins against the Colorado Aggies with a 42-21 win. Thurman led the Buff point-makers as they staged a second-half scoring spree to leave the Aggies hopelessly behind. Brigham Young Univer- sity met the title-bound Buffs at Boulder the follow- ing week-end. The Cougars hit from all angles to make the final score read 44-33. Denver University ' s Pioneers were hosts to Colorado the following night at the Denver City Auditorium. The Buffs, no doubt remembering a well-officiated game of the 1937 season, trounced the Pioneers 52-31. Willcoxon, skinny Colorado guard, led all scorers with 20 points. Utah State, early-season favorites for con- ference laurels, took a bad beating in the Colorado field house as Colorado annexed its fourth straight Page 323 RAVENSCROFT UNGER HENDRICKS TOMLINSON win in conference competition. The score was 46-18 at the final gun. Wyoming ' s Cowboys fell before the Herd the next week-end to the tune of an artistic 47-22 lacing. Wyoming had been undefeated in conference play until the meeting with Colorado; Colorado ' s win put her in undisputed possession of first place in the conference. The Buffs journeyed into Utah for a twin go with Utah State and B. Y. U. The Aggies fell before the Herd by a 56-43 score; Grove was the offensive spark plug for C. U. until he was banned for four personal fouls. The Buffs suffered their first league loss, 35-34, when Crowton, Cougar forward, hit a hope shot in the last ten seconds of the game. Colorado returned to the field house for its next two games with the last place teams of Denver and Colorado State. Denver became a two-time loser Friday night, by a 55-24 score; Colorado State fol- lowed suit Saturday night by a 64-16 count. The Buffs ' last appearance in the Colorado field house saw them take Utah, co-champs last year, into their victory bag by a 38-26 score. Strannigan and Hendricks played well for Colorado while Willcoxon and Thurman turned in some of their best defensive work to bottle Utah ' s best scorers. Page 324 WUlcoxon, Harvey. Thurmaa, Unqer. Cox, Hendricks, Sidwell Strannigan, Grove Colorado took its second jaunt into Utah the fol- lowing week-end to meet the Utah Redskins at Salt Lake. The Buffs cinched the Big Seven champion- ship with a 48-46 win over the Utes. With the championship safely tucked away, Colorado went to Wyoming for their return contest with the Cow- boys. The Buffs went down to defeat by a 40-33 score as the hot-shooting Punchers look things pretty much in their own hands. The Buffs won fourteen out of their eighteen games during the season. The Buffs dominated the mythical all-conference teams as completely as they dominated conference play. Seven Colorado players were honored by selection on various all- conference teams. Strannigan, Thurman, Harvey, and Willcoxon were almost unanimous choices for the first five all-conference team. Unger, Hendricks, and Grove were picked as alternates on various writers ' teams. Credit should be given to the entire basketball squad which was dogged by bad luck throughout the season. Unger, Willcoxon, Boat- wright. Grove, Ravenscroft, Thurman, Hikes, Harvey, Sidwell, and Thurman made up the Colorado varsity. Willcoxon, Hikes, and Unger will be lost to the Herd for next season because of graduation. Page 325 Page 326 Track COPE KEARNS HOBBS Track The best balanced track team that Colo- rado has had in recent years came through its season undefeated and ended the year with a smashing triumph over all Big Seven competition in the Conference meet. Coach Frank Potts ' aggregation was never seri- ously threatened in any meet held during the year. The Buffs started off early in the spring with a 129-10 victory over Wyoming University ' s Cowboys. Their next dual meet was with Colorado State College; the Aggies fell under the Bison by a 48-91 count. Denver University could offer little competition for CU in the Buffs ' final dual Page 328 CHESNEY meet of the season. The best the Pioneers could do was 47 V2 points as compared with the 95 V 2 points of the Herd. Two of the best trackmen ever to wear CU uniforms brought track followers ' atten- tion to Colorado with their performances at the Kansas Relays. Dick Kearns showed himself to be the stand-out decathlon star in the nation when he won the Relays ' dec- athlon for the second successive year. Gil- bert Cruter, sensational negro high-jumper, COPE PHILLIPS won his specialty for the second consecu- tive time. Cruter later won a place on one of the American track teams which toured Europe during the summer of 1938. The Eastern Division Track and Field Meet, held in Denver on May 7, showed no letdown in the form of the track squad. Colorado was an easy winner, beating out its nearest competitor, Denver, by a 97 to 78 V2 score. The first Big Seven meet was held May J , -E -JF Page 329 CROSBY WALLRICH HOBBS 20 and 21 at Salt Lake City, Utah. The re- sults of the meet were gratifying to even the most enthusiastic of Colorado ' s sup- porters. Colorado University entered twen- ty men, tallied in every event except jave- lin, in which they had no entry, and ran away with the meet with a 94 2 3 points total. Utah University finished second to the Buffs with 47 points. Denver University was a poor third with 26 points. Colorado ' s athletes won 8 out of 16 possible first places, won 8 seconds, and placed for points in every event except one. Dick Kearns was high-point man of the day with 13 points, the result of firsts in both the low and high hurdles and a second in the pole vault. Cruter set the only new record es- tablished when he jumped 6 ft. SVi in. in Page 330 . t nuiv — Chesney. Cruler, Gibbs, Lavingtcn Fourth Row — Wallrich, Puett, Lear, Idlsi. Crosby. Third fioiv — Arnold, Doctor, Kearns, Hobbs. L. Dunbar, Waite (trainer). Second Row — Mains, Cope, Bough, B. Dunbar, Howsam. Wamock, Coach Potts. Bodom flow — Miller, Phillips, Davidson, Hill, CDnnett. the high jump. Following is a list of the Conference championships won by Colo- rado men: Gibbs, hammer; Chesney, 440- yard dash; Kearns, high and low hurdles; Cruter, high-jump; Crosby, 220-yard dash; Wallrich, 2-mile run; Lear, Cruter, Boorman and Chesney, mile relay. Eight seniors are lost from the 1938 championship team. Letter winners in track are Bud Arnold, John Baugh, Dick Boorman, Ev Chesney, Archie Connett, Paul Cope, Clyde Crosby, Gilbert Cruter, Morgan Davidson, Eugene Doctor, Lloyd Dunbar, Boyd Dunbar, Dar- rell Gibbs, Bob Hill, Henry Hobbs, Earl Howsam, Lester Idler, Richard Kearns, Leon Lavington, James Lear, Ty Miller, John Phillips, William Puett, Bill Wallrich and Willard Wamock. Page 331 JV 1 X Page 332 Baseball rz . I w 1 LEVY HENDLER Baseball Colorado finished the inaugural MSIAC baseball season in a three-way tie for first place with Denver University and Colorado State College. The 1938 baseball season was a strange one in several ways. For one thing, there was a seeming attempt on the part of several Denver newspapers to re-establish the old Rocky Mountain Con- ference of twelve schools during the base- ball season. Early in the season, Colorado University lost two non-conference games to Colorado Teachers. These two losses seemed destined to keep Colorado out of the Big Seven race because of the insist- ence of Denver sportswriters in including the " Little Five " in the baseball picture. The " Big Seven " degenerated into a four-team league, Colorado, Colorado State, Wyo- m ■ : fU ' J 7 1 ■ «• 7 ' KS W M _ y -iui « Page 334 f v ); SW- w ROCCHIO TOMLINSON THOMPSON ming and Denver being the only universi- ties entering baseball teams in the MSIAC. In tying for first place for the baseball championship, Coach Harry Carlson ' s men won four conference games and lost two; they won seven and lost five games, in- cluding conference and non-conference contests. The Buffs, working behind the pitching of Herb Thompson, Packy Romans, and John Pudlik, won all three of their first gomes with conference opponents in the early part of the round-robin schedule; but they managed to win only one of the three return games. Blessed this year with a goodly supply of pitchers, the Buffaloes lacked consistent hitters and lost to both Denver and Colorado State during the lat- ter half of the season. Colorado opened its non-conference schedule with two wins over Colorado School of Mines. The scores were 7-2 and 12-8. Colorado Teachers, the Buffs ' next Page 335 ♦: v y • S S PUDLIK MILLER non-conference foes, made a different story for the won ctnd lost column. The Bears clawed the Buffs for a 5-4 win and a 4-3 de- cision on two consecutive days. The first conference opponent of Colorado was Den- ver University. Colorado, pre-game under- dog, handed the Pioneers a decisive 6-3 lacing on the Denver diamond to take pos- ession of first place in the conference. Colo- rado State lost to the CU forces at Boulder in the next conference game played by a 2-5 score. Wyoming next was the victim of the Buffs, who worked behind the sopho- more pitcher. Herb Thompson, for a 9-4 vic- tory. Following the victory over Wyoming, Colorado went winless for two games, los- ing to Denver 4-5 and to Colorado State Col- lege 8-14. Wyoming lost again to the Buffs Page 336 Top Bow- Kncus. Thompson, r--.ik, Hendler. Levy, Bodine, Lovelace, Coach Carlson. Middle Row — Rocchlo, Wright, J. Miller, D. Miller, Johnson, Romans, E. Miller. Bottom Row — Bradford (batsboy). Reeves, Smith, Lolly, Day, Koehler, Chaslain. in the fined conference game; the score was 7-3. Colorado College upset the Buffs 3-9 only to be turned upon the following day by the Buffs, who trounced CC 15-4 to end the baseball season. Sam Levy, who led the Colorado hitters with a .327 battmg average, and Herb Thompson, sophomore pitcher who won 5 and lost 2 for Colorado, were both chosen on the Associated Press All-Star team for 1938. The players were selected because of general all-around play and season ' s record. The batting average for the entire Colorado team for the season was .262. Arnold Bodine, Bernard Hendler, Robert Johnson, Thomas Lally, Sam Levy, James Miller, John Pudlik, Wilbur Rocchio, Ernest Romans, Allan Smith, Herb Thompson, and W. D. Wright were letter winners in base- ball in 1938. Prospects for the 1939 baseball season are bright. Only four lettermen will be lost through graduation and there is a good yearling sguad from which Coach Carlson can round out his 1939 team. Bodine, James Miller, Wright, and Smith are the men who will be lost to next season ' s squad. Coach Carlson ' s teams have dominated conference play consistently since he has started to coach baseball at Colorado. The team this year was no exception but was not as strong in hitting as it has been in previous seasons. Page 337 «n KISTLEB PROUT CLARK CROSS McCALL GILLAM Varsity Gymnastics Colorado University ' s Gymnastic team finished another successful season with one first, four seconds, and one third in six meets. The Eastern Division of the Big Seven Conference championship was won by Colorado State College with 198 points and Colorado was second with 182 2 points. They were the only two schools entered. Kistler, high-point man of the meet and of the season, was the only Colorado man to secure a first place. He was awarded first on the parallel bar. Second places were gained by Kistler on the horizontal bars, Cross on the horse, Gillam on the mats, and McCall on the mats. Connett won two third places on the parallel bar and on the horse. The men awarded letters were Otto Cross, Clyde Gillam, Tom Kistler, Alvin McCall, and Archie Connett. " Absent when picture was taken. Page 338 Upper Lelt — Cross leaving the rings in □ dual meet at the Colorado Gym. Upper Right — Clark poised for a " giant swing " on the horizontal bar. Lower Lelt — Gillam about to execute a shoulder cracker on the rings. Lower Righl— Connett traversing the para ' .l- ' . }r-.TS -r. his h-n:ls. Page 339 Tennis GEORGE WIGOTOW, LLOYD LONG Colorado ' s tennis team finished a very successful season with the annexation of second place in the eastern division. The Buffaloes were victorious in seven dual meets during the spring, Kansas State ' s netmen being the only ones to beat the Buffs. The season started with a decisive 9-0 victory over Colorado School of Mines. Colorado State, losing by a 6-4 score, was the next victim of the Herd. During the next two weeks, C. U. defeated Colorado Teachers ' college and Colorado college by identical scores, 5-4. Wyoming ' s netmen fell next to the tune of a 6-0 drubbing. The Buffs then invaded Big Six territory. Kansas ' s Jayhawkers lost 4-2 to the Colorado aggregation, but the Kansas State Wildcats turned on the Buffs to hand them their first and only dual- meet defeat of the season by a 5-1 count. Denver University was an easy victim for the Buffs in the last dual meet, losing by a 7-2 score. The Eastern Division meet was held at Boulder on the Colorado University tennis courts. Colorado, already victorious over Colorado State in an earlv season dual meet, lost first place in the meet when Colorado State garnered 10 points to the 7 gained by Colorado University. Ted Boerstler, Bill Burkhardt, Marlin Chenburg, Edwin Ellis, Frank Eves, Ken- neth Kinney, Lloyd Long, Eugene Rosen- feld. Bill Thearle and George Wigotow were the men responsible for Colorado ' s strong tennis team. Wigotow, number one man on the squad for three years, finished his eligibility m the 1938 season and will be greatly missed in 1939. Boerstler, Long, Coach Knapp, Eves, Wigotow, Thearle, Ellis Chenburg, Rcsenfeld, Burkhardt, Kinney Page 340 Swimming The University of Colorado won its second consecutive Big Seven championship by leading the field of entrants with a total of 65 points in the divisional meet. Aggies finished second with 50 points and Wyoming was third with 44 points. Although handicapped by graduation and ineligibility, Colorado ' s Buffalos, led by Law, Holmes, McCotter, and Vanda- pool, finished the 1939 season undefeated in six contests. The outstanding man on the C. U. team was Ray Vandapool who won sixteen blue ribbons out of sixteen starts in the 100-220- v.- SL. ' nl-vJiJ 440 yard free-style. Ray finished the season by setting a new conference record in his main event, the 100 yard free-style. The following men composed the Colo- rado team: Benster, Counley, Davis, Ellwood, Gross, Holmes, Law, Lee, Leonard, McCluskey, McCotter, and Van- dapool. ' Absent whan pictura was taken. Back Row — Coach Waite, Holmes, Gross, Benster, Counley, Bauer. Fron( Row — Lee, Vandapool, McCotter, Law, McCluskey. Page 341 Back Row — Sayre, Harada, Rubright, Maul, Dow, Michael, Snyder, Beers. Front Row — Collier, Koehlei, Hall I. Dukes, Fishel, Thompson, P. Dukes. WrestUng The University of Colorado won only one individ- ual championship in the divisional wrestling meet while Colorado Aggies won six and the team title. Koehler was the only Buff who was able to triumph. He won first place in a decision over Knars of Colo- rado State in the 128-pound division. Colorado won second place in the divisional meet by virtue of their second and third places. Six Colorado men placed second in their respective weights. These men were: Collier in the 121 -pound class, Fishel in the 135 divi- sion, Dukes won by a forfeit in the 155-weight class, Thompson by a forfeit in the 165 division, Rubright won in the 175-class by a forfeit, and in the heavy- weight division Dow lost the championship match. Go Colorado ' s Buffaloes stretched their consecutive Eastern Division championships to five when they won the 1938 meet held at the Denver Country club. Colorado won its first team match on April 9 against Colorado School of Mines. Denver university was Colorado ' s next victim and on April 23 C. U. defeated Colorado college 9 ' 2-5 ' 2 in a match played at the Overland Park course in Denver. Colorado ' s lone defeat was at the hands of the Park Hill Fairbanks Cup champions, who beat Colo- rado 4-3. In a four-team match at Patty Jewett course in Colorado Springs, the Silver and Gold again showed its supremacy. Colorado college was second; Den- ver was third; and Colorado Mines was fourth. The Conference meet was he ' d May 27-28-29 at the Denver Country club. During the meet, Colorado University golfers set a new title record for five men with 809 strokes. The semi-finals found four C. U. men facing one another. Harold Saunders defeated Larry Flanders in the finals to win the individual conference title. Watson, Schreiber, Baird Teats, Gunning, Flanders t Page 342 Intramurals Track For the third straight year, the independ- ents maintained their hold on the intramu- ral track and field diadem by shading Phi Delta Theta two and one-half points in the highlight event of Colorado U. Day. The Barbs amassed 39 points in the record- smashing track meet while the Phi Delts, led by Walt Hamilton, tallied 37 V2 points. This freshman track star was high-point man of the meet, racking up 17 points by taking blue ribbons in the 100 yd. dash, low hurdles, broad jump, and placing fourth in the javelin throw. Kappa Sigma was third- place occupant with a total of 23 points; Phi Gamma Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon followed respectively. Six records fell and one was tied as the tracksters assaulted the marks set last spring. Dale Bristol, Kappa Sig ' s outstand- ing distance runner, duplicated the record double- win of mile and half-mile events set by Hobbs, Kappa Sig, last year. Bristol clipped 9 seconds from the mile run in 4: 46.3 minutes and tied the 2:07.1 mark in the half-mile. Dudley Beck, SAE, tossed the hammer 128 feet 10 inches to set a new dis- tance by a margin of one inch. Hamilton streaked over the low hurdles in 24.7 sec- onds, nicking .8 second from the record set last year by Paul Cope, leaped 23 feet 1 inch in the broad jump to shatter the record by 1 foot 3 inches. Byron Dudley, Phi Delta Theta, soared over the cross-bar at 12 feet 9 inches which broke by 8 inches the pole- vault record of last year. Loren Creese, Kappa Sig, heaved the shotput 45 feet 1 V2 inches, and which sailed 3 feet 1 V2 inches over the old mark set by Morgan Davidson, for a new record. Cross Country Dale Bristol, Kappa Sigma, finished first to capture individual honors in the cross country, the most strenuous of all 1-M events, with the remarkable time of 17 min- utes 14 seconds. This is the second time that Bristol has won this event. Dick Heid- enstat, second, paced the independent Team No. 1 to finish in first place for team honors. This team was composed of Heid- enstat, Kirby, and Williams. Independent Team No. 2 crossed the tape to .finish sec- ond. In the fraternity division. Kappa Sigma, composed of Bristol, Nash, and Cesario, were the blue ribbon winners. Page 344 Dukes, Rowland, Hayes. Lahaugh, Roten, Hitchcock Davison, Hickey, Wheeler, Mclntyre Volleyball The Sigma Nus annexed the 1938 volley- ball title by defeating the Phi Gams 22-20; 21-14; 21-16, in a very hard fought game. The outstanding men on the champion ' s team were Wheeler, Hitchcock, and Hick- ey, while the Phijis were lead by Levy. In the semi-final games, the Phi Gams de- feated the Betas and Sigma Nu trounced Phi Kappa Psi. Baseball Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity regained the coveted school baseball crown by vir- tue of a stubbornly fought 5-4 victory over the West Halls, dormitory league champi- ons. The Sig Eps had previously won a string of closing games in which they de- feated Phi Gamma Delta 6-1 and Pi Kappa Alpha 1-0 in the narrowest and hardest waged battle in the annals of recent school baseball. Much of the Sig Eps ' success stemmed from the powerful pitching arm of Red Flhoten, their star hurler, and batsmen Williams and Hoelsher who clouted out runs in the final game. Withdrawal of the independent teams from baseball compe- tition removed Viking Club, the reigning kingpins of the school, and boosted the odds favoring the perennially strong Sig- ma Nu team which had finished runner- ups to the Norsemen the year before. The strong stretch drives of Pi Kappa Alpha, West Halls, Baker Hall, and the Phi Gams, produced complications which Rhoten Co. quickly shaped to their own advan- tage, and culminated in the return of the championship trophy to the Sig Ep house after its absence of a year. Page 345 Baclc How — Coach Saunders, Edwards, J. Cowgill, Butcher, Holmes. Middle Row — Mustain, Ingles, Miller, Brockway, Goudge. fron( flow — Warkhover, Nuttall, D. Cowgill. Touchball By defeating Fleming Hall, 30-9, the Sig- ma Chis were crowned 1938 touchball champions. The game after being post- poned two times was played on a cold and slippery field. The Greeks earned most of their points by the brilliant passing of Mil- ler to Sams and Klindworth. The Dorm ' s team was sparked by Kelley, former East High star. The Sig Chis won their way to the frat fi- nals by defeating the Sig Eps and Phi Sigs. They then, trounced the Alpha Sigs in the play-off. Fleming Hall reached the finals by de- feating Baker Hall and the Colony Club, in- dependent contender. Softball The defending school champion. Phi Gamma Delta, and Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Nu, and Viking Club entered the softball league fray pre-season favorites and con- tinued consistently to support this early rat- ing. Independent ball clubs also shared in the power which decided softball for- tunes in the league. Sigma Phi Epsilon moving steadily thru the season, wound up as runnerup in one of the fraternity di- visions scheduled in the playoffs. As the playoffs got off under full steam, the Sigma Nu machine piled up. Phi Kappa Tau fal- tered but the Sig Eps under their ace toss- er, Red Rhoten, wading thru all opposition. submerged the Phi Gams 6-1 to easily take the fraternity title. Meanwhile, the Viking Club powerhouse expertly pitched by Dave Gambill methodically overrode its competition, rolled thru a strong Baker Hall team 13-1 to cop the independent league title, and finally squared off, undefeated, against the formidable Sig Eps. Messrs. Rhoten and Gambill staged a brilliant pitching duel under wet weather condi- tions and an extended length of the game, but th e Sig Eps handed the unbeaten Norsemen a 9-7 defeat and carried off the softball championship trophy. Page 34B I ■i -11 ' 1 V r ffo;i( fio ' .v Counley, Merrifield, Folsoir.. Middle Row — Bein, Cooper, Ten Eyck, Hill. Back Row — Moyers, Beckley. SwimmLng Beta Theta Pi again proved to be the rulers of the waves as they experienced little difficulty in winning the intramural swimming meet. Not only did the Betas win team honors, but they also scored a ma- jority of the points by carrying off firsts in five events. Outstanding man in the meet was Merrifield who emerged victorious in three events, unofficially breaking conference records in the 50 and 100-yard dashes. Water Polo For the third consecutive year Beta T heta Pi was school victor in water-polo. In winning this cham- pionship the Betas never once had a goal scored against them. In the fraternity playoff Phi Gamma Delta was defeated by a score of 10 to 4, and for the school championship the Betas defeated Hellems Hall, independent winner, by a score of 21 to 3. In this game Merrifield scored all of the points for the Betas. Merrifield, Counley, and Bein were the outstand- ing splashers for the Beta team, while Boue sparked the Hellems Hall composite. Boxing and Wrestling Amid left hooks, half nelsons, jeers and applause from the spectators, the Phi Gams again won the mythical intramural boxing and wrestling title be- fore a record crowd of two thousand people. Points are given for the number of men competing in these matches and the number of championships won by a group. In the 118-pound class Lou Berger, undisputed champion (only entrant), fought a no-decision ex- hibition bout with Dick Jones. In the 126-pound event, Gardner, Pi Kap, won by a forfeit. The 135- pound bout saw Kneebone win the decision over Smart, Independent, in a very close fight. The 145- pound class turned out to be a slug fest with Cun- ningham, Phi Gam, winning the nod over Tommy Ryan. The 155-pound class was a very uneven bout with Hine decisioning Edwards. Douglas, Alpha Sig, won by a technical knockout over Honey. The best fight of the evening was the 175-pound event with Malcolm Anderson, Phi Gam, and the only man retaining his title, winning a very close deci- sion over Piper. There were only three blows struck in the heavyweight bout. On the third strike Pud- lik. Phi Gam, fanned Abe Levine for the night. Page 347 CHUCK FLOWER TED REED Golf For the fourth consecutive year Chuck (It ' s a habit with him) Flower, Phi Psi, has annexed the school golf title. In a very close match, he defeated Mar- lin Chenburg, Phi Gam, two strokes for the nine holes. Flower, playing brilliantly, played the course in one over par, while his opponent finished three over par. Flower defeated five men to reach the fi- nals. Tenms There was a very large turnout this year for I-M tennis. The intramural direc- tor, however, had a very hard time get- ting the playoffs over due to bad weath- er and negligence of the players. But in spite of this fact the semi-finals were played and the result was. Reed, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, defeating Suttle, and Stevens, Delta Tau Delta, defeating Schwarz, Delta Tau Delta. Reed proved himself to be king of the nets and title holder by winning over Stevens in the final go. Basketball The Fijis copped the intramural basket- ball title when their big team defeated Fleming Hall, runner-up to the Phi Gamma Delta team and winner of the Dormitory League. The Phi Gams marched through the intramural season with an impressive record of victories; they won their division- al fraternity title and went into the final elimination round by defeating the strong Sigma Chi aggregation 33-28. The Black Golds, Barb champions, went down before the Fijis 29-4. Brill, Levy, and Metz led the Phi Gams in most of their games. Page 348 Women ' s Athletics Women ' s Athletic Assoc Lation The purpose of W. A. A. is to promote women ' s crthletics in the University, and thereby achieve good feeling among the v omen students. This is accomplished by sponsoring class and intra- mural competition. The organization has an executive board composed of the officers, intramural head, heads of the various sports, the presidents of Orchesis and Porpoise, the high school conference head, and the sponsor. This year W. A. A. sponsored the open house held in the women ' s gymnasium, inter-collegiate playday, the annual fry for freshmen women, a house party and a banquet honoring the new initiates during winter quarter. LuUiSt. Huffman, i resiaent LOUISE HOFFMAN President MARGARET GIBSON . . . Vice-President RUTH MUNRO Secretary BETTY HUTCHINSON Treasurer HELEN LINK Head of Intramurals ELEANOR CHRISTY . Head of Hi School Conference KAREN HANSEN .... Head of Basketball BETTY RAE PADFIELD . . . Head of Baseball MISS ELIZABETH AUTREY DOROTHY LINK Head of Hockey LEILA ASHTON . Head of Archery and Horseshoes RUTH NELSON Head of Tennis LUCILLE MacGREGOR . . Head of Volleyball FRANCES McCLINTIC . . . Head of Hiking MARJORIE OWENS . . President of Orchesis JUNE SEYDEL .... President of Porpoise GERTRUDE ROGERS . Silver Gold Representative Sponsor Back fiow — Francas McClintic, Margaret Blanchard Gibson, Karen Hansen, Betty Hutchinson, Lucille MacGregor, Leila Ashton, Ruth Monroe. Front Row- Doroihv Liiihpr, Gertrude Rogers, Helen Link, June Seydel, Louise Hoffman Page 350 First Bow — Martha Sandor, Betty Crippen, Peggy Home, Elaine Colvin, Ann Rayner. Second Row — Alice Marshall, Olga Saliba, Josephine Morrison, Barbara Smith. Third Row — Marian Goodman, Marjorie Owens, Marian Hardesty. Joseph Gross, Frances White, Dan Nidess, Helen Chapman, Helen Frankl. Orch esLS Orchesis, the dance honorary for both men and women, requires the apphcants for membership to perform on original dance. Climaxing the activities of the year, the members present cm annual dance recital in May. This year members participated in the Dance Day in Wyoming. Porpoise Porpoise, the woiin=-;i iWiiuininsj organization, has as its membership requirements, skill in both swimming and diving. Porpoise annually presents a clever exhibition, in the form of a water pageant. Members of Porpoise participated in the National Inter-collegiate Telegraphic Meet in March. Siding — Jamie Levisler, Bertha Bernstein, Lois Nelson, Sieglinde Talbott, Margaret Graves. Darlien Wamsley. Siding Around Table — Jean Jens, June Seydel, Alma Mae Graves. Standing — Betty Dimmitt, Bettie Eckhardt, Leslie Wolf, Sylvia Mason, Jeanne Parkison, Margaret Gibson, Betty Orme. Page 351 FALL QUARTER SPORTS " . " :. ' major sport oi lau quarter, vo.- ■.-. :. ' .. was won in intramural compe- liiioii by th e Pi Phi team, with Bigelow Hal! in second place. Working in co- operation, Betty Hutchinson and Eva- lyn Prouty. Pi Phis, reached first rank ing in the tennis doubles tilt. The Women ' s Club represented by Lorettc Moloney, finished first in the horseshoe tournament. The Tri Delts set a new record by retaining the women ' s intra- mural swimming championship for the second consecutive year. Evalyn Prouty and Betty Hutchinson WINTER QUARTER SPORTS scored two extra baskets over Bigelow Hall to be acclaimed the winner of the intramural basketball championship. In interclass competition, the class of 1941 was successful in eliminating oth- er class teams. The Alpha Chi Omega team of Frances Walsen and Zoe Zeil- man, walked off with all the honors in the ping-pong tournament by winning the doubles championship title. First flow — Shirley Reybold, Dorothy Smith, Jean Williamson, Betty Mc- Clellan. Second Row — Maxine Tunnell, Evalyn Prouty, Elise Montandon, Marion Hackstaff. Betty Hutchinson. SPRING QUARTER SPORTS Pi Beta Phi batted its v ay to the women ' s intramural baseball cham- pionship by defeating the Snubbers. !n the inter-class competition, the class f 1941 proved their prowess in this :port by defeating the Iunior-S3nior combined team. Louise H won the women ' s golf title • i Zoe Zollman in the finalf? • -iich- es. The tennis taken by Betty • over Fr- ' ' .uiiil. Sells Abe Levine, Little man, what now? What ' s so good about it? Hickey say- ing goodbye to his Bonny Betty leading with her right. Marian Smith, Alpha Phi, looks coy— I don ' t believe it I see no evil, but I hear plenty Bob, Bam, and a rail. What rail? Hi-ya, Pal! Mayfair Philpott, tube specialist Family portrait. What ' s wrong, pa? Fred Astaire: plump facsimi le Happy, happy, couples. Victor Isaac Jeep, Jr We don ' t like you either, so there Without Freder- ick? Mugs and feet minus wump " Aw, I didn ' t mean it " Dominic Cesario, Kappa Sig, the happy Indian Free cut Mr. Greenman Portrait of a capitalist Givin the Alpha Phi come-on It ' s the early bird Tired but happy women with elbows. Page 355 COMPLIMENTS OF KRESS ' 5—10 and 25 Cent Store WHERE COLLEGE MEN TRADE REINERT ' S Varsity Town Hart Shoifner Marx Clothes 12lh and Pearl Streets THE Boulder Green Houses Our oei vice Has Given Satisfaction lor More Than Thirty Years Twelith at First Avenue Phone 555 Boulder City Bakery For Quality Products 202S Twelith Phones 955 or 954 Jack Spratt could eat no lot But Chi Psi ' s always serve it Cause Learick and the other " thugs " Say they simply " lerve " it. LAROUX " Bo-Peep " GROVES Has lost her man, In spite of bribes to hold him. She invited him out And chased him about But HELEN COLLINS stoled him. Little Polly Finders Sat among the cinders. Little ELLEN ROEMER Is another homer. 13th and Walnut Phone 401 Page 356 Party Programs and Favors are desi i. - i- p:„ uj -i :.: ■ --.: i- j: ' .i -ular party- a complete stock of Fraternity and Sorority Crest Dies. THE KRAFT ENGRAVING CO. 1219-21 California St. MA,n 2723 DENVER COLORADO DOTTIE looks happy While big cave man leads her She ' s just the type Who would believe what he feeds her. The camera slipped, the wind rushed in, Or you ' ve been drinking wine Anyhow that ' s CRISWELL And not Frankenstein. A IS for Altar— where SMITTY got left. B is for BETA— Do you feel a dreft. C is for Corny— like most of the PI KAPS. D is for DODO and other long naps. E is for Ellzey — and where is her pin? F is for Fun — as in HARDY and gin. G is for GILLIS — oh, boy what a rep! H is for HIGMAN— HACKSTAFF dogs his step. I is for Ikky— like MIL COX on dates. J is for Jail- which BILL HOVER hates. K is for KRETSCHMER— peroxide ' s no crime. AWNINGS— Plain - - Fancy - - Unique Fcr, Sures, U!!i;os Aid Beauty and Oomlort VENETIAN BLINDS. Large Selection o( the Best Quality Make your yard a part of your home with umbrellas, table, chairs, swings, canopies BROOKS TENT AND AWNING CO. GREETINGS TO C. U. AND ALUMNI OTIS ELEVATOR CO. 1540 Qeveland Place DENVER MAin S. H. KRESS CO. 5—10—25 Cent Store Sixteenth at Curtis St. DENVER GREETINGS TO C. U. AND ALUMNI THOMAS A. DINES r rM TR COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND GOOD LUCK C. U. E. C. Home Machinery Co. 315 E. C. Building TAbor 7015 DENVER KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE CO. 1 034 Gas Electric Bid ■■ DENVER I. T. ALLEN, Mgr. COLORADO— WYOMING— MONTANA Greetings to C. U. Alumni and Students The Colorado Graphic For Legal Advertising KEystone 4011 DENVER JULIUS VON TOBEL Certified Public Accountant Chamber of Commerce Building KEystone 2780 DENVER Page 357 Western Auto Supply Co. Stores Located at Denver and Boulder Colorado 137 Broadway Tabor 4146 Peerless Secretarial College 312 Insurance Bldg. !4th at Champr: c ' DENVER, COLO. . . . T ri £ . . . BALDWIN PIANO CO. Baldwin Acrosonic, Hamilton - Howard - Monarch Pianos Exclusively Pianos 1S33 CALIFORNIA ST. DENVER MAin 2285 L is what LANSING does all of the time. M is for Marriage— CHUCK BENNETT got fooled. N is for No— (RATHBURN overruled) O is for OUDERKIRK— not fat, boys, just stout. P is for PETRY — January lost out. O is for Queen- LAFFERTY thinks she ' s it. R ' s for RODMAN— DON HOLDRIDGE was lit. S is for Shave— DICK MC MULLEN says heck. T is for TOMLINSON— FRITCH on his neck. U is for Umph— which the CHI PSIS ain ' t got. V is for RUTH VICKS— who needs to be taught. W is for WARNOCK— a good D. G. tool. X is for ex— like the PI PHI drunk rule. Y is for yes— ROBERTA STEWART ' S pet word. Z is for ZIMMERHACKEL, so I hove heard. CRANE PIPE VALVES FITTINGS for water, steam, gas and oil — PLUMBING AND HEATING MATERIALS WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS WATER-WORKS SUPPLIES WATER SOFTENERS SEPTIC TANKS CRANE-O ' FALLON CO. DENVER, COLORADO BRANCHES AT PUEBLO, COLORADO EL PASO. TEXAS CASPER, WYOMING GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Crane Branches in All Principal Cites Page 358 -Q c .2 —I (D (D -Z K U O —I pa CM BOULDER LAUNDRY " Not Best Because Biggest But Biggest Because Best " PHONE BOULDER 1217 934 PEARL ST. That coveted " C " , those college keys of rec- ognition, and later the many worthwhile re- wards of success in business and the home seldom " fall in your lap. " They are won through plenty of work and careful observ- ance of all the " training rules. " An easy " training rule " is to keep, and one worth its weight in gold, is the protection of your only pair of eyes through GOOD LIGHT for every seeing task. Public Service Company of Colorado Hi Diddle Dumpling, My Son John She went to sleep with her scanties on. 30 days hath September, April, June, and November; February has 28 alone; All the rest have 31 Excepting leap-year — that ' s the time When BARBARA PUFFER ' S in her prime. Compliments of ... . PALACE STUDIOS Quality Portraits, Application Photos, Am ateur Finishing, and Miniature Enlarging W. A. LACEY 1911 - 12th St. Downtown Telephone 443 W E. D. LACEY 1223 Pennsylvania University Hill Telephone 491 W BOULDER, COLORADO Page 359 ART IN FOOTWEAR FOR MEN and WOMEN We sing pretty well But we should have been props Cause the reason we ' re here Is to show off OUT chops. WE RECOMMEND Hikers Food Products 2357 Grove Phone 1779 BOB RATHBURN dated JEANETTE BROWN Till SIB BOWIE started action No wonder Jan is laughing She knows Sib ' s attraction. TIME TRIED DEPENDABILITY Quality Photographs for THE COLORADAN Since 1910 CHARLES F. SNOW. A. S. P. Master Photographer Page .360 1 COMPLIMENTS OF Robbins Incubator Co. PETER J. ANDERIES Golden Rd. at Howell Blvd. !.iltewood : ' ■■ ' ■■• ' ; ' ' - ' ' ' Lathing and Plastering LAKEWOOD, COLO Contractor BEST WISHES FROM THE HAPPY HOME BAKERS Complete bokery sarv. .r homo now available anywhere in or near BoulJo:. Baked Goods thai sat- 70 Clarkson SPruce 0825 i3ly. Not days-lresh— hours fresh. Call the yellow truck DENVER. COLORADO The Happy Home Baker E. B. CLAYTON PLUMBING AND HEATING EAT-A-BITE SHOP Repairing O ' ar Specially Eslimales on All Work J-i-rnislic an! y. 2408 E. Colfax— East 5000 Breakfast — Lunch Dinne: r ountain Service Residence, Phone East 0298 13lh and California DENVER. COLORADO Near KOA Phone CHerry rTNvr? vj;= r ' J. U. Students and Alu;u;., iiLiao ;. o o aiiu wo Terraplane FROM S-j es Spp. ' .-re Parts PAUL ECKELMAN TOM BOTTERILL, Inc. Certified Public Accountant Distributors and Retail Dealers 1 278 Bi-jadwav KEvstone 52?: ■.VER. COL ,. m You ain ' t a lyin ' Wt f ' ' m About WALT O ' BRIEN ' 9 MrnMrt He thinks he ' s an expert at woo. So when he tries kissin And finds his art missin V jL He tells folks they kissed anyhoo. H [f wishes were horses, beggars would ride 1 i Chuck Bilz were richer, he might have a 1 bride. H H Sid Smith left her last love, because he H lacked dough W m H With Chuck ' s funds exhausted, just watch i " " -- Sidney blow. GREETINGS TC Colorado Ice and Cold C U. Students and Graduates i Storage Co. THE COLORADO MILITARY SCHOOL 1703 West Colfax Denver, Colo. 1934 S. Columbine PE. 2331 1 DENVER THE DENVER OXYGEN CO. GREETINGS TO 1 P.cducers of Pure Compressed U. S. P. C. U. Students and Alumni Oxygen for Hospitals BLUE GOOSE CAFE 1 v. c iiy- OUJ flouf fcjd ' viuc 1658 7th St. Kt-ystone 9202 Corner lOih and Lowmncfi St Tabor 5138 — 5139 DENVER page Jt i COMPLIMENTS OF FOR QUALITY SERVICE SILVER STATE PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 1021 PEARL PHONE 385 CASA GRANDE CAFE Delicious Ice Cream — Our Own Make — Plate Lunches — Sandwiches 1142 13th STREET BOULDER HOWE MORTUARY AMBULANCE SERVICE Lady Attendant Any Hour Spruce Street at Eleventh Phone 134 Curly Locks, Curly Locks, where have you been? What ' s this, dearie, hairs on the chinny chin chin. You may never need it — but if you do our RECORDAK service is available WE PHOTOGRAPH EVERY CHECK YOU DEPOSIT, EVERY CHECK WE PAY AGAINST YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST NATIONAL BANK BOULDER, COLORADO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 362 COMPLIMFNTS OF THE MILLER-WEST AGENCY COMPANY Tis V ise to Insure — Wisely ' . - Symes Bldq. DENVER, COLO. Phon Compliments to C. U. and the Alumni LUBY CHEVROLET CO. 1212 14th St. KEystone 1311 DENVER, COLORADO M. L. FOSS. INC. 1901 Arapahoe St. DENVER Automotive and Industrial Equipment Tools and Supplies Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Silver, Bronze, etc. Complete Line Delta Tools South Bend Lathes LUCKY " Simply Simon " KNOWLES Has some trouble with controls She talks without thinking Gets drunk without drinking And her passing grades are all doles. lune Seydel goes to market to Lure a fat pig Holmes again. Holmes again liggity lig. BEE HICKEY views the cameraman — " What are you doing heah? " Those cold and aloof manners Are a good act. my deah. King KENNEDY Cole Was a grouchy old soul He roared at the slightest excuse Tho he never brags He tells all the stags That the women just love his abuse. i«dl ROLLANDET, McGREW CAMPBELL Patent and Trade-Mark Attorneys Suite 1117 Security Building DENVER, COLORADO WM. AINSWORTH SONS. INC. Manufacturers of Analytical and Assay Balances and Weights Engineering and Scientific Instruments 2151 LAWRENCE ST. DENVER. COLO. •nUPIIMFNTS OF BURT H. McGHEE COLORADO LIFE COMPANY .; e, -,„iueiii, iit uiui iii::5aiui jk-V und Hospitalization Continental Oil Building Phcn? KEystcne " 2! DEm ' ER. COLO Poge 363 m rrn lid liij liJ R ' TI LlJ " J5p tljrir U)ork£( pe sfjall liiioU) tljcm " .... How true this is of Annual Printers and how often this imprint appears in the leading College Annuals throughout the Middle West and South West. CLIO PRESS ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO. IOWA CITY. IOWA gBgB gBgB gE gB giliBgBiB gBgBgB§BgBe§ll ll[Ml gil §B be: .i , Page 364 FACULTY INDEX Aden, Fred, E., 19, 289 Agapetus, N. A.. 147, 268. 273 Arthur, WUliam R., 125. 159 Asplnwall, Leo V.. 272 Autrey. ElUabeth. 349 B Barnard. Hamilton 1., 125 Bauer, Frank S., 245, 257 Beattie, Wayne S., 245. 257, 271 Bemmels, W. D.. 244 Benjamin. Harold. 18, 20. 139, 244 Bernard. William S.. 127. 260 Birk, W. Otto. 18 Bitter, Charles Raymond, 135, 258, 298 Blair, I. M.. 135, 276 Bond, Eugene A., 17 Borgmann. Carl W., 268, 273 Bouslog. lohn S., 125 Boyle, lames M., 263 Bramhall. Frederick D.. 244. 260 Brockway, Waldo E., 155 Brown, Lydia L., 18, 19. 26. 115. 247. 291 Broxon. lames W., 244 Bruboker, William F.. 245 Bushee, Fredrick A., 244, 260, 272 Byrne, John M., 137 Campbell, E. Ray, 17 Carlson. Harry G., 18. 19. 162. 308 Carlson. Raymond E.. 244. 273 CasseU, WaUace L.. 145, 245, 255, 270 Chapman, Edmund, 127 CockereU. T. D. A.. 259 Cohen, I. W.. 157 Cole, Lawrence W., 17, 125 Cooper, Fred W., 245, 255, 270 Cox, Forrest B.. 153, 307 Cox, Roy Alan, 262 Crabb, Edward D., 259, 298 Cramer, E. H.. 151, 272 Craven, Grace L., 107 Crockett. Earl C, 260 Crosman, Ralph L., 21, 271 Cuthbertson, Stuart, 143, 262 Daly, Norman, 161, 263 Danielson, Ralph W., 125 Dean, Paul M., 125, 159. 259. 273 DeMuth, Laurence W., 153 Derham, MUo G., 125, 143 Dobbins, George S.. 257 Downing. Roderick L., 125, 127, 245. 256 DriskUl. Walter S., 147. 309 Drommond. Fred G.. 125. 258. 298 Duggan. Helen. 105 Dunham. Rowland W.. 21 Duvall. W. Clinton, 245. 270 Dyde, Wallers Farrell. 18 Eoslom. Frank A.. 127. 245. 255. 270 Easton. D. Mack. 238. 240, 241 Eckel, Clarence L. 125. 127, 245, 256, 269 Eckhardt. Carl C. 137. 244 Elsenbach, Dorothy L.. 263 Ekeley, John B., 259, 273 Evans. Herbert S.. 18. 20. 245. 255. 270 Faye. Paul Louis, 262 Fehlmann, Mrs. Hazel A., 261 Ferris, L. P., II, 141 Fischer, Dr. Val. B., 17, 137 Fisher, Howard J., 141, 259 Franklin, Walter B., 143, 246, 272, 310 Fritz. Percy S.. 244 Frumess. Dr. Gerald M., 149 Galland. Benjamin S.. 29, 244 Garey. Doris B., 244 Gamsey. M. E.. 157 Geek, Francis J.. 161, 263, 294 George. Russel D., 143 Germann, Frank E. E., 244, 273 Gibbs, Fred P.. 147 Gilbert. Dr. O. M.. 143 Goemer, Gordon L., 244 Goodykoontz. Colin B.. 231. 244 Grant. Alexander, 125 Groothius, John T., 244 Gustavson, R. G., 149, 159. 258, 259 H Hager. G. P.. 258. 298 Harrington. Elbert W.. 238. 240, 241 Hazard. William I.. 245 Highland, Malcolm, 157 Hoffmeister, H. A., 135 Holubar. LeRoy. 245. 255 Houston. Qifford G., 139 Huffman, E., 273 Hulley, Karl K., 143 Hutchinson, Charles A.. 135. 245 I lameson. Mrs. Frances Spauld- ing, 244 Johnson, Edna L.. 261 Johnson. Louise, 244 Jones, Horace A., 125. 253 K Kanouse. Mabel C. 115 Kendall. Claribal, 244, 247 Kendrick. H. W., 127 Kieninger, Louise, 22 Kuentzel. Lester E.. 288 LaH, Dr. Herman J.. 149 Lam. William C, 153 Leh. Leonard L., 244 Lester, Oliver C, 18, 21, 157, 245, 259. 273 LeVeque, Norma. 113 Lewis. Robert C, 125 Light, George H., 246 LItsey, Weldon, 262 Lorber, Dr. William B., 149 Mc McCormick. C. M., 255, 270 McKaehan, Irene P., 121, 247 McKlnley, Call D., 17 McLucas. John Sherwood. 133 McMaster, Allen S.. 161 McMillen, Hugh. 125, 253, 288 McNair, Arthur J., 245. 256 M Mabee. Zell F.. 127, 231, 275 Mallory. W. F.. 127. 245, 257 Martin. Dorothy R., 121. 247 Mills. Qifford W., 17 Mills. Hubert H.. 289 Moore, Thomas E., 244 Mugrage. Edward R., 125 Murphy. Richard, 238, 240, 241 N Nelson. Walter K.. 161. 245 Niehaus. Fred R.. 272. 289 Norlin. George, 9, 16. 17. 18. 143. 244 Norlin. Mrs. George, 247 Novak, Leo C, 245 Nyland, Waino S., 161 Oakes, Bernard F., 127, 307 O ' Connell. Edison E., 147, 245, 257 O ' Day, David W.. 135. 258. 298 Ogilvy. Jack D. A., 244 Palmer, Harlan B., 245 Parker, Norman A., 125, 245. 257 Peebles, Sally, 262 Peterson, Elmore. 18. 20. 153, 272 Philip, William G., 298 Poe, Charles F., 125, 143, 258, 259, 273, 298 Potratz. Herbert A., 273 Potts. Frank, 141, 307 Q Ouam, L. O.. 137 Raeder, Warren. 127, 245, 256 Ramaley, Francis. 244 Rathburn, Robert. 137 Rees, Maurice H., 18. 22 Reybum. Mariorie. 244 Reynolds. Henry Etta, 26, 117 Rteder, Mrs. Miriam, 262 Robbins. Leslie F.. 143 Romig. Mrs. Edna D.. 244 Ronzio, Anthony Rose, 273 Sandoe, James, 280. 281, 283, 285 Sayro, Dvin C. 127, 309 Schmidt. Martin. 151 Schreiber, Mark. 309 Schroeder. Paul G.. 244 Semple. Dewey, 129 Sibell, Muriel V.. 263 Simmering, S. L., 245, 257 Slaton, W. H., 139, 272 Smith, Mrs. C. Henry, 291 Snively, L. ailton. 245 Sowers. Don C, 139 Spencer. Dr. F. R.. 143 Sprowls. Joseph. 258. 298 Stanley. Dorothy. 29. 244 Steams. Robert L., 18, 20, 244 Stengel, Therese K., 26, 247 Steriing. Mrs. Sybil, 119 Storke, Frederic P.. 244 Stribic. Frances P.. 244. 247 Strlngham. Luther, 241 Sutherland. L. B.. 256 Swoyne, Ida L., 123, 244, 261 Thoman. W. H.. 125. 256 Thompson, Paul Verne, 153 Thompson, Waerm O., 137 Toepelman, Walter C, 135 Trucksess. Frederick C, 263 u Udick, Helen Bemice. 262 VaiUe. Rebecca W., 123, 291 Van Duzee. Mabel. 244 Van Ek, Jacob, 18, 19 Van Valkenburgh, Horace B., 273 Vavra. Charles G., 308 w Wagner, Charles A.. 125, 257 Wahlstrom, Earnest. 151 Waite, Howard E., 308 Wakeham, Glen, 259, 273 Warner, Ralph E.. 262 Washburn. Homer C, 18, 21, 125. 139. 258 Whalley, Joseph. 137 White. Briggs J.. 258 Whitehead, Richard W., 125 Whiting. Mrs. Maude C. 244 Williams, Anna W.. 244, 261 Witt, Norman F.. 125, 258, 259. 298 WoUe. Francis. 244, 253, 281, 283, 285 Wolcott, Mrs. Rosetta B.. 262 Worcester. P. G.. 18. 244 Page 365 STUDENT INDEX Abel, Ann Elizabeth, 84, 117 Able, Charles Robert, 133 Able. Edward Thome, 133 Abrums, Roene Adeline, 294 Ackard, William Crumly, 133 Ackermann. Albert Bender, 271 Adams, Bob Rapson, 141 Adams, John Easton, 76, 143 Adams, John Walker, 131 Adomson, Donald Nelson, 127 Ahlberg, Rodney Alfred, 155 Aikele, Carl Miles, 268 Aikele. John Horace. 288 Akolt, John Patrick, Jr., 133 Albert, Jeanne, 76, 115 Alexander. Robert Bruce, 127 Aley, Rosemary Lytle, 117 Alford. Wayne Alexander, 268 Allan. William Robert, 271 Allen, Ben, 294 Allen, Betty C, 36, 84, 117 Allen. Donald E., 36. 129. 252 Allen. Elizabeth, 123 Allen. lone Elizabeth. 76. 292 Allen. Jerry, 76, 143 Allen, John Thomas, Jr., 84, 131 Allen, Luella Jane, 105, 289 Allison, Benjamin Thomas, Jr., 58. 155. 268 Allison. Webster Charles. 141 AUum, Charles Edward. 84, 145 Almond, John Clayton, 36, 258, 259, 298 Alseike. Dwight Vernon. 288 Allhouse. Gladys Roberta. 58 Alvord. Herman Frank. 270 Amis. Jean Torian. 84. 119 Amonette. Fannie Mozelle, 84. 117. 226 Ancell. Robert M.. 58. 160. 161, 271 Anderson. Cornelia Livingston. 36, 294, 296 Anderson, Eleanor, 36 Anderson, George Howard, 270 Anderson. James Stanley. 256. 269 Anderson. Jean Elizabeth. 84, 123, 226 Anderson, John Alfred, 28, 36, 245, 254, 255, 270, 273 Anderson. John Denton. 252 Anderson. Malcolm S.. 143 Anderson. Marjorie Mae. 28 Anderson. Marvin Joseph, 141 Anderson, Robert Edwin, 151 Anderson, Robert Graham, 58. 270 Anderson. William Alexander. 58. 147. 227 Andrews. Betty Ross. 76 Angelovic. Howard Reed. 84. 157 Anna. Paul Lawrence. 294 Anselmo. Frank. 294 Applegate. Stanley. 58. 145. 254. 268 Appleton. Bruce Edward. 147 Archibal!, Nellie Margaret, 36, 11 ' Argal. ... ' .■ oodruff, 84, 133 Armstrong, Ann Saletha, 36, 111 Armstrong, Louise, 28, 36, 247, 291 Armstrong, Marion, 36, 103, 119 Amdt, Donald Anderson, 258 Arnold, Christian Kieffer, 76, 141, 250 Arnold, Frank Ames, 288 Ashbaugh, Lewis Eugene, Jr., 36, 256, 269 Asbury, Wallace Edgar, 157 Ashby, Gerald Joseph, 76, 131 Ashton, Betty Jane. 117 Ashton. Leila Richards, 113 Aspinwall. Richard Van. 76. 131 Atkinson, David Gates, 137, 250 Atkinson, James Barkman, 137 Atkinson. Thomas Ernest. 36. 157 Atwood. Delmar William, 151 Austin, Betty Lou, 76, 121, 294 Austin, Robert Harold, 157 Avery, Julia May. 36 Ayers. Herbert Wilmot. 155 B Baab. Eleanor Lucille. 76. 105 Babcock. Betty Mae. 84. 105 Bacon. Bob. 159 Baguley, Margaret Mary. 84. 113 Bahn. Gustave Charles. 84, 129 Baier. Clement Michael, 294 Baima. Stella. 294 Bains, Robert Reese, 268 Baird, Tom Wick, 36, 158, 159 Baker. Donald Devine. 129 Baker, Dorothy Josephine. 235. 294 Baker. Helen Joan. 84. 113. 226, 232 Baker, Lorene Mae, 262 Baker, Mark Winfield. 36. 270 Baker. Raymond Wesley. 137 Ball. Jack Wadsworth. 76, 140. 141, 252 Ball, Mary Ellen, 76, 123, 225 Ballard. Harold C, 244 Ballantine. Jane Marie. 58. 121 Bancroft, Everett Richard. 36. 295 Barber. Marv Elisabeth. 37, 121 Barlow, Robert Lynn, 141 Barnes. Clara Maybelle. 26. 58, 112, 249, 269, 291 Barnes, Robert Earle, 147 Bamett, Robert Charles, 135 Barney. Glenn Harvey, 76, 289 Bamish, Anthony Joseph, 268 Barr, Jacqueline Marie. 76. 291 Barrett. Coranelle C. 84. 123 Barris, Don Fredrick. 137 Barth, Jack Edward. 76 Barllmus. Fred O ' Neill. 151 Bartow. Marjorie Bee. 84. Ill Bartram. John Webster, 76, 129, 252 Bartling, Norman Edward, 37, 129, 282, 284 Barton. Beverly. 123 Basing3r. Bonnie. 289 Bass. B3rt Lee, 76. 139. 226. 298 Bassett. Marian Gould. 84. 105 Batchelor. David W.. 84. 157 Bauer. Betty Janice. 226 Bauer, Gerald. 84. 127 Bauer. William Charles. 28. 37. 245. 253. 254. 268. 273. 295 Baugh. John Lewis . 37. 141. 268 Beabor. Calvin Henry, 288 Beaber, Howard Charles, 269 Beach, James Joseph, 76 Beach, John Roy, Jr., 58 Beam, Orville, 127 Bear, Anna Margaret, 119 Beard, Margaret Jane, 76, 119, 251, 290 Beattie. Paul Edward. 141 Beatty. Florence M.. 262 Beavers. James Clifford. 288 Beck. Lena Evelyn. 76. 105 Beck, Lewis Alfred, 151. 250 Beck. Ronald Eugene, 252 Becker. Carolee Frances. 1 1 1 Becker, Vera Elizabeth. 118. 119. 260 Beckley. Samuel Roscoe. 131 Beem. John Raymond. 76. 125 Beers. Sylvester Piper. 141 Bein. Louis Frederick. 76. 131 Bell. Ely Eugene. 244, 276 Bell. Jack William. 37. 153. 270 Bell. Maryanna. 84 Bemis, Edwin Arnold, Jr.. 76, 133 Bennett, Carl Melvin, 37, 254, 256, 268 Bennett, Charles Edward, 37, 226, 232 Benson. Henry Ross. 76. 133. 268 Benster Dixon Ward. 253. 288 Bent, Mary Marguerite, 113 Benton, Jane Marie, 105 Benton, Margaret May. 105 Bentson. Carol Christine. 113 Bereman. Anna Margaret. 84 Berenbaum, Zelie, 149 Berger. Elmer Stanley. 37 Berger. Louis Harry. 298 Berglund, Everett R.. 58. 298 Bergman. Raymond David. 269 Bergman. Robert Herman. 125. 288 Bergman, Roy Harold, 125 Bermbach, Florence Louise, 113 Bernzen, Frank, 137 Berry, Charles Edward, 37, 133 Best, Sarahelen, 37, 107 Beverstock, Martha Jane, 37, 292 Biegel, Albert Cisler, 153 Biella, Arnold Peter, 37, 147, 282, 283, 285 Bier, Regina Ruth. 76, 105 Bigelow, Eugene Victor, 294 Bigelow. Pauline 1.. 294 Billings, Donald Earl. 289 Billington, Carmen, 27. 58. 109 Bilz. Charles William, 153 Biossat, Suzanne, 119 Birk, Margaret Louise, 27, 58, 262, 291 Birk, Mary Frances, 76, 251 Bischoff, Martin Earl, 151 Bivans, Roberta Venola, 295 Blain. Elaine E.. 107 Blake. Venus Ruth. 84. 113 Blakey. Frederick Gates. 37, 124, 125, 257, 271, 274 Bliss, Walter Ernst, 58, 131 Bloch, Jules Norbert. 58, 252 Blosser, W. Ivan, 273 Boatwright, Robert Brant, 298 Bobel, John Michael. 37. 135, 294, 298 Bock, Paul Kenneth, 256, 269 Bodine, Arnold, 150 Boehm, Barbara Lee. 37. 115, 284 Boerstler. Betty Louise. 119 Boerstler. Theodore. 37. 133 Bohman. Thomas Spare. 38, 143, 272 Bohrer, Rodney Dean, 141 Boland, John A., 137 Bomgardner, Jane Elizabeth, 121 Bond, Donald Lee, 288, 298 Bone, Jack Norman, 76, 298 Boner. Robert Edgar. 153 Bonham. Robert Guyer. 143. 272 Bookhoul. George William. Jr.. 84 Boorman. Erie Van. 141. 250 Boorman. Richard. 141 Bosin. Calvin Stewart. 155 Bosin. Priscilla Ann. 76. 117 Bottomley. Bette Gene, 113 Boue, Hudson Gustave, 127 Bovard. Jean Stewart. 27. 58. 113. 249 Bowie. Elizabeth Ann. 117 Bovirman, Laurence Rogers. 84, 161 Bowman, Robert Bruce. 151 Bown. Edith Lillian. 38. 105 Bowser. Harold Roy, 76 Boyd. Berlin, Jr., 137. 250 Boyd. Lauretta Ruth. 38 Boyd, Richard Lass. 125 Boyd. Robert Clark. 137. 270 Boyd. Thomas Milton. 258 Boyle. James Michael, 294 Boyle. Marion E.. 59. 119. 281 Boyle. Richard Earl. 143. 226 Brace. Robert Floyd. 84 Braddock. Mary Christine, 76 Bradfield, Theodore C, 84, 159 Bradford, William Conoly, 59, 131, 250 Bradley, Charlene Mille, 235 Bradley, Melvin John, 38, 145 Bradley, William Newell, 59 Bradshaw, Jeanne, 105 Bradtke, Edward William, 153 Brady, William James. 38. 294, 297 Bragg. George Scott. 138. 139. 258, 259 Bragg, William Raymond, 84 Brainerd, Arthur Edward. 133. 268 Brandenburg. Frederick H.. 258, 259 Brandt. George Sawyer. 38. 245, 256. 269 Brannaman, Joan Elizabeth. 59, 115 Browner, John Douglas, 76, 153 Bray, Lyle. 28. 250, 268 Bresee. Donald Berne. 127 Brewer. Merle Edward. 147 Brewer. Virginia, 38, 119 Brewster, Ernest B., 38 Page 366 Bricker, [)orU G.. 76 Briggs, Helen Miriam. 121, 226, 227. 233 Brill, John Marty, 59, 143, 272 Brinton. John Wells. 260 Brinton. PhvUis Lorraine, 121 Brinton, William Thomas. 143. 227 Bristol. Dale. 77. 139. 250 Brillell. Howard Eugene. 28, 38. 140. 141. 162. 253. 272 Broody. John Lyons. 136. 137 Brockway. Willard Waldo. 155 Brooks. lack. 135 Brooks, John Pay ton, 77, 129 Brothers, Marjorie Jane. 109 Brown. Burton Primrose. 38. 254. 255, 270 Brown. Donn Beck. 38. 151 Brown. Don. 159 Brown. Douglas Kirby. 153 Brown. Floyd Donald. 38 Brown. Floyd Ray. 147 Brown. Henry Adam. 141 Brown, James Nathan, 132, 133, 272 Brown, Jeanette May, 38, 117 Brown, Mary Mildred, 112, 113 Brown, Robert Lee, 288 Brown, Robert Paul, 159 Brown, Roberta Alice, 38 Brown, Susie Maud, 84, 117. 226 Brown, Wilbur C. 59, 270 Browning, Ernestine, 119, 227 Bruce, Sidney Clyde, 59, 141, 254, 255, 270 Brunton, Barbara, 38, 117 Bryant, Vernon Rae, 59 Buchanan, John William, 59, 228, 275 Buckingham, Alice M., 77, 104, 105. 235 Bucknam. Joseph Robert, 77, 153 Buirgy, Theodore F., 269 Bullen. Wenda Anne, 59 Bulson, Lois Amy, 38, 113, 276 Buriord, Louis William, 84 Burge. Robert George, 258, 259 Burgess, Betty Anne, 84 Burkhardt. Alfred Otto, 84, 153 Burkhardt, William Joseph, 39, 152, 153 Bumham, Catherine Mary, 251 Bums, Rita Mary, 39, 111 Burrell, Charles Walter, 270 Burrford, Bill, 159 Burson, Clarence Alvin, 298 Burt, Frank Charles, 282, 283 Burt, Lawrence Strlte, 59, 160, 161, 271 Burzlander, William Andrew, 270 Busch, noyd Henry, 59, 161, 255, 270, 295 Bush, Walden Everette. 145 Buskirk. Frank Joseph. 294 Butcher. Bert B.. 39. 155, 248 Butler, John Munro. 77. 298 Butlerfield, Rupert B.. 153 Butters. Helen Lucille. 84 Button. Virginia A., 77, 116, 117, 251 Cabibi, Sabio Philip, 137, 294 Cdlabrese, Ralph, 294 Caldwell, Maurice Reed, 252 Callaway. Erma Ruth. 84. 107 Calvert. Matthew William. 129 Cameron. Douglas Edmund. 85 Cameron, Duncan J. Fraser, 155 Campbell, Agnes Blanche, 77 Campbell, Anna Marguerite, 292 Campbell, Jean Dizabeth, 39, 262 Campbell, Robert Dale, 244 Campbell, William Arthur, 85, 135 Cannon, Edward Charles, 127 Canonica, Paul, 268 Carbrey, Robert Lawrence, 270 Card, Justin Renway, 143 Card, Mildred Vennelte, 39 Cardman, Frank Antonio, 39 Cargo, Virginia C, 39, 117 Carlin, Charles John, 141 Carlson, Eva Elizabeth, 294 Carlson, Walter Milton, 145, 245. 254 Carmichael. Clieve Chester, 59 Carpenter, Charles Louis, 39, 145, 271 Carpenter, Vesta Vemadine. 59 Carpenter. William Charles. 270 Carr, John Windfield, 159 Carrington, Janet Adele, 85, 123 Carson, Gweneth Leslie, 85 Cartwright, James Burton, 157 Carver, Dorthee Ashmead, 121 Carver, Edgar, 125 Casady, Selman Ernest, 39, 159 Case, Douglas, 77, 151 Case, Margaret Ellen, 85 Cason, Betty Lea, 1 1 5 Casper, Richard Freeman, 39 Cassell, Hope Elizabeth, 105, 262 CasUe, John B., 271 Cafon, Willard Irvin, 139 Ccrwley, John Michael, 281, 282, 284, 285 Cesorio, Dominic John. 139. 288. 294 Chadbourne. Corabelle L., 123 Chaney. Dolph Mervin. 275 Chapman, Charles William. 253, 270, 288, 297 Chapman, Helen Hope, 235 Chapman, Milton Russell, 159 Chapman, Virginia, 289 Chase, Peggy Dawson, 85, 121, 226 Chastain, Hugh Dber, 39, 135 Check, Charles Joseph, 77 Chenburg, Marlin Chester, 59, 143. 225 Chesney, Everett Ben, 137 Chesney, Lee Roy, 85 Chick, William, 159 Christensen, Merrill, 137 Christiansen. Ivan Francis, 159 Christianson, Helen Olivia, 1 1 1 Christopher, Richard Joseph, 85, 137 Christmas, Charles H., 159 Christy, Eleanor Louise, 26. 39, 121,281 Christy, Robert Ralph, 126, 127, 273 Church, Eugene, 288 Chrysler. Faye. 77 Clark. Benjamin Thurlby. 151, 272 Clark, Charles Abner. 131 Clark. Donald Ernest. 129. : Clark. George Morgan. 59. Clark P-ij1 M.. 244 im Henry. 147. . - - . ihy Jean. 77. llj. 251, 293 Cloussen, Harry F., 60, 141, 252 Claycomb, Donald Earl, 151 Clayton, Betty Jane, 85 Clayton, Leslie Allison, 239 Cleland, Jane, 85, 113 Cleland, Pete Emery, 133, 227 Clements, George Waller, 260 Clements. Helen Jeanne, 85, 119 Click, Marion Harvey, 143 Clifford, Dorothy Bell, 77 Cline, Bill Gale, 151 Clough, William Franklin, 137, 268, 270 Clutter, Joseph Sullivan, 288 Cobum, Ruth Aileen, 39, 103, 105 Coffin, Barbara Ann, 77, 107 Coit, Hubert Arthur, 39, 268 Cole, Arthur Vincent, 157, 234 Cole, Donald Garth, 139 Cole, Mary Louise, 60, 121, 227 249, 291, 293 Collier, J. P., 151 Colman, Clifford Winfield, 28, 60, 254, 255, 270, 297 Calvin, Elaine Pinkston, 111 Combs, Caroline Jane, 119 Combs, Jay Evertt, 141 Combs, Paul Cortez, 297 Condon, Charles Emmelt, 151 Condon, John Vincent, 151 Conkling, William Ralph, 129, 252, 268 Connell, Erma Elizabeth, 39, 111 Connelly, Matthew, Rev., 294 Conover, Albert Walter, Jr., 85, 151 Conrad, Robert, 289 Conrado, Charles, 269 Conway, Mary Louise, 85, 117 Cook, Betty Lou, 85, 105 Cook, Harold Victor, 149 Cook, Marian Louise, 244 Cooke, Ralph Winfield, 125 Coon, Roxana Audrey, 77 Cooper, Catherine Ann, 123 Cooper, Glenn Hill, 288, 298 Cooper, Thomas Hamilton, 25, 60, 130, 131, 224 Cope, Paul Ripley, 143 Copeland, Elizabeth Bent, 39, 117 Copeland, Ida Ann, 85, 105 Copeland, Marylee E., 289, 296 Corbin, Warren Luther, 157 Cornelius Ouincy Corlett, 139, 162, 269 Corske, Sylvia Sima, 296 Corson, Marion Hazel, 85, 117 Coss, Ralph Bumise, 289 Cottrell, Emma M., 40 Coulson. H. Clyde, 298 Coulter, James Paul, 250 Coulter, Robert Peter, 147 Counley, Richard Toilllon, 131, 294 Counter. Heien Marguerite, 85, 123, 227 wan. William Henry, 139 ■.vden, James Harp !51. 252 wen, Virgil Edq : ' .-.■qi!:, David, i ' Cox. Mildred Irene. 40. Ill C y - • .JO io3_ 115 Coyiu. ;_. ' .ii : Cralord. Sidi. . Cramer. Calhryn Aim. bu. ISZ Cramer. Frances Harriet. 60. 12: Crary. Merl Elizabeth. 85 Crawford. Marcella Ann. 85. 105 Creese. J. Loren. 139, 250 Creese, Vernon E ' -9, 224, 232 Cressman, Edmund Tlmmons, 147 Crippen, Elizabeth Frances, 77, 251, 293 Crispell, Harold Leslie, 60, 270 Crispin. Robert LeRoy, 40. 147 162 Cristiano. Vincent. 294 Crispell. Harold. 288 Criswell. George Stuart. 25, 40, 152, 153, 228, 232, 246, 275 Croke, Patricia Marie, 77, 111 Crosby, Peggy Louise, 85 Cross, Philip Stanley, 144, 145, 229, 248, 252 Crowell, Dorothy C. 60. 298 Crowley. Rolfe Warren. 85 Crum, Joe, 129 Crutchfield, Jack Alden, 145 Cuillard, Robert Francis, 147, 225 Cultra, Savre Ellsworth, 60, 155 Cummings, Louis, 159 Cunkle, Charles Henry, 244 Cunningham, J. Western, 133, 227 Cunningham, Jerry P.. 143. 162, 281 Curtan, John Edward, 137 Curlee, Wayne, 85 Curtis, Theodore M.. 40, 146, 147, 225, 252, 284, Custance, Adele Louise, 123, 226 Custer, Doris Jean, 85, Czarnowsky, Albert Fredprick, 161 Daily, Vernon Allan, 161 Dalby, Thomas E., 60, 254, 256. 269. 274 Dale. Bob Louis. 294. Dalziel. Kirby. 121 Dameron, William Morris. 294 Danforth. Elizabeth Glenn, 1 17 Daniel, Olen Dee, 153 Darden, William Henry, 40, 153 Dougherty, James Lowell, 40, 268 Daum, Esther Louise, 292 David, Jennings Roy, 60 Davidson, Elaine Elizabeth, 60 Davidson, John Daniel, 85 Page 367 Davidson, Morgan William, 144, 145 Davies, Fred Spencer, 143 " •■ :?s, Ronald, 125 :■ .■- ' S, Stanton Wighlman, 143 Davis, Delacroix Jr., 271 Davis, Harold Sanford, 270 Davis, Philip Lockwood, 229 Davis, Reel Clayton. 25, 40, 252 Davis, Thomas Abram 85, 157 Davis, Thomas Kent, 40, 161 Davisson, William Kennedy, 157 Davitt, Patricia AUys, 85, 111, 226, 229 Davitt, WiUlam John, 137, 273 Davlin, Charles Alfred. 157 Day, William Raymond, 40, 232, 275 Deakins. John Waller, 85 Dearstyne. Mary Josephine, 77, 115. 282. 284 Deavenport. Mary Hope. 60 DeBaker, Bill, 25 DeBelle. Millicenl Mae. 109 Decker, Robert Bruce, 85, 143, 226 Deffke. James Robert. 77, 131 Deqen, Louis, 40. 147, 268. 273 Deisch, Peter, 159 DeKalb, Morgan Emmon, 143 Delllquadri, Carmen Leonard, 294 Derryberry, William Charles, 28, 142, 143, 248, 272 Devalon, Earle Waldo, 25, 77. 154, 155, 250 Devaney, Thomas Edwin, 244 Devore, Wilfred Henry, 269 D exter, Robert Bums, 157 Dickinson, Sarah Lenore, 1 1 1 Dicks, Merrill William, 60, 258, 297. 298 Dleckhoff. Dolores Jane. 85 Dlerlam, Robert J., 161. 282, 283 Diez, Consuelo Yisadora, 288 Digiacomo, Lucille A., 40, 296 Dllislo, Joseph Thomas, 294 Dilley, Russell Wayne, 298 Dlmmltl, Betty Jane 85, 111, 227 Dlmond, Ruth Ernestine, 113 Dinner, Sidney E., 148, 149, 269 Divisek, Jo Anne, 77, 123, 229 Dixon, Thomas Arthur, 143, 272 Dobbs, Roy Lippincott, 145 Dodson, Stanley LeRoy, 151 269 Dolan, Joseph J., 77, 137, 294 Dolan, Mary Kathryn, 40, 113 294 Doll, Mary Kalherine, 41, 292 Dome, Gerald Leon, 294, 298 Donnen, Earl Martin, 85, 288 Donnen, Jane Elizabeth, 86, 117 Donnen, William, 157 Doran, Mary Frances, 41, 107 Dostal, Adele Catherine, 77 115.292.294 Doty. Earl Edward. 77. 288. 298 Douden, Paul Alfred, 86 Douglas, Dorothy Helen, 86, 111 Douglas, James Henry, 77 Douglass. Horence Elizabeth 86. 115 Douglass. Fred D., 77, 127, 269 Dow, Royal W.. 248, 271 Dowlen, Harvey Bums, 41, 252 Downing, Robert Ralph, 141 Downs, Lois May, 111 Downs, Sam Newton, 61, 297, 298 Drake, Marjorie Morrison, 26, 123, 293 Draper, Eaton Hamilton, 141 Dreffein, Mary Lou, 41, 111, 263, 293, Dreier, Douglas Emerit, 61, 256 269 Drescher, William James. 155. 269 Drinkwater, Ruth Leilani. 123 Dryden, D. James, 252, 272 Dubin, Frank Israel, 149 Dubois, Dora Isabel, 121 Dudgeon, Jean Louise. 77, 111 Duff. Shirley, 61, 292 Duggan, John Lawrence, 77, 144, 226, 288, 294 Dukes, John Fisher, 61, 145 Dukes, Paul Clifton, 77, 145, 250, 271 Dukes, WUliam John, 156, 157 Dunbar, Boyd Earl, 151 Dunbar, Lloyd Elmer, 151 Dunbar, Vem A., 41, 259 Dungan, Tschudy Fitzrandolph, 77, 250 Dunham, June Vinetta, 292 Dunklee, Dorcas Mary, 86, 121. 226. 280. 283 Dunn. Dewey Allen, 41, 153 Dunn, Donald Emerson, 86. 137 Dunn, Virginia Rose, 61 Dumell, Aubert, 155 Duteau, Marguerite Virginia, 61, 107 Dutcher, Robert Elmer, 137 Dutton, Vivian Alice, 296 Dutton, William Corydon, 41, 245, 253, 254, 255, 270, 274 Duvall. Betty Jeane, 115, 227 Dwyer, Charles Francis, 86 Dyatt, Marynell Jane, 86 Dyde, James Farrell, 143 Dye, Eugene Penny. 153 East, Eugene Raymond, 269 East, John, 155 Eastman, Jane, 77, 111 Eaton, Ernest James, 77, 157 Eaton, Lyle Elmer, 271 Eaton, Miffan, 61, 290, 291 Echlernacht, Charles Lewis, 77 Eckel, Patricia F., 113, 292 Eckhardt, Bettie Carr, 78, 121, 292 Eckhardt, George C, 131 Eckman, Lenaire Richard, 78, 135, 252 Economy, Gertrude Martha, 113 Edelstein, Shirley Elaine, 86 Edmundson, Geraldine Louise, 86, 113 Edmundson, Robert Taylor, 78, 130, 131, 224 Edmundson, William Thomas, 131, 288 Edward, Imogene, 113 Edwards, Earles Imogene, 61 Edwards, Eddie George, 155 Edwards, Mary Hlen, 41 Edwards, Ralph Leland. 147 Egan. Gladys Cinq-Mars. 86, 123 Egan, Patricia, 123 Elder, Roy Chauncey, 275 Ellis, Edith Rhoda, 78 Ellis, Edwin Davidson, 157 Ellis, Robert David, 131 Ellwood, Henry Vincent, 155 Ellzey, Miriam Nancy, 26, 61, 123, 228, 249 Elmore, Frank Charles, 41, 151, 272 Elrod, Hubert Kermit, 129 Elzi, Charles Joseph, 135, 271, 294 Emery, Wilson Bartin, Jr., 141 Emeson, Abe, 269 Emeson, Sydney Aaron, 149, 252 Emeson, Stanley Eli, 149 Emigh, Alonzo Martin, 129 Emmett, Robert Parker, 145 Endicott, George Raymond, 61, 288, 298 Englund, James Stanley, 288 Enochs, Charles Shelton, 145 Enochs, Robert John, 145 Erdman, Curtis Jerome, 294 Erkenbrack, Leah Laureen, 78 Essig, Virginia Ethlyn, 119 Estep, Jay T., 298 Estes, Archie T.. 61, 271 Etter, Bob Lee, 155 Etter, Gretchen, 119 Evans, Calvin Edmon, 157 Evans, George, 269 Evans, George William, 139 Evans, Lee, 61 Evans, Nancy Lila, 78, 111 Evans, Thomas Tyler, 131 Everett, Don Ward, 155 Everhart, George E., 78 Faber, Ralph Eugene, 41, 270 Fairchild, John H., 161 Falch, Karl C, 86 Folk, Edna Moor, 26, 78, 251, 280, 285, 291, 294 Fallon, John Thomas, 257, 271 Font, William B., 41, 151, 272 Farnan, Marian Gertrude, 294 Farr, Karl William, 131 Fattor, Arthur Pete, 268, 294 Faunce, Janice Marcine, 61, 111 Fawcett, Donald Walter, 41, 141 Fawkes, Betty, 104 Feld, Sam Herman, 149 Feldman, Herman, 149 Felix, Allen Owen, 151, 276 Fenex, James Edward, 153 Ferguson, Wayne Clark, 78 Ferris, Eloise Elizabeth, 86, 121 Fesler, Dorothy Mae, 61, 263 Fey, Vernon Otto, 41, 147, 268, 273, 274 Ficco, Dan. 294 Fickel, Margaret Elaine, 78, 123 Fimple, Frank Billman, 143 Finch, Tudor Raymond, 151 Firth, John MUton, 61 Fischer, Charles William, 269, 280 Fischer, Lillian Irene, 41, 295 Fishel, Barbara Ruth, 86, 123 Fishel, Robert Ralph, 61, 143. 254, 255, 270, 274 Fishel, Barbara, 226 Fisher, Benjamin Franklin, 245, 254, 257. 271 Fisher, Charles Edward, 153 Fisher, Howard Jackson, 141, 259 Fisher, William Henry, 270 Fitzpatrick, Jim Alfred, 294 Fladung, Magdalenne J., 294 Fladung, Paul Albert, 294 Flanagan, Earl Banks, Jr., 86 Flanders, Laurence B., Jr., 28, 41, 94 Flatt, Ruth, 113 Fleming, John Joseph, 297, Fleming, Robert Glenn, 86 Fleming, Sally, 86, 123 Flinn, Willard LeRoy, 153 Flitner, Dave M., 42, 153 Flower, Charles Robert, 145 Floyd, Margaret Mae, 121 Fogg. Joan Marguerite, 42 Folium. Hugo Brynjolf, 269 Folsom, Mac Gregor, 131 Forbes, Mary Bemadette, 119 Forney, John Lesley, 78, 250, 252 Fountain, Joe William, 269 Fox, Jack Jay, 42, 259 Fox, Richard Philip, 268 Fox, Robert Eugene, 42 Frahm, Richard Frederick, 86 Fraizer, Miles, 86, 139 Franch, Henry Gilbert, 129 Frangos, Pete Gust, 252, 259 Frank, Lorenz Scott, 153 Frank, William Frederick, 42, 147, 269 Frankl, Harlan John, 157 Frankl, Helen Maxine, 62, 294 Frary, Ellen, 62, 104, 263, 290, 293 Frazier, Francis Elliott, 298 Frederick, Charline, 110, 111, 249 Frederick, John Morgan, 155 Frederick, Robert, 137 Freedman, Joseph Hyman, 269 Freeland, Harriet Hoynes, 119 Freer, Penelope Anne, 117, 227 French, Albert Lloyd, Jr., 252 Frink, Robert Landell, 133 Fritch, Emily Jane, 119, 251, 281 Fritschle, Qifton Edward, 289 Frix, Hazel Estelle, 62 Fuller, James Emmett, 42, 245, 254, 257, 271 Fuller, Joe Reed, 143 Fuller, Wayne Edison, 127 Funk, Clare Porter, 113 G Gabelman, Charles Grover, 127, 226 Gaines, Patricia Grace, 86 Gaines, William Sawyer, 86, 129 Gallagher, Warren White, 127 Gallitin, William Joseph, 159 Gallegos, Albert A., 288 Galloway, Irma Ruth, 106 Gambill, John David, 25, 248, 297 Page 368 Garbanatl, Henry Andrew, 144 Gardenswartz. Harold Victor, 42, 149 Gardiner, James Edward. 147 Gardiner, Katherine Ann, 42 Gardiner, Phyllis Ann, 119 Gardiner, William John, 78 Gardner. Margaret Jeanne, 78, 113 Gardner, Paul William. 145, 151 Gardner. Richard Lenox, 151 Gargan. Mary Frances. 294 Garretson, Walter Raymond, 288 Garrell, Donald Arthur, 62. 151 Garrison. Robert Calvin. 159 Garst, Joseph Horace. 86, 153 Garwood. Virginia Norma, 119 Gasen, Robert Coullas, 42 Gasser. William Pope. 127 Gast, Dorothy Jean. 78 Gates. Philip Foster. 133 Gay, Kenneth Brewster 78. 153 Gaylord. Marydell Kim. 86. 113 Geiger. Dla Jane. 86 Geiger. John Proctor. 78. 143. 226 Gelwicks. Melvln George, 62, 145, 269 Gemmill, Leonard Eicholtz, 153 George, Charles Maurice. 78, 145 George. Katherine. 292 George, Marion Ruth. 117 Gerbase. Claude Josef. 145 Gerhard. Paul Frederick, 226 Germann, Lois Marie, 251 Germann, Richard Paul, 42 Gessert. Ed. C 270 Giacomini. AUred William. 271 Gibbon. Helen. 244. 261 Gibby. Leigh Thomas. 159 Gibson, George Marion, 288 GUchrist. Ellis. 86 Gillam. Qyde Wilson. 295 Gillen. Colllsuts Leon. 78 Gillen. Frances Rosalie. 62 Gillespie. Margaret Louise. 78 Gillespie. Olive Gloria. 298 Gillett, Jean Dizabeth. 78, 118, 119, 251, 290 Gillis, Suzanne Frances. 123. 226. 227 Girardo. Raymond Benny. 288 GiHings. Helen Margaret, 117 Glass, George, 126 Glass, James Madison, 62, 131 Glassbum, Bettv Ann, 78, 113 Glassburn, Ruthann. 113 Glaze. Gerald Adrian. 159 Gleason, George Wilson. 78. 151 Gleissner. Ruth, 109 Glendening, William Laurence, 274 Glenn, William Henry Thomas, 42, 297 Gless. George E., Jr., 127, 254, 255. 270 Glover. Rose Neveve, 78 Goddard. Edward Harry, 271. 288. 289 Goddard. Glen, 86, 288 Godley. Leslie Leonard. 78 Godsey. Geraldine May. 78 Goen, Raybume W.. 244 Goldberg. Eunice Isadora, 78 Page 369 Goldberg, Mvron A., 42, 149, 252. Goldstein. Gilbert. 149 Goldwater. Bart M.. 94 Gonzales. Anthony Joseph. 62, 161. 271 Gooding. Ann Adele, 78 Goodman. Marian Rae. 42 Goodwin, Mariam Marvin. 298 Gorder. Keith Leroy, 127, Gordon. Ralph R.. 288 Gormly. La Verne. 129 Goudge. Edwin Gerals. 155 Gould, Alice Hubbell. 86 Gowdy, Jeanne. 298 Grabow. Mary Ann. 42 Grabow, Wilber G., 153 Gradick. Geraldine Lee. 113 Graf. Elizabeth Carolyn. 115 Graham. Edward Earl. 86. 157 Grant. Alexander Charles. 153, 288 Grant. Mary Ellen. 294 Grant, William Daniel, 62 Grauberger, Eugene Carl, 298 Graves, Alma Mae, 78, 251 Graves, Warren Dempsey, 288, 298 Gravestock, John Henry, 78, 146, 147, 225, 252, 276 Gray. Barbara Dixon, 78 Gray. Edna Ellen, 62, 121 Gray, Roger Winks, 151 Gray, Stephen Oliver. 151 Greager. Floyd Beach, 127 Green, Esther Louise, 86, 123 Green. Raymond Allison. 151 Green. Thomas Henning, 42, 153 Greenawalt, Jean Noreen, 86 Greenhalgh, Charles Raymond. 42. 155. 258. 298 Greenawalt. Noreen. 109 Green way, Mary Isabel, 123 Greenwood, Richard Barry. 139 Gregg. Albert Raymond, 43, 257, 271, 274. 288, 289 Gregg. Dorothy Ellen, 86 Gregory, Henry Duval, 28 Grieve, Helen Dorothy, 27, 43, 291 Griffin, Dale Miller, 86, 288 Griffin. John William. 143 Griffith. Benjamin Twombly. 288 Griffith. William Gene. 131 Griggs, Charlotte Rockwell. 78, 119. 227, 251 Grigs, William Edward, 147 Griswold, John Kirk. 127 Gromer. Carmen. 79 Groothuls. John Fred, 289 Gross, William Fagan, 268. 273 Grove. Gene J., 144, 145. 250 Groves. Helen LoRoux. 79. 121. 226 Grum, Robert Matthew, 151 Guiney, Richard John. 145 Guiry. Joseph Patrick. 294 Gullard, Athelene. 113 Gumbrecht. F. Charles, 62. 270 Gunning. Don. 79 Gunther, Francis Alan, 43, 273 Gurmatakis. Tom Angelo, 159, 250 Gustavson. Charlotte Marie, 79, 123. 291. 292 Gus ' ln Brjce Albert. Jr.. 43, 68, 273 G.. ' iueline Ann, 87, 123, 227, 229 Gutshall. James Samuel. 153 Gwinn. Lawrence Miles. 62, H Haak, Albert Edwin, 43, 147, 254. 256. 269 Hackstalf. Marion C, 26. 27, 43. ■17 H ; ;.orge. 87 Haeliiger, Maxine Shirley, 117 Hage. LeMoyne William, 250. 252 Hage. Olal Herman. 129. 294 Hagg. Kern. 137 Haggart. Jean. 27. 29. 43, 291, 293. 296 Hague. Harold Howes, 157 Hall. John Kimbrough, 143 Hall. Lee. 87 Hall. Robert Francis, 62. 137, 250, 258, 259, 294 Hall, Stanley D., 87, 143 Hall, Wesley H., 143 Halldorson. WUbur C, 145 Halsey. George Watson. 87, 129. 226 Ham. Marietta Louise, 87 Hamburg. George Robert. 153 Hamburger. AUred Josef, 294 Hamman. Larry Melton, 288 Hammock. Calvin, 151 Hammond. John Edmond, 137 Hammond. Mervin Smith. 137 Hampton. Jacques N.. 62 Hancock. Jeanne Lillian. 27, 113 Hancock, Robert Lee. 139 Haney. Charles Norman, 143 Hanford, Peter Oliver, 133 Hanigan, Virginia Pauline, 87, 121 Hanks, Virginia Cathryn. 87 Hanks. William Eugene. 87, 153 Hanna. Robert Lynn. 127 Hannah. Elizabeth. 121 Hannelly. Robert Jeffrey, 244 Hans, Virginia Lee, 87 Hansen, Karen Katarina, 62, 291 Hansen, Jeanne Elise, 79. 115 Hansen. John Ross. 294 Hanson, John Arvid, 43, 126, 127. 256, 269 Hanson. Oscar. 135 Harada. Ugi Sadakichi, 43 Hardendorf. Jean, 107 Hardin. Loerandsey D., 145 Hardman. Stuart. 282 Hardy. Florence Lucille. 43. 115 Hare. Francis Williams, 78 Hargreaves, Charles Henry, 62, 298 Homer, Elmer William, 143, 227 Harpel, Elizabeth Marie, 123 Harper. Roberta Grace. 87. 115 Harris, Benjamin Burke, 87 Harris, Garry Kenner. 113 Harris. Leatha May, 108, 109, 251 Harris. Leila Dolores. 63 Harris. Mildred. 289 Harris, Robert Blynn, 63, 253. 256. 269. 288 Harris. Roy Milton. 129 Harris. WUliam Birch. 268 Harrison. Hal McD.. 151. 288 Harrison, Mary Anabel, 298 Harry, L. . " ' ' -l Harry, M : Harryraan, KvitJ; Doylo, 298 Harsch. Ferrln Gilbert. 137. 272 Hart. Byron Wellington. 157 Hart. John Blair. 157 Hart. Lawrrence Elbert. 289 Harter, Earl Frederl ' -V ' " ' Hartman, Agnes Ruv Hartman " " ' " .. o,-., u Harvey. . d, 43. 151, 273 Harvey, Jack Arthui 152. 153, 224. 250 Hatch, Lola Jane, 63, 292 Hatchett. John Frank. 155 Hatton, Hovrard Tim, 43, 288 Hauff, Winiired Lenore, 43 Haughey. Susanne Gene. 79, 111, 224. 225 Hauptmann. Carl Joseph, 288 Hawkins, Dorothy June. 63. 291 Hawkins, Horace Melvyn, 87, 147 Hawkins, Joseph Wilson, 288 Hawley, Joseph Wayne, 79, 137 Hawthorne, James Harrison, 137 Hawkinson. Frederic William, 43, 139 Hay. Helen Louise. 121 Hayes. Edward Warren, 157, 252 Hayes. Willard Glenn. 63 Headlee, Robert Elmer, 144, 258, 259 Headley, William Edward. 157, 250 Heartz. Anm Belle, 79 Hecker, Catherine, 109 Heckman, Earl Landis. 288, 289 Hedblom, Robert Edward, 137, 288 Hedde, John Ernest, 155 Hedemark, Beverly James, 145, 226 Heeb. Charles. 145 Heffemon. Elizabeth Catherine, 103, 109 Heimer, Eva Marguerite. 43, 261 Heitzler, Albert H., Jr., 143 Helmecke, Gertrude Elizabeth, 141 Henderson. Eleanore K.. 43 Henderson. Helen, 117 Henderson, Margaret Anne. 63 Hendler. Bernard Sheldon, 44. 149 Hendler. Irwin. 149 Hendricks. Donn WUllam. 150, 151 Hennebach. Carmen Alice. 44, 111 Hennessey. Edward Granville, 294 Henrikson. Warren Pershing, 159, 250 Henry, Clifford A.. 44, 124, 125, 269 Henry, Robert Hardy, 87 Henshaw, Barclay John, 79, 151 m mm m iJ Km B mnM tm .„, Marvin Jsrome, 149 H errick, Julius Finley, 87 Herschler. Edgar, 159 Hertel, Donald EUsworth, 298 Herzberger, Henriella, 25. 26. 44. 120. 121. 247. 260. 290 Herzberger. James Robert. 151 Hesselbine. Jane Marie. 87, 111 Helhcote. Harold A.. 87 Heyer. Frank Joseph. 129 Heyer. Marceline Janice. 44. 262 Hickensmith. Frank. 137 Hickes, Charles E.. 269 Hickey. Beatrice Elaine. 87. 121. 227 Hickey. James Dale. 156, 157, 250 Hickman. Jim Oliver, 87, 143 Hickman, John E., 44, 137. 248 Hickman, Mary Kathleen, 44, 111, 225 Hier, Geneva Ruth. 44 Hlester, Allan John. 137 Hiester. Clifton B., Jr., 132, 133, 294 Higinbotham, Ivan Lyle, 139 Higman, Howard Hunter. 157. 260 Hile. William Hodgen. 129 HUl. Evelyn Mildred. 298 Hill. Ray Riedel, 25, 44, 130. 131, 246, 248 Hill. Robert Cowdery. 143 Hilligoss. John Eugene. 44. 297 Hills. Velora Annette. 251 Hillyard. Gerald Ryan. 133, 250 Hindes. Charles Albert, 155. 268 Hinds. Joseph Thomas. 153 Hinkley. Genne Maori, 87. 107 Hinshaw. Maxine Grace. 44, 111 Hipps, C. Jack, 131 Hitchcock, William Kenneth, 79 Hite, Fred Richard, 141 Hoagland, Russell Elmer, 44, 258. 259. 298 Hobbs. Henry Charles. 144, 250 Hobbs. Joseph Thomas. Jr., 79, 151. 268 Hoblit. Eleanor Marie. 79 Hockensmith. Frank Marshall. 79, 284 Hodge. John Austin, Jr.. 63, 127, 252. 254. 268, 274 Hodges, Frances Reynolds, 63, 113 Hodges. Paul V., Jr., 294 Hoelscher, Paul, 159 Hoffman, Edward Dean, Jr., 288 Hoffman. Harold Carlton. 288 Hoffman. Louise. 26. 44. 115. 259. 298 Hoffmeister. Mary Elizabeth. 87 Hogsell. Vernon Naylor. 63. 153 Holdridqe. Donald Shethar, 44, 143 H lliHay, Marcia Lee. 121 Selty Maxine, 44, 115. ibelh. 289 : Ann. Ill : .. 252 ink. 44, li-i, J.-iH. M: Holmes. James Boyd. 258, 298 Holmes, William Kendall, 79. 141 Holt, Horace Herbert, 145 Holtslander. lladelle L.. 45. 292 Homsher, Herbert EUwell. 87. 288 Homsher, Hugoetta Margaret, 45, 111, 115, 290 Honeywell, Jessie Katherine. 87 Hooker. Bernire. 289 Hooker. Ruth Evelyn, 251 Hoover, Herbert Winslow, 145, 228. 275 Hoover. Sam Stohr, 143 Hopkin. Don Elsworth. 137 Hornbein. Philip. 94. 149 Home, Katherine Elanore, 87 Home. Margaret Louise. 45 Horsting, Margaret, 119, 227 Horton, Marguerite Allen, 87 Hoskins, William Hayden, 129 Hotchkiss. Evelyn May. 63 Hotchkiss. Gwendolyn Ethel. 63 Hotchkiss. Norman B.. 147 Houghton. Lucille Devoe, 87 Houtz, Sara Jane. 45 Hover, William Adgate, II, 45, 131 Howard, Maxine Elnor, 262 Howe, Wilfred Earl, 45. 129, 258. 298 Howerton. Arthur Earle. 268 Howey. Douglass Hamilton. 87 Howsam. Robert Lee. 127 Hoyland, Barbara Ann, 45. 121 Hubbard. Jane Claire. 87, 109 Hubbell, Anne Belle, 45, 291 Huckeby, Eleanor. 45. 292 Hudson. Douglas G., 94, 95, 155 Hughes, William John. 157 Hulac, George Edward, 155 Hulme, Maryioel, 79 Hult. Arvid Cornie. 288 Humes, John Boynton, 145, 288 Hummel, Mary Margaret, 79, 292 Humphrey, Jeanetta M., 45, 103, 123, 284 Humphreys, Everyl Clarke, 63, 117, 224, 232 Humphreys, Mary Eleanor. 79. Ill Hungerford. Gordon P., 87, 153 Hunt. Carolyn Elizabeth. 45. 274. 276. 291 Hunt, Mary Pauline, 115 Hunter, Delmer Eural, 159 Hunter, Molly Ailene, 28, 45, 111 Huntington. Dorothy A., 87, 117 Hurd, Earl Clifford, 155 Hurst. Oscar Eugene, 295 Huss. Barbara. 113 Huss. Mark Crandall. 45. 128, 129, 252 Hutchinson. Betty. 27. 79. 123, 251, 291 Hutchinson, Dudley I., 137, 244 Hutchison, Marion Lamar. 297 Hutton. Mary Patricia. 295 Hyde, William Henry, 141 I Idler, Quentin Eugene, 298 Iford, Nell Frances, 289 Iford, William David, 161 Immel, John Richard, 63. 270 Imrie, George C, 45, 126, 127, 256, 259 Inabu, Ruth Chiyeko. 63 Ince. James Childs, 159 Indermill, Basil, 298 Ingalls, Patricia G.. 79. . " ' .51, 293 IngersoU. Marjorie Helen. 79. Ill Ingles. James Maxwell. 155. 269 Ingwersen. William Blackburn. 133 Inman. Robert Dale, 79. 151 Inouye, George Kazunori, 79 Ireland, Elizabeth. 27. 79. 121, 251 Irish, Donald Paul. 288. 289 Israel. Creighton Borah. 298 I Jacobs, Mary AUene. 79, 117,226 Jacobson, Alice Jean, 274 Jacobson, Oscar Bayard, 137 Jagger, Herbert Francis, 294 James. Frances Alfreda. 79. 107. 233 James, J. Colin. Jr., 133 James, John Maurice. 298 Jankovsky. Kenneth Adolph, 79 January. Jeanne, 121 Janus, Carl Otto, 131 Jeep. Victor Isaac. 153 Jeffries. Claudine Lavone, 79 Jencks, Clinton, 260 Jenkins. Dorothy Marie, 27, 110, 111, 251 Jenkins, Myra Ellen, 244 Jenkins, Raymon Leslie, 153 Jennings, Janice Lucille. 87. HI Jensen. Norman William, 157 lett, June Beatriece. 88 Johns. Mitchel Brady. 297 Johnsen, Bob Thos.. 45 Johnson. Andrew. 125 Johnson. Betty Louise, 79 Johnson. Carl Pomeroy, 45 Johnson. Doris Lucille, 111 Johnson, Dorothy Marina. 46. 274, 276 Johnson, Dwight Albert, 157 Johnson, Earle George, 64, 153 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann. 46, 119 Johnson. Frank Leonard. Jr.. 143 Johnson. Henry Julius, 151 Johnson, Henry Walter, Jr., 127, 233 Johnson, J. Fred, Jr., 253. 288, 297 Johnson, James Edward, 127 Johnson, Janet Gravce, 115, 226 Johnson, Joyce Garton. 107 Johnson. Julius Earl. Jr., 46. 226 Johnson. Leroy Merdith. 288 Johnson, Lloyd Goode, 64, 151, 250 Johnson. Lycurgus W., 64, 125, 298 Johnson. Mable Evelyn. 46, 118, 119 Johnson, Marguerite Emily. 27. 64, 116, 117. 249. 280. 293 Johnson, Okla Wayne. 46, 298 Johnson, Paul H., 46, 270 Johnson, Robert Bernhardt, Jr., 254 Johnson, Robert Leroy, 64, 157, 258. 271, 298 Johnson, Vincent Snell, 64 Johnson, William Dudley, 159 Jones. Adele Ruth, 88, 109 Jones, Carolyn Elizabeth, 27. 115 Jones. Glenn . Jr.. 127 Jones, Helen Florence, 123 Jones, Jarrad, 151 Jones, Joseph Lee, 64. 126. 127. 256. 269 Jones. Ralph Franklin, 64 Jones, Robert E.. 270 Jones. Robert Leroy, 153 Jorgensen, William, 159 Joseph, Rubydonna. 88 Jovanovich. William Iliya, 25, 131 Juchem, Wilhelmina May, 88, 107 Justis. Wayne Palmer, 144, 274 E Kadish, Harvey Arnold, 149 Kaff. Albert Ernest. 88, 155, 226, 288 Kahl, Raymond J., 258 Kalcevic. Frances Barbara, 294 Kammerzell, Jake Ace. 268 Kaufmann. Lisbeth. 289 Kearns. Lee Martin. 131 Kearns. Richard K.. 130, 131,248 Keer, Richard, 253 Kehn. Edward Anton. 253, 288 Kell, Catherine Nettie, 88 Kellam. Merlyn Beth. 88 Kelley, Mary Ann, 64 Kellner, Harvey William, 288. 294 Kellogg. George A.. 64 Kellogg. Robert Murray. 135. 288 Kelly, David Potter. 79. 129 Kelly. James Robert. 125. 294 Kelly. William Harold, 288 Kelsall, Fred Anderson. 269, 289 Kelsall, Margaret Aston. 46 Kelso. Lorraine R., 27. 29. 80, 233. 251. 293 Kelton, William Francis, 46, 141 Kempton, Katherine Arms. 80, 115, 233, 251. 289 Kendall. Anne Margaret. 46. 109 Kendrick, Joan Victoria, 110. Ill, 249, 284, 285 Kennedy, Clyde Brockman, 64 Kennedy, Ford, 129 Kennedy. Leon Gray. 88 Kennedy, Mack Leslie, 46, 133 Kennedy, Martha Preston, 80, 115 Kennedy, Patricia Eileen, 27, 64, 249, 293 Kenney, Francis W., 46, 273 Kennison, Warren Samuel, 25, 46, 146, 147, 258, 259, 298 Kerr, Richard Carpenter, 46, 131, 259, 288 ' Kessenger, Kenneth Robert, 127, 294 Kidney, Rhobie Anne, 88 Kikel, Matt John, 288 Kimball, Russell F., 269 Kimbrough, Jean Elise, 117 Kimmel, Paul H.. 46, 255, 270, 274 Kincaid, Robert Dan, 88, 157 Kincaid. William Murphy. 88, 145 Kindall, Suzann Hall, 80 Kindel, George John, 46, 156, 157. 224 King. Frank C, Jr.. 269 Kinsley. Barbara Ellen. 64. 119 Page 370 Kirk, Geraldine, 107 Kirkpatrick. John G., 80 Klrkpalrlck. Leiqhton D.. 88. 157. 294 Kisler. Georqe William, 137 Kittle. Robert Marks, 64 Kliewer, lune Irene, 103, 107 Kllndworth. Robert D., 154, 155, 250 Knapp, LilUan-AUce. 46 Knievel. Jack William, 127 Knight, Vera Mae, 292 Knous. Robert Lee, 137 Knous, William John. 137 Know. Virginia, 113 Knowles. Lucky, 26. 80. 121. 251 Knox. John WUUam, 128. 129, 252 Knox, Virginia Marie, 64 Knuckey, Alma Louise, 25, 47, 115, 296 Koehler, M. Natalie, 298 Kohl, Rita Anne, 80, 115. 294 Kolb. Herbert Gordon, 133 Kotos. Donald Edward, 88 Krapf, Dorothv Justine. 108. 109, 293 Kretschmer. Nan Justine. 25. 47, 103. 120. 121. 224 Krleghoff. William Trovers. 47, 269 Krier. Jewel Marguerite, 88, 115 Kuentzel, Lester Everette, 253 Kuntz, Margaret Mary, 47 Kurland, Anthony Morrison, 149 Kyelinger, Elwyn, 88 Labagh. John Charles, 157 Lacey, Bertie Lowery, 296 Lackner, Bertha Marie, 47. 103 Lafferty. Esther Isabel. 47. 115. 260 Lallier, France LaNelle. 47. 105. 261 Lamb, Betty Jo, 88 Lamb. Margaret Vensel, 80 Lambert, Herman James, 141. 252 Lamberton. Mary Lillian, 88 Lammerman, Frank N., 268, 294 Lanagan, Patricia, 64, 117 Lane, James Murray, 47, 153. 273 Lane. Peggy Jean. 117 Lang. Robert Raymond. 158. 159. 245. 254. 255. 270, 274 Lantz, Ruth Yvonne. 47, 121 LaPoint. Dorothy Evelyn. 47 LaPoint. Ruth Harriette. 47 La Rocca. Joe Paul. 298 Larrick. James Howard. 88. 133 Larrick. Newton P.. 65. 133 Latcham. Fred Charles, 133 LaTorra, Jack Francis. 129, 272, 294 LaTorra. Marian Louise, 88, 119, 292, 294 Lauth, Robert Warren, 65, 271, 274 LaVeUe. Gene Anthony, 137 Lavender, Carolyn Jane. 88 Lavington. Dorothy Jean. 88. 123 Lavington. Lorraine Dixon. 80. 123 Law, Richard David. 145 Law. Robert Moore. 80 Lawheod. Gwendolen. 80 Lawler, Harold LeRoy. 80, 268 Lawler, Robert Warren. 80. 147 Lawrence, Walter David. 253. 270. 288 Lawson, Dorothy May, 121 Lay, Harry Toulmin, 153 Layne. Peggy Jean. 88. 292 Lear, James Howard. 25. 47. 156, 157. 162. 245. 246. 248. 254, 256, 269 Learned. Gordon Wlnthrop. 151 Leaver. Fredrick Wilson. 273 Leavitt. Anne. 47 Ledbetter. Bettie Jayne. 88 Lee. Barbara Ann. 88. 117. 292 Lee. Elizabeth. 80, 121 Lee, Geraldine, 47 Lee. Louise Adelaide. 262 LeFevre. Herbert William, 153 LeFevre. WUllam Francis, 269, 297 Leff. Leonard Eugene, 47, 149 Leh, Marcus Calvin, 141 Lehmer. Phillips Thain. Jr., 88, 157 Leisenring, Carol Ann, 47. 113 Lemen. Lewis James. 133 LeMoine. Clarence Ishmeal, 125 LeMoine, Lowell H., 80, 139 Leonard. Clarence Aubrey. 161 Lepper. Martha Jane. 48. 1 19, 263 Lesch. Hazyl Goldene. 289 Lescher. John Hammond. 80. 141. 294 Lesser. Dorothy Elizabeth, 80 Lesser George Sloan. 137 Letiord. Kathryn Kitely. 65, 115 Levis. Mariorie Frances. 65 Levister. Jamie LaVeme. 88 Levy. Sam Albert. 65, 143 Lewis, Beatrice Adien, 88 Lewis, Glen, 129 Lewis, Jack William, 157, 273 Lewis, John F., 125 Lewis, Llewellyn Albert, 88, 137 Lewis, Martha Elizabeth, 65 Lewis, Roy Bradley, 125. 288 Lewis. William Ben, 48. 147. 276, 298 Libert, Ida Thelma. 48 Lichenstein. Alvin David. 48. 149. 162. 284. 285 Lien, Leinad Elizabeth, 88, 119, 226 Light, Garver, 274 Lighthall, Jack Nelson, 143 Lindblad, Carl John. 133 Lindsay. Janice Louise. 88. Ill Lindsey. Ruth. 105 Liner, Carl Alfred, 80 Link, Helen Elizabeth. 48. 292 Linkletter. Ethel Jean, 290, 291, 293 Linscott. Kenneth Edward. 143 Lipner. Carl. Jr., 135 List. Alvin Frederick. Jr., 88. 131 ' , 294 LitUe, F. Edward, 94, 143 Little. John Newell. 155 Littlejohn. Robert Orval, 48. 245. 254. 255. 270 Livesay. James C. 65. 139. 270 Lochlroy, Donald Fredrick. 127 Lockard. Gordon Ralph. 161 Locnman, Wi.aci.Ti i.ioni::s --. 141 Lombardi. James Carl. 89. 151 Long, Charles Eugene, 125 Long, Clarence William, 139 Long, Warren Wlnlred, 29. 80 Long. William Everett. 80. 145 Longstreet. Charles Robert, 48, 153. 162. 245. 254. 255. 270 Lonsdale. David Lawrence. 141 Loomis. Elva Fay. 65 Loose, Leonard Jack, 135 Lopatin. Anna Ruth. 226 Loughrldqe. Chalmers Albert, 268 Lovelace, Wa ■ 5 Lovering, Geoi i o . 151. 250. 252 Lovelt, John Albert, 80, 137 Low. Betty Nell. 65. 121. 249. 290 Lowe. John Wesley. 80. 141 Lowen. Charles. 248 Lowen. Robert Henry, 133 Lubchenco, Portia, 48 Luckett, Carolyn Jane, 88. HI Ludlow. Ida Frances, 88, 121 Lund, Robert E.. 159 Lunn. Robert Eugene. 65. 245. 252. 254. 273 Lupton, Charles Thomas, 80, 145 Lusic, Albert. 270 Lusty. Carl. 135 Luther. Dorothy Eugenia. 115 Luther. Maxine Elizabeth. 48, 111, 292 Lutin, John Samuel, 137 Lutz. Anabelle Kathryn. 65. 292 Luxord. Richard George, 48, 133 Lyford. Jeanne Lorraine. 121 Lynch. Catherine Ann. 88. 121 Lynch. Mildred Wayland. 105 Lynch. Peggy. 48. 121 Lynton. Joseph LeRoy. 48. 258. 298 Lyon. Beverly Margaret. 289 Lyon. Rozeene Elspeay Anne, 88 Mc McAleer, Jack Lewis, 128. 129, 252 McBride. Eileen Kathryn. 89. 121 McCammon, Martha Jane. 294 McCandless, Grant Laurie. 131 McCarthy. Dixie Mae. 89. 227 McClanahan. Margaret Lindsey. 117 McClellan. Betty Elizabeth, 123 McClung. Paul Vernon. 143 McClure. William Arbum. 155. 269 McClurkin, Elvtn Jesse. 80. 258. 298 McCluskey, Edson James, 65. 130. 131 McCoUom. Stuart. 131 McConnell. William Hall. 125 McCormlck, Charles Joseph. 145. 252. 294 McCormlck. Mary Janette. 48. 294 McCormick. Thomas Arthur. 127 McCotler. Charles Rowson. 65. 131 McCreary. Robert M.. 129 McCreary. Samuel Edward. 80. 269 McCruiis, Lawin, 268 !vIcDonald. Byron Aloysius. 127 McDonald !27, 294 McElroy. Stanley Elwin. 270 McElveen, Francos WlUard. 65. 292 ' ' ' " : ' ' . Frances Elsa. 109, McF-:- 14: McFarland, Stanley Curtis, 89, 137 McGarry, Jack Stanley, 80 McGee, Robert Leon. 133 McGrayel. Harry Michael, 153 McGuire, Ralph Jack, 280 McHuqh, James R.. 137 Mclntlre, ! : Mclvor, P- • McK : McK. . McKee, John J,. 143 McKeever. Harry Arch i- ' ' ' ' • ' ■ ' ! McKenna. James Hat 268. 294 McLean. Anne Coop ' McLean. Dorothy Barbaia. 89, 298 McMeel, Joseph Arthur, Jr., 294 McMUlen. Virginia Sarah. 115. 282 McMullen. Richard F.. 29. 48, 228. 232. 246. 248, 275 McNamara. Margaret E.. 110, 111, 251 McNamara, Richard Miles, 89 McNeil, Eraser, 49, 139 McNeill, John Levis, 294 McSween, Harriot Ann . 49. 123, 263 McWmiams. Elolne F.. 49 MacArthur. Donald Eugene. 89, 298 MacDonald, James Fred, 129, 270 MacDonald, Malcolm James. 294 M Macey. Daniel Lord, 143, 226 MacGregor. Helen Lucile. 49, 115 Machln. Helen Rose, 89 Mack. Lawrence Frank. 89. 131 Mack. Walter William. 66. 129, 250 Mackey, William, 262 MacMillan, Ruth, 119 Maddock, WUllam, 297 Madsen, George Wessell, 143. 226 Mahn. Marion, 66, 282 Mahone. Merle Roy, 127, 253, 288 Maler, John Edward, 141. 288 Maltland. Jean Sibley. 226 Malcolm. Joe Wallace. 155 Mallory, Warren Merrill, 159 Malone, Screven Casper, 80 Malone, Cooper, 157 Maloney, Edward James, 66. 129, 269 Manbeck, Jack Herbert. 89. 153 Manclnl. Francis Salvatore. 135 Mann. Shirley Helen, 49, 295 Poge 371 Mann, Wayne Kenneth, 49, 268, 273 Marasco, Paul. 49 March, Michael Sam, 49, 244, 260 Mark, Elizabei ' -1 Marlin, Maxin Marmaduke, Richard Calvin, 49 Marshall, Annie Bobs, 66, 111, 227, 281 Marshall, Homer Clayton, 157 Marshall, Louise Stuart, 80, 104, 105, 227, 251 Marshall, William Austin, 254, 271 Marlin, Betty Jean, 283 Martin, Elizabeth Henrietta, 89 Martin, Ethelmae, 66, 280, 283 Martin, Thomas Edward, 129 Martin, Woodrow Walter, 153 Martyn, Robert Henry, 137 Mason, George Thomas, 143 Mason, Sylvia Patricia, 89, 111 Massard, Frank Edward, 135 Mast, Margaret Ann, 235, 293 Maslen, George Winslow, 80, 153 Masunaga, George Yashito, 81, 298 Mathes, Vernon C, 275 Matsusaki, Kumi, 298 Matthews, Helen Elizabeth, 81 Mattson, Jane Louise, 111 Maughan, Robert Franklin, 66, 159, 250, 254, 273 Maul, Eugene Mierly, 137 Maul, Robert Murdock, 137, 250 Maxwell, Helen Elizabeth, 111 May, Muriel Blanche, 49, 121, 260 Mayer, John Donald, 155, 269 Mayor, Harry Alfred, 66, 254, 257 Means, John E., 273 Mefford, Harold Delmar, 260 Meikel, Edward John, 81, 125 Melsler, Mary Frances, 81 Mellish, Robert William, 270 Mellon, Archie, 271 Mendenhall, Cover, 49, 158, 159, 272 Merllno, Elizabeth Marie, 294 Merrilield, Cameron Kenneth, 131, 233 Messenger, Frank Hoy, 147 Mesmer, Gordon Rober, 270 Metcalfe, Kenneth Clark, 271 Metz, Charles Walter, 81, 143 Metz, Karl Franklin, 143 Metz, Mary Elizabeth, 81 Meyer, George Lentlon, 268, 297 Meyer, Norman Franklin, 49, 159 Michael, Elbert Owen, 89 Miller, Anne Letson, 81, 292 Miller, Betty Lou, 89, 117, 226 Miller, Dene, 109, 111 Miller, Edward, Jr., 154, 155 Miller, Frank Jerome, 89, 157 Miller, Jean Wilson, 296 Miller, Marilyn Beth, 107, 226 Miller, Rae Corrine, 115 Miller, Rosemary, 81, 119 Miller, Tyler Ward, 137 Miller, Vern Albert, 157 Mills, Jean, 89 Milne, Alexander Howard, 141 Mincer, lean Elizabeth, 66 Miner, Mary Bea, 49, 117 Mitchell, Edward Winston, 153 Mitchell, James Richard, 153 Mi tchell, Mary Margaret, 89 Mock, Wayne Glen, 49, 297 Modesitt, Leland Exton, 131, 232 Moll, Harry Herman, Jr., 49, 143, 272 Moloney, Lauretta C, 66, 260, 262, 291, 294, 354 Monberg, Rae Louise, 89 Monninger, Laurence E., 66 Monroe, Charles A., Jr., 259 Monroe, Peggy, 121 Montandon, Elise Marguerite, 81, 123, 251, 290 Monies, Eva, 294 Montez, Nora, 294 Montgomery, Inez James, 89, 121 Moore, Doris Elizabeth, 66, 119, 233 Moore, Eva Perry, 119 Moore, John Herbert, 143, 227 Moore, Philip Fosdick, 257, 271, 274 Moore, Ralph Carey, 125, 288, 295 Moore, William Verde, 159 Moorhead, Jane Mae, 50, 115 Moorhead, Kenneth Wayne, 155 Morandi, Lindo, 294 Morehead, John Brevard, 232, 275 Morita, Carl Kutsumi, 298 Morris, Marjorie Marian, 50, 123 Morrison, Josephine Alice, 27, 291, 294 Morrison, Leonard Edward, 89, 131, 226 Morton, Max Thomas, 143 Mosley, George Alfred, 81, 157 Motter, George Namen, 81 Moyer, Harriet Elaine, 89, 121 Moyers, Jack Dean, 131 Mozer, Milton, 149 Mugrage, Margaret Leah, 111 Mulias, Isadore, 269 MuUins, Euthon Vane, 145 Munday, Martha Louise, 66 Mundell, Mary Gwendolyn, 50 Munk, Mary Leila, 107, 293 Munro, Ruth E., 113, 293 Munson, Mary Jane, 89 Munson, Robert Minor, 161 Murphy, Helen Magdalene, 298 Murphy, Jack Edward, 288 Murphy, Mary Alice, 262 Murr, Floyd Kenneth, 89 Murray, Andrew Evans, 50 Murray, Charles Herbert, 50, 270 Musgrove, John Milton, 153 Mustain, Thomas Charles, 155 Myers, Kathleen Bales, 292 Myers, Loran Walter, 66, 137 N Nagoda, Robert John, 294 Nash, Edgar Mason, 89, 139 Nash, Henry Ransome, 81, 139 Nash, Nancy Combs, 27, 251, 291 Naugle, William Boech, 66, 131 Naylor, Edward G., 153, 254, 257, 271 Neary, Clyde Thomas, 50, 271, 294 Neel, Norman Marshall, 143 Neff, Charles Warren, 89, 155, 288 Neill, Wallace J., 253, 288 Nellis, George GUbert, 143 Nelson, Gene Helen, 50, 105 Nelson, Kenneth Leonard, 81, 131 Nelson, Leota Ellen, 66 Nelson, Lois Margaret, 113, 251 Nelson, Phyllis Ann, 90 Nelson, Ruth Marie, 107, 293 Nelson, Wendell Alfred, 50, 145 Nelson, William Herbert, 66 Nelson, William Stewart, 50, 252, 260 Nesbit, Marjorie Erma, 90, 292 Neville, John J., 294 Nevius, Richard Rankin, 67, 268 Newbold, Myrtle Louise, 262 Newcomb, Lewis E., Jr., 139 Newlin, Calvin Chester, 153 Newman, Richard Edwin, 143 Nice, Philip Oliver, 50, 259 Nichols, Andrew Robert, 275 NichoUs, John Vincent, 159 Nicholson, William G., 90 Nichelson, Rosalee J., 289 Nidess, Daniel Ary, 252, 283, 285 Nies, William Albert, 135 Niethammer, Helen Marie, 117 Nilsson, Beatrice £., 115, 251, 292 Nilsson, Richard Hamilton, 133 Nixon, Mary Louise, 109, 111, 293 Noble, Robert Flanders, 90, 288 Noguchi, Sugi, 298 Northcutt, Dorothy May, 50, 121 Northcutt, Yvonne Elizabeth, 121, 251, 290 Noyes, Frances G., 50 Nye, Alan LeRoy, 129, 252, 272 O ' Brien, Chris, 67, 153, 294 O ' Brien, Marjory Mae, 50 O ' Brien, Robert Howard, 129 O ' Brien, Walter Francis, Jr., 158, 159, 272 O ' Connell, Mary Beth, 90 O ' Day, Fred Thomas, 67, 134, 135, 252 Oelschlager, Donald L., 90, 161 O ' Grady, William Edward, 90 O ' Hara, James Phelps, 129 Okkerse, Dorothy Mae, 81 Oldland, Katherine Louise, 90 Oliver, Bettie Jayne, 90 Olson, Florence Frost, 294 Olson, Mary Louise, 50, 117, 259 Olson, Neil Woodrow, 151 Omer, Charles Walter, 260 Opperman, Orville Bickal, 147, 298 Orme, Betty, 67 O ' Rourke, S. Philip, 145, 294 Orr, Janet Bosworth, 90 Ortez, Raymond, 50, 269 Osborn, Betty Ruth, 292 Ott, Jessie June, 50, 111, 263 Ott, Wallace L., 153 Otto, Jane Margaret, 90 Ouderkirk, Winifred, 81, 115, 290 Overfelt, Robert Chellls, 157 Owen, Donna Rebecca, 106, 107, 251, 290, 291 Owens, Lois Ruth, 90 Owens, Marjorie Jeanette, 263 Ozment, Emerson Lee, 288 Pace, Muriel Jean, 115, 290 Padfield, Betty Rae, 67, 106. 107, 249 Palmer, Benson F., 51, 271 Palmer, Dorothy Louise, 289 Palmer, Miles Leavitt, 51, 272 Pampel, Leslie C, 51, 269, 289 Parker, Francis Thomas, 137, 229 Parker, John, 145, 288 Parker, Pete Travis, 67, 153, 258, 298 Parker, Thomas, 67 Parmelee, Robert Henry, 137 Parrett, Lewis Marion, 244, 260 Parriott, Joseph Marshal, 90, 131 Parrish, Leland Walter, 51, 271 Parrish, Milton R., 269 Paslay, Nancy Lou, 90, 111 Pate, Doris Martha, 81 Patrick, William H., 230 Patten, Mary, 67, 284 Patterson, Donald Wayne, 270 Patterson, G. Warner, 157 Patterson, John William, 133, 250 Paulos, Jean, 90 Payne, Winfield Scott, 142, 143 Peabody, Ewa Belle, 90, 121, 225 Peabody, Josephine Patricia, 81, 121 Peake, Buxton, 230 Pearl, Richard Maxwell, 51 Pearson, Edward Frank, 67 Pearson, Penney Arthur, 129, 288 Peck, James Haddon A., 143 Pekrul, Leota Frances, 51, 110, 111, 231,244, 247, 261, 294 Peltier, Margaret Edna, 67, 117, 293 . Pendleton, Mary Elizabeth, 51, 111 Perkins, LeRoy Cady, 67 Perkins, Mildred Marie, 119 Perimutter, Jack H., 149 Perry, Charles Stanley, 127 Perry, George Edward, 137 Perry, Howard Milton, 51, 147, 245, 254, 255, 270 Peters, Dale Curtis, 298 Peters, Elmo Merle, 298 Petersen, Dorothy Jane, 51, 276, 296 Petersen, George, 252 Petersen, Grace Adaline, 90 Petersen, Maurice Edward, 81, 139, 271 Peterson, Evan Emery, 51 Peterson, Genevieve, 90, 105 Petry, Nicholas Robert, 143 Petty, Glenn C, 288 Phelps, Helen Louise, 51, 113 PhUlips, Anne Kampf, 121 Phillips, John, 155 Phillips, Paul Bernard, 154, 155, 250, 294 Philpott, James Angus, 131, 250 Philpott, John Arthur, 51, 144, 145, 245, 254, 257, 271 Pick, Lawrence Allen, 151, 270 Page 372 Pickett, John Joseph. 137 Pickett, Mariorie Nell. 298 Pierce. Howard Alva. 51. 270 Piper, Howard Jones. 81 Pittenger. Eleanor, 51, 113 Plank. Ruth Eugenia, 25. 26. 51. 247 Pleasant. Floyd Marion. 155 Plettner, Walter Ross. 131 Poe, Frances Elizabeth, 67, 115. 291, 292 Pohlenz. Jack. 159,273 Polhemus. David Charles, 230 Politte, Ralph Henry. 260. 294 Pomeroy. Robert Rex. 51, 254, 256, 269 Pomponio, Rose Marie, 294 Poole. Frederick Tildan, 153 Pope. Marvin Headden, 81, 145, 271 Porter, Robert George. 67. 288 Porter, Shirley Leighton, 115, 251 Posllethwaite, Roger G., 155 Pothast, Mary Helen, 81, 105 Potter, Robert Francis, 141 Powell, Robert Harter, 151 Pratt, Audrey Mario, 67, 117 Pray, LucUe Avis, 90 Preble, James William, 90 Preston, Catherine Janet, 90, 123 Price. Dorothy Joy, 107 Price, Margaret. 81 Primmer. Charles. 141 Prince. Bertrand Bradford . 129 Prince. Jack Henry, 125 Prockter, Walter H., 81, 151 Proctor. Harvey Albert, 52, 145 Proffitt. David C, 81, 135 Prosser. Dean Truxell, 52, 131 Proul. Franklin Sinclair, 161 Prouty. Caroline. 90, 123, 229 Prouty, Evalyn, 26, 67, 122, 123, 249. 263, 296 Prouty, Lawrence Richard, 67, 136, 137. 259 Pryor, WUbur Myron, 143, 272 Ptacek, Paul Henry. 52. 135 Ptacek. Ralph Frank, 134, 135 Ptolemy, Robert Edward. 288 Pudlik. John Joseph, 143 Puelt, William Leslie, 68, 141, 275 Puffer. Barbara. 121. 230 Puffer, Margaret Elizabeth, 52, 111 Pugh, John L., 68, 253, 288 Punshon, Dmer Tommy, 288 Pyle, Denver Dell. 153 Pyle. Josephine Sarah. 81, 112, 113, 230, 25!, 290. 293 Ouaintance, Jean Anderson, 123, 281 Ouaintance, Maryanna, 90, 123 Ouamberg, Paul Lex, 25. 68, 137, 250, 260 Quiat, Harold M.. 81 Rackaway, John, 147 Radencie. William Joseph, 143 Radford, Frank Phillip, 81. 151, 250 Railey. Hunter Travis. 143 RaUey. John Woodson. 95, 142, 143 Railey. Matt McConnell. 143 Ramsay. Russell Lee. 270 Romseier, Edna Rose, 90 Ramsoier, Verne Clarke, 298 Ramsay, Robert Berthol, Jr., 90, 288 Randall, Alice May, 81, 105 Ranney, Carolyn Paulette, 27, 68, 276, 291 Raso, Dante Richard, 81. 139 Ratcliffe, Arthur T., 143, 272 Ravenscroft. John Mason. 144. 145 Ray. Arlene Mary. 81 Ray, Carl James, 153 Rebel, Joseph Horace, 90, 159 Redmond, Donna Athalie, 68 Reed, Carleton H.. 155, 260 Reed. Dorothy Jane. 81. 121 Reed. Ted Harry, 152, 153, 250 Reese, Eleanor Virginia, 52, 109, 111 Reese, James William, 159 Reese, Norman Randolph, 151 Reeves, Alfred Edward, 129, 294 Reeves, Melvin Held, 288 Reeves, Paul Gilbert, 68, 160, 161 Reeves, William O-, 68. 137, 269 Relbold, Charles, 127 Reibscheid, Francis Daniel, 52, 149 Reid, Roderick H., 275, 285 Reilly, Lawrence Joseph, 137, 268 Reimer, Lucille R.. 68 Remke. Marvin Arthur. 52. 245. 253. 257. 271 Reneou, Wilma Lois, 27, 52 Reppert, Elinor Louise, 90 Reybold, Shirley Isabelle. 123 Reynard, William Fremont, 81 Reynolds, Betty Lou, 109 Rhoten, LeRoy. 159 Ricci, Joseph Anthony. 90 Rice. George Bicknell. 143 Rice. John Lawrence. 137 Rice. Marjorie Helen, 52, 123 Richards, Allan R.. 52 Richards, Betty Jane, 68, 119 Richards, Robert Fatten. 284 Richardson, John Marshall, 90. 161 Richardson, William C, 147, 153 Richert. John. Jr.. 52. 147, 253, 288 Riede, Esther Gable, 119 Riedel, Robert A., 82 Rienks, George W., Jr., 68 Riggs, Dorothy Getchell. 115. 251. 293 Ringwalt. Mary Elizabeth. 90, 105, 225 Rls, William Krakow, 94 Ritcher, Edmond Francis, 129. 298 Roark. Mayford Lynn. 288 Robb, Lester Arthur, 52, 269 Bobbins, W. Freeman, 137 Roberts, Roscoe, Jr., 90 Robertson, Raymond David, 288 Robinson, Evelyn Agnes, 289 Robinson, Fred George, 68, 161. 271 Robinson. Jack Myron. 258. 298 Robinson, Keith Malcolm. 159. 258. 298 Rocchlo. V. Rr.-i,f. V. ' !..... . . . . Hildogarde L.. 91 h r. .ii;ord Merrill. 52, 147, ?.-!5, 2S-1, 2WJ. Tl , 274 Rockenba ' Thelma, 91 Rockwell, :. ige, 91, 143 Rodman. Pauiiiio Holen, 68 Roe, Jesse Edward, 153. 259 Roe, William Steadman. 155 Roemer. Catherine Ellen. 52. 11-i. 115. 244. 293 Rogers. Clara Virginia. 82, 104. 105. 251. 292 Rogers. Gertrude Lucille. 115 Rogers, Katherine Helen. 68. 117 Rogers. Tim J.. 145, 269 Roley, Vaughn Herman, 127 Roloff, Edith Marie. 91 Romans, Ernest Pasquale, 127 Rooney, Jack J., 150, 151, 294 Roper. Elouise Dourling. 91, 111 Rose, Donald Corwin, 68, 161. 268 Rosenberg. Bernard L., 149 Rosenblum, Gerald Jerry, 149 Rosenfeld, Edith Mary, 52, 283. 296 Rosenkrans, J. Robert, 82, 252, 271 Rosenthal, Leo. 256. 269 Rossman, Howard C, 129, 270 Rost, Betty Jane, 82, 113 Rost, Dorothy Alma, 52, 103, 113 Roten, Robert George, 157 Roth, Charles Herman, 91, 153 Roup, Mark Jackson, 139, 298 Rouse. William H.. 53 Rowe. Gordon Henry. 82. 137 Rowe. Harold Evers. 125. 288 Rowland. George Charles. 53. 157 Royal. Francis Robert. 297 Rubinson, Frank, 268 Ruddy. Walter. 143 Rudin. Robert Phillip. 131 Ruff. Eleanor Caroline. 53 Ruffini. Lena Sylvia. 294 Rumley. Aaron Spanner. 91 Runge, Laura June. 91 Russell. Maxine Emma. 289 Rutledge. Helen Rae, 91. 123 Ryan, James Fred, 82, 151 Ryan. Morgan Danual, 68. 294 Ryan. Rupert Myron. 147 Ryan. Thomas David. 53. 151 Ryder. Emmett Charles. 53 s Sabin. Howard Edwin. 53. 268 Sabin. Robert Rourke. 94. 95. 131 Sachter. Nat S., 68, 148, 149, 230, 269 Sachter, Paul David, 149 Sackman, William Arthur, 82, 143 Saliba, Olga Eugenie, 53. 105. 230 Saliba, Yvonne Wyvetta. 82, 104, 105, 251, 293 Sams, Harvey Ludell, 155 Sanders, James Carl, 162 Sanders. Margaret Martha, 53 Sandoe, Julia Caldwell, 123,281, 283, 284, 285 Santo. Dan Joseph. 268. 294 Santc. Doris Lcuise, 26, 29. 69. Saunders. Harold Almon, 154 Saunders. Roger Melville, 69 Sax. Jacob A.. 141 Say re. William Berqer. 91. 283 Scerba. Michael, 273, 294 Schaefer. Henry Adolph. 82 Sf-hnfpr, M-rrlhT Jeanne, 53, 105 159 lUon, 294 Scherrer, Robert Elbor, 256, 269, 274, ■ " J ' Scheu. :18S Bristol, 69, 153 Scheunemonn, Edward John, 25, 94, 244 Schlessinger, Marguerite M., 27, 107 Schmalzrled. John LeRoy. 135, 294 Schmidt, Emll Lowson, 137, 283 Schmidt, Paul, 145 Schmltt, Carmel Nadlne, 289 Schneberg, William J., 91, 143 Schneider, Mary Kathryn, 91, 115, 230 Schobe, Leslie Scott, 91, 155 Schools, Phyllis Jean, 82 Schramm, Lester William, 53, 273 Schroeder, June Loreah, 53, 233 Schulte, John Klndel. 82, 133 Schultz, Carmen, 69 Schultz, Norman Rudolph, 28. 53, 146. 147. 245. 246. 254. 255, 270 Schureman. Dorothy May, 69. 121. 290. 293 Schuster. Melvin Robert. 82 Schwartz, Fred Lipman, 284 Schwarz, Alvin John Edward. 82, 137 Scott, Dorothy Evelyn, 91 Scott, Francis Marlon, 133 Scott, Walter Bartlett, 271 Searcy, Donald Metcalfe, 274 Sears, Everett Lee, 155 Sears, LoU May, 69. 113, 292 Sears. Myra Jane, 53, 113 Seelye, Stuart Edwin, 137 Seeton, Ross Vidor, 82, 153 Seidensticker, Edward George, 139 Seidensticker, William Dillon, 91 Seiver, Arils Mae, 91 Selby. Lois Betty, 91 Seldin, Alice, 53 Sellers, Bill Manley, 288 Sellman, Jeanne Richmond, 69, 113 Sells, Myra Ue, 115 Sellers, Helen Margaret, 53, 292 Serafinl, Geraldlne Catherine, 91, 294 Seydel, Charlotte June, 69, HI Shafer, Ezra, 127 Shaffer, Charles Stanley, 159 Shallenberger. Thomas Martin, 159 Shanahan, Mary Margaret. 91 Shaub, Rob Roy, 137 Shaw, David Henry Thomas, 151 Shaw, Harry Paul, 269 Page 373 Shaw, Nonna Jean, 82, 291 Shaw, RoUin Howard, 53 T ' C 269 Shearer, LoweU G., 54, 254, 257, 271, 274 Shelby, Robert Bliss, 288 Shellon, H. Clay, 133 Shepard, BUly Russell. 255. 270 Sheridan. Mariorie. 54 Sheridan. Mayme Leona. 54 Sherman. Ralph Alvin. 298 Shields. Lorn Maurice. 91, 129, 234 Shipman. Frances. 69. 114 Shotwell, Jack, 129 Shoults, Sam Brown, 157 Shrevo, Theodore Norris, 159 Shy, James Claude, 54, 258. 259. 298 Sidwell. Don W.. 153 Silcolt. lack. 284 SUls. Richard Carlton. 91. 127, 288 Silva. Eugene Clarence, 82 SUver. William R.. 149 Simcoe. Norman Keith, 127 Simmering. Robert Edward. 54, 145, 245. 257, 271 Simmons, Richard Work, 157, 258. 259 Simon, H. Joseph, 149 Simon, Robert Allan. 288 Simon. Walter. 131 Simpson, Carol Lorraine. 82, 113 Simpson, Everett Selden, 153 Sisson, William Rourke, 145, 288. 294 Skaggs. Eleanor Mae, 69 Skeen, Marguerite G., 91, 107 Skinner. Ellis Keith. 289 Slaughter, Dorothy Pearle, 54, 116. 117. 224, 232,247 Slickerman, William Jacob, 82, 129, 252 Sloan, William Wesley. 145, 250 Slobdonik. WUliam. 271 Smith. Barbara Haley. 27, 69 Smith, Beatrice Annette, 82, 107 Smith. Betty Jane. 123 Smith. Beverly Brooks. 26. 54. 247. 260, 291 Smith, David Mackusick, 145 Smith, Don Korb, 143, 248 Smith, Doran Robert, 268 Smith, Dorcas Ann, 91 Smith, Dorothy Louise, 91, 123 Smith, Eleanor M., 91 Smith, George Wendell, 145 Smith, Grant Butler, 127, 288 Smith, Herbert Roy, 82, 141 " n;i!!i T-in. 1 Eunice, 123 rder, 25, 29, 253, Smith, Lathan Harold, 54 Smith. Louis William, 129 Smith, Margaret Jane, 82, 119, 225 Smith, Marian Irene, 54, 111 Smith, Patricia. 82 " ii.llh . " amuel Richard. 91, 143 iney Elaine, 54, 108, Smith, Waller Norman. 288 " y, 69. 151. I. 161 Snively, Wesley Burdette. 294 Snow. Gordon. 233 Snowdon. Joseph Newell. 91 Snydal. Max. 158. 159 Snyder. Edward Paul. 54. 149. 269 Snyder. Virginia Louise. 91 Sobel. Homer Allen. 260 Soderberg. Edward. 54, 271, 297 Solomon. Arlene Marie, 230 Solomon, Henry, 91, 288 Souder, Aileen Marie. 27, 29, 69, 291. 292. 293 Southwell. Julie Louise. 294, 296 Sowers. Elmer E.. 69. 269 Sowers, Helen Catherine, 91 Sowers, Robert Moulton. 91. 288 Spongier. Harold Alfred. 297 Sparkman. James Robert. 69 Spam. Donald E.. 54, 270 Specht. Elizabeth Helen, 69, 295 Speer, Lela Florence, 82 Spencer, Earl Whitaker, 147 Spencer, John Robert. 54. 142, 143, 244, 259 Spengler, Charlotte Elizabeth, 26, 54, 103, 110. Ill, 228, 231,247 Spicer. James Lee. 55. 258, 298 Spiegelman, Edwin Robert. 252 Spillman. Donald Homer. 288 Springstead, Margaret Earla. 251 Stabler, Betty Jane, 82, 119, 281 Stack, Gerald A., 157 Stafford, Elizabeth, 55, 121 Stafford, Mary Josephine, 55, 117 Stahley, Sam Dee, 271 Stancil, William David, 82, 155 Standley, John Stewart, 143 Stapleton, Ben F., 55, 132, 133, 272 Stapp, Milo Atkinson, 55, 254, 268 Starke, Robert Charles, 151 Steams, John Hammon, 133, 250 Steams, Marian Lloyd, 92, 121 Steele. Arnold Odium. 151 Steele. George Floyd. 55. 274. 276 Steik, Elizabeth Beatrice, 92 Stenzel, Virginia Mae, 82, 251 Stepanek, Joseph Edward. 55, 268, 273, 289 Stephens, Jimmie Lee, 115 Stephenson. R. Elmo, 270 Stephenson. Ruth Lorraine. 70. 119. 290. 293 Stevens. George Elias Magnus, 82. 153 Stevens. Robert Lyndall, 137 Stevens, Rodney David, 137, 225 Stevenson, R. Arthur, 70, 82, 258, 259 Steward, Thomas Lewis, 159 Stewart, Charles Harrington, 141 Stewart, Clarence Herman, 288 Stewart, Roberta Ruth, 55, 113 Stewart, Robert Edward, 92, 157, 225 Stiles, Simmie Edna, 82 Stivers, John Bell, 127 Stivers, Mary Elizabeth, 92, 105 Stockwell, Mariorie Anne, 119 Stoecker, Carroll Lee, 159 Stoecker, Dean Allison, 55, 159 Stoner, Otto L., 153 Storer, Barbara May, 82, 121 Storer, John Leffingwell, 55 Storey, Harold A., 55, 283 Stoller, Robert Lee, 92 Stout, J. Harold. 92. 153 Stout. Sally Mae. 113 Stover. Katharine Elizabeth, 105 Strain, Carl Warren, 92, 143 Strain, George Lee, 143 Strannigan, William Matt, 82, 152, 153, 250 Stratton, Clayton Codding, 92 Strickland, John Thorpe, 25, 55, 132, 133, 162 Stringham, Luther W., 230. 244, 260 Stroup. Richard Corlelt. 92. 139. 288 Stryker. Margaret Anne, 119, 292 Stryker. William. 55. 273 Stuart. Ruth Elizabeth. 115 Stuart. Verl. 135 Studebaker. Marion M.. 268 Stumm. Philip Wolcott. 259 Sturdevant. Foster O.. 250 Sullivan. Barbara May, 55, 117 Sullivan. Chester James. 2 98 Sullivan, Erva. 289 Sullivan, Margaret Ann. 82, 121 Sultan. Linda Faser. 92. 117 Summer. James Rae, 131 Suttle. John Francis. 153 Swain. R. Jordan. 70, 137 Swan, Benjamin Bower, 70, 252 Swearingen, Kathryn Louise, 70 Swedlund, Raymond Lee, 83 Sweet, Mary Lou, 92, 119 Swett, Clovd Clarence, 139, 255, 270 Swift. Frank. 92 Sylvester. John Desbrisay. 141 Taber. Eugene Dudley, 83, 155, 288 Taddiken, Paul Gerald, 298 Taher, Mahmood K., 70, 269 Talbott, Seiglinde Haller, 226 Tallant. Kathryn Louise. 107 Tandy. Riley Ban. 127 Tanner. Ira Elbert. 92. 131 Tapp. William Newton. 55 Tarbell, W. Wayne, 145 Tashma, Joseph. 55 Taylor, Mary Jane, 121 Taylor. Morris Fenton. 56. 151 Teats. Merrill Crary. 29, 138. 254. 268. 273 Telander. Marv Victoria. 27. 56. 118, 119, 290 Temple, Leona Ruth, 92, 123, 227 Tenedini, Americo Stephen. 83. 294 Ten Eyck, Thomas Willard, 131, 226, 250 Tepper, Mildred, 70, 291 Tharp, Dorothy Charlene, 92, 1 13 Thiele, Henry Wendell, 229 Thoman, Clemens Bernard, 260 Thomas, Charles William, 141 Thomas, David B., 157 Thomas, Galen Charles, 56, 271 Thomas, Wallace Bate, 133 Thomas, Wilbur, 92, 127, 288 Thompson, Helen Aubury, 83, 123 Thompson. Marian Norma. 70. 107, 292 Thompson. Olive Alexander. 92 Thompson. Ray James. 136. 137 Thompson, Sam, 131 Thompson, Vera Carolyn, 121 Thomsen. Dorothy Ann, 70 Thomson. R. James Alden. 269 Thorne, Edward Raymond. 127 Threlkeld. Neil Clarence. 83. 135 Thurman. Donald. 70. 143, 272 Thurston. Marlin Oakes. 160. 161, 276 Tillotson, Fred Walter, 153. 258. 259 Timm. Vernon Hugo, 92. 145 Tinker. Lloyd Arthur. 127 Tinnes. Lorain E., 56, 258 Tisone, Helen Irene, 294 Tobin, William Cameron, 157 Todd, Margaret Elizabeth, 92 Toffoli, AtUio. 275 Tomlin. Evalyn Alida, 92. 289 Tomlinson. Rex Darrell. 153. 157, 250 Tooker, Kathrine. 239 Townley. John. 273 Towse, Charles Robert. 129, 288 Trachsel, Floyd E.. 297 Tracy. Frances Gertrude. 70 Trainor, Robert Ambrose. 294 Tremmel. Dickerson Haskins, 131, 254, 257 Trimble, Janice Adele, 119 Trollope, Tommy Eugene, 70, 137 True, Virginia G.. 83 Trulove, Laurance Alexander. 139 Tschannen. Robert Forrest. 270 Tuck. Harold Arthur. 160. 161, 298 TuU. Paul Leverne. 230 Tunnell. Maxine Lillian. 83. 123, 224, 251. 296 Turner. Ivan Russell. 147, 227 Turner, Victor Jerome, 147, 276 Tyler, Robert Fred, 137, 244 u Udick, Helen Bernice, 294 Udick, Leonard W., 83, 153, 294 Underbill, Margorie Alice, 70 Unger, Arthur. 129 Vagneur, Clifford Benjamin, 83, 141, 252 Valentine, Deane B., 70, 271 Vallero, Vince Frank, 70 Van Arsdall, Samuel Peter, 151 Vandapool, Raymond Oliver, 70, 127, 258, 298 van de Steeg. Edith Margaret, 105 Vandeventer, Owen Jerome, 83, 127 Van Fleet, 143 Van Patten, William S., 56, 157 Van Sickle, Charles Lofland, 133, 226 Van Thuyne, Lois M(iry, 105, 227, 290, 294 Vamer, Helen Jane, 83 Varney, Idabelle Hanning, 56 Varney, Valerie Elden, 92, 121 Vaughan, Kendall, 258 Page 374 Vauqhn, Robert, 159 Velasquez, Antonio J., 92 Vertrees, Richard Bigelow, 155 Vetting. Paul Edwin, 161 Vicks, Allen, 137 Vicks, Ruth Mclnlyre, 115 Viney, Howard Edward, 143 Voight. Alvin Henry. 258, 298 VoUmer, Joseph Francis, 56, 157, 252, 269. 294 Volluz, Raymond Julius, 159 von Troiha, Ferrell. Eugene, 268 von Wedel. Jane, 83, 105 von Wedelstaedl. Olgo, 83, 292 Vote, Robert Moulton. 137. 230 w Wadsworth, Lawronce Ward, 92, 153 Wagner, Joan Adele. 121, 280 Wahlmeier, Yvette Marie, 92, 111 Waldo, Ralph Emerson, 56, 153 Waldrilf, George Allan, 71 Walker. Charles Lynn, 29, 252 Walker. Marilyn Marjorie, 83, 115 Walker, Thaddeus H., 131 Walker, Virginia Lee, 92 Wallace. Bettie Lee, 296 Wallrich, William Jones, 141, 250 Walsen, Fred John, 56, 233, 275 Walter, Esther, 27 Waller, Gertrude Pearl, 56 Walter. Howard D., 127, 288 Wampler, Martha Jean, 92, 117 Wamsley, Darlien Adams, 56 Ward, George Robert. 283 Warde, Jack Edward. 141 WardeU, Mignon, 26, 56, 291, 293 Warhover, Robert Edward, 155 Wameke, Maynard J., 271 Warner, David Blake, 92, 157 Warner, John G., 268 Warner, Muriel Evalyn, 27, 291, 293 Warner, Robert, 153 Wamock, Willard Angove, 56, 140, 141, 248, 272 Warren, Charlotte Erma, 111 Warren, Richard, 83, 131 Warshauer, Geraldine A., 27, 227, 249 Washburn, Malle Jean, 251, 298 Wateon, Edward Bartlett, 83, 157 Watson, Joseph Turner, 151 Watts, Charles Ward, 83, 131, 229 Waynick, Charles Haywood, 151 Wear, WUliom Hay. 141 Webber, Betty Jane, 83, 105 Wechsler, Rhoda Florence, 263 Wedel, Evelyn Mary. 294 Weers, Arthur Ferdinand, 56 Weills. Jordan Talmage, 268, 289 Weinle, Frank Henry, 137 Weintraub, Nora. 283 Weiss, Willard Arthur, 56 Weitzel, Leonard Russell, 83 Welch, Paul Ward, 56, 245, 254, 257, 271, 274 Weller, Gordon Axline, 83, 252 Welter, William Doyle. 57 Welty, Benita Janet, 92 Wenner, Henry Lee, 92, 133 Werner, Paul Emit. 151 Wescott, Lois Catherine, 57, 121 Westerman, Mary Margaret, 92 Wetly, Janet, 115 Whaley, Randall MeVoy, 244. 276 Wharton. Harold Eugene, 139 Wheatley, John Robert, 71, 153, 272 Wheeler, Howard WUliom, 71, 125. 298 Wheeler, John R.. 57, 157 Whitaker, Edward Arthur, 92, 133 Whitaker, Ken, 92 Whitcomb, Hugh J., 93, 137 White, Frances Manelte, 57, 115, 234 White. Helen Louiza, 151 White, John Edward, 151 White. Kenneth Hathman. 127. 157 White. Stanley Wilbert. 161 Whitelaw. Chester Waite. 28. 57. 272 Whiteman. Lowell Wheeler, 155. 280, 282 Whitlock, Floyd Lawrence, 147 Whitman, Caroline Sally, 123 Wicks, Margaret Elizabeth, 113 Wicks. Piatt, 270 Wieqand, Roy Edwin, 141 Wigton, Jean, 83, 111, 225, 293 Wilcoxen, Wayne Francis, 93, 298 Wiley, John Clinton, 129 Wilkerson, Virginia Lee, 83 Wilkins, Carlton Paul, 137 Wilkins. Edward Lewis, 93 Willcoxon, James Carlton, 71. 152, 153, 248 William. George Filby. 151 Williams, David Franklin, 83, 139, 252, 268 Williams, Harold Vunor, 269 Williams. Ivan Aaron, 270, 276 Williams. Jack J.. 153 Williams. James Powers. 57. 93. 139 Williams. James Ray. 226 Willinrris, }f ' Doyd. " l, ] ' ■ Wi: Wi:.. Williams, Virginia Ruth, Williamson, Adrian Earl, 272, 297 Williamson, Gordon ' " Williamson, Jeanne 123 Williamson, Tim, 159 Williamson, William Herbert, 252 Wlllson, Grant Hull, 137 WiUson, Marjory, 292 WlUumsen, Alfred Svenning, 71, 254, 270 Wilson, Betty, 290 WUson. Carroll James, 224. 272 Wilson. Jesse Allan. 125 Wilson, Lyttleton Fowler, 133 Wilson. Paul Homer, 268. 288 Wilson. Raymond Eugene, 71 Winchester, Ray Alfred, 129 Wing, William Daniel, 155 Winger, Ray John. 269 Winn. Sarah Jane, 121 Winograd, Harold Sydney, 83 Winters, Richard Ouarles, 137 Winton, Jack Mead, 135, 288. 289 Wise, Betty Agnes, 93, 117 Wise, Curtis Ballard, 129 Wise, Esther Geraldine, 234 Wiseman, Eugene Richard, 83, 151, 252 Witt, John PhUip, 252 Wolcott, Eutona, 115 Wolcott, Weston, 145 Wolf, Leslie Ann, 93. 115 Wolff. Caroline Louise. 27, 71, 276 WoUbrinck, George Archie, 288 WoUeson. Edwin Gibson. 151 Wollf. Caroline, 291 Wood, Carl Olen, 28, 57, 138, 139, 245. 254, 257. 271. 274 Wood, Edward Howland, 131 Wood, Grandville Newell, 83, 141 Wood, James Robert, 93 Wood, Orlin Edgar, 147, 225 Woodall, Marguerite Eleanora, 93 Woodard, Marjorie Louise. 93, 115 Woodbury, Frank H., 93, 155 Woodbury, Homer Olwin, 83, 131 Woode, John W., 131 Woodis. Warren Knowlton, 269 Woodruff, Chas. Robt., 159 Woodruff, Thomas Tyson, 143 Woodson, Everard Meade, 57, 269 .■. u ,lley, Wm. Kenneth, 153 Worcester, Willis George, 245, ■ 133. 268 . ,, ;.. 11. 93 Wray. Sarah Mildred. 107 Wright, Dewey Sampson. 269 Wright, Geo. Edward, 93, 145, 288 Wright. Geo N nnder, 155, 250 Wright. Jc ; Wright. Kcr 117. 224, 251 Wtin 1 Rnymoii ■ ■.,.,, 147, hard Walton. 95, 131 Russel. 145, 268 Louise, 29, 71, Xander, Gordon Wm., 57 Yancey. Myra Lois. 262 Yarberry, Alma Leona, 57 Yates, Margeret Lucille, 71, 296 Yeager, Jack Churcher, 143 Yeager. Robert, 143 Yeager, Victor Elmer. 298 Yewell, Paul Gordon, 147 Yoder. Norris Lindsey. 295 York, Kenneth Henry, 94, 244 York, Robt. Wm., 288 Youll, Richard Charles, 141 Young, Rex Alex., 93, 133 Youngclaus, Geo. Dunton, 93, 147 Youngclaus, Paul, 147 Youngclaus, Gordon Maniton, 147, 298 Youngkin, Harry Lea, 153 Zambakian, Irving, 270 Zarina. Marie Elizabeth. 83. 292 Zayac. Edward, 147 Zeigler, Ruth Loree, 232, 234, 263, 284 Zeitler, Earl Charles, 254, 274 Zeiller, Thelma Jane, 83, 298 Ziegler, Robt. Carlton, 268 Zimmerhackel, Sallie Lou, 57, 123. 232 Zilnick. Chas. L.. 57. 297 Zook. Howard Gordon. 57, 289 Zurick, Ida Mae, 93, 117 Page 575 MISCELLANEOUS INDEX Acacia, 124, 125 Adelphi, 241 Alpha Chi Omega, 104, 105 Alpha Chi Sigma, 273 Alpha Delta Pi, 106, 107 Alpha EpsUon Delta, 259 Alpha Nu, 276 Alpha Omega Alpha, 268 Alpha Omicron Pi, 108, 109 Alpha Sigma Phi, 126, 127 Alpha Tcai Omega, 128, 129 American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 271 American Society of Civil Engi- neers, 269 Am erican Society of Mechanical Engineers, 271 Associated Students of the Uni- versity of Colorado, 24, 25 B Barb Organizations, 29 Beta Theta Pi, 130, 131 Chi Epsilon, 256 Chi Omega, 112, 113 Chi Psi, 132, 133 Co-ed Counsellors, 293 Coloradan, 224, 225, 226, 227 Colorado Engineer, 236, 237 Delta Delta Delta, 114, 115 Delta Gamma, 116, 117 Delta Sigma Phi, 134, 135 Delta Sigma Pi, 272 Delta Sigma Rho, 241 Delta Tau Delta, 136, 137 Dodo, 232, 233 Eta Kappa Nu, 255 H Heart and Dagger, 246 Hesperia, 249 Home Economics Club, 292 House of Representatives, 27 Interfraternity Council, 162 Iota Sigma Pi, 261 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 118, 119 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 120, 121 Kappa Kappa Psi, 253 Kappa Sigma, 138, 139 M Mortar and Pestle, 298 N Newman Qub, 294 Orchesis, 351 Pan-Hellenic, 103 Phi Beta Kappa, 244 Phi Delta Phi, 252 Phi Delta Theta, 140, 141 Phi Epsilon Phi, 252 Phi Gamma Delta, 142, 143 Phi Kappa Psi, 144, 145 Phi Kappa Tau, 146, 147 Phi Sigma Delta, 148, 149 Phi Sigma lota, 262 Pi Beta Phi, 122, 123 Pi Gamma Mu, 260 Pi Kappa Alpha 150, 151 Pi Mu Epsilon, 274 Pi Tau Sigma, 257 Players Club, 286 Porpoise, 351 Presbyterian Union, 295 Scimitar, 250 School of Business, 28 School of Law, 94, 95 Senate, 26 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 152, 153 Sigma Alpha Iota, 296 Sigma Chi, 154, 155 Sigma Delta Chi, 275 Sigma Nu, 156, 157 Sigma Phi EpsUon, 158, 159 Sigma Tau, 254 Silver and Gold, 228, 229, 230, 231 Spur, 251 Sumalia, 248 Tau Beta Pi, 245 Theta Xi, 160, 161 u University of Colorado Band, 288 University Women ' s Club, 291 V Viking Club, 297 w Wesley Foundation, 289 Window, 234, 235 Women ' s Athletic Association, 349 Young Women ' s Christian As- sociation, 290 Page 376 J :5, ' vi 56; i l fc iirjlTiii mM% B r . . m - " " ■ " Finis " T w V ' ;,■ ' ■ ■. ■ ' if J J- ■-X-- ' : , ' ■ - z ' ' S , • - jii ' ' ' vr ' 7 =y ; iii ' " ' ; f. . ■SKJCPV uuKX " T " - "

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