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SOURCE OF f • ' it? t ' f: ■ ' jiS ■ -liv ■ f rf 1 S;l ,i 1 -1 li : i ■:■ ' •i I N D U S T R I A ENTERPRISE .•:I ' ; ' ' . .-.s ' ' ,t5 ' A.G.WHnTA»(.ER. L TOLEDO » » EX IB MS I Copyright 1930 by University of the City of Toledo Toledo, Ohio bLOC PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE CITY OF TOLEDO TOLEDO OHIO D E D I CATION » » ey4s THE TRUE FRIEND of CVCry Student and as loyal a supporter as Toledo University can boast, we with great pleasure and with a feeling of utmost fitness dedicate this volume in appreciation to Lee W. MacKinnon g ««£ .Z ' - ' ' Foreword To ALL of those who have so patiently assisted in the prepar- ;,ation of this volume, the Blockhouse Staff wishes tb express its appreciation Contents Administration Classes Athletics Activities Organizations Features -S- -s a , 3.M| ? i I ' ll 1 1 , - f = " °! S - ' (3(n jM murmitt Dr. J. Lee Richmond Honored as a gentleman, envied as a scholar, revered as a friend, respected as a man, Dr. Rich- mond will always be remembered by us who were proud to know him as our leader. Dr. Glenn H. Bradley Dr. Bradley maintains a distinct place in the hearts of his students and friends who learned to love him for his personality, his scholarship, and his true devotion to the task of building our University of Toledo. « . ».»Wi r-j »i,:. - " - s Board of Directors Stephen K. Mahon President J. Gazzam Mackenzie Vice-President Mrs. Elizabeth Chamberlain Secretary George P. Hahn J. B. Nordholt Albert H. Miller Dr. S. R. Salzman William P. Clarke Cletus V. Wolfe Committees of the Board (President of the Board is ex-officio member of every committee Academic Affairs: George P. Hahn, Chairman. Albert H. Miller, Mrs. E. Chamberlain, Cletus V. Wolfe. Athletics: J. Gazzam Mackenzie, Chairman. Mrs. E. Chamberlain, J. B. Nordholt, Albert P. Hahn. Building and Grounds: Albert H. Miller, Chairman. Dr. S. R. Salzman, William P. Clarke, J. Gazzam Mackenzie. Finance: Cletus V. Wolfe, Chairman. J. B. Nordholt, William P. Clarke, Dr. S. A. Salzman. Technical Education: William P. Clarke, Chairman. J. B. Nordholt, J. Gazzam Mackenzie, Dr. S. A. Salzman, Mrs. E. Chamberlain. Building Committee: George P. Hahn, Albert H. Miller, William P. Clarke, Stephen K. Mahon, Pres. Henry J. Doermann. —{11}- ■ - ' ■ ' ' ' S!i t■M ' SP■i ' ' vVV:s: fe%fcr• . --x.ii " s ' Henry J. Doermann, President University of Minnesota, A.B., 1913 Harvard University, A.M., 1917; Ed.D., 1923 -{12}- Lee W. MacKinnon, A.M. Vicc-Prtsidtnt and Director of Junior ColUj e Professor of Secondary Education WittenbergCollet, ' , K. -, 1899; A.M., 190 " ); University of Chicat o David W. Henry, A.M. Dean, College of Education, Professor of Education Ktinsas State Normal College, A.B., 1911; Colnmbia University, A.M., 1915 Robert Naylor Whiteford, Ph.D. Director of i-ra.luate Study: Professor of English Literature Wabash College, A.B., 1892; Ph.D., 1893 Almeda May Janney, A.M. Assistant Director of Junior Collez,e and Advisor of Junior College Women Associate Professor of History University of Michigan, A.B., 1908; Teachers College, Columbi, University, A.M., 1913 -{ n }- -rr- WiLLiAM McKendrie Reed, Ph.C. DeuK of Pharmacy Division Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ohio Northern University, Ph.G., 1900, Ph.C, 1901 Katherine Easley, a.m. Dean of Women; Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Literature Indiana University, A.M., 1913 Howard H. M. Bowman, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Franklin and Marshall College, Ph. P., 1913; MS.C, 1914; University of Pennsylvania, Ph. D., 1917 J. B. Brandeberry, A.m. Professor of Mathematics Mount Union College, B.S., 1913; Ohio State University, A.M., 1915 -{ 14 - Walter F. Brown, A.B. Associate Professor of Electrical Enpmeriiig Pratt Institute. I.E.E., 1912; University of the City of ToleJo, A.B., 1924 Charles J. Bushnell, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Lorain Fortney, Ph.D. Professor of Commerce and Law West Virginia University, A.B., and LL.B., 1900; University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., 1903 O. Garfield Jones, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science Ohio Wesley an University, B.S., 1912 University of California, Ph.D., 1919 -{ 15 }- Henry R. Kreider, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry fr,wklhi and M rslndl College, A.B., 1898; A.M., 1901 Edward J. Lorenz, Ph.D. Cincinnati University, B.A., 1911; M.A., 1912; California Institute of Technology, Ph.D., 1926 Felipe Molina-Larios, A.M. Professor of Spanish Institute National de Oriente, Nicaragua, B.L., 1899; University of the City of Toledo, A.M., 1924 Frank Edmond Nurse, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages and Philosophy Dixon College, A.B., 1898; MsCormick Seminary, B.D., 1904; University of Heidelberg, Germany, Ph.D., 1908 -i 16 h n C icr ■» • « ■■ - Ruby F. Scott Augustus W. Trettien, Ph.D. Prof ' .ssor of PsycioU y University of Wisconsin, A.B., 1899; C ark University, Ph.D., 1904 J. Edward Erickson, A.M. Acting Professor of Sociology St. Olaf College, . .B., 1910; University of Chicago, A.M., 1912 Gertrude R. Schottenfels Acting Professor of Khetoric University of Chicago, A.B., 1911; A.M., 1913 {17 }- Luther C. Scott, B.M.E. Associate Professor of Indtistrial Education Rilhland Park College, B.M.E. , 1905 Guy F. Van Sickle, A.M. Associate Professor of Chemistry Ohio State University, A.B., 1909; A.M., 1911 Claude H. Watts, A.B. Associate Professor of Accounting University of Illinois, A.B., 1913; Associate Professor of Vocational Learning Clara Elsie Goehrke Assistant Professor of Modern Languages Karls University, Heidelberg, Graduate of Friedrich Wilhelms University, Berlin -{18}- Nicholas Mogendorf State Agricultural Collegi Holland ' ), B.S., 1921; M.Sc, 1922 Rutgers University, M.Sc, 1925; University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1929 C. K. Searles, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Sciences University of Michigan, A.B., 1913; M.A., 1921; Ph.D., 1923 W. Sherman Smith, M.S. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering P. W. Stansbury, A.B. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology Wesley an University, A.B., 1921 -{ 19 }— " IC " " m : Jesse L. Ward, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education Indiana University, A.B., 1910; Hamilton College of Law, LLB., 1921; Ohio State University, A.M., 1924 ' May a. Blanchard, M.S. Instructor in Home Economics J. M. CONDRIN, A.M. Instructor in Biology Western Reserve University, A.B., 1926; A.M., 1927 David V. Connelly Instructor in Physical Education Michigan State Normal College — Life Diploma -{10}- o m " i xz Bess G. Emch, Ph.G. Instructor in Pharmacy University of the City of Toledo, Ph.G., 1918 RosARio Floripe, A.B. College Suptrior de Senoritas, Managtia, Nicaragua, A.B., 1913 Marion A. Weightman McKee, M.D. Instructor in Hygiene and Physical Education University of Illinois, M.D., 1915 Lewis L. McKibben Instructor in Social Science Oberlin College, A.B., 1923 -{ 11 }- ■TT- Harold G. Oddy, Ph.D. Instructor in Chtmistry McMastcrs University, Toronto, Canada, B.A., 1920; University of Toronto, Canada, M.A., 1921; Ph.D., 1923 H. Thurel Shenefield, a. B. Instructor in Political Science University of Michigan, A. B., 1924 Maragret Williams, A.M. Instructor in History Mt. Ho yoke College, A.B., 1922, 0 jio State University, A.M., 1925 J. B. WiNSLOw, A.M. Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy University of the City of Toledo, A.B., 1925, University of Michigan, A.M., 1926 -{ 22 )- ■■ o c z Sarah Secor Bissell, A.B. Teaching Vellow in Rhetoric Raymond F. Carter Marion Ernsberger, B.S. Teaching Fellow in Physical Education Edward E. Roher, Ph.G. Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy -iV } ■- «■ ■ • : K T- II p : Mary Newborn Gillham Librarian Lucille E. Mack Secretary Hazel D. Geiner Registrar Emma L. Woodward Financial Secretary -{ 24 }- «■ •■ gn ■■ ■■ ■- Norma Free Assistant Financial Secritary Martha Schlosser Assistant to tht Financial Secretary Frank Kurschat Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds —{ 25 }- J. Bryan Allin Instructor in Rhetoric University of Minrusota, B.A., 1924 Orven R. Altman Instructor in Political Science University of Illinois, A.B., 1927; M.A., 1928 Germaine Baer Instructor in French and Spanish University of Michigan, A.B., 1926; M. A., 1929 Russell Bowers Instructor in Accounting Miami University, A.B., 1925; University of Illinois, M.A., 1929 Charles Crittenden Instructor in Economic Geography University of Michigan, A.B., 1926; M.A., 1928 C. Wayne Dancer Assistant Professor of Mathematics University of Toledo, A.B., 1922; Ohio State Universtiy, M.A., 1924 Nelson W. Hovey, B.S. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry John P. Karbler Assistant Professor of Physics Heidelberg College, B.Sc, 1919; University of Cincinnati, M.A., 1921 -{ 26 }- ■■1 «: n r; tc j = n n «— 1 Maurice M. Lemme Instructor in Mathematics Oakland City College, A.B., 1926; Indiana University, M.A., 1928 Frank William MacRavey Instructor in French University of Wisconsin, A.B., 1923; M.A., 1924 G. Harrison Orians Professor in American Literature ! North Western College, A.B., 1922; University of Illinois, A.M., 1923; Ph. D., 1926 Harry W. Paine, M.E. Associate Professor of Vocational Education i ?; Frank J. Pavlicek, A.B. Associate Professor in Latin E. H. L. Adolf Schumacher, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Latin 5. Jessie Dowd Stafford, A.B. •i. Instructor in Rhetoric and Literature Maurice K. Turner ■ Professor of History Dickinson College, A.B., 1905; Harvard University, A.M., 1910; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., 1916 Dorothy F. Vandenbroek, A.B. Instructor in Rhetoric Ivan F. Zarobsky, B.M.E. Acting Professor in Drawing {27}- -n- Faculty Committees 1 — Academic Relations — Chairman, Bowman; Professors Bushnell, Kreider, Molina, Searles, Zarobsky, Miss Geiner, Secretary. 2 — Admission and Advanced Standing — Chair- man, Jones; Brandeberry, Condrin, Henry, MacKinnon, Nurse, Miss Geiner, Secretary. 3 — Athletics — Chairman, Carter; Professors Connelly, Jones, Van Sickle, Watts, Miss Mack, Secretary. 4 — Attendance — Chairman, MacKinnon; Pro- fessors Carter, Connelly, Easley, Winslow, Miss Geiner, Secretary. 5 — Convocation — Chairman, Trettien; Pro- fessors Easley, Erickson, Goehrke, Searles, Whiteford, Mr. Harbright and Miss Margret Stark. 6 — Excess Hours — Chairman, Henry; Professors Brandeberry, Easley, Lorenz, L. C. Scott, Smith, Miss Mack, Secretary. 7 — Graduate Study — Chairman, President Henry J. Doermann; Bowman, Henry, Jones, Lorenz, Nurse, Searles, Trettien. 8 — Library — Chairman, Mrs. Gillham; Pro- fessors Easley, Janney, Searles, Stansbury, Miss Woodward, Secretary. 9 — Petitions — Chairman, Brandeberry; Pro- fessors Bowman, Easley, Henry, MacKinnon, Searles, Miss Mack, Secretary. 10 — Scholarship — Chairman, Fortney; Professors Dancer, Henry, Oddy, R. Scott, Ward, Miss Geiner, Secretary. 11 — Social Affairs — Chairman, Easley; Pro- fessors Bowman, Brandeberry, Brown, Fort- ney, Janney, Nurse, R. Scott, Van Sickle, Weightman, Whiteford, Williams. 12 — Student Activities — Chairman, Brown; Professors Carter, Connelly, Easley, Erns- berger, Henry, Orians, Watts. -{18}— CLASSES ■ ■f ' -C-.V ' Mfc. -.;••:■ -ir iH ifef a . a t: S Z d ■ ' ■r.- -j. i i i6f J Class of 1930 OFFICERS Frank Duvendack President Violet Holtz Vice-President Margaret Stark Secretary Ray Schaeffer Treasurer Dorothy Wells Student Council Representative Fred Rayburn Student Council Representative -{ 32 }- Mary Louise Albrecht, B.A. Pi Delta Chi, Secretary ' 30; Senior Prom Com- mitteejjunior Hop Committee; Collegian, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Dramatic Association, ' 28; Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29; International Relations Club, ' 30. Allan Ballinger, B.A. Y. M. C. A., Secretary, ' 27, ' 28, Vice-President, " 28, ' 29, President, ' 30; Student " Y " Gospel Team; Varsity Track; Cross Country, Cap- tain, ' 28, ' 29; Debating Team, ' 27; Orchestra, ' 28, ' 29; Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Club; Chi Beta Chi; Campus Collegian; Senior Ban- quet Committee. Mae Beckwith, B.S. Vice-President Sophomore Class; Student Activities Trust Fund Committee; Collegian; Blockhouse, ' 30; W.A.A.; Senior Announce- ment Committee. Florence Blausey, B.A. Pi Delta Chi; League of Women Voters. James W. Breay, B.S. Chi Rho Nu; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30 Elmer Brigham M. Walter Brimmer, B.S. Chi Beta Chi; Math Club. Marjorie Cauffiel, B.A. League of Women Voters. Martin H. Ceskoski, Gwendolyn Collins, B.S. League of Women Voters; Senior Announce- ment Committee. { 33 ;— Ml ter Helene Cosgray, B.A. W.A.A., Treasurer, Head of Hockev, ' 28, 79, President, ' 29, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 28, ' g; Black Friars, ' 27, ' 28; Peppers, President, ' 28, ' 29, Treasurer, ' 29, ' 30; Chairman Senior Memorial Committee; Chairman of May Dav Banquet, ' 29. Maxine Cosgray, B.A. W.A.A., Secretary, ' 28, ' 29, Head of Swim- ming, ' 30; Peppers, Secretary, ' 29, President, ' 30; Black Friars, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Glee Club, ' 28, ' 29; Commencement Committee, ' 30; Chair- man May Day Day Banquet, ' 30. Chester Cowdrey, B.S. Harold L. Davis, B.S. Collegian, Business Manager, ' 29, ' 30; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 28, ' 29, President, ' 29 Student Y.M.C.A., ' 28, ' 29; Track, ' 29, ' 30 Sigma Beta Phi, Secretary, ' 29, Treasurer, ' 30 Dramatic Association, ' 29; Chairman Senior Prom Committee. John Dennis, Ph.G. Football, ' 29. Ruth Dolch, B.A. Phi Theta Psi, Corresponding Secretary, ' 30; League of Women Voters; W.A.A.; El Centre Espanol, ' 28, ' 29;Senior Memorial Committee. Richard Dresher, B.S. Sigma Delta Rho. Helen Eulalia Dunn, B.A. Collegian; League of Women Voters; Block- house, ' 30; May Day Committee, ' 28. Frank A. Duvendack, B.A. Senior Class President; Sigma Beta Phi, Presi- dent, ' 30; Student Y.M.C.A ; Junior CUss Treasurer; International Relations Club, ' 29, ' 30, Treasurer, ' 30; Commerce Club, Vice- President, ' 30; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29, ' 30, Pi Gamma Mu. Lucile Emch, B.A. Kappa Pi Epsilon, Reporter, ' 28, Secretary, ' 30; Collegian, ' 27; Commencement Com- mittee. J —( 34 }- M% ■■ Ruth A. Enteman, B.A. Pi Delta Chi, Senior Advisor, ' 30, Reporter, ' 27; Sophomore Class Secretary; Convocation Committee, ' 28; W.A., Vice-President, ' 30; International Relations Club, Vice-President, ' 30; Dramatic Association, Secretary, ' 30; Peppers; Inter-Sorority Council, President, ■30. CoRRiNE Faulkner, B.A. Pi Delta Chi; Collegian, ' 26; Senior Announce- ment Committee. Berylee Foster, B.A. Sylbert Friedman, B.S. Esther N. Gomersall, B.S. Reporter Freshman Pharmacv Class, ' 27; Sec- retary Senior Pharmics, ' 30. RosEMYRL Grover, B.A. Kappa Pi Epsilon; Dramatics, ' 28; Spanish Club, ' 29, ' 30; Glee Club, ' 30; Senior Class Historian. George Joseph Hammersmith, B.S. Sigma Beta Phi; International Relations Club. Irvin George Harbright, B.S. Sigma Beta Phi, Treasurer, ' 29; Junior Repre- sentative on Student Council, President Student Council, ' 30; Manager of Book Store, ' 29, ' 30; Student Y.M.C.A., President, ' 29; Convocation Committee, ' 30; Activities Trust Fund Committee, ' 30; Delegate at National Student Federation of America, ' 30; Executive Committee of National Student Federation of America, ' 30. Hannah Beverly Harris, B.A. League of Women Voters. Wilbur Herring, B.S. Sigma Beta Phi; Teaser, ' 21, ' 22; Blockhouse, Sports Editor, ' 22; Dramatic Association, ' 22; Men ' s Union, ' 21, ' 22; Basketball, ' 22. (35}— =nr - r- VlOLET HOLTZ, B.A. Kappa Pi Epsilon, Vice-President, ' 29, Presi- dent, ' 30; Collegian, ' 27; Blockhouse, ' 2?, ' 30; Vice-President Senior Class; Inter-Sorority Council, Reporter, ' 30; Senior Prom Commit- tee. Erma H. Hudson, B.A. International Relations Club; Senior Block- house Committee, Chairman. Martin Otto Kaufman, B.S. Kappa Psi; Cross Country, ' 30; Blockhouse, ■28. Rose H. Kwapich, B.A. Chairman Pharmacy Banquet Committee, ' 27. Harry Lamb, B.A, Chi Beta Chi, Treasurer, ' 30; International Relations Club, President, ' 30; Dramatic Association; Debating Team. John Latham, Ph. G. Phi Kappa Chi, President, ' 30; Assistant Bas- ketball manager, ' 29; Basketball Manager, ' 30; Chairman Men ' s Mixer, ' 30; Vice-Presi- dent of Pharmacy Class, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. John T. Lavin, B.S. Glee Club. Paul Lavin, B.S. Morris M. Levine, Ph. C. Lambda Chi; Pan-Hellenic Council. Laura Levison, B.S. -f36}— Allen Lloyd, B.A. Glee Club, ' 28. Douglas Marshall Harley C. Miller, Ph.G. Kappa Psi, Treasurer, ' 27, ' 28. Amelia Morgan, B.A. Kappa Pi Epsilon; Collegian; Glee Club, ' 28- Senior Blockhouse Committee; French Club; Louis Moses, B.A. Varsity Football, ' 27, ' 28; Glee Club and Male Quartet, ' 28. Mary Parker, B.S. Dramatic Association; Collegian; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; League of Women Voters; Peppers; Phi Theta Psi, Treasurer, ' 29, Report- er, ' 30; Senior Ring Committee. Monte C. Powell, B.S. Alpha Phi Omega. Alvin Pries, B.A. International Relations Club. Doris Price Tilda Raviolo, B.A. Y37 - 31= Frederick Rayburn, B.S. Secretary of the Freshman Class; Treasurer of the Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; Student Council Representative of Senior Class: Varsity " T " Club, President, ' 29, ' 30; Pan-Hellenic Council, President, ' 29, ' 30; Track, ' 30; Phi Kappa Chi; Commerce Club; Senior Ring Committee, Chairman. Elizabeth Repasz, B. A. Pi Delta Chi, Vice-President, ' 30; Senior Ring Committee; Collegian: Blockhouse, ' 27; Span- ish Club; Dramatic Association: Ellen Rich- ards Club, ' 29. Dorothy Rivers, B.S. Pi Delta Chi. Elizabeth Rudolph, B.A. Psi Chi Phi: W. A. A., Head of Soccer, ' 27; League of Women Voters; Baccalaureate Com- mittee; Junior Attendant to May Queen. Raymond Schaffer, B.S. Treasurer of Senior Class; Sigma Beta Phi; International Relations Club; Student Y. M. C. A. Mildred Schmidt, B.A. ' HDbROTHY Severin, B.S. Pi Delta Chi. Robert Smith, Ph.G. Kappa Psi; Pharmacy Class Treasurer, ' 28 ' 29. Isabel Stafford, B.A. Dramatic Association, Vice-President, ' 30; International Relations Club, Secretary, ' 30; Senior Blockhouse Committee. Margaret Stark, B.A. Sophomore Class Secretary; Collegian; Junior Class Secretary; League of Women Voters, Vice-President, ' 29; Blockhouse; Dramatic Association, Secretary, ' 29; Glee Club; W. A., President, ' 30; May Queen; Activities Trust Fund Committee; Convocation Committee; Senior Announcement Committee, Chairman; El Centre Espanol; Kappa Pi Epsilon. {38}- I Donald Swan, B.S. Phi Kappa Chi; Senior Prom Committee; Stu- dent Assistant in Chemistry. Dorothy These, B.S. Margaret Van Ness, D.A. Kappa Pi Epsilon, Treasurer, ' 29, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 30; Collegian; Le Cercle Francais; Senior Blockhouse Committee. WiLBERT WaCKER, Ph.B. Sigma Delta Rho, Treasurer, ' 28, Scholarship Secretary, ' 30. ' 29. ' 30, William Walker, B.S. Varsity Club; Varsity Basketball, Acting Captain, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Senior Banquet Com- mittee. Melvin Ward, B.A. Phi Kappa Chi; Dramatic Association; Stu- dent Y; Glee Club; " J " Hop Committee; Senior Prom Committee. Carolyne Weismantel, B.A. Dorothy Wells, B.A. Pi Delta Chi; Collegian, Editor, ' 30; Student Council; Peppers; Senior Banquet Committee. Jack Wheaton, B.S. Russell Willeman, Ph.G. Kappa Psi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsitv Club Track; Basketball. -{ 3P )- -« ■■ « : Eleanor Wilson, B.S. Kappa Pi Epsilon. Ralph Wittman Sigma Delta Rho. T - ' Robert Witker, B.A. Chi Beta Chi, President, ' 30; Student Activi- ties Fund Committee; Senior Banquet Com- mittee, Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council. Senior Class of Pharmacy The first class to be graduated from Toledo Universitys ' newly instituted three-year course in the College of Pharmacy received their degrees in June. There were nineteen in the class, the following not submitting pictures: E. G. Bush John Dennis Esther Gomersall Martin Kaufman John Latham Harley Miller Ray McGuire Arthur Simon Robert G. Smith Russel Willeman I -{40}- 3r: Harry Fingerhut Russell Knowles Stanley Kwiatkowski Chester Kaliski Marjorie Neal Herbert Ness Paul Quinn George Randall Karl Shull {41)- DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS (Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and of Education Doris Bohland Doris Price DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS (College of Arts and Sciences I Morris Bernstein Joseph Mackiewicz Helen J. Nold Bessie Raisner Jay Schulack Lewis Staley DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (College of Education Betty Biggs Willis Greer Basil Johnson Ethel Lynn Levine Helen Starkweather DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (College of Arts and Sciences " ) Kenneth Byers Howard E. Carson Harold Lineback Fritz Maier Arthur Simon Elmer Sperry Herbert Strong Howard Strutton -i 41 }- History of the Class of 1930 No CLASS was ever more confident than our class of 1930. This was on September 13, 1926, when we began the usual " Freshman Week " at the gym. We were given so much attention the first week that we felt we were probably the most exceptional of all freshman classes. In fact we were sure of it, until Willard Rippon, president of the Student Council, told us that we were no less verdant than any other first year group. After the first week, we still had an exalted opinion of ourselves. But this did not last long, because we had hardly finished electing Lauren Gulp, president; Dorothy Wells, vice-president; Fred Rayburn, secretary; John Bailey, treasurer; and Alice Henry and Frederick Gilchrist as Student Council representatives, when the " Sophs " and the rhetoric teachers began their work of subjection! It was with distinct evidence of submission that we entered under our yoke after Scrap Day, October 8. On October 14, the Woman ' s Association entertained the freshman girls with a party in the cafeteria. After this party at least the girls felt more at home. During this semester, we gained and lost a president. Dr. Ernest Ashton Smith was appointed our president on October 20, in place of Dr. John Worthington Dowd, who had died the spring before. We never really had a chance to know Dr. Smith, because during the holiday festivities we were appalled by the announcement of his sudden death. After the second semester began, we found our class was without a leader, and Frederick Gilchrist was chosen to replace Lauren Culp. This second semester passed quickly and uneventfully, and before we realized that the year was over, we were saying " goodbye " to everyone. September, 1927, found us back again, waiting to greet the new freshman class. We chose Gilbert Siegel, president; Mae Backwith, vice-president; Margaret Stark, secretary; Fred Rayburn, treasurer; and Dorothy Wells and Frederick Gilchrist as representatives in the Student Council. Early in the fall of this year, Dr. Henry John Doermann was elected President of the University. It was with enthusiasm and pleasure that we greeted him as our new leader. As sophomores, one of our first acts was to entertain the rest of the University with the usual " roll down parade. " This particular parade was unique, because it was the last of such demonstrations. It was decreed that we should put away childish things and act like men and women. We gave our sophomore dance at the Log Cabin at Trilby, on November 28, and considered it a great success. -{ 43 }- The most important event of this year was the inauguration of President Doer- mann. A gorgeous and impressive ceremony was held, attended by many distin- guished members of the faculties of other universities, decked in their official robes of rank and state. The inauguration took place on March 19, in the Art Museum, and we were all there to pay homage to the new President. We entered our third year, secure in our pride in belonging at last to the ranks of the upperclassmen. Fred Rayburn was our president; Dorothy Jenkins, vice-presi- dent; Margaret Stark, secretary; Frank Duvendack, treasurer; and Dorothy Wells and Irvin Harbright, representatives on the Student Council. This was an important year for us. We helped to put across the bond issue which made the vision of a new university a reality. We left nothing undone, from a house- to-house canvass to three-sentence speeches one hundred feet from the booths on election day. It was with a great thrill of joy and feeling of accomplishment that we received the results of the balloting and found that our issue had carried. This year, our annual society event was the J-Hop. It was a formal dance, given in the Woman ' s Building on April 12. It was an especially attractive party, and we felt that it did our class credit. Loyalty Week, from May 6 to 17, found us as staunch as ever in our support of the University. The entertainment of this week worked to a grand climax in the " T " Club dance. This year closed with the Senior Prom at Madison Gardens on JCme 7. Now we are seniors. Our class officers are: Frank Duvendack, president; Violet Holtz, vice-president; Margaret Stark, secretary; Fred Rayburn, treasurer; Irvin Harbright and Dorothy Wells, Student Council representatives. The happiness of this year has been marred by the death of two of our most distinguished faculty members. Dr. J. Lee Richmond, who died on October 1, was loved and admired as a friend and teacher by all the students who knew him. Dr. Glenn D. Bradley, whose death occurred on January 4, was also a highly respected professor. The sudden loss of those who have always commanded our admiration and respect produces a great shock and a feeling of desolation. Another thing that saddens our last year at Toledo University is the knowledge that we are the last class to be graduated from the old building. We are sorry, because we can never live again our happiest of moments waiting on the stairs or studying in the library or even wading through the boulevard! Still we wish the coming classes as much happiness and success in the new buildings as we have had in this one. -{H}- CLVtiT JUNIORS •r ' i- ' i; : ' " - - ' ;.. -»w i -- ::;;-:i j Junior Class Officers Charles Sweeny President Mary Eggleston Vice-President Margaret Fruend Secretary William Preston Treasurer Catherine Tresslar Student Council Representative Charles Jarvis Student Council Representative —( 46 }- 1. D li - ra ■ ! JuANiTA Armour Richard Axel May Blausey Sophie Bornett Lyle Calkins D. Clacer Harry Casey Winifred Clarke Don Cooper Ruth Davis -{47 }— I -M C leg : Earl Day Jack Delcher William DeSana Marian DeWeese Mary Eggleston Pauline Evans Margaret Fruend Thelma Greenaway Bernice Griffith Lucille Gross {48} « ic:: ■ ' ■ ■ I Franklyn Hawkins Josephine Hauman Adelaide Hogue Irene Hollerback Charles Jarvis Henrietta Jennings Robert Kelb Florence Kerr LoRiN Kerr Irene Kibler —{49 »■ n c K; r H n i H Alma Kiewat JUANITA KiSSELL Edward Kutz Marine LaLonde John Laubach Lucille Lavenberg Gertrude Leasor Geraldine Mathias Homer Matzinger Ruth McGinnis —{50 w m B j DwiGHT NeELEY Richard Pelton Naomi Pollard William Preston Edna Ranfft Elena Ray Karl Reiser Helen Rolfes Sue Rucker Dorothy Schreiber -{n}- •u - n -rr- H TXZ « ■ - Willis Scofield Donald Sharpe John Sheehy Wayne Shepherd Gayle Smith Virginia Starner Marvel Stoll Charles Sweeny Marian Tallman Marvin Timm -{52}- Catherine Tresslar Leslie VanWormer Howard Vogel Clara West Fred Zilles E -{5Z}- 3H= ir- Howard Adkins Walter Argow Donna Banting Dorothy Boor Henrietta Breno Jack Briggs John B. Brown Emerson G. Bush Frank R. Butler Charles E. Campbell Marie D. Carr Sam Cartin Mary E. Cline Mamie DufFey Harold W. Eberle Genevieve Edstrom Harold Elwing Mary Evans Eleanor Evers Fred Froehlich Elizabeth Gessner Mary E. Gordon Maxine Hoke JeraldJ.,Jr. Hoover Pearl Hummer Edwin Jablinski Richard Jackson Robert M. Jennings Alvin Jones John W. Kemp Howard Kline Ernest Klink Vincent Komorowski Garland Kyle James Lasley Francis Liedel Edna McLaughlin Wm. Mewborn Paul Moskowitz Clinton Mumby Primitivo Navidad Kenneth Neubrecht John Samuel Palmer Frances Pennoyer Walter Radunz Allie Delia Ray Ella Ruedy Wilma Rutschow Norman Sampson Bernard Sattinger Grace Schoonmaker Bernard Seitz Bert Seligman Maynard Smith Franklin Snyder Abe Steinberg James Stichter Eleanor Sypret Mamie Szumigala Louise Taylor Valentine Thomson Eugene Wilson Kathryn Zimmerman -{54}- ( . ' .■; u- ' • Sophomore Class Officers RoLLAND BuEHRER President Jane Bennett Vice-President Katherine Emch Secretary Clarence Day Treasurer Alma Hinchman . . Student Council Representative Garard Beroset Student Council Representative -{56}- ■- cr »J « ' ■ - " - I Florence S. Abbott Leslie B. Ayers Carmen Barnes William fiasco Florence G. Bennett Jane W. Bennett Irene Bernath Mellen L. Bitter Dean Bohrer Edwin H, Bolt Lawrence N. Boldt Naomi L. Bossier Edgar S. Byron Loyal Calkins Laurel Campbell Helen C. Castle Anna Currie Clarence A. Day Walter E. Dence Harlan E. Diehr -{57}- ■- n f n " ■■ Dorothy A. Doan Parnell C. Dumiller Rosalie E. Elsperman Kathcryn J. Emch Gwendolyn E. Epker Edward M. Pagan Lena M. Folger Sam Friedman Walter E. Gibson Herbert Goetz Carl B. Goff Ida Goldstein Isabel Greunke Bernard Grover Phillip H. Harris Alma C. Hinchman J. Carleton Hissong John P. Holly Norman V. Huber Robert A. Jennings -{58}- Edith Johnson John S. King Anna R. Kline Ernest D. Knauf H. Richard Krauss Mary Krepleever Arthur C. Kutz Gilbert J. Langen- Regina Leasor Louis Levin derfer Aaron Levison Arden F. Liles Edwin Lingel Manley W. Mallet Thomas F. Mangas David R. Manning Theone L. Marti Florence D. McKin- Villa Mae Michaels Dorothy J. Miller ley -{ 9}- M t . a e. bt: n tf • Eleanor E. Murbach Dean Overmycr James J. Page Ethel J. Pappajohn Louis Perlmuttcr Mary Perry Richard Pheatt Willis C. Pioch Zora C. Powlesland Mrs. Geraldine L. Reed Oliver R. Ridcout Roberta B. Riman Elizabeth M. Schnell Dorothy C. Schuh Harold F. Sharp HcUen L. Sidall Onema M. Sievert Dorothy Slater Betty J. Slow Raymond F. Smith -{ 60 )— ' ■ 1 Z Franklin A. Stc ' mullcr Harrison E. Ti wein Gladys Whit Paul S. Ziem Sophomores Francis S. Akc Paul B. Anstcd L. lone Atkinson Morris Bamc Chester B. Banaszcwski Marie C. Basil Genevieve Bearss William C. Beckett Sam Berkowitz Gerard Beroset, Jr. Fred Billingslea Joseph S. Blankc Gerald L. Bond Joseph L. Brewer P. F. Brown Leslie T. Brown Margaret D. Buchenberg Rolland F. Buehrer Robert R. Burge Fred S. Butterworth Paul B. Campbell Glenn R. Charles Wellington B. Chollet Charlotte L. Clingaman David Cohen Donald Cole Gertrude R. Collins Harold A. Conrad Alice H. Cottrel Wilbur L. Crabbs Paul O. Day Carleton Dehnart Norman A. Dicks Carmen Diehr Albert A. Dietz Ralph Donley |iam H. Dufendock berle Wolferd B. Humberstone Roy Hummel Berniece F. Husted Ben 111 man Carl J. Imoberstag George V. Jackman Donald F. Johnson Velda F. Johnson Max Kaplan Philip Kass Lucille A. Kazmaier Ann Kirkby Alberta Kirtz Edgar R. Klinck James D. Klopfenstein Harold Korte June H. Kratz Max J. Krause Merle A. Landis Colette B. Langendcrfcr Arnold W. Lapp Joseph J. Leasor Helen R, Leech Louis L Leibovitz Ira J. Levine Aaron Liebenthal Joseph F. Limoger Dorothy E. Manning John R. McCord Carl A. McCuUough Margaret M. McGuire Scott G. McLeod Donald F. McNary Henry J. McNutt Robert ' E. Merrill George W. Messmorc Lvnian J. Miller Ralph A. Miller Sam A. Molevitz Marvin Mostov ' eter J. Murphy Murray Robert Ruswinckle R. Benjamin Ryan Ronald Sallen Robert J. Salisbury Wellington Schaal, Jr. Mary Ann Schlcct Robert E. Schnell Donald L. Schroeder Ben H. Schulak Junior Seeger Sam R. Seligman Carolus L. Sheffield Gene Shenefield Joe Shiffler, Jr. Manuel Silverman Sam Silverman Jack Singal Arthur A. Singer Ruthjaync Rollo G. Smith Wheaton B. Smith Wanda C. Sobocinski Velma L. Souders Dorothy M. Sprague Vera Steinmuller Clara C. Starr Katheryn Steva Jonathan J. Stinehelfer Gordon C. Stoddard Donald E. Strater Meyer H. Strum Courtland A. Taraschkc Harris K. Taylor Martha Taylor Morris W. Taylor Genifrede A. Thompson Thelma T. Tuschman Howard Haag Vogel George Vrooman Walter M. Vye Arlyn G. Wagner Kcnnith E. Wallace Alva R. Waltz George W. Wandtke Ruth E. Warner Milton A. Weinstcin Fern O. Welker Suzannah R. West Estel O. Wheaton iRobert A. Whitmorc ' ■orctta H. Wienk -i;c M. Williams ' k-v H. Willis Wilson Wilson Wolfe Eleanor E. Murbach Dean Overmyer Mary Perry Richard Phcatt Oliver R. Rideout Hellcn L. Sidall Roberta B. Riman Onema M. Sicvcrt James J. Page Willis ' C. Pioch Elizabeth M. Schnel Dorothy Slater Ethel J. Pappajohn Zora C. Powlesland ! Dorothy C. Schuh Betty J. Slow Louijiak Mrs. " jciak Ree- ' aecker Harolfst Raymo -{ 60 }- I -V b ' FRESHMEN i. ' l " i 5 ' zxe: Freshman Class Officers Burton Wing President Evelyn Aubrey . . Vice-President Ruth Butler Secretary William Snow Treasurer Ruth Morton Student Council Representative Robert Gosline Student Council Representative -{ 64 }— M - U V. WT- n ■■ John Arnold Virginia Beckham Sue Blanchard Francis Border John Bricker Gerhard Burde William Burgess Ruth Butler Gerald Carey Melvin Carl Dyrcxa Chapman Bessie Clayton Nettie B. Clayton George Cook Wayne Cowles Laura Crider Paul Dale Manuel Davis Glen Dickerson Alice Eggleston -{ 65 }- -n- Clarencc Eiscnman Alan Emerson Maurice Ernsberger Katherine Fruend Edward Garrison Robert Gosline Vance Gray Tom Greene James Gross Wilma G. Hall Jessie Hamman Helen Hanneken Clara Hartman Eliza Hemzler Natalie Hinz Reginald Jackson Jane Kamke Maxine Kimener Donald Kissel Wm. Kratt -{ 66 }- Henry R. Kreider, Jr. Myer Kripkc Carolyn Kuchnl Helena Larmore Wilma Liffring Dallas Lloyd Wilda Meek Irma Mesinger Kenneth Myerholtz Edna Miller Thelma Miller Glen Moan Rut h Morton Mary Myers Ruth Nay lor Arlinc Nets Jack O ' Connor Betty Overmyer Ruth Parker Margaret Perry ' { 67 ;- ■ ' ■ m z Christine Pctcoff Madelyn Pope Josephine Shatto Jeanette Shelles Adna Snyder Walter Sohocki Maurice Thompson Mabel Tinison Russel Ryerson Edward Sillence Norman Staiger Wilma Trautwein Maxinc Sage Coyie Smith Lawrence Steele Margaret Vance William Schul, Wm. Snow Ralph Sutter Forrest Ward -{ 68 }- " ■C " -td Edna Watkins Richard Weter Velma Weasner Winifred Williams Hazel Weigand Jane Wine Lawrence Weis Helen Wise Edwin Wctcher Win. Zielinsici Freshmen i Victor H. Adamcek Harold C. Alexander Kemsley L. Allison Don A. Alspach Arthur W. Amsler Aurthur W. Ansted Ruth L. Applegate Dorothy L. Arnold John K. Arnold Evelyn E. Aubry Royden R. Bachman Reeve M. Bailey Albert K. Banglat William L. Bartlett Aloysius C. Baumgartner Maybelle F. Beach Richard L. Bearss Dorothy M. Bell Mary W. Bell Helen M. Bellows Frederick W. Benda Dorothy C. Benoit David M. Bernstecn Alvin C. Bippus Virginia C. Birch Suzanne M. Blanchard Harold J. Blanchett Dorothy V. Blackner Richard T. Bloker loe Bloom Francis L. Border Mrs. Vashti M. Braboy Herbert D. Braun John Bricker Dorothy D. Brim Merle T. Brown Lcnore N. Browne Luella M. Bruggeman Mary J. Buetlin Dale H. Burke Clarence E. Carson Calhoun Cartwright Norton H. Cassady Wayne E. Chamberlin Ruth N. Chapman -{ 69 }- Minnie Christcnsen Homer R. Cohen Harriet K. Collen William S. Cooley Marian A. Cooper Harry G. Cotter Harry H. Cousins Eldred J. Crawford Kenneth D. Crosson Russel J. Curtis Bernard Davis Howard W. Day William J. Dceg Stanley J. Demsey Robert H. DeMuth Lila L. Dennis Mrs. Merle L. Doersch Donald J. Doner Maude E. Druckenmiller Harold S. Ducket Donald H. Durr Russel Eaton Jane B. Eberly Edith R. Ein Corliss W. Emery Herbert H. Emery Roberta Emmet William T. Enright William Epstein Mabel T. Eubank Cecelia G. Farley Dean C. Felton James W. Ferguson Esther M. Fetzer Ruth Z. Fine Harry Fink Frances L. Folger Jacob F. Folger Herbert J. Fortress Harold W. Foster Dorothy Francis Alina D. Friedel Harold Friedman Irving S. Fromkin Eugene F. Gauthier ThelmaJ. Gillooly Hyman Ginsburg Allan L. Gintzell Pearl Gittkowski Harry L. Goldberg Elmer L. Goldman Mrs. Ella B. Goslinc Frederick N. Gossman Jane E. Grace Charles H. Graham Irving H. Grcssman M. Dcwitt Grow Melvin H. Guntsch Robert W. Guss Johnnella L. Haggart Phillip V. Hahn Rowland E. Hanf Richard M. Hanselman Ruth G. Harsch Dorothy B. Harste Melvin R. Harter Arthur J. Hatch, Jr. Ortega Elie Haycra Hiram Heck Rollo E. Heebsh Earl E. Heinzelman Julian L. Heitman John H. Helwig Dorothy A. Henning Irving Hibbard Harold Higgins Max Hoffman Mable B. Holden Walter W. Holmes Alfred W. Huber Clarence E. Huss William G. Hyde Edward W. Jackson Anthony S. Janicki Kaiser S. Jastremski Katherine F. Jennings Paul G. Jenssen Norman Johnson Harold A. Kabel William Kander Andrew J. Kandik Herman R. Katz Waltus A. Kelsall Marian Kern David S. Kessler D. Fred Kilian Herbert R. Kimmelman Drew W. King James H. King Robert King W. Raymond King Mary E. Kinstlc Margaret Klein Morris D. KlofFenstein Felice T. Kozac Samuel S. Krenitz Carolyn A. Kuchnl Chester Kulaloski Edwin R. Kulczak Charles E. Kull Roland A. Lamley Robert K. Lampton Lee C. Lanfarc Carlton A. Lang Mrs. Laura B. Lang Elaine L. Langcl Theolusta B. Lawson Philip D. Lee R. Wayne Lehman Sam Levine Henry G. Linck Mrs. Vista L. Lindowcr Dallas Lloyd Seth M. Lloyd Mary E. Lydick Stephen Mackiewecz Herbert E. MacLean William C. Mallet Burdette M. Mallory Ruth A. Mann Morris I. Margolis Chester L. Martin Harvey Mathias J. Robert Matzinger lerne S. McCabe J. Franklin McCaslin Tom G. McCullough Alpin R. McGregor Francis P. McManus Gordan H. Meek Elizabeth G. Meier John L. Meier, Jr. Esther N. Menne Felicya Metzner Henry J. Meyerhofer, Jr. Louis Miller Ted G. Miller Joe H. Mirsky Leonard J. Mohr Arthur P. Moore Eva L. Mostor Robert W. Mussehl Wayne C. Myers Albert B. Neukom Florentine M. Nierman Robert B. Nigh Jois R. Nitschc Ruth M. Notzka Jack D. O ' Connor Chester C. ODell James E. O ' Hearn James M. O ' Neil Kenneth F. Osthimer Lloyd V. Owen John E. Palmer (Special) Raymond P. Petersen Jeanette R. Piesiewicz Richard Pirn Frank Pluto Herman Posner Janet M. Price E. Lucille Raddatz Dorothy L. Ramm Arthur J. Rantz Thomas E. Reeves Robert C. Reid Ray H. Reinier Merle F. Renz Robert C. Reynolds L. Eugene Ricard Justin A. Righter Margaret C. Rinderknecht Earl D. Roberts Marion K. Roller Kenneth R. Rossman Ben S. Russo Robert E. Saelzer Stanley J. Sander Estella M. Sanders Edith M. Sands Grace M. Sanzenbacker Eloise A. Schmidt I -ilO)- John C. Schrocder G. Elwood Schultz Naomi E. Schuster Bertram H. SeifFer Elizabeth Shapiro Sol Shenk Virgil P. Shepler Ray Shertunger Ruth Shore Carlton J. Siegcl Vivian Smith Edward Smolinski Russcl A. Somcrville Gwyn H. Start W. Nash Stephens Sam Stohl Melvin Stoll Louise M. Stollberg Carl S. Sundling Ethel I. Swartz Arthur W. Sweet Jacob Talbert Clark B. Taylor Harold L. Taylor Victor M. TemcofF Clarence L. Thomas Dorthea E. B. Thompson Dana Towers Edward P. Trepinski Blair Unkenholtz Fred J. Upthegrove Elmo R. Uthoff Ralph A. Uthoff Geo. J. Valiquette Margaret F. Vance Robert A. Vernier Fred H. Voglcr Neil J. Wadsworth Vernon W. Wagner Bruce Wagonlander Edward B. Waldman Richard D. Walter Frederick Walton Walter A. Watson John A. Weber Lawrence B. Wells Pauline Wells Dora Wengrow Donley L. Westfall Eleanor D. Wielinski Don W. Willey Evelyn M. Williams Herman S. Williams Wilfred Williams C. Burton Wing Mildred B. Winkler Bernard L. Wozniak Alex Z. Yanof Alethca M. Young Frank J. Zarnock Jennie Zelden Melvin Zinkowski Morris H. Zimmerman -{ 71 h Evening Student Council OFFICERS Lawrence Mominee President Maerith Green Vice-President Marie Campbell Secretary Doctor Fortney Advisor MEMBERS Rachel Armour Albert Birch Marie Campbell OrviUe Desmond Maerith Green Herbert Hammond Richard Kidney Lawrence Mominee Fay Pontius -i 71 - Lawrence Mominee Orville Desmond Herbert Hammond Marie Campbell Fay Pontius -{ 73 }- ■ • - »r- » ' ■ ■ ' 1C Administrative Officers EVENING SESSIONS Henry John Doermann, Ph. D. . . . President of the University Room 105, University Building Claire K. Searles, Ph. D Director of Evening Session Room 106, University Building Hazel D. Geiner, A. M. Registrar Room 140, Science Building Emma L. Woodward Financial Secretary Room 103, University Building Leon Watson Clerk of Evening Session Room 104, University Building -{ 74 }- Part Time Instructors QLate afternoon and evening sessions John W. Bebout Instructor In Law Ohio State University, A. B., 1911: LL. B., 192i Edward P. Buckenmyer Instructor in Law Ohio State University, A. B., 1920; LL. B., 1922 Peter Byko-wski Instructor in Pharmacy University of the City of Toledo, Ph. G., 19 IS Amos L. Conn Instructor in Law Grant University, LL. B., 1906 Charles R. Corbin Instructor in Journalism Ohio State University, 1912-1914 Sholto M. Douglas Instructor in Law Ohio State University Mrs. Bess Emch Instructor in Pharmacy University of the City of Toledo, Ph. G., 191S Louis M. Feldstein Instructor in Business Administ ' ation H. T. Fulton Instructor in Credits and Collections Washington and Jefferson, A. B., 1908 J. Otis Garber Instructor in Political Science University of Michigan, A. B., 1924; in Mimicifal Administration, 1917 Prentice H. Gross Assistant in Accounting University of the City of Toledo W. E. Hall Instructor in Journalism University of Missouri, B. Jour., 191i Alfred C. Hirth Instructor in Law University of Michigan, A. B., 1922; LL. B., 1914 -{ 75 )- John C. Klag Inst ' uctar in Offici Management University of Michigan Frank L. Klopfenstein Instructor in Toxicology Ohio Northern University, B. S., 1S95; Toledo Medical College, M. D., 1910 R. J. Langstaff Instructor in History Hugh C. Laughlin Inst ' ucto ' in Political Science Clio State University, A. B., 1924; Harvard University, LL. B., 1917 John McCabe Instructor in Law Western Reserve University, LL. B., 1910 Frank E. Miller Instructor in Law University of the City of Toledo, LL. B., 1916 Pierre Q. Pasquier Instructor in French Aix-Marseille University, A. B., 1917 B. E. Petcoff, M. D. Instructor of Physical Ed. Ohio State University, M. D., 1926 Charles W. Racine Dean of the Law Division and Professor of Law Ohio State University, A. B., 1921; LL. B., 1923 R. C. Reece Barbara Grace Spayd Instructor in English W. E. Stichter Instructor in Law Ohio State University, A. B., 1922; J. D., 1924 J. Wayne Thomas Instructor in Drawing Ohio State University, B. E. £., 1925 Hubert C. Woodbury Instructor in Mathematics Ohio State University, B. M. E., 1921 Morrison R. Van Cleve Assistant Professor of Natural Science University of Pennsylvania, A. B., 1907; Ohio State University, M. S., 1924 —i 76 }— A.GVVU)TTaKEIt " W ATHLETICS A CWUITTAKER FOOTBALL iri »«rj -»»- The 1929 Varsity Football Squad Name Age Height Weight No. Position Harold Dunn 21 5 ' 9 " 195 37 Fullback Donald Sharpe 22 5 ' 9M " 140 45 Quarterback Jack Delcher 21 5 ' HM " 165 43 Halfback Glenn R. Charles 19 5 ' 83 " 160 34 Fullback Robert Mussehl 17 5 ' 11 " 150 47 Tackle Kenneth Neubrecht .... 23 5 ' 10 " 170 38 End Douglas Marshall 21 6 ' 165 49 Guard Wilson Edwards 19 5 ' 10) " 175 50 Guard James Brinley 20 5 ' 10 " 155 51 Guard Alva Waltz ....... 21 5 ' 83 " 155 39 Center Donald Willey 19 5 ' 8 " 140 44 Halfback Henry McNutt 19 5 ' 10 " 160 40 End Joe Bloom 17 5 ' 9 " 185 42 Guard Ben Pencheff 22 5 ' 10 " 160 33 Quarterback Vincent Komorowski .... 21 6 ' 165 36 End -{ SO }- s DUNN What is there to say about Harold Dunn? It has all been said. Dunn was the outstanding player of the Northwestern Ohio Conference, kicking, running and passing the ball. He did exceptionally fine work in every game on the Rocket schedule. Goodbye, Harold, and good luck. You ' ll be a big man whatever you get into! WALTZ " Red " proved to be the man of the moment in the Rocket line. His ability to intercept passes and get into every play pulled through the line stamped him as a first class defensive man. On the offensive, Alva proved to be just as versatile, hurling back opposing backs time after time. Waltz will be back at the pivot next fall. MUSSEHL Bob was the only freshman playing on the regular squad. Although only a first man, he was one of the most experienced on the team. He came from Scott High School, where he had been a regular for two years. Mussehl will be a luminary in the Munie backfield next year, and will be a hard man for any line to stop. CHARLES Glenn had another big year under the Gold and Blue. A " never say die " spirit, plus a world of football ability, made him one of the outstanding players on the squad. Charles ' smile, even in the thickest of the scrimmage, has made him popular with the fans. NEUBRECHT " Spot " started the season as a backfield man. Because of a scarcity of ends, he was moved up to the flank position. Coach PetcofF ' s hunch as to Neubrecht ' s ability at end turned out right, and " Spot " became the premier end of the loop. SHARPE Minor injuries hurt Don ' s running ability early in the year, but he recovered quickly and took part in the big games on the Rocket ' s schedule. Sharpe ' s " Swivel Hips " meant many a yard in the most crucial moments. Don has been elected captain for the 1930 year, and we look for him to improve on his splendid record which he has set at Toledo U. McNUTT Brud was the ideal football player. Although very light, he made up for this in fighting spirit. Perhaps his defensive work was more spectacular than his offen- sive attempts, but it was only the uncanny pass receiving of Neubrecht that kept him in the shadows. Henry will be back on the turf next fall, and again lend his cheerful encouragement to his fellow players. MARSHALL Doug was placed at a position strange to him at the opening of the season, but he came through in capable style to form a part of the strongest line in the con- ference. Always filling up a hole at just the right time, Marshall proved himself one of the main cogs in the Toledo U. machine. -{ 81 }- EDWARDS Wilson playing his second year on the varsity far surpassed his first year ' s efforts. Edwards was the " die hard type " ; a back seldom made two gains in succession through his position. At the end of the season Edwards was named by many papers as the outstanding tackle of the league. BRINLEY Brinley was a tough man to face for even the most experienced foeman. Big gains were seldom made through his position. His work on the line was outstanding all through the season. Jim worked hard in every game to cover himself with glory- DELCHER Jack finished his Toledo University football career in a blaze of glory. Delcher enjoyed his best season with the Rockets. His hard running and tackling made him a versatile and valuable backfield man. WILLEY Don a former Libbey star gave us some conception of the fight that a Libbey man is capable of. Although called upon to face bigger and older men than himself, he fought like a demon. Willey is another of the freshmen with a world of potential football ability. BLOOM Irish came out for the squad almost unknown but football ability plus grit quickly won him a position on the team. Joe, who always fought hard when called upon, distinguished himself as a worthy gridder. Irish has three more years of varsity football and we look for him to engrave his name deeply in Toledo U. KOMOROWSKI Vince reported for the team well recommended by Dayton U. Although only a substitute, Komorowski proved to be the man of the moment every time he was called upon. Vince is another varsity man returning next fall. PENCHEFF Bennie ' s splendid dodging runs reminded one of the grand old days at Waite. PcnchefF was ineligible for the conference games but he covered himself with glory in the non-conference encounters. We hope to see Pencheff back next year. -{ 81 }- KTvuffiBS? ■• .- i;ltiA iSif ' ' ' ■ ' " ' " ■ " 1: - ' ' 0. •■ ■■ or. ■ !■ : M JOc: BASKETBALL SQUAD Smith Forward Straka Tenney Forward Gauthier Shull Center Strum Walker Guard Shenefield Guard Forward Center Guard -i 84 }- ■ ■■ U fc IC J 3b Phil Lee Paul Day BASKETBALL SECOND SQUAD Robert Gosline (Captain) Joe Bloom John C. Schroeder Kenneth Meyerholtz Paul Zeimer -{ 85 - -rr- BASKETBALL BILL WALKER " Bill " Walker bowed out of the Toledo University sports last winter in the final conference game with Bowling Green. Bill had another fine year, ranking with the high scorers of the loop. Walker, who made the all-conference team for four consecutive years besides leading the league scorers for two seasons, leaves a position hard to fill. Goodbye Bill and good luck. ARNOLD STRAKA Straka is one of the men who graduated from intramural basketball to varsity recognition since last year. He was the hero in a game against Bowling Green where he made the hole in one that sent the spasm into overtime and eventual victory. Connelly likes this type of man. MAYNARD SMITH " Smythe " is an accurate shooter who consistently showed ex- cellent floor work. A desire to win made him a most difficult man to guard and in many games he lead for points. Team confidence was best when Smithy was on the floor. KARL SHULL June takes away this T. U. brave. Karl, a center, was the coolest man on the team. His spirit is admirable considering that he is carry- ing many class hours, goes out for a team and then goes to work nights. His athletic career here is enviable but in no way has it inflated his ego. HAROLD TENNEY Here is a player whose all-round game is commendable. Perhaps his floorwork is an outstanding feature. His earnestness is intense. He possesses a good head and used it to advantage in games most trying on the nerves. Next year should find him a satellite. Tenney was the only freshman to make a berth on the varsity squad. EUGENE SHENEFIELD Gene is an ex-Hoosier and able example of Indiana basketball talent. An early season inclination to nervousness faded away as the schedule advanced and the result was manifest in his adaptation to tight situations. The experience of this year will make him invaluable next semester. He should go well in Walker ' s old position at guard. -{86}- EUGENE G AUTHIER This lad is the smallest we had. He made up for this with gab and speed which often baffled larger opponents. There is no question of his ability to instill pep in a tired team. He played exceptionally well against the giant Heidelberg team in the last game of the season. MEYER STRUM " Micky " came out in mid-season for the center post. He was adept at handling the ball and following in shots. His passing had a steadying effect on the team ' s coordination and his height controlled many tipoffs. He will be a welcome return to the squad next year. DONALD GARNER Although not a flashy player, Don is most reliable for even tem- pered routine. His efforts neglect grandstand play in favor of good application to teamwork which is the basis of eventual, more lasting recognition. With the past season ' s experience. Garner should be a stellar player in 1930-31. RECORD OF THE SEASON 1929-30 Teams Toledo Opponent Alumni 31 22 Detroit City College 22 25 Defiance 14 19 Detroit City College 22 25 St. John ' s 31 18 Findlay 35 43 St. John ' s 26 15 Bluffton 21 30 Heidleberg 23 47 Bowling Green 30 27 Bluffton 28 22 Defiance 28 31 Findlay 29 37 Bowling Green 28 23 Heidleberg 19 28 Total points 387 412 -{ «7 - n • « ig: w IT- S -{88}- k AGWHITTAKE.t; BASEBALL -rife. y -- „■:; ' • rv- .! ' ;»•■-? , fvi. ' ya. i,iW ■■■•. " •i -■ ' ■ ..T S ' - - rSri. ;ta ,•i ' ■..- ' .9 ' t « 1 ' .- • . " vcr •. ,.: Baseball Schedule — 1930 Bluffton, (there) Monday, April 21 FiNDLAY, (here) Friday, April 25 Defiance, (there) Tuesday, April 29 Ohio Northern, (here) Friday, May 2 Heidelberg, (there) Monday, May 5 Bluffton, (here) Friday, May 9 Bowling Green, (there) Tuesday, May 13 Defiance, (here) Wednesday, May 21 Ohio Northern, (there) Friday, May 23 Heidelberg, (here) Monday, May 26 FiNDLAY, (there) Thursday, May 29 Bowling Green, (here) Monday, June 2 A YEAR of experience did well for the novice gang of 1929. In all branches except pitching, the team has progressed. With the pitchers it is a lack of reliable control. The first game illustrates this erratic tendency. Seventeen Findlay men walked in this spasm which was a decided record for the season. The opposition from the conference menaces this year has been rather stiff. Defiance started a championship mob imbued with the idea of getting an encore on the cup. Findlay had a fleet of hard hitters but a rank pitching staff. Bluffton and Bowling Green were hard to stop due to the experience of their personnel. The schedule brought Toledo into fire against two Ohio Conference teams. This is part of the testing program to eventually enter Toledo in this conference as soon as the freshmen rule is in effect. -{ 90 }— I The baseball team of 1930 has not had a successful season despite the fact that most of the players are skillful. All the conference opponents are good. After a look at them Coach Watts has said that we have the better players, taken individually. Working as a team, however, there has been a sad lack of ability to function well enough to reverse the usual one to two run losses. The boys can hit the ball. The chief fault to find is the irregular control of the pitchers in the early games and the inevitable breaks that have aided the opposition just when the result of a struggle could revert either way. The catching end has been in the hands of Max Krause who is a very capable receiver. His disposition is care-free and he is rarely serious enough to die from sorrow. He totes a good batting average but is more of a liability on bases than an asset. This is because he hates to move fast. The pitchers are Paul Day, Eugene Shenefield and Ben Ryan. Day and Ryan have the most control trouble. Shenefield has been robbed of games twice through no fault of his own. Ryan is the only hurler who has a tendency to concede the other fellow is too good before he hits. Day is a good all-round player and can hit. At first base is Jones and Straka. Jones is used at third also. Straka never played the game before this year. He came out of retirement after the season started and showed a remarkable mechanical ability and lots of enthusiasm. If all the players had his pep we would have had a great club. He can ' t hit so well but will as he goes along. Jones is the big stick waver. His clouts have been far more often than the year before. His defensive efforts are commendable. Second base is played by Brick Evans. He is adept at fielding, knows his job, but is not serious enough to display his best form. He has hit more left field foul balls than anybody in the conference and when they land fair they are good for two bases, seldom more, because he has an aversion to three baggers. They require locomotion. John Arnold rambles around shortstop gap. He is not experienced enough to rate highly. He is rather inconsistent on ground balls but comes up with some tough ones at regular intervals. His bat prowess is in the same way. He needs a year or two of competition and will then steady down to A-1 performance. Edgar Byron held third until he quit to go to work. He was very dependable for gathering in the hot ones and could be figured upon -{91}- zjoz for a hit at each trip. When he left, Mr. Watts had to do some juggling for a working combination. One game was lost in this process. Jones inherited the job. Left field is the grass for Homer Matzinger who gives the lie to his name by coming through with singles. Mat is the fancy diving fiend. He once belly-smashed into Ten Mile creek to retrieve a ball and came out like a duck dumped into a tar barrel. He knows his field and gets some tough ones. McNary in center is also a good ball trapper. He has had plenty of amateur experience and can hit fairly well. Right field is familiar to Dumiller and Komoroskey. Dumiller is the more dependable fielder and Komoroskey the clubber. Dumiller loves to travel after far clouts and rarely fails to enfold them. His hitting fault is due mainly to no consistent batting stance. Komoroskey swings easy and connects. 92 - »- M ET " " - a Si CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM BACKRow(left to right): Allan Ballinger, Karl Shull, Edward Kutz, Kenneth Osthiemcr, Charles Masters and Martin Kaufman Bottom row (left to right): Coach David V. Connelly and alternates, Karl Brenner and Wilber Wilson. CROSS-COUNTRY The 1929 University of Toledo cross-country team consisted of the following men: Age Weight Class Allan Ballinger (Captain) 21 143 Senior Edward Kutz 22 132 Junior Karl Shull 22 160 Junior Charles Masters 18 155 Freshman Kenneth Osthiemer 19 130 Freshman Martin Kaufman 21 151 Junior Karl Brenner, Alternate 20 132 Junior Wilbur Wilson, Alternate 20 140 Sophomore —{ 93 }- With the best-balanced harrier squad that ever represented Toledo University, the blue and gold team walked off with the Northwestern Ohio Conference champion- ship for the third time in the past four years. In 1926 and 1928 the Rockets won the title and in 1927 they were runners-up to Bowling Green, who nosed them out by a scant three points. With Ballinger, Kutz and Shull back from the previous year ' s quintet, the Rocket squad was well equipped to start a record-breaking season from the time school opened. Added to these stellar runners were two of the best long-distant freshmen gallopers that ever came to Toledo U., Charles Masters and Kenneth Osthiemer. Kaufman and Brenner filled in well as alternates. With Kutz, Osthiemer and Masters of the regulars back next fall and the two alternates, Coach David Connelly will be well-fixed in September when cross-country season opens. Cross-Country Season October 29, 1929 — Running in a drizzle that made footing insecure and breathing difficult, the Munie hill-and-dalers copped the meet from Adrian College with a score of 21-34. Karl Shull grabbed first with 21 minutes, three seconds. Shull sprinted the last 130 yards to nose out Dennis of the visitors. The Rocket runners crossed the line in the following order: Shull, first; Ballinger, third; Kutz, fourth; Masters, sixth; Osthiemer, seventh. November 2, 1929 — Splashing their way over the sloppy Bluffton three and a half mile course, the home team defeated their Beaver rivals, 19-36. Karl Shull repeated his act of earlier in the week by taking another first in the same time, 21:03. The T. U. men finished as follows: Shull, first; Masters, third; Ballinger, fourth; Kutz, fifth; Osthiemer, sixth. November 9, 1929 — Turning in an almost perfect score by taking first, second, third, fourth, and sixth places in the Defiance run the Blue and Gold squad showed its first indications of being an outfit that keeps close together — way up in front! Charles Masters turned in the remarkably low time of 19:43 minutes for the home course of 3. 65 miles. Toledo U. men placed as follows: Masters, first; Shull, second; Ballinger, third; Osthiemer, fourth; Kutz, sixth. November 23, 1929 — Day of days! Again the Rockets romped off with the North- western Ohio conference championship. In spite of the cold, biting wind which somewhat hindered perfect performance, the T. U. harriers checked in the most decisive victory ever won in the N. W. O. loop. Their score was 19 as against 47 for Bowling Green, 59 for Bluffton, and 91 for Shull turned the trick in the lowest time of the year, 19:37. Defiance. The Rocket caperers finished in the following order: Shull, first; Kutz, second; Master, third; Ballinger, fifth; Osthiemer, eighth. And so ended a most successful season in the cross-country sport at the University of Toledo. -{94}- a ■- M i; r TT M ■■ Ul Harold Dunn Harlan Diehr William Fetters Charles Masters VARSITY TRACK 1930 Karl Shull Adna Snyder Edward Kutz Donald Willey Robert Gosline Jack Briggs Allan Ballinger Paul Quinn -{ J5 )- TRACK KARL SHULL When a coach has a man like Shull in his distance events, he doesn ' t worry much about what the opponents have to offer. He doesn ' t have to — men like Karl are consistent winners that any university may be proud of. ALLAN BALLINGER Al completes four years of stellar tracking this year. It is com- puted that he will have reeled off about 3000 miles in practice periods and track meets at the university by the end of the 1930 season. S ' long Al, and raise a son to be a T. U. track star! HAROLD DUNN Dunn just couldn ' t help doing things in a big wav. He was born that way! And what he hasn ' t taught our rivals about the art of tossing the shotput, javelin, and discus is but very little. Harold leaves us this June, and the whole school is sorry. HARLAN DIEHR Diehr is one of the " sweetest " little flyers that ever wore spikes for Toledo U. The way he runs the 100 and 220 yard dashes, and skims over the low hurdles is a tonic for any track mentor. And Connelly appreciates the youngster. ROBERT ELWELL Bob is companionate runner to Diehr. He specialized in the quarter mile trick this spring much to Dave Connelly ' s relief. Dogged deter- mination to breast the tape first is an inborn trait in every real runner. Bob has it. DONALD WILLEY When Willey came to our school, we all sat up and cheered. You see, the boy was a star on the cinders last year at Libbey, and placed well in the National track meet at Chicago. He lived up to expecta- tions and was a whiz in the 880 trek. WILLIAM FETTERS Balanced form, strong muscles, powerful legs. Rhythmic stride as smooth as honey. Speed of a frightened deer. Bill has those qualities; that ' s why he ' s one of the best high hurdlers in the N. W. O. loop. -{96}- CHARLES MASTERS With the experience of cross-country behind him, Chuck was in capital condition to show the opposition the soles of his shoes in the two-mile run. Masters has one of the most even strides ever seen in a trackster at T. U. EDWARD KUTZ Eddie is the cheerful little rascal that kept the squad in good humor. Ed has finished his third year on the cinders. He ran the 880 last season, but adopted the dashes and low hurdles event this spring. ADNA SNYDER Ad is a freshman who decided to make a name for himself in the heel-and-toe sport. The mile and two mile runs are meat pie for him much to the distress of the opposition. Snyder should be a big help in cross-country next fall. -{ 97 }- ■■ n « n. n c . Al. Balling FMiit Hjwki ' iis i -{98}- WON[NS ATUIETICS " K;.,, 3DC ■I Dorothy Miller Helene Cosgray Josephine Hauman Women ' s Athletic Association OFFICERS Helene Cosgray President Elizabeth Rudolph Vice-President Henrietta Breno Secretary Josephine Hauman Treasurer HEADS OF SPORTS Charlotte Webb Hockey Alma Hinchman Soccer Florence Zelden Basketball Dorothy Miller Volleyball Dorothy Willis Baseball Margaret Hart Tennis Helen Leech Track Jane Kamke Swimming Eleanor Evers Pistol Shooting Wilma Rutschow Hiking -{ 100 }- - - 3n= Helene Cosgray Maxine Cosgray Henrietta Breno Eleanor Evers Mary Evans Josephine Hauman Wilma Rutschow Elena Ray Irene Hollerbach Mamie Jzumigala Naomi Bossier Dorothy Doan Catherine Emch Margaret Egley Alma Hinchman Margaret Hart Bernice Husted Helen Leech Lucille Kazmaier MEMBERS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Rudolph Sue Rucker Alma Kicwat Ella Ruedy Lucille Lavenberg Mary Eggleston Adelaide Hogue Ruth McGinnes Anna Kline Dorothy Miller Margaret McGuire Charlotte Webb Betty Slow Vera SteinmiUer Alice Trippensee Mildred Wagers FRESHMEN Mary Bell Nettie Belle Clayton Marian Cooper Lila Dennis Mabel Eubank Wilma LifFring Thelma Miller Irma Meminger Jane Kamke Ruth Morton Jessie Hamman Jeanette Shelles Eloise Schmidt Winifred Williams Helen Wise Christine PetcofF Edna Watkins Jennie Zelden -{ 101 }- TBC Woman ' s Athletic Association In December, 1921, a group of University co-eds decided that athletics were just as vital to women as to men; thus, the Women ' s Athletic Association was formed in Toledo University. By January, 1925, this organization had grown so as to become a member of the National Athletic Conference of American College Women. Membership in this conference makes possible the transfer of points to and from other colleges. Now we come to the end of one of the most successful years the W. A. A. has known. Under the general guidance of Miss Erns- berger and the Presidency of Helene Cosgray women ' s athletics have been put on a higher status than ever before. The motto of the Women ' s Athletic Association is " Sports for Sports ' Sake " ; it has tried to foster a spirit of athletics for all women. The Point System, as suggested by the National Athletic Conference for American College Women, is applied in our university. One hundred points are awarded for making the " A " team in any major sport, and to make the team it is necessary to have the required number of practices and to participate in at least one intramural game. All members of the " B " team are awarded fifty points. Upon the accumu- lation of five hundred points (only two hundred points can be made a season) a T. U. bar pin is given; of one thousand points a large yellow felt " T " ; and with fifteen hundred points a " T " sweater. The sweater, a white coat with a yellow chenille " T " is the highest honor conferred by the association. This year one girl, Henrietta Breno, a Junior, was eligible for her sweater. The close of each season is marked by a banquet, at which all awards arc made by the heads of sports. -{102}- BASKETBALL Basketball might be termed the favorite sport of the women athletes. Certainly when the cold winds howl about the gymnasium, there is a flock of females who keep warm by following the ball. Flossy Zeldon by her capable leadership was a prime factor in the successful season just closed. A star herself, she instilled the necessary enthusiasm to make this year the best ever. The teams were well matched and provided many exciting games. But by a rally in the last few minutes of their tilt against the freshmen " A " girls, the sophomores emerged from the game with a one-point victory and the university championship. Members of the winning Sophomore team are Dorothy Miller, Margaret Hart, Alma Hinchman, Margaret Egley, Lucille Kazmaier, Charlotte Webb, and Anna Kline. This game officially closed the girls ' basketball season, climaxing a week ' s tourna- ment in which five teams played, with over forty girls participating. Each player had to have at least ten practices to her credit, besides an active membership in an intra-mural team in either the sorority or independent league. Margaret Hart and Jennie Zeldon received " T ' s " for unusual ability in the tourna- ment. PISTOL SHOOTING Pistol shooting experienced a most thriving year under the management of Policewoman Slater and Lieutenant Hennessy. As head of this sport, Eleanor Evans, never missed being at the Toledo Police range. In the near future Toledo will have a vice squad of Policewomen headed by Toledo University co-eds. TRACK Track is a sport that includes every girl, short or tall, fat or slim. With the var- ious activities offered, the javelin-throw, hundred yard dash, hurdles, etc., each girl is afforded an opportunity to excell in one thing. The art of track in its different forms, requires keen co-ordination of mind and body. Under the guidance of Helen Leech this spring was one of great accomplishments. HOCKEY Hockey again maintained its reputation as a drawing card in the list of sports for co-eds. At the beginning of the season sixty-two girls reported. Of this number, some thirty-five or forty girls came through the season, winning a reward. The freshmen emerged as victors in the class tournament by defeating the upper-classmen three to nothing, and the sophomores three to nothing. Charlotte Webb was head of the sport. The coveted " T ' s " for exceptional ability and good sportsmanship in Hockey were won by Irma Memminger, a freshman, and Jo Hauman, a senior. The frosh, as victors in the class tournament, were presented with a cup, which is the first award of its kind. -{ m } BASEBALL Warmer weather and the thoughts of the co-eds turned to baseball, with a decided welcome. Bats, fly-balls, and grounders, home-runs, and " baseball fingers, " are all a part of this great national game which the co-eds enjoy. Flossy Zeldon will long be remembered as one of our prize baseball players. Dorothy Willis was head of this sport. Even though baseball has one of the shortest seasons and in a season when there are so many other sports it has proved to be one of the most popular. GOLF Golf was a newly-introduced extra-curricular activity which as yet is not under W. A. A. authority and no points are given. Naomi Bossier was prime mover of this organization and quite fittingly was elected president with Dorothy Severin acting as secretary and treasurer. Naomi offered her services as an instructor of golf — gratis, and proved to be a very capable coach. SWIMMING The interest in swimming this year was so great that some of the girls could not be enrolled in the classes, as facilities were not adequate at the Y. W. C. A. Ruth Harsch assisted Miss Marion Ernsberger every Tuesday afternoon by taking part of the class, giving them their strokes and other tests. Jane Kampke is head-elect of swimming. ARCHERY Archery has the advantage of being a fall and spring sport. This year interest was very keen among archers as they were competing for a small individual archery cup. The last afternoon of shooting was just one round after another of live competition between Thelma Miller and Naomi Bossier. Naomi Bossier was the winner by two points, receiving the prize cup. TENNIS This year the W. A. A. is fortunate in having a real tennis champion as head of the sport — Margaret Hart. In addition to being head of sport of T.U., Margaret Hart is coaching tennis at the Toledo Tennis Club. With the opening of the new Univer- sity of Toledo, T. U. will have its own tennis courts and not be compelled to use courts at Jermain Park. SOCCER Soccer is one sport at the University in which you use your head. Ask the girls who play the game. Due to adverse weather, the class tournament in soccer could not be played to the finish. However, it was decided that the sophomores were the winners. Alma Hinchman, besides being a very able head of sports was one of the fastest players on the field. The " T ' s " in soccer went to Jennie Zeldon, Alma Hinch- man, Charlotte Webb, and Dorothy Miller. -{ 104 }— i iiSafif - S;ft».- «( £ :■■_ m ■HP ! " ■■ Franklyn Hawkins Fred Rayburn Charles Jarvis William T. Preston Sydney Wittenberg Edward Kutz Lyle Calkins Richard Krause Willis Pioch Russel Willeman James Breay Louis Levine Robert Whitker Frank Duvendack Fr ed Zillcs Pan-Hellenic Council Fred Rayburn President Dave Cohen Secretary-Treasurer David C. Connelly Advisor Phi Kappa Chi Sigma Beta Phi Girard Beroset Frank Duvendack William Preston Edward Kutz Sigma Delta Rho Alpha Phi Omega Charles Jarvis Loyal Calkins Richard Krauss Fred Zilles Chi Rho Nu Chi Beta Chi J. W. Breay Franklyn Hawkins Willis Pioch Robert Wittker Kappa Psi Lambda Chi Norman Sampson Morris Levine Russell Willeman Sam Berkovitz Kappa Iota Chi Abe Steinberg Sydney Wittenberg { 107 }— Sigma Delta Rho Gamma Chapter Founded at Miami University, 1921 Chaffer Publication: Gammagrams Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pink Carnation Publication: Griffin Charles Jarvis President Clarence Day Vice-President Kenneth Wallace Secretary Wilber Wacker Treasurer Charles Sweeney Business Manager Wayne Shepherd Sargeant-at-Arms Al Birch Wellington Schaal Edward Boldt Wayne Shepherd John Cole Karl Shull Maxwell Cooley Coyle Smith Claren ce Day Charles A. Sweeny Bernard Grover Marvin Timm Julian Heitman Wilbur Wacker John Holley Lawrence Weis Edward Pagan Ronald Williams Charles Jarvis Eugene Wilson Robert Jennings Ralph Wittman Donald Kissel Jake Folger Richard Krauss Gordon Meek Max Krauss Eugene Ricard Dave Manning Burdette Mallory John McCord Charles Masters Carl McCullough Paul Day Dean Overmeyer Gilbert Ansted Richard Pelton Richard Blocker Ollie Rideout Reeves Kidney Russell Ryerson It -{ 108 }— Marvta Timm Richard Pel ton Edward Facan Richard Dreshcr Karl Shull Adolph Harste Wilbur Wackcr Charles Jarvjs Charles Sweeny Bernard Grover Lawrence Boldt Dean Overmvcr Clarence Day Ralph Wittman Wayne Shepherd Coylc Smith Lawrence Weiss Ronald Williams Reeves Kidnev David Manning Edward Boldt Robert Jennings Russell Rycrson John Holly Richard Krauss Albert Birch Donald Kissel t- —{ 109 } Phi Kappa Cnr Founded in 1915 Colors: Black and White OFFICERS John Latham Master Jack Delcher Warden William Preston Scribe Donald Swan Custodian Douglas Marshall Marshall Dean Bohrer Chaplain Dr. H. H. M. Bowman Faculty Advisor Class of 1930 Fred Rayburn Melvin Ward Donald Swan John Bailey Class or 1931 Jack Delcher Lorin Kerr John Latham James Lasley Douglas Marshall William Mewborn Harold Moan Donald Sharpe William Preston Jack Briggs Class of 1932 Gerard Beroset Dean Bohrer Arden Liles Robert Jennings Richard Pheatt Charles Rhodes Eugene Shenefield Harold Tenney Clarence Carson Class of 1933 Donald Alspach Gerhard Burde George Cook Maurice Ernsberger Alan Emerson Robert Gosline Vance Gray James Gross Phillip Lee Glen Moan Howard Stevenson Walter Dence It -{110}- ■■ nr " »« «c S Fred Rayburn Harold Moan Walter Dence George Cook Douglas Marshall Glen Moan Vance Gray Gerhard Burde Howard Stevenson John Latham Melvin Ward Arden Liles Morris Ernsbcrger Robert Gosline William Preston Jack Delcher Dean Bohrer Alan Emerson Richard Pheatt Donald Swan Lorin Kerr Donald Sharpc Harold Tenncy -{ 111 h TT- Kappa Iota Chi Fraternity Founded in 1923 Flower: Sweet Pea Colors: Blue and White OFFICERS Abe Steinberg President Charles Schwartz Vice-President Louis Perlmutter Secretary Louis Ravin Scribe Herbert Perlis Burser Ira Levine Keeper of Archives Phil Kass Sergeant at Arms Juniors Abe Steinberg Herbert Perlis Charles Schwartz Sophomores Ira Levine Sydney Wittenberg Louis Ravin Phil Kass Louis Perlmutter Louis Leibovitz Freshmen Joe Blum Eli Dorf IVIanuel Davis Myer Kripke -{ 112 t 1- O C KT- n ,mi • t " wr Louis Perlmutter Louis Leibovitz Sydney Wittenberg Ira Lcvinc Myer Kripke Manuel Davis —{ 113 )- Sigma Beta Phi Founded in 1918 Colors: Black and Gold OFFICERS Frank Duvendack President Edward C. Kutz Vice-President Ray Schaffer Secretary Harold Davis Treasurer Harold Conrad Probationer Prof. W. F. Brown Faculty Advisor Class of 1930 Frank Duvendack Harold Davis Ray Schaffer Howard Carson Irvin Harbright George Hammersmith Class or 1931 Maynard Smith Herbert Goetz Edward Kutz John Sheehy George Parkins Class of 1932 Harrison Trautwein Harold Conrad Scott McLeod . Wilson Edwards Alva Waltz Roland Buehrer Carlton Hissong Robert Schnell Joseph Limoges Class of 1933 Robert Mussehl Robert Saelzler Clarence Huss James O ' Neil Norman Stacger Eugene Gauthier Lawrence Steele Edward Jackson Carlton Siegel Harold Alexander Francis McManus Stanley Sander Don Willey Leonard Mohr Pledges Robert Guss Lewis Bartlctt -{ 114 ;- M m —n- Ray Schacffer Carlton Hissong John Shcehy Frank Duvcndack Edward Kutz Harrison Trautwein Irving Harbright George Hammersmith Herbert Goetz Harold Davis Norman Staeger Lawrence Steele { 115 h Chi Rho Nu Fraternity Founded in 1921 Flower: Rose Colors: Red and White OFFICERS Leslie Van Wormer President James Breay Vice-Presiden t Walter Gibson Secretary Eldred Crawford Treasurer James Stower Warden Willis Pioch Ass ' t Warden Members in Faculty Guy E. Van Sickle Seniors James Breay Herbert Strong Andrew Extejt Juniors Walter Argow Frank Butler Leslie Van Wormer Sophomores Fred Billingslea Willis Pioch Eldred Crawford Carl Imoberstag Walter Gibson James Stower Roy Hummel Arnold Straka Ernest Knauf George Wandtke Freshmen John Arnold Jack McCaslin Paul Dale Kenneth Meyerholtz Edward Garrison Don Garner Lyman Miller Harold Ducket Ralph Sutter Robert Wagner Boston Bristol Dick Barse {116)- « ■- M « ■ ■ ■ ! Leslie VanWormer James Stowcr James Breay Walter Gibson Willis Pioch Ernest Knauf Ralph Sutter Edward Garrison Kenneth Mcyerholtz Arnold Straka John Arnold Paul Dale -{ 117 }- Chi Beta Chi Founded in igzi) Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Colors: Blue and Gold Motto: Character, Fellowship, Culture OFFICERS 1929-30 Roberta. Witker Senior Consul MiLO Philbin Junior Consul William Beckett Scribe Harry Lamb Custodian Walter Brimmer Marshall Dr. Chas. Bushnell Faculty Advisor Mem bers Allan Ballinger . . 1930 Alfred G. Whittaker . . 1931 William Beckett . . . 1932 Robert K. Witker . . . 1930 Mellen L. Bitter . . 1932 Calhoun Cartwright . Associate Karl Brenner . . . 1931 DeWitt Grow . . . . 1933 Walter Brimmer . . 1930 Richard Hanselman 1933 Franklyn Hawkins . 1931 William Hyde . . 1933 Basil Johnson . . . 1930 Robert Vernier 1933 Harry Lamb . . . 1930 Norman Johnson 1933 Alvin Lownsbury . 1930 Robert Lampton 1933 Manley Mallett . . 1932 Seth Lloyd . . 1933 Milo Philbin . . . 1932 Robert Reynolds 1933 Earl Rager . . Gra duate William Snow . 1933 II -{118 h zaz Mcllen Bitter William Snow Franklyn Hawkins A. Whittakcr Robert Witker Allan Ballingcr Manley Mallet Walter Brimmer Chi Beta Chi The newest fraternity on the University of Toledo campus was organized in the spring of 1929. Through- out the summer of that year the social life of the group formed one of the gayest calendars ever arranged by a campus society. With the opening of the fall term, the men comprising the new organization secured permission from President Henry J. Doermann to form a fraternity, with the full privileges of such a society on the campus. The scholastic average of the members has been kept above the grade of " B " during the past year. The society ' s activities suffered in no way in maintaining the scholarship record. Pledge mixers featured the pledging period of the fall and spring rushing time. The Christmas party held in the clubrooms at the Collingwood Avenue Presbyterian church was a real success. A supper-dance, January 3, given to the members by the pledges in the Palais D ' or supper club, Tremainsville road, was one of the most brilliant social events of the holiday season. The spring formal proved to be one of the most interesting affairs of the gala school-closing dances. The fraternity will hold several outdoor get-togethers during the summer vacation, and is looking for- ward to another big year at the university. -( 119 }- Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Founded: November 2, 1921 Flower: Marigold Colors: Scarlet and Gray OFFICERS Fred Zilles President William DeSana Vice-President Franklin Snieder Secretary Robert Kelb Treasurer Philip Harris Sergeant-at-Arms Seniors Montgomery Powell Christian Thomson Juniors Loyal Calkins William DeSana Lyle Calkins Karl Reiser Charles Campbell Valentine Thomson Fred Zilles Jerry Hoover Robert Kelb Sophomores Philip Harris Ed Jablinski Franklin Snieder Ernest Klirk Walter Vye William Burgess Ed Byron Arnold Lapp Freshmen Corliss Emery Edward Wetcher Russell SomerviUe Bernard Woznick Coraliss Sheffield Marvin Carl Henry Kreider Jack O ' Conner Ernest Urich Fred Walton Bernard Seitz Bartlett Ewell Richard Weter Ed. SiUence Roy Young Advisors Dr. R. N. Whiteford Dr. C. K. Searles -{120}- mi w. n t: wr- H M= ■ T Wm. De Sana Fred Zilles Richard Wetcr Phil. Harris Ed. Bvron Robert Kelb Carl Reiser Bernard Sutz Montgomery Powell Edwin Jabinski Lyie Callcins Edward Sillence H. Kreider Loyal Calkins Wm. Burgess Walter Reisner -{121}- Beta Lambda Chapter OF Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Founded at the Aledkal College of Virginia on October 25, 1879 Flower: Red Carnation Colors: Scarlet and Gray Local Publication: Kappa Eye National Publication: Mask OFFICERS Russell J. Willeman Regent Paul J. Quinn Vice-Regent Thomas H. Mangas Secretary Herbert C. Ness Secretary Walter Gffeller Chaplain Chester Kaliski Historian Russell Knowles Reporter Faculty Advisors Dr. H. M. M. Bowman Prof. W. M. Reed Dr. H. R. Kreider Mr. E. E. Rohrer Grand Council Deputy Gordin Kohles Class of 1930 Arthur Simon Martin Kaufman Class of 1931 Russell Knowles Harley C. Miller Russell J. Willeman Paul J. Quinn Thomas Q. Mangas Robert G. Smith Norman R. Sampson Jasson P. Ott Herbert C. Ness Chester N. Kaliski Frank Louis Bond Class of 1932 John E. Parr Harold O. Sharp Earl T. Dav Dwight A. Neelev Walter U. Gffeller Ray K. Smith James A. Page Arthur J. Kuntz Class of 1933 George Valiquette Wheaton B. Smith Harold Korte Harold Taylor Irving Hibbard Glen Dickerson Pledges Mclvin Stoll Walter Sohocki -fl22}- »- n i: -nr- M -n- • g- Thomas Mangas R. J. Willeman Paul Quinn Harley Miller Russcl Knowles Herbert Ness Walter Sohocki Chester Kaliski Martin Kaufman Rollo Smith Harold Sharp Glen Dickerson Dwight Ncclcy . R. Smith Clarence A. Day James Page Arthur Kuntz -{123}- TT- Lambda Chi Fraternity rounded: March, 1925 Colors: Black and Gold OFFICERS Morris Levine President Sam Berkovitz Vice-President Louis Levin Secretary Sam Friedmar Treasurer Morris Bame Sergeant at Arms Dave Cohn Reporter Seniors Morris Bernstein Juniors Morris Levine Harry Fingerhut Sophomores Sam Berkovitz Aaron Levison Dave Cohn Ben Illman Sam Friedmar Sam Molevitz Morris Bame Louis Levin Freshmen Harry Goldberg Edward Waldman William Epstein Sol Shenk Harry Fink Hyman Ginsberg Sam Levine William Kander Harold Friedman Irving Fromkin Herbert Kimmclman Dave Borensteen f -(124} -« ■■ o e : » »»«■« " Sam Fricdniar Moe Levine Harry Fingerhut Aaron Levison Lewis Levin -{125}- Pi Delta Chi Founded: April 26, 1915 flower: Shamrock Colors: Green and White OFFICERS Dorothy Wells President Elizabeth Repasz Vice-President Mary Louise Albrecht Secretary Lucille Lavenberg Treasurer Mary Eggleston Chaplain Catherine Emch Reporter Ruth Enteman Senior Advisor Dr. Marion Weightman McKee Faculty Advisor Class of 1930 Mary Louise Albrecht Elizabeth Repasz Mae Beckwith Dorothy Rivers Ruth Enteman Dorothy Severin Corrine Faulkner Dorothy Wells Class or 1931 Mary Cline Ruth McGinnis Mary Eggleston ' Grace Schoonmaker Josephine Hauman Marian Tallman Adelaide Hogue Catherine Tresslar Lucille Lavenberg Helen Siddall Geraldine Mathias Class of 1932 Florence Bennett Dorothy Francis Jane Bennett Ann Pingen Catherine Emch Sue Rucker Class of 1933 Sue Blanchard Marian Kern Alice Eggleston Ruth Morton Jane Eberly Janet Price Jessie Hamman Grace Marie Sanzenbachcr Ruth Harsch Pauline Wells Natalie Hinz Helen Wise Dorothy Kenning I I! -{ m )- " tfl « nMMS S SB Dorothy Wells Elizabeth Rcpasz Mary Louise Albrecht Mary Eggleston Helen Sidall Geraldine Mathias Ruth Enteman Cappy Trcsslar Josephine Hauman Jane Bennett Adelaid Hogue Katherinc Emch Lucilc Lavenberg Sue Rucker Florence Bennett Dorothy Rivers Dorothy Severin Mae Beckwith Sue Blanchard Corrine Faylkner Natalie Hinz Helen Wise Ruth McGinnis Jessie Hammann -{ 111 }— Kappa Pi Epsilon Founded: 1911 Flower: Chrysanthemum Colors: Green and Gold OFFICERS Violet Holtz President Margaret Van Ness Vice-President Lucille Emch Recording Secretary irginia Starner Corresponding Secretary Lucille Gross Treasurer Dorothy Sciiuh Reporter Almeda May Janney Faculty Advisor Class of 1930 Lucille Emch Margaret Stark Rosemyrl Grover Margaret Van Ness Violet Holtz Elinor Wilson Amelia Morgan Class of 1931 Margaret Fruend Virginia Starner Lucille Gross Class of 1932 Dorothy Doan Betty Slow Isabel Greunke Dorothy Slater Alma Hinchman Martha Taylor Mary Perry Alice Trippensee Dorothy Schuh Thelma Williams Class of 1933 Evelyn Aubry Margaret Perry Frances Border Arline Neis Ruth Butler ■ Mabel Timson Catherine Fruend Edna Watkins Wilma Hall Winifred Williams Thelma Miller { 128 } Margaret Perry Dorothy Schuh Isabel Grucnkc Wilma Hall Arline N ' cis Winifred Williams Lucile Gross Virginia Starner Violet Holtz Lucile Emch Margaret VanNcss Mable Timson Ruth Builer Catherine Fruend Margaret Stark Dorothy Slater Frances Border Margaret Fruend Elinor Wilson Thclma Williams Alice Trippcnsec Edna Watkins RoscmyrI Grovcr Thclma Miller Mary Perry Betty Slow Amelia Morgan Alma Hinchman Dorothy Doan -{ m h Phi Theta Psi Founded: 1920 flower: Baby Mums Colors: Drown and Gold OFFICERS Maurine LaLonde President Helen Sherman Vice-President Marvel Stoll Secretary Dorothy Schreiber Treasurer Ruth Dolch Corresponding Secretary Mary Parker Reporter Gwendolyn Epker Curator Margaret Williams Faculty Advisor Class or 1930 Mary Parker Ruth Dolch Class of 1931 Dorothy Schreiber Maurine LaLonde Marvel Stoll Villa Mae Michaels Helen Sherman Class of 1932 Gwendolyn Epker Ruth Cable Elizabeth Schnell June Keatz Ann Currie Hazel Weigand Class of 1933 Dyrexa Chapman Ruth Parker Ruth Drummond . Madelyn Pope Maxine Kiminer Betty Overmyer Carolyn Kuehnl Maxine Sage Irma Meminger Jane Wine 1 -{ m }- Maurine LaLonde Gwendolyn Epker Mary Ann Parker Ruth Dolch Marvel Stoll Anne Currie Dorothy Schreiber Laurel Campbell Betty Overmeyer Dyrexa Chapman Villa Mae Michaels Maxine Sage Maxine Kimener Elizabeth Schnell Jane Wine Ruth Parker Hazel Weigand Madclyn Pope Irma Memingcr -{ 131 } Psi Chi Phi Founded: 1923 Flower: Poppy Colors: Crimson and BJack OFFICERS Marjorie Neal . President Jean Segler Vice-President Marie Carr Recording Secretary Naomi Pollard . ' Corresponding Secretary Edna Ranfft Treasurer Mrs. J. M. CoNDRiN Faculty Advisor Class or 1930 Marjorie Neal Jean Segler Elizabeth Randolph Alice Winslow Class of 1931 Marie Carr Edna RanfFt Marian De Weese Gayle Smith Naomi Pollard Elizabeth Warner Class of 1932 Rosalie Elsperman Dorothy Miller Class of 1933 Dorothe Bleckner Mary Ellen Lydeck Frances Folger Wilda Meek Lena Folger Lois Nitschke Margaret Hart Naomi Schuster Jane Kamke Helen Starkweather Grace Lanzinger Wilma Trautwein Wilma Liffring -{ m }- »- ' ■ -■ fK Z n ■ ! Gaylc Smith Naomi Pollard Dorothy Miller Edna Ranfft Marjoric Neal Wilma Meek Jane Kamkc Wilma Tiffany Marian Deweese Lena Folgcr Rosalie Elspcrman Wilma Tratwein -n33 - 3S= «|N Pi Gamma Mu Fraternity Ohio Beta Chapter Founded: December 1, 1924 Motto: " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make vou free. " OFFICERS Dr. C.J. BusHNELL Adfisor Lawrence L. Vander President G. Mande Brown Vice-President Lewis L. McKibben Secretary Corra Muhme Tretisnrer MEMBERS Ruth Allen Florence Lester Forest L Blanchard Fred Len Florence M. Breese Lewis L. McKibbe.T G. Mande Brown Marjorie Allen Meniam Virginia Brown Edith Militzer Frank M. Burns Mrs. E. Louise Moss Dr. C. J. Bushnell Corra Muhme Mrs. Olga L. Bushnell Florence Muhme Bess M. Campbell Mrs. Merle Newcomb Mary F. Colleary David R. Pugh Grace Cronk Mrs. Bernice R. Rairdon Hazel Darby May Reardon Grace M. DeLisle Mary Roache Ailcen B. Eberth Anna W. Schwertzler Elizabeth Eckhardt Mrs. Elizabeth Schrader Mrs. E. B. Featherstone Mrs. Sadie Shiple Dr. Lorain Fortney Joseph W. Smith Hazel Geiner W. Sherman Smith Leroy Grant G. Miriam Spreng Marian Grewer Katherine Tobin Lester Haring Mrs. Frances Valentine Grace Irwin Lawrence L. Vander Susan Knight Eloise B. Voorheis Mildred Krieger Lorna Wagar Mrs. Aileen Leitner -{U4}- ■ ■ U fl K issmAs A Dinner Group at the Meeting of the Society on March 14, 1930 Pi Gamma Mu is a national, honorary, social science fraternity with one hundred and ten chapters and eleven thousand members. The Ohio Beta is a charter chapter. Its purpose is " the inculcation of the ideals of scholarship, scientific attitude and method and social service in the study of all social problems. " Membership is open to those undergraduates of senior college rank, graduate students, alumni and faculty possessing at least twenty hours of credit, with a grade of A or B in Social Science in a standard institu- tion of higher learning. -{ 135 }- 1 Inter-Sorority Council OFFICERS Ruth Enteman President Dorothy Schrieber Vice-President Marjorie Neal Secretary Maurine LaLonde Treasurer Violet Holtz Reporter Kappa Pi Epsilon Pi Delta Chi Violet Holtz Ruth Enteman Margaret Fruend Dorothy Wells Psi Chi Phi Phi Theta Psi Marjorie Neal Maurine LaLonde Gayle Smith Dorothy Schrieber -{ m }- I £,V««™w«« ' vii »«iH £fif ' V ' ? iS - r Jj p ' 5 .8 : ,. . " ■■ i : Student Council OFFICERS Irving Harbright President Dorothy Wells Secretary Deans Easley and Connelly Advisors SENIORS Dorothy Wells Frederick Rayburn JUNIORS Catherine Tresslar Charles Jarvis SOPHOMORES Alma Hinchman Gerard Beroset FRESHMEN Ruth Morton Robert Gosline l -{138}- -■ ■- n ■: g g: »■ «i » - Frederick Rayburn Catherine Trcsslar Alma Hinchman Irving Harbright Robert Gosline Dorothy Welles Charles Jarvis Ruth Morton (139}- Blockhouse Staff Charles A. Sweeny Editor Catherine Tresslar Assistant Editor Sydney Wittenberg Business Manager Richard Pelton Photography Editor Robert Jennings Administration Editor Kenneth Wallace Clarence Day Dyrexa Chapman Frances Pennoyer Class Editor Margaret Fruend Mae Beckwith Natalie Hinz Franklyn Hawkins Athletic Editor Parnell Dumiller Reginald Jackson Geraldine Mathias Features Editor George Cook Sylvia Rothman Carmen Barnes Charles Jarvis Act ivities Editor Russell Ryerson Helen Wise LoRiN Kerr William T. Preston Organisations Editor Hazel Wiegand Kenneth Wallace Walter Dence Clara West Assistant Art Editor Virginia Starner Gehrhardt Burde Assistant Photography Editor Bernard Grover -{UOh 1 u 3cr ■ 1 ■ ■ » Gcraldinc Mathias Franklyn Hawkins Carmen Barnes Gchrhardt Burde Richard Peltoii Cliarles Sweeny Charles Jarvis Robert Jennings Bernard Grover Sydney Wittenberg Natalie Hinz Parnell Dumiller Clara West Margaret Fruend Mae Beckwith Clarence Day -{ 141 } -ir- The Campus Collegian Dorothy D. Wells Editor WiLLAiM T. Preston Managing Editor Harold L. Davis . . . . Business Manager Geraldine Mathias News Editor Edward Kutz Sport Editor Wm. E. Hall Advisor ASSISTANT EDITORS Jane Bennett, Naomi Bossler Assistant News Editors Franklyn Hawkins Assistant Managing Editor Josephine Hauman Women ' s Sports Lorin Kerr Literary Crystal Kohler Organisations REPORTERS Mary Lou Albrecht Robert Jennings Allan Ballinger Florence Kerr Donna Mary Banting Edward Kutz Carmen Barnes Anna Kline Mae Beckwith Richard Krause Florence Bennett Mary Krepleever Jane Bennett Lucille Lavenberg Sam Berkowitz Ruth McGinnis Naomi Bossier Amelia Morgan Dorothy Doan Mary Parker Parnell Dumiller Elizabeth Repasz Helen Dunn Roberta Riman Mary Eggleston Jack Rounds Robert Eley Maynard Smith Kathryn Emch Virginia Starner Margaret Fruend Kenneth Wallace Marcena Garwood Harrison Trutwein Isabelle Gruenke Charlotte Webb Adelaide Hoguc Mildred Wagers I -{ 141 } : ■■ ■ ' » ■j ' . " ' w.j jH wpwjBjig ' . y ;;; ,.J. . ■ ' ' " . ' ' .. " ?f??T g ' - : i ' ■ " - - ■-• ■ ■■ iA ' »,-4 , Marjr Parker Mary Louise Albrcchc Franklyn Hawkins Lorin Kerr Josephine Hauman Naomi Bossier Edward Kutz Geraldine Mathias Dorothy Wells Harold Davis William Preston Carmen Barnes Elizabeth Repasz Amelia Morgan Isabelle Grcunke Parncll Dumilicr Allan Ballingcr Margaret Fruend Howard Kline Robert Jennings Kathryn Emch Richard Krauss Dorothy Doan Mildred Wagers Mary Kreplcevcr Helen Dunn Wilma Trautwein Virginia Starncr Mac Beckwith -{ 143 - ■ » ■ . n Honorary Toledo University Press Club Founded: 1930 OFFICERS Franklyn R. Hawkins President William T. Preston Vice-President Geraldine E. Matiiias Secretary-Treasurer CHARTER MEMBERS Seniors Harold L. Davis Dorothy D. Wells Juniors Franklyn R. Hawkins Geraldine E. Mathias Lorin E. Kerr William T. Preston Edward C. Kutz Charles A. Sweeny ' ;• -? Sophomore Sydney Wittenberg % -{ 144 h Dorothy Wells Edward Kutz Franklyn Hawkins William T. Preston Lorin Kerr Harold Davis Geraldinc Mathias Charles Sweeny The Press Club was formed in the spring of 1930 as an honorary journal- istic organization. Its membership is limited to the Editors of the Campus Collegian and the Editor and Business Manager of the Block- house. It is the plan of the founders to affiliate with a national jour- nalistic fraternity as soon as possible and the preliminary steps have progressed far enough that this charter will probably be granted next year. —( 145 }— Dramatic Association OFFICERS Frances Pennoyer President IsABELLE Stafford Vice-President Ruth Enteman Secretary Walter Argow Treasurer Frances Pennoyer Business Manager S. Wesley McKee Director Mrs. Stafford Faculty Advisof MEMBERS Margaret Stark Velma Weasner Geraldine Mathias Jane Wine Walter Dence Howard Puhlman Carmen Barnes Tilda Raviolo Mary Bell Hazel Weigand Dorothy Boor Juanita Armour Bessie Clayton Kenneth Ostheimer Norman Dicks Grace Langinger Roberta Emmet Clara Hartman Pauline Evans Russell Semerville Katherine Fruend Robert Salisbury Margaret Fruend Naomi Bossier Thelma Greenaway Charles Sweeny Isabel Greunke William Burgess Irving Gressman Edward Kutz Jane Kampke Melvin Ward Juanita Kissell Alvin Bippus Harry Lamb Francis Myers Arnold Lapp Francis McManus Helena Lamore Burton Wing Crystal Kohler Donald Strater Ruth Morton Evelyn Murray Sue Rucker Maraget Vance -{ 146 }- ■- «« «; B c: ■ « »f -» ' Carmen Barnes Isabellc Stafford Margaret Stark Ruth Enteman Ruth Morton Geraldine Mathias Walter Dence Sue Rucker Charles Sweeny Jane Wise Jeanita Armour Eddie Kutz Hazel Weigand Naomi Bossier Melvin Ward William Burgess Isabelle Gruenke Jane Kamke Juanita Kissel Helena Larmore -{147 }- Peppers OFFICERS Maxine Cosgray President Dorothy Wells Vice-President Mary Parker Secretary Helene Cosgray Treasurer Dean Easley Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Helene Cosgray Catherine Tresslar Maxine Cosgray Geraldine Mathias Dorothy Wells Ruth Enteman Mary Parker Frances Pennoyer Dorothy Schreiber Josephine Hauman Margaret Fruend -f 148 }- II « «c : Dorothy Wells Maxinc Cosgray Mary Parker Helene Cosgray Dorothy Schreiber Cappy Tresslar Ruth Enteman Margaret Fruend Geraldinc Mathias Josephine Hauman —{ 149 h m - Student Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS Allan Ballinger President Robert Kelb Vice-President Loyal Calkins Secretary Robert Jennings Treasurer Carl Reiser Chaplain Doctor Nurse Advisor MEMBERS ROSTER Irving Harbright Howard Whitesall Allan Ballinger Irving Tressman Loyal Calkins Coyl Smith Ray SchafFer William Snow Lyle Calkins Thomas Reeves Robert Castle Al Huber Harold Davis Allan Ginzel Harlan Diehr Gerald Carey Frank Duvendack Ed Wether Franklyn Hawkins Richard Weter Robert Kelb Earl Heinzleman Robert Jennings B. Adna Snyder Edward Kutz Phillip Harris Ralph Miller F. Pierce Brown Maynard Smith Henry Kreider, Jr. Theodore Ziemer Stanley JefFery William Merhab Fred Bcnda Carl Reiser John L. Meier, Jr. Valentine Thomson Martin Cesskowski -{ 150 }- Robert A. Jennings Carl Reiser Alan Ballinger Loyal Calkins Ray Schaffer Harlan Diehr Frank Duvendack Edward Kutz Coil Smith Edwin Wetcher William Snow B. Adan Snyder Lyle Calkins Franklyn Hawkins Henry Kreidcr, Jr. Gerald Carey Robert Kelb Martin Cesskowski Philip Harris Richard Weter -{ 151 - 3n: Debating Association A. M. LowNSBURY President Howard Kline Vice-President Valentine Thomson Secretary Dr. G. H. Orians Coach Affirmative Team Louis Ravin Meyer Kripke Theodore Yaecker Karl Reiser Negative Team Frank Smith Alvin Lownsbury Edwin Reid Harry Lamb Robert A. Jennings Loyal Calkins {m}- " »■-«»■: ■ " -■ - Lyle Calkins Robert Jennings Carl Reiser Myer Kriplce Debates December 5 Toledo Affirmative at Otterbein Capitol Affirmative at Toledo December 18 Toledo Negative at Bluffton BlufFton Negative at Toledo March 20 St. Johns Affirmative at Toledo March 21 St. Johns Affirmative at Toledo March 27 Loyola University at Toledo { m }- =n= International Relations Club OFFICERS Harry Lamb President Ruth Enteman Vice-President IsABELLE Stafford Secretary Frank Duvendack Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS M argaret Clarke Ci Nelson Hovey Alice B. Lorenze REGULAR MEMBERS Mary Louise Albrecht Allan Ballinger Mellen Bitter May Blausey M. Dorothy Boor Karl Brenner Marie Carr Winifred Clark Gertrude Collins W. Tate Duley Genevieve Edstrom Mary Eggleston Margaret Fruend Elizabeth Gessner George Hammersmith Alma Hinchman Irene Hollerbach Erma Hudson Bernice Husted Basil F. Johnson Crystal Kohler Manley Mallett Geraldine Mathias William Merhab Milo Philbin Alvin Preis Elizabeth Repusz Raymond Schaffer Harold Tennev !l -{ 154 - «■ " - Harry Lamb Ruth Enteman Frank Duvendack Raymond Schaffer Isabelle Staford Mellon Bitters Winifred Clark Alvin Preis George Hammersmith -{155}- University League of Women Voters OFFICERS Elizabeth Warner President Marvel Stoll Vice-President Eva Mostov Secretary Villa Mae Michaels Treasurer MEMBERS Ruth Dolch Lena Folger Mary Gordon Juanita Kissel Madelyn Pope Edna RanfFt Betty Slow Elizabeth Warner Marvel Stoll Villa Mae Michaels Eva Mostov Mary Parker Elizabeth Schnell Dorothy Schreiber Marie Carr Marjorie Neal Naomi Pollard Gayle Smith Alice Winslow Dorothy Blackmar Frances Folger Jane Kampke Wilma Liffring Helen Dunn Wilda Meek Lois Nitschke Bessie Raisner Elizabeth Rudolph Gwendolyn Collins Wilma Rutchow Mamie Szumigala Maxine Hoke Mabel Timson Betty Overmeyer Ella Burdy Henrietta Breno Dorothy Boor Thclma Greenaway Florence Kerr Mary Evans Amelia Morgan Catherine Fruend Margaret Fruend Margaret Stark Florence Blausey Florence McKinley Jeanette Shelles Margaret Hart Rosalie Elsperman Hazel Weigand Maxine Sage Wilma Trautwein Jane Wine Ann Currie i -{156}- II M «- «» « ■ £: ■ ■ ■! Gaylc Smith Helen Dunn Juanita Kissel Ruth Dolch Mary Parker Jane Kamke Edna Ranfft Marjorie Neal Wilma Trautwein Amelia Morgan Lena Folger Florence Blausey Betty Slow -{ W }— -n- El Centro Espanol OFFICERS Donald Cooper President Carmen Barnes Vice-President Geraldine Mathias Secretary Walter Watson Treasurer Jane Bennett Reporter Felipe Molina and Rosario Floripe Advisors MEMBERS Carmen Barnes Grace Boynton Katherine Collins Donald Cooper Edith Conklin Rodolfo Floripe Dorothy Francis Katherine Halpin Richard Hardgrove Clark Hauser Edith Johnston Dorothy Kane ' eronica Kocinski Geraldine Langdon Geraldine Leitner Geraldine Mathias Myrtle Lorenz William Merhab S. R. Materny Henry Navarro David O ' Brian Walter Outerbridge Mary Ann Parker Marv Perry Robert Reynolds Howard Rogers Hariette Ross Tilda Raviolo Dorothy Schreiber Arabelle Thatcher Catherine Tresslar Walter Watson Carolyn Weismantel Lorna Wagar Fern Welker Martha Paine Kathryn Minnick Charles Sweeny Margaret Stark Elizabeth Repasz -{ 158 }- -BC Carmen Barnes Donald Cooper Geraldinc Mathias Charles Sweeney Margaret Stark Elizabeth Repasz Catherine Tresslar Mary Perry -{ 159 }- Commerce Club ADVISOR Dr. C. K. Searles OFFICERS J. J. Sheehy President Frank Duvendack Vice-President Robert Kelb Sect ' y-Treasurer MEMBERS Fred Rayburn Ernest Ulrich Naomi Bossier Bernard Seitz Harold Davis Leslie Van Wormer Charles Sweeny Ed. Eberth Paul Moskowitz John Sheehy Eldred Crawford F. C. Duvendack Frank Bond John Lauback Carl Reiser Maynard Smith Robert Kelb -f 160 }- M ■- ■ M gr: r » ■ ! John Sheehy Frank Duvendack Bernard Scitz Ernest Ulrich Naomi Bossier Carl Reiser Leslie Van Wormer Robert Kelb Frederick Rayburn Charles Sweeny -{ 161 } 3tt: The Ellen Richards Club OFFICERS Lena Folger President Christine Petcoff Vice-President Elenore Murbach Secretary Mary Agnes Myers Treasurer Mrs. Blanchard Advisor MEMBERS Lena Folger Christine PetcofF Elenore Murbach Mary Agnes Myers Bessie E. Clayton Velma Weasner Helene Larmore Jeanette Shellcs Geraidinc Reed Gwendolyn Epker Lucille Kazmier Minnie Christensen Helen Hanniken Margaret Vance Maxine Kiminer Wilma Liffring Grace Lanzinger -{ 162 h ■ «- p _« ' ; »c n -n- -{ m }- Margaret Fruend Margaret Stark Ruth Enteman Woman ' s Association OFFICERS Margaret Stark President Ruth Enteman Vice-President Alma Hinchman Secretary Marie LaLone Treasurer Margaret Fruend Reporter Dean Easley . Advisor ' The Woman ' s Association is an Organization including every woman on the Campus. As she becomes a registered student, she automatically becomes a member. This associa- tion sponsors parties, a Mother ' s Tea and the May Day Festival. -(164)- r:i lH ite ' " The History of the University From 1872 to 1930 is not a long era in this age of speed. From the donation of an $80,000 tract of farm land by the Jessup W. Scotts to the dedication of a $2,850,000 University plant including University Hall, a Field House, and a power plant is great progress. Presidents have come and gone, each leaving his imprint on the pages of the University growth. Instructors have taught, learned, and either decided to stay and help in the struggle for progress or have gone to more appealing places. Buildings have changed from the $15,000 structure at Adams and Page street erected in 1873 to the present Science building. Through it all the student body has remained, ever increasing, ever ready to learn, ever ready to praise the Alma Mater. The ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone of University Hall in May, 1930, marked the achievement of a great move- ment. To those who have known the real struggles connected with the University, the daily advancement of the new build- ings is remarkable. Turn back, see the years that are the real foundation for these new buildings. See the hands and minds that have been combined to make solid concrete. The present University campus, once known as the Uni- versity farm, donated on October 12, 1872, by the Jessup W. Scotts for a university site. At the time the land was valued at $80,000. William Raymond donated $15,000 for the erec- tion of a college building at Adams and Tenth street in 1873. Members of the Scott family gave an additional $50,000 in 1874 making possible the opening of a School of Design on January 14, 1875- The school continued until July 1, 1876. March 18, 1874, the University Board of Trustees handed over the entire property to the City of Toledo and by a council ordinance the school became officially known as the " Univer- sity of the City of Toledo. " From the date that the university became a municipal university, its actual growth began. The city erected a building, now the Vocational School at Adams and Tenth streets for a university. Realizing the need of a school of medicine, the Toledo Medical College which had been founded in 1880, was acquired in 1904. A College of Pharmacy was founded the same year. -{ 161 }- M C ■ ■ n ■ » For one year, from 1909 to 1910, the Toledo Conservatory of Music was a part of the University of Toledo. Dr. Jerome H. Raymond, the first president of the University, was chosen July 21, 1909. Formerly of the University of Chicago and inspired with the possibilities at the Toledo school, he secured Dean Frederick M. Tisdel as dean and began the College of Arts and Sciences. Since both Central High school and the University were growing it soon became impossible to house both of them in the Adams and Tenth street buildings. Selling their equity, the University moved to the Cherry and Page street buildings on October 1, 1909, where the Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine were already established. The Y. M. C. A. law school was taken over by the University in November, 1909.. Former instructor of philosophy. Dr. Charles A. Cockayne, was made president in August, 1910, to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of President Raymond. Dean Tisdel also resigned. Many new colleges have been added since 1910 to meet the demands of the college students. In 1910 the College of Indus- trial Science began, the College of Administration and Busi- ness was established in 1914. From April 5, 1916, to 1923 the work of the Public Health laboratories and Public Service bureau was under the University direction. A new University head. Dr. A. M. Stowe, had charge of the University from 1915 until 1925- The administration building of the University, formerly the Illinois street school, was used from the date of the removal of the college from the Vocational High buildings. The college of Arts and Sciences was in the Cherry street building. An addition to the Illinois street school, consisting of the auditorium, shop, and several class rooms, was built. Until after the World War, no addition or change was made in the University. The present Science building, erected by the government for a training school during the World War, was purchased when its usefulness to the government was over. Dr. J. W. Dowd was acting president of the university until Dr. E. A. Smith was selected in 1926. At the death of Dr. Smith in 1926, the university was left without a president until the appointment of Dr. Henry J. Doermann in 1928. { 168 }— B In 1928 the Illinois street building was vacated for all pur- poses except for shop and pharmacy laboratories. Once more the Cherry and Page street building became the home of many students, for all afternoon and evening classes met there, and the offices of the administrative staff of the University was moved there. Four buildings are now owned by the University : the Admin- istration building at Cherry and Page streets, the old Illinois school building, and the Science building and gymnasium at Parkside Boulevard and Nebraska Avenue. The opening months of the 1928 school year were busy ones for the students, faculty, alumni, and everyone connected with the University in the past or present. The big chance for the University had arrived. On November 6, election day, the voters of Toledo would decide whether or not they wanted nearly three million dollars spent on a new university. And they did! No longer is it a question of whether we will have a new university. The cornerstone has been laid, the first floor of the new University Hall is nearing completion. Speciman walls of the red, blue, and gray Lannon stone being used have been inspected by all interested Toledoans. It is the last year for many things — even the college annual, the Blockhouse, will never again be issued from the old buildings. And so, the 1930 Blockhouse bids a fond farewell to the old University era and welcomes the future days. -{ 169 }— TT- SOCIETY The Student Council opened the social season at the University, with an informal dance in the gym on September 28. Then followed the Women ' s Frosh Mixer at which the freshmen girls became acquainted with the Dean of Women and Marian Ernsberger. The annual Night Student Council dance, November 15, was one of great success and the Student Council dance November 27 made the month outstanding on the social calendar. But after all, the competition between the Greek letter organiza- tions on the campus never fails to interest every student. Smokers were very popular. Sigma Beta Phi opened the rushing with a smoker at the chapter house while Alpha Phi Omega held its pledge smoker at the Hotel Secor. " The Rushing Riot, " the annual rushing dance of Sigma Delta Rho was held at the Masonic Log Cabin at Trilby, Ohio, on the evening of October 25. Syd Freidlander and his Royal Knights furnished the music for the Phi Kappa Chi rush dance at the fraternity house. The Sigma Beta Phi fraternity selected the Maumee River Yacht Club and the " Rush Ramble " given by the Alpha Phi Omega proved a big success at the Calumet Lodge. The sorority women of the University were given the opportunity again this year to plan unusually clever affairs. Phi Theta Psi enter- tained their rushes in the ladies boudoir at playing cards and called it the " Powder Puff Primp. " Ali Babba and his Forty Theives of the Pi Delta Chi sorority entertained their guests in a strange place. The weird costumes and dim candle light gave a never to be forgotten thrill to the would-be sorority members. Kappa Phi Epsilon chose the Toledo Club as the place for the final event and the Beta chapter of Kappa Pi Epsilon took the rushees on a sight seeing tour of the city, the guests visiting suc h points of interest as " The Bridge of Sighs " and " The incomplete Towers. " Social Life on the campus not only includes dancing but drama as well. On December 19, the Dramatic Association of The University of Toledo presented " Candida " by George Bernard Shaw in which Ruth Morton and Burton Wing proved their ability. Again in March the Dramitist attempted the S. S. Glencairn series by Eugene O ' Neal and they really put it over. The Student Council Christmas dance opened the vacation cele- brations and proved to be one of the big affairs of the season. Decem- ber 23, Chi Rho Nu held its annual Uuletide Hop at the Toledo Yacht Club and December 26 seemed to be the popular date for Sigma Beta —{170}— Phi celebrated at the Toledo Yacht Club while The Maumee River Yacht Club was the scene of the Alpha Phi Omega formal and Heather Downs Country Club that of the Phi Kappa Chi dinner dance. Then continue d this mad joyous whirl the following night Decem- ber 27, when Pi Delta Chi held their formal supper dance at Inverness and Sigma Delta Rho chose Maumee River Yacht Club for its dinner formal. Phi Theta Psi closed the Holiday events with a supper dance given at Heather Downs Decernber 30, and the Kappa Psi ' s with a formal dinner at La Tabernilla. Red, Yellow and orange paper turned the gym into a scene of old Spain when El Centro Espanol held their fiesta. It was the first attempt of this kind and we hand it to you Spanish Students, it was a success. The Sophomore class began class rivalry in dances February 5- The committee headed by Charles Rhodes cleverly decorated the gym with black and white streamers. Then came the outstanding formal social event of the year — The Junior Prom, held in the Women ' s Building, February 28. The grand March which was the feature of the evening was led by Charles Sweeny, Class president and his prom Queen, Natalie Hinz. William Preston was chairman of the arrangements aided by Edward Kutz, Charles Jarvis, Francis Pennoyer and Geraldine Mathias. The Freshmen in no way fell behind in their dance of the year. The committee under the direction of Evelyn Aubrey turned the gym into a ballroom of modernistic design on the evening of May 3. Every Co-ed and her escort seemed to be there to participate in the freshman " Aftermath. " The National Outboard motor boat races held at Maumee River Yacht Club May 4, was the first ever entered by T. U. Students, and the first of the eventful Loyalty Week festivities. The Students Convoca- tion, the track meet at Jermain Park, dancing in the gymnasium and the traditional camp-fire made May 7, a day of great fun for every one at the University. The Senior ' s properly closed the week on Friday evening. May 9, with the Senior Prom which was given at Madison Gardens. Plans were cleverly carried out by Harold Davis and his Committee and the dance really went over in a big way. Mrs. A. W. Trettein was at the head of the tea given for senior girls by the Faculty Dames of the University on May 15, at the Women ' s Club. One of the loveliest of the senior affairs was the banquet. May 11, and the crowning success was the picnic at Cedar Point, June 11. What one of us can forget those last happy days? -{ 171 }— c -asz -{172}- AMdUi -{ m h n t; A z " -n- Y 174 }- n 1- «- j w or i S Jiutograph s —{ m h " i- - d H ac Autographs -{ 176 - SOURCE OF " Ak m ' - - ' " ■! • -1 .4 « « I N D U S T R I A ENTERPRISE ■.-.:- ii:Si i ' ' %, S ' V ' ' - !.i5 L TOLEDO

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