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-,"5, Q. 1.4 'g'5'rL5"f-'4"f,,4. 7' ' ."5"'f',- " A' " ', H -, ,.wr3.. V. 4. ,- , - . 'L V .. .HL . Ly. !N".",. 31" .- Z v, ' A -' , ' ' 1 -:fw fb," 1 , -1 ,. - -, ' .- -- , 3- 394.2 A... it I D 1-,M 5. , ., L -U - . "- 'fu r. '. - LJ, ' . . , - , A. 1.3. F , 7.1!-P., -'- lrari 'vA X X l.Y -IA:-Q ' .' - 2,42 H .V A . .P.,g.l, .:, .05 I I Q 'r, . l .-., V. s. ' -'Q L' f .1 .- ' f 32 1 V ' . 1 . lf! 1. . ' . . , - A . A V . . ' All I . L , - V 1 fit. - ' 557.-I rf ' ' X . M. '31-WU, 'v' W eil? '- . a. n , f ..,' 4 '-UD. , . . I , . y- : 1- '- ' - v ' I im-,E 5 . I-. - K t , ' NV 1 . ,qi ., . . gy-F 5. . - T . '-ff 4 " ,an - .gf . -J ' ' - , .. 'A . P . VV, - ' . f ' - fr ' , . , . ,- r - , ' I 1 f . .- ' .V ' . . . , 4:1 A ' ' v' .1 , ' - - . r -'J ,.Lx fn, 5 x ,I . in MHA is ' .4 -. - -, . J ' I J' V 4 ,V . Q . . -,l .:' s..--A fn --'f:', N gl. '. '1 ' "Y , I 1 1 . . v ' , ,' , Q., x ,A . Ii Q X U J Xf ' -'il' X . slw, ., . ,..' , ' , . ' 1 W- . K - ."1' A' -ff., .- - .r . 4 -, f 1- " is.-, .4 . fl -MV .- PJ: vm' , - X, J .. - , -. . . 4, 1 - ,,, .V ., Y-N , , 5 .l .1 fp! H.-. 1--n, ri.. !.' . - ' ' ' w, . V, ' . ag J"'C" .1a- Q' ..'. ,- - V .lf K " -- nM.. ," -.' ' N .- . .. . 4 ,5,,4W..i. 'x ,., ,LI Vik, , J. - . . . Y, .H . , , .- ,Q lil- x w ' V 'A' -. ' , 1-.Sz E. ff -- ri. Tk-' :Vgiim inn f' 4 V . g..4 ' ' , 4 xr ' ' . X ,ff - Q5 ff. . 1 I ' f . .lJf7,. -V ,ELG I mb JA , .,., v' . ', .+. J . . , 1 -Q,-..-5, U.. V. - w, .., . ,- V . '- ' , ,. .,g f.,k x ,. u -'-U1 .v Cf- ' . V AY X 5 4 1 9 r f J x X 1 Q 4 ' N A . -. .1-hy, w N1 A --' v"1'v ' ' J r. , - -N151 :LY E's,..,,' ' .,,', .' ' ',-,f-,- xl - H it-V1 ' ' W f. . 5 , . . 'F-Km! -' 7 V - kj? W ,. '- F x 1 f x 1 -4 -r ,R - . 4 1. n -I B., X - X . fi 1 .A-v Hd ,J -1 -U v' .,1'.L,. 19' M L ,N ,Q -Q 'TW . ,. . X- n.. . x ' v Q .,r 1 .J A N. .s F fx 1 -. x 1 V S I I I 1 f A wk -. ,.- , I. J. . .J '. A 'H Tx N ' vu .,.,',f v'3 V J.: . gr K. , 4, ,. ,,.A ' ,ws AX V, 5 . -12.7 QIQAQ. ..'Teg . 1 ! . ' , T ,.. f E Lf 'N -T .1-, 5 A ,Ulf .- ,,.'.1 , -. ' 'V' .L .. . x A wax. i'l:""1 w, 5 . . ' gut Q 1-I..-. 1' -1- K.. fff. if. 1. - ,A- . vp ' S'- ? 552 gifs. .3 L Sf? .5 .xc M '. '. J . x sllqg- 1 X5 ' 4 'ls "+Qt ff-- , - C0-Editors . . Robert L. Mowery Carol A. Garn Business Manager . . John L. Scott Adviser . . James A. Brunner 1 9 5 2 BLOCKHOUSE University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio QYYOF e i fs 7' ,fb , we D X Meri i sw Qmilii- Y gnmmliliin EL PRf ,,',m,x QL ' if 5, '-'abr D -K.. . ', buf ',- ' f,r "fu 1 'mi I "' ' ,4 ' 1 i ,., r -unpu- :Kf M: , ...,.. , Q :1f'Sn' K M.,--A-,"v1. U.. six' ivmfmsfzif x- - I. ..- i fu W., 3 19' ll Q 'Q :'. 1 1 L 4' 'sf ... . A . 3 lit, 'y 4' aff' Q3 .L - "A I ' ' - -1- ' - '..4 0 L . . - l ., , J' wi-kt A I Q 1 ., .-. 1 ...haf 'QA' ' : "'. . ' . 1 c 5. w 11 ij ' 1 A' ,Q .- P3 ' 1 'r ,1 if J G r 'L OHTQIULS CAMPUS SCENES remain upper- most in our recollections of college d avvs .......... TH E ADDI INI STRATION, by their hardworlfing efforts. keep things elielring ......... THE SENIORS go on Iofulure sue- eess after four long .veurs of hard work .......... STUDENT LIFE depicts those mo ments Qffun which are such ll uon- derful part qf College life .... THE GREEKS mean friendship and frolie to brighten College years . . THE ORGANIZATIONS provide the T1PCL"SS0l1YbClCligl'0llfldf0l' budding executives and future leaders . . . ATHLETIC S build strength and character and bring glory to the University ...... . Page 6 Page IT Page 7 1 Page 51 Page 71 Page 93 Page 141 5: -' , . 1' ' 1 To Progress This dedieation is not to the past. but to the future: more speeilieally. the future of the liniversity of Toledo. There are many steps down the road of progress and our sehool has been moving down this road with one foot planted firmly' in front of the otller. The first great step the Liniyersity of Toledo took was for the improvement of the uses of our seholarship program. The expansion of our elasses to inelude even- ing leetures proved to be very satisfae- tory to the residents of Toledo. as well as to the students at the lvniversity. ,Xnd now one more step is being added to the footprints of progress. This refers to the new library whieh will offer volumes of knowledge. soon to be available to the stndents. lt will give them a larger and therefore more private plaee in which to gather the information they seek. A new library will give our staff more material with whieh lo spiee their leetures for our eourses. The library staff will have more of a ehanee to eomplete their already effi- eient system for the huge business of operating a library. Stepping means moving. and this will be the keynote of the new dormitories. Soon the boys will be moving bag and baggage to a new atmosphere and more spaeious living. This will mean more room at our Lvniversity for new students who are waiting to take advantage of our eurrieulum. The University of Toledo has always been a eampus of beauty. The elassroonls are now being deeorated in a brilliant eolor that ean be a light for even better seholarship from the students. To men- tion just one example of the improvement program at the University. we look at the progress the llome lfeonomies Depart- ment has made. This division of our sehool has tripled in size. new equipment has been added. and it has been eom- pletely remodeled and redeeorated. This department has been aeelaimed by the state as one of the most outstanding Home lieonomies Departments in this part of the eonntry. The tower over our L uiversity is and always will be one of the beauty spots of the eity of Toledo. fknd now we are add- ing to our eanlpus with more eonstrue- tions and projeets to be proud of. -ks you walk toward our sehool. hold your head up high. for you are entering an institu- tion of higher learning. of higher beauty. and a sehool that is expanding its tenta- eles to inelude all of the residents o 'rtllvflfh Dedication 1 , , 5 2 rf L. .?-,movq H. YL.. 1 NH 1 x 5 W K-ww 'viii if g Q A161 l? 6 OLEDCTS - l 'MC- .I W, AIN sw fl' l . Y Pl'6Sld6llt Asa S. Ixnowles X prt-sitlvnt's Iirst yvar at a univvrsity is a rcal vliallt-ng:-. First of all it lllt'HIlS getting avquaintvsl with a ne-w stutlvnt hotly. a nvw favultx. a new institution antl a now Cttllllllllllllf. 'Xnel of voursv thv stuelvnts. faculty antl Utlllllllllllllf han- a simi- lar prohlt-in in gt-tting avquaintml with a nvw prvsitlvnt. Xsa S. Knowlt-s Viilllt' to thc linivt-rsity of To- lctlo Ft-hruary l. WSI and was inauguratvml as tht- ninth prt-sith-nt on Nlay ninth. Sinvv this time- thc LiIllYt'l'Sllf has math' tra-nicmlous stritlvs for- warul. By nt-xt fall our nvw tlormitorit-s will ht- rt-atly and in atlelition to providing im'rvast-el facil- itivs for tht- out-of-town sttult-nts . . . which will give- tlw vainpus a mort- vosinopolitan HUIIOS-pllt'l'l' . . . a nn-w dining hall will ht- availahlt- for usa- by all sttult-nts. Unr new library is also going up . . . e-x'i4lt-ttvv that wc arc a growing institution with re-al faith in fnturm- progrt-ss anal 1-xpansion. Prvsitlt-nt linowlvs was horn in North lfast llarhor. Xlaint-. Xlost of his 1-eluvational varvvr has hm-n mlm-votml to the lit-lul of husint-ss lilllllillitilfli- lion. Xt Cornell liniversity. N'll4'I't' hv was viva'- pre-sialc-nt. ht- was in vhargv of lfnivvrsity tlvvelop- mont. ln llllo. ht- was name-tl pre-sitlvnt of the Asso- viatwl Collt-gt-s of uppvr New York. llc-rv he or- ganizvtl thrvv l4'lllIItll'1:ll'P vollcgvs to provitlv valuvalional opportunitics for rc-turning Vforltl War Il ve-tvrans. Nlr. linowlcs was Dc-an of liusincss gtmlminis- tration antl Dirt-vtor of tht- Gvnt-ral Colle-gt' lfx- te-nsion of Rhotlt- lslanfl Stats' Coll:-gr. Prvvvtliilg this. he- was he-all of tht- Dvpartnwnt of lnelustrial l'illglIll'1'I'lllg and latm-r Dvan of Busint-ss Xflminis- tration at Northcastt-rn lvnivvrsity at lioston. llt- rt-vvive-cl his MB. tlvgrvt' from llowtloin Col- lt-gv anal tlirl graeluata- work at llarvarrl linsint-ss School. llt- rt-tw-ivs-sl his mastt-r's rlogrot- from Boston liniu-rsitx. l'r1-sislt-nt linowlvs is vo-author with llohvrt D. rrllitlllrllbll of thru- lnusint-ss tvxt-hooks. Thi-5 art- vntitlwl "Industrial X'l3ll2lg'l'lIlt'IllM. "Nlanagv- lIlt'lll of xI2:lllll0YVl'l'u. antl "l'rocltu'tion Control". l nele-r the- vapahlv le-a4lt-rship of Prt-sirlt-nt lxnowlf-s as amlministrator. tht- l nivvrsily will von- linuv to malta- progrt-ss lowarel tht- goal of all of -. . .rw us . . . a he-ttf-r l lllYl'I'Sllf ol lolvulo. ENGLPWS LOSS -me 9085" THE 90594 THE Bossnf W . I2 ,ge -K I ' -, it in X lfo A KN 2 f ' 1 :ii JV!! fit gg its 1 if f - - ' " Q t' 'q ' ,f ' ' ' l j ZQQXQ 9 a .w. Zfgff-Tin' , - . ' x , , 5 , ig 5 X 'ff'-' Q S l 1 1 If X I . , so X ,ax .f- ' Q X -.x 'u ' ' , , tx N, t ,. -71 X li l X N X l Q If t .X, .lit gk' v. '. x t ,.s, ..- . ...- R Z1 rful-L an 'E l kd l MQ sh at ' 'A f lf W 'J-It l '.'- ,f if-sr' "f N X- X ' 1 1' wiv? X 1' X9 ' t M. KATHRYN SIIIIW.-XB Dean of Women M. Kathryn Schwab. Dean of NY omcn, has endeared herself to the hearts of all who know her. She is one of the busiest and most popular women on campus and is adviser to Peppers. women s honorary . Panhellenic Council and the Hed Cross. Dean Schwab is also a mem- ber of the Y.NX'.C.A. Xdyisory Board. She has charge of V C' the social calendar. so any group planning a party should clear il through her ofliee. Dean Schwab welcomes and advises freshman wo- men. helping them plan their schedules and adjust to college life. As a friend and counsellor to all students through their four years at the liniversity. her kindness and understanding are known to all. Xie deeply appre- ciate the time and effort which she has expended in guiding all students. GLENN E. MOWERS Director of Student Activities The Student Activities OHice.which guides and super- vises all campus organizations except fraternities and sororities. is capably directed by Mr. Glenn Mowers. He advises these organizations with their budgets and his office handles all purchase orders. Financial state- ments are issued monthly to all groups having accounts. As the adviser to Student Council. Mr. Mowers has numerous duties. He attempts to bring to the attention of the Council the problems of the students on campus. He also serves as adviser on election matters and is a member of the Elections Board. As secretary to the Student Activities Committee. he is a representative of the faculty in student affairs. With the committee. he recognizes and approves all groups on campus and establishes faculty viewpoint and opinion. Mr. Mowers is known and well liked by all students on campus who are active in extracurricular activities. However, he is always a ready listener to the problems of any student. 554, eff., V -as-M 0 -' . DONALD S. PARKS Dean of Students .Ks Dean of Students. Mr. Parks' responsibilities in- clude those which were once listed as "Personnel Uflicev. His oflice eentralizes and coordinates the personnel activities ofthe lvniversity. assisting all students from the time of admission to the time when they graduate and are looking for a job. Dean Parks also serves in the capacity of adviser to lnterfraternity Council. ln all positions. he has shown his good natured ability. his willingness to help students at all times. and his ever ready wit. Through his work. Dean Parks manages to keep in contact with students and their altairs. This combination of super-efficiency and warm friendliness is a rare one. but the University has found it in Dean Parks. rs' sis .xnxx -xx X- .x f y , .E Xxx ' . 1 6 K F Q25 XR ' -ff. . s s X ' ssssfi- J X te If -X V XC-axis t f 1 Q xy Ni ., 'figs-i , 'iris-Tig' T V 135559 I. .1 1 ' I me ' l't.2E5'fQ -1, .fvi I Q:-441' X "HSM T f X- , , less: X k e rry "g1'f'1:t X - . s - , -.-2 . X - sf - ' :Er-e Q -W' K ' exist. 'f -ie ,,-fa, Q " ,' -e e ,fr - .s ' , 'fo-. t is .off y Q it ' ' i , X A ' . IL . ---- ,, , xy. 5 ,wp l w X Q . X . i X . s. - ,fit X iff. , "' 5:2515 fflffii? - ' i t 1- - "-'if - fe we so - " gzlgfs ,!'i-ilizix - X l. ji!! -. .gas f-' - - .. , -.., I , 1 -.,,'.".g- ' " 5 7' 9-53? sl" , it-V-4'.', s. if fy !! Qe Q" Q' K Yr if f . s s A N52 ' .5 A 'gl s A s y .W X Ngggtsfhiy xx if g. ' s fx 21,5 ex -I 1' w' , Q.: -, Q s fs,---1 ,tt . 9- my i X ikigifi if T V1 ff .Nh L . .x 1 .Luv . . K X . I, If X QQ K i. .Ax . A Q0 9 X X It X X L . X X ,J The College of Business Administration The College of Art and Sciences This eollege has as a goal to help its students attain a founda- tion and haelxground ol' knowledge and interest in the chief fields of human aehievement and thought. so as to make for hetter living in their professional lives. their leisure time. and in eommunity responsibilities. Linder the guidanee ol' Dr. ,-Xndrew J. Townsend. the Col- lege of Arts and Seienees provides a general program for the lirst two years. with the last two years to be used for special- ized work. lt ineludes departments of art. history, biology. home eeonomies. journalism. mathematies. musie. philoso- phy. physies. politieal seienee. psyehology. and soeiology. Faeilities are also provided for pre-law. pre-dental. and pre- medieal students and a live-year program ol' nursing eduea- tion is given in afliliation with Toledo Hospital. Dean Townsend joined the liniversity ol' Toledo faculty in N30 as a professor in history and two years later was named dean of the college. lle reeeived his Nl.X. degree from West- ern Reserve Liniversity and his Ph.D. from the University of Chieago. With his aid. the College of .-Xrts and Seienees is helping students in orienting to liniversity life. in seleeting their eollege programs. and in ehoosing their voeations. e eggs.-s .X X, ,X -. X-. of-Ns xxx The College ul' Business ,Xdministration aims to prepare its students not only with a skill in their speeialized field but also with the opportunity to go out in the business world with a broad. liberal baekground and an appreeialion ol' the soeiaI-eeonomie world in whieh they live. Students enrolled in this eollege have the advantage ol' a business eurrieulum and also ul' eourses in the arts. seienees. edueation. engineer- ing and law. The eollege eonsists ol' nine departments: aeeounting. eonnneree, eeonomies. linanee, journalism. management. marketing. seeretarial training and statisties. Xiajors are. however. planned aeeording to voeational lields. Business majors have their ehoiee ol' sixteen speeilie programs. The eollege. under Ur. Clair li. Searles. has been empha- sizing tht- use ol' the eily of Toledo as a business laboratory and has within the last lieys years added eourses in industrial relations and industrial management to thi- eurrieulum. llc-an Searles. also a professor ol' eommeree and eeonomies. reeeived llls li. X.. Xl. X.. and Ph.ll. lrom tle- l niversity ol Xin-lugan. Itl ff! x 3, Xx y t, gat, X l . 'C x XXt X 1 1 5 my N x 3925253 X x "tis .W X it AQ i QQ? 61-315, A-1. y X lx tbfdizgzfj .V pl' xt O . 5 'X ' Q viii , f X , 9 ' I 'f , g 1 ," 1' S 1 'if .'f f .1 The College of Education This college. keeping in close contact with Toledo's secon- dary and elementary schools. attempts to raise the profes- sional standards of teaching by selecting those people who are best fitted for the profession. by providing adequate train- ing for those who are making teaching their career and by offering courses for those teachers who desire in-service training. The College of Education offers courses in cooperation with the Toledo Museum of Art which provides classes in drawing. designing. painting. and art appreciation. The phys- ical education department offers courses to both men and women leading to state certificates in physical education. theory and practice coaching. Recently the Ohio Department of Education approved the public school music major be- cause of the rapid growth in the L'niversity's music depart- ment. Dean of the college is David YY. Henry who received a diploma from the State Normal College in llyamis. Hass.. a B.A. degree from the State Normal College of Emporia. Kansas and an MA. degree from Columbia lfnivcrsity. The college maintains a teacher placement bureau which has enjoyed outstanding success in placing graduates in the Toledo area and throughout the country. XX 'fal- 'L Z .f ' X N, ft si-f xxX PQ ci ,NX Q. X X t N fl X X The College of Engineering The programs offered by the College of Engineering are planned to prepare students to fit into present day industrial a11d community life. and to lay a foundation for graduate work in specialized fields. Approximately two-thirds of the work is required from general scientific and humanistic- social courses. The remainder of the work is selected by the student in his specific field of interest. Among these fields are: aeronautical. chemical, civil. electrical. industrial and mechanical engineeringg glass technology and engineering physics. Bachelor of Science degrees are awarded in chemical. civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and engineering physics. Dr. John B. Brandeberry, dean of the college, received a B.S. degree from Mount Union College, the M.A. degree from Ohio State University and the Ph.D. from the Univer- sity of Michigan. Courses in engineering were among the first established at the University. Until 1923 the courses offered were mainly those which now would be considered those of the first two years of engineering. In 1910 the College of Industrial Science was established. This was the forerunner of the present College of Engineering, established in 1930. 11 .X-f Xxxy x I The Colle e of Pharmacy 'l'ha- flollvga- ol' l'harmaa'y holals ma-mlnafrsliip in lha- Xinafri- van Xssoa-iation ol' ilolla-ga-s ol' Pharniaa-y anal is rt-a-ogniza-al as an inslilulion in gooal slanaling hy Ilia' Slalaa lioaral ol' Phar- lnaa-y ol' Uhio anal tha- Kina-rivan Count-il on l'harmaa'a-ulia'al lfalua-ation. 'lllll' l'aa-ilitia-s ol' ll1a' a'olla-ga' ina-lualv lhra-a- wa-Il- a-quippa-al lalioratoria-s for Ilia' slualy ol' Pliarlnaa-y. a ra-sa-ara'h laboratory. a alispa-nsing lalnoratory anal oHi4'a's. ln llia' alis- pa-nsary a-aa-li stuala-nl has an inaliyialual Ilt-sk fully a-apiippa-al with apparatus anal mata-rials. Displays ol' a-urra-nt pharma- a-a-utia'al proalua'ts ara- sa-l up lar ina-ra-asv lha- stuala-nts' famil- iarity with tha- lia-lal. 'l'hv ala-manal a-xai-a-als Ilia- supply ol' worlxa-rs in Ilia' lia'lal ol' pharinaa-y. l'harinaa-isls art- a-niploya-al in analylival lalnora- toria-s. a-oinn1a'ra'ial pliarinavia-s. hospital pharlnaa'ia-s. inalus- trial manul'aa'luringg plants anal pliarinaa-a-ulia-al a-alua-alion. lla-an flharla-s ll. l,arwooal lia-aals tha- flolla-gv ol' l'harmaa-y. lla- ra-a-a-iya-al his ILS. ala-gram from tha' l niva-rsity offlklalionia: ha- was awarala-al llia- XLS. ala-gn-v from Uklalioina K. anal Xl. anal llia- l'h.lJ. from Xlivliigan Slala- l niya-rsity . lla- is a lna-m- lia-r of lxappa l'si. inla-rnalional honorary pharmava-utia'al frata-rnily . w liia-li has a vliapla-r lia-rr at tha- l niva-rsily. I2 The Colle e of L Tha- Colla-gay of Law was organizt-tl in N06 and ba-came part ol' tha- L niversity in W09. It is a ma-nihvr of the Associa- tion of hlllt'I'll'klI1 l,aw Svhools and tha' lmaguo of Ohio Law' Schools anal has I'txl'lxiVl'll tha' approval of thc gxlllt'I'iC3Il Bar Xssovialion. The aim ol' this vollvga' is to pra-para' stutlcnts for that lvgal prola-ssion anal also for ht-ttvr positions in business anal inalnstry. It offt-rs a font' yvar program with Classes held in tha- vvainingz two ya-ars of satisfactory pre-law work in i:lIlUlllt'l' colla-gay of tha- lrniva-rsity' is ralquira-al for arl1tt'anCe. Tha- a-olla-ga' has a a'ara-fully selecta-al lihrary' which is grow- ing sta-aalily with pura'hasa's and many gifts. Vt ith the con- struvtion ol' tha- new law-lihrary building. ina'rt-aseal lacilitia-s will ha' availahla' invlualing a moot l'0llI'lI'Utllll. Dayan ol' the collaiga-. Dr. Charles W. lfornoff. ra1a'a'iva'al a li. X.. Nl. X.. Ph.D.. anal .l.D. alalgra-af l'I'0Ill tha- Lvniversity' of Illinois. lla- is also pre-sitla-nt of tha- l,a-aguv of Ohio l,aw Svhools. . I - . . . I A I ' ml'-!4l'!l!lllaisillgsalllgi! . il.n,i'w'mn......s5:p12-1:---aaa:-... I f"""r ' t':7'!"'I'llli-" lltllll!.L'.1:::H' ' N --.-, 425-25252. I ' !!'!hr'If-" ""T'-21551-.. lngglffifff, - -isbn!-E... zlgglaui H V p ., . --f' X-'X -E533-.I 1- -. I A XS: vars -,qggggg ,- , , "ag: -:feat I I rr:-"mf QS 'Q' N- 'ill N m'.'V' ax ,gt slum: ' f f M N. ii. ltll' I I ' f -,X R ::::::I 1 QF-N "si '. " -llll f 'ff' fa Q! ' I ' X 1 E? i' xikfrml, all I'l - , 1' X s IWfEO il! I" I' f ix WSI. Ei! Iii , ,f 331:-tp? :ra - 1 - X 2 A 'f gf, A :sum .af 4 ' 'i'f.415Js' , Eiem .A ' gy'-:ian-5 51.55 f X , - - , .Q ' s ' 1 'x QE --744'-Sl x n was sa Q I I X 11, , . is SJ. X33 i.. , xg L' 'N - ,fa X16 1 Xi -4 0-Q Ii xx KC l s,-,1-:SQ-, -KNX' ,Jaw ' x'-, , ' ' ' . ', llll X I , N s ,Q I I- s N' if --if. 1 i X 5 T , X '- '- gl x -"..,' ....,, N I , as taaffa-ff , ,A IMI-5 N Q ab,'.-. x X x x-an W.,-, , ' '... '71 '- X' fa MC'-' ' :Li-".Ei:aa... . la 4 -Qfflh' ua -53.14. XX K 4 y X dst.: I ,, aa iaaaai.-2. xi X -4 ,gaps ,Q 1 X If eff' iw: ::::::g:jy X fx V Qin? 2:33 . iE:'2z-1f f.. X i vfdhf' 17 f I S, x ' 'I I I-aunt! uf. I x If , Q 4 I . lllf I j-g-:,,3.,,-,-,irvfzsg .T ' ' 'ii-1i?22::121-'N .f'w"a" 'IEEE-':"' u I, ii "4" '5f -fe"Q4'a,f::s:i1- I - , 5 . xi, sv 311 ' I ' xx I 1 'x'lill'26E3- 7': l ig? :ff-E.. Q 'qiiii 4. , I 'as -. I. + . .-ff 'iii - . lI'i' N if-'iss' -'fin' f f-fel' i l lip l ' ' 7i155,"' 'L' - -Lf-,' " - V'i'i"Q"'Q' Q.. X 5. I I 1.,,-,.,st,..j.,...w:.,' 4 A N,-15, I 4 - a-,, -I., . ,- 5 -..-., y - lla' Q -- To 'lfflff :Rf --1' Q 'Iseli' 'N' ' I cggisgg, X1-ggijsv 'X N X ,l',5Q'Q"" X XQQQ 3 .-, Q.:-.. - ,sexy V ',s,.' A-NN5 . 'f V ' xbsxv. S? I ax The Librar The University of Toledo Library will soon have a building of its own. Preliminary plans have been approved by the University Board of Directors and the architects have been authorized to proceed with the "working drawings". The Library will be constructed on the land east of Uni- versity Hall, between the latter and the east driveway. Connected by a tunnel with University Hall. there will be four floors and a basement section. The top floor will house the law library collection. law classrooms and oflices. The ground fioor will contain. in addition to stacks of books, a music listening room. a faculty study and a faculty lounge. The main floor will contain the various departments and offices. The Library Building is being constructed in response to a critical need which has existed for some years but which has grown steadily more acute. The Liniversity now has 160.000 bound volumes and continues to grow at the rate of approximately 8.000 bound volumes per year. Mrs. Mary M. Gillham. librarian. also is professor of library science. She is a member of several professional library organizations. of Delta Kappa Gamma. honorary education society. and is a member of and adviser to Alpha Omicron Pi sorority on this campus. Mrs. Cillham is included in "Who's Who in America" and in "'Xmerican Scholars". biographical listings. If If xlyrvff, .- , . ' J ,. xy , .1. 'K X . X. . 1 N . y 'X f . f hlltlxl it-li J ,, ,f . x tl lt '. X f f ff i xx Fi' r' lf-X .f' , . Vfjfj, J 'ff y R p 1,7 A K.- ' - at I V . iff' f Q NX t..' f-51:-' V J, lg X, i- 1 .Xxx J, I, se c l! VIP. 2 ' g s: ff j 4 X'-gg lt- ll . X -43 Y i 1' ff X .fl ,, X Y ' j 4.-- - if xxx T i jj Q . l vll wt N f . . 4 tw it we Q-lx ' f we ' lie fifty. tqk . A ' J X -ti. tp . -- -,asv Q. Qx 5.1" J -fi" ,vs Nr. . af - Q. ff . . ' ,W N X 'M X ff-at f. Q -Jef - fs? XXX XX v fc'-tl' 1 X 'f ,N f X I ,gels X, We .tx X .5 I rj 'ifhiil-'N . X. s - .wiki .- ,f X 'ffa-'QW A' N!-. ,rg fiat 'lllfll " 4' X ' ,zKb.,gf- F! " ' - fi. as-1 link., 4 , 117 in ' ,ff E., gf Il. .' 1 I 5154402 , . , , t J Am? , Vp f,.V X .Nxwsxutx X xi ,Ng t. A Q 4: is-3 If I.. B A1-.PQ+.Q',xf' ,y .. xi' H. ' V X -E451 935' -wiv 4 '- . v i kwf., -n-"Egg fa-f A 1 '- ' , x-. -'AN -'YAP I . 1' V XX X ,iyeg-Q-.vm,' 99. 517 .1 .ff 3"i:Zff1.Ci?'5? '71 ,r g I ' N 494-2 'Q f' u D" f HN VT' , 0 66141 ' - L' f' . . V . xx,-X. If X, 4 gig "!.'.' The Registrar The main functions of the Registrars Office may be class- ified under five general headings: admissions. attendance, recording. registration and statistical data. The work in admission is concerned chiefly with evaluation of high school records and advanced standing records. The ofiice maintains a record of all excessive absences and tardiness for both day and evening classes. This year marks the beginning of a new registration sys- telll. Under this new system. IBM machines will be used in an effort to meet the immediate and modern demands of the University. One purpose of the new procedure will be the elimination of the long lines familiar to the old svstem of registration. With the aid of the IBM machines, filing time will be cut considerably, and grade cards will be ready to be mailed in a matter of hours. Upon the resignation of Miss Geiner who had done an excellent job as registrar for 27 years. Mrs. Markowski was appointed acting registrar. Mrs. Markowski has done a wonderful job in her new position by undertaking so big a responsibility. Miss Marian Carrol now heads the evening registrar's duties, while Miss Gertrude Hopkins ably handles schedule administrations which are now incorporated into the registrar procedures. 13 , n. JF-, I, . 9,4 3 I'5g.I , , 1,1 .1 " 4" Q"'I'.f' , I ff' 'rf " f' -' -. ,,--xv., ' V, 'US 1 ' .,..1 , ,- S P K f-A SI .' QI -iq I. f ' I, , '35 r Y ,.--- Y A I , 1- I . , ' . -- ' 1 ' I , -fr P f .. ' , I 5 A ' K I fa' Hifi-I' . A' ' K' 35" r ' "',f5.i-2' ' " .. E7 1 . fy . , ,s I 'f' , Q5 I+'1' qi'-'.F,9,., if--1 . L. ,wif ' 2 ',. . ff u ., f Qs. I .-Aa.-fi 5 :M JA ,L A I ,-. I A . - , . ., V. .. 1: . , ., I W . ' , ' , '. - 1. - ,' ' Z9 lx, ., , 5 4' .-5 I . IIS, .. . ' - .. - ' B1 I . . x 'O 115' Isgf'Q-' rl' I :fn Ivgffr 559' - MI. . r 1 1, ' I-xi' "x ' K hav lq,-A. -, . , Q 9, l '43 ., XI jx 'I ,5 n 'II 4 II- .-v 4 f I f . . .I-Q.. .kg ' . ' .-J, - -r, - 'f 1 ."'.l4..- 1.4.3 '-': ', 1.1 ., IT.'-44. f QI' - lf- 4 . l - 4 '44 '.. '- , J- ,..I, Q g, , T f' ' fly P. - .- .Q . ' 1 , 1 J 'I I I '-Nm, 1- I 'I . . .', 9 'fi-"Q ' ' 1 ' 'A ' ' 5511,-, -5' 1 ..-4 . 'v . . F- 1 ' If ' -' :- .. , I. I I ., II .I ., , , U ,, I ' , -I' '-A -', 7. , -TI I 'f , ,i . 'ix , H -' , ,J 41,-. -. - - v ' sv . ..- ' " , ' "' ""3'5' -- -1' . s.I. 1 . I I I - , I , I. 'f f' "' , -ix - ' . . ' 1' I yi.: ,142 "M 4. 3 ,. . .' A . ..'I I -.7 A I .. X lvl , I .,, . ' 1 -:.... I 'ag ' D I ' I4 I H nl. ,II . , , .. ':. F" 4 . I II I ' .. X Q' mr , iq ' g If 'I 7 .. ' -W -- ". ' M . '4"' 1 1 'Q "" .."', V - X. . If J ' :'I-".'--:."?'- N" ' -1 ,, I ,.,.- 4 ' fy-. . I , A ,I . MEMURIAM An editorial commendation of Professor Hilo Steph- ens is indeed a graceful tribute. The most valid apprais- al of his services to the University. however. will come from that large number of faculty members and stu- dents who will rise up spontaneously to voice apprecia- tion of his skill as a teacher and sincerity as a friend. The improved lives into which he has extended himself will be an influence for good for a long time to come. Professor Stephens came to us six years ago. well poised socially. mature in scholarship. and having achieved a signal triumph over physical adversity. His success as a member of the faculty derived from his enthusiasm for his work. On many occasions he re- marked that he was very happy in his chosen career and with his relationships in the city and the Liniver- sity. No responsibility was too demanding for him to ac- ceptfno request too trivial to receive his careful atten- tion. He gave of himself liberally and patiently to student needs. a counsellor his techniques were ex- cellent and many a student who came into the office OWEN BARONER THOMAS I. MCCOY discouraged. left with the dignity ofone who had gained self respect. The students in his classes soon learned that they were expected to put forth effort and were inspired to do so. "You just naturally want to become a skillful Billet Tester" was a typical comment. when asked once if he would object to members of the administra- tion visiting his classes. he responded without hesitation. "Of course not. I have nothing to hide." It is fitting that we. as a Lniversity family. com- municate to his wife. Xfildred. and to his children. Susan and Jo Ann. our heartfelt sympathy in their bereavement and our happiness with them that they have enjoy ed the privilege of these years with so noble a husband and father. He was too practical to be much affected by eulogies. lle would appreciate more that we spend ourselves a little more effectively in the field in which his labors were eut short. This obligation his friendship imposes upon us. Wie cannot do more. we dare not do less. -Dr. Paul Vid. Stansbury. PHILLIP H. MILLER CHARLES A. SHARPLES "Crossing the Barn Sunset and evening star. Twilight and evening bell. And one clear call for me! And after that the dark! And may there be no moaning of the bar. And may there be no sadness of farewell. When I put out to sea. When I embark: But such a tide as moving seems asleep, For though from out our bourn of Time and Place Too full for sound and foam. The flood may bear me far. When that which drew from out the boundless deep I hope to see my Pilot face to face Turns again home. Vfhen I have crossed the bar. 'Alfred, Lord Tennyson ., "1"'l'l 1 , Ti-.,T:i in . , ,ui .j,.,. L -.49 -. mx ,1- .-' 1 Y ...exif 1 .. Kim? 1 ,. , 1' 3 1 frm ' .' ' . 1 11. -fu . K, 4,1 1 1 P 1"f.'A' , - 4 W' .l 51-lqj xi .-5 fig. 'Jah " ' " '. ' s"- .4"'.."? ,i 'if L -A 'I-Z 1. .,. fi. Q 1, .4 xii' V- ' ' ' -'M' e": ' xg' J- .1 . " 1112, 'nz -1 QL' f , 1- yi, .' 4 k'i':A-5 I.. lgxns 1 I I gh N- ' 1 ' 'P 4 -:I-n f, Qs. 5 1 an I Wax 1 xo 'f ' , A x 1 'PQ ,W L 9 ,,?, ' 1 A ,Qi R111111f1111111r 11'l11111 -E .-,. , rw 1 an - 'wud sq. J . -11? 11:1 . AJP!! MM nr... 1 115. V 11415264 II1 11 Vlllll l1111l1f1f1l lilff' Ill ,HIS 1113 IN-I. 7 'Hd 94 nuol au 3 VJ -N14 M 9 I 1 I J :J . w A'-0-Q my w.-1. N Q .445 if Q ,. 1 lj IDI-, XX li XI,4.H iissnvidln' prof:-ssor off-ttgim-1-ring llll'1'ilHl1il'S 4 H xnuzs S. I4 umot lc. instrm-tor nl' managt-mu-nt XIHRLIN ln. lil-1l.l.. assovialn' profs-ssor of lftlglisll llnltl-.Nfl-L X. l5I''l'. as-islunl lnrofvssor of plnsival 1'llIl4'2'lliUll 'uc XII S. lil--r1t,l.. assistant prof'-s-or nl' Iingli-In Xllllll IC ll. lima lt. a--1-tant proh-ssor ul 1-hw-nnslrx ll. f,nl,. XXI 'l'Il'lli'1' dll l.l.lu1 II. HI.Xkl',l-'lIil.Il. prof.-ssor ul' militars el lavlir- n Xln-. Xl xx X. limv num. il-'lflbllll prolt-ssor ol hmm- won- unriv- lir Ilon um II. Xl. lion u xx. Inruii---nr ol' hiologx DR. GEORGE C. .-M:itERLt'Nn. associate professor of St'l'OIlll2il'y t'dllC'3ti0Il CoRNEI.IL's C. AQIKERNIAN. assistant professor of civil vngim-ering DR. JANINA NI. ,'XlJ.nltIZYli. pt'ol'essor of sociology DR. C.utR0I.l, li. Astos, associate professor of IlIiiIllt'IIl3lif'S lisTHER li. NNDERSON. assistant professor ol' sav- re-tarial training JOSH I. APONTE. associate- professor of pharmacy SQ i xl ROBERT J. BURNS, JR., assistant director of eve- ning sessions GERALD L. BUSH, instructor of physical education and basketball coach CHARLES D. CALHOON, assistant professor of mathematics MRs. MARY B. CANFIELD.. associate profesor of secretarial training DR. VELDA B. CARVER, associate professor of elementary education EUGENE W. CLEHOUSE, assistant professor of metal processing DR. BESS CUNNINGHAM, professor emeritus in elementary education SGT. EDWARD J. CURTIN, assistant in R.0.T.NC. GRACE M. CUTLER, assistant professor of mathe- matics DR. JOHN B. BRANDEBERRY professor of mathematics and engineering mechanics SGT. DONALD W. BRENNEMAN assistant in R O T C DR. FLOYD J. BRINLEY. assistant professor of biologw WVALTER F. BROWN, professor of electrical 6l10'l!1Et'I'lI10' DR. DONALD K. BRUNDAGE. associate professor of CllEl'Il1btI'W WALTER V. BURG. professor of chemical enfuneering 'X' sf' .W ry-ff, .. Ii-"ii - 4 t Lima, llli. lllnll-LR li. lll N XTIHN. 2i5hlN'lHlf' prulvssnr of st'i'lll1llHI'f elm-atinn I lx '4'l'Ill'QlilNl-I I-Q vnu. prnlie-wsur 1-nn-ritus ul' literature' lluxnx KN l". lim H. a-ws-iatv prof:-smr ul' pulilival svivltm- l.l1Il.l,Ii Il. l',Xl4,ll. a--1-tant llI'lbll'hrHI' ul lilnrarx sa-in-m-v Ibn. XNIHIHN X. l"li.1l':lt. prnll-mfr ul' an-nmautie-al 1-ngim-1-ring f.lIiIll.l'QN X. l'l'Il.lxI'LH. aww-'atv 'trol--,mr ul sm-atmnal wlu- ril I lull llmu- Il. I-,lu.. a--i-tant prnll-mfr nl' law xllff. lin-mln l"I.UIKIl'l'l. a--iwtant prnll-,mr uf Spanifh Illc. flu XHI.l'lN NK. lfmevnnl. prull-Wir nl' law DR. WixYNE DANQER. professor of mathematics JOHN T. Dau EY. assm-iate prnfessnr 0l'lllt'Cl13l1lf'iil 4-nginec-ring Ym1.E'r H. Duns. assistant professor ol' mathe- mativs DR. ,lutrzs Q. DEu.m'. pn-ulbssnr ol' political S1'lf'lll'l' Yxvila ll. Dnlmsox. assistant prollfssut' ol' client- istrj DR. Rnnulmu C. Dmurzs. pmlk-ssur of histury MRS. NIARY NI. GILLHABI. professor of library science DR. ERNEST W. GRAY, professor of English MARION E. GRAY, assistant professor of home economics GEORGE L. HE.4TH, instructor in mechanical engineering DEAN DAVID W. HENRY, professor of education PHILIP H. HENSEL, professor of business admin- istration l ARTHUR L. HENZE, assistant professor of soci- ology WILLIAM E. HEUER, associate professor of metal processing DR. FRANK ER. HICKERSON, professor of education DR. ALFRED F. FOSTER, assistant professor of chemistry EDWARD S. FOSTER. JR.. associate professor of physics ARTHUR G. FRAXCIS. athletic director HUBERT H. FRISINGER, assistant professor of finance ROY C. FRISK. instructor of biology IW,-KNKIN M. GIBSON. associate professor of law XR llxlcln lx. HLTTER. assistant professor of geography and gflfiilgy p I i.xRi1v:r3 I". lhnxiz. JR.. assistant professor uf law ,umm Xl. ,I nwgx. professor 1-nn-ritns ol' history ala-an of lin- 1-oll--gr of arts anti sc-ivlif-cs i 1 nuu.ias J. hlnsfgiixlau. assistant professor ol' transportation l,tNII-ll. P. Ixom sh vm. instructor in lniolovx I' li XI.l'Il li. l.iv,xs'rr:R. associate professor ni' accounting XIQXULIQ XX. l,xl'l'. associate professor of 2l4'l'UlllllillK I UNI! i.U'I'. H-sisliilll llrniivssnl' ni' ilirlnrf un 'l'. JUIIXFUN. assuvialc- professor of historx: assistant ANTON H0t:sTAD, JR.. associate professor of phar- macognosy DR. HELEX Hom. associate professor of elemen- tary education xl,-XRY I.. HOLTON. assistant professor of French GERTRL'DE A. I'l0PlilNS. schedule administrator DR. Xmsox W. Honey. associate professor of chemistry W. ASQIQITH HOWE. assistant professor ofaccount- ing I 9 -I WIINSTON E. lx'ICHENR1'. instructor of marketing DR. NICHOLAS MOGENDORFF. professor of nat- ural Science GLENN E. MOWERS. assistant professor of psy- chology LAMORA R. MUELLER. assistant professor of physical education WILRIA NASH, assistant in chemistry MILTON A. NETTER, JR., instructor of mechani- ical engineering GEORGE E. PANKRATZ, associate professor of engineering drawing DONALD S. PARKS, professor of business admin- istration MAJOR FRANCIS J. PERNA, assistant professor of military science DR. CHARLES H. l.ARWOOD. professor of pharmacy AIARSHALL L. LIPMAN. assistant professor of history JESSE R. LONG. assistant professor of journalism MRS. ALICE B. LORENZ. lecturer in sociology DR. LIQCILE NIARINE, associate professor of elementary edu cation xlRS.j:XLlNA xl.-XRKOWYSKI, acting registrar 'P ,.-v Z fHXHI,H'l'TI-I Nl. lhrzegmglc. assistant prule-ssur 1-nu-rnlus of Illllnll' IIr:nmgn'rS1.m1ruv,. assistant lDl'1Iff'SSHI'0ffLl'l'llliiIl unix Ii. S11nm.Tr1x. assistant prnlk-ssnr ul' I-lnglish XI. lx XTIIRX N Sum us. qll-an nl' mum-n lh IH T. Sf:u1'T. assm-ian' pruf.-ssnr nl' linglish Ibn. f.I.tIIK lx. Fl-lXl!I,I-LN. pmh-ssnr nl l'l'llllllIlll4'S and 4-mum II KICULID KI. 5llXFI"I'llK. inslruf-lor in hiulngx' IHIALIVI' li. Sn xnlmrk. in-tru:-lur in lninlugy l'I'l'l' :num XX. Snmmum-Ln. a--i-lam prulbs-nr ul' nmlln-unulie-s RICHARD R. Przxny. dirm-mr of admissions Nlns. Flnnlsxmza B. RXIJABAFGII. assistant pro- fessor nl' socinlogs XXVILLIANI C. RXHE. instructor of mechanical engi- nn-ering Xlks. Nl un' F. R nl instruc-tor in l10lIll' t'l'0Il0IIlii'S DR. SIIJN E1 Rmssns. professor of finance XIILDREII. Rorsls. RS.. instrum-mr of hy givne 4'-F, Nw DR. ARCHIE N. SOLBERG. professor of biology DR. JAMES G. SOUTHWORTH. professor of English MARY SPOONER. assistant professor of physical education PAUL W. STANSBURY, professor of psychology BRENTON W. STEVENSON, associate professor of English DR. LLOYD F. SUNDERMAN. professor of music GEORGE M. TAOKA, assistant professor of com- mCI'CC GERALD E. THOMPSON, assistant professor of economics DR. HAROLD T. TOWE, associate professor of political science DR. GEORGE J. SIEMENS, associate professor of biology DR. DUANE D. SMITH. associate professor of history H.AROLD E. SMITH, instructor in music JOHN T. SMITH, assistant professor of physical education WYILLARD A. SMITH. assistant professor of history Viv. SHERMAN SMITH. associate professor of civil engineering "ff 4-4 ,3 55 - Mm" 'Q I3 3 wi DR. ANDREW ,l. Towxslzxn, professor of history DR. ,loin J. Trmx. professor of physics and eleetrieal engineering XIAJOR linwum E. Wi.-XL'l'ERS. assistant professor ol' military seienee and taeties Routztrr li. wil-IEBER. assistant professor of elec- trieal engineering Du. Nluuox ,-X. Xhztonrxux. assoeiate professor of hygiene and physical etlueation W1Ll.1.ut D. WvENZl,AL'. assistant professor of meelianieal engineering lilm um B. Vl'tf:kEs. assistant professor ol' elemen- tary etluvation DR. Guxlnlzlz NYILLIASIS. professor of philosophy DR. CIRTIS Nl. Vl'1t,sox. professor of geography anal geology ,ltfxlc li. NX INSLUN. assoeiate professor ol' mathe- malies 'l':stt'rli Yann. assistant professor of eleelrieal engineering lv.-tN F. ZAROBSKY. professor of met'hanit'al engineering Q 1- ve: v Sa, , 2, in M1166 1 1 4 ,sw 'Ik r, m?"A ,v A ,A J '- 9? 2 x 1 x s X H vw 'K AF ,isa , , 2 I ' 1 4 X P- y. '-ff il D VT? 'Q ,4- SENIOR CLASS X great many laurels descend upon this y'ear's senior graduates ofthe University' ol' Toledo as they depart from the hallowed portals of their college to take their places among the professionals of the world. Four yearis exhibition of lille abilities by the members of this class anticipate success and happiness for them in com- ing years. The senior class activities were led by ,lack Lester. an able president elected in the previous spring elections. Ile was assisted by ,loan Machen. secretary: and Nlarilyn Weiker. treasurer. Senior Student Council representatives were Marilyn Nliller and ,lim Dawson. Dick Bensman was Student Council president. Seniors working on the senior committees served to help l95l-N52 to be a bang- up year for the ,Iune graduates. These committees included: Banquet: James Pclton. chairman: Donna Crocker: Dick Devine: Dorothy Yogelsang: and Pat Pope. Senior Ring: ,lean Benson. chairman: Edison Tom: Anne Seufert: John Cist: ymltfr Bower. Convocation: ,lohn Savage. chairman: Marilyn Nliller: ,lack Dvcrly: .loyce Massey: Shirley Jay: and Peggy Bires. Senior-Faculty Softball: Paul Katz. chairman: Charles Miller: Roger Wads- worth: Norm Kwiatkowski: ,lohn Schuster: and Tony Morelli. Baccalaureate: llazel Nlinke. chairman: Donald Noland: Norma Downing: John Hayek: John Mt-Gee: and Nlarylin Xnsted. Senior Prom: Carolyn Nlatthews. chairman: ,loanne Lukasiewicz: Barbara limerson: Don Christensen: Florence Binder: and Marion Antonini. Publicity: ,Iohn Fay. chairman: Peg Oberlez Nleredith Hague-Rogers: .lohn Scott: .loan Xlachen: and Dick Gehring. Memorial: ,lim Waffle. chairman: Marilyn Weiker: ,lim Nlachen: Bette Gray: Bob Weinman: ,-Xggie Bruno: and Irene Nakos. Xnnoimce- ments: Sally Scheppert. chairman: Nancy Reis-ter: Ruth Launer: Nancy' Osgood: and Louis Cisowski. Co-ordinating: Bob Feldstein. chairman: Bonnie Wlacvayg Phyllis Nlartin: Carlaine Balduf: and Dick Bensman. NXVUIIICII-S breakfast: Frances Teglmeyer. chairman: Doris Robetaille: ,ludy Sweeney: ,loan JNllllllt'l'2 Marilyn lleuerman: Buth Stukcy: Lois Nletzger: and ,lo ,Xnn Hein. Finance: Dorothy Fash. chairman: Val Wittenburg: Shirley Fair: Tom Brell. Picnic: lflsie lloen. chairman: Nancy Fox: Frances Cohen: Virginia Peters: :XI Sing: and Dick Franklin. .l. Lester .l. Nlaclien Nl. wieikel' 'WC :'L. if 2-1-2 I J . ' f' 5-535 F, I ff 411 ' q Jifyivlk' Q 7 V f .v'. 41-j., ,sq--ss 'K 7 ,-,, 2- , X, -: Q Ulf! nt ' V' 5 f -EQ L Wililk , fell Q91 . I N X if 'lp r il i l 1 Ill' llltwll 'll fi '- w .9 ll ill' 5 Xfnnix 1 A 28 .loam Ammcr 'Nlurylin Anslcd James Aufdcrhm-ide lframcn-s Buhnllcth Thomas Basich .lunu-s Rules AM MICR. JOAN FAITII-Ii. Ed. Radio Workshop 2, 3. 4. Pres. 4: Pine Arts Club 2. 3, 4, Sec. 3: University Chorus 1.2. llis- torian 2: NY.R.A. 2: Y.VK'.C.A. l. 2: Univer- sity Theater 3. 4: Nlotion Picture Club 4: Allegro Club la. ANSTED. NIARYLINAR. Ed. YAY .C.A. l, 2. 3, 4, Editor Y. Paper 1. YY'.S.S.F. Comm. 2. 3. Program Chairman 3. Area Rep. 4: Fine Arts Club 1. 2. 3, 4, Sec. 2. 4: Class Pres. 2: Spring Formal 2: Homecom- ing Dance Comm. 2: Junior Prom Comm Chr. 3: Campus Conf. on Religion Conuu. Co.-Ch. 3, 4: International Relations Club 3. Sec. 3: Blockhouse Art Editor 4: Student Handbook Art Editor 3: L.S.A. 2: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Y. Pres. 3, Acting Pres. 4, Conferences 2,3: Peppers 4: El. Ed. Club 4: Who's Wvho 4: Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2. 3. 4. ANTONHNI, MARION H.fR.S.M.E. ARX 3, 4: Amer. Soc. Mech. Engr. 3. 4, Sec. 3: O.S.P.E. 2, 3, 4: Y.1W.C.A. 3, 4: English Club 1, 2, 3: Engineering Soc. 1, 2, 3: New- man Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Kappa Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3, V. Pres. 2: Institute Aero. Sciences 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3, Sec. 1. 2: Delta X 1, 2: Military Science Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Dance Comm. 1: Thanks- giving Dance Comm. Chr. 3: Nliniature Homecoming Comm. Chr. 3: Spring Dance Comm. Chr.: Blockhouse Assit Fraternity Editor 3: 1.F.C. 3: Sigma Rho Tau 2. 3: Soc. for Advancement of Management 3: Who's Who 4. ARlN4STRONG, JEAN-B.S. Pi Gamma Nlu 4: Sigma Alpha Omega 3, 4, Sec. 4: Ellen H. Richards Club 3, 4: L.S.A. 1: Tower Club 2, 3: Alpha Chi Omego 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3. ASHBY, MARSHALL-B.S. Pre. Med. 'Slarinn Antonini ,lt-aiu Armstronal C.irlainv lialduf .lobn Buran Nlary lit-mis tlharla-s Bt-ck ATHANS. CLORlAfl5.A. lid. l".T.A. 4: Poetry Club 1. 2: l,l'3l'll3llt'5- Assoc. l. 2. 3. 4: National Collegiate Players 4: YAY. C.A. 1. 2. 4: Fine Arts 4: Psychology Club l: Radio Workshop 1. 2, 4: Christmas Por- mal Comm. 3: Canterbury Club 1, 2: l.R.C. lv: 'Xlntion Picture Club 1, 2. tl-. -XIFDERIIEI DE. .1 A NlESfB.S.E.E. BAllNFLETl'l. FRANCES-'13, Ed. Klo- tion Picture Club l. 2. 3. l: l".T.A. 4: Pi Beta Phi 2, 3. 4. RALDUP, CARLAINE-B. tid. Alpha Omi- cron Pi: Y.WV.C.A. 1. 2: University Thea- tre 1, 2, 3. 4. Pres. 4: University Chorus 1. 2. 3: Rel Canto 1. 2. 3: W'.S.S.F. 2: Radio Wvorlishop 2. 3. 4: Collegian 2: Can- terbury Club 2: Who's Who 3. 4: Peppers 3, Pres. 4: Young Republicans 3: Fine Arts Club 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: University Choristers 3: National Collegiate Players 3. 4: Pi Gamma Nlu 4. BARAN. JOHN R.AB.B.A. Kappa Sigma Kappa 1.2. 3. 4, Treas. l. 2. 3. Pres. l-: Alpha Kappa Psi 4: Bus. Ad. Club 3. 4: I. R. C. 4: 1.F.C. 4. BARRETT, ANN-R.A. Transfer-Wiilliam Woods: Y.W'.C.A. 2. 3. 4: NV.S.S.F. Comm. Chr. 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: Madrigal Sin- gers 3: Bel Canto 2: Blockhouse 4: Wesle- yan Club 3, 4: Alpha Chi Omega 2, 3, 4. BARRON, MARTINfB.S. in Pharm. BASICH, THOlVIAS4R.S.C.E. Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers 2. 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4: O.S. P.E. 3. 4: Kappa Sigma Kappa 2, 3: New- man Club 1, 4: Amer. Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences 3, 4. BATES. JANIES W.-B.B.A. Dorm M. Club 2. 3: MacKinnon Hall Club 4. 29 Nlgtrshall Ashby Gloria Athans Ann Barrett Martin Barron Nancy R. Bvll Thomas B. Bell Bti A NS, NIA RY K.+ li.ll.A. BECK. C11 A RLES F.--R. S. in Pharm. Amcr. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 2. 3, 4: TennisTeam 'Nlanager 2. HELL. NANCY R1'Tl1-B.Ed. El Ed. Club l. 2. 3. 4: Wesleyan Club 1. 2, 4: WV.R.A. 1. 2. 3.4: Y.W'.C.A. l.2.3,4: Spring Formal Comm. Chr. 1: University Theatre 4: Pi Beta Phi l. 2, 3. 4. Sec. 4. BELL, THOMAS B.fB.S. in Pharm. Kappa Psi 2, 3. 4: Alpha Gamma Upsilon 2. 3: Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 2, 4: Dorm L. Club, Pres, Y. Pres. 2. 3. 4: Newman Club 4. SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTE Launer, R.: Reister, N.: Scheppert. S.: Osgood, N. E iv u a 1i SICNIIDR PRUNI CHXIXIl'I'Tl'lI-I allliems. C.: Riueler. lf.: xlllllllllll. NI.: Lulxasieuivz. ,I. BENDER. DAYID JOHN-B.5.NI.E. Phi Kappa Psi l. 2. 3. 4. See. 2. Y. Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Class Treas. 1: Class Variety Show Comm. 1: Prom Comm. 2: I.F.C. 3. 4: Canterbury Club I. 2. BENNETT. VARY ANN-B.A. Alpha Chi Omega: Toner Yiew Club 2. See. 3. 4: Psychology Club 4. BICNSXI,-XN. RICIIARD Sig- ma Phi Epsilon 2. 3. 4: Slullenl Council 3. I. Pres. 4. Trvas. 3. Xlelfs Rep. 3: 0.S.P.E. 'P L. 3. -I: I...S.,X. I: Religious Conference Comm. Co-Cbr. 4: Della X 3: l.R.I'1.. A.I. I'I.E. 3. 4: XRX 4: NYl1o's NN ho I: Pi Bela Tau: Collegian Publications Rd. BENSON. .Ili XN--R. Eil. Poetry Club I. 2. 3. 4. N. Pres.. Treas. 3: L.S.:X. I. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 3. Y. Pres. 4: Zela Tau Alpha 1. 2. 3. 4. See. 3: I-IT. 8.2.3. 4: Rel Canlo l.2: Cam- pus Conlerem-e on Religion Comm. 3. 4: Religious Couneil 3. 4: W.R.A. 1-: ICI. Ed. Club 3. 4: Thanksgiving Ilanve Comm. 3: Uramalivs Assov. 3. 4: YNX .C..'X. l. 2. 3. 4: W.S.S.l-'. 2. 3. Publicity Comm. 3: Nlolion Pielure Club 3. BFRNARII. .IKCK CH.fI3.Ii.A. Pi Rho Sigma l. 2. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3. 4: Chrislmas Iformal Comm. 4. BINDER. IDXYID S.fII.S.Ch.IC. Chem. Ifngineering Snr. 3. 4: Phi Ixappa Chi: W.S.S.I". 3. Class 0 9 2 Donna Birminglmnl Ric-hnral Rluek C. F. Boguez Roy Borellaril Rivliarll Iiourquin Paul T. Royl RINIJICR. FIAIRICNCIC-ll.IC1I. Hella Della Della I. 2. 3. I. Librarian 4: Y.W.C.A. I. 2. 3. I-: Psyehology Club 2: ICI. ICII. Club 3, 4: l".'I'.A. 4. IIIRICS. Nl-Xlillililfl' .4NNflI.IC4l. I,EIlil Della Della 2. 3. I: New man Club I. 2. 3. I: I".T..-K. 3. I: W.R..-K. I. 2. 3. I: Y.W.C.A. lluxul Rn-mls-r Klan hm II--nm-ll Rir-Ii.nraI Irwin II4-usnn lq2.l.: Rag-kg! Club 31 Pllysival I'IlIllI'1llI0ll I I kllr rl ll il! Ihr ' .iv v' na 4 .nk I incl:-r I"lnrn-m'n- Iluula-r Nlurunr--l "lim ' vs 30 . ajor's Club 3. I. III R NI I NGIIA Nl, DUN NAV IIN. Della llella Della I. 2. 3. I-. Ilislorian 3. See. 4: Y.W.C.'X. I. IZ. 3. I-. llislorian 4: Ifllen II. Rivlmrcls Club I. 3. I: Rloekliouse 2. 3: W.R.N. I. 2. 3. I: Rallio Whrksliop 3: liel Canto 1: A Cappella Choir 3: Ilanee Comlu. Cu,-Chr. lg llomes-oming Comm. 2: Prom Comm. 3. IIl.ACIx. RICIIARIJ A.-f-IS.S.'XI.I'1. Amer. Snr. of NII'1'Il3llII'Lll Iingineers 3. I-:U.S.I'.I'f. I: Nmsnian Club 3, I-: Ilella X 2. lHNLl'I'IZ. II. I". ILS. RURCIIARID. ROY ILS. in Pharm. Tau kappa Ifpsilon 3. I. I'lf'cIg5elnasler I: Amer. I'Il1lI'IIlill'l'lIIIl'2lI Assnv. 3. I-. RUllRQI'IN. RICIINRU Il.--R.I'leI. IHIYID. I'-UTI. T.. .I R. ILS. Ann-r. I'hurm. Ai-mo. 2, 3, I: kappa Psi 2. 3. -4: Dorm I.. Club 3. I. Nancy Brigham Ruth Broglian Barham liuntin-' Aileen Canlieltl Donald Chrislcns Alarjuric Christensen BRIGHANI. NANCY C.-B.S. in Pharm. Chi Omega I. 2. 3. 4: Kappa Gamma. Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4: Red Cross 2. 3: Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 1. 2. 3. 4: Tom er View Club. Treas. 3. l. BROGIIAN. RLTII D.fB.Ed. AY.R.A. 2. 3, 4: E.T.A. 3, 4: Red Cross I: Y.AY.CA. 1. 2, 3: Alay Day Comm. 2: Canterbury Club 3. 4: Homecoming Comm. 3: Block- house 2, 3: Collegian 3: University Theatre 3: Radio Wiorkshop., Script Chr. 3: Delta Delta Delta. 2. 3. 4. Rush Chr. 3. BROWN. VIRGINIA .IWOAN-B.Ed.v Fine Arts 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2: A .IX .C.A. l: W .R.A. I: Psychology Club 4: F,T.A. 1. 2, 3. 4. BRUNO. AGATHA-B.Ed. Chi Omega 1. 2. 3, 4, Rush Chr. 4. Pledge Nlother 3: Col- legian 1. 2. 3. 4. Soc. Editor 4. Campus Editor 4: El. Ed. Club 2, 3. 4: Newman Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 2, 3, Sec. 3: Dance Comm. I. 2: Campus Conferenceon Religion 3: Student Coun- cil 3: Nliniature Homecoming Comm. 2: Peppers 3: Alpha Phi Gamma 4: Yi'ho's Who 4. BRLNSBIAN. JOSEPH FRANCIS-B.B.A. BUBACZ, DONALD .IOHNfB.B.A. Polish Club I, 2, 3. 4. Y. Pres. 3: Alotion Picture Club 2, 3: Newman Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Bus. Ad. Club 2, 4: Football 1. 2, 3: Intramural Bowling 4. HUNTING. BARBARA LEIGH-B.Ed. Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross 1, 3: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Young Juan Broun Agatha Bruno .loseph Cuppn-llu llunziltl Calrnlicllucl I ui' fi ki Fr 'l' h .o s .sou- unc:-s .tv cn Republican Club 2. 3: Freshman Prom Comm. l: Soph. Prom. Comm. 2. CANEIELD. AILEEN-B.A. in Ed. Alpha Chi Omega. 2. 3. 4: l:'.T.A. 2. 4: l.R.C. 3: Spanish Club 3. 4. Sec. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. CAPPILLLO. .IUSEPH T. fli.S. Alpha Gamma lips-ilon 2. 3: Amer. Pharm. Assoc. 2. 3, 4. Ai. Pres. 4: Kappa Psi 2. 3, 4. His- torian 4. CARXIICHAEL. RONALD S.-B.S.C.E. Amer. Soc. ot' Civil Engineers 2, 3. 4. Pres. 4. CARNER. ELLSWORTH NIERYI.-B. Ed. F.T.A. 1. 3. CAYANAIQGH. FRANCES-B.B.A. CHRISTENSEN, DONALD ANDERS- B.S.M.E. Theta Chi 2., 3. 4, V. Pres. 4: Amer. Soc. of Alech. Engineers 4. L.S.A. 4: Delta N 2: Christmas Formal Comm. 2: Homecoming Dance Comm. 3. CHRISTENSEN. NIARJORIE-B.A. Pi Gamma Mu 2. f3, 4, Pres. 3. Treas. 4: Phi Alpha Theta 4: Religious Conference Comm. 3. CISOWSKI, LOUIS-B.S. in Pharm. COHEN, FRANCES-B. Ed. F.T.A. 4: Senior Picnic 4. 31 Joseph Iirunsmu 1 Donald Bulnacz E. Al. Carne Frances Cavanaugh Eugene Conv: Donald Connolly CONGER. EIQGENE C.-B.A. German Club 2, 3. 4, Pres. 2: L. S.A. 2: Polymathic Soc. 4: l.R.C. 4. CON NOLLY. DONALD E.-B.S. SEN IOR COORDINATING COMMITTEE Balduf. C.: Feldstein. R. ,... 'fry SICXIHR g l'l lil If IIX t0NlXll'l'Tl'.l'. 1-ull. J l - lfaj. J.: Xlas-hen. .l.: Ulnerle. Nl. C01 DK. l.Ul'lS-B.5.Nl.lf. Alpha Sigma Phi 1. 2: Newman Club l. 2. 3. Y. Pres. 3: lI.S.P.l'I. 3. 4: Della X l. 2: Amer. Soc. of Nlevhanival Engineers 3. el. 1,1 ll lfl lull. TllUXlAb-B.C.Nl.lL. Amer. Sm-. ol' Nlevhanival Engineers. 3. -l. c:nl'SINo.t1.uwl. ANNfB. of Ed. Alpha Chi Unu-ga 1. 2. 3. 4: Y.XY'.C.,-X. l. 2. 3: l'ulyn1alhiv Sur. l. 2. 3. l-. Y. Pres. 2: Dra- nialic issue. 1.2: Young Repuhlivan Club l: f:lll'lSllIl3S Formal Connn. Chr. 2. 3: Xlay Day Connn. 2: lf'.'l'.A. 3. fl: Class Treas. 3: Rally Comm. 3: llllIll?C0llllllg. Cmnni. 3: Collegian Reporter 3: Sr. Co- urulinaling Connn. Chr. 3: l.R.C. l-. l10lSlN0. WAXYNIC ly- B.l!..'X. ,-Xlplia kappa lki 1: Young liepululiran Club 3. l:Y.Nl.C.-K. l. CllYl.lC. .l'lCli li.---li.S.l'i.lf. Y.Nl.C.fX. l: H.S.l'.l'i. l. 2. l: Elm-lrival lfngineering Suv. l. 2. 3: A.l.lC.lQ. K l.R.l'i. l. Treas. l: l,Ul'lll Xl. Clnlr I. 2: xl3l'KlIlIlKlll llall l'luln 3 l .lll'.XX. LHI5 l,XNUNXl'.-lib. in Incl. Cln-niiwlry Suv. 2: l".T.N. 3. l: Hella X 2. 3. l. l'r4w. l. Class of J56 4 I ..ul- I mil. ll:-nn.:-1 4-ull:-r l..urol hun Lin:-nn XX .nur l,nn-nm J l. l l l l Il l L ll Il 1 ll ll .14 .un r ,an- .ram mimi inn' 1-r u 1 Inn- .- 'ta- 4 'Jb- -. I n'i -A l , ., ff: 3 'U' ' 'T I -'7 .0 '27 "7 32 Ll 'JR j.nnu-- Cunninnhaun'll Culnnlins lflnu-lu' Czvruirn-l-li l"r1-:lrrivk Dan ry Lulu' Daniv- ,lallnezi Dun r-on Iilllllxlili. IIUNXX lir- ll.l'i4l. l'i Bela Phi 2. 3. I: l"ine XTISZ Y.XN.C.A. l. 2. 3: Wesleyan Clulv l. 2: W, S. S. F. Connn. 2: Nlay Queen Cuurl 3: Chi Bela Chi SN1'l'llN'2il'l 2. l,IHNIlxlC'l"l'. lil'l'll li.l'I4l. Della Della Della l. 2. 3. 1: lj2lIIIIl'llP!lll' Rep. l: Pr-pp:-rs -ll: kappa llvlla l'i 3. l-: Cnnler- laury Cluln 2. l-. Y. Pres. 2. 3: Prom Cu- Chairman 3: l'il. lil. Clulr l. 2. 3. l: liv- IrHl'll'l' 2: Yll .C.-X. l. 2. 3:S1ml1-nl Coun- 1-il Rl'llI'f'S1'lllilllNl' l. 22 willllk when l. l NNINGIIN Xl. .l -X Nll'ISf fli.S. in Plmrm XINIINS. l,UlXIil.l. l.AWRICNlIlC- li.!N.l..l'.. lln-Ia l.l1I 2. 3. il-: Amer. Nov. 'Fl Lnll I'.ll:Illl1'l'TP- l. 2. 3. l. 1llCliXXINSIxI.lilILICNIC-l!.S.I'I.l'I. HXYICY. lflilflllililClx---ILA. IIlll'l'-YiJl'- ,ily Christian lsvllmuliip 3. UNK IS. .INNIC ll. l'i4l. 'xlllllil Uniivrun l'i. Curr. S4-1-.: Y.XX.C.X. I, 2. 3. lv: I".'l'.N. l. lv: ICI. lill. Clulr 2. 3. lx We-e-mlryan Cluln 2. 3. l: 'Slay Huy Cunun. 3. IDNWSC DN. .l A 'Nl ICS ll. S. W. l'f. Tau lxappa I, . . - zpnllmi l. 2. 3. l-. Y. Pres. 2. Pres. 3. -l: 7 'Krx lg NPNIIHIII Cluh l. Z.. 3. fl: U.5.l'.l'i. 2. 3. 'l-: Sluelvnl Cmnwil 4. V. Prm-2. ll: 'l'ru1'k l: Wlufs Who 1: 'l'uu Bela l'i 4. Robert Dt-Arnicnt Robert Dr-rnlan Mary Dick .lanvt Diethclm ' ' ' ' S D p.. Edward Drahelm . ally Drake D l I L Robert Dudck Charles Dvsurl Alice Dougltcrly Norma ownln f David Drury Joseph u nie a ' DeARMENT, ROBERT-B.A. Collegian 2, 3, Reporter 2, Staff Writer 3. DERNLAN, ROBERT-B.S. Alpha Epsilon Della 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Kappa Kappa Psi 3, 4: University Chem. Soc. 3, 4: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4: Ger- man Club 4, Concert Band 4: Rocket Band 4. DICK, MARY ELIZABETH-B. Ed. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: W.S.S.F. 2, Bel Canto 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3: Madrigal Singers 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3: Campus Con- ference on Religion 3, 4, Comm. Co-Chr. 4, Gamma Pi Sigma 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, May Day Music Comm. 3. DIETHELM, JANET BARTLEY-B. Ed. Delta Delta Delta, El. Ed. Club 4: New- man Club 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, W.R..A. 3, 4. DILLON, W1LL1.AllI-B.S. in Pharm. DIMKE, ROBERT LOWELLfB.S. Ch.E. Pi Beta Tau 3, 4, Chem. Engineering Soc. 2, 3, 4: Military Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4: O.S.P.E. 4. DOUGHERTY, ALICE-B.S. Della Delta Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, Physical Education Major's Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of Swimming 3, 4. DRAHEIXI. EDW.-kRDfB. Ed. DRAKE, SALLY BALSNIEYER-B. Ed. Delta. Della, Della, 1.2. 3, 4: Y.W'.C.A. 1: El. Ed. Club l. 2: Blockhouse 2: W'.R.A. 2. DRAVES, RAYMOND H.-B.E. DRUMMOND. PATRICIA L.-B. Ed. DRURY, DAVID-B.A. Collegian 2, 3, 4, Reporter, Staff writer, Sports Ed., Man- aging Ed: Blockhouse 4, Ass-'l Copy Ed.: Alpha Phi Gamma 4: Phi Alpha Theta 4. DUBIELAK, .lOSEPHAB.S. DUDEK, ROBERT-B.S.Ch.E. Pi Beta Tau 3, 4: Honor Soc. 4: University Chem. Soc. 2, 3, 4: University Chemical Engineering Soc. 3, 4, Pres. 4. DYSERT, CHARLES-B.B.A. Alpha Phi Omega QNationalJ 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Soc. for the Advancement of Management 3, 4. DYSERT, MRS. BETTYAB. Ed. El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4. 33 William Dillon Robert Dimke zlynu nd Draves Patricia Drummond D t J it E cl v R 1 Xlrs.l3etty yser ac' aster aj DOWXIXG. NOR MA-B.S. in Parm. Chi Omega 2, 3, 4: Red Cross 2. 3. 4: Y.Vl7.C.A. 1, 2. 3: Kappa Gamma l. 2, 3. 4. Sec. 2. V. Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. l, 2, 3, 4: Young Republican Club 2, 3. EASTERDAY, JACK L.AB.S.E.E. A Ca- pella Choir 2, 3. 4: Band 2, 3, 4: l.R.E. 8: A.l.E.E. 3, 4: Kappa Kappa Psi 3, 4, Sec. 4, Military Science Club 3, 4. W'OlVlEN'S BREAKFAST CONIMITTEE Tegtmeyer, F.: Sweeney, J. -...ff X I4 DR Il XXQI ICT C1 ININIITTICIC Pellon. .l.: I'opz'. I3. QXRIYS. YICIAI.-X JE-XNfll. Hal. Zeta Tau Alpha 1. 2. 3. 4. Ilist. 3. Seey. I: Pep- pers 2. -I. See.-Treas. I: Whcfs who 3. 4: XX.S.S.l:'. Drive Co-ehr. 2: Prom Comm. Co-1-hr. 2: IIIIFISIIIIBS Formal Comm. 2: Spring Formal Comm. 2: Y.YY.C..'X. I. 2. 3. I. Y. Pres. 3: Campus Conferenve on Reli- gion Comm. Chr. 3: Collegian 2. lleporler 2: Illovkhouse 4. Senior Iiul. I: liniversilv Theater 2: Ifllen II. Rivliarils Cluln 2. Se-v. 3: I..5.:X. I. 2. 3. I. llisl. 3: W.R.A. I. 3: I".T. X. I. 2. 4: Ileal Cross 2. 3: Della X 2. 3. I. I.IJIiIIlGIi. III-IIIIi.fIi.Ii.k. I,I.lH'I"I'. Cl-IURGIC II.-B.S.NI.I-I. 0.8. I'.I'1.: Intramurals 3. I. C ISHN. II XIIIIXRQK CAROL-fI3. ICQI. Xlpha Unfir-ron Pi I. 2. 3. I. rlireas. I: I".T. X. I: Y. IX . C..-X. I. 2: Christmas Formal Connn. Chr. 3: I,.S.'X. 3: NYQII. X. 2. ICXII-IRY. ,KIA IN 'I' sII.S.IC.I'I. lzNxQICI.. CARHLYX -Ii. ICII. kappa Della: In I.,X.. Pres. 1. l-ll I.III'iIlG. I.I'iIUlY .I. -IIS. German Cluh I. 2. 3. I. See. 2: I. Pres. 3: Alpha Epsilon Della 3. I: Ili-la lla-la llc-la 3. 1. Pres. 4. Class of '52 lflvll-I IZLIJYII Ilvrl- l.I:lruIi. Hn-orgv l'ilIiull Ilarlmru I'Ima-rsnn Xlx In I'.m-'r 4..irol I' u"rl I.:-roy lfulln-rg Ilomllvl lfwing A 6 'J A 3-7 g IH Shirley Fair Dorothy Fash .lolm R. Fay Rohm-rl l"i-Irish-in Gloria Fish Rolmrl Flick Xl INC. IIUXALII ,l.'fIl.5.I'I. . I'i. Xlu Iupsilon 3. -I: U.S.l'.P,. I. 2. el: Pl Ilela I'au 3. 1. See.-Treas. 3. I: .'K.I.l'i.I'i. aml I.Ii.I'I. 3. LSL-e. L . . . . . 9 XI Il. !1IIIIlI.I'.3 -Il.A. Chi. lllllfga .., 3.-1: 'Ness man Club I. 2. 3. I: Young Ilepuhlivan Cluli 2. 3: Rell Cross I: Campus Conference on Religion 3. I: l3l0I'klI0llSf' 3: Y.W.C.-X. 2. 3. I. KSII. Il0RU'I'IIY--Ii.-K. Pi llc-la Phi: Col- legian I. 2. 3. I. Asst. Soc: lid. 2. Sov. I'I1I. 2. 3. I. Campus Ifhl. 3: Illoekhouse 2. 3. Campus I'i4I. 3: Peppers I: Alpha Phi Gamma 3. I: Pi Gamma 'llu 3. 4. V. I'res. I-: XN.Il.fX. I. 2. 3. I-. llc-ad ol' 2ll'l'lll'I'y 3. Y. Pres. I: Young Iiepulrliran Club 2: Can- lerliury Clulr 3. I: Inlernalional Ili-Ialions Cluh 3. 1: Spanish Cluln 3: Campus Con- lll'!'l'Ilf'!' on Religion 3. I. Comm. Co-vhr. I: Ilomevoming Ilonlire Comm. 2: I'iI1'4'Iions Comm. 2: Ilonor Iloll 2: Y.W.C.A. I. 2: Ilhi Nlpha 'I'heIa I-: Ile-I Canlo 3: WIlo's who I-. XY. .IUIIN IIICIIXIIII- Il.H.Ii.I'I. Ile-halv Cluln 3: Nlolion I'i1'lnr4- Cluh I: Young Ile- pnlrlic-an Clulx I-: Ilnilo-el NVorI1I I"a-:IQ-ralisls 3 09 I' I' 3 I . 1 .. .-....... '1I,lDS'I'I'IIN.IUDBI-1Ii'I'I'1'kIiI. Il.ll.'N. NI- llllil Iipsiloll Ili 2. 3. ll I.I'l.C. 2. 3. I. 500.- I'rc-as. 3. I'r1-s. I-: llramalie-s .M-sov: Ilome- voming Comm. 3: Prom. Comm. 2: Chrisl- mas Iformal Comm. I: Who's Who I. hll. CIAIIIIN NL- Il. I'.1I. Ill-lla Ile-lla Ile-lla. Cha rlain 3: Ilazlio Workshop I. 2. 3. lv. Sf-ry. 2: Il'res. 3: Y.W.C. N. I. 2. 3: I".'I'.fK. I: ICI. lial. Clnli 2. 3: W.ll.1K. I. 2. 3: Neis- man Cluln 3: Collegian 3. llc- iorlc-r 3: HIUPIKIIHIIH1' 3, Nssl. Sporls I'i4I. 3: lxlay Iluy Comm. I, 2: Ilomer-oming Ilanw- Comnl. 2: Ilonlirm- Comm. 3: I'rom. Comm. 2: Ileli- gions W1-1-lx 3, Colnm. Co-1-hr. 3: I'rom. Connn. Cllr. 3: l3I'0IIll'l'lllllNl W1-ek Comm. 3: Ilramalivs Assoc-. 3: Peppers I: Whole who I: l'iIl'l'll0llH Comm. 2. . I . 'I " .--f .S.C.'I. Patricia Flint Edward Foster Erich Fritz Edward Galbraith Richard Ge-hrinl: Lester G1-mmill FLINT, PATRICIA A.fR.A. Transferred from Marygrove College. FOSTER, EDW'ARD WY.--11.5. in Pharm FOX, NANCY A.fB. of Ed. Pi Beta Phi: Rocket Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Symphonic Band., 1, 2, 3, 4: Chimes Club. 1, 2. 3. 4. Sec. 1. 4, Pres. 2, 3: Bel Canto 1. 2: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3: Ohio Intercollegiate gand 2, 3: Thanksgiving Dance Committee FRANK, PAUL R.fB.S. in Pharm. Trans- ferred from Western Reserve University: Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 3. FRAGNER, GEORGE R.-B.A. Kappa Signma Kappa 2, 3, 4: Psychology Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Dormitory L Club ti, 3, 4: L.S.A. 4: Proctor of Dormitory FREEMAN, PHYLLIS J.-B. of Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi: Y.W7.C.A. 2, 3: Bus. Ad. Club 2, 3: F.T.A. 4. FRITZ, ERICH W.-B.S.E.E. Amer. Iu- stitute of Electrical Engineers 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: O.S.P.E. 3, 4: Dorm M Club3:McKinnon Club 4: Amer. Soc. for Testing Materials 3. Nancy Fox Paul Frank Lloyd Gangaw Ramon Garcia George- Gi-rogos Richard Gere! GALBRAITII. EDWARD ll.-B.S.Nl.E. Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers 4. Vice Chr. 4. GANGAWERE. LLOYD-B.S.E.E. GARCIA. RAMON F.fB. Ed. Psychology Club 1. 2. 3: Spanish Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Dor- mitory 1. Club 1, 2. 3: 1.R.C. 1: F.T.A. 1. GARRETT. ROY N.fB.S.C.E. Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers 1, 2. 3, 4: Sec. 4: Varsity Baseball 2: Alpha Gamma Upsilon 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4: Senior-Faculty Softball Game. Ch. 4: O.S.P.E. 2: 1.F.C. 4. I GARRY, JOANN-B. of Ed. Della Della Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: W.R.A. 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3: Christmas Formal Co-Cb. Comm. 3: Elections Comm. 3: F.T.A. 2. GEHRING, RICHARD-B.S. L.S.A. 1, 2: Alpha Phi Omega Csocialb 1, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4: Beta Beta Bela 4: Men's Glee Club 2, 3: Madrigal Singers 2: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: Vice-Pres. 3: Homecoming Dance Comm. 3: Formal Dance Comm. 3: Radio Workshop 3. GEMMILL, LESTER-M.A. 35 George Fragner Phyllis Freeman Roy Garrett JoAnn Garry Harold Gienler Melvin Gill GEROGOSIAN, GEORGE S.-B.A. Theta Chi 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1: Student Bar Assoc. 3. GERST, RICHARD F.-fB.B.A. Track 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 1. GIESLER, HAROLD W.fB.S.C.E. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Pi Beta Tau 3, 4: Chem. Engi- neering Soc. 3, 4, Treas. 4: Chem. Soc. 4: Scabbard and Blade Sec. 3, 4: Military Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GILL. MELVIN C.fB.S.M.E. Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers 4. BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE Minke, H.: McGee, J.: Ansted, M.: Noland, D GIST. JOIIX RIQSSELL-B.B.S. Phi Kappa Chi I. 2. 3. 4: L.S.A. I. 2: German Club 1. 2. GLEN NON, REXEE-B.Ell. GOODWIN. SIGNIIIYD P.-B.B.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1. 2. 3. 4: Soc. for the Advance- ment ol' Management. Director 2: Young Republican Cluh al: Svabbarll and Blade: Dislinguishell Nlililary Grallualc. GO0llYl'lgXli. Nl.-Xlll,-XNKE7l3.l'ill. Alpha Chi Ijllllfflli 2. 3. 4: I-'.'l'.A, 1. 2. 3. I-1 Yll. C..'X. 2. 3. -1: I-II. lfll. Club I. 2. 3. -I: Whs- leyan Club I-: YY.ll.A. I. 2. 3: :X Cappl-lla Choir: Girl's Chorus. GORXIAN. Llili--ll.I5.A. llU'l"l'SCll -XLK. Kl Ii'l'-B.,-K. lLUl"l'li,-XS. P.Xl'l,lNlC I..-l3.lCll. Kappa Della Pi I: Y.XY.C.A. I. 2. 3. I: I-II. lill. Club 1. 2. 3. I. GRA XILI NG. lil"l'll-Ii. VK. Class of 352 J lu 1 l l ll u I I un n Siuluunll llnmlwiu Xlalriannl- Uunllyvllr rl I ll ll Ill Puuliun- Gnulrlu- Ruth Granuliug 36 1---,, lil-ltr Gray Clulrll-A Url-vm liulamn-I Crm-s liirharll Guylnu Kvuun-lll llarlwll Nl:-rl-slilh llugul--llngl-r RAY. BlCT'l'l'I-Ii. Ell. Della IJCIIH Della 1. 2, 3. I. Pros. fly: lsreslunau Class Treas.: .lunior Class Pres.: Kappa Della Pi 3, fl: Sigma Alpha Omega 3, -I: Ellen ll. Richards Club I. 2, 3, 'I-. V. Pres. 3: Roger Williams Club 3, -ll. Treas. 3., V. Pres. fl-: 2. 3, I-: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3. 4: llomcvoming Dance Couun. Chr. 3: Spring Formal Comm. Chr. 3: Pcppvrs 3. I: Nvlxlfs who -I-. REICNIQ, CIIARLIZS-l3.S.M.lC. ROSS, ICMANUEL-li.S.l'I.lC. Kappa lola Chi 3: Y.M.C.A. I. 2: Amaleur Radio Club I, 2. 3: lingr. Speech Fral. 3: 0.S.P.l'I. fl: l.R.l2. 2, 3. I-: A.l.lC.l'I. I, 2, 3, -II. UYTOIN, IIICIIARD Cr- ll. lill. Plli Kappa Chi I. ZZ. 3, 4-: Y.M.C.A. I, 2, 3, fl: New man Club 2, 3: N.l'l.A. I, 2, 3, ll-: l".'l'. A. I, 2, 3: Cllccrll-uclcr I, 2: Wrlvslling 3, flag ll.0.T.C. I. 2: Men's Choir 2. ACKE'l"l', K ICN IN l'I'l'll C.-ILS. in Pllarln. Kappa Psi 2. 3. -I, 'l'rcas. 3, -I-: Amr-r. Phar- lllill'0Ill.l1'2ll A:-lsov. 2, 3, fl-. AGIIIC-IIINLICRS, Ml'Ilil'1DI'l'll- ILA. German Club I, 'l'rvai-a. I: llallio Workshop I, 2, 3.11, Librarian 2: Univlersily 'l'hcalre I, 2. 3, fl-, Sci-. 2, Box Dllil-c Mgr. 3: Elccliomx Comm. 2: Spring l"ormal Comm. 2: Y.W. CA.: Religious Confcrenrc fl.: Muv Day. Co-Chr. Comm. 3: National Collvgiulc Players 3, fl, Pres. 3. 4: Com- munily Clwsl Drive Co-Chr. 3: Whom Xvho "I-. 3 George Hampton Paul Hart .lo Ann Hein hlarilyn Heuerman James Hun! Charles Iden HAMPTON, GEORGE IRVING-B.B.A. Honor Soc.: Delta Tau: Business Ad. Club: MacKinnon Hall Club: Dorm "M" Club. HART, PAUL J., JR.-B.B.A. Phi Kappa Chi: Business Ad. Club. HAYEK, JOHN M.-B. of Ed. HAZEL, GERALD Y.-B.B.A. R.O.T.C. 1, 2: Business Ad. Club 3, 4. HECK, PHYLLIS ANNMB. Ed. Alpha Chi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4: F.T. A. 3, 4. HECKROTTE, CARLTON-B.S. HEIN, JO ANN M.-B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, Rush Chr. 3: Panhellenic Council 3, 4, Sec. 4: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4: Sigma Mu Tau 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: German Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Publ. Chr. 3: W.S.S.F. Comm. 3: L.S.A. 2, 3, 4, V.- Pres. 3: Chem. Soc. 3, 43 Prom Comm. 3: Elections Comm. 3: Homecoming Dance Comm. 3, 4: Christmas Formal Comm. 4. John Hayek Gerald Hazel Mary Hill Nancy Lou Hill Manao Iimura Glenn Irwin IIEUER MAN. MARILYN J.fB. Ed. Pi Bela Phi I, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 4: L.S.A. 4: Collegian 4: Kappa Della Pi -al-: Y.W.C. A. 4. HILL. MARY-B. Ed. HILL, NANCY LOUfB.A. Y.W.C.A. I. 2, 3, 4: W'.R.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Della Della Della 1, 2, 3, 4, Corr. Sec. 4: Spring Prom Comm. 2: Marcll of Dimes Campaign Comm. I: Psychology Club 4. HOEN, ELSIEJB. Ed. Chi Omega: Red Cross 3: F.T.A. 3, 4: Prom. Comm. I: Blockhouse Subscription Mgr. 3: Religious Conference 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, Rec. Sec. 3, WOIIICII-S V.-Pres. 4: W.R..A. 3: El. Ed. Club 1. 2, 3, 4. HOFMANN, MARCIA D.-B. A. HUNT, JAMES CHARLES-B.S.E.E. A. I. E.E. 4. IDEN, CHARLES H.-B.S.M.E. American Soc. of Mechanical Eng. 3, 4. IIMURA, MASAO-B. Ed. 37 Phyllis Ann Heck Carlton Heckrolte Elsie Hoen Marcia Hofmann Ruth Isenberg Richard Janowiecki IRWIN, GLENN II.AH.S.C.E. Della X 2 Pi Mu Epsilon 3, 4: Chem. Engineering Soc. 3, 4, V. Pres., Sec. 4: O.S.P.E. 4. ISENBERG, RUTH-B. Ed. JANOWIECKI, RICHARD-B.S.C.E. Newman Club 1: University Engineering Soc. 2, 4: Chem. Engineering Soc. 3, 4 Della X 2: Pi N411 Epsilon. JANSICN. H L'BlfRT G.. .I R.-B. Ed. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1. 2. 3. 4: New man Club: En- gineering Soc. I: R.U.T.fI. Battalion Slaff: Inlra Xlural League. Ser.: I'2.T.A. I: Col- legian I: llnileml Nalions Club -I: Nlilitary Svienve Club 4. JAY. SIIlIlLlfYfIf. Htl. Peppers 3. I: Chi Hun-ga 1. 2. Rev. Sec. 3. Treas. fl: Kappa Della Pi 3. I: Dani-9 Comm. 2: Thanksgiv- ing Ilanve 2: Blockllollsv 2. Co-organizzh tions I'I1Iilor3: ICI. Ed. Club I. 2. 3: I".T..-X. I. 2. 3: Young Republican Club 2. 3: Real Cross 2. Y. I'res.31 Xlav llax Chr. 2: XY . II. nvss Xlgr. 3: Religious Conllerem-e Comm. XX ho I. .Il Hill IN. LICRI DY Ii.-ILS. JHRIIIS. IIUlII'fII'I' -ITS. in Pharln. Xnieri- can I'barinam-uliral Xssov. 2. 4. lx-XIIIIUXX lik. II KYXIUXIJ - BS. in I'Iiarm. ,-Ximlrivau Pliurinaa-milic-al ,Xssof-. 2. 3. I: Ixappa Psi 2. 3. I. Prrs. VI. Ixllilfll. XXll.l.I-XXI T: -II.S.NI.l'l. Svab- barnl anll Blade' 3. I. Sm-. I: Sm: ol' NIG- 4'IlilllII'ilI I':ll:lIIll'I'I'h 3. I. Class 0 ' 2 Il I I J Flurle-w ,Ln I.4-Nm ,Iurslan IIoIn-rl Jorri. V iIIi.uui Kal:-r I'nuI Ix.lIx I".lyl- Ixzlilfllmll 38 X. 2. 3: X.NX.I.. X. I. 2. 3. 1: Aff l bm-. of Sluclenl Council 3: Collegian 2. Assil Busi- 3: Christmas Formal Co-Chr. 3: NY Iiois Anthony Ixvvvw-r Rivlmral Ki-im Ifiluurxl Ikvilvr Robvrl KI-itrr Donnlnl Ixirk l"rmIm-rivk Ixlug lx XTX. I'Kl I. G. I'I.II..N. Tau Ixappa Iipsi Ion I. 2. 3. I. Trvas. 3: I'ic'ni4- Co-Cllr. I. Ix Xl IVXI XX. ISNYIC 'II.S. l.Z.I".A. 2. 3, I I. I'ra's. 3: I'lIIvn II. Ilivharuls Club I. 2, 3 I. I. I'r1-f. 3. Ixlilil ICII. KNTIIUNY ,IUSICPIIV Ii.Ii.A Ifrf-sb. I"oolbaII 'llvani 2: Ilorin "NI" CIuI 3. 'I'ri-aa. 3: Nlavlxinnon Ilall Club :I-. Tre-as I: Iluhine-as MI. Club 3: Ilouwvonling Lonun. 3. IxI'1INI. IIICIINIIIJ .l. ILS. in I'rc--NI:-sl. IxI'lI'I'I'1II. ICIIXN NIH? IC. II.S.'WI.I'i. AIIIPI' For. ol' xll'l'IliIIlIl'llI I'Ill:1III1'1'l"H 3. I-1 U.5.I' Ii. 3. I. IxI'II'I'I'iII. IIUIIICIVI' Wf II.S.NI.I'l. Anwr Haw. ol' xI1'1'IlilIlIl'ilI Ifngim-vrs 3. I: U5 I' I' 3 Furman I'Iub I Ixllilx. IHl'XfXI.Il C. Il.S.C.I'I. Ann-r. Soi' ol' Civil I'illglIIN'l'f'H 3. I: U.S.l'.I'1. 2, 3. 'I Y nung III-publis-an Club -I. KIAG. I"III'IIlI'IlIIClx W. II.5.IVI.I'I.'I'rama from Nliauni. IM-lla Chi: 'l'ruvk I: Ilanal I hm-r. Hoe-. of NIl'l'IlHIlIl'ilI l'iIlflIlll'l'I'!-I 3. 'I- 'I'rf-us. I. Edwin Kleparek Richard Knecht Robert Kwiatkowski Anne Labuzinski .lohn Lester .lohn Lewis KLEPAREK. EDNVIN S.-B.E. KNECHT, RICHARD L.fB.S. Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. l. 2. KOEHRMAN, RICHARD E.-B.R.A. Al- pha Kappa Psi3, 4, Y.Pres. 4: Kappa Sigma Kappa 2. 3, 4. V. Pres. 3: Polymathic Soc. I, 2, 3. 4, V. Pres. 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 3, 4: L. S.A. 2, 3, 4: Rus. Ad. Club 3, 4: Christmas Formal Comm. 4: Young Republican Club 4: I.R.C. 4: Soc. for the Advancement of Management 4, Chem. Club 1, 2: Della X 2: Soc. of the Icosahedron I. KOTT, DAVID-B.S.C.E. Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers 4. KRUSE, FREDERICK E.-B.S.TVl.E. Amer. Soc. Mechanical Engineers 3. 4. KURCZEVVSKI, RICHARD S.-B.S.E.E. Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Polish Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pi Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4: 0.S.P.E. 1, 2, 3: A.I.E.E. 3, 4, I.R.E. 3, 4. KWIATKOWSKI, ROBERT V.-B.S.E.E. LABUZINSKI, ANNE MARIE-B. Ed. Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Bel Canto 3: University Chorus 3: El. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Polish Club 3, 4, German Club 2, Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 2, 3, 4, Thanksgiving Dance Comm. 3, May Day Comm. 3. Richard Koi-hrlnan Daxid Kult Suzanne Lallin Ruth Latlllcr Arthur Lipovitch Clan-nrt: Lipski SCHN l EDE R. SUZAN N E LATTI NfB.A. Transferred from Ohio University, Canter- bury Club 3: Collegian Reporter 3: Pi Beta Phi. V. Pres. 3. 4: Homecoming Queen 3: Honor Roll 3. 4. LAUNER, RUTH Nl.fB.A. Kappa Delta: German Club 2. 3, 4: Y.NV.C.A. I, 2: Ico- sahetlron 1: Della X 2, 3, 4. Sec.Treas. 3: Motion Picture Club 2: Prom Comm. 2: L.S.A. I, 2, 3, Y. Pres. 2: W'.S.S.F. Comm. 2: W.R.A. 4: Thanksgiving Dance 3. LECHLAK, MELVIN L.-BS. Alpha Ep- silon Delta 2, 3, 4, Bela Beta Beta 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega fNat'll 3, 4, Sec. 3, Uni- versity Chem. Soc. 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4. LENKAY, MARGARET-B.S. LESTER, JOHN EDWARD413. Ed. Theta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Class Pres. 4: F.T.A. 4, Newman Club 1, 3, 4, Homecoming Com111. 2, 3, Co-Chr. 3: I.F.C. 4: Student Council 4: Ohio Education Assoc. 4. LEWIS, JOHN LYMAN-B.S.C.E. Soc. of Civil Engineers 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4. LIPOVITCH, ARTHUR J.-B.S. in Pharm. Alpha Zeta Omega 2, 3, 4, Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chem. Soc. 4. 39 Frederick Kruse Richard Kurczcwski Melvin Lecblak Margaret Lcnkay Romain Lot-mer Edward Loo LIPSKI. CLAR1CNCIi-LL.B. LURFFLER. RDNIAIN E.fB.S.Nl.E. Theta Chi 3, 4: Amer. Soc. ol' Mechanical Engineers 2. 3. 4: Netvnian Club I. 2. LOD, EDW'ARD-B.S.M.E. Kappa Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: O.S.P.E. I, 2. 3, 4, Treas. 4: Delta X l. 2: Drill Team 2. 3: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Amer. Soc. of Nlechanical Engineers 3, 4: lcosaliedron 1: l.l7.C. 3, 4, Roger Williams l7ellowsl1ip Club 3. 4: Institute of Aeronautical Science 3: Y.M.C.'X. 4: Prom Comm. Chr. 1: Christmas Formal Comm. 3: Blockhouse Panel Ed. 3: R.D.T.C. Military Science Club. -1 V31 Class Il 'Il.nruI I 1 II I rl I.o-Illmu XI.lrf'i.lI II r IIu'rll.lr4I I,ulA .3 o u- 'T '1 if J 'ff ull LDUNIIS. RICHARD-B.S. in Pharm I.USIIIi0l'CII. RDBERT-I3.S.E.E. I.l'IxA5IIiNYICZ. .IDAXXIC O.-li. Ell. Alpha Chi Omega 1. 2. 3. I. Ilush Chairman 3: IY.Il.A. I: Polish Club I. 2. 3. -I. SCC. 2. Pres. 3: I-'.'I'. X. I. 2: ICI. lill. Clllh I. 2. 3. I. Ileporler 3: Poly malhic Soc. I: I.Il.C. 3. -I. Ilislorian 3. Rec. Sec. I: New man Club -I: Campus Conference on Religion 3. I: WQS. S.I". Comm. Chr. 3: Prom Comln. I. 3: Bel Canlo 3. l,.l3XlLlCY. .IIEAX Xl.-B. Iill. Della Della Della 2. 3. 1: Y.W.C.A. 3. I: I".T.A. 2. 3. -I. I.I'TIII'fIl. XI,-XIiCI.X-B. Ifll. Pi Bela Phi I. 2. 3. I: Iilockhouse 2: Collegian Slaff I. 2: Bus. All. Club l. 2: Y.W.C.A. I. 2. 3: F.T. A. 3: Canterbury Club 2. 3. I. Sec. I: Prom Comm. 2. 3: Pi Gamma Alu 4. l.l"l'Z. I3 li li N A RD-B. lill. LYNCII. I.DL'ISI'I--ll. Ifll. Della Della Della 2. 3. -I: Ixappa Iiffllil Pi 3. I: Phi Alpha 'lxhela 3. I: I".'II.A. 2. I: W'.Il.A. 2. I: New man Club 2. I. Nluz DONALD. .IDIIN I".fB.B..-X. Ilockel Iianml I. 2. 3. I: Symphonic Iianll I. 2. 3. 4: Glass Iialon I. 2: Kappa Kappa Psi 3, I. Pres. I: Alpha Phi Omega fNal'lJ 2. 3. VI. 'I'reas. 3. Sec. -I: Inlra-mural League 2. 3. I. 'I'reas. 3. NIACIIICN. .I -XNIICS I".-II.S.II.I'I. New man Club I. 2. 3. I. Iixeculive Comm. 2. 3. I. Y. Pres. 3. Pres. I: Amer. Soc. of Nlechani- cal Engineers I: .HRX 3. I. Y. Pres. -I: Pi Ylu Epsilon 3. I. Treas. I: Pi Bela Tau 3. 4: .Iames Machen .Ioan Macllcn Bonnie Mucvay Raymond Alakowalli Stanley Marik Phyllis Marlin Sailing Club Manager 3: Radio Workshop 3: Track Team 2: Della X 2. 3: Religious Council 2. 3. 4: I.R.C. 3: 0.S.P.E. 2. 3. AI. Pres. 3: Religion Conference 3. 4: Ilome- coming Conlm. 3: Y.M.C.A. 3: Inslilulc ol' Aeronautical Sciences 2. 3. AI: Miniature Ilomecoming Comm. 3: IIlll'lllllllI'3I Baskel- ball League. See. 3: Whois Wllu. fI. MACIIEN. JOAN TI'IEIlI'ISIi4I3.A. A Pi BCILI Phi 2. 3. -I. Sec. 3. Pres. fl-: Collegian Slaffil. 3. Associale Editor 3. UI. Acliug Co- Ifllilor in Chief AI: Illockhouse Slaff 3. I: Alpha Phi Gamma 3. -I. V. Pres. 4: Fine Arls 3., -I. Sec. LI: Class Sec. fll: NCNS'IllUIl Club 2. 3.1. Ilislorian 3: I.Il.C. 31W.lI.A. 3. I: Y.W.C,A. 3, -I-: Ileligion Conference 3: Spring Formal Comm. 2: Chrislmas I"or- mal Chr. 3: Whois Who 'I: Phi Alpha Theta I: Bal. ol' Publicalions 3. HI. Sec. ll-. of ,52 J 4 .I ku .' . J.. I I. NIUZ VAY. IIUNNIIC .IICAlYfIi. Enl. Alpha lmnlll .ll .lsunle l.lll alllll 4? qhncgu I' 2, 3' ,L V- PNN. ik Pan llc'- lcuic Council 3. 'Iz Pcpperr-i 3, 4: Kappa D4-lla Pi 3.1-. Pres. I-: Pi Gamma Mu 2. 3. AI. Pres. 3: I.Il.l'I. 2, 3. 'I-. Pres. 3. 4: Ilomc- coming Co-Chr. 3: Collegian IIPIIOFIOI' 2. 3: BI4N'IxIl0lISl' Slafliil. 3: Radio Workshop Assoc. 3: I'II. I'i1I. Club I. 2. 3. 'I-1 l".'I'.A. 2. 3. I"rcu NIIIIIPII Ass arll for Ifxccllcnce 3: IVE. , , S.I". Comm. 2. 3: Religion ConI'crcm'c -I: W Illfz-A who I. NIAKDWSKI. RAYMOND -II. lid. NIAIII Ix. STAN l.ICY -ILS. in Pharm. Alpha Zcla IIIIIPIIU 2. Sec.: Amer. Pllarlllucclllical .Am-nov. I: I.Z.I'.A. I. XI AIl'I'IN PIIYI.I.IS I,.fII. Ifill. Chi Omega I l 3 I I Prl-1 I Ilcl I'dllI0 I. 3: Y.W. C.A.. Pres. 'I-: I'.I.A. I. 2. 3. 4. Ili:-ll. 3: Young II1'lllIPIIl'iIll Club 2. 3: Collegian IISIIIPHH 'Ilanagcr 3. 4: IIu4Ii0 Workshop 2. 31 lla-al Cross 2. 3. 'I'rl'as. 3: Prom Comm. 2: Chris-Llmas I"ormaI Comm. fll. Ilancc rzhr. I. I-:lf lid. mul. 2. 3. rl.. Manor. 3: IIIUPIKIIOIII-31' 3: Ill-Iigion Confcr- 1-nl-c 3. I. Comm. Co-Chr.: I.Il.C. 3: Alpha Phi Gamma 3. WI. Scc.-'I'rcas. fl.: Kappa D4-lla Pi 3. I. V. Pres. -I: Pan Ilellcnic Coun- cil 3 . I. 'I're'as. I: Whnfs Who-1-. I,om-c Lyn:-In ,Iohn Nlacllonalnl '3 ll! Joyce Massey Charles Master Donald Mx-Curly Donna Mt-Claiu John McGee .lacquelyn M1-l,ain RIASSEY, JOYCE H.-B. Ed. Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: W.R.,-X. Head of Softball 3, Board member 3: lil, Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 1: Christmas Formal Comm. Co-Chr.: May Day Comm. Chr.: Prom Comm. 2. h4ASTER, CHARLES ll.-B.S.E.E. A.l. E.E. 3, 4, Treas. 4. MATTEWS, CAROLYN-B. Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Peppers 3, 4: W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3: Kappa Della Pi 3, 4: Blockhouse Panel Editor 3, 4: Collegian Stall' Writer 2, 3: University Theatre 2, 3, 4, Properties Chr.: Radio Workshop 2. 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Delta X 3: Young Republicarfs Club 2, 3, 4: Bel Canto 3: May Day Chr. 3: Prom. Comm. 2, 3: Spring Formal Co-Chr. 3: L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross 3: Religion Conference 4: NVho's Who 4. MAZZURCO, MARY ROSE-B. Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3.4. MCBRIDE, CHARLES EUGENE-B.S.E. E. Delta X 2, 3: O.S.P.E. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Dorm M Club 1: A.1.E.E. and I.R.E. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Pi Beta Tau 4. MCCALLISTER, CAROLYN BOWERSf B. Ed. Delta Delta Delta: Y.W.C.A. 2, 3: W.R.A. 2, 3, 4: Collegian 2, 3: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Radio Workshop 2, 3: Sailing Club 2, 4: El. Ed. Club 3. MCCARTY, DONALD P.-B.S.C.E. Phi Kappa Chi 1, 2, 3, 4: Amer. Soc. of Civil Engr. 3, 4. Carolyn Matthews Mary Xlazzurcn Alfred NlcClellarul Roln-rt Mr-Curniia-k Nlary Mehlalmn ,lanu-rm M1-ek:-r MCCLAIN. DONNA L.fB. lid. Delta Della Della V. Pres. 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: W'.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Comm. 2: F.T.A.: Red Cross: Bloekhouse. XICCLELLAND. ALFRED W.-BS. in Pharm. NICCORNIICK. ROBERT F.-B..-K. NIQICURDY. NANCY XAONllfB. Ed.Zela Tau Alpha 3, 4, llislorian 4: F.'l'.A. 3, 4: L.S.A. 4: Bus. Ad. Club 'l-: l.R.C. rl-: YAY". C.A. 4: Bloc-khouse Staff 4. NICCUTCHAX, JOHN DALE-B. Ed. Uni- versily Theatre 3: Y.Xl.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. IICCEE. JOHN WESLEY-B.S. in Pharm. Sigma Phi Epsilon: MacKinnon Hall Club 4: Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Dorm M Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 3. BICLAIN, JACQUELYN-B.A. Treas. 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2: Prom Co-Chr. 2: Delta X 2, 3: Pi Blu Epsilon 3, 4, Sec. 3: Collegian 2: Blockhouse 2, 3: Prom Comm. 1. MCMAHON, MARY E.-B.S. German Club 1: Bela Beta Bela 3, 4: Newman Club 4: Chem. Soc. 4: Sigma Mu Tau 4. MEEKER, JAMES ALLEN-B.S.M.E. Transfer from Duke University: Sigma Beta Phi: Tennis Team 3, 4: Sailing Club 3, 4: Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engr. 3, 4: L.S.A. 3, 4: Young Republican Club 3, 4: Racquet Club 3, 4. 41 Charles Mcllridc Carolyn McCallister Nancy Mr-Curdy .lohn MeCuu'han Lois Metzger Stephan Mezardjian NIETZGER, LOIS-B. Ed. Alpha Chi Omega l, 2, 3, 4, Corr. Sec, 3: F.T.A. 3., 4: Kappa Della Pi 3. 4. NIEZARDJIAN. STEPHEN H.-B.S. MICHALAK. Bois-B.s.E.l-3. A.I.E.E. ami 1.R.E. 3. 4. A MILLAR. H. BRKCE-B.B.A. XIILLER. CII.-XIILES .I.-I3.S.C.E. Thela Chi I. 2. 3. 4: Chem. Sm: 2. 3. 4: Chem. Iiingr. Soc. 3. l1U.S.P.E. 1.-I: Amer. Chem. 'Dunn 4. MILLER. MARILYN M.-B.B.A. Kappa Delta. Tri-as.: Slllilelll Cuunvil 3. 4. Sovial Chr. 4. Student lfac-ully Ilelalinns Chr. 3. 4. Iiunslilulious Chr. 3: Bus. nhl. Cluh I. 2. 3. 4. Sec. 3: I..5.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. I. LI. 3. 4: liuiversily FIIIICHIPI' 4: Prom. czllllllll. 2. 3: Wilufs Who 4. XI I LLICR. W I I.Ll A M ILAILS. XIUICN. MARILYN L.-Ii. lid. Y.Vs'.C.A. I. 3: LSA. I. 2. 4. Treas. 2. Ser. 4: Spun- ish Club 2. 3: WQILA. I. 2. 3. 4. Ileail ol Iivvrealional Sports 3. 4: I:.'I'.A. 3. 4: Ixappa IjBlIB Pi 3. I: El. Iiml. Club 3. -I: NX . S.S.I". 3. Class of ,52 Iinh Mir-haI.iL Iiruu- Millar lilmrlv- Mill:-r Murilin Miller V illiam Milla-r Marilyn Mm-n Iilmer Mui-nlur 'l'uny Illurclli 42 --an f. Philip hlorlnn Hazel blinks Yinveul Narmly Wiilliunl Morgan ,Iuhn Mueller Irene Salinas MUIQXTICII. IGIAIIZR NX .fI'l.S.I'f.I'I. 0.5. I".I'1. 3. I. S1-ra I: A.I.IC.IC. anal l.R.l'f. 3. -I: l'i livla Tan I. MUIII'II,I,l. 'I'UXXfIi.II.A. Ilus. .ML Clull 2. 3. I. 'I'rc-as. 2. 3. Pres. I: Xvmuuu Club 21. 3. I: Travl-4 I., 2. 3. -I-: IVIIIFISIIIIHS I"urmaI IIUIIIIII. Chr. 3: Sew. for fMlvai1r'elm'xll ol' xlgl. 2, 3. ll. MORGAN, WII.I,IANI 'I' NlUII'I'UN. I'IlIl.II' NI.-ILS. NIliI'II.I.I'IR. JUIIN- ILS. in ICII. NIINIxI'I. II.-KQIQI. NIIIIIPIIY-I3. ul' Iirl. Y.W.C.A. I. L.: W.II.A. I. 2: Danvr llonnn. I: ICI. Iflul. ffluli I. 2.3.1-. Prvs. ll. NNIUPS. IICICNIC--Il.Ii.A. Alpha Umirrnn Pi: Prom Cnmm. I: Y.W.C.A. I. 2. 3. 4-: Cnllvgian rc-porn-r I. 2. 3: Business Aal. filuln 2. 3. 4: IIOIIIPFUIIIIIIII CIUIIIIII. 2: Christ- mas Formal Cnnnn. Cu-Chr. 2: May Huy Ilomm. 3: Clirinlmas Formal Cmmn. -I: l,I'llIlli.llIl'B Cluli 3. 4: Suv. for !xllVilIN'f'llN'Ill nl' Manag'nu-nl I-. NAIIIJY. YINfII'IN'I'--AILS. Pharm. Alllllf. I'Imrmaf'1-ulic-nl Assm-. 2. 3. 4: Kappa Psi 1-hapluin 2, 3. fl-. Agn 'K Nancy Ncidlinger Donald Noland Deloa Palmer Gerald Palmer Mary Ann Paulinski Charles Paulz NEIDLINGER, NANCY-B. Ed. Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Russian Language Club 1, 2: Homecoming Comm. 4: Phi Alpha Theta 4: Blockhouse 4: Kappa Della Pi 4. NOLAND. DONALD H.-B.S. in Pharm. Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 2, 3, 4. OBERLE, MARGARET CATHERINE! B.A. Chi Omega 1. 2, 3, 4, Pres., Corr. Seey: Collegian 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-chief, associate editor, campus editor, staff writer, reporter: Blockhouse 2, 3. copy editor, cir- culation staff: Alpha Phi Gamma 3.4, Pres.: Religious Council 2, 3, 4: Religious Confer- ence 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. Chr. 2, 3: Prom. Comm. 2: Class Secy 2: Concert Band 1, 2: Rockettes and Choir Accom- panist 4: Wl1o's Who 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres.: University Theater 4, Motion Pictures Series Comm.: Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Y.R.C. 3, 4: I.R.C. 4: Y.W.C.A. 2, 3: Fine Arts 2, 3, 4, Treas.: Peppers 3, 4. OSGOOD, NANCY C.-B. Ed. Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4: Physical Ed. Major's Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, head of bowling 3, head of volleyball 4: Christmas Formal Comm. 1: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: F.T.A. 3, 4: Red Cross 2, 3, 4, reporter 4: Collegian 3: May Day Comm. 3. OVERLY, JACK R.-B. Ed. Y.M.C.A. 1, 2: F.T.A. 4: Psychology Club 4. PAIR, MARCIA-B. Ed. Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Rush Chr. 3: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3: Y. W.C.A. 2, 3: Newman Club 1, 2, 3: Bel Canto 3: A Cappella Choir 4: Red Cross 2, 3, 4: W.R.A. 2, 3, 4: Physical Ed. Major's Club 3, 4: Prom. Comm. 2, 3: Senior Ban- quet Comm. 4. PALMER, DELOS M., JR.'B.S.M.E. Phi Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3: Scabbard and Blade Soc. 3: I.F.C. 2, 3, 4, Secy-Treas. 4: O.S.P.E. 1, 3, 4: Margaret Olxcrlc Nancy Osgood Howard Pallncr Alicbacl Patrztlllts James Pelton Yirginia Pt-It-rs Sailing Club 3. 4: Y.R.C. 3. el-1 1.N1.C.A. 3, 4: R.O.'1'.C. Drill Team l, 2, 3: -N.S.M.E. 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. 2. PALNIER. GERALD IZRAXTOYAIIR.,-X. Alpha Phi Alpha 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 2. 3. -I-, Co-Caption 4: Bus. Ad. Club 3: Dorm. L Club 2: NIacKinnon Hall Club 3, 4. PALMER. HOWARD D.fB.S.E.E. Alpha Phi Alpha 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2. 3, 4: l.R.IC. and A.I.E.E. 3, 4. PARAHUS, MICHAEL-B.S.E.E. PARTOYAN, SONA ARLINEE-B. Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Canterbury Club 3, 4. PASZKOWSKA, IRENE-B. S. Polish Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Ellen Richards Club 1, 2, 3. 4, V. Pres. 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 3: Polymathic Soc. 4: I.R.C. 4: Chem. Soc. PAULINSKI, MARY ANNAB. Ed. New- man Club 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 3, 4: Dramatics Assoc. 3. PAUTZ, CHARLES-B. S.M.E. Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engrs. 4: O.S.P.E. 3. PELTON, JAMES LOUIS-B.S. in Ed. Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secy. 3: Delta X 1, 2, 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Military Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Seahbard and Blade 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4: Intramural Athletics 2, 3, 4, Secy. 4: F.T.A. 4: Reserve OHicer Assoc. 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. Chr. 4. PETERS, VIRGINIA MAE-B.Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas.. 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Co-Chr. Fresh- man Prom.: Comm. Chr. Sophomore Prom: Comm. Chr unior Prom' Y.W C.A. 1 2 . .I , - V , -, 3, 4: Bus. Ad. Club 1, 2: L.S.A. 1, 2, 3: Y. R.C. 2, 3, 4. 43 5171 Jack Ovcrly Marcia Pair Sona Partoyan Irene Paszkowska Harriett Phcatt Katharine Photos PHEATT, HARRIETT-B. Ed. Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4: F.T.A. 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: University Theatre Films Comm. 3, 4: Chimes Advisor 3. 1. PHOTOS. KATHARINE T.-B. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi 4: Polymathic Soc. 2, 3. 4, Secy. 3. Pres. 4: F.T.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Y.YV.C.A. 1: United Nations 4: Nlotion Picture Club 3. mn Ili I I Pm nl.. 1.1 ul.. ll A lim' l'unI Class ' r' I" Nnrinun l'nna-r- PIU. RICIIAHD L.-8.5. in Eng. Physics, f'I.S.P.E. 2. 3. VI: Della X 2. 3. fl. Pres. 3: Pi Xlu Epsilon 3. I: Pi Bvla Tan 3. 4. Prvs. I: Iionor Soc. 3. I. PIZZA. GIAVIRI 'X-B. Iiul. Alpha Dmirron Pi 2. I: ISI. I-1d.fIlub I. 2. I: YM .C.A. I. 2. 3. I: New man Clulv I. 2. 3. I. PI,,XSTI-fIII'1R. HRS. Rl"I'II BLINN-BS. Sigma Nlu Tau 4. Trvas. 3: Bela lima Ilela 3. I: Ilonor Soc. 3. I: Chem. Soi-. I: Pi Gamma Nlu I. PUPE. P:X'I'RICl 'X .IEXNNIC-II. I'i1I. Kap- pa Della I. 2. 3. I: EI. If1I.CInIr I. 2. 3. I: Y.XY.C.X. 1. 2. 4: I..S.A. I. 2. I: Ilome- 1-oming Comm. C0-Chr. 3: Dance Comm. tlllf. 2: l4'.'l'.A. I. 4: Ilel Canlo I: Nlolion Pix-lureCInI.1 -I: XY.Il.,X. 3. Pl DILSI IN. CII RISTIN HAH. lid. POWERS. NDR WAN --II.S.NI.I'i. rhner. Sora of XIECII. Ifngimfvrs 3. VI: D.S.P.E. ll-. Paul Promllhot Sonja I'ulz Rolu-rl Ralajairk Kaiylnond Ri-isbavli 'Naniry Rciulvr Roller! Rn-ja-nt 7 4 ., . . . 0 PRAFI I. LllAlILEb - lib. lnlervarsily 4-7 Christian Fellowship: Alpha Epsilon Delta: 1 Bela Bela Bela: Chem. Soc-. PlIlI'I"I'ICNGI'iIICR. NANCY MII. Iiml. Della Della Della I. 2. 3. I. Treas. I: Rell Cross I. 2. 3. I: Y.W.C.,N. 1. 2: I-II. Ed. Club 4: Sophomort' Prom. Comm. Co-Chr.: Kappa Della Pi 3. -I-: Sc-ry. I: I. ZZ. 3, I. Iloarnl memlwr 3. I: Nlay Day Comm. 3. I'Rlll'lIlf'00'I'. PAITI. IC.-II.S.C.I'I. fhner. Sm-. of Civil Engineers. Xlr-. lfnlll lllinn I'l:i-la-rn-r I'alril'iu Pupi- Clmrlv- I'r.ill Nailwy I'rnllu'nga-i1'r gil! ',!,.'. ,Agg- 1 : va 'Y , 'Y PUTZ. SIIINIA Nl NXION VII. Iicl. kappa Della I. 2. 3. I. llislorian 3: S1-vv. I: ICI. lifl. ri 2 ,..x in-immzu. unwmxn iz.:-1. III ISII II NNN! Y II I'1eI Mpliu Umi- vron Pl I. 1.3. I: Ile-:I Cross 3: l..5.-N. 2. 3: Ilmm-running llzim-v Comm. 3: Dramalivs Kssnv. 3. I-: IGI. ICII. Club I: Y.W.C.A. I. 2, :-xggiving Danvv Comm. 2: 'lluv Day nu Comm. I. 3: Y.ll.C. 2. 3: W.II.,-K. Mary Rhoadcs Russ:-ll Rice Louis Russell Jzunt-s R5 nn Yvilliam Schulte Robert Schultz RHOADES, MARY LOU-li. Ed. Kappa Della 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4: W.R.A.1, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. l. 2. 3. 4, Chap- lain 4: W.S.S.F. 2, 3: Dance Comm. 2: Spring Formal Comm. 2: Freshman Elec- tions Comm. 1. 2: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3. 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: May Day Comm. 3: Campus Conf. on Religion 4: Ellen H. Richards Club 4: United Nations 4. RICE, RUSSELL W.-I5.S.M.E. Chi Beta Chi: Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engineers 4: Y.lVI.C.A. 1, 2: O.S.P.E. I. RICH. DONALD H.-B. Ed. English Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Arx 3, 4, Pres. 4: Who's Who 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Bus. Ad. Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3: I.R.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3: Phaethous 2, Treas. 2: Poetry Club 3, 4: Psychology Club 3. 4: Sailing Club 3: Religious Council 1, 3, 4: Campus Conference Religion Comm. 3: Weslewfaii Fellowship 3, 4: Red Cross 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 3, 4: Radio Workshop 3. 4: Universitv Theater 2, 3, 4: Motion Picture Club 3: :World Federalists 4: United Nations Assoc. RUECGE, MARIAN-B. Ed. El. Ed. Club 1, 2: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2: Wesleyan Fellowship 2: Dance Comm. 3. RUPANI, NAVINCHANDRA-B.E. RUSH-, JAMES L.-B.S. Tau Kappa Epsi- lon: Beta Beta Beta 4: Kappa Kappa Psi N Donald Rich Xlarian vRucgg.:1: Navinchaudra Rupzxni iJames Rush buh axon- l assamano John Savage John Schaefer Sally Scheppert Joachim Scllulnuchn-r John Scott Wvayne Seppeler Anne Seufert 2. 3. 4. Y. Pres. 4: Rocket Band 1. 2, 3. 4: SCOTT, JOHN L.--B.B.A. Alpha Sigma Phi 4 .M.f,.A. 3. 4. Y . Pres. 4: NX .S.S.l'. 3: Re- ligious Council 3, 4: Campus Conference on Religion 4: Elections Comm. 4: Christ- mas Formal Co-Chr. 4. RUSSELL. LOUIS D.-B.B.A. Transferred from North Central College: Bus. Ad. Club 2, 3. 4: Public Relations Club 4-. RYNN. JAMES J.4B.B.A. Alpha Gamma Upsilon 2, 3. 4: Alpha Kappa Psi 4: New- man Club 2, 3: Football 1: Baseball 4: Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers 2. PASSAMANO, SALYATORE-B. Ed. SAVAGE, JOHN F.-B. Ed. Alpha Sigma Phi 3, 4. SCHAEFER, JOHN H.-B.B.A. Newman Club 1: Alpha Kappa Psi 3, 4: SCHEPPERT, SALLYABS. Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2. 3. 4: W.R..A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Board Member 4: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2: Prom Comm. 2: Ellen H. Richards Club 2, 3, 4: Beta Beta Beta 3.,4: Polymathic Soc. 4. SCHULTE, WILLIAM J.-B.S. SCHULTZ, ROBERT H.-B. Ed. SCHUMACHER, JOACHIMJBA. 45 2. 3, 4: Alpha Kappa Psi 3. 4, Treas. 4: Blockhouse 3.4, Asst. Bus. Manager 3, Bus. Nlanager 4: Student Handbook 3, 4: Busi- ness Ad. Club 2. 3: Christmas Formal Comm. 3: Homecoming Comm. 4: Wlho's Wlho 4. SEPPELER. WAYNE CLARENCE-B.S. E.E. I.RE. and A.I.E.E. 3, 4, Chr. 3, V. Chr. 4: O.S.P.E. 3, 4. Pres. 4: L.S.A. 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Pi Beta Tau 3, 4: Y.M. C.A. 4: Arx 4. SEUFERT, ANNE MARIE-B.S. in Pharm. Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Corres. Sec. 4: Amer. Pharm. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Kappa Gam- ma 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Towerview Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Handbook Staff 3: Concert Baud 1, 2: Rocket Band 2: Newman Club 1: Chimes 1, 2: Blockhouse Organization Staff 2: Y. W'.C.A. 1: May Day Connn. 2: Homecom- ing Comm. 3. E' SHAW. KENXETH G.-B. Ed. F.T.A. 1. 3. I: Xlpha Gamma lfpsilon 3. -I. Tre-as. 1. SIIIIRIZYIIXIY. FRAXK C.. JR.-BS. llransferrecl from lqniversily of Cincinnati! Xlplla Phi Uinega 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. l. His- lnrian ZZ. Pri-5.4. Corres. Secfl: lnslilnle ol' M-runaulival Sviences 3: 0.S.P.E. l. 21. 3. Snviely ol' :Xnlmnotive Engineers 1. 12. 3: Ilella X I. Y. Pres. -I: Pi Xln Epsilon I: lla-rinan Club 4. F-IIIXINI XX. RICHARD N.fB.B.A. Alpha Gannna lvpsilon 2. 3. I. Treas. 3. Pres. I. SIIHXIJICLI.. CLAIRE-B.l-Ill. SII1 N Ili. ,IUIIN-B.l3.A. Slll DR'l'I'Ili. lCYlCLYNfB. Hal. SICU. lslilill-V-li. Iiql. IUSS 0 ..f K Ill Nlmw l'r.illk Flu-rlnnrnu Illvlmril Fllillllll. Clalirl' Sllnllill-ll I l Nlnmk In 1-lx u Flwrlvr I"n--I Firm 1 1-lin-.limi File-lv-ki If: .lnnliniano Silva Kenneth Simmnnn .lim-pl: Simon Gordon Sloan llugn-r Sniilll 'llum M. Smith SIl.IC'l'Slil. YICIIUSIIUA-B.S.C.E. Amer. Suv. of Civil I':ll'!1lIlf'Pl'S 1, 2, 3. 4: Lambda lllllL21IIISIIIIIIEOIA?I'0lliiIllll'3lSCIENCESI-1 l.Z.l".A. 2. 3. Pl: l.ll.C. I, 2. 3. QI: O.S.P.l'I. 3, I: Dorm Nl Club 2. 3: Dorm L Club l. I. SI IJ A. .I llS'I'l N I ANU-l'l.ll.A. Varsity Football 2. 3. I: lfrcshman Football I: ,luniur Varsity Coach I: Phi Kappa Psi 3. I-1 ll.H.'l'.C. 3. I: N:-is man Club 3, I. SI NI Nll DNS. KICIX N l'1'l'll IUIGICRS ---Ii.ll. N. SINIUN, ,IUSICPII NI.l'IXANDl'Ili -Il.ll.A. Alpha Sigma I'hi I. 2. 3. 1-. l,l8llg0lll3SllI'l' II: Nlpliu lxappa Psi I: INQ-wlnan Club I, 2, 3. I. V. Prvs. 3. Acting Prrs. 3: lilocklmuse SIUIT l. 2, 3. -I-2 lllisilif-as All. Club 2, 31 Young llc-pulnlivan Club l,2.3:'l'lwalrP llox Hllim- I: S1-ninr l'rom Chr. fl: ,I-llup 'I'i4'Iu-t Cllr. 3: Ilmm-vmning Comm. 2. SIAPAN. GUIIIDUN W. ILS. in Pharm. Mm-r. l'llarm. Aman-. 3, 'I-: Kappa Psi I: 'I'au Kappa lip:-silnn. SNlI'l'II IHNLICII .I. ILA. !'IXlI'l'II, 'I'HNl Nl. IIS. Amer. Pharma- l'I'lIlll'iIl Nsscw. 2. 3. 'I-2 Golf 3, 4. Harold Smithers Patricia Snody John Spisz Richard Springer Howard Storm Ruth Ann Stukcy SMITHERS, HAROLD4B.S. SNODY, PATRIClAfB. Ed. Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3: Kappa Della 1, 2, 3, 4: Panhellenic Council 3, 4, Pres. 4: Cam- pus Conference on Religion Comm. Co-Chr. SORIANO, THEODORSIA C.-B.S. in Pharm. Amer. Pharmaceutical Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ivy Leaf Club 1, 2, 3. 4. SPECK, SUZANNE STREICHE R-B.S. in Ed. Kappa Della 3, 4. SPIEKER, NATALIE ANNE-B.A. ftrans- ferred from University of Michigan? Pi Beta Phi: Y.W.C.A. 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4: Psychology Club 4. SPIESS, NANCY CAROLYN-B. Ed. Ka pa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 3. 4: Y. 3, 4: W.R.A. 1,2, 3. 4: Prom Comm. 3. SPISZ, JOHN, JR.-B.S.C.E. Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers. SPRINGER, RICHARD LE ROY-B.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Corr. Sec. 2, Comptroller 3, 4: Collegian 3, 4, News Editor 4: Bd. of Publications 4: Young Re- publican Club 2, 3: Wesleyan Club 2, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 3, 4: German Club 1, 2: Home- coming Co-Chr. Comm. 4: Miniature glomecoming Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 2: rx 4. Thcodorsia Soriano Suzanne Speck Suzanne Spross Annabelle Stange Judith Swecne Virgil Taylor SPROSS, SUZANNE-B.S. flranslierred from Argentane Collegei Polymathic Soc. 3. 4: Beta Beta Beta 3, 4: Ellen H. Richards Club 3, 4: Chi Omega 4: W.R.A. 4: Christ- mas Formal Comm. Chr. 4-: University Thealer 4. STANCE, ANNABELLE E.-B. Ed. Zeta Tau Alpha. STARKEY. HELEN A.-B. Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 4: Collegian 2, 3, Reporter: Prom Comm. Chr. 3: May Day Comm. Co-Chr. 2, 3: Homecoming Comm. 2: Spring Formal Comm. 2: F.T.A. 4. STEDNIAN. BARBARA-B.B.A. STORM. HOWARD-B.S.E.E. Phi Kappa Chi 1, 2, 3, 4: Electrical Engineering Soc. 3, 4. STUKEY, RUTH ANN-B. Ed. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Physical Education Major's Club 3, 4, Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4: May Day Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 2: S anish Club 1, 2, 3: Bel Canto 1: Chorus 1: ITower View Club 4: NV.R.A. 1, 2, 4: Head of Vol- leyball 3, Head of Recreation Sports 2, Pres. 4. SWEENEY, JUDITH-B. Ed. Delta Delta Delta. 47 T T T Natalie Spieker Nancy Spices Helen Starkey Barbara Stedman Margaret Tceter Frances Tegtmeyer AYLOR, VIRGIL P.-B.S. Amer. Phar- maceutical Assoc.: MacKinnon Hall Bowl- ing Team. , EETER, MARGARET MCGHEE-B. Ed. Zeta Tau Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4: Poetry Club 3, 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Sec. 3: I.R.C. 4: W.S.S.F. Comm. 2: Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3. EGTMEYER, FRANCES-B. Ed. Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: El. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: Y.W'.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Canter- bury Club 2, 3, 4: Psychology Club 2, 3, 4: Tower View Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Sailing Club 3: Motion Picture Club 4: W.R.A. 3, 4: Homecoming Comm. 3. THLCRBER. DONALD X.fB.A. Collegian 1. 2. 3: Reporter 1. Stall' Writer 2. 3, Asst. Sport Editor 3: Student Council 3: Home- eoming Comm. Chr. 3: Track Team 2: Class Treas. 1: Sigma Phi Epsilon 3, 1: Y. NLC..-X. 1: NCXYIHHII Club 1. 2: Rally C0- Chr. Comm. 3: Freshman Handbook -I. TIIIQRNIAN. JEAN FRANCES-B, Htl. Pyramid Club l. 2: Ellen ll. Riehartls Club l. 2. 3. I. Treas. 3: Della Sigma Theta 3. I. TILLY. BARBARA-li.S. TRHY. l.lC0N-BMX. NXSBINDI-Ili. RHNNETII-B.S.E.E. Travk Team 3. I: , -I. I I IIQIQLSANG. Dt IllU'lillYfl3.S. in Pharm. Chi Omega: Amer. Pharmaeeuliral Assoc. l. 2. 3. I. See. 2. Y. Pres. 3. Pres. rl: NY.S.S. l". Comm. l: lxappa Gamma l. 2. 3. lv. Treas. I: Young Republic-an Club l. 2. 3. Treas. 3: Real Cross l. 2. 3. -I: Xlav Day Comm. 3: Rell Cross Drive Co-Chr. 3: Y.XX'.C.A. 1. 2. 3: NY ho's Who 4. Y! ISBl'RCll. NIARY-l3.S. in XlecliealTecl1- nology. Kappa Delta 1. 2. 3. I: Sigma NIU 'Ilan 2. 3. I. Treas. 3: Bela Beta Beta 3. VI: Y.XX.C.A. l: Psyellology Club 2. 3: Nlay Queen's Court 3. Clfl SS QF 3 2 li rmun liarliara 'l'iIlp l,1-on Troy lsr Ill I I lIrlllNp.l1L Nl I Ll litrl :try osburu 'A 'via Wlilkt-r I8 v as -.av '7 5 i Sally Watson Nlarilpn W1-ilu-r Robert W4-imnan Donna NVL-iss Cillwrt YYeithnlan l'atrit'ia Werrell NXALKICR. PATRICIAAB. Ed. Y.W.C.A. I. 2: W.R.A. l. 2. 3. 4. Rev. Sec. 3. Head ol' Ar:-hery P1-: Class Treas. Al: May Queen: Nlay Day Danve Comm. -I: May Day Dan- :-er 2: Alpha Chi Omega l., 2. 3. 4. Rev. See. al: llomecoming Comm. 3: Ph. Eel. Majors' Club. NK Mrsox. SAl.l.Y-B. Ed. Pi Beta Phi I, 2. 3. I: El. lftl. Club l. 2. 3. I. XX lillxlill. NIARILYN-li. litl. l".'l'.A. 3, il: Prom Comm. 3: Pi Gamma Nlu 3. -I, Corr. Ser-. I: lxappa Della Pi 3. NI: llislorianz Nlotion Picture Club l: Y.W.C.A. l. 2: Young liepubliean Club 3: 'Vlay Day Comm. Co-Chr. 3: Panhvllenit- Council 3. I-. Rush Chr. lt: Alpha Umivron Pi l. 2. 3. -11. Panhellenif- Rep. 3. I: W.ll.4. 2: Class Treas. 4. Vt lil N Nl NN. IiUI3l'Ili'l'-f-IS. lirl. Alpha Hp- silon Pi I. 2, 3. I. Set-. 2, 3. Pres. I: Psyvllo- logjy Club I-: l.l".C.'I. NXICISS. ININNA-ll. liel. Newman Club l. 2. 3. I: Y.W.C.A. l: Kap Ja Della Pi 3,-1: lil. l'i4l. Club l. 2. 3. I: I".T..l. 'I-: l'r-tyvltology Club I: Young livpublir-an Club lt: llome- Vtllllllllfj Courl l. NX lCI'l'll Nl AN. GI I.lil'1Ii'l'ff- l!.S.C.Ii. Amer. Saw. of Civil lfngzincers 2. 3. I-: U.S.l'.l'I. 2. 3: Dorm 'Il Club 2. 3, Pres. 3: Nlaa-Kinnon Ilall Cltlb It, Pres. I. Wl'IItItl'Il.l.. I'A'I'RICIA-Il. of lid. 4 5'3" I. m sg' xf ww . Q . I R Q Nw . , .amy I :llnla-mir II ills-vllu-rg Unlnrn-s Youll XI illinm I unkn-r -XII:-ll IYIIIH-lln ,lulm NX illiums Iluxiul II inlvr- Jgum-s X ulzy Iirgzinla Znlvlal. l.ui- lfumr link:-r XY ILIIELNI. XLLI'INfli.I3.,I. YI'XIxlfli. NYILLI XXI Xmer. lSXlxl'1ll. LUIS F1 NIR! ll. Hal. D:-lla Delta H w . J Sm-. ofllivil lixlgilleerw 2. 3. I: U.S.l'.l'f. l. De-lla: Peppers Il. 3: lxappa Dc-llai I'i 3: II ILLIMIS- -lflllxmlf-P'-H1 Illarm- 2. 3. I: llc-lla X 2: Durm NI Club l. 2. 3: Hnnur Roll 2. 3: flhrislmas Formal flmnln. . .. 1 wU.V.U In -. qu, ii W INTERSW DAX ID wH:II!xI1:LiB.S. Bela Dorm I, Club I. Ireaa. I. I., Ilkgaillmitminufvfllzigz eqI,wj1E1.x...lI nge. Bela Ili-la 3: Alpha Iipsilun Hella 2. 3: allfml. I' Fl ' ' f',,- Q ' 'Y ' "' ' . Q. . ,, .' . 1 V. ,, A 1, V v , U. 24, ,u r I. -. Treae-. -. Inf-lry Club I. .xII1Il3I'.IJblllJllPI l. -. 5. I.10rmanf,lub I. -. 5 L ily h AIX Xllab xX'TH1jXX -WHL 2. SCC' 2: Ymmu Relmmivan muh 2. 3: . .. w N . . Canlerburv Club 2. 3. 500. 2: Y.W.C..'X. I. NI l lTlf.NIil'.lib.N -XLIJRNIIli-ll.'X.lnLau. , . I .- H M .' V .V U. v ,- ml,c:l,xlx. x IRGIXIX Rf Bs. in 15.1. 3- 3- 'f""'0 lI"flf:'F"P 3- I ""er"'f 'lm' - . -. , . lor I. -. 3: II lm H XI l1o3. YUIING. IJHUJRICS X.fI5.S. in Pharm lxappa Gamma I. 2. 3. I-: .hm-r. Pharma- 1-Pulival Assam. l. 2. 3. I: Canterbury Club W" ' ' 'LYNN f' X l 'I 3 3: XX .5.b.l' . X r Itllvn Il. lIll'Il3.I'1IS Klub 2. 3. I. Prvs. 3. N. Pres. I: Polish Club l. 2. 3. I. Ser-. l. 3: Sigma 'Xlplla I Inn-ga 3. I-. Pr:-s. I: Y.W lf..-X. I. 2: N1'Nllldllf:IllIi2.3. X SENIOR Rl NG CONI NIITTI-Ili Benson. .I.: Gisl.. .l.: Seuferl. A.: Bauer. NY. rj! NIEXIORI.-XL COXINIITTEE Ivallle. J.: Weiker. NI.: Xveinman. R.: Bruno. A. SENIOR PICXIC CUNINI ITTEE Hoen. E.: P6-lers. Y.: Franklin. R.: Ixoebrman. R. I f 1 I NZ xxx 1 nfl. F' F ff W.. ,4 ? . 1 I gf-rm 1' I Y If Ff-'W ,A we 1.05 '51 - I i S Q .. if d :M nh? ,I Thu- u'ar's class activitivs wore- off to a F02-ll'lll0' start as an nnusnallv vfliciellt . l' . junior vlass look an actin- le-atl. ln tht- livatvtl spring elvvtions. l,arrx lmakv, per- sonalvlv junior vlass le-atlvr. was 1-let-tt-tl to lvatl the lllt'lIllN'l'S as prvsitlvllt for tln' 4-nsning yt-ar. Dim-lx Cox was t'll1lSl'll to svrvc as vicv-prvsitlvilt and Mary lfllt-n tlnnn antl Stem- Nlvzartljian wi-rv l'll0Sl'll to st-rx 1- as vlass svvrt-tary anal tri-asnrvr lwspwtixt-ly. .lunior vlass stntlt-nt 1-onnvil l't'lll't'St'I1lLflllYt' positions wt-rv lillvfl by Don llnnnnvr anil Xlary lie-ntllin. lflainv lip low. anotlu-r junior 1-lass int-inlwr lt-il tlu-1-oniinitn-vs for tht- ll0llll'Clllll- ing l't'lt'lll'l'llltDllS anml lit-tty xtllllllii. anotln-r junior. was 1-host-n to rcign at tht- affair as llolnt-1-onling Qin-1-n. Six juniors took lionors by living 1-host-n to 1-1-pm-svlll tht- l niu-rsity ol' Tolvtlo in tliv annual pnlnlivation ol' "XX ho's Who Xniong Stntlvnts in Xnn-rivan l lllYt'l'Sillt'S anal Colle-gt-s." They invlnelt-tl l"rant'is Scott. llolwrt Xlowvry. Pat Sll1'lxl'0lll-. lion Sin:-lair. Carol llarn. anel Larry lmalu-. 1lutstantlingjuniorvlassvu-nt ol' thi- yvarwas tht- ,lnnior Prom hclml in tlu' spring at tlu- Xax al Xrmory. llill livnson anal Phyllis Svlnniilt sm-rx 1-rl as tln- t'0-t'lllill'lIll'll ol' tliv tlanw-. Thvy no-rv assisti-al lay l,onannn- llviiltlnan anal Norm Nlusialowslxi. ill-4-orations 4-o-1-hairnwn: llclt-n lftlely anal llnant- Nllllllvlllklll. tivlwts t'tb-Cll2iil'lllt'll1 llivlx llalnilton and .Xnnv f,l1'lllt'l'. lnancl t'o-m'llairn1n-n: ,loannv lxonop anal Merril St'llil1'lll'1'I'. programs 1-o-vllairnn-ll: Carolyn NIat'l'l1ie- anal Dirk Collins. invitations 4-o-vliairnlvtlz antl Don llnnnnvr and liosi- Maria- liovlii. pnlrlivity PU-t'll2lil'lllt'll. 4 , ,xf 0 X ' 5 -on ' , . . - s ' , - '. . I D . 1 I t Z '- - . Z : gf - 1 - 3. . . , . 3 Q - I rn - 5 .i : -..- . I . -, . z . , ' .' sl ,' I .' 1 ' 1 ' a ' . .' x ' ' .' ' ,' Q H ' f . 1 Q I ' 5 1 1 "' 5 Ji N 1 A ' X ' . 'u. ' K - ' a W X V 9 f . N s LL It 1 n fl' K ,I Ks E- K J QU mjmfx I Il"fXlxl" R. CHX Nl. CNNlI'liI'lI.I, S. NIICZKIKIJJIKN 1 F W" P 0 1 1 C . ff N159 . ,f ,, 4, ..,,.: P ff 29 '22 -12441-llaleihfe , vt, Q 1 EQ SIE ur ,Q .v,, ,pw """4Mpf , il 9' 3 1 ww-fb Y Lxk Q M "W F 1 ""' 5 2 'Q' R 2 ' W I MQW' SOPHO ORE CLASS Sophomore class activities exposed numerous future ARK and Peppers, as the elass members competed for appointments and ofhces open to sophomores. Oflicers chosen in the spring elections to represent their class included Andy' Douglas. president: Devere Line, vice-president: Martha Freemamsecretaryg and Nan Rogers. treasurer. Ginny Dowduey was ehosen as sophomore women's rep to council and Carl Leistner was chosen as sophomore me-n's rep. Bob Baker was elected to serve in a rep-at-large position. This year the Freshman and Sophomore Proms were combined illto the "Hearts in Harmony" dance. honoring both classes. Joe ,Xreddy and Sharon Kabel were selected as co-chairmen for the affair. Other chairmen included Beverly Jay. Dorothy Benton. Dau- Keller. Barbara Dolan. and Bob Breese. Yumerous outstanding sophomores eo-operated to make this an exceptional year for their class and the work they put out indicated that a great future is in store for many ol' these line seholars and hard workers as juniors and seniors. BEE ,, ,,, 8-6 l t, '1 nr t v.- arms We i s i ' 'ms W? f 'H T t .tl lzll l l ll Qi' lt J Q t N l ' Douglas . IIIP Nl. l"re1-man . lingers 5 38202 YQ V 2 ' lfm' 'I V 1 :L --g ,xag .' .V J" , 4.,. , X ,Af-4" v ' 'f , x, ' ' ' 'z 'ww . iff. "ff Q22 meg? I af 5 3 .-41" FRESHMAN CLAS New-tuiiers at the liniversity of Toledo pruvided mueh material for an exciting eampaign in the freshman eleetions whieh oeeurred soon alter the fall term opened. Candidates for lreslmian elass oflieers ineluded sueh outstanding members as lid lxeu-rn. Dielx l,e-lller. Don Yigh. Kenny Friend. Yan Trevena. Duane Hostedder. 'limn l'iI'l1'lxSllll. Pat Riehards. ,Indie Nlanley. Nliriam Hiller. Louis Spanoudis. and Dum llrunn. NX hen the smulxe eleared. heated eampaign smoulders revealed the x ietnrs to he lfd lievern. president: 'l'nm lirielxsun. seeretary: Don Yigh. viee presi- dent: Nan Tren-na. treasurer: ,Indie Nlanley. freshman wumen's rep tu eouneil: and l,nuis Spanuudis. freshman men's rep tu emumeil. Dum llrunu. defeated ln une vote fur the ulliee ul' freshman men's rep to emmeil. later snatehed the impurlanl pnsitiun ol' eo-editor of the freshman handbook. The unusual ehuiee ul' a freshman for this pusitinn proved his ahilitj. X eumhim-d freslunan-suplmnmre danee duhlred "Hearts in Harmony M was held at the Nax al Xrmury un February 22. IQSZ2. Combined eonunitlees ineluded sueh lreslimen as ,luv Xreddy. wlm serxed as eo-chairman ul' the entire danee: Huh Haynes. who assisted with deeuratinns: Dom Bruno, eu-ehairman ol' invitatiuns: liarlnara Dolan and lid Sadd. eu-ehairmen ol' hand: Beverly Crosby. puhlieity: and Carol lluffer. programs. Numerous uther freshman M'0llll'll and men served in dill ferent eapaeities un eummittees. , E - ' ' . E, ff E ' :N y I' :.. , ft. 0? ' 't Df Q - -, Q Lff ' .. E I J ' ' r 1- - Vi - - ' 1 ' Xl t:"f-syrup? a . 9 un 1 f Tm v 'L I f- 0 . J Qtr QM W, fig! lc. Ii lcv len N mth' , 'X ' 3 x.Tnuvuxx 1 K 'T 5 I 'l'. ICR I KSICN XX kw i , f swf SMQKJNQ Q 'i5E9l,T CLEAN Y W S S F 1 C A R N I V A L . A .11 ,. 5 ' v mx h W Nivea 'Y' Mx X X X-Aymgwxi K XX " "::xff'? N, f W 4"T'XSg..X .x Xiuwf M,,N.w fvfiw-ff.-':X N ..... M if - f xizsiili -J Huy lj 'Q Q 6' j-an gnu- 3,3 J I y Adams, Homecoming Queer 'L .va-n-1 fr 0 -:uni kk ,I I 32113 'D - i N. , . SI? r . -Nx,v - ..-f f v I 4 ,. I ww " '-31' ,H I 3 -du , av v-. f e Bl! i 1 ' s . "iZ,i'G V 1 W7 -Aw. tt gk alla Chi Hun-ga! "Top 'lim 'I'.l toppml all Ulllvl' floats D1-Ita Dvlta llvlta rot-lu-t4-tl to st-vonxl place with this grinning lo min tht- WSI llome-1-oming Float Trophy. liolwat. HO ECU lht- 'flu-ta llhil hola-ul that tlu- Roc-lu-ts woulal malw "1-atslxlf' 'Xlpha Unlivron Pi's 1-olorful lloal foresaw a 'l'.U. vivtory in ol lln- Ulnio l . liolwats. mln-1-an-mls, A Qs OH IO SIP 2 764 6' ,..w"" Everyone got a charge out of Sigma Phi Epsilon's Reddi-Kill- Alpha Sigma Phi's float brought many a chuckle from the Ohio U. theme. parade watchers. FLOAT . . . The Kappa Sig's planned a Bobcat funeral with the prediction Pi Beta Phi's float. with its miniature locomotive. hoped that that "Th6y'll G0 DOWllil- Coach Dunn and his boys would really "De-Rail 'Emf' ,1, v- ----M---AW - . . ,. W . . .... . .... Mwfum1Lww..i,rafw.-M,.-fr .. ,,f,.x-11 - -f-. ,,-,.-, , . ww-.fwftux-xmf-u.v,.uwmwx-5wf4m..m,fp.w.u.w.m..,.+.1.4t.1:-ffumw i H .. I" XI ary lin Xml'-fl Xlarinn xllhrllilli f Xgallla lirunn l:lllIl11I'4N'lXl'll Q llullio' Vu-ll Hnlwrl lfvlelsla-ill fQ., l Il 17 pal 9:'.L , 1 H1'llI'fgI'1'f xI1'l"1'lIilIl llaglllv-Huff:-rw T 5 ffarlainn- llalaluf liivllalwl H1-llslllall ,lanla-s Uawsmm Y4-Inna lfgarius T7 ...J Gloria Fish Carol Uarn Shirls-y ,lay Larry IA-akv 'S .lim Nl3f'lll'Il .lflkill XI2lf'lN'll llonnic Nlaclvay Phyllis Martin 9 1' T! ix- '- J .LM 1 Carolyn Nlallln-ws Xlarily n Hill:-r liulyf-rg XlfH5'l'l'y Peg Olwrlc 'V7 Ron Rehn Don Rich Francis Scott John Scott Ron Sinclair Pat Stickroth Dorothy Vogelsang w .. ,V . QQIETS Sl'l'lll'S -l'l'HllI llw l!lIiI'!'l'Sif.Y ,l'lll'flfPl' l,l'HlIlll'fiUIl :gf Ha' U lm Cvls SIIIIIIIPII Inj' lmunizl .'1l1lll'lfYl'l'. 2 fy 14 'qw xr . ---it f .-Q ..- 1. -xg fu 'iv f, gs +4 .2 i . 5, K x 1'.:.,m -' "YW-f-,2:Aef k :Q ' ' ' ff r .46-T 4 ,Q 'J' If 7 VF- '?f""Y 1 . 3 ,V ' ' .f ,' . 5 ' g d,l. xt. 1 . k A --m vs n. .,W,.,.4 w, ' -, J f 1-Q ff! if 9' :A --.R riff", 5 X, ,J f- I 1 I g .1 XX 5 5 2 V A 2 ki Q '. ,L ., f x ,i A ,Q g s S b I in 44. 1 ' z Q i s 5? Www. 9 Y ? sz,-,-fy .-" rf sg, Z 2 1 4 4"'v+ Lmmwmn -":::2:a.1-,gilynan 5 ws mi? :Q .SM xy 1 1 ' ww .lin S V' - pus- ,V X ' ' Y ... 'l5.?.,,." 1 Gi? '4 ' 1 my v' I -4 mm Ep gy wiv EB'-bm.. -fx ii' 5 'ik' A. ..-qldv-' Q E x N X f '1 X,- ,Avr- fvxq.. ,K x,, x.. s-if ""fN0vu X' ii, r "' 7, 'S O 19 NJ P 1 .K- IW. 1 4 fd 1 l, M 1 xx' M Q 'O . V, ,T v. .i I . A- xg: ,ig ., ,vm mf f 2,3511 fffiyl ,, ,lu V '95, 'fy ,, .- 2-1, V f H 1.F:,A'?,ff, 43? -w'QEv1'-.-eff? ""'fif5N73 ' fam, , ww-ff. . ..,., , .-,-X ' 53+ rw 455+ 2,5 A -xx .W . qw v' .- ,fl -is-2' a ..n,...v,, , ,,.. Vvgwgfgg . ., xl My . K ' w 1:04458-1455.11 1 : ml:-r 1 ,,-'igfigi 1- Q .- if waz'-zxv-:ff,::,'-S , X 41 :fag gf . ..-9-Q K ,-,z-f?,.:4,,, 4 E , X wfbzvvf ' 1, 1 1 - mf? ,-,yy-M Lk A., 5-w..3Z,v 3 I v,.f Wg-,Q-W .af v Q, . .. ML.. my t , ,?.,.4M1v, , v ,, J: v . , ' ' fp uw 'z . 3 Q I, 'a ffix 4, 45" : u wiwf-if x .V P"l1-'39-fi C W - ,.- Q, " 4.5: z N I ,. , , 5 . I f V I ,ly , . x 4 S 4 1 J .M .1 if : "1 .'- ' ' ,L f' 'E f' .. o ' ' f - 2 . 1 ' 1 3' x S I 'ljfix 3 .4 ,'f J'xJ ff 1,-f' ' Q LY I K . .E Z 1 1 Que' ' I fl., ,B 1 f.-. 5,,g,:,.al""' ff. X Q " ' , t' va- '1 . 'Q ln ,LN , . PANHELLENIC COUNCIL xxtifl The oflicers ol' Panhellenic Council are Pat Snody. president: ,lo ,Xnn Hein. secretary: Phyllis Martin. treasurer: and Dean of Women. Kathrvn Schwab. as advisor. Panhellenic Council acts as the governing bodv to X 1 i . i . . U . . U - 1 social b0I'0l'lllt'S on campus. The council IS composed X ol two representatives from each ofthe seven sorori- xx 1 ties on campus. a senior and a junior. f The annual tea for all freshman women was held inilctober to introduce them to the sororiti svstem. Xt this time a council round-table discussion helped the freshman women to understand the purpose of 4 A Panhellenic Council and the soroity rushing system. 7 0. November rushing saw a change in the usual pro- Abf X cedure with the rushing ol' freshman and upper-class nt l women in the fall instead ol' spring. Une ol' the most important events ol' Xlarch was M, the Panhellenic Workshop. Various speakers gave Z1-A Q talks on the different phases of sorority life. Discus- Q , ,IV sions were held in each ol' the sorority apartments. li 04 E-J' , 7 - following a tea in the Student l nion. --f. - f . . Y L., Nlarch also brought upper-class ruslung to give a M - chance to the eligible women who had not been afli- - T liated in the November rushing. ln Nlai the annual installation banquet was held at which time the officers for the coming year were installed. nm... nm. uf...-... x. xl..fl.... 1:1 n.-.... we s.-n.....l.: s.....n, lu II--in. 1.1 cf...-I..-u. R.: xl.-iw. xl, sr.-..,..l u.,..ifxl.-.-n..-r. s.. sl...-L. xl.: lhhm. I-,,. Xl.u-Lu, Ii: Xl.u-I lne, 4... ll:-iullm. Xl.: Nlougm J Front Row:fFarrcll. I.: Belling:-r. T.: Bradley. R.: Hose. D.: Lcslcr. J.: Szmri. K.: Gcurgoff. D. Sn-cond Row:fl.oo. E.: Rehn. R.: L4-akc. l..g Scott. F.: Felalslein. R.: l'ulmcr. D.: Fink. H.: liaran. J.: Glaun. l'. Third Row:-U"NciIl. D.: Huller. l'.. NVhile. G.: Hawley. 5.: Cuinall. J.: Bcnricr. D, Fourth Row:-Hugllcs. T.: Scllwurtzlmcrg. llclfl. T, Fifth Ram :-Wnlllr. J.: Playa-k. J.: Carre-ll. R.: Swanson. F. Inter-Fraternity Council commenced the year by having a complete revision of the weaker points in their constitution. These improvements helped to promote a feeling of better harmony and good-will among the eleven social fraternities on campus. Under the leadership of Tom Held the member fra- ternities of I.F.C. plunged into a new rushing sys- tem. This year all fraternity grievances concerning rushing were handled by a special committee inde- pendent of the council. This new plan proved to be very successful and will probably be continued in future years. The ninth national fraternity appeared on campus this year when Delta Tau was installed as Beta-Iota chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. The two remaining local fraternities are petitioning nationals at the present time. By the close of this school year I.F .C expects to be a member of the National Inter-Fraternity Council. The race for the Participation Trophy in sports started with golf in the fall, and continued through the winter sports of basketball, volleyball. bowling, and table tennis, concluding in the spring with baseball and the tennis tournaments. The year came to a close with a banquet in May honoring the newly initiated fraternity members and also the new officers of I.F.C. The annual I.F.C. Dance was held in April in the Tropicana Ballroom. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL r . lm.. 9- nl' 4? ALPHA GAMMA UPSILOA K lx Ie Mtn 2 A l'r-mi lt-tw Sir--I 'Q X' -smut-5 ' N ' 4 ml, l,,: lhkvr. lk: XX ulm-r. IL: . lmnm.m. K 1 ng --r ll. .uontl ll-nt, ,Xlpha Gamma lipsilon began tht- sovial svason with a wivncr roast at Side Cut Park. This was fol- lowed by open house partics aftvr tht' home football games. 'llhv closv of tht- football season brought alnont plans for a lishing trip to N0l'll1l'l'll Michigan. and although tllcrv we-rv not too many lish vanght. a goml time was had by allfvthanks to Dick Shinmlan. .l vrry Xlohr and Di1'kH'llvi1' for a wt-ll plannt-al week- vml. Yilting llall was tht- sconv ol' tht- frcslnnan rush party. Plans for the rushing wt-rv matle hy' ,lvrry Xlohr. Dick llosv. anel Hoy' Garrvtt with tht- appre- viatvtl assistancv ol' thc- alumni group. lie-frcslinicnts wt-rv planm-al by lit-n Shaw. Divlx Shimman anal lla-tl Zahn. 'llhv holidays ysvn' highliglltval hy tht' Christmas suppvr anel gift 1-wlianugc among tlw l'l'alvrnity mon aml thvir wix vs. 'llhc olml yvar was nsln-rt-cl out with a Nt-w Ya-ar's lin- Party planm-cl lry ,lt-rry Xlohr. Ke-n Shaw. anul Divk Shimman. The National lloartl 0liljll'1'1'l0l'S awarmlvml to l,y'nn Strolwl tht- scholarship pvntlant for an outstanding svlmlastit- avhivy 1-nn-nt. Thi- now yt-ar vonsiste-ml ol' many informal get to- gvtln-rs. lhv main topic' ol' 1-onvvrsation living tlu- National Conn-nlion. So vnalml the sovial Calvlltlal with many happy mvmorivs ol' the past yvar and many hopvliul plans for lhv f1'2ll' to vonn-. Slum. lx.: Xlohr. .l.: l'llillip-. .l.: l'vrkins. ll. rv sg ov QD The year l95l-52 was an eventful one for Upsilon Tau chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. It marked a mem- orable year for the new Jewish fraternity which was formed froln the two former local chapters. Kappa Iota Chi and Lambda Chi. Social events were numerous throughout the year. A square dance. in conjunction with the Alumni As- sociation. started the season's festivities. Then the two rushing affairs. an informal dance in the Student Union and a Stag Smoker at the Hotel Secor. were highly successful. The two biggest events of the 'school year were the New Year's Eve party which was attended by more than one hundred couples and the annual Spring Formal in May. Athletically. the AEPi's were not too successful. but participated in all inter-fraternity sports. Highlighting the season was the annual presenta- tion of the J. Nathan Scholarship Award to the most- deserving freshman. The cash prize this year was awarded to Adolph Stadel. Another scholarship award founded by the fratern- ALPHA EPSILON 'S .ff ity was the Dr. J. J. Olson award presented to an sqm. - . . . . . 5 outstanding student ln either the College of Medicine or Dentistry. The fraternity was very prominent in extra-curri- cular activities with Bob Feldstein. president of Inter-Fraternity Council and Burt Laderman as Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Collegian. President Bob Vfeinman was chairman of the important IFC Housing. "rout liow:fS one. .2 'er In e . S.: l'4-rlm er. D.: F4-ldslt-in. B.: Schuster. G.: Yvaync. C. Sn-eond Row:-Harris. B.: Swartzher S W nt I l J I l ull r ull ers. D.: Shilnlc. L. Third Ron:-Lipmilch. A.: Glaser. B.: Lanlernum. B.: YY1-imnan. B. ALPHA OMICRON PI -342 ' . 2 The ollieers of Xlpha Umieron Pi are Carolyn Nlatthews. president: Pauline County. viee-presi- dent: .lane Davis. eorrespouding seeretary: Doris Rohitaille. reeording seeretary: and Barbara limer- son. treasurer. The inelnhers ol' Theta Psi Chapter returned to eainpus in the fall with fond memories of eottage at l.alxe James. Indiana. In Uetober. the annual Mar- garet Naehtrieb Tea was held in honor of a former advisor. This tea supports a seholarship awarded eaeh year to the most outstanding history' student at the uniyersity. The sorority then leted Phi Kappa Chi Fraternity at a Ilalloween Party where james Farrell. Phi Kap President. was named " XOPi Guy." ln the IIUlllt'l'llIllIllg Parade the fXOPi lloat. "O, The Cards Xre Xgainst lv." won seeoud plaee. Xlpha Umieron Pi has oeeasion to be proud ol' its aelive members on l'i:lIIlpllS. Carolyn Matthews. a Pepper. is listed in Whos who .Kmong College Slu- dents. Carlaine Iialdul. a Pepper. is in XYho's Who. Radio Workshop and is president ol' the University Theater. Nlarilyn Welker is seeretary ol' Pi Gamma Xl u. and is also treasurer ol' the Senior Class. Pauline County . Sorority lfditor ol' the Bloekhouse. is a Staff Writer ol' the Collegian and llouse Nlanager of the Theater. Nlargaret Horner is Ilox Ofhee Manager ol' the Theater. and president ol' the International Re- lations Cluh. These are but a few ol' the IIIHIIN aetive NX li Xl.l. SXI l l.l'l. KUPi's seen on the I niversity of Toledo ealitpus. IHH l'l.lflHQl'I XIICIQTINKI IS HYICR lf ...I um. 1 .trI. u.1J.....,-... 1.1 na.-...1.-..... y1,.st..fx..-.. II.: y1......-t. 1,1 u..f...-f, xl.. M.-a... ln. r.-1.-f.. y.. yy.-il..-r. yi. s.-.'.,...l nm.: fest. . . . , . , n, 1,.g Nlauluew -. 4..g Duns. J.: I .irlm.un. N.: ll--n-ter. N.: We-rell. l',1llougla--.J.:l.oIh--r,lI.. Nlorgun. J. llnrd Row:V-lfrleshulner. Nl.: Free' m un. l'.g Nlelhnrtln, J.: ll.nrtm,4n, IZ.: liolnituille, ll.: tlounty. l'.: lid.-len. K, Fourth Rosy: fl'Inu-r-on, II.: liarlos. K.: Lester. J.: Xluzmnreo. Xl. Ii. Iufllu N ty l'if 4 4' li Ilul' l' li hu Nl N k I Ii in NI IN o I.. v.: .nt , ..: erue .. .1 .l os. .L Success and effectiveness are high sounding de- scriptions. When applied to collegiate life and cam- pus activities. however. these qualities exemplify themselves in the overwhelmingly successful year enjoyed by Beta Rho of Alpha Sigma Phi. Wvorking from a basic foundation of cooperation and genuine brotherhood. Alpha Sig once again maintained its campus leadership throughout the i951-52 year. Sparking the university fall social season with a series of parties and dances honoring T.U. sororities. Beta Rho climaxed the fall rushing program with the annual Apache Dance. honoring freshman rushees and their dates. The yearly event is built about a French wharf theme. Athletically. Sig again made hash of the inter-fra- ternity volleyball league with a second consecutive undefeated season. and placed high in the upper divi- sion of the bowling league. Major accomplishment of the brotherhood last fall was the election of Alpha Sigma Phi candidate Betty Adams as University Homecoming Queen. Working in conjunction with Chi Omega. Alpha Sig again came up with a winning combination. Officers of Alpha Sigma Phi were: Francis Scott. president: Ron Sinclair. vice-president: Dick Collins and John Lindemulder. secretaries: and Norm Kwiatkowski. treasurer. :z .., ... '-T'-: : 1 4- E 2 3 1 1 me -is aus.: 2--1 an-an Q-, Zo... -as, --up bg- 1.,u- -.- - 1 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2393 ,L NX-f 2 Q 5 an Q Y..'7Rw1xsv:x 5 5 Front Rmm:fNlcMul1on. M.: lxirlthaln. I.: Sinclair. H.: Genrgoff. D.: Collins. R.: llunn-r. N.: lusialkowiki. N. Second Ron:-'l'4-llaln. E.: na l I Clan r J lalnl r J lrn R H A Yewlon. J.: Goscil " ly. R.: iall. '.: I 4 st- . .: " 1- . .: I i cr. .: aus. . .1 Lindcnmlmler. 1. 'llhird Rowtfhlariasy. D.: Blanchard. W.: Brown. D.: Simon. J.: Say age. I.: Hnglu-r-. T.: Sadd. E.: Cm-n. W. Fourth R1m':-Hug:-le. R.: Scott. F.: Scott. J. Fifth Row:-Bull. L.: Alnhajay. D.: Druhviln. E.: Mona-ry. R. 77 fb ALPHA CHI OMEGA ff' .-vd CHXII. HN GIRLS. I'l I.I,l f C' I .Iuyvv Nlassvy prvsitlml mvr the Xlpha Chis this yt-ar assistvil by Igtlllllit' Nlavxiay and ,luy ce I'iIll't'l. as lirst and secuml vivo-p1'e-siclvlits. Patt NX allwr and IM-Inris Sawa4h- avtml as rrwursling St'1'I't'l2il'y and 1-urrcspunuling St't'l't'Ii1l'A. with Nanvy Ilulw as treas- nrt-r. . it This Xlpha Chi Ihnvga Campus Wills liavlvto- Sa-lmol Party marlwal tht- Iirst snwial e-vcnt of lim-ta Unis-ga's sixth ye-ar on vampus. "Top 'lim Tl was the- Ilmm-4-oiiiillg Iluat lllt'lllt' whivh auhh-tl a trophy to tht- Xlpha Chi 1-ull:-1-timi. I,iz Hake-r w as vanilialate lur Ilmile-vmliing Qin-vii. Ulln-r I'aII Q-yi-nts im-Iuclvtl sponsoring a Imvlwy gamer in thc Spnrts Ari-na. giv- ing a party for orphans. anel adupting a war urphan. - wg Ms-- Thr- Ynlvtixh- sz-asun invlualwl snvh highlights as thi' annual varuling party. a svrivs ol' ilinnn-rs in Illllllll' nlvanlpus lratt-rnitin-s. thc- Xmas I'm'maI. and a party gin-n the- Xlpha lihis hy thu- Dm-Ita lipsilnn lrati-rnity at Iiuwling Ure-1-n. 'Iihv s1-vnml SUIIIPSIPI' im'In4I1-nl "I3aaI's Nile-U. II1-ra Day . sa-I asitlv for allrnislie' work in 1'nllll1't'li0Il with m-ra-lnral palsy. lhv Sm-ninr I"a1'u-we-II Iianmpu-t. anal tht- Spring Iformal. XX ht-rv lln-rv we-rc vxtra1'nrri1'uIar am-liyilivs. lln-rv we-rv Xlpha llhis. I'alt XX allwr re-ignvil as Xlay Qin-1-li. Ilaml Garn si-ru-al as Cn-4-alilur ul' thu- Illmlliunso. and Nam-y Xlflllllliillll was a rI'.l . niajurvltv. l,l'lllll'l'S . wt-rv Nlary lin Xnstm-ul ansl Ilunnic Nlavxvay. also prvsiilvnl ul' Ixappa Uvlla Pi. Yirginia lluwilnvy was Sopllcrlllulw- XA unlvllis Iivp. In liullnvil. t M ,Q-. Ks lha- wln-vl nl thi- si-llnul yvar rnllu-el ln a vlusv. thoughts nl Sllllllllvl' 1-nttagv anel re-Iaxaliun 4Ian1-ml IwI'ura- tin-1-yvsnl' Alpha Iihis. Ir nl It--u .im.m. XI., Alu-rl'-.I.1IIruull.II,I Km.--.S. Ihk--r. I,,:II-.I'Im.m.Ii.1 Xu-if--I. XI. 9'1"-ll-I Ibm' fllarn. IH.: St.-wart. li.: Xlillvr. X.: n In-ln, Ii.. Munn-ir-1I.uII. ll 1 lhm-In.-I. X.: llallm. Il.: N--Il.-r, I'.: Ili-.m. I',: Ilnmh-4-, N, 'l'hir-I Ii-m. Ihum-U---. Xl.g XX.iIk1-r. I'.: S.: InL..e-haunt-1 I II it rI rn. S.. Ftlwplu-rl. S.: Ilirk--nkaunp. X.: Iihrt-I. J.: Sam..-lv. II. Ifuurlh II-mr Nanml--. I.. Ilunnlya-nr. XI.: H1-nn--tl, XI.: XI: I'In1-.1 II :L N Nlmhlu. II. Infth Ibm' ,l..Im-mnv. .I.: Xlnlli-r. N.: XI.n-s--5. J.: Jmly. S. Sixth Iii-nz -KI.n-Nur ll: lfllvlrvllu. I.: . . Il'1..u-in-, 1 V Ilylw-r I- Iw-lr TH A-Xlpha Phi Omega hegan its 30th year on the cam- pus with its usual full schedule of athletic and social events. Although handicapped hy' the absence ofover twenty' men who left for the service. the Alpha Phis were determined to make this year just as successful as the ones in the past. The fall social calendar was highlighted hy' the Xlpha Olympics. Augmenting the fall social program was the traditional Christmas Formal plus several stag affairs. Foremost among stag functions were the two par- ties held for freshman. rushing the success ofwhieh is evidenced hy' the lille group of men who pledged. Homecoming was well participated this year. The committee should be congratulated for their splendid idea effected by' complete cooperation. The candi- date for Homecoming Queen was Kappa Delta's Gloria Peppin. -Xthletically' the 'Xlpha Phis stepped off to a good start in competition for the Participation Trophy winning third place in the Inter-Fraternity golf tourney' and ty ing for second place in volley ball. with promising outlooks for ping-pong and tennis. The executive hraneh of the fraternity this year consisted of Ron Rehn. president: Pete Glann. vice- president: ,lim Gran. secretary: Pete Bennett. treas- urer: Dick Gehring. assistant treasurer: and Ron Brown. corresponding secretary. Climaxing a colorful year the Alpha Phis held a spring formal in honor of the graduating acliy es who were awarded fraternity keys for the support they had given in the past years. Front Rout-Simi. l'.: -Xusled. ll.: Jueoluy, Il.: Pair. ll.: Simi. K. l 1 u 1 1 I N ron on nm ll n my Gehring. R4 Rehn. ll.: lxirsehner, C.: Gluuu. P.: Kudreus. l..: lin lr am ur un 1 h Schroeder. J.: Uufforrl. J.: llronn. R.: Xlelxillley, ll. l"ourth li u NX .in xsorll 1 uw or 1 llrover. T.: Blank. W . DELTA DELTA DELTA XX If NRI-Q litbl ND To XX IN! ln September Tri-Delts gathered at their annual hack-to-school roast to tallt over those happy' days at Lake George and the summer's events. During llomecoming the group had fun as always campaign- ing for their vivacious queen candidate. Peggy Wies- ter. The float. a grinning Bohcat. was awarded second place by the Homecoming judges. The Ynletide season was a busy time for the girls ol' the Stars and Crescent. The big event wasithe Christmas formal at which the engaged or newly' married couples were honored. The Tri-Deltas also gave their almual Xll-sorority Buffet for the seventh t't bllSl'l'llllYt' X t'iiI'. Klong with its active social life the silver. gold. and lrlue was also represented in many activities! l,il Spinazze was president ol' the lillen ll. Richards Club. and Bette Gray was vice-president of the Baptist Club. Nlemhers in Peppers were Ruth Crockett. Gloria l"ish. and Bette Gray. l.ou lleitltman wrote the Femnastics column for the Collegian. Spring came again and the Tri-Deltas polished up their winning Song Tro why from last year in antici- . . f Q .l -. . ,- . pation ol another bororlty 'Jong Fest. l'rl-Delta com- pleted the lrusy year with the annual Faculty Upen llouse and the Senior Banquet. Uflicers ol' Tri-Delta l95l-52 were Bette Gray. president: Donna XlcClain. yice-president: Nancy llill. corresponding secretary: ,lean Schoeler. record- inf' secretary and Nancy Prottenveier. treasurer. C . . C' ln-ni lhm: Xl.-rr:-. li.: lllll. ll.: l,rt-t-kt-tl. ll.: llull, N.: llruper. F.: 5lr.uuls. I.: Nllnle. B.: Danylto. Nl.: Ward. l..: Wlurphy. lf.: l,v-un-. Xl. St-1-mul lion: Blat-kwell, Lg Nl:-ret-, J.: lfi-h, tl.: 'l'unlu'r, F.: l.u Rowe. tl.: Cray. B.: .l.nnes. ll.: lfollz. J.: l'ilkinglon. Nl.: Foupzllt. l'.: Nl:-eker. 4 Ixa't.ll Nl Thi Ill it ll url I K Ru I' I' N ISA l' iw J fn .l lli th lrn .I N1 Vullil 4' 'l'ilh 1 D Q -1 ll ll , . rl ll I f lll ' ll'I' X. ,I IIDII, .Q vllfrl . .1 lfl"l. ,I - I'1'll1'y. .1 It rrp. .I C' I' . .: 1' 41 Pl Pr. ..l 'lil' . -1 ll.-iulunun, l.. Fourth lion:-llimler. lu: l'ruth-ng'-ier, N.: S1-lioeler. J.: We-sl:-r. l'. Fifth lion:-ll:-lv. 5.1 Birnnnglnun. ll.: Lnnlsey. 5.1 Bre- --ln-n-er, X.: Isnt-h, I., HU The closing ofthe school year saw Delta Tau trek- ing for Mackinac Island where they enjoyed a vaca- tion at the summer home of Bart Strahley. Vlfhile there they entered a float in the annual Lilac Day parade and won first honors. With the return to school in September. they started off with a rush party for upperclassmen and pledged ,Iohn Connors. Loren Palmer, .Iohn Rippon. .lohn Sanecki and Raymond Zuelke. Among the fall social events were a roast. a Hal- loween party, a Millionaire's party and a card party. The Order sponsored Elizabeth Baker. of Alpha Chi Omega, as Homecoming Queen candidate and en- tered a float. The highlight ofthe year occurred on December 3. 1951. when the Order of Delta Tau. tl1e youngest fraternity on the campus. became the Beta Iota chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. The installation was con- ducted by Alpha Theta chapter from Michigan State College. Officers and members attended a leadership school at East Lansing. Michigan in January. Pi Kap roses are in order for ,lack Guinall. archon: Harold Fink. treasurer: Robert Drake. secretary: Bart Strahley. historian: Donald Crawford. chap- lain: and Henry Censler, warden as well as Rush Chairman Bob Drake and his committee. January saw a party given by the pledges for the alumni and a square dance by the actives at Haus- man's Barn. Bowling and basketball were important items on the sports calendar. PI KAPPA PHI np-Q D Afi? 4:35 'Q-.A Fronl Rowzgkippon. J.: Fink. H.: Kurczewuki. R.: Guinull. I.: Crawford, D.: Uennler. H.: Hawley. S. Second Row:fDrake. R.: Marmac Conners, J. Third Row:-Slruhley. B.: Murnwu. .l. 81 ZETA TAI7 ALPHA "XX l-I Xllylllili tbl H 'I'lto Pllll'4" lruul Row Ht...mpIn-Il, Xl. ln.: l.muI4-. Xl.: I I L1 I-.y.molT. Nl - Ni lmellv-r. N.: lien--un. J.: ll:-nlon, U.: .lone-, Nl 'llll llendlln. Nl.: llarltirm-r. Xl. Ye Officers of Zeta Tau -Klpha are Nlary Lingle. presi- dent: Phyllis Schmidt.vice-president: Y elma ligarius. recording seeretary: Sue Grossenhaeher. Correspond- ing secretary: and Naney X11-Curdy. historian. Hur year was hegun by a pienie at Ottawa Park in honor of all alulnnae members. ,X eard party followed. given with the Xlother's Club. ln October we eele- hrated our Founder's Day with the alumnae ehapter at Northwood lnn. Our "Convention ol' llalloween Spiritsi' was a square danee we gave the Xlpha Sigs. ln Noy ember. we had a eomhination seavenger hunt and roast elimaxed hy a warm-up party. The husy month ol' Dem-enlher was ushered in with rush par- ties, pledging. a Christmas party and linally our formal "The Snowllalte Swirl" held in the Tower Room of the llotel llillerest. Set-ond semester hegan with a fraternity party. and an orphans' party held in Nliami Children's llome on Valentine-'s Day. ln Xpril eame our annual spring formal. Nlay found us awaiting the seeond annual Zeta W eeltend of parties. roasts. danees. and heaeh parties for all Zetas. their families and friends. Xetas were seen in many' eampus aetivities. Nlary lfllen Campbell was .lnnior Class Seeretary and Nlary llendlin was a .lunior Class representative to Student liouneil. Yehna lfgarius. a memher ol' Pep- pers and YY ho's XX ho. was also Senior lfditor ol' the liloelxhouse. Phyllis Schmidt was eo-ehairman of organizations on the llloekhouse staff. The Zeta Senior Pienie elosed the l95l-52 year for all the members ol' Gamma lfta Chapter. ulntem:-Ile. Ng lfnltly. ll.1'I'.-tlor. Ii.: llonnors. 1, Set-ood llow: -Giro-.-.ern rvl lion' -len-lo-r. l'.1 Fellrnldl. l'.: Norrlslel.. N. fourth Row: -ll.u'n'ul. R.: l'.i:.lrlll-Q. N.: vw xx Delta Theta Chapter of Theta Chi returned to the 1951-52 school year with memories of the annual Theta Chi Open and the week at Lake James. News was brought back that the powerful bowling team had set three national records. Jack Lester was chosen to lead the chapter.assisted by Don Christensen. Jim Rogge was elected to the secretary's position and Herb Earle was chosen treasurer. The first party of the year was given in honor of Delta Delta Delta and Peggy Wester. Homecoming Queen Candidate. A serenade was followed by a r0aSt. Concluding the successful rush parties. the annual spaghetti dinner and a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. sixteen Frosh pledges were accepted into Theta Chi. A number of Delta Thetas were active in campus activities. Two men served on the Student Council: two class offices were Hlled. The annual Christmas Dinner Dance was held at the Trilby Log Cabin. At this affair came the formal announcement that Theta Chi had purchased a house. A New Year's Eve Party was the final social function of 1951. Highlighting the spring social calendar were the Founders' Day Banquet. the Spring Formal. and the Regional Convention at Case University in Cleveland. The members spent most of their extra time redecorating and remodeling their house. An open house and date party resulted upon completion. THETA CHI lx lk Q' K . Kmvxsw.3 Fronl Ron:-I.:-sl:-r. J.: Szylnanski. l'.: lluff. L.: Coleman. J.: Schmidt. R.: L:-nike. lx.: Earle. H.: Rutledge. R.: Schumer. G. S4-cond Row:- Gerogosiun. C.: Pa-lion. J.: Miller. C.: Tolnpson. C.: Cox. R.: Belling -r. T.: Nluhl:-man. D.: Bradley. R.: Shilling. R.: Lomz. J. Third Row:- Kraja-wnki. S.: Shull. W.: Hummer. D.: Romhach. R.: Vents-ru. D.: Frick. D.: Hiller. li.: W-achomiak. J. Fourth Row:-Christen:-wen. D.: Baker R.: Broun. J. FifllbRow:4Bocklnrafler. R.: Fr:-4-nuui. R.: Loc-Hier. R.: Krause. R.: Sixth Runs:-Dcurbaugll. C.: Bnteh. Nl.: Belvilh-. D Y ascik. C.: Snnlson. . 1 4 1 The oflit-ers of Kappa Delta are Jxlllll' Labuzinslti. pre-sitlent: Nlary l,ou Rhoatlc-s. vivn'-prvsitlvtltz Sonja Putz. se-crm-tary: Nlarily n Nlilln-r. trvasurer: antl Ruth ,Xnn Crago. assistant troasurvr. The Kappa Dt-lta vale-ntlar for this ycar was pavlwtl with fun anal 1-wit:-llimlt. Xmong the most nu-morahlv we-rc lfountlvris tlaj . and our llomvcom- ing avtivitivs both in vampaigning for our quevn van- tlirlatt-. Gloria Pe-pin. and in making our float. K "Dorm Party H was also give-n with the tht-inc' "Boo's in tht- Night" whivh was follows-ml hy a party for tht' ,Kir Fort'v me-n stationt-tl on vampus. Dc-veiillu-r activ- itivs we-re a varoliug party lollowetl hy partie-s give-n us lay our Xlumnav and tht- Xlothvr-s Clulr. NX Q' also gan- a llolitlay Party for a Chilelrt-n's llomv. Xvtix itivs during sm-onrl se-im-stvr vonsistt-ml ol' fra- tvruity partie-s. a lfavulty Coffin- llour. visits by na- tional ollit-1-rs. plvmlging. pivnivs. an4l our spring tlin- nvr-slanm-. with thc ont-omv ol' Way wc hill sail fare- wc-lls ancl ln-st wishvs at tht- Kappa Dvlta Senior llanquvt. ,Xlong with all tht-sv avtivitivs our mvmlrers man- age-sl to rvmain avtivt- in otha-r organizations. Xlarily n Xlillcr was svnior wome-n's rvprescntativn- to Stu- elent Count-il. antl was 1-lt-vu-tl to W'ho's Vlho. Mar- tha l'ir4-vnlan was secretary ol' thc' Sophomore Class. Pat Snotly was presitlt-nt of Pan-llelleniv Counvil antl Carolyn lfngvl hvltl the- same- oflivv in l'i.T.:X. Nlargarvt Thyen was vo-chairman ol' the Stutle-nt Council Xmas Danve. This is but a small indication of what our svhool ye-ar ol' l95l-52 was like- in Kappa De-lta Sorority . F.: Stuart. S.: Warm-r. l'. H1-voml llosuflfarr. lx: 'l'hyn'n. Nl.: 11: vm nnl I w l npr- l'.: 'Nlillt-r. Nl.: Snoxly. l'.glln-aul. li. l"ourlh How:fl"rn-vlnall. umm n I I I ow tm: ur r I 5.1 Spin-rm. N. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity began the year with a "Joe College" dance that was held at the Hobby lnn. The highlight of the social calendar was the annual Founder's Day' Banquet. In consideration of the fact that Kappa Sigma Kappa is the youngest fraternity on campus. it can plainly be stated that the 1951-l952 school year was another year of tre- mendous progress. For the first time in its four years. the Kappa Sigs were represented in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. and were hon- ered in having Nlarion Antonini elected as president of ARX. Moreover the KSK's captured the highly coveted Scholarship Trophy. Between semesters the Kappa Sigs held a dance at the Storkis Nest in honor of the upperclassmen that were initiated into the Uhio Delta Chapter. Several Detroit brothers of Kappa Sigma Kappa attended the affair to help make it a success. In January an apartment was acquired and was completely redecorated under the guidance of Don Silka. The Pink Elephant Room is the pride ol' the Kappa Sig apartment. It was frequented on many occasions by several members ol' other campus fra- ternities. The Homecoming float. the zany idea of Dick Koehrman. was another proud project ofthe fratern- ity. The tombstone inscribed with "They'll Go Down" drew high praise from many and rated second place vote by Mayor Czelusta. The annual banquet honoring graduating seniors culminated a successful school year for Kappa Sigma Kappa. a fraternity advocating social activities. athletics and better government. on the Toledo University' campus. KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA to-Z Front Rum :-Unisko. Xl.: liucli. D.: llumn. .l.: l.oo, E.: Tokles. L: Tom. E. Second lloyv:-Xlamsor. YY.: Flanigan. Nl .1 Wilson. G.: Frauner. YY. Third Row:-Xnlunini. Xl.: Kinase. ll.: Johnson. R. Fourth Ron:-Frauncr. G.: Lau son. Wh: Suunson. F.: Aubry. B. PI BETA PHI 43? ETS so Us ' 25 1 --, , ,-..+'q, TA gy , ini'-Q'1,1v,. Ain 'P rl: 7 L Ill RRXY! FIRST l'lAllI'I!! The officers of Pi Beta Phi are ,loan Machen, pres- ident: Sue L. Schneider. vice-president: Nancy' Bell. recording secretary: Anne Seufert. corresponding sec- retary: and Anne Oehler. treasurer. Pi Beta Phi started the year with a bang by' win- ning lirst place at the Alpha-Olympics. Not only' was it loads of fun. but the trophy really' brightens up the Pi Beta Phi apartment. Next on the list of events for l95l was Homecom- ing and the preparation of our float with the "De- Hail 'linf' theme. Nannette Foran. our candidate for queen. will always reign supreme in our hearts. Christmas was celebrated by' our annual dinner- dance held at the Top-of-the-Marks. ln addition to working and play ing in the sorority. Pi Phi's were active in many clubs and honoraries. Dottie Fash. a Pepper and member of Alpha Phi Gamma and Phi ,Xlpha Theta. was also society' editor ol' the Collegian. .loan Nlachen. a member of Alpha Phi Gamma. Phi 'Xlpha Theta. and Fine Arts. was managing editor ol' the Collegian. Mary' l.aub was president ol' Sigma Mu Tau and Nannette Foran was y ice-president ol' I".'l'.fX. X mnnber ol' Pi Phi's were to be seen in the Colle- gian oflice this year. Pat lllanke. copy editor: :Kn- nette Oehler. assistant circulation manager: and ,Ioan lird. associate society editor are only a few. The list could go on and on. lt was a wonderful year full ol' good times and hard work. but the Pi Phi's enjoy ed every minute of it. from Row: 'Sn-:Im.m. Ii.: Nliller. N.: lSI.anke. l'.: Lion. N.: Nippe.1i.:54'llln'i1la'r. S.: lleld. I.: lit-Il. J.: Tliolnpv-rm. U. Seeoud liowzfhrlker. l'.: Iwo-h. li.: I' N.: V .il-on. H.: llaty, N.: lknntli. N.: Woolly-, N.: lannnninlzm. li.: Fought. P. 'l'hird Kon:-V illi.nns. N.: Sana-r. J.: Hoffman. l'.: Nhen1ll.1.: ltrd. 1.1 lfoy. N.: l'n:-rsl. 5.1 lX1lll.,l.: Samller. lf. Fourth llowzflls-ek. Nl.: 5:-nferl. N.: Us-liler. N.15lneL. Nl. lfiftll llnmzflleuer- uhm. Xl.: Lrot-Lt-r. D.: Nl.: Lui. 5,1 NI..--lu-n. 1, C Ho After a week of relaxation at Lake James the brothers of Ohio Iota chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon spent the summer and early fall painting and redec- orating the fraternity house on Wlinthrop street. Twenty-seven men. nearly one-fifth of the fresh- men who went Creek, chose the house with the Red Door, making Sig Ep tops in manpower. Bill Benson. Larry Leake and Dick Springer joined Dick Bensman as members of ARX. Leake and Bensman were also named to Who's Who. The gavel of Student Council President was wielded by Brother Bensman. Buzz Bartow was Editor of the Campus Collegian until his resignation in October. and was Copy Editor of the Blockhouse. Pete Hutter succeeded Larry Leake as Circulation Manager of the Collegian when Leake moved up to Business Manager. Don Brannan headed the committee for the Sig Ep Christmas Formal at the Toledo Yacht Club. A dinner at the house preceded the dance which high- lighted the winter social season. The last day of exams. June 6. was duly celebrated with the tradi- tional Queen of Hearts Ball at Catawba. Sportswise. Sig Ep fared well. Starting the year by copping second places in I-F golf and volleyball. the wearers of the Ebony Heart ended the basketball season in second place. Officers for the year were: Neil McPhail. president: Larry Leake. vice-president: Dick Springer. comp- troller. and Sam Wvendt. recording secretary. Front Ron :-Randle. E.: Brannan. D.: Zemlro. J.: Henning. J.: Di rk D Ll R Du 1.11 B L k I Hep md Oy Hartman. G.: lagnlli. J.: Goodwin. S.: Ylivhael. WI: Mr-l'haiI. N J an WI U B :cn N r 4 L, Bree 9 Third Row:-Yliklonck. M.: Benslnan. R.: Hutlcr. P.: Lowe. lx.: Fa 'N c irlh Sc arff r S a at r L Frurth 1 lxralew kl J Rilzenthaler. R.: Benson. B. Fifth Ron:-Vwcndl. S.: Barton. Sixth o c un .l Ol n u Nl El os Surah. A.: Kritzcr. J. TAU KAPPA EPSILO FT ? ltX"'KK'9'j 24, The Teltes began their second year as the Gamma Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa lipsilon. a national fra- ternity' which was founded in Bloomington. Illinois in ISQQ. This fall the chapter continued in its progress by' becoming the sixth men's group on campus to acquire a house. The new chapter home is located at 2022 School Place. llighlights of the year were the annual Founders' Day Banquet anal the Province School Convention which was heltl February 223 and :ltth with Gamma Nu Chapter as host. ,Xt the Convention a party' was giyen by Chi Umega anal Peggy' Uberle was crownetl Queen. The social program featuretl beach parties. a week at the lalte.1late parties such as the Tabootlle Party. a square tlance. New Year's Party . a Christmas-tree trimming party. and l.eap Year Party. ,UlPi was entertaineal by the chapter at a "Cuiltle4l Cage Party" ol' the l3'Nl's. Uutstantling were the "Status Quo" party for the Xlpha Clti's and " Xlohan party for the Chi ll's. llolh were costume parties. 'X sweet- heart was crow netl at each sorority party with the tratlilional crown ol' real carnations. Hn May Ill. tl1e seconnl annual white-tlinner jacket formal callecl the lfestiy al ol' the Real Carnation was helnl in the llallroom ol' the Secor llotel. From the sorority can- tli4lates a Queen was crownecl anel presenteel with a loy mg cup. Ullicers ol' 'l'Kl'I were: ,lohn llayelx. l'ry tanis: llill Dumbaulel. lfpiprytanisz Tom llolloway. Gramma- teus antl Pantlo Pappas. Cry sophylos. lrout It--w llartlnng, XX.: IS:-rumrtl. J.: Felnnumng. Il.: Xlu-ialou-I-ti. N.: Leistner. ii.: Smnri. lx.: Ylemrfljian. S.: llittns. X.: Sleinem. ll. N.-elm-I lion hrxlnn-Ilan. J.: llusll. ,l.: llululmulnl, W .: l.illicll. lf.: liqtleunlugglo. Xl.: Ilanelx. .l,: Toning. It.: l'owl1-slannl. ll.: Syx. ,l.: lhuppals. l', 'l lunl lion -fllorelnurnl. lf.: Y wk. 1.1 ll.tu-on. .l.1 l'owa-rs. Il.: llulli. ll.: Nllellatlslxi. J. l"ourtl1 Row: lxutz. l'.: Urisnolnl. Nl.: wlinslow. l,. I tflh lion lin-lmrfl-. lt.: Sloan. ll.: Nlaellin-lu. J.: Iloll-may. 'I'. .if This past y'ear has again been one of successful activity for the Phi Kaps. The recreation room in the chapter house was redecorated prior to rushing. This included the addition of a game room which includes a pool table and ping-pong table. Phi Kappa Chi had a very successful llomecoming. sponsoring Miss Nanette Foran of Pi Beta Phi for llomecoming Queen. Following the Homecoming Game. a party' was held at the chapter house for all alumni. actives. their dates. and guests. The chapter was serenaded by' the AOPi's and .lim Farrell was crowned .NOPi Guy. ln December the 36th Annual Christmas Dinner Dance was held at the Toledo Yacht Club. The 37th ,Xnnual Fraternity General Nleeting was held on January l9th at the chapter house. An im- portant social event ol' the school year was the animal Triad Dance. This year Phi Kappa Chi ranked high in inter- lraternity' athletics as well as in scholarship. This year the officers were as follows: Vlvorthy' Master. James Farrell: Warden. Richard Franklin: Scribe. lfrnie Shaw: Cors. Scribe. Richard Xshton: Custodian. .lohn Gist: Chaplain. Louie Cisowslxi: and Nlarshal. Don Viaggoner. Senior advisors are Dr. ll. H. Xl. liowinan and Dr. Nicholas Xl0gt'I1fl0I'lT. PHI KAPPA.CHl 9- 4 -47 1" x! if at,Q..,.Si Front lionzgllurstc. ll.: l'iig1i-nsee. li.: l'urk. 'l'.: Shins. lf.: W alll.-. J.: Nsllton. ll.: llnguc. li.: Walla-rs. B.: Sargent. ll. Second Ron:-Zeller. l Xlzlnixllt. ll.: llorn. R.: Tick. lf.: Xlanzgoln-r. D.: l.cnl-taly. ,l.: Rein. ll.: Shire. ,l.: Noller. fl.: llnll. D. Third llnuszfxlzlrtz. ll.: Bliss. XY.: Nh tlluskcy. ti.: XX arriek. li.: Farrell. J.: lionnnnn. Professor: YlogendorI'I'. Professor. Franklin. li.: XX ynnin. R.: Nliller. ll. Fourth Ron:-Ry an. I Lnallen. .l.: tlisl. 1.1 Grant. J.: Hitler. lx.: Spring. l... llisoysski. l..: Nadns. Nl.: llrunner. L: llanlluin-r. W. Fifth How:-Redd. R.: Storm. H -hlunis. IJ. Sixth lloyuflieigi-r. X.: lkipeufns-. B.: Nl:-Mi-1--r. ll.: 'I'od1uL, J. Sei-'ntli liuny:7l'c1lcrsun..l.1 While. tl.: Riminnl. N.: liicher. X PHI KAPPA PSI 1 I A , I il AJ The Uhio lfta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fra- ternity launched into its second year as a national fraternity with all of the enthusiasm and success typical of the old Sigma Beta Phi group. After a one year's lapse. Phi Psi again won the ll"C Participation Trophy for 1950-Sl. Our golf team opened the season with a victory. and although the volley ball and bowling teams could have been im- proved. the basketball quintet is as yet undefeated. Phi Psi's aspirant for Homecoming Queen this year was ,loan Nleloy. Arnie Younlvman directed the construction of the Homecoming Float. The Social Committee has done a good job this year. Une party that promises to become an annual affair was a mock "Hell Night." "ding session." and initation for the dates of members. Tony Waltz and George Yeller planned the function. Shortly after this came the Nlonte Carlo Party given by the alumni for the actives and themselves. W alter Ritzman. chairman of the Christmas For- mal held December I9th at the Secor Hotel. did an- other good joh. The complement of the Christmas Formal is the party given at Yuletide for the needy children. Uflicers are as follows: G.P.. Thomas Held: Y.G.P.. lfugene flwczarzalv: P.. Thomas Brell: All.. George Yeller: B.C.. .lohn NX enzel: S.G. Walter Ritzman: Phu. ,lim NN atson: llod. .lack llorner: lli. Paul Sprague. lronl lion, XX l-nn-xx-Li. ll.: lin-ll. l. Ne-conul Row:-'1liorul.ino, J.: llorncr. K.: Wenzel. .l.: li:-nd:-r. ll.: liroun. l'rofer-sor: Baker. lt.: Pnuclic., ' K ' Xllll R Y 1 N 'N 1..1 lSnn..n.J.1 Valli. l. l'hird lion: -linker-lr.iu. J.: llnys. 1.1 ' er. .: eller. I.: filxn. .1 lliggcnlnolllaun. T. lfourlh Ronzfllclul, 'l'.: Nl'-plies'-un. ll.: llugucr. l'. fifth llouzgll .ilv-on. J.: l'.elmcr. ll.: Umeznrzulv. G.: Hollig--r. J. I .- .XJ Elected officers of Chi Omega are Peggy Oberle, president: Phyllis Martin. vice-president: Pat Stick- roth. recording secretary: Barbara Price, correspond- ing secretaryg Shirley Jay. treasurer: and Agatha Bruno., pledge mother. Election of Betty Adams as Homecoming Queen began another outstanding year for Chi Omega. Six Chi Omegas were chosen for Who's Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. They were Pat Stickroth. Junior W7omen's represen- tative to Student Council: Dorothy Vogelsang. presi- dent of Kappa Gamma: Phyllis Martin. president of the YWCA: Shirley Jay, Agatha Bruno. campus editor of the Collegian and Peggy Oberle. president of Alpha Phi Gamma. Of these. Phyllis Martin, Shirley Jay. Agatha Bruno and Peggy Oberle are also members of Peppers. Some of the social activities of Xi Delta chapter were a Sock Hop square dance. fraternity parties. a weekend trip to the Bowling Green chapter. an all- sorority dance at which time ,Iim Dawson was chosen Punchbowl King with Carlo Muzi and Fred Hugger in the court. the annual Christmas caravan. Christmas formal and a Santa Claus party for the faculty and the children of Nashville. Chi Omega won a scholarship cup from Toledo Pan-Hellenic for the second time at the spring song fest last year. Top honors within the sorority again went to Barbara Price who has a three point average for her entire college career. CHI oMEGA IS IT REALLY THAT INTERESTING? Front How:gSleinhauer. C.: Jap. S.: Rieker. NI.: Hoen. E.: Sl:-ib. B.: Lcnkay. H.: lxinker. J.: Rogers. N.: Bainbridge. .I. Second Row:-Konop. J.: Hull. S.: Longenecker. P.: Pair. Nl.: Osgood. N.: Byloxs. E.: Simonals. B.: Atlarns. B.: Price. B. Third Row:-Brigham. N.: Kessler. C.: Spross. S Sliln th I' Nmelan D D mnin 'N Whol x r B Bl lt B 'NI t' I' F ch Rm Ol lc P Hill Nl ,I B Rh . . , lc-'ro . .: eg H' g. .: o' g. . .: a 1-. .: uc: .:, arm. . our wwr- an-r . .: . 1 .: ay. .: e n .I Fifth R0w:fEttern. A.: Cali-f. P.: Bunting. B.: Nlicliel. C.: Cole. I'. I, In TO, fl ,ff X - Y' X o an 5., fr 4"J +G If PYX X , no A Z 0 I pg: .fu L, w 'hx Sluulvulw 4-njny lln'lnm'lv1's ul III4' lvzl4'k-lo-e-wllcml vuulpun--xsinln' purly spullsmw-al Ivy Allillil fllli Ullwggu. 'Hu' l"r4 'SIIIIHIII-H1llllllllllllfl' I,ilIl4'l'-. lu-lel all ilu' Naval Nrllmry. was um' uf lllv mnsl :-ul1'1'1-sr4f'lll llilll4'1'H of Ilu- ya-ur. 'l'h1- Im 'nl group uf lla-Im Tam IN'l'HlIl1'H an I'IlLlpll'l' ol' I D llIl'IlllliIlllill1-I'ill4'I'llilf. I i kappa I Ili. l"urlmn' In-lla-rn uml il 4lUllI'ill:j lwur nvrv illlllbllfj llll' 4-nl4'rIumm1'nl fe-ulurc-nl ul llln- rmllpnle--Mille' "Gypsy RllIlllIll'l'd' I,l . l"ll'l'l'Il'illIl'l'h l'Ill'UIll'Ll:1l' svlnml spiril alluring llu' xlmlvul lv Milf. ,. r, 'A-,. -GJ m K"'xw,. XX Q, Wibmwx R Rx ,f Qs W -x.1 fx A L . R h fx 4 , A RW, . f ' X ' 4 g , 11 .l"..SXX V ' q R2 o 4 54 '24 , XX ,:' L, ' '44, . Q Al: ,,., . ww, 1,11 lk Yi ' I 'S XV' ,-51 gf 1 1 182 if , Q Q X1 yy!! S Uivk ll:-nglllull SIIHIPIII fI0lIll4'il Prmiela-nl. fjlllllllllh lmlilivialls elisvll-s Slualvnl Coum-il Llvlit lic-s. Hn-xc-rul Reps elvllalo- llle- prnlmsvnl Slmlvnl limk l',xc'lulllge-. A B Lf x.u X ' x X , K 1 f X 1 STUDE T Student Council is the student government body on the University campus. Council has control over all student organizations and considers all matters affect- ing extra-curricular activities. Student Council also strives to attain cooperation with faculty in student affairs. ' Student Council ofhcers for the year 1951-52 were: Dick Bensman. president: ,lim Dawson. vice-president: Larry Leake, treasurer: Don Abbajay. sergeant-at- arms: Pat Stickroth. secretary: and Goldie Bonis, as- sistant secretary. The social committee was headed this year by Marilyn Miller. Ron Sinclair was head of elections and Marianne Slack headed the bulletin board committee. Mary Bendlin was in charge of the constitution corn- mittee and Carl Leistner was chosen to head the rally committee. Marilyn Miller also functioned as head of student-faculty relations. Several replacements were made during the year. They included Ron Sinclair who filled the vacancy left by vice-president ,lim Dawson when the latter gradu- ated. Larry Leake, in capacity of junior class vice- president filled the vacancy left by the junior men's representative. Don Hummer. Bob Baker. representa- tive-at-large, was replaced by Don Abbajay: and June Foltz was appointed to fill the vacancy of assistant secretary left by Goldie Bonis. COUNCH, A tremendous cut in the University Budget caused a similar cut in the number of dances which could be pre- sented by Student Council this year. Only five dances were thus sponsored and they were Homecoming. Christmas Formal, Freshmen-Sophomore Prom. J-Hop. and the Senior Prom. Several unusual circumstances deemed it necessary for this year's Council to appoint several special com- mittees who worked closely with the Student Activities Committee to cement student-faculty relations and to consider special problems. One of these special commit- tees was the budget committee. who, along with the rest of the Council. considered the problem of -the re- duced funds available for student activities. In the fall. the efforts on the part of the Student Council and the Student Activities Committee resulted i11 an increase in the activities budget over that which it had bee11 in the Spring of 1951. In order to set up a budget for 1952- 53. Bensman appointed Marianne Slack as chairman of the budget committee. This committee investigated all groups wishing money from the activities fund. Then the committee brought their recommendations before Council where they were voted upon and passed on to the Student Activities Committee. The matter of a Student Book Exchange was con- sidered by Student Council and finally was placed in the hands of a five man committee on the recommenda- tion of President Bensman. Front Run:-Leak:-. L.: Spanonalis. ln: Sinclair. R.: Miller. Nl.: Dowdney. Y.: Manley. J. Su-unrl Rnwz- Xlxlnajay. D.: Leistner. C.: Dawson. J.: Bensman. R.: Bonis. G.: Rehn. R.: Be-ndlin. Nl. Third Row:-Slickroth. P.: Slack. Nl. 4 x fu- l i Q- Q l 3 N- :- .36 1 wt 1 f: es I wig xp:-' 3-fi. l"ir-I lhm:fNlgitlln-w-. tl.: tlroelu-ll. lt.: ffluerle, l'.: lialduf. KI.: lfush. D.: Cray. IS. Sem-ond Rowzfjauy. S.: liruno. A.: Fish. C.: Wlartin. l'.Z NIJ'-Yay. ll. 'l'hird liow:fl'igurius. Y. -- rl uv ,Z r F """ 1 .4 -v-1::.:u 5 if 1?-,.:.-...-"T-2'-1' ... ' -,-,S-" "J-1-' :L-" .-- 75 ' ...- 81 K 1-Z '-.2 Q J- .1- 'ii L ...- T..." .. --1 dP.a .,,, PEPPERS Peppers, women's honorary. is an organization which stands for seholarship. service to the University' through activity partieipation, and worthy personal eonduet. Peppers is limited to those top thirteen women on eampus who best live up to these standards. At least a 1.5 average is required for membership plus an aelive and eontributing partieipation in sehool aetivities. Peppers as an organization was originally founded as a booster club with the intention ol' promoting the morale of the student body. It now stands as a reeognition for those women considered to have con- tributed the most to the University. ln addition to the individual efforts ofits members, Peppers carries on an extensive program of its own. The members serve as ushers for the eoneerts in the Peristyle of the Museum of Art. An annual party is given for the members of ARX. men's honorary, and their advisers. The alumnae of Peppers were entertained at a tea this year at the home of Dean Kathryn Sehwab. 'Ns in previous years, those freshman women obtaining a two point average or better were feted at the Smarty Party. The most outstanding aetivity' is the annual sorority' song fest at the lVluseum ol' Art P1-ristyle. Al this affair new members are tapped in an impressive eandlelight eeremonyn K surprise tapping serenade was held in the fall to make the mem- hership eonsist of thirteen girls. Marilyn Ansled was tapped. Others Peppers are: flarlaine lialduf. Velma ligarius, lielte Crav, Dorothy lfash. lionuie Nlaa-Yay. Peggy Uherle. l.ois lfoor Baker, Carolyn Bit- tielx. Carolyn Nlatthews, Ruth firoeltetl. Phyllis Martin, Gloria Fish, Shirley jay. and Nggatha liruno. Dean kathry n Sehwah is adviser. Carlaine lialdufis President, and Y elma lfgarius is Seeretary -Treasurer. 'Na Arx is the men's honorary at the University of Toledo. Its member- ship is limited to thirteen junior and senior men who are outstanding in scholarship and extracurricular activities. In order to be elected to Arx one must display unusual ability in at least two fields. have an above average scholastic record. and be of high moral character. These are the primary requisites of Arx-the highest distinction a Univer- sity man may attain. Twice each year tapping is held. The tapping ceremonies serve as a notice to the student that he has entered the select circle. and also as notice to his fellow students that he is one of the thirteen leaders on the University campus. Those men tapped at the 1951 Christmas Formal were: William Benson. l.arry lleake, Edward Loo. Richard Redd. Wayne Seppeler. Ronald Sinclair. and Richard Springer. Mem- bers from last year were Marion Antonini. James Dawson. James Machen. Richard Bensman. Ronald Rehn. and Donald Rich. The year's program is distinguished by several activities. Members , - ,.,,,, . rl.. -.., --.. ..r.-...g-g--- .1 L , .- 'icq' -"" -- ,',il- 7,11 - f-- 5,1 -,L..-. S ' .-.1-l ,-..T .i lf.. f-'- - .. ,..-x V-i W .111- L - " nnn eu-in 'R'- l ii, .T l 'L ,Q 3" f u is :- , ' HV, .. , ..-I W ,- 'X of f ' I' F T ' rr rr' tr rrx 'fe-'T' HI ttf TTY ttf if HH' trtt mr TW '-is of Arx usher at graduation exercises and at the sorority songfest. As- Vffn' N' :ig r l sistanpt- is given the Red Cross in its yearly drive for greater funds. F' rr l. mfifiggfgax f I f, A breakfast is held in honor ol' Peppers. and a Presidents' Rall is r H' -:gfg-ff.!:, - ' sponsored yearly to honor the presidents of the various organizations 9 2' -1 on campus. l ' 'M'-:rs , l' . . . , 1 fe-:H -7,-2-1 L- Mx?-fl ug Advisers to Arx are Associate Professor Jesse R. Long. President :zflllf " - 'fl'-f, Asa S. Knowles, and Dean Donald Parks. The officers are: President. Mil , nl- '1"" lllletl Marion Antonini: Vice-President. ,lalnes Machen: and Secretary- " ' :"mm K "" Treasurer. Richard llensman. First Royyzfllmn-ou. ,Lg Rich. D.: l.om1. J.: ll:-nr-nnan. ll.: 5 1-c-znliu l R1 vxx':' -Mach 1-lx. J.: Rehn. R.: Nntmiini, Nl. 97 . f jig!! I,:-iglutou. ll, N-t-on-I ltou:AtII.trL. Ii.: tllieekles. N.:t llenry. lt. ALPHA EPSILO The oflicers of Sigma Alpha Omega for the semesters l95l and 19512 include: Vir- ginia Zolciak. president: Mary Thompson, y ice president: .lean Armstrong. secretary: and Jackie Schoen. treasurer. The advis- ors of the club are. Alrs. Alae Blanchard and Nliss Xlarian li. Gray. This was the lirst year of activity for the newly reorganized and reactivated Sigma Alpha Omega. Home lfconomics lie-cognition Sorority. on the University ol' Toledo campus. Aims of the organization are to stimu- late active participation in school func- tions, promote achievement of high schol- arship. and help furnish a broad cultural education for home economics students. The spirit which symbolizes Sigma Alpha Uma-ga is that of happy. healthy woman- hood. and of harmony. achieved through the cooperation and friendliness of its members. A highlight of the organization's year yy as the December Progressive Dinner given in honor of the initiation of Betty Kdams. Angela Nliller. and ,lean Ward. The hostess:-s decorated their homes with all tht- Christmas trimmings. creating an atmosphere ol' friendship and harmony. the true spirit of Sigma Alpha Omega. Other professional activities included sponsoring an open house ol' the newly re- clccorated and enlarged llomc lfconomics Department for the alumni members and a tour through Libbey -f lwens-Glass Com- pany. . p, J, ,.f' l'iir.l ll1ny175it-lllcll-. U. J-1 Htltly. ll. H.: lliclnuouul. YA .1 llamlunu. ll. ll. Al.: Solberg. A. 'N lehrinu. ll.: I.:-chlak. Nl.: Dt-ruluu. li l'r.lll. 1.. 'llhiral lion: -Winter-. ll.: Wil-on. lf.: Dayton. D.: l'owl'I'-. lid lflllllcftl- l-.1 DELTA The officers ol' Alpha lfpsilon Delta for the semesters l95l and N52 include: William H. Richmond. president: Robert l.. Dernlan. vice president: Nicholas S. Checltles. treasurer: George A. Leighton. historian: and corresponding secretary, Delbert Dayton. Dr. ll. H. M. Bowman is the advisor of the club. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national pre- medical honor society. the only national honor society which is devoted exclus- ively to the interests of premedical stu- dents. The organization is an afhliated society' ofthe American Association for the Advancement ol' Science. and a nlem- ber ol' the Association of College Honor Societies. The object ofthe society' is to encourage excellence in premedical schol- arship. to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the sludy of medicine. to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and pre- medical students and educators in devel- oping an adequate program ol' premedical education. and to hind together similarly interested students. The big event ol' the year for both pre- medical and medical students was the annual Christmas party. which also served as a ll0llll't'0lllillg for alumnae of the local chapter who are now attending medical school. SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA First Rom Zolrial.. X.: Gray. ll.: llluuchartl. Nl.: Gray. Nl.: Schoeu. .l.: Tllolupt-on. M. V .. 1, 6 E- 98 Y Founded Nlay 2. N35 by' faculty' members who were members of Phi Beta Kappa. Sigma Xi. and Phi Kappa Phi. national honorary' scholastic fraternities. the Honor Society' is for the prime purpose ol' giving due recognition to students who have accumulated high schol- astic rating during their residence in the University. Students are eligible during the Iirst part ofthe second semester of either their junior or senior year. Those elected in their senior year consist ol' the upper live percent of the graduating class and such addi- tional students in the second live percent as the active members shall see fit to elect. but the total number may not exceed ten percent of the graduating class Cusually overall average ol' 2.5000 or higherj. Those elected in their junior year consist of the upper three percent Cusually an overall average of 2.7000 or higherl. Vivorthy candidates for a master's degree may be chosen but no more than twenty percent ofthe total number ol' master's candidates may be elected. The total average of graduate and undergraduate records is considered. Other matters which may be considered are: I.Special achievements in the intellectual world. 2. The number of incompletes regardless of final grades given. 3. The honesty ofthe student i11 his work. Certilica tes ol' membership are conferred at the annual spring dinner and initia lion. The members-elect are dinner guests ol' the I niversity on this occasion. In the past. keys were also given. Many ol' the Society members are very active in extracurricular activities including other honoraries. . , ,f ,f . ,' QQW4? ,,'y X.. y af f J il? A .L X ll X 45 .9-, i-3.5 gs f ' fi N' s :li "f, it ' l .77 fn, W -. '1,,z,.t I .fy A 'I E 'J ' ' l la ll gf' Q 22 ' 7 4 :li lf .lily ., 4 'rf-Z f . H0 OR OCIETY First Ilom:fMui-Yay. B.: Fisln-r. li.: llryanl. H.: .Mlailnezy k. J.: Uillliam. M.: Elncll. L.: Geisler. H. Second Row:-Seppeler, YV.: llallnpton, U.: Rehn. R4 Dillon. W.: Dual:-lf.. ILQ l'io. li. Third lloys:f5ollnerg. :Lg Foster. A. uf X 99 5.1 I . , llrv-l liou:fke'lte'r. li.: X ie-k. .l-2 ltlliott. lf.: Noxsnh. ll. J.: 5le'ln'rt. J.: ltarle. ll.: tjook. l., See-ond liens: -lJ.n-sou. J.: Genllnmilli. lf.: Rice-. ll.: lxcite-r. lt.: inte Nl'---Le-r. J.: lele-n. tl. 'l'hirel lion: - l.oe-tlle-r. li.: l'oiee-rs. N.: tloulte-r. 'l'.: Nln klnu. l'.: Nchu-te-r, J. ll.: l'.illne r. ll. Nl. The- officers for l95l-N52 ol' Kappa Gamma include-: Norma Downing. presi- ele-nt: Nancy Brigham. y'ice-pre-sielent: Knne- Se-ufcrt. see-re-tary: anel Dorothy' Xoge-lsang. treasurer. The-ir advisor is Nlrs. Ge-rtruelc Burg. Un Noveuihcr 30. I9-15. in the dispens- ing laboratory. Kappa Gamma. women's honorary pharmae-e-utical sorority. was founde-el hy Catherine- Gle-nde-nning and lflore- Te-raela. The badge- chosen as the symbol ol' lxappa Gamma is a small gold miortar anel pt-stle with the- Grce-k le-ttcrs for lxappa Gamma inse-rihe-el upon it. Kappa Gamma he-ld its ru-ah party at the- home- of Pat Dane-y and late-r pleelgcel four sophomore- girls in pharmacy. The ple-elgc pin of the- organization is a lilly while- capsule-. tied with gre-en anel white- rihhon. The- flhristmas llance- was he-ld jointly with the- othe-r pharmacy' organizations this year at the- Xme-rie-an l,e-gion llall. During National Pharmacy' XX ee-le. Kappa Gamma's display consiste-el ofa large- map ol' the- city of 'l'ole-do with the- name- anel place- ofemploy me-nt ole-ach me-mlwr anel alumni attached to the- map with rihhons. .1 'eg 1' " ' lllne-yk. R.: ch ml. xl.. vu. .l.1 MECI-IANICA GI EER The student chapter of A.S.M.E. was organized on the University of Toledo campus last year. Its membership con- sists primarily of mechanical and indus- trial engineering students. The purpose of the student chapter is to unite these students in a program of discussions. plant trips. and lectures supplementing their undergraduate curriculum by ac- quainting them with industry. the me- chanical engineering profession. and pre- paring them for the future. ln addition to this program the student chapter provides a stepping stone to the future member- ship in the active chapter. Meetings are held once a month and usually' a prominent speaker in the engi- neering or management aspect of some Toledo industry is procured. Talks this year included a variety' of speakers on subjects from strictly engineering topics such as "The Engineering Applications of Arc Wveldingi' to a look at the future with such a talk as "Your Future As An Engineer". Plant tours were conducted by' arrange- ment for members of the chapter. These tours included visits to the Pure Oil Re- linery. and the National Supply Com- pany. The is a technical society rather than a professional society' anel is concerned mainly with exchange of in for- mation on technical topics ofa mechanical or industrial engineering nature. KAPPA GAMMA I-'in-l Hemzfflleafflimii. P.: Keynolels. N.: Brigham. N.: Apulerneni. ll.: liarriu. T. Se-cemel Rem: Seufcrt. A.: Yogelreang. ll.: Downing. N.: We-aye-r. ll.: Young. llg Dailey. V. r'f'g"' .Ar f. 'X , l'lre4l Row:--Xlislcnl, Nl.:I5rmxn.1.:5.111-If-rs:-11. l..: Klllall-.1-.2 ll:-lin. J.: lizll1lul'.1..1 Ulu-rl:-. l'. licxlsoll. B.: l'lug:l1n--4. .l. FI E RTS CL The purpose of the Fine Arts Club is to further appreciation of the arts. It is composed of twenty-five students who are outstanding in art, music, dramatics, and creative writing. Four major events were sponsored this year: in addition to the annual spring and fall art exhibits, the club had a winter exhibit at the Art Museum. Joan McCarthy and Dick Devore were co-chairmen of "An Evening with the Fine Arts", a program of dramatic, musical, .and literary selections given for the public in February. A large class of new members was admitted in November: music: 'Constance Michel, Alyce Post, and Jack Hughes: dramatics: Bill Granger, Lilian Sanderson, and Gloria Athansg literature: Joan Mc- Carthy, Arlene Corey, and Angie Schneider: art: Lemaxie Glover, Bob Lauviaux, Elaine Taylor, Dick Devore, and Marg Collins. For- mer members continued to be active this year. Ruth Isenberg, pianist, performed with the junior symphony: Jeanne Connors sang in "La Traviatan: Joan Machen sold many of her short stories to magazines: Joyce Rehn is illustrating a children's book: Donna Crocker continued with her ceramics: Joan Ammer performed many times as soprano soloist at music functions: Carlaine Balduf and Phil Hall were out- standing in University Theatre productions: the paintings of Benson, Redd, and Brown were prominent in all art exhibits: Peggy Oberle was accompanist for the choir. During the year members demon- -strated their abilities for the other members at the meetings. Officers for the group are: Richard Redd, presidentg William Ben- son, vice-president: Marylin Ansted, secretary: and Joan Brown, treasurer. The advisers are Miss Ruby Scott, Miss Isabel Stafford. .and Miss Doris Brockman. 101 Nm-mul Rim :-Xliu-In-n. J.: Ul'Alll2"l'Q B.: Redd. R-5 B 1' 1 NUSM 6 DRAM V177 A'-f iggj jf .U I 1:2 E1 A l'irsl lion' Fpross. S.. l'lustu-rer. ILL Schepperl. 5.1 lleln. J.: Xlexlullon. Xl.: l,zlnge. l. s,-,-.,,..l Ibm I'he.iII. ll.: lfulln-ru. l..: llrlnelv. I". ,I.: l'ou:-rs, II.: IM-rnlan. ll.: l.eehl.ik. Xl.: Ilavtou. ll. lllird lllnyflln-u'I.I'inll1'.lf.: liiehiuond. XX .. lliivek. I, BET BET lionald S. Carmichael led the KSCIC as president this tear with ,lohn l.. l,evvis. v ice-president: -Roi N. Garrett. secretary: and 'l'homas Basieh. treasurer. The fae- ulty adviser is Prof. Ifdwin l.. Saver. The Xmeric-an Society of Civil lingi- neers was established in H5522 to provide its memhers with an opportunity to de- velop individual ideas through associa- tion with the active leaders of the profes- sion. To the engineer. membership in the Soeiety provides the professional associa- tions and contacts by which success in his profession usually has been obtained. Nl:-mln-rship in the student chapter provides members of the civil engineering classes with a foundation towards later afliliation with the Society aml aids the studenl in attaining a professional spirit. Regular monthly dinner meetings are held by the Society and areattended by delegates of the student chapter. ln this way . students are able to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest with practicing engineers. Nl:-clings of the student chap- ter are also held monthly. Highlight of the last year was the joint :nee-ting with the local section of the So- ciety and Uhio Northern lniversitv at the l'Qlk's Club. the lniversity chapter acting as llosl. President Knowles was the principal speaker. Uther notable speakers throughout the year included Nlr. Xrnold l"ineh. city manager and Xlr. Guy N1'4'IN'I'. county engineer. ln addition to being faculty adviser, Professor Saver also serves as the oflieial link between the student chapter and the Society. 'fl..2,.... .,,- BETA The officers for l05l-1052 of Beta Beta Beta include: Leroy Eulberg. president: Roger Ilenrv. vice president: Robert Dernlan. treasurer: and Nlelvin Lechlak. historian. Dr. Floyd J. Brindley is the advisor of the club. Beta Beta Beta. national society for students of the biological sciences. re- stricts membership to those students who maintain above-average scholastic rec- ords and who indicate a special interest in biology. :Xctivities included tieltl trips to liake lfrie marsh. flak Openings Park. and the lish hatcheries at Castalia. Ohio. Once a month. open social meetings are helfl in the evening. Speakers for these meetings are chosen so that one of the many phases of biology can be presented bv a specialist in that particular Iieltl. i-I Christmas party was held at Sideeut Park. Sledding and skating followed by dancing. gift ex- change. and refreshments made this affair a contemplatefl annual event. Un November li. nineteen new mem- hers were initiated into the fraternity. A banquet at the Storlfs Nest followed. Mr. ,lohn P. Xlanton. special agent of the lfederal Bureau of Investigation. spoke on the organization and functioning of that bureau of government. CIVIL E GI EEB SOCIETY l'lrr-I Nou:--Ioiiliu, lf.: Saver. lf.: liullllnins. l..: lxirk. II.: Ilndson. II.: llzilln. JK. Second Row:'fSzLu4lliircli. Ii.: Garrett. Ii.: Flick. B.: Butkovvr-ki. D.: Bynum. ll.: Wi-illilnzin. U. 'lihird Hour Ixreps. ll.: liuriuieliael. ll.: Buugoner. ll.: Watson. J.: 'Uonrm-. I.. Fourth Row: Silelski. I.: Yuuker. B.: Wluekili. 'l'.: Nlrfiarly. Il.: Iluffllmll. lli. lfifth Row:- llug-le B' Fnyart. Ii.: lxolt. ll.: Greisiger. B.: Sixth lion:-Lewis. .l.: l"reemain B.: Smith. S.: lalnlnc. L.: liaosich. 'l'. ,4- L Q .. 1 .1 4 ,,- 102 The purpose of the Radio Workshop is to further an interest in ' ' radio production. to raise the cultural standards of the University, -K V and to afford students an opportunity to participate in radio produc- O Y ' tions which are broadcast from the studio at the University over sta- 'K F ' tion W'.T.O.L. The Radio Workshop offers experience in acting.direet- Aj, . H ing and script writing. Every program has a student director who ' ' .P works closely with the organization adviser. Mrs. Norma Stolzenbach 6. vi EQ ' Q wi-xl 2 This year's series included adaptation of such standard classics as Hawthorne's "The Ambitious Guestf, Dicken's "A Tale of Two E75 Cities." and Shakespeare's "Henry II." Among other shows presented 0 :- 'la were "The Marriage Proposal." which is a translation from a Russian ' ' E! G play. and "The Man Who Bought His Own Painting," an original Fa fi script by the mother of a University student. , E,- Presiding over the Workshop this year was Joan Ammer. Betty Houston served as secretary. Donna James was music chairman.while , Ray Draves was in charge of sound. Scripts were arranged by Torn f V-' Laskey. Pauline County was in charge of scripts. and Dick Derick was librarian. Mary ,lane Delaney was programming assistant. gin: - ' ,Il 'X To be eligible for membership in the Workshop, a student must be ,J at XD lv-- a second semester freshman or an upperclassmen. At the beginning of '5 ' each semester auditions are held and students are chosen in view of ,P-v. X" I their potential abilities and by the approval of workshop members. 'Nz ' Q - -feel l"irsliRam:+J1ins n-i1, I.11BaI1luf, ll.: ll mmun su rll, B415 lgpyq- V.. D.: Xordsick. N.: Bt-uns. KI.: xlallll1PhS.C.1i"isll.G. Second Rim :flaxski-3. T.: Derick. R,:hrml..l.2l.11x. R.:hrun1:cr. NX .1 llcidllnzln. L,: llugilcs. J.: Rich. D. 103 x .- First lion:-S--uf:-rl. L: Nogel-.uu:. QQ Xouug. ll.: llriglmlu. N.: llolliuuiu, l'.: Npple-man. lt,g 4..arru:. l.: Reynolds, N.: Formuo, I.: lluharl. NX .1 li.: llouuuug. N.: Haney. l'. N-coiul Kong rlfuynl. I.: ll.n-Lf-ll. lk.: lluuiluuulil, Il.: lxahu. 5.1 holdin-rg. N4 Nullh. I.g Hun'-Ili. Lg lt.-iu.uio. li.: Xl.-til.-Il.iu.l. X.: Noland. ll. Third Row: --Dillon. Xl.: tlisouslsi. k I li xi t' ' lug Look.,:lmllof-lny. ..: . po tcll. X.: .ululxu-ll. ll.: Ninn-rs.ll.1lN:lrluunlatls. R, I-ourlli Hon: l' lt.: R.: hir:-lu-. R.: liuuninglluln. J.: Nnraly. X.: s lla-.arcl. Xl.: kl-'ui-lup, XI.: . nu:-lu, la.: llul'lur1l,ll. Iliflh liouzftlappello. J.: Richards. lt.: lairuood, t.. ll.: Floau. t.,: Xlarik. 5.1 Xl.-I..-1-, ,I, XX.: Xpoul--. J.: Hall. I.: 4 nllncy X Fiylll lion ffliu-'. tl.: ,lorri-. li. AMERIC PHAR ACE TICAL SSOCI TIO Hur group meets together for the pur- pose of hay ing Christian fellow ship on th.- campus. Based on the fundamental heliel nf ,la-sus Christ as a personal Sayior. we lueet together to study the liililc. which wc liclicvc to ln' the inspired worll of God. Xnother actiyity of the group is a daily prayer meeting at which members con- vene for thi- purpose of pray ing together. lnler-Yarsity Christian Fellowship is a national organization with groups on many campuses in the l nite-cl States to proyide spiritual development for the stuflents and to present an evangelical studs-nl witness. Other activities are sup- per meetings and attendance at the Uhio Spring Conference and Uhio Fall Confer- ence. We lnclicyc as in l ,lohn l-:lll that herein is love. not that we lou-al God. hut that lla- loses us. and sent llis Son to ln- the propitiation for our sins. Ollie:-rs for tht- lnter-Varsity Christian Fellowship are: James Tanner. president: Xlarylin Xnstcd. yice-president: and Roger llenry. secretary -treasurer. The object of the American Pharma- ceutical Association is to give students of pharmacy' an opportunity' to meet as a group and share knowledge for the social and professional progress of pharmacy. Ofhcers this year were: Dorothy Vogel- sang. president: Joe Cappello. vice-presi- dent: Anne Seufert. secretary: and John Xlcllee. treasurer: with Mr. Aponte and Dean l.arwood as faculty advisors. Both as a social group and as a profes- sional organization. the .Xmerican Phar- maceutical .Xssociation has a diverse pro- gram ranging from informal dances and parties to educational talks by men and women prominent in pharmaceutical cir- cles. During the past year a series of lectures has been given by representatives from the fields of retailing. manufactur- ing. hospital and research pharmacy. Social activities of the year opened with the annual roast welcoming freshmen iu the College of Pharmacy and included a hasehall game. The Christmas party' was held at the 'Xmcrican Legion Hall. It was sponsored jointly with the other three recognized pharmacy organizations this year. with .loe Cappello and ,lohn McGee serving as our representatives. The group also put up a Christmas display in Phar- macy llall under the direction of Chuck Heck. The ,lanuary "Rowdy Partyu. held at the Farnsworth Park Shelter House. was one of the highlights of the year. Xt this affair. members and faculty got together for an old-fashioned fun night. I TER-VAR ITY CHRISTIA FELLOW HIP -l How:-l'raIl. L.: lla-rnlau. li.: llcnry. R.: Xnslcd. Nl.: I.--ni'-. J.: Ili-e. lx.: lilliol. li. 11,2 KHP A- -.1 -' ' W' paw, .- I ky T1-,JV ' f -4 ltll The Ellen H. Richards Club is an organization in which all students enrolled in home-economics are eligible for membership. The purpose of this organization is to promote the interest and enjoyment of the students in the field of home economics. At the first active meeting of the Ellen H. Richards Club. the forthcoming activities of parties. speakers, banquets. and meetings were set up. Each month a supper meeting was held at which time an outstanding speaker in the field of home economics was present. One of the main events of the year was the annual Founders' Day Banquet which was held in the Student Union. The foreign students attending the University were invited to this year's Christmas party. Other events included a Bake Sale. featuring the baked goods made by the home economics department: a Father and Daughter Banquet: a Mother and Daughter Tea: and several other functions. These outside activities include roasts. field-trips. and the trips to other places to get experience in home economics. The officers are: president. Lillian Spinazze: vice president. Vir- ginia Zolciak: secretary. Mary Mackay: treasurer. Mary Thompson. :--+4 ' M j7unjg.w5'1 E- Ji-x.Ni:1ftfil'?h O 'Z 1, ls ,.l' I :ll . 1' RQ. -75 nk j-15 5 .1 - M ---1 x 'EZ a..fl P -1,-5 -I 1 XQx -x ' X X A 5 Mrs. Mav Blanchard is the adviser. ' x ' - 4. , 2 x E I 4 4 'ii 1 ' , .rf ' :lf 7 7 ' 71' m ,-w xr ' , ,X 'l l ' ' I ll Nsrso ELLE H. RICHARDS CL B First How:fRogers. N.: Ray. N.: Cowell. M.: Bm-hi. R. Nl.: Rotonrlo. Y.: llnlom n, I.: vruchn. Xl, A.: Knight. M.: Non-. C.: Collin-x. E.: l l R IH Mackay. Nl.: Dunham. R.: Aslalns. B. Sa-coml Row:fSearnan. XI. A.: Miller. A. M.: llill. Nl.: Yum-r. B.: llalrrinon. C.: Hadtlen. D.: Kaufman. F.: lfard. .l.: 'l'hurnlau. ,l. Third Rowzflhiszkmrska. l.: Armstronu. ,l.: Schm-n. J.: Spross. S.: Spinuzze. L.: Tunber. S.: Naumann. N.: Schep- pert. S.: Rimlua-r. Y.: Hvieltlnun. l.. Fourth Row:fStu4ler. G.: Shaun:-nu. M.: Lewis, C.: D1-un, U.: Whittaker. N.: Ray. Nl.: Blanchural. Nl.: Gray, M. . I , . , . 'Q Q .f f l ' V p Q 1 I l f l f . at Zz 4 l Ag .fix a gd -A 105 C.: Fir-I Hunifllgn i-. X .1 Sli:-rlmriw. lf,11Irew. l..1 Guru. C.: l.uuner. K.: I'io. ll. Sen-onnl Ron: lhlrll. Nl.: lin-en. R.: tloswaly. ll.: l"f.trle. ll.: llnrris. ,l. llillird Row :-Fm-lolnz-k, T.: Nlurliell. J.: Shan-ou. lf.: N-mal., it. J.: Robison. li. DELTA X NX ith President Nant-x Usgood leading the way. the Phi sim-al lfducation Xlajors Club took great strides its lirst year on campus. ,Xs a new group organized this year. its purpose is to gin- Physical lidu- cation Nlajors practical experience in their tit-lil. to promote friendship among ma- jors. and to den-lop a professional interest in Physical lfducation. Other oflieers include: Ruth Stukey. vi4'e-president: Natalie XX oods. secretary: and ,lean Barlow. treasurer. 'l'hrough the year the XI ajors Cluh has enjof ed an aetix e program. In the fall the cluh sponsored a 'Wlajor-Xlinor Mixer" which was open to all students majoring or minoring in the lie-ld. Through the seasons. the girls gained practical experience hy officiating the Wli X team sports. The 'Nlajors also chal- lenge the WRX champions of major sports each season. ,-'lt business meetings during the year., the cluh was addressed by speakers con- nected with Physieal liducation through- out the city. ln Nlareh. the group attended the Mid- western Phy sical l'itlllf'2ill0D Convention in Cine-innati who-re it met with and ex- changed suggestions with organizations of this type from all over the Mid-Western region. The local group is affiliated with the hneria-an ,Kssociation of llealth, Physical lidus-ation and Ra-creation and the Ohio Association of Health, Phvsieal Education and Recreation. Ihe local chapter is ad- vised hy Mary Spooner. Delta X opened this year's activities with a fall get-acquainted roast at Ottawa Park. The lirst regular meeting was held with Frank Sllt'l'blll'I'lt' speaking on the topic "Opportunities in the Field of Rlatllematicsu. ln December. the group held a Christ- mas party. At this party members ex- changed gifts of mathematical tricks and puzzles. During the year. Delta X has had numerous excellent speakers includ- ing Richard Pio who spoke on "Hyperbolie Functions" and Mr. Leonard Hadden whose topic was "A Personal Experience With Mathematics". May brought a tilting end to a successful year with the annual Delta X banquet at which the new officers were installed. Odieers for l95l-52 were: Lois Crew. president: Frank Sherburne. vice-presi- dentzand Carol Garmseeretary -treasurer. However. the year was saddened by the death ol' Phillip Miller. one of our most brilliant students. who was to have heen president sec-ond semester. PHYSICAL ED CATIO MAJORS CLUB First Hum:-Walker. l'.2 Slllitll. .l-1 Katy. X.: l'uir. Nl.: Stewart. C. Seeoml Row:-Slllkvp. ll.: lfinn. G.: Osgood. J.: ll:-ek. C.: l.ongm'eker. I'.: Garry. X. 'l'luird Row:-X znl'N1-sl. K.: Woods. N.: Osgood. N.: lhuinlrridge, J.: Stew-url. S.: Meek. -X. fulxv , ' 5 w u I if F bI.""lWZ 106 vm! . av- Gs " 1 lirsl Row:-Rn-ker. Nl.: hullznher. h.: lux. N.: llcrlckcl. L.: Price. J. bw-oml liou:fNaun1:lnn. N.: Violrowski. G.: Cole. l'.: Pollaml. P.: Asc-llym-. R. CHIMES CL Did you ever notice girls huddled in their overcoats marching in the Rocket Band during the football season? Did you ever wonder who they were. or what was the school spirit behind their service? These are the pledges and members of the Chimes Club, the women's band fraternity of the University of Toledo. But these members do not constitute all of the club's membership for the women playing in the Symphonic Band are also eligible. They do not have to be majors or minors in the music department. Ruth Aseltyne, Pat Cole, Beverlee Kubic. Gwen Gallaher, Chloe Merickel, and Nancy Naumann were pledged to the club last October. In their pledge oath they faithfully promised to uphold the standards of this club and to devote their time and efforts to furthering its de- velopment. Their pledge duties consisted of helping the Chimes with a money making project and running errands for the staff members of the music department. The Chimes Club works in close cooperation with Kappa Kappa Psi, the men's band fraternity, to sponsor fun nights for the members. An example was the "Kid's Partyw held in November at Monroe Street Methodist Church. The biggest affair of the year occurred at the close of the marching season. It was the annual Rocket Band Ban- quet sponsored by the joint band fraternities in cooperation with the band director. Nancy Naumann was general chairman of the affairg the entertainment was written and directed by Dorothy Benton, and the decorations were done by Pat Cole. At this time award pins, sweaters, and band letters were presented by Mr. Harold Smith, band director. The two year award pins were earned by Judy Price and Gloria Piotrowski. Nancy Fox Bricker was the only Chimes member who received the coveted four year band letter worn on the band sweater. These awards denote continuous years of service to the school in the marching band. The officers for this year are: Judith M. Price, president, Dorothy Benton, vice-presidentz, Nancy Fox Bricker, secretaryg Phyllis Pol- land, treasurerg and Gloria Piotrowski, historian. Mrs. Harriet Pheatt is adviser to the group. 107 .1--s , if FS' U3 . 73? ' - ffm '-1 , ,,.- I af ti 5 .. . Z fnlx I . Q ' l.l,. Q 1 73 Wyitexq gg N 7 WWE - ,.- . ' A First liovufllindee. N.: Xlillcr. X. Nl.: Nightingale. N.: llruee. ll.: llolt. ll.: Smith- .l lxonop. J.:l'rice. li.: lxohl. .l.: Nliller. l".: l'riee. J. Second liouzfficlnninll. l'.: Gunn. Nl 51-ulnun. Nl.: ll.irrison. V.: .lan'olr. l'.: ldngel. fi.: Nord-tick. N.: Sclloeler. J.: Nlclilaiin, ll s ' t' lionin. N. 'liliirul lion: Y lil1.ipln.1n. l user. K.: ll.lrl. 5.:.ln1ly. S.: lluyes. l,.: lluffcr. Rich, D.: lla-Kngelis. l,.:Nl.irtin. ll.: ll:-Yore. li. lfourlh llon:ft,ore5. K.: llendlin. ll.Art. X.: llericl.. ll.: fir.ini:er. ll.: l'.il,ul-ski. V. .l-: ilu-rly. .l.: llnlllnaul. ,l.:fi:illn. l". l"ift lion- -llnn.ith.un. ll.: llenson, ll.: lxline. ll.: l'ellon. J. F TURE TEACHERS school hours. Prominent speakers and enjoyable entertainment was included in the program of many meetings. Social activities of the year included a party welcoming new members. two square dances and a Christmas party in- cluding caroling in Nashville. A roller- skating party at the Rollercade was our money-making project. Current officers of F.T.A. are .loanne Konop. president: Ruth Stukey. vice- president: Nanette Foran. secretary: and Walter Pakulski. treasurer. The year's activities were climaxed with the fifth annual Education Confer- ence of Northwestern Ohio F.T..-X. high school and college chapters held at the liniversitj of Toledo. Dr. Helen Holt and Dr. George Acker- hmd are the advisers of this organization. Nliss Carolx n lfnfrel was :resident during . . e- l U the first semester. UF A ERICA l'lrst lion:-l'osl. K.: liircs. l'.: linker. li.: lloncoes, Nl.: Steinlmuer. lf.: Dougherty. l..: lxlug. ,l.: lionn. ll.: llovulney. N.: llonis. li.: Wveiker. M.: Mlzlrlis. li.: Yuger. ll, Hecolnl lion zvlihret. J.: -Kthuns, tl.: lluhnlleth. l".: llanyko. M.: llreis. l..: Sprynsky, U.: l ounlonris. tl.: liral. .l.: Adrian. 'Lg Lenluly. ll.: llorner. Xl. 'l'hird llouzf--Consino.II.: Nloore.J.: Ntnnnunn. N.: l'ivunolT. Nl.: llrechen-ter. N.: l'erry. Nl.: DOW. VN.: Swanson. 5.2 llielnirnlnull. N.:Ueluln-5. Nl.: Stnvuale. D. lfonrlll lion:-'h'lu'rlliml. G.: lfalnlp. ll.: lrllolnpsml. M.: liendlin. Nl.: Sliekrolh, l'.: Stnkey. ll.: liirlsenkannp. A.: lignrins. Y. Nlemhership in the Future Teachers of Xmerica is open to all students in the Col- lege of lfducation. The memlnership drive in the fall gained lli' interested members. 'llhe l".'l'. K. is considered a junior mem- lnership in the National lfducation Asso- ciation and the flhio liducation Xssocia- tion. entitling members to receive the N.l'1..k. and the fl.lf.-X. journals. and to attend education conferences sponsored gum In these groups. 'l'he purpose of this cluln is to help College of lfducation students orient to the teaching profession and give aids in academic and professional train- ing. Kdvantages of the groups are numer- Ulla and the increasing interest of the chapter indicates that the students are aware of this. 'l'he Philip C. Nash Chapter of the I".'I'.'X. has lu-cn active on the l niversitj of Toledo campus for four jears. ln the lirst semester. meetings were held the seeond Thursclaj evening ofeverv month: second semester they were held during lllll Our Elementary Education Club had a very successful year with varied activities and programs. We had many good times together. not only enjoying ourselves. but at the same time learning something under the direction of our president. Hazel Murphy Minke. Helping to make each program successful was our vice-president. Carolyn Steinhauer. Irene Stahura was elected secretary and Yirginia Dowd- ney treasurer. At our lirst meeting in our El. lid. room all available space was oc- cupied and everyone enjoyed themselves. The get-acquainted games and songs brought many laughs from the group. especially from our lCl.Ed. teachers: Dr. V. Carver. who is our advisor: Dr. H. Holt. and Dr. Marine. Also present were two newcomers to the El. Ed. depart- ment. Dr. Stevens and lylr. Wiickes. At our November meeting we learned the principles of "First Aid ln The Classroom" which was sponsored by the American Red Cross lleadquarters. The Christmas spirit prevailed at our December meeting with talent from the group and the singing of carols. Ol' special interest. a lirst grade rhythm band from Vliashington School performed. Practice teachers in the form ol' a panel and discussion talked about "What Impressed Me Most About Student Teachingf' This was in- teresting to other seniors, and especially helpful to freshmen. sopho- mores. and juniors who are looking forward to student teaching. Sonja Putz. the program chairman. acted as moderator. A kindergarten teacher from Nathan Hale Grade School showed some "Tricks of the Trade" in teaching art for young children. The spring style show featured the latest apparel for the modern teacher. I f st K ' o ,N '- 4 ag ' h. T Et- 5- : . . -ffl' .3 Y, E43 - Qty 9 0 ' . -. -.u - M' Ei if' ,.L. ELEME TARY EDUCATIO CLUB First Ron:-llindce, N.: More:-. .l.: llielhelnl. .l.: Delaney. Nl. .l.: Blackwell. Y .: Slahnrn. l.: Slnilh. .l.: Hull. S.: Hall. J.: Bonis.1l.: Pope. l'.: Dowdney. Y .1 Rehn. J.: Ansted. Nl.: Binder. F.: Martin. ll.: Nlnrphy. ll. Second Roucfwdekes. li. li.: llrieker. ld.: Panlinski. M. 4.: lloen. E.: Bruno. A.: Slnilux. J.: Konop. .l.: ln-nlle. li.: Steinhaner. C.: l'onlr-on. C.: Cnnn. NI. li.: l"onp:ht. l'.: Hell. .l.: lxox acheff. J.: Yvurner. l'.: Vrotten- geier. Y.: Lalmzinski. A. Third liowzflmkzneiewiez. .l.: lihrel. J.: Parloyan. S.: llenrx. Y.: l'errx. Nl.: Slrainln. J.: Brechenvier. N.: Mazzurco. M. R.: Eddy. H.: Sayer. .l.: l"oran. N.: Dow. N.: Walt-on, S.: l'nlz. S. lfonrth liouzfilialvel. S.: ilndy. S.: llnffer. C.: County. l'.: Pilkington. M.-Hz ra G: I' "-'D-'N l'-'Y-'inl '- '- - ' - '- ' ' '- '- ' , :rl nun. . elllnrtu. .. or: v-nk. .. . on 3. l .. lhehardson. N.. ll: ll. N. lifth Ron. lnylor. h.. Maclllne. C... 'N.inln.inn. N.: Dann-ater. E.: Sliekroth. l'.: llarl. N.: Rhondes. M.: Drake. li. Wx... xi 4 1 K Q 109 Q. Lu i"n N74 v ss' l'ir-l lion lllakelwltl. tiolouvlz llalnillon. l..: Kline. ll.: l,oo. lf.: 'Xlooraz ll.: llrunnon. ll.: lx' " . -rr. XX.. loin. lt.: lloole. X.: XX.nlta-r-, Xlnjur, 5:-eonul lloxwvjolllisoil. ll.: Uuiskn. Xl.: llitter. Ix.g XXool.ner. l'.: l't-llon. J.: l'.irrell. j.:inlonlnl. Xl. tli.--.-t. XX.. lr--tn. 1,1 tin-sler. Il.: XX.: Xda . BB BD Pi Xiu l-ipsilon is a national honorary' mathematics organization. The Liniver- sity of Toledo Chapter. Ohio Gamma. was installed in IU36. its purpose is to pro- mote mathematical scholarship among students he-re at the L niversity. To be eligible for membership. an un- dergraduate student must have completed a eourse in mathematics beyond integral calculus. have a 2.5 average in mathe- matics and a 2.0 average in all other courses. Ili- must also be an active mem- ber of Delta X. X regular business meeting is held every month at which time a speaker gives a talk on a topic pertinent to mathematics. Initiation was ht-Id ill February this year on the anniversary of the date when the chapter received its charter. Xt a banquet in the Delft llouse the following students were lapped: l.ois Crew. Carol Carn. and Frank She-rhurne. Xt this meeting a rep- resentative from lnternational Business Xlachines gave the- group information on the various types of IB Xl machines and how they operate. The ycar was brought to a close witll a picnic supper and initiation in June. 'lilurd llou:fSu.inson. F.: BLADE PI M The Scabbard and Blade. a national military fraternity- for junior and senior members of the R.O.T.C.. was organized in 1950. linder capable officers it has now become one of the more active clubs on campus. Weekly meetings are held as well as two additional meetings twice a month. ln the first week of October. a roast was held at Side-Cul Park. .-Xlso in October. a pistol team was organized under the leadership of Cadet Kline. This team practiced for matches to be held in the spring with Seabbard and Blade groups from other universities throughout the country . A stag party was held during the Christmas vacation. Between semesters the animal Seabbard and Blade Formal Dance was held. The dance was held at the Dflicers' Club at the Rossford Ordi- nance Depot. 0nSunday'. February' tenth. an informal initiation was held at the Lniversity' for the pledges. This consisted ofa ten mile cross country hike with equipment. All military' formations and security' meas- ures which can be employed during a march were used. Tactical problems were also given. In the evening. in a ceremony' dating back to the original chapter at the lfniversity' of XX'isconsin in 190-14. the pledges were made active members. In May. a banquet was held at the llillcrest llotel followed by the Scabbard and Blade Spring Formal. Officers for the year were: Arthur Boote. Captain: David Adams. First Lieutenant: ,lames Pclton. Second l,eutenant: and William Kaser. First Sergeant. EP ILO First lion:-lieal-4, Xl.: Xlurkowski. l'.: Goodwin. Nl. Second llou:fSlu-rlmrne. F.: Dan- eer. ll.: Xlacllen. J.: Miller. F.: Mclion l.Vo. t ll0 '-wan' - First.How:fChrisln-risen. D.: Bradley. R.: Kaiser. W.: Farrell. J.: Pappas. P.: Long. J. Se:-mul Row:-Benson. J.: lrwin. R.: lauulli. J.: Huh F.: lxalzvnslcin. l'. 'l'hir4l Row:wXlarLw4mnl. R.: Bclwillc. D.: Erikscn. 'l'.: Lennon. T.: Zafl. L. Fourth Row:fRousos. T.: Jones. D.: Aukcr- man. C.: Fikc. H. THE ILITARY CIENCE CL B The Military Science Club was organized and approved on this campus in October of 1949. Its prime objective is to promote and ad- vance social activities among the members of the corps. Inasmuch as the R.O.T.C. is one of the largest menis organizations on campus it can do a great deal to bolster the spirit of the University. There are many campus activities which the Military Science Club participates in, such as intramural sports. homecoming and May Day activities. Besides the campus sponsored affairs, the club has its own social activities. These include dances. smokers, mixers, motion pictures, and the most important of all the annual Military Ball. All full time students who are enrolled in the R.O.T.C., who remain in good standing, are automatically members of the Military Science Club. Each member contributes to the club fund to support the vari- ous activities beneficial to every member. The officers of the club are the President, First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, Custodian of the R.O.T.C. Fund, and Class Representatives. These elected men compose the "Board of Control and Policy.'7 Within the last two years the Military Science Club acting within the R.O.T.C., has done much to increase the respect for the University and the unit itself by the people of Toledo. The social activities of the R.O.T.C. are well known throughout the University. The Military Ball is one of the biggest events of the year for the whole school. Each year the dance is superior to the one before. Likewise the Club itself is increasing in proficiency and prestige. Proliting by experiences of the past, the Military Science Club looks to the future with high endeavor and expectations. 111 nl . - O g in. U 6 ii H . . . 3... sqs r-I How:--Rn-ker. Xl.: l.aub. Nl.: llol'luu.uu. l..: l.: lleul. J.1l'luslerer. ll.: llulse. N SIGMA M TAU 4 , s K4 ! Sigma Mu Tau is a women's biologyf honorary sorority. founded April 225. l94I, whose membership includes students in medical technology. pre-medicine. and biology majors in education and arts and sciences who have a sophomore standing and who have a l.5 accumulative average. This year Nlary l.aub was elected pres- ident: Thelma Lange. vice-president: Mary ,lane Rielxer. secretary: Carol Hoff- man. treasurer: and Nancy' lluke. re- porter. The purpose of the sorority is to bring together women of the University who have a common interest in biological sciences. to stimulate their interest in these sciences. to further the cause of biology. and to offer social contact with other people in the same field. Activities of the year were social as well as academic. Pledging was held in the fall and initiation of twelve new members was held early second semester. ln November the group co-sponsored a lneeting with Klpha lfpsilon Delta. menis pre-medical honorary. Dr. Kobacker spoke to the in- terested students and faculty' ntembers. -X dance in the Student Union followed. Nlarch brought the group's annual ser- vice project of blood typing for any inter- ested student or faculty' member. The eleventh Founderis Day celebra- tion was observed by a banquet at the Delft House. Formal installation of offi- cers was held in June. Dr. Archie N. Sol- berg serves as the adviser to our sorority. I ESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB The Business Xdministration Club be- gan the year with a membership driye. The president. Tony Nlorelli. headed this function and was assisted by former mem- bers. 'X fter this was completed. there was a meeting introducing new members and telling them about the functions of the organization. Nlectings were held each month. Xt these meetings there were luoyies. followed by a discussion and planning of social activities. These activi- ties included: hayrides. square dances. mixers. tours of yarious industrial plants. a lea held with the faculty. and at the end of the year. a student-faculty picnic. rllllls year. the scheduled actiyilies were a square dance held in November. a tour ofthe lluclteye llrewery Company . and a Christmas party suffvested by adyiser lla-an llensel. I 2'1- Also chosen to serye by the members were: Xlarge Thy.-n. y ice-president: l,ouis ll. llusscll. secretary 2 and ylicc lley nollls. treasurer. l'xuhlm:m. H.: blur'-lli. T.: llowlzuul. li.: .lnuis. ll.: llusscll. l.. Picc- oud lluwzf liicll. ll.: Ylcliuruly, X.: Wmnluxcr. li.: llrugo, ll.: lleyuolds. LZ Thycu. Xl. Iwrsl It--nz' fl,uue. ID.: . gb vga gl if -' .I J' y Ill! Kappa Psi, international honorary pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1903. The local chapter received its charter on May 22, 1925 and has remained active except dur- ing the war years of 1943-1945. The chap- ter is now expanding in size and growing rapidly. The fraternity endeavors to promote good fellowship, to stimulate higher scholarship among the students of phar- macy, to bind together the students of similar ideas and objectives. and to de- velop a sense of professional ethics among the men who are studying the line art of apothecary. Scientific discussions by re- tail pharmacists. physicians, pharmacol- ogists and educators in pharmacy tend to familiarize the men of Kappa Psi as to their duties as future pharmacists. Activities during the past year included the annual pledge-active sporting events and other get-togethers. It has also been the policy of Kappa Psi to erect educa- tional displays in Pharmacy Hall at reg- ular intervals. Dr. H. H. lyf. Bowman and Jose Aponte are advisers to the group. First Row:-Cowell. NI.: Goodwin. R.: llnrding, BI.: llunllcy. NI.: YV:-st. C.: Reynolds. L. Second Row:-Thurman. J.: Jacobs. A. .init .1 .1 -W . -sw-w --. s --A------s First Row:-Ronmno. ll.: Sloan. G.: Aponle. .l.: llavku-tt. li.: Gaffney. A.: Forvlw. R.: l'r4-jsnnr. E. Secoml Row:-Quinn. li.: lxarlvowiak. ll.: lllnnmller. li.: llulnlum-ll, D.: Nnraly. Y.: Rica-. H.: Larzelt-rc. K. Third llou :ASnlon. J.: lim-ll. T., Boyd. l'.g Xlcliee. J.: liappvllo. J.: Nluuntlcr. D. KAPPA P I The Pyramid Club is the pledge club of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. This year, some of the club activities included a "Heaven and Hades" party for some high school students, given in Febrauryg a card party in March: a "get-acquainted party", in October for new students at the Universityg and a Christmas party. The Pyramids presented a skit at the annual celebration of "Delta,s Founders' Dayq on January 13. The club also presented a skit at the "JabberwockH an annual pro- gram of skits given for the purpose of rais- ing a scholarship fund. Another of tl1e club's early activities is participation in the Vforld Student Service Fund. The club ushers or renders services to other sororities and fraternities in helping them to carry out their programs, especially during conventions. The Pyramids always try to do something for elementary school students to encourage them to strive for the better things in life. Oliicers for the year were: Vivien Hocker, president, Lillian Lewis., vice- presidentg Marlene Ship, recording secre- taryg Marcella Jordan, corresponding secretaryg Janice Goodwin, treasurer. Jean Thurman is advisor. 113 BLOCKHO 'l'hrowing caution to the- winels. the- N52 Bl,HClilI4lUSl'I staff ele-e-iele-el e-arly in Uvtobe-r to put out a book. Having one-e- ele-e-iele-el to take- this liolel ste-p. ,lohn Se-ott. Husine-ss Klan- age-r. outlitte-el lllQ'llllN'l'5 ol' the- pulnlie-ation in elark glasse-s anal white- e-ane-s anel se-nt the-in on the-ir ine-rry way to various stre-e-t vorne-rs about our lair vity. 'l'e-inptalions In put elown IlZ:lyIllt'lllS on se-ve-ral Caelillavs one-e- UXt'l'1'Ulllt'. the- nine-h-ne-e-ele-el cash was sp:-nt with re-e-k- le-ss alnanelon to proelue-e- this glorious annual. Uvtolne-r also brought the- ye-arbook e-onve-ntion anel with it a trip to Pittsburgh lor the- e-o-e-elitors anel llllSlll1'SSlI1Hll2:lg1'l' It will sullive- to say that a jolly gooel lllllt' was leael hy all. Surrounele-el lay the- fri:-nelly atnlosphe-rv of le-llow journalists. that rare- type- ol' e-onipanionship was lounel that is only ty pie-al ol' Slll'll e-onye-nlions as this. X ple-asanl fllll'lSllll2:lS yae-ation was spe-nt lry the- more- harely nie-mln-rs ol' the- stall' as the-y we-nt lo work with ire- pie-ks anal lnlow tore-he-s lo e'l1ip the-ir le-ss fortunate- e'ollorts from the-ir ivy e'atae-omlrs in room IHS. With e-y'e-ryonv coin- ple-te-ly thawe-el out. work was he-gun in e-arne-st anel alte-r Illlll'll pe-rsuasion the- oflie-e- lne-e-alne- a lre-e-hiye- ol' actiyity. kllllll shouts ol' angry prinle-rs awaiting the-ir ele-aelline-s anel irate- staff llll'lIll,H'l'S hunting in yain lor glue- pots anel e-opy pape-r lhe- hook was linally linishe-el in Kpril. It may not be- on the- he-st se-Ile-r list. lrut we- like- it anel we- hope- you elo too. r Il ll YX.eIkm-.N BLOCKHO Co -ed i lors ...., . Business .lIflf1Ilj1l'I'. . , . .issislant Edilor .......... . Assislunl BllSilIl'SS Jlormger. Senior lfditor .,,...,..,.. . Faculty lidilor ,.......AA, . Organizations ffo-editors. . . Cop-V lfliitor. . , . Campus Editor. , . Frulerniltv lfditor. . . Sororil-v lfflilor. , . Panel lfflilors. . . .lrt lfllillllf . , Art Stuff . . lfiornenis Sports lfrlilur, , . .Uerfx Sport lfrlitor. , . Circulation Jlmmgger. . .ldrertising .JlllllflK,Ql'I' , , . Subscription .llurmger . Plzotogrophers ....,,,. TAFF Robert l.. Nlowerj Carol Garn John l.. Scott Riehartl Collins Robert Graver Velma Hgarius Ray Coseinialx Nancy Hindee Phyllis Sehmiflt Judy Moore Beverly Jay James Brown Pauline County Sally ,Xines .loyee lfhret .Xliee Rey nolfls Nlarylin .-Xnstetl Bill Benson Ruth Ramsey Riehartl Redfl Joan Nlaehen Nlargarel Thyen Joe Art-:lily Virginia Dowtlney James Glauser Nancy Naumann lifl 0'Reillx Paul Johnson , . . , . . . . ,Hon Sim-lair Norm liwiatkowski ll1lf'l'-Sill fi00I'llillIl10l'N .,,. General Slay: J. Lintlemululer. Xl. Horner. S. Vlfatkins. J. J. Foltz. G. Uwezarzak. P. Stiekroth. X. litters. J. Simon. D. Georgolf. B. Nopper. J. Xlanlej . S. Tanber. XI. Don eoes. S. Grossenbaeher. N. Treveua. Y. Poulson. D Christensen. C. Lewis. l.. l'leirltman. B. Bartow. J Priee. C. Nlatthews. S. Lindsay. B. Smith. J. l.c-Strange F. Seott. Nl. Delaney. J. Yanuorsrlall. H. Gorman B. Vlioolhaver. G. Stufler. H. Ballin. S. Kabel. D. Abba jay. N. lblf'Clll'flf'. N. Nightingale. NI. Bentllin. B. Tay lor. R. Raeieot. A. Douglas. N. Hipp. ligurius. Y.: Burton. B.: Jay. B. it James A. Brunner. Aflviser John l.. Seott. Business Manager Thy en. ll.: Rey noluls. A.: Anne-1. S.:lil1rel..l. F 554, 1' 1 1. ill: 'l YR 9.2, Y x . .-'."ivh-.A -1,. J. , . 5 ku. . ' 1 . Zh 1 , . 1? Hurt Lael:-rinan Larry Ln-alw lv-illvl,.inln. I' g X141-lw,l:l,.ulf'rm.m.Ii.g Ilm-I.-v. N .BJ-L4u: .." '. 5 S4 Q in -y .l..,...,n.- xi EDITORIAL STAFF Burt Latlm-rinan. . .1':dil0I'-ill-Cllifff lilliott 'l'1-itlvhanm. . .Uurzuging lfdilnr Tom Bauman. . . . .Copy lfrlitor Rolwrt lxarp . .Sporls lfditor' ,loan lfrtl. . . . . .Nnrivl-y' lfditor' .lunv Foltz. . .qlssil Suvivly' Editor Don Sillxa. . . .ffurluonisl Paul ,lohnson . . lJlI0l0!Ql'lIlIlll'I' .Xggiv Bruno. . lfunipus lfrlilor Pat lllanlw. . . . . News lfalitm' lit-yvrly .lay . ..'lxs'I N4-ws lfdilor' l'IDlTORl KI, ST KFF Slrrfl' Il ritvrs: Phil llall. lrwin lly tnvr. Louannc llvicltmann. Pt-ggy Ulu-rlc-. Nlarigvm- Yaliqiivtlv. Pauline County. ,loan U1-Carlhy. Larry llawltins. Rffporlws: Don Hl'0YYll.,l0ft'1' Coopvr. Nlary D1-lallvy. Phyllis l'lt'f'll1'f. Daviul G4-orgoff. Sanalra G4-tz. Nlary Knn Gra- ham. Larry Hawkins. Toni llvltl. Nanvy llinulvv. Mike- ,lanse-n. llvrnard ,lu4Iis. Carol Nippv. Carol Lallowv. Sally Lindsay. Carla-nv X11-Nvil. ,lohn Nlivhalslxi. Nana-y Nightingalv. Nlary P1-rry. Nanvy liogvrs. Sm- Watkins. .4-anv 'vm . on isa om. 1 ant' e- foran. ' im- Vos- l Vt lt li l Vt l N tt l Xl I night. lionnic johnson, Xlargiv llornvr. anal Nant-y llivh- aralson. lil Sl N ICSS ST X FI" Larry L4-alw. .Bzlsilwss .llunugvr P1-tv llutta-r. . . .l.'ir1'uluIiur1 llunngvr Xnnvlte- Uhle-r. ..lss'l l,'ir1'uIuIinn .1IllIllli,Lf1'I' lfml Yivk. . . 'fllI'l'I'fiSill'!.L lllurzugvr ,lark Shirt-. . . . . . . . lss'I .-l1fl'l'l'liSiIlg 9!Illllllf.!.l'l' Ifirrwlulinn Hlqff: Xnn llartos. Molly lit-1-lt. Nanvy Colin ,lotnnv Douglas. llruw Ilill. .lohinv lionop. Rohm-rt xIt'fl2il'lllX. Nlary Xnn Slavk. Carolyn Slt'ilIh3ll1'l'. Donna Tholnpson. lllxiillug l'.g llruno. Lg Kxilmu-yt lf.g lliu1ll'l', N. x - CA PUS COLLEGIA Publishing a good university' newspaper every week is no easy' task and can be considered a chal- lenge. The staff this year has worked diligently' in an effort to keep the paper on a high plane and to attempt to perpetuate the name of the University. :Xt the helm of the Collegian this year was Burt Laderman. a junior. A great deal ol' the success of the Collegian can be traced to a pair of hardworking desk men in the per- sons of Elliot Teitlebaum and Tom Bauman. Mr. Teitlebaum. as managing editor. was only a sopho- more but yet displayed the artistry' of a real news- paper veteran. Mr. Bauman. as copy' editor. was relatively' inex- perienced in newspapering at first. but made a supreme effort to absorb the mechanies that are vital on the copy' desk. Uther staff editors were Pat Blanke. who handled news assignments superbly. .Ioan Erd. who endeavered to produce the best society' section possible. Aggie Bruno. roving campus editor and ,Ierrv ljchtstein. crusading backbone ol' the sports department. .lesse R. Long was editorial advisor and Gerald Thompson guided the business end. Handling the "art" ol' the Collegian were Don Silka, whose real life cartoons were sparkling each week and reliable Paul Johnson. who was always on the spot with his camera to capture the best in pictures. First Rim'-llindee, N.: Miller, F.g lfu-tin, D.: Horner. M.: Thrnnpson. D.: Indira. B.: Blzmke. P.: Gifford. C, Seeond Row-Foltz. .l.: Uchler. A.: lVlalchen. J.: County. P.: lleidtman, L.: Graham. M.: Slider. li. 'l'hird Rowfwoods. N.: Yvendt, 1.1 Slack. M.: l'ird. J.: liindsay, S.: Georgoff. D. Fourth Row-liaulnan, T.: Vick. E4 'l'eitlclxuum, li.: Drury, D. ' at ri Q.. I . . i lurst ltougflnompson, ID.: I'ne.-. J.: C.. Roger-. N.: Jam.-s. lb.: Isuttglll. I'.: Slorris. li.1NM-mlt.J.: Isollglll.l'.15lllilIl..I-1 II.irrison. C.: Crouch. X.: Ilorm-r. VI.: Ililyarnl. lrf, N-eoml lion:A-Iii:-Imrdsou. N.: Cooper. J.: ll:-Il. J.: Iluffer, C.: Ixulu-I, S.: I".-nn. J.: Dans. J.: Itay. N.: Ilnnham. Ii.1l:ulIills.I'i. Third lion:-Smith. J.: Taylor. in Ftiekrolh. l'.: ll.mster. If.: Iluk.-N. lla-ll. Ny: IIrittou.w.I.: Iiipptm. .l.:' Ilatvlalmiigli. I". Ilmrth IIuw:- l'.4rks. 'I .: Iiruu. J.: Fprmuer, II.: link, J.: then. J.: Illnes. I'..: Caldwell. Il., Ilnrnes, II,1 Iiicll. IP. WESLEY FELLOW HIP llel Canto is the liniversity women's chorus. and has heen on campus four years. lfach year since its beginning it has grown hoth in size and recognition. Bel Canto is an Italian name meaning "beau- tiful singers". and membership in this group is open to all women who enjoy singing. Practices are held twice a week in the l. nivo-rsity Tower. The group sings three and four part songs in many' differ- ent categories. including art. religious. folk. and modern themes. liel Canto striyes to present unusual and interesting programs to its audiences. . . . . . . yy ..... I., X.. ll..y.1.a.... J. lhis year. our hst ol perlormanees was yaried. indicating the desire ol' different groups for wome-n's choral singing. Hel Canto gaye a Christmas program for the lfaeulty Ilames' Christmas Tea in the Sturlent l nion: and in collaboration with tlu-I nixersity I Capps-llaChoir presented a Candlelight Carol Service in lleeemlner in the lloermann Theater. ln the spring we gaye a program ol' mixed numhers for the Ya-lerans' Xlemorial Scholarship l"und. and the most important eyent ol' the year was the annual Spring Choral Ifestiy al gixen in Xlay in the lloermann Theater hy all choral groups ol' the I niyersity. The line songs and the enthusiasm ol' llel Canto relleet in its willingness to per- form when-yer a program ol' woma-n's l'IlUI'2-il singing is tleslrvtl. Nolte ul' llllzs could he possihle without the we-ry splen- did leadership of our director. Ilr. Lloyd Sunderman. Uflicers for the year were Carolyn Sta-inhauer. president: Nancy Ilukc. secretary -treasurer: and lietty We-her. lihrarian. H8 The purpose of the Wesleyan Fellow- ship is to unite Xlethodist students on cam- pus in a single group so that they' may' become better acquainted with each other. plan worship and social activities to- gether. develop high character standards. and mutually' pursue a higher education. In keeping with the aim to give students an opportunity' to meet together for wor- ship and fellowship. the cabinet of the yym-sl., an Fellowship planned a variety' of programs this year. The Club held square dances. variety' nights. heard speakers. attended break- lasts during which guest ministers spoke lo the group. and also met with other re- ligious groups for programs. This group is linked with all the Metho- dist fellowships on other campuses. and is alliliated with the Toledo District Nlethodist tllfiee. The officers of the group are: Jim Gran. president: Pat Stickroth. vice-president: Jeanne Wendt. secretary'-treasurer: and Shirley Taylor. chaplain. Dr. Homer Dunathan and Mrs. WV. C. Taylor are advisers. BEL CAN TO lfirsl Ilowzfllindn-e. N.: Sn-inll.iuer. C.: Iloneoes. NI.: Imnkay. II.: Iluke. N.: Iirnlmln. M. Sreonul lion: fN4numunn. N.: Ilnffer. C.: .Iumn-s. ll.: Ileynoluls. A.: Johnson. Il.: Smler. C.: , First Row:-Kwiatkowski. N.: Janis. R. .l-L Hens:-I. Y.: Parks. 'l'.: C1:0r'0lT. D.: McClusk1-y. C. Second Row:-Km-hx-man. R4 Rehn, R.: D4-. 1- vinc. R.: Scott. F. 'l'lliral lion:-Scott. J.: Rift-. D.: Blank. YY. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fraternity. was founded on October 5, 1904. in the School of Commerce. Accounts. and Finance at New York University. New York, N. Y.. and was incorporated on May 20, 1905. Gamma Eta, the local chapter.. received its charter on the 13th of January 1951, when the old local Business Administration fraternity Pi Tau became nationally affiliated. Each chapter is expected to conduct a definite program of profes- sional activity each year. At present our efforts are centered around preparation for the Dis- trict National Convention to be held here in Toledo next fall. This is a big responsibility for such a relatively young chapter,but we feel that a successful convention will put our chapter on top. One of the ,important features of the fraternity is the official maga- zine of the fraternity, The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi, established in 1908, and published every two months during the college year. It features articles on business, economics, and educational subjects, news of chapters and members and other material of interest to members. One of the highlights of our 1951-52 year was the initiation of President Asa Knowles as a faculty member of our fraternity along with Mr. George Taoka. Mr. Phillip Hensel is the faculty adviser of Gamma Eta chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. The oiiicers are: Terry Park, presidentg Richard Koehrman, vice-presidentg Wayne Cousino, secretaryg James Nuell, chaplain, Joseph Simon, warden, Ronald Rehn, minister of rituals. 1149 I f Q' N P' :L , ,fin t - Q - gtg l"ir-l liouz- Shi-rlmrn--. lx: Dy -I-rl. ll.: Novak. ll. J.: llau-Dollul1l..l.: lxuhlmun. ll.: Lech- l..i.. y1.1eg.....,.l..-l1.s. LPI-IA PHI O ECA ational The purpose of the Poly mathic Society is to bring together. socially and profes- sionally. a group of students with varied talents and outstanding interests. The name "polymathic" refers to many fields of learning. The organization is beneficial in giving members the opportunity to present the results of their work and study -either academic or non-academic. ll also seeks to develop and broaden the knowledgc and personality of members by the exchange of ideas through interest in the activities of others. V' bile most clubs are made up of peo- ple with one common interest. the Poly- mathic Society draws its members from all colleges and departments of the Lini- yersity. The motto. "je Seine a Tout Ye-nt" indicates an ailn toward broader. fuller living. Xlonthly meetings of a business and social nature are he-Id in the homes of the members. This year talks and demonstra- tions were given by members and invited guests. .Xt the November meeting. ,loa- chim Schumacher. a student from Cer- many. told of his experiences in .Nine-rica. and. in llccember. Xlrs. Stock. unofficial adyiser to foreign students. described the naturc of her work. Xl:-mln-rs and guests participated in social activities which included a square dancc. roast. potluck supper. splash party and a Christmas party to which the for- eign students were invited. ls a special project this year. the Society has pre-pared a program to lu- pre-sented in convalescent homes lhrou"hout the city. Dr. Wayne I' . 1 Dancer is adviser to the group and offi- cers include Katherine Photos. president: Richard Koa-hrman. yice-preside-ntg ,Kr- Iene liirkenkamp. secretary and ,loanne Konop. treasurer. -Xlpha Phi Omega. national service fra- ternity. has been represented on the cam- pus of the l'niversity of Toledo since May 22. 19-18 by the Zeta Lambda chap- ter. Service to the student body and faculty includes conducting tours through the lniversity for prospective freshmen in the spring. as well as new freshmen in the fall: trimming up the hill 11ear the stadi- um: mounting an ilhuninated bell on the tower and decorating a tree at Christmas lime: assisting in phy sical checkups for entering students: and conducting a sur- vey to evaluate the students' attitudes toward the University. As service to youth and community. the members of Alpha Phi Omega have taken orphans to a hockey game. con- ducted liastcr parties at various children's homes. painted furniture for community houses. and served as counsellors at Boy Scout and YMCA camps. When the Office of Civil Defense called for volunteers the fraternity responded as participating citizens to aid in the program. Officers for the year are Robert Kuhl- man. president: Stewart Campbell. vice- president: Frank Sherburne. secretary: and Richard Nowak, treasurer. The ad- visors include lidward Foster. Donovan limch. and Randolph Downes. POLYMATHIC SOCIETY l"iri-I llou:f'l'uylor. ll.: llirlu-likzilvlp. N.: l.ukasi:-wicz. .l-1 Plmlon. K.: I.:-nkup. ll.: lluke. N. Sn-cond llamsfkochrnmu. ll.: Shannon. li.: Canter. G.: lkwialtkonski, F.: lluffcr, C.: Cou- nino, 11.1 l'uszkownka. l.: llongcr. li.: Romans. 'l'.: T1-ipzlniul, 1. .4 -X 1 I A ,. 125515 31 .v First Row:-Mcllrifle. C.: Shaw. P.: Kwialkowuki, R.: Kurczewski. R.: Coyle. J.: Michulnk. B.: Regent. R.: Fri z ru i 1 S1-cnnd Rlnv:-Euslcrduy, J.: Bcnsmzm. D.: Baker. R.: Armani. C.: Engclmzin. I'.: Storm. H.: Hunt. J.: Vasbinder luis M Pauly, J.: .IosL'nlmns. J. Third Row:ARusch. K.: Shi-cklcr. L.: LaRue. J.: Sanwluk. .I-: Balch, M.: Johnson. P.: C7 rw: is W.: Sclmck. T.: Alifcli-rlleidv, .l.: Gangawi-re. L.: W1-Q-lit-r. R.: Yang. T. Fourth Row:-Rnlrismi. R.: Hn-Iyer. J. Da V Dravcs. R.: Scppclcr. W.: Palmer, l-I.: Bliss, K.: Ewing. D. .IOI T SOCIETY UF A.I.E.E. A D IRE The ,Ioint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers is the former Elec- trical Engineering Society. The Electrical Engineering Society was recognized by the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1948 and was recog- nized by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in February of 1951. At the request of both national organizations the name of the organization was then changed to the Joint Student Branch of A.I.E.E. and I.R.E. in April of 1951. The purpose of the ,Ioint Student Branch is the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all phases of electrical engi- neering as well as furthering the professional development of the student. Meetings were held on the second Thursday of each month for con- ducting the clubis business. After each business meeting a speaker, usually a practicing engineer from industry, gave a lecture on some technical subject of interest to the group. At a few of the meetings technical movies were shown to supplement the program. Some of the interesting topics heard during the year were: "The Philosophy of Radar," "Carbon Pile Regulators for Generators" and a lecture on I.B.M. computers. Other highlights of the year were a dinner meeting held at the Storks Nest and a plant trip through the Unitcast Corpor- ation in December of 1951. The program committee consisted of Elnanual Gross, James Clarkson, Roy Robison. William Ansley and the officers of the organization. Professors Robert Weeber and Tsute Yang are advisors for the organization. The officers for the year were: chairman, Charles Mc- Bride: vice-chairman, Wayne Seppelerg corresponding secretaries, Donald Ewing and Erie Fritz: and treasurer, Jack Coyle. 121 ,. BEusoM ' as as X1-X' 9 2? Er- N6-f cw .. . Mr' ri .55 . .4 51 .. w Q A V A lui! , 1 SRYXK .... Q V . , -.-. - , , A ,Q First Row:-ltu-mletui. Nl.: lxonop. J.: .lun-en. 1.1 Nluzzureo. Nl.: lb-ister. N.: lxolil. J.: Taylor. S.: lfisli. tl.: Weller. ll.: I'riee. J.: County. l'. Set-ond llowzfllelaney. Nl.: llruno. X.: llorner. Nl.: llalm-ey. R.: Ulu-rle. l'.: Nightingale. X.: llrerhenser. N.: Miller. F.: Nlilln-r. M.: Nluttln-ws. ll.: I' S.. l'in.t, ll. 'l'liir:l Row: -Slraulu. J.: lialtluf. tl.: lla-uns. Nl.: Woolmer. ll.: llouz-ton. ll.: Nortlv-ielx. N.: lluglies. J.: Sing. 4.2 Hur-lint. ll.: llo-e. ll.: ll:-n-llin. ll. lfourtll liovuf-Y-Uerielt. ll.: llrxlu. J.l..: llrunizer. li.: Cox, R.: l'erry. Xl.: Tin-Neil. ti.: Redd. ll.: l'.lrlxs. 'l'. ram. tcm.:--I...-t.-,. 11. ls.-........ ls.. lu.-I.. 11.1 s.-...L I-1. tam..-f. lc. The eonfusion that eau result in an lfnglish viearage when an Nmeriean aetor. now in the army. meets his former eo-star. who is now the y'iear's wife. was the sulijeet ol' "See How They' Run." a een- trally -staged laree with whieh the Theatre opened this season. The leads were aeted by Carlaine Balduf. Ted Grover. and Riehard Con- stantinoff. Several times during its run of nine nights the show played to a "standing-room-only " audienee. . This was followed by a serious Russian drama, "Ile who Gets Slappedf' and the spring produetion. "After Dark." an lfnglish melo- drama. These three shows. under the direetion ol' Morlin Bell. dem- onstrated the versatility ofthe Theatre and gave variety' tothe actors. as well as to the audienee. The staging ol' all shows this year was done Q Q lay Nlurray Stahl. the Theatre s teehnieal direetor. who was added to 09. Q the laeulty this fall. 5 ' Q Also presented were two traditional programs of theatre onstage: xg: 050 0 'Xu livening of Une-Nets. and An livening ol' Dramatle Varieties. ' if 6 5 lloth ol' these shows leatured student-direeted plays. Single perform- ' 4- 'Q ', - . . . ' . lu' -'CF' 1 anees of yarnous shows. lllvllltllllg these two produetlons. were spon- igl- '..5,, . sored hy the 'l'heatre Cirele. whieh has as its ohjeet the eneouragement 5 ' , oleentral staging at the Lniversity. ' .' I Y V Y xn '1 l ' n Q v 'S the lheatre l'lllll bt'l'll'S. under the t'll2lll'lTlallSl'tIIl ol ,laek llughes. :iii had its lnost sueeessful year. Two series ol' exeellenl films were pre- 3 Wk' sented. lloth 'XIl14'l'lt'HI'l and foreign movies were shown. . ,, , . , V . . . . . Y . . 'Egan ' Y Flag l'lle lheatre is proud ol being aeeepted last spring as the n8th chap- ll' A ter of National Collegiate Players. honorary' dramatie fraternity: The . - ten who are now members inelude Meredith Hague-llogers. president: fl Q 1 M X' Gloria -Ktlians. Carlaine llaldul. Diek Deriek. Bill Granger. Hill llard- . 5 ing. Nlargaret llorner. lletty llouston. .laek Hughes. and Tom A A 'Q l.asltey. Several others will he initiated this spring. rgz Q Q The ollieers of the L niversity Theater are Carlainc llaldul, prest- D I dent: lletty llouston. seeretary: Nleredith llague-Rogers. Tom ' Laskey. and liiehard lleriek. exeeutive board: and Nlorlm Bell, ad- ,J . l fl pfwo viser. I:-v The Ivy Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is one of the most active clubs in the community. The club is used as a training club for future Alpha Kappa Alpha women. This organization has tried during the school year to remain. according to our tradition. a credit to Alpha Kappa Alpha. The projects this year were as follows: the an- nual Christmas basket: a candlelight service: a popularity contest: entertainment for high school seniors: entertainment for the big sis- ters: a turkey raffle: our annual Christmas party: and an liaster egghunt for the elementary schools. This club tries to attain a high degree of scholarship. It also con- tributes to the cultural and social life of the community by presenting its best talent in all activities. Along the scholastic line. Edrene Ben- son won a twenty-five dollar scholarship for having the highest grades in the Ivy Leaf Club. Jacqueline Anderson also won the same prize. Lona Vllatkins. Edrene Benson. and .Ioan Smith sing in the A Cappella Choir at the University. Our officers are Ann Colbert. President: Barbara Cole, Yice-Presi- dent: Lavern Hayes, Secretary: and Lona Watkins, Treasurer. Our adviser is Ardella Reed. ,N .lv W B . . Y ggsxu: I E'!."3' "1--I "-LQ! 3-2. , 'QP S13 f- + ' ,if 2 be EAR. Q M THE IVY LEAF CL B I First Row:-Sansln-ry. A.: Colt-. B.: Topsil. L.: Benson. A. Second How:-Collinsi E.: Colin-rl, A.: Dunham. R.: Watkins. L.: Wlillialnv-. I' Third Row:-Hawkins. J.: Smith. I.: Hayes. L. my-rwecaf 123 The liniversity Young kkomenis Chris- tian Xssoeiation is one of the largest and tllosl active groups on campus. .Xll women on campus are eligible for membership in the organization. The purpose of the Y.kY.C.X. is to dc- velop a leadership atnong its members. to help freshmen women adjust to life on the eampus. to develop wholesome friend- ships and interests. and to cooperate and oll'er its services to the L niversity and the commnnity. The Y.W.C. -X. seeks to stim- ulate interest and participation in the religious programs presented on campus. The yt-ar's activities began with a Y.Xl. C..X.-Y.Yl'.C.,X. Open House. held during Freshman Week for all those just begin- ning their years at the liniversity. The program included a talk by President Knowles. an introduction to the freshmen of all "Big NY heels Hn Campus". dancing and refreshments. This served as an ex- cellent opportunity for the freshmen to become acquainted with each other and the members. it this party also. the memhers were given a chance to become aequainled with their little sisters. ln addition to the regular meetings ol' the group. many social activities were v-.J u '. I-'ir-t llow:-Ut-hler. A.: Muehen. J.: lllttnkc. ll.: llruee. ll.: Nkootls. N.: l"osnit:hl. A.: llatrri- .o . h n. ll.: Xdatnts. li.: Steinhatner. C.: Trexetm. N.: llude. lx.: Collins. li.: l.:-nkny. R. Second lion:fXNn-:tu-r. J.: Snxer. J.: Nlullignn. ll.: lxnuth. N.: llow. N.: konop. J.: Woolmer. li.: Jap. S.: Crosby. li.: Thpen. Xl.: Nlurtin. l'.: Dunlmtn. ll.: Crouch. N. Third llow:fl'1-pin, ll.: l'ope. l'.: lxuenzle. l..: lieltz. l'.: lforatn. N.: llenrp. N.: l"enu. J.: limch. S.: Smith. .l:. ulmrita. Nl.: Ntekroth. l'. l'onrth llouzfluerst. 5.1 Cray. li.: Srhoelcr. .l.: llenltman. L.: lluke. N.: YY atkins. S.: Nippe. C.: Danster. H.: Spentlmff. Y .3 lfarktts. J.: Ranlalxaugll. F. l"il'th llouzflleynoltls, A.: kulnel. S.: Natutnatntt. N.: llurt. S.: l't-rry. M.: Meeks. L.: Erd, J.: Gorman. li.: Xki-enienski. B.: Calef. l'. Sixth llowz-Foltz. .l.: Judy. S.: lluller. C.: Nlichel. C.: llay. N.: 'l'ep:lun-yer. l". Y. . C. A. Fir-t llow:-lloflnittn, l'.: l"ou1,:ht. l'.: ll:-ll. .l.: Richardson. N.: W'endt. .l.: lfishlmck. Y.: l'rice ll.: Na-idlinuer. X.: llott"r-. N.: Tlunngn-on. D.: liirrs. l'.: llreehenser. N.: Str:-ih, ll. Sa-eoml llum:-lliml--e. N.: lliekumn. ll.: lxohl. .l.: Nliller. l".: llorncr. Nl.: R1-ister. N.: liouglat-. ,l.: l.:-title. ll.: Nluzlurco. Nl.: lager. ll.: llipp. N.: llonis. U.: Vvnrltcf. l'.: lltlrl- vnnn. tl. 'l'hinl llow:ANl:xtlln-M-. lf.: lhnis. I.: l'1vunofl'. ll.: latlntizilluki. fl.: llhouden. M.: l'artoyan. F.: l.:-ininuer. ll.: llall. J.: Smilttx. J.: llieharsl. l'.: 'l'hompson. ll.: lxnellentneiv-tter. ll. Fourth llnm: -Ilow--n. N: Yotittt-rs. I.: Rupp. l'.: llontrus. l'.:5nouly. l'.: lleklnrs. S.: Schmidt. l'.: lienullin. Nl.: lfuatritis. X.: Jones, Xl.: Delaney. Nl. Filth llmm:-l,imlm-5. S.: l'oulr-on. N.: l'utz. 5.2 l'ilz:t. H.: County. l'.: Nliller. MA Ita-mt-tt. U.: Willmott. lf.: lxilter, ll.: ll--ll. N.: Xl:-Nt-il. tl.: lh-ndlin. li. , .. t 5' ,- .1 - 3 v ft X 2 1 -H X llll enjoyed. These included a big-little sister party, a hayride and roast. a Christmas Caroling Party. a party given with the Y.M.C.A. for the foreign students on campus. a splash party at the new Y.W. C.A. and a potluck dinner held after one of our regular business meetings. ln May, we held our annual Mothers' Tea at which time officers for next year were installed. One of the biggest projects of the year for the "Y" is the World Student Service Fund Drive. ln addition to helping with classroom collections. aml having repre- sentatives in the Variety Show, the group sponsored a square dance booth at the WSSF Carnival. A WSSF workshop was held to make preparations for the booth. The Y.W.C..-N. also sent representatives to various regional. state and national ,- conferences such as those at lar Hollow and Lake Geneva. Mrs. Floyd Radabaugh. adviser to the group. and an advisory board composed ol' facultt members and faculty wives. guide theigroup in both its social and edu- cational activities. Ullicers are: Phyllis Martin. president: Carolyn Steinhauer, vice-president: Margaret Thyen. secre- tary: and Mary liendlin. treasurer. The Y.M.C.A. is an active organization. taking an interest in the functions of the school as well as the personal well-being of the stu- dent. Its purpose is to offer friendship, guidance, and help to the new student who Hnds it difficult to adjust to the new campus social life. The group strives to advance Christian ideals into the habits of every- day life. Membership is open to all university men. Even before school opened this year Mrs. Radabaugh entertained both the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W'.C.A. officers at her cottage to help them in planning the year's activities. The first party, scheduled in October, was a roast and hayride with the Y.VV.CA.. at Pearson Park. The others that followed-a square dance in November and a musicale in December-were equally en- joyable. At the first Y.M.C.A. meeting of the year, Marcus Emery arranged a "get-together-smokern for the new members. The next meeting featured a talk by one of the foreign students on campus about the present conditions in his home country. Subsequent talks on religion and current topics by speakers from the University were also well re- ceived and applauded by the members. This year's World Student Service Fund Drive was assigned to a committee headed by Dick Redd. The proceeds derived from the annual WY.S.S.F. Carnival are used to supply books, food. and other necessities to the needy and deserving students throughout the world. Plans are underway to make it the best and most prosperous yet. April was the annual Tar Hollow Conference, attended by repre- sentatives from all area Y.M.C.A. groups. Many men attended. and the University of Toledo was well represented. Officers for the Y.M.C.A. are: Thomas Held. president: .lim Rush, vice president: Dick Redd. secretary: Ralph Cousino. treasurer: and Mr. A. F. Foster. adviser. 0 . C. A. First Rmv:-Graves. G.: Rowzmfl. A.: Zell:-rs. l'.: Sing. A.: Luo. E.: Rush. I.: Lcuke. l.. Sccon in l um 14 1 Hchrag. H Hull D Fu- icr V.: Pnkulski. W.: Ko:-hrman. K.: Anlonini. Nl.: Jacobs. B. Third Row:-Cisnwski. L.: Rr dt D l alnur D N pptlcr W lud tk I '1w..mn0n F.: Springer. R.: Con:-iino. YV. 125 l"ir-l lion:-Xlillf-r. K.: l.--nkuy. li.: honop. J.: liruuo. N.: llocn. I-1.1SmiI.n.J.:Sndt-r. lf.: lirurlirll. fl.: lxllulli. X.: Ulwrlv. l'.: Xlnzllirco. Nl.: Nliller. lf. 74:-vollnl Rou:7l'n-l. -X.: kuli-ik. l'.: XX.-nf-'l. J.: Rotondn. lf.: Nopper. li.: Nlaclieii. J.: l'izz.i. tl.: Nznnunnn. N.: J.: Flliilmrua. Xl. lliird lion:-Knlonini. Nl.: lxrojau-Li. 5.1 XY.u'lloui.llt. 1.1 ll:-mu-x. ll: lf:-llinuv-r. 'l'.: Flinll. ll.: Fxylnun-ki. ll.: lmster. 1.1 lforeln-, K. lfourlli Roi-11 llulnlner. li.: Wallin-. .l.1 l.enL.iy. .l.: lla-trick. Nl.: 4.1-on-lu. l... lixun. tv.. Xnlonllu. li.. NX:-.ix--r, ll. lfiflll lKou:"' ll.: l'lr.nnLlin. li.: Rolnlmrli. ll, "Through a balanced program of spiri- tual. cultural. and social affairs". campus Newman Clubbers fullill their constitu- tional purpose of "enriching the temporal lives of ine-mba-rs." The lvniyersity New- man Club is a member of both the fllliu Yalley l'royin4-e and the National Feder- ation of New man Clubs. Nlelnbers of the New man Club got th.- lflol-52 2H'i.llll'lllll' year off to a start witll a mixer which has become an annual Sep- tember affair. ln Uctobcr the members took adyantage of tlie traditional jaclvo- lantern tlienn- and ln-ld a llalloyseen barn dance at in-su llall. The Christmas forlnal dance was tln- outstanding social function lu-Id by the Neysnian Club this year. Cllrisluias trees. j1I'l.'0'.ll bouglis alld mistletoe brought tliv- rlllfll ol llie season out in tlnost- who attended tlie dance. Klso in llie Christmas spirit was tht- caroling party In-ld l,l't'l'lllll1'l' Ili. 'I'In- inembers ul' tlie N1-unlan Club sang In those- who were hospitalized at Saint Y in- vent s llospltal. and to the elnldren ln- ing at Saint X ine:-nl's Orphanage. In February the Newman Club started off the spring social calendar with a Val- entine's party at Gesu Hall. Other meet- ings. held twice a month. brought mem- bers together for dancing. entertainment and refreshments. Three Communion Breakfasts at Gesu Catholic Church supplemented the spirit- ual program which again this year in- cluded participation in Religions Brother- hood Week held on the campus early in the spring. A new activity added to the spiritual program this year. was Father Xlooney's conferences held twice a week at the liniversity. The officers of this organization are James Machen. president: .lohn Wenzel. llltill-S vice-president: Elsie Hoen. wo- men's vice-president: Joanne Konop. re- cording secretary: Mary ,lane Delaney. corresponding secretary: Bob Pierce. treasurer: Rose Lenkay. representative to Religions Council: Rev. C. ,-X. Mooney. SJ. and Mr. C. ,l. Kirschner. advisers. EW. CL B l"ir-I Ron:-lfo-miglit. VK.: lit-liz. l'.: kolil. J.: Rotondo. X.: S4-iolo. Ii.: l'anIim+ki. Nl.: lfalhvr Nlooney: kennedy. .l.: liectermaldul.: Slraul:..l.: Carri:1.'l'.: Delaney. Nl.: Szyniamdti. Nl.: Second Ron:--Ri-rncha. Nl.: Shanti-.iu. Xl.: Sp:-ntlioff. Y .: Lalnuzinski. N.: Winnie-wr-dti. Ii.: tl-good. J.: Romano. R.: lenkin-. V.: Slraliley. B. 'I'liird Ram:-Xounlunan. .-L2 XM-nm-I. I.: IL.,-. J.: Uroulowiez, IJ.: Co-may. ll.: Zan'-lla. R.: lxeller. D.: llardm-r. U.: tinllnvr. Wi, lfourlll linm:-l'iiL:eii-we. li.: l'rcj-uiur. lf.: Henri. R.: Urisysold. NIA Det ine. ll.: Nlalmen. J.: llanley, J.: NX ilczyn-ki. IJ.: Ro-te. ll. l X ...whiny , , , X x5 X . , X 4 '-, X his -Q. 5. Firsl Ron:-Lindam-y. S.: Richardson. N.: Delgcr. li.: Line. D.: Collins. D.: Don. N.: Tmnpsnn. D. Second Row:-Hawley. X.: Bylow. E.: Ulu-rl:-. V.: Sr-hmilll. P.: Carr. K.: Youmgs. I.: Badger. J.: lxzllwl. S. Third Rontflxirk. D.: llowlaml. R.: Frcelnau. B.: Fay. .l.: Kinu. li.: Nlowery, R.: Connors. J.: Benson. B.: Redd. R.: Sinclair. R.: Gr-orgoff. D. YOU G REP BLICAN CLUB The University of Toledo Young Republican Club is an organiza- tion that promotes active student participation in politics. Its aim is to make more intelligent voters of its members and other University students and to promote the principles of the Republican Party on the University campus. The group is associated with the Ohio League of Young Republican Clubs, a federation of campus and country Young Republican Clubs throughout Ohio. Many interesting speakers addressed the club during the year. They included former Mayor Ollie Czelusta. Vice-Mayor Howard C. Cook, Republican candidate for Congress Gilmore Flues. State Representatives Fred Hunt and Mrs. Opal Mundy, and Republican County Chairman Herman Miller. The high spot of the year was the Young Republican Club Campus Wide Party, sponsored by the club in January. Over four-hundred students turned out for dancing, refreshments and entertainment. Rose Lenkay and John Lindemulder were co-chairmen. Members of the club are looking forward to an interesting and active presidential election year. Plans are being made to bring top G.O.P. state and national candidates to the campus and to take an active part in the election. Officers for the year were: president., Ron Sinclairg vice-president. Dick Collinsg secretary, Carolyn Steinhauerg treasurer, Milt Thomp- song directors, Tex Hughes, Margie Horner, and Sharon Kabel. 127 G , 1- X T.u. Q-:FQ AO I . if' . liliiigi Q , -WASHIN 9 N'Q0lsl Gamma Pi Sigma. professional music sorority. being only one year old on Xpril tenth. is the newest addition to the music department at the lfniversity' of Toledo. The sorority is composed of music education majors and minors and its members must have an at-cumulative "B" average in music courses and an accumu- lative "C" average in all other academic subjects in which they are enrolled. lishering for concerts. holding educa- tional and social events. and offering a performance opportunity for its members. are some ol' the varied means ol' enter- tainment and activity for Gamma Pi Sigma's members. The sorority' was led by President. Nlary' lflizabeth Dick: Vice-President. Nancy Nightingale: Secretary -'lin-asurer. . e- rr Y . I 1' rances Nllller. l. nder the most able guid- ance ol' their adviser. Dr. ,lanina Adam- czvk. the sorority has had a most success- ful year and is looking forward to even better years in the future. First Row:fNliller. lf.: kolll. J.: Price. J. Set-ond llon:fYiglltimLule. N.: W1-lmer. Ii.: lioice. ll.: Dick. Xl. GAMMA PI SIGMA GERMAN CLUB lfir-.I llnvv:-Joan--: Nl.: Cooper. J.: lxrauner. J.: liirkenkurnp. fl.: l.:iuner. ll. Second Rossa- ffluu-er. J.: ich:-rnnz. ll.: hln-rlinrne. lf.: ku-lnpcr. li. 'lilnird lioys:fllerlzlnerp:. U.: liutz. l..: Allen. J. I i ll i .- tu ,,,-4. . r1 I he aim ol' the German Club is to foster a more active interest in Germany. its language. and its people. It is for this pur- pose that our program was set up. The lirst meeting ofthe year was held on October lilteentli at the University. and was more or less to acquaint the new members with the German Club and its activities. An interesting illustrated lec- ture on Germany before and after the war was given by Mr. Frank Sherburne and Mr. liugene Conger. both ol' whom are very' active in the Clulfs activities. The December meeting was perhaps the most enjoy able of all. It had been de- cided at the last meeting to obtain. if possible. a block of tickets for the Metro- politan Upera presentation ol' Die Flerler- nmus. The adviser, Professor Schering. got a group ol' sixteen tickets for the per- formance on Tuesday' night. December eleventh. Since the opera was sting in lflnglish. and was a new version. it did not give the German students the opportunity to see and hear thc original versiong how- ever, in the near future, the Club does plan to play' recordings of the opera as originally sung in German. and compare thcm with'the linglish. 'l'here are tentatively' lined up twojoiul meetings: one with the organization at Bowling Green. and the other with the group at Michigan. Other plans include roasts and several more German dinners at Schwarz's. Olli- cers are ,Iohn G. Kramer, presidentg lid- ward A. Kemper. vice-presidentg and .lanis Weaver, ser-retaryf-treasurer. 12:4 I The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers of the University of . . Toledo campus has completed its fourth successful year since it re- N ceived its charter in 1949. - - -. fi., the minds of all engineers: to become better acquainted with fellow -1 students, faculty. and men of industry: and to tie together the differ- 2. ent phases of engineering into one group. This goal is being achieved rapidly by a network of student chapters from other universities in Ohio joining together to form a state organization and the state or- - ganizations joining to form a national organization. Three delegates 4 -L I la I , 115- ll The purpose of the organization is to instill a professional spirit in .- U 4' V al' L ,ll .ll X 55 O 0 X o . from our organization go to Columbus, Ohio, the first Friday of the I I F'-Q month, where a student council meeting is held to pass upon subjects 5, which are above the jurisdiction of the local chapter. Z5 444.5 l' The society also introduces and encourages all eligible engineering l 'P 45- 35511 , graduates to take the Professional Engineers, Examination so that l Qian? the engineering field will be developed and recognized as a profession. l I j -'- Meetings are held once a month and are open to all students en- L ll Il - rolled in the College of Engineering and to alumni. Speakers are .." 4 chosen to talk on such subjects that will be interesting and enjoy- , is '-- able to all engineers. , 'SS j 1 I - J. 4 The oflicers are: president, Wayne Seppelerg vice president, Charles - " - I - I McBride: secretarv. Elmer Moenter: treasurer, Edward Loo. The ' .- V: adviser is Dean Brandeberry. THE OHIO SOCIETY OF PROFESSIO AL E GI EERS First Row:-Fritz. E.: Coyle. J.: Pullncr. D.: Meeker. J.: Sciln-rl. J.: Keller. D.: llcss. NY.: Iluffnrnl. R.: Ginn-ncz. J.: l'ollan1l. l'.: King. D. Sec- ond Row:-Pio. R.: Mot-nle-r. E.: Miller. C.: livllingcr. T.: Lim. E.: Eicln-r. Y.: Callahan. D.: l'1ng1-l. R.: Mackey. J.: Str-pp. E.: Jus:-nlians. J. Thirrl Row:-Sm-ppler. YV.: Bvnslnan. D.: Krujvxn-ki. S.: lxrvps, R.: Collins. R.: Cmaway. H.: Nowak. R.: L1-ulllm-rs. D.: Morin. .l. Fourth Row:- Ewinu. D.: Yi-nt:-rs. D.: Knupp. C.: Swanson. F.: Antonini, M.: Collins. D. Fifth Rowzflluvw-3. D.: Enpclnlam, l'.: John:-ann, ll.: Earle. H.: Polcolu-. 'l'.: Yunki-r. W. ' 'Y "WW, 129 ,Q 'Y t . swf aa . Q Fx? 'W . wx ,. s '- A 24-,, i..--f l'irst Huh lieu-ou. li.: Il.irl. K.: lirieker, I-l.: Iii--I-II. 5,1 lil--li, Il. 5.-eoutl Ron: 'lla-nson. l.: lfutlrius. X.: Nlulitn-nL:.ile. N.: l'he-.ill. ll. POETRY CL lil Centro lispanol is the Lniyersity Spanish Club. eomposed of students who are interested in Spain and its language. It is advised by Se-nora lfloripe. and pre- sided ox er hy Xlargaret Thyen. Hur meetings are always entertaining, and seldom is so mueh Spanish spoken that they would he uninteresting to any' members who are not familiar with the language. Nye haye had speakers who han- tram-led In Nlexieo and various South Xmeriean eountries. ,lohn Xpple- gate. one of our members. gate a talk on his summer al the l niyersity of Xlexieo. and showed pielures of some of the many interesting sights whieh he saw there. llis tleseription ol' Xlexiean bulllights was "FIll'l'l2llly in ld. NX e han- had ihseussions on Spanish art and IllIlSi1' and. parlieu- larly enjoyable In lllnsl ol' the nieniln-rs. ret-ortls ol' Spanish folk lllIlHi4'. Xllyolte who has eu-r he-ard their gypsy IIIIINIK' ls eertaln to he laseinaled In Its wlldni-ss and unusual quality. Xnd ew-ry meeting. ul eourse. had lu end with relreslunenls. Xt Christmas. Sa-nora lfloripe held a party at her honn- for ilu- eluli. ln addi- tion In the singing ul' the usual Christmas songs we also sang Spanish songs ol' Nayidad. We attempted to put our lsll1nsl1'4lgt'ul'llll'Sliitllisll language louse Ill sulllt- gztlllvs. lllll ltlllurlltllalely ltil' suIlI1' ol lla tlus lxllUWl1'llg1'YNllNiillilllllllvll Ioln'sltI'1'1'ssllll. The other ollieers ol' lil Centro lfspanol are: George l.o-ighlou. Y ie:--l'resial4-nt: Xileen flanlield. Se-era-tary: and lietly llouston. lreasurer. The Poetry Club was organized in the fall of N48 by' a small group of people in- terested in forming a elub restricted to poetry. The elub was recognized as a regu- lar campus organization in 1949. The group's purpose is to read and enjoy' poetry' of their own. and to further the interest in this partieular artistie medimn. This year the elub met on Friday' even- ings onee a month in Nlaeliinnon Hall. Nlt'llllJt'l'S of the faeulty were asked to speak at various meetings and student members read. Une of the projects of the elub was to huy poetry reeords for the l niversity. Besides the regular meetings there were several affairs sueh as pienies. roasts and parties. The ollieers for this year were: Hlvire lirielter. president: hm Hart. viee-presi- dent: Catherine Simonds. Seeretary: Ann Hart. treasurer. Nliss Sarah Bissell is aaly iser of the group. To see and hear what other poets were doing. our members often attended the meetings of the Toledo lfederation of the Hhio Poetry Xssoeiation whieh presented topies on famous poets and also some of the members' own poetry. EL CE TRO ESPANOL Fir-it How: ffnnlirld. H.: while. lil llou-Alon. lf.: Kun-rt. 5.2 Li-wi-4. xl. Seeotlil Ron: 7 4l.iri'i.l. K.: liole. 'Ng Douglas. 1,1 liole. l'.: lironn. ll. lllirul Ron:-'Kpplei:.lt1'. ,l,: Slut- f '7"'1.Q U l t at real First Row:4Nlattln-ws. C.: Jay. S.: Weike'r. Nl.: IN-tm-rs. Y.: Nl.: Photos. K.: Goulran. I'. Sn-voml Rouwfxlarlin, l'.: WH-iss, D.:l,ror-km-tl. R.: Prottengeier, N.: Pamlinaki. M.: Canfield. A.: Hof-n. Nl.: lrpncli, L. Third Row:-lla-ne-rinan. M.: Nlaciiuy. li.: Lalnulinnki. A.: Stephens -K ' Marine. l..: Carver, I .1 -ind:-rnon. E. Fourth Row:-ll:-nry. D.: Solberg. A.: lluyek, I.: l'ellon. J.: Rivh. D. KAPPA DELTA PI As a national education honorary, Kappa Delta Pi has chapters in all of the major universities and colleges of the United States. The chapter, Zeta Epsilon. at the University of Toledo, was established in 1945. Started in order that students of education showing high promise might enjoy social and professional fellowship. the group in- corporates both business and pleasure into its meetings. held once a month. The chapter at the University of Toledo boasts a large membership from the faculty. and the active status of Kappa Delta Pi is largely due to Dr. Frank Hickerson. chapter adviser. New initiates into Kappa Delta Pi are elected twice yearly. During this school year the first initiation was held in January, after Christ- mas recess. The second initiation took place in the spring semester. The meetings consisted mostly of speakers or group panel discussions followed by a social hour. Some of the highlights were a speech given by Superintendent Baumgartner of Sylvania on "Audio-Visual Edu- cationw and a joint meeting held with Pi Gamma Blu and F.T.A. In the spring, an official delegate from Zeta Epsilon chapter was sent to the Kappa Delta Pi convention held in Ann Arbor with the University of Michigan acting as host. The program included talks by national officers and smaller group discussions 011 current prob- lems of the public schools and school policies, some of which are dis- cussed in THE EDUCATIONAL FORUM, official publication of Kappa Delta Pi. In the spring, Kappa Delta Pi gave its annual award to the grad- uating senior in the college of education who had the highest accum- ulative point average. The year was ended with election of officers. Officers for the past year were: president. Bonnie MacVayg vice- president, Phyllis Martin: secretary, Nancy Prottengeierg treasurer. Esther Anderson: historian, Marilyn Weiker. Adviser is Dr. Frank I-Iickerson. 131 mea GH SCH l , If f - . PARK,--H' ' lsiili ' lilrf- is ,- 11+4A li X-7 51-'I :IIA v' f-I h if ' 'Je L. , ,sf x 1 ilttl' 1 K 'll l l .ll I ' 1 ' fflgl? f a '.. IQLDA , , xp-'A-'I'-till .-... , 3 " H"-13-L 1' -1 MM X .JM -5, lir-t Ham: tI.ila-.a1nuuuiaa. Nl,g lf.arua'.A Xl.: lilau-a-r. ,l,1 lfalalia-. ll.: lhippan-. l'.: llrif-1-.IL Sa-rannal liarwifxla-rry. ll.: lrwill.R.1Sliiplaa1 H.: lzlgulli. .l.1 N It-ta-Il, lx.: Nla-l'iIran. ll. llural lfany. Stahl. lt.1Ja,aia--. ll.1 l'ia'lu'rl. W.: -'la-ina-n. ll.: Nlirlialralti. ,l. lfarurth Row:-'Nluaira-1 ll.: 'Nl:irr.lQ.1 Rarlvi- -ain. ll.: glamn. ll.: ua-Hill. It l'lftli Hans. Saga-r. llrilll. ll.: xxvi-al. lf: lla!-a'. ll, Sixlll llanyi' llanllln. l",1Gl:lalia'ux. l,.1 lxanalarll. lf.: Lam, W ,1 llaarlanlx.J.1lla-iIllrla'k.lQ. 5'-ya-ulli Ram. l.iliz--. li.: Ura-a-la-i. l.,1 llaur:-a-y. 5.1 Durr. li.: Nl.ira'ini.ak. K. lfiglilli Rana: -Nla'Klliv-la-r, ti.: licyvr i -Ina R. ll.: Nh-pp, L.: Nllll-. J. lf: lraua-u. l'.: lluflinral. ll. Ninth llaau: NlurltNalavll.ll,1 Xlgiuta-r. lx.:lfull.l..1la-la-rrauiifli. PERSHI G RIF LES tlannpany I, ul' thi- First Ra-ginia-nt warn many honors in its lirst ya-ar un a-ainpus. Frarni its ha-ginning with sa-va-n a-harta-r ma-niba-rs tar its pra-sa-nl stra-ngth ul' sixty-livv ma-n, tha- group has shown sta-aaly iniprana-nia-nt anal aa'hia-ya-ina-nt. Cannpany l, striva-S tan instill a mili- tary spirit into its nia-mlwrs anal only tarp ina-n in tha- lfasia' li.U.'ll.C. ara- vhusa-n lair ma-inha-rship. 'l'ha-sa- ina-n unala-rgar a plvalga- pa-riaial ol' thra-aa niannths aluring whia-h tha-y ra-a-a-ivv 1-xtra training in alrill anal la-aala-rship. l'a-rshing Killa-s arffa-rs lar its niaymlra-rs a wiala- a'havia-a- ol' aa'tivitia-s in tha- way ol' alrill. rilla- a-annpa-titiarn. anal sawial Iifa-. Una- arf tha' big sawial a-ya-nts nl' tha' ya'ar is tha' annual Pa-rshing llillvs' Danva- whia'h is ha-lal ys ha-u tha- pla'alga'a'lassl1a'a'avnla's aa-tiva: This ya-ar tha- alana'a' was ha-lal in ,lanuary at 'l'ha- Top arf tha- Marks. At that tima' tha- Pa-rshing llilla-s' 1-Dua-a-n. Nliss liarlaara Mulligan. was a'rnwna-al. Sha- was aa'a'aun- panival lay Nliss Pe-ggy Wa-sta-r anal Miss .lunv Foltz. Thvsa- thraw wanna-n also aaaapnipania-al tha' unit tai tha- annual alrill ma-a't at tlhiu lniya-rsity in Nlay. lu Nlay. fiaunpany l, wa'nt tap tbhiai llniva-rsity lair tha- annual ra-giina-nlal alrill nia-a-l. lla-ra- it plaa-a-al up fair a'annpa'titiam tha' livst tlannpany -Xwaral that it haal wam fraun last fall. Plans ara- nuw unala-r way lair a lniggvr anal ha-tta-r ya-ar na-xt ya-ar with llaunpany l, gaining stala--wialv ra-a-argnitiam as una- of tha' ha-st arullils in tha- lia'lal. tllliva-rs anl' tha- l'a-rsliing llilla-s ara-: Kaiba-rt ll. lialalia-. Company' tlannnianala-rz First l,ia-uta-nant 'Nlarvin Carnvs, l'Ixa-a'utiva- Ulliva-rg l"irst l,ia-uta-nant .laina-s tllausa-r. l'ulrlia- lnfarrnialiam Ullia-a-rg Sa-a'amal l,ia-ula-nan! Xliltam tlala-amuggin. Supply Uflia-a-rg Sa-a-amal Liafutarnant. llamalal Criss. l"inana-a- Ullira-rg Sa-a-amal l,ia-uta-nant llannalal livlvilla-., Plans anal Training Ufliva-r. 'l'ha- aalvisa-rs ara-: Major lialwaral Walla-rs anal Captain ,Iailin lfairlainli. 132 ?Ai2a n 4 ' ' 4 ' . ' V QFWK 1 , yi li ,pr-V Hia , Y . 5 i f 1 , X V, Q ? L , Q :Gi 1 ' I 7 I ' fi 1 fx K? ...ow S N14 Til' 'W ' 5. . 4 ' lla gmnv, ,M I 9 , 57 fi Mi 2 I 0 1fw!w.,Q J' . ' Qf -TK' gd 1' " v 'I H f 1 fbgfwff - rx -,::. ff? . Wm' f , 4--in-55 9 Tv ' Q ' Y ,f1'JfL"" X ' ,351 x ' ' g . 1' an , f , 1 5 I, W3 -51, . X , , .N A ,.....vm-ewssresff, mg, V if aussi 4 . """'l'A Q 22 . . ' I ,'-' 1 The purpose of the Iiniversity Chemical Society is to unite the students of chemistry both professionally and socially. In keeping with this purpose. monthly meetings were held with speakers and lihns from chemistry and related fields. Some of the speakers were Xliss Albertine lirohn and Dr. H. G. Oddy of the Chemistry Depart- ment. Dr. Simmons of Plaslton and Dr. lf. C. llughes of the Standard tlil Company of Cleveland. llighlights of the year were the February meeting in conjunction with the Toledo Section ofthe American Chemical Society and the Xmerican Chemical Society Nleetings in Bliniature which members ol' the organization attended. Several field trips were made throughout the year to various indus- tries in the city. ,VK very successful one was made to Interlake Iron Corporation and others were planned for Plaskon and Dupont's sul- furic acid plant. The lniversity Chemical Society is affiliated with the American Chemical Society. Students who are chemistry majors and chemical engineers are eligible for afhliation. Any student who is taking or has taken his second semester of college chemistry is eligible for mem- ll lnership. The Chemical Society has a display table set up in the chemistry department of l'niversity' Ilall. The first display set up was on the advantages of alliliation with the American Chemical Society. This was put up in connection with the membership drive. At Christmas. the organization wished everyone a happy holiday with appropriate Christmas decorations. Following this was our best display of the ye-arf-a cry stallography display with glass models and natural cry- stals. This display attracted much attention and favorable comment from every one who passed the table. Ufliccrs for the year were: Dick Engel. president: Dan Collins. vice- president: Nancy' Rey nolds. secretary: and Mary l.aub. treasurer. Nluch credit is also due our advisers Nlr. Arthur Il. Black and Dr. llonald K. Brundage. UNIVERSITY CHEMICAL SOCIETY l'irr-t Row:-'S.nrlor, lf.: Nlnclwn. ,l.:'l'illlll1ln. ll.: Reynolds. N.: l':n-zkownkn. l.: l'ullalu1l. l'.: In-nlcr. C.: Riu-lu-r. Nl. Second How:-Slliplc. ill.: XI'-Nlalion. Nl.: linden, J.: llukc. N.: YK hit:-, li.: Nlorriv-. ll.: Hofmann. C.: YK:-:nn-r. .l. Third liow:fSinion. I .: llunep. l'.: l,1nig--. 'l'.: Lanlr. M.: Swan-on. F.: Hill:-r. C.: Gin-v-I--r. ll.: llndf-L. R.: llaylnn. ll. lfourth liowzftllairlv. ll.: Comlnnin. ll.: ljpmilcli. A.: D:-rnlzm, li.: ll:-nry. R.: l'r.iu. C.: lll.n-k. R.: IVXQ-ill. ll, Fifth Rong -Collins. D.:l'lng1-l. ll.: llan-v-elltm-. lx. l'n-rlrnutter. ll.: l'oi-otte. 'I'.g Cm-wily. ll.: Stahl. R, Ilil Eh First Row:-Carter. D.: Him kim-1. F.: Cromwell. C.: l'onn-roy. R. Sr-cond Row:-'Xin-holsml. .l.: llc-msnth. D.: Johnson. l.: Perry. H. The Alumni Association of the University of Toledo was organized to promote the best interests and general welfare of the University and its alumni. Membership in the organization is available to all persons who have completed twenty four hours of regular academic hours in the University and who are not now in regular attendance. The alumni paying annual dues become members of the Active Alumni and as such receive weekly issues of the Campus Collegian. the Alumni News. and an invitation to attend the various social activ- ities and functions sponsored by the Association. Homecoming is celebrated by the Alumni with an informal get- together on the eve of the Homecoming Game and participation in the annual parade and activities sponsored by Student Council on the day of the game. A dance is held every year during the Thanksgiving season and is always well attended. Future prospective members of the Alumni are not forgotten for each year a Circus Party is held in the Field House for the children of Alumni. The highlight of the year is the annual dinner meeting and dance which is held during the month of May. In addition to presenting the new slate of officers at this meeting, and having an outstanding speaker, the Association takes this occasion to present an award to an alumnus who has rendered distinguished service to the University or to the community. There has been a steady increase in the number of people paying the annual dues and thereby becoming members of the Active Alumni Association. During the current year, there was a total of approxi- mately 1500 members. An every member canvass was held during the month of May with a goal of 4,000 members in the Active Alumni. Help the University of Toledo continue to grow by becoming mem- bers of the Active Alumni organization. 135 X'Xl lil- fl U lVl ff A L U lld lxl -gg ,Q jd I A1 .T Q f Eg Q! 'Fw if' '1 '. E T-Hi a? 4- I T LQ 0 T 'T-2 + ,. 4 1 -Vi g in- if 'Xf rx X fx .XP fx Q .QT L Xi ' fx .ii liirsl ll1m:f5lahnr.n. l.: tin-nunill. l..: llamlgmd. li.1llou-Alon. l5.:t24msino.tI.1 -Xlllun-4.12.1Hn-idtnmn.l,.:'l'.mln-r. S.: Shim. l'.: llnrun. J. Sm-ronul lion :ff Sn-inrrn, U.: lxuiulkow -Aki. N.: 'l'omp-on. U.: Nh oods. C.: Nukzunlm. 1.1 Nlim-hulski. ,l.g1Zong--r. Pi.: Y uliquvllv. U.: Troy, L. I TER ATIO AL RELATIONS CL M M fi - 1 i ., f P ,sf fy gp - : C, .. L -sion bl NSG The- lntvrnational Relations Club is alhliatvd with hundreds of Col- Ivge- 1-haple-rs throughout the Unitvd Slatvs and Canada. Thcsv vhap- te-rs togi-the-r play a grvat part in sc-nding Alllt'I'iC3Il studvnts on lfuro- pvan tours. Sponsors-d by thv Carncgimf ljndowmvnl for Wtrrltl Peace. is also a lllvllllllfl' of tht- Ohio Con ft-rc-m'v of lnta-rnational Rv- lations Clubs. 'I'ht- purpose- of is l.0llClllSlllll1'lllt4 le-arn llltlri' facts voncvrn- ing forvign 1-ountrivs and world affairs. This yvar informal lllt't'liIlgS wt-rv In-Id in thc- Studt-nt linion Loungv. with a st-rit-s of talks hy fora-ign stude-nts alle-nding tht- Linive-rsity. Nlt'lllll1'l'S of l.R.C. hope- lo ge-l a lrroadvr pivturc- of tht- intvrnational situation hy liste-ning to all vie-wpoints and disvussing thorn frm-ly. lindvr lln- vapalrlv lo-ada-rship of Pri-sidvnt liivhurd Da-rrivk. tha- lwgan tht- Iirst st-ine-slvr by having a vor, SlIt't'l'SSlilll Illl'llll'Nll'- ship drix 4-. The- lnt4-rnational R1-lations Club start:-d tho new yvar hy haning 1-lm-lion of oflivvrs and planning for Inca-tings, parlivs. and sp4-ako-rs. Pauline- County and Shirlt-5 'l'anlwr wt-rv appoint:-d pro- gram 1-hairnn-n. assistvd hy Nlarvus l'ilTll'l'f., lic-tty llouston, and Xmlj We-nnilt. 'l'he- ofliw-rs an-: pr:-sidt-nl. Margarn-t llornn-rg vim- prvsidt-nl. Davi- Stt-ins-in: rw-ording si-vrt-tary. ,Ioannu l,lIlx2lSll'Wil'ZQ 1-orrcsponding sw-re-tary, Louknn llc-idlmang tra-asura-r. .lohn Mit-halski. Dr. Willard Smith is the- advise-r. lfili The University Polish Club is an or- ganization composed of Lniversity stu- dents who are of Polish descent. The purpose of the club is to work with discretion and co-operation striving to promote the honor, prestige. and common welfare of the University Polish Club. The aims of the Polish Club are: to create a desire in the students of Polish descent, who are graduating from high school. to attend the University of Toledo: to establish a scholarship fund which is to be used to help finance an eligible high school gradutae of Polish descent who has the desire to attend the University of Toledo: or to help finance an eligible Lini- versity Polish Club member. Another aim of the Polish Club is to build a library consisting of books which will furnish his- torical, scientific, and cultural enlight- enment about Polish for the benefit of the students. The social events in the Club include its annual Christmas Formal and Easter Dance. Among other activities are a fall roast, a skating party. a scholarship dance and various other social events. The University Polish Club is super- vised under the direction of Dr. J. Adam- czyk and is presided over by Walter J. Pakulski. Norm Musialowski is Vice-Presi- dent: Mary Shubarga is Secretary: and Beverly Wisniewski is Treasurer. l'ErstRRow:-Mum-Donald.J.: Faint:-r1lzip.J.: Smith. ll.: l"rcem:in. R.: Dernlun. R.: Xlakow- s 1, . Q 'S is 'W se- ' 'N First Row:-Nowak. R.: Xlusialownki. N.: Ilia-lski. F.: Nvyruz. C.: Murzynski. E.: Droz- dowicz. D. Second Row:-Sliniumla. R.: Vzikulski. W.: Lukasiewicz. J.: l'anzlum'ska, I.: Janis. R.: Mlumrzyk. J.: Kolinski. WI.: Jnkulnmnki. R. POLI H CLUB Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honor- ary band fraternity dedicated to the fol- lowing purposes: to promote the welfare of the college band: to honor outstanding bandsmen: to stimulate campus leader- ship and gentlemanly character: to foster inter-college band relations: and to provide social activities in cooperation with other music organizations. Men who have participated in the band for at least one semester and who have above average grades and character are eligible for membership. Beta Rho chapter Cformerly known as the "Glass Batonvh was installed on January 15. l950. It is now entering its third year. having enjoyed a successful season filled with many activities. One of the major activities of the year was the initiation of nine new members: Roger Barnes. Jerry Baum, Robert Bournes, Daniel Cassidy, William Cra- mer. Louis DeAngelis, John Huffman. Tim Rousos. and Robert Simmons. One of the outstanding social events of the season was the annual Rocket Band Banquet. At this banquet. awards are presented to members of the marching band who have actively participated in every band performance for two years or more. This year a four year award was presented to John MacDonald. president New officers taking oHLice in April were: John Huffman, president: Wiilliam Cra- mer, vice president: Louis DeAngelis, secretary: and Lee Jackson, treasurer. ...C. Tlu- Re-so-ryv Uflivvrs Training Corps has he-e-n adding to thc- vari- ous phase-s of its opt-rations in tho military vein. Um' of tht- large-r projc-1-ts is a new ,-Krmory' for our Campus. This building would ln- owne-d in part by tht- lnivc-rsity and in part by tht- govermne-nt. Its lovation will ln' right avross from tlu- front of the- livldhousv. 'l'In- 'Xrmory will haw- sc-vvn vlassrooms to ln- use-d in the- daytime lay tht- li.U.'l'.C. on 1-alnpus. and in tht- 1-vvning by the rc-sc-rvv units in 'l'olc-do. The- huilding will have one- larga- ballroom that will be owne-d vntire-ly hy tht- l'niy'vrsity. This room van ba- used for Svhool functions. su:-h as danm-s. 'flu-sv additional 1-lassrooms will lu' a gre-at hvlp to tht- R.U.'l'.C. lN't'Hll!H4' the- nulnlwr of vada-ts has invrt-asm-d from ll1l't't'-llllIltll't'tl nine-tm-n in NSI. to four-hundrc-d 1-ighty nine' in W52. This mvans that a ne-w nw-4-ssity has lu-4-n 1-re-att-d for more- trainvd personnvl. Tha- numlu-r has now he-4-n int-re-asf-d to live' ollim-rs. 'l'lu- expansion of thu- two honor lratt-rnitit-s in tht- llc-su-rvv fllliw-rs Training Corps has lu-4-n natural. and dur. for tht- mo:-mt part. to tha- in4'r4-asa-d intc-ra-st on tht- parl ol' tlu' vada-ts. 'l'ha- l'e-rshing Iiillt-s is tht- Iirst fratvrnity whivh vade-ts van join. During the-ir lirst two ye-ars. the- vade-ts are- rhosn-n for this group on tht- hasis ol' the-ir military prolic-it-nu-y . avaflu-mic' standing. and amount nl11'Xlra4'llt'l'l4'ltlur af-tiyitie-s in whivh tlu-y partivipatv. Ks a rn-ward for tht-1-xtra work this group willingly dovs. tlu-y wt-rv se-nt to fllllu l niu-rsily. Nlay IS-lo-IT to 1-ompvtv with all tht- otlu-r svhools Ill a slrlll lll1'l'l. 'l'he- Svahlnard and Iilatlt- group 1-an ln- joint-d wht-n a vadvt rt-avlu-s his junior yn-ar. Cade-ts who ara- alre-ady in this group vlioosc- the- nu-n that want to ln- in tlu- frat:-rnity the- ns-xt ya-ar. 'l'lu-y are- vhosa-n on the- same- hasis that tha- l'a-rslling llilla- Cade-ts are- tappn-d. lan E H'-54 .4 ' O . X, , u uv . 1 ' E g 5 if-2. ZW' nff' 'X ' t kv C I 0 V 0 '1 ey .. ,5 ax '91 u 5 il I XX XX ' , W' 11: mg 5 9. ' o 0 3 i 5' sq' A 1 1 h.1.i Fir-l ll-mx llnflr. l'.: lianln. J.: Wlalumuki. ll.: Xmlrzu-jvu1-ki. J.: Uralm-r. XX .1 Gallaln-r. C. Si-vnnil R1m:fl"ox. N.: lla-.Mlm-lin. l..: l'rivn-. J.: ' rral.Ay.1.1 hm--rn. li.: lf.:--inly. ll.: li.-nlun. IJ.: llliffman. I.: Taylor. ll.: liurlnanlx. J.: liourm-n. R.: lxrainw. li.: lxulviv. IL: H4-menu. .l. 'l'liinl Kim: f Klwl. l'x,: N,. Xl:-ri'-Ln-I. ll.: K-1-Ilym-. li.: I.:-n. .l.: ll'-vlx. l..: l'illi1+nn. ll.: W irlz. .l.2 l5l'l"'ly. L.: Slnilh. ll.: Rfninnn. 'l'.1 l'iulrnm'1-ilii, , . . Q. I Nl.l1'llnn.illl.J-2 ltmle-ll.n'. V .L ln-.illlu'r1-.. llg liarnw-. li.: llim-. lx. l'unrlll Rum:-llnrlu-l.J.1 . llnlnonn. Hg l"r1-vnlall. ll. UNIVER ITY BA 15 X in 1, W7 'Q YFQQ rf. NW: ,. - -WX in QKl"I1'N llzglgj S ' l WIN il J l. ly 'V 1 x 1 ' 1 1 '.1 l 1ll 1 illl' ll Ill l N lvl 1 , I 1 , ' K 512l1N',1 , , 1 i J 'll ' In ' I ' 11 f l X 1 I fl Hill iw X Ill l..J Bgmoev This if-ar lln- l niu-rsily lim-lu-l lianul was lbulll a sy nlplmnie' anal a marvliing lnaml. During ilu' lonllrall sf-asnn tha- lim-lu-l lianfl ap- Iwarwl at all ul' tho- Imina- ganna-s. lie-garclln-ss nl' rain ur snow. the-5 fnrnu-al lvlli-rs and ligure-s for llu- grirlirun fans. 'I'In- fvllmvs and gals will: lln- Imrns xu-rv llu-rv linr ilu-l1m1Iirvan1l I4-al llu- paraala- al llmnv- vunlillg lllll1'. Xl lln- 4-nil ul' lln- si-asian llll' lll1'IlllN'l'S Zlll1'lllll'll lllv animal lim-lwl llansl lnanqun-I wln-rv many nl' llic-in ri-aw-ive-cl awarsls fnr Iaillilul M-rx is-1-: for lm, f4'Zll'h. a pin in lln- sllapv nl' a llmllrall lie-l4l ln-aring llu- murals nll0i'lu'l lianiluz fur lhrw- ye-ars. a lrluv varaligan nsvala-r xsilll lln- lim-lu-1 liansl 1'lllllll'lll on llu- lnwlwl: anal linr linnr xi-ara. a H-llmw li-Ilvr fur lln- SN1'2lll'l'. ltlilvl' l'11nllnalI he-amn. llu- lransl 1-llange-il its slylu- anal lwvalna- a syiiplnmin- lvaml. llna lnaml play-al lnr lln' IllliIllxSglVIIlg anal ullu-r 1-mum-alimlf. anal alan apps-are-al in Ilia- spa-vial llhrisllnas si-rvivv. lluring llu' hliflllg sm-nu-sh-r. lln- Plfllllllllbllll' liaml prvsvlllvcl a spring 1-nm-1-rl anal playa-sl l'11rsu1'Ii ui-rasiuiis as Way Hay, lligli sr-lmul Day. anal graelualiun. Mlxiwr ln llu- llnrlwl lianel is llarul4l li. Slllllll. Illl 1 o QW W, :Mil x va, A .,"n,' f I . -'N 3,0-f 4:., X Y X v ig. . bl X ,. .J ,X 'n.,,',' 1 f if 2 ' ' Liv' ,J jf? if f .1 59 M as 'Fifa' ,W ei iff 0 4. x PM af S 'XS' A Q5 PN. X G . 45 .ww I .,., I9 ,sg g ff X , P. x 5' 1 n A . , I - 1 .,v. oy 'Y ,QW V "WA , u v, ,- ., A V vp" 1 ' '- " mv xi' 3 V ' if - :M .lf 8 , W , .f+4+f?d- sl ,, ,, ,J x ' QJQLQN5 S 8 1' in 5. 7,r:,i Q.- Barney Francis ATHLETIC DEPART E T The athletic department of the University of Toledo once again served in its usual capacity in whole-hearted support of Toledo athletics. Leading his staff from his lieldhouse office was the Athletic Director Barney Francis. Despite a lowered budget. Mr. Francisfs guid- ance enabled Toledo to lie-ld outstanding teams in each llaru lximura fs sport. The feminine touch is applied to the oflice by Haru Kimura. Barnefs likeable secretary. Bob Lacey does an efficient job in handling the sports publicity. :Ks trainer Doc Tillotsou has one of the toughest jobs in keeping the athletes taped together. Yve salute the athletic staff for a job well done. Doc Tillotsun 4 . at p FOOTB LL University of Toledo football fortunes fared well under the able tutelage of the head coach Clair Dunn. Taking over the reins before the Ohio U. homecoming game. Dunn managed to run through the rest of the schedule losing only to a strong Xavier squad. Well liked by both fans and players alike. he gained experience as assitant coach at Waite lligh School for many years. With veteran lettermen returning at almost every position. the amiable coach views with optimism the coming gridiron campaign. Toledo finished the year with an overall record of six wins and four losses. Clair Dunn Fira! Row-Stullna. Schwartz. Barra-Iona. Gasiorownki. l'alluer. Wadsworth, l'urtill. Peluno. Eldridge. Serond Rowflkaser. Cole. Lanzi. Katlenz-stein. Carson lunlev Jen kins. Sullivan. Pinkzmch. Silw a. Third Row-Taortninu. Hall. Gilmore. Hang:-rty. Hanley. Bundrtr. Gottrill. Wishon, Giordano. Santoro, Paris. Fourth Ilowfllolmes bmlth Evans. Mckenzie. Bolton. Rhota-n. Nlnrhoukas. Mnlrzejv-wski. Triplett, Wine, Carnicom. Fifth Rowglfrancis. Eckert. llrunyan, Forlunato. 'l'illot:4on. Dunn. Huston Havs Cindrich. Gordon. Eiserling. vx yf vmmXvmw.m..h.. .1-JVM.. , ' . , . . V - , - fxymffma-a.w.wQ,N,w W jf P asf: . s. 0 9 'R 1. - s ,f 5 . u u .ln n Vp .1 5 N. 1 Y ,r... Q. YY r, rw 5' '-7:54 If-. ,. FN M , . xA x 1 1 L ' J ' Ex! , '1 1 9 ga Ting , 1 'L 5. ,X x . ,VI Y A35 Us in s -.4 -' ,: . x . I . Y. t 4 N A ' el sl. 5 wr' 5 ff, ., A-'I W 'fm A 4 ' "V '.'- 'f I' , .J . ' . i' ,rx ' ,1 in - ' I 1 I - ,fx . 1 , . ' . ,' ' I 'y 5 ry ! A 4. Q A -,w"" 3 , M 1 IJ., -54' Q f 1 ,V IHA- A . ,Y aj" , 'Q' '-- "' 1 r N. Q, -' J -A . vs, s...,f?.? P71C'32 ' 'I' ' . Q in EQ 4 ". 1 5' T. U. 88 - Davis-Elkins 0 The whistle sounded and the 1951 football season was on its way. Thirteen touchdowns. ten extra points and three hours later, the Rockets had broken their record for the most points scored in a single game. by smashing Davis and Elkins. 88-0. The previous record was 87 made against the Findlay Oilers in 1923. Sparked by Asa Jenkins and Jerry Palmer the Rock- ets scored the first time they received the ball with Palmer going the final twenty-eight yards. The Senators from West Virginia were outclassed throughout the game. Jenkins gained 289 yards in 14 tries and scored 4 touchdowns on runs of 83. 73, 49, and 4 yards and com- pleted one of two passes for 23 yards. After the game Coach Don Greenwood told Jenkins that he had been ordered to report to Mansfield for induction into Mili- tary service the following Friday. the day before the Detroit game. T. U. 32 - Detroit 34 In one of the most thrilling games of many a season the Rockets rally fell short as the Titans of Detroit University took a 34-32 decision in the motor city. A case of first half jitters hurt the Rockets. After trailing 28-7 at the end of the first half the Rockets came back roaring after the intermission. Early in the third quarter Jerry Palmer went 76 yards through tackle for the Rockets' second touchdown. T. U. again regained the ball on the Titan 41 and scored on six plays to make the score 28-20. At the start of the fourth period the Blue and Gold held for downs and took over on their own 26. In seven plays they moved 74 yards for a touchdown with Tarp Taormina going around end for the final 25 yards. With the score 28-26 and three minutes remaining in the game. the Titans went 6 yards to score and make it 34-26. Moments later the Rockets scored with Bob Carson passing to Fred Gilmore for the final nineteen yards. With only two minutes remaining T. U. failed to gain possession of the ball and the game ended 34-32. Asa Jenkins and Palmer gained 180 and 152 yards respectively during the game. T. U. 6 - Western Michigan 14 It was a dark night for 6,000 T. U. fans in the Glass Bowl as they saw the home team upset by an underdog Vfwestern Michigan team 14-6. The game. dominated by defensive play. saw only nine first downs between the two teams. After eight punt exchanges in the first quarter, the Broncos recovered a T. U. fumble on the Rocket 27 yard line. A five yard penalty sandwiched between four plays gave Western Michigan the first score. The Rockets got a break when Joe Stalma stole the ball on the visitors 38. Bob Aubry entered the game and threw a 25 yard pass to Clark Cottrill in the end zone. Bob Carson's placement was wide and the Bock- ets trailed 7-6. TU's next drive sputtered in the fourth quarter when the Broncos intercepted a Rocket pass in the end zone. A few minutes later the Rockets went to the five but were halted again. Western Michigan scored its final tally with 30 seconds to go when Len Johnston went over from the 3. T. lv. 26 -- ,I111111 Carroll 12 111-11111 2.111111 111-1 12.-lllwlll 1111- blass 1311111 1111' 11111-111-ts rang llp a 211-11 11a11'11n11- 11-a11 an11 1111-11 1-11as11-11 111 a 211-12 111-111r1 11101. ,1111111 112iI'I'11ll. Il 111a111- ll 11.11 11111-11 larp lii0l'llllllkl 1111111111-11 11111 111111 as 111- 111-111 111111 1111- 1-1111 111111- 111111 11 S1'll112-1I'1Z p1111n1-1-11 1111 1111- 11a11 1111' 1111- 111111-1111111111. X 11-11 1111111111-s 11111-1' 1111-11 l'X2iS1'I' 1-1-1111'111-11 a lllllll 1. 1ar11-1'11r1111- li1N'1xl'1.N s1-1-111111 111111-1111111111. 111111 1fars1111's 1D1dl'1'l1l1'Il1 11111111- il 13-11. Xsa .11'll1x1lls 111-111 1111 1ar11s 211111 S11-xv 1'1s11a1-11 pass1-11 1l11L1r11s1111' 11111-1111 s 11112-ll 11111 1Li11l1's. .lf1llll 1Iar1-1111 -1-11r1-11 lxxll l1llll'5 111 1111- 1111a1 six llllll- 1111-1 111' 1111- 11111111-. 1111111-11 51111-111s l'11Illi1lX1'11 a .713 1iil'll 11r111- 111 going 1111-r 11111, 1111' s1-111'1-. 'l11l1'1 again 111-111 2511 1ar11s 111111 111111 l'X2ilI11llr1x1. 1'11r1111-1' '1'1111-1111 111-111ra1 p1a11'r. 121111111 1111'r 111r llll' s1'111'1'. 1111- 111'111r1 gan- 1111- 11111-111-ls a 2-2 1'1-1-11r11 1111' 1111- s1'iis1 111. T. l'. T -1321111111 -17 Vlwlll' 17111-rs 111' l,2iXlllIl l11111-rs111 1111111 1111-11' llkilllf' 1111-ra111 as 1111-1 1-r11s111-11 1111- Nlilllllg 11111-111-1s 11-1. 'l11l1'l'111l'1'r s1ar11-11 1'as1 as 1111-1 1111111 a 27-111411411-ll 1111- 1-1111 111- 1111' 11rs1 lllliil"l1'I'. 111511 111' 1111- 111111-1111111111s 1-a1111- 1111 11111 111' 1111- 1'1111r 111111-1111111111 pass1-s 111111-11 1111a1'11-r- 11ii1'1-1 1"ra1111 Siggins 1111-1-11. 1111- 111111-1' 11111 1a11i1-s 1-a1111- 1111 runs 111' 11 31111 112 131'I1N 111 ,1111- Y1111ng 211111 Ilan 1111r11-n r1-sp1-1-1111-11. '1'1111-1111's 111111 s1-11r1- 1-a1111- 111 1111- s1-1-111111 lll'1'11ll1 as 11l1'E4'F X1 a11s1111r111 1lll1'l'4'l'Ill4'11 a pass 1111 1111- 13111 11111 25 211111 r1-l11r111-11 11 111 1111- 11. 1 11-11 p1a1s 1a11-1- 1sa.11-11111ns -1'11r1-11 1r11111 1111- 11111-. 1Ja1l11n S1'11F1'11 ls5i1'l' 11111r1- 111 1111- 1111r11 q11ar11-r 1111 pa-s1-s 1'r11n1 S11f1f111s 111 lg1l1lllN 111-1-111-r 31141 U11-11 141-r- lrans. r-P , 111lll4'1x 11111113 s1-11r1-111Ja1111n's1111a11a111 1111111-1'1111r111 1ll12i1'11'I'. '1'arp 'l1ki41I'lll1ll2:l. 111111 11-11 1111- 11111-111-ls 111111 H11 1ar11s 111 Ill 1r11-s. was 1111 11ar11 1a11-111 lll1' ga1111- a1111 s11ff1-r1-11 a 111111111111 1llllrl'1I' Nlliihlll. T. l'. 32 - Marshall 1-1 rl-1111' H111-111-1s 111-11-a11-11 a Sllllllhlrll Xlarshall Cullvgv Slllll-111 32-1 1 111-1'11r1- a 1-1'11111l 111' 2.31111 ill 1111-Glass Bowl. Xlarshall 1111011611 1111- scoring w111-11 ,ltillll Y8gl1t'll11l 1111111 a 1la1 pass 1'l'0lIl ,1111111 rl1l111l1l3S an11 111-111 all 1111- X1 a1 1111' llll' s1-111-1-. T111- 1-xtra 11111111 was g111111. 111 1111- s1-1-111111 q11ar11-1' 111-1 '1'1'1pp11-11 1-1i1nax1-11a 50 1a1-11 11r111- 111 s1-111'1ng 1111111 1111- 1w11. I-'11111' 11111111111-s 1a11-1' X. C. ,11'll1x1IlS w1-111 89 1ar11s tl, 1111- Nlarshall 11111- l11-1'11r1- 1P1'1llg llkil1l1'11 llUYS'Il. Tr1pp11-11 s1-11r1-11 1111 1111' 111-11 p1a1. 111111 13 s1-1-11n11s fvlllklillillg 111 1111- 11a11'. Tripp11-11 was 1111 1111 1111- six 1a1'11 11111-: 111- 1.lllIllll1'11 1111- 111111111111 ,ll'lllx1IlS ll1lllll4'1'Il 1111 11 1111' 1111- s1-11r1- 111 Illiilxl' 11 19-T at 112111111111-. lll 1111- 1111r11 p1-1'11111 'l'1111111as l'l1llI3X1'1l a 116 1ar11 11r111- 1'11r Nlarsllall 1S'1lll a 111r1-1- 1ar11 plllllgl' 111r 1111' s1-11r1-. ,1a1-11 111111- H1111 .11-rr1 Pa11111-1' s1-11r1-11 1111- 1111a1 11111111-S1111 r1111s 111' 11 31111 1 1ar11 l't'SlD1'1'l1Y1'l1. T. lv. 12 - Bowling Green 6 1111 a ra111 s11a111-11 111-111 at 1311 llll' R1Dl'1x1'lS n1pp1-11 1111- 1"a11-1111s 12-11. T111- galllt' was 111ar111-11 111 a 111-ar r1111 111111-11 saw 111-ar11 11111 fans 1111111 11 11111 a1'11-r 1111' 1111a1 gun 11a11 S11llIl111'11. '1'111- 1'2lllS1' s1-1-1111-11 111 111- a11 1111-gal 111111-11 1111 111-1'1'r1pp11-11 111 311 11111111-1111111-11 1i11w1111gGr1-1-11p1a11-r. 11I'1l1'1' was r1-s111r1-11 111111-1111 2:11141 11-r1 111111- p111's11-al 11a111ag1- was 1111111-. Tl s1-11r1-11 1ll'Sl 1S'1l1'lI 1111-11 11as1-r s11ar1-11 a 1.11 1ar11 pass 11I'1bIll Sl1-11- l,lS1x8l'll. c1Zll'SlDI1.S Il12i1'l'lll1'lll was lllb gllffll. ,lllSl 111-1'11r1- 1111' 112111. 1-11111-11 K3S1'F llll1'l'1'1'lDlt'l1 a pass 1111 1111- H111-111-1 1 1a1'11 11111- H1111 N'l'lll 911 1ar11s 1'11r 1Yl'l2il pr1111-11 111 111- 1111- winning 111111-111111w11. Cars11n's p1a1-1-- 7 1111-111 was again 1111 g111111. 1311 s1-11r1-11 11s 111111 1a111 111 1111- 1111r11 1Illi:l1'l1'1' 1111 a 611 1ar11 s11s1a1111-11 11r111-. 1-'r1-11 Unrig. 11-1111 was 1111- 111'f1-n- s111- spark 1'11r llll' 191111-1111s l11r1111g1111111 1111- gamv. w1-111 1111-r 1.I'lblll 1111- 11111- 1ar11 11111-. rllllf' a111-111pt 1'11r 1111- 1-xtra p111nl was 111111-111-11. 'l'111- l'lki11'UIlS 11a11 11111 5l'1ll'1Ilg 0IPIDlbI'1llIl1l11'S 111 1111- 1'1111r111 p1-r11111 11111 111-rl1 1'1111r111g1- 11111-r1-1-p11-11 1w11 pa:-1s1-s 111 s111p 1111- 111r1-als. T. U. 13 - Ohio University 6 The Rockets presented their homecoming queen and new coach with a 13-6 upset victory over Ohio U. in the snow drenched Glass Bowl. Clair Dunn. the new head coach, used primarily Jack Cole, George Paris, Bob Carson. and Steve Piskach in the backfield as injuries kept A.C. Jenkins and Mel Tripplett to limited service. The Rockets opened the scoring late in the first quar- ter on a 57 yard sustained drive. Piskach went the final 12 yards on a bottleg play. Carson scored the Rocket's final tally in the second quarter on a 6 yard plunge through center. His conver- sion was good. The Bobcats scored their lone touchdown in the sec- ond quarter as Dick Fleitz intercepted a Piskach pass on the Rocket 29 and returned it to the 5. Jack Law- rence scored two plays later. The third and fourth quarter was a see-saw battle as both teams fumbled constantly. T. U. 38 - Bradley 13 The underdog Rockets made it four straight as they romped off Bradley 38-13 before 4,500 people in the Glass Bowl. Bradley could do nothing offensively until the final period when the Rocket defensive squad was made up primarily of Junior Varsity players. Early in the first quarter George Paris went around end for 64 yards and a touchdown. Bob Carson's con- version attempt failed and TU led 6-0. In the second quarter Jocko Gordon recovered a Bradley fumble on the visitors 3 yard line. 011 the first play Carson went over for the score. On the first play of the fourth quarter. with the score 26-0. Jim lilmes went 8 yards for Bradley's first T. D. The conversion made the score 26-7. The Rockets then scored twice in less than 30 sec- onds. Asa Jenkins scored on a three yard run. On the following kickoff Julius Taorinina recovered the free ball on Bradleyfs 8 yard line. Un the next play Jenkins scored Toledo's Gnal tally. The Braves scored their final T. D. on a 55 yard sus- tained drive. T. U. 6 - Xavier 32 The Rockets closed their 1951 season unhappily as they took a 32-6 shellacking at the hands of Xavier of Cincinnati. A crowd of 8,400 saw the musketeers, led by Bob Finnell and quarterback George Gilmartin. beat an outmanned but valiant Rocket squad. The Rockets scored their only tally midway in the third period after Jim Purtill and Herb Eldridge com- bined to intercept a Gilmartin pass. Taking over from the Rocket 41 Steve Piskach passed to Jerry Palmer who took the ball on Xavier's 32 and zig-zagged for the goal. Carson's placement attempt failed. The loss gave the Rockets a final record of 6 wins and four losses. an 1 Aloe l"ul'lllIl2ilu , J qytp -AL' mmm 7 W QW, X X P , , ALUL wnrnaw A 4 gs, 4-ii lnr-I ll-iw lh-moml. J.. Xu-el. Il.1 llullier. ll.1'l'.nlt.u-. X.: Leiter. ll.: lh--lrieli. ll. 5--et-ml limi -Nielml-on. ll.1 ll.-ifllunm. ll: l'i-l..n-ln. S.: lx..-er. ll.: len.:-I.n, li.: llole. I, In-I ll-tw llill. IL: XX.m-lim-k. ll.: llxnn. l.: Nlxer-. l',: lirnllon. ,l,: Ilmmy.-4-n, l., llow 1.r.u.r, ll.: l.x.m. l.g ll'-.u'ln. IL: l,.mu. QL 0 A il 9 f Ml I 1 xl f I P.. -l IV l A N C I x -.1,. 1.4, eil r. XM: Nlnlmen. .l. ASEBALL The resounding smack of wood against horsehide once again lilled the air at the University after a lapse of one year. This season the nine was under the very eapahle leadership of .loe Fortunato. Returning from the team of two years ago were only three veterans. pitehers Jim Sehoomnaker and Bill Hill and eateher. Don Heidtman. lrsing these men as a nueleus. Coaeh Fortunato had to develop a squad eap- ahle of playing the strongest sehedule ever faeed by a Tolecln lealll. 'l'l1irty-live nien. lilteen ol' whom were l'reshmen. answered the lirst eall lor praetiee. ,xllllillg these were many of the top Toletlo l"e-rleration play ers. Slllllillllli Kpril 225 Kent Stale here 26 Kent Slate here 228 Howling Green here -7 Nlay .. Miami there 3 Nlliillll there 0 V4 estern Nliehigan here lll Vleslern Nliehigan here lli Weslf-rn Reserve lhere Q27 lf: Ohio l, . there IT Ohio l . lhere lll Howling Green there 28 llineinnali here 1221 '-V1 ll:-gn-r. l..: bmllh. I.: Harglnann. D.: Ppruss, I.. GOLF In 1951 the Rocket golf team compiled a respectable record of 7 wins 5 losses and 1 tie. The team. coached by Ed Saxer, professor of civil engineering. consisted of Dick Bargmann, captaing Parks Emmett: William F rancisg Dooley Gommersallg Robert Hayesg Thomas Smith, and Charles Spross. The team tied for sixth T. U. 3 .... Detroit ..... ............ 9 9 .... Michigan Normal .....,. 9 0 .... Detroit .......... .... 1 8 10 ,... Hillsdale ........ . . .8 9 ..., Western Michigan ....... 3 7 ..,. Bowling Green ......... 11 3 M .... Wayne ......... ..... 8 LQ place in the Mid-American Conference meet held at Miami University at Uxford, Ohio. Last year was Saxer,s third year of coaching at T.U. With Bargmann. Hayes, Smith, and Spross returning for another season's competition he hopes to improve on the record of last season. 9 .... Chicago Institute ..,.... 3 812 .... John Carroll ..... .... 9 lg 10 .... Miami .......... .... 8 1212 .... Bowling Green ....,... 51g 14 .... Michigan Normal ..... . . .4 121g .... Wayne .........,..... 5 1 Tied for sixth in MAC meet. . 369, '1 'vU"" 0 . 7 " . .t .5',:,:,. .6-IA tg 2 H :-2.-J li' . - - I A x .gg acl .gig l. 'QF -if " A . Q " 4 , i , . V wig- .I--1. ,K .. X 4 -f 1 fn. f , N . A , 1 .,,-Q . 4 Q 4 V4 S. hr-l lion-I-.x.m-. li.: Nun. l .Q blnu, X.: Sli-elu-r. J. he-eond llowfli TEN Tha- l95l edition ol' the Roc-ket tennis team had a xc-ry stu-f-4-sslul season. eonsidering tht- faet that the leam lost three veterans hy tha- graduation route. The re-eord ol' 9 wins. 5 losses was very rc-speetable eonsider- ing that tht- ta-am play-d sur-ll formidable opponents as Ohio l niwrsity. l.niu-rsity of Nliarni. of the Mid- qhneriu-an Conferc-nee and Day ton l, niva-rsity. The Rovlu-ts plaa-4-fl last in tht- Conl't-renee meet. The liof-kt-ts. playing their home matt-hes at the .le-nnain Park Courts and tha- Toledo Tennis Club. are looking forward to. another season ol' eolnpetition. 1-spec-ially with the strengthening of the tr-am by the transfer of lloh ltio-dmay-r from B. G., and Pat Strana- han from l'rinr-1-ton. The lt'3lIl,5I11'M'l'0iH'll is Yif' Braden. 'Xt 22, Braden is In-lie-vt-tl to ln- the youngest 1-oaeh ol' a 1-ollt-ge tennis le-am in tha- f-ountry. llc- was graduate-al from Kalama- zoo College- in l95l. While attending eolla-ge he was Wir-higan lnla-r-Collegiate douhles and singles ehamp. 150 .I lu-straw. 1.1 Shurflnall. U.: Bert-sky, N.: Miller, R.: Wklehnwiak, J. N He was ranked seeond to Cineinnati's Toney Trabert in the country in the amateur standings. He is now, in addition to being the Rocket tennis coach, a pro at the Toledo Tennis Club. 1951 RECORD TU TU 9. .Carroll ..,. . . .0 3. .Nliehigan Normal.. .6 2. .Miami U ..,.....,. 7 3. .Ohio U. ......... . .6 9. .l.awren c'c- Ter-h .... 0 2. .Wt-sttfrn Reserve. . .7 8.,Tri-State... ...I 4..Wayne 6, .Adrian .,..... . . .l 3. .Dayton U.. .. ...4 7. .Bowling Green .... .2 9. .Detroit .... . . .5 6. .Baldwin Wallaee. . .l 7. .llillsdale. . . . . .0 TR Last year the Rocket track squad, ably coached by Jack Smith, turned in the remarkable record of 5 vic- tories matched against only 1 loss. The lowest and high- est scores were both made, oddly enough, in three-way meets. They reached their highest total. 95, against Heidel- berg and Bluffton. Lowest score of the season turned in by the thinclads was 51 against Oberlin and Fenn. The Rockets came in fourth in the Mid American Confer- ence meet. The team of last year was. as are all teams coached by Smith, a well conditioned and well balanced outfit. All the practice sessions and home meets were run on the track behind the Field House. Q 'Cr C K Track will be discontinued by the university this spring. Reason for this move is because of the new armory to be constructed on the present track site. There also seems to be little interest among the athletes to go out for the track squad. TU 89 ..,. Bluffton. . . . . . .31 85 .... Adrian ..... . , .46 71. .... Detroit ..... ..... 6 0 4-th MAC meet 95 ..,. Heidelberg 44. Bluffton 33 85 ,... Adrian .................. 45 51 .... Oberlin, Fenn 21 Paul Huy ku llivk lrflh-r .lavk Shire Steve Kerlin wx Ili'-lx Turin Harry Lanzi Hal Lanzi Iflcxxmllilaull rs 'Y ' .J L-ui Hun Xxvm Hill Ylillvr ' Joe Scalzo "The best coached team in the country This term was applied at various times throughout the season to the Rocket grapplers by sportswriters and opposing wrestlers and coaches. This can only be taken as a great tribute to Coach Joe Scalzo and his men for their out- standing success. Leading the team is captain. Harry l.anzi. .-X.A.l'.. Y.M.C.A., 4l.. and lVlid-western Olympic champion in the 191 lb. class. Harry also won the Mid-American heavyweight title. In the Olympic tryouts Toledo was the only team to place more than two men. Paul Boyko and Bill Miller captured championships in their weight divisions while Ed Lanzi and Don Vlem were runner- ups. Toledo tied a collegiate record this season by winning two straight shutout matches and almost broke it against Miami. The Rocket pinning per centage of 8505 was once again tops in the nation. Toledo Ohio University ......, 5 Toledo University of Michigan.20 Toledo Baldwin -Wallace ...., . 5 Toledo Kent State .... . . , . 15 Toledo Case Tech ......, . . 11 Toledo Western Reserve. . . . . 0 Toledo Toledo Toledo Bowling Green. . . . . 0 Miami ........ . . 5 Bowling Green. . . . . 2 Mid-American Tournament.. .Toledo lst I. I. I. I. Tournament ....... Toledo 2nd ,-Ks 'l'oledo's wise-eraelxing but hard-working basket- ball eoaeh. ,lerry Bush is rapidly establishing himself as one of the eoimtryis top eollegiate coaches. By shaping his talent laden teams with his vast knowledge of basketball. ,lerry annually produees teams that are 1 eapalmle ol' earrying Tlifs color to any court in the teams have proven repeatedly that T.U. is a willing l' nation. Gifted with the necessary drive and skill. his f' , P X and able opponent lor anyone. 9 u . .. .QM ' All Qscfv. Q Il "Q - 1 X it f . 9 f, i - ,sig . 9 . . V f do G ,ll-QRRY lil Sll. Coat-h 1951 - 1952 ROCKET BA KETBALL TE llrzuluating seniors say farewell lo four years of bas- ketball. Carroll. li.: Slutz. l".: Morton. l'. IS-1 1' fx, Z. , ' want!-yr Q- 'X ' ' sc ,. A Y M 39 , . .3 Y- .- ..x . . iM. - - if Q 'A ' " - Ray Sirois Jar-k Miller Bob Nichols Phil Martin l larry Nicholson Burl Spice Phil Morton. Captain Bob Cainey Willie Russell Ralph-Carroll John Pazdzior or W l ASKETB LLER BOU CE BACK XX ith a te-ann 1'1lIIlpl'lSt'tl prt-tlunninatvly ul' umlvr- 'l'lw lilne- and Gold wt-nt on from the-rc to win eight vlafsnwii. that-ll .lr-rry Hush multiilua-fl his winning game-s sshilv losing four to snare- third place' in tht- uay - this at-asnn. Cupping 20 ul' 31 game-s tht- Hnslnm-n lll:lSlxt'llllill-t'0llS1'i0lIS Nlitl- Xnlvrivan ci0lll't'I't'lll't'. The- gaw- prmnist- ul' lvrilliant te-anis in the- years In vmm-. sharpshuuting of llnlulry Nit-hols anul Phil Nlartin ln its lirst attmnpt the- liuvltvts capture-el tht- Xliel- wmplml with the he-ight of Ralph Carroll and the foul Nine-rim-an llmlll-rv-:nw tuurnann-nt in De-ve-lliln-r by shunting uf ,luhnny Pazclziur prmimle-nl thc- winning ln-ating tmp tough lviilllr. xllidllll and Cincinnati. margin in se-u-ral 4-losv game-s. tfagvrp f-xhilrit funn in winning Nl. X. ll. 'l'mn'nun1vnt. ,, 1, 5. 'Z I 7, xpiv 1 w T! I 35' , , f'w f 1 . f 'QQ 1 x . A, Q, it -no-' rw, 59? 5 -fm 1 sw. if' , -in A ,Q 1 . Q4 -Q Y 9 '1 W aug-1 .1- Fm 4 'f A 1 4 . I , . 'I fl E 5 F ,r "u :J A ' -Www M ,Q 9+ 1 SJ 'W 'Q X1 W' s f dj www X 1 A il k.. 'Ir w W4 v... hSkS3 G-D Q '4 .- of 'Nl V I X ' 1 ' 4 ,Vw l lller. XX .1 llln. Il.: lx'1-lll.ll..llnllu--A l.,. Ilulliuvr. J. Sm-mul Hum flu-Ilmln-r. IL: ll'-lull. 1.1 Ml-r-. Ii: kninlkmwki. ICQ XX i-ni.-nf-ki. li. UNIOR VARSITY Xa ufual lluix svilsllll. llu- 'l'nI1-do ,ll .R maule- lll4'lll- -4-lwf knmsn in llu- l"s-elf-raliun lnahlwllnall I4-agua-. vaun- puigning as Iln' XX l'l5S1'Illll'l'g4'f' lille-x xie-s. Sll'1'Ilglll4'lll'll lny lln- aalaliliun nl' pisnl man. lfrank Ky:-rf. in l"e-lnruary. llu- ,ll .H nvll:-al N-vmnl plan- in lln- lilllgll K X l'1-alc-ra- liun lvuggm- unel no-nl on lo 1-up Iln- plajufls anal ra-lirv lln- lilasla- ll'0llllX ln winning ll lnr llle- llnr1l 4'ulls1-a'l1- Inv yo-ar. lln- I1-am flmulrl llI'lNllll'1'Zlllllllllillll mah-rlul lm' nvxl yrurl liewlwl sluinlu-I. lhll WOlVIEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATIO- DEPART E T Linder the supervision of three capable personalities. the XSYOIIIQIIAS Phy sical Education Department has had a very successful year. Acting as Chairman of the Department is the duty of Miss Lamora Mueller. Besides teaching theory classes for physical education majors. Miss Nlueller supervises all the practice teachers. She also is the adviser to the Wo- men's Recreational Association. her special sports for the year being riding. volleyball. dance, and the recreational sports. The department is also reintroducing lacrosse for W'.R.A. teams. Miss Florence Bernholdt is well known to the girls who frequent the field house for she coaches and encourages participation in intra-mural sports. This year she has done special work in basketball. swimming. archery and golf. Besides this she is especially interested in the new classes being offered i11 fencing. This activity will become a regu- lar V'.R.A. recreational sport next year. The third member of the trio is Miss Mary Spooner. She spends part of her time teaching the swimming classes held at the Y.W.C.A. and also handles four VTIRA. sports-softball. hockey. bowling. and tennis ther favor- itel. As adviser to the Physical Education Majors Club. Miss Spooner helps to keep things running smoothly in that organization. . With such competent personnel. the Wv0men's Physical Education Department can look forward to bigger and better years. L. Mueller M. Spooner F. Bernholdt I--A' 1lill4uqq,,,,,.,,,'m in IX 'xx N , ,X . , X. - A xx -- X X - I -X , in N' , s I f , N N xx X551 J+- X S x n "4 it fr i ,xr Q x Ixr-1 Ibm llnnl-'.', X.: XI.u'ln-n. J.: Wnml-. N.: lxikn-r. II.: Bunn. D.: link:-r. Ii.: Ii.irl-lu. J. S.-4-.mul lion-Alhgnml. N.: I!,.i,,Q,,-i,lu,.- J.: XI I. X Ir :nm NI I'ilrIn I Sli S I'inn 1' Xi N l Ix H ull Tllilliu lui I llsln I' in 1' 4: .. ....-41...... mrl...: ' . ,.: an .-.. .: sun I, . ru U - .1- s. ,.: V I I. , I-warm. ..g . , . . . . . II.-ull:--rni I..: l'r.uu-i-. I.: lluuuln-rly. L: Ihr:--. I.:1-Arn, N.: II.-nllnmn. I,.: bnulll. I.: blink.-x, R, WO, N'S RECREATIO AL ASSOCIATIO Tha- Wunu-n's lim-vrvatinnal 'Xssnviation uffi-rs opportunity for i girls lu nu-4-l lug:-tln-r ansl Plljilf snpvrvisi-el allllvlivs. This assuvia- ' Wh", II0ll'1'lNlIIl'I'3U'S with- tln- lIf'I.Iiil'UIll'llI nl' php-sifal 4-iluvatinn in pru- .AMQ :noting In-allh. plly sn-al 1'fll1'll'Ili'f. somal 2il'IlVIlll'S aml true' sports- ' , A - inanslnp among wmns-n on vampus. -3 -'QE' 'V TI, . - 1 . .H . . .. .. ,h. - , X A, 1. II .organization is np: n to a S8'0lll1Il ml'1alnpus.a.l11l nfffrs a ,Q Q - -341, ' sup:-rvisl-il prngranl whwli nn-4-ls lln- inte-rn-sl ol all p2ll'lIl'llI8lIl!-3. The- 5' - NXmne-n's lim-ra-alimlal Xssuvialiun off:-rs a clivvrsilie-al sa-lwslulv ol x" " : ' , slmrls ine-lnaling lraslwllrall. vnlla-yliall. lmvlu-5 an4l solllrall as major ly? .A L ' 4 I4-ann spnrls. IIIIIVSI' slmrls are- nfll-re-cl :luring lln-ir rvspvvlivi- se-asuns. Q f - Q' ' lfur wmni-n nnl inlvra-sl:-al in lvarn sports. a prugram nl' infliviulnal 2 K i anal I'1"l'l'4'2ilIUlIHI sliurls is lIl'1'SQ'lII'1'lI tllruuglinnl lln- ie-ar. 'I'.l1is 'ITU- ig grain llIl'IlI4I1'SI4'llIll5. an-In-ry . guIl.alanf-1-. ruling. bowling. swimming. annul ra-4-rvaliunal spurls. 11 , -. Q During ilu- ye-ar. lll1'IllIIl'I'SQIIIYZIFIUIIS W ,Ii. N. Ivains Il2lV1"I0llf'Il1',4'4I Qi , I, ,fl 4 ' Y' ln lluwling Ure-4-n anel nllu-r na-iglllmring 1-ulle-gn-s lu parlivipalu- in 1 1 -fi: ' , xolle-5 lnall. lraslwllrall anul lim-lu-5 luurnann-nts. In rn-turn our N. ' Q' 1 5 lias 1-ntvrlaino-fl lln-ir gruups lu-ru-. A ,A L'-E" gg, Ulln-r asp:-1-ls nl' lln- IX .IL X. prnggrain invlncli- lwu lranqm-ls 1'2'll'Il x ' ,-G ' yn-ar at is l1i1-li awarils for parlivipalion ara- give-n. .., - 'E ' ' JA 'l'l1is ye-ar llu- urganizalinn was In-aali-rl lay IilllIl'SIllIxI'f. wlm was T-QQ1, assist:-il In llurulliy IXHSII as vim- pri-suli-nl. Pal blIl'Ixl'IIlIl avli-il as I ,Z 'Y 2- ' " sn-vra-tary anal Natalie' XX umls was ra-pnrlvr. lflf RECREATIONAL SPORTS The recreational sports season lasts from the beginning of February until the first of April. The sports included in this part of the W.R.A. program are badminton. shufiie- board and table tennis-the last being the most popular. To receive credit in recreational sports the participant must have four hours of practice in each sport and play in the tournament games. Those who are unable to par- ticipate in the major sports find it convenient to earn Vl'.R.A. credit by playing in their spare moments. Marilyn Moen was in charge of recreational sports this season. TENNIS The first warm day finds the tennis courts filled with enthusiastic people who enjoy swishing rackets. For W.R..-X. credit. teams practice on their own time and participate in a tournament composed of independent and sorority teams. Peggy Bires is head of this sport. BASKETBALL Basketball seems to be the most popular sport. It follows hockey and is concluded at the end of first semester. Teams participating are sorority. independent and freshman. This year basketball had an added inter-collegiate touch. A picked team invaded Heidelberg College at Tiflin. Ohio. and Bowling Green University. The strenuous sport was even more intense under the stress of competition. The regular intra-mural program is completed with class tournaments. Nancy Prottengeier was head of basketball. soFTBALL The last major sport of the season is softball. Whether it is spring fever or the fun of running the bases. softball attracts a large crowd. The intra-mural program calls for a few practice games followed by a tournament. The sorority and independent teams participating were man- aged by Louanne Heidtman. 3 l K :lv f '56 MODERN DANCE The title of 'Wliss Graceii was given to all participants who had six practices and cooperated in composing an original dance at the end of the modern dance season. Nlore girls than ever before earned credit in this graceful. rhythmic sport. The various exercises ol' modern dance were under the direction of Phyllis Martin. SWIMMING The animal swimming meet was arranged by Janet Smith. head of this sport. Features of the meet were events in form. speed. and relays or stunts. The meet was held in May with sororities and independents competing for honors. Awards are made on the quality of perform- ance in these events. and also for group participation. Classes are held at the Y.W'.C.A. for beginner. intermedi- ate. and advanced swimmers. XIN 'i .fine 1 e 'Q .... -Q. VOLLEYBALL Yolleyhall actiyities were capably handled hy Nancy' tlsgood. The season hegan with a period ol' practices fol- lowed hy intra-mural competition. The game is not ex- tremely strenuous. but it requires complete cooperation of the participating team. The volley ball tournament results indicated keen competition. To conclude the season. the lniyersity ol- Toledo challenged Bowling Green State l niyersity. RIDING llorsehaek riding. an individual sport. attracts many girls in tht- fall of tht- year. XII arrangements lor riding were taken care ol' hy Sally Scheppert. To earn II.lIN'L credit in this sport. six hours ol' riding are necessary. The season is concluded with an early morning ride and break- last at Thanksgiying time. .-uv HOCKEY The S5'0IllE'l'l.5 sports season is opened in the fall by field hockey. The outdoor sport continues through until about Thanksgiving. at which time the two teams play the Army- Navy game. For the past two years. the hockey' team has traveled to Bowling Green for an exciting competitive game. The hockey season is concluded with the annual spread. when new members are initiated into W.R.A. and awards are presented. Nancy Ray' headed the sport this year. scheduling several games with nearby schools. BOWLING Bowling is an individual sport which started this De- cember lirst and ended March first. Ann Meek arranged a tournament game for all girls who bowled twenty games during this time. fkn award goes to the girl with the high- est average. ' ARCHERY Girls with how and arrows can he seen every Friday' afternoon during the hockey season. Archery is less stren- uous than most sports in the intra-mural program but calls for accuracy and skill. Several practices are required to play in the tournament which culminates the archery season. This year. more girls than ever before eal'ned Vt .li. N. credit in archery. Patt Walker was in charge ol' all archery activities. GOLF Iloris llolliger. herself a champion. is head ol' golf. One day a week is set aside to teach proper techniques. eflicient strokes. etc. Six hours of playing is required for Wl.R.A. credit in golf. A-fo' K .29 M 244 E , ,r, or g tibia 3- if ga, f oggfxv of , , , ' "f'1g3 -W . W. ,f , . - f.,ap-v."- ' ,pw ,M rg, ,VVk. JJ tx , ,,.k ,kk, y i 9 f Q fp - 65 Senior Finance Committee: Senior Convocation Conunittee Fash D.: Wittenberg. V.: Fair. S. Hires, P.: Jay. S. The Toledo Museum of Art was the scene of the inauguration of President Knowles in May. 1951. fy, . 4 -5 9 It ggi f IAvf.,,,,j.Ai,,.3.....'. V jq:ig5.5'QgQfA,gL--..ff4yg1-Mr-ff'g-!14f""S""4'1"' ' ' .' ' 7'-51? 'M ' f "Z"z"V TKPN I3 x-24. ,-"'E ' ".' - - ' ' ' ee'+3WmmNmMwMww mwwwwwmmwMwf.W ew 1 . . .e . . 3 .gli .1 4. he V-v,,.,,Q,,.. A , we H - ------ . , ,gf-M-' 1, .,z-K 15 K- K '-1 1137 of-Wx,W3,!,,,wmm AW - -!- L.- ,,, MN- Q - -' -cw. .. am 1 k . "f:f.g-f-. My , K - ,.- vwnx.. ,-Xzm-f , 9.5. -L V x'-1 ' 1 - V ' 1 A W- ., A .M doin-,-wf, -..A an ,f-.-M.'W' m'wMWmWWWWwW?R mW - " 5 .1 ' ' fi-"f1I:'2.'f"1j 'f-'ir:,-'Sh' - 1 " ' f' ,Nw ,, M, , 1- . -' - -' " 12. :., - f . . . ' - , , fi. -v -........ ' ' ' ' ' x. .w1',.+ if- - .t m-Q , . . ' ff I,---+A, 5. 'V W1---lf"- +V - . ' -, -:ve ,K ' - ' -' QQ .Y .- wi., .. R -' -. " e of . -- , ' . T + M, ' - . L ' - " A . .f - , 2 , .- fd. ' - -4-nw . .Q ,- f - . ' ' " ' ., . ' , , .. . X- -x ' A 1'3" 23. Q., A ff. ' . ' . , Aj.. K, .. ,-J' fl . 1 J- 1- F- r , , .- r J'-H J.. " - --- . N' . ' ' ,J f - I . - Q- f '- f' in Cf' 33'-',':2"'f: 1. :QL A A ' -. - ' A m . .f -- 2' ' , . , -4,1 Hal 4'j1t'-J-1,-' jFi J ' '13, 7 " ' ' Y. J J ' Ai' I ', 1 3 ' l' , , - : " '32, "' Sf- .. ' .r -' -" A' f '.'- Q. ' A ' ' ' , ' ,, - f' 1 - ' "N""4-W--N. ,,. ..-wiv .. M A, .lr R 3, , N ,,!5..-,,. ..... ,.... .A , , v . . , , , , . . . . X M-z,.,,4 A g....r, , :uri f, ' 4 , 2 ' . f' "Q, -. f ' "1- 4- , 5 . ' A Xbbajay. Donald4TT. 03 Abel. lxarl-110 Abel. Xlyron Abrattts. llarvey Xbu-Xassar. Yabilt Benjamin Betty'-ol, 91. 105. 108. 1 124 Adams. Adants. Adams. Dayid-80. 110 Adattts. John Adantshick. Robert Adler. Corrine llerbert Adler. Adler. Ulto Adrian. A1icef108 Aldobaisse. Rasheed Alldretlge. Bet erly Allen. Daniel Allen. ,latnes-128 Allison. Dairy' Altnrotlt. Carroll Alspaclt. .latnes Xlsuhail. Conttnander Althouse. Daxid Aly arado. Philip Atttes. Sally-T8. 113. Atnnter. .1oatt420 Atulersott. .latttes Anderson. Xlildred Anderson. Rottald Anderson. Roy Andrew s. 130 Francis Andrew s. Leon' .ll Attdrzejewski. Daxid -113 Xntlrzt-jewski. Joseph -110 Angers. .Al Attkettbratult. Dottald Ansara. Richard Ansel. lloward- 113 Ansley. NX illiam- 121 Xttsts-d. lxenneth lnstetl. Nlarilytt --20..'1.m. fttt. 18. llll. llll. 1119. 'lnstt-tl. Ricltard--T0 Xnton. Suzanne ff. Xntottini. Xlarion 11.-29. 30. fwfr. 83. 91. 100. 110. 123. 120. 129 Ktttottini. Richard 1-1.-120 Xpltle-gale, ,lolltl 1311 Xppletttan. Beatrice P. --100. 101 lrbutltnot. l'1redt-rick .l. Areddy. ,lost-ph Xl. Xrtttatt. fflilton lf.--81. .. Xrtttstrottgj. ffltarlcs R. 'lrtttstrottg1. Alary .l. 7 29. 78. 103 Xrndt. Riclturd X. Xrttcy. 'liht-lttta lrottoff. Arnold Y. Xrottofl. NX illiam li. Xrtltttr. Raytnotul lx. Asl'llIlt'l'. .loyt-c R. X-vtttu-e. Rolando Xscltvttc. Rttllt - 101. 110 Xsttititt. Sanford ll. Asltlty. Xlarshall NX . -V 20 Ashton. Richard ll. 80 X-lanian. Nlargarvt lx. Xtltattas. Gcorgo- 5. 119. 101. Ina. 131, ' l"1 Xt1tatts.Gloria Atklll-.l11'0rgt'l.. Aubry. Robt-rt I-4.-83 Attltlt-rlto-ielc. .latttcs 11.f 20. 121 All!!!-1. ffltarlc- lttkcrtnatt. llarl K. lll Xttttgt-r. Ricltard l.. Xyvr-. lfranklin 100 B Bat-lt. Daxitl .l. ' 83 Bacotttc. Suzanttt- Bacon. lfttgctta' llH4l2l'I'.J1Ill4'l 1. 127 ll2lllIIlll'lll. l"rattcf-- Al. 29. 108 I DEX Bainbridge. .laneA.-91. 106.1112 Baker Elizabeth A.AT8. 108.102 Baker. Evelyn Baker. .loseph 1.. Baker. Kennetlt .l. Baker. Lois-49 Baker. Xlargaret lf. Baker. Ricltard 1-1.-83 Baker. Robert N1.f00. 121 Ba1duf.li1arlaitte Nl.-20. 31. Th. 06. 101. 103. 122 Baldwin. Robert lf. Ball. Albert .l. Ball. Theodore R.-104 Ballitt. llelett Nl.-T8 Baratt. ,lohn R.-29. 73. 83. 130 Barcelotta. Charles 11.-113 Bartlett. 1.aurence C. Bargahiser. Dolph A. Bargahiser. Kenneth .l. Bargtnatttt. Richard .l. Barkan. .lat-1. Xl. Barkitner. Alartha Nl.f82 Barlow. ,lean 13.4-1112 Barnes. Jac-k G. Barttes. Roger-118. 110 Barron. llarry G. Barron. A1artin!2l1 Barrow. Rottald G. Barrett. 1.uci1le Ann-20 Barshel. Robert l". Bartholontt-w'. Ray G. Bartkay age. NX illiattt .l. Bartos. Ann A. -fo Bartow. Robert B.-8T. 115 Basiclt. 'lihotnas -429. 102 Basquez. Cruz .l. Bassett. Gloria lx.--121 Bassett. .lohn I". Batt-h. Alelvitt 1..-83.10o.121 Bates. .latttes XX .f20 Batlie. Phyllis ,l. Batter. .loseplt .l. Batttn. .lerold A,-1 10 Baumann. Charles fl. Bauman. 'rhotnas A.f1 1 . Bay er. 'l'hotttas Beach. Richard D. Beachy. Dottald lx. -118 Beans. Xlary 1x.f29. Th. 103. 12.2 Beck. Carolyn A.-101: Beck. Charles 13.-29 Beck. Nlolly .l.f8ft Beckholl. lllto l". Bm-ktttatt. Donald R. Belinskc. ,lose nh 1 Br-11.,Iam-t l.. A-86. 100. 118. 121 B4-II. .loycc .l. B4-ll. Xlaurict- Z. B4-ll. Nancy R.-20. 80. 100. 118. 121 B.-11. llolrerl ll. Bell. 'l'hotttas Its--20. 113 11:-11, NN ilson Bt-1lz.l'atrit-ia K.--121.126 Dottald 1I.f-83. 111 Bt-tvtllt-. Bt-ttder. Daxid .l. 30. 73. 90 Be-tttlcr. Susan fi. Bt-ndlin. Beit-rly I1.fT2. 108. 122. 121 111-tttllitl. Alary AL' BZ. 95. 108. 121 Bt-ttjantitt. l'attl Bt-ttttetl. Dottald NA . Bcttttctt Bcttnt-tt Bt-nnet t Bcttttcll. lfcttc 1... .lr. Bcttttetl. .latttcs Il. . Nlarsltall . Alary A: 30. ill l't ur 11 "I Bt-tttu-I t. . 1'1tyIIis.l. Bt-ntu-tt. Rob:-rt ll. B4-nstttatt. Ricltard ll. 30. 87. 01. 93. QT. 121. 120 'T Benson. Kr- 1-3 166 Benson. Arthur Wi.. ,1r.i8T. 101. 108. 122. 127. 130 Bettsott. Edrene Bensott. George A. Benson. .latttes R.fl11. 130. 140 Benson. Laura .l.-30. -19. 82 Anderton L.. .lr. Bentley. Bettton. Dorothy I..-82. 140 Beren. Gary' A. Berggrutt. lftttil 5. Bernard. .lack C.f30. 88 Bertok. .loseph L.fl32 Besse. Xlarjorie 11. Bettinger. '1'hontas Y.fT3. 83. 126. 129 Bevens. Howard N. Beverstock. Robert 1'1.f132 Beyington. Alice l". Bick. Gerald .l. Biela. Richard .l. Biela. Steve D. Hit-Iaski. Francis .1.-137 Biggs. Xlargaret Bittder. David Sx--30 Bittder. lfdwartl NX . Binder.. Florence It.a3tt.8o. 109 Binkley. Grace lf. Bins. Robert Y. Bires. Alargaret A.f30. 80. 108. 124. 102. 105 Birkenkatnp. Arlene Al.-'T8. 108. 120. 128 Birkenkamp. llertnan 11. Birkenkamp. llttbert Birtnittghattt. Donna N1.A30. 80 Black. Barbara-01 Black. Forrest L. Black. 1,ottis Xl.. .lr. Black. Richard A.-30. 100 Blackwell. Nlary .l. Blackwell. Virginia-80. 109 Blagus. Ronald lf. Blair. Dottald B. Blake. Dttatte E. Blanchard. William C.-TT Blanc. lftlna ll. Blank. Wvilliatn .1.fT0. 110. 119 L.f8h. 110. 117. 12-1 Blankc. Patricia Black. Barbara .l. Bliss. Robert XY.-121 Bliss. AA illiattt 11.f89 Bloch. .loatt Blttttt. Paul R. Blttntberg. Robert .l. Bltttlt. Alan G. Bochcnek. Dale ll. tim-hi. Rosc AL! 81-. 103 Bockbratler. Richard A.483 Boden. .lattice A.-131 Botlenstedt. .lost-ph .l. --T9 Bodic. .latttcs .l. Boeltk. .latttcs Y. Bogusz. Conrad 19.730 Boltattttott. Garland Boltl. Robert V. Boicey . .lantcs 1.. -128 Bojinoff. 'l'ltontas Bokatt. Tltotttas lf. Bolton. ,lantcs L. -113 Botttia. Kcttttctlt l'1. Bonis. Golelit- l.. 'All 108. 100. 121 Bonn. Dotttta F. - 108. 102 Boodja-lt. Parviz B. Boost. lxettttcth NN . Boolc. Arthur .l. 110 Booth, George ll. Boolll. .lf'lTl'l'y' Borchard. Roy A. 30,118 Borer. Xlarggaret Nl. Borgclt. Bttrtott ll. Born. Ronald A. Bortt. William lx. ' 89 Bottles. Rollatul W. Bourdo. Maurice E. Bournes. Robert 11.1140 Bournes. William Y. Bourquin. Richard D.-30 Bowett. Nancy .l.-121 Bower. Walter C. Bowers. Albert F. Bow matt. Ronald Bow tttatt. William E. Boyd., Paul T.-30. 104. 113 Boyd. Robert Boyd. Shirley Boyko.. Paulf132 Bracltl. Nlarilvtt Bracken. Cttait.-. Bracken. Colleen-126 Bradley. Richard-73. 83. 111 Brandel. Nlary Brannatt. Dottaldf8T. 110 Branyan. Robert-1,1-3 Braw ner. George Nlichael - Brazzill. Bret-ltenser. X ancv f80, 108. too. 122. Breese. Robert-87 Brell. Thomas -00 Brennan.. .lohn Bretltertott. Robert Bricker. lf.-130 Bridgtnan. Richard Brigham., Natlcyf31. 100. 101 Brink. lleletl Britton. Jackf'-90. 118, 1-18 Broghan. Ruth-31 Brookettthal. .Albert 121- Brooks.. Clark Brow er. Carl Brow tt. Benjamin Brow tt. DavidfTT Brown. Donaltl B. Brow tt. Donaltl G. Brow tt. Elizabeth Brow tt. Galen Brow tt. Gloriagl30 Brow tt. .latttes-83 Browtt. ,lottathane-121 Brown. Nl. DiattefT8 Brow n., Ronald-T9 Brown. Shirley Brow tt. Yirginiaf31. 101 Browne. ,loyce Brttce. Barbara-108. 121- Bruttner. A.-80 Brttttner. Bernard Brtttto. Agatha-31. 19. 66. 00. 100. 116. 122. 126 Brtttto., Dotttittit' Brtttts. Brttns, Carl Craig Brttnstttan. .lnseph-31 Bryant. lirtna-90 Bryattt.. .latnes Bryce. Stephen Bulnacz. Donald-31 Bucltanan. .lolttt Bucltert. Xlaric Buck. Carole Buck. Dottald Buckeye. Marylce Bucktttastcr. Patricia Bttll. Fred l.. - TT, 132 Buntlros. ,latttct-x Bundros. .lohneltl-3 Bunting. Barbara-31. 01 Bttratul. 'l'ltf-otlore Burbank, ,lohttfl-10 Bttrkel. .latnns-l-'10 Burnt-p. 'l'om Burrow, Ulivcr Burton. William Btntlt. Paul-1fl0 Bush. Philip Bun-tltroe. ,leannette Buster. Robert 0HlIROHII.l'S FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS AND SUPER MARKET 0 Highest Quality Foods o 2845 West Central at Cheltenham Road Toledo 6, Ohio Klngswood 7082 Serving Toledo with the Worlaps fnest meats .., J? , sf lx X -75" is-EN Butler. Phyllis Ruiz. George-128 liuzzelli. 1 ietor- 1111 liyam. Donald Ryvzynski. Ifleanor Rylou. Iflainr? HT2. 91. 127. 162 11 Cali-amuggio. XIillon'f1'18. 132 W 1fa1dxse1l.11ona1.1- 1111. 113. 118 Cale-1. 1'al-- 91 Callahan. Denis -129 1iki1l11H..1i:1I1IPs Campln-11. Ifrnest lfalnpln-11. .lame-s 1falnp1n'll. I.:-o 1fainp1ve1l. Nlarx 32. 82. 108 Caniplu Cainpbn 1.ampbe11. Canlield. Cannon -11. Rivliard -ll. Sleu art 120 X1 illianl ,kI1t't'll"-11. 1.50. 131 . Nlarilyn Cappello. .111-f'l11l" 31. 1111. 11.3 1 iarl. XI Carmic-1 Carner. Carnes. 11dl'IlI1'11 Carr. lx arylou 'T6 lael. Ronald -31. 1112 Ifllsuorlh- 31 Xlarxin-132 Ill. Rolrerl 1 13 ing -IZT 4. Combs. ,o1ston. Gene Carolyn Connnager. Ilenry Cone. .lames Conger. C. Eugene- 31. 1211. 132. 136 Conger. Nlyron Connelly. Donald--31 1.onnors. .lohn -81. l2T tr. 1. 4. .onnors. I.. .leanne -82 .onstantino11'. Rivhartl .onxerse. Rose 1.ook. Iforeslf 1111 Cook. 1.ouis -32. 1110 Cooper. Gerald Cooper. .loyve ---118. 128 1.orey . Xrlene 1,ornxu-11. Glenn Corrello. NX illiam Cory. lfranvis- 108 Cosuay. Ilarry ff-1116. 126. 129. 131 Coltril1.,1ames Coulson. Dennis Coulter. '11Il1llllilS' 32. 11111 1.ounty. Xngelo County. Pauline-To. 1119. IIT. 1 122. 121 1-. .ouperthvtaitez Carl 1.l1llSI1l11..1.iiI'0173.2. 18. 108. 120. Carrig. 'I' 1. .arro11. Ralph f Carson. Robert -' Carter. 11 Cassidy. Daniel he-rese 711111. 1111. 1116 151. 153 113 arriet -A1111 Caster. 11:-orge Y' 1211 1. .ax anaugh. 1"ranvis- 31 1.1lLiIll11t'l"S. Iirure-' .9 Chandler. Robertf- 1111. 113 Chapman. George Chapman. 1.loy1 Chapman 1iIlf'l'1x les. . Sara ---1118 Ni:-holas f -98 C111-sebro. Robert Childers. Gerald Christe1..1oan Christen. Daw ill Christen. Jean Christensen. Donald 31. 83. 1 1 I Christensen. Nlarjorie--31 Churr-h. Elizabeth Churchill. Walter Ciesielsk Cie:-aleisivz. Eugene Cindrivh'--1 13 Cira. I'a Cisovsski. 1.ouis-'31. 1111. 125. i. Ifdvs ard ul 126 Claerhoul. JUIIII Clark. Rrmw--98. 131 Clark. David Clark 1.eola Clarke. Joanne Clarkson. Ilarry Clarkson. .1Ullll'5 Cleary. 1 irginia Clilfortl. Donald Cline, Charles -1111 Corhran. Coder. .1 Coen. NN Ilarold ann-s rslvy TT Cohen. 1"ran1'4's 31. U1 Cohen. ,lohn Colbert. Xnn 123 Cole. Rarbara "123 Cole. .lar-I. 1 13. 1 18 Cole. 111-orgv Col:-. Nanvy 130 Cole. 1'alrit'ia 91. 1117. 1311 1illI1'llliIll.,111IlIl 83 Co11ier.I11'l1'n T6 Collier. Rieliarnl 79. 118 Collin-. Dania-I 127. 129. 131 1i01IIIl"1."11IIll1 103 Collins. Iflln-1 118. 123. 121 Collins. George' Collinr-. .1o1m Collin-. Rivliarfl TT. 1211 Collin-. 11-min- 136 Consino. Ralph Cousino. Wayne-32. 125 Cox ington. 'llhelma Cznsllrev. Charles Conel1.'X1ary- 1115. 113 Com gill. 11:-nry Cox. Carolyn Cox. Naney Cox, Riehard- 52. 83. 103. 122 Coyle. .1aekf32. 121. 129 Crago. Ruth-' 81. 112 Cramer. NX i11iam+126. 1111 Crary. Nlareia Crawford. Daisy Cran ford. Donald- 81 Crew. 1.ois'f-32. 1116. 1118 Criss. Donald-132 Croeker. Allred Croeker. Donna-32, 86 Croekett. Rulhf32, 66. 12. 80. 96. 131 Crosby. Beverly-124 Croueh. Naomi4118. 12-1- Cummins. Dale Cummins. Lowell-32. 102 Cunningham.. Carleton Cunningham. ,lames-32. 111-1- Cunniugham. Walter Curtis. lfarl Curtiss. ,lames Czerwinski. Eugene-32. 121 D Dague. Roy C.-89. 1111- Damrauer. Ilarold IC. Daney. 1'atrieiaf1011. 101. 131 Daniels. ,loseplnn-s Daniels. 1111011135 S. Danyi. ,loseph Danyko. Nlary R.-811. 108 Daousl. Dorothy 1.. Darah. Carolyn .1. Darmofal. Raymond .1. 12"- Daustvr. Ifmma lf. 109,118.1 1 l Davenport. Robert Davey. Donald I". 32. 121. 129 David. .lunet R. Davis. ,lane C. 32. T6. 118. I2 Davis. .lolm W. Davis. Rolwrl C. Dawson. .lillnen - 32. 66. 88. 93. 1 97. 100 Dayton. Delbert ll. 98. 102. 131 Dean. .lanel I.. 1115 Da-an. Nlargaru-t fT8 Da-ang:-lie-. l.ouin I". f 1118. 1111 1 1 Dearhaufh. Clifford E.-83 De 'Xrmen l. Robert -33 Deekrosh. Darwin D. Degroff. Norman Deimloerfer. James Deiner. Carl 11. Delaney. Xlary ,1.Y108. 1119 122. 12-1-. 126 Dellieeq. .lean 11. Delger. William -X. 1121 Delxenlllal. XX . 11. Demars. James 1.. Demars. Susan 1'1.-121 Deprisro. Gerald 1 . Deriek. Rivhard I'1.Al113. 108. 122 Dernlan. Robert 1..f33. 98. 1112. 1111. 131. 137 Derringer. Ixennelh P. Desalvo. Robert .1. Deslieller. Xnn Desmond. .lames 11. -V I 18 Dt-ver. '1'homas IC. Devine. Riehard IC.-119. 126 Devore. Riehard lf.-1118 Den ey. D. 7-126 Ili.-k. Xlary If. 33. 128 Divkey. Sally Die-ringer. Ray Dierks. Donald C. -87 Diethelm. .lanet 15.f33. 811. 1011 Dielrieh. Douglas C.s-118 Dillon. W illiam Af-33. 99. 10-1 Dimke. Robert 1-133 Diver. Ilelen Doarn. Loretta 11. Dom-is. 'llhomas .1. Doederlein. Delton Dolan. Rarbara '11, Doneoes. Nlary Ii.-78. 108. 118 Donnelly. Dorothy P. Dooley., 1.o1a Nl. Dorcas. Duane R. Dorf. Wlendell IC. Dorfmeister. Ida T. Dorlmeisler. Max Wi. Dorsey. Samuel A.-132 Dossat. Ronald W. Dougherty, Alive-33. 80. 162 Dougherty. George F. Dougherty, Louise E.-108, 162 Douglas. Andrew G.A54 Douglas. Carol A. Douglass. Joanne N.-76. 124. 1311 T Dow, Nant-y A.f86, 108. 124. 127 Dowdney. Virginia 11.-78. 95. 108. 1119. 114 Dovsnes, Paul M. Downing. Norma ,1.-33. 11111, 1114 Doyle. Eleanor B. Draheim. Edward 11.-33, T7 Draheim, Walter P. Drake, Barbara L.-84, 109 Drake. Robert D.-81 Drake, Sally-33 Dravee-1. Raymond 11,133,121 Draper. Sall -811 Drewea. Rieliard Dreyer, George II. Drie-troll. Robert R. Drozdowiez. Daniel-126 Drummond. 1'atrir'ia-33. 81 Drury, David M.f33. 117 Dubielak. Joseph -33 Duek. lfdwsard ,1. Dudek. Robert 17.--33. 99. 1314 Dugan. .lames 1.. T9 Duharl. Willa M. Duhigg. .lolm Dumlnauld. Iiill I.. Dunham. Raylnolld 11.-123 11unhanl. Rulh-71115. 118. 121 Dullarl. Wi11iamfl111 Durian. Ren R.- 87 Duris. Albert Durivage., ,lalnes A. Durr. Donulzl 11.-f 132 - 88. 1111 168 Dyer. Robert 1i1.f8T Dysert. Beltyf33 Dyserl.. Charles Nl.-33.1211 Dyserl. Riehard K. 1'. I'1ar1e. llerberl .1.-83. 1011. 106. 129 Ifasterday. .laek-33. 121. 137, 1411 Iiastertlay. A.f81-. 162 1'faton. 'llary .layne Iiaton. Robert D. lfekert. William IC.-132. 113 Eddie, Robert 11.--fl32 Ifuldy. Ilelen N1.f82, 108. 109 lfrlelen. -Xnn-To Ifdelstein. llarry Iidnie. Nlerrill I.. Iirlnie. Ralph I.. lfrlxsards. Russell D.f'i'9 Ifgarius. Yelnia .I.-31. 66. 82. 96. 1118. 113. 121. 1311 Iigerl. Clarence R. lfhrel. .loyee 1'1.fT8. 108. 1119. 113 Iiieher. Vietor IC.-89. 123. 129 Eigensee. Robert 111.389, 126 Eisenbaeh. Kenneth V". liiserli ng. Ronald M.f1'13 Eldridge. Ilenrv lI.f31. 1-13 Elliott. Frank I Ifllioll., Georgr-731 Elliott. Riehard D.f100, 111-1 Ellison. Ronald A.-1 1-11 1'1nu'h. llazel 11. Iimeh. Suei12'l Emerson. Rarhara C.-3.1. T6 Iffmerson. Richard Wi. Emery. Alvin 'I'.-3-1 lilmery, llerbert M. Emery. .lerrell 11. Emmerl. Parks D. Engel, Carolyn R.A3'1-., 81. 1118 Engel. .1. Riehardi129. 13-1 Engelke. William 11.-I-1-0 Engelmann. Paul W.-121. 129 Englehart. Paul Ii. English. Nellie E. Enyart, Edward M.-102 Epatein. .lerry 31. Epstein, Marvin Erd, Joan 1...-86. 1118, 117. 124 Eriksen. Lci1'T.W56. 111 Eriksen, Marie M. Ertle, Robert J. Esehedor. llarry W. Eskey, Alvis M. E:-ite11..1. Kent-132 Etlers. Anita R.-91 Eulberg. Leroy .1.-34. 98, Evanoff, Dorothy J.-'124 Evanoff, Mildred-82, 108 Evans. Ifvan Y. Evans, Frank IC.-143. 148 Evdcmon. Katherine Evdemon. Stanley M. Ever:-mole. Bonnie M. Ewing. Donald .1.W3f1. 121, 129 102 If 1"abik. Riehard ll. Ifabos. Sylvia M. 1"air. Shirley .l.-34. 165 1"a1vey. .lamcs M. 1'1HI'kZ.lN, .luliu 1'i.-12-11 Farrell. .lumen Nl.-73, 89. I 10. 1 1 1 I"a:-ah. Dorothy IC.-3f1-, 66, 86, 96. 117. 165 1"au1r1e. 'IIIIUIIILIH ,1. Ifawf-4-tt. Iiruee D. 1"ay. .lohn R. f 32. Fazekaa. Retly C. 1"eeney. lidwurd ,1. I"m-ncy, 1'hy11ir4 I.. lfeldstcin, Alexander 34. 87. IIT WHITE H T HA M B U RGS fGround CH The Roundj MQ Q E FROSTED MALTED We Never Close 0 3981 Monroe at Central 3472 Collingwood at Detroit 1205 Sylvania at Lockwood LAJQW mducztion . P P .9 Suppose you are postponing further academic learning and are going to work. Have you chosen your field of endeavor? Are you considering the places where you will look for work? Have you considered L-O'F? Wrhat do those letters mean? L stands for Libbey in the corporate name Libbey-Owens-Ford. But LL" in L-O-F also stands for Loyalty. The company recognizes this by annually pay- ing honor to scores of people with more than 25 years of company service. O stands for Owens. But "Oi, in L'O-F also stands for Opportunity. There are many versions of opportunity in L-O - F. A former mailboy is a traliic executive, another is high on the ladder in the purchasing department. A former accountant has become an officer of the company. F stands for Ford. ln L'O'F, this letter also can stand for "Friends" because you have many friends when you work in L'O'F. It can also identify two of the companys products-flat glass and Fiber-Glass. LO LIBBEY'OWENS'FORD mg, aywzyifmwva GLASS 169 lfelclstein. Robert 11731. 3-1.112 .3. .3 Felhaber. Charles 11.7100 Felix. Robert 1116111171110 Fellman. 11if'hartl A. Fenatly. George .l.7 118 Fenn. 3811671 18. 121 Fern. l1obert 117. Fietller. Lovell Filxe. llaroltl 11.7111 Finlfi. llarolfl 31.7 73. 81 1"inn.Gay7100. 102 Finley. Charles NX .71-13 Fist-her. Elizabeth 1-799 Flsll. f:10I'1B"34.1i1l. 1111. 911. 1'11sll1lilt'lx. xUl'Ill2i'l3'1 Fisher. .lames l". Fitz. Thomas Nl. lfitzgeraltl. llerm l"latnniing. Lothar 103. 122 lflanigan. Xlit-hael .l.783 Flath. .loanne G. Flevl.. ,lames 1.. lflivl.. Robert 11.7 31. 102 Flint. l'atrieia .-1.7 33 Florel.. llaniel 11. Flores. l1aymontl Foley. Anil lf. Foltz. .lune 11.-780. 117. 12-1 l-'oran. Xanette 19.4811 108. 109. 121 l"ort'he. l1ohert 15.7 101. 113. 120 Forriter. llonaltl lfosnight. Nlary .A.7l21. 120 Foster. lidu ar4l733 Fought. Uargaret l..780. 118. 121 Fought. l'atri1'ia l..780. 109. 118. 121 Fox Dall' A. Fox llenry' G. lfox. Xanry 1733. 80. 107. 110 lfragner. George-733. 83 lfragner. 11 alter Al. 783 l"ran4-is. .loann .l.7 1071 1'lI'2llll'1'. l1obt'rt A. lfranlt., l'anl 11.733 lsranlu-1. Toby l"ranl.lin. l1i4'hartl 11.77 19. 89. tan l'raser. llonaltl 11. l'rec-man. Phyllis .l.735. To 1' TPC' nian. l1olwrl l..783. 102. 12' 137 110 ..n. .1. l're-f-man. N1artha 31. 81. 102 1' rt-if-r. lla-nry fl. 1-rt-nf-li. l1olu-rt 11. 1' rc-tli. ,losf'pll1.. 7 110 Frey. l"ra-41 l'rwl1. llonaltl 11.7 83 1'Y'1l't1l1lU11. liilt-eu l'riencl. lxennelh . '1 l':ritz.l'1ris'll1X. '13 121 129 l'rost. l'.thv'l 11. liruth. Norma .l. lfryr. Gram- 11. lfue-rsl. Suzanne lf. 80. 121 l"ullt-r. lfltiv .l. G Galwl. .1I'F0lll4' lf. Gatlt. l"loytl 132 Gaflln-y. Xllro-11.1. 101. 113 1QZl1TIlI'A..llt11ll 1. Ga1Tor4l. ,lf-ronlv ff. 79 Gain:--. 1.1--lie U. 100 Gaim-y . l1ulu'r1' 133 1. fallnrailll. lftlwartl 33. 100 11111: 1'yun1lol n 1' 10' 110 Ga in-r. 1 - y ,.- 1. tiallamty. l1i4'harul A. Gallo. lfraul. 7108 1. '13 121 r1lll:ji.l1Xt'I'l'. l.loyn1 . . . .. Gaul. l1olu'rI .l. Ganz:-rt. Carole- X. Gurvia. l1alnon l'l. 33. 130 Garclna-r. llonaltl l". 7120 1LZU'll.1ii.lfUl A. 00. 78. 100. 111 Garrett. l1oy733. 73. 102 Garries. .lane P. Garry. .l0311Il733. 80 Garry. Xaney L.780. 100. 102 Gartz. Dwight A. Gasioroxsski. ,lliIllPS1l'13. 11,1 Gauthier. lfugene Gebauer. Dorothy .l. Gebharelt. Carl 15. Gebhartlt. l1obert lf. Gehring. 151111 artl Gehring. Nant-y ff. Gehring. Riehartl l".735. 79. 98 Geiger. Arthur Xl. -89 Geiserl. .leanne 11. Geiserl. Paul G. Gemtnill. Lester 11.731 1311 Gensler. Henry lx.7781. 09 George. Stephan 11. Geor:lo1'f.l1ayi4l 31.773, 77.11-1. 117. 119. 127 Gerhart. l1alph lf. Gerogosian. George733. 83 Geronimo. Dolores Gerson. Elaine 31. Gerson. Wlaxine l.. Gerst. l1it'hartl733 Gerysin. l1onaltl l'. Getz. Santlra .l.7-80 Gibson. Drusvilla Gibson. lftlgar Gibson. Equilla Gibsolt. 331111121111 Gieseler. Charles I".-733 Giesey. NX illiam l'.f7110 Giesler. llaroltl NN .7131 Gilfortl. Carole A. 7117 Gill. 11elvin735 Gill. Thomas Xl. Gillespie. X1 illiam .l. Gilmore. lfrecltlie 11.7113 Gilmore. Xlatiltle Gilstlorf. .lohn G. Gilstlorli. Marianne lf. Giorelano. .loseph 19.7 90. 1 13 Gimenez. .lohn A. 7129 Gist. .lohn l1.-- 311. 19. 89 Gittus.. .'AI'1llllI"788 Glaslieux. llale 11.7132 Glann. Gharles 1'.'-73. 79 Glaser. Barton ,-1.773 Glauser. .lames 11.-777. 128. 132 Glennon. 111'I1f'f""31l Glover. Lemaxie Glou avlmi. Alyve Nl. Goer-kerman. 110114-rt NX . Goll. '1'wy1a 11 . Goggansx 1.1-lantl 11.779 Goltllwrg. Nelson 11.7101 Golelen. Oliver .l. Goltling. Sanlortl Goltlman. liexerly 11. Goltlman. llaroltl 11. 1r1llllt'l'hilll. l1ran4l 1:tltllll1lil1l. Xllen 11. 7131 Gootlxsin. .lunive l'. 1:lPll11N1ll. l1ost' Nl. --113 Gootlxsin. Sigmuutl l'. 730. 87 Gootlyt-ar. Alilflillllll' -30. 78 Gortlon. l1ic'llar1l l'.7 113 Gorman. liarhara 121 Gorman. 1.1-1--'30 Gosrinialx. l1aymon4l 1.7 7 Goss-. 11il1lll'I'1Ill' Gollsvhallx. lxnrt 5.7 an Goutly. 1:l2llll1f'1:. Goutras. l'anline 311. 121. 131 Graf. Thomas .l. Graham. Nlary A. -117. 118 Gramling. l1uth 11.7 31. Grant. .lohn Nl. 89 Granger. William 101. 103. 108. 122 Gran. .lunu-s C. Gran. .lanu-H l.. 79. 103. 118. 122 1il'2lIHll11l'll. l"rwl '11, Gray:-r. liurbara ll. Grava-r. l1oln-rt 11.7 77. 11-8 Gray 1-r. Shirley Xl. Graves. Glen7l23 Gray. Bette .l.730. 00. 80. 90. 98. 121 Gray. Tell .l. Greeley, l..aysrenee l'1.7132. Green. Nancy-772 Green. 11aymonal P14100 Green. Roger Greene. ,lerry Greenhill. Thomas l'1. G. Gregoire. l1obert A. Gregor. .lohn Gregory. Xlary Booker Greiser. Donajean Greisiger. Wiilliam 11.71112 Greishaber. Xlarilyn 771, Griesmer. l1ussell Nl. Gri11in. .lohn G. Grillin. Wlary Xl. Gri11ith. Usrar 11. Griggs. 'llheotlore G. Grimshau. .lanies 19,788 Griswaltl. A1iellael788. 120 Grub. Dorothy 31. Grohnke. l1ussell XY. Gross. Emanuel l'1.730. 121 Grossenbaeher. Suzanne782 Grover. lftluartl 11779. 122 Grulrs. James 11. Guggenheim. lloxsarel Guinall. .lavk li.-773. 81 Gunn. Mary 19.71119 Guyton. l1iehartl 730 Guoztlz. laleanore Gwwztlz. liit-hartl 1. ll llaas. AF1llllT77T llaas. l1ose Nl. llabersloa-le. 11alph llaeltell. lxennelh 117101. llarkman. Patricia A. llatltlatl. Audrey A. llatlalatl. lfngene 11. llatlelarl. Larry .l. llafltlen. llorothy A.7l03 llagele. l1ol1ert C.777. 102 Hagerty. Ann Xl. llaggerly. .lalnes 13.71-13 llagne. Robert .l. llague., l1ogers N1ereslith730., llahn. Alfretl A.7102 llale. Donaltl G. llales. l1obert lx. l1all. lfretl ll. llall . llarry' 1... llall. .li-llll'-1':.7l11L1. 121 11.111, Louis E. 11aI1. Philip 11.777 llall Ilall llall . l1olnert C. 789 . Stanley G. auer. X1 illiam .l.789 llulpin. .lames 11 . llamilton. Lester 11. 71 10 llamilton. l1i1'hartl l'. llannnontls. Samuel l". llampe. Carol '11, llanlpton. Gt-orge7 37. 99 llaney. l"runk llanlr-y. joseph P. 7- l 1-3 llanla-y. Uxsen IJ. llanley. 1111-haral ,l. 7 79 Ilanna. Nlary G. llauseu. lrving G. llansen. l1oger 11. llaraling. Nlary l.. 7113 llartling. l1ill7f88. 122 llarper. ffharlt-is llarrigan. N1 ary' l'i. llarris. lit-ryle 'A. 773 llarris., l"ern .l. 11UFI'lt'i..liIlllI5H l'1. 7 100 llarris., lxenneth A. llarris. l1ose S. llarrif-sou. licverlv .l.7-12-'1 llurrit-son. Glella -103. 118 llarrison, Pal:-ey .l. llarry. Maurive l.. llarv-shnian. Warrerl lf. 170 0 113 ' 00 Hars llart te. 11. l1iehar4l789 . .l. Ann-108. 109. 130 Hart. Paul .l.737 Hart. l1iehartl Nl. Hart. Shirley A.7l21 llartman.. Bruee G. Hartman. George 17.787 Hartman. Glenn Doris770. 109, 121 Ilasselkus. Kenneth 1,7134 llallieltl. Dorothy lf. llauley. .l.7120 Hauler. George A. llaxskins. Calvin E. llaukins. .l.71 18. 123 Hawkins. Lau renee l1auley.l'. .Allll7l27 llawley. Sherman 11.773, 81 llayelQ..lol1n N1. W.737. 73. 88. 102. 131 Hayes. Louise L.7l08. 123 llayes. Robert G. llayes, l1ohert lf. llaynes. l1obert F. llays. .lames l1.7l20. 113 llazel., Geral1l737 lleatl. l.ayerna 12.78-1 lleartl. Nlerle7-101 lleeli. Phvllis A.737 llevkert. 1'1us-taee 5. lleekert. Phillip 11. lleekrotte. Carlton 737. 102 lleitlen. Albert D. lleieltman. llonaltl l..7lLl-8 llllltlllllilll. Louanne S.-80. 105.117. 121. 130. lleimrieh. Eugene 11.7132 llein. Barney .l. 103. 102 llein. .loann M.737. 72. 102.112 lleineman. Paul A. lleinitz. li. Charles lleinriehs. Paul W. lleinze. llugo G.'132 lleltl. .lean780 lleltl. Thomas G.773. 90 lleltlt. Arthur L."1't8. 100 llelm. Paul G. llelman. Susie 111. llelyer. .lohn 11.7121 Ilemple. .lohn 11. lleunig. George 11. llenning. .lames D.-87 llenry. Geralrl P. llenry. Nancy .l.7l09. 12.11- llenry. l1oger E. 798. 10-1. llensley. George T. llepburn. Alive S. llerkimer. W'ayne li. llerman. .lohn A. llerman. .lohn C. llerman. N14-rvin A. llertzberg. l1iehar4l .l.-128 lless. Wayne T.-129 1311 lletriek. Wlillialn G.7l20 lleuerman. Marilyn ,l.737. 80. 131 lleyn. Garol M. llit-kman. lytbllllllflizl' lligginlrolham. 'l'homas l..790 lliggins. 110lDf'I'l fi. lligh. llonalcl .l. llill, Gary A. IIi1l,.lamt-s W. llill, Nlart-ia llill, 'N1arilyn.l.7-105 llill, A1ury737, 91 llill, Naney 10737. au llill, l'atrieia l.. llill, l1oualtl llill. Willis l'.7l18 llilt. 11lll'1P1.ll'U'811 llilvartl. Eleanor 111.7 118 lliuitlce. Naney 1..778. 108. 109. 1211 112 110. 117. 118, " -, llines, lingene W. 7- 118 llipp. Naney 11.7121- r. llirm-sig, l1oherl .l. llise, K. -1011. 110 lloag, Charles lloaglantl. Gt-raltl M. Everything FOR THE HOME ir KENWO0D SUPPLY 00. 4125 MONROE KI. 5716 QUALITY HOMES BY NOPPER CONSTRUCTION CO. KI 9561 4125 MONROE ST Kern. .I oliuson. Hof-kley. Albert E. 11oen. Elsie 11.137. 19. 91. 109. 126 Hoffman. Arlene l". 11ar1iara178 Pal 10111111.10-1. 1118. 111 lloffman. Hoffman. Hoffman. Suzzann R. Hofman. Carol lf: 112. 131 Holman. Nlare-ia137. 86 Hogan. Eugene R, llohm. Fl"2iIl1'1i.1.' 111. 132 lloleomli. Urla l.. Holder. Elmer R. llollifer. Doris 1-1.-1711 llolliger..1ames Nl. - 90. 160 llollouay. 'lihomas 12188 llolly. Byron Nl. llulllltr. Fred .l.1 1 191 lloltzman. l"rederia-1. lf. llolzer. Thomas 11. lloncycull. Ralph D. lluul. Ffiillls 11. llorner. x131'gll1't'l 76. 108. 117. 118. 122. 121 llorner. Robert NN .190 llorton. Rolu-rt D. llosteller. 11. Duane llolmer. Paul llouser. Patricia L. llouslon. lietty X. 103. 122. 130. 136 llouard. Roluert NN. lloxse. Richard C. 111lulull'1. 1'l12. 127. 1311 11oy1.1l610Il 11.1-78 lluddle. llouard Hudson. Rolrerl .1-1 111L 1lulT. lftlamae lluff. Laurence NN . -1 83 Huff. Patrieia X. Huff. Ronald 11.188 lluller. Carol .1.--108. 109. 118. 1'0 111 7 ...- l1uI'l'man.John Nl. 1108. 110 Jacobs. 13.1125 Jacobs. john 1. Jacoby. Benjamin XX ,lan-ohy. Charles-79 .lat-quot. NX illard 11. Jakuboysski. Rolland .1ames. Donald James. Donna Nl. 180. 101. Jamieson. Daniel 11. .1auis. 11.1l12.119. 1.3 1 ,1ano1'f. lflsie X. Jauossiecki. Richard ,1.1 37 3118 Janoxsski. A. lfugene .1ansen. llulrert 11.138, 87 Jansen. .1-1 76. 103. 122 .1arvis. NN illiani R. ,1ason. lfrank Nl. .1ay. Hex erlv -L191. 115 Jay. Shirley .l.--38. 66. 91. 96 121.131.1113 ,I1-llries. ffalx in .11'llK1llS. Ksa 17. 1 1 13 .1enkins. NX illiam 11. 1126 .lm-rsek. '1'heodore ,1ohnson. llarliara .1. 1118 johnson. lfslher .1. .1o1mson. Gordon lf. johnson. llarold 11. Johnson. .Iohn L. Katie l". Nlargaret .1. 1,1.lll1"1:21 Richard 11.--129 johnson. Johnson. johnson. .1olmson. johnson. Rolvert XL185. llo Roger NN . .lohns ton. NX yall .1ol1nslone. .loann 1.1178 .1ones. L1ll2iIlf't'Y 0. jones. Charles 11. .1oues. Dale l1.7111. 132 .1ones. .lames A. jones. Xlary 11.182. 121. 128 ,lones ,lordo , Uscar Vi. n, LeRoy138 Jorgensen. lflfrieda S. lluffman. Laurence Huffman, 111111111112 llulford. llerlrert 1 .1-104 llufford. Raymond R.1l29. 132 ,1orris. Rolrcrl138. 10.1 ,1osenhans.,1ames G.-1121. 129 Edward Nl. Jllyven jovee. ,lost-ph .1. Hugger. Fred C.190 1lug1hes.,1aek1-101. 103. 122 Hughes. Samuel J. Hughes. Tex173. 77. 111 lluke. Xaney 111178. 112. 118. 120.121.1151 llull. David X1.1fl25 Hull. Sally Kay191. 109 Hummel. Richard .1. Ilummer. Donald L. 183. 126 llundlev. William 11. llunt. ,llames C.-137. 121 llunter. Norman NX .17 . lluntley. Xlary li. f113 llurley. Nlary .1. llurst. Francis C. llllsi-. Donald C. llulehins. Kermit llulter. Charles P. 751. 111 lly tner. lfrwin Kralik. 1"rank ,1. Kap-ser. Richard 0. 110. 1 I-3. 1 18 1 1ag1uill1..1erry fi. 87. 111. 132 ldeu. Charles 11. 37. 100 limura. Nlasao 137 lrmen. 1'aul .1. -1 132 1ruin.Glenn 11. 37 lrnin. Rodney L. lll. 132 Irwin. Roger l". 1hl'Il1N'1'::. lx err-ou. 11Ill1l"117 Kenneth lf. 'N1ll5K1.J01lll K. Joyce. William .1. ,1udd. George .1udis. Bernard Judis. Bernice 1.111 1 .1udy. Shirley ,1.178. 108. 109. 12.1 ' .1uers. Katherine K Kaase, George W.185 3 Kalxel. Sharon L.178. 109. 118. 1-vi 1-17 Kachenmeister. Helen 11.1121 Kaehmarik. George Kahler. Herman C. Kahn. S.--104 Kalb, William D. Kalisik. 1"rank 5.1126 Kallus. Samuel Kanney. lfdward ,1. Kappas. George Karam. Theophile Karlnmxiak. Raymond ,1. 138 101-. Karp. Rolrerl N. Karrmann. Roluert U. Kai-sch. Donald D. Kaseh. l'1arl l". Kaser. William '1'. 138. Kassmann. .losepll K. Kaszynski. .loan -1. Kales. George Katz. 1'au1U.--38. 88 113' .lui-ksou. Lee .lau-ksoll. Riqllilfll 51. .1acoln. Patricia 1. 108 .lar-oln. Irllfblllil-4 1'. .lucoln-. Xmy lf. 113 Kalzenslein. 1'erry .1. --1 1 1. 1 1-.1 Kaufman. 1"aye A. 38. 105 Kay. Alliert Kamlin. Nl:-rle Roy Keeler. 1"r1-derick 1'i. lXl'l'Yl'1'..All11IUIl,' 38 172 Kelm. .lohn T. Keirns. Nlary Xl. Keiter. Edward 15.138, 100 Keiter. Roberl138. 100 Keller. David W.1126. 129 Kellogg. Robert l". Kemper. Edu ard .-L1128 Kennedy. Charles l". Kennedy. .leanne -M1126 Keogh. .lames 11. Kerliu. Slephen1f152 lfrnesl C. Kriz. .loseph A. Kroubaeh. James R. Krouse. Robert 13.183 Kruse. Frederick 12.139 Kuhic. Beverlee ,1.111-0 Kuellnle. Horace N. Kuenzle. Lela 11.1121 Kuhlman. Rolberl S.1112. 120 Kujaxsa. Rolrert l". Kurczeuski. Richard S.139. 81. 121 Kurlh. llerlmerl R. Kerscliliaum. llenry L. Kesler. f1arolyn'19l. 131 Kevern. liduard 1..156. 1 10 Kidney. David R. Kiefer. Karl J. Kiene. Richard lf. Kievit..1anel 11. Kiker. llelen1121. 162 Kiker. Russell 1.. Kimmel. 'lihomas D. Kimura. .laek X. King. llasil 1... Donald 11.11.29 King. King. lrldxs ard 1'.1l27 King. .lames li. Kinker. .lanice L. 191 Kinnee. Donald lf. Kinshays. .loseph Nl. Kirk. Donald 11138. 102. 127 Kirkham. .lames 31.177 Klag. 1"rederiek138. 100 Klag. ,loyce L.1108 Klaus. Carol ,1. Kutzke. Leonard Nl. lKNiiIJ1l'll- Km ialkoss Km iatkoys Kysiatkoxs .I H oan C. ki. 1"rallk1120. 169 ski. Xorman177. 119. h Kxxialkoxss 1311 ki. Robert 81.139- 121 ki. Ronald .1. 1, Lalnuzinski. Anne 11.1-39. 81- 121. 126. 131 Laderman. Blll'lU1l'75. 116 Lagos. Katherine Laishley. Earl 41.179 Lamlr. Terence G. Lamluert. Parke Lanuuiman. lieth A.186 Laneashire. Lucy Vi. Lane. Paul C. Lange. Darlene Lange. lfdxsard T.-131. 118 Klein. Alberta Klein. Donald 11.1"l10., 160 Klein. ,lohn Nl. Klein. Patricia A.-176 Kleinslup. Nlitchell 11.1101 Kleitz. Nlaryann 11. Kleparek. Edwin S.-39. 121 Kline. Dale A.1108 Klutz. Donald 11. Klolz. William ll. Kneeht. Riehard L.139 Knight. Martha J.-80. 105 Knopp. Clifford L.1129 Kuuth. Nancy A.186, 121. 126 Koberstein. Wlilliam C. Koehrman. Richard 11.139, 1-9, 119, 120. 125 Koepfer. .lo 'ce A. Kohl. ,lean 12.1811-. 108. 122. 122. 126. 128 Kohler, Carl E. Kohn. Stanley 1. Kondalski. Roman G. Konop. ,103IlllC'791, 108. 109, 122. 12-1-. 126 Kontak. Bruce D. Konwin. Robert .lohn Korecki. llelen l". Koroloff. James Steven Kostoll. Angr-lo1l32 Kolt. David J.--39. 102 Kotl. ,1osepl1ine186 Kotula. .lohn .1. Kovachefl. .loyee 11.1109 Kovacs. Nlargarel N. Kovacs. Robert A. Kowalszk. Edu ard L. Kowalski. Leona 13. Kowalski. 'lihomas .1. Kozliial. Richard .1. krajewski. .10sep111-87 Krajewski. Stanley .1.183. 126. 129 Krall. Ray' fi. Kramer. ,lohn 11.1128 Krantz. Charles Nl. Krause. Nlarian l'i. Krauss. Leonard S. - -1 1-0 Langermann. Louis C. Lange. Thelma 1'1.11l12. 112 Langley. William 11. Lanier. Arthur D. Lanzi. lidward ll. Lanzi. llarrv 111113. 152 Laplanle. Phillip 11. La Row e. Carol180 Larue. .lames D.1121 Larzelere, Keilli w.1l13 Laskey. Thomas S.1l03. 122 Lattin. SllS2lll'39, 86 Lauh. Mary 10.180, 112. 13-1 Lauer. Shirley A. Lauffer. Fred Launer. Ruth 111.129, 39. 811. 106. 128 Lavalley. Richard Lavoy, lfsther Lawler. ,lohn T. Lawniczak, David Lawrence. .lohn W. Lawson. William 111.185 Lay. Susan 1V1.186 Leake, Lawrence 11.156, 66, 73. 87. 95. 116. 125 Leatherman. Mar ' E. Leathers. Duane 111129, 140 Leehlak. Melvin L.139. 98. 102. 120. 13-1- Lecklider, ,lohn D. Lelller. Riehard 11.1152 Leighton. George198 Lcininger, Ramona C.112flf Leistner, Carl 11.188, 95 Leilcr. Bernie.-1148 Leizman. Aaron D. Lemkc. Kenneth 11.-83 Lemle. liarlnara .1.'109. 121 Lemle. Carl ,1. Len, .lames 11.11 10 Lenkay. .loscph S.189. Lenkay. Margaret139. Lenkay. RU1'lt'701, 108, 118. 126 126 Krell. Donald W. Krauss. llarry Kramer. .lolin K. Kreps. Rolner R. --102. 129 Krincr, Thomas 1'1. Krilzer, .lamcn-1 L. --87 120, 124. 126 Lennon. '1'homux-s 11 1 1 Lennox. 1'1liza1oelh K. Leon, Robert J. Leonhardt. 'l'om Leruth. Ifclix Leslie. Charles Lester. .Iuniw A.-76 Lester, .lohn 19.128, 39. 73. 853. 11.6 Leslrange, .1. ,loan 1 . The Varsity Inn wishes The Athletic Department success in l952-53 Jo. 5127 CAMPUS CLEANERS 8: TAILORS Persoflfzlizecz' Service il' 3057 Bancroft St. Toledo, Ohio Colony Bowling Center Central 8: Monroe i' Toledo,s Finest 20 Beautiful Streamlined Alleys Year Around Bowling - Free Parking LA. 4853 Hor11e of Inter-Fraternity League Orchard Drugs 'A' W. BANCROFT AT MIDDLESEX Prescription Service jo. 1911 C. L. GELOW and EARL O. BEAN .--in Axii, Ea 'ir V xv ..:' H ff 1 . ,sa A 't" jf . - - 173 a ,X Leltofslxy. Lanrenc-e H. Les erelt. Glenn I". Levis. Lexus. Franli R. 1.eu1s. ,loann llolh -101 Lexus. 1ohnf39. 102 Leu is. 1.illian 1. Carolvn--103. 102 10.1 Lewis. Harilvn 11.780, 130 Lian ns. Sophie 1.i1111e. Charles 1".f102 I.i1-11. Duane lf. Liebau. Gerald .1. Lielran. Ralph ,1. 1.ie11er. Carl '1'. 1,llje. Ilonald ll. 1132 Lillivll. I-.1I11ar11 11.7113 Limmer. XX illiam II. 1.indeinnlder. .lflllll Gin l.indner. Rolaerl I", 1.inal sav. James X. Llllllsdy. Pllllflllilll Lindsey. Sally I..--80. IIT. 121. I w Line. I'18I't'IlI H. Lim'.11.I1eu-re f . T. 118 II" 12' Lmgel. Ilori-as U. l.ingle. Harv H2 1.inI. I.i no . Xrlhui' ,1. -. -1 1 110. 1.1. iilrh. NFIIIIII' ..- I 101.131 I.illin. Hanny 11. 1.lllll'. .lames X. Lixingslon. Ilnnalnl 11. Hannik. Andres Hansor. Wiilliain-83 Hanwaring. David Hapula. Frank Hareiniak. Rohm-rlfl32 Harvy. Roluerl Hariasy. 1'1i1'har1lfTT Harilx. Slanley--f10. 101 Harlnxooul. Rolnerlglll. 132 Harmaek. williainffil Harr, Grillin - 132 Hartelsman. .Ianel Harlenel. 11 illiam Harlin. Ceeil Harlin. 11er11erl'-1011. 100 Harlin.,1oan Harlin. Phillip-153 Harlin. Phyllis --10, 01. 01, 111 131 00. Hartz. Roherl -80 Hasha. Alalii Hason. Palria-ia Hason. Pauline Hassev. .loxee-fill. 11 Hasl. Ylfern-aril Hallen. Arthur Hallheus. 1IarolynA-30. 11 70, 00. 1051. 122. Hallhesss. 'l'homas Halloni.,1ohn W 111 131 Heeker. Shirley-T2. 80 Heeker. Thomas Heeks. Luanne-121 Heloy. ,Ioan Hereer. IIm1ar1I Herieliel. Chloe410T. I-111 Herry. 11iehardf132 Hessinger. Emerson Helzer. Glenn Helzger. 1.ois-'11 Helzger. Loujean Hever. Hargarel Heeker. James-11. 100, 129. 150 Heaardjian. Slephenfll. 32. 88 Hiehael. .lalnes Hiehael. 11'illiam-87 Hin-halak. l1o1ierlf12. 121 Hiehalslii. .lolln-811. 132. 130 H if-hel, 1i:0IISl2il1f'?41-11. 12.1 Hielxel. Rin-hard Hieliel. Ronald Hieznili. llshak Hia-znili. Shlonm Hiddendorl'. Allen Hihalko. Donald Hikloseli. Harlinflli Hilioleski., 'lihaddeus Hiles. liealriee Hiles. Donald 1.04-Iller. liumain lf. Y.-3-1. 83. 100 I.4m!. .larque 12. - HJ1. III Peggx f100 I,oo. lfnlxszlrcl--3111. 13. 33. 110. 12.1. 1 Lon. X1 illialn Y 132 1.n0llI1s. liieliard X.-10 1.11-I1I11111gI1. liolnerl Y 10 LIIIHIUIIN. llnlnerl 1. lame. Kennelli 11 ,-HT Lone. NX elisler Il. I.uallen..1.-H19 I.u4'al. lfsllier I.. I.u1'as. Joseph l.ll4IIllIll. Hilflreul 1.ugil1i1il. Ifulierl 11. l.lIkiiN11'N1l'l. 11. ,luanne -30. 10. TH. 100. 120. 1-0 1.nmley. .lean H. -f 111 Imp:-. Sleplien I". I.uslu-r. 11 illiam I". I.u-lx. 1.urol I.. er. Harvia 1. -'10 1.nlz. Bf'!'llElI'lI 1.. - 10 14115. llivliurd I.. 1.3111-I1. Hary I..-10, 00. 1.51'1i. 'I1IlUlll2l'- Il. H Hallson 1'i1x in Ian-li Halyola. llelen Nlklllll. Harlha Haunller. Ilaniel-113 Hauler. 1X0lIlH'IllA'13f2 Haj. Iioherl Huyers. Ilerlu-rl-101 Hazznreo. Hary Rose 11, 0 100 122 121 170 H1-Xlisler. Charles Y80. 132 T Hi'Xllisler. Gerald Hellride. flharles-11. 121 H1-Lallisler, Ilieliardf--11 H1-Carlhy. .loan-T0 Heliarlhy. Robert-87 Heffarlney. .lohn H1-1.arly. Donald-1-1. 102 H1'f.lain, 11onna411. 108 H1-Clelland. :Kl1're11f11. 101 H4-Clnre. Harie H1-filurg. Norman Hefilnslxey. Clay-89. 110 He-florinic-lx. .lose-ph Hillar. 11. lirueef 1-2 Hiller. Aiigelaflel. 103. 103. 120 Hiller. Carl --83 Hiller. CharlesAI2. 83. 12'-1. 131 Hiller. Charline Hiller. l'111NiH'lI Hiller. I"ram-esA8 I. 108. 111. 122. 121. 120 128 Hiller. .1aek1'135. 118 Hiller. Ixennelh Hiller. Leon Hiller. Nlarilyn .1. Hiller. Marilyn H.-- 1-2. 07. 81. 95 122 Hiller. Hiriam-121 Hiller. Naney ,-K. Hiller. Naney A.f80 Hiller. Nancy I..-TH Hiller. 11ie1iar11f90 Hiller. I1olnerl489 Hiller. NW aller Hiller. Waynevl-13. 100 Havllunald. ,lohn -- 10. 1 10. 1.11. I Ill Has-In-n..1aun-. 10. 01. UT. 100. 11111, III1 alll 'r' 11 10.01. 80. 101. IIT. 121, 110 10" Hu1'ha-ll. .IW I 1. L'1. f L. Nlilflllll-Ixl. ,IIIIIUII ,1. AH Havl Havlmay. Harj H. M105 xlU4'Ix1'f.,l1I1Ill 1. 120 Havkin. 'lic-rrem-e 102 Haelxsex. .lolln Haf'I'1lii-. fiaroly n TL. xllll'1ilX.l1UllIlIl' 10,07 -2 'I' innlxas. 121-urge 11'I 00. Haclrxi lumski. Iii:-lluril Halle-r. ,lame- Haln-r. 1.1-11 Halma-n. .lamvs 120. II1 Halium-w.. 1.1-11 Hahr. Ifrank Halumslxi. NUFIIIUIII 1 111. 100 1-. 11. 11.1.11 I 10 1.11, Hanilli. 11 illium H:miaI1.I1mlal1l 110 Hanley. .IU Ifllen '11 110 Harm. Ilun xIl'f10l'lll1l'IQ, liolrerl-11 Hr-Cnrniiek. Sheila Ha-1. H4-fi H411 Hr-12 H1-11 Hr-11 rae. Ilarold rosliey. Roy une. .Iames --31 . une. 'I homas urdy. Nam-y-11. Il lllf'1lilIl..IU11ll"11 H1-llonaggli. 11 illiam Hel Hr-If Heli Heli H141 H141 'HPC H1-11 NIV11 Hi-11 lonell. .lames lrny. 114-nnisa-HT. 1'1" lroy. llelen ee. .11-an 1-1-..l11Im NIJ. 11. II'1 1-1-. NX illiam - 101 ill, Ifolwrl 7132 small. ,lllllll ran. 111-urge regnr. llunald H1-Imiis..1umc-s H1'I'x1-nzie II3 Hu-Ixilnlrins. Ilnrolhy Ha-1xinl1'y.1ll1-nn T0 NIl'l.il1ll. Ilarlnara H1-I..1m. .las-qnelul ll H1'I.auglilin. -Iuhn Ha-Halmn. llarry ---T1 H1'Halmn. Hur, Y 11. Ill' 1.11- NIVXIUTIIUII. Ifivllarll lim 11' 1.21 H1-N1-il. Car - - ' LL. xII'Ixll1I,1il'III':jl' H1-I'I1uiI. N. BT H1-11111-. ,lulm Hedley. llunailll NII'l'Ix. 1illFlIUIl H1-1-I.. 'II. xllll 111. 1011. 10" Hiller. William R.- 12. 132 Hills, .1ohnv132 Hillslein. David Hillssard.. Ilif-hard Hilroy, William Hinke. I1azelA12, 33 Hinke. llerlrerl Hisinda. Ilia-har1lfl3T Hilehell, llarley Hilc-hell. Ilnherl Hillendorf, ,lean Hoen. Harilyn-12. 131 Huenler. lflmer-12. 121. I Huesll. "11l'ilIlllI'1' Ho1ie..11'I'rj' '71 Holnar.1Qil11erl Honroe. I.elandl102 Hnoney, Ilouglas Hoore. fiharles Hoare. Iloris Nloore. l'1loy'41 Honra, 111-iiald Hunrc. Ilarris -111. 132 Hmrre. .lmlyf 78. 1011 Hour:-. liic-hard-110 Nllll'1'I'..I4'illlIIIIll' -80. 100 Hnrer-. 1,1-lzmnl Horc-Ili. Tony -12. 112 Horgan. ,I1'lllllll'11l"' T11 Hnrgan. Kim-1-ul Horgan. William 12 Horin.,1ohn -129 Horlan. Phillip Horris, ,Iohn 20 Horris, Harlha -110, 1111. 131 Horris. liieharrl NIIDFFISIIII. .lame-s Horse. Benny Morse, Franklin Horton. Philip--12. 1-18. 13 13:1 Hoser, Edward Hoser. Henry Nloshiv-liosseini. Saleh Hostouii. Hussain Holley. Ethel Hougey. .1oan4T2. T0 Howery. lioherl L.-07. TT. 11-1 1 1 1 Hueller. .lohn-12 Huhleman. Duane-83 Hulligan. Barbara-03. 121 Hurau a. 101111781 Hnrphy. Gloria-80 Hurphy. Hazel-109 Hurzynski. Eugene H usialosx ski. N Ol'Ill2il1'88. 131 Hyers.. l'1ar1 Hyers. 1"au1A1 13 Hyers, Ralph N N adolny. Ifdwin Nagy. lioherl Nakayama. Yoshio-130 Nalios, Irene-T0 Nardy. Yineenl-10-1-. 113 Nauman. Naney-105. 107. 118 109 111118 I'1 170110 s 'n --'Q--1 Naveaux. Robert Naviekas. Thadeus Neal. Charlene Neal. .Iames Neidlinger. Naney-13. 121 NesleroI1'. Sam Newell. .lames Newton, ,ltlllllf-1.7 Nichols. l1oherlf153 Nicholson, llarryflsl-H. 153 Niese. Leo N igh lingale. Nanev -112, 108 122. 128. Nippe, Carole-730. 103. 121 Nilkiewiez. '1'homa:-1 Noland. Donald-35. 13. 10.1- Noller. 1'1avir1f89 Nopper.. I1arharaf120 Nordgren, Alva Nordgren, Carol Nord:-ziek, 1Normaf1'12. 103. 103 Norlh. Cllarlf-5770 NOFIII, l,.orene Norton. Donald lNovaeli. Carol Nowak. Iiiellard .I.-100, 100 120 1 1 - . Nowak. lliehard '1'. Nmsieki. RIl'Iliil'lI Nmsmxiejski, Suzanne Nye. .Iames 11 Ulienunr, I"loy1l-81. 1 I-II Ulirfrle. Nlargarel-32. 13. 01 01. 00. 101. 122. 120. Uliersl. Glenn U'l1rir'n, 'I'liomas -81 Udeslxy. Philip Uehler, Doris ,-X. -110. 111, 121 Ogle. Harvin Ifllaru. George 11'IIara. Sarah Uhlman. lX1'Illl1'lIl Ui:-n. .Ii-lllll'r1'II1I 1I'l.anglilin, 'I'1ioinas 011-n. .loam Oliver, William Olsen, llans I1'Nei1l, llaviul 73, T0. 131 11ni1-1110, 1Hil1'hel1-115. 110 Upperniun. Ilonulrl Ilrile. .Iames Ilrile, Samuel Urn:-lla, Iioln-rl 1 AN P Q Irv Pollock, Inc. Toledo Blue Print and Paper Co. 2655 Monroe Street 316 superior st. Tel. ADM 7224 -A' SPECIAL PRICES Your Fawfife Mefwfy Dealer DRANVING SETS T-SQUARES New and Used Cm TRIANGLES SLIDE RULES COMPLETE SERVICE ARTIST SUPPLIES Grace E. Smith's Restaurant Service and Cafeteria Nladison at Erie Nationally Known For Good Food Toledo Camera Shop Everything in Photo Supplies Rapid 6 I-lour Developing and Printing 225 Huron Street Toledo 4, Ohio Osgood. Jeanne-106. 120, 162 1011. 162 Usgond. NanCyA29. 43. 91. Hass-ge. Robert Oster. Scott Husky. Richard Uverly. .lark-13. 108 Hx ernlever. Arthur Uuvzariak. Iillgfllt' P Pavel. Franvis Palll. Ruherl Pain:-. Barbara Pair. lJllll3lll'TL, Pair. Xlarrxia-13. UI. llllu Pakulski. XX allvr-'lUH. 123. l3T l'aIling1o?r. llnlure- Palmer. llvluf-Li. .L UU, lllll, P3 P0 Palmer. Gerald--43. I 13. IH Ham arslf 13. lil Pahuer. lliilIlIt'l". Janna- TT Palmvr. Lnrin Paluszeski. Hosf-lnariv Barbara Palu'uiT. I,iiIIt'llflli. Rulwrl 39 Puppaw. Pannln-HH. Ill. lfif l"aqm'llr. Lvu Purahua. Xlivhum-IA 13. l2l Paris. llvurgvfl 13 Park. Terry fl-W. HK. IIU, I22 l'arl. lirxin l,iil'l0y2lIl. Sona-'13. Th. HN. lff. lfl l'a5lur. Hurulllx I,iihZk'lN..llbllll v Paszlumfku. lrcm- ' 13. IHS. lllll, I31. l3T Ihillilf-.lUNt'llh' 121 Paul. Shirley Paul. Rlllll Vulxlillski. Xlarx Kun I3. NIO. lfh. lfil Pauly. Ilvlvn l'uulz. flhurlcf - I3 Kmlre-xx Xrnnlfl l'uuliLnuski. Paul Pax los. Pan los, Van luuivz. Tllulllzx- Puzflziur. john -Y IIH. 133 l's-arvr. Hivharnl IN-url. Iflizalwlll l'4'an'. linlwrl I,l'lh'l'h!'ll. .lHlll1'- - HU l'1'lIun. .I2IIlll'N ffl. 33.13. IHH. llll. lfil l'a-lu-n. Rnggvrf- I I3 P1-pin. Uluriu - HI. ILZI l'1-ra-guy. Hurlruru 'fkill-. H. -Tl l'e-rlmullvr. ll. Y- T3 I'1'rlnlulI4'r. Sanfurul TS. Ifil l'vrrin. I,illI'iI'i2l Pe-rrx. La-n I'I'I'l":-. Rilllillll P: V4-rrx. Vary - IHH. Ill'L I22, IQI l'l'Il'r-. l':Il'illllll' Vvlvrf. Y irgginiu 13. IU. Th. 131 l'4'll'I'b0lI. 'lxlllbllllli 132 l'vlllk4'. Kun lligjrf-xx.Uurl1'llr HM 4-ull. Harrie-ll lfi. lf!!! Pllillip-. lla-nrx Phillip-. ,lullul TI Phillips. Nivhurul Plmlu-. kllIIll'fiIll' 13. ILIH, Ifil ',il'kllI'H. U1-nrgr Pc' Ph ,. .. - I lvl. Ihr-mlnrv H. l'ia-rm-. Hnlwrl l'i4'r-ou. W illium I'ig11rll..lLll1l4's Pilkirlglurn. Xlury 843, HW Villlu-rlnll. Hvlvn Pin. Hirllurll ll. 'NL lllln. 120 Viulrfns-Li. lllurin INT. IH! l'irnuZ. Vurxiz l'i-Akavll. 511-x 4- IIIS. 'IH Vilrlu-r. I'll'MiIl Pizza. Gloriafl-1-. Th. 122. 124. 1"f -1 Plaslerer. Ruth-H. 102. 112 Poafl. Robert Povolte. Robert-129. 13-l Poletes. ,lamec Polland. Phvllis-107. 129. 134 Pollauf. Het-ly Pullauf. XY illiam Pope. Palrivia--31. H. 81. 109 Post. Alyve-81. HIS. llh Pnllvl. Xamni Puulos. l':l'll1'Sl 112i Poulsuu. 4ihl'iSlt'lN'7t'1. Th. 109. Pvulson. Nora Pmu-rf. Nurman- H. IUU Pon ers. RFK-33. 03. H32 l'1mlr'slallel. llunahl-88 124 Prall. fflmrlvs- H. 93. 104. 13-l Prejsnar. lfllnurll-101. 113. lflr Price. Barbara 'QL NIB. 124 Prix-e. ,luhn Prive. ,lllllilll7l0T- 1158. IIH. ln" lag. IU! Prollenge-ivr. XilIIl'f"14. 811, 100. 131 Prmnlfnnl. Nh-rlun Prolnlfool. Paul- ll Pullella. Jann-s Punches. G. --'NL ISS Pune-hes. .hum-s Purlill. .lurnes-I13 Pulman. Paul Pulz. Snnju--ll. HI. UW. 1 Q Quillvr. Dania-l Quinif. Rif-harzl Quinn. NX illiam f- I I3 Quirl. 'rum li likilIilll'Zlll. G4-ruhl -- TU Havimrl.. Rami, f 822 Raelanmiv. lhmivl Rafllkv. XX illialn Rahman. xllIhi.llllllll'4l liahrig. .lnhn Hajaki. W illiam Rake-flran. .lurm-P - 00. ISU Rdmlrr. Lv-wr Ramsvur. he-nm-lh Ruxnwx. liulhn I lfn. IZQ Randall. Klhurlm-5 Kallnllc. lfrluurcl - HT lialujvzak. liulwrl -f ll Rullu. Frank Kay. Nunvy WHI1, IHS. lllln, lima. NX illium R1'ils0ll. ffluir Rl'f'l1'llhUlll.,IUIIP 'ffl livalzl. liivllural HU. HH. lla Rc-nhlillg. NX illium l:l'l'll., XHZIII lim-fl. ,lnhn liflvlla Jflxfq' R1-1-ll. lil-lly H4-lnl..lnyf'1' -WI. lh-lm. liunulal -n. -3. .9 UT. 'M IHI. NIU K1'iI'lllill. Us-rulul Ih-iel. lmrim' Rc-ill. Hun HU Re-inlmll. Hou:-I ICPIIIHIPIII. ffuq lie-ip.lru4-ll. Hllflllllllll Il Ra-ihlf-r., NEIIIP, 29. ll II8. I"l In-1 IZT 05. lI'J I I. Th. I22- IZII lie-In-r. lfmlulal N4-jf-nl. Hulwrl H. IZZI lh-ruvlm. Vurilyn 'ffn R4'I'lll'Il2l, Xlury 'L IHS. lilly H1'f'IN'll2l. Nan:-y IT! I Reynolds. Alicef112. 115. 118. 124- Reynollls. Nancy-100. 104. 134 Reynolds. Paul Rhoaules. Mary Lou-45. 81. l00.. 124 Rhulen. Ralphfllfi Rive. llerlnc-rtfll3 Rim-P. Russell-45. 100 Rich. Donald-45. 07. 97. 103. 108. 112. 118. 121. Rich. Nlyrlle Rim-haral. Palriviaglil- Ric-harals. Rulvertf88. 104 Ric-harelfon. Nancy-108. H8. 171 IV! 122. l30 RiK'hIIl0lllL Williamffm. 102 Riddle. William Rinlguav. Donald Iii:-be-. Stuart Ril'llllliiyt'l'. Rnberl Rirhrn. Iillitlll Rivkvr. Mary ,lan6f9l. HUT. II2. l3l Riemlouu. Vary L.-Th. IIZQ Rift: Sum' Riff: Duane-1 I0 Riley. Donald RiIlllll4'I'. Naomi-IOS Rippnn. ,lohn-81. H8 Hiller. lu-nm'lhf89. lltb liilz. Rh:-a Ritz:-nlllalvr. Kayffif' Rilllllilll. NX alter IRUIIPTIS. .laur- Ruln-rls. Yufl R0llQ'I'lSIbIl., Daniel Robison. Roy-106. l2l. l32 liohilaillv. Doris-T6 Rm-knoll. Crunl Rmlvnlmuser. Edgar Rm-hrs. John Rugvrs. Lens ell Huge-rs. Xallvy-.11. Ol. l0.x. IIB. lql Rugggv. .launch Rullrhuvhvr. Donald liohrvr. lfmlu anl Rnkhm-jzul, Karim Rmnano. lionalcl!l0l-. ll3. IIN: 1 'I Rumhavh. Huber!-83. IJ: Rosv. Rivharfl--73. 122. 126 Rn-0. Rugcfr-l32 RUNPIIIDLIIIIII. lluwarcl RUlIl4'lIlPQ'I':I. .lamcs liolumln. f:illhl'l'iIlC'7lU3, lllh Rolmulo. xt'llllllI'U"IU3. lflr Ru! l4'I'lIillll. Shirley- T8 liuuppas. NX illiam Roush. NN ilrla liousns. 'rim -' l I I, IQIL I I0 ROHilll1l.. 'Uhvrlf39. H23 Rnzunsl-xi. .IUSUIJII Rubin. Gilln-rl Runlv. IXQIIIIIPPIIYIZI Rlll'Q1:1l'. Xl arian- I5 liupuni. Nmim-humlruf-Y-IS Rupp. .Iuhn Rupp. Phyllis -'HTL lil Rupp. linln-rl lhuvh. INI'lIlIl'lll7l2l Hush. .lzum-.- -- 13. 38, IZIB Rush. .lullll liussc-ll, f:Il2.lFIl'i lilniravll. .lnvk lillsnf-II. lumix--I 12 Rm-su-ll. W illilllll ISS lillllumski. I,0IIillll - 1112 liulknu:-ki. lXI'llll1'IIl Hull:-algc-. li. 83 HIIINUIIIHS. Ile-nry II vun. lflaim- liQun. U4-rahl HU, I20 HSHII. .lunu-H -15, I I8 S lxvilh 73. 88 Huuri. San-k. Uvrulwl Suvkmun. .lnlm Sac-kslc-der. Alvin Sadd, Adeb-TT Saffar. Nadhim Sager, James-132 Sahadi. Gabriel Sakols. Charlene Salyers. Eugene Samaklis. James Samson. Donald-83 Sanderson, Lillian4l0l Sanduk. .lasim-121 'I Sandusky. Beverly-T8 Salusbury, Anna!-123 Sanslmry. Howard Santoro. Gilbert-l t3 Sanlus. John Sanzenhacher. Rivharnl Sapro. Xlaxlhu Sargenl. Ric'har1lf8ll Surlur. Frank-I3-ll Saul. Ervin Siillllkif. Elainefgh Savage. .lohn-TT. I-5 Sauaale. Deloris-T8. H38 Saxsarle. lrenefT8 Saxer.. Joanne-86. I00. 12 l- Saxon. Minna Sayers. James Savles. Daximl bran:-s. Gene Svhallenfroh. Huberl Sc-haefvr. .lohnf-L3 Svharffer. Xlerrillfff Scharf.. Carole SHIHIISICII. John Svhciqlvrer. Dale S1-lwpperl. Sallyf29. 15. 1112. Sm-lwrvr. Rirharfl Svhinnning. Delbert-H8 51-hliovvrl. Ronald S:-hmcrl. liullolph T8 l0.w Sf'l'lllIilh. Phyllisfiif. HP3. lf!-L S1-lnnirlt. Ronnie-H3 hl'lllll"ilIt'l'. Angeline Sl'hlN'II.. NI ary 51'h0L'l1'l'..lC3Il'8U., UDB. 1221 S1-horn. .lacquelyn-93. 1113 S4-hull, Urmaml S1-hmm-r. Ge-urge-H3 bvlmnwr. Xlorlon S1-lmumnakcr. .lanwf Svllrag. Svull Y IZZS Ss-hrm-aler. liqlxsural Svhrumler. .lunwsu TU Svllulak. liernural Sl'llllIll'.. XY illiulllf I5 be-hullz. ldllflfflll' Svhulll. Rivllnrnl Svhulll. Rolwrl-I-5 51'lllllllil1'hl'T. llonulel Sc-huslvr. Allan 127 :5l'hlIllliil'hl'I'. .luurllim - 1-3. HU S4'lIll5l4'l'. Garry S1'huslf'r..I. ll.-100 Svlmslor. Robert bvhnl l. Gordon Svhullz. Slaullvy Sl'llllSlQfl', G. fT5 5l'IlllSlf'I', ,Iuhn Sr-lm umm. Carl S1-lmun. Donald S1-huurlz. Nllanfl I3 Sc-lmurlzhvrg, Syelnvy -T3 Sr'lmcinhag1f'n, llnlwrl Svllll, l"ram'is--67. 73. TT. HU. lg., bvull. ,Inhn-32. I-.L fn. 1 1. ll.m. Ill? Hrull. Rnlwrl Svriluwr. 'rllillllllli sl'ilIlIilll. 'Vlary A. TH. IOS, Svnrlr-s. liulh S1-uxsalvr, Cllarlcn'--87 Sm-unun, Donald 51-vmau, rlvlllblllilti 51-ig:-r. llanivl Sa-itz. Louisi- Sl-ll, Arthur IOS - C on gmtuleziions and B est Wishes . . . 'A' YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER 'A' 922 Phillips LA.-2121 FROM CARL F. WEISSENBERGER, Inc. Dollar for Dollar You can 't beat a PIIN T IAC BROWN MOTOR SALES 901 FRONT STREET Your Friendly Pontiac Dealer Sehnel.. Tlionlasfltltx. lfl SEIIPF. Phyllis-T3 Senev. Ilenrv Smith. William lf, Smith. William II. Smithers. llaroltl-IT Smuel. lfranlxlin Snotlv. Patrivia-'lT. Tf. Sl. Ill- Snoxsvazlzlq. Hutlolph Snytler. Donahl Snytler. Paul Solon. .I ae-L ---II3 Sora. X.-HT Soriano. Tlx:-o:IorNiafIT. llll Spanoualia. Louis -'03 Spear. llonaltl Spet-lx. Suzanne - IT Spenthofli. 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W illiam Siglar. tlharle-5 'I'hompson. Shugarman. IlIt'IlLII'4I Shuler. llilly Shull. ll illiam H3. Iftv Shultz. ,Iohn Shultz. Thoma- Sivo. Ifranlt I3 Sivlwrt. .lllllll'-f Illll. Ifll Siletaki. lelioxlna 15. Itlf Silha. Ilonalnl Silt a. .lnftiniano - IS. lltl. I ll! Silu-rlu-rg. Norton Silxefter. Ixenneth Simmons. Ixenneth ltr Sinunona. Itoht-rt--'I lil Simon. .loseph - ltr. TT Simon. le-rue'-l3l Simomls. Iivtty- QI Siinomls. ffatherina- Sinvlair. lion -IIT. TT. 93. I... .V- Smgl. Ulu-rt'-.9. I22. IZ... ISU Sing. I'auI T9. ISU Siroiw. Ita, -Y ISS Siroi-. Roger Silva. ,lun-ph Shall. Itivharal Sltilnhlti. ,lohn Spive. Burton!-ISS Spielwr. Natalie - IT Spie-se. Nana-5 7 IT. SI Spinazxe. Lillian -IU3 Spifz. l'It'lll'Sl -IT. HT Spitza. Ifiuvry Spohlvr. Xnxon Sprague. tflarenvt' Spring. Lutluiglf HU Spring. rllhoma- Springer. IIi1'har4IflT. HT. Il8 Sprowf. Charle-a - l I0 lla Sprosf. Suzanne IT. QI. lllf. Sprynflq. Uxanna-Altltt Sliiilvl. Xtlulltll Stafliortl, Xlarxin Stahl. Iionaltl-I32. I3I Stahura. Irene-I09. Ifllt Staley. I.IoyaI Stahna. .lost-ph - I 13 Slang:-. Xnnalwllt'-IT Starkey. ll4'lt'll" IT. To Stearns. Louie Stetlman. tlarhara-IT. 811 Stelianoff. Ilarry Stega-man. .lohn 5ll'IlIlDt'T,2I. Ilolterla IHS Steinent. Ihnitlf-HX. I32. lflti I lllll Steinhauer. Carolyn-Y 9 . Szkunl Iarek. . Xlarie Szymanslxi. Szymanski. Szymanel-ti. Szkuul Iarelx lfllsuorlll-ltlf .lames Nl arlenef l2h PhiIipfX3. lin Tala-rner. Ilrris Takavs. Xnnlrexs il Ili 'I'akavs. ll illiam Tally. Peter Tanner. ShirIey'f8ll. IOS. 13h Tanner. Conrail Tanner. .lames Il. Tanner. .lame-. Ii. Tanner. ,lane I' tul Tanner. z 'l'aormina. .luliusfl I3 Tarrenl. .lames Taylor. Ilarhara--32. ljtt Taylor. I'IIainefT8 Taj lor. Nlarien Tavlor. Sltirlev-IIN. llli. I22 Tai' lor. Tay lor. Taylor, rllltont-ae Y irgil - IT William -l ltl Toth. Pele Tom e. Nlargaret Travis. lliehartl Tr:-vena.. Xaney-36. 124 Trinkner. Roger Triplett. Xlelvine-l 13 Trippensee. Bruce Troy. .litnmie Troy. 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I"ranf'es-33. IT. 81. 124 Teiglantl. ,lohn -l2!t Teitlehaunt. Iilliottvl ltm. IIT Tellam, Iinlnartl-TT Tellam. .lames Templin. .lames Textor. Nant-y Thal. Leonard Thaver. Iiohert 7 I ' I H I hehes. I homas Thomae. George Thotnas. Ilailiaa Tt......a., Vivtor ' I tome. a er Il W It 'l'hompson. llonna -'80, IIT. IIB. t2t.t27.13o Ut'orgef83.. I I8 Slat-It. Ylarjannt- TQ. Ho, Un. IIT SIoan.IJong1Iafa I32 Sloan. liurtlon Ili. 38. lttt. I I3 Smir-h. l'l4Il!lllIltI" Itll fllIllf'IiAltsIxl. Iiivhartl Smilax. .lane Illll. I2t. Illia Sllllflll. Ill-alrirv Smith. Ilaxisl Smith. Ile-an Smith. Uvraltl SlIlllll..lU1'llIll'lflI IIIH. ltlfl. I Ill. Ill Smitlt. .lllllI1'- I". Smith. ,lam-t ltltv. lol Smith. .Ioan Smith. .Ioannv Ill! Smith. ,luyvr Illfl Smith. Nlarxin Smith. l'auI Smith. Ilivharul Smith. Hog:-r ltr Smith. Hoi- Smilh. Sallie Smith. Sslu--it-r Itt2. I I3 Smith. 'l'Itoma- K. Iltt Smith. 'I'homaw II. Smith. 'I'homu- Xl. ll: Stine. .lohn Slllll'lll'lliQ'I'. .lane- Stm-Ixaral. Knflren Stone. Ilarhara Stone. .lavlx -T3 Stone. ,Iohn Stona-ry ph:-r. .lolm Stoner. ,lohn Slonis. Ifeltxartl Storm. Ilotsartl Sl0yllIlUXll'Il, George- Stoyrlla-fl. I.iIIialt Slrahlvy. Iiart Ill. lilo Stranahan. Ihtane Straulr. .luIir-- Htl. IIIU. I212. Illtt Slrrilv. Ilarlnara lill- Strolwl. Lynn Tl Stuart. llfrc-rl Stuart. Shirley Ill. Illlt. Inf Sttnla-r.Ila-ralelyiir I03 Stualt-r. .lan Slllkf'y, Iluth IT. Itlh. ltlll. lftg Sturtla-x ant. Louim- Stull-r. ffarul IIT. Illl. ILZI, Sullivan. II. -'I I3 SIIIIIIIIVFS. Ylril- tT. 80. IZZI Thompson. Glenda- I IH. IIZI 'I'hompson. Nlarttit' Nlarvf-98, ltlll Thompson. . Thomson. Louis Thorpe. Ilohert -T0 Thrush. Carl-fllll 'I'hurher. Ilonalnl- I-8 'l'hurman. .lean-IH. IOS. II3 Tltyen. Leo rlillyvll. Nlargarel -'HI-. IIZZ. I2l Tiffany. Arthur 'I'iII1-y, llarhara -I8 Iillman. l,IZlIl1"'8Il. Lil 'l'iIItnan. Georgi- 'l'ipIa4Iy. Iiolwrt 'lIlIlllPllllillI4'!'. .lac-I. 'lIItlI4'., Ilarolzl 'l'omIaIx. .Iann-fa HW. IZZB 'II0lkll'h,All:l1'l1I 85 'I'oIIt-fsrml. Warren 'I'oIIy. ll arrn-n 'I'om. Ilonuhl , . . . - loin. Iuultson- lla. lltt lunmeln-rger. I human Top:-ail. Aurora -' I23 'l'orio. Ilominii-It ISI! lenters. DonaItI48i. IJ? Yerner.. .lames Yi-at-Ika. Stephen W t'llBt'. .lohn Yi K I'ImartI 80 IIT ww. 21 N ivla. .lohn fllll Vigh. Ilonaltl-Stu W itale. .lames Yugelsaiig. llorothy4 LII. 6T. 'll Illll Illl Q Vogt-Isang. Roger Voigt. I'TmiI Volker.. Phyllis A811 Yolmer. .luri Yoltz. .lon Yorheei. Ilolwrl Voshurgh. Xlary--I8 Youtlouris., Georgialltlll Nouclouris.. I'auI W xx!ill''5+ll3.,126. l.m0 Wavhoxsiak, .lolm Wadsworth. Iiorlger-Ill. II13 Watlle. .Ianni-fs fl-ll. T3. 39. IZ-If? Waggoncr, Ilonffill. IIILZ Wagner. Ilivharcl Wagner. Ilolansl Walker. Donaltl W all-tt-r. .lean Walls:-r. Norman Walk:-r. Pall -I-8. till. Tll. ltlft Wallave. Iiavmoml Walters. William '- H9 Walton. Arthur Walton. tllarem-r Walton. Ilolwrl ll'aItz.'I'. 90 Wartl. ,lean - Ittn Warsl. Lila- 80 Warfu-I. liohf-rt Warmhiur. Nlivltavl Warm-r. IIouar1I Warm-r. l'IlvIIie+YHl, lllll. Ill Warrit-k, Ihirl' -IW Watkins. Lona -I23 mf' 4 xi M if-f , OWENSQQQILLINOIS GLASS COMPANY TOLEDO 1. OHIO Villenlierg. Xalclemir--19. 165 XX XX atkins. Suef11'1. 124 atson. .lamef-00. 102 XX'alsnn. Fallv-18. 86. 109 XX XX 1 XX XX XX ' XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX ayne. Carl?7S ealherlmll. lxennelli eax er. Eugene-12h eaver. ,1anisf8'1. 121. 13-1 eaver. 11oberlA 104 eaver. Ruth-100 eber. Helly -122. 128 eimlinger. Elizaln-111 eik. liernarml eiker. Xlarilyn- 28. 121. 10. 72. 'fn 108 131 . . . einlverg. Geralml einberg. X1ary einnian. Rulverl-18. 10. 73 eiss. Donna --18. 131 eial. Furresl-132 7 XXVt'111llll2ilI. G. -102. XX' 11' 1 1 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX ' xx e mg. . 0111 eller. llunalrl em. Dunalel -152 enalel. lfallier encll. llfm anl enfll. ,lean 80. 117. 118. 121 l'l1l1l. ianiuel-87. 121 enxel. .101in--90. 120 erba. 11:-nry errell. 1'alrieia- 18. To est. f20I1'1illIl'Q"113 eater. Peggy f80 t'SlIl1lH1. Geralcl 0f1lIHll"P. 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Leonard Zueker. Elaine Zuelke. liaymonll 129 Charter Bus Service AN EVERLASTING JOY Q It is surprising how wvll our rhartvr bus stwvive tits into group trips of a.ll kinds-large or small: local or out, ot' town. This servive offers rval advantagjvs, too. Your party is always togetlwr . . . Xo strag- gling or gettillg "lost" . . . You arrivvat your destination promptly, in one group, and you return the Silllllx way . . . If the llIlllllN"l' is small one of our 5lllkllll'l' buses is just the thing . . . Largtfr groups simply rvquire a largvr bus or morv buses. And when yon consider grt-att-r 1'0llY0lllf'IlI'P, pooling of expvnsm-, freedom from tlw work of driving and worrying about traflic, 1-hartvr bus servivv is exrvptionally economical. Xvllt'llt'YPl' your group plans a trip. think of Community Trai-tion Chartt-r Bus svrvicv . . . lYv'll gladly gin- you any information you dvsirv hy telf-phono or lvttt-r. Just 4-all on us. The COMMUNITY TRACTION Co. Home Ozwzersbzp DRAPER Construction Co. if 4239 Monroe St. KLondike 1551 ,Q , if?-W x 5 . 't "5?'-v! - ff ' . n-Q N1 , I ,.2,,-My---. AML The Editors and staff ofthe '52 BLOCKHOUSE wish to thank Pl10t0RefleX Studio ur the-ir splermlicl vooln-ruliml anal work on thv SL-nior photographs. 182 Compliments of J. H. BERKEBILE 81 SONS General Constructors BUILDERS OF LIBRARY AND LAW SCHOOL BUILDING Since 1901- TOLEDO SCALES TOLEDO'S BEST KNOWN PRODUCT NO SPRINGS ' HONEST WEIGHT INDUSTRIAL SCALES 0 FOOD MACHINES 0 RETAIL SCALES at 5, .fir ,f 2 fm- . - 1 . If I , I , xi 3. , , R . 183 W I1 fx glllfll In nmll Il IVR' lfr USN ,PX Iflflrl' life mpulz In In-zzvfzl :UI xx. XXX 1cru'r'utinrn In 'mm' mlflrr N ,, L -Q . h V . .153 3 llzvm ,...NHI'l1 ll'1I.N flu' glblf nf Q' 3 Wx Tfmrnus .-H111 lffllfwrl. ,ll'Hl1l't'l' ,sqyxq X5 ' in Illfflllflld t'lL'l'lVf1l-I1 In Iwi- l XX Q I I I I I Irr ilu' lm 41! Ullllllflvllll, BLITICICFS and Bfiffk we are proud Company i' 914 SUMMIT STREET I to bear his name Only an il0l1ll'l' ul' ilu- Ul'i,2Qillill Iiilison live-uso may usv thx- mum- "l':4li50llH an part ol' its un-porutv titlv. It is tha- llHll'k of an l7iUlll'l'l'. 'l'nl1-dn I'IlliS4lll, an 'MINTIIPFS-lllilllilgvll, !ZlX-llilQ- ing 4-lm-1-trir Flllllllillly, is ln-mul to ln- so lmnore-ml . . . and we- re-:ww nur plwlga- tu sc-rvv om' rus- tmnvrs lu lln- vm-ry In-at of our zlhilily. THE TOLEDO TOLEDO, OHIO ' ora agony .X I'HlMlHlCSSlXli PUXX HR 11HNII'.XNY SHHXINKL UNH HF ,'XNlHHIlI.X'S XIUST PHHIII 11'I'lX If ,NRI-IAS 4. F si., p 'v"""' , 5 ' T Fashion Center for Tolecfoix Smart Young Wonierz And Men: Gifts from MOORE'S Mean More Moore's at the Colony MONROE R CENTRAL Elleumamm G3i.?nr01IlTRTf5 JEUJELERS Q DIAMONDS AND WATCHES -Av 1-1 kt. AND COSTUME JEWELRY -A' STERLING AND PLATED SILVER 1 TROPHIES, EMBLEMS, AND AWARDS WE HAVE ONLY ONE LOCATION 325 I-luron St. GA. 7404 National Improvement Wearley Motor Company COIUPQUY Chrysler ir Plymouth 3350 Secor Road 'A' LA. 2720 KI. 4833 1000 MONROE ST. ADAMS 8291 . To Bu or Sell The C0-Eciztors y . Quality Wish to thank Used Cars the 1952 Blockhouse Staff SEE for their hel THAT MAN P S W A N III P1'OClL1CIf1g IIIIS 21I'1I'1L12ll Two Convenient Locations 19th 81 Monroe 2ll2 Monroe Congratulations . . . Great VL3ke5 Fgundfy To The Graduates of AND 195 2 Machine Corporation Lorelyn Ranch ,I 4782 Monroe Sf. LA. 0343 202 CHERRY ST. MAIN 4027 Comlblimenis of Owem-Comzhg Fiberglvzs C07f'lD07'6lfi0lZ Toledo, Ohm H90 ffffffifcf Azfffff K- 'n n 5 ,- , X S' Aff M17 www' fyfffff X X f Q1-NH T 1- E -1 - V . -Y XY 1ll you. A lot depend: on your job. K l L Heles good news for you non-specialists . . . the i 2 3 1 girls with a LIBERAL ARTS background. 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Suggestions in the University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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