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EDITOR .... VIRGINIA HANNAFORD BUSINESS MANAGER . RICHARD VILLWOCK Living symbol of our city, Busy with its care. Stands our noble Alma Mater Serving those who dare. V Forth to Science, Art and Culture, Sons of men so true. Forth to share each others burdens Calls Toledo U. BLOCHHOUSt •University Tower seen from bridge FOIIEIIIOIID It has been the dim of this year ' s Blockhouse staff to present a year book based on the present but built for the future. We hope that this book will tell a complete story, one which embodies the intrinsic spirit of the University. If NA ' e have succeeded in achieving a tan- gible representation of the feeling of the students for their University in this school year, we have accomplished that which we set out to do. The Editor. ADMINISTRATION 10 CLASSES 24 Senior 26 Junior 36 Sophmore • 38 Freshman 40 VIEWS 42 ACTIVITIES 48 CAMPUS LIFE 86 FRATERNITIES 108 ATHLETICS 128 PERSONALITIES 138 cooitnis XAY DOWN THE SWORD ANt SHIELD. ON INTO THE BRAVE NEW WORID ' Dedication of a yearbook is a meagre offering at most, but such a tribute is only liumbled more by be- ing offered to the dove and ohve branch. We are, however, not interested in holding the flame high for such an intangible, ephemeral thing as the word " Peace " . Rather, we are dedicating the 1946 BLOCKhHOUSE to the continued return of peace- time campus life, to the ability to indulge in enthu- siastic, youthful activities without the inhibitory effects that war naturally imposes on all campus life and lastly, to the eternal, undisturbed pursuit of knowledge. DDinifllSIIIIITIOI] 10 11 12 PHILIP C. HASH Durins the twelve years in which he served as our president, Philip C. Nash has disclosed himself as a sincere and capable leader. Under his leader- ship the campus has srown literally and figurative- ly. Often during the past year, Dr. Nash was called away from the University to serve in various capac- ities with the national post war reconversion pro- gram. He was the only person to be sent to the San Francisco Conference as both adviser and correspondent last spring, and, later, with several other Ohio college presidents, he served on a com- mission to study the problem of housing veterans on college campuses. We, of the Blockhouse staff, congratulate and thank him for his faithful adherence to the ideals of education. 13 Row 1: Miss Lucille Mack, Mr. Charles F. Dowd, Dr. Stephen K. Mahon, Mrs. David H. Goodwillie. Row 2: Mr. Walter Eversman, Mr. Nolan Boggs, Mr. G. Kenneth Keller, President Philip C. Nash, Rev. John Ansberg, Dr. Charles R. King. The origin of the University ' s Board of Directors can be traced to a rather vigorous beginning when it was born out of controversy. The controversy for control of the university finally resulted m the Supreme Court of Ohio awarding the control to the Board of Directors. A good part of the Uni- versity s development and success can be at- tributed to the ceasless efforts of these nine individ- uals. The reconversion to a peace time schedule brought its share of problems to the Board this yea ' , and we are indeed grateful for the untiring efforts of these people in the interest of our university. BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. STEPHEN K. MAHON MR. CHARLES F. DOWD M R . NOLAN BOGGS MR . WALTER EVERSMAN MR. G. KENNETH KELLER REV. J. H. ANSBERG D R . CHARLES R. KING DR. THOMAS M. CRINNION MRS ;. MARGARET LEVIS 15 ANDREW J. TOWNSEND Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences BETTY G. EMCH Acting Dean of tfie College of Pfiarmdcy CHARLES W. FORNOFF Acting Dean of the College of Law offlns As guides of the course of our University, our Deans perform the difficult task of maintaining academic freedom while keeping an even tenor in scholastic affairs. They have served to aid the students in a cultural, academic and a moral way. The Deans were especially busy this year giving wise council to the unprecedented number of established and return- ing students. Not included in the pictures is Donald S. Parks who has served as Director of Personnel and Dean of Men at the University for the past 12 years. KATHERINE EASLEY Dean of Women 16 r JOHNB. BRANDEBERRY Acting Dean oF the College of Engineering DAVID W. HENRY De 3n of the College of Education CLAIR K. SEARLES Dean of the College of Business Administration 17 ANDERSON, ESTHER E.— Secretarial Training ARCHER, ALFORD-Commerce BABIONE, FRANCIS— Business Administration BERNHOLDT, RUTH— Physical Education BLANCHARD, MAY— Home Economics BOWMAN, HOWARD H. M -BigIoby BRIGHAM, FRANCES— Law BROWER, MARY L— Secretarial Trainins BROWN, WALTER F— Electrical Ensineering BURG, WALTER V— Chemistry and Metallurgy BURTCH, HOWARD S— Sociology CALHOUN, CHARLES E -Finance CARVER, VELDA B— Elementary Education CATLAN, PHYLLIS-Physical Education CUNNINGHAM, BESS— Education DANCER, WAYNE-Mdthematics DODSON, VANCE— Engineering EMCH, DONOVAN F. -Political Science 18 FELKER, CHARLES A— Vocational Education FLORIPE, ROSARIO-Spanish GILLHAM, MARy-Library GULLETTE, GEORGE A-Enghsh HEUER, WILLIAM-Mechanical Engineering HENSEL, PHILIP H.— Business Administration HICKERSON, FRANK R— Education HUEBNER, ALICE-Enghsh IDOINE, LEON S -Biology JANNEY, ALMEDA MAY-History JOHNSON, ARVID T.— History JONES, O. GARFIELD— Political Science KINKER, H. ROBERT— Vocational Education KUNZ, JOSEF L -International Law LONG, JESSE R— Journalism MACK, LUCILLE— Sec. to President McCRIMMON. JAMES M.- English MOGENDORFF, NICHOLAS-Natural Science 19 A MUELLER,:LAMORA-Physicdl Education NETTLEMAN, DORIS— Biolosy NILES, LOUISE-Biolosy ODDY, HAROLD G.-Chemistry ORIANS, G. HARRISON-Enghsh PARKS, DONALD S— Business Administration RADABAUGH, MRS. FLOYD-Enslish ROUSE, MILDRED-Nurse ROWAN, LOUISE-Spanish SCHERING, HERBERT— History SCOTT, ERMAN O— Civil Engineenns SCOTT, RUBY T— English SMITH, W. SHERMAN-Civil Engineering SOLBERG, ARCHIE N.-Biology SOUTHWORTH, JAMES G -English STAFFORD, ISABEL-Enghsh STANSBURY, PAUL W.-Psychology STEVENSON, BRENTON W -English 20 TADSEN, VIRGIL— Chemistry VAN SICKLE, GUY E.-Chemistry WARD, JESSE L.-Educdtion WEIGHTMAN, MARION A. - University Physician WILLIAMS, GARDNER --History, Philosophy ZAROBSKI, IVAN F.-Mechdnical Engineering EMERITUS FORTNEY, DR. LORAIN T. In the fall of 1945 Toledo was saddened by the loss of Dr. Lorain T. Fortney, who, up to his death, had been teaching in the law department. STAFFORD, MRS. JESSIE D Supposedly retired from teach- ing activities, Jessie Dowd Stafford has been more active in school affairs than many more directly connected with them. She will be permitted to leave only with great reluctance on the part of her students. SCOTT, LUTHER C Luther C. Scott has been an associate professor here since 1919. He holds the record for unfailing loyalty to the university, having never missed a class. He is teaching geol- ogy now. 21 • while Dr. Lucki smiles approval. ' Dr. G. ' discusses the spirit of the primitive 9 Dean Townsend chats quietly with absorbed listeners Garrison and Harris. These informal shots were taken at the winter in- itiation of Phi Alpha Theta, a history honorary. It is a society composed of facul ty members and top- ranking history students. It was organized to pro- mote the search for historical truth, to stimulate interest in historical values and to further the ends of vital historical research. • Professor Johnson looks pensive and absorbed while • Miss Janney manifests amused interest. 22 In Mcmoriam HOWARDS. BURTCH DR. LORAIN T.FORTNEY 23 CLflSSfS 24 25 Secretary — Ruth Merrill Vice-President — Margaret Higgins President — Mildred Gogel Treasurer — Mariam Wiederanders TheS enior CI dSS • • • The seniors this year dssumed their places of leader- ship, under the capable guidance of President Mil- dred Gogel, Margaret hiiggins, Ruth Merrill and Mariam Wiederanders. With mixed feelings of re- gret and anticipation the class, as so many before them, prepares for graduation. The University of Toledo has become an intimate part of their lives during the four years spent here, but the last chap- ter of college life is fast becoming a memory. The seniors have given their personalities to the uni- versity in return for which they have gained ad- ditional culture and learning. 26 Adams, Constance- B. A. Angel, Irene E. — B. of Ed. Bdker, Ruth M.— B. A. in Ed. Bauer, Harry — B. S. Bauer, Marthasue — B. A. Binzer, Mildred— LL. B. Black, Katherine l.-B. S. Bodart, Jeanne A. — B. of Ed. Bortman, Jane W. — B. S. Botek, Asnes A.— B. of Ed. Breck, Sally— B. A. Brown, Alice L. — B. A Brown, Katherine B. S. Brownell, Margaret A. — B. of Ed. Brumm, Caroline N. — B. of Ed. Burns, Katherine A. — B. of Ph. Burtch, Grace J. — B. of Ed. Carlin, Robert L.— B. of Ed. Caroll, C. Edward— B. A. Carter, Lois Ann P.— B. of Ph. Ceboll, Catherine — B. S. 27 Clouse, Dorothy B. B. S. Copelin, Joice H. B. of Ph.C Corwin, Richard C. — B. of Eng. Crist, Joan — B. of Ed. Day, Rosemary C.— B. B. A. Denzig, Jacqueline A. — B. of Ed. Dick, Joe-B. B. A. Dixon, Silhma— B. B. A. Dressier, Betty -B. of Ed. Drobisch, Isabelle I. B.A. Dunipace, Jane — B. of Ed. Parrel!, Nancy A. -B. of Ed. Faudman, Selma — B. A. Feistkorn, Charles — B. of Eng. Fleck, Vada M.- B. B. A. Fogg, Phyllis -B. of Ed. Fontaine, Betty J. B. A. Fought, Virginia R. -B. of Ed. Fulton, Helen V. B. B. A. Gartland, Frank — B. of Ed. Gifford, Lucille- B. of Ed. 28 Gigandet, Shirley L. — B. of Ed. Ginsberg, Leah S. — B.of Ph. Gladieux, Alton- B. of Ed. Gluck, Frances — B. A. Gogel, Mildred— B. S. Grabow, hHoward R. — B. S. Greene, Janet C. — B. A. hHannaford, Virginia J. B. A. Hart, Edward E., Jr.— B. S. Henzler, Jack — B A. hHerbster, Natalie J.— B. of Ed. Higa, Thomas S.- B. of Ed. hiiggins, Margaret I. — B. S. Hobey, Betty T.- B. of Ed- Horst, Rhea R.— B. of Ed. Hough, Elloree, — B. A. in Ed. Hough, Marjorie P.— B. A. in Ed. Howell, Mary — B. S. in Nursing Huffman, Ann — B. S. Jodry, Patricia E.— B. of Ed. Johnson, Ellen — B. A. 29 -STUfF THAT SEN ORS ' Alas — that Sprins should vanish — . " 30 REAM ON • •_ Saltenstahl at ' 45 sraduation. 31 vT m 4. Johnson, Mary A.— B. B. A. Jones, Harry M.- B. of Eng. Kasch, Shirley J. — B. of Ed. Kduki, Eugene -B. A. Keeler, Joan — B. B. A. Keller, Lois J -B. of Ed. Kelly, Mary C.-B. B, A. Kezur, Sidney — B. B. S. King, Rodger — B. of Eng. Kinsel, Richard- -B. of Ed. Klewer, Kathleen A. — B. A. Krohn, Albertine- B. S. Kutzke, June L.- - L L. B. Lanz, Phyllis L. B. of Ed. Laures, Betty A.— B. of Ed. Lederer, Pauline V.- B. of Ed. Lehman, Katherine L. — B. A, Louden, Richard K.- B. of Eng. Lumm, Ruth B. B. A. Martin, Lois L.- B. A. in Ed. Mazziotti, Rosina B. of Ph. 32 McCarthy, Charles B. of Ed McCown, hielen L.-B. of Ed. McDermott, J. Robert— B. B. A. McPeek, Kathleen— B. A. Merriam, Kemper W.---B. B. A. Merrill, Ruth-B. of Ed. Meyer, Gladys M.— B. B. A. Mikesell, Kenneth R. -B. B. A. Miller, Emily E.—B. A. Mostov, Shirley — B. A. Mueller, Don- B. A. Myers, Doris -B. of Ed. Meyers, Shirley— B. A. Mylander, Joyce E.—B. of Ed. Nash, Jeanne L. B. of Ed. Nicewonder, Frederick — B. B. A. Nighs A ander, Bonnie — B. A. Ohiinger, Mary Alice— B. A. Onweller, Marilyn J. — B. A. in Ed. O ' Shea, Robert M.— B. of Eng. Ostman, Virginia J. — B. of Ed. 33 Pdcanins, Carlos L. — B. S., B. of En3. PdppdS, Georgia N. — B. A. Partoyan, Angel- B. of Ed. Peelle, Harold M.-B. A. Peirce, Frances — B B. A. Quick, Dolores A.— B. of Ed. Ramsey, Thomas L.— B. S. Robaskiewicz, Bernadine E. B. of Ed Scfidlkhauser, Pauline H. -B. of Ed. Scfieefile, Mary E. B. of Ed. Schnell, Marion L. - B. A. Scharbdch, Evelyn -B. of Ed. Shirk, Jeanne O.- B. of Ed. Skdiski, Betty J.--B. of Ed. Skinner, Pauline V.- B. of Ed. Strout, S. Jedn--B. of Ed. Sturdevant, Ruth — B. of Ed. Sullivan, Julia M. -B. S. in Ed Trafelski, Marilyn-B. A. Topping, Jeanne B. B. A. Townsend, Virginid B. A. 34 Verhoven, Ruth R. - B. A. Vosel, Patricia J.- B. of Ed. Ward, Harriett-Ph. B. Ward,, Mattie L. B. of Ed. Wheeler, Patricia L.- B. B. A. White, Jane C.— B. A. in Ed. Wiederanders, Miriam L. — B. A. Youns, hHarry F.- B. A. Ziegler, Raymond J. — B. B. A. Zoravje, Ruth- B. B. A. SENIOR COMMITTEES Senior Women ' s Banquet Shirley Meyers,Chdirmdn Betty Dressier Joyce Mylander Dorothy Clouse Catherine Ceboil Jane White Rin3 Committee Irene Ansel, Chairman Connie Adams Pat Jodry Julia Sullivan Memorial Committee Georgia Pappas, Chairman Sally Breck Agnes Botek Rhea Horst Alice Ohiinger Joe Dick Harry Young Baccalaureate Service Lois Ann Carter, Chairman Mattie Lee Ward Jeanne Bodart Gladys Meyer Shirley Mostov Doris Myers Publicity Committee Virginia Hannaford, Chairman Don Mueller Marilyn Onweller Virginia Ostman Selma Faudman Campus Night Frances Gluck, Roger King, Co-Chairmen Ruth Verhoeven Mary Kelly Vadd Feick Sidney Kezur Dick Kinsel Kathleen Klewer Senior Prom Jacqueline Denzig, Kemper Merriam, Co Chairmen Ruth Sturdevant Jeanne Shirk Evelyn Seeman Janet Greene Bonnie Nighswander Carlos Pacanins Frank Gartiand Picnic Tom Ramsey, Chairman Sadie Douglas Natalie Herbster Mary Johnson Walter Ellinberger Announcements Virginia To A ' nsend, Chairman Bett Jane Fontaine Betty Laures Shirley Kasch Shirley Gigandet Senior Banquet Grace Burtch, Chairman Alice Lee Brown Lois Keller Ann FHuffman Evearitt Dick Louden Alton Gladieux Commencement Ruth Baker, Chairman Helen Fulton Frances Pierce Senior Week Jeanne Nash, Bob McDermott, Co-Chairmen Phyllis Lanz Joan Crist Nancy Farrell Albertine Krohn Dick Corwin Dick Hess Joan Keeler 35 Vice President — Mary Ann Merrill Secretary — Marjorie Andrews Treasurer — Bobbie Jenck ' s President — Betty Lou Bellman JUNIORS " Study in contrast " 36 CLASS Of ' 4] Usually, the outstanding activity for any junior class is the J-Hop, but the class of ' 47 this year surround- ed the affair with equally entertaining events. Jeanne Eddy and Tom McRitchie who served as co- chairman for the J-Hop held on May 10, provided a welcome variation from the monotony of the class- room. This year ' s Junior class has come to be a vital part of the University and is doing much to enhance the prestige of the institution. Between class chatter. Students Mary Lou Perkins and Maryann Merrill leave fellow-srinders behind as they leave the lib. 37 Vice-President — Mary Luedtke President — Joanne Sullivan Secretary — Helen Nestoroff Not in picture Treasurer — Delores Henry SOPHOMORES -Cj ■ ' " ■%J8W S V ' . fiPl " The class of ' 48 started extra curricular activities going this fall with the sophomore prom given in November under the chairmanship of Jeanne Goetz and Ray McNeil. They v aited until March then to sponsor a Variety Show under the able direction of Joanne Sullivan and Ray McNeil, and a Campus Night on the 29th. Possessed with a great deal of school spirit, they move into upper class standing next year to continue as Juniors the ex- cellent work which they have begun. Soph omore Prom 38 CLASS Of ' 48 • Jeanne Eddy wields the controls at Toledo Tommorrow • " . . . and in the Union we have fix ' i ' ' JH ' IHl — jBfll ' ± -JHf ■iWk t ' W 1 r |nj J 1 ■ OLGA GREENER ELLY 39 CLeSS Of ' 49 Maybe because the war is over or maybe because more fine people were born in 1928-,but whatever the cause this year ' s Freshman class is a memorable one. As a group, they displayed an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm and talent in the Variety Show given early first se- mester. As individuals the Freshmen have shown both the ability and desire to accomplish things to add to the extra- curricular and academic activity of the year. Both the president and vice-presi- dent were called into service at the close of first semester, but the class continued to set the standards for their remaining three years. Secretdry — Ron Parkinson Vice-President — Dave Bender President — Jack Hart Treasurer — Marjorie Keller The pauses that refresh. 40 • Donna Coy, Joanne Bartleheim, Dave Bender and Patsy Oatman grin over one of the scores for the Freshmen Variety Show. ves with the " git gat gittle, giddle di-ap " 41 Johnny McGowan, LoRee Firestone, Dick Sanner, Dick Jeurgens and Jim Flinn bring down the house at the variety show. Union Coffee Shop Entrance 42 Autumn, loolcins north. 44 45 y 46 The Walk fICTIVITIfS 48 _s£i. ' i«-» 49 Row 1. Sdllv Breck, F Gluck, J. Dick, K. Merriam, J. Muntz, T. McRitchie. Row 2- R. McNeil, M. Baird, M. Howington, E. Stimpson, D. Sanner. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President - Joe Dick Se cretary — Frances Gluck Treasurer — Kemper Merriam Social Chairman — Jean Marie Muntz CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Seniors — Frances Gluck, Kemper Merriam Juniors — Marion Howington, Tom McRitchie Sophomores — Marybelle Baird, Clarence Graser Freshmen — Karen Young, Dick Sanner Representatives at Large — Sally Breck, Joyce Mylander, Betty Stimpson, Jeanne Muntz Student Council is the governing body of the University, and acting as such this group has the power to initiate and enforce laws affect- ing the student body. To stimulate school spirit and further friendly relations among the students are its principal aims. In addition to governing student functions, the council sponsored several campus nights, the annual Christmas formal and the Spring formal. Besides these main activities, the group revised its constitution, rearranged the filing system of the organizations and augmented several important drives. 50 Row 1 — H. Peele, L. Martin, J. Shirk, G. Pappas, Brown. Row 2 — A. Krohn, B. Hobey, S. Meyers, H. Young. HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Isabel Stafford Lois Martin Doris Nettleman Louise Niles Raymond Carter fHov -ard Bowman Frances Brisfiam Walter Brown Bess Cunningham Wayne Dancer Katfierine Easley Lucille Emch Cfiarles Fornoff F azel Geiner Mary Gillham Alice FHuebner Nicholas Mogendorff Harrison Orians FHerbert Scherins Ruby Scott Archie Solberg Brenton Stevenson Clyde Summers Virgil Tadsen Andrew Townsend Gardiner Williams June Winslow Harold Peelle Rhea Horst Albertme Krohn Jeanne Shirk Harry Young Joan Ort Shirley Meyers Georgia Pappas OFFICERS President- June Wmslow Vice President - Emil Lucki Secretary-Treasurer — Isabel Stafford Membership in the honor Society is based on the scholastic attainments of the student. This group is composed of juniors and seniors who have made a grade average of 2.5 or higher. 51 Row 1 V. Hdnndford, J. Muntz, S. Breck, F. Gluck, J. Nash, M, Gogel, L. Keller. Row 2 — J. Denzig, B. Fontaine, B. Bellman, M, Johnson, M. Kelly. PEPPERS OFFICERS President - Frances Gluck Secretary Sally Breck MEMBERS Sally Breck Lois Keller Mary Kelly Mary Johnson Mildred Gogel Frances Gluck Jeanne Nash Rhea hHorst Virginia hHannaford Betty Jane Fontaine Connie Adams June Lawson Bette Galliers Jeanne Marie Muntz Betty Lou Bellman Peppers has established itself as the goal of every University woman. The pepper is a sym- bol of scholastic and extra-curricular achieve- ments, and the initiates are chosen on those merits. Peppers membership is limited to 1 3 senior women with an accessory group of a few selected juniors called pepper juniors. 52 ■ ' :j f ' ■ ¥ %■ ' ■%h--: Row 1 D. Mueller, J. Jacobs, B. Witt, E. Housh, J. Smith, B. Haughton. Row 2— J. White, J. Henzler, S. Breck, L. Carter, B. Bellman, F. Gluck, C. Gassen, B. Stimpson, M. Worden, R. Mills, D. Henderson, J. Bux. FINE ARTS MEMBERS Janet Jacobs Elizabeth Stimpson Mary Lou Worden Richard h enderson John hienzler Carolyn Gassen Jo Ann Bux Lois Carter Shirley Myers Russell Mills Don Mueller Betty Lou Bellman Gloria Moore Dave Ward Marthasue Bauer Kathleen Klewer Barbara Witt Sally Breck Frances Gluck Joanne F. Smith Jane White Betsy FHaughton Joe Dick Virginia FHannaford Owen Baroner OFFICERS President — Janet Jacobs Secretary-Treasurer — Elizabeth Stimpson The Fine Arts Club is an honorary organizat- ion, limited to twenty-five members. The membership of this group is open to students who have made outstanding contributions to art, literature and dramatics. 53 Row 1: — R. Zeigler, Adamckyz, Luther, G. Burke, Rddabdugh, Schering, Eichner. Row 2: — Stevenson, Eyster, Kerschner, M. Higgins, Shirk, Payak, Arnot, B. Fontaine, C. Adams, B. Laures, M. Shelle, M. Onweller, M. hHough, R. Baker, C. Gassen, J. Kauki. PI GAMMA MU MEMBERS Connie Adams Jane Arnot Ruth Baker Janice Christofel Mary Colleary Pesgy Cook Betty Fontaine Carolyn Gassan Margaret Higgins Marjorie Hough Eugene Kaucki Betty Laures Edna L. Long Marilyn Onweller Jennie Payak Florence Radabaugh Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Eyster Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kerschner Herbert Schering Jeanne Shirk Ruth Stautzenberger Frank Torsey Howard Towell Florence Muhme Corra Muhme Emma Rowsey Mary Roach Lorna Wagar Julie Wagar Ella Ried Irene Sturm Gladys Whitlock Florence Wells Anna Shaw " dCU OFFICERS President — Gloria Burke Vice President — Ray Ziegler Secretary — Mary Beth Scheeie Treasurer — Mrs. Blanche Luther Adviser — Dr. Janina Adamczyk ty Adviser — Mrs. Brenton W. Stevenson Organized in 1924, Pi Gamma Mu is an honorary social science club which encour- ages and rewards the study of society. The group approaches social problems in the light of scientific truth and by the scientific method. J 54 SIGMA MU TAU OFFICERS President — Kathleen McPeek Vice President — Joyce Henley Secretary — Evelyn Sobeck Treasurer — Jeanne Topping Reporter — Pat Owen Sigma Mu Tau, Women ' s Honorary Medical Fraternity furthers its mem- bers in their knowledge of the med- ical profession. Row 1 — Julia Sullivan, K. McPeek, K. Brown, J. Topping, Lee Chapman, E. Sobeck. Row 2 — P.Owen, R. Ziraviji, B.Baker, H. Kounzle, H. Braun, R. Falk, P. Wowejeski, Pat Dolan. Row 3— L PlatFoot, V. Franklin, C. Wiegand, J. Trafelet, S, Bell, P. Ohier, B. Howard. Kathryn Black Kathleen McPeek Cornelia Sitter Norma Van Wormer Joan Ort Ruth Zdravje Kathryn Brown Joyce Henley Jeanne Topping Jane Bortman Pat Owen Berthamae Baker Pat Loer Evelyn Sobeck MEMBERS Lila Kuenzle Lucille PIdtfoot Julia Sullivan Carolyn Wiegand Ella Ackerman Celia Applegate Sararuth Bell Helen Braun Ruth Baxter Joan Bohn Lee Chapman Lenora Carstensen Phyllis Cottner Pat Dolan Virginia Franklin Anne Goggin Dolores Henry Beverly Howard Phyllis Nowowigski Ruth Sturdevant SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA OFFICERS President — Arlene Yaekel MEMBERS Margaret fHiggins Jackie Denzig Arlene Yaekel Caroline Knapp Sigma Alpha Omega is an honorary organization which encourages interest in home economics. The major function of this group is the perpetuation of a loan fund for deserving girls. Row 1 — M. Hough, C. Brumm, M. Higgins, J. Denzig. 55 PI KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS President — Bette Galliers Secretary — Jeanne Marie Muntz Treasurer — Don Mueller Pi Kappa Delta has as its purpose the acknowledgement of the for- ensic proficiency of debaters. In addition to maintaining esteem as an honorary group, this organ- ization participates in the annual spring tournament held by the Northwestern District chapters. MEMBERS Bette Galliers Jeanne Marie Muntz Don Mueller Row 1 — B. Galliers, D. Mueller, J. Muntz KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President — Marlin Wmklebleck Vice Pres. — Zygmund Kewandowski Secretary — Robert Segel The Beta Lambda chapter of Kappa Psi, international honorary pharma- ceutical fraternity, was established in 1926, at the University to further scholarship and good fellowship among its members. MEMBERS Marlin Winklebleck, Frank Langdon Zygmund Kewandowski, John Shatzer John Smith, Robert Segel, Sylvester Mach, Walter Mach, Jerry Mantey, Ben Sleiunski, Bob Erwin, John McMahon, Bob Chronister. Row 1 — John Schdtzer, F. Langdon, Robert Segel, Smith. Row 2 — L. Martin, Winkleblecht, Mack, Lewandowski. 56 KAPPA PHI SIGMA OFFICERS President " Lyie Freimark Vice President— Albert Gerbie Secretary — Panos Hountras Treasurer — Harold Shaffer Sergeant at Arms — fHarry Bauer This fraternity is organized to help medical students become acquainted with the practices of medicine, and to prepare them for the part they will take in this profession. MEMBERS Melvin Davis hiarry Bauer Robert Douglas Albert Gerbie Louis Hattner Panos Hountras Harold Shaffer Lyie Freimark Row 1 — B. Douglas, L. Hattner, P. Hountras, Bowman, H. Bauer, A. Gerbie, L. Freimark. Row 1 — J. Sullivan, M. Perkins, M. Hough, V. Ostman. Row 2— P. Meyers, J. Shirk, M. Onweller, R. Horst, J. Nash, A. Partoyan, B. Haber. KAPPA HONORARY OFFICERS President — Jeanne Nash Vice President — Betty Laures Secretary — Jeanne Shirk Treasurer — Marilyn Onweller Historian-Reporter — Mary Lou Perkins This organization is composed of junior and senior men and women who drz in the upper ten percentile of their classes in the College of Education, either elementary or secondary. A committee is now mak- ing arrangements to petition Kappa Delta Pi, National Educational FHonorary.. 57 usiness Manager, Dick Villwock THE BLOCKHOUSE Wade through the clutter, push aside the coke bottles, battle your way past idlers who drop in to chat or smoke, and you ' ll discover the Blockhouse editor and staFf putting out this year ' s annual. hHalf of the people in the office drz often not even staff members, but they all are willing to help when the dreaded fifteenth of the month comes around and the editor is a frenzy of frustration. When the proofs begin to come back, and the dummy is finally com- plete, the staff relaxes in a fit of wild glee and hopes that everybody will be as pleased with the book as they are relieved. Professor Ivan Zarobsky served as our able adviser again this year, and was a great help when it came time to discuss budget problems for the book. The staff felt they could depend on him for assistance whenever necessary. BLOCKHOUSE STAFF Editor Virginia Hannaford Business Manager Richard Villwock Faculty Editor Lee Chapman Organizations Editor Peg Tomlinson Senior Editor Connie Adams Panel Editor Robert Murphy Assistant Evelyn Sobeck Womens ' Sports Bette Galliers Men ' s Sports Robert McDermott Sorority Editor Peg Botzenhardt Fraternity Editors Russell Mills Frank Gartland Copy Editor Alice Ohiinger Assistant Lillian Ulman Assistants — Peggy Dale, Babby Mohnkern, Marion Beals, Marjorie Cooper, Phyllis Cottner, Betty Martin. Division Pages by Marthasue Bauer. Sketches by Miss Hannaford and Miss Bauer. I 58 t tfi 5 B Pessy Hurrelbrink, Ted Gresorek, Jean MacDondld, ' nVo B| H _ Richard Henderson, Dorothy Clouse scrutinize the dummy. , wi— --,--- --- ._ Nancle Mohnkern, Lillian Uhlman, - ™ ■t ' m. . Marthasue Bauer look over ;, . new photographs. . ____„, . , _: r ■ ' : —- -• Peggy Hurrelbrink, Ted Gregorek, Jean MacDonaid Richard Henderson, Dorothy Clouse. CIRCULATION I Circulation Manager Taube Cheyfitz Eurydice Hountras, Margaret Hale, Phyllis Myers, Louise Crane, Dorothy Cumiskey, Elizabeth Hartz, Shirley Ann Remmert, Christine Pavlos, Irene Pierce, Nancie Penske, Selma Scharf, Harriet Klatzel. BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager Joanne Sullivan Circulation Manager Taube Cheyfitz Secretary John Henzler Richard Henderson Assistants: Dorothy Clouse, Ted Gregorek, Alice Baden- hope, Peggy Hurlebrink, Jean MacDonaid, Betty Burr. 59 L. Chapman, B Martin, R. Mills, M. Tomlinson, V. HannaFord, F. Gartland, R. McDermott, P. Dale, R. Murphy, E. Sobeck, B. Galliers, J. Kimple, M. Botzenhardt. 1 ? - ► M 4 . Irene Pierce, Taube Cheyfitz, Frand Romp, Jane Foulk, Margaret Hale, Martha Weiler, Christine Pavlos, Dorothy Comiskey, Phyllis Myers prepare to mail Collegians to service men. Lew Lammiman, Jeanne Nash, Mar Lou Ward, Russell Mills, Russell Chick look over the smaller Collegian of the war years. CAMPUS COLLEGIAN Here is the practice field for embryo journalists DON MUELLER EDITOR IN CHIEF I I rr [ L r r ■ Mildred Gogel Managing Editor dCCOrdmS to the Statt Ot the L.dmpuS L.OlleSldn, Phihp Luetke, Mary Luetke News Editors Student newspaper at the University. Almost Gloria Burke Campus Editor unique among student newspapers for its lack of □ ' ' l ' . ' M; ' ' ' n uL. i i c ► - II L r W ■ ° McDermott, Bobbie Jencks Sports faculty supervision and policy-setting, the Collegian Betty Ann Martm, Joanne F. Smith Features expresses student opinions on questions of the day. ary Lou Ward, Jewell Price -Society ' ' Jeanne Fisher Exchange University, national and city topics were alike dis- Elizabeth Stimson Art d,l ' l-L ■ I I Jeanne Nash Military m the paper s editorial columns. f ' J Opinion The big five on the Collegian staff this year were R-- " ' ' - K ' " " Cartoons r k,l II K A n I DL I J KA REPORTERS — Mar Jane Crothers, Clark Ewing, Virginia Ostman, Uon Mueller, Mildred Cogel, F hllip and Mary Monajane Nightingale, Mary Luetke, Helen Fulton, Martha Weiler, Luetke and Gloria Burke, who wrote the paper ' s Ruth Franklm, Frana Romp, Doris Rampendahl, Barbara Witt, Dorothea ... J Fryman, Betty Campbell, Ruth Gogel, Jane McKendrick, Rosemary columns, laid out its pages, assigned reporters to lorenzen, Betty Mae Fink, Robert Yaekel, Virginia Fisher. beats, and wrote or re-wrote half the copy in the RICHARD VILLWOCK BUSINESS MANAGER p,_gP Circulation Manager Taube Cheyfitz ' " " ■ Advertising Manager Dorothy Clouse This year 25 Ohio colleges met here when the ASSISTANTS— Phyllis Myers, Margaret Hale, Dorothy Cumiskey, r II • I J L „t 1- i.U„ rM,; r IU,-,„ Kl,»%A,c Gloria Darah, Christine Pavlos, Doris Matthews, Frana Romp, Shirley Collegian played host to the Ohio College News- ; 1 g ,, . 5 , ewis Lammi- paper Association. man, Richard Snyder, Louise Crane, Elizabeth Hartz, Irene Pierce. 60 BUSINESS MANAGER, DICK VILLWOCK ADVERTISING MANAGER, DOROTHY CLOUSE EDITOR, DON MUELLER MANAGING EDITOR, MILDRED GOGEL Row 1— R. Lorenzen, M. Weller, R. Gogel, J. Smith, M. Crothers, J. Fisher, F. Romp, G. Burke, D. Mueller, M. Gogel, M. Luetke, V. Fisher, B. Jencks — Collegidn Editorial Staff. 61 Row 1 — S. Breck, K. Winsinger, B. Bellmdn, D. Jervis, D. Henderson, M. Cjosel, A. Dunn, M. Fisher, B.Galliers. Row 2— T.Ramsey, F. Gluck, B. Witt, D.Mueller, J. Cheyfitz, M. Worden, P. Schdikhduser, C. Gdssen, J. Jdcobs, M. Bauer, V. Buettner. Row 3 — B. Murphy, J. Sullivdn, R. FHarris, M. Baird, H. Jdrvis, J. Henzler, F. Gartland, R, Mills. DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President— Russell Mills Secretary — Kathleen Klewer Business Manager — Owen Baroner Box Office Manager — Janet Jacobs House Manager — Joanne Sullivan The Drdmatic Association not only presents an opportunity for students to take part in dramatic productions but also offers experience in back- stage operation. The members build the sets, mandge the box office, and handle makeup. Mrs. Norma Stolzenbach deserves much praise for her direction of the four plays given this year. MEMBERS Elliot Anderson, Owen Baroner, Marthasue Bauer, Betty Lou Bellman, Alice Lee Brown, Virginia Buettner, Julia Cheyfitz, Elverda Dunn, Mildred Gogel, Bette Galliers, Frances Gluck, Dick Henderson, John Henzler, Janet Jacobs, Hubert Jarvis, Kathleen Klewer, Jane McKendrick, Russell Mills, Robert Murphy, Tom Ramsey, Elizabeth Stimpson, Joanne Sullivan, Katherine Winsinger, Barbara Witt, Richard Villwock. Mrs. Norma Stolzenbach ( " Mrs. S. " ) has ex- pertly guided the D. A. in four productions this year, " Blithe Spirit, " " Ladies in Retirement, " " Male Animal, " and " Peer Gynt. " «2 r XI ?( V Vir vm .m ' T » tANML:: £kf . SSSs TSPCB :;: " ' " ' .-■_.,_a 1 " fi:. ) toi r,-fiS.iri« i L ' " ■.» i;;V T;..-t- ' a?V- • Scene from " Ladies in Retirement. • The " Blithe Spirit, " Marthasue Bauer, hovers over other members oF the cast, Bette Galliers, Barbara Witt and Tom Ramsey. 63 Row 1— J. Rossin, B.Denzig, D.Ludlum, D. Greene. Row 2— A. Peppers,W. Hess, B. Shurtz, P. Kalter, F. Nisch, C. Thaler, K. Campbell. Row 3 — J. Woodward, G. Voelker, G. Postal, T. Laskey, J. Farren, D. Mueller, R. France, O. Orr, R. Dresher, J. Davis. Row 4 — J. Dick, M. Smith, R. Wagner, Biebeshimer, H. Williams, C. Foster, C. Heiserman, K. Dielh. Row 5— F. Schaub, B. Weins, R. Zeigler, H. Jarvis, R. Mills. MEMBERS Chester Marciniak Edward Szymkowiak Trayco Massin Tom Biebesheimer Kenneth Campbell Edward Carroll Glen Crider Eugene Crosby Joe Davis Rober t Devine Joe Dick Bill Duensing Fred Eichenlaub Walter Ellenberger Bill Gibson Roger Henry Paul Kalter Clarence Krawlski Bill Miller James Nightingale Oliver Orr Harold Peelle George Peters Scott Porter George Postle Burton Prosser Chester Radecki Paul Sauve George Soga Bob Stevens Ed Stevens Bradley Weins Harold Williams Ray Ziegler Art Zielinski Glen Baker Vernon Chriss Robert Kuechenmeister Tom Laskey Alvin Leestma Fred McComb Ralph Parachek, Salvatore Passamano Warner Pipes George Prier Carl Snider Ronald Wagner Ed Wymyslo Charles Foster Dean Lewark Edward Maag Robert Matchett Don Mueller Robert Murphy Fred Nicewonder Frank Nisch John Sevastos y. M. C. A. OFFICERS President- GordonVoelker Vice President — Willidm Gibson Secreta.-y — Kenneta Diehl Treasurer — Robert Shurtz Delegates to Cabinzt Carl Thaller Roger King Social Chairman — Ralph Dresher Advisor — Professor Alfred Archer The y. M. C. A., as the most active university organization, seeks to promote and provide good times for its members and the school. Membership is open to all men on campus and through its activity, adds much to the social prestige of the University. 64 y. w. c. A. OFFICERS President— Jackie Denzig Vice President — Marthalou Seubert Secretary — Mary Luetke Treasurer — Phyllis Damm Chaplain— Jean Lohner Social Chairman — Dorothy Hawkins The y. W. C. A. functions to promote friendship, cooperation, and services to the community. This group stimulates interest in relisious and spiritual values both on the campus and in the com- munity. Row 1 — M. Tomlinson, E. Ejchman, J. Pross, V. Klewer, L. Kdseman, B. Kitzman, J. Merrill, T. Gibbs. Row 2— J. Kibler, M. Keller, M. Kratt, B. A. Martin, B. Nishswander, S. Voelker, V. Fisher, R. Buchele, Long, V. Weser, F. McKenzie,. Row 3— J. Franklin, A. Johnson, D. hiawkins. Green, W. Lee, J. Lamabee, S. Rummert, F. Kreps, J. Smith, B. Stimson, K. Tillman, V. Ostman, J. Lohner, F. McKetney. Row 4— J. Muntz, M. FHale, FH. Nesteroff, B. M. Fink, D. Cumisky, J. Willis, P. Meyers, N. Butler, B. Smith. Row 5— N. FHaverstock, M. Maedel, L. Kossow, J. Foulk. The y. W. IS an extremely large and active group on campus and manages to crowd the year with entertainment, discussions and general activities for the group. All women on campus are eligible for membership in this organization. ..v, 1— D. Rompendahl, E. Waidelick, A. Ingiversen, J. Grollee, Lanz, N. Hoover, B. Schumm, M Fisher, J. Douglas, J. Sullivan, Van Doren. Row 2— D. Green, B. Perrin, A. Cameron, V. Weber D. McKenzie, J. Gilbert, G. Darah, G. Reinline, Switzer, R. Fritchie, M. A. Fritchie, P. Pollman. Row 3— D. Schlembach, R. Ruff, Kerr, Green. 65 Row 1 — G. Brassloff, Mr. Dancer, Mrs. F. Rddabaugh, Miss I. Stafford, M. Seubert. Row 2 — M. Gogel, D, Henderson, G. Voelker, W. Gibson, R. McDermott, M Kelly, J. Denzig RELIGIOUS COUNCIL FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE RUEGGER MRS. FLOYD RADABAUGH DR. WAYNE DANCER DR. H. H. BOWMAN ISABELLE STAFFORD MORRIS BERNHOLDT STUDENT MEMBERS Sddie Douglas Mary Kelly Marthalou Seubert Gertrude Brassloff June Dunipace Richard FHenderson Jackie Denzig Bill Gibson Joan Crist Gorden Voelker Millie Gogel Bob McDermott THE RELIGIOUS COUNCIL ,s an organization whiich stimulates active religious participation of students and faculty members of every denomination on thie campus. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS President — Marthalou Seubert Secretary-Treasurer — Mary A nn Merrill Program Chairman — Marjorie Cooper Chaplain — Lee Chapman The purpose of thie Canterbury Club is to broaden tfie religious understanding of its members, to acquaint tfiem with and explain to them the doctrine of the Episcopal Church and to provide a social interchange of ideas. Row 1 — 0. Kdding, M. Merrill, M, Seubert, L. Tfiornburg, L. Cfiapman, M. Cooper, Row 2 — D. C M. Higgins, S. fHiii, B. Kitzman, J. Merrill, A. Badenfiope, D. Jervis, J. Foulk. Row 3 — C. Paccini Smitfi, H. Geiner, C. Ruegger, D. Henderson. 66 NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President — Joanne Sullivan Vice Presidents — Bill Boss Pat Lduer Corres. Secretary — Lois Ann Carter Recording Secretary — Mary Kennedy Treasurer — Betty Lou Rush The Newman Club is composed of the Cdtholic students of the Univer- sity. It seeks to keep the members acquainted with Catholic views on problems of today. Row 1 — J. Trembly, P. Kennedy, M. Ddvies, M. Kennedy, P. Fogg, M. O ' Connell, M. Kelly, M. Johnson, M. Ketterer. Row 2 — S. Hoeffle, Verhoeven, A. Pizza, Grothjan E. Johnson, M. Trafalski, P. Dolan, J. Greene, D. McKenzie, P. Lauer, D. Greene, B. Boss, J. hiart. Row 3— B. Rush, R. McDermott, Sodd, M. Fntchie, Allfish, R. Fritchie, K. Tillman, L. Carter, J. Sullivan, R. Lauer, J. Pross, R. Lunbeck, A. Gladieaux. owl — D. Coontz, B. Bellman, D. Villwock, M. Gogel, F. Duffey, C. Gassen. Row 2 — M. Weider- nders, R. Horst, A. Loehrke, E. Eichman, S. Joy, P. Weiker, R. Gogel, L. Carstensen, R.Baker, M. On- eller, B. Schumm, R. Prueter. Row 3 — L. Kossow, M. Luetke, F. Peirce, H. Saunders, J. Ryle, J. eister, A. Johnson, V. Brand, J. McQuire, P. Brown, J. Sullivan. Row 4 — N. Dunson, N. Herbster. V. Krohn, P. Shalkhauser, M. Falk,C. Heyn, R. Becker, J. Grolle, J. FHuebner, D. Matthews, J. Henzler. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President — Mildred Gogel Vice-President — Barbara Schumm Treasurer — Marian Wiederanders Secretary — Marilyn Onweller This association stimulates and sus- tains students in using the Bible privately. It encourages studentstudy and appreciation of the church s message, and develops a healthy social life and strong Christain friendships. This organization co- operates with groups from other colleges in holding intercollegiate conferences in order to assist stu- dents of every campus in develop- ing a conscious need of Christ in facing modern life and its problems. 67 Row 1 — P. Meyers, B. Nighswander, D. Cumisky, B. Martin, H. Klatzel, Row 2 — T. McRitchie, D. Greene, M. Foulk, J. Lamabe, H. Nesteroff, M. Onweller, J. Muntz, V. Ostman, B. Fontaine. Row 3— Bolback, G. Pappas, J. Bartlebaush, B. Witt, V. Buettner, M. Howington, J. Pross, S. Myers, V. Klewer, B. Kalisch, J. Murray, B. Galliers. MEMBERS EL CENTRO ESPANOL OFFICERS President — Georgia Pappas Vice Pres. — Marilyn Onweller Sec. — Sue Carrithers Corresponding Sec.-Betty J. Fontaine Treas. — Dorothy Cumisky Reporter — Marney Lou Worden PURPOSE: El Centre Espanol was organized to promote friendship and interest in our good neighbors. The organi- zation has carried on a program to develop a better understanding of the language, customs, trad- itions and history of the Spanish speaking people. Georgia Pappas Marilyn Onweller Sue Carritfiers Betty Jane Fontaine Dorothy Cumisky Marney Lou Worden Phyllis Meyers Bonnie Nighswander Betty Ann Martin Harriet Klatzel Tom McRitchie Dick Greene Jean Lamabe FHelen Nest eroff Jean Marie Muntz Virginia Ostman Evelyn Bolback Janice Bartlebaugh Barbara Witt Virginia Buettner Marion Howington Joanne Pross Shirley Meyers Virginia Klewer Bud Kalisch Jim Murray FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais provides an opportunity for French Students to meet together and gain a better understanding of the language. The Club augments the growing number of language groups in the country,, and keeps the students interested not only in the language, but in the culture of France. MEMBERS Edna Leonard Marney Lou Worden Lois Zeigler Jeanne Kibler Dorothy Cumiskey Claire Vossler Connie Adams Collette Geary Mary Luetke Shirley Drake Nadine Zunk Betty Fontaine Grace Crider Frances Larmie Joanne MacRavey Christine Paulas Alice Badenhope Row 1 — S. Drake, J. Kibler, C. Geary, A. Badenhope, Row 2— M. Crothers, A. Ranzo, H. Klatzel Cum- isky, P. Myers, Zunk, J. MacRavey, C. Adams. Row 3 — T. Massin, R. Greene, G. Crider, P. Switzer, M. Luetke, L. Zeigler, B. Fontaine, C. Pavlos. Row 4 — S. Meyers, MacRavey, C. Losier, Sourenne, C. Vossler. 6a Row 1— G. Pappas, J. Muntz, R. Baker, M. Onweller, B. Martin, D. Mueller, B. Stimpson, B. Witt, M. Worden, S. Breck, H.KIatzel, F. Gluck, M. Tomlinson, B. Howard. Row 2— B. Fontaine, M. Stahl, F. Kerr, S. Halpin, P. Meyers, D. Kiminsky, D. Duke Row 3 — Floripe, B. Gaiiiers, J. Bartlebaugh, M. Howington, V. Ostman, Barber, S. Carrithers, G. Bernstein, P. Inselman, Myers. PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE OFFICERS President — Marney Lou Worden Vice-President — Betty Jane Fontaine Secretary — Joanne Smith Treasurer — Harriet Klatzel The Pan-American League was organized to promote student interest in the Spanish language, literature, and customs. The membership is open to all students in the University. MEMBERS Marney Lou Worden Georgia Pappas Bess Stimpson Phyliss Meyers Dorothy Cumisky Shirley Myers Sharlot Williams Harriet Klatzel Susan Carrithers Virginia Ostman Betty J. Fontaine Joanne Smith Marilyn Onweller Jean Lamabe Bette Gaiiiers Constance Butler Edna Chase Betty Hartz Dorothy Duke Barbara Witt 69 Row 1 —J. Shirk, V. Hoskins, D. Felker, [.. McBride, J. Bodart, M. Wiederanders, J. Sprins, E. Seeman, P. Diehl. Row 2— B. Bonis, V. Aungst, J. Price, D. Hawkins, S. Sharf, C. Wolson, E. Henning, G. Brassloff, M. Parks, K. Winsinger. Row 3— D. Greene, Hensel, Hart, E. Chapman, J. McRitchie, H. Fulton, M. Kelly, G. Myer, J. Keeler, M. Johnson, G. Dugan, M. Botzenhardt, J. Kimple, J. Ruppel, K. Merriam. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB OFFICERS President — Dorothy Hawkins Vice-President — Robert McDermott Recordlns Secretary — Jewell Price Corresponding Secretary — Barbara Schumm Treasurer — Mary Anne Merrill The purpose oF the Business Administration Club is to act as a service organization and bring together students with interests in the business field. In this way, they may become acquainted with business practices by coming in contact with executives and seeing plants in operation. MEMBERS Not in Picture Andrews, Marjorie,- Ballard, Richard, Barclay, Alton,- Barry, Sue, Bergman, Mar ,- Bishop, Watla Mae,- Blakeman, Richard; BIystone, Verena; Bonis, Betty; Bornson, Frances; Brassloff, Gertrude; Cameron, Jane; Cameron, Alma; Campbell, Cleo; Campbell, Kenneth; Carollo, Pauline; Cheyfitz, Taube; Chick, Russell; Cousino, Yvonne; Crane, L. Louise; Cross, Joanna; Crockett, Carrie; Curtas, Mary; Darah, Gloria; Day, Rosemary; Demers, Bruce; Diehl, Phyllis; Dick, Joe; Drescher, Ralph; Duke, Dorothy; Earl, Richard G.; Eggleston, Betty; Ellenberger, Walter; Evans, John O.; Fausey, Robert; Flaum, Ger- trude; France, Robert; Frantz, Walter; Fritsch, Rosemary; Fritsch, Mary Alice; Furey, Ed, Garner, Pearl; Gilbert, Jean; Godwin, Dorman; Goetz, Jeanne; Gradel, Robert; Greene, Dorothy; Grolle, Joanne; Haney, Shirley; Helm, Jeanne; Hening, Elaine; Hess, Richard; Hurrelbrink, Peggy; Ingarsen, Alice; Jahimoto, Michiko; Jarvis, Hubert; Justen, Justine; Kamps, Margaret; Kelley, Barbara; Kezur, Sidney; Krawlski, Clarence; Lamabe, Jean; Lawson, June; Layman, Lois; Leveton, Shirley; Lippus, William; Loehrke, Adele; Lonz, Susan; McDermott, Robert; McKechnic, Flora Jean; MacDonald, Jean; Mac Kenzie, Dorothy; Mahler, Shirley; Matchett, Robert; Merrill, Mary Anne; Mikesell, Kenneth; Miller, Ruth; Milne, Lawrence; Munn, Mary; Nicewonder, Fred; Nicklin, Donald; Nightengale, Monajane Park, Margaret, Peirce, Frances; Perrin, Betty Ann; Pipes, W. E.; Poll, Richard; Pollman, Patricia; Prior, George; Rampandahl, Doris; Redway, John; Reinlein, Glenna; Reiser, Alfred; Rihacek, Joseph; Ruedy, Marie; Scharf, Selma; Schlembach, Donna; Seeman, Evelyn; Shepherd, Jack; Siefield, Mary; Slogle, Richard; Smith, Joanne; Smith, MarcuS; Sturtz, Betty; Suddath, Warren; Sullivan, Joanne; Switzer, Peggy; Turner, David; VanDoren, Gloria; Wale, Robert; Weber, Maxine; Webber, Virginia; Weisman, Ira; Wentisch, Ruth; Woodgate, Jim; Wymyslo, Edmond; Zeigler, Ray; Nichpor, Bert; Hoover, Nancy; Douglas, JoAnne; Edwards, Gerald; Bodart, Jeanne; Botzenhart, Margaret; Fischer, Mary; Ruff, Rosemary; Ruppel, Janet; Siefield, Jean, Spaulding, Ruth; Smith, Margaret; Schummm, Barbara 70 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President — Bob O Shea Vice-President — Dick Corwin Secretary-Treasurer — Theodore Parr The University of Toledo Student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is organized to develop a professional pride in tfie young civil engineer, to ac- quaint them with the other mem- bers of their profession in and out of schiool, to further civil engineer- ing education, and finally to allow civil engineers to enjoy tfiemseives together at such educational amuse- ments as lectures and technical movies which make up a large part of tfie meetings. Row 1 — Corwin, Smith, O ' Shea, Parr. Row 2 — Foster, J. Duerringer, A. Peppers, Biebeshimer. Row 1 — C. Foster, R. Devine, J. Garch, Partoyan, D. Wright, D. Dence,Tio. Row 2 — A. Peppers, Brandeberry, R. Louden, R. Villwock, E. Scott, Smith. Row 3 — J. Farren, Novak, E. Szymaiak, Radecki, McCullough, J. Rossin, V. Morrow, C. Smith, R. O ' Shea, E. Baker, Corwin, R. Gang, B. Lunbeck, Wob- ser. Thaler, B. Denzig, T. Parr, Kohler, Kobil, J. Fowler. Row 4 — C. Feistkorn, D. Lewark, Anderson R. King, T. Biebesheimer, C. Poccanins, C. F-leiserman. ENGINEERS CLUB OFFICERS President — Dick Louden Vice-President — Dick Vill A ock Secretary — Virgil Morrow Treasurer — Charles Feistkorn The Engineers ' Club was organized to arouse interest in the engineering field. Information concerning work in engineering at other universities is presented to the members, and in this v dy they become acquainted with other schools. Engineering movies are presented at each meet- ing along with a speaker from one of the various fields of engineering. Rovv 1— P. Hountras, G. Coy, L. Chapman, M, Novick, G, Hollopeter, D. Henry, F. Kreps, P. Brown. Row 2— G. Crider, J. Sullivan, P. Doland, L. Kuenz|e, J. Marwood, J. Trafelet, P. Nowowiejskl. Row 3_p. Kalter, V. Dodson, V. Tadsen, Van Sickle, Oddy, P. Miller, Burg, L. Muttart, V. Franklin, Leech, B. Williams, Seebold, P. Cottner, Sobeck. UNIVERSITY CHEMICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS President — Albertine Krohn Vice President — Richard Villwock Secretary-Treasurer — Anna Allman The object of this society shall be to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry and chemical engineering in the University of Toledo to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional as- sociation, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a pro- fessional pride in chemistry. PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President — Monalee Murlin Vice-President — Jeanne Obert Secretary — Ruth Robeson Treasurer — Mary Ruth Leach The purpose of this organization is to give the students of pharmacy an opportunity to meet as a group in order that they may more effectively serve society in their profession. Row 1 — P. Brown, Obert, Emihaison, N. Sher- man, Sammis, Yohida, M. Murlin, L. Venid. Row 2 — F. Langdon, Reed, Dunson, Koontz, Watson, Tarada, Hutchinson, Ohier. Row 3 — Richardson, Stanton, M. Keller, E. Waidelich, Osborn, Row 4 — Schatzer, Cole, Pruitt, Wink- elblech. Mack, Segel, Ley, Marsinak, Lewan- dowski, Emch. 72 ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS President — Joan Crist Vice President — Rita Ketterer Secretary — Shirley Gigandet Treasurer — Lois Mensing Reporter — Flora Louise Duffey The sroup is orsanized to promote interest among its members and to keep them informed concerning new developments in the field of elementary education. MEMBERS Donna Beard, Virginia Brand, Joan Crist, Pegsy Cadzret, Betty Dressier, Shirley Gigandet, Elizabeth Hartz, Alice Johnson, Rita Ketterer, Pat Kline, Katie LaFleur, Joice Lane, Cherry Leadbetter, Mar Leutke, Betty Laures, Doris Meyers, Marjorie Machel, Lois Mensing, Lois McCrown, Janet McFarland, Irene Nagy, Ruth Prueter, Donna Schultz, Marguerite Stahl, Mary Teal, Pat Vogel, Betty Wetnight. kovv 1 -R. Williams, hHartz, Nasy, U. Miller, Fink, Betty Fingeroff. Row 2— B. Konz, M. Bede, J. Press, K. LaFleur, M. Madell, V. Cramer, M. Baird, L. Beech, R. Watson, R. Lauer, J, McFarland, S. Hoeffle. Row 3 — M. Luetke, M. Teal, P. Kline, FHobey, B. Laures, D. Meyers M. Davyer, S. Giganet, B. Dresser, M. Brownell, A. Johnson. Row 4 — Dr. Cunningham, F. Duffey, L. McGowan, Rita Ketterer, B. Robaskiwicz, D. Schultz, A. Pizza, L. Mensing, R. Prueter, Letterman, Stahl, Dr. Carver, V. Brand, Horzell. ' W 1 — M. Oviat, F. Kreps, J. Muntz, M. FHowland, D. Quick, B. Smith, J. Dunipace, E. Dunn, J. idart, A. Badenhope. Row 2— J. McKendrick, J. Bartleheim, C. Moore, E. Wagner, E. Keddie, J. errill, L. Thornburg, J. Spring, J- Mylander, M. Seubert. Row 3 — R. Weber, A. Losie, R. Lorenzen, Ramisch. Row 4— R. Calverd, E. Wolff, M. Reiss, J. Denzig, M. FHiggins, A. Evearitt, Blanchard, illard, Kohler, McRae, E. FHough, J. Lohner, Vogelsang. ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB OFFICERS President — Dolores Brindell Vice President Margaret hliggins Secretary — Jackie Ramisch Treasurer — Betty Smith Reporter — Alberta Dunn THE ELLEN RICHARDS Club is open to anyone in the student body with an interest in home eco- nomics. In addition, to the regular business meetings, teas and suppers are held monthly to give the mem- bers a chance to apply their know- ledge. MEMBERS Alice Badenhope, Jean Bodart, Sarah Booker, Jean Clapsaddle, Jane Dunipace, Elverda Dunn, Helen Freeman, Margaret FHiggins, Elloree Rundquist, Marjorie FHough, Evelyn Howlett, Edith Kohler, Amy Losie, Barbara Marquardt, Joan Merrill, Jane McKendrick, Dolores Brindle, Jacqueline Ramisch, Martha Rouse, Bett Staneart, Martha Lou Seubert, Lois Fransdorff, Mabel Fraley, Carolyn Braun, Ann Evearitt, Elsie Keddie, Jeanne Lohner, Jean Muntz, Betty Smith, Jean Vogelsang, Ruby Williams, Elizabeth Wagner, Eleanor Wolff, Jacqueline Denzig, Mary Ann Spring, Olive McDae, Ruth Weber, Colleen More, Margaret FHowland, Joyce Mylander, Lucille Thornburn, Faith Kreps, Roxana Calverd, Joan Kurtz, Mary Scheele, Phyllis Strock. 73 Row 1--J. Ddvis, J. Hart Row 2 — G. Burke, R. Fntchie, F. Zimmer, R. Lorenzen, R. Gosel, B. Gal hers B. Bellman, J. Muntz, M. Fritchle. DEBATING ASSOCIATION MEMBERS Marybelle Baird Betty Lou Bellmdn Phyllis Brown Joe Davis Roxana Calverd Mary Alice Fritsch Rosemary Fritsch Betty Galliers William Gibson Ruth Gogel Jack Hart Robert Keller Robert McCullough Rosemary Lorenzen Gloria Moore Mary Mazziotti Don Mueller Robert O ' Shea Frana Romp Phyllis Smith Philip Smullin Bradley Weins Eddie Wymyslo Arleen Zimmer Susan Lonz Frances Bornson OFFICERS President — Gloria Burke Vice Pres. — Suzanne Jones Stewart Secretary — Jeanne Marie Muntz Adviser — Dr. Frank R. FHickerson Purpose of the-group is to stimuidte and pro- mote public speaking, oratory, collegiate and inter-collegiate debating for the benefit of the University in its relationship to other universities. 74 Row 1_F. Romp, C. Geary, J. Copelin, J. Topping, M. Weiler. Row 2— H. Young, R. Herns, Mr. Schering. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB MEMBERS Colette Geary William Gibson Betty Fontaine Jeanne Topping Rosemary Lorenzen Rhoda Harris Fred Powers Celia Applegate Catherine Brown Frana Romp Joyce Copelin FHarry Young Tdube Cheyfitz Nodine Zunk Jane White Florence Kennedy OFFICERS President — FHarry Young Vice President — Florence Kennedy Secretary — Jane White Treasurer — Nadine Zunk Librarian — Taube Cheyfitz This orsanizdtion is awakening in the student body an interest in international affairs and the need for closer relationships with the na- tions of the world. This group is currently as- sisting the Toledo United Nations Council in promoting its series of lectures. 75 Row 1 — L. Damrauer, K. McGill, B. Koontz, M. Spencer, E. Ma s, J. Sarvice, Lanz, K. Hobey, D. Price, D. Allrfillish, M. Fritchie, M. Beals. Row 2—1. Weisman, J. Rauch, P. Weaver, R. Falk, R. Wagner, K. Gross, H. James, R. Walters, P. Stansbury. Row 3— J. Lyons, J. Flick, D. Navarre, D. Blackmore, G. Irwin, M. Wagner. UNIVERSITY BAND MEMBERS Beals, Marion Cooper, Sara Lou Cooper, Richard DePrisco, Jerry Coy, Glen Falk, Ruth Fritch, Mary Flick, John Gross, Kenneth FHobey, Estelle FHamiiton, FHarold Irwin, George Jones, Kenneth Lyons, John Maag, Robert Marey, Robert McComb, Fred McCullough, Robert Miller, William Navarre, Donald Nicholsf David Nyquist, Jack Ochs, Rudy Orr, Thomas Price, Dorothy Radebaugh, Sam Rauch, Joanne Schlievert, Herman Spencer, Mary Wagner, Marvin Wagner, Ronald Walter, Roy Weaver, Pat Weisman, Ira Worden, Marney Lou The University band is an essential part of college life, and it gives certain of the students a chance to use and develop their musical ability. The band plays at athletic events, re- views, commencements and participates in patriotic parades. Dr. Paul Stansbury serves as Director of the band. 76 ORCHESTRA OFFICERS President-Frances Peirce Vice President — John Flick Librarian — Eurydice FHountras The orchestra, as a group, is inter- ested in developing musical talent and using this ability to provide the University with fine music. The organization plays for graduation and chapel and gives an annual Spring Concert MEMBERS Janet Lindecker, Evelyn Rappaport, Margaret Emrick, Minnie Dillon, Esther Beins, Panos Hountras, Roy Massin, Charlotte Huxford, Richard Bohler, John Flick, Leon Carpenter, Cecil Stickney, Mariette Seavolt, Constance Lindecker, Jeanne Nash, Virginia Cramer, Monroe Rappaport, Eur dice Hountras, Elizabeth Miller, Fred Rickey, E. Looney, Samuel Pettigrew. Row 1 — E. Brandman, M. Emrick, V. Cramer, C. kue sei, L. i ioui.iici, E. Miller. Row 2— J. Lindecker, L Carpenter, J. Flick, C. Stickney, M. X orden, R. Bueler, M. Rappaport, C. Huxford, F. Peirce, C. Lindecker, F. Rickey, Valentine. Row 1— J. Bruno, M. Jay, D. McAffee, N. Penske, Row 2— W. Cottle, G. Burke, D. Moulopolus, G. Dugan, B. Miller, V. Criss, L. Damrouer. Row 3— D. Murlin, Stuckey, M. J., White, Ruegger, R. Straight, Johnson. CHORUS OFFICERS President — Mary Jay Vice President — Vernon Criss Secretary and Treasurer — Nancy Penski Accompanist — Elizabeth Miller The campus Choral Society is an organization which provides a med- ium for self expression and creative work in music. The year ' s activities include singing at commencement exercises, chapel and giving two concerts a year. MEMBERS Mary Bergman, Jackie Bruno, Donagail McAfee Dena Molopulos, Gloria Burke, Nancy Penski, Janet Reister, Mary Jay, Pat Weaver, Gloria Dugan, Evelyn Aring, Donabea Murlin, Betty Etchison, Colleen Smith, Betty Etches, Rachel Straight, Barbara Heesen, Lewis Damrauer, Jack Warwick, Fred Eichenlaub, Warren Cottle Vernon Criss, John Rupert, Bill Miller, Traco Massieu 7t Color Guard parades throush the rain o a sombre, thankfu 1 945 Armistice day 78 -kif Row 1 — O. Daley, R. Carlln, Hickerson, H. Starns, Locke, J. Nightengale. Row 2 — F. Schawbe, Carstensen, M. Smith, W. Dixon, L. Diamond, D. Fry. Row 3 — F. Nicewander, V. Morrow, D. L ewark, B. Boss, M.Winkleblech, Row 4— K. Merriam, R. Drescher, L. Hook, Hughes, C. Pfeiffer, J. Vermillya, G. Peters, L. Lamerman, K. MikeseH. VETERANS CLUB MEMBERS Orville Daly Robert Carlin Don Hickerson Hal Starns John Locke Jim Nightengale Floyd Schawbe Robert Carstensen Marvin Smith Walter Dixon Lee Diamond Fred Nicevi onder Virgil Morrow Don Lewark Bill Boss Merlin Winkleblech Ralph Drescher Kemper Merriam CliFford Pfeiffer Jim Vermillya Gene Peters Louis Lamerman Kenneth MikeseH Maxine Weber Edmund Wymslov Membership list is incomplete owing to continued return of service men. OFFICERS Commdnder — Edmond Wymslo Vice Commander — Bill Boss Secretary — Maxine Weber Treasurer — Hal Starns In June, 1944, the Veterans ' Club was or- ganized, and now it has grown to amazing proportions. The Veterans Qub was created to bring the returned veterans together to make their adjustment into college life easier. The Vets have sponsored many activities and have become a strong organization bringing spirit and vitality to the University. 79 Rowl — C. Brumm, F. Gartland, E. Hough, J. Dunipace, D. Henderson. Row 2 — Ahern, G. Burtch, M. Sheele, J. Muntz, M. Wentisch, J. Lamabe, L. Griffith. Row 3— Ward, R. Kinsel, R. Carlin, R. Balcer, N. Herbster, J. White, J. Denzig, J. Vogelsang, D. Matthews. SECONDARY EDUCATION MEMBERS Mrs. Willd Ahern Ada Albright Ruth Baker Grace Burtch Betty Campbell Robert Carlin Phyllis Damm Jacqueline Denzig Jane Dunipace Phyllis Fogg Frank Gartland Lucille Gifford Mary Jane FHausman Richard FHenderson Natalie FHerbster Edith Kohler Richard Kinsel Doris Matthews Charles McCarthy Mary Lois Metzger Jeanne Marie Muntz Marilyn Onweller Virginia Ostman Mary Beth Scheele Betty Smith Betty Staneart Sue Stewart Ruth Sturdevant Julia Sullivan Jane White OFFICERS President — R. E. Kinsel Vice President — Jane Dunipace Secretary — Doris Matthews Treasurer — Grace Burtch Sergeant-dt Arms — Robert Carlin The Secondary Education Club is concerned with creatins a greater professional attitude toward education and teaching. The organ- ization attempts to meet every school month and achieves its purpose by meeting on a more personal plane with the professors and students of education. The club welcomes all secondary education students and is especially anxious for juniors and sophomores. 80 IVY LEAF CLUB OFFICERS President — Nora Lee Shorter Vice President — Jamesetta Robinson Corresponding Sec. — Viola Grain Routine Sec. — Iveva Ballard Treasurer — Beulah Camp Dean of Pledges — Adabelle Achley The Ivy Leaf Club, a pledge group of Alpha Kappa Alpha, National Sorority, was organized to cultivate and encourage high scholastic stand- ards, and to improve the social status of the race. The club unites and promotes friendship among college women, and keeps the alumni group in touch with campus activities and interests. Row 1—1. Belldrd, V. Grain, N. Shorter, R. Dunbar, : nop. r ow z- -M. owanson, F. Adams, J. Robinson. PYRAMID CLUB The Pyramid Club attempts to make its girls con- scious of the advantages of attaining and keeping high scholastic standards, training girls in the ideals, purposes, and functions of Delta -Sigma Theta and fostering understanding and sisterhood among its members. OFFICERS President — Shirley Vartice Vice-President — Margie Grigsby Secretary — Le Gusta Douglas Treasurer — Fay Woodson Row 1 — A. Douglas, F. Woodson, B. Jackson, i. Willid.Tis. Kow l. ' — U. Alien, v. Shoecraft, B. Blagman, R. Williams, S. Bartice, J. Smith. Row 3 — M. Baylis, J. Toadvin, M. Grigsby, M. Philpot. 81 Row 1 -T. Parr, V. Schoor, M. Goodwin, R. Villwock, T. Biebesheiner. Row 2 — J. Marwood, F. Landis, P. Shdikhouser, L.Ornelld. Row 3 — Novack, Dancer, P. Lansenderfer, Gang, W. Spencer, C. Heiserman, S. Part. Row 1— R. Buckele, E. McLauglin, J. Franklin, S. Rammart, G. Hollopeter M. Veiih,N. Novick. Row 2— B. Devine, Wobster, J. Willis, B. Lunbeck, A. Krohm, L Zeigler, M. Onweller, J. McFillan, Reed, P. Sauve, E. Crosby. Row 3— O. Daley, Allman, Cebold, V. Ostman, J. Duerringer, C. Foster. DELTA X MEMBERS Anderson, Wm; Beals, Marion,- Bell, Alton,- BIystone, Ver- end; Brandeberry, J. B.; Campbell, Cleo; Ceboll, Cath- erine,- dayman, Ernest; Dailey, Orville,- DeChant, Lucille,- Devine, Bob; Duensing, Wm; Duerringer, Joe; Fisher, Marilyn; Frey, Jesse; Flick, John; Gratz, Clarence; Ginther, Lawrence; h artman, Virginia; Henry, Roger; Ingraham, Donald; Johnson, Willard; Janowinke, Clarence; Krieger; Clarence; Kassoff, Mervin; Kuhr, Richard; Langendorfer, Paul; Mervos, Fern; Mull, Lowell; Rauch, JoAnne; Rosin, James; Reed, Robert Sauve, Paul; Stewart, Shirley; Sunday, Elaine; Shire, Dick; Sturdevant, Ruth; Smith, Clarence; Spen- cer, Walter; Wiens, Bradley; Wobser, Jay; Winslow, J. B.; Webber, Virginia; Young, Tom; Zahn Ervin. OFFICERS President — Albertine Krohn Vice-President — Robert Lunbeck Secretary-Treasurer — Lois Zeigler Delta X stimuldtes interest in collegiate mathematics, especially in those phases of the subject which are not normally encountered in regular courses at the University. It functions to promote good fellow- ship among those who have a common interest in mathematics and makes a contribution to the Uni- versity ' s facilities for furnishing a broad cultural education for its students. 82 POLYMATHIC SOCIETY OFFICERS President — Rachel Straight Vice President — Dick Villwock Secretary — Donna Schlemback Treasurer — PhiHip SmuHin Faculty Adviser — Dr. Dancer The Poiymathic Society has the most unique type of membership on campus. It is composed of students who excel in their particular fields of study. It functions to sive its members an opportunity to exchanse ideas and broaden their college life. r i I 4 4A4 Row 1— Phillip Smullin, H. Young. Row 2 R. Drescher, R. Villwock, t. Sunday, B. Lunbeck, R. Straight, M. Bridenbaugh, J. White, J. Henzler, D. Schlembaclc, C. Gassen, W. Dancer, H.Pezllz SOCIETY FOR ADVANCED MANAGEMENT OFFICERS President — Robert Brown Secretary — Joan Keeler Treasurer — William Ellenburger This society sives the students majoring in management an oppor- tunity to meet people in this field and become better acquainted with the managerial duties. Row 1 — G. Myer, L.Carter, H.Fulton, J. Keeler. Row 2 — R. Zeigler, R. Greene, B. McDermott. Henzler Row 1— D. Reed, N. Dunson, B. Witt, J. CUpsdddle, Siefuld. Row 2— R. Wentisch, R. Lduer M. Wentisch, R. Braun, D. Price, H. Braun, P. Uuer J. McKendrick, M.OIIer. Row 3— P. Jodrey, A. Marshall, P. Oler, E. Smith, E. Leonard, Tarada. TOWER VIEW CLUB MEMBERS Nancy Dunson Dorothy Reed Doris Price Betty Lou Bellman Joan Keeler Eleanor Smith Ruth Wentisch Virginia Aungst Muriel Wentisch Ann Marshall Barbara Witt Flora McKenzie Pat Oiler Jean Siegfield Peggy McConklin Margene Olher Romilda Braun Flora Terada Jean Clapsaddle Rosalind Lauer Pat Jodry Jane McKendricks FHelen Braun Pat Lauer OFFICERS President — Pat Jodrey Vice President — Pat Lauer Secretary — FHelen Braun Treasurer — Rosalind Lauer Social Chairman — Pat Oler A membership in the Tower View Club is open to girls living in Florence Scott Libbey Hall. This or- ganization gives dormitory women an opportunity to unite as a group and participate in functions planned for its members. 84 MACKINNON CLUB OFFICERS President — Charles H. Feistkorn Vice-President — Alton A. Gladieux Treasurer — William Boss This organization functions to acquaint the res- idents of MacKinnon hHail with each other and to promote friendly and social activities within the group and with other groups on campus. Gladieux, Bud Oches, Rudy Lew, Bob Lozier, Cliff Keller, Tom Johnson, Bob Turner, Virgil Goldfarb, Arnold Kassoff, Merwyn hiigh, Tom Feistkorn, Chas. Starns,hHarold AndreNA ' s, Jay Beatty, Art Mills, Russell Passamano, Sal Mull, Raymond Soga, G. Shatzer, J. Michalak, Ed. MEMBERS Wullf, Otto Ingram, Don Coy, Glen Marrotti, Louis White, John Navarre, Don hiarer, Dick Boss, Bill Hess, Dick 85 McRitchie, Tom Barclay, Alton Rabkin, Norman Mull, L. D. Bergstrom, L. Early, Bill Bauer, hHarry Nicewander, Fred Langdon, Frank Massin, Roy Naperstick, Bill Martin, Louis Pacinis, Carlos Wright, David FHiserman, Cliff Thaler, Carl Corwin, Dick Appel, Dennis Row 1 — D. Navarre, F. Nicewonder, S. Passamano, H. Bower, F. Langdon. Row 2 — B. Lew, D.Wright, C.Pfierre, J. Paine, J.Vermillya, D. Ingtahm, J. Shepard. Row 3: — M. KassoFf, A. Barclay, D. Corwin, L. Martin, B. GoldFarb, B. Napperstick, A. Gladieux, T. Mc Ritchie, ClifflPyS LIFE 86 SfPIlBEft Back to school days. " Vet, though a sense oF grief Comes with the (ailing leaf, And memory makes the summer doubly pleasant, In all my autumn dreams A future summer gleams Passing the fairest glories of the present. " Upperclassmen, Murph and Joe chuckle over Freshmen election posters. • " There is a tavern in the town " . . . Gay Nineties Variety Show. 89 Sophomore Prom initiates the dancing season. • The tower and autumn atmosphere. ' Folks say I ' m moonstruck. " 90 " Pretty funny is it, kids? " • " There is something in October sets the sypsy blood astir. . . " 91 " ... and bleak November curls up at your feet. " ' After the ball is nearly over. " 92 • Armistice Day, 1945. Veterans setting back to civilian ways. One section of a cross section of the union at 1 :00. 93 Homecomin9 Queen Dorothy Brechenser and King Ray McNeil oblige the photographer. • " Here by the fire. Queen and contestants, King and contestants and Homecoming chairman Sadie Douglas reflect different moods. 94 " Old year, you shall not die. We did so laugh and cry with you, I ' ve half a mind to die with you. Old year, if you must die. " Formals, flowers and Fletcher at the Christmas Formal. 95 " January gray is here. Like a sexton by her grave; February bears the bier; . . . ' 96 January weather makes the union a haven. 10:00 in the union. The dog was cold and wet and hungry and somebody let him in. 97 98 ' Tom Watson and Joa entertain likable Mrs. in the union library. " Chicago . . . Chicago . . . da-de-da-da-da. Hello Rudy. • The Alpha Tau Sigma ' s turn Chi Omega at their installation Tea. Upstairs. " Sit up straisht like mother, boys ' Downstairs. " Restless youth resorts to card pla yin3 now a nd the • " How many times a day? " The union provides continual entertainment before, after, between and sometimes durins class on cold winter days. a»l 100 • " The braggart March stood in the season ' s door Shaking the snowFlakes From the cloak he wore. Nearby him April stood with tearful face and violets in her hands . . . " 101 flPlllL • " Spring, with that nameless pathos in the air which dwells with all things fair, Spring, with her golden suns and silver rain. Is with us once again . . . " 102 " Aw-w, go on! " • The floods can be fun. • " And he said to me . • First April sunshine and off comes the coat. 103 • 1945 Queen of the May, pretty Rhea Horst, remained queenly through the scorching ceremonies of her crowning. As Queen she remained President of the Women ' s Athletic Association for the school year 1945-1946. ' " for lo, the winter is past, the rain is gone,- the flowers appear on the earth. " 104 tfi • " This is May, who, with a daisy chain, leads on the laughing hours. " • Barby A. takes a refresher before her next class. The offices, information, news and registrar. 105 ' At last, at last, like the dawn of a calm Fair day . . . sraduation. " Mi- " and this first summer month that brings the rose. " 106 y ' " • Out of class at 1 2:00; Centennial at 1 :00; sunburned at 4:00. • wayfarin ' stranger by the sea. Robin Hall at Centennial. Alice Ohiinser at shuFfleboard court. 1Q7 ffiflTfRfllTlfS 108 c 109 Sow 1— T. McRitchie, F. Fadell, B. McDermott, B. Shurtz, Parks B. Lippus, S. Kezur. Row 2— D. Harliss, B. Murphy, B. Boss, Gladieux, D. Poll, P. Smullin. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President — Bob McDermott Secretary-Treasurer — Douglas Tabener Inter-Fraternity Council has as its purpose the governing of the nine member fraternities. The Council sets up all rules to be observed by the fraternities and holds jurisdiction over its members. The principal social function of the group is pre- senting the annual Christmal formal. MEMBER FRATERNITIES AND REPRESENTATIVES ALPHA KAPPA Pl- William Lippus Bob Douglas ALPHA PHI OMEGA- Fred Fadell Jim Murray CHI BETA CHI- Bayard Brown Robert Miller CHI RHO NU- Alton Gladieux Bill Boss KAPPA IOTA CHI- Sidney Kezur LAMBDA CHI- Albert Gerbie PI RHO SIGMA- Dale Ludlum PHI KAPPA CHI- Joe Dick Russ Mills SIGMA BETA PHI- Jay Thornburg David Wright 110 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL MEMBERS OFFICERS Kathleen McPeek Monajane Nightingale Miriam Wiederanders Betty Lou Bellman Joan Christ Betsy h4aughton Virginia Hannaford Evelyn Sobeck Mary Kelly Marjorie Munn Shirley Mostov Roberta Axel rod Jackie Denzig Donna Schlembach Jane Cameron Mary Sheeley Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Pi Beta Phi Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta Sigma Zeta Gamma Phi President — Joan Crist Secretary — Miriam Wiederanders Treasurer — Virginia hHannaford The council functions to maintdin good frdternity and interfraternal relations on the campus. Rules governing rushing pledging and initiation are com- piled by the organization. The council cooperates with the administration in the maintenance of a high scholastic and social standards. Row 1 — B. Beilmdn, M. Wiederanders, M. Kelly. Row 2 — V. Hannaford, E. Sobeck, M. Sheeley, J. Cameron, J. Denzis, S. Mostov. Row 3 — M. Howinqton, R. Axeirod, D. Schlembach, K. McPeek, J. Crist. Ill Row 1 Sitting — Davis, Henley, Sammis, Grahdm, Obert. Row 2 Sittinq— Tillman, Andrews, Howing- ' on, Lederer, Leach, Robeson, Nagy, Glendenning, Emahiser, Halpin, Webber. Row 3 Standing — Franklin, Plaffoot, McFillan, Nightengale,. McPeek, Zdravje, Watson, Hale, Meyers, Baker, Wiegand. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President — Shirley Myers Vice President — Jeanne Obert Recording Secretary — Mary Ruth Leach Corresponding Secretary — Ruth Robeson Treasurer — Joyce hienley Founded — October 15, 1885 — DePauw University Chapter — Beta Omega — November, 1945. The former Alpha Tau Sigma Sorority enjoyed the excitement this fall of becoming the University ' s fifth national women ' s fraternity. This event spotlighted the activities of the group for the remainder of the year. The installation was surrounded by teas, a banquet, and an im- pressive installation service. Their work, this year, indicates that they have much to offer in the future. MEMBERS Margery Andrews Berthamae Baker Joan Baker Lois Bolback LaVerne Davis Dorothy Emahiser Virginia Frankhn Joyce hHenley Lois Franzdorf Marion FHowington Catherine Glendenning Mary Ruth Leach Ann Graham Kathleen McPeek Orlene FHachman Shirley Myers Sally FHalpin Irene Nagy Monajane Nightingale Jeanne Obert Ruth Robeson Emily Sammis Cornelia Silter Kathleen Tillman Patricia Vogel Romayne Watson Virginia Webber Carolyn Wiegand Ruth Zdravje 112 Row 1 Sitting — Zeisler, Partoydn, Hobey, Lamabe, Oigandet, Bohn, Wentisch, Spring. Row 2 — Grafton, Muntz, Baird, Penske, Moulding, Ketterer, Luetke, Andrew, Pizza, Bellman, Ruppel, Rock- wood. Row 3 Standing — Loehrke, Marwood, Strout, Frautschi, Thompson, Vossler, Onweller, Seeman, Farrell, Wiederanders, Freeman Verhoeven, Howell, Justen. Row 4 Standing Lawson, Nesteroff, Brumm, Koder. Row 5 Standing: — Schnell, Diehl, Horst, Rudolph. ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS President — Rhea Horst Vice-President — Shirley Gigandet Recording Secretary — Eleanor Koepp Corresponding Secretary — Judy Justen Treasurer — Irene Angel Founded — Barnard College, January 2, 1897. Chapter— Theta Psi, November 11, 1944. The outstanding activities for the year for the very active AOPi ' s in- cluded the Nachtrieb Silver Scholarship Tea in tMovember which is designed to raise funds for a history scholarship, and a friendly gather- ing in the union at Christmas time where fraternity men and women sang carols and consumed great quantities of cookies. The second year as a national finds the AOPi ' s strong and growing stronger. Irene Angel Lavella Andrew Joan Bohn Jane Bortman Maybelle Baird Betty Lou Bellman Caroline Brumm Phyllis Diehl Nancy Farrell Shirley Gigandet Mary Joyce Grafton Rhea Horst Betty T. Hobey Katherine Howell Judy Justen Rita Ketterer Jean Koder Eleanor Koepp MEMBERS Jean Lamabe June Lawson Adele Loehrke Mary Luetke Jane Marwood Doris McFarlane Charlene Moulding Jean Marie Muntz Doris Myers Helen Nesteroff Marilyn Onweller Angel Partoyan Nancie Penske Antoinette Pizza Mona Rockwood Janet Ruppel Marion Schnell Evelyn Seeman Jean Strout Mary Ann Spring Doris Thompson Ruth Verhoven Muriel Wentisch Miriam Wiederanders Lois Zeigler 113 .J»,w . Row 1 Sitting — Kdding, Goon, Ward, Houghton, King, Brindle, Bonis, Thayer. Row 2 Standing — Bodart, Rowland, McFarland, Eppler, Bux, Johnson, Jencks, Hawkins, Hoikins, Brand, Crothers, Bell, Prior. Row 3 Standing — Adams, Crist, McBride, Cooper, Nicholson, McGuire, MacDonaid, Brown, F.ggleston, Rabchuk, Kennedy, Price. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President — Jeanne Shirk Vice-President — Connie Adams Recording Secretary — Virginia Brand Treasurer — Jean MacDonaid Founded — April 5, 1895, University of Arkansas Chapter— Xi Delta-November 3, 1944 The Chi O ' s started the post-war social calendar this fall by giving the first all-sorority dance to be held in four years. The student turn- out for that dance indicates how easy it is to return to former ways. At Christmas, the group enjoyed a formal dinner and dance which was only one item in the active Chi Omega year. Spring found their seniors regretting the passage of time, and the underclassmen eager for another successful event to take place. Connie Adams Sararuth Bell Betty Bonis Virginia Brand Phyllis Brown Jeanne Bodart Joe Ann Bux Grace Burtch Marjorie Cooper Joan Crist Mary Jane Crothers Mary Dwyer Betty Eggleston Gloria Eppler Jane Goon Betsy Haughton Dorothy Hawkins MEMBERS Virginia Hoskins Margaret hHowland Bobbie Jencks Ahce Johnson Doris Kading Mary Kennedy Ann King Betty Laures Jean MacDonaid Joan MacRavey Laura McBride Jeanette McGuire Janet McFarland Sue Nicholson PatOhler Jewell Price Dons Prior Esther Rabchuk Dolores Quick Jeanne Shirk Bess Stimson Jane Thayer Norma VanWormer Mary Lou Ward 114 Row 1 — Fischer, Sturdevant, Dale, Lanz, Murlin, Douslas, Perkins, Bartlebaugh. Row 2 — Duffey, Schultz, Compton, Lewis, Spaulding, Botek, Sherman, Menslng. Row 3 — Kasch, Hannaford, Merrill M., Sobeck, Ohiinger, Fleck, I ehman, Klewer, Galliers, Schumm, Hoover, Swigart. Row 4 Standing — Rauch, Meyers, FHinde, Witt, Cramer, Bartelheim, Kelly, Abrahamson, Ruettner, Goetz, Fulton. Row 5 Standing — Badenhope, Barrett, Schmidlin, Gassan, Sullivan. DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS President — Shirley Kasch Vice President — Kathleen Klewer Recording Secretary — Jane Ann Schmidlin Corresponding Secretary —Monalee Murlin Treasurer — Phyllis Lanz Founded — Boston University, Nov. 23, 1 Chapter— Phi Alpha, November, 1944. One of the largest, strongest groups on campus, the Tri Delts take good advantage of the ample resources within their limits. After long hours of thought and work, they entered the winning float in the No- vember Homecoming Parade, and in January they were hostesses at their dance, " Paradise Regained " which included all fraternity men and women and veterans. Their volleyball championship indicates the variety of their endeavors. Barbara Abrahamson Alice Badenhope Ruth Bartelheim Janice Bartlebaugh Mary Barrett Marthasue Bauer Agnes Botek Alice Lee Brown Virginia Buettner Lois Ann Carter Pat Compton Virginia Cramer Peggy Dale Joan Douglas Floralouise Duffey Jeanne Eddy Mary Fischer Vada Fleck Madeline Folger FHelen Fulton Bette Galliers Carolyn Gassan MEMBERS Jeanne Goetz Virginia Hannaford Virginia FHinde Nancy FHoover Shirley Kasch Barbara Kelly Kathleen Klewer Phyllis Lanz Katherine Lehman Rosalee Lewis Lois Mensing Mary Ann Merrill Ruth Merrill Gladys Meyer Monalee Murlin Joyce Mylander Donna Oatman Alice Ohiinger Marylou Perkins Joanne Rauch Jane Ann Schmidlin Donna Schultz Barbara Schumm Marthalou Seubert Nancy Sherman Evelyn Sobeck Ruth Spaulding Ruth Sturdevant Joanne Sullivan Sally Swigart Barbara Witt 115 Row 1 Sittins — Johnson, Kratt, Martin, Tomlinson, Chapman. Row 2 Sitting — Breck, Keller, Johnson, Lauer, Keddie, Fischer. Row 3 Standina — Kelly, Sullivan, Owen, Worden, Hewey, Greene, Winsin- ger, Fleming, Howard, Gogel, Dolan. PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President — Julie Sullivan Vice President — Lois Keller Corresponding Secretary — Margaret Brownell Recording Secretary — Virginia Townsend Treasurer — Janet Greene Founded— April 28, 1867, Monmouth College Chapter— Ohio Epsilon, April 28, 1945 The exhilration which was felt throughout the entire university was felt, also, by the Pi Phi ' s. Evidence to this fact is the " Backward Dance which they sponsored on Thanksgiving eve. The usual monotony of the dating procedure was broken by reversing the method and having the girls take the part of the boys. Another exciting event was the Pi Beta Phi National Convention which was held in Swampscort, Mas- sachusetts. The Pi Phi ' s have now established themselves as one of the leading groups on campus. MEMBERS Sally Breck Margaret Brownel Lee Chapman Pat Dolan £dna Fleming Mildred Gogel Phyllis Grothjan Joanne F ewey Beverly F oward Sue FHug Ellen Johnson Mimi Johnson Elsie Keddie Lois Keller Mary Kelly Marilyn Kratt Pat Lauer Ruth Lumm Betty Martin Marjorie Munn Jeanne Nash Pat Owen Sue Preece Julie Sullivan Margaret Tomlinson Virginia Townsend Katherine Winsinger Marny Lou Worden 116 Row 1 Sitting— Novick, Bergher, Mostov, Leviton. Kow 2 Sitting — Axelrod H., Wolson, Ackerman, Scharf, Axelrod R., Hening, Fingeroff, KIdtzel. Row 3 Standing — Cheyfitz, Copelin, Salzman, Landis, Brassloff, Duke, Bergman. SIGMA PI DELTA OFFICERS President — -Shirley Mostov Vice President — Florence Landis Recordins Secretary — Sela Sharf Corresponding Secretary — Gertrude Brassloff Treasurer — Shirley Leviton Founded — February, 1931. Toledo University. Although an extremely studious group, holding the highest point average of any feminine group on campus, the Sigma Pi Delta ' s manage to spend a good deal of time enjoying themselves. On Februar 2, they attended a Founder ' s Day Banquet with their alumni and ad- visors, and their spring formal added the proper elegant touch to the closing portion of theyear. Ella Ackerman Helen Axelrod Roberta Axelrod Golda Bergher Yetta Bergman MEMBERS Gertrude Brassloff Taube Cheyfitz Joyce Copelin Dorthy Duke Selma Faudman Betty Fingerhoff Elaine FHening h-larriet Klatzel Florence Landis Shirley Leviton Shirley Mostov Mar Novick Eva Salzman Selma Sharf Carolyn Wolson 117 Row 1 Sitting — Hdusmdn, Smith, Denzig, Uatah, Douglas, Jay, Staneart. Row 2 Sitting — MacKenzie, Campbell, Kapanikas, Ramisch, Gilbert, Sonneberg, Baumberger, Craig, Damm, Rov 3 Standing — Jones, Hoffman, Park, Kohler, Wtieeler, Sctilembach, Higgins, Mattfiews, Burke, Hedges, Carstensen, White, Ruff, Ingalsbe, Willis. TAU DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS President — Phyllis Damm Vice President — Doris Matthews Recording Secretary — Marjorie Baumberger Corresponding Secretary — Gloria Burke Treasurer — Mary hlausman Founded— February 22, 1931, U. of Toledo. The public spirited Tau Delts made the ancient festival of Hollowe ' en a real holiday for the children at the Crippled Children ' s Home this year by giving them a gay party. The Tau Delts spent a very busy year and climaxed it with their annual all-sorority spring formaj. This group boasts many academically and socially active members. Marjorie Baumberger Katherine Black Gloria Burke Betty Lou Campbell Lenore Carstensen Jean Clapsaddle Dorothy Clouse Mar lee Craig Phyllis Damm Gloria Darah Jacqueline Denzig Sadie Douglas Jean Gilbert Mary Jane FHausman Miriam Hedges Gisela Hertwick MEMBERS Margaret FHiggins Ann Huffman Lois Ingalsbe Mary Jay Eleanor Jones Katherine Kapanikas Marjorie Kelb Edith Kohler Doris Matthews Dorothy MacKenzie Margie Moore Lola Park Jacqueline Ramisch Rosemary Ruff Donna Rutan Donna Schlembach Betty Smith Jean Sonnenberg Betty Staneart Suzanne Stewart Patricia Wheeler Jane White Jeanette Willis 118 Row 1 Sitting — Green, Cameron, Jacobs, Baker, Gitford, Kimple. Row 2 Sitting — Goggin, Perrin, Nowowejski, Dunn, Henry, Schalkhauser, Metzger, Scheehle, Zunk, Fontaine. Row 3 Standing — Burr, Cumisky, Chase, Kline, Dunipace, Trafelet, Vogelsang, Lohner, Kreps. KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS President — Ruth Baker Vice -President — Jane Dunipace Recording Secretary — Jeanne Lohner Corresponding Secretary — Elloree Hough Treasurer — Janet Jacobs Founded— October 23, 1 897— Virginia State Normal College Chapter— Beta Nu To add to the excitement of the rushing period this year, the former Zeta Gamma Phi sorority was accepted as the Beta Nu chapter of the National Women ' s Fraternity in early March. Their installation into Kappa Delta establishes the sixth national sorority on our Campus. This Ohio Beta Nu chapter is the 70th in the United States. The group activities for the year most often had to do with their changing from local to national standing. MEMBERS Ruth Baker Betty Burr Jane Cameron Edna Chase Dorothy Cumiskey Jane Dunipace Elverda Dunn Betty Jane Fontaine Lucille Gifford Anne Goggin Dorothy Green Dolores F4enry Elloree Hough Marjorie Hough Janet Jacobs Jean Kimple Patricia Kline Faith Kreps Albertine Krohn Jeanne Lohner Mary Metzger Phyllis Nowowejski Betty Ann Perrin Pauline Schalkhauser Mary Scheehle Marguerite Stahl Jean Trafelet Jeanne Vogelsang Nadine Zunk 119 Row 1 — Villwock, McCulloush, Henderson, Crawford, Nichpor, K. Jones. Row 2 — Keating, McCarthy, Fyler, Snyder, Gregorek. Row 3 — Bennett, Smith, Tate, Lippus, Lammiman. Row 4 — Draheim, J. Jones. ALPHA KAPPA PI OFFICERS President — Robert McCullough Vice President — John Henzler Treasurer — Richard Villwock Acting Secretary — Richard Henderson Secretary — Robert Douglass Founded — 1921, Newark College AKPi still holds its position of being the only national men ' s fra- ternity on campus, and joined with brother chapters this year in cele- brating the chapters ' silver anniversary. Members had a chance to pin their flower, the yellow tea rose, on their respective girls at the pledge-active dance held early second semester. AKPi anticipates the renewal of still more traditions with the return of brothers now in the service. MEMBERS Milton Bennett Oliver Crawford John Jones Kenneth Keating William Lippus Ted Gregorek Richard Snyder Lawrence Muttart Clarence Krawlski Lew Lammiman Don Tussing Ed Draheim Norm Johns Bob O ' Shea Carl Fyler Cal Deiners Roland Campbel Bob Brady Basil Foussianes FHarry Henning George Maludy Clarence Smith Bert Nichpor Charles McCarthy Gene Zytkus Pledges — Ken Jones Dick Tussing Bob Tate Bill Kane 120 Row 1 — Fulton, Mdnton, Faded, Boudouris, Bender. Row 2 — Gear, Murray, Walrath. Row 3 — McRitchie, Callashan, Fotopolus. Row 4 — Withrow, Wisbon, Brausiech. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS President — Homer Fulton Vice President — Norman Bender Treasurer — Gil Walrath Assistant Treasurer — Fred Fadell Recording Secretary — Bill Gear Corresponding Secretary — Dick Balduff Sergeant-at-Arms — James Murray Reporter — Tom McRitchie Willard Johnson Paul Withrow Bill Fotoplus Edward Chiappetta Lyie Smith James Callaghan George Kuhlman Edward Brausieck Bill Early Perr Allen FHarry James Bill Miley Founded— 1921. The Alpha Phi ' s upheld their tradition of having fun this year with a full and varied social calendar. Still having a house in which to have informal dances facilitated their having a pledge-active dance, a dance in honor of the returned service brothers and a dance honoring the new actives. Stag parties within the active chapter and with the alumni were held. Spring brought their big annual formal and pic- nics, a hayride and anticipation of the fun to be had at the fraternity summer cottage. MEMBERS Joe Miller Bob Wisbon Don Clark Bill Boudouris Charles Bottdorf Pledges — Dick Pierson George Watson Bill Bridenbaugh Harry Dickey Leonard Jensen Wallace Krueger Peter Manton Frank Baird Robert Pomroy 121 Row 1 — Brown, Bower, McDermott, Horan, Miller. Row 2 — Kaucki, Kearney, Wehrle, Nowicki Row 3 — Gang, Farran, Mull. Row 4 — Demers, Maher, Betz CHI BETA CHI OFFICERS President Robert Miller Vice President — Bayard Brown Recording Secretary — Joseph Maher Corresponding Secretary — Eugene Wehrle Treasurer — Robert Kearney Marshall — Bruce Demers Founded 1928 Chi Bets returned to the active list after two years of maintaining an inactive status. The year ' s activities, including informal dances parties and general get-togethers, will be concluded with a spring formal, celebrating the return of Chi Bets to campus life and the re- turning of members to Chi Beta Chi. Over half of the active chapter on campus now is composed of servicemen who returned to school this semester. The membership list given here is incomplete owing to returning men. Robert McDermott Walter Bower Carl Betz John Farran MEMBERS Robert Gang Lowell Mull James Horan Glenn Grainger Robert Witt James Goodyear Eugene Kaucki Joseph Ganett 122 Row 1 — Hdrtzel, Saunders, J. Kaminski, Passamano, Docis, Langdon, Cris, Massin. Row 2 — L. Will- iams, G. Williams, Turtel, Ingram, Alt, Lunbeck, Corwin, Nicewonder. Row 3 — Schwab, Coy, Fotheringham, Donavan, Campbell, Jones, Gladieux. Row 4 — Mikesell, Daley, Sail, Starns, Vail, Adklnson, Appel, Boss, Felstkorn. Row 5 — McMahon, Karmal, IwlnskI, Ochs, Navarre. CHI RHO NU OFFICERS President — Fred Nicewonder Vice-President — (acting President) Charles H. Felstkorn Secretary — Kenneth Mikesell Treasurer — Richard Corwin Founded— 1921. With their Christmas formal. Heifer dance and Founder ' s day Informal already in the past, Chi Rho Nu is making plans for still more dances to be held this year. Their campus apartment was the scene of an all- sorority open house last semester, which boasted fun and food In abundance. Going slightly sentimental, the men held a card shower for their adviser of twenty-five years. Professor Guy Van Sickle on his 59th birthday. FHarry Jones Rudy Ochs Bill Boss Bud Gladieux Ed Vail Jerry Donavan Bob Lew Dennis Appel FHal Starns Bob Carlin Joe Kaminski Jim Townsend Frank Campbell Ed Hartzel Sal Passamano Floyd Schwab MEMBERS Glenn Coy Stretch Goedde Orville Dailey Glen Williams Lynn Williams John Iwinski John McMahan John Fotheringham Bob Lunback Charles Adkinson Walt Karmal Vernon Chriss Donald Navarre Thomas Docis Kenneth Tertel Alfred Sail Richard Saunders Donald Ingram Roy Massin Frank Langdon Pledge- Bill Bolton 123 KAPPA IOTA CHI MEMBERS Robert Muntz Hermdn Mainwold Irv Mautner Alton Bdrclay Harold Gross Myron Karp Norman Rabkin Arnold Goldfarb Ira Weisman Harry Nistel OFFICERS Noble Grand — Sidney Kezur Vice Noble Grand — Erwin Hoffman Treasurer — Robert Segel Secretary — Mitchell Kaufman Row 1 — Harold Gross, Herman Mainwold, Mitchell Kaufman. Row 2— Harry Nistel, Alton Barclay, Sidney Kezur,Robert Muntz, Robert Segel. Row 3 — Norman Rabkin, Myron Karp, Ira Weisman, Erwin Hoffman. Row 4 — Robert Goldfarb. Founded— 1925 KIX resumed its active status this year after its two year hibernation. Last semester was high-lighted by an Active-Alumni dance, given by the pledges, who also furnished the entertainment. The pain of fra- ternity week was eased by a formal banquet given the pledges by the actives. Second semester brought their annual Spring Prevue Dance and the good weather brought another fraternity event, a hayride. Tak- ing their active status seriously, KIX has really returned with a vigor. LAMBDA CHI MEMBERS Sam Webne Harold Lieberman Allen Weiss Cecil Abramewitz Oscar Wexler Mendel Eiser Sam Part William Naperstick Mervm Kassoff Marvyn Greenberg Fred Ldderman Louis Damaurer Marsfial Isenberg BenScfiull Milton Eiser OFFICERS President — Isadore Moses Vice President — Howard Yaffe Treasurer — Philip Smullin Secretary — Henry Ruben Founded— 1925. Smokers take the lead in Lambda Chi social life, but dates are fun too as the fellows proved at their Christmas and spring formals. The an- nual KIX-X basketball game was revived this year, the first time it had been played for three years. The founder ' s day formal banquet was a May highlight while a scavenger hunt, roast and informal dances Riled the rest of the year. And yet, with the increased number of social affairs Lambda Chi still maintains its tradition of high scholar- ship. Row 1 — Moses, Wexler, Yaffe, Eiser. Row 2 — Part, Weiss, Isenberg, Laderman, Abramewitz. Row 3 — Lieberman, Kassoff, Webne, Ruben. 124 Row 1 — Whitman, Franklin, Jennings, Mills. Row 2 — Parker, Giesige, Flinn, Rodemick, Mikesel Row 3 — Gartz, Caldeway, Deakin, Veller, Mann. Row 4 — Tabener, Murphy, Dick. PHI KAPPA CHI OFFICERS President — Douglas Ta bener Vice President — Harold Deakin Treasurer — Jack Velier Recording Secretary — Russell Mills Corresponding Secretary — Bill Franklin Marshall — Jim Flinn ■ Founded— 1915. Oldest fraternity on campus, Phi Kappa Chi retains its reputation for quality and leadership, by filling many of the school offices. In the homecoming parade, Phi Kaps took second place with their pa- triotic float. The group shared its fun with the school in general at an open house held first semester with the men furnishing songs, dances and witty sayings. " Theatre parties, dances, singing and the inev- itable stag parties filled the rest of their social calendar. Robert DeShetler Joseph Dick John Fisher Raymond Giesige Michael Jacksy Clarence Gartz Robert Jennings F arry Loehrke Milton Mann William Mikesell Robert Murphy Jack Badenhope MEMBERS Wayne Parker Jack Rodemick Douglas White Dick Whitman Culver Annis Samuel Bender Charles Elliot Jack Franklin Arthur Mclntyre William Sussman Pledges — Jack Mahnen Allen NetterReld Richard Lawson Paul McKie 125 Row 1 — Wdle, Shurtz, Nisch, Ludlum. Row 2 — Heisermdn, Shepherd, Thaller. Row 3 -Diehl, Kalter, Aoher. PI RHO SIGMA OFFICERS President — Dale Ludlum Vice President — Walter Hesz Secretary — Kenneth Diehl Treasurer — Jack Shepherd Pledgemaster — Cliff h eiserman Founded — 1944 Pi Rho Sigma is the newest fraternity on campus, but is growing rap- idly, setting precedents and establishing traditions. A Fraternity news- paper called the " Pyro " keeps members informed of the various stag parties, and other social events. Founder ' s day Banquet, Mother s Tea and commencement day officer installation are traditions being es- tablished by the group. Their second annual spring formal will climax this years social calendar. Frank Nisch Harold Shaffer Bob Shurtz Ed Maag Bill FHowes Bob Spade Tom Laskey Tom Biebesheimer Gene Crosby LeRoy Amelia MEMBERS FHunter Chapman Ronald Wagner George Soga Bradley Weins Lyie Freimark Ed Nowak Gordon Voelker FHarold Williams George Postle Bob Devine Paul Sauve Jay Wobser Bob France Chester Radecki Kenneth Campbel 126 , ' s. • , r ■■ Row 1— Wrisht, PfeFferle, Sanner, Mdlone, McGill, Surface. Row 2—Jeurgens, Lemie, Kirby, LaDue, Wolff, Greene. Row 3— Booth, Dascfiner, Hart, Weed, Wagner, Wolfe. Row 4— Brown, Tfiornburs ' Poll, Parkinson, Bender, Flavell. Row 5— Cfiristian, Sturtz, Frantz, Winkelbleck, Watson, Cfiick. SIGMA BETA PHI OFFICERS President — Kemper W. Merriam Vice President — Jay Thornburg Treasurer — Russell Chick Secretary — David Wright Social Chairman —Dwight Wolfe Founded 1918 Sigma Beta Pfii, second oldest fraternity on campus, recovered quickly from its war-time inactivity and plunged into tfie year witfi vigor. Tfie Cfiristmas season saw ttiem tfie busiest, with their annual formal dinner-dance held at the Secor Hotel, which took on the aspects of a reunion, with many returned members present. The yearly orphan ' s party was held, with " Santa Claus on hand to dis- tribute gifts. And in their spare time, the Sig Bets sold Christmas trees — which contributed greatly to their yuletide joy, and treasury. Bill Booth Jack Daschner Bob Davis Bud Draheim Ed Flavell Walt Frantz Dick Green Jud Kirby Bob LaDue Carl LemIe Ted Malone Carlos Paccanins Ron Parkinson Buss Pfefferle MEMBERS Dick Poll Dick Sanner Glen Sbach Joe Sturtz Dick Surface Marv Wagner Tom Watson John Weed Bruce Williams Marlin Winkelbleck Jim Wolff Pledges — Seavey Bailey Jack Conrad Jim Findlay Doug Gardner Don St. John Dick Volk George Wade 127 BTflLfTICS 128 Rolland(Rollle)Boldt— Built a great team in his second year at the helm of the basketball team. Dave Connelly — Director of the Athletics Department and associate professor of physical education. James V, (Bill) Orwig— Bill handled track this spring and v ill begin his main task as head football coach next fall. Athletics came back to the University this year at nearly a pre-war peak. Only football was missins from this year ' s inter-collegiate prosram. The spring sports of baseball, track, golf and tennis joined basketball which had carried on throughout the war. l: .■ »i.i k » j i ♦ With inter-collegiate football still a war casualty, fraternity intramurals took their place last fall. Sigma Beta Phi won the league title but dropped the championship to the All-Stars. • Sig Bete-Phi Kap game. 130 Rockets win First game oF the season by score of 40 to 32. Here Jack Mahnen, Toledo center, Soes after free ball. BASKETBALL ' Study In teamwork. Tliese two points by Stretch Goedde just weren ' t enough to enable the Rockets to defeat Bradley Tech. Bradley won 63 to 50. Basketball had its most successful season since the winter oF 1942-43 as the Rockets won 19 of 26 games against top-flight opposition. Most important of the Rocket victories was a 65 to 60 win over Akron and a 77 to 60 triumph over Marshall. Sylvester (Stretch) Goedde paced the Rockets in their 19 wins by scoring 401 points in the 24 games in which he participated for an average of close to 1 7 points per contest. Gus Feistkorn, Mike Bicanic, Paul Seymour, John Kartholl, Frank Sloan and Goedde were the six men who did most of the playing for the Rockets. 132 Row 1, left to right — Frank Slodn, Bill Early, Ed Nugent, C. Crowley, Ellis Brown, David Hamlar, Bob Lew. Row 2, left to rigfit — Asst. Coach Bill Beach, John Kartholl, Mike Bicanic, Sylvester (Stretch) Goedde, Charles Feistkorn, Paul Seymour, Head Coach Rolland Boldt. iM m «»] m GIRLS ATHLETICS With the predominance of feminine activities on campus, women ' s sports were foremost during the wartime years. With the return of a peace time schedule, athletics have increased in importance rather than yielding their place to the many other campus activities which have been resumed as a result of the new schedule. 134 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President — Frances Peirce Vice President — Delores Quick Corresponding Secretary — Phyllis Lanz Recording Secretary — Helen Fulton Reporter — Joan Christ It is the purpose of the W. A. A., an extra curricular organization for women, to co- operate with the department of physical ed- ucation in promoting health, physical ef- ficiency, interest in athletics, social activity, and true sportsmansfiip among women on the campus. Sue Stewart and Jeanne Gilbert talk it over between events in the fall swimming meet. Row 1 — J. oreene, J. Sullivan, M. Johnson, F. Peirce, D. Quick, B. Jencks, J. Bodart, J.McFarland, S. Nicholson, P. Brown. Row 2 — F. Fleming, S. Preece, J. Bux, B. Sayers, D. Roddy, V. Brand, A. Johnson, J. Crist, C. Adams, J. Goon, J. Shirk. Row 3 — McQuire, B. Kitzman, A. Henry, E. Eichman, T. Jenkins. Row 4 — M. Cooper, P. Obert, C. Glendenning, N. Herbster, L. Kossow, R. Baker, E. Dunn, J. McDonald. 135 t M i Row 1— M. Kelly, K. Winsinger, C. Mouldins, M. Grafton, M. Farrijl, V. Schoor, B. Will. Row 2— J. McKendrick, M. Ward, M. Tomlinson, J. Boyer, L. Zeigler, M. Frautschi, V. Cramer, J. Douglas, B, Schumm, H. Fulton. Row 3 — J. Eddy, A. Badenhope, M. Merrill, B. Wetnight, L. Beech, M. Fisher. S. Swigart, S. Kasch. L HOCKEY The Women ' s Athletic Association has expanded its membership due to an increased interest in extra- curricular activities. Qualifications for membership are sufficiently strict as to guarantee a genuine interest for participation in intramurals. The Marilyn Riehl hHockey Trophy is awarded annually to the woman who has shown the greatest in- terest and who has accomplished the most during the hockey season. This year, Miss Monajane Nighten- gale received the award for her excellent sportsmanship. ' Chi Omega President, Jeanne Sirk, proudly presents the hockey trophy to equally proud Monajane Nightensale. 136 SWIMMING Independent and sorority groups compete twice each year for University women s swimming honors. Events are held in speed swimming, form swimming and diving pro- ficency. Awards are made on the quality of performance in these events, and also for Sroup participation. The fall swimming meet this year offered the independents an opportunity to triumph over the sorority groups as they surpassed the field and took first place with the Tri Delts taking second. The meet is one athletic function in which all women on campus seem to enjoy participation. 137 PfRSOnflLITIfS 138 .V-. I r.. ' I, Hlr-L Top choice for a true B.M.O.C. was un- J0€ UICK disputed with Joe Dick ' s name setting a nod of approval at every turn. Joe has an easy friendhness and sense of humor, coupled with a capability, which makes him a natural for his positions of Student Council and Phi Kappa Chi president. ... 6 ' 4 " , Joe likes people and Canada; steak and shrimp; a good book, art and lots of laughs. Joe has won the admira- tion of the entire school. 139 Fi rdnny Gluck Franny, too, holds an unassailed first place for B.W.O.C, and she, like Joe is admired for her good nature and quiet efficiency. Besides being a member of Student Council for four years, which is a record in itself, Franny finds time for Pepper presidency and an endless list of other activities. .. .Fran likes music and good books, things feminine, philosophy and the outdoors. FHer ready smile is welcomed and recognized everywhere on the campus. 140 J odnne an c D 6ve Joanne Bartleheim and Dave Wright deserve a pase in this book for no other reason than that they are representatives of so many other students hke themselves. They are given space here because, together or alone, they are the kind of kids that add a certain necessary touch to college life. " Bottle " and Dave have that sincere quality of happiness and friendliness which unknov ingly escapes from them toothers. Both under-classmen, Joanne and Dave are already active on campus and display all the youthful enthusiasm peculiar to their age ' . Apart, they are an addition to any campus,- together they are all the cute couples at any College or University anywhere. 141 EDITOR ' S FAREWELL Aside from the usual " thank yous " to printer, engraver, staff, etc., I want to take this editor ' s privilege to thank my professors and family and friends. Their v illingness to understand my breath- less arrivals in the class room or at the dinner table- or a broken appointment, has turned a frustrated senior year into a pleasant and long remembered one. To the friends who have endured my complainings and to my fellow students, I can only hope that the 1946 Blockhouse comes close enough to my original dream to satisfy them. OifUU ruA ' (fitXAvy aJ crt 143 Introducing... in these pages, local Firms interested in the University o( Toledo. Their support of the 1946 Blockhouse filled the gap between the budget and the expenses. The staff urges you to continue patron- izing these companies . . . your friends. Our Loyal Greetings to the University of Toledo o dollingttiood i resbutcrian Church Floyd — Collingwood — Prescott WORSHIP TEACHES THE MEANING OF THINGS A Church With a Daily Program 145 • We love you, Joe. CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS ' X CHAMPION PATENTED Adams, Constance Peppers; Pi Gammd Mu; Phi Alpha Thetd; Blockhouse,Orgdnizations Staff 2, Senior Editor 3, 4; French Club, President 2; WAA, Co- Head of Individual Sports 3, Chairman of May Day Costume Commit- tee 3; Student Council Christmas Formal Committee 4,- Senior Ring Committee; Chi Omega, Junior Rep. to Council 3, Vice-President 4. Compliments of Libbey - Owens - Ford Glass Company TOLEDO, OHIO • Manufacturers of flat drawn Window glass. Polished Plate slass, Thermopane transparent insulating glass, Tuf-flex heat strengthened plate glass, Vitrei ite struc- tural glass, L-O-F hHi-Test Safety glass, L-O-F Bent glass, L-O-F Heat Absorbing plate glass, and Glas- tone glass-faced lightweight masonry block. Reg.U.S.Pat. Off. Factories in— Charleston and Parkersburg,W. Va.,Shreveport,La., Ottawa, III., Rossford and East Toledo, Ohio. Angel, Irene Campus Collegian, Circulation 1; Newman Club, Business Ad. Club; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer 4. Baker, Ruth Lutheran Student Association, Mission Secretary 3, 4, Regional Sec- retary 4; y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; Junior Class Treasurer,- May day Costume Committee, 3; Chairman Commencement Committee 4; Zeta Gamma Phi, Vice President 3, President 4. Bauer, Harry Honor Society; Kappa Phi Sigma, President 3; Y.M.C.A.; Chemical Society; McKinnon Club. Bauer, Marthasue Blockhouse, Artist 4; Dramatic Association; Sophomore Prom Com- mittee; May-Day Committee 3; Delta Delta Delta. Binzer, Mildred Black, Katherine I. Sigma Mu Tau; Y.W.C.A.; Blockhouse 2; Tau Delta Sigma. Bodart, Jeanne A. Kappa Honorary; Ellen H. Richards ' Club; Lutheran Association; Business Administration Club; W.A.A.; Chi Omega. Bortman, Jane W. Alpha Omicron Pi. Botek, Agnes League of Women Voters; Delta X, Dance Committee 3; Senior Memorial Committee; Delta Delta Delta. Breck, Sally Peppers, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Fine Arts Club; President of Fresh- man Class; Student Council; Student Council Christmas Formal; Spanish Club; May-Day Properties Committee 2; Dramatic Associa- tion; Pan-American League; Vice-Presiednt 3; Chairman May-Day Program Committee 3; Chairman Freshman Elections; Student-Faculty Social Affairs Committee; Co-Chairman Home Coming Banquet Committee; Senior Memorial Committee. 146 u a c f TO a iee EACH YEAR many college women seek business futures in telephone work. In Ohio Bell offices, these ambitious girls find opportunities for steady advancement in a far-seeing, long-reaching industry. They find stimulating work to chal- lenge their abilities, maintain their interest and develop their full potentialities. In telephone offices, too, these women find others of their own ages and interests, working in the same friendly atmosphere that cemented campus friendships. When you step from campus to career, you ' ll find that telephone employment is a step in the right direction. THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY , ' 4 i»W PUce ta TOofi 147 ERIKSEN ' S Toledo ' s Largest Typewriter Store Office Equipment and Supplies Pen and Pencil Sets School Supplies Ma. 3211 319-321 Erie St. • Joke, that is. Brown, Kdtherine Brownel!, Margaret A. Pi Beta Phi. Brumm, Caroline N. Sigma Alpha Omega,- Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Honorary; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club; Y.W.C.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Burns, Katherine A. Burns, Kdtherine A. Tower View Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Burtch, Grace J. W.A.A.; Secondary Education Club; Y.W.C.A.; Chi Omega. Carlin, Robert L. Veteran ' s Club; Commander 4, Athletic Club, President 4; Y.M.C.A. Secondar Education Club Carroll, C. Edward Carter, Lois Ann Fine Arts Club; Newman Club, Corresponding Secretary, Student Faculty Orientation Committee.- Delta Delta Delta. Ceboll, Catherine Sigma Mu Tau; Newman Club; Chemical Society; Delta X. Cloue, Dorothy Blockhouse 2, 3, 4; Campus Collegian, Advertising Manager 3, 4; Business Administration Club; Senior Breakfast Committee; May-Day Publicity Committee; Homecoming Committee, Tau Delta Sigma. Copelin, Joyce H. Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Thcta; International Relations Club; Sigma Pi Delta. Corwin, Dick C. Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball; Varsity Baseball I; Senior Banquet Committee; Chi Rho Nu, Treasurer. Crist, Joan Elementary Education Club, President 4; Religious Council; Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary 3, Senior Representative to Council 4; President Panhellenic Council 4; W. A. A., Head of Baseball 3, Reporter 4. Day, Rosemary C. Denzig, Jacqueline A. Denzig, Jacqueline A. Peppers; Sigma Alpha Omega; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club, Secretary 2; Y.W.C.A., Vice-President 3, President 4; Student-Faculty Ac- tivities Committee; Co-Chairman Senior Prom; Sophomore Class; Student-Faculty Tea; Tau Delta Sigma. Dick, Joe Fine Arts Club; Blockhouse, Cover Design 3; Campus Collegian, Cartoonist 1, 2, 3, Student Council, President 4; Student-Faculty Activities Committee; Senior Memorial Committee; Chairman Activity Awards Committee 3; Co-Chairman Sophomore Prom; Phi Kappa Chi, Scribe 3, President 4. Dixon, Sillima Dressier, Betty Elementary Education Club; Chorus. Drobisch, Isabelle L. Dunipace, Jane Religious Council; Y.W.C.A.; Secondary Education Club, Vice- president 4; Dramatic Association; Choral Society; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club; Pan-American Club; Christmas Formal Committee; Zeta Gamma Phi, Vice-President 4. Farrell, Nancy A. Campus Collegian, Business Staff 3; W.A.A.; League of Women Voters; Alpha Omicron Pi. Faudman, Selma Blockhouse, Art Editor 2; Organizations Editor 3; Spanish Club; Sigma Pi Delta, Treasurer 2, Vice-President, President 3; Represen- tative to Panhellenic Council 3. 9 Veterans Thornburs and Suddath rehash. UNIVERSITY DRUGS A Good Place to Trade • 3047 W. Bancroft Street JO. 3221 148 TOLEDO . . . Home of the World -Famous Jeep WILLYS-OVERLAND MOTORS INC., TOLEDO, OHIO Feistkorn, Gus Sigmd Rho Tau,- MacKinnon Club, President 3 ,4; Basketball, Captain 3; Student-Faculty Dormitory Committee; Thanksgiving Dance Com- mittee; Chi Rho Nu, President 3, Vice-President 4. Fleck, Vadd Mary Business Administration Club; W. A. A.; Delta Delta Delta. Foss, Phyllis Campus Collegian; Dramatic Association; Newman Club; Second- ary Education Club. Fontaine, Betty J. Peppers; Pi Gamma Mu; Blockhouse, Secretary 3 4; Campus Colle- gian, Reporter 3, 4; Spanish Club, Treasurer 3; Corresponding Sec- retary 4; French Club; Pan-American Club, Vice President 4; Inter- national Relations Club; Red Cross; V. W. C. A. Secretary 2; Delta X; Student-Faculty attendance Committee, Student-Faculty Scholar- ship Committee 3, 4; May -Day Committee; Junior-Faculty Tea; Zeta Gamma Phi, Recording Secretary 2, 3; Reporter 4. Fousht, Virginia R. Fulton, FHelen V. Blockhouse, Campus Collegian; W.A.A., Secretary 4, Business Ad- ministration Club, Treasurer 4; Freshman Prom Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Freshman Class Secretary; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary 3. Gartland, Frank Blockhouse; Basketball; Dramatic Association; Veteran ' s Club; Secondary Education Club; MacKinnon Club; Business Administration Club; Student-Faculty Dormitory Committee; Spring Formal Com- mittee 4; Senior Prom Committee. Gifford, Lucille y.W.C.A.; Latin Club; Secondary Education Club; Zeta Gamma Phi, Historian 4. Gigandet, Shirley L. Campus Collegian, Reporter 2, Business Staff 3; Elementary Education Club, Secretary 4; Y.W.C.A.; League of Women Voters; Junior Class Publicity Committee; Senior Class Announcement Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-President 4. 149 • 0 i SL 1 k I I b K ■ h m If! Km film r f K E i l P . - " %-•• The Rockets battlin Bradley form a ballet-like scene. Attention Students . . . SPECIAL PRICES Draiving Sets T-Squ ares — Trian gles Slide Rules ARTISTS SUPPLIES TOLEDO BLUE PRINT AND PAPER CO. 316 Superior St. Tel. ADams 7224 Ginsberg, Leah S. PI Gamma Mu; Orchestra. Gladieux, Alton McKinnon Club,- Vice-President 4; Varsity Football 1; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3,- Newman Club, President 3,- Student-Faculty Athletic Committee 4; Chi Rho Nu, President 3. Gluck, Frances Peppers, President 4,- Pi Gamma Mu; Fine Arts Club; Pan-American League, Treasurer 2, President 3,- Spanish Club; Dramatic Association y.W.C.A.; Red Cross; W.A.A., Student Council 1,2,3, Secretary 4; Student Council Social Affairs Committee; Co-Chairman Red Cross Drive; Co- Chairman Student Council Christmas Formal; Co- Chairman FHello Week; Co-Chairman Freshman Prom; Chairman Cross Drive; Co-Chairman Student Council Christmas Formal;Co- Chairman FHello Week; Co-Chairman Freshman Prom; Chairman Student Council Thanksgiving Dance 2, 3; Co-Chairman Student Council April Dance; Co-Chairman FHomecoming Banquet. Gogel, Mildred Peppers; Blockhouse, Reporter 1,2; Campus Collegian, Assistant News Editor 2; Society Editor 3; Managing Editor 4; Delta X; Ger- man Club, Reporter 3; Y.W.C.A.; May-Day Publicity Committee 3 Dramatic Association; Lutheran Student Association, President 3,4; Red Cross; W.A.A., Reporter 4; Religious Council; Junior-Faculty Tea Committee; Senior Class Banquet Committee; Pi Beta Phi, Re- porter 3) Rush Captain 4. Grabo, Howard R. Greene, Janet C. W.A.A.; League of Women Voters; Spanish Club; Newman Club President; Business Administration Club; Pi Beta Phi. Hannaford, Virginia J. Peppers; Blockhouse, Art Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Student Coun- cil 3; Student-Faculty Activities Committee; May-Day Chairman 3; Co-Chairman Thanksgiving Dance; Chairman Senior Class Publicity Committee; Delta Delta Delta, Senior Representative to Council; Fine Arts Club. Hart, Edward E., Jr. Henzler, Jack Laboratory Apparatus Chemicals Biologicals Reagents Scientific Instruments and Supplies Surgical and First Aid Supplies THE RUPP BOWMAN CO. 315-319 SUPERIOR STREET Herbster, Natalie J. y.W.C.A; W.A.A.; Head of Hockey 3, Head of Basketball 4; Secondary Education Club 4, Lutheran Student Association; May- Day Committee; Senior Picnic Committee; Alpha Chi Omega. Higa, Thomas MacKinnon Club Higgins, Margaret L. Sigma Alpha Omega, Reporter 4, Pi Gamma Mu; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club, President 4; Spanish Club; Pan-American Club; Canterbury Club; Student-Faculty Library Committee; Vice-President Senior Class; Tau Delta Sigma, Chaplain 2; Decording Secretary 4. Hobey, Betty T. Kappa Honorary; League of Women Voters; Elementary Education Club; Student-Faculty Scholarship Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi. Horst, Rhea R. Honor Society; Peppers; Junior Class President; Kappa Honorary ' Lutheran Student Association, Secretary 3; Debate Association, League of Women Voters; Student-Faculty Scholarship Committee Student-Faculty Curriculum Committee 3; Elections Committee W. A., President 4; Alpha Omicron Pi, President 3, 4. Hough, Elloree y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club, Ellen H. Richard ' s Club, Secretary 4; Secretary 4; Secondary Education Club; Zeta Gamma Phi, Corres- ponding Secretary 4, Chaplain 3. Hough, Marjorie Sigma Alpha Omega; Pi Gamma Mu; Fine Arts Club; Kappa Honor- ary; Vice-President Junior Class; y. W. C. A., Chaplain; French Club; International Relations Club; Secondary Education Club; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club; Zeta Gamma Phi, Corresponding Secretary 3. Howell, Mary Huffman, Ann Ellen Richard ' s Club; Y.W.C.A.; Senior Women ' s Breakfast Com- mittee; Tau Delta Sigma, Treasurer 4. Jodry, Patricia E. Tower View Club, President; Newman Club; Elementary Education Club. 150 F ranklin Ice Cream FOR ALL OCCASIONS ROLLS CAKES DECORATED SLICES Visit your neighborhood Franklin Store FOR SAFE TRANSPORTATION MAIN 1234 February scenes. TIVOLI TAVERN FOOD - WINE - BEER - LIQUOR 3603 Monroe Street Compliments of FOLGER PACKING COMPANY 151 Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Mary A. Peppers, Newman Club, Secretary 3 ,4, President 4; Business Ad- ministration Club, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; W. A. A.; Red Cross,- May-Day Committee, Junior Cass Publicity Committee; Pi Beta Phi. Jones, hHarry M. Kdsch, Shirley J. Elementary Education Club, Dramatic Association, W.A.A ; Spring Formal Committee; Senior Announcement Committee; Delta Delta Delta, President 4. Kdueki, Eugene Beta Chi; Pi Gama Mu; Chi Treasurer -l. Keeler, Joan Keller, Lois J. Peppers; W.A.A., Head of Swimming 4; Lutheran Student Associa- tion; Chairman Dance Committee May-Day; Y.W.C.A.; League of Women Voters; Student-Faculty Curriculum Committee; Junior Prom Committee; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President 4. Kelly, Mary C. Peppers; W.A.A. ; Head of Golf 3, 4; Newman Club; Red Cross; Business Administration Club, Vice-President 2, President 3; Relig- ious Council, May-Day Properties Committee; Thanksgiving Prom Committee, Sophomore Faculty Tea Committee; Pi Beta Phi. Kezur, Sidney Kappa Phi Sigma, Treasurer 3; German Club; Business Administration Club; Kappa lota Chi, Representative to Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4, President 2, 4. King, Rodger Kinsel, Richard Klewer, Kathleen A. Fine Arts Club; Dramatic Association, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Delta Delta Delta, House Chairman 3, Vice-President 4. Krohn, Albertine Honor Society; Spanish Club; Chemical Society, Vice-President 3, President 4; Delta X, President 4; Lutheran Student Association, Treasurer 3, 4; Red Cross; Zeta Gamma Phi. Kutzke, June L. Lanz, Phyllis L. W.A.A; League of Women Voters; Business Administration Club; Delta Delta Delta, Junior Representative to Council. Laures, Betty A. Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Honorary; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club; Chi Omega. Lederer, Pauline Y.W.C.A., Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor. Lehman, Katherine L. Spanish Club; League of Women Voters; Co-Chairman Sophomore Prom; Delta Delta Delta. Louden, Richard K. Engineering Society, President 4. Lumm, Ruth Martin, Lois L. Honor Society; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Honorary; Delta X, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 3; Polymathic Society, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; Inter- national Relations Club, Librarian 3, 4; Spanish Club; Pan-American Club. Maziotti, Rosina Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Theta; Debate Association Vice-President 3; Election Committee 3. McCarthy, Charles Alpha Phi Gamma; Blockhouse, Circulation Manager 1, Campus Editor 2, Co-Editor 3; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Prom Committee; Secondary Education Club; Veteran ' s Club; Alpha Kappa Pi. McCown, hielen L. Compliments THE COMMUNITY TRACTION COMPANY JERSEY GOLD BREAD The freshest thing in town! 152 McDermott, Robert J. Blockhouse, Sports Editor 3,4; Campus Collegian, Sports Editor 3, 4, Circulation Manager 2; Newman Club; Business Administration Club, Vice-President 4; Student Council, Social AFfairs Committee 4; Senior Week Co- Chairman; Chi Beta Chi, President 4, Rep- resentative to Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4, President 4. McPeek, Kathleen Sigma Mu Tau, President 4; Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Omega, Representative to Panhellenic Council. Merriam, Kemper W. Student Council, Treasurer 4; Business Administration Club,- Vet- eran ' s Club, Vice-Commander 3; Student Faculty Activities Commit- tee; Junior Prom Committee,- Co-Chdirman Senior Prom; Sigma Beta Phi, Treasurer 3, Vice-President, President 4. Merrill, Ruth A. Senior Class Secretary; Y.W.C.A.; League of Women Voters; Bus- iness Administration Club; W. A. A.; Delta Delta Delta. Exclusive and Distinctive Gifts for Weddings, Showers and Children TEMPERANCE REID KING OTTAWA HILLS GIFT SHOP 3055 West Bancroft Street Jo. 2831 TEXTILEATHER CORPORATION and TOLEDO DYE WORKS TOLEDO, OHIO Leathercloth Manufacturers Fabric Finishers • " Onesy-Twosy, I love yousy " . Meyer, Gladys M. Blockhouse; W.A.A.; Lutheran Student Association; Business Ad- ministration Club; Freshman Prom Committee; Delta Delta Delta. Mikesell, Kenneth R. Newman Club; Veteran ' s Club; Rifle Club; Chi Rho Nu. Miller, Emily E. Mostov, Shirley Sigma Pi Delta, Pres. 4. Mueller, Donald Pi Kappa Delta; Fine Arts Club; Polymathic Society; Blockhouse Assistant Editor 2, Features Writer 1, Campus Collegian, Reporter 1; Campus Editor 2, Editor 3; Debate Association; Y.M.C.A.; Dramatic Association; Red Cross; Student-Faculty Publications Committee; Co-Chairma.n Freshman Prom; Sigma Beta Phi. Myers, Doris Sophomore Prom Committee, W. A. A., Lutheran Student Association; •Alpha Omicron Pi. Meyers, Shirley Honor Society; Fine Arts Club, Sophomore Class Secretary; French Club; Spanish Club; Pan-American League; Canterbury Club; Soph- omore-Faculty Ted; Senior Wome n ' s Breakfast Chairman; Alpha Chi Omega, Junior Representative to Council, President 4. Mylander, Joyce Student Council; Ellen Richard ' s Club; Thanksgiving Dance Com- mittee; Senior Breakfast Committee; Delta Delta Delta. Nash, Jeanne Sophomore Class President; Peppers; Kappa Honorary; Blockhouse Campus Collegian, Military Editor 4; Student Council 2, Y.W.C.A.; Orchestra, Secretary 2, President 3; W. A. A.; Delta X; Spanish Club; Elementary Education Club; Domitory Committee; Co- Chairman War Chest Drive 3; War Study Board Chairman; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor 4. Nicevyonder, Fred Business Administration Club; Veteran ' s Club; Y.M.C.A.; Mac- Kinnon Club, Social Chairman 3; Track; Sophomore-Junior Student Faculty Tea; Chi Rho Nu, Treasurer 3, President 4. Ohiinger, Mary Alice Delta Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Senior Memorial Committee. Peirce, Frances W. A. A., President 4; Lutheran Student Association; Marilyn Riehl Hockey Trophy 3; Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra; Business Administration Club; Commencement Committee, May-Day Committee; Alpha Chi Omega. 153 Pettigrew, Samuel H. Dramatic Association,- Orchestra. Onweller, Marilyn Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Honorary, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club, Vice- Presiden t4; Pan-American League,- Corresponding Secretary 4; Lu- theran Student Association, Secretary 3, 4,- Y.W.C.A., Treasurer 3,- DeltaX; RedCross, Senior Class Pubhcity Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian 2. O ' Shea, Robert M. Campus Collegian, Business StaFf,- Chorus,- Dramatic Association,- American Society of Civil Engineers, President 3, 4, Secretar 2,- Engineering Society, President 3,- Newman Club, Secretary 3; De- bate Society; Delta X.; Inter-Fraternity Council; Religious Council; Alpha Kappa Pi, Historian 1, Treasurers, Presidents. Ostman, Virginia Spanish Club; Kappa Honorary; Pan-American Club; Delta X, Re- porter 4; Campus Collegian; Senior Publicity Committee; Y.W.C.A, Pacanins, Carlos L. Pappas, Georgia Honor Society; Pi Gamma Mu; League of Women Voters,- Business Administration Club; Spanish Club, President 3, 4; Pan American League; Junior-Senior Farewell Committee, Senior Memorial Committee, Student-Faculty Party, Chairman. Partoyan, Angel Peelle, Harold M, Honor Society; Pi Gamma Mu; Polymathic Society; V.M.C.A.; Or- chestra Quick, Dolores A. Ramsey, Thomas L. Student Council; Dramatic Association,- Spanish Club; French Club Elections Committee; Bonfire Committee. Robaskiewiez, Bernadine E. Schalkhduser, Pauline Delta X; Lutheran Student Association DraL WcA elation; ChoruS; Zeta Gamma Phi. Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary 3, 4; Ellen H. Richard ' s Club; Chorus Y.W.C.A.; Secondary Education Club; Lutheran Student Association Sophomore Tea Committee; Women ' s Association Tea Committee V f t C = =DUi D -„_i,i;..„»_ n,_L_ll__;- M Right off the ice BOTTLED UNDER AUTHOKITT OF THE COCA-COLA. COMfANY »T Coca-Cola Bottling Company OF TOLEDO Schnell, Marion L. Alpha Omicron Pi. Seaman, Evelyn Shirk, Jeanne O. Honor Society; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Honorary, Secretary 4; Block- house; Campu s Collegian, Reporter 3; Business Administration Club; W.A.A.; Christian Science Organization; Attendence Committee 2; Sophomore Prom Committee; Freshman Prom Committee; Student Council Christmas Formal 3; May Queen Attendent 3; Chi Omega Reporter 2, Vice President 3, 4. Skalski, Betty Tau Delta Sigma. Skinner, Pauline V. Smith, Vivian K. Stahl, Marguerite L. Kappa Honorary; Ellen Richard ' s Club; ChoruS; Y.W.C.A.; Zeta Gamma Phi. Starn, hiarold M. Business Administration Club; Veteran ' s Club, Chaplain 3, Finance Officer 4; Chi Rho Nu. Strout, Jean S. Alpha Omicron Pi. Sturdevant, Ruth S. Sullivan, Julia M. Sigma Mu Tau; Kappa Honorary; W.A.A.; Chemical Society; Y.W. C.A.; League of Women Voters; Secondary Education Club; Lutheran Student Association; Senior Ring Committee; Pi Beta Phi, President 4. Compliments GRACE E. SMITH ' S RESTAURANT Cafeteria and Service Nationally Known for Good Food MADISON AT ERIE 154 Tafelski, Marilyn Topping, Jeanne Sigma Mu Tau, Treasurer 3; Chemical Society; International Rel- ations Club. Townsend, Virginia Dramatic Association, International Relations Club,- Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Y.W.C.A.; Dormitory Committee; Senior Announce- ments, Pi Beta Phi, Recordins Secretary,4. Verhoeven, Ruth League oF Women Voters; Newman Club; Alpha Omicron Pi. Voegel, Patricia y.W.C.A., Elementary Education Association, Alpha Chi Omiega. Ward, Harriett Ward, Mattie L. Business Administration Club; Delta Sigma Theta. Wheeler, Patricia Pi Gamma Mu; Polymathic Society; Business Administration Club; Tau Delta Sigma, Chaplain 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Representa- tive to Panhellenic Council 3, 4. White, Jane C. Fine Arts Club; Polymathic Society; International Relations Club; Chorus; Pan-American League; Spanish Club; Tau DeltaSigma. Wiederanders, Miriam L. Junior Class Secretary; Business Administration Club; Lutheran Student Association, Treasurer; May-Day Committee; Senior Class Treasurer, Alpha Omicron Pi. Young, Harry F. hlonor Society; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Theta, President 4;Poly- mathic Society, President 2, 3; German Club, President 3; French Club; International Relations Club, President 3,4; Scholarship Com- mittee 4; Pan-American Institute Committee, Elections Committee 3. Ziegler, Raymond J. Zoravje, Ruth The Blockhouse extends thanks to the Caslon Printing Company and especially to Mr. Thomas Bryant, whose patience and fortitude ' enabled the editor and staff to surmount the difficulties in- volved with late copy, mistakes etc. . . . The excellent job of printing this book is a fine adver- tisement in itself, for the Caslon Company. Toledo Colortype and Mr. Eugene Meehan deserve our sincere thanks, too, for their complete cooperation in the development of this book. The richness of photographic effects is a tribute to the excellent workmanship at Toledo Colortype. The friendly attitude of that organization was a genuine service v ' hen the inevitable times of pressure came along. THE TRIANON Toledo ' s Ballroom Beautiful 1415 MADISON AVENUE TOLEDO 2, OHIO l-iS STUDENT INDEX Abood, Sue — So. Abrdhamson, Barbara — Jr., 115 Abramson, Eli C. — Fr. Ackerman, Ella — So. Adams, Flossie — Fr., 81 Adams, Verna — Fr. Adkinson, Charles A. — So. Albright, Alice — So. Alden, Richard — Fr. Alden, Richard H.— Fr. Alexander, David — Fr. Alexander, Joyce — Fr. Allemeier, Kent — So. Allen, Dorinda— So., 81 Allen, George Jr. — Fr. Allen, Paul— Fr. Allen, William F.— Fr. Allman, Anna B.— Jr., 82 Alpert, Beatrice — Fr. Alpert, Simon — Jr. Alspach, John R. — Jr. Alt, Bevin — So. Althouse, Ray J. — Fr. Altschul, Justin A. — So. Amsden, Gerald R. — Fr Anderson, Egan — So. Anderson, Allen — Fr. Anderson, Elliot J. — So. Anderson, Dale — So., 71 Anderson, Gail E. — Fr. Anderson, Mildred — So. Anderson, Wilhelm — So. Andrew, Jack F. — So. Andrew, Lavella — So., 113 Andrews, Jay — Fr. Andrews, Marjorie L. — Jr., 36, 112 Andros, George A. — So. COMPLIMENTS OF TILLOTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY CARBURETORS • Need anything Fixd? Meet Mike. Angevine, Edwin — Fr. Ankenbrande, William — Fr. Appel, Dennis — Fr. Aring, Evelyn — Fr. Anng, Walter— Jr. Amus, Charles A. — Fr. Atchley, Inell— Fr. Athans, Christina — Fr. Aungst, Virginia — Fr.,70 Axelrod, Helen — So., 117 Axelrod, Roberta— Jr., Ill Ayers, Rustin — Jr. B Bacho, John — Fr. Bachtel, Mary L. — Jr. Bddenhope, Alice— Jr., 66, 68, 94, 115, 73, 136 Bahner, Charles — Jr. Bdilet, Paul — Fr. Bailey, Charles — Fr. Bailey, Sedvey — Jr. Bairn, Sidney — So. Bdird, Frank L. — So. Baird, Marybelle— So., 50, 62, 73, 113 Baker, Allen — Fr. Baker, Dwight — Fr. Baldwin, Walter— Fr. Ballard, Ineva — So., 81 Ballard, Richard— Jr. Balsmeyer, Richard — Fr. BancroFt, Mary Ann — Fr. Banham, Joan — Fr. Barclay, Alton — Fr., 85 Barcldy, Dorothy — So. Barnes, Dale — So. Barnes, George A. — Fr. Barnett, Nancy Jane — Fr. Baron, Eugene — So. Baron, John R. — Jr. Barone, Frank — So. Barrett, Mary— Jr., 115 Barry, George — Fr. 156 THE FRED CHRISTEN SONS COMPANY Pi loneer Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractor JOHNS-MANVILLE ROCK WOOL INSULATION Year Around Comfort That Pays for Itself " 774-726 George Street Toledo, Ohio ADams 4161 ADams 4162 Where does a non-veteran go to register? Barry, Suzanne — Fr. Bartelheim, JoAnne— Fr., 41, 141, 73 Bartelheim, Ruth Ann — Jr., 115 Bartholomew, Margaret L. — Fr. Barclebaugh, Bonnylynn — Fr. Basil, Joyce — Fr. Bates, Theresa — Fr. Battles, Shirley— So. Bauman, Donald — Jr. Baumberger, Marjorie — So., 118 Baylis, Mary — So., 81 Beach, Alfred— Fr. Beach, Betty M.— So. Beach, Eileen — Fr. Beach, Lois Fr., 73, 135 Beals, Marion — Fr. Beamer, George R. — Fr. Beans, Frank — Fr. Beard, Donna — Jr. Beard Treva — Fr. Beatty, Mary Ellen — Fr. Beatty, Robert— Fr. Beaubien, William — Fr. Beaver, Neal — Fr. Beck, Elwin — Fr. Beck, John — Fr. Becker, James — Jr. Becker, Ruth— Fr., 67 Beckstett, John — So. Beilharz, JoAnne — Fr. Belk, Lois Ann — Fr. Bell, Alton— Jr. Bell, Sararuth— So., 55, 114 Bellman, Betty Lou— Jr., 52, 53, 62, 67, 74, 111, 113 Bender, Norman — Jr. Bender, Richard — So. Bennett, James — Fr. Bennett, Jessie May — Fr. Bennett, Milton — So. Bennett, Robert — Fr. Benore, Sandra Ann — Fr. Bergher, Deena — So. 157 Rose Food Shoppe 2204 ASHLAND Famous for Fine Foods and Pasteries MAin 0572 Compliments oF Willis Day Storage Company 801 Washinston Street Ad. 7144 Bergman, Mary — Fr. Bergman, Marvin — Fr. Bergman, Yetta — So., 117 Bergstrom, Lawrence — Fr. Berkel, Richard— Fr. Berning, Gwendolyn — Fr. Bernstein, Gloria Jean — Jr., 69 Berti, Betta— Fr. Betz, Carl J.— So. Betz, Harry A.— Fr. Beverly, Wilbur — Fr. Bicanic, Michael — So., 132 Biebesheimer, Thomas C. — Jr., 64, 71, 82 Bisch, John — So. Bishop, Walta Mae— Fr., 81 Blackford, Dorothea — Fr. Blagmon Betty — So., 81 Blame, Robert — Jr. Blakeman, Richard — Jr. BIystone, Verena Ann — Fr. Bohn, Joan — So., 113 Bohnett, Leo F. — Fr. Bolton, William R.— Fr. Bonasch, Robert — Fr. Boms, Betty— So., 70, 114 Booker, Sarah — Fr. Booth, William — So. Borchard, Elaine — So. Bronson, Frances J. — Fr. Boss, William— So., 79, 110 Bottoroff, Donald — Jr. Botzenhardt, Margaret— So., 59, 70 Boudouris, William B. — Fr. Bourque, Bradford — Fr. Bower, David — Fr. Bower, Priscilla J. — Fr. Bower, Robert — Fr. Bower, Walter — Fr. Bowes, Leonard — So. Bowland, George, Jr. Boyer, Jeanne M. — So., 136 Boykin, Car! — Fr. Bracey, Mrs. Eleanor W. — Fr. Brach, Alice R.— Fr. Bradley, George J. — Fr. Brady, Robert L. — Fr. Brand, Virginia L.— Jr., 67, 73, 114 Brandman, Shirley J. — Fr., 77 Brassell, Shirley M. — Fr. Brassloff, Gertrude Ann— So., 66, 70, 117 Brattain, Edwin E. — So. Braun, Helen M. — So., 84 Braun, Romilda A. — So., 84 Brausieck, Edward L. — Jr Brazzil, Richard L. — Fr. Brechenser, Dorothy J. — Fr., 94 Breneman, David W — Fr. Breyfogle, William L. — So. Breymaier, Darrell D. — Fr. Brickman, Sidney — Fr. Bridenbaugh, William D — Fr., 83 Brinkerhoff, James F. — Jr. Britsch, Robert A.— Fr, Brock, Gerald L — Fr. Bronson, Kenneth E. — So. Brooks, James P — Fr. Brown, Bayard R — So. Brown, ENis E— Fr., 132 Brown, Eloise Mae — So. Brown, Howard W. — Fr. Brown, Jack G. — So. Brown, Phyllis— Jr., 67, 72, 114, 135 Brown, Robert W. — Jr. Browne, Edmond P. — So. Brucker, Richard P. — So. Brumfield, Jennings D. — Fr. Bruno, Jacquelyn G. — Fr., 77 Bryan, Mrs. Lucy S. — Gr., nc. Bryant, Mrs. Erma L. — So. Buchanan, George J. — Fr. Buchele, Ruth D.— Fr , 65, 82 Buck, Luella L — Fr. Buckenmeyer, Viola L. — Jr. Buettner, Virginia Anne — Jr., 62, 68, 115 Bullock, James A. — Fr. Bunck, Leonard F. — Fr. Burgess, Frederick P. — Sp. Burke, G loria Lea— Jr., 54, 61, 74, 77, 115 Burkett, Phyllis J.— Fr. Burnett, Richard J. — Jr. Burns, Mrs. Emmaline C. — Fr. Burr, Elizabeth A.— Jr., 119 Burtch, Betty Ann — So. Burwell, William D.— Fr. Butler, Constance M. — Fr. Butler, Nancy Lee — Fr., 65 Bux, Joanne — Jr., 53, 114, 135 c Caldaret, Marian V — So. Caldeway, Jacques — Fr. Calicutt, George C. — Fr. Caligiuri, Vincent A. — Fr. Caiisch, Lewis B. — Fr. Calkins, Mrs. Juanita V. — Fr. Callaghan, James C. — So. Calverd, Roxana Marie — Fr. Cameron, Alma L. — Fr. Cameron, Jane K. — Jr., 65, 111, 119 Camp, Beulah Ann — Fr. Camp, Stanley B. — Fr. Campbell, C. Kenneth — Fr., 64 Campbell, Cleo A. — Fr. Campbell, Donald D. — Fr. Campbell, Francis J. — Jr. Campbell, Jack W. — So. Campbell, Robert L. — Fr. Campbell, Roland P. — So. Campbell, Ruth G. — Fr. Cargile, Effie — Fr. Carlisle, James L. — Special Carlson, William R. — Fr. Carollo, Pauline G. — Fr. Carpenter, Frank Jr. — So. Carpenter, George L. — Jr. Carpenter, Richard E. — So. ORCHARD DRUGS for Good Food at Reasonable Prices Daily Specials JOrdan 1911 3059 West Bancroft SCHORLING ' S For Finer Foods 3049 West Bancroft Street at Old Orchard 138 " And a good time was had . Carr, Russell F.— Fr. Carrithers, Susan — Jr. Carroll, Nicholas K. — Fr. Carson, Jacob — Jr. Carsten, Lewis E. — Fr. Carstensen, Albert F. — So., 79 Carstensen, Lenore — So., 67, 118 Carter, Carl J., Jr. — Fr. Cartright, Richard — Fr. Cavalier, James J. — Fr. Cavill, Jack E.— Fr. Chadwick, Eugene — Fr. Channell, Willowdean — Fr. Chapman, Edward E. — So., 70 Chapman, John E. — Jr. Chapman, Lee R.— So., 55, 59, 66 Chase, Edna M.— So., 119 Chasin, Hitzi T — Fr. Chavis, Mrs. Marjorie B. — Gr. nc. Chesebro, Mrs. Judith B. — Gr., 62 Cheyfitz, Taube — So., 60 Chiappetta, D. Edmund — So. Chick, T. Russell— Jr. Chriss, Vernon L. — Fr., 77 Christ, Madelyn R. — Fr. Christie, George D. — Fr. Christman, Barton L. — Fr. Chronister, Robert B. — So. Chu, Shih-Lin — Unclassified Chubb, Kenneth C. — Fr. Chuckovitz, Charles — Gr. Church, Carl W.— Fr. Church, Charles R.— Fr. Churchill, Walter— Fr. Clark, Charles — Fr, Clark, William— So. dayman. Earnest — So. Clouse, Dorothy — Jr., 59, 61 Cobb, Allen— Fr. CoFfman, John W. — Fr. Colby, Carol J. — Fr. Cole, George — Jr., 72 Colvin, Jean Ann — Fr. CASEY - SULLIVAN REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE • INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Prompt ■ Reliable ■ Efficient 25 years at 504 W. Delaware Avenue near Collingwood Boulevard GArfield 4928 After office fiours — GArfield 3323 159 sTU Fall W. A. A. swimmins meet. Combs, Thomas — So. -• Compton, Patricia A. — So., 115 Conat, Dorothy — Fr. Conkhn William R.— Jr. Connelly, Ralph P.— Fr. Connelly, Walter W.— Fr Conrad, George Jr. — Fr. Conrad, Leiand — Fr. Conrad, Robert—??? Conty, Fhomas — Fr. Cook, Robert — Fr. Cooley, Peter — Fr. Cooper, Marjorie — Jr., 66, 114, 135 Cooper, Richard F. — Fr. Cooper, Sara Lou — So. Copp, Pamela — Jr. Corey, Camille — Fr. Coss, Robert R. — Fr. Cotner, Phyllis J. — Jr. Cottle, Warren— Fr., 77 Cousino, Yvonne — Fr. Couture, Kenneth — Fr. Coy, Donna M.— Fr., 41, 66 Coy, Glen C. — So. Craig, Jean M. — Fr. Craig, Nary Lee — So., 118 Grain, Viola— Jr., 81 Cramer, Virginia — So., 77, 73, 115, 133 Crane, Laura L. — So. Crans, Martha Lou — Fr. Crary, Norman — So. Crider, Glen — So., 68 Criner, Fredrick — Fr. Crockett, Carrie — So. Crosby, Eugene — Fr., 82 Cross, Joanne — Fr. Crossen, Thomas — Fr. Crothers, Mary Jane— So., 61, 68, 114 Crowley, Cornelius — Fr. Cukierski, Stella — Fr. Cumiskey, Dorothy— So., 60, 65, 68, 69, 119 Cunninghan, Charles — So. Cunningham, Evelyn — So. Cunningham, Milton — So. Curtas, Mary S. — Fr. Curtis, Valudine — Fr. Dale, Peggy — Jr., 59 Damm, Phyllis J.— Jr. Damrauer, Lewis N. — Fr., 118 Darah, Gloria — So., 118 David, Clifford— Fr. Davies, Mary E. — Fr. Davis, La Verne — So. Davis, Melvin — So. Davis, Robert L.— Jr., Sr. Davis, Robert R —Jr., Sr. Deakin, Harold — Fr. Deeren, Thomas J. — So. Dehnel, John E. — Jr. Delbecq, Richard — Fr. DeMars, James — Fr. Demers, Bruce — So. DeMun, Norma — Fr. Denies, Robert — Fr. Deppman, O. George — So. DePrisco, Gerald — Fr. DeSimone, Thomas — Fr. Dever, Patricia — So. Devine, Robert C. — So. DeWitt, William— So. Diamond, Robert — Sp. Dias, Ronald — Fr. Dibert, Clair— So. Dick, Joe— Jr., (Sr.) Dickey, David — Fr. Diefenthaler, Dale — Fr. Diehl, George — Sp. Diehl, Kenneth — So. Dietz, Patricia — So. 160 Dimon, Leiand — Jr. Disher, Gerald — Fr. Dixon, Charles — So. Dixon, J. Walter— So. Dixon, Mrs. Sillima F. — Jr. Sr. Docis, Thomas — Fr. Dodson, Vance — Gr. Dolan, Patricia — So. Donahue, Lawrence — Fr. Donnelly, Albert — Fr. Donovan, Gerald — Fr. Dorcas, Carl F. — Fr. Doriot, Lawrence — Fr. Douglas, Joan— So., 85, 115 Douglas, Lee — So. Donthett, Willis- Fr. Draheim, Doris — Fr. Draheim, Edward — So. Drake, Shirley — Jr. Dreps, Aloysius E. — Fr. Drescher, Ralph F.— So., 63, 79, 83 Driik, Joseph F., Jr.— Fr. Drown, Richard R. — Fr. Druckenmiller, John M. — Fr. Druckenmiller, William W. — Fr. Dubois, Melvin W. — Special Duenas, Frank J. — Fr. Duensing, William D. — Fr. Duerringer, Joe A., III.— So., 82 Duffey, Flora Louise — So., 73 Dugan, Gloria Ann — Fr. Duhart, Calvin C. — Fr, Duke, Dorothy — So. Dumond, John L. — Fr. Dunbar, Ruby Lee— Fr., 81 Dunham, John B. — So. Dunipace, Jane B. — Jr. Dunn, Elverda J., 62, 135 Dunn, John C. — So. Dunn, Wayne E. — So. Dunson, Nancy Ann— Fr., 67, 72, 84 Compliments Schmidlin Bros. Heating Co. COMPLETE HEATING SERVICE Over 8000 Installations Since 1917 Durdel, Clifford E — Fr. Durivage, Evelyn Mae — Fr Earl, Richard G. — Fr. Eckel, Joanne — Fr. Eckel, Kennetfi W.— Jr. Eddy, Joanne B. — Jr., 135 Edington, Wayne E. — Jr. Edmondson, Frankie Bee — Fr. Edwards, Gerald D. — Fr. Edwards, Richard M. — So. Eggleston, Betty Lou — Jr. Eichenauer, George W.Jr. Eichenlaub, Fred D. — Fr. Eichman, Eugenie Ann — Fr., 64, 67, 135 Eisenhuth, Otto C.— Fr. Eiser, Mendel — Fr. Eiser, Milton — Fr. Eisler, Joseph — Fr. Elam, Mary Elizabeth — So. Eloy, Merle C. — Fr. Ellis, Mrs. Jean P.— So. Elson, Richard F. — Fr. Emahiser, Dorothy E.— Jr., 72, 112 Emmenecker, Karl L.,Jr. — So. English, Mrs. Nellie T. — So. Enright, Dennie X. — Fr. Entenman, Mrs. Audrey N. — So. Entenman, Donald F. — So. Epstein, Phyllis S. — Gr. Eppstein, Marvin — Fr. Erb, Dale— Fr. Ericson, Paul A. — Jr. Erndt, Edmond E. — Jr. Ernsberger, FHarry O. — Fr. Erskine, Edward J. — Fr. Erskine, James T. — Fr. Erswell, FHerbert C. — Fr. Erwin, William R. — Fr. Esch, Anna E. — Fr. Etchison, Betty Lee — Fr. Ethington, Charles A. — Jr. Eustice, Richard G. — Gr. Evans, June A. — Fr. Evans, Robert A. — So. Everhart, Donald D. — Fr. Ewing, Clark, L. — Fr. Eyman, James B. — Fr. Eyster, Carolyn J. — Fr. Fadell, Fred J.— Jr. Fagan, Jean E. — Fr. Fagan, Marilyn A. — Fr. Falk, Ruth M.— Fr. Falls, George D. — Fr. Fanelly, Angelo F. — Fr. Fanelly, Lawrence J. — Fr. Farber, Mary Ellen B. — Jr. Farkas, James L. — Fr. Farran, John G. — So., 71 Fash, Roberta A.— Fr. Fastinger, Donna Mae — Fr. Feistkorn, Charles H. — Jr. Felker, Doris Mae — Jr. Felsted, Robert V. — Fr. Fenady, Andrev J. — Special Fenton, Robert W. — So. Feyedelem, Raymond E. — Fr. F " " ■ F F F Fi F; F, F F F F F F F elds, Charles 0.,Jr.— Fr. ndlay, James R. — Fr. ngerhoff, Betty G. — So., 73 nk, Bettymae — Fr., 65, 73 restone, LoRee N. — Fr. scher, John C. — Fr., 115 scher, Mary Eleanor — So., 62, 65 sher, Eugene F. — Fr. sher, Jeanne F. — Jr., 61, 116 sher, Marilyn Mae — Fr. sher, John B. — So. sher, Robert J. — So. sher, Stanley — Fr. tzcharles, William N.— Fr. Flaum, Gertrude L. — So. Flavell, George E. — So. Fleming, Edna A.— Jr., 116, 135 Fletcher, John C. — Fr. Flick, John R.— Fr. Flinn, Francis J. — Fr. Florian, John E. — Fr. Floro, George K. — Jr. Floro, Robert Lee — Fr. Foreman, Robert S. — So. Forman, Seymour — Jr. Fortman, Donald J. — Fr. Foss, Geraldine A. — Gr. ns. Foster, Charles S. — So., 63, 71, 82 Fotheringham, John H. — Jr. Fotoples, William C. — Jr Foulk, Donald H.— Fr. Foulk, Jane — So., 60 Fouts, John J. — Jr. Fowler, John C. — Jr. Fox, Robert C. — So. Frahn, George W., Jr. — Fr. France, Arthur R. — Fr. Franch, Ann G. — Fr. Franklin, June E. — Fr., 65, 82 Franklin, Mrs Ruth H. — Fr. Franklin, William N. — Sp. Frantz, Mary — Jr. Franzdori, Lois K. — Jr. Frautschi, Marie E. — So., 65, 112, 136 Frautschi, Russell A. — So., 65 Frederick, Judson G. — Fr. Freeman, Helen — So. Freimark, Lyie G. — So., 57 French, Donald C. — l r. French, Howard V. — So. French, Richard R. — Sr. Freppel Francis N. — Jr. Freshour, Mary Ruth — Fr. Frey, Jesse R. — Jr. Friedmar, Joanne J. — Fr. Fritsch, Mary Alice— Fr., 67, 74, 76 Fritsch, Rosemary R. — Fr., 67, 74, 76 Fry, Richard L.— Fr., 79 Fryman, Mrs. Dorothea R. — Gr. nc 161 Fryman, Jay C. — Fr. Fullmer, Lester R. — Jr. Fulton, FHomer J. — So. Fulton, Janice Mane — f Funk, Earl L. — Fr. Furey, Edmond F. — Fr. Fyler, Carleton H. — Jr. Gab?l, Ernest, Jr. — Fr. Gaffney, Frank W. — Fr. Gafford, Joan B. — So. Gage, Robert E. — Sp. Galliers, Elizabeth A.— Jr., 56, 59, 62, 63, Gandeil, Mrs. Jeanne Marie S. — So. Gang, Robert E.— So., 71, 82 Garber, Charles W. — Fr. Garch, Joseph A. — So., 71 Gardner, Douglas C. — So. Gardner, FHoward B. — Fr. Garner, Pearl — Fr. Garrett, Margery — Jr. Gartland, Frank B.-— Fr. Garvin, FHarry T. — Fr. Gasiorowski, Edward J. — Fr. Gear, Robert W., Jr.— So. Geary, Colette N. B.— Jr., 68, 75 Geese, Robert F. — Jr., (Sr.) Geier, Frederick R. — Fr. Geiger, James, A. — Fr. Geikie, Thomas F. — Fr. Geis, Robert W.— Fr. Geisert, Robert C. — So. Geisland, Jacquelyn A. — So. Gensur, Richard J. — Fr. Geoffrion, Adolph J. — Sp. Gerber, Robert E. — Jr., (Sr.) Gerke, Betty Jane — Fr. Gerken, Richard J. — Fr. Gerlach, Joseph P. — Fr. Germain, Frederick W. — Fr. Garson, Elmer — Fr. Geyer, Marian E. — Fr, Giauque, Joseph H. — Fr. Gibowski, Theodore J. — Sr. Gibson, James D. — Fr. Gibson, Joyce Ann — Fr. Gibson, Marvin D. — Fr. Gibson, William — So. Giesige, Raymond L. — Fr. Gilbert, Ida G. — Gr., nc. Gilbert, Jean N.— So., 65, 118 Gill, John H.— Fr. Gill, Joseph C— Fr. Gillespie, Charles J. — Fr. Gillespie, Paul B.— Fr. 74 Gillespie, Raymond P. — Sp. Gillespie, Robert P. — Fr. Gillis, James K. — Fr. Gingrich, Richard I. — Fr. Girkins, Ralph C. — Fr. Glaizer, Joseph J. — Fr. Glendenning, Catherine M. — So., 112, 135 Glowczewski, Bernard R. — Fr. Gluck, Frances E. — Sr. Gnyszck, Joan F. — Fr. Godlowski, Chester — Fr. Goeble, Sanford B. — Sp. Goedde, Sylvester F. — Jr., 132 Goetz, Jeanne P. — So., 115 Goff, Fred L.— Fr. Goff, Patrick J.— Fr. Gogel, Mildred J. — Sr. Gogel, Ruth H.— Fr. Goggin, Anne T. — So. Goldacker, Robert — Sp. Goldberg, Henry A. — Sp. Goldfarb, A. Robert — Fr. Gomell, Eldon L. — Fr. Goodman, Doris Mae — Fr. Goodman, Gilbert S. — Jr. Goodwin, Martha Louise — Fr., 82 Goodyear, James H. — So. Gordon, William S. — Fr. Gorman, James W. — Sp. Gottfried, Max — Fr. Gottschalk, Lawrence W. — Fr. Goutras, James G. — Fr. Gradel, Robert B.— Fr. Grafton, Mary Joyce — So. ,136 Graham, Clare Z. — Fr. Graham, J. Ann — So., 112 Grainger, Glen W., Jr. — Jr. Graiek, Isadore — Jr. Grant, Robert P.— Fr. Graser, Earl J. — Fr. Gray, Susan P. — Fr. Green, Dorothy G. — So., 65 Greenberg, I. Marvyn — Fr. Greene, Richard S. — Jr., 64, 83 Gregorek, Theodore S. — Fr., 58 Greiner, Charles F. — Fr. Greiner, James A. — Fr. Greisinger, Merwyn C. — Fr. Greunke, Carleton E. — Fr. Greunke, FHoward V. — Fr. Griffin, James M. — Fr. Griffin, Pearl K. — So Grigsby, Margie — Fr., 81 Grimley, Francis E. — Fr. Grimm, Mrs. Edith I. — Jr. Grodi, Rachel A.— Jr. Grolle, Floyd A. — Fr. Grolle, Joanne E. — Fr., 65 Gross, Edith Ann — Fr. Gross, FHarold A. — Fr. Gross, Kenneth — Fr. Grossman, Richard I. — Fr. Grothjan, Helen H. — So. Grunst, Janet Mae — Fr. Gundy, Richard C. — Fr. Gustafson, Charles E. — Fr. H Hablitzel, Charles P.— Gr. Hachman, Orlene A. — Jr. Haddad, Abraham J. — Fr. Haddad, Catherine H. — Gr. Haddad, Esther — Fr. The product that carries the name TOLEDO to industries and food stores throushout the World! TOLEDO SCALE COMPANY TOLEDO, OHIO U.S.A. Sales and Service Offices in all Principal Cities 162 DRINK MORE FRESH MILK • Tete « Tete Hageman, H. Warren — Fr. Hager, Robert F. — Sp. FHale, Margaret J.— So., 60, 65 Hall, Harold D.— Sp. Hall, Thomas W.— Fr. Hall, Willis T.—Fr. Hallett, Terence E. — Fr. Halpin, Sally Ann — Gr., nc, 69, 112 Hamel, Wilfred D.— Fr. Hamilton, Harold J. — Fr. Herler, David D.— Jr. Hammonds, Samuel F., Jr. — So. Hampp, Doris Joan — Jr. Haney, Shirley Jeann — Fr. Hankison, Ruth E. — Jr. Hansen, Marjorie L. — Fr. Hansen, Marvin W., Jr. — Fr. Happ, Paul A. — Fr. Harbdugh, Bernard J. — Fr. Hardesty, Frank J. — So. Hardin, Richard H. — Fr. Harding, Warren G. — Fr. Harding, William, Jr. — Sp. Hardy, Charles D. — Fr. Hardy, Eugene T. — Fr. Harer, Richard J. — Fr. Harrington, Eva May — Fr. Harrington, William G. — Gr., nc. Harris, Earl W., Jr.— Fr. Harris, Melvin — Fr. Harris, Rhoda H.— So., 75 Hart, John L.— Fr., 67, 74 Hartman, Lawrence O. — Fr. Hartman, Virginia — Fr. Hartman, William E. — Fr. Hartz, Elizabeth L.— So. Hartzell, Edward L. — Fr. Harvey, Ivan C. — Fr. Haszard, Frank K. — Fr. Hatch, Dorothy L.— Fr. Hatch, H. Lucille— Jr. Hatfield, Kermit A. — Fr. Hathway Dona Dean — Fr. Steady there, girls. That was such a pretty tree. Who said tree? 163 Haughton, Elizabeth B— Jr., 53, 114 Hausman, George J. — So. Hausmann, Mary Jane — So., 118 Haverstock, Nancy Ann — Fr., 65 Hawkins, Adelbert C. — So. Hawkins, Andrew, Jr. — Fr. Hawkins, Dorothy J.— Jr., 65, 94, 114 Hayden, Merle J. — Fr, Haynes, Howard — Fr. Hayward, Virginia — Fr. Heath, Leon J. — Fr. Heckman, Herbert C, Jr. — Fr. Hedges, Miriam V. — So., 118 Hessen, Barbara A. — Fr. Heiling, Joan C. — Jr. Heilman, Arnold V. — Fr. Heinisch, Lawrence B. — Fr. Heiserman, Clifford K. — Jr., 63 Heist, Harold F., Jr.— Fr. Heitman, Karl B. — Fr. Hellrung, Gerald M. — Fr. Helm, Jeanne Ann — Fr. Hemsoth, Marjorie A. — Fr. Henderson, Richard C. — Jr. Hendricks, Richard R. — Fr. Hening, Elaine B. — So. Henley, Joyce — Jr., 112 Henning, Harry W., Jr. — Jr. Henry, Annis K. — Fr., 135 Henry, Dolly Jane — Fr. Henry, Dolores R.— So., 72, 119 Henry, Donna Jean — Fr. Henry, Emily E. — Fr. Henry, Gloria L. — Fr. Henry, John F. — Jr. Henry, Robert J. — Jr. Henry, Roger E. — Fr. Henry, Mrs. Selma T. — So. Henzler, John D. — Jr. Herbert, Carl E. — Fr. Herdman, L.eroy C. — Fr. Herman, Marie A. — Fr. Hertwick, Gisela R — So. Hertzfield, Martin P., Jr. — Fr. Hess, Richard C. — Jr., Sr. Hessenius, Vernon E. — Fr. Hettel, David A.— Fr. Hettel, John F.— Fr. Hewey, Joan Mae — So., 94, 116 Heyman, Harry C. — Fr. Heyn, Carol Mae — So. Hibbard, Richard P.— Fr. Hickerson, Dorothy Ann — Fr. Hicks, Melburne I. — Fr. Hider, Mary — Fr. Higgins, Frank E. — Fr. Hill, Shirley Ann— Fr., 66 Hilyard, Norma Jeanne — Jr. Hinde, Pat Ann— Fr. Hinde, Virginia Mac — Jr. Hobe, Joseph J. — Fr. Hobey, Estelle— Fr., 73, 76 Hodes, Robert C— Fr. Hoeffel Gerald— Fr. Hoeffel, Sue G.— So., 73 Hoff, Emma H.— Fr. Hoffman, Erwin P. — Jr. Hoffman, John W. — Fr. Hoffman, Joseph L. — Fr. Hoffman, Justin E. — Jr. Hoffman, Lois Ann — Fr. Hofsetter, Harold F. — So. Hoge, George R. — Fr. Holder, Jean E. — Fr. Holderman, Gerald T. — So. Hollister, " Clarence R. — Fr. Hollopeter, Gloria Jean — Fr., 72, 82 Holmes, William M. — Fr. Holtz, Lois T.— Fr. Hoover, Nancy B. — So., 65 Hoppe, Beverly Ann — Fr. Horan, James M. — So. Hosed, George H. — Fr. Hoskinson, Patricia Ann — Jr. Hountras, Eurydice T. — So. Hountras, Panos T. — Jr., 72, 57 Houser, Thomas E. — So. Hovey, Howard H. — Fr. Howard, Beverly Jean — So., 69, 116 Howard, Edward J. — Fr. Howe, Mrs. Edith L. M. — Gr. Howe, W. Asquith — Gr. Howell, Kathryn M. — Jr., Sr. Howes, Mitchell P. — Fr. Howland, Margaret L. — Jr. Hreben, Mark P. — Fr. Hubbard, John R.— Fr. Huberich, William S. — So. Huebner, Joyce L. — Fr. Huebner, Quentin R. — So. Hughes, Rulison D. — Fr. Hulqiiist Duane R. — Fr. Hundley William B., Jr.— Fr. Hunter, Esther M. — So. Hunter, Jane Ellen — So. Hunter, John R. — Fr. Hunter, Richard F. — So. Hurdelbrink, Lois M. E. — Fr. Hurley, Edward J. — Fr. Hurrelbrink, Peggy Lou — Fr., 58 Huston, Richard — Jr. Hutchinson, Dorothy L. — Fr., 72 I Idoine, Leon S. — Gr. Ihrig, Allen C, Jr.— Fr. Ingalsbe, Lois Jean — So., 118 Ingram, Donald C. — Fr., 85 Ingwersen Alice J. — Fr., 65 Inselman, Irwin J. — Fr. Inselman, Priscilla B. — Fr. Ireland, Richard E. — Fr. Irving, Joseph A. — Fr. Irwin, George W., Jr. — Fr. Irwin, Melvin D. — Fr. Isenberg, Marshall M. — Fr. Ishimoto, Michiko — Jr. Iwinski, Albert J. — Fr. Iwinski, John A., Jr. — So. KUEHMANN ' S Original Quality Potato Chips Manufactured By America ' s Oldest Potato Chip Company Marleau - Hercules FENCE ...for EVERY need... HOMES . FARMS - ESTATES COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL • Toledo ' s largest fence manufacturer, dealer and erector. Whatever your fencing problem you can solve it by calling Mar- leau-Hercules. Fences of all types: Rustic V ooc - Wire - Iron Marleau - Hercules 3600 Detroit Avenue at Coiiinswood Phone: GArfield 9579 164 J Jack son, Billy K.— Fr. Jackson, Wilford E.— Fr. Jacobs, Janet E.— Jr., 119 Jakab, Joseph J. — Fr. Jarvis, Alfred W.— Fr. Jarvis, Hubert C, Jr. Jr., 63 Jasinski, John — Fr. Jasper, William P. — So. Jaworski, Henry F. — Fr. Jaworski, Thaddeus W. — Sp. Jay, Mary— Jr., 118 Jencks, Barbara C— Jr., 61, 135j Jenkins, Phyllis Ann— Fr., 135 Jennings, Robert F., Jr. — Fr. Jennings, Robert G. — Fr. Jenson, Leonard L. — Jr. Jepson, Pal D. — Jr. Jermain, Edmond L. — Fr. Jernigan, Eugene B. — Fr. Jewell, Robert W.— Fr. Johnson, Albert S., Jr. — Fr. Johnson, Alice V. — Jr., 65 Johnson, Andrew J. — Fr., 135 Johnson, Betty Lee — Fr. Johnson, David M. — Fr. Johnson, Mrs. Evelyn C. — Jr. Johnson, Paul H. — Sp. Johnson, Robert George — So. Johnson, Robert William — Fr. Johnson, Willard A.— Fr. Johnston, Cortland J. — Sp. Jones, Clement D. — Fr. Jones, Eleanor A. — So., 118 Jones, Gerald — So. Jones, John D. — So. Jones, Kenneth L. — Fr. Jones, Kenneth R. — Fr. Jones, Paul E. — Fr. Jones, Rolden W. — So. Jordan, Julian E. — Jr. Joy, Beverly E. — Fr., 67 K Kading, Doris— Jr., 66, 114 Kadrie, Sarah — So. Kahl, William H.— Fr. Kale, Jack — Sp. Kalinowski, Richard — Fr. Kamer, Karl F. — Sp. Kaminski, Ignatius J. — Jr. Kamps, Margaret L. — Fr. Kane, Robert M.— Fr. Kapanikas, Katherine — So., 118 Karmol, Warren H.— Fr. Karp, Myron — Fr. Kartholl, John C— Fr., 132 Kaseman, Laura Mae — Fr., 65 Kaspitzke, Roy E. — So. Kasprzak, Eugene — Fr. KassoFf, Mervin — Sp. Kastor, Margaret — Fr. KauFfmann, Richard L. — Sp. KauFman, Mitchell— Jr. KauFman, Newell E. — So. Kearney, Robert p. — Fr. Keating, Kenneth E. — So. Keddie, ElsieS.— So., 116, 73 Keeler, Joan S.— Jr., 70, 83 Kellar, Robert B.—Fr. Keller, Marjorie Ann— Fr., 40, 72 Keller, Robert B.— So. Keller, Thomas H. — Fr. Keller, Walter D.— Fr. Kelley, Barbara J.— So., 115 Kelley, James R. — Jr. Kelley, Vincent A. — Jr. Kelly, Daniel H.— Fr. Kennedy, Eugene L. — So. Kennedy, Florence L. — So. Kennedy, Mary E. — Jr., 67, 114 Kennedy, Patricia Anne — Fr., 67 Kent, Frederick W.— Fr. Keough, Mary Helen — Gr., nc Kerekes, Joseph F. — Fr. Kerr, Gayle G.— Fr., 65 Kerschner, William E. — Fr. Ketterer, Rita M.— Jr., 67, 73, 113 Kibler, Jeanann M.— Fr., 65, 68 Freshmen and mailboxes. Kidney, Robert D. — Gr., nc Kidney, Mrs. Valerie L. — Fr. Kiewat, Reinhold F. — Fr. Kilcorse, Mary Catherine — Jr. Kille, Jack C— Fr. Killinger, Eugene S. — Fr. Kimple, Jean C— So., 59, 70, 119 Kimura, George K. — Fr. King, Jaclyn Beth — Fr. King, Sarah Ann — So., 114 Kinney, Howard A. — Fr. Kinsey, William R.— Fr. Kirby, Raymond J. — Fr. Kitzman Bonnie — Fr., 65, 135 Klag, Paul L.— So. Klatzel, Harriet L.— So., 68, 69, 117 Klewer, Donald A. — So. Klewer, Virginia L. — Fr., 65, 68 Kline, Patricia J.— So., 73, 119 Knight, Myron D. — Jr. Knisely, Eleanor M. — Fr. Knisely, Richard B.—Fr. Knisely, Wade J.— Fr. Knorr, Harold P.— Sp. Knurek, John S. — Jr. Kobil, Walter— Jr., 71 Koch, Charles F.— Fr. Koepp, Eleanor M. — Jr. Koepp, Margaret J. — Fr. Koester, Paul R. — Jr. Kohler, Edith C— Jr., 73 Kohler, William E.— Fr., 71 KohloFf, Richard C— Fr. Kolinski, Philip S.— Fr. Konicki, Edwin J. — Fr. Konz, Betty Jean— Fr. Koontz, Celia Lou — Fr. Kopitke, Jerry A. — Sp. Kopyst nsky, John M. — Fr. Kosakowski, Daniel J. — Fr. Kozina, John S. — Fr. Krach, Joseph A.— Fr. Krall, Raymond C. — Fr. Kratt, Marilyn C— So., 65, 116 Kraus, George H. — Jr. Krempa, Roman — Sr. Kreps, Faithe E.— So., 65, 119, 73 Kreiger, Clarence R. — Fr. Krohn, John T. — Fr. Kreuger, Wallace F. — Fr. Kudlinski, Walter J.— Fr. Kuechenmeister, Robert F. — Jr Kuehnle, Francis F. — Fr. Kuenzel, Lila B.— So., 55 Kuhlman, Carl E. — Fr. Kuhman, George E. — So Kuhr, Richard J.— Jr. Kunisch, Raymond J. — Fr. Kunisch, William A — Sp. Kuns, Robert K.— Fr. Kuntz, Delores Mae — Fr. Kurtz, JoAnn E. — Fr. Kurtz, Robert W.— Fr. Kurucz,Tibor — Fr. Kuznitzki, Ralph M.— Fr. Kwiatkowski, Jacob S. — Sp. LaConto, Robert L. — Fr. Laderman, Fred — Fr., 41 LaDue, Robert B.—Fr. LaFleur, Kathr n S.— Fr., 73 Lake, Richard B.—Fr. Lamabe, Jean P.— Jr., 65, 68, 80, 113 Lamb, Parke B.—Fr. Lambert, Richard N.— Fr. Lammiman, Lewis J. — Fr., 79 Lamoreaux, Mrs. Helen B. — Fr. Lamoreaux, William G. — Sp. Lampton, Edgar C. — Fr. Landis, Florence — Jr., 117 Lane, Joyce E. — Fr. Langdon, Frank A.— Fr., 56, 72, 85 LangenderFer, Paul H. — Fr., 82 Langley, Vaughn R. — Fr. Lanz, Janet A.— Fr., 65 Larmie, Bonnie Jean — So. Laskey, Thomas S. — Fr., 64 Lauer, Patricia Anne — Jr., 67, 83, 116 Lauer, Rosalind M.— So., 67, 83, 73 LaVoie, Lois C— Fr. Law, Erma Jean — Jr. Lawson, Luther G. — Fr. Lawson, Sidney J. — Fr. Lay, Robert L.— Fr. Layman, Carl W. — Fr. 165 k SUGGESTION FOR THAT y i ' OF YOURS BRING SutuAcKC INSIDE Think what a blessing it would be to have natural daylight flooding the work counter in your kitchen! Then — whv not enjoy that luxury? An Insulux Glass Block panel can be installed — quickly and easily — and at comparatively small expense. ADD ( A4li K OUTSIDE Note how small panels enhance the beaun,- of this installation is both decorative panels brighten the entry w a welcoming beam at night or builder about the use of room, bedroom and bath. of Insulux Glass Block simple doorway. Such an and praaical. The Insulux ay by day and throw out , Talk with your architect Insulux in kitchen, living • Insulux Glass Block is a func- tional building material — not merely a decoration. It transmits light; obscures vision for privacy ' s sake; reduces heat loss; keeps out noise and dirt; is easy to clean, and adds to the cheerfiilness and attractiveness of the home. OWENS-ILLINOIS fflifflSI GLASS BLOCK Layman, Lois L. — Fr. Leach, Maryruth— Jr., 112 Leadbetter, Cherry B. — Fr. Lederer, Pauline V. — Jr., 112 Lee, Leila Ann — Fr., 65 Lee, Nancy Jeanne — Fr. Lee, Robert E.— Fr. Lehnert, Franklin J. — Fr. Leighton, Andrew J. — Fr. Leising, Joseph F. — So. Leister, Albert F. — Fr. Lemle, Carl J. — Fr. Lennex, Joan E. — Fr. Lennex, Richard B. — Fr. Leonhardt, Robert F. — Fr. Lerner, Mandel — Fr. Lesser, Eugene S. — Fr. Leuck, Donald D. — So. Leveton, Philip R. — Sp. Leveton, Shirley T. — Jr. Lew, Robert A.— Jr., 85, 132 Lewandowski, Zygmund — Fr., 56, 72 Lewark, Dean T. — So., 79 Lewis, Leiand F. — Fr. Lewis, Robert L. — Fr. Lewis, Rosalee Y.— Jr., 115 Lieberman, FHarold — Jr. Liebnau, Alton F. — Fr. Lige, Warren, Jr. — Jr. Lindecker, Janet — Gr. Lindsey, Dorothy L. — So. Linzie, Waverly Ann — Fr. Lippus, William E. — Jr. Lockart, Mrs. Helen C. — Jr. Locke, William M.— Fr., 79 Loehrke, Adele D.—So., 67, 113 Logan, Bernard J. — Fr. Lohner, Jeanne Marie — Jr., 65, 119, 73 Lohner, Robert J. — So. Long, Clinton T. — Fr. Lonz, Sophie S. — Sp. Long, Wayne J. — Fr. Lorenzen, Rosemary — Fr., 74, 73 Losie, Amy M. — So., 73 Loutzenhiser, Charles F. — Fr. Love, Howard T. — Sp. Lowery, Robert E. — Fr. Lowry, Stella V. — Fr. Lozier, Clifford D.—So., 68 Ludlum, Dale W.— So., 64 Luetke, Mary Ruth— So., 38, 61, 67, 68, 113, 73 Luetke, Philip A. — Jr. Luettke, Lester R. — Fr. Lutz, Arthur J. — Fr. Lyons, John E. — Fr. M Maag, Edward A. — So. MacDonald, Jean Louise — Jr. Maciejewski, Daniel L. — Fr. Mack, Sylvester P. — Jr. Mack, Walter L— Jr., 56 MacKenzie, Dorothy M.— So., 65, 67, 118 Mackenzie, Jack W. — Fr. MacRavey, Joan A. — Jr., 68 Macucki, Steve J. — Sp. Maedel, Charles T., Jr. — Fr. Maedel, Marjorie P. — Fr., 65, 73 Maginn, Robert A. — Fr. Maher, Joseph I. — Jr. Mahn, Edward A. — Fr. Mahnen, John F. — Fr. Mahon, Mrs. Helen W. — Gr. Mahr, Betty Lee — Fr. Mainwold, Herman — So. Malindzak, Ruthe Jo — Fr. Malkin, William— Fr. Maiko, Dolores H.— Fr. Mallaman, Helen R. — Fr. Malone, Theodore E. — Fr. Mandell, Robert E. — Fr. Manley, Barton W. — Fr. Mann, Milton C. — So. Mansor, George F. — Fr. Mantey, Jerry A. — Fr. Manton, Peter G — Fr. Marciniak, Chester J. — Fr., 72 Marco, Edward M. — Fr. Marconi, Theomas M. — So. 166 Marcus, Elliot A.— Gr. Marcy, Robert H.— Fr. Markley, Mrs. Cleo M. — Fr. Mariotti, Louis J. — Jr. Marshall, Charles J. — Fr. Marshall, Mary Ann — So., 84 Marter, Mrs. Jame E. — Fr. Martin, Addison J. — Fr. Martin, Betty Ann— So., 59, 65, 68, 69, 115 Martin, George G. — Fr. Martin, Lewis W. — Jr., 85 Martin, Richard J. — So. Martin, Robert Elliot — So. Martin, Robert William — Fr. Martin Thomas A. — Fr. Marvin, Robert K. — So. Marwood, Jane L— Jr., 82, 113 Mason, Robert J. — Fr. Mason, Stephen F. — Fr. Mason, William F. — Sp. Massin, Trayco Roy — So., 68 Matchett, Robert L.— So. Mather, Robert H.— Fr. Mathias, Frederick J. — Fr. Mauer, Dwight E. — Fr. Mautner, Erwin — So. Maxwell, Thomas K. — Jr. Maxwell, Carroll L. — So. May, Edgar H. — So. Mayer, Elden A. Mayhew, Alven D. — Fr. Mazziotte, Mary Louise — So. McAfee, Donagail — Fr. McBride, Laura— So., 70, 114 McCarthy, Charles R. — Jr., Sr. McCloskey, James L. — Fr. McComb, Fred J. — Fr. McCrea, Donald F. — Fr. McCullough, Robert F.— Jr. McCully, James E. — Fr. McCully, Joe E. — Fr. McDonald, Beatrice L. — So. McDonald, Catherine — So. McDougall, James R. — So. McDougall, Robert— Fr. McElroy, John J. — Sp. McEwen, Joan E. — So. McFarland, M. Janet- Jr., 114, 73, 135 McGarry, John V. — Gr., nc McGeorge, Harold — Fr. McGowan, John J. — Fr., 41 McGuire, Jeanette R. — So., 67, 114, 135 McGuire, Mrs. Juanita T. — So. McGuire, Paul G., Jr. — So. Mcllhargey, Richard C. — Fr. Mcintosh, Robert J. — Fr. McKechnie, Flora Joan — So., 65 McKendrick, Jane E.— So., 84, 73, 135 McKonna, John E. — Fr. McKenzie, Betty Jane — Fr. McKie, Paul J.— Fr. McKinley, William E.— Fr. McLdchlin, Elizabeth L— Fr., 82 McMahon, George H. — So. McMahon, John W. — Jr. McMahon, Robert W.— Fr. McNair, Florence J. — Fr. McNeill, Ray J.— So., 50 McPhillips, Frances A. — So. McRae, Olive Ann — Jr. McRitchie, Thomas P.— Jr., 50, 68, 70, 85, 110 Meek, Elizabeth Jane — So. Melbourne, Robert W. — Fr. Menard, Rosemary H. — Fr. Mens, Robert V,— Fr. Mensch, Howard — Fr. Mensing, Lois — So., 115, 73 Mercer, William S. — Sp. Merman Mary Ann — Fr. Merrill, Carl R.— Fr. Merrill, Joanne — Fr., 65, 66 Merrill, Martha Louise — Gr. Merrill, Russell R.— Fr. Merritt, George N. — Sp. Merryman, Gene C. — Fr. Metzger, Mary Lois — Jr., 119 Meyer, Glen V. — Fr. Meyer, Joseph S. — So. Michalak, Edward J. — Fr. Mides, Virginia — Gr. Mikesell, William H.— So. Miligan, John E. — Fr. Miller, Cletus J.— Fr. Miller, Dale F.— Fr. Miller, Elizabeth M.— Fr. Miller, Jack R.— Fr. Miller, Jean Ann — Fr. Miller, John J.— Fr. Miller, Joseph A. — Fr. Miller, Margaret M. — So. Miller, Mrs. Marie — Gr., nc. Miller, Murray D. — So. Miller, Ned J.— Sp. Miller, Olive Louise — Jr., 73 Miller, Peter J. — So. Miller, Richard W.— Sp. Miller, Robert Earl— So. Miller, Robert Lee — Fr. Miller, Ruth E.— Fr. Miller, William Anson — Fr. Miller, William Kenneth— Fr. Milligan, Jack A.— Fr. Mills, Richard R.— Fr. Mills, Russell B.— Jr., 53, 60, 62 Mitchell, James I., Jr. — Sp. Mitchell, Marvin L. — Gr., nc. Mitchell, William W.— Fr. 167 • Red Cross Organiiation. Tomlinson, Fischer, Gassan, Fontaine, Onweller, Partoyan, Merrill, Price, Howard. Picnic time arrives on campus. Mohnkern, Nancie C. — Jr., 59 Molner, Jeanette F. — Fr. Monroe, James F. — Fr. Monroe, James W. — Fr. Mont3omer ' , Mrs. Mildred B. — So, Monticure, Mary M. — Fr. Moody, Fred B. — Fr. Moody, Mrs. Laura S. — Fr. Moon, Audrey J. — Fr. Moon, Louise — Jr. Moon, Paul H. — Fr. Moon, Colleen A. — Fr., 73 Moore, Fred S. — Jr. Moore, Gloria Gene — Jr. Moore, James A. — Sp. Moore, Margie J. — So. Moore, Philip — Fr. Moore, Ralph — So. Moore, Walter R.— Sp Mor, Rosemarie V. — So. Moring, Paul L. — Fr. Morris, Jay L. — Sp. Morris, J. Paul — So. Morrison, Harold E. — Fr. Morrison, Robert E. — Sp. Morrison, Rodney H. — Fr. Morrow, Virgil E. — So. Morse, Mrs. Louise R. — Fr. Mortimer, Melvin E. — Sp. Moulding, Charlene L. — So., 113, 136 Mueller, Kenneth — Jr. Muir, James R. — Fr. Mull, Lowell D.— So. Mull, Raymond E. — Fr. Mulopulos, Dena — Fr. Mund, James R. — Fr. Munger, William D. — Fr. Munn, Mary E. — Jr., 116 Muntz, Jeanne Marie — Sr. Muntz, Robert R.— Sr. Murlin, Donabea — Fr. Murlin, Monalee — Jr., 125 Murphy, Robert— Jr., 89 Murphy, Sally Bea — Fr. Murray, James S.- So. Murray, Paul T. — Fr. Myers, John D. — Fr. N Nagy, Charles J. — Fr. Nagy, Irene B. — So. Naperstick, William — Jr. Navarre, Donald C. — Fr. Neale, Margaret J. — So. Nelson Gerald B. — Fr. Nesteroff, Helen J. — So. Netterfield, Allen W.— Fr. Newbury, Carol June — Fr. Nicholson, Sue — Jr., 114 Nichpor, Bert P. — Fr. NIcklin, Donald G. — So. Nightingale, James E. — Jr., (Sr.) Nightingale, Monajane — Jr., 112 Nightingale, Sam — Fr. Nilsson, William G.— Fr. Nisch, Betty Jane — Fr. Nisch, Frank K. — So. Nistel, Harry I. — Fr. Niswander, Patricia E. — Fr. Northrup, Louise L. — Fr. Novick, Mary Beth — Jr. Nowak, Edward A. — Jr. Nowicke, Jean A. — Fr. Nowicki, Casimir W. — So. Nowowiejski, Phyllis Anne- Nyquist, Jack A.— Fr. -So. Oates, Jessie V. — Fr. Oatis, James H. — Jr. Oatman, Patricia Lou — Fr. Oberly, Robert H.— Fr. Obert, Jeanne K. — Jr. O ' Brien, Patricia M. — So. Ochs, Rudy V.— So. O ' Connell, Mary Ann — Fr. Okada, Mitsue — Fr. Oiler, Margene L. — So. Olmstead, Phyllis E.— Jr. Olsen, Elaine R. — So. Ornella, LeRoy F.— Fr. Orphey, William E. — So. Orr, Horace T. — Fr. Orr, Oliver A., Jr.— Fr. Orwig, James E. — Jr. Oviatt, Mary M. — Fr. Owen, Patricia Anne — Jr., 116 Owens, Daisy R. — So. Owens, Julia E. — So. Packer, Sheldon E. — Fr. Parachek, Ralph E.— Fr. Parcell, Harold M.— Fr. Park, Lola L.— So. Parker, Charles E. — Fr. Parker, Laetitia M. — Fr. Parker, Wayne F. — Fr. Parkinson, Ronald P. — Fr. Part, Samuel — Jr. Passamano, Salvatore L. — So. Pasztor, William G. — Fr. Paul, Dean R.— So. Pavlos, Christina — So. Pavlos, Estella B.— So. Pawlowicz, Melvin A. — Fr. Peavey, Robert C — Fr. Pegan, Susan M. — So. Peleuses, Peter G. — Fr. Penske, Nancie Jane — So. Peppers, Alfred W.— Jr. Perch, Daniel F. — So. Perkins, Mrs. Helen S. — Sp Perkins, Jack D. — Fr. Perkins, James H. — Fr. Perkins, Mary Lou — Jr. Perrin, Betty Ann — Jr. Perrott, Harold R.— Fr. Petee, Janet R.— Fr. Petrie, Ruth M. — Jr. Petros, Pauline J. — Fr. Pettigrew, Marie — Fr. PFefferle, Edward N. — Jr. INVISIBLE GLASSES, CONTACT LENSES • They arc fitted under the eyelids, directly over the eyeballs, which makes them practically INVISIBLE. They correct the eyesisht and elim- inate the wearing oF conspicuous glasses. They are made From an unbreakable substance (not glass) which renders them safe. In fact, they are a protection to the eyes. For demonstration and further in- formation communicate with me. Toledo 2, Ohio W. E. MERCER, O. D., D. O. S.— 306 Bell Building, Third Floor MAin 2283 168 Prexy speaks at Faculty Forum. TEXTOLITE Interior Paint TEXTONE Texture Paint THORO SEAL Waterproofing INSULATING Wool INSULUX Glass Block FACE BRICK (PfO The Kuhlman Builders Supply and Brick Company ADams 4107 Pierce, Irene E. — Fr. Pierson, Richard L. — So. Pilkenton, Kendrick H. — Fr Pioch, Donna H. — Fr. Pipes, Warner E. — Fr. Pizza, Antoinette M. — So. Plattoot, Lucille M. — Jr. Plocek, John A. — Fr. Poll, Richard M.— Jr. PoNman, Patricia J. — Fr. Pollock, William E.— Fr. Porter, Scott E.— Fr. Postle, Georse L. — Fr. Potter, Joyce W. — Fr. Powers, Mary A. — So. Preece, Suzanne — So. Price, Brice E. — Sp. Price, Doris Jean — So. Price, Dorothy P. — Fr. Price, Jewell R. — So. Prior, Doris E. — So. Probert, Rosemary — So. Proctor, James W. — Fr. Pross, Joan Marie — Fr. Prosser, Burton L. — Fr. Prosser, Roy K. — Fr. Prosser, William J. — Jr Prothro, Martha Jean- Prueter, Ruth L.— So. Pruitt, Major G. — Fr. PrzybylowskI, Thaddeus W. — Fr Purcell, James H. — Sp. Quinnell, Robert N. — Fr. Quinlan, Richard N. — Fr. Rdbkin, Norman— Fr. Race, Murlin C. — Fr. Raczko, William — So. Radeckl, Chester — So., 71 Rddecki, Henry — Ramlsch, Jacqueline — So., 118, 73 -Fr 169 Rdtnpenddhl, Doris — So., 65 Ramsdell, Herbert — Ramsdell, Kenneth So. Ramsey, Thomas — Ramzau, Alice — Fr., 68 Rauch, Jo Anne — So., 76, 115 Raudebaugh, Samuel — Fr. Ray, Caroline — Fr. Raygor, Alton — So. Rebensal, Kenneth — Fr. Reed, Dorothy— Fr., 72, 82, 84 Reger, Paul — So. Rehm, George — Fr. Reichlin, Jack — Jr. Reinlein, Glenna — Fr. Reiser, Alfred — Fr. Reisner, John — Fr. Reister, Janet — Fr., 67 Remmert, Shirley — Jr., 82 Reno, Francis — Jr. Rensch, Kathleen — Fr. Renz, Ellen — Fr. Reuschle, Rosena — So. Revior, Bernard — Jr. Rex, John — Fr. Reynders, Thomas — Fr. Reynolds, Patricia — Fr. Reynolds, Russell — Jr. Rhynes, Julia — Fr. Riblet, Barbara — Fr. Richard, Paul— Fr. Richards, Jack — Fr. Richardson, Mamie — Fr. Rier, Mar — Fr, Rihdcek, Joseph — So. Riley, Rena — So. Ringldin, Robert — Jr. Ritter, Cristine — Fr. Roberts, Joseph — So Robeson, Ruth— Jr., 112 Robinette, Thomas — Jr. Robinson, Charles — Fr. Roddy, Doris— Fr., 135 Rodemtch, Jack — Fr Rodgers, Chester, — Fr. Rogers, William — Fr. Roftis, Robert — Fr Rogers, Peter — So. Roman, Aaron — Fr. Romp, Frances — Fr., 60, 61, 75 Rood, George — Fr. Rooney, James — Fr. Roose, Martha — Fr. Rose, Emil — Fr. Rosenblatt, Howard — Fr. Rosin, James — So., 64 Ross, Robert— Fr. Rowan, Richard — Fr. Rozsa, John — Fr. Ruben, Henry — So. Rudolph, Katherine — Jr., 113 Rudolph, Shirley — Fr. Ruedy, Marie — Jr. Ruegge, Norma — Fr. Ruff, Donald— Jr. Ruff, Rose Mary— So., 65, 118 Rumpf, Joanne — Fr. Ruppert, John — Fr. Ruppley, Orran — Fr. Rush, Betty Lou— So., 37, 67 Rutan, Donna — So. Rybicki, Virginia — Fr. Ryle, Jo Ann— Fr., 67 Saal, Alfred— Fr. Saizman, Eva — Jr., 117 Sammis, Emily — So., 72, 112 Sanner, Dave — Fr., 41, 50 Santus, John — So. Sares, Bessie — Jr., 135 Sarver, Reda — So. Saunders, Helen — Fr., 67 Saunders, Richard — Fr. Sauve, Paul— Fr., 82 Savey, Rosemary — So. Schamp, Barbara — Fr. Scharbach, Evelyn — Jr., 70 Scharf, Selma — So., 70 Schauss, Edward — Fr. Schlembach, Donna— So., 65, 83, 111,11! Schmerl, Eleanor — Jr. Schmidlin, Janeann — Jr., 115 Schmidt, Richard — Fr. Schoor, Virginia— Fr., 82, 135 Schragenheim, Robert — So. Schroeder, Harold — Fr. Schuldck, Morton — Fr. Schuler, Richard — So. Schultz, Donna J.— So., 115, 73 Schultz, Fern I. — Fr. Schumm, Barbara — So., 65, 67, 115, 135 Schwab, Floyd— So., 64, 79 Segal, Shirley — So. Segal, Robert — So., 56 Seibert, James K. — So. Seibert, Roger J. — Fr. Seiss, Howard — Jr. Seitz, Geraidine — Fr. Selmek, Emil — So. Seubert, Marthalou — Jr., 66, 73 Sevastos, John — So. Seymour, Paul — Fr. Shank, Elaine — Jr. Shank, Joanne R. — Fr. Sharman, Will ' am — Fr. Sharkoff, Louise — Fr. Sharlow, Fredrick — Fr. Shatzer, John— Fr., 56, 72 Sheehan, Fredrick — Jr. Shepard, Robert — So. Shephard, Jack — Jr., 85 Sherman, Nancy J. — So., 72, 115 Shinew, Norma J. — Fr. Shorter, Nora Lee — So., 81 Shovar, Earnest — Fr. Shurtz, Robert A.— Jr., 64, 110 Shutt, John — Fr. Siefield, Mary — So., 84 THE FINEST IN Meats and Sausages PHILIP PROVO 3268 Monroe Street To photosrdphers Lloyd Goon (for his continual congeniality and even temper along with fine pictures); Don Shunk (for his eagerness to help in the rush for last minute pictures); Photo Reflex at LaSalles (for their cooperation in the trying task of Senior portraits) and to Dave West, Lloyd Ran- some, Norm h auger and Eli Dorf, who all con- tributed their worthy bit in excellent photography. To my staff who served loyally and diligently throughout the year, I give my thanks and es- pecially to Dick Villwock,the Business Manager who was a steadying influence in my frustrated life as a yearbook editor. And finally to the miscellaneous people vv ' ho dropped in to chat or look at pictures or smoke or have a coke or sing or type a paper or just relax, I say thank you. You are a part of this book. Vou are the student in It, You are in a great part responsible for this book. 170 Silverman, Miles — Jr. Simko, Julius — Fr. Simmons, James — Jr. Simmons, John W. — So. Simon, Clarence — Fr. Simonds, Clarence S. — Fr. Sing, Calvin — So. Skeels, Dorothy — Jr. Sltotynsky, Paul — Fr. Slagle, Richard — Jr. Sliwinslci, Benjamin — Jr. Sloan, Frank— Fr., 132 Sloan, Jack D. — Fr. Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm 61, 65, 73 71 84 th, Betty N. — So., th, Carole — Fr th, Clarence E. — Jr., th, Donald L. Fr. th, Eleanor M. — So., th, George G. — th, Irvin — Fr. th, Joanne M. — So., 53, 65 th, John W.— Jr. th, Josephine — Fr., 81 th, Lyie — Jr. th, Marcus — Jr., 64 th, Margaret E. — Fr. th, Peggy J. — Fr. th, Phyllis J.— Fr. th, Wesley— So. therman. Rex — Jr. Smoroski, Jean M. — Fr. Smullin, Philip So., 83, 110 Snell, Bill S.— Fr. Snider, Carl S. — Fr. Sniegowski, Raymond — Fr. Snyder, Richard T. — Fr. Sobeck, Evelyn— Jr., 55, 59, 111, 115 Soga, George — Fr. Sohnly, James — Fr. Soncrant, Rita — So. Sonnenberg, Jean N Soules, Hugh — Fr. Sourenne, Kutch — Jr. Jr. 68 11E Study in expression. ■iy photographic album of vour wedding, using candid pictures in sequence and portrait photo- graphs taken at vour home, wedding and reception . . . Also hahv pictures, portraits and group pictures taken at the studio. Lloyd W. Gjoon. PHOTOGRAPHER 402 WEST BANCROFT GArfield 1561 TOLEDO 2, OHIO ■ no answer, call LA. 9562. . 115 Spade, Robert — So. Spaulding, Ruth — Jr Spear, Burton — So. Spencer, Mary M. — Fr., 76 Spencer, Walter— Jr., 82 Spengler, Paul — Fr. Spios, Richard — Jr. Spitler, Bernice J. — Fr. Spring, Mary A.— So., 70, 113, 73 Stanneart, Betty R.— So., 118 Starkey, Ordell — Fr. Statsirger, Evelyn — Fr. Stauber, Eugene — Jr. Staunton, Beverly Ann — Fr. Staunton, B. Elizabeth — So., 72 Steiger, Edward — Fr. Steiner, Emil R. — Fr. Stepanovicz, Albert — Jr. Stevens, Makemma — Fr. Stewart, Shirley Ann — Fr. Stewart, Suzanne — So. Stiegelmeyer, Roy E. — Fr. Stiff, John P.— Jr. Stimpson, Elizabeth A.— Jr., 30, 53, 65, 69 St. John, Donald — So. Stobinski, Joseph — Fr. Stockwell, William E. — Fr. Stone, Bernard — So. Stone, B, Jeanne — Fr. Stance, Betty Jayne — Fr Stratton, Joe — So. Staock, Phyllis J — Fr. Stueky, Mary — Fr. Sturtz, Betty— Fr. Sturtz, Joseph — So. Suddath, Warren H.— So. Sullivan, Joanne — So., 38, 62, 65, 115 Sullivan, Minerva — Fr. Sullivan, Richard — So. Sullwold, Chester — So. Sunday, Elaine — Fr., 83 Surface, Richard — Fr. Swanson, Mabel — Fr., 81 171 " Mins " takes Red Cross donations from genial onlookers. • " The Dreamers " and Vernon Criss, and " You Ain ' t Nobody ' 1946 RED CROSS DRIVE. Swigart, Sally — So., 115, 136 Switzer, Peggy J. — Fr., 68 Switzer, Rooert — Jr. Szeitipids, Joseph — Fr. Szymanidk, Edward — So., 71 Szymanski, Raymond — Fr. Taberner, Douglas — So. Tadlock, Hugh — Fr. Tadlock, Max R.— Fr. Talburt, Jacob — So. Tdshenburg, Frederick — Fr. Tate, Robert — Fr. Tay ' or, Gerald — Fr. Teal. Mary S. — So., 73 Temple, Calbert — Fr. Teopas, Jeannette J. — Fr. Terada, Flora FH. — Jr. Tertel, Kenneth — Fr. Thaller, Carl— Jr., 64, 71 Thayer, Jane — So., 114 Theaker, Jean — Fr. Thorn, John — So. Thomas, Martha — Fr. Thomas, Merritt — Fr. Thomson, Doris — So., 113 Thompson, Millard — Fr. Thornburgh, Jav — Fr. Thornburgh, Lucille— Fr., 40, 66, 73 Tilbrook, Charles — Jr. TiNman, Kathleen— So., 65, 67, 112 Toadvin, Josephine — So , 81 Tom, Henry — Fr. Tomlinson, Margaret—So., 59, 65, 69, 116, 136 Tossell, Robert — Fr. Towe, Margaret — So. Traffelet, Jean— Jr., 55, 119 Trimmer, Allen — So. Truman, Edward — Jr. Turner, David — Fr. Turner, Virgil — So. Tussing, Donald — So. Tussing, Richard — Fr. 172 u Ulman, Lillian— Fr., 58 Urban, Dorothy — Fr. Urbdnski, Steven — Fr. Urwin, William — Jr. Vail, Edwin — Jr. Van Marney, June — Jr. Van Orden, Constance — Fr. Vartice, Shirley J. — Fr. Vaughn, Donna — Fr. Veith, Margaret — So., 82 Veller, John — So. Vickers, Robert — Jr. Villwock, Richard— Jr., 58, 61, 67, 71, 82, 83 Vinnedge, Jules — Fr. Viola, Raymond — So. Vogel, George — Jr. Volk, Richard— Fr. Volk, William— Fr. Volker, Suzanne — Fr., 65 Volzer, Harold — Fr. Vortiede, Katherine — So. Vossler, Claire— So., 68, 113 w Wade, George — Fr. Wade, Ted- Wagner, Elizabeth J.— Fr., 73 Wagner, Marvin — Fr., 76 Wagner, Ronald E.— Fr., 64, 76 Wagner, Vivian — Fr. Wdidelich , Elizabeth— Fr., 65, 72 Waldruff, Harold— Fr. Walker, Alvin— Fr. Walker, Robert G.— Fr. Walrath, Gile F.— Jr. Walter, Roy— Fr., 76 Ward, David— So. Ward, Mary L— So., 60, 119, 136 Warwick, Jack — Fr. Waters, Betty— So. Watkins, Darrell— So. Watson, Romayne— So., 72, 112, 73 Watson, George V. — Fr. Watson, Marion — So. Weaks, Johns— Fr. Weaver, Nancy J. — So. Weaver, Patricia R — Fr., 76 Webber, Virginia J.— So., 65, IIP Weber, Lois A.— Fr. Weber, Maxine — So. Weber, Ruth E.— Fr., 73 Webne, Sam — So. Wekerlin, Jean — Fr. Weeber, Robert E.— Jr. Weeber, Robert W.— Ft. Weed, John— Fr. Weiker, Phyllis M.— Fr., 67 Weiler, John— Fr. Weiler, Martha— Fr., 60, 61, 75 Weins, Bradley— Fr., 64 Weis, Virginia — Fr. Weisman, Ira — Fr., 76 Weiss, Elaine — Fr. Wells, William J .— So. Wentisch, Muriel— Jr., 80, 84, 113 Wentisch, Ruth— Fr., 84 Wernert, John — So. West, Patricia— Fr. West, Evelyn — Fr. Westenkirchner, Frank — Jr. Westmeyer, Walter — Fr. Westerover, Kenneth — Fr. Wetnight, Elizabeth— Fr., 135 Wexler, Oscar— Jr. Wharton, Lois M. — Fr. Wheeler, Robert— Jr. White, Albert— Fr. White, Homer — Jr. White, John C— Whitehead, James K.— Fr. Whitman, Carolyn — So. Whitman, Richard — Fr. Wickerham, Helen — Fr. Wiegand, Carolyn— Jr., 55, 112 Registrar ' s Office. • Mid-year Commencement. 173 174 w w w w w w w Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi w, w w w w w W W Wi Wi le, Edmond —Jr. If ong, Walter— Fr. Ikie, Everett — Jr. Hey, Charles — So. Iley, Glenroi — Jr. Iliams, Bruce — So. Iliams, Glen — Jr. Iliams, Harold — Fr. Iliams, Howard — Fr., 64 Iliams, Lynn — Jr. Iliams, Pauline — Fr. Iliams, Robert L. — Fr. Iliams, Ronald — Fr. Iliams, Ruby — Jr. Iliams, Ruby P.— So., 81, 73 Iliams, Thelma — So., 81 His, Jeanette— So., 65, 82, 118 Hits, John — Fr. ngate, Ray — Fr, nkleblech, Marlin— 56, 72, 79 nsinger, Katherine — Jr., 62, 70, 116, 135 sbon, Robert — Fr. se, Virgil — Jr. throw, Paul — So. Witt, Robert— So. Wobser, Jay— Jr., 71, 82 Woehling, Nancy — Gr. Wolfe, Dwight — So. Wolfe, Norman — Fr. Wolfe, Willard— Jr. Wolfe, Edwin — Fr. Wolff, Eleanor— Fr. Wolodzko, Anthony — So. Wood, Cecelia — So. Woodgate, Jame s — So. Woodson, Fay — Fr,, 81 Woodward, James — Fr., 64 Wooten, William — Fr. Worden, Marney Lou— Jr., 53, 62, 69, 77, 116 Wright, Beverly A. — Fr. Wright, David— So.,71, 85, 141 Wymslo, Edmond — Fr. Wynn, Helen — Jr. Yaekel, Robert— Fr, Yaffe, Howard — Fr. Vaffe, Marvin, — Fr. Yaffe, Seymore — Fr. Yark, Marjorie — Jr. Yarman, Samuel — So. Yeack, William— Fr. Yenor, Charlotte — So. Young, James — Jr. Young, Thomas — So. Youngs, Karen L. — Fr. Zahn, Ervin — Fr. Zaiecki, Raymond — Fr. Zaiewski, Walter — Fr. Zeck, Rolland — So. Zeck, Rolland, — So. Zeigler, Lois— So., 68, 82, 113, 135 Ziegler, Clayton — So. Zielinski, Arthur — Fr. Zieren, Robert — Fr. Zimmer, Arlene — Fr., 74 Zimmerman George — Jr. Ziton, Warfay — So. Zunk, Nadine— Jr. , 68, 119 Zych, Florence — Fr. 175 A44io yui pJti 176 A. i :.■ ' .: I , ■. ■! ,■ ' 1 •

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