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xx ss AN 'iv -r QW? M 11, i c . .x'f-v-' ,, 1 mg---s', , 1,-. . Ii. ri Avlfv. .,.", .' .f. . yt ,I 4 , 1 , . A Rf... 5 , Jlgf, . -. , +-,-.-ZA, J-' - - .,- -I m,- .5 . l .,,g.- ,,-A..-, ., f -uf ' ff wi 1' :Nr 1-,wt 4'.j, ,-JK.w'...' " f,, , -' i'.l xr," f'vD-1 3.5. ..--..-c ..,,,,.. ,A r..,: , ,luv N.. 1,4 --QA ..f:.,. ,v 1: 35,1 .. .'A:.,,, tv 1-. A. Ms. -1 -'-5.3, , wiv,gi.. .'wsf .r-.,'.,.'-..,-,. ,.,4 ,,eA.1H 'M ,,. '-:4...yJ-fy , H' . 5.1 Q T, . 4, . , X 4-,. u.y e- .N r '. f'-, '- ' x .'.,. . :Y 12 ' x,,Q 5.1 -,qw jx ,..- -f1"- '..,1-IC, ,ll x,. , 'Q' ' L xl-I-fiilf ,,x y,v., -Lui . A 'x 4 . , !,. .. tl H 1. , 'x v V la-Eli-.-' I, E., J . 9 ,W fx, v. uf' 1 W-..7., K 5- x 1 -- ir --5:21111 'T f--,f-1 M29 , -g e mf315jfSQ- gif ,xx he g Fw Mfg., 1 . 1, .niaf-351, W ng ,. X 3 Q, A XS.. ,wg 4' Sv-. ,gf . .xsxk . -N , ISFQAQV I if QW ? " gig o .L rt " 5, fi- -v' 1 4 'f , rua --JN' ,Q ' rag! sg nr 5.1.1523 A ,h f K 'K J Xa ,M if 52: ,ssr fpg . T is ff ' 1 'W .e f :1"f . i , u . .A.. .gf ..,,, , . , gd leg . ., as B3 A 1 5 .A f mi I il! f 1' ss ,, ,fe ' ' Xf 7 M' . HJ 1 ',A" F .. .Vx V , a-'-J"j'- f q "5j'l,1 ' 4 gh, . gg. ' J! .N 1 , 335 A- '1 K ' . A ., -'51 -9 3- lj, K ,is i ! 1 , if wk I ' '- ' - r A . o , -, . .. . we -9-r--., f, ,I fi ""'9E. Qsasf iygsv BLCCKHCUSE: 64 University of Toledo Volume 42 .xx-. X r L :sv .351--lf11N..:. ff ill U I auqgum Table of Contents PATTERNS IN . . . ACADEMICS ...... ORGANIZATIONS . . . GREEKS..'..... FINE ARTS .... ATHLETICS .... SENIORS. . . STUDENT LIFE. . . . CONCLUSION ...... Beginning of the PATTERN: the campus. The tower, loyal guard for thirty-three years. Soaring proudly, symbol of college life, haven for pigeons, the tower has viewed progress. The field house, the Glass Bowl. Libbey, Engineering-Science, Snyder. Men's quad, McKinnon Hall and annex, Carter Hall. Wartime barracks. Nashville. ROTC. Parking lots. And more parking lots. Still the tower stands maiestic. x me NNN.-N 4. I ,, ' l . ' 1.1 ' 5 I , f - W . . .LJ -wllly xlx. E l 7 li- f . vs, M 32 1 M I Q QR Qs! . , ' + f ag N 1. 2 v. X I L- ' ---.ln E 5 it lla? 4: ' 1 'ex-1 .5525 W. --ff-:R " ' - S Q 52 fi Ulm , f Y vi H- Ev .1 5, f 3 V I' f f . Q A lllll , 1. 5 f lllllll u w- F 'W , ., ,..- -- 4 " f ' , 1 .. - ,R , V .,'. iifl .,., V,:::.Q - X A 4 "" '? f' T? N i . Nm?3sfXi.Q- ' , --7:5""f 'I' , ..,. , ' .Y'.. ' :2:f?3'i"3:f5' ' ' , .... I Ly 1. 1 'QQ3-14Ef--:.""1 v 4 r 5 r i ,-,,,.., . . "C mfg' K fwy- .. " 1 - . F..-L 19 - i '-+1442-ff, Q' - - ' f?1"'v.-1,,- ' in - 'ks-, 1: , - Q. ,. .,c..:M.- .. , AY - M--, , -gf, 1 ,qu M b it, 'K ' .xml-.""fax..f-fWW"!4-"t"'v N ugh?-,,.'-' . ' . , Y ' -Q-j,7'rtTQ ' 1 ""-NN "3-',y"f""j,1.j-' -' x.-. ' . 1 ,M,,',. n v , ' U -r' 1 .gia pk f .file Y. i S 6 'S lf-ii uf....!'ff.' H I EW' Elm 'Y 'gh ., The people. Seven thousand of them. Together at basketball games. In the lunch line. At registration. Between classes. At social events. Each says "hello" to people he doesn't know. Receives grades from instructors who don't really know him. Gets mail from people he has never heard of. College is people . . . 7 vpn' .fin uwmgrk .MWF h ,, ,Q qt.-iw" "ik A ft - Wan X is-T The special people. Out of the masses, two students come into contact and an affinity grows. They are usually drawn together by similar ideals, personalities, missions, sometimes, because they are different from each other. They ioin together because their friendship is beneficial to both. Because somebody cares. 8 ? :S ag. 5 r 523 vs-2-H P f' 1 r 3 :M -. Q,-'y 1 lv' I N ' v ,. -mp? Q" ' 1 NK , A -in-33, mi " 131- ?'l,,,,'l.. V. 4.3 f 2- .79 ,Ml 5 fungi W 4' , 2 mx 1, if 3" 'K 5 X" R as H' 4 . ' 4 L:-""3-f' 91.1443 'T""f:f-'f-w 34. . 'vw a -eq . --xv x ,,v- ..-- 1 . .LA Z, 'K ys X Mu x Sometimes a college student must be alone. To study. To read. To write a letter to someone special. Or to ponder. To make decisions. At such times, especially, even friends cannot help. For the college student finds that he is an individualg that he alone must determine the PATTERN. fi? I HS ,lax Q Q This is not meant to he another memorial to President John F. Ken- nedyg no tribute could honor him more than the grief of his fellow countrymen at his November 22. 1963 assassination. Rather this book is dedicated to a spirit which John Kennedy instilled in Americans . . . a spirit which continues to live. It is the emphasis upon action. upon each indix'idual's asking what he can do rather than what can be done for him. This spirit was clearly evidenced this year by students who contributed their time, standing in the rain to sup- port State Issue Il. Sam Szor and his revitalized band provide further ex- amples. And Betty Fleming clearly de- monstrates the spirit in her ncverceasing aid to the l'nix'ersity. To this unselhsh spirit. and to the people practicing this spirit, the 1964 edition of the Blofklzousv is dedicated. 13 K'F1vi!i1ST2Z1'1'F:1:5:7:f'fi'ff3 IVF'-.,. i' .qv lG!,-,5rs ' ' 5 ""tl-- 14 Afiul PATTERNS IN ACADEMICS ADMINISTRATION It is unfortunate that at many universities different concepts of college life frequently result in invisible barriers between the teachers and the taught. At the L'niversity of Toledo, however, this problem is minimized as students and faculty work together to produce a harmony beneficial to the school and its population. This cooperation was clearly demonstrated during the campaign for the successful State Issue Number One. Not only did most faculty members dismiss classes election day, but many aided the student committee in planning its campaign and distributed literature at the polls. Teacher-advisers work with all campus ac- tivities. Of great interest to many collegians are occasional trips to teachers' homes for seminar learning. Office hours, friendly talks with coun- selors and advisers, and open house in the faculty club prove to be of great aid in furthering good teacher-student relationships, I I I I6 jnhn D. Biggers Chairman. Libbey-Our-ns-Furcl Glass Cunipany Ward M. Canaday President, The Uvcrland Llurpfwati-ui gi james P. Fall-ey Atlurney, Cubnurn. Yagcr. Smith 54 Falvcy A. A. Haddad Attorney G, Kenneth Keller xy Public Arruuntam """' Prestwn Levis Chairman ul thc Bnarcl, Owens-Illinnis Glass Cninpany A X Jules D, Lippmann. Chairman ' ' Dircctnr nl' Sales, Chemical-Plastirs Divisinn I Q , 32? ,, General Tire and Rubber Cnmpany N i in Mauricc- A. Sflmitker wh. L- 1 1 A. -my 1 1 Physician Mrs. Artliur L Zepl lEli1ahcth AJ. Yin--Chairnian Past President, Natiwnal Cnunnil ul Ualhnlir Wnnicn BOARD CF DIRECTORS X... ..'.txU': TP' f f 1, I W , aww 7 414 ' :fy 1 'my "W W' 4 0 nf. QV' 'Q if My 1 X Qian -' " M W 1-W ,.,m, , ,,, If . " 4 J' 1 'i Wm 4 J 1, , 1 'L 1 I , yi , 1 2T,w4w,.fff4- 47 Q, f ,f 9 .wfgv 9 ' gig, A I W "Req ' ' - if .. 1: -Q 5 mf 'd:5:4Q ' -,-.-,-. S I . X 15. -Q. t I' ' ..'-. Q- if 3i4:.:f N fe , .13 I - 5-sv' Q v 'ff 5. F X r al '-S -3 ' fri' 'f fl libs E1 .'-' .113-'F xg- . ii. .,., - .Ig-' " Us .1 1 :xv-.... U 'N y . . V V ,HAX h :.vE:.:I1"vjH f1 ,EE ,F il ktgy- .am t if R " . 111 f 3 ' R R ': .llll5fl'-'EH A . IB ' 2 , s A X3 'Z - ' iss, gwf'-"" '2'- V .. Q ' -41' :iii .-" i fiig. ,Q A ' -rf W ll F H13-i s .. ' - R I if - II' RER . luv :vglfyq 1 - or hifi. Pyigr Jw., - . . 1 .4-,hu n - v . . gyww ii , . n if W: .fini il 15-5 " ., E2 - ie? -sl "Xi J 1 ,- NSA' 'iii - 1 K -1 avilfgfffg if J ,f N E il 4,4 MK- I., Q ,an Q ,4.,. . A fu Nr gmc. .,, . .V . --My-, !,. ,.t,k - A . " .-f5FL- 'N -V X LJZYFL .- 'si' 'T ' E' H - Q . -,-l "W " 5' .3 'A 1 RX 3 N . ' ll i 2 ., ge V im a ' vis. -S TE lk?-i Q, ' ." U .LSR , 'ga,,,., F ,jiri - rv-V N fq .gQ , j5-.- 52, 'fH3QQ, f ,P ftgjffi ' '-'. 1: .Y '- :,- ' ft... Ku, . , , ,- 'f F. T- PH- .a ging :V ' - - - .. 1.1.-F.. . Q rw, - ' -' .- --w . " 111 f. H2 f R '-NW R M - -' 'S "'--" f--.-ms..-.........-1. " -'--- " I7 Sk . K N... is Dr. William S. Carlson ie president relaxes in his Bancroft Avenue honie. si' 'fwg' I8 DR. CARLSON In President William S. Carlson's six years at the University of Toledo, the school has advanced rapidly. Among the most no- table changes have been expansion of both campus and curricula. Construction projects since Dr. Carl- son became president in 1958 include the Snyder and Engineering-Science buildings, Carter Hall, and enlargement of Mac- Kinnon Hall. Scholastic requirements of entering and continuing students have been raised continually during his administration. The Honors Program instituted this year is evi- dence of Dr. Carlson's realization of need for special study for advanced students. Dr. Carlson speaks at Arts Week opening. Q x , ' Xi 'XQSSESY QE . T 3 Y- X1 we-K aj, Y. N , .. N g VA 135. , 5 b 3- . 1 5 2 ,r SN 13 Q ,fi i rg 'inf jesse R, Long, Pmvoxt Willard W. Smith, Dzrertur uf Administration 2 l E 1, ll i ll 5 xx ..-.F S Nix Cornelius C. Ackerman. Asxiilanl to the Prevzdent M. Kathryn Schwab, Dean of lfnnzfn and Dunald S Parks Dum of Students a ,.,g i - ,gg r A A :N ' HQQ. i 1' N- L , " Q? fr if Sa 91 F1495- ,N - X "..,..x,.:' - N - ,f -.XM . f , +,.. .Xu .gel , QR. . . X ' iff: x -v... ligg, .N , , 1 xx ...., -. .V 6. X T f ff-. - -" . 1 Y X i IIIYJ 3 . xx in P vf., rv I 4 V .-'m Q N '-fry 5 x 1 hgrir tl , w ir. J Xian NI Clllham Lzbnzrmn of Adult Edllfllfllill H f x e Alina Markuwski. Regzsrur Jerry Morrow. Director of Informatzun Seizures , - rx A ff' JAX x ' fl--5-1 5, 'F -QV '33 2 Edu ard C, SCI Hrs-utwu YV. Sic-vcnsf-n, L'n1':'er5ityEd1'tnr llllfilifl. D1ref1.frfffAlzm1rziRelutzffm Q? ,3,g Paul J. Hannahs, Director of Student Union and Artirities YN'ayland C, Byers. Direftor of Phyxinzl Plant X .gn Sf 'Sf "39- 3 5 5 A S g S Qs .Z X james D. Bain, Comptroller and Trenmrer. 22 Norman H l . Bender, Purchasing Agent 3 DEANS CF COLLEGES Jerome W. Kloucek Edwin R. Hodge Arts and Sriences' Bzznnmx Admzniliralion 0' N-qalf' George E. Dickson Charles H, Larwood Archie N, Solberg Education Phfzrmafy Graduate Study and Rfxerzrfh Newton Rnclxtc Otto Zmeskal Karl Krasmin Urzirersitj' Commzmitj' and Engineering Law Tefhniml College Q-ff ARTS AND SCIENCES One philosophy of etlueatiou is that which holcls the tlieory' of mental exercise anal develop- ment tlirougli the basie eourses of study in the areas of the arts. the seienees. language. anal soeial stuclies. Students in sueh a liberal arts PYOQIXIIH may vary their Courses to obtain a witle baeligrouncl. 'lihe intellect of a liberal arts student is clevelopecl through exercises of the mincl in mathe- matics. which leacls to an unclerstamling of numbers ancl their relationship to the Concrete gmcl the abstract. In the sciences. the student studies the Characteristics of physical ancl natural sciences and their influence upon the enviroment, The social stuclies and the humanities give man an unclerstancl- ing of himself and his achievements in societies and Cultures other than his own. The liberal arts program can be utilizecl as a preparation for many career areas. From a basis in the liberal arts, many stuclents move on to major in one of the speeialixerl areas ollferecl. A NX is Gil fws Cf'-"" 24 s. Helen L. Biooks ig f' 1 ' Axffrfllwlllj' 3 K l ., 7,522 ri-fill, 4552, .. ,, K Y t I-Wk Byron Enlery -y '- "N i' rp F. 'l ,.,, Geogrrlplij' "Q ix "4 ,..- N L Harry K. flutter W K NN! Q ' C1011-gV11f71Zj' iff f " , X I .5 lv 3 . 'l I J ,X if t'Here comes Santa Cllansli' "ll Professional guidance and individual work yield inasteiy xy.. ut. llr. lxnellt-r. l don t see tlirr:--cliret tional t'le.1x.xgel ASTRONOMYg GEOLOGY5 GEOGRAPHY SCIENCES SATISFY Mans environment and his suryiyal in that environment haye always been im- portant influences upon progress in all phases of human life. Humans have long been naturally curious about their surround- ings and, although the earth is still filled with yast, unexplored areas, man has been able to satisfy much of this natural curiosity through scientific investigation. Geology is the science of the earth dealing with mineral and rock structures. Geography offers a direct view of weather, soil, and climate and how they affect various Cultures. Due to the increasing importance of space exploration, astronomy. the study of constellations, planets, and spatial moye- ments. is rapidly becoming popular. 25 Y-f-. Si . .N-I V: ti, ., . , I. 'isffm it ag: . - SE . N 'SS lv y Xt X, 5, , sf? .t,.- . . +81 ..... Q. X X is xW v i Q ' " 'l':ffiN Ng. 5 ' N X- -- .. . ' 'QTYYSS ., Xml srygifs: ' ' X A " 'i:ffX:r wi' 3 ., A X - J Wg:-::,:, X V.-,ev - , ' 'wwf' x e:w, fQsg:v v. a- -.-"fi-I " S 'fb' l . X .gas . NNE ll -- Q X' r i XJ' , i,.,., . X -Q . my ' ' -gl George Siemens Biology Investigation in lab yields knowledge. John L. Cunningham Biology Richard DeLong Biology John A. Donahue Biology Kenneth E. Shaw Biolwgl' siotoov FORMALDEHYDE FUN Leaves, fetal pigs, white mice, sharks, and guinea pigs are familiar objects to the biology studentg they are a means of study- ing the fundamental types of animals and plants. For the future doctor, scientist, teacher or laboratory technician, an analysis of such organisms proves invaluable in vo- cational preparation. XVithin the depart- ment, the biology major participates in a number of studies: Zoology, botany, embryo- logy, physiology, microbiology, anthropol- ogy, genetics, and bacteriology. Considera- tion is also given to the inter-relationships between organisms and to the nature of live organisms, past and present. Although the biology student focuses mainly on his own Held, he participates in non-scientific courses needed to complete his background within his curriculum. "But, I understood the professor to say . . . 1 4 26 " N . . s is If: :N L-- 1 tt W -,xy st.: g ,gg ,- N17 X -lx' . X '. QbN10s - - skssgszras -s . ss -' ,- as mg.:-.-s 'fri-i-Wx X ellis? ' A ' ,. i - . ...P s - ' A ' ' - . Chemistry is equipment, experiment, exasperation, discovery. CHEMISTRY REACTIQNS SOUGHT Much emphasis is being placed upon the role of the chemist. Development of textiles, plastics, machinery, space-age mechanisms, and household goods are all dependent upon the findings of the chemist. The University of Toledo Chemistry Department helps to prepare students for this rapidly expanding Held. In cooperation with the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences offers courses from basic principles to thermodynamics, bio- chemistry, and electrochemistry. The inquisitive undergraduate begins with the elementary course and continues to qualitative and quantitative analysis, in- organic and organic, and physical chemis- try. Advanced and graduate students are offered opportunities to perform research work in specialized areas. Arthur H. Black Chemistry Donald K. Brundage Chemistry Alfred F. Foster Chemistry Nelson W, Hovey Chemistry Philip A. Kint Chemistry Albertine Krohn Chemistry Harold G. Oddy Chemistry James R. Stebbins Chemistry Lancelot Thompson Chemistry Chemical analysis includes detailed reports i' A-'AS' A , , .X tv. Q.. e - . Ts --1 my ' 'Q Nicholas Mogendttrf , 5 ' x I 2 'N X! .Y!1fllVt1ISl'iF7Zt't' D, 'r P Carroll Il. Anios ... . eg, h ' ' Alllfllflllllflft X. is N 3 gf-Qrrfqrjtl. 5i:1s'f -s ' ' " ' ,os-if h qi' "' Q., 3 Violet B. Dayis 9- 1, ' 4 i ' .T!l1f1lt'77H7fIfi f'-X J, Donna. J. Decker vs-is ' f 'Y Illnflzermitzrs Ts ' ' Q v 1 1 lnformality rei-"ns in natural science class. , Sw .-,Q MATHEMATICS: PHYSICSp NATURAL SCIENCE ABSTRACT FASCINATES To understand the world of the abstract involves diligent study and pre- cise investigation of thc sciences and mathe- matics. In natural science, the student studies general areas of chemistry and physics. Physics is vital as a preparation for study in various colleges. By studying physical laws of nature, the student acquires a better understanding of such concepts as Newtoirs Law. gear movements, and wave habits. Math is highly integrated with chem- istry and physics. Beyond its relation to the sciences. math enables students to utilize principles of numbers in relation to their daily experiences. 28 Edward D. Ebert Aillfllffllllflfi Norman Fairall AIaIl1e'mn!ir.t Lucy Fellows Alllfllflllllflftx Richard W. Shoemaker Illatlzenzaticr Clifford XV, Thomson lllatlzenzntirs Stephen Spielberg Matheniaticx Physics student prepares experiment. - s-NA stxy,... . -L -ans ll bi' Y . I 1 ,' . .f .. lisp . Ask AEI, M L . Nba ef,- 1. . on . I -. 13 Q... :lam-X HlSTORYg ECONOMICSp POLITICAL SCIENCE SYSTEMS STU DIED Improved communications have made it imperative that American citizens know much about their foreign colleaguesg this has resulted in growing interest in the areas of political science, history. and economics. Among courses oilered to the politi- cal science major are studies of the United Nations, history of political theories. con- stitutional law, American Presidency, and international politics. The history student concentrates on past occurrences in the United States and other countries. The follower of economic trends learns in such areas as income and employment, money and banking, comparative economic systems, and labor economics. Robert Taft speaks to Political Science Club. TVX i -3 iii uw: tlllll At l. 4 .XM James Dealey Puliliral Scifnfe Norman Blume Ptflitifal SEI-6'7lL'6' Sharron E. Dos-rner Politzml Sczsnre Donovan Emch Pnlitzral Scierzfe R. lN'illiam Gilmore Pt:litifalStie1ire Myron R. Rubinol'l' Ptilztit'f1lSt'ie11fe lN'estern Civil wr-Q Y .. .ke .Qs -- - 5,1 . Cav GN ization course holds students' attention Willard W. Smith History Dwijaraj Bhattacharya Political Srierire Robert hi, Biggs Economics Edward R. Sopiarz Ernnomirx Lloyd. B. Lapp History Noel L. Leathers History Bogdan C, Novak History Arthur R. Steele History Duane D. Smith History -ui -J 2' Y If LL... he-1 J X11 fu- 29 f ,C fx v-0' .-f-V ff t N, . PM 5 ta se, F Nl'-' ,mm- Rosario Floripe Spanish . x 4 , fl! .flu-. Sarah S. Bissell English Helen K. Cramer English Louis Fraiberg English Ernest W. Gray English Raymond L. Levy English Michael Manheim English Milton Marx English William V. McDonald English James G. Southworth English Brenton YV. Stevenson English Gregory Zieglemaier English Herbert P. Zornosx English M. Anne Helgesen French Frank W. MacRavey French James A. Parr Spanish Herbert Schering German Robert D. Sholiton Russian Frederic M. Wheelock Classics FOREIGN LANGUAGESg ENGLISH LINGUISTS LEARN The foundation of our education is an adequate command of the English language. English is a major concern at the University, every student must participate in two semesters of composi- tion and two of literature with a choice of poetry, drama or Hction. The foreign language department offers elementary and advanced courses in French, German, Greek, Latin, Rus- sian, and Spanish. A recent addition has been a foreign language laboratory. Language lab aids students. QW Q ,av N. 'Sf 'N-an Q X X XXS N Q. s-:rf xiii .gl -t Z., ,,.. I -Q--s 'lvl is rs? NS : R - P Newspaper analysis gives students insights into journalism "lX1ust they always wave at their friends?" .LQE-as-mint-1 ::::z: Jesse Long fuurrzfzlzvm Jerry L. BL irrmv ftlllflllllltlll Xlwilin Bell Speerlz Arfv Ivan Harvey Spaarli Arrv if Speech students select readings from librarv material, SPEECH, JouRNAusM SELF-EXPRESSION Effective communication has become a vital element in all phases of contemporary American life. Regardless of his future career, the student must be able to express his ideas and opinions with claritv and precision. Through courses in speech correction, voice and diction, argumentation and debate. radio and television, and theater, the Speech Department enables students to acquire skills and to build upon these skills in developing talents. Journalism training gives the student back- ground in written communication. In addition, it fosters impartial observation and reporting. The journalism curriculum provides practical expe- rience through cooperative work on the Blade, C'0!leg1'an, and Bloeklzousv. 31 sux-. Qw- GI' lylivbf-f hc! 'XXI-'1'e poor Huh. lambs A A -- Ruth Lamlmcitus jolmJ,Sc'huste1 A111 we llluxic Hugh Ciunderson XlillLlI'XxlI1S4ll Ilfuiit' Altzur ARTQ MUSICp HUMANITIES CULTURE POPULAR With todays mad rush for "culture," the popularity of humanities, art, and music is growing. Students participating in such courses are afforded the opportunities of utilizing the facilities of the University of Toledo. the Museum of Art, and the Public Library to develop their appreciation of cultural achievements. The Art Department ollers various courses to broaden understanding of the fundamentals of good art and to develop student talent. Music, one of man's most expressive outlets, is a growing phase of TUB realiza- tion of the importance of fine arts. The revitalized Music Department offers courses designed to provide a program of class work accompanied by practical experience. Art students practice drawing human form. V ,- ,Q E '5??b., 3 2 et? jx BF'- FN- who have lost our way . . . SF -1'-'J' 419' Harvard L. Armus Piyrhology Robert Burns Psychology Richard Dolinski Ptyrhology yea w fx Q. , -Q ' ra W i. fieorgu liiitlirio , - " if. 'Sq ' '1 Plzzlwwplzi xx- 'ilt 5 'PAQ . Robert Goeckerrnan V Piyclzolugy Julian lYfihl P,l'l'L'h0,l7gYl' Janina Adaniczyk Stllfltlltlgj' "I'ye seen thein come and go, but they all look the same to me." It's "a-maze-ing" what a rat inust do. ,0"iw-...,,,,,, III-sq. fiardnei' lYillianis fr 5,4-, -in Plzzlfiinpliy 7 E BI. joseph Becker Joflufogl' Rose Helper 50Il1r11'Hl Sidney Kaplan Sormlogy L. D. Pastalan fl 1 ,,1 5 orlology PHILOSOPHY5 SOCIOLOGY STUDY OF MAN PSYCHOLOGY: The nature of man's surroundings and limitations of his knowledge are the Concerns of the Philosophy Department. Through a study of philosophy, the student is able to enlarge his outlook on life. Psychology is the basis for mans analysis of himself. Under the direction of the Psychol- ogy Department, the student is better able to answer some of his questions about man's be- havior and to understand more about the causes of his own actions. Through a number of studies-research into social problems, cultures, leadership, child welfare-the Sociology Department helps the student to better understand man. 'S 33 Na-gi l Q 1 f V H . 'Y l .E fl . S F , XXDQQLXH 1 'ff 'T Ve t 4" F X, ist., V, 1 !,f-f BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Business is the backbone of the American economic system. It is dynamic and is in a constant state of change and growth. The production and distribution of goods and services is the most vital part of our progress. With population and educa- tional advancements, business is destined to increase in importance in our lives. Scientific and technological achievements have moved business ahead further than ever in new products and production methods. The complexities of today's businesses makes it imperative for the businessman to have a strong background in such inter-related business proce- dures as accounting and Hnance. marketing and trade. The College of Business develops a foundation of business principles as well as a background in the liberal arts. It is important for the businessman to understand the social and political as well as the economic habits of many societies. L 2 : f SSI.: 1 ' -. 1 , '5 1 I I - L I xl I y t Q Qt Mit 33 "I-4 -gh 34 ,, ,. 1 V 'I-1' fd! r' ,1- if' 1 5.139 A, 3: ' fd N ,fa C .1 I eff' 'fi P ' W4 S-f' 4-8' 6 "9- 1 gn p-1 L.: Student finds automation important in business. ,sf 2114 :T stiff-1 - A FRE.. fi Ester Anderson Secretarial Studies Scott W. Bauman Finance james A. Brunner llfarketing Mary Canfield Secretarial Studies Peter Carstensen Statistics James W. Ernens Illarketing James B, Fenner Accounting H. H. Frisinger Finance James C. Hodge-tts illarketirzg R. E. Lancaster Accounting Arnold W. Lapp Accounting Harvey Maertin lllarl-:eting Karl O. Mann Afarketing john L. Mason Alarkeling Robert D. Mason Statistics Amy. ltforrison Accounting Howard L. Ness Accounting it Q PN X e 19' x f' 'Cn"" George M. Taol-za Richard T. Rudduck gg qv Illarketing Trade Alexander Volotta Tranxportation Margaret D. Zaugg 'J General Business K Nh Business INTEREST GROWS Business, a complex arrangement of many phases, is present in all areas of the economic life of the United States. In the ever-growing business world, it is important for the businessman to have an understanding of these many inter- dependent areas. The business student must be aware of accounting, Finance, and statis- tics. In addition, hc must be acquainted with management, marketing. foreign trade and transportation, and secretarial studies. Through studies in these areas, the student will be better able to succeed in the highly competitive business world. XN'inston E, BIC Henry Marketing .,.2 wav it 35 EDUCATION Teachers are more than persons who admin- ister tests, tyrants to be feared when grades are issued. Teachers are guides, counsellors, construc- tive critics: molders of present and future genera- tions. Perhaps no other group experience has such a profound effect and influence upon children as school. The learning--both planned and inci- dentalfis carried throughout the students' lives. Thus, the success or failure of the teacher has a direct influence upon his students' futures. Realizing the importance of good teaching techniques, the College of Education stresses foun- dation courses in curriculum, human growth and development, and educational psychology and theo- ries. In addition, the school provides pre-teaching experience through observations, participations, and student teaching programs in Toledo and area school districts. Through this mixture of lectures and practical experience, students gain insight into the complexities of the profession. bt 36 O S- ' ASNIHN QNX- , xl. Q , is 5. .. ex - Q-A -1, X . - . A fiissai r ...X .-.r x Av if rs . A x 4 ' -' 3, ' 44 S ' a '-awk' , :img " - i-.-.. s Charles A. Balciulis Physical Edufalimz Florence Bernholdt ' 3 ggi? About that S5 you owe me . . . I fri james Nice Pl1j'5icalEduc11tmn john T. Smith Physical Education Donald C. Stolberg Physical Education Lora L. Strasser Physical Education Wynn F. Updyke Physical Education Robert Wear Physical Education Charles A, Felker Vocational Education Paul H. Muntz Vocational Education Plzyiical Erlucalznrz Arthur C. Francis S? Physical Ezlucatinn Perry B. Johnson Pl!-1'xit'alEilui'ati0n John M. Loew, Jr. Plzyiical Educatitfrz Edward Melvin X Plz-1'.tz'i'c1l Eflztcatznn Lamora R. Blueller i Physical EdllL't1fl.g77l john A. Murphy , Physical Edzicatinn ltlachine skills are acquired by trial and error. PHYSICAL, vocATloNAL SKILLS DEVELOPED , Physical education courses are required of freshman and sophomore men not enrolled in ROTC and of freshman women. Students are expected to apply the knowledge gained through lectures and research on improving physical ht- ness, relaxing properly, and developing good pos- ture to their everyday lives. Students desiring a wide range of physical educational courses may move on to more advanced study to prepare them- selves to teach physical skills. The vocational education student prepares himself to teach students desiring careers in indus- try. The vocational major focuses upon such courses as shop and laboratory organization and manage- ment and supervised apprentice training. 'sl' Srl' ga au! VT? '65 CS' ,..4 A--aze- 37 Robert R. Buell CZIVTI-511111771 fs.. Yelda Carver Cu rrirulum Jack H. Cooper Curriculunz Kenneth C. DeGood 'ff-' Adnzinistrrztion Xnthony Bl. Deiulio Czzrnrzzlzl nz yt ,f I AEN H4 PRIMARY, SECONDARY .441 Student teaching experiences are shared by members of a seminar. TRAINING TOMORROW'S TEACHERS Children pass through many complex phases of development and growth in their struggle toward social and physical maturity. Frequently these stages are so complicated that even parents are un- able to understand them. IYith schools continually taking oyer many of the functions once attributed to the home, the teacher must know how to instruct in relation to maturational levels. In the primary grades it is necessary to teach basic educational needs which the child will expand upon. The potential grammar school teacher must learn to recognize individual differences and how to elicit the best responses to learning on the basis of these differences. Future high school instructors learn to cope with adolescent problems and to aid students, both vocational and college-preparatory, in preparing to be conscientious citizens in post-school life. Students display National Education Association publications. v-,, , s. EH A .......c a ' .izphy K - x P ' . 'f' .4 ,'L,txn- ', , gg , ' 1 I ' - J -. I 1 -' V i ' ' - " ' - e:':.:zEsf:i...' . 4 M n In V t William L. Eianzen A qs. ,A 2 39 .' Q F01l7l!ilZ!1071.v .ff Q -. f f. I . X- N45 f-335111. 2 ' - 'nb ' 'I Robert L. Gibson ' Q, -N., 1 5 453 Guidanfe . V Ny x . . . -. N133 ul rl X352 , -3 t ' Q 'Q x 5535 s . 1 '1 . Ei: gs Luther L. I-Iseley .- . M H .. J , xr fs- .- Guzdance . . . 'fE.g53ggfg, . , X 04 Frank R, Hickerson ' if ,' -X AXA . as "1 Fuzz nrlatzonv ' 6, X ' ' Qs" 5 I J' . 50- t v A ll: f - S-. -, 'sw Q O L ,S. A learning exercise: Simon says. "Hands up." Back row meditations occupy class tiinc. Edward B. Wlifkes Curriculum XN'illiam Wie-rsma, Jr. ,. Foundations Leslie Wood Ffvundationx lna H, Weis Libr1zrySc1'enre John Morgan Library Science Lucille Enich Libr1zrj'Science' Ralph Kendall CTIIIFIIIVIKQ' David S RIlSK'lllJCl"lC'f E1!1'77II7llNf7I1fIi1lTlV Homer' Sallev Audw-I'1i11aI Dmnald B. Suite-rlvo Fuzzndafiuris Mari-Wn Sllcriff Czzrrfculunl Russell Slater Foundations .-Xda Stephens Cllllflfllllllll David Z. Tamil Cznrziczilimz Francis F, Yillc-main Fozzndfztzlfrzi Huber Walsh Arimirizitrzztzion sr' ,....... ,...z' '-s 1 If Jv""' ,.,.. '19 ,,.. v- 4? Nl' 1'--9 Q-sv' -.Q ENGINEERING With the scientific and technological advancements needed to cope with the overwhelm- ing population explosion, the engineer has become one of the most important professional persons in American culture. Programs of the College of lingineering are designed to enable the student to Fit into contemporary industrial and community life and to lay the foundation for graduate work in specialized areas. Major areas open to the student are chemical. civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanic engineer- ing and engineering physics. The first parts of engineering programs, which are frequently extended to cover five-year periods, stress engineer- ing fundamentals and their relationships to the cultural and social worldg the final halves at the undergraduate level cover pertinent information in the specialized areas of students' abilities. About sixty per cent of the work within the College of Engineering is common to all curricula. w in it 5 ' wI's1.gS . , K 40 S-..,, L Cornelius C. Ackerman Civil Thomas Black Civil David C. Colony Civil George J. Murnen Civil Edwin L. Saxer Civil Nomian R, Sedlander Civil Mehmet A. Atalay Industrial Thaddeus M. Glen Industrial Milton A. Netter Industrial Chester Davis Mechanical George L. Heath Mechanical Edward T. Kirkpatrick Mechanical Shou-Hau Tsein Mechanical Ernest W. Weaver Mechanical Cheng-Tseng Yu Mechanical CIVIL, INDUSTRlALg MECHANICAL LAB LEARNING Civil engineering involves the application of classroom and laboratory learning to the planning, design, and construction of such facilities as airfields, highways, and bridges. The industrial engineering cur- riculum is concerned with industrial plant operation and management. Training in mechanical engineer- ing gives the student a thorough foun- dation in mathematics and the basic physical sciences. This is followed by study of such areas as heat transfer, air- conditioning. and machine design. " . . . of the man who builds a better mouse- trap." l 41 ZN- , X yy .Nr Q XT X QRS X xx X X. . t l Students must sign for chemical supplies. X Walter V. Burg .1553 Chemical YN .'l .3,w' -.--X. s A 5, vi :X 42 93 Sd' 1-1 ff' elf' I tv Kuang-Hui Lin Chemical Gary F, Bennett Chemical George E. Pankratz Erzgineering Graphics Edward B. Garrison Engineering Graphirt Atam P, Arya Engineering Phyvicx John Lewis Baum Engineering Pliyxiri Edward S. Foster, Jr. Engineering Physics Richard M. Schectman Engineering Plzytirx Student applies chemistry to machinery. CHEMICALg E NGI NEERING GRAPHICS: ENGINEERING PHYSICS ANALYZING COMPLEX . The Department of Chemical Engi- neering instructs the student in chemical and physical changes and in the design, construction, and operation of equipment and plants in which these changes take place. Aiding the student are the Units Operation, the Process Analysis, the In- strumentation and Control, and the Metal- lurgical laboratories. The student in Engineering Gra- phics is aiforded usage of the drawing and design laboratory and three drawing rooms. In addition, he may utilize the diazo process machine for preparing prints. Engineering physics concentrates upon areas of geometric and physical optics. 93.2 . V: 5' w . -1 - 'QT -1 . Rf-bert A. Chipman L. 3 N Electrical 'R gpg' . W i , ' g,f.::v 5.1. . . i- . -:' George H. Grenier X glffl' M . -Q - k if Elertnml A ,,,...., 3 'O' 4 f' :QQ U ...f M -- . . , ' . 1 lil . 57. YVillis F. Long N' ' Electrical ' -1 4 A i Edward T. Kirkpatrick Q ' xx 'K-,ig Eleftrzral ,h -6 E wh t, V A Y' , . , :ip-i..f:Q-.::iE'liVSi'.,I '-:s::s:s1gsf+:-'- - 4 O. William Muckenhirn gt., i , ' . Electrical C' QAQ, william H. Steele f "js 1 Elertrical ii ,Jf 30' fi - JR' . . . 'a i X' , Q ,,f'Zf"l ll - ' x 'i A .- Q skin-sin f Donald H. YVright Electrical 'E f': 'xp' 1-,L """ 1 X . Q + ELECTRICAL ENLIGHTENMENT Among the assets of the Depart- ment of Electrical Engineering are its excellent laboratory facilities. Students in both undergraduate and graduate work are afforded the opportunities of working in such areas as basic electric and electronic circuits. antennas, feed- back and control systems, liigh-fre- quency and micro-wave communica- tions systems, computers, acoustics, and electro-mechanical energy con- version. In its anechoic room for acoustic studies, the department supplies a shielded laboratory for small-signal amplifier measurements. In addition, there are a high-capacity analog com- puter and an experimental antenna. 43 PHARMACY To fulfill his important role in eomtemporary society. the pharmacist must attain a high degree of competency in the skills of his profession. The College of Pharmacy stresses high scholastic achieve- ments in the development of the scientific and tech- nical knowledge of the student. The participant in the Eve year pharmacy program is urged to explore his Held through class- room leetures and through personal and group re- search in the six well-equipped laboratories. .- ::::1.f:..5' V N'-W3 '-s.,..i. - ,....s. .. X - ..Qs--21945:x-G:-:::1E2E95:5S'2f:3j?f::g.s5p.,.,'-s u ser:-.. Qazfayfrn-rasgstg,-2:2-s.t. .,.,,q-arg-.rkszrskitasiss:me2-new,:,::::sis.-Aaswsszs-rfrnvpsk.-.:1s:::5ir-eztrssrztas, 1.-ss:-. E:::f9'W:"ff5N 'Ef'f:'k5li'?1' in MQ , X .. s. , eww' In addition, the future pharmacist may further his knowledge through educational activities of various campus interest and honorary groups de- signed to promote student participation in the pharmaceutical field. The college is divided into two major sections. In the "lower,'l the student learns about the pro- fession in relation to the cultural and social worldg moving to the "upper," he concentrates upon needed technical subjects. an .ax its 44 g t-.,.a-N. Q Patience and accuracy: the pliariiiacisfs guide to perfection. One more experiment and a step forward to niastery. Q i 3 I' y Y y xr .Iwse I. Apr:-r 5 . "M Q '-..1 ii' 'N 'X pharmacist riiiist if-ncler ll correct rim-rprct.1timi of mntents. NE' 'A'- Wilma Aponte joseph Jiidis 23 1 K N i i. .fp William D. R-ill Rffliert J Srhlviiilmih ,XF LJ. EY 5, -n . .,, , w A' w"f':- ' Qi X , mf X . 'J ai . xx.-.4221 A "Is that with crushed ice. Cherries or olives?" if J f r f , 1,7 U.C.A.T.C. The University and Technical College pro- vides two-year courses and forty-eight hour certifi- cate programs for the student who wishes to continue his education beyond ,the high school level. Fre- quently these programs take the forms of pre-service or in-service training or re-training. The three major divisions within the college are General Studies, Commercial Studies, and Industrial Technology. New curricula are continu- ally being developed through the cooperation of faculty and community citizens from business and industrial firms and labor groups. Degrees granted are similar to those offered by more than 650 junior colleges. Students may qualify for Associate degrees in such areas as office management, retailing, engineering aide, building construction, and electronics technology. Through these programs, the college hopes to prepare students to be good citizens and productive workers in the fields in which their talents lie. XX fiiis-S? ,sw v -'wr'-:-S A : 4 'LNQSB 1 X. If , 46 i Robert Bauer Illllllliffl-111 Teflznology '4' Louis Galambi -5 X... Indu itrial Technology Man' Glen CfFTlFl'L1ISf1ll'1lFi Wesley Hale ,1 Betty Hartley CiUI717lIg'Iflt1l Stufliei NYilliam Hfvwvci' Cierzerzzl Stzuizks ff' Charlc-5 Kinnis--ii Ciuflllllflflllf Studia --ff" Gcwge Loliiiiziim Cmr1rm'Ii'1z1l Stzzdzri if Richard XIfCai'lJci'y Gwlfffll Stlllflfi Charles Nichols Garzeral Sflllllfi .3 William Scutt Ct'7l6Vl1lSf1U1lt'A Eugene Shinavar --1, General Stzm'1a.i David YYachowiak Illflvlljffllll Tefhnologi Raymond Myers 5' 'Fix T Darrel Calle Industrial Terhnology Irzduitmzl Terlznulogy Indzzstrzial Tsfhnolugy N L'Q1A'I' piyiciimxll iippliiaiiiiii. Stucli-m opens door to liiglivi' lvnrniiig, I J! 1 i gigw, .l N 'Ref ..,. , QA' . . . 1 , ' xx --H-RN ,Y ' .?Z: ,Q,k i.. I: fi: N,-" , x P maxi f zriii' ""-,QQ ' , . ' ' ' Y 1-5: i. i 1 ' ,:.x5.::::.: ' '- ' A l .1 ful 1 Xi' " N WP, Q. fi?-:X ,Z il,- "! in 'ES' X, 1 ' f- ,. 9 dj u FMA :fl fx ffl H - :-i.: ig! M . ' fi waxy' 'il fi-S 2- T M.- 1 LAW To aid students in performing legal tasks effi- ciently, the College of Law is continually growing and expanding in its efforts to provide a legal edu- cation consistent with the demands of the indi- vidual student, the law profession, and a constantly changing society. This dynamic spirit within the college was demonstrated first semester with the opening of the day devision for full-time study. The law curriculum consists of study and work in four major areas: law and society, which attempts to define relationships between legal norms and cultural and social phenomenag legal process, which deals with inter-relationships within the legal frame- workg jurisprudence, which involves a comparative study of varying views and opinions of the nature and function of lawg and the honors research paper, which entails working closely with a faculty member in a writing project on a topic of corntemporary importance in the law profession. 'QA nl" ..e, 9 X KM ' MW' gifww KW 4 yy 1 . its : . S- y X ' 1 3 ii SS. Q L X.. .V :sy ' th X 48 .- ses- H . 5' - -- .NE uw 1' Yx waved Ens- 3 XS S 3 E2 ,Q A 323 Q X N -.,-- '-'-'-zu ,, X , ,, , N L'Marbu1'y vs. Madison: man vs, man: will it never cease?" "I knew Periy Mason clicln't always win." X . MQW., , Q we .. ' Fr i' Moot ffonrl. symlwol ol' jnstive and equality Another law exam: organization breaks down, panic sets in A., N ,, ...,,, I ' SX ifiwgi '-:ffffxi i 1.-ygj,'- nw" iAV ,1- W-,.',,a"""' Qi X "fa 1 .1 A sn lling lor cxulns, Q X J . m fr? .ig ' ss sw' N 1 Y 'X - l - 1 'iXmmwQif+'W' Mmm .W,Mm...- ' wg?-1iZ:f1' Q-s:iS:'i 1 5 N.. A xk -. RQ 'es' Niffg I Nriirkl- - N xx s.. :9 ' X 'T Q8 Arthur L. Berne-y ii. J' ' lisa- .g-Q Doris R. Fe-nneberg X l- , uf I' Charles YV. Fornoff iv-U, i in L Ae,-2 Sis CA: Qhht , '- P - l , M: ,gl 5 fo r 49 X 'x GRADUATE STUDY The student desiring personal advancement through education beyond limits of the undergradu- ate level inay acquire advanced knowledge in the area of his special interest in thc Division of Gradu- ate Study and Research. Blasters degrees may be earned in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics. English. economics, history. library science, political science, psychology. sociology, business administration, education, engi- neering science, and civil, chemical, electrical. industrial, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. In addition, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in Education degrees are obtainable. Admission to the graduate school depends upon past scholastic achievementsg the student must have earned an undergraduate record of 2.5 to 3.0 on a 4.0 system, depending on the college in which he seeks admission. In the division, the gradu- ate student is required to maintain at least a 3.0 average. i V ' ? i 1.1 t ..k.. 'J Q N Q' 1 '. .I "- -i i D f V. .." K 5' 5 I b Y l ' N5 Qf ' l 1 ,-sri I 3 f .gi , 2 Nu 9 ,4 ' Ms . -F- image. ' 300 Oi, I 1 , . ,,v,,... 50 I 1 0 0 0 Students take advantage of autumn weather. Engineers learn technical electrical concepts. X X X . X S X.f X i X X X' f Graduate msistant measures psyclmlogiral response, Experimentation aids in quest for knowledge fi 1 it , 'l I ,, ---V N i. Q if "M--M " K NWT .sf ,.-' .- ...Ak A' Xi ' - ! ' P S, v' -4-gf PATTERNS IN ORGANIZATICDNS wfw X Q W0 -liz.-Bad .few 1 SEATED: jay Steingrwot, Alan Barry, ST.-14YDING.' .Iffff Rwlwim--u. Thwmas Taylwr. SE.-1T1fD: tleriarme R+-ginski. Jill CQCFSIIII. ST,-i.YDI.YG: An- thwny Sc l1ux11as'lu'1', 54 Thomas Dowling, joseph Blumberg. Who's Who QQ SEATED: Renee Fleeter. STANDING: Robert Krauss, Chuck Friedman. Diane Su-ne. Lynn Cr-ok. Michael Cochran. Judith Shell. Absent: Barbara Bazura, Frank Rw- tondo. Sheila O'Lc-any Mary Ima O'Neill, s 5 1 V I f 5 Q 4 ' .- .,s.......... ..,, In American Colleges cmd Universities SEATED: Patricia Schreiner. Carole Batwg. ST.-i.N'D1.YG: Ger- ald Baumgartner. SEATED: Mifliacl Elmer. Marvin Friedman, ST.AlXDI.Yl Harry Pettigrew, 55 - .J GOVERNMENT 'fx STUDENT ACTIVITIES CIOXINIITTEE, FIRST RUIV: Betty Flerning. Ltunora Klueller. RUII' 2: Eduard Garrison. Raymond Levv. Donald Pa Absent: Kathryn Schwab. STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE. FIRST ROW: Donovan Emch, Lancelot Thompson. ROW 2: Jeff Robinson, George Guthrie, Paul Hannahs, joe Blumberg. Student Activities Committee Setting an example for stu- dent groups, the Student Activities Committee serves in an advisory post to campus organizations. SAC membership includes representatives from the two stu- dent governing bodies, Student Sen- ate and Student Union Board. Members of SAC act upon recommendations from Senate and upon policies concerning student activities and use of student funds. C7 STUDENT JIQDICIARY COMMITTEE. SEATFD: John Loo, Serietarv An- drea Elrnorf-Y Chai,-man Robert Krauss. Vice-ehairrnan Barbara Bayura RON' 2' Larry Simon, Kit Tidemanis. James Palmer Budget Review Committee Student organizations and groups who receive money from the student activities fund must have their budgets approved by the Budget Rc- view Committee. The Budget Review Committee makes recommendations to the Student Activities Committee for the final approval of expenditures. During the year, groups submit a monthly report to the Committee for review and consideration. The Com- mittee helps groups to operate with efficiency of business. The most impor- tant function of the Committee is to see that organizations remain within their approved budgets. Student Judiciary Council Created three years ago as a Stu- rlrnf judiciary Council S-IC under- went a revitalization during the H363- 'bel school year. The court, patterned after the organization of the L',S. Supreme Court. possesses both original and ap- pellate jurisdiction. Original jurisdic- tion applies to cases referred to the council directly by the Dean of Stu- dentsg appellate, to student appeals of a decision made by a lower court. such as the dormitory council or Student Union Board. In all cases except traflic appeals, the Student Judiciary Council submits recommendations to the facul- ty disciplinary committee. BUDGET REVIEW CIONIXIITTICE S'1fflTlfD' Thomas Kahle. Chaitinan Tay Steingro-its Secretary Nlaieia Rapper. .S'T,'l,YD1X!I Rlarxin Fiiedinzm. ames XYilliams. -1:11 I N4 VVQYQ 1 I 57 Student Senate Student government on the Lini- versitis of Toledo campus is focused pri- niarily within the Student Senate. The Senate considers the opinions and sug- gestions of the fraternities and sorori- ties. various organizations, independ- ents, dorm students. and interest groups. Publishing the "Senatorial Rec- ord" sponsoring elections, approving new constitutions, conducting rallies, and promoting congenial relations be- tween students and faculty are a few of the many responsibilities of the Senate. Que of the important duties of Student Senate is the approval of students ap- plying for positions of leadership on the TL' campus. SOCIAL CIONIKIITTEE: Nancy Bic-bel. Phil Stall. Diane Stone. .i -.iff fa lb I C 58 . sig. ff I, ff President Jeff Robinson. CABINET. SE.-1TED: Pat Schreiner. Diane Stone. STANDING: Jim Williams. Phil Stall. ,It-ll' Robinson. Mike Ehner. Adviser Eduard Garri- son. CONSTITUTIONS COMMITTEE: Nancy Biebel, Jack Matson, Rusti Brandnian. H , , . L' ' l I "'T"" ' I A T I I I lilll I I4 FIG' 1'- STUDENT-FACL'LTY COMMITTEE. FRONT ROI!" Rirh- ard Maza. Alice Camp. Don Lefevrc. RON' 2: Ilariy Pettiuimx, WVilliam Weissenlnergc-r. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE, SEATED: Bgirlinra Mc- Clurg, Susan Beacl1.STA.YDl,N'G: Mike Elmer. Bill Dre-user. ' wif I I i li li 3 'i E. ,ii in I S iw RALLY COMMITTEE. FRHXT ROIVJ Tom jackson, jo Ami Archer. William MVI-Ialc. STA.YDI.Ylfix John Klwiiwky, BULLETIN BOARDS COMMITTEE. James Williams. Sliarmi Klump. Alan Nirady, ELECTIONS COMMITTEE, jerry Bauer, Alice Camp. Marcia Kupper, Q. is , 'Nl S if President Josviili Bluiiiherg Student Union Boord The Student Lnion Board, composed of .ii Governors' Council and several com- mittees. aids in supervision and mainte- nance of the Lnion building, makes recom- mendations to the Student Activities Com- mittee, and seeks to provide the student body with various Lnion activities. Among activities for the year were the SLB movies, faculty discussions, TGIF dances, chess and bowling tournaments, Night of Comedy and Jazz, and the Christ- mas card design contest. New this year was Folk NYeelxend, featuring a hootenanny and square dance. ARTS COMMITTEE. FRONT RUWJ Judy Seymour, Kathy lNIadrowski. Barbara Toezynski, Astrid Steudel. ROW 2: Ann Sha- piro, Linda Brower, Renee Flecter, Carol Grcnsing. FACILITIES AND SERVICE CGMMITTEE. Larry Knapp, Elaine Fedlock, Gay Craft. Pamela Szalkouski, Jim Richardson. I ' i wr... ,Q GOVERNORS' C O U N C I L . SEATED: Arts, Kathy lNIadrowskig Vice-president Stephen Gepford: President Joseph Blumberg: Secre- tary Connie Greene: Publicity, Mary Lee O'Neill. ROW 2: Social, Alan Barry: Activities, Ellen Gibson: Publi- cations, David Sanders: Adviser Paul Hannahsg Treasurer Thomas Kahleg Conventions, Gail Lukacsg Facilities and Service, Larry Knapp. I 'Aa-HA PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE, SEATISD: Lorie Myers. Dann Hardy. Cr,-nkye Heinle. ST.4.N'DIXLi.' Frank R'-t-fndw. .Xnnette Paparclla. R-,ichelle Kander, David Sanders. PL1n1KInir.TUin Denman. f ..f X ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE .TH-lY'IfD: Sue Tavlmr. Joy Hanna. Marlin C11-1-iispnuii. Slif-lla limlmiili .N"1'.'1.YDI.YU Sum' ClllIl'S. -lr-ni lY:1lIlxwucl. Ellvn filllswii, S.lI'lCll'.l KIIlllll,'1'ly' PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. SEATED: Nanry Hardy. Carol Phillips, Linda Nupper. Carnl HQ-Ifriqh, Sue Genson, Barb Burpee. STANDING: joe Geha, Leslie Lexow. SallyVanclcrwL1lp.T1w1nLannen. i i 4 I Gail Lukafs. Kelly DeLuca. Mary s " ,Z ai ., .I Q V a SOCIAL COINIINIITTEE, SEATED: Al- an Barry. STANDING: Diane Pasch, Ca- role Batog. Mike Troup, Lynne Schmer, Lynn Scopel, Sue Irey, Ireatha Flagg, Mar- cia Imholt, Lorelei Postlewait, Bonnie Bright. JLNIOR CL-XSS OFFICERS S'E4TED X ice preeident Man Barry, W'omen's Representative Io-Xnn -Maher Nicns Repreientatue Bill Dienscr ST4NDI.YG: President Nancy Klein. Sec- 333 "',1I1fsffW hx- TNSK ' eff. .si If . erm - .. XM , r SENIOR CLASS OFFI CERS. SEATED: VVomen, Representative Nanry Bus: Treasurer Pam Nfuir M "' IS C7 4.'VDI.YG: President jer- Saner, Secretary Luis Snnx mall, SOPIIONIORE CL.-XSS OFFICERS Sf-mc-tary Sandv Cnnsinn. xvVlIlN?IX'S Representative Nunn Hn-nfl. Nh-n's RL'Ill'4.'Si'lIIJIiX'F Tom kIxn'ks--n. T1'c:1sn1'f-1' Sue Braithwnite. President Alan Dills. ,ph- 7-up FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS, Mens RPIJI'CSOHI3liX'C Dun LeFex're, NVw:ncn's Representative Rusti Brand- rnan, Sm'r'eta1'y Sandy Fcyedc-lem. Vice--president Jvc-I Andersnn. Presi- dent Run Gnnnn. 63 PUBLICATIONS fi.-It up-f Central Board of Student Publications Among members of the Central Board of Stu- dent Publications are a rep- resentative of the President, faculty members appointed by the Student Activities Committee, and a repre- sentative of Student Senate. Dr. Jesse R. Long presides over the board in jurisdic- tion and review of all stu- dent publications. The editors-in-chief and business managers of Bloeklzozwe and Collegian are selected by members of the Board. CENTRAL BO.-XRD. Raymond L. Levy, lVilliam U. ixIeDonald, Paul J. Hannahs, Chairman Jesse R. Long. Marv Friedman. business mana er Blockhouse lflod . . . 'l'he tree-bush . . . .lutes . . . Blouse in the mailbox . . . Michael! . . . Welcoming party at the airport . . . S5 hne for feet on furniturt '... lYe've got to get organized . . . Wellll . . . Blockhouse at- tempts to provide a history of life at the Lniversity of Toledo, From September through March, the staff "lives" in the third Hoor office in the Union. Photography, Copy, layouts, organization, deadlinessfall of these play important roles in the production of the book. 64 q ..,, .,,, ,,.. V "f--be , f .J ,- I. :un .www .,-1 jk Judy Shell, managing editor, xy X George Frandsen, Copy editor. ff ...NM .- .gu- 1 4 X 71 x K 5 X Y Us 1 Mivhael Cochran. editor-in-chief. . 1-'Rf--.L - 'gf2'2b5.f-I-.V Q "N-Nix:-fs-'n. ' ff ' , , qi 1- "N x Russ Clevenger. laywut editur. ,-ff w-Q-mn-wa w---:,. 2 --nl .234-.1 .N 4-. Q t X Annette Paparella, assistant: Lynn Cook, associate editorg Sharon Mil- limn, assistant. Diane Pasuh. academics editur. B1 wbbie Corwin, seniors editor. Carule Batt-g, Greeks editor. x v - ' A .fi t 3 3 Q5 i :gi-I , '1. L. " ,- " , ', Q. " 3. Q' Vg '1' if Pix I.. 1 iwf- z m5""fi.1t H - W-ws-. . . NK. Myra Gundy, organizations editor. 66 Al Fabricant. assistant: Kathy Whittaker. athletics editor, Betsey Spaulding, index editor, Ken DeYim, student plifvt-wg1'apl1er. -eg. AA ls W, ".3..,.K, 'Vis Jerry Phillips, sales managerg Sally Hayward, advertising manager, , -K X 1 Q .-1 FIASCO. lfditnr Larry Gnrinan. Twin Gavin, jay Hoffman. v -"" , , '-ne:-5 -: X- : . -. W, -:,r:Qg:,.::g.g5-,Q .1 Hz: 1 '. ., 2b':,v-51:,LxiFt x'M.:Q':f:Xaf-:-E:x-:- :oz Q.: -wg-Q :-. . -1 -- ', -:..15,-wr-xt .ck N-:5.,:f-5q:5:5-av: 3 jg Y-, r ,xxx-X...t..x9 4 rx N . f -1 : 5 v4f9l'L,.- --" ' glghgfx i' k .f . If 5 , , I ig Y 1 - x ' I K. 4 11' X 5 ,X 2 ' - - L. f' 5 9 5 ,'1,-"f if I, , xii- ji '-x,A . A , . is . . , 'U Ein. -V - V' - I" ff, g- Q, I 5 -3 us. ..a. . X I I x l ' - Q . 1 ' - h ' A t, Lf 1:55263 A X45 4 ?':5:Q'P'-fx' ' , 1" , . ' .4.,,.-'C-W ' V ,Q ,jg-153:-'Ifj'-.f1i.-f t 1?2:s"f-5 .4 -. - V . Fiosco At all hours of the day and night, up in the English department, down in Doer- mann Theatre, in the Col- legian and Bloflflzousv of- Hces, students work to edit the campus literary maga- zine, Fiasco. Through a haze of cigarette smoke, the Fiasco staff peruses student contri- butions, selecting, compiling, and printing. Results: a bi- annual Fiasro and a fa- tigued staff. 5' Lf' K iN l. ,Ierianne R-vqinski. Erst scntcstcr editor-in-chivf Collegian Roll 'Cm, Carl . . . Typvlicc . . . Hot Dog John's: tradition for scvcral centuries . . , You'll ltaw to Clit that story. Lcckic Slow down. Carl Thv familiar Cry: rvmcmhcr thc buck room at Pztryskfsl During Cach work, the Collrgiarz staff mem- bers work at TU to acquire news, fvaturcs, inter- views, photographs, and ltffaclachcs in an attempt to moot tlu-ever'-p1'csc11t clvncllinc. Then comes XYccl11t'scl:1y night . . Frank Rotonclo, business Ill3.IlflLIE'1' I 1 5 I K i 3 ga.-ff k x 4,-w H , N John Hoff. assistantg Dave YN'0olfol'd. Sports editor, ,f- Pat Schruincr and Bill Clemens, associate editors, t aiu..-xm .. L,,,, vm' R' - .4-' .- ,,v..rM -' 'N ,U N, N vu' , lv , . -L, -....r. W...--M In D .. it Z, '-1. .. I' Y A .Q .L::,S.zg55,k.-.-,sein '- --, . , -4" WW'-'NN N-1-S-K-BAM-f-:i..,., 5 AN N u 70 Ken DeVito, Photographer. th rl. J 1 2, i, 2 . 1 i X Q Iwlarth Morrison, copy editor. r xv X is I X veg :.':?i3'fx . -. 'XF A if 2 2: xi ffffffmfwu, ..,,.w,,..,..,. 2 . Avwfwfwfmomniawv ,.,,....,...... 1 ,,., in A 1 f S Q, K xii A Gail Lukacs. assistant s-mit-ty Cflllltfl Bwb Radkiewicz, editor emeritus. Carole Haase. rewrite editor. a ' ' . 1 f v firetfhen Schultz. news etliturg Sue Mrlntyre. features editfwr. SEAT!-TD: Sheila O'l,eary. STA,YDIX1f: jwlm M1-iii-ky, aclvertising mau- agerg Tum Denman, circulation manager. 71 HCJNCRARIES Peppers The groan pcppcr: symbol of acadcmic acliicvcincnt, Character. lcadcrship, and dedica- tion to thc L'11ix'Crsity of Tolcdo. Women arc tappcd for membership in this national honorary at lYomQn's Songfcst, in thc springg Cach woman rcccivcs a "golden pepper," which syinbolizcs the honor bestowed upon her. This ycar. Pcppcrs were activc in thc Issue Il Campaign, The group is Currcntly working on plans for possibic installation of Mortar Board at TU. i Pi-ppl-r tapping: rvcognition ol outstanding loadels. PEPPERS IflCU.YT R17lI': Serietary-T1'11'asim'1' Barbara Bfwura. ficrs--n, Tliercsa Blazic, Alcrianne Roginski. Nanry Dennis. Pamela President Sliuila Olvary. l-list-+rian Renae Flccter. HUI1' 2: Jill Muir. Absent: Susan McCartney. 'iff -'vi -4P'Y 'YNY' I I r 72 li sf .. xr- -N 5...- Aw 5 t fy- 55 45. u New-fl BLUE KEY ACTIYES, FRONT ROW: Robert Ra.dkieuie7, Cer- grin-t, Adxiser Eduard Harrison, LLIITY Jones. Adviser Donald S, ald Baumgartner. Joseph Blumberg. W, Thomas Dowlinu. jay Stein- Parks,.fXdx'1se1'jesse R. Lt-ni. BLUE KEN PLEDGES. FRONT Ii'Ul1': Robert Krauss, Marvin Friedman, Frank Rolondo. RON' 2: Lancelot Thompson, Mirhzzel Elmer. James Williams. Phillip Stall. Blue Key The key . . . symbol of acn- clemie and Campus leadership. Few are able to procure the keyg those who do are honored by membership in Blue Key, nation- al leadership honorary. Members of Blue Key foster ambition for intellectual attainment and :1 cle- sire to serve fellow students. Membership is limited to thirteen outstanding campus leaders each year. Tapping is at NVinter Formal and Mens Song- fest. 73 ALPHA PHI GAMMA. FRONT ROW: Baliff Lawrence Gorman, Vice-president Michael Cochran, Setrt-tary Jeriznne Roginski, Presi- dent Anthony Schumacher. Treasurer Jay Steingrooi. ROW 2: Ca- role Bat--g. Martha Morrison, Carol Shanteau. Myra Gundy, Lynn Sheftel, Connie Greene, Carol Melcher. Pamela Muir. ROW 3: Rob- ert Krauss. Robert Radkiewicz. Adviser Raymond L. Lexy, Adviser Donovan Ernch, Micheal Le-Vine, Frank Rotondo, hianfin Fried- man. Alpha Phi Gamma After a semester as an editor on one of the iations between Blooklzozzsc and Collegian editors campus publications, a student is eligible for mem- bership in Alpha Phi Gamma, national coeduca- tional journalism honorary. The organization is designed to promote affil- Eb and professional journalists. Second semester pledg- ing at the printer's and the annual spring banquet occupied time between deadlines. Alpha Epsilon Delta Recognizing outstanding pre-medical students, Alpha Epsilon Delta sponsors lectures, discussions and interviews to further students' aims and ob- jectives. 7 The future doctors also find time for social life. Activities this year included the annual Christmas party and the spring banquet. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA. FRONT ROW: President Harry Pet- tigrew, Secretary Linda Gilmore. ROW 2: Sheila O'Leary, Michael LeVine, Marlin Lloyd, Pamels Muir. ROW 3: Larry Simon, David Wells, William Albertson, Emmanuel Mancy, H. Phillips Stall. Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma was established to bring hon- or upon those who excel in grades and leadership in the College of Business Adminis- tration. The highest ranking freshman, sophomore, junior and senior are invited to the recognition banquet in March. Junior members must be in the upper lfflg seniors, in the upper NVE of their classes. The initiation , banquet is in May each year. BETA CANIM.-X SIGMA. FRUXT RUIV: President jim Williams, Carol Beale, Viee-presi- ClPI1I Ffvd Billftlll RON' L" J. B. lit-nner. Alan Kohn. john Mason, George Ta--ka. ROI? Li: Richard Minadeo, Donald Parks, Edwin Hodge, jr, Hubert Frisinger, Richard Rnd duck. Beta Beta Beta The purpose of Beta Beta Beta, national biological science honorary, is to promote scholar- ship and encourage research in the life sciences. The group has been re-activated his year. and has planned and sponsored many activities in order BETA BETA BETA. FRONT ROW: Adviser Larrv Holeoinb. Ad- viser John Cunningham, Historian Fred Urodsky, Yite-president lNIike LeVine, Secretary Elviria Bergmann, president Larry Simon, ROW 2: Carol Iwinski. Mary Pat Mallin. Joyce Crittonden, Sharon to achieve its purposes, Field trips. affording mem- bers a first-hand look at many areas in biology. films with the latest scientific findings, and guest speakers from TU and other universitfies were a few of the activities for the year. Klillirwn. Kathy Vaughn, Blvra Brouglir Patricia Jedd. RON' Su- zanne Hinr. .laines Samir,-ip llaiiw' Pettigrew, William Latin, Tiinotliy Poirier, Richard Delorio, Eugene Spat7, Pam Kfuir. QQ? Etc Kcippo Nu Promoting and r e w a r d i n g scholarship among students in elec- trical engineering is the goal of Eta Kappa Nu. Although its first interest is as an honor organization, the so- ciety sponsors service projects for the department of electrical engineering. The Epsilon Gamma chapter of Eta Kappa Nu was founded at the Uni- versity of Toledo in May, 1963. The installation ceremonies were lead the National President, Dr. John A. M. Lyon. ETA KAPPA NU: FRUNT ROW: Vive-President Thomas Mazuehowski, Presi- dent Thomas Christen. Karl Pasrh. Secretary Robert Pfeifer. ROW 2: Carmen Vit- toria. Robert Radkiewiez, Cyrus Nassiri. William Terrill. Robert Smalley, Roger Fruefhte. ROII' 3: Advisor Dr. O. WN'm. lNIuekenhirn, Secretary Gary Wleegmannr Dennis Hughes, Joel Stewart. John Polus, Dennis Marvin, James Zeeh. Dennis Dt-Lay. Kappa Delta Pi To encourage high profes- sional. intellectual, and personal standards. and to recognize out- standing eontributions to education is the goal of the founders and mem- bers of Kappa Delta Pi. To this end, it shall invite to membership such persons as exhibit commendable, personal qualities, worthy educa- tional ideals, and sound scholarship. In December, Dr. Eastman from the College of Education, was guest speaker at the annual initia- tion banquet. Members receive the magazine, Edumtional Forum, which carries news of the society and the latest developments in educa- tion. 76 KAPPA DELTA Pl: Serretary Barbara Bazura. President Lois Sunderrnan. ROW 2: Kathleen R. Glover. Erna Grenke. Dorothy Smilax. Jean E. Traver, ROIV 3: Pa- tricia Dowell, Nancy Klein. Virginia lilvodard. Ann Loudon. Jerry Baumgartner. Phi Eta Sigma llembership in Phi Eta Sigma national honorary society is limited to freshman men who earn a 3.5 average during the first semester or a 3.5 accu- mulative average forthe full year. Fostering service to school and community, the men of Phi lfta Sigma act as tutors for any students express- ing need of such aid. Major social activity of the year is the annual post-induction banquet. featuring a guest speaker. .DC PHI ETA Slfihlk. FRQVT Rfllih' Rithaid Klillii. President John Lavender. 'llreasnrer Robert lX'ieti7ykvtwsl4i, Vice-president Robert Biilttmski IVUII' gf xl:-hn Loo. .Xdxiser Eduard Ebert, jeflrey Hillman. ICUII' fl john Lintlliiilter. Tlioinas Marx. jerry Melfolongli. Glenn Tlionipson. Phi Kappa Phi A national coeducational scholastic honor- ary society. Phi Kappa Phi honors outstanding stu- dent scholarship. To be eligible, juniors must pos- sess at 3.7 accumulative average and seniors a 3.5 accume. Membership in the organization, which stresses scholarship and character in all students. PHI KAPPA PHI, FRONT RUIV: Carole YVright, Louise Banltev. Carole Foley, Helen Brooks. Yyalter Burg. James Dealey, Lloyd, Mary Gillhain. Lucille Eineh, Alhertine Krohn. RON' 2: Otto Zines- kal, Archie Solberg, Roy Barnes. Lancelot, Thompson. Milton Marx. .nm X., is also open to faculty and alumni. Each year, mem- bers may elect one honorary member from outside the University. In the spring. Phi Kappa Phi aids in honor- ing campus scholars by sponsoring its annual Hon- ors Day Convocation. H. Phillips Stall. Dennis Kaus:-r. RUII' If' jesse l,-ine. Rirhard Rud- Cluek. Robert Cliipmiin. 'lihtvinas Sp-insler. .-Xrtlnn' Steele, Dennis Maiwin, litlward Foster, George Pankratz, Richard Shoemalter. Don- ovan Emth. y.. s-X, J ,I if xv -sw Q. Interest point: Tau Beta Pi key in front of EAS. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi, national engi- neering honorary, restricts its mem- bership to a select fewg only the up- per twenty per cent of the seniors and the upper eight per cent of the juniors are eligible. Each year, the group honors the outstanding freslnnan, sophomore, and senior in the college. Activities this year included the two initiation banquets and the freslnnan slide rule class taught by Richard Penwell. l H h POW 3: Patrick Shearon TAL' BETA Pl. FRUXT IHPIV: Vim--president Rirhard Penirell. Schultz, Paul Bollin. J-vsepi ug es. t Ct-iwespoiicliiig St'ci'et:irx' Tlioinas lxlnmvlinxtksi, President I, ritz Aclvisvr George Paiikraw. John Polus. William Terrill. Roheit Pfei llahnt-, Cintnlogtier Thornns Cil'lI'lSKl"I1. Remrtlinfg Sl"4'l'CIZll'Y Dennis for,Adx'iser lldwardFoster.Jr. Klarvin. RUM? 2: Robert Ratlkiewitv, James Rapp, Thomas 'Qt 78 wx 5' M NW X M x, New 'www QN-Ax--v4.a-Q Q Q --nl l VARSITY T. FRONT ROW: Adviser Jaek Murphy, ROW 2: Jeff Martin, Ron Martin, Chnrk Weaver. Don Baker, Alerrv Baum- President Dan Simrell. Vice-president Toni Nolan. RUN' 3: Seere- eaitner, Gary Rivker. Dennis But hnlski, l-if-n fxlillf-r RUIV 6' Dave tary Chuck Friedman. Trertsurer John Bail, RON' -If Bill Ri-nip. Kregel. Wynn l.c-inhright, Bill Drenser. Ralph Ku-iclel, jim Gray. Bob Agnston. ROW -If Dong Kampfe, john Mon--ky. ROII' 5: John llelfert. Varsity T During each sports season, Liniversity of To- ledo athletes join together in an attempt to bring honor and praise to the campus. In uclclition to participating in their chosen sports. the men strive to uphold the ideals of the athletic depart- ment by maintaining high g1'acleux'e1'uges. All varsity letter-holclers from all sports are eligible for membership in Varsity T. Each year. the men of Varsity T sponsor ti September "Back to School" dance. 79 INTEREST Alpha Zeta Cmego Six new pledges helpetl Alpha Zeta Gmega, international pharmaceutical fraternitv. begin a successful year. Members, drawn together by in- terest in the advancement of the profession ancl by a common religious heritage. work to keep in- ALPHA ZET,-X OKIEGA. FRONT ROW: President Martin Schus- ter. Adviser AL-seph lluclis. Randy Appel. Vice-president Norman Schwartz. Herbert Slianbauin, ROII' 2: Henry Rabin. Stanley '.3"+'r,gQ fp J x . vs RW! formed of new pharmaceutical achievements. Among the year's activities were various sporting events with Kappa Psi rivals, an annual spring dinner-clance. and a founcler's day banquet at the Secor Hotel in December. Deutseh, Treasurer Robert Davis. Stephen Schwartz, Mark For- gang, Martin Newman. ..- vu V . 80 JN rn 1 ALP11.X KAPP1 PSI Fl1'1fJvYY' ICUII' '1111-:1c111f1' R11111-11 N1f11l.111. 111.1 ICUI1' I 13.1111 X1-11-11, .xl'11ll1I '111'1lf1N11f3l'. K1-11 0111111111 1111111 V11'P-1111-i1C11'111 N11111:11'1 11111150 1'11w1111-111 11111151111 l1.11111' 111-111u1+ IJ-11,1-1 11111111111 X1.1111:11 R1111111 111221111 1.11 S11-111u111111 111311111 N1111111. S1'111'1.'111 T11-1111.11 N111-1, IYHII' J 1-11111 1111-1 11.11 1111115111111 11111 K11111 111.111 1,.'11X Iff'11'4 111-1.1111 13.111 v1f1171f'N K11.-1111. 1151111111 S11'111:u. 11.1111 11.1111-111' K1'111.r'111 N1:111'1 .X111.'11 011- L.1:1:11 11.111111 1.. 12111.11 1-11111'.1111 151111111, N 11111111.11 1.111111 1.11111 11'e11f'1. R31111111 .X111Q1111f. '11-11 11.11111 -1.11111-1 11'111:.111' R1111.1111 1'i.1- X1.11I111 A1111111 1111-1111-1, 111111111 511111 1Y1111:1111R1111111 Pres1d0nt1N'1111Q1111 Gf1lw1B1' :1C1d1'1-1s1-S c1111Q1'1'gS1111'111 .11 A111114 Kapp.1 P11 11ll11'1l1'l'lI1. 5 1 Alpha Koppo Psa 1', 11 1 Q . X131 1 .Y .uk 1!'?f1ig N1z1jo1' p1'0f1's11011111 4101111- 11' of ,X1P11L1 K41pp11 P11 1111I'1I1Q 1110 pam 11x11 1111s 111 job 6011101- 1-1161- 111 N11111-111111'1'. 1.1-11111'1'1 111 X'Lll'1flllN b1111111'11 .11'v.11 111111161- pntccl 111 s1'111111:11'1 to LlCClL1L11I11 TL' s111c1v111s 111111 sp1'1i1F1C 1911.111-1 of business. .-X111o11q 01111114 l1C11Y1t1f'N 110111 L1 111116116011 1111011111111 131' 911131111 Kappa Psi 11111111111-1-1 .111f1 1'Qp1'csc11tati1'cs of 11101111-51X 10- C111 Cc1111pf111i1'1, 111111 I,1X1'C1111X'1' Ilxclumqc IDLIX. 11111-11 111l11111jik'11N t1'ekk1'c1 to 1111'1o11s 111C1L1Nt111lj'i 111 O1JSCl'YC 1Dl.1N1ll1'NS p1'f1c1'-11111'1-1. 81 :.:t'z.a .-XICIIF. FICUXT Rfilllf' ikclvisei K II. Lin. Treasurer jack Kfatsoni Sec- retarv Killa' Rufliiiwr. Pi-'siilwiit Paul Brillin. Yire-Piesidviit Flank Black Janies liiuu. .Xclxisi-1'fQarv lieiinett, Rfifll' 2: lidliaiilii FIRIIIIP, Charles Hong, Gary Uriiiiaii. William Bi--un. Francis llranata, Rohert Cilialniers, Dan Fc-dak. HHH' '73 Jost-i-li firau. Nludunilii Llhznvulu. Doug Stoots, Thomas Stliulw. AI 1,1f,' Peer. Bill Xx'l'llll1,'lI1Clli. Revnold Mack. Bill Stliulti. Bill Leutz. Thomas Shell. Teiiv ilenkiiis HUII' -I: Yal Daiga. Bill Flynn. Thomas Siliwah, Th-inias Yan Tassr-ll, Shailesh Bhatia, David B--os, Chuck Han- sen. .Iolin Sihwvn. Rus-ell Su-evei. Aliuk Hoenig. Rithard Stainliauuh, Sun: Hia Clhi-. .'XllE. I7li'H.X'T Ifflllf' lloiui' Bolioiqiiesy. Fred Schaefer. President Robert fiulas. llaiid Haidin. XN'illi.iiii Klarolin. HHH' 2: Dick Krupp, Earl Hitler NI-iliaiuiiiad 'llaval-.olian. Preiii Rai, john Haensai. RUII' If: Lucian Sieja Ravniond Barnhart, john Hebert. John Kroinp, Adviser T. BI. Glen. The American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers acts as a catalyst to orient the student in his profession and to pro- duce a positive reaction toward his highly technical work. An extensive program of speakers, combined with a slate of Field trips, en- ables the student to become acquainted with latest chemical research. Each year, awards are given to the outstand- ing junior and senior members. AIIE Professional activities of the American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers included bimonthly informal meetings, which served as business and technical training sessions, and monthly dinner-meetings, which featured guest speakers from various industries. Plant Held trips supplemented the speakers. The student chapter also met with the AIEE Toledo senior chapter. -XXIERICXN PH.XRKI.XClffl"IiIC XI. .XSSOC l YI ION IROX1 1 f ll 1 lL 1 ROll'.' Crtrrlle Foley. Xlarvaiin F1'i1l14-se, Jalan Lgvlll TURN 9 Q 1 Htl 1 I 1 I I 1 Jan Ha American Pharmaceutical Association Seeking to keep abreast with latest pharmaceutical ad- vancements, members of the American Pharmaceutical As- sociation participate in a pro- gram of social and professional activities. Social events for tl1e year included the Halloween party and tl1e orphans' party. The open house for high School students and the 11nti-he- mophilia drive kept members busy cluring second semester. Q? et Cwliler. Kathy RI-Lmiil, Yfil-la Mit-liti BU11111 1 11t1l1 in as. ROW 2: William L'1'lil'Ii. D1-nalcl Stem R hext Ixiell Ran s 1 Phihplxail uslxx Tllll P 1 1 1 .hmm 'ss fi' ASCE Seeking development of a professional conscious- ness, members of the Ameri- can Society of Civil Engi- neers take part in an exten- sive program to become fam- iliar with their chosen field. Congenial c on t a c t with working members of the engineering profession is fostered through field trips and guest speakers. Techni- cal films complement infor- mation gained through such professional sources. ASCE FROXT ROW: Adviser Daxid Cioloiiv. President William Klellale. Adviser T. il Blatk. 'liegisini-'1 Eful Hoxell. -lr Rflll' 2' xkllllldlll XV1lson. Uhuik Friedman. Chuck liar- str", lhxe Lihrvst, Edxxxixtl ll.mmier. .lolm llllI'll'.t'Ill. HHH' .i' Dax id llardv. Riihnrcl Stokes. J Carl Rirhie. l'loxxZi1'ClSIiIltllCl'.xlI1IiiC'Slfiligrllliivliiils Baker. lawicnee Berres. John Bohis. ASME Working closely with the national organization of the American Society of Kleehanical lingineers, the lfniversitv of Toledo chap- ter strives to keep the indi- vidual member informed of latest developments in the profession. Among ASXIK activi- ties is partieipation in design contests. In addition, mem- bers frequently xvork at irrit- ing technical papers. Both of these activities are sponsored bv the national .-XSNIIZ. 84 .XSXIE FIUPXT RHIV: jim Crutter. Yiee-president Robert Donally. President Ronal Reger, 'l're:ismi-r David Diel: RHII' PA Tom I,indhuher. Jorge Bohorquez. Gary Johnson. Rodney Samllev, David St:-nd, RUII' fi: .Xhad Dastmalehian, Ali Most:-E, William Fortuna. David Roller, Riihaid Selialer, Thomas Krall. Ronald Little. 1 11 511 ' '1'f.'v51QC1' 15.- IEEE N joint social cx'C11ts 111111 111Ceti11gs with 1110 clown- to1x'11 C1111pt1'11 of the Insti- tute of I11cCt1'iC:11 Il11qi11cc1's 11ig111ig11t aCtix'itiCx of t111' TI' C11apt111'. I11 z11111itio11. t11c stu- c1c11t 1111-11119c1s of I1'11fIi spon- sor 1111 11111111111 "prize pnpt-1' Contest." 111 11111611 Contes- t1111t5 p1'cp111'11 ll tCC1111ic111 p11- PCI' co11C1'1111i11q 1111 1111gi1111C1'- ing projcct or 1-xpc1'i111c11t 111111 givc 1111 o1'111 report to IIf12Il x1L1C1QL'S. IEEE FRUXT RUN' 1111111111 R.111k1t-wwf V111--1111-511111111 T11-1111515 fXIav11C111-wiki, Tmns- . ,. , . , , ,, . , , , lll4'I 11.111121 111-W. 111-11111-111 1'1.11:1, I1l141.1 1x.111 1215111 111111 I H II. 1x11.1x. llxtus Nflsxlll 'I'1111111.1s L11ll1N11'1l ,lim-1111 11111111111-1: 11111111111 I.l,'111ll.l1I, ,xI111l1l' 1111111113111 RUII' -' R1111111 J. . I1L'11l'l R11111-11 S-1111!1r'111, 1111111.11 11111111w 1-.111 SlIIl11'l, Rox S11e'111111. A11. I5L'l11119 INIJ11111. 1.11111-N Z1-111 1Y1111.1111 '11-11111 1411111111 1111.111 1111111111 11111111.1111 K.-XPPA PSI. FRUXT IJUIV: A1311 N11':111v, Rox' B11-113111. Rav 151'-5111. 111111 S111111, 111111 1i1'r'11 R1711' 2' 111151111-5 Svisfrit-11, P11111 I-?111u 131111111 Ii:111111-xx-111. 1111111 K11:11111.11.1w 11111111111 1111-VI' james Plagakis. james Svrks HUII' 'I T111-111.11 1i11111i11N111, P1-11' R"11l1l' I'J1111.1111 1,11:1111.1111N Joe C:11'11oto, A111 15111 Ro111'1't S1'1111-1111,1ac11. 1111105 L11t'Q11OI'I1. N1-11 13.111 18111111111 N1111t111 Kappa Psi I-IiQ111ig11ti11g 1111- '63- 64 sC11oo1 10111 for 11111 1111111 of 1i.1pp11 Psi p11111'11111C011ti- C111 f11i1tC1'11ity 11115 I11C Pro- 1'i11c1- Y 1'1'Qio11111 COIIXTIIIIOI1. At '1'I'. 11111 111'ot11v1x kopt busy 111111 1'11S11 p111'ti11s. sportingf cx'1111ts with A1p1111 ZCI11 O111t'QAi. L1 Np1'i11Q f11III1l11' CIZIIICC, p1'ofCss1o11111 11111cti11gs. 111111 Co11st1'11ctio11 of 1111191.11 s. B1'ot11c1's 11'111'111'11 21130111 IICXX' p1'ofwsio11.11 11C1X'.l11Ct'- 111C11ts at 11111 11111111111 11111111111 Stag. 85 I..XfXIlilJ,X KXPPX SIHNIA IVICIPXY' lt'Oll' Ynltla Miwitis, Suu Hanks. Luittli lfttlfw l.'f'lI' J xI.m4-I kuhlt-1, lit-111 Lwpinslti. llnrlmiqi Stulimlti. l'i-.ltnsw I-HPII' 'Z Svlxiu 1,0111-1, Marx Roll, H:-nnic Rail. .luclith K.llll!Xl1 Klt l.:-tml Lambda Kappa Sigma Expansion of thc phztrmuccutical profcssion to attract an incrcasing numbcr of fcmulc stuclcnts has brought uhout thc crctition of Lambda Kappa Siginu. To promotc thc profession and to bccomc hcttcr ucquuintccl with Chul- lcngcs of thc Hclcl, members participate in a program of profcssionul mcctings, Quest spcnkcrs, and construction of stu- clcnt displays. Gthcr uctivitics incluclc an ull- phurmucy party, orphans' party, and ft scrvicc project. NIL' PHI EPSILUN, FRUXT Rflllf' IVJLIHHLI Shclinc, xlfldifllllll Hcinzc, Fred- t'l.i Bv'iitlei'x. liliaim Dnululr-. llorolliv Smilax, RUI1' 2: Sur' NN'mlitt'1. Ellllllllflll Drain-im. Rzirhcl Nohlc, Efht- Sue Lcchnt-r, Patricia McGee, Dianne Clark. Mu Phi Epsilon 'llhc llpsilon chizptcr of Nlu Phi llpsilon, nutionul music sorority, ht-gun thc yt-ar with un alumni pur- ty in lutc Atlgtlrst. Full rush pro- vitlt-tl ncxx' purticipullts for Ll Novcni- ht-r progruin ut tht- 'llmlcclo Nluscum of .Xrt. 'lihc xxoincn ulso sung for thc frt-slimgm tm Luitl purticiputt-cl in Ll fouiitlt-r's clay progrgnn in thc South Loungc. Nlcmhcrs of Nlu Phi lfpsilon must hc music Ilhl-l0I'S or minors Lintl must posse-ss at lcust gi 13,13 uvcrugc in music. 86 1 1.-Q EFS 'NSN-43 ' ENN 1' 1' -W. N NK x11 X vzgqx.. , 5 xv. X S11 ,1 1- -.x if ' Q, -1' TSE.-X. FRONT Rfjllf K31hlt-1-11 Lgl..yg-1-h X131-11 fjl-1151.11 'I'111-,3e- NX'111'u11, R11 'I1111'111.11111 l1'1lIl' 1' 1f111111.1 11.1111111111 131111111 11-111 lll'K'I' S1119 XY1-St. -1114111 11i111111'1I. P1'13Q1111-111 S1111 xvl11'11l1'If K1'11111f111 1-ll. 5.1111 1.11'1s- 1.1111 S1111cl1-1111.111 X1111.1 1.111-Lv' 1l1.1111- 111.111 KC1111111, S1-1111-1.11'v Namv lI111111i. 110111111 lJ11Pl', R111l1 111111. c11l1'lN1 x1141'xX 111'XK1'11,.1I1I1Ii.X1l11I1, x1.llX l'11111111'5, 1,11l4'11'l 13111111-11.111 X1.11 Kez11111,-v. ,1ll11' 0111111 R1111' J: R11e1-111311 BK'l'I1L'I1, 1J.111.1 1F1.ll'C1'Y. 11111 1i1111':1'1 81111111 11-l11I111Il. CX1111111111' 111111K 1611111 I 1111111 S1131'11Il S111'11111ki. S11n1'1111 S11111111-11 Marv Klarshnll. S1111 Ta1l111. 11.1111u.k'.11-111-I1.11111q.X11111111111111 S1111 111111-111.111 1111111111111-R11 Linda 1'11,'llCI'. 11111111111 511.111k, x11.'Il1NII C11111111. Li1111.1 Kfl1ll1, LI111111 Ill1'l'. 151111111111 15.111114 61.11111 Milli. KY.11'1111: QI1111N11.111-11111, 1511111111 x11L'1iL'IlS. S.111cl1'n K1I1111Ll1'1N'. .X11111-111111 Pi1k11s. XIXYII fQ11111l1, 1111111 111111111 111.111 11.111,1v11C1I1111Z.111I1 Toledo Student Educohon ASSOCIOTIOD TSEQX. 1'kR17,YY' RUIV. 1115111 H111l'111111t11. KHl'K"I1 C1l11N11Q'. .-X111'111' 11111. fX1.1'x1111- l111H11l1. N31111 111115. R111111-111' K.111.11-1, DA111 S11 1V,llII'1C1!C'. .1A111111'l1111: 11111111-11. K'll'1'I'1 X11111111.1', X111111' KI1'-111, 11.11111 1111-1. V111-111 K1-1s1'1, 111111111 SIl11I11.A11lll1' N11111,-111111151-1, .x1Ik1IK' 1.511 1 H1'1f1i1111. 13111111111 x1UXVK'1'X. K11t11:11'11'1c- X'lll1Q11Il, KLH1111-1-11 P1'11s1iC. P.111'111g1 S1111111. Pat -IL111111, 111111-111 X11Cl1111, x1f11l.1Ill1 1111112111111 111111 1,i11d1111 .X111fC11'S. A11-.1111:1I1: 41.1111111111 K3111111111 131-151111. 111111111 1111'1N111. N111112 1111111 121111111 X1f11x 4111 17111111-1111111111 fX1.111lx11 x11!1'11 H1111 5111311 Bla1'k111111'e. Susan R1Q1I11V4'1L1l, CI11.1111'11e lf11.1111111'1S, X1i1l11'1111 4 E111-11 R11u1'11, QI11111111- 111111.11ci .11'l11XIl 191111111-x P.111111.1 1111 Jasin. RHII' 2: LT.1r11I S1'1fll1IE'Z1ll, 151.1110 S11111e, D11llll1C PF1S111. Pat- 111-111. NH1111' 1111111'i. 3111' 5l1'1'1111'11. 11-111'-1111 T1'1lNl1X1i1 111'111111" 111 rivia S16'fJ11E'I1i, Cfa1'111 11P11s11111A11. X'1XILl1 D1111x. R11'11.11'd 11L1u1113s, 1-'lli1 R11111 X1117I11111'1. K-l11l1' M111-111. 11'-111111' R-111111111 1711111111 13115-14K31n Ravlm, KI--1' 111111111 S111-113 151-111111111 N.lll1l111' 11.1111-1111.1 1.1111 Mark C111111er. fXIi111ac1 CI111111a11. Lfr11'1:1 H3N'I1t'S. Jean "1 Q11 Bl'fillI1. K11lhl1'1,-11 N1:11111e11. B111'11.11'.1 K1k'c111llgI, Erma 11l'l"I11iL'. 1'111u111-1. 1111111111 S141111111, RUII' lf: Shirley Zi111111e1'111n11. R1.I11'1'1C1 C111'11111. Barbn1'a W:1s11i11g- QQQSS k 5' PI C.-XNIBIA MU. FRONT ROW: Emily I-Ierbac, Nancy Dennis. Treasurer Anna Piraine ROW 2: Robert Krauss. President Richaid Minadeo. Mieliael Elmer, UNIVERSITY CIPIENIICAI, SOCIETY. FRUXT ROIV: Shapiro. Secretaiw' Iiene Szanisvlo. President Renee Fleeter, Camp. Martha Morrison. .-Xnua Mary Pat fxfallin, Alive 88 Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu recognizes high scholarship in the social sci ences and promotes interest in the various fields of study affecting the social structure of society. Pi Gammu Mu eligibility re quirements state that members must have completed twenty hours of social sciences with a 3.0 aver age. Each member receives issues of the "Social Science" journal ed ited by Dr. Panos Bardis. University Chemical Society Undergfoing a reorganization this year. the University Chemical Society sought to foster a profes- sional spirit and to promote friend- ship among its members. Professional activities in- cluded field trips to industries and various guest speakers. Among social activities were the annual Christmas party and the spring picnic. 'sf . - . Missa-s-s-M . INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. FRONT ROW: Treasurer Mu- ma chlan X R o 'XI'111x1111 F111111111 X 1 Nlllllil 1 I durnblig Charyulu, Corres. Secretary Theresa Blazic, President Fe- Cyrus Nassni X11 'Nlosioh Piein 11 1 11 reydoun Parvin. Adviser Munawwar Khan. Julie Rlay Lagrito. Az- Boihtcutl Rohut L ul is mat Khan. ROW 2: Lawrence Gounan. Dani David. Ahad Dast- Internotionol Students Association An ever-growing number of international students on campus has increased the importance of the role of the International Students Association. To promote un- derstanding between international students and TU stu- dents, the group plans programs of social and educational interest. These programs enable the students to exchange ideas, customs. and experiences. The International Students .Association sponsors a soccer team, representing the University in competition. The students also aid the language department, tutoring in the foreign languages. MILITARY Military Science Tocltiyk tumultous, Compli- Cirtvtl mwlcl nc-vcls men Capable of IN.1liiIlQ do-tinitv, sound decisions. Tlic Military Dvpurtmcnt socks to cl:-wlnp lcnclcrsliip :incl chur- actcr in prc'pLn'ntio11 for service to nur country. Four yczirs of training at TU lend to Commission as an ofiicer zintl a future military career. ROTC men and sponsor parade lac-fore President Carlson. STAFF I"Rr2N'l' li'f7Il': Cad'-r Lt Cul, Harry Lticlmrt. Cadet Ht-rolcl. Cadet Lt. Cul, Rii-1131-d Sampson. ROW 2: Sgt. Orton Mui Ltitrm S11-ia. Ligrtlw-t Mani. Cary Lncluig. Cntivt Cul. Tum Ilcpnl:1,LIm-l. A1'tl1Li1'DuLtu'a. Orlsmflxi. Cntlr-I l,l Cul. Dt1llll'l fiillmit. Cindct Klgij. Thomas 90 .. .. Lixk. EXT.-XLLION .XND ISRICLXIJE 1'11x'f7.YT RUN" Tl11llI1H5 O1'l1m- ICHII' 'I DMM P1'I1111i1. R.1x11111111l I..111 RI'1l14'lI Yl.'1x11 H1'111x' R11I1'3f 173111111 Hilln,-11 ICHII' 1' .XII SLll'Hh1l,'l. fQ411x' I.111ixx1:. I,111H1f11'I. Rivl1.111I 311111151111 .X1'1l1111' twllX1'l'Hl'l, XN'1l11.1111 11v111l111S, I111111ax HC-1'1-flrl, LYl1.11'le,-5 Ilmlgef, I.11s1.111 Sivjn. KL-11111111 fXI1llc1'. F1.111k R1-T11-110311 SPONSORS .XND CIUNITXIXNIDIQRS. lI1+11111T11v Llol, IN1111 C11-wk. Cfflrwl Pl1ill111s, Ilvlun Zahn ICIPIV -I XY1ll111111 H11x111I S11'xv11 H11-11-1. Il 111,11a1x Lt kwl 151111-11 L.I111111l1l1'v ICI 'll' -' H1-111x In-1111.111 IJ:1x1cl I1-'111-ll Iilll1filk,1Sll1flfK'I. R--l11'1l 1.1111 N. K111l1.'11'l P11-111 111'1.'1ld 1111105 cvlllIM'Slx1. R11 11.1111 Sa11111N1111. ICI 'Ii' 'F N.1111v H11-11111. BI111c1'. N1-1111311 Imxxe, clrea ICI1111-111, Dia11111- IIc1'1111q. Knrcn K:11s1'-11 XIa1'1lv11 L111i11ilxi, . V-3566-fbilimxss , ' . . 5x',p, -- --m...,1 ll 1 i H p la R lnm YN oottn David Russvn. Smit Wt-rneit. David Srhuetter. Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles, national hon- orary military society, serves a two- fold purpose on campus: to honor outstanding military students and to develop the highest ideals of the military profession. The group represents the Uni- versity of Toledo at various drill meets throughout the country. At TU, activities e e n t e r around a pledge-active organization. This year, the group served as honor guard at various TL' and city events. X f-t iii n B Sew nd Iituttnant Samir Sulayman. RUII' 3: Charles Buekley, iVil- T ma H ld t maid C amp Fted X elm, George lvCl3l3,Jll1l King, Ho- rn-1 Pleclgcs. FRONT RUIVJ Raym--ncl Flynn, Rrvbert Keyser, Timm- mas Hall, Rwliert Carr, Calvin Pvt:-rs, Tliwnme Ilmlt, Dwiiald KCC thy Sflialne-ck. RUII' 2: Stcwn .-X, Saqal. F. David Curr-ill. William QIlll,xlHIl1C'S xYl'jlHXVlll Fioreriliiif'-. Barry DiSall0. Art lilyn. Dnvicl Brinkel. RUN' 3: Tlifv- Persliing Rifles mcn play an activc part in bizxmiilfxl Pu-siclcmizil Rcvicw. hmmm-.-s.e.em,,,-- .V Ml.. , - 93 e 9 b v-NL5 N c 'Q S Q 5 1 Q 5 f pf, X' R' xx N-iff: 5549 President Cnrlsori :incl eorninfinclers rex'iew troops. urvr Rolyert Kr,-yu-r', cl'tII1lIlIlIIllL'I' KTHIHCS Rnlwinwn. Ext-mutive .XL'S.X-ROTC. 1"'IfO.YT ROW: Samir Sulnviiimi. Seerelnr'y-Fl'1'e:1s- Offi- tei Alffrrv Bfillllll-L. jeffrey llwlniwii, Hflll' J: NYilli:xni 171--reiitiim. The ROTC hand performs nt Presidential Review. AUSA-ROTC Throughout his four years, the ROTC man aims activities toward receiving his commission as a second lieutenant upon gracluating. Among activities preparing him for his goal are military reviews and summer camps. Thfvinas Hvntt. 'Victor Zarirliny. Ravmoncl Rirhard Yaiiktntlingharii. Flynn. Robert Walker 94 tl O SCLXBBARD .XXD BLADE 1'iR4l.YT RUII' DIlX'itl PK'lI'l1'1fl, Hl'l1l'N' lwfliflll, ljlltifwll Eilfixll Clitimlwlf-xg Rr-lveit Ylaxiu ICUII' jf lhirv BiiQlw1'f-. Slew-11 Blrivi, 4l.11111w Rolniimii lrlixul Iif1l'lHiC'l'5l'xl. 'lihomzis Oil-mQlfti. Ri-hnrtl Sflllllfvlll. R+-lit-it Alaues Hfilll' fi' R'-lu-it O'llJ.xv:1'. Rirliarcl Yaiulmitliiiuliaiiu, -lolm P1-twin lr-in Iitnmilx Riilu-it Wfilwtl ICHII' 4 liI.lI'll.llIl Lehman. Rohr-rt lmwaiitliixxslti, Dain-llStvxt'1ii,Yittoz Zaxit hm' William S- huliz Wclrheods New to the campus is the ROTC rifie team, the lYar- heads. Major activity of the group is par- ticipation in small- bore competition in t h c Northwestern Ohio ROTC League. At the end of the season, the team competes with BGSU for a special trophy. Scobbord and Blade :XII lioiioixiry mili- lilly' frgitemiti. Segihhgircl :mtl Blaclv lmnoiw men who clispltiy outstamcling lealtleiwliip Cl1LlIiLlCIl,'l'iSIlCS I1t"t'Cl1'tl ill HlliC1'l'S. lfgieh 3'e.i1'. the ol'- Qllllilllllflll nets as hmmm' gtiutcl for the Homecom- ing Qtiveti. Klvinlvms honor their own qixt-en at the Xlilitgiry gmcl Cimhcl Balls. YX'.XRlplli,Xl-JS FIUYXY' RUII' Riilwrt fjillfiXVI', lif'.1xe'i'. Lilxtli- Sweet lfflll' -I ljL'lIlll9 Sxxieitnli. l.inpi,uti lwiix l' N-ii:-mix lx-'lint C-um X1-li-il.1x1v.ill.1-iw, Williaiui Xli1l"lN"ll liilm Lmltf-, PI'l'9lLll'lll.XlIllllllYll1XH'lll'l Ixllllli Q Roll:-it llolv- hylllhllll Rvllf lllilhllil ll.i1l1-x. llvimix Koxiili. Ee jf' Q 'A 1 , s ' 1: , . . 0 fig, 3 Q, 6 95 RELIGICUS AND SERVICE IVCF Prornotion of Christian philosophy through ,MR x 'fi . , 1 t- - Bilelf- study. prayer. discussion, speeches, and con- -T'-,i 1 , 4 wi-,six sitltruion of Christian responsibility in world enuigelisin is fostered bv members of the Inter- Yarsiti Cfliristian Fellowship. Nlonthlv social events. such as bowling ancl caroling parties. complement a program of various guest speakers. Religious Coordinating Committee After two years of work and reorganization the Religious Co-ordinating Committee is begin- ning to make progress in achieving its goals: at- tempting to encourage students to join a religious group on campus and to co-ordinate the groups in religious fellowship and study. Two persons from each religious group serve on the committee. IYCF. FRQNT RQIIQ Luanng B,-wwn, Nancy Good. Leah Roeger. ROW 2: Ron Good, Chainnan Mike Cox. Jim Rabbit. Phillip Zepp. Rt1l,lt,l1JL'N L11 1ORIJlN.X'l'lNfQ CIOBINIITTEE. I-'l.'HX'1' Ifrlll' Si111,-tarv-Fl'reasu1'er Nancv Hardy. Ll1.r:ii:.,n: li:-izxaninf llurlev, RIPI1' 2: Amber La- thanr l.uann-' ljrf-wn, Phillip Zepp, 'Q ii A YWCA """'X i l ' y ., ,R , s A N ' i Q v u . Working with the mfg downtown YXVCA to encour- age Christian fellowship among women and to bene- Fit others is the goal of the Q 'KX A YWCA on campus. A wide K range of activities, from serv- K . . ice to social, include a fresh- 9114 no 5 G o av FD 'F ,J "1 l-P -4 .. . 5 f'V' .T FD PN 'L J.. l ki' 4321 ff. i a splash party with the s o , 3, YMCA, a car wash, a bake Alggggf ff sale, a Thanksgiving food ' collection. and trips to inter- . g.-- -W --A , est spots for underprivileged M 't Children. -15 . F' 1 9 J Q 1 P Alpha Phi Omega The l963-64 school vear found :Xlpha Phi Omega continu- ing its policv of promoting service to TL' and Toledo. Outstanding among its services was a 551111111 gift for ramps and special tables for handicapped students in the pro- posed Union addition. Other Alpha Phi Omega con- tributions include the duplicating machine in the library. the Used Book Exchange. assistance in the Red Cross blood drive. and distri- bution of Career booklets to seniors. The group also played an invalu- able role in the Issue Il Campaign. ALPHA PHI OMEGA, FRONT RON" Second Vice-president David Edelman. Prank Kaspitzke, President john Nels-ini janies Brug HOU' 2. Emmanuel Maniv. James Smis7ek. Jack Booth, R-vhert Tri-st. Richard Weisman ROII' ff: R--nald Sta- ley, jim Kier, Vice-president Dirk Brundage, Franklin Lehman. .Xdviser Edward Foster, YWCA, FRONT ROW' Area Representative Jo .Xnn ,-Xrrher. Editor-Ilistorian Carol Mills. President Carol Grensing. Vice-president Joan Webster, Treasurer Diane Paseh. Chaplain Anibcr Lathan. Secretary Maija Miezitis. ROW 2: Bev Black. Nan Sautter. Carole Batog. Juv Hanna. Irene Briga, Kathy McFarland, Sally Patterson. Rabeth Shank, ROI1' 3: Barb Nelson. Betkv Heard, Marvann Simp- son, Gail Lukacs. Bobbie Corwin. Bonnie DeShet- 'Xl.PH.'X PHI UME1i.'X Pletlges I"lf17.YT Rflll' Klifhael Dnssmaaii. R11 li- ard Lriioiiiis. D-'nnis Built Neill' 2' David Anies. 'lilioiiias Januki. l,eo Ki IUX. Leonarcl Pnlcvn ler. Ruth Orns. 97 4 L - NEYVM.-KN CLUB. FRONT ROIV: Marcia Thibodeau, Charlene Chambers, Elvira Bergmann. Myra Brough, Sue Coleman, ROII' 2: Carol Petryk. Carol Shanteau. Sharon S-wlrucki. Janet Border, Claua dia Hook. Barbara Ashburn. Nancy Criqui. Alice Camp. Bettyanne Hurley. ROW james Palmer, jon Taylor, Raymond Norris. Rob- Newmcm Club Highlight of the year for Newman Club is its annual weekend retreat during semester break. Male members travel to Ca- rey for the February weekend, while the girls trek to Fremont. At TU, religious activities include monthly communion breakfasts and various guest speakers. XVeekends during the school year find members socializing at splash parties, roasts, spaghetti dinners, New Years Eve party, and spring formal. The two Newman Club campus-wide mixers mark the beginnings of both semes- ters. 98 ert Walker. Edward Stepansky, Michael Ligibel. Dennis Koyich, Richard Minadco, ROII' 4: Wlilliam Layinr Anthony Wernert, An- thony Banclurski, Andrew Babula. Ken Lehman. Dennis Agosti, Thomas Hummer, Larry Orzechnwski. Michael Szolosi, Wvilliam Reet7. joseph Leasor. Float party: making a horse of a different color. "'-52 ,ri 215' F--X, gi Iii, X5 ' f "Attention: license 2356 E, Your lights nn' un." i Q, -A NEYVKI.-KN CLUB. FRONT IQIVTIV' P11-sidviil .Xrt Siiixvun-4, Swiv- tary Ritaniav Rciiihnrl. Vice,--iwvsidoiit Kvunmli H1-mold. 'liuasim-x' Edward O'Hn-arii Rffll' 2: Llaxwl Sfvi.-mm: Simi'-in Niillixwii. Bai'- lmm Swcli-uki. fxfary Pat Klillm. Mivlu-llc! jnsiii, Dinuc- Rwsslfrr. RON' .15 Carol Ixxinski. Richard fXIu1qe-iislcrii, Exim-me SILIKY. Tho- 354 ' xi t'IHiJr'I'S iiicwt fm ' llI1IllIL , 1- im x ,M - wx:-,., -,rg -. h. Q.-.X Mfqfr- -'-' , : M,x...,. ,J I 4. ,A if 2, EW. -' 1 If oi-Y' rl 'Nm . , . ,.,,.N, ., .. ,M ll -Z 4 s x ' w h , 6631 f 1 ' wi 1' ' jaw' , 1 ,A 1 . -,1 5, ' , 0 A if nf ,I 7 61 f.f51'1:'-Zff' 1 , 1,533-'1,,: . V eg jeff' f , , at M- N A 21, -- - , A ' -, f . 'gfffl' .gf '. .. , xvny, .WM---1 fr, N L , 26 J ,W A A-,fM,., I ,..,:., - ,.1,',,,, , . 'if' -1- 2 ',l.,-wil " I W 74- V ,gi 4 igfildriiii-ff1.E5-1-V f HA 3 f.,9,c-A., f...e,,,n,,. ' 4- iw - C..A.J.2 f'X1,.fx.4 ' K VKX sm,-iiimtvi'-bx'enk I'f'IlxE'Cll, a cf fe mas xIOUI!'. Dcxlv Kr--mtz. RUM-it Bihmviki. Rim Kruir-, ROI1' -I Tum .Xmhn-jcu5ki. IlfiI'I'Y R-xlw, .Xiirhr-m' S-Iiiiriiauiir,-11 Richard Hvym-, Ruimid Dvfh-lim, fh-muv RI-mis. Rayiimiui P3l'kCl. Mirliaf-I Dvsard. "L," ,.M 99 Inter-Nos Dates, "hours," study- ing during quiet hours, and aettve participation in cam- pus life are important to clorm women. The opening of the new Xleliinnon annex in- creased the size of Inter-Nos. Members worked together for a feeling of unity both among themselves and be- tween themselves and the campus. Each year, the women of Inter-Nos Compete in Songfest and sponsor a Christmas party and an open house. 'Wd F9 100 "I tried to call you, hut the McKinnon line has been busy all day. so. . ." px wsu 1 ,- 1-.-as Officers. SEATED: Adviser Blanche Byers STANDING: Treasurer Joanne Thomas Sefretary Bfarty Corbett, President Eileen Chumbley, Vice-president Joan Webster xl .rf Apartments. FRONT ROW: Gretchen Schultz, Marcia Melucas, Mary Lou Gfell, Jo.-Xnn Nedelco. Lynn Scopel, Kathy Hirsch. ROW 2: Annette Paparella, Janet Cychlet, Susan Weinberg, Tammy First floor. FRONT ROW: Marjorie Kent, Susan Arnow, Susan London. Marianne Antebi, Barbara Seidner, Mary Cecalek, Carol Levitwn, Roberta YN'allant, Carol Becker, Yvonne Tavtigian. Rose- marie Lucianin, Nancy Maguire, Jolan Kesseru, Regina Schneider, 'CJ Eib, Patricia June, Sue lrey, ,Ioan Webster. Lfarty Corbett, Eileen Chumbley. Patricia Wells, Sarah Garson. Judith Frunkin, Gene YN'olf. ROW Ii: Susan Paseual, Marty Martelli. Eilen Holeski, .-Xclrienne Maher. Jane Hainerstwne, Diane Snyder, Barbara Bazura, Kathyrn lN1cLeod, Ja- net Davidson. Susan YVeiner. C, X. x .L-L I SS x N 9 - , ' A , Sf new 5 v 5? s QW! ' ' r 101 Y l it ' A 0' X r A 1 ' 1 . f 'f ' "' . ' - S 'r i ' l : N5-X 'Q ' w1Y"3':' , ' " A - I 1 K .2 1 . ' .LL . ' .mai -mx " . Q . -J .gs-ev.. f-g 1. 'rfT:' Li, . . h ., ,N fx J-,X x .1 ,-.3 .X Serfmd Hof.-r. FRUXT RUIV: Peggv Carlwr. Blvtlie Allwrt. Bar- bara Owens. Suv Davis. Hilary Stafli RUN' 2: 1-Jwrwtliv Cwnracl, Juan Ricllev, juclv Slalwo. lrvne Smnisylul Alive' Will. Rusffmary Murpliv, Carwl Oxc-ncler, Jam- Klamvr. Lfvrrie- Cvsare, Anna Cre- Astrid Stcuclul and Sue Wvinberg be-gin liomeward trek. 3. szkie-wiC7. RON' 3: Judi Pullork, Diane Lukat. Nucl Kinkcl Kaye Williams. Plivllis Rfvlnml. Roberta Halrm. Cliristiv Borlan Linda Cmxnn. Judy Feder. Carr-lc Canter. "GI'HIlHlC.i XX'K'lJSICI'lHL1liCS 1 aiu. cl '1 l ieck. cl. Flllllilifll' sight to d O 1' 111 lesidvmsi the walk pas 5-5 .., 1, -XL' 6 ff sux -R- the fin-ld l1011sc to Lvlli- I i. 5' YL'I'SiU'II81l. Q "j I I T-5 .E-z I i 5 su :uni ini i w ll!! IIIII4 nr : , ..- yu. , - "A" 2 .z gm E sim Third H11111: FRUXT HOIIY Enid Rnqllnm-13 Ixvm- YN'4'isslw1'u. Pn1tvI,i1111:111. HOU' H 111311110 Th11ITlJS. Rflva RJl1i1111w1C1, Rv-111 Judi B11111bv1'u. Blcrvl S111-M54 NH,-mn M,V.U1,,1-1 IQUII' J' Hmcli Xvdll- Z11rkv1'111.111. SLIC XI111'1av. Di.11111+3 B1-u111r111. K.1!lQ'Il BI"'UdY A6111 Siwkle. .Xstricl Srcmlrl. C1311-I xIYi'I4llf'lk. IIXIIC I,nQ1'111-, Buclw Iil'.'l1Lf, 1i'1111c Pukus, juclv I.1111. B.l1'IIJl'fi xxJSS0l'II1flI'l. C1h.ll'14,'IlC f911IclbQ1'Q Juan YN'Ci115Ici114 Susan BI'CXXSIL'l'. Maddv I.cxi11111 5115.111 R:111o111-1'I. ChClI'1f'llC Lillldlx. K.. .Q1 ,mv-:md .i P, N 103 F i Men's Residence Halls Managers. Mel Klein, Director William Wood, James Sycks, Robert Trcistman. Men's Residence Halls A dorm man's life: learning, laundry, new friendships through campus activities. This year, increasing non-resident school popula- tion resulted in an over- crowding problem in Dowd, Nash, and NVhite Halls. The overflow moved into Scott Hall. Additional rooms will be available upon comple- tion of Carter Hall during the 196-l-65 school year. Dorm life creates lasting friendships. Lounges provide quiet study areas. i i i 5 a. fi ' + 1 is I' ig, "QV wx :gg Q QW: P-va-a ' ' -:5"fYl?5: , '- e'ri:mw:N . NN: I-:Nik mg Y' , A wx- ..-A, se x 'S gi A X 41' gx-rvyyws U4 ,. 14" i'f?44?ZfZ' 'va f--W:-fan x 'KI was mm 51, -3 R 51 DNW. FRUXT RUIVJ :XHCll'E'W Mahler. RLISSEH ,lOl'1I'1SOH. THINGS Russel Cronin, Jr., James Wlalters. ROW 3: Wlilliam Wood. Nicho- P3lH11f1'. fXlPl11'I156' Wfiiht. .lack Matson. Rollfild Giillilll. ROW 2? las Callaccioi Benjamin Bacon, Henry Simon, James Stisses, W'il- Rifhard Belirens. Jerry Schwartz. james Ci'-naway. David Brinkel. ligm Kal-lakl DNW Ofhfii-rs: Vive-president and Parliarnentarian Jack Matson. Secretary Russ -liflinson. President James Palmer, Treasurer Alphonse Wright, Adviser Vlilliam Xvuiifl. E55 91 4. I y ai C not A 5A y A . Q: A 106 DNW For those who live away from home, the dorms are an important part of college. The DNW' Club helps guide men to live with respect and friendship in a dormitory en- vironment through meetings, floor representatives, and the Dorm C o u n c i l. The Council sponsors Films, dances, study sessions, and open meetings at which the men can put forth their resident prob- lems and suggestions. Most import- ant for the men of the halls is the active part they can have in the formulation of dormitory policy. 'It's alright. fellas: Mr. XN'ood ie hem LISt eo she s out hx IH1ClI'llY ht DNW. FRONT ROW: Jerry Swartz. james Conaway. james Palmer, Alphonse Wright, ROW 2: Marshall Borris, John Marks, Thomas Hyatt. Andrew Mahler. Russell C. Cronin. . -. - '5 1, -. 1' 111-2:5 ..FQ.91Yvt12f' ssznsc.-wr . Q I as - - , .Y -Llp-sl ,K .Ri 5:1 , . xi 1, 'Q .1 -ip . , H., N Je: api.,-: N 15,3 Cf v Y V ' ' w -' " . .. r' 'mf " - - - , 1-f---1-Q ixaiivwfa-11 k 'If"i?'Q""A ,f , .- , ,. .. . M... ..s,-,xx . , ., U . 54, R -me.. ,, ,V .. , VV vjgx V-x..,v. k .h N- . V, gwar 1 .f . , . - - - - A -f 4 ,. Wt- ,---wg Q. . . Ya. :-an -' Q' " 'M W ' 4 il. - 'wtiflgf :..f:4c..sq,g--..,,.l:5..:,.,-V 133, " -. - -, 1. . M 1-'-' .:'. - f ,... . 1 ' ' 1 . . ' -rv.:-Q:-M 1. ,434-.T""-11x-A-...--"'ITfE?'-.H -.w..z.:' ' X Hi ge -I ' vii, 31? ' x ' iwg. stag.:-'-' f A - f Y'mf'ii'f"'rQ 'ff . A""Q"NN--KWfY"4i3if' V . . '1'v:'::- rf: 1--,. Q., ,..114,..:-: v w..+f""Q V .- ,K ,1Q'.3. , N - .Y XM- , .b :GN-.. 'N' .f A' f A .q 3,q..5ZQ55ef-NN . X ' .,.,,gQ.,. V.. .A - .. 1 - g'w,4if-6 we:-' '- X 'iw-sw-I-.-if f, ., . Q.. A . A , .im -R , K 5 X . 5. X A. K wuz. . h ' x A 5 ww X WPZ?f'?P'?fZ ' x f sz b X ., ' -f.-'bfi Aviva rj. fra'-9wi',.QQ -v , , " Q J. . vac-A Rf' -. Q 'g,S,.NXXg5 .. -+ Sb W 1 .g .4 s W 'L f ' " L - -. . Q." Q A iw , N - u Q A X. I W ., 1 - q . X N ""' -A-.. ' ' 4 N. "if ' "gif-5Pfb..' ' . , - 3' if . - 'V K" ' X , Away., .ff mv x '. A A Y .X 'M 4: . . A... ' S I w o.: .f V - f"""'N-- , iw .. . N Q . f! -L N! aw J w , Q . ', , , Q .Nw-' " .,. A .H X. -,., ..., 1 .A imd- Q 5 'F A-X 6 .. 1 53 3 Sv' - -- Wf- if A ' ,, X P ' ' X V1 f' ff- W" ' .. ' ' 3351" Ere. -s agff H ..4.....- 3 - ini", E A' x"x a ' " 44 . '4 ' x ., ., -. I v F533 - ' V-Y l F ' -' f 'ig T I u ' Y' -- Q ex , xt - ' F ' S 1 1' '. - ' ". 'M A A ' - x ?gWb53qQ .-mg - Q ' --r ,' ' 1 iw N ,l ' .. ... 5'1" ' R '13, H 'A cf -V ' . , .W 42.8 f' . :5Q 1 2?. U - -X QE' ':.- P DNS . K' " 'N -'-'X' 'Z W- f - : , .--yy - , K , , f xg! 2' Q' TSN- 4' NW ,i I ul I - L. .,, ,r al I x . ' I' K ll: . ' Q' ' - .. '-v3x-:m':':r':- - -:W .. . ..., A . UM - "" - ., " "" - wx ' -. f .Q-,-FE, ,Apx .t -X Q., .M , . 5 -.'.+M..Xqxm 'Qxkrm 108 H2 PATTERNS IN GREEKS 1 t -,Q' ' N . . Qx N . i Ii f 4' TJ Nix A , K -e A: is ti ..- 1. - Kms ' -N ,. - .. A ' - 1 " ix A . Xxw"' . , " " X 'TT V ' U, , "L .y : I Qs .. V , . ".-- ,N X, .Q - xc- it X it ,, y pw- , S ,L .L x - X U - X :sy tssp .. . fy-. . - u R - f N . ' S ' . . ,g l N- Y- -- V ' ' I 1' gg: i' '- i - T. i K K. ex i Xxx' - or c were - P A t , .'. 1.,- . v' A -U, ,, ., so Q .gent ' f -4 Us Q- 0' 4.1 'Rx' ., A . . X ggi.-..,... .-X. N -' AQ, l 5. 1 Px . 1 ' -Q. , . flip ' A K 5. Q., . sr .t .vi -Asif. 1 l v . - . . Y- 'ii A 1? . rx. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FRUXT ROW: Diana Schultz, Mary Ellen Szollosi, Sally Row, Gretchen Schultz, Cindy Coving- Carol Hershman, Treasurer Jackie Torsok, President Judy Shell, ton.INf9-YY P21t5Iallin.DarylShapir0.BOHr1iE' DCSl'1EIl6f- Secretary Kathy Vaughn. Kathy Call, Bonne Naylor. ROW 2: 110 Ponhellenic Council As governing body of womens fra- ternities, Panhellenic Council provides a cooperative atmosphere within which its members strive for common ideals. The Council is responsible for compiling and enforcing rush policies and rules. Of prime importance has been the Council's interest in promoting unity among the Creeks. So- cial activities include rush parties, a moth- er-claughter tea, and a spring banquet. Panhellenic Council also serves as a model for Junior Panhellenic, a corres- ponding body composed of pledges. Ad- vised by a member of Panhellenic Coun- eil, Junior Panhellenic studies Panhellenic policies and procedures and works to pro- mote intersorority harmony. "All aboard for sorority junction! PM 2 . Jr. N ' 7 .Q 3 . lil ' X' X ff WIT? JUNIOR PANHELLENICZ, FRUNT RUIV: HHH' 2: KI-mm W.xIdxwgul. Samlra S1l1iHI-rIv. Ihr' Emma Babarcsik. Gudrun Zahn, President Barllnra Mara T--lwm. Karim!--vu R-M1151-n.fxialvfhlillxwt Nclswn. TI'i'3Slll'CI' Carwl Nathan, Pamela Farlr-y. shun-S View ilu- lntcst in cwllcqintc Millions. War' .A-.1-1' rug N III Founded nationally at DePauw Ifniyersity. Ortt-lver 15. WHS. Beta Omega established at Toledo. Noveinher 17. 19-15. The frater- nity col--rs are scarlet and olive green: the llower is the red Carnation, GVC9 0 ooo 0 Ill WJ T6 Alpha Chi Omega 4'I'm a gay cayalero" Telephone 9621 . . Why don't you come up and see me sometime? . . . All we ever drink is tea . . . Only 222 days till cottage . . . Rosie. just jack. PJ . . . Bring 'em on . . . Let's make this meeting short . . . There will be no knitting at formal meeting . . . Convention. here we come . . . Alpha Chi's can look back on a very busy year. Working on their float, Budda 'Em Down. took many hours in the first semester. Many sisters became models for an evening during the annual Bridal Style Show, At the YVUS Carnival their booth and Ugly Man won first place. The girls got a chance to do the asking to their Backwards Party which was a Square Dance. In the spring they competed in the Sig Ep Chariot race and Songfest. Marcia Kupper and Rusti Brandman served on Student Senate. EH' ,- W 'bf TOP ROW: Lindell Ahlfors. Susan Blackmore. Bonnie Blank, Rusti Branclman. ROI1' 2: Patricia Bryan. Judy Byington. Mary Ann Czyzewski. Diana Double. Smile a while and as the years go by . . y R i "XVhat do you mean. Do we know how to cook?" l "Don't do it. No inan is worth it." iv ,,,.... ,.,,.... 4? -'4 wu- TN 1:- Qi 6' 4-5 Q.. ,- N, ,ox '95 as .pw gun X WX 4.-rf 'vy fe .rig TOP ROIV: Pamvla Farloxx Linda Fetzvr. Carolt- Folvv. jarkic Pviiskt-. Marx Phillips. Kzithle-mi R-iliiuQ-tu, Sxillv Rui-. Susan Rltll Fournier. KIflllI'i"t'Il fialinuhc-r, Elma filt'I1k'T. Km? Hartman, Judith fvldt. Kuthlwli Smith Rffll' -I Yxuuiiv Rus'-Inu-lx. Rv-:hilt S4iH1l'1ti Haupcrt. RUII' 2, Patrimia -Iaruh, BZil'i3ClI'C1JllitLlS, Marcin Kttpllvr, vr. Judith Suv-w, lluthth Stvplit-uwu. X111 Stink. Katlih--'u Sum Carul xIiCi'iCl1S, Karen Xfizen. Li3.IhC'I'iI'lC Kluritn. kIl'flI1I'l6 xIHl'IiIIlt'l'. illC'X'. 1,1-is SllI1kil"I'lIlHII, Sue: Tfixl-iii ICUII' 7 Sqxllv Yzuith-iwuhv Xliua Jenn Liskc. RON' Linda N1-ppcr. Ann Pastttr. K3Ihif't'Il KathlvhYugtNhv1'ut'1',St1im.YK'Culitv'1. Rim-Zf-111-i, QR , i'rlqI'6'flSL1l't'I'-S report: YYQ can Spend 32.67 for formal this ycaitii 1 Founded natif-nallv at Barnard College on January 2. IHQT, Theta Psi established at Toledo Nnveniber ll. lf!-H. The lraternity c--l--rs are red and white-1 the flower is a Jacqneminr-t rose Qij 8 , 1 31 or fm 'O , r Q .0 Q sy s la TOP ROW: Janis Alton. JoAnn Archer Kathleen Barut ' RON' 2: Carole Batog. Judith Benson Margaret Burdette Alpha Omicron Pi Water. water everywhere and not a drop to drink . . . "We've got eouth and Kruppu . . . Dan- ger: low Hying arrows . . . A real, live Indian? . . . Rosebud . . . Gee. thanks for the cookie, pledge . . . A letter from "Liz" . . . California. here I come . . . Fireball Call . . . ofllil points for a pinning . . . The sky's the limit . . . Sam . . . Fall brought rush and 16 enthusiastic pledges to the chapter, They were soon working on the AOPow lVow Campus Wide, where AOPi presented the Fraternity of the Year trophy. It was a fun-packed year with a big-little sis party, Backwards Dance and fraternity parties with the Sig Eps, Theta Chi's and Phi Psi's. The annual formal, Candlelight and Roses, highlighted the year with the girls wearing long ball gowns and their dates receiving engraved invitations. In their spare time many .-XOPi's worked on SUB, Senate and other activities. "Do you have a cigarette?" 1 -Q 'T Q kv . -A .Qi 1, . if I.. 3 Friends cs The years go by - S. . .Sgr .. in 'S' 5 Nt 15' .Y Barbara Burpee. Sarah Carson Eileen Chumbley Fireball Gall test runs the Shark .Af .A get g,,,.A5,. .Y ,ff X ,ze 3 ease- e YRS i SX .-I .50 Q- KX 'D 'Ax 1,1 7 6 Sf-Q Q '23 4 Q. -x, A . N0 rss TOP ROIIY S1111 Coleman. .lam-t Daviclsurm Diam- Draws. Caro- lyn En1r111c'k. S110 Fe-rg'11s1111. Renee Fleetcr. -Imkie li1111l11c RUN' 2: Candy Gran, Nancy Hallvrl-za111p. Pnl Hmxell. Y11 ki Howell. Carol A1111 Kil1le1g SuZa11111'- Ketzer. R113 H1115 RUII' ff' Linda Kovach. Bwrmic- KI'lCIlEI'. Kathy' L111111uc1'. Joy Mnfilure, Jan "And l1c tllOllQl1I 11 was Collk-c.'A B vi' fv- 'eg S49 047 + 1 I , 9- .f KIcQ11ill111, S116 Miller. 1--6111116 Mitu-11dv1'f. RUII' 4: Sue M 111 Aileen Olllukv. Ruth clIIlS, Diam' RndalJa11gl1. Shaxwu Rwggn Barb Salilm, N.111ry S.11111r'1' ROII' 57- Bormie Sharp. Stew StQl111Llxi, Marv Ellen Sfllll--si. Cnrwl Tesmm, NUI't'L'I1 Xvll Nancy Z1-il. B11-11dg1 Xvilll Natta iw' Founded nationally at the L'nix'ersity of Arkansas. April 5. 1395. Xi Delta estab- lished at Toledo. Norcinber 3. 19-H. The fraternity Colors are rardinal and straw: the flower is A iihite Carnation. QQTI-Ig , s 'Z of S 0' TP 0 .v DC if S X .4 S A. Ga Chi Omega ilu? X r "Security is having friends spend the night." Chi O spirit runs high. H6 TOP ROW: Sue Braithwaite. Nancy Biebel, Mollie Copic. Marty Corbett. ROW 2: Bobbie Corwin. Janet Cottey, Susan Crites. Donna Day. There'II be many memories . . Hey Tink! . . . Who says a Chi O never stays out late? . . . Iillson . . . Fly by night . . . Jackson and Troup plaster ,Em Goot . . . D-Day . . . DOW . . . Did you know the worlds all pear shaped? . . . Gung-Ho Gahtna! . . . A newly redecorated apart- ment greeted 15 pledges this fall. The new class was given a chance to display their enthusiasm by spon- soring a shoe shine, Chi O athletes helped win first place trophies in the Zeta Golf Tournament and the Sig Alph Olympics. Chi Omega is also proud of its regal sisters: Pat Schreiner, Homecoming Queeng Donna Day. Homecoming attendantg Judy Urbanski, Miss TKE-ALSAC: and Mollie Copic, Honorary First Lieutenant. Annual parties include the apartment shower, parents' party, winter and spring formals and the campus-wide mixer. .i Y N w. v i it t ..y, K v 4 -ssf T y .ts s- K' ' f P -f"' ' ,.,, ' ". at 2 i . 5' f' Wes. t, sf g . . 'ss 2:11 i Nas. A -s. Q T""P -. rxx ,4 'S' bf 'cz' 5- 'IJ 'PO' Q-.., 6- ,. ,Wi x ,. ,. .... , " '- '. " ' 42 Q, ' " '57 . ff ? l ' 3 552 P-Q if V .L X TOP ROW: Bfvnnie DeShellv1', Diane Dixwn. Ancli EllIlUIT', Gail O'Nvill HHH' 4 Lnrvlmfi Pnstlf-unit. l,L1vvS.1ww-1'. Sandy S-lnH'11lx Gartner. Nanmx' C1-u1'Qf'. Jill KI. fllJIiOll. .-Xnnlx' fiil-lvum, Nlnrtlm Pat Sm l1l't"llll'lI Laura Slllxw-i11m', l.xnn Sa-qu-l, lYl1'lkHlllY Sn11l.1x. Giles, RUII' 2: Carnl fll't'IlSlINl. Cars-l llanfc. Nanvx' llllrclv. Ruth Skalski Hflll' 57' Lnwrif- Sp1'.mx1r'. Qllll'I!'X' 'l'l1m111lsU11, RUIHIIE' Flllw Hvsvnan. Kathy Hnsh. Kax Inuln:xn.C.1nclv Kc-nnn-11 fhnl Lukars l!'XXSlxl, PM 'lnxc-Ivillski, .Inllv X'llIll'llI, Marx Sm- Wmllxnsm-1. Su 111 RON' 3: :xIIll'r0Ig Latham. Barlu I,E'l'lIlL'l'l. P.11'1'iS I.vclv. Kathy Klrlrar- lxllllllltlkllf -Lynn NN'l1l1lx'L-qvl land, Kfaija Miczltis. Claudia Miller, Diane Pasylx, Marv lcv V5 ' I ,, N . 'E ,V-we-: f V 5 1 ...v:'s11::. ., . if 5 ,:zgawsg,,, " Q., '- l ' 4-11. .g.,fr1.ggf33ig:ggg1 - ,. :A . qz- - A 4 we Y . 1 -'f,:::,:g,q.f:g rw I " 2 Y- X ffm' .f ,ig .qs , , A Q . ,.., A . l "Nw I told lnnl Ft-unded nationally' at Boston L'niversity. Thanksgiving Eye, 18518, Phi Alpha eg. tahlished at Toleclo. june 6. 1914. The fraternity colors are silver. gold. and blue: the flow er is the pansy. xi ' 1 it Q J 1 is QA VJ Delta Delta Delta Fearsome Threesome . . . Sailing in a tub . . . Nah. thats too rinky-dink . . . Have you cracked that book lately? . . . Delta of the Month . . . Big Pansy . . . Greensleeves . . . Tri Deltas began their activities early in the sum- mer as they learned to handle sandpaper, paint scrapers, brushes. and rollers. After many hours of work. they were able to greet the fall rushees with their apartment revi- talized in antique gold and bone white. No sooner had the whirlwind of rush subsided than the Tri Deltas began working on what was to be their third place Homecoming Hoat -"TL"s Holland 4 a XN'in-d." Christmas brought a moment of relaxation for the Tri Deltas as they met at the Park Lane Hotel for their annual formal. Relaxation cloesn't last, however. Second semester brought many hours of preparation for Songfest. Singing their ren- dition of "Creensleeves." Tri Deltas were able to place first for the third year and retire the trophy. Again Tri Deltas were first in scholar- ship-their eighth consecutive semester. "We're supposed to be enjoying thisf H8 hs.. -fvwslfv' N ilu 3 0-'F N Q'-' -:T 9 5 TOP ROW: Emma Babaresik, Betty Beyer. Nfartha Bierley Loma Boyd. RON' 2: Nancy Buss. Sandra Cousino. jo Fire stone. Judy Fleitz. I Love The Pin . . 'xx "We're painting the pansies blue." av "1 6-1 'if' Q 'QP' ,gy f' 46 id! ., : fu' sv Q-N-v 'S 'ev 1-5 TOP ROW: Maina Flynn. Kntlilcvn Gall. Marv Sue Gensnn. Linda l1llIIl4'1'C'. ll4'llIl11' fl!I'v'I1l', Nan C511-s5lc1', -Iuclv Hnnnckcn. Sheila Hann--n. ROI1' P: Sallv Ilavward, Kathlvwn Hwag. Marfia lITll'1l'lT. Eileen llniic-s, Marilxn Kriiesvr. Marv Pat Nlallin, Susan McCartney, Ba1'lvr11'z1 xlCCllLll'Q, ICUII' 3: Ellen Klcflmnv. Mary .-' 3 is "XX'Qll. girls. what do you think." wi Martini. Carol Nl 1 isr ircia f-lnms Qui N llIO Mflrgaii. Pain NI111 1 nn nc 1 1 ' 9110111 O I 1 ix Car-rl Philippa C flue Punt B11 15111 Rin Cl Ell1n Rngcm Judith Scvinuiii 1 ls Sl cll 115111 Stfxsiit 1011 lxlt manis. Kathleen H11 0 Sandra XNL11111 S 1 Vest L L1ClILlI'l Lih if if 295 1 V I 7l 1 1 '64 8 in 1 S 14,5 w k ' Nr ml' i 2 H YQ-. VKX ' 4. N . ' - x E K -It 'Nt'-, P-2 A+. 2-Y - ' -' : . I sf: mb, M, Q ' Founded nationally at State Normal Col- lege of Virginia, October 23. 1897. Beta Nu established at Toledo, April 27, 1946. The fraternity colors are olive green and white1 the Rower is the white rose FX A98 'QQ sg' wg XJ. Aw" Keg 'Q IG gg KQV 3.9 Kappa Delta "The Babe does it again? 'I 20 IM if its X re "Are you really taking Rush 101 ?l' The Kappa Delta song of dreams . . Flies on the ceiling . . . I just have one more thing to say . . . Well, crew .. . Oh no! Another abdominal Everything out of the closet by Monday or else . . . Any volunteers? . . . The boat that never sailed . . . Freddy Tried . .. It's now or never . . . The sisters of Kappa began the school year by redecorating their apartment. A successful rush brought ten new pledges. The sorority placed first in TKE-ALSAC ticket sales and second in the ZTA golf tournament, Sig Alph Olympics, and Issue f'-il campaign. The pledge class redecorated the apartment kitchen and entertained the chapter ata spaghetti dinner. Theta Chi honored the pledge class with a party. Also on the agenda was a Thanksgiving party held jointly with Tau Kappa Epsilon. In addition, the sisters sponsored a French cafe at the WUS Carnival and a spring pie social for athletes. wg, :S C7 0-N 41 -.V .rv ur- A- E-f f""' -4 X8 I I-8- -L.. 'f N - A 'jx fr Q , xggzgrl - TOP ROW: Judith .-Xuda. Barbara Bazura, Dianne Clark. Kelly HOU' Y: Mary Sue Plus. l.urc-tta Samlvrs, Circ-trln-n Schultz. DcLufa, Barbara Dugan, Mary Fisllell, Mary Lllll Gfell. HOU' Caxml SllflllIL'L1ll, Barlvara Swlrf-ski, .Ir-annul Y-lr-lm'-1', Slmr-rn Sw- Pf Carnlyn Girgudgguv Bg-gky Ilgardi Rfadunng Iflaginze, Cm-HI llwflil. RUN' 4, Dfrffi ullllmllli X-ll'glI1l.l xYmvLlJl'sl. Cdl-ll uldlwll lNI-vycr, Barbara Nelsun. Barbara Owens. .-Xxrrrcltu Paparc-lla, "A prvtty smile can thrown any 6'lCCllOI1.N F. Q Y . ye X -X N X Mwrlw Till? I tv u V 4 X' st QS I ,.,.f- , .wha 3 . Q ' lla x X 121 I7--iiiitletl nattunalli at xlkillllllllllll C-l it-gtg M-it-11 lil. Iliff, Lwlliiv lipsil--n estali lished at It-ledti. .Xpril lf. I9-ll lhe lia- teinitx ti-l-'ri are silivr lilne and wine: the lii'XK't,'l is A uint tainatioii rx PW 0 , -massive .f i Gore.. Q.---"mi i TOP RUIV: Barbara .-Xeklin. Theresa Blazic. Linda Brower, Pi Betci Phi Kathleen Claroots, RUN' D: Carul Connolly. Cynthia Coving- ton. Patricia Crawford. Nancy Dennis, -Q. A 'f' 9' ' :f "nA PA, -wi. 1' "Pi Plii's string along together. 122 "Who wants to play Cupid?" Follow the Arrow . . Twenty? . . . I don't believe it! . . . Well just ignore it . . . New floor in the kitchen . . . Stulied animals . . . Empty trophy cases . . . What apartment? . . . Clean? Of course it's clean . . . The chap- ter was thrust into a year of new acquaint- ances and experiences. Miss America of 1963, Jackie Mayer, a Pi Phi from Bowl- ing Green, was a guest of the Ohio Epsi- lon chapter during her summer visit to T0- ledo. This year was one of the busiest ever for Pi Beta Phi as it pledged twenty CO-eds first semester. Big sister-little sister parties at the Griddle Cake were fun, Founders Day celebration expressed allegiance to and respect for the golden arrow. , ' x ff' MART s,"Plsy1 W rfliim' fr 3'?Tv'5:j'f: ffgqrywlt' ,vw Baz: ji e in A 5- E.'x I i . 'i 'A 4 -4 - . . Mai. f , 1, 4 5 .A -, hr J ,rm 4 M. . li 'S . ft'-fr ,4 ' ' J n. gl , fs v-X . - 5? xi hx ,-N -ic. 1 . N f 1 1' vu x i if XS, ft f' x 'i X N we J V 'SS T7 11-W TOP ROW: Carolyn Earley. Tammy Eib. Sandra Feyedelem. Mary Gaillint. Ellen Gihsf-n, Barbara Glnwski. Susan Heath. Carol Helfrich. RON' 2: Susan Irev. Patricia June. Susan Kaighin. Ann Marie Livuclun, Klarjurie Maneval, Jeanette Mayer, Judith McDonald, Elaine Mnruski. RON' Nano' Morris. Dnrene Mowery. Judith Ohert. Dianne Pasch. Carffl "You were rightg Margaret Truman was a Pi Phi." wr., -all 1: . A 'Pi V s. - G." P' .-1 3 ,. . kit 'ho .br , , 19 ,sf -an f K G E -1 '- M v -1 i 3, v-4 its," l ' :Si.'1:L35i....t: . f J Quertimnont. Lavonne Reed. Elaine Reilly. HOU' 4: Rochelle Saris, Barbara Serrest. Cynthia Siltox. Betty Simmons, Betty Ann Sniythe. Constanfe Stearns, Patricia Stephans, ROW 5: Patricia Sullivan, Franres Tank. Barbara Tu1'nmv, Leslie Tur- by. Dana XvBHXYl'YI"IIlC1', Katharine Vaughn, 123 1.37 u. , 5 Q 4 54, W Y fi undtd nati nallv at Cornell L'niversity, Xiu li 1 l'. Alpha Omega established I ber l. 1963. The fraternity Q e au lait and old blueg the ti i tht itll'-is tea rose, 1- lzexeirgroitw Sig mo Delta T "What are you crying for? We won!" GU Remember the friends . . Stop making motions, girls, and let's move . . . Who mentioned Songfest? .. . Girls, that's a trophy case, not a bookshelf . . . I'm sorry Frank- lin's doesn't serve egg creams Yes, Iam a 'ktownief' 'idormiew . . . There's a closeness that's built day to day . . . Realizing their goal, the Chi Lambda's began the year by pledging Sigma Del- ta Tau national sorority less than one year after organizing. The girls, who are pledges for six months, national officers, chapter advisers. and Dean Kathryn Schwab celebrated formal induc- tion at the Tivoli as SDT became the first nation- al sorority to become established at TU in fif- teen years. The Alpha Omega pledge chapter has been active in various campus events, winning a first-place trophy for outstanding sorority support of State Issue il and an award for best costumes in the Sig Ep Chariot Race. In addition to her role in organizing the sorority, President Diane Stone was active in Senate and was named to W'ho's Wlho. '. . . and at midnight we turn back into people." 'ik vu, SP' r 21' ., D S 4 'T Q . vu, v QE- rv- Q' N ii, V 5-ff. 1-1535 5 "-" 4' sis.m:rqe21Msv+ A, ' . 1 V . 'fl' 1 4 i' " 'R A ' Q 'B 1 1 Ke ' -A L' '1 1- if " 1 ., R1 V ,' - ..,-1' AA t TOP ROW: Carwl Becker, Klvrilvn Cl-lwll. J'1dV Fvdmi -'NP-Www' Julio Nashvl. Car--I Nathan, .-Xdrif-umv Pi-km IIUII' Ixmmf- Friss. PCQQY fJ3I'I1CI', Lilldii KLIIIIX. Alix? f:I't't'IlhCI'S ROII' 35 St'hII1l,'l't', Tludx' S411w31'I1, Dgyvl Sljllyqlml R311-11 XX'n'15f1e-lg Ily- Sauclra Kahn. Rxwllellc' Kauder. NIa1'jw1'iP Kwm. Nnnrv R11-in,, NHUOIIHI 0fHCC1'S. L1dYiS01Q. 17591111 Sclmab. and plf-dqw u-lcln'.m- imluqli.-11 of ,Xllphg f,II1L'!.1lllJIJlt'I inu1Sig1u.1 lil,-1l.1'l'.'m .-, rv ' rw Qu! 3 x 't' X ,A I25 Founded nationally at Longwood College. October 15. 1898, Gamma Eta established at Toledo. Noxeniber I5. 1946. The fra- ternity rolors are turquoise blue and steel gray: the llower is a white violet forgive fefy o QE!-ILS 0 - L., g .T Q Sf' Z YW A1 51, .4 'QQEQKLQ Zeta Tau Alpha "You went to a what kind of a party?" X X X . -. Q 126 X X at ' I - .-,l it ,hqh i ,-x CQ' TOP ROW: Marcia Baranski. Nfary Jo Bettinger, Carol Bra- zeau, Bonnie Bright. ROW 2: Sandra Cattell, Patricia Chriss, Karen Croyle, Mary Denton. I Hear the Call of Zeta . . Footsteps on the window sill . . . Let me en- tertain you . . . Who's coming for interviews next week? . . . STYBSTMFFFH and M .... Hmmmm . . . Wamp . . . The Flubber Zeta . . . Wamp . . . Gypsy . . . Super Zeta What unsats? Quick, grab that empty cigarette pack Zeta Tau Alpha began the school year by inducting 19 new pledges. Soon after, the novices became ac- quainted with the Zeta alumnae at the Founders Day Banquet at the Secor Hotel. Moving on suc- cessfully, they placed second in Homecoming float competition and first in the Alpha Sig Powder Puff Derby. At the WUS Carnival, Bonnie Bright was named Miss WUS. A tea for the mothers, a party for pledges, and the formal kept everyone busy during the year. "A funny thing happened to me on the way to the party." 'Gb Q-X '42 .6 NWN v--Y 'w- 'Q ,Xa -f 'Dx -1 ,--r ws., D' 4' 7' Qin -s, ,- X sf. t-sv 7 Greeks compete in x! u ,nt- Sv ..... Zeta Golf Tourntuiicnt. A -, .Q '1-, N t 3 tv 1 ..,., N , - ww 1. '- Y '35 , "x 5, l xv- f- . 1--v f"'?v X ,Q -.f -f"'n'l if mg, wx fab: I!,'l"'1' . .:,.:, W Y - it, -5 : ma .:., . Pl wr E Q Koi ' M is S' N Nb A .vii 5, . "f"""' R ww rx-r ,XXCW TOP RI7H': Kathleen Dvssert, juclitli Dit-tsrh. Cart-l Drewi. Alacqtiuliiii Erwin, -Icrilyn Fccimy, Susan Fux. Susan Frivk. Bailiaixi Her-ilil. IUUI1' A Cariil llcrslunan, Sue llill. Patrifia Hiuclinan, Ciinnic H--wartl. Rutli Ill K 1 man, Nancy Innes. Shar-in Klunip. Caivil Knapp IQOII' 'I Kntliciini K1'3GI!lCl'. Julia Kmtis, ,-Xuclic Lavcr, Eilillf Sui- 1,1-cliiiw. lic-slie l,1-xuw. Dun Long, Marilviit- Lipinski, Dianw Lukat. RUII' 4: Kim' NIc' Patriin Miller, Carfil Mills. Shawn Nassar, julio Ollicr. jauiic Pt-asc. Patiiii Rasvka. Marv Rcinhart. KOH' 5: Rcht-tra Ri-ush. Susan 3.11m-iiliatlu Dianna Schultz, Janine Schultz, Judith Slalwe, Sharvn Si-iwis. Kaur Stoucl, Barbara Taylur. RUN' 6: D--una Yanclcrwulp, Sandia Wcaiiti Alice Will, Chiistine Zychl-vvic7. .-vsm-S N we INIIRYR YIIRNITY COUNCIL. FRUXT Rl7I1': President N. llronias Tavlor, Edward Newxnann 'Xduser Robert LeeNIaste1 ROI! 1 lws. vlglltllllflfi Wester. Rnlwrt Kraft, Thomas Willia-ms, Marvin Friedman, Interfrcfernity Council Operating this year under a revised Constitution, Interfraternity Council serves as a coordinating body for the twelve campus frater- nities. In addition, IFC works to secure cooperation both among the Creeks and between the fraternities and the University. To promote scholarship, IFC awards trophies for the highest grade average and for the greatest improvement. Among IFC's other activities are the Smoker for rush- ees and a year-round intramural sports program. "No, I like this onds pin bettczx' : - --:- . li, , .... . if 2 a X . gi 4 f' I A...- ,A 'F X Rushcc imp:-cts fmlcrnity scixipbook at IFC Siimkvi "And this one wc'x'i- iiiannqc-d to gm back Kilim- tiiiii-sf' -7 l Founded niitionally at New York lfnivei' l sity. Noreinlier 7. l9lli. Upsilon Tau es- 5. tablished at Toledo. September 9. 1950. The fraternity colors are gold and blue. 1 GI 0 owe Q! " 123 t 6ff5f5': Q 'i'f,6"5' vi L' '. aa" ' ZW fs -14-gs D, A9 SAQQDZBLQQ. LQ! Alpha Epsilon Pi Get off my back. Groot Who said so? . . . Since when is he the boss? . . . Next month for sure Choo-choo, what railroad??? Have you checked the fire extinguishers yet? . . . Just calm down. it's only a meeting He's dated every girl in Lucas County-once One mitt needed to study for finals . . . You fink, that book hit me on the head . .. A can of paint and some Hne supervision made the AIiPi house look good as new again. Various kinds of parties kept the socialites smiling between Greek NYeek. Home- coming, and WHS. IFC sports kept the fraternity busy throughout the year. Brothers showing leadership: Joe Blumberg. SUB prcsidentg Bob Krauss, chief justice of SJCQ and Marv Friedman, Bloclclzozzse business manager. The year ended with a farewell gathering for graduating seniors. ,QA get 4 ?XN Q Q ilk R. j' Qt CJ TOP ROW: Alan Barry. Steven Bleier, Michael Bregman Joseph Bluinberg. ROW 2: lra Cantor, Richard Canter. Gary Chasen. Jay Chaskes. True to colors, gold and blue . . L'Mr. Clean gets rid of grease and grime and dirt . . "The more we sing together. the happier we'll be." 1 -5,- N.,- Q ?-'Y Lf ...I .fzifffpf v- ' 'NJ' 'QTY sk:-1-rv ' x 9'3- pg 'vw 3' if i X T.: "T 1 1 5 sw. . 1---1 .fi ey.. Hug kbs' S ...uv N -,.' i bs "' sq-.J -Hw- l 1 ' - i Ii-'?NT":C'I'Yx Y' 'AVTCN 9YxNNXXX I ., . ,,. . ,. .. . . Y ., 1:-5, gs:f-'2fgg Qiyh'N W N N , e.Q5:55gA55.-5:::i:5E.:i.,.:.A-- A-r :sw ' .V -31:- A -1 N . - Q5 . x v ,:.:.3ig.. 855' Y Q bm, I. K .!.Ev::g:'-um '- W - - ' - 4- , ,F ,.., Y- . ' , -:iz 1 .,:5:1.5:5-515. , - f -L . ' N ii. . .. . kg. -- Qs za: 'IQ - 'MX 5 . . ':- 'ff--' . 55357 .fb 'X i'-Iii. . . f . ff' H. if ,Q W- Qi -2 , 1 Q N Y i -. . 'Ni i ii ' X ' 1 "" I "" N :w, . . AZ., , X' XQQYQQQIQ - .f 5 c e. F , v x v i xf: 'N' .f N" mx - f -:-G - xr Q w -r:f5-.- ' ' w-. .. .E S " 'H Yi-'55-75 ' "N-. ' , br- i 4 Q -. ' " 1 C1 -w3Sxs:j:sx,. -' f'f'Qk--.:- rp .' -fx... .-I-:INN .. '-BXXNL: N wk . x N f W' ' Xwrm X931-: . - - X -gg, g. ,, X- z,,. , Q . ,sg , . A 1 - - -' - S- ' . V5 A ff X336 Es-szifi' -Q - INA V. , . . , NESS K Q A Y Z 1 iq, - V 5 N tr. wg' . N X Mig - -Q X . .4 i' ,ansswvf X - - X . x . -5 Y i 1 . xg , 5 Q ff- F ' , -' .iii 5532? gil ' . . . , . '- " A .if . f . ' 'L TOP RON : Bnh Davis. Mivhnel Elmer. Fi-cds-rirk Einhurn. j. 2 ' 5 - 3' W , A Mike Eiscnhud, Mark Forgnng. Charles Friedman. H.-ward .S Q.. . - .. , ,. .si - ,, tg 4 1" . . . ' . , ., 51, ' ig '--' ', -"" , , " f . Liga .var-' . - - A . ,.,,5:.- Friedman. Maiwin Friedman, RUN 2: Alan ffladstone. 5.4. tri:-3 .f S" ' ,v if ' ' 96, . ,frlzjiji 4 , -. - 1 --21.552555 al-Eli.5E5.f::. ,511 'W' '. -:-3 r David Greenhlatt. Fred Cmiclsky. Myer llHL1l'YlI7. Steven 'v-,I 'QL' ,Q ....-f S' mf, ' Hvinan. AITIII lxxitleni Buln Ixiyulss, linrry l.ew'It. RHI! .V -,:,5f.55::g- ' -- :AL M' X ' ' ' . V X x -1: V Michael LCXHIIC. Barry Liber. Mike- Lipman. Mirlmcl Lipsun, 1 7 . . . fc-5--5 U I 1' .2 ff..-. iv: - . Richard Maza. Alan Ncdcll, Jcrrv Passinan. .-Xrvin Perl- f' N Sgfgy V2.5- .1 .. y. - - . . D fain 2 W- A. l man. RUN' 4. Ali-rry Phillips, Sli-W-11 Primwlizxg llvnrv Rii- hin. Fred Rosen. Mickey Ruscnberz. Brurc- Rfrss. Daw San- ders. Howard Sandler. HOU' 5: Riilicrt Scliwnrlz. Mi-lvin Siegel, Larry Siinun, Huwnrcl Smith. Exnn S-ilcliiiuvr. .lay Steingrout. Michael Swwlslxy, jim Swartz HOU' 6: Eric Talb, john Turin, Evan Zwillinan. Fcr1'aC I.0IlglFl'filiC. Hnuscmrnher. "I know the answer." sl c vm f . i 131 F-luntleal natioligillv at Yale Llniversity. Derenrber 6. 18-1.3 Beta Rho established at 'l'-rletl--. Nlartli 1 3. 19157. The fraternity eulfrrs are x'JI'Ll1Iltll and stone. the llower IS1llt'ill,ll1S111ClI1 rose ,lji ,. 1, 17-vf3:f,fj 31 ll Jil lllfl K if lt! 52521.11 51.5445 4 f 1 l Xxx, il Pd Alpha Sigma Phi It's SOA Day. you dumb gon . . . F-M . . . Work on it MOOOOO . . . Pineapple shirt . . . P-L . . . Sober Beetle? . . . P-YV . . . Yogs, wanna double? . . . Got the ma- chine oiled? . . . Moving into a new house and remodeling it was the prime ef- fort of the summer and early part of the Hrst semester. Rolling on in sports, the Al- pha Sigs wrapped up their second all-cam- pus football crown in a row. The brothers worked hard on their float for Home- coming and welcomed alums to a post- game dinner. Founders' Day number 118 provided actives and alumni a chance to get together in good spirits and talk about good times. old and new. Campus activi- ties were also an important part of the chapter interest as Phil Stall, Bill McHale and 'Perry Ackland held important posi- tions. The Sorority Powder Puff Derby introduced a new sport to the campus. Highlights of the social year were Winter and Spring formals featuring music and favors. Scholarship was 1101 neglected as the chapter moved second among fraterni- ties in scholastic competition. 132 4 Y we-.., -9-' X-. 'Ql- X Gi.. - lx. ' :Q X 'K ,L, .I . h - ,. erx vu- v-V -1 V :.,,. . L- K' ' i ,i, . , H A . Q 'li - g i N-P L-SYN, - ,, , ,X tin sf 54 5-v ' if gig, i, it "3 , N- f fr fb" -. :Gly . 'R' Q l i 'x E l' " ' ' "if Eg g r Q' 5555i-L51 1 ' ' ,- K Q, Vee.,-gf C, . A Q0 M l i S-1' ax Ag ACRE., Q If l ae... S: TOP ROW: Terry Arkland. George Andre. Charles -At- kins. Gary Bernard. Paul Bullin, Frank Ccligwj. Jwseph Culver. ROW 2: Terry Durfy, Carl Gilzimp james Graham. jwhn Hall, Patrick Henisse, James Highlands. Rwnald Howell. ROIV 3: John Hutchinson, Eduard Huttinger. Lee Irons. Cc-ne Jack- son, James Jacqueriiolte. Ruben jagwdzinski, George Keller. "Cut along dotted line." X i X N S 3 -,i z 1 Qt 12455 'F -gkfrgff! ix x N ' E A 4-"::B. ' Y :IJ rif- rl' eh 1"'?'-if? '- V K' M 4 , .fl RON' 4: Rifhard Kriipp, Charles Maimii-. William Matliies. John Mazuxkiewirz. lN'illiam Mal-lalu. joseph Moiaii. xlanies Quinlivan. RUII' 5: ,l'lIUOllD' Poirier, Lmirenie Sayre, Mar- shall Smith, Phil Stall. All-lin Slutll. Rirhard Tilley. Ji-lm Tuiiias. Founded nationally at Cornell Lhiversity, Deceinher -L lEHlb. Ifpsilwn .Xlpha estab- lished at 'lliletltir April 15, 1953. The fi'aternitv ull-'rs are blai k and .wld gold, li e Alpha Phi Alpha Good morning Big Brother . . . The greatest . .. Uhrah . .. The point is Right . . . See what I mean . . . YR cle so lai lai The important part of A Phi As year was spent purchasing a fraternity house. President Carlson was the principal speaker at the Founders' Day Banquet. A sweetheart chosen at a tea was announced at the Sweethearts' Ball. Many brothers have gained acclaim for their athletic abil- ity in basketball and football. Lancelot Thompson serves as advisor. "Doing what comes naturally," - ., N, ' "" " f x , . ,, I. b , me ..,, 1- - Q , .Qu 1 sr 1 ,: it '- -V 1 r .ter-'.f.f T if ' ,iL:.'ff.'.g'fj5I3 V X' I fiffff 11,1 'iq , 5 --i2tisfi'i5lSi , .r-35f"i q1,., z ' ' 3,14 -. A V5 . . 134 TOP ROW: Richard Earley, Jim Gray. James Jones. Larry jones. 1:f Peters, Robert Phillips. Ja in e s Ramsey. RON' 3: Roger ton, Ray YVt:lftwrcl, Q A4-A 9' ,, ,E .fi - Jie. 9 Y N I xx -:sig 5. T' A Q: fwwrf-S . w, .t RUII' Q: Tf"' tes. Wullian Tr ' ' 'f . ' iQ3f3?? eil? .lui 1 1 I rj., X V . S he l- E EX Y B t nh. , Fraternal spirit binds . . STA NDING : Silas Tarver sen Brown, Moses Newsome , Frazier Ross, Jodie Cimoglcr. SEA TED: Alol- ' to t t 1. t Founded natiwnally at the ljniversity of Indiana. january 5. 1911. Beta Xi estab- lished at Toledo. Dereniher ll. 1959 'lihe fraternity colors are crimson and ereamx the flower is the earnation, is fo D o K 0 Q B 0 n ax 1 . 97 Xen A of, xo ' pf Xa x , f o nf QV, Kappa Alpha Psi Are you going to wear your pin on your pajamas? Four score and Mellow as a cello . . . Idon't have no money ... Down Dog ... Phi Nu Pi till I die ... Kappa Alpha Psi's year has been high- lighted by its guide-right program which is extended to entering freshmen. Money was raised by selling tickets to various functions sponsored by the alums. At the Sweethearts' Ball. Pearline Malbia was serenacled by the brothers. The Back-to- School ancl New Years parties are the other major social events which Beta Xi of- fers each year. The pledge program is sparked by pledge-active basketball. STA.YDI.X'tl.' Ernie -I-un-5. Dale XN'illiamS. Edward Dixon, SE.-1TIfD.' :Xlhert Stott Lanioiit Nutt, Robert Selvey. 'islllllll X'OLli1't'0I1ClllllllllC.lII1t'I1ll.u We'lI serve thy worthy cause . - XV' '-bs' Founded nationally at Jefferson College. Februarv l9. 1852, Ohio Eta established at Toledo. October 21. 19513. The fraternity colors are hunter green and Cardinal red: the tit-xx er a vlarqueminot rose. Nggzg. ri' f Q' '4PKilf Phi Kappa Psi N. "I told vou. donit worry about hlineivaf' pw--NX '--.K er X Q t X st AF 5. "Now what did my mother tell me to say?" He who is Phi Psi . . Gretel's Goodies Mayflower just me and my shadow So I said to myself, self . . . Dirty old men . . . Smash-cm . . . He's small but he's wirv . . . Let's have a party for brothers, pledges and friends Dopey .. . Little Isrcal Mother Miles Drink beer and pay dues . . . Babv Huey .. . Phi Kaptured Spies . . . Phi Psi's enjoyed a full social calendar with a Roaring Twenties Party, New Years Party, several soror- itv parties and the Orphans Party. Actives and alums got together Homecoming Weekend for a dinner and dance at the Tally-Ho. Weeks of hard practicing helped them win second place at Mens Songfest. Many brothers were active on campus: Jeff Robinson, Senate Presidentg Tom Jackson, Representative to Senate: Dave W'ool- ford and Bill Clemens, Collegian. In June every- one found his wav to cottage to look back on a successful year. "I don't knowg I don't think we can let a tricyle in the race." Nkx Q! X "'N mx XX X X XX -fy , 'mf K WISP- --f M-51 vv N05 Ng.-r , ,Q-X. 3. S, W TOP R0l1': Kenneth Abrass, William Arps, Carl Bialivrucki, Thwmas Brymsr. Gene Burson. Villiain Cl:-inrfns. Dimnr Donovmi. Ifflll' 2: llurrv Dx1Pi1ii, Rolwf-rl Elliott. Larry Graff-. josepli Greer. jnincs He-lin. Janics Hewitt. Paul Hughes. ROW 3: Daryl Hull. Tliwinas Alnrkswiii. Llliarlvs King. Alwlin Kminp. William Marrihii. Donald May. Mirlincl Milvy. RUN' -I: .-Xrtlnir Mille-r. Rfinalcl Min-ir. Dale Miixley. Tliiinias Nluxley. Jiilin Murpliy. Janies Pirkle, Rivliarcl David, RUIK' 5: Je-flrey Riilwinswn. Lawreiicc Rwtwiiclw. llnnies Sliernmn. ,Ifvhn Snider. hlliscpli Straka, Mirhael Truiip. David YaiiRc-nssclrivr, Rflll' 6: Larry Vince. David YY1,---lffird. "Hey, where are you going? You Carft leave now," Founded nationally at the l,'niversity of Yiruinia. Klarch 1, 131651 Epsilon Epsilon established at Toledo, .Xpril 311 1955. The fraternity col--rs are garnet and old gold: the tli-wer is the lily ol the valley. 592' "FI '. x e , Pi Kappa Alpha Tires . . . Wrenches! . . . Rebel from Dixie, xvho's the animal? The house next door . . . Where's the band for Homecoming? What's that? . .. Plaster from the ceiling? Look at the nap on those jackets . . . HM . . . H- Night? Clang-clang. Preparations for moving to the new Pilir-X house at 21180 Brookdale and plans for various social events of the year kept everyone busy. PiKA's participated in many social events, such as Homecoming and Winter Formal. In ad- dition, Greek activities, such as sorority parties, sporting events, and Greek Week, occupied much timeg brothers did End time to study, however. One of the brothers' most prized possessions, the PiKA fire engine, which has become a familiar sight on campus, played its annual role in the Homecoming parade. PiKA's and dates enjoy "downing around." 'Y "YN'ho said 'lX1averick' isn't an educational show?" Down .',,,.,. in ol' Virginny, where Pi KA began as lv 4 5 up-r ft Fi ' 5 l S v Al '4 " L 'T I -HS" .94 4 - -, Ax' 5. 'Lu K Y .ii- .fi fr A'1l2fQ5lf1-'i2,iipIlfli, 5 . ff--fw.-P- , ,za , , 5,3 ,E .3.-, Wi' . , '51 4 N y 1 y" f--5 l . 511: . ig . je-firm , W X A Q8 A 6 L. Q 529 - sd -U K . " . .. I "' , 'C' 't' C' ' ' - l ' 1- - - A' :gill x, Y ,Vi , . .Q X L A . 1 ' ' , , g f . 'Q ""' X A .man 1 ,Q - X K ' Q "'- . g ,. .,5:iiQ:S L 4 K: . N 595' -'TS - Q Q 533 0 ' ,Qjfl'f- 'ws 1 . 1 l r K - ' ' I X QA , -,wif Q' 'F . " e-.1 1 5' q X' V 1. 2. AK . l A 1 Ad ls A . A N S 1 , , , 6 :F A Q -.1 in-Q :FYR ' ,pi ' 'I 'lj , V viii U I TUP RUIV: David Balsmcwr. Willmxn BNMUI11. Mimlmel Casov. Mantnn. lhxicl Pf'r1'iwn. AI1'lll'l SI3.INlJ3ll2ll. Will Rflll' 2: Rifhard Highcs. ,Xllcn Kunlz Han' I,nclwi2, Tlwrnas X .VIL iarn ' Llnxlm-Q l',klINLlI'1Ql lNvlwc'11I3axQNNc iwr Frank Duda. Tlwmas Hadley. xl--l1n Hanan Alwlmn Hartkern, Rfllimf, I1 "XX'l141l cl0L1Ql'1?u "Anyone for tc-nnisf' 5,- ,. gk X wr V X X X X 5 xx :..,.. Q 17-'unclecl natiiinallv at the L'niversity of b -- ' Cflmrleiioii. Deteinlfer 111, 19114. Beta If-ta 'ki A 1' ' A'-1 estzililisliecl at Toledi-. Dwi-niher 3. 1951, 'f ' J. -H 1 I A A . w.:,.,ek ,K ,- .1 A" 4 , .fp . 'l'lii: tretteriiitv colors are gi-ld and white: ' 1 if ' ' X' . ' ' Hi tr rv the ll--xx er IS llle red IW 'SP X I , 'fr ,, , ' gil.,- ' y .,,, ' ' " , X N I K 4 il, 'lv , X, if Phi Kappa Phi Aw, 111111-F alright Forget it . . .You can Study in the morning .. . 1Ylizit'S that. clon't any of you E.E.'s know how to get this light to work again? . . . 1Yhz1t clo you mean, MCICZII1 the house" You sux' the furnace wonit be fixed . . . l,'I'1i1ltIZ1I1LI211'f'? XN'hut? . . . After an event- ful Summer of remodeling. repairing and reclecorating the Pi Kaps got their house into top shape from base- ment to roof. :Xt Homecoming, their float, "Put Them Buck on the Farm" took fifth place. Other activities were the Father :incl Son Dinner, the Rose Brill. and an annual 0rpl1:inS'party. James Zeeh. John Bobis, Ronald Bruek. Michael Erringten. I have a feeling deep in my heart "You'1l have to sing for your supper." Pi Kap's and dates sing at turkey dinner, time 'igugxw A it-K Tag' -W.-U Z I ,gg c V QF ea-v '32 TOP ROW: Lutz Hahn. Nelson Hamlnliii. Alan Hcndrirks, lN'illiam Hwffiiiaii. Ravmwiid Hfwjiiarki, Tlx-vnias Kahle. J-ihn Kalmbach. RON' 2: Gary Kirlxciidall. jwlm l...iI1ClllLllJCl', Micliael XYh:1t do you iiican. S'0l1.1'L'I'lOl ply-clgiiig? k - ' :N V Mlzw' JST ' 9 3 N . -we ig 3 5 V iii' WS .aw 'A 'T ..- LICGCC.'i'y Ill1rIl,Rf,lll.if' X , . QQ gb -f X S36 4 v, ' ia 4- Af ! ilfg Q , i . ' + 3 0 92 Ali' ' ff Q A Myers, Rwhcrt Neshit. Jilliii Nwtvka. Paul Sim- Tiiiiiviliy O'Slim. Phillip Rcxnrd. N--riimii Spind- lcr, lN'illiiuii Tcrrill. 'liliiviiiax lYi'5ti'i'. xl-fhii lY1iiii+i'5. Frvfl Tillvi' nfiixv im- lll'I' plirviii' iiiiiiilvw. Oi vlwl' 141 Founded natifinally at the L'niversity of Alabama. March 9, 1356. Ohio Nu es- tablished at Toledo. Marrli 22. 1953. The fraternity colors are Nazarene blue and old :oldg the ll-mer is the violet. M X Sigma Alpha Epsilon "Lord, I'in 500 miles away from home." H3 in Q-Q Xorg- Rv-o inn.. TOP ROIV: Bruce Alexander, Robert Aufdenkampe, John Ay- ling, Bruce Baehtel. ROW 2: Jay Bail, David Banks, jerry Baumgartner, Ronald Bolesky. Sing to Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Gotcha VVhere's Lurlie? Screaming Banshee . .. That you, Henry? . . . White socks with a suit? . . . Freddie's out . . . Fm a jungle man . . . Ambush . . . Do the Stud . . . Short-hitter . . . Stuie, can I buy a sweatshirt? .. . Bummie . .. Pur- chasing, renovating, and establishing resi- dence in a new home occupied the lion's share of time and activity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAE was still able, however, to sponsor its annual Sig-Alph Olympics, Miss Fraternity Tea, and campus-wide barbecue. The social calendar was high- lighted by the Black and White Formal, Spring Formal, and Founder's Day dance. The Lions were victorious in intramurals by winning the All-Sports trophy. Perhaps the most signilicant achievement for Sigma Alpha Epsilon this year was the award for Fraternity of the Year. "They call it the whaaaaaat?'3 An 'Z -X NLG 7.1. 'K '27 xv -.-.v N V7 3' + NN 15.1.-r., it 3-1 -'N' fl A. ,.,. I 'f N V"'9 -f vs, ..,,., Q". X W S F Q .fs- fzh 'bu 'V Xp' 1 ... ,Q-s Q... ,,.' gen- FR .. - , V' . - R 1:2 -. Q-5 1-9- ,.-Q. 'Z' l I X rv Q X tx a , -an , C X sv X X A Q A " YK, ,. K Q 183 - ' J X xxX - r 4 e fr 1 ls X :Sz-.'IET5' ' - ' Ve- ' -' . A - .1 S-,1r4'::i:g:j1x.:s:5g: 221135225 -.... X :-x-1.1-sm-1-Q 2 . .Q-:,., A, XX x wx , Q NS N 50' 5.- H V . 1. .4852-bf 4' ,nl lx N u w :E l 'tvh ' .,,. . Q9 Q' ' S fi-'xr gs" v ' . -0 , -" fr "' ' A 5? jjj. TOP ROW: Joe Brwckseker. David Bruwn, Gordun Capshaw, Gerald Clark, Rnhcrt Cuslcr. "J A Charles Creerh. Thwmas Crunkilton. Yaldis Daisa. RUI1' 2: LIl1.11'lvs Dun--lxuc. Chris Fiuklmincr, '-'- - A L. Gary Fritz. Stephen Ucpford, David Harper. Chzlrlcs Hodur. Patrirk Johnson. KL'I1IlL'lll llulmston. b ' ROW 3: Bruce Kirkhaml Robert Kraft. YN'yun Lf-mbriuht, Dzmivl LL'tllIlCI'4 Pvtvr Inv, jolm 1.ud- S' 1,- gate. James Mather, Peter Matthes. HOU' ff: Kem Blntrlwxss. Palxllk Mcfiollguu. lark xIt'YL'l'S. ' 4' 'I X'- Michael Miller, R--bert Mitchell. Michael M51-15, U'illi.m1 Nimlwlwn, Thomas Oxlmxski IQUII' -I. ' W'illiam Pawlcrlqi, ,'xIlClI'CNY Roman. KIJIIIUS Studrt. Tholllgls luv. UL-urge 'lxUIlllJi'lllQl1. 'lwllOIlll1S Waterman, 'l'crry Wie-trzykowski, Gerald Yr-agar. Phil Yenrilk. Gary Zwcifcl, wr-'rc all friends." "llon't bc C'IlllJfl1'I'flSSl'ClI 143 of the Founded nationally at the College City of New York, November 26, 1909. Mu Omega established at Toledo, April 16, 1958. The fraternity colors are purple and white: the flower is the purple aster. Sig mc: Alpha Mu Splish splash . . . The animal farm is taking applications Stop worrying lVho'd you say was pinned? . . . Start the showers . . . I don't believe that they're married . . . Beaver and owl are fighting again . . . Anyone wanna buy a cheap lavalier? . . . Teddy bear is so cuddly . . . Animal, I'm seeing purple and blue polka dots . .. You can COUNT on Micki .. . The Sammies began the school year by painting the outside of their Monroe Street house with the fraternity colors, purple and white. A beatnik party, a swim party, and a pre-Homecoming dinner highlighted the year. At Homecoming, the brothers sponsored Jeannie Florence, a member of the queenis court. A theater party in Detroit, a ski trip, and the an- nual spring formal climaxed the year. Newly-inducted aetives celebrate at dinner. HI don't believe it , . . Fast and firm is our union . . . Saminies participate in annual bike race. X . X X 2,Xf5m5 Q3 f? .,:. 5 i idi i N X SX X xx xx SN Y 9ff"'Y TOP ROIVJ Randy Appel, Ronald Bekoff, Leste Burke. Gary Cannell Jeffrey Ciwhen, Neil Curday, Robert Erbstein. ROW 2 : David Firstcnberg, Jef- frey Garber. Richard Goldman, Runald Gwldinan, Stephen Goodman, Arthur Kabakoff. Robert Kurn. ROW Alvin Lasker, James L-Iiller, lVillia1n "Even the Taj Mahal wasn't built in a day." l"111111tl1-tl 11.tti-timllx' .11 R1-l11111-11d Llttllctc, X--xi-111lw1 l. l1'1'i Uhiw li-1.1 t-Stalwlislwtl at Iwlmltt. St-5111-111l11'1' ill. likill, Ihr- hn- tc111il1' titliiri .11'1- llllflllt' n11Cl rcclg thc ll+1x11'1 'lI'I' 1' S .lllkl x i--lcts one 00' Y' y TWP RUIV: Stcvc Aclaim. Gerald BfllIE'l'. Ed Btildt. David' Bradley. ROI1 Q 2: Kl1'llIl B1't111i11:. R1-nalcl C1iQllCtjJ+1Qt"IJll Ciavttwtw. David Chryst. X ii ' ig' Q 'gp X42 t, 1 tcp, 66? 99 ' Sigma Phi Epsilon Htivc wc Qot Ll party this wcckciicl? . . . Wl1crc's frog? . . . NYl10 put thosc bot- tlcs thcrc? . . . Who 11cccls at cloublc Satur- cl111'11iQl1tf' ... 'Fl1nt"Wl2FK" ... Lctk go Q'l'LIllClf' this timc . . . Social pm, tvltatk thzttf' . . . Souqfcst, WON' . . . lN'l1c1'c'Stl1c lJikc.' Ask Tcrry. 110, cull DtxIll1f'1 110. Chuck might lmoxv Dicl you scc thc lJc1g11'rl.' . . . lYllt"l'C 1111' thc QLIONI cnrclsf' . . . llv4f'lCOlNP . . . i963 was fl 1vi1111i11g YPHI' for Sigma Phi llpsiloti. 'l'l1c Qrczttcst victory was first plticc in Rlt'xIliS Smtgfcst at tl1c Pcristylc. I11 spitc of thc cclcb1'f1tio11s that followccl. thcy 111:111:1gccl to capturc first pluct' i11 Qcltcmlzttxliip for thc spring scmcs- tcr. .-Xftcr pcclclliug thcir way to scconcl plttcc i11 tht' Bikc Rttcc. thc Sig lips rc- ctipvmtccl :tt cottrtgc. A CHIIOC race, chariot rucc g111rl thc Quccu of Hciirts Ball wcrc spotimrccl by thc clmptcr. Vocal talents bct mtcl Sonqfcst wcrc clisplftyccl by sccottcl plttct- ill thc SVB Hc1otc11a11y. "Ili-.11 xt-' llt-111 xwl 'liltt-1111-1111 l'o1'tl1is xwclx ii l46 Som, Scum, Sig Ep Mon . . Willia111Ei1'kl11flt 42' 'V Y' Dennis Daitlwwski, David DCSQILISH, Rwnald Drickliariwr .wzwgygl-w,w-1-X , , 1 9 ' L- x x G29 new ? L' ' W'-1, .3-P ' r Ne f ,. . ,- N.f .av 3' I ,go- ,.,- 1 'Slum-.. if N, ...J 1- -l 6 if Q' , 5 x ,...Q Q ,,.. 'S-,r 'fn TOP ROIIY Snr-ye Erigkswnl 'l'p1-yy Eyggugq jmhli Ewan. Gcnrgv Xml Ncuniimn. .Xlnri Niriulv, I-ilin Ullwiii, Ll'-lm Pattvw-iii, Bilikv Fraiidsen. David Ge-itliiiiaii. Ciliarlvs Harstv. Jvll' Hillman. Ray Re-excl. Carl Ri-liiv I-IUII' 4' flaw' Rl1lQl'l, -IJIIVJB Ri-lil-its Riih- H.1wtliw1'1ic ISUII' 2: Daxiil -I-rlivs. Rwimlll K3i'lHSl4v. Tn-rrv ard S4llI'I'1"klC1'. lyllllfxlll Slivpliricl, 'lilif-m.1s Slnvtf-ii. l7.1X1Ll Stvad. Klein. ,I-llIIIll.'lS Krall. Rf-br.-i't Latzi-, Tliwiiim Liiiclliiilwr, Alwllll Jniinfi Lvll. Dim Wil-1-x ICUII' .3 lim--f Williqriax .l.llIll'N Yau lNIm'kc-y. MI-ilin Nlnttliews. RUII' ff: Kcvliiig lXIfl.iii. David Millvr. B1'mil.lNIikc xvClllYt'l,KIHllll'Slx-Ul'llI1F'. i ' , , - . ,- N ,.-' M ,F : 0 Y V xB ri! ,. 'fl 2 'QQ fl- N .o- 'ff'-e f..- -" , 149' W! K C? !'. "l will not iicln' mi tlic lA','IlKl1'I'Nn l'5'f"" ii l 4 Fountlccl nationally at Illinois Wuslcyan L'niwrsitx: Jammu ill. 15299, liamnia Nu cstulvlislicd nt 'IU-lm-clo, May ll. 1950. Thi' liulc' rio? g' ji unity fl lx mt thtxiy incl lax N - A x thc flowvr is tho l'L'Cl4.lI'Ilf1llUI1 N H0 ,Y 0 Tau Kappa Epsilon What do you mean my tirc's Hut! . . . Fiyc in a row . . . Victory bcll . . . Hcrc's to Croaky :incl thc way hc docs thc hula Jiminy Cricket A clozcn lavulicrs for Fikc . . . Planning bcgun in March for thc THE-ALS.-XC Cftrniyal hclcl in Scp- tcmbcr, Brothcrs yvorkccl hurcl on Mary El- lcn Snollosik campaign for Homccoming Quccn :incl thcir float which won First plncc for thc fifth ycur, Frntcrnity rush yiclclccl clcycn mcn, who yvcrc immccliatcly' givcn churgc of thc Yictory Bcll. TcKli's cam- paigfnccl vigorously for Stfxtc Issuc il. Thi-ir four man golf tctun plucccl first in thc Zctu Golf Tournamcnt. Othcr activi- tics thc pust yvnr: 41 wintcr formal, lfouncl- cr's Day Bnnqlict Ltncl thc Fcstiyul of thc Rccl Carnations. Brothcr Torn Taylor rcp- I'PM'llU'Cl Tau Kappa lfpsilon on Intcr Frutcrnity Council us prcsiclcnt. "l Dial you watt-r thc horscs l 48 toclny T' .LNOXN'NN'l13t tlo I'clo with it?" All hail To our fraternity . . in Q9 , f F X ,nil lil:-. .5 wx if -A-Xxsv. N -X -Nw. xx 'fy if my .:. 5 ...,, X 5 s Nw- .xyttw i"-' , 2 E' WA sf K .i M -wax 5' E. Nail, Effff-I -"" , . D xr ' ,gf 'E"'Y T' vs-f l 1 6.1.41 fs. 7: , ,, at ' 'Nl w-T-Q7 w 1 QL atv-'1 xx Ni X 1 1 M X X 'xx -.15 ,, , ff RQ , A V .--N A 21 31 L , X :Q A . TXQFRF fl X .Q X T? 9 lv ivx GA W ,TA ,f 11? TOP RUIIY Cnrv BCl'gl?l'. David HI'1lXKIl. lV1fll'Y Cmuik-1'd. 131111-s Xli1'I1ne"ls, Pete R1-1-1116. IFUI1' 4' JHI111 P1111fc. Rl1'I'I1l1l'Cl Rims ronk. K4-11 lDIlllI'Y, 'IWV111' 15111-Nl, YY1ll1.1111 H14111l111- ICHII' F1'.111k 9-l11ke'11l11-1g. N111111111 T:1x'l11r. ljftll 'lU1cl:1k, R1lllfQ'1'T YIWFIYSI V Gary cll'L1Z1lll1Fill. Allen, llllllll. ll-111193 llvllvx Earl Ilidvl-Q Bill XY1lli.1111 Llllllfllll-. HHH' 5 f7lLlI'Y lY:1llw1', YYJIIQ1' XY.1skP1xi111 Bwlw .qlptekicl-A M JK-11ki11s. R-Ju-1-1 Jmnrg ICHII' 'I I,ax111-11cw: K11111111, W:-fi-ks.B11I1YYclk:'1'. Bwb YWIS1111. W XN'v1111 Zaugq. FIl1u111:1s Kunz, Pwtvl' Igixxlws. Bill l,l'llIl, llvrrv X110-l-11l3l1. Pllll F 2 I 1 1 1 5 5 lf ,,. ., 1. S ' Sfii Lv, E T- 11" 'W 1 1 AE, SLI me am- .KN g Y X? 2 1 1 THEN Clt'lIlOH9lI'1ltL' SllllIJOI'l 1xr11"l'L'. l FN K .QGQ 5. ,ui X. K L llitintlvtl natittnzillx .it Noi-xxitli L'nivcrsity. ,Xluil llt lint, lle'lI.l 'lllit-la Q-stalwlislivtl at lnlvdi- KIM Ji. lflili Iht- iratm-rnilx' col-11's .xrw inilntarx red and while. tht- llmwr in P'97"'l 4,1131 3- , 1 ww, 0 QA 6 5 0 "A s-.5 N . 5,4 'EJ' Y-: A e W: T4-Q-6, 645 GP- ' 4A le' ff "'7 f- .-f ' Liv H443 'f TOP ROW: Robert Albus, Lenny .-Xnderson, Steven Barbu. Don Bulkofer. ROII' 2: Louis Bisfotti, Thomas Bogdan. Bill Buesuher. Gt-urge Ciirak, Theta To thee, dear old Theta Chi . . BYU . . . D'oh . . . Gimmic back my outer Cracker fncle Tolns after the Quint' . . . .bXin't I. though? . . . TD . . . Hot Dog llohirs . . . There goes Flash again . . . Theta Chi began the year by backing a queen. Pat Sclircinvr. Lcd in '64 by Dowling and DeVito. the CX-men recovered from Homecoming with a Cosa Nostra type Pro- hibition Party. Christmas season for the brothers included Caroling and orphans' parties, Climaxc-d by the NYinter Formal. while Jainiary was a good showing in graclvs. Second SCIHCSICI' brought everyone together for anotlivr basketball migration. 'lliniv was spent looking for a new house. 'lihe 'Yoga Party supplied a classical atmos- phere for a break in the strain of academics. "I hate these lorinal dances." "Ita too had we hat t' Prohibition." 'tl lxnmv a good Qtory tool" I Ax , Q... Nw .,-... CL? rss .,,- .vi wa TOP ROlI': 1N'illia111 C11lli11Q. Tl11-11135 lf111111111y, Mllw C111'111111u- 110111 fN11ll1?1'. Jkrllll fXI111111l.1'. 1511.111 ham, Tl111111as Dc-11111:111. R11l1g11'1l D1111111s. K1f11111'1l1 D1-V111-. T11111 011111 j11l111 P111-rs, 111'1Jl1l P11--1l-.11 D1lN1'l1I1g. 1.211115-s 1'13I'I1lCl'. RUII' Q: IJ-11111l1l 1'll'I1Il. Kf,'IlIlf,'Il1 F11-111 William RLFIIIIT, 151.11111 R11111111l111 NI1 1110 Calla. Th11111as Getz, 1X1lL'lll1l'l Hillm-1'I. il.11'y HC1l1lL'. BC1'l13I'l1 B1111'l1 S3SS,f111l'Y S111ll1'1'. 1Y1ll1.1111 5 Henning. Kc-11111'1l1 K11ll1j111'11s1'11. ICHII' -'iq 7111111111119 HllI11UlL'l'. Har- 15: K1-11111-111 S11:11'. C111-kiv S11-111, 171111 old Kowalka, Ro11c1'1 K1'nv1111'1. Ralph K1i1-1l1-l, R1111 1.ilIlQ1'I1Cll'IkfFI. W1-l1c11C9c1':1lclWl1i1u,'l'l111111:1sNY1ll1 Michael M1'Dcr11111t1, 111111111111 KIi1'l1.11'ls. .-XII1111 I,:11y, ICHII' 41 Ktwll- x 4-9 'kv W4 i N- -cv' NI11111x -1.111111 X11111.1v. 4l11x1fI1l1 Illl, 11.1111 P1lllQlk4'M' Hffllv 5 1l1.11-l Rllflllll R11I1.1lLl R111u1?1a l1w1111il1. F11-cl 511131-11111 R011 9111-1111'1'. M3114 SN't'C1ll'1'. Al11l111 .11119 R11 I1 51111111111, hNIL'l'tll12 will1111111111111'111111111-1 M .ef ,J .n ,-N K, 4 . Q . , , .v Y f .. LX:- is r X N -m.-,famed .X 4 . AZM A- 'X ,W swf' vm C1 R -- nn! .way N xx ,A- :RN if J? 'x Sw?- gsm .gs PATTERNS kk lx S U xx . x T Nu L K -'SQA P EFS 'i 6 1 -c ' rv Q' A.. Fi I IN FINE ARTS llt nrt' Nrott: "t'l.tssteal lnnnot. Arts Week, l 963 Through the ages, despite the terrors of war, famine. and self-destruction which he brings upon himself man has strived to pre- serve that which he feels is beautiful. His pres- ervations are in the form of what we have termed "art," In the IHOSt literal sense, art is the physical expression of intangible feelings of man. Arts Festival NX'eek enables the student to look at the many sides of art. Perhaps it will serve to reinforce an already appreciating or understanding approach to an art form. Or perhaps the week will open new doors to the esthetic experiences. common to human na- ture. but unique in individual meaning. g.tQ.tQgE st! - -1-t x 5 tif! l ull. ntusits: ltout-st li1'1'llIlQ.NlIlk'l'l't'f'XlJIt'NSl0ll. Not always understanding: surely an experience. fi 4- dist-uss. we listen: we gain a new idea, and discard an old one for the better. 1 5 l e ip if l"s- -Qi-- -ll 35 1 .,.- A Jan by Jack Brokcnslhiz uniquc- expression of l11OdC1'I1 mrm'5 Complicated feelings. vi fflfi? , . Drama: direct expression of human emotion. SCIIIPIIIVUI tlux-Q diIHL'H5iUI1Lll cxprvssiou. iI1C1iYiClL1L1l ilmtclpwmtion. v 4 x 4.1 1. Y , X N 3 ,M ki V ff : 5 ' 155 :lf W5 , X. wwe M . ., .-XS1i., M- Us S SX -ss - S :xrmwlssz-sssxxg S. . -Y: CQ 79 f fr ss . . L 14 . I 'LN W 'la L 3 TNX3 f -- ,- . 2' .2 s --er: X. ' f ' 4,5 it f '-"' 8 R , f .ls 1 ' . ' his-ws.. F Y M3 f :Z . M2 Mm J , . , ., 'QI' . 1 11:-if f x.,. Q ' Q sw K Yi qw,.vs""'el 3 5' .V I my Cast pose shows the large number of people needed for Theatre productions. Make-up and costumes are vital in plays. Boys from Syracuse Turning to musical comedy, the Uni- versity Theatre presented 'LThe Boys From Syracuse." The play, written by George Abbot and set to music by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, is a musical adaptation of Wil- liam Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors." The story begins with the shipwreck of a mother, father, twin boys, and two slave boys. The main action occurs when one of the brothers searches for the other years after they have been separated by the accident. ii X f ? S S- J Z' ' s ,ni V b x 'v if . ..1.. X X ii 3 3 K F xf ' in-QL . ,, X . 2 - N w wigr W. my ' . xnxx L.I1iYCl'SiIf' playcrs L'lUX'ill.Qu mood, Theatre women pt'l'fO11H in one Of impnrtrmt IIIIIIIYUCIAS in .mmml musical. X - 1 ,vi-"sux XXXL: 4 i M- x . I57 1 'A 1 Y 1 - l NX 1 1 1 1170, 1111 s x t mints Htltna that she will not he Ll lonely old werich. Midsummer Nigh'r's Dream The L'niversity of Toledo Players opened their theater season with the up- ronrious Shakespearean comedy, gllidszznz- mer All-gllfij Dream. The play places exact- ing demands upon ll cast, and the theater group performed well the task of relaying the internal subtleties of the play from page to stage to audience. Shakespeare is 11ot the easiest play- wright for many to understand. The Uni- versity production offered meaning, humor, and enjoyment to those who braved the Chills of autumn night to find the warmth of ri illidszmzrrzvr Niglztlf Dream. Y- M 6 . 399 "f'X"?'TK Qi' 'F 4, .NNN S x. tx 5 W ' -xi 31 V, - .Q X , IQ Q ,uv Tlisf play witliin tlii- 1wl.ix': "Xml lill ln- llii- mi-1-ii,-xl limi iii .ill wi' liiiglii ck clr'CiClcS ll1.1t lmw' imnicli-cl xxill ln' lmt. Quiiiu' liiwli iii N lm lil ix lv-1 ilii lxiii if .. Band nieurbers i n uniform practice musical routine in empty Glass Bowl. xi , . .Y V , ev I, ,..wa.r...g's- In the barracks. music men prepare for show. Reiuvenotion: TU Bond i The L'nix'ersity of Toledo's rejuve- nated band: evidence of what can be ac- complished with planning, organization, good leadership. and hard work. Under the guidance of their new director, Sam Szor, the band members spent long hours practicing the precision patterns of rousing marches. Utilizing the white barracks between L'nix'ersity Hall and the Union, the band devised new routines. Among these was the new version of TUE alma mater. Displaying the results of their hard work, the musicians entertained the stu- dent body and boosted school spirit at ral- lies. athletic events. and concerts. 160 We ' .M fat... we A A 1- sts- M . sw . X N. ,iv BCtf1dIHf'IHbC1'S Check music before pu1'for111n11Ce. Kiusicirms and Xlajorcttc Hmbnrn Kimball go into Ll ,IQ-1-UI'Il1lIi0Il at h.1lfli111v ccleluonivs. Two msn "l1O1'I1iI'lN on 1111-music BLIIIC1INUIIIIJCVSlJCI'f4'11'INIIlLlSiClll routine at football Qnmc. Hat Fdnckxxg11'clS. stuclunt winks with intricutv nppzlmtus. T1'OI11IJOI1QI'S loud support 162 fm usicinm with lllL'i1k 1101115 I11,-lp Ii0VliL't9 trwI1l.1s1i1110 f11'11011. 11111 lust x111111111'11'1': IIl.lIl 111111.11111 Nlujorctte entertains as lnnncl IIlL'IIllJCI'S shift positiom in routine pattern. Music I1lCI'lII1Z114Cl1 in step olfl' football Held following llftlflllllf' perlonnance 1 v - fggt, ' 5,- '4 if-91. My '. 4' af. V any , I-.N in f 1 164 " . . Blow. blow, blow the man down . . " The end: musicians march OIT ficlcl follmving practise session. -4+ W 1-' 154' '- ' , BN -mm-4 , f.-,QQ N. W.,- x o 165 'Ji ww. f? A 'G . 3 1 5 X 2525 fn . 4 f T rxkui U, 'N an , .vnu 5 , ' if" -,vu 'Y gwsf AW' ' : .- x. ,. A.-N ,i-xx?. K' 'fc ' "lfgg, SR? 9519? .gd Andy S wi.,-X I PATTERNS IN ATHLETICS vb. Frank Lauterbur. Athletic Director Max Gt-rlwer. Dircrti-r nf .Xtlilvtiv Pnliliritv ATHLETIC BOARD OF CCNTROL The Athlctic Board of Control acts to rcgu- acts in aclvisory position to Prmiclcnt William Carl late and to control all mattcrs conccrning inter- Son. Among diitics of tht- lnoard is dctcrmining thc collegiate sports at the University of Toledo. annual budget for Cach sport. The Board. composcd of IHCI11lJt3l'S sclcctcd Improvcmcnts in tlic atlilctic program in from thc local citizcnry. faculty, and studcnt body. clude thc incrcasc in licld lionsc capacity. ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL, Harold Oddy, Chairman Frank Pizza. Ralph Kendall. Secretary Jesse R, Long. Hn,-Ibm Mnfin, Frank l,antm-rlinr, Edwin Saxfrr. Jeri' Rolninsl n ,.., 169 E3 BALCIULIS PLANS . if '. 41,1 sd., -- f 1 'G i ff' xlk, M... Coach Charles Balciulis and his fa, :,: ? f- if X baseball squad ended the season with a si --f W A 1 '4' , IO-14 record which placed them sixth in V ,DIK .ill ff the Mid-American Conference. The sea- gff. A N , f son was highlighted by a triumphant trip 1 l to Tennessee Tech. The University of To- jtfgfggj :ii "" -gg Q 2 ledo nine downed the rugged Tennessee s. .Q jsifa" Q gs.-' :sf ' '-Y' 5 Coach Ciharlt-s Balciulis carefully ponders the tcain's situation. LVIllYt,'l'ilIl' of Toledo varsity players practice sliding and tagging techniques for important upcoming games. squad in a two game series with scores of 7-4 and -l-3. Individual leaders on the TL' team included Bob Agoston who connected for 32 hits in 99 trips to the batters box, earning him a .323 percent- age. Outstanding for his fielding ability was big Jerry Baumgartner. During the season Baumgartner had only 2 errors, giving him a .987 percentage. Southpaw Gary Ricker pitched SOM3 innings for the 1963 spring session, allowing the opponents only 17 runs for a 2.97 earned run average. ' ' '-' ' "' "'i yi,-"'WiF"A ""' ""' .. .sv.1:mp.-wwf'i7wf5'T" Q if 1 1Iff'f'i'2iFma'1vi" " s - 9 n - . - A . g:vss,wsNg,1 ,K , Q .,X : g:,,,5x:I X- so .iw-sv. is' ' " - .-wr . .. 1 , ,.,.,is sm. ..,.-- , . ,V ., ...- wks - F A ,X Q QR 'N X- .cww Q . s. t ,r ,f :V , .. gf? ydfflk 555' 'fii -35 we i .V M., . . .. -,.q..0,.j"iSQ,x- 2+ s" - '- 3--sis-qS,g3?ss+gses .l 1 3 .... ' , " t ' ii . ,V X-qv. LSNT vQ,st"3' 'iNl"fi 3 , N4 1 if -is - MM . -fm ' " 3 s O . .L xx X X X 1 . 4,9 Q . . f - . - e?..s,, fm xl L ., X s- -, . , -f , -- V'-f-:my ww' I ,. . ., ,,gQ,3g,9?. . -Q .. y qtxvggmxq wg . Q ' '-K . if in Q - hsfxx' Q Q 3 . ' K W ' . ,L .1 ' 1--'X K' ,, ,. 'i.- 3 ,Q f i 'xv ,J-'Xin 3' ' 1 N! 4' VR" ina' 4. QWIQ 1 -1'- " i 9 wil K - s- . V. . s . . 1 x . ,, g H.: A -. X . .-je v I V b f I g. my gig: f ,. 5- v ser -' X. .J V f . ' 2' ' f.ssQsN1s 170 -,,.... ..- Z fl' 'A 'pgxi-4 Q' x J af' 1 , . ,, V 4 w La... os- 5 l v l t - , St?-N'-'f-. Q, A Ab ' v '.. - ,r - 'I - 'MA' ,A ,. V .,,, 49, . fi--gal' ks " 'N A 'lerry B1lllIIlQJI'Illt'I' cleinonstmtes his batting stanc 1 -.iniuii QM' ' ".'v',,lM ' -Bikini 1"- H ? X ,. t , 3'1f1., ,' wmgflg-"' f:I if: 'PEX?i'.i9i - --, ' jay Cooper displays seriousness as he develops fielding skills. Toledo ll ...... Marshall Toledo 16 ......... Marshall -6 Toledo 12 . . . . . Eastern Kentucky Toledo 7 . . Tennessee Tech 5, Toledo l . . . Tennessee Tech ' , Toledo 6 ..,.... Hanover l Wrvq ,Egg ,. . . , ui- , in .I ' Toledo 8 . . . Cincinnati 55 izgggig is-W Toledo 3 ..... Detroit 1" , 1' Toledo 3 . . Notre Dame ,i 3, 3 . 253 cl Toledo 3 . . . Xotre Dame "' Toledo ti . .... Miami Toledo 6 ...... Miami T "ffW Toledo 6 . . . Kent State i ' oi - .at Toledo 3 . . . ........ kent btate W Q .. A Toledo ll . .. . . Eastern Michigan I t . Toledo if . . . . . . Western Michigan j:,2Qf,gr,7i , Toledo lil . . . . . . Western Michigan ge? " ' ' "' Toledo 7 . . . Bowling Green . .V rf-9 iw W H Toledo -lf .. Bowling Green 3 ii' ' '- , Toledo O ......... Ohio 4 .+A Toledo 4 . ......... Ohio -Q, ,x " wi'- Toledo 5 ..... Wayne State . - Q Toledo 5 . . . . . Eastern Michigan "W T 1 1 .......... H A 't . . .... . , , 0 edo 1 DLUO1 Gary R1Cl'iCI' exhibits pitching lorni Cllllilllf .1 tall practice. l7l 'f C -2 Q' ' ff' J I I' Bill Nagy shows championship style. FRONT ROW: Don Spaletta, Eric Alleyne. Jay Gmenebaum. SECOND ROW: Dave Little. Bob Kummick. Coach Brian Eisner. NOT PICTURED: Jack Crowley. John Sampson. Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo 172 XN'est Virginia State North Carolina State Pfeiffer College .... Davidson ....... East Carolina Duke .....,... Lynchburg . . . Kenyon .... Marshall . . . Miami .... Hillsdale ..... Wayne State ...... Western Michigan . . Kent State ..... Ohio ......,... Bowling Green . . . Notre Dame ...... Eastern Michigan .. NETTERS TAKE SECOND Following a victorious southern spring trip the racquetmen went on to a 5-I slate in Mid- American competition and a 15-3 overall record. Led by two-time MAC singles champion, Bill Nagy, the Rockets Hnished second to a very pow- erful Western Michigan team in league compe- tition. Nagy won the number one singles cham- pionship for the third time and Finished the sea- son with a 15-2 record. Sophomore Jay Gruene- baum compiled a 17-1 record with his only loss coming in the final round of the number two sin- gles. Larry Coffin was the runner-up in the num- ber three singles and had a season's record of ll-5. A big surprise was the number one doubles victory of Jay Gruenebaum and John Sampson in the MAC. Bill Nagy and Larry Coffin teamed to finished second in the number one doubles. Scott Vleida: Hrst in Ohio Intercollegiate Golf. Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo 2272 19 13 3 3M 21 1572 23 ion 22M 1972 15 13 8 V2 1-1 9M 10 6 5 im ian 21 ian im 18 24 1972 SW 18 im Heidelberg ..... 1 My Ohio Northem ,.,. . . . 5 Cincinnati ...,, 14 Louisville ...... 12 Bowling Green .... , . . 1416 Transylvania .,.,.,... 8VQ Eastern Kentucky HVQ De Paull .,.... 1 Xliami . . . 13M Illinois ........ 1V2 Wayne State .,.... . Vg Western Reserve . . . . 1 Kent State ....., . . , 11 Bowling Green . . . . . 155 Adrian ......., 1 Alma .... 5M Tri-State . . . 5 Ohio .... 18 Pittsburg . . . 1 Kent State . . . 5M Marshall .... 5M Kent State ..,. 3 Bowling Green . . . 5M Wayne State .... 8M Eastern Michigan 2 Adrian .............. 0 Eastern Michigan 4M Hillsdale ........,.... 9V2 YVestern Michigan .... 11W Miami ....,......,... 6 GOLFERS ON THE BALL Practice. practice, and more practice paid off for the 1963 Rocket golfers. The final record was a respectable 22?-7. bnder the guidance of A. G. Francis. the dufifcrs Finished strong by winning 11 of their last 16 matches. to place them in second position behind Ohio L'nix'ersity in Mid-.-Xmerican Conference com- petition. The seasons highlight came when Scott XYeida fired a total of 11171 for 27 holes on the drenched Ohio State lfniversity Scar- let Course to capture first in the Ohio In- tercollegiate Golf Championships. Leading the team in scoring was Bill Schaub with an aver- age of 76.91. Close behind was Bruce Denno with a 76.95. 1N'eida consistently fired 78.11. Bernie Barber had 79.3 and Chuck Senn aver- aged 79.1. Key victories came in matches with Bowling Green and Marshall. FRONT ROW: Bill Schwab, Tom Walinski. Doug Spencer. Henry Perkins. SECOND ROW: Chuck Senn. Bernie Garber. Coach Arthur Francis. Scott Weida. Bruce Denno. 'ix .ANLQ ..,...,.,.as-',.................. t-as.p..........-......,.'-29Y.........,..a.. -Qi' f ' -lv CY: 1 ,i , -, L , gg i .- t 4- 1 fi' 1 A, :l.?.",'0.x 7' -, k' , I, v. iii., A J 9 1'-'a XV,.S-1:.,,, 1 f V " . J -'rl 1 . I 'f J 335315: IT. .fqyg-' Y.. , .R j"' - i . I. Qn.41 'V , Us -Ni' f .uf ' in 3 '-1 ' I fi 'i 1:1--V 173 l 1 l 1 5 , as. ., A W. ...Q - :Q ' hav E. . 'is KN. ' x x ' -r sm-idk - +:.. . . b --qw ,wr-yy-qs YS. .. .. .. . exmgsts.-b - .wl , 'ISV lswk, .Xi W' "',,',,a,..,: ' , -, g 1 14-.wvmye-ww . if Y! N t K . A lonely trackinan takes Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo 87 19 51 54 61 yi 6155 61 ff: long walkintherain to the held house. Klarshall .... Bowling Green Kent State . . . Ferris Institute Adrian ...... Olivet . . . . Alma . . . . 38 77 71 73 -16M 37 19 TL' tiackmen look forward to competition with hours of pi QS 'aetiee. Q s is 3 G s is ' , . W X qb qll X U .: , L' it lt W ii gy 1 -1-. 1 . ,.-All ' , .W x up ihl .,.. ,Law E 1 V U . . , . Isl' 'Nik 1 ii , 1 .m ai P '- a .. ' 'iff .lriifim "rf, - , N ' saai-iwefnigiii 'Z l i' ,'f'i ligIFff': i L 174 Chuck Friedman displays record breaking form. LOWE AIMS HIGH Coach jack Lowe's track team ex- pects a better record during the coming season than the University of Toledo squad fielded in the 1962 period. Part of this is due to the opening of a new all-weather track plus a growing interest in the sport. Many strong prospects will be returning to participate in varsity meets, adding depth to the team. This lack of depth was the team's main problem last year. Although there were runners comparable to the con- ferences best, there was no one to support them to take second and third place points. Chuck Friedman displayed outstanding performances in the 100 and 220 yard dashes as he set new records for TU. SQUAD DEVELOPING , One of the most common sights be- F Q, tween the TL' campus and Ottawa Park is 4 " the Cross-Country squad during fall prac- tice. As the newest sport at Toledo. it is beginning to catch on among students. This year the Rockets finished sixth in the Mid-American Conference with a lg3 rec- ord. Jack Lowe. in his fourth year as har- rier coach, said interest in the sport is pick- s- ing up and the upcoming freshmen should add the depth that was lacking in IDLISI K' years. The young team was composed of Ed Dixon. Don Fall. Silverio Gonzalez. ' Jack Matson. and Jim Palmer. To gain ex- perience the team participated in the XC..-X..-X. meet which was held at Michi- gan State L'nix'ersity. In the meet Matson placed well for the TL' Rockets. Cioarli lame gin-s last minute instriutit-its FRUNT ROll'.' Jim Palnier. Don Fall. Eldridge Rl:-ss. Fred Brenner, Mike 1Pro1'li .N'l:'C'U,YD Hlfll' Alaiires Marla: lx. Ben lim on. llairx Nall. Boh Gwin. Ed Dixon. jack Matson, C-tatli Jaik Lowe 'Q Q3 . -V f ' s .. ii , Y, , .f I ' 1 n A . 7 V ,, , W- af . t 9 F' if , ' 'gi f f 3, 436' f .Mb ..--Q55 Ns ' " 'AP' X Q ' .mi-sf N - -if .W -5'5" W . f'feii?3?iS ii Q l75 r 3 x Q j i i f - 5 Q ' fl i - f' s 's X . B -ii am FRIJXT RUIVJ Pete Lt-so. jim Cray. Ben L'lis. Dave Kregel. Dan Simrell. Ritk Rankin. Jeff Martin. Ron Martin. Bernie Buranosky. SI'fCO.YD HOU" Ed Carpenter. Dirk Laraway. john Mackey. Dick Earlev. Ron Dandurnncl. Dave Rhodes. Bob Wt-zniak. lVynn Lem- briuht. Butth Yenrick. Bruce Baehtel. Gerald Bauer. Tom Orlow- ski. Gerald Bauingartner. Churk lVeax'er THIRD ROl1'.' Bob Al- bus, Scott Ayers. Dave j--nes. Frank Levlilak. Steve Erickson. Henry jim Gray gets six points for TL' at Homecoming. ..', . 'I76 Burch. Howard Rowan. Lurley Archambeau. Dave Moreck, Fred Zimmerman, Bob Abella, Don Kotnik. Verners Reichmanis. Bill Flynn. ,lim Caswell. Paul Harshman. FOFRTH ROW: Don Baker. Chris Finkbeiner. Bob Greene. Bill Nopper. trainer Jim Nice, Coarhes Mario Russo. Carty Finkbeiner. Jerry Thorpe. Jack Mur- phy, Frank Lauterbur. Harry lXlcMillan. Don Van Dyke. Tom XlrCartney. Vern Smith. Dave Daniels. Tom Nolan. Jim Berkey. ROCKETS PLAGUED Under the direction of Frank X. Lauterbur, the University of Toledo football team finished fifth in the nation in pass defense, compiled more yards rushing, more yards passing, and more first downs than their opponentsg yet they were able to win only two games. The biggest factor in all of the Rocket losses was the lack of depth on the bench. This was caused partially by many team injuries. mainly Captain Wynn Lembright's back injury. jim Gray played most of the season despite an ankle injury, scoring ten touchdowns and av- eraging 5.7 yards per carry. In the MAC he was second in the pass receiving. The season's high- light came when the Rockets upset a very power- ful Ohio University team with a score of 18-17 in the Class Bowl. Following this defeat, the Bob- cats went on to capture the Mid-American Con- ference Championship with a record of 5 and 1. Dan Simrell Llpendm-cl after gaining first dvm I1 in SIL' ganux FOOTBALL COACHES: Xfariu Russux Carry Finklwn-incly jerry T11-f1'pe, Junk Nlxnlplmy, II:11'1'v MmNI1l13n. Fxmllmk LaL1te1'lm1'. D:-11 xvJIlDN'kL'. Tum McCartney. Vern Smith. XX A ,QQ X -FR .gg -fi, 1 K :sg 51 42 if 445 fy. Y if LW vzfi, iff? 51 r 77 .1 1 'h 4 ,J h ' , ! rx Q QQ!! sf A is fe-x K- - jf? ,uqu X t .. ., -Avfi, ':--i - D Q - if fi -4 W' ' -2 I izgilq I K AVN i - ' 'fn e ' 4 i . - . .QW . U Nw . -- iff Conch Frgmk I,nutff1'Iu1r Hcliscllssvsu thc- p1'f-vious play with the Official as Don Baker and Dan Simrell look on. Dun Simrcll turns thu ond on L1 block thrown by Don Baker. Paul Harslnuan takes n break at the half. .Ieil'KI.11'Linlliki-sUL"sl5o11g Fagiin.iliti-1'catcl1iiig gi Sinn:-ll f1t'I'l.ll Jim Gray Cuts slinrply to elude 11 taekler. Llvlivllxr' lrwl llX l'i0lr xxltllllldli xllvlrx X.lll.lll4lX.1lS 'IOL' SHN IIIJLXTU in liiw tnirlw. Toledo .... 19 Dayton .. . 22 Toledo .... ll Villanova . . . . 18 Toledo .... 18 Mnrsliall . . . . . 19 Toledo .... 18 Ohio L' .......... 17 Toledo .. . 20 Bowling Green ,... 22 Toledo .. . 7 XX'este1'n RTlClllQ,L1ll . lil Toledo .. . ll Kent State ....... QU Toledo .. . 8 Miami ........... 411 Toledo . . . . lel Southern Illinois . . ll Jim Gray oil' on liis 36 yard tourlidown Lit BGSU. 1'-fxe P '2 "L :F is :Q J 5 W 1 1'f5ffi,:fn M' fl' , ,' V T:-JL IL v 3 -' - ,. i ' q. iy Q -5 L11 3 x' - A vis Loi- ' A 5.412 "W 179 ..- 4 X-A Rav XN'olford goes high to score for TU. Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo 180 Tulane ...... California ..... Ohio Wesleyan . Southern Illinois New York U. . . San Francisco . Villanova .... Butler ..... Penn State . . . Kent State . .. Marshall ...... Bowling Green . Ohio U. ..... . Detroit ....... Bowling Green . Pan American . NVestern Michigan . . . Miami ............. Duquesne .... Marshall .......... Western Michigan . . . Miami ............ Kent State Ohio U. .. . ROCKETS FIZZLE Coach Eddie Melvin's Rocket team ended the season with an overall record of 13 wins and ll losses and a Mid American Conference tally of -l-8. The roundballers opened the season with victories over Tulane, California, Ohio Mlesleyan, Southern Illinois, and San Francisco. Highlight of the year was the Rocket victory over high- ranked New York University in Madison Square Garden. The Tl' team suffered its first defeat in a close 63-59 contest against Villanova. As MAC play opened, TU downed Kent and Kfarshall, then lost to traditional rival Bowl- ing Green by four points, 80-76. A month later, the Rockets found vengeance with a 90-71 vic- tory over BG. Seasons end found TU losing the final four games to Mid American Conference foes. Opponents watch as -Inn Cox scores two points. Head Conch Eddie Melvin and Assistant Nt-well B1 Oyfogle. ' ,,Q7'Q sis- 511' TU sets up 21 play to otit-innnetwcr BGSU. Bobby Aston dtmks ont- for two TL' points GX XX X1-VX? xv N wx XXX v N 'XZ .. . '- :N -:2'- A' X-.,.Y fq xg' J ' 40 4, -up H131- 1 , ' WW? HX. ,..,. irkm. ' ' 'TTYL' Brwluhv WilIi.'1111Q 111111 Happy' Hnilwtmn gm aflvr 1'Cbo11nd :it Klndiwu Slllllllt' GL11'1lc'11. 'N Y. Dailx' N1-w'S PI1111111 1 1 EXllhl'I'Z1Ill XX'C'lCUI1liTlg Com- mittc-1: Q11-cts Rocket team after victory ovvr Nc-w York L'r1ivc1'Qi1y. 2 ? wg: sg. T Students give coach a victory ride after win over INYU. N-iw' x QQ' v. w, . V N...- N Q X E Olmio LY player nttvmpts to block fl slmt by El 'I'nlvcloRmk1-r. f s ones begins asccnt to the basket. EXCIKUWIIV griilws lm' lull in ilu- 'll'-OL' Q,.lIllt'. vclonmlOl1i0 L'plnyv1-s ju111pl1igl1mg1-1pmwwimmM1111-lllll A -1-- qll' '. pd LC Y. 1 r r' 5 , l, 'I s WN o M .I 4 FS' -Qs X2 1 - im Crux :md OL' 111911 watvll ball int:-rltly. Players anticipato rclvouncl as they await bal1's descent. John Ayling reaches Over opponents' arms to score for TU S 3- as Qw 5 'X x. Conch Rh-lxin 1,-xpluins play during timl,--out, 3"l7lWll'llllJ1m ll'3I35lll!l1 W 550149 f01"1'U Plrwers 1150 all nvailnlwlc limbs t0 in-t lmll. .545 i n -mmf wi' 53 ll 0 . . . "va Anxletv 1I1CI'C'ZiSE'S as teams awmt clc-sm-nt of ball N w 186 Emi QP 3 l N I , x ,. . 5 4 sf . . 2? M4 f . , Xml wx S- Ha g, 5 ya' QL E! '59 3 X F13 -s- 95 -Q. 5 , H l ' ui Q . -11 . Kg, eq , e .im A --:F-fziifw' .V 'im ' - fb 2, x . X . -,N , ff A- QQ R- na Ai :-NW ii? TU man swerves around opponents as he heads for goal line. Frosh player struggles to free himself. 188 Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo Toledo 1 W- fig' 1 .4 .. Rocket is intercepted in mid-air. FROSH FIGHT FOOTBALL 65 Western Michigan 12 Bowling Green O Detroit 7 Kent State BASKETBALL 105 Richmond 88 B 8: A fKalidal 89 Ohio lvesleyan 100 Detroit Bus. Inst. 101 Romp QToledoj 85 Jackson Jr. Col. 70 Kent State 69 Bowling Green 103 U. of Detroit 102 Bowling Green 80 Schrnidt's 88 1Nestern Michigan 90 W TOL 79 U. of Detroit 92 Alumni 88 'Western Michigan 66 Kent State E, - vw 'mx - 1--risky X Nw . XX -5-1 wr Xb X we TL' f-ITISII Quin poswsxioxx of tln- lm FIUQIIIIIVII .llu-llnlwl I1lQl.ll'v.1 14-Imlllld. im. llv Nun' x1llIlllDN. dm-511 I lu-.' ..l 5 -,. ,J .,,. . 189 L'nix't-rsity of Toledo wrestler attempts new hold on his opponent: the pretzel. TL' Rocket tries to upset his determined rival. fs . . . 5 1 :.-N E", - - W , we ,A - ROCKETS PINNED This years matmen ended the sea- son with a 3-3 record to finish in fourth place. The wrestlers dropped their first two matches to Marshall and Miami. The Scalzo-men then rallied to take the next three contests form lVestern Michigan, Bowling Green, and Eastern Michigan, only to lose the Hnal competition against Ohio University. The match against lYestern Michigan at TU was designated 'cMerrell Solowin Dayu to honor the heavyweight for his contributions to the team. The Rockets will lose the graduating Solowin and Dan Gray. Six TU men qualified for the Mid American Conference Championship. Bruce Alexander won the 177-pound title. if x N as -'-1-f ...W ,X ,M X, ,.., ,,.,,,. Mcrlcll Suloxvin is hUIlU1'L'CI fm' llix uwlllrilvuliwm Grnpplurs CI1dL'JX0l' lu gct illllliilglfilll t.1Ix.c-clwu 11, Rockcfsfacu u'x'c:1lsl1is SIl11iIll'kl 111.1111 tw lwbxlu- 1114: xtlw mg lwhl ul llii UIUIHLIIICIH. -..Q..,, ltYSxr't'11 YYXX YM-wi 'llwlcclw iliUlCClO lolcnlo 'lblcclo llOlCClU llolcclo UXV,Ciii.'1C'l1IUlClI11l' to grub his leg and . .' 1l,lll Mi-i'i1-ll Siilmsiii giliivlics liiw strvngtli against liis oppfwnciit ns lic gm-s lorapiu. 2. Blarsliall Klirimi XYcStcrn Michigan Bowling Green Eastern Klicliigun Uliio Lf Rofelwe u'atcl1cQ intvmlx' as XN'l'CSKIC'IkS luefomc wrappvd up in their work. Hn-adleis TL' g1'z1pI:le1'utiIi1a-5 kOLll1lt'IgIIlLlI1t'llX MS. ,r . M Q 1 ,., '.iX"3L...,w , 1- - - . f.:r,,eQf,-A255 - ' g . - :L-wr, - . V f..,.:Z:qrfQ f--15 , 1, . uw ' . , tw - wf - ' - 'EE'-mg' ,.,,,,,.h- ..,,-..,,..,,. ,HL ' "NOWIiNlL'Il,C:.1I1.IXN'L' scttlc llxiSprfnCcfL1llx'?" JF? Signia Alpha Epsilon: champions of thc 196-l intramural basketball season. INTRAMURALS 'l'hC intraxnural sports program at TU affords Comprtition to athlvtics-niintlctl inclivicluals not iiivolwcl in intvr-school progrznns, In football. Alpha Sigma Phi Finished first, with 'lihvta Chi svconcl. Baskvtball honors wont to Alpha Sigma Phi linishccl lirst in on-i'.1l1 intixnnural competition. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon. In the inclepcnclent league, the second Hoor of lYhitc Hall finished first in basketball and thc' Droxvcrs finished first in football. 'gs 5 194 'Wai Amber Latham prepnrcs to IACILIITI vullvylmll. Carole Homlar seems to be dL'ICl'IIliI1L'd as who hits thc lull during A tabh- tcnnis match. 1 Pmdmiutwn prowci 41 lY.1X'UIiU' in XXUIIIVIINQ il'1U.1IHLlI'L11S. f--was 195 .1 1' 1" " o 'Two bits, four bits . . Rock-c-tsp1'epa1'v forlvus trip to New York City, G I D T Cllieerleadersl entliusiasin prevails despite the cold. 196 Seeking to play an active part in the sports programs at the University of Toledo, athletics-minded females demonstrate their support for teams through participation as cheerleaders and Rock-ets. YVhether the weather be sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy, the cheerlead- ers are on hand to boost school and team morale. This year, the girls played ac- tive parts in the noon rallies in the Student Union. During basketball season, the Rock-ets perfect their dance routines for half-time ceremonies. Highlight for the girls this year was their per- formance in Madison Square Garden at the TU-New York University game. X i x 5 X x. X .vm x 1 Rock-et volunteers work hard to dcmonstratc support for Rocket team. 'HT fl ' Rock-cts show fom'clin.1tiu11 in damx' routine- .T PQ pq .. 94 sq bf" ..- - l L,.,S.....k -Q... I X --- -Q. ..:-. JQJN' A . xnwwvlmi .n-L-., . y ' I .. Q...-M li ?ff'va vn- . nw , 5 , -x ., -a '- .4 . P X xy-Y. Q' rf 'KX u ve- N x I rw, I x ...ww-' .Q-... ' , Nw 4 +4 Y '1 X'-'F ' x gm wx NW! PATTERNS IN SENIORS v-1-ur University Endurance Run . . One among many . . . .. ltll-Sections l,3,5, and 95 ll :QU-12 235, Tuesdays and Thursdaysg 2-3:15 RIondays, W'ed- nesdays and Fridays: CLOSED," Back to the bleachers and the time schedules. Can't even think in here. Who do I get to sign my approved sched- ule if my advisor just had a nervous breakdown? The Dean of what? Maybe if I climb way up to the top of the bleachers I can find Oh, forget it. Daytime, nightime, resident, non-resi- dent, drive car. Funny they don't want any ref- erences. Packet? WHERHS MY PACKET? Oh! There it is, under the stands. HHi, Jim. How's it going? Yeah! Same here. They should give one hour credit for registration.'Fee assessment? Un- believable! What do you mean, it went up this year? Oh well, at least I can get out of here now. What? THE ARRIORYV' 200 Terry R. Ackland Daniel Jay Adams Stephen T. Adams james E. Alexander Theodore M. Allen Janet S. Alspaugh Patricia Anistik Carol Ann Ardner Charles H. Atkins Bruce B. Bachtel John Bail Janice Baker Sandra Lee Baldwin Cornelius Ball Marcia Baranski Gerald H. Barr Of all the things I yet haxe seen it seems to me most strange . . . In-2. u.A1'C'YOl1kiCldiI'1QIHC?n - -QA"-A r .- sf , - X . fs?i"'w1- A fb - ..,.. -. X...x r . . . . X E ' Z' I . ,K " A. lr ws-X k X, ' gigs ffm -r' ' l Y ? S' v Q T Eicgcwsx Q 5 - ., -' . , P in gs, it , R H gg '-NN-, s 5: U Q ' W u X . -1 ' sv - --'- , -mv' , - .N 5 V ir ' -Ni x b ' 'E " 'W . . - " xc-. S X 1' Q Jw Y fini., - 8 new , .V , 1 Q. 1'9" ,ff SW .. 2 3... D .Q 'w,- K 1 . if 'x' + , A .. A wrt, in ., ll Q T rw Q .A.,.! - . - We 5, :Q H - , x f S ' - ,..::. - ,AI ZS ,ii-Q: S... '- fi Xxx Jcnrmnv Barringcr Kathleen A. Burnt Barry Bashore Carole Batog Gerald Baum' Jerry BJllIHgfi1'IIlC1' Burlnnra A. B.l7Ll1'9. Ciarol Arm Bcalc mi Diane Bcckmnrm Judith E. Benson Nancy F. Bvrgcr' Gary Bernard Nlnry jo Hettingcr Beverly Anne Black Theresa RI, Blazic Steven R. Bleier Joseph H. Blumberg John Bobis Mary M. Bode Tom Bogdan N X v N a is . Fi, ' N' ,Q T 'K X3 1 - uf wi.- Q' 6 1' 201 ..,, ,...., N- yr Barbara E. Boldt 'Y Jorge Boliorquez Paul L. Bollin - Carole S. Brehm 55 Q.. Joyce G. Bridgman vk N..- JW. I Q' Y xx NY 'x .L wars?-ri::FN--:WN M S3 " WSW-Xii"fE , ....,..r . M Q- ,,., H 1 x. N . . . . .N :Q-,fb -- ,. jf -. wc. , , 1. . . 'UV ' . . J , Av -wipe? 1 11- " ..-.4 - tis. : F, U M. at ' -4, hwy . , . ffm - W -.n... ., v-7 202 - " X : and + ' ' . 'M Tm vt' w its l ull N x ,Q . X ,. Nancy E. Buss Juclitli L. Byington Brute H. Campbell Harold E. Campbell Lois XI. Carroll Nancy A. Catalclo Jay E. Chaskcs Gary H. Cliasvn Rita Jo Brocki Eric R. Broclar Joe R. Brockseker David N. Brown Patricia L. Brown XV:1yne M. Brown Kathryn Brubaker Ron Bruck Ronald Cadlcr James C. Caldwell Judith KI. Campbell Patrick L. Campbell Sandra Cattcll Allen M. Charney Micliacl l. Cliazen Dennis A. Cliojnacki James E. Brug A Q Jbkq ., 22: J .QIC E I t Y' ONT: . atv . , ': -. -Q. ff':Q55?ff. i my . X h Sandra Bookman Earl F. Boxell A Q Q5-r '15 2- Q Q , . . PV: e rf- . .. . :gg-' . n ' xrgnvax' -1- s , nb,,",1 Thomas E. Christen Olivia N, Coleman Eileen S. Chumbley ...ES ft." ,Q og' -1-" -dsx -er' I- 31" 'T .- X E9 . ' "SSI 'vhs ' 'Z Ni" wi f.: ' " Nlartha A. Corbett Roberta L. Corwin Inna Jean Cowell Gary N. Crawford James M. Croak John H. Crowley Valdis R. Daiga William F. Dais Ahad Dastinalcliian Donna L. Day Rita L. Dehlars Lawrence B. Denko Nancy Dennis David P. DeSousa Diane Dixon David G. Diels Robert B. Donnzilly XYendie R. Dorf Diana Double Patrieia A. Dowell Michael E. Duda W. Thomas Dowling V- f II' 41 .Q 6, . I.- Cynthia M. Dallas Rgiynimicl E. Dean Mary Denton Kenneth DeVito Terry Droszez Sarah G. Drake . 9. W I V ,,.,, 4. 1-.gzwi .. 'f -eng.. v "'lr27i-r Shri 'I - 1-Skis -. ff 0- if ,. Y.. 'hr' -f .-"'ef?:.- Y' , -'if-fs lkvsfii -: I1 ' .43 fi ..s::.:-.V Y ..,-V ,,,, :F .wa-:-.S 'L 'lc 1.2: 1-1 -xwxw. ' ' ff'1'f:.,,,,., :PiH1:X.. T NR: ' -f'.- X QXN 6,-Alf' x X 51fh25sQr5:-- 3 1 X ., X xx its .P ' X5 s... S X bw V S :5i5'ifE1i3EfEE15ES"" Q ' 'ry Nb 1, -:few TDW 4 " T Q . .. x x M- 'USS 4. f 'S . all " A- ' N lgzfiix - . x ' , :v1I':2:. .v -X V v - ' 'V if Q.-fr X.- S-RTK" ' 'xi , H . . X x R E , , 4 R P tsifixf . - ,KS Nu K . K V ' -ai' 1 ' .K 203 Terry Durfy -1, ' Nlichael H. Ebner Jack BI. Eddie Frederiek Einhorn XX'illiain Eisenniann 53' Nlichael Errington East Side Story . One among many . . . Steel and rubber, asphalt and leather, corns and bunions: our parking lot. Parking fees, stick- ers, and tickets: memories thereof. STOP! This has gone far enough. The Ford Economy Run couldn't be tougher. The Greek marathons couldn't have been longer, and a pound of Swiss Cheese couldnt have more holes. Only ten minutes to get to class. Twenty minutes to park. Fifteen-minute walk. May as well go to the Union now. Oh, no! It's election day. May as well go to class late. A hard day of classes overg time to go home. Wait a half hour for a rider, spend an equal time Ending the car. lVait a minute! YVhat is that pa- per on the windshield? This is lot NAP? But I thought . . . There's always rootn for one more. ' . S' 15.3 ' l :X -'I--:ka O," ii: ..-iii.1-"3i'fSQ" . , X N. - +5 5"-s -5 as 9:.i955Y44f as iii? . . . ' ft T X' ., N L 'rt -f Q ,:, . 'Z"3 f42f3 3:: ' ..'.'slQag.l,'jfQg 1' G .. .z-...:'..-., '--1:i':,Z,fg5::E:ss:f5I f .?:3..,.g.,,.qS..g. M,,1,f:, ' - - la-,.. .- . S .X my lg, :nl if 1 S O SHS W it N .LT V ,S ' - w .L , as f. ' - , X . , A P . gags.. . A. N: Q ,gf 'gf' Q, V wx me Tig 1 - as . ' - . 'e fm fq: 11:5 Della S. Erswell rw -1 wg un uv Wi.. , Q f I . - ' a' if 4 P saw, 'J' ' -' 4- Alan P. Fabricant .'w:,,,,.' P . - "-r s ' 5, eta f .. NA: ,. J .Ai .. L., 2 '5' -596-1-1 -T Tek """A 4 ,msn Kafka.. A... F" X" I ""' tt .N ug r, ,Q'r""' X , - , .. A .. - M... Q ev ' val W' 'uv , awww 1 asm Q . 3' ,,,, anus F'lI111Ll Bai bar 1 A FkKll1I11t'X er Allan Feldstein Chris Finkbeiner Q-4 . w X, YF: Renee M. Fleeter Marna G. Flynn N Susan E. Fox nr ug' -c' ff- Mark Friedman 204 Tlfs shelter house: the home of the brave. Ulllliarn F, Gelnbus Nancy G. George Stephen L. Gepford Jill KI. Gerson Balrrarn Ghajar Charles D. Gibney Linda L. Gilmore Claudia Giovannucci f,-' lNTaureen Gallagher William Garbe Blarx' lieth Ggxnss Ronni H. Garber Gail Gartner Gerald Garwoocl STOP patrolrnan battles the enemy: student drivers. , T- '. .,,X .X ET 20 523 ,f 5 W - '-pg 4.Ybq-wv::v:-f+.- - ffl ' . .ii 5 Q 'QQ 'gk xx... wi: N '25 max 1-xv Q S X N - xxd A N .,,X... J w9Qg,,gig ' -ers:-we rx X X S X . Y i N 1 :www fe . yu.. Y' In W' , .L- A NR it N xxx x 'N XX X 1 X Y. 5 -ls. Wiv 206 Uv'-' Lorena HL1l'Q,l'C1X'L' llavid S. Hiirdin David ll. Hnrpei' Kay Hilrtiiiiiii Sully li. Huywnitl Nlacloiiua Heiiize Pamela K. Heissei' Carol A, Helfrich Jaiiies F. Helle Pzitriek KI. Henisse Bernziitl A. Henning Emily L, Herbrle Alan J. Gladstone Kathleen R. Glover Sharon E. Goldie Carol Gray Lawrence Goriiiau Tliomgis M. Gregorv Sue Grivimoii Nlaxiiie Cf. Griflitli Fred S. Grodsky llames Gruttei' Robert P. Gulus Blyra A. Gundy B111'lnmi'n Hnlteiiinn Lutz F. Hnlme Nelson Hniiiblin L ' I . xi -..- Y: ',gQ?'xXjA .m-5 -:. EH ' - . Sa" 5:- K. 1 44 'sf .Iefliey I. Goldstein Emu Grenke Joseph K. Grossiuaim Carole Haase Edward R. Hammer S j,..':r:1, ,. 5 aff- .I , :y.x::.X-gi Q ' fdfilif'-1331+ Q 3 15 'T XX, :- X. w- 5 L ma 4 ::1,17. S. www wx I Fw N .f e Q X " e 'Du Q-v igxhx .4-v-' N--Ez bxf' S ei- is 3 3 ' xt.:-ts. Q' Q' .af M x x ,. 'Q-:twig-1, 54 X WRX . X N: . 1 " C A , , ... l x Y ex xv Thomas Herold Charles E. Hodge B A B Katherine E. Hirsch Kathleen A. Hoag Robert Hertzfelcl - William E. Hoffman Sarah S, Horner Evelyn M. Hunnnon Niyer Hourrity arbnrn Hunt Kenneth E. Johnston James jones arbara L. Julius . '." T 7 Gerald Knhan y an 'Perl t gc-b sf- .luis 2.-:if S - .,..,..,, Q x X x xx N N Sxgg X 6 1 N Ah A-"W .f ' Nlary Ann Kasper ,3 W W' Frank E. Kaspitvke t:.,.:5L.,,.:..: . E-i "lx.q--:,., " 'X Q.-ajjif , Qi n, Rita M. King Linda Kovaeh Lawrence M. Knapp Kenneth W. Kopke Kenneth NI. Klarsfeld Catherine A. Kraerner Robert D. Kraft John Krainp James E. jaequernotte Robert F. .lngoclzinski x Y -.,,, .l .K. f K5 ' 4. 5 X X we :Q X Fm get N . A t., Q i! ,N t I S55 V. ..... , - 1. , S...g L 4, V, , i ,A ' - ' 13.11, 6 X2g:s:g1 531:52 .s NX .1 N353 -' "W MT2 l Eff.-X511 X Y 72334 1 - -e . 'ww . - wg X ' .. Fw A X QT-, -- ix. X -mx :gf-V I: . Tern' C. Iones , ' ' - i gg, t Thonin: C. K.1hle '-- A . 5 Vw--f' .' .fur Q :SK . E Daniel L. Kanrinsl-gi Ronald Knrlosky Arvin Kutlen Dalton A. Kehoe T", 44' 4 - uv, ef-ey ,.,,v X. ,Q-. N N . 'Z' N v Zifjfg , . X 1. . wx , Q. ww - 207 . .L E fs, Af' -nr ,, - . . 'rages-W 1 A .1 . - . A' it A A missy--sf.., .iff ' . 'W i C S L 'A - A 'L , P. 4-Q' . A -- A . ' EI'--FK" y itijliifjc 4 'll ...ra ag- xf- E1 'H S ' ty - . f . 4g :l E'W:wmg"t Q:-E Y l Q U .LA , 'fri' 'V ii ' X' . .5 .x Q,1.3f.-'Qs' ' " .1--f' , ..1. s 'Z' W- V X L I - w i fi ' ,..i.,, 4 .-j3'f ,fqjv . EF'-LP-lil' 1- ji 'xv' 1 'X fwlrw -' . - -" . - As. 4 ' ' sg - -A A- I . Eiga -, , . N My . MJF! MJ, ..,-u.-.g,.-. .. .. L A ' ' ' fi, ,Q ,ff ' V y .. A ' . 1 . .. fl E . gt' L 'TI --as-ali.- XI. L."-S lll'lllUCl'llC'X' in action: rflvction clay at thc TLT. These Are ca Few of the Bofhersome Things Ont' clay of thc ycar is rcally atrocious. XN'hy can't thc cancliclatcs hw morc precocious? Campaigncrs standing along siclc thc walk XYon't lct you pass till th0y'yC giycn thcir talk, Promises, tlycrs. thc picturcs, thc pcoplc, Rlakcs cycryonc scarch in yain fora loophole just to gct through to thc Lnion to cat A great Glaclicux cpicurcan trcat. Searching for fricncls amongst all that shouting, Campaigncrs crowding ancl pcrsonncl pouting. So much harrassmcnt 5 so many humans. Don't wc ncccl tunncls into thc L'ni0n? 208 Robert P. Krauss Ralph BI. Krviclcl Hcnry Kreisel Bonnie K. Kric-ncr Darryl A. Kroggcl Paul Kulwicki Thomas R. Kunz Ethel Y. Kynard Allan R. Lacy Loclccn S. Laipply Charlcs Langcndcrlti Robert C. Latlo Peter A. Lawless Alice F. Lehman lVynn A. Lcinhright Barry A. Lcyctt me '1-vw tx . Eff 'Q t . .. X . " : - E' "'3:E?i 2 1:3 ' f i.-1 X -v-- . .- X t A ' X " " E3S:,:,:':+i 'f?- IT-' 2' "f X X, N w w' ,,..,. M A le. Q- I iixl L' X fi'--:gif "" , Q' X X ix :, ,. lm" E 11:55 a.m. Noon mx 1 XX at as .:-:-.-.-:f.f::+:,fm:-..-A-, ---.ev-:-r...-.aft Q.-:-rf-1-..: 'S E,-'C'-iif' E " biz.. ,l ,W yi Michael S. LeVine Kenneth Lcwnndowski TI10111515 C, Lindhubc-r :Q Xwrwcow, 1:-Q:-':qx:g:::, 'QP' . '3Nfw'Q1N XRS?-:E-I x X K X xx Qt x X Q XX X . Y X X , 1 X Y f i f , ' 'sir .sf g A. ' '. cn" x Robert C. Light Ira Levison Donna Long Patricia D. Litinan Geraldinc NI. Lopins Judy L. Lutz John R, Ludgate Gaily K. Ludwig Anne M. Loudon james R. Mack Mary A. Mahi' Iii Eininnnucl G, Klancy 209 lxolxit E 'Xlmoi YN 1ll1'i1H D Ma1'olin lxmscll XX Nlfimx 1l William Martin Kent R. Matthews Terry T. lN1uurCr Donald W. May John Mazurkiewicz Thomas Nlazucliowski Barbara A. Mcfllurg Rose L. McDaniel Nlicliael T. KICGQO Patricia A. IVICGCQ XYillia1u E. McHalc-. Jr. Rlnxiiie E. Nlcnclenliull James E. Blerickcl Kcrmetli L. Nlillcr Richard A. Minaclc-0 Ronald Minor llozmrie E. Mitts-ndorf Alfred L. Moore Georgc P. Nlorris 'Y T" Bfichnvl R. Klmrsc Lani T. Blu-ms Robvrt XY, Nvshit fxlflllll' E. Umm,-llcx' :umls L. Osmvnt RN 104111110 CT. fXIm'timcr Ali A. Mostofi Pamela A. Muir Jmycm- A. Nudolny Edwncl CT. Nnlodkn r- Cfyrus Nassixi G, Willimu Niclwlson Alan K. Nimdy Shu-il.1 O'I,n-my 'IOSL-ph M. Opry Klnrilyn .-X. c,I'L1X'l'lS Ylqlllillldi Urlowski cill.lI'Il'S 'lf Ottncy Fl.'1'l'Yd0llIl P.u'x'in Riclmrd C. P1-nwcll XIII!-lK'I1k' P. Pk'1klk'lll'L'li XX'illi.1m Pr-In-lx Rmbcrt A. P1'l'if1'l Jw Nlnrk NY, Piorrv K Kutlmlvvn XI. Pia-tmi Olmm .-X. Pimiuo -Inxum I.. Plagnkix Ili-PIILIICI Prvlcli .Iolm BI. Popwu Steven H. Prigolmfy John F. Primm' Carol A. Qucrtinmont 'Hof Cranston Quigley Robe-rt Raclkiewicz JLIIHCS A. IQIIIHSCY Ronald A. Roger Elaine M. Reilly David Riclirudson Ioan C. Ridley joan A. Riu ' Mzuy M. Rinehart Studying: frequently 3 plmsuie Souictuncs 1 clioic Q Jerianne Roginski Andrew Roman William M. Romp Lawrence Rosenberg Lawrence F, Rotondo Martin Ruddy I Ronald T. Rutgers Doris Salxheim Thomas N. Salow Howard E, Sandler Bluebooks and IBM . . One among many . . . 11:30 p.m. Getting an early start on studying for this test. NoDoz. coffee, no-glare light. All set. 11 :45 Will this never end? Let's see: page four: 376 more to go. Midnight VVell, here it is tomorrow, to- day. Maybe I can bluff my way . . . 1:30 a.m. Perhaps if I put my book under my pillow and sleep: osmosis! Clarence Sass Nancy Sautter Lucy A. Sawyer Fred G. Schaefer IVilliam C. Schaub 3:10 Wlhy did I take this course? Oh, I remember: requirement. 3:45 Chapter two. CHAPTER KCHHQI11 Sfllfwkoslfc 3' i"e' 4' TWG! Read faster. Carolyn M. Schmidt 6:35 Sunrise through blooclshot eyes. R0b61'IL.5Ch05f'lfl ,t..., 7:50 Classroom. Pale, drawn stu- dents. Cheerful teacher. 8:00 Last name first, first name, mid- dle name last. 8:01 Author, title, where published? This is college? 8:15 Could have studied three months and it wouldn't have done any good. 8:50 Never again . . . Anthony Schumacher f Norman IN . Schwartz Mark E. Searl 141 Students manage the impossible: studying in the library. . fs.. si X A 2 X '-v """'F 213 ff' ""':' 1' Inmes W. Sherman Patricizl A. Shrrzclci' Paul C. Simmon Thomas F. Slnyton Dorothy Smilax Joseph F. Smith Kay Smith Betty Ami Smyth Judith A. Snow Hilary Stitch Xmiq Sttirnci lifwlwit XY, Slut! qlmiivs ll. Sym-ki joan lX'vlm5tt'1 i if Donald W. Spohlt-1' Merrell Solowm H. Phillip Stall Rohn-i't Cl. Stniimi litmnc Stnwiiik lay S. Steiiigroot -Iticlilli Stcplicnson llicligiicl Y. Stolws Roht-rt F. Strogoiioff Lois Siiiiclwiiiitii Art E. Sl1I'OXX'll'L' Xloliiiiiiiiiacl 'llixukoliziii Noriiigm 'lf 'linyloi' Xtilliam A, 'lit-rrill Thomas H, Sponslci' William C, Sisco Katlilccn I. Smith H.ii'lJL1ra Sochocki Lowric L. Sprague Fu-cl A, Tiller Thomas WV Tia, Veronica Topoleski Jean E. T1'CiX'L'l' Gvmlcl Trvpiriski , Q Patricia A. Trspinslai Blmlm L' Tuul Ricliard YY. Tulcx' William M. Lvllllilllli Leslie D. Turby ,lilmcs F- 7-'If Donna KI. Yimcloiwvillp -I.:-.i,...-:-:,:r-1-,li ' i. Y , .X - :i,,.pq..::::, . .-'-,:.:::1s"s5 I - 'N ' ' K' fi? i , -f.. . ,, lC,' MaI'y'Lll Vick Karon E. Wagenkneclit Katliryn A. Yogtsbcrgcr Tlioiims N, Walinsl-ai Tlioiuns Wgxtcriiian ,,,... Cliarlc-s E, XYo:1x'c1' Dave Weaver ': Sanclra S. Wi-ning Ii W Karen E. Wetzel Kathryn YVetzcl Terry P. YYictrfyk0wski Dora L, XVilllZ1Il1S I XO' 's f + 1' xx .ve ,SY X Nix William C. We-isscnbcrqcr Q0 l Nancy A. lvilll-QCI' Saiidm S, XYUJIICI' Hhltci' R. lYi1skcwicz Marc in S. Wcislvcr jolm XNiivsulvli A tl'-'V David L, '1Yilli1111is K 215 XT-uv' hbs im- Q Wv X. ,fn-gs James H, Williams hlartin XY. XYilliams -- '-- -F. iw Klary Sue Villinger Susan L. Willinger Q. 1 ,it Frederick W. Windisch Raymond Wolford KN' :gm Wan? t,j is Lk . ... VV- A..., 4. . -' 1 .. 9+ c., . . , -3,5 g- Lt' -t. . fll L llli at-. s.-ssxxx,u?x:rgsss- fTf.fYT'f-fiwswis., , 5, - . I ' ' Graduation: the end of the beginning. Virginia A. XXlUOCldI'Cl llaines R. XVorline Phil C. Yenrick llaxid ll, Woolford Howard NY. XYright 216 jon A. Zachman Claire E. Zaner W. Wynne Zaugg ,lane E. Zbinden James R. Zech Rose R. Zeller Gary M, Zweifel Evan W. Zwillman Christine K. Zychowiey Reflections . . One with many . . . As the seniors march into the crowded, hushed field house, the full realization of the significance of commencement appears for the first time. Years of study and cam- pus life are ceasing abruptly. As he listens to the speakers, the senior thinks about his past years at TU: the parties, the games, the friendships, the work, the trial and error, the development into a trained individual capable of ful- filling his role in society. Suddenly, walking across the stage to accept his diploma, he re- alizes that commencement is not the end, it is the end of the beginning. .Ll Y xW NX VANN NN x HNXX X X X fi., 218 is ,MW L..-1 r , R gg if -'xg f f T ' B . V V N . V1 -4 N , ,. ,- 1, jk. tp. XR g ,X wi Mg. 1 . - x - ' M 1 A W- H. '-.R M 'A 5-' Y 1 f I ' PI' , Q. ' Q , Yi?-Qsix, xwimz. 4., A f . wt - - X ' :Sm Vera ,ww--WX Q' -S .e . NC HX , . - -"'- ' 4' . - . ' 1- 1: ' We XX ' ' A- f P' 4 " X .rx X v'fW:R?' my , -J mx . Q -7 XL' x N f X'YWx7"'iF-55i?'M1"vi4!'35q'iR' 17 4' " Aw ,L x 1 R-Q, 3- g' E, QQWQ 'xx A S2 EY X-W55',ffV ' f ' " - ,. .W 5 - sb X gk , f 1 Q 14 K N. J' A Q .9 'x ,Fig-,, f X ,i F. . , .3195 be-25, an B ik' , , 1 -- , N X., ,5 5 . 4 ., N . N ,v X X v.-. f A v, , 1 p K. ,L f -,3L4,5,xg1x,Q,Q .9rf,i3 Q Q1 . N41 . -Q, ..1. ' ., -X HQ ' iw 6 X XSS xx'X3.Y:i.,-K-S, ,, , -' i?-ARMXN. Nm . fa Nm X 9 5635: PATTERNS IN STUDENT LIFE SPRING SEMESTER, 1963 Spring is that season of the year when a re- birth takes place. It is not only a rebirth of plants and flowers, it is a regeneration of men's minds and activity: new ambitions and desires develop. Perhaps no other climate has such an effect on the student as does spring. The drudgery of winter and an uninterrupted span of studies and bad weather make the student susceptible to the magic of spring. Pent-up en- ergies need to be released. Campus events provide S' sex I Q i '55 Q x 51 ,Y , Q-. Y it "'x ,...- IQ chances for such release. The Chariot Race, J-Hop, Greek Week, baseball, and cottage are merely a few of the exciting events that take place during the rebirth. Many other things are important to the student in spring. The quiet walks, the first warm, starry night, the first leaves that wave in the breeze, getting out light-weight jackets and bermuda shorts, putting ski parkas away, and for many, the thoughts of three months of home, old friends, and summer jobs. . si ,X ,. . 1 il Q i R i' , , - - as . S Ts? g Q, My 4 .- -Ili. V V at X iii , .- sf-'F 134 ' . ' ' f -as " -seg Agfa A-43, -525.1 ,Y .-sag, , jaw it' A ' 'N--1' . ' 'Ji' "' .- ,'?'. I V M . 1, -. " " 4' . Qs:-:. V , ' , ' . -1951 .Jw ' ' ' .- ', , - A - . 0.1-5 . X , ' - .vm H , , M.. A A, , ,, - f t .- , G v i i Mfr. V ' , l' at ,-' 1 N, ' , , . ' ' ' 1 as . , , , . . , "' ' M .. t ' , if x 1-na.-fi .. - . 7 "' 'i . QQ, . f ., ' H- 45.4, . , g A X - v. ., if I , ,, e N,,, fkiffft' new - - . ' . , N I P '- ' ' " : J v n , , . I' ,, ' Q - . ' . r' ' , . fs' -. .- ' ' f ,1 , V. . , - s - , . . W sa: M- far. v .S v' V ,Q-QQ'-Z--x Q , 4 Q 'K' -QVV - ' cfs' V. W. 'E' " nur- , -5 - . nw- ' , 1 ' ' ' W sf , ,, - , ' 'Q , 5-' - 'a . . . ' . 4,9 - fmt- ' "., , P ,L M., . s . ""' W - "N " V' :""l'k' .., J M.. 1 . Q -. A ., Q . I-Q., hm -. . sg 1 - .- ,.-Q. gf-.W , in .. . M P- iw, s Q, 4 light 1 Q gwwf' -Q . P. ,- r , .M . I 1. , A ,, K, J. , ,V 4 . . . P ' - - , is. -- - - J Q 220 toil-i Powell Kingsley GREEK WEEK Greek Week of 1963 began with it rally featuring George Starr Luslier. the originator of Greek weeks. With Ll thought for others, Greeks gave Ll party at Miami Ghilclrens Home. Sorority women ticliecl up apartments for the tru- clitional open house. Al2Pi and Tri-Deltgi won trophies for their skits. at which time the euncli- clates for Greek Week royalty were pre- sentecl. Sharon Tanner and Powell Kingsley reigned at the clanee. Slfllllll Phi Epsilon and Delta Delta Delta Cap- turecl songfest trophies, and Peppers and Blue Key tapped new members. " J., Jil Greek Week service project brings happiness to residents of Miami Chilclren's Home. , . gi ' MP i Ah X A Sharon Tanner 'Iv Greek groups join lor Open! ing of "Progress 'lhrougli Htiriiionyf' r . 'Gif ! 5 4 lf' iw. A ,J .15 5 we 921 M22 -. Q. if 1 Men x mt 11911 tmmtx dunno Qmoutx open home PF' AMY Elcctiom plix Z1 x 1t11 IOIC 111 G1ulxYMc1x pxoccdulee ki 5. S' 44 fp f1l4'1'Il 1,1 .nu-X 1911-1-11- Nlwxfw 'l'1'i-IJ1-IlJ'Q1f'- m.mcm': only Iflf' N11 Ulf. hum' IM'l'I1 IIIJIIQVLI. want to be :1 Sig man. YX'l1uu'v11lcl ask for 111011-? T111-n I'll have all tlufs CUIIUIIQ IUIHL'f'AU1d Suxuqfcst. too." For iclwltihczxtioxls, I't'f-Cl' to pages 130 and l. . 3 .. xr, , K il. g I, , ,+R .. A y. ' '. - .. ' fs if I. . A :.T"0" -4' . .5 KN.: fl N, ix .. f x . --1 w..-.K-ff . is. .ik -' - ., ,fl -- - P M ,Y i -' X t ,t'ii'ff 1 T -"'7-1f5fw' at 5 K 4 ., 'w if gpg, -' ' V lr 45'-i:"1:a-ii i? X gi A y :Q gy., x - L is X'.,'.M., .i tt H.:-5. :. -:sas - '51 fsifiwss- 'W-NQEW3 2:5155 1 .wi it - Pt s-ZX-Q, 1, rg.-f ' 5 fv fi. .1 f ' 1 '.-manila .. J -Q. at -- .- -- r -Q 1 Ag aw " ,fx . wzixw 2'-fi --,, P ,, - N, df 'Q fggg-, g" ', 1.i4,'4-A - 1 , T 1 'S Q 'rif f T 5- -Y ff 3 i .T - P f. if .sai .., 5 . i ,Q Q1 was gf gg: tems., x f-W' Agfa. Q, . 1 .Q F' -5- 1 Vg , .. . -9,-R .4 -..f::1' X X 35-N Qi' -1 Q 1 A .1 51 -: 'N .-,QQ 6 ' 1,' 1 1 -las. fig., at-lx sf- V. Hj'-W :P f ." ,f . Smit .3335 -Qjl...:i:'a".-Kjilr 'ig' -i ' 'I' ,W-V 1- . .. :ij . ,fi K. t- 5 5, V, ,. JXQSQQ g- YS-S xqg e , 525-IF .YN far -1. S , - f- .nf AE 1 tm K U s - . P , ., x.. t-'wx wma fr", W M' t . .. - -. 'mi!' s"':' x wi' -x .. NM. 'I fig' Q , -' 'Sis :QQ N H1 V. '- - . vt: rgxrx 1 . -j-.JMX 1 .-gtk ,,: A35 S xii V, ez'-,Q ' N. N: 5 tn I , -f-,,-ea, 5 ' .1 f- 1 Q -tx: ,- X X-V .E .N 'Ri L' X lf N Y" '-Stu' . X .rf -fa -. ,mira .- , ' -f v e. 'N -f?-Q32 nf' Sf. A5 .iwify 15 1. SN " 'Riff' -g2-q.Qy' - ' -A 73, i" -"::'R. if? if . :ue gs., -a et .:. . .Q 2' N L5 ju L .gy ' Q-Q1 A f-egg., ,A .rr T . e sp:-, +53 fx- - : -3 pry X -- - . a ,, s . .. , - 1- f si . , ., 1 - 5 L ' XA,-, 5- X. 2 c ' as ' , ,reap-sg V 'I 5-,-U ,-fr ,' -, 1 '-utr ,-,ri 5-,nl-.h ey.. -Q Q. 3 Tl ' ' . " 'Y Xi . Y. ay te aa? L: t "HW ta Wx ' ' .. s 3 S. - Y f- W: t A - . .- -A . 1 X --' s-- .-f ..s..Nt+-. 5. p . i'--1-.. 1 .- SYN-wfk Q,-Q55 M , .- N X T.. - iii xii! itflii 9 V -fm! Y -if la ' 1. 'NPS Q 1 'fs -'i ii' im Fw? Fi - , Q15 lg ,A T. vt H :xg hm adwsfkei. ..,. tQe,...5g! ,., . N gg . , I - . tlwu . , .. . eff, x T ...wa E :Fifi -gp Ni yrs g it wa . Q , . -- A t . fa 1 u i V an Q- ' r . ' ' " i ' Q i i V 'I-,QT ' ' M: ' we . -it . . " tr Q 1 - .4 i 5. 'B - K -' s, . . f- , - 1 it M X '1 " K 1 i '7 w .W RN - Q i f' ' -' 2 "" " - Sf" 1 -"' ' Y K gg, X Q.- ill.: NVQ. K 5tw,..?gN s by el 'W,iWMXa Y wwf . T . . ik 5 5: I . H ,mv . Q X .F ,,::1Ts Xa. .1 :rv .wif Jawa Hi g g V X Si 5 bv V5 K K., S f .s X 4 we f me . it A L l' igiws lav a-1-fir 'L r Q ' .... Q 1 r 39 wmv xiii L it i ' i V S cuqe 3 . SSS ...yer is ,P "" ---x ' Q xi 1,1 . ., tx ' . ,t fx ---......... A, aj'-NM-'N-X .- ' Stl' A SY Wta fmwm N st. ss,-N. sim A -xasviraispwt-Q.-Qx1,gls.3,,..q,,,,. 'T 'W , X. --ay' ,. FJ, . Q .-. ... . -we Q . 4 .5 R , g:m::W.,mAuL x,,x,:,i,'NWA t . . A F . NWN- -at-.xaamw . "" 'N NAWNW ,t..,,x,,,. , A P 'sal t t X Y l . I Clad in Greek costumes. sorority Happiness is winning a trophy. -V 1 4 .id su.:- .4 - if .x-.... . . . X, . . .. . N . - st. X 2.-. . ...- . women compete in annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Chariot Race. GREEKS COMPETE With Greek-like costumes, fanfare, and cheers. sororities raced wildly in vying for trophies at the annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Chariot Race. The warm spring weather resulted in high en- thusiasm, making the '63 race one of the best. Finishing First was Chi Omega, followed by Zeta Tau Alpha. The award for most original costumes went to Sigma Delta Tau. Three groups entered the first annual Sig Ep Canoe Race. The outcome was anything but cut and 'iclryf' Phi Kappa Psi paddled to victory, with Pi Kappa Alpha second in the competition on Ten Mile Creek. JA A Ge- lixwf Pacldlers go for an impromptu swim. 1 .1.,- .M X J . 5, ,ws : -X xeaaxvfs N X - S .,-,R C 11 , 1 .111 Kli'11I4'lI1I 11 s111i1c for 1111- Crownl. 11" SQL 1 ,nm i . wiki of 1 S of if R ' RCII1' A1111 91111111 11011,-pli .1 troplxy 11111111 11013 R.1c114iL-11117. C,'u11fg11111 Cditor 111-Q11 Bcity A1111 1111c1 vscoil. '11-1'1'1' 1VJLl1'1Yf'. 1-njoy K1-11to11's 11111SiC. CITY OF GLASS Tolcdo is thc glass capital of the 1vo1'1c1g S1311 Kenton I'CCOl'C1CC1 2.111 al- bu111 c11tit1cc1 "City of G111ss." Using this t11c111c, 1110 k1L1I1101' Class p1'CsC11t0c1 1110 J-Hop, fc11tu1'i11g Kc11to11 and his b1111c1. i11 1110 N111111 A11111o1'y. At i11tc1'- 111issio11, Betty ixllll Smyth, 1110 1963 Spring Qucvn, was C1'ow11c'c1 by S110 r1.wL1I1l1Cl', last 1'C:11"s quccn. L31111 Cook. jill G1r1'so11, K1111111 Kaisc-13 Jo ixllll Nc- c1C1Co. L111c1 Barb R11l1iQ'l' fo1'111cc1 1110 Court for 1110 bubbly now CILILTII. 225 Participants begin annual program with alma mater. K y Att.., a. 5 ' , ' , xi' 1 s ts 1 If I E HONORS DAY Undergoing a transformation from a noisy, milling group in the ordi- narily quiet library, students and facul- ty marched in orderly fashion to Doer- man Theatre for the annual Honors Day presentations, May 22, 1963. Phi Kappa Phi honorary awards went to Peggy Loo, scholar of the year, and Frances Delamater, sophomore. In addition, honors were bestowed on various other oustanding academic and military students. I ROTC students perform at presidential review. S Klilitary students receive awards. Faculty and students take part in ceremonies. 226 I nu I I llll E -,, Ywl. .Y E ' 'x 'T SLK' auwwaw ,,1,,wNw N-H,,, .Q .. Q ,. 'ug ' ' ti Q. Candidates for degrees march in procession to Field house for Connnenceinent exercises, TU grows more "ivy" every year. COMMENCEMENT At Commencement exercises in the still, warm field house, June 6, 1963, 594 academic awards were presented. Included in the total were 17 LL.Bfs in the College of Law, 95 Masters, and 482 Baccalaureate degrees. In addition, 61 associate degrees from the University Community and Tech- nical College and one associate degree from the College of Business Administra- tion were awarded. Two honorary doctor- ates were presented to Dr. Lyman Spitzer and Thomas Gates. President Carlson addresses Conuneneeinent assembly. ig2tX+gf"Q. Q ae D- ial- - ' - ' 1 27 FALL SEMESTER, 1963 "This semester IQID really going to study!" .Xfter it long. relaxing, Ltntl perhaps pront- nble summer vaeutioii, stntlents return to school filletl with most honest. sincere intentions of study- ing in the truest ueacletnie sense of the worcl. New elnsses. clitferent professors, ancl shiny. unlined. un- tnurkecl textbooks give cleeper incentive for putting "Classes first." Soon. however, the busy whirl of activities proves to be too inueh for even the most cleclicatecl stuclent. llnexpeeteclly, he finals himself two weeks behincl in Classes and three weeks aheacl in '4L'nion duty" ztncl activities. It is impossible for n stuclent to keep up on "all" the work of classes when there are so inzniy things to be experienced in autumn. Football games. crunchy leaves, Snturclay night parties, formnls and informals, rush parties. and Campus mixers. Then, snowflakes :incl ski slopes. Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Ancl suclclenly, fatal finals. 3 S 'No mfs it . K X , x fsXX,sXgsi N if 's ,E f-. 228 silk, I Su Carnival Chairman Ken Shaw and Botti' Beyer: out to Clown prvparss to craclicntc two umuspt-Ctiug cliilclrt-ii. lunch. t , f Y' L X o ts jo Qut-c-It xliicly LvIl3flIlSlil nCt't'pts trophy. TKE CARNIVAL Disproving popular opinion. Friday thc 13th was bcncficial as thc opvning clutc of it succcssful TKE-ALSAC Carnival XYCCliCIlCl in Carly Scptcmbcr. Sororitics operated amusement booths within the 180 ft. by 60 ft. Big Top on Laskcy Road. Dclta Dclta Delta Carnccl a trophy for taking in the most money in their booth. Kappa Delta won a trophy for sclliiig thc most rafllt' tickots for Z1 four foot stuffed Black Cat. Miss Judy lfrbanski of Chi Onitlga was Crowned Miss TKE-ALSAC. All pro- ceeds from thc Carnival WCHI to the 'Hicliiig Leukemia Strickcn American Cltilclreiif' 229 fi ff' Y f Q ' i 3 I lil? 4 -1 X Ji: 17' V ' s Vfygfr'-1,1 A- yr-ff ,,-'- I' 1 N 3 ffl' I - T? , ff, v V W ,,,-,,. ,X K ,, ,, .V e A A -e ,Y rx.,-wi' f' -gi fr -1-5 , -5- ,,1'1,.,,,,.Y vie" ' r ..V- ,-H r""- ' ""f::----l -I ' 1 ,..-. -- 5, f ff-' , v,-a g A A .F Y,,,.--- V -W, ,, M, wk- ',.f-V f- We -V - A-,A g, If: fre' 7, .. - - " V ,,,, .1 -ifilf. ' 'e 1 . - ..-P'-Y Qi- Y at ,M -7" SN ' . - 59 at .3-..:.::f' , V, -- - Q ,sg-,V ' ,, "":'-xt" ' ' ' ,KW o a so 37 xg: f ee 1'- " iifij 'N 1If,git-L: ' M V W "XVhere's the swimming pool?" Freshman xVCCli affords opportunity for making new friendships. if .- 9 9 d ,ss , ' 230 1-5 5 vp .- . V ,V 1.-fx, - 1 TESTING GROUND lNhere does the story of a fresh- man begin? Perhaps it is in September with the strangers, new surroundings, registrations. Or with the new routines of classes, meetings, activities: the be- ginning of a sense of belonging. More important than affinity for and adaptation to the University, how- ever, is application of what the student learns. One's schooling assumes mean- ing only as he gains a clear concept of how to coordinate education with his talents, goals, and personality: herein lies the importance of the freshman year as testing ground for the future. Freshmen become acquainted with dorm life. " 'N -.,, -,X ' L. o r .f. -N A Y ri- ' "You lost your key already?" New friendships begin througl -N. 5 ' . MEP' ffsrgswc 1 competition during Freshman Camp Wee hah-A 1 A -my - W T I -,-.-,,.,,,- I 15 ,wk , :B li x fe' X Q ,Q . :Ns ,, :Sm s '- .mi 'M -..,.............. A 'The best things in life are free kend at Camp Storer. gf,-.XE 3 5- S Record hops provide niuch-needed relaxation. "Remember: only fifteen per cup." VARSITY DRAG "Benchwarmer's Ball," the 1963 Var- sity Drag, provided an opportunity for Mon- day morning quarterbacks to prove their own football ability. Following tradition, the dance was in honor of the pigskin boysg at intermission, Coach Frank Lauterbur introduced the team. After all had been presented, each threw a personally auto- graphed miniature football into the crowd, which scrambled to catch the long passes. TGIF dances throughout the year permitted escape from scholastic rigors. Popular were the twist, bird, and bossa nova. Dihllbfl tram fl 1 41, t,L.J L xg To T 1' ,JL 1 L..liaJ 5 -' X35 "ls this what they mean by 'quarterback sneak' ?" Clollegians display typical student participation. ww .t .sf 5 .X . ,v Q 4 RJ, ss , A X' QF' gt' .. 5 'ffl Y ' t ., if X f X W .,.f. is X' slfibv' 'f Q K I 3 ,NX el .s . it ss Qi l , Q' A K: Ybx K 1 WLS' lit-ts eheer those pigeons right out of the tm K' 1 IWN UOIINL ll In lv IL 111 lxlul IIN BAND RALLIES Any alumnus visiting the Stu- dent Union at noontime Friday in the fall of 1963 would undoubtedly have been astounded at the changes wrought. XN'here there had once been couples strolling, there was now a multitude. Where there had once been quiet. there was now the blare of trumpets and the boom of drums. Where there had once been apathetic students, there was now a unihed crowd clapping, cheering, singing. For Sam Szor and his band knew how to elicit response from stu- dents. XYhether to cheer the team. to support State Issue il, or to en- tertain with open-air concerts, the band seemed to strive to build a spirit long missing from TU. AROUND THE WCRLD "Around the W'orld" was the theme but the climate in Toledo made everyone feel as though the rocket had fizzled out of fuel in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The unseasonably dry, hot weather cancelled out hopes for the tra- ditional bonfire at the rally, but Rally Chairman Tom Jackson and his banjo playing buddy, Mike Troup, strummed all thoughts of the bonfire out of the students' minds. Nineteen sixty-three made it three in a row for the Theta Chi's as their can- didate, Pat Schreiner, a member of Chi Omega, was crowned Homecoming Queen. TKE's went wild as their float won first place for the fifth consecutive year. Toledo lost the game to West- ern Michigan, but the long weekend provided a much-needed oasis in a busy academic semester. XX aim weather hi li Homccomin spirit 1 new football coach and band bring throngs to rally behind Union. . .Agglh Rallying team supporters stop traffic on Bancroft. vw Se Rm 5 Coach Frank LCllltCl'bllI' transmits tvnnfs enthusiasm. jubilant quccns. past and prcscnt. exprvss clation. Terry jones leads crowd in "Wc1l. we-'ve got rx team." MH 1--1 235 A v 6 fx. , -. -3- r if . N cg ' X TAU KAPPA EPSILON X AN First Place X' 4 il. 0 ,, L' L. . .T .tx-, SMQNN W I 1 n , ,A .Q - . - ' we W"f'q:f:':TfI,i . H . 'Y f ,. 1' ki " ' i 1 A A ' ' ,c,,,,,,,,cc,c X L fl mx !J,9'j':?q.?:x:i .-'xxx , . ' x - . , X as Els, E 1: fl. at , . , 'Q Aff X I J ' 1 ' , ' ' ,fir A ,V 'S X ga ,. '- ty Wvqfff , fff','7-K, . ..3- .. X .V i ,N lga1 P'?3F'V: , .L Q S . . ,ri s A. ,j-gf-'L-3-..3 - j:'5"g', .-E. 1 F.-FL .' ' ' Y' S'f2fa.11f1'-A ffm 1' + -C - - . -3 gy .V -, 5-,.-, . 5.xQXQwSb9 A-'.,-:ic y -Q Q, -A - ,-,553-,f:,-, -A ' , - - si.-X .. 2 Q, Q. I fa , - if :-1iBf3t?'---1--1 .. Q iiylil Q - N 7- ' f . .. wi fl- fi i U ef? . 'mf gli f' if ,If3.',"."""'fiQ ' I-.'Qi'-gi ' Hi ' r il'-53 ,93 f':Qi"'Slg ., AQ 'W K x 353. L , 25, 1 A F3 ' X' e " .:-- ' 7, ' -v, . ' - v - N 1 , Wm -EFL v-'+'-y.Q.'-ffm ' Q Qfqi,--T, , 1 .F u,r . " ' 5, ,, .-Xiu. '- H, " - 'Q I. ..,f .ix ' 'ffiff . '3f:u,'-Wg. r ' , N - "" E ".Sq'qf.a--' X-.ff :V -:E ' .. , '- Aw- , R N- Xbrg-vffx " if. .c ... K - xt 5-' -if +1 15 - 5 3 ' "5 ':- "X :ff ' J-NI - " 1-if H -' "Akin 'Riff 3111 4- ':"z . Y- as .fTl'.f? 1 K 'fx f . Tw-5QlR?S'i T 235:14 -5 - .:14fi."'-:If , 'E , 5 ,I , fxf- 'iff 41, Q. ., N 'Q' 1 -sr ' . U . ' - 35? ' 5: ,.. , AS PEN! 'D E m 'E .fr E ' Q - A A A 1 - A A 4 ' ,nv -il H, 4... J I,-f 'gg.-.-'R-,A I - -. H rl , , Q- ., -, + we .cc A -G .., f- -fwe.',. gy N - iff - -'f Fir" If 2-f?5'XQ," ' ' A P -. il -af' ZF 2' ' J ' L, W 5 DW-'N iw, yi - at X 'gif 'nf R. "Q '-5liM1v'2s..5 1n!'xi,1,..f1'!'LfL.', .W ,':..Q3gN - .fill ,QS - ' ' Y " m.- ' If . B wk.: gp- ,I My 3 , L :J--f, -gf as T1 .4 4- Slfwvwwmeyw14: N' -in-........, T- M '5'4T7? ' -1 T45 'Qs Q 'xyiffi1?FfJ-ffiiivipf, " E3-'f Q4 .4 'wgf,g:.g,151sse,.5:,f 'S' - "' .gf :-jg., , . ""' "'z-'wg c.' .g- ' 23 f"" -- -- , -.HJ ,.q,.- 5-Us .aid . vig- .If 1 - 4, - .49-'!',f'xAn"5"V ' .- 11 W g',:'fq'.y:x,y" U ' 236 ZETA TAU ALPHA Second Place NEWMAN CLUB DELTA DELTA DELTA Third Place Fourth Place Pl KAPPA PHI Fifth Place , N -. , .1 .,.-iq rm . ' 9 F' ievlcififlig xl viewed 'Sax -elf' gglrgmunxu , un, ..4c,.,..-.1 P-Fr' -,um V , Q .r:""' nxi X X X X ya Qi X N X Ox WN X NN i xx , xx Q N K XX K xx x Oi ixhxmwxxi-B x uw Nw I . X .- Rf , ' X 'Q' X A , .: N. 'ka-A X 23? ,. KIT-j, J n . M '." '-.,f " fu I 1 X ,Vik X K ' Sir V -V rl M- I -Q: N .C I V V. XY ' K ' iafi swQf"""'A" I ijifgi Q. -, :wma .ir ,,. . .k'...f. 5 ' -f ' ' U N -in ' .r..1:br:,12i2G- N A, www? H ' i., . . , . ,.,.-.-..qiz--.-:.'p2.-rm X iwmsggiplw x Junior Collcgv x N 9 ,V A 1 'Nah p lsr.: 1 b :IM 'z I: .ix : , N I ' V 1 Z.. -.-Y ft, v ,faxw 'Nl ' F ' K Qc, V. ,j.,,, .il Q, X . r, ,. AMI- K : - N . , ix . . U N C 'ij igja 'Q PST an M X 14' X Q . -di. Ni X i -as H f X Erika ASK ' . -F A 4 A - Q5 -an N. 1 X 1- ' ' ' ' x V ' x I X . Sqn. tx kv K 4 in x X 5, ea ---f v :. .,-f',- -ai, ,vul- l . , my .,,.,,... . 2, ,eg X U., H, g+fim+.1,' H V fe ,Hur fit X. i-.4 a 1 u rl ii- H' N 2 . Pi Beta Phi Si . :fi- ,gx-M. X S N 2 A l:v ,,i. L- ' L 2 2 12 Kappa Delta T14 L.:-A .rgsi 54' S -sfgeewriirefiff S , , , , N Q ..i ,. 5' 23.13 S '7i7t,'..l: iii 3 :Su-Tw' f-nn' , H' Swan -. lg: 1 ,Q .fu x " ,Amy 'L- 'igiv af' Q an " 1 A Alpha Chi Omega Chi Omcga 4 z 'Q 'fs v iv - 1 NXPXLTNNE: y a :ki-rl viwt V my V H , .,,:,.,gg',,5g.3f::- -- li., 2- V Y ,C .I . 'xX X5f3p:5 Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi M, fu .ll XR fvzrlkiix ' "X 5 E .Mg :N K G up , ..l, i X N N N bl X x Alpha Epsilon Pi , . ii. X . ., Qww-'Qaffvafbvizm - wi- . -N f x -- A ' -. sNiw..if1fwf- -ri s z . Wa P v ::v,,..w P X xx, s. wmwilqibwwpnwii' N l. Q 3. - 'i WWW " Z.. ff-.M:,'ff-,.?ig.. " ,. , 'X-I , hi S fhlxw-i :,5g5,,-gsxifg x N 1 M ill X X X ., ' , mpg, u m. .X au SK I " X v x i i ma f" -' Ligwiri--f- ,M-XW NK X 55 -, X his 'SKY-W ' 2 8 N- : - ' ' Elizfiiiiifif' Alpha Omicron Pi Theta Chi Sigma Alpha Mu 'iran Y, V ?Y I .,. X . f . i, . "YQ '.r 92 1 ww W P aw V' 1 mga'-l'?. .:-- 3 -Efiflsfgi iff' A I A ...apr I ' -fx.. ,135 l -A M, ' ,.- .-,. Q f ' .E Mia- ,ff re.. "2 S-fe -- I-3955 ,ii 'g. ,f -.Z . 5 mock: EXWSKYABQP 7 l'he hlllgllllgi' is thc' 5111110 "Tu tha- Ennis mf the Earth " Crowing of qua-vu chmaxcs Homecoming dance, V " 238 "Hut our trophy Cass is already full!" Ralph Marteric and his big hom supply rhythm 1963 HOMECOMING Ag- 'L ,iz DN PAT SCHREINER sr. X , , 1, ww Q . ' NN -' ttsffk x N X ik N . A Q Ox X X WN- 53 X R S N X X KX X x X X L 'Q x QS N X xx QM mf NX 1 'QQQQ-A .,.x. .Vx f .lm Q DONNA NORMA METTLER Q. QUEEN AND COURT DAY JEANNIE FLORENCE MARY ELLEN SZOLLOSI KIT TIDEMANIS 1 V: S - ,: 4:2 1, ., A - N" ,, V. -. , --9 ? .. 'Qi "WI" '41 -V . 9-15 " . sn N' :Q ' As' .f f Q ' . A A A A '- Le xi, .:. -QQ" 5'f:1f'l"' 235: Q ""11'2 'sr-.54-f1' N, ' , f: f, 'iw' M FWS ' sis ff' i X L if ..,. Q . ..... S -L - .. N : E . .uf-f""f,P Q?-2 .. Q - E 53.5 L . V ' N, .:., I N . V. .Qt V 'fx' X m g 1-ANR Z., ZW: f - , M m '- - -xg-A L fi , my X, A NX Nw N 239 Npualwr Urwulfwxu .lcHA1'ivS l'vo0stQ spil it nt rally. SSSNNN QETT QSBUE sw 'Q 5114- dmxui tlnvv lllOllSCtIld. mm- hundred IIIIIVIX'-Illllx' to gn. LQNQ F 1 Nrmxwxmxwe- . 3 1' , 1 I mv 2? -lc . Y' c ..,. ...--'- we SS' ' Hi 2'- 5 . i-ffxw'l 1 Q ' p., . ,-... 4 1 1 ' ' "-sill Sip Wg 1 X 'C , 'gn' NWA xvx, S., . ' 't N i .f S x -. ' f sq . S , Q' X N ' -A - gsm 1 . ": :Q 'NI N - N-:S v ' - "S01'IT1 no QIxl'l'Il SIHIIIIJS. but VOM' 'yrs' anyway." An 1-uthusinslic studvm CLlIllIlL1iLf1lk'I' lmmws tha- cold. ,. '? :xg + 240 xx X 0 X 1 ,g gi .3. rw -qavf .v :M- - NNN? , :gg...':, ng ' i ini., . ' 'Q . if fail ' . , A '--.K " 1.2 .. .M f -ff i.. N, , . fl' . .A .1 , ,. . K, 'f -1 R'-475 Q. ' l X til NN' ' X. Q. Representatives of winning groups in campaign contest. FRONT RUIV: Klatiiy Kixisii-iii. Diane Stout-A Frank Stulseiilioru. Sharon fXlillir-in. RUN' P: Jim Ricliiirclson. Steve Eleier, Eileen Cliiunliley. Barb Bavura, William STATE ISSUE I November elections time found lfniversity Beacon, of Toledo faculty and students working for pass- age of State Issue I l. A special Presidential con- vocation, a rally featuring Gordon Jeffries, distri- bution of liandbills tlirougliout tlie city. and a SiI'l1CIiO11. marathon run from Oliio State llnivcrsity to TU l'And if you don't smoke. it won't cost you." TL' and BG clieerleaders dcnionstrate support. ina 3 N it Oliio voters overwlielmingly j.' '-9 1' it :fig .. v 492 S Wy? t s l btw' .W- 'U T" ' gg' L !! .. -1--s 1 '-'g 'il -Af. . i u - . , x S X ' :Skagit ,Ti i :R yv as 1 K1 s ,, i f' W J f i .5 . -gk , i ' Q 'f Q at 4 n ei 4 . I ,t' T . -. 71' in F: 'if' if x sr gi tilt? 88 bei 1Pg M 1 si, V' , Him , 1 ' - -,W St' ' K ,xx .Il 1 .Q 32221 T' 5 I 'I . .i fe Y it f Q.. 1.1 it jj .. l -1, in , - R ' ' 4 ' .,r-,- , , 1..- . MK liarathon ends at L'nix'ersity of Toledo. contributed to publicity and support of tlie exten- sion of tlic penny cigarette-tax bond issue. approved the issue and TL' was allotted S6 million for COI1- 241 4 -1' E Greeks compete . . . .. 'Oh no! We forgot a steering wheel!" Greeks congregate alongside runway to cheer their favor ite candidate. in first annual Zeta Golf Tournament. SUNDAY IN TGLEDO Sunday afternoons frequently find sororities and fraternities competing. New- est Greek events are the Zeta Golf Tour- nament and the Alpha Sig Powder Puff Derby. Chi Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon eopped top honors in the golf tournament at the Monroe Street XYee-Tee. Motorless four-wheeled vehicles rolled down the hill beside the Glass Bowl at the Powder Puff Derby. Zeta Tau Al- pha crossed the finish line First, with Alpha Omieron Pi Close behind. R fl ,. 'H ylvx al .-4' r B.- k ,js - N' it :L NNN.. it ' lifxsf te X .N ,.,,t,1. .L . Q- x ,, Q L-ws Nfgsgw. . -- N. " x, ,tx W X s H tx v-- Kvts- x." Q -. L W 1 . - , ,uv ' I hem lt 5 3 good Huh up JN Egg toss l'L'kll'll'CS slulllul COOI'Cl1Ilf1UOIl. SIG ALPH OLYMPICS Proving their athletic abilities, sorority worn- test. Chi Qmega captured first place. Second place en competed in the annual Sigma Alpha Epsilon went to Kappa Delta: third place. Delta Delta Olympics in the fall. Delta. Demonstrating CO0l'CllIlllllOll and prowess in XYinners were announced at SAE open such rigorous sports as the egg toss, pic eating con- house. test, wheelbarrow race. and balloon b1'eaki11g con- Sorority women View action of sisters on athletic field. Determination brings IHUSSS' victory. , h . ue sw ,X .E is st Q. V N faire . 1? 243 Fi1'QIi1l.1ii-11411111 lim-itcliinndllini0311.-41. FOL WEEKEND Nmwst of tlic Stuclcnt l'ni0n Board- sponsmvcl UYVIIIN is than full Folk Wvvkmicl. Hootviiziiiiiy Cmnpctition opvnccl the two-clay' in-wiit. Ifrncrging YiCIOl'i0l1S in the loud, spiritf-rl Cmitc-st wow Jim O'Sli0a and John Dzu'-rtcliig placing svconcl wvrc Dvun Schock, john Cclmn. and Dzivicl Staind. Fol- lowing Coinpvtitivfi singing, vzirious TU stu- Cnts clisplzlyml thvir vocal tfilvnts to thc Clapping. swziyiiiq crmvcl in thc lounge? of thff Stuclvnt Tfnion. .-X sqium' cluncv in thc Union Complctcd uctivitivs of thc- xwckclicl. 244 Sqiian-,-is Q0x1'0Ll1'ld and 'round Sign of thc- time-sz 6321131 clotlic-S and fl banjo -weeNN!!9""" R , 1 1 N ww ix? We- -sf. SM fig I 1 5 ' S 1 A 1 hs, AEPi's Colleft IDOIICY with their wheel of fortune, TSEA 1nc'1nlut'1s .tttnut lnncrs to thcii' uookit- sale. WUS CARNIVAL Divcrse Contests highlighted thc NYo1'lcl Uni- versity Service Carnivgil in Carly Dccvmbcr. Alpha Chi Qnicgzi took first place honors with its "Miss NYTQSN booth. while Chi Qmcgn fin- ished second with its Globvcloclclvrs vs. Fzicultx' All-Stars basketball gnnnc. Martlm Morrison won thc Pi Bctzi Phi-sponsorvd trip to Flo1'id.i. At thc cluncv, spvcizil znvarcls wvnt to "Miss WFS," Bonnie Bright: "Rh: Luclty Lvgsf' Ron Duncluixniclg und "l'gly Mun," Dutnit- Donovan Nlaly Sue PoCS,I.ynn Sicgclfkliss WIQSA' Bonnie l31'iglit.St1c Ronft-ldt,-lnlic Nnshcl. Ruth Lonn Boyd. Klux Mcillxnt 31' Nun .fs ti 4 ts t . -' :1, .x1'a':i.--- V V- X V w X QAM . . :Q L JIT 1 5 Q SUB members entertain at orphans' party in Union. Pat McGee sings wav to hrst place in Talent Show. Manuva fn!! . is SUB SPONSORS Throughout the school year, the Student Union Board strives to present activities which will enable all students to enjoy the facilities of their Stu- dent Union. Among SUB-sponsored events for large numbers of stu- dents are the Talent Show and, new this year, Night of Comedy and Jazz. Students may pursue their personal interests through such activities as the bowling and chess tournaments. Bowling tournament provides relaxation i 5 3 24 6 Comic entertainer: "Mr, Sound Effects," Chess tournament requires deep concentration. Faces reveal varied reactions to Night of Comedy :md Jazz. 47 Concerts of holiday music add to festivities, ' x c .. ,.. ., X. f. XR tx Qs A.. X R Clufislvmi xmwzt. ,,X,. - RD 'TR-:Di-vi -r, S .A X as 1 if CHRISTMAS, 1963 Decorated trees. caroling parties, colorful cards, bright lights, a break from the rigors of scholastic life, a light-hearteclness: Christmas at the University of Toledo. The mid-December Winter For- mal introduced the season. Soon af- ter, students, looking toward finals, welcome the two week vacation period. Christmas. l96il: the week after. Lighted tree in the men's dormitory quadrangle symbolizes warmth of Christmas season. ,as g,,,,J 7 Ron Ganinii frm-slnnnn Clam presielent. CDIlQ'I'.Illll.lll'S George Andre. w'irn1v1'oftl1i- lu-.ntl-u'row'ing contest. Other partir ipan x Fred Scliaefeiy Torn NYilli.nnQ, Hans Eiseplae. Stew liarbu. intl Toni Hat GRUNDIES DAY Torn. tattered Clothes and bushy beards prevailed at the annual Grun- clies Day Celebration of the TL'-BG basketball game in early February. Grunclies Day, with its emphasis upon informality, is an attempt to boost school and team spirit before competition in the field house with the traditional Bowling Green rivals. Result 1 a 90-71 Rocket victory. Grunelies of the Year: Dave Kaiser and Annette Paparella. ti ,YQ lit me - 'E QUEEN 0F HEARTS BALL Hearts and flowers, musical enchantment: Valen- tine's Day at the Sigma Phi Epsilon-sponsored Queen of Hearts Ball. This year, Karen Kaiser was selected Queen of Hearts at the annual charity ball in the Sports Arena Exhibit Hall. Proceeds from the dance are donated to the research programs of the Northwestern Chio Heart As- sociation. Excitenn nt mounts as couples await announcement ofthe ueen of Hearts. at 'ii X X X.. ---..,.. pw-Rh si' . ' - ,- - foil? I: , , -Q-1--Q--uses-.-.. . T 'X ' . f'va.: ,E . " -f-- --F-F-----.M .....-V..........,.-......-...., ....--.- N X , Y. .. - -V , 1 ' . -f . ,Q ' ..., ...........,,.-.w.M.,.:.w .5 1 r -N H . ,Q zo '--fy---... , -.-.......,... . - e..,,w l D V V V - -NYM n . , ., ,,.i..T...,...., .T 5 Q g M X . I uv, I , -V .., , . .V.e.......,:,,.4,e...f.. . . V ,,,,e.:1.,L-. 1----, J. . 53..,j': -xi, iialxka " ' " "W Q. ntihviv txl,AL,.A..-9- 1 f' '2"""' o -V-V -4 ,ol 'W Tau Kappa Epsilon-Spon5orecl New Christy Klinitri,-ls pvrlloriii in Lvriixvisitx' ol' NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS The New Christy Blinstrels. rx nationally-aeelaimecl folk singing group. performed before a hand- clapping, singing L'nix'ersity of To- ledo crowd in early spring. Among the songs the Mins- trels sang were their popular uGreen Green." 'lThe Blacksmith of Bran- Clywinef' "Saturclay Night," 'LTO- Clayf' and i'XYaltzing Matilclaf' lg L ? The New Christy BIinstrelQ are popiilar for Toledo Fil lcl Home METAMORPHOSIS Metamorphosis: an ever-changing pattern. From its ninetv-two year old foundations, the University of Toledo has expanded upward and outward, creeping and sprawling. The l'nix'ersity has been a tiny one-build- ing institution in Scott Park and has gfroxrn into a spreading campus on Bancroft Street. It has seen time as a small center of education for local citi- zens and has changed into a large l'nix'ersity with an international student body. The TU campus has seen times of peace and has altered its programs to meet the needs of war- time. It has seen the time of the traditional edu- cation and has changed to meet successfully the challenges of the Space Age. The L'niversity of Toledo has changed as needs of its students have changed. And as it has undergone its metamorphosis, it has strived to up- hold its motto inscribed on the coat of arms: 'cGuide to the Presentg Moulder of the Futurefl 252 i. 1 ff 1 X g ur' .. J, fur -Y 1, R X21 . ,A ' .v-I ' L -Kr, I . 1 ' ' e 'ffw-bf'-'f'1:r r'3',E,i I-"' F5 ' - ""' -f -. -' 1 I -iegiiizbifxl.1i1Ai'SksaS'1bf"H it TU YESTERDAY Spring. 19130: XYO1'1iII1E'Il clear site O1-flllllll'LvI11X'L'1'S111'H311. 1 -if X? lf' ,Q 11 fA1J0x'et Summer. 1930: Forms of tower and L' H2111 bt-comme evi- dent. Spring 1931 : New campus opened to student body. 253 Sli Xu-1 L11 Imllwlrvglxllmln sllmw glmvtll ui' TL' 4 IIIHIJKIS, 54 ul:-nt L'11i4111 1117391 X, L'nivL-rsity Library C 19525 H. LvI'1iYL'I'SiIy Hall clock and town-1' 535, K 5 xi - if VC,-tsqgg-63, . uf- ---- -,-- '--- t --f-- +--- , ,.-.. l mike. ' X 5, qv: Wx TODAY EllyiIlCk'l'il1L1-Sl'it'I'lL'C rx IQGOY. 1'It'l' Hull. nn-xx lm-11's dillllliltllf' hL'l1iIlL1 thc Clan Iiuwl, uill opvn in S II mlu 1 l Nwl if cnnnsn HAIL NEW MENS DURMITURY THE umvensnv 0F Tmeoo ,sw EQEQEYFQIENMANJNC ELC!iFf1II1l1S,HAUEHEMUUHHfAU SX' 'X-P -1 'Q X r-+ 1' wx NX Q. ' , ?5ti'f1""1 :X K '-Nvv'-is . f' , , ' 4. -1' 5 f - - -f .J VV H- ---N'- - ! ! 1 l Sf ' g 'x ' , UUSUIECKER PLUHBINGSHEATING "H""" wonuvunns onlQCO"'n""n MEINHART 5553555333 Q9 5 4... X X. -.,- v X - M -. ll A'W"' R fMs.Q . - I -...:::,:c5.g. 3 , ---- - ,f 1 l ,,,, --'15, A ,. -'--,. Y.. Q! I - ,3 ,. . , eg.:.Q5:s. . S-A . . Q 1- :.,, '..3gtr.:. X 1 -L.. l l I X--. DX- X ,Q .. i i ' f ' X flgsgif 4 l .ifyf :lj ti, IVE" 1 --O 122-535531, -'fr X .-..l.. ' 'ee XX v X we 1 -N 6' . - ee- , . 2,.g:Q.- ,. -, 13,rfb.,551155:-.qgi::3s+'..Qf3f1iSt:AvXw:-, ' . ew--J.. .' -f-4 -1 - F.: , l 5 Q Q 5' Lmqdlv ,E R ' 2211: O 'I bf.. - ' S . . , , 4 ,Rx , 3 s - 5 : V ' , O '-1 , -Vi , in ' ' '- 1 x r v -- .4 E l .-':: ' ., - "X 'O " ' " - , , : A . . J A. K Y 1' sz v fv lll -w .Qgtf4S"" so .- Y' E " I E1 ,Q Q Q K 4 , 5 X 1: Q3 .li S l , fs . .Qs . -- . , , .xf ' ' 5 H I s 1 1 - -if SQ. - . Sir ' 'f xx' Q " .. 1, i s-f f - . 51'l1Q, - T I 2 I 5 ' ' - ' -- X S I 5 X " ' 1 .N ' 1 A .- gg g si f' 3 . e V ' - ' " WH- ., ...ik F- 'X ' X A N 3 ji' iii' : 1 Q ld O' :,,',c-sys,-., 5 , -, A - L - :sg :Q ' H: l , 1 ' .X -.11 Iv 'X ' ,fx ..:s, .w Ifyxl -. f ' fl 'I f 5 N RK i Sf - fi' ll -f . V 5 ' ' , A .,. x Ng M q.- .. P l . . X we 3 1, R - gg, .Q nf . -3 15, Q Y' Y '-L ,rf - I ..l1fff1.x. . . ,, rg h. x ri... - Q 'iss 4, .EN -Ag- bf -qrnzi 'Am-f.f AN: sob: s .. . fin - ..'..:+ 2 ' f' IE QFRK Mi x -wa'?' --:Il .-:X 51.1 eps, --X: ' . xi x - s- ,QQ QAM. '- -l 59 K-XML 3 --, h -N x xg. xx bQq1 Q.r QX.,gX -wx 'T Q :X N 'K . ' f. nfl til' lfiis? S 'r- 2 fir " fi We -w W -I . W -2 4 ' TEN s- : va. 'Q I-"il u v Uri w .r viz. ' ' s - Swxxw 5 - X girl. 5 t f , X. .I 'fe-NX Xml.. 9... .. 3 ' fl we-f . , i 4 Q' -sm . N S X N N , . - : .N ,I ,ffl 1 . - 9 . 41, f SQ sew: ,Qs WN. 2 ' 1 ' . x nw lvl - Q . N Q . f - 1. S ,. Np gf ml- X fx-'f'-sr 'f ' Q K - - -- - " " : -' 9 ii' Q . , - 3- ..- 'Q-Cx if. - ,- N ' -, ia , fi m'il'f'5lE5'2- X '-1:,?,2S?:3 f . ., . "" ' Sl N " 23. 1 . . A. . -- :,-,1m,ff5 :-as-fQgj':g-- .5 ,sg , gk . X Hg -.-N... M ...... ....... ....:,f.,.-. y - .1 -, -sw. rss' . - Q .- .: il .4 ' ai 1 s - A ff 1- , - ,Q b,...5l. 54 ,gg Q g K 1 3 y, . ,Ms-.53-gp 5: p, ,,,. - IH: .- 3 . .. . H 1. Q H Y, ., 2 -23:14 ' avg- L. . .f--.NN-rx L . V' N P1 A-: -.5s.1.rT4i?TfQRiT"1F""""'T. ' .., .- ' ' . 1.-:.:::4:::.sA:' ' w- 'fe ' K A 1' Q- ,P -"ars e .. '. . 'K - ' ns" ma' 1' ,...-.......--:-'..- Facade of proposed L'niversity of Toledo teaching hospital. Proposed TL' medical center would extend from Secox' Road to the Glass Bowl. TU TOMORROW X . V ..,.,,.. I - ,. ' 1 V ,gig-S -:xl I - .. " "f 9 ' -. . 1 I 2 , .,., 1-57 4 - ' W fee' ""Ax -- '45 , - ' ,'- ' V Y v - V ,Z ' H re A - v 2 lf' 1 -' K ! .ix .- . X Q f l Y ' .f X I 1 l X L. I 2 3 ll 2-'f . RC 9 9 F K- W1 '-1 - ' f vi Y 'llllul Elliwflw 1 1 ' 7 lv 17 ' 7 1 1111 ,...mW' 256 'S-N 11 , x ,T , f-:QMAS .- , '-xkfw 1 YXYQ1-Vrlfmxm 1 I-1.1. ' ' -H--R 4 1 -w-Nlffvrf -i f' 11111-1" u V. . 1 "" ' 1311SE1,1111 1' "as-K-7""'5 331 .-f1""': 1' 11 vw. . 1-1"' -Y 1 43: 11121111 1:ifN1iTQ'- ' ---1 :e-- A 1.1-If 11" . 41-'11-1 .':I1'g:1f-':.- 1' 1000" "'n!'1i"11-' 11 14 i1 I 511: 1,11 112011 :,11j'1,l l , I 'V - I1-1:21 - 211,11-"'u.1L nl " Ii 2 41 .Xl 1 1.11 1 ll xx f1I.lXX 1112 11111111 111111c1111:x 111 l,111I.11w11 1111-1111111 111111-1, lTn11St1'111't11'111 1111 1111! 1i1tt1'1 1'111111'1.11111111 111111 I 111N1,'I'X'.l1UIY 11111 1113111 111 -1111112 111111. O 2 3 1 V 63 2 A R B o R E T U M O X 1 37,60 Acres XX x x 1 1 1 11 SYLVANIA AVENUE 111111 s1'11'111'1' S11111v11ts 11111 lJI'1'W1'l1 1111111 11111 11111111 K X 511111111111 X11 " . . . - 'L 1 L I '7UY'l'Ill1ll, 257 E fs 1 "SS: ., ' m 7:5 ' X Y X 321 N Wx N . . ,,.q 5 J if X QQ. 258 . ,SQFH-:.'iT77"fEfFTi'3'1""'f'T' 'TTT' T' CONCLUSION ef-iF'm12i+ . .. A.. ,. an Q fs: X 'N . is N" M . .fi ,,,,, ii.. T. A -'-MQ , , t , sm r 5 5 -.5 A ., msgvimb- Ng 9 T 5, ' M Q . ' ' ' - , -I , 1 . ' ,N - '5,.,x,g:.L:S.5'. iw Q Nj .NP ' Q ' 'aw- xi . ' 2' C fr AX- Tri T 's ,av Dy s Rf - P ww QF , We 53 FQ? V. x A ra X HI 53 4 xv 2 x x X ix 4 L. .V V , 'N s X , 5 N Nb f 1 'B s X T s fi, If-YA in-9 ies- 3 QF T THE PATTERNS X .,.., , S T .,-.Q-.:, - - Tr' -A 4 xii?-:S?xsw.f.Q- 1 . :iz:,w1.f, 25 9 afferwards . tg? 1, '5 ..:Llli965i-vias" w 1 -"ilfff',.1,Q : ,,fpi.z':f0+- .f'Z'f':?'f','- r ,i ,ff r.-Q fx 'iff .2-,gr jf, iff:-5,5 fi? .' 1 7' 1 :ly-F E' fidif- , 'n,.. 1' ir ..7',, 1-1 - 'A 1 I :uf ,Q -9 - . -1 A- .Q-.L -- ,SI ,,,,.l , ,. ,f .Wg , f,3, , J. LM . . A , inf Mi- M1 - .fT..72f,3-ff' - .-11153 111 '4-122211 3J5i"'lr: -4 . : -:L 'T 'ff' .-a 1 kwwfiig 3 ..xjjQQ,:X-.Zi X 1 'sn-an X313-' ggg, my if 5 .. 1, IN, , WW 1 F if if N' "' 1' f.fJ?vf Mg X ,' 1' gf 1 - 1150s 5 ,v 13f.2'.hf,",,f"'- if',frye 'N Il . ?? ,P Qjv- :N wiv 1 A . c,i'f'3', f .,' A R ,L .xwxyi 3 ' f' f --' "' . V 'f'f9"v Q1 f ff' 1 25- 'iizsff , . F1115 A-JZ, 1,11-W ,A -- ,, - ,.v,?'9,4f'-" K . 1,5 45 ' 4 'f it -13 -we 1 ., ., ff ae H if sg. , , .-. .- -,, F-vw, .L-. , WIN- ,4-an ,i -- V- gl f -is -Pawn,-if :ff -' Sf? if les sees .ff fLf1fff:'fi-if-15 :-' Aw '?.s5f ef- X -,t fb. 1.-fl, , 9' ., E E., . I 5'a?3sXEn ' 'fig A 2-f',.1'h .ff ff -'sf N warm- Q: , If + ' J .bffgxf . Q4 f' 'v' ff ' p' J' 1 4 f?T2'35'l' 's'Q:4,L-.-.N " ' 1- -1 "ff 14 ' fi. , 'W a 1 ',E'i'f -f'- eg? ff 59 E ,.,'f'.f- ' :"f2:?5Sf2 1' W ml.5i5Z'?'f"' share lz . N,,gwtM ,f- . . your albpzness ' fx -.xi - 15- .1011 U . , '- 1 ' 4'fQ73"Rtii1'aw,.gw, with yourfrzends at cz H 4? gy ,jf i' Gladzkux-catered recelbtion 26 Bancroft Hall . . . Ashland Hall . . . Sylvan Hall . . . the settings for so many ofToledo's most beautiful wedding receptions, are favored by the parents of the bride for many reasons: convenient locations, space for hundreds of guests, huge parking areas and a catering service par excellence. Call the Gladieux Reception Planners at CH 3-9101 GLAIJIEUX CORPORATION 2140 ASHLAND AVE. TOLEDO 2, OHIC Congratulations to the Class of 196-1 WILLIAM FERRELL, INC. Mechanical Contractors 206 Warnba St. JE 6-81316 PEITB 00 0 00 , tw Toledos Most Complete Ski Shop Sailing and Summer Sports Wlear 1210 N. Byrne Road Toledo 7, Ohio 531-46116 Toledo's Griginal Double Deck Hamburger S U P E R KI N G 5 WHITE HUT DRIVE-INS if Central at Monroe if Sylvania at Secor -k Collingwood at Detroit wk Sylvania at Lockwood wk Reynolds at Nebraska -I I F11 on C 2? Z ITI cn cn Z If Z U7 U7 -I O 2 2 Olhce Planning Ollice Supplies Printing Come in or Phone CH 1-9107 THE MCMANUS D TROUP co. 715 kIef1erson Avenue Toledo. Ohio For Better Values, 1t's . . . SCHORLINGS MARKET For Finest Foods fConvenient Delivery Servicei 3115 W. Bancroft 6--1681 261 Two L'niversity of Toledo stu- dents admire the sketch of the Raymond L. Carter Hall de- signed by RICHARDS. BAUER, and lXIO0RI-IE.-XD.-Architects and Engineers. The men's resi- dence hall will be ready for occupancy by the fall of 1964. H I L D Best W'ishes From All the Barbers of BGIZBEIZ QI-IOP Julius Kovarik, Prop. 3057 NV. Bancroft St. LIE 6-8130 CAMPUS CLEANERS Complete Sound Systems TQN 5 5 81' Sales Communications Service . X 4 I ' 2-way Mobile'Radio-Systems 1 l StudentmL3uf1dfY'-Cleamng 0 Music by Muzak ' ga Pressing 0 Tape Teaching Laborities l - . .- Q Radio Station WMHHFM Hats Blocked and Cleaned ' Intercom mid Pagmg Systems Personal Service-Leather Cleaned ' Special Projects ' Private Telephone Systems 2132 Middlesex ' Electronic Supplies A 11565 w. Bancroft st. 531-1681 556-5127 262 Standing as a symbol of Libbey-Owens-Ford's leadership in the Hat glass industry, the com- pany's new ofiice building towers like a beacon above its own landscaped plaza. The first major office building in Toledo in the past 30 years, the structure is almost entirely in glass, having 1120 Thermopane insulated glass windows and dark grey Vitrolux spandrels in the outer walls. Stzzrzding as a symbol Qf. . . l.lBBEY-OWENS- FORD a, Gllldz Name in, QL: For unmatched collegiate atmosphere . . . 351727 C. PAUL KENNEY Y . STU D I O . . official Blockhouse photographer FINE ITALIAN FOOD 3945 Detroit near Sylvania 472-0300 472-9911 1240 Sylvania Ave. GR 4-3320 6 ff? Enfenmcm, Inc. TOLEDO, OHIO GENERAL CONTRACTOR Builders of the new MacKinnon Annex and Carter Hall 4 il? l1'T,Kl?l'l1 Tlw Uniwusitg THE HUB OF STUDENT ACTIVITY Chuck Full of Good Things to Eat Famous for Hot Fudge Sundaesshflalted Milks Fancy Party Ice Cream Qnlality' Chocolates and The Best Beef? wzzz' I g f'1'cs xou e cr ate FIZAN ICLIN ICE CREAM' QTOI-EE does so much... costs so little CGLUMBIA or omo, mc. .af THINGS GO BETTER WITH Coke 265 The touch of vinyl fabrics adds magical beauty . . . style . . . utility to everyday living TEXTILEATHER A Leader In The Vinyl Fabrics Industry Nlanufacturing Products For Shoes Furniture Book Binding .Xutomotive Sporting Goods T Watercraft Luggage and Leather Goods Case Coverings And endless other consumer goods THE GENERAL TIRE 81 RUBBER COMPANY Chemical Plastics Division Toledo 1, Ghio GENERAL TIRE bzce 1901- TOLEDO SCALES TOLEDO'S BEST KNOWN PRODUCTS U INDUSTRIAL SCALES 0 RETAIL FOOD STORE SCALES 0 FOOD MACHINES 0 RESTAURANT KITCHEN MACHINES HONEST wsioi-I1 TOLEDO SCALE DIVISION OF TOLEDO SCALE CORPORATION TOLEDO, OHIO Service . . .factory trained in 240 cities in the United States and Canada . . . and throughout the world ORCHARD DRUGS Prescription Delivery Service 3059 W. Bancroft St. 4025 Talmadge Road Toledo, Ohio cmgmmmmemdum IZEQIZXUI-ZANI' .llflmii f111ff.X1,l Journeymen and Apprentice of the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters lndustry LOCAL UNION NO. 50 5050 Bennett Rd, Toledo I2. Ohio ILIILI N ,ffiefc Two Friendly Food Markets To Serve You Better QD' I I A79-7888 2845 West Central at Cheltenham 2050 Byrne Road in Heatherdowns Villoge Shopping Center The Supreme Compliment . . . a bouquet from MYRTLE FLOWERS By Allwin M. Schroder IAAI Secor Road near Dorr St, Phone 536-4621 Telegraph Delivery Service FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION JQHBESON S SOI-IIO UNIVERSITY LANES Home of IFC's Bowling League 2567 XV. Bancroft St. Daily Student Rates 31' NESS! 5 X R ww: S ss M5 . G rttlgy it It -' - ' P o LY N E S 1 A N RO owl -x is A I Uv xx, 4' .ers -,N I f- rn jx, ,, . I ,. I 1 . ffl.-'A 1 I yflefgr x' ,sf ' X - .HZ ,, lk- G' -1,114 1- ' nhl , It . f 1111 W. Bancroft 242-7333 101 Units Year-round Swimming 24 Hour Service Star-studded Entertainment Nightly W'here dependability Counts . . . -22.7" Q? Johnson Sohio Service next to the University 536-9025 W fcafwm TRUCK MIXED CONCRETE Better Building Products Our Expanded Facilities Supply You Anywhere in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michi gan. KUHLMAN Buzlders Suppbf and Brick Co. 1845 Collingwood Blvd. 243-2121 NP.. You'lI want to make your undergvxduate days Complete with a UNIVERSITY RING UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO BOOKSTORE PATRONS INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS Local IO IRV POLLOCK 2655 Monroe Sf. GOGOLIN HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING CO., INC. 2352 Sylvania Ave. SEAT COVER CENTER 1214 Jefferson Ave. SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY OF TOLEDO 2735 Dorr UNITED GLASS WORKERS 513 East Broadway THE LOVELIEST WEDDINGS DliSfZ.UCfZAZll' - C077Zlf7!FfF Ensembffs For the BVI-016' and Her :1 ttmdanfs COI7Ilb1Z'fF Line Qf:1CfFSS07'I-FS Formals and Corktrzff Dresses Hoop-Skirt Rental RIDAL ISLE 270 3230 Lagrange' Sfmrt Corner l'VFbf'I' 246-8169 IHI 1 THE ,+ A ng FRED CHRISTEN 8. soNs Q Z . FKW 1- Y cAR3ui3,z?'J5if'Rs CO' M FUELQa snmusns Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors an important name in carburetion since 1914 nllillotson is one of the uorld's largest producers of small engine original equipment Carburetors for Power Xlowers, Chain Saws, Nlntor Bikes, Scooters, Co-karts, Outboard Nlotors, Carden Tractors, llunips and Generators. ln a never ending stream, 'liillotson upreeisioneeredu eur- buretors flow. from Toledo In original equipment und replacement markets throughout tlie l'.S.A. und the world. TILLOTSON MANUFACTURING CO. 76l-69 Berdcm Ave, Toledo l2, Ohio 71-l-Q6 George St. CH 3--1161 Toledo, Ohio Roofs by Christen Last ci Lifetime. WWQWW7954 WWMW F IBEIRGLAS WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER OF FIBROUS GLASS AND FIBROUS GLASS PRODUCTS ACKLAND. TERRY 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 .Alpha Sigma Phi 1.2.3.-lf: Student Senate 2-3 7 class rep.. 3 7 public relations clnn.. 4 -7 treas.: Creek Week 2 7 skit chm.. 3 7 gen. chm. ADAMS. DANIEL 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Ncwinan Club 3.4: TSEA 2.3. 4. ADAJIS. STEVEN T, 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1.23.41 COLLEGIAN 2. AI.E.YANDER. jA.lIES 7 Bachelor of Science 7 f Baseball 1. ALLEN. THEODORE .lI. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Pi Kappa Epsilon 2.3. ALSPALYTH. ,IANET S. -7 Bachelor of Education 7- L'niversity Theater 2.3.4. ANISTIR. PATRICIA j. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Pi Delta Phi 3.4: Sigma Delta Pi 3.4 7 v. pres.: Neuman Club 2.3.4 7 xvomen's v. pres.g L'niversity Theater 1.2: Rocket Choristers 1.21 TSEA 4. ARDNER. CAROL ANN - - Bachelor of Education 7 Young Republicans 11 YWCA 13 TSEA 3.41 Lutheran Students Association 1.2.3. ATKINS. CHARLES H. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 .Alpha Sigma Phi 2.11.4 BACHTEL. BRLCE B. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2. 3.41 DNV' Club 1.21 Yarsity football 2.3. 4. Yarsitv "T" Club 2.3.4. BAIL. IOHN 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon 12.3.41 DNV' Club 11 Neuman Club 1. Yarsitv basketball 2.3.41 Yarsity Club 3.4. BAKER. IANICE 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion. BALDWIN. SANDRA LEE 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: Phi Theta Alpha 'li Pi Camma Mu 41 YWCA 43.4 - - chap.: TSE.A 2.3 -7 treas, 4: Religious Council 13. BALL. CORNELILIS' 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Kappa Psi 23.4.51 Nevwnan Club 3.4.51 Ohio State Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation l.2.3.4.J:i .American Pharmaceuti- C2tl.'ASSOl'13.l1tiI'l 1.2.3.-4.5. BARANSRI, AIARCIA 1. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 1.2.5 7 hist.. 4 7 sec.. Neuman Club TSEA 2.3.4. BARR. GERALD H. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration, BARRINCER. jEANNE A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 BLOCKHOUSE 11 COL- LECIAN 11 lnternos Club pro- toc. 2.3. BARFT. KATHLEEN 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence. BASHORE. BARRY S. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness .Administration 7 .Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3.41 Scabbard and Blade 3.43 Military Science Club BATOG. CAROLE 7- Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 .Alpha Omicron Pi 1.2.3 7 so- cial chm.. 4 7 activities chm.: Whos Who 3: Apha Phi Gamma 3.41 SLB 2,3 7 gov. of publicity. 41 BLOCKHOUSE 1.2, 3 7 sr. ed.. 4 7 greek ed.: YWC.A 43 Neuman Club 1.21 Elections comm. 1.2. BAL'ER.' GERALD 7 Bachelor ot' Business Administration 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2 7 sec.. 3 7 rec.. 'li class v. pres. 2.3. 4. 1 ootball 1.2..i.4. BALIRICARTNER. JERRY 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1. 2-3 7 rec.. 4 7 pres.1 Blue Key 3.4 7 treasg Kappa Delta Pi 3.43 Yarsity football 2.3. 4: Yarsitv baseball 2.3.43 Yarsity "T" Club 3 7 pres.. 4. BAZL'RA. BARBARA A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7- Kappa Delta 1.2.3 7 sec.. 4 7 pres.: Peppers 3.4 7 sec.treas.g Kappa Delta Pi 3.43 Student Judiciary Council 3 7 sec.. 43 BLOCKHOLSE 2. 31 COLLECIAN 13 lnternos Club 1.2. 3.4: YWCA 1 7 hist.. 2 7 sec.3 TSEA Senior Index l.2.3.41 University Theater 1.2.33 Greek Wleek 2 7 project chm.. 3 7 gen. chm. BEALE. CAROL A. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness .Administration 7 Beta Gamma Sigma 3.4. BECKAIAN. DIANE L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 .Alpha Omicron Pi 7 treas.: YWCA 2: TSEA 3. BENSON, ICDITH E. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Omicron Pi 2.3.41 Kap- pa Delta Pi 4g Young Republicans 43 BLOCKHOUSE 4: TSEA 1.2.3142 YWCA 1.2.3141 Homecoming 3 7 dec. comm.: J-Hop 2 7 dec. comm.3 YVUS Carnival 7 assist. booth chm. BERGER. NANCY F. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 lnternos Club 1.2.3143 TSE.A 1.2.3. BERNARD. CAR Y 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 1.2. 3.41 .Alpha Kappa Psi 3.4: Orchestra 2. 3 4 BETTINGER. MARY IO 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 1.2.41 TSEA 41 Newman Club BLACK. BEVERLY A. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 YNVCA 1.23.41 Canterbury Club 1.2.3 7 pres.. 4 7 sec.: E. H. Richards Club 1.2 7 v. pres.. 3. BLAZIC. THERESA IU. 7 Bachelor of .Arts 7 Pi Beta Phi 7 pres.: Peppers 3.4: COLLECIAN 2.3: University Thea- ter 2.3.4: Varsity Drag 3 7 gen. Chill- BLEIER. STEVEN R. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2.3.41 Scabbard and Blade 3.4: Per- shing Rifles Homecoming 3 7 pa- rade chm. BLLHHBERC. .IOSEPH H. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 .Al- pha Epsilon Pi 1.2.3 7 sec.. 3-4 7 pledge policy comm. chm.. 4 7 board of gover- norsg Blue Key 3.4 7 pres.: SUB 1.2.3 7 gov. of activities: 4 7 pres.1 l.E,E.E. 1.2. fi 7 sec.. 43 Varsity Drag 2 7 publicity chm.: W'inter Formal 2 7 publicity chm.g Tournament Director and Intercollegiate Schedule Co-ordinator for University bowling team. chess team and billiard team 2.31 Yarsitv track team 2: Who's XN'ho Promotion comm. 4. BOBIS. fOHN 7 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3 4: Russian Club 7 pres.: .A.S.C.E. 2.3.41 .A,l.l.E. ' BODE. AIARY ISI. 7- Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 TSEA Lutheran Student .Association . BOCDAN. THOAIAS 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration. I BOHORQEEZ. IORGE 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Mechanical Engineering 7 .A.l.l.E. 2 7 v. pres.g Venezuelan Students As- sociation 2 7 pres. I BOLDT.. BARBARA E. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence. BOLLIN. PA L'L L. 7 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 7 .Alpha Sigma Phi 2.3.41 Tau Beta Pi 3.41 Phi Eta Sig- ma 2.3.41 .A.l.C.E. 1.2.3 7 sec.. 4 7 pres. BOOKMAN. SANDRA 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation. COLLEGIAN 11TSEA 2. BOXELL. EAR. E. 7 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 7 .A.S.C.E. 3.4 7 treas.1 Ohio Society of Professional En- gineers 3.41 Young Republicans 3-4 7 chap. BREHM. CAROLE S. 7 Pi Gamma Mu 4: Young Republicans 41 YNVCA 1.2. BRIDCAIAN. IOYCE C. -- Bachelor of Education -- TSE.A 3.4: YYVCA 1. BROCKI. RITA 1. -- Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Newman Club 1.2.3143 TSE.A 2. 3.4. BROCKSEKER. .IOE R. 7 Bachelor of Business .Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2.3.41 DNW Club 1: Basketball BRODAR. ERIC R. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration. BROWN. DAVID N. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma .Alpha Ep- silon 2.3.4: Universitv Theater 3.4: New- man Club 1 2.31 ROTC 1.2. BROWN. PATRICIA L. 7 Bachelor of .Arts 7 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Pre-law Club YWCA 1.2: Young Republicans 3.4. BROWN, WAYNE AI. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 YMCA 11213.45 TSEA 3.4. Re- ligious Co-ordinating comm. 2.3. BRUBAKER. RATHRYN E. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 lnternos Club 1.2.31 E.H. Richards Club 1.2.3. BRL'CK, RON f. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3.4 Q Newman Club 1.2. BRUG, JAILIES E. 7 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 7 A.l.C.E. 1.2, 3.4. BUSS, NANCY E. 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Delta Delta Delta 1.2 7 hist.. 3 7 assist. rush chm., 4 7 social chm.: Whos Who 31 Student Senate 1 7 elec- tions comm.. 3 7 corr. sec.. 3-4 7 social chm.. 4 7 v. pres.: BLOCKHOUSE 33 COLLECIAN 33 TSE.A 3,41 Young Re- publicans 3.4g Llnited .Appeal Campaign 3 7 chm.g Women's rcp. 3.4. BYINCTON, fI,'DITH L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 .Alpha Chi Omega 7 corr. sec.1 L'niversity Theater lg Greek Wleek 1 7 dance publicity coming Fresh- man dance comm. 1. CADLER. RONALD j. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon SUB 1.2: American Chemical Society 1.21 Ten- nis 1. CALDWELL, IAAIES C. 7 Bachelor of Education. CAAIPBELL. BRUCE H. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 ROTC 1.2. CAMPBELL. HAROLD E. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Kappa Psi 2.3.4 7 chap.. 5 7 hist.1 DNW Club 1.23 America Phar- maceutical .Association 1.2.3.-4.5. CAILIPBELL. fL'DITH M. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 TSE.A 43 Lutheran Stu- dents .Association CAAIPBELL. PATRICK 7 Bachelor of Science. CARROLL. LOIS Ill. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation. CATALDO. NANCY A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.43 New- man Club TSEA CATTEL. SANDRA j. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Zeta Tau .Alpha 1.2.3 7 corr. sec.. 4: BLOCKHOESE 2: YWCA 2.3 7 rec. sec.. 4: WCS Carnival 7 chm. of ugly man: TSEA 43 Young Democrats 1 2 3 4 CHARNEY. ALLEN IU. 7 Bachelor of Science -- American Pharmaceutical As- sociation,5. CHASEN. CARY H. 7 Bachelor of .Arts 7 .Alpha Epsilon Pi 1.2.32 BLOCK- HOUSE 2.31 Pre-law Club 1.2: Home- coming 2 7 float chm. CHASKES. jAY E. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 .Alpha Epsilon Pi 1.2.3 7 sentinal. assist. rush chm.. 41 BLOCKHOUSE 4. DNYV Club 1. CHAZEN. IUICHAEL I. 7 Bachelor of Business .Administration. CHOjNACRI. DENNIS A. 7 Bachelor of Science. CHRISTEN, THOIWAS E. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Tau Beta Pi 3.4 7 sec.: Eta Kappa Nu 3.4 7 ores.: l.E.E.E. 2.3.43 Military Sci- ence Club 1.2. CHUIUBLEY, EILEEN S. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Omicron Pi 1.2 7 eti- quette chm.. 3 7 standards chm.: Pan- hellenic Council 3 7 pres.: BLOCK- HOUSE 3,41 lnternos Club 2-3 7 sec.. 4 7 pres.. 2-3-4 - dorm councilg New- man Club YVVCA 1.2 7 social co-chm., 3,43 Young Democrats 1.2.33 Freshman dance 1 7 publicity comm.: 1 Greek YVeek 2 7 elections comm.: Hon- orary ROTC capt. 2: Honorary ROTC lt. col. 3: Scabbard and Blade queen 4: Homecoming queen attendant 3: DNW Club fashion show model 2.3. COLEIU.-IN. OLIVIA 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 TSEA 3: N.A.A.C.P. 3. CORBETT. ILIARTHA A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega 3-4 vocations chm.. 4 7 homecoming float chm.: Young Republicans 2.3: lnternos Club 7 sec.: SUB 3.4: YWCA Freshman camp counselor 3.4: Physical Education Majors and Minors Club 1.2 7- treas.. 3 71I11E'l'1"IlLl!'2llCl'lI1l..'l'. CORIVLY. ROBERTA 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Chi Omega 3.4: BLOCK- HOL'SE 3 7 assist, features ed.. 4 7 seniors ed.. YYYCA 7 v. presg TSEA 3.4: Freshman dance l 7 dcc. comm.: Winter Formal 2 7 dec. comm.: J-Hop 2 7 dec. Cotllfll, subchm.. 3 7 dec comin. assist. chm.g Block "T" l. COWELL, IRIHA f. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Spanish Honor Society 3 CRAWFORD. CARY N. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-3 7 treas.. 3 7 pres.. 4 7 sec.1 Interlraternity Council 3. CROAK. IAMES Ill. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 34: Neu- man Club 2: IFC Football 2.3.41 IFC basketball 2.3. CROWLEY. -IOHN H. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration. DAICA. VALDIS R. 7 Bachelor of Sciencc in Chemical Engineering 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon A I. Ch E. 2.3.4. DAIS. l1'ILLIA.M F. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation. DALLAS. CYNTHIA M. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 TSEA 1.3.4. DASTIUALCHIAN. AHAD 7 Bachelor of Science of Mechanical Engineering 7 Sigma Rho Tau 1 7 corr. sec. and treas.g A.S.M.E, lg International Stu- dents Association 1. DAY, DONNA 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega 7 sec.: Cheerlead- er 7 capt. DEAN, RAYMOND E. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,234.5 -- hist.: Kappa Psi 3.4.5 7 pres.: Toledo Journal of Pharmacy 7 ed.: ROTC 1.2. 3.4: Class Pres, 3. DeIlIARS. RITA L. 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion. DENKO, LAWRENCE B. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration. DENNIS, NANCY j. 7 Pi Beta Phi 1,2 7 program chm.. 3 7 corr. sec., scholarship chm., assist. songfest chm.. program chm.. 4 7 corr. sec.g Peppers 3.4: Phi Alpha Theta 3,4 7 sec.g Pi Gamma Mu 3,44 Varsity cheerleader 3.4 7 sec.. Rockettes 25 Rocket Choristers lg University Thea- ter 1.2.45 TSEA 1: Physical Education Majors and Minors Club 1.2 7 sec.g Pro- fessional Physical Educators Association 3-4 7 v. pres. and social chm.: Cyan- nastics Club: Homecoming 3 7 rally chm. DENTON, MARY E. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 1,2,3,4. DeSOUSA, DAVID P. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3.4. DeVITO, KENNETH 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 Theta Chi 2,3 7 float chm., sec., most valuable active, 4 7 housing comm., standards comm.: COLLEGIAN 3,4 7 circ. mngr.g Institute of Aerospace Sci- ences 1.2,3 7 v. pres.j American Instil tute of Astronautics and Aeronautics 45 A.S.M.E. 1,2,4. O.S.P.E. 1.2: ROTC 1,2,3.4 7 distinguished military student: Scabbard and Blade 3,45 Association of the United States Army 2,3,4 7 treas.g A.S.M.E. 1,25 Cadet Newspaper 4 7 ed.. DNW Council 1 7 sec.g Military Ball comm. 3.4. Senior Index DIELS, DAVID G. 7 Bachelor of Science ilng lglichanical Engineering 7 A.S.M.E. D1-lib-Y'..'DIA.N'E j. - Bachelor of Edu- cation Chi Ome a l2."4 7 cha t - g . J. , corr.g Rocket Choristers 1.21 TSEA 122. 3.4: Young Republicans 1.2.3. DONNALLY. ROBERT B. 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 A.S.M.E. 3.4 7 v. pres.. University of Toledo Engineers Council 3.4: Institute of Aerospace Sciences 3.4. DORF, WENDIE 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 BLOCKHOIQSE 1.2.33 Varsity Drag 3-4 7 dec. comm.: Winter Formal 3 7 dec. comm. DOUBLE, DIANA I .7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.2.3 7 songfest director. 4. Mu Phi Epsilon 43 Young Republicans 1.4: Madrigal Sing- ers 3.4: Wesleyan Club 3,41 TSEA 2,3.4' Rocket Chorister 1.2. DOIVELL. PATRICIA A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: TSEA 4. DOll'LING, IV. THOIUAS 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Theta Chi 1.2 7 assist. treas,. 3 7 xx pres.. sec.. 4 7 pres.: Sigma Rho Tau 33 Blue Key 4 7 v. pres.. COLLEGIAN 3 7 advertising mngr.g I.E.E,E. 2.3.41 Newman Club 2.3.41 YN'ho's YN'ho Selec- tion Comm. 4: YMCA 2.3: Greek Wleek 3 7 rally co-chm.. Freshman camp coun- selor 3.4. DRAKE, SARAH 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Newman Club 3.4: University Chorus 1.2.3. DROSZCZ, TERRY j. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Tau Kappa Ep- silon 2.3.4. DL'DA, .MICHAEL E. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence. DURFY TERRY . 7 Bachelor of Edu- , I cation 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 3.4. EBNER. AIICHAEL H. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2 7 house mngr.. corr. sec.. ed., 3 7 sec.. ed.. 4 7 cultural chm.: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: Student Senate 3-4 7 parliamentarian. 3 7 cabinet member at large. 4 7 rep. at large: COL- LEGIAN 3.4: DNW' Club l 1 Young Demo- crats 2-3-4 7 prcs.g Political Science Club 2.3.4. Pre-law Club lg Phi Alpha Theta 4. EDDIE. JACK Ill. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 3.4. EINHORN, FREDRICK R. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi DNN' Club 1: Psychology Journal Club 3 7 treas. EISENMANN. IVILLIAILI C. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Delta Phi Alpha 2.3.-4: Luth- eran Students Association 4. ERRINGTON, MICHAEL D. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3.4. ERSIVELL. DELLA S. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation. FABRICANT, ALAN P. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 BLOCKHOUSE 3.4 7 sports co-ed.: COLLEGIAN 1 7 assist. sports ed.g Tennis 1.35 Basketball 1. FARIUER. IAIVES 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Theta Chi 3. FEEHRMEYER. BARBARA A. 7 Bache- lor of Education 7 TSEA 1.3.4. FELDSTEIN, ALLAN M. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Mu 1.2.33 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4. FLEETER, RENEE M. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Omicron Pi 1.2 7 scholarship chm., 3 7 treas.. 4 7 sec.: Lambda Kappa Sigma .lg Peppers 4 7 hist.g Student Senate 3 7 constitution chm.: Class sec. 31 Internos Club 1.2: Dormitory Council 1: University Chemi- cal Society 1.2.3 7 sec.. 4 7 pres.g WCS Carnival 3 7 booth chm.g Greek Week 3 7 elections chm. FINKBEINER, CHRISTOPHER P. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Sigma Alpha Ep- Silt-'H 3.3.41 Varsity Track 3.4. FLYNN. AIARNA C. 7 Bachelor of Edu. cation 7 Delta Delta Delta l.2,3,4. FOX. SUSAN E. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha l.2.3.4g TSEA 1.3.41 Lutheran Students Association 1.2. -7 Baflleltdf Uf Busi- ness Administration. CALLACHER. IWAUREEN A. 7 Bache- lor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 3.4: Newman Club l.2.3: Physical Edin. cation Club 1.2.3.-13TSEA -L GANSS, .MARY BETH 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 2.3.41 TSEA 3.4. Y CARBE. WILLIAAI IV. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 3. 7 SCC.. 4 7 pres.. Freshman Ori- entation for Business 4. CAREER. RONNI I, 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.4. GARTNER, GAIL 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Chi Omega l.2.3.4. GARIVOOD, GERALD C. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration. GEMBLYS, IVILLIAIU F. 7 Bachelor of Business Adminstration 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 3 7 v. pres.. 4 7 pres.: Phi Eta Sigma 3.4: Student Senate 2 7 bul- letin boards chm.. 3 7 SJC selection comm.: ROTC advanced program 1.2, 34 GEORGE. NANCY C. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Chi Omega l.2.3.4: Student Senate 1-2 7 social comm. sec.: Class sec. 2: Young Republicans 1.23 YWCA 1,21 Winter Formal 2 7 gen. sec.: J-Hop 2 7 gen. sec,g Freshman week 2 7 assist. publicity chm.. tour guide: Greek Week 2 7 gen. sec.3 Freshman dance 1 - invi- tation comm.: Varsity Drag 2 7 dec. chm. GEPFORD. STEPHEN L. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2.3 7 v. pres.. 4: SLB 3 7 facilities and serv- ices gov.. 4 7 v. pres.: Student Ifnion Addition Comm. 31 ROTC l,2.3.41 Fresh- man week 3 7 tour guide. GERSON. IILL Ill. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Chi Omega 1.2.3 7 pledge mother. 4 7 pres.. Peppers 3.4: Senate 1.2.3 7 rec. sec.. YWCA 1.2.3 7 pres., 4: TSEA 3.43 Winter Formal 2 7 gen. chm.. Winter dance 1 7 dec. commg J- Hop 1 7 dec. comm.: XN'L'S Carnival 2 7 dance chm.. 4 7 carnival co-chm.: Homecoming dance 2 7 dec. comm.: Freshman week 2 7 camp counselor. 3 7 gen. chm.. 3-4 7 camp counselor: Block "T" 1-2 7 sec.: University Theater o GHAIAR. BAHRAIU Ill. 7 Bachelor of Science. GIBNEY. CHARLES D. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Football 1: Varsity football 23 GILAIORE, LINDA L. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Delta Delta Delta 1.2.3 7 treasg Al- pha Epsilon Delta 2.3 7 sec.: BLOCK- HOUSE 3: Homecoming dance 2 7 dec, comm. 1 -I-Hop 1 7 publicity comm. GIOVANNUCCI, CLAUDIA M. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 TSEA 4. GLADSTONE, ALLAN f. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 3 7 scholar- ship chm.. 4 7 social chm.: Beta Beta Beta 3.4: Young Democrats 3.4. BLOCK- HOUSE 3: J-Hop 3 7 publicity comm. GLOVER. KATHLEEN R. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Phi Alpha Theta 3,4 7 pres.: Phi Kappa Phi 3.4: Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: TSEA 3.4 7 Toledo Metropoli- tan FTA Advisor: Newman Club 1. COLDIE. SHARON E. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. GOLDSTEIN, -IEFFERY I. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 A.I.E.E. 3: Young Democrats 3.4: DNW Club 2. GORJIAN.'LAWRENCE E. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Phi Alpha 2.3.42 Phi Eta Sigma 1.2: Pi Delta Phi 3.4: BLOCK- 1IOL'SE 2 7 - copy ed.. li: COLLEGIAN 2.3. GRA Y. CAROI. GREGORY. THOMAS M. 7 Bachelor oi' Business Administration. GREYKE. ERNA -7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Alpha Chi Omega 2.3 7 treas.. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: TSEA GRIIVFITH. .lIA.YI.YE C. 7 Bachelor of Education. CRIV.-i.'x'OL'. SLE 7 Bachelor of Educa- Iltill. CRODSKY. FRED S. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta Beta Beta 3.4. GROSSM.-IN. -IOSEPH K. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration -7 Intramural liinvtlitftll 3.4: Yarsitv teimis 3. GRFTTER. IAAIES H. 77 Bachelor of Science in hlechanical Engineering 7 ASME. 1.2.3.-l. Dormitory proc. 4: DNW Club 1.2.3.-lg Track 2: Football 1. 2.3: Yarsitv Club 2 7- sec. GILAS. ROBERT P. 7 Bachelor of Sri- cnce in Mechanical Engineering 77 A.l.I.E. 1.2 7 pres.: International Students As- sociation 1.2.3.-4. GCNDY. 1'lIYRA A. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation -7 Alpha Phi Gamma 2.3.4. BLOCKHOLSE 1.2.3 -7 index ecl.. 4 7 organizations ed.: TSEA 1.3.41 Choires- ters 1 2.3.41 Wesleyan Club 3.4. HA.-ISE. CAROLE 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation -7 COLLECIAN 3.4 7- re- writer ed.: YWCA 12.3.41 TSEA 2.3. 4g Lutheran Students Association 2.31 Choir 4: Freshman dance 1 7 dec. comm.. Homecoming 3-4 7 dec. comm. HAHNE. LL'TZ F. 7- Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3.41 Tau Beta Pi 3.4 7 pres.: Sigma Rho Tau 2: O.S.P.E. 4 7 pres.: Eco- nomics Club fi.41Yarsity tennis 2.3.4. HAI.TE.1IAN. BARBARA j. 7 Bachelor of Eclucation 7- Spanish Honorary 2.3.43 TSEA HA.l1BLI.Y. .YEI.SO.Y R. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3.4, HAMMER. EDIVARD R. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 A S.C.E. -- sec, 51 O.S.P.E, 23.4.51 Military Science Club 1.2. HARDIN. DAVID S. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Mechanical Engineering 7 Sen- ate 41 CALL BLADDER 3-4 7 ed.: A.I.I.E. 3-4 7 v, pres.: University of Toledo Engineers' Council 4 -7 pres.: Military Science Club 3.4. HARGRAVE. LORENA 7 Bachelor of Education 7- Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.4. HARPER. DAVID R. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Ep- silon 1.2 7 herald. 3.4. HARTAIAN. KAY E. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Chi Omega TSEA 1: Lutheran Students Association 1 2 3 4 HAYIVARD. SALLY B. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Delta Delta Delta 3.4 7 chap.g BLOCKHOLTSE 3.4 7 advertising mngrg Newman Club 3.43 Winter For- mal 3 7- publicity comm. HEINZE. AIADONNA j. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7- Kappa Delta 1 7 social chm.. 2 7 rush chm.. 3 77 pres.. 4 77 Mu Phi Epsilon 2.3.43 Ijniversity Band 1.2.3.-4. University Orchestra 1.4. University Theater 2. HEISSER. PAAIELA K. 7 Bachelor of Arts 77 Pi Delta Pi 2.3.41 Young Repub- licans 2.3.41 YWCA Interna- tional Students Association 3.4. HELFRICH, CAROL A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Pi Beta Phi 1.2.3 7 assist. treas.. 4 -7 rec. sec.. SUB 2.3.43 New- man Club l.2.3.4: Young Democrats 31 TSEA 2.4. Homecoming 2-3 7 dec. comm.. 4 7 assist. gen. chm. HELLE. IAIVIES F. 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 Tau Kap- pa Epsilon 2.3.4. HENISSE. PATRICK III. 7 Bachelor of Senior Index Education 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 1.2 7 sec.. 3 77 pres.. 4: Phi Alpha Theta 3.4: Young Democrats 1.2.41 Newman Club 1.2.31 IFC Rush Chairman 4. HENNING. BERNARD A. 7 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering 7 Theta Chi 3 7 Boat chm.. 3-4 7 stand- ards comm.: A.I.I.E. 3.4 7 sec. treas.: ROTC Scabbard and Blade 3.4: DNW Club 1 3 Neuman Club 2. HERBAC. EAIILY L. 7 Bachelor of Arts -7 Delta Delta Delta 1: Sigma Delta Pi 3.41 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: University Thea- ter 3.43 University Chorus 1.2.33 Chil- dren's Wlorkshop Theater 4. HEROLD. THOMAS f. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Pershing Ri- iles 1.2.3 7 sec.. 4 7 v.pres.g ROTC -7 cadet major: Newman Club HERTZFELD. ROBERT j. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Beta Beta Beta 3.4. HIRSCH. KATHERINE E. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega 1. 2-3 7 social chm.. 4 7 assist. sec.: Panhellenic Coun- cil 2.3: BLOCKHOUSE 3: COLLE- CIAN 1.3 7 assist. society ed.. assist. art ed.g Internos Club 12.3.41 Creek Week 1 7 publicity comm.: Rocket Choristers 1:TSEA 3.41TWCA 1.2. HOAG. KATHLEEN A. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Delta Delta Delta 2.3.4 7 pres.g Pi Gamma Mu 4: Homecoming 3 7 rally comm.. 4 7 gen. sec.: Creek Week 3 7 invitations comm.. 4 7 workshop leader. HODGE. CHARLES E. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2.3 7 treas.. 41 SUB 2.3 D publications comm.: ROTC 7 dis- tinguished military student. HOFEAIAN. IVILLIAAI E. -7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering -7 Pi Kappa Phi 2 7 treas.. 3 7 v. pres., 4 7- hist.. Scabbard and Blade 3.43 ROTC 1.2. 3.4: I E.E.E. Intcrfratcrnity Council 3. HORNER. SARAH S. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Theta Eta Kappa 23 TSEA 2. 3.4. HOURVITZ. IIIYER 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2.3.43 Baseball 1. HI'MMON. EVELYN AI. 7- Bachelor of Education. HUNT. BARBARA j, 7 Bachelor of Edu- tgation 7 TSEA 3.4: University Theater -.3. jACQUEIlIOTTE. IAAIES 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Phi 2.3.4. IACODZINSKI. ROBERT F. 7 Bachelor Alpha of Business Administration 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 2.3.4. fOHNSTON. KENNETH E. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7- Sigma Al- pha Epsilon 2.3.4L DNW' Club 1.23 Var- sity basketball 1.2. IONES. -IAMES T. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Phi Alpha -7 pres. IONES. TERRY C. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Phi Alpha 2.3.41 Pi Delta Phi 3: Class pres. 2.3.4. IULICS. BARBARA L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.2.3 7 corr. sec.. 4 7 rush chin.: Delta Chi 41 BLOCKHOUSE 1.21 Lutheran Students Association 1 1 TSEA 4. KAHAN. GERALD 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7- Pre-law Club 2: Intramural Sports 2, KAHLE. THOAIAS C. 7- Bachelor of Sci- ence in Pre-Med 7 Pi Kappa Phi 12.3 7 hist.. 4. SUB 1.2. 3-4 7 treas.: Budget Review Comm. 3: Dean's list 2. KAMINSKI. DANIEL L. 7 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. KARLOSKY. RONALD 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Sig- ma Phi Epsilon I.E.E.E. 3.4.5. DNW Club 1.23 University Chemical So- ciety lg Freshman camp counselor 4.5: Baseball 13 Varsity baseball 2. KASPER. MAR1' ANN 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Sigma Delta Pi 3.4: TSEA 12.2.43 Russian Club 43 Newman Club 1.2- .4. KASPITZKE. FRANK E. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Phi Omega 3.4. KATLEN. ARVIN M. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1.2 7 social chm.. Community Service chm.. 3 7 so- cial co-chm.. 4, KEHOE. DALTON A. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 DNW Club 3. KING. RITA Ill. 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Alpha Omicron Pi Senate 3 7 sec. on Bulletin boards comm.: New- man Club Young Democrats 1.2: TSEA 2.3.41 VVUS l 7 faculty action chm. KLARSFIELD. KENNETH JW. 7 Bache- lor of Business Administration. KNAPP. LAWRENCE M. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon Pre-law Club 1. 2-3 7 sec..treas.. 41 SUB 2.3.4 7 faculties and services gov. KOVACH. LINDA 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Omicron Pi l.2.3.41 BLOCKHOUSE 2. TSEA 2.3.43 TWCA 2 1 Lutheran Students Association 1.2. KOPKE. KENNETH W. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 DNW' Club 1.2.35 Donn proctor 2: Military Science Club 1.2. TSEA 1.2.3,-4. KRAEMER, CATHERINE A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 7 res. KR.-IRT, ROBERT D. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2 7 corr. sec., 3 7 v. pres.. 4 7 pres.. Senate 2g Uni- versity Theater 4. KRAAIP, IOHN 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 Phi Kappa Psi l.2.3.4g A.I.l.E. 2.3.4. KRAUSS. ROBERT P. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2.3.43 Phi Eta Sigma 2 7 pres.. 33 Pi Gamma Blu 3.4. Phi Alpha Theta 4: Alpha Phi Gamma 3,45 Blue Key 4: Who's Who 4: Student Judi- ciary Council 2.3.4 7 chm.g Interfra- ternity Council 4 7 rush chm.. Dean's list l.2.3.4. KREIDEL. RALPH AI. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Theta Chi 2, 3.43 DNW Club 1.23 Newman Club 13 Basketball KRIENER. BONNIE K. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Omicron Pi 1, 2-3 7- hist.. 4 7 pres.: BLOCKHOUSE 1: YWCA 3.43 TSEA 2.33 Homecoming 3 7 dec. comm.g Winter Formal 1 7 dec. comm. KREISEL, HENRY 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 TSEA 3,41 Economic Club 33 N.A.A.C.P. 3. KROGLIEL, DARRYL A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 TSEA 1.2,3.4. KULIVICKI, PAUL 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 2.3.4. KUNZ. THOMAS R. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Tau Kappa Ep- silon Alpha Kappa Psi 43 Military Science Club l.2.3,4. KYNARD. ETHEL Y. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.43 Home Economics Club 2.3.4. LACY. ALLAN R. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Theta Chi 3.4 7 hist.g Alpha Kappa Psi 3 7 professional shin.. speakers dinner chm.g Pre-law Club 1,2,3 7 executive comm.. 4 7 treas.g Newman Club 1 7 athletic chm.g 2.3.45 Young Republicans 2.3.41 Tennis 11 Winter Formal 2 7 publicity comm. LAIPPLY. LODEEN S. 7 Bachelor of Education. LATZO, ROBERT C. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2.3.4g DNW Club 1.25 Varsity baseball 1,2.3: COLLEGIAN 3.4. LANCENDERFER, CHARLES 1. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Pershing Rifles 1, 2.3.4-g ROTC 7 distinguished military student. cadet'col. LAWLESS. PETER A. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 3: Alpha Epsilon Delta 3.-lx Bela Beta Beta 3.4. LEHAIAN, ALICE F. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Newman Club 1.2.3,-1. LEAIBRIGHT. WYNN A. 7 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering 7 Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon 2,3,-lg A.I.I.E. 3,-l. LEVETT. BARRY A. 7 Bachelor ot' Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2.3.4. LeVINE, .MICHAEL S. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1.2. 3-4 7 Corr. sec.: Phi Eta Sigma 1.2.3.-L 7 hist.: Beta Beta Beta 'Z 7 xx pres., 3.4: Alpha Phi Gamma 2.3.-li Alpha Epsilon Delta 2.3.41 BLOCKHOTQSE 2 7 assist. sales mngr.: COLLEGIAN I1 lVinter Fomial 2 7 publicity comm.: Outstanding Fresh- man Biology Student 7 Bowman Award. LEWANDO IVSKI. KEMYETH F. 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engi- neering 7 Newman Club 1.2.3.-ll A.S.M.E. 12.34. LIGHT, ROBERT C. 7 Bachelor cif Arts 7 DNWV Council 21 Pre-law Club 3.-1-1 Political Science Club 2.3.4, LINDHUBER, THOAIAS C. 7 Bachelor of Science in Nlechanical Engineering 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 12.3.-lx Pi Eta Sigma 1,23 Tau Beta Pi 43 Gulf Team 2. LITIVAN, PATRICIA D. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 BLOCKHOUSE 4: Dormi- tcsry proctor 3: Intern:-s Club 1.2.3,-1: TSEA 1.13,-lg Young Democrats 3.4: Intramural basketball 31 N.A.A.C.P. lg Sadie Hawkins Dance 1 7 publicity comm.: Homecoming 2-3 publicity Chm. LONG. DONNA 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 2.3.-l: Lutheran Students Association 2.3.41 TSEA 4- LOPINSKI, GERALDINE AI, 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Lambda Kappa Sigma 3,-l,5g Alpha Phi Alpha 3.4.53 Newman Club 1.2.3.-l,5, LOUDON. ANN AI, - Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Pi Beta Phi 3.4: Kappa Delta Pi 3,41 Al-Hop 3 7 dec. comm. LUDGATE, fAY R. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation ancl Bachelor of Arts 7 Sigma Al- pha Epsilon 1.2.3.-lg University Theater 1.2.3,-1-1YN'restling 1.2.3,-1, LUDIVIG. GARY K. 7 Bachelor nf Busi- ness Administration 7 Pi Kappa Alpha 3,41 Pershing Rifles 2.3.4. LUTZ UDY L, 7 Bachelor of Education - I 7 Dorm fire chief '21 Art Club 1,21 Cam- ma Delta 1.f: FTA 1.2, MACK. JAIHES R. 7 Bachelor of Arts. M.4HR. AIARY A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3,41 Phi Delta Kappa 3.4. MANCY, EAIANUEL C. 7 Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med 7 Alpha Epsilon Delta 2.3.41 Alpha Phi Omega 3.4. MANOR, ROBERT E. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence iri Engineering Physics. MANEVAL, RUSSELL W. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Intramural football, bas- ketball, and volleyball 2.3. NIAROHN, WILLIAM D. 7 Bachelor of Science in Iwlechanical Engineering 7 Phi Kappa Psi 12,3 7 pres.: 4: A.I.I.E. 2.3,-1' 7 v. pres.: University Sailing Club 2,37pres. IWARTIN, li'ILLI.4M 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Kappa Psi 2.33.51 Journal Of the College of Pharmacy 4.5: DNW Club 1.21 Newman Club 1.2: University Theater 13 American Phamiaceutical As- sociation 1.2.3.-1.5. MASTERS, GERALD E. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 SUB 3.4: University Thea- ter 3.4. MATHER, JAIUES B. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Ep- silon 13.4. MATHIES, WILLIAM F. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2 7 social chm., 3-4 7 treasg Al- pha Kappa Psi 3.4g YMCA 2 7 sec., 3 7 pres., 4 7 v. pres.g University band -lg Freshman camp counselor 3,-L IVIATSON, IACK V. 7 Bachelor of Sci- Senior Index ence iu Chemical Engineering 7 Phi Eta Sigma 1.2: Tau Bula Pi Ll.-l: DNW Club 1.2.4 7 parliaiiicmaiiauz Senate 4: COLLEGI.-KN l: .-X.I.Cli.E. 1.2.3.-l 7 xx pres, and ness.: Cross CLvLl1'1lI'y l.!.il,'l1 track 1.2.3,-l. Ill.-ITTHEIVS. KENT R. 7 Bachelor of Science in Blcchanical Engineering 7 Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon 2.3.4. AIAURER, TERRY L. 7 Bachelor -if Sci- C'I1C?. IVAY, DONALD IV, 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Phi Kappa Psi 2.3.4. MAZL'CHOll'SKl, THOMAS f. 7 Baclicflcir Of Science iii Electiiial Eiigiiicviiiiu 7 Tau Beta Pi 3.-l 7 ccvri: sec.3 Ein Kappa Nu 3,-l 7 V. prcsq Pi Mu Epsi- lon 3,-lg I.E.E.E. 3,-l 7 Y. prcsg Delta Chi 3,-l 7 xx pres. JI,-1ZL'RKIElI'lC.'Z, JOHN S. 7 Bziclicliii' uf Arts 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 12.3.11 DNW Club li Military Siicuce Club 1.2, IFC fciuiball and vcilleybnll li.-l. IUrCART.Yl:'Y, Sl.'.S'A.Y 7 Baclicliii' nf Education 7 Delta Delta Delta 1.233 7 sucial clim.. 4: Alpha Phi ljnxuiiia 2.3.-ll Wlic-'s XYl1i+ Ll,-lg Peppers 5.41 SUB 1.2 - 7 soc. 7 giw., 3.-lg BLOCKHQUSE 1,2 7 Organizations ed.. ll 7 Illilllllglllg ccl.. YWCA 1.2.3.-li TSEA 12.3.41 Frcsb- man Week tour comm. 2,4 7 i'liui.1 Freshman camp cuiiiiscl-ii' 51 H-iuicc--iw ing l 7 Clcc. ci-imiii ,l-Hup 1 7 dec c-f1im1.1 W-iinvifs swiigfcst iliiu. Ll. iUi'C'LL'RG. BARB,-IR.-I A. 7 Barlic-lor of Education 7 Delta Delta Delta 3.4.5 7 rec. secg Senate 5 7- public iirlniions cwuini. chin.: TSEA Ll.-l 7 pl'C'S.1 Hume- cifiiiiiig S 7 publicity cimini. JlIfCU.YNEl.L, DONALD F. 7 Barliclur uf Business Adiiiiiiistmtii-ii 7- BLOCK- HOUSE 5.4: COLLECIQXN 41 Lutheran Students Association 2.11 L'iiix'c-rsitx' Bi-ard 1.2. llIcD.-LYIEL, ROSE L, 7 Bziclicl-ii' -if Edu- catiwn. AIAIEIY, ,MICHAEL T. 7- Bfulicl-wr --l' Sci- oiicc 7 Pi Kappa Phi 1.2.3,-lg ROTC 1.2. 3.41 Ne-wiuaii Club 1.2.-l. ,UrQiEE, PATRICIA A. 7 Bachelor uf Eclucati--ii f - Mu Phi Epsilon 3.4L bui- vcrsity Cwmcrt iliwir 1,2 7- SCC., 3.4.5 -7 presg Madrigzil singers 3.4.51 L'iiix'ci'sity Tlie'-alex' 4. AIr1lAl.E. ll'II.LIAAI E. -7 Bacliclqr ol' Science in Civil Eiigiucmiiig 7 Alplia Sigma Phi 3.4.51 Seimtv 41 DNW Club 11 A.S,C.E. 7 xx pre-s.g Basket- ball l.2.3 3 basvbnll 1.2. MELCHER, CAROL j, 7 Barlielnr uf Sci- ence 7 Delta Delta Dclm 12.3.41 Alplin Phi Gamma 2.3.-li SUB 1.2: BLOCK- HOUSE 1.2 -7 art lav-wut vd.: Inu-i'ii-is 2.3.-lg Ycmiing Republicans 1.2: Hiiiimmwiiii- ing 1-2 7 dec. ciwniriig .I-Hiip I 7 clcc. and tickets couim.g Grvek Week 1 7 clvc. ruiiiiiig AF Art Exhibit chin. 1.2: SYB Christmas card contest wiuuci' 1.2. JllE.N'DENH.-ill., AIAXIXE E. 7 Bailiu- lm' uf Education 7 Sigma Dclta Pi 3.-l AIERICKEL. fAMES E. V- Bculicli-i' --f Arts 7 Phi Eta Kappa 13,-l. AIEYERS. SANDRA K. 7 Biiflicliu' Hf 1 Education 7 TSE.-X Lfl.-lx Camrrbiirv Club 3.4: Lutheran Sluclvms Association 4. AIILLER, KENNETH L, 7 Bachelor uf Business Adiiiinistratimi. MINADEO. RICHARD A. 7 Bachelor uf Business Admiiiisnatiun -7 Pi Gamma Blu 3.-l 7 pres.: Beta Cniiima Sigma 'lnlz Phi Eta Sigma 12.3.42 Phi Kappa Phi 4: FOCUS 3,-lg DNXV Club 1 7 fluur rcp., 2.31 Pre-law Club 1.2.3 7- pres.. 4 7 sc-C.: Ecmiumics Club 2.3.41 Political Sci- ence Club 3.-li Delta Chi 2: ROTC Band 1.2: Rlilitary Science Club 1.2: Assifcia- tion of the United States :Xriny 1.2: Siv- ciety of American lvlilitary Engineers 1,21 Newman Club 1.2.3,-1. IVIINOR, RONALD 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration, AIITTENDORF, IOANNE E. 7 Bachelor of Ecluratiiiii - .Xliuhii Oiiii-iuii Pi l.L 11.-l: TSP.-X 'l 4: Ne.-uniaii Clluli 11.3.4 ,ll1ZIf.Y, KARICX L. 7 Hnilif-l--1 iff Eilu- cfitioii 7 :Xliilm Chi Oiiicuu l,l.1 iw Sm. 4. ilfflfilfflf. AI.FlCIfD I. - Hi-'lwliii H! Scif.-iiw - liitv1'x'.ii'sitv Ciliiislinii Fvlluw- ship .Xiiiffiimii Pli.llINAi"l1I11.1l .Xssuiintion lJ'l.l.3. Ulu-i Stgiuf Plun- IlilIl4'llIlVC1l .-Xswii.1Iiiiii l.l.'l.'l.'1 iUUlfRI.5'. 0154713515 P. -7 Bmlieliii' ill' Busini-ss Afliiiiiiistmtiiiii. AIKPRSE. .lIIC'11',-llfl. 7- Bmlivl'-i' --li Busi- iiwss .Xclmiiiistrnli-iii 7- Ali-li.i KAIYIIR Psi 'lfl - f Ii-ms.. 5 -7 xx pres .X S LZ E J ,'lIt?HTI.'lIER. -IO,-l.Y.YIf Cf. - - Iimli-'l--1' uf Ecliifniiuii 7- .Xlplia Chi Oiiivga fflyli TSEA 3.4: R1uli4"lIC'S 2.5: Pi Kam-n Phi 'lL R-iso Que-vu ll. gllUSTf71"I. .4I.I Al - - B.iilii-lui- ill' Siii-mv in Klcclifmiial Iiiigiiii-ciiiiq - Imcwiia- tional Stiidmits .XSS-iiintiuii l l 'l 4 llllilll, P.-iilllflpl nl. 7 Bmlii-lui' --l' Si i- viimc -7 D4-lm D1-lm Di-lin 1,33 7 spun- sni' clmi. -l -7 x' pie-Q .Xlgwlm Plii l llauiiiin T.-li .Xlplm Kiisiliiii Dvltn 'll Bum Bi-ta Bvtn 'l.l1 SUB 'lfl --- nriiiiiii-s rlim.: BI.OCKHOL'SIf 'F salvs iiiugi 4 Y- assist. iiiiigi 1 COLl,EIll.'iN lf? - sm ivtv cd. -l. X :runs Rviiulilif aus l.-l ROTC Him--r.1iv iapt '31 ,l-Hi-p 'W f assist pi'--grain and iiivilgiriiiiis c lim Llnss ticas. nl. Peppers wflz Hffiiiciiiiii- ing Queen 3. Jl!Y1fR.5', LARRY T. 7 Bachelor of Sci- cnci- in Electrical EIlQlI1CL'l'lllg1 7 Pi Kap- pa Phi 2.3,-lx I E.E.E. 4. X.-1DOL.Y1', ,IOYCE A. 7 Bnclieliir of Ecliicariiiii 7 Alpha Oiuiii'-iii Pi 1.23 TSEA 2.3,-lg Senate 1 7 c-instiliitiwii soc.: R4'CliCIlCS 2.33. NAI.UDK.-1, l:'Dl1'ARD C, 7- Bachelor uf Siicmc in Mcchniiical liiisiiiu-i'iiig' 7 .'X.S.M.E. 3.4. Nc-xxiiiaii Club 1.l.5rl. .N'.-ISSIRI, CYRUS 7 Baclii-li-1' uf Science in lilfziriiial liiiqiiiccriiig 7- Eta Kappa Nu Qi.-lg Iiiu-i'iialii.ii1al Students Assiicia- tiwii 11.3.-l. XESBIT, ROBERT IV. 7 Bacliclur uf Sci- ence -- Pi Kappa Phi 1.2.4.-lg ROTC 1.2. .-Xmc-i'ii:ui Pliarmrifcutical Associa- tiiiii IJ,-lj, .N'1C11OLSOX G. IVILLI.-MI 7 Bachelor of Business .-Xcliiiiiiistiatiiwii 7- Sigma Al- pha Epsilon 1.2.3.-l. NIRADY. .-iI.AiY K. 7 Baclic-l--1' +-f Sci- emu f7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 15.4.51 Kap- pa Psi 1.2.3.-L51 American Pharmaceuti- cal Association Sc-uate 4.5: DNVV Club 1,21 IFC football 2.3.-l: Yul- leyball 13g Badminton 2 31 Baseball 2.14, O'LEARY. SHEILA f. 7 Bacliulwr of Arts 7 Delta Delia Di'lI3. 1.23.41 Alpha Ep- silon Dc-lta 3.-li Peppers 3.4. Student Alu- diciary Council Iii CIOLLEUI.-XN 1.23.4 7 assoc. ecl.g Newman Club 13 YVho's lNho Selection comm. -l: Homecoming rallv cumm. 4 -7 assist. uhm . J-H1-p ll -7 gon. Clim. O.N'II'El.LER. ARTI1L'I-I' E. 7 Baclie-lui' uf Business Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi -L53 Military Science Club 12. 3,41 Riilc- Club 1.2.-L51 Pcrsliiug Rillcs 7 fills team oflicer. OPRE. IOSEPH AI. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Theta Chi 1,23 7- social clim., 4: Young Deuiwcrats 1.2: COLLECI.-KN 1. 2-ll 7 spurts ed.. -lg Military Sciciirc Club 1.2: ., v J-Hup L' 7 C4!IIlI1'l.1 Ncwiiiau Club 1.L. Li.-l. OR.-iI'l'fTS, AIARILYN A. 7 Bachelor uf Educatiun. ORLOIVSKI, THOAIAS f. 7 Baclielur ull Eclucntirin 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2, 3,-l-1 Scabbard and Blade 4. DNW Club 1.2: Pmfessi-wiml Ediicatufs .Xssi-cialiuii 2. ll-4 7 pres.: ROTC Ill.-l 7 cndcx col.. brigade comnianderi Mililmy Science Club 7 pres.: Varsity Fiwtball 2.13.-l. OSAIENT, j.-LHES L. 7 Barhi-Ii-r of Busi- ness Adniinistrati-iii. OTTNEY, CHARLES T. 7 Bachelcwi' of Business Administration. P.-IRVIN. FEREYDOIVN 7 Bachelor of Arts -7 Phi Delta Phi 2: Phi Kappa Phi 2: COLLEGIAN 21 BLOCKHOUSE 21 L'nix'ersitv Theater 2.3.41 International Students .Association 1.2.3.-l. PEXIVELL. RICHARD C. 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 Tau Beta Pi 3.4 7 V. pres. PERTCHECK. JI.-iRLE.YE P. 7 Bachelor of Education -7 l.'nix'ersity Theater 1.23 TSEA -4. PETERS. II'ILI.IA,4I f. -7 Bachelor of Ed- 7 ucation 7- Alpha Phi Alpha 1.2.3 7 sec.: Alpha Epsilon Pi Mathers Club Award o PFEIFER. ROBERT F. 7 Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering 7 Tau Beta Pi 3.41 Eta Kappa Nu 3.4 7 corr. sec.: I.E.E.E., PIERCE, .UARK ll'. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Alpha Phi Omega PIETRAS. KATHLEEN AI. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Newman Club 1.2.3.-li TSEA 2.3.4. PIRAINO. OHJIA A. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4 7 treas. PLAGAKIS. IAAIES L. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Kappa Psi 2.3.4 7 pres.. 5: College of Pharmacy. class pres, 51 DNW Club 1.2.31 All Pharmacy Day chm. 4.51 American Pharmaceutical .Association 1. POLEK. RONALD 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation, POPSON. -IOHN Ill. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Pre-law Club 2. 3.41 Young Democrats 31 Political Sci- ence Club 2. PRIGOHZY. STEVEN H. 7 Bachelor of .Arts 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1.2.3.-1: DNW' Club 41 Dorm proctor 1: Yarsity base- ball 2: Ohio Sociological Society 2.3.41 National Council for the Social Studies 2.3.-11TSE.A PRINCE. fOHN F. 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2.3.4 7 chap.: ROTC 1.2. QUERTIMONT. CAROL A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Pi Beta Phi 2 7 tl'6'3S.. 3 -7 xx pres.. 4 7 pres.: Homecoming 3 7 assist. dance chm.1 J-Hop 2 7 dec. cotnm.. 3 7 assist. gen. chm.: Varsity Drag 1 7 dec. comm.: soph. dance 1 7 dec. cotntn. QL'IGI.IfY. CR.-LYSTON 7 Bachelor of Administration. RADKIEWICZ. ROBERT f. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Tau Beta Pi 3.41 Eta Kappa Nu 34' .Alpha Phi Gamma 2.3.41 Blue Key 3.-l-: YVho's lYho 3: COLLECIAN 1.2.3 7 ed.. 4: Newman Club 1.2.3.-lg I.E.E.E. 3.4. RAAISEY, fA.'llES A, 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Phi Alpha 1.2.31 Economics Club 3.4. REED. SEATON A. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma Phi Epsi- lon l. RECER, Ii'f7.YALD A. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Mechanical Engineering 7 A.S.M.E. 3.4 7 pres.: Sigma Pho Tau 3.4. REILLY. ELAINE Ill. 7 Pi Beta Phi 2. 3.4. REINHART. MARY M. 7 Bachelor of Education -7 Zeta Tau .Alpha 123.41 Neuman Club 1.2.3.-4. RICHARDSON. DAVID 7 Bachelor of Science. RICHIE, CARLTON A, 7 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1.2.3 7 comptroller. 4 7 pres.. 5: BLOCKHOUSE 4: COLLEGIAN 1 7 circ. mngr.: A.S.C.E. 4.51 YMCA 53 Homecoming 4 7 publicity comm. RIDLEY. fOA.Y C. 7 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Kap- pa Alpha 3: Pi Gamma Mu 2.3.4 7 sec.1 Student Senate 2: MacKinnon Hall v. pres. 2: Dorm proctor 21 Internos Club l.2.3.4g N.A.A.C.P. 11 International Stu- Senior Index dents Tea 3 7 co-chm.1 Alpha Phi Al- pha Sweetheart 3. RILL. IOAN A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 TSE.A 3.4. RINKER. BARBARA j. 7 Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science 7 Delta Delta Delta 2.3.43 ROTC Honorary capt. 3: TSEA 2.3.4g Spring Festival Queen attendent 3 1 German Club 1. ROBBINS. LESLIE C. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Sigma Delta Tau 31 .I-Hop 37comm. ROBINSON. BRUCE f. 7 Bachelor of Education. ROBINSON. IEFF P. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Phi Kappa Psi 2.3. 7 pres.. 4g Student Senate 3.4 7 pres.: lVho's Who comm. 41 Sailing Club 2.3: YMC.A 2.3.41 Freshman Camp Counselor 3.4: State Issue No. 1 comm 43 Student Union Expansion comm. 31 Student Activities comm. 41 .Athletic Board of Control 43 Athletic Hall of Fame clim. 3: Student Social Calendar chm. 3: IFC KIen's songfest chm. 3, ROGCE. SHARON O. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Alpha Omicron Pi Choristers 2.3.41 Lutheran Students As- sociation TSEA l.2.3.4. ROGINSKI. IEANNE 7 Bachelor of Arts And Bachelor of Science 7 Peppers 3. 41 .Alpha Phi Gamma 3.4 7 v. pres.: COLLEGIAN 2 7 news ed. 3 7 manag- ing ed.. 4 7 ed.-in-chiefg Student Union Expansion Comm. 31 Wlio's WVho Selec- tion comm. 3. ROMAN. ANDREW 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Sigma .Alpha Epsilon 1.2.3.-l. ROMP. IVILLIAAI M. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Theta- Chi 2.3.41 DNN' Club 1.2.31 Varsity "T" Club 2.3.-li Varsity baseball 2.3.4. ROSENBERG. LAWRENCE 7 Bachelor of Business Administration. ROTONDO. LAWRENCE F. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Phi Kappa Psi 1.2.3 7 v. pres.. 4 7 pres.. .A.S.C.E. 4 7 pres. RUDDY. .MARTIN 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 .Alpha Kappa Psi 3.4: Newman Club 2.3 7 treas.. 4 7 social chtn. RLITGERS. RONALD T, 7 Bachelor ot' Science 7 Theta Chi .American Pharmaceutical .Association l.2.3.4: Ohio State Pharmaceutical Associa- tion SAKHEIA1. DORIS j. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.41 TSE.A 1. 2.3.41 Young Democrats 1.2,3.41 Politi- cal Science Club 2.3.4. SALOW. THO.MAS N. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Mechanical Engineering 7 .A.S.M.E. l.2.3.4. SANDLER. HOWARD E. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2.3.4. Sigma Rho Tau l.2.3.41 DNW Club 11 A.S.C.E. 7 sgt.-at-amisg O.S.P.E. 1.2: Homecoming 1 7 dec. comm. SASS. CLARENCE f. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Theta Chi 2.3.4. SA UTTER. NANCY 1. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 .Alpha Omicron Pi 1.2.3141 YWCA 4. TSE.A 41 Young Republicans 3.41 Lutheran Students Association 2. SAIVYER. LUCY A. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Chi Omega Phi Alpha Theta 4.51 Pi Gamma Mu 4.51 Political Science Club 4. SCHAEFER. FRED G. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Industrial Engineering 7 Theta Chi 2 7 lst guard. 3 7 scholarship chm.. chap.. standards comm.. 4 7 standards comm. chm.. Scabbard and Blade 2.31 Military Science Club A.I.l.E. 3.4 7 v. pres. of membershipg A.S.M.E. 21 Young Republicans 2.3. SCIIAUB. WILLIAM C. 7 Bachelor of Law 7 Pre-law Club 1.2. SCHERKOSKE. KENNETH 7 Bachelor of Science. SCHMIDT. CAROLYN M. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega DNW Club 21 TSEA 41 Roger Williams Fellowship 1,21 EH. Richards Club 1.2. SCHOFIELD. ROBERT L. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering L.E.E.E. SCHMACHER. ANTHONY W. 7 Bach- elor of Arts 7 Alpha Phi Gamma 3.4 7 pres.1 Who's YA'ho 33 COLLEGIAN 1, 2 7 copy ed.. feature ed.. 3 7 ass. ed.. 4 7 managing ed.. ed.-in-chief: German Club 1.21 Pre-law Club 31 Young Demo- crats 1.2.3.-lf: Newman Club 1 7 comm. co-ordinator, v. pres.. 2 7 social chm.. 3 7 public relations chm.. 4 7 ed. SCHWARTZ, NORMAN W. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Alpha Zeta Omega 3 7 treas.. 4 7 v. pres. SEARL, MARK E. 7 Bachelor of Science. SHERMAN, JAMES W. 7 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 7 Phi Kappa Psi 1.2.3.-11 Military Science Club 1.21 .A.S.M.E. 4. SHRADER, PATRICIA A. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Pi Beta Phi Student Senate 2 7 sec.1 New- man Club J-Hop 1 7 dec. comm.: Homecoming 2 7 dec. comm. SIIUIUON. PAUL C. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence and Bachelor of .Arts 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3 7 chap.. 4 7 pledgemaster. warden: SUB 2.3.41 Delta Chi 3.4 7 pres.: Homecoming 2 7 comm.: Greek Week 2 7 comm. SISCO. WILLIAM C. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Mechanical Engineering 7 .A.S.M.E. 4: Math Club 2. SLAYTON. THOIWAS 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon Collegian 2.3.41 YMCA Newman Club 1.2.3.-4. SAIILAX. DOROTHY 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Chi Omega 1.2.3 7 songfest chm.. 41 Kappa Delta Pi 3.41 Mu Phi Epsilon 2.3.4 7 v. pres.: COLLEGI.AN 1: Rocket Chorusisters 1,2 7 rehearsal pianist. SMITH. JOSEPH F. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 3.41 DNW Club 11 Military Science Club 1.2, SMITH. KATHLEEN L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 .Alpha Chi Omega 1.2.3,41 SUB 2. SIUITH. KAY 1. 7 Bachelor of Education. SAIYTH, BETTY A. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Pi Beta Phi 1.2.3.-11 Pershing Rifles attendant li ROTC queen attend- ant l: Spring Festival Queen 31 Stu- dent Senate 1.2 7 student faculty comm.. 3 7 public relations comm. SNOW, IUDITH A. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 .Alpha Chi Omega 1.21 National Col- legiate Players 41 University Theater 2.3.41 University Players 3 7 sec.. 4 7 pres. SOCHOCKI, BARBARA 7 Bachelor of Pharmacy. SOLOWIN. MERRELL 7 Bachelor ot' Education. SPOHLER. DONALD W. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 German Club 1. SPONSLER. THOIUAS H. 7 Bachelor of .Arts 7 Phi Kappa Phi 3,41 Phi Alpha Theta 3.4, SPRAGUE, LOWRIE L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega 2.3.4. STACH. HILARY f. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 TSE.A 3.41 Internos Club 2. 3.4. STALL. H. PHILLIPS 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Pre-Med. 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2 7 corr. sec., 3 7 v. pres., 41 Phi Eta Sigma 1.21 Phi Kappa Phi 3.41 Alpha Epsilon Delta 2.3.41 Senate 3 7 rally chm.. 4 7 social chm.: soph. scholar of the year. DNW Club 1.2.31 Greek Week 2 7 workshop chm.. 3 7 elections chm.1 Who's Who 3: Raoul Floripe Award 3. STAMM. ROBERT C. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 3.4 7 treas. STARNER, NANCY 7 Bachelor of Arts. STAVEXIK. DUAXE f. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Dorm proc- tor 2. STEIIYCROOT. JAY A. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Epsi- lon Pi 1 7 chap.. 2 7 chap.. assist. treas.. 3-4 7 chap.. treas.: Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3.41 Blue Kev 3.4 7 tl'CaS.. sgt.-nf- arms: Alpha Phi Gamma 23.4 7 treas.1 Budget Review chm. 41 BLOCKHOESE 1.2 7 sales mngr., 3 7 business tnngr.: Young Republicans 1.2.3.-1: Military Sci- ence Club Scabbard and Blade 3.4: ll-Hop 1 7 publicitv comm. STEPHENSON. fl'DITH A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.2. 3.4: BLOCKHOUSE 3: YWCA 1.23.42 TSEA 1.23.41 Homecoming 1 7 publici- ty comm.: Creek Week 1 7 dec. comm. STOKES. RICHARD V. 7 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. STOTZ. ROBERT IV. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence. STROCONOFF. ROBERT F. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Dean's List 3. SUNDERi1IAiN', LOIS j. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.2,3 7 v. pres.. 4 7 pres.: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 7 pres.g class sec. 41 J-Hop 1 7 publicity and tickets comm.. 3 7 gen. sec.g Rocket Choristers WL'S Car- nival 3 7 publicity comm. chm. SL'ROl1"IEC', ART E. 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3.41 Newman Club 2,3 7 treas.. 4 7 pres., ROTC l,2.3.4. SYCKS, IAMES H. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Kappa Psi 3.4 7 pres.: Ameri- 7 can Pharmaceutical Association 1,L,3.4 7 pres.1 dorm proctor pres. 4. TAVAKOLIAN, MOHAMMAD 7 Bach- elor of Science in Mechanical Engineer- ing 7 International Student Association 1,2,3.4. TAYLOR, N. THO.MAS 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Tau Kappa Epsilon 1 7 sec., 2 7 v. pres.: 2-3 7 pres.. 3 7 treas., 4 7 chap., scholarship chm.: Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3.41 Young Democrats 2.3.43 ROTC 1.21 lnterfra- ternity Council 2.3 7 chm., 4 7 pres. TERRILL, IVILLIAAI A. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2 7 hist.. 3: Tau Beta Pi 43 Eta Kappa Nu 4: A.l.E.E. 2.3.4. TICE, THOAIAS ll". 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness .Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Ep- silon 1,2.3 7 v. pres., 'li Freshman Week 4 7 tour guide: Homecoming 1 7 dec. comm. TILLER, FRED A. 7 Bachelor of Educa- tion 7 Pi Kappa Phi 3 7 home mngr.. 4 7 v. pres.. treas., alumni relations chm.. 5 7 pres.: Newman Club 2 7 hist.. 3.4,5: Young Democrats 2.5g TSEA 3.5: lnterfraternity Council 4,5. TOPOLESKI, VERONICA 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega 1.2.3,-4: SUB 21 COLLEGIAN 21 Varsity Drag 3 7 dec. comm. TRAVER, JEAN E. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Kappa Delta Pi 2,35 Newman Club 2,35 TSEA 2.3. TRAVER, MARVIN L. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 ROTC 1,21 University Theater 3: Debate team 45 Young Dem- ocrats 3: TSEA 4. TREPINSKI, GERALD j. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration. TREPINSKI, PATRICIA A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Chi Omega l.2.3.4g Stu- dent Senate 2g YWCA 1.2: Newman Club 1,21 TSEA 2.3.41 1Vinter Formal 1-2 7 comm.: Homecoming 3 7 gen. dance chm.: Varsity Drag 3 7 assist. gen. chm. TULEY, RICHARD 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness .Administration 7 Alpha Sigma Phi 1.2,3.4. TURBY, LESLIE D. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4 7 v. pres., Rockettes 2.3.-4: E. H. Richards Club 1, 2 7 sec. 3. Senior Index L'.1ILAL'F. l1'ILLI.-1.11 M. 7 Bachelor til' Business Administration -7 Tau Kappa Epsilon L'TZ. 11.11 7 Bachelor ol' Education 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 12.3.41 Dt-anis list li: ROTC 1.2: bottling and goll 23.4. l'.4.YDERl1'L'LP, Dt'2.Y.Y.-1 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 3.4: TSEA 2.3.43 Young Republicans 2: Ltt- theran Student .'ASS4lLlCilltll1 1.231 7- sec.. 4 7 pres.: YWCA 3.4. VICK. Ill.-IRI' LL' C 7 Bachelor til' Ecl- ucation 7 Phi Mu 3.4: TSEA 1.2..l.4. VOGTSBERGER. K.-1THR1'.Y A. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.2 7 activities chm.. 3 7 house chm.. 43 Panhellenic Council 1.2.3 7 rush chin.: BLOCKHOUSE 2: YWCA 1.2: TSEA 2.3.41 Homecoming 1 7 publicity comm.: J-Hop 1 7 publicity CttI'tlI1l.Z WLS Carnival 3 7 publicity chm. ll'AGE.YKiYECHT, KAREN E. 7 Bach- elor ol' Education 7 BLOCKHOESE 3: COLLECIAN 1.2 7 assist. society ed.: TSEA 1.4: Newman Club 3: soph. dance 2 7 dec. comin.: ,I-Hop 2 7 dec. connn. l1'ALI.YSKI. THO.1I.-iS X. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 Pi Camma Delta l.2.3.4. Al- pha Epsilon Delta 1l.41 Young Republi- cans 3.4gGnlf3,-1. WALKER, .YA.YC1' A. 7 Bachelor of Arts. ll'ASKEll'ICZ, WALTER R. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Tau Kap- pa Epsilon 1.23.41 DNW Club A.L'.S.A. 3.4. l1'ATER.1IA.Y. TOAI 7 Bachelor of Busi- ness Administration 7 Sigma Alpha Ep- silon 3 7 v. pres.: class pres. 1. I1'EA.YER, SAXDR.-1 S. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Zeta Tau Alpha 7 corr. sec.1 Kappa Delta Pi 3.4 7 v. pres.: Lutheran Students Association 1. 2.3.41TSEAl.3. ll'E.-IVER. CHARLES E. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Pi Kappa Al- pha l.2.3.4: DNW Club Yarsity football 1.2.3.-1. Varsity "T" Club 3.4. WEAVER, DAVID S. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence 7 Pi Kappa Alpha 2.3.41 Young Republicans WEBSTER. fPAN H. 7 Bachelor of Arts -- BLOCKHOTQSE 3.4 7 sports ed.: lnternos Club 7 v. pres.: YWCA Young Republicans 1.2.3.-1: Polit- ical Science Club 3-4 7 sec.: Fresh- man Camp counselor 3.4: Rockettes 2. 3-4 7 co-pres.g Homecoming 3 7 pro- grams and invitations comm. IVEISBERG. AIARCIA S. 7 Bachelor of Education 7 Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: Phi Alpha Theta 3.4. IVEISSEXBERGER. WILLIAM G. -7 Bachelor of Business Administration 7 Alpha Kappa Psi 3.4 7 alunmi sec.: Student Senate 4: Pre-law Club 3.4: A.U.S.A. Scabbard and Blade 3. 4 7 v. pres.: Neuman Club Society of American Military Engineers 1.23 Military Science Club 1.23.41 class rep. to college of Business alumni 4. WE.VI.N'G. SANDRA S. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Delta Delta Delta 1.2.3.-11 Young Reptiblicans 3.4: BLOCK- HOUSE 3 7 art ed.: Varsity Drag 3 7 dec. commg Homecoming 1-2 7 comm. WETZEL. KAREN E. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation. YWCA 1.2.3 7 corr. sec.. 4: TSEA 1.2.3.-1-. WETZEL. KATHRYN 7 Bachelor of Arts. IVIESOLECK, JOHN W. 7 Bachelor of Business Administration. WIETRZYKOIVSKI. TERRY P. 7 Bach- elor of Business Administration 7 Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon 2.3.4g IFC football 2, 3.4. WILLIAIWS, DAVID L. 7 Bachelor of Science 7 SUB 3: Economics Club 2.3. 4. ll'ILI.I.4.'l1'S. DORA L. 7 Bacliclor of Sci- ence 7 Kappa Delta 1: Panhcllcnic Council li Pit'-ltiw Club 2.11, L'r.i-tr-1: sitv Plavcrs 3.4. Young D-:in--trats YYLS Carnival 1 -. to-chin niziillioxes ll' II.-UIES II 7 Bathi-lor of Business Aclininistration 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 -- jr. it-mptrollci. 2 7 sr. coinptroll'-r. 3.-1. Phi Eta Sigma l.l.i. 4: Bc-ta Iiannna Sigma 'L-lg Siiiqlpm Senate 4. Nlrhtrnv Stir-nie Club l.f.ii.'l'Z 1.9 lotlC.lI'I'lSlI't'I1SAtiftrcl Il'ILI.I.-l.1IS. .lI.4RI'I.Y lI'. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Young llc-niottats '1.4. Pre-law Club 1.4.Nc-.tii1.titC1tili'4. l1'ILLI.YLlIfR. .VARY S 7 Bachelor of Eclutation -7 Chi Oni'-ga 1.2.3 7 as- sist rush thin. 4 -7 x. prcs. BLOCK- HOESE 1. TSEA 3.4. Yarsitv Dia: it ' it 7 publititv co-thin.. Crteck Week - 7- public itv t 1 t-thin ll'ILI.I.X'tiER. SVS.-1.Y I. 7 Bachelor of Education rc Chi Oinvga 1.1 l 7 assist. pledge mother. 4 7 tie-:is 1 Wh--'s Who 3: SUB l.J 7 assist thin of Xlontt: Carlo dant e. 3 -7 111111. ol Theater-in-the- Round. Bl.OCKllOL'SE 11 YXYCA 1 7 ed. and hist. 2.3.41 Young R-.-pul-licans 2.3: 1Nesl+.-van Club 1.21 TSEA 1.1.1. 4: Block 1. Yarsitv Drag J 7 dec. comin.: WLS Carnival J -- assist. chm. mailboxes: xl-Hop 1 7 dec. tonnn.: Homecoming 1 -7 dec. comm.. 2 7 pub- licitv and dec. tomm.. 3 7- assist. gen. clnn.. Winter Formal 1 7 zlet. comm.. 2 7 assist. det chm.. Freslnnan Mixer 2 7 relreshments chin 1 Lnitt-d Appeal 2.3: Freshman Week 2 77 tour guide: Fra-slnnan camp boards 2-3-4 7 sec.: Freshman lamp 2 7 counselor. 3 7 di- rector. 4 7 administrator. l1'I.X'DISC.'H. FREDERICK llf 7 Bach- elor ol Business Administration ll'OI.I-SURD. R.41'.1IO.YD 7 Bachelor ol Education 7 Alpha Phi Alpha 1.23.41 Yarsitv basketball 2.3.4. ll'OUD.-IRD. l'IRcf'I.YIA .-1. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Kappa Delta 1.2.'1,4Q Kappa Delta Pi 1.4: Phi Alpha Thu-ta 3.4. Pan- hellenic Council 3: Lutheran Students Assotiation 1.2 7 pres.. 3.4. YWCA 1: Young Republicans 3. Winter Formal 3 71JL1lDl1CllYf"1llI11. TSEA 1.4. IVOOLFORD. DAVID R. 7 Bachelor of Business Adininistration 7 Phi Kappa Psi 1.2.3.-1: COLLEGIAN 3-4 7 sports ed. ll'ORI.I.YE. f.-1.lIES R. 7 Bachelor of Ed- ucation 7 Sigma Phi Epsilon 12.3.41 DNW Club 1.2.3.-4. WRIGHT. IIOIIARD l1'. 7 Bachelor ol Education. 1'E.YRIC'K. PHII. C. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon l.2.'1.4. Xarsitv "T Club 5.4: Yarsitv football 2.3.4. ZACI1'.lI.4.Y. jO.Y A. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence. ZAXER. C'I..4IRE E. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 L'niversitv Theater 2.3.4. ZBI.YDE.Y. jA.X'E E. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Klu Phi Epsilon 2. 3-4. -7 sec.: P1 Delta Phi i.4. ZECH. f.-1.'lIES R. 7 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 7 Pi Kappa Phi 2.3.4 7 hist.: Eta Kappa Nu 4: l.E.E,E.13.4.L'.T.E.C.H.4 7 sc-c. ZELLER. ROSE M. 7 Bachelor of Edu- cation 7 Alpha Chi Omega 1.23.41 Stu- dent Senate 3. ZIVEIFEL. CARY Ill. 7 Bachelor of Sci- ence in Electrical Engineering 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.2.3.-1.5: l.E EE. 4.3 Zl1'ILLJl'I.-IN, EVAN IV. 7 Bachelor of Arts 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2 7 member- at-large. 3 7 rush clnn.. 4 7- v prci.. SEB 2-3-4 7 activities comm Z1'CHOll'ICZ. CHRISTINE K 7- Bach- elor of Education -- Zeta Tau .XlPl13 1.2.3,4: Newman Club 1.2.i.4. TSEA l. 2.3.4. fx, .-Nblm Lmd.1 Alxlmxx lixurv Alvlwu. L'Ix.ulvf .NIVIH-mx. lim,-11 .-XM-IN Mui. Mwlh Rwlu'1llT6 .Xlx-Ml Lim..- .XI1-myll. 11.11111 .Xlvmlux -lun .U-1.1-N, lx-un-th 137 .Xriu-rllmu. Fm!- .hkhml lun 133 2171! A4-Mm 1S.ulv.u.1 1312 .Xrxv Inv lu-1 Ad.ux' .Xndxru .Xd.1lmJ.1k lYu,mw Aims- Imm-'1 QUH .X1I.uux Ihud .Xd.1lw. 114 .nu .,x1c,..w 11.1 Ad.nnx ,l.un-5 :Xd,mv lxmm .'XnI.nm l',uuI .-Xd.m1- R.nIph .X1I.unx swplwu 146 Bw Adam Nnllnmu .Xd.nm.-x llwxm-w .Xch of L l' ug .Xddh Immun.- ,-Xmlkmx 134-um' Pxvllun- I-N-Ulu .Xdhr .Xqwu 1Mums 99 .Xu-.nm RUM-ul T19 .-'xlxll-vu I.vmhH S7112 Muwndl. 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Stanley Harp, Van Harper, I7a1td 1-13 206 Harper Garv Harper tiene Harpst. john Hainstt-r. Rnltard Ha1'r1neto11 Kettneth llarris Ctuthia Harris. Dotitzlas Harr11, H1-nrv Harris, lndv Harris. Marlarct Harrison. Blnnic Harrison. Carlvn Hartxsun, Phtllts Harron, Iohn H arslnuan. Paul 176178 Harste Charles 8-1.147 Hart, Ernest Hart, ,laines Hart Klart 87 Hart, Richard Hart, 1t'1ll1am Hartkern. lohn S-1.139 Hartlct. Bem- Hartley, john Hartman llliralwtli Hartman ,lackson Harttnan Kav 113,206 Hartnn. jantes Hartrick, 11 1ll1a111 Hartuell . .lt-rrx Hartntg Robert Hartex. Ivan Hartet .lerrw Hast-lI1.1ner Gunther Haskins. Alice Hastines Carolvit Hastuuzs, Rebecca Hasty john Hatch 111Il1a1u Hatchet. Ora Hatfield :Xlbert Hatheld. John Hathatt .1 x tienrqe H.1ul1e, Hand Ht-istntt. Eugene Hetsser. Pann-la 206 Held. Patricia Roger Held Heldt. Donald Hrldt, Ruth Heldt. William Helfrich. Allrecl H1-llricli. Carol 61.87 173 206 Helle .-Xmiel Hell--. latnt-1 1-19.206 Ht-Ile Roland H1-ller. David Heller. Lian' I.. Heller. Garv S Heller, Rotlet' Hellxnann, Francis 111-1111. C111-1a.1,1111-1 Helm Jann-s 137 Helntan. Neil H1-l11114'k, Chaxles H1-111.111, 1.11.1111 H1-Iuunski, I1-an Ht-u1111eter Dattd Heniphtll. Jann-x Henisnth, Michael Ht-nahan. l'rudence Hinqtt, Gan' Hinkle. Dennis Hinr. Stwanne 75 Hinsev. Esther Hittsev. Linda Hinton. Rm' Hipp. Donald Hipp. Itlarvnette Hipp. Nancv Htpp. Patricia 1111111111 0.11111111111- Htre. Richard Hirsch, Katherine 101.117, 207 1111111111-1g 1111111 Hisclllie, 11'illtZt1t't Hite, Richard Hoaq. Katlilt-1-11 119.207 Hoalt. Carol Hoak. Duarte Hobbs, Rayinon Hnher, Michael Hochmuth, Joyce 87 Hnchsprung. Lfeortle Hochstein. Alezander Huchstein. Peter Hackman, Ruth Hodge Charles 91.1-13,207 Huber, ,lames Huber, JoAnn Huber. Ravtuond Huber. Ytilltatn Hudtzln Tiuiotltv Hudnnskt. Robert Huebner, Edvthe Huev. Ernest Huff. lit-rnita Hnfl lenifer Huffman. Cin de Huffman, Gordon Hulltuan Lncile Hulfltnan. Philip Hudnian. Rav Hut1utan Richard Ht1fl'u1an. Richard Htifliinau, Rich.11'd Httflinan, Rnltert Huuhes Dennis 76.85.128 1-1111111-1. .1011-1111 78 Hughes. Lttra S7 Hutlhei, Patil 137 Hutzhes. R1chard 87.139 Hulett, ,Ian H1111-tt Mariltn Hulinl' Darrell He11d1-rson. Barbara 1-I1-ndt-r-1011, janet Henderson, Maurice Ht-iiderson, Nancy Henderson, Richard Hencll-rson William Hendricks, Alan 141 Hendricks. David Hendricks. Gerald Hendricks, Samuel Hendrickson. William Hndqetts. Michael Hodulik, Jean Heodcl. Richard Hoc-t1'11n, jack Hnellrich, Donald Hnenig. Jack 82 Holacker. Robert Hofer, Leonard Halal. ames Hendrix. ,lames Henige, Daniel Henisst-, Patrick 133,206 Henkel, Elmer Hettneman. Iklichael Henning. Bernard 151,206 Henning. Linda Hennld. Kenneth Henrx, Martha Henrv. Michael Hoff, ohn 70 Hoffman. Douglas Hodman. .lav 63 Hoffman, Nancv Hnrlman. Richard Ht1H'n1an, William 1-11.207 Hnflinan. .lohn Holman. David Holman. Dorothx Hohcnbereex. Barbara Holnackt. Raxuiond 1-111 Holben. Daxicl Hull Xteudell Hulse. latuew Hulu Robert H111111..-11.11 11111 Hunilxa-rstone. 1Ynllret:l Hutnxnel, Sharon Hunnuer. Thrnnas 93 151 Hun1111on. Ewlxu 207 H11111111111-1-. 1.1111-11 Hu111pl11-1-vs, C111-us Huinphrevs. ,lnhn H111111111111-1. A T. Hundsrurker. Rtcharcl Hnncl-rncker. 11 tlliam Huneerlord. ,lnhn Hunlock. ludith Hunsinxzer Carnlxn Hunt, Barbara 207 Hunt B1-111-rlv Huut. licluin Hunter Cliarles Hunter Ronna Henrv, Ravmoud Henslev. 1V1ll1am Henzler. Eric Hepburn. Robert Hepner. Jack Herh. Frederick Herb. Judith Herbac. Eruilv 206 I-Ierhac, Susan Ht-ring, Diane Hrrman, Beth Herman Donald Herman, Eileen Herman, Eugene Herman. Rita Herman. William Hernandez H P. Hernandez, Rnsa Hernld Barlvara 127 Herald, Icvhn 11.-1.1111 T11.1111.11 90.91.91 207 Herr, Ann Ht-rreuian. Alice Herren Gan Holcomb. Carol Holden, ,lacqtieline S7 Holden bteplten Holdrtdqe. llnullas Holeski llllen 11,11 Holt-11111tl11. Laurence Holeutnskt, Robert 95 Holev, Priscilla Holland, Carol Hnllett. .l.1111re Hollxzet' 'lihornas Hollxker. Patrxcia Hullnuav, l'h1l1p Hollowax, Robert Hollottax. Rm' Holnibt-re. Claes Hnltues, Mars Holnbetz. hlichael Holst, S111anne Holt, Ahre Hnlt. Nt-il Holt, 11'1ll1am Icloltzrtete. Lanrentr Holwman, Francis Hnllcinrr. Daniel J can-Q.111, C11.111.-1 Gritnshau Thonias Gre nrt, Iltan W 2 C.1re1:11rx t,ir1-invr . Tl1on1.1s 206 Tltomas: Ciretsiuer, David Lirt-t11t'l', Christine fiiretttt t, lieortlt' Grenke, Iirna 76 S7 113 206 Crt-1111119 Carol 6097117 Grt-11.1 C1111I11.1 tjresslt-1'. Susan Grestlt-r, Nan 119 Gre1111l11- M1-rtl Greunki Gr1-111- -. l"h1ll1s R1rh.11-tl C1r1l1l11n, P.1tr1r1.1 Griddtne. Charles Grtlhti Paul 011111111 111111111 87.2116 Grigqs, Judith 0111.111 1111111 Grill, Stephalltt' Grltue. Thmuas Grimes, Robert Grunt-1, 'Iihninas Grtndle. Keith Grntu Dona ld Grinonut-au. Ntlltatn Grixanoti. Sul' 2176 Giortsltx, Grolf. Michael 175 Graff. Rntn-rt Groqan John Groh. Kenneth Grouau, Garv S2 Groshans. Gary Cross, Alex Gross. Kenneth Gross, Michael Gross. Thomas Gross. 11':arr1'n Grosse h1-dl. tn-oreett Grows niann. joseph 206 Grothaus. Kat' Grotl iaus, Ronald Grove. Gail Grote, Rav Grnu 1- Dunn G11111113 111111111 011111.-1, 1.11 Grub s. james Grudzinski Ronald Crueneliaum, lay 172 Gruh ler, Charles 111.111, 1111111 139 Haqerinan, Houard Hairernian, N1-lxou Havzertx. Marzaret Il.n:u1-rogers Richard Hahn. Allred Hahn. Dorothv Hahn1 jam:-s H.1l1n. Ronald Hahn, Ted S1 H.1hl1t'. Haines. ale. Haleni Halka Hall-ter. Hall. Di Hale C1 H Lutz 73,1-11,206 Charles trttelta Niinllred R11l1111-ta 102 james Angela ana Hall. Elmer Hall Fatt: Hall, Harrv H all, Jennv Hall, lohn 133 Hall. Lo- Hall. Michael Hall. Thomas 11' 93 Hall, Thntnas VV,. jr, Haller, Wilhatn Hallett, Dennis Hallett Rnln-rt Hallett, Sherman Hallett, 1Valter Hallnran, latues Halpert Nora Halpin, Donal Ha lte man, Barbara 206 Hainlilin. Nelson 141,206 Hamer. Grace F11-tl 75 131.206 Hainiltun. Harold Haunlton, john Hannn. Marian Hammer, Edward S-1,206 Hanuuer, Fred Hammer. William llainniersinttlt, Norman 1t.1111111.1111..11.- 111111101 Halttlittll ltrhti Hatntrod, Robert Hanirock. lit-rnard Hancock. john Haitrock hltchael Hancock. 'Iilmiuas 11.111111-11111.111, 111111 11.11111.11111111. 1111 Handler, H.1 rvev Handtt ork. Peter Handv. Hanely. Rox' Robert Haul. Carole 117 Hanl. Ronald Haul, T Hanklort Hanktsh, errv h, john Tht-da Hanks, Sue 83.86 I'Ianlev. L1-11 Hanna. Frank Hanna, lot 61 S797 Haulie. .laiues Haube, ,lav Haucnsteln. Lucille Hauqliauont. john Haughn, Sharon Hauniatt. :Klan 11.11111-11 111111111 87.113 Hauprieht. Franklin Hauser, joseph Hauser, Tln-odora Hausleld, Barbara Hank, Robin Haul.. bteuart Hawkins. Sharon Hawkins, Thurntond Hawlev. john Hattthorne. Rat 147 Havden. Richard Hatclen, Stephen Hates, Dan Hayes, Marcus Hayes. Robert Hates, Walter Hayrnour, Wala Havnes, Bruce Carla 87 Havnes Havnes. Doris Michael Havnes Havs. Alice Havward, Sallv 67119206 Hazzard. Hutzh H1-ard. R1-l11 cca 97,103,121 Heastcr. Marv Heath. Delores Heath. Earl Heath. busan 123 Heaton, Richard Heban. Frederick Hehan, Norbert 1-11-111-11. 1111111 79,33 Hecht, Larrv Hetrinz, Dianne 91 H1-rrinzton, Karen Herrnld, Constance H1-rruld Dennis H1-rrolcl. Kenneth 99 Herron, Irene Herron, Vita Hr-csch. Jon Hershknwitz Howard Hershtiian. Carol 87 110, 127 Ht-rshman, Miriam Hershman, Robert Hertzleld. Islxchael Hertzleld. Robert 207 Herzig. john Hess, Charles Hess. ,Iohn Hess. Ikiarcia Hess. Mariaret Ht-ssick. Richard Ht-stman Ruth 117.2-15 Hetrick, Dean Hetriclc. Ikiary Ht-trick. Wftlliam Hetzel Bt-ata Hewitt, James 137 Heyman. Janna Hr-vne. Richard 99 Hevwood, Thomas Hiatt, Rat-111n11d Htbhard. Nelson Hlbscher. Carl Hiekens, Daniel Hicks. 1Villian't Hider, Diane H1cl1-r. Earl 82,149 H,der. VVilliam Hieh. David Higgins Francis Holzr-mer. lohn H11lrl1.111s1-1- Lotte Horuan. Carl Homer, Kat- Hotnier Donald Hoiuier Robert Hntnolva R11l'1f-rt Holmar Caroline Hone, Honn. Curtis William Hood. Luis Hood, Luis Hood. Ronald Hook. Claudia 98 11..11111-1, 11.11.1111 Hoops. ,Inha Hoon-r. llatid Hunter, Illtzabeth Hnuver, Richard Hoover, Halter Hopkins Iletirv Horert. Donald Horkev, Allred Horn, Carolvn Horn. Roln-rt Hornac Hornac k. Helen k. john Horner, Robert Hnrnur, barah 207 Hornvak. David Hnrnxak. Marv Htititrr, bamttel Huntlex. Marv Hurd. llnnuie I-lurdltrbrink. Mirltarl Hurlev Betty Aunt- 96.98 Hurles, ,lean Hurst. Charles Hurtt, Rohert Hats. lilizabt-th Huss. ,lantex Huston, Charles Husuin. 11'1ll1a111 Hutchtnqx. R11I11-1-t Hntcl11n11111. .lohu 133 Hutchinson. Richard Hutt. ,lt-au Hutt, Marland Huttinger ljtlttard 133 Hxatt. Thnnias 93,9-1,107 Hxde, Hugh Hxde. Marsha Hvde. Phxhss Htlaud, ,Iarnes Hvtnan. Donna Hunan, hteten 131 Hines, jmce HN sell, Frank YI, Ialacci. Fred Ialartt. Robert Ice. Gerald Hormak. Richard Horrizan. Terrence Horst. Theodore Horvath, lames Horvath. Martin Horutti. Phwllis Houck. Fred Houqhtnn. Lf-rm' 11.111z111.111. hfltrv Heck lirluard Heckeltuan, james H1-cl-tluuzer. Lvle Hedler, Charles Ht-dlt-r. Robert Heer. Nancv H111-111.11-11. w1111.1111 H1-H1-rn. Barbara Heidi-lbertz. Tnnt H1-11111-r. W1ll1a1n Henurieh. Eutgetie Hemi-utan Francis H1-1neu1.1nn. Richard Heinl, Dennis Heinl. joan Heinlt-. Charles S3 Hetnle. Gloria 61 Hr-tnlelt. Douglas Hexnlen, Virqinia Heinrtchs Mart Ht-1nt1ch1-l, Paul Hetnle, Madonna 86.121, 206 Htgzins. lanies Hnzutnr. Patterson Hmzins. Robert 81 Hteh Andrew High, ,lohn High. Ikfary Hiuhlands, lanu-s 133 Hitlhlands. Lois Hightower. Iidttard Hilhnger, john Hilqeman. David Hilkens. George Hill, Arthur Hill, .lames Hill. Noel Hill. Sue 127 Hiller, Patrick Hillman. Jeffrey 77.147 Hills, Nannettf- Hillman. Gerald Hilty. Rohr-rt Htnde Charles Hinde. Vincent Hinclman Patricia 87,127 Hunk, Eduard Hnuk Frances Hourvttz. Mver 131 207 Houseman Daud Ickes, Mara' lckes 'Ilttwnlas Idczak. illtntnas Idzkonslti. ,loes- Ic:nac1ak 'Ilnunas Ittncy, Gan' Ile1', Kettuetli Illxnan. Ruth 127 Itnbr-ix, Leo Iinln-rx. Tnunthv I1ul111It. Marcia 61.119 111111, Robert lntlt-r1'1et.len. Carol 1111-hint, jaines Inginatt. Kat 117 Ingledtiv. Patricia lttsenqa, Dario lnrnt. 'Iilteodnre Irex. james In-1' hnsau 61,101.1 Irnu-n ,lohn Irtnt-11. Joseph Irons. Lee 133 Iruiu. Robert Isaacson. Eduard Isenstetn. Ytckt Iserinan. Karen Israel, Barry Ivan. ,lathes Ivancso. james Iwtuski, Carol 75.99 ..-1, jablonski. .Iames Jam1.111111. R.111111111d 1111111111111 1111111111 .lacks-nieyer. Robert 23 Houses Houttek Hou ard Honard Howard, Kenneth ier. William 149 . ltarhara Constance S7127 Robert Hou-ard. Tlntnias Houarcl. William Hnuard. Zack Hone. Hon 1-ll. Houell. Hou ell 111111, L Hristote Huhav. Hubbarf Huhhart Inhn Patricia 115 Ronald 113 Victoria 87.115 .111reuc1- Hristo Rose l. linzene l. Karen Hubbard, Marlene Hnhhard. Phillip Huber, George ,lack1u.1n. Leslie jackson. Birdel lacksou. Donald C. .lacksun Donald F. Ja11a1111. 1,1111 133 ,Iackso11, ,lautes ,111f1111111. .11-1111111-1 jackson, Lvnda Iacksnn. Richard M. jackson. Richard S .1art1.111. T1111111111 59.63137 23-4 Iackson. Tiinnthv jacob, Marilvn jacob. Norman ,Iacnh, Patricia 87,113 jacolis. Gerald 111.1111 1111111 Jacobs Norinan lacrths. Thomas Qlactvlrs, Yirzniia jacobson. Beatrice jacolwson E. Sxltia jacohson, Louise 1ar.1iN.n xtmioel lacobson tr.-ndril jacobus. Michael Lattultfx Jacoby, Kenneth jacotes. Stephen jacquernotte. Charles .llfilueinotttx ,latncs 133. 207 jacqunt. jax jacquot, Catherine jadlockx, james jaeeer. 11alter jaetzle, Richard jaessinz. Gretchen jazaers jantes jones. bteten .lones, Terrx 134 207,235 jones, Tonnnt- jones. Vtola jones, Violet ones. 1Yilherl Janes, tvtlllt jorda. Carroll jott-phson Lt-sln' joxee, Blaine lots, joanne ludrt, Hana jurlsun, Patricia judsnn, Richard jttette, Laurence .luhasz, lidttard juhasz, Eta uhasz , Robert Kmnwr cnaaf ur jagtelski, Carl ,l .. jultus. Barbara 113 207 lune. Patricia 101.123 jaqodltnskl. Robert 133. 207 jahvtke. Luella jal-tnbottskt, Arlene james, Anna Jaincs, ,lohn .lame-s. Ruth Jamieson, Peter jan. joseph janciukas. Uvtautas .lanczt-nski, Stanlev jones, Robert 91,95,1f19 , antcltt. Thornas 97, Fred lanivettxki Philip janktuxtski hlarci .lannety Fred .1anottrf'ckt. Edtxtn janss. Richard jarehon, lerrt laress. Sallv S7 jarost Patricia jascob. Garv vgasin Michelle 87.99 lasinslu. Hedwig jaskoniak. Thomas jasper. Richard jattrrfetnski Audrex' lauorsla, hitchelle It-cltura Louise jerhura Sntan jedd. Martltn jedd Patricia 75 jefferv, Ellin jeflerv I ann--Q .lt-nltins, Alhert 1-19 jenkins. Leonard lenknts. Mart' lenltnit. Ti-rrv 82 .lt'nne, Eutltne jr-nne. Scheran lt-nnetttne, Darrell jenntnzs. Arnold .lvnst-n. .laxnes ,lt'nssen. Donzlas jetuon, Phtllis jung, 11'an jurkiettiel, Carol just. Arthur justice. ,lndrth justo, .Inst-oh -K- Kalwakollf Arthur 145 Kadon. Clttlord Kaentnnng, jun Kazv, jttsttph Kaze. 11'nnl'red Kahan, fit-rald 207 Kahl. Ronald Kahle. Franlt Kahle. Tlnnnas 57.1-11207 Kahn Lintla S7125 Kahn. Sandra 125 Katzhtn, Susan 123 Katl, Bonnie 33,86 Kail. Harxet Kaner. Donald Karser. Cherie am-r. Karen 91 92.250 Kaiser. Patricia Karrer. Richard Kaklturt. Richard Kalakailo. Peter Kaltnoxltt loltn KalltnQ, Bernard Kaltnltach, Dotttglas Kalinbaclt. john 1-11 Kalrnbaeher Etttttt Kaltnus. Fred Kalttrlxt Datttl Katnxnski, Daniel 207 Kannntltt llatld Kamltntsltt. Phlltn S5 Karnplt' Donqlas 70 Kanclt-r Michael 95 Kanrlvr. Rorhvlle 615712 Kanrlult ,-Xntlrett Kandilt. Richard Kane. Susan Kanuat, Phtllts Kanzelarn john Kansa. Ronald S1 K Student lNt'llt'r, Sn-nlirn Tliorna. K4-ll--r Kt-llet, Thomas E. 1'trt:ll Keller K--llt-i nn ter, Fi ed Kt'llr't'nnu-r Donald Kell:-t, Claxton Kdht wana Kdhw Rnhnd Kr Ihud Kr .tnaoa llx Ilt Kellt, l,rtnwt Kellv james llt h1ttlta4'l.1 llt. Mtrltael B K.-llx. Rolrert Ke Ke Kellt Ronald Kr-lsex Mtrltael Kemp Ilonald Kvlnpinslti Stanlex l'x4'ntlall. Rtrliarcl Kentltitlt. Fritlt-rirk Kt'ntln'rtltt. Roman K4-tttllierslu Daniel Ki-nnvtlx tiortlon Kennvtlt Leo K4-nnt-v, 11'illxant Katt, :xt..r,oo.w 101,125 ro-,,i.-.-, tat...-1 Index Klein, Stephen Klein. Tern 147 Kleindit-ost Robert Kletnheld. Mitzi Kletnoeder, Kav Klenipner latnes Kleparek. Edttxn Klrpptnqer, Eduard Klnnas .-1rsenta Klttnko, Martin Kltnck. Leonard Kline, Jane Kline. .ones Kline. 11'allace Kltnqensnnrh, Paul Klinger, Patsv Klopfenstetn, john Klostertnewr 'lihontax Klostrrxnexer, Daxxd Klucrtnskt. Marx Klught. Svltta Kluinp. Sharon 59,127 Krntec, Barbara Kmiec, Carol Knnec bt:-nhen Kr...-nnr Roll.-it 151 Kralt, t..ol Go Kraft Rol-tit 1281-13.207 Krtlttlt l . ' ' Rttltart Kra lr-tt tl.t Lanr .- Krall otki 1t'rnott Krall. '1 hoyltas 81.1-17 Kxainairliok lltot Krann-r llcltnuntl Kra--in--i Katltrrtnt' 127 207 Krattter Mieliael Kramer Rolreit Krann-r, Rolo-rt lxratttti john 812,137 'DUT Krollrl. ttllllaill Ktaotln-raft jtxttttw Kr.nlriski. aallx L. 1.. l.. 1.. L. l.. I.. ine l'.loI H5 1415 inet' IJ.-naltl inc. lronna nie. llorotll-. ine. l..o rt inet- 11alti-r ine l',tnl S3 Iaonrt- Donald Loren Iioona Lantre Imoroiln Lanul- Lou 1..tnue 11alltt Lana. otll il- r C ltarlt N ,os l..oogernl.ilt-r R--naltl 151 Lanu. otlorlri lbatnl l.anu--nrlorl- r llrloarcl S3 l.aneh,nn l'.oi-ora L,oielt.oniotr Ltonl- M irttitt Laol-tex 11'llliam x mom camo Kr Ki- Ke atneqnmoh ta Hanna l'I1 N ti v Kcrri Harrv l'xt'rscltltaum Paul nrnowr namo Kersrlier lame: Kronor Mahon Kr-rset Chertl S7 Kerwv. Sandra Kr-regard. Nile Kr r tt - s Ki-r it-v Kr-tle Koot- ' Theodore Snean r Rot'ln4-t' tn, lolan S3101 Kestler Harrt Kes-ler. Rn-hard Ke-t jotelllr Kettott:--r 1nnt' K.-tn-r htuannt- 115 ext-rn, john K Kr-x Lita Kt-xt-r janet K 1-twi Rolterl939-1 .1 Moll tlo....a Rio.. to....t so Khan S9 Krlil-lr-, cllari.-t lxtlrltt fort-l 115 Kit-ltr trtlrnr Knapik, Thomas Knapp. Carol 127 Knapp, Datid Knapp. Laurence 60.149, 207 Knapp. Richard Knauer, Kenneth Knauer, Norman Knauss, Ravtnond Knavel, Georie Knetsel. Robert Knepper. john Knepper, Samuel Knight, Norman Knight. Philip Brenda Kntselv. Kntspel. Roy Knorr. jane Knoskv. joseph Knotts, Ralph Knowles, Alan Knowles, Gart' Knottlton, Pamela Knox, Leo 97 Knudson. Sandra Knurek. Robert Knutscn. Roy Koav. Sien Tin S5 Koberstein, Kenneth Kobtlalt. Anthony Koch, Donald Koch. antes Koch. ohn Kock. hlartzot Kod er Kenneth Kratnon 111.tttrtt't' 92 2-11 lxrttttst' Tonothv Krauss, Eugenie lxratt--. Rolo rt 5-157.73 7-l 131.208 Kratt.-tr. Stanlt-t Krelrt l'.tul Krt-qi-l Dattrl 79 176 Krt't.:t'r, Albert Kreitlel Ralph 79 151 EHS Kretnln Krt-ist-I. tnlt, Leonard Ilenrt 203 Krell, Rn-hartl Krt-ll. Rob:-rt S3 85 Kress, Conrad Krev-haclt. 11'tlltam Krt-tone'-r, Kenneth Krrtttllt-ld, Fred Krt-tzinut-r jatnes Kreu1, Lt-o: Kri-ur, Dennis Leonard Mvron Krwm-r Krlt-zer Krteeln-lf Rolwrl Krn-nt-r, Bonnie 115 'JUS Krit-nt-r. Susan Darrtl 208 Krorgqtal Kroh. Herlnrrt Krohe. 1Ytlli:nn Krornt-nacker Carol Krnrner. Eu-lvn Kronclte 11'nlliant Krooe. julia 127 Krueger, Carl l..tltn1At 'l lloinat bl Lanf lotlttli Lanz Kvrrt Ininfora--r Clinorfl Lanuot:-r Rot..-rt Laln-lr Rifliarrl Lalnntilt' llatrtrta Rnliaicl 176 Lara it at l..trt'att hlart L.n-an Lao renee Larson. lack l,.tro-n lanret Lartttu Cornet Laruv, Lau renee 1.atlvx 1ltxn 1415 Lario-v. 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Lttrrx Neumann Barbara Nvuntann l.t.lnatd 128,147 Neutnan Linda Neuser. Jann-s Nrxtus Dattd Ntwtburs l'.tul Neixcotrtli Dianne Nextcoinl. Rt-ttltrtlt Nenconili. Marxin Nextemtwr, ,lt-lin Nt-ning, Cltarles Netxinan, Donald Nentnait lxvntnttlt Netxtttan Nt-xxttian hlarttn S0 . Xt tlltant Netxsonnt Moses Nt-tx ton, Rose Ng. Patrick Nicholas Rohvrt Ntcltols Chat Irs Nichols Marion Ntclrolson, t.totut' Nicholson. Rolvrrt Nicholson. lln-mas Nicholson Ntckrlst n xx.n...... 143,211 ,t......-s Niclscx Ildttlt Ntrkex l.i.' Nucl-oi.lol7 jacqut-litn' Ntttlerliau-rt lone S7 Nxt-ttnwer, llsalte Nxettttvr, .lolin ' ict' , ng tw ant Niall jan N I l. r klton Ntnnn.. NI.vt' N otk. N tradt Nnschk.-. J...... . xt... 55135 1-17 211 I.7.nni.- S6 N..t.1.. R...1..A1 N..d....r n..r..t gn., n.n.,.... Noel :Xrtltur Nolm:-'r Neil N..t..... jar... 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Lartw 98 Orzehouskt, Norman Dennis Osborn Osborn, Richard A Parsons. Parsons. Parsons, Parsons. Partridge Patrit ia Rt-x Ronald Thtttttas Roln-rt Parton, judrtlt l'.it t in Pasch. D lit-rt-xrlnun S9 211 rant- 61 66.97.117 Paxclt. Dianne 87.123 Pasch Pascurtl jatnts Karl 76,85 . Susan 101 t-........... J.-......r 131 Pastvr. Pastor Dorian Ann 113 l'.itrl. Survsltcltattdra Patel. Sureshlihat Paterson, Prank lhttrtdze, John Patronlts. Ptxtncts Pattas Eduard Patten. john Patterson, Carol Patti-rson, Da'-'td Patterson. Grow.. Patterson, 'hn 47 Patterson Patterson Patterson Patterson Ju 1 . Michael . Raxtnond . Sally 97 , Sandra Pattin, Leslie Patton. Stephen Paul. Gayle Paul, Nancy Paul, Paul Pauls, Robert l'liratt jantts Pltebus, Vera Pi...ipt, rQ.....t.t l'l'tt'lps. Orville Phthlis, hlarx 1ft..i.pp. c:.....t 61 91 119 P1..1...,.., D..t..l Pinion.. k..l.. it 13.1 Plnlltps li.-ttrlx Phillips lain.-s ,-X Phillips ,latin-s W Phillips jrrottit' 67,131 ts...l.t.-rr. 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Jann-s Ptcttroscltl-it-, Trrrence Piotronskt Dann-l Osborn, Richard D Osborn. Robert Osborne. Arden Osgood, Charles O'Shea Daniel O'9hea lames 24-1 O'She.1. Ttrnothx 141 l', Andrt-xt Pease. Fred Pease, jantce 127 Peat. Ravtnontl Peck. Kenneth Peck, Richard Peck, Thomas Peer, jose lt S2 Peqorsch, Paul Peksrt Donna Ptptno, Daniel uni Nortli in Ptr. ., . . Pirattto Ohxna 211 Ptscopo, Arlnond t'.sula Roi.. rt Pitch.-r lidutn Pitcher, Patricia Pttnex t.I.4.- Ptlts, Barrx Pitts. , Pnarnxk Nantx Nootmn Mtcltatl Nt-pper taarx N..,.p.-r. L....t.. 61 113 x.,.pp..r n.n...... 176 Nordtn. Phxllis Norman ,lax Norris Eltralntth Norris. jrtnn-s X.-rr.. n...........1 98 Norton. latinc Nnrtz. Mtrltael Nosttant ttilhant Notttrto N...,i.... Jai... 1-11 Noxack. Rolirrt Novik E l"ne .-knthonx Nutt Lan Pomerox 'llt-'mas . . t u. Not .tk Rourr lohn Nouaezx k Nouak. Daxtti Nonak 'l'ltotnas Nonakrntski Alex Notxorx ta. Charles Nou osad. Lnlnt Nttsbaunt. Gerald Nuss ,lean iont 135 Osment latnes 211 Ostnun Helen Osrnttrlt Ken R1 Ossttfin. Paul Osstthn Shirley Oster. Daxtd Osterhaqe joseph Ostt-rltus, john Ostt-rtnan Sharon Ostrander. John Otex' ,lohn Otte ,lantce Ottnt-x Charles 211 Otto lacquelxnn Outlaxt. Ronald Overholt. jon Overlx, Robert Owcd, Carol Owen, Christian Out-n. James Ont-ns, Barbara 102,121 Owens. Harrx' Oxtens. Louise Oxender. Carol 102 Oxtner, David Owner. Margarel Oxncr, Phyllis Ozolinsp Aldis Pacholslu. Nadine S7 Pack, Alberta Pack. Mildred Pack, YVtlltan1 Packard Charles Packard, Marlborouzh Paffrath. Charles Pelclarskx. Richard Pellegrino, Daxtd Pellett, Fred Penn, Charles Punnex, jacquelxn Pt-noxtch. Dennis Penoxtch. Richard PQ-ttskvs, Kathleen 87.113 Pcnnell. Richard 78.211 Peoples. Ruby Pepas, Robert Perales. hfarcia Percel, Nnlltatll Pertat, Dennis Perkins. Henry 173 Perktttson Elizabeth Page Ann Pa e Ednah Moto fxlartztirt-tit' hlxt-rs. Clara Mwrs, Cl.tri-nr.- L Nlxrrs't'ttt't' M hlxrrs Daxid hlwvrs, I-'rrtttrvs Mxers, Larrx 141,211 hfxvrs. Lnrit' 61 Mxrrs :X1tt''l 1-13 hlxvrs. Nancx hlxtts Rtrltartl Mx--rs. Robert Xixrrs Robert C hixers Thotnas S1 Mx.-rs. Walter Milt-k. Richard hfxlvk Vitllirtttl Miles, Darla Msnderse, Sandra -N- Nacht. Rose Nadvau, Sharon Nadolnv. joxct' 211 Nagle, Edwin Naqori, Rajettdra Nagx. Frank Nagx. gulta Nagy. tchard Nagx. William 172 Xatarian Kenneth Nallv. John Nalodlta. Eduard Nalodka, Joanne Namay. George Nangano. Tttnnthx Napltolz hficltael Nutter ,lattws Nutter. Linda Nuzuni Walter Nxttrax Alice Nxttrax Tltotnts -Q- Oates. Charles Obarskt. Gordon Obec. Donna 87 Obunshatn. George Oberdorl. Ht-tlicrt Oberhouse, Dtant' Obcrle. Bt-tlt Oberlt, Robert Obcrt, ,lndttlt 123 Oborskt. Ratltleen O'Dcll Rrtxntond Napierala. Sharon Nartker. Carolxn Nartker. Janet Nasltel. Julio 125.2-I5 Nassar, Ronald Nassar , Sharon 127 Nasser. Nap Nassiri. Cxrus Natelson, Bette Nathat 1Nauts. 1, Carol 110.125 Barrington Naumann, Lan rt-nce Nault, Judx' Navarre. Peter Naylor, Bonnie 1.10 Naxlor, Dwight Naylor, lamvs Naylor, Paula Nedt-lc o u-Xnn 101,119 v 1 . ,l . Nedell. Alan Nec-per. Ralph Ne?er, Robert Ne . Donald O'Brten. Richard Ochs. Donald O Connell. jatnes O'Conncll Robert C O'Conncll Robert E O'Cctnnor, John O'C0nnor. William O'DeSkx', Atlwn 115 O'Dt'skx'. Sheila O'Dvslsx, Ntlltrttn 145 Odom 1 oltn 147 Oechsler. Estcllu Occhsler, Mareat el Oultlers. Gerald Oehlers. Kt-nnvtlt O'Gradx', Donald O'Hawr. ,lou O'Haxer. Rolu-rt 95 Oilttlearn. Eduard 99 O'Hearn Jann-s Okada. Masanutsu O'Reelc. Lorenz 5 . Page. Enno Page. John Patnchaud, Noel Patsie. Kenneth Paisley, Vhllaur Pajak. lerotne Palka I...1..h Palka. Paul Palltngvr. Emil Pallozzi. Allred Palrrtafly. Tyce Palmer. Bruce Palmer, Gerald Palmer lantes 57.98106 107.175 Palmquist. Nancx Palmer. Lanclott Paluch. Christine Paluszalt. Mark Pampv, Robert Paparella, Annette 61 66. 101.121 Pappa. Ronald Pappas, john Pappa, Elizabeth Paradis. David Paris Ruth Partser. Paul Parker. Biichael Parker. Raxmond 81.99 Parker, Ronald Parltmtin, Charles Parks, Louise Parks. Marsha Parks. William Parquet, William Parsons. Gaxlord Parsons, Linda Parsons. Nancy Perltnskt, Robert Perlman, Arun 131 Perlman, Loan Pvrltnan. htltp Perlniutter, Daniel 145 Pcrlntutter Sanlord Pero. Thomas Perretti, Robert Perrtne. Harrx Pvrrx. john Perry. Leonard P.-rr... Nlargaret Perry, Nancy Perry, Philip Pershing, john Pertclteck Marl-:ne 211 Peter. Garx' Petr-e james Petcrtttan. Wtllrnt Ik-ters, Betrx' Peters. Calvin 93 Peters Gerald Peters, Gxtxnnvth Petr-rs. ohn B 95 Pt-ters ohn W 151 Peters. outs Peters, William 131,211 Prtersen Charles Petersen. lack Petersen. . ltcltat-l Peterson. Dolores Peterson. Gene Pvtt-rson, George Peterson. John Peterson Michael Peterson, William Petree Ylitlltant Petrtcca. Daxtd 9195.139 Petrie. E dutn Petruntcli. Peter Pvtrx. Duane Pizza. Mike Pino Bt-ttx Placucci t.l--nn Placakts lain.. S3 S5 111 Plank Gvtaltl Plasktn Rolo-rt Platz William jot... Plesnitnr Rolvext Plontz Prrd Plontz. Rolwtt Plummer, ,Ianis Plummer. Mttiatn Pochay, Philip Pocs, Marx Nut' 121 2-15 Pockntire, Raxtnond Pocse. fttnclrcn Poe. Lee Pohlman. Jrrrx Pohorecki, Daxtd Pomdextcr, Luxillr Poirier, Titnothx' 75,133 Poland Patrrr... Polcx n. Ltronatd 97 Polek, Ronald 211 Polex. N'illv.ttn Pollman, Gary Pollock, Pollock. Hat t n-t tr luclx 102 Poloha Donaltl Polster. Norman P..t..s. Joi... 76 73 Polztn. Th.-tnas Petrxke, Carol 98 Pt-tsche, Dattd Pctttqrt-tt. Harrx 55.59.71 75.151 Peultl Sxlxta Plafl. Richard Plafl' Robert Pfaff, YVilltatn Planner. Henrv Pfeller, hlicltael Plcifer, James Pletler. Robert 76 78.S5.211 Pl't'tlt'r. Timothy Plutllvr. Daniel Plleiderer, Glenn Pomorslst. John P.,..,.tt-, Rita Poorbauglt Gerald 151 Pope Rohr-rt Popick, ,lerrx l'.-pson It-hn 211 Porazxnskt, Earl Porfellt. john Porter, Cltlford Porter. ,latin-t Porter, Judith Kenneth Sandra Porter Porter Porthousv Thomas Pr-rtnox, Harxex Posadnx. loltn Posgidnx' Louis Posadnx, Marx- Posev, Cxnthia Posner Curtis Post, Robfrt Postlengnt Don Postlenatt, Lorelei 61,S7. 117 Postun. Winston Potoczkt joseph l'r.-trzeltonsltt, Marx' S7 Potrzelmnskt Richard Potter. Adrian Potter, john Pnulos. Richard Pountnexx Susan Ponder. Richard Poncll, Ken Pouell. Patricia Potxell. Robert Potters. Marx Poolesland, Nancy Pranqle Robert Pratt .- IJ... Ita Pri-I-liatt, Mtrltael Pri-srott Lxnn Prvssler Cltarlvt Prvsloll hlartha Price :Xl Xllwrt Prtr. Prtrt- jo-Xnn Prtrt' lsarlxn Prttgolifx Sow.-n 131211 Print:-aux Marx Pr...r.. 1.-1... 149 211 PrtrtKlt- Barrx Pritfltarrl P.tttivl.t Pmlnsrt, hlttitn-ttrt Pro.-stos lixpros P..,l...,. um... Prottl, ltlaroltl Pruntnal Roger Prurtrt llaxid Prnv-or Raxtnonrl Pr1xI.xl4-k Stanlex Puctloxtski llt-nrx Puzlt t..-..rq.- Pund f.Iort.t 119 Purcel Marx' Purr.-II Jai... Purdx Rtrhnrd Purol Mirhael Pursv Don Port.-w llalt' Puszrn-xttrz Elaine Putn.tttl, lan Putnam Paula Pxzik lluzr-nr LQ- Qualls lohn Quertn Darrell Quertttttottt Carol 123 Qu-elm, Cranston 212 Qutzlev ltttnvs Qutelex. Richard Ouinltxan ,lanics 133 Quinn. Charles Quinn Daniel Quinn Dvnnts Quinn Robert Quinn, Tliontas Qulrittt'll Robert Qutrutn. john -RL Rabbitt, Michael Ralilntt ,latnes 96 Rai..-r, Ratpt. Rabin, ltvnrx 80,131 Rabtnotstrl Raxa 103 Race Fred Rs... J.-rr. Racicot judtth Racine Charles Radahautzh, Ray Radliont' Barrx Radelvatiult Bxron Radeltauelt. Diane 115 Radeckt, 1.-......e 87 Radeckt Krttttetlt Radel Santuvl Rader ,lark 212 Radktentcz, Robert Tl 73, 74,765.78 S5 2112 Radlauvr. Enid 103 Radlinskt Paul Radocx Emerx Radon, Susan Radx Marearet Rager. Walter Rzthal, Rtrltrtrd Rahe, ,latncs Rahtn M.trx Rat, Prrtn S2 S9 Raines jtntttne Rajskt Nxlltatn Rambo. Gan' Ramlou Barrx Ratntn Duane Ratnsdrll. hlztrv Ratnset .lann-s 134,212 Ratnsvx Rfvzer Rand.-ll Paul Rank. Rolirrt Rank. Valltztm Rant... Joi... Rankin Richard 176 Rao Rapaport Susan 103 Rapp C1....t.-, Rapp, Charlotte Rapp J.....p. T8 Rappapnrt Charlotte Rappaport. Henry Rasi, George Rasitttissen ,lon Raszka. Patricia 37.127 Ratajcfak Roeer Rathlitin, Gordon Ran.i..... J....r. Rathke, Daxtd Philip Rathkv Ratltlf. Lvsltt- Raueh, George Elena Raxelo Raxelo. Ralael Ranttt Lots Ranltnqs. Sztttclra Ranski Christine Ray. Alan Rax, GMT Rax. lohn Rax' ,udtth Rav, Lxnn Rax. Xfartlta Ray, Mlcltael E Ra., M.rt....-1 F. Rax, Richard Raxnuck. ,lean Reap... w.n.p... Reanter. George Reamsnxdtr Brxan Reardon. ,lohn Reardon, Laurence Reartck. Richard Reau. Raymond Resume. Mira Realm, Ronald Recht Robert Rector. loltann Redrlen, Zack Y in -1...,,NNN R. R. R. R. R. R R. R. R. R. R. R. R. RI RI R. R. R. R. R. R. R1- R. R. RI R. R. R. R. R. R. R. Ii. R. R. R. R.- R.. RI R.. R. R. R. RI R1 RI R. R. R. RI R. RI R. R.. R. RI R. R. R. R. R.. R. R. R. R. R. R. -...A-.., -........,., Student Index 119' s :3',.:?, ' 4 "' Q 12 'r' td V 51 ...uf ..a I1 21.1 - ,f I '-'--Q-N.,.f ., ':.:5 -1.- 5 'I . 'D ,-in - P P H...-w I-"I'I' II' Ix1I.x I'..11III.I II'1..1I IIII-III If-1 1x,11 I... Q13 If-1111 Iv l1I...1. I1,....1II 11 111111111 If- 11I...1 .1 11... -'1' 1' IIII-11" IX' 14.1. I I'...1I..II.. --11- H- NI... 1..I.. II-IIII K' 11.I.1.I 1:..1..... 11-1 "1" II HI 11... 1.1 x1...I1... l..x..IIII. R. 1q.,,1 I'1,,,.1 IfIII'I' N1 11.1.1 1..I... ffl" R' 1xI11. 1....Iq. I1 I4' IxI11. II111 H If If' RI11. 31111 1.1111 '11 H 11 . ,.1. 11. NIH.-II 117' E1 RII... IXIVIIIII I I III ' I'..,. 5 1. I VI-II M H3 11.11. I.-II.III.I II lb -I' WI I" R III L fXII.- III NIIII.1II1 115 R' RI.I..-III 111 II-'1.I1IIx U1 I- II IMI RI- R..I ..1. I.. 1........ 'WI-II" RI' R..I .111 111II1.1111 111-1 KI1 R..l IX.IIII.11I 1... W 141. 11.1 X'.I.1I1I1.I .II.IIII 51" RI1 R.II.I 11. IfI11.1II HIIII1 IQII RI-I CII.1I'I.-1 ..I.,I 'I. 1 CI 1- R..II,II1 RII1 I IJ.I1tIII III.1I. IJ... 1 I1..I.I... I. .I Q.. I L' ll.11+I- ICI 11f...'.T..1 1111 Ian IIIII, .11111-1 .IX .I xII I. 1 K - 14 I.I.1I111. 1g. E11 I NNY I ., III I. 1 R1 lj .1 .II.1.'..I RI. 14..1 , 1I.I.1'1 I1 11111. RI. I Marx BI H111 'lin RIIIII 111.111 M . . .....I II 1 , 11. 0 . 111. 1. ..'I R.. III., f1I.'R.... R11 II.I11I R11I1 R..l R..l..II.1 51-HH RI. R.-I XI1.'II.I.'I Nl. 11 III RI. RHI 1.111 51.-1.-I1 R-H114 RI. RIII 11. II.1rrx 1R11-if R11 RI-I 11 II11111' ,1111.1 RI RI.I lj-'.II 1....1.1.... 1.2. I II 1.I.I.If I111I.II1 RI. RIII .1 I.-III1-1 11-II X R 1 P1212 ....I 1. 112 I T., I..I... 11 R-. I 11 R.I1IIII. ..I..I1 RI. I II IxIIII.. RMU! R11 I 11 KI1II1.I 'II.11I1-1 R11 I 11 I'I11II11I .I11II1I R.I I II 11111111.11 l.I11Ix K.. RHI I1.III.Il.I 111 II .I I' . I NI. 1I.lI....1.1 III. I I...Z'C'1'3II I...I1I. Rl 1 RIII 1 R1IIII.II1I RI! I .I 1..I1xIIII .IcIx. R14I1. RIII . ...Il 121111. I. R.g.II. I ...II 11,111,111- I .III R1u.I.. RI.II. XII I111I 1..1I R 111. I . . 111 1.....1" 11222. . .'I 'I-....I' R.III.I1 Rxuu- . .IIx 11111 ....1. 11.11. 11...-Q.-I 1...1II1. R1-111111 RII I 1.1 .III III? Q J S .P R... III 51.111 A1111 RI.. III RIIII.-11 R...I111111I. RIII..-11 11...-,.1. 11....... I- I1..1I.I I..II1I 1151... 11........ 11.1. I. I'.II. .I ST.11'l R-11:-11 I..I.I.x 11.4. .. 1......I1 11.1. I. l.'II 111111.11 RI.x 11.,w 1101..- 11..... R..IguI I'I.I....-1 I'I..II-11.11 xII II..II 115 . WIIIIIII 11.......1.. 1....,.I....- Q4 'ff 7.1 -'11 I- RIIIII 11 R..III1-I RHIII RI.I1r1. 1 X..IIII.1 M111 .IcII.I IIIII-1I1x I YI R.II1rI..I1IqI1 1qI11I.1 RIII11-n. M.I1I1.1rd 1 Rn..-I1 1.I1I'1I1.I R1.l.11Id. I'l11I1I. R..If. M.1r1 S6 RIIII H1-1I1x Rnllcr. R..II.1r, RIII..-11 R.I1lIIIx, mir.-Q.-.x R.I111.1I 1. .-111111.-11 11.11111 S-1 RI111m11.II1, Nm-I R..1111lo RI.-I1.11d R011111. W1II1.1111 213 R11111pI' Lvuf R1I11I11.1d1 XY1lI1.1111 Rnnfvl R..Ix1. Rum, R.1.11. Rm.- Row RIN' Rm.- rI1 5111.111 1'III11qI.Ix D.111.1IcI R.1111I.1II B111-1.111 C.1r.1I D.1111I R1fI1.11'cI 1.11-I Rm.-I1r1I1I1, MI.-I Yx1 1 Rm.-I11 Rm.-11. Rm.-111 Rm.-III Rnwnl Rownl 1111- 1 F11-II 131 ning G.11x' I.-ru L.11'n 213 11-114. l,111d.1 I1-rg, M1cI1n1-I B 131 11.-I1 I R.Ix1-11III-ru MIcI1.II-I .I RI...-11I.I.11l CiI1.I1I1-1 RI...-III.-III IC1I11I R.I1.I11I111III RI. I1.II1I RU..-.I1 RI...-111 RI.1I1 R..xI1.I1 R...1111 R..11IIx Rm., R.I.. R...x RI... RIM II.II x....,1..-I. I-.111 N1.II.'I1 II.-III.II.I II4, R.III.I1 1.1 I..I1I11-11c1- R.III,II.I 1.1 11111. I- 131 I11IIIfI..II1 FI .1111-1 I.11114x I'.111I .-x n 44. 1 RIIH R1II1.11'd R.... NI.-1.-II V RIIMIVI I11.1l11' IIII R.11xII-1 5.I111I1.1 RIIxl1111-1 11.111 R.I1I1 l'I1.11I.. R..1I1 l,.1111w R..1I1 RI-11111 R..1I1 'Il1..111.1x RII1I1II,I11I 11.11111 R..1I1III-II FI.-11 R..1I11fIIl.III1I.I. '1'..1II R..1I1111 Il.I111I R..1I.I I1 R..1I1I IIII. R..1I1I1II.11I1II1 X111 I.II R..1I1I1xI..-Im-1 CI1.11I R111I1x1I11I1I IlII1I.1I1I R.11I1x1I11I1I IJ.111I R.11II.11-II1 11'IIII.I11I RIIIIQVI l7.Ix11I R..1II4II lII.I11 RII11-ml.. FI-.IIII1 5511169 'T3 T-I 151 R..1..II.I.-, L.I1xI.II1.f 137. 213 RI1u1gI11..I1 17.11111-I RII11xI1 R.II..1.1 127 Rox.-nu.-r 1,1111 R11x1.111 IIII11.111I ITG R.Ixx.111. R1IIIII11 Rmxv, I11I111 R.....I, k...... R111111. I'.1tr1rIx Roxwr, PI1IIIIp Ruxxrr, Rohm-1 Roxxlnnd. R1cI1.1rLI RoxxI.111ds. D.1x1d R11x1lI-1. R1cI1.I11I Ruycr. Georg.- R.Ixs11-r. j.1111.-1 Rubs-1111-Id, LI11111 R11l1111, M1111.1 R11I11n11I1. RI1x.1I1111111I R11I1II1-r. B.1r1IIIIId Ruby, WIIIIJ111 Ruth, j11.I1111 Rurk, IJ1111.1Id Rudd. 51.111111 R111I1Ix 51.1111112131 RIIIIII-I.. Fl11r.-1IrI- R111lIII1I..1. RIf11.111I R1I.l.IlIII1. M.11x RII.1..1,.1., CII...-1... RIIIIIII-1 1111111.11-I 82 151 Rugv. 11.11111-5 R11I.111 XII-I1111 R11l1-. j1'.111 R11pII- ll..11.1I1I R1111I1. 511x.111 R111111, 'II-111 Rupp, RI.II.1Icl Rupp. 11.11111- R11x1I1. D.111r.I R.I..I1, 1J..1IIzI.11 Run- L1'.II1.11I.I R11-11111. 11.11111 145 Ruxwll, ffI.1x11111 .rg I R1I..I'1I R.I111I..1IcI ...1II. TI11-111.11 R11 RIINWII D.11I.I EIL! 1111111.11 R.III.IIIl 1515 R111I1I-1I1I11I. Ii:I11.1rd R111I.1-rf..1rI fi.I1rI111'r R111II.-1f.1rd. ,l..1..1.l1 R111I...111I.1, lQII.11.1 R111I.II1xxI.I, Ix1'11111-1I1 R111Ix..1x1k1, R..II1-11 R111Ix.I11xI.1 R1I.1.1I1I R111..l1..1x 11.-11x Rx.111, CI1.11I1-N Rx Rx Rx Rx R1 Rx Rx Rx Rx Rx Rx Rx Rx Rx 5.1. 5.1. 5.1. 5.1 5.1I 5.11 5.11 5.11 I .111 1I.I11.1l1x .111, j.Ix1 .111, 514111111 .111, M1cI1.1.-l .111, P41111-I.1 .111 R11I1.111I .111. W1II1.111I I1.I1r1xI.. Fr.-cII1r1ck 1.:.1IxI.1 B.1rI..11.1 nwrs. CI1.11I1's 11111-1 kZ..I111.II111c 1111111 .II-11II11I- 1111, J:-I111 I1.IIxkI. R.III.-11 YS.. 1d. R.1IpI1 III11-Id. j.II111 11'111, 111. .1.....1. ,1....-IIIIIII.. 1111. Ex.-1111 1111. R11I1.II1I I.. XI1'11'xI1-11 -I1I1-r 13.1x11I 540112. UQ111' 5.11:.1I. Su-1111.-11 93 x.11:.IIIII, IS.II1 51...-. D....I.-1 N...-. 11.-Um... 5.11111 j.11111w 5.n!1l1'sc ,I1II1l1 5.11gqI-xv, '1l1.-I111.1 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.11 1.11II. LI1111-1' 1I.1I1, 11III1.1111 11II1Ixx. 131.111111- Ir. W11l1.1111 .I11fI..I11.k1. l.1I1n 5.1111111111 I1..1.11I1x Q13 5.II 5.11 5.1I 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.1I 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.11 5111 5.11 5.11 5.11 5.11 .II11.1 IJ..1I.1I1I-.1 1-I1. 5111111111 1111, R11I1.111I III.I. IS.11II,I1'.1 115 1I1.1, C..1r11I1' I-11 '1'I1.III1.11 213 111II.111, D..11d 11111o11x, W1II1.1111 111111-.I RIIIII-r1 11111.-I. 4I.1111.w xlpwl R1I11.1IrI 11px1111, j.II111 11px1111, 1.11111 ......I... 11..1.....1 90 91 '13 11-I-15111, IIIIIIR 111..n. 141111111-111 11uvI1n11, Il1111.1Id Sancratttt, Dat-td Sandlterz. Arthur Sander. Beverly Sander, Janie: 75 Sanders. Datntel Sander-t, Dttvtrl 60.61 131 Sanders, Eduard Sanders, Gerald Sanders. Loretta 121 Sanders. Nathan Schrattttn, St-rlv tkt. Sttttttttttt l'.tul 1-1121-lt Sanderson, Katherine Sanderson, Mvron Sanderson, Nt-d Sanderson. Thntnas Sanford, Florence Sandler, Hnvtard S-1.131213 Sandor, Paul Sandusltv, Charles Sandusln. Dttrolhy Sandw Diane Sandys. Tltmttas Schneider. Rrgttta 1U1,1115 Schneider. Richard D Schneider, Richard Schnell Marion Schnell. Russt-ll Scltttt-np, Charles Schttt-pp. Rnlttfrt Schnetzler, John Schnttlter, Eh-anor Schnttrl, Dattd Schoen, John Schm nltnlvt, Thomas Schttt-ttltttltl joel Schnepl, Larry Scltot-nt-. Dttattte Schttltt-ld kt-lttrrt S5 213 Schottt-r. Ct-.ue Schrag, Dattd Schrag. L.tttrt-ttcc Erlnard Schretlvt . Rtcltard tttta- H1131l1-1 Sktxer, Robert Sanzettbacher, Susan 127 Sarafa. Haiti Saravttz Andrew Sargent. LarFS' Sarts, Rncltttlle 123 Sarle, Nicholas. Sartor. Eulttue Sarter, Mary Sass, Clarence 151 213 Sam-rfit-Id. Latrttttte Sattlrr, Dalt- Sattler. Garv 151 Sattler, Rudolph Sauder, SaunderS. James Alter Saunders Donald Sauttvr, Berclt-tta Sautter. Chrtstttpher Sautter, Gerald Sautter Gregttrv Sautter. Nann 97.115213 Sautter, Robert S:t.uttet'. 1ltt-ttrlttre Sautter. 1Yilltam Savage. ana Savage. nhn Savage, Robert Satvtn. Paul Sauxer Lttcv 117.213 Satnttrs. hiargarul Satwt-rs Mtlttttt Saxon. Michael Savers. ames Saven, , oseph Saxlus Scott Saxre. Laurence 133 Scarliertw. Ettienc Schaal. Peter Scltaatttrltttttdt, Dnn Schabeck, Tttnnthv 93 Laura 117 Schrt-tttvr, Schrt-ttter. Patrtcta 555870, 117 239 Schreittt-r Thttmas Schrt-urs. Palla Schrter. Datttvl Scltrttt-der, Antta Scltrurtler. Carlton Schroeder, Garl'Y Schroeder, jtthn Scltrnetler. Richard A Scltrnt-der. Rtchard W. 147 Scltrurtler Tltnntas Donald Schrutr. Schrmer. Oaklev Schttvren, Jan bchut-rtttan. Ytctor jack Schut-tt Scltut-ttt-r. Daxtd 92 Schultz. Charles Schultz David Scltttltl, Dtatttt.t 110.127 Schultz, Esther Schultz Ltrt-telten 71.101, 110 121 Schulu jatttce Schultz, ltttt Schultz, Jtttct- Sfhultf, Paul Schultz, Sharttn Schultz. 7S S2 Schultz, Ttttttttlts Schull 11 txlltattt Earl S2 95 Schultz. Htlltattt Etntl Schull, Carl Scltuttt.tfltt'r, Xntltnnw 5-1. 69,7-1.99213 Scltntnat Srhutttar lttt l1rut't'1'15 ht-r, Tht-.t Scltacltne. Rttltt-rt 145 Schaefer. Fred 32.151 213 2-19 Schaefer. amvs Schaefer, useplt Scltaeder, Franklin Schaen. Marc Schafer Richard 8-1.91 Schaffer. Jatntw Schalstall, Bfartlyn Schall Cltffnrd Scharff. Ronald Schaub, Vltlltatn 173 213 Schaub, Clifford Scl'techtt'r. Rita Scheetz. Robert Schvff. Ronald Schetcl. Constance Scheiderer. Dale Schetn. Stttrthrn Scheiner, Harold 95 Schell, Richard Schell, Tom S2 Schentenauer. Lxle Schentettauer Marx Scheptttan Karen Scheps. Laurence 1-15 Scherltarth Richard Scherltttske, Kenneth 213 Schettt-r. Thttttnas, Eduard Schtedt-get-r, Charles SchiH'er. Martlvn Schtlferlx. 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III,IIII IIII III II .IHIII I .I II I I IIII III' II,. IIII ,III IIII IIII III' IIII III IIII IIII IIII IIII III IIII I II I II II I I IIII IIII II... I III III I.I- IIII IIII IIII .III IIII III III IIII III III IIIu II.I IIII IIII III .III IIII III II IIII III I:I I N IIN llit-1-'wt-it-trrnt-s when it was worth it .. 290 Thank You . . 'llhe B!m:!.'!1oz1.r1' stall thanks those few people who were of aid in production ofthe 1964 edition. Mrs. Juanita Cunningham and Marlen "GUY Hoyerson pro- yidt-tl help from American Year- book Company. The C. Patil Ken- ney family was of great aid with its photographic work. On campus. the C,'olft'g1'f121 stall proyed invalu- able with its friendly help. Public relations men Jerry Morrow an d Max Gerber aided with pictures and information. In November. the Audio-Visual Department was a life-sayer with its overhead projec- tor. And Betty Fleming will long be remembered for her cheerful coop- eration. 1964 Blockhouse Staff Editor-in-chief: Mike Cochran Managing Editor: Judy Shell Business Manager: Marv Friedman Editorial Staff Associate Editor: Lynn Cook Assistants: Annette Paparella. Sharon Milliron Stall: Pat Morgan, Barb Nelson, Cudrun Zahn Academics Editor: Diane Pasch Stall: Martha Bierly. Mary Beth Crookes, Diana Schultz, Dave Sills, Sue Crites Art : Pat Litman Athletics Editor: Kathy XYhittaker Stall: Alan Fabricant. Ray Parker Copy Editor: George Frandsen Greeks Editor: Carole Batog Stall: Betty Beyer, Kelly DeLuca. Becky Heard. Sharon Klump. Joanne Yoelzer Index Editor: Betsey Spaulding Staff: Carol Mills. Pat Jacob, Jim Di Cuilio Layout Editor: Russ Clcyenger Staff: Carole Canter. Chuck Mariea Qrganizations Editor: Myra Cundy Stall: Sharon Goldstein. Joy Hanna. Julia Kroos, Audie Layer Seniors Editor: Bobbie Corwin Staff: Jeanne Radecki Secretary: Evelyn Smith Official Photographer: C. Paul Kenney Student Photographer: Ken DeVito Business Staff Adyertising Manager: Sally Hayward Assistant : Bob Krauss Staff: Daye DeSousa, Don McConnell Sales Manager: Jerry Phillips Staff: Barb Brady, Connie Greene, Linda Kahn. Rochelle Kander. Connie Kcil, Gail Lukaes, Claudia Miller, Pam Muir, Anne Moore, Linda Nopper, Janice Plummer, Sue Stewart Secretaries: Dana Hardy, Mary Pat Mallin tnnt x lien we wanted to give it all up. The Tree Is Gone . . The tree is gone: the patterns are completed . . . It has been a long, long time, and it is hard to be- lieve that the book is Hnally Hnishedg that after almost a year. I will soon clean up the office, close the door. and turn in the keys. I have learned much, not only about yearbooks, but also about people. Wlhat I learned was sometimes discour- agingg but there were always Annette and Bobbie and Myra and Carole B, and George and Kathy and Russ to make things better. These were the 'Cregularsf' the people who con- tributed time, work, and-important to nie-friendships. And there were Judy and Marv. Without their hard work, there would not be Z1 '64 book Qnot in '64, anywayj. I hope that some of what they have has rubbed off onto me. To all these people, I extend personal thanks and re- mind them that we can take pride in one achievement: every idea, every layout, every word came from some student on the staff. An so the days of cropping, captions. counting char- acters. the tree-bush, trips to the airport, hiding in the SUB office, prones, Green Phantoms, ilod. and billiard balls bouncing on the ceiling are gone. For each person who was a part of these, I wish that your life's pattern will be a happy one . . . --51VX.Sm.,n. QQ I F v 1. 4 IW 'N 5 sq- ' b X-rl mf, gK,Qx..,p,4kg . ,A , A X-J' .av .ss .. Mn., vw... .W ,. .,.tw+ Z X xxx X ix 3 XXX X 'Q -r amp? -.x jx wif' v ,:,s1 P" H ' :. Q Maw? i'1:rf-:H X " -P -XX -- N ,gzziikffim -QT M X- .. ff N? W T ,V Q 1-- QNSN5 Q 5 5 1 " 1 ' . V9 1,-.vixskv -. : -- RQ2-2?'2fwQ', .s23,rf:-:sf ' ' rf' :Wim .. 11 -viii: af exgg.::ff'Y:1fg. Ifawff 2 :NZQNQN ., 'g.y:3x1.: xxyvwqfxx . .snr-Q. . 4 N, lgx-pw., -M ' ' - X N., b sg. ucv- r ff. i g 3 7 L I r K l, I rf l 41.1 Y-........-ig.. 49-.. r,.. , ! .L . .1-. 1'-r 1 5 - V 'S F Y 'Y - I V ,, F . rg V ' 'N s,A ' ul' -I iff 1

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