University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH)

 - Class of 1942

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University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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r-Nav-I 5gI,'Q,4I:"' I' A3525-I I , I .III -'Irf2'1i'?W'I1I:If'f'- I I f ' i' 'Ilff A Er, V ,L-,,, 'EI Ji-- 'WI ,-QM.: 4' ' gr. 1 'I' vw . ' I IW- -. -4, L- - , 3. .aI J -11'1Q'1' if iii'-+2 I+ , ' 'IFIEQI I 4 'I C A r E 'Q-,irixfi I.: I E, r If. li. V I .I F--'.-.II I '- I , f ,yI-s- .. 1 " IMI' in-' I+" ' L -6 "I -f IZ,-H JI if ,I 'll,.I-1 '41, ,- J "QW R-. wat 1 -II, II 1- -A ' '7' ,l- I i! I , 5 ff:-1W1?"' 113 , '7'lH'I5,1Lf,iF?F 'HI . 4".,gI" Ig' 1 id , ' , 1--I-.1wjfff,- JL-I-'-I L ' 'lr ,tix -"ff " I' if 5 " 1 ' 'V .- rd I "'W"'1zI if 'F-I 'VII rx " I 1 I" L f ..L i I, , I 33. 5 , I I P - 'f F ,I K'-,QI :E -Q17 1' I I .A l haf .NRI 'I 'tfisfl--"'41! 'TI 'T ' I' ' -7-4 lx' if ' H11 . . .. I I I ' I if 'I I Q il 8 why-ig' mid wah ll pl am I. ." " 41" 5. ZQ 'ji . . no L .J f +f:f5I:I ' If -- 4.-. vi lip? I w"""IHK-ZTXWTIEEI W' UI-'i',-f in If 45 gm If 5 -143 A' ',l'v:f' 2 f -ir . . v- I X J-In.,-,gift -1 6-:PT - ia 1 lI.,,1L., 51 ,. , " I. " I -I '- fl- -IT " "V '54 'JI' :IIN ' . Q "" J Y ?F'?i3..""'U Yi:-QM'-k' I il '-I 2 jJ-'gn J - .I I, A . 4 'h II Y I L-, ', I. 'Aa ff gf?-4,-3.,gr r rigwkiiil -ir, . Pk-F .if rl- f.. 1 . Viz! I5 .." ' I .3 19:1 -. 'I-i'?IqY?'AI.,Q L 'P I "PAS HI W II 1 3' ,ally U tg I A- Mei I 1 lv I J ?wI..?fj1f?f. rig, YWQAOI xl -..f I 2 ,II .. I-Q,-v .FR Vi Q if .I lip, R L Ili if ir. J I I Ir I fame. J- If 5 , I !l4"4it Yr I.. I il ' L 1' "J I I . 'Q FEIS. rl in .IQ-..'V V. '.-I' ., f- 'JINUL -. - ,,.- + .mv vw ,J QM- I ' Wax.. 3 -if '4 4. L' ' 7, f'f'?.I Mfg ' 'RQ'-fI'f'?!5ifI"3'ff . 5. 'H i"IWei"'IIHF'I 4 ' I I".-. rf' ., -' A I. L. 'i-I,',Lsi,I.. , n, I: I1 1 L'.?I'2 2 'Algal-f' ' ' 1. If-.,"' I- I 'IIi3JL f V .I lv:-'I,,:. 'I ' " ' J Q , Q I - I I+ I -I. fu-'.,12f 'Lb GJIQQQJ .gm 'A P kj 4-'L If 1 it 'al"g'IL I-Iplsf.-11'5l,Y 2 P I II' D I fv Ig I A ,- ?'L.,:':fi'53j. I-.' h I r .I I , A v-- II., ,,4:u',- IM, ,: I Il Q I A- z- YS 'I 11 I. I-f2I7.irf,,j,IIIf-figigg I- 4-1 il -IIIIWI. -I arty, an r 1 4 A II. ,E . J. -'nxru'-:AI ,'gvrfm,Y..I3E:'L .Aa 3 I,,.,. yv,-gfwl I Q 1 ' i , III .I ' 1" " I .III:.,5'jLi7 Q 'l I W I F I I ' H' III II ,jf-'il' It H I I I :I tub'-l MI .. wi Q- ' gs? Ia- X W f I I I - .ef-I L pU'.-i,,ug.,- If-III ' If I II,I,ieJl I I.. P- ' 1 yy.-I. if "' -' ul- K ,I .J 4 in IFN! W! I at f gif' , If-37, Th "I ' 2 9-Il' Q X14-Qfofnir I I N' l '-I ' I . A Q l YIM' I If ' 'C -II- v 3, , I I . -T, f. T . " f. .1 :.I f' '- ' r I - I 74. i W' 4 I II. . .J 'bgg.'i,Ij:'IE-II 'V,ugQ35'4,i .Vt I I ' ' Y V 4 fl .UPF 'l'Liz!'f4Q1' I ff 'I 4 .1 W TF 'I-, .I . .. I E' 11 5, . Ii, ,HIV I,- I -IUIIIYT ' 'x:I"J 4 I, H I In I ,-J L -HAI ,mi II, . e Q il I , V5 2:31 If- ' 31 ' 'Jak-, h:'!",fw,'g ,ACPI 1 xfx' 4' 1 I I' .if . ' 11 1'.1'.'f:I?f?..HiIr .Al N 1 2 It .G+ I?": A , T.:,,I!4f'. !- l i - Q,-IIII 'I II- I I Iv I ', ,.wA X X ,IJ , ' ", if . 111 15,1 4. I-Dfw! '2 J ' - L- '2 -Q:"'2.I,E F1 VE-,j,EII'?IQI. If i ' f' A V 4 V V411 ,IK Af -Ya -it 442. WI? -CQ? f' NIT'-' II' fflfr' 'Still "' 9 A v. .. 514,112 I-:I I I I f 'E+ X? IQ iw" WI-v.' 1' 'I' yrg.-HI,-.III-I5I71I,"f . J b I., . 4 Q 4 ' I, RT--'I"lI1vf A4 " I+" 'vi' ' uh " Y' ,, I , ip '-. 'Y' I , 3. ,. WI-v Il Q r I If '19 IQ A' liar..-,Q-g7..l'Il .L-421151 '- I -"I ,I - I I .. f, I... I..I.,, . .I Iv 'I -i 5.,hw..,! ,H 'T V , -, - s- VIIIv.,,,I-, wg- . . -n I- sii fl. III g .. I- I fri' 'fr I 'JE-'Kap' I I ' +2-IS " I i'4 I' W: . . fp. J D ' T IIQN- xi-1.3.1 I1 NI 'I' NI 1 gp ,I ff' " I 47.712354 5 ' 5 ', If, fa - -M 1 . w --' :Ji-IF! -1x' 'A QI 'JPFIIQ-gg, -4 g g NTT N l.olty, towering, rising upward endlessly toll ing, elrrming, singing, marlong time steps ol time r symbolizing tlwe luture, tlwe lwopes ol a people, tlwe ideals ol 27,000 r clwattering young men and W education out ol tlwe mountains ol laets and Figures imprisoned in tlwe walls ol tlieir texts. l perimenters in lil l and arguing yyitlsi You lull time lwalls ol tlie Uniyer sclwool you call your Alma Mater. N nor lamous, nor riclw nor liallowed yyitln tradia trans. Itlw uslwing, running, scampering, omen digging an lwrs we reyieyy for you you, tlne 0,000 ex- e, istening, dozing, agreeing your more experienced elders. sity olloledo,tl1e eitlwer larsl as put one small, great timing 'your love if ,4 f Q Oakley Rogers Weston Gardner Beatrice Borman Lloyd Goon . Firth DuFfey r . Editor Business Manager Assistant Editor Photographer . Secretary BLQCKHCDLJS umlvmaslw or ToLEDo Torwo, oHlo Ciasses Coliegea DOi'VUIfOi'IQS Editors Pxnnormrerrre Pashron Frraterrrutres Govermrrg Bodrei HlDmrDi"ii,lQ'- Inde- ln Memoriam Library A Gr-gemzatrons Qutstandmg Nxfomerw Pledges pubiucnatuorrs Ped Cross Reingrous Coumiri . 8emor5 Sororutree Sports University Life University Theatre Voulll Never Forget V: K 64 140 88 8o 44 Ho 182 Wo8 Toi 97 81 Too 88 78 78 T4 54 T48 Q0 138 o E - 43 - 60 T41 4 87 53 1:17 -135 -175 8 IAP -105 181 -85 Wo7 80 77 79 37 off Toi 96 4139 -13 GY ,xjgg .Q ExxX'YxcuXx Nj Q Xoawga t . 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"..1""f': I -Q EA C E F U L LAY Cir Hung gr aiefuwv aclfadausucai Fe Ter 1Aw.4N!iZ Creei F1:ww5QuletiYum bad D? l,lm.zr5ww Ha! m contrast ta urs turbufewt surncwdwngvs m a comfuazd are Mmed worfd .vii 'Ni If !DXppNiL1EefJr'W-e l2ocgLetsJ where swiemee I5 Conf spmcu-we .amd bonsterous mouse welcome, .J ,ox .f I Circlmg the Chrmstmas Semi We chorus deiughts H5 Uslemers Together Ney ereafe melodmue musmc fvxC"CZ'EDO1lSfk'16 umty Ve Mfgrery, wlwere anlemee ni YCZQUNIZC eefoperetlorw "LiU:1ffiwrf Here S the mam mf' We Mile yeilcww tmcket, ffm znrneif Mr' dmsturbr f BML, JM Y -1' iQ . 1 T f- '4T0l1T'PFmR' Ry.vHlLE'THf Hgalb THE'-5 ,slugs poi-'TPYDU CQfAEQ'. .vis-brvmo Nw ,JELLV I1 W S. 1 A .FLY. ,l runes-125545-rff'f.'fe 4:mec0mm5 r Lgmedi CFI Sim, w ,ru mr1QHOf3t, Vu. and WMS T U fNMmm, 'i 'Fefe Mr and Mr? Chades Cum? dememg at the 5-lomeccmf ' mn? Dance at We Toiefjo XYECYWI ' 'X CME. -say 'shy Blue Streal perscmfaed if e 1 Sigma Beta PM vie Cjpmred 3 hom f H the Lambdei fm ' 'wr the tr V VS wut rst piece After the parade came Pre md new ,I-my ddltlomd bon' B my gm? Swim TCD TI-lE QUEEN . .. mi 1 Reigning over all vvornen oi the University is Suzanne Schroeder, the Queen ol May, only and loftiest queen oi the University. Eirst independent to obtain this honor, Queen Suzanne typilies University women. She pleases all with her freshness, vitality, poise and charm. in her is a regal quality, the ability to meet all with lriendliness and interest. With her position, Sue was given the presidency of the Womenls Association. She is aided by vice-president Nlariellen Miller. X no quecwss 002 Oxd and We me N SK NAM wwmnq, Qzxczmomes be H A New comm .ak XY-Q cm IW x , Now We smdem Body xo We -sk-adxum - 'qw X - .. ' ', ,A J, ""' TJXXCXXQLXUXWQX Nvghk S, Ummm was We mokd ' It . Q-, A 1 9- ' 1 W 'gb ' ' ' fig, Xp ' Km Wwe WNW Day. Xlugxnxa XOUQWY as 3. , fs? " V if? Qokkom and Mme x,'Of.XG'f Vuci gaqz S11 - x ' F XO 4 Y , 5. "M 'tb-. Ls ,i swpzx , Q XaxaU.Qxx1aU'Dv.e, ki .K K-Ls 'h . I4 wr " r. 0 V Y " ' , -B ' lx J: ' , X ' , Y A ww ' . 3 4 is , , . ,, F , ' X ' -' x x X 1 xx Y . X Q A , H' N Llmzcw Buixamwe Xf1Q5W'2 to YU KWOUQ 'NNY X' H ,N Qgw , , QQ X X0-U3 s mkx, jam Bum, Behmd lame Qi .ifw Q Yxfxavxzxko YNfWX2v 5 dow oppomzm m We Q rece Yom We Qvowm ??wxm W X - 'N Q v Q9 A xv x . .. X M04 . 'WC was ,, 4.5 . ., W . . -wt, f :M J ,- , ' 'MN M , --'-'-' -'E-N u VS' 5 3:-.4-ggi st - -'N N,.X.-:fe--.K-, 1 L A-A Jw' O YQULL NEVER FCDIQGET.. . . . the grassy hull Qsome call it Wolf I-lillb on a spring day, underneath the languorous, majestic ooolar trees, basking in the sun, a hook in your hands, but a thousand idle throughts in your head. , . Freshman Week, several hundred strange individuals lrlling University l-lall, your University l-lall. You sort ol resent them hut alter a vvhile they too loeeome a part ol your lite, -.r ff --1, , ,, , , 4 Q 5 ffffwfn G ff f 31 af 'vw' A liffflg' 'ii1'TiT"1.fi12f ' ' L, 1 - Sf ' ' " ' Fx r tx J +iP1'.ff-J of xii? Xxx' 94 -, ug,-,.-,A L ,f" V . Q0 r 7 'K f. Lftis 'xfhf AQQQ1 r'rxn1-311.-Mmxnis Y X ,x. Nx Amd heres ttamttle Qlemoms, T Us wtm: DU tHe li-eslcetbetl Hoot, wnttw tvs ever' present gram I-fe and twus date are emetymg ttwe Homecommg Dance , A Students who mugrtated tor :He gtoommgtom lrlduame tocwtbatl game Cameed to Ecyd Reelitutrfs tmuswc Xxftwat -twoutd Cotlege tate be vvuttwout We band, amd what would ta Hind te ttmiwut N5 brass sectum 'Q is - P .1 TMC .29 "'-E" yn- presldemt Nest' dlqmted tm appear CNC e, yet easy to tatlt to, chats wuttt 1 stucemt as ttey ccmef:etotL,mters1tf t-fe U5 'S-. K 1 - .- pi'-ni -g-Q... 'V' r 113' an 1 in rn ts? rnaan tna Paatball boys are prepanng lor a bug game l-l1etralnlngtaple,plaCe l, n't.fr31f : qi fx ri,-fcnrp Esqurre on lms lfnees, Rlta l-layyyortn rnlm5l13ndfyyell,On paper, anylwovyl, a tele- ,J rw' 'z 4: var 1 ,rr-'we rr mg rmatn saddle slwea on nrs feet anc lwrs pants rolled up, l-larry Slwertunger as a picture J 'rf llil i,rU1'5e' rn Jr rr mi gayer moments Dean Easley conversing at a tea Women associate tl'1e dean yyitln social V 'runs ' if Dnlz bviugf y iff' gnarge sl tnem but because slwels noted lor tlme spontaneity slwe brings to a party . , r ff.l1l'iZf p nn? :nip nanagwf fri fu-Jrler lvelmnzl sclwool actlyutles I-les prplaably lwacl a lnnger in every Universuty f fa f al .1 ljalej at l'rvan!3rq2tt1LJle eleiironi llwe t1rne wnen Utlwrs rnan can't be beaten," but frequently is, 1 I , E , - A M Y X, -Rx . ..snr , asf' -i.. 5 X, 6 , Us N -agv ' wb t ,-on ,. Q t ..,,.. , -3 I .imp er ' -rf.: 5. " -I X 1 g . . :i:'g.w,, gps-'XA lx 'f ' "' n ' " ,Q r' N- , w - ge? 2' t. wa,- gW,,fts . sl Q t ' ' K I -gfilify Lf? r ss.-.D .f..3,.,3.-Q7ig-'5jt:fg1:sv3g' 5 N5 - gif'-Q-5 -J of U3 "' . X., . 1, W vw 3 rr-st. -4 ' l V , .M - gu..,.-Nts.,-5-' - - I uv , -.'..w.'f-"A . .: tm sglflxifskg. :Q g . Xggff-"1 I: ' 'bXI'Y.i'ifs5' .s"r1"'7' fr, 'fm 1-Vis-...' . ,M ' ., f -s 1.-154+-i Q,.,,,5 . 2 A Srssww A ,.AW,. t ,M X 11. A uf' , , , - 15,5555 5 1 3. - 'isfssf t x i y -ff' - - 34 " 'Y Y .'V...- 'ff I Alf by A , .-.1---. -P ' ,Sun ,gg .-1, X".-gl ,-A, 45.1. - , nf, -.Ayr ,Qi -', -jvi, 41 r-,' 1 ,, - -- ,- ' '-ff ' ' ' '34,s'j1-AL? L- :ff - f fx 'wa ' . , J. my ' fy ,, A V 'F B AA'-,rl ' I. AQA1?Y'l,r: Y. ' -' ' , I X4' ., 'L ' .' , , Ng. , . ,wa :Wx my ,xv-dxn Pi K JVM! "' 'L lv 4'X"rt A7 ' 1 ,.,,1 ' ,T 'C 'kb-1-k,,f'T f i fi - -an ff IGH Schoot Day' Freshmen to bs . 3-rmpressuonable, to the delrght of the stuoents, fx perfect tlmsi to cut etasses for legltrmate fun , . ,The band marches durlng halves rn the stadium and Unryerslty hutldungs tower rn the background This I5 d rare picture, and tdltes In most ot the Campus the dormitories and Fretd t'tousC being Covered by the woods Watch It or you'tl tumbte rn' The pond was httect wnth hlles and urns durrng the summer months by Dr Bowman lr had Fnsh, too, Dr. Solberg contributed those . Ah yes, the Unron. A phase tor study and F6IdXdtICtVt,yVlfhCmD+1dSIS on the hitter . . . Time out for a cole and crgarette, and maybe e Candy bar at the Book Store. 13 Q- i? fi H 'i '1 Yo' ' 4 ef? A. if ,553 1 . ,gr .Q fr 'f 3' 3, A I N-' Tuff A 'QS' BAQTUS OUIIIN RICHARD CCRDELI. VIRGINIA AMES HARRY MIKESELL przsvdent vice-presndent secretary treasurer ALEXANDER, JEAN Bachelor of Education-Tau Delta Sigma, Elementary Education Association, Y W C. A , sophomore class secretary AMES, VIRGINIA Bachelor of Education-Alpha Tau Sigma vice-presidentfine Arts Club,Erencl1Club, Secondary Education Eorum, V. W. C A , May Day committee, senior class Secretary ANDERSON, JUNE Bachelor of Education-Kappa Ri Epsilon, Elementary Education Association, NW A A , League ol Women Voters, lower View Club president, Sophomore prom iijvfri- mitte, Ped Cross Central committee ANDERSGN, RQSEMARV Bachelor ol Business Administration-I ao- oa Pi Epsilon, Dusiness Administration Club, IWW A, A, Ellen l'l Richards Club Arling- ton I-lall Junior College ess' .ar VT 'far 3 I I :ffl . A AIIDPZEJCZLII , PICHAPD , X " ,,,,A ' ' 1 ' V xxx . Bachelor ofa Business Administration-In v depcridgrit lftlL.Itdif'I'li Association lolniwrsity j Dolisli Club oreisiderut gtudfnt V aiirr , A Q -U' is I 'Vi ANNEN, DONALD E Bachelor of Engineering-fiigrra beta Rtii Sigma Rho -lau, ASH, BEIIV ol Bachelor ol EducationfAlplia Iau giqnia, Ellen l-I Richards Club Secondary Edit tion Eoruni EAIRER, EDWARD C Bachelor ol Engineering-Alpha Kappa Pi, Delta x, Elying Club BAUIVI, ARTI-IUR Bachelor of Business Administration-Busn ness Administration Club, Society for Ads vancement ol Management, Riile Club, Ely- ing Club. BAVGELL, MILTGN Bachelor ol Science-Kappa Iota Chi, Pharmaceutical Society, Qrchestra, Mac- Kinnon Club, Chorus, Campus Collegian, S ' . s .sg I 1 ,L ivy IN. .typ -G' XV'" "-" ,i . . x'3' f 3. 9, fs' il fx " BEAT, MARGARET JEAN Bachelor oi Arts in Education-Kappa Pi Epsilon president, Pi Gamma Mu vice- president, l-lonor Society, Campus Colleg- ian assistant society editor, l.atin Club, baccalaureate committee chairman, Red Cross central committee, iaculty sclwolarslwip committee. BERGER DORQTT-W Bachelor oi Education-independent Stud- ent Association, Ellen l-l, Richards Club, YW C A,W.A A BIGBEE WAYNE l-l Bachelor of Business Administration-Alpli 5 Rlii Qmega BLEPSSEY ROBERT C Bachelor of Business Administration-chi Beta Cn: Business Administration Club, lunior ring committee, Campus Collegian adwrtising manager F BGGLTSZ, WALTER Bachelor of Engineering BQLES, ROBERT GLEN Bachelor of Science in Education-india pendent Student Association, Cliorus, Chemical Society, Riile Club, Band, German Cl4JlD lVldClNlI'll'1OV'i Club BOLLENBACI-TER, QTTCD F Bachelor of Business Administration-Stud ent V president, lndependent Student Asso- ciation, University Bovvling Council BCHVER3 Cl-IARLEQ Bachelor of Business Administration-Sim ma Beta Rlwi vice-president Student Cour- eil snplwomore representative, Business Ai- ministration Club Student V BQVK, HARRY Bachelor of Business Administration-Lam bda Chi. BRACT-lT, MILTCJN GEQRGE Bachelor of Engineering-Delta X president, BRIGHTON, ARTHUR J. Bachelor of Education-Freshman Football Varsuty Football BR BER RWBERT F Bachelor of Business Administration-RE, apps Cl' Band, Chapel Clwour duraztor BROTJE RQBERT JOHN JR Bachelor of Business Adminlstratlon pmcjent Student Assrilrzwarrlon U 1 W BETTY JANE Bachelor of Education-Tau Daitj 3 F r IJ ation fN5SoCljtT0m BRCWN ROSALTE Bachelor of Education-Ram lf P r Lcaguq of lXll1vw.3nX'3,rrrg D A Inter-Sororufv Cin AN lfgmin Bloljlrwms' BUCI-TENMEYER WILETAX Bachelor of Business AdmiI1IStfdflOf1 B RNETT Tv N ac elor of Science-lndcpenclem Sw 3 and, T' Llulg K. pl FII Sl'QT'TTlj N. TCE-Dfvfbl CARR, BERNARD E Bachelor ol Engineering-lm dent faxssomatuon, Clwmmal Rho Tau Della -' Barn CEAJJJ RJKJER J Bachelor ofEngineering-Umvarsxty Tlmzamz '57 X -1" F 'Q' Hhs 'Nbr' I 'A 'Q -, : . af was s 9 T' x r,-6 ,4 -9 'T' 4 Q. ,L RJ! x A t ,f 'uw ' 4 COLE, GEORGE W. Bachelor of Arts in Education-Alpha Phi Qmega, Chorus president, Chapel Choir, UniversityTheatre, Secondary Education Eorum, Erench Club, Latin Club, International Relations Club, sophomore class treasurer, commencement committee, Arx. COLE, JOHN R. Bachelor of Arts in Education-Alpha Rhi Qmega, Ri Gamma Mu president, Chorus, Secondary Educa- tion Eorum treasurer, Erench Club, Latin Club, lnternational Relations Club, l-lonor Court chief gustice, baccalaureate committee, Arx. CONNORS, GERALD lvl Bachelor of Arts-Ri Gamma lVlu, Eine Arts Club, BusinessAdministration Club, Student Y president, Rolymathic Club, German Club, lnternational Relations Club, Llni- versity Theatre COOPER, DORIS BETTY Bachelor ol Education-Independent Stu- dentAssociation,XXf A A Chorus, League ol Women Voters, Elementary Education Association. CORDELL RTO-TARD E Bachelor of Business Administration-Chi Beta Chi president, Band, Business Admin- istration Club, Student V, senior class vice president senior class dance committee. DARPA, MARY Bachelor of Education-Alpha Tau Sigma Chorus, Spanish Club, Llniversity Theatre, Campus Collegian DENNEN, FRANK Bachelor of Science-Alpha Kappa Pi vice president, Qrchestra, Erench Club vice president, Chemical Society, Bloclchouse. DENSMORE, WARREN Bachelor of Education. DEVRIES, WILLIAM Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. DIENST, JANE Bachelor of Science-Independent Student Association, Reppers, Sigma Alpha Omega, Erench Club president, Ellen l-l. Richards Club corresponding secretary, W. A. A. reporter, University Chemical Society, Y. XXX. C, A,, Student Council secretary, Women's Association, Red Cross central committee, student-laculty discipline corn- mittee DQMALSKI, l-lYAClNTl-l A Bachelor of Arts-Spanish Club, Newman Club ELTGN, LEOLA Bachelor ol Education-Kappa Dr Epsilon Elementary Education Association president ENGLER DONALD Bachelor of Engineering-Phi lappa Cllr Delta x, l3lan-l-lellenlr: Council, senior prove A cnalrrnlan rnernjlrlgl rg jrrnrnltfe-3 ELVJELL, JAMES Bachelor of Engineering. EVEPETT HAPPY 2: ' Hoff '-.2 ,Html v-of . .7 X e. Bachelor of Arts-Chr Beta lilill Ser. 1. N N A A Club Banc Caffpus Cjlllcqlan iflk?VLl'Sll ' I A r rnlana'3er l-lclnor Liturt . at in EVWEP, MAPCIA Ng.:-4' .Q Bachelor of Arts in Education-lnljapenz- ent Student Association, pu Gamma lwu treasurer, Svrierncrary Education Forun Frenelw Club president, Latin Club serif retaryatrerasurer Spanish Clul3 Epliriilpaf Stuaent Grilup FAPVELLW ,lANE Bachelor of Arts in EclucationAl3r Delta Qlwl president peppers Fine Arts Club Eli lelarnnwa Mu Campus Collegian, Spanien Club, Ped Cross li l te re fe . H Puilnanie Club W" A A Lln Theatre FEQDlG, RUSSELL Bachelor of Engineering-Sigva Prg lau Eleitrlcal Engineering Club FEl?GLlSQN l-lf1'tQ1Q',APD VIlXlCEll Bachelor ol Science. FERNOLEND, HELEN lvl Bachelor of Education-Chorus Secondary Eclaeation Forum, Lutheran Student Asso- catlon, University llweatre, League ell Women Voters, lVi'VSll'f '45 iq' ,J "- 5 Wh Si FINKELSTEIN, I-IARRY Bachelor of Science-University of Toledo Pharmaceutical Society, University Chemical Society, FITZGERALD, PATRICIA Bachelor ol Education-Elementary Edu- cation Association, Mary Manse. FLATI-I, VICTGR I-I. Bachelor ol Education-Sigma Beta Phi, Secondary Education Eorum, Student Y. FLAVELL, GLADYS Bachelor of Education-Kappa Ri Epsilon, Elementary Education Association, League ol Women Voters, W, A. A., senior prom committee, EREV, I-IARLEV I-I. Bachelor of Science-Pi Gamma Mu, Chorus, Band, Chemical Society, Student V, GARDNER, WESTGN Bachelor of Business Aclministration-Sig- ma Beta Phi, Student Council menls repre- sentative, Campus Collegian, Business Ad- ministration Clulb president, Bloclchouse business manager, International Ll2elations Club. GEITGY, DONALD Bachelor of Education. GEITGV, DORIS Bachelor of Arts in Education-Chorus, Eiand, Latin Club, Secondary Education Eorum, University lheatre, W. A. A, lnf dependent Student Association. GIRKINS, VIRGINIA Bachelor of Education-Phi Theta psi presi- dent, peppers treasurer, Alpha phi Gamma secretary, Elementary Education Associa- tion, Campus Collegian society editor, Bloclchouse, Red Cross secretary-treasurer, iunior prom committee, commencement com- mittee chairman, GQQDWIN, RALIDI-I CLEVELAND Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering-Pi gflu Epsilon, l-lonor Society, Sigma Rho Tau, elta x. GQRDQN, ELIZABETH Bachelor of Nursing. GORS, RUTI-I Bachelor of Arts-Alpha Iau Sigma presu- dent, University Theatre, French Club, W, A, A , Y W C. A A, Campus Collegian, Inter-Sorority Council president, GREEINIBERQ NATHAN Bachelor of Laws. I-IADDAD, EUGENE Bachelor of Business Administration-Chow al Society, Independent Student Associaf tion, Student V, Bloclfhouse Student Forum I-IAGLIE l3Q"ILE?LlR Bachelor of Science. I-IALL, MARY LOUISE Bachelor ol Education. EIANITS, LCILIIS Bachelor of Arts-Cllympus Cub, fm a El I phi C I I-IANLINE, MANNING Bachelor of Business Administration-Cnr Beta Chr treasurer, Business Administra- tion Club, Campus Collegian I-IARRISQN, MERRILL Bachelor of Arts-Iaooa Iota Cnr Campus Collegian editor, Aloha RIM Gamma prqgr, cent, Arx Bloclfhouse associate eovfr I-IATINER, SIVIA Bachelor of Education-Sigma pl Delta wee president, Rr Gamma Aflu secretary A If I X NN A I , x x , r ,. .5 as -emu.--fl in . ,- :SX 'QQ -Q ,ti YQ. .' -f Fvf f I zlrfzk,-HAY-.15 wr' ' ' s 2- A N f . fqix-:ip X , YN: . Q NX, -Y Ni- - Sk v-aug" 'Nm --we . 'Ysiif-V 52. f . f 'N 'di' M QR' , '3 l K . 5 'lug 9 Q. 'S fm x -,pf H-17" E -ng? -oi - .mv 5-g.:::::- . . . ...... ...M ...- - .,.A""' rfb. -5--:-,.-:gg-.aqua-'-l-,ri-5--4. '.-zz ' If5fi!?:"::::::.:f.1'-i:'Q',-:?:fi5E- iff:5-.'r2ffE::rEifv:T-:-f--I ' ma- .. .W ,.-. . 1, nlrygsr 1 ,gay ji aa -! ,ann - .,.. -,:, f'....-.,....5..-3 ,... I ' v ',...- I .--- .- -1- I , . , ,q 5.4, ' ,,,...:.....-z..u.,.-,..-,.. - HElN, LORENE HELEN Bachelor ol Philosophy. HERMAN, ROBERT Bachelor ol Science-Kappa Rhi Sigma. HOFFMAN, JACK L. Bachelor of Science-Kappa lota Chi Chemical Society, pharmaceutical Society pdf! l'lQllQl'llC COUDCll. HOLMES, ROBERT HENRY Bachelor ol Philosophy-Choral Society, University Theatre, Macliinnon Club, Ger- man Club, lndependent Student Associa- tion, Rifle Club, Student Forum HOUSE, WALTER Bachelor ol Business Administration HOVEV, IRENE Bachelor ol Education-Alpha lau Sigma, Campus Collegian, Debating Association, Elementary Education Association, lnter- national Relations Club, lower View Club, Pi Kappa Delta KALE, SELMA Bachelor ol Philosophy. FAME, HELEN J, Bachelor of Arts in Education-Latin Club treasurer, French Club, Ellen l-l Richards Club, V W. C A, W A A, Band, Secondary Education Forum KEMR, ELSIE JANE Bachelor of Science-Ellen H Rrhards Club, lndependent Student Association KINDELL, RAY Bachelor ol Science in Pharmacy-Alpha Phi Omega, Erench Club, University phar- maceutical Society, KlNG, LAURIN T, Bachelor of Business Administration-Chl Rho Nu president, Buslness Aclrmnustratlorw Club KINKEIQ, JEAN lvl, Bachelor of Arts-pl Delta Chl, Studeft Council jumor womens representatuw Peppers, May Day, Choral Socnety, Eram: Club secretary, Business fACllTWllTlSlViTlQ, Club treasurer XX" A A Isl.llXllsSIClt, ELEANQ? Bachelor ol Eclucalion-A ora lau 'glgfwa olgma Alpha ljmega Ellen l-l Plrjhards Clubwzz-Dr.3sl':'3Pf W lf. C A V. PX A was-prwisloarlt KNECHT, HENQV Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering-EH' ft' - lslNlEflPlCl CAP- Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. liQWAl.Slsl Cl-lE3lEl? Bachelor of Engineering-Slgrra Par lj, IKPIECJHC EF XX'lELlFxM EL EVE' Bachelor of Science in Fharmac Pxlol' Xi? i Al 'af , -5 Qi A , A Y " , Pm C-'mega pharrrlacautuial '33-iletv Crw- " A ical Socuety, Chorus Ellnrarlam Dara l-lvllwrl C ,aiu 3 Q l, Council s-Zcretary-trriasurir ' ' lfWAPlCl-l EUGENE E Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy-Alpke phi Qmega Dharrrraceutnfzal Sacuetv Cher' mal Somew LEATHEPMAN Jffxlwffi E Bachelor of Science-Cmsfrual bncufw LEE, AIJCE B Bachelor of Education--pu Delta Chu, Elea mentary Eoucatlorw Association, rung com- mittee, commencement Committee. 112' .28 ' 1 3? n , 1 K' V. LEROLD, FERN Bachelor of Education-Sigma Ri Delta president, W. A. A. secretary, Elementary Education Association secretary, lnter-Sor- ority Council secretary, V. W. C. A., Red Cross Central Committee. LESLIE, MARGI-IERITA Bachelor ol Science-phi Theta Psi vice- president, Campus Collegian, Polymathic Society secretary, Cierman Club secretary, Sigma Mu Tau vice-president. LEYDQRF, GLENN E. Bachelor of Engineering-Sigma Pho Iau president, Electrical Engineering Society president, Delta x, Radio Club. LQRDS, E EVERETT Bachelor olMechanical Engineering-Band. IVIARENBERG, LEWIS Bachelor of Engineering-Chemical Society, SigmalQl1o lau, Delta X. IVIARTIN, ELEANOR Bachelor of Philosophy-Psi Chi phi, League ol Women Voters, V, W. C, A,, ring committee chairman, MQEWEN, RICHARD W. Bachelor of Business Administration-Sigma Beta Phi, Business Administration Club vice- president, Band, publicity committee. IVIELEAN, IRENE A Bachelor of Business Administration-Kappa pi Epsilon, Business Administration Club, League ol Women Voters, Society lor Ad- vancement ol Management, IVIELUCKIE, VIRGINIA Bachelor of Education-Ellen I-l. Richards Club, Secondary Education Eorum, Lutlieran Student Association, NICNAIR, DONNA Bachelor ol Education-Eiementary Educa- tion Association. MEISTER, COPINNE E MEERKREBJ SAM Bachelor of Education in Civil Engineering Ka a lota Chu resndent, Stqrna Qho T' on D V , Q r Delta x, pan l-lellenlc Counetl announce- ment commlttee Chatrman , -:za -s -T? -1--Q Bachelor of Business Administration-lndo pendent Student Assoclatlon, Business Ad- mlnlstratlon Club MELL DQPCDTHY ANN Bachelor of Education-Ds: Cm Ent areas A urer,Lln1verslty Theatre Bustncss -orrrr tratlon Club, Chapel Cholr 'Xt' A ,LX League ol Wonten Voters MERRlTTr CLARENCE E Bachelor of Engineering. MICINSN, EUGENE Bachelor of Engineering!Eelrsn E Delta - Student Y Sugnta PM as true Engtneertng Somew MlElkICll. STANLEY J Bachelor of Engineering-'Delta - Chr' real Soclety Nlltfx BESSIE l? Bachelor of Science-lncemino fAxssoC1atton,Slgma Alpha Clmcga Et U, Qtehards Clulzt secrritarv V X , L MIKESELL HAPPY W Bachelor of Business Administration-Cnr Rho Nu president, Newman Club prest- dent, Busrness Adrntnnstratron Club Dan hlellenle Councul, Soctety lor Pxovanerif ment ol Nlanagerncnt secretary-treasurer Sentor Class treasurer rVtlLLEl? DARRELL M3 Bachelor of Science. MILLER HAPPIET Bachelor oi Philosophy-Alpha lau Stgna secretary, Ellen l-l, Pnchards Club, Choral Society 'T' -qw, s--L, -v ff? -., ""l'.3" -du fi 'Dm V wx 4 MILLER, LILLIAN DCDROTHY Bachelor of Science-Sigma Alpha Qmega secretary-treasurer,LeagueofWomenVoters, Eine Arts Club, Qrchestra librarian, Ellen l-l. Richards Club. MlLLER, MARY ELLEN Bachelor of Science-Phi Theta Rsi, Choral Society, lnter- Sorority Council, Ellen l'-'l Richards Club, Blocl4house Campus Collegian exchange editor, League of Women Voters, W. A, A,, Womens Association vice-president, Y.W, C A , City Manager League, iunior class secretary, freshman publicity committee, sophomore dance committee, senior banouet committee, Student Aid Committee. MILNE, MARY ANNE Bachelor of Philosophy-Alpha Tau Sigma president, Ellen l-l Richards Club, W A.A MCNRQ, CCLIN ROBERT Bachelor of Education-University lheatre, Electrical Engineering Society, Radio Club, American lnstitute ol Electrical Engineers, MORRIS, l-lLlLDA V Bachelor of Education-Ellen l-l, Richards Club,lowerMiewClub,WA,A,,Second- ary Education Eorum Z 3 V as K EZ '?' . I , . f Moutopouus, rw-xncys I f i ff' -.. ":f tx B h l f Ed t' -Z t G Rh, 1 SgEoEidJa,ryoEducE:EiEwrloErbrumEl:Clne Amlllsdclub f lf? 4 f V V E Q . xii I il H 'ai 6 6 MURPHY, ROLAND Bachelor of Science-Kappa Rh: Sigma secretary, Track MLJMMERT, JAMES ALLEN Bachelor of Science in Engineering. NAGEL, MARY ANN Bachelor of Education-Independent Stud- ent Association, Y, W. C. A., Newman Club, Secondary Education Eorum secre- tary, W. A A. secretary. NESS, HOWARD L, Bachelor of Business Administration-Chi Beta Chi, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Rhi Gamma, Debating Association, Campus Collegian business manager, sophomore dance com- mittee, senior banquet chairman, Arx. NORTON, Cl-IARLGTTE J. Bachelor of Education-Alpha Iau Sigma, Elementary Education Association. GBRIEN, DONALD P. Bachelor of Business Administration. OCONNCDR, JUAN Bachelor of Arts in Education-Indcpmf dent Student Association, Iota Sigma Alpha, Choral Society, Bloclahouse, Campus Col- legian, Debating Association University Theatre Ellen lol Richards Club INIewman Club vicerpresident, Flying Club secretary, V. W C A, Religious Council secretary IDAIQICE I-IARPV Bachelor of Business Administration-Sigma Beta phi, Business Administration Club, Blocl-house, Student V sophomore class treasurer,Ireslwrnanalterrioondanccclwairrwan IDP-till-IEV, IQVCE Bachelor olscience-I apps pi Eps.lgrL.ic- president, Ellen I-I Picliards Club Lltcriie y vf A ical Society, Ca-rripus Collegian, , X' L A treasurer oigma Mu lau prcsiotinf League ol Xkrpnien Voters Wi A A sophomore dance committee, iunicrr dantw committee senior banouct CO'Tif'ilflIi Pi fi Cross Central Committig PEAIQSQN, JACIX. Bachelor of Business Administration-Sc' :iety lor Adyanigifmcnt ol Wlanagrmig-rit retary PEIPLMLIITEP iXlOl?M!-XN LQLIIS Bachelor of Business Administration-Lamb da Chi, pan I-Iellenic Council Llfbatinc Association, senior prom ccrmmitteii PFUND, IVIAIQII-IA Bachelor of Education. PICKETT, WILLIAM S Bachelor of Business Administration-Sigma Beta phi president, Business Administra- tion Club, Society lor Advancement ol Management, Student Council representa- tive-atslarge, I-Ionor Court justice PiNi4Ei2roisi, EusE Bachelor of Philosophy-Chorus, Ialniyers sity Theatre. I v- . 5-I its' Na to Wt I-it --,ask --ei' N-IP -wa- ...rf I Near" Q.,g3 Ev' any l. '-r 'mx x-5 ...ijt -Q,-1 65 -sh, , if, -,f:-N, i. 'N I Y q-1 ,ff : S .a:..Lg.L1.L- ra .ffrifrf , PREECE, MARY Bachelor of Education-Pi Delta Chi, Ele- mentary Education Association, junior social committee, senior ring committee. CJUIGLEY, JEANNE Bachelor of Education-Kappa pi Epsilon League ol Women Voters, Elementary Edu cation Association, May Day publicity com mittee QUINN, BARTUS BachelorofBusiness Administration-Alpha Phi Cmega, senior class president, Varsity Elasl4etball co-captain Nlaclfinnon Club, RABINQWITZ ISADQRE Bachelor of Business Administration-Lamb da Chi RADECKI, HENRY M BachelorolBusinessAdministration-Alpha Phi Qmega, Pi Gamma Mu, Business Ad- ministration Club, Society lor Advancement ol Management. RAGGQN FRANK JR Bachelor of Science-phi Kappa Chi presi- dent Chemical Society, RAHILLY, FLGRENCE Bachelor of Education-Phi Theta Ps Ele mentary Education Association vic pres: dent RADDAPORT EVELYN Bachelor of Education-Sigma Pi Delta, Elementary Education Association, Qrches- tra president, Eine Arts Club. RATl-l, ALICE C Bachelor ol Arts in Education-phi Theta psi treasurer, Ellen l-l. Richards Club, Sigma Alpha Qrnega, Secondary Education Eorum, Choral Society, University Theatre. REPR, BETTY JANE Bachelor of Education-W. A. A ,Lutheran Student Association. RIDENOUR, EVELYN Bachelor of Science-Tau Delta Sigma, Sigma Mu Tau, V. W. Q A., Chemical Society. RIEGER KENNETH E. Bachelor of Philosophy-Chi Rho Nu, Alpha Phi Gamma balill, Campus Collegian sports editor. ROHRBACI-lER, VERNCDN EUGENE Bachelor of Philosophy-Chi Rho Nu treasurer, pan Hellenic Council president Debating Association, Pi Kappa Delta Pi Gamma Nlu, Arx, ring Committee Chairman activities committee. memorial committee Law Council PQPEP, CLIEEQPD M, JR Bachelor of Arts. ROSENBERG, SAM Bachelor ofBusinessAdministration-Lamb Cla Chi president IQAWLEY, PQBERT W Bachelor of Arts-phi Kappa Chi RUBADEALIX, BETTV Bachelor of Education-Zeta Gamma Phi lnter-Sorority Council, Ellen l-l Pieharo Club, Choral Society, W A A , Women' Association reporter SCHAIBERGER, MARY ELLEN Bachelor of Arts-pi Delta Chi, W A A Ellen l-l. Richards Club, League ol Women Voters SCl-VXRFY, Vll2GlNlA Bachelor of Arts in Education. SQ-llVllDl, EDWARD Bachelor of Business Administration. r rx' 'X ,pa .52 . imi ' -err? . ff. nf xD v-.ev . 1 .t X! ...f 'F .. i. I3 rs. 415 ,Ui-55523 af' Q 'D kg, -..S -iffk ........-.U -1 .gi than 5 .. E- Bachelor of Education-Elementary Educa- f. tion Association. SS ff ' wer as Try I SCHOENROCK, KENNETH FREDERICK Bachelor of Education-lndependent Stu- :ent Association, Kappa Phi Sigma, Chem- .cal Society, German Club, Student V. SCHWANGER, RQV Bachelor ol Science-Alpha Phi Qmega. SCT-lROEDER, SUZANNE Bachelor ol Education-Independent Stu- :ent Association, Choral Society, Univer- sity Theatre, French Club, Y. W, C A., lrcshman prom committee, ring committee, Womens Association president, May Qhieen, Peppers. SCOTT ELLEN JANE Bachelor ol Science-Sigma lkflu Tau treas urer. Clberlin Collcgc fEEGER, SLJZANNE Bachelor ol Arts-pi Delta Chi secretary, Choral Society, Bloclchouse, W. A. A., Eine Arts Club vice-president, junior prom co-chairman, senior Weelc committee. Bachelor ol Science in Pharmacy. SEKERKA, STANLEY Bachelor of Education-Chi Beta Chi, Band, Crchestra, Elementary Education Associa- tion Sl-TAEFER, DORIS SCHMIDT SHAW, FRANK EDGAR Bachelor of Science-Kappa Phi Sigma, French Club, Chemical Society, University Theatre house manager. Sl-TAPIRO, EDWARD Sl-lEAlS, HAROLD E. Bachelor of Philosophy-Ri Gamma Mu. SHIMEL, HELEN GIBLIN Bachelor of Education-W A A., Busi- ness Administration Club, lndependent Student Association, Secondary Education Forum. SHIRK, HELEN M Bachelor of Science-lau Delta Sigma presi- dent, lota Sigma Alpha. Sigma Alpha Qmega, Ellen l-l Richards Club. Christian Science Qrganizatlon SHULTZ, RQBERT S Bachelor of Education SIDDAEE, alUNE El.EAfXlf: RE Bachelor of Education-Ri Elclra Chr Vl'lCI'lldVYlEdl.lC13llCVl ,fxiiliilrjflififi SIGLER, BARBARA Bachelor of Education-lau Elclta Sigma secretary, Choral Society. Ellcn H Richards Club, W A A. president, Xwomcrrs Asso- ciation secretary SINGER, MLlRlEL Bachelor ol Arts-Peppers crctary, Ein. Arts prcsidcnt, University lhcatrc, Blcicl- l1OuS6,lVlay Day, Scnior publicltv committff. peppers SINNES, FRANCES Bachelor ol Arts-Eine Arts Club, Roly, mathic Society, German Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club. SMITH, THELMA Bachelor ol Business Administration-Zeta Gamma Phi, pi Gamma lVlu. SNVDER, MAC Bachelor of Education. 'E X - N35 W xx ., -KH ' 8"'X 'v'wX'N' I - wie' 'MS . '..- 5 -Xi. - A I , , l , , .. tai Q 1- 4 4. 4 -am A A ak I - - my -I t I X '1 .Q I. --.Q R - aw.: ' an mx. T ,4-0-lv' '9- Q 1 ,ti S7 1, -was ,Q gk Q-:Qt Nr 'N' ,J-Y ...ati '-5' 'K , . -F r . , i X14 SOBECK, MARGARET OLGA Bachelor ol Business Administration-Kao pa Pi Epsilon, lota Sigma Alpha, Business Administration Club, League ol Women Voters, W. A A, Campus Collegian, Bloclchouse, Red Cross Central Committee, SPAULDING, GEGRGE G. Bachelor ol Arts in Business Administra- tion-Sigma Beta phi, Business Administra- tion Club, Elint Junior College. STAT-lL, ROBERT Bachelor of Engineering-Electrical Engi- neering Society, Delta x, Varsity Eootball STALLINGS, ERAIZER W Bachelor of Philosophy-lndependent Stu- dent Association STEPHENS, CHARLES L. Bachelor of Business Administration. SZELAGQWSKI, TED E Bachelor of Education-Varsity Eootball, THGMAS, JAMES Bachelor of Science-Qlympus Club TARSHIS, DQN Z Bachelor of Arts-Lambda Chi, pi Gamma Mu, URICI-l, JANET M. Bachelor of Education-pi Delta Chi, Pep- pers president, Alpha Phi Gamma vice- president, Campus Collegian, Bloclchouse, chimes committee chairman, Red Cross Central Committee, ring committee co chairman, senior publicity committee. VAN SICKLE, JAMES WTLLIAM Bachelor ol Business Administration-Chi Rho Nu president, pan l-lellenic Council SSZCTQLGVY. rx VOGEL, VIRGINIA ANNE Bachelor ol Education-Independent Stuf dent Association, Elementary Education Association, Lutheran Student Association, Y W, C. A, League ol Women Voters VOGLER, EILEEN Bachelor ol Science-Independent Student Association secretary, Ellen I-I, Richards Club president, French Club treasurer, Choral Society, V. W C A, Campus Collegian, League oi Women Voters vice- president, Red Cross sewing director WARR, RCDBERI WALKER, RQBERI N Bachelor of Education-Chi Beta Chi Council, Alpha Phi Caamma, Pi lkappa Delta sophomore class president, iunior class president, Student Council president, Cheni- ical Society, Debating Association Chris- tian Science Qrganization, Secondary Edu- cation Eorum Ars president Bachelor of Education. WAISCJN DALIVICJND EREDERICI Bachelor ol Engineering-Alpha Rhi Clvweg WATSQN, IEIELIVIA M Bachelor ol Business Administration. WEIS WILLARD G Bachelor ol Business Administration-Saga ma Beta Phi president, Society lor Advancea ment ol Management, Business Administra- tion Club, Ran l-lellenic Council lVliarni Llniyersity WILI-IELIVI, JACK F Bachelor ol Engineering-Sigma Rho lau Radio Club president, Delta 1 Electrical Engineering Society vice-president Campus Collegian WINFCDUGI-I ALICE Bachelor ol Philosophy-Ri Delta Chi, Ellen I-I Richards Club, WINTER, DCUGLAS L. Bachelor ol Business Administration-Chi Beta Chi, Arx, Pi Kappa Delta, l-lonor Court chiel justice, Iota Sigma Alpha, Band, Debating Association president, INlevvman Club fx .' , .J " ..., t , 'EXIF' . 5 save' 5 v N-r -V-,c--wi b I- '-'Hf-A wal -x ' X ,, . 1'f 'gmt -,..., "Z',fI IT 'Ver-s 1-5 S ,ar Qu UC' ' .4447 U , r 'I' It . at ga ,ilk t s 'H' f -103- ff 1 " X :LL New 9-11- ,,-67 ' A' .- f' -A 'V 5? I S., J gg-5 gy Q .. ai .xii L....-m'A . ,Y 'QU Q? '-'FF .-Q BAREFQCDT, Ci-IARLES R. Bachelor of Philosophy-University Theatre Rifle Club, Business Administration Club, Secondary Education Irorum, Miami L,Ini- versity, BENSCI-IOTER, JAMES V. Bachelor of Business Administration-Rhi Kappa Chi, junior class vice-president, Flying Club, Christian Science Organiza- tion president, Student Y, Religious Coun- ciI, Society for Advancement ol Manage- ment. BLAIR, JUDIIH Bachelor of Arts-Kappa Pi Epsilon. CANELLI, FRANCIS R. Bachelor of Science-Independent Student Association, Band, Chemical Society, French Club, Kappa Rhi Sigma president. CALLENDAR, C GLEN Bachelor of Science-Kappa phi Sigma president. CCDRMAN, RQSALIE Bachelor of Arts-Sigma Pi Delta, Fine Arts Club, University Theatre. GQNGWER, WARREN Bachelor of Education-Varsity football captain, Independent Student Association. NILES, I-IELEN Bachelor of Arts-Ri Delta Chi, Reppers, I-Ionor Society, French Club president, Campus Collegian, Religious Council, V. W. C. A., May Day, Business Administra- tion Club, freshman dance committee, sophomore prom co-chairman, junior even- ing dance co-chairman, senior announce mentcommittee. STEINBERG, RAVMQND Bachelor of Science. STEWART, WILLIAM Bachelor of Science-Kappa Rhi Sigma, iunior class president, at , ' A- Ria. ""? ,,.,, L 's" TIPDETT Dclpotuyt WALLS Vll-iffnltsllftx Bachelor of Business Ad- ministration-Pi Delta Chr Alpha phi Gamma Llnl- yersity Theatre Business Administration Clul5,'l94l Blocl-house co-editor Bachelor of ArtsAlndrg oendent Student Associa- tion Depp-Irs Fine Arts Clulo l-lonor Court asso- ciate senior pustuce, Pr Kappa Delta secretary Llni- versity Theatre president Dehating Association, gtu- dent Forum, lnternatlonal l?elatlonsCluhBloclhous-' Latin Clulo N fag 'W 4 ,-ox .P X "Sew lllf'flQlLt PHlLll3 C, IJLEGEP lXlfXOMl P Bachelor of Engineering. Bachelor of Business Ad ministration-Du Delta Ch SENICDR CCDMMITTEES Prom: Charles Bowers Chavrm Ruth Gors Gladys Flayell Dorothy Mell Jean Alexander Norman Perlmutter Robert Broer Richard Cordell Richard Andrzeyczulf Banquet: l-loward Ness, chairman Fern Leopold Joyce patthey Lyle Smith Nlarlellen Miller l'larry MILXQSQH Commencement: Virginia Grrluns ix l:ranl4 Raggon ,ly CO George Cole Robert Nash Alice Lee -Cl'IdIVmQI'i ar A Baccalaureate: Jean Beat, Chairman John Cole Betty lifuloadeau-' Publicity: Merrill l-larrison c Janet Llruch lVlurlel Singer lfenneth Pteger Eugene l-laddad Ring: Vernon Qohrhache Nlary preece Suzanne Schroeder James Grant Yr halrman r, chairman Senior Week: ,lane Farrell A James Bensch into Qlga Solbecl buzanne Seeger Jacl l-lolilman Announcements: Sam fV'leerl-rely, chaurmar Helen Niles Rosalie Brown Victor lrlath Memorial: Robert Waller, chairman Sam Nleerl-reh Jane Farrell James Benschoter Vernon Pohrloacher lVlerrill l-larrlson Jean Beat Virginia Gnrlfins Franla Raggon l-lovvard Ness Charles Bowers ,gre r VVV JUNICDR CLASS Baal- row Left to rnght Eel-, Hull Ftrs! row Starkey, Q. Rogers, lhe runror class rs the hest class at the Unlversrty, they study more, have more dates, and IU general, naye more lun than anybody, aceordrng to a unanimous vote ol the enture junror class. lt rs they, the Junrors, who are vyrndrng up theur college careers, or deerdung to hnrsh up on the hve-year olan, Serlously soealong, however, thts class Wrll show a heavy loss In enrollment lvelore the lall term eegrns lor one reason or another, but marnly one reason. We pay rrrloute te those men ol the junror class, who are now grwng therr utmost rn the various armed Eer.uCes Cl fur Qeuntry, men who have relented then' personal desire lor a sheepsltin ID the hope that they may game ite ar-'e tothe ans, We ruruer class rs haooy-go-lucly, though, lor the Junror Prom was held the day alter Lincoln's hrrthday and the Cay helere Valentuneys Day on hrrday the you guessed rt. presrdent Erle l-lill appointed as co- Chalrrr-er. ltfrargrwet Nludge and William Patterson. hlertb Nllller and his University ol lVliChi3an band played. Then there was an afternoon swing session in the Student Union, with Nick L. Qdeon providing the music, and an evening dance, "Bombs Qver Singapore." Just belore the dance started a iuse blew out, leaving the place in darkness, and music was given in an air-raiding manner by WO drummers, The class was a very active group as evidenced by William Kamke, Ark man . . . Ernest Weaver, clerks in an auto store . . . John Weaver, who does not... Rosalie l-loilman, cashiers at Grace Smiths Cafeteria , . Ralph Holloway, pastor , . . Dick l-lughes, great singer, 3 point man . . . William l.andry, a saxophonist . . . Ralph Nlclgee, a line cellist, also teaches the same instrument . . . John lvlason, plumberis assistant, he doesnit lorget his tools . . .Virginia lvlides, likes to model with clay . . . l-lerman lVledak, laboratory technician at a local hospital . . . Robert lVlusser, Ark man . . l-larold Miller, drives a bus. . lhomas Ward, wrote a couple ol winning essays . . . Phil 0'lNleill, invented a machine which will blovv up toy balloons, 3 point man . . .William Patterson, plays the bazooka . . . Dale Redd, drum maior Ed Russell, assistant manager ol a drug store . . Emil Scherer, toots a clarinet in the University Band . . . Charles phillips, works part time in a post orlice, wonder what he does in his spare time. Wesley Taylor, is Sun Labora- tory technician at an Gil company . .Bill lhielman, one ol the hnest in intramural athletics Jack Berry, varsity basketball and 6 leet Q ol lun and laughter . . . Marie Bollinger, teaches ballet and ballroom danc- ing . . . Bill Bowman, has a racket, varsity tennis . . . William Bryan, owns and operates a service station . . Bob Davis, clothing salesman . . Edmund Erndt, a demon with a camera John Gilford, ace Flyer . . Ken Rieger, writes Rocket Rebounds and is sports editor lor the Collegian. uh ,LQ .ala 3 ,,,.-I .. Time out on a spring day for some iuniors to relax on the rails of the bridge over len Mile Creel Left to right D Elaclburn, Wiorshtil, Mclver, P Bridenbaugh. 4 54' SCDPHCDMCDRE CLASS Lett to right Cberlin, Foussianes, Durbin, Moulopoulos. These are the ones that grow up over summer vacation and come bacl4 to college with that Uupper class lool4,U if they stand next to a Freshman. lhe sophs acclaim themselves to be the most active class, with all lqinds ol tempting extra-curricular atlairs beclconing them, ln tact, by virtue ol this activity they give the appearance ol the well-l4nown man who is in a hurry to get around the corner and when he gets around the corner, he's in a hurry to get baclf. We would like to get serious lor a moment however, and give a warning to the sophomore men when they come bacl4 to school in the tall. Do not stand in a dralt, because you are just the age. lhat old proverb, HlNlothing ventured, nothing gained" was proved this year in the Frosh-Soph Field Day. Those rugged and toughened sophomores tried and they gained a cool Qctober swim in len Mile Creelc lhe sophs were not without victory, however, lor the lrosh were unable to climb the greased pole Ca new contest created by the ever ingenious sophomoresb and capture the sophomore class Flag, a pair ol 'l9Ol winter longies. 'lhe annual prom vvas a shovvery and May-llovvery allarr, vvhreh was held about srs vveels belore the end ol the second semester. ln charge vvere Co-charrmen Catherrne Sloan and Norman Steusloll, arded by Betty Costrny Ann Sel4erl4a, Jean Hammer, Betty Muller, Glen Grarnger, Bob Burns, l.ours Sonnenberg and Leonard Cooperman. ln addrtron to thrs actrvrty, l-lalldor Frnsson played varsrty lootball . . , Vrrgrnra Whrtehead, tool. photos in a dame store . . . paul Wrthrow, drove a school bus . . . olon loyee, vvorled at a local brevvery, do they need another good man? . , . Donald Gallagher sophomore men's representetrye to Councrl, screvvf ball . . . l.ours Nlartrn, runror assrstant at a erty hosprtal ,. Dale lvlrllns headrng lor the top as a medre ,, Bob l-larder, shrpprng clerlt rn a lewelry store . r r Drel. Allyn, dad a lrttle brt ol eyerythrng at a dovvnf tovvn hardware store .. Drelt Baldul, vvorls lor you lnovv what balery Stanley Clberlrn, plays boogre vvoogre on the prano, svvell stuhl . . .Wrllrram lvlcflarn a llne basltetball player wears shrrt No 4 on the varsrty team , . . lony Przza, does a nrce rob vvrth Hlurley rn the Straw" on the lrddle. Wrllrram prrest G-man, vvrll eheelt your arl and vvrpe your vvrndshreld lree ol charge vvrth every lrve gallons ol ggasolrne . . . Elarne Shearer, teaches prano and soloed at an orchestra concert .daeouelrne Shedvvrely tells us she vvas queen ol an lllrnors Corn l-lusltrng Contest , . . Qose larn exponent ol the modern dance, Robert Schuyler Bowman, soda rerl f... l3hrlrp Luetlce, chrel stooge at the loledo lrmes len Bronson, pho- tographer , , Edmond Brovvne, lrlces to play the mouth-organ r , . Floyd Bryan, student pastor Roger Cravvlord, strelfs to cartoonrng , 4 . Ed Damsehroder, salesman rn a elothrngr store Drcl Dulley, lrles 'em vvrth blonde harr, 5 leet Q, eyes ol blue r r r Bull Early, lootballer and basl-etballer Basrl Foussranes, vvorlcs rn the mathematrcs department Gerald Good, auto meehanre Come sprrng, sophomores and all students alrle mal-.e a dash for the hrll to laugh and Idle trrne away between classes Left to rrght Manton, Puse, l-lobey, B lvluntz FIQESI-IMAN CLASS Pow two Lett to right W Weaver,i teller Pow one Gatch, M Goon ltls a strange thing about classes lhey do not Fit the classihcation of organizations nor can they be called a group tor they are not grouped together. Still there is something about a freshman that earmarl4s him, you can spot one a blocl avvay. This class has the undisputed distinction ol being the Finest lreshman class in the University of Toledo this fear. lhev are an active class. lvlany ol them are novv members of the various organizations on campus. lhey shovv lay their interest in activities that they have the stutl vvhich mal4es good University students. ln them is placed the trust in the hope that they vvill carry on the excellent vvorl4 and line traditions for vvhich the lalniversity is noted. Because ol the new speedup plan ol education instituted at the University this year, the enrollment of the Freshman class increased WQS members at the mid-semester. lhe lrosh orc fed their loravvny superiority in the annual Frosh-Soph Field Day. lhey vvon the bag race in a rush ol black eyes and broken ribs, and then picked themselves up oil the held and tugged the unfortu- nate sophs into len Mile Creek. The third and last event on the program was too slippery for them though, lor they were unable to climb the greased pole and capture the sophomore class Flag The Freshman prom was held at the lrianon on December 5, a Christmas present Q0 days early. It was planned by Angel partoyan and Warren pelton, co-chairmenA The class includes: Dick Groll, sells womenls hosiery A A A Fred l-ladorn, played freshman football A A A patty Hammontree, works in the registrars ollice A A A Carol White, from Minnesota, was judged 'ilhe Sweetest Girl ln Duluth, 'l941' '.,, Bob Whitney, does cartooning A A Duane Widmer, here on an honor scholarshrp A A A Joseph Willmarth, sorts cacti at a local greenhouse A A A Joyce hloskin, got a trophy for her ability as a golfer A A A Phillip l-lurlbut, plays the accordion A A A Dolores Jasper, specializes in dress de- signing and modelling A A A Norman McKenna, drummer boy A A Quth Lois Kohler, placed First in a state singing contest and third in a national contest A A A Margaret l-leinisch, is a cashier at one of 'loledos theatres A A A Thomas Walsh, saxophonist A A A Selma Thomas, sweetheart of a ballet dancer A A A Robert Pas- sino, desk clerk at the VA M. C. A A A A Patricia lmlill, works lor the personnel shark, MrA Parks A A Bill Armstrong, played lrosh football and basketball A A A Muriel Lowder, tap dancer A A Warren pelton, run- ner-up in the Canadian Qpen 'lennis tournament in 1940 A A A James Simmons, teaches piano A A A Betty Jean Dunn, sings and Smiles A A A Peggy Goodnight, takes care ol children, good night' A A John Bartley, swims, city champion in the 440 tree style A A A Mary Stoiber, ballet dancer A A George Georgehf, clever basketball player, good student A A A Larry Swartz hotter than two 45's on the drums A A A Lavern Brigham, won an essay contest on A'What Llncle Sam Means lo Me" A A Jim Cobley, is a mechanic A A A War'ren Smith, Jack Armstrong personihed A A A Arthur Ball, won a baby beauty contest, once A A Grace l-lubscher, librarian at the Locke Branch Library. Aw, dont look so scaredf lts your First tea, girls, but you'll get used to it FRATEIQNITIES fVWarrued mem hugh at Smgle mem Smde mem Hug? at the married mem, Wxirw LO tells me that Women Laugh up then' sleeves -it bot? H2DV'Nf H-if'VlSOU XX!!-30 LO Tdmaii PAN-l-IELLEIXIIC CGUIXICIL Pow three Lett te rrglnt Pang lrregn-:I-t P Qordrfll fl Perlmatter, Ammon XX!-ern Por.-.r twir Freeborn ,l I-lotiman, famle, Cl. Cray-.fcrd Prqkezr I-'ri one frlonaler Mc-errreo l,rreCnl:raurr1,'g- Pofenloerq PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL MEMBERS QFFICEPS: Harry Mrlaesell, oresrdent Lloyd lirergoll, secretary-treasurer PHI KAPPA CHI CHI BETA CHI ALPHA PHI QMEGA Brll Kamke Don Freeborn Clwarles Slonalcer Bill Prrest Harry Everett Brll llwrelrnan LAMBDA CHI ALPHA KAPPA PI Myer Greenbaum Franlt Dennen Norman Perlrnutter Qliyer Crawford CHI PHC NU KAPPA IQ-I-A CHI SIGMA BETA PHI Clwarles Kliopstein Jaelc Hollman Bill Prclcett Paul Campbell Bernard Harrison George Spaulding Pon-. three Left to rrght. Foussranes, Spaldrng, Carnrcom, P. Smrth, Shoemaker, Vogan. Pow two lteatrnq, G. Pappas, Dennen Allen, Merrrtt P:-ww one Fwler, Wtngrart, Maludy, 0 Crawford ALPHA KAPPA PI f WW , , I Clnly national on eantpus envted by rnany lor the Conyenuent location ol tts house lour bloCl4s lrom lelnlyerstty grounds Ed Baler, lylarlne Qeserye orheer Bob Bowman, Cornetlst Cnot the magazrnel Brll Carnrcorn, staunch Alfpr supporter , Qlrver Craw- tord, lrles good musle Franlt Dennen, photographer Basrl house srarres tales hrs studyrng serrously, and as a math student . Fred Foshag lrles the great out-ol-doors, Carleton hyler, another photographer John lllland, goes steady, enjoys lraternuty ahlarrs . George lVlaludy, prestdent ol the Alpha lappas and satlboatrst . Clarence Nlerrltt, worlfs lor a surveyrng company George Pappas, business ad student .Bob Smuth, goller, un the alr corps l-larry Sterllng, hard worltrng lraterntty man Duel Shoernal-er, lellowshlp student IU math, getting hrs masters Merle Vt:-gan rrrarrred man , . Paul Wlmgdffx arts and srirences student Pemarnnng the only natronal on the campus, Alpha Kappa Pr holds an envrous posrtron rnsotar as the loeatuon ol nts lraternrty house IS concerned, therrs belng on Montebello Road, a short dtstanrie from the Unrverstty. Atpr rs a stronghold lor engrneers, well over 50 per cent of them being enrolled In that College lhrs may br: natural srnee Alpha Kappa pu was orrgrrrally a natronal engrneerung honorary Thrs lraternrty has always boasted ol hayrng leadung men on the campus lflenrbers lrlr Jael Blodqett, T340 Bloelrhouse editor, ,lohn Landwehr, tts busrness manager and Arx man, the Luttun brothers ol the class ol '40, Eagsirsrti' Zytlus Dan l-lell presrdent and Arr leader, Charles McCarthy, 1941 Bloril-house wdrtor, and Bob Schauss, hrs business manager, cant lng if Vt I Qrj Pow hve Left to rrqht gehwenger, P Ward 'zernenri Pcdd, igrnneberg, ll 'iydla l-tr P lrndell pow four l Cole, trreghoh, L W iirnrrh Chrles, Threlrntan ,loyef Poor three lf Mirulip-itulrf P' 'Y-rghroed-:r D E Chrnpettrl Cool Pe-, P Cool, Pl Bender Pow mo l lfhrap-Wa F L' Wavzron l X.-, -rprgh F' l-lard-tr,Wrthro.r, P Brrd-rrrlviuqh, lr-Tmbliv' Pow one frhertrnger, V Meeler,'Qlon-1ler,'frr1haler Elderly, Brgbec Qrowrng enorrrously rn srzf and atrrnqtrr rn thw lrst 'rrr .X.- war: ,A-,lprrr A phrls now rnalntrarn ra huqv horn? A L P H Drfil Baldul hrs hrothers grill hrrrr th.: t.vjrrld'S alt ,X.- ,rest lzrr use pluyvr Norm Bender rn Charge ol the ehvrrrstry itocl ri 'rf' r Wfynr' Erqlvetf P H I pro laasletoall rwlvree Prehnrd ldrwlwrrloauqlw eorrwsponornq sei- retary, Olllirf man at lrcdtlfs Edore Chrsprtta tales jlrrir hrs gollrng dad, has low 70 s-Lore Lourv Chrrapwrtr nas hrother and ra llyvr G M A EdChrIQg,yQrgf1rrla,autor George Cole Ar- rrran thus year prwsroertl ol Choral Soerety ,lohn Col." Ar- mn too chrel ruerrcf ol l-lonpr Court second Semester lorn Cool, seiond lrrfuterrant rn army now Dlril Cool, urtdssurhtrwg and Quret Dull Dulrlwy lrlfiytorr trnrwslwr Brll Elderly sound elleetg nun lor Llnwersrry Theatre Brll lrjrtoplws nrew looltrng boy golo l-ldrder, solt spolen, plrwnsrant ,lon Joyce drarndtredlly rnelrned lrloyd l'rlr3Ql'rOll pr'efnwedre stuclent Gene lwaprch, leaves Alpha Phu through grtsdudtrorr Vue Meeler on the short end rn height but comes out wdy .slrtfad on lruternrty loyalty Chuel lVloulopolous sophomore class pre-y Bart fllurnn senr-Jr class presrdent, oasletlnrall star Bob Ponreroy lrtaternrty photographer Dale Redd house rndnager Pay Per, strays at the house Eel ,I Pussell, lous drlyer Don Selwaler hrst serrrester' presrdent Bohr 5 Schroeder, pupp and Bowman employee palph Srernens, pledge per- '4 seeutor Fred Seylang yarsrty lootloall man Harry Shertrnger QQ X l-lello Weel orrgrnetor Chuel Slonaler second semester presrdent . Lyle Srnrth, rntrarnural star Loure Sonnenberg, reporter Dan X X Sydlasl-e, plays the trumpet l-lenry l3aCleel.r, honor student Bull X r J' lhrelrnan, lraternrty rntrernural sports director Jael lrernljrly, good ff Alpha Phu booster . . Dal Wdtsron, student suryeyrng teacher paul I X, f Wrthrorw, soeral eharrrnan led Szelagovyslr yarsrty lootpall player KP' rr..3 Lcttrf nah: er W Qrainger, Grtord, W XX!-Dlle, Brel, bl W lvlrller, Everett Pour four Urwrn, F3 Bloisey, Varl 'nocdvear Unglriclfu D C Campbell, l-lanlrne Powtlwree T. McDermott, Lallue, Laslrey, P Cordell, l-2 Mc- llrrfotz W l-lenr., Bariu Pow two Elclwert, Bronson. Wetnrght, Byrne, Fuse, Freeborn, O Pelton, Winter, L' one rlute l'-learn, l Bottortt Bushnell, Morse, P Braun, l-lobey. CHI BETA CHI 5 Z 'lf l Z 'I-X fxttains campus prestige with many outstanding University men as its aembers, got a new large and beautilul tiouse, perlect lor lraternity lilii' tlwis year Bill Barts. social clwairman and pledge master ol tlie lraternity . Bob Blossey, worls at l-larryls Auto Store . . . .lacle Bottortl, is entering Annapolis tlwis summer Bob Braun, advertrsing solicitor ol tlre Campus Collegian l'-enny Bronson, worlts in boolastore . . Bob Byrne, worlqs at Bonds Brll Barrington, engineer . Don Campbell, employed at Bonds . .Bill Conltlrn, always iestrng ..Dicl4 Cordell, Cllr Bet presi- dcnt lor tlie lirst semester, now in Air Corps Willred Elcliert, worlcs in a sugar warelrouse . l-larry Everett, l-lonor Court delender . , Don Freeborn lraternrty prexy . Joe Garrett, lwouse manager Joltn Qitlord. member ol tl'ie tl B Marines. ,lim Goodyear, lun on a party Glen Grainger circulation manager ol tlwe Campus Collegian , Manning lclanlrne, drives a lvlaumee Valley Bclrool Bus . Bill l'lenry, lab assistant lor Dr Bowman . Bud l-lobey, worlts at Krogerls . Clene lfauclti, assistant in tlre News Bureau .Marvin lflute, 'ipuppyll to ms brotbers . Brel. LaDue, lraternity atlwletic manager . . Bob l.asl4ey, Clrrr Bet star bowler . . Bob lVlcDermott, worlcs at lfrogerls . . lom McDermott, worlcs at Owens lllinois Glass Qtlice . l-larold Miller, lelt sclwool second semester Bill Miller, active wlwere pledges are con' cerned .lim lvlorse, tracL man . Howard Ness, business manager ol tlie Campus Collegian, Arx . Jacque passino, vvorlcs lor Bentley. . Cflrn Belton, assistant business manager ol tlwe Campus Collegian . . ilffalter Brel advertising solicitor ol tlie Campus Collegian . , . Don Buse, loyal Fraternity man.. .Stan Belcerka, only man in el ed tlris year ., Bill Btrgfvart tracl man and lab assistant . . Bob Wallcer, president ol Student Council and Aw , Bob Wetniglwt, pledge master . Doug Winter lirst semester l-lonor Court clwiel iusticevqtrx , . . Willard Woltl, traClf n'if1r". Pow four Left to reqht D C Davrs frpref, L Prnq ffavfcr H Mrk-ell P'oCata, Pchn Vowthru! Vo-hrhatrrcr, thpparcrn, r r r r r r . f , I twrnfir, P Cafnpoctl, E Wnltrahicrrr Ho.'.crr Pos. 'yan,ur:vIf, F r4a't1arr ti.-.t-rrotf.-u.r lohrorrrftcr What- nran Pov. one Nfcrqrvzli, Psgrnoz xsfntl P DC-nfrztlr H-t-we F 1.-.rnlll Attarnco a nach worlcd for Qftcd :nts yvar'a hmz.r,, tn. iratfrrwtr has Suhfcroc -grcatly throuqh tosnng rw,r, to tht arnw-1 tarot tts 'wn tw C H I hard to btrrtd thrinwsrglyfs up az a group and arc to hc' tjonrrrrvrrdfid Date fhmrnon rn tht? U g h+Ir1kfi!fAXtVF'ftV4fr Fji'wrB1rrHwr Sty?-'ft R H O Poport Bowen runs a part rng tot oo-.wnto n Cart Brorrir Norte. at thai South Sadr: V paul Carnphrglt trarj man Eiirh Chrorxtstcr hoogm woogrrj nan on trtrp-it Din Dads SIMS 't 5 Tftiwi if N U Lasallas pat Donnohy work at ina rj1rrpJ3Ert-7 Dru: Q' irgv Farran hc raahy studrcs jrm Cu-get giroo hfgnylrir hire 5-Mr.: Vifalt Ho-msc Country boy who .wahe to sinjrox . ,lonrrrry I.-.rrslr woutd rathcr dance than Vfdt Laorrn lwng Cnr pno Nu pro-y worlg rn Qnglnccrrng othcc Chad thppetoun law Smdfnt riothgcte rr "x, ordi Johnny Lqyyandoyygl-r fratrirnrty star ho fyhir prirry Mart: pr:- VWCCQICV works rn a hosprtat John McMahon Qooo tooyyhir vyorls rn has fatherxs drug stors Harry fVhl-QSQU on urrargtlyu duty rn th: f'Ja.y Fred Moora pro-theotognzal Stuoe-nt wrirrts ot thy: rariroao V N C A Jrrn Qryyrg studras hrst, fraternrty second Duct Pchrrr athtwtrf manager of tha traternrty lad- Prirnes prcfwdrri studrznt card Shari l'cnny Ranger Sports edrtor of rhf Cothirguarr . Benny Po-gata Soir.:- . ., fp tary of Chu Rho Nu, cohects records VQrn Pohrhachirr tayy stuocnt Ar- Dan Halt pry?-y and StuoQnt Cooncrt , . Balt grjhrnut ond on tnc L 6 tootloatt trfarn, pre-rrnzdrc student Duct Sprcs the rrran -mth tha rrrosucal Jum XXGVISICHQ February graduate nn thc ,Axrrry hX"r:rody Wfrllrrafsrirrr, hard worker, studyrng Forestry Mr Guy E Vangudlz, professor of charnrstry adymser ot Chr Phat Nu srnce rt was Founded Q1 years ago Dr Georg? A Gultctto rnstrri- tor rn Enghsh, Drzlos M. Palmer Dean of Engrneerrng, Gray Sterling song test drrector, and Dr Pfayrnond L Cartqr Dean ot fhdmrnrstrarron aro honory merntoors ot tha fraterntty 3 . hands, hevs really good Ed Vast rn the' U S Army Arr Forriq now gf' Pow three Left to right Greenberg, M Harrison Pow tvvo' Moss, Baygell, J l-lottrnan, 'Scheer Rovv one- Roth- man, Meerlreb, B Harrison KAPPA IOTA CHI U QA. X311 t' f .Sl 1 ,er mg-,J .fl - J lhese are bright boys vvho compete vvith Lambda Chi to capture the scholarship trophy Milton Baygell, University tennis player and KIX volley ball captain Nate Greenberg, graduate ot 440, gets a lavv degree this June, a good bowler and pledgemaster . , , Bernard l-larrison, l-lonor Court justice, , Merrill l-larrison, his brother and editor of the Campus Collegian, Arx man . . . Jaclc l-lotlman, vice-president ot Kappa lota Chi and intramural star . Sam Meerlcreb, First semester prexy ot the Kappa lotas, was a part time student second semester. . . Dave Moss, all-star intramural solt- ball outhelder. . . Bob Muntz, here's the boy with the grades, remember l-lascal7 . . Stan Qberlin, pianist with .lim l2eemsnyder's orchestra ,, Myron Rothman, playboy and Fraternity cut-up . . , l-larold Scheer, second semester president and head ol tratiic court. Kappa lota Chi men, noted tor their scholastic records, have claimed the trophy lor excellent grades T3 out ot the last '17 times lheylve got time lor other things besides study though, lor they pride themselves on the tact that nearly every member holds a iob outside ot school. The boys have a good alumni chapter, too, Qne KIX man is on l-lonor Court, Bernie l-larrison, and another is vice-president ol the sophomore class, Stanley Qberlin, Povv three Left to rnght Boyl, Landns Webne lar,hr-, Pow Werglz ll Perlmutter, I reberman, fhapno prjrvv 3,- Pabnnovvltz, Greenbaum Nurie posenberg Coop-errnan Puvals ol Kappa latas tn everythrng, rncludung scholastvc status these men nevertheless through a slrlltul budget program plan socral events vvnsely and lar ID advance Cecil Abramovetz, vvorlts lor the Toledo lnmes lmlarry Boyl sells produce Leonard Cooperman, another vvorl-rng man Meyer Greenbaum, assistant In the chemustry lab Sam Laderman statlstucs department assistant . .loe Landrs, law student, three point man l-larold Lieberman, arranges music lsadore Moses pharmaclst Norm perlmutter, member ol Pan lmlell, good svvummer . lsadore RGBIDOWILZ, mellow sunger Sam Rosenberg, presudent ol Lambda Chu and accountant Ed Shapnro, all A student Pay Stelnberg, an- other one ol those perlect specimens vvlth an all A record accepted at Western Reserve meducal school Don larshns, Lambda Chr star bovvler Sam Webne, pledge master Allen Weiss, vvorlrs at Bellmanls There are the Lambda Chr men lor your onceeover, and as you may have guessed, they were holders ol the scholarshrp trophy last year and thus year This lraternuty prides rtsell on the democratlc vvay In vvhuch Its altaurs are handled Qther outstandung charactertustucs ol Lambda Chr are therr school sprrrt lraternlty loyalty and their acceptance ol the responslbllrty as a member ol Dan l-lell LAMBDA CH ,755 JMX Ro fr-.fe left to rxght l-l fQ1ould,V Dodson, Dunsmore, Kranz, Bay, Boehm, Steuslotf, Srnlcey Row four Knrsely, P. M. Butler, Puppert, Broer, ,l Paggon, A Blaclt, P Petzl-e, C Phrllrps Badenhope, Hyman, P. Deghetler, Loehrlte, D Anderson Pow two Pow three P, Snmpson, Engler, lf. Eckel, B Neal, Priest, Patterson, lfamlre, lf Hill, R Ensign, ,lal4Csy, 'Vluzfer D tonopla. W t Smrth Pow one P Bollrn, Scarrsbrrcl-, Rrddle, l-l. Bowman, F Paggon, Moggendorf, P. S., Bc-.f.fman, tt Blacl-burn, Ballrnger PHI KAPPA CHI l .121-' gf- , .' 1 JK 1-rf! ,lax Pledgrng the largest group, Phu Kappa Chrls prestrge and power among the Greelfs has been held srnce Its brrth Dale Anderson, varsrty football letterman Jacla Badenhope, editor of the Phr Kap paper lom Ballrnger, excells rn bowlrng and brrdge . Don Bay, tennis trend ,lim Benschoter, drying and Swrmmlng star Duane Blacltburn. good fraternrty man Bob Bollrn, sarlboat lclng Bob Bowman hne srnger Dr l-l f-l Nl Bowman, the fraternrty ad- yrser and a trrend of all Bob Butler, a good student , Bob Broer, bowlrng sharl. and fraternity singing director Bob Deghetler, rntra- mural traclt star Vance Dodson, another tracl. man Phrlo Duns- more, Intramural football and swlmrnlng star . Kenny Eelcle, flyer . Don lfngler, a good Phu Kap Foy Ensign, photographer lnlarry Gould, sea scout, wallts to school each day Bob Grrffrth, good srnger George Hayes, worlung man Erle lmlrll, pledge master, swrmmer and runror class prefy Drclf Hyman, golf hend , Nlrlte Jalccsy, prrnt shop bass .Brll Kamlte, polrtreran . . Bob Knlsley, tennrs champ Don lfonopla prano tuner . Pay lffranz, lflVl football ace Clarence Lrgrb-il, eo-captain of the 19132 football team . . . l-larry leoehrlce, fraternity booster and good student . . . Bob Musser, phi Kap's chief polrtrclan and debater . . . Brandon Neal, fraternrty clown . Bill Patterson, responslble for that swell J-l'lop . . . Charles phillrps, ph: Kap rntramural sports drrector . , Bull priest, star of rntramural sports . tranl Paggon, ph: Kap presrdent and chemrst , . . Roy Retzke, tennis player Drclf Scarrsbrlelf, Phu Kap lady lcrller . . , Ed Schultz, 6' 6' gf' of ff-llonshrp . . Drcle Brmpson, a good bridge player . . . ,laclc Srnl4ey, student . Lloyd Smrth, good fraternrty man . . Tom Sperry, flyer . . Norman Steusloff newspaper man . . . and Duel Wolkrns, trombonrst. .wsu-arm: -:mm Pow four left to rrglrt Damsr:l1roder,E Weraryer, Snede-ior, W-ers, Trumbull, H Parl-e, Gardner, l l-l Weaver, D HI:-, Spauldrng, W Martrn Pow three C Polzrnson, D tballagher, I Seubert, H '5rJddatlw,lr31f,W lWrl:on, Elrrttorr, l Collrns, Petrre, Franele Pow two P Allyn, Przza P Rlaql, Pooney, Juergens, ,l Dunn, Tapp-en, Woodward, P Parle Chapman Pow one Nlueller, P Qlesier, T P Hunter, C Dawg, Mrghellelder, C Bowers, P Dayrz, P Bergman, Egpen, Bremer, Prclfett Sullerrng greatly rn electrons lessened rts rnl'uenri-3 out notlwrnq can bVEdlft dOWD IfSClO'SrTlY ll"IIl'DT13riVTlZr5llOVl Prclward Allyn, good spealrer and yr-ie-presrdent ol tlre Debatrnq Asso- SIGMA Cratron Paul Bearilw Y:-cells rn rntramural sports Bop Bergman B E loyal lraternrty man l-loddy Blaril-, riartoonrst and artrst filwuel Bowers, swrmmrng speed demon Brll Bowman, tennrs entnusrast Jaclr Bremer, all around looy partrelpates an many arjtryrtrag Clrurjl P H I Brrtton, rntramural lootlball man Jail Clnapman, pre-meow: aloe Collrns, swell lella and gooo Student Eo Dameclwroder, clotlwrnq sales- man lor lnrs latner Curt Dayrs, play Hoy Bop Diyrs Il'llfdVTllJfril Stir .lacl Dunn anotlwr l-M star lryes ar Marzl rnnon l-lall Don Ellri engrneer delu-e Dale Espen, good atlwlete Paul Tranrjle traril mar Don Gallaglwer Counerl representatrye Wfes Gardner Blocl- lwouse llrusrness manager Pooney Glesser bool Store e-part Dlelr l'lunter, swrmrrrng clump Bolo Juergens, anotlrer Swrmmer Ted Nlrclwellelder pre-medre len lVlueller lraternrty cutup Duel Nleliwen, worlrng man Bob lxlerlson rn rlre army now Carlos L Pacanrns, Venezuelan ltrd l-larry Parle studyrng beats B35 Parlte, treasurer Don Petrre, good Surg Bet Blll Plqlett pre-y :X I1 second Semester Tony Przza Football player Art Pooney staunel ', C lrrslwman Jail oeupert, trarilt man George Spauldrng Secretary , and lrou5e manager l-loward Suddatlw, looolstore worl-er lylfrllre l Tappan, star bowler Drcl- Trumbull. on yarsrty lootball team Erma Weayer, slide rule e-pert Johnny Wfeayer same as Ernre you cant tell 'em apart Xllfrllard lWers pre-y lrrst semester, went to l-laryarl tlwe second Pete Wfrlson lwas tlve lraternrty at lweart Clwurjl Wrororo- ward, Former sports rmanager rn U S alr Force naw L SCDRGRITIES Two Two Two May women ID one house, Cats and one mouse, dogs and one bone, never accord un one. Unknown Woman and Women INWERSQRQRWV CQUNCM l Y 7 Row two-left to rrght Schmitt, P, ,l Brown, lvl Wa!'ion, Weathcrwa-, deaux, lxale, Gorz, I-l lrmura, Prdenouv President Vrce-presrdent Secretary-treasurer Alplwa lau Srgrna Georgena Coy Rath Gors Kappa Pu Epsilon Barbara Weatrrerllrflrra- June Anderson Phi llmeta psi Donna partridge lVlarlellen Muller Pu Delta Cllr Mary Preeee llflary Ann Watson Renqfon, Borman Pow one-Pavtrldge, Puba- Ruth Gors Selma lfale Jean Alexander Q51 Cl.: PM Rosalie Brown buzanne Sclwrnatt Slgrna Pu Delta Beatrlee Borman Selma lxale T fau Delta Srgzma lolaru lkimura Jean Alexander Zeta Gamma Pln Betty Rubadeaux Rutlw Bengson Q- C' .- SS Pow three Lett to rught Gors, V. Ames, L. Muller, Pobrnette, Whutmore, D'Arpa. Row two M. Mllne, Kesler, V., B Ash M Logan, Mass L Emch Pow one B Thomas, H, Muller, Klrnlfslclc, l-lovey, C. Norton, ALPHA TAU SIGMA linendly gurls whose prrmary arm as good leelung and close sororuty lute Vlrgtnra Ames, IU Constant demand to put to use her talent as an artust ., Betty Ash, most completely wrapped up IU home economucs and the Ellen Prehards Club . Vnola Detloll, a regular attendent ol Newman Clulo meetlngs Mary D'Arpa, service-with-a-smrle motto In the Uma yersuty Lubrary . Ruth Gors, vyorlfrng In a doctorls otluce is the rrght lfund ol part-tlme vyorlr lor her Jean l-lammer, another home ec gurl. Margery l'latler, pushed Sears and lpoebueltls sales lrene l-loyey, an ardent delnater Jean Kesler president ol the student V W C A amonq other thrnqs Eleanor lilrnlsuclf, an enthusuastrc athlete , Madeline Logan, drugstore wonder yyorlter , Vrrgunla lVlel.uCltre happy at vyorlr lor an Insurance hrm l-larrlet Muller, Chorus her mann rnrfrest outside ol the sorortty Mary Anne Milne, retlrlng presldent ol ll year old Alpha lau Srgma the sororrty characterized by sweetpeas ano roses Charlotte Norton helplul to many a student rn the Xxlest lclfdo pulolre Lrlarary Jeanne Polornette, added Cllesert to her signature Margaret Seayolt her yrolrn playtng was a nice addltuon to tnc orchestra , Betty lhornas, lunlor representative to lnter-Sorority Ctuncul Pauline lffhrtman travelled to and lro lrom lemperanee . latherrn.: flfhrtmore lormwr presrdent ol lnterlgororuty Councrl f Wow lour Left to Vlfllf XXfl1lttrngton,Crlfrw l'v'rgLzan Q ll. rlp, M l-larrrj.,XXf'21tlm:r.-.1- Voulct l-l Wann-tr Pow three Durban, Gzrnnger, ,l Blau, Quigley, Bc-at, Eleanor Brown, E lrrrilaen, Adgalvt Vow two P Anderson, B l-luqlwes l?attl'1ey,Brunv, rl Andernn Wfoll:-att, Fl Wrl an Pyf. ire P Walls? llmrara R Hardar,E lVlaltl1ew5,Arl3a'1gl1, bloan ll'ls?VQ IS HO liODi WD? U ICS f'5e'f"lD'3rS arf l.Y3r5a'llf' ani dl.-'rsf 4 K Pappas are Well Org-dnl:-ZG oldest sororlry on :nw campus A P .lune Anderson server: as prasloqnt nl tn.: Club poac- rnary Anderson lnled lanquagcs mostly Frfirrclu and Lann Dor-Jlnw Arlnauglw, atbalneo lavwf as one ol tna lwa 5-ist 'J-OV"lCFl laaw lcrs on campus Jean Barat rarrrnng prssrdfnf assnlanr .vlrtjlr ill 'nv livllw-gran Juoltlw Blalr, lldlj ra llrarr lor Francn Eleanor Brown nad lun ln Inc I N V XX" C A llflargarwt Bro-.wn belong-To '1'l31'f'llVl'Z Prlla and Fm: Artg Clubg ljgrjrtrujbi lijalldv lljanwd up wllln lnnr lifflng fllq pill." Clulols Sccratrary-traasarar Vlrgrnla Crum l-int lmrr rralcnls to tlwc Ellwn Plclwards Cluld lgfncw -'l.'v Z Durlirln '5-Jcrctary ol sirpnirn we :lass lflfranorri Emil-sen all out lor atlwlell-is l-lwlan lsrrvlrfnfil vw-jrrlftril at Lasallcls Gladys Fla-.'.:ll busreo Hers-'ll rn fnw ifTIr,IllQf5 sl rnw El E3 Clulb Ellen Giringwr lupl Sl-fppung lj-r tn? sirrirrlw lflwmj l-lar mfr madli a good trfasurcr lnr Ina lappas lvlarllyrl l-larns fitlw rn llm? l,,ll"llVCFSllY llmiatryg rlxlllify Ann l-laugnlirn lDw5lj.ji, 3.5,-aljrprns nar talcn' lor drewlng worl cd al Lasallis Elffttv l-lugllci Epenf lots ill tw f il fnf' lflelfulbnss Company lrrfne M+:l.r'an lappa nouae rinarrrnan ,lwan Nrlltarus engaged Hereall ll.Ar mn arztrmras :fl ln: Eluslr -.'- 5 Ad Qlup M Joys: llaltlway ranrnng przsndqnl ol grgrna lVlu lau Jgannc i4llJl.2l3w' ' anotlwer lautlwlul El El: Allis Poulwr nl,: a idrnirrl to Siuocnl Cjfunjr N Jrianm lputan also on tlmi Ctlunisl runl pr irnofrrlg V-'DVCS-fmfjllwj Cdtlwrlne Sloan FvfDClllf?O nliws lor l appas and lnw Collcgran Elar- - para Xlllcratlwrwa- znrlrusrastnrj about CIT-imjllfi l-lclcn lk"-inrwar lpatln Clubber l-lQl.3nlllfnlttxnrgtorl -iornlounrgd V W Q A wntlrorgrra '- Wlu lau Dons Wolcott nelpfd to rral-at Lramorar 5 a pleas-anr plrao: li JI Q buy Pose Marne W ,"r ollf naadqo worffns romllrg sa' In nfl lnfffr- '- goronty Counrill rncetlngs L X, -' IL E J F' Pow four Left to rrght l-Peed, Warvvrcl, Wegman, Mrs Grllham, Avery, Laub, Palmnter, Ofonnell Pow three -Rath, ,T Voungglsardatzle,Leslle,Grrltnns,COlvun,l?ahllly,l2ose,Ur1e Pow two A. Selerlca, Starkey, Melvln, M,E Muller, Eowlby, Snody, Podenhauser, Gravnger. Pow one Partrudge, Wale, F Johnson, Loxley, Schleldler, V Collrns, B. Wluntz, loch, Ensign Achieved a much worlcecl lor goal-an apartment-this year, a sororuty PHI THETA P S I swfntchboard Vrrgrnla Collrns, sophomore publlclty chalrman . munded group but stall wrth tame for good grades and the scholarship trophy -lane Avery made gonng to the hnance othce easter ..Mar1orie Bowlby satlshed hundreds ol questioners worlclng at the lnlormation olllce Charlotte Colvin had a Steins scholarship. Suzanne Ensign, worked at what she sand was Mlhe Foundryll . Vnrgunla Gurltuns, both Theta presndent and Collegian society editor lor two years. . Glorla Grarnger rnterested In Du Gamma Mu Florence Johnson, cared most lor French mo drama Betty lkardatzle, has a delucate, pretty snngung vorce Dorothy lfoch, recently became Mrs . Margherrta Leslne, Srgma Mu lau presrdent , Jane Loxley, elementary educatlon member Bar- bara Me-lvrn, marrled IU March to Carl Meyer Llniverslty student Marrrrllen Mrller, new publlclty agent ol the Cotlee Shop . Betty lv4urrtZ .vomenls manager ol Debatlng Assoclatvon Mary Qlconnell fold pretty things at Steins . l-laroldlne palmuter, relaxed wlth plano 'unrs . Donna partridge, danced and danced-ballet, mostly llorence lpahully, whlzzed around representrng lhetas . . Alice Path, ' .worled ln home economics department . . Madelyn Reed, so delt wuth K QYQloolt.vorth's money that she was a "natural" lor -lheta treasurer '59, Leola Podenhauser, put her nlce volce to use holdang a chorus ollrce , M l'lelri'n Scheldler a good reason to lreouent the VEQISlVdV.S olllce . Q V Ann gel--i'rl-a, did protesslonal modellng . Margery Snody, associated 1 mth the Y RW C A Barbara Starkey, l4ept Theta mrnutes , Betty f lolrue snngular lor her novel rob In an anrmal hospital . . Jacouelyn 1 'Wal-te, went overboard lor surrealusm , , ,leanne Warwick, wrote ' sparltllng edltorrals as Collegian managlng editor . . Jean Wegman, if 'Xb hresge gurl .lanet Youngs, In on the new polyrnathlc Society l' 'XV Fon Frye Lett to rtght 'frqeltreld 'f-chqroerper loner Zuleger, tf hdppnl-3, A Er LCC P E4-:wx-jri llppqtt lpn' Frechenser, E Metzger, l We-od, E Suddall, l-lacltndrth Wrnftough, Hntsch, llnler Pow three Manton, ,l Tnddall, Shmlcls, l-l Ntlei, l M Unch, M Bolllnqer, Larson Pow two I Howqrf M Wdtfcrn, 'f-zfgcr Vreccf P llnnnzlly, f Perry Po-.-fone Grfidolph, lwtirrnllzr F 'fth,1fQr,F.1rrcIl V Wtilh D 'Jn 'man lklclycr 'flflrtrt'irS In tn.: lring tfst' ' afar J-fall In :"rlf 'wif , o Nfltaruw Bolllngvr danfrd ind tqoehr othfrs ,low pt rl-"' ri-an plo Ll 'foorgsty pos-in nry Elo Q,'- Y wire. lrninflly :no tilt: ,wnlng al wwf Batty BrQf1hfynSQr 6 Cdr-'Vt upto-'rn'-oi' ln htr nttnti PC-Si AWG Qrvsfh Qxfrrlng sriseuirns uworlrir Mury Ellfn Cmoouf :rwwt lashmon olatv ,loennw Cralts htir dttryntlon ol-.flflwrr hwtwfrin thc Fr- nth Clit and tha V 'QR C A. Datrrgta Dirnrnilly il,-,rw 3-rmtrf'l1rilf,1i lor ru Qilifj tlrmj Vlfgnf' Frjrrf ll rytlrlnil' :-'. HC ol pl D-'ltE. ani l,lVllx,FVEllly' Po: Crosf Laura Grmzloh atawsfn 'S 1 -tra we nirrvi oi rfgrllwr Joanna l-lncloarzn ci f'1rt..:l wrth 1 mylar. ol:r1r.lmlf'r G P. ,oofr Wlergerft lltznnll-'jr -inf' ill thi' Q-jrwrwilly -rn lln-it lx"l1rv ,lvl lonl Qulit' ano ,-will pitsao Mqrtirrng lnrsor- ,wltfy.1r'aC '.n,fcu:nJf All-if li," Du Drip wt:ffprv3S.lof'rtt ll.larThrilVl,1rutoVW ifwi' fl 'nc Flynn: Clnh 3 frost graclous r-r,1r",o+i'rS ,linfix 'l,"' t fl,-ir '3tvyr1W111QOyzwltll wtnrnnq -Nays Pnth Mctzgtir 5 hswart :rl gold tl? rornorfri l.or2 Nwyfrg rail artlitli tilent har: l-lolrin lxltlai fioc graofs hzhtttmlly Suzanm Perry gooo naturatj asslstant ln pcglsfrarls otlucti hvlnry l3rQf-i-T ol-:nty Dlvfiiant 3-"tw Saalhclo hobhlrs .-.nh wnar-gy l.Hr.f Schdlherrgfr, pl Drflt mannoquun Suzt1r1nQSQ'QgQr both studmoos ani soclaolQ Batty Shalcr worl-S at Lafrstns Marllyn ohurilczs at tlrmis louno ln 6 loalary Ellzdlwith glClCrjll, Sorority home manager Juntf Stdddll ltnown lor clcwirnoss , , Dorothy Sossnran lmglws and laughs Dorothy luooett, sororuty queen Dorothy loner, a lrnino who stncl-s Janet Unch Poooersl prvrsndcnt Mary Ann Vffjfson amnsungly muschueyuous Pxluco Wunlotlgh comtntncs lvmuty ,wth lnrfasns Vlrgunua hXfOllLl,VT1OClfZl'D dance efponant, Naornn Zuleqar enloyebla chattqr Janet Wood turns on an allorlng srnula wuth tary little' Coaxlng Pl DELTA CHI fl 1 ll ,, Pow four Lett to right P Ellrs, M Chambers, I-I. I-lull, I-leyn, C. Mulne, Pococlt, G. Sell. Row three Connell, Carter, McBurney. ,I P I-loltman, B Schaefer, cl Wagner Row two Wright, Schull, Urschel, E Lewis, V. Walton, Susson Pow one E Martin, C Collins, S Lehman, S. Schmitt, I-Iogle PSI CHI PHI xlfr f 54: 1 , fl., 7 It lops un pledging with Q8 neophytes, its sorority spurut and unpenetrable organuzatuon pushes psi Chu Phu ahead Rosalie Brown, president ol League of Women Voters Rosemary Carter, does art worlt, mainly un oils Martha Jane Chambers, lcept sorority minutes Carol Collins, home ec girl . . Mary Connell, delved into technucalutues ol secretarial studies . Betts Degner, dis- played a decorating talent Ruth Ellis, active un W. A. A, , Mars uorue Evans, excelled in tennis. Ruth l'leyn, lamous lor lovely grades . Martha Imlull, a Women Voter . Jo I-lohlman, worlced hard lor psi Chus Dorothy I-logle, bridge enthusiast Joyce hlolderman, won awards lor commercial art worlr: Suzanne Lehman, sorority president, un Student Council and Peppers . Evelyn Lewus, showed promise un elementary education Betty Lowry, bacl4 alter attending University ol Michigan Betty Mclgurney, married in April Dorothy Mell, spent an unlortunate two months on the suclf lust ,lean Muddlebrool-4, pursued commercial worln Catherine Milne, philip Morris campus representative Ann Moglord, spent second semester un Florida Bette Ann pococlf, capitalized on her beauty by modeling . Barbara Echaeler, psi Chi vice-president Anna .lane Schull, also married last sprung . Suzie Schmitt, uunuor representative to lnteragorority Council Genevieve Sell. Blade social correspondent Martha Susson interested un bus ad Eleanor Stephens, another to talee the Ill dow strip Evelyn lhornburgh, has a mind lor business .Eleanor lwunung busy gal Maruorue Llrschel, dud sltetches lor the buology department ,loan Wlagner noted lor her long bob Mary Lou Witt, spent spare tune thunl ing up crazy schemes Vurgunua Wlalton, played bridge .Betty Jlrught built up a reputation as a wut r rviw I f Qrvqm Pc,-,I three Left t-I right Nrelfw fr-.1"'1rr ' "'rrNrfr3- 1 Mfr FEA f V P' L "rrWfff- I rpg ,rn E' PM F-'Cm one Frrlcczrrmrt Lcpcld Pali Vgppfrgirt A groups?rmtcUrcr3rrtr1r'rc:rr.-.1irvrrr,. gms rw pJrp'a5+ or 'mv frcnrr- S :ation rs e enrrcrrn 'wi 5.55: frwfi ' ' 533-iz frlw'r1S'rrZi IG M A Ewiwatrucf Bornvap v.'i'rl.j'ri hnrci 12 'grirwf A frttrr if "rf F1ri'Vrirfw P I Trrrfsa Cu?'rr frjrrj-.wrmq rrgr m.jrP3cr:'f -:rr wrt j'r1 MJQV ':.":.rr rri' .wcfrl me at Tmctiuf Dgrrptrrv Eppfrrgrrr Harp''1ftrrr'w'rr'.vr .-.' if '5-"Ur 1hrlGrfrr 5 .mr-'dr i!'31'ifT1CfJILv S E5-,ztrrw Frfrg. rfru' '-iF1!rLgV'r-QM mtv D E 1 fnrucstrirrw whrrzh rjHCr!"'fW'j mr Hem swirl mf! Frm? igrwfrn- krxm Haftmfr Circ SOHC prafrrji' Kiwi'-rrr: 1' fiift errf: prwitr'-ii -'f' zuifwrrrfr- prsvcrworoqv pm trrr: Ends' by swrrrrrg rr: ri rwrri: -.Hy' rjff fwrfn JiifC'iJfr U- rrgrywira tuacrrlrrg rr'rgurw1Qrws:'r:ri3 iluif avi: talrrrrg car-1' 3' rrr. Urrrr. V'-If! Trlaatrrg' 5 props grfrma lkjic wwrrrtrirrrr rr, Flprrda md 'sprrrrc-33 rrr TrQatl.QS PM I' Mm ,-.' irhii irr tm' S1'I'Lrf"' if-E fi fre! CI-N H emo at Elcirrrrerr 5 Marict Fr1'rraLCpCrNr51 tw mrd fwgrrirrrq rrrfsldwrrr 1? grgma Dr Dorm trrc 5"iUi'st riwrpx -firirlf, mfr 'rn-5 U war-5 VN' rc-iord, for rts Hrirwcgr ltQr100S--S me vrprrtt fWaHrrr studrwn ,wr Studlfili .wrwgrr rrp? Euivlrwg rrqririif rrr WJ Frriff. iHr-1 Grrtrfi Mcmdrirsfirn wprlmg at Wm: frrrqrrog irHrQ., erm trwi Farr Stprrr Lv pusy Eurglym Pfappapirrt Circ: 5 51532 'ik'-:fcnr.,:t1rrg We 1 Urrwcrsuty orrgrrcerra For Pwr crjrrrecriumrj yr .uri Cprmpryrng drmrjsf Surmrtjrrqgugry .xrtfr im crjnjrrrrrr-Qrwt prec? Slgmd pn DQM5 Sdcrnfrmd thcrr Crrrrstrrrras Frjxrrrrgf and uwrtrr rm w bought defqrrsfj bpmjf AS a irJE5trtprt1:.rr mm rdg G sirrt gr damn' to rule box musuc Umar afrdrra arc? urruquri :rw that may cr:rmS-:St rrrgrgdy gf frrgmdy gg For thc purpose of cimttmg fzwqr Yrgrrt srwqdg guqrr je :Hg- gwem by rrrerr acvrsar Mrs ,Imam Ui SMHQ-rc WDFNCV H , , :IVE OV .KQV rz. xW 9' ,I :fr fren 'I pt wr ,. , ,.r,r,AK4,r .5 Hcri-'gmprf u urwumz In 119 i 'lull 1. 6Q Pow tour Left to right Herrman, Scarbrough, B Miller Pow three -P Hartman, Moser, Mudge, M Jordan, Steele. l? P E Fo1,H Shirl, bigler, cl M Quest Pow one B Brown, l2idenour, Vimura, Hesselbart, Q Pogers T A U Noted lor the lun people have at their parties, they're what you call DELTA SIGMA swell people Jean Alexander, represented Tau Delts in lnter-Sorority Council, led activities ol the Young peoples Federation ol the Toledo Council ol Churches .Ruth Ansberg, contributed much to University religious lile . Betty Brown, went overboard lor Ped Cross, being the First student to complete her assignment , , , Jean Douglas, helped send the Block- house on its way, gathering more Qhs and Ahs lor her gorgeous hair , , Ruth Fox, lound time occupied by worlc in the loledo Hospital Library ,Jean Guest, helped put the lower View Club on the map ., Lisa Herrmann, in charge ol costumes lor the University Theatre . . Eleanor Hesselbart, plagued sorority members lor dues . . . Marion Jordan, played an electric typewriter at the DeVilbiss Company . , l"laru Kimura, lovely little drum maiorette . . , Betty Miller, her mother is lamiliar to all who eat caleteria sandwiches and ice cream bars . . Margaret Mudge, J-Hop co-chairman . . , Jerry Moser, tied up in a medical technicians course , , Evelyn llidenour, started her profession early worlcing in Flower Hospital laboratories . A , Qaltley Rogers, her talent and activities lie in writing .. Lucille Salberg, danced profession- ally and in contrast held membership in Ellen Richards . A , Virginia Scarbrough, sold clothes to the Andrews Sisters when they visited Lasalles College Shop . , . Helen Shirlt, president ol lau Delts and the Association ol Economics Clubs ol Chio Colleges . , . Barbara Sigler, Q president ol W, A, A, sorority secretary . Ruth Steele, performed the 1 chaplains duties Clara Cordes, worl4ed in Smiths pastry shop . .l'?dOHQ SClWVO2d2I', newest fT1ZFI'1lD2l' ol l-dll Delta SIQFUG I ul .L J ig Pow lotur Left to ruqulut A A Lee, Eiuussclueuer, l,cvaru,, lntutlw, 'frughyxurud Nloor Puiuvy tluuee C Hrowru, tri, lunugaud, Yael-el, l?ulDdd2au,u-, lhprlev pox-. two 'Smart F DuJl"u2y liujuifup Faflwbuauuelw Dow. Henson Privy one llu,,ur'uQ,fAvu1' over, Adam, Paleclru, Hellsrerru An advarucung group to oe aornur.-ug lor tlueur gpurut, spnuffr-unowo wrrl, some lune gurls as rruemloers Bonnue Adarn unuector ol lule unto tlre l.atun Club tnrouglu urs socual commuttee Rtutlw Bengson, lnteregororuty Cotuncul mernloer, stouzl gurl at Meyer Jonassons Carolyn Brovvru gal vvutlw tume energy and talent to teaclw puano , Dorus Bussouelter ones collector and regustrar scheduler pluyllus Conover Spanuslu student lone Coruell burner ol canola at botlw ends, clerl-s at Xxfoolvvortlrs and aspures to be a meuilucal tetiln- nrcuan llways Dovv, Serves you at tlue Lulorary l:rrtl'u Dulley lousy Bloclvluouse secretary Dnyllus Anne Eel, Evenunq Sessuons liltluo: l'Vlanar3er Nlaruory Faslwloatuglw, loent on loeung an elementary teacluer lna lolellstern, server of Balduls halted goods Dorotluy lfuncaud, trumpet and puano player . Carol lsnuutlu puloted Zeta aituvutues Annue Lee, lover ol Latun Muldred l.evans, assustant to Dean Carter Eleanor paleclru, outdoor gurl vvluo enuoys W A A auituvutues Crustune Pappas, vvlwo luadnvt turne to do rnuclu else alter studyung lavv yvutlu an all A record , . Betty Pulinadeauf, slwels gonna teaclw luorne econorruluis Nlaruan Smart, smart enotuglw to be an otlucer ol tlue predornunately rnale band , lluelma Srnutlu second Zeta to talte up lavv Jayne lluorley, paunts poster art Arlune Vaeltel, sororuty secretary ZETA GAMMA PHI 5 CGI I PGP GF ARTS AND SCIENCES XX X b X ' lo give a broad educational baclcground that will assist students when they choose a specialized Field is the goal . N and accomplishment ol the College ol Arts and Sciences. QXNM Arts students have greater freedom ol courses than any others- barely one third ol the collegels courses are re- fAtlNlDl2ElfQ" l WNSEND, dew 1 X J G l Km quired, leaving about 85 hours to be elected by the student. This does not give one absolute freedom, hovvever, lor guidance in the arts and sciences college is carefully done by advisers, and there are requirements in each Field that must be met before graduation. 1 flair Ili T7 V' gt, ,.453'.,5if "5" f . Q , ,, g 41' L , .L 4 M. i . - Left ln the chemistry laboratory, a freshman prepares a First assignment, Pre-medicine is listed under the arts and science college, andthe Universitys preemedical training is considered one ofthe best in Ohio. Right home economics students ha 16 the benefit of the new and modern Lunetta A. Walls laboratory Completely equipped and beautiful in its stream- lined elliciency, it is an attraction for many dietetics majors CGI I PGP OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIQN lhe only real dlllerence between thus college and that lm ,,f xl-.-.fvxs,st-hlS Y. ol arts and sciences rs that bus ad students as they are so lreouently nuclcnamed, must mayor In a busnness subyect -7 lhe enture clty ol loledo seryes as a laboratory lor students to practlce their pruncuples lhey do not learn only lrom boolcs, they are assugned prolects rangnnq lrom a study ol the boolcs ol one llrm to adyertusrng layouts lor a depart- ment store. Enablnng, loledoans to learn actual business lacts rather than textboolc theorres, the Bureau ol Business Research, arzr other leature ol thus college, publushes a monthly Bust' ness Reyneyy, a statistical record ol busrness condutuons employment and lrnance lor the crty. Left-Arnold W, Lapp, assustant professor of accountrng, lectures and rlluztrates hls tall lor some ol hrs bumnesa admrnr tratlon students Pnght-Blggest woe ol boolleepnng students li the unescap-able prar1tlcC'lZt Here y-ilu 'ee tudent' drrnr preparatory worl- for the ordeal CLNP ls SEARLES ri nrt S CCI I PGI: ol EDUCATICDN Secondary, elementary and vocational education are the three helds open to students ol the College ol Education. The hrst is lor those interested in high school teaching, the second lor those to vvhom grade school vvorl4 appeals, and the third lor those vvhose abilities lie in instruction in modern industrial Fields. Since loledo is one ol the best cities in the nation with regard to education, students have a decided advantage. practice teaching in Toledo schools gives valuable ex- perience to the upper grade students, and thus their First teaching positions Find them well trained and capable ol DAVID W HENPV dean handling classes. The teacher placement service of the University is greatly responsible lor securing positions lor University ol loledo education graduates. Specihc courses and combinations ol subjects are suggested to insure quicl4 placements. if 'W ' '-.W 5 as Ygkwwiyrqv- ld Q :L 1 ' W --fn"-'m.,rL.gM I ' V5.1 . W. . ,, .1' ,.1...: L.:..., i' ' S .? YYfYfYfrl'r'frfrffrrfr L- 'rfrfrrrrflrrfrrfrrrr . Z .fffffTFV'Fl"' X' ' l rY'YYrrfrY"rllflrr"ffF ', if rrrrrrrrrlr 3 I -A 1 ICCCCCCCCCIC lelt A practice teacher, Gladys Flavell, demonstrates her ability to explain facts in simple language in the Universitys ezperiiallf equipped room for the training of elementary education teachers The University placing bureau is superior, in that it places nearly all its graduates Pight Doing its best to build up University men for armed service, the physical educa- 'icin department, in the College ol Education, novv requires every male student to take an hour course every semester, l-lere lofr Fitggibbdn watches his student, PatDonnelly,llltvve1ghts CGI I EGE QI ENGINEERING lVlore than srmply growth can pe attrrputed to the progress V ol the College ol Engrneerrng rn the past few years, words more lrlce expansron, progressryeness and yrtal to natronal defense should pe applred. 'CJ it For thrs college has allred rtsell wrth the goyernment sponsored program ol engrneerrng, scrence and manage- ment delense trarnrng courses through Dean Delos IVI I3alf mer, who rs coordlnator ol the program lor northwestern Chao. A total ol T400 persons regrstered lor thus program last semester, lhe Introduction ol signal corps trarnlng lor radio tech- nrcrans brought 6G young loledo men here lor trarnrng lhe rnlluence ol thas College was Ielt rn Dehance and I-Ierdelperg Colleges, where E. S, Nl D I courses were begun under our Unryersrtys drrectrons lvl PALNIEP dffarr Requrrements lor a degree rn engrneerrng are hrgher' than they are lor any other degree A total ol I45 hours are needed, and more than two-thrrds ol thrs worl rs rn re- ourred courses. Alter a couple years ol general Iearnrng the engrneenelect may specralrze rn some held cryrl mechanrcal, electrrcal or engrneerrng chemrstry Left Out surveyrng part of the campus are two students enrolled rn cryrl engrneerrng Qn fall and sprung days such a SIQl'lfISldVT1IlIdf. Students are gryen much opportunity for practical efrperrences, through laboratory experiments and actual proyects, rn the engrneerrng department Rrght Iyan E Zarobsly, professor of mechanrcal engrneerrng, pornt-3 out the worlcrngs of a gear to a group of hrs students A well Irghted and modern drawrng room rf, avarlable to Future engrneerr 1 ED'X'Al?D S, SlllVlSC9lNl, lormer dean CQ! I PGP ol LAW Charter member ol the League ol Ohio Lavv Schools and one ol the hve lavv colleges in Qhio recognized by the American Bar Association, the College ol Lavv is one ol the oldest departments in the University. Qrganized in 1906 vvhen classes were taught in the V. lvl. C A., it became an orlicial part ol the University 1n1909. Lavv degrees were otlered until 195252, but lrom then until 1933 the school operated as a division ol the College ol Arts and Sciences until 1933, and only a certihcate ol lavv vvas given. lhe lavv college vvas re- established as a separate college in 1934, granting the degree Bachelor ol Lavv. Each lavv student is assigned to a practicing attorney who acts as his adviser. The adviser arranges a program such as he vvould lil4e to have outlined lor him, if he vvere novv preparing to enter the legal profession. Largely through the eliorts ol Charles W. Racine and Dr. Edward S. Stimson, lormer law deans, the College ol Law gained membership to the Association ol American Lavv Schools in January. This is the highest rating agency for lavv schools in the United States. Charles W. Fornoll became dean ol the college vvhen Dr. Stimson accepted a post in Washington during the second semesters UMW Lei' Lan Etudenti govern themselves through the law council, pictured above. The council is responsible for bringing mam eminent member: ol the l1.v prolecsron here to spealr Right The advantages ofthe University Library andthe Toledo e .' 'L""CClilif' ri Library qi-fe la rv' sludentf accea-S to more than Q0,000 volumes, l-lere l-larold Scheer studies in a private one of the ie,eral reterfed for Student: enrolled in his college. CCI I PGP ol PHARMACY Nearly every loledo and Northwestern Qhio druggist has received his pharmaceutical education at the University ol loledo. Considered one ol the hnest in the country, students are enrolled from many other states and some lrom Foreign countries. lhe College ol Pharmacy until 1938 was operated as a division ol the College ol Arts and Sciences, but with the appointment ol Dr, George l.. Bal4er as dean it was made a separate college in the University, A new curriculum has been set up to correspond with and meet the requirements ol the American Association ol Colleges ol pharmacy. At present T36 credit hours are required lor graduation and lead to the degree ol Bachelor ol pharmacy. This curriculum also prepares graduates lor pharmaceutical chemists and lor graduate worlf in the held ol pharmacy. 1 E E' ms? Xi Known throughout Ohio for its excellence in creating successful pharmacists, the College of Pharmacy makes available to students the opportunity to study under excellent laboratory conditions the composition ol medicines and chemicals. GEGPCJE L BAl EP, dear PPEEIDENT l3l-lltlp C. NASH Sl-IAKE HANDS Witb tlwe Faculty. Really a svvell group ol people, you slwould get to l4novv tlwem better. llwey are an integral part ol tlwe community. l-lere you may see pictures ol tlwis in' dustrious and indispensable group ol people at vvorl4, not only at tlwe Uni- versity, but in civic activities, and at play. No better vvay to express tlme well planned and ellicienctly dispensed activity ol tlwe laculty can be devised tlwan as it vvas in last yearls Blocldwousez Mllwe lwours ol tlie cloclc are guided by tlwe president, tlie moments by tl'ie deans, and tlie seconds directed by tlwe instructorsn 'L - f: ln cvlf .ed ILM-.:rier, lfr l-Healing the routine between classes, Messrs Lapp, Emclw, Mogendortl lagged away from her husbar .t , t ,rg ce'liri'i irr the srrdtairfallee tftletime oll lcttalriendly card partytntlie Faculty Lounge Nlrs. Bonn E. Petcoll QMIS5 Ha f l'r ht' nigh' tgltf- D Geiner, registrar, as e -r lmovvn in professional lilel t a liglwtone. FACULTY IN DEFENSE War came to the Unrversnty and vvent avvay, taltlng vvlth lt many members ol the laculty Some vvent to the armed servuces, but most ol them vvere called to tal-'e l-cey posts rn Washington, D. C, in Important government agencues lhose who stayed at the Llntverslty dad their share IU prof tectrng Pxmerlca. Many men, and vvomen, too, enrolled in or taught delense courses, sugned up lor cuvuluan delense, Red Cross, or drd anythrng they could to male the vvar shorter. Faculty members vvho lelt durrnfa the year are Dr Nathan Becker, Ersel l.elVlasters, lsrrlq l-l Stone, Ralph li Bovverso-, Dr, Edward S. Stumson, Dr. Angelos lheodorudes, Du W Noel, Bertha R Desenberg, l-larry W Dame and ls Eloyd Grbson Actual mllutary trarnrng began on the campus ln lVlarch when Dr, l:ranl4 l-llclcerson, captain In the coast artlllery reserve, organized a pre-unductron mllrtary unstrtute tor lnterested men students, other loledoans and outaot-tovvn resrdents. About l3O traunees met un the Ereld l-louse every Eruday lrom 7 to lO p.m. and drrlled, learnnng the essentuals ol unlantry trainrng and gettnng a measure ol army duscuplune FN Ldptaln F F' l-lvtlef-crrr, craft artlllcrv reserve, lS d r rector ol the pw-rnductrcn mllltarv rnztrlute, irhnwrr rv actlctn ball:-.rt l-l-1' X.-,eart a frmpler unrlcrrm lor the drrlllnlt, and wrt c.r,v'C.L .gap Illg rhg rq-t at the lellov-.r Above, left, Pnght dressl Members ol one platoon ol the pre-lnductuon mrlltary rnstntute held every Errday nlght learn quncl obedrence to army commands. Rrght: Practising artrtrcral resplratron on vuctnms not unconsclous are these Eaulty Dames, Old Qrchard resrdents and students, all members ol a lrrst and class under Dr. Kenneth Redman. -ti kg., N 1 --X " 'v- y-. Q Q W 2 Q' '- e cs, f.. Gig? if ii, L A -JP' as ua C' in :' 9q V' T,-was I. f ' S- ea it x I 1 65's f .Gif ,. ww -.,, I t Y'- .i :Hu lab, 3 s--' -, GEQRGE L. BAKER Dean of the College of Pharmacy, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry. MORLIN E. BELL Director of dramatics, assistant professor of English. DOUGLAS H. BELLEMGRE professor of finance, SARAH S.. BISSELL Assistant professor of English. MAY A, BLANCHARD Assistant professor of home economics RQV A BOWERS Formerassistantprofessorofpharmacy. HCWARD H, M. BQWMAN Professor of biology, adviser and registrar for pre-medic and pre-dental stuclents, JCHN B. BRANDEBERRV Professor of mathematics, professor of en- gineering mechanics, instructor in Engineer- ing Defense Training program, CQRNELILJS G. BRENNECKE Associate professor of electrical engineer- ing and physics, instructor in Engineering Defense Training Rrogram, MARY L. BRGWER Assistant professor of secretarial training. WALTER F. BRGWN professor of electrical engineering, instruc- tor in Engineering Defense Training pro- gram. RICHARD BUGELSKI Assistant professor of psychology. WALTER V. BLIRG Assistant professor of chemistry, assistant professor of metallurgy, instructor in En- gineering Defense Training program. l-TQWARD S BURTCH Assistant professor of sociology. CHARLES J. BUSHNELL Professor of sociology. WAYLAND C. BVERS purchasing agent. MARIAN V. CARREL Assistant registrar, RAVMGND L, CARTER Dean of Administration, Director of the Junior College, professor of education, VELDA B. CARVER Assistant professor of education. DENSIL COOPER Assistant professor of physics. BESS V. CUNNINGHAM Professor of education, WAVNE DANCER professor of mathematics, instructor in En- gineering Defense Training Program BERIHA R. DESENBERG Former head of department of pInysicaI edu- cation for women, assistant professor of pfiysical education, KATHERINE EASLEY Dean of women, associate professor of EngIisfw BESS EMCH Instructor in pfiarmacy DONOVAN E EIVICI1 Assistant professor of poIiticaI s r- RQSARIQ FLORIRE Assistant professor of Spanisfr CHARLES W ECJRINIC EF Associate professor ot aznng oear tfie CoIIe3e of Law. LQRAIN FQRTNEV Lecturer in business Is,-. LAWRENCE IVI ERIEDRICH Associate professor of cisil engi GEORGE A FLILLEF Eorrner instraiioi .r CIWW THCIVIAS E GIBSCN former associate professir f ai education MRS. RICHARD E GILLI-IAN Librarian. IRENE GLAZIII Assistant professor f r arai rainir CLARA E GQEI-IRIKLE Associate professor of fore'2n GEORGE A GLILLETTE Assistant professor of EngIisfw instruc.- Engineering Defense Training Rrograrr MRS CHARLES I-IANNEIEN Assistant in tfie information office DAVID W. HENRY Dean of tfie Colfege of Education prafps sor of education PHILIP H. HENSEL Associate professor of business administra ion WILLIAM E, HELIER Assistant professor of rnecnanicaI engineer ing. FRANK R. I-IICKERSON Assistant professor of education secretary of tfie bureau of recommendations. fieao of military institute. GERTRLJDE HOPKINS Assistant in tfie office of tfie dean of administration. i 4 Ja lic'- S".e'2'... N Wx- ian- I: an ya . I ' In r V f C 1 . 1 . in -P sa X ' ' 4 ' ,Q . Ei Av- lr- APVID I. JOI-INSCN Assistant professor of liistory. I-IENIQV P. KREIDEI2 Professor of clwemistry. JOSEF L. KUNZ professor of international law. AIQNQLD W. LAPD Assistant professor of accounting JUAN LAUB Assistant in tlie finance office. MALIRICE M. LEMME Associate professor of matliematics, instruc- tor in Engineering Defense Training Program ELIZABETH LGI-IREN Instructor in accounting. DOIQQII-IV LONG Assistant in office of tlne registrar. JESSE I2. LUNG Assistant professor of political science LLICILLE E. MACK Secretary to tlsie president. ALINA F. MAPKOWSKI Assistant in tlwe office of tlie registrar. ERNEST MARKS Instructor in personnel. A. KEITH MQKEAN Instructor in EngIisI1,delJate coac NICHOLAS MGGENDORFF Professor of natural science, LAIVIOIQA IVIUELLEP Lecturer in pliysical education. DIX W. NQEL Assistant professor of law. I-IAPQLD G. QDDY Professor of clnemistry. G I-IARRISQN QIQIANS professor of American Literature, director of tlne summer session, lwead of Englislw de- partment, DQNALD S. PARKS Personnel director, associate professor of business administration, adviser of tlie Pan l"IeIlenic Council. IVIAPII-IA E. PQLLARD Instructor in Home economics. MRS. FLQYD RADABAUGI-I Instructor in English, adviser to women in Florence Scott Libbey I-Iall, womens dormi- KENNETH REDMAN Assistant professor of pharmacy MARIAN E. RICHLEV Assrstant professor of physical educatuon, head of the department of physrcal educa- tion for Women MARTHA D SCHEQSSER Assrstant rn the frnance oHrce. CHARLES A SCHULTZ Lecturer rn mechanical engrneerrng structor un the ground school of the Cnr! Rnlot lrarnung program ERMAN Q SCQTT Associate professor of cryrl cngrneerrne and engrneerlng mechanics, rnStruCtOr rn Engineering' Defense -lrarnlng RrO9rarn, RUBY l SCOTT Assocrate professor of rhetorrc CEAIR K SEARLES Dean of the College of Busrness Acmrnr tr ii N 's as ff L.-1: .:' 1 " .ww tnon, professor of economncs and com r , JAMES G SQUTHWQRTH Assoclate professor of Englush BRENTQN W STEVENSON Drrector of evenrng sessrons, edrtor of the Bulletin of the Unrversrty of Toledo, assocr- ate professor of Englrsh, executuve secretary of the Alumnr Assocratron, drrector of pub- llclty RAUL W. STANSBURV Drrector of graduate study, asso rate pro fessorofeducatron EDWARD S STIMSQN Dean of the College of Layy prof s r cr law KIRK H STQNE former assrstant professor of geography JQSERH W, STRALEV lnstructor rn physrcs ANDREW J TOWNSEND Dean of the College of Arts and Scrences professor of hrstory DQRQTHV E WATSON lnstructor un secretarral screnc CLAUDE H WATTS Assocuate professor of accountrng EERN Q, WELKER lnstructor rn mathematics GUY E VAN SICKLE Rrofessor of chemrstry, RAE WILBUR MARKS Assrstant rn the offrce of the dean of a rnlnlstratron JUNE Bt WINSLCDW Assoclate professor of mathematrcs and astronomy. IVAN E, ZARGBSKV Professor of mechanucal engrneerrng, adyrser to the Blockhouse, b 'w YQHQ- .r . .ww 't . WEN Jr: 7 . 'T-' fly 'N 'Y g .N "EFF-"i , 1 1' 'lx 'ar QQ: cQ.....n f s -.---V WIN. ,- x - Q. S CE' 1 -va-.X ,ms -0' 4 SQ. Qa- 4-N R452 . ' WQMEN IN THE WAR A u. M The pictures on these two pages tell the story Yi ol how Red Cross lever hit the University un yt ai g the past school year. ln classrooms, in the R ' X l" gl -' 1 womenls lounge, in the cafeteria, in the 1' ', faculty lounge needles and hngers Flew to construct garments lor someone somewhere. Xxlhat ns loelreved to he the hrst unwersuty 3 chapter of the Pxmencan Ped Cross was or- genuzed here late last tall under the directeon cl lane Farrell, who headed the executuve hoard nncludung Suzanne Schroeder, Suzanne CI' Lelman, Elleen Vogler, and Virgunna Gurldns, ..f Fx portlon of the womenls lounge was con- terted to a Red Cross headquarters, where students and residents ol Qld Qrehard and Cttawa lmlnlls Could get sewing materials. ul lvl l,lrushN Farrar 'A Vogler, Cutler Volunteer Workers applled by tfwe dozens for ltnrttrng, sewrng and clerical worlc, and it was not long before one-tfwrrd of tfwe total woman population fmad some Red Cross article to lteep frer busy. fall grocery bags stamped wrtfn a Red Cross dotted classroom floors and became as muclw a part of a coed's outfrt as lwer lwandbag and boolcs. Before tfme U. S declaratuon of war all ltnrttrrtg and sevvrng went to refugees all over tlwe world, but afterwards rtems were made for Pxmerrcan soldiers, sucfw as sweaters, rrufflers. soclts, mrttens lwosprtal garments and surgscal dressrngs ln tfte beginning rt was found tlwat diapers were No l on tfte l-,nrt parade for women, wfwo also completed many otfwer artrcles for clml, dren sucfw as mrttens, layettes dresses ano sweaters llwe ftrst girl to turn rn a completed Item was Betty ,lane Brctwn senror In tfre College of Educatron, vylno frnuslwed a dress by October 75, nm? days dlf6t Red Cross materlals were frrst drstrrbuted ln Nlarcfr tlwe lcnlttlng wave was rvvalled by participation ID classes for crvrluan defense by many students Dean Easley establrsfwed two Qed Cross classes fwere frrst and classftaugbt by Dr llennetfw Ped- man, and a class rn nutrrtnon rn canteen wcfrlt, under tlwe tnstructron ofMrs R A Slwenfreld I I 7 as Y. faculty Dames our ftw rn. Q':' nm Q1 RELIGICDUS CCDUNCIL MRS STEPHEN K MAHON Sponsor oi the series oi chapel programs held each semester, the University Religious Council just con- cluded three years oi service on the campus, It is organized as a student-faculty committee, appointed by president Philip C. Nash, to represent Catholic, Jewish and Protestant groups. Under the leadership oi lvlrs. Stephen K, Mahon, the council aims to further inter-iaith understanding and interest among University students, By non-compulsory services, the Council provides a common meeting place ior meditation and prayer, and also brings distinguished clergy and laymen here to discuss timely supiects It you are a steady chapel attender or ii you drop in novv and then, you are Familiar with the tvventy-Five minute service on Wednesdays or lhursdays. There is usually Dr. Cornelius G. Brenneclce at the organ ior the prelude and postlude and as accompanist for the hymns. Qne oi the Council members or some- times another student is chairman and introduces the ten-minute spealcer. The chapel choir, sitting at the leit oi the stage, sings with the audience and occasionally presents a special hymn. Quite iniormal, the nonfdenominational program otiers you a ievv quiet minutes once a vveelr for eight Neelrs oi each semester. During the First semester a series oi services on Ul2eligion and the College Studentn ldrought a variety ol pertinent topics including religion in other countries. Among the persons vve had Nere a graduate and past Student Council president, the Rev. Lloyd l-lollovvay, who gave us a young minister's views, and Dr. Lola Lauter, physician and Former German citizen, who inspired her audience to feel the value ol the American student Freedom. The pearl hlarbor attaclc and our entrance into the war gave the Religious Council a tew new ideas for chapel discussions, and in February the series concerned HWhat Are We Defending." Rabbi Leon l lieuer, ol the Collingwood Avenue Temple, the Reverend Arthur l-largate ot lrinity Church, Edmund Ruhfin, chairman of the lndustrial peace Board, and Dr. paul W. Stansbury, ol our faculty, were among the speakers. Attendance in chapel varies from Q00 to 600, but there is always an interested group in the audience. Cooperation of the faculty in agreeing to a tive-minute cut in morning classes on chapel days helps the suc- cess of this acitivity. Student members ot the Religious Council are Robert l-lolmes, .loan Qfonnor, Beatrice Borman, Thomas Ward, James Benschoter, Jean Kesler, Qtto Bollenbacher, Faculty members are Dr, Brenneclce, Dr. Emil l.ucl4i and Dr. Nathan M, Beclcer, until he left lor a Washington government position, Special holiday programs for Thanksgiving and Christmas are also arranged by the Council with groups such as both the Vs and the Student Council assisting. Small but signiticant activities passing out pro- grams, stutling mailboxes with chapel announcements are performed by many ditterent campus organiza- tions, usunng, but essential to the chapel activity. ldeas, suggestions and criticism are always welcomed and appreciated you may remember that 1 e -. - i t"i: 357 'CF' Pow two'-'Lett to right: Benschoter, Cfonnor, Ward, Pow one' Borman, Brenneclce, Kesler. It is 1101 for IIS fo say . . . To illf6l'lDl'6f the sigzzrfcaizce 0 events . . Bllf here is the stozfy . . . If is Ike lDic1'111'e of the 91011111 0f1942 . . 'Seniors vvill meet in room 1 next lvlonday morning at 10:30 to discuss class plans for tlie year, it was announced today by Bart Quinn, class president." So read tl'ie story in tlie Campus Collegian ol September 19, 1941, But tlwe best laid plans oi mice and men gang alt agley. So said Robert Burns. lvventy-live years ago a graduating class ol tl'ie University ol1oledo marclwed away to vvar, tlwe men in uniform, tlwe women to vvorlc belwind tl'ie lines. ln June, 1942, nearly all tlwe graduates ol tlwe University will l'iave gone to tiglit tlieir Nations battlesfin Australia, England, lndia rin tlre factories of America and in l'ier laboratories 'in tlwe struggle tliat is Americas so tlrat tvventy-tive years from novv perlwaps tlwe class ol1967 may step lortlw into a better vvorld. And tliis is tlwe class ol194Q. Young men and Women. Future doctors and nurses, teaclwers and business men, engineers and liousevvives, students vvl'io spent lour breatliless years ol lwappiness and lriendsliip, united in tl'ie Friendly, gay rivalries ol tlwe campus. We see tlwem marclwing, in l4lial4i and in overalls, in navy blue and laboratory coats. We see tliem marclwing out to liglit tlwe battle ol America And as tliey marclw tlney will be singing, singing tlie vvords Dave Brown vvrote For 1'.l,l.'s l:iglitSong...i'tl1e enemy must yield, vveill liglit just like our ancestors, and marclw on dovvn tlwe Field." iigeniors oi tl'ie class oi 1949 vvill meet lvlonday in room 1,,' will read tlwe story in tlwe Campus Collegian ol September 19, 1967. Tliey vvill also meet in Arlington, in lndia, in Russia and Clrina, in England and in Germany, lor vvlwerever tlwere are ideals and liope tlwe class ol194Q vvill meet. And tliat slwall be tlwe memorial oi tlwe class ol194Q. THE THREE P'S . .. E 16 Q I I I I I ' W ir PULCHRITUDE fPERSONALITY ir PARTICIPATION A classlfal gr t l - , ae y loeauty wltlw vwud Coloring Dorotlmeas appearance exemplulnes lwer talents, lor lwer artustlc abnluty lwas enabled lner not only to laecome an actnve woman on campus, but to earn a good part ol ner way tlnrouglw college Posing lor lovely pastures as a sample matter lor Dorotlnea Slwes had lots ol practice, model- ung professionally Il'l ner spare moments ,t Q, .,t lltl t l DOPQTI-lEA MEINEN ,lEPxlXlNE l?LlTAlXl Gay and caprucuous, witty and clmarmung, Jeanne mnglwt easuly be called tlwe personality gurl, l-ler hair, curled un a style clwaracterustlc ol lwer youtlw, is tlwe distinctive note to .leanne's beauty. Slwels not a pertinent cog in extra- rrlcular Functions, but with Pootin' tlwere, omplete. Shes a person you can't clluness, lovely appear cu the partys c lwelp lllcing lor l'1er lrien ance and poise. Combtntng a ssnceruty of nnterests with nncc features ano rntelllgence, Joyce has made a martf for herself at the Unwerslty A levef heaoec person sttlf possessing spontanenty and gatety, she has accornphshed much, yet has 'nauntamned a slmphcnty to toe admnred A sctcnce mator, Joyce Nas president of Sugma Mu Tau womens medical honorary, until she tool up futt ttrne studtes at Totedo Hospntal as a talooratory asslstant JCJYC E PATTH EY MAR IELLEN MILLER pleasantly agreeable, yet VVltl'l dellmte view- ponnts ol lwer own, Marnellen possesses an en- viable equality ol tlwe tlwree Clmaracterustncs- pulclmritucle, personality and participation ' l a college type, slwe as Fashionable vvrltes a column lor tlme C Flew Shop Dlstvncty Marlellen les as o , en last and active Campus Colleguan, vvor publl nt, and ran lor May Que year city age Away with miimess and in with compri- The formzilfz for fashion in 1942- 'U' 'X :-:-1 .-., l-lfXl2fxflllNlG in tlweir simplicity, typical garments are modeled lor you by youffstudents of TU. Sally Salberg and Jim Emery relax in tlie Union Library, dressed in wlwat most every student wears most every day saddle slioes, pastel sl4irt and sweater vyitlw a diclde for Sally, and a pale green tffeed coat with contrasting cross-weave brown trousers, tapered in Esquire style and slwort in lencgtlw, reaching scarcely below tlie anlcle, for Jim. f p:,. ,Af L S. Le. ...- rx fa out .attempt for band bo clfsmorl nr t rweeefmrr lfmt vvearlrr W :WC t flu rlglwr ll s r arm rv mme Llrnclw dons d pollfa clot term: 0 tlwt mth Flv b cl' heed lcr lwer p r Cr une m Qrlfrr fr Q comfortable wear anvtrme anvvvhere and lS el 0 drsplavmq the footwear above d Harem from the U ual addle and oll hem Imac l-l I-rr O restf her blondness rm a blaclf velvet formal that everv curl would I let he ble! ea Phvllr Anne U per he lr lu lx r p 1 p an 5 rr sweater an pearl A orovvn velvet dre th 0 vml yaclet fl tl' U Q or r dr Hr QCKHOUSE 'G' xii I5 E X , , NMC iifgi 4':""- 2 Qaldey Rogers editor Left: Firth Durfey, secretary, Martha Morrell secretaryfs assestarnt Rught: Lloyd Goorw photographer Weston GdVdF1ZV, LDUSIVTZSS mdl'!dglZl'. lnvadrng tlwe turbulent dornrcrle ol tlwe Collegran ollrcer tlwe Blocltlwouse made rtselr at lwonre rn lts new lweddqudrters, Seraoped ri bit wrtl'r its nerglrbors bedtrng tlrem ol'l IU tlwelr GDQ-lIln6 momentS ol Climbing over tlre rsolratrng wall ltrssed twell slwool bands ranywayb and made up ln slnort, tlre Blocllrouse nad d wonderlul time Along wltlnr gettrnq its new lwouse tlwe Blocltlrouse tlnrnlts rt got Sorne new Ideas and new lrle wlnrelw luxe produced er new bool. llwe stall bds been ra lward worlrng one and rs certarn tlne bool- slwows rt Heres lwoolng you tlwlnl So too Qrilley Qogers Editor Westorr Gardner Busrness Manager' Beatrrce Bormran Assrstdnt Edrtor Lloyd Soon Dlwotogrwaober l:rrtln Dulley Seer'etarw Plnrlro Luetle Soorts Edrtor lvlerrrll l-lrarrrson Fxssoerate Edltor' Dorotlry lrppeii Lrterrary Edrtor Nlrartba ulo Nlorrell gerxrree Award Fxrlrne Yfjelel gerwee Award ljlorotlnei Nlernen Cartoons Donald Ellrg rArSSlfrlril'll ldusrness Nlrarraqer Brasrl Fouzsranee Crrrzuijtron Nlarraqer AIDES SlJ1riVTVN2S2Q'2v?I' Betry Une -le1nDou9las Erle l'lrll Vrrgrnra Wralls Lucrlle Rrel-ard l.uCy l-lollrger, Jael Bremer, Vrneent lNl.awrarr'e l-ran F Zarobsly Advrser ,Q -1 6 7 un-4 ' 5 T1 Pow three f-Left to rr-ght l:OlJSSId!'1ZS, D Ellrs, M l-larrrson, Luetl-e, Bremer, l-lrll Pow two L Qoon, Douglai, Yael1el,See-3er,MorreII, Urre, l-lolluger Pow one Borman, M Srnger, O Pogers, G 3ell,F Dutley, Prclard ?C CAMPUS CCDLLEGIAIXI is 9X gs- X I I C C Merrlll Harrison, editor Left to rlgnt: philip Luetlce, news editor Hdrrison,JeanneWerwucL,managangedntor Kenneth Pieger, sports editor, Howard Ness, business manager, lhe rob ol a newspaper is to tell its readers what is going on. lhe newspaper also has the privilege, and duty, ol commenting editorially on the happenings it reports. lhat's what the Campus Collegian did this year, Credit lor all that was good in the Collegian should go, not only to editor Merrill l-larrrson, but to his hard-worlring reporters, editors and business stall. For the eighth time inthe last ll years the Campus Collegian was selected best college weelclylin Qhio lhe award was announced at the annual Qhio College Newspaper Association held on loledos Campus lor the First time this year. War and its attendent dilliculties in the matter ol Financing the publicatron proyed no great hazard to l-loward Ness, probably the best business manager in the Q4 years ol the Collegian, lhe best that can be said ol him is that without him there would have b manager, but l-loward Ness was tops. MEERILL l-lAPPlSOl.l EDlTOPfllJ-CHIEF 44 P7 ElrlTCil2lfxt, ?TfxFF eanne Waryvicl Philip l.uetle Galley Rogers kenneth Pieger Virginia Girl-inf C4 P7 fXfr'fl'7TAllT Eflllfflw Vichard Bridenbauch Marrellen lVlrllCr lean Beat Vcrbert lohnz lloyd Coon lvlanaging tditor l lee. 'I Editor fvscfciatc tditcrr frporti Editor 'nciiiew tdrtcrr F wart ' pcrti tdr':r E-change tditor ant ji'f'rilC'V tortirr tvartr,-,irir'? l'hcrt-Jgraphel een no Collegian, ltls no easy rob, that ol business Bllirllltgf- TTAFF l-lKilWAlr'f' llthir l'll,lfrllslE'frfi MAllArVrtP Cllrn Pelton Af,-.ifrtant Business Manager Fcrbcrtbraurr, lf1lenlj1r.,ingr,r Advcristinq lfrcrlicitcr- Vobert Wetnight Circulation fylanagcr Aifistantf Edlbserrbcrg, fAxrthiirliH?',il1i?tlL'r, lamef Cobley, Plichard Cc-rrrgan, lacl llomitcr Pr-:hard 'arch Wcndcll lohnfcirr, Howard Mitchell, lacr 'fchrreider l"Elll:'l'lt P9 Helen llilcs, Qatherinri Sloan, lfrcrrriyiexe Durbin, lcah 'fiharrtefrn Pcisalre From.-.ri lloyd Ewan, "rclma laricrbf, flollv Pen-:le llarcrfdirrc Palmiter, lvlariqhcrita lcslic, patty l-larnmontrec, llorothea Cartrir Eileen Vogler l-lclen hcherdler, llutl1'fr!QQlC, ,lacl Hremer, barbara Warley, Fred l'irT-t,ghriCr, ffhr:-'lcr full.-Yrirld, Air-ze AAClgdl'ldl'l,li1Cf'lf' weve 'iCll, 'fially l-lalpin, lacl Wilhelm, llcrlcirew Nlacl, Nlailha Li nc-rr pOtilf'? W1I.r3r, Martha Ururttifr Vincent Navarre ,nXd.Y,iQ,, llcrrroyanl: Emch Pufirri William t l-lall, lditiirwl Pow three Left to right Waller, A Deghetler, Wilhelm, G Grainger, .lohns Pow two P Elraun, luetle, W Piel, Beat, Girlrins, Q Pelton, Bremer, L. Goon. Row one 'Y Ness, Warwick, M l-larrison, O Pogeri. ,ff 4 "X ' .I I r'+ g - S SSS! f-PDOVJ rne, but you loolf yusr lrlfe Margie H And ll you read Maggie and Jlggs, you l4now tlwus fellow wants to get affluanrrted Mtlw Carol lfflwlte Spealung to strange gurls IS permissible at l U tlwo ln 'll-lello Yfeel-"V By tlw srze ol tlm , ug ln Fact, :ts encoura cl cl , P . ose slwoes, Joan, 1t's no Orr 5 ilvttltl - -l ' ' V ge urrng wonder you lmave to sul g IO ate nlglnt Don t X ence your way up tlue dor . Norry,sl1e wont be C prflture r 'f I mntory starrs ampused lor Corning In lat FI fn, ooseoj Tlw re t l l e to orence Scott Llbbe l-l II , u .S o ,loan 3 name ns Keeler , . W Unlferslty l-lall ' y a fllme lute Cwell, wlwute once, anywayb lab coats l especially un tlne afternoons wlrwn stud are amuliar an , K ents snealc out for a mrnut or as rn tlnrscaza fyater , F d ' ' e or two for a colfe, candy bar or smoke, ,Jra uatuon A dugnnlrecl, solemn allalr, yoylul untrl one begins to remlnisee, Sorry we couldnt et you 'l94Q Pads un, but ttus came out before Qwe lwopell you were graduate -1 d, wx f ui t X ,wh -ix 'Q-1. -v -, V u fi- 2. ,,. IPPING presrdent Bob 'Wdllter and gtudent Counerlhs prrnt out ol the Wash Jael Brfmrr chaructcrnzcs rn orrc brrrgl prcture fa rapidly changrng college lrle Strearrrlrned edurprnent, speed, and ltalerdcsrioprc actuyrty are nts rrrarlrng pornts The tower brrghtly lrghted during the Christmas season An annual prorect by the Pedro Club the gdrly lrghted beacon glows lor mrles around the local nerghborhood "Come on give Ca bug yea tearnl ' These lellovys are probably the loud- est on campus, yet nobody ever thrnlfs theylre loud enough Cheerleaders George Beckett Bob Swarthout, bob l-lolrrujs r ttrer than 6 pretty gurl rn .5 pretty lormali' Charlotte Congfgr and Bull .lolllllee pep up a football crowd What rs p e stands belore a lull length rnrrror rn Florence Scott Lrbbey I-tall to assume that pose that she has rust been GSSUICG rs "bound to get hum H Agreed' NC f -WEE HJDGYQCI runety three oay Stuoentsienther through lull or part tune pops or otllce seholarshlpsf-earn some ol wr fJ1f through the lolnwersuty of loledo Gettnng a glnrnpse unto rhrs aspect ol college llle, nn the upper left hand corner lS l-larry Shertrnger, luhntzung with one of has co-worlcers on Lasalleus mens department Suzanne Lehman, who acted aa collage- wardrobe consultant For Lamsorfs explaans some detauls to lvluruel Sanger, also a clerlc at Lamsons, Doug Wunter Found hrs Norlf mere play lor as a Lasallels junior executive he spent hrs tlme ID the toy department, Mary Ann '-lauqhton and l-lelen Nules are seen gnyung qulclf sales tallcs for a Wonder Tue at Balrerls IH the lower lelt ll I , 1 1 I ,Q s.-v Xrx- , ,A XJ, .1 ,,.-5. I - P .1 r -A Q J' A F ll ' 'TAG K 2 ty, of lf f l xl -I. I 3 ?'x HATS not the way to be 5 sweater gurl Slip' put xt ont Enzaloeth tSllla t-3 ner truenosl Sraasll hal-13 up one ot the l.lon Store sweaters she sells ln thexr basement Another ol the many Syyarmrng lledtle yvorl-ers lSl'ldVVyFIVllslf?St12IV'l who shows a piece ol steak to a prospective customer ln the meat department The lady who marries paul Baehren wnll know how to p1clf em, lor paul has an artlstrc tlalr lor arrangement l-le prepares displays at Lasalle ano loehls June Velluquette marks her time at B R Bakers l-ler lop IS to run the maehlne yyhuch prints prree marls The war theme came Into employment as early as last summer when Tom Sperry sold tueltets lor the ons lay ol the Nall aur h hter Nlessersfghmltt D 9 on display at Lamsonls J S yr 4 C3 A If KEN ' Q ,- -X is Z 1 t 'W ,i er. A 7 3 Q no n 14 rs no I7 lb 1 ts fav" 5 M' AT 4' GD V x 1 "X L-X'-.-.i. .-I -" ELEM Wlrrttrrrgtorr prnclfs tlwe linger ollVlargl1erlta Leslie to determine tne type ol l'1er blood, A large number ol stu- dents cooperatec rn tlwus new movement and saved tlwe lrves ol fellow students and lrlends .Ml never savv a purple covv, l newer nope to see one-H Dale Pedd and Helen Fernolend end tneur date, as so many students do, vvutlw some "yummy flJmtT!N Food as tlrc co N describes ut, at tlwe purple Cow . . George Webb sorts records ol students' voices, made in rw new studro, sound prooled and rapudly garnrng new eouupment. The Unrverslty broadcast round table discussions lron rnerr' last summer .lnrs I5 tlre one aspect of college llle rn 'l94Q most students dont lll4e to tl'1lnl4 about. But no Lwtter place tnan a unwerslty ewflsts to see tlwe courage and Optumlsm ol youtlm in a vvorld at War. lvvo lormer University stuoents Don Lang and Joe Marmar clfat vvutlr Edrtor Nlerrnll l-larrlson IO tlwe publlcatuons Qllice. .:Xx::.51,,Sx.v N 'Pix X445 , gf.. K ff ASB. - sf--.. A, 559- 'I Ig. 'Q IL. X I' g if , A , U, I 12 , 359' It 33- 1.1. H .. ' 1 ' , 1',, """ x .J VM nf. f 5. 'QA . , M378-Y v . 1. xx, . , .X , 3 ak 5- ' L.. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSCDCIATIGN INIF, "",,V .' Lett to riglwt Joseph, Xfoglei He travels fastest wlwo travels alone Clbsenl . . To promote tlne interests ol time independent students ol tins University botlw socially and politically is time purpose ol tlie lndependent Student Association, according to its constitution. Tv lilo person alliliated witlw a social sorority or Fraternity may become a member, and joining one ol tlwese Groups automatically disciualilies one lrom memberslwip. 'T,r'.31riiged a year ago, time lndependents reaclied a memberslnip ol Q50 alter tlrieir First membersliip drive. Tlat tlieu' political strengtlw lwas inlluence on tlie campus is evidenced by time lact tlwat tliree members won elect: .fe ollices last year, two Student Council posts and tliat ol May Queen, won by Suzanne Scliroecler, wlo also became president ol tlwe Womenls Association. Tlwe latter election marlqed tlie lirst time a May Queer was not a sorority woman, The srze ol the group rs also a handrcap to busrness meetrngs. And the Fact that Independents do not owe allegrance to any group mal4es rt lrttle more drllrcult to brnd such a large number ol persons by the usual actrvrtres ol other assocratrons, lherels no gettrng around rt 'the Independents are most closely-lfnrt around electron time You lrnow many members by therr leadershrp and partrcrpatron rn campus dorngs. Erleen Vogler, lor example, was co-charrman ot May Day and rn charge ol 'llfat Rrght Weel." sponsored by home economrcs students Pxprrl Q0-Q4, Carl Joseph was an actrye Student Councrl man, twrce publrshrng the UVolunteer" to urge students to contrrbute to the Ped Cross and Communrty Chest Jerry Connors was busy rn dramatrcs, rn partrcular as the lead ol Mr Zero rn the Llnrversrty lheatre production ol "The Pxddrng lVlachrne H Bob l-lolmes drrected presentatron ol the Student Vs Varrety Show and completed several years ol cheer leadrng. Gene Haddad, therr polrtrcal mastermrnd, was an actrye Student V member, and phrl Luetlre concentrated hrs rnterests rn the Collegran and Bloclthouse sport departments Born leaders and good followers can all be lndependents, as the total present membershrp shows. QFFICEPS Carl Joseph presraent G-:rald C-jrrrn Drs X. rrjw-prqgr dur'-' Erlven Vogler svfcr-vary l3crli+v'rt l-l Jlmws tru asur r Pow Frye Left to rrght Sherman, Close, Q Bollenbacher, Georgeh, Fullmer, Hague, fhrnlle, Brotrc Pow four Scherer, l-l Frey, cl Payalf, Burton, l-l Schwrnd, Brol-ate, P l-lollman, Cramer, Boles Pow three Schallhauser, Althouse, Case, E Kemp, Nrrl-a, J Schnerder, Tarn, Frredsam, Stallrngs Pow two W-jfrahtrl, Nletster, l-lernlrn, l-l Varl, Berger, Drengt, S Schroeder Pow one B lung, Wenrrcl, Connors, Vogler, C loseph ffl Dayne, I-lvlmes, l aullmann, Banner PCDLYMATI-IIC SCDCIETY Pow three Left to right lfozy, Connors, P. Freeman, J W. Mason, Rainer, McBee Pow two Goon, Shearer, Sinnes Friedsarn, Dancer Pow one Kimura, J. Youngs, Poorbaugh, Leslie, Borman Many interests interest these few . . poly means Hmanyi' and mathic is the Greek lor Hinterests" The polymathic Society consists ol students who have some special campus or oil campus interests, and tries to lreep not more than one Mauthorityn in each held on its rolls at one time. hy its own nature the polymathic Society is a sell-suihcient organization, That is, vvhen members desire a program based on an art theme, a polymathic can give a pertinent lecture and illustrations. Gr il it's music theyire alter, another member-authority can lecture on Wagner and provide musical recordings, And lil4e- .wise For topics such as astronomy, fencing, mathematics, hosteling, gardening, ad iniinitum. lnlormality is their keynote. Some ol the members and their interests are Nlarghertia Leslie, biology and chemistry, Bob Freeman, astronomy, music and art, l"laru Kimura, sports and baton tvvirling, Bill lVlcCord, Fencing, music and aviation, Bea Borman, journalism, languages and mathematics, l-lelen poorbaugh, secondary education and mathematics, John Mason, engineering, gardening and music, Frances Sinnes, Frie arts, Janet Youngs, architectural dravving, Lloyd Goon, photography, and Ellen Friedsam, chemistry and music CJFFICEPS l-lelen poorbaugh, president l-laru Kimura, vice-president Nlargherita Leslie, secretary-treasurer ADWSER Dr, Vfayrie Dancer. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSGCIATICDN 'CS' Row two Left to right Conover, Yaelel, Ladd, fl Cox, W-andtle, V Collins Row one fihaullhausei, E. Retzle, Brenneclte, McLuclie, Bengson For any interested University student . . . After having its constitution accepted by Student Council last year, the Lutheran Student Association, affiliated with the national group, became a reality on the University of Toledo campus this year. With a well balanced social and religious program, its plans for the present are mainly to enlarge and also to do something constructive toward helping Lutheran churches and students. The Associationfs method of doing this is putting on church programs with the students' aid, Their adviser, Dr. Cornelius G. Bren- neclre, helps the group in this undertalcing by providing music at the organ. Lutheran Student Association meetings consist of tallrs on a topic by an outside or student spealcer, after which a discussion period follows, Then there is a social hour with refreshments. These are held in the members' homes, Several big projects were undertalcen by this youthful group, including a meeting with the Bowling Green and University of Michigan Lutheran Student Associations. This was held at the Student Union where the subject of the Qhio Valley Regional meeting in Columbus was further discussed. Represen- tatives were, ofcourse, sent to the Columbus conference. The Lutheran Student Associationfs active membership is 35, although every Lutheran student on campus is automatically considered a member. All students are invited to attend meetings. GFFICERS1 Robert Cox, president Walter Riel, vice-president Virginia fV'lcLucl4ie, secretary John Ladd, treasurer ADVISER: Dr. Cornelius G Brenneclte OQ BAND Pow threc Left to right Pohr, Swartz, J Millns, Scherer, l-lurlbut, Stark, W. Price, DuBois. Pow two Nakos, Bashara, Tomplins, Stein, M D Williams, Stansbury, Pedd, P Libbe, Schott, Brandt, Paudebaugh, TrombIa,E Eppstein. Pow onen- Flitzer, Lantz, Beaudry, Smart, D itlettleman, Middlelaurl, Slteels, lfams, Scheider, Blanlerts, Visual and auditory color at many a game . . ln any university the band is almost as much an integral part ol college lite and activities as the studies themselves. Qurs is no exception, Apparently a few lusty marching songs tend to stimulate the school spirit and boost the morale ol onloolcers when the football team is, perhaps, a trifle behind. The night before the homecoming game with John Carroll the band led the parade and played at the huge bonhre afterwards. The band also toolc its annual trip on Migration Day, this year to Marshall College in l-luntington, West Virginia. Activities ol the band are not conhned to football season by any means. Many of the baslcetball games were heightened by the bandls music, and the annual Ped Cross drive was ushered in by these hard worl-ing students. Each spring the band holds a concert, and this year it upheld its excellent reputation ol former presenta- tions, lhe program enabled the line student musicians to display their versatility in presenting selections lrom light opera and classical compositions besides the usual marches and band tunes. Ctrl the social calendar for the group were a dance at the Student Union Building and several informal parties, QFFICEPS James Rohr, president hlarry Nalcos, vice-president Marian Smart, secretaryftreasurer Edward Eppstein, Corwin Brandt, executive committee DIPECTQR Thomas Middlelxauii Sl-ICDIQTIES Left to right-Maludv, Pogers, Bremer, Lehman, Piclett, l5iCl1fTillf, Holes And DOW FOI' SONIC DODSCDSC . Dynamite in small pacltagesl lhatls the formula lor membership in the Shorties Club ol the University. The organization is composed ol nine short people vvho have been outstanding on the campus. George Nlaludy, vvho is as short sidevvise as lengthvvise, is president of this short stutls Dvvain Blacltburn, the shortest, is the bouncer, since he can't lticlt anyone out ol the meetings that aren't held, Qalcley Rogers is publicity director, her job being to publicize events that should be , Suzanne Schmitt is the adviser on the vviles ol vvomen, it is her job to educate the short men on the tech- niques ol scheming vvomen. Glen Boles holds a similar position and educates the vvomen on the vvoll techniques ol males. Bill picltett is the political adviser to the group by virtue ol his long experience in the held ot politics, Ted Michellelder is medical adviser because ol his QOO dollar microscope, and Jaclt Bremer is the legal adviser, because thatls the only thing left. Suzanne Lehman, the energetic vvoman on the campus, is the chairman ol the meetings that vvill be held' 'lnext vveelcd' The Shorties as an organization is tvvo years old and vvas originated by claclt Blodgett, the 7940 editor ol the Bloclthouse, and .laclt Conn, Student Council president the same year. QA Cl-lCDI2Al. SCDCIETY kov, tive, lelt to rtkilit Jones, C E Williamson, Balduf, lriegholt, Ruppert, H. Schnell, Morgan, sl. Cole, P Hughes, Baygell, Scheer, M-:Laughlin Pow tour Gruetter, ,I White, Webster, Yaekel, Merrill, Q. Payne, M. Jetters, Diefendorf, Whitehead, Poindexter Row three M Peed, Path, Podenhauser, Meek, Cramer, F. Dutley, Northrup, Zwick, Cordes Pow two l.oxley, Muzzo, Kardatzke, M E Miller, K. Howell, B Chambers, M Braun, Kornet, M. Nash. Pow one l Brigham, Wake, l-loslnin, G. Cole, Geollrion, Pease, Hellsterri, Piper, Vogler And the night shall be Fillecl with music . . An opportunity lor furthering their interest in Fine choral music is given to all students through the Uni- versity Choral Society. The group endeavors constantly to increase student interest and knowledge in Fine classical and semi-classical music, and is composed ol a large number ol excellent singers. Besides the enjoyable business ol singing, the Choral Society has had monthly supper parties throughout the year. Both George F. Evans, the adviser, and J. Harold Harder, the group's director, entertained the members at supper in their homes. Each semester the Choral Society gives a concert in which some 60 singers take part. The pre-Christmas concert is composed ol strictly classical choral compositions, and the spring concert is of a lighter nature. Qutstanding among the years singers are Betty Kardatzke, Jean Webster, Qrlean Payne and lrene White- head, sopranos, Mariellen Miller, Edith Zwick and Sylvia Gottlried, altos, Merle McLaughlin, Dick Hughes and George Cole, baritones, and Milton Baygell, bass, Willis Ruppert and Elwood Willlamson have been outstanding in the tenor section. Not to be overlooked is Firth Dufley who has done ex- cellent work as the society's hard working and talented accompanist. QFFICEPS George Cole, president Betty Kardatzke, vice-president l.eola Rodenhauser, secretaryatreasurer Niadelyn Reed and Floyd lfriegholl, librarians Richard l-lughes, publicity chairman DIPECTQPQ J l-larold Harder ADVISE? George F, Evans DELTA X Pow sux Left to rrght Percl'1,McCord,Will'1elm, Bracl'1t,lne-:lit Pow five Leydorf, Stafil, Brandeberry, Hague, foshag J H Weaver, Opfer, E Mlcrnslr, Faneufl, Dewey, W Wolfe, H Jetters, Jensen Pow four Bogusz,lf Weaver, Maren- burg, Mrel-rcltr, Henlrel, Delbeco, P Henry, Jarrett Pow three Warriclr, F Paclei, laml-e, P Lang, Meirrtt, Hanely, Foussianes, Slwoemalrer, Scarrsbricl- Pow two Deer, Oberlrn, Wrnn, C Davrs, Dancer, Ensrgn, P Muntz, Cnreenbaum Landry, A Blacl, Wallnsll Pow one lffland, Brunt, R Hunter, Q 0 Hraun, fvlueller, L Bryan, poorbaugli, P Goodwun Allan, lsauffman, Frnedsam, I3 Wood, Erndt, Fuller, McBee, Walters r Biggest undergraduate matli club in tl1e world . llwe distinction of being tlwe largest matlwematucs club rn tlie world for undergraduate matlw students rs now lweld by tfie University matlrematucs club, Delta x. lts 91 members meet once a montlm to tal4e part In dns! cussrons of interesting matlwematucal toplcs, to test tlrerr sldlls IU matlwematical games, and to enjoy refreslwf ments, Among tlweir social events for tlte year were a get-acouarnted roast and tlwe annual lward tumes party. Anf otlwer was tlwe candlelrglmt inductron of new members wlwucli followed tlne Clwrlstmas party, llnen, before tlwe cold weatfier was gone, members met for an ice sltatung party. At tlwe May banquet new offncers tor tlwe coming year were Installed, llwe memberslnip of Delta x rs lrmlted to tlnose students wlwo are enrolled in calculus or wlwo lwave already lnad it. Girls wlno are talning courses ID preparation for calculus are admrtted as associate members. Publication of tlwe groupls periodical, tlwe Delta X-ponent provides pleasure for member-editors and readers as well as Information about tlwe status of activities and fiumor of tlwe matlnematrcuans QFFICERS' Palpfi Goodwin, presudent Helen l3oorbaugl'1,vice-presrdent Maryjean Allen, secretary-treasurer ADVlSEl2: Dr, Wayne Dancer 6 DEBATIINIG ASSQCIATIQN , u Hail- Pow Lett to right Nlusscr, Ness, WalLer, Bremer Front row B Nluntz, Winter, Corman. Men among them may have the last word . . . ln spite ol many internal disruptions, the University Debating Association has had a banner year. Dr. Nathan Nl. Beclcer, former coach, left for Washington in Qctober to accept a position as government economist, and lor two months the association was without a coach. ln January president Douglas Winter felt for the army air corps, leaving the group in Jack Bremerxs care, During the coachless period, the organization held a direct clash debate tournament here, at which al- most QO colleges and universities in the mid-west and T50 debaters and coaches toolc part. This event was not only successful, but lruitful as tar as the University was concerned, tor Howard Ness and Bremer were two of the nine debaters to receive sectional ranlcing at the tournament. A national ranlung, given to only three students in the nation, was awarded to Ness at the Savage Tourna- ment in Durant, Qlclahoma, Keith lvlclfean, instructor in English, was appointed coach in December and has done a creditable job. Some ol the other outstanding debaters not mentioned are Robert Walker, Vernon Rohrbacher and Irene Flovey. Most promising ol the underclass debaters are Michael Barlcoot, Richard Allyn and Betty Ruth Muritz, Jane Searles is the outstanding freshman debater. CPFHCEPS Jacl-. Bremer, president and menls manager Richard Allyn, vicefpresident Betty Ruth Nluntz, secretary and womenls manager ADVISE? Keith McKean FLYING CLUB PC'-,nf three Left to nah! Lctrd, l-lglland Xxfarr l'tr'.t'mjr, lrlwq Pj-w. tx.-5 l fyctjrr fmt-art lsecvl fvlantctn pcm one fthult:,W'alrn-,lr hlenschcrter lflfctrtrti-r Heaven's wings will be nothing new to them . . Undoubtedly no other Unryerstty organrzatron has so drrectly contrtbuted to natronal delense as the Flyrng Club, The Unrted States Arr Corps has recerved many able recrurts from amongst the well oualrhed members ol this organtzatton, for most ol tts 30 members are ltcensed pilots lop honors went to Ralph Close at the last lnter-Collegtate Flyrng Meet, who won hrst olace rn the 360 degree soot landtng contest The Club Itself placed nrnth out ot Q0 teams comoetrng Roland Gray was thrrd an the bomb drooptng eyent and Nrcholas Walkrnslta placed thtrd tn the T80 degree soot landung contests The Flyrng Club IS alllltated Wtrh the Natronal ftxeronautrcs Assoctatron and tts members are elrguble lor membership IU the Natronal lntercolleguate Flying Club An active organrzatron, Unrversrty members study constructron, desrgn and actual mechanrcs ol llyrng atrolanes and glrders also oartrcroatrng rn a well, rounded soctal program. Dromrnent leaders rn the tlyrng orolessuon serye as soealcers at the rneetrngs, Members do most ol therr Fiyrng under the unstructron of Thomas Metcalfe at lransconttnental Arroort or at Franlflrn Pxrroort. OFHCEPQ Ntchctlas Nxlalltrrslr prestdcnt John Gll'lOrd, vice-president Joan Qluconnor secretary ADMISEPS Dean Delos M Palmer Charles Shultz 8 CDIQCHESTRA Pow three Lett to right: Palash, l-lurlbut, Wh.aley, J Perkins, Dunham Pow two Blitzer, Dennen, S, Pettigrew, Puegger, l l-l ,lohnson pow one lanney, l Bollinger, J A Schneider, Tarn, P Moor, Lindeclcer, Morrell, l2appaport,Seavolt. Some say tl1ey're temperamental . . . Realizing that line music is important to the cultural lives ot University students, the orchestra, which has been under the direction ol Miss Charlotte Ruegger lor many years, has continued its program designed to stimulate student interest in the better types ol orchestral slections. This year the annual Christmas concert, held on December 'lO, vvas ol great interest, lor Miss Rueggefs original composition, HQn the Plains ol Bethlehem," vvas presented lor the lirst time, Dr. Stephen K, Mahon, head ol the University board ol trustees, read the scriptures accompanying the composition. Qn the same program Elaine Shearer gave an outstanding piano solo. Besides occassional get-togethers alter concerts and rehearsals, the members have tvvo major parties during the year. Miss Ruegger played hostess at the Christmas party. The schedule lor the year vvas completed when the orchestra played at the commencement exercises on june 8 lxfith the establishment ol the Toledo Symphony Qrchestra, our orchestra has attained even greater im- portance than before, lor each year Miss Ruegger aids Dr. George King Raudenbush, director of the Toledo Symphony, in his search lor nevv talent by recommending the best ol the University players. This is not only a help to the symphony, but it also gives the really line musicians a good chance to do protes- sional vvorlt 0Fl:lCEl'2S Evelyn Pappaport, president Pose Tarn, secretary l-ldrold Emflclf, llbfdfldn Dr Bowman ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SCDCIETV Pow four Left to rwght E lVItcnnsI-I, Eclert, PottI1oII, Ferdtg, I? Pogers Pow three Monvct, Emncl, II-II.1nd,F Wrllard Pow two Eirovvn, Mcgee, IaI1n Gray, Webb, I-IenIeI Por, one Handy, WIIhrInw, I'ZrenncrIe, Ieydorf, Brad-It sociable and educational . . An active and IuveIy group oI students, dravvn together by a common Interest rn tIwe eIectrscaI pnase of enguneerung, comprnse the EIectrucaI Engnneernng Socnetv II11s ambitious organlzatuon Iwas :ts ovvn Iounge on tI'we second IIoor IeveIy compIete wrtIw a player piano, vvIwere meetlngs are IneId on alternate weeks Ibe purpose of this group, consnstnng oI Q5 members, is to strmuIate actnvnty among prospective graduate eIectrucaI engtneers IIwe soclety ns aI-Irllated vvutIw the fcxmerucan Instntute of Electncal Engineers and EIO members oI the LInnver- suty group Iwave become actuaI members oI tIns national organuzatson Plans are underway to form a student cbapter oI the A. I. E, E. on tIwe campus, EIeId traps are pIanned to gave tI'1e members actuaI opportunutres to vuevv the Iatest deveIopments sn eIec- trlcaI englneerlng. EspeclaIIy successIuI tIwus year vvas the trnp sponsored to tI1e INIeIa I3arI4 Iaboratorues of tbe QeneraI EIectruc L1gIWtDlvlslOn In CIeveIand A brotIwer organnzat1on,tIwe CIwemucaI Enguneertng Society, sprung up on tIne campus durlng tIwe second semester, under tI1e GCIVISZVSIIID oI Lawrence Ernedr1cIn, assocuate proIessor oI cnvuI engnneerung, vvutb CIarence IVIerrltt as prestdent. II1e tvvo groups sI1ouId prove to be tI'1e center oI aII our engineenng activity, OIEIEICEIPS GIenn LeydorI,pres1dent JacI WuIbeIm vice-prestdent Laurel I'IaneIy, secretary-treasurer ADVISE? Dr CorneI1usG BrennecIe XIv'aIterI: Brown League ol Women Voters ' The,s'II1e.1d the electrons of fonlorrou International Relations Club I WP talk about r-urrent we-rzrx, tlre-jx' dr-uuw thenr T' -f -1:-' R'-X Pow one Left to rrghr Thorley, 'S Schmrtt, E, Martrn, P, Brown, Cooper, S Lehman, Volger. Pow two l-logle, D. fvlcll, G Sell, B Wrrght, D Susman, Srsson Pow three Yaekel, M. Urschel, M, Chambers, Witt, M Evans, Rahrlly Row four lnuth, Pococlr, Flavell, P Ellrs, M, Hrll OFFICEPS Posalre Brown, presrdent, Erleen Donna partrrdge, Secret-ary sumti. vr '-v fn 3 hifi 'uf .-Q. as-. 1 q-ww-v ...nv ,HQ 2 Vogler, vrce-presrdent, 21' V sf f ' C , 3 -, Q , - ,M '72 9 r 1 " Uv .-.rr LJ' ri r :ht Hrrzrnzr, Carver, lreberrnan Vow one Partrrdge, Perry QFFVCEPS ,la-Ll Bremer, presrderrt, nirrnvg Lwgfr, ,rjv,prI,.rdVrW' Donrrn Plrtrrdge, Qorrmoondrng aariretjrv Qoeemary Carver, recordrng Secretary Harold l Ph:-'rrrsrr 'r 1 J ar f5li1'!l'3FP Nh-.p Pxlnrrtda Nlfw lanney Chemical Society These people can blow the roof of? the house . . , Chemical Society Pow live W Welle, Cinelli, Dodson, Leach, l Mazen, Hagartv, McCall:-ater, Frey, Brnllev, Dawev Pow low Close, Foussllane3,B.1ehren, flettlernan,Pai5ln0,Erndt, .l-z-,L-l, Young, l3runl,lrotnLvla Pow three gl'1nn,5ver,ftlH, lemp, lohnnny Ernclfsen, P Myers, Jrilfscy, Delbecq, Qlnerlln Pow two Cl Wrlllarni, Fuller, Burnett, Shaw, Llnley, lrleghoh, lrantz, Moulopolls, B-ble, Bender Po-None C,lrr, l l-lenrv l Price Mander Qddv Cureenbs-mr Dennet- Pow live Left to right lensen, W Schmidt, Slelorl, Fmlflestein, Qllerll, if Phrllrpg., Llnlglrr-zh, Landry Pow four l Bottoril, W Pelton,F Baer, P P Whitman, Blough, l-lrague, Herman, Sehoenr-guilt, W Ewan, hlight, D Morne Pow three Van Slclle, Pelnes, E l-l Whitman, D Davis, ? Henry, P peed, Nl B Enter, W l-lenrv, l-lirvev Pow two l-l Willard R Braun, Morse, L Martin, Mdrenburg, Miel-ecltu, B Carr, Smart Pow one P-Jrcel, Bnrbanl, L Vlrles, Petreccra, Eel, Frledsam, Dlenst, Prdenotlr. French Club O Etqdrrz vous l'r:1r1t'1149 Gefman O The XFIvEI'lflflC approach to Iearnrng E1 language- . Pcv, tlwrec Lelt to rvglwt M M Mlller, Mdclpavey, Cutler, Damraur, loner, N Wrrght, M Vlllvvoclf, l-ldll, lrrvalc, lkdms l-larrnralord, Sloan, Lawrence Muller Vow two Pappas, lr-rnlter, l-l Plrles, L Meyers, Mclver Pow one 'L Nrles M Wenner, S l-lfrlprn, F lolrnson OFFICERS l-lelen lllles, premdent, Crrstrne Pappas, vlcefpresldent, lean liunler 'ecreturv Erleen Voqler, trerniurer ADVISE? Dr Young A Neal Pau four Left to rrglwt Zaenqer, ,l Myers, Passrno, l-l Cunnrngham, Pow three Moses, Connors, Wrlensky, Martz Marrrffold, Lznfglw Pon two Zwrcl, Srnnes, Goelvlfe, Nl Vvllwoclt, Herrmann Row one Hellstern, Vaelrel, Borrnan lrnlrr, lrruel CflFlCEP'rr lohrrPoqer1, president, Reatrrce Borrnan, secretary-treasurer ADVl'Slfl? Clara Qoelwrle, EI Centro Espanol Now ifyou're the Latin type . . . Amici Antiquorum Friends of the Ancients , . , 9 my xv' C' t 7' l :Yv- .Q""' 'ffl X .Jil . 7 Pow four Left to rught Sam, Pull, Fu'-hcr, l-frmflevc 4Q1or.z.1lc:,Fr1Ilmcr Vow thrc-3 Farquhar, l-lnrbdugh, l-l Wznnqr, Wrbcl, Mdsterf, Myerhohl, l'lc:.l-ell Pow two ffrcollruorw, M l Eyfrcr, M WCmner,CClm13lvQr,M Allan, SQCQQY Flow one ,l l Weaver, Peace, Florlpe, L Hrvgrl ff' Vogcrg f lhrirrwef. ff'FFlCH"fr Mqrrc ElollmqQr,prcildcnt Mary ldmrp Metzger, .Ice-prefndcm, Allie McG.1hQm, fccrererv, l-we lVlQlvQr,tvQf1EurCr, lcfmrlc XX!dw.'ml ADVISEF' Mm F'o1,.1r:o llOrrpC Left to Pnght-Baal Pow G Cole, Mcpdvey, l-lall, Schroeder, ,l Cole, germ Muddlc pf'X'-' larni, M Wenncr, H' r1er,Eyster,XX!enrlcl1, Path. Front Pow Wolcot, Campbell, Tarn, Adam, Lehman Society lor the Advancement ol Management U The-it know hon' to nmke nwoneyi' talk Business Administration Club They know how to get their I'llO!'lEkVlN worth , . , 23. 81 v w-W ...- -ZW i- Q an "-' . """ ,I s ,fan t -e t less as-s fs we ,Q iz, Nu " Pow three Lelt to right W l. Miller, Radeclr, Row two' Musser, Pearson, Patterson, Benschoter. Row one Puckett, Mr Hansel, l-lyman CFHCERS Richard Hyman, president, Robert Vergrels, vice-president, Jaclw Pearson, secretary. PxDX'lfEP'S Dean Clan l Searles, Philip H Hensel Row sax Left to right Neal, H. Sherman, R. Goodwin, W Schmidt, T. McDermott, Rudrclcr, Gunther, Stepanovncz, Cor- dell, l-l W Miller, Trumbull, Snedecor, R Martin, Nollenberger, W Bryan, Connors, Row Frye- Klute, Barefoot, E, Muller, lf teller, Britton, Parlrs, Gardner, Damschroeder, R. Parke, Satterthwatte, Blossey. Row four l-lenltne, Kearney, Corrigan, Shlnayar, Priest, E. l-lull, Ballinger, W. Blaclc, Patterson, Musser, Hnnsel, C. Bowers, Row three R. Schrll, Hammontree, Sozson, Porndexter, l-l Niles, Sobeclc, fkrnot, L Meyers, Stone, loner, Vergel, McLean, Chapplus, Zuleger. Row two Wasserstrom, Q'Donnell, Peirce, Mack, Nlsley, Meister, S, Rogers, W. Raclcer, Thatcher, Greene, Hermsch, V Wolht, Vanl-lellen, Cornell, l-lerold, H Kesler, Kohler, Kasper, Scharf Row one F. Bates, Freeborn, Petrie, Tappen, Piclfett, Weis, Swartz, Q. Pelton, R. McDermott, McEwen, K, Mllcesell. QFFICERS' Charles Bowers, president, Weston Gardner, vice-president, Naomi Zuleger, recording secretary, Dorothy Toner, corresponding secretary, Jean Krnlcer, treasurer ADVVSEP Philip H, l-lensel : S Secondary Education Forum To guide high school youth, rnen and VVOIIIEII of tonrorrow , . Elementary Education Association To be second nuothers to :nan-V a youth , . . e '4-ask 2 S as PJ.: 'rrree L-:lt ty rrght Hrrglerson Barelzrot Bari: L1j:l,NXfall.w-,Wfard lr'-iw. V Arne- PQDF-I l:l'?'1lr'Vl E EYVZ law. El 5191 Bile Flin aw llnitrtl Eermolend Nl frglmwrid V Nlirvr AH l.'.rr'r.: fArllVl'5El" Errml lp l-ltrilfr' V Q. e- C' N..'Nf' Pow lrve Left to rrght S Selerlta, Seller, Wandtle, Wxndrsch, Q Elavell, Cunnmgnafn Pow four Pahrlly, Cnrrltnrr-5 F Duttey, A. B Lee, Herrmann, Lepold l2OWll'1f22 Qtngley, Preece, lwrnmg, Poco-zl, Lo-ley, C Norton, Easlwbaugh Pow two D Shaffer, llworley, E3 Schaefer, G Sell, Bruney, Hovev, V Collrng, Frtzgerald, Paopaport Pow one Dusmg, C Howell, B J Brown, Elton, Cooper, V Vogel, Mctlarr QFFICEP5 Leola Elton, oresrdent, -lane Loxley vtce-presrdent, Fern Leoold, secretary, Evelyn Lewrs, treasurer Margaret Mudge, reporter ADVISEP Dr Bess V Cunnrnglwam F , Polish Club TIU1-1 fdealzstxc, it offers two scholar- shzps annuallwx Rifle Club I Heres sorns-thing to a1n1 at , , AC. -IS fr fag. '3 :Win I X Y ' 4, 5 l Y Row. three Left to rrght lXVVldlOVVfl'I, Bogusz, Andcrzjul, Bugelslu Pow two L Nllcunslu, E. pdd2ClCI, WISDI2WSkI, sl. lwrnslr, E Mrcmslfr Pow one Gelcwsltr, Paleclfn, Payalt, Kasper OFFICEPS Pnchard Andrzejczul, presldent, Leon Vwratl-owsl-1, lust wee-president, Walter Bogusz, second vrce-presrderrt, slenme Pavel, secretary, Edward Padeclu, treasurer, lustmc ltaspcr, reporter ADVISE? Dr Pucltmrd Bugelslfn Pc-N three Left to rrqht F Mnlezcll, l?oescl1,Lueel, B kelly, V Fulton, Holmes Pow two Boles, L. Brlgl1drr1,JdSper, F Collar, 'S grrnth Po ff one l-lenrvle, G Colby, Evers, Mr. W Byers. QFFICERS Prchard Byers, president, Gertrude fclbf, fecretnrv-treasurer ADVIQEP Wavlarrd C Evers, Women's Athletic Association The perfect specirnens . , , Radio Club A5 operators, they nray give valuable war assistance . . . Pow live Lqlt to right lqullnwann 5 l.rZl1mr3r'r,l?1l1rllw', Pirldl- Poulet.Ch.1pprtit:, D Donnelly, l 'gtihroeder lgovvlour Po-:Jil-, V Wllll Beat, B lp Mont: l-lerrrn1nn,Frir3d:ranr lvlagorz, ftghallhiuger, lr Pqtzle, l F'et:le,lmwr1 Pow three Vubadea-J-, Nagel Vail, Palmrtcr Wegwan, E Errl .cn D Lu:-:man l-l Wraton For.-. twwtft L Millar lardrftzlef Schroeder, llinlttrrgl-, Berqer, Drenft, Papo lfrn Shialdi, lj 'Sell Matthcwy pow on-2 Lewr-2, Partridge, lf Milne H Sigler, l4lt1rrrlller,L lvley-er,, Valeclr, Mrarrtin, Shafer CPFFICEVQ H.arl::ar.a Srgler, pr-tzrident Eleanor llrnlzrql-, vice president, Fern Lepold COHQ3DOF1dlDQ'nbllvfltilw' Marv ,Ann llalel, rqtiyrdrns qfjretiry lane Dient reporter PXUVHFPS Bertha P Desenberl Marrank Prchlei, Row two- Left to right Frool, Warr, Nlonro, l"lenLle, Morrng, Gray, lahn Pow one Warricl-, Webb, Brown, Wilhelm Spies QFFICEPS Jacl- F Wilhelm, president, Prchard l-lenl-tle, vice-president ADVISEPS Walter F Brown, Dr Cornelius G Brennecle, Fi Ellen H. Richards Club The shortest distzznce to a 111.1113 lwnrt . . . Ellenll'l. Richards Club Pow hye Lelt to rlght Hollrger, A ol Schull, lasper, Q. Sperry, A Qrrlllth, CJ, Colby,F Colby Pow four l? Schull Vogeliang, Sheisler, el M laueit, P Hollrnan, D .l Campbell, l? Metzger, hams Pow three O Payne, ECL, Fenters Degner, C Colllna, L. McClelland, Adam, B Baler. llovy two B Srgler, H Morrrs, E lemp, Hernlm, Cordes, Ash 'F A Graunqer Vow one Pool, Petrecca, Shlrlf, Mrs Blanchard Poorbaugh, O'Connor, Hesselbart. Pon hve left to rrght Starkey, lasper, Cueollruan, Edgrnqton, Slceels, Oatman Powlour fvl, Allan, Avery, Bussdlelcer, Wrbel, Yaelel, J, Schroeder, Path, Hamman. Pow three Haskell, Folger, Brrtsch, Loyvder, Dlenst, S. Schroeder, Zmuda. Pon two Hellatern, Payvllnson, Bengson, Inglrs, H Mall, Conover, Pubadeaux, pdleclcl. Row one Klrnlfslclc, Mlkd, Hrolate, Vogler, Musa Pollard, M E Muller, Case OFFICERS Elleen Vogler, presldent, Eleanor Klrnlcsnck, yrce-president, life-'cue Mlla, recordlng secretary, Velma Broltate, treasurer, Charmeon Case, correspondlng secretary, Marrellen Muller, reporter, Wanda Fenters, Helen Vall, Vrrgrnra Moyyry and Aluce Path, counselors ADVISEPS Mass Martha Pollard Mr' May S Blanchard. r Newman For Catholic students . . . Christian Science Organization For all students of this faith . . . Qovv three Left to rrgglwt Wrsnlexwslr, V. Mrresell, Eddy, Nc-CN, I Nwrnzl-I, Vogala Pow two Cffonncr, Tarn, M fchwmd, Vmght, L Meyers Pow one Srrmes, Fdsper, J Pdyal, Pdlcdr, Manton QFFWCEP3 I-irirrv Mwesell, prem- demt, .loan Cfomrwor, wee-presrdermt, Fosemary Carter, recordrng Secretary, Vrola DNIOP, correfoondrne Leqrctrary, Pfa.1ICdmpbelI,ereesurer ADVISE? Du- W Noel, CHAPLAIIJ Ur lorwelru? kelly Pow tlwreef- Left to right' G. Good, Binder, C. Phrlllps, Tompkms, Row two ' P Cook, McCord, Benschoter, Weller, Mr. Schermg, Row one - Oatman, krlmer, Chrrstofel, C Whrte, Shnrl1,'C Schroeder, Edt OFFICEPS James Bemsersoter, Dresrdent, Jean Marne Schroeder, reader, Albert Tomlcms, secretary, Gerald Good, treasurer, 9 Pharmaceutical Society Soon t!rm'1l take to druifw Student Y A cosrnopolltan group, 5: trongenial gathering of rnen , 23 PQ,-. me Left to raglwt Ganden, W Selwmndt, Fnnlfelateun, .l l. Hollrnan, l-lennlern, ,luluan Jordan Pow four l. G Martrn, E Posenberq, Baygell, D Botlorll, Semen, lrregholl, liundell Pow tlmreerflfreslwour, Baron, Cu Zummerman, Ur-.-.rn, Nlorrrson, DeVrzes Pow two L Dolgrn, Llelenstenn, Bleldlt, Enyart, P A, l-lollman, Branachowslcu, fvldnle, J. P. l-lot'mr5n, lwapucn Pow one Pedm-an, Stuwe, Elmer, Emclw, Huepenbeclter, l-ltallordn, Bal-'er OFFICERS Charles Del- beco, presrdent Landry, wee-presldent, Edmund Erndt, treasurer ADVISEPS Nelson W. l-lovey, Dr l-larold 13 Odd, pwy Po,-.' he lelr to rrght J. lWnllnr1rn2,Lueclf, P Cordell, Townsend, Mcfbxdow Row four Musser, Patterson, E Hull, H- Nlrller, Georqeri E Wrllremzon Pow three B Campbell, Schoenroclt, Brotge, Lewandowsltu, Connors, Bruno. Row t.-fo paoenluqg, l Mrlesell, luetle, Brunt, C Srnltln, P Bowman, Drnpps, J. lwlnsltz Pow one 'Pxndrzeyczulg Swaya, Rnd, Vogelpolrl, Bollenbacher, Haddad, Bolea, Meyer, Dr Bellmore GFFICEPS Otto Bollenbacher, presndent. 'ohm Vferaver, vrce-presldent, Pobert Wale, secretary Puclward Andrzejczuk, treasurer Basll Campbell, chaplann, Rrclndrcl Haldul, :ergeat--at-army Y.W. C. A. just .3 baby, but growing fast. , Y.W. C. A. Pow MQ Left 'gr rrghr hrwarr Rarwrrjho-w. ir ' F' Hsrwm Mme' M X mir' 3 XXfh.rv ',v'mT'VC' Pnn. firm facial ElQ1njrrB1'r.-.P M Vl'rr:hrr,.p P Vcrzwi frihf-fdqr 'hvarrrutf-3 rhnl-h1.Q' L 3':':-v M Arlarr, V3-.-. thrza Durbrn,POCrrr31r,qh,H 'XXfQVrrrwr,lVhL1 Hrel-11 r'XAiC' pfrhriw Tarn L' VJ. W V mliifvp rNhrrrvU 4D1fr'mrrr, Eli fM3h.V Baum Al.:-arrjfr F-4-frrfwgrw . kghrwqrjwr Hwhwzrrr 7a,'3-t'wCwr..J' w . 5-Q'-ir . 'fnrhm H 1'-.Mr-fi rr-P Verqel, Tlwtl-Zfrafw H rw-'W-?' Prdwv r Pow hve Left to rrght E ghultz, DOCCICL, Q Sell, ,I Wriad, ihanrrzau, E Le.-ws, pirrrrdqe, ffl finrwr Vow four W Pader, Harrrmarx, We'3t0ver, Crovvl, J, Parnsev, Prchardzorr, P Wq.avQr, M A Meyer, Qorrrcll Pow three Doe, C Brown, Ewerson, Durfev Heaston, Holhger, Mait-er: Pow 'Z Schroeder, Dow, Trmm, ,I Y'-wngg, M E Mrlhzr A Sekerifa, Jasper, Hath, Nudes, Beat Pow one fdfddfZLZ, rrmura, Starr-gy, 1 Ilesler, Loxhzy, Merrrll, Shr-zlds, B Shafer QFFICEPS Jean Vesler, presrdem I-iam Frmura, vr-ge-prrzsrdem Phvlhg Harrrman, iecretarv lowce Patthev Treasurer, ratherrne Petzie, Chaplarn ADVNSEP Dr Velda B Carver ALPHA Pl-Il GAMMA Pcw t.-wo Lett to right M, l-larrison, ls, Preger, Ness Pow one Girl-ins, ,l M Urich Objective persons these, possessing talents For writing from a news point of view. . . lhe University chapter ol Alpha phi Gamma, national honorary iournalism lraternity, exists lor the purpose gl recognizing outstanding ability in the profession. ffrembers are a closely associated group ot men and women who could hold a meeting at the drop ol a 'at il only lor the reason that they nearly always can be lound in room QQO worlcing either on the Block- tcuse or Campus Collegian. lfvfith requirements lor membership including an editorial position or at least two years ol extraordinarily good wcrl on one ol the publications, plus an exceptionally high grade requirement, the group is usually small, as was the case this year. Nlot satislcd with trying to raise the standards ol journalism at the University, the organization also spon- :cred several atlairs in honor ol the stalls ol loledo and Northwestern Qhro l-lrgh School publications, fqlcst serious event ol the year lor the organization was the annual Alpha Phi Gamma-Toledo Blade con- 'est lor the best high school paper in Northwestern Qhio. The award lor l94l was won by the Dehfilbiss Prism, several ol whose statl members are now working on University publications. ffembers ol Alpha Phi Gamma are Merrill l-larrison, l-loward Ness, Qalcley Rogers, Beatrice Borman, Vfrrgrrrra Girlfins, Kenneth Rerger, ,lanet Urich, Robert Walker, Dorothy lippett and Philip Luetl4e. 'DFFICEPS Merrill l-larrison, president l-loward Ness, hrst vice-president Janet Urich, second vice-president, treasurer Virginia Girltins secretary Kenneth Rieger, bailihl FINE ARTS CLUB 'P' aa 9 ap' nr 5 W' E' Pow three Lett tc light I Cole Frnediam V Ame 41 Cclr' Vin M-.T 'V Lelrwrr F-will Ir Kaclbw lisoplprir' Dctwcrre L Mller, 'frnnf' M 'rr-tae' 'bearer For the intellect . . 'Colon line and destgnn mrglwt well be tne niotto tor tlrte yervacrous selectecs :rl Frne Arts Club, wluclt embraces tlwose persons on tlne campus wl.ct are partrcularly outstandrrtq rn :ne lreld ol dramatucs, musrc, danClng, yyrltrng or painting llre l:rne Arts Club lla? been an jetwe entity lor lr-ye years lr boasts a memberslup wrtlw tlne Toledo Federatnon ol Artrsts and sends memloers to all tts reqular meetrnqs an tlus way malfrng contact wutlt artlsts ol tlre outsrde world Nlemoerslwlo IS based upon outstanding alolllty and IS lxmlted, yyttlt edual reoresentestton, to tlte yattous lrelds of tlrte lrne arts Each year a wntrng contest rs lreld ooen to all students and selectlon ol best vyrlters eltgrlnle lor memberslwlp rs made lrom tlne duallty ol tlne manuscrtots sucmutted Qne major lunctuon ol tlwe organrzatuon rs tlne soonsorsrup ol tlre annual l-lrglr School Day tea rand e-lucut Wltlclw Includes tl'te art projects ID plwotograpny, ceramrcs, cltarcoal, Water colors and pottery ol students IN tl'1e Unuverstty, Suzanne Seeger was In clrarge ol tlne allalr tnts year Cl:FlCEl?g Murrel Srnger oresrdrgnt Suzanne Seeger yrce-pres:-i1+:nt Vrrgrnra Wallsr recordung secretary Elatne Shearer COFVQSDCrV1GlU'-2 secretary George Cole, treasurer ADWSER Dean liatlterrne Easley KAPPA PSI Vow three Left to right' D Bottorll, Julien Jordan, E, Schmidt, l-lelnlein, Semen, Row two f L, G. Martin, lmlalloran, Freslwour, Zimmerman, Urwin, Elmer Row one' Pedman, Qddy, Stuwe, Bowman, Balwer, Meet tl1e men tlwat mix the medicine . . It was 63 years ago at tlwe Medical College ol Virginia that tlwe First clnapter ol tlwe national lwonorary plnarmaceutrcal lraternity, Kappa psi, vvas founded, Since tlwen cliapters bave sprung up all over tlwe United States vvlwerever students can maintain tlwe lwiglr scbolastic records needed' and loledo, lwaving its sbare ol intellectuals, is one ol tlwe 51 collegiate clwapters. ltey are lcnovvn locally as tbe Kappa psi Fraternity, and scattered around loledo are some pretty good druggists proudly wearing tlweir lraternity pins, lie lfappa psis are serious tlnerels no doubting tlwat, lor tlre purpose ol tlwe group is to lurtlier sclwolarslwip and lellovvslwip among luture plwarmacists. During tlwe year tl'1ey prove tl'1eir purpose by studying, singly and cooperatively, lor all tbe vvlule tlneyire aiming for lronors at tlwe state examinations, llllne lVlasl4," tbe groups national publication, is printed annually, witlw eaclw addition containing material submitted by all tlwe clwapters, Qur loledo men seem to lnave done all riglwt by tlwemselves in tlwis endeavor, V33 C FHCEPS Beniamin 5lIVVIf1Sl1I, president Jaclf Stuvve, vice-president Louis Elmer, secretary David Varnell, treasurer Louis Martin, lwistorian ADVISERS Dr l-l H M Bowman Dr George L Baker KAPWX Pl-ll SIGMA ur Pow four Lett to rrght Schoenrocl, W Henry, D Mrllns, W frchmtdt, Cllmt. Pow three l E l'Vla1.on,lVlartz, Baehren, lolcles, ,l Collrns Cool-e Pow two Francle ,l Furnett, P fklurphv Leach, lczy Vow one el W Pafstno, Herman, Canelll, Bowman, SMH Where science and sociability meet . . . Future physrcrans, members ol Kappa Phu Slgma are good bets as fellows most lrlely to succeed an years to come, lhey represent one group ol students qurte set upon their lrles worl-, and they begun the adjust- ment to the long grrnd rught here at the Unlversuty 'lheur rmmedrate arm alter three or tour years rs acceptance unto a meducal school, Much ol the thorough- ness ol therr undergraduate study hnnges on thrs oblectlye, but prefmedrcs have a rnght to strrye lor good grades. This year appointments to medical Schools l-ept coming regularly lor juniors and seniors, due IH part to the Increased need lor physlcuans ID the war ellort Also a speedhup program has been rnstututed un medrcal schools, so that many wnll reopen rn June and July, rather than rn September, enablung men to graduate rn three years rnstead ot lour, Kappa phi Sigma meets monthly, wrth authorrtues on modern meducane otten guest spealers on current medlcal problems. More regular meetings among members occur rn the laboratorues, and ID the mrd- alternoon you can spot many oyer a colte In the lfloolt Store, proyung themselyes as socrable as the arts students. CJFFICEIQS Franl Can-iill prcsrdcnt -lonn Burnett, yrcc-presrdcnt -loc Collrns secretary John Mason treasurer ADVBEP. Dr l-l l-l Nl Bowman ARX ,fl ,x Tl:-7 Nr-Y l-'om tx. 7 Nfl' to rrght Nlus-ser, laml-e Row one Rohrbacher, Wrnter, Wraller, Ness True to tl1eir name, tlwese men tower over all . . . lhe Ars rs an unusual organrzatron. Strrctly an honorary group, the members are probably as lun-loving a group ol boys as can be lound at the Unrversrty, And they strll manage to lrve up to the hrgh ideals ol the socrety Qnly menls honorary on the campus, Arx rs one ol the most drllrcult groups on the campus to which a runror or sensor man can garn admessron, Not only must nts members be outstandrng in at least two extraa currrcular actrvrtres, but they must also marntarn an exceptronally hugh scholastic average, lo malre rt even more efclusrve, the total membershrp cannot exceed W3 men. Durrng the past year Pxrx lound rtsell, because ol nts struct membershrp requirements and as a result ol two ol nts members, Douglas Wrnter' and Vernon Rohrbacher gone to serve therr country, a smaller group than usual Frrst actlyrty ol school-vvrde Interest was the electron ol Dean Raymond L, Carter as adviser to replace Dr. Thomas ld Qsgood who had lelt the laculty. Qther events were the annual Rresrdents' Ball, in honor ol the heads ol all campus groups, the polrtrcal conventron at whrch all candrdates lor spring elections ,were rntroduced, the Reppers brealrlast, honorrng the women's honorary, supper meetings and theatre partres and the hnal tapprng ol new members at the last bug school dance ol the years firf members are Robert Xxfallrer, lnloward Ness, Douglas Wrnter, Vernon Rohrbacher, Nlerrrll l-larrison, John Cole, George Cole, Robert Musser and Wrllram Kamlre. QFHCERS Robert Walker, president l-loward Ness secretary-treasurer fADlJll3ER Dr Raymond L Carter PEPPEPS Pista, 'lrree lkelr kj rrglr' lrxrlill' rrrrL.'r l-l llrlw PW,-, '-3 lqrwrll l lX'l1r.arm ' 'wl'1r'-Pd-'I Dvrr' l"fr' 'rv Y lelrman tjrrtvr l 'Nl lulr 'lw 'fl yn er Sugar and spice and everything nice . lo pe 5 Pepper' srgnrlres perrrg -9t,rtSt.endrr'rg rn e-tra-Qurrrriular' actrxrtres at tlre lulnryersrtg, Peppers rs tlre womens lwdrrrzrmy nn tlne Campus parallel to tlre Ar- lor' men lne hinoriry pos3e5ses lwrglr requrrements 5 memlderglrrp lrmrted to 13 and Conttarns tlre top-rrotclrers ol tlre larrer' ser lncluded rn tlwe redurrements are a l 5 grade ayerva-ge and ictrye prrtrcrpdtrorr rn dt least two marrirr errrraPcurr'reular' dCtryrtreS lOeSrdeS in e-.Ceptronjl recrirrd firl iCtrye pirtrerpatrorr rn general Sclrrirrfrl lrle and College Sprrrt vylwrle rattendrng tlne Llnryersrty Women may be elected rn then soplomore, rumor, or ser-rror year Pledges must wear tlre tradrtrctrwl necklace pt re green pepper lor one weel prror to rnrtrrarrrirn Ir rs one ol tlre ulrrmrate 'arms ol every wcrnrarr pn tlre campus to become 5 memlder dl tlwrs :roup loeciuee the competrtron IE leen and tlre Honor' truly drstrnctrve, Bdbgltdlyfn lr yppp tbllwdtlfrg yg gl:tllp ' esr es ern ee 9 mens onorer , e 'ere esfa rs e e ororrt on es. wrreru to tnrs year was a sprung trradrtron Because ol spendrng so muclw trme rn tlrre vyareFl0rtWomenlelttl1rS year' tlret tlwe allarr was too muclr a burden to undertake 0FFlClEl2S Janet Urrrjlr, presrdent ftflurrel Srngwr Secretary Vlfirnrd Grrlfrns treasurer fAxDVlSlEl? Dean latlrerrne Easley I-ICDNCDIQ SQCIETY Pow one' Left to right Schering, Steinberg, Stone, Qrians, Braclwt, Carter, Fornoli. Pow two Balcer, Merritt, A. Black, P Goodwin,E Scott, Winslow, W Brown Pow three' Mogendortf, G, Williams, D. Watson, R, Scott, Gilltiam, Solberg. l?ow tour Statford, l-l Bowman, Emch, Dancer, H Niles, Scheer, Beat, Tlaey lcnow all tlae answers . A pat on tlte bacl4 and a clasp ol tlwe lwand is not sutlictent recognition due tlwose members of tlwe student body wlwo liave been elected to tlie University l-lonor Society. lo be named a member ot tliis organization is tlme lwiglwest ltonor bestowed upon any student in recognition ot academic aclwievement, llwe road is a lward and long one tltouglw just loolf over tlwese qualifications: During tlwe First part ot tlwe second semester, botlt juniors and seniors are eligeble lor election. llwose elected in ttieir junior year are clwosen from ttie upper tlwree per cent ol tlwe junior class, wlwile tltose elected in tlweir senior year must be in tlie upper tive per cent ol tlwe graduating class. 'llwen additional students are selected from tlwe second tive per cent, clwosen as tl'1e active members see tit. llwe total nember elected is not to exceed TO per cent ot tlie graduating class, Graduate students may also be elected, but tlwe number is limited to not more ttian QD per cent ol tlwe total number ol graduate students. lbose clnosen members are not only outstanding in sclwolarslwip, but in many cases are among tlie active promoters ol University lile, A banquet is tield at wlwicti eacli newly elected member receives lwis lcey. Dr, Wayne Dancer is tlwe presi- dent ol tlwe l-lonor Society. CVFFICEPQ Dr 'Wlavnc Dance' pt , F ,, , ur fctrcnic N Qcilbcrg "JlC5"DVCSlC1C'V1T Lucille B. lfmcn secretary IOTA SIGMA ALPHA Q l r Pow two, left to rrght lhrelrnan, fxl tmsr ll-rrl'-I Qrhrrl, ft.4cFv.rn l" err H llrlrju fxvfw, tftirds? May l help you, maclam? Among the busrest persons on the campus are the Q4 members ol the rn-store scholarshrp group, lcfta Sigma Alpha. They hold vvorlg.-scholarships rn dovvntovvn stores and are required to return their servrces un the store lor Unuversuty turtron. Most ol them vvorlt on Saturday, vvhule some duvrde theur vveelt days between vvorl and school Scholar' shrps have been grven by the Lron Store, Smrtlfs Calerera lredtlfels, l.asalle and lochs, Lamsons and Stems lhese students are selected for therr outstandrng abrlrty and lnterest rn busrness, Each student selected lor a store scholarshrp us a guarantee ol vvorl-1 and servuce to the store. Qnce a month the group meets at school durrng the day to drscuss therr rndrvrdual problems rn the stcre and to go over general problems rn busrness. The annual social event ol the season rs a drnner at the Commodore Perry l-lotel rn the sprrng, to vvhrch all store superintendents and personnel directors are invrtied. C7Fl7lClfl?S Jane Avery, presrdcnt Helen Nrles, secretaryxreasurcr ADWSEP Donala S, parls WQO SIGMA ALPHA CDMEGA Bacl r-in. Lett to rtght l lunlsnfk, lvllla, L Mlller, Shall Front row Dtenst, Muse Pollard, Nlr: Blanchard, Path To them an honor roll is food . . lhdugh theyyre sttll a rather young organszatlon, and though they are levv an numbers, thus natuonal honor- ary home economics society IS a strong unit. lv gaun admtttance to Sugma Alpha Qmega us dlhflcult, vvuth only those vvomen vvho have shovvn excepa ttonal abuluty an all helds ol home economics beung elnguble. lne gurls thus year have proved theur talent by example, because, among other thongs, they baked lruut cakes dunng the Chnstmas season and sold theme Among theur numbers are: Ruth Sommer, who worked hard as presndent , , Lnlluan Muller vvas her steady and as vuce-president . , . Bessle Nlnka, dietetucs major, .-,as a trooper lor l2ed Cross vvork , . , knuttrng uncessantly vvas Jane Dlenst . . . Eleanor Klinksick, alvvays on hand, who took charge ol sellung the Hfxmerucan Women's Cookbook' '... a special scholarship vvas hesto fred on Aluce Path, and she taught an extra section ol home economics , . . l-lelen Shirk, who be- itdes fforkung hard rlght here at home, us presmdent ot the Northvvestern Qhto Reglonal l-lome Eco! r Umm? Club And now lNlllT that rmpresslve Itst, IS It any vvonder vvhy the gurls are Something Special? CPFl:lCEP'f Puth Sommer president Ltlltan Nltller vucv?-presndvtnt A D flghp Nlnss Aflartha Pollard Pl KAPPA DELTA SJ' Pots. Za? .vlttir rrsht Wrrrtvrr fvlrr xr H'-'rrrw' Pun 'rrr-' L"rh'or- lrwr l-lo,-T. Vlfrll-'r liz . Here are the .lolwns who can spealc For themselves . . largest ol three natronal speech lraternrtres pr l appa Delta rncludes only those students who have proved themselves outstandrng debaters by partrcrpatrng rrr at least tvvo questrons rn tvvo drl-lerent years Actrvrty vvrthrn rtsell rs not the arm ol Dr l appa Delta Qatherr rt asprres to strmulate rts members to a greater interest rn spealrng and also to burld up enthusrasm lor debatrng among the younger students ol the Unr- versrty debatrng booy lo rnsure a lrne Debatrng Assocratron rn luture years, a program lor hrgh school youth vvas held rn the sprrng Speeches and debates vvere grven and rudged Hrgh school students were also grven the oppors tunlty to Inspect Unrversrty burldrngs and warrous departments Presrdent l-lovvard Ness and Jaclt Bremer, Dr lappa Delta members, partrcrpated rn the Forensrc lournas ment held at Southeastern State College rn Durant, Qllahoma, last February Ness vvon natronal ranl-sung in drrect clash, an honor grven to only three students rn the country. The tvvo representatrves vvon ranls ing as excellent debaters rn regular debate as vvell At the close ol the year pr Kappa Delta plans to bestovv hugh ranlrng on several ol rts especrally deservrng members. lhe Llnrversrty group rs l-novvn as the lheta chapter rn the l3rovrnce ol the Great Laltes Dr Kappa Delta rs valuable because rt lurnrshes errroyment along vvrth valuable lessons rn logrc sane drscussron ol problems and sportsmanshrp, Cllllfblpg l-lovvard lhless pr'esro.3nt Vrrgrrrra 'vljalls seirftarv ,ADQVBEP Dr G l-larrrs-:rn llrrans Pl MU EPSILCDN an-:.,.e misss!! i Ccx. r,-,rg lelt to rrglwt lernw: lvlerrrtt, Brandeberry, Delbeco, l-lenlle, A Blaclf, P Goodvyrn, l-lanely Pow one X'lill'Cl,FVlfd?15l'lT Dancer, fl1r3ernaler,'Starner,lVl Allan 1, 2, 3-not lciclc, but A. P. . lt you ttrrnlt you count rn tlnrs world, at least one organrzatron on campus counts a lrttle more tlwan you. pr Wlu Eosrlon natronal lnonorary rnatlwernatrcal lraternity, lwas a clraoter lwere, tlwe Gamma clwapter ol Qlwro, and lwoncrrs a leyy good matt-ematrcs students eaclr year yvrtlw nts memberslrrp, Merrrbers are elected accordrng to scrrolastrc attarnment. llwey must l'raye oarticrpated in tl're Delta x Club actryrtres must traye a MBV' or better average rn all academic worl4, and must lwave slwovyn ability to do satrslactory yyorlf. rn lvrglrer rnatlw ,lufrcrrs and senrors are elrgrble lor admrssron, and tlre drstrnctron ol earnrng tlwe riglwt to wear tlre Pi Mu Ecrsrlon gold ltey rs a goal among tlne better rrratlvemtrcs students, lfaclr year tlwe annual banquet reunites ttre actrwe group yyrtb alumnr wlro bear a close loyalty to tlwe organrzation. ffracuse llnryersrty lrad tlre lrrst sucll matlwematrcs group, and now tlwe largest colleges and unryersrties rra.e clrapterf, Qurs rs rn rte lrltln year lrere, As long as standard lor memberslwlp contrnues to be so lriglw Pr lfu lgperlon Wrll readrly promote metlramatrcal sclrolarslwro 'fytlilfbpg Dcrrotlwy llollcrril oresrdent Prctrard glroenralrr secretary Carl lfatcrr trcasurer lfll2EClCl3 Dr J.ayrr+:Danccr, PI GAMMA MU Row four Left to rught P Hughes, Shrrver, Ladd, Connors, Patterson lauclr Pow three Bremer, ,l Cole, Beat, Brol-ate, Burton, pavalf, Musser Povv tvvo Pavvlunson, Pahrllv, M ,l Evster Wor5,h'ul, ll Smrth, fi Col-I Pow one' Partrrclqe, l-lesselbart, Bushnell, B lrng, Borrnan, E Gordon They don't believe "Live Alone and Lilce lt". With a national membership ol over 30,000, pr Gamma lvlu, natronal socral scrence honorary, has lunc- troned lor T7 years. lhe Unrversrty ol loledo rs proud to have a charter chapter establrshed vvrthrn nts halls. It rs a well-rounded organrzatron rn that at otlers Intellectual and socual prestrge aswell as socual enter! tarnment. Qne ol the prrme motuves ol the group rs to discuss vutal problems, ol vvhrch there rs an unex- haustlve supply lacrng the vvorld today, Each program centers about a central theme chosen at the bef ginnrng ol the year and features a guest spealcer recognrzed an has particular held. Follovvrng the lecture an open Forum as held, at vvhrch trme varrous Issues are drscussed and oprnlons are erchanged lreelv, lhe central theme lor thus vear vvas the toprc Mlhe Wor'ld We Want to l.uve ln H It is the vvell-lounded arm ol every social scrence mayor or manor to become a cog rn the vvheel ol thrs signihcant group because ol the lellovvshrp and socral strmulus rt ahfords OFFlCEl?S John Cole prcsrdent .lean Beat vrce-presrdcnt Srvra l'lattner secretarv lvlarcra Evster, treasurer ,, ,t , ADVISED Dr Charles J Bushnell 3 SIGMA MU TAU 'sr 'T' -ii- 'Q' 'P' lbw one Left to rigbt E Scott, Burbanl, Patttiey, Pidenour, S Partoyan Pow two Solberg, Smart, J. Kesler, M. Leslie, Matziriger Pow three l-l Willard, P Donnelly, Dett, Urscl1el,lutal, Pow four Lidemiller, l-leyn, Puller. Women in Science . . fb. xery new organization active on tlwe campus tliis year is Sigma Mu lau,tl1e medical teclwnology sorority. Qrganized in tlwe spring ol last year tlwrougli a meeting ol a nominating committee, tlwe group started into action with tliree meetings last year and bas continued witli regular meetings tliis year. lbe twofold purpose, to turtlwer members in tlweir knowledge ol tlwe medical profession and become a rrore integrated group was very laitlilully lullilled by tbe president, Joyce pattlwey, during tlie tirst semester, until slve toolf up lrier studies at loledo l-lospital, As vice-president, Marglierita Leslie became presi- oent and Evelyn pidenour was elected to till ttie vice-presidency. Sigma Mu -l-au lrias an alumnae group ol tbose girls in tbe lield vvlwo graduated prior to tlwe organization cl triis club Freslnmen women are pledged in tlie second semester on ttie basis ol sclwolarslwip, and wear a test tube insignia ol tlfie lwonor. Members may wear a gold and blaclc liexagon pin. fiqna Mu lau pledges tbis year were Gwen Bordeaux, Mildred Bridenbauglw, Laverne Brigliam, Carolyn Lf!Zl7lV, Rosalie tranlel, Goldie l-lliaroudis, Bernice Katz, Louise Niles, l-lelen Pine, l?utli Sclivvartz, Clarice Sticire Mrs Barbara Scott, Elizabetlw Soule, Alma Mary Staiber, Marilyn Slwuey and Doris Nettleman. fFtlCEPf Wiarglwerita Leslie, president E-.felyn Ridenour vice-president ALPMIQLP Dr Arcliie N Solberg SIGMA Rl-ICD TAU l Pct-,x hve Lett to rrghl E Werayfr tozhaq Pxnnen, Nlcrnrrg W' pc" freloh, Wtarr, Pvlcbee I-'o.-. lou' tCwdo1l,tCrdrg, Bogufz, Wrlhelnr, l t-l Vfeaver Pow three hatrr, Thorpe, Nlund, Fmrtcl, l-lanelv, Gray, E lylrcrnlr, lov-.alslr Povy lvvo Nlrelfsclr, Opler, lamlte, P l,1c-odwrn, V tn'-rgn, Webb, Martrn Meyer, P Xxfood, 'ntiarrxbrrril Pow one Pl Carr, P tang, brunt, Zarobflv, Scott, Palmer, Prennecle, "rhult:, Marenburc, 'irhrrtrer Their gal's Jenny, powerful and depenclablef she's a motor . . . AAGYOWIDQ, grovvung, grovvnln mrght be the cry ol the engrneenng department an the Llnrversrty, from the loOl4S ol the membership to Sigma Rho lau, natuonal enguneerlng speech lraternrty young men lOOlxl!'r'-3 ahead to their place rn the vvar etlort see a vvrde horrzon ol the use ol englneerung, and IH thus honorary one can hnd many other lellovvs vvrth the same outlool. Informal, conlerence style debates gave the student speech e-penence, and by spealfung at meetnngs he gets the leelnng ol an enguneers publuc lute A pledge must outlnve the neophyte, novrce and assocuate member stages before becomrng an active member Guardlng agaunst only technlcal trannung, socral contacts vvere lurthered through the Wrng Svvnng occupying the entlre engineers' vvung, and the sixth annual Slap Stlcl-. Sllde Shortly alter Easter was then' yearly WlHdOW Washing atlalr, vvlth rellable Jenny, therr ever constant motor and mascot, perl-Ing away to keep up the spunt ot thnngs, Novel throughout, Slgma Rhos Invented an elaborate cugar lrghter vvhnch vvas prctured an the loledo lrmes and vvhrch brought a letter from a natnonal cigar company, asl-:ng lor the rrght to use the picture IU adver- trslng. Srgma Rho lau rs governed by the Attrc len, consustnng ol lil assocrate or tull members Toledo IS the Epsulon chapter, W Sherman Smith ot our laculty ts treasurer ol the natronal organuzatron, CYFFICEPF lf1ecrrgc'Ql"cbb prcsrdcn. Vfffaltcr Bogus: vrcc-prrisrcent Poy Ensign secretary -lohn Vfeaver, treasurer Rrcharo tang sergeant-at-arms ADVESEPS Delos Nl Palmer Ccrrnelruf S lffrtirrrnjclnf Brenton XX" Stevenson 1 , qiv- N V . V :- Sv-,. , . XXX, . af., .. Sqiygg L 34 t f i :-T W T' .5 ll 52? , mfviwff f - 34199 1. 3-i I A ,. ... ws- ...IQ N V x tvvo e t to r Qlrit Wall Winter B l-lariison. Row one Bremer, J, Cole, Patterson, Everett. l-ICDNQIQ CGUIQT lslplwolding student government, l'lonor Court is a means ol letting students settle tlieir own difficulties. Con- sisting oi a ciiiet justice, two senior justices, two junior justices and one soplwomore justice, tliis body weiglws all violations ol tlie Students Code and determines tlweir punislvment. A lively interest was l4indled at tlie beginning ol tire year wlien tlie power oi outside companies to adver- tise on campus was questioned and clarilied tlirougli action ol l-lonor Court, llie case made it obvious tlwat recodilcation ol tlne Student Code was needed to mate University regulations clear, lliis job was under- tal4en and completed by .loiin Cole, wlio succeeded Douglas Winter as cliiel justice wlien tlwe latter enlisted in tlwe air corps at the F.rst semesteris end. llve rest ol tlie court consists ol Virginia Walls and Gerald Connors, senior justices, James and William Patterson, junior justices, Bernard l-larrison soplnomore justice, and Biciiard Allyn, clerlc. l-lonor Court is not just an organization to render serv- ice to the sclnool, but also to give members oi tlie group practical evperience in court room procedure and argu- mentation, 5511 1 A I ,,..4 .gf Left to right L Niles, Poulet, putan, Dienst, NXfall-er Pjilwrbaiilwer, l amle, D QalIagl'ier,Ma21ev STUDENT CCDUNCIL Highest student governing body is Council. ln cons trast to tlwose ol past years, its sessions lwave not been stormy. perlwaps tlie smootlwness of its organization can be attributed to its systematic -and intelligent leader, Robert Walker. President Waller devised a nevv operating plan, calls ing For distribution ol Council duties, Janet Dienst vvas secretary, Vernon Polwrbaclwer, in clnarge ol funds, William Kaml4e, marslwall, Suzanne l.eliman social coordinator, Alice Roulet, social tiles bead, James Massey, bulletin board supervisor, Louise Niles, in clwarge ol mailboxes, Jeanne Rutan, pub- licity clwairman, Jean Xxfarvvicl. placed on tile a clwarter ol every campus organization. A referendum vote on a proposed increase in ac- tivities fees lor Red Cross and Community Cliest con- tributions, vvlnrcln vvas lost, vvas lwandled by Carl Josepb With Russ Morgan lurnislning music tlwe annual Clnrrstf mas Formal vvas a great allair, clwairmaned by Robert lvlusser, l-lello Week vvas culminated vvitlw a dance in tlwe Civic Auditorium. Z' 93 S, V1 X PQBEPT Xliflfnllftlflrl, president Vc lour Lclt to right P7 Floripe, Connors, P l-lenry, McCord, Eberly, Leach Pow three ,l. Cole, E Scl'1ultz,D Collins, -f licrgera, Friedzarn, Pococl, Patti, G Cole Pow tvvo S Tl1omaf,Fernolend,M Myers, Gilmartin, Claus. Pow one vruncf, ft Yl,3.gQlgv,, Dielendorf, Elerr, A lonopla, lilmer UNIVERSITY Tl-IEATRE Striking blacl-outs, ditlicult and teclwnical but beautifully lwandled, modernistic yet almost etlwereal sets ol a Walt Disney quality, and an emotional satire vvlwiclw will not soon be bettered marlted tlwe University Tlneatrels First production, Elmer Piceis 'ifbdding Maclwinel' A lwomely lwumor, quietly amusing in its slwarp perception ol lruman cliaracter, and sets vvitlw a delicate exactness to tbem pleased tlweatre goers in "Tlwe Late Clwristoplwer Beanfl second production by Sidney l-lovvard. Slfepticism greeted ttre decision to produce i'Qur Tovvnf' Tliornton Wilderls Pulitzer prize vvinner, because it nad aTready been given so olten, but tlwe play brol4e all box otlice records. University Tlweatre entlwusiasts marvelled still at tlre playls deliglwtlul inlormalrty and tlwe deep understanding vvitb vvlwiclw ,foutnlul players interpreted tbeir roles. ,Ar long pleaded tor type ol play, a mystery comedy, llwbistling in tlwe Darley, concluded tlwe year's pro- gram. Long appreciated lor its lnumor in tlwe midst ol an eerie atmosplwere, tlie production vyas a lwit. Proving tlrrat stre can direct as vvell as act, Virginia Walls served as president. Well clrosen aides suclw as ,Adele lfonopl4a as bow otlice manager, Raoul Eloripe, business manager, Selma Jacobs, properties lieadf Dorotrrea Carter, costume mistress, and an executive board composed ol Miss Konopl4a, Roger Claus and Gerald Connors lullrlled some ol tlre teclwnical aspects. Marjorie l-lunt and Leonard Gluclc planned parties and issued montlwly bulletins to enliven tlwe social spirit. I ' , ' ,-Q ,, .f'I 13' r .., , ,M Z, ,Mi -u ., in 1 J "' ,' . 1 ,J D' 0 Q, ',: .1 " Of v 1' '3 ' nf! ai' 1 , , -if 'Q , . Q -3: L- . . . rv ,K 4 5 . "N .mr fi t-'. - ,q',.. Q h . X V , ' xl X .N nl" xxx 4 . lv . .- v- s c. . , - - I . X 1 . - it Q Wa '29, 'J' -- is-4 . 5- ' . . , 3 ai : Q X W . H - , Q' xg' ' . 133.4 L M NA X, . President clinny Wallt, unsnarli licr hair alter ner clwirictcv - Dire tlie m t ln l Mane W llc :ation of Nlrf Zero in "lbs Adding Nlaclvinc " P Cb lVlorlinE Bell, already yyell establislied and olten praised as tlrie able director ol University llweatre plays, must none tlie less be again credited lor bandling a rob ol endless details witli smootlrest elliciency, demonstrating bis sltill lor organiza- tion as well as dramatic art. Mrs. Jessie Dowd Stanford, adviser, not only never misses a perlormance, but sits 'way down lront in tlwe First royy as il to give visible spiritual eng couragement. Wlemberslwip in tlwe llweatre is large not only are tbere aspiring actors and actresses but artists, electricians and set constructors, l-leading tl'ie top perlormances list are Gerald Connors, Eilene Derr, Raoul l:loripe, Ora Jolwnson, Eileen Gatclw, Duanne Warrick and Erma Alice Sliultz, luigliting ellects, particularly outstanding, especially in 'lQur loyynf' were well lwandled by ,laclc Cloer. A new and ambitious set yyorlter, Filling the gap lelt by Roger Claus as an ellicient and capable teclwnical director, was Bob l-lenry. 1- x w X - 1 . dl . ,x ., if Z t w V . - ss -,-,tv "ti fk , if-. lii' ' ' - K Q 2 xx Q l ki " l,.. -rj! J ' 151 if' T - S - ' -,,.. ' : ht 6i5'ftsil". 4. '? ' TL We 1 ' nk., "'3- ' . it S + gf is , .Ja ng TCDWER VIEW CLUB As Katherine Easley, dean ol vvomen, puts iti Hlhe hardest thing in the vvorld is lor a group ol vvomen to live together under the same rool.H But Florence Scott Libbey l-lall vvomen come very close to contradicting the vvise dean's statement, and she admits it hersell. lheir aims go lather than just getting along happily, they vvorl4 hard to equip the dormitory and erect themselves more lirmly as an organiza- tion on campus. Qnly three years old, they have established several traditions Christmas and spring lormals, teas lor the Faculty Dames, sorority vvomen and members ol the laculty. Nevvest ol their achievements are silvervvare, gilt ol Samagama, local vvomenis honorary, and china. lvventy-tvvo girls compose the member- ship ol the lovver View Club, vvho malce their home at the l-lall, vvith Mrs. Florence Radabaugh, who prefers to be called adviser, because thats just vvhat she is 'a person vvho is alvvays avail- able to counsel residents in their personal and social allairs. Above' here is the proverbial bull fest, done cow style. Below Shes wasting her time here, Sally should pose for tooth paste ads. Row three-- Left to right: K. Burns, Hovey, Crosby, J. Anderson, l-lackbarth, O Rogers, D, E. Miller. Pow tvvo l-leplcer, Boyvlby, Peirce, H. Morris, M. Logan, J. M. Guest, F. Johnson, VanI.eer. Pow one Moser, J. Keeler, F. Cole, Overhulse .sv , . -'--"'-'- -- -....---,. - s,g.9..-v--ha-ow- fx -KX ,...., , . -fr-yy.,-ever--Q-gglgl .' s-N--rf-29-'Bus -- ' -X 11 .f '- ,,,.x..a L-J.-, v 'P' V, A MACKIIXINCDINI CLUB ln constant session . One ol the most integrated clubs on the Campus, the MacKinnon Club is in constant session, Al- though the majority ol these sessions rs ol the 'lbulln type, this organization ol the mens dormitory has otlrcal meetings every tvvo vveels ln the held ol social activities, the dormitory was lar lrom dormant during the past year' lhe school year began vvrth a party shortly alter the University opened in the First semester It lollovved by l'lallovve'en, lhanlscirvrng fri Christmas parties vvith other allarrs berrrq grae" lor no particular celebration, but simply coed ltllxl. ,larglf ljlrrgrmir prqgirjz. Jael Dunn viii-prisii l-larolgf l'lolstt'tr,'r 'r v r i Louis Ltrlnprvtti fi 1 ri Plplilcllilhl Ernest lvlarli, povv live Lett to 'right Wiillin, L lVli1C-jrnnell, in Nlifrrfrlu' E Schultz, Flory, Lnrant Povv tour Elmer, lramer, Kiefer Usborne, Gfell, Britton Pow three Htuwe, Nllfendt, l-lol' Stetter, Baygell, Vanl-lorn, llollenbeiqer, W 'iimith lcovv tvvrj. Easley, Slutzl-ter, Willie, Nl Cunningham l Dunn, lvlriarn Lorton, Montgomery, Devries Povv one Mails, M-Qtfirirllrn ,l Emery, Holes, E Miller, Bremer, Holriier, Xlfc-l:idglQ,Hr1ffr,f i- if ll SPORTS Y QNX - -X .e + ' r - X ' . A g . Y f fig -dk . . ' ' A - N :QQ-flf Nu .QI X i A A e f L1 x xiii' VY '11 Q .A pkg RQ 4, qx -Q A ' .3 ' hi '- ix 7 'NK - N' - ' 5' 7 """" ' 5 wife" L s If 1 A M ,f N Ae I . i,,if7faz"1f' 'iv X I jf' ,'.,- X v-f-' ' V ileff Where they learn to give and talce... 'INN x E x md, x x 1. -..J ., 'fr Q" -uf .if . ..,,,, .,-f' J' - .. ,Q , Q . 4 5 ' 94 b k az Wav 15 ...-. Ma ,... ,ax f- --pi, Q x ., X. . 'TI' 01N.n-2... -.,.'. 'r'. '. All CCAC!-IES Wt... t HAPQLD ANDERSQN Although his big job is that ol University Athletic director, Dr. Clarence W. Spears is still nationally lcnovvn lor his ability as a Football coach l'lis 1941 Poclcet team, playing a tough schedule under many dis- heartening conditions, did vvell in winning seven games and losing tour Dr Spears toolt over the job ol athletic director and head football ccach in 1936 l-le had previously been at Dartmouth, West Vtrginia, Minnesota, Qregon and Wisconsin. l-le is vvell l4novvn in lootball circles throughout the country and has many former associates and players vvho are novv active on college football statls In the nation Dr Spears is also lfnown lor his vvide l4novvledge ol lootball and all its phases. lhc University had one ol its best athletic years, considering the strain put upon the athletic department alter the outbreal4 ol the war Dr Spears has done a line iob as athletic director, and much credit is due him lor this. Any basltetball coach vvhose teams vvin better than three ol every lour games played over an eight year period is plenty good. 'lhat's the record ol coach l-larold Anderson which has placed him among the best baslcetball mentors in the nation, Since he toolf over the coaching duties here eight seasons ago, Andersonls teams have vvon l4'l games vvhile losing only 39. Thts amounts to a 783 average vvhich is about the best anyone could asl-. lhis year coach Anderson brought to loledo national baslcetball recognition when the greatest Pocket team in University athletic history vvas invited to the New Vorlt lnvitational alter a successlul season ol QQ vvins and three losses against the best cage teams in the nation The Rocltets didnlt vvin the tourney, but they brought home about every Madison Square Garden record vvorth brealcing. Each year Andersonls teams have talcen steps tovvard the goal realized thus season-the national baslfetball Spotlight, lo l-larold Anderson goes the credit for this realization, and it is with regret that we see him leaving lor his new post at Bowling Green. YXNE i' - -v -0. 1. xm- 1' .5-'fwfr -5 'X X. 1. ' A f "v .4 X IJ! DAVND V COPJNELLV Lor1gcst-stamdrmg membrr of thc Urmwrsrw rarrri.rr.K SLM rs D.avr.i V Cfjrwrrfjlry Vxfhfr H55 bqgn Q.jrrrmTC!rid wltrrf1tHQtrr,i H, rg Mr 1fXVvfriXf Hrs Dosrtmne ,aw trrosr of drrcritfrr of rrcaitrr arm pmz.rr,1N rfrrrrxwrurifr mssocmatrg' professor of prrryslrgd fducatrorw and HQSQEQU rifwarirr For 'VGVW Wars Q:rmr1CHv had Hakim hawjd of JH Urmfgrsrty MH- me If -.fl G5 CQSLQIEQH Qrirarrr HWEr1CfN'w'NIisS rm th" gig Nrybrdda famwrm. fr rrj-j were Q-tcrmswe and Fcrrrrmd trrc Home for th? Far-reacrrrrwq rathlrgtrc pri' fran' of mc prrwsprrt tum Nor only has img If-cfm outstarrdrrrq rr- pr1,fsrrg.1N cQr,rrgf1trom and athletm-Q5 rr-'rg' but 15 will-L.rrr3rwm trmrcruqrrgrut fjrrurjr Ty!1'SN.'xHjSShQ1X'xff'T Mst Mrircrr when rm was Qrwoscrr pr-ryswiul htrrfsf lr ramir For rrormwwgitcrn C1510 worbrrg 1rrCOmur1Ct1Orw wrtrr the statc comm! Of1,lV1lIdVNGGQECVNSC C0rrrrvHy wa' 1- mi of su- Frtrmss Waders rmLr:rg rr-iw! th-5 frrtrrf Stat,- Hc 'Judi M50 rrmtrufmirrlrn' :rr "qi-mg tm ljrrwcrfutv thi Mrfrt Lounge :rr libro to put into QHQQI .1 worlrrrq pHv9rrj.1N trdrmrru proqrrjw hr dll ruin FDEP 'SVXLCLIP BffOHj f'r'rtrjrmfQ Irv' fXJav'y IH Aprxj Frrjrif gtqrggpp H1411 addy! muC+'u tri, tray' Umm'-r3rfv .jthrrftwj Scalp Axg r3rr.wjr.5r if rr"tr.1mJr-nr? My hqd built up .1 pri, -irarw wrrrfrr .jttmzts arson' rrnif tm? rmjrr itrmrgrrtf. Hy UJNNI th., armc- rfurari, rxvprjrtrm rn mt., ru Ns rv rm Hurt? nlrrlrtrrj'ujh nrurf wnQfri'r'rwfr wtf, H. WC 'if rillvrrl, Bra!-imp rrrrgt wrrrr tridm rrmrrrngrgrc rr,m1iri'Cw,rf srgmgczuh 5. Lqpt rrw rem:-rds of ral! Sports mmf rffitfd 159 ru-ips? :Wrvrr any VSIED-Jf4'E -11"'wi up rm tru' I-N1 f:-"Qr1rt"frrf TVN Sports rmw appriar ffrr KH' ordsgrly lrrtrarrrrrrfrls pmqmrrr 'gtalrup Jai- rrrrrmf-It fwfr Qrrmrav rnrirrtf wi tm Yzwfi-trgr,rrr3 tmrrrrrwfirwt Swirl Max! f 1,'1 WJE :.1v'v 5'-Q: 'trrgr xfmr-fr.1TrrrrltJCOff'1LiwI1lIOr'v HUT rxrjrrmrrnrg rrrTr.11'ruVd!i, Wrnirw t rrlf Grslv NBL' Hr vvf1Sd!SCw1SS1ST.3r'w! pro- ffaeor of rirwsumi v'C'J'Z1flC'VI arf: ?wargHrwlf: voeirr For tru? For5rtbraU tr.1"", Up Umm? Tr'rl5'yr",1r bi' me Hwirr trail rgoarim Ummm: the p 11" rmc rr-' Muir up sorrrw of trrw rumiet Urnui- tuqmi :rr trmg srjrrrjrrgwra Hwatory ffaicupf we 41 gracmt., of FVrn,:rJr .'.frr.rr1: rr s',' Ertarririr :rr trail' and Football Residue Purciuriy rr-' has 5U,lV!NCd nl gtcrwford and lrrrimrra HQ SMH rwoprfs fir Hrs fiffirrgt-irrhi -iriqr-if wi as rro.-,f Qrrlv TER Urrnfq, grrgrrr cf that mari TCM HTfGH3BQ'Vl Navy'-ist uddstlrgfrr to tm L 5ar35'1mrrQ SKQH as Trjrrr- Frtzclbbifw wrwgw rgrjrrmi rrqrrj :rr geptarrbfir T341 He' has rwprra-:wid Frrjd Stalrgrrp as trmilr .ggnjrgrr rg tranrwr of trm Pod-QtdtrrN+1'trc teams and sfjrvris on tha prrysrr:-al tmrmmg staff Fltzgrblirorr rs e gre-ductal' of tru Urrrmrsrty of NX'!u5o:rrr5rm wrrcrrif hc gqwrgwgi as dszlstdrrt trail C0655 cmd tremor HQ has also brwifrw Cormqctcd vvvth me-:Hrrrq posutrorrs um Mr!-Maulcr? Ar Wwscriwmsum, Frtzgwbborr was Qssrstarrt to Tom Jomis rmtlor1.aUy Known trail coach and aldoi In IRQdVfV41'lC1DmCVHffjrfcirkiil- Ferrslc and Xxfdhfr MriHN, promrr-arm drstrarrcri rrmrmrf Fltzqlbbonvs Lnowlwdgc of C-3- vdoprrrg mad mam has Bain prcrwd In trr-3 srrort trmq HQ has Served him: HQ as mow bmldumg up .a mad mam whrrgrr as Q-pected to show ww!! this Sprung THQ way :rr whack rm Has Erwin ocvifcrplrrg many frrtsfrmjru into Czwstarnca rummirs ws afmost amazing O FGQTBALL SEASCDIXI IN REVIEW St. Josephs Collegefht.-rvfnv: v-pectrgd this to Inf? an easy opening day vvin lor loledo but Niclc Scollard, l-Ioosier i'q"t Igor: thirgs f' :sci :If-if lc-r the Qoclfts with his long held goal vvhich resulted in a 3-O vvin lor the visitors Detroit Tech-Illavi'-I: in 3 constant rain ant: on a muody held the Roclfets smashed the Dynamics, 55-O l-luston, Szela- Qcvvsii UIC Clwrrons Cach scored two touchdowns and lxfolle and Bauman tallied one apiece. Marshall-lord rvuch Ilviarsnall povver in every department vvas the hug reason lor loledois 3347 deleat at I-luntington, BIA -Iacliw l-Iunt Il'.f'larshaIIIs little All-American lullloaclf, led a line smashing ollensive, vvhile the Big Green Line seemed ie crrgnsnl-5 to Igflill-.wil Iiacls A Nash to Szelagovvslti pass accounted lor loledols lone score. John Carrollflhe Rulers pushed Iiiacl into tne win column with a Q0-O I-lomecomrng Day victory over the Blue Devils lr:r' lily.-vuI.and l'vXioloCzl-o I-luston and Bauman did the scoring Western Michigan Teachers-Long runs by I-Iorace Coleman and Art Macioszczylt, tvvo speedsters were enough to sinl Tolwflo in a game playvd at Italamazoo This 3-I-0 loss vvas the vvorst liclting given to a Qocltet squad since Doc fovars tool owr the coaching her., Illinois Wesleyan-Irw 1 sea ol mud loledo tool a Q-0 decision at Bloomington, III Szelagovvslo accounted lor all the Ijlwnp points Sis" 4 fi-4 mx-in X., r Iopper lelr ln the game at I-luntington, W Va, Courtney Driscoll, speedy Marshall College baclr, hewdg lor the Big Vjreerfs third touchdown Upper right Bob Nash splashes his way to a short gain igainzt Illinois Weelerfan in a game played at Bloomington, Ill Lower Bob Metzger, captain ol the undefeated Western Michigan Teachers, Ificlfs out ol danger behind his own goal line as loledos Hill 'i-chwidt ig blocled out by Macioszczvl, No 32 'sf' Jw Upper left olrm Bauman scores agarnst ,lohn Carroll rn the l-lomecomrng game Upper rrqht Nash heads for a Toledo touchdown rn the battle wrth the soldrers from Camp Shelby Lower left ladlrcl bumps hrs way to a short garn alter catchrn-3 a l-luston pass rn the BaldwrnfXXJallace game Lower rrght Nash trres to out-maneuver two Butler tacllers Camp Shelby-Two touchdowns early rn the ltrrst quarter lormed the loundatron lor Toledols hrqhest score ol the season a 39-O wrn over the 37th Drvrsron team lrom Camp Shelby lvlrss Touchdowns were scored by Bzelagowslr Nash, l-luston, Anderson and Clemons Butler-A salety rn the second perrod was Toledols only means ol Scorrng agarnst tne Bulldogs tacl ol good lnlockrng hampered the Rocl-:ets whrle a hrgh-powered ol'lensrve was a dehnrte lactor lor the vrsrtorsl TB-Q wrn Baldwin-Wallace-Drsplayrng therr best otlensrve worl- ot the season, the Poclets tool an easy Q7-7 vrctory over the Berea, Qs Yellow .lacltets Nash, l-luston, liadlrclt and Szelagowsl-r accounted For thf Toledo pornts Bhlvlfs only threat was a rlashy passrng attacl, Bradley Tech-The perlect record ol Bradley, no losses and no tres was spotted by the Boclets rn a game played at Peorra, Ill , rn vvhrch Toledo smothered the Braves, T4-o Up to thrs game the Braves lrne had permrtted only one touchdown Nash and Szelagowslcl each scored lor Toledo Jefferson Barracks-The Rockets travelled all the way to Sr Lours, Mo , and warted untrl the hnal play ol the TOM season loelore they pulled Ott the most spectacular evhrortron ol the year Bolo Nash, playrng hrs last game as a Poclet, laded lbacl- to mrdlreld wrth seconds to go and hred a pass rnto the arms ol Drcle l-luston who went over lor the score whrch gave Toledo a QQ-QT wrn over the Army team Two touchdowns scored by Nash, tvvo extra pornts by Szelagowslti and a satety resulting from a bloclced lfrclf by Don Gertgey accounted lor the remarnrng Toledo porrrts Season Summaries-Frnal record lor the lsoclets was seven vvrns, tour losses Total pornts scored by Toledo was 195 lor an average ol 17 7 pornts scored hy opponents totaled 'ITQ lor an average ol TOT l-lrgh scorers lor Toledo were Ted Szelagovvslcr, Bolo Nash and Drclc l-luston The org drsapporntment ol the year was Toledos larlure to whrp St Joe rn the opener, The big surprise was the 14,6 upset over Bradley ltnoclnrng the Braves lrom the unbeaten class 14 Tl-ICSE LEAVING LIS EC-3 ' 4 r 'A fs- ! . g X g , . t , di. X-H V, . ,uucin i in . ., ., . , A. , , 15, I 4 , i i i , . I Q. .R Q W 1 GC, 5 H. Xi, -A 5 'I N 2. Y ev' Ls " .5 .v 'W Y 5' 2L1f,'' 2 . l .go r-5 F Q ll .4 I ' ' xt X ' ljxcf-, - ' ,f 1. l 1 wk ,lp , . ,s.,"1, fy 9 ' 4 .534 M: - . ' - asf' tx l " 3,-Sig, ,. ,,,, A .1-.51 .Lg ,. a'wah3,- f tsf1.:f -tm21.v s4 ff Nine members ol the 'l94'l football squad have vvound up their collegiate gridiron careers. Eight vvere seniors and one vvas called into the Army in midseason. Reading cloclcvvise are Captain Warren Gongvver, giant taclcle, Bobby Nash, one ol the greatest all-around baclcs in University history, Bob Stahl, dependable lineman, led Shinlcle, regular end and Fixture in the l2ocl4et lineup, Don Geitgey, hampered vvith injuries most ol the season but a great ball player vvhen he savv action, Frank Clemons, speedy baclc, led Szela- govvslti, high scorer and outstanding on defense, Jim Bauman, steady player and good blocker, 'led Zuch- ovvslfi, regular taclfle until called into the service in midseason. ,.: hir. ,. X' QW x K 1 1 P X . ' Q 'I N rr , ' 1 f'N x A X' Ifilww '--N -A X'-lg' x ., YAY X xi x .f qw X x 1 ,Aa to t7ffQ r I an N Q r ft Q n 1 tk .-K, V x .- ti- 'A i xxb K, 1 y ,J Qi Y jxvaibsgst xv V U, , x . ir i 'EN ., rx r n L" V ' X -my ""' I W t r .J at , 17 1 ---L . 'Qi 2 'W' t ' at ' ' a Q as up af 4 A' 2 k K 'Ein - w s A if it Q K V r, it ' Q55 5 1? J' , f-is 5 V3 '-Q-A , , "' " 3' Qt beggar: e r , e so 'kg' rf!" iny H- " ' ' if -4- . A I E14 "" , r , 1, , , - 5 1 ' if I XX "1-S+ 1 .ot ' A V -Qid 'W I ' , aj' ' . N mmf. 1 I 5 5201 .f I Q I 5 . V tn. . Y-va' ' - ,, in U X' ' '- ' . t 1 5 I V I . Tx? 1 i, r Q .Z vqzt i. ' w" -V,p J '57 ,gf- i f ' t 3' to AJ LA.. Fa i , A1 ii? 9 N NN , .N 2 6 'rr r ' 'W ' ' ' " , ' , W 5 f ,Nw , T V .,,' 3. iv ' if - f ,... wf-"S."'-.x ' - f ,. x- . . avr?"- , , A " -41.-'x ,f .a If :iam "f1Ai A - A ,. Tk X I' r , 5 in V , ..x-' 3,YT,o41 : Q Y V U , el ,AAV' W f new ,QL ' ip . A: rt. Underclassmen playing with the Pockets thus past season are, Too row: Huston, Walters, Przza, Beaver. Second row: Anderson, Warych, Dimon, Lyskawa. Third row: Wolh, Early, Seytang, NXf'olodzl4o. Fourth row: Hritzlco, Kadlielc, Schmidt, Lngubel. Bottom: Robertson, Flnnsson, BOISSY, student manager Mahalitey, C FIQESI-IMAN FCDQTBALL ln exery sport there are the so-called unsung heroes. The men who gain that label in University sports this year are the members of the freshman football team. The big rob for the freshmen each fall is to prepare the varsity for its weekly opponents, The freshmen run opponents' plays against the varsity and try to stop and break up the regular teamls formations which are used in the regularly scheduled games. The freshmen turn out week after week, in rain, mud, sleet and cold, Always thay take a poundingiin scrimmaging the tougher and more experienced varsity in practice sessions. lt's not always an easy job to throw a block on men the size of Warren Gongwer or tackle powerful runners like Bob Nash or 'led Szelagovvski l-law many cf the 1941 freshman crop will return to carry on in football next season isnlt known, but if ewen half come back Doc Spears should have a good nucleus for the T942 eleven. -ui Ariana Three members of the freshman football team Left to right Sanford Slutzker from Lorain, Q, frank A Piazzo, Chicago, and Fd Shea, Harvey, III. if ff cr lJenirhOr2 and ft-rt fan pvziri i iiiachri 4 -,MN ,S if I A535 BASKET BALL XX -Elk o tb" 'W bv 'wir' 1 , V ma ?? -'56 -'I' 1. L-. , N " .g,,..'A , M H' .V .f . X , V . Uk xx NEW' 7, I 4 ' ,'7 N. EX X. W V1 "'STT'f .- ,'g'P?'SS'f?i2fwfx'f W L gywxp .f xi. 'f,Sg..iQxZ- wins. ' 'fi' W rs , X2 ., . fe: I . 9 'fy,,v .ff 'Q g E 9 1 44"' ' f .11- 1 . Aw- Q 'Q 54 THE IIXIVITATICDNAI. The dream of Rocket basketball boosters was realized on Monday, March 9, when the news of Toledo's invitation to the National lnvitational Tournament in New york was made known. The team had just returned from its final road trip of a long and successful season. ln their final two games played in the East, the Rockets proved to the eastern basketball fans that they were one of the best cage combinations in the nation. Without the services of Bob Gerber who was confined to a hospital with a leg infection, the Rockets pushed the famed Long lsland Blackbirds to the very limit before losing a five-point decision in Madison Square Garden. Three nights later, once more without Gerber, the Rockets swarmed all over LaSalle ai Philadelphiays Convention f'lall, 65-37. And so Toledo, with a seasons record of QQ wins and three losses, became the third of eight teams to be invited to the big New York tourney. The Pockets' first game was against the highest scoring cage machine in the country4l2hode lsland State. lw the wildest game ever seen in Madison Square Garden, the Rockets smashed Rhode lsland, 89-71. They held Rhode lsland's high scoring Stutz Modzelewski to one of his lowest point totals of the year and set four new Garden records, the greatest mark going to Gerber who sunk 37 points. Qvernight the Rockets became the most popular group of athletes in the big town. A huge crowd of THOOO turned out to see Toledo pitted against West Virginia in the semi-finals. The Mountaineers, placed last in the pre-tourney ratings, displayed a great brand of ball, stopped Toledo by a 51-39 score and went on to win the tourney. ln the tournaments consolation game which was played as part of the program to decide the tourney winner, Toledo lost to Creighton, 48-46. Although the Rockets didn,t reach the finals, they broke about every standing Garden record. The team as a whole tucked away several new scoring marks and barely missed breaking others. Uerber gained national recognition by breaking five individual records to add to the great accomplishments of the T947- 4Q team which will never be forgotten. .Avi .XL , w 1.1. --1 Vi" ..f .+ -QT" 54. E' C 4 uvbm Hd Hu? 'DL,lr'wr: fi'-Qnplxwzrw' 'V :, r v :mf 13414, 'w15Lwi,1U fx ,fm 1'hVW1!5',H1Vf1Y'!U1'!VT1'!ff :":i: f!1zMf1i-" "Vw wg. Hn. .4 HQ' 51-j fu- '-, HL Jiri, "fiHrw.Z 11 4 fxrfif, nm fm QV "' L-'f,wiF'5r1w:fgr,, , ,xfrf .zwxw .,r". rj X kwfwlfkll "M VNU, f 'L . Ex. P'W1w flak. ' ML g ,'w" fwrvrf uw. M- i 1: lfairxg- f3r,1wN.fw figxlr Sfwir 1 if Vw, W1 .JM -if .'r,VS IQ fm' Sqrrw -,Q in 3 MN .fr-,f ,-,fy M 'mt fail 'UAHNQIQYQ w g.jv.g I stammrw farfmr I m wore EMU fwficidum and CJ. p mt tv rw Www CYJVNVNCF the grqsgn IQ X- df' 1 1 GQ? 1JV1'iff HTC ' WWE: L QL rw A nh-r emi: SLQVQC 57 p4,mtS to pay stofld out au Udt provcd Hnmseff am outstdm r scrw um th u I Hom? arm w1tfwfWdrSHf3UCOHQ9Q H15 U 1 fm Look IU cw 0 tim most lustcrmg peyrwliwljs ci thi guna sh vt TCM CH to d rwvfirncw v1ft0ry OVQV UM Ewg GVQQH er reservgs IFICIUVJCJ Bull arly Und, Sefwuam Mac Srwof r a dd r Jael Rcbcrtfom PMI Ballmar AI Zdchrmch and ,lwm wnff-INN v ,mllf games lm :Winch f,Jcrl:virw1Q mn 1 A, t .ix R K N x, 1 P .- , 4? ,ig .J N tl I .j' ,, . 4 t 'BE-9 x .Q fvN , A , 'csv "Q, ,, J ' il! K ' -5' " x Q W. S ' if! xx3i'?7 Y it N LA I .x , , l pyglff i l fiRSf77'i j,,93D QF frqonnnn ,Ag Q ,Q 9'N ' PS .1 arg ,AQ 4 ' 4 'Q , :Q - ,.z. q 2 - -,l.:Q.,:g5.,, , Q Q 8' ' Vg. K Q2 -S J a ss' A X35 4, 5. s ' L J gs 6 X f ,tif x fl J". fi 'LQ '4SL5 ,xii PRI! 'ATV I 'Sk .,, 591 ,, F9-7 Q Q JK-e rt-gas egx BASEBALL From all indications, this spring's baseball team is head- ing lor one oi the Finest seasons in years. The return of many veterans and the loss ot comparatively ievv men has made the situation bright For Coach Dave Connelly. ln all departments Connelly seems to be vvell set. ln the outfield the Rockets are perhaps the strongest, ohtensively and on defense. The outfield consists ol tvvo veterans, Bill l-latlelder and lvlac Snyder, together with Christy Satterthvvaite. Also available are Dick Friemark, Dick Burnett, Frankie Clemons and Bill l.ibbe. The infield situation is also good vvith veteran Bob Gorrell back at second base, Bill Early, Dick Seierian and Bud Boss available lor First base, Vincent Condon at shortstop and Smith at third. The pitching statt is led by the Rockets' ace, Bobby Nash. Some mound help is expected from lvlilr Bracht, Ed pierce and Don lvleinhart, Behind the bat Marvin Dubbs and Dick l-luston, both good hitters, will carry the burden. About 15 games are on the 'l94Q schedule. lncluded are games vvith l-lillsdale, Kent State, Bluttton, Findlay, University ol Detroit, Qhio Wesleyan and Sellridge Field. The Schedule: April Q0 ..,. ,,,, l-l illsdale April Q4 ..,. .Mat Kent April ,,.. Bluilton May 1, , ,... Findlay May 5.. ,,,Detroit Mgy 8U ..,,,, Kent lVlay9., .Hathlillsdale lVlay'l5. lvlay 19. ..,at Blutlton Detroit May Q3. Seliridge Mgy Q6, ..... at Findlay May 30. Qhio Wesleyan June 5. . . ...,..,,......, .......... S ellridge Reading from top to bottom: Bobby Nash, ace pitcher, Marvin Dubbs, First string catcher, Bill l-latlelder, outfielder, Mac Snyder, outfielder, Bob Gorrell, second baseman. X ' " '-gr V.: to Dba. 5 I I 1- '. it I ii cs.: fave-L' T" ,, . , Frankie Clemons l'Vluttart, Navarre, Wendt, Vogel Charles Edwards ttopl TRACK Alter several up and down seasons the University traclt team has once more climheo hacl- to its deserved spot rn varsity sports, More meets were scheduled this year, and two new interclass events were added to the general traclt program The Thanltsgiving Day cross-country race initiated the season A helc: composed largely c-l freshmen ran the course Vincent Navarre placed hrst, followed loy l-lugh Dullheld, Dicle Vogel and Duane Xxfidmer A Freshman-varsity meet the hrst ol its lfind to be held here tool place April T3 '14 and T5 Plans were made to hold this event and the lall cross-country contest annually The varsity participated in seven outdoor contests The hrst was the MacDonald Youth Organization meet at Cleveland, April 'IT This was lollowed lay a ouadrangular meet at Ypsilanti, Mich , April T8 Qther meets on the schedule were the Northwest Qhio, May Q, the Northwest Qlhio Big Four, May QS, the Qhio Con- ference, May T5 and To, and the Central lntercollegiate meet at Milwaulfee, June T Cine dual meet was held with Findlay on May 6 paul Franclce, Leland Damon, paul Campbell and Clarence Ligiloel were outstanding varsity men Francle participated in the dashes, hurdles and lumps Campbell and Dlmon ran the middle distances, and Ligilbel worlted in the weight events All ol these men will return next year, and a hne array of Freshmen talent will be added to the squad. Four First year distance men, Diclf Vogel, l-lugh Dutheld, Duane Wrdmer and Vincent Navarre, show promise. Charles Edwards, an outstanding freshman sprinter, hurdler and jumper, comes lrom Gary, Ind Roger King, vaulter, and Elmer Qlcos, weight man, are expected to malce good in those events The team worlced under the guidance ol Thomas l:itzgibl3on, newly appointed traclt coach Fitzgibbon was a lormer assistant coach at the University ol Wisconsin where he handled such outstanding Big Ten stars as Chuclt Fenslce, Walter Nlehl and lVlilt padway. A3553-" gm- T E N N I S S- 'C . 4 af' 'W- .f-wg A- fl -1--A.-L-L - it -. -af ski: N D T jr .pw ii h V 912.53554 Milton Baygell, veteran rnember of the tennis te-ani fc:-' . gc 1' 'F- -i , 1-4 We x Bryan Deer, Captain of the golf tearn The T949 schedule April Q4 ,.,A April Q5.. April QQ. May 7.1 Mayo ..., iyiay 19.1 May 141. , Moy 15, 16 ....,. May Q3.. May Q6 , , The T942 schedule April QQ April 94, April Q5 May 1 May 7 May Q May TQ May T4 . . . 1 . , , . . .Detroit Tech ...Hat Detroit University , Michigan Normal ...,..,.at Findlay ....i...AIcron Mat Detroit Tech . , . , . . .Detroit Univeristy Ohio Conference matches . H. 1. .Michigan Normal .,..Firicllay F . , at Bowling Green ,,,.,.,,Detroit Tech at Western Michigan , , , . .Western Michigan Findlay ,. ...... at faxlcron , , Michigan Normal .. ., .at Detroit Tech May '15, To. ..,.,.. Qhio Conference matches May T9 .... ....... ca t Michigan Normal May 96. ....... Findlay NXNS A ts ' .w':t'47- s. w' ,ff . ' ' ' ' N - XT ksrwrl X 1. ii f' i S s s """ xiii 'S ' XEQSJ' fu '- ' B K ' u -'ffi gjg-iss, Q 3 -59 i - t -'fi'-F,-kt , - - ' t r Fr - va.: . ,,x, , , - t . .. 4 ' s I N XXX . ' . sg. Sis Three outstanding men un the untramurals league thus year were l-lanl-. Padecku, Alpha Phu Qmega, Ed Pletlerle, Sigma Beta Phu, and John McMahon, Chu Pho Nu Padecku and Pfetlerle are perhaps two ol the best basketball players un the history ol the intramural cage league Both hold scoring records which are something to shoot at Padecli led the league with 'l'l7 points un seven games, and Pfetlerle was right behind with 'IO7 McMahon stood out as the top bowler of the year Bowling with a team that won no championship, he was the most consistent ol bowlers, Week alter week he stood hugh on the lust of hugh men and most of the time led the tueld INTRAMURALS The intramural sports program this year included sux mauor sports touch Football, volleyball, bowling, basketball, swimming and track. Winner in the touch football league was Sigma Beta Phu, The Sig Bets went through the season undeleated, but were pressed to the end ol the season by Alpha Phu Qmega whuch lunushed second The annual Greek Bowl game between a picked all-star team and the league champions wound up the season, The Sig Bets stopped the all-stars, 6,0 The volleyball cup, lor the third straight year, went to undefeated Alpha phi Qmega. A successful basketball season ended with Sigma Beta Phu going through undeleated The title was disputed, however, when Pan-l-lellenic Council ruled that Sigma Beta Phi had used an ineligible player in several ol its games. According to the pan -l-lell ruling, the cup went to Alpha phi Qmega which had vvon six games and lost one Despite the post-season mix-up, the season was marked with tune play, some exceptionally hugh scoring games and outstanding individual players. All existing scoring records were broken un the Sig Bet- Alpha Kappa Pi game in which the Sig Bets piled up a huge TTB-Tl score. The second highest score was a 'll3-Q0 count rung up by Alpha phi Qmega over Lambda Chu. The bowling season was also completed in April alter Phi Kappa Chu and Chu Beta Chi staged a neck- and-neck battle to the very end ol the long schedule. Soltball began in April and had a good season, The annual unter-lraternuty swimming meet was also held in April, Followed several weeks later by the lraternity track meet. O T60 WCDlVlEN'S SPCDIQTS St-teen sports made up the 1941-49 womens sports season Cn the varred program were hockey, lacrosse, speedball, volleyball, basketball, tcnnrs, bowlrng, swrmmrng, dance, baseball, archery, rrdrng, golf, table-tertnrs, badmrnton and rndryrdaal Sports lourrraments were held rn the marorrty of these and trophres awarded to sororrty and Independent team wrnners Alter Mass. Bertha Desenberg resrgned as head ofthe womens physrcal educatton department rn February to rom her hus- band who rs rn the Army, Mrs Marran Ptchley and Miss Larnora Mueller drrected the department. Q 's.. Vw:- ,. 1 A-.. x , M .1 :- A I. ,VAI- "0'5s-'Xw u-'Q Q -.I1-Az. MQ-ap je.v:1v1?m4-egsr-52? ' W V A . v ' ,J ' ', fc., '5':-ri' 1- loan Bower: Vrola Buekenmeyer w. ,V at-:F-1, J..- 1-nn -' ...L far?-3: ' Women's Sports Calendar September Llnlverslty women were lool-.lng forward to an lnterestlng and benefrcral sports program for the comrng year The womenls athletic department had planned 14 sports f-lockey was the frrst sport on the womenls fall program l-laru lrmura was rn charge of the sport Speedball, headed by .lean Schroeder, was also Included among the fall actryrtres October Many women had enrolled an the fall tennus tournament, under the drrectron of Alrce Poulet The swrmmrng meet for Llmversrty women was held Ellen Matthews was rn charge The hockey team was rnvrted to Bowlrng Green for that schools l-locley Play Day ln the womens archery tournament, Alrce Poulet scored a 319 total for the champnonshrp November The hockey season ended wrth the annual unter-class tournaments, won by the sophomores More enthusrasm was berng shown for rrdlng, under the drrectron of Mudge Evans Bowling, under Pose Marne Wolfe, was oll to a good start wrth nearly OO women srgnrng up for the sport Volleyball competrtlon was gettrng under way. Eleanor Errksen was rn charge of the sport The Unrversrty's women hockey team defeated Bowlvng Green, 5-3, ID a game played there The tennrs tournament ended. Frnallsts were Jane Mclver, Mudge Evans and Alice Poulet December A A large class rn modern dance had been formed and was under the drrectron of Marrlyn bhlelcls Bowlrng contrnued to be the favorrte wrnter sport for Unrverslty women January pl Delta Chr won the Sororxty volleyball tournament February After fave and one-half years of servnce, Mrss Bertha Desenberg, head of the womens physrcal educatuon department, re- srgned her post. Team 3, composed of freshmen women, defeated Pr Delta Chr, champions of the sorority league, ID the seasons frnal volley- ball game. Women were beginning basketball practrces, Basketball was headed by Mary Ellen CDGDDUIS March The basketball season ended wrth pl Delta Chr wlnnlng top honors among the sororlty teams, and l-lelen Varlls Team 3 wrnnrng the independent title, A varrety of sprang sports was being planned Preparatlons for a vlslt of Bowlrng Green women were berng made The annual co-ed sports day was a success. Marllyn Shrelds headed the commlttee for thus annual event April Golf, under Marth Srsson, baseball, headed by Catherine Mrlne, and archery, under Dorothy Berger were the SDHU3 sports gettnng under way. May The womens sprung tennns tournament, under Alrce l2oulet's dlrectlon, was successful The annual sprung swlmmrng meet, archery, baseball and rrdlng completed the year's actrvrtues 4 59: i 1 2 ' Y 'iff Is: s 'Y 51 Ft iTi"f" 1 fill -1 T if .-"'A",A'-'K -,iff af' 435, RY .H R MRS. RICHARD E GILLHAM, librarian '32 The vvar came to the University library this year, and from all indications it vvill lceep on coming lor a long time to come. So said Mrs. Richard E Gillham, University librarian, when asl4ed to state the most important happening ol that department ot the University this year. Probably the most signihcant event in connection vvith the library vvas the naming of the University as a ley lnlormation Center lor the dissemination ol information about the vvar. The University vvas one ot six schools in Ghio and T44 in the entire country to be chosen lor this vital vvorl4. It is expected by next September that an average ol a ton ol material on current attairs vvill be coming into the library daily. lhe most signihcant thing about all this is that the University library vvill be a research center lor scholars vvho Wish to study today's happenings in years to come. That the library grevv through peacetul means also is shovvn by the Fact that there vvas an increase ol about C. OCC? volumes in the number ol boolts on the shelves, So today the library contains over TIQOOO bound volumes LIBRARY ii 6 i',fPDELYl'l REED, library assistant I 7' r'Vlost large lrbrarres haye branches lhrs year the blnryersrty lrbrary acourred a branch ol rts own rn the Student Unron burldrng, New bool-s are constantly berng purchased lor the lrbrary oyer there, along wrth magazrnes, and are crrculated among resrdents ol the dormrtory l-lonor was accorded the lrbrary durrng the year, Mrs Grllham sard, lor when the College ot Educatron receryed rts natronal accredrtrng the Unryersrty lrbrary was rnspected by the accredrtrng ollrcrals and was hrghly commended The brggest srngle grlt to the lrbrary rhrs year was the presentatron ot two marl truclloads ol goyernment materral The lrbrary was rncomplete rn some serres ol government publrcatrons Mrs Qrllham asled the Llnrted States Superrntendent ol Documents rl he would male up these dehcrencres The result was the two loads ol materral datrng back to T790 lhrs wrll male the lrbrary a mecca tor students ol Amerrcana Vanya Qaltes, one ot the best torergn correspondents wrth lnowledge ol Asratrc altarrs addressed the Frrends ol the Llnryersrty Lrlirary rhrs sprung rn what was consrdered the lznest lecture eyer heard by that body ata meetrng ol tle group rn the Doerrrann Theatre l.ast year the lrbrary was called the lastest growrng department ot the lolnryersrty We can now see where rt strll rs marntarnrng that enyrable record. Q 1 1 .Z if T T l . . l.. 1- PL, , V V - V----A-V '1 A W. - ' F an 'Wan nga: q,'5?'gL if A 1 -m 9' 'N ' WJ ......,Q"" 'r.grf:??" f . 1 ev L-...V ,-3: "1,,' A . :Lgj U f 3" K ' I ' 'A' ... H 'K""' ..... ,,.- L' r f F" - 1 r a t -' . E51?"' Z5?a-sr-. - :ws 5- E, .. "l t' ti nt: 2- S, garb: :-rx f'--4 :IQ-za ,, fs .2 -H E . , g ,jx- zf. -'rl'-gf -,gf if 1"Q'+ ' ,'k 4 2, ,5. - 21 rf, f' ' - 51:-3, - 159' If - A 'K t 1 '.' ,' . -' " , N 141 iw au. ,- l ..-,'-- r. . L' 'i az' . ri, rr, , -, , sua- '35--1 ,,- " i- ' I 3 up -- ' -',, 'ka-,ff Y . 7rF?'f"5'w', "h ' I " r w rt., f -A X ' ' 'A F a -A f 1 ,- iv - -- - '-fl-1:1-,Q -Y t N3 fn f lsle ' 1:9 ' -' '. t .. . 'F - 'f' W , , . Q- ,.":t j:1, as siaijlf 2 S- ..,,.e, ,J X me ps ,sig Jonn lVlcGo-wan, city editor ol ine loledo limes Known lor bis tireless patience constant and willing service, Editor McGowan never lails to greet a University student with publicity pleasantly Placement ol stories is always tlre best, as News Bureau records ol clippings will rnoriate The News Bureau, source ol most University news stories l-leaded by a new rran trirs year, .lesse P Long, time Bureau nas done a tremendous job in spite ol rravrng no lull time worlfers lts ellrciency can probably be attributed to its management under Mr Long and Brenton W Stevenson Qiliee nead Beatrrce Borman and teclinical worlter Gene Kauelri answer a le Al Questions ol laeulry man Clwarles Schultz E nits lvlilfze Wisniewsli ine two ad1ectivestlwattitlVlil4e best are consistency and reliability Consistency can be credited to liim tlirouglw lirs constantly pleasant personality, and reliability to lwis punetuality in at- tending to countless repairs and odd jobs on campus No robs too little or too big lor this man, a supreme proolol real bigness lbose pictured on tliese two pages work daily for bettering tlwe University botlw witlrin its grounds and outside rn ine community and surrounding neiglwborlwood, Four represent our clwannels ol publicity, a vital tliing to a grow- ing Unrfersity. lvvo otliers are liandy men, always available for service, MEN BEHIND Tl-IE SCENES Ed Schultz Hrs ganglrng frarnc spread around tnc doorway, XX"tltr.amE Hatl 1 man .-.Hit prolfrrainty jttwnds "rj-rt t,i',r.'-wut. Ed relnforces a wall bracing tts Ed the sororltres Qalt wlwcn tunctwons tnan rrzany a fartnfut E9tQC1.5t,ttn1.r1 Hua rnttir-ist li tnerr apartments neczd to be paunttid and 1t'sEd you SCC nrtp- one tnat ncyfr tags as pr'CwC,N3yrr15trvrtyatwrtrw-'5f.rncarnpus Ing Jim Grant clean the Unrdn Ed worls on tntf ground? Codfgtarl .aQtn.frtwff. tif advwzfr Fir to yriri fWirit it and 'QM too, rn spur ot tus atnutrrucs Eirli Hat! can Er-'st Ev dmfrrt' -r't it 113 tn' Studtintrs tru-ind 'S- X EIglf'1 , qv' .j if Err:dMatlt1-map! titty carter if-N1-Q' Tatcit:rELIadc rn Qraic of Mr Wrdlttintprirt12thatnor--awirnow busy nf' rs nf- rtrvtfr stfmns busy Altnougn tnti arty Qdrtorxs job us on? of cndtcei mcraris ttns dn: talfs Qwrythurrg -zomplctciy nn E115 :rrriq L probabty andQd greatly byttwi'SlrnptrcrtytjrttWlSC1ulQtS-?Vr5Q of Humor HIS broadncss QF lntcrrtsts rs to br? adrmrcd, for Mr ,Vollanlcpt grasps true elgrsltrcarwce of Unlycrsrty attarrs dulddy and gryes tnmr pubfncriy tha Etist Spacrng prgcsrkriri wgxnx wb:-g A rx? 'H SORCDIQITV PLEDGES T6 TAU DELTA SIGMA Pow two Lett to rtght B. Grove, P Meyer, J. Whrte, Warnke, Waltz, B. Jackson. Row one' Galewsl-.t, V Buclfenmeyer, Prange, lxolrnslct PSI CHI PHI 'Row lour -Left to rtght. Elotse Brown, M. Cnoon, Benz, Qatman, Sun, I-loslnn, Dyer, Ottgen Row three C Whrte, F. Shultz, Van l-lellen, Dawson, Catlan, Cueotlrron, Searles, Jasper, l? Sperry Pow two Mclsnrght, Wenner, lxreclter, Shanlc, Merrnll, Folger. Pow one IQ. Schull, D. Collrns, Thatcher, Cross, l-layclen SIGMA Pl DELTA "Pow two Left to right' Shore, Colen, Flaurn, P. Frankel, Sehart Row one W.asserstrom, Damraur, Bloom, Znatz KAPPA PI EPSILON Bow two Lett to rrght, S Fulton, Prehl, F Colby, Masters, J. Lehman, B. Balcer, G. Gallagher Pow one A Grrhitth, B Dunn, l-l Kesler, F Cole, Beecher, Corwrn. PI DELTA CHI Pow tvvoff Left to right Flemrng, Qlllonnell Pow one Cannan, l-Iammontree, Shuey, M Cox, L. Ntles, Cnatch. PHI THETA PSI-f Row three Lett to rtght Packer, B Chambers. Row two Porndexter, l-Iarbaugh, Penske, P-lertweck, Summers, Wandtke. Pow one Cnrlmartrn, Vetqel, A. Partoyan, Earle, l'?rcl.arcl, Ramsey. WV' if ALPHA TAU SIGMA Pow two Left to rtght. l-lalprn, B. Logan, B. Mason. Pow one' Drefenclorf, Kiroll, Pamment, M Ames ZETA GAMMA PHI Row two Lett to rrght. Gruetter, J. L. Price. Row one Derr, Morrell, J. Bates, Chrtstolel. FRATEIQNITV PLEDGES PHI KAPPA CHI Pow four Lett to rrghr Buell, W Weaver, Mel Eyranw, W Bled, Pleat, W lvlrlcaell, l?'eynold Pow tnree Day, ,l Gammons, P Paasrno Lonnrn, W47ll0fY, A lvlelntyre, W Nlrilntyre, F' lvlrller lbw luv-ir lomplnng Place, D Warrrel, l-lrjrjy Secor flwaclw Pow-. one llrrncr Q1 l lcller, Ft Wnrtc l-ladorn l-l.3rl+31-,lanti ALPHA PHI OMEGA Pow four Left to rrglwt Mrzilrjm F' If Llurtuh, l4y.:r5, Vranlllvrn, Phelan, Llndqryxood Pow tlwrqrf gtorer, Sattertlwwarte, Pomeroy, geylang, lslullrcld, EIU, B Bush Vow two lvlrgl ennd, l' fqferrrarr, flrcltlttld, Crallrmlwran, ,l Hubbard, Stump, P W Burtah Pow one Walyh, 'Sparl-s, Bcrgllmm, W laqlson, Vrnson, M IW Wrllrarm, Hand ALPHA KAPPA PI Pow four Left to rrqlwr Pollm, Dralwerm, W Lrbbe, ll Lrfro' W lvlund li'-my tnrce Foulu lance, Bjrrett, Pull, P Burnett I'Tr'.'.' two l piriler, Firrrlrarn, I-lannu, ,l lvlrlln Nl:-,-.yfll Por.-t one Wrlt-'rn llcan l? Wlrltney, E P ftQlner,l'vl3r1r5'rtLl1re ,w ,xt - Y Y ' ' ...I -.J -- -f .4 f - ' ' CHI RHO NU Viw two Lett to rrglrt Prizm, lowrrwend, Prcrrge, lroggcl, l Wlllranr,,irr1 lpow one EvriVl'lIDrfV'Q,l3l'YlV1- dvar, Donovan, 3tol,rslr KAPPA IOTA CHI Pow three Left to rrglmt l'.ala',l'1, Vulorne, Igddlfirtl, Buclmsbaurn Pow two P Lppsteln, l-lorvyltz, E Posenotrg, frlutzler Pow one V-I Dolgln, Blrtzer, lvlmnwolj, lqlrtz, L Dolqrn CHI BETA CHI Pow four Left to rrglwt W l lrnq I Lrndiey, Ctlllrcl, l3et1,W lolmngon, W Slwfsler Pow three gait., Dornrto, Stoclstrll, ,l D gchnerder, A Deglwetler, D Ellormlw Pow two W Welton, l-l Mr:-ilwell, lll'lVVW0l'l, F H-iff?-, W I Peeyes, I-I ,ldcob Pow one learney, Corrngan, Cooley, Qrolt, Q Drange,lv3Ier53r1 IGMA BETA PHI Pow mr -'Left to rrght Easley, 7 W Armstrong, Swartz, ultOn, Pow three W, taker, D. Wolfe, J Good, lrnds. Row twor- Massey, F, Butler, Garrett, C, E, acdnlns Row one 'E. letlerle, Rugby, Gonzales, Volodska. Aw.. LAMBDA CHI Povytyyo Left to right S perlmutter, Str5rlf,l-autman,Wewler Pow one Sweet, Goldner, Wrlenslfyt 167 ST UDENT IND EX -A- Sr., senior, J, junior, So., sophomoref F, freshmanf G, graduate. Index includes pages on which student's name or picture appears. Abbenzeller, Mary Jane ff F. OOO Abbey, Margaret Jr- F. OOO Abramovitz, Cecil l-lf '50, 51 Adam, Bonnie lf- J. 63,118 Adams, Margaret Ellen- F. OOO Adgate, Margaret Louise, So. 57 Ahlfors, Ruth E.-J.. .000 Aish, Shirley Anne r F. OOO Alden, James E.f5o. . OOO Alexander, Jeanrr- Sr. .17, 37, 55, 69, 191 Alexander, Lucy E. F. OOO Allen, James li.--F. 46 Allan, Maryjeanr-rJ. 113,118, 191, 139 Allyn, Kathryn E. -rF. 000 Allyn, Richard Ff So. 53, 41, 106 Althouse, Lawrence E: So .. 99 Altschuller, Mrs. Virginia F 000 Ames, Marv Ruth---F 166 Ames, Virginiar- Sr 17, 56,115,193 Ammon, Dale E:-J. 45, 49 Anderson, Beverly Jean So OOO Anderson, Dale W.---So. 59, 147, 149 Anderson, June E.-J. , 55, 57, 87,140 Anderson, Rosemary-J. 17, 57 Andrews, Jerry 5- So. OOO Andrze1czuk,R1chardr'5r 17, 37, 116, 190 Ane, Jol1nfF. 000 Annen, Donald F --Sr. 17,135 Annis, W. Culver- F. 000 Ansberg, Ruth I.-fJ. 69 Ansell, George E: F. OOO Abspach, Lois L.-F OOO Apple, 5hirley L.-F. OOO Applegate, Clarence W.-F. OOO Arbaugh, Dorothy E. '50, 57 Armentrout, Eileen Rf F. OOO Armstrong, William W.-F, 43,167 Armstrong, Winifred R: F. OOO Arnot, Jane E.-J. OOO Ash, Betty Jane - Sr. 17, 56, 115, 118 Atkinson, James E. r F. .. OOO Avery, Jane Ei J. 58, 118,199 .. B - Bach, Melva R. F. OOO Badenhope, John Gf- So. 59 Baehren, Raul F.r-rJ. 195 Baer, Franklin W.-Sr. 111,135 Bair, Frederic L r- J. OOO Band, Frank L.--F. 167 Baker, Betty Jean -'F 118, 166 Baker, Edward C. r Sr 17, 146 Baker, Glenn E f- F. OOO Baker, William ll F. 167 Balduf, Richard F. r 50. 41, 47, 104,190 Ball, Arthur l-l. F. 43 Ballard, Annette A 50. 000 Ballinger, Thomas J. 50. 59 Ballmer, C Philip J 155 Balog, Daniel Z G OOO Balyeat, Ralph E. -G. OOO Banachowski, Alice E. 5r. 190, 191 Bancroft, Arthur F OOO Bankey, James Hr- F. OOO Barefoot, Charles R. Sr. 36, 115 Barkoot, M1chael G. 50. 106 Barks, Howard W. J. 48, 115 Baron, Eugene A. 50 190 Barone, Frank F. 141 Baroner, Owen lf F. 99 Barrett, James l-l. F. 167 Barrington, William L Sr 48 Bartell, Frank J. J. OOO Bartley,J.W1lI1am--F. 43 Bashara, George 50 109 Batec, Fred J.-F 167 Bates, Joanne C. F. 166 Baugh, Doral Jean F OOO Baum, Arthur 5r 17 Bauman, Donald J Bo 46, 146 Bauman, James C. J 147,148 Bauman, Robert Fi F. OOO Bay, Donald G.-J. 59 Ba7gell,Milton G. 5r 17,50,1O-4,190,141,154 Beach, Raul-So... .... . .... ...... 53 Beat, M. Jean-Sr. . . ..18, 37, 57, 91, 115, 198 117,191,133 Brannan, Robert W.--So. OOO Braun, Robert W.-So, .,...... 48, 91, 111, 104 Brechenser, Betty F.-So.. .. . ..... . .. . .59 Bredehoft, Edith A.--So ..... . . . ,,... .OOO Brehany, James J.-So. ....,,.. . ......... OOO Bremer, John A.-Sr... ..53, 89, 91, 103, 106, 110,131,133,13a,141 Breyfogle, William L.fF... ....... ..OOO Bridenbaugh, Mildred E.-F. ... ..... ...134 Bridenbaugh, Richard W.-J. ... ..,, 47, 91, 39 Briggle, Albert E.-F.. Briggs, Beatrice A.-F.. . .. Brigham, A. LaVerne-F.. Brigham, lsabelle M.fF. ...... . , . Brighton, Arthur J.f5r... . ......... 000 . ... .. ..00o . ..... 43,116,134 , ... .104 19 Beaubien, William l-LAF.. .... ... OOO Beaudry, Dale F.fF.. .. . . . 109 Beaver, Clarance E.-So. .. 149 Beckett, George M.-F. . , OOO Beckham, William A.-F. . . .167 Beckstett, John T.-F, .... . . . OOO Beecher, Maxine L.-F. ......... . 166 Beggs, Mrs. Elizabeth W.-So.. . . ..OOO Bell, Warren E.f5o. ..... . O00 Bellemore, Douglas l-l.--G. . . OOO Bender, Norman l-l.-J.. ..... . . 47 Bender, Richard 5.-F... . .... .. 000 Bengson, Ruth E.-J.. .. .55, 63, 101,118 Bennett, Robert A.-F.. .. . . . .. . .OOO Benschoter, James V.-Sr. .6, 36, 37, 59, 107, 114, 119 Berger, Dorothy E.fS.. 18, 99, 117, 191, 161 Bergman, Robert K.-J. .. . . 53 Berman, Russell R.fF.. . . 000 Berry, Joe W.-F.. . OOO Berry, John W.-J.. 39, 155 Best, Thomas D,-F. . . . 167 Betz, Carl J.-F. ...... . 167 Bialecki, Melvin J.-So. . ... OOO Bielak, Veronica J,-So. Bigbee, Wayne l-'lf-Sr. . ..117,191,190 . . 18,47 Britton, Charles C.-F. .. . ..... 53, 141 Broer, Robert F.-Sr.. ,,.,.. 19, 37, 59, 53,141 Brokate, Velma l-l.--J... . .... 99,118,133 Bronson, Kenneth E.--So.. .... .... 4 1, 48 Brotie, Brown Brown Robert J.-Sr. , Betty JaneY5r. , Betty Mae-F. . .. 19,99,19O ... 19,69 ....M 000 191 Brown, Carolyn E.-So, .. 63, Brown, Eleanor C.-So.. .. .. 57, 191 Brown, Eloise C.-F. . ...166 Brown, Margaret A.-J. . .. .57 Brown, Richard F.-J. .. . . . .. OOO Brown, Robert O.-J. . . . . . . 000 Brown Brown Brown , Rosalie Jane-Sr.. ., 19 e, Edmund R.fF.. . ing, Mary Elizabeth-F. Brubaker, James l-l.-J.. .. ... Brumet Bruno, ,Merle E.-F. . . Carl T.f5o,. . Brunt, Kenneth E.-So. . Bruny, Grayce A.-J.. . Bryan, Floyd C.-5o.. .. Bryan, Mrs. Lucy 5.v5r.. Bryan, William M.-rSr. . Buchele, Donald R.-Sr.. . ,37,55,91,110 ,. ... 000 . 000 .. H. 000 . 49,190 ....19O,135 H .57,115 . 41,91 ... 19,119 ... 39,111 . ..., 000 Biggs, Albert W.-F. .. . O00 Biggs, Catherine-F.. . O00 Bigley, Raul l-LAF. 000 Binder, George G.-J. . 119 Binkley, Foster D.fSo.. 49 Busch, John W.fSo... 000 Bishop, Charles K.+5o. . . . . . . . OOO Black, Arthur-G.. ... 59,198,139 Black, Robert L.-J... . . . . . . .53 Black, William l-l.fF... , . . . 167 Blackburn, Dvvain l-l.-F.. 39, 59 Blackburn, Virginia-So. . .. OOO Blair, Judith J.-Sr. . 36, 57 Blair, Violet-F.. .. .. . 000 Blankerts, Justice J.-F., .. ....109 Blitz, SiclneygF.. . . ....167 Blitzer, Philip-F. ...... 109,167 Bloom, Rhea J.-F. . ... 166 Bloomer, Donald R.gF. . .. OOO Bloomer, William J.f5o. .. . 000 Blossey, Robert C.fJ.. 18, 48 Blough, Dan W.-F.. .. 11,167 Blythe, Mrs. Alma Cf Sr. . OOO Bock, Warren l-l.-F.. OOO Boehm, John'5o.. 59 Bogusz, Walterf5. .. . 18, 116, 195 Bohland, Jermoe A.JSo. . . OOO Boissy, Edward T.-J. 149 Boles, R. Glen-Sr. 18, 99, 103,115, 116,190 Bollenbacher, Otto F.--Sr. 18, 99, 190 Bollin, Jean Louise-F. . OOO Bollin, Robert SAS. 59 Bollinger, Joan E.fF... ..., 108 Bollinger, Marie P.fJ. . . 59, 39, 113 Bordeaux, GvvenfF. . . 134 Borman, Beatrice-J. 3, 4, 55, 66, 87, 89, 100, 119,19O, 133,164 Borman, Sam l-l.--F. . ... . OOO Botek, Anna l9.f5o. . . . 000 Bottorti, Donald C.--F. 48, 111, 190, 194 Boughner, Fred M., Jr. rF.. H91 Bowen, Robert A.-J. . . 49 Bowers, Charles l-l. -Sr. . 18, 37, 53 Bowers, Joan E.-So., . . . 59 Bowers, Rosemary-So. . 59 Bowlby, Marjorie L.f5o. 58, 140 Bowman, Evelyn M.4F. .000 Bowman, Robert 'Schuyler-So.. 41, 59 Bowman, Robert Verl--50. 46, 190 Bowman, William E.-J. 53, 39 Boyk, Harry-Sr.. 18, 51 Brace, Robert G.f5r. O00 Bracht, Milton G.fSr. . 18, 109, 198, 156 Brady, Jack- F. . . . 000 Bramble, Elizabeth A.--G. 000 Brand, Dorothy M.-F.. 000 Brandt, Corwin Rf-J... 109 Buchsbaum, Jerome Z.-F. Buckenmeyer, Viola L.-F.. . .. Buckenmeyer, William-Sr. Buckley, Edward D.-F.. . Buell, Donald l-l.-F. .... . Buhrow, Charles J.-F .... Bulley, Julian E.-J.. ,. Bunge, Dorothy Mae-F.. . . Burbank, Jane E.-J. ... . . N167 . . 166 . 19 . 000 . H167 ..OOO OOO . ..OOO .. ....111,134 Burkhardt, Charles E.-J.. . . . OOO Burkhart, Dorothy CYG.. . . 000 Burnett, John D.-Sr.. . 19, 195 Burnett, Richard J.-50, .. 156, 167 Burns, Katherine A.-F.. . 140 Burns, Robert Albert-F. OOO Burns, Robert Johna5o.. . 41 Burr, Martha M.-F. . . . 000 Burtch, Richard W.fF, . . 167 Burtch, Robert C.-F. . . . . . . 167 Burton, Phyllis M.-J.. . 99, 133 Bush, Barkley R.fF, . . . .. 167 Bussdieker, Dorice M.-So. 63, 118 Butler, Robert Frederick-F.. . . 167 Butler, Robert Manville-J.. . . . 59 Byers, Richard N.-F. 116, 167 Byrne, Robert J.fSo.. . 48 Byrd, Arthur C.--So... . .. . .190 .. C - Callaghan, James C.fF... . 167 Callendar, Glen.. . .. .. 36 Campbell, Basil R.-J.. ,190 Campbell, Donald C.-J.. .. ...4B Campbell, Dorothy J.-So. .... . . 118 Campbell, Frank J.-F. .... , ....... ..OOO Campbell, Paul L.+J. ... ...45, 49,119,157 Canelli, Francis R.-Sr. .... ......... 3 6, 195 Cannan, Marian L.'rF. .. ... . .166 Carnicom, William-J. .. ... 46 Carr, Bernard F,---Sr. .. . 19, 111, 135 Carr, Shirley L.-F.. .. . . . ...OOO Carter, Dorothea--J. . . . . . . 91 Carter, Rosemary-So. .. 60,110,119 Case, Charmeon-J. ... . .. .99, 118 Catlan, Phyllis J.AF . . Cecil, Jean Marie-J.. . .166 .107 Chambers, Barbara J.-F.. .. Chambers, Martha J.-J.. Chapman, John E.fSo.. . . Chappuis, Mary EllenAJ. . Chenevert, John W.-J.. . .. Chesebro, Mrs. Judith B.-G.. . Chesher, Dorothy B.-F.. . . Chiapetta, D. Edmund-So. Chiapetta, Lewis A.-J. . . . . fa0,'110 Q 52,117 l Q47 1 1 .166 104 . 53 161 000 000 000 47 1 41 Chiles, Albert E.-J... ., 47 Chriss, Donald-So.. . , , . 000 Christolel, Janice K,vF.. . 119, 166 Chronister, Robert B.f5o. . 49 Churchill, Walter L.fF.. . .. OOO Clark, Mrs. Lela T.-F. . . . . . . OOO Claus, Roger J.-5, ... 19,138,139 Claypool, Rosemary-F.. 000 Clemons, Frank C.-J.. 11,146,147, 148,153, 155,156,157 161 Clifton, Earl S.-AS.. . . O00 Cloer, Jack B.-- F. 139 Close, A. Ralph-J. 99 107 Cobley, James E.-F. 43, 91, 167 Coon, Thelma D.-'J. 000 Cohen, Milton Sf-G.. OOO Colby, Florence-F. . 116, 118 166 Colby, Gertrude-J. 57, 116,118 193 Cole, Faith C.-F. 140, 166 Cole, George W.-'Sr. 90, 37, 104, 193, 133, 138 Cole, John R.- Sr. 90, 37, 47, 104, 193, 196, 133, 136, 138 Colen, Delores-F.. . 166 Collins, Carol K.-J. 60, 118 Collins, Dorothea K.-F. 138, 166 Collins, Virginia M.-So. 58,101,115,191 Collins, Joseph K.fJ.. 53, 195 Colvin, Charlotte J.-J. 57 Condon, Vincent J.f5o. 156 Cone, Mrs. Margaret G.-G. OOO Conger, Charlotte C.-J. OOO Conklin, Frederick G.-S. OOO Conklin, William R.fJ. 48 Conlisk, Sally Jayne-F. OOO Connell, Mary l-lelen-So. 60 Connin, Richard V.-J. OOO Connin, Thomas J.-F. 167 Connors, Gerald M.-Sr 90,99,100,119, 120, 133, 139 Conover, Phyllis G.-J. . 63, 101, 113, 118 Cook, Richard l-l.-Sr. . 47, 119 Cook, Thomas E.- J. . 47 Cooke, Robert F.fJ. 47, 195 Cool, Burt J.-iF. OOO Coon, Earl- VJ. OOO Cooper, Doris B.fSr. . 90, 110, 115 Cooperman, Leonard l-l.-So. 41, 51 Cope, R. Edward-F. . OOO Cordell, Marjorie Ann-F., . OOO Cordell, Richard-Sr. . 90, 37, 45, 48, 190 Cordes, Clara l-l.---So. 69, 77, 109, 118,199 Core, Edgar E.--F. OOO Coriell, June Ll- Sr.. 63 Corman, Rosalie-Sr. 36, 61, 106 Cornell, Donna B.-F. 191 Corrigan, Richard L.fF. 91, 167 Corwin, Marian L.fF. 166 Costin, Betty Mae-So.. 41, 63 Cox, Maryellen---F. . 166 Cox, Robert M.-J. 101 Coy, Georgena G -J. 55 Crafts, Joanne E.f5o. . 59 Cramer, Mrs. Eileen M.-So. 99, 104 Craner, Ralph E.fJ. . . . OOO Cranon, l-larriett B.-So.. , .. OOO Crawford, Oliver F.fJ. 46 Crawford, Roger A.-ASO.. , .41, 45 Crim, Virginia l.f5O. ,. 57 Cromly, Charles L,f5o.. OOO Crooks, Charlotte E.-F. OOO Crooks, Earl J,fF. . . . OOO Crosby, Dawn-So.. . . . 140 Cross, Marie ESF. . . . .166 Crowl, Bette JaynefF.. . . 191 Cunningham, l-loward L.-F.. 119 Cunningham, Milton A.AF.. 141 Cuthbertson, Shirley Annf5o. . OOO Cutler, Thresa R.f5o ...,... 61, 76 Czech, Louis Z.-F.. ,,., . ...OOO - p - Dall, Mrs. Virginia T.-J.. .. ... . OOO Damraur, DorothyfF ,.,. .,..,. . .119, 166 Damschroder, Edwin F.-So. . . .41, 53 Dancer, Marilyn J.-F. ...... ..,. O 00 Darling, William K.-F... . ...000 D'Arpa, Mary Angela-Sr. 90, 56, 115 Davey, John T.-fJ, . . OOO Davis, Curtis W.- So. . 53 Davis, David E.fF. . OOO Davis, Donald C.fJ. 49 Davis, Robert Ross-J. 39, 53 Davis, Thelma Ann-So.. ..000 Davison, Peggy Y.-F.. M166 Day, William E: -F... . 167 Dean, G. Canonlcus -FF. 167 Debauche, Louis G.--F.. OOO Deer, Bryan R.-Sr. 158 Degner, Betty V.iSr, 118 Deiners, Calvin-So. . OOO Delbecq, Charles J.f5r. 190, 139 Delo, l-laldon L.---F. 000 Dence, Joseph B.--G. OOO Dennen, Frank W.-Sr. 90, 46, 108 Dennis, Wilmer, E.-F. O00 Densmore, Warren--Sr. 90, 150 Derr, Eilene M. - F. 138, 139, 166 De5hetler, Arthur Jr- F.-O.P.O E 91, 167 De5hetler, Robert N f--J. 59 Detloll, Viola M. So.. . 000 Devltt, William Gr F. OOO DeVore, Mrs. Mary Vf- F OOO DeVries, William'-G. 90, 190, 141 Dewey, Donald C.--So. OOO Dewey, Nancy Lee' 'F. 000 Dielendorl, Barbara J.--F. 104, 138, 166 Diehl, Carolyn M.--F. 134 Dienst, M. Jane Y Sr 90, 99, 111, 117, 118, 191,197,130,137 Dlmon, Leland L. So. 157 Dixon, Charles E. --F. OOO Dixon, Gerold F. --F. OOO Doane, Raymond A.--F. OOO Dodson, Harold' F OOO Dodson, Vance l-l.f5o. 59 Doebler, Dorothy M. - F, 000 Dolgln, Louis F. 190, 167 Dolgln, Norman M.-'F. 167 Domalskl, Hyacinth A.- Sr 91 Domlto, Jack Lee- -F. 91, 167 Donovan, Gerald C.--'F 167 Donnelly, D Patricia- J. 59, 117, 134 Donnelly, Gerald M.--'J 000 Donnelly, Patrick R. f-So. 49, 66 Dore, Charles G. J. OOO Douglas, Jeanf' So. 9, 63, 89, 77 Dow, Thays T. So. 63, 191 Dowty, Mrs. Reva Rf- J. 000 Draheim, Edward l-l.-Y-F OOO Draheim, John L -F 167 Dressel, Leo C. F. OOO Dripps, William N. 5o 190 Dubbs, Marvin K. 56 156 DuBois, Edgar H F. 109 Datlay, Firth A. J. 3,63,88,89, 104,115,191 DuFley, Richard C rf So 41, 47 Dutheld, l-lugh - F. 157,167 Duffy, Walter L -f F 000 Duhart, Sllllma F F. OOO Dunbar, Lillian Hr' F. OOO Duncan, Phyllis G. OOO Dunham, John B: So. 108 Dunn, Betty Jean F. 43, 166 Dunn, Jack Cf- 50. 53, 141 Dunsmore, Philo l-l. ' So. 59 Durbin, Genevieve F.---So. 40, 57, 91, 191 Duslng, Lois W. Y J. 63,115 Dworkin, Aleza F. --F. OOO Dyer, Dorothy L -- F. 166 - E - Earle, N. Lois F. . 166 Early, William J.-50. 41, 119, 149, 155, 156 Easley, Gene-F. 141,167 Eaton, Carl . 139 Eberly, William 5.71 47, 139 Eck, Phyllis Anne F. -J. 38, 63, 87,111, 118, 119, 191 Eckel, Kenneth l-l.-So. 59 Eckert, Kermit-Sr.. . 109 Edgerton, Elizabeth--So.. O00 Edgington, Dorothy E.-fF. 118 Edwards, Charles A.-AF... 157 Edwards, Richard l.-So. OOO Egbert, William l-l., Jr.-F. 000 Eickholt, Ralph J.fF.. 000 Eldemiller, Mary ElizabethfSo. 134 Elsenbach, l-larold F,-Sr.. .. 000 Elchert, Wilfred l-l.-F. .. . 48 Ellis, Donald T.-J.. .. . 53,89 Ellis, Rath M.-Sa. . ao, 110 Elmer, Louis R.-J. . 190,194,141 Else, Richard 5:-F.. Elwell, James F.'--Sr. Elton, Leola-Sr. . Emch, Lucille B.- G. Emery, James l-l.-F, Emery, William' -So. Emrlck, l'larold W. f-J. Engler, Donald'-Sr. Eno, Clyde G WF. Ensign, Roy Cf' Sr. Ensign, Suzanne--50. Enyart, l-lelen V. - So. Eppsteln, Dorothy Lf J. Eppsteln, Edward J. So. Eppsteln, Robert Lf F. Erb, Lawrence M.-F. Ericson, Paul Af--J.. Eriksen, Eleanor M.-So. Eriksen, Richard E: -J. Erndt, Edmund E. 7 J. Ernest, Norman L. f- F. Dale F.-So. Espen, Evans, David Hr- F. Evans, Jack O.--F. Evans, Marjorie M. -50. Everett, l-larry A - Sr. Ewersen, M, Adella' '50 Ewing, Mary Jayne - J. Eyster, Marcia Jean Sr. Eyster, Marshall B H F. -F- Facey, l-lelen B. J Fadell, Edward J - f-So. Faneuii, Edward C. 50 Farnham, Valden Fr' F. Farquhar, Jeanneff So. Farran, Elias G. J. Farrell, M. Jane Sr. 91, 37 Farrell, Patricia Ann F. Fashbaugh, Mariory A. -50. Fay, Fred D.- F. Fay, l-larold A, - F. Fell, James R f--F Fenters, Wanda L. F. Ferdig, Russell G 'Sr Ferguson, I-loward V. - Sr. Fernolend,l-lelen M. 5r. 91 Fess, Charles D. 50. . 91, 108, 109, 167 .91 115 O00 .86 000 135 .. 91,59 . 50 190 . 57,117 39 . 110 91,45, 48 91,113,115 , 59, 76, 193 63 91, 109, , 57, 96, 115 1 1 1 .OOO 135 .58 191 61 109 167 000 .000 161 ' 000 , 120 000 53 000 1 67 1 61 136 191 115 133 111 OOO O00 OOO 167 113 49 197 000 1 1 5 O00 O00 000 118 135 91 138 O00 Fetting, l-lllton C. F. 000 Finger, James D. F. O00 Fingerhut, Beatrice 5. 50. 61 Finkelstein, l-larry Sr. 99, 111 190 Finnsson, l-lalldor F 41 149 Fisher, John B. - F 113 FitzGerald, Patricia M. Sr 99,115 Flath, Victor l-ln Sr. 99, 37 Flaum, l-lelen-'F 166 Flavell, G. Edward F. 000 Flavell, Gladys R --Sr 99,37,57,66,110,115 Fleming, Edna A. F 166 Fletcher, Mrs. Thelma E, '5r. 000 Floraday, Hugh 5 -- F. O00 Florlpe, Raoul' J. 138, 139 Flory, Thomas F F. 141 Flowers, Ray-F. O00 Folger, Madeline B. F. 118,166 Forman, Seymour So. 000 Foshag, Frederick C. J. 46, 135, 167 Foss, Frank E.---F 000 Fotoples, William - So 47 Foussianes, Basil C. So 40, 41, 46, 89 Fox, Robert C. F. 000 Fox, Ruth E.-V J. 69 Francke, Paul-So. 53, 195,157 Frankel, Rosalie 5 'F. 134, 166 Frankel, Mrs. Sarah F. F. 000 Franklin, Jack-F. OOO Franklin, Richard C. r G 000 Frantz, Mathella Jane- F. 000 Frantz, Mary Lois' F. 000 Freeborn, Donald l-l. J. 45, 48 Freeman, Robert C.-So.. 100 French, Roland R. 50. OOO Freshour, John l-l --F, 190, 194 Frey, l-larley l-l.-Sr. 99, 99 Frey, J. Richard-Y 50. 000 Friedsam, Ellen R.-'5r. 99,100,111,117, 193, 139, 138 Frlemark, Richard J. So. 156 Frisch, Paul E.-A-F. . 000 Frisk, Norman E.--F.. 000 Frook, James E.vSr. . 117 Fuller, Lee R.fSo. 000 Fullmer, Lester Rf So. 99, 113 Fulton, Sarah Ann- F. Fulton, Vincent M.--YF. ..... 116, Fyler, Carleton M.- J.. .. -G- 166 167 .46 ..H.. Habib, Richard G.fF. ,..... . Haclcbarth, Jeanne Bethf5o. Hackett, John W., Jr.fG.. .. Haddad, Eugene M.AJ... .. Haderman, Frank R.-J.. . .. Hadorn, Fred J.-F. ....,. . Halfelder, William l.-So. ... Hagerty, BlairHJ. ..,.. . Hague, Wilbur E.-Sr. .. Halas, Daniel F.-So.. .. Hall, Mary Louise R.-Sr. Halloran, James F.AJ... Halpin, Sally Ann-F. . Hamburger, Dina-G.. .. Hammer, Jean F.-So.. .. Hammontree, Patty Mae-F. Gatlney, Mary Catherine -G. . . . OOO Gaiewski, Betty Jane- F.. .. 116, 166 Gallagher, Donald M.--So. 41, 53, 137 Gallagher, Geraldine'-F. . 166 Gallagher, Robert r F. OOO Gallant, Elinor J.-F. OOO Ganakos, Nicholas Gf-F. . OOO Ganden, Samuel - F. 190 Gannon, Kevin W.-F... .. 167 Gardner, Weston--Y Sr. 3, 99, 53, 88, 89 Gareau, Frederick Hp F. . OOO Garrett, Joe G.--So. 48 Garrett, Robert Hr- F. 167 Gartland, Frank B. 'F. OOO Garver, Mrs. Mary Mp F. OOO Gatch, Eileen F. F. 49,139, 166 Geese, Robert F. J. . 141 Geitgey, Donald r 5 99,147,148 Geitgey, Doris A. Sr. . 99 Geohfrion, Helen M. 56 104, 113,118,166 GeorgeFl, George W. 'So 43, 99, 190 Gerber, Robert E. Sr. 159,153,154,155 Geringer, Ellen So. 57 Gerity, Mary D.-'G 000 Gernhardt, John W. F. OOO Gerrard, Frank H. - F. OOO Geyer, Clayton C. J. OOO Glell, Robert L.---F . . . 141 Gibowski, Theodore J. f So. ..OOO Gibson, Marietta A. F. ... OOO GiFlord, John A.-J... 39, 48,107 Gigandet, Jack l. - F. . . OOO Gilbert, Ann Marie F. OOO Gllbert, Mrs. Gladys W. --G. OOO Gilger, James F. So. OOO Gillette, Edith H. G. OOO Gilmartin, Mary Kathryn F. 138,166 Gunther, Lawrence B F OOO Girkins, Virginia R Sr. 9, 37, 57, 76, 91, 115, 199, 197 Gleason, Richard A. J OOO Glesser, Don G. J. OOO Glesser, Rodney C. J 53 Gluck, Leonard So 138 Goldner, Leo Y F 167 Goldstein, Sherman Z. So. OOO Golembiewski, Edward S. J. OOO Gongwer, Warren Sr. 36, 148, 150 Gonzalez, Miguel F. 113,167 Good, Gerald Lf So 41,119 Good, James B. F 167 Goodnight, Margaret L. F. 43 Goodwin, Cyrus L J. OOO Gaaawm, Ralph C sf. 99,198,139, 135 Goodyear, James H. So. . 48 Goon, Lloyd W. f J. 99,198,139,135 Goon, Marilyn F. F. 49,166 Gordon, Elizabeth Sue J. 93,133 Gordon, Margaret L. F. . OOO Gorrell, Robert L. So. , 156 Gors, Ruth Lf- Sr. 93, 37, 55, 56 Gottfried, Sylvia R. -F. 104 Gould, Harry J. Jr. J. 59 Gradolph, Laura Ann --J. 59 Graf, Ella Mae F. OOO Grailer, George G. Sr. 159, 155 Grainger, Glen W. So. 41, 48, 91 Grainger, Gloria Ann J. 58,118 Grant, James S. Sr. 37, 141, 155, 165 Gray, John Af Sr. 109,117,135 Greenbaum, Myer L. AJ. .45, 51 Greenberg, Nathan YG. 93, 50 Greene, Janet Cf' F. OOO Grew, Raymond E. F. OOO Grihhn, John L. F. . OOO Griffith, Alice F. 118,166 Gritlith, Robert Br- F. . 43, 91, 167 Grossenbacher, Jeanne A.--So.. . OOO Grove, Betty Jane F. . 166 Grove, Mary Jr- F. OOO Grover, Miriam R.--So. OOO Grover, William F. So. OOO Grube, George C: - So. . .. OOO Gruetter, F. Martha 'So. 96, 104, 191, 166 Grzybowski, Melvin J. F. OOO Guest, James E.-So. . . .. ,.... 49 Guest, Jean M: 'So , .. 69, 118, 140 Guise, Robert Wf-J. ..... . OOO Gunzel, Vera Cs- So. OOO . ........ ooo .....H. 59,140 ......U. ooo U.93,37,99,19O . . 43,167 ... 155,156 .. .... . .ooo 93,99,111 .. .. ooo 93,119 . .. 190,194 91,119,166 .. . . U..41 . .43, 91, 166 Hampshire, Alice L.fJ... .,.. . OOO Hanely, Laurel W.-Sr. .... 109,139,135 Hanks, Louis K.-J. .... . . ...93 Hanline, Manning H.fSr. . 93, 48 Hanna, Robert N.-F. ....,. . . 167 Hannaford, Martha Jean-So.. . 119 Hansen, Harry W.-J.. .. OO, OOO Hanson, Warren Lee, Jr.-F. ...OOO Hanzi, George A.-F. . .000 Harbaugh, Marian RHF. . 113, 166 Harder, Bette Jane--J. . 57 Harder, Robert R.fSo. . . 41, 47 Hardin, Charles J.--WF.. . . . OOO Harding, Mrs. Mildred T.--G. OOO Hardison, Carrie Maye!J. . .OOO Hardison, Lillian L.-So. . 000 Hardy, David H.fF... . ..167 Harless, John R.-F.. 167 Harms, Gerald E.--F.. . . .OOO Harriman, Phyllis J.-So. 118,191 Harris, Marilynn-So.. 57 Harris, Seymour J.-F.. .. .. . 000 Harrison, Bernard C.-So. . 45, 50, 136 Harrison, Merrill S.-Sr. 93, 37, 50, 89, 90, 91,96,199,196 Harroun, Robert V.fF. OOO Harroun, Wayne E.-F. . OOO Hartman, lphigenia-G. OOO Hartman, Lucile M.'J. OOO Hartman, Richard E.-G... .49 Hartman, Mrs. Roberta S.fJ . 69 Hartwick, Elayne V.-F. OOO Haskell, M. Anita-F. 113,118 Hastin, Charlie B.fSo.. OOO Hatker, Margery E.fSo. OOO Hattner, Siviaf-Sr. 93, 61, 133 Haughton, Maryann-J. 57, 94 Hayden, Rhyllrs Z.f'cF. . 166 Hayes, George M.-Sr. 59 Hayne, Forrest W.-F. OOO Haynes, Dorothy R.-J. OOO Heaston, Monica Mae-So. 191 Heath, Warren J.-So. 48 Heatley, Frances E.--F. OOO Heckrotte, Warren-So. OOO Hein, Lorene H.fSr. . .94 Hernisch, Margaret H.--F. 43 Heinle, Bernard A.fSo. . 116 Heinlein, Herbert C.fJ. . .. .. . 190,194 Heinlin, Joan E.-J. . . . .. 99,118 Hellstern, lna J.fJ. . ..63,104,119,118,191 Helmke, Mrs. Ruth G.-G. . ... OOO Henkel, Richard L.-J. 109,117,139 Henry, John F.fJ. . . ..OOO Henry, John Mclntyre-J. . OOO Henry, Robert J.-So. 111, 138, 139 Henry, William G.fSr. 48,111,195 Henzler, John D.-F. OOO Heplcer, A. Jean-F .... . 140 Herman, Robert J.ASr... 94, 111, 195 Herold, Beverly May-F. . OOO Herrmann, Lisa G.-So. .... 69,119,117, 191 Hersh, Mrs. Gertrude Rf- Sr. .. .. . . OOO Hertweck, Ruth E.-So.. .. .. .. ...... 166 Hesselbart, Eleanor G."-J. 69,118,133 Heyn, RuthfSo... .. . .60, 134 Higgins, James J.--F.. ..... OOO Higgins, Margaret L.- F. . .... ..OOO Hight, Roland W.f5o. . .... . . 111 Hill, Erle G., Jr.-J. 38, 59, 89, 190 Hill, Martha Ann-So. . . 59,110 l-llll, Patricia M.-F. . . .43 Hill, Pearl M.-F. .... ..OOO Hill, Robert- F. ...... . ..OOO Hill, Willilord E.4J. .... . OOO Hinds, Robert4F. ....... ..... 1 67 Hliaroudis, Goldie-F .... .. ..... 134 Hobey, Laurence R.-So.. .. . . .48 Hocker, Armand-F. ..................... 000 Hoffman, Jack L.4Sr. ...... 94, 37, 45, 50, 190 HoFlman, Josephine P.wSo ........ 60, 190, 191 Holvlman, Justine E.-J. ................... OOO Hotlman, Marian M.-F .... ............. 0 O0 Hoffman, Rosalie Ann-J. ...... 39, 99, 118, 190 Hoffman, William P.-F. ................... O00 Hofstetter, Harold F.fSo.. .. ....... .....141 Hogle, Dorothy G.ASo.. .. .... 60, 110 Holes, Eugene S.-F. ........ .......... 0 OO Holderman, Joyce M.fSo.. ............. OOO Holliger, Lucie-F. ....., .... 8 9, 118, 191 Holloway, Ralph S.-Sr. .....,.......,... .39 Holmes, Robert H.-Sr. ....... 94, 99, 116, 141 Hopheld, Barbara Jeanne-F ...... ......... O OO Horwitz, Sanford A.-F.. . ...... ........ 1 67 Hoskin, Joyce F.fF. ... .. 43, 87, 104, 166 Hostetter, Richard O.--F. . .... . ...... 000 Hotz, George E.-So.. . ...,..... .... O OO Houck, Betty Jane-YJ. ....... ,...... . . .000 House, Walter C.-Sr. .................... OOO Hovey, lrene E.--Sr. 94, 56, 106, 115, 131, 140 Howard, Edwin-fF. .. . .. . ... . . ..OOO Howard, Sheila MffSr. .. . ... .... 000 Howell, Catherine-fJ. .. 115 Howell, Kathryn MaelF. . 104 Hritzko, Dan-J. . . . .. 149 Hronek, Robert L.--F . . . .OOO Hubbard, John Rr- F. . 167 Hubscher, Grace-F. . .. . 43 Huebner, Alice E.-FG. . .. O00 Huebner, Quentin R.fF. ....... . OOO Huepenbecker, Richard W.-J. .,.. . 190 Hughes, Betty Ann--So. .... ... .... .. 57 Hughes, E. Jeanne-F.. .. .... ...... . . OOO Hughes, Richard M.!J. . ... 39, 104, 133 Hunt, Marorie J.-fJ.. .. . ... . 138 Hunter, Edward J.fJ.. .. . . 000 Hunter, Richard F.-F. ..... .. .. .. OOO Hunter, Richard Miltz-F. . ...... O00 Hunter, T. Richard-So. . . ...... ... .53 Hurlbut, Phillip R.-F. ...... 43,109, 108 Hurt, Margery C.---So. .. .. ....... . . . . .5 Huston, Richard A.-So. 146, 147, 149 156 Hyman, Richard M.-J. . . . 59, 114 - I .. lFlland, John J.--Sr.. . 46 109 lgdalohf, lrving-'F. . . ...167 lnglis, lda Ann-So. . . 118 lrwin, Mrs. Leola E.fSr. 000 lserman, C. Herbert-J. . . . . .. .OOO lwinski, FrancisfSo. ..... . .. 49 lwinslci, John A:-50. .49, 116, 119 190 .. J - Jackson, Beverly E.-F.. . . 166 Jackson, William Er- F. 167 Jacob, Harry J.-F. . . . 167 Jacobs, Lawrence Wu- F. . O00 Jacobs, Selma L.--So. .. 61, 96, 138 Jacquot, Willard Hfx F. . . 000 Jalccsy, Michael-J.. .. 19, 50 Jamieson, David L.-F. .... ..OOO Jankovic, Edward J.fSo. ............ . . 000 Janney, T. FlorinefF. ......... . .. . 108 Jarrett, Thomas W.fSo. ....... ...... 0 00 Jasper, Dolores-F. ... 43, 116,118, 191, 166 JeFlers, Harold W.-So.. .. ...... OOO Jel'lers, Margaret R.!F.. ...... 104, 191 Jellries, William-F. .. .. .. 000 Jeneen, Leonard L.fJ. .. . .. 111 Jex, Horatio N.fSo.. . . OOO Jibilran, Arthur-F.. .. OOO Johns, Norman R.-YF.. .. . . OOO Johns, Robert P.-fF. .... . . . . . . . . . .91 Johnson, Donald P.fSo. . ........... OOO Johnson, Florence-So. .... .... 5 8, 119, 140 Johnson, John H.'Sr. .... . . ........ 108 Johnson, Ora E.YJ. ....... .... , ...... 139 Johnson, Wendell H., Jr.fF.. . . ..... 91, 167 Jones, Dorothy A.fSo. ....... .... . OOO Jones, Harry M.-F ...... .... O OO Jones, James A.-So. .... .... O OO Jordan, Elaine C.4J.. .. .... O00 Jordan, Joseph G.-J.. ,. .... . . 000 Jordan, Julian-J. ........ .... 1 90, 194 Jordan, Marion G.ASr... . ..... .. 69 Jordan, Rosemary R.fF. .... ...... . OOO Joseph, Albert G.4So. .... ...... .... 0 O O Joseph, Carl-J. ........ . . . 98, 99, 137 Joslin, James B.-So. .... . ......... OOO Joyce, Jon P.-So. ........ ..... 4 1, 47 Juergens, Robert B.-So.. .. . . . . . .53 Justen, James M.-F. ...... ..... 0 00 -K- Kadlick, Frank J.-F. Kahn, Larry P.-J. . . Kale, Selma-Sr, . Kamke, William A., Jr.-Sr. Kams, Helen J.-Sr. . .94 Kappel, John W.-G. .. ... Kardatzke, Betty Jane-J.. Kasper, Justine A.-F. Katz, Bernice-F. . . Kauki, Eugene F.-J. Kaul'lmann, Margaret-So. Kaufman, Howard l.-F. . . Kazmaier, Donald H.-G. Kearney, Robert P.-F. Keating, Kenneth E.-F. Keeler, Joan S.-F.. Keelrng, Mark E.-J, Bruce R.--F. Keller, Keller, Frances J.-F, G. Kenneth, Jr.-F. Keller, Gordon W.-Sr. Kelley, 94, 47 Kells, Melvsn R.--F. Kemp, Elsie Jane-Sr. Kemp, Richard H.--Sr. Kennedy, Eugene L.-F. Kesler, Helen-F. Kesler, Jean-Sr. . Kile, Luther E.-F. Kilmer, Carol B.-So.. Krmener, Robert A.-So. Kimura, Haru-J. 55, 69, 77, Krmura, Jack--F. Kincaid, Dorothy L.-So. Krndell, Ray L.-Sr. 147,149 109,117 94,55,61 39,45,59 196,135,137 109,119,115,118 . . . 000 57,104,111 116,118 . 134 164 117 167 000 167 191 119 48,133 99 1 46 140 000 000 167 000 1 1 6 OOO 1 18 OOO 000 166 1 34 OOO 99, 49, 94, 99, 191, 56,191, 119, 117,190,191 138 107 161 OOO 63 190 Kung, Betty Jean--J. King, Laurin 1.-Sr. Krng, Marjorie R.-F. Kung, Roger-F, King, William Jeptha-So, Kinker, Jean Marne- Sr. Klnnear, Paul W,--J, Klrby, J. Anne- F. Kirk, Mary Catherine 'F K1rol'l, Dorothy J.- F. Krt, Loh Chun-Sr. Krtzmiller, Margaret- 5o. Klein, Ruth H.-56. Klinlcsick, Eleanor R.- Sr, Klrppstern, Charles--J. Klute, Marvln G.--J, Knecht, Henry-'Sr Knerr, Ramona Jean- J Knestrrct, Carl D.-Sr. Knight, Leona J.--J. Knisely, Robert R.-Sr. Knurek, John S.-VF. Knuth, Carol Jean-J. Koch, Dorothy M -J. Koester, Elmer W.--Sr, Kohl, Mary Jane-So. Kohler, Ruth L.-F. Kohne, Laura E.-F. Kolinski, Irene C.-F. Konopka, Adele-J, Konopka, Don J.-So. Kopf, Richard H.-J. Kornet, June O,-F. Kosmyna, Adolph- F. Kossoll, Mrs. Stella E.--So. Kosydar, Victor P,-F. Kowalski, Chester 5.-Sr. Kowalski, Theodore R.-F. Kozy, Jack 5,-So. . Krack, Robert P.-J.. Kramer, William F.-F. Krecker, Vivian L.-F. Krempa, Ray-So, , , , , Kriegholl, Floyd W.-Sr.. Krivak, Anna J.-J. , . Kroggel, Kenneth D.-F.. .. Krupp, Leo, Jr.-So.. . . . Kueknle, Franklin C.-F. Kuhn, Richard C.-F.. , Kwapich, Eugene F.-Sr., . . Kwiatkowski, Leon E.-So -L- Ladd, John T.-J. ,... . Laderman, Samuel-So.. LaDue, Rrchard R.-So.. .. Landis, Joseph-J. ...,,.. . Landry, William G.-J. . . 99,133 95,49 000 157 167 197 000 000 000 166 000 117 61 Q5,5O,6L 117,119,130 45,49 48 95, 59, 119, 59, 95 OOO 95 119 59 OOO 63, 110 58 OOO OOO 43 OOO 166 138 59 000 104 000 O00 000 95, 135 000 195 OOO 141 166 OOO 53,100, 95, 45, 47,104,190 119 167 . OOO 000 . O00 190 116 47, H..1O1,115 ,133 151 48 .. ,,.... 51 11, 39190 Lang, Gilbert D.-So. . OOO Lang, Richard L.-Sr. . , 135 Langdon, Paul J.-J. OOO Langenderfer, Donald F.-Sr. 000 Lannen, Mrs. Mildred L.-Sr 000 Lantz, George E.-F... . 109, 167 Lanz, Ruth M,-F. . . ., O00 Lanzrnger, Richard G.-F.. O00 Larson, Marjorie A.-So. 59 Laskey, Robert C.-J, 48 Lawrence, Jack G.-F .. OOO Leach, Robert B.-J. 119, 195, 139 Lealgreen, Miriam M.-F. O00 Leatherman, James F.-Sr. 95 LeBay, E. Louis-50. O00 Leclcway, Charles E.-So 000 Lee, Alice B.-Sr. 95, 37, 59,115 Lee, Annie A.-J. 63 Lee, James C.-J. . 000 Lee, Juanita L.-F. OOO LeFrancois, John E.-J. 000 Lehman, Joy A.-'F. 166 Lehman, Suzanne-J. 60, 76, 94, 103, 110, 117,193,197,137 Lenga, Charles F.--F. OOO Lepold, Fern-5r. 96, 37, 61, 115, 117 Leslie, Lawrence W,-F. OOO Leslie, Margherita-Sr, 96, 57, 91, 90, 100, 119, 134 Leuck, Donald D.-F. OOO Levans, Mildred L.-50, 63 Levy, Philip B -F. 000 Lewandowskr, John R- So 49, 190 Lewis, Dong Sing-So. . OOO Lewis, Evelyn M. -J, 60, 115, 117, 191 Lewis, Marjorie R -So. 199 Leydorl, Glenn E'-Sr. 96, 109, 135 Libbe, Raul F.-F 109, 164 Llbbe, Willram Cf-So 156,167 Lichtenstein, Ethel 5- F. 190 Lieberman, Harold-So. 51, 110 Lrght, Richard J -Sr. 000 Ligibel, Clarence E -J 59 149,157 Lindsey, Fred J -J O00 Lindsey, Thomas E - F. 167 Lockard, Lois Mae- F OOO Lockert, Charles F - F, 000 Loehrlfe, Harry F -J 59 Logan, Betty Ellen -F. 000 Logan, Madelrne R,-So 56, 191 140, 166 Long, Clarence E. G. 000 Lopacki, Edwrn A --F 000 Lords, F Everett- Sr 96, 107 Lorton, William L f- F 141 Louden, Richard K-F OOO Lowcler, Muriel M- F 43,118 Lowry, Elizabeth -56 000 Lowry, Raymond F, -J 000 Loxley, Jane C - J 9, 58, 104, 115, 191 Lueck, William Or' 50 116,190 Luetke,l3hilipA --50 41,89,90,91,99,190,191 Lyon, James E - J. O00 Lyskawa, Charles-50 000 .. M - Maciegewski, Lawrence F.-J OOO Mack, Delores L. -F, 91, 191 MacKenzre, James B.-G. 000 MacKinnon, Neil A.-J. O00 MacRitchie, A. LeMar-F, 167 Maclaggart, Arthur B.-F. 000 Maddy, Frank A.-F. 000 Maddock, William W.-F. 000 Magers, Mary Elizabeth-So. 117, 191 Mahalley, Clyde C.-J. 149 Mainwold, Herman-F, 119, 167 Malkin, Lena-So. 61 Mallory, James D.-F. OOO Maludy, George C.-J. . 46, 103 Manor, Fred-Sr. . O00 Mantey, Marrorie N.-So. 190 Manton, Martha Jane-So. 39, 107, 117, 119 Marenberg, Lewis-Sr... 96, 111, 135 Marks, Charlotte-So., OOO Marquardt, Robert J.-F. 000 Marsh, Guy R.-F.. O00 Marshall, G. Price-F, O00 Marshall, John E.-J.. 000 Martin, Eleanor C.-Sr.. . . 96, 60, 110 Martin, Lawrence W.-F.. OOO Martin, Louis G.-So.. . 10, 41, 190, 194 Martin, Richard J.-F.. . 000 Martin, Robert E.-F.. . . . . 000 Martin, William L.-J.. ,. . . 53 Martz, Perry L.-So., . . 49, 119, 195 Mason, Betty P.-F.. .. . ,, 166 Mason, John E. - J. Mason, John Willis-J. Massey, James 5.--F. Masters, Mary Anne F. Matthews, Clillord H.-So. Matthews, Ellen l.-So, Matzlnger, Ruth Ann-So. Maxwell, Carroll L.-F. McAdow, A. Dana- F. McBee, Ralph K.-J. 39 McBurney, Elizabeth A.-So. McCallister, Robert V." 50 McCarthy, James J.- G McClarn, Wlllram F. -56. McClelland, Mrs. Lillian W McClure, Robert A.--So. McColl, Chrrstine M,-G. McConnell, Colvin 5.-So. McCord, William L.-50. McCormack, Claude G.--F. McCray, lda B - J McDermott, C. Thomas-J. McDermott, J. Robert So. McEwen, Richard W.-Sr. McGahan, Alyce H. -So. McGourty, Eleanor M --G Mclntyre, Arthur C. f F Mclntyre, Wrlliam H -F Mclver, Jane Sr McKenna, Norman E- F. McKnight, Mary Lourser -F, McLain, Mrs Lillis H, r G. McLaughlin, Merl W. - F. McLean, Irene A. Sr... McLuckie, G. Virginia'-Sr McMahon, George--F. McMahon, John-'50, McMann, William F. McNair, Donna--Sr. McQu1llen, Wayne F. Mead, Rose Ellen--F. Medak, Herman J. Meek, Anna May f F. Meelfer, Jack F, Meeker, Victor So Meerkreb, 5am Sr Meinen, Dorothea J Meinhart, Donald J. Meister, Corinne 5r Mell, Dorothy J Melvin, Barbara J Mendelson, Gertrude So Menne, Lois 50. Mentzer, Howard F Merrill, Martha F Merrrtt, Clarence Sr Metzger, Mary Louise J Metzger, Ruth J Meyer, Margaret- F Meyer, Martin J Meyer, Ratrrcia F Meyers, D. Lors So 39, 195 39,100 137,167 113,191,135 000 37,117 . 134 134 , 190 100,109,190,135 60 000 000 41 155 G. 118 000 000 141 119,139 000 000 48 48 96,53 199 91 113 000 167 167 59,119,113,161 43,167 166 000 104 96,57 96,56,101 000 49,159 000 96,115 141 000 39 104 000 47 97,45,50 99,89 156 97,99 97,37,110 58 61 000 000 104,191 166 97,46,19a 139 113 59 118 191 190 135 166 119,117 119 Meyers, Milford So OOO Michael, Bonita Jeane F OOO Mrchellelder, Theodore -J 53 Micinskr, Eugene Sr 97, 109, 116, 135 Mrcinski, Leonard F. 116 Mrddlebrook, Jean-So O00 Mrdes, Vrrgrnia J. 59 191 Mrekrckr, Stanley r Sr. - 97, 111 135 Mihalus, Lenore Y F. . 000 Mika, Bessie -5r. 97, 99, 118, 191r 130 Mikesell, Harry -Sr. 97, 45, 49,119 Mikesell, Kenneth--F. 119, 119, 190 Mrkesell, William H.- F, 37,166 Muller, Mrs. Alice-J. - OOO Miller, Anna- J. OOO Muller, Betty -So. 41, 69 Miller, Darrell-Sr, 97 Miller Doris F. 140 Miller Elliot- J. OOO Miller Eugene--50. 141,155 Miller Harold-J. 39,118,190 Miller Harriet-Sr. , 97, 56 Mrller Lawrence-50. ., 119 Miller, Lillian-Sr. 93, 56,117,193,13O Miller, Mary Alice-G. , .vrr - OOO Miller, Mary Ellen-Sr.. 9, 98, 37, 55, 53, 35, 91, 104,118, 191 Miller, M. Marilyn- So. M - 119 Miller, Robert-F, . 167 Miller, William F.-So. 000 Miller, Wrlliam l,-50. V 43,114 Millns Dale-50. 41,195 Millns, John -F.. .. . . ,109, 197 Milne, Catherine-J. V 60, 117, 191 Milne, Mary Anne-Sr. . . 98, 56 Mitchell, l-loward-F. . . 91,167 Mitchell, Marvin-So. 000 Moening, Mrs. Ruby-O. . OOO Moldenhauer, Betty Ann- F. . OOO Monro, C. Robert-Sr.. . 98, 109, 117 Montgomery, Keith- J . 141 Moon, Edward - F. . OOO Moor, Roberta So. . 63, 108, 115 Moor, Theodore- F. OOO Moore, Fred So 49 Moore, Gerald -F. 141 Moore, Ralph- F .,.. OOO Moore, Richard F. .OOO Morgan, Robert-F. 104 fvioring, Walter--J. 117, 135 Morrell, Martha Jo- F. 88,89,108,191,166 Morris, David- So. 111 Morris, l-lulda Sr. 98, 118, 140 Morris, J. Paul- So. . OOO Morrison, Robert --J. 190 Morse, James J 48, 111 Morton, Kenneth- J. OOO Moser, Geralda -So. 69, 140 Moses, lsadore So. 51, 119 Moss, David- Sr. . . 50 Moulopoulos, Charles - So. .40, 47 Moulopoulis, Frances- Sr . 98 Mowry, Virginia-J. 118 Mudge, Margaret--J. 38, 69, 115 Mueller, Kenneth--So. 1 53 Muench, W. Floyd- O. OOO Mummert, James --Sr, 98 Mund, William -J. 135,167 Munn, David 5o. OOO Muntz, Betty Ruth--So. 58, 106, 117, 191 Muntz, Mitzi J.. OOO Muntz, Robert-- So. 50 Murphy, John F. OOO Murphy, Roland-Sr. 98, 195 Murray, James -So. OOO Musser, Robert- - J. 39, 59, 106, 114, 190, 196,131,133,137 Mutchler, Jean--So. OOO Muttart, Lawrence-So. .157 Muzzo, Sara Ann----F. 104 Myerhott, Jeanette-F 113 Myers, James- F. 119 Myers, Kenneth-O. OOO Myers, Mariari-J.. . 138 Myers, Robert--J.. OOO Myneder, Robert-F. OOO ... N - Naftalin, Bernard-F. OOO Nafus, Jeanne--F. . OOO Nagel, Mary Ann- Sr. 98,115,117 Nakos, l-larry So. 109 Napp, Charles-So. OOO Nash, Marthaiean-F. . 104 Nash, Robert -J. 37,146,147,148, 150, 159, 155, 156 Navarre, Robert-F. OOO Navarre, Vincent-F 89, 91, 157 Navis, Donald- F. OOO Neal, Brandon F. OOO Neal, Mary Jo Anne- F OOO Neale, Robert- So. OOO Neander, Heinz- So OOO Neilson, Robert- F. 53 Ness, Howard- Sr 98, 48, 90, 96, 106,199,196, 131 Netter, George --F. OOO Nettleman, Doris--F. 109, 191, 134 Nettleman, William- So OOO Neuhaus, Edward- F. OOO Nicewonder, Fred- So OOO Nicholson, Nancy Jane F OOO Nikitaras, L Jean ---- So 57 Niles, l-lelen Sr 36, 37, 59, 91, 94, 119,197, 198,199 Niles, Louise F. 111,119,134,137,166 Nisley, Alice Jo- F. OOO Nitschke, Norman- So OOO Nollenberger, Lyle--J. 141 Northrup, Doris - F. 104, 119, 191 Norton, Charlotte -Sr, 99, 56, 151 Norton, Don- -So. OOO - O - Oatman, Donna Marie F. 118.119, 166 Oberlin, Stanley N.- So. 40, 41, 50 Obert, Richard J: F. . OOO Oblinger, Ruth J. OOO O'8rien, Donald R. -Sr 99 O'Brien, William P.-F... ...... .... . .. OOO O'Connell, Mary Catherine--So... ,...,,. OOO O'Connor, Joan E.-J... 99,107,118,119,191 O'Donnell, Margaret L.-F.. . . 59, 166 Oehmler, Don Cf-So... . . . . . .000 Okos, Elmer M.-F. ..... .137 O'Leary, Pattie Zoe-F. 000 Oliver, Richard l-l.-F.. .. OOO Olms, James S. -J. .... N195 O'Ne1l, Tom l-I.-F... 167 O'Nelll, Philip J.--J.. 39,111 Opler, Ronald E. -S .... .135 Orwig, James E.--So.. .. 49 Osborne, Ralph--F.. ,. . . 141 Ostrnan, Frances A.-So. . . .OOO Oswald, Sinclair F.-F.. O00 Otis, Cynthia Jane-J. 000 Ottgen, Jeraldine J.-F. 166 Overhulse, Norma Jean--F. .140 Overmier, J. Bryce--F... . 000 ... p - Pacanins, Carlos Esteban- F. 167 Pacanins, Carlos Luis-J. .53 Packer, Mrs. Gladys F.-G. 000 Paczosa, l-lelen - So.. . .. .. OOO Palash, Edward-F. .. . . 108, 167 Palecki, Eleanore V.-J.. 63, 116,117, 118, 119 Palicki, Robert F.-So. . . 000 Palmiter, l-laroldine-So. 58,91,117,191 Pamment, Dorcas-F.. . 166 Papeniuss, Fred M.-50. . . 190 Pappas, Cristine N.-J.. 63, 119 Pappas, Cueorge J.--So. 46 Parke, l-larry N.-Sr. 99, 53 Parke, Robert l-l.--J.. . .53 Parker, Eloise- S.. . OOO Partoyan, Angel-F.. 43, 166 Partoyan, Shakee Rose-So. . . . 134 Partridge, Donna-J.. 55, 58, 116, 117, 191 133 Pasiuk, Walter T.-F. .. 000 Paskan, Stanley - F.. .. .. 164 Pasquier, Pierre O.-G. OOO Passino, Jacque l-l.-J.. . 48 Passino, James W.-So.. . 119 195 Passino, Robert E.-F. .... 43 167 Patterson, William H.-J. .38, 39, 59, 114, 190, 133 136 Patthey, Joyce M.-Sr. 99, 57, 84, 191, 134 Pavlica, Vincent O.-So. OOO Payak, Jennie E.--J. . 99,116, 119,133 Payne, E. Orlean-J. . 99, 104, 118 Pearson, Jack A.-Sr. 99, 114 Pease, M. Virginia-So. 104, 113 Peelle, l-larold M.-F. OOO Pegan, Dusan M.--F. OOO Peirce, Frances--F. . . 140 Pelton, Olin L.-J. .... . 48, 91 Pelton, Warren J.-F. 43, 111, 167 Penske, Dolly l-l.-F. 91, 166 Peoples, Marguerite J.--F. 000 Perch, Daniel F.---So. .... 000 Perkins, l-lelen O.-Ca.. OOO Perkins, John W.--Sr. . . 108 Perlmutter, Norman L.--Sr. 99, 37, 45 Perlmutter, Shimon-F.. . . 167 Perry, Mrs. Sarah M.-Ci. OOO Peterson, Richard C.--F 167 Petrecca, June l.--- F. 111,118 Petrie, Don C. So. . 53 Pett, Martha E --J. . . 99 Pettigrew, Samuel l-lf J. 108 Pfelierle, Edward N.---So. 159, 167 Pfund, Martha E.-J. 99 Phillips, Byron D.-F. . .OOO Phillips, Charles Mx- J. . 59, 39,111 119 Phillips, Robert Er- F.. OOO Piazza, Frank F. . 150, 167 Pickett, William 5.--5r. 99, 45, 53, 103, 114 Piel, Walter J. J. 48, 91 101 Pieper, Fred l. -F. OOO Pierce, Edward W.-So. 156, 167 Pierson, Richard L.--So. OOO Pine, l-lelen E: F. 134 Pinkerton, Audrey-So. OOO Pinkerton, Elise B.--Sr. . 99 Piper, M. Louise- So.. 104 Pizza, Anthony O.--So. 41, 53, 149 Place, Thomas W.- F. . . . 167 Pocock, Bette Anne-So. 60, 110, 115, 117, 191, 138 Poe, A. lrene J. ...191 Poindexter, l"lelen V. -F. 104, 166 Pollock, Dorothy ... . . 139 Pomeroy, Robert C.--So. . . . .47 Poneman, Meyer- --F. . . .OOO Poorbaugh, l-lelen-J ..... ....... 1 OO, 118, Pope, Edith C.-G. ...............,.,. ,. Popkin, 5am-F. .......,........... . 191 .000 .000 Potter, Mrs. E. Miriam H,-G. . . . .. 000 Potter, James F.--F. ....... . . ,... 000 Potthott, Jack R.-Sr. ..... . . . 109 Powers, Edward A.-F, ..., , . .OOO Pozy, Leo-J .... .....,. . . . OOO Prange, Clarence-F. .... .... ..... . . 167 Prange, Lois l-l.-F. ..... ... .... . . 166 Preece, Mary Kathryn-Sr. . .30, 37, 56, 59, 115 Prettyman, Jack R.-So. .... . . . . . 000 Price, D. Willard Jr.-F ....,.. ,.., 1 09 Price, Joan L,-So. ....... .... .... 1 6 6 Priest, William J.--So.. .. . 41, 45, 59 Prior, George L.- So... . . . . . .OOO Puhl, Lucille R.-F. .... .. 118 Pursel, Edith B.--J.. , 111 Pyle, Elinor-O. ....... .... 0 00 - Q - Ouigley, Jeanne M.-Sr.. .. . . 30, 57, 115 Ouinn, Bartus A.-Sr ..... 30, 47, 159, 153, 155 - R - Rabinowitz, lsadore-Sr.. . . . . 30, 51 Racker, Frederick C.-J.. . .. . .. 167, 100 Racker, Wilma M.-F. .... . .,.. 191, 166 Radabaugh, Mrs. Florence B.---G. . OOO Radecki, Edwin A.-So.. ...... 116 Radecki, l-lenry M.-Sr. ........ 30, 47, 114, 159 Raggon, Frank O.-Sr... .. . 30, 37, 59 Raggon, John W.-So.. .. . .. 59 Rahilly, Florence J.--Sr. 30, 58, 100, 110, 115, 117, 133 Ramlow, Bertram A.-F.. .. ., .... O00 Ramsey, Juanita Mae-F. ..... ,... . 191, 166 Ramsey, Tom L.-F .... ...... . . . . .000 Rankin, Janet M.--F... ... . ..... 000 Rappaport, Evelyn-Sr.. . 30, 61, 108, 115, 193 Rath, Alice C.-Sr ....... . 30, 58, 104, 118, 191, 130, 138 Rauch, Charles J.--So... . . . .. . OOO Raudebaugh, Myron S.-F. .... . . . 109 Rawlinson, Lilian F.--Sr. . ... 118, 133 Reams, Hugh E.--F .... . OOO Redd, Dale Sf-J... ....... 39, 47, 96, 109 Reed, Madelyn L.-J. .... . .58, 104, 169 Reed, Robert P.-F. ..,. . . . . 111 Reeves, Walter E.-F.-O.P.O.E. .... 167 Rehm, Richard W.-J.. .. ... 49 Reid, l-lelen E.-Sr. .... . . 000 Reighard, Frank T.-J.. . . 000 Reines, Jack C.-J.. .. . 49,111 Rejent, Casimir 5.-So.. . . . O00 Renz, Kathryn E.-F.. .. ..... . 166 Repp, Betty Jane-Sr. .. 30, 115, 117 Respess, Virginia--Sr. . . . . . OOO Restivo, Frank C.-J.. . ..... 000 Retzke, Elinor E.-So... . 101,117,191 Retzke, Katherine Ann-So. . . 117, 191 Retzke, Roy- So.. . .... . . 59 Rex, Raymond l-l.-So.. . . 47 Reynolds, Charles J.-F. 167 Rice, Kenneth l-l.--F.. .. 167 Richard, Jack D.--F. . . . 000 Richardson, Marian L.--F. . .... 191 Rickard, Lucille M.-F.. . ... 89, 166 Riddle, Jack K. --So.. .. .. 59,134 Ridenour, Evelyn C.-Sr. 31, 69, 111, 191, 134 Rieger, Kenneth E.-Sr. 31, 37, 39, 90, 91, 199 Rieger, Walter E.-F. .... .. .. ...OOO Riehl, Marilyn Ann-F. .. . .... 166 Rigby, Arthur--F ..... 167 Riley, Suzanne---J. .... . 000 Riman, Florence-G.. 000 Rimer, Richard M.--F.. ... 167 Robertson, John T.-F. . 149, 155 Robinette, A. Jeanne-Sr.. . . .56 Robinette, Tom--So.. . . . 000 Robinson, Charles Fx.-F... . . 53 Robinson, l-larry C.-F. .... . . O00 Rodenhauser, Leola E.-So. . 58, 104 Roesch, Roy A: -F. .... 116 Roether, Winona Mae-F. 000 Rofkar, Edwin Ci.--F. ..... 167 Rogala, Benedict J.-F.. .. 49, 119 Rogers, Mrs. Jenne D.-F.. .. .. .. .. . OOO Rogers, Oakley-J. ... 38, 69, 88, 91,103,113, 199, 138, 140 Rogers, Rodger D.--J. .... . . . . 109 Rogers, Suzanne --F. ...... . , O00 Rohr, James lt-l.-J. ...... .,. ..,. ..... 109 Rohrbacher, Vernon E.-Sr. ..... 31, 37, 49, 106, 196, 136, 137 98, 127 Rooney, Arthur E.-So. .. 53 Roper, Clilitord M.-J... . 31 Rose, Maryjane-So. . . . 58 Rose, Rsta Marie--F. . .,.., OOO Rosenberg, E. lsadore' -F. 91, 120, 167 Rosenberg, Sam-Sr. 31, 45, 51 Rosino, Jane M.--J. . .OOO Ross, K. James-J. OOO Ross, Walter A.- Sr. 135 Roth, Herbert H.- F. OOO Rothfuss, Fred D.- So. OOO Rothman, Myron A.-So. . 50 Rough, Robert R.-G. OOO Roulet, Alice Jane- So. 57, 117,137,161 Rowley, Robert W. Sr. 31 Rubadeaux, Betty Jane- Sr. 31, 55,63, 117,118 Rubins, Zale R.-F. . 167 Ruff, Robert O.- F.. OOO Rulier, Joan K.- Sr. 134 Ruiz, Jesse E.-F. 113, 167 Rupley, Robert J. F. 000 Ruppert, Willis Br- F. 52,104 Ruse, Donald H.-SO. 48 Russell, Edward P: So. 39, 47 Rutan, Jeanne Y.-J. 57, 83,137 Rutherford, Albert D - F. OOO - 5 ... Saalheld, Betsy M- So. 59 Salberg, Lucille C.- J. 62, 86 Samberg, l-larold E.- F. 167 Sandusky, Robert l-lf F. OOO Sanlcovich, Stanley- J. OOO Sanzenbacher, John A. J OOO Sarver, Chester Jr. - F. OOO Sass, Robert W.--F. 167 Satterthwaite, Frederick C: r So 156 Satterthwaite, James D f F. 167 Saul, G. Max-SO. OOO Sbach, Glenn D. F 167 Scarbrough, Virginia D. So. 62 Scarisbrick, Richard J. J. 52, 135 Schaefer. Barbara Ann J. 6O, 115 Schaefer, Dorothy E: F. OOO Schaefer, Richard C. -Sr. 000 Schaeffer, Orville L.- J OOO Schafer, Donald E. J. 47 Schaiberger, Mary Ellen-Sr 31, 59 Schalkhauser, Mildred So. 99, 117, 121 Scharbach, George W. So. OOO Scharf, Martha E.-Y F. 166 Scharfy, Virginia K.-Sr. 36 Scheer, Harold- Sr. 50, 104, 128 Scheider, Robert C.- F. 102 Scheidler, Helen C. So. 58, 91 Schelnbach, Irving- -F. OOO Schenck, Gordon- So. OOO Scherer, Erml J.-So. 39, 99, 102 Schering, Herbert-G OOO Schull, Anna Jane-J 118 Schull, Ruth R.--F. 60, 118, 166 Schleibner, Fred R.--F. OOO Schmeltz, William F.- F. OOO Schmidt, Edward Hr- J. 124 146 Schmidt, William R. -J. 31, 49, 111, 120, 125,146,149 Schmitt, Suzanne M- Jr. 55,60,103,110, 111 Schneider, Doris Mae-F. OOO Schneider, Jack B.-F. . 91, 167 Schneider, Jane Anne--So. 99, 108, 121 Schnell, Howard-So. . 106 Schoenberger, Robert L.-So. OOO Schoentelt, Paul C.--J. OOO Schoenroclc, Kenneth F. -Sr. 32, 111, 120, 125 Scholz, John B.-So. OOO Schott, Wendell l-l.'-F. 102 Schroeder, l-lomer F. J. OOO Schroeder, Jean Marie'-So. 62, 117, Schroeder, Robert L.-' J. . Schroeder, Suzanne Er-Sr. 32, 37, 76, 89, 99,117,118,12L 118,119,161 47 Schultz, Edward G.- Sr. . 52,141,165 Schultz, James R.-F. OOO Schwalbe, Doris J.-So. . OOO Schwanger, Roy E.-J. 32, 47 Schwartz, Ruth Jane-F. . 134 Schwind, Margaret M.-J. 63, 115, 119 Scott, Mrs. Alberta L.-So. OOO Scott, Mrs. Barbara l-l.-F. . . 134 Scott, Burns W.-F.. . OOO Scott, Ellen Jane-Sr.. . 32, 134 Searles, Ernest W.-- . ,.., 000 Searles, Jane B.-F. .. . 106, 166 Seavolt, Margaret E.-So.. . . 108 Secor, Richard T.-F. . 167 Seeger, Suzanne- Sr. 32, 59, 89, 113, 123 Seferian, Price-F.. 167 Seferian, Richard-So. 155, 156 Seguin, Hector C.-F. 000 Seiler, Cathryn L. -J. 115 Sekerka, Ann H.-So. 41, 58, 121 Sekerka, Stanley'-Sr.. 32, 48, 115 Sell, Genevieve-So. 60, 89, 91, 110, 115,117,121 Sellick, Robert L.- F. OOO Seman, Emil- J. 32, 120, 124 Seubert, Harry F. OOO Seubert, John L.- J. 53 Seyfang, Frederick C.- J. 47, 149, 161 Shafer, Batty A.-So. 59, 117, 127 Shafer, William G.-F. 167 Shaffer, Mrs. Doris--Sr.. 32, 115 ShaFfer, Harold R.--F.. OOO Shaffmaster, Betty Ann-So. O00 Shank, Elaine Cf- F. . 166 Shanteua, Leah l.- So. 91, 121 Shapiro, Edward-Sr.. 32, 51 Shaw, Frank E -Sr. OOO Shaw, Richard C -F. OOO Shea, Edward W.-F. 150 Shearer, Elaine' -So. 41, 100, 123 Sheats, Harold F. - Sr. 33 Shedwick, Jacquelyn B.-F. 44 Sheehan, Frederick J.-F. OOO Sheehy, Joseph- So. 000 Sheets, Ted C. -F O00 Shefheld, Langdon L - F. 17 Shelton, Marilyn E. So OOO Shemas, Roas H.- J 000 Shepherd, Jack E. F. 000 Sherman, Harold Ju- J. 99 Shertinger, Harry R -So. 12, 47,94 Shessler, Frances L - So 118 Shields, Marilyn S. -So 59, 117,121,161 Shiffler, John E. -F. OOO Shilling, Dorothy L.- Sr OOO Shimel, Mrs Helen G - Sr 33 Shinaver, Eugene E F 167 Shine, Roberta B G O00 Shinlrle, Ted V J 99, 148 Shirk, Helen M. Sr 33,62,118,119,129,130 Shoemaker, Richard W. -G. 46, 132 Shopneck, Sam M Sr OOO Shore, Clarice F. 134, 166 Shriver, Donald A Sr. 133, 135 Shuey, Marilyn H. F. 134, 166 Shultz, Erma A F. 121, 138, 139,166 Shultz, Robert S ' Sr 33, 107,135 Siddall, Elizabeth H J 59 Siddall, June Sr. 33, 59 Siek, Kathrynann Y So. 121 Sieloff, Francis R.--Sr. 111, 135 Siemens, Ralph E - So 47 Sigg, Robert A. -F. 000 Sigler, Barbara S.-Sr. 33,117, 118 Sigler. William K F OOO Silver, Warner C. -J. OOO Simmons, James E '-F. 43, 166 Simpson, Hazel L. - G. OOO Simpson, Mae V. F OOO Simpson, Richard l-lf -So. 52 Sing, Calvin- fF. OOO Singer, Gerald D --F. 000 Singer, Muriel E.-Sr. 33, 37, 94,123,127 Sinkey, John R.-J. 52 Sinnes, Frances B. -Sr. 33,100, 112, 119, 123 Sisson, Martha E.--So. 60, 91, 110, 161 Skeels, Dorothy M.-So. 102, 118 Skeels, Ruth l.-F. 000 Skevos, Andrew N.-F. 000 Sliwinski, Benjamin J.-J. 124 Sloan, Catherine L.-So. 41, 57, 91, 111 Slonaker, Charles W.--J. 45, 47 Slotnick, Harry L.-F. . OOO Slough, Olen J.- G. O00 Slutzker, Sanford-F. 141, 150, 167 Smart, Marian J.-J. 63, 102, 107, 111, 134 Smilack, Elaine H.-So. 61 Smilack, Sivia-J. 61 Smirin, Esther- F. OOO Smith, Clarence E.-So. 120 Smith, Earl R.-YJ. . OOO Smith, Edward L.-F. OOO Smith, Lloyd W.-J. . 52 Smith, Lyle E.--J. 37 Smith, Norma E.-J. . 133 Smith, Robert V.-So. . 46 Smith, Thelma E.-Sr.. . 33, 63 Smith, Warren L.-F. . 43, 47, 52, 141 Smitherman, Rex M.-So. . OOO Smoot, Robert J.-F. 000 Snedecor, James V.-So. 53, 155 Snody, Marjorie J -J. . 58 Snow, Ethel M. -G. OOO Snyder, Edward R. F. . OOO Snyder, Mac E -fSr. 33, 155,156 Snyder, Mildred E: G.. . 000 Snyder, Penelope Ann So OOO Sobeck, Margaret O. -Sr. 34, 37 Sommers, Howard V 'J. OOO Soncrant, Richard L. -J OOO Sonnenberg, Louis J. f So 41,47 Southard, Mrs. Eleanor Rf' G 000 Soule, Elizabeth E. F. 134 Spalding, Ronald H So. 43 Sparks, Ernest R.-F. 167 Sparks, Lyla L.-So. OOO Spaulding, George G.-Sr. 34, 45, 53 Spear, Burton W- F.. 000 Spengler, Marjorie Ann. ' F. 000 Sperling, James E. -So. . 000 Sperry, Ruth V. F 118, 166 Sperry, Thomas N. J. 52 Spies, Richard Er- So. 49, 117 Spooner, Mary Louise-F 000 Springer, George E. J OOO Stackowicz, Stanley E - F. 000 Stahl, C. Robert -Sr. 34, 148 Stallings, Fraizer W Sr 34, 99 Stark, Stanford F. 102, 167 Starkey, A. Barbara - J 38, 58, 91, 118, 121 Stasiak, John L. F. O00 Stauber, Gene C. So. OOO Stautzenberger, Ruth Marie So 61, 91 Steele, Ruth Marie So. 61, 91 Steensen, Eileen R. So. OOO Stein, William W: f So. 102 Steinberg, Raymond M. Sr 36 Steiner, Emil R' F. 167 Stepanovicz, Albert F. OOO Stepleton, Loyd C F. OOO Stephens, Charles L 'Sr. 34 Sterling, Harry B. So. 46 Steusloft, Norman J So 41 Stevens, Richard l-l J. OOO Stewart, Charles C. F 000 Stewart, William J. Sr 36, 48 Stiegelmeyer, Roy E F OOO Stiff, Rhilip F. f J 125 St John, Donald A F. OOO Stockstill, Raymond W 167 Stoiber, Alma M F. 43, 134 Stolarskr, Edward l-l. F. 167 Stone, Bernard W. F OOO Stone, Kenneth A. So 000 Stone, Virginia R J. OOO Storer, Robert L F. 167 Strassner, George D So. OOO Strausbaugh, Gerald E. - Sr OOO Strohman, William F OOO Stumps, J Earl- F. 167 Sturtz, Joseph P. F. 000 Stuwe, Jack F.-J 120, 124, 141 Suddath, W. Howard 7 So 53 Sullivan, Arthur M. - So. OOO Sullivan, Richard N. 'F. OOO Sullwold, Chester A. F. 91 Summers, Dorothy Jane- F 166 Sun, V. Harriette, F. 166 Sunday, Roy E.--So. OOO Sussman, Dorothy R. So 59, 11O, 117 Swartz, Loren A.--F. 43, 102, 167 Swaya, Oscar J.- - Sr 190 Sweet, Robert M. - F. 167 Sydlaske, Daniel W. - Sr. 47 Sydlaske, Vernon W. F 000 Sypret, Juanita Mae -F. OOO Szelagowski, Ted F Sr. 34, 47, 146, 147,148,150 - 1' - Tallman, Gloria M. F OOO Tank, Robert M. f F. O00 Tappen, William F. - So. . 53 Taren, James- F OOO Tarn, Rose-So. 41, 99, 108, 117, 119, 121 Tarshis, Don Z.-Sr. 34, 51 Taylor, Beatrice A. So. OOO Taylor, Herold A. - F. OOO Taylor, Robert J. F. 000 Taylor, Wesley B. So. 39 Testa, William- J. OOO Thatcher, June M -F. 166 Thielman, William G.-J 39, 45, 47,129 Thomas, Betty Alice -J. 56 Thomas, Clarence L.--J OOO Thomas, Claude A - So. OOO 173 Thomas, James L.-f'Sr. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Maryaf F. ... Selma F. Mrs. Marckelle F.--J. Thompson, O. Charles F. Thorley, Jayne W.AJ. Thornbur h Evelyn M - J. 3 1 ' Thorpe, Charles R.-VJ. Timm, Ruth R. SO. Tiplady, Lynetta M.--F. Tippett, Dorothy Lf Sr. Tokles, Alex So. Tompkins, Albert M.-fF. Toner, Dorothy Mae 5 So Tonres, Marion Dm-F. Townsend, James S. - F. '43,113, 63,110 37,59,39 109,119 SQ 190 34 OOO OOO 138 OOO 11 5 OOO 135 121 OOO 122 125 167 112 OOO 1 67 Tremblay, Albert Jf SO. 47 Treter, Jeannette M. --F. OOO Trombla, Eugene Rf- F. 102 Trumbull, Richard E- So 53 Tucker, Margaret M.--' 000 Tuller, Charles A. -F, . 000 Turk, Robert l-l F. OOO Turner, Marion Er J. 000 Tutak, Irene C -So. 134 Tuttle, Janice Ann--F. 000 Twining, Eleanor Gf- J. 115 - U - Uncapher, Marsene'-Sr. OOO Underwood, Constance R.--F. OOO Underwood, Wallace P. F. 167 Unckrich, Robert l-l. -HJ. 48, 111 Unterkircher, Jim'fF. OOO Urban, Anthony W.-F. 000 Urban, Walter J.-So. . . OOO Urich, Janet Sr. 34, 37, 59, 76, 121, 127 Unch, Jeanne R ---F. . 87 Urie, l3etty"- So. 58, 39 Urschel, Mariorie l-lf J 60, 11O, 134 Urvvin, William Cff"J 43,1907 194 .. V - VanCamp, Gloria R- F, 121 VanCleve, Robert M., Jr F. 113 VanDorn, Delbert ---- F. 167 VanGorder, Mrs. Margaret R.-G OOO Vanl-lellen, Sally Ann F 166 Vanl-lorn, William l-l. - So. 141 VanLear, l-l. Louise- F 140 VanRyz1n, Arthur C.- G 150 VanSickle, James William -Sr 34, 49, 111 Veigel, Phyllis R.-F 121,166 Veller, Jack D F. 000 Velliquette, June M. - F. 000 Vergiels, Robert T.-J. 49, 114 Vernier, Louise M. 'G. 000 Villwock, Margaret J 112 Villwock, Robert J.- So 000 Vinson, John K. F 167 Vogan, Merle W ff So, 46 Vogel, Richard F. 157 Vogel, Virginia Anne Sr. 35,115 Vogeli, Mae E O00 Vogelpohl, Roland L. So. 120 Vogelsang, Jeanne D, F. 118 Vogler, Eileen l. Sr 35, 76, 91, 98, 99, 104, 11O,112,118,121 Vosf, Richard J F 000 - W - Wagner, Joan l. So. 60 Wall, Edvvin G J 49 Wall, l-ielen M. So. 99, 117,118, 161 Wake, Jacqueline S.aSo. Walinski, Nicholas J., Jr.- Walker, Robert N.fSr, .35, . .., 58,104 J....., ,..... 107 37,48,91,106,115 119,122,126,131,137 Wallin, Robert l-l.-So. Walls, Virginia A.-Sr. Walrath, Gill F. F. ,, Walsh, Thomas M.--F.. Walters, Robert A,'wSO, Walton Virginia M.- J. Waltz, Millie Ann-F.. Wandtke, Florence M.- Ward, Denton O.fSo. Ward, Mattie Lee-F., Ward, Robert T. So. Ward, Thomas G. --J. Warrick, Duane E.---F. Warrick, Rowland E.-So. Warwick, Jeanne-- J. 58, Warych, Joseph S.--F, Wasserstrom, Lilliam-F. Waters, Glenn M.--F.. Watson, Dalmond F.--Sr. Watson, Thelma Maea Sr. Watters, F-larve Rf -F. Weatherwax, Barbara Jean -J. Weaver, Ernest W., Jr." J. Weaver, Jane I.--F. Weaver, John l-l.- J. Weaver, William R.-F. Webb, George N.-Sr. , ...., 000 37,89,123,12Q 131,136,139 . ., 000 , 43,167 ..149 , ..6O , . 166 101,115,166 000 000 47 .. 39 139,167 117 90,91,113,197,137 . . 149 166 000 35,47 35 000 ..55,57 39,53,135 113, 121 39, 53,120,135 42 135 96,109,111 Weber, Ann' -G. OOO Weber, John A. --G. OOO Webne, Sam--So. 51 Webster, Jean S.-F. 104 Wegman, Jean fSo. 58, 117 Weller, John D.- F. 167 Weintraub, l-lermine M. F. OOO Weiss, Allen R.----Sr. , , 51 Weis, Willard G.-'Sn . 35, 45, 53 Wendel, l-lelen C.fSo.. OOO Wendt, Raul Lr- So. 141,155 Wenner, l-lelen -So. 57, 113, 121 Wenner, Margery B.-6 F. 112, 113, 166 Wenrick, Josephine'--Sr. 99 Wernert, John Ff F. OOO West, Jackff Sr. OOO West, Walter R. --F, . OOO Westenkirchner, Frank A. F. OOO Westover, Donna M.-So. 121 Wetherill, William l-l.-So. . OOO Wetnight, Robert B- So. 48, 91 Wexler, Oscar S.-F. 167 Weyburne, Robert F.-F. OOO Whaley, George C.fS0. , 108 White, Carol May-F. 43, 92, 119, 166 White, Douglas l-l,-F. 167 White, Jane C. -F. 104,121,166 Whitehead, lrene V.-So. 41, 104 Whitman, E. l-larris'-J.. 49, 111 Whitman, Raul R -So. OO0 Whitman, Pauline M. -So. 111 Whitmore, Katherine M. - Sr. 56 Whitney, Robert L.-WF 43, 167 Whittington, l-lelen F. Sr. 57, 96 Wibel, Geraldine Mx G. 113,113 Wickerham, l-lelen K.-' F. OOO Widmer, Duane M.-F. 43, 157 Widrig, Barbara K. -F. OOO Wiechart, Robert Eu - F. OOO Wile, Edmund C.-So, OOO Wilensky, Abe F. 112, 167 Wilhelm, Jack F. Sr. 35,91,109,117 Wilkie, Everett C.-J... , Willard, Fred R.-Sr ..... Willard, l-lelen L,fJ. .... . Williams, James l-l.fSo... Williams, Williams, Oren F.-J.. ., Williamson, C, Elwoodfl, Williamson, F. Elaine-So., .. Williamson, Jerry R.-F.. . Willits, John C.-F. ..... . Williams, Marjorie E.aSo... Maurice D.-F.. . ." 111, ..f.109, . .fi49,104, Willmarth, Joseph O.-F.. . .. . Wilson, Barbara M.aSo.. .. Wilson, Walter T.-So .... Wilton, Dorris W.aSo. , Windisch, Marjorie L.-So. Winlough, Alice G.-Sr.. Wingart, Robert l3.fSo.. , Winger, Alberta R.fF... Winter, Douglas L.fSr. . Wirt, Mrs. Mildred-G.. Wirth, Robert L.-F.. . . . Wiskochil, Eleanor L.-F. Wisnievvslci, Leo Jr.-J.. Withrow, Paul M.-So... Witt, Mary Lou--So. . . Witt, Robert R.-YF.. ...H Wolcott, Doris AnnwSo. Wolfe, Dwight L.fF, . Wolfe, Willard W.-So. Wolfe, Rose Marie-J.. . WolFl, Virginia Kf-J. Wolkins, Richard L.fJ.. , Wolodzko, Anthony-So. Wood, Janet M.fSo. . Wood, Philip C:-Sr .... Woodson, Emma V.kF.. Woodward, Veryl D.-F. Worshtil, Rose-J.. . . Wright, Betty Anne-So. . Wyant, Raymond A.+J.. Wygart, John A.-F.. Wylam, C. Natalie-So. Wynn, Margaret-F. Y 1 Yaekel, Arline Mp-Sr. 63, YaHe, l-loward L. - F, Yark, Donald Jr- J.. , Yarnell, David T.--J. Yonke, Franklin P.-F.. Youngs, Janet-So. . . Yunlcer, Harold l'l.fSr, Z- Zachrich, Alvin N,fSo. Zaenger, l-larry C.-' F. Zeigler, Ned L.- F. Zelkowrtz, Miriam-So. Ziatz, Estelle---F, Ziegler, Ray J:--So. . Zieren, Robert G.-J. . Zimmerman, George S.-J. Zimmerman, Ruetta F.-F. Zimmerman, Velma--Sr. Zink, l-larold F.-Sr. . Zmuda, Regina-YF.. Zuchovvski, Ted Sr.. Zuleger, Naomi R:-Sr.. ZWlCli,S.Edlll1 ' F. 141 109 134 120 OOO 167 OOO 120 OOO 167 OOO ..43 57 OOO 167 115 . 35, 59 M,35,48,9M . . 46 OOO 106, 126,131,136 . OOO OOO OOO ., 116,119 41,47 A 146 ... . 57 ... 59 141,146,149 , ,. 59 .. 39,99 , 60,110 89,101,104 112,113 57,100,191 12Q ...104 7 1 11O OOO 57 167 M48 149 117 .52 167 121 135 OOO .53 133 111 .OOO OOO OOO OOO 11Q 191 000 48 124 000 138 000 1 55 1 12 OOO OOO 166 OOO OOO 1 24 OOO OOO OOO 118 148 59 112 1 I . l I F. rig I P I I -'. Y VE?-Q U Q 4 . y.-.. v If A 4? hm "7 Q 4 .I4 llai 1 .' .l . a 4.1 - . - --'L 2 The BLCDCKI-I CD USE wisiies to express its appreciation to time following who iiave macie tiwis book possipie f i SKS K V67 TOLEDO CQLORTVPE CQ Ersipmvimts CALSCDN COMPANY PRINTING MIN-I PAPER CCD. 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Suggestions in the University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) collection:

University of Toledo - Blockhouse Yearbook (Toledo, OH) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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