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i ' T-rr. 5.,, - " I THE COLORADAN UL 19 37 CO EDITORS-IN-CHIEF EDWIN P. VAN CISE BUSINESS MANAGER. PHILLIP HOkNBEIN LO KADAN PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER, COLORADO VOLUME NO. jq THE Coloradan this year has tried to add a little to the ordinary recording of names, faces, and events which every annual must contain. The setting of the University of Colorado is too often disregarded by students who have spent their lives in this section. We have tried to include within these pages a few of the many scenic views in the Boulder region, to show again how fortunate we are in being able to gain an education in such surroundings. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES FRATERNITIES Eh SORORITIES STUDENT LIFE ORGANIZATIONS £ ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS DEDICATION WITH a clear understanding of the humanities as a back- ground for his alert, scientific mind, Dr. Ekeley came to the University of Colorado in 1902. We can now realize the ambition which must have inspired him then — the ambi- tion which was able to surmount the tremendous obstacles of inadequate equipment, insufficient room, and imperfect texts. We see him today, a man who in the face of hardship was a great success, a man who with adequate laboratory facilities attained a world-wide reputation. A discoverer of several tungsten refining processes, a long-recognized author- ity on organic chemistry, toxicology, and chemical analysis, a respected educator, and a sympathetic husband. Dr. Ekeley now looks back at thirty-five years of accomplishment. He retires this year, yet his students will carry on his ideas and his ambition. With appreciation and praise for his outstanding service, we dedicate the 1937 Coloradan to a man who has contrib- uted so much to science and education — to Dr. John B. Ekeley, retiring head of the Department of Chemistry. kra ADMINISTRATION » » Faculty THE PRESIDENT President Norlin What is an educated person has been a question of the ages. There have been many answers, some of them famous. One is very ancient. It was made by Isocrates of Athens twent ' -two hundred and eighty years ago. I am tempted to call him the Nicholas Murry Butler of classi- cal times, since he was at once philosopher, eloquent com- mentator on contemporary politics, and the head of a famous school. Their ideas, too, are not unlike. Isocrates objects to the narrow specialist, who is, he complains, often mean-spirited and intolerant. The educated person must be, he insists, of broad cultivation and character — a scholar and a gentleman, as we say. But let me translate his own words : " Whom, then, do I call educated? First, those who manage well the circumstances which they encounter day by day, and who possess a judgment which is accurate in meeting occasions as they arise and rarely misses the ex- pedient course of action; next, those who are decent and honorable in their intercourse with all whom they associ- ate, tolerating easily and good-naturedly what is unpleas- ant or offensive in others and being themselves as agreeable and reasonable to their associates as it is possible to be; furthermore, those who hold their pleasures always under control and are not unduly overcome by their misfortunes, bearing up under them bravely and in a manner worthy of our common nature; finally, and most important of all, those who are not spoiled by successes and do not desert their true selves and become arrogant, but hold their ground steadfastly as intelligent men, not rejoicing in the good things which have come to them through chance rather than in those which through their own nature and intelligence are theirs from their birth. Those who have a character which is in accord, not with one of these things, but with all of them — these, I contend, are wise and com- plete men, possessed of all the virtues. " BOARD OF REGENTS The Board of Regents of the University of Colorado is the governing body of the University. It is composed of six members who serve over a period of six years, two being retired each two years. By a constitutional enactment of the state, all members are selected by the popular vote of the people and are, therefore, independent of any state official. This method of selection differs in most state universities whose boards are chosen by the governor ' s appointment. Vacancies due to resignation or death are filled by the appointment of the governor. The Board is charged with the administrative affairs of the University, authorizing all business and assuming all responsibilities of this Institution. Meetings are held the third Friday of each month and also at the call of the President. Those on the Board receive no remuneration for their untiring services. MEMBERS MR. E. R. CAMPBELL, Denver 1938 DR. MARTIN CURRIGAN, Denver 1938 MR. CLIFFORD W. MILLS, Denver 1940 DR. VALENTINE FISCHER, Boulder 1940 MR. EUGENE BOND, Leadville 1942 MR. CARL McKINLEY, Greeley 1942 OFFICERS GEORGE NORLIN President F. H. WOLCOTT Secretary H HHI . fl LkJSte9H Back Row: Mills, F.scher, Wolcott. McKinlcy Front Row: Bond, Curngan, Norlin, Campbell Vic OLIVER C. LESTER -President, Dean of Graduate School Dean Lester of the Graduate School is acknowledged by graduate students because of his kindly interests and encour- agement to those going into their higher fields of learning. His human sympathy equals his scholastic capacity. MAURICE H. REES Dean of the Medical School In tracing the development of our qualifications to become physicians, we gladly feel that Dean Rees endeavors to main- tain a precise exposition, a scrupulous interpretation, a con- trolled but a generous enthusiasm, and a cool-headed but warm- hearted detachment. ROBERT L. STEARNS Dean of the Law School His successful years in the active practice of law combined with his thorough culture and academic background enable him to lead wisely the Law School and the State Bar Association. JACOB VAN EK Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dean Van Ek knows the rules and refvises to give way in any particular. He has made more enemies, perhaps, than any other man on the faculty; yet he can match them with the friends he has made through his shy, unassuming good nature. ELMORE PETERSEN Dean of School of Business Dean Petersen, efficiently busy, seriously amicable, holds the admiration of all his associates. Through constant eifort and faith in himself he has succeeded where others would have failed. HERBERT S. EVANS Dean of the College of Engineering " Shorty " Evans, the mighty mite of the engine school, is endowed with an infectious sense of humor, infinite wisdom without ostentation, an ability to impress his point and drive his plans through. He is largely responsible for the development of the electrical department to its present distinction. ROWLAND W. DUNHAM Director of College of Music Dean Dunham, a patient, sympathi2;ing man as well as an accomplished musician, is in himself a strong stimulus for stu- dents aiming to reach the heights in music that their respected professor has gained. RALPH L. CROSMAN Head of Department ot Journalism Professor Crosman is the guardian angel of the publications. He is lightning fast in his mental reactions, is always eager to help out without any desire for personal glory or publicity, is a progressive in the truest sense, is a practical man with noth- ing of the pompous in his nature, is considered by Hearst to he his foremost antagonist. HOMER C. WASHBURN Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dean Washburn is an important factor in the college career of each pharmacy student. Through his sincere interest and sympathetic understanding, he has helped each of his students realize the true value of the professions of teaching and of pharmacy. i LYDIA L. BROWN Dean of Women Dean Brown, mother to all the women of the University, looks out for their welfare in every phase of campus life. Be- cause of her deep understanding, she gains the confidence of all the women and ably guides them through their social and scholastic activities. MILO G. DERHAM Dean of Summer Quarter Fine understanding, ever-ready sympathy, discerning intel- lect, deep consideration and thoughtfulness for others, a tran- quil outlook on life, and a keen interest in the affairs of the University — these are the qualities making Dean Derham, the gentleman scholar, beloved by students. HARRY G. CARLSON Dean of Men Harry G. Carlson, because of his even temper, jovial com- pany, deep understanding of student problems, interest in athletics and the school ' s curriculum, capably fulfills his posi- tion as Dean of Men. He is truly a man ' s man. I HARRY M. BARRETT Director of the College of Education Through his sincere interest in and understanding of the American program of education, he is capable of laying the foundation of the education for our children. r M . „i r m! LOUISE KIENINGER Director of Nursing School Miss Kieninger, Director of the University of Colorado School of Nursing, is a woman of courage and vision. To her students she is an inspiration to strive for the highest ideals of the nursing profession. FRED E. ADEN Registrar and Counselor Mr. Aden, Registrar of the University, efficiently and accu- rately fulfills the obhgations of his office. In perfect complement with these assets are his friendly spirit and enjoyable compan- ionship. I EXECUTIVE COUNCIL GEORGE NORLIN, President GEORGE NORLIN OLIVER C. LESTER JACOB VAN EK ROBERT L. STEARNS HERBERT S. EVANS HOMER C. WASHBURN MILO G. DERHAM ELMORE PETERSEN MEMBERS HARRY G. CARLSON LYDIA L. BROWN MAURICE H. REES PAUL M. DEAN CLARENCE L. ECKEL CHARLES F. POE FREDERICK D. BRAMHALL The Executive Council is the executive com- mittee of the University Senate. It is composed of the President and the Deans of the University and four other faculty members, two of whom are elected each year to serve for two years. Although the council has no power to enact permanent legislation, it may formulate regula- tions which are referred to the Senate. It deals with cases of discipline and attendance. It recom- mends to the Senate those who are ehgihle and v -orthy of honorary degrees. It is an advisory body concerning the University calendar and the char- tering of special trains for football trips. It is mainly a small group which can be called together quickly and easily by the President to decide upon emergency cases which arise in the University. iDH in Tup Row: Biamhall. Bru n, Carlson. Dean, Dcrham, Eckel Second Row: Evans, Lester, Norlin, Peterson. Poe Bottom Row: Stearns, Rees, Van Ek, Washburn Student Governiiieiit ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF OFFICERS ROBERT TYLER President ALMON OVIATT Vice-President FRANCES NASH Secretary HERBERT MORRIS Treasurer COMMISSIONERS ALMON OVIATT Athletics HERBERT MORRIS Finance LOUIS TRAYLOR Publications ROBERT TYLER Forensics SIDNEY BLANFORD Medic Interest MARGARET SANDERS . . . Student Welfare and Employment FRANCES NASH Entertainment FERD ROWAN Dances C;ERALD KAY Traditions MARY RIGGS Scholarship The A. S. U. C. Council, consisting of ten stu- dent commissioners, is the governing body of the Associated Students of the University of Colorado. This council, which elects its own officers, is appointed each April by the Executive Council of the University and three members of the exist- ing council. This year the council conceived and worked out a number of plans for the betterment of the stu- dent body. Under its supervision, class elections were freed from politics. With the help of Dean Stearns and the faculty committee, the council realized the plans of last year to start an Artist Series on this campus. This has satisfied the need of many students and has been very successful. During the summer, the council sent to all high school graduates in Colorado information concern- ing the University. During the year, the council lent its support to an investigation of student employment and wel- fare, and helped work our problems in connection with N. Y. A. work. It developed a series of stu- dent forums and conducted numerous worthwhile convocations. In its official capacity, the council managed all A. S. U. C. dances and rallies, and appointed all prom committees. BLANFORD UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO ATHLETIC BOARD ALMON OVIATT GERALD KAY LOUIS TRAYLOR HARRY CARLSON CLARENCE ECKEL C. HENRY SMITH FINANCE BOARD HERBERT MORRIS ROBERT TYLER GERALD KAY WALTER FRANKLIN WARREN THOMPSON F. H. WOLCOTT n WALTER FRANKLIN, Ex-Officio Member of all Boards BOARD OF FORENSICS PUBLICATIONS BOARD ROBERT TYLER MARGARET SAUNDERS LOUIS TRAYLOR ROBERT TYLER HERBERT MORRIS FERD ROWAN WILLIAM ARTHUR DONALD M. EASTON RALPH CROSMAN W. OTTO BIRK JOHN McLUCAS FREDERICK BRAMHALL SENATE Senate, the executive and judicial body of the Associated Women Students, is composed of the executive officers of the Associated Women Students, who are elected by a popular vote of all the women on the campus. It, therefore, is a major part of our democratic student government; and with the guid- ance of intelligent faculty women, it governs wisely the social and scholastic activities of each woman student. One of the most effective ways of encouraging friendships and increasing interest in the university is the banquet spon- sored by Senate during the Fall Quarter. MONTANDOK DEAN LYDIA LAWRENCE BROWN FACULTY ADVISORS MISS THERESE STENGEL MISS MARY JOHN HESSE MEMBERS ELOISE MONTANDON . . President of A. W. S. ELIZABETH GATHER . Vice-President of A. W. S. JULIET MARSH Secretary of A. W. S. RUTH PLANK Treasurer of A. W. S. MARY ELLEN PATANO . Ghairman of Point System BETSY ROSS . . Ghairman of Housing Committee MARGARET POLLARD . . Ghairman of Social Com. LAURA LA X ' RENGE . Ghairman of Women ' s League 1 CLAIRE SWEELEY . . Ghairman of Co-ed Counselors JANE COLLINS .... President of Y. W. C. A. BETTY ANN YANTIS . . . President of W. A. A. SUSAN CORNELIUS . . . President of Panhellenic FRANCES NASH . President of Univ. Women ' s Club DOROTHY McLAUTHLIN . . President of Spur PATTY NASH .... Independent Representative i ' 7 ' .: : Top Row: Cornelius, Lawrence, Marsh, F. Nash, P. Nash, Patat Bottom Row: Plank, Pollard, Ross, Swecley, Yantis HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The House of Representatives is one ot the two legislatne bodies that governs the Assoeiated Women Students. It works in cooperation with the Senate. Since the House is composed of one representative from each sorority, and equal number of nonsorority women, and the four dormitory hall presidents, all social organizations are democratically represented. Aside from the duty of the members of the House to report to Senate any violations of the bylaws, it is also their duty to instill in their districts a sense of honor and loyalty, both to the Asso- ciated Women Students and to the University. MEMBERS ELIZABETH GATHER Speaker MARTHA JEANNE SCHAFER . . Alpha Chi Omega MARY MANNION Alpha Delta Pi ANNA KENDALL Alpha Omicron Pi MARIAN SMITH Alpha Phi De ROTHY ROST Chi Omega VIRGINIA LEE Delta Delta Delta BERTHA LACKNER Delta Gamma FRANCES ROGERS .... Kappa Alpha Theta NAN KRETSGHMER . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma MARION HACKSTAFF Pi Beta Phi INDEPENDENTS LOUISE ARMSTRONG FLOREINE ANDERSON BEVERLY SMITH HELEN HAMILTON DOROTHY JEAN CLARK HILDA MADDOCK RUTH GRISWOLD MARJORIE OWENS ERA RICKETTS DORMITORY PRESIDENTS CHARLOTTE SPENGLER . . Antoinette Bigelow HELEN WOODLING .... Minnie L. Harding RUTH BENWELL Pynk Lester GOLDYE BLAKE Olivia McKenna i T O Top Row: Anderson. Blake. H.ick?taff. Kendall. Lackner, Lc Bottom Row: Mannion, Rogers, Rest, Sehafer, Smith ENGINE SCHOOL OFFICERS WILLIAM BOWER President ROBERT RATHBURN Vice-President ROBERT TEMPLE Secretary WILLIAM CASSIDY Treasurer BUSINESS SCHOOL OFFICERS CLARE WHITE President WILLIAM STEHLIN Vice-President MARGARET POLLARD Secretary HERBERT MORRIS Treasurer Fior ' ••%; BARB ORGANIZATION OFFICERS DONALD T. JONES President ROBERT WOLF Vice-President RUTH PLANK Secretary FLOREINE ANDERSON Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS e , DAVID GAMBLE " P ' " " " ' ' J HELEN HAMILTON , . i CLAIRE SWEELEY J " " ' ° i WALTER SAWICKI . (GERALD KAY BERNICE SELDON Dance Manager RALPH WALDON Women ' s Dormitory Representative HILDA MADDOCK Publicity Director IRENE STRAHAN In May, 1934, the independent students of the University of Colorado, feehng a need for the unity of spirit, interest, and purpose of all their number, organized as the Combined Barbs, elected an executive council, and drew up a constitution. Although today, the Association of the Com- bined Barbs has been changed in name to the Barb Organization, its individual principles remain un- changed. It is the intention of the Barb Organization to promote a varied athletic and social program for independent students, and to cooperate with other campus organizations; the purpose of the organiza ' tion IS to create among these students a spirit of unity, cooperation, and enthusiasm for participa- tion in campus activities in general as well as those of the Barb Organization. Ti.p Row: Anderson, Delaney, Galland, Gambill, Jones, Kay, Maddock, Plank Bottom Row: Sawicki, Scldon, Stanley, Sweeley, Waldo, Wolf SHOLAKDER SENIOR OFFICERS ROBERT PERKIN President CLIFFORD SHOLANDER Vice-President MARGARET POLLARD Secretary DON TOBIN Treasurer JUNIOR OFFICERS BYRON WHITE President LINDA LEE GROSS Vice-President BETSY ROSS Secretary RUTH BENWELL Treasurer INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is to promote general interest and welfare of the asso- ciated fraternities as a body and to insure coopera- tion between them and their relations with the faculty, the student body, and the public in general. It has been the purpose of the council this year, especially, to further true interfraternity spirit, and to bring the fraternities into more friendly relationships, not only among themselves but also among the entire student body. This year the council has attempted several new projects, the most ambitious of which is a point system whereby the fraternity and the individual are given recognition for campus activities. The council has also initiated " Round Robin " dinners, a plan that has done much to further friendliness among the Greek-letter organizations. Other plans for the year have included a high school essay contest and a rigid supervision of rush week. OFFICERS DONALD LESHER President CARL McLAUTHLIN Vice-President DEAN CARLSON Secretary (Ex-Officio) MEMBERS NORRIS BROCK Acacia EARL HOWSAM Alpha Sigma Phi RALPH BLAKEY Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM BOWER Beta Theta Pi ROBERT GALLOWAY Chi Psi ROBERT OGILVIE Delta Sigma Phi KENNETH PENFOLD Delta Tau Delta ROSCOE TEATS Kappa Sigma RICHARD DUKE Lambda Chi Alpha ROBERT PUTNAM Phi Delta Theta ML " : ' I , _ " CARL McLAUTHLIN .... Phi Gamma Delta DONALD TOBIN Phi Kappa Psi EDWIN BEARDSWORTH ... Phi Kappa Tau PHILIP HORNBEIN Phi Sigma Delta TUDOR FINCH Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT PERKIN Sigma Alpha Epsilon DONALD LESHER Sigma Chi WILLIAM STEHLIN Sigma Nu HOMER MENDENHALL . . . Sigma PhfEpsilon RUSSEL MANN Theta Xi ■A AMJII Top Ruw: Bcirdswortli. Bower, Dul;e, Finch, Galloway. Hornbcm, How ain. Le,he Middle Row: Lowell. Mann. McLautlilin, Mendenhall. Ogilvie, Penfold Bottom Row: Perkin, Stehlm, Teats, Tobin PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic is an organization which is tor the letter organization not on this campus, and an purpose of advancing the interests of the Univer- independent college graduate, and the Dean of sity of Colorado and associated fraternities as a Women. The members of the present council are body, to insure their cooperation in their relations . p. , .. tt ,, j f n ' , , , Mrs. Pietenpol, Mrs. Hullcy, and Miss Brown. wuth the faculty, the student body, and the pLibuc in general. The primary concern t)f the group this year has T,, ,- , 1 1 X been an attempt to create a more democratic spirit Ihe association consists or three delegates irom ' each sorority; an active, silent and alumna dele- among the women of this campus. Panhellenic gate. There is also a council which is composed of rules have been revised and new ones made in one college graduate who is a member of a Greek order to further such an attitude. OFFICERS SUSAN CORNELIUS President ANNABELLE TURNER Secretary MEMBERS MARY HOSIG Alpha Chi Omega SUSAN CORNELIUS Alpha Delta Pi RLITH WILLIAMS Alpha Omicron Pi LINDA LEE GROSS Alpha Phi ROSAMAY EVANS Chi Omega MARY PARIS Delta Delta Delta MARGUERITE HARNER Delta Gamma ANNABELLE TURNER Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY MAE NORTHCUTT Kappa Kappa Gamma MARION EPPERSON P. Beta Phi i C. HENRY SMITH CHARLES WILLIAM OLSEN IN MEMORIAM % - » » Josephine Antoine, song bird at rest » » Fanny Cramer, Kappa, sees Louis Traylor, Beta » » Traylor sees Fanny » » Bill Bartleson, the mystery man » » Jane Scott, on the fence » » Ruby Hodnette, Tri Delt, at ease » » Walt Franklin, money mad mogul » » Marion Grove and Phyllis Cleland, Chi Omegas, have left their dates behind » » City of Denver » » Sig Ep House. » » Hal Blue and Dons Johnson; it looks like a dry year » » May Co. basement on dis- play » » Bill McElroy, Fannie Bell, Jackie Summer, Alan Heister » » Molls and Moll at the ball » » Girls look scared, dance is nearly over » » Polly White, Frank Cowing » » Tom Dodd, big activity man? » » Hard on any maiden » » Nickkel and date » » Pudge Arthur, Pi Phi, and Don Brown, Sig Ep. ' ' A » » Spur and Phi Epsilon Phi, during halves, speUing out " Bunny Oakes " » » The Engi- neer stack decorated by those uncouth lawyers » » Tommy Owen and Ferd Rowan, dance com- missioners, releasing hot air for female admirers. This is the only authentic picture of Ferd blowing off » » It is a cold day to see a hot game » » Al Oviatt, Phi Gam, surveys the world as the forgotten man (Vice-President of the Commission) » » Bill Mark finally does some work » » Tom Opdyke, Delt, and Mabel Oleson, Alpha Phi, return to the scene of their childhoods » » The gentle art of touch football » » More football scenes: telling the referee, and the D. U. game. » Jim Murphy, Phi Delt, playing on the tloor with Virginia Emerson, Phi Phi. Play ing Jacks at your age? » » Sally, the Schey girl, Tri Delt, with Cal the Baker, Delt » » A shapely calf and cow-eyed » » Rosemary Horstmann, Alpha Phi, looking weary, and on the other side " Punjab " , Sig Ep » » Alan Shand, ATO flash, holding the cup for best house decora- tions at Home-coming » » " Little Augie " Sarchet, Alpha Phi, necking for Dave Atkinson, Delt » » The Engineers ' Ball Committee: Muscle-man Boak (Beta), " Best-dressed " Cassidy (Sigma Nu), " Hairy-chested " Bower (Beta), " Chi " Temple, (Sigma Chi), Dave Ware (Sigma Nu), and their admirers » » The wages of sin » » Tom Dodd, Delt tea dance hound and pin-hanger, Lucy Byrd Moody, DG crooner, and Prof. Marshall at the bus school party » » Stooges with stogies. h- ■ , ' ' 4;.. CLASSES I » » Lani ' » » Seniors » » Juniors LAW MEYERS BUMGARDNER Boulder Law, Sr.; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Tau Omega. FRED G. FOLSOM Boulder Law, Jr.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Dclt;i Phi; Basketball. HARRY A. FRUMESS Denver Law, Fr.; Phi Sigma Delta; Silver and Gold; Coloradan; Honors. GERALD A. KAY La Junta Law, Fr.; Commissioner Traditi. Barb Council; Barb Vice-Pres.; Epsilon Phi, Vice-Pres.; Sumalia; tramurals; Athletic Board; Fina Board; Phi Alpha Delta. LAWERENCE A. LOVETT Houston, Texas Law, Sr.; Phi Delta Phi. H. EUGENE NIKKEL Denver Law, Jr.; Phi Delta Phi; Basketball. OVAL A. PHIPPS Grand Junction Law. Jr.; Phi Alpha Delta. DONALD B. ROBERTSON Denver Law, Sr.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Chrm. Law Ball; Rhythm Circus. EUGENE H. TEPLEY Boulder Law, Soph.; P. A. D.; Adelphi; L. L D.; Khnger Oratorical Contest; " C " Club; Gym Team; Extension Debate. LAW JULIAN R. DUNN Greeley Law, Sr. DOROTHY JO FRENCH Berger, Texas Law. Jr. PHILIP HORNBEIN Denver Law, Fr.; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Coloradan, Bus. Mgr.; Debating; Adelphi; Hon- ors; Interfrat. Council; Law Day Comm.; Coloradan Key. CHARLES W. KREAGER Crook Law.Sr.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Scimitar; " C " CUih; Track; Inramurals. RAPHAEL MOSES Cavite, P. I. Law, Sr.; Kappa Sigma; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Circus Manager; Dodo. WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS Dalhart. Texas Law, Fr.; Phi Alpha Delta. MARION B PORTER Canon City Law, Fr.; Adelphia; Phi Alpha Delta. RICHARD L WESTERBERG Longmont Law, Fr.; Beta Theta Pi; Adelphi; Band; Orchestra; Tennis; Rhythm Circus; Silver and Gold; Phi Delta NSHHiaaMDI SENIORS ALICE B. ALLEN Louisville Arts and Sciences; Varsity Debate: Honors; Woman ' s Forensic Society; Women ' s Club; Intramurals. ALICE M. ANDERSON Canon City Business; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rhythn Circus, 2; Dodo. 1. GEORGE W. BAAB Greeley School Engineering. CALVIN H. BAKER Hollywood, California Business; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Associate Business Manager of Coloradan; Swimming Team; Social Chairman of Business School; Glee Club. CHARLES N. BARBER Colorado Springs Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E. NEIL C. BAUER Yellowstone Park, W ' oming Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Varsity Gymnastics, 1, 2. . , 4; " C " Club. 2. 3. 4; Band. 1, 2; Orchestra, 2; Rhythm Circus, 2. HEBER KNOX BEARDMORE Wichita, Kansas Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Coloradan, 3. MARIAN EVA BECK Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SENIORS jC HN H. AMESSE Denver . rts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta, 4; Adelphi, 4; Players ' Club, 2. 3, 4; Play Adven- tures, 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Circus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Little Theater Honors, 2; Cam- pus Talent Contest Winner, 2; Men ' s Glee Club. 1, 2. DOROTHY R. ASHWORTH Earned, Kansas Business; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Club, 2, 3; W. A. A., 3; Business School Publications, JOYCE IRVIN BACON Del Norte Arts and Sciences; U. W. C. TAUL H. BAKER Manitou Springs Arts and Sciences. CARLOS G. BATES Denver Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau: Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E., Pres.; Colorado Engineer, HENRY B. BAUME, JR. Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Delta Phi Delta. EDWIN C. BEARDSWORTH Denver Business; Phi Kappa Tau; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Interfrater- nity Council. BETTY JANE BELL Cody, Wyoming Business: Delta Delta Delta; Phi Chi Theta, Vice-President: Women ' s Club. SENIORS BETTY LOU BEMIS Littleton Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alph; Th ta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-Pre-i- dent; Chi Delta Phi, Secretary; Pur- poise, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3. 4; Players ' Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Little The ater, 1, 2. 3, 4; Little Theater H.ui ors; Silver and Gold, 1; Window, Z, 3; Intramural Ping-Pong Champ... n. Glee Cluh. ROBERT G. BEREMAN Denver Business; Beta Alpha Psi; Silver and Gold, 1, 2, 3, 4. ALBERT FRANK BIELLA Louisville Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma. ROBERT KEITH BIRKIN Karpville, Utah Pharmacy. HAROLD S BOBB Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Swimir WILLIAM E. BOWER Denver Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. Presideni Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4; Sigma Tau; CI Epsilon; Heart and Dagger, Presideni Sumalia: A. S. C. E., 3, 4; Rhythi Circus, 3, 4; Interfraternity Counci 3, 4; Sigma Tau Freshman Awart President of Combined Engineer Scimitar; Freshman Football LOUISE BROURINK Fort Morgan Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta JOHN JOSEPH BROSIUS Boulder Engineering. II ■ K,..™ 4- SENIORS MARGARET L. BENWELL Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Phi; Hes- peria; Spur; Silver and Gold; Colo- radan; Co-ed Counselor; Porpoise, Secretary. ARNOLD F. BODINE Nunda, N. Y. Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha B.i-eball MARGARET B. BIRKIN Ogden, Utah Arts and Sciences. EMILY L. BLEAKLEY Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota. President; Spur; Spanish Club; French Club; Glee Club ; Women ' s Club. RUTH LOUISE BOGERT Akron Mu-ie School; Chi Omega; He-peria Spur: Rhythm Circus, 1, 2, 4; Gle. Cluh Senate; House of Representa live.; Cued Counselor; Dance Draqia D.ido; Women ' s Club; Orchesis. JACK BRINKMAN Waterloo, Iowa Business; Sigma Chi; Ticker Tape BEATRICE BROOMELL St. Paul, Minnesota .Arts and Sciences; Honors; Window, I: Y. W. C. A., 1; Dormitory House ( uncil, 2, 3. ROY W. BROWER Boulder Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Delt Sigma Pi: Scimitar. SENIORS CLIFFORD G. BROWN Littleton Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Al- pha; Sigma Delta Chi; Hiking Club; Silver and Gold; Presbyterian Union; Intramurals. JACQUELIN J. BUCHENAU Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Rhythm Circus. WILLIAM F. BURR Denver Business; Delta Tau Delta; Sumalia; Basketball; " C " Club. DONALD R. CAMPBELL Boulder Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary; Phi Epsilon Phi; A. L E. E.; Viking Club; Presbyterian Union. WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Business School Publications, 4; Intramurals, 2, WILLIAM J. CASSIDY. JR. Boulder Engineering; Sigma Nu; Sigma Tau, Pre.s., 4; Eng. Ball Comm.; A. I. C. E.; LOIS A. CHASE Denver Arts and Sciences: Phi Sigma luta; French Club; Spanish Club; Newman Club; Little Theater Plays. VIRGINIA K. CHRISTIANSEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Silver and Gold, . 2: Coloradan, 1, 2; Dodo, 1; Window, 1, 2. SENIORS WALLACE J. BROWN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Players ' Club; WILLIAM H. BURGER Evanston, Illinois Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Colo- radan; Dodo; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Hiking Club, Treasurer; A. S. M. E.; Colorado Engineer. VELMA B. BUTLER Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Women ' s Club; Wesley Foundation; President of League. PAUL J. CAMPBELL Boulder Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Colorado Engineer; A. S. M. E. KATHLEEN CASEY Eaton Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Coloradan, 1: Y. W. C. A., ELIZABETH GATHER Casper, W -oming Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Sen- ate, 2, 4; Spur; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Sec ' y Junior Class; " Miss Efficiency " . HAROLD P. CHRISTIANSEN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Intramurals; Freshman Foothall. HARRY C. CHRISTOPHER Boulder Arts and Sciences: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Kappa Tau Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha; Players ' Club: Little Theater Honors; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhythm Circus, SENIORS MELVIN E. CLARK Frederick Engineering; Colorado Engineer, Ed- itor: Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. I. C. E.; Math. Club. BETTY CLARE COFFIN Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Hesperia, 3; Spur 2; Y. W. C. A., Vice-Pres., 3: Wom- en ' s Club Triad, 1, 2; Women ' s Club Council, 3; W. A. A. Board, 4; Colo- radan, 3; Alpha Delta Pi; House of Rep., 2; Co-ed Counselors. 2 4. JANE H. COLLINS Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Mor- tar Board, Pres.; Y. W. C. A., Pres.; Coloradan, Assoc. Edit.; " Miss C. V. " ; Panhellcnic; Senate; House of Rep.; Hesperia, Vice-Pres.; Spur, Sec ' y; W A. A. Board; " C " Club ELMER W. COYER Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Colorado Engineer; Pi Mu Epsi- lon; A. I. E. E.; Math. Club. ROBERT WILBUR CRUME Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi; Swim- ming; Intramurals; National Relations Club. NORMAN D. DALY Aspinvvall, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences. ROBERT F. DELANEY Bethune Arts and Sciences; Viking Club, Vice- Pres., 2; Director of Barb Intramur- als; Newman Club; Intramurals. JAMES D. DICKEY Boulder Business; Delta Tau Delta: Beta Al- pha Psi; Fre.shman Football. SENIORS PHYLLIS CLELAND Delta Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Por; Intramurals: Women ' s Club. GEORGIA R. COFFIN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Delta; Presbyterian Union. SUSAN lOLA CORNELIUS Monte Vista Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi I ' .inhellenic, Sec ' y, 3, Pres. 4; Senate 4: Phi Chi Delta, Vice-Pres., 3, 4 W. A. A.. 3, 4; U. W. C. Triad, 1 ;, 3; Y. W. C. A., 2; Co-ed Coun selors, 3, 4: Homecoming Comm., 4 A. W. S. Social Comm., 3. RALPH H. COYTE Coalmont Arts and Sciences; Adelphi; Intra- mural Wrestling; Freshman Debating. RUTH E. CURTIS Fort Collins Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; French Club; Spanish Club; Women ' s Club. CHARLES H. DEINKEN La Junta Engineering; Phi Kapoa Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Dodo; Colo- rado Engineer. RUBY E. DEXTER Boulder Arts and Sciences. WALTER W. DIETER Denver [;n..,.inecring; Phi Kappa Psi: Sigma T.,u: Chi Eps.lon. SENIORS HAROLD J. DILL Boulder MARY BETH DOWELL Douglas, Arizona Music; Gamma Pi Beta; Si ma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Women ' s W. A. A. Club: A. W. S. EVAN E. EVANS Pueblo Engineering; A. I. E. E ; It GUY S. FAIRHURST Boulder Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Coli Engineer. MYRTLE RUTH FINN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omcs;.. Kappa Delta Pi; Players ' Club, ' icc Pres., 4; Little Theater Honors; Glc. Club; Orchestra; Concert Band; Univ Women ' s Club. FRED W. FORWARD lone Arts and Sciences. ARCHIE ROBERT FURR Sterling Business; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Symphony Orchestra: Intercollegiate Band; Intramural Track: Little The- ater Plays: Ticker Tape: Accountancy Club. EDWARD V. GARNETT Denver Engineering; Sigma Nu; Sigma Ta Pi Tau Sigma; A. t. M. E.; S. A. I Freshman Manage SENIORS TC M B DODD Denver Husnics.; Delta Tau Delta: Jr. Pre Cli.urman: Rhythm Circus. MARY J. DUFFEY Burnettsville, Indiana Music: Women ' s Club: Glee Club; (Vchcstra: Little Theater Phiys: " Mar- ROSAMAY EVANS Somerset Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; Sig- ma Epsilon Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi; Panhellenic; Porpoise ; Women ' s League Vaudeville: Silver and Gold; Glee Club: Women ' s Club: Intra- murals. TUDOR R. FINCH Colorado Springs Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha; Eta Kappa Nu : A. I. E. E.; Colorado En- g)iiccr: Intrafrat. Council; Intramur- RAY N. FLEISCHMAN Boulder Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma, Treas.; A 1. Ch. E.. Pres.; Colorado Engi- neer, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Intramurals. JOE M. FOX Fowler Arts and Sciences; Glee Club; Deutsche Verein; Entomology Club; Wesley Foundation. ELSTON R. GARDNER Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Players ' Club; Intramurals; Silver and Gold. MARY JANE GASSNER Boulder liusiness; Alpha Chi Omega: Phi Chi Thcta: Coloradan; Women ' s Club; V. W. C. A.; Women ' s Leaugue ' audeville. SENIORS JOHN A. GAUMER Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Intramurals. ERNESTINE L. GIGAX Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Grand Junction Jr College, 1, 2; Women ' s Club. CHAS. ARNOLD GODDARD Denver Business; Phi Kappa Psi. MILDRED O. GRAMCKO Denver Arts and Sciences; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; Math. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND G. GREEN Denver Engineering; Track, 3, 4; Intramurals. I HELEN C. GRIEVE Denver Arts and Sciences. ELMER H. HANFORD Canon City Arts and Sciences. LYMAN HARDY Canon City Engineering; Sigma Nu. SENIORS MARGARET E. GIERSCH Boulder Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 3. JOSEPHINE D. GOCHIE Pueblo Arts and Sciences. JACK D. GORDON Denver Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Al- pha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Acct. Club; Intramurals. TROY D. GRAYBEAL Pueblo Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A. J. E. E.; Eta Kappa Nu, Trcas.. 4; Pi Mu Ep- silon; Chess Club. WILLIAM GAYLE GREENE Memphis, Tennessee Business; Chi Psi. BCWNA DEE HAMMOND Rocky Ford Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Delta Coloradan, 3; Dodo, 2. THOMAS E. HANIGAN Denver Medicine: Beta Thcta Pi. EVERETT HARRIS Brooklyn, New York Arts and Sciences; Fencing SENIORS JAMES L. HART Pueblo Engineering: Sigma Nu; Simga Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E. I. HARRISON HAWTHORNE Canon City Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta Pi Gamma Mu: Track Manager. f RAYMOND H. HEER Tellunde Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu; Presby- terian Union: Intramurals; A. I. E. E. MARGARET A. HOGLIN Boulder Arts and Sciences: Triad, U. W. C: Y. W. C. A.; Cosmopolitan Club; Home Economics Club; Point System. MARGARET O. HOWE Deadwood, South Dakota Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, Vic Pres.; U. Ec. Club; Women ' s Club. EARL R. HOWSAM La Jara Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi Track, 1, - - - Coun I, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity V ' %r RgS . I?}GE OL„ _ VELMA L. INGRAM Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences. SENIORS WINFRED H HAUPTLI Boulder Bu-iness; Delta Tau Delta. JOHN GORDON HEDRICK Wray Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Lambda Gamma Kappa; Band; Intra- LOUISE V. HILL Collbran Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A. ROSEMARY HORSTMANN Denver Arts and Sciences. LESTER H. HOWELL Brighton Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Mo Pestle. HARRY H. HUMPHRY Palisade Engineering: Lambda Chi. ELIZABETH INGLEY Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Delta Phi Delta, Pres., 4: Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Religious Interest Committee. G. WAYNE JACKSON Denver Busincs.s; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SENIORS KATHRYN E. JASMANN Sioux Falls, S. D. Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. MYRA ELLEN JENKINS Elizabeth Arts and Sciences; Honors, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 4. RHEA M. JERLS Dawson, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. HARRY CHESTER JONES Ault Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi: Eta Kappa Nu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sigma Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Congo Club, Pres.; Band; Intercollegiate Band; In- tramurals. MARY BETH JOSLYN Loveland Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Fresh- man Panhellenic; Women ' s Club; Home Economics Club. ISADCmE KATZ Denver Pharmacy; Mortar and Pcstl J(WN TYO KEARNS Wray Business; Delta Kappa Ens U.); Track, 3. KENNETH C. KINNEY Boulder Arts and Sciciwcs. SENIORS HOWARD F. JANNINGS Denver Business; Delta Tau Delta; Spanish Club, Pres.; Silver and Gold. MILDRED JENSEN Billmgs, Montana Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. DONALD T. JONES Longmont; Viking Club; Pres.. Comb. Barbs. E. JAY JOSLIN Cheyenne Wells Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi: Kappa Tau Alpha. ARNOLD M. JUDD Denver Engineering; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon, Sec ' y; Phi Sigma Delta; Colorado Engineer; Intramurals; A. S. C. E., Treas.; Eng. Day Comm. RAYMOND KATZ Denver Pharmacy; Phi Sigma Delta: Mo and Pestle. PERRY M. KEEN Puehlo Alpha Tau Omega; Silver and Gold; Dodo: Coloradan; Window: Dramat- GERALD S. KINSMAN Grand Junction Business; Delta Tau Delta: Phi Mu Alpha: Intramurals; Glee Club; Rhythm Circus; Blotter. SENIORS ANNIE LAURIE KNIGHT Boulder Arts and Sciences; Wesley Founda- tion; Women ' s Club; Coloradan; Window: W. A. A.; Intramurals; Dance Drama. DOROTHY C. KNOWLES Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spur; Home Ec nomics Club; Women ' s Club. RUSSELL B, LEDYARD Boulder Engineering; Kaopa Sigma; A. S. C. E " C " Club; Wrestling; Intramurals Presbyterian Union. DONALD M. LESHER Denver Arts and Sciences; Dodo, Editor; In- terfraternity Council, Pres.; Football; Sigma Chi; Sumalia; Sigma Delta Chi; " C " Club. JEROME E. LEVY Denver Arts and Sciences; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Cary Club; Intra- murals. LLOYD V. LOHMEYER Kirk Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Intramur- als; Mortar and Pestle; Presbyterian Union. JAMES H. LOWER Arvada Engineering; Vikmg Club; A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT M. LYALL Leadville Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.; Colorado Engineer. SENIORS UERTRUDE A KNOLLENBERG Tipperary, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Dodo; Coloradan; Women ' s Club. DOROTHY E KULLGREN Denver ■ rts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Co- ed Counselor; Women ' s Club; Wom- en s League; Vaudeville; Y. W. C. A BERNICE SELDIN New Raymer Music. MILDRED E. LISTER Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega. lOSEPH FRANKLIN LEWIS Boulder Engineering; Hiking Cluh; Viking Club ROBERT K. LOOTENS Denver Engineering; A. S. M. E. C. LORRAINE LUND Longmont Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha The ta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Math. Club, Sec ' y Glee Club; W. A. A.; Coloradan Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Mu. WILLIAM C. MANKEDICK Greggs, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi. SENIORS RUSSELL O. MANN Boulder Arts and Sciences. HOWARD D. McAllister Denver Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; A. L E. E., Pres.; Applefest Coram., Chrm. WESLEY McCUNE Haxtun Arts and Sciences; Adelph, Pres.; Pi Gamma Mu; Debate; International Re- lations Club, Pres.; Silver and Gold; Sophomore Prom. Comm.; Glee Club; Wrestling; Little Theater Plays; Amer- ican Student Union, Pres.; Intramural Wrestling Champion. C. BERNARD McGHEE Denver Music; Phi Gamma Delta; Orchestra; Ensemble; Symphonic Band; Glee Club, Pres., 3; Student Director, 4; Rhythm Circus, 2, 3, 4; Song Fest Comm. MARGARET McKECHNIE Carlsbad, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; League Vaude nurals; Women ' s CARL McLAUTHLIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta Heart and Dagger; Sumaha, Pres. Scimitar, Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta Intcrfraternity Council, Vice - Pres. Silver and Gold; Phi Beta Kappa. LOUISE METZ Basin, Wyoming Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta Co-ed Players " Club; Little Theate Counselor; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Rhythm Circus; Intramurals. J. OGDEN MEYER Boulder Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas.; Bus. Sch. Social Comm.; Window; Ticker Tape; Accountancy Club; Intramur- als; D. U., 1. SENIORS W. MARSTON MATHIS Sterling Engineering; A. S. M. E.; Newni Club. LOUISE E. McAllister Boulder Business; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Colo- radan; Window; Big Sisters; Women ' s League Vaudeville. EDWARD J. McEAHERN Denver Engineering. MAX W. McGUIRE Boulder Business; Phi Epsilon Phi. JOHN T. McKOWN Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Fresh- man Football, Mgr.; Basketball, Mgr.; Social Chrms. Comm. W. CLIFTON W. McLOUD Scottsbluff, Nebraska Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; A. I. E. E.; Band; Intercollegiate Band; Intramurals; Radio Club. DONALD R. METZGER Meeker Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Freshman Football. AUSTIN B. MILHOLLIN Olney Springs Engineering; Phi Epsilon Phi; Viking Club; A. S. C. E. SENIORS JACK R. MILLER Pueblo Business; Beta Theta Pi: Rhythm Cir cus; Phi Epsilon Phi. ELLSWORTH C. MITICK Denver Arts and Sciences: Special Honors; International Rela A. S. U. FRANCISCO J. MORALES, JR. Panama, Republic of Panama Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi, 4; Sigma Tau, 4; Chi Epsi- lon, Pres., 4: A. S. C. E., 3, 4; Cos- mopolitan Club; Spanish Club. CAROLINE S. MORRISON Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Window; Coloradan; Colo- rado College, 1. AVIS G. NEAL Denver Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; Dodo; Coloradan; Glee Club; Women ' s Club; Women ' s League Vaudeville. LILLIAN G. NEWELL Auk Arts and Sciences. FELIX NOLF Boulder ROBERT S. OGILVIE Kersey Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Inter- fraternity Council; A. I. Ch. E. E N I O R S ALBERT MILZER Denver Arts and Sciences; Assistant in Bac- teriology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Cock- erell Natural History Club; Cosmo ' politan Club; Colo.-Wyo. Academy of Science; Colo. Mtn. Club; Swimming; Hiking; American Chemical Society. ELOISE A. MONTANDON Brighton Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; A. W. S., Pres.; Mortar Board; Hesperia; Si.ijma Epsilon Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Prom. Comm.; W. A. A. Board; Women ' s League Vaudeville; Silver and Gold. HERBERT L. MORRIS Denver usiness; Beta Alpha Psi; A. S. U. C. Council: Treas., School of Business; Accountancy Cluh, Pres.; Intramural Tennis. RICHARD W. MORSCH Denver Engineering; Hiking Club, Pres.; Wes- Vikii Club, VERNA ELIZABETH NELSON Bcrthoud Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; gma Iota; Chi Chi Delta, Pres.; Glee Club; Women ' s Club Council; French Club; Spanish Club; Co-ed Counselor. DONALD OREL NEWTON Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Players " Club; Little Theater Honors; Cosmopolitan Club. VOHN E. O ' FALLON Montrose Engineering: Chi Epsilon; Freshn ball; Phi Epsilon Phi. JACK OLSEN Denver Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Scimitar; Colorado Engineer; Freshman Foot ' ball. SENIORS FLORENCE F. OLSON Vermillion, South Dakota Arts and Sciences: Alpha Xi Delta Delta Phf Alpha; Newman Club. RAY L. OVERHOLT Boulder Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; A. I. Ch. E. JUNE PADFIELD Dacona Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pr Theta Sigma Phi: W. A. A.: " C " Club. LOUISE E. PARKER Anderson, Indiana Arts and Sciences: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Intramurals; Porpoise; Y. W. C. A.; Rhythm Cir- SUSAN A. PARRIOTT Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Can Woman ' s Foren.sic Soc; Intramii PAUL J. PATCH Denver Engineering. CHARLOTTE M. PELTIER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Ga Delta Phi Delta. ROBERT LYMAN PERKIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Ep on; Heartland Dagger; Sigma Dclt Class; Kappa Tai Chi; Pre: Alpha; Scimitar: Silvei itor: Dodo. id Gold, Ed- SENIORS GEORGE F. OSBORNE Wiggins Engineering; Viking Club; A. I. Ch. E.; Colorado Engineer. ALMON E. OVIATT Littleton Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; A. S. U. C, Vive-pres.; Heart and Dagger; Sumalia; " C " Club; Football I. 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK W. PALMER, JR. Ferriday, Louisiana Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi. RAMONA E. PARKINSON Delta Arts and Sciences: Math. Club: Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Nu: Sigma Pi Sigma; W. A. A. LUCILLE M. PORTER Glenwood Springs Music; Alpha Chi Omega: Orchestra- Ensemble. MARGARET E. PETTENGILL Boulder ■ rts and Sciences; Delta Phi Alpha; 1 rench Club; Spanish Chih: Dance Drama; Women ' s Club KENNETH C. PENFOLD Belle Fourche, South Dakota Business; Delta Tau Delta; Scimitar; Interfraternity Council; " C " Club; Baseball: Sumalia. HELEN C. PETTEYS Brush -Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi; Spur SENIORS ALICE L. POE Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board: Iota Sigma Pi; Spur; Women ' s Cluh; Window; W. A. A. Co-ed Counselor: Women ' s League Vaudeville. WILLIAM D. POTTER Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Chi Ep silon: Intramurals; A. S. C. E.; B, Y P. U.; Pioneer Ski Cluh. LILLIAN L. QUARLES Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Dodo; Reading Choir; Home Economics Club; Women ' s Club; Pres. Lester Hall. LILLIE E. RATLIFF UtleyviUe Arts and Sciences: Iota Sigma Pi Home Economics Club; W. A. A. Women ' s Club; Intramurals; Presby terian Union; Phi Chi Delta. E. DILLON RICH Steamboat Springs Arts and Sciences; Player: Pres., Club. Club, Little Theater Plays; Glee WINIFRED MARY RIGGS Denver Arts and Sciences: Delta Delta Delta A. S. U. C; Treas W. A. Y. W. C. A.: Mortal : Iota Sigma Pi, Vice A.; " C " Club. DONALD L. RISLEY Boulder Engineering: A. S. M. E., Sec ' y Mu Epsilon; Presbyterian Union. FERD HALL ROWAN Arvada Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigm. Sigma Iota: A. S. U. C. Commission, Comm. of Dances; Scimitar; Board of Publications: Univ. Social Comm.; Coloradan, Assoc. Edit.: Spanish Club: French Club, Treas., 4; Rhythm Cir- cus, 3, 4; Honors Student. 3. Ph SENIORS MARGARET C. POLLARD Boulder Business- Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sil- ver and Gold, Spur, Vice-Pres., 2; Hcsperia, Pres Co ed Coun.selor; W. A A Board Business School Board; Senate Senior Class, Sec y WILLIS L. PRICE Boulder Engineering: Alpha_Chi_Sigma; Kappa Psi; A. E. Ch. E.: Band; Or- COLIN C. RAE Tulsa, Oklahom; Engineering. MARTHA F. REYNOLDS Fort F. E. Warren, Wyoming Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi: Dodc Silver and Gold: Colorada Circus Rhythn EDWARD W. RICHARDS Sugar City Arts and Sciences: Natural History Club. JACK E. RILEY Sterling Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi: Mo Pestle Club. J. R. ROMANS Eaton Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon: Pi Mu Epsilon: Colorado Engineer: A. S. C. E. RUTH I. RUSSELL Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; W. A. A., 2. 3, 4: W. A. A. Board; Porpoise, 3, 4, Pres., 4- Feudin Club; Women ' s Club, 4; P. E. Club, 2, 3, 4; Hiking Club, 3, 4: Intramurals, 2, 3, 4; " C " Club, 3. 4. SENIORS MARSHALL W. RUSSELL Denver Business; Sigma Nu: Cheer Leader; Studc Marshall. JANE W. SAMPSON Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences: Pi Beta Phi MARTHA J. SANDOR Walsenburg Arts and Sciences. SALLY J. SCHEY Longmont Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Dodo; Intramurals; Women ' s Club; Women ' s League Vaudeville: Y. W. C. A. CHESTER D. SCHMITT Castleton, Kansas Engineering: Eta Kapna Nu: Signi Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Viking Cluh. JAMES M. SCOTT Carnegie, Pennsylvania Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Sign A. S. C. E., Sec ' y, 4. CHARLES J. SEMRAD St. Joseph, Missouri Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Colorado Engineer, Bus. Mgr.; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu: Pi Mu Epsilon; A. L E. E., Vicc-Pres. MAURINE H. SHAY Brush Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Wc en ' s Club. SENIORS LUCIEN J. SADECKI Denver Engin C. E.; cring; Carnegie Tech., 1; A. S. Intramurals. MARY P. SANBORN Longmont Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club, 1; Orchestra, 1; Honor Student, 2, 3; Congo Club, 4. GLEN H. SCHAFER Center Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Chi Sigma: Sigma Pi Sigma: A, 1. Ch. E.; Wesley Founda- tion, Treas,, 3. LEONARD B. SCHMIDT Strasburg Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu: Viking Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E.: Presbyterian Union; Intramurals. NORMAN J. SCHREIBER Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. FLORENCE P. SELLERY Wilmette, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. JOHN C. SHAFFER II Colorado Springs Engineering; Chi Psi; Rhythm Circus A. S. C. E. RICHARD C. SHEPARD Denver Arts and Sciences: Phi Gamma Delta; Sumalia; " C " Club; Basketball, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS CLIFFORD G. SHOLANDER Turlock, California Business; Sigma Chi; Heart and Dag- ger; Business School, Pres.; Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Scimitar; Baseball; Basketball; " C " Club. ARTHUR D. SODERBERG Casper, Wyoming Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Track; In- GENE H. SOWARD Blackfoot, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Alpha Or Coloradan; Women ' s Club. HELEN L. SPARROW Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Kappa Gamma; W. A. A.; Women ' s ville; Y. W. C. A. HELEN L. STANTS Topeka, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Math. Club. DOROTHEA L. STEVENSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Delta Phi Delta; Panhellenic; Orchestra; Women ' s Club; Dance Drama; Wom- en ' s League. W. LOWELL STAGNER Longmont LOUISE G. STEWART LaSalle Business; Alpha Phi; Phi Chi Theta; Co-ed Counselor; W. A. A.; Spur; Intramurals; Women ' s Club; House of Representatives. SENIORS ALBERT E. SMITH Julesburg .Arts and Sciences; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Adelphi; Debate; Special Honors, 4. ROBERT E. SONNEKSON Colorado Springs Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Baseball Mgr.; Blotter; Busi- ness Day Comm. ALBERT C. SPALLONE Denver Engineering; Intramurals; A. S. C. E. MARGARET C. STAMPE Lafayette Business; Phi Chi Theta. WILLIAM O. STEHLIN Canon City Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Interfraternity Council. GLADYS G. STEVENSON Wichita Falls, Texas Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Club; Coloradan. WILMA GANEL STUART Beaumont, Texas Music. CARL M. STICKNEY Sterling SENIORS MARK F. STRATTON Oak Creek Engineering; Wrestling; A. I. E, E.; " C " Club. ROSCOE J. TEATS Denver Enuiiiccnni;; Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Alph,, Chi Sigma; Sigma Tau; A. L Ch E,: Interfratermty Council; Colorado Engineer. HENRY R. THOMAN Lamar Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon; Freshman Debate: Sigma Pi Sigma. DON F. TOBIN Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi; Senior Class, Pres.; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Window: Glee Club; Rhythm Circus; Sigma Pi Sigma. GRANT H. TOWER Denver LOUIS M. TRAYLOR Denver Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Scimitar: Commissioner of Publications; Athletic Board; Colo- radan, Assoc. Ed.; Colorado Engineer; Colo. U. Day Comm.; Rhythm Cir- cus; Vice-Pres. Rocky Mt. Assoc. C ' ,..l lege Students. CATHERINE A. TURMAN Boulder Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi; Theta Sigma; Women ' s Club; Co-ed Coun- selor; Women ' s League Vaudeville; Window. ROBERT F. TYLER Delta Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta A. S. U. C, Pres.; Comm. of Forcn sics; Debate; Silver and Gold; Band Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi Delta Sigma Rho; Rhythm Circus Honors Student; Klinger Oratory Delta Sigma Rho Extemporaneous Rhodes Candidate. SENIORS BYRON E. SYRING Beaver City, Nebraska Mu.sic; Orchestra; Band; S. fe? G.; Cosmopolitan Club; Concert Band; Phi Eta. Vice-Pres.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfornia, Pres. ROBERT B. TEMPLE Golden Engineering; Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma; Trcas. Comb. Eng.; A. I. E. E. ELVERA M. THOMAS Menlo, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Delta Phi Alpha; Women ' s Club; A. W. S.; Home Eco- nomics Club. RUT ri M. TORRENCE Manitou Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta Home Economics Club; Rhythm Cir cus; Intramurals. TOM E. TRASK Boulder Engineering; Viking Club; A. S. C. E. JULE TRELEASE Montelair, New Jersey Arts and Scu-nrrs K.ippa Kappa Ga ma. Phi S,-,,,, l,.t,, W A A . ■■C ' Club; Spu, H,.p, ,,., Coloradan. Dodo; Signi,, Lp.,ln„ S.gma, Pres. Women ' s Club. Y. W. C. A.; Co-ed Counselors; Spanish Club; French Club; Women ' s League Vaudeville. OLIVER S TYLER Denver Business. J(WN J. VANCE Denver liiisincss: Beta Theta Pi; In SENIORS EDWIN P. VAN CISE Denver Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Gamma Mu; Heart and Dagger; Sumalia; Adelphi; Coloradan, Editor; Debating; Debate Manager; Winner Klinger Oratorical, 3; Honors; Rhodes Sch. Cand.; Essay Club: Rhythm Circus. J. BRUCE VESEY Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Colorado I Engineer, Circulation Mgr. LEWIS A. WADDINGTON Fowler Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Et; Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.; Colorado En gineer. I DOROTHEA R. WALTHER Denver Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta; Women ' s Forensics, Treas.; W. A. A.; Delta Phi Alpha, Vice-Pres.; Wom- en ' s Cluh. GOODRICH S. WALTON Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi: S. a G.; Intramurals. DAVID H. WARE Boone Engineering; Sigma Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma: Colorado Engineer. WILLIAM G. WEBER Denver Engineering. CARL B. WEIDNER Tulsa, Oklahoma Engineering; Delta Tau Delta: Rhythm Circus. SENIORS DONNA JANE VAUGN Salida Arts and Sciences: Women ' s Club; Wesley Foundation. ERNESTINE C. VIGIL Denver Art- ,iikI SaciKcs; Delta Delta Delta: I ., ikI. :luh, .Spanish Club; Window: L),.d,i. Women ' s Club; U. R. ARION WALLICK Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota; Orchesis; Spanish Club; French Club; German Club; Glee Club; Phi Cm Delta: W. A. A. CLAUDE A. WALTON Denver Music; Alpha Phi Alpha: Track; Rhythm Circus; " C " Club: als; Phi Mu Alpha. JOHN L. WARD Longmont Arts and Sciences; Window: Editi Window; Intramurals. 3. FRANKLIN WEBSTER Silverton Business: Beta Alpha Psi; Accoi incy Club. W. GRADY WELTER Roswell, New Mexieo Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha: Su- maha: A. I. Ch. E.; Tennis: " C " Club. MARCUS F. WENDT Sterling Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. SENIORS BYRON L. WHITNEY Bayfield Engineering: Alpha Tau Omega; Gym- nastics. RUTH M. WILLIAMS Denver Arts and Sciences: Alpha Omicron Pi: Panhellenic. ELEANOR N. WINOGRAD Greeley Arts and Sciences: Delta Sigma Rho: Pi Gamma Mu: Mortar Board; Wom- en ' s Forensic Society: Debating. ALBERTA H. WITCHEY Carbondale Arts and Sciences: Congo Club, Vice- Pres.; W. A. A.; Women ' s Club: In- tramurals; Cosmopolitan Club; Hiking Club. ROBERT J. WOLF Denver Engineering: Tau Beta Pi. Pres.: Sig- ma Tau, Vice-Pres.; Chi Epsilon, As- sociate Editor; Barb Council, Vice- Pres.; Golf; Colorado Engineer. VIRGINIA K. YOUMANS Boulder Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi. ORVILLE A. AMIDON Trinidad Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Chi Kappa Tau Alpha; Varsity Tennl Intramural Tennis Doubles Title. SENIORS ELLEN M. WILLIAMS Sterling Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota Sigma Epsilon Sigma; W. A. A Spanish Club; French Club; Orches RUTH L. WILSON Boulder Music; Delta Gamma. W. E. WINTERBOURNE Denver Engineering; A. A. E., Vice-Pres. CHARLES G. WOLCOTT Boulder Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau: Pi Mu Epsilon: Kappa Kappa Psi; Symphony Orches- tra: A. S. M. E.; A. S. U. C, Mgr. ROBERT L. WOODLING La Junta Engineering. KENNETH H. YORK Pueblo and Sciences; Debate Essay Club: Adelphi. HAROLD W. KOONCE Ea.i, ' lc c..: Phi Kappa Tau: Sports Ed- Silvcr and Gold: Secretary. Phi Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Swim- Hung Team: Newman Club: Assistant Sports Editor, Coloradan. JUNIORS BONNIE BELL ACTON Fairvicw, Oklahoma Music. EVELYN ANNE ALPS Louisville Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi chesis: Window; Coloradan. JULIA MAY AVERY Pueblo Arts and Sciences; University Wc en ' s Club; Wesley Foundation. ROBT. WRIGHT BAIRSTOW Waukcgan, Illinois Engineering; Beta Thcta Pi; Colo- radan; Silver and Gold; Rhythm Cir- TURRELL BARBER Leadville Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Colorado Engineer; Rhythm Circus . BETTYE BARNUM Carnegie, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha The- ta; Y. W. C. A., Sec " y; Coloradan; Home Economics Club; Rhythm Cir- cus; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3; Dance Drama; Dodo. U 2. JOHN LOWELL BAUER Denver EnginecrmK; Beta Theta Pi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Colorado Engineer; Eta Kappa Mu; A. I. E. E.; Applefest Committee. RUTH HELEN BENWELL Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Pres. Lester Hall; Hcsperia, Treas.; Colo- radan Staff; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; House of Representatives; Co-ed Coun- selor; W. A. A. Board. JUNIORS CARL AIKELE Denver Engineering; A. 1. Cluh. Ch. E.; Math. FLOREINE M. ANDERSON Limon Arts and Sciences; Barb Organisation, Treas.; University Women ' s Club, Vice-Pres.; Sophomore Prom Commit- tee; House of Representatives, 2, 3; Co-ed Counselor, 3; Women ' s Club Triad, 2; Cosmopolitan Club, 2, 3; Beauty Queen, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Barh Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Fireside. CHARLES HARRY BADGER Englewood Engineering; A. 1. E. E.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Ep.silon; Colorado En- gineer. ELOINE C. BALDWIN El Paso, Texas Music; Chi Omega; Window; Wom- en ' s League Vaudeville; Orchestra; Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wom- en ' s Club. ALTA I BARNARD Boulder Arts and Sciences; Honor Stude EVELYN F. BAUER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamn Chi Delta Orchestra terian Un anish Club; W. A. A.; Women ' s Club; Presby- n; Co-ed Counselor. ORVILLE BEAM Boulder Bu.siness; Alpha Sigma Phi; Track; Blotter. GOLDYE J. BLAKE Haxtun Music; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spur Hesperia; Women ' s Club; W. A. A.; House of Representatives; Co- ed Counselor, Sec; Pres. McKenna Hall; Glee Club; French Club; Wom- en ' s League Vaudeville, 1. 2. JUNIORS HELEN L. BLOEDORN Denver Journalism; Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Coloradan, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A., 2. VIRGINIA L. BLOMGREN Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Dcli Dodo, 3; Coloradan, 1, 2, 3; W. . A.; Women ' s League Vaudevii: Window, 1; Rhythm Circus, 3. HELEN L. BOWN St. Louis, Missouri Arts and Sciences. RALl ' H C. BRENDLE Dallas, Texas Enginccnni;. FLOYD RAY BROWN La Junta Arts and Sciences; Ph. Kappa T., Adelphi. GUY C. BURNHAM, JR. Boulder EngmeennK; Lambda Chi Alpha M. E. ELYSBETH CRILEY Georgetown ALLEN B. CARPENTER Denver Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Slg ma Pi; Silver and Gold; Dodo; Wres tling. JUNIORS RUTH C. BLOEDORN Fort Morgan .• rts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa CYRUS W. BOWMAN Omaha, Nebraska Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Little Theater. ELIZABETH SIM BRANDT Boulder Business; Women ' s Club, 1, 2, 3; V. W. C. A., I; Window, 1. MARGARET L. BREWSTER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Little Theater Plays, 2; Women ' s Club, 1, 3. ROBERTA A. BROWN Montrose Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club. FLORENCE BUTLER Lincoln, Illinois Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2, 3; Or- chestra, 1, 2, 3; Ensemble, 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR CARLSON Yuma Arts and Sciences; Theta Si Women ' s Club. MARGARET V. CARPENTER Cortes Arts and Sciences; DeUa Delta Delta; V. W. C. A. Council; Coloradan; Dodo; W. A. A.; Home Economics Club; Players ' Club. JUNIORS MAX CHURCHFIELD Casper, Wyoming Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARGARET O. GLAUS Sioux Falls, South Dakota Business; Kappa Alpha Thota. CHARLES E. CONDON, JR. Leadvillc Arts and Sciences. HARRY M. COOK Denver Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Sign Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E. WALTER M. CARLSON Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Silver and Gold; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau Coloradan; A. I. Ch. E.; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Junior Prom Com mittee; Colorado " U " Day Commit tee; Alpha Chi Sigma. GILBERT CRUTER Denver Arts and Sciences; Track. JOE E. DAVIES Denver Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Foot- ball, 2; Track, 2. ROBERT J. DIERLAM Boulder Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi; Play- ers ' Club, 1, 2, 3; Little Theater, 1. 2, 3; Little Theater Honors, 1. ll JUNIORS VIRGINIA LOUISE CLARK Oak Park, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Colo- radan, 1, 2, 3; Window, 2; Home Economics Chib, 1, 2, 3; Women; Club. 1. CAROL F. COATS La Porte Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Delta; Women ' s Club; Spanish Club. CLELAND N. CONWELL Idaho Springs Art-, and Sciences. MARYLEE E. COPELAND Boulder 1usic; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wom( Cluh; Y. W. C. A.; Spur, 2; G PHILIP STANLEY CROSS Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Epsilon Phi; Adelphi; Silver and Gold; American Student Union. SIDNEY CUDEBEA LENORE ELINOR DE BEY Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Delta Phi Delta. TOM B. DODD Denver Business; Delta Tau Delta; Junior Prom Committee; Freshman Manager; Business School Social Committee. JUNIORS WOODROW W. DRAPER Boulder Business: Sigma Nu; Freshman Foot- ball; Baseball, 1. AUBERT (Chubby) DURNELL Denver Business; Sigma Chi: Boxing Cham- pion, 1. GUINN E. EARHART Omaha, Nebraska Business; Sigma Chi. ALICE VIRGINIA EMERSON Joplin, Missouri Arts and Sciences: Pi Beta Phi: Lin denwood College, 1, 2. MARIAN EPPERSON Denver Arts and Sciences: Pi Beta Phi; Spur LUTHER O. EVANS, JR. Twin Falls, Idaho Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; A. L E. E, MILDRED A. FARNSWORTH Burlington Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club, 1, 2. FRANCES G. FISCHER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Porpoise; Barb Glee Club; Glee Club; Women ' s Club. " M JUNIORS WILLIAM DURALL Hutchinson, Kansas Arts and Sciences. BARBARA DUTTON Pueblo Arts and Sciences: Kappa Kappa Gamma; French Club; Colorado Col- lege, !. BILLIE KAY ELLIOTT Johnstown Business; Delta Gamma; Women ' ; Cluh. AL M. EMIGH Durango Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM EPPERSON Kaysville, Utah Engineering. WILLIAM B. FANT Garden City, Kansas Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Coloradan. WILLIAM H. FITCH, JR. Boulder Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha; Window. Business Manager. PAUL A. FLADUNG Longmont Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi. JUNIORS KATHLEEN M. FOSTER Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club: W. A. A.; Wesley Foundation; Cock- crell Natural History Club. JOHN ERNEST FREEMAN Idaho Springs, Engineering. MARGARET MARIAN FRY Wichita, Kansas Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. JOSEPH M. GARDNER Colorado Springs Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Freshman Football; Intramural Manager; Silver and Gold; Dodo; A. S. U. C. Pub- licity. HELEN M. GITTINGS Denver Arts and Sciences; Porpoise; Dodo Coloradan; Women ' s League Vaude ville. CARROL W. GRIFFIN Paonia Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha; Ch Epsilon; A. S. C. E. LINDA LEE GROSS Denver Arts and Sciences: Alpha Phi; Spur, 2: Hesperia, 3: Coloradan, 1, 2, 1 Dodo, 1, 2, 3; Silver and Gold, 1, 2 Sophomore Committee; Rhythm Cir cus, 1, 3. RICHARD S. HALL Fort Collins Business; Chi Psi; Delta Sigma Pi Coloradan. ' ■ JUNIORS FRANCES M. FREED Denver .■ rts and Sciences; Kappa Kap GEORGE A. FROHLICK Denver Engineering; A. S. C. E.; Viking. JACK B GALLOWAY Holdredge, Nebraska Enij.nccnng; Chi Psi; " C " Club; Golf, 1. 2: Intcrlr.itcrnity Council. JEANNE GIBERSON Alton. Illinois Business; Pi Beta Phi; Si! (u.ld. FRANK L. GREENWAY Boulder Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi; Dodo; Presbyterian Union. MARY C. GRIFFITH Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta Women ' s Club. OLAF H. HAGE Denver Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Delt;i Sigma Pi; Phi Epsilon Phi; Freshman Football. SOPHIE E. HALLIDAY Beaumont, Te.xas JUNIORS JOHN HANSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi Football, 2. MARGUERITE E. HARNER Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gammj Dodo; Panhellenic, 2, 3; Rhythm Cii cus, 2; Women ' s Vaudeville, 1, ] Dance Drama; Silver and Gold; Cole radan. EDIS ADELINE HATCH Boulder Arts and Sciences. IRENE J. HENDERSON Mountain Home, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi: Women ' s Club; Newman Club. HOWARD H. HIGMAN Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Hon ' ors Student: Coloradan; Players ' Club: Window, Art Editor; Junior Prom Phi Epsilon Phi, Pres.; Delta Phi Delta. MYRA G. HOBSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Spur; Women ' Club Triad; Co-ed Counselor. MARION M. HOHNSTEIN Akron Arts and Sciences: Phi Chi Delta Delta Phi Alpha; Presbyterian Union Glee Club. PAULINE E. HORTON Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega: W. A. A. JUNIORS HORACE WORDEN HARDING Denver Arts and Sciences; Theta Xi: Sigma Delta Chi; Manager of Game Room. MAGARET JANE HARPER Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Orchesis: Gle Club: W. A. A.; Women ' s Club. JOHN BROGNARD HAYDEN I Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. ELIZABETH H. HIGHBERGER Pueblo GAIL HILDERBRANDT Fort Collins Arts and Sciences: Alpha Delta Pi; Spur; Women ' s Club; U. W. C. Triad. 3: Dodo; Y. W. C. A. GLADE CAIN HOGSETT Longmont Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilc Delta. ELIZABETH HOLBROOK Plainview, Texas Arts and Sciences. MARY EMMA HOSIG i I Denver I Arts and Sciences: Alpha Chi Omega; 5 Panhellenic: W. A. A.: Co-ed Coun- cil; Women ' s Club. JUNIORS MARTHA E. HOWARD Monte Vista Arts and Sciences; Wesley Founda tion; Women ' s Club: Cockerell Na tural History Cluh. DUDLEY I. HUTCHINSON Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Sumalia; Football; Baseball; " C " Club. COLIN JAMES, JR. Denver Business; Chi Psi; Phi Epsilon Phi Rhythm Circus, 1,2; Coloradan, 1, 2 Sophomore Prom Committee. ELIZABETH A. JOHNSON Brighton Kappa Alpha Theta. GWANDA MAE JONES Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. BILL JUMP Boulder Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu; Sc itar; Football. ROBERT S. KIBLER Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta. VIRGINIA p. KNOETTGE Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Wo- men ' s Cluh; Coloradan; Spur; Y. W. C. A.; Dorm Council. JUNIORS AILENE M. HUNTER Boulder and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota; sh Club; French Club. ETHEL ELIZABETH IRWIN Pueblo Arts and Sciences; University Wo- men ' s Club; Triad; Christian Science Society. ALDULA R. JOHNSON Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma; Spur; W. A. A.; Women ' s Club; Women ' s League; Honors Student; Mathematic Club. JOYCE GARTON JOHNSON Delta HUGH AVERY JONES Craig Arts and Sciences. CLARENCE M. KEMPER Denver Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Ps: Phi Epsilon Phi. WILLIAM C. KIRK Denver Arts and Sciences; French Club; Span- VERA L. KRIEGHOFF Grosse Pointe, Michigan Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Delta Phi Alpha. JUNIORS VONNA LEE LAMME Walsenburg Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Spur; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra: Silver and Gold; Window; Little Theater Staff; Co-ed Counselor. LAURA K. LAWRENCE Woodland Park Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Hesperia; Silver and Gold, 1, 2, 3; Senate; Women ' s Club, 1, 2, 3; W. A. A.; Spur; House of Represent- atives; Window; Dorm President; Porpoise, 1, 2. DOROTHY M. LINK Fort Collins Business; Kappa Alpha Thcta W. A. A.; Women ' s Club. JACK H. MAAS Denver Business; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Interfraternity Council; Track; Phi Epsilon Phi. WILLIAM C. McELROY Greeley Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; A. I. E. E. GEORGE R. McKELVlE, JR. Collbran Arts and Sciences; Alpha Sigma Phi; Silver and Gold; Little Theater; Coloradan. WM. WALLACE McNEILL Black Hawk Arts and Sciences. MARY C. MANNION Fort Lyon Alpha Delta Pi; House of Representa- tives; Newman Club; Women ' s Club. JUNIORS LOGAN R. LANCASTER Kearney, Nebraska ig; Phi Kappa Psi; Band; Hike Club. JUNE L. LEWIS Raton, New Mexico Business: Delta Gamma: Little Thea Plays; Women ' s Club; Coloradan. JOYCE LITTELL Denver Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi: Colo- radan; Silver and Gold; Panhellenic. BONNEY GRACE McDONALD Buena Vista Alpha Phi; Women ' s Club: Window: Home Economics Club, 2, 3; Women ' s League Vaudeville, 1, 2. JAMES R. McHUGH Grand Junction Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta Swimming. MARTHA L. McNEILL Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Phi Sigma Iota; Span- tpsilon ish Club HILDA EDYTHE MADDOCK Pueblo Arts and Sciences; Barb Council: Women ' s Club Triad; House of Rep- resentatives. WILLIAM JOHNSON MARK Boulder Business: Delta Tau Delta; " C " Club: Swimming; Cheer Leader: Baseball: Phi Epsilon Phi. JUNIORS MILDRED E. MARKWARDT Joplin, Missouri WOODROW W. MARTIN Denver Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sil and Gold. MALCOLM S. MEDILL Colorado Springs Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Play Ad- venturers; Little Theater Plays; Ticker Tape; Rhythm Circus: Silver a:id Gold; Players ' Club. ROBERT M. MEYER La Salle Engineering; Colorado Engineer American Society Mechanical Engi neering. GUY A. MILLARD, JR. Denver Engineering; Pi Kappa Alph; A. I. E. E. LELAND EATON MODESITT Denver Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Rhythm Circus, 1, 2, 3, Director; • ' C " Club; Golf, 2, J; Dodo, Assist- ant Editor; Coloradan, Sport Editor; Silver and Gold, Columnist; C. U. Day Committee; Junior Prom Com- CARL ANDERSON MOORE Red Cliff Engineering. JOHN D. MORTON Pueblo Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Rhyth: Circus. JUNIORS AUDREY E. MARTIN Scottsbluff, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Club; A. W. S. HERMAN SHERIDAN MAUL Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. VIRGINIA L. MERRILL Pasadena, California Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha The W. A. A. MARYETHEL MEYER Boulder Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Girls ' Glee Club; Honors; Women ' s Club, 1, 2; Coloradan, 1, 2; Home Economics Club; Window, 1, 2; Wo ' men ' s League Vaudeville. ROBERT W. MILLENSIFER Denver Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; A. S. C. E. HELEN CLARE MOELLER Omaha, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Silver and Gold; A. W. S. Social Committee. HOWARD MOORE Colorado Springs Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta: Phi Mu Alpha, Pres.; Players ' Club: Little Theater Plays; Rhythm Circus Organ Recital; Glee Club; Chess Club MARY G. MUNDELL Bartlett Arts and Sciences. JUNIORS MARY E. NAGEL Denver Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamn Spur; Senate. ELEANOR N. NEWCOMB Melba, Idaho Arts and Sciences: Chi Omega; Gk Club; Coloradan; Window. GEORGE EARL ORSBORN Denver Arts and Sciences: Beta Theta Pi. Denver University. MARY ELLEN PATANO Salida Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senate; Hesperia: Spur: W. A. A. Board; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; " C " Club; House of Representatives; ROBERT WILLIAM POWELL Denver Engineering. BERTRAND B. PRINCE Santa Fe, New Mexico Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIS A. PYLE Boulder Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Dodo, Art Editor; Silver and Gold, Art Editor. HARRY B. RADFORD Haxtun Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. A ' :% ■M JUNIORS WILLARD W. NETTLETON Loveland Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; A. S. C. E. MARY L. NIXON Pocttello, Idaho Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omeea Pi- W. A. A.: Women ' s Club. ' IBRIHIM NASUH OZGUR Brandon, Vermont Arts and Sciences. .• WILLIAM JOHN PEYTON, JR Fort Morijan Business; Beta Theta Pi: Band 1 ■ ■ Track. 3. SUSAN ISABELLE PRICE Manitou Springs less; Alpha Omicron W. A. A.: Women-s Club; Acca ing Club. IRMA ELEANOR PROETT Bristol Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Delta Women ' s Club; Presbyterian Union CARLEN QUARNBERG Rapid City, South Dakota Arts and Sciences: Delta Gamma; Coloradan; Porpoise; Women ' s Club. HENRY BROWN RAMES Denver Arts and Sciences: Alpha Tau Omega; .Mpha Epsilon Delta; Coloradan; Dodo; Window; Glee Club: Colorado University Day Committee; Rhythm JUNIORS WALTER J. REYNO LDS Douglas, Wyoming Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VITO ROMANO Louisville Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau; Band; Little Theater Honors; Play- ers " Club; Orchestra. GERALD J. ROSENBLUM Cheyenne, Wyoming Arts and Sciences. TOM D. RYAN Boulder Pi Kappa Alpha; Wrestli DORIS J. SARCHET Fort Collins Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi; Little Theater. JANIE B. SAXON Miami, Texas Arts and Sciences. NORMA RUTH SCHENLER Pueblo Arts and Sciences: Triad; Women ' Club; Window; French Club. LESTER W. SCHRAMM Cedaredge Engineering. K i :| JUNIORS PAUL ROBB Phillipsburg, Kansas Engineering: Phi Kappa Tau. CARRIE E. ROMANS Loveland Arts and Sciences: Delta Gamma; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; French Club. BETSY MARJORIE ROSS Colorado Springs Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Spur; Hesperia; Coloradan; Co-ed Coun- selors; Business School Board of Di- rectors; A. W. S. Senate, Housing Chairman; Players ' Club. SHIMPEI SAKAGUCHI Brighton Pharmacy: Murtor and Pestle, 1, 2, 3. WALTER J. SAWICKI Sterling Arts and Sciences; Barb Council, 1, 2, 3; Players " Club, 1, 2, 3; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3; Little Theater Honors, 1. 2, 3; Viking Club. ROBT. A. SHELLABARGER Denver Business: Delta Tau Delta. VERNITA SCHAEPPE Strawberry Point, Iowa Business: Chi Omega; Women ' s Club. MYRA JANE SEARS Canon City Arts and Sciences. JUNIORS WILLARD D. SHEELER Denver Arts and Sciences; Beta Theta Pi University of Wisconsin, 1, 2. JOHN CORDER SMITH Longmont Kappa Kappa Psi; Adelphi; Band, 2, 3; Debate, 1; International Rel MARGARET E. SMITH Boulder Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Club; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3; Window; V. C. H. C, 1, 2, 3; Co-ed Counselor, 2, 3; Spur; " C " Club. SIDNEY E. SMITH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Business; Alpha Omicron Pi; Colo- EARL W. SPENCER Pueblo Engineering; Rhythm Circus; Orches- tra; Concert Band; Colorado Day; Barb Circus; Glee Club; Swimming; Viking Club. JACK L. STENBACK Brush GEORGE L. STRAIN La Junta Business; Phi Gamma Delta; Adelphi; Coloradan, 1, 2; Band, 1, 2, 3; Qlee Club, 1, 2, 3; Rhythm Circus, 1, 2; Debate, 1. ALLAIRE D. STUART Chicago, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3; Co-ed Counselor, 2, 3; Panhellenic, 1, 2, 3; W. W. C, Triad., 1, 2, 3; Song Fest, 2, 3. JUNIORS ALLAN SMITH Denver Engineering. DORSEY H. SMITH, JR. Pueblo Business; Delta Sigma Pi. E. NEAL SMITH Denver Business; Delta Tau Delta; Doha WM. HARVEY SOL ' THARD Greeley Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Players ' Club; Little Theater Plays; Coloradan; Homecoming Committee. ELEANOR J. STANTON Craig Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. JOHN L. STORER, JR. Denver Business; Kappa Sigma. LUTHER STRINGHAM Boulder Arts and Sciences: Debating; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Gamma Mu. CLAIRE I. SWEELEY Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences; Co-ed Counselor. Pres.; Women ' s Club, Sec: Barb Council; W. A. A. Board; Hesperia; Spur, Treas.: Cosmopolitan Club; House of Representatives. JUNIORS MARY LCUUSE TAMBLYN Denver Arts and Sciences. MARJORIE L. THOMPSCW Colorado Springs Kappa Kappa Gamma; Silver and Gold; Coloradan, BETTY TITUS Holdredge, Nebraska Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. ANNABELLE M. TURNER Denver Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alph Theta; Panhellenic. MEDA MAE UNDERHILL Walsenbu rg Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Spur Women ' s Club; Co-ed Counselor. HOMER L. VARNER, JR. Ovid IRENE C. VOGEL Golden Arts and Sciences; Spur; Sigma Epsi- lon Sigma; Phi Sicma Iota; Phi Chi Delta; Co-ed Counselor; Women ' s Club; Spanish Club. MARIE LOUISE WEBER Denver Engineering; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3; Women ' s Club, 1, 2, 3; Dance Drama, 1, 2; Women ' s League Vaudeville, 1, 2; Co-ed Coun- selor. JUNIORS WILLIAM N. TAFF Boulder Arts and Sciences. MARY SUE THOMPSON Piano, Texas Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Rhythm Circus; Wo- men ' s Club. DICKERSON H. TREMMEL Boulder Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigm; Tau; Junior Prom Committee; Rhythir Circus: Orchestra; Colorado Engineer Coloradan. LA VERNE JOHN TWIFORD Boulder Music; Orchestra; Little Theater Play-.; String Quartet. FATSY VARVEL Greeley Arts and Sciences; Pi Be MARIAN VAN HOOK Great Neek, Lonu Island, N. Y. Arts and Sciences. FRANCES E. WALSEN Denver Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Delta Phi Delta; Dodo; Women ' s Club; Sketch Club; Song Pest. WARREN CLIFFORD WELLS Oak Park, Illinois Business; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Swimming; Silver and Gold; Prom Committee. JUNIORS BYRON R. WHITE Wellington Arts and Sciences; Phi Gamma Delta; Sumalia; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; " C ' Xlub; Prcs. Junior Class. ADRIAN E. WILLIAMSON Austin Business; Boxing. BETTY ANN YANTIS Shelbyville, Illinois Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W. A. A., Pres.; Porpoise, 1, 2, 3; " C " Club; Co-ed Counselor, 2, 3; Rhythm Circus, 1, 2; Senate. D 1 . Mi f-i [ f ZOE ZEILMAN Lake View, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega: W. A. A.; Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A : Phi Chi Delta JUNIORS VIRGINIA E. WILLIAMS Central City Arts and Sciences; Hesperia; Inte A. W Mount Relations; Y. W. C. A.; S.; Window; Women ' s Club; un Club; Dodo. 1 WILLIAM D. WRIGHT Denver Arts and Sciences; Beta The " C " Club: Scimitar: French C FLORA BURNELL ZANG Denver .■ rts and Sciences: Kappa Kappa W lima: Porpoise: Dodo: Y. W. C.A. A. A. » » Profs. DuVall and Franklin, the " happiness boys " » » Dean Carlson feeds face Somebody is trying to give Dean Stearns a bum steer » » The big four in athletics Lyddie, Freddie, and some other kiddie » » Three men off a horse let you in » » Front view of Rear Admiral Byrd » » ril come down and " And that reminds me — " » » John Ruddy, Phi Gam. Come out from behind that post, Jane Sampson » » Marguer- ite Johnson, Delta Gamma, and Polly White play students » » Tie, derby, pipe and smile — what a combination » » Pulchritude from the dorm — Carol Ames, Kappa freshman, and Jackie Sum- mer, Theta » » Oh, don ' t let us bother you, Marjorie Summers, go right on with your read- ing » » Stella Howard and Orval Hempler pose prettily. Your knees show, Stella » » Jane Lewis, Ouida Davis, and Marion Aley, D. G. ' s, are dressed for the cold » » Don ' t crowd. There ' ll be plenty of Silver and Golds for everyone — we hope » » Don ' t take such big steps. Bill de Backer, Phi Gam. Louise Parker, diminutive Kappa, can ' t keep up with you. Louise hasn ' t looked that happy since Bill left school » » Regis Clark and Patty Barnard, Thetas. » » Soiflioiiiores » » Fresliiiien I mA SOPHOMORES WILLIAM T. AHLBORG BETTY C. ALLEN BETSY JANE ALLEN DONALD E. ALLEN ANNABEL M. ANDERSON CORNELIA L ANDERSON JOHN A. ANDERSON NELLIE M. ARCHIBALD LOUISE ARMSTRONG THOMAS E. ATKINSON DELMAR W, ATWOOD PAULA JEANNE BACH tom wick baird marc;aret baker mary elizabeth barber norman e. earthing MARY E. BEASLEY WARREN MURRAY BEATTIE ANNE MARIAN BEAUDETT VERA E. BECKER BETTY ANN BELL MARGARET M. BENTON JUNE ELAINE BENTSON SUZANNE BIOSSAT ARNOLD P. BIELLA MARGARET E. BLANCHARD CHARLOTTE E. BLISS REBECCA B. BLISSARD I ARBARA L. BOEHM THOMAS S. BOHMAN EDITH LILLIAN BOWN ROBERT GORTON BOYD SOPHOMORES WILLIAM JAMES BRADY GEORGE S. BRANDT JOAN ELIZABETH BRANNAMAN BILLINGS BREWSTER, [R. MARJARIE JANE BROTHERS FLOYD DONALD BROWN MARY JO BROWN LOIS AMY BULSON WILLIAM J. BURKHARDT RITA M. BURNS ' " .T . ' { ' ' BETSY BUTLER MARY H. BUXTON DORIS E. CAROTHERS CLIEVE C. CARMICHAEL SELMAN ERNEST CASADY BETTY LEA CASON WILLARD I. CATON HUGH ELBERT CHASTAIN BERNARD COHEN ERMA ELIZABETH CONNELL EMMA M. COTTRELL VIRGIL E. COWEN FREDA C. COWPERTHWAITE BETTY BELLE COX MILDRED IRENE COX RC BERTA L. COX MARY L. CREAGHE VERNON EUGENE CREESL GEORGE STUART CRISWELL DOROTHY JOSEPHINE CUTTING FRANCES JEANNETTE CUTTINC; WILLIAM HENRY DARDEN mkkA k ti SOPHOMORES IIUIDA CAROLINE DAVIS REEL C. DAVIS LUCILLE A. DIGIACOMO BETTY GRACE DOAK RtWAL WILSON DOW DORA I. DUBOIS DEWEY ALLEN DUNN GLADYS A. DYSON MARY ELLEN EDWARDS GAIL ELLEFSON JEANNE RUTLEDGE EVANS LAURENCE B. FISHER DAVID M. FLITNER CHARLES R. FLOWER EUGENE R. FOLEY FRED W. FORWARD HAL NEVILLE FRISBY DAVID J. GAMBILL ERVIN D. GAREHIME WILLIAM C. GEOPFORTH JAMES M. GLASS MARGARET J. GLENDENING MARY ANN GRABOW CHARLES R. GREENHALGH ISOBEL GREEN WAY ALBERT R. GREGA HELEN D. GRIEVE BRUCE A. GUSTIN MARION C. HACKSTAFF JEAN HAGGART HARRIETTE F. HALDERMAN HELEN M. HAMILTON SOPHOMORES LESTER L. HAMILTON J. ARVID HANSON DOUGLAS HARDIN ALLIENE E. HARDY THOMAS C. HARPER JACK T. HARRIS DONALD L. HARVEY WINIFRED L. HAUFF BARBARA A. HAYLAND CARMEN A. HENNEBLICH HOWARD T. HERSOM MARCELINE J. HEYER JOHN E. HICKMAN MARY K. HICKMAN GENEVA R. HIER ALLAN HIESTER RAY HILL A. EDWIN HAAK LOUISE HOFFMAN MARCIA LEE HOLLIDAY BETTY M. HOLLOWELL MARGARET HOMSKER JULIUS L. HOPKINS PEGGY L. HORNE WILLIAM A. HOVER II. GLADYS H. HUBBARD ANNABELLE HUBBELL DONALD HUELSMANN JEANETTE M HUMPHREYS CAROLYN HUNT MOLLY A. HUNTER GEORGE C. IMRIE, JR t: ' - 5 SOPHOMORES ANNETTE W. JOHNSON ELEANOR J. JOHNSON M. EVELYN JOHNSON HENRY J. JOHNSON JUANITA L KAHLER WILLIAM F. KELTON ANNA M. KENDALL WARREN S. KENNISON RICHARD C. KERR GEORGE J. KINDEL MARGARET E. KINDEL ROBERT M. KITTLE WILLIAM KITTO JUNE I. KLIEWER MARY SUE KNIGHT ALMA L. KNUCKEY NAN J. KRETSCHMER MARGARET M. KUNTZ VIRGINIA J. KUTZ lOHN C. LaBAGH BERTHA M. LACKNER ESTHER I. LAFFERTY JAMES M. LANE RUTH Y. LANTZ MILDRED V. LARSON JAMES H. LEOR LOUISE A. LEE VIRGINIA R. LEE HERBERT W. LeFEVRE CAROL A LEISENRING EARL R. LeMON MARTHA J. LEPPER SOPHOMORES LOUIS C. LILEY HELEN E. LINK KENNETH E. LINSCOTT CHARLES R. LONGSTREET PtmTIA LUBCHENCO CARL D. LUSTY BERNICE E. LYON CHARLES J. McCORMICK MARY J. McCORMICK RAWSON McCOTTER MARGARET E. McELVEEN FRANCES E. McFADDEN LUCILE MacGREGOR DOROTHY J. Mclaughlin HARRIETT A. McSWEEN MARGARET A. MANN FRANCIS S. MANCINI CLEMENT L. MARKERT CHARLES W. MASTERS MURIEL B. MAY JOSEPHINE K. MEEHAN NORMAN F. MEYER TYLER W. MILLER JOHN R. MINER HARRY H. MOLL JANE MOORHEAD VIERNA V. MORRIS MARY ALICE MURPHY GENE H. NELSON PAUL F. NESS MARY NETHERTON DOROTHY M. NORTHCUTT f! . L 1% Mv SOPHOMORES IRENE MAE NOXON DONALD O. OLSON MARY OPDYKE LUCINDA A. ORR jKSSIE JUNE OTT JEAN OUDERKIRK MARJORIE J. OWENS MILES L. PALMER LEWES M. PARRETT MARION A. PARSONS LEOTA F. PEKRUL HELEN R. PELISSIER BEVERLY P. PETERSON DOROTHY J. PETERSEN JOHN A. PHILPOTT RUTH PLANK DOROTHY J. PRICE ELEANOR V. REESE WILLIAM O. REEVES lAMES A RENNIE MARJC RIE H. RICE WILLIAM A. RICHARDS ELLEN ROEMER MARY I. ROESER ALLAN B. ROGERS, JR. GERTRUDE L. ROGERS DONALD C. ROSE EDITH M. ROSENFELD HiROTHY A. ROST THELMA R. ROTHROCK LORRIE A. ROWE JEAN RUTH SOPHOMORES EMMET RYDER MARTHA J. SCHAFER ERNEST W. SCHULTZ, JR. PHYLLIS L. SELLS MARJORIE E. SHERIDAN MAYME L. SHERIDAN FLORENCE B. SHIMPFXY HELEN G. SHOLTY WILLIAM C. SHONTZ AUGUSTA SIMPSON LEOTA B. SIMPSON BEVERLEY B. SMITH MARIAN I. SMITH JAMES R. SPARKMAN CHARLOTTE E. SPENGLER J. LEE SPICER MARIAN C. SPRINGER EDWARD A. SPROULE ELIZABETH STAFFORD GEORGE R. STEARLEY ARNOLD O. STEELE GEORGE F. STEELE ROBERT R. STENBACK DEAN A. STOECKER JEANNE D. STORER HAROLD A, STONEY WILLIAM S. STRYKER ALLIN SUGARMAN BARBARA M SULLIVAN MARY J. TAGGART MERRILL C. TEATS BETTY J. TESDELL SOPHOMORES SUE E. THORP DAVID B. THOMAS SAM Mc:AFEE THOMPSON MARY E. TUNISON ANNE W. UPDIKE ISABELLE H. VARNEY ASHTON VAUGHN ALLEN VICKERS RUTH M. VICKS BARBARA A. VON DREDEN FRED J. WALSEN GERTRUDE WALTER ;ail m, wanless MIGNON WARDELL ROY T. WHITE SARAH L. WHITE F. LISLE WIDMAN HELEN LOUISE WIENECKE JESSIE L. WILLIAMS ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS JACK M. WINTON EUTANA WOLCOTT ROBERT WOODRUFF FLORENCE W. WORKMAN HAROLD B. YOUNG SALLY ZIMMERHACKEL DOROTHY SLAUGHTER FRESHMEN GLADYS R. ALTHOUSE FRANCES L. ALTON ANN M. BOLLERS ARCHIE D. BANISTER PATRICIA W. BARNARD CLARA M. BARNES FRED D. BARTIMUS BEVERLY A. BARTON RONALD E. BECK JOSEPHINE BENEDECK EVERETT R. BERGLUND MARGARET L. BIRK MILTON BISHOP NORMAN R. BLACK HILL BLALOCK WALTER E. BLISS JEAN S. BOVARD ROBERT C. BOYD JEANNE BRADSHAW WILLIAM C. BRADFORD JAMES E. BRENNAN JEWEL E. BRICE J. MARTY BRILL PHYLLIS L. BRINTON CATHRYN M. BRASH ERNESTINE B. BROWNING VERNON R. BRYANT JOHN W. BUCHANAN FRANCES G. BURCH NORMA BURKART M. McRAE BURNHAM MARY C. CARLILE k [ ' i Vl ml . . E S H M N LOIS N. CARTER CLARA LOU CASEY ADELAIDE L. CHALBERG KATHERINE CHANDLER MARLIN C. CHENBURG HARVEY L. CHRISTENSEN MERRILL A. CHRISTENSEN ALICE M. CLARK CHARLES A. CLARK GEORGE M. CLARK JULIET A. CLARK LEO B. COHENOUR MARY L. COLE CATHERINE A. COOPER THOMAS H. COOPER PAUL R. COPE WARNEN G. CORNETT RALPH E. DAVIS CULVER W. DAVISON DOROTHY W. DEACON MERRILL W. DICKS MARJORIE M. DRAKE DOUGLAS E. DREIER SHIRLEY J. DUFF MARGUERITE V. DUTEAU ROGER F. EAKINS MARGARET A. EATON MIFFAN EATON NANCY ELSEY MALCOLM L. ENO ARCHIE J. ESTES MARCINE FAUNCE M EILEEN FROST W. WAYNE GILBERT FRANCES R. GILLEN MICHAEL J. TOGGIN JOHN R. GOULD GERALDINE L. GRADICK MARGUERITE O. GRAY CHARLES E. GREEN GERALDINE V. GUTHRIE C. TIFFANY HALEY PAULINE V. HALL MERVIN S, HAMMOND JEANNE L. HANCOCK MARIAN HARDESTY ELMER W. HARNER JULIA MAE HARTMAN LOLA J. HATCH DOROTHY J. HAWKINS CATHERINE J. HECKER ROSE M. HECKER FRANCES E. HEAGEY ETHELYNE E. HENDRICKSON ROSS H. HIBBARD EVELYN M. HILL WILLIAM M. HINDMAN EVERYL HUMPHREYS MARGARET L. JACOBUCCI MARGARET E. JAMES DORIS L. JOHNSON MARGUERITE E. JOHNSON RALPH K. JOHNSON MARY L. KASIC H M E N C:LYDE L. KELLY JOAN V. KENDRICK PATRICIA E. KENNEDY JANET KILBOURN AN KIMBROUGH JOHN A. KING MARGARET F. KING FRANCES V. KISTLER IGENE M. KRAEMER DOROTHY J. KRAPF ROGER T. LANCASTER NEWTON P. LARRICK KATHRYN K. LETFORD JACK W. LEWIS SYLVIA LIVINGSTON GEORGE W, LOVERING, JR. BETTY NELL LOW FREDERIC E. LUHNOW EDITH G. LYNCH LEONA M. MADISON ELIZABETH N. MARK ANNIE B. MARSHALL MILDRED A. MARTIN SHIRLEY G. MARTIN R HAROLD MATHERS JANE L. MATTSON BETTY J. MAYEAL ' CHARLOTTE A. MAYER EDSON J. McCLUSKEY FRANCES W. McELVEEN MARY McLaughlin DOROTHY L. McKAY FRESHMEN CLARA M. McKENNA MABEL M. MELLOR RAYMOND L. MILLARD DALE F. MILLER SUE ANN MILLSAP GERTRUDE L. MOESSNER WILLIAM R. MOHR BETTY ANN MOLLIN LAURETTA C. MOLONEY MIRIAM R. MOODIE MARNIE M. MORGAN GERTRUDE E. MORSE BOB M. MORRELL MARGARET L. MUGRAGE RUTH E. MUNRO A. PEYTON MUSSELWHITE VIRGINIA MYERS WILLIAM B. NAUGLE RUTH NELSON RICHARD R. NEVINS LELAND E. NORGREN RAY T. NEIGHBORS NEIL W. OLSON EDITH L. ORR CATHERINE SUE ORRISON MARTHA OTIS JEAN PACE BETTY RAE PADFIELD PEARL E. PANCAKE FRANCIS T. PARKER MARGUERITE PARKER MARY PATTEN f ni «LJJ F R E S H M E G WARNER PATTERSON RICHARD B. PAYNTER MARGARET E. PELTIER CHARLES S. PERRY GEORGE E. PERRY ROBERTA H. PETERSON VIRGINIA PIERCE FRANCES E. POE ;STER PONDULAC EVA IRENE PORTER EVALYN PROUTY LAWRENCE R. PROUTY BARBARA R. PURDY BARBARA A. PYLES JEAN A. QUAINTANCE CAROLYN P. RANNEY ANN RAYNER CHARLOTTE E. REED RODERICK H. REID FRANCES E. RIEDY WALLACE G. RETALLACK GEORGE W. RIENKS, JR ALICE M. RINN W. E. RACCHIO PALIL ROBINSEN lAMES W. ROGERS KATHERINE H ROGERS FRANCES K. ROOK A ' ELYN M. SATT EVELYN B. SCHLATTER LOIS S. SCHLENZIE DOROTHY SCHUREMAN N F R E S H M E DOROTHY A. SCOTT LOIS MAY SEARS STUART E. SEELYE GEORGE F. SHAFER, JR. GLADA M. SHAFFER BETTY A. SHERWOOD IRENE L. SHIELDS FRANCES M. SHIPMAN JOHN V. SHOT WELL WALTER H. SIMON ELEANOR M. SKAGGS WILLIAM W. SLOAN BRUCE R. SNOW BARBARA H. SMITH BILLY R. SNYDER LOIS E. STEENSMA EDWARD A. STINSON RUTH L. STEPHENSON FOSTER O. STURDEVANT H. WILLARD STURDEVANT MARJORIE P. SUMMERS FRANCES G. TRACY HELEN B. TREGO TOMMY E. TROLLOPE GLEN K. TWIFORD JOHN T. TWIFORD DEANE B. VALENTINE VINCE F. VALLERO RAYMOND O. VANDAPOOL LOIS M. VAN THUYNE BONNIE LOU WALLACE BETTY L. WALLACE lyjJii, FRESHMEN CHARLES L. WALKER ESTHER F. WALTER MARGARET H. WARNEKE PLATT WICKS ;eorge f. wilking EDWARD J. WILLBANKS ELIZABETH V. WILLIAMS JOE L. WILLIAMS JACK T. WILLIAMS CAROLINE L. WOLFF MILDRED WRAY BERTA M WYETH GERTRUDE L. WYATT PAUL I. YOUNGCLAUS » » Throw the gentleman a fish — Dick Tremmell » » Betty Ann MoUin, Pi Phi freshman, counts her pennies » » Jule Trelease, Kappa brain trust, and Ruth Dnnkwater, Pi Phi, look ter- ribly pleased » » Say ahhh, Ouida! Or maybe she ' s practicing lines for one of the Little The- ater Plays » » Betty C. Allen, Delta Gamma, and Ferd Rowan, Kappa Sig, look a bit grim about getting Nancy Rockefellow there. What ' s the matter, Ferd, can ' t you take it? » » And here we have Kmi Barnes, Delt, who is now touring the world. Oh, me » » Aggie Bowie, Delta Gamma, IS trying to impress her public (or is it her professors?) by reading a book outside of class » » Jimmy Schwartz, Beta, basketball star and lady-killer of the campus, looks pretty for the cameraman » » Gilbert finally got stuck. Bill Anderson, Delt, doesn ' t seem to like it. » » Sam Pashel, where ' s your piano? » » Everyone has heard about Gladys Dyson, now ' s your chance to see her— with Spish, too » » We ' re glad to see so much " pop " at the football games (pardon the incorrect spelling) » » Jealousy on Bill Hart ' s, Sigma Nu, face, over the in- terest of Babs Hamilton, DG, in Merntt Stark, Phi Gam hasher » » Freshman Lawyers Kay, Hornbein, Tepley, and Goldwater, fairly sober » » Elston Gardner and Bob Mundhenk giving mutual support » » What, no politics? » » Nan Kretschmer trying to smile for everyone » » Bill Mark, Delt, smiling for his female admirers » » Ramona Parkinson and Margaret Sanders olf to classes. m » » Betty Ann MoUin, Pi Phi » » Doc Watrous, Alpha Sig; Helen Petteys, Alpha Phi; Aggie Bowie, Delta Gamma; these mountaineers, they have no fears » » Dick Nowels, Chi Psi, and Pi Phi Helen Jones, who makes no bones » » Lois Schlenzig, Pi Phi and Olaf Hage, A.T.O., born to love » » What ' s Jump looking at? » » Ruth Williams, A. O. Pi, and Jack Waite, Lambda Chi, all crossed up » » George Kindel, Sig Nu, and Linda Lee Gross, Alpha Phi » » Alan Carpenter, Pi Kap, and Ann Russ, Pi Phi with stomach trouble » » Beverly Barton, Pi Phi, and Walt Simon, Beta, representing Colorado Home Owners Association » » Curbstone cuties. The DG s flash a smile m the sink. Virginia Cargo hopes this will help John Ruddy, Phi Gam, Jane Sampson, Betty Belle Ewers, and Bob Zimmerman, Beta, don ' t seem to be such good skates » » Virginia Singer and don ' t be embarrassed; we won ' t print your name » » An- nie Laurie Knight and her suitcase. ' Who is that in the corner? » » Charlotte Bliss, Kappa, and Bill Bower, Beta. Is that a tongue twister? » » What ' s so funny? » » Bill Mark and Skippy McHugh, Delts, take turns holding Sally " Navy Zim " Zimmerhackel ' s hands » » Lois Shults; and Jean Litell. Kappas, and Dick Wheelock, and Bill Jump, Sigma Nus, prove that Darwin wasn ' t far wrong, after all » » Don Mitchell, Delt, and Franny Bell, DC, go in for a little strenuous exercise » » Eleanor Johnson, Ty Miller, Delt, Ruby Dexter, and Pete Packard, Delt. " I ' ll be faithful; forever and ever, dear. " 104 • » » Frances GiUen and Cleland Conwell without a laprobe » » Kay Rogers, D.G., cooking up a batch » » Mar jorie Drake ' s surprise party » » The One-Man Gang on the ball » » Beautiful horses aren ' t they? » » ADPi ' s truckin on the field of honor » » He won her between the halves » » foxed again » » rubbing elbows » » rub-a-dub-dub, a brave in the tub. » » Beta Chorus lifting voices on high » » Freshmen getting wet at Moot Court » » Trial at Moot Court » » More balloons » » Swing High, Swing Low » » Dorothy Slaughter, Delta Gamma. Who ' ll bid six? » » One of the campus rat races » » Rosamay Evans and Ferd Rowen; it must be an intellectual conversation » » That ' s some people ' s idea of holding hands. » » Bob Tyler, Ruth and Gretchen Raife, Jack O ' Connor, ready to go » » No Spish de English, Dorothy Denton of pajama fame, and some other dope » » Traylor, Johnson, Cun- ningham, and Jones, holding their own at the Pi Phi shooting gallery » » Unger, pretty cute but only twelve » » Pi Phis waiting for something to turn up » » Pals? » » Where ' s the crescent? » » Regis Clark, just looking. » » Bob Gilbert and Chuck Lowen, student and athlete » » Willis Pyle, Sig Alph artist » » Hill and Hover, Betas; Hover has adenoids and Hill has his hands in his pockets » » Regis Clark and background » » Maxine kisses while Miller eats peanuts » » Study table in the library » » Landon Persons and Roy Brower, Phi Gams, and Gayle Green, Chi Psi, between classes » » Betty Titus, Mar guerite Johnson, and Gayle Wanless » » Virginia Blomgren, Tri Delt, " One Night of Love? " m ORGANIZATIONS H m » » Sororities » » Fraternities PI BETA PH I Monmouth College, 1861 University of Colorado, 1884 Wine and Blue " Wine Carnation OFFICERS JANE SAMPSON MARIAN EPPERSON HERRON CHAFFEE PATSY VARVEL FACULTY MEMBERS REBECCA W. VAILLE IDA L. SWAYNE MARY JOHN HESSE PATRICIA LARGE ACTIVES MARGARET BEN WELL, -37 Denver RUTH BENWELL, ' 38 Denver BETTY JEAN BUCHANAN, ' 37 Tulsa, Okla. LOUISE BROURINK. ' 37 Fort Morgan HERRON CHAFFEE, ' 37 Honolulu. Hawaii JANE COLLINS, ' 37 Denver VIRGINIA EMERSON, ' 37 Joplin, Mo. FREDENA FANKELL, ' 40 Denver JEANNE GIBERSON, ' 38 Alton, III. ISOBEL GREENWAY, ' 39 Boulder mm Top Row: Barton, Bellamy, M Bcnwell, R, Bcnwcll, Boeder, Bn.unnk, C:,,llin,s, Cooper, Dnnkwater, Drake Second Row: Emerson, Epperson, Giberson, Greenway, Hackstalf, Heagey. Holland, Jasmann. Johnson, Kilho Third Row: Lasswell, Lee, Littcll, Martin, McAllister, McSween, Mollin, Phillips, Plettner, Prouty Fourth Row: Quaintance, Rice, Robertson, Sampson, Schlenzig, Sellery, Stants, Thompson Bottom Row: Varvel, Weidner, Williams, Zimmerhackel MARION HACKSTAFF, ' 39 Denver ED WIN A HOLLAND, ' .3 7 Beaumont, Texas JEANETTE HUMPHREY, -39 Denver KATHERYN JASMANN, ' 37 ... . Sioux Falls, S. D. ANN JONES, ' 38 Yankton, S. D. SHIRLEY JONES, ' 38 Denver HELEN JONES, ' 39 Denver FRANCES KIRKPATRICK, " 38 Walsenhurg LOUISE LEE, ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. JOYCE LITTELL, " 38 Denver MARTHA MAHONEY, ' 39 Casper, Wyo. LOUISE McAllister, -37 Bouidcr HARRIOT McSWEEN, ' 39 Brush MARJORIE MORRIS, ' 39 Denver ELIZABETH ROBERTSON. ' 38 Boulder JUSTINE SABIN, ' 37 La Junta JANE SAMPSON, ' 37 Colorado Springs MAXINE SHIPLEY, ' 39 Denver FLORENCE SELLERY, ' 37 Wilmette, III. HELEN STANTS, ' 37 Topeka, Kan. MARY SUE THOMPSON, ' 38 Piano, Texas VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, ' 38 Central City MARY WEIDNER, ' 39 Denver SALLY ZIMMERHACKEL, ' 39 Denver PLEDGES LOUISE ARTHUR, " 40 Ogden, Utah BEVERLY BARTON, ' 40 Denver MARYGERTRUDE BELLAMY, ' 38 . . . Rapid City, S. D. DORIS BOEGER, ' 38 Morrison, Mo. JULIA ANNE CALDWELL, ' 40 Denver CATHERINE COOPER, ' 40 Denver MARJORIE DRAKE. ' 40 Denver RUTH DRINKWATER, ' 40 Denver PATSY EGAN, ' 40 Denver BETSY GRAVES, ' 38 Scottshluif, Nebr. FRANCES HAEGEY, ' 40 Omaha, Nebr. BETTY JOHNSON, ' 40 Denver JANET KILBOURN, ' 40 Omaha, Nebr. LOUISE LASSWELL, ' 38 Waxahachie, Texas SHIRLEY MARTIN, ' 40 Denver BETTY ANN MOLLIN, ' 40 Denver JEAN PLETTNER, ' 39 Denver EVALYN PROUTY, ' 40 Denver JEAN QUAINTANCE, ' 40 ... . Los Angeles, Calif. LOIS SCHLENZIG, ' 40 Denver DELTA GAMMA Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 Colorado University, 1886 Bronze, Pin and Blue Pearl White Rose OFFICERS MARGARET GATHER JAGQUELIN BUCHENAU ELIZABETH GATHER GARRIE ROMANS FACULTY MEMBER HENRY ETTA REYNOLDS ACTIVES MARIAN ALEY, ' 18 Colorado Springs BETTY C. ALLEN. ' 39 Akron BETTY JANE ALLEN, -39 Denver BERNECE BRANSON, ' 37 Lincoln, Nebr. AGNES BOWIE, ' 38 Bowie BARBARA BRUNTON, ' 39 Denver VIRGINIA CARGO, ' 39 Denver ELIZABETH GATHER, ' 37 Casper, Wyo. MARGARET GATHER. ' 37 Gasper, Wyo. MARY CREAGHE, ' 39 Denver ' :J,1 ' : S J jm Top Row: Alcy, Allen, B. J, Allen, Bell, Bowie, Branson, Briinton. Buchenau, E. Gather. M. Gather Second Row: Coulter, Greaghe, Davis, Elliott, George, Gittings, Hamilton, Harner, Humphrey. Inman Third Row: Johnson, Jolley, Kimbrough, KuUgrcn, Lackner, Lamme, Leavitt, Lewis, McKenna, Miner Fourth Row: Moody, Musick, Nagel, Oakes, Olson, Opdyke, Orrison, Otis, Parriott, C. Peltier Bottom Row: M. Peltier, Quarnberg, Rogers, Romans, Slaughter, Stockham. Sullivan, Summer, Tharp, Titus LOUISE COULTER, " SS Denver OUIDA DAVIS, 39 Sterling BILLIE KAY ELLIOTT, ' 38 Johnstown HELEN GITTINGS, " 38 Denver MARIAN GEORGE. " 39 Boulder BARBARA HAMILTON. " 37 Boulder MARGUERITE HARNER, " 38 Denver MILDRED INMAN, " 37 Greeley DOROTHY KULLGREN, " 37 Denver BERTHA LACKNER, " 39 Denver VONNA LAMME, " 38 Walscnburg ANNE LEAVITT, " 39 Miles City, Montana MARY BEA MINER, " 39 Denver LUCY BYRD MOODY, " 37 Greeley ANNIBEL MUSICK, " 38 Colorado Springs MARY NAGEL, " 38 Denver DOROTHY OAKES, " 38 Denver MARY OLSON, " 39 Denver MARY OPDYKE, " 39 Greeley SUSAN PARRIOTT, " 38 Denver CHARLOTTE PELITER, " 37 Denver CARRIE ROMANS, " 38 Loveland AGNES SNEDDON, " 39 Bowie MAXINE STOCKHAM, " 38 Denver BARBARA SULLIVAN. " 39 ... . Great Falls. Montana DOROTHY SLAUGHTER, " 39 Brush BETTY TITUS, " 38 Holdredge, Nebr. PLEDGES FRANCES BELL, " 40 Denver GERALDINE GUTHRIE, " 40 La Junta EVERYL HUMPHREY, " 40 Casper, Wyo. MARGUERITE JOHNSON, " 40 ... Holdredge, Nebr. PEGGY JOLLEY. " 40 Denver JEAN KIMBROUGH, " 40 Denver JANE LEWIS, -38 Raton, New Mexico CLARA McKENNA, " 40 Boulder MARTHA OTIS, " 40 Omaha, Nebr. MARGARET PELTIER, " 40 Denver CAREEN QUARNBERG, " 38 .... Rapid City, S. D. KATHERINE ROGERS, " 40 . . . Las Vegas, New Mexico JACKIE SUMMER, ' 40 Denver SUE ORRISON, " 40 Louviers KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Monmouth College, 1870 Colorado University, 1901 Dar and Ught Blue Fleur-de-lis OFFICERS ELIZABETH INGLEY LENORE DEBEY JULIET MARSH LOUISE PARKER ACTIVES PAULA BACH, ' jy Evanston, 111. MARIAN BECK, ' 57 Cheyenne, Wyo. BETTY ANN BELL. ' 39 Colorado Springs CHARLOTTE BLISS, ' 38 Greeley RUTH BLOEDORN, ' 38 Fort Morgan KATHLEEN CASEY, ' 37 Eaton ELEANOR CHRISTY, ' 39 Denver KIRBY DALZIEL. ' 39 Fort Collins LENORE DE BEY, ' 38 Denver DORA DUBOIS. ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. FACULTY MEMBERS MISS IRENE McKEEHAN MISS DORt THY MARTIN ELIZABETH FARRAR, ' 37 BARBARA FINNOFF. ' 37 . FRANCES FREED ' 38 . . Denver Denver Denver BARBARA HAWKINSON, BETTY HIGHBERGER, ' 37 MARCIA LEE HOLLIDAY, BARBARA ANN HYLAND, ' 39 . . ' 39 . . . . Earned, Kan. Pueblo . . Houston, Texas ELIZABETH INGLEY, ' 37 ANNETTE JOHNSON. ' 38 Denver HELEN KETTERING. ' 39 . Denver I lil r?, n . g. , c wm ill I ail EiSi Top Row: Bach, Barber, Bartels, Beck, Bell, Bliss, Bloedorn, Brinton, Burnham, C. Casey Second Row: K. Casey, Christy, Cole, Dc Bey, Dyson, Dubois, Dutton, Eyre, Freed, Highberger Third Row: Holliday, Hyland, Ingley, Johnson, Kindel, Cramer. Kretschmer, Kistler, Lantz, Low Fourth Row: Marsh, May, McLauthlin, Morrison, Northcutt, E. Orr, L. Orr, Parker, Pelissier, Pollard Fifth Row: Powell, Ross, Schureman, Shinn, Sparrow, Stafford, Stevenson, Storcr Bottom Row: Thompson, Trelease, Tunison, Updike, Wilson, Yantis, Zang MARJORIE KINDEL, ' 39 Denver NAN KRETSCHMER, -39 Denver RUTH LANTZ, ' 39 Denver JULIET MARSH, ' 38 Denver JANE MARTIN, " J? Denver JEAN MARTIN, ' 37 Denver MURIEL MAY, ' 39 Denver DOROTHY McLaughlin, ' 39 Denver CAROLINE MORRISON, " 37 .... Colorado Springs MARY ANN MOYAR, -37 Fort Worth, Texas DOROTHY MAY NORTHCUTT, ' 39 Denver LOUISE PARKER, ' 37 Boulder MILDRED PETERSON, ' 38 Denver VIRGINIA POWELL, ' 38 Denver MARGARET POLLARD. " 57 Boulder BETSY ROSS, " 38 Colorado Springs BETTY SHINN. " 38 Denver HELEN SPARROW, " 37 Pueblo ELIZABETH STAFFORD, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. GLADYS STEVENSON, ' 37 ... . Wichita .Falls, Texas JEANNE STORER, ' 39 Pueblo VERA THOMPSON, ' 39 Casper, Wyo. JULE TRELEASE, ' 37 Colorado Springs MARY TUNISON, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. ANNE UPDIKE, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. MARJORIE WELLER, ' 37 Greeley BETTY WILSON, ' 38 Denver BETTY ANN YANTIS, ' 38 Shelbyville, 111. PLEDGES CAROL AMES, ' 40 Dc.ncr JANE BALLANTINE. ' 40 Denver MARY ELIZABETH BARBER, ' 39 Greeley BARBARA BARTELS, ' 40 Denver PHYLLIS BRINTON, ' 40 Denver MaRAY BURNHAM, ' 40 Glendale, Calif. CLARA LOU CASEY, ' 40 Eaton MARY COLE, ' 40 Boulder GLADYS DYSON, ' 39 Akron, Ohio JEAN EYRE, ' 40 .... FRANCES KISTLER. ' 40 BETTY NELL LOW, ' 40 EDITH ORR. ' 40 . . . LUCINDA ORR. ' 39 . . MARY HELEN PHILLIPS, DOROTHY SCHUREMAN, FLORA ZANG, ' 38 . . .. Nebr. Denver Pueblo Denver Denver Denver Collins Denver CHI OMEGA Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 Colorado University, 1906 Cardinal and Straw White Carnation OFFICERS MARY BETH JOSLYN MILDRED JENSEN MARY NETHERTON RUTH BOGART FACULTY MEMBERS MISS NORMA LEVEQUE MRS. DRU BLABLOCK ACTIVES NELLIE MARGARET ARCHIBALD, -39 . . . Boulder ELOINE BALDWIN, ' 38 EI Paso, Texas GOLDYE BLAKE, " 38 Haxtun, Colo. RUTH BOGERT, ' 37 Akron, Ohio LOIS BULSON, -39 Trinidad PHYLLIS CLELAND, ' 37 Delta RUTH CURTIS, " 37 Fort Collins LOUISA DAVID, ' 37 Denver MARY CATHRYN DOLAN, ' 39 Boulder IMOGENE EDWARDS, ' 39 Brighton ROSAMAY EVANS, ' 37 Somerset, Colo. SHIRLEY HAMILTON, ' 39 Burlington Top Row: Archibald, Baldwin, Barnes, Beaudett. Blake, Bogerl, Buvaid, Bucki.ian, Bulson, Cleland Second Row: Curtis, Dolan. Eckel, Edwards, Evans, Fry, Gullard, Hamilton. Henderson, Jensen Third Row: Joslyn, King, Knoettge, Lacher, Leisennng, Lubchenco, Mann, Morris, Munro, Neal Fourth Row: Netherton, Newcomh, Phelps, Pierce. Quarles, Rest, Rothrock, Roup, L. Sears Bottom Row: M. Sears, Schoeppe, Shay, Sholty. Stanton, Underhill. Vcnahlc, White HILDEGARDE HENDERSON, ' 38 Boulder MARIAN HENDERSON, ' JS Salt Lake, Utah MILDRED JENSEN, ' 37 Billings, Montana MARY BETH JOSLYN, ' 37 Loveland VIRGINIA KNOETTGE, ' 40 Denver LOIS LACHER, " 38 Montrose CAROL LEISENRING, ' 39 Denver AVIS NEAL. ' 37 Denver MARY NETHERTON, ' 39 Denver ELEANOR NEWCOMB, ' 38 Melha, Idah.. HELEN PHELPS. ' 39 Tnnidad LILLIAN QUARLES, ' 37 Colorado Springs DOROTHY ROST, ' 39 Denver THELMA ROTHROCK, ' 39 Fort Morgan REVA ROUP, ' 38 Yampa. Colo. VERNITA SCHOEPPE. ' 38 . , . Strawberry Point, Iowa MAUREEN SHAY, ' 37 Brush ELEANOR STANTON, ' 38 Craig MEDA MAE UNDERHILL, ' J8 Walscnburg GENEVA VAUGHN, ' 39 Boulder PLEDGES CLARA BARNES, ' 4 ANNE BEAUDETT, MARY BENT, ' 39 . I 39 El Paso, Texas Oshkosh, Wis Pa. JEAN BOUARD, ' 40 Oil City, BARBARA BUCKMAN, ' 39 Madison, Wis. PATRICIA ECKEL, ' 40 Boulder MARIAN FRY, ' 38 Wichita, Kan. ATHELENE GULLARD, ' 40 Billings. Mont. MARYBETH HILL, ' 40 Denver MARGARET FRANCES KING. " 40 Sterling VIRGINIA KNOX. " 40 Cheyenne. Wyo, PORTIA LUBCHENCO, ' 39 Haxton MARGARET MANN, ' 39 Billings. Mont. VERNA MORRIS. ' 39 Rollinsville RUTH MUNRO. ' 40 Pueblo VIRGINIA PIERCE. ' 40 Bilhngs, Mont. LOIS MAY SEARS. ' 40 Canon City MYRA JANE SEARS, ' 38 Canon City GLADA MAY SHAFFER, ' 40 Loveland HELEN SHOLTY, ' 38 Estes Park GERTRUDE VENABLE. ' 39 Augusta. 111. ALPHA CHI OMEGA De Pauw University, 1888 Colorado University, 1907 Scarlet and Olive Green Red Carnation OFFICERS HELEN GRIEVE MYRTLE RUTH FINN MILDRED LISTER VERNA NELSON FACULTY MEMBERS HELEN DUGGAN MARION BROER ACTIVES DOROTHY ASHWORTH, " 37 Larncd, Kan. HELEN BOWN, ' 38 MARGARET BENTON, ' 39 Peoria, 111. MARY BUXTON, " 38 EDITH BOWN, ' 39 St. Louis. Mo. JEAN CURTIS, ' 38 . , . . . St. Louis, Mo. . . . Kinsley, Kan. Port Washington, N. Y. HSiffiiaffisa Top Row: Ashworth, Benedeck, Benton. E. Bown, H Buwn. BuMon, Cassell. Colhurn, Curtis, F Second Row: Fisher, Frary, Gassner, Garlick, Grabow, Grieve, Hardcsty, Hohner, Home, Hortoi Third Row: Hosig, Kennedy, Krieghotf, Lawrence, Lister, Lalher, Lay, E. Lynch, M. Lynch, Ma Fourth Row: McKay, B. NeLson, G. NeLson, V. Nelson, Parsons, E. Porter, L. Porter, Sahha Bottom Row: Schafer, Taggart, Walsen, WilHams, Wilson, Woodling, Zeilman MYRTLE RUTH FINN, " 37 Boulder MARY JANE GASSNER, ' 37 Boulder MARY GRABOW, ' 39 Ouray HELEN GRIEVE, " J? Denver LORRAINE HOHNER, ' 38 St. John, Kan. MARGARET HORNE. " 39 Denver PAULINE HORTON, ' 38 Denver VERA KRIEGHOFF, ' 38 Grosse Point, Mich. MARY HOSIG, " 38 Denver VIRGINIA LAY. ' 39 La Junta LAURA LAWRENCE, ' 38 Wichita. Kan. MILDRED LISTER, ' 37 PuchIo GENE NELSON, ' 39 Boulder VERNA NELSON, " 37 Berthoud LUCILLE PORTER. " 37 Glenwood Springs MARTHA JEANNE SCHAFER. ' 39 .... Fort Collins Z,OE ZEILMAN, ' 58 Lake View, Iowa PLEDGES JOSEPHINE BENEDECK, ' 40 .... Glenwood Springs HOPE BETTY CASSELL, ' 40 Boulder RUTH COLBURN, ' 39 Deadwood, S. D. ELLEN FRARY, ' 40 Humboldt, Iowa RUTH FISHER, ' 39 Bartlesville, Okla. MARJORIE ANN GARLICK. ' 40 Burlington MARIAN HARDESTY, ' 40 Berthoud PATRICIA KENNEDY, ' 40 Sterling LA NELLE LALLIER, ' 39 Denver EDITH LYNCH, ' 39 Jacksonville, Fla. MILDRED LYNCH, ' 40 Jacksonville, Fla. DOROTHY MAAS, " 40 Boulder DOROTHY LEE McKAY, ' 40 Colorado Springs BETTY NELSON, ' 40 Denver MARIAN PARSONS, ' 39 Trinidad EVA PORTER, ' 40 • ■ • Glenwood Springs OLGA SALIBA, ' 39 Walsenburg JESSIE LEAH WILLIAMS, ' 39 Grand Junction BARBARA WILSON, ' 40 Eaton V DELTA DELTA DELTA Boston University, 1888 Colorado University, 1910 SUver. Gohi. and Blue Pansy OFFICERS MARIE LOUISE WEBER LOUISE METZ SALLY SCHEY MARY PARIS FACULTY MEMBERS LYDIA LAWRENCE BROWN MABEL KNOUSE ACTIVES BETTY BELL. ' 37 Cody, Wyo. JOAN BLACKMER, " JS Grand Junction HELEN BLOEDORN, ' 38 Denver VIRGINIA BLOMGREN, ' 38 Denver JOAN BRANNAMAN, ' 39 Gilcrest MARY JO BROWN, ' 38 Steamboat Springs BETTY LEA CASON, ' 38 Pueblo MARGARET CARPENTER. ' 38 Cortcz ROBERTA COX. " 39 Denver MARY PARIS. " 38 Denver MARY GIVEN, ' 38 Denver MARY GRIFFITH, ' 38 Denver LUCILLE HARDY, ' 39 Sidney, Nebr. LOUISE HILL. ' 37 Collbran LOUISE HOFFMAN. " 39 Fort Collins MAXINE HOLLOWELL, " 39 Greeley SiHH i 4 Top Row: Bell, Blackmer, Blocdorn, BloniKrcn, Bochni, Brannaman, Brown, Carpenter, Cason, Cox Second Row: Eaton, Fans, Given, Griffith, Hardy, Hartman, Hill, Hoffman. Hollowell, Hom.sher Third Row: Huddleston, Hunter, Jones. Knight, Knuckcy, Kut:, Lafferty, Lee, Letford, Markwardt Fourth Row: F. McEIveen, M. McElvccn. McGregor, McKencknie, Metz. Meyer, Millsap, Moorhead, Otjen, Oudcrkirk Fifth Row: Pace. A. Poe, F. Poe, Purdy. Rocmer, Rogers, Schey. Scotland Bottom Row: Sh.pman, Torrence, Vicks, Vigil, Viney, Wcher. Wolcott MOLLY HUNTER, ' VJ .... Denver GWANDA MAE JONES. " . 8 . . . .... Puehlo ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY. " Sy . . Lamar VIRGINIA LEE, •. 9 .... Denver MARY SUE KNIGHT, -39 . . Dallas, Texas MILDRED MARKWARDT. ' ys . . . . . . Joplin, Mo. LOUISE METZ. ' 37 . . Basin, Wvo. MARYETHEL MEYER. ' 38 . . . . .... Denver JANE MOORHEAD, ' 39 . . Bclvidcre, 111. MARGARET McELVEEN, ' 39 . , . .... Denver MARGARET McKECKNIE, " 37 . . . .... Denver LuciLE McGregor, -39 ... . . . Fort Collins BARBARA BOEHM. ' 39 PL . Hutchin.son, Kan. MARGARET ANN EATON. ' 40 . . . . Liberal, Kan. CAROLINE OTJEN, ' 38 Enid, Okla. JEAN OUDERKIRK, ' 39 Honolulu, Hawaii ALICE POE, ' 37 Boulder MARY RIGGS, ' 37 Denver ELLEN ROEMER, ' 39 Fort Collins SALLEY SCHEY, ' 37 Longmont RUTH TORRENCE, ' 37 Manitou RUTH VICKS, ' 39 Denver VIVIENNE VINEY, ' 38 Denver MARIE LOUISE WEBER, ' 38 Denver EUTONA WOLCOTT, ' 39 Denver ESTHER LAFFERTY, " 39 Denver PLEDGES JULIA MAE HARTMAN, ' 40 MARGARET HOMSHER, ' 39 Craig MYRNA HUDDLESTON, ' 38 . . . Oklahoma City, Okla. VIRGINIA KUTZ, ' 39 Denver KATHRYN LETFORD, ' 40 Longmont FRANCES McELVEEN, ' 40 Denver SUE ANNE MILLSAP, ' 40 Jclfcr.sun City, Mo. JEAN PACE, ' 40 Longmont FRANCES POE, ' 40 Boulder BARBARA PURDY, ' 40 Denver MARY SCOTLAND, ' 40 Johnstown FRANCES SHIPMAN, ' 40 Aurora i n ALPHA DELTA PI Wesleyan College, 1851 Colorado University, 1914 Blue and White Violet OFFICERS BETTY COFFIN JUNE PADFIELD MARGARET BAKER GAIL HILDEBRANDT FACULTY MEMBER GRACE CRAVEN EH Top Row: Baker, Clark, Coffin, Copelaod. Cornelius. Duteau, Hildebrandt, Johnson, Juchem, Klciwer Second Row: Mannion, Nelson, Noxon, B. Padfield, J. Padfield, Pancake, Peterson, Price Bottom Row: Satt, Sells, Sheridan, Stuart, Wray ACTIVES MARGARET BAKER, " . 9 Me;id BETTY COFFIN, 7 Tulsa, Okla. SUSAN CORNELIUS, ' 37 Monte Vista GAIL HILDEBRANDT, " 38 Fort Collins MARY MANNION, ' 38 Fort Lyon IRENE NOXON, ' 39 Englewood JUNE PADFIELD, " 37 Dacona BEVERLEY PETERSON, ' 39 Englewood DOROTHY PRICE, ' 39 Deer Trail PHYLLIS SELLS, ' 39 Center ALLAIRE STUART, ' 39 Chicago, Illinois PLEDGES NEVA COPELAND, ' 39 Arvada MARGUERITE DUTEAU, ' 40 Denver RAY JUCHEM, ' 39 Arvada JUNE KLIEWER, ' 39 Flagler RUTH NELSON, ' 4n Longmont BETTY RAE PADFIELD, " 4U Dacona PEARL PANCAKE, ' 40 Boulder EVELYN SATT, ' 40 Brighton MILDRED WRAY, ' 40 Boulder KAPPA ALPHA THETA DePauw University, 1870 Colorado University, 1921 Blac and Gold Black, and Gold Pansy OFFICERS BEATRICE RIEDE BETTY LOU BEMIS EVELYN JOHNSON MARION ARMSTRONG ACTIVES FACULTY MEMBER MRS. SYBIL STERLING ALICE ANDERSON, ' 57 Canon City MARION ARMSTRONG, ' jy Salina, Kan. MARIAN AUSTIN, ' JS Boulder BETTY BARNUM, ' 38 Boulder VERA BECKER, ' J9 Pueblo BETTY LOU BEMIS, " 37 Littleton SUZANNE BIOSSAT, ' 39 Chicago, 111. VIRGINIA BREWER, ' 39 Camarillo, Calif. DORIS CAROTHERS, ' 39 Boulder MARGARET CLAUS, ' 37 Siou.v Falls, S. D. FRAE ELLERY, ' 38 Cheyenne, Wyo. MARYLYN ESSIG, " 37 Quincy, 111. MARY FIELD, ' 38 Enid, Okla. JOAN FOGG, ' 39 Boulder VIRGINIA GARWOOD, ' 39 Denver AILEEN HARDY, ' 39 Boulder GEORGIA HARRELL, ' 38 Wichita, Kan. ROYLYNN HURLBURT, ' 39 Denver ■■I ,lI3£E Top Row: Anderson, Barnai Second Row: Carrothers, Clark, Claus, Cowton, Field. Fogg, Gardner, Garwood, Hardy, Harrell Third Row: Hurlhurt, Jacobberger, E. Johnson, Ev. Johnson, Lelander, Lepper, Lund, McMillan, Ma Fourth Row: Meehan, Merrill, Moore, Osborne, Park, B. Riede, E Riede, Reidy. Rogers. Scott Fifth Row: Smith, Stephensen, Sweanngen, Tefft, Tcsdell, Trimble, Turner Bottom Row: Venable, Voorhees, Walton, Wolfle VIRGINIA JACOBBERGER. ' 38 Omaha, Nebr ELIZABETH JOHNSON, -.38 Brighton EVELYN JOHNSON, ' JV Brighton MARTHA JANE LEPPER, ' 39 Topeka, Kan. RUTH LOTHROP, ' 37 St. Louis, Mo. LORRAINE LUND. -37 Longmont GRACE MATHENY, ' 39 Pueblo PATRICIA McWHINNEY, " 37 .... Long Beach, Calif. JOSEPHINE MEEHAN, " 39 Eagle VIRGINIA BERRILL, " JS Pasadena, Cahf. MARJORIE MORGAN, ' 38 Denver ROSEMARY ORSBORN, " 38 Denver MAXIE PARK, ' 38 Denver BEATRICE RIEDE. ' 37 Depue, 111. ESTHER RIEDE. ' 38 Depue, 111, FRANCES ROGERS, ' 37 Okla. JANE SCOTT. -38 Boulder BETTY JANE SMITH, ' 37 Boulder HELEN SWEARINGEN, ' 37 Denver ANNE TEFFT. ' 39 Fort Warren. Wyo. BETTY JANE TESDELL. " 39 Denver FRANCES TOWNSEND. ' 38 ... . Long Beach, Calif. JANICE TRIMBLE, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. ANNABELLE TURNER. ' 38 Denver CONSTANCE VENABLE. " 37 Augusta, 111. ELIZABETH VOORHEES. ' 38 Logansport, Ind. ELIZABETH .ANN WALTON, ' 39 . . . Cheyenne, Wyo. MRS. FRANK WINNER, ' 37 Boulder ELOISE WOLFLE. ' 37 Denver MARY BALLAH, ' 4(i PATTY BARNARD. ' 40 . JEWEL BRICE. ' 40 . . ERNESTINE BROWNING. HELEN BRUGMAN, ' 40 . BETSY BUTLER, ' 39 Washington, D. C REGIS CLARK, ' 40 Manhattan, Kan JEAN ANN COWTON, ' 39 .... Grand Island, Nebr PLEDGES . . . Denver PHYLLIS GARDNER, ' 4 ' 1 Denver . Hin.sdale, 111. CHARLOTTE MAYER, ' 4:) Denver New York City RUTH McMILLAN, ' 39 Los Angeles, Calif. . Tulsa, Okla. BETTY MOORE, ' 40 Hinsdale, 111. Omaha, Nebr. FRANCES REIDY, ' 40 Evanston, 111. RUTH STEVENSON, ' 40 Littleton VICTORIA TELANDER, ' 40 Sheridan. Wyo. ALPHA PHI Syracuse University, 1872 Colorado University, 1924 Silver and Bordeaux Lilyof-the-Valky and Forget-Me-A(ot a OFFICERS ELOISE MONTANDON MARGARET HOWE VIRGINIA K. CHRISTIANSEN LOUISE STEWART ACTIVES EVELYN ANNE ALPS, " SS Louisville MILDRED COX, " 59 Fort Morgan ANN ARMSTRONG, " 38 Rawlins. Wyo. RITA BURNS, ' 39 Denver VIRGINIA K. CHRISTIANSEN, " 37 Boulder VIRGINIA CLARK, ' 38 Oak Park, 111. ERMA CONNELL, ' 39 La Salle, Colo. DOROTHY EMERY, ' 38 Brighton JEANNE EVANS, ' 39 Denver LINDA LEE GROSS, " 38 Denver BARBARA GILBERT, ' 37 Boulder CARMEN HENNEBACH, " 39 Leadville Top Row: Alps, Arnu.trong. BoKhtman, Bull.. O (hii.t.inscn ChristiinsLn J Clark, V. Clark. Connell, Cox Second Row: Ellefson, Evans, Gilbert, Gross, Htcktr HLnntback Hickman G Hinshaw, M. Hinshaw, Horstman Third Row: Howe, Johnson, Kendrick, MacNeill Mark Marshall Mattson Maxwell McDonald, Mocller Fourth Row: Montandon, Mugrage, Ott, Pekrul, Pendleton, Patteys, Puffer, Raife, Reynolds, Ruth Fifth Row: Sarchct, de Schweiniti, Sherwood. Smith, Spengler, Spruill, Stevenson, .Stewart Bottom Row: Stivers, Turman, Warren, Youmans GWENDOLYN HINSHAW, -37 ... . Grand Junction ROSEMARY HORSTMANN, " 37 Denver MARGARET HOWE, -37 Deadwood, S. D MARY KAY HICKMAN, " 39 Boulder SHIRLEY LANTZ, ' 37 Denver LEOTA PEKRUL, ' 39 Denver HELEN PETTYES, ' 37 Brush RUTH RAIFE, " 37 Esthcrville, Iowa MARTHA REYNOLDS, ' 37 ... , Fort Warren, Wyo. JEAN RUTH. -39 Boulder DOROTHEA STEVENSON, ' 37 Boulder LOUISE STEWARD, ' 37 La Salle, Colo. MARIAN SMITH. ' 39 Rapid City, S. D. CHARLOTTE SPENGLER, " 39 Denver DORIS SARCHET, ' SS Fort Collins BETTY STIVERS, ' 38 Montrose CATHERINE TURMAN, " 37 Boulder VIRGINIA YOUMANS. ' 37 Boulder PLEDGES MARY JANE BRIGHTMAN, ' 40 ... . Omaha, Nchr. OLIVIA CHRISTINSON, ' 40 Denver JULIET ANN CLARK, ' 40 Denver GAIL ELLEFSON, ' 40 Berkley, Calif. ROSE MARGARET HECKER, ' 40 Sterling DORIS JOHNSON, ' 40 Denver JOAN KENDRICK, ' 40 Puehlo PERIE LILLEY, ' 40 Denver BETTY MARK, " 40 Boulder ANNIE BABS MARSHALL. ' 40 Fort Collins JANE MATTSON, " 40 HELEN MAXWELL, ' 40 . . . MARGARET MUGRAGE, ' 40 JESSIE JUNE OTT, ' 40 . . . . MARGARET PUFFER, ' 40 . . LUCRETIA DF. SCHWEINITZ, ' 40 BETTY SHERWOOD, ' 40 . . . MARY SPRUILL, ' 40 ERMA WARREN, ' 40 ... . a, Nebr. Denver Denver Morgan Denver Boulder Denver Sahda Denver ' ap- ALPHA OMICRON PI Barnard College, New York, 1897 University of Colorado, 1926 Cardinal Red Jacqueminot Rose w OFFICERS ISABELLE PRICE MARGARET SMITH MARY KASIC MARY ELLEN PATANO UHBB Hi 2,2 2 fii r ' - ? •, ' ? Top Row: Brutheis, Hcckei. Hetferiiuiii, Hc der on. Hildebran dt, Huuck, Kasic, Kendall. Krupl. Lyman Bottom Row: McFadden, Morgan, Morrison, Nixon, Patano. Price, Saward, M. Smith, S. .Smith, Wilhams ACTIVES LOIS GAYNOR, " . 7 Puehlo MARY KASIC, " . 9 Pueblo ANNE KENDALL, W; Pueblo MARGARET LYMAN, ' . 7 Birminijh im, Ala. FRANCES McFADDEN, -. 9 Green River, Wyo. MARNIE MORGAN, ' 40 Green River, Wyo. GERALDINE PARKER, 36 Boulder MARY ELLEN PATANO, VS Salida ISABELLE PRICE, " .VS Manitou MARGARET SMITH, ?S Boulder SYDNEY SMITH, " .- S Philadelphia, Pa. HELEN WALTER, -. 7 Bozeman, Montana RUTH WILLIAMS, " . 7 Denver PLEDGES MARJORIE BROTHERS, " 39 Cripple Creek RUE COLE, ■40 Lake Charles, La. CATHERINE HECKER, " 40 Sterling BETTY HEFFERNAN. 9 Sedalia, Mo. IRENE HENDERSON, " .nS Mountain Dome, Idaho FRANCES HAUCK, 39 Cape Girardeau, Mo. DOROTHY KRAPF, " 40 Cutbank, Montana JOSEPHINE MORRISON, ' 40 Salida EDITH NELSON, " 40 Gilman MARY NIXON, " 39 Pocatello, Idaho GENE SOWARD, ' 37 Blackfoot, Idaho DELTA TAU DELTA Bethany College, 1859 University of Colorado, 1883 Purple, White, and Gold Pans OFFICERS KENNETH I ' ENFOLD HARRISON HAWTHORNE HUGH IRWIN BILL SOUTHARD FACULTY MEMBERS O C ECKHARDT YAL B. FISCHER WARREN O. THOMPSON JOSEPH WALLEY ACTIVES PETER APPEL, ' 40 Greeley CALVIN BAKER. " SS Hollywood. Calif. WILLIAM BURGER, " 37 Evanston, 111. WILLIAM BURR. " 37 Denver EVERETTE CHESNEY. " 38 Boulder WILLIAM CLOUGH, -39 Denver ROBERT COREY, ' 38 Springfield, 111. NICK DARROW, Graduate Olathe JAMES DICKEY. ' 37 Boulder THOMAS DODD, -37 St Louis, Mo. ROBERT GILBERT. Graduate Greeley THOMAS HARPER, ' 39 Trinidad HAROLD HARTMAN, " 39 Montrose WINFRED HAUPTLl, ' 37 Boulder HARRISON HAWTHORNE, ' 37 Canon City JOHN HICKMAN, ' 39 Boulder ALLAN HIESTER, ' 39 Denver JACK HUFFORD, " 39 Sheridan, Wyo. FRED HOMES, JR., ' 38 Garden City, Kan. DUDLEY HUTCHINSON, ' 38 Boulder HUGH IRWIN, ' 38 Fort Collins HOWARD lENNINGS, ' 37 Denver BOB JOHNSON, ' 39 Fort Collins GERALD KINSMAN, ' 37 Grand Junction WILLIAM KNOUS. ' 39 Montrose lOHN LEAVITT. ' 37 Garden City. Kan. GEORGE LESSER, Graduate Denver ROBERT LESSER, ' 37 Denver WILLIAM MARK, " 38 Boulder ROBERT MARTYN. ' 39 Denver HERMAN MAUL, " 38 Denver JAMES McHUGH, ' 39 Grand Junction WILLIAM McELROY, ' 38 Greeley DONALD MET2GER, ' 37 Meeker TYLER MILLER, ' 39 Lyman, Nebr. DONALD MITCHELL. ' 37 Boulder PETER PACKARD. ' 39 Bakersfield, Calif. KENNETH PENFORL. " 37 Belle Fourche, S. D. BBtt Win e ' t e . c .a. f r: £ Top Row: Anderson, Appel, Baker, Block, Boland, Boyd. Bradley. Burner, Burr, Butler Second Row: Chesney, Christiansen, Curtain, Davison, Dickey, Dodd, Hammond, Harper, Hauptii, Hawthorne Third Row: Heister, Hickman, Holmes, Hufford, Hutchinson, Irwin, Jenning.s, Kinsman, Kurtz, Mark Fourth Row: Martyn, Maul, McElroy, McHugh, Metzger, Miller, Neighbors, Norgren, Packard, Parker Fifth Row: Penfold, Perry, Powell, Prouty, Quarnberg, Rathburn, Reeves, Rice, Rich, Sanders Sixth Row: Seelye, Shellabarger, Smith, Soderstrom, Talbot, Trollope, Tyler Bottom Row: Vickers, Vote, Wanless, Weidner, Weinke, Young •37 ROBERT POWELL. ' 38 ROBERT RATHBURN, WILLIAM REEVES, ' 39 . . . JAMES SANDERS. ' 39 ... CLARK SARCHET, Graduate . ARTELL SHELLABARGER, ' 38 MERTON STUDEBAKER, ' 37 . WILLIAM ANDERSON, ' 40 . Greeley DAVID ATKINSON, ' 40 . Fort Collins ROBERT BLACK, " 40 . Casper, Wyo. JOHN BOLAND, ' 40 . Rapid City, S. D. ROBERT BOYD, ' 40 . Cheyenne, Wyo. ROBERT BOATWRIGHT, ' 40 . Boulder RICHARD BRADLEY, ' 39 . . Sterling JOHN BUTLER, ' 40 . . . Denver MERRILL CHRISTENSON, ' 40 . . Scottsbluff, Nebr. JACK CURTAN, ' 38 . . . Louisville CULVER DAVISON, ' 40 . . . Scottsbluff. Nebr. . . . Denver NEAL SMITH. ' 38 Denver . . . Boulder WILLIAM SOUTHARD, ' 38 Greeley . Evanston, 111. EDWARD SPROUL. ' 39 Denver Amarillo, Texas ROBERT TYLER, ' 37 Delta . Fort Collins ALLAN VICKERS, ' 39 Denver . . . Denver CARL WEIDNER, ' 37 Tulsa, Okla. . . . Denver VICTOR YOUNG. ' 39 Cheyenne. Wyo. PLEDGES lACK DAVITT. ' 40 . . . Louisville MERVIN HAMMOND. ' 40 . Montrose lOSEPH KURTZ, ' 40 . Casper, Wyo. GEORGE MATHEWS, ' 39 . Denver LELAND NORGREN, ' 40 . . . RAY NEIGHBORS, ' 40 . Sheridan, Wyo. FRED NESBIT. ' 40 . . . Louisville THOMAS PARKER, ' 40 ... . Deadwood, S. D. GEORGE PERRY, ' 40 . Sheridan, Wyo. LAWRENCE PROUTY, ' 40 . Denver LEX QUARNBERG, ' 40 ... . Rapid City, S. D. JOHN RICE. ' 39 Denver FREEMAN ROBBINS, ' 40 . . Greeley STUART SEELYE. ' 40 . . . Pueblo STUART .SODESTROM, ' 40 . Sterling RAY TALBOT. ' 40 Pueblo RAY THOMPSON, ' 40 . . . Greeley THOMAS TROLLOPE, ' 40 . . . Casper, Wyo. ROBERT VOTE. ' 40 . . . GAIL WANLESS, ' 40 . Springfield, 111. FRANK WEINLE, ' 40 . . Fort Collins SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Alabama University, 1856 kL Colorado University, 1891 Bt Purf e and Gold M ' Violet ' OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERT PERKIN WAYNE JACKSON FORREST COX LAURENCE DE MUTH JOHN GAUMER WARREN WELLS ELMORE PETERSEN FRANCIS WOLLE ACTIVES JACK BELL, -iS Denver WILLIAM BURKHART. ' 39 Denver GEORGE CRISWELL. " 39 Denver WILLIAM DARDEN, " 39 Raton, N. M. WILLIAM EVERY, " 38 Careyhurst, Wyo. DAVID FLITNER, ' 39 Denver THOMAS GREEN, ' 39 Denver WILLIAM GUTHRIE, ' 37 Denver 134 Top Row: Bowman, Brown, Burkh.irt, Cnswell, Darden, Dunn, Emery, Evan.s, Finkcn, F. cIk i Second Row: Flitner, Gaumer, Guthrie, Harvey, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Lane, Le Fevre, Longstn-et Third Row: Marrow, Martin, Mitchell, Naylor, Perkin, Pyle, Reynolds, Rienks, Roe, Sidwell Bottom Row: Tillotson, Waldo, Wilson, Willbank, White, Wheatley, Wendt, Wells, Watson WAYNE JACKSON, " 38 Denver WILLIAM C. LAM, Law Glenrock, Wyo. HERBERT LeFEVER, ' 39 Niwot CHARLES ROVERT LONGSTREET, ' jq Denver WILLIAM LYONS, Law Daytona Beach, Fla. WOODROW martin, ' 38 Denver WILLIAM MORROW, ' 39 San Antonio. Texas ROBERT PERKIN, ' 37 Denver HAROLD PYLE, ' 39 Denver WALTER REYNOLDS, ' 38 Douglas, Wyo. DONALD SIDWELL, ' 39 Winfield, Kan. RALPH WALDO, ' 38 Denver WARREN WELLS, ' 38 Denver ART WHITE, ' 37 Craig CHARLES WHITE, ' 38 . . Craig PLEDGES CYRUS BOWMAN, ' 40 Omaha, Neh. GEORGE RIENKS, ' 40 Denver FRED TILLOTSEN, ' 40 Denver EDWARD NAYLOR, ' 40 - . . . Denver ROBERT JONES, ' 40 Denver EDWARD WILLBANKS. ' 40 Denver ROBERT WHEATLEY. ' 40 Denver ROBERT WATSON, ' 40 Denver KINLIY BROWN, ' 40 Denver JAMES EVANS, ' 40 Denver EDWARD MITCHELL, ' 40 Denver CHARLES FISCHER, ' 40 Denver WALTER FINKEN, ' 40 Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN HARVEY, ' 40 Frankfort, Kan. ALLEN DUNN, ' 39 Garden City, Kan. GEORGE JOHNSON, ' 40 Grand Island, Nebr. 13 BETA THETA PI Miami University, 1839 Colorado University, 1900 Pin and Blue Pin}{ Rose OFFICERS WILLIAM BOWER EDWIN VAN CISE JOHN AMESSE LOUIS TRAYLOR FACULTY MEMBERS LEO ASPINWALL JOHN MASON FREDERICK STORKE ROBERT L. STEARNS FRANK WOLCOTT ACTIVES JOHN AMESSE, ' 37 Denver JOHN APPLEBY, ' J8 Boulder ROBERT BAIRSTOW, ' JS Waukegan, III. JOHN BAUER. ' 38 Denver ELMER BENSEN, ' J8 Denver THOMAS BOAK, ' 38 Denver WILLIAM BOWER, ' SV Denver ROBERT ELLIS, ' 38 Denver JAMES GLASS, " 39 Estes Park PAUL HERSHMAN, " 39 Denver RAY HILL, ' 39 Den% ' er WILLIAM HOVER, ' 39 Denver DONALD HEULSMAN, " 39 Colorado Springs HARRY HUNT, ' 39 South Pasadena, Calif. ELMER JONES, ' 39 Evanston, 111. RICHARD KEARNS, " 38 Boulder nm I 1 e T?? r . r f T ' 9 ( . 9 . " Ht T ' r- .- C f f! ,, £.| A . i - Aftiii " ' m e r r- ( :r c |._ nO ' " pr . 5ipi r r; ( , r,. M I » .4L i . J. Top Row: Ame- c. B.ursti.w. B.Min. h, n , Bli... Ho.ik, K.iwii. Biiwsicr, Br.iJf.ird, C.amphcll Second Row: Clark, Coorcr. Elhs, Eno, FoKom, Glass, Haley, Hanigan, Hancy, Hcrshman Third Row: Hersom. Hill, Hindman, Hover, Huelsman, Hunt, Jones, Karback, Kearns, Kerr Fourth Row: Lavington, Ludlow, McCotter, McClusky, McWhinney, Modesitt, Miller, Musselwhite, Naugle, Peyton Fifth Row: Paynter, Sahin, Scmrad. Sheeler, Simmons, Simon, Thompson, Traylor Bottom Row: Vance, Van Cise, Westerburg, Williams, Wolcott, R. Wright, W. Wright BERT KARBACK. ' 39 Denver LEON LAVINGTON, ' 38 Flagler IRVING LUDLOW, -39 Longmont JACK RAY MILLER, -37 Pueblo LELAND MODESITT, ' 38 Denver WILLIAM PEYTON, ' 38 Fort Morgan SIEGRIED RAUCH, ' 36 Frankfort, Germany ROBERT SABIN, ' 38 La Junta JAMES SCHWARTZ, ' 38 Salina, Kan. CHARLES SEMRAD, ' 37 St. Joseph, Mo. SAMUEL THOMPSON, ' 39 Cheyenne, Wyo. LOUIS TRAYLOR, ' 37 Denver EDWIN VAN CISE, ' 37 Denver JOHN VANCE, ' 37 Denver RICHARD WRIGHT, ' 39 Thermopolis, Wyo. WILLIAM WRIGHT, ' 38 Denver JACK WOLCOTT, ' 38 Boulder PLEDGES WALTER BLISS. ' 40 Greeley WILLIAM BRADFORD, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM CAMPBELL, ' 38 St. Joseph, Mo. CHARLES CLARK, ' 40 Omaha, Nebr. THOMAS COOPER, ' 40 Denver MALCOLM ENO, ' 40 Colorado Springs CHARLES HALEY, ' 40 Denver CLARENCE HAYNE, ' 40 Sterling HOWARD HERSOM, ' 39 Denver WILLIAM HINDMAN, ' 40 Tulsa, Okla. RICHARD KERR, ' 39 Boulder EDSON McCLUSKY, ' 40 Sterling RAWSON McCOTTER, ' 39 Omaha, Nebr. JOHN McWHINNEY, ' 38 Long Beach, Calif. PEYTON MUSSELWHITE, ' 40 . . . Winter Park, Florida WILLIAM NAUGLE, ' 40 SterUng RICHARD PAYNTER, ' 40 Brush WILLARD SHEELER, ' 38 Denver GORDON SIMMONS, ' 39 Waukegan, 111. WALTER SIMON, ' 40 Denver JACK WILLIAMS, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM WOOD, " 39 Omaha, Nebr. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Colorado University, 1901 Blue and Gold White Tea Rose OFFICERS BENJAMIN LOWELL ALAN SHAND PERRY KEEN OLAF HAGE GEORGE AMBOLD. ' 38 Durango BARRY APPLE. ' 39 Denver DON BAKER, ' 39 Pueblo RALPH BLAKEY, ' 37 Casper, Wyo. MYERS BUMGARDNER, ' 37 Boulder MATTHEW CALVERTS, ' 39 Laurel, Mont. ACTIVES NORMAN CROZIER, ' 38 . . ALONZO EMIGH, ' 38 . . . CLAYTON EVANS. ' 38 . , . HENRY FRANCH. ' 38 . . . CAROL FUNDINGSLAND, " 37 CARL GOSE, ' 38 Denver . . Durango Monte Vista Casper, Wyo. Boulder St. Joe, Mich. mam I HB | ..Fn iJiukiMALk Top Row: Allen, Appel, R. Backus, T. Backus, Baker, Barnes, Bartlnif;, Blakcy, Bu Second Row: Clive, Crozier, Emigh, Evans, Franch, O. Hage, W , Hage, Hosk.n.s, He Third Row: Kennedy, LaTorra, Lowell, Lunn, McAleer, Masters, Mack, Miller, Md Fourth Row: Price, Prince, Rames, Reel, Rossman, Sarconi, Shand Bottom Row: Shotwell, Stage, Willis, Wilmer, Whitney OLAF HAGE, ' 38 Denver WILFORD HOWE, ' 39 Pueblo WILLIAM HOSKINS, ' 38 Denver PERRY KEEN, ' 37 Pueblo FORD KENNEDY, ' 39 Limon JACK LA TORRA, " 38 Boulder PAUL LENNARTZ, ' 37 Boulder BENJAMIN LOWELL, ' 38 Fort CoUins TOM MARTIN, ' 38 Pueblo REED MILLER, ' 38 . . Grand Junction EDMUND PIGEON, ' 37 Denver HENRY RAMES, ' 38 Denver WILLIAM RIDDOCK, ' 38 Colorado Springs WILLIAM SARCONI. ' 37 Denver FRANK SEAY, ' 38 Selma, Ala. JOHN SLOVEK, ' 37 Denver LOUIS SMITH, ' 38 Denver ALAN SHAND, ' 38 Pueblo PHILIP THOMPSON, ' 38 Ogdcn, Utah ARTHUR UNGER, ' 38 Denver BYRON WHITNEY, ' 37 Bayfield JULIAN WILLIS, ' 39 Limon STEWART WILSON, ' 38 Cody, Wyo. PLEDGES DONALD ALLEN, ' 39 Denver TOM BACCUS, ' 39 Youngstown, Ohio GILBERT BACCUS, ' 39 Youngstown, Ohio NORMAN BARTLING, ' 39 Denver HARVEY CHRISTENSEN, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM HAGE, ' 40 Denver ROBERT LUNN, ' 40 Denver WALTER MACK, ' 40 Pueblo CHARLES MASTERS, ' 39 Denver JACK McALEER, ' 40 Denver DREXEL MINSHALL, ' 40 Brighton BERT PRINCE, ' 38 Santa Fe, N. M. EDWARD REEL, ' 40 Topeka. Kans. JAMES ROGERS, ' 40 Tulsa, Okla. WILLIAM RONEY, ' 39 Boulder HOWARD ROSSMAN, ' 40 Denver JACK SHOTWELL, ' 40 Bolivia, S. A. CHARLES SARCONI, ' 40 Denver TED STAGE, ' 39 Youngstown, Ohio ANTHONY WILMER, ' 40 Bayfield SIGMA NU Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Colorado University, 1902 Blac . White, and Gold White Rose OFFICERS WILLIAM STEHLIN HOWARD HIGMAN MARSHALL RUSSELL GEORGE CAIN FACULTY MEMBERS DR. LESTER DR. COLE ACTIVES ROYDEN BROWN, 39 Eaton GEORGE CAIN, ' 38 Canon City WILLIAM CASSIDY, ' 37 Boulder PAUL COLLINS, " 37 Canon City VICTOR CRAM, ' 39 Fort Collins JULIAN DUNN. ' 37 Greeley RICHARD FORBE.S, " 37 Cheyenne, Wyo. EDWARD GARNETT, ' 37 Denver LYMAN HARDY. ' 37 Canon City BILL HART, ' 38 Boulder JAME.S HART, ' 38 Pueblo HOWARD HIGMAN, ' 37 Boulder HAROLD lACOBSEN. ' 39 Dcs Moines, Iowa. ROBERT JEFFRIES. ' 38 Longmont DWIGHT JOHNSON. ' 38 Greeley WILLIAM JUMP. ' 38 Boulder JOHN LABAUGH, ' 39 Boulder JAMES LEAR. ' 39 Fort Collins ROBERT LEAR. -37 Fort Collins VERNON MclNTYRE. ' 39 Billings, Mont. LAWRENCE MILLIGAN, ' 37 Clayton, N. M. TED ROBINSON, ' 40 Boston, Mass. MARSHALL RUSSEL, ' 37 Denver FRANK SHERWOOD, ' 38 Canon City RICHARD SHIVELY, ' 38 Colorado Springs RICHARD SIMMONS. ' 39 Billings, Mont. GERALD STACK. ' 39 Lander, Wyo. WILLIAM STEHLIN. ' 37 Canon City WILLIAM STRYKER. ' 39 Boulder ROYCE TEBBETS. ' 4(i Rawlin.s, Wyo. m mm mmrn rm rs e ' :. ' I. t p w Ton Ruw Atkii.M.n Au-tin liiriKs Blue Bi tliLrton Brown Ciin Caldwell Cassidy Clark Second Row: Cram, Ddvilin Dl Nio Dodge Draptr Dukes Dunn Ellis Esans, Forbes Third Row: Garnett Hardy B Hart J Hart Hiekey, Higman Hoff Hughes Jacobson, D Johnson Fourth Row R Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jump, Kmdel, Labagh, J. Lear, R. Lear, Lewis, Mosley Fifth Row: McClelland, MacGuire, Mclntyre, Miller, Morrison, Patterson, Robinson, Russell, Sher Sixth Row; Simmons, Stack, Stehlin, Stryker, Thomas, Tibbett, E. Tomlinson, R. Tomlinson, Tylci Bottom Row: Vollmer, Wagner, Wallace, Ware, Wheeler, Wheelock, White. Wood jd, Shivch ' an Patten DAVID THOMAS. " 59 Denver WILLIAM VAN PATTEN, ' JS Denver JOSEPH VOLLMER. ' jg Colorado Springs JOHN WAGNER. " 38 Fort Morgan DAVID WARE, ' J? . . . JOHN WHEELER, ' 39 . . RICHARD WHEELOCK, ' 37 Boone Greeley Boulder THOMAS ATKINSON, ' 40 Greeley ROBERT AUSTIN. ' 40 Niwot ROBERT BARNES, •40 Fort Collins HAROLD BLUE, •40 Denver DALE BROTHERTON, " 40 North Platte, Nebr. GEORGE CALDWELL, ' 40 Colorado Springs WILLIAM COBB. ' 40 Sterling GEORGE CLARK. " 40 Torrington, Wyo. CHARLES DAVLIN, " 40 Alamosa RALPH DE NIO, " 39 Denver GERALD DODGE, " 40 Fort Morgan WILLIAM DUKES, " 40 Boulder BUSTER ELLIS, ' 40 Greeley CALVIN EVANS, ' 40 Boulder ERNEST GRIFFITH. ' 40 Eaton JAMES HICKEY, " 40 Canon City PLEDGES WTLLIAM HUGHES, ' 38 Fort Morgan ROBERT JOHNSON, ' 40 Wray BILL JONES, -39 Denver GEORGE KINDEL, " 39 Denver JACK LEWIS. " 4(1 Sahda DONALD McClelland, ' 40 Canon City JACK McGUlRE. ' 40 Denver WARD MILLER. " 40 Fort Collins JOSEPH MORRISON, ' 40 Colorado Springs GEORGE MOSELY, ' 40 Colorado Springs WARNER PATTERSON. ' 40 Fort Morgan EDWARD TOMLINSON. " 40 Fort Morgan REX TOMLINSON. ' 40 Fort Morgan LEWIS WALLACE. ' 40 Greeley ROY WHITE. ' 40 Boulder ( PHI DELTA THETA Miami University, 1848 Colorado University, 1902 Azure and Argent White Carnation OFFICERS JAMES MURPHY ROBERT PUTMAN FRED HARDY FACULTY MEMBERS FRANK POTTS WILLIAM McNARY ACTIVES FRED ADAMS, ' 37 Denver ROSS BUMSTEAD, ' 37 Alhambra, Calif. DONALD CLARK, ' 39 Denver AL CHENEY, Law Salt Lake City, Utah KENNETH COLWELL, ' 39 Windsor ANDREW COOKE, Law Chicago, III WAYNE EARL. ' 40 Fort Collins ' ■ --» IPS B B W J. l ,. p. r n. ' Top Row: Adams, Bunistcad, Clark, ColwcU, Earl, Fult .ns, Kcltn,,, Ki-L-arcr, Lukno Row: McDonald, Moore, Rcmplc, Royds, Sylvester, Warnock LIVINGSTON FERRIS. Law Upper Montdair, N. J. HOWARD FISHER, Law PueWo DON HANEY, Law Colorado Springs FRED HARDY, ' 39 Denver GEORGE HUNKER, Law Wichita, Kan. TOM JACQUES, ' 39 Denver FRANK KELTON. -39 Denver CHARLES KREAGER, Law Crook DAVID LONSDALE. HO Denver JACK MAYES. ' 39 Glenwood Springs WILLIAM McDonald. " 38 Glenwood Springs RALPH McFANN, Denver CHARLES MONROE. ' 38 Boulder HOWARD MOORE. ' 38 Colorado Springs JAMES MURPHY. ' 39 Fort Collins ROBERT POTTER. ' 38 Denver ROBERT PUTNAM. ' 37 Denver JAMES ROYDS. ' 37 Sterling TOM SCOTT, ' 37 Boulder BRITTON SMITH, ' 39 Denver FRANK SYLVESTER, ' 38 Center MAX SORENSON, ' 38 Brush WILLIAM WARNOCK, ' 39 Loveland JOHN WOOD, ' 39 Connellesville, Pa. PLEDGES WILLIAM AULT, ' 38 ? " « Collins SYLVESTER BEERS, ' 40 Evanston, 111. HOWARD BRITELL, ' 40 Brush RUSSELL CHURCHILL, ' 40 Maywood, 111. JOHN COOKE, ' 40 Chicago DON FAWCETT, ' 40 Brush HAL FRISBY, ' 40 Bethany ROBERT FULTON, ' 40 Waukcgan, 111. FRED HITE, ' 38 Longmont KENDALL HOLMES, ' 40 Denver DON IRONS. ' 40 Center FRED LUHNOW, ' 40 New York City JOHN MEANS, ' 40 Denver TOM REMPLE, ' 40 Pueblo JOHN SEWARD. Denver TOM SIMMONS. ' 40 Los Angeles DONALD STONE. ' 40 Denver OSCAR STRAUSS. ' 40 Milwaukee, Wis. JACK SYLVESTER, ' 40 Center HOWARD THELIN, ' 40 Maywood, 111. HUBBARD THOMSON, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM WALLRICH, ' 40 Alamosa f ' SIGMA PHI EPSILON Virginia University, 1901 Colorado University, 1904 Red and Purj le American Beauty Rose and Violet 9 OFFICERS HOMER MENDENHALL JOHN LOVERN EUGENE GRIFFITH ALVIN HEWITT FACULTY MEMBERS WILLIAM R. ARTHUR PAUL M. DEAN ACTIVES LESLIE BEREMAN, " JS Holyoke DON BROWN. " 39 Dayton, Ohio SELMAN CASADY, •39 Byers GILBERT CHAPMAN. " 37 St. Louis, Mo. HARRY CHRISTOPHER, -37 Boulder ROBERT COLWELL. " 37 Loveland LOUIS CUMMINGS. ' 38 Leadville PETER DEISCH. ' 37 D enver JOSEPH DUNICH. ' 37 Denver Top Row: Ardell. Bereman. Brown, Casady. Christopher, Cohnour. Colver, Colwell, Cummings, Deisch Second Row: Eakins, Gordon, Gosch, Griffith, Hendrickson, Herschler, Hunter, Jorgensen, Lowther, Lovern Third Row: Lund, Maughan, McLeod, C. Mendenhall, H. Mendenhall, O ' Brien, Phannenschmidt Bottom Row: Stenback, Stoecker, Vosmer, Woodruff, Williams EUGENE GRIFFITH, " 38 Crowley JOHN GORDON, " 37 Denver DELBERT GOSCH, ' 37 Denver ALX ' IN HEWITT. ' 37 Pueblo WILLIAM JORGENSON, ' 39 Flagler JOHN LOVERN, ' 38 Pueblo MALCOM McLEOD, " 37 Red Cliff COVER MENDENHALL. -39 Rocky Ford HOMER MENDENHALL. " 37 Rocky Ford WALTER 0 " BRIEN, " 38 Leadville FREDRICK PHANNEN.SCHMID. " 38 Pueblo ROBERT STENBACK. " 39 Brush DEAN STOECKER. " 39 Denver SHELDON STRONG, " 37 Denver ALFRED VOSMER. " 37 Denver ROGER WILLI.AMS, " 37 Greeley ROBERT WOODRUFF, " 38 Long Beach, Calif. PLEDGES EMMET ARDELL, " 4(1 . Pueblo CHARLES CHRISTMAS, " 38 Kcnnercr, Wyo. LEO COHNOUR. " 40 Albuquerque. N. M. MARVIN COLVER, " 40 Holyoke DON CHRISTOPHER. " 40 Denver ROBERT DeMOTT. " 38 Denver ROGER EAKINS. " 40 Brush WAYNE FREDRICKS, " 38 Long Beach Calif. GIFFORD HALKER. " 40 Boulder WARREN HENDRICKSON, " 40 Loveland EDWARD HERSHLER, " 39 Fontcncllc, Wyo. DELMAR HUNTER, " 40 Manzanola HAROLD JOHNSON, " 40 Holdredge, Nebr. ARTHUR LOWTHER, " 40 Cheyenne, Wyo. ROBERT LUND, " 38 Red Chff ROBERT MAUGHIN, " 40 Golden EDWARD McANDREWS, " 40 Boulder LOYD SPENCE, " 39 Boulder JOHN 0 " ROURKE, " 40 Walsenhurg ALBERT WASKI, " 40 Walsenburg • ACACIA Michigan University, 1904 Colorado University, 1911 Gold and Blac}{ Acacia FACULTY MEMBERS WILLIAM R. ARTHUR HAMILTON I. BARNARD JOHN S. BOUSLOG L. J. BRUNTON LAWRENCE C. COLE RALPH W. DANIELSON PAUL M. DEAN MILO G. DERHAM RODERICK L. DOWNING FRED G. DRUMMOND CLARENCE L. ECKEL ALEXANDER GRANT HORACE A. JONES ROBERT C. LEWIS EDWARD R. MUGRAGE NORMAN A. PARKER CHARLES F. POE ROLLIE R. SCHAFER WILLIAM H. TOMAN CHARLES A. WAGNER HOMER C. WASHBURN RICHARD W. WHITEHEAD NORMAN WITT (Jl |?r,il Brock, Davis, Jones, Nison, McConnell, Moore ACTIVES NORRIS BROCK, 8 Hayden MILTON L. COVERSTON, WS Boulder RONALD DAVIES, " . S Louisville JACK HARRISON, ' .vS Oak Creek W. HARRY JONES, " .vS Victor CARL A MOORE, ' 38 Red Cliff WILLIAM R. YOUNG, ' 37 Cripple Creek PLEDGES WILLIAM H. McCONNELL, ' 40 Hayden RALPH C. MOORE, ■40 Red Cliff BERYL STEWART, " 4(1 Westminster, S. C. PHI GAMMA DELTA Washington and Jefferson University, 1S48 Colorado University, 1912 Royal Purf le ClemaUs mm OFFICERS CARL McLaughlin john morton RICHARD SHEPARD WOODSON RAILEY FACULTY MEMBERS PRESIDENT GEORGE NORLIN DR. MILO G. DERHAM DR. RUSSELL D. GEORGE DR. CHARLES F. POE DR. STUART CUTHBERTSON WALTER B. FRANKLIN KARL K. HULLEY FRANK R. SPENCER, M.D. LESLIE F. ROBBINS DR. O. M. GILBERT ACTIVES WILLIAM AHLBORG. Mu Denver KENNETH ANDERSON, ' 37 Denver FRANK ANDREWS, " 37 Santa Fe. N. M. WILLIAM BAKER, •37 Colorado Springs THOMAS BOHMAN, ' 39 Denver WALLACE BORDEN, ' 38 Colorado Springs ROY BROWER, ' 37 Boulder JERRY CUNNINGHAM, ' 39 Dallas, Texas FRED DAVIES. ' }9 Denver STANTON DAVIES, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM DERRYBERRY, " 39 Pueblo WAYNE DILLON, ' 40 Paonia THOMAS DIXON, ' 39 Denver JACK FREEMAN, ' 38 Denver ROBERT GATES, ' 39 Denver ALBERT GUNNING, ' 38 Longmont |1 1 HIB WlliyHHI . r) : r : " , " Wl ' ' B Top Row : Second Re Third Rov. Fourth Ro Fifth Row • hlUrt, Wilder n B. nh im Bordtn Browir Brill ( :.ird, ( ' ..irc Davis ■ DaMe-. Stan Dcrrybtrry Dillon Dixon Fibhel Gates, Gunning, F. Hall, J. Hall Hirner Kramer Lew Linscott Lloyd Madsen McGhee McLauthlin, Moll. Morton Murray Oviatt Payne Pelissier K Persons L Persons Petrie, Pryor, Railey, Rice Ruddv Sack Shepard Spencer Stark Standley Strain Tower Bcittuni Row Thurman U ( White ' i nssari FLOYD HALL, " . y Lamar DONALD HOLDRIDGE, -39 Tulsa, Okla. HARLAN HOWTETT, ' 37 Delta JOSEPH KERRINGAN, " 40 Pueblo EDWARD LITTLE, Law Colorado Springs CARL McLaughlin, ' 37 Denver BERNARD McGHEE, ' 37 Denver HARRY MOLL. " 39 Denver JOHN MORTON, ' SS Pueblo lAMES MURR. Y, " 38 Colorado Springs NORMAN NEEL. Law Santa Fc. N. M. AL ON ' IATT. -37 Littleton FRED PARKHLRST, ' 38 Boulder SCOTT PAYNE. ' 39 Denver lACK PELISSIER. ' 39 Denver LANDON PERSONS, ' 38 .... Boulder WILBUR PRYOR. ' 39 Pueblo WOODSON RAILEY, ' 38 Denver GEORGE RICE. ' 38 Denver JOHN RUDDY, ' 39 Denver CARROLL SACK, ' 40 Denver DAVID SEERIE, ' 39 Denver RICHARD SHEPARD, ' 39 . . Denver ROBERT SPENCER. ' 39 Boulder STEWART STANDLEY. ' 39 Denver MERITT STARK, ' 38 Denver FRANCIS STEVENS. ' 38 Pueblo DOYLE STOUT. ' 38 ....-.■ Pueblo GEORGE STRAIN, ' 38 Lamar GRANT TOWER, ' 37 Denver ROBERT WEAN ' ER, ' 38 Denver BYRON WHITE, ' 38 Wellington WILLIT WILLIS, Law Colorado Springs LACK YEAGER, ' 37 Denver lOSEPH YRISSARI, ' 39 Denver HARRY . TKlNSON, ' 40 . Colo. Springs ROBERT BONHAM, ' 40 . . Denver MARTY BRILL, ' 4U . . . Trinidad JUSTIN CARD, ' 40 . . Mission, Texas PAUL COPE, ' 40 Denver LARRY DAVIS, ' 40. . . . Denver MORGAN DeKALB, ' 40 . . . Denver DONALD DUNKLEE, ' 40 . . Denver PLEDGES ROBERT FISHEL, ' 411 . . . Denver GEORGE MADSEN, ' 40 . . . Denver JACK HALL. -40 .... . Denver CARL PETERSON. ' 40 . Dallas. Texas ELMER HARNER. ' 40 . . . Denver NICK PETRY, ' 40 .... Denver ROBERT HILL, ' 40 . . . . Denver KENNETH PERSONS, ' 40 Boulder RICHARD KRAMER, ' 40 . . Denver ROBERT SLATER, ' 38 . . . Boulder SAM LEVY, ' 40 .... . Denvei DONALD THURMAN, ' 40 . Boulder KENNITH LINSCOTT, ' 40 . . Denver HAROLD YOUNG, " 4(1 . Fort Morgan lULIAN LLOYD, ' 40 . . . . Denver REX YOUNG. -40 .... Trinidad 9 SIGMA CHI Miami University, 1855 Colorado University, 1914 Blue and Old Gold White Rose f OFFICERS DON LESHER JACK MAAS GRAHAM WILSON FACULTY MEMBER WE. BROCKWAY ACTIVES EDGAR BOYD, ' il Denver BERT BUTCHER, ' 39 Denver WILLIAM CHASE. ' 37 Denver BRUCE CLARK, ' 38 Chicago, IlL FRANK COWING. ' JS Walsenburg AUBERT DURNELL. ' 38 Denver CHARLES DUNCAN. ' 37 Cortez FRANK EVES. ' 38 Denver GWINN EARHART. ' 37 Omaha. Nebr. HOE HERSEY. ' 38 Granite H t ' I, --=» - wiHii ' i!MLh Top Row: Allison, Beck, Boyd,, Cowint;, Butcher, D.iMc-, l ii.J,,.. Cu.ieron, Durnell Second Row: Earhart, Gilbert, Grimm, Hibhard, Higby, Holmes, Ingles, lacoherger, lacobson La Third Row: Lesher, Maas, Madison. McAllister, McKown, Mustain. Pexton. Phillips ' Bottom Row: Pondulac. Sholander. Temple, Thompson. Viner, Walker JIM HIGBY, ' 39 Monument DOUGLAS HUDSON, ' 37 Fort Scott. Kan. HOWARD HUDSON, ' 37 Fort Scott, Kan. DON LESHER, -37 Denver HOWARD McAllister, -37 Denver JOHN McKOWN, ' 37 Colorado Springs HOWARD MORE, ' 37 Denver ROBERT MUNDHENK, ' 37 Denver JACK MAAS, ' 38 Denver GRAHAM MORRISON. ' 38 Denver LAWRENCE PEXTON, ' 38 Denver JOHN PHILLIPS. ' 38 Peru. Ind. VAN KIRK PERKINS, ' 37 Louisville CARLETOK REED, ' 38 Denver KIRK STEPHENSON, ' 38 Fort Morgan CLIFFORD S. NOLANDER. ' 37 Turlock, Calif. ROBERT TEMPLE, ' 37 Denver GRAHAM WILSON, ' 37 Denver JACK WATSON, ' 39 Denver FRANK WINDOLPH, ' 37 Denver PLEDGES BEN ALLLSON, ' 40 Denver NEIL BAILEY. ' 4(1 Walsenburg IVAN BECK, ' 39 Colorado Springs CALVIN BOSIN, ' 39 Denver DUNCAN CAMERON, ' 40 Boulder GAIL CLARK. " 39 Wellington. Kan. ROYAL DONNER, ' 4U Fort Morgan DICK DONOVAN, ' 37 Denver FRANK DUNST. " 40 Denver BILL DRESCHER. ' 40 Craig DONALD EIKNER. ' 40 Dallas. Texas WAYNE GILBERT. ' 40 Denver LAWRENCE GWINN, ' 40 Denver JACK HATCHETT. ' 40 Denver ROSS HIBBARD, ' 40 Boulder BUD HOLMES. ' 411 San Diego. CaUf. SAM HUTCHINSON. ' 40 Waterloo. Iowa JIM INGLES. " 40 Tioga ROBERT JACOBBERGER. ' 40 Omaha, Nehr. TOM KEATING. ' 40 Red CHU WES MERRITT. ' 40 Walsenburg ED MILLER. ' 40 Pueblo CHARLES MUSTAIN, ' 40 Omaha, Nebr. ROGER POSTLETHWAITE. " 40 Pueblo HAROLD SAUNDERS. " 40 Omaha. Nebr. HERMAN STEDWELL. ' 37 Hastings, Nebr. TOM THOMPSON, ' 40 Walsenburg TED VINER, " 411 Denver GEORGE WALKER. ' 40 Denver B PHI KAPPA PSI Jefferson College, 18 2 University of Colorado, 1914 Cardinal Red and Hunter ' s Green jacqueminot Rose i OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS DON FREEMAN TOBIN CLARENCE M. KEMPER HARRY M. BARRETT FRANK L. GREENWAY, JR. HEBER K. BEARDMORE WALLACE L CASSELL ACTIVES GEORGE BAAB, ' il Greeley WALTER DIETER, ' 37 Denver HEBER K. BEARDMORE, ' 37 Wichita, Kan. WALTER EMPSON, " 40 Neosho, Mo. BENJAMIN B. CAMP, •38 Evanston, 111.. BYRON ENOCHS, " 37 Kayenta, Ariz. WALTER M. CARLSON, ' 38 Denver SHELTON ENOCHS, " 38 Kayenta, Arij. ik ' flS . .i J Top Row: Baab, Beardmore, Carlson, Camp, Dieter, Enoch, Flower. Frank, Gelwicks, Goddard Second Row: Greenway, Hardin, Hayden, Kempner, L. Lancaster, R. Lancaster, Philpott, Pope. Schreiber, Shr Bottom Row: Sloan, Smith, Snyder, Tarbell, Tobin, Vesey, Welch ROBERT J. ENOCHS, ' 37 Kayenta. An:. HERBERT FACKLER, 9 Parco. Wyo. CHARLES FLOWER, " 39 Boulder MELVIN GELWICKS, " 39 Boulder ARNOLD GODDARD, ' 37 Denver DONALD S. GREEN. ' 37 Lamar FRANK L. GREENWAY. ' 38 Boulder ROBERT C. HANKS, ' 37 Denver JOHN B. HAYDEN, " 38 Denver RUSSELL HODGE, " 38 Kansas City, Mo. GEORGE H. HOLDREDGE. ' 38 . . . Thermopol.s, Wyo. CLARENCE M. KEMPER, ' 38 Denver JACK R. KINMARD, ' 37 Omaha. Ncbr. GEORGE M. LEASENFELD. ' 39 .... Jamaica, N. Y. DON MARTIN, •38 Denver EDWARD McDowell, -38 Greeley GENE MOORE, -38 ... . WILLIAM B. O ' ROURKE, " 37 JOHN A. PHILPOTT, ' 39 . . JAMES G. PIERCE, ' 38 . . . . Casper, Wyo. . Durango Greeley Bryn Mawr, Penn. BURWELL POPE, " 38 Pueblo EDMUND A. SCHREIBER, ' 37 .... Springfield, Ohio NORMAN SCHREIBER, ' 37 St. Joseph, Mo. HARRY SCHWARTZ, ' 37 Casper, Wyo. .■ LLEN SMITH, ' 38 Denver WILLIAM SNYDER. ' 38 Denver WAYNE TARBELL, ' 38 Saguache, Colo. DON TOBIN, ' 37 Denver MYRON VESETH, ' 37 Boulder BRUCE VESEY, ' 37 Denver WESTON WOLCOTT, ' 39 Kearney, Nebr. PLEDGES ROBERT R, ALLEN, ' 39 Rawlins, Wyo. JOHN E. ALLEN, ' 4(i Gunnison L. DAVID ANDERSON, ' 40 Jerome, Ariz. DAVID C, COLLINS, ' 40 Hinsdale, 111. CLAUDE J. GERBASE. " 40 Denver DOUGLAS HARDIN, ' 39 Baldwin JOHN E. HOGAN, ' 40 Durango HERBERT W. HOOVER, ' 39 Greeley LOGAN R. LANCASTER, ' 38 Kearney, Nebr. ROGER I. LANCASTER, ' 38 Kearney, Nebr. ROBERT LANGDON, ' 39 Pueblo JOHN MALONE, ' 59 Denver WARREN A. NEWTON, ' 39 W. Great Falls, Mont. HARVEY PROCTER, ' 39 Denver RENNISON F. READ, ' 39 Manchester, N. H. LEE SHRUM, ' 39 Lusk, Wyo. WILLIAM W. SLOAN, ' 39 Mt. Harris WENDELL SMITH, ' 39 Hayden JOHN R. WELCH, ' 39 Mapleton, Iowa ALPHA SIGMA PHI ♦ Yale University, 1845 Colorado University, 1915 Cardinal and Stone Cardinal Rose OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS EARL HOWSAM WARREN WATROUS EDMUND CHAPMAN MERVIN S. COOPER LUCIEN BISSEY GEORGE McKELVIE FRANK S EASTOM CLARENCE L. ECKEL HAZEN W. KENDRICK BERNARD F. OAKES ZELL F. MABEE WALTER E. MALLORY WARREN RAIDER ACTIVES CARLOS BATES, ' 37 Denver ORVILLE BEAM, " 38 Boulder LUCIEN BISSEY, ' 38 Loveland WILLLMvl BRANT. " 38 Winterpark, Fla. W-c- UK Top Row: Bates. Beam. Bissey, Brennan. Chambers, Cornett, Dye. Gibson, Glassburn, Greene Second Row: Hanson, E. Howsam, R. Howsani, Imrie, Harry Jones, Hugh Jones, Lenzotti, McKelvic, Morales Bottom Row: Perrv, Revcr, Robinson, Scarle.s, Stiver, Thomas Vandcrpool, Watrous, Winner. White RALPH CHAMBERS, 38 Pryor HAMILTON DYE, ' iS Aliquirpa. Penn. WILLIAM GIBSON, ' 37 Longmont ALBA GLASSBURN, ' 38 Craig JOHN GREEN, ' 38 Loveland EARL HOWSAM, ' 37 La Jara CHESTER JONES, ' 37 Auk HUGH JONES, -39 Craig ALFRED LENZOTTI, ' 38 Walsenburg HOWARD McBIRNEY, ' 37 Denver GEORGE McKELVIE. ' 38 Collbran ROBERT MINTON, ' 38 E. St. Louis, III FRANSCISCO MORALES, " 37 Panama City, Panama KENNETH PETERSON, " 38 Denver ALLEN REYER, " 37 Denver HUGH SMITH, ' 38 Kremmhng JOHN STIVERS, " 37 Montrose JACK TRUSCOTT, -37 Loveland W.ARREN WATROUS, " 37 Denver PLEDGES J.AMES BRENNAN, -40 Dawson, N. M. WARREN CORNETT, MO Montrose ROBERT CHRISTY, •40 Alamosa ARVARD HANSON, ' 40 Walden JOHN HANSON, " 40 Boulder ROBERT HOWSAM, ' 40 La Jara GEORGE IMRIE, JR., ' 40 Ogden, Utah JAMES McKONALD, Mo Pueblo JOSEPH McQUAID. ' 40 Denver STANLEY PERRY, ' 40 Brighton JOHN POYNTON, " 39 Chicago, 111. PAUL ROBINSON, ' 40 Auk HERBERT SEARLES, ' 40 Missoula, Mont. THEODORE THOMAS, ' 4(1 Fresno, CaHf. RAYMOND VANDAPOOL. ' 40 Loveland KAPPA SIGMA Virginia University, 1869 Colorado University, 1916 Scarlet, White, and Green Lih-of-the-Valky 1 OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS ROSCOE TEATS HENRY BAUME DON C. SOWERS HOMER C. WASHBURN WALLACE McNeill jack OLSEN carol LAVERTY WILLIAM SLATON ACTIVES HUGH ALLDREDGE, ' :- 9 Englevvood HENRY BAUME, " 37 Denver GEORGE BRAGG, " 40 Longmont WILLARD CATON, ' 39 Denver ROBERT COOLEY, ' 37 Akron III A,? " ' 156 • " ■ " " " " ' g| Top Row: Baume, Caton, Cesario, Creese, Donaldson, Gill, Haloma, Hankinson, Kelly, Ledyard Second Row: F. MacNeill, J. McNeill, W. McNeill, Mylan. Newcomb, C. Olsen . J. Olscn, A. Rasso. D. Rasso, Ro Bottom Row: Storer, Teats. R. Teats, Wharton, White, Williams, Wood EARL DONALDSON, ■}9 Sterling LARS HALAMA, " y Albuquerque. N. M. WILLIAM HAWKINSON, ' 38 Otis RUSSELL LEDYARD, " 37 Boulder ERASER MeNEIL, " ?y San Diego, Calif. WALLACE McNeill, WS Blackhawk JOHN MYLAR, " .vS Cheyenne, Wyo. LEWIS NEWCOMB, •40 Melba, Idaho CHARLES OLSEN, ' .v; Denver JACK OLSEN, ' . 7 Denver AMOS RASO, ' . 7 Grand Junction FERD ROWAN, " . 7 Arvada JOHN STORER, ' .vS Denver MERRILL TEATS, ' }9 Denver ROSCOE TEATS, ' 37 Denver CLAIRE WHITE, ' 37 Julesburg CARL WOOD, ' 39 Denver PLEDGES DOMINIC CESARIO, ' 39 Trinidad VERNON CREESE, ' 39 Longmont WILLIAM DOKE, ' 40 Meade BUS FARRINGTON, ' 40 Golden BRUCE GILL, ' 40 Otis ROBERT HEADLEY, ' 40 Monte Vista HENRY HOBBS, ' 40 Longmont CLYDE KELLY, ' 40 Englewood JOHN McNeill, ' 40 Blackhawk THOR LAUGESEN, " 39 Brush ROBERT WILLIAMS, ' 39 Chicago, 111. WILLIAM RICHARDS, ' 40 Denver HAROLD WHARTON, ' 40 Denver LLOYD WRIGHT, ' 39 Monte Vista Deceascd. PHI SIGMA DELTA Columbia University, 1909 Colorado University, 1919 Purple and White Vwlet OFFICERS PHILIP HORNBEIN, JR. HARRY FRUMESS ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN MYRON GOLDBERG FACULTY MEMBERS DR. WILLIAM B. LORBER DR. GERALD M. FRUMESS DR. HERMAN J, LAFF ACTIVES EDWARD BRONSTINE, ' 58 Denver HYMAN CHESTER, ' 37 Denver JOSEPH EISENBERG, ' 39 Brooklyn, N. Y. HARRY FRUMESS, ' 37 Denver mem fe . f ., i !i r ■ fs r r:i . ,rr ■-?!, . .s Top Row: Berger, Bronstinc, Cooper, Dinner, Duhin, Emerson, Fiedlcnian, Frumess, Gardenswarts, Gilnian Second Row: M. Goldberg, S. Goldberg, Goldstein, Hendler, Hornbein, |udd, Kat:, Latf, Licluenstein, Pooley Bottom Row: Rifk.n, Roscnbloom, Rosen, Sachter, Seidenburg, Snyder, Vexland, Vissenberg, Yoelin HAROLD OILMAN, WS Denver MYRON GOLDBERG, " Jy New York, N. Y. PHILIP HORNBEIN, JR., •?? Denver MORRIS JUDD, ' .- 7 Denver RAYMOND KATZ, ' . 7 Denver LEONARD LEFF, ' .vS Cheyenne, Wyo. ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN, " .H; Alamosa FRANCIS REIBSCHEID, -. S Colorado Springs SAM RIFKIN, " .VS Denver GERALD ROSENBLUM, . S Cheyenne PLEDGES DAVID COOPER, " . 9 Denver SIDNEY DINNER, ' 40 Greeley FRANK DUBIN, " 40 Denver SIDNEY A. EMESON, -40 Denver REEF FIEDLEMAN, ' 40 Denver HAROLD GARDEN SWARTZ, -57 Denver SEYMOUR GOLDBERG, ' 40 Denver GILBERT GOLDSTEIN, ' 40 Denver BURT GOLDWATER, Graduate Ren.), Nevada BERNARD HENDLER, " . y Denver MARVIN POOLEY, " 40 Denver PHILIP ROSEN, ' 40 Denver NAT SACHTER, ' 40 Pueblo VICTOR SEIDENBERG, ' 40 Denver ED ' WARD SNYDER, ' JS Denver ZEL VEXLAND, ' 40 Denver PHILIP VISSENBERG, ' 40 Cheyenne, ' yo. ELI YOELIN, ' 40 Denver CHI PSI Union College, 1841 Colorado University, 1920 Purple and Gold OFFICERS ROBERT SHAFFER JACK TIPPLE WILLIAM ACKARD COLIN JAMES FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN McLUCAS ABBOTT HASTINGS ACTIVES EDWARD ABLE, -39 Denver WILLIAM ACKARD. ' 39 Denver FRANCIS ARNY, ' 39 Montclair, N. J. CHARLES BERRY, ' 39 ... Denver CHARLES BROCK. ' 38 Denver GEORGE BULKLEY. " 38 Fort Collins WILLIAM BURKART, ' 38 Denver ROBERT CAMPBELL, ' 38 Greensburg, Pa. JOHN DALZIEL. " 37 Fort Collins GAYLE GREENE. ' 37 Memphis, Texas .: f " ' ' - iL ' wij L.. ' m 11 i yi ii iA " ' l lHS ' im.A. MM IiL: Top Row: E. Able. C. A- ■ . r Second Row: Gallowav. G ' r H H: - ■ : ' : Third Row: Luxford, Oakes, Poyen, Reid, Rogers, R. Sharer, J - Bottom Row: Taylor, Thomas, Warner, Williams, Wilson. Works Davis, Frink -tcham, Lowen Steams. Strickla JACK GALLOWAY, " 58 Holdredge, Nebr. RICHARD HALL, T S Fort Collins W ILLL M IXGWERSEN, " 59 Denver COLIX JAMES, " 58 Denver MACK KENNEDY, " 59 Denver ANDREW " L. WSON. " 5S Colorado Springs CH. RLES LOWEN. " 5S Denver ROBERT LOWEN, " 59 Denver RICHARD LUXFORD, " 59 Denver RICHARD NO " ELS. " 58 Colorado Springs ROBERT OAKES. " 59 Denver JOHN POYEN. " 57 Colorado Springs WILLIAM PUMPELLY, " 57 Littleton ROBERT PHINNEY, 5i CL. RK PERKINS, " 59 . . LL- X ROGERS. " 59 . ROBERT SH.A.FFER, " 5S . JOHN SH. FFER. " 5 " ROBERT T.-VYLOR. " 57 . CHARLES TAYLOR, " 58 PETER H. NFORD. " S; . . HERBERT THO L S, " 58 . JACK TIPPLE, " 58 . , . . JACK TODHUNTER, " 59 . LITTLETON WILSON!. " 39 ... Denver Denver Santa Monica, Calif. . Colorado Springs . . Colorado Springs Denver . . . Littleton Colorado Springs Denver Pueblo . Denver Denver PLEDGES CHARLES ABLE. " 40 . , HILL BL. LOCK, " 40 , . JAMES BROWN. ••« . . JAMES C. NON, " 58 . , ROBERT a NON. " 40 . ROBERT FRINK. " 40 . , JOE H, LL, " 40 . . , BL. KE HIESTER, " 40 . , HERBERT KOLB. " 40 . NEWTON L-ARRICJ:, ' 40 FRED L. TCJ AM, " 40 JAMES LEMEN, " 40 . . RODERICK REID. ' 40 , , JOHN STEARNS. " 40 , , ARTHUR WARNER, ' 40 . JOE W1LL1.- MS, " 40 . GEORGE WORKS. " ••O . . Denver , . . Boulder Holdredge, Nebr. . . , Denver . . . , Denver , , . Denver Fort Collins . Denver . Denver Lamar Denver . . . Denver . . . Denver Fv,.n,ton. m. Denver Loveland Denver LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Boston University, 1909 University of Colorado, 1922 PurpiJe, Gold, and Green Violet OFFICERS RICHARD DUKE ROBERT CRUME GUY BURNHAM CLIFFORD BROWN FACULTY MEMBERS W. OTTO BIRK LEONARD L. LEH JAMES W. BROXON W. CLINTON DUVALL RICHARD L HILLIER lOHN A. WAITE Ki -♦IF Burnhano. (inime. Dow. Duke, hitch. Hunirh ACTIVES CHARLES F. BENNINGHOFF, " . 8 Pueblo CLIFFORD G. BROWN, ?7 Littleton GUY C. BURNHAM, -. 8 Boulder ROBERT W. CRUME, " .- V Tulsa RICHARD H. DUKE, " 38 Denver WILLIAM H. FITCH, WS Plainfield, N. J. HARRY H HUMPHRY, -.37 Palisade REX L WELCH, WS Ft. Collins ROBERT G. WOODS, " .VS Boulder PLEDGES BORDEN M. COULTER, -40 La Veta, Colo. ROYAL W. DOW. JQ Lyman, Nehr. ALVIN S, STEELE, ' 40 Wahsatch, Colo. PI KAPPA ALPHA University of Virginia University of Colorado, 1922 Garnet and Gold Lilyof ' the-Valley OFFICERS TUDOR FINCH GRADY WELTER ALLEN CARPENTER TURRELL BARBER FACULTY MEMBERS H. CRAMER EARNEST WAHLSTROM MARTIN F. SCHMIDT ACTIVES ROBERT ANDERSON, ' 58 Denver DELMAR ATWOOD, -39 Basin, Wyo. CHARLES BARBER, -..7 Colorado Springs TURRELL BARBER, -38 Leadville RICHARD BENSBERG, " 39 Colorado Springs ROBERT BLAIR, ' JS Denver BENNY BODINE, " SS Nunda. N. Y. DON BROWN, ' 39 Boulder ALLEN CARPENTER. " 38 Denver MAX CHURCHFIELD, ' 38 Casper, Wyo, CHARLES CONDON, ' 39 Leadville JOSEPH CONNOR, " 37 Denver HARRY CREAGAN, ' 39 Denver SIDNEY CUDEBEC, ' 37 Nunda, N. Y. TUDOR FINCH. " 38 Colorado Springs GENE FOWLER, ' 39 Gordon, Nebr. amoBm _ Top Row: Andcr.soii, Atwuod. Barker, Barber, Barnes, BartimUN Blair, Brown, Carpenter, Cluirehfield Second Row: Clark, Cline, Collier, Condon, J. Condon, Cudebra, Ehrman, Fant, Felix, Finch Third Row: Gardner, Griffon, Gustin, Herd. Herzberger, Holmes, Jones, Levering, Malcolm, Millard Fourth Row: Olson, Ord, Pick, Rocchio, Radford, Ryan, Sonnekson, D. Steel Bottom Row: A. Steel, Taylor, Watson. Weber, Welter. Whitney JOSEPH GARDNER, ' 38 Colorado Springs CARROLL GRIFFIN, ' 38 Paonia BRUCE GUSTIN, " 39 Denver HARVEY HERD, Graduate Post, Texas ELMER HOLMES, ' 38 Boulder HENRY JOHNSON, ' 39 Pueblo JARRAD JONES, ' 38 Basin, Wyo. LOUIS KELSO, Law Denver ROBERT KENNEDY, ' 39 Pueblo JOHN KUNZMAN, ' 38 Greeley EUGENE McFALL, ' 38 Denver MALCOLM MEDILL, ' 38 Colorado Springs GUY MILLARD, ' 38 Denver HARRY RADFORD, ' 38 Haxton CLARENCE ROCCHIO, ' 39 Denver TOM RYAN, ' 39 Boulder HARRY SIMMONS, ' 37 Ramah ROBERT SONNEKSON, ' 37 Colorado Springs ARNOLD STEELE, " 39 Boulder LAWRENCE STEFFENHAGEN, ' 37 . . . Hastings, Minn. MORRIS TAYLOR, " 39 Warsaw, N. Y. CHESTER WALKER. ' 38 Denver JOSEPH WATSON. ' 39 Pueblo WILLIAM WEBER, ' 37 Denver GRADY WELTER, ' 37 Ro.swell, N. M. LEO WOLGAMOOD. " 37 Colorado Springs PLEDGES PIKE BARNES, ' 40 Colorado Springs FRED BARTIMUS, " 40 Colorado Springs BEN CLARK, ' 40 Denver WILLIAM CLINE, ' 40 Denver J. P. COLLIER, ' 40 Roswell, N M. JACK CONDON, " 40 Leadville ROBERT EHRMAN, ' 40 Colorado Springs VERNE ELSESSER, ' 40 Rocky Ford WILLIAM FANT, ' 39 Garden City, Kan. ALLEN FELIX, ' 40 Denver CARROLL FOX. ' 40 Colorado Springs DON HENDRICKS, ' 40 Colorado Springs JAMES HERZBERGER, ' 40 Denver WILLIARD HILLS, ' 40 Colorado Springs LLOYD JOHNSON, " 40 Denver GEORGE LOVERING, ' 40 Denver FRED NEWCOMER, ' 40 Colorado Springs ROBERT OLSEN. ' 40 Colorado Springs ROBERT ORD, ' 40 Denver BUD PICK, ' 40 Colorado Springs HERMAN RAINS, ' 40 Colorado Springs WILBUR ROCCHIO, ' 40 Denver JACK ROONEY, ' 40 Hot Springs, S. D. WILBUR SCOTT. ' 40 Lamar LORING SMITH, ' 40 Warsaw, N. Y. JAMES THOMPSON, ' 40 Colorado Springs HERBERT THOMPSON, ' 40 Denver GLEN WHITNEY, ' 40 Boulder PHI KAPPA TAU Miami University, 1906 Colorado University, 1924 Harvard Red and Old Go]d Red Carnation OFFICERS EDWIN BEARDSWORTH WILLARD NETTLETON FLOYD BROWN FACULTY MEMBER FRED P. GIBBS ACTIVES NEIL BAUER. ' 37 Yellowstone Park, Wyo. EDWIN BEARDSWORTH, " 37 Denver ALBERT BIELLA. ' 37 Louisville FLOYD BROWN, ' 38 La Junta HAROLD CHRISTIANSEN, ' 37 Akron WILLIAM CLARK, ' 38 La Junta LOUIS DEGEN, " 38 Denver CHARLES DIENKEN. ' 37 La Junta ffumi s n asanas- ■■- ' 5 Top Row; Bcardsworth. A. Biella. Arnold Biclla. Bodeman, Brown, C. Clark. V. Clark, Christenscn, Crispin, Second Row: Degan, Deinken. Fickany, French. Gihh. ' ;. Haak, Hamilton. Hcdrick, lohn.-ion, Koonce Third Row: Lewis, Lvall. Meadows, McLoud, Meechum, Millen efer, Mulvihill. Ncttlcton. Orr, Overholt B.ittum Row: Perry, Potter, Reineke, Robb, Romano, Schult:, WaddinRton, Wood WALTER DRISKILL, ' 37 Luline, Texas LESTER HAMILTON, ' .38 Springfield JOHN HEDRICK, " 37 Wray W CLIFTON McCLOUD, " 37 Scottsbluff, Ncbr. WILLIAM MEACHUM, ' 38 Denver ROBERT MILLENSIFER, ' 38 Denver CLYDE NETTLETON, ' 37 Loveland WILLARD NETTLETON, ' 38 Loveland RAY OVERHOLD, ' 37 Boulder FRANCIS REINEKE, ' 38 Sheridan, Wyo. PAUL ROBB, ' 38 Phillipsburg, Kan. VITO ROMANO, " 38 Louisville WILLIAM SHEPHERD, ' 39 Yuma ROBERT CRISPIN. ' 39 Denver THEODORE CURTIS. ' 39 Denver HAROLD KOONCE, ' 37 Eagle RICHARD LaSALLE, ' 39 Louisville WILLIAM LEWIS, ' 39 Denver ROBERT LYALL, ' 37 Leadville CHARLES MEADOWS, ' 39 Denver JOHN RACKAWAY, ' 39 Mt. Vernon, 111. LEWIS WADDINGTON, ' 37 Fowler ORLIN WOOD, ' 38 Denver PLEDGES DALE CHAPMAN, ' 39 Bcthune KARLE RAVEN, ' 39 Denver ALBERT BODEMANN, " 40 Littleton RUPERT RYAN, ' 40 Goodland, Kan. FRED FIKANY, " 40 Leadville WILLIAM ORR, ' 40 Leadville NORMAN SCHULTZ, ' 39 Denver HOWARD PERRY, ' 39 Colorado Springs ARNOLD BIELLA, " 39 Louisville JOHN JOHNSON, ' 37 Pallisade ROBERT MULVIHILL, ' 37 Pallisade JERRY FREN,CH, ' 40 Lake City CURTIS CLARK, ' 40 Flagler EDWIN HAAK. ' 39 Colorado Springs ] y DELTA SIGMA PHI New York City College, 1899 University of Colorado, 1924 White and Tsjiie Green White CarndUon OFFICERS ROBERT S. OGILVIE HARRY COOK VERL STUART GLEN H. SCHAFER FACULTY MEMBERS C. P. BITTER JULIAN M. BLAIR CHARLES A. HUTCHINSON DAVID W. O ' DAY ELMER M. PLEIN WALTER C. TOEPELMAN HAROLD A. HOFFMEISTER Cuok. Ev,,n., Lusty, Mancini. Ogilvie, Schalei ACTIVES JOHN P. BROOKS, ' J8 Denver HARRY COOK, " 38 Denver HAROLD COOPER, " Boulder LUTHER EVANS, ' 38 Twin Falls, Idaho OSCAR HANSON, ' 39 Boulder CARL LIPNER, ' 38 Denver FRANCIS MANCINI, ' 38 Denver WARD MILLER, ' Denver ROBERT OGILVIE, ' 37 Kersey GLEN SCHAFER, ' 37 Center VERL STUART, ' 38 Boulder ARTHUR WATSON, ' 38 Hugo PLEDGES JAMES BEAVERS, ' 40 Hugo HUGH CHASTAIN, ' 39 Cortes WILLIAM DAY, ' 38 Denver KENNETH JORDAN, ' 40 Idaho Springs LEONARD LOOSE, ' 40 Denver CARL LUSTY, ' 39 Evanston, Wyo. ® THETA XI Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, 1864 Colorado University, 1929 Blue and White OFFICERS RUSSELL O. MANN OLIVER LONG NORMAN D. DALY HORACE HARDING FACULTY MEMBERS FRANCIS GECK ODON KNIGHT ALAN S. McMASTER WALTER K. NELSON WAINO S. NYLAND Top Row: N. Dailey, V. Dailcy, Dicrlam, Evans, Fladung, Eraser, Haase, Harding, Long, Mann Bottom Row: Schleicker, Senbicki, Tuck, Woodling ACTIVES NORMAN DALY, -37 Pittsburgh, Pa. ROBERT DIERLAM, T S Boulder HANS ESSER, ' 39 Denver JOHN FAIRCHILD, " 38 Boise, Idaho HORACE HARDING, ' 38 Denver RICHARD HAASE, " 37 Chicago, 111. OLIVER LONG, " 39 Goodland, Kan. RUSSELL MANN, " 37 Boulder DONALD STROMBERG, " 38 . . ' Boulder HARRY WINDSOR, " 39 St. Louis, Mo. ROBERT WOODLING, " 37 La Junta PLEDGES VERNON DAILY, " 40 Hillrose GEORGE EVANS, " 40 Laird PAUL FLADUNG, " 38 Longmont ROBERT ERASER, " 40 Billmgs, Mont. HAROLD OWENS, " 40 Boulder HOWARD SCHLIECKER, " 40 Denver » » Pretty Jewey, Eleanor » » There ' s a lot of things Yd rather do, Irwin, and Dorothy Schureman » » This may appeal to Tom Clay, but we don ' t care for this » » We care for this. Agnes Sneddon, DG » » Mamma, there ' s that gal again, with little Caesar » » Ruth Plank and— O.K. It ' s Modesitt. Whew! that ' s over » » Swing high, swing Lowen. Why not swing Blomgren, too? » » Another case for Marriage and the Family » » Olga Saliba and Everyl Humphrey. Ten cents a dance? » » Jean Ruth, Alpha Phi, and Tom TroUope, Delt. Tom is too busy talking about TroUope to smile for the camera. rn ii » » Front rank, and are they rank! » » Virginia Blomgren studying!!! » » Marjone Helen Rice, Pi Phi; Marian Aley, DG; and Rosemary Orsborn, Theta (before I forget it, have you met the Duke?), decide to sit this one out » » Schureman ' s march to see. Huddleston and Smith are also in the picture » » " Petticoat Fever " , starring Marian Smith and Chuck Lowen » » Moses and noses » » Perkin jerkin a smile » » ' ' Publicity Mad " Clark and Tommy Trollope » » Jean Ruth, and don ' t worry, Les, we won ' t mention your name » » They own the camera that takes the Coloradan snapshots. (Apologies to Burger.) rr » » Wimpy or Waiteor Winterbourne or Winterbottom. (P. S. — Smiling) » » They say that the Kappas did a nice job of house-decorating at Homecoming. Anyway, Betsy and Dick are proud of it » » Hm! Potts and Aden. They eat, too » » Maybe it ' s the Georgia stomp » » Two mem- bers of the Commission keep the ballot box from being stuffed — oh, yeah? » » He was such a cute frog! » » Murine and toothpaste poses — Lee could use some of both, no doubt » » You don ' t need roller skates to shoot craps, Eddie » » A book, a pen. (P. S. — Helen Jones) » » Study in coiifure. » » Sammy at the Steinway » » Ruth Plank plunking » » Flowers for Madame » » Beat who? » » Pete Smythe and his boys » » Dick Tremmel, playing with it again » » Blowing his own again » » Hugh McMillan, the All-American Boy, ta ta taaa » » Sammy Pashel, Ruth Williams, Sidney Smith, piano personality by passionate Pashel » » Business School, it ' s a pipe. » » Certainly one of the better-looking Kappa freshmen, innocent ' looking little Dorothy Schureman » » Jerry amid the proverbial bevy of Pi Phis » » It must be that red coat of Walter ' s. I per- sonally like the curtains in the window » » Marcia Lee Holliday, KKG, looking pretty for the camera » » Just to remind you that they are still putting out the S G » » Evelyn Wol- cott on rockbottom » » Nice lawn. Can you tell what time it is from the shadow? » » Miss Josephine Antoine, with Dr. and Mrs. Durham and that old-timer Babs Hamilton » » Dalziel with the Chi Psi pin ' s owner » » " Straight A " Kistler. Won ' t you use my car? m » Reading from Lav to Wright with Ellis of the Woog House » » Myers Bumgardner, Jean and Jane Martin with Ed Pigeon— Hi, Ed » » Wolves in borrowed clothing » » Four Pi Phis with paper » » Donald Risley, Robert Mundhenk, William Mathis, and Elston Gardner » » Charlotte Bliss, Kappa; Helen Collins, Pi Phi; and " Ooze ' Simmons, Beta, waiting for something to turn up » » We forgot her in the class section » » Peggy Reeves and Kay Weaver, gone but not forgotten » » Ecstasy by Flebbe. » The Beta looking gallery » » Betty C. Allen, DG, scaring Nancy Rockafellow » » Harold Hartman, Delt » » Ferd Rowan, Kappa S.g, smiles for the camera as he shoves Mary Eliza- beth Beazley out of the picture » » Marian Hackstaff shows true Pi Phi hospitality to Howy Hersom, Beta » » Art Unger, ATO, campus best-dressed man » » Pat McWhinney, Theta » » As seen from the looking gallery: the Kappa chapter starts its daily parade » » ' Peggy JoUey, DG, dares you to come in » » What the best-dressed girls are wearing, modeled by Mar- jorie Drake, Pi Phi; Jdiet Ann Clark, Alpha Phi: and Carol Ames, Kappa » » Barbara Vongrades performs as an old-fashioned girl as Helen Clatworthy lends atmosphere » » Spur looking bored » » High upon a hilltop grows green the grass — see the C. U. stu ' dents sliding on their toboggans » » A letter from home » » Bank Night » » Jean Quain- tance, Pi Phi, uses Homecoming Mum » » Stand up and cheer » » W.C.T.U. (advertisement) » » NOTICE: The field house is open for use » » Smihng through. » » Sydney Smith, a cultured girl with a broad foundation » » Ivan Schooley. Quiz section » » Zang! There went another button » » Gump Jones, Beta, with a shirt on for a change » » Why don ' t you come up some time? » » Jule Trelease, Kappa. You ' re laughing at me » » Wouldn ' t that get your Nan? » » Rodin ' s ' The Thinker " with clothes on — Joan Kendrick, Alpha Phi » » Two gigolos out of work » » Dead Pan Allen » » Louise McAlHster and Virginia Emerson, Pi Phis. " And I haven ' t seen him since. " » And without any preliminaries, he— » » Lett by the glaciers of " 13 » » If Vir- ginia Ricketts won ' t come out, sewer Phil Moore We haven ' t seen a skunk in tx enty years » » You can ' t beat the law » » Francisco Morales and Bob Wolf are bound to get somewhere » » There are more Sig Alphs around this campus =» Thousands are spent on buildings like this, and yet people are stai -ing » Come to Cool Colorado » Class coming from class. » » He brings almost everything we want » » An engineer ' s mind on Monday » » From mother — no money » » Two students who bought books this quarter » » We don ' t know ' em — they must be Alpha Sigs » » Our proposed dating bureau » » With or with- out » » Kay Hickman, another benchwarmer » » Visitors ' day at Canon City. Hello, El- eanor. Is Dick out there? » » We wanted to take a picture of the wall, but these people got in the way. » » Ruth Plank, Sophomore Prexy. You d frown too if you had a spur on your chest » » Marian Smith, Doris Sarchet, and Ruth Raife, Alpha Phis. Why do girls ride in rumble seats? » » Answer next week. These girls finally saw the light » » Mary Tunison, Kappa. What! Another grab bag? » » Ty Miller, Delt 39? He doesn ' t look a day over 34 » » By golly, I think ni try it » » Anything for a change. Sellery, Cooper, and Mollin, Pi Phis » » More girls on this campus have fur coats, hmm » » Sue ' ' Everybody ' s pal and Driskill ' s " Thorpe, DG » » Seven come eleven » » The latest Phi Gam pledge » » Juliet waiting for Romeo or anything that can climb. » » From the stockyards to the Pi Phi house » » What? No male today? » » Four bugs in a rug » » We didn ' t know they kept girls in the Lodge. Erma Connell, Alpha Phi » » Never look down, Sawicki » » Four weeks ago she was only a secretary » » Never put your faith in a Beta, Jeanne. Boak, Evans, and Van Cise » » Murph must have come to Colorado to forget » » Kay Hickman stoops to conquer » » What do you bet that Mary Opdyke can spit between her teeth? i » » Vonna Lamme, DG, and Byron Syring, blowing his own » » Drumming up business » » Sydney Smith, AOPi, Activities Dodd, Whizzer White, and Marge Weller, Kappa » » Betty Young on the mike » » Evelyn Prouty, Pi Phi, Phyllis Brinton, Kappa, and Ferd Rowan, Kappa Sig. Hershman couldn ' t think of a thing to say on this one » » Shirley Martin, Pi Phi, and Wally Dieter, Phi Psi. She was hung before she got the pin » » John Hickman, Delt. There are more good-looking janitor uniforms around this school » » Going on the last lap. Jack Maas, Sig Chi, and Ruth Lantz, Kappa » » Don Nicholson, Sig Chi, is not in the fold, according to Maxie Park, Theta » » " For me? " Littell and Gross look at Ross with nothing but love in their eyes i§ » » We don ' ' t smoke or date or chew » » Virginia Ricketts, Phil Moore, Bob Boyd, and Mickey Blanchard. Four Roses » » Charlotte Mayer, Theta, and Ed McCluskey, Beta. Their first formal » » That one jarred my teeth » » What you don ' t hear about at the Pi Phi house » » He ' ll end up in Canon City » » Aggie Bowie, a wolf in borrowed clothing » » Mollin and Cassidy watching the game » » The seductive three » » Betty Lea Cason, Tri Delt, and the AU ' American boy. mm » » Picking his way through college » » Our Httle Nells put out in the cold » » Never seen it before » » A hand in the pocket, a date in the bag — Melvin Clark, Colorado Engineer ed- itor » » Aden SmiHng through » » Gypsy Rose Lee, and are we teased? » » Boots! Boots! Boots! » » No grub for four days » » Not half as cold as her date » » Mc Whinney ' s new car » » Leavenworth. » » John Rice, a Delt athlete who shaves » » All ready for a marriage » » Three more payments, Betty Lou Bemis, and he ' s yours » » Just because Flora Zang isn ' t Eloise is no reason to snub her, Amesse » » Dorothy Slaughter, DG, wears Folsom ' s pin. The other person is McCune, not Folsom » » Kay Rogers, Mutt, and Chick Clark » » Bottled Sunshine Kistler, Kappa » » Cross my legs an d hope to die » » Some people study all the time » » Betsy Ross and someone by the name of White. ■HM » » Publications THE COLORADAN Within the pages of this book lies the evidence on how good or how bad our work has been. Whatever of merit there is is due to the efforts of Linda Lee, Virginia, Don, and the rest of a hard-working staff and to the cooperation of Cocks-Clark and Publishers Press. NED VAN CISE. EDWIN VAN CISE, Editor EDWIN VAN CISE . . LOUIS TRAYLOR 1 FERD ROWAN JANE COLLINS ) LINDA LEE GROSS VIRGINIA BLOMGREN DONALD HUELSMAN MARGIE KINDEL 1 HOWARD HERSOM ( GORDON SIMMONS f MALCOLM ENO I RUTH BENWELL VIRGINIA CLARK ( RUTH VICKS . . . LELAND MODESITT . SCOTT PAYNE ) ROBERT SABIN ( ' ' JULE TRELEASE . . . WILLIAM BERGER . . ROBERT ELLIS . . JULIA CALDWELL WALTER SIMON EDITORIAL STAFF Editor GEORGE MADSEN WAYNE GILBERT Associate Editors GERTRUDE KNOLLENBERG RICH. ' RD DONOVAN ( BETSY ROSS ■ MARGARET CARPENTER . MARGIE KINDEL | CARLEN QUARNBERG I ' ' PERRY KEEN DOROTHY SLAUGHTER . GEORGE KINDEL JACK WOLCOTT RITA BURNS I JEANNE EVANS f ' ' EVERYL HUMPHREYS THOMAS COOPER I JOYCE LITTELL ' ] JEAN PACE !• aphy Editor MARGARET ANNE EATON I .ishot Editor BETTY LE. CASON . . . GENERAL STAFF WILLIAM MEACHUM LUCRETLA de SCHWEINITZ BETTY ANN MOLLIN . ' " ' LOIS BULSON .■ sst. Photography Edil Assistant Editors Class Section Editor Assistant Class Section Editors Administration Editors Administration Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editors Women ' s Sports Editor Feature Editors Publications Editor . . Art Editors . Theater Editor . Forensic Editor Photog . Sna Organisation Assistants i.cial Group Assistants In Memoriam Editor BETTY BARNUM HELEN WIENECKE iiomgren, Bcrger. Carpenter, Collins. Gross, Huelsman Modesitt, Rowan, Traylor THE COLORADAN The goal of the 1937 Coloradan staff has been to produce an annual equal to or better than that of any other college or university in the country and to accomplish this at no extra cost to the students. The business staff claims no credit for this achievement. The students by their wonderful support of the book are fully responsible for its advance, and as business conditions continue to improve, the staffs of future years should be able to produce an even greater Coloradan. PHILIP HORNBEIN PHILIP HORNBEIN ManaRcr C.MVIN BAKER Associate Manager HELEN BLOEDORN Assistant Manager CLARENCE SPISHAKOFF .... Advertising Manager JOHN HICKMAN Sales Manager ri-llLll ' HtMvN ' BElN, Manager BUSINESS STAFF LOUISE McAllister Assistant Sales Manager TED CURTIS Oifice Manager DICK HALL Collection Manager SYDNEY SMITH Head Stenographer MAXINE HOLLOWELL Personnel Director GENERAL STAFF DOROTHY ROST CAROLINE MORRISON ALAN VICKERS AGNES BOWIE PERIE LILLEY JEAN PLETTNER MARTHA JEAN SCHAFFER CAROL AMES MARY BALLAH MARJORIE BROTHERS CLARA LOU CASEY ROBERTA COX BARBARA PYLES DOROTHY SCHUREMAN FRANCES SHIPMAN GLADYS DYSON MIFFAN EATON MARY JANE GASSNER PHYLLIS GARDINER MAY ELIZABETH BARBER CLARA BARNES CHAROLOTTE BLISS FLORENCE HARTLE WILLIAM JUDD MARGUERITE JOHNSON BETTY JOHNSON JOAN KENDRICK FRED L.ATCHAM JANE LEWIS LORETTA MALONEY CARLEN QUARNBERG M.ARLIN CHENBURG BEN CLARK WILLIAM CLINE JACK DAVITT SHIRLEY DUFF WILLIAM FANT GEORGE LOVERING ELEANOR NEWCOMB ROBERT OAKES MARVIN POOLEY CLARE McKENNA LUCINDA ORR EDITH ORR KENNETH PERSONS MARY P. TTEN M - ' : A im iker, Bloedorn, Curtis. Hall. Hollowcll, Hickman McAllister, Smith, Spishakotf m ROBERT PERKIN, Editor THE SILVER AND COLD Independent in politics, liberal in sympathies, conservative by tradition, enterprising by choice, the Silver and Gold this year concludes its forty-seventh year of continuous publica ' tion as the oldest college paper in the West. We have tried this year to present a more interesting paper, to support what we felt was advantageous, to condemn what appeared to be bad. Our efforts have been aimed at reflecting the American Student and University Life as they are. ROBERT PERKIN. EDITORIAL STAFF ROBERT PERKIN Editor DONALD WHITMAN Associate Editor WALTER CARLSON City Editor News Editor ROBERT BEREMAN RAPHAEL MOSES j HAROLD KOONCE ° ' ' ' " " " LAURA LAWRENCE Society Editor SPECIAL STAFF News Assistants: CHARLOTTE SPENGLER, LEOTA PEK- RUL, HYMAN CHESTER, JOAN BRANNAMAN, LISLE WIDMAN. Columnists: LELAND MODESITT, DONALD WHITMAN, RAPHAEL MOSES. Art: WILLIS PYLE. Exchange: DOROTHY SLAUGHTER, CAROLINE MOR- RISON. News Reporters: GEORGE CRISWELL, IDA LIBERT. HERBERT HOOVER. CHARLINE FREDERICK, CHAS. CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN BUCHANAN, NANCY ELLZEY, CAROL NOTTINGHAM, ELLEN FRARY, FRANCES POE. PHILLIP ROUSE, PHILLIP LEWIS, ROBERT VOTE. Society Reporters: BETTY ALLEN, RITA BURNS, ERMA CONNELL, MARY KAY HICKMAN, MARIAN SMITH, GERTRUDE ROGERS. GENE NELSON, JEAN TAG- GERT, MARY OPDYKE. Sports Reporters: JAY CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD Mc- MULLIN, WILBUR PRYOR, HERBERT FACKLER, JEAN PLETTNER, CARL NEUMAN, HAROLD YOUNG, ZELVEXLAND, NAT SACHTER. Medical School: ROBERT BINGHAM, RAYBURNE GOEN. Secretaries: M. RAE BL ' RNHAM, MARY McCORMICK, MARIAN EPPERSON, AGNES BOWIE, ELOISE MON- TANDON, MARJORIE MELVILLE, MARTHA REY- NOLDS, PATSY VARVEL, LOUISE LASWELL, BETTY JOHNSON. PEGGY HARNER. MARGUERITE JOHN- SON. Bereman, Carlson, Connell. Koonce, Lawrence, Moses Pekrul, Spengler, Whitman, Widman THE SILVER AND COLD The Business Statf strives to furnish the largest papers possible at a minimum expense to the student. This is done through the fees and the advertising columns, with the latter furnishing the major portion of the revenues. By being alert and progressive, the Business Statf of the Silver and Gold has shown what can be done during a period of improving business conditions and increasing enrollment. The cooperation of the staff has produced the first sixteen- page paper and the longest sequence of six-page papers or larger since the beginning of the paper. MARK BENTSON. MARK BENTSON, Manager BUSINESS STAFF MARK BENTSON Manager RICHARD NOWELS Collections Manager ALAN SHAND Foreign Advertising Manager MERRITT STARK Boulder Advertising Manager JEANNE GIBERSON OiRce Manager WILLIAM SARCONI Distribution Manager DONALD BAKER ] THOMAS HARPER [ JOHN RICH f Solicitors THOMAS PARKER J Glass, Gihcrson, Harper, Shand DODO The Dodo, the college campus comic classic, has attempted — successfully, we hope — to present to the student body of the University of Colorado the pick of the supposed humor of the wits and " near ' wits " among the students and faculty. Having chosen our staff with great deliberation, we feel that the combined Dodo presents to the campus the greatest congregation of feminine pulchritude and masculine maron- ity ever assembled under one roof. The magazine itself — inconsequential though it may be — has floundered along on the supposition that the proletariat of the college students is fundamentally insane; upon this premise the Dodo bases Its claim for existence — and long life. DON LESHER DON LESHER, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF DON LESHER Editor LEE MODESITT Associate Editor DICK DONOVAN Assistant Editor DOROTHY SLAUGHTER Feature Editor VIRGINIA BLOMGREN Exchange Editor HERB FACKLER Sports Editor PEG HARNER Fashions GRAHAM WILSON ] RAY MOSES !- Associate Editors BOB PERKIN If MA grcn, Harncr, Modesitt, Moses, Pcrkin, Pyle Slaughter, Walsen, Wilson DODO With the help oi the business statf, organization was more closely knit than any in recent history of the maga2;ine. The Dodo went to press all six times during the year with a finan- cially healthy magazine that was circulated more generally throughout the campus than ever before. Through this, we of the Business Staff, have aimed at a greater publication for the future and — we hope — a more mature year of Dodo ' s - BILL O ' ROURKE. BILL O ' ROURKE BUSINESS STAFF W. B. Q-ROURKE Business Manager FRANK GREENWAY Assistant Business Manager BURWELL POPE MILDRED MARKWARDT ( Advertising Managers ROSEMARY ORSBORN Circulation Manager MARION HACKSTAFF Office Manager LINDA LEE GROSS Publicity Manager WILLIS PYLE Art Editor BILL BERGER Photographer Bergcr, Greenway, HackstafF, Markwardt, Orsborn lOHN L. WARD, Editor WINDOW The editorial staff has worked conscientiously to make of The Window a literary magazine of the highest quality, both in appearance and con- tent. Articles have appeared in its pages on a wide variety of subjects, including art, drama, social and economic problems, and literature. The stories and poems printed were chosen as exemplifying the best student treatment of modern forms and subject-matter. All material was selected on the basis of originality, timeliness, workmanship, and general effectiveness. The staff extends thanks to its contributors and to those faculty members whose cooperation helped make The Window a success. JOHN L. WARD. EDITORrAL STAFF JOHN L. WARD Editor JOAN BRANNAMAN , ELLEN ROEMER Associate Editors MARY JEAN TAGGART ) MARY CATHERINE PHILLIPS (, Assistant Editors ROBERT F. RICHARDS Poetr ' Editor ELLEN FRARY Art Editor LOIS VAN THUYNE JUNE MORRIS P " ' " ' " ' ' " ' ' ' LOUISE ARMSTRONG Campus Representative tiy,l.tTvi,|gg Armstrong. Brannaman, Frary, Phillips, Rocmer, Van Thuyne Wl NDOW With the continued support of the A. S. U. C. and the increased interest of the students, this year ' s Window has been a financial success. I wish to thank, in particular, the members of the business staff for their participation in making the maga2,ine a success, and extend my appreciation to the Board of Publications for their cooperation in enabling us to carry through our program. WILLIAM H. FITCH, IR. WILLIAM H MTCH, JR., Business Mgr. MANAGERIAL STAFF WILLIAM H. FITCH, JR. REBECCA BLAIR . . HENRY RAMES . . . MIFFAN EATON MARY GIVEN MOLLY HUNTER PATRICIA KENNEDY JANISS NORRIS MILDRED TEPPER BONNIE WALLACE MARGARET BLACKMAN ROSE HENRY NORMA SCHENLER Business Manager . Private Secretary Advertising Manager Asst. Advertising Mgrs. Circulation Mgrs. BARBARA BILLINGTON ELIZABETH CRILEY KATHRYN LETFORD RUTH MUNRO BETTY NELSON RUTH NELSON ELIZABETH PETERSEN BARBARA PURDY LORRIE ROWE WILBUR SCOTT GLADA GAY SHAFFER LOIS VAN THUYNE RUTH VICKS ) OLGA SALIBA ' ' ' BETTY DOAK .... Asst. Circulation Mgrs. . . . Publicity ' Managers Assistant Publicity Manager ckinan, Blair, Henry, Norris, Rames, Saliba Schenler, Vicks COLORADO ENGINEER The Colorado Engineer is the official publication of the College of Engineering. Founded in 1903, it has recorded the activities, accomplishments, and expansion of the college since that time. The magazine has also been the connecting link between the alumni and the student body. Through its pages the alumni have shared their experience and knowledge with the students; the students have kept the alumni posted on the activities of their friends and the development of the " °° - MELVIN CLARK. MELVIN CLARK, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF MELVIN CLARK Editor DAVID WARE Associate Editor ELMER COYER Assistant Editor ROBERT BULKLEY Campus News Editor TURREL BARBER Alumnus Editor JOHN BAUER News Briefs Editor PAUL CAMPBELL • Oil Can Editor ROBERT RATHBURN Art Editor WILLIAM BERGER Staff Photographer ROBERT ANCELL VINCENT BAKER GEORGE BARCUS CLARA BARNES WILLIAM BAUER IVAN BLOSSER VITHA BOWERS ROBERT CARBERRY TOM CLIFTON EDMUND CRESSMAN JACK DAVITT CHARLES DEINKEN GENERAL EDITORIAL STAFF TUDOR FINCH CLAUDE GERBASE ROBERT HARRIS JOHN HODGE RICHARD KRAMER ROBERT LAUTH WILLIAM LE FEVRE ROBERT LUNN WILLIAM MARSHALL ELMER MAUL EUGENE McFALL ROBERT MEYER CLIFFORD MORELLI GEORGE MUSICK EDWARD NAYLOR RICHARD NEVIUS GEORGE OSBORNE JOHN PHILPOTT RC BERT POWELL ROBERT ROMANS FRED SAGER CARL SWIFT ELWYN TIMME HOWARD WHERRY ffciMljla ' % Ik " ' Barber, Bauer, Coyer, Fleischman, Rathburn, Ware ■UMi COLORADO ENGINEER The Colorado Engineer has completed its thirty-third year as a publication on the campus, and in this completion we feel that the business staif has had a successful year. B Y The aim of the business staff has been to secure a sound financial position upon which the Colorado Engineer might stand, and to circulate the magazine to every possible engi- neering graduate of this school — in this way to keep the alumni in contact with the College of Engineering. CHARLES SEMRAD. CHARLES SEMRAD, Manager BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES SEMRAD Manager RAY FLEISCHMAN Assistant Manager BRL ' CE VESEY Circulation Manager MELVIN GELWICKS Assistant Circulation Manager SAMUEL RIFKIN ) ALLAN ROGERSJ Advertising Managers GENERAL STAFF CHARLES BADGER SIDNEY DINNER ROBERT LOOTENS JOHN SAMPSON HAROLD BALMER GUY FAIRHURST JACK McALEER EVERARD WOODSON ROBERT BORCHET CARROLL GRIFFIN JOSEPH McQUAID WILLIS WORCHESTER JOHN COLLIER DOUGLAS HARDIN RAY PHERSON LOUIS TRAYLOR » » Leota Pekrul and Charlotte Spengler, Alpha Phis, on the S G news desk » » Martha Reynolds and Linda Lee Gross, Alpha Phis, and Betsy Ross, all on their own foundations » » Ida Libert (S e G) " If that turns out all right. Til take a dozen of them " » » This happens every Tuesday and Friday at twelve » » Ray Moses, S G (ex) -columnist and Rhythm Circus head gives the Ten Commandments » » Louis Traylor, Beta, and Commissioner of Publications, in an overcoat, the filthy Capitalist. He also has a new car and a new operation » » Open for busi- ness » » A typical scene in the north-west corner of Memorial » » The Coloradan staff of beauties hard at work. Ruth Vicks, Tri Delt, Dorothy Schureman and Meb Barber, Kappas, being tutored by Ted Curtis, Phi Tau » » Virginia Clark, Co-editor of administrations on the Colo- radan » » Bartleson and Kerr, lest we forget. » » Platioriii and Stage Easton, Murphy, S DEBATING The program for the 1936-1937 forensic squads has been more varied than that of any previous years. It has included decision debating, non- decision debating, heckling-cross-examination debating, panels, symposiums, forums, extension debating, oratory, extemporaneous speaking contests, and parliamentary forums. An attempt was made to foster student interest in current problems both on the campus and with extension groups. The Missouri Valley Debate Tournament, which met at Norman, Okla- homa, was held during the Spring vacation of 1936. Luther Stringham and Jack Brinton represented the University in debating the question of the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Texas won first place with five decisions, and Colorado came second by winning four and losing one decision. Ned Van Cise placed fourth out of twelve in oratory and E. Fenton Shepard also placed fourth out of twelve in the extemporaneous speaking contest. This year the forensics program began with the Rocky Mountain For- ensics Conference held on the campus, October 29, 30, and 31, 1936. The question for both the men ' s and women ' s debate tournaments was, Resolved: that Roosevelt should be voted out of power. Albert Smith, John Brinton, Morris Judd, Wesley McCune, Alice Allen, and Ned Van Cise represented the University in parliamentary speaking, Luther Stringham in extempora- neous speaking, Morris Judd in oratory, Kenneth York, Clement Markert, Ned Van Cise, and Philip Hornbein in debating for the men, and Eleanor Winograd, Dorothy Slaughter, and Alice Allen in debating in the Women ' s tournament. Parliamentary discussions formed the next project which was held in the Denver Legislative Assembly on December 4, 5, 1936. At this confer- ence the Colorado- Wyoming League discussed several legislative bills which were up before Congress. Those participating were: Morris Judd, Robert Tyler, Mayford Roark, Wesley McCune, Albert Smith, Eleanor Winograd, and Dorothy Slaughter. Allen, Brinton. Hornbcin. McCune, Smith, Tyler Van Cise, Wilson, Winograd, York At the Rocky Mountain Speech Conference which was held in Denver, February 18, 19, and 20, 1937, Wesley McCune, Robert Tyler, and Gene Rosenfeld represented the University in extemporaneous speaking and also in oratory. The participants in the student legislature were Eleanor Wino- grad, Alice Allen, Mayford Roark, Clement Markert, Eugene Rosenfeld, Wesley McCune, and Robert Tyler. Mayford Roark and Clement Markert represented the University in debating on the question of Minimum Wages and Maximum Hours, for the men, and Ahce Allen and Eleanor Winograd were the women representatives. The Colorado- Wyoming tournament was held in Greeley, March 7, 1937, on the question, Resolved: that an extension of the Consumers ' Co- operatives will contribute to the public welfare. Edwin Van Cise, Robert Tyler, Kenneth York, and Wesley McCune took part. Morris Judd repre- sented the University in oratory, and Robert Tyler, Kenneth York, and Wesley McCune in extemporaneous speaking. During Spring Vacation, March 25, 26, 27, 1937, the Missouri Valley Debate Tournament was held at St. Louis, Missouri, at which the Unncr sity of Colorado placed first. Kenneth York, Clement Markert, Edwin Van Cise, and Robert Tyler represented the University. Morris Judd placed first in the oratory contest, and Robert Tyler participated in the extempo- rary speaking contest. Before the tournament, debates were held with Hastings, Nebraska, Grinnell, Iowa State, and St. Louis. Extension debating occupied a large portion of the Spring Quarter ' s forensic activities. In this extension program many subjects were discussed before varied audiences such as W. P. A. classes, Granges, Labor Ly- ceum in Denver, Rotary Club, Forums, and Guldman Center in Denver. Front Rc.w: Allen, Vni„Kr..d, Sl.,ut;htcr, Ncl-un. Buland, Merrick Second Ruw: Ruscnbaum, McCune, Hornbein, Ruark, Markert Third Row: Van Cise, Tyler, Anderson, Curtis, Fischer Back Row: Judd, Murphy, Olsen, York Here there is a definite attempt to discuss a question in which the audience is interested and to promote a lively discussion on the part of the audience as well as the speakers. There were also debates with visiting teams on tours on the campus. Mayford Roark and Clement Markert met Greeley in a debate on the ques- tion of Wages and Hours. Eleanor Winograd and Alice Allen and Mayford Roark and Clement Markert represented the University against Hastings College on the same question. In addition to the other forensic functions, forums on topics of current interest were held. The first forum was on the subject, " Is College Worth While? " The speakers were: Dean Van Ek, Dean Peterson, David Ware, Graham Wilson, and Albert Smith. The second meeting discussed the prop- osition of Roosevelt versus the Supreme Court, and Phillip Gregg, Douglas Hudson, Philip Hornbein, Edward Scheunemann, and Robe rt Tyler were the speakers. " Are You for Cooperatives? " was the subject discussed at the last forum, at which Wesley McCune, Clement Markert, John Brinton, C. W. Parsons, and J. W. Valentine spoke. The purpose of these forums was to get the audience ' s opinions on these questions as well as the speak- ers ' and to invoke discussion. Six members of the freshman squad participated in the Colorado-Wyo- ming Tournament held in Laramie, Wyoming, on the question of Coopera- tives. Those representing the University were: Mayford Roark, Robbins Fischer, Allan Merrick, John Boland, Clement Markert, and Neil Olsen. DELTA SIGMA RHO National Forensic Honorary OFFICERS EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN President E. FENTON SHEPARD Vice-President PHILIP CxREGG Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS JACK BRINTON D. MACK EASTON PHILIP GREGG PHILIP HORNBEIN RICHARD MURPHY EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN E. FENTON SHEPARD LUTHER STRINGHAM ROBERT TYLER EDWIN VAN CISE BESSIE WIGOTOW ELEANOR WINOGRAD PLEDGES ALICE ALLEN MORRIS JUDD WESLEY McCUNE KENNETH YORK Hornhcin, Stnnt;ham. Tyler. Van Cise. Winosrad WOMAN ' S FORENSIC SOCIETY OFFICERS DOROTHY SLAUGHTER President ELEANOR WINOGRAD Vice-President ALICE ALLEN Secretary DOROTHEA WALTHER Treasurer MEMBERS ALICE ALLEN IDA DI DONATO LAURA LAWRENCE MARY NAGEL SUSAN PARRIOT DOROTHY SLAUGHTER ELEANOR WINOGRAD DOROTHEA WALTHER MARIAN SMITH WILMA MARTIN MARY CATHERINE CARLILE ELIZABETH ANN WALTON Allen, Lawrence, Parriott, Slaughter, Smith, Walther, Walton ADELPHI OFFICERS WESLEY McCUNE President KENNETH YORK . Vice-President J. CORDER SMITH Secretary ALBERT SMITH Treasurer EDWIN VAN CISE Sergeant-at-Arms HONORARY MEMBERS D. MACK EASTON EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN RICHARD MURPHY JOHN AMESSE WILLIAM AYER CHARLES BERRY WILLIAM BRADY JOHN BRINTON FLOYD BROWN RALPH COYTE STANLEY CROSS THEODORE CURTIS LOUIS DEGEN EDWIN MEMBERS PHILIP HORNBEIN MORRIS JUDD FRANK KELTON ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN WESLEY McCUNE RALPH McFANN WILLIAM MEACHUM GEORGE MUSICK STEWART NELSON LOUIS PARRETT MARION PORTER WILLIAM RIS ALVIN ROSENBAUM EUGENE ROSENFELD ALBERT SMITH J. CORDER SMITH GEORGE STRAIN WILLIAM STRYKER EUGENE TEPLEY ROBERT TYLER KENNETH YORK r i o. W U Top Row: Amesse, Brady, Brown, Coyte, Cross, Cu Second Row: Lichtenstein, McCune, Meachum, Parr Bottom Row: Stryker, Tyler, Van Cise, Westcrberg , Degen, Kclton Rosenfeld, A. Sn ith, C. Smith, Strain TOMORROW IN -IE NA Layton, Dierlam, Cox, Goje, Fairch CULBIN SANDS en. Schoulcy. Rich. James, Quarks. Buchenau. Powell ell. Montandon. Walther, Moore, Creese, Amesse, Waite DRAMA TOMORROW IN VIENNA The Sprinp Quarter offering of one-act plays was the most interesting set of the year in this critic ' s opinion. There was variety in form and content. The first offering, " Tomorrow in Vienna " , by Jean Stafford, was a prizewinner in the University ' s annual play contest. Miss Stafford chose for her material a quiet hut moving scene — the death of a great musical genius, Beetho- ven, played by John Fairchild. Little action was portrayed. The playwright concerned herself more with the feelings of those near Beethoven. Thus it is that the characters speak their indi- vidual philosophies around the death-bed of the musician. The doctor, played by Robert Dierlam, personifies the scientific atti- tude toward life and death, calm and matter of fact. Frau Weber, Beethoven ' s housekeeper, played by Evelyn Cox. shows the pious Christian mind. A nephew of Beethoven, Carl von Beethoven, William Layton, personified the despairing romantic mind of an artist, discontented with life. The impending death of the musi- cian coupled with an atmospheric rain were the means of holding the dramaturgy together. Although well played throughout, dra- matic laurels should go to Dierlam and Layton. Other than those mentioned, the part of a priest was taken by Carl The play was directed bv Mr. E. J. West. CULBIN SANDS Marking an innovation in form, Gordon Bottomley ' s " Cuibm Sands " , a short poetic drama constructed on the classic Greek model with its interpretive chorus and few principals, was directed by Prof. Mabel Reynolds. The play, somewhat of an experiment, was given a very enthusiastic reception by the Uni- versity audience. The material for the poet ' s drama was based on an actual history when in the late seventeenth century a ter- rific windstorm swept over the Scottish village of Culbin, com- pletely inundating it with sand. The play opens some years later with Alison Brody (Lucille Lamb), wife of a villager, returning from America to her husband, ignorant of the catastrophe. In searching for her birthplace over the sand dunes she meets up with a crazed widow. Lady Griscl Rose (Charlene Garlick) and later falls victim to the Four Witches of Auldearn who haunt the buried city. A mood of eerie mystery and horror was well sus- The play was enacted on a bare stage, but almost every light in the theater was put to use, throwing many and various light combinations on the two choruses which were dressed in green and grey. Bottomley ' s lyrics varied from free to the ballad metre, each metre beautifully adapted to the dramatic necessity. Wallace Brown took one of the witch ' s parts on a two-day notice due to a necessary absence of Charles Schlaepfer. Even with such a short time for rehearsals, Brown turned out a very creditable performance. One must also mention Miss Lamb ' s fine interpretation of Alison Brody. The remainder of the cast was made up of Maynard Bemis, Vita Romano. Jeanette Hum- phrey, Charlene Garlick: chorus of the Winds: John Waite, John Amesse. Ivan Schooley, Perry Keen. Vernon E. Creese, E. Dillon Rich, Howard Moore, Jr., and Colin James, Jr.: chorus of the Trees: Eloise Montandon, Jacquelin Buchanan, Alice Con- well, Lillian Quarles, Dorothea Walther, Virginia Powell. A short prologue which summarized the historical circumstances of the play was given by John Fairchild. THE END OF THE BEGINNING This hilarious Irish comedy by Scan O ' Casey was the last offering of the evening. Under Mr. West ' s capable direction it became a laugh riot. O ' Casey had chosen for his dramatic mate- rial the old story of the farmer who changes places with his wife, allowing her to do the farm chores while he takes care of the house. While the wife is away, the husband invites a friend in and the trouble begins. A multiplicity of accidents happen in connection with the housework. After the blundering efforts of the men as " " housewives " , the hussband becomes hopelessly en- tangled in the cow ' s tether with the result that he is hauled up and down the chimney. Our compliments to Mr. West for han- dling this very difficult piece of staging. The gentleman hauled up and down the chimney was none other than that burly Thes- pian, Jack Smith. His dull-witted friend was played by David Kerr. The slim Kerr and the rotund Smith made a comedy team that will be remembered for some time. Myrtle Ruth Finn took the role of the wife and showed a nice understanding of com- edy. All three of the players turned out exceptionally good CULBIN SANDS Brown, Bemis, Romano END OF THE BEGINNING Finn, Kerr, Smith t " 1rdykc. Rich, Kr iih. W; Kor Gosc vkc, W, HAY FEVER Nod Coward ' s brilliant and sparkling social comedy, " Hd Fever " , was Mr. West ' s selection for the Commencement play. Seldom have University audiences been provoked to the hilarity that this play produced with its brittle dialogue. Briefly the play concerned itself with the goings-on of a week-end houseparty at the home of a crajy family of artists (of the pseudo variety); the husband, a novelist; his wife, a lately retired actress who combines her stage career with her home, and two grown chil- dren whose amorous propensities are of the temperamental kind. The situation, often bordering on farce, was held throughout by the college players. Typical of the witty dialogue is the follow- ing: " O no, my husband isn ' t dead; he ' s upstairs. " Mention should be made of an exceptionally well-designed set hv Mr Wet. Due to the brilliance of the play, Mr. West Lh.iM to rxrciitc his set with a dash — white walls and red hang- ings M..JciniMn was carried out in every detail, even to fur- niture and a modernistic wall hanging done by Robert Price, an art school student. A chromium-painted baby grand (courtesy of the Boulder theater) completed the picture. (See pictures on this page.) Responsibility for this hilarious evening may be placed upon a galaxy of nine very capable student actors, acting under the direction of one who was able to make the most of the wealth of comedy that was there. Lucille Lamb in the role of the re- tired actress, Judith Bliss, turned out one of the most brilliant performances of her University career. The work in this show, combined with her fine understanding of a difficult part in Chekov ' s " Three Sisters " , should give her the University Academy Award, were there such a prize to be offered. Jack Waite, too, was in his usual good form with the rendition of such sparkling quips as: " I ' ve knocked you off your plate; shall I help you on again? " Carl Gose in the role of the impetuous son, Simon Bliss, acted his part to the hilt. Other than those mentioned, the remainder of the cast was composed of Mary Opdyke, Myrtle Finn, John Amesse, Evelyn Korf, Dillon Rich, and Nan Kretschmer. ENCAGED Mr. West ' s offering for Fill Quarter ' s long play was a revival of a hilarious satirical comedy by William Schwenck Gilbert of Gilbert (i Sullivan fame Gilbert, always a satirist of the first water, was busy making fun of the melodrama and sentimental comedy of his day. Consequently the play had a complicated plot, exaggerated and frequently farcical in situation. A Scottish family, the Macfarlanes, make their living by de- railing trains near their home, thus forcing the passengers to stay at their home for a night or two. By this means the very romantic Cheviot Hill and his guardian, Belvawney, arrive in Gretna, Scotland, where marriage is sanctioned by merely stating one ' s love. It is not long before Hill unwittingly falls into the tricky marriage with Maggie Macfarlane while being engaged to Minnie Symperson back in London. In the next two acts we have the embarrassing situation of the Macfarlanes sojourning to Lon- don to interrupt Hill ' s intended marriage because he is married to Maggie Macfarlane. The young women in the play all swear undying love as long as there is monev involved. The compli- cated situation is finally ironed out and Maggie is restored to her rustic lover, Angus Macali.ster, and Hill to his London bride, Minnie Symperson. The same involved and ridiculous situations that we find in the Gilbert Sullivan operas also characterize Gilbert ' s drama. The acting was superb for the most part throughout. Carl Gose in the lead, Cheviot Hill, exhibited a rare sense of comedy. Wallace Brown as his guardian also did a nice piece of work. Mary Opdyke and Ouida Davis shared equal honors in the women ' s roles. Those comprising the remainder of the cast were John Amesse, Myrtle Finn, Helen Sydner, Wallace Brown, Rob- ert Dierlam, Howard Moore, Walter Sawicki, John Waite, and Evelyn Korf. THE LAST MILE ' T it- Mile " , by John Wexley, was staged and directed by Mr. James Sandoe, new instructor of English literature from Stanford, as a one-act offering for Fall Quarter. The play is of ordinary length, three acts, but only the first was presented, a playlet complete in itself. Mr. Sandoe ' s offering was something of an abrupt change in dramatic fare at the University, Done in the naturalism tech- nique, the play presented a gripping scene in the death-house of the Keystone State Penitentiary at Keystone, Oklahoma. The play was a tour de force with its outspokenness in showing the brutality of the criminal code. With an all-male cast, the drama concerned itself with the tense last hour of a condemned man frantically awaiting a reprieve. At the conclusion the stay of execution is not forthcoming and Richard Walters, the con- ENGAGE Sydner, Gose, Mi THE LAST MILE Left to Right: Monroe, Chenowcth, Chester, Lichtenstein, Roser thai, Romano, Fladung, Sugarman, Moore, Yoelin, Schwart: Blalock, Canon demned, struggles vahantly down " the last mile " to his death. Without comment the play implied by illustration the need for correction. Director Sandoe with the assistance of Elmer Schoo- ley effectively staged the production with sliding wooden doors which, though they refused to render a metaUic clang, gave good representation of the real thing. The entire male cast of sixteen did exceptionally well in portraying a forceful and vital picture. Particularly outstanding was the work of Alvin Sugarman, Hyman Chester, Lichtenstein and Eli Yoelin whose first appearance on the campus stage showed some promise. Other than these, the remainder of the cast was Arthur Chenoweth, Leo Rosenthal, Harold Monroe, Paul Fladung, Howard Moore, Robert Canon, Fred Schwartz, Hill Blalock, Ross Hihbard, Myron Goldberg, Jack Silcott, and Vito Romano TRAFFIC SIGNALS Due to the length of the one-acters, only two were presented in place of the proverbial three, A. M. Drummond ' s " Traffic Signals " , being the second show of the evening directed by Mr. West. During his years at Cornell the director has taken much of his dramatic work under the tutelage of Drummond. To attempt analyzing the play is hazardous. Classifying it as a jazz morality play, Drummond designed it as an experiment in " pure theater " . With its formalistic representation of a busy street-corner the play seemed to be satirizing the noisy bustle and speed of our complex American life. Some of the obvious used were Life and Death, Diogenes and his lamp, Methusalem, the Scholar, and the Scientist. In a series of quick kaleidoscopic scenes the play presented many aspects of metropolitan life. The drama was made up of a cast of over forty speaking parts besides a crowd of supers that surged in and out when the signals changed. Some of the outstanding small bits were Carl Gose in the role of a Snake-Oil Seller and Joan Kendrick ' s spirited interpretation of the Red Oratress. The rest of the huge cast was made up of John Waite, Dillon Rich, Walter Sawicki, Hugh Irwin, Morris Taylor, Hugh Smith, Malcolm Mcdill, Jacquelin Buchenau, Robert Dierlam, Nan Kretschmer, Richard Wright, Myrtle Finn, Marguerite Johnson, Robert Canon, Bonnie Canary, Eloise Montandon, Jean Curtis, Janet Dutfey, Jule Trelease, June Ott, Borden Coulter, Donald Allen, Wayne Gilbert, John Amesse, Harry Christopher, Ross Hibbard, Leo TRAFFIC SIGNALS Entire Cast Rosenthal, Lois Chase, Dorothy McKay, Arnold Biella, Jeannette Humphrey, Vernon Creese, Robert HoUoway. Fred Schwartz, Elmer Schooley, Myron Goldberg, Evelyn Korf, Howard Moore, and Ouida Davis. THE MOON OF THE CARIBBEES Taken as a whole the Winter Quarter one-act plays fell be- low the usual standard for Play Adventures, although they did show a noble but vain effort on the part of both actors and directors. Eugene O ' Neill ' s " The Moon of the Carribees " , the first of the evening ' s plays, was directed by Mr. James Sandoe and assisted by Rhea Jerls. As the play is a realistic treatment of a short episode on a tramp steamer in the West Indies, the University Thespians found O ' Neill ' s play a little beyond their ken. The setting, constructed and designed by Mr. Sandoe, was extremely effective, showing the lower half of the mainsail and a portion of the deck. The scene is a forward section of the main deck of the British tramp steamer, S. S. Glencairn, at anchor off an island in the West Indies. A group of rough seamen are sitting and lying about the deck impatiently waiting the arrival of four negro prostitutes who are to smuggle whiskey aboard. After they arrive a bawdy drunken revel ensues, and one of the sailors. Cocky, is knifed. Old Tom, the donkeyman, played by Hyman Chester, sits idly by smoking his pipe and philosophizing to Smitty, Hill Blalock. Chester was outstanding in the group for his intelligent handling of the character of Old Tom. The ships officers arrive during the brawl and order IS quickly established. The play is an effective piece of dramaturgy but not as presented here. Not even the combined efforts of O ' Neill, Director Sandoe and the facilities of makeup and costuming could transform co-eds into negro prostitutes. The balance of the cast was made up of Vito Romano, Eli Yoelin, Edward Saver, Malcom Mcdill, Alvin Lichtenstein, Walter Sawicki, Ward Miner, Harry Humphrey, Neil Mincer, Alvin Sugarman, Myrtle Finn, Virginia Smothers, Betty Lou Bemis, Evelyn Korf, and Harold Mefford. JHE WEAK SPOT The second performance of the evening, George Kelly ' s " The Wea Spot " , was directed by Mrs. Roswell, a visiting TRAFFIC SIGNALS Gose (center) and supei THE MOON OF THE CARRIBEES T HC I Left to Right: Sawicki, Bemis, Lichtenstein, Sugarman, Smothers, „ Miner, Finn, Mincer, Korf, Saver, Romano, Medill, Yoelin, §lAt " ' Humphrey, Chester 210 • 4 a- ' ;. . 1 THE WEAK SPOT Patten, Ott, Schwart; instructor in the English hterature department. As a one-act comedy it was adequately entertaining. Millie West, played by June Ott, is a superstitious young woman married to Arnold West, Fredrick Schwarts. Schwartz played West somewhat a la Ned Sparks, and his caustic dry humor afforded the audience many laughs. Jenny Drake, a peddler woman, acted by Mary Patten, comes to visit Mrs. West. Their talk is concerned with superstitions, and Mr. West be- comes thoroughly exasperated. Jennie Drake eventually tells the fortune of Mrs. West predicting the death of her husband. The young wife, much alarmed, finally discloses her husband ' s " weak spot " and he succumbs to the irrational beliefs of his wife. Mary Patten as the eccentric peddler woman easily dominated the scene. Although not an exceptionally brilliant piece of comedy, the play was thoroughly enjoyed by both night ' s audi- ences lqvE ON THE DOLE Social drama again came into the limelight Winter Quarter with Mr. Sandoe ' s three-act offering, " Love on the Dole " , by Ronald Gow and Walter Greenwood. The play, first produced at the Manchester Repertory Theater in " 54, deals with the problem of unemployment and poverty brought about by the factory system in and around Manchester, the industrial center of England. A sad picture of gloom and misery is presented as we trace the disintegration of the Hardcastles, an industrial family, poor but upright. Sally, the eldest daughter (Betty Lou Bemis), is an ambitious young woman who struggles hard against the rot- tenness of her environment. Although in love with a brilliant young labor leader, Larry Meath (John Waite), she finds marriage impossible because of his own impoverished state. Her young brother Harry, is in love with a silly naive young creature, Helen Jenkins (Myrtle Ruth Finn). As the play develops young Harry soon commits the well-known indiscretion and finds him- self unmarried and fatherhood approaching. Into these sordid realities are injected from time to time four degenerate old women (played by Bonnie Jean Canary, Mary Patten, Dorothy McKay, and Virginia Lee), who serve to show the final moral disintegration of the women of the community. These dark shadows the Hardcastles see before them continually. As a con- clusion, Meath is killed in a labor demonstration, and Sally is left with the choice of hopeless poverty or a kind of formal THE ROMANY ROAD Curtis, Creese, Bartling, Biella, McKay, Hibbard, Rosenthal, Opdykc prostitution to a town crook and gambler, Sam Grundy (Edward Saver). In spite of the wrath of her father (Hyman (Chester), she chooses to live with Grundy and so provide the family with money and employment through him. Begrudgingly the family must take her help or starve. The final picture is Sally ' s de- parture for Grundy ' s with the villagers outside mocking her with " Here comes the bride. " Truly a stark and powerful play. The work of Betty Lou Bemis, Alvin Sugarman, Edith Rosen- feld, and Hyman Chester is praiseworthy, for upon these four rest most of the acting laurels. Aside from a few miscastings, the entire production was well acted and directed. The shabby interior of the Hardcastle ' s home was an exceptionally fine set done in the realist ' s technique. The balance of the cast other than those already mentioned was Fred Schwarts, Harold Mef- ford, Floyd Keep, Leo Rosenthal, and Harry Humphrey. Our congratuations to Mr. Sandoe for the presentation of a very exciting evening in the theater. THE ROMANY ROAD A restoration comedy by Harold Brighouse, " The Ron Road " , was the concluding show of the evening. The play was directed by John Waite, a graduate of the Class of " 36, who returned to the University to do graduate work. The play was not a happy choice. Briefly the drama had to do with the efforts of an eighteenth century fop, played by Norman Bartling, to become enamoured with a rustic maid, while at the same time loathing and disgusted with the rural scene. The rustic maid, Mary Opdyke, does not succumb to her London lover but becomes more attracted to a gypsy peddler, Leo Rosenthal. At the conclusion of the play the suit of the fop is rejected and it is plain to see that the young lady is more attracted to the romantic young gypsy; but whether or not she went off with the gypsy was not adequately explained. Thus the ending left the audience much in the air as to the outcome. Bartling as the foppish Lord Ranacre had many clever lines but there was a much of a muchness in the rendering. However, he easily excelled in the men ' s roles. Mary Opdyke was out- standing in the women ' s parts. Other than those mentioned, the balance of the cast was made up of Arnold Biella, Ross Hibbard, Dorothy McKay, Bonnie Canary, Jule Trelease, Jean Curtis, Jacquelin Buchanan, V. Creese, and Jeanette Humphrey. LOVE ON THE DOLE Rosenfeld, Bcmis, Waitc, Humphrey J ' . ' i THE PLAYERS ' CLUB OFFICERS DILLON RICH President MYRTLE FINN Vice-President JOHN AMESSE Secretary- WALLACE BROWN HARRY CHRISTOPHER ROBERT DIERLAM JOHN FAIRCHILD BARBARA GILBERT PARTICIPATING MEMBERS CARL GOSE EVELYN KORF LOUISE METZ HOWARD MOORE DONALD NEWTON CAROLINE OTJEN ROBERT POWEL L WALTER SAWICKI ELMER SCHOOLEY JOHN WAITE JACQUELIN BUCHENAL; MARGARET CARPENTER HYMAN CHESTER VERNON CREESE JEAN CURTIS ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OUIDA DAVIS HARRY HUMPHREY AILENE HUNTER HERBERT LEFEVRE ALVIN LICHTENSTEIN MARY OPDYKE VITO ROMANO BETSY ROSS WILLIAM SOUTHARD HELEN SYDNER Front Row: Curtis, Finn, Korf, Buchcnau, Hunter, Opdyke, Davis, Ross, Met:, Kretschmer Second Row: Otjen, Carpenter, Humphrey, Creese, Schooley, Rich, Gose, Newton, Powell, Che Third Row: Amesse, Christopher, Waite Back Row: Brown, Dierlam, Lichtenstein, Southard, Fairchild » » Honoraries PHI BETA KAPPA National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity OFFICERS EDNA D. ROMIG President BENJAMIN S. GALLAND First Vice-President COLIN B. GOODYKOONTZ Second Vice-President IDA L. SWAYNE Third Vice-President CLARIBEL KENDALL Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS AND MEMBERS IN GRADUATE SCHOOL HARRY M. BARRETT MARJORIE BEATY ARTHUR BERNSTONE PAUL W. BLACKSTOCK FREDERICK D. BRAMHALL JAMES W. BROXON FREDERICK A. BUSHEE RAYMOND C. CARLSON LAWRENCE W. COLE ROY A. COX MILO G. DERHAM THOMAS DEVANEY CARL C. ECKHARDT JOHN B. EKELEY JEANE D. FAIR PERCY S. FRITZ BENJAMIN S. GALLAND F. E. E GERMANN HELEN GIBBON GORDON GOERNER WILLIAM C. GOLDEN JOHN GROOTHIUS COLIN B. GOODYKOONTZ FRANCES JAMESON GEORGE JENKINS JAMES JOHNSON LOUISE JOHNSON CLARIBEL KENDALL HUGH M. KINGERY LEONARD L. LEH MYRTLE C. LEH EVERETT C. LONG PAULINE MARSHALL IRENE P. McKEEHAN G. T. MERIDETH RICHARD MURRAY GEORGE NORLIN JACK D. OGILVY ALBERT C. OXMAN FRANCIS RAMALEY MORJORIE REYBURN EDNA M. REYNOLDS GEORGE F. REYNOLDS EDWARD C. RIGGS EDNA D. ROMIG EDWARD SCHEUNEMANN PAUL G. SCHROEDER DOROTHY STANLEY ROBERT L. STEARNS FRANK G. STINEMEYER FREDERIC STORKE FRANCES P. STRIBIC IDA L. SWAYNE EARL SWISHER MABEL VAN DUZEE EDWARD J. WEST MAUD C. WHITING ANNA W. WILLIAMS FRANCIS WOLLE PHILIP G. WORCESTER RUTH YODER FRANK L. ZOLANEK JULIUS CHOTVACS PAUL MAXWELL CLARK OUTTEN JONES CLINARD EVELYN WINIFRED COX JOSEPH JESSE FIREBAUGH WILLIAM GRAY GAMBILL RAYBURNE WYNDHAM GOEN A. VIRGINIA HENDERSON MEMBERS ELECTED SPRING, 1936 RUTH IRENE HOFFMAN LAURENCE EARL HOISINGTON FLORENCE K. JOHNSTON FRANCES JO LARCOM JANETTE K. LEWIS CARL WILBURN McGUIRE MARJORIE MEANS MABEL ELEANORE OLESON MARY EDNA ROOSE GEORGE W. DE SCHWEINITZ E. FENTON SHEPARD ERICKA OLGA STOECKLY AUBREY MILLER THRELKELD ROBERT ALBERS VARIAN HOWARD TE CHIN WONG MEMBERS ELECTED FALL, 1936 RICHARD LANCASTER BURLING VELMA BEATRICE BUTLER CARL HERBERT McLAUTHLIN WINIFRED MARY RIGGS FERD HALL ROWAN ALBERT ERNEST SMITH TAU BETA PI National Honorary Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS R. J. WOLF President D. H. WARE Vice-President W. E. BOWER Corresponding Secretary D. R. METZGER Recording Secretary E. O. BERGMAN Treasurer DR. O. S. KNIGHT Cataloguer ADVISORY BOARD W. C. BEATTIE W. L. CASSELL C L. ECKEL H. S. EVANS FACULTY MEMBERS F. S. BAUER W. C. DuVALL O. S, KNIGHT A. G. OBERG W. S. BEATTIE F. A. EASTOM L. G. LaTRONICO H. B. PALMER E. O. BERGMAN C. L. ECKEL O. C. LESTER N. A. PARKER W, F. BRUBAKER H. S. EVANS W. F. MALLORY W. RAEDER L. J. BRUNTON W. J. HAZARD A. J. McNAIR S. L. SIMMERING W. L. CASSELL J. A. HUNTER W. K. NELSON L. C. SNIVELY R. L. DOWNING C. A. HUTCHINSON ACTIVE MEMBERS CARLOS G. BATES ELSTON GARDNER FRANCISCO J. MORALES ROSCOE TEATS JOHN L. BAUER TROY GRAYBEAL RAY L. OVERHOLT LOUIS M. TRAYLOR WILLIAM E. BOWER ARNOLD M. JUDD ROBERT E. RATHBURN DAVID H. WARE PAUL J. CAMPBELL ROBERT M. MAINS J. ROBERT ROMANS RICHARD J. WHEELOCK WALTER M. CARLSON HOWARD D.McALLISTER GLEN H. SCHAFER C. GORDON WOLCOTT MELVIN E CLARK DONALD R. METZGER CHARLES J. SEMRAD ROBERT J. WOLF ELMER W. COYER IX f t Front Row: Rathburn, Wolf, Bower, Traylor, Teats Second Row: Morales, Carlson, Semrad. Judd, Graybeal Third Row: Clark, Ovcrholt, Bauer, McAllister, Campbell Back Row: Bates. Coyer, Romans, Strickland, Mains HEART AND DAGGER Honorary for Men Jf OFFICERS WILLIAM BOWER President NED VANCISE Vive-President BOB PERKIN Secretary CLIFFORD SCHOLANDER Treasurer DR. GEORGE LIGHT SPONSORS WALTER B. FRANKLIN WILLIAM BOWER CARL McLaughlin DAVID MURPHY MEMBERS ALMON OVIATT ROBERT PERKIN CLIFFORD SCHOLANDER NED VAN CISE McLauthlin, Murphy, Ov.att, Perkin, Scholander, Van Cise MORTAR BOARD National Honorary for Senior Women OFFICERS JANE COLLINS President ELIZABETH INGLEY Vice-President FRANCES NASH Secretary MARY RIGGS Treasurer MEMBERS JANE COLLINS FRANCES NASH ELIZABETH INGLEY ALICE POE ELOISE MONTANDON MARY RIGGS ELEANOR WINOGRAD Collins. Insley, Montandon, Nash. Poe, Riggs, Winograd SUMALIA Honorary Society for Junior Men OFFICERS CARL Mclaughlin President JAMES MURPHY Vice-President WILLIAM GUTHRIE Secretary and Treasurer DEAN HARRY CARLSON Faculty Adviser MEMBERS WILLIAM BOWER WILLIAM BURR WILLIAM GUTHRIE BURL JA MES GERALD KAY DONALD LESHER CARL McLAUTHLIN JAMES MURPHY JOHN POYEN WILLIAM PUMPELLY RICHARD SHEPARD EDMUND SCHRIEBER EDWIN VAN CISE Jowcr, Guthrie, Kay, Leshcr, McLauthlin, Shepard, Van C: HESPERIA Honorary for Junior Women OFFICERS JULIET MARSH President LAURA LAWRENCE Vice-President AGNES BOWIE Secretary RUTH BENWELL Treasurer MARY ETHEL BALL Sponsor FACULTY MEMBERS MISS BALL MISS POLEY MEMBERS RUTH BENWELL JULIET MARSH GOLDYE BLAKE MARY ELLEN POTANO AGNES BOWIE BETSY ROSS LINDA LEE GROSS CLAIRE SWEELEY LAURA LAWRENCE VIRGINIA WILLIAMS HELEN WOODLING Benwell, Blake, Bowie, Gross, Lawrence, Marsh Patano, Ross, Sweeley, Williams, Woodling ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity OFFICERS HERMAN MAUL President BETTY LOU BEMIS Vice-President and Editor MARY ANN MOYAR Secretary CLARENCE KEMPER Treasurer ALBERT MILZER Historian FACULTY MEMBERS D. A. COCKERELL OLIVER LESTER EDWARD CRABB ROBERT C. LEWIS PAUL M. DEAN CHARLES POE JOHN B EKELEY GLEN WAKEHAM NORMAN F. WITT JOHN AMESSE STANLEY ARNOLD HAROLD BARRETT BETTY LOU BEMIS ALFRED BLAUW ROBERT BURGE HOWARD FISCHER JACK J. FOX LESTER HAMILTON LOUISE HOFFMAN GLADE HOG SETT WILLIAM JONES CLARENCE KEMPER WARREN KENNISON MEMBERS RICHARD KERR ROBERT KIBLER WILLIAM KITTO HERMAN MAUL JOSEPH McCLOSKEY CARL McLAUTHLIN WILLIAM McCAMMON ALBERT MILZER MARY ANN MOYAR MARY OLSON JASPER PERINO CHARLES REGER HENRY RAMES lESSE ROE JOE D. REED SHIMPER SAKAGUCHI PAUL SCOTT ALAN SHAND WILLIAM SHONTZ JAMES SHY RICHARD SIMMONS BERNARD SNIDER WILLIAM STRYKER ROBERT TRUSCOTT MARCUS WENDT GEORGE WILLIAMS MELVIN WIRZ D ' i ' iy " M " sSii flfPt.f.f-fB w -y — TT riTifllir i1 Front Row: Arnold, Biirge, Shy, Reger, Amesse, Fisher, Strykcr, Kerr, Maul Second Row: Kihhlcr, Milzer. Fox, Sakaguchi, Meyer, Kitto. Bemis, Dr. Wakeham. Olscn, E Third Row: Pcnno, Hamilton. Reed, Scott, Blauw. Hogsett. Kennison. Truscott. Wir: Back Row: Kemper, Roc, Simmons, Snyder, Ramcs, Shont:, Shand, Wendt, McCloskey SPUR Honorary for Sophomore Women OFFICERS DOROTHY McLALTHLIN President MARY OPDYKE Vice-President CHARLOTTE SPENGLER Secretary LOUISE ARMSTRONG Treasurer LEOTA PEKRUL Editor MARY NAGEL Junior Sponsor FACULTY MEMBERS MARY ETHEL BALL DEAN LYDIA L. BROWN MEMBERS LOUISE ARMSTRONG ANNA MAE KENDALL MARY JANE ROESER MARION ARMSTRONG NAN KRETSCHMER DOROTHY ROST MARGARET BAKER BERTHA LACKNER OLGA SALIBA JOAN BRANNAMAN VIRGINIA LEE MARTHA SCHAFER JEAN HAGGART DOROTHY McLAUTHLIN DOROTHY SLAUGHTER HELEN HAMILTON MARY OPDYKE BEVERLY SMITH MARY KAY HICKMAN LEOTA PEKRUL MARIAN SMITH JEANETTE HUMPHREY DOROTHY JANE PETERSON CHARLOTTE SPENGLER MABEL JOHNSON RUTH PLANK GENEVA VAUGHN LORENE JOYCE VIRGINIA RICKETTS SALLY ZIMMERHACKLE . T ' i. Front Row: Opdykc, McLauthlin, Spengler. Armstrong Second Row: Joyce, Slaughter. Hickman, Zimmerhackel Third Row: Hamilton, Haggart, Humphrey, Kretschmer, Kenda Fourth Row: Saliha, Schafer, Armstrong, Ricketts Back Row: Rost. Lackner, Lee. Plank, Johnson, B. Smith SIGMA TAU Honorary Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS WILLIAM CASSIDY President ROBERT J. WOLF Vice-President W. E. BOWER Secretary HOWARD McAllister Treasurer CARLOS BATES Historian F. S. BAUER W. S. BEATTIE W. O. BIRK L. J. BRUNTON W. L. CASSEL FACULTY MEMBERS F. C. DUVALL F. H. EASTOM C. L. ECKEL H. S. EVANS J. A. HUNTER C. A. HUTCHINSON W. A. PARKER W. RAEDER S. L. SIMMERING L. B. SUTHERLAND W. H. THOMAN MEMBERS CARLOS BATES W. BATES G. BARCUS J. L. BAUER T. BOAK R. BORCHERT W. E. BOWER J. BULKLEY W. BURGER W. CARLSON WM. CASSIDY W. DIETER E. GARDNER E. GARNETT R. HARLEY G. HART H. HUMPHREY A. JUDD H. MCALLISTER D. METZGER H. MORE F. MORALES R. OVERHOLT R. RATHBURN R. ROMANS C. SEMRAD R. SHAFFER A. SMITH J. SCOTT R. TEMPLE L. TRAYLOR D. TREMMEL R. TEATS R. WHEELOCK D. WARE R. WOLF G. WOLCOTT Front Row: Hart, Wolf. Bower. Cissidv. McAllister. Bur-cr Second Row: Buckley. Morales. Dieter. Teats, Judd. Travlor Third Row: Temple. Garnett. Shaffer, Carlson. Rathburn, Smith Fourth Row: Tremmel, Semrad, Harley, Overholt. Barcus, Bauer, Borchert Back Row: C. Bates. W. Bates. Romans. Boak. Humphrey. Scott SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA Scholastic Honorary for Junior and Sophomore Women OFFICERS RITA BURNS Presidenc MARION HACKSTAFF Vice President CARLOTTE SPENGLER Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR LYDIA L. BROWN ROSEMARY EVANS ALDULA JOHNSON AGNES MAXAM MARTHA McNEIL MEMBERS— JUNIOR MARY ELLEN PATONO CARRIE ROMANS BETSY ROSS IRENE VOGEL MARJORIE WHELDON HELEN WOODLING MEMBERS— SOPHOMORE RITA BURNS JEAN CAMPBELL MARION COOK MARION HACKSTAFF DOROTHY lOHNSON GENEVA HIER MARY NETHERTON LEOTA PEKRUL RUTH PLANK CHARLOTTE SPENGLER D. Johnson, Pekrul, Vogel. Neth, Campbell. Cook. Burns. Johnson ETA KAPPA NU Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS ELMER COYER President HARRY HUMPHRY Vice-President LEONARD SCHMIDT Corresponding Secretary CHESTER JONES Recording Secretary TROY CxRAYBEAL Treasurer ROBERT TEMPLE Bridge Correspondent V. L. CASSELL F. W. COOPER W. C. DuVALL GEORGE BARCUS JOHN BAUER DONALD CAMPBELL ELMER COYER JOHN DASHEN TROY GRAY BE AL RAYMOND HEER HARR ' HLMPHRY FACULTY MEMBERS F. A. EASTOM H S. EVANS C. M. McCORMICK H B PALMER MEMBERS CHESTER JONES LLOYD KALTENBERGER ROBERT LYALL HOWARD McAllister HOWARD McCULLOUGH WAYNE MOCK MARVIN POLZIN SAMUEL RIFKIN LEONARD SCHMIDT CHESTER SCHMITT CHARLES SEMRAD ALLAN SMITH ROBERT TEMPLE LEWIS WADDINGTON ARVID WEDIN f rtxt ' t Front Row: Campbell. Tyall. Jones. Hecr. Graybeal, Waddington Second Row: Coyer, Bauer, Wcdin, Schmitt, Smith Third Row: Rifkin. Kaltcnherger, Semrad, Temple, Polzin, Barcus Back Row: McAllister. McCullough, Schmidt, Dashen, Mock SIGMA PI SIGMA National Physics Honorary OFFICERS RICHARD H. BURLING President THOMAS H. WHALEY Vice-President DONALD R. CAMPBELL Secretary- LEONARD B SCHMIDT Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS JAMES W. BROXON MALCOLM C LESTER OLIVER C. LESTER WILLIAM B. PIETENPOL FRANK G. WALZ MEMBERS ELY E, BELL RICHARD L. BURLING DONALD R CAMPBELL H. CHESTER lONES ROBERT S. OGILVIE GLEN H. SCHAFER LEONARD B SCHMIDT ROBERT H. TEMPLE THOMAS H. WHALEY, JR. CHARLES H. BADGER VINCENT B. BAKER HARRY M. COOKE LUTHER O. EVANS PLEDGES HARRY O. EVANS C. LORRAINE LUND ELMER L. MAUL EDWARD F. McEAHERN RAMONA E. PARKINSON KENNETH G. PETERSON CHESTER D. SCHMITT HENRY R. THOMAN Frunt Rdw: Schmidt, Bell, Lund, Parkinson, Second Row: Schmitt, Ogilvie, Schater, Hur Third Row: Campbell, Jones, Thoman, Bake Back Row: Burling, Maul McE,ih phrey, . Bade PI TAU SIGMA National Honorary Mechanical Engineering OFFICERS ELSTON GARDNER President HOWARD MORE Vice-President C. GORDON WOLCOTT Secretary DONALD METZGER Treasurer PROFESSOR F. S. BAUER Faculty Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS WAYNE BEATTIE FRANK S. BAUER L. J. BRUNTON GEORGE S. DOBBINS W. F. MALLORY NORMAN A. PARKER S L SIMMERING CHARLES A. WACiNER MEMBERS WILLIAM BERGER ROBERT BORCHERT PAUL CAMPBELL EDWARD GARNETT ELSTON GARDNER CARL MOORE HOWARD MORE DONALD METZGER JOHN STRICKLAND DICKERSON TREMMEL DAVID WARE CHARLES WOLCOTT Frcnt Row: Strickhind, Burchcrt, Moore, Wolcott. Mct Kcr, Ga Second Row: Camphell, Gardner, Ware, Bert;er. More Back Row: Parker, Wagner, Bauer, Simmering, Dobhin, Tremn CHI EPSILON National Honorary Civil and Architectural Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS FRANCISCO .1 MORALES President WALTER W. DIETER Vice-President J. ROBERT ROMANS Treasurer ARNOLD M. JUDD Secretary ELMER O. BERGMAN RODERIC L DOWNING CLARENCE L. ECKEL FACULTY MEMBERS A. j. McNAIR WARREN RAEDER L B. SUTHERLAND WILLIAM H. THOMAN CARLOS G. BATES TOM D. BOAK WILLIAM E. BOWER ROBERT A. BULKLEY WALTER W. DIETER CARROL W. GRIFFIN MEMBERS BOB S. HARLEY ARNOLD M. JUDD CHESTER E. MOHLER FRANCISCO J. MORALES JOHN E. O ' FALLON WILLIAM D. POTTER J. ROBERT ROMANS JAMES M. SCOTT MARTIN A. SEILER ROBERT J. WOLF Fri.nt R,.w: Wolf, Judd. OTallon. Bulkley Second Row: Morales, Dieter, Bates, Potter Third Row: Harley, Griffen, Scott Back Row: Bower, Romans, Boak. Mohler SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Music Sorority OFFICERS RUTH BRUCE President DOROTHY J. PETERSON Vice-President BERNICE SELDIN Secretary FLORENCE BUTLER Treasurer MARY FRANCES GREGG Editor JEAN HAGGART Chaplain LUCILLE DI GIACOMO Sergeant-at-Arms HONORARY MEMBERS JOSEPHINE ANTOINE ROSINA LHEVINNE PATRONESSES MRS. ROWLAND W. DUNHAM MRS. LAURENCE WHITING ACTIVE MEMBERS CORNELIA ANDERSON MARY BETH DOWELL FERNE KARNES NELLIE M. ARCHIBALD MARY FRANCES GREGG DOROTHY JANE PETERSON RUTH BRUCE JEAN HAGGART BERNICE SELDIN FLORENCE BUTLER ALLIENS HARDY DOROTHA SHONTS TRENTIE DEAVENPORT LOUISE HARRIS ANABEL WISE LUCILLE DI GIACOMO EILEEN HAYWARD PLEDGES ELOINE BALDWIN CONSUELO DIEZ GOLDYE BLAKE ELIZABETH HALLIDAY MARYLEE COPELAND ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY GANEL STUART Top Row: Anderson, Archibald, Baldwin, Blake, Bruce, Butler. Copeland, Deavenport Second Row: Di Giacomo, Haggart, Halliday, Hardy, Knuckcy. Peter,on Bottom Row: Selden, Stuart, Wise PHI EPSILON PHI National Honorary Pep Fraternity OFFICERS HOWARD HIGMAN President ROBERT PUTNAM Vice-President COLIN JAMES Secretary OLAF HAGE Treasurer DONALD ALLEN LARRY ALLEN JOHN ANDERSON DONALD BAKER MARK BAKER EDWIN BEARDSWORTH IVAN BECK CALVIN BOSIN ROBERT BOYD STANLEY CROSS TED CURTIS SPENCER DA VIES STANTON DAVIES REEL DAVIS DONALD FAWCETT ALLEN FELIX CHARLES FLOWER MEMBERS BRUCE GUSTIN EDWIN HAAK OLAF HAGE FRED HARDY JOHN HAYDEN BERNARD HENDLER ALLAN HIESTER HOWARD HIGMAN COLIN JAMES CLINTON JENCKS HUGH JONES WILLIAM JONES • CLARENCE KEMPER GERALD KAY WARREN KENNISON RICHARD KERR JACK MAAS COVER MENDENHALL AUSTIN MILHOLLEN STEWART NELSON ERNEST PHILLIPS ROBERT POTTER ROBERT PUTNAM FRED SCHWARTZ ROBERT SPIEGLEMAN BEN STAPLETON WILLIAM STRYKER DONALD TOBIN VANCE VAN CLEAVE JOE VOLLMER JULIAN WILLIS ORLIN WOOD fc-1 ' H ,C fS i ' ' o t Top Row: Anderson, Baker, Beck, Cross, Curtis, Davis, Flower, Ha c Second Row: Haak, Hayden, Hiester, Hendler, Higman, James, Jones, Kay Bottom Row: Kemper, Kennison, Kerr, Mendenhall, Stapleton, Stryker, VoUmer DELTA PHI DELTA Honorary Art Fraternity OFFICERS ELIZABETH INGLEY President DOROTHEA STEVENSON Vice-President SUZAN NOGUCHI Secretary LENORE DE BEY Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS EDMUND CHAPMAN MRS, FRANCES TRUCKSESS FRANCIS J. GECK FREDERICK C. TRUCKSESS MURIEL V. SIBELL, Sponsor ACTIVE MEMBERS HENRY BAUME LENORE DE BEY BONNA DEE HAMMOND HOWARD HIGMAN ELIZABETH INGLEY SUZAN NOGUCHI CHARLOTTE PELTIER HELEN PETTEYS DOROTHEA STEVENSON HELEN SWEARINGEN FRANCES WALSEN Baumc. Ingley, Hammond, Higman. Peltier, Petteys Stevenfon, Walsen IOTA SIGMA PI Women ' s National Honorary Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS HELEN GIBBON President WINIFRED MARY RIGGS Vice-President LILLIE RATLIFF Secretary-Treasurer ALICE POE Corresponding Secretary DR. EDNA JOHNSON Sponsor MRS. HAZEL FEHLMANN Permanent Historian HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. PAUL DEAN MRS JOHN B EKELEY FACULTY MEMBERS HAZEL FEHLMANN DORt THEA KLEMME EDNA JOHNSON IDA L SWAYNE ANNA WILLIAMS MEMBERS RUTH BENWELL ALICE POE HELEN GIBBON LILLIE RATLIFF LAVERRA HILL WINIFRED MARY RIGGS ALDULA JOHNSON RUTH SELLS VIRGINIA LEE VARVEL PI GAMMA MU Honorary Social Science Fraternity OFFICERS JOHN BRINTON President ALBERT SMITH Vice-President MARGARET GATHER Secretar -Tre.i3urer FACULTY MEMBERS FREDERICK A. BUSHEE MRS. FREDERICK A. BUSHEE WILLIAM S. BERNARD EARL C. CROCKETT LEONARD LEH CLAY P MALICK JACOB VAN EK M. J. WEBSTER MEMBERS JOHN BRINTON MARGARET GATHER VERNON GLOVER ROBERT DELANEY DOROTHY FLEBBE HARRISON HAWTHORNE WESLEY McCUNE FRED MILLER EARL SHEPARD NINA SINKBEIL RUBEN SINKBEIL ALBERT SMITH LUTHER STRINGHAM ROBERT TYLER EDWIN VAN CISE ELEANOR WINOGRAD KENNETH YORK BURTON YOUNG KAPPA DELTA PI Honorary Educational Fraternity OFFICERS CLAUDE E. WILSON President CHARLES E. DAIRS Vice-President FRANCES COPELAND McNAIR .... Recording Secretary BERNICE SELDIN Corresponding Secretary W. G. GAMBILL, SR Treasurer HARRY M. BARRETT Counselor WALTERS F. DYDE Historian MYRTLE RUTH FINN Reporter MEMBERS MARY ETHEL BALL HARRY M, BARRETT FLORENCE J. BEDELL MINNIE BEREUFFY DRU CROOK BLALOCK LUCILE BOWMAN M. HELEN CARPENTER A. C. CROSS CHARLES E. DAVIS NOEL V. DAVIS FLORENCE H. DODGE WALTERS F. DYDE HAZEL E. FEHLMANN MYRTLE RUTH FINN JESSIE FITZPATRICK W. G. GAMBILL VERA G. GIFFIN DOROTHY L. GREENMAN EDNA L. HARKINS BEULAH JAMES MABEL B. JONES FRANCES COPELAND McNAIR MARIE ANNA MEHL HUBERT H. MILLS MARGUERITE ODAY ALBERT PALMER M. MARION PARK BLANCHE RICKETTS ELIZABETH RICKETTS V. M. ROGERS GEORGE J, SAUNDERS BERNICE SELDIN NINA L. D. SINKBEIL RUBEN SINKBEIL ANITA M. SMITH THERESA STENGEL LAURA E. THOMSON WINIFRED THOMSON LELIA TROLINGER GERTRUDE VAN LOON CLAUDE E. WILSON PHI SIGMA IOTA Honorary Romance Language Fraternity OFFICERS EMILY BLEAKLEY President DR. RALPH WARNER Vice-President ROSS INGERSOLL Secretary-Treasurer GILBERT NEIMAN Recording Secretary LOIS CHASE Program Chairman ROY COX DR. S. CUTHBERTSON DR P. L. FAYE FACULTY MEMBERS DOROTHY HEIRONIMU.S OPAL NUSS MRS MIRIAM RIEDER DR RALPH WARNER EVELYN BAUER EMILY BLEAKLEY LOIS CHASE LOUIS CORTES HELEN CRANE JEANNE FAIRE AILENE HUNTER ROSS INGERSOLL MEMBERS MARGARET LYMAN MARTHA Mac-.NEILL robert mulvihill gilbert neiman verna nelson emily poe carrie romans ferd rowan NORMA SCHENLER CATHERINE THUELIN JULE TRELEASE IRENE VOGEL ARION WALLICK MARJORIE WHELDON ELLEN WILLIAMS Miles, Bauer, Bleakley, Chase, Ingersoll, Lvman, Nelson, Re McKay, Thuelin, Trelease. Vogcl, Wallick, Williams DELTA PHI ALPHA Honorary German Fraternity OFFICERS SAMSON B. KNOLL President DOROTHEA WALTHER Vice-President WILMA BRUN Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM F. BAUR WILMA BRUN PAUL LOUIS FAYE FACULTY MEMBERS SAMSON B. KNOLL LUCILLE LEMMON MARt " ,ARET POLEY PAUL G. SCHROEDER JOSEPH SPROWL THERESE K. STENGEL HONORARY MEMBERS WILLIAM F BAUR PAUL LOUIS FAYE SIEGFRIED RAUCH (Gcr PAUL G. SCHROEDER lany) ACTIVE MEMBERS ROBERT CAMPBELL ROBERT CRISPIN PHILIP GRAY HELEN GRIEVE ROSE HACKMAN MARION HOHNSTEIN VERA KRIEGHOFF HERMAN MAUL AGNES MAXAM ROBERT McCAMMON FLORENCE OLSON MARIAN ORRIS MARGARET PETTENGILL LILLIAN SMERCHECK EL VERA THOMAS ELIZABETH R. WIGOTOW CONRAD WILLMANN » » Roscoe Teats, Kappa Sig, and prominent Chemical Engineer » » Juliet Marsh and Betsy Ross, Kappas, and members of Hesperia » » Bob WoU, president of Tau Bete » » Eloise Montandon, Alpha Phi, Mortar Board, and President of the Women Students » » Donald Jones, President of the Combined Barbs, introduced by Walter Sawicki » » Ruth Benwell, Pi Phi, new President of Women Students » » Bill Cassidy, Sigma Nu, Sigma Tau President and campus best-dressed man » » Chip Sholander, Sigma Chi, Heart and Dagger and prominent athlete » » Sally Zimmerhackel, noisy Spur and Pi Phi » » A row of Hesperia members » » Bob Tyler, Delt, President of the Associated Students and Forensics Commissioner. » » Professionals AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS CARLOS G. BATES President ROBERT RATHBURN Vice-President JAMES SCOTT Secretary ARNOLD JUDD Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS C. L. ECKEL R. L. DOWNING A. J. MrNAIR W. RAEDER L. B. SUTHERLAND W H. THOMAN MEMBERS DAVID ARTERBURN GEORGE BAAB CARLOS BATES HAROLD BERGMAN RALPH BLAKEY THOMAS BOAK RICHARD BOCK WILLIAM BOWER GEORGE BULKELEY ROBERT BULKELEY BENJAMIN CAMP WALTER DIETER JOSEPH DUNICH ROBERT HARLEY HAROLD HOGLIN GEORGE IMRIE ARNOLD JUDD RUSSEL LEDYARD WILLIAM LeFEVRE FRED LUHNOW ROBERT MAINS HOWARD McBIRNEY AUSTIN MILHOLLIN ROBERT MILLENSIFER THOMAS MILLIGAN FRANCISCO MORALES GEORGE MUSICK JOHN O ' FALLON RAYMOND ORTEZ ROBERT POMEROY WILLIAM POTTER ROBERT RATHBURN ALAN ROGERS JAMES ROMANS PAUL ROOSA JAMES ROYDS LUCIEN SADECKI JAMES SCOTT MARTIN SEILER JOHN SEWARD JOHN SHAFFER ARTHUR SODERBERG ALBERT SPALLONE SHELDON STRONG TOM TRASK BRUCE VESEY ROBERT WOLF « . ' " i i ' .; L i:jL M AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS HOWARD D. McAllister chairman CHARLES J. SEMRAD Vice-Chairman LEONARD SCHMIDT Secretary ELMER W. COYER Treasurer PROF. H. B PALMER Counselor FACULTY MEMBERS W. L. CASSELL F. C. COOPER W. C. DuVALL H. S. EVANS F. A EASTOM c. M. Mccormick PALMER MEMBERS CHARLES BADGER GEORGE BARCUS JOHN BAUER CHARLES R. BUMSTEAD DONALD R. CAMPBELL JOHN CARLEN HARRY COOK ELMER W. COYER JOHN DASHEN WILLIAM DUTTON UNO ELDER EVAN E. EVANS LUTHER EVANS TROY D. GRAYBEAL RAYMOND HEER HARRY H. HUMPHRY HARRY C. JON ES WILLIAM C. McCLOUD EDWARD J, McEAHERN EUGENE McFALL ELMER L. MAUL GUY MILLARD WAYNE MOCK LLOYD H. KALTENBERGER PAUL PATCH CLYDE KELLOGG MARVIN G. POLZIN TUANO LAPP! SAMUEL RIFKIN ROBERT M. LYALL C. ALLEN REYER HOWARD D. McAllister Leonard schmidt WILLIS WORCESTER CHESTER D. SCHMITT CHARLES J. SEMRAD EARL W. SPENCER MARK F. STRATTON HERBERT J. STRELESKY ROBERT B. TEMPLE GALEN THOMAS LEWIS A. WADDINGTON ARVID G. WEDIN FRANK WILKING ALFRED WILLUMSEN AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS DAVID H. WARE Chairman DONALD R. METZGER Vice-Chairman WILLIAM WORTHINGTON Treasurer DONALD L. RISLEY Secretary GEORGE S. DOBBINS Honorary Chairman FACULTY MEMBERS F. S. BALER W. S. BEATTIE G. S. DOBBINS J. A. HUNTER W. F. KL- LLORY N. A. PARKER S. L. SIMMERING C. A. WAGNER ROBERT M. ANCELL ROBERT L. BORCHERT WILLIAM H. BERGER GUY C. BURNHAM WILLIAM EMERY GUT FAIRHURST EDWARD GARNETT ALBERT R. GREGG MEMBERS LYMAN HARDY E. CLYDE JENSEN RAYMOND O. JOHNSON ROBERT K. LOOTENS W. MARSTON MATHIS DONALD R. METZGER CARL A.. MOORE RICHARD W. MORSCH DONALD L. RISLEY FREDERICK R. SAGER JOHN W. STRICKLAND GALEN THOMAS DAVID H. WARE RICHARD J. WHEELOCK CARL O. WOOD WILLIAM H WORTHINGTON AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS RAY N. FLEISCHMANN President WILLIAM WEBER Vice-President WALTER CARLSON Secretary WILLIS PRICE Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR H. L COLES OR O. S. KNKJHT CARL AIKELE HAROLD BALMER CHARLES BARBER TURREL BARBER WILLIAM CASSIDY WALTER CARLSON JAMES DAUGHERTY LAWERENCE DAVIS CHARLES DEINKEN DONALD FINCH RAY FLEISCHMANN MEMBERS VERNON FRY BILL GROSS HOWARD HILMES DONALD HOWEY BILL JUDD JAMES LOWER LENTON MEYERS CLIFFORD MORELLl ROBERT OGILVIE JAY OLVEY GEORGE OSBORNE RAY OVERHOLT BOB Ptm ELL WILLIS PRICE GLEN SCHAFER LESTER SCHRAMM BILL SNYDER LOLUS TRAYLOR LAWRENCE VEO BILL WEBER WINSTON WINTERBOURNE TOM WHALEY BETA ALPHA PSI Honorary Accounting Fraternity OFFICERS HERBERT MORRIS President H. W. KENDRICK Permanent Vice-President GRANT TOWER Secretary-Treasurer G. G. FULLERTON H. W. KENDRICK FACULTY MEMBERS R. J. KNAPP ELMORE PETERSEN RONALD G. RUCKER FRANK H. WOLCOTT GRADUATE MEMBERS STANLEY McCLINTOCK WILLIAM SLATON PAUL VETTING ROBERT BEREMAN JAMES DICKEY JACK GORDON CECIL MILLER UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS HERBERT MORRIS FRANK ROGEL GRANT TOWER B FRANK WEBSTER DONALD WHITMAN GEORGE WIGOTOW Front Row: Peterson, Fullerton, Miller, Rucker, Knapp, Dickie Second Row: Kendrick, Tower. Morris, Gordon. Bercman. Whitman. Sla Back Row: Walt:. Wigotow, Webster, Rogell. Wolcott. McClintic KAPPA KAPPA PSI National Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS ARCHIE FURR President CORDER SMITH Vice-President HOWARD BRITTELL Secretar ' LAWRENCE PEXTON Treasurer WILLIS PRICE Editor HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR HORACE lONES MR HUGH McMillan WILLIAM BAUER HOW ARD BRITTELL WILLIAM BUTTON ARCHIE FURR HARRY C. JONES WILLIAM H. JONES DOMINIC CESARIO GORDON DAYTON ACTIVE MEMBERS LESTER KUENTZEL ROBERT MULVIHILL LAWRENCE PEXTON MARVIN POLZIN WILLIS PRICE ROBERT REDWINE PLEDGES LOGAN LANCASTER lAMES LANE CORDER SMITH RICHARD THRELKELD DAVID WARE GORDON WOLCOTT EUGENE YOUNGBLUT ROBERT TYLER fl fl Front Row: Bnttcll. Price. Junes Redwine. Cesario Second Row: Pexton. Dutton, Lancaster, Polzin, Jonc Third Row : Ware, Furr, Kuentzel, Dayton, Jones Back Row: Lane, Wolcott, Bauer, Smith, Youngblut SIGMA DELTA CHI International Professional Journalistic Fraternity OFFICERS GOODRICH S. WALTON President ROBERT COOLEY Vice-President HYMAN CHESTER Secretary EARL W. McCOY Treasurer JAMES MADISON Correspondent FACULTY MEMBERS RALPH L. CROSMAN ZELL F MABEE ORVILLE AMIDON CLIFFORD G. BROWN HYMAN CHESTER HARRY CHRISTOPHER ROBERT COOLEY DONALD ALLEN LOUIS COATS GEORGE CRISWELL PHILIP DAVIS WILLIAM DAY GEORGE DILTS EUGENE FOLEY A. GAYLE WALDROP ACTIVE MEMBERS DONALD LESHER JAMES MADISON DONALD MARTIN EARL W. McCOY PLEDGES HORACE HARDING WALTER JOHNSON JAY JOSLIN JOHN LABAGH HERMAN MATHIS NORMAN MEYER WILLIAM O ' ROURKE ROBERT L PERKIN GOODRICH S. WALTON WILLIAM YOUNG JOHN MOREHEAD RICHARD NeUVELS FREDERICK PALMER BURT PINTER RICHARD McMI;LLEN LISLE WIDMAN Biili2 Amidon. Brown, Christopher, Foley, HardiriK, Johnson. Lesher, McConncIl McCoy, Mankcdick, Mathis, Palmer, Perkin, Walton. Widman DELTA SIGMA PI International Honorary Business Fraternity OFFICERS CLARE WHITE Headmaster WILLIAM STEHLIN Senior Warden JACK GORDe N Scribe OGDEN MEYER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS LEO V. ASPINWALL FRED R. NIEHAUS FREDRICK A. BUSHEE ELMORE G. PETERSEN EDISON H CRAMER MARTIN SCHMIDT WALTER B FRANKLIN GRADUATE MEMBERS WILLIAM H. SLATON STANLEY McCLINTIC UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS CALVIN H. BAKER OLAF H. HAGE DONALD D. PUCKET EDWIN C. BEARDSWORTH RICHARD S. HALL HARRY T. RADFORD ROY W. BROWER HOWARD D. KENNEY MARSHALL W RUSSELL WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL HAROLD W. KOONCE DORSEY H. SMITH PAUL S. COLLINS ROBERT LEAR ROBERT E. SONNEKSON WILLIAM B. FANT H. JACK MAAS WILLIAM STEHLIN RICHARD W. FORBES HOMER H. MENDENHALL H. KIRK STEPHENSON JOSEPH M GARDNER OGDEN MEYER ROGER WILLIAMS lACK D. GORDON LANDON M PERSONS CLARE WHITE %i. TurR ' ivv: ill Biker Burdsvvorth Bn Lr CimpbLll Gardner, Gordon, Hage Second Row: Hall koonce Fant Forbes Lear MeClintu Maas, Mendenhall Bottom Row: Mcver, Person-., Russell, Smith, Sonnekson. Stehlin, White jLA ' ' N ALPHA CHI SIGMA National Professional Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS CHARLES BARBER President ROSCOE TEATS Vice-President GLEN SCHAFER Secretary RAY FLEISCHMAN Treasurer MELVIN CLARK Recording Secretary TL ' RREL BARBER Alumni Secretary JOE COLEMAN PAUL M. DEAN FRED DOWLING JOHN B. EKELEY FRANK E. GERMANN TURREL BARBER CHARLES BARBER MELVIN CLARK GORDON DAYTON CHARLES DEINKEN ALBERT BIELLA WALTER CARLSON JAMES HART CLIFFORD MORELLI FACULTY MEMBERS EDWARD HUFFMAN ODON S. KNIGHT OLIVER C LESTER EMMET MAIDER AARON OBERG MEMBERS ROBERT DOUGHERTY JOHN DUNHAM RAY FLEISCHMAN HOWARD FISCHER ROBERT OGILVIE PLEDGES GEORGE ORBORNE DR. ANTHONY RONZIO LESTER SCHRAMM CHARLES F POE HERBERT POTRATZ H. B. VAN VALKENBURGH GLEN WAKEMAN GLEN SCHAFER ROSCOE TEATS LOUIS TRAYLOR JACK TRUSCOTT WILLIAM WEBER TOM WHALEY ARTHUR WHITE lAMES WILSON Barber. Brella, Clark, Deinken, Ogilvie. Price Fleischman, Schafcr. Schramm, Traylor, Wellcr PHI DELTA CHI Honorary Pharmaceutical and Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS CARROL EPLEY President WILLIAM JONES Vice-President HAROLD KOONCE Secretary WARREN KENNISON Treasurer CHARLES R. BITTER W. E. CLAPPER FREDERICK G. DRUMMOND FRANK E. LANE DONALD ARNDT ROBERT BURGE CARROL EPLEY LESTER HOWELL FACULTY MEMBERS DAVID W. ODAY NORMAN F. WITT ELMER M. PLEIN CHARLES F. POE MEMBERS WILLIAM JONES CLARENCE KEMPER HAROLD KOONCE WILLIAM SHONTZ PLEDGES CHARLES A. ROVETTA ROLLIE S. SCHAEFER HOMER C. WASHBURN JAMES SHY RICHARD SIMMONS LLOYD WRIGHT RAY KAHL LLOYD LOHMEYER CHARLES REGER DON SEARCY Front Row: Witt, Shonts, Drommond, O ' Day, Arndt, Kalil, Plciii Second Row: Lane, Howell, Sprowls, Koonce. Lohmeyer, Simmons, Epley Back Row: Shy, Kcnnison, Burgc, Searcy, Jones, Kemper THETA SIGMA PHI National Honorary Journalistic Fraternity for Women OFFICERS CATHERINE TURMAN President ROSAMAY EVANS Vice-President JUNE PADFIELD Treasurer JANE SAMPSON Secretary MILDRED LISTER Keeper of the Archives FACULTY MEMBERS RALPH L. CROSMAN EDNA D. ROMIG MEMBERS HELEN BLOEDORN BERNICE LUCAS ELEANOR CARLSON JUNE PADFIELD ROSAMAY EVANS JANE SAMPSON VIRGINIA CHRISTENSON IRENE STRAHAN MARGARET GLENDENING VIRGINIA TIMOTHY MILDRED LISTER CATHERINE TURMAN HWilLl jcdorn, Evans, Glendenning, Sampson, Padtield, Tur » » Clubs and {Societies MEN ' S GLEE CLUB GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB ALEXANDER GRANT, Dii OFFICERS HARRY CHRISTOPHER President WOODSON RAILEY Vice-President ROBERT COLWELL Secretary-Treasurer JAMES MILLER Librarian LAWRENCE HART Accompanist OFFICERS RUTH BRUCE President GWENDOLYN HENSHAW Vice-President RUTH BOGERT Secretary MARYLEE COPELAND Librarian JEAN HAGGART Treasurer MARGARET SAUNDERS Accompanist WILLIAM AHLBORG DONALD ALLEN BENJAMIN ALLISON FRANCIS V. ARNY LESLIE BEREMAN WILLIAM BRADY GEORGE BRANDT DOMINIC CESARIO HARRY CHRISTOPHER LOUIS COATES ROBERT COLWELL LARRY DAVIS THOMAS DIXON DONALD DUNKLEE HAMILTON DYE PAUL ELLIS LAWRENCE FISHER ELLERY GIBSON- WAYNE GILBERT ALBERT GUNNING JOHN HALL TIM HATTON JOHN HAYDEN ORVAL HEMPLER BLAKE HIESTER EUGENE HILLIGOSS ROYAL HINMAN EVAN KENNEDY JULIAN LLOYD NORMAN MEYER RAYMOND MILLARD JAMES MILLER RALPH MOORE RAYMOND NEIGHBORS THOMAS PARKER KENNETH PERSONS NICK PETRY JACK POHLEN2 WOODSON RAILEY JOHN RAMALEY OLIVER ROBERTS DONALD ROSE ERNEST SCHULTS GEORGE SHAFER EARL SPENCER GEORGE STRAIN WAYNE TARBELL GALEN THOMAS ALLAN VICKERS FRANK WEINLE CORNELIA ANDERSON CLARA BARNES RUTH BOGERT JEANNE BRADSHAW " CATHRYN BRASH RUTH BRUCE NATALINE CARDMAN JULIET ANN CLARK GERALDINE CLINGMAN DORIS COON MARYLEE COPELAND DOROTHY CUTTING FRANCES CUTTING MILLICENT DeBELLE CONSUELO DIEZ LUCILLE DiGIACOMO JANET DUFFEY JUNE DUNHAM IMOGENE EDWARDS MARY EVANS FRANCES FISCHER CAROL FROID ELOISE GILCHREST FRANCES GILLEN JEAN HAGGART AILLIENE HARDY JULIA HARTMAN DIANA HERBRIDGE GWENDOLYN HINSHAW MAXINE HOLLOVVELL MARY KASIC MARJORIE KINGSBERRY ANNA MAY KLINKER ALMA LOUISE KNUCKEY MARY EVELYN LEGLER PERIE LILLEY LORRAINE LUND MARY ETHEL MEYER ERNA NELSON DOROTHY JANE PETERSON HELEN PHELPS LEONA PUNSHON BARBARA PYLES GENEVIEVE ROBINSON AILEEN SAUDER ALICE SELDIN BERNICE SELDIN ELIZABETH SPECHT MARION THIRLAWAY HELEN TREGO BETTY WALLACE ANNABEL WISE MARGARET YATES UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BAND HUGH E. McMlLLEN Director LESTER E. KUENTZEL Manager ARCHIE FURR President CORDER SMITH Vice-President ROBERT REDWINE Secretary and Treasurer TROMBONE LOGAN LANCASTER BOB BARNES EMMETT RYDER ROBERT REDWINE WILLIAM DUTTON JACK WINTON HAROLD BALLARD WARREN CORNETT BASS LESTER KUENTZEL WALTER LAWRENCE KENNETH ANDREA HUGH CHASTAIN JOHN PUGH GEORGE ENDICOTT BENJAMIN ALLIStW HARRY JONES HORN GORDON DAYTON KENNETH COLWELL LAWRENCE DAVIS RALPH GORDON EDWARD SCHNEIDER BARITONE RICHARD THRELKELD JOHN HICKMAN WILLARD STURDEVANT HOWARD WALTERS SAXOPHONE DAVID WARE DOMINIC CESARIO GENE YOUNGBLUT RUSSELL GRAHAM EDWARD GODDARD CHARLES PERRY JACK BASKIN BASS CLARINET FRED JOHNSON PERCUSSION GERARD SWANSON VITO ROMANO JACK BECK MERLE MAHONE FROST MERRELL BORDEN COULTER HARRY CHRISTOPHER EDWARD NAYLOR WILLIAM BRADY CORNET ARCHIE FURR JAMES LANE CHARLES CLAPP MAX STRICKLER HOWARD BRITTELL MAYFORD ROARK LAWRENCE MILLER OLIVER LONG BYRON SYRING JAMES BRENNAN MARVIN POLZIN WARREN WOODIS CLARINET LAWRENCE PEXTON CORDER SMITH WARD MILLER EDWARD KEHN WILLIAM BAUER JOHN RICHERT GENE HURST JAMES HAWKINS MAURICE CALDWELL LESTER SCHRAMM GEORGE STRAIN CLARINET, Continued VERNE ELSESSER WILLIAM MAYS HAROLD PEERCY FOSTER STURDEVANT MANTEL HOOD CHESTER JONES ANTHONY PERRELLA JAMES BEAVERS JOHN HUMES ROBERT HARRIS GEORGE DOAK FLUTE AND PICCOLO WILLIS PRICE EDWIN HEIM OBOE GORDON WOLCOTT CULVER DAVISON BELL LYRA TIM HATTON RALPH MOORE DRUM MAJORS JOHN KEMP HARVEY KELLNER ALLEN REYER YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS JANE COLLINS President MARY RIGGS Vice-President BETTYE BARNUM Secretary HELEN WOODLING Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN LYDIA BROWN MRS. WILLIAM HAZARD DOROTHY MARTIN DOROTHY STANLEY FRANCES STRIBEC MABEL VAN DUZEE CABINET MEMBERS BETTYE BARNUM RUTH BENWELL MARGARET CARPENTER JANE COLLINS JEAN CURTIS MARION HACKSTAFF MARGARET JOHNSON VONNE LAMME DOROTHY McLaughlin MARY RIGGS ELEANOR WINOGRAD HELEN WOODLING SALLY ZIMMERHACKLE Barnum. Carpenter, Collins, Hackstaff. Lamme. Riggs Winograd, Woodling UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S CLUB OFFICERS FRANCES NASH President FLOREINE ANDERSON Vice-President CLAIRE SWEELEY Secretary PATTY NASH Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN LYDIA BROWN MRS W. B. PIETENPOL REBECCA VAILLE COUNCIL MARY PARIS VERNA NELSON MEDA UNDERHILL VIRGINIA KNOETTGE RUTH PLANK HELEN WOODLING HEAD TRIADS GAIL HILDEBRANDT BERNICE SELDIN MARGARET HOOGLAND MADALINE VAN SCHOIACK ASSOCIATE TRIADS LOUISE ARMSTRONG ALLIENE HARDY NORMA SHENDLER ELIZABETH BRANDT MYRA HOBSON BEVERLY SMITH MARION GEORGE VIRGINIA LEE CHARLOTTE SPENGLER MARJORIE GUECK HILDA MADDOCK ALLAIRE STUART HELEN HAMILTON VIRGINIA RICKETTS IRENE STRAHAN Anderson, Fans. Knoettge. F. Nash, P. Xash, Nelson Sweeley, Woodling HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS DOROTHY GARWOOD President LILLIE RATLIFF Vice-President DOROTHY La POINT Secretary GERTRUDE O ' BRIEN Treasurer ELVERA THOMAS Social Chairman FLORENCE BEDELL FACULTY MEMBERS MRS. HAZEL FEHLMANN ANNA WILLIAMS MEMBERS BETTYE BARNUM RUTH BENWELL MARGARET BERKIN MARGARET CARPENTER VIRGINIA CLARK MARY FRANCES DORAN JUNE DUNHAM DOROTHY GARWOOD DORRIS GARWOOD MAXINE HALOWELL MARGARET HOGLIN MARGARET HOWE MARGARET JACOBUCCI BETH JOSLYN DOROTHY KNOWLES DOROTHY La POINT HELEN LINK MYRTLE Mac HUBBS BONNY McDonald MARYETHYL MEYER GERTRUDE O ' BRIEN LILLIAN QUARLES LILLIE RATLIFF FRANCES ROGERS ANN SCHEUNEMANN BETTY JANE SMITH ELVERA THOMAS CRYSTOL TIGER ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Back Row: Quarlc . ThonKis Bcnwcll Second Row : Fehlmann, WiHiams, Garwood Third Row: Joslyn, Carpenter, Scheunemann, O ' Brien, Birkin Fourth Row : RatHff, Meyer, McDonald, Garwood, Tiger Front Row: Knowles, Barnum, Clark, Rogers, Hoghn, Bedell THE MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS RAMONA PARKINSON President JOE CONNOR Vice-President LORRAINE LUND Secretary CLIFFORD MORELLI Treasurer SPONSOR DR. A I KEMPNER MEMBERS CARL AIKELE ELY BELL FREDERICK BLAKEY MAURICE BOSLEY ROBERT BOYD RICHARD BURLING MELVIN CLARK JOE CONNOR ELMER COYER JOHN GEER MILDRED GRANCHO RUTH HOFFMAN DOROTHY JOHNSON DR. A. J. KEMPNER WILLIAM Lk FEVRE LORRAIN LUND AGNES MAXAM STANLEY Mc.ELROY CLIFFORD MORELLI RAMONA PARKINSON MARVIN POLZIN ALICE SELDIN WILLIAM STRYKER ARVID WEDIN WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS REV. HAROLD ESSERT RICHARD MORSCH KENNETH HEDRICK . Wesley Foundation Pastor President Treasurer FORUM OFFICERS WARREN BEATTIE President BETTY LITTLER Vice-President MARTHA HOWARD Secretary LEAGUE OFFICERS VELMA BUTLER President KATHLEEN FOSTER Vice-President BETTY BRENNER Secretary CLAYTON ALMOND ELSIE BRIGGS DONALD BROWN COUNCIL MEMBERS LOIS GEER TIM HATTON HOWARD HILMES GLEN SCHAFER ERVA SULLIVAN PAULINE THOMPSON COED COUNSELORS OFFICERS CLAIRE SWEELEY GOLDYE BLAKE . RUTH BENWELL . . President . Secretary Social Chairman MEMBERS FLORINE ANDERSON RUTH BENWELL GOLDYE BLAKE LOUISE BROURINK BETTY COFFIN SUSAN CORNELIUS MARY FARIS MARION GEORGE HELEN HAMILTON ALLIENE HARDY MYRA HOBSON MARY HOSING ANNA KENDALL VIRGINIA KNOETTGE VONNA LAMME LOUISE METZ PATTY NASH VERNA NELSON DOROTHY ROST MARGARET SMITH CHARLOTTE SPENGLER ALLAIRE STUART LOUISE STEWART CLAIRE SWEELEY MEDA MAE UNDERHILL MIGNON WARDELL BETTY ANN YANTIS Spcn ler. L Stcv%.irt, Nash Bl.ikc A Second Row Rust, Undcrhill, Anderson, Kendall, bmitl Third Row Knoettge, Broiirink, Bcnwell, Hamilton, Co Back Row: Wardell, Nelson, Hosig, Sweeley, Lamme HIKING CLUB OFFICERS RICHARD MORSCH President VIRGINIA RICKETTS Vice-President MARGARET SANDERS Secretary WILLIAM BERGER Treasurer WILLIAM JUDD Manager PHILIP MOORE Assistant Manager FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE DOBBINS LOUISE JOHNSON PROF. VAN VALKEN BURGH DOROTHY FLEBBE ARTHUR J. McNAIR PROF. WAKEHAM MEMBERS ERNEST BEAHM DON GIBSON JOSEPH LEWIS RUTH RUSSELL MARGARET BLANCHARD MYRON GOLDBERG PORTIA LUBCHENCO MARGARET SANDERS JOAN BRANNAMAN RUTH GRISWOLD NORMAN MEYER MARGARET SMITH CLIFFORD BROWN WILLIAM GROSS PHILIP MOORE KARL STACEY ROBERT BULKLEY RICHARD HAASE RICHARD MORSCH MAXINE TOOKER LOIS BULSON HARRY HUMPHRY VERA RICKETTS REV. WALTERS WILLIAM BERGER RONALD IVES VIRGINIA RICKETTS SARAH WHITE HELEN CLATWORTHY WILLIAM JUDD MARY RIGGS MELVIN WIRZ THOMAS CLAY LOGAN LANCASTER HERBERT ROOK HELEN WOODLING ROLAND ANGEL ROBERT BOYD PLEDGES CLARENCE BURSON JOHN COYLE WARREN SCOTT CLYDE GILLAM FRANCES McCLINTIC BEVERLY LYON HAROLD MOSS BARBARA VON DREDEN Morsch, Judd Moore, Ricketts Berger, Sanders VIKING CLUB Organization of Independent Men OFFICERS EUGENE NIKKEL President ROBERT DELANEY Vice-President WILLIAM J. CxABRIEL Secretary RICHARD MORSCH Treasurer PROF. DAVID O ' DAY Sponsor HAROLD C. BALLARD WARREN M. BEATTIE DANIEL E. CALDWELL DONALD R. CAMPBELL ROBERT F. DELANEY GEORGE A. FROHLICK WILLIAM J, GABRIEL DAVID J. GAMBILL ACTIVE MEMBERS DONALD T. JONES FRANK J. KURETICH TAUNO LAPPI JOSEPH F. LEWIS JAMES R. LOGAN JAMES H LOWER ROBERT M. MAINS ELMER L. MAUL AUSTIN B. MILHOLLIN RICHARD W MORSCH H. EUGENE NIKKEL GEORGE F. OSBORNE WALTER J. SAWICKI LEONARD B. SCHMIDT TOM E. TRASK THOMAS H. WHALEY CHARLES E. HIKES PLEDGES WINFIELD S. PAYNE MILO A. STAPP | P Top Row: Bcattie. Brady, Campbell, Delaney, Frohlick, Gabriel, Hemplcr, Hilligos Second Row: Jones, Lewis, Lower, Mains, MilhoUin, Morsch, Nikkei, Osborne Bottom Row: Sawicki, Schmidt, Schmitt, Trask PRESBYTERIAN UNION OFFICERS HAROLD HURST President EUGENE NIKKEL Vice-President CLYDE GILLAM Treasurer EVELYN BAUER Secretary MARY RIGGS Church Council Representative DR. F. L. GREENWAY University Pastor MEMBERS ROLAND ANGEL NEVA COPELAND CAROL HITCHCOCK DONALD RISLEY DONALD ARNDT DONALD CAMPBELL MARY HICKMAN LILLIE RATLIFF BARBARA BLIT2 BARBARA CAMPBELL MARION HARDESTY PAUL ROOSA RALPH BRENDLE JOHN DASHEN DORIS LUCILLE JOHNSON CHARLES RAY FRANCES BURCH VIVIAN DUTTON BARBARA JOHNSTON MARY RIGGS ELIZABETH BEEBE CATHLEEN DUNBAR MARGUERITE JUCHEM LENE ROSETTA WADE BARTON HAROLD EDWARDS JOE LEWIS SAM STAHLEY LOUISE BERNARD DOROTHY EDWARDS LOUISE LEE ELIZABETH SPECHT BETTY BARNUM PATRICIA ECKEL PEGGY LOUISE LUTHENS ERIKA STOECKLY ROBERTA BIVANS RUTH FISHER LLOYD LOHMEYER GERALDINE STANSBURY WILLIAM BAUER ERVIN GAREHIME MILDRED LYNCH HOWARD W, SCHLIECKER DICK BANCROFT CLYDE GILLAM ERWIN McCLEAN ROBERT SIMMERING HAZEL BROWN FRANK L. GREENWAY. JR ESTHER MATTHEISON LEONARD SCHMIDT BETTY BERNARD MARY ISOBEL GREENWAY HAROLD MATHERS JOHN STRICKLAND FLOYD BUSCH FRANCES GILLEN CARL MOORE JACQUELYNE VINYARD BORDEN COULTER GENE HURST RALPH MOORE IRENE CLARA VOGEL DELMAR CARLSEN HAROLD HURST JANE MORRIS CHARLES L. WALKER RUTH MARJORIE CHASE RAYMOND HEER SHIRLEY MANN ESTHER FERN WALTER ADELAIDE L r:HARLBERG MYRA HOBSON VERNA NELSON WILMA WORKMAN EVA CHRISTENSON MARY HAYES EUGENE NIKKEL WILLIS WORCESTER MARJORIE CAMPBELL MARCELINE HEYER IRMA PROETT NORRIS YODER CLELAND CONWELL MARIAN HOHNSTEIN RUTH POULIGNOT RUTH YODER PHI CHI DELTA Front Row Second Ro Back Row: Hosig, Zeilman, Garlick, Hardesty, Horn, Parsons : Santo, Bivens, Cooper, Yocum, Munro, Lee, Johnson, Grccnv Han.stein, Pruitt, Bovard, Huel.skemper, Ratliff, Stephenson, Ban Cowperthwaitc, Vogel, Birch, Maiicr, Coflin, Sped » » Wesley McCune; nice tie, Wes » » Orval Hempler, what ' s that np in your hemp? » » Maybe Cox art, but not fine » » Betsy Ross, Kappa, is smiHng. Donovan must not be around » » The new Boys " Dorm » » Be patient, girls, something will turn up » » Ruth Lantz, Kappa, and Dick Westerberg, Beta. We were paid not to say anything about this couple » » Professor Wakeham, too young to know » » Helen Clatworthy with an ace up her sleeve » » Linda Lee Gross, looking up " The First Year " . wmm d » » ' chest leaving Memorial » » Carl Weidner, Delt, the doctor told him to watch his feet » » Pat Varvel, Pi Phi, contemporary athlete » » " Hijacking " Jack Wolcott in action » » Sitting down on the job » » Borroughs Hill, back from the war » » Ranger Rogers and Pat McWhinney, mouth contest winners » » Bare men are always good in a pinch » » Lowen has squatter ' s rights » » Oh spray, can you see. » » Jackie Summer in summer-wear » » Dave Ware in winter-wear » » Taylor and his wares » » Peg Sanders and Dick Morsch, unaware » » Ware are you looking, Mary Eliz- abeth Beasley? » » It oughtta wear; any more of this will wear me out » » Eileen Frost and another frost-bitten child » » Head Janitor, U. of C. (he picks up all the dirt) » » TroUope bites off more than he can chew » » Assistant Janitor, U. of C, only he makes an honest living » » Dorothy Flebbe, is she? » » Stan Cross and Bill Stryker, Sigma Nu, stopping up the gutter. Mr. George B. Petty, a na- tionally known illustrator, famed for his monthly dr awings in the " Esquire " magazine, consented to judge this year ' s contest. Thank you, Mr. Petty. MISS MAKC IXE FAl Xi K. Iiiilopeiifleiit 1937 ioloraclan lU ' aiiity l|iie »ii MISS TIIEIlllSA KIKBY. Iiiflependent Md MISS LAVERNE BACKLIXD. liiilopoiKloiit BPOHUdBl ■Uta Mildred Wray Marjorie Ann Garlick Margaret Howe Frances Houck Alice Rinn Jean Cowton Ruth Drinkwater Barbara Buckman ll$ i KETSV IE OSS. Ksippa Kappa Gamma |ii04 ' ii of tli4 •Iiini4»r l rom MIS Rl TH PLANK. Iii€lo|K ' ii«l4 iit Qiioi-ii iti tlio Engineers Ball The 1937 COLORADAN PRESENTS MR. WILLIAM CASSIDY, Sigma Ni MISS RUTH MacMILLAN , !■ .- ' v ' S r— I 9Nk ' • [ 1 1 r 4 w WILLIAM CASSIDY Adjudged the Best Dressed Man and Woman at Colorado University for 1936-1937 RUTH MacMILLAN » » Laying down on the job » » Kenny Penfold, Delt, and Peg Harner, D. G. " What every couple should know " » » Let ' s sit this one out » » Marion Beck and Ray (Ten Command- ments) Moses » » Betsy Ross, Kappa; Linda Lee Gross, Alpha Phi; and Sidney Smith, A.O.Pi — Faith, Hope and Charity » » Leland Modesitt, Beta; Kay Cooper, Pi Phi; Walt Carlson, Phi Psi; Gay nell Stuart; Ferd Rowan, Kappa Sigma; and Phyllis Brinton, Kappa; they got into the Prom on " Comps " » » Organ Grinder ' s Swing » » Du Vail sits out for a hot one » » Wall Flowers, Howard More and Ruth Plank » » Goat Guthrie, Sig Alph; Virginia Blomgren, Tri Delt; and John Poyen, Chi Psi; " Thank you, Fll dance with the guy what brung me! " » » Be calm, little jughead. Dick Morsch and Barbara Von Dreden » » " Now let ' s see; Til keep Mrs. Curtis ' attention — " » » A dorm good place for any man » » Overholt, but under the weather » » Body by Fisher, legs by Steinway, necks by the dozens » » Mum ' s the word. Miss Foley. You would too if you were a gym teacher » » Jerry and Joyce, we knew them when » » Bob Tyl er, something or other on the campus » » Do you dare us to push it off? » » Bill Burr, Delt, with a stolen shirt » » Nuts to you too, Laverne Backlund. La ' verne, a former Barb beauty candidate, is now a DG » » What ' s your name? ■fei » » From the way Penfold looks, next year they ' ll be after the saucer » » Mugwumps — Myron Goldberg, Phi Sig, the mug on one side; Clitf Brown, Lambda Chi, the wump on the other » » Guy Fairhurst going to a pipe course » » Dorothy Flebbe and Vera Ricketts. See what Wheaties can do » » Coming from Macky, by cracky , » » Moss being not gathered » » Isn ' t this just too deer, Tom Clay? » » Robert Lootens gives a study in slouch by Whistler » » Whadda ya mea n, me pay for the beer? » » Ginger Simpson looking for a place to light in front of the Libe » » Harry Humphry and Howard McAllister, just laughing, healthy, chubby boys. » » Byron White, a student too » » More frosh-soph friendship » » The Oakes bench — Kearns, Jump, etc » » That cake looks pretty big » » Maybe the commission does do some work. Ferd Rowan, Mary Riggs, and Toby Tyler » » Where ' s the fire, Chesney? » » Southern exposure » » Chuck Semrad, ears and all » » It ' s a good-looking ship, anyhow » » Dick Donovan and Chip Sholander, Sigma Chis, looking particularly pleased about something » » What ' s your phone number? » » Beverly, how could you do that to poor Httle Walter? ATHLETICS fi ' l - — i FORREST COX CuL,ch of Basketball FRANK POTTS Coach of Track 4 - ERS77» V COLOliADO BERNARD F. OAKES Coach of Football HARRY G. CARLSON Coach of Baseball WALTER B. FRANKLIN Graduate Manager of Athletics and Coach of Golf ' X " MEN IN SCHOOL-YEAR 1936-37 Beginning of Fall Quarter ORVILLE AMIDON KENNETH ANDERSON JOHN APPLEBY GLENN ARCHER NEIL BAUER LUCIEN BISSEY RICHARD BOCK TED BOERSTLER J. EDGAR BOYD ROSS BUMSTEAD WILLIAM BURR RAYMOND CARLSON ERVIN CHENEY EVERETT CHESNEY ROBERT CLARK CLYDE CROSBY GILBERT CRUTER JOE DA VIES WALTER DRISKILL JOE DUNICH FRANK EVES LAURENCE FLANDERS FRED FOLSOM JACK GALLOWAY DARRELL GIBBS ROBERT GILBERT RAYMOND GREEN ALBERT GUNNING LYMAN HARDY JOHN HAYES EARL HOWSAM DUDLEY HUTCHINSON JOHN KEARNS RICHARD KEARNS MAURICE KEENAN CHARLES KREAGER WILLIAM LAM LEE LATTA LEON LAVINGTON RUSSELL LEDYARD DCWALD LESHER ROBERT LESSER LLOYD LONG GATHER LOUTHAN STANLEY McCLINTIC WILLIAM McNeill WILLIAM MARK JAMES MILLER LELAND MODESITT CHESTER MOHLER GENE MOORE HOWARD MORE R. E. MORGAN DAVID MURPHY NORMAN NEEL GENE NIKKEL ALMON OVIATT KENNETH PENFOLD JOHN PHILLIPS JOHN POYEN FRANK ROGEL RANGER ROGERS F. M. RUSSELL WILLIAM SARCONI MARK SCHRIEBER WALTER SHADE RICHARD SHEPARD ART SHELLABARGER CLIFFORD SHOLANDER THURSTON SIBLEY ROBERT SLATER JOHN SLOVEK LOUIS SMITH MARION STALKER FRANCIS STEVENS STEWART STINER MARK STRATTON WILLIAM SUBRY EUGENE TEPLEY PETE TESONE ARTHUR UNGER DAVID WARE CLAUDE WALTON GRADY WELTER BYRON WHITE GEORGE WIGOTOW FRANK WINDOLPH ROBERT WOLF WILLIAM WOLF WILLIAM WRIGHT " C " MEN IN MEDICAL SCHOOL JOHN BANGEMAN RALPH CHRISTY WILLIAM DeBACKER JAMES HALEY FRANK McGLONE RICHARD NOONAN FERGUS I ' INGREY PAUL SIEVERS ALAN HAYS FACULTY HOWARD WAITE RODY BOSWORTH ;W-1M - ■ tt » » Football w e. I i d 0 ■A MAJOR X " WINNERS FOOTBALL JOE ANTONIO ..FB JOHN APPLEBY HB ED BOYD C JOHN BROWN T ERVIN CHENEY FB JOE DAVIES E ROYAL DOW E ROBERT GILBERT HB LYMAN HARDY E ELMER HOLMES T HARRY HUMPHREYS G LEON LAVINGTON E ABE LEVINE T GENE MOORE C ORVILLE NUTTALL HB FRANK ROGEL G JOHN SLOVEK QB LOUIS SMITH- .- G L. STEFFENHAGEN. - HB FRANCIS STEVENS G FLOYD TRACHSEL HB ART UNGER F BYRON WHITE QB 1 -. -- - «X« - ' dfeC jdM 1936 FOOTBALL SQUAD UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA A green and inexperienced SiKer and Gold team opened its 1936 campaign by impressively holding the vaunted Sooners to an 8-0 score on shppery Norlin field. Faced with the embar- rassment of winning by but a 2-0 score. Coach Biff Jones ' Sooners loosed a spectacular drive to score the face-saving marker in the last minute of play. Only when faced by near-disaster were the Sooners able to produce a sustained touchdown drive. In the closing minute of the game, the deceptive Oklahoma spinners began to click regularly, and Elmo Hewes, ace back, broke loose for a 2 3 -yard gain on a reverse, carrying the ball to the Silver and Gold 4-yard line. On the next play this same Hewes was good for a tally. The Thundering Herd made its most threat- ening bid after Art Unger recovered a blocked quick kick on the Oklahoma 32. On the third down the Sooners were penalized five yards to the 24. White and Cheney made it first down on the 6, but here the Herd ' s attack wilted and after making 4 yards with three plays. Quarter- back White attempted a place-kick which failed. Later in the same period Pete Smith, burly Sooner end, blocked White ' s punt on the Colo- rado 7. The ball bounded into the end zone, where it was recovered by Colorado, giving Oklahoma 2 points. Byron " Whizzer " White gave notice that he would be hard to stop in th e coming Conference campaign, while Gene Moore proved himself to be a tower of strength at the center position. Cheney handled his fullback duties capably and on numerous occasions nearly escaped the Sooner secondary. □ COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES In its conference opener, the Thundering Herd stampeded a weak but willing Miner team to the tune of 33 to 0. Top: Rogcl, Moore Bottom: White mm Although held scoreless for the first period, the Buffs responded to the injection of first- string blood in the form of Byron White, Joe Antonio, and Gib Quinton, and with these men performing, the touchdown machine began to function. The first score was the result of a Statue of Liberty play which was good for 26 yards, with Trachsel lateraling to Quinton, who galloped the remaining yards for a score. White kicked the extra point. A short time later, with the ball on the Mines 47 ' yard line. White, aided by fine blocking, raced around his right end, scoring standing up. He also kicked the extra point. The third score resulted from a series of line bucks by Joe An ' tonio, who plunged over from the 2 ' yard line. The halt ended with speedy Dick Kearns rip- ping off a pair of good runs from the Mine ' s 44 to the Mine ' s 4. Antonio scored on a line-buck. The Buffs were held scoreless in the third period, but in the fourth, with Johnny Appleby and Johnny Phillips rotating, the ball was placed on the 2-yard line. Bill Jump plunged through the line for the last touchdown and Appleby converted via the place-kick route. White, Slovek, and Antonio starred in the Buffalo backfield, while Abe Levine, Herb Koeh- Icr, and Royal Dow, all sophomores, played good hall in the line. D COLORADO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Journeying to Fort Collins in ideal football weather, the Thundering Herd capitalized on a Farmer error in strategy and came out on the long end of a 9-7 score. The first score of the game came midway in the second quarter, the way to a touchdown being paved by Antonio when he intercepted an Aggie pass on the Aggie 39-yard line. A pen- alty carried the ball to the 29, and gave the Bison a first down. At this point Trachsel took the ball on a Statue of Liberty play and lateraled Top: Lavington, Smith Bottom: Unger, Davies Orville Nuttall, who made 14 yards on the play. In two plays, with White and Cheney alter ' nating, the ball was placed on the Aggie 8, from where White circled an end for a touchdown. The conversion was made by White with a perfect place-kick. The deciding two points came near the end of the same period. White kicked out on the Aggie 11 -yard line, and on the next play the Farmer quarterback attempted to pass, but was swarmed under behind his own goal hne before any receivers broke into the clear. Aggies scored shortly after with their only effective offense, which was passes. A pass placed the ball on the Silver and Gold 17, from where it was bucked over. White and Moore starred, while Kearns and Antonio were consistent ground-gainers. Art Unger, Frank Rogel, and Lou Smith were effec- tive in stopping the Farmer ground attack. n COLORADO COLLEGE The Buffaloes returned from Washburn Field after defeating C. C. 7-0, and maintaining then- unblemished conference standing. In the last three minutes of play. Art Unger did what elexcn men had been unable to do tor ' 7 min- utes. As Keaton, C. C. halfback, dropped back to kick from about midfield, Unger broke through a ma e of protecting blockers to take the oval on his chest. Without losing his stride, Unger scooped up the ball as it bounded behind Keaton and raced 40odd yards for a touch- down. As the game opened all signs pointed to an easy C. U. victory, as the Herd made six goal- line marches in the first quarter, to be held each time within the shadow of the Tiger goal-posts. The game opened with one of the Van de Graff surprise maneuvers, when Keaton punted back the first kickolf. C. U. took the ball and started one of her marches, only to be stopped on the 3 -yard hne. ., tS: lop: Boyd, Stevens Bottom: Brown, Dow. In frantic attempts to score, C. C. tried two field goals, on e in the second quarter and one in the fourth, neither of which was successful. White again earned the title " " Whizzer " , as he was the most consistent ground-gainer on the field. Gene Moore played an outstanding de- fensive game. UTAH UNIVERSITY The Thundering Herd really thundered for a homecoming crowd as it stampeded up and down the snow-covered Norlin field to defeat the Redskins, 31-7. It was the worst lacing the Indians had received since 1914, and the first time an Armstrong team has been defeated three successive years by any conference foe. Entering the game as a slight underdog, the Buffaloes started off immediately when Leon Lavington returned the opening kickoff to the Utah 40. " Whizzer " White kicked out on the Redskin one foot line, and behind vicious block- ing returned the Utah kick 38 yards for a touch- down. A few minutes later White took a Utah punt and responded with a 33-yard scoring run. In the second quarter. White took the ball on the Indian 39 and ripped off tackle for the third touchdown. White also kicked the extra point. As the second half opened White took the ball on his own 12 and electrified the fans with an 88-yard scoring run. The Buffs scored for the last time when White heaved a 5 0-yard pass to Unger. The touted Utah power was effective only in the last period, with the diminutive Call leading an attack v -hich resulted in Utah ' s kine touch- down. White played a wonderful game as he made Nutt ill, .Antonio scoring runs of 38, 33, 39, 88 yards, and threw a " JO-yard touchdown pass to Unger. Every man who saw action played good ball. Nuttall shone in both blocking and tackling. In the line, Moore, Smith, Lavington, and Unger stood out. UTAH STATE Glorious even in deteat, the Colorado team lost a game to the Utah Aggies which, if it had won, would have given it a chance at the con- ference title. By winning, the Aggies took pos- session of the first undisputed Rocky Mountain Conference title they have had since 1921. With the outcome always in doubt, the Blue and White team from Utah several times found it necessary to dig in their cleats and protect their slender lead. The game developed into a battle between great teams and great backs, with Kent Ryan, ot Utah Aggies, and Byron White playing the star roles. Utah Aggies started off with a 68-yard march to score in the first four minutes of play, and Wade converted. Not to be denied the Buffs came back with a 62-yard march of their own to score. White missed the extra point. The third score came as a result of another sustained drive of 6 ' yards, and again Wade kicked the extra point which was responsible tor the Aggie victory. In the third quarter Colorado scored its sec- ond touchdown after Ryan ' s bad kick went out of bounds on the Utah Aggie 24-yard line. White made the extra point. In the fourth quarter. White attempted a place kick from the Aggie 2 ) -yard line. The ball was high enough and far enough but missed the uprights by a hair and left the score 14-13. Top: Applcbv. Hardv Bottom: Gilbert, Slovck Cheney played the best game of his career, while White, Moore, and Nuttall turned in their usual brilliant performances. DENVER UNIVERSITY In a game that at the start had all the ear- marks of a scoring spree, the Colorado Buffaloes were nosed out 7 ' 6 by a po werful Pioneer eleven. Always a threat, the Buffs lost two good chances to score and win the annual Turkey-Day pame before a record crowd of 27,770. Starting off like a whirlwind the Denver team pushed over its score midway in the first period when Johnson sparked his team to a 47-yard march across the C. U. goal in six plays. Drob- nitch kicked the extra point that gave his team a slim enough margin to win. On the following kickoff White took the ball two yards behind his own goal hne and before the fans had settled to their seats following the Denver score, raced through the entire Pioneer team for six points. It was the longest and most spectacular run seen in the conference for sev- eral years, and was made possible by fine block- ing. Unger ' s kick, which spelled the difference between a tie and defeat, sailed wide of the up- rights and left the final score 7 to 6. After the failure of two powerful thrusts which carried the ball to the -yard line, the Bison found their hands tied for the remainder of the afternoon. Each time the veteran Denver line was able to turn back a hard charging Buffalo eleven. White and Nuttall were outstanding in the Colorado backfield, while in the line Gene Moore and Lou Smith stopped the Pioneer at- tack time after time before it got under way. I ' p. Traclisel, Steffenhagen Bottcim: Cheney, Humphreys » » Basketball COLORADO 51, 56— COLORADO MINES 14,11 In its opening game, Colorado ' s sophomore- junior quintet trounced Mines 51 to 14, at Golden, January 5. Colorado started oif well and was never headed by the flu-stricken Miners. The Buffaloes led 19 to 8 at the half and al- lowed Mines only six points in the second period. A sophomore forward, Jim Schwartz, led the Colorado attack with 23 points, while linger and Sid well played good early season ball. A month later, in the brilliantly lighted field- house, the Buffs repeated with a 56 to 1 1 win. Gib Quinton paced his teammates with 12 points, while the whole Colorado squad played a polished floor game. The Miners, whose play was ragged, never threatened. COLORADO 43, 33, 30— DENVER 38. 39, 52 Before a crowd of 3,500 fans, the Buffaloes dedicated their new fieldhouse with a 43 to 38 win over their old Denver University rivals on January 8. Shortly after the contest opened, Art Unger sunk one for the first score and the Colorado team was never headed. At the rest period the score was 18 to 17, which was the closest D. U. got to the Buffs. The Colorado offense was again sparked by Jim Schwartz, who had 20 points to lead the scoring. Harry Simmons and Art Unger seemed to solve Colorado ' s center problem. Sidwell, Quinton, and White all played excellent floor games and turned m good all around ball. In the second game on February 26, in the Hilltop Gymnasium, the Pioneers kept their chance to win the eastern division title by with- standing a Buffalo second half rally to win 39 to 3 3. With an almost impregnable defense the Pioneers held the Buff scorers to one point after ten minutes of play. At the half the score stood at 19 to 9. The Colorado machine clicked in the second half and ran the score up to within one point but was never able to head the Pio- neers. The work of Simmons, White, and Schwartz stood out for the BuiTaloes. In the eastern division tie playoff, hetorc 6,000 fans in the Denver City Auditorium on March 2, the Pioneers staged a remarkable sec- ond half rally to win 52 to 30, and enter the conference playoff. The Buffaloes started fast, leading 1 2 to 4 at one time, but the ever-ready whistle of one of the officials seemed to demoral- ize them. As the game progressed the Pioneers crept closer and at half-time led 19 to 17. The second half saw a cold Buffalo team which was able to garner only 1 3 points. Even in defeat Jim Schwartz and Byron White played stellar roles. Schwartz led the scorers with 19 points and White played his usual hard, fast game. COLORADO 46, 41— GREELEY STATE 21, 35 On January H, before the largest crowd ever to witness a C. U. home game, the Buffaloes defeated the Bears 46 to 21 and jumped into the conference lead with three wins and no losses. At half time Colorado led 24 to 1 1 and had allowed the Bears only three field goals. Byron " Whizzer " White was high-point man with 1 2 points. Stars were hard to distinguish as the whole team clicked. The second game, played at Greeley on February 16, was a rough and tumble contest in which the Buffaloes won 4 1 to 3 ' i . However, all was not rosy since White and Schwartz were painfully injured in the game. Smith, Bear for- . ward, led the scoring with 14 points and held Schwartz well in hand all evening. Byron White and Gib Quinton led Colorado with 1 1 and 10 points respectively. Although the game was exceedingly rough, only Harry Simmons was ejected on personal fouls. COLORADO 39, 36— WYOMING 36, 29 In a thrill-packed game on January 22, an under-rated Wyoming Cowboy team gave the Colorado team its first real scare of the season. The Buffaloes were forced to come from behind Top: Nikkei, Slater Bottom: Burr, Quinton to win by a 39 to 36 score and retain their con- ference lead of four wins and no losses. In keeping the lead the Bulfs were challenged every minute of the game, and were tailing 16 to 15 at the end of the half. The Cowboys started fast and played a hard game. Cowboy Winter- holler won game scoring honors and played a good floor game. The performances of Quin- ton, Sid well, and linger seemed the best turned in by Colorado players. On January 26, the Buffaloes stampeded to Laramie and once there stampeded some more to break an eleven-year jinx by defeating Wyo- ming 36 to 29 on the " half-acre " floor. The Buffs jumped to an early lead which they re- linquished at no time during the game. At half time they led 27 to 19. The game was rather rough and Sullivan and Winterholler for Wyoming and Buffalo Harry Simmons left the game on fouls. Simmons led the scorers with 10 points and White played a spectacular floor game. COLORADO 50, 32— COLORADO STATE 22, 35 Colorado easily won from Aggies in the field- house February 6, 50 to 22. Schwartz, account- ing for five field goals and six free throws, won scoring honors with 16 points. Aggies never threatened. At the end of the first period Colo- rado was leading 24 to 9. The Aggiemen pulled a surprise February 9 .ind handed the Buffaloes their first setback by a score of 35 to 32. The Silver and Gold team was noticeably handicapped by the absence of Byron White. White was left in the Boulder Hospital with the flu. The game was a see-saw affair throughout, with the Buffs leading 18 to 1 5 at the half. The fine eye of Jim Schwartz, who again was high scorer with 1 5 points, kept Colorado in the running until a last-minute spree won the game for the Aggies. COLORADO 39, 35— COLO. COLLEGE 31, 32 The Buffaloes won their sixth straight game Top: bnyer, ClieMiey Bottom: White, Peters in the lieldhoLise February 19, by defeating the Tigers 39 to 31. The Buffs, without White, appeared a bit nervous but piled up a 19 to 8 lead at the half. Bill Burr, substituting for White, played a fine game and accounted for six points. Despite the fast pace set by the Buffs the game was singularly free from fouls, eight being called on C. U. and six on the Tigers. Simmons was the scoring star of the game with nine field goals and one free throw for 19 points. On the following night, C. C. again fell be ' fore the Buffaloes 3 to 32, in Colorado Springs. The most notable features of the game were the return of Byron White to the lineup, and the return to scoring form of Jim Schwartz. He was high scorer with 18 points. Although suf- fering from an inury received in the Greeley game. White played a stellar floor game. The game was Colorado ' s tenth win against one loss, and assured the Buffaloes of at least a tie for the eastern division title. BHHHC!I! ' K IHi . " ' " ' wl 7 f V L» B i y k m y Tfc MjM | lCMBtfX.yy ' ' T K 3nr TP ' ? ' fc ' MI n Ki A JRpM Ll3 Sri v ftH!V K rT ' (A ' ' ' ' 4k .A s PI » » Baseball - ' L »H. mm BASEBALL LETTERMEN DICK BAILEY DICK BOCK JOE DUNICH HARRY HENDERSON DUD HUTCHINSON JACK KOENNECKER JAMES MILLER KEN PENFOLD DEL RITCHHART GAYLE SAWICKI CLIFF SHOLANDER PETE TESONE ART UNGER EDDIE WAGNER BYRON WHITE FRANK WINDOLPH BILL WRIGHT Colorado ' s baseball team annexed an undis ' puted championship, when they routed Colo- rado State in the last game of the season. At the end of ten innings of thrilling play, the score was deadlocked at " i to ' i ' , but successive hits by Sawicki, Unger, and Wagner in the eleventh put the contest on ice for the Buffs. In this last game which clinched the pennant, the play- ing of Dick Bailey, Gayle Sawicki, and Art Unger was outstanding, and every member ot the team came through with creditable per- formances. In the first game of the season with Colorado School of Mines, Coach Carlson ' s well-trained team experienced little trouble in gaining a de- cisive 8 to 1 victory. Eighteen men were used in the contest for the purpose of testing inex- perienced prospects. Although Dunich, Bailey, Bock and Koennecker saw service on the mound, the Miners were able to garner only six hits. Every member of the squad contributed to the victory, but there was no brilliant or sensational playing — a typical early season game. Bison baseballers defeated the Greeley State Bears 16 to 10 in a contest played at Greeley. Heavy hitting and loose fielding on the part of both teams threatened to turn the game into a track meet, as six pitchers were called to the mound in an etfort to stop the bombardment. There were twenty-seven errors, eighteen men were left on bases, and thirteen bases on balls were allowed — a concise account of a poorly played game. KV s RMV i Tun; Bock, Wa White, Wright Scoring in every inning but the first, Colo- rado ' s Butfs walloped the Orediggers 16 to 2 in their second meeting of the season. From the combined efforts of Bailey, Dunich, and Koen- necker, the Golden men were able to garner but live hits and two runs. Byron White, versatile Buff outfielder and first baseman, led the batting with two singles and a triple, while Art linger came through with three singles. Coach Carl- son used nineteen men in the contest, attempting to determine how the men would react to com- petition. Two innings of heavy hitting by Denver ' s Pioneers and loose playing in the field by the Buffs accounted for Colorado ' s first conference defeat in baseball. In the game played at Den- ver, Coach Carlson ' s men seemed unable to find the slants of " Lefty " Phennah, while his team- mates solved Jack Koennecker late in the seventh. At bat, Jim Miller got three out of four for Colorado for the day ' s best average. Eddie Wagner and Gayle Sawicki each batted two for four, while Art linger went hitless after his auspicious early season starts. By virtue of a decisive 1 1 to victory, the Colorado Buffs maintained themselves at the top of the Rocky Mountain Conference rank- ing. The pitching staff performed creditably with Bailey allowing two hits, and Koennecker and Bock allowing one each. Displaying hitting power, which had existed only potentially in 1 early season contests, the Buffs cracked out eleven singles and a double in the eighth inning. As usual, Carlson, filled the lineup with virtu- ally every player on his squad, using seventeen men. Unger returned to form to lead the hit- ting, second honors going to Eddie Wagner. Colorado completely avenged its earlier sea- son defeat at the hands of " Lefty " Phennah by driving him from the mound during a windy and rainy fourth inning. The Buffs maintained their lead to the end of the game for their vic- tory which put them in a tie for the conference lead with Colorado State. The relief pitching of Dunich in the last two innings was an im- portant factor in winning the game. Sawicki led the batters with three hits out of tour trips to the plate, his hits bringing four runs. Both teams collected nine safeties during the game, but Colorado ' s superior fielding left twelve Den- ver men on bases. Wagner retired the visitors in the fourth with an unassisted double play. The Buff team, on their toes and playing smart ball throughout the contest, capitalized on all the breaks, and assured themselves of a chance at the conference title. Before the championship deciding series with Aggies, Coach Carlson made the statement, " We always expect to win, but a game is never won until it ' s finished. " After witnessing the game, we are almost convinced that he saw the handwriting on the wall. None of the Colorado boosters were very optimistic about the out- ' 4 Top: Dunich.Windnlph Bottom : Ritchhart, Bailey come, when the Aggies took the field in the last half of the ninth. The sensational rally began when Chip Sholander shoved a single through the Aggie infield to start the ball rolling in the ninth. Ritchhart followed with his first hit of the day, putting Sholander on third. Jim Miller pounded a towering fly to right field, sending Sholander home with the tying run. With Richhart on third Unger slapped the ball into right field — winning the game and placing the Buffs in a position to grab the conference crown. In the climaxing thriller, with Colorado State, every member ot the team contributed to the victory and shared in the glory — and a glorious victory it was in that it meant the second major championship of the year tor Colorado Uni- versity. The mythical honors of all-conference posi- tions went to three outstanding Buffalo ball- players. Gayle Sawicki was unanimously chosen to fill the catchers berth, because of h is high bat- ting average and his genuine team spirit. Joe Dunich was selected for his cool and creditable performances in the pinches — when a title vir- tually depended upon him. Art Unger received the honor for dependable fielding and timely hitting. Colorado State was conceded the best fielding average, while Colorado barely nosed out Denver ' s Pioneers for batting honors. ttom : Unger, Tesone Track ■• ' ■; - i ' x ' TrJ According to the pre-season predictions from the pessimistic statement of Coach Potts to the more optimistic outlook of some of the sport scribes, the Buff track team was expected to place anywhere from first to fourth in the Rocky Mountain Conference meet in Denver, May 23. The team, after all the customary ballyhoo and the meet itself were over for the year, actually finished up second, their performances being eclipsed by that of a well-balanced Cougar squad representing Brigham Young University. In the opening meet with Mines, the Buffs collected 102 points to their opponents ' 38. No outstanding marks were made, as few of the winners were pushed. Granny Hamilton, win- ner of the broad jump and javelin throw and second place winner in the high hurdles, won high point honors. Characteristically, Colorado monopolized the dashes. Out of 17 events, the Buffaloes won 1 3 first places. Dick Kearns ap- peared likely to fulfill Coach Potts ' need for hurdlers as he easily took both races. In one of the most torrid competitive meets in the country, the Kansas Relays, three Colo- rado track stars came through with favorable performances. The sprint relay team of Crosby, Top: Schofield, Walton Bottom: Chesney, Appleby Appleby, Chesney, Kearns, whose time is usually tar better than that of any other confer- ence sprint team, failed to place in a field vir- tually crowded with track luminaries. Gilbert Cruter, sensational sophomore high jumper, leaped 6 feet ' )l 2 inches to win that event. Granxille Hamilton made a leap of 23 feet 1% inches to place fourth in the broad jump. Dick Kearns, sophomore star and entered tor the first time in " big time " competition, ran the high hurdles in 14.9 seconds to place fourth in that event. Before a record-breaking crowd and in a meet that saw nine meet records tied or broken, the Butfaloes annexed the twelfth Colorado Relays title. Fresh from the heated competition of the Kansas Relays, the sprint relay team copped the half- and quarter-mile relay titles, breaking the record in the latter. It was Colorado ' s eighth triumph under Coach Potts. With 21 points, the Butfaloes led Denver, Mines Colorado State, Wayne State, New Mexico U., Colorado Col- lege, and Greeley State, in that order at the finish. Colorado had firsts in three relays, the two dash events and the mile. Men composing the winning sprint relay team were John Apple- by, Ev Chesney, Kayo Lam, Granny Hamilton, and Clyde Crosby. Lam ran on the quarter- mile team, and Hamilton replaced Phillips, who was disabled with a spiked heel, on the halt-mile team. The members of the winning mile relay team were Green, Kearns, Phillips, and Scofield, Phillips running a fine quarter in spite of his injury. Colorado ' s Butfs established themselves as a definite threat to beat Brigham Young in the con- ference track meet, May 22 and 23, by splashing their way down a muddy track to a lopsided victory over six eastern division schools. The Colorado team scored in every event, taking 9 firsts, 3 seconds, 5 thirds, 3 fourths, and 3 fifths. Dick Kearns in both hurdles, Clyde Crosby in the 100- and 220-yard dashes, and Granny Hamilton in the javelin and broad jump were all double winners. No Rocky Mountain records were broken, but some of the times were excellent considering the weather conditions. Crosby ' s times of 9.9 in the 100 and 21.5 in the 220 were outstanding performances. Gil Cruter high jumped 6 feet 3V2 inches, but the slippery take-off prevented him from setting a new conference record. Kearns skimmed over the high hurdles in the fast time of 15.1, and ran the lows over soaked cinders in 24.3 seconds. In the Rocky Mountain Conference meet held in the Denver stadium May 23, the Buffs. after all the smoke had cleared, found themselves second to a stellar B. Y. U. track aggregation. Thornley, great Ut ah University javelin throw- er, broke his own record by some 4 feet with a throw of 206. ' ) ' ) feet. Dick Kearns, sensa- tional Colorado U. hurdler, broke the high hurdles record in the preliminaries when he cleared the barriers m the record time of 14.6. Dale Schofield, the most versatile athlete on the field, tied his own record of 23.3 in the 220 ' yard low hurdles. Schofield took the individual scor ing honors with 18 points. Clyde Crosby, Buff sprinter extraordinary, added the century dash title to his furlong crown of last year when he drove down the straightaway tor thrilling vic- tories in the 100 and 220, the time of the former being 9.8 seconds. Colorado did not garner a point in the shot while B. Y. U. was collectint 8. Granny Hamilton secured a second in the broad jump for 4 points, and Phillips and Schi field placed third and fourth respectively in the quarter mile. Gil Cruter defeated Rushforth in the high jump, clearing the bar at 6 feet 4 . inches. Colorado won the mile relay with a team composed of Ev Chesney, John Phillips, John Appleby and Jerry Schofield carrying the baton. In the discus, Claude Walton tossed the platter H7.14 feet to beat Cannon of B. Y. U. for first place. Darrel Gibbs took a fifth m the hammer, while Slovek and Archer garnered five points between them in the pole vault. Top: Slovek, Archer Next to Bottom : Crosby. Bottom: Gibbs MiXOR SPORTS ej A ■ : NERS ; J k U .«t.t T»j Left to Right, from Top: Wigotow, Coach Bosworth, Amidon, Shcllaharger. Welter. Eves. Long. Boerstler TENN IS The Butf tennis team opened the season by steamroUing over Denver University 9 to 0. Wigotow, Welter, and Long showed promise of becoming championship material as they won their matches in straight sets. Eves, Boerstler, and Amidon of Colorado, won their singles matches handily, while the doubles teams of Wigotow- Welter, Eves-Fraser, and Long-Boerst- ler showed up favorably. Continuing its winning streak, Colorado ' s tennis men defeated the Colorado State team by a 9 to 1 score in a series of matches played at Ft. Collins. The doubles team of Eraser and Long lost to Jones and Roberts of Aggies 6-3, 2-6, 6-1 for the only Bison defeat. In the other doubles matches, Wigotow and Welter turned back their opponents with ease, as did Boerstler and Shellanbarger. In the singles Wigotow, Welter, Long, Eves, Boerstler, Amidon and Fraser won sets without being extended. The undefeated net team added another team to its list of victims when they disposed of the Colorado College racqueteers, eastern division champs, by a score of 7 to L The feature match of the day pitted George Wigotow against Harold Berglund, defending conference singles champion. Wigotow played consistently to win the match by scores of 6-1, 1-6, and 6-4. Other Buffs winning their matches were Welter, Long, Eves, Boerstler, Shellanbarger and Fraser. Adding a driving finish to a season of straight victories, Colorado ' s tennis team recouped the eastern division championship by downing Colo- rado College, defending titleholders, 21 to 14. Greeley State was in third place with 6 points, followed by Mines with 4, Denver U. with 1, and Aggies and Wyoming with none. Harold Berglund, C. C. ' s defending singles champ, re- turned to top form to outstroke Colorado ' s ace, George Wigotow in three straight sets, 6-2, 6-0, 6-2, for the 1936 crown. Wigotow had previ- ously beaten Berglund in a dual meet, and was expected to dethrone him. On his march to the finals bracket, Berglund defeated Grady Welter of C. U., and Neil Williams of Greeley State. Wigotow downed Loesch of C. C, and Schrant of Greeley. In doubles competition the Buffaloes scored one-two as Wigotow and Welter defeated their teammates, Long and Boerstler, in the finals, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. The champions downed the strongest outside competition in the semi-finals as they rallied to take Berglund and Loesch of C. C, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3. The runners-up defeated Payne and McMichael of Mines in the other semi-finals match. The tennis outlook for next year is exceed- ingly bright since Grady Welter is the only member not returning. GOLF The Buffalo golf team annexed its third con- secutive eastern division championship by virtue of a team score which was fifty strokes better than that of Denver University, the runner-up. Over the sporty Cherry Hills course in Denver, the team, composed of Larry Flanders, Bill Wolf, Gil Brown, Bob Wolf and Al Gunning, averaged 82 strokes a round, a good record for any college golf team. Art Doering, Colorado College ace, by con- quering Gil Brown, consistent Buff veteran, by a score of 4 and 3 in the final thirty-six-hole match, salvaged considerable glory for his team by successfully defending his Rocky Mountain Conference golf title. Doering in defense of his title administered successive defeats to Bill and Bob Wolf in torrid matches, the latter having beaten Doering previously at the Broadmoor Golf Club, in Colorado Springs. In the opening match of the season played at Cherry Hills, the Buff team sounded a warning to other contenders by decisively trouncing Den- ver University, seven of the eight C. U. men emerging victorious. Wolf and Modesitt were low scorers with a 75 and 76 respectively. Buffalo golfers continued their victory march toward the division title when they walloped the School of Mines team 11 to 4 in the morning round at the Broadmoor Golf Club, and then returned to the battle in the afternoon to defeat the Bengal team representing Colorado College by a 1 2 to 3 score. Bob Wolf, number one golfer for the Bison, turned in the outstanding per- formance of the day when he beat Art Doering, defending champion, 2 and 1. In the last match before the championship tournament, Larry Flanders, Colorado ' s me- chanical golfer, turned in a sensational 73, lead- ing Colorado to a decisive victory in the quad- rangular meet with Denver University, Colorado College, and Colorado School of Mines. Those who earned letters were Bob Wolf, Bill Wolf, Lee Modesitt, Al Gunning, Gil Brown, Larry Flanders, Jack Galloway, and Mark Schreiber. Left to Rmht. Top: Gunniim, Bill Wull. Bob Wolf, Modcsit Flanders, Brown, Schreiber, Galloway ' ' ( )AA WRESTLI NC To Coach John Mason ' s wrestling team fell the honor of bringing home the first athletic championship of 1937, shared by Colorado State, to Colorado University by finishing in a first place tie with the Aggies in the eastern division wrestling meet at Ft. Collins. The co ' champs each won 3 5 points and three individual championships; Denver U. finished third with 18 points and the remaining two weight crowns; Wyoming with 6 points. Mines with 4, and Greeley State with 3, were the next in order. Gene Moore, undefeated Bison heavyweight; Howard More, 175-pound delegate, and Mark Stratton, 135 ' pounder, comprised the trio of Colorado matmen to win top honors in their respective divisions. Moore ' s triumph capped an unbroken seasonal string of wins gained by fall in each case. Another Buff threesome, Russell Ledyard, 145; Richard Rubright, 155, and Stewart Stiner, 165, took the runner-up positions in their groups. Wallace McNeil was good enough for third place in the 118-pound competition. n The outcome of this mat conclave brought to an end one of the most successful wrestling campaigns in years, the team winning all five of its dual meets by overwhelming scores. Tor K ' ' : Harad.i, McNeil. Oitc;, McCunc Second Row: Ryan. Carpenter, .Stratton, Ledyat Third Row: Rubright, Boothroyd, Stiner, Boyd Bottom Row: More, Dow, Moore Mib GYMNASTICS D Gymnasts of the Colorado Agricultural College overthrew the efforts of both Colorado University and Greeley State to annex the east- ern division title with a score of ' )79 ' 2 to 542 for the Teachers and 5 3 81 2 for the Buffs. The Aggies won four individual champion- ships while Colorado and Greeley won one apiece. Jack Theobald of Greeley State retained his title on the horse. Ernest Field of Colorado State won first on the horizontal bar; James Murphy of Colorado University won on the parallel bars; Goger Wolfe of Colorado State was the winner on the rings; Don Redd and Graham Rice of Colorado State tied for first on the mats. Maurice Keenan, Colorado performer on the hori2;ontal bar, was absent from the meet as a result of a cold, while Neil Bauer, who also performs on the hori2;ontal bar, was not in the i best of condition for the same reason. Top Row: Holloway, Ware, Murphy Second Row: Keenan, Kistler, Blauw Third Row: Richards, Ewing, Whitney Fourth Row: Hehnke, McCall, Teplcy Bottom Row: Montcz, Bauer SWIMMI NC Displaying true championship talent, the Colo- rado School of Mines tankmen successfully de- fended their eastern division swimming title by scoring 71 points in the division meet here last Friday and Saturday. Runner-up honors went to Colorado University, scoring 41 points. Colorado Aggies finished third with 35 points; other teams finished in the order named: Wyo- ming, 15 points; Greeley State, 8 points, and Den- ver U., 2 points. The Blasters captured six of the nine first places and five second places. C. U. won two each of firsts and seconds, and Aggies won one first and two seconds. The other three teams did not win anything higher than third places. Nils Christianson of Mines, who swam on the 1936 Phillippine Olympic team, undoubtedly was the outstanding man of the meet. Three of Mines ' blue ribbons were won by him, in the 50-, 100-, and 440-yard free styles; he also set conference records in the 50 and 100. Colorado ' s two first places were in the diving and in the breaststroke. Bill Mark, undefeated diver, established a new school record with a high of 1 3 3 points. Another undefeated swimmer and conference record-holder in the breaststroke, Ross Bumstead, garnered another first for Colorado. Back Row: Kemper, Bumstead, Hayes, Poyen, Coach Waite, Gla Front Row: Lee, Holdredge, Mark, Grume, Jones, Mains Holmes, Wolcott, Bake » Intraiiiiirals INTRAMURALS DELTA TAU DELTA BASEBALL TEAM Back Row: Matthews, Knous, O ' Connor, Lesser, Burr, White Bnttum Row: Curtan, Miller, McElroy, Shellabarger, Mark Softball After disposing of the classy Chi Psis in the semi- finals, Sigma Alpha Epsilon defeated the Phi Taus 3-0 for the fraternity softball title. The game was a hotly contested affair, being a pitchers ' duel between Cole and Guthrie — both excellent tvvirlers. Guthrie, Sig Alph, held the upper hand, and this fact, coupled with two glaring errors by the Phi Taus, turned the tide for the Sig Alphs. In their semi-final game the Phi Taus beat the slugging Phi Gams. In a later playoff the S. A. E. ' s took Red Devils, inde- pendent team, into camp for the school title by the score of 7 to 2. It was a dull game and was marred by careless fielding on the part of both teams. D Baseball Delta Tau Delta, by virtue of dusting off Sigma Chi to the tune of 5 to 1 in the finals, annexed the University baseball title and ended the reign of Sigma Phi Epsilon, heretofore the bullies of the diamond sport. Dick Kellog, Sigma Chi pitcher, made an excellent showing in striking out thirteen and allowing but four hits. Bill Mark hurling for the Delts also did some ad- mirable work in allowing only six scattered blows. The Sigma Chis met difficulty in attempting to field the ball and let in the majority of the Delt runs on costly errors. Bill McElroy and Bill Burr stood out for the victors, while " Chubby " Durnell shone for the losers. Tennis Doubles The tennis doubles tournament this season was divided in two classes — independent and fraternity. Stewart and Maider, Alpha Sigma Phi, were victors in the fraternity doubles, while Olson and Gilbert took first place among the independents. D Coif Charles Flower, Phi Psi golfer, carried off the laurels in the open golf tournament. In the two ' man team competition Sumner Slater and " Zip " Schwartz of Beta Theta Pi came through in grand style to snatch this crown. D Track and Field The Independents with 5i points won the intramural track and field championship followed closely by Delta Tau Delta with 38 and Phi Gamma Delta with 36; the latter being dethroned after a four-year hold on the title. Tied for fourth place at 14 points apiece were Sigma Nu and Phi Delta Theta. Chi Psi took fifth with 12. Four records were smashed and one tied. T ' Miller, Delt and ace sprinter of the Freshman team, clipped .1 of a second off of the old century mark of 10.2 and tied the time of 22.8 in the 220-yard dash. Bill Warnock, Phi Delta Theta, hung up a new low hurdle record in the good time of 25.5. INTRAMURALS PHI GAMMA DELTA TOUCHBALL TEAM Back Row: Slater, Thurman, Sack, Freeman, Tower, McLauthI Second Row: Brower, Dcrryberry, Railey, Standlcv, Murray Front Row: Parkliurst, Persons, Kramer, Madsen The Phi Gamma Delta relay team composed of Boh- man, Standley, Hill, and Bumgardner clicked off the half- mile in 1:34.6 to knock .9 of a second off of the oldest mark to be broken in this meet. Running under the colors of Sigma Nu, Jim Lear ran the half-mile in the record time of 2:07.1. This meet saw the initial appearance of the hammer throw, which was won by Baugh, Independent; his mark of 122 feet will go on the books as a record. Footballer Lou Smith was the only defending champion to retain his title — this in the shot-put. D Horseshoes As a clima.x to a horseshoe tournament that attracted many entrants, the Pi Kappa Alpha team of Finch and Simmons defeated Stark and Scene of Phi Gamma Delta to claim the doubles crown. In the single matches Howard McAllister of Sigma Chi defeated all comers to gain the school championship. D Touchball To bring the thrilling touchball season to a iitting close, Phi Gamma Delta defeated Phi Kappa Tau in the finals 3-0 to gain this coveted throne. In an overtime period the Fijis found themselves, turned on the power, marched down the field, and then big Bob Hill placekicked the winning field goal. The Phi Gams had an extraordinarily powerful line with Madsen at center and Railey and Derryberry at the guards being outstanding; Bob Hill ' s placekicking was an added asset throughout the season. Don Cole and Bill Clark were the main cogs in the Phi Tau machine. In the school play-off the Phi Gams crushed the Independent team, Chotty ' s Punks, 12-0. D Tennis As a climax to the open tennis tournament which this year attracted a good number of entries and featured many brilliant games, Roy Hastings, Independent, de- feated Wally Borden, Phi Gamma Delta, 6-4, 6-3. In the semi-finals Borden subdued Watson, Sigma Chi, 6-3, 6-2, and Hastings defeated Lunn, Alpha Tau Omega, 6-2, 6-0. D Handball Having previously won his semi-final match from Kenny Anderson, Phi Gamma Delta, Jack Fox, Independent, de- feated Shelton Enochs, Phi Kappa Psi, by the score of 21-3, 21-14 in the finals to annex the school handball title. Cross Country Run Henry Hobbs won the annual cross-country grind fol- lowed closely by Bill Wallrich. Alpha Sigma Phi and the Independent team No. 1 ran away with the three-man team competition both with a total of 36 points. INTRAMURALS PHI GAMMA DELTA X OLLEVBALL TEAM Top Row: Ruddy, Levy, Shepard, Scerie Pelis Payne, Volleyball Phi Gamma Delta garnered the fraternity volleyball title as a result of nosing out Beta Theta Pi in the play-off by the scores of 15-12 and 16-14. It was a well-played game with Dick Shepard and Dave Seerie leading the Fiji attack; Wright, Schwartz, and Modesitt were outstanding for the Betas. In the semi-final games the Phi Gams de- feated Delta Tau Delta and the Betas thumped Chi Psi. n Handball Doubles Dick " Lefty " Bock and Jack Olsen by lacing Alvin Lichtenstem and Myron Goldberg. 21-13 and 21-9, nabbed the school handball doubles crown. Bock was the singles champion last year. Basketball The mtramural basketball tournament this year was divided into two classes — class A and class B. The former, admittedly made up of the better teams of eauh fraternity, played for points on the intramural and all-university cups only; the latter played for an individual trophy. The class B league was won by Beta Theta Pi. The smooth running Delta Tau Delta basketball ma- ch ine won the class A league. The Delts beat Beta Theta Pi in the semi-finals and Phi Gamma Delta de- feated Pi Kappa Alpha. The two winners then met in the finals, and a Delt team that was definitely on beat a cold but scrappy bunch of Phi Gamma Delta men. The Delts then made it a school championship by taking the Independents 23-15. DELTA TAU DELTA BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Irwin, Thompson, Gilbert, Quarnberg, Hammond Bottom Row: Shellabarger, Penfold, McElroy, Mau! Mi INTRAMURALS BETA THETA PI WATER POLO TEAM Back Row: Glass, McCotter. Mussel white. Jonc Front Row: Hunt. Karback. Boak Water Polo Led by Rawson " ' Leather-lung " McCotter, Beta Theta Pi submerged Chi Psi 8-0 in the finals to capture the fraternity water-polo banner. This was the first year in which water-polo was included in the intramu ral program. Boxing and Wrestling A fitting clima.x to the winter quarter program of intramural athletics is the annual bo.xing and wrestling meet. It is the custom for the merchants of Boulder to have as their guests, at the finals of this tournament, the farmers and miners of this region. The finals this year were held in our new field house, and a large crowd of appro.ximately .%500 attended. It also appears to be a custom for Phi Gamma Delta to win the team champion- ship, for this feat they have done every year since the inception of the tournament, and this year proved no exception — the Fijis again earned the team trophy by a good margin. BOXING At IIS pounds Louis Berger dethroned Aubert Durncll, last year ' s champion. Berger, a heavier and stronger man, had his hands full with the scrappy Durnell, but held the edge after three rounds of classy boxing. Kenneth Persons and Hubert Elrod were declared co- champions of the 126-pound division. The fight was called during the second round when the two men collided, and Elrod suffered a battered nose and Persons a headache. A doctor, summoned to the ringside, said that Elrod ' s nose was fractured, and for this reason the bout should not continue. Frank Cowing proved himself one of the smoothest fighters of the tournament in defeating Anselmo, a man of much fighting experience. This bout was held to be a toss-up before the fight, and it was a close one. Cowing was the 126-pound champion — this year he is sporting the 1. 5 -pound crown. In one of the better fights of the evening, John Slovck decisioned Jerry Cunningham and thereby received rights to the 145-pound championship. Although the bout ap- peared even to the spectators, Slovek ' s punches were harder. The 15 5-pound championship v -as won by Earl Ross who proved to have too much experience for young Larry Davis. The bout, however, was not at all one-sided, and it was Ross ' s better condition that proved the turning point, and this only m the final round. Though heavily favored, Tom Bradley had but a slight edge when he got the nod over Dick Bray. The bout was fairly even most of the way. I NTRAMU RALS BETA THETA PI SWIMMING TEAM Back Row: Boak, Glass, Folsom Front Row: Karback, McCotter, Musselwhite, Hunt Malcolm Anderson copped the 175-pound medal by outpunching Lloyd Wright ni another close match. It was a nip and tuck affair the entire three rounds, but Anderson landed more blows than did his opponent. In the feature bout of the evening Al Oviatt decisioned Lou Smith to earn the school heavyweight championship. This was a renewed rivalry as these two men were co- champions of the heavyweight division last year. The fight was an exciting one. The first round was spent m feeling each other out, but the last two rounds were one grand mixup with Oviatt ' s tremendous blows giving him the upper hand. WRESTLING J. P. Collier showed that he was an experienced and skillful wrestler in throwing R. Tcbbet in the fast time of 55 seconds. This was the llS-pound titular bout. A fast and wiry wrestler, Jim Gregory, pinned Fred Pfannenschmid in 2 minutes and J 2 seconds to receive the 126-pound crown. One of the better bouts of the evening proved to be that between Dick Eggleston and Larry Prouty at 135 pounds, with the former gaining the decision on ample time advantage. In another bout which went the entire eight minutes, Wes McCune had the time advantage over his inexperi- enced but scrappy foe Art Warner, to claim the 145- pound title. The I " i 5 -pound match between Stan Anderson and Bob Blair started fast but ended in another decision based on time advantage. The new champion is Anderson. Although rallying in the closing minutes of the bout, Morgan DeKalb lost by time to a speedy opponent. Earl Allgood, who now holds the 165-pound throne. In a thrilling and fast bout at 175 pounds, Tom Boak pulled an endless number of mystifying holds on Bill Anderson and then threw him after 4 minutes and 19 seconds of demonstration. Royal Dow out-maneuvered grinning Chuck Lowen to win the heavyweight class. However, it took the entire bout for him to accomplish this feat, which he did with a time advantage. D Swimming Beta Theta Pi, practically a onc-m.m team in the form of Andy Musselwhite, retained its swimming title this year with a total of 37 points. Phi Gamma Delta was second and Lambda Chi Alpha third. Musselwhite, by cruising the 100- and 220-yard free style events in the respective times of 58.9 and 2:34.2, tacked up two fast records. » » Woiiieii s Athletics m WOMEN ' S gg m ATHLETIC l 1 ASSOCIATION ■ " " " ' . ' - - ' governed by a board composed ot the ' Hv officers, heads of sports, the head of intramurals, the i 0m pubhcity manager, and two freshman members. The main purpose of this organization is to sponsor women ' s class teams and intramural games, in an etfort to pro- mote good-sportsmanship and friendship through par- ticipation. W. A. A. also sponsors the high school athletic conferences, play-days, annual fry for freshman women, and the house-party of winter quarter. YANTIS OFFICERS BETTY ANN YANTIS President MARGARET SANDERS Vice-President BETTY COFFIN Secretary VERA RICKETTS Treasurer MARY ELLEN PATANO Head of Intramurals RUTHBENWELL Head of High School Conference HELEN NEWLAND .... Head of Basketball and Horseshoes JUNE PADFIELD Head of Baseball LOUISE HOFFMAN Head of Hockey MARGARET SMITH Head of Archer - ALLAIRE STUART Head of Swimming RUTH BLOEDORN Head of Tennis RUTH RUSSELL Head of Volley Ball and Deck Tennis JEAN CURTIS Head of Dancing CLAIRE SWEELEY Head of Hiking JEAN PLETNER Publicity Manager BETTY REA PADFIELD, RUTH NELSON . . Freshman Members MISS MARION BROER Sponsor Tup Row: Benwell. Bloedorn. Coffin. Curtis, Newland. Padhcld Bottom Row: Patano, Plank, Ru. sell. Smith, Stuart, Sweeley Ml " C " CLUB The honorary pep organiza- tion of W. A. A., " C " Club, promotes an interest in wom- en ' s athletics on the campus. Membership is automatic for all who have earned their let- ters by being on six class teams, and sweaters are awarded for ten teams. ack Row: Bloedorn, Ncwland, Cufin, Ru„c!l Second Row: Trelease, Yantis Front Row: Miller, Stuart, Patano, Padfield ORCHESIS JEAN CURTIS The entrance requirements for this honorary are the performances of original dramatic, aesthetic, or comic dances. The high point of the year for Orchesis was reached when they gave a demonstration before the con- vention of the Central District Physical Education Association in Denver this spring. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEMONSTRATION The annual Physical Education Demonstration is the climax of the winter quarter. This display is presented in a form unified by plot, with all the gym classes serving to illustrate the method of instruction used by the department. Alpha Delta Pi— 1936 Volleyhall Champions FALL QUARTER SPORTS Tennis doubles were cap- tured by Agnes Maxam and Helen Newland (Snubbers), the hockey class competition by the Juniors, and volleyball by the Seniors and Alpha Delts in the two sets of competition. While a new sport was suc- cessfully introduced in the torm ot horseshoes, it had to be dropped before the tourna- ment was complete because of bad weather. The Sciimpcrs— 1937 Basketball Champic WINTER QUARTER SPORTS The major sport, basketball, was won by the Scampers with a victory over Alpha Phi, while the minor spoils were divided. Alpha Chi Omega, represented by Frances Walsen and Zoe Zeilman, took the ping pong championship, and Betty John ' son and Frances Heagey (Pi Phis) were the winners in bad ' minton. There was no swim ' ming tournament this quarter. SPRING QUARTER SPORTS The Silver and Gold team were outstanding this quarter by capturing the championships of the major sport, baseball, and a minor sport, deck tennis, besides being runners-up in archery. Tri-Delt won the last, while the Scampers were second in deck tennis, and the Snubbers in baseball. The tennis tournament could not be completed, but the class of 1938 won interclass baseball. PORPOISE RUTH RUSSELL As the swimming organi a ' tion for W. A. A., Porpoise annually presents a brilliant water pageant and diving ex ' hibition in the spring. This year the club has also spon- sored mixed swimming parties for members of W. A. A. The membership tryouts, held every quarter, require speed and form in both diving and swim- ming. WHERE THERE ' S LIFE THERE ' S LOOK Walt Carlson, Ouida Davis, Louise Coulter LIFE-LOOK TELLS WHAT SCIENCE IS DOING FOR THE LORD-HELP- US BACKLINE. Page 61 MAY, 1937 Oc Bill Bower, Charlotte Bliss WHERE IS THE YOUNGER GENERATION GOING? MAD SEX ORGY IN THE 500!!! D f THE ROAD W - IjP TO RUIN r £ " ■ ' ' Why College MEN I U . CO WRONG fc: . AN EXPOSE! Featuring a Hf - ' ' f ' - ' Hli HI Full Confession by | WSm ' ' ' ' l MAE (A- ' ) WEST t Page 104 ' ,2 i D CONFIDENCE . . . THE PUBLISHERS PRESS ROOM BINDERY COMPANY • DENVER, COLORADO HE word " Confidence, " to us, Is one of the finest in the English language. The term denotes that type of man, or firm, upon whose dependability and reliability we can place implicit trust; the type that will try each day to do the day ' s work a little better than that of yes- terday ' s. Of such a man we say admiringly: " His word is as good as his bond. " Confidence never is merited until first it has been honestly earned; while retention of confidence depends upon unfailing performance by him who possesses it. In the business world, confidence is essential to real success. Without it, the credit system, upon which our complicated economic structure of today is built, would fail. The fact that there are occasional betrayals of con- fidence does not affect this great business truism in the least. No profits could recompense a reputable business firm for the slightest loss of its clients ' confidence. We feel this strongly. We of The Publishers Press Room Bindery Com- pany keenly appreciate the confidence placed in us by colleges and schools in assigning to us, year after year, the production of their annuals, super-finished annual covers and business literature. LETS GET COZY Life-Look Brings You the Inside Low-Down on Mystic Order at Colorado University Which Threatens Chastity of All Men Over 1 5 Alarmed hy recurrent rumors of a large and powerful secret order of coeds at the University of Colorado, Life- Look sent its special investigator, L Schmell, off in a dither to make a rapid survey of an organisation titling itself " Boy Crazy Club " . Mr. Schmell turned in a meager analysis; refused to give coniidential report because, he said, he did not want to ■ " involve " any of the principals; returned to Boulder on next train. Amazonian in intent if not in method, the club is grow- ing at a rapid rate and plans to put a presidential candi- date in the field in 1940, running on free love for silver platform. According to Schmell, anything that wears pants of the male variety is considered legitimate prey by mem- bers of this organization. Follows a facsimile of the club ' s secret publication: BOY CRAZY CLUB MOTTO: ■G; id Get It " (Courtesy of MetroGoldwyn Mayer) OFFICIAL SONG: " Fve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm " OFFICERS VIRGINIA BLOMGREN . . . Lover Extraordinary JOYCE LITTELL Lover Ordinary GLADYS DYSON Lover Pecuniary ALICE ANDERSON Lover Alba Dairy ■JACKIE " MILLER Lover Pituitary BLOMGREN CHAPTER HOUSE: The Chapter House is strictly up to the minute with the recent trend towards houses on wheels. Large and commodious, the supercharger affords ample room for the amorous activities of the members besides being a quick means for holding committee meetings on Flagstaff. BY-LAWS I. Weapons used in pursuing the wary male arc limited to clothes, money, breach of promise suits, automo- biles and chloroform. The use of perfumes, intoxicants, short skirts and backless gowns is prohibited. (a) Pi Phi ' s are allowed to chew gum to enhance the feminine profile, but Kappas must refrain. (Oh, Yeah!) Only three fraternity pins may be in the possession of a member at any one time. MEMBERS Phi Kappa Psi Ch.arlotte Flower Alpha Omicron Pi Sidney Smith Alpha Phi Ann Armstrong Chi Omega B. RB. R. Buckman Alpha Chi Omega Laura Lawrence Delta Gamma Betty C. Allen Alpha Delta Pi Betty Coffin Kappa Alpha Theta Ruth Lothrop TRAPS TO CATCH THE WARY MALE Do You Have B. 0.? W Wmm i 1 Does He Shy at the Bench U-L. U. ? ' J ' ) -! in the Park, the Couch Life-Look Presents the in the Dark Corner? Remedies , mm In picture form, the editors of Life-Look herewith present a few tips and lessons for the coed reader on the art of catching the male of the species. Don ' t let that inferiority complex keep you from a home and babies and dishwater hands (adv.). Let Life-Look show you the way to win love and influence people. LESSON NO. L Develop your giggle. It hidi cates tkat you approach being a moron. And all men want to be mentally superior to their mate. AJxo, correct your stance: be pigeon- toed. This wUl indicate that you are naive and unspoiled. HELEN MOELLER LESSON NO. 2. Wear slippers out of doors. It will show him that at heart a " home girl " . Un-Luxcd undcrthings. j nlnlnlninininininln A good reputation , . priceless . . therefore jealously upheld MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER WM. TAMMINGA CONTRACTOR Tramway Building KEystone 2632 Denver STANDART MAIN INCORI ' ORATED Insurance of All Descriptions Patterson BIJi , Dcinvr MAin 0141 ASA K BERKHEIMER, Boulder Representative .V)3 Mercantile Bank Bldg., Boulder LESSON NO. 3. If he doesn ' t give you every second of his time, ignore him. This will either bring him around or ma e him decide thiit you l ersonify comf lete egotism, we don ' t ex- actly tuhich. TED CURTIS EVERYL HUMPHREYS KNUDSEN, FLORIST Our Service Has (iiv.m Satisfai (ion lor Moii- lliaii Tliiily Y( THE BOULDER GREEN HOUSES Twelfth at First Avenue LESSON NO. 4. Be athletic. But not Tin) athletic. LESSON NO. 5. Dei-eio; coyness. If it doesn ' t get him, it may get some other suc er who ' t » r quite so smart. HELEN JONES JEANETTE HUMPHREY v iiL ; Viii . Enjoyable CREAM IMioiie 1101 CASA GRANDE CAFE Delicious Ice Cream-Our Own Make New Enlarged Dining Rooms 1142 13th Street BOULDER FRATERNITY JEWELRY Official DaclK... ' lul) Keys and Pir ifts L. CBALFOUR COMPANY | , ' K,- .Vvfiuie Mr. .Jim Shaokleford. ! r, ( -Mlorado Manager _f J EVERYTHING 1 NEW IN I MEN ' S APPAREL | 1409 Pearl St. I Boulder, Colorado ! i . . + JOHN C. REEVES CO. TILK AND MARBLE CONTRACTORS AND ALL SOFT FLOORING rmstroiig ' s Linoleum — Carpet and Rug Dept. FRED C. LATCHAM, Mgr. 2S 14th St. DENVER TAbor 2255 Compliments of JOHNSON DAVIS Plumbing and Heating Company Established IS Tit !.35 Arapalioe Street MAin VIM DENVER i " VANCE " THE EXPERT VIOLIX MAKER Do Your Repairing — Reasonable Prices 09 loth St., Room 231 KEjstone 5311 Di-nvei ' , Colorado LESSON NO. 6. Have him ex- plain what the prof meant in that last lecture. Ton. may he able to fool him into thin ing you have a " ine " ?ni)id. KRESS ' 5-10 and 25 Cent Store BROOKS AND FAUBER STYLISH READY-TO-WEAR For the University Girl JiUjUiUjUiUjU(UjUjU(UiUTU LESSON NO. 7. Watch the contours of your face ivhen you spea}{. A beautiful mouth ivhen enunciating clearly the it ' o-i ' d " prunes " will call for isses. LESSON NO. S. Be the pensive and subtle type. All men ivant then women soft and sweet and feminine. _ SHIRLEY JANE HILL MARIAN SMITH There Are No Short Cuts to Perfection We have been making ice cream for Boulder for over twenty years, and we believe the results of our efforts toward perfection of this delicious product reflect to our credit. We take pride and pleasure in serving this community with the kind of ice cream that is as nearly perfect as we understand the word " perfect " to mean. DEMON RUM, B. A. Are These Our Children? Life-Look Presents an Expose of the Alcohoh ' c Shambles That Exists Behind the Ivy-Covered Cloisters of Our Colleges I. Du Drinkwater (not the dramatist) reveals in his survey of drinking in American col- leges and universities, made public early last week, that his investigations disclose Joe " Han- dlebars " Sponge, Rutgers, ' 08, while a soporific undergraduate, once drank one full glass of water (circa 1906) — it rusted his pipes! Is there a doctor in the house? Reeling, he watches a 40-yard end run Four thousand of our college youth, asked by Drinkwater what they thought of the situation wherein 3.2 per cent of all college undergraduates drank water, stated: " Ish thish tha way t ' tha Grotto? " This statement conclusively brings out the college viewpoint. Carrie Nation, in an exclusive interview with Life-Look at Woodlawn cemetery, has this to say: " Are our colleges steeping young America in alcohol? They shall not pass! Let ' s bury the hatchet! " Life-Look presents on this page two candid camera shots by Margaret Broke-White of the situati )ke-W today. Is . " c — « Millions of quarts of ' eviT ' are pumped daily from kegs by college men like this 6 ' I Compliments of . . PALACE STUDIOS ' " ' i E. T. DAVIS 1223 Pennsylvania UNIVERSITY HILL Telephone 49 IW W. A. LACY 1911 Twelfth Street DOWN TOWN Telephone 443W BOULDER, COLORADO BAND AND ORCHESTRA Music furnished for all occasions Studios at Kuiglit-Canipbell Music Co. 1617 California St. KE.vstone Res. Phone PEarl 4357 Denver CO.MPLIMKNTS OK DENVER SEWER PIPE AND CLAY COMPANY Broadway and Curtis Sts. DENVER, COLO. n ID Greetings to C. U. and Ak THOMAS A. DINES Denver S.O.S.— ICEBERGS!!! The Ice Warnings Out on the North Atlantic Ship- ping Lanes; Great Menace to Commerce Each spring as the Gulf Stream takes on a warmer temperature, that peril of all ship captains begins to make its appearance in the North Atlantic shipping lanes. This spring many ships have been delayed by bergs; the " Queen ' THE FRIENDLY BANK THE STUDENTS ' BANK THE SAFE BANK Where Your Account Is Appreciated THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BOULDER, COLORADO Capital Surplus $100,000.00 $ 30,000.00 Officers and Directors -President Cashi. f JjLJfLJiUTLJjUTlJTLJTLJjLJfiJilJjlJiL Greetings to C. U. and Alumni J DONNELLY JAMES | and His j Fourteen Glad Lads 1 Mary " docked in New York three days late because of the serious menace of the huge blocks of ice which have floated south from the polar regions into the shipping lanes. The warmer water of the Gulf Stream causes huge bergs to break from the fields and drift away. Many a sea captam has good reason to fear the giant blocks; for more than three-fourths of their bulk lies below the water line to rip jagged holes in the hulls of ships. = Q - - That coveted " C, " those college keys of recognition, and later the many worthwhile rewards of success in busi- ness and the home seldom " fall in your lap. " They are won through plenty of work and careful observance of all the " training rules. " An easy " training rule " to keep, and one worth its weight in gold, is the pro- tection of your only pair of eyes through GOOD LIGHT for every see- m task. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO (£jcsi i|g .3 ' t ' OMPLI.MEXTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 1206 Pearl Street BOULDER. COLO. FRATERNITY PINS ll ' s lUtli strrrt Clyde W. Blanchard Jewelry Co. ] COMPLIMENTS OF PJENNEYJS ill-ifTiilifiafiffliilMna i The Moore Hardware Iron Co. ] m;N i;n. r«i.«»u i o I .li.hlxis ol Shell and H.avv Haidwarf f Aiitoiiiobili ' Siipplu-s BILL SOUTHARD The strange phenomenon of these icy bodies float- in 4 the shipping lanes is strangely duplicated by otlicr icy bodies endangering traffic in our social seas. Lord, pity the poor sailor in seas like these! Some intimate glimpses of ice-bergs in action arc shown on this page, courtesy of Oscar Snappit, Life-Look staff photog. Ice-bergs at Home . . . Illustrating the danger of bergs: three-fourths below the surface. . . . And A-Broad A berg in action: — 400 F. JANE COLLINS MEAD MOUNT Construction Co. DENVER, COLORADO j2 GENERAL CONTRACTORS ' " " " " Jr- ' rTHE WELL-KNOWN MARSHALL CAFETERIA i nininininlriininirUnlr WHERE COLLEGE MEN TRADE REINERT ' S Mai Clothes MISS LARSON ' S SHOP QUALITY DRESSES MODERATELY PRICED 1 Spiuce PH. 1489 1 AYLARD PHARMACY 1 PUKSlltlPTIOXS A« 1 H A ri;i, « oMi ' oiNUEn I ' loiiipt, Ki- • ■ D.liv.iy S.ivi.c 794 Colorado Blvd. YOi-k 7 70 3 UF.WI It. ' ( I,( lt Al ( FASHION DEMANDS A PERMANENT Individual Service by Experts ALICIA BEAUTY SALON ni Broadw ay I ' luine 145 LOVE IS NEWS siders itself extremely fortunate in being able to present these pictures of recognised campus swains actually together. It would not be so strange had these photos pictured either or both of the " great loves " with extra men or extra women, but so life being what it is, Life-Look con- goes— and look, too. Love Life on the Campus Hits a New High as Life Look Presents Exclusive Pictures of Stand- ard Couples Actually Together The modern gener Hence these passionate pilgrims — together in print for the first time • Love on the Dole Frankie Patrick Paul Collins The Beauty and the Beast U Betsy Ross Dick " Bird " Donovan (The " Bird " paid to have this inserted.) r homes, stort-s, offin-s — .A.cld beauty and comfort iiefi.nn Blinds. Large selection of the best quality Make your yard a part of your home with umbrellas, table, chairs, swings, canopies Brooks Tent and Awning Co. .in 4ir.4 lliliri Arapahoe St., Denver BRAERTON SIMONTON BROWN Inc. G. and E. BIdg. Denver SHEET METALS AND SHEET METAL PRODUCTS TINNERS SUPPLIES Denver., Colorado Whitley Steamship Tourist Agcy. Established 19 " We represer and Son, Wai panies. Consul U. liitley. Miiiiae. 1 No Booki all steamship lines ART IN FOOTWEAR FOR MEN and WOMEN Two for the Price of One Don Lesher Liz Gather Polly White Frank Cowin THE MERCHANTS FIRE INSURANCE CO. Home Office; Gas and Electric Building DENVER, COLORADO Assets over $2,000,000.00, largely invested in Colo- rado Securities and Government Bonds. Doing busi - These two wanted in here, but they couldn ' t get a Kappa to pose with them Bill Cassidy (best dressed man) (Paid advertisement) c% Graham Wilson " (Percy Willoughby) ijiW (Paid advertisement) mM L TKS PIPE V A LV E S FITTINGS for water, steam, gas and oil — CRANE Plumbing and Heating Materials Water Supply Systems Water-works Supplies Water Softeners Septic Tanks CRANE -O ' FALLON CO. DKWKII, COI.OII.VHO lilt ' ill ' .VT PIBBLO. COLOR.VnO EI. P.VSO, TKX.VS (W.SPER, VYOMI G GRAXD JUNCTION, COLORADO .VI.II|l«llERUl E. NE V MEXICO Crane Branches m All Principal Cities Sugar Blues Christy eyes the milk- . nickel covetously; i., Westerberg has just swallowed a fish. Greetings to C. U. Students STURGEON ELECTRIC COMPANY Engineers and Contractors §, 15:?4 f ' oiiit I ' liUM- KKystoiie 8271 ' DKNVKK. COLOKAIX) ( ij NICHOLSON STUDIOS Colonial Department COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL MAiii -JIXl Suit. " :J:{I KKystoiu- 427!» D With great pleasure we have made photos for the Coloradan. Our sincere wishes to all seniors; may your inspirations and ideals be realized fully in the years to come. Ipana for the Smile of Beauty (Adv.) Bill Sarconi, Margaret Cather 1 STEAMSHIP TICKETS I To All Parts of the World 1 DUNSAY ' S TRAVEL SERVICE [ :50I S. uii(. I5I 1k. — MAiii 4;?or — Kciivir, Colo. JiUTUiUfUyujuyuyujuiUiUiUTUii PAGODA INN, Inc. ' hincsc and . iiioi ' i ' iiii Dishes Where Good Food Always Prevails 70(t HioiMlway KKystoni- 0«i8 ! I envei- Greetings to C. U. and the Alumni Otis Elevator Co. Fine I l il..lsl.r.Ml 1 lirliiliir,- l.i.l,. I. Furniture lie rs ..1 ll IiiihIn r,ler HENRY MEYER rpliolstiTci- and I ' liiiiitiirr Maiiiilai " " " • ' ■ . ' .38 E. 17tli Ave. :it Pesirl St. i:n i:h New York Pleating Co. liiMisi ri iiim; o CIIVI ' S iM-r :ir(l. Ne.llly Done K.ATKST STVI,i;s Ol I ' LKATING CRIME NEVER PAYS! ! A View Into That Shadowy Zone Where Dwells the Criminal Instincts, Proving That Man Harvests as He Sows At great expenditure of time, effort, and money. Life- Never before brought to the lens of a candid camera, the , , , . , , 11 11 subjects of these pictures indicate clearly in the expressions Look herewith presents three exclusive photographs show- __ cnmehardened faces that crime won ' t bring ing conditions in the criminal institutions of the nation. returns. Criminal lives have etched their faces The Fleagle gang yclept S. A. E. all-school soft ball champs Wm. Ainsworth Sons, Mnnufneturerx of Annlytioal an ami AVeiKlits Engineering and Scientific Instruments 2151 LAWRENCE ST. DEXVl J BOYD ' S WELDING SHOP i KLE TKIC AM) ACEIYLKNK I Portable Eciuipmeiit I We Siieeialize in Roail and ConNtruetioii . ' ni-fTUTiJMUiuyL[iL[Mi-JMi-fT Hostess Cake Kitchen HOSTESS CAKES (And Cookies) 1145 Fox St. IvEystone 4741 Compliments to C. U. and the Alumni LUBY CHEVROLET CO. laili 14lli St. Klsystonc 1:511 UExWEK, tOLOUAUO SMART PHOTOGRAPHS MEAD-PURSELL STUDIO 1554 California St.. Deliver TAbor 4 405 Our pliotograiJlLS will more than please you Authorized Studio for Coloradan mrnm PICGLY WIGGLY Bedlam Manor, hospital for the criminally insane u w ill I - 1 In their milder moments, inmates dress like this Delta Tau Delta on dress parade Ladies of the Big House From behind bars, they ogle Dormitory quintet 4 •■.Mine and Smelter " Catalo.2:s and Bulletins on 1 boratoiy Mechanical Electrical Chemical va.,rwo.ks Kqiiipnieiit Safety Appl: Higiiway Kqiiipment rc) KI Paso Supplies and Equipment are used as reference books b.v Kngineers and Colleges throughout the Rocky Mountain States INEandCMELTER UPPnfkJ COMPANY 17TH AND BLAKE STS., DENVER Salt Lake City Mining Equipincnt Power Plants Slill Supplies New York q ' MM E. B. CLAYTON l IA ll5IX(i AM) HKATI (; iui; Our Specialty -Kstimates on All V 2408 E. Colfiix — YOik .- ()()(» Uesidencc, IMione YOik 0298 DENVER, COLORADO SWING, MISTER CHARLIE And Mr. Charles Lets It Fly: It Doesn ' t Matter What the Tune Is So Long As It ' s Swing and Hot, Say Modern Collegians Gin dives, all-night parties, striptease, sink holes of eorruption, promiscuity, hell-fire, fast and loose, swim parties never going near the water, steak fries sans steak — and the mad college whirl tumbles on at a di:;zy pace. And such is college life, the editors of Life-Look found in their investigation of jasz on the campus. Characteristic of the break-neck plummet toward perdi- tion are these two exclusive pictures. m : While Rome burned, Nero fiddled The band plays and the music comes out here jam it, fella, jam it Two swingers " on the beat " with a " good kick. " Note the dilated pupils, characteristic of all hop-heads, and the jaded expression on the trumpeteer ' s face, the expression of rhythmic rap- ture. Their evening over, they ' ll retire to a vice nest for beer. Kayo Lam Dick Westerberg Colorado Ice and Cold Storage Co. 1 700 WEST COLFAX DENVER. COLO. Compliments P. B. Longi Terrazzo Mosaic Co. 832 W. 33d Ave. CAIIup 7971 DENVER FACULTY INDEX Aden, Fred E., :7. Arthur, William R., 31, 144 146. Aspinwail, Leo V., 136, 24 ' i. B Ball, Mary Ethel, 219, 221, 233 Barnard, Hamilton F., 146. Barrett, Flarry M., 27, 1?2, 214 233. Bauer, Frank S., 2H, 222, 226 240. Baur, WiHiam F., 235. Bcattie, Wayne S., 215, 222, 226, 240. Bedell, Florence J., 233, 254. Bergman, Elmer O., 215, 227. Bernard, William S., 232. Berueffy, Mrs. Minnie, 233. Birk, W. Otto, 31, 162, 222. Bitter, Charles R., 168, 247 Blair, J. M., 168. Blalock, Mrs. Dru C, 118, 233. Bouslog, John S., 146. Bramhail, Frederick D., 28, 31, Brockway, W. E., 1 50. Broer, Marion R., 120, 3 22. Brown, Lydia L., 26, 28, 32 122, 221, 223, 252, " 253! Broxon, James W., 162, 214, Bruhaker, William F., 215 Brun, Wilma, 23 5. Brunton, L. J., 146, 215 ■ ■ ■ 226. Bushee, Frederick A., 214, 232 Carlson, Harry Q., 26, 28, 31 218, 279. Carlson, Raymond, 214. Cassell, Wallace L., 152, 215, 222, 224, 239. Chapman, Edmund, 154, 230 Clapper, W. E., 247. Cockerell, D. A., 220. Cole, Lawrence W., 140, 146 214. Coleman, Joe, 246. Coles, Henry L., 241. Cooper, Fred W., 224, 2 39. Cooper, Mervin S., 154. Cox, Forrest, 134, 279. Cox, Roy Alan, 214, 234. Crabb, Edward D., 220. Cramer, Edison H., 164, 245. Craven, Grace L., 124. Crockett, Earl C, 232. Crosman, Ralph L., 25, 31, 244 248. Cross, Arthur C, 233. Cuthhertson, Stuart, 148, 234. D Danielson, Ralph W., 146. Dean. Paul M., 28, 144, 146, 220, 246. DeMuth, Lawrence W., 134. Derham, Mile G., 26, 28, 146, 148, 214. Dobbins. George S., 226, 240, 258. ling, Roderic L., 146, 215 , Dowling, Fred, 246. Drummond, Fred, 146, 247. Duggan, Helen G., 120. Dunham, Rowland W., 25. DuVall, W. Clinton, 162, 215 222, 224, 239. Dyde, Walters Farrell, 23 3 E Eastom, Frank A., 154, 215, 222, 224, 239. Easton, Donald Mack, 31, 202. 205, 207. Eckel, Clarence L., 28, 31, 146, 154, 215, 222, 227, 238. Eckhardt, Carl C, 132, 214. Ekeley, John Bernard, 8, 214, 220, 246. Evans, Herbert S., 24, 28, 215, 222, 224, 239. F Faye, Paul-Louis, 234, 2 3 5. Fehlmann, Mrs. Haiel W., 231 233, 254. Fischer, Dr. Val. B., 132. Flebbe, Dorothy, 258. Franklin, Walter B., 31, 148, 216, 245, 279. Fritz, Percy Stanley, 214. Frumess, Dr. Gerald M., 158. Fullerton, G. G., 242. c Galland, Benjamin S,, 214. Geek, Francis J., 170, 230. Germann, Frank E., 214, 246. Gibbs, Fred P., 166. Gilbert, Dr. O. M., 148. Goodykoontj, Colin, B., 214. Grant, Alexander, 146, 250. Groothius, John T., 214. H Hastings, Abbott, 160. Hazard, William J., 215, 252, Heironimus, Dorothy, 234. Hesse, Mary John, 32, 112. Hilher, Richard, 162. Hoffmeister, H. A., 168. Huffman, W. E. D., 246. Hulley, Karl K., 148. Hunter, J. A., 215, 222, 240. Hutchinson, Charles A., 168, Jame.son, Frances Spalding, 214. Jenkins, George, 214. Johnson, Edna L., 231. Johnson, James Guyton, 214. Johnson, Louise, 214, 2 58. Jones, Horace A., 146, 243 K Kempner, Aubrey J., 255. Kendall, Claribel, 214. Kendrick, H. W., 154, 242. Kieninger, Louise, 27. Klemme, Dorothea, 231. Knapp, Russell J., 242. Knight, Odon S., 170, 215, 241, 246. Knoll. Samson B., 23 5. Knouse, Mabel, 122. Laff, Dr. Herman J., 15t Lane, Frank, 247. Large, Patricia, 112. La Tronico, L. G., 215. Laverty, Carroll, 156. Leh, Leonard, 162, 214, 232. Lemmon, Lucille, 23 5. Lester, Malcolm C, 225. Lester, Oliver C, 23, 28, 140 215, 220, 225, 246. LeVeque, Norma, 118. Lewis, Robert C, 146, 220. Light, George H., 216. Lorber, Dr. William B., 158. Mc McCormick, C. M,. 224, 239. McKeehan, Irene P., 116, 214. McLucas, John Sherwood, 31, 160. McMa.ster, Allan S., 170. ■, McMillan, Hugh, 243, 251. McNair, A. J., 215, 227, 238 258. McNary, William, 142. M Mabec, Zcll F,, 154, 244. Maidner, Emmet, 246. Malick, Clay P., 232. , Mallory, W. F., 154, 215, 226, 240. Martin, Dorothy R., 116, 252. Mason, John, 136, 283. Mehl, Marie Anna, 233. Merideth, G. T., 214. Mugrage, Edward R., 146. Murphy, Richard, 202, 204, 205, 207. N Nelson, Walter K., 170, 215. Niehaus, Fred ? .., 245. Norlin, George, 21, 22, 28, 148, 214. Nu,ss, Opal W., 234. Nyland, Waino S., 170. Oakes, Bernard F., 154, 279, 282. Oberg, A. G., 215, 246. O ' Day, David W., 168. 247, 259. Ogilvy, Jack, 214. P Palmer, Harlan B., 215, 224. Parker, Norman, 146, 215, 226, 240. Parker, W. A., 222. Petersen, Elmore, 24, 28, 134, 204, 242, 245. Pietenpol, William B., 225, 253. Plein, Elmer M., 168, 247. Poe. Charles F., 28, 146, 148, 220, 246, 247. Foley, Margaret S., 219, 23 5. Potts, Frank, 142, 279. Potratz, Herbert, 246. R Raeder, Warren, 154, 215, 22., 227, 238. Ramaley, Francis, 214. Rees, Maurice H., 23, 28. Reyburn, Marjorie, 214. Reynolds, George F., 214. Reynolds, Henry Etta, 114 Reynolds, Mrs. Mabel S., 2 Rieder, Mrs. Miriam, 234. Robbins, Leslie F., 148. Romig, Mrs. Edna D., 214, 248. Ronzio, Anthony Rose, 246. Rovetta, Charles A., 247. Rucker, Ronald G., 242. s Sandoe, James, 209, 210, 211. Schafer, Rollie, 146, 247. Scheunemann, Edward, 202, 204, 205, 207, 214. Schmidt, Martin, 164. Schroeder, Paul G., 214, 235. Sibell, Muriel V., 230. Simmering, S. L., 215, 222, 226, 240. Slaton, William, 156. Smith, C. Henry, 31, 40. Snively, L. Clifton, 215. Sowers, Don C, 1 56. Spencer, Dr. F. R., 148. Sprowl, Joseph, 23 5. Stanley, Dorothy, 214, 2 52. Stearns, Robert L., 23, 28, 136, 214. Stengel, Therese K., 32, 233, 23 5. Sterling, Mrs. Sybil S., 126. Storke, Frederick P., 136, 214. Stribic, Frances P., 214, 252. Sutherland, Blanche, 222, 227. Sutherland, L. B., 238. Swayne, Ida L., 112, 214, 231. Swisher, Earl, 214. T Thoman, William H,, 146, 222, 227, 238. Thompson, Warren O., 31, 132. Toepelman, Walter C, 168. Trolinger, Lelia, 23 3. Trucksess, Frederick C, 230. u Vaille, Rebecca W., 112, 253. Van Dusee, Mabel, 214, 252. Van Ek, Jacob, 24, 28, 204, 232. Van Valkenburgh, Horace B., w Wagner, Charles A., 146, 226, 240. WahLstrom, Ernest B., 164. Waite, John, 162, 202, 208, 209, 210, 211. Waite, Howard, 280, 314. Wakeham, Glen, 220, 246, 258. Waldrop, A. Gayle, 244. Walley, Joseph, 132. Walz, Frank C, 225. Warner, Ralph E., 234. Washburn, Homer C, 25, 128, 146, 156, 247. Webster. M. J., 232. West, Edward J., 208, 209, 210, 214. Whitehead, Richard W., 146. Whiting, Mrs. Laurence, 228. Whiting. Mrs. Maude C, 214. Williams, Anna W., 214, 231, 254. Witt, Norman F., 146, 220. Wolcott, F. H., 28, 31, 136, 242. Wolle, Francis, 134, 214. Worcester, P. G., 214. STUDENT INDEX Able, Charles Robert, 161. Able, Edward Thorne, 160. Ackard, William C, 160. Acton, Bonnie B., 67. Adams, Fred Theron. 142. Ahlborg, William T., 84. 148, 250. Aikele, Carl, 67, 241. 255. Aley, Marion R., 113. Alldredge, Hugh H., 156. Allen, Alice B., 49, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206. Allen, Betty C, 84, 114, 192. Allen, Betty June, 84, 114. Allen, Donald E., 84, 139, 210, 229, 244, 250. Allen, John Ellis, 153. Allen, Loren Max, 229. Allen, Robert R., 153. Allgood, Thomas Earl, 320. Allison, Benjamin, T., 151, 250, 251. Almond, John Clayton, 256. A lps, Evelyn A., 67, 128. Akhouse, Gladys R., 93. Alton, Frances L., 93. Ambold, George Robert, 138. Ames, Carol C, 117, 191. Amesse, John H., 49, 136, 207, 208, 209, 210, 212. Amidon, Orville A., 66, 244, 280, 310. Ancell, Robert M., 198, 240. Anderson, Alice M., 49, 126. Anderson, Annabel Mary, 84. Anderson, Cornelia L., 84, 228, 250. Anderson, James Stanley, 320. Anderson, John Alfred, 84, 229. Anderson, Kenneth Norman, 148, 280, 317. Anderson, Loyall David, 15 3. Anderson, Floreinc, 3 3, 3 5, 67, 253, 257. Anderson, Robert, 164. Anderson, William, 13 3, 204, 320. Andrea, Kenneth Sherman, 251. Andrews, Frank, Jr., 148. Angel, Roland Leon, 2 58, 260. Ansclmo, Frank, 319. Antonio, Joe, 284, 286, 287, 288. Appel, Barry Ed., 13 2, 138. Appleby, John, 136, 280, 284, 286, 289, 304, 305, 307. Archibald, Nellie M., 84, 118, Ardell, Robert Emmctt, 145. Armstrong, Ann Salctha, 128. Armstrong, Louise, 3 3, 84, 196, 221, 253. Armstrong, Marion, 126, 221. Arndt, Donald A., 247, 260. Arny, Francis V., 160, 250. Arterburn, David Allen, 238. Arthur, Louise, 113. Ashworth Dorothy Rose, 49, 120. Atkinson, David Gates, 84, 133. Atkinson, Harry Earl, 149. Atkinsom, Thomas E., 141. Atwood, Delmar Wm., 84, 164. Ault, Winton W., 143. Austin, Marion W., 126. Austin, Robert H., 37, 141. Avery, Julia May, 67. Ayer, William F., 207. B Baab, George W., 49, 152, 238. Bach, Paula Jeanne, 84, 116. Bachar, Jerry, 305. Backlund, Laverne H., 267. Backus, Gilbert R., 139. Backus, Thomas H., 139. Bacon, Joyce, 49. Badger, Charles H., 67, 199, 225, 239. Bailey, Neil R., 151. Baird, Tom Wick, 84. Bairstow, Robt. W., 67, 136. Baker, Calvin H., 49, 132. 191, 245, 314. Baker, Donald D., 138, 193, 229. Baker, Margaret, 84, 124, 125, 221. Baker, Mark W.. 229. Baker, Paul H., 49. Baker, Vincent B., 198, 225. Baker, Wm. Alexander, 148. Baldwin, Eloine, 67, 118, 228. Ballah, Mary Eliz., 127, 191. Ballantine, Jane Marie, 117. Ballard, Harold C, 251, 259. Balmer, Harold E., 199, 241. Bancroft, Everett R., Jr., 260. Banister, Archie D., 93. Barber, Charles N., 49, 164, 241, 246. Barber, Mary Ehz., 84, 117. 191. Barber, Winifred Turrcll, 67, 164, 198, 241, 246. Barcus, George L., 198, 222, 224, 239. Barnard, Alta L, 67. Barnard, Paricia Wardwell, 93, 127. Barnes, Bob M., 141, 251. Barnes, Clara, 250. Barnes, Clara M., 93, 119, 191. 198. Barnes, Maurice, 165. Barnum, Bettye (Mary Eliza- beth), 67, 190, 252, 254, 260. Barrett, Harold, 220. Bartels, Barbara, 117. Bartimus, Fred O ' Neill, 93, 165. Bartling, Norman Edward, 84, 139, 211. Barton, Beverly Ann, 93, 113. Barton, Lois Wade, 260. Baskin, Jack, 251. Bates, Carlos G., 49, 154, 215, 222, 227, 238. Bates, George Wm., 222. Bauer, Frances E., 67. Bauer, John Lowell, 67, 136, 198, 215, 222, 224, 239. Bauer, Neil C, 28, 49, 166, 313. Bauer, William, 198, 243, 251, 260. Bauer, Evelyn, 234, 260. Baugh, John L., 317. Baume, Henry B., Jr., 49, 156, 230. Beahm, Ernest LeRoy, 2 ' Beam, Orville, 67, 154. Beardmore, Heber K., 49, Beardsworth, Edwir 166, 229, 245. Beasley, Mary Eliz., Beattie, Warren M 38, 84, 156, 259. Beaty, Marjorie, 214. Beaudett, Anne Marion, 84, 119. Beavers, James C, 169, 251. Beck, Ivan G., 151, 229. Beck, Jack, 251. Beck, Marian Eva, 49, 116. Beck, Ronald E., 93. Becker, Vera Ehz., 84, 126. Beebe, Elizabeth, 260. Beers, Sylvester P., 143. Bell, Betty Ann, 84, 116. Bell, Betty Jane, 49, 122. Bell, Ely Eugene, 225. 255. Bell, Frances, 115. Bell, Jack Wm., 139. Bellamy, Marygertrude. 113. Bemis, Betty Lou, 50, 126, 210, 211, 220. Benedeck, Josephine A., 93, 121. BenninghotT, Chas. F., 163. Bensberg, Richard J., 164. Bensen, Elmer, 136. Bent, Mary M., 119. Benton, Margaret M., 84, 119. Bentson, June E., 84. Bentson, Mark S., 193. Benwell, Margaret L., 50, 112. Benwell, Ruth H., 3 3, 36, 67, 112, 190, 219, 231, 252, 254, !57. in, Guy L., 144, 250. in, Robert G., 50, 1 242 Berger, Louis H., 319. Berger, William, 51, 190, 19 5, 198, 222, 226, 240, 258. Berglund, Everett R., 93. Bergman, Harold O., 238. Berkin, Margaret, 254. Bernard, Betty B., 260. Bernard, Louise, 260. Bcrnstone, Arthur H., 214. Berry, Charles E., 160, 207. Biella, Albert F., 50, 166, 246. Biella, Arnold P., 84, 167, 210, 211. Billington, Barbara L., 197. Bio.ssat, Suzanne, 84, 127. Birk, Margaret L., 93. Birkin, Margaret B., 50. Birkin, Robert K., 50. Bishop, Milton, 93. Bissey, Lucien J., 154, 280. Bitter, Charles R., 247. Bivans, Roberta V., 260. Black, Norman R., 93. Black. Robert, 133. Blackman, Margaret E., 197. Blackmcr, Joanne E., 122. Blackstock, Paul, 214. Blair. Rebecca J., 197. Blair, Robert W., 164, 3 20. Blake, Goldyc, 33, 67, 118, 219, Blakey, Frederick G., 25 5. Blakey, Ralph A., 38, 138, 238. Blalock, Hill, 37, 93, 161, 210. Blanchard, Margaret E., 84, 258. Blanford, Sidney, 30. Blauw, Alfred S., 220, 313. Bleakley, Emily L., 50, 234. Bliss, Charlotte E., 84, 116, 191. Bliss, Walter E., 93, 137. Blissard, Rebecca B., 84. Blitz, Barbara F., 260. Blocdorn, Helen L., 68, 122, 191, 248. Bloedorn, Ruth C, 68, 116, 322, 323. Blomgren, Virginia, 68, 122, 190, 194. Blosser, E. Ivan, 198. Blue, Harold G., 141. Boak, Tom D., 136, 222, 227, 238, 320. Boatwright, Robert B., 133. Bobb, Harold S., 50. Bock, Richard W., 238, 280, 298, 299, 318. Bodeman, Albert W., 167. Bodinc, Arnold F., 50. 164. Boeger, Doris C, 113. Boehm, Barbara, 84, 123. Boerstlcr, Ted, 280. Bogcrt, Ruth L., 50. 118, 250. Bohman, Thomas S., 84, 148, 317. Boland, John A.. 133, 204. Boilers, Ann Marie, 93. Bonham, Robert G., 149. Boothroyd, Donald E., 312. Borchert, Robert, 199, 222. 226, 240. Borden, John W., 148, 317. Bosin, Calvin, 151, 229. Bo;Iey, Maurice, 255. Bovard, Jean, 93, 119, 260. Bower, William, 34, 38. 50. 136, 215, 216, 218, 222, 227, 238. Bowers, Vitha, 198. Bowie, Agnes, 114, 191, 192, 219. Bowman, Cyrus, 68, 13 5. Bowman, Lucille, 233. Bown, Edith Lillian, 84, 120. Bown, Helen, 68, 120. Boyd, J. Edgar, 150, 280, 284, 287, 312. Boyd, Robert C, 93, 229, 255, Boyd, Robert G., 2, 84, 133. Bradford, William, 93, 137. Bradley, Manhus Tom, 319. Bradley, Richard, 13 3. Bradshaw, Jeanne, 93, 250. Brady, WiUiam, 85, 207, 250, 251. Bragg, George, 1 56. Brandt, Elizabeth, 68, 253. Brandt, George, 85, 250. Brannaman, Joan, 37, 85, 122, 192, 196, 221, 258. Branson, Bernice, 114, 268. Brant, William, 154. Brash, Cathryn Mac, 93, 250. Bray, Richard, 319. Brendle, Ralph, 68, 260. Brennan, James, 93, 155, 251. 342 • Brenner, Betty. 2 56. Busch, Floyd, 260. Brewer, Virginia, i:6. Butcher, Bert. 150. Brewster, Ernest B., 85. Butler. Elisabeth Ann, 85, 127 Brewster, Margaret, 68. Butler. Florence. 68, 228, Brice, Jewell, 9J, 127. Butler, John, 133. Brice, Ruth, 228. Butler. Velma Beatrice, 51, 214 Briggs, Elsie, 256. 256. Brightman, Mary Jane, 129. Buxton, Mary, 85. 120. Brill, J. Marty, 93, 149. c Brinkman, Jack, 50. Cairn, George R., 140. Brinton, John, 202. 203. 204. Caldwell, Daniel Edgar, 259. 205, 207, 232. Caldwell, George, 141. Brinton, Phyllis, 93. 117. Caldwell, Julia Anne, 113, 190 Brittell. Howard, 143. 243, 251. Caldwell, Maurice Reed, 2 51. Brock. Chas., 160. Calvert, Matthew W., HI ' Brock, George, 38, 147. Cameron, Duncan John, 1 51. Brnnstine, Edward, 158. Camp, Benjamin B., 152, 238. Brooks. John P., 169. Campbell, Donald R., U, 2 4 Bn,..mcll. Beatrice, 50. 225, 239, 259, 260. Brujiuf, John Jo.seph, 50. Campbell. Jean Elu.. 223. Brothers, Marjorie Jane, 85 131, Campbell. Marjorie, 260. 191. Campbell, Paul John. 51, 198 Brotherton. Dale Gordon, 141. 215, 226. Brourink, Louise, 50, 112, 257. Campbell, Robert Dale, 235. Brower, Roy Wood, 50, 148, Campbell, Robert WiLson, 60. 245. Campbell. William Charles , 51 Brown, Clifford Grant, 51, 162, 137. 163, 244, 258. Campbell. Vv ' illiam CurtK. 245 Brown. Donn Beck, 144, 164, Canary. Bonnie Jean, 210, ■ ! 1 256. Canon, James R., 161. Brown. F. Donald. 68. 85. 166, Canon, Robert Wishart, 161 207. 210. Brown, Hazel May. 260. Carberry, Robert L., 19,S. Brown, Kinley, 13 5. Card, Justin Renway. 149 Brown, James Nathan, 16 Cardman, Nataline, 250. Brown, John Samuel, 284, 287. Cargo, Virginia, 114. Brown, Mary-Jo, 85, 122. Carlen, John, 239. Brown, Roberta Alice, 68. Carlile, Mary, 93, 206. Brown, Royden, 140. Carlson, Dclmar R., 260. Brown, Wallace J., 51, 208, 209, Carlson, Eleanor, 68, 248 212. Carlson, Raymond. 280. Browning, Ernestine Billie 93, Carlson, Walter, 69, 152. 19 ' . 127. 215, 222, 241. 246. Bruce. Ruth Margaret, 228 250. Carmichael. Clieve C, 85. Brugman, Helen. 127. Carothers, Doris, 85, 126 Brunton, Barbara, 114. Carpenter, Allen, 68, 164, 3i2 Bryant, Vernon Roe. 93. Carpenter, Margaret V., 68 Buchanan, Betty, 112. 122, 190, 212, 233, 252, 2V4 Buchanan, John, 93, 192. Carter, Lois, 94. Buchanan. Jacquelin. 51. 114, Casady, Sclman, 85, 144. Buckman. Barbara. 119, 269. Bulkclcy, James, 238. Bulkley, George, 160, 222, 238. Bulkley, Robert, 198, 227, 258. BuIm.mi. Lois, 85. 118. 190. 258. Bumg..rdner, Joe, 317. Bum ardner, Myers. 48, 138. Bumstead, Chas. Ross, 142, 2 3 " , 280, 314. Burch, Frances G., 93, 260. Burge, Robert, 220, 247. Burger, William, 132, 222. Burkart, Norma, 93. Burkart, William, 160. Burkhardt, Wm. Joseph, 85, 134. Burling. Richard. 214. 225. 255. Burnham. Guy, 68, 162, 163, 240. Burnham. Martha. 93. 117, 192 Burn.s, Rita. 85. 128. 190. 192, 223. Burr, William, 51, 132, 218, 280, 293, 316. Burson, Clarence, 258. Ca.sey. Clara Lou. 94. 116. 191. Casey, Kathleen, 51. Cason, Betty Lea, 85, 122, Cassell, Hope E., 121. Cassidy, William, 34, 51, 222, 241. Gather, Elizabeth. 32, 3 3, 114. Gather, Margaret, 114. 232. Caton, Willard, 8 5, 156. Cesario, Dominic. 157, 243, 251. Chaffee, Herron, 112. Chalberg, Adelaide, 94. Chamberlain, Chas. W., Chambers, Ralph, 155. Chandler, Katherine, 94. Chapman, Dale, 167. Chapman, Gilbert, 144. Charlberg, Adelaide, 260. Chase, Lois, 51, 210, 234. Chase, Ruth, 260. Chase, William, 150. Chastain, Hugh, 85, 169, 251. Chenburg, Marlin, 94, 191. 192 Cheney, A. A., 142. Cheney, Erwin, 280, 284, 285, 287, 290. Chenoweth, Arthur, 210. Chesney, Everette, 13 2, 280, 294, 304, 305, 307. Chester, Hyman, 158, 192, 210, 211, 212, 244. Christenscn, Eva Marie, 260. Christensen, Harvey, 94, 139. Chri.stensen, Merrill, 94. 133. Christiansen, Harold, 51, 166. Christiansen, Virginia K., 51, 128, 248. Christinson, Olivia, 129. Christmas, Charles, 145. Christopher, Harry, 51, 144, 210, 212, 244, 250, 251. Christopher, Thos. Donald, 147. Christy, Eleanor, 116. Christy, Robert, 15 5. Churchfield, Ma.x, 69, 164. Churchill, Russell, 143. Clapp, Charles, 251. Clapper, Wm., 247. Clark, Alice Mable. 94. Clark. Benjamin Thurlby. 165, 191. Clark, Bruce Albert, 150. Clark, Charles Abner, 94, !57. Clark, Curtis Max, 167. Clark, Donald Gladding, 142. Clark, Dorothy Jean, 33. Clark, George Morgan, 94, Ml. Clark, G. Robert, 280. Clark, Juliet Ann, 94, 129, 250 Clark, Melvin E., 51, 198, 215. 246, 255. Clark, Regis Catherine. 127. Clark, Thomas Gail, 37, 151. Clark, Virginia Louise, 69, 128, 190, 254. Clark, William Henry, 166, 317. Clatworthy, Helen, 2 58. Glaus, Margaret, 69. 126. Clay, Thomas S., 258. Clelland, PhyUis, 52, 118. Clifton, Tom, 198. Cline, William, 165, 191. Chngman, Geraldine, 250. Clingman, Geraldine Ruth, 250. Clough, William F., 132. Clover, Vernon, 232. Coats, Carol, 69. Coats;, Louis, 244, 250. Cobb, William, 141. Coffin, Betty, 52, 124, 125, 257, 260, 322, 323. Coffin, Georgia, 52. Cohen, Bernard, 85. Cohenour, Leo, 94, 145. Colburn, Ruth, 121. Cole, Donald. 317. Cole, Rue, 131. Cole, Mary, 94, 117. Collier, J. P., 165, 199, 320. Collins, David, 153. Colhns, Jane, 32, 52, 112, 190, 217, 252. Collins, Paul, 140, 245. Colver, Martin, 145. Colwell, Kenneth, 142, 251. Colwell, Robert, 144, 250. Condon, Chas., 164. Condon, Jack, 69, 165. Connell, Erma, 85, 128, 192. Connor. Jo.seph, 164, 255. Conwell, Cleland, 69, 260. Cook, Harry, 69, 16S, 169, 239. Cook. Marian, 223. Cooke, Andrew, 142. Cooke, Jack, 143. Cooley, Robert. 156, 244. Coon, Doris, 250. Cooper, Catherine. 94, 113. Cooper, David, 159. Cooper, Harold, 169. Cooper, Lillian, 260. Cooper, Thomas, 94. 13 5. Cope, Paul, 94, 149. Copeland, Marylce Eliz., !50. 60. Copeland, Neva, Corey, George, 132. Cornelius, Susan, 32, 39, 125, 257. Cornett, Warren, 94, 155, Cortes, Louis, 234. Cottrell, Emma. 85. Coulter, Borden, 163. 210, 260. Coulter, Katherine Louise, Coverston, Milton, 148. Cowen, Virgil, 85. Cowing, Frank, 150, 319. Cowperthwaitc, Freda, 85, Cowton. Jean Ann, 127, 2i Cox, Betty Belle, 85. Cox, Mildred, 85, 128. Cox, Roberta, 85, 122, 19 Coyer, Elmer, 52, 198, 224, 239, 255. Coyle, John, 258. Coyte, Ralph, 52, 207. Cram, Victor, 140. Crane, Helen, 234. Creagan, Harry, 164. Creaghe, Mary G., 85, 11 Creese, Vernon, 85. 157, 208, Cressman, Edmund, 198. Criley, Elysbeth, 68, 197. Crispin, Robert, 167, 23 5. Criswell, George, 85, 134, 192, 244. Crosby, Clyde, 280, 305, 306, 307. Cross, Philip Stanley, 69, 207, 229. Crosier, Norman. 138. Grume, Robert, 52, 162, 163, 314. Cruter, Gilbert, 69, 280, 305, 306, 307. Cudebec, Sidney, 69, 164, Cummings, Louis, 144. Cunningham, Jerry, 148, 319. Cunningham, John, 192. Curtan, John, 133. Curtis, Jean, 120, 210, 211, 212. 252, 322, 323. Curtis, Ruth Emily, 52, 118. Curtis, Theodore, 167, 191, 204. 207, 229. Cutting, Dorothy, 85. 250. Cutting, Frances, 85, 250. D Daily, Vernon, 171. Dahiel, John, 160. Dalziel, Kirby. 116. Daly, Norman, 52, 170, 171. Darden, Wm. Henry, 85, VJ. Darrow, Nicholas, 132. Dashen, John, 224, 2J9, 260. Daugherty, James, 241. Davies, Joe Ed, 69, 148, 280, 284, 286. Davies, Ronald, 147. Davies, Spencer, 229. Davies, Stanton, 148, 229. Davis, Charles E., 233. Davis, Larry, 149, 319. Davis, Lawrence A., 241. Davis, Lawrence W., 250, 2?1. Davis, Louise, 118. Davis, Noel V., 233. Davi.s, Ouida, 86, 115, 209, 210, 212. Davis, Philip, 244. Davis, Ralph, 94. Davis, Reel, 86, 229. Davison, Culver, 94, 133, 251. Davitt, Jack, 191, 198. Davitt, Wm., 133. Davlin, Chas., 141. Day, Wm. Raymond, 169, 244. Dayton, Gordon, 243, 246, 251. Deacon, Dorothy, 94. DeBelle, Millicent Mae, 250. DeBey, Lenore, 69, 116, 230. Degen, Louis, 166. 207. Deinken, Chas., 52, 198, 241, 246. Deisch, Peter, 144. DcKalb, Morgan, 149, 320. Delaney, Robert, 52, 232, 259. DeMott, Robert, 145. DeNio, Ralph, 141. Derryberry, Wm., 148, 317. DeSchweinitz, Lucretia, 190. Dexter, Ruby, 52. Dickey, James, 52, 13 2, 242. Dicks, Merrill, 94. DiDonato, Ida, 206. Dierlam, Robert, 69, 171, 208, 209, 210, 212. Dienkin, Charles, 166. Dieter, Walter, 52, 152, 222, 227, 238. Diez, Consuelo, 228, 250. DiGiacomo, Lucille, 86, 228, 250. Dill, Harold, 53. Dillon, Wayne, 148. Dilts, George, 244. Dinner, Sidney, 159, 199. Dixon, Thomas, 148, 250, Doak, Betty, 86, 197. Doa k, George, 251. Dodd, Tom, 53, 69, 132. Dodge, Jerry, 141, 233. Doke, Wm., 157. Dolan, Mary, 118. Donaldson, Earl, 157. Donnen, Royal, 151. Donovan, Richard, 151, 190, 194. Doran, Mary, 254. Dougherty, Robt., 246. Dow, Royal, 86, 163, 284, 286, 287, 312, 320. Dowell, Mary Beth, 52, 228. Drake, Marjorie, 94, 113. Draper, Woodrow, 70. Dreicr, Douglas, 94. Drescher, Wm., 151. Drinkwater, Ruth, 113, 269. Driskill, Walter, 167, 280. Drommond, Fred, 247. Dubin, Frank, 159. Dubois, Dora, 86, 116. Duff, Shirley, 94, 191. Duifey, Janet, 250. Duffey, Mary, 53, 210. Duke, Richard, 38, 162, 163. Dukes, Wm., 141. Duncan, Chas., 150. Dunham, June, 250, 254. Dunham, John, 246. Dunklee, Donald, 149, 250. Dunich, Joseph, 144, 238, 280. Dunn, Dewey, 86. Dunn, Allen, 13 5. Dunn, Julian, 48, 190. Dunst, Frank, 151. Durall, William, 70. Durnell, Aubert, 70, 150, 316, 319. Dutcau, Marguerite, 94, 125. Dutton, Barbara, 70. Dutton, Vivian, 260. Dutton, William, 239, 243, 251. Dye, Hamilton, 155, 250. Dy.son. Gladys, 86, 117, 191. E Eakins, Roger, 94, 145. Earhart. Guinn, 70, 150. Earl, Wayne, 142. Eaton, Margaret Ann, 94, 122, 190. Eaton, Miffan, 94, 191, 197. Eckel, Patricia, 119, 260. Edwards, Dorothy, 260. Edwards, Harold, 260. Edwards, Imogene, 118, 250. Edwards, Mary Ellen, 86. Egan, Patsy, 113. Ehrman, Robert, 166. Eikner, Donald, 151. Eisenberg, Joseph, 158. Elder, Uno, 239. Ellefson, Gail, 86, 129. Elliott, Billie Kay, 70, 115. Ellis, Edwin, 141. Ellis, Paul, 250. Ellis, Robert, 136, 190. Ellzey, Nancy, 94, 192. Elrod, Hubert, 319. Elsesser, Verne, 165, 251. Emerson, Alice Virginia, 70, 112. Emery, Dorothy, 128. Emery, William, 240. Emerson, Sidney, 159. Emigh, Alonzo, 70, 138. Empson, Holmes, 152. Endicott, George, 251. Eno, Malcolm, 94, 137, 190. Enochs, Byron, 152. Enochs, Charles, 152. Enochs, Shelton, 152, 317. Enochs, Robert, 153. Epley, Carrol, 247. Epperson, Marian, 39, 70, 192. Epperson, William, 70. Esser, Hans, 171. Estes, Archie, 94. Evans, Calvin, 141. Evans, Clayton, 138. Evans, Evan Edward, 53, 239. Evans, George, 171. Evans, Harry, 225. Evans, James, 135. Evans, Jeanne, 86, 128, 190. Evans, Luther, 70, 169, 225, 239. Evans, Mary, 250. Evans, Rosamay, 39, 53, 118, 248. Eves, Frank, 150, 280, 310. Ewing, Vernon, 313. Eyre, Jean, 117. Every, William, 131. F Fackler, Herbert Vern, 153, 192, 194. Fair, Jeane Delcine, 214, 234. Fairchild, John, 171, 208, 212. Fairhurst, Guy, 52, 199, 240. Fanhill, Fredena, 112. Fant, Wm. 70, 165, 191, 245. Fans, Mary Alice. 39, 122, 253, 257. Farnsworth, Mildred Adele, 70. Farrar, Elizabeth, 116. Farrington, John, 157. Faunce, Janice Marcine, 94, 265. Fawcett, Donald Walter, 143, 229. Felix, Allen Owen, 165, 229. Ferris, Livingston, 143. Field, Mary, 126. Fieldman, Reef, 159. Fikany, Fred Joseph, 167. Finch, Donald Banta, 38, 241. Finch, Tudor Raymond, 52, 164, 198, 317. Finken, Walter Stanley, 13 5. Finn, Myrtle Ruth, 52, 120, 121, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 233. Finnoff, Barbara, 116. Fischer, Chas., 13 5. Fischer, Frances, 70, 250. Fischer, Robbins Warren, 204. Fishel, Robert Ralph, 149. Fisher, Howard, 143, 220, 246. Fisher, Laurence, 86, 250. Fisher, Ruth, 121, 260. Fitch, Wm. Henry, 70, 163. 197. Fladung, Paul Albert, 70, 171, 210. Flanders, Larry, 311. Flanders, Laurence, 280. Flcbbe, Dorothy, 2 32, 258. Flcischman, Ray, 53, 199, 241, 246. Fhtner, David, 86, 134. Flower, Chas. Robert, 86, 153, 229, 316. Fogg, Joan Marguerite, 1 26. Foley, Eugene Robert, 86, 244. Folsom, Fred Gorham, 48, 280. Forbes, Richard, 190, 245. Forward, Fred, 53, 86. Foster, Kathleen, 71, 256. Fowler, Gene, 164. Fox, Carroll Warren, 165. Fox, Jack Ray, 220, 317. Fox, Joe Marlin, 53. Franch, Henry Gilbert, 138. Frary, Ellen Louise, 121, 192, 196. Eraser, Robert, 171, 310. Frederick. Charline, 192. Frcdrick,s. Wayne. 145. Freed, Frances Margaret, 70, Freeman, John Ernest, 71, 148. French, Dorothy Jo, 48. French, Jerry David, 167. Frink, Robert, 161. Fnsby, Hal Neville, 86, 143. Frohlick, Geo. Alfred, 71, 259. Froid, Carol, 250. Frost, Eileen, 95. Frumess, Harry Aaron, 48, 158. Fry, Margaret Marion, 71, 119. Fry, Vernon, 241. Fudingsland, Carol, 138. Fulton, Robert Arthur, 143. Furr, Archie Robert, 5 3, 243, Gabriel, Wm. Joseph, 259. Galloway, Jack, 38, 71, 161, 280, 311. Gambill, David John, 3 5, 86, 259. Gardenswartz, Harold, 159. Gardiner, Phyllis Ann, 127, 191. Gardner, Elston, 5 3, 215, 222, 226. Gardner, Joseph, 71, 165, 245. Garehime, Ervin Dean, 86, 260. Garhck, Majorie Ann, 121, 260, 269. Garnett, Edward, 5 3, 140, 222, 226, 240. Garwood, Dorothy Mae, 254. Garwood, Virginia, 126. Gassner, Mary Jane, 53, 121, 191. Gates, Robert Taylor, 148. Gaumer, John Austin, 54, 134. Gay nor, Lois, 131. Geer, John Allen, 255. Geer, Lois Lillian, 256. Gelwicks, Melvin, 153, 199. Geopforth, Wm., 86. George, Marion Ruth, 115, 253, 257. Gerbase, Claude Joseph, 153, 198. Gihbs, Darrel Eugene. 280. 307. Gibbon, Helen, 214. 231. Giherson, Jeanne, 71, 112, 193. Gibson, Don, 258. Gibson, Ellery Luke, 250. Gibson, William, 155. Giersh, Margaret Elane, 54. Gigax, Lidia Ernestine, 54. Gilbert, Barbara, 128, 212. Gilbert Robert, 132, 280, 284, Gilbert, Wcldon Wayne, 150, 151, 190, 210. Gilchrest, Eloise, 250. Gill, Bruce Frank, 157. Gillam, Clyde Wilson, 258, Gillen, Frances Rosalie, 95, 260. Oilman, Harold Edward, 1 Gittings, Helen Margaret, 115. Given, Mary, 122, 197. Glass, James, 86, 136, 193, Glassburn, Alba Roscoe, 1 Glendening, Margaret Jan 248. Gochie, Josephine, 54. Goddard, Chas. Arnold 153. Goddard, Edward, 251. 95, 314. 55. Goerner, Gordon Laverne, Goggin, Michael James, 95 Goldberg, Seymour, 159. Goldberg, Myron, 158, 210, 258, 318. Golden, William, 214 Goldstein, Gilbert, 1 5y. Goldw.-iter, Bert Mortimer, Gordon, John Dudley, 54, 242, 245. Gordon, Ralph Robert, 251 Gosch, Delbcrt, 145. Gose. Carl Chester, 138, 209, 210, 212. Gould, John Ralph, 95. Grabow, Mary Ann, 86, 12 Gradick, Geraldine Lee, 95 Graham, Russell, 251. Gramcko, Mildred Verne, 255. Graves, Elisabeth May, 113 Graves, Margaret Mary, 1 1 Gray, Marguerite Olive, 95 Gray, Philip, 23 5. Graybeal, Granville, 54. Graybeal, Troy, 215, 224. Green, Chas. 95. Green, Donald, 153. Green, Thomas, 134. Green, Raymond, 5 4, 280, Greene, John Frances, 155. Greene, Wm. Gaylc, Greenhalch, Chas. 86 Greenway, Frank, 71, 195, 260. Greenway, Mary I: 112, 260. Gregg, Albert Rayi 240. Gregg, Phihp Earl. 2i Gregg, Mary Frances, 228. Gregory, James John, 320. Grieve, Helen, 54, 86, 120, 121, 235. Griffin, Carroll Wilson, 71, 165, 199, 227. Griffith, Chas., 141. Griffith, Eugene. 144, 145. Griffith, Mary, 71, 122. Griswold, Ruth Lenore, 33, 258. Gross, Linda Lee, 36, 39, 71, 128, 190, 195, 219. Gross, Wm. Fagan, 241, 258. Gueck, Marjorie, 2 53. Gullard, Athelene, 119. Gunning, Albert Chas. 148, 150, 280, 311. Gustin, Bruce Albert, 86, 165, 229. Guthrie, Geraldine, 95, 115, 134. Guthrie, William, 218, 316. Gwinn, Lawrence Miles, 151. H Haak, Albert Edwin. 87, 167, 229. Haase, Richard Joseph, 171, 258. Hack.statr, Marion Charlotte, 3 3, 86, 113, 195, 223, 252. Hackman, Rose, 23 5. Hage, L. William, 139. Hage, Olaf Herman, 71, 139, 229, 245. Haggart, Jean, 86, 221, 228, 250. 60. 05. Halama, Lar.s, 157. Halderman, Harriette, 87. Haley, Charles Tiffany, 95, 137 Halkcr. Harold Clifford. 145. Hall, Floyd D., 149. Hall, John Kimbrough, 149, 250 Hall, Josiah Newhall, 161. Hall, Pauline Virginia, 95. Hall, Richard, 71. 161, 191 245. Halliday, Sophie Elizabeth, 71 Halowell, Maxine, 254. Hamilton, Barbara, 115. Hamilton, Helen Maxine, 3 3, 35, 87, 221, 253, 257. Hamilton, Lester Latham, 87, 167, 220. Hamilton, Shirley Lee, 118. Hammond, Bonna Dee, 54, 230. Hammond, Mervin Smith, 95, 133. Hancock, Jeanne Lilhan, 95. Haney, John Donald, 143. Hanford, Elmer Hufford, 54. Hanford, Peter, 161. Hanigan, Thomas E., 52, 137. Hanks, Robert Collins, 153. Hanson, John Arvid, 87, 15 5. Hanson, John Eric, 72, 155. Hanson, Oscar, 169. Harada, Mitsu Harry, 312. Hardesty, Marian, 95, 121. 260. Hardin, Douglas, 153, 199. Hardin, Loerandsey, 87. Harding, Horace Worden, 72, 170, 171, 244. Hardy, Alliene Elizabeth. 87, 126, 228, 250, 253, 257. Hardy, Florence Lucille, 122. Hardy, Fred, 142, 143, 229. Hardy, Lyman, 54, 140, 240, 280, 284. Harkin. Edna L.. 233. Harley, Bob, 222, 227, 238. Harner, Elmer Wm., 95, 149. Harner, Marguerite Eli;., 39, 72, 115, 192, 194. Harper, Margaret Jane, 72. Harper, Thomas Clyde, 87, 132, 193. Harrell, Georgie, 126. Harris, Everett, 54. Harris, Jack Taylor, 87. Harris, Louise, 228. Harris, Robert Blynn, 198, 251. Harrison, Jack, 147. Hart, S., 222. Hart, James Luke, 55, 14(1, 246. Hart, Bill, 140. Hartle, Florence Edithe, 191. Hartman, Harold Boone, 132. Hartman, Julia Mae, 95, 123, 250. Harvey, Donald Lloyd, 87. Harvey, Jack Arthur, 13 5. Hasting.s, Roy Irven, 317. Hatch, Edis Adeline, 72. Hatch, Lola Jane, 95. Hatchett, John Frank, 151. Hatton, Howard Timothy, 250, 251, 256. Hauff, Winifred Lenor, 87. Hauptli, Winfred, 55, 132. Hawkins, Dorothy June, 95. Hawkin.s, James Wilson, 251. Hawkinson, Barbara, 116. Hawkinson, Wm., 157. Hawthorne, Harrison, 55, 132, 232. Hayden, John Brognard, 72, 153, 229, 250. Hayes, Mary Mitchell, 260. Hayes, John Clyde, 280, 314. Hayland, Barbara Ann, 87. Haync, Clarence Wilbur, 137. Hayward, Eileen, 228. Headlee, Robert Elmer, 157. Heagey, Frances Elizabeth, 95, 113, 324. Hecker, Catherine Jo, 95, 131. Hecker, Rose Margaret, 95, 129. Hedrick, John Gordon, 55, 163, 256. Heer, Raymond H., 55, 224, 239, 260. Hefferman, Betty, 131. Hein, Edwin. 251. Helmke, Galen Louis, 313. Hempler, Orval Louis, 250. Henderson, Hildegard, 119. Henderson, Irene Jane. 72, 131. Henderson, Marian Wright, 119. Hendler, Bernard Sheldon, 159, 229. Hendricks, Donn William, 165. Hendrickson, Ethclyne, 95. Henneback, Carmen Alice, 87, Henrikson, Warren Pershing. 146. Henry, Rose Catherine, 197. Herbridge, Diana, 250. Herd, John Harvey, 165. Hersey, Joseph, 1 50. Hersom, Howard Thayer, 87, 137, 190. Hershman, Paul Fred, 136. Her.shler, Edward, 145. Herzberger, James Robert, 165. Hewitt, Alvin, 144, 145. Heyer, Marceline Jance, 87, 260. Hibbard, Ross, 95, 151, 210, 211. Hickey, James Dale, 141. Hickman, John Ev 87, 13 2, Hickman, Mary Daphine, 260. Hickman, Mary Kathleen, 87, 129, 192, 221. Hier, Geneva Ruth, 87, 223. Hiester, Allan John, 87, 132, Hi, Clifton Bleakne Higman, Howard, 72, 140, 229, 230. Higby, James Eugene, 151. Highbcrger, Eliz,ibcth, 72, 116. Hikes. Charles Edward. 259, 292. Hildebrandt, Gail, 72, 124, 125, 253. Hill, Evelyn Mildred, 95. Hill, Laverra Irma, 231. Hill, Louise Virginia, 55, 122. Hill, Marybeth, 119. Hill, Ray, 87, 136, 295. Hill, Robert Cowdery, 149, 317. Hilhgoss, John Eugene, 250. Hills, Willard Humbert, 165. Hilme.s, Howard John, 241, 256. Hinman, William McInto,sh, 95, 137. Hinman, Royal Edward, 250., Nellie Gwen, 250. Hinshaw, Maxine Grace, 129. Hitchcock, Carol, 260. Hite, Fred Richard, 143. Hobbs, Henry Charles, 157, 317. Hobson, Myra Grace, 3 2, 253, 257, 260. Hodge, John Austin, 198. Hodge, Russell, 153. Hoffman, Louise Naomi, 87, 220, 322. Hoffman. Ruth Irene, 122, 214, 255. Hogan, John E., 153. Hoglin, Harold Alvin, 238. Hoglin, Margaret Agnes, 55, 254. Hogsett, Glade Cain, 72, 220. Hohner, Laura Lorraine, 121. Hohnstein, Marion May, 72, 235, 260. Holbrook, Elizabeth, 72. Holdredge, George, 153, 314. Holdridge, Donald. 149. Holland, Edwina, 113. Holliday, Marcia Lee. 87. 116. HoUoway, Robert Lee. 210, 313. Hollowell, Betty Maxine, 87, 122, 191, 250. Holmes. Elmer David, 165, 284, 288. Holmes, Fred, 13 2. Holmes, Horace Burhank, 151. Holmes, Kendall, 143. Homsher, Hugvetta Margaret, 87, 123. Hood, Mantle Lavern, 251. Hoogland, Margaret, 253. Hoover, Herbert Winslow, 153, 192. Hopkins, Julius Lorenc, 87. Hornbein, Philip, 38, 48, 158, 159, 191, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207. Home, Margaret Louise, 87, 121, 260. Horstmann, Rosemary, 5 5, 129. Horton, Pauline Eliz., 72, 121. Hosig, Mary Emma, 39, 72, 121, 257, 260. Hoskins, Wm. Hayden, 139. Houck, Frances Viola, 131, 269. Hover, William Adgate, 87, 136. Howard, Martha Eleanor, 73, 256. Howe, Margaret Olive, 5 5, 128, 129, 256, 269. Howe, Winifred Earl, 139. Howell, Lester H., 5 5, 247. Hewlett, Richard Harlan, 149. Howey, Donald, 241. Howsam, Earl Richard, 38, 55, 154, 155, 280. Howsam, Robert Lee, 155. Hubbard, Gladys Hurst, 87. Hubbell, Annabelle. 87. Huddleston, Myrna Virginia, 123. Hudson, Douglas GranciUe. 151, 204. Hudson, Howard, 151. Huclskemper, Dorothy Elvira, 260. Huclsmann, Donald, 87, 190, 136. Huffman, Edward, 246. Hufford, Jack Ritchie, 13 2. Hughes, William John, 141. Humes, John Boynton, 251. Humphrey, Jeannette Mary, 87, 113, 208, 210, 211, 221. Humphreys, Everyl, 95, 115, 190. Humphreys, Harry Homer, 55, 163, 210, 211, 212, 222, 224, 239, 258, 284. Hunker, George Henry, 193. Hunt, Carolyn Elizabeth, 87. Hunt, Harry Debaun, 136. Hunter, Ailene, 212, 234. Huner, Delmer Eural, 195. Hunter, Molly Ailcnc, 87, 197, 123. Hurlburt, Roylynn Jean, 126. Hurst, Gene, 251, 260. Hurst, Harold Emerson, 260. Hutchinson, Dudley, 73, 132, 280, 298, 302. Hutchison, Sam, 151. Hyland, Barbara Ann, 116. I Imrie, George, 87, 155, 238. Ingcrsoll, Ross, 55, 234. Ingles, James Maxwell, 151. Ingley, Elizabeth, 55, 116, 217, 230. Ingram, Velma Lee, 5 5. Ingwerson, Wm., 161. Inman, Mildred Elizabeth, 115. Irons, Don Allen, 143. Irwin, Ethel Elizabeth, 73. Irwin, Philip Hugh, 132, 210. Ives, Ronald Lorenz, 258. I Jackson, Wayne, 55, 134, 135. Jacobberger, Virginia Ann, 127. Jacobberger, Robert Louis, 151. Jacobsen, Harold Harvey, 140. Jacobucci, Margaret Leah, 95, 256. Jacques, Tone, 143. James, Beulah, 233. James, Colin, 73, 160, 161, 229. James, Margaret, 95. James, Wm. Burl, 218. Jasmann, Kathryn Elizabeth, 56, 113. Jannings, Howard, 56. Jefferies, Robert, 140. Jencks, Clinton Edward, 229. Jenkins, Myra, Ellen, 56. Jennings, Howard Fremont, 132 Jensen, Esper Clyde, 240. Jcn.sen, Mildred Marie, 56, 118 119. Jerls, Rhea Margaret, 56, 210. Johnson, Aldula Ruth, 73, 221 231. Johnson, Anettc Woodruff, 88, 116. Johnson, Betty, Mabel, 113, 191, 192, 324. Johnson, Doris Lucille, 95, 129, 260. Johnson, Dorothy, 223, 255. Johnson, Dwight, 140. Johnson, Earle George, 13 5, Johnson, Evelyn, 127. Johnson, Eleanor, 88, 127. Johnson, Elizabeth, 73. Johnson, Fred, 251. Johnson, Harold, 175. Johnson, Henry Julius, 88, 165. Johnson, John, 167. Johnson, Joyce Garton, 73. Johnson, Lloyd Goode, 165. Johnson, Mable Evelyn, 88, 221. Johnson, Marguerite Emily, 95, 115, 191, 192, 210, 252. Johnson, Ralph Kenneth, 95. Johnson, Raymond Edward, 240. Johnson, Robert, 141. Johnson, Robert James, 132. Johnson, Walter, 244. Johnston, Barbara, 260. Jolley, Margaret Eliz., 115. Jones, Ann Ehzabeth, 113. Jones, Chester, 224, 251. Jones, Donald, 35, 56, 259. Jones, Elmer, 136. Jones, Gwanda Mae, 73, 121. Jones, Harry Chester, 56, 155, 225, 239, 243, 251. Jones, Helen Florence, 113. Jones, Hugh Avery, 73, 155, 229. Jones, Jarrad, 165. Jones, Mabel, 233. Jones, Robert, 135. Jones, Shirley, 113. Jones, Wm. Alfred, 141, 220, 229. Jones, Wm. Harry, 147, 243, 247. Jordan, Kenneth Merle, 169. Jorgensen, Wm., 145. Joslin, E. Jay, 56, 244. Joslyn, Mary Beth, 56, 118, 119, 256. Joyce, Lorene Adna, 221. Juchem, Marguerite Ray, 125. Judd, Arnold, 56, 215, 222, 227, 238. Judd, Morris, 159, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207. Judd, Wm. Robert, 241, 258. Jump. Bill, 140, 286. Jump, Lawrence George, 73. K Kahler, Juanita Isabel, 88. Kaltenberger, Lloyd, 224, 239. Karbach, Bert, 137. Karnes, Fern,, 228. Kasic, Mary Lorinda, 95, 130, 131, 250. Katz. Isadorc, 56. Katz. Raymond, 56, 159. Kay, Gerald Aaron, 30, 31, 3 5, 48, 218, 229. Kearns, John Tyo, 56, 280, 305. Kearns, Richard Kenneth, 136, 280, 286. 287, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307. Keating, Tom, 151. Keen, Perry Magee, 56, 139, 190, 208. Keenan, Maurice Edward, 280, 313. Keep, Floyd Fkorivanda, 211. Kehn, Edward Anton, 251. Kellner, Harvey William, 251. Kellogg, Clyde Ray, 239. Kelly. Clyde Leon, 96, 157. Kelso, Louis Orth, 165. Kelton, William Francis, 88, 143, 207. Kemp, John, 251. Kemper, Clarence, 73, 152, 153, 220, 229, 247, 314. Kendall, Anna Margaret, 33, 88, 131, 221, 257. Kendrick, Joan Victoria, 96, 129, 191, 210. Kennedy, Ford, 139. Kennedy, Mack Leslie, 161. Kennedy, Patricia Eileen, 96, 121, 197. Kennedy, R. Evans, 250. Kennedy, Robert Harold, 165. Kenney, Dean Howard, 245. Kennison, Warren Samuel, 88, 220, 229, 247. Kerr, Richard Carpenter, 88, 137, 220, 229. Kerrigan, Joseph Gerard, 149. Kettering, Helen Ruth, 116. Kibler, Robert Scott, 73, 220. Kilbourn, Florence Janet, 96, 113. Kimbrough, Jean Elsie, 96, 115. Kindel, George John, 88, 141, 190. Kindel, Margaret Elsie, 88, 117, 190. King, John Albert, 96. King, Margaret Frances, 96, 119. Kingsberry, Marjorie, 250. Kinnard, Jack R., 153. Kinney, Kenneth C, 56. Kinsman, Gerald Stanley, 56, 132. Kirby, Theresa Irene, 266. Kirk, William Colin, 73. Kirkpatrick, Frances A., 113. Kistler, Frances Victoria, 96, 117. Kistler, Kirk Thomas, 313. Kittle, Robert Marks, 88. Kitto, WiUiam, 88, 220. Kliener, June Irene, 88, 125. Khnker, Anna May, 250. Knight, Annie Laurie, 57. Knight, Mary Sue, 88, 123. Knoettge, Virginia Pearl, 73, 119, 253, 257. Knollenherg, Gertrude Agnes, 57, 190. Knous, William Joh, 132. Knowles, Dorothy C, 57, 256. Knox, Virginia Marie, 119. Knuckey, Alma Louise, 88, 123, Koehler, Herbert, 286. Kolb, Herbert Gordon. Jr., 161. Koonce, Harold W., 66, 167, 192, 245, 247. Korf, Evelyn Sarah, 209, 210, 212. Kraemer, Eugene Norris, 96. Kramer, Richard Lane, 149, 198. Krapf, Dorothy Justine, 96, 131. Kreager, Charles W., Jr., 48, 143, 280. Krctschmer, Nan Justine. 33, 88, 96, 117, 209. 210. 221. Krieghoff, Vera Louise. 73, 121. 235. Kuentzel, Lester Everett, 243, 251. Kullgren, Dorothy Eileen, 57, 115. Kuntz, Margaret Mary, 88. Kunzman, John Arthur, 165. Kuretich, Frank Joseph, 259. Kurtz, Joe Daniel, 133. Kutz, Virginia Jane, 88, 123. L La Bagh. John Charles, 88, 140, 244. Lacher. Lois Ann, 119. Lackncr. Bertha Mane, 3 3, 88, 115, 221. Lafferty, Esther Isabel, 88. Lallier, La Nelle, 121. Lam, Wm., 135, 280, 305, 306. Lamme, Vonna Lee, 74, 115, 252, 257. Lancaster, Logan Robert, 74, 153, 243, 251, 258. Lancaster, Roger Thomas, 96, 153. Lane, Frank A., 247. Lane, James Murray, 88, 243, 251. Langdon, Robert McNally, 153. Lantz, Ruth Yvonne, 88, 117. Lantz, Shirley Marguerite, 129. LaPoint, Dorothy Evelyn, 256. Lappi, Tuano, 239, 259. Larrick, Newton Parrish, 96, 161. Larson, Mildred Virginia. 88. La Salle, Richard. 167. Lasswell. Louise Margaret, 113, 192. Latcham, Fred Charles, Jr., 161, 191. Latorra, Jack Francis, 139. Latta, Lee, 280. Lauth, Robert Warren, 198. Lavington, Leon Edward, 137, 280, 284, 286, 288, 289. Lawrence, Laura Katharine, 32, 74, 121, 192, 206, 219. Lawrence, Walter David, 251. Lawson, Andrew Leslie, 161. Lay, Virginia Bertha, 121. Lear, James Howard, 88, 140, 317. Lear, Robert W., 140, 245, 284. Leasenfeld, George Mortimer, 153. Leavitt, Anne, 115. Leavitt, John Collins, 132. Ledyard, Russel Brockway, 57, 137, 238, 280, 312. Lee, Louise Adelaide, 88. 113, 260. Lee. Virginia Ruth. 33, 88, 123, 211, 221. 253. Lefcvre. Herbert William, 88, 13 5, 212. LeFevre, William Francis, 198, 238. 255. Leff, Leonard Eugene, 159. Leh, Myrtle Clarke, 214. Leisenring, Carol Ann, 88, 119. Lemen, Lewis James, 161. Lemon. Earl Raymond, 88. Lennartz, Paul Cleatus, 139. Lenzotti, Alfred Stephen, 15 5. Leppcr, Martha Jane. 88. 127, Lesher. Donald Miles, 38, 57. 150, 151, 194, 218, 244, 280. 346 • Lesser, George. 13 2. Lesser, Robert D., 13:, 280. Letford, Kathryn Kiteley. 96, 123, 197. Levine, Ahe Gen, 2S4, 286, Levy, Jerome Eli, 57. Levy, Sam Albert, 149. Lewis, Jack Wm., 96. 141. Lewis, Joseph Franklin, 57, 2 58, 259, 260. Lewis. June Le Roy, 74, 115, 191. Lewis, Philip Allen, 192. Lewis, William B., 167. Libert, Ida Thclma, 192. Lichtenstein, Alvin David, 158, 159, 207, 210, 212, 318. Liley, Louis Charles, 89. Lilley, Perie Anderson, 129, 191, 250. Link, Dorothy M., 24. Link, Helen Eliz., 89, 256. Linscott, Kenneth Edward, 89, 149. Lipner, Carl Junior, 169. Lister, Mildred, 57, 120, 121, 248. Littell, Joyce, 74, 113, 190. Little, F. Edward, 149. Littler, Carolyn Eliz., 256. Livingston, Sylvia, 96. Lloyd, Roy Julian, 149. 250. Logan, James Reynold, 259. Lohmeyer. William Lloyd, 57, 247, 260. Long, Everett Curtis, 214. Long, Lloyd Everett, 280, 310. Long, Oliver Gerald, 170, 171, 251. Longstreet, Charles Robert, 89, 135. Lonsdale, David Lawrence, 143. Loose, Leonard Jack, 169. Lootcns, Robert Kloos, 57, 199, 240. Lothrop, Ruth, 127. Louthan, Gather Pike, 280. Lovering, George William, 96, 165, 191. Lovern, John Daniels, 144, 145. Lovett, Laurence Alex, 48. Low, Betty Nell, 96, 117. Lower, James H., 57, 241, 259. Lowther, Fred Arthur, 145. Lowell, Benj. Franklin, 139. Lowen, Charles Jules, 161. 320. Lowen, Robert Henry, 161. Lubchenco, Portia Allen, 89, 119, 258. Lucas, Bernice Edna, 248. Ludlow, Irving Thayer, 137. Luhnow, Fred Edgar, 96, 143, 238. Lund, Bert, 145. Lund, C. Lorraine, 57, 127, 225, 250, 255. Lunn, Robert Eugene, 139, 198, 317. Lusty, Carl D., 89, 169. Lutgens, Peggy Louise, 260. Luxford, Richard George, 161. Lyall, Robert M., 57, 167, 224, 239. Lyman, Margaret Getas, 131, 234. • 347 Lynch. Edith Grace. 121. Lynch, Mildred Wayland, 121, 260. Lyon. Bernice Evans, 89. Lyon, Beverly M., 258. Lyons, Wm. Wallace, 135. Mc McAleer, Jack Lewis. 139, 199. McAllister, Howard Dan, 58. 151, 215, 222, 224, 239, 317. McAllister, Louise E., 58, 113, 191. McAndrcw. Edward, 1 i . McBirncy, Howard Leonard. 15 5, McCall, Alvin Eugene, 313. McCammon, Robert Wm.. 220, 255. McClean, Erwin Bein, 760. McClelland, Donald Walter, 141. McCleod, Malcolm John, 145. McClintic, Frances P., 2 58. McClintic, Stanley, 242, 245, 280. McCloskey, Joseph B., 220. McCloud, William Clifton, 58, 167, 239. McCluskey, Edson James, 96, 137. McConnell, Wm. Hall. MT McCormick, Chas. Joseph, 89, 284. McCormick. Mary Janette, 89, 192. McCotter, Chas. Rawson, 89, 137, 319. McCoy, Earl W., Jr., 244. McCullough, Howard F., 224. McCune, J. Wesley, 58, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207, 232, 312, 320. McDonald, Bonncy Grace, 74, McDonald, James Geo., 155. McDonald, Wm. Guy, 143. McDowell, Edward, 153. McEahern, Edward F., 58, 225, 239. McElroy. Stanley Elwin, 255. McElroy, Wilham Chas., 74, 132, 316. McElveen, Frances W., 96, 123. McElveen, Margaret Eliz., 89. 123. McFadden, Frances E., 89, 131. McFall, Eugene, 198, 239. McFann, Ralph Gordon. 143. 165, 207, McGhee, C. Bernard. 58, 149. McGregor, Lucille, 123. McGuire, Jack, 141. McGuire, Max Walker, 58. McHugh, James Robt., 74, 132. Mclntyre, Vernon A., 140. McKay. Dorothy Lee, 96, 121, 210, 211. McKechnie, Margaret, 58, 125. McKelvie, Geo. Robert, 74, 154, 155. McKenna, Clara M., 97, 115, 191. McKown, John Trudgeon, 58, 151. McLaughlin, Mary Martin, 91. McLauthlin, Carl H., 38, 58, 148, 149, 214, 216, 218, 222. McLauthlin, Dorothy Jane, 32, 89, 117, 221, 252. McMillan, Ruth, 127. McMulIen, Richard Fred, 192, 244. McNeil, Eraser, 157. McNeill, John L., 157. McNeil, Wm. Wallace, 74, 156, 157, 280, 312. McNeill, Martha L., 74, 223. McQuaid, Daniel Jos., 15 5, 199. McSween, Harrio t Ann, 89, 113. McWhinney, John Hahn, 137. McWhinney, Patricia Hahn, 127. M Maas, Dorothy Edith, 121. Maas, Herman Jack, 74, 151, 229, 245. MacGregor, Helen Lucile, 89. Mack, Walter William, 139. MacNeil, Martha Louise, 234. Maddock, Hilda Edythe, 33, 3 5, 74, 253. Madison, James, 244. Madison, Leona Muriel, 96. Madsen, George W.. 149, 190, 317. Mahone, Merle Roy, 251. Mahoney, Martha Moss, 113. Mains, Robert Marvin, 215, 238, 259, 314. Malone, John C, 153. Maloney, Lauretta Casilda, 97, Mar Francis Salvatorc, 89, 169. Mankedick, William C, 57. Mann. Margaret Avancll. 89, 119. Mann, Ru.ssell, 38, 58, 170, 171, 260. Mannion, Mary Catherine, 3 3, 74, 125. Mark, Elizabeth Nisbet, 96. 1 29. Mark, Wm. Johnson, 74, 13 2, 280, 314, 316. Markert, Clement Lawrence, 89, 202, 203, 204. Markwardt, Mildred Eliz.. 74. 123, 195. Marsh, Juliet, 32, 116. 117, 219. Marshall, Alice Babs, 96. 129. Marshall, William Austin, 198 Martin, Audrey E.. 75, 94. Martin, Don Frederick. 153, 244. Martin, Jane Wilson, 117. Martin, Jean Wilson, 117. Martin, Mildred Ann, 96. Martin, Shirley G., 96, 113. Martin, Thomas Edward, 139. Martin, Wilma, 206. Martin, Woodrow Walter, 75, 135. Martyn, Robert Henry, 13 2. Masters, Charles Wolfe, 89, 139. Matheny, Grace Marie, 127. Mathers, R. Harold, 96, 260. Mathews, George M., 13 3. Mathis, William Mar.ston, 58, 240. Mathis, Herman, 244. Mattson, Jane Louise, 96, 129. Maughan, Robert Franklin, 145. Maul, Elmer Lloyd, 198, 225, 239, 259. Maul, Herman Sheridan, 75, 132 2 26, 23 5. Maxam, Agnes Anna, 223, 235 255, 323. Maxwell, Helen Eliz., 129. May, Muriel Blanche, 89, 117. Mayeau, Betty Jane, 96. Mayer, Charlotte A., 96, 127. Mayes, Jack Lee, 143. Mays, William August, 251. Meachum, William H., 167, 190, 207. Meadows, Charles Turner, 167 Means, John Edwin, 143. Medill, Malcolm Spry, 75, 165 Mcehan, Josephine K., 89, 127, Mefford, Harold Delmar, 210, 211. Mellor, Mabel Melissa. 97. Melville, Marjorie Eliz.. 192. Mendenhall, Cover, 145, 229. Mendenhall, Homer H., 38, 144, 145, 245. Merrell, Frost W., 251. Merrcll, Virginia Lee, 75, 127, Merritt, Wesley D., 151. Merrick, Allen E., 204. Metz, Louise Genevieve, 122. 123, 158, 212, 257. Metzger, Donald Richard, 58, 132, 215, 222, 236, 240. Meyer, John Ogden. 58, 245. Meyer, Maryethl, 7 5, 123, 2 50, 254. Meyer, Norman Franklin, 89 244, 250, 258. Meyer, Robert Max, 75, 198. Meyers, George Lentton, 241. MilhoHin, Austin B., 58, 2 38 253, 259. Millard, Guy A., 75, 165, 239. Millard, Raymond Leroy, 97 250. Millcnsifer, Robert Wm., 75, 167, 238. Miller, Cecil Lester, 243. Miller, Dale Ferguson, 97. Miller, Edward, Jr., 151. Miller, Fred Albert, 232. Miller, Jack Ray, 59, 137. Miller, James, 250, 280, 298, 300, 302. Miller, Lawrence George, 251. Miller, Reed Charles, 139. Miller, Tyler Ward, 89, 132, 141, 316. Miller, Ward Scott, 169, 2 51. Milhgan, Thomas L., 140, 238. Millsap, Sue Ann, 97, 123, 268. Milzer, Albert, 59, 222. Mincer, Neil S., 210. Miner, John Robert, 89. Miner, Mary Bea, 115. Miner, Ward Lester, 210. Minshall, Drexel David, 139. Minton, Edward Robert, 15 5. Mitchell, Don Trigg, 132. Mitchell, Edward Winston, 135. Mitick, Ellsworth C, 59. Mock, Wayne Glen, 224, 239. Modesitt, Lcland Eaton, 75, 137, 190, 192, 194, 280, 311, 318. Moeller, Helen Clare, 75. Moessner, Gertrude Louise, 97. Mohler, Chester Edmond, 227, 280. Mohr, William Robert, 97. Moll, Harry Herman, 89, 149. Mollin, Betty Ann, 97, 113, 190. Monroe, Charles Andrew, 143. Monroe, Harold Morgan, 210. Montandon, Eloise Anita, 32, 59, 129, 192, 208, 210, 217. Montez, Alonzi Ottoviano, 313. Moodie, Miriam Roberta, 97. Moody, Lucy Byrd, 115. Moore, Anne Elizabeth, 127. Moore, Carl Anderson, Jr., 75, 147, 226, 235, 240, 260. Moore, Gene Calven, 153, 280, 283, 284, 285, 287, 288, 289, 290, 312. Moore, Howard, 75, 143, 208, 209, 210, 212. Moore, Philip Fosdick, 258. Moore, Ralph Carey, 147, 250, 251, 260. Moorhead, Jane Mae, 89, 125. Morales, Francisco J., Jr., 59, 155, 215, 222, 227, 238. More, Howard Vincent, 151, 222, 226, 280, 312. Morehead, John B., 244. MoreUi, Clifford Dominic, 24, 198, 246, 255. Morgan, Marjoric Edith, 127. Morgan, Marnie (Margaret K.), 97, 131. Morrell, Robert Morris, 97. Morris, Herbert Lee, 30, 31, 59, 242. Morris, Jane Lorene, 260. Morris, June Theresa, 196 Morris, Marjorie Marian, 113. Morris, Robert, 34. Morris, Verna Viola, 89, 119. Morrison, Caroline Stewart, 59, 117, 191, 192. Morrison, Graham Bur., 151. Morrison, Joe Leary, 141. Morrison, Josephine Alice, 131. Morrow, William Leigh, 135. Morsch, Richard Wesley, 59, 240, 256, 258. 259. Morse, Gertrude E., 97. Morton, John Delos, 75, 148, 149. Moses, Raphael, 48, 192, 194. Mosley, George Alfred, 141. Moss, Harold Pendleton, 258. Moyar, Mary Ann, 117, 220. Mugrage, Margaret Leah, 97, 129. Mulvihill, Edward Robert, 234, 243. Mundell, Mary Gwendolyn, 75. Mundhenk, Robert Ashley, 151. Munro, Ruth Elizabeth, 97, 119, 197, 260. Murphy, David, 216, 280. Murphy, James Ed., 142, 143, 218, 313. Murphy, Mary Alice, 89. Murray, James Joseph, 149. Musick, Annabel, 115. Musick, George M., Jr., 198, 207, 238. Musselwhite, Andrew P., 97, 137, 320. Mustain, Thomas Charles, 151. Myers, Virginia H., 97. Mylar, John, 157. Nagel, Mary Elizabeth, 76, 115, 206. Nash, Frances Dow, 30, 32, 217, 253. Nash, Patty Savage, 32, 253, 257. Naugle, William Boech, 97, 137. Naylor, Edward Gray, 135, 198, 251. Ncal, Avis G., 59, 119. Neel, Norman Marshall, 149, 280. Neighbors, Ray Thomas, 97, 133, 250. Neiman, Gilbert, 234. Nelson, Betty, 121, 197. Nelson, Edith, 131. Nelson, Gene Helen, 89, 121, 192. Nelson, Ruth Mane, 97, 125, 197, 322. Nelson, Verna Elizabeth, 59, 120, 121, 234, 250, 253, 257, 260. Nelson, William Stewart, 207, 229. Nesbit, Fred Alfred, 13 3. Ness, Paul Frederick, 89. Netherton, Mary W., 89, 118, 119, 223. Nettleton, Clyde, 167. Nettleton, Willard W., 76, 166, 167. Neumann, Carl Albert, 192. Nevius, Richard R., 97, 198. Newcomb, Eleanor, 76, 119. Newcomb, Lewis Elmer, Jr., 157. Newcomer, Fred 165. Newell, Lillian Grace, 59. Ncwland, Helen Mane, 322, 323. Newton, Donald Orel, 59, 212. Newton, Warren Alexander, 153. Nikkei, H. Eugene, 18, 259, 260, 280, 293. Nixon, Mary Louise, 76, 131. Noguchi, Suzi, 230. Nolf, Felix, 59. Norgren, Leland Elmer, 97, 13 3. Norris, Janiss Adrienne, 197. Northcutt, Dorothy May, 39, 89, 117, 268. Nottingham, Carol Ethel, 192. Nowels, Richard Wright, 161, 193, 244. Noxon, Irene Mae, 90, 125. Nuttall, Orville T., 284, 287, 288. 289, 290. o Oackes, Dorothy Louise, 115. Oakes, Robert Walter, 161, 191. O ' Brien, Gertrude Louise, 254. O ' Brien, Walter Francis, 145. O ' Fallon, John Emmett, 59, 227, Ogilvie, Robert S., 38, 59, 168, 169, 225, 241, 246. Olsen. Jack Walter, 59, 156, 157, 318. Olsen, Charles William, 40, 157. Olson, Donald Oscar, 90. Olson, Florence Frost, 60, 23 5. Olson, Mary Louise, 115, 220. Olson, Neil Woodrow, 97, 204. Olvey, Jay Lamont, 241. Opdyke, Mary, 90, 115, 1 209, 211, 212, 221. Ord, Robert Louis, 165. O ' Rourke, William Burk, 1 195, 244. O ' Rourke, Joseph John, 145. Orr, Edith Laurie, 97, 117, 1 Orr, Lucinda Adeline. 90, 1 191. Orr, William James, 167. Orris, Marian, 23 5. Orrison, Catherine Sue, 97. Orsborn, Alice Rosemary, 1 195. Orsborn, George Earl, 76, 19 Ortez, Raymond, 238, 312. Osborne, George Fred, 60, 2 246, 259. Otis. Martha, 97, 115. Otjen, Caroline Jean, 123, 2 Ott, Jessie June, 90, 129, 2 211. Oudcrkirk, Jean, 90, 123. Overholt, Ray Lewis, 60, 1 215, 222, 241. Oviatt, Almon E., 30, 31, 149, 216, 280, 320. Owens, Harold Raymond, 1 Owens, Marjorie Jeanette, 90. Ozgur, Ibnhim Nasuh, 76. P Pace, Muriel Jean, 97, 123. 1 Packard. Peter L. M., 132. Padfield, Betty Rae, 97, 1 322. Padfield, June, 60, 124, 1 248, 322, 323. Palmer, Frederick William, 244. Palmer, Miles Leavitt, 90. Pancake, Pearl Elizabeth, 125. Park, Mazie Gayle, 127. Parker, Elsie Louise, 60, 1 117. Parker. Francis Thomas, 97, 1 193, 250. Parker, Geraldine P., 131. Parker, Marguerite, 97. Parkhurst, Fred Bell, 149. Parkinson, Ramona Elizabeth, 225, 255. Parrett, Lewis Marion. 90, : Parriott, Susan Amelia, 60, 1 206. Parsons, Marion Augusta, 121, 260. Patano, Mary Ellen, 32, 76, 1 131, 223, 322, 323. Patch, Paul John, 60, 239. Patten, Mary, 97, 191, 211. Patterson, G. Warner, 98, 1 Payne, Winfield Scott, Jr., 1 190, 259. Paynter, Richard Brown, 137. Peercy, Harold Kimbrell, 251 Pekrul, Leota Frances, 90, 1 192, 221, 223. Pelissier, Helen K., 90. Pelissier, Jack M., 149. Peltier, Charlotte Maud, 115, 230. Peltier. Margaret Edna, 98, 115. Penfold, Kenneth Craig, 38, 60, 132, 280, 298. Perkins, Vankirk B., 151. Perino, Jasper Jr., 220. Perkin , Robert Lyman, 36, 38, 60, 134, 135, 191, 194, 216, 244. Perkins, Clark Coss, 161. Perrella, Anthony V., 251. Perry, Charles Stanley, 98, 155, 251. Perry, George Edward, 98, 133. Perry. Howard Milton, 167. Persons, Kenneth C, 149, 191, 250, 319. Persons, Landon Monroe, 149, 245. Peters, Elmo M., 294. Peterson, Dorothy Jane, 90, 221, Peterson, Elizabeth Marie, 197. Peterson, Beverly Pearl, 90, 125. Peterson, Carl Leslie, 149. Peterson, Kenneth Bustaf, 155, 225. Peterson, Mildred Idabelle, 117. Peterson. Roberta Henrietta, 98. Petry, Nicholas Robert, 149, 250. Pettengill, Margaret Ella, 60, 235. Petteys. Helen Connnc, 60, 129, 230. Pexton. Lawrence, 151, 243, Peyton. William John. 76, 137. Pfannenschmid. Fred B., 145, 3 20. Phelps, Helen Louise, 119, 250. Pherson, Ray Leslie, 199. Phillips, Ernest David, 229. Phillips, John Murtha, 151, 280, 286, 305, 306, 307. Phillips, Mary Catherine, 196. Phillips, Mary Helen, 117. Phillips, William H., 48. Philpott. John Arthur, 90, 153, 198. Phinney, Robert T., 161. Phipp.s, Oval Alexander, 48. Pick, Lawrence Allen, 165. Pierce, James, 153, Pierce, Virginia Betty. 98, 119. Pegion. Edmund Henry, 139. Pinter. Burt Harris, 244. Plank, Ruth Eugenia, 32, 35, 37, 90, 221, 223, 253, 322. Pletner, Jean, 113, 191, 192, 322. Poc, Alice Louise, 61, 123, 217, 231. Poe, Emily Eleanor, 234. Poe, Frances Eliz., 37, 98, 123, 192. Pohlenz, Jack Bernard. 250. Pollard. Margaret C, 32, 34, 36, 60. 117. Polzin. Marvin Hubert, 224, 239, 243, 251, 255. Pomeroy, Robert R., 238. Pondu Lac, Buster A., 98. Pooley, Marvin, 159, 191. Pope, W. Burwell, 153, 195. Porter, Eva Irene. 98, 121. Porter. Lucille Mary, 60, 121. Porter, Marion B., 48, 207. 348 • J Postlethwaite, Roger G., 151. Potano, Mary Ellen, 219. Potter, Robert Francis, 143, 229. Potter, William Deshayes, 61, 227, 238. Poulignot, Ruth Elizabeth, 260. Powell, Mary Virginia, 117, 208. Powell, Robert William, 76, 133, 198, 212, 241. Poyen, John S., 161, 218, 280, 314. Poynton, John, 155. Price, Dorothy Joy, 90, 125. Price, Susan Isabelle, 76, 130, 131. Price, Willis Leon, 61, 241, 243, 251. Prince, Bertrand B., 76, 139. Proctor, Harvey Albert, 153. Proett, Irma Eleanor, 76, 260. Prouty, Evalyn, 98, 113. Prouty, Lawrence Richard, 98, 133, 320. Pryor, Wilbur Myron, Jr., 149, 192. Pucket, Donald Dale, 245. Puffer, Margaret Elizabeth, 129. Pugh, John L., 251. Pumpelly, William, 161, 218. Punshon, Mary Leona, 2 50. Purdy, Barbara Regina, 98, 12 3, 197. Putnam, Robert Joseph, 38, 142, 143, 229. Pyle, WiUis Acton, 76, 135, 192, 195. Pyle, Robert Harold, 13 5. Pylcs. Barbara Anne, 98, 191, 250. Q Quaintance, Jean Anderson, 98, 113. Quarles, Lillian Louise, 61, 119, 208, 254. Quarnbcrg, Carlen, 76, 115, 190. 191. Quarnberg, Paul Le.x, 13 3. Quinton. Gilbert Harry, 286, 291, 292, 293. R Rackaway, John Edwin, 167. Radford, Harry Thomas, 76, 165, 245. Rae, Colin Campbell, 61. Raifc, Ruth Karen, 129. Rains, Herman, 165. Railey, John Woodson, 148, 149, 250, 317. Ramaley, John De Graw, 250. Rames, Henry Brown, 76, 139, 197, 222. Ranney, Carolyn Paulette, 98. Raso, Amos, 157. Rathburn, Robert Edison, 34, 133, 198, 215, 222, 238. Rathff, Lillie Elizabeth, 61, 230, 254, 260. Rauch. Siegricd Gunther, 137, 235. Raven, Karl Arthur, 167. Ray, Charles Norman, 260. Rayner, Ann, 98. Read, Rennison Franklyn, 153. Redwine, Robert H. Samuel, 243, 251. Reed, Carleton Hinskley, 151. • 349 Reed, Charlotte Elsie, 98. Reed, Joe Dudley, 220. Reel, Edward Leon, 139. Reese, Eleanor Virginia, 90. Reeves, William O., 90, 13 3. Reger, Charles Calhoun, 220, 247. Reibscheid, Francis Daniel, 159. Reid, Roderick Herman, 98, 161. Reidy, Francis, 127. Reinieke, Francis Gordon, 167. Remple, Ton King, 143. Rennie, James Almon, 90. Retallack, Wallace George, 98. Reyer, C. Allen, 133, 239, 251. Reynolds, Martha Frances, 61, 129, 192. Reynolds, Walter J., 77, 13 5. Rice, George Bickncll, 149. Rice, John Lawrence, 13 3. Rice, Marjorie Helen, 90. Rich, E. Dillon, 61, 193, 208, 209, 210, 212. Richards, Edward W., 61. Richards, Robert Fulton, 196. Richards, William Arthur, 90, 157. Richert, John, Jr., 251. Ricketts, Vera M., 33, 258, 322. Ricketts, Virginia Maud, 221, 253, 258. Riddoch, William Perry, 139. Riedc, Beatrice Amanda, 126, 127. Riede, Esther Gable, 127. Riedy, Frances Elizabeth, 98. Rienks, George W„ Jr., 98, 135. Rifkin, Samuel, 159, 199, 224, 239. Riggs, Winifred Mary, 30, 31, 61, 123, 214, 217, 231, 252, 258, 260. Riley, Jack Edward. 61. Rinn, Alice Marie, 98, 269. Ris, William Krakow, 207. Risley, Donald Lloyd, 61, 240, 260. Roark, Mayford Lynn, 202, 203, 204, 251. Robb, Paul Eugene, 77, 167. Robbins, W. Freeman, 133. Roberts, C. Oliver, 250, Robertson, Donald, 48. Robertson, Elizabeth, 113. Robinson, Paul, 98, 155. Robin.son, Genevieve Vivian, 250. Robinson, Theodore Wheeler, 140. Rocchio, Clarence Edward, 165. Rocchio, Wilbur Ernest, 98, 165. Roe, Jesse Edward, 220. 123, 196. Roemer, Catherine Ellen, 90. Roeser, Mary Jane, 90, 221. Rogel, Frank Loui.s, 242, 280, 284, 285, 287. Rogers, Allan Baldwin, Jr., 90, 161, 199, 238. Rogers, Frances May, 127, 254. Rogers, Gertrude Lucille, 90, 192. Rogers, James Winston, 98, 139. Rogers, Katherine Helen, 98, 115. Rogers, Ranger, 280. Romano, Vita, 77, 167, 208, 210, 212, 251. Romans, Carrie Elspeth, 77, 114, 115, 223 , 234. Romans, James Robert, 61, 198, 215, 222, 227, 238. Roney, John William, 139. Rook, Frances Katherine, 98. Rook, Herbert, 258. Rooney, Jack, 165. Roosa, Paul Robert, 238, 260. Rose, Donald Corwin, 90, 2 50. Rosen, Phil, 159. Rosenbaum, Alvin Leonard, 204, 207. Rosenblum, Gerald Jerry, 77, 159. Rosenfeld, Edith Mary. 211. Rosenfeld, Eugene David, 90, 203, 207. Rosenthal, Leo Max, 210, 211. Rosetta, Lena Katherine, 260. Ross, Betsy Marjory, 32, 36, 77, 117, 190, 212, 219, 223. Ross, Earl Glenn, 319. Rossman, Howard Clem, 139. Rost, Dorothy Alma, 3 3, 90, 119, 191, 221, 257. Rothrock, Thelma Ruth, 90, 119. Roup, Reva Raye, 119. Rowan, Ferd Hall, 30, 31, 61, 157, 190, 214, 234. Rowe, Lorrie Antionctte, 90, 197. Royds, James S., 143, 238. Rubright, Richard Dickson, 312. Ruddy, John, 149. Russell, Frank McKleveen, 280. Russell, Marshall Wesley, 62, 140, 245. Russell, Ruth Irene, 61, 258, 322, 323, 324. Ruth, Jean, 90, 129. Ryan, Rupert Myron, 167. Ryan, Tom Dave, 77, 165. Ryder, Emmett Charles, 91, 251. s Sabin, Justine Marie, 113. Sabin, Robert R., 137, 190. Sachter, Nat Samuel, 159, 192. Sack, Carroll David, 149. Sadecki, Lucien Joseph, 62, 238. Sager, Frederick R., 198, 240. Sakaguchi, Shimpei, 77, 220. Sahba, Olga Eugenie, 121, 197, 221. Sampson, John Joseph, 199. Sampson, Jane Wilcos, 62, 112, 113, 248. Sanborn, Mary Procter, 62. Sanders, James Carl, 133. Sanders, Margaret Martha, 30, 31, 258. Sandor, Martha Jeanne, 62. Santo, Doris Louise, 260. Sarchet, Clark, 133. Sarchet, Doris Jeanette, 77, 129. Sarconi, Charles Woodrow, 139. Sarconi, William Anthony, Jr., 139, 193, 280. Satt, Evelyn Mane, 98, 125. Saunders, Harold Almon, 151. Sauer, Edward, 210, 211. Sawicki, Walter Joseph, 3 5, 77, 209, 210, 212, 259. Saxon, Janie Bess, 77. Schaeppe, K. Vernita, 77. Schafer, Glen Harold, 62, 168, 169, 215, 225, 241, 246, 256. Schafer, Martha Jeanne, 33, 91, 121, 191, 221. Schenler, Norma Ruth, 77, 197, 234. Scheunemann, Ann Eliz., 254. Schey, Sally Jane, 62, 122, 123. Schlatter, Evelyn Burnett, 98. Schlenzig, Lois Shannon, 98, 113. Schhecker, Howard W., 171, 260. Schmitt, Chester D., 62, 224, 225, 239. Schmidt, Leonard Benjamin, 62. 224, 225, 239, 259, 260. Schneider, Edward Evans, 251. Schoeppe, Vernita, 119. Schooley, Elmer, 210, 212. Schramm, Lester William, 77, 241, 246, 251. Schrieber, Edmund, 153. Schrieber, Mark, 280, 311. Schrieber, Norman John, 62, 153. Schults, Ernest William, Jr., 91, 250. Schultz, Norman Rudolph, 167. Schureman, Dorothy May, 98, 117, 191. Schwartz, Fred L., 210, 211, 229. Schwartz, Harry, 153. Schwartz, James Augustine, 137, 292, 293, 294, 295, 316, 318. Scotland, Mary Lauretta, 123. Scott, Dorothy Aline, 99. Scott, James M., 62, 222, 227, 238. Scott, Jane Elizabeth, 127. Scott, Paul Newton, 220. Scott, Thomas Chne, 143. Scott, Wilbur Warren, 165, 197, 258. Searle.s, Herbert Arthur. 155. Sears, Lois Mae, 99, 119. Sears, Myra Jane, 77, 119. Searcy, Don, 247. Seay, Frank Delesdernier, 139. Seelye, Stuart Edwin, 99, 13 3. Scene, David Ruff, 149. 317, 318. Seidenberg, Victor, 159. Seller, Martin Alfred, 227, 238. Seldin, Alice, 250, 255. Seldin, Bernice, 3 5, 57, 228, 233, 250, 253. Sellery, Florence Parri, 62, 1 1 3. Seels, Phyllis Louise, 91, 125. Sells, Ruth Arnett, 231. Semrad, Charles Joseph, 62, 137, 199, 215, 222, 224, 239. Seward, John Lee, 143, 238. Shade, Walter Robert, 280. Shafer, George Francis, 99, 250. Shaffer, Glada May, 99, 119, 197. Shaffer, John Charles III, 62, 161, 238. Shaffer, Robert Walter, 160, 161, 222. Shand, J. Alan, 138, 139, 193, 220. Shay, Maurine Hazel, 62, 119. Sheeler, Willard Demont, 78, 137. Shellabarger, Robert Artell, 77, 133, 280, 310. Shendler, Norma, 253. Shepard, Billy Russell, 169. Shepard, Earl Fenton, 202, 205, 214, 232. Shepard, Richard C, 62, 148, 149, 218, 280, 292, 318. Sheridan, Marjorie E., 91. Sheridan, Mayme Leona, 91. Sherwood, Elisabeth Ann, 99, 129. Sherwood, Frank L., 140. Shields, Lulu Irene, 99. Shimpfy, Florence B., 91. Shinn, Elizabeth Arline, 117. Shipley, Maxine, 113. Shipman, Frances M., 99, 123, 191. Shively, James Richard, 140. Sholander, Clifford G., 36, 63, 151, 216, 280, 298, 300, 302. Sholty, Helen Genevieve, 91, 119. Shonts, Dorotha. 2 28. Shont:. William Carl 91, 220, 247. Shotwell. John Warder, 99, 139. Shrum, Lee, 153. Shy, James Claude, 220, 247. Sibley, Thurston Thos., 280. Sidwell, Don W., 135, 291, 294. 295. Silcott. Jack R., 210. Simmering, Robert Edward, 260. Simmons, Gordon Lee, 137, 190. Simmon,s, Harry Hugh, 165, 291, 292, 293, 294. 295, 317. Simmons, Richard Work, 140, 220, 247. Simmons, Thomas W., Jr., 143. Simon, Walter H., Jr., 99, 137, 190. Simpson, Augusta, 91. Simpson, Leota Barbara, 91. Sinkbeil, Nina L. D., 232. 233. Sinkbeil, Ruben Fred, 23 2, 233. Skaggs, Eleanor Mae, 99. Slater, Robert Benjamin, 149, 280, 293. Slaton, William Henry. 242. Slaughter, Dorothy, 92, 115, 190, 192, 194, 202, 204, 206. 221. Sloan, William We.sley, 99, 153. Slovek, John Paul, 139, 280, 284, 286, 289, 319. Smercheck, Lillian, 23 5. Smith, Albert Ernest, 63, 202, 203, 204, 207, 214, 232. Smith, Allan, 78, 153, 222, 224. Smith, Barbara Haley, 37, 99. Smith, Betty Jane, 127, 254. Smith, Beverly Brooks, 33, 91, 221, 253. Smith, Dorsey Hayes, Jr. ,78, 245. Smith, E. Neal, 78, 13 3. Smith, George Wendell, 153. Smith, Hugh Earl, 155, 210. Smith, John Corder, 78, 207, 243, 251. Smith, Louis, 139, 280, 284, 286, 287, 289, 290, 317, 320. Smith, Loring Barclay, 165. Smith, Margaret Elisabeth, 78, 130, 131, 257, 258, 322. Smith, Marian Irene, 33, 91, 129, 192, 206, 221. Smith, Rollin Britton, 143. Smith, Sydney Elaine, 78, 131, 191. Smothers, Virginia, 210. Sneddon, Agnes Bowie, 115. Snider, Bernard H., 220. Snow, Bruce R., 99. Snyder, Billy Ros:;, 99, 153, 241. Snyder, Edward Paul, 159. Soderberg, Arthur Darwin, 63, 238. Soderstrom, Stewart Leroy, 13 3. SonneLson, Robert Edward, 63, 165, 245. Sorenson, James Maxwell, 143. Southard, William Harvey, 78, 132, 133, 212. Soward, Gene H., 63, 131. Spallone, Albert Clyde, 63, 238. Sparkman, James Rob ' t., 91. Sparrow, Helen Louise, 63, 117. Specht, Elizabeth H., 250, 260. Spence, Loyd Byron, 145. Spencer, Earl W., 78, 239, 250. Spencer, John Rob ' t., 149. Spengler, Charlotte Elizabeth, 33, 91, 129, 192, 221, 223, 253, 257. Spicer, James Lee, 91. Spiegleman, Edwin Robert, 229. Spishakoff, Clarence E., 191. Springer, Marian Clarice, 91. Sproul, Edward Alvin, 91, 133. Spruill, Mary Mildred, 129. Stacey, Karl, 258. Stack, Gerald, 140. Stafford, Elizabeth, 91, 117. Stage, C. Ted, 139. Stagner, W. Lowell, 63. Stahley, Sam Dee, 260. Stampe, Margaret Catherine, 63. Standley, J. Stewart, 149, 317. Stansbury, Geraldine, 260. Stanton, Eleanor J., 78, 119. Stants, Helen, 63, 113. Stapp, Milo Atkinson, 259. Stapleton, Benjamin Franklin, Jr., 229. Stark, Meritt William, 149, 193, 317. Stearley, George Richard, 91. Stearns, John Hammon, 161. Stedwell, Herman E., 151. Steele, Alvin Earl, 163. Steele, Arnold O., 91, 165. Steele, George Floyd, 91. Steensma, Lois Elizabeth, 99. Steffenhagen, Lawrence Dred., 165, 284, 290. Stehlin, Wm. O-scar, 34, 38, 63, 140, 245. Stenback, Jack L., 78. Stenback, Robert Ralph, 91, 145. Stengel, Theresa K., 233. Stephenson, Harold Kirk, 151, 245. Stephenson, Ruth Lorraine, 99. 127. Stephenson, Sybil Lily, 260. .Stevens, Francis Fremont, 280, 284, 287. Stevenson, Dorothea Lucile, 129, 230. Stevenson, Gladys Graves, 117. Stewart, Anthony Beryl, 1 Stewart, Louise Griffin, 63, 129, 257. Stickney, Carl M., 63. Stinmeyer, Frank Guy, 214 Stiner, Stewart, 280, 312. Stinson, Edward A., 99. Stiver-s, John Bell, 15 5. Stivers, Sarah Eliz., 129. Stockham, Maxine M., 115. Stoecker, Dean AUison, 91, Stoeckly, Enka Olga, 260. Stone, Don Clyde, 143. Storer, Jeanne Delight, 91, Storer, John L., Jr., 78, 157 Stoney, Harold A., 91. Stout, Doyle Allison, 149. Strahan, Irene, 248, 253. Strain, George Lee, 78, 207, 250, 251. Stratton, Mark Fred, 64, : 280, 312. Strahan, Irene, 3 5. Strauss, Oscar Arthur, Jr., : Strelesky, Herbert John. 239, Strickland, John, 226, 240, ! Strickler. James Max, 251. Stringham, Luther, Jr., 78, : 205, 232. Strong, Shelden A., 145, 238 Stromberg, Donald, 171. Stryker, William Scramel, 140, 207, 220, 229, 255. Stuart, Allaire D., 78, 125, ; 257, 322, 323. Stuart, Verl Albanus, 168, 1 Stuart, Wilma Ganel. 63. 2: Studebaker, Merton M. L. 1 Sturdevant, Foster Orval, 251. Sturdevant, H. Willard, 251. Subry, William Paul, 280. Sugarman, Alvin Earlc, 91, : SuUivan, Barbara May, 91, 115. Sullivan, Erva Irene, 256. Summer, Jackie Grace, 115. Summers, Marjorie Phyllis, 99. Swanson, Gerard H., 251. Swearingen, Helen E., 127, 230. Sweeley, Claire Irmagarde, 32, 35, 78, 219, 253, 257, 322. Swift, Carl Max, 198. Sydner, Helen W. 209, 212. Sylvester, Franklin Geo., 143. Sylvester, Jack, 143. Syring, Byron E., 67, 251. T Taggart, Mary Jean, 91, 192, 196. T,iIbot, Ray Orval, 13 3. Tamblyn, Mary Louise, 79. Tapp, WiUiam, 79. Tarbell, W. Wayne, 153, 250. Taylor, Charles, 161. Taylor, Morris, 165, 210, Taylor, Robert Cramps, 161. Teat.s. Merrill, 91, 157. Teats, Roscoe, 38, 64, 156, 157, 215, 222, 246. Tebbett, Royce, 140, 141, 320. Teffs, Julia Anne, 127. Telander, Victoria, 127. Temple, Robert, 34, 64, 151, 222, 224, 225, 239. Tepley, Eugene, 48, 207, 280, 313. Tcpper, Mildred, 197. Tesdall, Betty Jane, 91, 127. Tharp, Eunice Eliz.. 92, 115. Thelin, Howard, 143. Thirlaway, Marion, 250. Thoman, Henry Rogers, 64, 225. Thomas, David Benjamin, 92, 141. Thomas, Elvera Madeline, 64, 235, 254. Thomas, Galen Charles, 239, 240, 250. Thomas, Herbert Cecil, Jr., 161. Thomas, Theodore Alton, 155. Thompson, Herbert Michael, 165. Thompson, Hubbard Arthur, 143. Thompson, James Ross, 165. Thompson, Marjorie Louise, 79, 117. Thompson, Mary Pauline, 256. Thompson, Mary Sue, 79, 113. Thompson, Philip Montgomery, 139. Thompson, Ray J., 133. Thompson, Sam McAfee, 92, 137. Thompson, Thomas Donley, 151. Thompson, Vera Carolyn, 117. Threlkeld, Richard Allen, 243, 251. Thuelin, Catherine Mabel, 234. Thurman. Donald, 149. Tiger, Cristol Irene, 254. Tillotson, Frederick W., 135. Timme, Elwyn Frank, 198. Timothy, Virginia, 248. Tipple, Jack Ord, 160, 161. Titus, Elisabeth Jane, 79, 115. Tobin, Don Freeman, 36, 38, 64, 152, 153, 229. Todhunter, Jack, 161. Tomlinson, Edwin Leroy, 141. Tomlinson, Rex Darrell, 141. Tooker, Katherine Maxine, 258. Torrence, Ruth M., 64, 123. Tower, H. Grant, 64, 149, 242. Townsend, Ada Frances, 127. Trachsel, Floyd E., 284, 286, 290. Tracy, Frances Gertrude, 99. Trask, Tom E., 64, 238, 2 59. Traylor, Louis Minehart, 30, 31, 64, 136, 137, 190, 199, 215, 222, 241, 246. Trego, Helen B., 99. 250. Trelease, Jule, 64, 117, 190, 210, 211, 234, 323. Tremmel, Dickerson Haskins, 79, 222, 226. Trimble, Janice Adele, 127. Trollope, Tommy Eugene, 99, 133. Truscott, Jack Raymond, 155, 220, 246. Tunison, Mary Elij., 92, 117. Turman, Catherine Alice, 64. 129, 248. Turner, Mary Annabelle, 39, 79, 127. Twiturd. Glen Kimbcl, 99. Twiford, John Taylor. 99. Twiford, Laverne John, 79. Tyler. Oliver S., 64. Tyler Robert Fred, 30, 31, 64, ' 133, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207. 232. 243. u Underbill, Mcda Mac, 79, 119, 253, 257. Unger, Arthur Wm., 139, 280, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 29o! 291, 292, 294, 298, 299, 300, 301, 302. Updike, Anne WiUiston, 92, 117. V Valentine, Ceane Beers, 99. Vallcro, Vince Frank, 99. Vance, John Joseph, 64, 137. Van Cise, Edwin Philip, 65, 136, 137, 190, 202, 203, 204. 205. 207, 216, 218, 232. Van Cleave, Edward La Vance, 229. Vandapool. Raymond Oliver, 99, 155. Van Hook, Frances Marion, 79. Van Patten, William S., 141. Van Schoiack, Madeline, 253. Van Thuyne, Lois Mary, 99. 196. 197. Varvel, Patricia, 79. 112, 113, 192. Varvel, Virginia Lee, 231. Varner, Homer S., Jr., 79. Varney, Idabelle Hanning, 92. Vaughn, Ashton, 92. Vaughn, Donna Jane, 65. Vaughn, Geneva, 119. 221. Venable, Gertrude Newcomb 119. Venable, H. Constance, 127. Veo, Lawrence Earl, 241. Veseth, Myron Ellsworth, 153 Vesey, Joe Bruce. 65, 15 3, 199 238. Vetting, Paul Edwin, 242. Vexland, Zcl., 159. Vickers, Arthur Allan, 92, 13; 191, 250. Vicks, Ruth Mclntyre, 92, 12: 190, 197. Vigil, Ernestine Cynthia, 65. Viner, Edward Charles, 151. Viney, Vivienne Marilyn, 123 Vinya ' rd, Jacqueline Ruth, 260 Vissenberg, Phil, 159. Vogel, Irene Clara, 79, 22 234, 260. VoUmer, Joseph Francis, H 229. Von Dreden, Anna Barbara, S 258. Voorhees, EU abcth Ann, 127. Vosmer, Alfred L., 145. Vote. Robert Moulton. 13 3. 1 ' w Waddington. Lewis Andrew. 65, 167, 224, 239. Wagner, John Donald, 141. Waldon, Ralph Emerson, 3 5, 135. Walker, Charles Lynn, 100. 260. Walker, Chester Charles, Jr.. 165. Walker, George Anthony. 151. Wallace, Betty Lee, 99, 250. Wallace, Bonnie Lou, 99, 197. Wallace, Lewis Jessup, 141. Wallick, Ruby Arion, 65, 234. Wallrich, Wm. Jones, 143, 317 Walsen, Frances Emilia, 79. 230, 324. Walsen, Fred John, 92. Walter, Ester Fern, 100, 260. Walter Gertrude, 92. Walter, Helen Chase. 131. Walter.s, Howard, 251. Walther, Dorothea Ruth, 65, 206, 208, 23 5. Walton, Claude, 65, 280, 304, 307. Walton, Ehz. Ann.. 127. 206. Wahon. Goodrich Stevens, 65, 244. Wanless. Gail Montgomery, 92, Ward, John, 65, 196. Warden, Mignon, 92, 257. Ware. David Herndon, 65, 141, 198, 204, 215, 222, 226, 240, 243, 251, 280, 313. Warneke. Margaret Helen, 100. Warner, Arthur Hobart, 161, 320. Warnock. WiUard. 143. 316. Warren. C. Erma, 129. Waski, Albert Theodore, 145. Watrous, Warren Mossman, 1 54. 155. Watson, Arthur G., 169, 317. Watson, Joe Lee, 165. Watson, John Charles, 151. Watson, Robert Bromficld, 135 Weaver. Robert T., 149. Weber, Marie Louise, 79, 122 123. Weber, Vv ' ilham, 65, 165, 241 246. Webster B. Franklin, 65, 24: ■ Wedin, Arv.d Glen, 224, 23 Wheatley, John Robert, 13 5. Wheeler. John Robinson. 141. Wheelock, Richard Jay, 141 215, 222, 240. Wheldon, Marjor:e Miy. 22: 234. Wherry, Howard James, 198. White, Arthur Wm.. 13 5, 246. White, Byron Raymond 36, 80, 149, 280, 282, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291, 293, 294, 295, 298, 299, 300. White, Clare Wm., 34, 157, 245. White, Lemuel Charles. 135. White, Roy Thomas, 92, 141. ■ White. Sarah Louise. 92. 2 58. ' Whitman. Don,ild Leonard. 192. 242. Whitney. Byron Leonard. 66. 139. 313. Whitney. Glenn Oshorn. 165. Wicks, Piatt, 100. Widman, Frank Lisle, 92, 192, Wienecke, Helen Louise, 92, 190. Wigotow, Bessie Rose, 205, 23 5. Wigotow, George Meyer, 242, 280, 310. Wilking, Frank, 239. Wilking, George F., 100. Willbanks, Edward James, 100 135. Weidner, Carl Birch, 65. i: Weidner, Mary Laura, 113. Weinle, Frank Henry, 133, Welch, John, 153. Welch, Rex Lowell, 163. Wcller, Marjorie, 117. Wells. Warren Chfford, 79, 135. Welter, W. Grady, 65, 165, 280, 310. Wendt, Marcus, 65, 220. Westerberg, Richard Leroy, Whaley, Thomas Henry, 241, 246, 259. . Wharton, Harold Eugene, Williams, Arthur J., 92. Williams, Elizabeth Jane, 100, 254. Williams, Ellen, 66, 234. Williams, George, 220. Williams, Jack T., 100, 137. Williams, Jessie Leah, 92. 121. Williams, Joe Lloyd, 100, 161. Williams, Robert Fleming, 157 Williams, Roger. 145, 245. Williams, Ruth Mane, 39, 66, 131. Williams, Virginia Eustice. 80. 113,219. WilHamson, Adrian Earl, 80. Wilhs, JuHan Bailey. 139, 229. Willis, WiUett Ranney, 149. Willmann, Conrad, 235. Willumsen, Alfred, 239. Wilmer, Harry Anthony, 139. Wilson, Agnew Stewart, 139. WiLson, Barbara Nell, 121. ' Wilson, Betty Evelyn, 117. Wilson, Graham Cunningham, 150, 151, 194, 203, 204. Wilson, James Otis, 246. Wilson, Lyttleton Fowler, 161. Wilson, Ruth Louise, 66. Windolph, Frank, 151, 280. 1. Windsor, Harry, 171. Winner, Herbert Franklin. Mrs., 1, 127. Winograd, Eleanor Nadine, 66 202, 203, 204. 205. 206, 217 232, 252. 5, Winterbourne. Winston Edwin Wir:, Melvin, 220, 258. Wise, Rita Annabel. 228. 250. Witchey, Alberta, 66. Wolcott, Charles Gordon, 66, 215, 222, 226, 243, 251. Wolcott, Eutana, 92, 123. Wolcott, Jack Edward, 137, 190. 314, Wolcott, Wayne Weston, 153. Wolf, Robert Joseph, 35, 66, 215, 222, 227, 238, 280, 311. Wolff, Caroline Louise, 100. Wolfle, Eloise, 127. Wolgamood, Leo, 165. Wood, Carl Olen, 157, 240. Wood, John William, 143. Wood, Orlin Edward, 167, 229. Wood, William, 137. Woodis, Warren Knowlton, 251. Woodling, Helen Dorothy, 33, 219, 223, 252, 253, 258. Woodling, Robert, 66, 171, Woodruff, Charles Robert, 92, 145. Woods, Robert Grayson, 163. Woodson, Evcrard, 199. Worchester. Willis George. 199, 260. Workman, Florence Wilma, 92, 260. Works, George Albert, 161. Worthington, Wm. Hess. 240. Wray. Sar.ah Mildred, 100, 125, 269. Wright. Richard Walton. 137, 210. Wright, Walter Lloyd, 157, 247, 320. Wright, ' William Douglass, 80, 137, 280, 298, 299, 318. Wyatt, Gertrude Louise, 100. Wyeth, Berta Margaret, 100. Yantis. Betty Ann. 3 2. 80, 117, 257, 322, 323. Yates, Margaret Lucille, 250. Yeager, Jack Churchcr, 149. Yoder, Norris, 260. Yoder, Ruth Irma, 214, 260. Yoelin, EH Wm., 159, 210. York, Kenneth Henry, 66, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207, 232. Youmans, Virginia Kirk, 66, 129. Young, Burton Owen, 232. Young, Harold Blaine. 92, 149, 192. Young, Rex Evans, 149. Young, Victor, 133. Young, WiUiam Robt., 147, 244. Youngblut. EmiUc Eugene, 243, 251. Youngclaus, Paul Irving, 100. Yrisarri, Joseph Leon, 149. Z Zang, Flora Burnell, 80, 117. Zeilman, Zoe, 80, 121,260, 324. Zimmerhackel, Sally Lou, 92, 113, Winton, Jack Mead, 92, 251. Zolanek, Frank Laur ADVERTISERS ' INDEX Ainsworth, Wm., and Sons, Incorporated, Denver . 337 Alha Dairy, Boulder 329 Alicia Beauty Salon, Boulder 334 Aylard Pharmacy, Denver 334 Balfour, L. G., Jewelry Company 329 Blanchard, Clyde W., Jewelry Company, Denver . 333 Boulder Greenhouses, Bould er 329 Boyd ' s Welding Shop, Denver 337 Braerton, Simonton, Brown, Incorporated, Denver . 334 Brooks and Fauber 330 Brooks Tent and Awning Company, Denver . . . 334 Brown-Texaco Service, Denver 335 Casa Grande Cafe, Boulder 329 Clayton Plumbing and Heating Company, Denver . 339 Cocks-Clark Engraving Company, Denver .... 340 Colorado Ice and Cold Storage Company, Denver . 339 Crane-OTallon Company, Denver 335 Crosta, C. A., Incorporated, Denver 334 Denver Sewer Pipe and Clay Company, Denver . 332 Dines, Thomas A., Denver 332 Don ' s Shop, Boulder 330 Dugout Cleaners, Boulder 330 Dunsay ' s Travel Service, Denver 336 First National Bank, Boulder 332 Hostess Cake Kitchen, Denver 338 James, Donnelly, Denver 332 Johnson and Davis Plumbing and Heating Company, Denver 330 Kress Stores, Boulder 330 Larson ' s Shop, Miss, Boulder 334 La Torra Shoe Company, Boulder 335 Longi, P. B., Terra zzo Mosaic Company, Denver . 339 Luby Chevrolet Company, Denver 338 Marshall Cafeteria, Boulder 334 Mead and Mount Construction Company, Denver . 333 Mead-Pursell Studios, Denver 338 Merchants ' Fire Insurance Company, Denver . . . 335 Meyer, Henry, Upholsterer, Denver 337 Mine and Smelter Supply Company, Denver . . . 338 Moore Hardware and Iron Company, Denver . . 333 Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company 336 New York Pleating Company, Denver 337 Nicholson Studios, Denver 336 Otis Elevator Company, Denver 337 Pagoda Inn, Incorporated, Denver 337 Palace Studios, Boulder 331 Penney ' s, J. C, Boulder 333 Public Service Company of Colorado 332 Publishers " Pressroom and Bindery Company, Denver 326 Reeves, John C, Company, Denver 330 Reinert Clothing Store, Boulder 334 Roy ' s Band and Orchestra, Denver 332 Safeway-Piggly Wiggly Stores 338 Saliman and Sons, Denver 337 Snow ' s Studio, Boulder 328 Standart and Main Insurance Company, Denver 329 Sturgeon Electric Company, Denver 336 Tamminga, Wm., Construction Company, Denver . 329 Vance, A. J., Violin Maker, Denver 330 Watts-Hardy Dairy, Boulder 330 Western Auto Supply Company, Denver . . . . 336 Whitley Steamship and Tourist Agency, Denver . 335 Woolworth, F. W., Company, Boulder . . . . 333 MISCELLANEOUS INDEX Acacia, 146, 147. Adelphi, 207. Alpha Chi Sigma, 246. Alpha Chi Omega, 120, 121. Alpha Delta Pi, 124, 125. Alpha Epsilon Delta, 220. Alpha Omicron Pi, 130, 131. Alpha Phi, 128, 129. Alpha Sigma Phi, 154, 155. Alpha Tail Omega, 138, 139. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 241. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 239. American Society of Civil Engi- neers, 238. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 240. Associated Students, U. of Colo- rado, 30, 31. Athletic Coaches, 279. B Band, 251. Barb Organization, 3 5. Baseball, 297 to 302. Basketball, 291 to 296. Beauty Queens, 264 to 269. Beta Alpha Psi, 242. Beta Thcta Pi, 136, 137. Board of Regents, 22. Business School Officers, 34. " C " Club, 280. Chi Epsilon, 227. Chi Omega, 118, 119. Chi Psi, 160, 161. Clubs and Societies, 249 to 260. Coed Counselors, 257. Coloradan, 190, 191. Colorado Engineer, 198, 199. Combined Glee Clubs, 250. Deans, 23 to 27. Debating, 202 to 204. Delta Delta Delta, 122, 123. Delta Gamma, 114, 115. Delta Phi Alpha, 235. Delta Phi Delta, 230. Delta Sigma Phi, 168, 169. Delta Sigma Pi, 245. Delta Sigma Rho, 205. Delta Tau Delta, 132, 133. Dodo, 194, 195. Drama, 208 to 211. Engine Ball Queen, 271. Engineering School Officers, 34. Eta Kappa Nu, 224. E.xecutive Council, 28. F Football, 281 to 290. Fraternities, 132 to 171. Freshman, 93 to 100. Freshman Officers, 37. Golf, 311. Gymnastics, 313. H Heart and Dagger, 216. Hesperia, 219. Hiking Club, 258. Home Economics Club, 254. Honoraries, 213 to 235. House of Representatives, 3 3. I In Mcmoriam, 40. Interfratcrnity Council, 38. Intramurals, 315 to 320. Iota Sigma Pi, 231. Junior Class, 67 to 80. Junior Class Office s, 36. Junior Prom Qucci K , 270. Kappa Alpha Thet , 126, 1 Kappa Delta Pi, 2 33. Kappa Kappa Gamma, 116 Kappa Kappa Psi, 243. Kappa Sigmc . 156 157. Lambda Chi Alpha, 162. 1 Law Students, 48. M Mathematics Club, 255. Minor Sports, 309 to 314. Mortar Board, 217. Panhellenic Council, 39. Phi Beta Kappa, 214. Phi Delta Chi, 247. Phi Delta Theta, 142, 143. Phi Epsilon Phi, 229. Phi Gamma Delta, 148, 149. Phi Kappa Psi, 152, 153. Phi Kappa Tau, 166, 167. Phi Sigma Delta, 158, 159. Phi Sigma Iota, 234. Pi Beta Phi, 112, 113. Pi Gamma Mu, 232. Pi Kappa Alpha, 164, 165. Pi Tau Sigma, 226. Players Club, 212. Porpoise, 324. Presbyterian Union, 260. President, 21. Professionals, 237 to 248. Publications, 189 to 199. Senior Class, 49 to 66. Senior Class Officers, 36. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 134, 135. Sigma Alpha Iota, 228. Sigma Chi, 150, 151. Sigma Delta Chi, 244. Sigma Ep.silon Sigma, 223. Sigma Nu, 140, 141. Sigma Phi Epsilon, 144, 145. Sigma Pi Sigma, 225. Sigma Tau, 222. Silver and Gold, 192, 193. Sophomore Class, 84 to 92. Sophomore Class Officers, 37. Sororities, 112 to 131. Spur, 221. Sumalia, 218. Swimming, 314. Tau Beta Pi, 215. Tennis, 310. Theta Sigma Phi, 248. Theta Xi, 170, 171. Track, 303 to 308. u University Women ' s Club, 253. Viking Club, 259. w W. A. A., 322. Wesley Foundation, 256. Window, 196, 197. Woman ' s Forensic Society, 206. Women ' s " C " Club, 323. Women ' s Sports, 321 to 324. Wrestling, 312. Y Y, W. C. A., 252. FINIS r " ir;r: yiik fm ».- •,..H

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