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5? . . Q . ,-. , 3 1 P 3NIH!HNHIHIWIHIIWWIIIITWHHU!liDWbiWNlI!NI P T Lf an S 3 A4 30 , " Q 1 7 O 5 ki!! E 318330 o a ' , lf ff- GENEALOGY 2 s ." 977.102 - .1 3 125211 . ..,,, fgLx'W' , I 1' 1... 1.. 3 'lli I . x nn.-v..,' sg ' 5 n x .' x 'S X su. .'-,EX fins-.I .ww- ' 3' WWE:-':'Q f . - fr f4wf::f.'-. ll I 1 I ' I . f",','f'f - 7' ,A -'f f -. 24 3 2.- ..... , -v, A ,7,.,,. 3 I lf Q , gf,-.1 ""- . b ,... "" ' 1121: -.--A Elf, 3 ' f .-'.-mga:2si-'-1..g',5-QFQQQXXXX1H1lxXQr.r.x ,4 .4'ffIa1,41a-. f, 3 3 2: ,' 'xiii Hiifir ' XS.-Q,'-".'-g.X'--5'f :I ' A ,, Mx-x-Ezfsf .- " ' . ' ' 13,43 -- WARRANTY DEED 4-- "" Q 52222252 -' Ijfglizgg., . . . 3 X. Q ,' J - . X- ""'H? 21231 ' ,f:,1E5" - ' 44- . 1331. 4 ' f 1 J ff Al d'r.wL .. fgl 5 SSC? , ' p SHG? FOI! C :..... nf vf-,234 suaclsrx-:n's 0FFiCE. Z : SS. ...... County. This instrument was p t and received for record mis.. day of...!f-',,.1A. D. 19.12. a!....9..I.f2 ...... .....o'cIock. M., and .recorded in uw ot am on page 1c:.3..5c,..-.., as a proper certiti- aha ru furnished in compliance with swim am. c gf mv. B ner ol ' ,:. ,U-. .. -mririx X If h k ' "L: ' , 'A' .5-1 -f 1 1. Q A - ,gy , '22, 11,1 ' -. . will J 1,-1' any 'J 'xw.C,.,17.1'. ,. A -f .A ' W V M l.,7,' I, . nh- ' 1 .5 . - ' ww ' 4- , 1' '. . ' S u V ' 1. Q' xr' si V N fu: . . p ,' -' X' . ,- . dp.. , I 4 I . ' I A V AK V fl .. ,. ,'. ',- -..' 1 , 4 941. . if vi? ' .5 - ' : E, 4' 5231 .1 W UQ f 3 Q4, Q 517, . , 'LZ 'vii' 'H-. A , , asf- ' c- - -' ... - cv- , ' I HV .GQ ' ' V W, ., , ' . .1,' sl 1 A . ,Ll nf. 2 - , . . 1 " -' '. . ', ,n I I fx... il, .,-7 TAL". Q Lg jf-1, X gh . A j Q 'v K' J '.. Z," , - ' 'KM'-' .. Y. 'A -"V, A -. - . iff' 'I - 0 f. .2 L -X. " 'X fwfr, J. ' -I' " . 'Aviv , ww... ,Qu ---M.. 0 MEM , M .1 f I "J W M .4-U, M., - 2 1 ,v 2'l' 1 1 1 1 , .Tv ' '-,..' , ., LQ. . .. ,L-nga VT. , , i 1.. lxnfw ,,.,, Lf FQQFI: .S .:, Q, s' A K .4 I f - '-u-. , z ut . .3 . . ,, .154 ,Z ' , 1 .4 li. ' ' A- .,, ., U 'LL "'. ... if? 542 j 1 '. f. -wi, .' I ,ig , ...jig r- ' 'LH -"QU . Vw VI5'gf.,4-" ' S'- WA . .5 ,, ,Q .11 ' Q .1 .if w fm -' 'f'?f' - 'f"f"Sr,.,g , V, QM, 19: x .. ,ly W 4 V . ,J .'f",ff 27 . ' 'Sf f I-11,2 "W: 'if-:.' I' .lj V, ' X ' . . ' "auf . .. 4 ' ,hJ' ' i,.,.trg . ' . . 7-W'--',." "H, , '--,vv .,, 1. -'A -'.. .. .li ,. . J.. wr '11pwA,, -1 ,M -':.,5 X. ,4 . .--'Mx yum V .Nm . , R4 'Tit ,, ,Q 5 1 Li ffm- f 'fmigq '- f 1? W FR' UM lL'E'I-fi IU 1 sl ,'3.'iJX ,T ull' . ' 1, X.-ti-gm 14 , his E . x - JXNY W 1 Vikix,-I 'ggi tl . . N 4' - sm 156: -fffi Q I, , . ' .i-ia-, M A 1 Q , ' - if .LAL opyrflgfrf BY BERNARD GROVER Edifor SYDNEY WITTENBERG Business Manager 9 In HHPIIIUYIEIITI J Gazzan Mackenzie James VV Ferguson Lavsna IV1cCassey Raymond J Scnuler Gerald A. Roper Q I 9 5 I I 1 ' I W I B L 0 C K 'II H 0 u s E 4 - 1 F I I , J I A , 4 ' yr- , I fi! ' mf K . , .- X . A -' ,U .I'.- , I m ff. I , af - I I - . P 4 I rrrr I F 'f 22 5-5jg.E11g H EEII I , I I I IEW Q ' Published by 'the STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE CITY OF TOLEDO TO E o o o OREWCRD H' is our molive in publish- ing The "Blockhouse" +0 pre- senl' +o The s+uden+ body of 'rhe Universily of Toledo an annual which we hope will rank among The besi of col- lege annuals and which will, a+ 'lhe same lime, bring back inrimare and cherished mem- ories of college life infrhe Turure. Now l'ha+ our work is fin- ished, we exrend our appre- ciafion To all who have so earnesfly helped in The prep- ara+ion of Jrhis annual. Wi+h grear pleasure and pride, "The Bloclchouse Sfaffu presenfs +0 rhe sludenfs of The Universiry, "The Block- house of I93I." BERNARD L. GROVER. Ediror. If 'o I Q I Q 1 -v- Q ll 'Q fd i I Q ,l Q fl Q ll 4- , Q I. pp Q X 7 1 xii? V X7 I if f , if T A fa ,- -if 5-4 X ,I 1 rig we X! ? as rf X A f ONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES FEATURES EDICATION To Professor J. B. Brandeberry Whog in his sixieen years of service 'l'o +he Univer siiy of Toledo, has en- deared himself 'io 'ihe hear+ of every s1'uden+ 'for his un'Failing youihful- ness of spirif, and whose fine example of chrisfian living and fhinlcing serves us as an inspiraiion and guide- V We, +he sfuclenis of ihe Universify, dedicafe +his ecii'I'ion of +he BLOCK- HOUSE. L N 5' jiri S "Fl l - 4 Q 'ie , J- ' - L ...., LI - 1 ' Ji. . "5 -i'.' 4' -mf,.r.. .i A . xi. X 01,-K 3 . W Nw fx' fu ugh ,X 14 f T ,F he fm ,7- Zhi 0-A: - .- wx,f ,-wiv. - -Q-nina -- ,f ':"'2,w..- - -fr- 1A-W-W, - V- ,J wx I. - W vvxrcf . , 1 - QE'- ef a I - "e Wg, , A. K' " ' rf if f .:-"2 fx- . . -N' -.,. . .' 4 ,A w . .' I X .Jn N'-.,' ' L s I4 xx FV- is Q tiff. 'X I 1 t' X K X W1 A I . . 4 '.: -' ,L-ff' .lu-, I- N3 Y Ei 1 F Pj r X ' Q 1 L L .-K -L, , .M 44, 'fu NCP. ' . New-x - .vl ' M We Q-A-. R.-A A M7 A '-2' 'J', - ,. "' ' ..-' rr 1 f I rg...-'. 1 , - -v,,U '. , pk, ' -.Aw 1' .,,4 Z, 'Liang l , 1 I '-7' . -' ' ff '.V. 545' :1 ,X 4 , 1 ll "ftp wiffsgw. " -' ." .- rv."-" ff' -' ..-" 1 ' -f' -' ' .-. , ff lg.-: ,,.- . , 4' A-' s '. gf F 7-a.q 1 5 - ' ,..- , . . 4 ,I .- , Q . wr . !' v ' 4 , "' ,-' , VT ,xl ...X ng, :sv WLS, v ' ki f7 f Dt' , ,WY , Y, ,Y Y Y Y M470 NZ Y-5 F, ,- f - x W1 NM ! f g V BL l YilL,+QlJ uw Q U if " 'V rr ' '51 ',,, U Ku 7' E45 'W Y Q DMINISTRATION ll ,X Il iffnlll... BLOCK:-lousz of E -in 7 :- I lg. Am ll . WH' A l riff Atl. 4 Vg-. -. 32 l . Aclminisrrarive Officers l HENRY J. DOERMANN . . . .............. President LEE W, MACKINNON .................... Dean of Administration DAVID W. HENRY ...... Dean of Education and Acting Dean of Arts CLAIR K. SEARLES .... ...... D ean of Business Administration PAUL W. STANSBURY ..... ..... A cting Director of Graduate Study l l Board of Direcfors . STEPHEN K. MAHON ........... A- ...... . ..... President Mas. ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAIN .......... .......... S ecretary F William P. Clarke Albert H. Miller Dr. S. R. Salzman I George F. Dowd J. B. Nordholt Cletus V. Wolfe l LUCILLE E. MACK .... .............. ............. C I erk l l l 9 0 page fourteen WiBLiOgQtlSHOTU'STE5T Dr. Henry J. Dloermann R. HENRY' J, DOERMANN, president of the University of Toledo, truly exemplifies the spirit of progress. The new University of Toledo stands as a monument of the fact that he has fulfilled all the plans of such men as Jessup W. Scott and Dr. John W. Dowd could only dream of. His valuable foresight and business comprehension aided him in showing the people of Toledo the necessity of having a new uni' versity which would afford excellent educational opportunities for every' one. Due to his earnest faith and belief in a municipal university, the University of Toledo has attained a prominent niche in the scholastic world and is steadily gaining new places of recognition. Dr. Doerf mann's fame is not confined to Toledo and the university alone as is evidenced by the fact that the American Association of Urban Universif ties elected him president of that group to lead them toward the per' fected municipal university. Y 0' ? I . R vo D 1, 'rg L" I at g, W page fifteen ll .. - li -'11-is l 'K li ll l .Q x1lTfr'lilfNl!.., if 'A l , "infill BLOCKHCUSE 'Gi ' l1'xi',r or--' ' rf! " W' V x :" l p 5 i 5 ' fl, l , ,QQJ ' 21. -' -fi. .8 y f'i'.::"0'! 'l l l r l l l l l l l l l I l i Dean Lee W. MacKinnon l Q ROBABLY the most interested, interesting person at the University of Q the City of Toledo is Dean Lee W. MacKinnon who is vice- i president of the university, dean of administration, director of the junior y college, and chairman of the faculty committee on attendance. His i cheerful attitude toward everyone, his tact, friendliness, and his capacity i for doing any work that he might attempt has won him a place of reverf ence in the heart of each and every student He is to he especially lauded for the splendid way that he took charge of moving into the new uni' versity. This task was done so quickly and efficiently that few realize the labor required to accomplish it. The students' interest ranks first in all that Dean MacKinnon does and he pays especial attention to the seemingly little things which may mean a great deal in regard to some students' comfort and welfare. fee eeee ft Q U.- page sixteen o-B,LClQLH OU SE Wisdom Comes To Us T HE wind blew from the hilltops into the valley. Told of the things it had seen out and beyond. Breathed of the value of knowledge in the world of endeavor. Sung of the sweetness of victory over full hardships. Wind of the ages come to us. Wisdom come down from the teachers unto the learn' ers. Tells of the things it can do pitted against problems. Breathes of the strength of knowledge in the world be' youd college of tomorrow. Sings of the power of pref paredness over blind progress. Wisdom of the sages come CO LIS. -FRANKLYN R. HAWKINS. V K. J' !fl:TU l Iii? ii 1 1 ,i i':'Af,i " B ,L page seventeen ll ll ll fl F-sem ,VIVA1 ll Aww 9,13-4 V- ' 1 r 1 B LQ CKHOUSE 3. L .ul dl 1 fr 1, S' ' .,.mg, 1 gr' ' -., ' 'i s".'ff-il l 1 Q Howard H. M. Bowman, Ph.D. 1 Professor of Biology ' Franklin and Marshall College, Ph.B., 1913 l University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D,, 1917 l w 1 f ' John B. Brancleberry, M.A. 1 Professor of Mathematics Mt, Union College, B.S., 1913 1 Ohio State University, M.A., 1915' 1 , ..,,..,..., , 1 Charles J. Bushnell, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology ':' University of Chicago, Ph.B., 1898 University of Chicago, Ph.D., 1901 l '1j"l1 ,.,,, i f '-e-' - Raymond Lanson Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Education University of Toledo, B.S. in Education and M.A. Ohio State University, Ph.D. N ., Qs ' 1 Lorain Forfney, Ph.D. Professor of Commerce and Law West Virginia University, A.B. and LL.B., 1900 University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., 1903 Q' gi' Z7 ,,,.. -W T GLW , page eighteen il lilef , Tlviyilim PBLCPC K H O U 5 E P 1L15il,i3lPi-it David Wafiers Henry, M.A. 'Yx,.i fl in H i A K ' is 'ff 111 l X ll A .' " lik' - I "fr 4 :V I. 1 . 9 ri! ' I i i l Dean, College of Education Stare Normal College, Emporia, Kansas, B.A., 1911 Colurnlzia University, M.A., 1915 l fl 1 O. Garfield Jones, Pl1.D. y Professor of Political Science l Ohio Wesleyan, B.S., 1912 l University of California, Ph.D., 1919 X Henry Royer Kreicler, Ph.D. yi Professor of Chemistry '-,9 l Franklin and Marshall College, A.B., 1898, and L A.M., 1901 1 johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., 1910 , il l Felipe Molina, A.M. 1 Professor of Spanish l Instituto Nacional de Oriente, Nicaragua, Bl., 1899 The University of the City of Toledo, A.M., 192-1 i Frank E. Nurse, Ph.D. f Professor of Modern Language and Philosophy 1 Dixon College, A.B., 1898 ' McCormick, B.D., 1904 lx University of Heidelberg, Germany, Ph.D., 1908 l is is Y 0 u page nineteen l l ll f all ,Q 1' lei' X iblfci lei? P ' ral .L I4 l l l l l , l l 1 ll I l l l l l Y l l l l 1 l l l l ,, l 1 l l ,ia--2- , l x BALQCKI-IGUSE Q William MCK. Reed, Ph.C. Dean of Pharmacy Divisiong Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ohio Northern University, Ph.G., 1900, and Ph.C., 1901 Clair K. Searles, Ph.D. Professor of Social Sciences University of Nfichigan, M.A., 1921g B.A., 1913, Ph.D., 1923 Augustus W Treihen PhD Pro essor ol Psychology University 0 WIYCOWSITI AB 1899 Clark University PhD 1904 Guy Edward Van Sickle, M.A. Professor of Chemistry Ohio State University, B.A., 1909, and M.A., 1911 l Robert Naylor Wlniieiord, Ph.D. Professor of English Literature XVabash College, A.B., 1890, M.A., 1892 and Ph.D., 1893 .Tw ,.-,u-Y-.. , page twenty l Kg I 1 'Y 1 1 1 .4 . ., ., W -..U U . V-fl, Af-1'-1 BLO C K H O U SE Q1 1 ,mf-.,.-:ft '- Walter F. Brown, B.S. l 1 Electrical Engineering School of Science and Teclznology. Pratt Institute, I.E.E., 1912 University of tlte City of Toledo, HS., 1924 Kaiherine Easley, MA, Rlictoric and Literature Dean ofWome11j Indiana University AB. and ri' M.A., 1913 1 George Fullerion Evans, A.M. Philosophy Dean of Bien, Harvard University, A.B., AIM. Almeda May Jdnney, M.A. History University ofMicl1iga1i, AB., 1908 Columbia University and Teachers College. M.A., 1915 I 1 I l Edward J. Lorenz, Ph.D. . Physics 1 University of Cincinnati, AB., 1911, and 1 1 California Institute of Teclmology, Ph.D., 1926 1 1 l 1 1 .. 5 O page twenty-one l l Afllxl TRWHKAI 15 ,312 BLGCKHGUSE S., 1 if f N ' ' .L l 1 1 5 ' .,'u 'ga l H ul- . Ai A Q Y 1 - ., s ' A yi E'-'Q' x B B ' ' 'Rf V ,, A , .. .K X, -13:1 5,9 539,,:1,.. me ,- .. ,,:,1 A,'- -..-- 1 Claude H. WaHs, A.B. if, - s"el"?Zii"N cis'- , H.. -,..: ' ' '- :" QU , ,S ., Luiher C. Sco'H', B.M.E. Industrial Education Highland Park College, B.M.E,, 1905 Paul W. Sfansbury, M.A. Eclucation and Psychology Wesleyan University, B.S., 1921 Ohio State University, M.A. Wi.. :if fy .mi :gpg Accountingg Vocational Learning University of Illinois, A.B., 1913 5 x x x WA 3 Q -:X W A v XSXQ l X Q NX x X QQ + f ss 1 X X AE X 1 . -,--', , ., MW - 1 5 lvan Frank Zarobsky, B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Engineering Drawing Ohio State University, B.M.E. John M. Conclrin, M.A. Biology Western Reserve University, AB., 1926, an M.A., 1927 D Cl y page twentyftwo BLOCKHGUSE 1 x fix -tr . ' ii W . L4 xll' liiliwfllk 1 if ll Eff.: David Vinceni' Connelly, B.S. Physical Education University of the City of Toledo, B.S. Clara E. Goelirke Moderii Languages University of Heidelberg ln. vm' 1 , ... , -vig Y-iiif-iv i it ll li? li fl ' , I' V 1 I ' ., ew' P ff' Q, ij? 4 Friedrich Wi'lhelm's University, Berlin l l Nicholas Mogendorff, Pl1.D. 1 Chemistry l State Agricultural College, Holland, B.S., 1921, 1 and M.Sc., 1922 Rutgers University, M.SC., 1925 University of Wiscoiisiii, Ph.D., 1929 Harold Granf Oddy, Pl1.D. Chemistry McMaster University, B.A. and M.A., 1920 University of Toronto, M,A., 1921 University of Toronto, Ph.D., 1923 1 l r Delos M. Palmer, E.E. Physics and Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan, B,S. in EE., 1921 D o page twentythree 1 .. Nl' Ml .glxlffglgldf-. imma i 1 lo. :Mui JN'- .1 id Q rl fl' n pl mg, xv. .',' ' 'ol x I 5440! l 1 l BLCJCKSHOUSE ' lf: - . . l l T' M I Pieter Kornelis Roest, Pl1.D. l l in " Social Science ' , Leyden University. Holland, MC. 3 Q University of Chicago, Ph.D. I .iiz i W .:'5:" N I Gertrude Ruth Schottenfels, A.M. Rhetoric l University of Cliicago, A.B., 1911g A.M., 1913 K W. Sherman Smith, M.S. l Instructor of Civil Engineering 1 Purdue University, B.S.C.E., University of the City of Toledo, M.S. l Jesse L. Ward, MA. Education ' Indiana University, A.B. Oliio State University, M.A. l l 1 r Margaret Williams, M.A. l History Mount Holyoke College, AB. Oliio State University, M.A. Ugg 7.5 ----, o cr page twenty-four ,lla ll BLQQLQHQEE, nj -vm, .. A F Al " xi X v 1 1 m gllggij n 01 of." Q N 4' ' Hn il ' ' June Baldwin Winslow, M.A. l AfldlliC71luliCS ancl Astronomy 1 University of the City of Toledo, BA. w' University of lvfichigan, IN1.A. l l Rosario Floripe, B.A. Spanish l Colegio Superior de Senoritas, Managua, Nicaragua, B.A. W ' l l Lewis L. Mcliibben, A.B. l l Social Science Oberlin College, AB. 5 l l l E l l l Marian Ernsberger Richley, M.S. Physical Education Ohio State University, B.S. in Education l .Uwiiverxity of the City of Toledo, M,S. s l l l l l Brenfon Wallace Sfevenson, Pl'1.B. l I Englzsh University of Chicago, Pl1.B. and M.A. . na J o o page twcntyfve 1 fb I cl f , ll I iilli iI'j"'f' BLOQKHQUS1-Q r . I' Q wfsl WAR :SW 10 4, , mis li S' - Q, O is 'I 7 at l l l ' Vllz Howard S. Burfch, M.A. 1 K Y 'N Social Science " ' f - Alma College, A.B. uue' University of the City of Toledo, M.A. 5 . l l . L Lucille E. Mack l Secretary l l l Hazel D. Geiner Registrar , ff -V I l f l l ?f'vY l Emma L. Woodward lbvbu l Financial Secretary X I l K I l xx Marfha Schlosser Assistant to the Financial Secretary , D G page twenty-six r BLO,-QSH O U,SE l ill Lf: i ,TEES .PKJ I , ooc- A 1 3 5,0 ! , V 17 '4 lr' - if -Q 'te r. ,:.,- ll. A w' 1. V May A. Blancharcl, M.S. Home Economics Univemity of Pittsburgh, B.Sc. Oliio State Univzisity. BA.. B.Sc. in Educationg B.Sc. in Home Economics Ruby T. ScoH, A.M. English DePauw University, A.B. University of Chicago, A.M. l. l Bess G. Emcli, Pl1.G. Instructor in Pharmacy University of tlie City of Toledo, Ph.G., 1918 Mary Newborn Gillham 4 A Librarian l l . l Frank Kurschai' Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds B.. Q o page twentyfscven I i ll 1 , i N V xf 9 "iii 'fit xf ii ,ff if , I ' E71 - . EQAI' '-q.!i',i' If .r 5 L 0 ' V' -.3 ninja" ' l DW.-. i l 1 i I v l l l l 1 l .- BLQQKHOUSE Andrew J. Townsend, Ph.D. Professor of History Oliio State University, B.A. and B.S. in Education Westerri Reserve University, M.A. University of Cliicago, Ph.D. M. Estelle Hamilton, Ph.D. French and Latin Ohio State University, B.A., B.S. in Education, M.A. and Ph.D. G. Harrison Orians, Ph.D. Literature Nor'tl1'Wester1i College, A.B. University of Illinois, A.M. and Ph.D. Harry W. Paine, M.E. Vocational Educational Iowa State College, B.S. in M,E. University of Wiscorisin fVocational Education Departmentj, M.S. Iowa State College, M.E. C. Wayne Dancer, M.A. Mathematics University of tlie City of Toledo, B.A.,1922 Oliio State University, M.A., 1924 Harold A. Frey, M.B.A. Business Administration University of Wisconsin, B.A. and M.A. Northwestern University, School of Commerce M,B.A. G. H. L. Adolph Schumacher, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Jessie Dowd Stafford, M.A. Literature University of Toronto, B.A., 1910 Oliio State University, M.A. Blanche C. Weekes, Ph.D. Education University .of Pennsylvania, M.A., B.S. Columbia University Ufeacliers Collegej Ph.D. c ,cy U U lg page twenty-eight B,L0,Q.lSH 0 USE . ...l,..- ,ll 'UA will rigxlflil 462 in i ,f ' li l W il ll kt l, If 01, 0. .rf In 4, ..' I Orven R. AH'man, M.A. -'rx Political Science University of Illinois, B.A. and M.A. l Germaine Baer, M.A. French and German University of Michigan, B.A. and M.A. Sarah Secor Bissell, B.A. English Vfells College, B.A. Russell Bowers, A.M. Accounting Miami University, A.B. University of Illinois, A.M. Charles Crittenden, A.B. Economics University of Michigan, A.B. and M.A. Nelson W. Hovey, M.S. Chemistry University of Michigan, B.S. University of the City of Toledo, M.S. Maurice M. Lemme, M.A. Mathematics Oakland City College, AB. Indiana University' M.A. Frank W. MacRavey, M.A. French University of Wiscorisiri, B.A. and M.A. James A. Nicholson, Ph B, Physical Education Denison University, Ph.B. Dorothy L. Vanclenbroelc, A.B. English Lake Erie College, A.B. Edward E. Rohrer, Ph.G. Pharmacy University of the City of Toledo, Ph.G. U ll o 4 page twenty-nine iI .HUM vii ii ,X .1 , M Pqyiiv-IX P l.ii:if.,ii3, BLOCK:-:oust I ,Y .X 3 1 s . - . Xgh iii bi LAI Pi I -gan.. . .vf if -I 'inn' ' 'Q "1 Q in ' "3 "n i Q H Pari'-Time lns+ruc'rors Day Session Peter Bykowski, Instructor of Pharmacy. y C. R. Corbin, Instructor of Journalism. C. W. Dougherty, Instructor of Pharmacy. Bess G. Emch, Instructor of Pharmacy. I W. E, Hall, Instructor of Journalism. F. L. Klopenstein, Instructor of Pharmacy. Edwin Knights, Instructor of Biology. W. E. McClure, Instructor of Phsychology. 1 Donald Stewart, Instructor of Advertising. Evening Session S. James Barrick, Instructor of Finance. John Bebout, Instructor of Law. I Edwin Buckenmyer, Instructor of Law. Amos Conn, Instructor of Law. Sholto Douglass, Instructor of Law. Ralph Dougdale, Instructor of Sociology. H. T. Fulton, Instructor of Credits. William Hahn, Instructor of Mathematics, Alfred Hirth, Instructor of Law. Harry Lamb, Instructor of English. R. J. Langstaif, Instructor of History. R. F. Lowery, Instructor of English. I Paul Macy, Instructor of English. John McCabe, Instructor of Law. i Frank Miller, Instructor of Law. Charles Racine, Instructor of Law. R. C. Reese, Instructor of Engineering. W. H. Schmeltz, Instructor of Accounting. H. T. Sheneield, Instructor of Political Science. Ralph Sisson, Instructor of Advertising. Wayne Stitchter, Instructor of Law. Charles Tefft, Instructor of Transportation. Morrision VanC1eve, Instructor of Natural Science. Hubert Woodbury, Instructor of Engineering Drawing B Bc.. Q o I page thirty BLOMQKH O U15.E Jr.-- l CHARLES JARVIS, President Student Council HE Student Council of the University of Toledo is the student governing body. It democratically represents the students and exercises full student control. The Council capably supervises all student affairs and is advised at all times by the Dean of Women and the Dean of Men. The present year marks the initial year 'of the Student Council operatf ing under the new constitution. A marked increase in representation, power, and activity has declared the new constitution a success. Included among the numerous activities of the Council are the social affairs for the student body and the sponsoring of Loyalty Week. This year the Student'Council sent three delegates to the annual con' vention of the National Student Federation of America, held at the Georgia School of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. This delegation convinced the student leaders of the United States that the University of Toledo should play host to the next convention of the National Student Federation of America, to be held in December, 1931. The Student Council pledges itself for an outstanding N. S. F. A. convention in December. ,kb A.. i. . A, J I. more ee. 11: f iv- I Af ll all filiilfl '4 . . r K- J V'-at Y fi dh? U ki 'gif M ff- . , a nhl- I. ' w l l i 1 l l l 1 l l 1 l i l I 1 1 page Ih'l1'Ey'O'Y18 l 1 w , vllllll ,. . , A, ll 'r' n J. .,i' X , L Q 1, are lgvvrif W B LO C K l-l O U S E l ,nm , -W , E oo V o Y E n ,K 7 ,V R xg- , 'C 'llsn .V v:i,.'ygf'?' , . . 1 5 Sludenl' Council l . ' l CHARLES JARVIS ...... . . .President l CATHERINE TRESSLAR . . . . . .Secretary E Class of I93I Class of I933 I l Catherine Tresslar Jane Kamke l Howard Kline Robert Mussehl l ' 1 Class of I932 Mary Perry ,l Rolland Buehrer Class of I934 Irene Carr james Miller' l l Represen+a'rives al' Large Margaret Freund Walter Deuce Robert Kelb A Gerard Beroset l Q , fx C "' 3 ' Q P . ' iff 5 6:6 S? . ,, 5"Xxv 5 Xi? "Q ' , ll. 'v'.X4S5G m H 2 "'Ei:CV:s C 'C "9 f , sr smash- . X X: f El , , tix .E fa V E of ' , ,,g4H3s:YElQ'S-.-1,. X315 l X Irene Curr C. Tressler H. Cline Mary Perry M, Fruend Robert Kelb J.M1llCl' R. Musselxl Walter' Deuce I. Kampe G.Be1-oset .RYEQQEEQT V , I 1..- p - l page thirtyftwo I 2 1 1' 'Z Q' Cv E VW ' J L LQ Qmbfi Q1 f YW M Jizz .A V Q Q, , f Qi N Q N X LASSES ' . -: -R". xf 744: V' -.f., V-,-nfs . -. -. -4,5 J f v -1' '. , Q, fl. -S'-1... L V -' .5 ,, .Q K,' V -I ,M-P-' -'LJ V , 5 '1 ?,i. 1, J. ,gxV.,-.QQ ' 'g- 21- 2? 1 QL' -,."f- ,Hr . ,z 4015: , ,".V ,js-..l" Q P' 2- " 1- ' A -'J' f-I: Y -:f 7-V 'YT V 4 '1 ,uv 'QM ,V-.1V,, , V, . . ,V-, ,, v ' A S, ' ' 15: . ' 5,4 , V V .,. ,- V ' ,r I' 'A -I DV Z ' r ' . , -V125 ' 4 K fl' .V .- .L BLOCKHUUSE mSs, 5 ,' ST SENIOR CLASS NEDDIEM KUTZ President of Senior Cla V5 4 nr '4 IA . ' 1 J 1 l 1 Sl 9 13 11 Pshyfi I .fvfllll ' llwmliifl B L O C K H 0 U S E li a d e ii J if .I 'l v 7 'lla ' fr. -'U 'l '5gx":.'fvf'.' I l X 0 I 0 A Sc-:mor s Deparhng Word l S X YE do not dare forget the beauty of our school, even though we 1 have had it but a short while. Yet, those who for a last time l are students take great pride in the accomplishment which We have so 1 earnestly supported. How easily we appreciate the comforts and ad' i vancernents of our new buildings. What joys are ours, what noble inf centives we have found, and may you, undergraduates, find greater goals and higher ideals through the beauty and atmosphere of your new home. We sincerely wish that the graduates of future years will carry with them the same warm friendship and respect of the administration and i faculty that we have. These men and Women are the sculptors of your lives. They mold your method of living, fashion your thought and habits, smooth out your prejudices, and perfect your character and l ideals. - So may we who are leaving this marvelous organization take great pride in our Alma Mater to which we shall ever remain loyal. RALPH E. WITTMAN. l B U U page thifrtyfsix OB,l,,O.QJS,H 0 U SE 'lr li 'I sl QT! nl-Qlzllllh Rm li '- l ll l , R fll l if r V l l O I Sensor Class Officers EDWARD C. Kurz.. ...... President LUCILLE GROSS ..... VicefP'residem: DOROTHY SOHREIBER . .... Secretary DUGLASS MARSHALL . . . .... T1-easmer VIRGINI.-K STARNER . .... Historian l ' A ' l l' f,,.s , Q1 ?5 irginia Starner Edward Kutz Dorothy Schreiber Lucille Gross B C D I page thirty-seven ll ll :ll -.s"ff'.' Brenner, Karl ll fs .,,f.f',, . ffrrliiif BLOCKHOUSE ff ' , Chi Beta Chi, Track, International Re- lations Clubg Senior Baccalaureate Com- mittee. l BorneH, Sophie l l l i Campbell, Charles E. Alpha Phi Omegag Delta X, '29, '30, Engineers, '28, '29. Cooper, Donald l Spanish Club, President, '29, '30, l , X ' "'- Crane, Elizabeth 5? 3 " Carr, Marie 3 . -f Psi Chi Phi: Women's Athletic Associa' ' bV', VVA, tion, '28, '29g International Relations 'jf"4fQQ ,"i N - Club, Recording Secretary, '31, League p of Women Voters, '3,Og Senior Memorial :QS-5 3 " .i " ffifj-23 'li' ":' .35 Committee, Chairman. Breno, Henrie'Ha 1-' ' , Women's Athletic Association Secretary, Ga '28, '29, '30, '31g Publicity Reporter, '30, '31g Volleyfball, '27, '28. ' ""' ., co++ren, Alice - ---,'- 5 X' fr-EC. , Clark, Winifrecl ' Dramatic Association, '27, '28, '29, '30g International Relations Club, President, we '31, Campus Collegian, '27g Women's Athletic Association, '27, Senior Me' morial Committee. Casey, Harry a fa 9 P page thirty-eight ll L' Fil - -------,Y-af--1, H11 M : 1 s BLOCKHOUSE - lfllfiw I l lii lxi ' ii ' cox, AIber+ A. limp' Sigma Delta Rho, Blockhousc, '3l: Engi- neering, '27, Track, '281 Chess Club, '31, Cline, Mary Elizabeth Pi Delta Chi. DeWeese, Marian Psi Chi Phi, Senior Adviser, Interna' tional Relations Cluh, Lihrarian, '30, '31. Ceslcoslci, Martin Davis, Sianley I. Tau Delta Sigma, President, '31: Engi' neers, '26, '27, '28, Delta X, '29, '30. DeSana, William J. Alpha Phi Omega. Eclslrom, Genevieve International Relations Clubg League of Women Voters, Davis, R. Ka+herine Women's Athletic Association, '.. : Delta X, '30, '31, French Club, '30, '31. Evans, Mary I. ed .49 1 ' Women's Athletic Association, Block' house. Eggleston, Mary B. Pi Delta Chi, President, '3l: Student Council, '27g junior Class VicefPresif dent, '30: Campus Collegian, '30, So' ciety Editor, '31, Spanish Club, '29, '30 '31, President, '30, Inter'Sorority Coun cil, Vice'Presidcnt, '31: Press Club, Sec retary, '31: Blockhouse, '3I: Peppers '312 Women's Association, Secretary Treasurer, '3l. . S. A in 4' page tliirtymine if x ' ff - if i ' 4- Nil V: ,V I . i ll Rail, Anlglffiillvlfrir l' 'Y il f , ,ij '4 s l ,X-. . V V. . , ' f L IQ! t , 1 s . , ag' -it " Y' 3.2110 l l BLD CKHOUSE ,s ' Freund, Margarei Kappa Pi Epsilon, Secretary, '31, League of Women Voters, '28, Campus Col' legian, '29, '30, Dramatic Association, '29, '30, '31, Secretary, '31, Junior Class Secretary, '30, Woman's Association, l Reporter, '30, Peppers, '30, '31, Secre' 3 tary, '31, International Relations Club, 1 '30, '31, Student Council, '31, Block' l house, '30, Senior Announcement Com' , mittee, Inter-Sorority Council, '30, '31, l Forsyihe, Roger i Fe'H'ers, William W Commerce Club, '28, '29, Senior Me- morial Committee, '31, Track, '29, '30, 1 '31, Football, '30, Basketball, '31, Vars' , ity T Club, l Gerdes, Orville Gessner, Elizabeth l . Gilberi, Charles Student Y, '28, '29, '30, '31, Blockhouse, '28, Delta X, '31, Orchestra, '28, Glee Club, '28, l l Gross, Lucille Kappa Pi Epsilon, Treasurer, '30, Presi' dent, '31, Senior Class Vice-President, '31, Senior Prom Committee, '31l League of Women Voters, '28, Glee Club, '28, InterfSorority Council, Presif dent, '31, Commerce Club, '31. F Geoiz, Herberi' Sigma Beta Phi, Treasurer, '31. Greenaway, Thelma E. Dramatic Association, '29, '30, '31, Inf ternational Relations Club, '30, '31, League of Wonien Voters, '29, '30, Blockhouse Senior Class Committee, '31. Harsie, Adolf 1 Sigma Delta Rho, Football, '27, '28, '29, '30, Baseball, '28, '29, '31, Varsity T Club. I lf ,QJ" 5 I sa B page forty ll' l Z il lk 'Fee B to cm-lou st Hogue, Adelaide Pi Delta Chi: Ellen Richards Club, 'ZSL XVomen's Athletic Association, '30, '31L Senior Prom Committee, '31. Hauman, Josephine Pi Delta Chi, Senior Adviser, '31, Inter' Sorority Council, '31, Activities Trust Fund, '311 Women's Athletic Associa- tion, President, '31, Campus Collegian, '31: Senior Banquet Committee, '31: Blockhouse, '30, '31, Peppers, Vice' President, '3l. Hawkins, Franklin R. Holt Chi Beta Chi. President, '31: Campus Collegian, '28, '29, Associate Editor, '30, Editor, '3l: Blockhouse, '29, '30, '31: Press Cluh, '30, President, '31: Student Y, '28, '29, '30, Secretary, '31, Gospel Team, '30, '31g Dramatics, '29, Bac' calaureate Committee, '31. e, Maxine Jarvis, Charles, Jr. Holl Sigma Delta Rho, President, '30, Vice- President, '31: Student Council, '29, '30, President. '3l: Dance Committees, '28, '29, '30g Radio Commission Chair- man, '2Sf,30: Pan'Hellenic Council, '30, Chairman Council Budget Committee, '30: Student Activity Trust Fund, '31: N. S. F. A., '30: Senior Memorial Com' mittee, '31. erbach, lrene Alpha Tau Sigma: Campus Collegian, '28, '29, '30, '311 Wcimen's Athletic As' sociation: Dramatic Association: Press Club, Blockliouse, '31. Jennings, Henrietta Delta X: French Club. Jones, Alvin . Baseball, '28, '29, '30, '31: Basketball, '29: Senior Banquet Committee, Varsity T Club: Chairman Men's Mixer, '30, '31. Ke'H'le, Dale Delta X, Football, Varsity T Club. Kemp, John 'JF ?Kpt UW - - fi' 5 ' 'craig A. - "Jilin -iv 4. l l 1 l l i f i ' l 3 l i l i l l , i l i l l l l l l l i l l ! l I I5 B page fortyfone D U Alinx Y WY, ll M .llll gg' 11,541 . rr? L .., ,, 'Q I-iff 1 BLOQKHOU SE Q Lili Kerr, Florence . ll 'i ls i lil 7: AQ tu , 1 A at - BQ! P I - . . Glee Club, '27, '23, Collegian, '29, '30, , .M l 13 Q , is .i,q Q, --19 ,M 1 . , ,:f.f' V ' , 4 xx x .,Z R- A 11252. Q -if 'ji- aef if -sg, ,. :. ,,g., .,, ,-i,-., - 2 fav l 5' I "Dana, l 3 . A'. , Ii hu V 1' l l l l '31, French Club, '30, '31. Kello, Robert Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, '29, '30, President, '31: Debating Association, '29, '30, '31, Secretary, '31, Student Y, VicefPresident, '31, Commerce Club, '29, SecretaryfTreasurer, '30, VicefPresident, '31, Spanish Club: Student Council, '31, Baccalaureate Committee, Chairman. Kline, Howard M. Debating Association, '28, '29, '30, '31, VicefPresident, '30, President, '30, '31, International Relations Club, Treasurer, '30, '31, Bookstore, '29, '31: Senior Commencement Committee, Chairman, Baseball, '27, '31, Manager Intramural Sports, '28, '29, Golf Team, '29, '30, Student Council, '31. Kiewa'l', Alma Women's Athletic Association, Delta X. Kulz, Edward Sigma Beta Phi, VicefPresident, '29, President, '31, Senior Class President, '31, Cross Country, '28, '29, '30, Cap' tain, '31, Track, '28, '29, '30, '31, Cam' pus Collegian, '28, '29, '30, Pan'Hellenic Council, '30, '31: Student Y, '28, '29, '30, '31: Press Club, Blockhouse, '29, Glee Club. Kibler, Irene Kwapich, Rose Pharmacy Class Secretary, '27, Chairman Senior Pharmacy Banquet, '27, Golf Club, '30, '31, May Queen Attendant, '30 Kissell, Jauni+a Dramatic Association, '29, VicefPresif dent, '30, '31, League of Women Voters, '28, '29, '30, '31, Blockhouse, '28, '29: International Relations Club, 30, '31, Senior Baccalaureate Committee. Kyle, Garland Delta X, Y. M. C. A. Forum. Laubach, John Track, '29, Spanish Club, '29, '30, Stu' dent Y, '29, '30, Dramatic Association, '30, '31, Campus Collegian, '30, Glee Club, '31, Senior Baccalaureate Commit' tee, '31. V o - page fovtyftwo 6 on 6, BUYING LLQIM' '4' 'fa Y. 1 l 1 -- - D 5 , f,',LlEaii'll 'lil sto C Ki-io U st oo ,ijiimfiif , A A, ir 1 qv' 4 Phi Theta Psi, Secretary, '29, President. '30, Secretary, '31g Intei"Sorority Counf cil, VicefPresident, '30: Woman's Asso' ciation, Treasurer, '3O: French Club, President, '31: Senior Announcement Committee, '31. Leasor, Gertrude Lauer, Clinton Lavenberg, Lucille Pi Delta Chi, Treasurer, '30, Vice' President, '31: Women's Athletic Repre- sentative, '28g Peppers, '31g Campus Col' legian, '30, Glee Club, '31: Senior Bac' calaureate, Chairman. McGinnis, Ruth Pi Delta Chi, Freshman Class Vice' President, '28: Radio Program Commit- tee, '28, '29g Women's Athletic Associa- tion, '30, '313 Campus Collegian, '30: Senior Blockhouse Committee, '31: Dramatic Association, '28, '29, Pellon, Richard Marshall, Douglas Football, '28, '29, '3O: Phi Kappa Chi, Warden, '30: Senior Class Secretary, '30, Senior Ring Committee, Chairman. Pollard, Naomi Psi Chi Phi, Secretary, '30, '31, League of Women Voters, '28, '29: Senior Com- mencement Committee, '31. Ness, Herbert Pos+lewai+, Charlie .J ' K. J B U page fortyftlirec D O ll I r'l'll -' if' 1 , ,gfvtff Ml ,MJ V W ep: 1 : 'v' . ' -'FTA 1 . s- al ,4 X f" jX 1 k5,1.' V- 1' "'ir ' " Y" i.2m.! l l l i r 1 l i l i gig Q, l BLOCKHQUSE b Q, 1 X W , si N X X Sr 9' gf J.. EPS li .Q 1, :L em- Wy' ' Q pl L 5' 6 .1 . "'. X' ,. 858 1 'A' . , A' '4i'.',:..f1'S-sxgw' er 1, .,',-ITT", '. ji 3.15, 3 ,seg 'Uh ,. Wag f ,- Radunz, Waller Ray, Elena Delta X, Women's Athletic Association, Glee Club, '28, '29. Reid, Edwin Track, '25, Orchestra, '28, '29, Debat' ing Association, '29, '30, '31, Vice' President, '31. ' RanFf'I', Edna Psi Chi Phi, Treasurer, '29, '30, Presi' dent, '31, League of Women Voters, Vice-President, '31, Spanish Club, Interf Sorority Council, Reporter, '31, Senior Announcement Committee, '31. Ruedy, Ella Rolfes, Helen Delta X, Women's Athletic Association. 1 Rucker, Susannah Pi Delta Chi, International Relations Club, League of Women Voters, Draf matic Association. Stoll, Marvel Phi Theta Psi, Secretary, '29, '30, Vice' President, '31, League of Women Vot' ers, '28, '29, VicefPresident, '30, Presi' dent, '31, French Club, '30, '31, May Queen Attendant, '30, Senior Announce' ment Committee. Schreiber, Doro+hy Phi Theta Psi, Treasurer, '30, President, '31, Student Council, '28: Spanish Club, Secretary, '29, VicefPresident, '30, Pep' pers, President, '31, League of Women Voters, '30, '31, InterfSorority Council, Secretary, '31, Secretary Senior Class, '31, French Club, '31, Senior Announce' ment Committee, Chairman. Smigala, Mamie Women's Athletic Association, '28, '29, '30, '31, League of Women Voters, '29, '30, Spanish Club, '29, '30, '31. B 'U D Cl page fortyffour Mew ,AB LO C K H 0 U S E 9 fi Sheehy, John Sigma Beta Phi: Commerce Club Presl dent, '28, '29, Senior Prom Committee Chairman. S+einberg, Abe Kappa Iota Chi, President 30 Basket ball, '28, '29, '30, Senior Ring Commit YICC. Seligman, Ber'r Seiiz, Bernard Alpha Phi Cmcga 29, 30. Shepard, Wayne Sigma Delta Rho. Shull, Karl Sigma Delta Rho: Phaunacy Club Cross Country, '29 30 11 Basketball '29, '30, '31: Track '11 ns ity T Club, 29. Socie, Celesiine Sobocinski, Wanda Sfarner, Virginia Kappa Pi Epsilon Vice President 31 485 4, May Queen, '31, Senior Class Historian Scofield, Willis ll ,. rr V W ll luv ga"lfvIll4!' I p i. p..,Fa-T, ,Qi BLCCKHOUSE ' 'Qi 0 'l , -5 Yf,.5"g:,i' xl Tallman, Marian V, Bw Pi Delta Chi, Spanish Club. F l l 4 l D. ,Wm i 1 l Tresslar, Catherine Pi Delta Chi, Secretary, '31, Dramatic Association, '28, '29, '30, '31, Block- house, '29, Peppers, '29, '30, '31, Sophof more Class Secretary, '28, Student Counf cil, '30, Secretary, '31, Spanish Club, Secretary, '30, Senior Prom Committee, '31 Wilson, Fern WiHman, Ralph Sigma Delta Rho, Treasurer, '31, Delta X, President, '3O. Wes+, Clara Wo1neii's Athletic Association, Block' house, '30. A VanWormer, Leslie Chi Rho Nu, Secretary, '29, President, '30, PanfHellenic Council, '29, '31, Blockhouse, '28, President Sophomore Class, '29, Student Activities Committee, '30 Zilles, Fred Alpha Phi Omega, President, '30, Pan' Hellenic Council, '30, Senior Memorial Committee. Zimmerman, Kafheryn Delta X, '30, '31. Kerr, Lorin Phi Kappa Chi, Campus Collegian, '28, '29, '30, Business Manager, '31, Senior Banquet Committee, Chairman. Hamman, Huber J-3'-' page fortyfsix 4.1. .... -..1. -iam VW .xl U' if ya 05 o . ..-ffl' ' .- 1, or B L.O,QL4,HOU5E- ggi , ip Argow, Wal+er Webster Track, YS: Collegian Moses, Louise Canfield, M. Folger, Freda Argow, Walter Baim, Robert Blausey, May Xl! . 9 , Seniors Iablinski, Edwin Keck, Robert Kerr, Lorin Pelton, Richard Pope, Edith Preston, William Bond, Frank Knowles, Russell Randall, George l Brinley, James Kohls, Gordon Rohrer, Edward Bristow, Louise A. Komorowski, Vincent Ruehle, Velma Butler, Frank R. Kwiatkowski, Stanley Sampson, Norman Conold, Leonard Langenderfer, Collette Sattinger, Bernard Cooley, Ralph Langenderfer, Gilbert Schoonmaker, Grace Dietz, Albert A. Leasor, Gertrude Sirak, Abraham Duffy, Mamie Leavelle, Maurice Smith, Maynard Dunn, Harold F. Libbe, Ruth Sobocinski, Wanda Eberle, Harold Manion, Dorothy Squires, Bernard Evers, Eleanor Matzinger, Homer Sweeny, E. Dixon Frazier, Lynn IVIcCord, John Taylor, Louise Gordon, Mary McLaughlin, Edna Winslow, F. Alice Griffith, Bernice lVIcNutt, Henry Wi11en,a,,, Russel i Harris, Fannie Moody, julia Wood, Hugh Hummer- Pearl NCCIGY, Dwight Zachman, Harold Neubrecht, Kenneth i B D 9 page fortyfseven l 1 HPWTX lls-are J ll llgiijggil BLOCKHOUSE 4 Senior Cass of Pharmacy l l l l l l l N l l I l Joseph L. Brewer James R. Brinley Leonard C. Conold justin D. Crosby Earl H. Day Walter Gfeller Arthur Kuntz Dwight Neeley Jason Ott Leslie Overmeier OH, Jason Parr, John Page, James Presfon, William Neeley, Dwighf James J. Page John E. Parr William T. Preston Ronald Saffon Raymond Smith Stanley Kwiatkowski Thomas Mangas George Randall Norman Sampson Russell Willeman Tix .B ,W D Q page fortyfeight Um K. 1 ", FL Xltllgft , ,MB L 0 C K lil QU 5 E I fflllflillli 1,9 ,I f a Senior Class Hlslory THREE hundred and fiftyfseven of us enrolled in September, 1927. Remember our Freshman Week--a week of explanations, warnings, threats from Sophs and Greek organizations, that horrible mental exam. and finally a dance. The girls were given 'Lbig sisters" and bigger tams, while the boys had cute little freshmen caps. Bill Naylor became Freshman President. The Soph Vigilantes, headed by Ray Rideout and Margaret Stark, was formed to promote friendlinessf?Q and Cooper' ationf?j between Freshmen and Sophs. Dr. Doermann, chosen from forty candidates as new president of the University, was inaugurated March 19. The Sophomore cofoperation and friendliness began. Marve Timm was taken for a ride and had to walk home in a burlap sack. Bill Naylor was also abducted. I was afraid to walk in any door but the main one. The bags for the grand rush were filled, and swimming was taken up. Many articles of clothing were torn and soiled. Rush' ing began-rushed-and closed, including romances with the same ref marks. Remember our Hrst Student Council Thanksgiving Dance in the Gym-fthrilling-gay-packed. On january 14, we gave our Fresh' man Dance in the old gym, with very gay decorations. Bill Naylor became ineligible, and Bob Potter was elected in his place. Dr. White' ford defends we modern youths. He says we're as clean, intelligent, and conscientious as any he's had. Remember our first Foolegian, "The Kampus Kolerau? Class elections beganfit seems there was some pol' itics-Chuck Carson and Walt McKinley also had a little trouble. May 23rd was Campus Night-we burned our caps and tams. Cur Hrst May Day Celebration-dances, nymphs, and everything. In our Sophomore year, bagfrushing was abolished-we lost out on Dunking the Freshies. Then we went out for the Bond Issue and did we win? 'Member that big parade with all the floats on Class Day and the Freshies won. We had our Soph Dance, headed by Art Blake, january 12 fafter which M. C. gave a nice partyj. The eighty acre tract out Bancroft was chosen for the New U. site. 'Member when we all played at the Palace in "The Poor Nutfsf? Then Dr, Holliday resigned to devote all of his time to literary work. Chuck Sweeney was president of the Junior Class. Interest began in the New U. Buildings. An architect's picture of the New U. Tower was presented. University mourns death of Dr. Glenn Bradley, our vvellfliked history professor. The Alumni gave us a grand, big party on February 12, at Convention Hall. Our JfHopfformal on February 28, at the Women's Building-Pete Preston was in charge. jim Nichol' son was appointed as new football coach-girls interested. Chuck Jarvis was elected president of the Student Council. Eddie Kutz was elected president of the Senior Class. Then we moved'-just one semes' ter in the new building-heck! The Last Mixer for the senior men!- boxing--wrestling-. Senior Prom. AH! and OH! john Sheehy was chairman. Exams-made them. Graduation week. Then we burst forth and conquered? VIRGINIA STARNER. nn .. B C page fortyfnine D Q 4 -7 X. 113, ' Zak.. 1, .K M17 ,- ':"' v 4f,."Q2 f' . 1 'L . .11 R,-I' If-Hfiksgf. 1 - " 1 1 , .1 -- A 1-inf' ' ' in 1' 3. . , . .J .,i,",g'12 . .. va :14-2 -' f1'3.fY1, I1 1 '15 W' 1 L-.,r.. ., 1 -W- 1 15- ,,.. Q1-,j-1. , . 5 11? ' ' Y ,uri 1 . .M '---. Y. - .li ' I f 1.: f 'i'.C.7' ' 10: 1" '. 1 .A ,. I Ag. VL ' . 1 1. Q 1 ' 1 . , :Q 1 . ' 1, 1 ' . '11, 1 ,Kg 11, 1" 1 3 . 1 1 3 . . 1-151 ,. V '11 ' 1 TL : . 1 1 " A.,--s...1,,f-'K-,,-H1.1.-yi,-T L ' 1 ,1- - 1 Q.,"h2 , 1, Xi., M I 41 1 1',L-- -A .- 3',,.1:1 ,,- ... W, ,A A l - .,g"-!k:,Y..,. - V1 ,, .- , -49 -, ' C41 G, I I V1 V 1 ', '1Lr1.',!.,..' 4 ' VH-,'o.3l'g. ' V A ,I ,I ' 1 iq-- Y 1 I, - I r 7'l I 1 ,I J . 11 ..- ' X - I ,I I 4 A , . . K 1 'MI , ,rn V5 f ' "' 74111 ' .1 ,-1. ' '51 .-I'4', ,, 1 .5 , V pn' '. .fn , , 1 1 -7, . .":1't:'Z-' "'r.'ffV1 " "'I 1 . 1J?'l Tas, 1 ff'-'. 1:5 ' . higf N, lf 5 ' r 1 - Z " 'Z ,r . 'JU-" .VL 95' . 1 1 1, ' A, 1- ,i1,1.1: ' '- 1 s-.f. -1 . 5, -. Q .WA J A - 1. "nw ' . ,- ' 1 Lv- pi- 1 141 5, vfv' ..'1,' .- .9515 I . , 1 .1-A., ,PV 1 W., .Y lg , ,J 1. X1 V 115 .. ' 14, 1 ,,1'1 1 ' 1 7, .aff-af. '. If 1 SV" . . G: Y, 0 1 v X is 1 f VV , . '51,- .g,. 1, 11,-M'1.' .J 'v' ,.. V 1' ,f'1 'v 11!! ,,1 'M' v BLOCKHQUSE JUNIOR CLASS "REDS, DAY P'eszde11t of Iumor Clas E Ii 1 'Q ' 1 , , --- VK Us TW 'iff I WA' l- 4 , ,'f:L"1 5 3 Pgfly ,',.L'l:m1m WX if FI f'lEr , -fl ' l'fl,l1l'! . ' "9 Xl fl WFT I 34 l lp Y , y 31 ,ll ' "A fr.. l , H Q' xi! It lf, . ' I - lk? M w 'l v Sun 1 ,LB LCC KHCU SE , l 2 A Junior Class GHICGFS I CLARENCE DAY . . . ....... President LAUREL CAMPBELL . . . .... VicefPvesident JANE BENNETT .... ...... S ecvetavy l l HAROLD CONRAD . . . .... 'Treasuvev l l 1 1 S Jane Bennett Laurel Campbell Clarence Day l l +,,,Y , .. . ,, i l -,Lg,,, ,YW E Y page yiftyftwo ,IL 1 BLCLQL4. H O U5 E-- l vfn- I f f' , . I l . M-ir' 4' '- .J IQUSLI ,ii r ' - -..,.,Q1.- .1'.',3..,.. 3. . . V 4. . .CY luis' JIINIUR llwhgg i A G ' 'fp . ,. Q4 I E ' V l d i l I. 'M -at , . 5 l i l i l . i if. 1 Q if l 9 31 i l C. Barnes Mary Bell Jane Bennett Irene Bcrnath G. Bcroset F. Billingslea Naomi Bosslcr Merle Brown L. Campbell David Cohen Donald Cole G. Collins , Paul Day Vv'altcr Dence D. Doan Ralph Donlay R. Elspermann R. Jane Essinger Lena Folger Carl Goff S. Goldman Ida Goldstein V. Gordon ' Vance Gray 1 Velma Grove Bernard Grover Margaret Hart A. Hinchman John Holly B. Husted l l page fiftyftlzrec l llll I l-4 Ml 'lm' Y f, 0 1 ,H 4 sn 117. F13 w f Mg l 'iss' , BZL O C K H OU SE l w l l l l l l l , l l A I I , ll C. lmoberstag Robert Jennings Edith Johnstone John King Max Krause Richard Krauss , Henry Kreider C. Kulakowski Helen Leach Arden Liles Henry Linck Manley Mallett l David Manning Robert Manor Theone Marti Marg. McGuire Elizabeth Meir Dorothy Miller' l Eva Mostov E. Murbach Jason Qtt james Page E. Pappajohn john Parr 4 Flor. Poneman Zora Powlesland Russell Ryerson W. Schaal E1iz.Schnell Dorothy Schuh 'fffhfk A-M4 - WW- - 1 Page jiffyffvw l I 777 YM h V WWDTWA v 77,77 PI l ll , i . f 1 B L0 C K H CD US W rrrr ill, at .'."l" 77211. Tlifi . 7,..7.,. -, e.-. . , f . -' " " ' ' 1.v'Ff::f'rf1w' -u Q5 '-. JUN I 0ll li LAS S B L4 i fx-3 ,Q if nv - 1 Y l il ,- P515 ,1 llli ,X lxl IA, 5 I 1 ,ki '. 5 ,, bw 1 4 l i l i 1 1 l l I l i l x l Wlffffff l rf, ,. i Ben Schulal-z Helen Siddall R. Smith William Snow H. Stevenson James Stower Arnold Straka C.Tl1ompson Marvin Timm A.Tippensee Helen Tucker K. Wallace Q G.Wh1fmlJTC S.Vv'ittenberg Paul Ziemer Molly'Zuker Clerance Day Mary Perry l Juniors Abbot, Florence Brown, F. Pierce Eberle, Lawrence Alias, Domingo Buehrer, Rolland Edwards, Wilson Baim, Morris Byron, Edgar Elston, Grayce Bearss, Genevieve Calkins, Loyal Emch, Katherine Berkowitz, Sam Calkins, Lyle Evans, John Biddle, Irene Campbell, Paul Ford, Raymond ! Bitter, Mellen Chollett, Wellington Fosler, June , Blanke, joseph Conrad, Harold Fralick, Lucille Bohrer, C. Dean Cooper, Marian Fredericks, Cedric Boldt, Edwin Crabbs, Wilbur Froehlich, Frederick Boldt, Lawrence Crittenden, Mary Gassavvay, Olive i Bond, Gerald Crosby, Justin Genac, Mary Elizabeth 5 Braun, Herbert Dean, Mary Gfeller, Walter I Brewer, joseph Duiliendock, William Gittkowski, Alberta Briggs, Jack Dumiller, Parnell Goldberg, Selene B 'U D 0 Page fif25"fi1'f' nr l ll A , A l-lk l T .. W i. z S l it WU l 1-l.lli'l QU I I Goldstein, Allan Gross, Myrtle Harkcom, Mabel Hart, Stephen Hissong, J. Carlton Holt, Mason Huber, Alfred Humberstone, Wolferd Illman, Ben Johnson, Donald johnson, Roselee Johnson, Velda Kass, Philip Kazmaier, Lucile Kirtz, Alberta Klinck, Edgar Kniesser, Katherine Korte, Harold Krepleever, Mary Krueger, Lawrence Kuntz, Arthur Lapp, Arnold Leibovitz, Louis Levin, Louis Levine, Ira Levison, Aaron Limoges, Joseph Mass, John MacRavey, Alonzo Mangas, Tom Marshall, Florence lvlathias, Herman McCaslin, jack McNary, Don Merrill, Robert Messmore, George Miller, Alton Miller, Ralph Murray, Evelyn Myers, Charles C'Hearn, James Cvermier, Leslie Cvermyer, Dean Peabody, Merry Perry, Mary Philbin, Milo Ramm, Dorothy Rhodes, Charles Rideout, Cliver Riman, Roberta Robinson, Bruce Rule, Donald Russell, Thomas Ryan, R. Benjamin Saffen, Ronald Salisbury, Robert Schlect, Mary Schnell, Robert Schroeder, Donald Schwartz, Charles Sharpe, Donald Sheffield, Carolus Shifller, joe Silverman, Manuel Silverman, Miles Silverman, Sam Singal, Jack Singer, Arthur Slow, Betty Smith, Willard Sauders, Velma Sprague, Dorothy Steinmiller, Vera Steinmueller, Franklin Sterr, Clara Stichter, James Sullivan, Delmer Sundling, Carl Sypret, Eleanor Taraschke, Courtland Thomson, Valentine Trautwein, Harrison Trotter, William Turnau, Naomi Ulmer, John Vernier, Robert Wadsworth, Neil Wagner, Arlyn Walter, Richard Waltz, Alva Wandtke, George Webb, Charlotte Weinstein, Milton Welker, Fern West, Susannah Wheaton, Estel Whitmore, Robert Wienk, Loretta Wilson, Milton Wolcott, Charlot Wujciak, Irene Wujciak, Stanley Yaecker, Theodore Young, Roy Zelden, Florence Zelden, Jennie D 5 page fifcysix I r , al - o fUU1imEur, BLOCKHOUSE oo TW I KO .mf ' ' o... Q.-o o o o My , -1 Q : Z ff! V ,gl I "" "jk r , ,xx Alf, V I fy f SOPHOMGRE CLASS ' "BOB" GOSLINE Sophomore Class Presldent o a page fiftyfseven .xr ll llll ww al. llf'll51l'f , sd' L .Q 4 ll? ,nl .r lid, , P .is E. ' 'x F41 ., .- IX . ,gfgl K. 5, ,' u .x Q, i l l l I i B L Q Qlil-I QU SAE Sophomore Class Gfficers ROBERT GOSLINE . . . ...... President SUE BLANCHARD . . . .... VicefP1esidemt MARGARET PERRY . . ..... Secretary RUSSELL RYERSON . . . . . .Tfreasurer '11, R' ' X 'Nl' f Robert Gosline Sue Blanchard Margaret Perry Russell Ryerson L- 1,7 EQ D T ,.E, E Page ffryfefghr ll ll I l , I I ll H l J . 4 1 1 Lqwipl. W. lr' 0 ln Wil Il Q cl lm. nm v ll F NYJ .- in .4911 r " 97.1 L , Y .' ' -1-- guvnononr CLASS Q 1 ri il l 'l l l l l 1 .pq X f l l i . I l l 1- 1: 1. , i john Arnold R. Baekman V. Beel-clmam D. Benoit S. Blanehzlrd D. Bleekner V R. Blooker J. Bricker W. Budzinnwski Gerhard Burde Vvlm. Burgess Ruth Butler , Gerald Carey D. Chapman Alfred Cohen D. Cress Paul Dale Manuel Dams Howard Day R. Demuth M. Druekemiller Russell Eaton A. Emerson F. Folger H. Fortress Alina Friedel K. Fruend E. Garrison Walter Gibson H. Goldberg .-LC Qu' page ffm nine l ,. -ill: , : "fl il' -'ii in -e ix, ilpip ,r ,,,-, ,ill l ffl ,iigfiw M ri' ', 'Xl ,gy-1 ' ' "" ' ' " ""' ' . ,, :ple XV " V 7'-I . I . i 'F Z ii., 3 ffl-.a"-Q1 p ' M 'R I i S UPIHIIIURE flier-XS S W ri 1 Lf in l l N N i l l i l i l i 'Q' t 5 l "' M ' , aa. "' if K- i 3 l 1 1 l l R. Gosline F. Gossman l. H, Gressman james Gross Wiliiia Hall Jessie Hamman R.M.Hanselman Philip Harris Ruth Harsch Jane Harstc Elie Hazera Julian Heitman Elsa Henzler Irving Hibbard Wni, Hyde Harold Kabcl .lane Kamke Robert King Harold Knorr C. Kuehnl G. Lanzinger Philip Lee R. Matzinger Wilda Meek 1 Edna Miller Thelma Miller Joe Mirsky Leonard Mohr John Murphy Mary A. Myers l L, -Mfwwf ,D page sixty U r . v I s. 3, 3 - H-A 0---1' ' 1 ib""A " ...- B LQQKH 0 U5 EM- S0l'HONIIRl il S55 'Nas f'R .A K.. .,., .. ... V ,...,.. V-. . . .4.... ...TMA ,. I J, .l 11: 4, Us uf. :T ,fijllfi-ini -.AA",. . Ruth Naylor :Xrlinc Ncis Ruhcrt Nlgh O'Cunno1' O1-wilcr E. Overmcyer Lloyd Owen Mnrgarct Perry C. Petcoff I. Pieslewic: Richard Pim Madelyn Pope Ortis Purdy K. Rossman Stanley Sander Eloise Schmidt E. Sillence V. Smith B. Adna Snyder Gaynelle Snyder hl. N. Staiger L. Steele R. Streetman E. Swarts H. Syperski Mabel Timson Donald Todd G. Valiquette M. Vance 'Pauline Wells page sixty-one 5 l va l Il l R if li, :fre W, gg ,B L GC K H CU S E , 1- 2 '7 i-1 . 1 1,7 w w' , !.iX 23,1 Af-,A , i- f 1 s.--f,a A r 1 l i as 2 ' if l l l I Edwin Vxfetcher Richard XVeter Helen Wise Mary M. Cartin Sophomore-s Abramovitz, Simon , Cotter, Harry Gauthier, Eugene Ake, Francis Crosson, Kenneth Gintzel, Allan Alexander, Harold Curtis, Russell Gittkowski, Pearl Algeo, Betty , Damschroder, Mildred Goldman, Elmer Allison, Kemsley Dehaime, Frederick Gosline, Ella Alspach, Don Dickey., George Grace, ,lane Barfield, Myrtle Dicks, Norman Gysin, Marie Baumgartner, Aloysius Doner, Donald Hahn, Philip , Baxter, Malcolm DuMont, Russell Hanf, Rowland I i Beach, Maybelle Eberle, Jane Harter, Melvin l Beckham, Ruth Ein, Edith Hatch, Arthur 1 Beckler, Marguerite Emery, Herbert Heebsch, Rollo Benda, Frederick Emery, Howard Heinzelman, Earl Bernhagen, Ralph Emmet, Roberta Helwig, John 1 Berns, Herman Enright, Vxfilliam Hinz, Natalie l Bernstein, David Epstein, Williani Hoffman, Max l Bippus, Alvin Ernsberger, Maurice Horn, Maybelle Brown, Leslie Eubank, Mabel Hummel, Roy Browne, Lenore Evanoli, George Huss, Clarence Burgy, Raymond Evans, Thomas Jackson, Edward Cameron, Murlyn Evkovitch, Michael blastremski, Kaiser Carl, Melvin Fine, Ruth Jennings, Katherine Carson, Clarence Fink, Harry slennsen, Paul Cartin, Mary Folger, Jacob Johnson, Norman Chamberlin, Wayiie Forney, Violet Kander, William r Clarke, Thomas Foster, Harold Kandik, Andrew , Clayton, Bessie Francis, Dorothy Kenne, Westley Cook, Frances Friedman, Harold Kern, Marian l Cook, George Fromkin, Irving Kertz, Joseph ' Cooley, Maxwell Garner, Don Kimmelman, Herbert Cooley, Vxfilliam Gasche, George King, Raymond I 'Q -fff"'7,14.i - 1.12114 i i l l page sixtytwo Jill? me B LO C K HQU S E l-uid 1-VP Vp: T' Fill Qiliiii' Kinstle, Mary Elizabeth Kirkby, Ann Klopfenstein, Morris Kozak, Felice Moore, Arthur Murphy, Robert Mussehl, Robert Norton, Margaret Start, Gwyn Stoddard, Gordon Stohl, Sam Tarloif, J. Lawrence ' if. , ,D HA All A l ri bf . -b , u l 1 lil uv." .. f 'V ...Shiv 6 i' 'I l' l Krenitz, Samuel Notzka, Ruth Taylor, Clark ' Kulczak, Edwin R. O'Neill, James Taylor, Harold l Lamley, Roland A. Orzechowski, Daniel Thomas, Clarence i Lampton, Robert Peet, Lessie Trippinski, Edward Lanfare, Lee Perlis, Herbert Tyburska, Virginia Lang, Carlton Peterson, Raymond Unkenholtz, Blair l Lease, Ralph Price, Janet Uthotf, Ralph l l Leason, Regina Reeves, Thomas Vance, Wesley Lehman, Rodney Renz, Merl Vye, Walter A ' Leister, James Richter, Justin Xvagerg, Mildred V T Levelle, Francis Roberts, Earl Wagner, Rdberr 4 l Lloyd, Seth Ross, Helen VJ3,g011lande1', Bruce l Mackiewicz, Stephen Rubin, Sidney Ward, E, Forrest Mallory, Burdette Saelzler, Robert Xkfafkins, Edna L, Margolis, Morris Sage, Maxine WHt5011, Walter ' Masters, Charles Sansom, Kenneth 'Weber, john McCoy, Fay Sanzenbacher, Grace Wgigand, Hagel McLaughlin, Eldon Schafer, William Wengrew, Dora McLeod, Scott Schlagheck, John Whitg7 Stanley . McManus, Francis Schroeder, John Willgy, Den l MElTOl'd, RCyI1Old SCl'1llltZ., Elwood Willianqgl Hgfmaiq l Meier, John Scripp, Helen Williams, Wilfred l Memminger, Irma Seligman, Sam Wilson, Calvin .l f Meng, Raymond Shelles, Jeanette - l Metzner, Felicya Sheneneld, Eugene Iggxloiane Meyerhofer, Henry Shenk, Sol l KN. in H . tt l Meyerholtz, Kenneth Siegel, Carlton In email' anne a l Miller, Lyman Smith, C. Coyle Woehrle' R0bert l Miller, Muriel Sohocki, Walter Yanofa Alex l Miller, Ted Somerville, Russell Young, George . Moan, R. Glenn Stalker, John Ziems, Milton I O B U C page sfxtyftlrrec 1 'Qwvfa hh, ' , ,, , I n 1 x. ',, :1 1 . a' ' r1- . . A 1 I 1.1M 1 5 vw' 1 M' ' ,- "-'fiiiiii ,f 1 ' ' , 1.1.1 , H lr 'V , . I . 1 7 ,,,n 7 '11, 1' . fl- , ',1,,, x J- . - Pei 1 1 1 r, W' 1. " 1!-,V .I 1 1 rv. r rg " 'V' '11 . . 0 .N Q x, J' 1' ' . ."- 7 --1 e1 .31-C 1-E ., ' Ii ,L 17" N ' ," 1 '1f1"' .-: , - -'1 'z,'.4'.1.1 'lg .. I 1 J. --av 1' up , 71 '-, g 1 'fx ' V' 5,1 1 ' , , -j'f',g-.1' ,, 1,1 ' ' 1 ,Q-1 , -rv .Q- ' ' .J , . .fir . 'I , -'J . 9 ,Al-', I W. 11-J 1 ' .15 .,..-, I I 111 14-, , 1 J 1-37 V-,M "1 15 1' -"J 2 l 1. ..,,1-. ., Ya.. 4 K 1 HL-1 4111"J nl' ",'f' 14',:J1,,4's ".,g"v . l,...,,-4- E., 1 , , , ,'1g','r' f ' ,. f' 'S 'ff 1- 1 1 X - mv. .K "T,.f, - - -v'x01i "' , ' , -4-. -1 . 51' " 1,-E-A.. ,.., Mg 13,41 Aj. 3 15" " 'j' W "' 1, , J-1 ,. , -1.1.1 . . 1.1 ,,-113 .1-1 -L4'v,1,,, 1. , , 1 1.1 1 1 1 . ' e . 1 5 Lg, , 1 1-. . .LJ ,V .Q 1 11,1 .m ' .AU IIIIJKIIVIF- IQIVIIIIIIIXI IA BLQCKHGLLQE Iggy ? FRESHMAN CLASS I "DON" APPEL Freshman Class President I I I I I 9 3 I page sixty-five ll I ll "I 53 qgXQW'lI'7 I BLOOKHOUSE 'o ! +W ,Ly 5 ,J tq ". tr-.Q 1, I 5- A x K. J ,Y AY yfkihgiiv N l Freshman Class Officers DON APPEL ........................,....... J ........ President VIRGINIA STORM . .. .... VicefPresident JACK TAYLOR ....... ....... S ecretary SPENCER NORTHRUP .. ..... Treasurer N N Don Appel Jack Taylor 'Spencer Northrup Virginia Storm JI, V- LJJ- 0 page sixtyfsix L fix, ,in K- 1 l - . . ,N -sto C K H 0 uit., :sw uma-: .- ,' 'A LQ 1-L5.f.1-3 1 :gf FIQISIIFILII fuss M' vi' J , J- 4 5 M . -- Rl I MA 'l Fe, A9 1 Y M. Albrecht Donald Appel Jorge Aragon Sol Arnovit: I. Aseltync Marie Aubry R. Barnes B. Bartlett L. Bartlett Roy Beckwith Loren Beebe L. Bellman H. Bennett K. Blanchard Mildred Blank Mildred Bolz M Borchers T Bourque Marteen Bowie R. Brayton Paul Bremer James Briggs L. Bruggeman R..Burroughs Lois Bussdieker M. Callaham Jack Cameron Richard Carney Irene Carr - E. Cheyfitz page sixtyfseuen ,,.J1,,, , , W I' ' 'Wil fyil'fl,- ll l ll ll 'Wi ,BLOCKI-ICU SE ,E lflll- ,QI ll lil fl x Xi , Qr L ' bl . i "li fx. i I1 ,Q I lil, ix sr .. -W ' 3 0 , i 1 IR FSIINLN ll MSS F 5 l l l l l l l Wi x L G 75" if' u l ll l W Ruth Cliilcote Gordon Claus W.ClCX'El1g21' E. Coziklcy Mildred Colicn Elinor Corns l M. Coutcher Ruth Cranker V. Clinningli:1mF1'edcrick David joseph Dcnsc K. Dc Wcsc 1 Scott Dill Evelyn Dirr A. Domingo Iohn Dowd T. Dowling Evelyn Dunn 1 Donald Durr Philip Eckert E. Eisenliour M. Emerson Robert Erwin Melba Evans 2 H. Fennelwerg Avril Finch Floyd Fowler Earl Goff B,Gomo1-ski A. Greunke El B+? page sixtyeiglit W 'i1i"'2i"" "FP e- 3' ""ifn. .""Z!w'2if3.'-A-45. ' Lu.-? "" 1" ' Wigkiigiiifwf'7:7T'5!7f5'7"f""5V' "':""""' "' Q IWIIISIIIIIQN fl.kSS i zwgxg. Q' ur..-..i' : . :.g::... 5 . J i if? -F 1 V, .. MW 1.1 5, K. ,. r,1 -4 , -,X fx I I ,1 I 'z I' I i A u 1 V oak' ' 'rl . ' f' -Tfaz 'Q' 4' I 1 I i Ou- 4 2 .Q S x i , N X N i i 3 1 I P W i 3 td Y .' UF.-'C wir' ' 12"" .- 55 l,,. flgihf. , .. Harley Grover R. Grucnwald Inhn Hancuck Dnrthca Harms L.Olcta Hedrick E. Hendrickson Jean Hicks G. Hopkins M2ll'giCHl1l'2lI1 R. Hucncfcld I. Ininbcrstag A. Ianicki Donald Jardine Mirianl Iascliob D. Jennings Earljohnsnn M. Johnson B. Jordan D. Knode W. Kasdorf D. Keener B. Kettingcr D. Fred Kilian James King Robert Kinsey E. Knapp W. Kopanko Carl Kumpe Ted Lampton - F. Lanker 'ua U n 4 page xixtyfnine X ll ll 2,1 gh ll H lil? -'ffm l ii 312241 fi' ff ll 1 1 i', . .3 'N i t q!',',' ,is-W ' l 'i.x"ff-1' I L BLOCKHQUSE s l N l l l l A l ll N l Helen Larkin Myrtle Lathrop R. Leake Wnl. Leonard Sadie Lesser F. Majeski Yancy McGee Donald McLean Esther Menne Ruth Menne Ruth Mielke Esther Miller James Miller Olive Mohr I. Montgome1'y Henry Moor Robert Morey Venus Musch Franklyn Neal E. Newcombe S. Northrup C. Onweller James Osborn M. Patterson I. Pelczarski Phyllis Pettit Martha Pfund M, Poffenbough W.-Poppen Arthur Rantz s L. 1 page seventy BLCDCKHCUSE WQTMKL SIIM EN L IAS S .Q , -VAS , llij ll' 1 fn lf 'lf ii' LI SQA, l J fi' ' ' Y' Aw' ' ' ', J : S. i FJ ...M fb 4. .V 1 X, ,- L ,. , f ., , . 'clfegg . ik, ', ,e I., 'FT-T!'c ini 4' N i l N I P I i F i l i 5 N i l Laura Robins C. Rodcnhuuscr R. Roszlcrans IN4. Roscntrctcr R. Rothcrt P. Rucker M. Ruehlin V. Rugglcs Fern Schaller M. Schwackcnf R. Schwartz Ellen Scott i l wald Howard Scitz Mcrrill Scps Clair Sharpe E. Slotnick F. Smith H. Spurgeon G. Stern E. Stitzer V. Storm E. Straub L. Studer ' A. Sukrow M. Sveda Jack Taylor Ralph Thayer L. Underhill M. VanWormer Rodney Vinson 4 V.-at 6 0 page se1'e11tyfo'ne ll A-1' ,l .if-i A if fiqiqilltllt 1 J stocks-:oust . U so 1 ja 'h . fl ky., 71.9 ' -'.' ' "n l 'i'.x'E'f-1' I l 1 I l l l l l l V. Vizneau M. Vosburgh F. Walbolt Mary Vxfard Luelva Wernert F. Williams M. Wilsori Harriett Wise M. Witliei-ell Bernard Wolson Edward W1'igl1t C. Kepner Ake, Janet: Cothrel, Paul Alexander, Carroll Freshmen Cowell, Robert Allen, William Boehm, Lloyd Cowles, Wayiie Alpert, Walter Boese, Arthur Coy, Eunice Alter, Francis Bort, Joseph Crane, Mary Arnsler, Arthur Boyne, Harold Crary, Norman Arkebauer, jack Boysen, Jack Craw, Bernard Arnos, Edward Bradley, Ruth Crocker, Williani Ash, Harry Bremfoerder, Fred Crosby, Thomas Bage, Eleanor Bricker, Marjorie Crowder, Molly Banglat, Albert Brown, Virginia S. Commerow, Richard Barnes, Alvie Burbank, K. Marvin CZ21r11EClii, Edmund Barocsi, Andrew Burkholder, Benjamin Dahlmeyer, Williaiii Barth, George Burnstein, John Dailey, Robert Baumgartner, Robert Byram, Robert Daley, Joseph Bearss, Richard Cahill, Edward DHIDIH, Daniel Beauprey, Charla Caldwell, Wallace Dauer, Mildred Beck, Arthur Cannon, Karl Dauer, Nevin Beck, Paul Carr, Louise Davis, Geraldine Beckman, Louis Carraher, Anna Davis, Helen Beeson, Elaine Cassady, Norton Davis, Robert Beins, Kenneth Chamberlain, Zack Dean, James Bell, Dorothy Charnas, Morris Decker, Burgess Bergman, Richard Collier, Myra Delker, Donald Bernhard, Elmer Conlon, Williani Douglas, Sidney Blacklidge, Robert Cooper, 'Tom Drake, James Blair, Virginia Corrigan, James Drennan, Fred U YJ! o Q page seventyftwo lik - -, - X Nlfglxilpa I BLOCKHUUSE plain t o f' ' l l Ducket, Harold Freshmen Lauer, Mary Jane iffy. A ' Duesler, Preston Heywood, Norton Lavender, Howard - mf i ' Dulfey, Ethel Eberlein, Carl Eberlin, Melvin Eberlin, Norman Eblen, Helen Edwards, Mary Evans, James Fatonkeg, Jerome Felker, Mark Fennell, Floyd Fernow, William Fishbein, Alex Fisher, Harriet Florian, Robert Fox, Carlton Frautschi, Carl Fry, Thomas Gallagher, John Garty, Paul Garwood, Helen Gehring, Ivadelle Gladieux, Marshall Gogan, Edward Goldwater, Ruth Gould, Arthur Graham, Charles Gray, Cornell Greenberg, Elsie Greene, Tom Greer, Robert Grodi, Ivan Grover, Gertrude Gruhler, Martin Grunden, Kenneth Guss, John Guss, Robert Habicht, Geraldine Haering, Anna Hale, Wilbur Hanselman, Richard William Happel, Hermann Harman, Chalmer Harris, Corrine Harris, George Hatch, Harry Hawk, Robert Hayden, Cornell Heath, Frank Heck, Hiram Herron, R. D. Higgins, Harold Hillabrand, Wilbur Hirth, Lucy Hoff, Russell Hoffman, William Hoffman, Willow Holley, Paul Hostrup, Dale Houck, David Houston, Catherine Howell, Marian Huebner, Franklin Huff, Rose Hunker, Wayne Imber, Lawrence Iwanski, Sigmund Jacobs, Alfred Jacobs, Leonard Jankowski, Edward Jeifery, Harriet Johnson, Clyde Jones, Robert Kanarowski, Stanley Kaplan, Nadine Karpanty, Chester Karpanty, Harry Kelly, Warren Kepner, Charlotte Kibler, Marjorie Kinney, John Kirlanoff, George Kishman, Stanley. Krauser, Stanley Kloene, Mildred Koch, Erwin Kohut, Louis Konczal, Daniel Korman, Samuel Kozlowski, George Kransberger, Charles Kratt, William Krepleever, Dorothy Kuttner, Elizabeth Laine, Leslie Lamb, Mac Langenderfer, Kathryn Lapish, Frederick LaPlante, Carolus LaSonde, Norman Lathrop, Norman Lebowitz, Alfred Lenczycki, Henry Leonard, Raymond Lerner, Celia Levi, Ormonde Levine, Edward Lewinski, Robert Lewis, Jeraldine Lieberman, Calvin Liles, Hall Linaback, C. Eugene Long, Elizabeth Long, Theodore Loudenslager, Corrine Loudon, George Luebben, Richard Lutife, Mitchell Lyons, Ernest Magerfleisch, Marie Main, William Mandexter, Sarah Manor, Paul Mariea, Helen Martin, Glenn Mason, Thomas Mathias, Carlton Mauk, William McCullough, John McClellan, Ralph McElroy, Thomas McFarland, Thomas McFarland, Wesley McGuire, George McLaughlin, Guy McWilliams, Rose Medlen, Richard Meister, Charlotte Melvin, Bruce Mercer, Torn Mercereau, Lloyd Messmore, Florence Mesteller, William Meyer, Clement Micham, Riley Mickel, Fred Mohr, Edward Mominee, Lawrence Monthaven, William Monto, Edwin ' Moon, Merwin B 8 page scventyftlzree D ll li JL!! H ffl 33 BLOCKHOU SE "0 wr l-?'5T:'X L fl till, U 'lf i 1 1 pr . .Q il: .4-A' , J i.s":!-it Moore, Clara Morawski, Henry Morrett, Kenneth Motl, Anne Nagler, Melvin Neorr, Katherine Neorr, Kenneth Noonan, Lawrence Norton, James Obloza, Stanley Cechsler, Estelle C'Neill, Mary Elizabeth Orcutt, Dorothy Ort, Jane , Freshmen Sadler, Fred Sanders, Estelle Sands, Edith Sarnowski, Charles Sasportas, Walter Sawyer, Charles Sawyer, Robert Schardt, August Schill, Loretta Schmeltz, Augusta Schnitker, Dorothea Schuetz, Carlton Schwarzkopf, Betty Sun, Pete Swartz, Samuel Swartz, Ruth Sweeny, Spencer Sypret, Martha Szumigala, Stanley Taylor, Frieda Taylor, Mabel Thomson, Dorothea Thomson, Dorothy Thorp, Herbert Thurlow, Wilbert Tischinae, Felix Tracy, J. Rex l Palmer, Virginia Sells, Robert Turner, Robert Patterson, Francis Shank, Joseph Utley, Donald Patterson, Richard Sharpe, Lawrence Vashaw, Cecile Perdue, Lawrence Shay, Ruth Vaughan, Paul Peters, Paul Sheets, James Vernier, Louise Peterson, Arnold Shepherd, Robert Vines, Sadie Peugeot, Harold Shepler, Virgil Vogler, Fred Pitzen, Richard Sheridan, John VonHoff, Lottie Poczekaj, Jerome Shipman, Wayne Waedel, Mary Pollock, Dorothy Shore, Bernard Vxfaggoner, Helen Pond, Marguerite Sickles, Ralph Wagner, Mary Pozyczkiewicz, Lucy Siefke, Matthew Wagoner, Lawrence Pritchett, Arthur Sillence, Robert Vsfalinski, Thaddeus Purdy, James Silverman, Robert Vsfalker, Adell Quillin, Eleanor Simon, Goodwin Walker, Marian Radke, Karl Simpkins, Lyman Warner, Evelyn Ray, Carlton Smith, Allison YVarnke, Leonard Rairdon, Emily Smith, Clyde Wascher, Richard Randolph, Gerald Smith, Floyd Wasser, Ruth Rankin, Robert Smith, George Weaver, Helene Rankin, Robert M. Smith, Graham Werder, J. Frank Ravin, Samuel Smith, William Weriiert, Floy Reamsnyder, Ralph Spayd, Mary Werwin, Charles Reiser, Irving Spross, James Westfall, Donley Retzke, Lois Stadler, Glenn Whalen, Peter Rey, Aloise Stahl, Charles Whitcomb, George Richardson, Duane Stephens, W. Nash Wielinski, Eleanor Rieman, Frederick Sterling, Helen Wiles, William Rogge, Florence Steusloff, Ray Wilkinson, Virginia Roshong, Walter Stewart, Donald Williams, Earl Ross, Clayton Stimson, William Wimsett, Edna Routson, Judson Stoll, Melvin Vs7inslow, Richard Rubadeux, Bernice Strahlem, Harold Wirick, Paul Runyan, Lloyd Strobel, William Wisniewski, Albert Rupert, William Sturn, Irene Witker, Wallace Rutschow, John Suhrweier, George Woodman, Frank Ryan, James Suhrweier, William Worf, Donald Sackett, Wilbur Sullivan, Marie P Wright, Kenneth Q U page seventyffouv' ll ll li N E Q E Wall BLCCKHCUSE lllw wl eq- ---U E- iii lf i : 45:4 ' E l "?lu"'s ff 14"' ' lm " 1 4'::'i -rg: 4- l i Evening Sfudeni' Council MERRITT GREEN ..................................... President REEVES KIDNEY . . . .... VicefPresidem FAY PONTIUS ....... Secretary VELMA PE.-xsE ........ ..... 'T reasurer DR. LORAIN FORTNEY ..... ..... ..... A d visei' Represen+a+ives Albert Birch Frank Duvendack Cora Davis , Elizabeth McGourty Myrtle Best Ora Foulk Orville Desmond Irene Kuhlman Q Reeves Kidney Fay Pontius Myrtle Best Albert Birch D I U U page seventyffvc MM '73 F .1 ,, , - 'ky -1' 7: ," X U, . Q .,.,- i 1 . 1 Y N- :N .QF 11, 5, .c- ,.., . ,, :- '.iw.. Vi 111' lx ' 'J 'ws '1 . ,vxgvr 7-, Vw -.0 JL.. . -yu A .m, ffl, , , 2- ff 4. ' N K'-1-. X . V 1 W 'Mis' - ,.. . '- 1-,'vL.v1i,,1:v1 x, V ' fl , Y if 4 YBH 1 . .' 1' ' -4' . , 4' ' N -.. , . , '- - f -. - V i, ' , J L' H 51: ' 11 'WI :Ui '1, , :"1 -.fu vi'-'-'J f .'fY-,Ig ,. ,H .-. ... :A V,-uf -.. . 'A '1 L . 1-' I' -C ' . :Q . , 0 , , . . ,r V.. , . ' s ' - L - .. 1, ' ring if V .zu , f ' .1 1 ffm 3 gn Q UN 1vg,z5VfY4 fr IR v ,-"J :FN X S 5,455 Q! . N N M '4 N W ,r K ga TH LETICS an A A -JG ,1 r x. .1 H1 .4 .- ,,. 1 . , .. ' 4 , 1 1 ' ,k.1 p 'A 1 i V I'-I., .1, 1 . .L ,, '5"9:f'- -, V. a'1 ' --.4-I .,- 5 u .1.,a-,-- ,4- 1.,. .9 1 , ,,-s . " Q '14 - -'!., 5 37. ' , -gzfl s 1 1.1 ,-,Q 25' '11 V,-v-,. .4 , 1 - Y 1 .fv- gov-" Qi 4 1 ' ' V 1 f" 1,. 'u ,' ,-f. - ., Q' mr 1 . .- .t , H. 1 ur. 1- 1 , x 1 1 ,X-1 M ,1 . -Hx. 119- , if 1 .,. +1112 -3 3 1 ra: V' A ,Q .. . L.. , 1,, .1 , - TF 3 .s51':g,, 311. . If ,wr 1 nf, '.'zj'i6 " ,- 1 45. - :lf 15. Fl" ,11', ' 1. 151-. -, 11, . 115.,:gd4' 1' 1 . I' Y QA. J f. ' ' 1 o -' L1 -,, f , 1 r nu, 1' '1"'e'. ' 'E-gif? , ' AQ' . . 1 " Q . , . 1 ' Y .. 1 .-v- fr W-- , BLOCKHOUSE xg-Q ll ATHLETICS IL. ' 1 ' l will ll w. a re IU L' X x I n f' - ,yt gllifgff ' vf 'J l X l Q' r t L l . V r X V I .. Y n 1 . ' DAVID V. CONNELLY Director of Athletics D.NX'E CONNELLY, athletic director, has been with us for five years. He is a graduf ate of Ypsilanti Normal and has a working kowledge of sport that makes him an ideal supervisor of our programs. As an active coach, Dave concerns himself with the direction of basketball and track. His keen repartee and good nature have made him a favorite with the students of the school. No one has struggled more than Connelly to establish teams of worth, His supreme ambition is to qualify this university for higher competition. He has tried to perfect an intramural sport system. He has been terribly handicapped with mediocre equipment and a consequent lack of competent athletes. Now he has a splendid athletic plant and an already noticeable influx of good student material, Connelly is in high spirits and looks forward to splendid accom' plishments. He is determined not to let any opportunity pass that will boost our athf Ietic endeavors. , B U D C page seventy-'nine ll l I Rr' 4- ' 1 la W , ' t In I 1 Si mi -. ' il .S if it . Ugnlhl 1 69 ri, ,' uis w . w Q". -. 4- . ' Ain? 4 1 l 1 l l l l l BLOCKHCJUSE Athletics O say that athletics in our school are of top ranking would be to grossly exaggerate. To predict 'Lbetter days ahead" is possible. As this school, academically speaking, is going through a transitional era, just so are its athletics. We are on our way from being fathletil callyj a "onefhorse" college to becoming a "big time" university. To many people, especially to college "grads," a college football is synonymous with college athletics. To them, a school that has a good football team has good athletics. If their teams merited first place in all sports save one, and the football team was only mediocre, the athletic department certainly would bear an investigation. At that, when the team is successful on the gridiron, similar successes in other branches of sport generally come to that school. Our 1931 schedule is a difficult one. Nine football games are to be played. However, not one contest is a hopeless task. We have the men in school for a successful season. If these men are eligible in the fall and candidates for the varsity, our record will be good. If the men become ineligible or drop out of school, the reverses of the past year will likely be repeated. A successful year in football, coupled with a new and great athletic plant, together with a general student realization that the University is entering upon a new era, will help to bring out on this campus a latent school spirit. Such a school spirit will be an attraction to the many fine football players that our local high schools annually graduate. With encouragement from you, who are already here, they, too, will matrif culate at the University. When that day comes, look out for the Uni- versity of Toledo. K li' F U D C page eighty ag 1 I B LQSQISH O U5 Em .... fu' X I FOOTBALL ww -f - li ,. - . . s s . as mfesssi.,-,. 1Iutt1,1,y,y,W. T- .itll .f..il1h'l5lfli ffrill. V lx -tw fu-,I "ii If ' 'ff l -I " 1 , i f pwit .QA-fl 1 1: W . gr ff Q46 5' . vhs fa-177' l l it l l 1. l UW? N ls l Coacn JIM N1cHoLsoN I . . . l W IM NICHOLSUN, who has been with us since last September, is a capaf i A ble coach. In this short time he has .come to be an important factor l in the shaping of football and intramural sport. l He was graduated from Denison, where he was an allfround athlete l and a Phi Beta Ka aa. im is serious in his desire to hel Director ,y - . , 1 p 1 Connelly in elevating the plane of University athletics. Coach Nichol' son does not believe only in the elementary side of his job. He teaches the theory of all events, and insists that his teams know their game from any perspective. He is patient regarding winning teams, because he 5 knows it is merely a question of time when the pick of the local high school talent will attend Toledo University in preference to outside colleges. Nicholson insists on organization. Slipshod methods were abandoned with the old buildings. He wishes to have the physical education depart' ment as smoothly conducted as any major university in the country. 1 He values student cooperation very highly and works to attain it. l W-.- , rg. a page eightyfonc .L ru ll W il to i 'ii 3 M-,TVN l. C K l"'l O U S E p , fear-jf' x H, fb' My-Y H l l 1 Football Team Ojf for Akron , , . 'fa 1 Charles Werfz V , 4 - 5 l AHCHUCKM is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyari 5 x , University, where he was an all around athf l l" Q s lete. Although only appointed to the new position t A ,-,i ""'1 as backfield coach this year, he showed sincere inf if terest in his work. We hope in the coming year l l that 'lChuck" will show us a finer and a more flashy 5 haekfield than has ever before performed on Toledo 1 CHARLES Wen-rz University gridiron. 3 Baclqjield Coach I l i l T15 7 if, l if Ll s page eielztytwo t B,L,Q,Ql.QH,O U S E ,, I I I - tg vlqlfmgn A lil r, I Z1 Varsify Ralph Bernhagen jack Briggs Clarence Carson Glen Charles Wilson Edwards Allen Emerson Williaxii Enright Willizrm Fetters "T" Awards Adolf Harste Carlton Hissong Dale Kettle Joseph Kurtz Raymond Meng Henry McNutt Robert Mussehl Benny Pencheff Manager Francis McManus MINOR "AA" AWARDS Fred Duhaime James Cross Henry Meyerhofer Ecwvard Trepinski Foofball Resume OLEDO UNIVERSITY played one of the hardest schedules of its history this year, meeting Akron, cofchampions of the Ohio Conference, and Heidelberg, undefeated during the regular season. The Rocket Squad fared badly at the hands of these formidable foes, but injuries and dissension hurt the team even more. The club started the season in a slipshod manner, but ended the year in a blaze of glory, tieing Bowling Green, and turning an almost disastrous season into another channel by defeating Bluffton and Detroit City College. In these last two encounters the teamwork of the boys was very much improved over the initial contests of the season. B U page eightyfthrec I D ll .Q1l, ,fN"', ,, iw., l ll V llliffff All llgqrllllfffkp BLOCKI-:oust 1' 6 Q14 HARSTE Adolf is as tough as you will find tackles in the N. W. O. conference. Anybody going through his position had a hard time. We lost Harste this year, and we bid goodby to one of the best tackles the conference has ever had. HISSONG "Babe" is a player who has his heart and soul in the gamer No line is ever too tough for him to buck up against. We like Babe's style of play, and are pulling for him to have an even bigger year in 1951. CARSON . "Chick" was Coach Nicholson's mighty atom. A Nneverfsayfdiev spirit made diminuf tive "Chick" a most reliable ground gainer in spite of his weight. His plucky play in the Heidelberg game, gaint the Student Prince giants, was the sole feature of the game. MEYERHOFER Hank, or Heine, broke into the line u the Heidelberg game. His long passes V 2 always a scoring threat to the oppositiox Besides being an excellent passer, he is one of the best booters on the squad. He will be back next year, and should give the back' field men a spirited light for a position. l l l l l w w l ! i ll Yaiqg --'IJ Cl page eightyffour I ,illllflnits Wifi "W BLocKHousE iifil"f .l . i f fl NAQE2 ." " 4. 5 'f'--75 2 "' ' W V' ' , McNUTT l Early this season "Brud" was shifted from an end position to fullback. Injuries kept I him out of most of the early encounters, but 1 he came back with a vengeance in the Bluff' ton and Detroit City College games. BERNHAGEN Bernie, one of our transfer students from Michigan State Normal, is going to be hard to beat next season. He distinguished himself in all games in which he took part, and with a year's knowledge of the Nicholson system should be "ready" in 1931. GOSLINE "Bob7' played a remarkable game at half' back during the past season. Willing at all times to cooperate with Nicholson, he worked untiringly for the betterment of the team. Next year we hope to see him doing big things as regular halffback. GROSS l "Jim" played at tackle, and although out' ' 'weighed by most of his opponents, he was always fighting and giving a good account of himself. "Jim" has plenty of ability and it was only due to his lack of size that kept him from winning a regular berth. M B I ' U I page eightyffive Il ii "WM ll BLCCKHGUSE B U sir University. - PENCHEF Did you ever see a terrier Hght a St Ber nard dog? Well, then you can imagine the way Bennie played against the championship Heidelberg team. His vicious tackling won him the applaud of the crowd Penchef wa also a good ground gainer EMERSON "Al" was a Hxture at the center post and seems to have the inside track on it for next year. He is only a sophomore this season and has an excellent opportunity to engrave his name deeply in athletic records at the BRIGGS Jack Briggs also graduates this year. He came out for football in his Senior year, but made the team, nevertheless. He played in quite a number of games dur' ing the season and was good enough to win his letter. EDWARDS L'Wee Willie" had an off year. His play this year was not quite up to his 1929 stand' ard. However, he played hard and we expect him to be back at his regular post in 1931. 4 f ,fp wgfz, 4 Y' IJZQWQVCQ D B page eightyfsix 1 A Il BLQCKHCUSYE CHARLES Because of Glenn's fighting spirit, he earned the nickname of "Battler." Charles has a good football frame, and a natural fightf ing nature. These qualities gave him a suc- cessful year, and he should have his best sea' son in a Rocket uniform in 1931. KURTZ joe is a big and powerful end. He will be back next year and should win a place for a wing position. MENG L'Notre Dame" Ray, who hails from Gus Dorais' University of Detroit Freshman squad, is a very reliable flanker. He is not sensaf tional or spectacular, but he is there when some enemy back tries his position. Ray will be back next year. KETTLE Dale won his letter this year and he Cer' tainly deserved it. Kettle was out every night, working hard, and covered himself with glory in every encounter in which he took part. 4 D 4 I X ' ,br wff,QfJfi lE1M ,lilly F 23 A 1, T , Tp qaQ46'.,."" . I 713' 1 I v B H page eighty-seven D ll .l. Mx ll, Af' ll A n ll QV yfll ii ' 'fzwff i 1 W 1 " 'lb ' l "lf 5"-Cv-4? BLGCKHOUSE TREPINSKI This was "Ed's" second year on the team. Although he didn't play regular, he fought hard every minute he was in the game. With the past two years' experience, coupled with. his ability to get in and ight, he should be able to take care of one of the wing berths on next year's team very capably. FETTERS ' Bill developed into one of the best defensive ends in the conference. Although he was not given much of a chance to show his wares early in the season, he came along great to' ward the end of the year. His fine play against Bluffton was cheering, and we expect Fetters to do more next year. DUHAMIME D Duhamime joined the Rocket crew fresh from Ypsilanti Normal. Injuries kept him from showing his true worth. His work in the Falcon game stamped him as a promising back for 1931. ALEXANDER Harold, with a year's experience, is going to give the regular guards a tussle for a posif tion in the 1931 edition of the Rockets. Alex is a willing worker and has lots of smiles. We would like to see him take a place on the varsity next fall. l I l B G D ' D page eightyfezght l 'I B L o C: K H o U SE i he v 5 I . l r . -4 - rn- V - l . "li 1 -51 lBuclQ Romer- Connelly. Edwards, Evans. Hissong, Cross, Kettle, Harste, Briggs. MeNutt, Bryam. fhiiiddle Roni'lfhrieyerliotler, Trepinski, Emerson, Bernhagen, Kurtz. Fetters, Duhaime, Enright, Nicholson. fFront Rnwp- Ivieng, Carson, Charles. Peneheli, Gosline. Alexander, Kandik. Vvlilley, Grover. Moses. Varsify Foo+ball Squad HE Rockets started their season at Akron, playing the Ohio conference champs there. Akron, with Red Cochrane in midjseiison form, had little difficulty in downing the Nicholsonmen. Ohio Northern followed Akron on the schedule. Although the Munies amassed a great many more first downs than the Adaians. a hloeked punt gave Northern the victory hy a margin of a single touchdown. Deiiance won over Toledo by one point. A costly defeat at the hands of Findlay followed and then Heidelberg met the Rockets in a gala night affair at the Waite Bowl. Heidelherg was the hest team to appear on a Toledo gridiron in recent years and it certainly was no disgrace to how hefore such a formidable adversary. The Rockets traveled to Bowling Green and wrecked the conference champion' ship hopes of the Falcons by earning a well deserved tie. Bluffton fell before the merciless onslaught of the aroused men of Nicholson. The University of Toledo 1930 foothall team ended its season hy downing Detroit City College hy the score of 1810. - Although the record of the Rocket foothall squad does not appear very impressive, Coach Nicholson is satisiicd with the warriors who came through the season of 1930. Iviany of them will he hack to play on a greater team next year. 9 6 fre- ,v . o ohh li' 75 l ' Q 1 ki , , . :iv ' i 1 l l l 1 l l ll il A 1 i !!""'7' page eighty-nine M FIU its ,J . O- 'ZJ1 . 1 qs' N ' .' uffrlfl . M sto elo.Lou.s.s R" l- ,N l l T, i E ,ff l l l l l l QBaclq Rowj-Daly. Grhuler, Dill. Garty. Appel, Mille1'. Strong. MO1'1'8if, Brown, Molui' l Alexander. Moses, Dunn. R fMiddle Rowj-Kratt, Mieham, Wa1'ick, Ruehhn, Hanselman, Cowell, Poppen. Bueten Dowd. ' lF1'rmt Rowj-Alexander, Young, Elton, Shepherd, Schuler, Johnson. Noonan, Drennan Briggs. l l . , q Freshman Foolball l ff ' l o Schedule T T "I l Toledo 6eTilhn 0 fat Tiffany. A Y Toledo l3fDetroit City College Freshmen 0 ' ' fat Detroitj. ' ., V Toledo 35-Adrian Freshmen 6 fat Toledoj. FIAROLD DUNN Coach o.-xonss HAROLD DUNN and PHILIP Mosss were well pleased with the fine squads that turned out for Freshman football. The squad showed talent and earnestelfort by the splendid record it made during the season. Nicholson looks forward to some valuable material on the varsity squad in the coming year. 0 G .li U U page ninety l ll lllfglimc m .,,. W ,- ,W " : 'T g BLOCKHOUSE alba- :aj ll' X p , 'Q .' ' l glf.'?itp'x 7' l BASKETBALL 'frm -Lv fl' I I l l l 1 l CAPTAIN ARNOLD STRAKA ,Of "If ' ,-5,1 .f ARNQJLD STRAKA, or 'kRoeket" Straka, as he was dubbed by a local sportswriter, was the ideal basketball player, combining speed with ability and fight. Although small,' he was the best guard on the Rocket squad, and the outstanding player of the conference. Straka's crashing methods were a feature of every game in which he played. Captainflilect Straka will be back next year to fight for the Blue and Gold. Another campaign should see him develop into the outstanding basketball player in this section of the country. G? U Q U page ninety-one HI l ,fx gm ,f ' V . ifwylw ll, 1ai3,TL4.i BLCDCKHOJUSE I4 9 16 - W W., 7 gk ., .5 ' 'T -.'- ,gahll lx ,ellxhlf ,' mis, 'Q if .3.5m.' w i 1 I Baskefball Resume LIACK of the necessary size handicapped the 193061 edition of the Blue and Gold Whirlwind considerably. Time and again, the Rocket squad was called upon to play against men who had the size advantage. Although Connelly's men lost the majority of their games, we cannot say that the season was a total failure. The Rockets provided the spec' tators with a great brand of basketball in every encounter in which they participated. Especially thrilling were the Bowling Green, Heidelf berg, Bluffton, and BaldwinfWallace games. The University of Toledo annexed the city collegiate crown after three hard games with St. John's University, winning the final in the new field house after a close, well played game. The season of 193061 developed a number of first class basketball material in the persons of Arnie Straka, AllfConference guard, Hank Meyerhofer, Don Schroeder, and Chick Carson. The Freshman team had a brilliant season, winning most of its encounf ters. Joe Shanks, Bob Lewinski, Patterson, Kumpe, and Alexander look promising and will furnish the varsity with some high class material for the championship team of 1931-32, we hope. ll G 9 G page ninety-two A Qu . I - .II x, F i H i 61.4 - -ELO C KH o use - lilwif W . A " 3? aft.. A ol-'Took r W' 5 , rl Shull KCr'u!t'rj "Chick" Carson CFOrrt'arrIJ "Don" Garner fI:0l"Ii'l1l'dJ SHULL Karl played under a distinct handicap all season. Time and again he was called upon to play against huge opponents. However, Shull covered himself with glory during every encounter, and it is with regret' that we see him bow out of university athletics. CARSON . Chick Carson, diminutive forward, started the year in fine style, but in the middle of the grind he suffered a disastrous slump that almost threatencu to bench him permanently. The old Carson fight predomi' nated, however, and the final games of the season saw him out with his mates, making life tough for the opposition. Chick also returns for another year's tutelage under Dave Connelly. GARNER Don was one of our second semester men who bolstered the team materially. Garner filled the role of star to perfection in many of our closing season games. He is another veteran who will return. MANAGER SCHAAL Every well regulated basketball team has an efiicient manager. The Rockets had one in the person of "Bus" Schaal. He was the typical college athletic manager. The basketball team owes him more than it realizes. Jim King, his assistant, also comes in for his share of the credit. I B B page ninetyfthrce D G I n 1 ll ,yu ll rx fRl:lX:lffI'lllMWr2x A . , 1 PM .J jg, ' I Q u 'l T A El 1 W I l l fqh, I5 if l I K Q if x-.1113 BLOCKHCDUSES , Q . L s Aff We . v,-, . I li y . .- a J 15 1.- Maynard Smith tFw'wardJ - Henry Meyerhofier CG1za1'dJ "Bob" Gosline fG1lG7'd7 SMITH Maynard hit his stride late in the season, and was the Smith of old, looping long shots and breaking up the enemy offensive time and again. Smith has given his best to the University of Toledo. He will be hard to replace. - MEYERHOFER Henry, or Hank, went out for the basketball team to prove that former football managers sometimes make star basketball players. Meyerhofer was listed as a substitute at the beginning of the season, but toward the end he was playing every minute of each ame. Meyerf l hofer is another seasoned performer who will be back o help build a ' championship basketball squad. ' GOSLINE ' "Goose" Gosline filled the role of reserve guard in most of the var' sity encounters. The experience gleaned from filling reserve positions fi will make him a candidate for one of the regular jobs on the varsity ff next Winter. la . . ' V ri 'U JL ' 'R ' D Q V 1 page ninetyffour . .r A ...Q .xl C u H ,Ugg BLCDCKHQLJSE llll gn f if 2 -l L. .Saa- l I Ilziy 11701-:4-UIPJB Dun Sclimwlcr Uflnirdil .-X1imlyKamlik CG FU I DAY Paul, or "Pea Ridge," proved to be Connelly's luck charm. It was his fielding in the closing seconds of play that Won the Marion NY" game. Paul is a hard worker and is another veteran who will be seen in thc new field house next year. SCHROEDER Don has all the attributes of a natural basketball player. He is rangy, a good shot, anian move over the floor with amazing speed. Schroeder has a world of potential ability and next year should see him at his best. KANDIK - Kandik, who started the season as a regular guard, had plenty of tough luck. He is a fighter and has a keen liking for the game. We predict great things for Andy in 193182. cn DLA . ,rt 'lx Ti i l fill Q, y, ist . f ---- . ..Wi "Wig , ' '5":L.' ,I -I y it page ninetyffve O D Q ll . w 'TW T ll . fm K U BLCCKHCUSE I 'N -Il lfhimi V ra' - xv Q 'I ' I Q l "i.s""Q4,' iv. , :no l 1 l QBQCTQ Rowj-Manager Schaal, Shull, Smith, Day, Schroeder, Carer Coiclu and Connelly fliront Rowj-Kandik, M yerhofe Carson, sline, Strak . V O Varsll jaskelloall Squad Record of fhe Season I930- I 93 I TEAMS TOLEDO OPPONENTS Alumni ............. ............ 3 5 Detroit City College .... . . 20 Marion "Y" ......... . . SO Defiance ........... . . 34 St. Johns ... .. 14 Bluffton ...... . . 25 Findlay ............ . . 28 Bowling Green ...... .. 33 Detroit City College .... . . 15 Heidelberg ......... . . 29 Baldin Wallace . . . . . 29 Defiance ....... . . 22 Bluffton ........ . . 22 Bowling Green . . . . . 20 Findlay ........ . . 33 St. Johns ...... . . 18 Heidelberg . . . . . 21 St. Johns ... . . 23 L Q X page ninetyfsix l va O l HI Wil' n 'fl saga' he .9 .,- A-. H In Don McLean, Fred Rieman, jim Ryan, Frank Paterson Freshman Basketball Squad Robert Lewinski joseph Shank Fred Rieman Ivan Grode Carl Kumpe ' Frank Paterson Carroll Alexander James Drake William Wiles Donald McLean Larry Wagner James Ryan Paul Wirick 1 UNDER the able captaincy of "Joe" Shanks, the Freshman Basketball team passed through a very good season, considering the fact that the season 19304931 was the first attempt of Toledo University to abide by the freshman rules of large universif ties and colleges. Findlay, Deiance, Bowling Green, Bluffton, Genoa, and St. Johns High School fell before the whirlwind attack of the Freshman team. We are looking for big things from these men on the Varsity squad next year. J Vx intl' 3 ' lilly fr f fl ll lava?-1 r' X13 t-.SEL 'I' , mn i ' U D U I gf, 41.8-L. . ' 'l ' 'pqge 'ninety-seven 2 N f' l I! ll ' f ilflfillilillss flirrjgyz Btocxnousz 4. V ii i l l if IT ., . giants' it .I .P si.. 'x "L - -iq ' "Virgin 1 l 1 61l:,3"Ac Varsify Tennis UNDER the direction of Louis McKibben, tennis was started as a major sportrat the University, last year. The Varsity was selected by a elimating tournament. Bippus, Gray, Ernsberger, and Tenney were the ones to represent Toledo University. Losing only to Bluffton Toledo U. finished second in the N. W. O. Conference. The Rockets easily defeated Findlay, Bowling Green, and Defiance. Bippus and Ernsf berger were the outstanding players during the season. A tough schedule has been arranged for next season, but with Bippus, Cray and Ernsberger back, we hope fora very successful season and possibly a championship. i Varsity Golf Team Al.THOUGH Toledo University only formed a golf team this year they managed to tuck away the College Golf Championship. John Meier and Paul Jennsen, the main point getters, formed one of the most efficient double combinations in Ohio. Eberley, a veteran, is back this year with Meier Jennsen being unable to continue due to working afternoons. Toledo University totaled eightyffive points during the season to the opponents seventy-seven. 4' Members and Posifions JOHN MEIER . . . ........................... Number One Man PAUL JENNSEN .. ..... Number Two Man HAROLD EBERLEY .. .... Number Tho-ee Man E. WALDMAN .... ........ . ...... ..... N 1 amber Four Man Substitutes HOWARD KLINE, ALOYSIUS BAUMGARTNER 0 G page ninety-eliglit . il 1 l B fl- l l. X "" N' BIO' CKE-IGUSE fii'W 5 i ' le l' .. . - - ,wily A kt .iieixiu '1.', I 'AI' " i' ' Y K.-' ' v 4. 4 :in 1 ' -O - i l I l la!! l 'e l l l l I QBaclq Rmuj-Coach David Connelly, Shull, Snyder, Masters, Manager Jennings. QFront Roivj-Captain Kutz, Gossman, Brenner. l Varsiry Cross Counrry ' THIS year was an exceptional one for Toledo University. They beat Bowling Crcen for the first time, and Adna Snyder, the boy who won the Individual i Conference Championship, broke the fast record of Allan Ballinger. Next year Toledo University should have a championship team. The squad will be built around l lviasters, Gossman and Snyder, as well as material from the Freshman team of last year. Captain Edward Kutz. This is the fourth year for Eddie as a star on the Cross Country team. Eddie, although he was small, was always among the leaders, Capt. Eddie, with his smiling face, always put and kept the team on its fighting edge. This is the last year for Eddie and we certainly will miss him. l U V - r 'C n u V page ninety-viinc t , BLQCKHOUSE on "Q i ,til 'F I iifllk Q1 i :??27'l5 itil f ' , 'air 1 4 h ojfsfaiy Ti "ut -., 4' ' .R ln LV i 4 l i caoss COUNTRY VARSITY "T" AWARDS Captain, Edward Kutz Adna Snyder Karl Shull Karl Brenner Fred Grossman Charles Nlasters Karl Shull. There is not much to say about Karl other than he was always fightf ing. Karl ran in every race to win and with that determination no one could stop him. Karl was one of the best Cross Country runners ever developed at Toledo University. In 1929 he won the individual Conference Championship. Karl has the ability and determination that is seldom found in one man. This is his third and last year on the Cross Country team. Charles Masters. "Chuck" is just a sophomore, but has had two years' experif ence on the varsity. He is a consistent runner and has such an easy stride that he does not even seem to be working. He has a weakness for iinishing among the leaders. If Charles continues his good work, by next near he will be a star. Good luck, Chuck. Adna Snyder. Adna won the Individual Conference Championship this year. This is good for a man on the varsity for the first year. Although he was a sophomore, he certainly showed what he could do. With two more years of experience Adna will be a star. Like "Chuck" Masters, Adna likes to finish among the leaders. Karl Brenner, a senior, was on the Cross Country team for two years. Last year he was an alternate, but this year he was on the varsity. Karl was a very conf sistent runner and never considered a race lost even if he was behind. Karl will be gone next year and his place will be hard to fill. Fred Gossman finished his first year on Cross Country team. The team had a tough schedule this year, but Freddie came through in great form for a Iirst man. Next year he should be able to make quite a name for himself. It is worth mention' ing that without any previous experience he made the varsity, running as an alternate, his iirst year. Robert Jennings managed the team and when the occasion demanded acted as alternate runner. -111, 1 I i I ,nm page one hundred 11113, B LO C K HO U5 E,,m,al l . H !,- A ,.lr.I1l W Y 'llyif 62 4 BASEBALL -- I93I . l f, , flgygssl l ye -'?A.' , G:-T!'1ll7 4 99? l -351 V Personnel of 'Hue Team .Harste l C.-XTCHERS ....................................... I Y Krusie SQ 7' -7? --SIDA!" ZAPC l PITCHERS. . EA .... '. O Q-. E .... ..... .... D a y - 3 1 l Shenefield - Ryan l INFIELD. . . ..... Kline Byron ,Q I jones l Arnold l Bencla Bachman Evans l OUTFIELD ..... ..... D urniller J McNary Matzinger Green Bloom l COACH ...... .... C laude Watts l Ivf.-XNAGER ...... ..... M eyerholtz. 4 l ri o page one hundred one l sl, :N A l 'lf lll ' ll tial, a . 1 an L Xl, .l , gm ? T T -2' T Il . ' ' Pe 'n-. BLCDCKI-IOUSE awww Adolf Harsfe c The catching end has been in the hands of Adolf, who 'k'5 f is a very capable receiver. His disposition is careffree and he is rarely serious enough to die with sorrow. He totes a good batting average, but is more of a liability on bases than an asset. This is because he hates to move fast. , 9. l is ll 4 ... x E4 il Donald McNary F ll In losing "Mac," a real center field vacancy is created. A fast man on his feet, with real ability at the plate, McNary has garnered his fourth letter in baseball. Base running is a specialty with this lad, and an opposing pitcher is in for his worries with Mac on base. His good throwing arm has held many base hits down to a minimum. Vincent Komorowslci fi' "Vince" has been with the Rockets two brilliant years. Coming here from Dayton, he earned a place in right field the first year, and has done some work with the pitching staff this season. His bat will be another of those apt to make deep gaps in the batting linefup. Always in excellent physical condition, Vince has been able to help out of many a tight pinch. His stay has been of great value to Toledo, and it is to be regretted that his two years could not have been lengthened to four. Baseball Schedule for I93I l Results Shown So Far 'ff t To U April 13-Findlay ......... 7 May --Bowling Green April.l'Z,7At Ohio Northern. 5 May ,At Blugton . I April 22-At Bowling Green 9 - April 24-Heidelberg ...... 3 may Slug Northam April SO-Heidelberg ...... 8 HY -4 lu ton ""' ' May 1-At Findlay ...... 12 May -Defiance -- - May 6-At Deiance ..... O May O-Defiance .. . B 8 D G page one hundred two - BLOCKHOUSE John Evans Only a few people have heard the real iirst name of this man, so it would be unkind to refer to him by any other title than "Brick," Four letters won at second base testify as to his right to be labeled one of the most valuable men on the team. Brick is a ball player of experience, always ref mains cool in any circumstance fexcept a poor decisionj and is a mainstay of the squad, Evans ranks near the top in batting average, and has a keen eye for the fine points of the game. u f'-Ti lil ill 'R is T T ll ,Kip P I N . 9 .Qi T , fi ff.f,, i 'X i knf -"1 NX ' ,Qin a 4' l . mi. i 'V ' i l l , 1 Parnell Dumiller Left field is the grass for Parnell, who gives the lie to his name by coming through with singles. Parnell is the fancy diving fiend. He covers the iield as if he knew all the hills and valleys. l Homer Mafzinger p Q I l . Homer leaves this year with four letters to his credit, every one of them a compliment to his steadiness and ability. Outfielders are apt to be a silent type, and "Matt" shows no tendency to waste words. He gathers them in equally well from any outfield position, and can put them there as well with his consistent slugging. His dependability in backing up the team will be missed greatly next year. Baseball of I93I THE Varsity Baseball Team showed fine prospects of having a championship in their credit. With the addition of former high school stars and transfer students, baseball at Toledo U is rapidly making itself felt in faster competition. The staff of pitchers, consisting of Day, Shenefield, and Ryan, showed a conf siderable improvement over that of last year. The infleld, composed of Jones on first, Evans on second, Arnold at short, and Bryan on third, showed a mark of distinction, both in fielding and hitting. With the flashy performances of Dumiller, McNary and Matzinger in the outfield, Toledo had little trouble with the hard hitting opponents. The schedule was composed of twelve games, eight conference games and two games with Heidelberg and Ohio Northern. B I o u page one hundred three 'ffxif ' MAJ Q, ill 'till'-L N T ff ll . Ml V VCV' li Bl.ocKHoust A "- lxgvm' x 1-.. -.Mfg ,,T,,,... Haan, W, Hin f 1 W4 .. . .6 Tm Q" ll. ' Hs 73. X 'Quqrfv' fBaclq Rowj-Grover, Kettle, Ziemer, Harste, Brinley, Komorowski. lMiddle Rowj-jones, Neubrcclit, Mallet, Jennings, Wandtke, Ryan, Krauss. fFront Rowj--Sharpe, Wiljciak, Ralyhea, Evans, Rideout, Young. lnfra-murals i OLLEGES and universities in the narrow sense of the word pertain to studies necesf l sary to develop the mind. Cnly recently did educators see the benefit of training a student's body to cofordinate with a wellftrained mind. Farsighted educators saw the advantages of the system which is now known as intramurals. The University of Toledo, with the dependable David Connelly supervising, i has not been far behind in the modes of athletic competition. Even with the limited equipment of the old building on Nebraska Avenue, Connelly managed to furnish i exercise for all who wished to take part. With the present newer and better facilities , of the new buildings, we predict that the intramural system will grow until it becomes i one of the most outstanding in the country. l This year it was estimated that at least SOO men students participated in sports sponsored by the university. A large share of the cofeds of the college also had their part in volleyfball, hockey, and basketball games under the direction of Mrs. Marion 1 Richley. l In the men's football league the Degrees, composed of juniors and seniors, emerged l victorious over the freshmen and sophomore squads. Lambda Chi fraternity won the basketball honors after a hard battle with the Sigma Beta Phi fraternity. Captain "Tony" Shepherds team, Earlham, won the intrmural basketball cham' pionship in a league composed of men on the campus, regardless of fraternal affiliation. I An indoor league embracing men's Greek letter organizations is in progress, and later on indoor league composed of the barbarians on the campus is to be organized. l 0-i,41iL,, if g,,, hiifiw page one hundred four l B l,,sO,QliH 0 UQE ll 1' ug , Tr V j,x,,,y,, llli' l WOMEN'S ATHLETICS 'uf- , aw. ,W .M-,A-4? V'J,!4ll,2 Al ' lyf if ll n .tl " :kr ', ,f W, - Q' ' ' rpxoi Y 4. o i l l ,l li I l l l l l l l l l I l l l "jo" HAUMzXN President of WO771C71,lS Athletic Association l l Josephine Hauman " O," as she is commonly known, has led the W. A. A. i through another successful year, with a continuous , smile and always willing to do all she can. She is loved f by all, not only for her faithfulness, sympathetic manner, and leadership ability, but because her personal characf ter shines as her blond hair. She is to be congratulated for her non-partisan spirit, and because she is a true Sp0I't5WOlDaI1. l .L -as U 0 one hundred five iv Y ll s 5' lllwf' will . IQ "A Wi 1 T "K . " lx ipligav . Te., -li, K 'l',.s"-if-1 B LQCKHQU SE I l l l I i l l Henrietta Breno Alma Hin-:Inman Officers JOSEPHINE HAUMAN ......... ...... P resident 1 CHARLOTTE WEBB . . .VieefPresidenz HENRIETTTA BRENO .... Secretary ALMA HINCHMAN .... Treasurer Heads of Sporis IRMA MEMINGER . . .................. .... H oclqey JENNIE ZELDEN ..... Soccer THELMA MILLER . . . .... Basketball JEANETTE SCHELLES .... Volley Ball HELEN LEECH .... ...... T mclq MARGARET HART . . . . .Tennis FLORENCE AZELDEN .... Baseball DOROTHY MILLER . ......... Hiking ELEANOR EVERS .... Pistol Shooting JANE KAMKE ..... ..... S wimming MRS. MARIAN RICHLEY .... .... A dviser 5 6 D Q page one hundred six l ll i X, BLOB CK:-leo USE PW e S S S e 1Jlrli'fl' l i ifi ifi 1 Jgaggifbkl .. f'-'b l AI- I' ' I '.'.-fa"z 7' 4' A l l Members of Women's Arhlehc Associarion l Upper Class C Henrietta Breno Regina Leasor C Eleanor Evers Helen Leech Olive Gassaway Dorothy Miller Margaret Hart Sue Rucker Josephine Hauman Alice Trippensee Alma Hinchman Charlotte Webb Bernice Husted Clara NVest Lucille Lavenherg Flossie Zelden Sophomores Marian Cooper Irma Meminger Ruth Harsch Thelma Miller Jane Kamke Ruth Morton Mary Kinstle Eloise Schmidt Grace Lanzinger Betty Slow VVilma Liffring Edna XVatkins Jennie Zelden Freshmen' Charla Beauprey Esther Miller Marteen Bowie Martha Pfund Lois Bussidicker Dorothy Jane Pollock Ethel Duffy Lucy Pozycykiewicz Dorothy Jennings Betty Schwarzkoff Mildred Kloene Ellen Marie Scott Francis Lanker Ruth Shay Sadie Lesser Virginia Storm Florence Majeska Mary Waedel Mary Ann Ward I I B U D Q page one hundred seven ll r S' ,-vu ll g f"l A BLOCKHOUSE Nl k eg ,W . at ,,-,, ,. Wi- " I Y l 5' ' A li li " ", l 5' , ' 1', ', il 'Q' Q 0 A we ,,--af? Women's Assoclahon Calendar 1 4 5 Fall Season Sporis, i930 l Hockey Archery l Soccer Golf l Swimming Hiking Horseback Riding Winfer Season Sporfs, I930-I93I l Interclass Basketball Intramural Volleyball Interclass Volleyball Swimming l Intramural Basketball Archery p Hiking l Spring Season Sporfs, I93I l Baseball Pistol Shooting p Tennis Golf g Archery Swimming Track Hiking Social Acfiviiies Oct. 3, W. A. A. Play April 15, Bridge Day for Freshman girls April 13, Installation of Qct. 29, Hallowe'en Roast New Qfflcers D62 3' fanquet and April 22f24, Delegates go AWN S me S to Sectional Conference at Feb- 21, Hike Madison, Wisconsin Mar. 18, W. A. A. Play M 8 H.k Nite for University students ay 3 1 6 and Alumni May 20, Roast at Wal- Mar. 27, Banquet and bridge Park Awards June 3, Banquet 9 U page one hundred eight :ll 'M' store KH o usa, so , Hockey F you are 11 sincere lover of excitement, health, good times, and most of all, friends, hockey offers these to you by being one of the most fascinating sports and a draw- ing card in the list of activities. Out of the seventy girls who reported at the openf ing of the season, forty-three were successful in gaining honor points. Irma Memin' ger, as head of sport, managed the tournament, which came to a successful close with the upper-classmen victorious and winning the cup from the freshmen, who had been champions the previous year. The Varsity team, appointed by Mrs. Richley, was comprised of Charla Beauprey, Josephine Hauman, Alma Hinchman, Jennie Zelden, Jane Kamke, Irma Meminger, Dorothy Miller, Martha Pfuncl, Luch Pozy, Charlotte Webb, and Thelma Miller. 'Nga -Q-li page one hundred nine ff BLQCKHUUSE ' BasebaH BASEBALL makes its introduction on the new campus for the first time this spring. Strike one! Crack! And the game is on! After practicing indoor for a few weeks everyone welcomed warm weather and a real baseball game. The interfclass baseball tour' nament was delayed for a few days due to adverse weather. VoHey BaH U' NDER the able leadership of Jeanette Schelles, the volleyball esason went over with a 'kbangm and came to a close all too soon. The freshmen, captained by Charla Beauprey, who instilled the necessary enthusiasm into her team, emerged as victors in the class tournament by defeating the upperfclassmen and the sophomores. Members of the winning freshmen team were Charla Beauprey, Lois Bussdicker, Martha Pfund, Mildred Kloene, Marteen Boure, Frances Lanker, and Lucy Pozy. Baske+baH TIMERS and scorers ready? Captains?-Whistle! And so begins and ends a successful basketball season under the guidance of Thelma Miller, head of sport, and Dorothy Miller, intrafmural manager. Each year an intrafmural basketball tournament is held, in which organized groups compete for the championship of the University. The purpose of the tournament is to give every one an opportunity to play on a team. The more teams, the better competition. The Psi Chi Phi Sorority and the Kappa Pi Epsilon Sorority played for the Univerf sity title, the Psi Chis winning the closely contested game which gave them the trophy cup to keep, having been victors for two successive years. Class teams were chosen, from the group of eligible girls, by the head of sport and Mrs. Richley. The teams were so well matched that the tournament ended in a threefway tie which necessitated a new tournament. The second time the upperfclass team, composed of Marge Hart fcaptainj, Dorothy Miller, Helen Leech, Alma Hinch' man, Flossie Zelden, and Jo Hauman, came forth with new enthusiasm, and defeated blpth the Sophmores and the Freshmen, thus claiming the University Class Champion' s ip. page one hundred ten Ml vi , ,c-,A W K- ,l 1 A hr l lllfx l '. BLCCKHOUSE lil? Wi?" ....,. ,. 7 A YY V -N-L A -YV 72777 7 gi ' '. 7 ft li H k fl ua ," t p 0 IJ, 43. .p Tennis gqs,-,ggi 4. ENNIS, the international game, offers a . . splendid opportunity to the beginner and the veteran to take part in an all year sport which gives satisfying results. With Alma Hinchman as head of sport, many girls suc- ceeded in developing real skill as a tennis player. Vv'ith the opening of the new Unif l versity of Toledo, the events at Ottawa Park were so convenient that a larger number of girls reported for practices this season than in i previous years. Withfii another year, T. U. , , l hopes to have its own tennis courts and not be compelled to use city courts, . Hiking l OR that tired feeling-try a hike-the sort ' of hiking that gives you social contacts as well as a healthy body. This sport is open to i every girl, regardless of individual skill, and l has the advantage of being a yearfround ac' tivity. In order to earn honor points, it is necessary that two University girls hike to' getherg and then points are given at the rate of one point per mile, after the first five miles. 5 l i i Archery i H, the joy and pride of an arrow in the 4 l gold! An archery tournament was scheduled in the fall, and keen interest was shown by the girls under the supervision of Thelma Miller and Elinor Corns. The American and Columbia Rounds are the two l most commonly used in tournaments. The l American Round consists of thirty arrows shot at 60f60f40 yards, respectively. The Columbia Round consists of twenty-four i arrows shot at 50f40-30 yards respectively. l Simple honors were gained by shooting i twenty'four arrows at 40 and 30 yards and making a score of sixty at 40 yards, and i eighty at 30 yards. During the winter months, archery was continued at the indoor range on Monroe Street. l I ml page one hundred clcvcn l l l ffiiilxl lf" ' - x"!f'.' as BLO C K H OU SE - Hlsfory of Hare Women's Afhlefic Associafion if 'ifl ll mfs ee A A 'Ex Q-f 'Ln - l 1 l 1 1 I 1 1 l 1 1 l l 1 l l i I CCKING back over the years of the University Woman's Association we learn that in 1921 the first W. A. A. was organized, under the presidency of Christel Hiss. Basketball was the only recognized sport and during this year the Association was not active. The next year, 1922f1923, a Point System was adopted and membership in the Association was limited to those having 100 points to their credit. The sports recogf nized were basketball, tennis, hiking, and baseball. Dorothy Meyer was President. Two interfcollegiate games were held with Bluffton and Detroit junior College. ln 1923 Miss Norma Bird was the newly appointed Director of Physical Educa- tion, and a new era of athletics for women was introduced. The calendar of sports included the following eight activities: hockey, tennis. basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming, pistol shooting, and hiking. Marian Ernsberger was president of the group. The Women's Athletic Association became nationally recognized when it was admitted to the Athletic Conference of American College Women, January 29, 1925. Membership in the A. C. A. C. W. placed the University of Toledo on an equal basis with the leading universities of the country. This year horseback riding was added to the list of sports. Doris Fenneberg was presidet. ln 1925 with Mayme Batsel as president, heads of sports were elected who had charge of their respective sports. In 1926f27, soccer was added to the fall season sports. An interfclass tournament was held. In the spring, track and field events were introduced and the season closed a success under the leadership of Nellie Severance. The season of 1927f2S, under Marie Mikesell, furthered interfclass tournaments in all sports. Miss Ernsberger was appointed Physical Education Director. . In 192829, pistol shooting was added to the list of major sports under the leader' ship of Mary Henry, as president. Intra-mural games were made possible. Under the presidency of Helene Cosgray, and the general guidance of Miss Ernsberger, the year 192960 closed a great success for the W. A. A. Golf and archery were both introduced as minor sports. The requirement for a sweater award was raised from 1,000 to 1,500 points. For the first time, two delegates were sent to the A. C. A. C. W. Convention, held in Ann Arbor. A revision of the W. A. A. Constitution adopted in 1927 was worked out dur' ing the season 193061, under the Presidency of Josephine Hauman. All participants must carry 12 hours of HC" work without any outstanding conditions or failure. Since interfcompetitive sports is against all the national principles of "Sports for Sports Sake," it was decided by the Board to withhold all W. A. A. points from any girl who represents any association in athletic competition. For the first time, a Play was held in the fall, and a Play Nite for all University Women was held- during March. Two delegates were sent to Madison, Wisconsin, to attend the conference of the central colleges. Now that the new University of Toledo is no longer a dream but a realization, the future for the W. A. A. holds many interesting plans. M.:3.-i1,,, . ., . .KK 1 l 1 g: "IJ . page one htmclred twelve X lrfjl ,fl r 5 if kj 71 - l-V J ,J f, ' J! , Q ,rx QQ , ' :I V f ,,-:ri , K' ' f ' .A eg f AY 42 U L+- RGANIZATIONS ,. wh, ,, - - 1 . ., , X g- ,V W, ,- . -A - fi l w 1 X 1 1 x 1 v ',f.,! 4 , w : - I , . , .,. J . ,. 7 , 1 . -4. V ff-.Ju 7. 1 ' I -, , -' -'J .I 'rg U 1 2-'Civ' ' 'fl J .' I 5 'fl' ' ' ' 'une ",24"" R . I ,, .- , '- A, J U J-g. - ' .7 , ' PW-, ftj- ' .. . '. , ,V1-' ' I I ' C .1 ., . . . ' "1 v 5' Xf x Y 5' I 5-Y--f ,A , L- 'V 2W- ' w. v. ,, " . ' . 1 I 1 1 1- ' A dx , 1 . , ' ,4 - ,qv X gi 1 l- . X I' I'-N, A 1 Y Q v 1 Q '- - ' . I r:'.f S. 1 - , , 4, -- fu' fr .5 . L, R' f 4' -' . A -4.5 I. X ' Q 1' KWH' .gb "fm HQ' M .,vI,. .... 1 ., -hh: X . , ,ll,' .Q I ' 3' - " ' X355 f: v lv . "' J' frm" " . H 9 1 ff' I' H141 .Y ' 1 "I, ,J '--I N-' 3 ' .zqfiix W' 4' ",:- -AT' ' ' 'iw 4,,.- 'Q-,' ' Wfffffl M 1 Yiiffr. 'S . --aff' , 3 -1.-'1f,.,..,,,-,-,:y, . X' '.3-'V 1y'4Q4- . '1' , t,..' , -- 1 , , 1. I X l w, - , - ' ,qw , yr f ' ' 1 qv, 2 x 9' M 4 ' . V' ,Nw - .. - -- . -My E. y-V .Vg 11' 1 X .V , f. mfg.. ,. , aj+NVCQ,Hf',,,f:,. - " '--f--V553,,,N.,:'3,L-Q. 'lin YU, Q' RI' u ' 'u1,','- X .Q " 'I' ,gf . Wy - . . , ,,-gy, .,,,,,1r .A,,, ..,. wx, , . I v,.,,,. , 1,f.i4,...,, 4 . , ,, H -, - . ,.4, ,H - '5f:,Q,j,-jg' .. 1, I 'xg X -' W'-' , I' Lex . .. js.: 4' J- , ?r,w,M5VeFv,,' ' k. .V ,..- V ' wxzfvg, 'I ,L 'M' I I B Lo C KH o U 5 E ,,,,,,., L, W W, , nf- ---- f -f----V f- llllfu gill' 'alll M' Ill . all ln 95:5 -gtk' 'I , 1?nfIamx1r+M1sIII:fq.r.gremefvivz9'A .. , ' ff:-L-'13-Qi 41 , l. V' W 1 Mary Eggleston Edna Rantft Lucille Gross Dorothy Schreiber ln'rer-SororH'y Council LUCILLI3 GROSS .... . . . ....,........,................. President MARY EOGLESTON .... ...... V 1'cefP1-esidenr DOROTHY SCHRIEBER .. ,... Sem-erm-5''To-ea.w.1'eo' EDNA RANFFT ...... .................... R epovter KAPPA PI EPSILON Lucille Gross Margaret Fruend PI DELTA CHI Mary Eggleston Josephine Hauman PSI CHI PHI Edna Ranfft ' Lena Folger PHI THETA PSI Laurel Campbell Dorothy Schrieher v I - 4 I .J .. 'VT , ff Q I I , . i, , 7,. '!: ll ,Nm :R Laurel Campbell Lena Folger lvlnrgurct Freund Josephine Hauman 1 l l l l l I Br" .H D.. page one lzundrecl fifteen IW ll 'fi' I 'l neil. '559'9f?Q Qi lu x ' O 'Ln x , pi 3.,t,:'4 . W i l l l BLOCKHCU SE Pi DeH'a Chi Founded in 1915 Flower: SHAMROCK Colors: GREEN AND WHITE Officers MARY EGGLESTON ..... LUCILLE LAVENBERG .... CATHERINE TRESSLAR ..... JANE BENNETT ........ GRACE SANZENBACHER .... MARION WEIGHTMAN ..... . . . . . . President . . . . VicefPresident . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Reporter Acfive Members Jane Bennett Suzanne Blanchard Mary Cline Jane Eherly Alice Eggleston Mary Eggleston Katherine Emch Jessie Hammann Ruth Harsch Josephine Hauman Nathalie Hinz Adelaide Hogue Marian Kern Pledges Catherine Blanchard Mollie Crowder Margaret Emerson Corrine Harris Dorothy Kanode Dorothy Jane Pollock Marguerite Pond Lucille Lavenberg Florence Marshall Ruth McGinnis Ruth Morton Suzanne Rucker Grace Sanzenhacher Grace Schoonmaker Helen Sidell Marion Tallman Catherine Tresslar Mary Helen Tresslar Pauline Wells Helen Wise Laura Robbins Ruth Rosacrans Helen Ross Phyllis Rucker Ruth Shay Virginia Storm Lottie Von Hoff Mary Ann Ward .Adviser 'fi Q 1 page one hundred sixteen Vids I Bl.,O.Q.lSH O U,SE,+C .iYl'M1,1llA',, ,Q i will il: W i sl Yffm l'-A 701' ' 4' I :ner -v - W U t fi . I i I ' l llf '. If i -1, J" 4' , za. 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A vi 3--ref' Phu The+a Ps: Founded in 1920 Flower: BABY Mums Colors BRONVN AND GOLD Officers DOROTHY SCHREIBER . . . .A........ Presrdenr MARVEL STOLL ..... Vree Presrdern MAURINE LALONDE .... .. Recording Secretary ELIZABETH SCHNELL ..., .. . Correspondmg Secretary LAUREL CAMPBELL ...A Treasurer MAXINE SAGE ........ Reporter MADELYN POPE ......,. Curator MARGARET WILLIAMS .... Faculty Adviser Members -as Dorothy Arnold Laurel Campbell Dyrexa Chapman Maxine Kimener Maurine LaLonde Theone Marti Betty Cvermyer Marjorie Albrecht Betty Bartlett Evelyn Dirr Melba Evans Ivadelle Gehring Pledges Ruth Parker Madelyn Pope Maxine Sage Elizabeth Schnell Dorothy Schreiber Marvel Stoll jane Wine Dorthea Harms Mercedes Johnson Carolyn Kuehnl Dorothy Manion Virginia Palmer Cleone Rodenhauser D C I page one hundred eighteen rm.. Il f fl L 1 9-1132 13,1 JK Jil! lr H BLD ,Qli H O U5 Ewe, Q?:l,rf 4 rl , .f llegid' .. L ..., 7: .ur L -V,, 5 f:i:::!.dB.: l 1 J l -F Ll "fru- f , 3 V N l . Y-1-Y - ' -A - X 'N ds l l l - v Maurxne Lalnncle Laurel Campbell Durntlwy Schrielwer Marvel Stull Madelyll Pope Dyrcxa Chapman E. Selwnell Maxine Kimener Carnlyn Kuclmnlc Tlwcone Marti Duruthy Arnold Ivadellc Gelmring Dorothea Harms Ruth Parker E. Qvermyer Betty Bartlett Melba Evans Evelyn Dirr Virginia Palmer C. Rodenhauser n u Q o page one lmndred nineteen ll ll Rall 7155! till K s -:H 1'-1:3256 GGG i ,Lost ii K2 Fil I I I 1 S - Q it 1 Giiyzi fliiin B LUCKHOU SE Kappa Pi Epsilon ' Founded in 1911 Flower: CHRYSANTHEMUM Colors: GREEN AND GOLD LUCILLE GRoss ...... VIRGINIA STARNER ..... Officers President . . . . . . .VicefP1esiclent 1 MARGARET FRUEND ..... ....... R eco-rding Secretary 1 WILMA HALL ........ ..... C oi-responding Secretary ALICE TRIPPENSEE ..... ................ T freasurer MARY PERRY ........... ..... R eporter ALMEDA MAY JANNEY ..... .... A dvisev Active Members Florence Abbott Margaret Perry Ruth Butler Mary Perry Dorothy Doan Dorothy Schuh Katherine Fruend Betty Slow Margaret Fruend Virginia Starner Lucille Gross Martha Taylor Wilma Hall Mabel Timson Alma Hinchman Alice Trippensee Thelma Miller Edna Watkins 4 Pledges Betty Algeo Ruth Mielke Mildred Bolz Maurine Patterson Murlyn Cameron Eleanor Quillin Ruth Chilcote Loretta Schill Dorothy Schnitker a 0 U page one hundred twenty ITA" B LO C K H 0 UQEM r e? 'l d WE: I 5 I l ll 55,5 Q Q l U ll .7- l . ' ? ' fr ge 1' 'Nfl 1 - YF? ' X ,, 5, , E? , . Eff .1 . . . , , Es: 3-J 3 VF' Q Dorothy Schuh M1ld1'ed Bol: Milfflld Taylor Ruth Miellte lvlargzlret Perry Vwginia Sturncr Lucille Gross Wilma Hall Margaret Fruend Mabel Timson Mznry Perry Thelma Miller Maurine Patterson Katherine Fruend Alice Trippensec Murlyn Cameron Florence Abbott Ruth Chilcote Dorothy Doan page one hundred twentyfone JIT 4 1 II Q BLOCK:-:oust :S All I F '- l V lg. I' 1 rl" -' 'is X "gi s ,4'! Y .PA 'un 1 l l Psi Chi Phi Founded in 1923 y Flower: POPPY Colors: CRIMSON AND BLACK A Cfficers l EDNA RANFFT .... ........... ....... P r esiderir Q MARIE CARP. ..... ........... V icefPresidem NAOMI POLLARD. . . .... Corresponding Secretary WILMA LIFFERING .... ..... R ecording Secretary JANE KAMKE .... .......... 'T reasurer E DOROTHY MILLER .... ........ R eporter i MARION DEWEESE ..... .... S enior Adviser l GERMAINE BAER. . ...... Adviser MRS. J. M. CONDRIN ..... .... P atrorress Acfive Members Dorothy Bleckner Grace Lanzinger Marie Carr Wilma Liffring Marion DeWeese Wilda Meek Rosalie Elsperman Dorothy Miller Lena Folger Naomi Pollard Margaret Hart Edna Ranfft Jane Kamke Margaret Vance Pledges Eleanore Bage Dorothy Kreplever Irene Carr Corrine Landenslager Ruth Cranker Betty Long Eleanore Corns Rose McWilliams Vivian Cunningham Phyllis Pettit Betty Genac Virginia Ruggles Ruth Gruenwald Betty Schwartzkoif Marjorie Kibler Vivian Smith Marcia Witherall B G n cf page one hundred twenty-two ,fliyfqil v if +-----a-M A--4 - - -- 1 ,Nqr Bl.-O c K H 0 U ss ,ffm i i i l l l i ' 1 . 1 Fi l SY, Q' E l l , Q LL., if g l N l Edna Ranfft Grace Lanzinger Margaret Vance Lena Folger Dorothy Miller Marian DeWese Ruth Cranker Wilma Liffring Jane Kamke Betty Long lvfargaret Hart Naomi Pollard Phyllis Petitt V. Cunningham Marcia Witherall R. Elsperman Virginia Ruggles na er o a page one hundred twenty-three ll V film iiifwi ifiiiflilffl -is ' 4 ,iw :L l 1 ls . A Q0 il ,' x '19 U2 '-..u -im. BLOCKHOUSE Sigma Pi Delia Founded in 1931 Colors: PURPLE AND GOLD Officers FLORENCE PONEMAN . . . ......... .... P resident i IDA GOLDSTEIN ..... A .... Secretary l EVA MOSTOV .... . . .Tiesasiwer MARGARET KLEIN. .. Utility Ojjicei MOLLY ZUKER ......... ..... R eponei Mrs. JESSIE STAFFORD ..... .... A dvisev Aciive Members Mildred Cohen Helen Davis Shirley Goldman Esther .Miller Ruth Weinman D G page one hundred twentyffolw . ,,, , , .,, ,, , - .. , ,Wa .fy l M l B LC2QSHOfUSE'll xr . Q 'Sig 5 la'Jv'fA , , ' " I. , 4 V ' I Q , -pi ' ,. . - ' J.-..mQ.1:-.s.uau4'...nfsz-ml f ' ,V A wff , k Lv., ' .,, Q vu. rj .544 . , I pg . J .' :l',4 , . .gxr . -- - 1-'V - -pdl' Vu '. 7 , if ',, ZY"ff'fQ .al f., W TTS, b. tl -f v 13975 4, ..-f f-- X 'ar ,, . e Ida G1-lditcin Florence Plmeman Eva Mostox' Slmrlcy Goldman lvlnrgzlrct Klein Molly Zukcr Helen Davis Ruth XX'cinmzm fvilldrcd Cnlmcn Esther Miller page one hundred twenty-flue N M...-4 l FI - l I , I , 7v ,,77 7777777 , hifi? BLOCKHOUSE i' ' 0 r'fa,'a'..1' Alpha Tau Sigma EA I I Founded in 1931 Colors: ORCHID AND SILVER i Officers i M. DOROTHY BOOR ..,.... President MARY W. BELL ..... VicefPr-esidenr ELIZABETH GESSNER. .. ....... Secretary GAYNELLE SNYDER .... .... T reansurer IRENE HOLLERBACH ......, . . .Reporter DOROTHY V,-XNDENBROEK .... ..,. A dviser Aciive Members Mary Bell M. Dorothy Boor 7 Ruth Burroughs I Eleanor Coakiey 'Q Dorothy Cress Katherine DeWeese W 7 Elizabeth Gessner yi Irene Hoilerbach I Elizabeth Knapp , Gaynelle Snyder I7 Eugiene Stitzer I7 717 7 g O Q 7 Y .. I N I it z I II ,R ' I7 7 . Il 7 I E I Q iii 1 -'Q' ', , ' if-Y, -,-,,,,,,,, -.. ii or I Il. . 7 I I page one hzmdred twenty-sm 7 LW--- . . , 6,57 I 7 1 'Y "1 .,,- . 2- .i U- ' ' L . . -ra. Pan-Hellenic Council fx 3,2-. F , L ' . -171, E3 'f' its fr . Franklyn Hawkins Richard Krauss Bernard Grover is ir., 3-sua?-gsfb'i:3.'.1.,3 P :J Q 95 ' 4' :qw w ' " -M I H Edward Kutz Manuel Davis Robert Kelb it A 5 N E It I l Q vi . S. Leslie VanWormer Sydney Wittenberg William Burgess Q .T 'I .. dliiilfxi-?iil1ffQf1'i51 . . ' DAVE COHEN RICHARD Kmuss DEAN G. F. EVANS.. Sigma Della Rho Gliver Rideout ' Bernard Grover Lambda Chi Arron Levison Harry Fink Chi Rho Nu Paul Dale Leslie Van Wormer Phi Kappa Chi Clarence Carson Douglas Marshall ...........President . .... Secretary-Treasurer . . . ........... Adviser Sigma Bela Phi Rolland Buehrer . Edward Kutz Chi Bela Chi Franklyn Hawkins Mellen Bitter Alpha Phi Omega Robert Kelb William Burgess Kappa Iota Chi Manuel Davis Sydney Wittenberg Kappa Psi Irving Hibbard Frank Bond lr? rv z'f Mi qi: Fi'lf i'l A I 'Q ,Jk' l '71 fl' K. v . :Hn I page one hundred twenty-seven I IQ. --- . 'Mlm L EBLOCKI-:oust ,E . , yi, Sigma DeH'a Rho Fra+erni+y l Gamma Chapier l Founded in 1921 COLORS: PURPLE AND GoLn l Officers OLIVER RIDEOUT ..,.. .......... ....... P v esidenr CHARLES, JARVIS . , .... VicefPresidem ALBERT BIRCH .... ....... S ecretrwy RALPH WITTLIAN . . . . ........ 'Treasure-r RICHARD KRAUSS ......... SergeamfarfArms PRoF. J. B. BRANDEBERRY .... .... .... ........ A d 11 iser Active Members Albert Birch Reeves Kidney Richard Bloker Max Krause Edwin Boldt Richard Krauss james Brinley David Manning Donald Cole Burdette Mallory Maxwell Cooley Charles Masters Albert Cox John McCord Clarence Day Richard Pelton l Paul Day Cliver Rideout l jacob Folger Russell Ryerson Bernard Grover Welliiigton Schaal I Adolph Harste Wayiie Shepherd Julian Heitman Karl Shull John Holly Coyle Smith Charles Jarvis Marvin Timm Robert Jennings Kenneth Wallace Harold Kabel Ralph Wittman Pledges Don Appel Robert Morey Robert Baumgartner Carlton Rae Richard Brayton Robert Rankin Richard Hanselman Marlen Schvvachenwald ' Harry Hatch Robert Shepherd l Robert Huenefeld John Sheridan James King Eldridge Smith Raymond Leake Spencer Svveeny Carlton Marhais Ralph Thayer James Miller Marvin Van Vw7ormer 5 Y. 9 D page one hundred twenty-eight I I 1 I Y "u'liI1ll ,wi I I 1 B Q H 0 Edrdrw d I -L .fl'i',Ez ,V , 'z f. ' . - l-5. 'M of vf j-'fa ,' "gin, 'Jin-14. I in v Ji F3559 r-rl 51 1' . nv.: ' .- .... .' rj. fig1j.'fl?qQr'!g,1.4 45 f"'55I675i2t?l1LS--"i.' ' " Q-5,"11:LZ .fi .fr-3 ' ' ,mr L , .-... r ,L-- ,.. .. I J If ai , I Q O 9 .,, Y O 'J' ', Y- 5 , LI ' iff fix , 4 7. 1 2 2 HAWUIR: f"1"7' a- X' Richard Krauss Charles Jarvis Ralph Xxvylfflllllll :Klhcrt Birch R. Jennings D. lvlanning K. Vfallacc lwlawin Timm R.Ryc1-sun Donald Cole Karl Shull Max Krause Julian Hcitman W. Schaal John Holly Reeves Kidney james Miller Adolf Harste Bernard Grover Richard Palma B. Mallory Richard Bloker Donald Appel M. VanWormer R. Brayton R. Leake M. Schwachf Harold Kabel enwald ' I ll " 'rl 1 I I I I I l I I I I I .I il I I I page one hundred twentyfuine EU I I I I I BLOCKHOUSE Phi Kappa Chi Founded in 1915 DONALD SHARPE ..... DOUGLAS MARsHALL .... ARDEN LILES ........ WALTER DENCE ..... CHARLES CARSON ...... DEAN BOHRER .......... DR. H. H. M. BOWMAN ..... Donald Alspach Richard Barnes Gerard Beroset Dean Bohrer Jack Briggs Gerhard Burde Clarence Garson George Cook Walter Dence John Dowd Alan Emerson Colors: BLACK AND WHITE Officers Members Maurice Ernsberger Robert Gosline Vance Gray James Briggs George Barth Carl Eberline Hall Liles Pledges James Gross Lorin Kerr Philip Lee Arden Liles Douglas Marshall Glen Moan Henry Moor' Richard Pheatt William Preston Charles Rhodes Richard Rothert Lawrence Sharpe Howard Stevenson Burton Wing Glen Martin William Main Irving Reiser Charles Stahl . . .Master . .Warden . . . .Scribe Custodian . .Marsh al . Chaplain . .Adviser page one hundred thirty ill' M- -..,.-,?.. .?lfliy1ll:1 BLGO,-QS H O U5 EE, is-, --I' 1: . ' K , 0 ia -1 .1 Q 'Ui ,, 3 pf , 9 . 3 xi: " f W1 Walter Dense Gerard Beroset Burt Wing Iames Briggs Lorin Kerr Carl Eberlein Richard Barnes Douglas Marshall H. H. M. Bowman Donald Sharpe Vance Gray Phil Lee Robert Goslinc Arden Liles George Cook Gerhard Burde James Gross Richard Rothert Allan Emerson H. Stevenson Henry Moor Don Alspach Glenn Moan Dean Bohrer Charles Stahl Hall Liles Irving Reiser John Dowd William Main 1fl,'f's1j 'ia :J - af N.- ,wsf ,hu ,il l 'F X ' J U yt ,ma J. page one hundred tliirtyone ll l ,fl 4Qy. rr H1 lit f.'lrf'm BLOOKHOUSE 84 . .E 7 nie s h- ru L .l mn I fi r-, lr I X517 -' :H-.W . I L. -IX I . 'WI lr " fan. A I v.. I, , .L W Q :fp .E .ja Kappa lo+a Chi Founded 1925. Colors: Blue and White Officers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER MANUEL DAVIS ........ Noble Grand ........ SYDNEY WITTENBERO LOUIS LEIBOVITZ ....... Vice Grand ..... ............. J OE BLOOM IRA LEVINE ........... Scribe ....... ........ B EN SCHULAK I WILLIAM SCHULLER .... Bursar ............... WILLIAM SOHULLER JOE BLOOM ............ SergeamfarfA.r-ms .......... LOUIS LEIBOVITZ ELI DORE ............. Keeper of Archives. . .... MANUEL DAVIS DR. LORAIN FORTNEY. ..Facul1:5f Adviser Acfive Members Joe Bloom Ben Sehulak Manuel Davis Williani Schuller Allen uoldstem Charles Schwartz Louis Leibovitz I Ira Levine Abe Steinberg Herbert Perlis Sydney Wittenberg Pledges Edward Cheyfitz Alex Fishbein Leland Bellnuan Melvin Nagler Merril Seps l F --A D 0 Y ' page one hundred thirty-two Ii it l l 1 B L0 CKH OUMS E ,A 1T1Ql'V"flfs. :t -in . - yd.. ',- - .xg , V ,. '14 L 'f . ,, .,.-:, ---. --Q-gw-- -Q- . ,.. .. . , ,K-I -,:. , '.'. .vi-, I-v ,-Q-3 4. ,. ,.. ,, , '7. ", ,M R N 4. 1 If - - ff 1 fi 4 4 I fi 4 ' W"""' . .., I . lf,-' in .,,., ,, I, .,,. l.lI'- ... ' .. I-. ..., . ' 1 . .I l ,im 'A - M" -1.......,1 -r..,gf,,..,7' -541 l - W- ' . -,P-'f?'.ff. '-uf'::.g': -'A i ,ru-.-L.. 4113241 .z.ei-lQi,'fz'lPSL.,.Lf. el 'yimgfi-24:51-flifv, ' . i .1 N., ,416 p- ln -36 i ,Q 'Q l xxlllllillll Schullcr Sydney Vsfittenbcrg Bcn Schulak joe Bloom Manuel Davis Melvin Nagler Merrill Seps Leland Bellman Alex Fishbein Al q if page one liundred thirty-tliree I J ll A W S luv . l iff, ll if ,Nl 1' i l 1 rl- 'i P15 l l rf x.""Q'n r D BLOCKHOOUSE Chi Rho Nu Fraternity Founded in 1921 JAMES STOWER . . . ARNOLD STRAKA . . . WALTER GIBSON .... EDWARD GARRISON. . ROY HUMMEL ...... GEORGE WANDTKE .. VAN SIOKLE ..... Colors: RED AND WHITE Officers Active Members . . . . . . . .President VicefPresident . . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer ..............Warden .....Assistant Warden ...........Adviser Walter Argow John Arnold Fred Billingslea Frank Butler Paul Dale Harold Ducket Edward Garrison Walter Gibson Fred Gossman Roy Hummel Jack Cameron Robert Erwin Mark Felker Robert Geer John Hancock Daniel Konczal Carl ImGberstag Jack McCaslin Lyman Miller Kenneth Meyerholtz James Stower Arnold Straka, Leslie Van Wormer Robert Wagner George Wandtke Robert Whitmore Pledges Charles Kransberger Irving ImOberstag Kenneth Neorr Wilfred Poppen William Stimson Leland Underhill Ralph Uthoff D G page one hundred thirtyffour' ,lu .Yu ,lr I i BLC2Q,KHOU5Er-,,r lll, 1 fl Rf'1iT'.i1f?T?'f'.QQfl-Q : ll I A 4. .-ff' 1 we?i'21s' - -'fa .. . 9.1 l A HL r tg an nf- Quin K 'K is 77.5 ' Cv Edward Garrison Arnold Stralizx James Stowcr Leslie VanWorn1c1' john Hancock Carl ImOberstag john Arnold Lcland Underhill Wilfred Poppen J W :" ' We mt' , ,Y-Ffa ' 4 page one lumdred tlnrtyfflue Il ffy, wltlmlilllr J A -5.11 I W l 1, ' N rl . Jil, -l4,qQsf7!7l li il Ki' ak-PZ! F BLOCKHOUSE Chi Bela Chi Fraiernify Founded in 1929. Colors: Blue and Gold Officers I FRANKLYN HAWKINS .... ......... ..... S e 'niov Consul MELLEN BITTER ...... ..... I unior Consul ROBERT VERNIER .. ........ Scribe i MANLEY MALLETT . . . ..... Custodian WILLIAM SNOW ............. ..... M orslwl DR. CHARLES J. BUSHNELL .... .,... A dmsei Aciive Members jack Arkebauer Carl Kumpe Allen Ballanger Robert Lampton Mellen Bitter Seth Lloyd Thomas Bourque Q Mailley Mallett Karl Brenner Lawrence Mominee Walter' Brimmer Milo H. Philbin K. Marvixi Burbank Kenneth Rogman SCOtt Dill Robert Sells Philp Eckert Matthew J. Siefke Howard Emery Graham Smith Richard Hanselman Williain Snow Franklyn Hawkins Homer Spurgeon William Hyde Robert Vernier Norman Johnson Frederick Walbolt John King Robert VVitker Robert King Kenneth Wright Pledges Robert Byram Ted. Walinski Rex Tracy B U n o g page one hundred thi'rty'six I i 1 I -..,--, .yMlli'l ,lg l I ' - , P- , i Bio C K H 0 u,5E,,a , ,jul rf. , :lv ..: ., , :Af -fb - - V-3 X an 96 Franklyn Hawkins Manley Mallctt john King Williani Snow Frederick Walbolt Carl Brenner Thomas Borque Homer Spurgepn Carl Kumpe Kenneth Rossman l H2 e YN- v ii 53' in -- f r' k'n"Js'F ' qui- lj' l l l l l l J p.1ge one hundred tllirtyfseven wllva, l BLQOCKHOU SE iiixifffflillr :M I 'iw 'f ul iw' if i i ., ' f-Uni' -. 'T' 'fs i "i..s"'2 'ii I so -. 1 Sigma Be+a Phi Fraternity Founded in 1918 Colors: BLACK AND GOLD Officers , EDWARD Kurz ........ ......... ........ P 1 esidewt l ROLLAND BUHRER ...... ..... V ice President l HARRISON TRAUTWEIN .... ..... .S ecretavv r HERBERT GOETZ ........ . . . Treasurer PROF. W. F. BROWN ........ .... . . .. Adviser Active Members Harold Alexander Francis McManus l Lewis Bartlett Leonard Mohr Ralph Bernhagen Roland Buehrer Harold Conrad Wilson Edwards George Evanoff Eugene Gauthier Herbert Goetz Robert Guss Carlton Hissong Clarence Huss Edward Jackson Edward Kutz Roland Lamley Joseph Limoges Pledges Richard Curnmerow Burgess Decker Eugene Eisenhouer Robert Florian Martin Gruhler john Guss Frank Heath Frank Huebner Norton Heywood Lawerence Imber Bruce Melvin Robert Mussehl James C'Neil Robert Saelzler Stanley Sander John Sheehy Carlton Siegel Maynard Smith Norman Staiger Larry Steele Harrison Trautwein Wesley Vance Alva Waltz Donald Willey William Trotter James Montgomery Larry Noonan Karl Radke Robert Rankin Robert Sillence Peter Sun Richard Wascher Pete Whalen Wallace Witker Cornell Gray Russell Hoff Robert Woehrly Cl D 0 page one hundred thirtyfeight J' M -R t viifRy 1i'1X up CKHOUSE , Al y r! 5 4-'- , . ,, R r 1 .3 ,vc ' 'ifevlgw':!uJf'?1xfi2"!:Q': si1,j-.'xggv:gg47i,,:yf A-' ' ' ' 1g',,.-,".,,r ,- -f 31'-fn' .,.. Edward Kut: Stanley Sanders Herbert Goetz Robert Mussehl Robert Rankin John Shcchy Leonard Mohr as 6 D G page one hundred thirtyfnine IH , T 1 U I? X is Tr A :Wal "M.l'l',7 115: A J, iwffrlllliil Y 'girly BLQCKHQUSE Alpha Phi Omega Fralernify Q Founded in 1921 Colors: SCARLET AND GRAY l Officers l ROBERT KELB .... ......... ........ P r esidenc LOYAL CALKINS ..... ....... V icefPresidenr KARL REISER ....... ............ T reasurer ' WILLIAM BURGESS PHILIP HARRIS ...... l BERNARD SEITZ . . . l I y ROY YOUNG ........ l I l DR. C. K. SEARLES ..... I l 1 I Acrive l William Burgess Loyal Calkins Lyle Calkins Charles Campbell William De Sana Philip Harris Robert Kelb Henry Kreider Arnold Lapp Jack O'Connor Karl Reiser Fred. Zilles Pledges Donald Cameron Wayne Cowell Robert Davis Floyd Fowler Carlton Fox Ernest Lyons Robert Matzinger . . . . . . .Recording Secretary . . . . .Corresponding Secretary .Reporter . . . .Sergearitfa1:fArrns Members Bernard Seitz Carolus Sheiiield Gordon Sheffield Edward Sillence B. Adna Snyder Valentine Thomson Walter Vye Edward Wetcher Richard Weter Theodore Yaecker Roy Young Donald McLean Thomas McElroy Spencer Northrup Jack Taylor Rodney Vinson Edward Wright Herbert Young . . Adviser D Q page one hundred forty BL,QQ.lSH O USE, gf" Z 'fl I' A., V "UMW ' l ' 4- 'H l dd, 5 p, r SLA: g'7L--Ee '.- -1, L. 1.:. '. .,. .D F2415 ii S .. as fzf- Wrgls f'1'.:. ,i 'V i .1 ' r ANY -1 , . .V "Jia ', 'ffl' af 'TXT' ff .Sw--9 .,. n .,. J.-- 'L Q1 I . Vkfilliam Burgess Robert Kelb Charles Campbell Gordon Sheffield Bernard Seit- Rodney Vinson Donald McLean ,lack Taylor U page one hundred forty-one Q .- All l if Yfiiflilliiv. T l ' nl gm al kill i 2,glll,li ,fi I T 'fx' X :w i L ill W" ' 1' Q" -. l US. l ' , lilo' ' l' l Q-If -fin l 5 .sg BLOCKHQUSE Kappa Psi Pharmaceuiical Fraternity l Beta Lambda Chapter Founded in 1879 Colors: Scarlet and Gray Officers JOHN PARR .... ............ ........ R e gent JUSTIN CROSBY ...... ..... V ice Regent RUSSELL WILLEMAN . . . ...... Secretary NORMAN SAMPSON . . . .... Treasurer ARTHUR KUNTZ .... Histo-riaii RAYMOND SMITH .. ..... Chaplain Advisers DR. H. M. BOWMAN PROP. W. M. REED DR. H. R. KREIDER MR. E. E. ROHRER Active Members I Earl Day A Raymond Smith Justin Crosby Harold Taylor 1 Russell Knowles George Valliguette Arthur Kuntz Stanley White Dwight Neeley Russell Willeman Leslie Overmier Irving Hibbard Walter Gffeller Harold Korte James Page Kenneth Grunden john Parr Floyd Smith Norman Sampson Milton Borchers l . Pledges Arthur Brourr Franklyn Neal Norman Crary james Perdue a cz , page one hundred fortytwo ml Q E Dewight Neely Earl Day Raymond Smith Milton Boscher Arthur Kuntz page one hundred forty-three I' u I xy 1 if' Lvqxi-:X , ,R1?V1::'-Rifligl T, W w gi,YLvJfi9, B L OA K H 0 U S E A n r - no F C1 T, ' . 'r W W ' :sad ji , -, Q, ,' .Lu f A Vi' snafn? ' 1 Y Lambda Chi Frarernify Founded in 1925 . Colors: Black and Gold 5 Officers SAM BERKOVITZ ........ ....... P resident DAVE COHEN ..... .... V icefPresident AARON LEVISON .... 'Treasurer HARRY FINK ..... . . . . .Secretary LOUIS LEVIN . .. ........... Reporter BEN ILLMAN . . . . .SergeanrfatfArms DR. NURSE .. ........ Adviser i Acfive Members Morris Bame Hyman Ginsberg Rflbeff Bam? Herbert Kimmelman' Sam Berkovit: Louis Levin Dave Cohen Aaron Levison William Epstein Harry Fink Ben Illman. Harold Friedman Sam MO1eV1t5 Irving Fromkin Sol Shcnk Pledges Simon Abramovitz Edward Levine Q Qscar Abramovitz Sam Schwartz , i 1 hlfrl ' ' 'P Q, page one hundred fortyffour JWKK. 1 W T' V ,VJ in Y V4--V -1-i WV V V kgrr Y M-A YY77WY , 1 PW1 A 1 14 A - ,N glgvta ,- V J I . l I ' 'I-I'a"a,'1.' 4' M , 1 l Y o l o l W X Y w Y N o V w N , , I Ben Illmnn Aaron Lcvison Louis Levin Morris Bame W Harry Goldberg Sam Molevitz Sam Sqhwartz rx o o page one Hundred fo'rt5'fi1.'c l ll l lg Vglfrrfllrl L I Nj I We ' with lil B L0 C K H 0 U SE I Q If I ee LLL LL I L, , ig ,IX il A , I. Q. 3 A -. ' 1 ig, ' V g 0 L, -' "f,s'zf.i' , PI Gamma Mu I' I L Fra+ernH'y I I 1 N Ohio Befa Cha pfer y y ' 2 :"l NATIONAL SCCIAL SCIENCE SCCIETY l gf l X Founded in 1924 l l CHARLES BL'sHNELL DR. LINCOLN LONG ' National VIce'PI'esident Natl Honorary Member l y l Officers l MANDE BROXYN. . . ......... ........ P resident 1 FRANK BURNS .... Vicefpresiclent l MARION SPRENG . . , ........ Secretary y LESTER HIKRING ...... .... T reasureru ' , ALIIE SCHNVERTZLER ..... . . . .... Hostess I f CHARLES BUSHNELL .... .................... A dvisew- ' ! DOCTOR LINCOLN LONG .... . . .National Honorary Member I Acfive Members I l - B l Ruth Allen Rosemary Featherstone David Pugh Q Walter Argow Lorain Fortney Bernice Rairdon I Elizabeth Aufderheide Hazel Geiner Mary Reardon l Forest Blanchard Leroy Grant Mary Roach l Mabel Bourquin Mariaii Grewer Gertrude Schottenfels I Florence Briese Lester Haring Mrs. A. C. Schrader Mande Brown Grace Irwin Ame Schwertzler , Virginia Brown Susan Knight Clair Searles Frank Burns Marion Kreiger Sadie Shiple l Howard Burtch Mrs. James Lane Joseph Smith Charles Bushnell Aileen Leitner Sherman Smith Olga Bushnell Florence Lester William Snow Bess Campbell Fred Leu Marian Spreng Margaret Clarke Myrtle Lorenz Katherine Tobin Mary Colleary Lewis McKibben Helen Tucker Grace Cronk Edith Militzer Frances Valintine Hazel Darby E. Louise Moss Lawerence Vander I Grace DeLisle Corra Muhme Eloise Voorheis , Eileen Eberth Florence Muhme Lorna Wager Elizabeth Eckhardt Merel Newcomb Joseph Woolf Ruth Jane Essinger Harrison Grians Ella Reed L, L, Q 7 ' . page one hundred fortyfsix , Q is ki Y Agp' g T All ll A i l 'Ifjl illf' S il "' ' """" A K" i ' ' ' 'wir' 7 '- -4 -' ' . , lllll ,-1 ll - iz, ,V ' il ' 'T 5: , 4, rg 1 IK: . Q Zi ' I ' Q .. of 4'-'W' 1fi'fWff "TF'f.'. FW Z 151' "'f"1""W"""'-"'T2f-ff?'fm'M' "ilffmzffcT'??illl2F'7f59?H'fll713all7f'5lLf fl fl' 'r' "1 4. ,rizeielimf W. -3549 . gall if ill f "' if' f?F f.v fi' ff,f,4?i?,agZll'1SFl"3l'lWi Y W ll . A ,.-,' s sw 31- hai. I' - - ' 4h'l1'- , .-4' , 5554. 1 HE 33 . 'Wu .- ,. rr- L 3 9 " Lr?.':z' ' A I 1',1. 2s,,f' rm, f-. ' f .1 L ...K H s 'A i. VHF 'f Hel-T'SaIMf ani' In U uq"'y'5g"' I ', ' qls 51-Ar' .r-:.hv,H- , liflfifaf "-sv-2'? 54,414-.r,'f'v'. Nj ., ri.-.1 ,.w'.x-' ' e 'H A-Ar , V , Mull lx -1454 fifl' K rp. ,Gp-3,13 Ln 'Q ri. i ll Qfw, I-'jf' . , '. , l 5-tm: if 'rig WVEC1' , 7 r. , L., , I , . . i v Maude Brown Lester Hering Myrtle Lorenz. Ella Reed R. Featherstone Margai'et Clarke Frances Valintine Helen Tucker Florence Muhme Lorain Fortney Grace Crunk Ruth Jane Essinger Louise Moss Clair Seurles Marian Spreng Williaiil Snow Howard Burch Florence Lester Cora Mulinie Katherine Tobin Lawrence Vander Susan Knight Fred Leu Walter Argow Olga Bushnell Sherman Smith Sadie Shiple l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l 5 it I l i l l I 'l l l l -Tj., W-5 page one lumdred fortyfseven E' 0 Jllfr, X e f-y'1yl1llft+'W 'I Wil I I 4 , 1 1 rm., - - 1 t s L. tc t K H o U 5 E tl fl if lr, L I l All a QQQ1 ,,,, fn- Y iWKA i7?iY -1' nj iii Y 'ni' ZA4 if x ' T' .' .l l r 'il 5. I 1 l C O C N fn' S., ,'.ik.W,!. Honorary Biological Society ll ll THE Biological Society is an honorary organization formed in the spring of 1951 for the stimulation of sound scholarship among the students of the biological sciences, promotion of the dissemination of scientific truth and the furtherance of biological inf vestigation. To be eligible for membership in the society a candidate must have the total uni' versity scholastic record of 1.25 points and a biology average of at least 1 5 pointsg he 'N must have completed at least 16 semester hours of biologyg and he must be either a ll Junior, Senior, or a graduate major in biologyg and affiliated associations may be held 1 by students interested in biol-ogy, but who have not qualified for membership. The li purpose of this relationship as associated members is to extend the influence of the 'I organization to a larger number of students in the department and at the same time to 1 prepare them for membership should they later become eligible. 1 This organization has applied for a chapter from Beta Beta, a national honorary l biological fraternity. It is more than likely that the charter will have been granted 1 before the end of this semester. 1 Officers p Louis E. Moses ..... ........... .............. P 1 esident l ABE STEINBERG ....... ........ ........... V i cefPresident SYDNEY WITTENBERG .................... Secretary and Treasurer Members in Faculty DR. H. H. M. BOWMAN PRQF. JOHN M. CONDRIN DR. EDWIN M. KNIGHTS Studenl' Members Mary L. Dean Louis E. Moses Roger Forsythe Florence Poneman Helen Leech Ben Schulak Robert Merrill Bert Seligman Sam Molevitz Abe Steinberg Sydney Wittenbe1'g Louis lvloses Abe Steinberg page one hundred fovtyfeight CTIVITIES l l ll 1 ' ,F IM ll . ' I' l lw".w l 'Q' x"af-1' an , B LOC KI-lou SE Blockhouse Sheff BERNARD GROVER ....................................... Editor SYDNEY WITTENEERC ...... ...Business Manager DEAN GEORGE F. EVANS ..... ......... A dmser Editorial RUSSELL RYERSON ...... MANUEL DAVIS, EDWARD ART EDITOR Hazel Weigand George Cook Mabel Timson FEATURE EDITOR Madelyn Pope Dyrexa Chapman Betty Algeo CHEYEITZ. Assistant Editor . . . . .Assistant Business Managers ADMINISTRATIVE EDITOR Franklyn Hawkins ORGANIZATION EDITOR Helen Wise Jessie Hamman ACTIVITIES EDITOR William Preston Donald Appel SOCIETY EDITOR VV'OMENlS ATHLETIC EDITOR Naomi Bossler Josephine Hauman ATHLETIC EDITOR CALENDAR EDITOR Robert Jennings Margaret Peffy p Donald Cole PANEL EDITOR Reginald Jackson Albert COX Kenneth Wallace CLASS EDITOR Richard Brayton Mary Eggleston GERHIARD BURDE ............ . ................ Pllotogmphy Editor CARMEN BARNES, DOROTHEA SCI-INITRER .,....... Staff Srenogvaphers Con'rr?bu'rers Ralph Wittnian Charles Jarvis Marjorie Albrecht Jane Kamke B 8 D G page one hundred fifty ll ii., BLOCKHOUSE i wwf , ,F fv1i4w?w H9524 I X A J e ff' fl 4' l X U , ' aka, 'gif' 07, . I., 4. , qwui' i ,Y r J l l I l l i l i X l l l i l l l Sydney Wittenberg Dean Evans Bernard Grover Robert Jennings William Preston Gerhard Burde Naomi Bossler Madelyn Pope Charles Jarvis Carmen Barnes Margaret Perry Josephine Hauman Russell Ryerson Donald Appel Albert Cox ' Helen Wise Franklyn Hawkins Donald Cole l n a o Q ' page one lmndred fiftyfone ll U 1. BLOCKHCUSE 14 lx il L GA s I I .l ,ggi V xfllylu .s1,"! ' v' E '-nt . Campus Collegian Editorial Sfaff FRANKLYN HAXN'KINS ................... ..... WILLIAM SNOW ....... .... NAOLII BOSSLER ..... . . RAY KING .......... IRENE HOLLERBACH. . . . .Editor'irIfCl1ief .Managing Editor . . . .News Editor . . . . .Sports Editor . . . .Literary Critic MARY EGOLESTON. . . .... Society Editor I ALFRED COHN .... ...Exchange Editor l GEORGE COOK ..... .... S taff Artist 3 WILLIAM HALL .... ..... A dviser Associate Eoliiors CHARLOTTE WEBB ......................... .... W ornen's Sports ROBERT JENNINGS ...... ................ S ports . GENIFREDE THOMPSON .... .... A ssistant News Editor ' Business Staff i LORIN KERR ........ ....................... B iisiness Manager ROLLAND BUEHRER . . . ..... Assistant Business Manager GRACE LANZINGER .... .... . . .... ............ S ecretary Reporters , Jane Eberly Phyllis Pettit Loyal Calkins Justin Richter l Jessie Hammann Evelyn Dunn l Natalie Hinz Leonard Mohr E Marian Howell Donald Durr Francis Ake Edward Jackson Dorothy Kanode Felice Kozak Parnell Dumiller Mary Krepleever Eleanor Coakley Richard Medlexi J William Hyde Sol Shenk Kenneth Wallace Graham Smith Edith Johnstone Ruth Menne John King Helen Wise 1,-L as L ' page one hundred jiftyftwo e Bl.,QQLQHO USE, ee .,,.. .T . wa- if .ms .,,,- ,r 2: O Q.. 1 a ' -,e any 1743, iff Q WT. l -rg: '. TJ 1- .jf Zia? L Q if im Exif' Fqnj. au -. -. , 341 1 ff-I-if -'TTT-'G' ,lv-if .. T.'.'15.' J ,,:-.5-!gE.5::.f.Lif'-ffl?-fi-""'.M'2r'.x21f-1 3. L., an fl ,ar -J 1 -, . 5 K4 V : Qzlg 'J i J., 7I'Z5e.1-Q4r. e., A ' '1?':F-37+ TP? ITF-IJ i '.'-tri: Jr' , . , , ' Q :ggi-'.:1fQ.' .Q , .,f,.,'ff9f.n::irr:5. . .. . ,.,-,fem :1:..:+:'..1' ' .,.....4 .na mal, 4.3.2. 13,,v,4.....wq, i. :fra - ifeizsgqql, .f 4- 'w,.457':M':-as-Q--4,fi4'L wif-'g,, ,g,i:'.,,x:itfAl " --iv A- .4-. r fri-PV 1z'r:'.-:NAL '-f?l':.f:"'i .:ffs2?fT'!' '!1:Xf'l " mffffvf wr" fr. . 4 gli 'uri'-i.,1'f 3, .,,,:-,Y , ,...A . ,,-,n " -hx-. IK' ' ,I ' 1 A ,Af :f'.-.'.v.1-:rin--zz.-:dgrgrl ' A , .- 'rp f,5,-.'i.fTl"'.,?QH A ',:':f.'-:SE A Q 1 e.'.iie113eY.,,f,ni-gf: ,:,.p,.',, i...-- :-:mn ., . ..,3:.--- r. . .,...,,,...c.z-., ms. -iz: Vffx ' .. 51152 fffpfr'-'i:f: ,..,v ,, ,.,,,.,.Y,,., . f f. ,. . 1 - X . ..' .. ,.w,l.' --'fi -, 'L VW:-"5 , fi 4-'Z '- DL 9' K.. 5- Franklyn Hawkins Lorin Kerr Robert Jennings Naomi Bossler Grace Lanzinger George Cook N Evelyn Dunn Mary Eggleston lxenneth Wallace Vw illiam Snow John King Genifrcde Thompson Jessie Hamman Irene Hollerbach page one hundred fftythree wfif k Q f 5 as B LOCKHOU SE ' Press Club 6!N,ql4"i . il ,d pkg :tf lf J my gS-'uv' "'.!L'f' 1' 'lm A fi-.X.'-knrij ' I 'HE Press Club, probationary organization to Alpha Phi Gamma, national honorary journalistic cofeducational fraternity, was formed in March, 1930. Members are selected on a basis of their ability and I interest in journalistic work. l . T Officers FRANKLYN R. I'I.-KWKINS .............. ........ P resident J WILLIAM T. PRESTON .... ..... V icefPresident l MARY EGGLESTON ..... .... ....... S e cvetavy l l l Founders l l Franklyn Hawkins Harold L. Davis Edward C. Kutz Dorothy Wells Mary Eggleston Charles Sweeney Lorin Kerr Geraldine Mathias Sydney Witteiiberg A The founders of the Press Club named above will be charter mem bers of Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma in Toledo. Additional Members Naomi Bossler Edith Johnstone Geraldine Brown John King R.OllHI'1d BUQDICI' Rzly Eleanor Coakley Felice KO,-:ak Alfred Cohn Mary Krepleever ' George Cook Dorothy Kanode EV?lyn Dunn Richard Medlen Helm Dunn Ruth Menne DOHHEQDDFTT Richard Pelton lm ery Phyllis Pettit Robert Eley , . . Justine Richter Jessie Hamman S I Sh k Irene Hollerbach O an I Marian Howell Graham Smith William Hyde William Snow Edward Jackson Genifrede Thompson Bgrnafd Grover Kenneth Wallace Reginald Jackson Charlotte Webb Robert Jennings Helen Wise B G 9 U page one lztmdvecl flftyffour il Y' il WHS, Mi B LO CKH OUKSE iiiiiiii i yyydw y y y yy y Q y y ew I y Q ' I g ohh I- - lnf k ii ll 'Akai l , i Y, 'lp r' 'sf 1 3:41 l Nr uf. .H 444-E4 ' - .ff .. ,. .4 r .2 , I 'i I 1 Q' ,I , , l l i 1 l .N 1 1 -' .i-s 4... 1, - , :tv i Q j -v i 'N l T L l l l , . i l l 7 , 'J " l l an al Q "' 1' f.V'5f1Ef?5f44 l 3 ' if ' 'z".,:f'T W Q-. -- ' . " l . n- ,. "mmf .. Jill . -- - ,-'Q-Rfiiffififiif l ' mf g' f F 1 -e-QI-'Bri - i i i 11125 - ..Qa- P' i i xg.-ni lczy ' U11-I Q Sydney Vv'ittenbcrg Franklyn Hawkins Lorin Kerr I Edward Kut: Irene Hollcrbacli Robert Jennings William Snow ' i john King Bernard Grover Kenneth Wallace l 1 i 1 1 l ' l , Q. 6 fx" 'Lt Q page one hundred fftyfve l ll ll , fbi' V3 L. 6 a ' ana Gig i 01? ., . V, JT pi ls.. " :away T v, L- ' an X 13-3 L4 r 1 ' I I T L l l i 1 l .L L- -- BLOCKHGUSE Drama'I'ic Associafion Officers M. DOROTHY BOOR .... ......... JUANITA KISSEL ..... MARGARET FRUEND .... WALTER AROOW ........... M. DOROTHY BOOR .......... MRS. JESSIE DOWD STAFFORD .... . . .. . . .. .President . . . .VicefPr-esident . . . . . . . .Secretary Treasurer . . . . .Business Manager ..........Adviser ELWOOD ALLAN ......................... . . . Acfive Members Donald Appel Walter Argow Carmen Barnes Elaine Beeson Rolland Buehrer Alvin Bippus Sue Blanchard Mildred Boltz M. Dorothy Boor Naomi Bossler Wm. T. Burgess Lois Bussdieker Laurel Campbell Winifred Clark George Cook Mary Dean Kathryn DeWese Walter Dence Maurice Ernsberger Katherine Fruend Thelma Miller Ruth Morton Mary Perry Charles Rhodes Sue Rucker Robert Saelzler Robert Sillence John Sheridan Norman Staiger Franklin Steinmuller Margaret Fruend Jane Grace Irving Gressman Jesse Hammond Rollo Heebsh Anthony Janicki Edith Johnstone Bernice Jordan Jane Kamke Charlotte Kepner Fred Killian Juanita Kissel Winifred Kopanko Edward Kutz Arnold Lapp Calvin Lieberman Jimmie Leister Francis McManus Dick Medlen Ruth Mielke James Miller Virginia Storm Mabel Timson Catherine Tresslar Helen Lou Tucker Jack Ulmer Jane Wiiie Burt Wing Helen Wise Marcia Witherall .Director D Q page one hundred jiftyfsix Icesic Harnnian lvlzircia XVithercll XValter Dcnce Mabel Tirnpson A. Ianicki Dn1'ntl1y Boot Mildred Bol: Edward Kutz Sue Rucker Wm. Burgess Vvhiltcr Argow Juanita Kisscll Naomi Bossler Ruth Mielke Donald Appel Virginia Storm Carrne Barnes George Cook james Miller Thelma Miller Helen Wise Sue Blanchard Margaret Fruend Elizabeth Gessner Laurel Campbell Wa?-'gn''W2QgZQLIuILi'+gE'jaEQQUQ5 -Y in BLGCKHGUSE it we I n W - 'E ll gi. il x 5 L' ' 'un .Q vp sq qs ' s L. . i 1 University League of Women Vo'l'ers Officers MARVEL STOLL .... ......... ..... EDNA RANFTT .... . . .Vice President EVA MOSTOV ...... ..... MADELYN POPE .,... . . . l Members Dorothy Arnold Eva Mostov Laurel Campbell ' Ethel Pappajohn Dyrexa Chapman Madelyn Pope Ruth CfHDli6f Helen ROSS 4 Evelyn Dirr Edna Ranfft Maude Drunkenmiller Sue Rucker i Lena Folger Maxine Sage Alina Ffeidel Elizabeth Schnell Ivadeue Gehrmg Doroth Schreiber Mercedes Johnson Y jaunita Kissell Marvel Stoll Wilma Liffring Helen Lou Tucker Theone Marti Helen Weadel , Ruth Menne Margaret Wilsoii Dorothy Miller jane Wine 5 F' U Q page one hundred fzftyfeigl-it , BYL QifLfQH O U, SE- f"'3':-Lqafbfa ' ' . . - -1'-'+v"o'-'-L1 :1 '. 'lr " 'I -1. I:kr'5'L54Q7zi-I '- - 'Lf 1. .. 'Y . .,.,. , vu., . .Qhx , -2- . ' Q ' l Q 1 v l i I , ml , , H- 'x 4 ,, K, . Vi, , 'X V 1 V VII ' nu gl V aw' - ,N x O an elk. ' ' 2 7 'P - al Q , A Ps , 'I -f ' "' 5 'fi' 'S' , V 5 1 H . J f ' ul .. gg L3j'Q.tgi'-Q4 ,1 . gig gzgri - LIL 1' if--I '2:'1.:"5'.g .-.-Lf fbi: 'V I' - P ff? 5 Egf4'I3fwi?iw7i'E-li3f5"5'5-.iff '- f' ' 'ff' f"Y,I3.pl3.:5"?:"-:Ah -Hg? 1 :fl f".'-r.'!31!g f!i'Jh:r:" 'I " 9:21. ' '. :,. .rfw ,,.,.fg,. ..Q. .i- . A 1 ,A g fu -ff'- "6-f'f.4a-.-.Q--5-,H 11 '.-5.1.1 it- , L ll f vt' . px X amp. ,, 1 . --1 :A::i:pL-'1'q+- ..' . I , I I-51.1,-I-, ,QF :.LL,iLL". 1. m i'5':fEZ1 1- ----y-zxf, , ..-- -,PL Q.-Ill,-Q.. . . ..-x I : ' .w:r--::11:. " 1225-iflfgaxmea-Ave?E'aff',42wif,-.,Jif-211 ii -:M il Jw f . i Edna Ranfft Marvel Stoll Madelyn Pope Sue Rucker Dumthy Scluricber -Iaunita Kissell Eva Mostov ,. Elizabeth Schncll Maude Drunkenmiller Alma Frcidel Ruth Mennc ,N 1' - ,V A ., . - ' MHFL.llCI Vw IISUU Ruth f'1.mLcr W J Y W w -.,,,1t7,, . ml.- -M page une hundred jift5'f11i11c 1 I II ,lm 1 ,4A fs' 'X , fi, ti gif lf I 'lair 'Xu l -'ifa ie jf, i L- il " . 1 I V , '- A eu x 1 - ', rr V:-fmi"' B LCDCKI-IQU SE Sfucleni' Y. M. C. A. Officers KARL REISER ..... .......... ........ P T esident ROBERT KELB .... .... V icefP'resident WILLIAM SNOW .... . . . ......... 'Treasurer LOYAL CALKINS .... .... C orresponding Secretary FRANKLIN HAWKINS .... ...... R ecomdmg Secretary STANLEY JEFFERY. . ........... Chaplin Advisers l DR FRANK NURSE MR, CHALMER DYER Members J Allan Ballinger Seth Lloyd i Lorin Beebe John Meier Fred Banda Don McLean E. Pierce Brown Tom Mcelroy William Burgess Ralph Miller Loyal Calkins Charles Myers Donald Cameron Spencer Northrup Gerald Carey Thomas Reeves Carleton Fox Irving Reiser Allan Gintzel Kari Reiser Irving Gressman John Rutschow Franklin Hawkins Lloyd Runyan Philip Harris Robert Sawyer Earl Heinzelman Carlton Schultz Al Huber Vergil Shepler William Hyde Edward Sillence Stanley Jeffery Coyle Smith Bob Jennings William Snow Leonard Jacobs Russell Somerville Robert Kelb B. Adna Snyder Vincent Komorowski Valentine Thomson Henry Kreider Blair Unkenholz Edward Kutz Edward Wetcher Bob Lewinski Richerd Weter B '5 D 9 page one hundred sixty I I W, l alnii',1wl1,? an we we a i 'A e Q ml BLOCKHCUSE filfiiap. - -- "gf" "'-in "" ' 'j, i i ll ,A ll L44 inf? ,fl in It 3 iglgzlv ll , e , ,All .I , 3:7-p'tj-,v 4. ll l l w l l w l l Q, ii ,Q , . v .. l N I l f N Edward Kuta Franklyn Hawkins William Snow Robert Kelb ' Robert Jennings Donald Maclean Richard Weter I. Harry Gressman Edward Sillence William Burgess Gerald Carey Edwin Wetcher i P l i l A l . l N N l 1 , E I 5 l page one hundred sixtyfone ,Aff UTM 1 ll. Us M ilt, Btocm-:oust 54 , f-5 "1 r Ellen Richards Club Officers MARY AGNES MYERS .... .......... ...... P 1 esrdent FLORENCE ABBOTT .... .... V icefPresrdent CHRISTINE PETCOFF .... ....... GERTRUDE. LEASOR. . . ...... i. .Treasurer MRS. MAY BLANCHARD .... .... F aculty Adviser . . 'Y Members Marie Callahan Mrs. Crittenden Helen Eblen Lena Folger Mrs. Gosline Oleta Hedrick Katherine Kneisser Grace Lanzinger Regina Leasor Wilma Liffring Eleanore Morbaeh Lois Rasmussen Mrs. Schmeltz Jeanette Shelles Mabel Taylor Margaret'Vance Helen Waggoiier Pauline Wells Dorothy Younkman D U page one lztmdrcd sixtyftwo Q 'Y , lg . ' """ -' 8 -Gigi-v'fvf::f7-4-.-.-' fx, r 1--. .., ., e,..- 31' ' 1 ii-ff ' ,. .vlffl r!J,L,:g!:r:':' ., ....4 fr: ts' 4 - :'7fi4's:c:f J 4. .. I .'5F22?7 AI"'i ,, - V 1 '. 0 . vi :. 3 .' '24 -'fkffffi -7.-.-AWK' "V-' f v- -ia!-lxzra . ' -1 . ,K ,-, K . ..'f,...,.'.r.,ie"' 'TT'.'Y11"':3' 1, L... -,. 4.4 :TL l'Y Y ' r fIf-L!'i..."?"1..',' ' .'f1'z5vF-' fl' .K ' 1, ., ,,,. vl.,,+,i,:l, I ,Q 5-if'f-1fTEfc.5V R. 2 :.p:!x.z:.H '41 ,:.,.'17rR:1' .- hrzfxl 'f .,.A. .,. .1 r- 1-rf , , , , -"' . '.1 '.'Z,'2!'I ' ' ' p 1 's ,:,.., . . e... ,,.. ., A, 5- 1' ,.- 1'1- 1 I , 9vQ..., .,.f,.-,,, .-1, Y! - . .1 L..w ,H 4.1, . , . -si . 5- 5 :- ' I . ., Q 5 t. r ., f' 4 ,-.. . nl.: . I4 .HQ . .- .. 5 ,.,, , .i' V-I 4 Mary Agnes Meyers Gertrude Leasor Oleta Hedrick Grace Lanzinger Margaret Vance 6'-4 ' va 'E'-'fa 1 fl wb r ruwflf Y yi M V 4,45 .f . ff F , T bv, I , r ' I' H, 14' A .V A ' 8 U page one hundred sixtyfthrcc D 0 .HV ,X "Y A. 1 i R , ll A14I,iffs51lI4l.lR .2 tiff Lil BLQCKHOUSE so 7 Q.. ,i 4.p- Kwai Q. , ' :u. .I Y ' W s . -, l jgql' 5' lf -' -Tl A ' fn. - .5 VI 3 -.'4.' v l l 1 Deba+ing Associalion Officers HOWARD KLINE .. ...,...... ....... P resident ROBERT KELB ............ .... V 1'cefPresident DR. G. HARRISON ORIANS ............................... Adviser THE Debating Association of the University of Toledo completed this year the fullest schedule in the history of forensic activities at this institution. Twenty-one debates for men were included in this schedule. Of these three were nonfdecisive in character, three losses, and fifteen were victories for the local squads. Decisions were by critic judges, trio judges, and audience vote. A new feature of the Debating Association was the forming of a women's debate squad. Two questions were used by the women: State Medicine and Chain Stores, the lirst in single debates with Chio University: Findlay and Miami, the latter in a debate with Northwest' ern University. Of the women's debates two were nonfdecisive in character, three were recorded victories. Women's Teams Negative Team: Marcia Withe1'ell, Helen Lou Tucker. Cregon Style: Charlotte Kepner, Helen Lou Tucker. Cregon Style fChain Storesjz Murlyii Cameron, Helen Lou Tucker. Men's Teams Men's Conference Debates: Afiirmative-Howard Kline, Capt., Spenf cer Northru, Robert Kelbg Richard Brayton, Alternate. Negative Team: Edwin Reid, Capt., Arnold Sukrow, William Snow: Bernard Wolson, Alternate. Oregon Team: Pleader, Williaiii Snow: Speaker, Edwin Reid: Cross Examiner, Howard Kline. TwofMan Team: William Snow and Howard Kline. 1 ff-:A I n -gn page one liundred sixtyffour V WAS 1 i Bl.aQQJSH 0 U SE V Mgwfr, . 4 .11 V Yr P111 N ,T ,X , "ri wk. I Y 2-.X , I , 5' .pknf .4111 I .f-h"z.5qi 4' i i i ii i w i i T i i i A i i i i i ii i ir n ,,....., i ,.,. 2 if :.-:- 9' W iff? A si ' 1 ,J 'i li i 1 A i i i 'V .X 1 N -P .I - ' .Q I ,i , .,,, A. ., -5 I 1 is I ii f .ir i 1 i Howard Klinc Robert Kalb i 1 Edwin Reid Charlotte Kepner Willianl Snow W' ' Richard Brayton Marcia Witherall Bernard Wolson I 1 3 ' W .4 I page one hundred sixtyffwe i i ii ll il so 7 HV if ' l lf , lr la B 6 BLOCKHOUSE Peppers Honorary Organizafion for Women Officers DOROTHY SCHREIBER .... ....,.... ..... P if esidem JOSEPHINE HAUMAN . . .... VicefPvesidenr MARGARET FREUND .... ..... S ecreravy CATHERINE TRESSLAR .... .... T reasurer Members Mary Eggleston Lucille Lavenberg Margaret Freund Sue Rucker Josephine Hauman Dorothy Schreiber Alma Hinchman Charlotte Webb D G bage one hundred sixtyfsix 1 1 , . " 1 I 'V s-2 fl?.L'j?2'r.ZL.. . xl. ,o BLOCKHCUSE t Vf1l,.'?2f2siH fr vd h r x 1 l 1 r xv, V is P qt: Cathcrinc Tresslar Josephine Hauman Dorothy Schreiber Margaret Freund Sue Rucker Mary Eggleston 1 I 1 i D 5 u o page one hundred sixtyfseven 1 l ii R YU rl W A U 'C ri m , BLoCKHousE X 5 I is 514 ln+erna+ional Relafions Club Officers WINIFRED CLARK .... ,............ .... ....... P fr e sident l BERNICE HUSTED .... .............. V icefP'fes1dent GERTRUDE COLLINS ..... ..... C owesponding Secretary MARIE CARR ............ .............. S ecreuwy HOWARD KLINE ............ ......... 'T veasmer Miss ALMEDA MAY JANNEY .... ..... F aculty Adviser Members Alvin Bippus Margaret Freund Marie Carr Elizabeth Gessner Winifred Clark Mrs. Gosline Alfred Cohn Thelma Greenway Gertrude Collins Bernice Husted Marion DeWeese Juanita Kissel Albert Dietz Howard Kline Genevive Edstrom Sue Rucker Genevieve Edstrom Gordon Sheffield Howard Emery Franklin Steinmiller 5 G U Q page one hundred sixtyfeight ll 'r a . B I-OQ K H 0 U S Y , aa G G ' 'Hi ll ' -1,9454 i ' -'17 Q26- l i I l i I I 4 1 : I , z 6' V t I l Huward Glinc XVinil'rcd Clark Juanita Kissell Sue Rucker Marion DeVVeese Gertrude Collins I Thelma Greenway Genevieve Edstrom Margaret Fruend M-G G Ga a ff:- -ff M ---ff' w -iq' 'V' page one hundred sixtyfnine ll ll Xfqyfh 5 nwvrllvfw-N 54 1' .. ii ' ., li l, 2 P sf X i l l 1 ' Q' ".:-is. 4, y X lil'4-'Qi ri f BLOCK:-louse EI Centro Espanol Officers 4 CARMEN BARNES . . ........ ....... P resident DOROTHY FRANCIS . . . .... VicefP1esident DONALD COOPER, .... ...., 'T reasmev CHARLES RHODES .... Secretary EDITH JOHNSTONE .... .... R epovtev Members Ruth Rosacrans Charles Rhodes Clarence Thomas Ruth Schwartz Mary Ann Ward jean Hicks Bernard Wolsoii Dorothy Jennings Maybelle Beach Ralph McClellan Lenore Brown Bruce Melvin Harry Fenneberg Leland Underhill Robert Baumgartner Rodney Vinson Harold Boyne Suzanne Blanchard Victoria Bussdieker AHC6 Eggl6SI1011 Mary Cartin Dorothy Francis Violet Forney Igaidafet gmt 1 h h Elf CU116 I'6SS Elf EdiIar5OLI:ii1e Gladys Whitmore H M jane Wine 'eng Oor Marjorie Canfield Marian Tallrnan Alice Cottrell Luelva Wefneft Philip Harris Edna RHHEU Allan Cintzel John Murphy Donald Cooper Dorothy Ramni Williaiii Mernab B U U U page one lnmclred seventy 1 BLLLQ C K U SE , Carmen Barnes Edith Johnstone jane Bennett Catherine Tresslar Edna Ranft Helen Wise Margaret Hart Luelva Wernert Virginia Stor Bernard Wolson page one hundred seventyfone WWW All H lilly ' 5 W F4 ,ll 1", , Lli -img, l T' 'lf ,l x I v x :ix vi-A s..::.'1i'g BLOCKHOUSE Commerce Club' KARL REISER . . . ROBERT KELB ..... WILLIAM BURGESS .. . . . . . .President . . . . . . .VicefP1fesiclent . ..... Secreta'ry"T'reasu1e'r Members Frank Bond Bernard Seitz Gerald Bond Charles Rhoades John Laubaek Pierce Brown Naomi Bossler Arnold Lapp Loretta. Wienk Vincent Komorowski Lucille Gross John Sheehy U o u 4 page one hundred seventyjtwo 11 ll HULR1 m NT m V5 F BLCCKHCUSE mlkw ,wr , , , ,,,,-,,, . W , - f 'wiv' 1 1 96 A . ' I 'um 'I A . Aff 1 yziflafi is' A X 1, w N I N I I Karl Reiser Robert Kelb John Sheehy Lucille Gross Bernard Seitz 5 1 1 I 5 C -4: at page one hundred seventytlwee Il l wfifflllx Mum BLocKs-louse 54 41 1 4 n Ji V 'X E l ll l i A iJ,,l,1Q "4 .'.,' "ws lx ,I S-,x':,. 1 l Le Cercle Francais MAURINE LALONDE .... ELIZABETH SCHNELL KATHRYN DAVIS FLORENCE KERR .......... Officers DoRoTHY DOAN ....,....... DR. E. ADOLE SCHUMACHER .... Kathryn Emch Helen Leach Bernice Gomorski Dorothy Schreiber Ella Ruedy Alina Freidel Theone Marti Harry Fenneberg Fern Schaller Members . . . . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . . .Reporter . . . .Adviser Marian Polfenbough Margaret Perry Martine Bowie Francis Lanker Ruth Mielke Maude Drunkenmiller Sue Rucker Marvel Stoll Margaret McGuire U CI page one hundred seuentyffour , B LQ C K lil FQ UJELQMF Maurinc La Londe Elizabeth Schnell Florence Kerr Alina Friedel Margaret McGuire Marvel Stoll Francis Lankcr Maixde Drunkenmiller Bernice Gomorski Dorothy Doan Fern Schaller Ruth Mielke Helen Leach Kathryn Davis page one hundred seventy-Jive ll ' .Y if -iill ll 1 'JW MV 5 gfclgivr B LO C K H 0 U 5 E 1-Y 'L -' 3,115 ' Tung V N ,-L, A ,, l,..i Q Toledo Umverslfy Orcheslfra Ki WILMA HALL ....................................... President I PAUL DAY .... .... V ice Preszdent l MARY PERRY .... ..... S ecvetary HOWARD DAY .............. .............,.... T freaszwer A V1oL1Ns FLUTE l Harry Goldberg Paul DQY l Melvin Nagler HORN5 l Clfiiflylfigiibeth OQNEH Don Alspach l Arthur Rantz Howard Day Cecile Vashaw TRUMPET5 Ralph Zucker Glenn Martin C Matthew Siefke ELLOS Bruce Wagonla11der Y Wilma Hall T l Emily Rairdon IFOMBONES Y Harriet Wise Allen Ballmgef l Paul Nye A BASS Paul Ziemer l Edward Jablinski TUBA 1 CLARINET-S EClg3.I' l Donald Jardine .... DRUMS l Lawrence Stelle Robert Byram l ACCOMPANISTI Mary Perry Y, i l l l l l l l I l 'l ll i yr 1 l l l l l Y W1 4 f',"'fi2', .EFI Sli," ' l ll if '-H-ll-W- 1 I J U page one h'l.L7'1Cl,TEd seveiitysix BLOCKHQUSE A VJ? HI V '4 K. U I: ,f m .hir I Y I 1 is 'bhp' I .. M r , , ., QQ' .. .tnflf 4" I' Y W ' A ' +' ' Oman S SSOCI6 IOI1 I J VIRGINI.-X STARNER ..... .....,.. P resident CATHERINE TRESSLAR . . . . ....... VicefPresidenr MARY EGGLESTON ......... .... S CC7'CfdTy'TT6dSuT67' DEAN KATHERINE EASLEY ..... .... ........ A cl wiser I VIRCLINIA STAIINER MARY EIIGLIESTON 1 B D I page one hundred seventyfseven Il C, r'frf'w,.q .N f ly 'ffl l,JQffV'l lf, A Qc ,JAH l Y ' 5, . Q 1 ffl-ix.,-Qiqg X O-Fficers GENIFREDE THOMPSON . . . .......... .........,...... P resident 4 CARL GOFF .............. ............. V icefPresident l GERTRUDE LEASOR ........... . .... Secretary and Treasurer Q PROFESSOR VJAYNE DANCER ........... ......... F aculty Adviser i Members Malcolm Baxter Elie Hazera Charlie Postelwait Dorothy Boor Earl Heinzelman Zora Powlesland Walter Brimmer Edwin Jablinski Elena Ray Charles Campbell Henrietta Jennings Helen Rolfes l Katherine Davis Alma Kiewat Kenneth Rossman l Manuel Davis Robert King Ella Ruedy Albert Dietz Richard Krauss Wanda Sobodnski Ralph Donely Mary Krepleever Courtland Taraschke Wilson Edwards Garland Kyle Genifrede Thom Son Edith Ein Roland Lamley F W lk p Cedric Eredericks Collette Langenderfer sin 6 er , Eugene Gauthier Gertrude Leasor Wllfred Wllllanls Crville Cerdes Manley Mallett Ralph Wlfflllan l Charles Gilbert Henry Meyerhofer KHfh1'YH Zlmmefmali l Carl Goff Ted Miller Velma Zimmerman Associate Members L Professor J. B. Brandeberry lvlaurice M. Lemme Professor Wayne Dancer Alfred Riopelle y ' Professor J, B. Winslow l E 2 l l CARL GOFF GENIFREDE THOMSON GERTRUDE LEASOR Y Y:Yi'rYY!- lk l l page one hundred seventyfeigltt tl ll as as BLOCKHCUSE Gospel Team of The University of the City of Toledo LOYAL CALKINS ,.,.......... ..... C aprain Members Karl Reiser Bernard Squires William Snow Allan Ballinger Edward Sillence Gerald Carey Franklyn Hawkins Robert A. Jennings Seth Lloyd Thomas McElroy THE Gospel Team of the University of the City of Toledo was organized in the fall of 1927, by its present captain, under the auspices of the Student Y. M. C. A. This team has grown from a mere club project to one of the busiest Gospel Teams in the country. During the Hrst year of its service the team held six meetings in the Toledo churches. The next year ten services were held as interest in the team began to spread through the churches. The third year the group gained state and national fame by holding thirtyfsix services in Toledo. That year the Gospel Team appeared before three young people's conventions, gave one hundred and ten speeches and talked to approximately five or six thousand people. In the last year the team has held services every Sunday evening and will exceed its previous record. The members of the team are from many denominations and strive only to advance the ideals of Christian ethics. All the programs are held on the same plan so as to be free from all sectual differences. The Gospel Team has two purposes. First, to better aquaint the churchfgoing public with the aims and activities of the students at their municipal university. Second, to, in as far as possible, correctly interpret the ethical and religious opinions of the university students of today. 'A VK Till' iii? EU l "..4p g V 74621, - - li l-l,z:'aTi.5x i B B page one hundred seventyfnine 9 D y 4 X1 , , A,-.1141 p L . 1 nh. ' -, ' . Qs-.+ -1- ,vx 1 4 x " 1 x , .-, ' 1 .f 1 Mfg'-.v ". u 31-f-'-. N K" -S., , . af ' Y :mn v ,fun- x ..,, .. r- QT --J fbi- - 1' ' . 44, ,'-fi 'f'-if f a X? 4 Y: .1 -.. 1053, J , ,Q . f--7- "1 ,. pg' ' A J' .f 55' -,W . -, f Tux' 4"'5,.V 'N . . ,, - L.-.3 . V, .-., Y a 4, . .xg ?. s 4 ' -v" 11. "1 1 ,, in 5 - V.. F ,1 Y ,Q Ql V EATURES riff eff U4 ll, ll. ff V-' lalllla BLOCKHCDUSE ll A .. . jam' l . , , . ia., Q L s qs ' '-.s'L.. l l l Senior Class Prophecy UCCESS at last! I drove my car out of the "Herring, Cross and Griffith garage." Everything seemed to be wrong with my "Manion Eight," but under the super? vision of Lucille Cross and Robert Keck the motor was soon purring its best. Down the street I sailed to drive into the gas station and fill the tank. Charles farvis- how well he had stood the toil of years--welcomed me. L'Well, Chuck, how's everything?" I asked. 'lPretty good," he said, Hand what are you doing these days?" "Plenty," I answered. L'Haven't you been reading the papers? Plranlqlyn Haw' lgins, editor of the 'Toledo Daily,' has been giving me plenty of publicity. Haven't you read about the pension bill just passed?" "Ch, you mean that one about a LState Pension for College Women unable to obtain Teaching Positions?" i'That's the one! Didn't you know the University of Toledo graduates of our class put that over?" "VJ ere there many interested?" Chuck asked. "Many? just read this listf' I said, taking it out of my purse. "Here it is- Mary Eggleston, Adelaide Hogae, Dorothy Schreiber, Marvel Stoll, Wayne Shepherd, Genevieve Eclstrom, and May Blaaseyf' "Stop! This is too much," sobbed Charlie. "Isn't there any hope of honest work for all these people?" I shook my head, "None except by a state pension system. Well, we have succeeded, so things look brighter from now on." "Howard Kline and Bert Seligman, able politicians at Columbus, helped us a great deal. Did you know Doug Marshall had taken over Knute Rockne's place at Notre Dame and that Don Sharpe obtained the position of coach at the University?" I asked. "Yes, they were lucky," Chuck answered. Curiosity always did bother me! uChuck, why are you here? You had won' derful success in your medical olhce with Lorin Kerrf I said. 'LCh, ho," he laughed, "dont you know a vacation when you see one?" So that was it. Well, I was satislied and soon drove on my way, remembering it was late and that I had tickets for the Shakespearean Play. Taking my car home, I called a cab and directed the driver to take me to the l'ShullU Opera House. I got my tickets from Marian Tallman, only to hurry in and have them snatched from my hand by Martin Ceslgowski, while Abe Steinberg, manager of the theatre, smiled in approval at the fast coming crowd. Mary Cordon ushered me to my seat as the lights dimmed. Consulting my program, I found to my surprise many old classmates in the cast. Walter Argow, a wonderful Hamlet, Catherine Tresslar, the deceitful queen, Iaanita Kissell, a charming Cphelia, and Dale Kettle and Adolf Harste, 'two of the funniest grave diggers I ever saw. 6 G ,D G page one hundrecl eighty-two BLOCKHCDUSE William DeSana was busy at the piano during the intermission, when I saw Leslie Van Wormer and Herbert Ness, well known real estate dealers. Opposite from them were Winifred Clark, Mary Cline, Eleanor Evers, Ruth Libbe, and Marie Carr, rep' rcsentatives of the Toledo Business Wonien's Organization. In a far corner 'Thelma Creenamay, a society editor, scribbled notes. Glancing at my program, I found it was printed at the "Radunz and Cooper, print shop, art work was by Mary Evans and Louise Taylor. Wilbemt Wacker was stage director and Katherine Zimmerman was in charge of properties. She had done well, I thought, to inveigle period furniture from the "Seitz and Sattingeru decorating company. The play ended, the music started again, and Carl Brenner and Robert Bain presented the flowers to the stars. Out on the street I again summoned a Bond Cab de Luxe. Charles Campbell, the courteous driver, took me to the Conold Hotel, where I dined in luxury. I rec' ognized Ralph Cooley, the head waiter, and Fannie Harris, the cloak room girl. I left my table to join Iosephine Hauman, one of the few married people of my class. She had plenty of pleasant gossip to offer. "Did you know," she asked, "that, Florence Kerr has just returned from her third trip around the world? Irene Holler' bagh and Grace Schoonmalger are stylists at the fashionable 'West and Williams' Def partment Store. Kenneth Neubrecht and Harold Dunn are making history on a pro, fessional football team." "Stop!" I shouted. l'Whei'e do you learn all this?" "Well," she said, "I was down in the drug store, one of the many owned by Rose Kwapich, and I met Naomi Pollard, director of the Y. W. C. A. She gave me some of the information. Oh, here, have some of these Gilbert chocolates. Henrietta Breno has charge of the distribution of these in that factoryf, uSay," I whispered, "isn't that Harry Casey dancing there?" "It surely is," she answered, "and that's Maurine LaLonde he's with. She's a famous musical comedy star now, and hes a successful broker." "I just saw a matinee and I must be hurrying home," I said. "Yes, and I must go to the library," Jo answered. "I was going to get that new novel by Earl Day from the Reid book shop, but I just saw Marian DeWeese and she said they had it at the library. Margaret Freund is at the library, too. My, it certainly was a waste of good teachers when all you people couldn't get positions, but now that your pension bill has passed I guess a good many of you will be happy." Just as we were leaving the hotel a beautiful "Garland Kyle" limousine drove by. "That's Homer Matzinger, 'I'oledo's richest man, and with him is Edward Katz, who is running for mayor," said jo. "Yes," I answered, "I knew all that, but did you know that Ella Ruedy and Alice Winslow are both running for sheriff?" At last I knew something first. We parted and as I walked down the street familiar signs met my eyes: "Maurice Leavell Cffers the Best in Advertising," "Roger Forsyth and William Fetters Cigar Store," "Laubach and Lauer Aviation School." By this time I decided it was a man's world. Turning to the movie district, I changed my mind. Cne of Katherine Davis' famous novels was being presented. Edna McLaughlin was starring, assisted by Elena Ray and George Randall, a clever comedian. - ll ll lllfliii 11 ii D, y i!! ii 1 ll lilgzfeli A.. om' ' '.'- -" '.f:4"a 'i' 4' I l I i l l i l 1 l i I l l I i 4 U' page one hundred eightyfthree D C ll ,,-if X Qfjlmfhl -1 s'i" zll BLGCKHOUSE Il. lilW.f5l I H l1".i'l'i' I lllkvy ' .I w,-ui-.5'.4.' Karl Reiser, door man at the theatre, lured everyone in with his call of, "No waiting, plenty of seats inside." I stopped long enough to admire his fine costume l and to glance at the coming attractions. Ralph Wittman was being featured in a play with Helen Rolfes. Funny how so many Toledoans had gone "Hollywood" Hearing some commotion, I turned and saw Fred Zilles, a policeman, giving Edward Rohrer a ticket for parking his grocery truck double. Edward said he was a personal friend of Willis Scojield, chief of police, so the ticket was torn up. I stepped into Bornett's Soda Fountain to buy a magazine. fohn Brown had recently taken over the Hearst interest, I found, and I discussed his well known career with Stanley Kwiatlqowslqi, the drug store cowboy. p Glancing through the magazine, I saw that Foster and Frazier headed a well I known correspondence school, and read in the testimony that Irene Kibler added much to her college course by these lessons. ' g I I saw Bernard Squires on my way out and he told me he had just taken over a I night club with Robert Kelb. I promised to go to see it, especially when he told me Alrne Kiewat and Elizabeth Crane were hostesses. It was nearly live o'clock, and so I hastened to the olhce of Russell Knowles and Stanley Davis, attorneys, to send in Henrietta fennings' petition for a pension. See' ing Gordon Kohls' dentist olhce in the same building, I dashed in to make an appointf ment. Vincent Kornorowski, the attendant, offered to extract my tooth immediately. He slipped the gas tube over my face. I felt a sharp tugging, and my eyes opened. I was at a table, books piled high, tests on their way, and a class prophecy to write. The last year at school almost completed with plenty of work to do, and I was napping. But what an idea for a prophecy. RUTH MCGINNIS. l l B 5 D G page one hundred eightyffour 'VLCWH BLOCKHOUSE f 'Mn x ' 513 4 'MF ' ' ,. ' " 'Af' I I Q-25 f , E ww f' " - ff-X' 46' ya .W m - A " A " Xl', i kr: I ld I ' L, j Law Macluvmon Sl' U, Nm, X ' -ig' 3 ,nwewnou fminx H 51 H M.. X , , V "' , i n A, ' 2 A fy I Q ' f XJ 4. ,I f , W '-:R Jo:'n0.fNfcL1ol..ron, wg 3 -J K . x ' ' b W - L: ,M 'ff' - -I . EIGFB Eoelxrlcs 032 L, NlCL0lOJ'M01BYlJOYf A -Efirq z H.,,.,J Bom, , My 1-f. Mae x Q IAM E 1 W x 4' f W! I L Il I , , I I 9 ? dd ght ll ll, fill livflxx i. . fig. 1 + N if T11 ill f 1' ll 1 ,S , l '.,-:Elsa 1 V. .',' 1 "my .5 'Q .'-'4' ' H aiu . BLOCKHOUSE Calender of '30 and '3l September 17th-Freshman Week. Testsg mixers, physical examsg and all that. 25th-1189 students in the old place, and three to a locker. 1 sth October Lucky people who had a free hour at 1:10 listened to the world series. . 8th-First regular convo. and some folks had a class at 10:30. 1Oth-Student Council "Fall Frolicf' Cood orchestra and decoration. 18th-Phi Kappa Chi dance in the gmy. 'w 1 20th-PanfHell council says rushing starts Oct. 27. 21st-Judge Austin presents the library with SOO books. 24th-T. U. meets Heidelberg in our iirst night game. , 25th-Pi Delta Chi, Phi Theta Psi, and Kappa Pi Epsilon hold dances. , 30th-Phi Kappa Chi dinner. Poly. Sci. students count votes. l .wlst-Alpha Phi Omega dance, Sigma Delta Rho rush party, and Kappa l Psi dance and Kappa Iota Chi smoker and dance. E November l 4th-Chi Beta Chi theater party. Sth-Sigma Delta Rho steak dinner and Sigma Beta Phi rush party. 1 7th-Sigma Beta Phi and Chi Rho Nu dances tonight. , 8th-Chi Beta Chi and Phi Kappa Chi dances. I 11th-Freshman Freedom Frolic given by the W. A. A. ' 14th-T. U. crossfcountry team won 2461 over Ohio Northern. Dr. and Mrs. Doermann have a new member of the family-a baby boy. 15th-Pi Delta Chi dance. 21st -Evening Student council dance. Day students are great boosters. 22nd-Phi Theta Psi bridge. 24th-T. U. beat Detroit City College 18fO. 26th-Alpha Phi Omega dance and Chi Beta Chi bridge and dance. Y 27th-Turkey, Football, Dances-and what have you. 28th-+Sigrna Delta Rho and Sigma Beta Phi dances. Kappa Pi.Epsilon Tea. ' 29th-MPsi Chi Phi and Kappa Iota Chi dances. December 5th-Convocation and we heard all about the new building. 6th-Sigma Delta Rho have a "Hard Times Party." 9th-Scholarships announced to: Collins, Berkowitz, Sveda, Rosacrans, Perry, and Bricker. Congratulations! 11th-Henry Page was hostess to all members of the football squad. 12th--Student Council dance at the Woman's Building. InterfSorority Council entertained Freshmen Women at a tea in the Women's Club. 20th-Sigma Delta Rho formal dinner. B D Q V V page one hundred eightyfsix .Il ll ii N BL H USE lin , i g A l Q l i u t . m al 22nd-Phi Kappa Chi formal supper dance. lAK'iz4 .- 23rd-Pi Delta Chi and Chi Rho Nu formal dinner dances. 'JM ', ',t"x,-e 25th-There is a Santa Clausg he left lights on the tower. ' P59-'i 'fri 4. 26th-Formal supper dances of Phi Theta Psi and Alpha Phi Cmega. Sigma Beta Phi and Kappa Iota Chi also entertained with dances. ll Chi Beta Chi have open house in their new rooms. l 27th-Kappa Pi Epsilon and Psi Chi Phi dinner dances. January Sth-Lucille Gross went to Nat. Convention to represent T. U. sororif ties. Nth-Chuck Jarvis and Walter Dence report on the N. S. E. A. conf vention. 29th-Vacation startsg moving days are here4goodfbye to the old U. and hello to the new! 30th-Sigma Delta Rho start vacation with a dance. February l 11th-Bernard Grover has taken over the editorship of the Blockhouse. 13th-First basketball game in the new "Arena" Bluffton 25, Toledo 23. l 16th-Rushing begins today. Here's where the 'Lfair cofedsv shine. . 17th-Psi Chi Phi tea. Phi Theta Psi novelty party. l 18th-Beta chapter of Pi Delta Chi entertain at a tea. 19th-Kappa Pi Epsilon movie studio party at Police Pistol Club. 21st-Beta chapter of Psi Chi Phi splash party at K. of C. building. 23rd-Beta chapter of Kappa Pi Epsilon bridge in Hillcrest Arms. 24th-Phi Theta Psi Beta bridge in Toledo Yacht Club. Also dedicaf tion of the Field House tonight. Eindlay 16g Toledo IS. 25th-Pi Delta Chi rush party. 526th-Psi Chi formal dinner at Commodore Perry. 27th-Kappa Pi Epsilon formal dinner in the Toledo Club. 28th-Phi Theta Psi formal dinner at the Park Lane. Pi Delta Chi bridge luncheon at the Park Lane. March ith-Honor students named today. Here they are: May Blausey, Suf sannah West, Murlyn Cameron,,Margaret Perry, Maurice Ernsf berger, Sam Molevitz, Bert Seligman, and Howard Kline. 9th and 10th-Sir Philip Ben Greet presents his famous players in Twelfth Night in the Little Theater. 16th-IntrafMurals begin. President of N. S. F. A. speaks before Convo. 21st-Sigma Delta Rho dance in .Gun Club. 24th-Men's Mixer in the Gym. i 28th-Kappa Pi Epsilon dance in Conference Room. April 10th-Junior Prom. Rolland Bueher, Chairman. 11th-Psi Chi Phi bridge in Hillcrest Arms. 15th-W. A. A. bridge in the Conference room. 17th-Freshman dance. 18th-Kappa. Pi Epsilon bridge in Secor. 24th-Student Council dance. May 8th-Sophomore dance. ' 15th-Senior Prom. John Sheehy, Chairman. Exams, graduation, spring formals, and then it's over for a while. I D H U. 'ei page one hundred eightyfseven ' . 1-'fiilil gil llfilwllfie. ., wifflf 113 - ,B I-.OQKI-L? L15 E 'H' ' -y."f'f" 'f ' i A UN T sb ii "' .I ' I i 5 i IX . it ' cy Hin v H. Q, 1 A Step Forward HE faith which the people of Toledo have had in the project of our new campus and University Hall has been justified. As early as 1872 there has been an interest in the development of the institution. Jessup W. Scott gave the city the ground which was our campus until last January. Plans were being made for a new building when President Doermann came to us in 1928. His efforts in the acquisition of this wonderful building arc known to everyone. Negotiations finished, ground was broken by the Reverend Stephen K. Mahon on March 3, 1930. The students were all present and the event was indeed a milefstone in our progress. We have watched it grow steadily since that time. Dean MacKinnon is another hard and cheerful worker, to whom we owe a great deal of praise. On June 12, 1930, the cornerstone was laid in place by Mayor Wil' liam T. jackson, in the presence of the entire robed graduating class of that year and many other students and visitors. The program was sent to other interested listeners through Toledo's broadcasting station The building went forward swiftly, and during the midfterm vacation of January, 1931, the University property was moved. The students loyally did their part in this, as in the other work of procuring the building itself. The first registration day, February 7, 1931, gave us many things to exclaim over and to marvel at. The splendid building and Held house were created by Mills, Rhines, Bellman and Nordhoff, architects. The style is referred to as 'Lcollef giate Gothic," though technically it is Tudor Gothic. The changes from the original are in the rectangular windows and the flying buttresses. It is built in the form of a square Hgure eight and is one of the most conf veniently planned college buildings in the country. Lannon stone was used in its construction, relieved by various hues of blue and brown. The graceful tower stands 205 feet above the beautiful exterior arched entrance, which opens into a portico. The field house, or the Arena, as it is now called, makes a second huge unit of our campus. A tunnel leading from the University Hall to the Arena lends the practical advantage of a single building. Cur pride in this magnificent building knows no bounds. It is gratifying indeed to see the stately tower rising above the two ediices and proclaiming our establishment in campus which will, in time, equal those of other universities. What countless opportunities we will have here for the advancement of civic and educational enterprises and for that vast unknown quantity-"an education." DYREXA CHAPMAN, "33.', 5 Q l r i 1 a l l l , l l 5 l ,,,,, 'IT' page one hundred eightyeight BLQCKHCUSE ,TBXK X vqx ' '1 '1'l' q5 g5A :AKA X fig! iq U K P 5 'U ,jg-Q.z"z 5.2: I Y N W W N if ' N 5 H 5355 I3 gag B U U 9 page one hundred eightyfnine Awww UK Nl K TJ, , VL T1 Wx - 'I 7 :Lf L Q A-!iW':?'.' il rf s.'a'f-Fr I 9 3 I BLOCKHOUSE pg had fy . ,X We BLOCKHMOUSE if Society 'PLAY DAY," sponsored by the WOHl611.S Athletic Association for Freshmen women, opened the series of social events for the first semester. The annual Student Council dance was held on October 10. Autumn leaves and fall colors transformed the old gym into a lovely ballroom. Shortly after, the Dramatic Association presented "The Queen's Hus- band" at the Collingwood Presbyterian Church. It was as well liked as "If l Were King," and "Holiday,'l which were given the second semester. Fraternity rushing began with Alpha Phi Omega and Chi Beta Chi smokers, followed by Sigma Delta Rho and Chi Rho Nu smokers, Phi Kappa Chi dinner at Lakeside, Kappa Iota Chi smoker, and Lambe Chi rush party. Theatre parties, steak dinners, Hallowe'en rush parties and more smokers followed for the prospective pledges. ' The Yuletide season is always one of the most brilliant of the year. The Student Council Christmas dance was held at the Women's Club on Cherry Street. Sorority and fraternity formal dinners and dances crowded the last week in December. The Sig Delt formal dinner was held at Heatherdownsg Chi Rho Nu formal dance at the Toledo Yacht Club, Sigma Beta Phi dinner dance at the Toledo Yacht Club, Kappa Iota Chi in the Progress Club, Open House at Chi Beta Chi in their new quarters, Kappa Pi Epsilon formal dinnerfdance at the Women's Club, and Psi Chi Phi dinnerfdance at Heatherdowns. The first Tea for mothers ever given by a fraternity at Toledo was held in the Chi Beta Chi House on January 4. Several dinners and parties were held in honor of the marriage of Florence Bennett to Douglas Marshall on January 51. Teas, luncheons, dinners, bridges and other attractive rush parties were planned by the four sororities to initiate the rushing season in February. The hrst dance to be held in the new building was the Pi Delta Chi pledge dance in the Conference room. The Faculty dames held the Hrst tea given in University Hall in the Student Lounge. Another of the first affairs of its kind was the "Play Night" for co-eds. Alma Hinchman and her committee planned a full evening for March 18. And then the spring dances began. The Night Student Council dance was held in the M6I1lS Gym. The long anticipated Junior Prom, April 10, was one of the most popular events of the year. There were two orchestras, and both the men's and women's gyms were used. Smilax and palms were used for decoration. It was a lovely spring scene. April 17 brought us the Freshman dance, and the annual Student Council Spring Dance was held on May 24. The Seniors seem to crowd the social calendar with special events during the last of the semester. Eddie Kutz led the Senior Prom on May 15. Thus ended Loyalty Week! The Baccalaureate Sermon on June 14, and Graduation exercises on june 18, were held in the little theatre. The first class to graduate in University Hall! p 4.4-' l 4, s 1 r-fl-.a .rf -'Wi' w l lv." .- ff- '.'f-Tfa 3' 5' 1 B C page one hundred ninety-one D D KAPPI PSI'S Pl DELTA'S CHI RHO'S PSI CHI'S Au+ographs pg ldd Aufographs PHI THETA'S KAPPA lOTA'S sue DELLHS KAPPA Pl'S p ge onelu d cl I SIGMA PI'S LAMBDA CHl'S ALPHA PHI'S SIG BET'S Aufographs p 1 d dninetyffou Aufographs p g I d Cd71i7'l6I5"fi'lV8 CHI BET'S ALPHA TAU'S PHI KAPP'S f r I lj ""9Hv'5-FW5 fi'p7W""""" Aufographs BARBS X . ' .,'.f.4 YHFIC5-f',1Q,k?Q pageone hu-ndxrbd 'nfhety-six 0 Aufographs p ge one hundred ninetys BAIBS . V Ui- xxvy- Q'-,if - K fi' f3QQ1'lf,1'4-QR-57'xL,f'fff5fill"igfQ1K'S,Si'Wf" " .-,gpg Argffz a 7-V ,,,, , , A : f . K. . -Exif " ,g.,f.fff?5'FJ-R gf" '11 T' ' -' y' , "'e, ,.j 7 -5 .1 da i? .nz-,g f ' 'yr '5' " "' " ' M: "' ' - ' Q gr . ff W g- H ,L 5 t L 7 , x . W . 1 1 FACULTY x 'SRX N 'E X '-255, X fu Nw A -' 'Ax sr - -A. N . u , X. Aufographs' ,nf QI .yn-wwf-' - 1 . .V fi ,. b . 5' V " ' , 21 J. 'f 7 ,, ' . . Eu, 1- . -, . 7 ' -.":'1- . 5-Eg 1 1,1.Q'- 5: ' I ' K f 1 5 ' , . . P - .-N ' X - U ,I . .w'-in . "Z va 4,,,X1J.2F , . ., -5 45.315-'G , Y ' - l 1 ' 5 ' Q -. 'V '-f f?'ifi,2'2A '.':c,f f' , P 2 ' '25".5g'5- " . 3-1,-,-K ' p ', '-Lf ffk. g., fl ,, ' V-' 5 , 5' L ,. - il N c . ,, P4Z,6'QXTEE'1'lU11'fi'7?S 51"l'Qf I7 - 1 Q, , f ', , g' 1: '4 ' ' ' ,, L4 ,-,F ' I ' ' . i , 121-.-' I ,-'Q?e:1v',! V, ' j1l':,if',W,f 'I 1 , t ' ' V " .Y :a' -'- ' 's ff' ' ' 1 ' , v f 3- ,, 1 - J - 'lx Lf5..1.r . 2.1 -1 'Q -.-'a x Q., 4 ' ' 'I ' . A ,:,u. .-:Vm?1, , :- + x ti ij 1.4.3 . . 'yffjilfln V ,r , in QLQQJSHC U SE at M. V5ql,??2si lo 3 .i ii , , 44' f l li Wg, ,kr ', 'Q M ,qt K,o', 'Ai fl 4 :ls 1.x ' ALMA MATER Far within our glorious city, T Busy with its care, , Stands our noble Alma Mater, l I Serving those vvho dare. 9 Chorus: Lift the chorus ever onward, Golden and the Blue, T Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, l I l Hail Toledo U. , Forth to Science, Art, and Culture Sons of men so true, Forth to share each other's burdens, f Calls Toledo U. i Honor then our foster mother, Noble friend so true, We will ever raise her standard, Dear Toledo U. -A. W. Trettien. G page one hundred ninety-nine l l l 'I x 14- ' 1 r. : '2' lf, Y ,, 'z -lf .ng . ... 5 -g 4 1 'U- 3 1 .i. 2111 . . , 1 1 lf. li '1 ,,1, Q.. -n.. if 11' , 1514- 4' 1 n' PH N. 'A 6. In-1 2 1 , 9 4.31 f 'V 4.-'J Tiff! nz.: 41:gb'11 '47 1' . 1 we -4,,., , .Iwi - '21 I- '1-1-Q I , ,lf .!' an . WM, 4 1s?fS0f1f'fS1 1 1 1 va '.., 15 QW? , ,..i4.', ,+- S , ' ' . -s - -. 1 1, '1--1131.3 .'f'1 9' i , 1' Qfd' "+L, B' "i""L ' 1 11-, N-,ff r -ii" L ,..1.- I I' ,A 11" -f-.4 qi -1,,L,,, , ' 1 1 f Q , 1 .'r wg 11 1 '1 1 ' "' ' , . if 1"t. - -iff" 111 f - A , , 1 1'Q,'f ' ,U 1 1 - b 'Jw az-,.A, I . 1 -- 1 .,1-1 ' 1? f 11 -'A' ' , 11- E ' ' , 1 Q 1. 14 I1 1 1 L' 1 .1 1 wg A T 4 ,ag f 1' 1. :, . 111 . ,Q I1 , 1' L 1 5 .,11" 1, .1 -QI .' 'Z' 911 4 V . 1+ W1 -'. U ,ir 1. I A ' 1 ,9 -:L , ng: ':1.g11m,.51 44 . Gig' 1, A .1 sg' , 1 L ' . ' w , A A I ,. 11 - - wg 23125 ' . 1 ,, - 1 . ' , ' ' .if V1 1-:nik 'Aft A .4 ,, , Ma:-V -,1 '. '..11 +1 11.- 1 ,- Y, 31.41.51 .jill-MQ? V1 Jul. --141 'fx' 55" '. 'A - ' ,J ' . '. :L 7..lM""- xx' VZ I J-V1 I F. , ' In . 1 'L 1 . .1 - A, , 1 v 1 1 y , Wu, 5,52 jfjgf 1:1 :lax Q1 F, - -.3 4 ,W -. , . ,,,,y1g'?P, 11:4 - W I' ,- frx, we 3 11.3 .61 - 1 'QISYVLQ ,',':M Y' ". f .-,- 1. ur, r ' ' 1. .X , L 1' M X 5. .1 1 Mg, 1 " V ':-24 1 ', Z' -lf jf , W 1 1' 4-fuk , 4 vi -3 . I' 5.4 , - 1 1 ' ,,. i f I 7 . W' -2"".1I', ., A - - 1 . ' 1- - gf' f1t"'-1 ., 1 , - 1.1 , U , , ,, ,,.., -1.4- 1 1 , ., 'wif--'.11'1 .1 ' , 1 ., ' ., 5,1 1 uf el?-.114 ' x ,, --2 f'P, ' 16' fFl9fl"? ,, .1 Y . I VQVN . 'LL1 '11 J A ' 2 . . .., , ' - gi-11 1 - f-1.21-,H ,.5.,,,., rf' , :'1 '-'ggi -f I., , 1.1 1.- , ,, , 5-1,1 1 ,bm ' ,.f - x ' ' A n , ' -8 ' . ' , 1.3, 1 , 11f'1 -VW 1512 . -, ri XP: 1. 1 1.1.1 hr: ' 1 n" , 1. ' . 1,771 13 A' L-'jfcrlf' .1 A '. -5' 11 , ' bl 1 1 2 . . 3 1 -J.-' . 4 1' , Z4 L . . H ' 151' . M 1, I , Q L- 1. ', . .C Q 5 ' , ' 'Us ' Av 'nw-',.,.x rzfu., -X1 QM' V ,H-im 1 '- 7 fn uh .I. r l F 'U- M! ,. 4.44" . -1 W W A, .4 .1 '., ,.,. A-' I I x t. 1 ,th ,, qf ,J v E ,lu 0 .f-, J V ,Hr . Nl U1 ' Q ,1 ,." ,U -HJ. .. L ...ji V- .,,-,Y 'n su' .,, .mf-.-'M 'ei 1E - 4... 1-5 ' xf. zwr . Y .,..' . . ' '+fxqf 1c.- f.,M.,U ' W. -...fl '-XV A 7 'H 3 V- ' ' W. 'L 4, -'--AQCM. , lr. ,. Vl 1, . HI Q f -If., A . :A ,y -P' 1 1 - fg- 115+ ' u, . 'L fi .f ' V' ff, , .I A r ,V , ,-. if- 1 5 ,Q -' , " . V4 'v.f'l ,g,,"' ,-L fn '--. ., A ,. 4 J V , 1 , -, , , V, , f ,, .. , X . - XD :':1""f' 9 ,IX -' ' -, - 1 was ,-.-f.1.1- I P "" 1 1,-f54.'1f '.-gd., 1 V . , . gx ".-..- v 1 ' . ,xi . '11-,Q ff A A-7 ..' f rl 'nk ,r.'.gJ.,' ' , uf, 1 wr I, ff To all of fhose who have assisfed in fhe preparaiion of fhis volume, fhe Block- house Sfaff wisheg 'l'o express ifs ab- precia+ion. r -xi . ' nf - ,,,... v , , M 5 ,A R . . x l x , . . a . l- . xx -uH3gg.. -!, I , h Xinvnln ' - J!! .-an ,Y Q , 3 TH + 1 "' fs Q. P X I ' wg- - we-Xe: Sx X 'F fl-4 -:'F'z-T' 5' 56' XX .. .... 4 f- . "Jie--3k2Q ,..N.X: -ull' . - 'Xa' I ".,: Jimi? 0 ."- ' iz. ". nn ' ' -QAE 1 -- fx-Ez 'H . 1 - 'I' -Hi::1l".-" 'INXS ix ' 'A .1 i , 17,75 . QX -..iiE?fif'.-' -.'-PM" an gk X'-1 'f f""f'51f-351.5 tb. Wgrz' .' xox- 'r' ' ' j'.",'4'-in lv'x:'?.3'. . ,ff - 155.52 -f.1L'5: , 111, . 2515-' - -5, 'f'- 'xl fd Qxhzrl .' , 1 A I, r an ,Q if'--. '. I i"f4 " 2 qw " X-WW3f"3f'?' 25., gIn FINIS , ' ' " w i, ,. si, --' . I A x 1 - ' ' '- .AL1 '.f.sfimis'.a..' ff'r..,. . . . if ' .f -1- ,- , 1 x,,z, .r. L, .wc-., ' -. :Q A 1 Y A- MMM ,, , HY , l , ' - -l . . ' :m-, - .I . 7 .-,gg-QNA'

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